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Townhall postponed: Now May 6th 8PM GMT. More info here. Townhall chat is HERE

File: 1529857099393.jpeg (89.19 KB, 1080x1350, 964C6757-46E1-4D67-A4AB-55BDA4…)

No. 4665[Reply]

> kawaii cow from the UK

> runs an unsuccessful YouTube
> involved in all the UK kawaii fashion communities
> at university for illustration
> begs for commissions for mediocre, but expensive art
> claims to not be into DDLG, but buys from DDLG companies like LittleForBig and has been known to be in DDLG relationships
> deleted original instagram posts featuring her DDLG artwork
> has swarms of fairy-kei and Lolita white knights online
> only dates weird older guys she’s met online
> current Daddy from Canada
> known to only talk/care about herself
> uses filters and angles to disguise how huge she is
> complains about the rules of Lolita and that Lolita isn’t speacial enough for her
> invented her own style “jade core”
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No. 46362

It‘s a second hand chanel tote bag. I‘d send you our chat but don‘t wanna out myself.

No. 46376

In a way haven't you already out yourself by specifying what the chat was about? Especially as it's a second hand bag which she hasn't spoke about yet. Now she'll know who roams here from her comm.

No. 46390

if it’s a fb chat everybody else’s messages are on the left side so you can narrow down people p easily. but without a screenshot there’s a lot of potential candidates depending how big her comm is

No. 46391

She seems to be have many online friends but doesn't seem the type to regularly speak with them all. Could be her comm, could be the other Jfashion groups she's part of. Either way narrowing down to it being a second hand bag I doubt she's told alot about it as she's kept it oddly hush hush on Instagram like it's the biggest life changing purchase of a century. Clearly she's told someone she confided in, so to OP who posted about it watch yourself.

No. 46490

I love the part where she calls it a celebratory purchase and then doesnt specify what shes celebrating at all because there is nothing to celebrate. Jade your life is sad and Chanel handbags arent going to fix it.

File: 1456211252183.jpeg (44.11 KB, 327x449, image.jpeg)

No. 35156[Reply]

The worst of the worst
Always creating drama and taking people down.
Gaijin gyaru
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No. 46354

Katie with the sneak dissing I see.If I was Ebony I would air Katie's shit out.

No. 46372

File: 1557057507619.jpeg (14.14 KB, 255x340, 1461604144955.jpeg)

No. 46380


Ebony is a pretty girl but I wish she would stop calling herself mixed. It’s weird and she lightens herself to an oblivion.

When she dressed up as Missandri on game of thrones in her stories over on IG. A mixed race woman and I just rolled my eyes.

It’s weird. She’s dropped anyone non white and hangs with solely black people.

No. 46381


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 46420

She could also do with major under eye fillers instead of spending a shit ton of cash on Liz Lisa. It’s so annoying when she calls herself mixed and light skin. Even if she is “mixed”(having an Afro Latina mum doesn’t make you mixed)she definitely is dark skin. Her wigs also have stayed trash even though she got more black friends.

File: 1552352133657.png (978.75 KB, 1276x646, 1552325227474.png)

No. 39600[Reply]

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities that include (but are not limited to): emo/scene, goth, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, BDSM, table-top gaming, LARP. Claims to be a mental health advocate, advice-giver, and newly psychic. Is also a serial shooper.

> The epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> Heavily tattooed, breast-augmented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> Gets liposuction because she wasn’t “seeing results” in the one single week that she worked out and never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" (recently seems to have had a fallout with entire Fellowship)
> Has a Society6 store where she sells mugs and other march with stolen art on it; has been called out on it before and refuses to acknowledge it
> Was featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> Made a video with her ex-boyfriend Davey Suicide in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth
> Has a roommate Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new forced BFF/errand runner
> Posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue or pink because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue (which she poorly did later on)
> Fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT) seems to have disappeared for now, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram and YouTube where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
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No. 46154


Ignore the typos please, am on a phone which glitches a bit on lolcow so I miss the errors. But yeah keep tinfoil or unproven stuff out of the OP, very old milk, accusations against other people (Doe and Dahvie) and cut down some stuff and it's fine. OP image and title is fine imo. Any other Anons are welcome to weigh in here, too, obviously, that's just stuff that stood out to me. I appreciate your effort compiling the new thread though, Anon!

No. 46165

Flower crowns here >>41652

Dirty eBay items in her negative eBay feedback, her eBay profile is edenromance

I can delete it if it lets me and if you want to copy the post/ save the image and make a new thread with your corrections. I'm just not exactly sure if new threads can be deleted past the 30 minute mark. Or it can be ignored and a new thread link can be posted?

No. 46179

You can't delete it but a new one could be made, I think make it again once we are closer to 1200 posts here.

No. 46220

File: 1556916905040.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 8AE34953-A1C2-44C1-BF17-E0B45C…)

No. 46241


New thread >>46240

File: 1534277602990.jpg (4.77 MB, 2598x4807, munchieupdated.jpg)

No. 20658[Reply]

The confetti club are fans of the legendary milky Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks. The fans are almost as milky as the cow herself; the facebook group is full of speshul snowflakes, transtrenders, landwhales and munchies.

-The Party Kei facebook group was cowtipped and had an epic meltdown, which resulted in all of the groups closing.
-The confetti club advises members to not post to the board in order to try and stop the drama, but a few people do anyway and get doxxed.
-Jill's bff Courtney creates a group just for party kei. Jill is made admin
-The confetti club facebook group is once again shut down due to lolcow
-Thread is full of Jill's retarded followers trying to get in on the action to seem ~edgy
-a UK Kawaii group was created, which is run by CJ. CJ is a retarded landhwale, who defends Melanie Martinez because she totes isn't a rapist because she doesn't have a penis. These are her exact words. The group consists of only her posting.
-The very expensive gift that was sent to Jill for her bday by the confetti club is opened and Jill is obviously indifferent to it. It's clear she'll never use any of the items.

Notable members:
Bonnie, an autistic land whale, exposes the group to porn, and gets banned. She is now back under the name Veronica.
Eliza plans a trip to stalk Jill, get a shitty tattoo just like Jill by the same artist. Gets called out for it and has a melt down. Leaves and rejoins group multiple times. She then organised a fundraiser, in order to get Jill a Betsey Johnson purse. She mostly posts in the clinic about her totes real ~anorexia despite being 80 pounds overweight.
Lizzy (an old admin) changes name to newt so she can be a fake boi. She's morbidly obese, but still chooses to wear crops tops. Cries about being misgendered constantly. Uses a cane for munchie points.
-Sofia Mehlitz (queen cow) set up a go fuck me due to the fact her 'parents were kicking her out for being queer.' She's a nobinary asexual snowflake. Her story was mostly lies, but people donated anyway and submitted her story to the Ellen show. Her parents found out about the go fuck me, forced her to take it down and are apparently actually kicking her out for real now. Despite claiming to have no money to move, her wardrobe is full of lazy oaf and other expensive brands. She is now posting underwear selfies to rebel against her totes abusive parents. Sofia pockets the money from her Go Fuck Me, but hasn’t used Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 45870

File: 1556791434465.jpg (617.57 KB, 903x1280, cropped.jpg)

No. 45880

No. 45901

anyone else inspired to make some weird ass documentary on the confetti club members

No. 46000

File: 1556835721941.png (607.53 KB, 503x902, Screenshot (144).png)

Well I know who I'm voting for

No. 46005

Use the new thread dipshit >>28809

File: 1501571244935.png (885.6 KB, 667x889, 1483130766670.png)

No. 12143[Reply]

>married and has a kid
>sexualizes children's cartoon characters
>has porn all over her home
>posts nudes of her online, for free
>made pornhub account with mostly just videos of her slapping her gross ass together in costume
>claims she is better than girls who don't do it for free
>at the same time has an amazon wishlist for fans to buy her shit
>strangely obsessed with hentai artist Shadbase (who has drawn porn based off of real life underage girls among other things)
>has photos of Shad's name written on her ass and asshole, presumably written by her husband
>asskisses other cosplayers because she is desperate for attention, and they never give it to her
>talks shit about casual Mei cosplay on twitter
>deletes the tweets and cosplays casual Mei, casual D.va etc.
>chimped out when someone made a fart edit of her "famous" D.Va cosplay twerk video

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 45443

File: 1556455200168.png (249.56 KB, 750x1334, 69AD5041-9179-4E09-B711-A23515…)

This is the top of the gofundme btw

No. 45444

File: 1556455307097.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1624x1319, EDEC9E89-C084-456D-836F-E7556B…)

So no income and no prospects. In an absolutely desperate situation — living in someone else’s house, with one child even! But somehow finds the time to do an Easter bunny photo shoot that I assume took place in aforementioned person’s yard where their neighbors could see.

No. 45445

File: 1556455428654.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1536x2048, 9C807F13-ABE4-475A-AADB-320F43…)

Jesus did not rise from his tomb for this broke bitch to do these things.

No. 45450


kek this is really inconvenient but good luck finding a job when there is all this trash porn of you on the internet. I mean maybe it's the reason why she still does this kind of garbage >>45444 >>45445 because she can't land a job. But on the other hand I would've imagined that her neckbeard fans pay good money to see this kind of thotery so bills could be at least covered or so idk

No. 45452

It’s cause the idiot has always done this shit for free for attention. She never even made an avenue to make the cuckbucks like Patreon.

File: 1550455424155.jpg (92.55 KB, 1080x1080, 37038769_690675401290329_75284…)

No. 36218[Reply]

A thread for drama revolving around Net-idol/dance cover group drama.
Currently (from reading the /CGL/ thread):
>Bunny, formally apart of Start:Splash, recently left the group citing that she became a person she didn't like while she was in the group.
>Anons claim she was one of the most toxic person in the group.
>Bunny is most likely self-posting about the other members being toxic.

Current Group Featured: Start:Splash.
165 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 45117

I happen to be one of the Nozomis targeted once upon a time. I don’t want to say too much to be targeted again, but I heard whispers of these rumors of her saying stuff about me, and tried to address every time it came up and everyone always said “oh no, Gabby doesn’t hate you, she hasn’t said things like that about you” over and over again. I tried to get to know her, I thought she was nice and fine as everyone said… But then she finally did it in front of a friend of mine, with another person who’s more or less an enabler. I don’t have hard feelings against the “enabler” as we’ll say at this point because they apologized for having that conversation and felt really bad. But even though the other half of the party admitted to it, Gabby still denies it. I have multiple witnesses that I trust and half the party apologizing to me, but she still denies it… She’s got a huge problem talking behind people’s backs particularly about Nozomi cosplayers, but I assume plenty of her other cosplays she feels just as elitist about.

No. 45119

I know from friends who have mutual friends with her that she is just as elitist about her Miku cosplays despite her untrimmed wig and bad makeup.

No. 45120


Geez like okay I can imagine someone thinking to themselves that they are better, but what's the point shit talking with other people about cosplay? Geez.

No. 45127

File: 1556227470993.png (380.42 KB, 332x589, welp.png)

they're not going to deny bullying people at all?

No. 45153

No because they can’t! Everything anyone has said about Idolized here or on cgl has been true (except the sex tape claims? does anyone know for sure) so they know trying to deny it would make them look like idiots.

File: 1554221921479.png (748.35 KB, 572x595, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 42676[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auresscosplay/?hl=en (currently has her instagram privated)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyEjcS59x1xtIbisfXLC8A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/auresscosplay?lang=en
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/auress

Openly racist 22 year-old cosplayer from New York that frequently gets into drama with the cosplay community and is extremely delusional. Used to go on tirades on twitter about how she hated Mexicans, and now has her father take lewd pictures of her cosplaying underage characters in her backyard.
16 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 42999

>"I thought I'd do him as 8 or 9 because I don't see that as that young"

No. 43013

if she is not shitposting and it's really her dad who is taking her nudes then I feel sorry for this girl. This is bleak

No. 43085

my brain struggled to see them as boobs for a few seconds, i thought she was wearing a flesh colored crop top. they just look so weird on her body.

No. 43376

She later posted a "apology" video about her lewding minors soon after.

No. 44557

Holy shit this isn't just basic autism, I would not be surprised if she was molested as a child. Given that her dad is taking her nudes…
Also how to you get a monoboob like that? That doesn't look physically possible

File: 1494182052520.jpg (103.04 KB, 600x454, 83696_cosplay.jpg)

No. 42255[Reply]

Los geht's
91 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 42347

Warum pushst du einen einen Monat alten Thread? Trottel.

No. 42348

File: 1546052891476.png (21.62 KB, 645x773, 1511269127001.png)


Wenn Bernd das Schaaf auf all diesen Seitenschläferkissen sieht wird ihm ganz warm ums Herz.

Mfw niemals Schaaf auf den eigenen Seitenschläferkissen fotografierend seien. Halte mich Bernd. Wozu leben? ;_;

No. 42349

Penis oder raus, du kennst das Prozedere.

No. 42350

Kennt jemand von euch Katyusha/Katinkaya und Tenjiru/Nicolai?
Erinnere mich noch, dass er ja vorher was mit Akira gehabt hat und ihre mit ihrer damals besten Freundin Geld gegangen ist. Dann haben die beiden es so dargestellt, als sei sie die böse gewesen

Richtig lächerlich

No. 44556

File: 1555754246911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.17 KB, 540x800, uJ1C5Rj.jpg)

Jibt es neues von der?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1467223652408.jpg (3.67 KB, 125x125, 1457371880098s.jpg)

No. 42534[Reply]

Let’s have a thread about horrible anime conchairs. Meet Stefanie. She runs an anime convention called Shuto Con and is a total SJW/control freak/bully.

>Has the thinnest skin around. Gets trigged when people type Shuto Con as one word because it’s so similar to the word Shotacon. Or when she gets called a weeaboo. Or when anyone offers her any kind of criticism.

>Was banned from Colossalcon for trying to get an event banned and tried denying it. While walking around with a petition, asking for signatures.

>Has turned Shuto Con into tumblrtard central over the years because of her desire to create a safe space, including restricting access to the convention center itself (usually cons only require a badge to get into dealer’s hall/panels) and trying to stop any unofficial gatherings. Her horrible attitude and bullying has costed the convention many guests and volunteers over the years.

>Created a second con, Random Battle Con, which focused on video games. Stefanie had the brilliant idea to run it Labor Day weekend in a college town with little to no advertising and no guests of note. The con was a complete failure and racked up over 10 thousand dollars in debt. Paid attendance was 308 for the whole weekend. To put that in perspective Shuto Con drew over a thousand in it’s first year alone. Stefanie responsed by ebegging and jacking up the prices for Shuto Con badges to recoup her losses.

>Is a total Undertale fag and is obsessed with the character Sans, going as far as to write erotic fan fiction about him and soliciting it on her fb page.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
56 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 42668

Really seems like that person went to the con this year just to find things to complain about and bring back to this train wreck.

No. 42670

This thread was created to bash someone but the Facebook poster wants to hide her name? You wanna talk about hypocritical, that’s hypocrisy right there. Call someone out but then try and protect yourself. Bad bitch my ass. You’re a coward. Picking a fight and not owning up to it. I too have screenshots and am not above adding that poster to this beautiful snowflakes and mistakes thread where they quite clearly belong.

No. 42843

Also looking for proof. This is an image board please provide.

No. 43542

File: 1554839041820.png (46.97 KB, 505x454, the evil is defeated.png)

I guess she decided to pull the plug on this shitty con

No. 44481

So does that mean we can talk about other shitty anime conventions in Michigan cause I can think of a few.

File: 1532219710874.png (926.53 KB, 944x565, 1529572723798.png)

No. 3990[Reply]

Old Thread - >>>/snow/402703

Lana Rain:
>Popular camgirl & cosplayer
>Once dated/groomed a 16 year old girl from Italy
>Can't take criticism & sends her fanboys after other cam models
>Once had a video where she masturbated near public parks where children were clearly visible

Social Media:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
762 posts and 165 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 43301

she mostly stopped camming after her falling out with Novastorm who quit camming,and she stopped showing her breast for more then a year but show them recently in her last video

No. 43820

Vero thread when?

No. 43879

But why?

No. 44234

How are Lana's finances doing now since she's pretty much stopped camming? There's no way her video sales alone can pay for her luxurious life. We all know she doesn't save anything.

No. 44286

File: 1555459974441.png (161.54 KB, 1216x676, Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 7.09…)

So Terrence tweeted this two days ago, and Lana's likes in the past 24hrs are pictures of hamsters…

If she turns into another pet youtuber, I don't think I could ever stop laughing.

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