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File: 1458234369659.png (144.75 KB, 446x319, tumblr_mbt2m19rxA1rwpfak.png)

No. 17713[Reply]

Nozmo (zeeenya and junjouprince on tumblr, punkblues on twitter) is an artist that eventually rose to internet fame with her (ongoing) webcomic "Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet", after publishing a bunch of unfinished comics on SmackJeeves across the years.

A huge weeb and fanartist as well, Nozmo has dabbled in many fandoms (most notoriously Free!, Yowapeda, Miraculous Ladybug and YuGiOh Arc-V) prdoucing fanart and doujinshi that she put up for sale.

Around September 2015, Nozmo dropped off the face of earth… along with the money of all those who several months prior had preordered her Free! and Arc-V merchandise and never received it.

A new, one-shot comic by Nozmo was posted on her SJ account around November-December 2015. She did not try to contact any of the people waiting on their purchases, nor did she resurface on any of her social media. She simply uploaded the comic without any kind of notice and disappeared again.

Eventually, things started to move, people started to investigate. Some came forward claiming that it's not the first time Nozmo has done this, that there are fans who haven't even received their rewards for backing the TAPV kickstarter (2014). Baseless (?) rumors have it that Nozmo has spent part of that money and the earnings from the Free! book preorders for a trip to Japan.

In December, someone was able to find Nozmo's sister on Twitter, who explained that Nozmo was overwhelmed and scared by the situation she herself created by procrastinating. In February, only after being prodded again, Nozmo's sister stated that the fanbooks and everything are there, they just need to be sent out, that Nozmo has refused help with that from her and the rest of their family. (Caps of the exchange here: http://tapvfans.tumblr.com/tagged/the-nozmo-situation) However, nothing happened since then and Nozmo's sister abandoned her twitter after a few weeks.

Earlier this month, a different tumblr user was able to come in contact with an RL friend of Nozmo's, however, this person stated that Nozmo won't reply to their emails, nor did she pick up when they called her. The friend has however confirmed that refusing help is a weakness of Nozmo and that they're sure she'll Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 18079

She keeps posting art like nothing happened… Did she assume people would be too occupied with the tumblr apocalypse to care? I’m shocked at how blatantly shes forcing herself back in, nozmo is such trash, no respect whatsoever

No. 18080

Tbh I am glad for the comic, I think a lot of people will only read tapv without forgetting what she did, and if she does merch again and people will order some, then I'm sorry for these people cause they would have seems to not understanfd wtf was going on during these 3 years. Back then when it was around a year I would say so, if she would have came back with an apology it would have been okay, but the fact that she went to Japan made comics, forgetting the west side and hiding the things to her japanese fans… no like give a clear explanation. Why did she came back when she was broke ? I read her apology but still man, she could have tried to do something back then when she had money, maybe paying back the persons who have ordered. Sorry for that long ass message, but I am going to say it again I am just happy to see my first and fave comic getting finish ed that's all.

No. 18081

I think Nozmo has disappeared again she said she had some sort of deadline and that she'll be back for early January but not any update. I mean it might be nothing but with all the things that have happened, she might go again and come a few months later idk…

No. 32383

Did she really spend all that money on a trip to Japan?

No. 55052

Well It seems that she simply does not care more about people who did not receive anything, she posts as if nothing had happened ….. https://betabboytoy.tumblr.com/

File: 1527888622868.jpg (84.06 KB, 516x614, IMG_0961.JPG)

No. 11133[Reply]

Savannah Ariana Lee aka rasbll/rasbii is an "artist" on twitter with nearly 50,000 followers. On the surface, she seems like an annoying girl who keeps posting about cats and animu shit. However, it recently came out that she JUST turned 18 on May 21st. She's also known for her NSFW art, but she posted and sold porn on her patreon while underage. Another factor to consider is that she's in a circle of similar porn artists who are definitely in their 20s. Amusingly, she deletes a lot of tweets, but the incriminating posts are still up.

Her actual identity is a mystery. Despite telling followers that she would post a selfie multiple times, she had never done so. Nobody knows what this girl looks like, and the only evidence that she's real is through her exes on twitter, who have all deactivated or has been inactive for a few years. Her "introvert" and "shy" identity might as well be fake, as she admits to drinking underage and possibly goes to clubs.

In her past:
>used to do sonic rps
>which is how she had 3 exes
there was so much shit there that it probably deserves its own thread, but here's some rp shit that's extremely questionable, possibly sharing nudes when she was 14: http://archive.is/qPCFT
proof that she existed at one point:
>drew aka Drewbutropolis on twitter dated savannah for some time but constantly fought with a guy named isaiah, turns out they both dated savannah at one point and drew was jealous of him
there's probably more shit in there but i decided to pull out the most notable stuff.

Savannah has made multiple meet the artist pages stating that her age was 19 since 2016. She has deleted them on deviantart sometime this week, but simply googling "rasbii meet" can show her other meet the artist pages. Here is an example that was done in march 2017 where she was definitely 16: http://archive.is/B13Px
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 53636

shes talking about this guy http://archive.is/qPCFT

No. 53671

I don’t get it.
What does this random guy she’s complaining about have to do with her lying about her age repeatedly?

No. 53674

Have your panties stuck up there don’t we? I sent this via phone and was going to add the images when I got to my pc but I see you did it for me thanks anon.

No. 53706

Wait to post screencaps then. And sage your posts next time.

Love how she’s making herself look like a victim kek

No. 54161

All she has to do is to shut up and post only art, honestly. Her acts and personality are still completely retarded. Especially this whole 'victim card' move and that she is trying to show how 'uwu lewd' she is.

File: 1453426839352.jpg (282.34 KB, 1365x2048, whymanwhy.jpg)

No. 18082[Reply]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitsychu/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitsychu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsybitsychu
Storenvy: http://itsybitsychu.storenvy.com/

19 y/o league of legends/video game wannabe from Singapore.

Calls herself meat meat girl(肉肉女) because she wants to sound like shes a kawaii little minx with weight only from her tits and ass.

Tumblrina who tries to justify herself posting nude photos online by saying that "this is why we need feminism", and gets angry when people call her out/objectify her.

Her facebook page is filled with thirsty white knights licking her left and right and she seems to love the attention. Posted racy photos on her tumblr(now deleted) and it was circulated around, causing her to be scared and created a new account…with more racy photos.

Lies about her chest size(she stuffs them/tries to push her boobs together to fake a cleavage and fakes her accent (she tried to make an american accent when talking to someone she just met).

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 34976

File: 1550230572334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.45 KB, 844x1500, Theresa Hime Nude.jpg)

If you ask me, I would say she is always been an exhibitionist since the beginning, I mean, she started posting her lewd and censored nude on tumblr for free before she stopped it because she was under 18 and it's illegal for her then.
The reason why her old thread on here started and shut down.

Now she is above 18, she get to enjoy showing her tits and little bit of her pussy, like in this photo, and get money for it, it's a win win for her.(ban evading male)

No. 35020

Can the farmhands really not tell this is very obviously a selfpost by her? Lmao

No. 47074

No. 54110

We need a new and updated thread, she's going fully nude now, almost porn and BF confirmed he almost got cucked

No. 54116

you just post updates in this thread

File: 1451675462986.jpg (63.08 KB, 640x480, 1402379306605.jpg)

No. 24583[Reply]

The figure of Usagi Kou aka Lori Cerda has intrigued me like no other cow ever since I started browsing /cgl/ several years ago. The amount of people she managed to charm, exploit and manipulate into playing her personal Sailor Moon cast so that she could live the perfect Moon Princess life without having to lift a finger is astounding.
Sadly, though, not hailing from the US I only learned about her some time after the shitstorm had already died down and, of course, I never had the privilege of witnessing her craziness first hand. With sites such as The Pocky Box recently going down after all these years, the accounts of the Lori saga are dwindling, so I'm starting this thread with the hope that some of you might have your own stories to tell, maybe know where some of the old Klan members are now (I'm wondering in particular about the - now de-transitioned? - trans boy who used to be her Seiya, Lori was pretty nasty with that one).

Her current dA

and Facebook

ED for a basic rundown on Lori

One of her LJs; wondering if anyone has accesso to the locked posts
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No. 54044

Honestly though, he looks fine and like a very generic 20-something; insulting his appearance is nitpicking and missing the point. That just validates his idea that people are against him and posting about him for shallow reasons, rather than the actual crazy shit going on with him and Lori. The gross part isn't how he looks, but his insane posts (who under the age of 40 still posts like this on facebook wtf???), his total focus on physical appearance, his overreactions and complete inability to take criticism or look at a situation without freaking out, etc.

Plus on some level I really hope that he can escape Lori and I feel like insulting him too will only push him closer to her. Sorry if this is whiteknighting this whole situation is just so sad, this guy clearly has absolutely zero self esteem. Please, Kevin, get some help.

No. 54045

the only posts he responds to or mentions are the ones about his appearance. his friends who have not discovered the thread still think that's all it's about.

there's been a TON of white knighting in here for over a year for him and kevin has made it clear he doens't want help and doesn't think anything is wrong with his relationship so the only thing to do now is nitpick/egg him on to get a reaction, which he keeps happily feeding.

he won't get help because he doesn't think anything is wrong.

No. 54048

He's taking the bait big time, but I do think anons are being nitpicky. He looks fine in this pic, better than normal even but maybe that's from the stubble. His reaction is gold though, I'm enjoying the fresh milk to go with my Doritos.

>You have your crazy two faced friends to blame for this one babe

Of course she's using this as proof that he shouldn't have any friends. She's so manipulative.

No. 54050

wonder which friends she's talking about? lol all of them?

No. 54058

New Thread >>54057

File: 1545959524679.jpeg (238.81 KB, 1040x1536, mickey t nose.jpeg)

No. 48245[Reply]

-Ridiculous photoshopper extraordinaire
-Genuinely believes she looks exactly like her shoops
-Anachan who suddenly 'refuses' to speak about astronomical weight loss, but can't stop drawing attention to it
-Claims rare illness caused it after admitting to dieting
-WKs herself on reddit
-'Deactivated' IG and privatized FB after getting called out on here, 4chan and reddit

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/mickey.m.johnson.7
IG: @Thequeenofdeer
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No. 53911

File: 1560818386472.jpeg (198.9 KB, 640x542, 80D489E1-1839-498E-950C-242237…)

Mickey on taking criticism regarding depiction of non-white ethnicities

As an artist, this just pisses me off. I get drawing commissions to fit the aesthetics of the person paying for the commission, but I also get the concerns when you’re drawing, for instance, a Native American person with features commonly associated with Caucasians. She could have gracefully apologized and said that while her art style is very stylistic, she understands the concerns when it comes to depicting other ethnicities in art. I once painted a dark-skinned character as lighter than she should have been and was rightfully called out on it— instead of telling them, “it’s my art style!!!”, I said I would work on painting darker skin colors (and I’m gradually getting better).
But nah, she went MY ART STYLE IS CONCRETE. Basically: “I have absolutely no interest in learning how to draw different features”

No. 53912


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 53922

No. 53964

Tbf there's absolutely no critique or anything of value she could take away from some SJW screeching about "Features don't look like that!"
What is any artist supposed to do with a comment like that? It's meaningless on its own.

No. 53979

I think the comment was on a picture of a girl she drew that she described as Native. The girl had a headdress on, so I guess she meant Native American? She was big-eyed and small nosed and pretty much looked like Mickey. Literally the headdress was the only indication of anything “Native.”

She could have responded like, “I’m aware my art style is pretty limited in depicting people with different features! It’s just my aesthetic and is in no way related to how people look like in real life.” If she really wanted to improve, she could have said, “I will work on drawing different features!” Though honestly I don’t like artists who are tied down to their style— you grow as an artist by going out of your comfort zone. One way to do that is by drawing different faces, body types, races, etc

File: 1557428739527.png (2.92 MB, 3188x748, venus lolcow.png)

No. 46865[Reply]

Previous thread - 30581

Recently Venus has gone on the edge train and posts her psychotic episodes on her instagram mostly about her wanting to end her own life then promptly deleting them when shes gained enough attention and uploading a new instagram post straight after stating something like lol jk guys i feel better now uwu but if u stop giving me attention ill post another suicidal post k hehe

shortly before this she was very strong on age regression and pretnding to be a underage girl by even chest binding to make herself look prepubescent but forgot the fact that her face looks like a woman and not a child

short background on her:

Youtube star since her early teens but tries to cling onto her now gone fame and youth but switching her youtube to MALICE.EXE/Formerly VenusAngelic who is a 16 year old
character she voices.

Departed from her psycho mother

School dropout and continued to drop out of any school she's been to since

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 57630

Yeah she’s a sneaky duplicitous little bitch and an opportunistic user just like her mother. She conned a lot of people here.

No. 57702

What if Venus wasn't ever actually abused by Margo, and it was all a story she cooked uo after a falling out with her over money andnwhere to live after Japan?

We all know Venus was desperate to stay in Japan, didn't like Korea too much and she and Margo were in a language school just for a Visa bc Marge couldn't get one for Japan. What if Venus made up the abuse story (not that Marge isn't a shit mom, a narc and unstable but as far as forcing Venus to be a fressup doll to sell online, I think Venus had more control over her own brand than she claims she did) to get back to Japan and dump Margo in one move so she could have her YT income to herself, live in Japan and be supported by someone else? Margo said it herself, when she married Manaki she got everything she ever wanted, including changing her name to a Japanese one from Sailor Moon. All the stories/proof of abuse by Marge are borderline situations that ould have been interpreted either way depending on the POV of who is telling it, but I think Marge was just a lazy, entitled mom who used Venus' online audience and weeb interests to keep them afloat so they wouldn't have to live "normal" lives and work or go to school. Marge wanted a glam life for sure but hates work, and Venus is the same with her Kawaii sex doll gimmick now that she's an adult. Having PR and a Japanese name, speaking Japanese and having sugar daddies is gonna take her far but she definitely didn't stumble into all of this by pure luck, or by escaping an abusive situation. Venus and Marge chose to live like they did because they both wanted to travel and live well without working, and when V had her chance to have her dream life in Japan without mommy Margo she took it & never spoke to her again. This way she never has to take care of Margo or give her a dime of her income, and she gets pity points for the abuse story.

I think Venus being on her own without anyone to blame her actions on or explain how she's getting by (without prostitution) is gonna unravel her very quickly, especially with Japan's recent crackdowns on white foreigners using sex and anime culture to avoid growing up andnleeching off their country for decades.

sage for tinfoil

No. 57706

lmao Margo never showed a shred of sense or talent, and she's a homeless scammer rotting in a Korean prison by her own doing, and by the sounds of it on the run from legal troubles here too - potential criminal charges. poor Margo tho.

No. 57719

Exactly, Marge never seemed smart enough despite her genius card or w.e to be the puppeteer controlling poor wittle Venus. I think she was just going along with the attention her daughter was getting online and tried to make money off it like almost anyone would, but took it too far by relying on it and Venus completely as income. The more I think about it and the more she goes off lately, it feels like she's just a scammer extraordinaire who will use anyone to seem like the victim and get what she wants.

Shit, maybe Marge's claims that Venus was a manipulative sociopath had some small grain of truth?

No. 57722

She sure used Manaki and tossed him aside like a used kleenex when she no longer needed him. The more time goes by the more Weenus’s real self as a lazy manipulative user and con artist emerges. Truly a chip off the old block. Marge should be proud.

File: 1545836472831.jpeg (237.02 KB, 1089x1627, 66F48AF6-B492-4291-872D-081F6B…)

No. 10415[Reply]

Name: Izzabell Arcana
- Black weeb habitual shit started
- Came here to defend herself and WK Micky in the Micky thread
- Self labelled “Queen” of Black Kawaii
- Wears horrible cheap plastic blonde wigs lies about them being lace front
- Tried making an “original kawaii brand” which was just jacked up Taobao stuff. Semi-scammer https://karouselkouture.bigcartel.com/
- Hangs around and defends uglier drama cows to make herself feel better(Micky, Kimmy Claiborne)
- Has shit talked Micky on numerous occasions despite defending her when it’s convienent
- Emphasises being “mixed” when she’s 100% Black
- delusional about her looks
Please add more everyone

Social media links
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No. 53327

File: 1560361332769.png (1.58 MB, 1242x2208, 70B4CE93-0213-4039-93B0-1A452E…)

No. 53329

File: 1560362199527.jpeg (31.13 KB, 188x275, 1559945465119.jpeg)

from micky thread

No. 53346

Tbh I think they’re telling the truth. Why would they put nigga on purpose and alienate their customer base

No. 53601

no one in current year is going to knowingly use nigga as a hashtag. it's business suicide, of course this was an automated fuckup. we should honestly expect to see more of these, not less, in the first few years of AI. this asshole is still reaching for clout.

No. 53614

i wonder if they copy her tags and pasted it. maybe she had those words or autocorrection slipped in accidentally and too late

File: 1534340616627.jpg (869.99 KB, 1280x960, Foto (3).jpg)

No. 11675[Reply]

A thread to discuss the cows of the self described animecore / early web community. They are a group of people in their early to late 20s on various websites who draw art purposely resembling a child's, are elitist about obscure retro anime and video games, have fetishes mostly involving bodily functions, and they seek out minors within the groups to make them uncomfortable with their degeneracy.
This scene also lives off presenting themselves as ultra liberal uwu smol beans and having friendship ending drama which can be described by anon >>662692
>has to do with someones weird sexual deviance which causes the circles to break off into smaller ones

Some main cows include:
Tosh/bronzecatworld || twitter.com/kncnpara - twitter.com/kaninchenheaven
Emma/history1970s || hisstory1970s.tumblr.com - deviantart.com/vintagelyconstructed
Olias/sailorolias || twitter.com/peace_giant - DeviantArt.com/penguinguy
Moni/picorna || angelicmarble.tumblr.com - twitter.com/angelicmarble
433 posts and 129 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 53165

I know of her, she has had a really nasty attitude when it comes to "claiming" characters, but acts normal and innocent when entering a series or fandom
It's been years so who knows if she's changed since.

No. 53225

She is. Her waifu is from literally a porn game and she's beyond obsessed and gets bitchy whenever someone says they like her. She's obsessed with being the 'top fan'. she also publicly tweets nsfw pictures of her child porn merch

No. 53233

File: 1560279881971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 192.3 KB, 727x959, B91FB6C1-64CF-4618-BD5E-3ABD8D…)

Forgot the pic. Spoilered for safety but there's no nudity.

No. 53669

She acts like a huge cunt, awkward when you're a 30+ year old women catfishing with lewd cosplays of the most basic tier entry level characters from whatever franchise she gets into, which makes her being so uptight about anyone liking the same girls comedic.

No. 55422

I never personally talked to him but knew a lot of people that did. I liked his art back then but suspected he was a piece of shit after a while, especially after he'd draw gore of my friend's characters. The only relevant person I was closest to was olias, with whom I gradually lost contact after 2011.

and yeah, definitely not proud of my teenage self. learned a hard lesson after that period of time

File: 1531229119125.jpeg (439.74 KB, 2048x2048, A8A0143B-F311-4631-B137-09A150…)

No. 5268[Reply]

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>550456

What's recently happened
>Finally got her boob(botch) job that looks horrible

>Was humiliated up and down Twitter by men laughing at how bad her breast augmentation turned out

>pretending to be half Japanese

>lies about going to Michelin 5 star restaurant and was caught

>cannot stop lying

>lightening skin tone and extreme photoshop

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
758 posts and 175 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 53166

Oh damn guess she still broke

No. 53170

Funny, she was claiming to have "retired" from sex work. Obviously that was a lie.

No. 53174

I’m guessing she works at a strip club or escort service and lives at home still so she wants a roommate

No. 53534

She got a boob job. You can see where she tried blurring the scars out.

No. 53588

This was already confirmed. >>40705

File: 1539376457842.png (242.39 KB, 1053x599, YaoiMaster1.PNG)

No. 46042[Reply]

This is one of the most twisted and fucked up users I've ever seen. Still currently active on the MAL community.

MAL page: https://myanimelist.net/profile/YaoiMaster

>female named Gretchen

>self admitted nymphomaniac
>admits attraction to children and owns the pedophile label
>talks about desire to rape children
>calls herself "deranged and estranged" (edgelord)
>dislikes pedophile haters
>likes shota, incest, necrophilia, beastiality, prolapse porn, etc

Her profile quotes:

>"My psychiatrist calls me a complex person. Listen to the professional."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
101 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 49284

if you have the gall to tolerate her excessive thesaurus usage, and read it, it's basically killing stalking + pedophilia

the real question is why does she write like she keeps a thesaurus open 24/7

No. 49309

yuck, Oingo Boingo is an amazing band who wrote an ironic song about Dan-Schnieder-like men in the industry, and pedos still hold it up as a little-girl anthem. makes me sick, Danny Elfman fuckin hates how people interpreted that song. it got banned back in the day because the message was so misunderstood.

sage for music sperg but honestly that's the weirdest pedophile dogwhistle I've witnessed in ages

No. 49331

ilu anon

No. 50028

her intellectual capability is as shallow as a puddle so her knowing the actual meaning of the song is a lost cause

No. 52829

File: 1559962903692.png (231.31 KB, 1119x266, nLr0xFA.png)

This an old post, but I am wondering which site she may be referring to here. Email invitation only, sounds like a private forum, googling her UN yields no results.

Doubt it's a girl gossip forum since her PULL account is public unless there's a private gg forum I'm unaware of. if she's still posting on this "private" forum there may be some more milk there.

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