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File: 1535446247397.png (1.15 MB, 937x1200, 1.png)

No. 9836[Reply]

Previous Threads:

Christy Lynn Walker is a 26-year-old Nice Lady!, Tumblr artist with a phobia of pencils, and 4chan tripfag obsessed with putting underage characters and characters from children's media in graphic, disturbing, and often sexual drawings and fantasies. They usually involve vomit, radiation poisoning, and scat, all of which she very vocally fetishizes.

This thread is also open to talking about her orbiters. They are extremely aware of Christy's actions and are just as bad as her, if not worse. Many of them have stuck by her side since the beginning of her creating her first Tumblr. One thing to point out, Christy has trash talked many of her orbiters multiple times, thus confirming they're delusional.

She can be summarized with a sentence from an anon in her first thread: >>637932
>She's honestly a combination of Shadman, Suzy from Game Grumps, PK, and Nick Bates (minus the actual child molestation conviction, yet) with a heavy dose of Tumblr thrown in.

Her MO includes grooming teens (for example urging a 14yo to get her nipples pierced), encroaching on children's spaces like the Fairy Oddparents wikia, where she linked her fetish deviantART page, and calling herself a "nice lady!!" and "mama" whenever she can. As if that wasn't bad enough, she also used to be a substitute teacher. Despite desperately wanting children, she has decided not to have them because she knows what she would inevitably do to them. At some point, she decided that she had a sex addiction and renounced porn altogether, harassing others for drawing or enjoying porn while she kept fulfilling her weird-ass fetishes.

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No. 38828

anyone try to contact jenelle?(do not try to get people to cowtip)

No. 38966

Does anyone actually know if she's alive and well? the long silence is somewhat worrying

No. 39119

I'm pretty sure she's having a grand time on Discord

No. 39208

nobody has provided proof of that though.

No. 39955


Worried myself, even though im still pissed that she went running away from her problems

File: 1537917373908.png (1.11 MB, 752x751, sakura hana.PNG)

No. 22259[Reply]

16-year old cringefest that desperately wants to be a "kawaii idol like in love live desuuu!".

She's known to have her sister come in to defend the "bullies" on her Tellonym page that are trying to tell her that she can't dance and that she should maybe listen to the advice given to her, even to the point of threatening to murder them (https://i.imgur.com/ooGOPyf.jpg).

She's completely delusional about becoming a successful idol in Japan and runs her own fan page. Her dancing and cosplays are beyond terrible; a good example is her performance at MechaCon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLDrShifCUE).

Her Website: https://sakurahanaidol.simdif.com/

Her Instagram:

Her Tellonym: https://tellonym.me/user39137871

Her Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Kawaii-Idol-Cosplay-168029180689154/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 38476

Her account is back but it says “hiatus”. She also mentioned that she was logging out for awhile. But why do you want her to delete her account?

No. 38481

never mentioned wanting her to delete her account. shes always threatening to delete her account in attempt to gain sympathy points. when she does "delete" her accounts, its a true surprise in light of her empty threats.

No. 38500

She’s says she’s deleting her social media every single time someone calls her out or she gets caught self posting/whiteknighting herself on cgl, which happens often. I’ve seen her say that probably 4-6 times in less than a year. Don’t take it seriously, she never actually deletes and never actually “takes a break from social media”. She just says it to victimize herself and to silence criticism.

One time she sperged out “How dare you criticize me! I’m being boollied I’m just uwu smol girl going after muh dreams! I’m deleting my social and never coming back!!!!1”, she was then selfposting about herself and insulting randoms on cgl 30 hours later and using a different social media account.

No. 38512

She doesn’t have a different social media account

No. 38602

Learn how to post

I ment she just switched to a different social media platform, she has multiple social media accounts.

File: 1462056555509.png (613.54 KB, 500x750, dsddadsadda.png)

No. 12590[Reply]

old thread maxxed out >>217295
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No. 38456

I think O is most likely Keekihime.
The agency being in Osaka (Keeki is obnoxious about having lived in Osaka and speaking with an accent) as well as potentially getting her old spot in that shitty underground idol group makes me believe it's her. Keeki is the only odottemita girl who was in an idol group and she still tries desperately to cling to that fame. I could see her flipping her shit if Himezawa took her spot. The only other person I can think of that was in a group was Kerukkuma but I'm not sure if her group is even still around.
There's also this quote that makes little sense but
> There were lots of comments on some passive-aggressive post that I should have a screenshot to avoid all the drama she started, but I was dumb enough not to.
Passive aggressive posts are keeki's bread and butter. I think she's possibly referring to the post Keekihime posted on facebook and lolcow about Venus that Himezawa thought was about her.

The bit about her having girls taking pictures of her at the cafe is so hilarious. Didn't someone on here say that there was another celebrity there or it was a popular cafe in general? This story seems so fucking fake.

No. 38496

i think its better than the stuff she used to put out, but maybe because it's just a remix?

No. 38792

>More jobs lost just because of online rumors
I find this hard to believe. There are people who are bigger lolcows than her with more haters, rumors and threads, both here and on PULL, and they still have millions of followers and get jobs. Imo she's just looking for something to blame her lack of success and popularity on.

Who do you think E is?

No. 39354


New thread

No. 39355


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

File: 1536248966277.jpg (920.79 KB, 1152x1912, 1534337847633.jpg)

No. 29466[Reply]

Old thread >>119682

Sage your non-milk replies this time.

Old Milk
>LACE dramu
>Comes back to western comm
> Proof she lurks on lolcow >>248672
> Shitty selling practices (i.e. says "never worn" while posting pics of her wearing said dress on IG, makeup stains, smells, etc.)
> Married
> Moves to LA
> Sits on her ass taking "aesthetic" photos while draining her husband of money
> Tries to stay relevant by begging pop up shops to hire her on IG
> Starts a YT channel which she rarely updates
> Tries to start a new BABYDOLL OS never to be heard about again >>602802
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 37495

File: 1551026043629.png (1.64 MB, 1237x2048, Gang.png)

Her new gIrL gAnG

No. 37509

What does this mean? Is this like those old web rings?

No. 37523

It's like s4s or an engagement pod most likely.

No. 37858

File: 1551205912056.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, CF8B23AD-C0F5-4DC4-94D4-DDDF25…)

Don’t get plastic surgery, Kate.

No. 37868

It's almost like there's a cheaper alternative for spoilt bitches pretending they don't make enough bank for fillers, I think they call it "concealer" ….

File: 1538196778155.jpg (604.67 KB, 1080x788, gandr-1538196658901.jpg)

No. 23494[Reply]

Previous Thread:

Since the dual disaster that was the Fitt's campaign followed by the death of "Rea Barbie" on Ariyoshi Hanseikai, Dakota has been using a more realistic and true to life, albeit still majorly age-regressed shoop style after Platinum tried promoting her with her old viral shoops and ended up only highlighting how much she aged and how fake they were/are. She's clinging hard to her AKB connections as it looks ike Platinum may be about to boot her soon.

Updates from last thread:
>Platinum is slowly restricting pics of kooter and have stopped pushing her with her ~7 year old viral shoops as she quietly mooches jobs from her younger, prettier AKB friends, videos of her last runway show are even Japan only
>Fitt's deleted or disabled most of the evidence of greasy, chubby Kota from the campaign, her worst work to date
>Kooter has been buying YouTube views and subs (possibly Instagram likes and followers too) to make herself seem like she's still relevant, in absurdly obvious amounts during periods of silence and inactivity
>as well as paying to place her videos in suggested content to reach new viewers outside of her kawaii alien lunch vlog niche
>and apparently paying multiple Twitter bots to spam her suitcases, her YouTube videos and her latest work (some in Spanish, strangely) to preserve her spot in some Japan Top Model Follower Ranking list
>and trying to revive the old ass Taiko dating rumors, as well as an article pushing a rumor "from management" that she secretly dated the stage actor Mori Kohei from her Last Kiss episode
>She started taking app sponsorships again for the first time since 2016, despite buying a new phone and moving to a new apartment: Saborino avocado face masks in March 2018 and Mercari app again in September 2018.
>She then tweeted about feeling more balanced as she turned 23, despite her plummeting popularity, weight gain and multiple bald spots so perhaps she hatched some new scheme that has yet to reveal itself
>she also removed her 4-year-old Popteen mystery ring before flying home tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 37695

Thanks, anon. I guess I should say she sounds fluent to people who don't actually speak Japanese because of her accent/intonation, lol.

Any ideas for the next thread OP pic/info, anons?

No. 37708

My vote is for the berries & cream lad shoop but maybe with bangs added so it’s more accurate lol

No. 37711

that's fair! she's certainly nowhere near as awful as weebs. i do think that she can probably speak a bit better than most people who have taken japanese in school as well since she lives there, and teachers only make sure you sound good enough.

also what >>37708 said.

No. 37718


Berries&Cream lad shop with bangs, plus one of her in that ugly hat looking like Meg Griffin!

No. 37789


I made a new thread, but I can't shoop so I just made a collage of her newest pics:


File: 1545836472831.jpeg (237.02 KB, 1089x1627, 66F48AF6-B492-4291-872D-081F6B…)

No. 10415[Reply]

Name: Izzabell Arcana
- Black weeb habitual shit started
- Came here to defend herself and WK Micky in the Micky thread
- Self labelled “Queen” of Black Kawaii
- Wears horrible cheap plastic blonde wigs lies about them being lace front
- Tried making an “original kawaii brand” which was just jacked up Taobao stuff. Semi-scammer https://karouselkouture.bigcartel.com/
- Hangs around and defends uglier drama cows to make herself feel better(Micky, Kimmy Claiborne)
- Has shit talked Micky on numerous occasions despite defending her when it’s convienent
- Emphasises being “mixed” when she’s 100% Black
- delusional about her looks
Please add more everyone

Social media links
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No. 10467

Huh? She’s been in school for how long?

No. 30523

Tragic.. I never understand why people with a curvy body type wear "cutesy" clothes? Just look like a overgrown baby..

No. 37258

with all the filters and editing i cant tell if she was born male or not? anyone that has seen her in person can you confirm?

crazy comes in all colors and all the girls that have been posted look like crazy sexworks. honestly the white ones from the other threads look like crazy sex workers. they are equal.(sage)

No. 37287

I don’t get it either. It looks like little clothes but then again she’s into DDLG.

No. 37407

Yes, I know them, they just don't post shit

File: 1528573002697.png (508.73 KB, 579x592, asherbeeprime.PNG)

No. 19901[Reply]

>The return to greatness.. and Instagram!

Old thread

ED page (outdated but still a good history tool)

Ashley Bennett, formerly known as Luvmonkeys (creater of the Poopbrooch) has many aliases along the years:

-Axel Ash
-Lucinda Luke
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 36841

Oh my god I saw her at KatsuCon in her new new new Sarah ballgown. I was high as fuck, on the way to the formal and I looked a direction, and suddenly there she was bellowing obnoxiously about something. Loudest person in the hallway full of people. I booked it the fuck out of there. Also she looked no different than how she did in her old Sarahs. Still falling off her shoulders and chest, wig still looking crusty.

No. 36880

Man I am so pissed she made that video about Vic Mignogna. I was there in that elevator, cause I was one of the people staying with her at that con. This just confirms again for me that she is a fucking liar. She didn't say shit to him, did not claim to be gay at the time, and also when we got out of the elevator we were like "Omg that was Vic!" and she talked about how polite and nice he was. Then we went to go meet him and she and everyone else were fangirling about him paying special attention with hugs and kisses. (Bleh, at least two or three of the people in that room were underage.)

No. 37185

Did the little girl she talked about actually experience harassment or was that fabricated, too?

No. 37197

So she released this video talking about Katsucon, saying she is disgusted with the amount of sexual 18+ booths at cons and she's sick of LL (lovelive) cosplays, despite her wanting to do one herself, then something about be hyper aware of some (of people who you don't even know) allergies.
However, the mid-way mark is where the milk starts to flow.
She begins talking about toxicity in this cosplay community.
>In fact, I'm not afraid of calling people out at this point
>I say this because, I used to be…one of those really bad toxic people.
>I will openly admit that, I was. I openly admit that I was a toxic person.
>I was nasty to people who were not my friends, and I was recently quoted on something I'd said when I was 19, which was, "Oh, I want to do this just to spite somebody," or something along those lines.
>And, I guess it also goes into how I was raised, maybe?
>See, my family is not the nicest, they are not the supportive, they are not that nice.
>I can say this openly, because my family is not home and I'm still in the process of moving as well, so…
>I can openly say that a lot of my toxic behaviour has been learned, a lot of toxic behaviour is learned, be it from family, from friends.
>And if friends are ac-, if your family is actively encouraging your toxic and negative behaviour, you have every right to cut them out if they are not benefiting you.
If you know Ashley's history, just how ironic everything she is saying right now. Oof. Like when her grandfather got sick and she was just mad she wouldn't get any money from him.
>If you have friends who are toxic, who are encouraging your behaviour, cut them out.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 37249

And yet just four months ago she posted a status on Facebook dragging people in the community she hates and laughing about being petty and embracing it. You’re not fooling anyone, Ash, you’re still pathetically jealous of former friends who are happier without you and doing better in their cosplay careers than you are. Be a shame if someone were to send some of those screenshots over to the cosplay “magazine” you work for, I’m sure they wouldn’t like one of their reps publicly behaving in a way that reflects badly on their anti-bullying message…

File: 1424371232282.jpg (118.83 KB, 499x750, tumblr_ndpmwdieiU1rtxv25o1_500…)

No. 16207[Reply]

Haven't seen a thread like this yet.

Pic related (Fetsu), also Mahouprince, Elizabunni, Anzujaamu, PeachMilkyTea, Pastelbat etc.

Besides earning their fame by basically buying wigs and circle lenses and taking pictures in them, any drama surrounding them?
440 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 35138

People have been asking for a toshi thread for a while. We should have it. She's a huge cow who is friends with questionable people, and lies.

No. 35155

After all, Toshi is still sucking Kensuke Iwai’s dick.

Also, even though I absolutely think poo chan is vile, no one copies Toshi. The term “living doll” has been around for so long. There’s so many “living dolls” that I can’t even keep up with.

Toshi and Jess always kissed eachother’s asses until Toshi hopped on the bandwagon with everyone after Jess came out as a racist.

Toshi is a fake ass bitch lmao

No. 36081

>no one copies Toshi.
i kinda have to disagree there, i've seen way too many photos comparing jess and toshi. they look way too similar, down to makeup style.
they are both disgusting though

No. 36112

Really? Can you show me the similarities? Perhaps it’s me that doesn’t see it.

I feel like all the clowns look alike. I personally think Toshi’s makeup is more detailed, but still horrid for clown makeup.

Jess is more like… Ronald McDonald ya know what i mean?

No. 37214

Isn't Phin living with Bakasoseji in the flat? She recently moved to another room (from campus) and hasn't lived with him… idk if it's because he lives far or if they decided to do it like that but I find it weird. Also, didn't he beg for money on tumblr and that was the reason he was that skinny? Now Phin is paying for the food and he hasn't improved.

File: 1496953688251.jpg (106.85 KB, 834x960, 0c1096d2e3ad8eec524887525fc409…)

No. 22555[Reply]

New Taylor R. Thread because person in the jvlogger thread is to stupid/lazy to make one themselves.

Elbow-san's name revealed. Taylor remains boring and not really worth a thread of her own. Recently took copy-cat pics of herself in Kardashian style. No one liked it. People with hate boners still whining about cheek fillers (which no one cares about)

That's all the "milk" from her recently.

Previous thread: >>222185

This is a containment thread. It does not move to the top when posted in. Please report it if there is any actual drama worth letting the thread bump.

1208 posts and 121 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 40074

Yep this is a great summary Anon! What picture are you going to use?

No. 40116

Great. I think you should add a sentence about most of Taylor's jobs coming from beauty exchange, men's club and Tom's other connections.

No. 40154

I think anons wanted a composite picture but I'm not great at making them plus I'm supposed to be writing an assignment. I'll see what I can do unless someone posts something in the next few hours. The problem is that there are a ton of great pics one could use, both old and new.

No. 40168

It’s lolcow anon. Just post what you have and don’t waste studying time. A photo, couple of sentences and links are all you need. Everyone else is just too lazy to do it themselves.

No. 40203

New thread: >>40202

File: 1453426839352.jpg (282.34 KB, 1365x2048, whymanwhy.jpg)

No. 18082[Reply]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitsychu/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitsychu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsybitsychu
Storenvy: http://itsybitsychu.storenvy.com/

19 y/o league of legends/video game wannabe from Singapore.

Calls herself meat meat girl(肉肉女) because she wants to sound like shes a kawaii little minx with weight only from her tits and ass.

Tumblrina who tries to justify herself posting nude photos online by saying that "this is why we need feminism", and gets angry when people call her out/objectify her.

Her facebook page is filled with thirsty white knights licking her left and right and she seems to love the attention. Posted racy photos on her tumblr(now deleted) and it was circulated around, causing her to be scared and created a new account…with more racy photos.

Lies about her chest size(she stuffs them/tries to push her boobs together to fake a cleavage and fakes her accent (she tried to make an american accent when talking to someone she just met).

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
149 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 30566

File: 1548952572021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.78 KB, 720x960, DyLHwZPUwAAnGex.jpg)


No. 31333

She must be hurting for cash pretty bad to be resorting to this after fighting off her nudes for so long

No. 31416

Maybe, or she realized her content are actually quite mediocre and nudes are the fastest way for easy cash

No. 34976

File: 1550230572334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.45 KB, 844x1500, Theresa Hime Nude.jpg)

If you ask me, I would say she is always been an exhibitionist since the beginning, I mean, she started posting her lewd and censored nude on tumblr for free before she stopped it because she was under 18 and it's illegal for her then.
The reason why her old thread on here started and shut down.

Now she is above 18, she get to enjoy showing her tits and little bit of her pussy, like in this photo, and get money for it, it's a win win for her.(ban evading male)

No. 35020

Can the farmhands really not tell this is very obviously a selfpost by her? Lmao

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