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File: 1554221921479.png (748.35 KB, 572x595, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 42676[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auresscosplay/?hl=en (currently has her instagram privated)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyEjcS59x1xtIbisfXLC8A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/auresscosplay?lang=en
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/auress

Openly racist 22 year-old cosplayer from New York that frequently gets into drama with the cosplay community and is extremely delusional. Used to go on tirades on twitter about how she hated Mexicans, and now has her father take lewd pictures of her cosplaying underage characters in her backyard.
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No. 263047

Her gums are very inflamed in that corner too. She should care less about losing her gut (if she is still even preaching her healthy eating) and fix that mouth.

No. 263221

File: 1667328015646.jpg (3.08 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20221101_123643048.j…)

Do people bring it up on tiktok? Its really bad

No. 263239


She’s def limited her comment section now because people have discovered it’s her lol. How she can live knowing her teeth look like that is beyond me

No. 263307

She needs a professional clean and a floss routine stat

No. 264885

File: 1668040785876.jpg (82.91 KB, 750x1334, 314555913_491996236289249_4072…)

Gotta love when she photoshops herself

File: 1452739033133.jpg (83.96 KB, 917x596, butter.JPG)

No. 32704[Reply]

what do you guys think about her?
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No. 32893

yeah! I forgot about him after ahripop disappeared. This is actually really creepy. It feels like the sort of thing people around him would tell the police after he gets arrested for sexually assaulting a little white cosplayer girl he stalked on Instagram

No. 32894

There is literaly no way that can be her correct measurement
More likely that it's something more like this

No. 32895

its called a hip dip hun…(necro)

No. 33167

File: 1549859013832.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 1547050602196.png)

No. 264208

Fuck off moid

File: 1659523538561.png (1.2 MB, 1200x800, Belle Delphine.png)

No. 235422[Reply]

Belle Delphine, a 22-year-old ‘marketing genius‘ who desperately seeks out any attention from men, made a comeback in April 2022 after her failed porn and is just adding more failed marketing stunts to the list. She is best known for lying about selling her bathwater, her failed marketing stunts, dressing/acting like a child for her porn, selling another girl’s nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any Youtuber or lolcow with a following. Her boyfriend Joshua John Gray also participates in her pedo-pandering porn videos where he pretends to rape her.

Previous thread: >>229309

Recent updates:
>She makes her friend Katie McDonnell larp as her “18-year-old sister called Connie Delphine”. People find out Katie’s real identity quickly and her stunt fails. >>213055
>She shows off her income and house in a failed music video. >>223900 She doxes her house for the video. >>225921 Turns out she lives with other sex workers like Pixie in that house.
>She steals shamana’s music for her video without crediting him, which results in him ID striking the video and humiliating her. >>226194
>She makes OnlyFans content with twomad, she sucks his toes and lets him grope her while Josh takes their photos. >>222743
>She makes more rape porn with her boyfriend where she acts like a kid and she is called a “little girl”. >>224701
>She cosplays as a 9-year-old character for her porn. She acts childish and inserts gummy worms in her vagina. >>226605 She also includes non-sexual photos and videos of her dressing up/filtered/acting as the 9-year-old character to her OnlyFans, considering those sexual.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 263558

!!! NEW THREAD >>263556 !!!

No. 263562

There's still 100 posts left in this thread and you used the least milky images imaginable (her fully dressed, being normal at a party) as op image (?)

No. 263574

You're unhinged, this is her personal life.. like you literally sound obsessed/mentally unwell

No. 263633

Thread pic is creepy as fuck.

No. 264003


Are you lost? This is lolcow. Cope.

File: 1666193353478.png (1.2 MB, 1300x1300, OP11Pic.png)

No. 259546[Reply]

Lolita Lolcow thread #11: Derailment Failure Edition!

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

The following group was outed as having a #seagull discord server/group-chat that was dedicated to shit talking members of their own community, making fun of their own MENTEES, and admitting to using LC or CGL despite saying they never do on their own social media accounts. Lacemarket accounts now included. Bolded/Italicized are noteworthy cows

Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura [particularly heinous offender]
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 263541

It'd be good if the core moderation of the community was trying to promote healthy positive spaces for individuals who are trying to escape, but we saw the opposite during one of the worst periods mentally for everyone.

Turn yourselves around.

No. 263542

It’s a shame that Lolitas nowadays would much rather talk shit than being fucking kind to one another. This community is filled with toxic uggos

No. 263546

Not disagreeing with you, but this is a deep rooted problem that can't be fixed. Lolita fashion will always be infested with these psychopathic individuals with severe insecurity and projection issues. They would rather push other lolitas to mental breakdowns and drive them out of the community for their own pleasure instead of lifting each other up. The core principle of lolita is about feeling empowered in your femininity and you all fucking blew it.

No. 263548

This simply isn't true. There's a big difference between shallowly posting an ita coord and stalking community members and antagonizing them for "milk."

No. 263549

The truth of the matter is you act like the high school mean girls you always wanted to be, because you're inferior in every other area of your life. What a miserable life.

File: 1494182052520.jpg (103.04 KB, 600x454, 83696_cosplay.jpg)

No. 42255[Reply]

Los geht's
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No. 259802

Da will wohl jemand nur provozieren. Beweise oder Fresse halten

No. 260834

Du bist hier diejenige die lost ist

No. 263280

File: 1667345377676.png (4.24 MB, 2112x1609, 1654802296192.png)

Sie photoshopped sich immer noch als wär sie eine "RL Anime Waifu" oder 15 Jahre jünger
Die meisten ihrer Follower sind gekauft oder durch Fake Follower Apps btw
Ihre sogenannten Freunde tratschen gerne, vllt bin ich ja eine von ihnen
Achja und sie ist in der Deutschen Cosplaycommunity dafür bekannt sich bei Fotografen einzuschmeicheln
Trägt in erster Linie sehr freizügige Outfits (die selten was mit dem Chara zu tun haben/passen) und diese Fotografen dürfen sich ein besonderes "lewd/nude" Foto bei den Shoots wünschen, für sich behalten

No. 263347

Naja…viele photoshoppen sich schöner.
Das mit den Fake Followern kann ich nicht beurteilen, bekommt eig. viele Likes für ihre Posts.
Sich bei jemandem einzuschmeicheln ist doch überhaupt nicht schlimm…ist Teil der sozialen Kommunikation.
Ihre Cosplays sind überhaupt nicht freizügig….schön wärs.
Das mit „nude/lewd“ kann ich mir bei ihr nicht vorstellen. Sonst hätte sie längst OF oder ähnliches, Potential hätte sie durchaus. Dann müsste sie nicht ständig um Geld fragen (aber stets neue Plastikfiguren präsentieren)

No. 264387

Amerifag here. I saw this cosplayer around ig or somewhere and I knew she must look like play dough irl like the other photoshop cosplayer cows, nice to know I was not wrong kek.

File: 1615353942473.jpg (601.29 KB, 1080x1080, Amnesia Mishkali Thread.jpg)

No. 140824[Reply]

Mishkali (Nikki) and her fiance Svatti (Rae) are cosplayers, youtubers, and tik tokers who typically make content on anime, manga, disney movies, and general pop culture. They reportedly support themselves from patreon and youtube alone. Nikki has over 400k followers on youtube, but only gets decent traction on their My Hero Academia content.

Nikki has been suspected of lying about a severe brain injury recently, which has allegedly made her lose all of her memories from the past 3-7 years. She apparently forgot her name, her fiance, her dogs, her job, past and current friendships, her entire college experience, and any of her own content/interests.

She now goes by "L" which was the last character she cosplayed before "losing" her memories.

Condensed milk/order of events
>On November 24th, 2020, Rae tweeted that Nikki lost her memories so they’d be rewatching Full Metal Alchemist and doing a live-reaction thread.
>On November 25th, Rae announced via a twitter thread that she accidentally hit Nikki on the head with her trunk door, and gave her “retrograde amnesia.”
>Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion and she either spent a night or went home the same day.
>Rae announced the same day that doctors have declared her physically fine and to have no brain damage.
>By November 28th, Nikki was already using tik tok to discuss her amnesia
>On December 1st, 2020, less than a week after losing memories, Nikki posted a 6 part tik tok series as a Q&A on her amnesia.
>On February 3rd, 2021, Nikki posts a “I have amnesia” vlog where it shows the first (same) night she’s back home, and Rae tours her through the house, which comes off as completely staged and fake. She asks questions like “Do we have children?”
>On February 12th, Rae said in a youtube video that Nikki never even passed out or lost consciousness.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 243073

File: 1661654215577.jpeg (303.56 KB, 1125x995, B4773C5F-4B57-4AC2-9936-97CBB1…)

ladies, i don’t know how we missed this.

apparently, the other big cosplay she participated in (literally right after her “amnesia”) is Princess Ai.
i wasn’t familiar with the manga’s plot, but low and behold, the character she cosplayed has amnesia!

could be wrong but i believe she’s cosplayed her in the past, and I’m certain she’s always expressed how much she likes the manga. is this 5 for 5 pieces of media she either likes or has produced that contains the trope of amnesia?

No. 243432

There's a video on her YT, it's short. "My first handmade cosplay, despite being a cosplayer for ten years." Didn't she mean, "Despite having forgotten the past ten years."? Lol she really gave it up.

No. 248165

This shit is so embarrassing.

No. 263332

Hi I watched some of the shit she made when I was like 14 back in high school. But I was talking to a high school friend and we ended up looking her up and were just like wtf is going on. Then I found this thread and was just like thank fuck im not crazy bc I swear yall there are literally no questioning comments directed at her??? tho I didn't look that hard so maybe there are?

Tbh the whole situation is kinda funny to me cause she's really revealed how stupid she is and I think she's gonna regret digging so deep into the lie. also she's an ass for all the amnesia shit cause wtf is going on.

But I thought I'd bring this up since I thought it was weird and I don't think anyone mentioned it. But yknow how she got in shit for the ciel/sebastian stuff WELLL there's also a whole bunch of videos abt FMA where they're cosplaying as roy/ed which gave off very similar vibes in a bad way um yeah… she's also deleted (or at least privatized) some of the ed/roy stuff that I remember there being so not sure if that's because it came off really bad and underage bc I do remember some pretty sexual things - anyways ed is 12 in the anime I believe which is :/

Also as someone who once watched her content I look back on it now and cringe (and also question the sanity of 14 yr old me). But at the same time it makes sense bc here was a character close to my age (ed or eren or yuri) who I could relate to and through which my desire for an older more mature man could be expressed? Also I remember having a huge crush on rae lol. Like I guess what I'm saying is that the people who watch her content are just kids who feel bad for her because of a parasocial relationship. Like it feels like she preying on that, and manipulating them in a very uncomfortable way so thats ick.

Final point I promise, but I would like to say that I was 14 when I saw her content and im now almost 20. Like now im in uni, living alone, etc. while she's still playing dress up. Which actually I dont have anything against the cosplaying itself but her most recent video is smth abt smash or pass and just wtf I know this has been established but its just weird. She obviously has issues with being an adult and doesn't want to grow up (for example being married or whatever) but I think its irresponsible of the people around her to feed into that fantasy and to manipulate literal kids because of her insecurity.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 263365

kek tbh these cows are like my babies. i care little for any other cows on /w/ or /snow/ compared to them because i genuinely think they have jillian vessey levels of entertainment with how horrible of a lie they’ve both created, people just sadly don’t know them yet. and yes, as grown ass adults they were shipping ed/roy in the most embarrassing way. ed and ciel even look like kids, this isn’t a Light and L situation who could be the same age looks wise (Light is like 17 when introduced and L is 25 i think). Now they cosplay mob psycho, aka another fandom with a huge age gap ship.

File: 1656446652527.jpg (9.4 KB, 168x300, images.jpg)

No. 223854[Reply]

previous thread: #167989

recent topics:
>hekku uses kagayaku kurogalsa as a platform for calling out people that are allegedly abusive and racist >>212081
>paradise gyarusa think mira/gyaruoftheday posted a fatspo thread to bash fat gyaru >>209993, >>209994, >>209999 (old mira thread >>>/w/60883)
>jax/cinnagal and her followers are beefing with pinkii on tiktok. starts at >>209833, >>209838

new since last thread:
>paradise gyarusa were recruiting new baby gal members and started a new gyaru discord server that is invite only
>ex kagayaku kurogalsa members kohlea and bubble bee are calling out the circle leaders (specifically paige, niccu, bebe and hekku) for bullying and racism
ig post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfKvysPp5u8/

>tiktok gals are trying to cancel lizzie for being friends with amber/wib and liking photos of pinkii

callout tt: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNrHURE3/?k=1
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No. 263615

File: 1667447266977.jpeg (204.6 KB, 743x1136, 26E79FBF-40A4-4212-AEE1-B09AFC…)

Here’s some of Kai’s rant from her story. Pretty sure she’s talking about the death of Offset…I could be wrong but to say you’re mourning a friend is ridiculous. Did she know him personally?

No. 265892

File: 1668477227631.jpeg (2 MB, 1284x2281, F7E19F77-A79C-4175-ACB4-933AB3…)

>I totally don’t care. Do you see how much I care less? Look at how much I don’t care!
Nobody was talking about baby gals, you dumb cow.

No. 265940

You guys shit yourself over everything she posts. All she said was she’s glad the gal comm is silent, is that not a good thing? She could fart and you guys would go on a rant about it.

No. 265942

weird 2 me that shes saying she can finally take a breather bc of the lack of drama and you immediately run here to post her again. say what you want about her but shes right about getting the most harassment by far for posting the most innocent shit.

No. 265945

i think she was just saying that baby gals are always confused when they join because they’re walking into a lot of drama and beef, which can be kind of a negative experience or overwhelming. i dont see any issue with this? am i missing something???

File: 1552508892711.jpg (81.47 KB, 750x750, 47690366_1945782345726870_2071…)

No. 39863[Reply]

So let's have a thread about LovelyLor! She is a twenty something from Burgerland who is currently living in Toronto. She skipped LA in 2016 after learning her ex-bf dumped her following AX 2015 in some sketchy story. Lor is in a relationship with an Amazonian, @_Flynnski who is now getting into lolita. Lor is using her a lot in her videos on YT recently.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/lovelylor
IG: https://www.instagram.com/lovelylor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loveliestlor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovelylorofficial/
801 posts and 102 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 262768

That's because some of the main people in this thread and ontop of Lor all the time are the faggots from Discordgate

No. 262794

Oh for sure, it's a very "glass houses" situation here kek. The fact they tried to make out like she was the devil incarnate when all that shit was going on among themselves, whew

No. 262807

>lolita lurker
Oh you mean a lolita at heart? Fuck off back to twitter.

No. 262824

As if all this recent shit wasn't the best evidence that people should just enjoy the fashion and stay out of the social side

No. 262840

I don't even participate and as an outside lurker, it's massively stupid of them.

File: 1571796246407.jpg (223.53 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi.jpg)

No. 70540[Reply]

New thread since the old one hit the reply limit (7 months ago) and some strange things are happening. I have been digging around online for a summary:

Around July/August 2019 Yumi uploads a video where Splenda pushes/shoves her and she looks scared. Then she uploads "we are fine" video since people obviously reacted to that.
Then she moves back to Seattle to be with her mom for 2 months, and goes offline.

People are now suspecting she is getting divorced based on her sad, lone video and photo posts she has been making since she returned mid-October 2019, but she has said nothing.
Yumi was not happy with how Splenda acted on the trip to China in 2019, and said she will "go alone next time" and has not worn the wedding ring since.

Background: Yumi is a Chinese Youtube vlogger who rose to fame via her Lolita DIY videos, but has dipped in popularity recently as she quit sewing and mainly uploads hauls. She is a mega-weeb but now segued to being obsessed with Hanfu and Chinese history.
Married(?) to a creepy dude in his forties who talks to her like she is a child, criticizes her weight and generally treats her like a mail-order bride (they actually met on a dating site.)
She now mostly posts sponsored videos of cheap clothes hauls she got online, but also has a second Food/Eating channel.
She has a Patreon which includes a "secret" Youtube Channel where she talks about wanting to get pregnant, her relationship, etc. She posted some minor drama there about tracking down ex boyfriends and the fact she was still looking for another partner after already meeting Splenda.

Her wedding ceremony was done on her lawn, and the videos were posted several months after the fact as if they had just happened. Splenda is so-called since he's a massive cheapskate and Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything, as seen on her shopping vlogs.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1213 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 263600

Give this anon a prize, they won.

No. 263612

Lip fillers confirmed?

Her spending money on cosmetic surgery instead of the baby is probably what caused the argument with her mom.

She hasn't had a vital video in 4 years and no one cares about another baby vlogger - oversaturated market. Get a real job Yumi.

No. 263617

On KF there were screen caps of her asking for cosmetic procedures when she moved to Washington. The site is down so I can’t grab them.

No. 263624

Why were there comments in the latest video saying her family moved back to China?

No. 263877

File: 1667510615169.png (350.75 KB, 461x607, seattle.png)

When Yumi was posting about getting her eyebrows microbladed, she had recently relocated to Seattle. Shortly afterward, she started begging for leads on finding "a shelter" for herself and her son. Then she began posting about homelessness and claiming to have found a part-time job, which turned out to be making bottom-of-the-barrel sponsored content for her moribund social media.

This timeline would suggest Yumi moved to the west coast under the impression she had a stable living situation arranged, but it fell through and left her scrambling.

File: 1664740869883.png (4.12 MB, 1800x1800, lc10.png)

No. 253127[Reply]

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, then you can call it out

Cows in the Spotlight

The following group was outed as having a #seagull discord server/group-chat that was dedicated to shit talking members of their own community, making fun of their own MENTEES, and admitting to using LC or CGL despite saying they never do on their own social media accounts. They also cancelled nat for saying the word troon despite also heavily using slurs themselves. Bolded/Italicized are noteworthy cows

Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura [particularly heinous offender]
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1124 posts and 179 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 261385

This isn’t the Opal in the discord logs. There must be another Opal because the one in this pic has a different discord handle.

No. 262036

anyone have a working mirror of the whole log? I'm late to the party and either im a retard or all of them including the dropbox one dont work anymore and I wanna ctrl f my name sooo badly since I have a sneaking feeling one of the particularly heinous offenders finds me annoying
sage for dumbassery

No. 262056

No. 262057

thank u I love u <3(newfag)

No. 262285

met her irl. she's annoying as hell.

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