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File: 1645127698148.jpeg (43.8 KB, 340x340, E031BF81-742C-4E00-9800-62D5E8…)

No. 197809

redoing this since the original thread got locked.
Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous" cosplayer, soon approaching 40 who currently resides in Maryland.
Terry self-proclaims to be NB and Asexual, despite otherwise being fine with being a male for 30+ years and regularly posting/sharing sexual posts/memes. "Friends" with and regularly shares OF/cos thots. Eats like a five-year-old with autism. Diet consists of chicken tenders, soda, spaghetti, and cereal. Works in IT and graduated from Purdue University in 1875.

Recap of last thread:
>Finally cosplayed as a female in public. Got a lot of “YASS QUEEN” attention from his underaged female followers. >>166431 claimed many wanted to shoot him. Candid photo >>173729
>wanted to take a picture with a child >>167340
>a few anons came forward claiming to have seen him out in the wild at Otakon. Said he spent the con wandering around by himself and interjecting himself in groups consisting of while female teenagers. >>167676 also implied that one of them was a “fan” of his >>167480
>exposed himself for shooping his face. Claims it all makeup and lighting (sure jan) >>167827
>turned 39. Suddenly got all quiet and get this guys, he worked on his own birthday >>170483 and wouldn’t shup up about it >>170771
>liked a picture of two clearly young cosplayers making out >>169198
>obsessed with colassalcon and their covid policy >>169564 anons theorize that his hate boner is because he had a bad experience at a club and now hates drinking and partying >>169750
>jumping on the genshin bandwagon >>170167
>for no good reason he posted a super spicy sexy shinobu bikini picture on Instagram that would make pt and lori cower in fear >>170879
>sent his blind followers to attack a man who revealed terry’s age on cce >>171691 called terry irrelevant >>171696 threw a tantrum about it >>171746
>a cowtipping male trolled terry and his followers. >>173712
>looks like a whole ass dad >>173733
>2022 will be his last year cosplaying. >>173977 Anons don’t believe him >>173984
>went to holmatsuri even though its in Texas where masks aren’t enforced showing his hypocrisy >>174084
>bought a 3d printer >>174457 came defective >>175278 got a new one and couldn’t figure how to work it out. Failed miserably >>177699 ended up rage quitting and decided he would have to make it by hand
>”no one wants tp have sex with me but if I wanted it I could get it” >>175089
> claims to be a size small in asian womens >>179787
>admitted he only cosplays from popular things for clout >>174149
>decided to not go to animenyc. Anons celebrate >>181041 claimed he was too poor >>181058 made a few dramatics posts. Anons were tired of his shit >>181349 then got offended that people decided to go without him >>182929
>has a crush on someone?? >>181231 condolences to the girl ig >>184977
>once friends with cecil mcfly >>185078
>has a small dick >>185063
>posted a meme of an anime hentai girl getting r*ped >>185764 and then posted a lame apology >>185811
>whined bout people not wanting to meet him. >>189509
>took a post about holmat attendees being irresponsible with the omicron variant personally. >>190163 tried to pin it to colassolcon and got called out for being gasp maskless indoors >>190180 confirmed lurking >>190382
>petty about his online friends for no reason >>191022
>family found his social media and archived a lot of sexual posts from ig and tiktok >>194691
>wants to date >>195107
>revealed how much he makes with his BS in engineering >>196065

No. 197810

File: 1645128090747.jpg (57.96 KB, 1080x315, Screenshot_20220217-104649_Bra…)

So to respond to the last comment on the old thread it's because the Genshin fandom is filled with a bunch of kids who will doxx you for a tame ass ship.

Why a 40 year old man would engage with that fandom is beyond me.

No. 197819

File: 1645130447644.png (63.29 KB, 200x175, C68A807D-34B0-40FC-9CDF-65BB74…)

The threadpic is ART

No. 197826

File: 1645132366048.jpg (546.75 KB, 2515x2227, IMG_2211.jpg)

saged for stupid genshin talk.

as much as I hate Terry, that drama was undeserved, and I wish kids put this energy into the other gross things Terry has done.

ChiLumi, (the ship he posted) is one of the two ships in genshin that kids like to say is problematic, but isn't. In this case, Lumine is a short character that people say is a minor, despite her being thousands of years old. (kids also give this argument on Venti, calling him a minor, despite being thousands of years old and constantly drinks and gets drunk in game) Childe is hinted at being 19-21 years old, but there is no canon age. Terry has also posted kaeluc in the past, but again, the ship is not problematic, in that instance, it's the english translation being as bad as 4kids, calling them brothers while in it's original script it's something more.

Can people actually call him out on real things, like him being a predator??? not this stupid ship shit.

No. 197831

Also I hate that he just doesn’t own his shit. “I didn’t realize it was this ship” bitch yes you did but you caught flack and and are now pretending you don’t know what you are doing. He did the same shit with all his weird sexual posts

No. 197835

The other thing I don’t get is why would you share something when you have no idea what it is? He clearly knows and is just using this as a crappy excuse as he always does when someone calls him out, but seriously where is the logic in that?

No. 197846

what other characters could terry mistaken the art for? did he just randomly share characters in sexual position without knowing what's going on? his excuse doesn't make any sense.

Also not cool to post the girl's "close friends" story in your fb. stop sending people to harass kids.

No. 197847

File: 1645144612336.jpeg (884.3 KB, 1284x1815, DD5D8B5F-FAFD-4D9D-9770-422017…)

No. 198005

I wonder how long before Terry comes out as "lesbian" like most NB men.

No. 198016

File: 1645261328752.jpg (217.47 KB, 1248x702, ezgif-5-ff1f6fc1bf.jpg)

from hovering i thought it was dainsleif. picrel the design that the artist chose for lumine was very similar imo

No. 198075

That would make sense. Then we’ll know he’s just lusting after young women.

No. 198210

File: 1645407547035.jpeg (685.87 KB, 2048x2048, 3043B578-8A1D-485F-97AD-D8E9E3…)

The sheer difference in skin tone between tagged and posted.

No. 198214

That’s about 10 shades off. It’s crazy how badly he hates being black and how far he’ll filter himself to try looking white. Then in his pursuit of trying to look white, all he really ended up doing is making himself look ashy. Honestly he would look so much better if he just accepted it and started wearing foundation in an appropriate shade

No. 198221

File: 1645417486849.jpeg (109.24 KB, 1284x289, DC8A8179-63D2-456C-817A-FB1D1E…)

Can’t wait to see his post con status about how no one wanted anything to do with him.

No. 198241

File: 1645442825080.jpg (Spoiler Image,568.86 KB, 1080x1920, Character_Xinyan_Card.jpg)

I find it extra hilarious that he tried to lighten his skin for this particular character, since she is actually one of the few non-light skinned characters in the entire game.

No. 198263

Character could be as dark as him but wouldn't matter Terry despises being black.

No. 198264

File: 1645464504756.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2144, F028F3E1-BC03-4FC2-9DAA-491F22…)

Oh no Terry’s shit Skyward Pride broke, and now he’s gonna cry about it :((( I’m pretty sure you’re the curse Terry. Not Katsu.(:((( )

No. 198269

He can't just say, "My shit broke, that sucks",he has to mention it got TONS of compliments. Man would break his own arm to pat himself on the ass.

No. 198288

I spotted him at katsucon. He was alone hanging out in the entrance lobby for maximum visibility wandering around awkwardly hoping someone would interact with him.

No. 198299

It doesn't even look good. It just looks like he bought a shitty prop from aliexpress and repainted it poorly. What happened to your 3D printer, Terry?

No. 198301

He was too fucking retarded to set it up/use it.

No. 198314

File: 1645495507170.jpeg (396.19 KB, 1284x1588, ABB415B4-2EEC-4264-90A9-F546D5…)

But where are da curves?

No. 198316

Instead of signing up for a course or doing any research on how to work a 3D printer he bought the pattern and thought it out just print with no issues.
This is ridiculous. In the candid his skin tone looks so healthy. SNOW was not made for black features.

No. 198317

He just keeps murdering the Genshin girls.

No. 198318

File: 1645498397099.jpeg (569.97 KB, 1284x1169, 8AFF6178-8AC5-4E04-AB34-9C6EFC…)

I find it so funny that these worlds collide. Wasn’t Rachel mentioned in the last thread? Now he’s calling her out for a racist remark she made towards him.

No. 198320

He’s only saying this for clout and attention since she apparently drove a guy to suicide recently or whatever

No. 198321


Oh for sure. He’s definitely quick to call
Someone out if it means ass pats and other forms of attention for him.

No. 198334

What is this fruitcake's obsession with altering his pictures with lighting filters and god only knows what other bullshit to the point you wouldn't recognize him if you walked past him at a con? How is it possible for a middle-aged man to be so insecure?

No. 198339

Bold words for a man who has this post filtered. Scared someone from outside your hugbox will see it?

No. 198345

I'm not a fan of Terry, but Kristen Staffieri is a racist bitch. She is the definition of an edgelord

No. 198471

File: 1645591121278.jpeg (627.2 KB, 1281x2333, 427D1E13-CF69-4DC6-8159-B8B24D…)

No. 198483

TLDR; Boohoo I didn't get as much attention as I wanted, people partied at a party con without me even though my age and diet are catching up to me so I wouldn't party anyways, my shitty cosplays broke, people avoided me, but at least my zoomer roommate introduced me to local girls to creep on.
Anyone know who he roomed with?

No. 198484

File: 1645606127865.jpeg (66.58 KB, 540x405, 2A9D2794-C0F5-4320-A49F-A00427…)

He roomed with a girl ? Interesting

No. 198487

File: 1645621020799.jpeg (811.92 KB, 1284x1059, D0975F54-E7B9-427B-A9AE-6E1765…)

Whoever this girl is I guess was his roommate for Katsu?

No. 198492

>spend a lot of time with certain friends
He’s always trying to call out his Facebook friends that don’t talk to him enough or give him enough attention

Looks like she has downs or fetal alcohol syndrome. Or maybe that’s just the bad shoop. If she’s really special ed then that’s really predatory of Terry

No. 198497

Anon she looks fine, that piece of hair in her face messes with her face structure but no need to rag on this rando (who probably milked him for a free/cheaper room good for her).

No. 198509

Is that ayame.hime? I’m sure eventually he’ll post another hotel room tiktok to flex

No. 198511

It's the ningguang face tassel but her's is too low and is supposed to sit at the brow.

No. 198512

File: 1645640988040.jpg (99.99 KB, 1080x654, Screenshot_20220223-132837_Fac…)

Does anyone else think Terry has a poop/scat fetish? If you search his FB profile he has atleast 20+ posts like this.

No. 198516

Confirmed via his latest ig story it’s ayame. I always thought she’s a little slow and concerned she would get taken advantage of at con’s. Terry also seem to have an Asian fetish??? His roommates tend to be young and Asian looking.

No. 198518

File: 1645646521380.jpeg (396.29 KB, 1284x1849, C4498710-E91D-4D09-A574-22FB7A…)

emotional damage

No. 198535

considering the amount of posts he's made about poop, he almost definitely does, and I wish so,wine would publicly call him the fuck out about it

No. 198555

Jesus Christ, please don’t do the bride one and have your dick popping out Terry.
I hate these bride designs, they have nothing to do with brides? They should be called the thot version.

No. 198559

Aw that’s mean i think she looks fine lol lets just stick to critiquing terry and not this random girl

No. 198565

He'll just return them because he broke them trying to fit into Asian women's sizing or wear them once for tiktoks like that swimsuit he bought.

No. 198572

She looks good, stop nitpicking. She looks nothing like someone with actual FAS would.

No. 198608

He has yet to use his silicone boobs or wear them out in cosplay. Sometimes I wonder if he buys them just to grope them like an agp.

Perhaps Terry should take hormones like other enbies. But if he did that, he would die from heart failure for sure.

No. 198615

He worn them for selfies and then returned them. I don’t think he currently own one

No. 198650

I see people throw around FAS so much around here. At this point, I think it’s just their go to insult when they can’t find anything actually wrong with someone and they’re grasping at straws

As usual Terry was delusional and bought the wrong color. And since he loves messing with customer service workers so much, I’m sure he’s currently bugging them with a return or refund request

No. 198659

I mean her eyes are really far apart and she has no upper lip. Again, it could’ve been some photoshop messing it up (it’s obvious Terry is shooped) or as another anon said the stupid tassel giving an illusion. I wouldn’t put it past Terry to manipulate some clueless girl.

No. 198675

Girl same, he was near the gazebo when I saw him, I wanted a pic of two cute baseball cosplayers and he was right there with his small ass

No. 198676

The Magic Conch says: Neither.

No. 198695

File: 1645758773325.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1284x2109, D092F507-CC86-415A-B0FC-9C8AC6…)

How about neither? For the love of God spare our eyes.

No. 198754

File: 1645803939101.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x1527, 11F2D67E-0260-4AD2-BF2F-8652E0…)

No. 198758

Why does he want to dress up as young girls? Is it for the asspats and ‘uwu so brave’? He used to mainly cosplay male characters from games that he liked. I just don’t get why this dude feels compelled to wear maid outfits and kimonos.

No. 198759

it changed shortly before pandemic when he came out to be nonbinary. it's very odd to me too. I have been noticing a lot of male/female cosplayers coming out as trans near their middle age. maybe it's mid life crisis?

No. 198762

He’s just like any other man into anime with a sissy fetish.

No. 198774

Pt’s adoptive brother

No. 198792

File: 1645834664113.jpeg (179.83 KB, 1284x697, AF926CE4-F96C-4794-AC41-FAD9B7…)

Has Terry ever gone on a date before?

No. 198798

probably thought that one girl who came over to visit thought it was a date.

No. 198819

It's just a sad attempt to cling to relevancy, like when Ellen Degeneres came out as a dyke to save her failing career.

If you didn't know you were "different" from a super small age you have no claim to be trans.(learn2sage)

No. 198927

Ellen was obviously a dyke long before she came out, that didn’t really save her career that much because everyone already knew

No. 198946

File: 1645969550423.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1284x2272, 8A6A7954-4C2D-4ED6-8F82-CAB046…)

Got ghosted by friends again.

No. 198947

Who cares, Terry? Oh no someone stopped being your friend FIVE YEARS ago. People stop being friends all the time, you aren't special. Just leave the poor girl alone you creep.

No. 198948

Is this why he go to round 1 all the time? To meet his zoomed girls??! Funny they stood him up and he still walk around like an idiot and then harassment some poor girl who knew better.

Thanks anon. There are so many red flags in this story. This man need some serious help.

No. 198968

>She ghosted me after 2017

It's 2022 Terry and you never even hung out irl, people get over actual relationships quicker than this, it's just some girl you knew online ffs.

It's pretty clear his friendships are all surface level, at a guess, I can't see the man's inbox but based on how he interacts publicly, something like this:
>hi how are you
>me too
>what con are you going to next
>oh probably insert_name
> oh cool yeah I might do insert_name too

No. 198989

So this middle aged fuckin loser went to Round 1 by himself after his “friends” couldn’t make it

Lord this man’s existence is just a sad one

No. 198997

File: 1646013009498.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2281, AF29B3F5-7178-43B1-A075-15EA86…)

Any bets on if he will shave his legs?

No. 198999

He can't pull off any of the woman he attempts to cosplay. I don't get why he still tries to. He doesn't put any effort in besides the horrible makeup he does for every cosplay

No. 199000

his chicken nugget gut will bust the shorts and he’ll claim they were defective

No. 199001

File: 1646014833048.jpeg (1020.6 KB, 1284x2218, A8DCD2BA-92C2-47E3-AD4B-04F617…)

P vibes

No. 199003

He's just bragging about how much money he has again. Minimum ten cons a year would burn out most people decades younger than him but I guess he'll die if he doesn't get any semblance of attention

No. 199005

literally artists and vendors barely go to this many cons and all he does is sit on the floor

No. 199007

"have a LINE of roommates"

what is wrong with this man? how are people not creeped out by him?

No. 199008

omfg please no. hes gonna butcher my girl yuffie. shes literally 16… hes so gross

No. 199009

he'd probably wear pantyhose. he's worn skirts before with his legs out, we just rarely see them shown up-close in selfies or in candid photos.

her shorts in that photo are unbuttoned anyways so maybe that'll work in his favor kek

No. 199012

(in roommate talks) is killing me

No. 199013

>I'm too old to cosplay. I don't have fun at cons anymore.
>have 12 cons in his schedule.

go buy a sport car or something, terry. Or just get a sugar baby.

No. 199050

Seriously though, he desperately wants a gf and has the money for it. Just pay for a sugar baby Terry. There's plenty who are just as fake into shit as you.

No. 199052

Imagine how much ass he could get with the money he wasted on cons and dollar store cosplays he wears one time.

No. 199055

You just KNOW her side of the story is something along the lines of:

>this guy messaged me on ig when I was 17

>I thought it was okay because he was a fellow cosplayer
>bio implies he’s 25 so he’s in my general age range
>he’s starting to message me a little too much
>he’s awkward and weird but nothing goes far enough for me to call him out on without looking crazy
>he keeps pushing me to hangout and make plans with him, but he makes me uncomfortable so I cancel the plans
>talk to best friend about how uncomfortable he makes me feel
>she talks some sense into me and points out how creepy he is
>stop replying to his messages
>at a con, one year later
>creepy guy I stopped talking to a year ago spots me at a con and follows me around
>holy shit, he’s way older than he said he was online wtf wtf wtf
>he approaches me and tries to make me engage in conversation with him
>immediately ignore and nope the fuck out of that situation
>creep messages again
>try to be nice so as not to cause issues, but still keep him at arms length so he doesn’t get any weird ideas
>2 more years go by
>creep spots me at an arcade
>Jesus Christ why won’t he just leave me alone
>it’s been 5 years get over it already

No. 199057

Oh without a doubt his obsession with young girls is blatant and in your face. He cannot stand people his own age

No. 199060

This is so accurate it's almost uncomfortable

No. 199068

He could be like that dude in Lolita. I’m patiently waiting for someone to come out saying he touched someone.

No. 199074

File: 1646081572256.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1284x2253, 7F70C5DA-2F79-4FFE-9778-2CBB22…)

Stuck on that girl…

No. 199077

Take the hint you fucking creeper

No. 199087

File: 1646088161196.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x1667, 31119FAB-0B55-4465-8CD0-3417BB…)

this cosplay looks so retarded on him. It’s clearly made for someone way taller. Why he gotta ruin Geo Zaddy…

No. 199089


Terry cosplaying Yuffie would be disasterous, but do you have to sound like such a faggot?

No. 199097

wtf is going on with his neck in the left picture, it looks like a turkey neck. he forgot to smooth that out with the filter.

i don’t know the character but at least he’s completely covered and not wearing some skimpy skirt or shorts.

No. 199112

Naw Terry's too chickenshit to actively touch someone. Ashy king cried about his coworkers maybe making fun of his glasses and in >>199074 he's still crying about someone who ghosted him 5 years ago. A zoomer girl just has to scowl at him it's enough to ruin his week.

No. 199115

He's trying to speed run cosplaying all the genshin characters before the popularity wears off. How does he not know his own size this badly? It's like a little kid dressed up in his dad's clothes. Anyone know how tall he is? I didn't think he was that tall in the first place but he looks like 5'4" here

No. 199133

File: 1646134062736.jpeg (917.1 KB, 1284x1635, FCDC3385-ABE6-4D64-8016-022537…)

No. 199135

If this is about the girl that stopped talking to him, then I'm glad she got out when she did. I don't know why he'd post this right after he complained multiple times about this girl if he didn't want people to think it was about her.

No. 199138

At least he chose a meme with an old man in it
I know he's autistic as fuck but there is no friendship to keep going if someone is intentionally ignoring you. Might be different if they're ignoring everyone as they might be going through some shit, but just you? Time to give it up, man.

No. 199144


This is very concerning stalkerish behavior. I pray the girl call him out on this. Maybe that’ll finally bring him down? He made so many posts/status about this one person simply because she didn’t want to interact with him. wtf?

No. 199149

she can't Terry loves falling back on race card. Take the Lisa Garland situation he had nothing to do with it, immediately threw in that she was racist to him. Which probably true, but even in his statement he said he still tried to be nice. All for "stunning" and "brave" asspats, this girl even remotely mentions he made her feel awkward let alone uncomfortable, he'll immediately play "It's cause I'm black."

No. 199182

manifesting him being exposed and canceled. potential milk is processing.

No. 199202

File: 1646184674003.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1859, 65B2D40E-3941-49E7-84F1-27DB87…)

No. 199203

wtf this asshole needs to stop. i don't think we've seen him be this persistent before. are they still even added to eachother? is she meant to see all these? is he just chimping out to the void? or is this a vague threat to other "friends" that this is what will happen to them if they ignore him?

this is making him look like a groomer that just won't let go. usually he ignores people after a certain age range, but not this one. poor girl.

No. 199206

she definitely rejected him haha

No. 199219

File: 1646190863402.jpeg (130.74 KB, 1284x2282, B8DBA78B-AE5F-4A47-AA92-3C6281…)

Being a picky eater would be the least of your SO’s problems

No. 199233

File: 1646195296457.jpeg (329.32 KB, 1284x1096, 2D6D6C6E-82A7-4DA2-9A3D-949D92…)

No. 199236

Sounds like someone who has never seen him irl and has no standards. Or is just being disingenuous cuz he has a following

No. 199240

God that level of ass kissing is so cringe

No. 199252

It’s very curious that he always bring up his dating status where he post memes., despite saying he’s NB and asexual. This man needs therapy

No. 199273

For the NB crap and asexuality….One, it’s a cope for nobody wanting to date him (understandable, he’s a creep and a mega autist). Two, he wants to appear as “safe”, “approachable”, and “relatable” as possible to zoomers. Like other anons suggested, guy can just buy a sugar baby if he wants to go on dates, he has the money. Even better for her if he doesn’t ask her for sex and all she has to do is pretend-like his interests and cosplay with him.

No. 199279

File: 1646246373581.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1284x2079, E088CB05-E52D-49C2-9A2E-D0080F…)

No. 199284

I know it's a small nobody con but why do they not have any standard for their judges? Two of those three people don't even make cosplays.

No. 199355

File: 1646326999892.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, 431CEA9A-2002-4A7D-B7BF-4D7CB3…)


No. 199363

sage for sperg but the way he raves on about wearing a mask means shit when he wears it wrong.

Also improve your diet and maybe you won’t get sick so easy Terrence.

No. 199364

He hasn’t been to a doctor in decades too.

No. 199365

No one is making fun of you for wearing a mask. But if you get sick oh so easily, why are you attending cons right now? Also pull your mask up

No. 199366

At least wear your mask correctly when virtue signaling, terry!

People probably made fun of his mask wearing at work the way they made fun of his glasses. In his fucking head.

No. 199367

Exactly. I mean what does he even get out of cons at this point? He doesn’t go with friends, he just has a loose group of acquaintances that he occasionally follows around or asks for selfies with

No. 199369

LMFAO why are his ears like that

No. 199370

File: 1646334585660.jpeg (118.59 KB, 1284x353, 9E2CAE7C-E9C5-4BC6-A668-B25F41…)

I work too much, but also I’m driving 2 hours to go to an arcade to hang out with my friends that will pass on hanging out with me guys!

No. 199379

Literally who tf is making fun of him wearing a mask? Even tho the mandate is lifted in some areas, that doesn’t mean you gotta stop wearing it. And if he gets sick so easily, maybe stop eating chicken tenders every fuckin time and quit going to cons so much. Go see a doctor, you 40 y/o fuck

This mf, I stg

No. 199398

There he goes again. Terry keeps flexing his wealth. Bet you he’s going to have another post within a month thrashing about his 2x paid

No. 199423

File: 1646367281093.jpeg (243.25 KB, 1284x549, A2F1917C-08F5-4B74-9FE3-8B3CED…)

Let it go~

No. 199426

>gonna stop trying to reach out to them
>skip their posts

Or like unfollow them, wild idea Terry. Nobody has to like anyone else, nobody has to talk to you just because you share mutuals, his attitude is so childish.

No. 199428

Dude this is creepy af. Just. Unfollow. Them.

Why is he keeping them around??

No. 199445

Because in his mind he's punishing them for not interacting with him when he wants them to. He probably thinks that they'll notice he's not liking their posts anymore so they'll come begging to be friends with him in order for him to like their posts again or something equally as delusional and weird.

No. 199446

That is so disgusting I didn’t even think of that myself. I wonder if the girl even know he’s so obsessed with her. Any anon wants to bite the bullet and ask terry who she’s? Someone should let her know so she can block this creepy fuck

No. 199464

File: 1646417747351.jpg (432.82 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20220304-111301_Ins…)

How does this not look excessive to himself or anyone else? Especially when he still has polls up asking about which 8 genshin cosplays he should buy next.

No. 199465

File: 1646417938361.jpg (131.09 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_20220304-111229_Ins…)

Bait for a nice girl to dm him saying "aww I'm your friend! Let's cosplay together!"

No. 199480

Either you have no friends or you have a ton of friends you see and cosplay with at cons. Pick a lane.

The man acts like he's in a math problem or something. "If terry buys 60 cosplays and has to wear them all to a con before he quits cosplay in a year, how many cons will he have to go to?"

No. 199493

File: 1646438631593.jpeg (446.79 KB, 1284x2245, DCF06C73-2EE7-4723-9F59-852D53…)

I’m so rich what should I do…

No. 199504

He has to be autistic. He's either a selfish prick or actually unaware that most people are struggling money wise during this pandemic. Bragging about how much money he makes and how he could easily pay off his own home and car, something most people cant do is baffling and rude. He really has zero self awareness. fuck off, terry. Donate your money to charity if you have so much

No. 199505

I just can’t. What the flying fuck. I’m struggling to make rent and this asshole just bragged about how much extra money he has??? Even if he’s autistic that’s not excusable.

No. 199508

File: 1646443192678.jpeg (799.65 KB, 1284x1737, F62F8BE5-7159-4982-978F-23F6CC…)

I think he gets off to flexing his cash…

No. 199515

Someone should comment. Say that you’re struggling and see what he says. He might pay you to be his friend lol(learn2sage)

No. 199516

Way to relate to your teenybopper "friends", Terry. And you wonder why nobody wants to be your friend, let alone be around you; you're absolutely insufferable.

No. 199518

File: 1646448411780.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1977, DE1A1AF0-953F-4FE2-A1FC-788978…)

Def gets off at flexing his purchases

No. 199519


Unfortunately because Terry lurks here, it wouldn’t be hard for him to find out who it was. He’s retarded but even he could figure it out based on recognizing the convo if seen as a ss. Might be considered cow tipping too? In any case this behavior is so manipulative and gross.(sage)

No. 199520

All that money and he still uses dish soap as body wash. You don't need expensive things to show off; you need a doctor, real food, real shampoo, real body wash, and real skin care products. And to stop rubbing your money in the faces of your 14-22 year old followers.

No. 199521

how much time does he spent per game? he buys an average of 2 games per week. that's $400 a month alone. does he get off on rubbing his wealth on our faces?

No. 199526

don't know why he doesn't just buy a girlfriend or, the much better option, donate to charity. I have no patience for rich people problems. If you don't have friends, you can buy friends, and even if its not a real connection at least you can stop bitching about it.

No. 199529

See the smart thing he could do is save up for idk a trip to japan since he loves anime so much. Maybe even get laid because you can literally order a prostitute at a love hotel. But terry here chooses to brag about his financial situation when it’s nobody’s business.
>>199520 like geez maybe use the money on a facial treatment or something. Self care terry ever heard of it? Self care is not buying fast fashion cosplay or pigging out on chicken tenders. How about using your money on a gym membership?

No. 199530

i like how his friends cared for him and actually offered help like paying off car or house loans, and he told them he didn't need to because he has so much money. what the flying fuck

No. 199561

I noticed terry is obsessed with wealth. Both acquiring and showing off. I feel like that’s the only thing he gets off on since he’s doing so horrible with interpersonal relationship. As an aging man he’s desperately trying to form relationships with zoomers but keep getting rejected as expected. I feel very sorry for him.

That’s until he kept rubbing his wealth into my face. Fuck that piece of shit

No. 199565

Terry is like an alien who doesn't know how to human, if you really have too much money to deal with why not donate it to Ukranians in need?? Or literally any needy people on the planet with a gofundme? He's tonedeaf as fuck.

No. 199582

he'd flip out if one of his zoomer followers called him out and suggested he donate his extra money

No. 199584

at least one person mentioned that and he just ignored them. for a person who complains about being ghosted by girl everyday, he surely does not interact with the majority of the people who commented on his statuses.

No. 199585

File: 1646509088441.jpeg (1017.89 KB, 1284x1353, A8ECEC48-8C5C-4846-B991-608479…)

Kawaii desu

No. 199590

He says this while having half his face covered and a wig on…
Even with both of those things, he still obviously looks male. Delusional.

No. 199603

Who actually thinks terry the 40 yo chubby man with ashy skin looks girly?

No. 199609

No he doesn't. Terry threw an epic tantrum when his thread first popped, but it died down after that. It's only recently he's been milky enough to get a few threads. He has no idea, believe me he'd have a meltdown if he saw how 'mean' everyone is. Not to mention the few anons with personal stories would be bitched about with hints at who they are like >>198946

No. 199616

Doesn’t he put hundreds of people on his close friends lists? He used to post every month about needing to remove people because it was too big.

No. 199687

File: 1646586318398.png (449.78 KB, 1440x1509, Screenshot_20220306-120340~2.p…)

I can't believe he's thinking about getting a bigger house holy shit lol

No. 199690

"just 4" my family house only have 2. i wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be a serial killer because he's clearly insane

No. 199692

File: 1646587906308.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x2247, 6A7117F2-5556-4837-9F03-F32A20…)

He was talking about doing a cos from Star Ocean, but he never completed this cos he spent $300+ on already.

No. 199694

He lives alone and no one even visits him. I know it's just him flexing that he can buy another house right now when housing prices are skyrocketing but it makes no sense for him to buy a bigger house. He doesn't even fill out the space in the one he has currently.

I'm officially convinced he's like 5'5". Dude looks short

No. 199701


I love how much he flexes and humblebrags while trying to pander to leftist zoomers

No. 199706


what’s his angle here? Not the smartest thing to do when he’s into zoomers. #eattherich

terry is the richest guy I know. Not in the literal sense. But in a constant “rubbing it in your face” sense. fuck you, terry.

No. 199707

>5 bathrooms instead of 4

He's leaning into this rich bastard thing now I see, why do you need 5 bathrooms if you live alone?

No. 199711

File: 1646601388481.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x1472, 6762445C-268C-4C4C-92E6-ED33C4…)

Maybe he’s like 5’4? The markings on that wall are not that high iirc

No. 199719

Holy SHIT clean your fucking mirror(learn2sage)

No. 199729


He's like a 5'3" or 5'4" manlet. He came up to me once at a con and was my height or a little shorter, and I'm 5'4".

No. 199730


He’s hella short. I’m 5’2, and there’s no way he’s more than 5’3-5’4

No. 199742

I think he’s about 5’4”

No. 199746

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't offered to house 18-20 year old cosplayers for little to no rent.

No. 199749

can confirm as well that hes rather short. im 5’5 and he was slightly shorter than me last time i saw him 3 years ago.

No. 199750

this pisses me the fuck off. for someone living on his own he doesnt need a house that fucking massive. its absolutely retarded that he would even consider it. and almost insulting that he would post that publicly amid housing prices skyrocketing.

No. 199771

>That’s the only thing he has going for him that most people would be impressed by or jealous over. I could overlook his social awkwardness but this shit tells you he has a shitty personality. He’d suck his pwn dick if he could.

No. 199775

Same. People like to write him off as an awkward autistic but there’s such a dark side to his rambling if you actually pay attention. I used to be friends with him before I “got old” and he just won’t stop sharing private info of others to me. Never trusted that man

No. 199777

what was it like? how old were you when he stopped?

No. 199781

Mad cuz u broke huh

No. 199800

Fuck off troll. A tiny manlet doesn't need a house with 4 fucking bathrooms, especially when he probably can't even have regular bowel movements with this chicken tender diet.

No. 199806

Not the same anon,m. I can assure you nobody is jealous of terry. Is he even as rich as he implied to be? Who takes out 401k loan to pay mortgage down payment? This man is clueless about money.

No. 199814

File: 1646691614199.png (5.28 MB, 1284x2778, B9C326D3-B80E-48D9-B6BA-DFA2E1…)

But why?

No. 199826

Has any other cosplayer cosplayed/wanted to cosplay so many Genshin characters? I don’t get why this man want to cosplay so many different female characters, aside from the fact of them being female.

No. 199828

Why can't this dude just stop cosplaying characters he doesn't know anything about?? He's part of the reason why Genshin has been such a trash fandom. All he wants is clout. You don't need to cosplay every fucking Genshin character Terry. JFC!!!

No. 199830

It’s like he is playing Pokémon but with Genshin characters lol

No. 199832

Klee is literally like….6 years old. Diona is a tiny catgirl. Terry needs to stay tf away from both of them, especially Klee since he will most certainly find a way to sexualize her or wear drag makeup with it.

No. 199835

Terry is fuming over this message/comment good job anon.(don't use emojis )

No. 199836

File: 1646703598443.png (1.3 MB, 1170x2532, 066767A0-5CE2-48EE-A039-159532…)

nonny you’re a different breed commenting and messaging terry the same thing only minutes apart
funny how he’s so mad over a simple comment

No. 199837

File: 1646704310097.jpeg (430.31 KB, 750x977, 82FBE645-25BA-4038-B698-0869FC…)

Anon looks like a fucking tranny heather explores

No. 199838


LOL I've actually met this girl at my local con. She's always been anti-predator about con creeps, so it doesn't surprise me that Terry rubs her the wrong way. We need more heroes like her tbh

No. 199844

But why hate on her for no reason lol she called Terry out, something most of us aren’t willing to do. Why cant you just stick to insulting the people that deserve it

No. 199845

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Terry blatantly insult a woman (or really anybody). Calling her a “massive bitch” is harsh when she didn’t even really say anything, just pointed out the characters age and that he wouldn’t look good in it (which he already admitted himself). Even that dude that called him out on Facebook wasn’t getting called hateful words like that by Terry.
I get the feeling that he really hates older women (“older” as in his over 20 standards) because they WILL warn younger girls about his predatory behavior.
Not very “uwu soft innocent black enby asexual” of you, Terry.

No. 199846

Really? She sends that mild critique and gets muh massive bitch back? This is why you have no friends, Terry.

No. 199849

It’s not that deep terry.

No. 199852


I actually sent him the comment prior to commenting here. But yeah, it was stupid. I typically ignore the shit he posts, but when it comes to incredibly underaged characters, I needed to say something.

In the past he has liked a ton of my photos, and just now after reading my comment he came back and unliked everything.


anon, if I know you, message me through other channels.(cowtipping)

No. 199855

He should be grateful that someone said he was too tall for once kek. Not surprised he really hates her if she's pretty vocal about warning people of con creeps. He knows what he's doing especially with posting this without blocking her username. I hope no one goes after you!

No. 199857


He's blocked me on instagram, so I cannot even message him about it now. I am not too concerned, seeing as though I am not very active on that platform anyways.

No. 199863

This close friends story is very telling. Terry is clearly mad over a random private comment. He dropped the charade and said “man” and “bitch” (which isn’t much of a big deal except terry been trying play this innocent child card)

She wasn’t trolling. She wasn’t really being mean either. There’s zero reason to put her name out publicly so his ig/fb white knights can harass her.

No. 199864

>just now after reading my comment he came back and unliked everything.
How incredibly petty. It wasn't even anything that insulting. Why is he so sensitive?

No. 199919

The people commenting him to cosplay dioana and Klee out of spite don’t see him leading every female character he cosplay. Let see him do a tiktok with him sticking tongue out and being flirty in Klee.

No. 199928

He should’ve realized already that people will call out others for cosplaying underage characters or shipping them. He’s retweeted so many problematic things regarding Genshin on Facebook or Instagram, and every time he plays the “uwu I didn’t know gais!”. There’s only so many times he can play ignorance. A tiktok of him putting his gross tongue out and posing suggestively as a character that looks like a kid would definitely cause a stir.

No. 199936


It's because Terry doesn't post the "uwu idk if I should do this, I'll look so bad" posts for actual feedback. He's just fishing for attention and compliments. The second he doesn't get the positive "omg no you're going to look so good do it" comments he's looking for, he gets pissy. And he's OBVIOUSLY going to sexualize Klee because he's sexualized minors before but the crowd that normally screeches over sexualizing any character under 18 stays silent for Terry, because he's a stunning and brave exception and gets to sexualize anyone he wants.

No. 199937

it is about time someone spoke up

nonny, she looks fine & you sound a bit butthurt

No. 199945

File: 1646754706435.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.8 KB, 1024x1537, 32849712384.jpg)

oh shit, I know her, her Nana Oosaki cosplay is pretty decent. She goes to some of the same cons as my group of friends. Saging this though, because there really is no milk with her as far as I know.

No. 199952

people need to start speaking up and being honeest in his polls

No. 200010


Not all heroes wear capes. Ty for being honest. This guy pushes his boundaries further and further each day, and it’s sickening to see so many people kiss his ass just bc he’s black and claims to be “enby ace”

No. 200012

>which he already admitted himself
That is such a good point to make. He had already said he didn’t think he was young enough to cosplay a 6 year old. All she did was agree with him.

The fact that he’s so quick to jump to calling someone a massive bitch is very telling of what his character as a person is really like.

>he came back and unliked everything.
Seriously who does something like that?!
“I’m going to punish her for agreeing that a 40 year old man is too old to cosplay a 6 year old girl. Oh I know, I’ll unlike all her photos, that’ll REALLY sting”
Lol how pathetic

I honestly wonder how far he’s going to take things before people finally start to realize he’s just as much of a creep as every other con creep and they finally stop giving him free passes. Anyway, can’t wait for that tipping point to happen one day

No. 200016

Only Terry would put you on blast for AGREEING with him. He said it on fb he wasn’t planning to cosplaying these children anyway, so why the big mad?

I hope this is the beginning of the end of him. He’s getting bold and eventually someone will get hurt.

No. 200019


Bro who cares who he ships you're sounding like those 14 year old Genshin kids. Go after actual shit.

No. 200026

Get some reading comprehension, dipshit.
> that people will call out others for cosplaying underage characters or shipping them
There’s people that will call out others for cosplaying underage characters or shipping. Terry’s got in trouble for this by his fans before, multiple times. He’s in the Genshin fandom and is trying to impress zoomers that care about the shipping, so it’s something he cares about too. He’s toeing the line with his fans posting the more problem ships, in addition to cosplaying as teenagers. I never said I gave a shit, retard.

No. 200028


Backpedaling hard

No. 200031

Did your favorite ship get shared by Terry? Cry harder

No. 200036

File: 1646771543407.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2532, 95680EC6-0112-4521-80FC-33A8A7…)

this is kinda old because I forgot to post it but he genuinely just posts so much about his house and area that finding his home address is stupidly easy. every day I feel he is one step closer to just putting his full address on his story just to ask if anyone would come over

No. 200039

There's no way his neighbors wouldn't hate him if they knew how he shares their business and shames them to tens of thousands of people. There's a reason no one his age wants to be friends with him; even in the cosplay community.

No. 200061

File: 1646792566096.jpeg (1021.17 KB, 1284x1593, DC341EEE-27D9-4CAD-8013-1E210D…)

Mirror mirror on the wall when will Terry clean you off?

No. 200065

All he does is buy cosplays and put them on. Does he make anything?

No. 200066

File: 1646794813633.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2075, 106C8343-C9E7-49B8-954F-3E454B…)

Why does he put highlighter on the center of his cheeks?

No. 200068

cuz he's a man who doesnt know shit about makeup and how to do what's best for your face.

No. 200085

>Same exact phone setting/different lighting

Sure Terry. Keep telling yourself that.

No. 200091

He occasionally makes props, but they’re always terrible quality. Then he cries on the internet when they break for absolutely no reasons that could be related to his poor craftsmanship

No. 200142

His props always looked like something made by a school kid. It’s embarrassing for a man who’s been cosplaying for ten plus years. Have he used his 3D printer for anything yet?

This man makes six figures and constantly brag about how much money he makes/has. How about use your money to learn?

No. 200161


Wow his unedited nasolabial folds are intense

No. 200187

No his stupid ass couldn't figure out how to set it up. I forget if he returned it or not.

No. 200203

File: 1646852516974.png (5.1 MB, 1170x2532, ADF0A4EC-9FFD-46F6-B3DD-91C4F7…)

I really want to see Terry’s board with red string trying to connect how everyone hates him because of one person or thing and not because he’s a freak

No. 200211


Beat me to it, nonny. They prob found his thread here and started putting the pieces together that he’s a pedo.

No. 200217

Supposedly he still has it, but isn’t sure what he should print on it next.

No. 200234

But how would he know that he was blocked unless he tried friending, contacting, or cyberstalking this person? I don't buy for a second that he "doesn't know" them. And I'd put money down on the person in question being a young female cosplayer.

No. 200246

Right, doesn't Facebook completely hide blocked accounts? So it means he searched her name and couldn't find the account, or followed a direct link.

No. 200248

My thoughts exactly. There’s no possible way for him to have known this unless he tried to go creeping on her profile. She’s probably one of the people he’s been cyberstalking while trying to think of how he can insert himself into her life.

Since he’s been creeping on her profile, I wouldn’t be surprised if his profile was recommended as a friend to her. Then she probably asked around or did her own research and did the smart thing by blocking

Also worth noting, if Terry really doesn’t know this girl, why is he so upset about her blocking him? If you’re strangers, you’re already not interacting with each other, so by being blocked, you simply continue not interacting. But we all know he loves creeping/cyberstalking and that’s the real reason he’s upset

No. 200250

Terry lives in his own world where everyone just doesn't 'know' how amazing and quirky he is. He probably went through 50 scenarios in his head where they were totally about to be the best of friends to lovers. That slap of reality probably has him sobbing in his big empty house

No. 200253

Probably part of the reasons why he has a second facebook profile tbh

No. 200256

File: 1646868944217.jpeg (682.76 KB, 1284x1742, FC0B4503-C729-4A69-B423-965986…)

No. 200270

so aggressive for what

No. 200279

At least he’s self aware of how annoying he’s.

Who gets off getting asspats from random zoomers online? Terry please get a life

No. 200337

>majority cannot help out because we live over 1.5 hours away
Which poor local girl is this targeted at now?

No. 200349

File: 1646915616909.jpeg (156.55 KB, 1284x580, 36442E21-0AB8-4D64-B83A-567816…)

No. 200357

Didn’t he drive 2 hours to round 1 a couple weeks ago and the girl ghosted him. Why does he keep doing this to himself. Stop trying to date zoomers, creep

I bet you these statuses are still about that one girl.

No. 200359

His statuses read like a preteen wrote them, wonder what he's like to deal with for his colleagues since he's incredibly emotionally stunted outside of work

No. 200360

I hope this is just a persona created for his con community because I found it hard to believe this emotional wreck can make six figures.

No. 200362

I wonder if this is actually about us pointing out that his statuses indicate he's stalking girls online? Maybe he got backlash for calling that girl a bitch too? This just feels like Terry getting mad people are talking about his shitty behavior because he can't handle being responsible for his own actions.

No. 200365

My friend sent me screencap of this and his comment (I’m not friends with terry), so I came here and check and it’s up here already as expected.

He’s now blaming the girl(s) as anti-mask? I can’t upload the screenshot because my friend uses this obnoxious font and I don’t want her to be found.

No. 200372

File: 1646925998833.jpeg (333.73 KB, 1027x731, DCD5BF5A-55FD-451B-917F-272999…)

No. 200380

I really wish someone would ask him how he knows he's been blocked because the only answer is that he's been stalking her page only for it to completely disappear on him or using his second profile to stalk people. Either way he can't avoid looking like a stalker freak.

No. 200381

Thanks anon. The scariest thing about this is the girl he stalked could be anyone, since he’s so problematic. And people ghosted him because they didn’t want to straight out unfriend/block him and suffer the obvious consequence

I hope this is the beginning of his undoing. He’s been steadily getting bold during the pandemic and it’s a matter of then before he starts acting out his sick fantasies.

No. 200386

>I wish I could just disappear from social media
So why don’t you just do that Terry?
He phrases it like that’s not a real option. He wouldn’t even need to delete his profiles, it’s so easy to just delete an app off of your phone. He says he’s not trying to make anyone feel sorry for him, but obviously that’s exactly what he wants otherwise he would’ve done what any normal person would do and just stop posting on social media for awhile

No. 200388

I’m hoping for that as well. I’ve had a few very manipulative abusive “friends” in my life and it’s been scary to see him getting bolder and exhibiting a lot of red flags that I’ve seen/experienced before. Seeing his recent meltdowns have given me hope though. People are starting to recognize him for who he really is and I think these obsessive social media attacks on young women are helping new people realize it too

No. 200391

Yup, he’s just an attention-seeker. When making self-depreciating comments, he expects people to pity him and give him asspats. It was the same when he posted that picture of that child Genshin character and said he was too old and too tall to cosplay her. He was expecting zoomers to flock to him and say he could pull it off, but when someone was actually honest and agreed that he was too old, he called her a “massive bitch”. Who wants to even interact with him when he puts anyone that doesn’t say exactly as he wants on blast?
Again, he’s not really leaving Facebook, just pathetically hoping for people to beg for him to say so that he feels better about himself. He’s such a loser.

No. 200398

>I think these obsessive social media attacks on young women are helping new people realize it too

His lack of awareness of how people will see these posts, complaining someone he barely knows ghosted him, calling women bitches, doing intricate stalking to figure out who blocked him and who they're friends with - this sends alarm bells to anyone and does not make him look like a victim. It makes him look like an entitled stalker who is making being mutuals online something far bigger than it is. If I was mutuals with someone and they were sitting there figuring out my network of friends and which of them is ghosting or blocking them it would creep me out. No other way to take this.

No. 200407

People should be alarmed by this, but if you look in the comments his white knights kept cheering for him.

Why is he stalking this person he claim he doesn’t even know and figuring out her whole social network? How’s this ok?

No. 200409

>Why is he stalking this person he claim he doesn’t even know?
It’s probably some young white or asian woman (his type) that caught Terry’s attention. He probably wanted to become friends and then get close to her, but now that she’s blocked Terry, he can’t do that and is mad about it. Moids are creepy and will stalk a girl that they know nothing about just because she’s attractive.

No. 200413

Some nice girl named kate (bless your heart) tried to talk some sense into terry and he fucking wrote an essay. Confirmed he used his second account to evade blocks and continued to paint himself as the victim.

Sorry anons. I don’t know how to do an image of all the text using my phone.

No. 200414

You can post multiple screenshots! Please post nona, I want to see his shitfit

No. 200426

Screenshot and click “choose file”. You can make multiple posts. Make sure to crop out/mark out any personal info though, like an icon.

No. 200427

doesn't he feel…silly? acting like he's in high school and all. over a girl who could be his daughter or former kid that he babysat in the day? gross. he probably got attracted to her, saw her in public, tried to say hi, she blew him off, he can't handle rejection.

No. 200444

File: 1646964183043.png (188.99 KB, 966x754, QQ.png)

No. 200445

File: 1646964330142.png (344.84 KB, 396x648, TerryGG.png)

Definitely NB/ACE

No. 200450

Once again claiming he’s going to leave the cosplay community after this year. He was saying the same thing several times about quitting in 2022 last year. If you’re that unhappy Terry just stop now. There’s literally nothing holding you back and you’re even claiming you don’t enjoy it much anymore.

No. 200455

He’s been saying that so long I feel like he just say it so people can go “please don’t quit your cosplay is the best! “

No. 200459

Schoolgirls don't worry about who is friends with who as much as this guy does, like who would even take the time to notice comment numbers not adding up? Kinda sounds like a ton of people have him blocked if it was noticable in reply figures. Guy needs to log off facebook and get a life, I can't imagine sincerely paying this much attention to people you don't know or have said hi to once at a con.

No. 200463

He kept circling back to the friend group who ghosted him. Dude, just let it go. He’s been talking about this group for almost a month now!

No. 200464

>If someone doesn't want us to be friends…I am 100% cool with it (I respect that)
Terry you were bitching about a girl no longer wanting to be friends with you for the past week or so. Get over yourself.

No. 200465

Thanks for coming through with those screenshots!

It’s hilarious how much he feels compelled to write about how he totally definitely 1000% does not care about whether or not a stranger likes him

No. 200470

Terry got to be autistic. No way he can write all that and not for a second thought to himself “I’m not creepy at all”

No. 200477

He sounds obsessive and unhinged

No. 200486

File: 1647002944930.jpeg (829.65 KB, 1284x2251, E6E79EA2-6148-4913-8AC8-FBE58C…)

First part

No. 200487

File: 1647003013362.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2425, 9A4B631E-8527-478F-8563-6A2264…)

Second part

No. 200488

LOL , respect his pronuons or he'll be secretly upset with you… what a passive aggressive asshole

No. 200489

It's his obligatory semi-annual/quarterly post reminding everyone he's SAFE to be around again which, coincidentally, comes after all his recent stalking posts.

I get his family HATES him for even wearing glasses even, but if they googled manaknight, they'd run into his lolcow threads and Tiktok within the first 5 results so it's an excuse now.

Also Terry if you're reading this, your "actual" friends would have already known your gender for years now, but you don't have real friends. Your lonely posts are evident of this. We all know you make posts by selecting X topics you vaguely relate to (your fake sexuality/gender, games you don't play, cats you won't adopt, quitting cosplay, random lewd content, and now, girls who thought you're creepy) just for ass pats and likes. This midlife crisis arc of yours where you have to fake your personality just because you're in the "spotlight" is getting pretty old just like you at this point. Go back to updating your "Chicken Tenders I Eat" album on Facebook. At least it was more sustenance about your personality than your desperate attempts to get girls <25 to notice you

No. 200490

File: 1647005528096.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2184, A08FEA8F-FE4E-4EC8-BEED-3F6A43…)

Wonder if he’s going to wear this cosplay.

No. 200493

if you acted like a NORMAL 40 year old in the cosplay community you would have REAL friends moron. there are plety of well know Older cosplayers who are well liked, look at Yayahan for f sake. Shes older than him.
WTF writes like this…let me guilt trip people who have already blocked and ignored me and obsess over it for a month. Dude, grow the fuck up already and move on.
No wonder people keep their distant from him

No. 200494

>people who may have wanted relationships with me but was too turned off by me just not being too manly […] gave me shit for being girly in so many ways and not following full gender norms a long chunk of my life

Yeah keep telling yourself that’s reason. There’s totally lots of people that’d date him guys, they just won’t because he… wears makeup sometimes for cosplay?

No. 200495

lol I think this is the first time I have seen people described yayahan as “well liked”

Why the fuck is he mad at randoms at grocery stores using the wrong pronoun? They have no way of knowing. Fucking terry is riding this nb train hard

No. 200497

>gave me shit for being girly in so many ways and not following full gender norms a long chunk of my life
“Girly” and gender non-conforming in what way, Terry? He acts like a scrote, and having a sissy fetish and cosplaying teenage girls occasionally for attention as a 40yo man is not “gender non-conforming” . Even called a woman a bitch for speaking up, very angry male of him.

No. 200499

File: 1647010700584.jpeg (589.96 KB, 1284x1904, 266B0C79-D0DB-42E9-BFD7-6645C4…)

No. 200500

Hi terry. Most of us don’t respect your pronounce because we see through your shit. You’re pretending to be NB just to get close to zoomer girls because of a twisted fantasy. We can tell you’re just an incel. Stalking people you don’t even know. Calling women bitches for agreeing with you.I can go all day but those were things that happens not even a week ago.

No. 200501

Why does he always share these sexual cosplays? Hoping for a zoomer to go “hey I just bought this. Want to room together next con and we can do makeup together?”

No. 200522

His fantasy land is going strong, who wanted relationships with him but were turned off for him being too girly? He doesn't look feminine without the 1lb of makeup and women's clothes, and if he did look feminine naturally, many women actually prefer that.
I'm sure these prospective relationships are as real as his friendships with cosplayers, where their interaction is clearly limited to brief surface level cosplay discussion.

No. 200539

I can see him being like every other dumbass scrote that thinks getting complimented by a woman means that she wants to date him. A zoomer tells him his cosplay is good (out of pity or being nice), and he misinterprets that as “she wants me”.

No. 200544

>He doesn't look feminine without the 1lb of makeup and women's clothes
He doesn’t look feminine even with all of that. He still has to use filters that slim down his masculine facial features. If you see him in a wig, makeup, and women’s clothing without all his filters, he just looks like a man with a sissy fetish

No. 200546

File: 1647028027992.jpeg (180.33 KB, 750x815, 4EB57C7F-26BD-4EA0-8811-E17385…)

This is how I know he’s a fraud. He buys a pronoun pin with the trans flag colors. Now he’s really gonna get asked questions lol.

No. 200547

a NB is not necessary trans, but they can identify as trans if they want. nothing wrong with this

No. 200557

I really don't like how he keep making statuses about wrong pronoun when he keeps complaining about not being androgynous enough to be NB. every time people corrected him he just completely reject their argument. fuck you terry for promoting your nb agenda

you can tell he just want to be a girl (to get close to zoomers) but he's failing and being a big mad about it.

No. 200566

File: 1647035973185.jpeg (878.14 KB, 1283x2223, 33515505-F02B-445B-A727-8AA97A…)

Such a healthy diet

No. 200572

Two has to be a joke? I don’t see how a 40 year old can eat these and be remotely healthy

No. 200573

His shopping is what a teenager or someone in their early 20s would buy while drunk/high, like who would buy this collection of items while sober and at his age? On the planet for nearly 4 decades but he never learned how to eat properly?

No. 200576

Holy shit he’s buying protein that isn’t tendies??
I’m shocked

No. 200579

Does that pin show which Safeway he's at? I want to know how close he is to doxxing himself.

Don't worry he has shake n bake in there too so the pork is still gonna be breaded and fried just like his precious tendies. He'd die if he had to eat meat any other way.

No. 200582

Thats a 10 pack of cupcakes for 1 person. Lol wtf Terry. Is he bragging how he's not as fat as he could be with this diet or what?

No. 200585

File: 1647045112370.jpeg (225.15 KB, 1400x1050, 8B4A2A68-9545-4AED-B90C-8271C4…)

More like picrel

No. 200586

File: 1647046057386.jpeg (429.82 KB, 1284x2778, 5B3715DC-6D91-4FCF-B5E5-8451E2…)

They will come out dry like a previous post of his.

No. 200602

Pin shows the location of the Safeway that he's at.

No. 200604

File: 1647051480795.png (16.42 KB, 329x192, Asexual.png)

No. 200609

Thank you. He's really stupid. All it takes is one bored person to connect the dots he himself put out there and he's doxxed. You'd think someone middle aged would be more concerned about their privacy.

He can't even keep up his larp correctly if he thinks that's the ace flag

No. 200614

instead of wasting thousands of dollars on costumes and conventions he hates, he should just invest in himself and fly to Thailand or South Korea and get some surgery done to look more ~~*androgynous*~~.

We all know he never will though….since he can't even fucking go to a normal yearly doctors appointment.

No. 200616

I mean, I doubt trannies get to experience having consensual sex with someone who will handle their mental illness.

No. 200619

File: 1647059575120.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1284x2221, CF96D90B-CCF1-48E7-B600-C86DA3…)

Why does the wig look so crispy and cheap?

No. 200620

he uses the leftover grease from the fried food he eats to style it

No. 200622

That dead eyed stare. He fried it trying to do the crimp to get volume styling that's popular with the age group he goes after. Except it doesn't look good even on non-aliexpress wigs

No. 200623

I'm not up on the latest trends, but I've seen this wig styling done by a lot of the younger cosplayers.

No. 200624

the latest trend is to crimp the wig to increase volume. you're only supposed to do the under layers but shit cosplayers don't know that.

No. 200636

The absolute state of cosplay these days…

Is he mentally stuck in 2003 or something?

No. 200700

What a fatass even the slaton sisters would recoil in disgust.

No. 200701

I hope he just put these items in the cart for photo op to troll us. No way an adult would ONLY eat these junk food and be proud enough to show them off

No. 200733

Couldn't even get whole wheat bread at least???

No. 200740

Terry is into white everything. white bread, white cupcake, whiteface

No. 200744

White women

No. 200745

File: 1647126685755.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, D07BE3EE-C6B5-4F92-91D5-4DC476…)

No. 200746

Or he could go to Thailand or the Philippines to finally get laid. Or maybe he could save up for japan and loose his v card to Lorena because he likes white girls.

No. 200771

File: 1647137736353.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x2137, 7235B3A3-D75A-4C33-8206-07A31A…)


No. 200779

For a guy that’s supposedly about to quit cosplay soon, he sure asks a lot about what characters he should cosplay.

No. 200781

It'd be funny to see him try to walk in high heels for either of them.

No. 200783

cosplaying as two boring characters.

No. 200786

>”add a cursed photo”
>adds one of the average selfies he always takes
This is proof that he’s self aware of how fucking creepy he is

No. 200804

someone should try to be chummy with him and ask him to share his character inventory and their stats. We all know he doesn't fucking play Genshin, but I want to see physical proof of his lies and how he will try to excuse himself.

No. 200815

File: 1647177841587.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x2193, BFF53AFC-EB5D-4A1C-830A-B5A8AB…)

No. 200817

He has more cosplay polls this year than some people’s entire career. Wtf how are we supposed to believe he’s really quitting cosplay next year?

No. 200822

Because he’s not quitting. He keeps saying that, but then occasionally says what he really means is he’s going to fewer cons, he’s going to travel less/mostly go to local cons, and he said he’s only going to cosplay from things he likes (this last one being a clear admission that he isn’t interested in most of the characters he cosplays currently)

When he says he’s quitting, he’s being over dramatic to fish for compliments from zoomers. He wants them to beg him to stay, to keep cosplaying, and keep going to cons

No. 200859

File: 1647199553404.png (2.01 MB, 828x1792, F4458FC4-E487-4B73-835C-3A0CD6…)


No. 200869

The IG story implied they’re hanging out, but if you read the fb status they just stopped by to pick up cosplay stuff.wtf terry

No. 200871

File: 1647202089394.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2181, B83B720B-A060-4770-95C0-C13744…)

This is still the wrong flag you poser

No. 200872

File: 1647202230825.jpeg (183.22 KB, 1284x670, 2F723B4F-B7E3-4625-BA4D-FA3A3E…)

Don’t think many would defend you if they realized how creepy you really were

No. 200897

He turns 40 this year, so he's gonna have to stop saying 30+ in his bio. I'm sure he'll play it by his mutual zoomers reactions to see if he actually slows down or not

No. 200907

Screenshot? Not all of us are friends with him on fb

No. 200908

File: 1647213249620.jpeg (723.59 KB, 1284x952, 33A4A067-88C1-4680-B2A6-6036FF…)

No. 200911

God that was so hard to read. How is English his native language when he writes like that?

Anyway I wonder how that girl feels seeing >>200859 imply they were hanging out, when in reality she was just briefly there picking up some cosplay supplies

No. 200920

File: 1647216047997.jpeg (886.4 KB, 1284x2077, 2FD05043-6222-482F-9FAF-D9317B…)

Weren’t they just bragging about how much they needed to pay in taxes? This should be chump change for them.

No. 200921

>look at me! im chilling with a cute attractive girl! haha haterzzzz

you mean >he and yes

No. 200922

What are the chances they only met at that 2014 con and then now and that counts as a "long time friend" according to him

No. 200925

Pretty high. Considering she just stopping by to pick up some cosplay stuff she bought and terry made it seem like she’s stopping by to hang out. This man can’t be trusted

No. 200927

File: 1647218338891.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2186, EC439D4B-CD2B-4159-9224-3E4500…)

He posted this as a not close friend story so… is he trying to make it seem like it was a date/hangout?

No. 200931

Just cuz she's openly poly doesn't mean she's gonna fuck you dude. He looks so unhinged here.

Don't they wear almost the exact same uniform? Why would it cost $400?

No. 200932

Is he using a filter or is her eyes weird? He also super wash out too. Something is off about this picture

No. 200942

His photos are all super filtered up. The katsucon one was so bad I think people were above were making fun of the poor girl.

What’s going on with his neck though. It looks so unsettling.

No. 200946

File: 1647222829405.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2102, 94CA353F-0148-4561-9B08-8C4BC3…)

Hope she didn’t try it on in his house…

No. 200980

He’s serving some serious crazy eyes in this picture. And the filters dialed up to 11 making him look like a mannequin aren’t helping.

No. 201036

File: 1647275247537.jpeg (599.28 KB, 1284x1900, 34E8EFED-790D-4B1C-8DE8-D5CC39…)

New cos incoming

No. 201058

File: 1647288767235.png (2.98 MB, 1170x2532, BF7D7D66-8F66-42A9-B6F6-700C97…)

yeah Terry? Yeah? Yeah?

No. 201105

File: 1647301458621.jpeg (58.79 KB, 750x308, 9C6B3035-2B4B-482C-963E-61AB77…)

I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out before, but I think his bio is further proof that he’s lying about being nb and ace to attract zoomers. He says he’s nb, but follows that with a flag about sexual orientation. He says he’s ace, but follows up with a flag about gender. He really has no fucking clue what any of these things mean, he just sees younger cosplayers with these things in their bios and he parrots them. He does a piss poor job of it too because he can’t even be bothered to google it and do 5 minutes of research

No. 201113

The projection. He’s probably directing this to his Facebook mutuals or the girl that’s ignoring him, but he’s who’s toxic.

No. 201127

File: 1647306849292.jpeg (186.91 KB, 1284x425, 432381A3-9552-4570-9F32-D6F8FE…)

No. 201133

Terry stop talking about the toilet challenge

No. 201135

i found terry's weird obsession with bodily functions really concerning. he post about it all the time

No. 201172

They'll probably end up in the pit of all the other cosplays he's bought but have never seen the light of day. He burns money faster than most people make it. Not so subtle money brag again as well

No. 201178

File: 1647343577501.jpeg (263.9 KB, 1284x574, E0126836-A374-4633-962D-0C52BC…)

No. 201180

Why is everyone buying this “it’s a different lighting” argument. Do people not have a working set of eyes or what? I don’t think terry is white facing but they clearly is doing something with camera to lighten the skin

No. 201184

I love the subtle implication that he's using make up to make his skin lighter. There's videos of you from this past katsu outside in the sun looking far darker than the photos you post Terry. It's not even hard to find them. I don't get why he tries to lie like this when he makes sure as many people as possible meet him and know who he is at cons.

No. 201190

File: 1647353636817.jpeg (661.16 KB, 1284x1646, 3AF45611-2362-4D23-8C0C-F3B88F…)

Pt 1

No. 201191

File: 1647353715555.jpeg (709.28 KB, 1284x1861, A18B6F51-21D9-4ABB-9CAF-B45096…)

Pt. 2
Terry put these people on blast on FB and IG without their names. Probably because he wants his minions to attack them.

No. 201192

File: 1647353973764.jpg (266.01 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20220315-101439_Ins…)

so many people defending him saying it's lighting but if you look at a selfie vs a mirror pic in the same bathroom he's two different colors? Even the wig is a lighter shade in the selfie and it's still the same room. it's not lighting, it's the fact he's purposely lightening his skin with multiple filters

No. 201193

His body proportions are so weird kek. Almost looks like a midget. Cotton Hill legs with ape arms.

No. 201197

how can he be misgendered if he is supposedly “no gender”? being “nonbinary” and all. is they/them his “gender”? tras are contradicting.

No. 201200

It's retardo logic but NBs use the neutral they/them pronoun. NBs identify as neither male or female, therefore don't use he/his or she/her.

No. 201201

File: 1647357625506.jpeg (86.68 KB, 1037x217, 9840E8C0-0B46-412A-8EFD-C63575…)

Simple don’t use those filters or make a filter that doesn’t whitewash you?

No. 201206

>a woman privately messages Terry and agrees with him that he shouldn’t cosplay a 6 year old
>Terry posts uncensored screenshots of her face/name and calls her a massive bitch

>a man calls Terry out publicly for making his skin significantly lighter in all of his photos

>Terry posts screenshots but makes sure to censor faces and names
>he also does not insult the man at all

Really makes you think huh?

No. 201210

File: 1647361007660.jpeg (234.51 KB, 922x2048, 9A5B80F4-194D-4553-90C0-534CFF…)

Oh he didn’t censor the name of the guy calling him out I did. I figured it didn’t need to be put out there since Terry’s already putting it out on his social media.

No. 201213

File: 1647361054878.jpeg (152.63 KB, 922x2048, B62B2592-9E43-4ED3-B09A-1B4225…)

No. 201217

File: 1647361326118.jpeg (185 KB, 922x2048, 1E7C17C1-8425-4915-8CBA-78C754…)

No. 201221

I do not understand how so many people in that thread can white knight him like that. I truly do not get how so many people give him a pass.

No. 201224

I’m deeply sadden that zero person called him out on it. I want to, but I don’t want to have people harass me over it.

No. 201227

File: 1647363948276.jpg (447.75 KB, 1970x1427, IMG_20220309_173650.jpg)

So your defense is that it's from 2014? Can you explain 2022???

No. 201233

File: 1647365320342.png (786.94 KB, 1284x2778, A2E4BB78-AD41-47E4-9215-E59DE8…)

No. 201234

>I use a lot of silver shimmer highlight
>Please understand how makeup and photography works
That silver highlight is probably adding to Terry’s ashiness.
Also these people liking his posts are retarded. Stop the asskissing. A “little filter” wouldn’t completely change his skin tone, he’s lightening himself on purpose. He’s said multiple times, in screenshots, that he hates being black.

No. 201236

File: 1647366681697.jpg (173.5 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20220315-134758_Fac…)

not OP trying to defend Terry with this, when this is nothing like what Terry is doing. the people in the thread are defending Terry because they aren't looking at the big picture of what he's doing, and the fact that as >>201234 pointed out, Terry has stated he HATES being black. this is not lighting. this is Terry intentionally lightening his skin tone in some cases almost to the point where he's white.

No. 201237

Funny that Terry hates being black considering it's what affords him instant defenses and people running to defend his honor kek.

No. 201242

File: 1647368445414.jpeg (211.36 KB, 1284x631, A0B37267-1964-4138-82FA-BB0F7A…)


Girl graduated from high school 2 years ago. Your predator side is showing.

No. 201245

Jfc. Nevermind asking someone older to hang out who stupidly defends him. It has to be the fresh young white girl.

No. 201247

the fact he completely ignores her actual comment to talk about how much he wants to hang out with her "for fun" gag

No. 201249

>sorry that happened to you
>y-yeah me too, let's go shopping and hang out.

Bro the people grooming gen z really fucking disgust me. Terry is a predator.

No. 201250

File: 1647371737029.jpg (96.25 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20220315-151535_Fac…)


No. 201258

Incel is getting a little bold from all the zoomers whiteknighting for him.

No. 201264

I think he means that he’ll ruin someone’s life if they dated him? Which probably true, he is a narcissist
He is so damn creepy. Girl tries to defend him and he lets out his pedo. Now this.

No. 201266

God damn. The girl is 19 yo. You’re more than old enough to be her dad. Just because you’re NB and ace doesn’t mean you should go makeup shopping with barely legal zoomers. I’m so mad right now.

No. 201286

'slightly brighter filter' this man is insane

No. 201291

Honestly he does act like a troon
>doesn't pass in any female cosplay
>you misgendered me
>stereotypical idea of girlhood "let's go makeup shopping whee!"
He'd probably transition if it didn't cost him his high paying job.
Also stfu about misgendering when you have such a male name, at least call yourself Teri or something if you're offended at "he" (he's actually offended at being called out and wants to muddy the water with "they" and whatever, another typical troon trait)

In my day the 40 year old men creeping on teenagers had the self-awareness to know they were creeps and not try and ask you to meet them irl (and if they did they knew people would call them a pedo)

No. 201293

that reply was so irrelevant and uncalled for. id be so uncomfortable if i was her.

No. 201294

File: 1647387547481.jpeg (668.74 KB, 1284x2105, 39F114D2-C032-4B72-A94A-48BFFC…)

No. 201295

File: 1647387730846.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1284x1846, 9EA5372C-09E9-4234-81C1-6257C7…)

No. 201296

File: 1647387849524.jpeg (231.51 KB, 1284x677, 171DB591-9F8F-4D91-B537-CADDB2…)

Run girl

No. 201300

>they all look the same color to me
Yeah because he filters the fuck out of every photo he posts. People on the internet are so dumb these days. It’s not even like he’s using some subtle photoshop, the filters are so obvious it’s ridiculous

Wtffff he doesn’t even acknowledge what she just said and completely changes the subject and jumps to “you should hangout with me uwu”
It’s like he saw her feeling sorry for him and decided to take advantage to guilt her into hanging with him. I mean for fucks sake he’s twice her age

No. 201308

File: 1647391097061.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2206, 22A0B0D2-B7B2-409F-BC26-637A67…)

No. 201309

Where’s this from? Did Terry just doxx himself? lol

No. 201310

>> 201309
His IG story. Might be close friends,but he blurred the addy

No. 201311

The Kingdom Hearts bedding is beyond creepy

No. 201313

What exactly is he doing in this story? He’s on his bed staring at the ceiling fan and somehow the blanket is on top of him? He’s really letting his creep out. Hide your kids!

No. 201315

Yeah he somewhat doxxed himself. If you check the approximate location on google street view, it matches up with other photos he’s posted. But the exact address is blocked out and the entire neighborhood is full of condos that look very similar to each other. So at the very least he doxxed his neighborhood

No. 201322

Honestly, look at this other one, >>200203
same weird type of photo

No. 201323

oh shit you're right. the statement was so concerning i didn't pay attention to the background. imagine a grown ass middle age man lying on his bed typing out these stories like some zoomer girl.

No. 201327

Same anon back with an update. I went back and took a second look at some photos and found his exact address. Wish I could post it but I don’t want to get banned lol

No. 201329

The fact that you found that so easily just proves how dumb Terry is.

No. 201330

Not trying to defend him (would never) but Terry is literally a completely gender neutral name. There are so many famous women named Terry and I know plenty personally too. It’s not even one of those names that’s traditionally masculine but recently became used for girls, it’s traditionally always been used for both girls and boys. It’s a common nickname for girls named Teresa. Sorry to go on a tangent but it just annoys me when this happens because he does plenty of ridiculous things on his own, we don’t have to grasp at straws and bend reality lol

No. 201331

Yall are always talking about “Omg did terry just dox himself” but terry has been completely open about where he lives for soooo long, he’s been talking about his specific city and the specific part of that city ever since he bought that house. And there’s not a million neighborhoods of big houses like that in his city so it’s really not difficult. I think he’s just crazy and doesn’t care if people know where he lives

No. 201332

he pretty much posted the address himself. just look at the photo he took from his porch >>200036 , you can see the house number across the street. combine that with the map at >>201294 , bingo! how can this man hold a six figure job?

No. 201334

Honestly that word should be banned here
When I looked up the address it took me to a truck parking lot. Is he close to one?

No. 201346

Southern folks have the right to hate terry too

No. 201356

File: 1647431467037.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2184, 30571570-6352-4C25-A9EB-97CB0C…)

No. 201357

what a cute quirky photo to flaunt the money you make. people on fb defending him over it saying it's ridiculous, but honestly when you make more money, more taxes come out that's just how it works? I don't get the whining

No. 201358

File: 1647432127543.jpeg (525.06 KB, 1284x1992, 05901585-AD2B-41AA-837C-03864D…)

How about you get your printer to work and print it since you’re not rushing?

No. 201363

Maybe it won't break if you just buy it, Terry. No one is following you for the stuff you make when you already buy 99% of your cosplay.

No. 201367

You're a 39 year old man, put your tongue back in your mouth. Also, it's really hard to even notice your pin because everyone is going to be distraced by your big ass forehead

He's just indirectly flexing his paycheck to draw in zoomers/thots. We have a mutual that's always posting about how lonely she is and how she wishes she had money, so of course Terry is always commenting saying "same", even mentioned where he lives around to try to meet up, etc. She never replies to him though lol

No. 201368

Who the fuck would flex about money as much as this guy???

Let’s assume 15% of his paycheck is taken out. $2115/15% = $14100

he just made $14100 in two weeks, which is $7050 a week.

He said he worked OT for 4 days, so he got paid double rate for 2 days a week, effectively working 4 extra days. So he worked around 72 hours a week

His hourly rate is approximately $7050/72 =$97.

Why would anyone feel bad for this pedo.

I just done with a night shift so my math is probably wrong, but fuck this guy.

No. 201369

I did not even notice his pin. I just focused on the text because I wanted to avoid looking at his tongue. Fuck you terry.

No. 201372

That is the smallest and most dull they/them pin. I didn’t see it until anons pointed it out. Just goes to show that Terry doesn’t care about being “non-binary” other than online, since no one is going to easily see what that pin says irl.
He probably only wears these pins for photos then lives as a man with no complaint about being “misgendered”.

No. 201376

He posted here >>196065 what he makes hourly. He says $51 to $102 an hour but I believe his standard wage is $51/hr and 102 is OT pay. It's a weird way to flex since normal people would just say their hourly wage and not also what they get paid OT… I don't believe he works a job where his hourly wage would fluctuate either.

No. 201380

He just said he made $6600 before tax in the comments (not screencapping another of his flex). Dude I don’t even make that much in a month. Are we supposed to feel bad for him?

No. 201383

>oh nooo I have to invest in my community by paying taxes!! My life is awful :((((

I legitimately did not notice there was a pin until you said so. I was actively avoiding looking at any part of the photo that wasn’t text because I’m disgusted by him always sticking his tongue out in photos like he’s 13 or something

No. 201387

File: 1647446414460.jpeg (2.26 MB, 1284x2164, BD4429E6-F3E6-472E-B2CD-FA1747…)

No. 201388

Lol he's giving away the thots he follows too. I've seen nebulaneko show up in Moo's stories giving her ass kisses as a fellow photoshopping fat girl.

No. 201392

File: 1647447379952.jpeg (443.06 KB, 1284x1406, CF7747E5-43B0-43AE-A9D6-892D6A…)

The flex of having such a wonderfully paying job.

No. 201394

He gotta be autistic right? Everyone commenting concerns and help. All of his replies are basically “nah I just made a lot of money”

No. 201408

Please, come to Dragon Con! It's got everything he hates: drinking and parties galore, thousands of amateur cosplayers that are much better than his "pro" bullshit, mostly older con-goers so he can't creep on teenagers as easily, and nobody will give a shit that he's a black cosplayer because there are tons and tons of black cosplayers in Atlanta. Would love to see this narc injury in person.

No. 201423

Why is DragonCon part of this? He never shown any interest for it.

No. 201426

Terry just likes to hear people begging for him to go to any con because he’s ‘speshul’. Gives him an ego boost.

No. 201431

Dragoncon??? What's he gonna do next? Go to the doctor's, buy whole wheat bread, talk to women his age

No. 201443

File: 1647460895745.jpeg (175.19 KB, 1284x418, 60228A1C-AF4B-46C2-B603-8A5572…)

No one likes me

No. 201444

Men literally dont deserve the money they make

No. 201446

Ahhh San japan… wouldnt it be great is he ran into PT

No. 201449

If he comes to san japan, I'm bringing pepper spray.

No. 201457

I mean the few times I've seen him at cons all he's done is talk about himself and his makeup and how many people asked for his pics. so yeah I wouldn't want to hang out with him outside of cons either. not interested in spending time with a narcissist

No. 201461

Lmao, I hope he goes to Dragoncon, bc it'll just be him being sad and miserable all weekend bc nobody wants to hang out with his creepy ass.

No. 201476

>all he's done is talk about himself and his makeup and how many people asked for his pics
That’s pathetic. I really could not imagine walking up to strangers and doing nothing but talking about myself and how great I think I am

No. 201491

A con a month but nothing planned for August. Dropping the ball there Terry. Not going to a con in September would be the best option here but I would like to see him get no attention and complain about how much of a party con it is if he goes to dragoncon.

That's because people don't like you. You're creepy and obsessive. Anyone who pretends otherwise just wants your clout. But not enough to actually hang out with you kek.

No. 201492

He sounds exactly like this autist that hunts me down at every con to talk about his costumes he buys and all the Disney trips he goes on. I wish he’d creep on someone for real so he can get canceled, too bad he’ll only whine online about no one wanting to hang out.

No. 201504

He is more likely in the 28% bracket just fyi. Like the other anon said, $51/hr is probably right.

No. 201530

File: 1647518045623.jpeg (838.6 KB, 1284x1952, 54F291BF-74EC-4995-AF46-AEF35A…)

No. 201532

File: 1647518668330.jpg (107.79 KB, 1080x420, Screenshot_20220317-080334_Fac…)

person in the comments asked how he lost weight lmao. just have a children's diet at 40 and you'll start wasting away too

No. 201536

Hey Terry if you want people to notice your pronoun button you should stop doing this tongue face thing. And we will keep using we because you are just faking it you groomer.

No. 201539

File: 1647522861264.jpg (362.71 KB, 1078x1438, Screenshot_20220317-091139_Fac…)

he won't stop talking about it lmao

>makes me want to rage

calm down there old man. don't think this is as intimidating as you think it is

No. 201540

I think he's just lying about either the weight gain or the weight loss. All he eats is junk food and doesn't work out.

>I'd rather you scam someone than not use they/them for me
Just what the fuck

No. 201543

Kek so that means if he still reads these threads, he rages every time?
He looks like a man, people that don’t know about gendershit would refer to him as he/him
Priorities, right? He’d rather get scammed than called a he.
Honestly this sounds like he’s trying hard to impress the zoomers and TRAs. “See?! Pronouns are so important to me that it triumphs crime! I’ll blast anyone that doesn’t respect pronouns!” I don’t think he actually cares to this extent, it’s just virtue signaling.

No. 201546

Fool it’s literally not fine to talk crap about him behind his back. It’s not evenone week since he called someone a bitch for agreeing with him and him making half about a dozen statuses about some girl he doesn’t know for blocking him.

I agree with the others. It’s pretty fucked it that he put wrong pronoun above scamming and a piece of shit.

No. 201561

lol he’s so unhinged barely anyone interacted with this post. I assume most people can see thorough his they/them disguise

No. 201567

Maybe his diet is so bad it’s almost keto? I don’t know much about it, but eating chicken tenders and pork chops probably would do it.

But he also loves trash cereals, eggos, and cup cakes so I clearly don’t know shit.

Man probably starved himself so he can look more like a girl

No. 201575

Honestly I’m surprised Terry doesn’t want to be called she/her. He seems like the type to troon out and become a transbian. He’s already desperate to look like an animu girl, wants to go shopping and have makeovers with teenagers, and would probably put a lesbian on blast for ‘“transphobia” if she ignored Terry.
But Terry doesn’t want to give up his cushy high-paying job. I think that’s the main thing holding him back and why he sticks to “nonbinary” instead.

No. 201582

The autistic anime moid to transbian journey isn't a pipeline, it's a funnel. He'll be a she/her soon enough

No. 201596

File: 1647541659272.jpeg (667.71 KB, 1284x2245, 138D624B-2D9E-4B6F-91EC-C527BC…)

No. 201607

God he is so dumb. He is so desperate for ANYONE to spend any amount of time with, that he’ll repeatedly dox himself online to try and make it happen

No. 201617

So it only prefers 'she/her' in female costumes,'he/him' when he's in male costumes or is at work/by his family, and they/them online or when he meets weebs outsides of cons? I bet he's never corrected anyone irl about his pronouns

No. 201620

he probably rages to himself when he gets home thinking about all the times people misgendered him that day and keeps a hit list for who to call out next time they slip up instead of actually talking to people irl about it lmao

No. 201622

He said he doesn’t use they/them irl because his job isn’t lgbt+ friendly so he goes full male at work.

I don’t think he wants to be called a she even when cosplaying female.

No. 201630

File: 1647555236062.jpeg (75.04 KB, 700x753, received_654915425715368.jpeg)

Probably out of date now or I missed the official update, but I was basing that on this story post from a while back

No. 201635

File: 1647557409706.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2011, A88AB013-F826-4DAE-BBA5-39923E…)

What is with his foot popping out like that? They’re too small aren’t they?

No. 201636

And he has massive wide man feet. These are probably Asian women’s shoes, which will be more narrow. But Terry’s dumb and delusional and keeps ordering Asian girl sizes too small.

No. 201638

File: 1647558931005.jpeg (624.69 KB, 1284x2184, 6C0E8CC1-FE22-4E4F-80C7-ADD4D1…)

It won’t fit even if you do

No. 201639

No. 201643

Eww. Just like the breast plates he got, these hip pads won’t even fit his cosplays because he doesn’t take into account the extra room these things need.
Really weird that he wants breasts and hips.

No. 201644

With his short legs this thing will look hilarious on him. This and his big ass head, feet, and long arms will turn him into Rodger from American Dad.

No. 201645

>Naw you are fine
is this terry’s way of getting his followers to say he has a big ass and hips?

No. 201647

Thanks anon. Totally forgot about that sorry. Looks like he went off the rails quite a bit since.

No. 201693

isn't he like 5'4 or 5'5? I am trying to picture wtf that would even look like at that height. I feel like he is lying, just like he does about everything else in his life.

No. 201708

File: 1647607301570.jpg (390.73 KB, 1074x1909, Screenshot_20220318-083917_Ins…)

no. the tape measure is too tight around your waist you are not 30in… no wonder nothing fits him, he doesn't know how to measure himself

No. 201712

Did anyone accuse him of lying in the comments of his post? Or is he actually reading the thread? You can tell how hard he's sucking his stomach in here

No. 201718

pro-ana era when? As a waist-chan, I’m offended. There’s no way that’s 30.

No. 201720

I'm assuming he's reading the thread because I've never seen anyone accuse him of lying. either that or he just wants to keep talking about it because he didn't get enough compliments for "losing weight" which he definitely hasn't done

No. 201721

maybe people offered him tips or something in DM? I never saw even one comment challenging him.

knowing terry, he's probably just very proud of his weight loss and being a typical narcissist

No. 201726

Even if his waist was 30 inches, he’s a MAN he doesn’t need to lose more inches off his waist because that would make him underweight. He really thinks he’s going to have a snatched waist like one of those skinny 19 year olds he talks too. He should stay at an average weight if he wants to have even a slight chance at being healthy. Underweight + his chicken tenders diet = bad

No. 201731

Did Terry ever mention what exactly his job is? Something to do with tech?

No. 201735

Dood you’re sucking in that’s not a correct measurement…

No. 201742

Every time he posts it just reveals so much more creepiness - Those Avatar/ Last Airbender pj bottoms look like they’re meant for teens. What the fuck.

No. 201744

maybe he's just cheap and had those when the series came out two decades ago. really cringed his friends approving of the pants

No. 201746

he's an engineer who works in a lab. I assume he runs equipments and not a software or chemist guy.

No. 201749

Sucking in his stomach + pulling the measuring tape too tight. You can literally see his thumb pushing down, and the fat spilling out of the measuring tape’s edges.

And is this even his waist? The measuring tape looks like it’s closer to his hips than an actual waist, and it’s under his belly button. It looks like he just placed the tape above the hip bone. I think he’s just measuring underneath his pot belly.

No. 201752

no that's not his waist, waist is higher up.

No. 201762

File: 1647625936286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1284x2207, F59D4FD0-8425-4658-8C01-191A6D…)

No. 201772

Terry no!

Terry> I’m not feminine enough
Terry> I’m going to cosplay more teenage girls

No. 201786

All these cosplay plans and yet he keeps saying he wants to quit cosplay

Make up your mind, you soon to be bag of bones

No. 201803

It wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't watched Avatar yet still. He was fishing to see if he should even watch it like 2 years ago lol

No. 201805

Oh shit. Come to think of it I realized he’s not into avatar at all. I can’t think of him talking about it ever. Why’s he wearing avatar pants?

No. 201807

Clout anon

No. 201826

File: 1647644463766.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1284x2258, E96DCA0D-3D9F-40C3-A129-43270D…)

This would send Hu Tao to the grave

No. 201828

File: 1647644537567.jpeg (535.26 KB, 1284x2255, 58B34653-9302-4ED4-89B9-6D41B1…)

Doin the good ol’ creepin

No. 201829

big oof that he chose the 23 year olds profile to show this

No. 201840

fucking dumbass didn't block out the linktree name

No. 201844

File: 1647649345733.jpg (404.87 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20220318-202130_Ins…)

when did he stop cosplaying anime girls?? he's acting like he hasn't been cosplaying more girls than guys lately

No. 201845

Terry I doubt you have ever watched a single episode/read a single page of Tokyo Mew Mew and are only wanting to cosplay it because of the reboot.

No. 201849

We’ll he did say anime girls. He’s only been cosplaying video game girls.

Why start now when he’s retiring next year and he still has a mountain of non anime girls cosplays to do?

No. 201857

didn't he cosplay danganronpa before? man so fake he can't even keep track

No. 201865

That’s not even where you would take a waist measurement??
You can also very clearly see his fat spilling over the tape measure from how tight he’s squeezing it

I couldn’t agree more. He’s a man and he will always have that fridge shaped body no matter how much weight he loses. If he goes full ana-chan, he’s gonna die. He already is not getting the sort of nutrients his body needs based on his diet. Not to mention being ana-chan past the age of 30 is basically a death sentence

No. 201868

He cosplayed Junko and did an atrocious tongue out, spazzing tik-tok

I just don't get it. I know anons said that he probably has some sissy fetish, but…why. Why does he feel so compelled to cosplay young anime girls. You know he doesn't even know a thing about these characters and just picks them because they're cute and popular. Seriously feels like the full troon arc is coming. Asking teens to go makeup shopping with him, buying breast plates and now hip pads, bragging about "weight loss" and his "small waist"…he's gotta have some crossdressing fetish at the least.

No. 201874

The men that have 30in waist that I have seen are eastern Asian men which is what terry wishes he was. He wishes he was Japanese and not black. Maybe in a few years he’ll start asian fishing

No. 201931

File: 1647708958034.jpeg (997.13 KB, 1284x1127, 89DE88DE-88AE-47DE-BCDA-997A15…)

No. 201950

File: 1647719954854.jpeg (120.44 KB, 1284x527, C8F70F47-03DA-4F6E-8DD6-5B96D3…)

No. 201959

Fuck he was ig live and I missed it! Did anyone screenrecord it?

No. 201960

Bold of him to use the laugh-crying emoji as the short react when anons have said he's actually shorter than 5'5 (and men always add a couple of inches to their height)

Anyone dumb enough to reply with a heart is going on his stalk list

No. 201972

Looks like he was just making so ugly ass props. I’m won’t sweat over it.

No. 201974

he's that short and bragging about a 30in waist? pathetic.

No. 201987

File: 1647731870265.jpg (320.52 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220319-191640_Ins…)

he actually got the hip shapers… can't really even tell with the cosplay though

No. 201988

File: 1647732095595.jpg (1.7 MB, 2560x1920, 22-03-19-18-20-32-499_deco.jpg)

Not much of an improvement. Still looks like a boxy midget.

No. 201991

File: 1647732641519.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1284x2165, 6719A6BA-1AA8-44C1-932C-995D8B…)

No. 201995

…anon, do you think height affects waist size for some reason? height doesn't dictate rib size and stuff like that. small people can have big ribs and vice versa

No. 201996

File: 1647732764554.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2109, 8100F98C-A177-4754-B468-4DA785…)

No. 201997

yes? most shorter people have smaller bone structure. many men his height hace 26in waist or smaller. also your waist isn't dictated by bone structure.

No. 201998

He’s wearing 2 sets of hip shapers here?? There’s virtually no difference. He’s hopeless

No. 202012

File: 1647737504235.jpeg (408.55 KB, 1284x1335, DF795E9D-AEDA-477B-B382-46699E…)

No. 202018

File: 1647741661171.jpg (593.06 KB, 1078x1376, Screenshot_20220319-220027_Fac…)

okay but why does he hold his phone like this? it's really nauseating to look at

No. 202021

I never noticed how weird he holds his phone before. I just attempted to imitate it and it’s so uncomfortable/awkward

No. 202023

It's him showing his age angle, before cameras were on phones. This is the angle people used with digital cameras/old brick phones when they were unable to look good. Now people just plaster emojis on their face. Terry's just being lazy/autistic after meituing his skin 50 shades lighter.

No. 202030

File: 1647747542462.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x1744, 1425FE21-30D0-422B-B33C-BD6594…)

No. 202031

File: 1647747674776.jpeg (299.58 KB, 1284x764, E747340A-E777-4C6F-BC0B-03FA70…)

No. 202039

You don't have friends, Terry. And that's no one's fault but your own. No one wants to be friends with someone who talks about himself all the time, stops being friendly with you once you hit 25, is obsessed with women young enough to be his daughter, brags about how much money he has esp. to people definitely not as well off, and posts these 'poor me' manipulation rants at 40. You're a walking red flag and should use some of that extra money you have to see a shrink.

No. 202050

is my memory wrong or did he get ghosted by a few cosplayers after katsucon and then dropped them? It's technically true that he cut the (probably female) cosplayers off, but clearly he's still obsessed with these people no longer want to deal with him.

it's been a month, terry. stop thinking about them. he needs therapy.

No. 202053

Terry is disgusting. It is vile that he's trying to garner sympathy like this.
We've seen time and time again that he is a predator. I don't think we have ever seen him talking about a male that was his friend, his age or younger. He's garbage that only wants to have teenage girls as "friends".
Terry easily could make just as autistic and anime-obsessed guy friends, but he chooses not to. He knows what he's doing, and it's gross that he makes these manipulative posts to get people to pity him.

No. 202057

his writing is really bad for someone whose native language is english and makes six figures.

No. 202063

I’m not talking about him holding the phone in front of his face. Look at his hand and the way he is physically holding the phone in his hand

No. 202064

He would do just fine in the cosplay community if he wasn’t such a fucking creep all the time. Seriously Terry! There are plenty of cosplayers your age that you could be friends with, but no, you just want to chase after teen girls. Then when the teen girls avoid you, you obsess over them even more and vague post about them for weeks on end

No. 202079

File: 1647768888440.jpg (115.6 KB, 708x1500, download.jpg)

this photo proves just how badly he filters himself so he appears lighter. Hutao's outfit is actually black, not brown.

No. 202087

File: 1647773477593.png (301.36 KB, 436x440, dokidokihutao.png)

Not to wk because Terry definitely lightens himself but that's the dokidoki version. He's mentioned getting his other genshin cosplays from there as well.

No. 202101

File: 1647786357099.jpg (97.47 KB, 1080x277, Screenshot_20220320-102432_Fac…)

the fact that Terry liked this person's status saying this is hilarious. dude you're the kind of person to do this. anytime someone doesn't reply to you, you throw a bitch fit about how they're probably talking about you behind your back or ignoring you on purpose

No. 202102

File: 1647786358508.jpeg (279.51 KB, 1284x2216, 279058E0-E13C-428C-B053-B7E5DD…)

No. 202103

File: 1647786463977.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2229, 8B5FF707-0344-4346-B36F-5E08FF…)

He reposted to FB to get more asspats probably because no one gave him them on IG

No. 202104

This must have gone to his more restricted list on fb. I’m not seeing it. Hate people who post shit like this with the disclaimer “don’t worry about me” then don’t post?

No. 202122

Terry does this so often. including to myself. when people does it to him he becomes so pissy.

No. 202130

He mostly goes after those people who look more accurate to the character. It's so fucked up.

No. 202140

man, even still, the two are completely different colors. You can really see it in the Dokidoki pic, where the gold accents and hat are true gold. In Terry's pic, they are beige/off-white.

No. 202145

>Shits on people who "ghost/ignore him" (aka: don't kiss his ass when he walks in the door)
>I'm so lonely boo hoo, why does nobody like me?

No. 202159

File: 1647810465819.jpg (411.7 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20220320-170548_Ins…)

he/him old man

No. 202160

File: 1647810530596.jpg (647.63 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20220320-170828_Fac…)

I doubt the weird looks are from the pin thats barely visible

No. 202162

Is he just bad at shaving or is that the filter? How stubble look ridiculous.

No. 202163

File: 1647811195365.png (6.46 MB, 1284x2778, C0D0B2FE-814E-4643-AECB-5D5517…)

Sir… your 3d printer could be far better quality.

No. 202165

I can see this post but my significant other who I know him mutually through can't. Kinda creepy since I've never met him before…

No. 202188

File: 1647825457984.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x1745, 65A88861-3EDB-4069-B5F5-172200…)

Anyone know why his arm is like 3 shades lighter than his face here? LOL

No. 202190

Bad photographer? He said in his stories/statuses that his body is darker than his face.

No. 202191

Is that even possible? I wonder if it’s a body stocking or something cause the stomach area looks the same-ish

No. 202221

You're a forty year old man wearing an anime tshirt over another different colored tshirt and women's glasses. It's definitely not the small pin with tiny text

No. 202222

It's definitely lighter but it's not lightened from black to brown like the other anon was saying. If we're going to point out how much lighter he edits himself based on color of the cosplay, then we should be comparing to the actual cosplay he bought.

No. 202234

If that’s the kind of glasses he worn to work, then I can totally see his coworkers made fun of him.

I agree with the pin. Nobody would get close enough or pay attention to the pin. You’re a 40 yo dude walking around alone in a mall. That’s pretty sus by itself but you have to dress like a predator on top of all that.

No. 202252

Why is he impressed by a mass produced toy sword? Your homemade one looked like ass, so you’re better off buying one instead of making it again. You suck at props.

No. 202281

I bet the way he talks is fake as well. I remember that video he did for Funimation or something and he was trying to talk like a girl. It was so awkward and weird.(sage)

No. 202295

File: 1647880055545.jpg (608.33 KB, 1078x1873, Screenshot_20220321-122511_Ins…)

ew. wanting a hello kitty bag as a 40 year old man screams pedo

what would he need a bag like this for anyway? they're not big enough for work stuff like a laptop, and I doubt he has so much everyday stuff to need a backpack to carry it all around

No. 202301

The pedo transbian arc is approaching.

Troons also like dressing like kids. He probably already cross dresses and role plays as a sissy at home.

No. 202302

Do you have a video of that? I've only seen that video of him and the Ningguang cosplayer and his voice was clearly lower. Imagining him trying to sound feminine sounds hilarious.

No. 202313

its in the first thread i think. he sounded like a feminine gay guy

No. 202315

Why are people encouraging him? This is not right. Someone please get terry laid. He’s not handling midlife crisis well at all.

No. 202319

Fucking ew, he’s literally looking at backpacks my own little niece would want

This dude’s fuckin desperate for a crumb of attention from younger girls if he has the latest merch. Gross

No. 202323

File: 1647889802361.jpg (59.17 KB, 1080x379, Screenshot_20220321-150940_Fac…)


No. 202324

He calls himself a prop maker but is easily impressed by mass produce props. How is he a judge?

No. 202326

he'll just go off of what the other judges say and agree with them, because he sure as hell doesn't know anything about cosplay sewing or prop making. he can't even work the 3d printer he bought

No. 202329

File: 1647891622922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,561.41 KB, 646x1314, A6B730B5-D906-44AD-81AB-274A6E…)

This is the most unfortunate placement of his mask. Looks like he photoshopped his head on.

No. 202334

Honestly I’m fucking with the glasses, they are surprisingly trendy for Terry. the only thing is that they don’t suit him, would seem less weird on a younger or more stylish man. Or a woman. I guess he copied the style from some zoomer girl. But they’re not too feminine, men wear that type of glasses too these days. if he were less awkward and weird he could make them work. They just seem out of place because they are trendy and he’s a graphic t-shirt wearing, palmolive smelling weirdo

No. 202336

I don’t understand how anyone can stand seeing him post stuff like this daily and still respond. Don’t they ever get sick of it?

No. 202338

lol my exact thought. I saw the pic and thought photoshop disaster first. How could he be ok with such a bad selfie ?

That white, flakey hair. I think I’m going to puke

No. 202343

Lmao himeahri’s adoptive brother

No. 202345

Two hours in and 150 comments. Everyone wanted to comment so they don’t get purged. This man is disgusting.

Very interesting to see who he skipped over and who he replied to.

No. 202384

honestly surprised he still has friends, not only because he's a massive creep/pedo, but also because of how he treats people in general so openly. he constantly calls people out when they don't kiss the ground he walks on. he talks more about not having friends than actually appreciating the people who claim they're his friends. and he focuses his energy on people who obviously don't want to be his friend.

why be positive when you can make 5+ crybaby rant posts in a row about how some girl you previously met ignored you at round 1 and then you found out someone you didn't even know blocked you? like damn if I were his friend I'd feel like shit that people who won't give him the time of day get more attention than an actual friend.

and then needing this constant reassurance like he's in middle school? he's definitely trying really hard to regress to make up for whatever shit childhood he had, instead of seeing a therapist to work out all his problems. not like he doesn't have the money for one

No. 202415

Almost 600 likes and 300 comments. I seriously don’t get it. Why are so many people willing to kiss his ass?

No. 202467

Terry already expose this thread to his friend list, so im betting people just want to stick around just to get front row seat to his meltdowns.

No. 202520

File: 1647965762277.png (8.14 KB, 299x95, Q_Q.png)

This is like listening to VicTim MigBlaming asking if he still has fans. Like… OK Groomer.

No. 202521

he posted it to his backup account too? I'm not friends with that account does he actually use it that regularly, or is he just looking for extra ass pats?

No. 202556

File: 1647978703898.png (5.91 MB, 1170x2532, 3C88929E-B0A8-4F2C-84D6-F90390…)

I am terrified

No. 202560

YES tranny era!

No. 202572

He's afraid to wear glasses but is okay with dressing like this. Make it make sense Terry

No. 202576

File: 1647985426506.jpeg (352.88 KB, 1284x1027, BB1979CD-1E7D-4578-B284-986153…)


Holy shit I was just about I share this. Why would he post on his burner account if he prob has the same people on there? The same people even commented on it. The amount of people that simp over an obvious pedo is next level. They are literally begging this man for friendship lol.

No. 202600

"i ask here because 200+ comments wasn't enough and I need you to tell me again" yikes. do you even realize how shitty this looks?

No. 202603

Not that shitty since people are liking and commenting. I have lost faith in humanity.

No. 202622

>hello kitty backpack
>split dye wig
>long nails
>makes tongue out faces on tiktok

Tinfoil but does Terry want to troon out as an egirl? If you can’t date the zoomer, become the zoomer, I guess.

No. 202635

File: 1648007356174.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1442, 0E308F08-BFBA-404E-8903-74A71A…)

No. 202640

gen x? he's really dating himself. Also this is way out of left field. doesn't he hate high school? thought he complained about the racists and bullies. how he grew up wanting to be white.

No. 202652

Wasn't he just complaining about being lonely in school? You know he was just the same as now, spent 99% of his time creeping on girls without success and crying about it

No. 202679

File: 1648037907365.jpg (663.56 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20220323-081700_Fac…)

dude if anyone tried to talk to you about what's wrong with what you're doing, you'd make a callout post for them. no one is spreading false information about you, you're very obvious about who you really are and what your intentions are

No. 202680

Why is he still obsessed with the girl(s) who blocked him almost a month ago? This is very unhealthy. Had anyone talked to Terry to find out who the girls (s) are and warn them?

No. 202682

lol someone show pair this screenshot with the one where he called someone who DM him to agree with him a BITCH. He has shown his true colors and people are dropping him in droves.

No. 202716

File: 1648053924424.jpg (114.03 KB, 940x328, Screenshot_20220323-124413_Fac…)

love this comment someone left on that post. honey you're describing Terry to a t, I don't think she realizes that

No. 202725

Terry’s just having a mid-age crisis and is looking back on his high school days with delusion. He probably wishes it was like a slice of life school harem anime. This post sounds more like Terry saying he misses the teenage girls and opportunity to date them.

No. 202734

File: 1648061305871.jpeg (301.57 KB, 1284x611, FD14D453-423B-4033-9A96-F880C6…)

Vague posting at its best

No. 202774

was s scrolling too fast and i automatically assumed that he shot up a school.

No. 202776

Why’s this a good thing to post? You met someone thorough your friend and you two are better friends then those two.

I’m struggling to understand what’s the point of this. To brag? You’re the new BFF?

No. 202804

File: 1648078693815.jpeg (621.4 KB, 1284x1942, C4B2C235-5C87-4EE0-B5E0-BF0048…)

Hi I work too much and pay a lot in taxes and I want young girls to be my friend even when they blow me off

No. 202807

None of this applies to him besides that he occasionally works overtime. Your job isn't holding a gun up to your head forcing you to eat like a child; and what friends and family

No. 202845

Tfw you can't tag the person on FB since you guys aren't actually friends lmfao

Can't wait for the next I'M SO LONELY post in a few days

No. 202849

how did you figure that out? maybe he just not to out her so haters don't get to her. he's pretty paranoid these days

No. 202908

File: 1648140072912.jpeg (714.98 KB, 1284x1819, 78C5497D-98D5-4172-A088-DA551A…)

Must be nice to be financially stable enough to just TRASH cosplays like that.

No. 202910

Is he trying to imply that he no longer fit into a male small? On a chicken tender diet? Sure Jen

No. 202914

Someone needs to tell him that just because it zips it doesn’t mean it fits

No. 202915

Kek Terry is no men’s xs…the delusion. He wants to be some shota or anime girl so bad. He looks like a men’s medium at the very least.

No. 202921

File: 1648142071966.jpg (27.19 KB, 584x449, lolwut.JPG)

Anon here that he called a bitch:

Not sure if it is related, but I blocked him on all of my socials after he made that callout post about me. I actually had several people privately message me on IG and tell me to change my handle on there because apparently he has some batshit tumblr level "woke fans" and they were worried I would get attacked by them. Before I blocked him and changed my handle, I left him a few messages. I'm sure it rustled his jimmies.

I wouldn't doubt that he lost some friends/followers after that though.

No. 202925

got my popcorn ready

No. 202929

They’re right, the “Terry Squad” is a thing and they’re as retarded as he is. Someone posted about them in the last topic.

No. 202956

>this is why you have no real friends
Lol that’s exactly what Terry should be saying to himself.

Thank you for stepping up and exposing how he acts in DMs when he thinks no one else will see.

No. 202962


Seriously what a hero. I’m so glad you let him have it before you changed your handle. Idk why he has such a large squad of little white knights that would never actually say shit to anyones face.

No. 202964

Am I missing something here? Anion posted what she wrote to Terry. I’m not seeing anything written by tweet being exposed.

No. 202965

It wouldn't surprise me if he tries to use this as an excuse just to meet up with people

Even your reply back to him was pretty civil, so kudos for being honest

See >>199836

No. 202968

But he exposed himself by screenshooting his own DM? How did we get to “ exposing how he acts in DMs when he thinks no one else will see.”

No. 202974

Sorry poor phrasing on my part I guess. I just mean he acts like he’s a victim publicly, always throwing pity parties for himself. But then in dms he shows his true colors. And if you look at the screenshot he posted, the green star in the corner means he didn’t post it publicly, he posted it to his close friends list only

No. 202998

File: 1648161975589.jpeg (1023.5 KB, 1284x1706, F6C86780-7B65-4517-AB0C-C4A0AB…)

I still don’t understand how he is unable to properly size himself

No. 203003

This is not a men xs body. He might be a Manlet, but thighs don’t lie and that fat spilling out of that hip shaper is saying nothing but the truth.

No. 203004

Jesus Christ no wonder nothing ever fits him. That isn’t your waist at all, it’s your fucking hips. Waist is ABOVE the belly button. And it’d help for the retard to use the tape measurer on top of clothes instead of bare skin.

How does someone reach middle-age and still be so daft he can’t properly dress himself? What planet is he from?

No. 203008


No. 203011

File: 1648165293850.jpeg (134.15 KB, 1284x378, 9DF82D68-4CF0-49D5-B88A-64CC7A…)

No. 203026

File: 1648168759916.jpg (359.72 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20220324-203753_Ins…)

dude acts like his Facebook is on super lockdown and impossible to find. he literally has his cosplay name all over his fb, it's not being shared around lmao

No. 203037

My sides why does he make it sound so exclusive? If you’re a young female cosplayer then you’re in. Anyone else? Gtfo

No. 203038

Jfc learn the difference between your hips and your waist Terry. Stop saying you lost weight in your waist when you don't even know where your waist is.

No. 203040

This photo is so funny!
Not only does he have no clue where his waist is, but look at all that fat spilling over the top. Man does not know how to size himself, but that’s not surprising considering the photo he recently posted with a tape measure where he was clearly pulling the thing as tightly as possible

I wonder if anyone will ever comment and tell him where someone’s natural waist is located

No. 203045

I’m not on his close friend list and he added me due to mutuals. So what was the point of this?

No. 203048

File: 1648175100628.jpeg (440.07 KB, 1284x1425, DB0EF69B-004F-4E78-8BB3-F35EB6…)

I don’t believe he is 133

No. 203049

File: 1648175140915.jpg (80.76 KB, 1080x461, Screenshot_20220324-222415_Fac…)

what a shame

No. 203050

He wishes he was like them skinny kpop boys

No. 203055

Based on his recent photos and him saying he’s 5’5” I would guess he’s 145-ish give or take a few pounds

No. 203059

>caring about your $3 pin
>uwu I paid 4k in taxes this week

How many more posts is he gonna make about this pin?

No. 203061

>I have to know you well/see a fit to accept

He's so transparent at using his cosplay endeavours as a (failed) dating technique

No. 203065

Maybe he meant don’t share around they’re close friends/fb friends of his? That’s so grooming behavior. Trying to keep his friendship status on the down low so people can’t warm his victims

No. 203081

What curves kek. I'm not sure what's funnier, the hip padding being on his thighs, the muffin top, or the baggy crotch while everything else is one step away from tearing. Other people would be embarrassed to post something this bad. Why is he doing crafting on the floor anyways when he has space to set up a table?

No. 203082

i pity the shops he buy from. so many returns because this old man just dont know how to size himself. i would be so embarrassed about it, but he seemed to be proud of it? How is this flattering? what's the point of this post?

No. 203103

How could you lose your precious pin already?

>look at his selfie photo and see the mess on the floor.

This man needs to hire a maid. Fucking man makes $100 per hour and can’t clean up himself

No. 203117

Kek and earlier Terry was saying he was “smaller than size small”. 5’5” at his flabby (not muscle) 133lbs would not make Terry an xs.

No. 203135

File: 1648227264230.jpg (374.05 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20220325-125256_Fac…)

they complain it doesn't fit them because you know nothing about measurements or sizing!! Youre giving them false information because you don't want to admit youre not small

No. 203139

Ok now this is starting to piss me off. First you fuck with sellers now you fuck with your friends? Learn how to size properly.

No. 203140

Also, yes giving bad sizes is his fault, but do you got to measure yourself in order to buy his cosplay? Just say what site you got it from and what sizes. He making this way too complicated, unless he can’t remember where he bought them. (When you have 100+ cosplay that might be possible. ) like hell I am trying anything on at his house. Creep

No. 203143

especially since all of his Genshin shit is from DokiDoki and they don't do custom sizing. All of their stuff is S/M/L/XL with size charts posted for every costume.

No. 203145

>I mostly prioritize people where I can have them try on or see up close that it fits them
How you do type this out and not realize how creepy it makes you sound? Everyone else reselling their cosplays just posts the size or measurements on it and ships it off.

No. 203147

This isn't twitter. Terry's a man.

No. 203155

Seeing all the zoomers enabling him in the comments. I have officially lost faith in the society. How are people ok with this? If terry is actually competent I would be concerning of him videoing his friends undressing. But lucky for them Terry is inept.

No. 203157

ntayrt but it's pretty obvious they is referring to the multiple people buying the costumes then complaining the costumes don't fit because terry lies about sizing

No. 203161

I remember someone tried to buy one of his costumes and he would bitch and complain and try to negotiate everything into buying that specific costume. He would say, some parts are broken or the outfit rips easy. Terry, you are talking to cosplayers. I'm sure they can learn to fix whatever it is that needs to be fixed. You just have a hard time selling them off cause at the end of the day, you believe you're gonna end up wearing that cosplay again. Why sell it if you're gonna end up wearing it again?

No. 203163

*not buying

No. 203169

a 99% discount is tempting but who wants to give the creep your address? risky.

No. 203180

File: 1648249691924.jpeg (122.84 KB, 1284x546, EAA23899-2F03-42BB-A127-05D8E4…)

Sir you are NOT an inch or two bigger than this anon in the three sizes when you’re 40# heavier.

No. 203181

File: 1648249959991.jpeg (83.94 KB, 1284x258, C603520F-28FC-4FDE-AA4E-222FF1…)

I can’t with his “miraculous ability” to lose inches at will.

No. 203184

Did he get Lopo or did I miss something?

No. 203205

He is shaped like a fucking fridge. Even with that shape wear, there’s no way in hell he has those measurements.
Honestly this is so funny. If he seriously thinks those are his measurements, no wonder nothing he orders ever fits

No. 203257

Ummmm… men don’t have measurements like this unless they are a body builder with a big chest. Terry is absolutely not like that, I’d guess his measurements are more like 38-36-38, it’s obvious that his chest is not much bigger than his waist if it is at all.
Stop trying to act like you look like/pass as a girl. I don’t care if dudes cosplay as women and I’ll give him credit that he does makeup when a lot of men don’t when cosplaying women, but he is super weird about trying to act like he passes for a girl

No. 203276

>he is super weird about trying to act like he passes for a girl
He’s going to troon out I just know it. I’ve seen this happen so many times in the exact same way, it’s not even funny. It always starts out with some loser guy coming out as nb (ace optional), so they have an excuse to wear some more feminine stuff. Then within 2-3 years they come out as trans and start complaining about how lesbians don’t want to date transbians

No. 203289

File: 1648294577344.jpeg (381.41 KB, 1284x729, 68CC2905-1F1E-4E48-9033-E277BC…)

Unless you’re someone I am creeping on I won’t recognize you, sorry.

No. 203295

I don’t think anyone should complain that a 40 yo man can’t recognize all his 5000 fb friends and god know how many zoomers he followed on IG.

With that said, this status just come out really rude and creepy. Why can’t you be a normal person, Terry?

No. 203305

How could he have a 29 waist (in comment) with 37 hip? That's impossible based on his photos and nobody told him he’s measuring himself wrong?

No. 203325

Maybe he wouldn’t have this problem if he tried to make actual friends. Instead he drops people who are 25+ and pursues new zoomers constantly. Of course you aren’t going to recognize someone when they are acquaintance #6582

No. 203345

>I heard some complaints

he acts like he's a business who got complaints about poor customer service

No. 203400

File: 1648322359687.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2195, 096E3CBE-3E6D-4572-9D50-64DBA4…)

Nightmare inducing

No. 203409

Spoiler that shit anon. This is almost like his armin selfi. He made himself look like a vampire instead

No. 203440

File: 1648337026416.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2236, 0182298F-3840-436E-BAD7-CFB863…)

feelin the trans vibes now

No. 203457

The sad things people have legit asked me why I don't like him, I explain, and the response I get is about as dismissive as any groomer's brainwashed apprentice "oh you just don't understand him." or "oh I've never seen proof of any of that." Like… it's literally all there, you just need to learn to read past the subtext.

No. 203458

not to mention by reposting his own story he's LITERALLY glamorizing it to his "fan" base.

No. 203459

The "Terry Squad"… is that the new Risenbool Rangers?

No. 203460

File: 1648345678063.jpeg (713.24 KB, 1284x2223, D4BF6359-1D9B-4D81-A146-6348DE…)

They’re mostly zoomers as previously pointed out

No. 203461

File: 1648345845613.png (566.22 KB, 500x553, died_of_dissin_terry.png)

I'm surprised he didn't go out of his way to run this through his filters.

No. 203484

File: 1648349960406.jpeg (579.11 KB, 1080x1920, CEB5D268-78F6-4587-BBBB-3EA515…)

There’s no need when the character has a dark complexion. Xinyan is not black just chinese

No. 203505

File: 1648359740706.jpeg (379.26 KB, 949x1786, 11F1C84E-7411-4734-9998-BAF842…)

I’d say show them this but the retards still wouldn’t believe it.

No. 203533

Is he sending dating memes to zoomer girls, very asexual of him

No. 203538

File: 1648384809199.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 116B70D7-B01C-45CA-90D6-D11B1F…)

>”SCREW gender norms on dressing”

But I thought you said you aren’t a man? So mens gender norms shouldn’t apply to you.
Anyway, troon phase might be coming sooner than we thought.

No. 203539

File: 1648385619650.jpeg (797.75 KB, 1284x2041, ED1DA086-D632-4A9E-85E8-B863CA…)

Still stuck on zoomers that ignore him

No. 203542

>screw gender norms!
>is scared to wear glasses in public.

Ok, Terry.

No. 203543

People should start calling him out. This is unhealthy maybe encourage him to see the therapy that comes with his six figure job?

It would be funny if the random girl doesn’t even know he’s been thinking about her nonstop for more than a month now

No. 203557

Why do genderspecial middle aged men always want to dress like teen girls? A 40 year old woman would not be wearing stuff like this.

No. 203577

Ewwwwwww, Terry no one wants to see your muffin top with ripped short shorts. We all knew this was coming.

No. 203594

Lmao called it! He’s going to be a transbian within the next few years

No. 203601

He’s getting troon levels of confidence and delusion. Trannies all think they are hot when they actually look like mess. Terry’s a brick, but has been bragging lately about being an xs and having a 28” waist. Now he thinks he looks good enough to pull off clothes a teenager would wear. Tranbian incoming, called it.

Because many of them are pedophilic AGPs that dress based on what gets them off. Trannies don’t want to look like the average woman; they want to look like porn categories or stereotypes (teen, bimbo, alt girl, etc.). You see it all the time in the MtF thread. Terry is becoming the zoomer teen that he always wanted to date. He looks at himself, sees a zoomer, and gets a “euphoria” boner.
He started his AGP fetish with crossplaying (like cosplaying Junko and dancing around with ahegao on tik tok), and now it’s moved on to full-time trans.

No. 203653

File: 1648416610830.jpeg (815.72 KB, 1284x1080, D62D1AFA-5B9A-4C5F-A47A-25C72B…)

Like… Does he think he is some kind of celebrity that someone would drive out to find him?

No. 203655

Why does he go to malls so much? It’s so strange to see him living his teenage dream right now.

At least he didn’t work OT this weekend. Really suck of those $100 per hour bragging statutes

No. 203657

File: 1648418240117.jpg (737.9 KB, 1078x1858, Screenshot_20220327-175616_Ins…)

I can't guarantee those female boots aren't going to fit his manish feet. he can't even fit into the cosplay heels he gets for female cosplays

No. 203662

I feel like he even knows this is blatant crossdressing since he used the slightly unusual term dressing in his caption. Also screw gender norms yeah sure but there's a reason most men don't wear booty shorts and crop tops, it's because men often have horrible bellies and legs. Women tend to have pretty bellies and legs hence showing them in this attire.

No. 203693

File: 1648429470633.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1546, D0853954-90B5-4E94-82A2-7761DE…)

Why do the shoes seem too small for him?

No. 203696

File: 1648429715889.jpg (34.02 KB, 727x224, Screenshot_20220327-210737_Fac…)

waiting for Terry to make a nasty post about this person in his comments from that post lol

No. 203697

Kek. Queue the “Ackshually I’m they/them and screw gender norms, tRaNsPhObE!1!!” blast posts

No. 203702

File: 1648430736072.jpeg (25.99 KB, 1284x218, 3A8A2431-8BA3-475F-9DED-597A3B…)

Person touched a nerve lol

No. 203704

>who gives a fuck?
Obviously you, Terry. This is the same loser that has said he doesn’t wear glasses because he “gets mocked by his coworkers and family”
He has strange priorities…thinks glasses are more embarrassing than wearing booty shorts in public, and that misgendering is worse than scamming.

No. 203710

he is so cringe. Only broke hos and teens shop at forever 21. All that plastic garbage. he makes so much money but never invests in anything quality.

No. 203711

why is this man making six figures a year getting excited about trash fashion? At least we know this broke ass incel is never going to pay for transition

No. 203712

no its ok he’s like 5’3 he’s got some little ass feet

No. 203715

File: 1648435732206.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1284x1878, 699BA807-D768-428D-92E7-C10820…)

I’ve gotten into the habit of looking at who he shares and interacts with. He sold one of his KDA cosplays to a 21 year old. There is no way this fit him bc it fits this girl well. He’s so delusional.

No. 203721

Is he straight up carrying around a sword that isn’t even used by the character?

No. 203724

Why tf is a 40 year old shipping at f21? Even if it wasn’t low quality trash, it’s all designed and sized for teenagers. At least go to Hot Topic for your anime shirts Terry

No. 203727

File: 1648443550933.jpeg (371.2 KB, 828x1409, D83DBDC6-69F7-4CFD-A98D-D7F0FE…)

When ur black but lighter than the girl with brown skin in the picture. This is so insulting. Istg this is one of the worst photos of his. Really wishes he was Asian huh…

No. 203730

>> 203721
Xinyan can use the weapon Terry has so it’s accurate enough I guess. Wolf’s Gravestone would have looked better with the characters he cosplays. He still calls it a “big sword” instead of claymore and calls the catalysts “spell books” so either way Terry still doesn’t know shit

No. 203751

File: 1648468643177.jpeg (739.72 KB, 1198x2204, ABBADD25-A363-483A-B294-619FAC…)

He could spend all of this money on one cos and make it super nice, but nah he needs to wear 6+ at a con.

No. 203752

Yeah, we don't claim him as part of the Genshin community. He can cosplay the characters all he wants, but he still doesn't shit about the game.

No. 203753

*know shit

No. 203754

Anon what do you mean? $180 for a cosplay is pretty nice? Terry’s range is usually two digit is so I’m struggling to understand this post. Looks like he’s finally spending his money.

No. 203761

what's worse is the reason he went to that mall in VA was because he was already going down there to meet up with this girl to hand deliver the cosplay. so basically he went to VA to meet up with a 21 year old girl who he calls a "friend"

No. 203802


Oh god that’s the reason he went to a whole diff state? That’s creepy asf. He could easily ship it to her, but why miss out on a chance to prey on zoomers who thinks he’s God’s gift to earth.

No. 203804

File: 1648485363380.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1284x2188, D14BF230-E762-4B4A-9A8D-16B00C…)

He’ll buy Dokidoki’s set, complain it needs work, wear it for social media/one con and break it, then sell it or give it away. While other cosplayers will fix what needs work generally before breaking the cos.

On another note… more females he’ll probably cos when he’s retired.

No. 203805

He probably hoped she would ask him to sign it. Kind of surprised he didn’t post a selfie with her if they did meet up.(learn2sage)

No. 203810

File: 1648485844417.jpeg (604.32 KB, 1284x2077, 73828149-8503-437B-90D8-FF3555…)

He probably didn’t get a selfie because of her family. He also probably feels left out cause he didn’t cosplay with the group in the mall when he was in the area.

No. 203815

I thought he just soloing a mall like he usually does until I saw his comment about hanging out at a mall with a friend. why can’t he just ship cosplay in the mail like a normal person?

No. 203817

Exactly. No mall is worth driving out of state for. He’s such a tryhard.

No. 203853

Looks like it was a 1 hr drive so not the worst trip, but definitely too much effort just to sell something to someone. He probably paid more in gas than he would've in shipping. I guess creeping on zoomers irl is priceless for him though.

No. 203864

Damn. One hour drive just to buy cheap clothes at Forever 21. He’s clearly did it to meet with the girl too.

also, don’t forget Terry get paid $100 per hour to work on the weekends. He’s basically giving up hundreds of dollars just to hang out with a zoomer. Pathetic.

No. 203880

Gross. He probably was hoping to creep on the group/brag about his make-believe fame

No. 203895

File: 1648510348571.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1284x2184, BF22DEF3-8E9F-4D77-9D96-48C1EE…)

Sir your eyes make up looks crustier than any make up counter lady’s.

Not to mention the creasing under your eye makes you look older than you are.

No. 203903

Why does he has to feminine his eye make-up for his male cosplays? Plz stop! This is gross!

No. 203923

also, those characters aren't even RELEASED yet.


No. 203962

he's literally out to make every character look like a drag queen with his heavy makeup… I know it's not close to the level drag queens do, but it's also overkill for the characters he cosplays

No. 203963

I will never understand why he does that god awful pink and white eyeshadow combo for EVERY character he cosplays. It looks like someone ripped a fresh fart into his eye sockets and he contracted some serious case of pink eye/eye irritation. Not to mention it makes his eyes look down turned and or like someone slid a create a character slider too far to the left lmao. Idk why but it irks me beyond belief lol.

No. 203965

Two theories I have. 1 he wants to be a girl. 2 he wants to be approachable to the zoomer girls he stalks 3 he does multiple cosplays a day and it’s just easier to stick to the same makeup look

No. 203987

last theory can't be right since he's shown off his makeup "under the wig" for every cosplay he does during a con as if to point out how it's all different. but even if this was the case, the makeup shouldn't be that heavy for every character. he could easily do a neutral look without that much eyeshadow that would match a majority of the characters he cosplays

No. 203998

I think he’s trying to give what he thinks are “anime eyes”. There’s a lot of of old tutorials online that say wearing huge false lashes and using white eyeshadow makes your eyes “look bigger like an anime character”. I think that’s his intentions and it’s why he does it for male cosplays too. It just looks ugly though.

No. 204005

File: 1648571893490.jpg (773.06 KB, 1077x1915, Screenshot_20220329-123631_Ins…)

any zoomer girl that's clicks yes he'll probably dm asking for a mall date

No. 204008

terry’s fat ass should not be wearing ripped short shorts…gross
he’s def looking for zoomers to ask to go to the mall with him. just like that one facebook post >>201242 where he asks this girl to go shopping with him after she was just consoling him
he’s a creep

No. 204047

I know hes using these as bait to attract more zoomers but these instagram polls are the most autistic thing ever.

Wouldn't be surprised if Terry posts "Do you like food?" next

No. 204051

File: 1648591304962.jpg (Spoiler Image,459.53 KB, 1500x1998, ec40ea5b79044cd8635a4ddd041db1…)


He's using Japanese makeup tutorials meant for actual ASIANS and asian facial features. I don't know if it is his autism and complete stupidity with shit like this, or if he is trying to be more asian-desu.

No. 204052

File: 1648591413764.jpeg (442.24 KB, 1284x2159, 5EF430CE-F181-4785-AA79-141593…)

He posted this before so… he will probably reveal the results soon or attempt to take his next zoomer to whatever they answered.

No. 204055

File: 1648591984730.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.86 KB, 319x480, 1b3335498ec5766a03d165f08bfcc8…)

it's like he read every tutorial and combined them into one horrendous mess of a face. There is a lot of gal style stuff that he obviously is borrowing from, but he still cannot get it right.

No. 204064

Would someone please tell him an old man hitting up the mall multiple times a week is really creepy? Bet he just wanders the mall and hope to run into a zoomer he knows.

No. 204066

File: 1648596375702.png (529.12 KB, 679x403, 4.PNG)

Oh haha what a coincidence we totally randomly ran into eachother at the mall

No. 204076

Wtffff that’s literally the same girl from >>201242
If I were her, I would be terrified. There’s no fucking way this is just some random coincidence like he’s saying. He has a history of obsessing over young women and doing stalker shit like this

No. 204084

File: 1648601288115.jpeg (1015.8 KB, 1284x1888, 9ACB66DB-41DD-4A38-AF9B-4F092D…)

He’s too excited to run into a zoomer

No. 204088

Not Terry admitting he was staring at a young teen-age girl.

She was probably staring at him like, 'surely, that's not that creepy fuck. Please don't be him, ah, fuck he's looking at me. Guess I'll be polite, otherwise he'll vagepost about me for the next 6 months.'

No. 204089

File: 1648602618347.jpeg (425.72 KB, 1284x2282, A3E61382-85E4-4B8E-86EA-AC57B1…)


He posted this one on his IG story and TAGGED the location. As if this girl wasn’t in enough danger being about Terry. Now her whereabouts are publicly available.

No. 204091

she's 19 wtf…. like dude there is no way that was a coincidence running into a kid at a mall like that.

No. 204092

For someone who posts about being terrified of covid/says they get sick easily, that’s one shitty fitting mask

No. 204093

she was probably confused because he looks nothing like his photos online and that's why it took so long for her to realize it was him

No. 204094

kek funny that the other groups have actual food listed, but the asian one doesn't. almost sounds like cannibalism.

what the hell is wrong with his fingers? they're weirdly short and are wrinkled like he's been soaking in the palm olive for too long.

yep, she probably wasn't expecting an old fat man in his 40s wearing teenager clothes. he shoops his skin and smooths his skin.
i really don't see how he hasn't been called out yet, black "nb ace" or not. there's too many screenshots lately of him stalking girls.

No. 204103

Creepy as fuck..

She probably posted she was going to the mall on a friends only platform so once Terry read that he decided to "randomly" run into her.

No. 204105


name another 40 yo man who makes six figures and hangs out at your local Hot Topic on a work day. This man is doing a horrible job of hiding the fact that he's a stalker.

No. 204111

File: 1648610268203.jpeg (319.67 KB, 1284x1352, 7CFFE264-6CDC-4598-A4EB-FC6AF5…)

I checked her page since he tagged her and… Terry is totally NB/Ace

No. 204114

Not to defend him but i don’t think this post is referring to anything sexual so it isn’t really relevant to his alleged being NB/ace

No. 204115

Jesus christ, i’m going to go ahead and say this is the creepiest thing he’s actually done thus far (that we know of). It’s uncommon to run into someone you know in public randomly, yet he runs into the same girl that he said he wants to hang out with just a few days ago, in the same place that he suggested to her (not a makeup store, but still shopping)? How could anyone believe that’s a coincidence? I pray that girl is not too blind to realize what’s going on. I think a lot of times we just kind of think that Terry is a harmless weirdo who’s too awkward to actually do anything bad, but for some reason it feels like he’s getting more and more bold which means it’s about to get to That Point

No. 204158

File: 1648642373621.jpg (212.1 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20220330-080921_Fac…)

he shared a post that got taken down so all I can see is the comments, but they make me think he posted something about sex toys? wtf?

idk if anyone was able to catch what the post was before it got taken down?

No. 204168

Maybe there was a Spencer’s in that mall and he posted about that? The comments above are gross

No. 204171

File: 1648647158082.jpeg (369.57 KB, 1200x630, 63AF1061-04BB-4862-B3F1-3EB9C7…)

Didn’t ss it before it was deleted, but it was something like picrel, a mom getting upset target sells vibrators

No. 204176

Not the worst thing about all this, which is definitely his coincidental!!!! meeting of this zoomer, but god I hate that hand gesture especially the way he does it.

No. 204186

his hand looks like ETs hand. all that palm olive ruining his skin, I don't think he'll ever be able to recover it at this point after 20+ years of bathing with it

No. 204196

File: 1648653977312.jpg (422.88 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20220330-112554_Ins…)

Terry stop looking at 19 year olds. stop interacting with them.

No. 204205

I agree with the comments. Kids who are too young to know what masturbation is also wouldn't have a fucking clue if you told them that vibe in the picture was a "massager" for your back or something. For any older child who would get that it is something sexual, well, the outrage is from parents who don't want to have uncomfortable conversations yet want accolades for raising their kids on so-called values by sheltering them and avoiding the topic. Which we all know doesn't help people become well-adjusted adults in the long run.

Not that Terry's opinion on what's appropriate for parenting matters nor does he actually care. He only notices sexual subject matters on a superficial level so he can spout liberal sexual values that would enable his access to the young and naive for grooming.

No. 204369

File: 1648694485051.jpeg (847.26 KB, 1284x1239, D390B35E-906D-4736-A8DB-0DD9A6…)

Prop quality and detail reminds me of a last minute school project…

No. 204372

that's so sad looking. how can a 40 yo man making six figures working an engineering job be so bad at making a simple prop? I have seen way better props from teeangers

No. 204384

Leave Squall alone you ugly fuck

No. 204437

Is this cardboard? This is something a newbie would make the night before a con. Terry has all the money to buy good materials for props, yet doesn’t. He could even afford a commission, but he’s the customer from hell so maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t…he would be so nitpicky and demand a refund.

No. 204438

File: 1648733553646.jpg (227.61 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20220331-093003_Fac…)

"not to brag" and then starts bragging. wow good for you for being able to afford a house when all your zoomer girls can't! it's almost like you're 40 and were able to work up to a well paying job to be able to afford it.

No. 204439

shut up, terry. this is real insensitive to say when people can’t find a house right now, let alone an apartment. the majority of his “friends” are zoomers too. he could have at least thrown out a “sorry for those that are struggling”.
this guy has nothing to brag for except how much money he makes and what a huge house he has, which he doesn’t even need seeing as he’s a single person. why does he need so many bedrooms and bathrooms? does he think he’ll start a harem and needs the extra rooms “just in case”? what is even in them? no one comes over to visit except for the occasional zoomer.

No. 204440

bragging about renting until he was 35 while also bragging about how much he earns isn’t the flex he thinks it is, it suggests he prioritised buying badly fitting cosplays over buying a house.

No. 204443

Did he lose an argument or something? This post come out of nowhere. Some of us are struggling. Stop being so insensitive while sitting in your four levels home. How does he even find time to clean that giant house?

No. 204445

He's so pathetic and autistic. He's figured out that the 20 year olds he tries to hang out with are broke so now he thinks the cool thing about him is that he's not broke. You're 40 dude

No. 204449

I really want to hope that some of these kids will call him out on this post, but I doubt it. Not worth him putting them on blast and sending his little ‘Terriers’ after them.

No. 204464

Wait, finished? If not for the text I would assume this is a wip and the second half of the prop will be glued on top. Does anybody have a reference of this weapon, no way this is even remotely accurate

No. 204465

What does this greedy autist need a larger house for? No way he is ever having any guests over.

No. 204469

>wishes he had a larger house
>current house just under 2,000 sq feet

How much space does a single man need??? fucking christ terry

No. 204475

File: 1648743671115.jpg (566.88 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20220331-121948_Ins…)

the fact that he didn't get enough ass pats on Facebook about it so he had to go and post the exact same thing on Instagram lmao what a fucking narcissist

No. 204478

Maybe Terry is realizing he needs a sugar baby and is fishing in his own autistic way. "Look at me I can provide for you!!!"

No. 204483

He definitely had “friends” over for a few times to hang out. One cosplay couple slept over during a renaissance fair weekend

No. 204498

Who asked him though? Literally no one cares that he settled on a house before shit hit the fan.
What was he gonna do with his upgraded mcmansion with granite countertops anyway? Load it with pallets of Palmolive, tendies, and crunchy cosplays??
It would've been wasted on you Terry, don't worry.

No. 204499

File: 1648750202514.jpeg (186.45 KB, 1284x431, 44E6D1E5-72F7-4AEB-81B7-4809CF…)

Your hands are so crusty looking how can they be moisturized

No. 204501

Samefag but is the background pic supposed to be his "house?"
Cause nah, that's a townhome. He shares walls with other people.
Bet he pays an HOA to tend his own yard too, he probably has to follow rules similar to an apartment complex. Is that what his money bought him? No wonder he's insecure about it and needs to brag for what little it is.

No. 204512

He lives in the DMV, even a townhouse there is going to be way pricier than the average American single family house. He's also one person occupying a space that would normally house a couple who works from home or a small family. It makes no fucking sense and is completely tasteless to bring up constantly, especially when people have been struggling with housing in the last 2 years.

No. 204513

I don’t think he ever tried to hide that from anyone? Sorry for the disappointment, anon. You must be new in this thread. He posted so many photos of his house we particular know his street number

A four stories townhouse is still more than most people can afford.

No. 204520

4 story townhouse this size around the dmv area could easily be 600k+ even if its older. it's all about the location. so it's still a big flex on his younger followers to own this.

No. 204524

Has anyone searched the address on zillow to get the price and tax history?
I find it hard to believe that a multi-story townhome that appears to have no garage would have gone for much further north of $300k in 2019 even for that area but I'm open to hear to the contrary. I would believe now that it has built high equity considering low inventory and the insane market. In the past year alone housing sale prices have doubled. I live in a similar area where they are churning out those $400k+ multi-story luxury townhomes with street parking and bare minimum amenities and people are on waitlists for them or are offering well over asking.
All I'm saying is, for the privileged influencer crowd he wants to impress, he's right that it is an unimpressive and basic place even if the market says it's worth what it is.
A broom closet studio apartment in NYC can still go for hundreds of thousands, it doesn't make it worth it.

No. 204536

Pretty sure it has a garage. Terry talks about it all the time.

No. 204537

Just checked Zillow. Houses in that neighbors goes for 300-400k in 2019

No. 204539

File: 1648759243505.jpeg (960.88 KB, 1170x1395, 19C7FEDE-42BD-48BB-9F23-320343…)

This is the last sale history for his house. Blocked out the address but it is 100% his.

No. 204540

Yeah I know individuals and couples who've bought homes in that price range and none of em are rich and are definitely working class. It actually makes more sense to buy homes in that price range because the local rents are higher than a mortgage believe it or not.
I can see why Terry is bootyblasted about not grabbing a fancier place to attract cloutchasers and the easily impressed instead of being grateful for owning a home of any kind. It's still pretty fucked.

No. 204541

File: 1648759300050.png (7.34 MB, 1170x2532, DF970228-894F-4955-B640-CB5FDC…)

If you need to ask if you’re the best friend then you’re not the best friend

No. 204549

This preteen tier insecure post accompanied by that crossdressing face, it's all very self explanatory.
Maybe if he didn't only try and be "best friends" with female 19 year olds it might go better for him. Multiple people have posted in this thread to say either their male partner or themselves as a male can't see various posts which the female zoomers can see. He literally excludes males and age-appropriate people from his posts and wonders why he doesn't have any real friends.
Why would any 19 year old specifically choose a strange man 20 years her senior to be her "best friend" when there are endless people her own age to befriend?

No. 204560

File: 1648763569635.jpeg (232.49 KB, 750x963, 57835D26-FED2-4FD5-9F1D-3F746B…)

Sold for about $350k and the garage is on the other side

No. 204565

cheap as fuck prefab.

No. 204581

File: 1648771099733.jpeg (240.41 KB, 1308x1308, 745E0AB5-0EDF-4FF0-BF82-30FA12…)

Maybe stop bathing in Palmolive? His hands are a dead giveaway he’s older than he leads people to believe.

No. 204593

Isn’t this a completely normal thing to do to lotion one’s hands after washing them…? Terry’s so fucking stupid istg

No. 204595

He’s so punchable

No. 204599

Interesting that a day or two ago on here people were joking about how messed up his hands looked in that photo with the 19 year old he stalked at the mall and now he’s making a big deal out of using lotion specifically because his hands look old

No. 204673

File: 1648821547106.jpeg (795.33 KB, 2048x2048, C1438BDA-1944-412E-8893-A9FA15…)

Is he STILL going on about that one girl that ghosted him a month ago?

No. 204675

File: 1648822086811.png (6.24 MB, 1284x2778, 380DB5C1-A996-41EA-A59D-53EADC…)

Filtered and sucking in vs and unfiltered and slouching

No. 204680

it's more like a month and a half. Dude is unhinged. Has anyone suggested therapy to him? he's obsessed with this person!

No. 204683

So he's complaining about being canceled by the kind of person who is constantly canceling people, he should've seen that one coming. Also gee, get over it, these people are barely friends in the first place.

No. 204686

"This person is toxic and talks bad about me"
Proceeds to essentially whine about how they don't want to be bff's with his gross pedo ass.

They probably WARN others about him, which is exactly what they should do.

No. 204691

File: 1648831813912.jpeg (653.11 KB, 1284x2242, C152F9E2-B2E1-4251-B75F-E66B98…)

Probably going to “run into” another zoomer

No. 204693

>I feel a lot better now

well you look a lot worse

No. 204699

File: 1648833068139.jpg (550.5 KB, 1078x1360, Screenshot_20220401-131039_Fac…)

how can I delete this from my memory? like what even is that second pose? trying to show off your non-existent butt?

No. 204704


No. 204707

File: 1648835589070.jpeg (495.56 KB, 820x1015, 15996A26-0E38-45FF-B622-CC506E…)

More example of his master craft prop making! No wonder Amazon tier prop impressed him. Also he is a supposed judge for craftsmanship.

No. 204715

File: 1648836087533.jpg (73.27 KB, 363x458, MYXJ_20220401135431200_save.jp…)

Tried to fix his giant head. Jfc. He's like a cone head

No. 204717

File: 1648836381137.jpg (512.21 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220401_140557.jpg)

Perfect. Fixed it now

No. 204738

This is so disgusting. If any other man approaching 40 in the cosplay community obsessed this much over a girl half his age (a girl who has also made it VERY clear she wants no contact with him), he would’ve been chased out of the community by now. But no, Terry gets a free pass because he claims he’s ace

No. 204741

Those shorts…
Someone needs to tell him he isn't 12 year old Gon from HxH and is a 40 year old virgin fueled by chicken tendy grease.

No. 204761

so terry drove almost 2 hours to hangout at a mall during a work day while dressing up as a teenager. He has turned into the weirdo your parents warned you about

No. 204779

I’m old, so please educate me. Is that what zoomers called a crop top now? Back in the days crop top shows the stomach

No. 204780

File: 1648857349870.jpeg (589.34 KB, 1284x1993, 24AC28A2-3D5E-477C-9517-5FF3F0…)

I wonder how he walks in heels because it seems like he gets shoes that are too small.

No. 204784

anon you got it! hanging out with a zoomer in round1.

No. 204785

File: 1648858547120.jpeg (1013.34 KB, 1284x1659, 475A6F3A-382A-4057-82E0-8238EB…)

Oh look~ such a surprise.

No. 204786

she does not look happy to be with him

No. 204787

Those are hostage eyes, this is twice in one week Terry has taken a trip out specifically to "run into" a young girl…

No. 204788

File: 1648859064292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,348.85 KB, 1284x707, 03538595-56A0-4F2B-B66E-98041B…)


23 years old. I wonder if she knows Terry is literally gonna be 40 this year.

No. 204789

She has a boyfriend too, not that Terry stood a chance regardless.
Is he watching all these girl's stories and then going to whatever location they say they are at because that is legit stalking?
There is no way this happening twice in a week is a coincidence,

No. 204790

seriously people. he and v interacts a lot on IG. I'm sure they planned the trip (which is still weird since he lives 2 hours away). I don't think terry is that good of a stalker.

No. 204796

this man just tagged the cosplayer on fb. her account is very restrictive. why you out her like this? to brag??

No. 204797

File: 1648863332769.jpeg (70.54 KB, 1136x243, D5B498CB-A11B-4C55-968C-B1482C…)

Thank you for painting an image I could have lived without on Terry’s body

No. 204800

File: 1648865067827.gif (979.66 KB, 245x250, 54274B18-DD84-434C-B949-AB88C0…)

I take a good 13 hour break from this thread and I’m shocked to see how much shot has happened in that span of time:
Imagine the cashiers face. She probably thought he was buying it for his niece or daughter
Stripper heal era when
Not surprised

No. 204802

File: 1648865757294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.03 KB, 828x1117, 2BC80699-C392-4717-9418-545588…)

Her bf is uggo tho I bet terry thinks he has a chance

No. 204813

No that’s not really a crop top, it’s just a short t-shirt tbh. It’s not completely full length but it’s not short enough to show midriff so I don’t think most people would consider that a crop top but of course Terry doesn’t know that because he doesn’t have any understanding of how to dress himself

No. 204814

He’s not even ugly tho he’s just a regular looking dude lmao why come for this random guy unprovoked??? i’m getting jealous vibes here

No. 204815

leave the dude alone. are you part of terry squad? I wonder how he feels with his gf just hanging out with this middle age man in round1

No. 204822

File: 1648872530336.jpg (416.42 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20220402-000724_Ins…)

dude. your zoomer friends can't afford that stop trying to get kids to move close to you

No. 204826

Omg just imagine how annoying it’d be like to have him as a neighbor and him finding out you like going to cons and cosplay. He’d be knocking on your door everyday.

No. 204827

He’d want to put in an adjoining door between the houses

No. 204828

Imagine paying almost half mil to live in a cheap townhome next to a guy who bathes in dish soap.
Who wouldn't be lining up for opportunity?

No. 204829

File: 1648875752874.png (7.43 MB, 1284x2778, 9B15F02F-EB06-4D2D-988F-65C446…)

He got another one!

No. 204830

I thought this was my sleep paralysis demon for a hot second. Wtf is that pose, it just screams autism

No. 204832

I thought he’s just a little lazy not cleaning up after working on craft before takikg a selfie, but he never cleaned his floor between the two selfies!

This man has 4 floors. Why can’t he put his mirror in another room?

No. 204835

Looks like he cut it himself, but that forever21 bag is there so I guess he actually bought it
If he lurks here, maybe he’ll cut up all his animu shirts to make boxy “crop” tops
His selfie photos are terrifying

No. 204839

Is the strange pose done so he can show his stomach? I can’t understand why he’s posing in such awkward way

Thanks for uploading this anon. now I’m going to have nightmare

No. 204847

autistics have unusual body language.

No. 204852

kek anon. more like terrierists.

No. 204900

the way his hand looks when he holds his phone makes me so nauseous. like why are his fingers curled in like that?? I tried holding my phone like that and can't keep a grip. the pose itself is uncomfortable too. like is he going to walk around like that all the time just to make the shirt a crop top?

No. 204902

>ANYONE can buy

I honestly think he's delusional enough to think one of the dozens of decades-younger zoomers he has a crush on is going to scrounge up 479,000 from their couch change and move in next to him. A man can dream, eh

No. 204915

he's definitely holding the back of his collar to hold the shirt up lmfao

No. 204918

Alright this is just bizarre this is a ridiculous photo even for him

No. 204941

File: 1648930180677.jpeg (244.42 KB, 1284x1667, 6FF963F0-A901-4754-94A9-A60280…)

Stuck on that girl~

No. 204965

Such a dainty teenaged girl

No. 204972

he got to be autistic right? most people would think this look too ridiculous to post on social media

No. 204990

he does realize they make shorts for men, right? like women and male clothing are different for inseam allowance.. He looks like a straight sissy. wtf happened to men in 2022

No. 204991

He's suchca weirdo. Why is he always doxing himself. Nearly half a million for a town home? not a ton of people can afford that, even with full time, good paying jobs. Especially right now. he's honestly such a piece of shit and out of touch with reality.

No. 204999

It’s crazy how much some people are willing to pay for a place just because of where it’s located. Almost half a million to share both walls with your neighbors and have them all up in your business. Also checked the layout of Terry’s place on Zillow and the builders made some weird choices. Assuming all the townhomes have very similar plans, I wouldn’t want to pay that much for a shit layout

No. 205061

File: 1648995134265.jpeg (727.12 KB, 2048x2048, 018DBA5F-B722-4D2A-A02A-D1B7F7…)

These both look like garbage. How does this man get asked to judge cosplay contests

No. 205062

Seriously? There are a million tutorials for making boot covers and this is how he chooses to make them? Ffs the bottom isn’t even attached to anything.

And what the hell is the thing on the right even supposed to be? It just looks like he dropped random supplies on the floor and took a picture

No. 205072

I never understood how he get invited to guest at cons never less judge them. He boast about his screen accurate wigs, props and costume and this is what he showcase. Like that shit sword

No. 205083

Extreme AGP vibes. can’t believe transbian arc is coming at the speed of light

No. 205100

File: 1649012163995.jpg (407.7 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20220403-145454_Ins…)

I'm not here to judge what people do in their spare time but, wandering around the gaylord on a Sunday when it's at least an hour from where you live? why?

No. 205101

File: 1649012517551.jpg (1.06 MB, 1078x1876, Screenshot_20220403-150118_Ins…)

nevermind. he just posted this. all I had seen before was videos of him wandering around the gaylord, and I wouldn't put it past him to just do that on a day off

No. 205121

I wonder what zoomer he is harassing this time.

No. 205126

File: 1649019429729.jpg (313.49 KB, 1080x1877, 20220403_145534.jpg)

Another round of twenty questions with Terry. Featuring a close up of those horrid shorts.

No. 205129

This dude has like 5 rooms in his house but he keeps taking selfies in his trashy bedroom. What’s the deal with him? Some of the trash has been on the floor for days.

No. 205131

He still has the tag attached to that shirt…is he actually keeping it or is he gonna try returning it after he sweats in it because it was "defective"?

No. 205138

lol anon I didn’t even notice it! He probably will return it as brand new and said he bought it for his gf but she doesn’t like it. Fucking terry at least hide the tag in your selfie

No. 205139

Imagine constantly bragging about how much your earn, but also being such a cheapskate you buy anime shirts just to take cringe photos in, before returning them, he acts like a poorfag which may be why he has failed to be a sugar daddy despite the bragging. Hanging out in the mall, returning 70% of the things he buys because it's "defective," eating the kind of food a 17 year old would buy while drunk, very rich guy behavior.

No. 205146

Serious question..where does terry spend his money? His house? Can’t be medical bills or dates. He makes six figures but lives like a slob. He buys the cheapest clothing, wear them once, and then return them.

No. 205153

he's probably one of those cheapskates that unreasonably hoards money. it's good to save, but this is stingy levels. he could afford to spend plenty of it and still live comfortably, and yet does cheap shit like buying things to take selfies in and returning them used and busted.

No. 205189

The house, cons and cosplaying. His cosplays may be poor quality but the quantity adds up, especially considering how expensive shipping is these days. He’s been getting all the bathrooms in his house renovated too, so that and then buying hotels, badges and plane tickets for cons is expensive

No. 205194

Don't forget he's said he's going to a con almost every month this year. Why get bathrooms that are never used renovated though? He's bleeding money.

No. 205246

it was his guest bathroom he got renovated to, and basically turned it into a "party bathroom" with the rgb lights and a speaker but for what reason? he doesn't do parties and doesn't ever have guests over

No. 205252

File: 1649075968881.jpg (770.03 KB, 1078x1865, Screenshot_20220404-083801_Ins…)

1. stop using that picture for everything. 2. the only people who really make posts like that are zoomers who think it's their personality to be lonely. so you're again admitting that you creep on zoomers especially those who are feeling vulnerable and alone

No. 205254

Wtf is this outfit

No. 205262

I don’t know why his zoomer friends on fb are encouraging him. Do they think he’s a 20-something nb ace he claims to be?

No. 205264

if they truly think hes a 20 something enby ace, then theyre stupid. otherwise they probably see him as a harmless autistic who needs to be babied because "oh he doesn't know any better" as if people with autism have a free pass to be creeps

No. 205269

It's because they're young girls and don't know any better to instantly distrust a creep like Terry. He knows this which is why he's constantly trying to befriend them

No. 205272

Don't be a weird groomer for five minutes challenge, posting that caption with his anime teenager dressup photos makes it even worse.

No. 205273

>It's because they're young girls and don't know any better to instantly distrust a creep like Terry

He's takes advantage of female socialization in a big way, young girls are the most likely to tolerate creeps due to this, even if they clock the guy is a weirdo.

No. 205275

Because terry has some sort of bathroom/scat fetish

No. 205297

How can one man use 4 bathrooms. His room is filthy based on what we can see in his selfies. I can’t even imagine what his four bathroom looks like. Imaging having so much money and living in filth. Ewwww

No. 205299

how can he have 4 bathrooms in a 2000sqft property?

No. 205302

Usually there’s at least one bathroom on each floor in a townhouse.

No. 205311

His place has 3 bathrooms according to Zillow. Still a whole lot of bathroom for one person though

No. 205314

One on each floor. He added a new bathroom in his basement a few months ago. Zillow won’t have info on the new bathroom for sure.

No. 205327

Who the hell needs a bathroom in their basement?

No. 205329

I can tell you’ve never lived in a house because any finished basement has a bathroom… like it’s literally the norm

No. 205354

I’ve never lived in anything other than a house and I have never seen a normal basement with bathroom. The closest I’ve seen is the lower level of some split level homes having a half bath, if you want to refer to that as a basement

No. 205356

That’s definitely not normal in northeast… maybe if you are rich

No. 205358

A creep like Terry. I still can’t understand his endgame with the basement bathroom. You going to invite zoomer girls over and show them the room? Then what? Dude spent thousands on a bathroom nobody will ever use

No. 205409

it's not normal in the midwest either. anon is larping.

No. 205422

I've lived in the midwest my entire life, and literally every home with a finished basement has a bathroom, hell, even older ones without finished basements usually have a random shower or toilet.

No. 205431

File: 1649156833562.jpeg (378 KB, 1284x1650, 443581BA-7C0B-4307-92A3-0017CA…)

Idk but this gave me the creeps.

What the hell do you mean by healthier chicken Terry?

No. 205434

Why is he being so coy about it? What can he possibly mean. Man he’s creepy.

No. 205437

but I thought he was losing so much weight on his current diet, so why change it up! plus the doctors told him 20 years ago he's healthy so there's really no need to eat healthier right?? what an idiot we all know the next time he goes grocery shopping it'll be the same cart of a child: cupcakes, cereal, spaghetti

No. 205438

File: 1649161795366.jpg (289.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220405-082604_Ins…)

none of them do. plus what happened to being too insecure about wearing glasses?

No. 205440

nah, you sound like that terrines and pates bitch from /ot/. the fact that you're comparing a townhouse to an actual a house is telling enough. your house was probably too small and your parents had to turn the basement into a den. kek.

No. 205445

He’s been making by shake and bake pork chop. Maybe healthier chicken is a reference to another white meat?

No. 205446

He’s only shy about wearing glasses with real people (i.e. work) terry has no problem wearing glasses on social media or hanging out in the mall. I swear the man has more glasses than most people I know.

No. 205447

These photos give serial-killer vibes

No. 205448

>He added a new bathroom in his basement a few months ago.

The zoomer he kidnaps will still need somewhere to pee, after all, he's so thoughtful

No. 205449

I live in a townhouse in md (a couple hours from terry) and my basement has a bathroom and same for all my friends in the area. It must be some sort of local thing then? I actually never knew that it was uncommon in other places, like it’s literally shocking to me that you guys aren’t familiar with bathrooms in basements

No. 205450

I’m from the Midwest and that is definitely not normal for the average house

No. 205451

There is literally no possible way to eat healthier if you refuse to eat fruits and vegetables. He might as well give it up and just enjoy his fried tenders tbh

No. 205454

Lmao, you're so busy larping that you forgot he's adding the bathroom in the basement, it wasn't initially there.

No. 205462

File: 1649175849033.jpg (357.87 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20220405-122228_Ins…)

not knowing about the person or source material you're coplaying from has never stopped him before so why be concerned about that now? but also no this would be so unflattering on him

No. 205467

File: 1649178590725.jpg (414.71 KB, 1080x1940, 20220405_111051.jpg)

Way to ignore the votes Terry. I was looking forward to laughing at his egg head shinobu.

No. 205469

Why the hell does he even bother asking for opinions if he just ignores them anyway. Or in the case of the anon that actually agreed with him, puts people on blast.
The results are not that close. It’s better if no one answers these fishing polls.

No. 205482

Terry just do these polls for the asspats. I swear he ignore the results half the time. Very annoying.

No. 205487

File: 1649189235123.jpg (554.11 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20220405-160659_Fac…)

i guess he's trying to become the goth gf he can't have

No. 205494

>I may try wearing fishnet stockings to a clothing wear
What does that even mean?

No. 205501

going full trans at 40, epic

No. 205502

In front of your mirrors, right Terry? He doesn't go out in public like this. I'm starting to believe Terry is so egotistical he finds himself attractive and is becoming his own gf, like this anon said.

No. 205505

A year ago I would agree with you. Now terry goes to the mall dressed in crop top and shorts. If fishnet can get him a goth gf, I’m sure he would do it

No. 205510

im loving where this is going kek

No. 205523

It’s very interesting to look thorough the comments and see who he like/heart reacts to. The only comments he didn’t react to were both male identifying. The comments were supportive. Weird dude

No. 205559

File: 1649242436700.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1872, 85804CFC-1CE2-46BD-954B-D9918B…)

Whoever called it… Congrats.

I have no words on this new chapter.

No. 205561

File: 1649246085966.gif (223.63 KB, 275x249, 1426640444004.gif)

this is gonna be good

No. 205564

File: 1649248003111.jpg (66.92 KB, 625x500, 4sihb2.jpg)

Terry is trying so hard this is all I can see when he starts doing shit like this to relate to kids.

where did this goth obsession come from anyway? I'm surprised he didn't go for an e-girl vibe

No. 205565

>terry sees zoomer girls go to hot food a lot
>terry is a 40 yo man who remembers hot topic as a goth store back in the 90s
>terry: if I become a goth these girls will like me!

No. 205566

he's such a poser with an identity crisis. straight to amazon and walmart, huh?

No. 205567

I can’t see this post. I guess he locked it down so only zoomer girls can see it. Terry surely being very sus.

No. 205569

>boots to wearing
>May also gry a black wig
i see…

No. 205577

He has terrible grammar and sentence structure. There’s so many typos in this post too. These cross dresser posts seem to be the worst regarding his writing. Is it because he’s trying to do the tranny thing of “girls dumb, write bad”?

Also, first thing I noticed is that all of these inspo pictures are of skinny Asian girls. Clearly, his type is still going strong and his vision is to become a white or Asian teen “goth”. It’s probably because he’s buying off Chinese sites, but why not show some pictures of goth black women? Oh right, because he hates being black and in turn, hates black women too.

No. 205579

I don't even want to be near him when he does his fake af girly voice.

No. 205612

File: 1649273307660.jpeg (82.02 KB, 1284x317, 29CBB5B8-16AC-4B19-90E9-2F9238…)

They are such a hero for asking this.

No. 205613

File: 1649273394232.jpeg (200.18 KB, 1284x818, 5B828C7A-53FB-491C-8826-C7C6DB…)

I’m such a weeb, but I’d never want to go to Japan guys!

No. 205622

You cant see any of their faces how do you know they’re all asian lmao

No. 205623

it’s obvious. all that stuff looks aliexpress-tier too.

No. 205630

Lmao as if he would ever give money or anything to anyone outside of used, trashed cos shit and even then it's because he begrudgingly wasn't able to sell it. He wants attention from zoomer girls but his miserly old man self wouldn't part with a fucking nickel if he didn't get something to stroke his ego with.

No. 205632

lol it’s the only question he skipped over.

No. 205638

File: 1649278528291.jpg (113.75 KB, 920x792, Screenshot_20220406-165300_Fac…)

he answered lmao and really shitty too. that's not helping with a financial issue. that's paying for a service

No. 205644

File: 1649279597754.jpeg (219.72 KB, 1284x2282, 89F13B66-E1E7-4A48-8A0D-3EE878…)

Sir please fucking DONT

No. 205657

Terry: oh whoops I dropped the 4k I owe on my last week's earnings!
Also Terry: I would not help a friend in financial trouble

If being a crossdresser with a penchant for teenagers wasn't the problem, surely being a selfish stinge would be.

No. 205659

One of many reasons why he doesn't have real friends. What a narcissistic pos

No. 205660

surprised he didn’t say nipple piercings with how fast he’s been going towards being a transbian kek

No. 205661

This will be fucking nasty. I'm sure the dish soap baths will keep it dry and crusty.

No. 205667

I'm surprised he's not getting a nose ring since all the zoomers are getting them.

No. 205671

No way he would get a nose ring since he will get teased at work for it.

No. 205688

With all that money you’d think he’d want to go to japan and pay a hooker to sleep with him. Let’s set him up with Lorena.

No. 205696

File: 1649292041325.jpeg (470.84 KB, 1284x1554, 6F8EFF64-C229-4852-A699-A8A5DD…)

I pity whoever will be with him at Sac

No. 205699

He might have a friend group if he hung around other autistic men his old age. But I’m sure his vision of a “friend group” is a group of teenage girls, which is unrealistic and is why he remains alone. He’s probably rejected anyone that was willing to be his friend, because they aged over 25.

No. 205701

samefag, meant “his own age”, but old age works kek.

No. 205726

File: 1649301484272.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x1593, 950FC047-4929-4154-B97D-E77DA3…)

Hey can any zoomer girl be my Rinoa cause I sure have my eyes on you

No. 205729

wtf he's an actual piece of shit.

No. 205730

I thought he was bad before but this. How is anyone ok with this answer? He makes six figures and constantly rub his wealth in our face.

No. 205734

It's not even like he's like "Oh I'm not comfortable with that, I've felt used before." as some easy cop out answer. He straight up says sorry, I'm stingy and you need to be performing a service for me and then maybe. But hey guys do you think I should buy a bigger house just for fun? I feel like I should have a bigger house. What should I spend my money on because I am almost 40 and can't make a decision without an IG poll? What a dick.

No. 205735

Definitely the type of guy that doesn't tip at restaurants.

Why would the legend manaknight cosplay share his hard earned wealth with those beneath him.

No. 205740

Can someone prepare a call out thread of this man (again) or something like seriously it’s been so long since someone’s done that and since then there’s plenty more gross evidence against him. That selfish ass answer is so disgusting to me like my blood is boiling lol. He’s always complaining about how he doesn’t have friends but why would someone want to be friends with a man who makes 6 figures but wouldn’t want to help out a struggling friend for no reason other than that hes “stingy”??? He’s such a narcissist omg it’s gonna make me go insane

No. 205747

He’s a shitty person but he hasn’t done anything we can call him out for. Not to mention the Terror Squad would go after everyone. he’s getting bold though so maybe he will finally act on his desire soon? Then hopefully we can call him out and put him down for good.

No. 205755

Ntayrt but the further he progresses along his transbian arc, the harder it’s going to be to do anything. I agree that calling him out now wouldn’t gain much traction, but unless he crosses a HUGE line idk if it’ll ever happen. With the way internet culture is, it’s super hard to call out genuinely bad people if they’re any sort of minority. Currently Terry is black, nb, and ace. If he goes full transbian, there will be people who will defend him no matter what he’s done

No. 205766

File: 1649330698691.jpeg (160.95 KB, 1284x445, DC589E2B-793D-4266-8928-3B910F…)

Idk tell us about how you won’t help a friend in need and will only pay if they’re doing a service for you.

Probably would pay for sex depending on which zoomed it was

No. 205775

I can’t see this one! Is he still yapping about the girl who unfriended him two months ago?

No. 205795

Pretty much. He is as pathetic as they come. Proof that money cant buy your happiness or an actual intellect.

No. 205797

File: 1649341323035.jpg (243.92 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20220407-100522_Ins…)

lmao yeah he's still whining about her. this is from his insta stories. boo hoo she blocked you. yeah cause you were constantly vague posting about her and she probably got tired of you in general

No. 205805

I hope the cosplayer call him out on it because it’s really unhealthy. Why’s he still going on and on about it? Typical incel behavior.

No. 205810

I wouldn’t be surprised if he has already crossed that line with some people. But any potential victims would be a lot younger and probably wouldn’t know what do to or afraid to call him out because of backlash from him and his Terrierists. Part of me thinks him venturing more into trans territory is him setting it up so he couldn’t be blamed for any misconduct because he thinks it would automatically make him safe.

No. 205813

>ghosting you VERY badly
How can someone ghost you VERY badly? They’re either ghosting you or they’re not. I don’t think there’s levels when it comes to that

>who you decide to ignore right back finally unfollows you on a few social media platforms??

Oh so he admits this is some middle school game he was playing. He wanted her to notice him ignoring her. Now he acts like he’s shocked that she would not want to have any interaction with a middle aged man who thinks he’s entitled to attention from a girl young enough to be his child

>knew it was gonna end TBH

He’s trying to save face with this statement now that his little scheme to manipulate her didn’t work

>honestly just don’t see us as friends anymore

Dude are you for real?? What world are you living in? She has very clearly been uncomfortable around you for years and likely felt she couldn’t say anything directly due to social pressures/expectations, but you just kept pushing her. Then you fucking vague post about her for what? 2 months now? I think this started in February iirc. Just leave the poor girl alone!! The fact that he’s making this statement like it was his decision to end the “friendship” shows he is not living in reality with the rest of us

I feel so bad for any girl he fixates on like this. If I was her or one of her friends I would call him out on the way he’s been obsessing over her for years. A 39 year old man should not be this obsessed with someone so young. It’s bizarre and creepy af

No. 205814

it's not that deep. being a tranny is a disarming tactic. transbians are just the modern equivalent of "gay" guys who disarm their female friends and "suddenly become bi just for them" to manipulate and pressure them into sex.

No. 205816

No that’s what the ace label is for. I was sexually assaulted by someone who later claimed to be ace and the exact same thing happened to another friend of mine. Not all ace people are predators by any means, but predators within more left leaning communities love to hide their actions behind that label and unfortunately once they use that label, they gain a whole defense squad

No. 205823


>ghosting you VERY badly

>who you decide to ignore right back finally unfollows you on a few social media platforms??

Someone please explain this to me. How can someone ghost terry really badly, but Terry can retaliate by ignoring her right back?

I feel like Terry “retaliated” by unfollowing the cosplayer and stopped liking her social media content. the cosplayer dropped him after seeing all the vague posts.

Man is fucking delusional.

No. 205839

File: 1649358545097.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2325, F1C10D57-D192-424A-A1E7-896FE8…)

No. 205842

Terry self awareness era?

No. 205843

can someone who speaks terryese translate? reading this is breaking my brain.

No. 205845

just using his potential autism/social awkwardness as a pass to be a shitty person.

It's a non apology and he isn't going to change lol

No. 205846

Terry is now untouchable. Black autistic non-binary asexual.

Anyone knows what prompted this novel?

No. 205847

Honestly I think reading this thread and seeing our commentary about his financial greediness

No. 205848

Terry used to always say that he didn’t want to speculate about whether he’s autistic or not, and that he didn’t want to see a doctor because he was afraid of diagnosis. Now he is basically confirming he’s autistic? Why the sudden change

No. 205849

definitely so he can avoid accountability. even though he says in the post that he's not using it as an excuse, it's pretty odd timing to bring it up.

he's trying to gather all the non-threatening labels he can so when he inevitably does something harmful he has everything he can to fall back on. enby (maybe soon trans female instead), black, ace, and now autistic

No. 205853

To be fair I don’t think he’s “gathering” the label of being black lol

No. 205854

File: 1649362860716.jpeg (245.44 KB, 750x1252, 63FC555A-0B8E-453B-905C-C50652…)

For everyone questioning the timing, I believe he reads these threads. He knew about the first thread and made posts complaining about it. That thread went dead for awhile until the pandemic when he started getting milky. At this point when you google manaknight, 2 of the first 3 links are to his threads on here. With him being as big of a narcissist as he is, there’s no way he hasn’t googled himself and seen that these threads have become active again

No. 205857

Thank you to the girl who commented about terry being an ableist. It’s very clear he doesn’t want to get diagnosed because he looked down on them. Terry doesn’t want to get old either (forever in the 20s), but he’s quick to cut ties with people above 25.

No. 205858


It’s funny bc terry is open about his cosplaying to his coworkers, he even has some of them on FB (although certainly they’re filtered out of being able to see most posts lol) so if they google his username they’ll see us talking about him sticking his tongue out and only hanging with girls 17-25… how is he able to hold a job like this

No. 205861

He’s protected. Can’t fire an autist

No. 205870

I doubt his coworkers care enough about his personal life considering he's even mentioned before about how he barely talks to his coworkers and has a solitude job

No. 205874

File: 1649369601231.jpeg (244.67 KB, 542x1265, DF5E0921-EEFB-4B94-A428-7DA8AB…)

Posting the comment >>205857 is referencing. Bless her heart

No. 205875

File: 1649369822084.jpeg (420.11 KB, 1036x1891, 5E5C05C1-9110-4D2C-B23C-543FA5…)

Terry’s response

No. 205876

he mentions growing up to not like having labels put on him but that's exactly what he's doing when he labels himself ace and non-binary….

I feel like he's really just trying to make excuses with this response and not take any responsibility. especially at the end of the first comment he mentions that he always apologizes if he offends someone buy there was no apology in either of those responses when the other person was clearly offended.

No. 205880

so does he not visit doctors because he doesn’t want to be “labeled” as high blood pressure, malnourished, and having worse eyesight than he thinks he does (in a thread he said that the visual chart was wrong, not him)? We know he can’t be healthy at all and he probably knows it too.

He definitely picks and chooses what label will benefit him the most at the time.

No. 205881

Ily nonny kek. Fuck you Terry, you look like shit like always.

No. 205884

What a peace of shit. Eat shit and die, terry. I hope people drag him for the ableist that he’s

No. 205887

File: 1649375779644.jpeg (707.45 KB, 1284x1540, 989DE429-F253-4DD3-A69B-7934FA…)

They responded to him and he gave it a heart probably meaning like ok but still not going to do any of the shit you typed out cause labels

No. 205889

he doesn't know how else to defend himself so he relies on lazy reaction because he doesn't feel it's worth his time. he needs to admit he made the post for sympathy, not for actual advice

No. 205891

I hope people learn by now that he doesn’t care and just doing this as excuse/sympathy. I feel really bad at that girl actually taking time to write all that and terry pretty just went “ok”

No. 205896

Love that last sentence she wrote. She’s very clearly hinting at the fact that Terry brags about how much money he has every other day. So many people in this country avoid going to doctors because they can’t afford it. I’m sure with all the very young people he befriends, a lot of them would love to be able to see a doctor and get a diagnosis, but can’t afford to. Meanwhile they have to watch Mr. Moneybags Terry have the privilege to afford it, but refusing to follow through and all for ableist reasons

No. 205904

Looks like his followers didn’t take the bait. Only five people commented.

No. 205907

File: 1649384955525.jpg (623.88 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20220407-222811_Ins…)

it's not a good look

No. 205912

He’s doing the arm thing again. Is that a thing zoomers do?

No. 205920

it's so very momokun of him. I honestly hope he doesn't sexually assault someone and then blame his "undiagnosed autism"

No. 205921

No. It’s not. Just him.

No. 205923

these kind of basically transbian retards do this pose actually.

No. 205974

File: 1649419054902.jpeg (467.75 KB, 1284x1079, DD7A7214-805C-4433-8CF0-A76FF9…)

Sir none grow some balls and just get help

No. 205977

I almost feel bad for him. If he’s not such a terrible person. Reading the follow up comments it sounds like it’s his parents fault he grew up this way.

No. 205978

File: 1649421132064.jpg (1.89 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20220408_083117227.j…)

combined with the og post for context, but damn he really doesn't check any of his comments for spelling… wonder what a high beak is lmao

No. 205981

Probably high heels. Went to check the comments and noticed I can’t see it. He’s totally locking this one down so only under 25 girls can see.

No. 205983

And I’m assuming “was” means “wax”? He could do that right now, hasn’t he heard of men waxing?
I guess like doctors though, he’s probably worried someone would sexually harass him. He could do it himself at home though, but he’d probably cry doing it, he seems like the type to have no pain tolerance

No. 205984

Anyone wants to guess how he arrived at 23?
Shower everyday 3
30+ minute shower 3
Shave everyday 5
Hair down everyday 3
Makeup everyday 3
More than one outfit per day 5

I got 22

No. 205987

honestly I would say:
Shower Everyday 3
30+ min shower 5
shave everyday 5
hair done by stylist 1x a month 5
more than 1 outfit a day 5

which is 23. I think the hair thing because we never see it grown out and I've seen him talk about going to a barber before. plus he doesn't wear makeup every day even though he makes it seem like it

No. 205994

File: 1649429119895.jpg (781.92 KB, 1078x1768, Screenshot_20220408-104306_Fac…)

wow no kidding? who would have ever thought Terry would relate to autism signs

he's really trying to milk this now. I'm guessing because the ace and they/them bs isn't giving him enough attention anymore. not that he isn't autistic but for as long as he's denied it and now suddenly wanting to talk about it more?

No. 205995

I feel like the autism talk is related to his stalking behaviors. People started to drop him because of his constant obsession of people who don’t pay him enough attention.

No. 206001

lmao - his next form is him coming out as autigender

No. 206005

Terry is running out of labels. Going to pull a bibi and name drop his dozen+ illness. But that would require him to go to a doctor and he isn’t going to do that.

No. 206010

File: 1649435022274.jpg (382.91 KB, 1078x1377, Screenshot_20220408-122111_Fac…)

reminds me of when he posted this a few days ago. I don't see that anyone posted it here, but its funny to see this and remember he doesn't go to the dr so he can't be on any meds lol

definitely makes me think he's going to start listing off mental illnesses soon since it's common for people to self-diagnose those

No. 206026

I just notice that it says smol soft spoken kitten bf. Pffft okay, sure terry. You check alllll those boxes

No. 206042

>more than one outfit per day
does pijama count? If not i got 3 kek

No. 206043

Why is shower a day in this list? Ii don’t even want to know.

No. 206045

Looks like he just bought a shirt from Hot Topic, pants and shoes from Forever 21, and tights from Amazon… oh wait

I'd honestly love to see a non beautycam picture of him wearing this out in public lol

No. 206047

She's right too. Women have a much harder time getting diagnosed for anything over men, especially stuff like autism since it appears differently in them. her response for well put and eloquent. Of course it flew right over Terry's giant head.

No. 206050

shut the fuck up and go to the doctor then, my guy. You brag about the money you make, and i'm sure your company provides good health care. Go and find out why you're retarded. There are so many people struggling but all he does is make excuses for his shit behavior and attitude.

No. 206053

>i'm sure your company provides good health care
He’s said before that his company actually pays employees to get a yearly checkup (I think it was $100, but I don’t feel like scrolling back in old threads to find it rn) so you literally cannot even pay this man to see a doctor

No. 206054

Not sure if it’s even a shower a day. He’s said before that he takes baths with the palmolive.

No. 206056

Yeah me too. It really is sad tbh. I think a lot of his issues wouldn’t be so severe now if his parents had gotten him the right treatment. For example, the picky eating. It’s sort of common sense that once your child starts to reach a certain point (Like maybe getting close to preteen years) and is still that picky that something is off. Like Terry is clearly autistic and he is literally psychologically disturbed. Some things are absolutely inexcusable such as his manipulative perversion towards young girls but also some things could have been worked on. Like he obviously has the IQ to know how to properly take care of his hygiene, but it seems that he’s just so autistic that he needed someone to tell him he can’t bathe in Palmolive yet nobody did. I love joking about him and everything but it’s truly sad at the same time bc he really lives a miserable existence.

No. 206062

Probably one of the most useful comments he's ever got, he's most definitely autistic and everything he's posted about his social difficulties lines up with that. Autistic people are more likely to troon out due to excess internet use, being influenced by same, and getting obsessed with topics, and thinking the reason they are different is gender based rather than, essentially, natural.
At least he would have a framework as that person said in order to understand himself. He's from a generation where being gay, autistic, mentally ill etc was seen as bad which might explain his inability to face any of these aspects of himself.

No. 206085

File: 1649458975677.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x1694, A84C7FF3-B433-45FE-9119-B52B43…)

Is he zoomer enough yet?

No. 206094

Looks like he robbed the closet of a 15 year old from 2009.

No. 206101

File: 1649463634353.jpeg (199.22 KB, 1284x638, 84307702-6669-490B-8DBE-58DF61…)

Buy some damn lotion

No. 206103

If he gets upset because people “make fun” of his glasses, how does he intend to wear this stuff out in public? Or does he just plan to take awkward pictures in his room in hopes it will rope him a young girl? Does he realize that he will get much more shit for dressing like a 12 year old weeb girl than for his glasses? If he wears stuff out anywhere other than cons he’ll eventually get seen by someone he knows.

No. 206105

No it’s ok he can just rub some palmolive on it

No. 206118

He looks like someone cast a 40 year old to play a 16 year old gay guy in a bad made for tv movie

No. 206121

I think he’s putting his arm up so the shirt lifts and you can see his stomach
Still looks stupid

No. 206144

Yeah, this dude has changed so much after he got popular. I guess this is what happens when the popularity goes to your head, big time. He needs to stop thinking he's nonbinary/ace cause all I see is a trend he's following. And now cause this month is all about being autistic, he chooses now to believe that he is?? This dude has never cared about sexualities or genders til the pandemic happened. This is why being on the internet too much is bad for people like him. Shit like this happens.

No. 206160

I can't imagine being a 40 year old bragging about how much money I make, how big my house is, and then post photos of me in the same filthy room trying on cheap hot topic clothes.

No. 206164

He’s always into himself but the pandemic has definitely taken a toll on him. They said there’s a mental health crisis due to the pandemic, and we are watching a test case right here. A 40 yo man regress back into a teenager. I wish his family would step in but it looks like they either don’t know or don’t care. I just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone

No. 206168

cant tell if hes poppin a boner here or just ill fitting shorts intended for girls. wtf

No. 206185

File: 1649516623294.jpg (1.01 MB, 1078x1929, Screenshot_20220409-110301_Ins…)

looks like he went for Inuyasha today even though people voted for Shinobu and he said he would br Tanjiro. makes sense.

No. 206193

If i was a random person and i saw this on the train i would simply have a heart attack and die

No. 206207

File: 1649526102023.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1284x2229, C351EA91-0178-4632-B6E4-4D1D6D…)

No. 206220

Nevermind the horrid wig, he looks like he has Downs in this photo.

No. 206238

File: 1649541350602.jpg (1.04 MB, 1078x1929, Screenshot_20220409-175453_Ins…)

looks like he got hit by a train. his age is really showing here especially next to someone (I'm assuming) so much younger than him

No. 206240

File: 1649543060116.png (10.78 MB, 1284x2778, 4862ACE2-C041-4AD4-850F-750416…)

I’m shook he shared this candid to his story. He looks so old with his precious beauty cam.

No. 206241

I give him props for still going out in public instead of sticking to social media. It’s indeed night and day difference between candid and filtered photos.

No. 206244

ewwwwww wtf is with his hand

No. 206245

Mummified from all the palmolive…

Definitely looks old & haggard but he actually looks better like this then with all the freakish filters he uses

No. 206247

File: 1649544277695.jpg (12.13 KB, 264x300, 1oeridfhnghovii3.jpg)

damn he looks really old when you compare to the filters he uses, he's a rough 40. stop using palmolive and put on some lotion terry.

No. 206249

File: 1649545288105.jpg (78.83 KB, 1280x670, iseenoshitmakeupheremofo.jpg)

Why does he keep doing his fucking makeup like this for male cosplay??

No. 206250

File: 1649545426048.jpeg (225.83 KB, 1284x727, 05280B7C-AD8B-4B7E-B1E9-AB6BC4…)

He really thinks he’s that special.

No. 206267


Wheres did his mask go?

No. 206268

No wonder that girl he’s obsessed with ran away from him at a con. I mean can you imagine some guy claims to be 25, posts hella filtered photos to look younger, then shows up in person looking haggard af??

Holy shit now that you’ve pointed it out I can’t stop seeing it. It looks like the crypt keeper’s hand

No. 206271

File: 1649554592300.jpeg (485.43 KB, 1284x2256, E3AA70A2-38F7-4BDD-8EF8-39FFB5…)

Can’t tell if just wig cap or his head is naturally that shape

No. 206273

File: 1649554781396.jpeg (2.35 MB, 1284x2146, FA1FFE56-CA55-4E69-B7F1-F798EF…)

I can believe the previous post of his weight now by looking at these photos.

No. 206275

File: 1649555124808.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x1774, 783EDDE5-7F72-4A57-BFFF-08C781…)

No. 206276

File: 1649555308683.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1284x2105, 5E0BF1E7-C3D1-4422-84D8-67F204…)

The wig deserves to be put to rest… it’s so dead on his head.

No. 206279

File: 1649556423890.jpeg (806.21 KB, 1284x2232, 53763D74-0BBC-4AD3-A2F5-B1117A…)

Dude is STILL talking about the the girl that ghosted him. Also would it kill him to literally stop fucking taking about “how many people noticed him”? Answer: yes yes it would. Imagine being 40 and still needing attention from people young enough to be his kids.

No. 206280

someone needs to find copies of the on camera interviews he did.

No. 206281

Who is this round1 girl he’s obsessed with? Someone please tell her and has her call him out on it because it’s creepy as fuck.

He is losing weight. Is this healthy? I never mention exercising so it’s just from cutting back on tenders?

No. 206282

No need to find it. Hes definitely going to post it when its aired. Being on a local TV channel will be the peak of his career

No. 206283

Ofc he would accept tips lol.

No. 206288

why are these girls posting about this creep? are they scared of the wrath of terry and his autistic posts? is he mouthbreathing down their necks and standing there until they make a post about him? i guess they don't want to be the next round1 girl.

No. 206291

Imagine making six figures and accepting tips like those Times Square “cosplayers”. The man has no shame

No. 206292

He is really giving those crazy eyes. It seems like he only seems to do it in selfies with girls. Th