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No. 40202

Previous thread: >>22555

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, and Jenna Marbles, among others. Her latest schtick is bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant (for no apparent reason), eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her newly minted husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!) and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to monetize Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her.

It seems that most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for Beauty Exchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (While he finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor still manages to be relatable after giving up modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom as soon as possible. Anything that happens in her life (such as an ovarian cyst ) is immediately used and milked for views from her teenaged followers, whom she brainwashes with her unique blend of stupidity, pseudoscience, and defenses of her (and her husband's) moral failings.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/


No. 40209

Gonna be honest I’m jealous as hell of Taylor’s trophy wife life.

No. 40212

kek well summarized!

for the pseudoscience, is that just the naturopath/fortune telling, or is there something else?

No. 40215

Hah, looks likes she’s finally twigged that she’s going to age out for Tom in a few years. Fillers and surgery can only hold back time so much. No wonder she’s so keen to have a baby. Gotta get that shit locked down.

I’ve always wondered how she felt about his obvious preference for her sexy toddler style.

No. 40218

* her false ideas about birth control affecting fertility long-term (she's just afraid of weight gain)
* her belief (now) that her acne is from diet or bc she is not digesting/absorbing nutrients (ED logic)
* the fact that she never gives any treatment an actual shot (she does something for a week or two, then stops)
* she listens to Goop and believes it
* in her vegan phase, she rattled off some stunningly idiotic reasons to be vegan (calling milk "pus" and saying pigs are fat so eating them makes you fat)
* insinuating that her weight loss at 10-11yo was healthy & normal (when in fact she did it to be a ~model~). Kids are still growing then. By dieting when she was a tiny bit chubby as a kid, she probably stunted her growth.
* Endlessly talking about muscles, building a "butt" and toning her body when her workouts & diet are not designed to build muscle.
* Claiming to be gluten-intolerant while eating items that contain gluten (nice cream puff in the OP)
* Acupuncture. Chinese tea to treat acne.
* Burning sage to treat her dog's behavioral issues.

There are other things I'm forgetting, but those are a few.

No. 40220

oh, pregnancy as a cure for ovarian cysts. That's another one.

It doesn't cure cysts. Might prevent you from getting one while you're pregnant, but that's it. She can't seem to comprehend that she had something bad happen to her but it was a fluke. Normal women get cysts. Most don't twist the ovary. There's nothing one can do to cure or prevent a functional cyst unless you have a condition like PCOS, which can be treated to some extent . But all of this is too complex for Taylor, and it wouldn't lead to a big dramatic video about her !!hospitalization!! and how she has to get pregnant right away bc she doesn't want to take hormones.

No. 40234

I thought he was weirded out by the childish style. That is what I saw her imply. Did he say something?

No. 40240

I can guarantee she’s bored as hell

No. 40243

she's into Goop?! big yikes

No. 40257

Taylor fits exactly in Goop's target audience: vain, stupid, bored and rich. It would be glorious if she launched her own health/lifestyle website like Gweneth because it would be full of unnecessary and delusional things. She should be careful though because Goop was sued for claiming that jade eggs for your vagina are healthy and she had to pay $145.000.

No. 40262

Both of them have said multiple times that her style attracted him to her. When he met her irl, he was astonished at how she looked like a doll and a princess. When he chose her outfit for a video, he picked a schoolgirl-esque outfit. He suggested to her that she start doing dancing videos (probably suggested doing it in seifuku too).

Dude is into the young style.

No. 40317


Tom met Taylor and turned her into a Kotaclone to market her as a kawaii white model who loves Japan, but it was all marketing.

No. 40432

File: 1552916563702.png (470.03 KB, 935x558, Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.40…)

Taylor said in IG that she dropped out of business studies in college…

Does this mean she dropped out twice? Once for business and once for nutrition studies?

How expensive is it to attend college in HK?

No. 40452

lol what's she gonna talk to them about? being lucky that you're cute and found a rich guy?

No. 40453


>I was a mid-tier model and met a guy who likes ageplay and makes money off sw ualized teens so I copied a photoshopped 16 year old to make him want to marry me

>stay in school and study hard so you can follow your dreams like me!

Taylor was a lot less annoying before when she tried to pretend she did everything herself as an independent woman following her dreams. Now she needs to sit down and shut up because all she's doing is downplaying her luck as hard work like anyone else could just end up with a rich man after pretending to be a 16 year old in heat.

No. 40456


>Hi folks, I dropped out of college twice and stopped working as a mid-tier model at the ripe old age of 24. I gave up on every dream because my rich husband would buy me a new one like my shitty Youtube career popularity.

How she doesn't bury her head in the sand and lay low is beyond me. I'd be fucking embarrassed to do a speech about hard work and following your dreams with that track record.

No. 40469


Exactly this. She's as much of a fraud as Dakota, just a slightly more successful fraud.

No. 40470


well, maybe more than slightly successful since she's taken care of for life now and Dakota is struggling to pretend she still lives&models in JP. Haha.

sage for double post.

No. 40582

File: 1553044194511.png (257.86 KB, 315x496, Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 8.58…)

Holy hell. I hope when she's showing these pictures she isn't shilling the whole " I was once chubby" story. Girl, you're 30 and need to let it go. Does she bring this up because it's her only accomplishment?, Losing 10lb twenty years ago. ( Even that she probably didn't do on her own. kek )

No. 40595

I'd give anything to attend, I'd piss myself laughing. Why invite a spoiled gold digger when you have women with real success stories all over the world? Surely they have some of those in HK too. And if the class is specifically about social media/modelling, there is no way that she was the best pick out there. And she must stop trying to seem relatable. She's not terrified at all, she can't wait to blab about herself for an hour. She's trying to go for the genius who dropped out but still made it look but the reality is everything has always been handed to her. One has to be 13 to fall for her shit. Sorry for ranting, I've never posted in her thread before but I've seen her unfold since the Dakoclone phase and this is just the pinnacle of her hypocrisy.

inb4 sugar daddy also got her this gig

No. 40603

>Does she bring this up because it's her only accomplishment? Losing 10lb twenty years ago.

This and because she loves playing the victim. She should stop with this shit and acknowledge her privilege.

She's the epitome of the Dunning–Kruger effect. Incompetent people often consider themselves brilliant and they have a lot of self-confidence because they lack self-awareness.

No. 40620

IIRC she only lost the weight because her parents got her a nutritionist or personal trainer or something, and only because she thought she was fat. Back in her dolly phase when she was still pretending to be single she made a video with her family in Canada and her mom called her bullshit on camera- "you were never fat".

No. 40622

Who in hell invited her? She hasn't did anything successful? Youtube??.. Don't make me laugh.

No. 40635

Honestly can"t wait for the video to get posted

No. 40647


You know she'll edit out any bits that could embarrass her or any questions that make her look stupid.

No. 40729

>She's the epitome of the Dunning–Kruger effect.
No she isn't. Kanadajin3 is. In fact Miranda is such the epitome of it, I'm surprised her picture isn't in the case study.
Taylor on other hand is basically pretty realistic about her level of success especially in modelng (she knows she was a mid-tier commercial model at best) She knows that her youtube channel is only mildly successful (and it took a long time to get there at that) And most importantly she able and willing to laugh at herself. Self-deprecation is one of the abilities that people who truly have Dunning Kruger generally lack.
Taylor has some major insecurities (which is obvious) that she should hash out in a therapists office (God now she has the money for it) instead of spewing out on youtube. My guess is that being with Tom has magnified her insecurities considerably because he is a self made motivated very successful person. Taylor finds herself falling short compared to him, hence this whole business-oriented boss bitch thing she's striving for. The "work hard" stuff isn't her own mantra so much as it's his regurgitated. But's it's also the reason she doesn't follow through with things. Ultimately deep down, I don't think that she thinks she's good enough for him.

>IIRC she only lost the weight because her parents got her a nutritionist or personal trainer or something, and only because she thought she was fat
She lost the weight by eating healthy and working out. That's it. Her parents didn't even care or think that she was fat (because she probably barely was). She was bullied in school cause kids are assholes and can always find something to pick on especially someone as obviously insecure as Taylor.

TL;DR- Taylor is lazy and incredibly insecure but not necessarily cognitively bereft and that factor has pretty much shaped her life since she was a pre-teen.

No. 40730

The professor invited her and the students seemed to enjoy it.
It's the halo-effect.

No. 40737

TBH, a lot of Asian countries pride themselves on being skinny and their whole ideal is extremely thin. Its not super uncommon to actually have people who have gone through weight loss journeys do conferences on it. Its just weird they chose someone who isn't born from the country to do it though. Usually, they have people of the same heritage do the talks because skeletal structures and metabolisms and whatnot resemble those of the people watching it.

No. 40746

I also don't think she's representative of the Dunning-Kruger effect. However. She's completely obsessed with her looks and has been for ages. I went back to find some old pictures of her and it's just pages and pages of bug-eyed filtered edited selfies. She used to post almost exclusively selfies. I guess that's a thing now, but I still find it weird and narcissistic.

She talks all the time about her insecurities but she def thinks she's pretty and is trying to leverage that along with some awkward kind of quirkiness. I remember that vid she did with her Nana, "Look at all those pictures, you must really like yourself!" kek yeah

I know that sounds petty but I honestly cannot fathom being insecure about your looks and uploading photo after photo of yourself day after day. She uploaded much more often than Dakota did.

No. 40752

>She uploaded much more often than Dakota did.
Nah. Dakota when she was trying to go viral still has her beat. There are thousands of pictures of her "photo-shoots" at home. I'm aware that that sounds crazy but seriously, I'm still finding new pics from that time.

No. 40757


I'd rather listen to a motivation speech from someone who actually struggled with weight and not an idiot woman who had 5-8 pounds extra 20 years ago. The pictures she shows are deceitful because she only shows pictures of herself in massive oversized sweaters or with 70% of her body concealed. If you're trying to show your weight loss, why show pictures that don't even show anything.


>>I honestly cannot fathom being insecure about your looks and uploading photo after photo of yourself day after day.

Being "insecure" and having "anxiety" is the trend these days. I swear 70% of IG models or posters proclaim they have it. I find some do it as a defence like "you can't criticize me I have anxiety/extreme insecurity. You're going to cause my mental health to deteriorate". Or " I'm insecure so I have a right to lie about my looks and make others insecure".

I'm not saying she couldn't have either or, but I'm so tired of people using it as a marketing ploy or defence mechanism. Taylor likely has the average healthy level of insecurity ( because every woman and man has it) but just amps it up.


Kota was a mix between insecure and full of herself. She was full of self-importance. Taylor rode on her coattail and wanted what Kota had at the time. Recognition of being a "living doll". Taylor also had a sense of self-importance and wouldn't take jobs that wouldn't cater to her. Taylor was a successful mid-tier model and puts Kota's success and career to shame. Yet Taylor tossed that because she wanted to be special and idolized.

To me, Tayor is just better at keeping her self-importance and arrogance in check and hidden. I don't buy the "girl power, love and peace, girl boss overly friendly" BS. Wouldn't mind one day Sharla or Memei spilling the beans on the BTS. All Taylor's bffs from Japan are gossipers and drama queens.

No. 40814

She's just a glamourised baby girl

No. 40820

so is dakota :)

No. 41343

Daily subs now under 100 with less than 50,000 views most days. Social Blade shows a steady increase in subs since January but paired with a very steep decline in views since then, so obviously someone's still buying subscribers.

But she actually lost subs on 3/22 (-34) and 3/24 (-51) despite getting more views the entire week. The same days she released her apartment interior design video and university "lecture" video:

No. 41414

Now that the truth is out that Taylor was just a sugar baby getting handouts, & since she dyed her hair and keeps changing her personality I think more and more of her subs will drop off as time goes on. Nobody cares to watch a spoiled brat pretend she worked hard to get something she was given just because she was copying a pedobaiting teenager while watching her frantically cling to trends to stay relevant. Her whole interest in dolly/kawaii was only because Dakota got so much attention in Asia for her shoops, which was what Taylor wanted for herself and Tom bought it for her.

Now that she's married and doesn't give a crap about modeling or kawaii fashion anymore, all those subs that followed her to watch her copy Dakota are gonna flounce because nobody cares about a spoiled rich sugarwife pretending she spent 7 years working hard instead of fucking a rich man for everything she got.

No. 41428


Had a meet and greet… I skipped that whole part of the video. Boring.

Holy fuck I'm losing brain cells.

She's trying a new health thing because some quack told her it'll balance her hormones and digestion. It's just a bunch of liquid supplements. Was told she had signs of PCOS ( fucking kek ) and has high estrogen and too low progesterone.

She's taking Vitamin C and B5 and liquid zinc. Good to know she knows their water soluble and will be pissed out. Believes they'll improve her acne.

Admits to not finishing school and dropping out twice.

Uni lecture ( I skipped thru parts again )

Talks about childhood weight loss
> Fasting ( wouldn't eat past 7 pm and would fast for a while )
>skipping in her basement
>dietary changes
>controls portions
>cut back red meat ( now she eats none )
>joining sports teams

She built her fan base really slow on purpose because she wanted them to be more attached to her. Says slow is what grows a stronger community.

>Even if you have 9 followers and they're commenting, don't ignore them and comment back.

Kek, I'm pretty sure the only people she usually responds to are hate comments. I rarely see her engage with her fans unless it's her boasting about herself.

(student) -When you see some unfriendly comments on social media will you feel disappointed or upset about them?

>Ah, yes at first I was and it really affected me. I was really insecure. Uh, but now it really doesn't and I just leave it unless it's really hateful or hateful towards others than I just delete it and block them and move on. So, in other words, I just move on because it's such a waste of time. Misery likes company and they just want to bring me down with them. Just send them some love and move on.

She only responds to negativity though. Making salty remarks about whatever the latest gossip is about her.

(student) - I know the nature of social media and subscribers is always changing, so will you accommodate these changes, or be yourself?

>Oh, I'm always just myself and make what I want to make. A lot of people told me I should try to find what kind of content I want to make and stick with that, and a lot of YouTubers do that. BUT I was never interested in that because I can't figure out what I want to do. I also think that's what works for my viewers because they never know what to expect. I'm always trying new things, and at the end of the day if they don't want to watch my video they won't click on it. So, it doesn't hurt to try. So yea I just make what I want to make. ( Asks to take a selfie with the class as they're her first class )

More shopping and more food and prep for a girls night.

Running errands and something about a doctors appointment. Cafes - food - shopping.

Rambling. ( Which she does a lot of thru the whole video and every video )

I honestly tried to make caps for this video… But kinda failed as it's really boring and brain-numbing watching her.

No. 41571


Oh boy, she's so smug now about her popularity. Too bad the fanbase she built up is gonna disappear and be replaced with thirsty, aging wannabe sugarthots trying to pedobait a rich Asian daddy like Taylor.

No. 41572

did she forget the time she gave a speech (while dressed as a toddler) at a japanese uni?

No. 41651

The bulk of her popularity came after her dakota copying phase. That's quite a rant.

No. 41683

It’s an Ostrenga who’s wildly jealous they Taylor remains better off than them.

No. 41690

File: 1553697475373.jpg (66.76 KB, 656x543, seikei uni.JPG)

at seikei university

No. 41691

File: 1553698369662.jpg (84.24 KB, 640x640, 10303751_834619376587611_47083…)

No. 41693

Here's a video of her prepared Japanese opening. Note the powerpoint behind her.

No. 41705

jfc you can tell she doesn't understand a word of what she's saying, she just rushes through it without proper pacing or inflection …

No. 41709


Did you honestly expect something different from the uggu goddess of hard work?

No. 41938

What did she even lecture on?

No. 41981

On her pathetic life and how to b a sugar baby

No. 42164

How a pretty white girl from a well off family fucked a rich guy who bought her success and fame & if you work hard and stay passionate you too can achieve your dreams pf becoming rich and famous for being white and pretty.

She had no reason to be there and the only reason Tom got her that gig is so she can pretend he didn't hand her everything else since the day he met her.

No. 42188

Post-Kooter Clone Taylor gets the most real subs and views from her viral videos, which all have the same theme: quirky fashion, kind of in the way of Safiya Nygaard. I think the reason it's hard for her to grow is that people don't want the daily vlog crap and especially not this ~business boss b*tch~ stuff. If she focused on making more videos in the fashion niche, she could probably grow a decent channel and maybe THEN someday have authority to lecture on it.

She kind of did this but with her Hong Kong food series, which is just the wrong focus for her imo.

No. 42248


Her fashion sense is shit though.

No. 42254

I agree, but those are the only videos that people seem to like of hers consistently

No. 42491

She's boring as hell. Daily vlogs are shit and all she rambles about is a having a ugly baby. She acts like a 12 yr old, "girls nights sleepover," bitch are you serious??.. If you don't grow the hell up. I see why Sharla doesn't hang with her all that much so childish.

No. 42529

>she rambles about is a having a ugly baby
>She acts like a 12 yr old, "girls nights sleepover,"
>I see why Sharla doesn't hang with her all that much so childish

You're reaching and it's embarrassing to read your post.

No. 42662

whyyyyyyyy can't Taylor just stay in her lane and vlog about her glam sugar baby lifestyle. Taylor PLEASE drop the *~~girlboss!!*~ bullshit. It doesn't suit you and never will. We don't give a fuck about your speeches, and your audience at those don't seem to either. Give us vids about cooking, makeup, shopping and pretty camera shots

No. 42692

This is the fourth time in a row where she's lost subscribers after releasing a video. 2019-04-01: -161. 2019-04-02: -25. At this rate, it's better not to release anything at all. At least she doesn't go into the negatives when she's not uploading.

No. 42710

She needs to dye her hair back to her natural color, this platinum shit washes her out and makes her look busted.

No. 42720

It's funny to me that back then everyone was screaming that her hair was boring and after she went platinum everyone is screaming that she should go back to her old hair style.

No. 42737

What's funnier is how she went from her boring, yet long and thick hair to this washed out, flat style that clashes with her skin tone and makes her nose look bigger.

No. 42803


Is it just me, or are her cheek fillers SUPER obvious in this latest video? Her face is starting to look so waxy and uncanny, like all those old ladies who get too much plastic surgery. How awful to look this overdone by the age of 30 kek

No. 42804

I used to not think she got them (or at least dropped it by now). But her face looks really swollen. And you're right it's kind of lumpy, swollen, like injections. She is losing her looks which is unfortunate. If she left her face alone she would still be pretty. People with money I guess don't know how to slow down on the injections or do them discreetly enough.

No. 42817

That's really sad because 2-3 years ago people commented on her youtube channel how young she looks for her age. They all assumed she was 17 - 20 years old and now she looks like she's in her 30s. Nothing wrong with that but it's conspicuous how fast she has aged. Maybe it's her styling and hair or her fillers and botox. It's probably a combination of both.

No. 42819

I still can't get over that video where she tried to make age lines and couldn't make any wrinkles. I thought people under 40 were supposed to get lighter Botox ("baby Botox") to avoid that frozen look but prevent deep lines (if they want to get it at all). Her practitioner should get some of the blame for this.

She's had filler in her marionette lines for sure. That has always been obvious to me, not that it matters what she does to her face. Her decision.

The hair is all wrong for her skintone, but it's trendy, so of course she did it.

No. 42836

No but you tried I give you that!
Taylor needs to secure the bag or open her own business while she still can. A ring or a baby is not going to guarantee her. Too bad she's too busy acting like a 18yr old oof..

No. 42851

Her spat with Tom was hard to watch; it seemed like there was a lot of tension between them.

I wouldn't have included that in the video if I was her.

No. 42854

i feel like her hair just doesnt suit her and is making her look more rough than usual. The combo of white blond plus middle part/blunt cut is harsh on her features.

No. 42859


dude thats fucking nothing

No. 42862

Do Canadians use display towels? I'm firmly with Tom on this one, why have a towel there when you don't use it?

No. 42909

File: 1554349735840.png (175.89 KB, 250x500, Screenshot_2019-03-21-09-55-30…)



Only rich af people do. Which I guess ever since she married Tom she now feels like she can senselessly throw around his money. ( Since this is all on his credit card, so don't blame him for being annoyed )

( Screenshot is from a week or more ago )

No. 42923

kek, my poor-ass grandma had display towels and soaps we weren't allowed to use. It's a stupid thing but I don't associate it with being rich at all.

No. 42929

God I hate her current hair so much. She should go back to a more natural tone really. The white blonde and white face (no blush or contour) makes her look like a ghost

No. 42947

Well it's not like she's buying tons of brand clothing and accessories for herself. This is shit for their kitchen from when she went shopping with the interior decorator/designer person that he hired. Furnishing their home is something that he signed off on so it seems he's just making a shitty joke at her expense.

No. 42978

File: 1554398998782.jpeg (327.99 KB, 750x1197, 40B4A51B-35C7-40B6-92D0-7EF94C…)

No. 42984

this is unsettling to look at? it's making my body feel weird!!

No. 43046

God damn her husband is ugly

No. 43056

apparently she did another video of herself doing her make up IN the bag

No. 43073

File: 1554476337294.png (64.7 KB, 237x237, Screenshot_2019-04-05-07-58-31…)

No. 43151

I foresee endless gimmicks like this moving forward unless she has a baby soon. Even if she does, I bet money she'll put it in modeling or make it a YT prop.

There's just not much about Taylor herself that's interesting enough to warrant having a YT channel now that everyone knows she was being spoonfed by Tom since she started the dolly shit.

No. 43217

Yeah, having to pretend to be attracted to him, sleep with him, have his kids, and spend every day with him? I really couldn't do that, even if it guaranteed living in the lap of luxury in return. Seems like you have to be as dumb and lazy as Taylor to apply to the gold digger lifestyle.

No. 44061

File: 1555277468777.png (1.36 MB, 1169x752, rip.PNG)

I was wondering why Taylor was so quiet and it looks like her grandpa died. She seems really close to her family.

No. 44065

He seemed so nice in her Christmas Vlogs. I never much cared for Taylor's money but I always lowkey envied her family, it must be really hard for her.

No. 44074

I could never do it either. I can't imagine ever wanting money or the SAHM life badly enough to tolerate someone I didn't genuinely feel attracted to, especially if I was beautiful. I can't even be jealous of pretty girls with ugly husbands, what's the point of looking good if you end up with someone so far below your league?

No. 44107

Anon, looks are not forever. Everybody is going to be old and wrinkly (except Taylor - she's going to look puffy like Jocelyn Wildenstein - bless her), so it's better to look for someone who can secure your lifestyle or just marry for love.

No. 44165

I wouldn't mind getting old with someone, but these situations are always about men who are both ugly and significantly older than the girl. Fuck that.

No. 44183


Honestly, Tom has more to offer than Taylor does in the relationship. Dunno, why we act like beauty, holds that much worth when Tom is so well off he could easily find another gold digger. ( Probably a better-looking one) Wealthy men have no issue finding desperate models, and there are plenty of low/mid-tier models out there. As you said, beauty isn't forever but I'm sure Tom will always be well off. ( while Taylor will age and probably be half filler half leather bag )


No doubt she's likely back in Canada with her family at this moment. Might be a while before she returns to social media. I hope she doesn't make a pity me video out of this though. She does that and I'd lose what little respect I have for her.

No. 44348

Not me either.. I couldn't last one day. I rather be blind before I do that shit.

No. 44438


Tbh the posters here are probably teen girls who haven't begun to think about serious life stuff. Meh looking guy that's stable, hardworking, reliable, intelligent, etc >>> hot guy who is lots of fun but has no future.

Taylor doesn't seem to dislike being around him either, we can call it stockholm syndrome or grooming or whatever but it's not like she's forcing herself to be there solely for money, i think they enjoy each other's company. He's not super conventionally attractive the way she is, but he's not deformed or anything, just very plain looking.

No. 44455

Seriously, he's not deformed and they seem fine together. I also feel a lot of anons are either younger or immature.

No. 44467

I agree with you guys. They do swem to love each other and their relationship seems pretty normal. What there original motives were to date - who knows but they genuinely love each other

No. 44534

No most are adults with their own shit. Meh looking guy? If he has money any chick will fuck him. I wouldn’t be surprised he’s fucking a chick, while he’s away from Tay. If Tay likes him that’s all that matters. I just hope she do something with her life other than being a stay at home mom.. She can open a modeling agency since she has connections and experience.

No. 44610


So I am a career woman but I don't appreciate when people belittle SAHMs. That work is HARD. I know many former SAHMs that went back to work because working with other adults was easier for them than spending the whole day chasing around a toddler.

No. 44643

SAHMs that went back to work because working with other adults was easier for them than spending the whole day chasing around a toddler.
^ If you can’t take care of the kid don’t have one everyone knows having a kid is not easy. Where’ve you been?
Once she have a baby her channel will drop in views it already is.. If she can’t depend on YouTube opening a modeling agency would be good for a second income.

No. 44980


wait which is it? are SAHMs not doing anything meaningful with their life? or is having a kid hard?

No. 45184

File: 1556261999188.png (1.04 MB, 1169x563, thwuigwrhuiq.PNG)

First post in 3 weeks. Maybe we'll see more of Taylor soon.

No. 45235

File: 1556291939440.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-26-17-16-32…)

Finally new hair! It looks soo much better than that dead platin blonde before.
Sorry I couldnt get an better screenshot from her story.

No. 45241

Christ, she looks exactly like her dog, eyes and all

No. 45245

Is it still alive tho?

No. 45298

File: 1556312431232.gif (1.2 MB, 270x480, g3r3g3rqrqe.gif)

It really does suit her much more than platinum. I think Taylor could even do rose gold or silver and look OK, but the plat was just…….

No. 45531

it must be nice to have a life where you can just take off work for a month when your grandfather dies. Bereavement is bereavement, but people have to get on with life and this kind of wallowing is silly. Normal people take time off around the funeral or memorial service and go back to work while dealing with their sorrow.

No. 45532


I guess she was't too sad to get her hair done and use the snapchat dog filter though

No. 45539

Jfc it’s shit like this that puts y’alls cancerous nitpick threads on autosage

No. 45540

Have you ever lost anyone? I don't really think she's wallowing or playing it up, at least not yet.

Agreed. It's not like she used the dog filter at his funeral, jfc anons

No. 45544

File: 1556540625001.jpeg (237.08 KB, 828x1313, 537235A2-184B-41F1-AB9B-AA999A…)

Obnoxious hat, can’t imagine her being so ignorant. This hat is not a Hong Kong thing.
I’m surprised her husband didn’t tell her that.

Looking at the picture they took I cannot imagine them having sex, no money could make me look pass his looks, not even mentioning the 13yo girl drama he defended.

No. 45550

unpopular opinion? everyone is allowed one. Saged this post.

Yes I have lost people very close to me. I didn't take a month off of uni or work when my 6yo cousin died in a tragic accident, nor when my aunt (who was like a second mom to me) died. You deal with that shit by living your life.

She's entitled to grieve. I just think it's pretty rich that she's dragging this out, just like her (minor) surgery. Many people who lose their parents or children cannot even take a month off of work.

dog filter - well, she bravely puts on her makeup and goes to film (note: she claims that YT is her job now) everyday, but she can't because 'grandpa is gone.' Yet she doesn't have a problem doing other stuff so who knows.

No. 45552

Okay anon, you can stop now bc I think everybody already knows that you wouldn't have sex with him because he's ugly. Good for Taylor bc no competition and she can live her carefree multimillionaire life.

No. 45553


I’m not the same anon, it may be hard to believe but more than one person can consider him unattractive

No. 45556

Lmao these hats are sold all over asia. She's probably wearing it to block out the sun, like 99% of the people who wear this hat are doing. There's nothing ignorant about the hat itself. Tacky, yes, but not ignorant
Chill anon. Everyone grieves differently. No one gives a fuck how quickly you moved on. No doubt she's milking her grief, but I'm pretty sure if the majority of us had an opportunity to take a month off with no repercussions, we would.

No. 45562

not white knighting but fr, he's not like MONSTROUSLY ugly, he's just a typical middle-aged asian guy imo
if someone looking like that was able to buy me TWO fucking houses and give me a decently paying job, i can't say i wouldn't do exactly what she's doing in all honesty

No. 45573

This will be my last post replying to bait, but actually, someone did ask if I've ever lost someone so it seemed relevant to reply (saged).

fuck no I didn't quickly move on, what a nasty thing to insinuate. I was a fucking mess. But I had bills to pay and would have lost my tuition money if I'd withdrawn from uni. That's my point. People can grieve the whole rest of their lives, but only a rare handful can afford to do nothing during that process. I would argue that it's better to resume normal activities to avoid the deep depression that can come after losing a loved one.

No. 45576

This hahaha. Also Taylor never struck me as someone who really.. dates? She seems more like someone that would just settle. That plus him being able to provide what he does for her… Yeah. Who else would be better suited for her? When I first saw them together and what he looked like/what he does I thought they weirdly worked together.

No. 45590

honestly he's chill, can keep up with her humor, supports her career, and is not particularly ugly just obviously older. she's never seemed particularly into men or dating so i can't see her taking part in the alternative which is marrying some objectively attractive canadian pleb. which… okay? why is that so much better than the man she got now lol. it's not like she actively sought the man out.

No. 45614

he is ugly af
the fact that he is rich wouldn't change a thing

No. 45617

She dated another guy long term, some (probably rich) HK banker. Taylor used to seem like a prude (I used to think she was some kind of conservative Christian) but that was clearly part of the kawaii image, especially given the kinds of cutesy ageplay pix she posted. Once she realized that overt innuendo and instathot stuff brings clicks, she switched over to that. Now we hear her swear and make anal jokes, big whoop. (Anyone remember her brief Jenna Marbles phase when she used the squeaky sound to bleep out her mumbled swears, just like Jenna?) We finally learned this past Christmas how raunchy her family apparently always was - what a difference from the wholesome "family-friendly" content she used to show us. Why she didn't show us that from the start, who knows.

Of course we only see what she shows us, but every conversation she has with Tom seems to be her leading him to some specific answer. "You liked me because of X, right? You did this, right?" It's because they don't really have a common language yet. He does the best he can, but it's pretty limited and seems (at least on camera) shallow. He even had a catchphrase, like on a sitcom (Baaaabe). Hopefully they can have meaningful conversations off camera aside from Tom demanding that Taylor magically produce a female heir for him.

Tom's heinous response to the MenClub scandal didn't help his public persona much. He didn't give a shit, basically, only owned up to it once the negative press got too big. (And then he and Taylor pretended to be victims, very funny. Taylor also implicitly accused people of harassing one of the underage models, which nobody was doing - such a classic distraction technique.)

Now we know that he works intimately with another magazine (vivi hk) that featured and promoted Taylor back when she was working in HK, what a surprise.

No. 45620

He just acquired Vivi Hk recently and it seems to be only the digital version. Taylor was featured multiple times in the print version which Tom doesn't have anything to do with.
And actually there were a couple of obsessed assholes harassing her, her friends, and also contacting that model.

No. 45621

who contacted the model? I knew about the others

No. 45625

Not sure which one did it but I checked out the models ig back before Taylors' MC videos and there was at least one account in the comment section of all of the recent posts at the time.

No. 46736


Not to mention… her looks will eventually fade too. She keeps exceptionally good care of herself but she's 30 now, probably has another 10 years tops to play the "cute young innocent girl" look before it gets into Mean Girls mom territory. Looks are highly overrated in a relationship contrasted with stability, compatibility, etc

No. 46985

her crying face in the video really shows the amount of botox and fillers in her face, sis needs to ease up she's starting to look like puddy

No. 47391

10 years? Bih has less than 5, with all the stuff she’s getting done she is heading towards Donatella Versace territory

No. 51199

How did Taylor manage to stay looking young for so long? I'm genuinely curious how she got people telling her she looks 18 until like 29 years of age. Is it just the fillers + jaw shave? I want to know for myself cause Im 21 and aging like milk left on the counter already(take it to /g/)

No. 51200


Botox, fillers, expensive skin creams, seeing a dermatologist and makeup. Well and don't forget the filters she uses on her videos/pictures that sometimes melt her chin into her neckline. She's been getting spa treatments too. Part of it I'm sure is genetics though as some just carry more fat on their face or have more youthful bone structure?

Essentially you have to have a lot of money. However, I don't find her "young" looking nor old looking. I feel like people have a false perception of what you must look like at 30.

No. 51213

She looks her age, the way she dresses and acts is most of what makes her seem younger imo. Some people seem to assume you just turn into a wrinkly old hag by the time you hit 24, but 30 is still pretty young.

No. 51220

The fact is people expect 30-year-olds to look super haggard and fat. This is probably because most women in their 30s+ are overworked, unhealthy, have kids, etc.

If you take care of your skin and do some preventative Botox, you'll get told you look young all the time.

No. 52268

She also does her makeup to look younger as well.

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