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File: 1553235147871.png (364.58 KB, 1080x1920, 1553093552378.png)

No. 40847[Reply]

KawaiiBroCosplay (and friends) thread
Since it seems like it deserves its own thread.

>KawaiiBroCosplay aka Zayan

>based in Texas
>notable for "turning your waifus into husbandos", his sensual cosplays and body, being "cute goofy angel sweetie boi uwu"
>profits off this façade
>turns out to be an average run of the mill Chad asshole
>brags about all the people he fucks, but shittalks said people for being "whores" and "thots" like he's better than them
>got arrested at a con for public intoxication
>more and more people come forward talking about similar experiences, and people in the local Texas con scene talk about the same since long ago
>drug use, excessive alcohol, public intoxication, letting minors into his parties and giving alcohol to minors, sex with minors, unprotected sex
Most recently
>a screenshot of a group convo with him and his friends (CagedAngelCosplay included) surfaced
>he brags about "thots" he fucks, "lowering his standards" and mentions shady use of medication (cialis)
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No. 40982

This. Kawaii Bro is definitely a cow and mods are cocksucking. His thread is valid.

No. 40983

Seconding this.

Kawaiibro is clearly a cow. There’s been stories of him on /cgl/ about him spreading STDs at conventions and trashing hotel rooms, not to mention the actual proof of public intoxication that is already on this thread. He really does ride off his popularity of a “kawaii soft boi” to hide how much of a trash person he is.

No. 40985

File: 1553315553298.jpeg (143.93 KB, 720x986, 07EFEC79-0EC6-4C5B-A802-EEC6DD…)

Kawaiibrocosplay more like kawaiiscamcosplay

No. 40986

File: 1553315926218.jpeg (91.06 KB, 720x524, 2B18436F-4EA0-4710-A26E-25442C…)

The guy didn’t receive his rewards in the end

No. 40992

I don’t see why we didn’t keep him in the costhot General we don’t have enough evidence to warrant a full thread (yet.) more legit screenshots need to drop

File: 1527888622868.jpg (84.06 KB, 516x614, IMG_0961.JPG)

No. 11133[Reply]

Savannah Ariana Lee aka rasbll/rasbii is an "artist" on twitter with nearly 50,000 followers. On the surface, she seems like an annoying girl who keeps posting about cats and animu shit. However, it recently came out that she JUST turned 18 on May 21st. She's also known for her NSFW art, but she posted and sold porn on her patreon while underage. Another factor to consider is that she's in a circle of similar porn artists who are definitely in their 20s. Amusingly, she deletes a lot of tweets, but the incriminating posts are still up.

Her actual identity is a mystery. Despite telling followers that she would post a selfie multiple times, she had never done so. Nobody knows what this girl looks like, and the only evidence that she's real is through her exes on twitter, who have all deactivated or has been inactive for a few years. Her "introvert" and "shy" identity might as well be fake, as she admits to drinking underage and possibly goes to clubs.

In her past:
>used to do sonic rps
>which is how she had 3 exes
there was so much shit there that it probably deserves its own thread, but here's some rp shit that's extremely questionable, possibly sharing nudes when she was 14: http://archive.is/qPCFT
proof that she existed at one point:
>drew aka Drewbutropolis on twitter dated savannah for some time but constantly fought with a guy named isaiah, turns out they both dated savannah at one point and drew was jealous of him
there's probably more shit in there but i decided to pull out the most notable stuff.

Savannah has made multiple meet the artist pages stating that her age was 19 since 2016. She has deleted them on deviantart sometime this week, but simply googling "rasbii meet" can show her other meet the artist pages. Here is an example that was done in march 2017 where she was definitely 16: http://archive.is/B13Px
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No. 40885

her faces look horrible. some of her passed drawn faces were at least pleasuring to look at, but now they just scream sakimi's alita the battle angel with no type of nose lol

No. 40939

>>40873 Where did you find this?

No. 40940

>>40873 Where did you find this?

No. 40966

No. 40980

Why does her art look so much like lolita shit? She's an absolute slimebag to be pandering to pedoshits.

File: 1543625873743.jpg (469.49 KB, 1242x1204, 1533057783753.jpg)

No. 10091[Reply]

Old thread >>>/snow/79127

Are there any lolita lolcows you know or follow?
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No. 40798

Anyone else follow Semirealbeing after her bit of drama or are my friends and I the only weirdos?

No. 40815

No. 40881

Imagine not being able to buy from AP because your mom says no. IS this woman an adult or nah?

No. 40929

Oh ew no no no i'm going to move to Atlanta i don't want to be in the same comm as that creepy tranny. At least if he passed i'd be able to play along but those who don't pass are straight up disgusting

No. 40938

Atlanta is one of the last places you want to move if you're trying to avoid creepy trannies.

File: 1533578681380.png (283.86 KB, 449x383, 489CD921-95EA-4D18-B295-5D5FE9…)

No. 8868[Reply]

The white trash queen of Kabukicho is digging herself a deeper hole!

Has had yet ANOTHER BABY this time with a host club owner who wont claim the child and is dodging Sere. Leaving the child document-less and legally without rights in Japan. Instead of trying to get the child back to Australia to give it some type of normal legal life, she holds onto her weeb prostitute dreams of glamour.

Is now a self proclaimed ‘instagram influencer’ gaining a suspiciously large amount of followers in a very short time frame. Still lying about her age, chinese level photoshopping and being the all round narcissist we all know she is.

Claims to have bought a new apartment and seems to be living with a new toyboy in Meguro, no sign of her two ‘beloved’ dogs for over half a year.

A potential suspect in whoever reported Shiena/Shannon Wong to the authorities and is now in a questionable state of limbo as to what will happen to the illegal weebs of Tokyo?!?

TAG - Tokyo Adult Guide:
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No. 40512

File: 1552983962834.png (22.81 KB, 679x262, famous.png)

Bitch, where?

No. 40516

File: 1552985646418.jpeg (44.92 KB, 301x431, 722F6F0D-B27A-4FB6-A9C2-8B0B0C…)

It’s a Japanese thing. I’ve seen a lot of natives with tongue piercings off to the side or with multiple that aren’t semetrical. Not sure why tho.

Pic related.

No. 40530

when will this shitty trend end??

why two weeks? is she making a deal with someone to use their pc? the twitch thot thing is irritating

No. 40570

She’s trying to build up an audience first after her 4 people livestream. There is a 100% chance that it won’t happen as no one cares.

No. 40923

seems like she got 6 followers on her onlyfans site lool

File: 1524433315258.png (932.82 KB, 976x509, busted.png)

No. 14476[Reply]

Why does the UK bring out the worst wannabes ever? We're here to answer those questions.

In the last thread-
>Connie releases her bargain bin book to luke warm reviews
>Abi gets lip and tear trough fillers, whores off her twitch a trip LA with chums bar Connie
>was revealed she went to prison for a night
>Beckii gets lip fillers and remains boring
>Kelsey gets lip fillers, begs on her social media and starts a web series
>Gemma rolls on the floor
>Jared still trying to obtain his harem with cash

No one else is relevant. Roll on that stagnant milk!


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No. 40586

Anon who defended her saying she had no milk here. Yikes I stand corrected… I thought she was a harmless weeb. How exactly did the other anons here suspect this? Guess I have no … thot radar?? Idk, what exactly were the signs? I’m curious.

No. 40908

poor Kelsey really trying her best to go viral again

No. 40942

File: 1553294406610.gif (3.11 MB, 576x304, notgoingtohappen.gif)

stop trying to make Dancing Hermione happen

No. 40943

I hate how she films stuff just randomly in a field? and now I can never unnotice that dead eye or whatever it is

No. 41058


There wasn't signs, the person who found it literally just googled her username and her real name and found that.

File: 1545378321720.jpg (31.57 KB, 640x800, belle-delphine.jpg)

No. 2640[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belle.delphine/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

A big thanks to the original summary anon (>>>/snow/724171)

Cosplay drama:
>posts her Kotori (Love Live) cosplay to a LL group, but wore a purple wig instead of brown; users criticized the wig
>yells "it doesn't matter what color it is!", "i didn't have a brown one!", "cosplay is about fun not accuracy!"
>posts screenshots of the comments on her page to complain about cosplay being a "toxic community"
>admits she should've said it was inspired but keeps making salty posts in reference to it
>begins "lewding" her costumes by posting swimsuit cosplays and a completely random bikini armor version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast
>goes viral for D.va cosplay, this time just long brown hair and pink cheek tattoos in bathing suit
>posts screenshots again because people pointed out that it's just a normal person in character makeup
>announces that she'll never cosplay again because people take it way too seriously
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No. 40904

lol she's a hs dropout? not surprised she's a loser, matches her kind of fanbase. at least she has her betabux but once she shows signs of aging they'll drop her like a cumrag and given she isn't very bright and her only asset is being kinda pretty i doubt she'll manage to make it far in life besides camming or whoring herself out irl

No. 40905

>likes wig0nhead
>also sucks mariah's clit
ofc she does. Birds of a feather.
sh0e must be fuming though,Belle is everything she wishes to be minus the extreme thottery

No. 40906

how did i find this place

No. 40941

>she just likes being controversial because she knows incel's tiny brains eat it up
agreed, i don't think she'd respond the same way if the person asking didn't have the username kingmemecrown

No. 40961

The real nitpick here is why have the black band of the cheap cat ears showing? It's so messy, she can easily be given some expensive separate ears to clip on

File: 1551165457162.jpg (461.12 KB, 1080x784, 20190226_020304.jpg)

No. 37787[Reply]

Previous thread - The Downward Spiral of Dakota Rose: >>>/w/23494


>Dacote flew home for July 4th suddenly after Sheinagate (>>>/snow/650088) and returned to Japan 2 weeks later without her Popteen ring

>it was discovered in the last thread that (prior to her July trip to FL) dacote was getting fuckloads of swag from Sachico, the owner and designer of Malicious.X, to the tune of thousands of dollars' worth of bags and accessories while also getting shoes from Ayastella's brand YELLO for free, as well as free brand clothes from her friends while buying her own at thrift stores and online & wearing cheap stuff from her family/clothes from 2012

>the amount of work she's done since July has been not only much spottier and low rent than pre-July, but she also stopped going out as much to lunches and museums/parks/cafes with her colleagues, has stopped receiving expensive gifts, and has been unable to afford her regular trips Lewin, Chieko Nakayama, and Shibuya DS clinic.

>she finally cut off all her limp noodle hair and went for an actually cute swoopy bob, but a month later cut it into a blunt Dutch boy bob that makes her look like the bastard love child of Meg Griffin & the Starburst berries & cream lad

>her nails and outfits for the last 6 months have also been basic as fuck, except in November when she got more extensions from Lewin (less than 2 weeks before getting the Bob cut), and the pink Chieko nails, but since her haircut she has been posting less and less with longer and more frequent gaps of inactivity

>she also continues to buy likes, views and followers despite steadily losing subs and followers across all her social media

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 40884

Meh. Looking at the edges where the nail meets the cuticle, you can tell they’re not stuck on.

No. 40895


Looks like UV gel to me. Same shit she always gets.

Why was Kota's last job? Has she even had any since the start of March?

No. 40928

Her last job was the Google commercial with Ivan.

No. 40932


She shot the Google Pixel commercial in early November and it aired 2 weeks later, no work since then so over 3 months now of nothing but guest events and Instagram sponsorships. Her Platinum CV lists her last job as Girl's Award in May 2018, almost a year ago.

No. 41028


Maybe I should have been more clear, I meant I think she bought these from Rakuten (Chieko sells gel and acrylic nail sets on there) and put them on herself or had them put on for cheap. Either way, I don't think she got them done by Chieko herself this time because ¥¥¥¥.

File: 1456211252183.jpeg (44.11 KB, 327x449, image.jpeg)

No. 35156[Reply]

The worst of the worst
Always creating drama and taking people down.
Gaijin gyaru
1145 posts and 139 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 40783

The weird drag man dressing gyaru has her beat. Dude is in every fucking tags.

No. 40817


I'm tryna figure out how gyaru critique makeup when all gyaru make-up looks awful.

No. 40829

We have a specific style of bad.

No. 41077

We'd take your criticism as valid if it wasn't obvious you're more offended by them being trans shrug

No. 41079

File: 1553391182706.jpg (520.04 KB, 1193x1148, 19-03-23-20-30-26-484_deco.jpg)

Reina's makeup bad.

File: 1533263123885.jpg (201.12 KB, 1280x720, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 29145[Reply]

Kelly Eden’s Los Angeles calves who are all clawing for a taste of that sweet social media relevance, all between their mid twenties and early thirties -personality wise, they’re all unique variations on weeaboo middle schoolers from 2008 - down to the public sperg-fests.
>Most notable sperg-fests occur at giant holiday get togethers where they act like obnoxious, INCREDIBLY loud children, usually in nice restaurants/tea-houses - often complete with air horns for some fucking reason.
>Like many cults, members are indoctrinated with a matching tattoo - now in two variants: phallic sparkly anime crystal, and blown out dragon ball z sailor moon weeb tat - both done by Courtney’s husband.

Notable Members:

Dre Ronayne

>Kelly's (ex) ”best friend" and roommate.

Dre has been distancing herself from Kelly for a while now, the most telling moment being when Dre requested they start doing a lot less videos together and Kelly proceeding to throw a shitfit over it on Twitter (literally saying it was wrong for Dre to leave her out of the spotlight she helped create for her) 
>Following this, Dre and Kelly are seen in less and less of each other’s social media posts, and Dre announces she is moving out.
>Receipts are dropped that Kelly may have unfollowed and refollowed Dre’s social media.
>Incredibly defensive and sperges out when people make positive comments about her weight/body, while literally selling “Gothicc” tee shirts and promoting being thicc as part of her brand.
>Claims recent weight loss occurred simply due to carrying a water bottle
>Recently dropped Kelly for Chris Villain, her new ‘best friend’ who she constantly does couple cosplay with - again sperging out at fans for asking whether or not the two of them were dating, despite posting countless pictures of the two of them almost kissing.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 38927

Big bucks but she wanted to be sonico but ended up pochaco.

No. 40822

File: 1553219924854.png (Spoiler Image, 250.62 KB, 750x1239, IMG_9374.PNG)

She's so gross she's using a poor cat in her videos to undress her.

And she's photoshopping her stomach so much. #selflove and body positivity

No. 40824

File: 1553220700276.jpeg (76.99 KB, 698x867, 5C522029-ACE3-48CD-A279-F2FCF1…)

it’s a shiny dangling string and the cat hops up into frame to bat at it. being cheeky with the cat yes, but using the cat to undress herself? not exactly. she doesn’t make his claw get stuck

No. 40839

In the end the cat does end up pulling her bikini off

No. 41026


She looks like she ate her former self and is just a breeder now with no brain cells left for a single though. Not a good look.

File: 1552776110845.jpg (2.29 MB, 1700x2550, My Post.jpg)

No. 40202[Reply]

Previous thread: >>22555

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, and Jenna Marbles, among others. Her latest schtick is bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant (for no apparent reason), eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her newly minted husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!) and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to monetize Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her.

It seems that most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for Beauty Exchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (While he finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor still manages to be relatable after giving up modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom as soon as possible. Anything that happens in her lifPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
27 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 40746

I also don't think she's representative of the Dunning-Kruger effect. However. She's completely obsessed with her looks and has been for ages. I went back to find some old pictures of her and it's just pages and pages of bug-eyed filtered edited selfies. She used to post almost exclusively selfies. I guess that's a thing now, but I still find it weird and narcissistic.

She talks all the time about her insecurities but she def thinks she's pretty and is trying to leverage that along with some awkward kind of quirkiness. I remember that vid she did with her Nana, "Look at all those pictures, you must really like yourself!" kek yeah

I know that sounds petty but I honestly cannot fathom being insecure about your looks and uploading photo after photo of yourself day after day. She uploaded much more often than Dakota did.

No. 40752

>She uploaded much more often than Dakota did.
Nah. Dakota when she was trying to go viral still has her beat. There are thousands of pictures of her "photo-shoots" at home. I'm aware that that sounds crazy but seriously, I'm still finding new pics from that time.

No. 40757


I'd rather listen to a motivation speech from someone who actually struggled with weight and not an idiot woman who had 5-8 pounds extra 20 years ago. The pictures she shows are deceitful because she only shows pictures of herself in massive oversized sweaters or with 70% of her body concealed. If you're trying to show your weight loss, why show pictures that don't even show anything.


>>I honestly cannot fathom being insecure about your looks and uploading photo after photo of yourself day after day.

Being "insecure" and having "anxiety" is the trend these days. I swear 70% of IG models or posters proclaim they have it. I find some do it as a defence like "you can't criticize me I have anxiety/extreme insecurity. You're going to cause my mental health to deteriorate". Or " I'm insecure so I have a right to lie about my looks and make others insecure".

I'm not saying she couldn't have either or, but I'm so tired of people using it as a marketing ploy or defence mechanism. Taylor likely has the average healthy level of insecurity ( because every woman and man has it) but just amps it up.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 40814

She's just a glamourised baby girl

No. 40820

so is dakota :)

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