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File: 1533761246119.jpg (105.88 KB, 688x459, 080307_alina.jpg)

No. 6246[Reply]

Neue Milk gibts da glaube ich nicht, aber wer erinnert sich noch an die üblichen Cringe-Verdächtigen wie Bambi und Mio Babylove, oder später Decora Ranger, Boggy Peak und Konsorten? Oder kennt ihr noch Deutsche/Deutschsprachige, die "k4w411 Fasshon" tragen? Denke hier an antiquiertes Drama oder random J-Fashion Weebs (aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz)

I don't think there's any new milk, but do you remember those cringy girls such as Bambi and Mio Babylove, or later on Decora Rangers and Boggy Peak? Or do you know any Germans/Germanophones who are still into that stuff and causing drama? Spill your milk, or just your experiences and opinions.
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No. 63654

I don‘t think so! Kisu thinks she is perfect and better than everybody.

No. 63706

Ich frag mich ob Yazochan mittlerweile endlich mal ihr Abitur geschafft hat. Oder zumindest irgendwas anderes macht.
Mit vierzehn fand Ich sie so hübsch und war so neidisch auf ihr aussehen und lifestyle und jetzt bin ich so alt wie sie damals und frag mich wie die mit Anfang zwanzig halt noch so obsessed mit j-rock und anime sein konnte

No. 66443

File: 1568563671533.jpg (107.33 KB, 738x741, 016349212.jpg)

Vicky has braids now and her forehead makes her look like an alien.
According to facebook she still isn't completely out of forensics but can now leave quite often and is soon done with it.

No. 66449

Anyone knowing what happened to her? I just checked her Instagram accounts. Her main one hasn't been updated since January and her private one has also been left since April? Is she back into therapy or what has happened to her?

No. 66577

She is still active on her Twitter @YazoChan but she mostly just retweets memes, so I won't even bother to take a screenshot
A friend of mine talks to her quite often so I'm gonna ask her if she knows anything

File: 1552776110845.jpg (2.29 MB, 1700x2550, My Post.jpg)

No. 40202[Reply]

Previous thread: >>22555

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, and Jenna Marbles, among others. Her latest schtick is bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant (for no apparent reason), eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her newly minted husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!) and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to monetize Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her.

It seems that most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for Beauty Exchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (While he finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor still manages to be relatable after giving up modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom as soon as possible. Anything that happens in her lifPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 66301

What? Do you have any claims to back up that facial fillers cause hormonal imbalances? It's more likely that being underweight for several years is causing fertility issues.

No. 66320

What's more likely to be causing her health issues? Something she did a decade ago or the injections she's been getting regularly for the past 3-4 years? Are you a doctor or plastic surgeon?

No. 66321

Moving to hk was a huge mistake on her part. Someone so rich, sheltered, and oblivious would have no way to anticipate or properly comment on the protests of the last few months, but her going on pretending like everything is fine, going to pointless promotional makeup and fashion events like nothing else is going on really shows how much money can shelter you from real life in such an extreme way.

Not everyone has to be some kind of political advocate, but it's kind of gross imo to broadcast being super upper class, living in the most expensive real estate market in the world lifestyle and pretending like it's relatable or achievable for your viewers or even a thing to aspire to.

No. 66330

We don't even know she has health issues. She barely tells us about visiting legitimate doctors. Most of her "doctors" (aside from those who treated her during her ovarian cyst) are fake doctors (homeopathic, chinese medicine, Goop-y natural healing stuff). Mostly expensive useless stuff. She was treated by medical doctors for her ovarian cyst, which btw was a normal type of cyst women regularly get; she had bad luck that it twisted her fallopian tube, but this is a rare complication. Most women get functional (aka follicular) cysts in their lifetime and never know it:
Please, please read this if you think Taylor's cyst was some kind of indication of disease or disorder. She presented it as a doom-and-gloom scenario when in reality, this is a normal occurrence in a woman's cycle.

She has never said she has been diagnosed with PCOS. If she had that, she would have said it already. There would be an actual diagnosis. But nope, she's just alluding to this "hormonal imbalance" in the same way she was talking about her "food intolerances" last year, and how the fat in an avocado was causing her to break out. She tried birth control for about 6 weeks and then stopped because it wasn't working to cure her acne and because oooOooOooooooOo so unhealthy according to random people in her family.

One reason I dislike Taylor is the amount of misinformation she spreads. Maybe she has a medical issue. Maybe Tom does. Maybe she's still too underweight or stressed.
Maybe the world is trying to prevent Tom from having a daughter. Maybe she had her uterus replaced with a HelloKitty-themed receptacle years ago and never told us. We don't know, so I treat her like a crazy Goop-lover until she actually gives a solid diagnosis.

Fillers and Botox have not been linked to any hormonal problems, don't spread more misinformation on here. I have read about people breaking out after cosmetic procedures (and I am sure she's had marionette lines and possibly nasolabial folds filled bc I stalk pics of this procedure for my own reasons). She probably gets her injections and slathers makeup overPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 66382

I agree that saying botox/filler causes hormone issues is dumb. But honestly, a lot of her symptoms align with that of hormone issues such as hypothyroidism (puffy face, weight gain, lower fertility) or could also be associated with something like a gluten intolerance. So I don't really blame her with being concerned about either of those things. But if she's really insisting on going to quack doctors instead of getting a real evaluation I can't really have any sympathy for her.
I can't stand people that endlessly complain about medical issues without being the least bit proactive about them. Even with her grandfather dying, did she really think sitting around doing nothing was the best option? You can afford to go to therapy or even one of those bougie wellness retreat things if you hate doctors that much. Her default is just always sitting around and feeling sorry for herself.

File: 1563937090848.png (839 KB, 800x800, pixielocks_threadimage.png)

No. 59471[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/w/42916

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-acPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 66395

Newsletter, more like two minute note then ten minutes editing on crayons and rainbows.

No. 66396

I would like to see the other workspaces. I’m sure there are people who are actually taking this stuff seriously instead of spending all their time making sure their space fits their instagram aesthetic.

No. 66397

nitpicking but i hate how jill uses that shade of mustard or sunflower yellow in with her pastel colours all of the time

No. 66403

She only has class 4 days a week and she still cant organize a youtube schedule?

No. 66458

Jill talks like she's in a "cool" 90s kids commercial

File: 1561525461179.jpg (72.06 KB, 540x960, Kopf.jpg)

No. 55035[Reply]

Ryan Kopf is a 30yo narcissistic man-child who is fueled by Onision level delusions of grandeur. He is the "CEO" of AnimeCons.Org, heading many Midwestern anime conventions including, Anime Midwest, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, and Anime-Zing. According to his personal website he is a self proclaimed, "internet computer scientist engineer specialist techno-evangelist" and "owner of the moon". When he isn't LARPing as Elon Musk, he can be found sexually assaulting women at one of the various cons he runs or ranting on social media about suing people for slander.

>First allegation of sexual assault occurred 2013 at his con, Anime Zing.

>The second sexual assault allegation occurred at Anime Milwaukee 2018. It appears there is still an ongoing investigation at this time. He is confirmed banned from attending the con in the future.
>A third sexual assault allegation dating from 2016 has just come to light on social media from a former staff member during a trip the staff had taken together in Japan.
>In response to the most recent allegation, he has released a censored image from a sexual encounter in addition to uncensored audio from a sexual encounter without consent of the other party to "prove his innocence".
>He has attempted to sue multiple people for slander, including a random tumblr user, for posts involving information about these sexual assault allegations.

Other fun facts about Ryan:
>He attempted to run for Mayor of his small hometown in Iowa at age 18, but unsurprisingly failed to secure enough votes to win.
>Founded the weeb dating site MaiOtaku.com because who doesn't want to join a dating site founded by a alleged sexual predator?
>Has questionably run additional cons under the name Chrono LLC and Black Materia Inc.
>Was kicked out of the Lolita tea party and removed from staff at Kawaiicon in Hawaii in April 2019.

Other People of Interest:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 66314

Thanks for the update, anon. Haven't kept up lately since the last judge did this >>55998 the milk dried up.

This is just the nerd and tie case though, right? Kopf was found guilty of manipulation and obstructive conduct and ordered to cover almost 9k of legal fees for Dorn? Seems like a win. I bet Kopf is absolutely seething right now.

No. 66317

File: 1568345884209.png (77.14 KB, 507x408, book.png)

Just noticed it's dated back in July, oops. I'm sure he was seething at the time. Meanwhile, around then he was posting about writing his book and buying a tesla. How very Gregory James Jackson Avaroe of him.

No. 66356

Yooooo I know this dude IRL. About 10 years ago, he "bought" me at the Nebraskon Dating Auction. That night, he tried to take me to a room party when the guy running it kicked me out after everyone realized I was significantly under aged. I had never lied to Ryan about my age, and said I'd probably get kicked out of the party. He then tracked me down later at the dance and shoved his tongue down my throat. My friend who had been keeping a close eye on Ryan then came to my rescue and took me back to my room. Ryan tracked me down again the next day while we were loading up our car to leave, and tried to convince me to make out with him again. My mom and sister were like 5 feet away, so I declined and offered a hug instead. He added me on facebook a few days later, which I found strange because I had never given him my last name but figured he'd seen me tagged in other people's pictures and found me that way. We're still friends on FB, even though I have him restricted from seeing anything I post.

I'd be happy to post anything "milky" I see on his page.

No. 66360

How underage? He was roughly around 20 at the time then? Yikes. I'm sorry you had to experience this stinky neckbeard's tongue in your throat as a teen.

No. 66362

It would have been like 2 weeks after my 18th birthday. Majority age in Nebraska is 19. I'm young looking too, so no way he could have passed me off for 21 at the room party. He was def 21. Glad the guy who had the room in his name and running the party was being really strict with who he was letting stay. He kicked me out pretty quick.

File: 1557082750214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.52 KB, 1000x667, 8587926E-3205-4691-B40F-58A5B4…)

No. 46405[Reply]

Old thread: #35156
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No. 66230

Nothing super horrendous, just stuff about Arabs blowing themselves up. She had a super shitty attitude about it when people were like 'yo that's racist' though.

No. 66248

This photo was taken in Chinatown where Jade used to live. Does anybody know where she moved?

No. 66265

People can't go to Chinatown? That's where all the weebshit is..

No. 66338

i think anon is just trying to ask about jade?

No. 66339

isn's she living in Japan though?..She doesn't live in Chicago afaik

File: 1542426054741.png (805.69 KB, 720x814, weeaboo motherfuckers.png)

No. 8303[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/15930

A thread for Weebs of the West who create art and music INSPIRED by Japanese culture.
Like true snowflakes they are all special and unique, which is why they all imitate each others' fried hair, obnoxious pastel fashion, and identify as nonbinary, panromantic, etc. These creatures are commonly found selling at, or skulking around anime conventions / artist alleys.

Notable cows amongst their ranks include:

AKA Tiffany Liao
- Artist turned entrepreneur, queen of the western weeb fashion scene
- Art has regressed considerably over the years, she now depends other artists to draw for her clothing line
- Incredibly socially awkward and lazy
- Created a kickstarter for indie game “OMORI” over 4 years ago which amassed $250K in funds but has has yet to release the game. Backer rewards are nowhere to be seen and updates come once in a blue moon
- anon ex worker >>309121 revealed many reasons as to why the game isn't progressing (see: lack of focus, no motivation, hatred all around)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 63871

Annie is such a tryhard. Her Twitter is just her trying to make the same jokes over time and inserting random references during each attempt. What does she see in Nick? Does he have a stable job?

No. 64987

his job is going to Japan all the time for no fucking reason since his family is loaded, cheating on hot Asian girls with other hot Asian girls, and trying not to cancelled again

No. 66148

New OMORI announcement
Lists all of the crew on the team.

No. 66245

So when is it gonna be released?

No. 66322

LMAO…. they kept EMS on the team even though she admitted to sabotaging the game. Omocat is spineless

File: 1550455424155.jpg (92.55 KB, 1080x1080, 37038769_690675401290329_75284…)

No. 36218[Reply]

A thread for drama revolving around Net-idol/dance cover group drama.
Currently (from reading the /CGL/ thread):
>Bunny, formally apart of Start:Splash, recently left the group citing that she became a person she didn't like while she was in the group.
>Anons claim she was one of the most toxic person in the group.
>Bunny is most likely self-posting about the other members being toxic.

Current Group Featured: Start:Splash.
325 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 66161

This contradicts everything on this thread. If nobody wants to talk about them, why does this exist? the vendettas are strong here and most likely the posters are from the same community as this group. Your backtracking is a failed attempt.

No. 66166


This, everyone bumping this thread is someone just connected to who they are bitching about.

There’s so much that has happened that is worth discussing for laughs or cringe from other groups but the same groups are discussed here.

No. 66173

I think my point was misunderstood. I said almost everyone. SS has burned a lot of people, they’ve cycled 8 team members in two years (Liz, Taina, Olivia, Bri, Whisper, Rith, Kat and Bunny, then Liz again), only one of which left on good terms. They’ve also had members piss off some other groups. Then once you include friends of offended parties; there is definitely a large group of people that are very bitter and would gladly come and dish dirt.

My statement is to say ALMOST everyone else is over it and just wants to ignore them.

No. 66180

Ironically, almost everyone on that list is infamous for leaving groups that aren’t just start splash. Wasn’t the group formed by a bunch of misfits that couldn’t either maintain their own groups or caused the fallout of another? (Saying they burned through 8 in 2 years is a decent statistic by the way, most groups don’t last that long).

No. 66188

Those numbers/names aren’t to make them look bad. It was to say I agree there are likely still some that would be disgruntled and talk even if most people are sick of talking about it

File: 1477615365520.jpg (26.88 KB, 356x356, 13694791_546394115571831_11130…)

No. 32974[Reply]

Discuss vloggers living in Korea

-Chonunmigooksaram (https://www.youtube.com/user/ChoNunMigookSaram)
-Bapmokja and Haeppy (https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexWilliamVarley)
-Edward Avila (https://www.youtube.com/user/mrpanda101)
-Sunnydahye (https://www.youtube.com/user/sunnydahye)

and anybody else you can think of
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No. 33066

I'd take looking like boring Sharla over looking like PS, bleached skin and wig wearing Megan any day.
I bet if Sharla had all the shit done like Megan had, then she'd also look prettier lol

No. 33067

sharla looks pretty natural and glowy in the video, awful fashion sense notwithstanding

No. 33068

they're all creepy koreaboo nutcases. it's actually sad how delusional they are. whitney is so ugly and cringy, she isn't even smart. it is easy to get a bachelors degree and she doesn't even do anything with it because she can't. she has fetishzed Koreans for a long time and decided to go over there and become and idol. so she gets scammed at karaoke bars because she is an idiot. and then she acts like she personally knows every Korean boy and if she calls them oppa they'll date her yet she is still alone. she acts like she is pretty because she did a modeling job but her photos are nowhere to be found anywhere, the company needed someone with dark skin and social media presence to try to expand their brand. why else would they choose someone with terrible skin for a cosmetic modeling job? they had extra work photoshoppung the hell out of her. and she doesn't speak Korean well or she would be able to get literally any other job with an engineering degree.

she's disgusting. all kvloggers are.

No. 66091

a former finalist for miss germany,
Farina Behm/Jo is now a kvlogger
not milky other than her looks and height (6'3) but its interesting compring her to the other kvloggers(necro)

No. 66097

She is 5′ 10.

File: 1514209445221.jpeg (160.59 KB, 808x846, C937719D-8822-472E-AE9F-970D25…)

No. 10468[Reply]

Old Delandra Barbie Johnson thread was hitting limit. Intro to Del:

- Overweight Black American girl who has gone from fandom to fandom, community to community scamming people
- Had a stint in Japan where she went in and out on multiple tourist visas(which is illegal) worked illegally as an escort but due to her looks didn’t make much money. Screenshots of her begging people for rent money
- Scams by selling fake brand/ stretched out used Japanese alt fashion
- Was caught years ago on Craigslist Tokyo soliciting for marriage fraud(marriage for a Visa) and ended up marrying a military man for benefits
- Lied about a human child dying for sympathy when it was a dog
- Claims to have three homes in multiple countries despite barely making ends meet as a prostitute and begging people to sleep on their couches
- Was proven on PULL to white knight herself after a girl she scammed in Guam came to the forum. She also made fun of said woman for being domestically abused
- Posts photos from years ago in Japan to fool her ignorant fans that she’s still there despite being barred years ago
- Is dating a neckbeard in the speed runner community because his mother is ill and on her deathbed and Del has admitted to wanting life insurance
- Recently scammed popular alt Facebook stripper named Cola
- Is being currently dragged to pieces by Speedrunner community for scamming people at conventions(out of hotel rooms) and playing the race card after she flew to the UK and a guy rejected her
- Also claims to be getting surgery soon despite not making any money at all as a sex worker and relying on her multiple scams.

Twitter is @barbiexedge and her Facebook account is Delandra Barbie Johnson. Warning: If she asks to sleep at your place or offers to buy something from you do NOT trust her. She has been scamming for at least five years now.
518 posts and 141 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 66053

Girl hasn’t been to Japan since how many years and still using Bdiajp for clout.

No. 66057

File: 1568158788891.jpeg (288.82 KB, 1242x921, 43D18EF8-C95C-430A-A012-E86DF0…)

I’m curious if she’ll fuck anybody over during her trips?

No. 66088

More like fucking anybody. You know she's going to be seen around her Texas ex yet again when she's there. Wonder who else she's boning for a place to stay while she's in the states.

No. 66095

I don't remember her having an ex in Texas. Like ever. Just her family. That metal gamer dude was somewhere on the west coast. But what we all know is she's really just going to all these states to strip. I would want to earn back all the money I wasted on surgery too. Hopefully anyone who actually does decide to hang out with her and let her crash at their place doesn't get conned into anything. We all know she steals from people who house her because they find out how she really is and cant stand to be around her

No. 66325

Shit she would be in the same states my ass is visiting. I smell a scam about to happen when she find a gullible person to let her stay.

File: 1532278346705.jpeg (120.88 KB, 1111x702, 1531095703519.jpeg)

No. 5855[Reply]

The New Queen of Milk, Mariah Mallad aka Momokun Cosplay, has a lot of calves surrounding her, thirsty for those sad, saggy, Patreon bux-laden teats of hers.

Previous thread: >>386826

To prevent further derailing of her many threads, here is a spot to examine all the folks who hang onto her, either by choice or by force. Don't feel sorry for this herd unless it is obvious that Mooriah is browbeating them to keep them in her circle; they generally know what a piece of shit she is even when they claim otherwise, now more than ever after the last year of bucket after bucket of whole, unpasteurized milk from Moomoo. Look forward to this thread's OP becoming completely irrelevant in about, oh, three or four months.

>Please keep non-Moo-related discussion of Onision and Jessica Nigri to his threads over in /pt/, and the uggo costhot threads in /snow/ respectively. MomoAkuma/MomoCastro is a special kind of trash that has her own thread at >>640796 but shit she does for/with Moo can still go here.

People Going Down With L.O.L Mootanic:

-Collette/Vamplette: Mariah's chief bitch, Vamp can be counted on to help Mariah with her shitty costumes and take all the abuse Mariah throws at her. Is known only for being Moo's attack dog on social media, having an unfortunate nose, and her even less-fortunate twerking videos. She is supposedly quitting cosplay forever and ever this Fall, we'll see what comes of that. https://twitter.com/vamplettes

-Sabrina/Sabrinathebunny: A camgirl and outright porn-making costhot, she's been one of Mariah's biggest cheerleaders the past year even though the dumb broad can't seem to help but spill tea about Moo. One golden example was confirming that Moo did indeed have liposuction last year, something that Moo couldn't walk back no matter how hard she tried. She seems to be currently flip-flopping on if she supports Moo or not, stay tuned! Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1115 posts and 412 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 66086

Judging by Umbrans comments from the livestream It makes me wonder if she’s having a purpose to be the fake friend to Mariah and tries to cover up by endless ass kissing. She talk mad shit about her during one of her streams and would even take bad shots of her when they hang out. Mariah is just too oblivious to notice since her egos being fed from every post she gets from Umbran. Otherwise this is not normal to be obsessed with one person with the endless obsession. It’s like if Mariah wants her to be her literal doormat she would lay herself on dog shit and let her step all over her while showing off the footprints on her shirt like a good little bitch.

No. 66087

>she's a living breathing mommy… and I'm baby
>I crave jennameowri's toes
Jesus, she's so creepy and gross. I get that she styles their wigs and they are cows themselves, but I don't know how anyone puts up with this chick.

No. 66127

I can't tell if Umbran is just a batshit crazy lapdog, wants to bump muffins, wants to cosplay Moos skin or looking for a sister figure in Momokun.

or Moo is very good an manipulating people.

No. 66142

she's obviously just a batshit rich bitch. she seems like a weeb with no personality trying to play up the ""yandere"" act.

No. 66247

Goddamn her jay Leno cosplay is on point….

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