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File: 1542426054741.png (805.69 KB, 720x814, weeaboo motherfuckers.png)

No. 8303[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/15930

A thread for Weebs of the West who create art and music INSPIRED by Japanese culture.
Like true snowflakes they are all special and unique, which is why they all imitate each others' fried hair, obnoxious pastel fashion, and identify as nonbinary, panromantic, etc. These creatures are commonly found selling at, or skulking around anime conventions / artist alleys.

Notable cows amongst their ranks include:

AKA Tiffany Liao
- Artist turned entrepreneur, queen of the western weeb fashion scene
- Art has regressed considerably over the years, she now depends other artists to draw for her clothing line
- Incredibly socially awkward and lazy
- Created a kickstarter for indie game “OMORI” over 4 years ago which amassed $250K in funds but has has yet to release the game. Backer rewards are nowhere to be seen and updates come once in a blue moon
- anon ex worker >>309121 revealed many reasons as to why the game isn't progressing (see: lack of focus, no motivation, hatred all around)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 103931

He is her husband and it got resolved? Does that mean that she is a Japanese artist from Japan like she claims? ok.

You literally sound like you bought a broken overpriced pot with stolen design from a trashy european weeb youtuber chick with zero background in arts who woke up one day and desided that she is a Japanese artist.

No. 104054

No you imbecile, when you type "spreading her legs for him" you're acting like she's a slut for having sex with her husband. The way you type this shit out sounds like you are insanely jealous. And no, talking about her on here will not get the site shut down, are you on something?

No. 104068

you went real hard real fast like you owe Marzia money or something lmao you seem triggered as hell I just smell jealousy really well

No. 104088

>All images courtesy of Marzia Kjellberg
She took felix's last name. Such a feminist queen

No. 104145

I am extremely jealous. I am jealous of people who graduated from art universities, who create beautiful pieces of art, who are respected and well known in the art world. I am jealous of artists whose creations were sold on Sotheby's. Definitely not jealous of a delusional trashy chick who got some e-fame and followers because she is a girlfriend of some internet clown. She is not Japanese, nor a real artist.
As I mentioned earlier, I have personally met many of her fans and I know how they literally get hysterical when someone is criticizing her shitty "art", so you telling me that I am posting here because I am jealous is pretty old already, I heard it plenty of times, please come up with something new next time.

File: 1572114840758.png (913.18 KB, 596x900, shoop.png)

No. 71076[Reply]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mickey.m.johnson.7
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thequeenofdeer/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thequeenofdeer
Previous Thread: >>53920

The Basics:
>Ridiculous and inconsistent shooper extraordinaire from Joliet, IL. Blames her “poor camera quality” and “facebook killing her photo quality” for posting blurry, poor quality, and clearly shooped pics.
>Claims her uncanny inhuman shooping is just her makeup style/circle lenses/lash extensions. Posts pics “without makeup” where she is clearly still wearing tons of makeup + shoop.
>Unshooped pics and video surface in May from ACen and expose the ridiculous extent of her wannabe ana-chan photo editing. Deleted instagram for 5 months following this, but continued to post shoops on Facebook.
>Known to lurk this thread all day every day. Has posted things in direct response to what we’ve said here and her ex basically admitted she was obsessed with this thread.
>Was previously a part of a “Petty Girls Group Chat” with other ana-chans (such as Dae Umeko) dedicated to mass bullying tons of girls’ appearances. Screenshots of this chat got leaked. >>48641
>But stop bullying her for her appearance guys seriously be kind to everyone uwu
>MyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 104006

File: 1593995215305.png (276.22 KB, 594x606, mickey.png)

She's getting sloppy, what am I even looking at here?

No. 104014

File: 1593997650814.jpg (28.51 KB, 340x520, 1593971674228~2.jpg)


Psh.. here she just said fuck it, my shirt is now morphed into my inner elbow.

We know you're a chunker Mickey. No amount of Snow, and using those ratchet hair extensions to cover your huge jowls, thick neck and shapeless body will change that.

No. 104018

Is anyone going to talk about her boyfriend looking like a Nintendo character? He looks like he'd be friends with pikmin.

No. 104053

File: 1594018678972.jpeg (967.18 KB, 2674x2150, 718D9A9F-B618-41C0-B7B3-D5DBEC…)

Dude Mickey is literally a clown haha ! Just google clown you will see that stupid eye makeup she draws under her eyes lol she also needs to layer her hair if she wants that long of Extensions Cause you can clearly see her real hair from her fake(Not milk, derailing)

No. 104089

that clown grill is cute, knows how to apply exaggerated make up that looks good while looking like an /actual/ clown and she isn't cranking the shooping up to 11.

your comparison is bad anon, and you should feel bad.

saged for WK a fucking clown i've never seen in my entire life

File: 1502828573510.jpg (54.48 KB, 503x597, B2CT0TWCUAIZJ-W.jpg)

No. 24530[Reply]

This thread is for any lolcow or weeb in the VK scene.

(MiA,Bangya peeps,etc)
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No. 103300

This is a terrible copy pasta lmao

No. 103319

Did she actually drink piss a la Yukapee??

No. 103945

Cherry's dating a married woman, she probably burned too many bridges with all the dudes she used, a bit surprising after she put down her last girlfriend's body and what she wore.

No. 104050

Juniper is poly and her boyfriend is cool with her dating Cherry

No. 104070

It's just for attention. Cherry lives in Texas and Juniper lives in Connecticut. It'll probably be over before they ever see each other irl. kek

File: 1554221921479.png (748.35 KB, 572x595, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 42676[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auresscosplay/?hl=en (currently has her instagram privated)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyEjcS59x1xtIbisfXLC8A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/auresscosplay?lang=en
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/auress

Openly racist 22 year-old cosplayer from New York that frequently gets into drama with the cosplay community and is extremely delusional. Used to go on tirades on twitter about how she hated Mexicans, and now has her father take lewd pictures of her cosplaying underage characters in her backyard.
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No. 102761

File: 1593225220893.jpg (181.39 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20200626-203153_Ins…)

She's taking the Momokun route and saying her racism/lewding is old history in Instagram stories. Funny when last Katsucon people were keeping an eye out for her because of her racism and talking down about anyone with a mental disorder. Now 4 months ago, she fat shames and still throws racist slurs around.

The molestation claims about her dad sound fake too. She still cosplays with him comfortably and has an account pretending to be him. She's an attention seeking monster.

No. 103161

I was really surprised (and disgusted) about her dad thing but are you sure the Instagram is from Auress pretending to be him?

No. 103224

What 60+ year old man is making posts on IG talking about anime ships they like and constantly remarks about his daughter, but never his son or wife? Read just about any description under the posts and tell me they sound like the writing of an adult man. Its obviously her playing the role for him while he cosplays with her out of kindess.

No. 103226

Talking about the dadress7 account

No. 104046

File: 1594015081242.jpeg (86.72 KB, 720x960, 49866BC4-849A-4F04-AFB1-2D4B94…)

This Angel Dust cosplay is fucking terrifying

File: 1552776110845.jpg (2.29 MB, 1700x2550, My Post.jpg)

No. 40202[Reply]

Previous thread: >>22555

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, and Jenna Marbles, among others. Her latest schtick is bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant (for no apparent reason), eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her newly minted husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!) and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to monetize Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her.

It seems that most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for Beauty Exchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (While he finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor still manages to be relatable after giving up modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom as soon as possible. Anything that happens in her lifPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 96664

She doesn't have a hook nose or oversized, wtf

It's just a standard white girl nose. idk if seeing all these Snow shooped girls online is warping people's idea of what noses are supposed to look like. Nothing about Taylor is odd looking, just completely normal looking pretty girl.

The main problem is her wholesale copying of trends and specific people instead of a personality, even though what people actually like about her is the unique personality that slips through the copying.

Btw she has a bilibili account with slightly different content on it which I found randomly :


There's a second Bilibili Taylor but the linked one has unique video thumbnails and posts new photos/posts from Instagram so it seems legit.

No. 103989

File: 1593990363993.png (338.73 KB, 1440x1729, 96575.png)

Just randomly opened Toat and noticed this interesting article choice


Since Taylor works from home this is inspired by her assistant? Is she blaming her depression on her ex-assistant Natalie because the description seems like Natalie? thinkingemoji.jpg

No. 103995

How does this sound like Natalie? You’re reaching

No. 104012

or tell your boss? if someone is a dick 24/7, they need to learn to get along, not the other way around.

No. 104043

Right, I don't know if Taylor or someone else wrote the article but if someone is making trouble for you at work, the solution is not to negotiate with them. It's kinda a weird idea for an article especially considering she doesn't and hasn't (afaik) had the kind of job that has coworkers.

File: 1579486609583.png (1.99 MB, 1565x1180, drspaceman.png)

No. 79174[Reply]

Sarah "Best in Show" Spaceman is an Atlanta based cosplayer and "motion graphics designer", currently with 92k Instagram followers. Milk imported from the Costhot Thread/PULL.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahspaceman
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sarahspaceman
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sarahspaceman
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sarahspaceman
Costhot Thread: >>33300

>Rushes to be the FIRST to cosplay a character, even if that “cosplay” is just photoshop (“First” Spinel, White Pearl, Mega Pearl)
>Constantly has to remind everyone she’s self taught and how hard she’s worked and how much she’s improved: >>40751 >>79090
>Gives out advice, makes tutorials, sells patterns despite hiding shoddy work: >>39551 >>39547 >>75844 >>51264 >>76939
>Chronic abuser of rhinestones, beads, gems, lace, hoop skirts and glitter freckles to hide shoddy work: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
544 posts and 177 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 104023

Is this character supposed to be brown and African-inspired? I hope the "woke" cosplay crowd tears her apart for it, just because it'd be funny to see her have a meltdown over being canceled.

No. 104037

Straight up, this should be proof that she didn't make the wings and scythe for her Raiko costume. That sun looks like a preschooler made it, there is no way someone who had the skills to make those props would make something this shitty.

No. 104058

As long as she doesn't paint herself brown nobody will give a fuck

No. 104101

All this would have taken was a crystal in the middle. The pearls are super poorly sewn on too, is she incapable of finding nice lace? All she'd have to do is search for five minutes on taobao instead of making clunky things like this.

No. 104139

Stupid nitpick but god she looks like the annoying librarians pet here

File: 1582936454742.png (472.21 KB, 757x554, darlingpeesuit02.png)

No. 84714[Reply]

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics
>continuing her long-time habit of accusing others of copying her just because they're cosplaying the same character
>trying to be Belle Delphine
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
505 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 103793

That's a lot of words to say that your relationship with Lori has cost you over 600+ relationships with people. kek

Tbh reminds me of Onision. Absolutely obsessed with the attention/likes/followers, but is so unhinged he can't handle having anyone speak out in his echo chamber so the numbers just keep getting smaller and smaller with every freak out. All these narcs think alike.

I used to feel bad for Kevin. Especially when the drama first hit and it was obvious that Lori was abusive towards him. At this point he mimics her behavior, echos her words, and seems just as bad as her. He has come off as very manipulative, unhinged, and abusive in return. Though I guess he's never threatened to blackmail her with rape accusations like she has to him during their bigger fights. I guess that's something?

No. 103928

You know Lori got on his Facebook and deleted those people and he just taking the blame for it.

No. 103937

Kelly’s Instagram story really disturbs me. She’s forcing Toshi to go outside to go ‘potty’ during fireworks and he’s clearly petrified. It’s the Fourth of July, why wouldn’t you have your dog go outside before they start, while it’s still light out? And why are you filming him being put into a stressful situation? The majority of dogs are scared of fireworks Kelly, you don’t need to exploit your dog. I feel so bad for that little guy.

No. 103968

Oh shit, wrong thread, sorry!

No. 103981

Anon, love yourself. He's just a narc.

Learned from the best.

File: 1574743708857.jpg (164.95 KB, 1080x1079, lorena.jpg)

No. 73866[Reply]

Self proclaimed "Queen of Kabukicho" and "Weeb queen with boundary issues."

Recent milk:
>Has washed up at a brothel in Osaka where she's working long hours >>72793
>Latest visa hop (or 'mystery trip'), this time to Canada >>71389 and maybe visited Sheina? >>71433
>Said she'd been in jail but had beat the charge >>69587
>Disappeared for around three weeks, which is the allowed detention time for police charges in Japan >>67545 then reemerged with jail hair >>69532
>Adopted a ratchet IG baddie persona, including pot-leaf motifs and tagging random rappers in her posts
>Also recently made a brief attempt at becoming a "twitchthot" in her own words, streaming Mario Kart twice before abandoning it
>Her third, fatherless, child hasn't been referenced to or seen in months
>Has joined a band called D4C (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) as their vocalist even though she can't sing
>Still working as a prostitute

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kabukillmee/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kabukillmee
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
469 posts and 128 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 101707

even if she doesn't the husband could still be claiming they're married and he's living away from home for work.

No. 102958

Has anybody got her onlyfans conten? Also i only know about 2 movies she made but they are censored. Where can i get them uncensored?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 103955

File: 1593967957189.png (155.5 KB, 931x753, ttT970N.png)

lorena is creating fake stories again

No. 104010

Funny how so many of these cows are just now coming out with these stories and claiming their POC card. She's never once in all her time online up until recently, when she's decided to pursue a rap career of course, proudly call herself "latina" or talk about how she was so persecuted in Australia.

No. 104034

New identity for Lorena to grab onto?! Hold on everybody, we’re in for a ride!

File: 1580173761529.jpg (99.43 KB, 1080x810, 36149181_1813159382083384_5739…)

No. 80122[Reply]

Old thread >>>/w/10091

>fannyrosie still bored in Japan tries to coord weirdly stopping short of bedding an Asian dude
>Yanise still scamming on innocent lolitas in NYC
>IVB finally marries her military husband
>obiviously.happy still being an edgelord
>Voldie moves to Montreal
>RC has extreme vetting
>ScarfingScarves still calling out bad actors in lolita
>LovelyLor continues to whore out her now-lolita gf
851 posts and 160 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 103908

File: 1593907772375.png (292.45 KB, 484x1196, naturally racist.png)

Ironic considering her previous weird whining about not having autism

I have this old ass cap compilation that doesn't include her name however

No. 103914

Who the fuck knows. A nobody making a video in which they share anon comments about people they dont name is very boring. Just call them out or shut up.

Dont shill this boring shit

No. 103924


No. 103938

Wait did she actually mix up hijabs and Punjab?

No. 103939

Someone said she was or is extremely sheltered so probably.
I mean sheltered isn’t an excuse…. but it could explain why she can’t read a room and doesn’t know how to keep those thin little lips of hers zipped

File: 1456005967663.jpg (142.92 KB, 1440x2034, 12168308_10156554874105483_160…)

No. 16634[Reply]

23 year old weeb that makes youtube videos regarding anime. Actually makes intelligent points but is a snowflake and grating in a few ways.

>claims to actively respond to fans but constantly ignores their questions in regards to if she's dating Joey aka The Anime Man even though she CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him and uses language like bbz when referring to him.

>constantly posting fat tits
>uses a sexy and thin anime drawing representation of her for her video thumbnails contrary to how she really looks
>constantly talks about hentai and tentacle porn

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1HVMnw-610qx54iEiWk7A/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akidearest/

702 posts and 142 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 61775

Does she legit think this looks good?

No. 76540

does she still go gym? maybe she gave up(necro)

No. 85780

I 1000% agree with you aside from the jaw shave. she needs to shave some pounds, do something about that hairlip and get a nose job. also she needs to dump her boyfriend, that prick deserves to die alone

No. 85878

>this thread
>barely know this girl
>she needs to nosejob / better makeup / whatever
>upholding her to all these beauty standards
This girl even doesn't seem that insecure about her appearance.
The modeling part is weird, but she seems to have a following anyways.

No. 103895

Can't believe she click baited THIS hard just for an anniversary video. Like enjoy the clicks I guess.

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