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File: 1665567769698.jpg (5.26 MB, 4556x5485, 1665566211673.jpg)

No. 257769[Reply]

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring assistants, eating food, drinking coffee, exercising, seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her husband, Tom Lip is a successful businessman. One of his companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!), stated it’s just one or two people who hate her, and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously.

Taylor herself has started her own business, TOAT, which is, alas, currently completely abandoned for pandemic and motherhood reasons.

Ever since her successful carrier(s) faded, she focused on her IVF "journey", more about which can be found in previous threads. The said journey resulted in a new carrier - one of a kind and never seen before family and childcare vlogging! Along with it came mini lectures about Traditional Chinese medicine and post-partum confinement, presented as universal truth and law.
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No. 280103

she said she sees Levi is becoming more social and curious through the playgroups, she isn't calling it out. it's hardly rocket science to say that kids learn socialization and other things by being exposed at a young age. This is like basic standard toddler stuff where I live, but go ahead and cape for "based taylor" without watching the content again!

No. 280145

You don't need to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for that though to socialize your kids by going to playgrounds. That's why it's good she's calling it out yes, based. Don't know why you're mad about it.

No. 280150

The anon's point is that if you watch the video she goes on to say how great they are. She isn't calling them out.

No. 280155

Not everyone is going to watch the videos. This is why anons specifically selecting and out of context posting is an issue. NTA, but this post >>280065, if anons aren't caring to watch the video,is misleading and purposely sets the thread up to derail if this is actually all praise about the schools.

No. 280157

the post is mocking Taylor for not thinking babies can learn or benefit from anything at a young age. If you care so much, watch her actual content and stop infighting over a post you don't understand. You're asking to be spoonfed the content of her videos when you can watch them yourself, fucking weird.

Protip: in English, when someone says "I _initially_ thought…" that's usually a lead-in to "but later I found out the opposite!"

File: 1673238585885.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1284x2404, 1672684461607.jpeg)

No. 274761[Reply]

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of severe mental illness in the forms of ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
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No. 280138

I know she’s trying to spin it in a DID way, but like goddamn, it’s just a dumb thing someone who knows a bit of another language did while drunk, that’s nothing to write home about

No. 280153

She really is pure evil. Nasty cunt. My work hires people with disabilities for like janitorial work and there is a man with autism that will talk forever about old cars, like from the literal materials used (metal manufacturing) to the country of origin of all the parts, etc. That is a special interest, Jill. Not trying to blog but her autism larp makes me sick to my stomach. She has no idea what autism really looks like or the struggles people face. Lowlife spoiled scum.

No. 280184

Just regular drunk white girl things, really. I don’t even get why she shared this, was it an effort to sound quirky?

No. 280195

>"petite enfante"
totally native level french wow

No. 280234

She is definitely intending it to be another look at proof of my DID in the past thing, either Jilly age sliding because she is soooo traumatised or berry popping out.

File: 1629865102745.jpg (653.66 KB, 826x1327, IMG0079.jpg)

No. 169314[Reply]

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl; recently trying to weasel way into cottagecore
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
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No. 280022

She looks like skeletor

No. 280074

I wonder what she’d be tweeting about right now if she had ended up with ol’ sensual instead of skeletor…

No. 280105

To their credit (they're still wrong since theory and practice are two different things) some of the leading commies on Twitter have the qualifications to back it up, years of posts, essays, and extensive knowledge of what they're talking about. It's obvious Kelly is more like a kid repeating catchphrases than a true rebel or revolutionary, I can't see anyone subscribing for her paraphrased canned opinions when they can go to much more educated sources.

No. 280115

This. Kelly is shallow. She starts dating someone or makes a new friend, slaps their aesthetic all over her social media, changes the way she looks, and nonstop posts about insertnewidentityhere. However, if she were to debate with someone she wouldn’t have anything other than the blurbs and catch phrases she’s latched on to. She doesn’t have a deep understanding and I’d bet my life on it. The moment skeletor skidaddles she’s going to have a personality crisis. She’s literally shacked up with her man twig all day everyday- no friends, family or colleagues to help round her out. It’s embarrassing.

No. 280221

File: 1675585776222.jpeg (322.45 KB, 1284x2243, D796F483-0F5C-4861-8ECC-05A47B…)

Honestly though, when was she ever a goth? She’s always raved on about it and the only thing even remotely close i ever saw was maybe her little tumblr/punky/emo thing she did in the early 2010s back when it was a trend anyways

File: 1554221921479.png (748.35 KB, 572x595, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 42676[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auresscosplay/?hl=en (currently has her instagram privated)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyEjcS59x1xtIbisfXLC8A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/auresscosplay?lang=en
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/auress

Openly racist 22 year-old cosplayer from New York that frequently gets into drama with the cosplay community and is extremely delusional. Used to go on tirades on twitter about how she hated Mexicans, and now has her father take lewd pictures of her cosplaying underage characters in her backyard.
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No. 275741

Well she used to be really skinny but gained a lot of weight within a year from the looks of her deviantart.

No. 278219

File: 1674446002655.jpg (28.76 KB, 350x778, 326124242_679025477296955_3224…)

Sage for nitpick, but dear lord! Why does she keep buying cosplays that are far too small for her? Those buttons are just holding on for dear life.

No. 278705

File: 1674701234728.jpg (296.41 KB, 1280x1707, revamped_haru_cosplay_from_bea…)

The amount of photoshop she does to herself is just….very obvious. Also, new wig, but yikes. It appears we don't wash our cosplays at all. Looks completely filthily, almost like she rolled around in shit.

No. 279671


No. 279776

File: 1675297576236.jpg (319.71 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20230201-161938_Ins…)

Sadly, it's the same one she owned back in April of last year, and it was still a size (or two) too small then as well.

But like it's not even the buttons holding on for dear life. It's pulling at the seam of the shirt the buttons are attached.

And she's using that corset as a crutch, making it pretty obvious she's trying to make it fit. Even it it tears apart from itself as she squeezes into it.

File: 1667061916433.jpeg (43.85 KB, 440x616, 440450C0-13F5-4BB5-9F88-0D85A6…)

No. 262428[Reply]

Previous thread:


Recent topics:

> A google doc was released about paradises ex member Wib making racist comments


> Pinkii is back on shit-tok after losing it and she’s calling people that dislike her ‘fat and ugly’

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No. 279701

Aww anon, did that trigger you? Fuck off, I ain't talking to you there. Was talking about yaya's instagram shticks, not locow. Bold of you to use retard when you're this dense yourself kek(lost newfag)

No. 279714

nta but no one gives a fuck about those topics other than newfags. take it to twitter.

No. 279731

Not sure why you’re so triggered nonnie. People can dress however they please but people can dislike it.
I think she looks really pretty honestly but the eye makeup with her very white features is jarring. A lot of older gals are good at making gal makeup read as gal on their features, but it still feels unsettling. I do think this is a product of them wanting to look like certain Japanese gals when their features won’t really allow for it. I also find that gal make tends to be jarring on people with naturally lighter eyes.
Also, anon wasn’t saying that all gals do it to trend hop and for clout, I think they were just saying that’s one of the reasons the social media has a lot of bad info on gal. A lot of people on Tiktok get praise for being “gal” while doing the absolute bare minimum because people being alt and individualistic is trendy amongst Gen Z.
There is a lot that could be said about younger gals and the minimum effort they put in.

No. 279751

No, but you sound disabled. Fuck off back to twitter or learn to integrate outside of just saying "kek". The rest of us want to be spared from losing brain cells reading that shit.

No. 279869

'kek' is one of the laziest attempts at integration here, along with performative radfeminism that a lot of zoomers seem to adopt, mistakenly thinking it's part of general board culture. Good riddance.

File: 1646681365315.png (129.08 KB, 300x300, ah4S3Ab.png)

No. 199783[Reply]

Because the other OP's were incompetent tourists.

>Cutesy anime voice V-Tuber streamer on Twitch

>Claims to have CVID, an immunodeficiency, milks her viewers with sob stories about it
>Has gotten a surge in popularity after being shipped with a British youtuber living in Japan
>Suddenly starts getting money (over $500,000 in the last month from her subathon) where she's noticeably better
>Acts and tries to sound like she's 18, when in reality she has a daughter and is in her 30's
>Married and divorced a supposedly abusive husband
>Streams for days on end while her mother takes care of her 14 year old daughter

>Supposedly had her daughter doxxed as some others claim, which is why she deleted tweets and archives related to her, but I've yet to see any evidence of the doxxing
>May have HIV and not CVID, as the treatments are very similar. Would line up with her story of having an abusive husband, apparently making her daughter a rape baby

Interview from 2018:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 272358


I guess the "she is lying, trust me bro" is dead now.

No. 279163

I've never seen so many sad people in one spot. I don't watch Ironmouse but I was curious about her since she's been circulating lately. As someone who lives with chronic illness and works in media industry. You never know what people are masking. Takes years to find diagnoses, especially for things like CVID. I personally have EDS, POTs, and MCAS. And honestly? Living with that shit puts you down 50 levels from everyone else. You'll never be as fast as everyone, the world isn't fair and it sucks. But yall see one person talking about their experience online and getting a bit of sympathy and try to say she's selfish for it? If she can let that illness do at least one good thing for her I don't blame her one bit after all the bad it must do. tyvm(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 279167

Lol coming in and announcing that you have the munchie trifecta isn’t going to make you any friends. Lots of people have chronic illness and they just deal with it instead of making it everyone else’s problem or using it for sympathy.

No. 279184

Wah wah poor you. People speculate it about ironmouse since half of the shit she does her WK excuse by saying "she's chronically ill!!" People are allowed to speculate on the Internet. Her only proof is her own mouth.

No. 279547

>I personally have EDS, POTs, and MCAS
Top fucking kek do you have DID also? Take your munchie bullshit elsewhere. If she was consistent and the shit she said made sense her CVID would barely be a topic here.

File: 1664958357172.jpg (243.8 KB, 1728x892, bpdcourt.jpg)

No. 254497[Reply]

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon livejournal community in the US. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays Marin Kitagawa now as she's the flavor of the week waifu. Of course she is "the IRL Marin" in her eyes just like she was IRL Saber and Zero Two. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on what she calls "spicy" content (shitty nudes) and "lewd modeling". She only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions, if that. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder. He will escalate even faster if he is currently in the doghouse and blocked by Lori. It's how she manipulates him to do her old KouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
734 posts and 144 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 280027

File: 1675450360831.jpg (68.83 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230203_115146_189.jpg)

I guess Kevin paid up.

No. 280044

This makes me sad, they were really cute together. I genuinely thought Scott had finally grown up and gotten his shit together, guess it was all a front. His new supply is in for a suprise, either way good for Heidi for getting away from him.

I can't wait to see how juicy this gets the closer we get to Vday kek.

No. 280109

im excited for loris birthday and 4/20 in april this year because thats when theyve had fights before kek

No. 280200

>>276289 we are watching a shayna style spiral into flabbiness. Bet in a year we are going to look back at this and be surprised how thin she still was. Please 2023 be good to us.

No. 280216

Maybe they're fighting because Kevvy called her fat, wasn't he into anachans? Now she eats all his food.

She's going to double in size, in that pic she hides one leg behind the other to minimize how big she is, and now she edits out the lumps that are happening everywhere.

File: 1674801846156.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, 1614265512959.png)

No. 279002[Reply]

Previous thread >>139494

8chan thread:


Brief Summary:
Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims to be a CSA survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and has 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked in her local community because of how much drama she caused and her tendency to lie. She at one point, started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She's bragged about beating her mom. Slept with her now former best friend's abusive partner. She also pretends to be tough online but hides often irl.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila

Social Media
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 279788

Is she still dating the guy she moved in with?

No. 280052

File: 1675461769013.jpg (689.32 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20230203_165102_Sam…)

Judging by this post, I guess so.

No. 280054

File: 1675461859551.jpg (130.52 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20230203_164935_Sam…)

She says all this yet, walks around poorly dressed, with facial piercings and colorful weave.

No. 280140

Honestly surprised they lasted this long considering micky's cheating habit.

No. 280196

File: 1675564904570.jpg (129.74 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20230203_165348_Sam…)

She's probably looking for someone who hasn't heard of her and her bullshit.

Also, it's still really pathetic of her to pretend she's mentally ill. Especially since it's just to avoid responsibility for the fucked up shit she's done.

File: 1667417575449.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, BC1F3930-A18B-42B7-B53F-5FE9BC…)

No. 263556[Reply]

Belle Delphine, a 22-year-old ‘marketing genius‘ who desperately seeks out any attention she can get , made a comeback in April 2022 after her failed porn and is just adding more failed marketing stunts to the list. She is best known for lying about selling her bathwater, her failed marketing stunts, dressing/acting like a child for her porn, selling another girl’s nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any Youtuber or lolcow with a following. Her boyfriend Joshua John Gray also participates in her pedo-pandering porn videos where he pretends to rape her.

Previous thread: >>235422

Recent updates:
>She makes her friend Katie McDonnell larp as her “18-year-old sister called Connie Delphine”. People find out Katie’s real identity quickly and her stunt fails. >>213055
>She shows off her income and house in a failed music video. >>223900 She doxes her house for the video. >>225921 Turns out she lives with other sex workers like Pixie in that house.
>She steals shamana’s music for her video without crediting him, which results in him ID striking the video and humiliating her. >>226194
>She makes OnlyFans content with twomad, she sucks his toes and lets him grope her while Josh takes their photos. >>222743
>She makes more rape porn with her boyfriend where she acts like a kid and she is called a “little girl”. >>224701
>She cosplays as a 9-year-old character for her porn. She acts childish and inserts gummy worms in her vagina. >>226605 She also includes non-sexual photos and videos of her dressing up/filtered/acting as the 9-year-old character to her OnlyFans, considering those sexual.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
329 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 279431

I can smell the male from here, sage your babble

No. 279434

Was already posted, lurk more, and she looks fine. Way to cap ot at a dumb face to try to prove a non-point. >>278532

No. 279435

No. 279504

Actually thought she looks pretty here, wtf is that eyebrow though

No. 279558

What is it with you idiots falling for bait posts, just report and move on.

File: 1674722036489.png (148.03 KB, 300x300, kimi.png)

No. 278737[Reply]

Kimi/Kimani aka LilEcchiGirl

• 23 years old Florida native
• Cosplayer/OnlyFans Girl
• Asian Fisher
• Supports pedo-baiting, EA-baiting, cosplaying in children's uniforms, and as underage characters in a sexual manner
• Guest for Waifu Expo 2023
• Falsely accused Youtuber HeavenlyController of SA when all he did was drink with her and invite her over

>Was recently exposed online for having wishing further suicide attempts on another OnlyFans girl @cyberstephanie (whom she supposedly was buddies with personally.

>When group chat logs were released, it was evident that Kimi and other OnlyFans girls in the mix were all bullying, bodyshaming, accusing others of being racist (while capitalizing off of asian fetishes), fatphobic, and just unnecessarily mean.

>Kimi proudly encourages others to reach out to her in an effort to dox other successful OnlyFans girls out of pure hatred and jealousy, all while pretending to be buddies with the same girls she supposedly cannot stand

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
305 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 279471

People who pretend to be asian online always look kind of off, but what bothers me about Kim in particular is that she looks like such an offensive caricature of an asian person. She clearly is trying to emulate their features, is this what she thinks asian people look like?
I know everyone is saying they can’t believe people fell for it, I can’t believe I did either after taking a second look. I just thought she was mixed in an interesting way, which I think is what she was going for.
Sad to see these egirls sell their souls and make themselves caricatures of “exotic” women to please ass scratching, basement dwelling moids.

No. 279473

This was huge internet drama and there was initally a lot to discuss and milk. I understand that her having a permanent thread might not make any sense but it’s good that this situation and their responses are documented. If she comes back I’m sure she’ll give us plenty of things to talk about, since she seems to advertise to the sickest of hentai watching dweebs. She’ll also double down on being Asian and still play up the whole exotic Asian waifu fantasy because these women would die without attention and what else is going to fund them?

No. 279480

NTA, but honestly sounds like general costhot stuff. Probably should've just posted all this in there. Someone made another thread the other day too and it wasn't worth it about that girl either, about the same amount of milk too, and it got moved into a JFash general. Unless there's interesting, not just racebaiting and photoshop, milk I don't think these girls need their own threads on /w/. Otherwise you have people posting stuff no different from HimeAhri, the Gyaru thread, and then there are the cosplay generals. She barely cosplays and it more of an ethot, which has a thread on /snow/.

The milk involved other people though, otherwise it's just complaining about her racebaiting. You can't base her whole thread on just a quick viral slap fight that didn't even have her as the center. That doesn't hold up longevity-wise.All the greentext doesn't even have anything milky at the top of OP like the SA stuff. The only thing about it is >>279222 and it involves Mimsy, not even OP's cow.

No. 279484

>honestly sounds like general costhot stuff
Seeing as this thread has quickly devolved into costhot general with a sprinkle of Himeahri I agree.

No. 279486

Pretty much. It's covering so much and a lot of it is just because OP has their name in the issue, but she's barely the focal.

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