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File: 1702674572694.jpg (686.73 KB, 1080x1625, Terry 9.jpg)

No. 315338

Thread #1 >>54749 Thread #2 >>166105 Thread #3 >>197809 Thread #4 >>208755 Thread #5 >>229285 Thread #6 >>261505 Thread #7 >>284431 Thread #8 >>303389

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous", "old (30+)", NB and Ace cosplayer who is actually a 41 year old narcissistic man. He is a known 5’4” entity that meanders around anime conventions by himself trying to collect selfies with "fans"/stalk white and asian girls under the age of 25.

Manaknight has been actively trying to "sell his used cosplays, but it's becoming apparent it's not to recoup money as he makes a six digit salary being an engineer. Recently, Terry has successfully baited a 19 year old girl to pick a used costume up directly at his 3-4 story townhouse in Maryland (she is safe).

Despite being incapable of blending his neckline and having a skincare routine consisting of bathing in Palmolive dish soap, Terry has found a way to stay relevant by purchasing multiple fake silicone breasts and relying heavily on Meitu/Beauticam for his cosplays. He’s become untouchable online after gaining thousands of zoomer followers that pat his ass for being a “brave” POC.

Due to his increasing age, Terry's has the typing abilities equivalent to someone having a stroke. He also makes a lot of 500 word minimum post rambling about shit nobody cares about or can relate to.

Even at the age of 41, Terry is incapable of making is his own decisions to the point where he relies on Instagram polls to decide: which cons to attend, if he should take care of his physical health, and even if he should buy a new car.

He has obsessions with: bathrooms, chicken tendies, buying video games he never plays, and stalking zoomers at malls.
He hates: doctors, alcohol, the Kalahari, being black and strippers.

Recap of previous thread:
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>"I have no money" continues posting shit I buy >>305225 , >>306947 , >>307711 , >>309415 , >>310100 , >>311282 , >>311315 , >>312341 , >>312359 , >>312412 , >>312443 , >>314627 , >>314703 , >>314704
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>I'm so fit! is just malnourished >>304673 , >>304734 , >>305308 , >>305350
>Zero self-awareness that he's not a tiny white/asian girl >>304824
>Terry thinking he’s a girl uwu >>303745 , >>306689 , >>309242
>Absolutely murders an Asuka wig >>305562
>Thinks he tricked normies into believing he was a girl, but they were just being nice to the tranny >>305645 , >>307203 , >>312184
>Annual white birthday cake purchase (41st Birthday) >>306968
>Lonely old man seeking companionship >>307712 , >>310690 , >>311695 , >>313087 , >>314431 , >>315074
>Irrelevant car talk that nobody asked for >>310125 , >>310354 , >>313131 , >>313132 , >>313315 , >>313359
>Bitches about work, but chooses to keep bitching than find a new job >>306271 , >>313659 , >>313660 , >>314262 , >>314316
>"Look at my breast inserts and leotard" >>306477
>Wearing his pants a little too low >>309688
>Grown ass man owns Madoka printed briefs >>311583 , pic >>311587
>Collage proof of why he's lying about being ace >>311621
>Disgusting old man sticking tongue out while cosplaying as minor girl character >>308902
>Listing cosplays for sale targeted to zoomers only; Anecdotal replies stating it's not about the money >>311715 , >>311781
>19 year old girl goes to 41 year old man's house to buy used cosplay >>313796 , >>313821 , >>313852
>Talking about lolcow; one of his followers/con roomate(?) posts >>314105
>Terry writes his gender as 'Female' pretending the eye doctor screwed it up >>314689 , >>314746

>Essays/Paragraphs: [1. Vague drama)] >>306610 , >>310459 , [2. People at cons] >>307559 , [3. Not attending CCE] >>307640 , [4. Renfaire] >>309487 , [5. Terry talking about Terry] >>310023 , >>314861 , [6. Local cons] >>312191 , [7. ain't nobody reading this shit (including me)] >>313008 , >>313007 , >>309965

No. 315369

File: 1702690955373.jpeg (448.04 KB, 1284x2246, IMG_1732.jpeg)

Kek nice threadpic, nona. Terry is my favorite cow to laugh at. Once again, he has a poll.
>White cupcakes
>What looks like biscuit cans
>Hot sauce
This is why he looks so malnourished. Or I guess in Terry’s mind, “cosplay fit”. You can’t starve yourself into looking like an anime girl, Terry. You’re a man, even if you put “female” on forms.

No. 315374

bachelors always have the saddest fucking fridges, oh my god. extra sad when you know his ass isn't broke, he's just too lazy to go shopping.

No. 315375

I don’t think he’s lazy. It’s more to do with him being autistic and being very picky with what he eats.

No. 315382

>>hot sauce

That's actually a jar of pasta sauce….which is even more sad.

No. 315391

an autist bachelor. the odds are with him i see

No. 315394

yup, remember when he admitted that he doesn’t like certain foods because of their texture when people called out his shitty cupboard stash reveal? classic sped shit.

No. 315413

>"got any snacks?"
>"cupcakes, biscuits, pasta sauce, or air. choose one."

No. 315429

don't forget his cereals lol

are there any real milk? Any update of his poll about working OT?

No. 315454

I'm picky too, but this is extreme. None of that is food.

No. 315457

He normally just eats out, doesn't he? he isn't even showing whats in the freezer.

No. 315467

Checked this morning and nothing of interest. He humble flex again that he’s been working 8 days straight with 6 more days to go.

He did say he had a friend over to watch a Christmas movie but did not reply when peope asked what movie it was

No. 315471

File: 1702831874644.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1284x2239, IMG_9178.jpeg)

No. 315472

Notice he never mentioned how miserable he was last year when he attended HolMat and ALA back to back. Nope. That’s not a reason to skip HolMat. But Florida politics? Got to virtue signal

No. 315474

>But Florida politics? Got to virtue signal
That being his #1 reason for not going is bullshit. Definitely just using this opportunity to virtue signal. He had no problems going to Texas cons, a state that’s also conservative and has banned abortions.

No. 315480

You’re right! Texas is almost as bad if not worst than Florida as far as conservative values go.

Also this is a bunch of bullshit. Isn’t he visiting his family for Christmas? That would have been the main reason he’s skipping holmat. Or was they a lie too?

No. 315485

I'm starting to wonder too if the visiting family is a lie because he didn't list it as a reason to not go, but also the polls about if he should take OT during the holiday break. if he's visiting family why would he be working? unless he's only visiting them for a day or two so he can whine about how annoying they are and then go away and whine about how he has no one to spend time with

No. 315496

Stop being tinfoil. He’s flying back to see his family Saturday to Thursday. It would be an extreme stupid thing to lie about

No. 315499

Gotta agree with this anon. He can do both. Go to a con and stay/visit family. It's not that big of a deal and for nonnas who have had cons based around holiday weekends, this is so common.

No. 315505

the thread is full of teenagers who can’t imagine being able to do more than one thing at time or somehow having more than $5 in their bank account.

No. 315507

File: 1702849574454.jpeg (479.71 KB, 1284x1560, IMG_9182.jpeg)

No. 315513

File: 1702852855717.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2261, IMG_9184.jpeg)

They all look like prop stencils

No. 315515

His company is making him work 14 days straight? How can this be legal. He needs to switch job because he can anyone enjoy life having to work half a month without time off? That probably explains his bad diet. I would be stress eating so bad.

No. 315518

If you agree to the overtime. Sometimes they also exclude the first day of the beginning of the pay week and then roll over and exclude the last day of the following pay week. Or,

No. 315528

He's a lonely workaholic. He enjoys working the overtime if it means getting a lot of money. He needs it for all his useless purchases.

No. 315537

didn't know it's voluntary overtime. that changed the meaning of the status a little. I felt bad for him that he had to work OT but if he chose to do it, then this is such a weird flex

No. 315553

Might've also said yes due to it being the holidays and wanting to look good.

No. 315563

You’re right. He just got a new manager so he might be trying to get on his good side. Now that you brought it up I thought he hated his new manager and his coworkers. Guess more money is important to him eventhough he makes six figures already.

No. 315567

Is he going to guilt trip everyone like he does with colossalcon? Just let people have fun. You could’ve gone if you wanted to, Mr moneybag

No. 315579

File: 1702919320415.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2265, IMG_9193.jpeg)

No. 315586

File: 1702926593595.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2217, IMG_9194.jpeg)

No. 315587

Yes, keep complaining Terry Hall. You rants about your boss and workplace are not as private as you like to think. You are replaceable.

No. 315589

Terry might be replaceable but the company hasn’t really been able to do it. He kept saying he’s the only one who can do his job. So that’s big job security there

He sure is bad at communicating tho. His whole story is filled with unnecessary details (hello program z) Just say the department is understaffed and other program you’re not working on kept piling up work on you. It’s not hard to understand why nobody wants to work with Terry cause he’s just a miserable person both at work and at cons

No. 315593

File: 1702938884555.jpeg (2.54 MB, 1284x2279, IMG_9197.jpeg)

No. 315596

You know how many narcissists say that? ALL OF THEM. Everyone is replaceable. Especially an aging engineer in this over saturated market.

No. 315604

>older than you
Yeah, him censoring his birth year but not his actual birth day on the doctor’s form was deliberate. It’s funny how much he wants to hide his age. “Old cosplayer 30+”. He knows he would scare off zoomers if he said his real age.

No. 315621

He should’ve put “almost twice your age” It’s probably not his intention but this is very telling that he has no “old” people in his close friends list. Just zoomers

No. 315622

Did we successfully change his diet? Spaghetti? That came out of nowhere. When did he lever talk about spaghetti? He’s always about white cupcake and chicken tenders

No. 315627

He once mentioned liking “Italian food”. If it’s off the kids menu at Olive Garden, he’ll probably eat it.

No. 315639

I'd bet money that it's for some shit tier frozen cheese ravioli.

No. 315644

File: 1702995021546.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2166, IMG_9228.jpeg)

No. 315647

>Man toes hanging over edge of shoes
>Scrawny skeletal shoulders
Fucking disgusting. Also, it sorta looks like he has clubbing of the toes? That’s often a sign of heart disease.

No. 315650

File: 1703000979028.jpg (768.32 KB, 1080x1906, 1000006434.jpg)

plenty could say the same about you

No. 315651

>cheap costume
the state of cosplay

No. 315652

Why is he saying cis men? You are exactly the same, terry.

No. 315655

He probably means dudebro tate types

No. 315658

i have issues with a lot of creepy straight men, but this is such a blanket statement. you're not an ally, terry. you're just an incel pretending to be nonbinary asexual who likes to be around young girls. gtfo

No. 315662

Yeah this feels very
>I’m not like other guys. You can feel safe around me ladies!
Just say you hate asshole bro types, Terry. “Cis” is cringe.

No. 315673

No he always talked about spaghetti. It’s one of the only meals he “cooks” aka boils boxed pasta and uses Ragu sauce in a jar as seen in his fridge the other day. I don’t even think he eats meatballs or sausage with it, just pre made pasta with pre made sauce.

No. 315683

File: 1703023012845.jpeg (375.51 KB, 1284x1041, IMG_9231.jpeg)

No. 315685

Trans and nonbinary people can be misogynists too. Hell, they are because they think that all it takes to be a woman is wearing a dress and having long hair. Terry is just virtue signaling to his idiot audience. Again, “not like other guys”, even though he’s male too.
First that post about “I’m not going to a Florida con because that state is anti LGBTQ”, and now “I hate CIS men”. Think he’s trying to impress someone or does he just want more engagement from idiots?

No. 315688

File: 1703025337950.jpg (672.09 KB, 1080x1906, 1000006441.jpg)

funny you mention that about the FL politics because he literally just posted this how he's going to holmat next year. guess he really only cared about the politics this year because he couldn't go. who would have guessed

No. 315689

Kek wow. Such a good ally kek.

No. 315694

I want to say I’m surprised but the is such so typical. He always say one thing and then immediately contradict it. Not a single conflicted feeling. Such an ally. I wish someone would call him out on this shit.

No. 315701

File: 1703037503822.jpeg (1 MB, 1284x1513, IMG_9233.jpeg)

No. 315714

looks like a sack. those darts are doing him no favors, and is he going to take it in? Highly doubt it. also the ribbons are hideous!

No. 315761

File: 1703098610066.jpeg (236.85 KB, 1284x466, IMG_9266.jpeg)

No. 315790

File: 1703111191742.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1284x2246, IMG_9267.jpeg)

This list is still mostly out of state cons annnd not at all cut back from 2023 Terry

No. 315796

Why are you going to Holmat next year Terry, when you mentioned in your story here that you don't plan on ever going: >>315471

The one thing I like about Terry is that he never shuts his mouth about anything convention or cosplay wise, especially on the gram.(sage your shit)

No. 315814


Tbf, in that wall of text, he did say that he would still go to Holmat next year. Which makes the virtue signal even more baffling

No. 315822

File: 1703124149661.jpeg (187.97 KB, 1284x388, IMG_9277.jpeg)

No. 315843

Why post this, he's right, that is universally weird

No. 315850

>Posts Lacus Clyne.
Is he gonna cosplay as one of the biggest Mary Sue's in the Gundam franchise? Suits his narcissistic personality well.

No. 315874

File: 1703167081802.jpeg (880.35 KB, 1284x2285, IMG_9283.jpeg)

No. 315879

File: 1703168545520.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2286, IMG_9286.jpeg)

No. 315881

File: 1703170347361.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1284x2276, IMG_9287.jpeg)

No. 315897

File: 1703177813117.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x2258, IMG_9291.jpeg)

Hi Terry, thanks for lurking here.

No. 315901

He is such a narcissist. It’s obvious he’s only posting this to inflate his ego, but the naive zoomers fall for it every time. Literally any time Terry cosplays a female character, he says he’s “a pretty girl” and makes up stories about how he “got mistaken for a girl”.

No. 315902

this. does he forget all the time he bragged about it? people thought i was female! My makeup is so good. I feel so pretty today.

I' sick of his BS

No. 315924

File: 1703201050094.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2269, IMG_9294.jpeg)

Looks as dry as his hands

No. 315949

File: 1703214786546.jpg (285.3 KB, 1077x1915, 1000006478.jpg)

No. 315956

>i doubt anyone knows where that is
Bitch, get over yourself, that's a higher learning city with incredible universities and a national guard base, maybe sun deprived weebs don't know it, but it's got 200k+ inhabitants, it's not nowhere, wtf

No. 316004

File: 1703261366152.jpg (1.47 MB, 1079x1921, 1000006489.jpg)

No. 316017

Tbh, I think as long as you've credited them at least once or twice on other posts, he shouldn't even worry about it. Complaining you're not getting ass-pat @'d every time someone posts something you made, even small for a cosplay like this, is pretty petty IMO. Just don't tag them, problem solved.

No. 316046

I need someone to explain why he thinks you have to be friends with someone in order to credit them

No. 316058

does terry really lurk here? i never seen his spaghetti being posted here before. it's like he's been reading our rants

No. 316060

when he said he's no longer friends with someone, in this case teh_chibs, it meant she doesn't like him anymore. He doesn't want to credit her, so he's remaking it.

i'm not friends with the_chibs, but i was friends with terry when he invited her to stay over and they both went to maryland renaissance faire together. that explained why they never attended the renaissance faire anymore

No. 316142

File: 1703365597531.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2238, IMG_9317.jpeg)

Can’t wait for his rant yay~

No. 316172

File: 1703389689048.jpg (304.75 KB, 1080x937, 1000006496.jpg)

hes whining about how his parents won't cook food for him just because he graced them with his presence

No. 316173

seriously? I was expecting his parents bugging him to get married or something annoying. not fucking not cooking for a 40 years old.

he's eating much better when he's at his house? oh god maybe his family is very poor and can't afford nutritional food? Because terry does not eat healthy at all on his own

No. 316174

Tfw your mom won't heat up the dino nuggies for your 40 year old ass. I wonder what it is his family didn't tell him that has him so ass chapped.

No. 316175

So this borderline geriatric creep won't cook for his elderly parents, and he's really on the internet batching that they didn't/don't cook for his 41 year old ass? I know he's got the tism but what an insufferable selfish asshole. THIS is why he doesn't have any friends, because he's literally so self centered people get tired of me me me me me all the time, at his big age

No. 316177

this is why i will never have kids. his parents got to be 70-80 now. maybe cook your own food or take them out? you fucking see them once a year. it doesn't sound like the parents did anything horrible.

No. 316181

Didn't he complain about this same thing last year and it turned out his parents are in poor health with mom having recently gotten out of the hospital?

No. 316182

I knew it. I just knew Terry was going to complain about his mom not cooking for him, just like last year. He is such an entitled asshole. It seems that he only visits with the expectation that he’s going to be fed, not because he actually wants to see them.
Terry, you are a 40-YEAR-OLD MAN. An ADULT. Ffs, you could make or order food for your parents. Your mom fed you for years. Grow up. I’m surprised his followers aren’t saying anything.

No. 316183

I feel like he's trying to be like the zoomers. the younger generation is usually rebellious/anti-parents. Complaining about demanding parents is normal for teenagers. 41 yo man complaining about not being fed by his parents? gtfo

No. 316184

I don’t think his parents are poor, I always got the impression they’re a pretty typical middle class or upper middle class family especially considering the area they live in. I’m sure they eat better than he does (even literal poor people eat better than he does considering his diet is just a select few JUNK items), but they’re old and retired and probably just don’t feel like cooking a lot anymore. My grandparents are like that too even though they once did cook a lot so I think it’s normal for older people

No. 316186

He sounds so insufferable and ungrateful. I hope they have other kids, because he shouldn't bother flying out at all if he's gonna act like a brat.

No. 316187

Terry does have a sister. Think he complained about her too during the last trip.
He should just stop visiting his parents since clearly he’s never happy with them unless they offer food. And then complaining about “nothing to do”. As if elderly people should have video game consoles or high speed internet. How about spend time with your family, Terry?

No. 316188

File: 1703402210601.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_9330.jpeg)

No. 316193

The autism is off the charts.

No. 316194

i seriously cannot believe he posted this screed. he isn’t even dealing with abusive relatives bullying you as you’re passing the biscuits, he’s legit mad his childhood bedroom was changed and his parents are too old and poorly to cook for him. yes his mom was in the hospital at one point and he whined then too because he didn’t want to go see her and expected his siblings and dad to still magically get together. this is worse than autism imho.

No. 316195

No way he actually thinks his childhood bedroom was going to be kept the same for 20+ years for a person that barely even visits. Also wtf is “disgusting soap” lol

No. 316198

>Wahhh they didn’t tell me they changed my room! I wouldn’t have visited if they told me!
This whole rant does scream autistic. It’s their house, so his parents can make any changes to the rooms and decor. Terry only visits once a year.
>I prefer not to eat out as much because I rather eat healthier
Sure, Terry. Because starving yourself and then only eating spaghetti or microwaved chicken nuggets is totally “healthy”.
>I’d rather be at Holmat
Damn. I’m sure your parents would prefer that too. I bet he has an attitude every time he visits and takes it out on them.
I guess he doesn’t realize just how bad he sounds. Anon may be right in that he thinks all his followers are angsty teenagers that would agree with him.
>Also wtf is “disgusting soap” lol
Anything that’s not palmolive dish soap I guess kek

No. 316200

Jesus fucking Christ. At this point Terry needs to stop visiting his family for THEIR benefit. I knew Terry was an ungrateful trash can from the last year, but this is just a whole new level.

No. 316201

This is horrible. I don’t have word for this. I don’t know his parents, but I want o give them a hug. Imaging raising a child and this is what you get when you’re old and sick.

He just got to see his family. Not even 24 hours. Hell I bet it hasn’t even been 12 hours when he posted this. And he’s already bored? Come fucking on. I got sick of visiting my family too, but not immediately after haven’t seen them for one whole year.

>Now I remember why I stopped visiting family during Christmas since COVID and doubt I do again.

What did he mean? You just visited them last year? You stopped visiting them during Covid was due to fucking COVID. This guy is so dense

Imagine having a son you love and all he want to do is go to cons and take selfies with zoomers. I am so fucking mad

No. 316202

File: 1703427855339.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2240, IMG_9331.jpeg)


No. 316206

File: 1703431898120.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1284x2280, IMG_9333.jpeg)

No. 316207

File: 1703431930769.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2269, IMG_9332.jpeg)

I thought this was remake Aerith…

No. 316208

Wtf, he's actually mad his parents got new pillows and bedding for a house he doesn't even live in anymore?? Why would he expect them to keep it the same? This is so autistic. It's their house, they can put whatever towels in your your bathroom that they want. What an ungrateful little shit

No. 316209

I also thought that’s the new aerith! Didn’t he cosplay this after the remake come out? Or did he mean part 2? Old man Terry is probably confused

No. 316211

This is literally a normal looking towel. There’s nothing even remotely “odd” about this.

No. 316213

imagine his father buying his son new towel to be nice since they only see each other once a year. he does not deserve getting blasted online for such a nice gesture. is this an ugly towel? maybe. IT IS A FUCKING TOWEL you use when you're staying with your family.

can we try harder to cancel him next year?terry is such a horrible person

No. 316220

Inb4 Terry diverts his attention from hand soap and demeaning his parents to finding a way to make the Holmat roofie situation about himself. Tinfoil he will express deep concern than his fem cosplays would make him a target for SA.

No. 316254

Truly hope his followers see this reaction to fucking towels and bedspreads, food not being as superior to what's in his state (poor excuse too when travels for cons all the time and has to make due), and upset about his parents literally being old, start to unfollow him. Surely his followers don't see this behavior as ok…

No. 316255

File: 1703477598715.jpeg (3.14 MB, 1284x2243, IMG_9338.jpeg)

Love the floor cookies

No. 316256

File: 1703477644981.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2269, IMG_9339.jpeg)

Woe is Terry for his life is so hard

No. 316257

The thing is, a lot of his followers are zoomers, and a lot of them hate their parents. Which is understandable, it’s a youth thing. Old man Terry here hanged around kids too much and thought complaining about parents is a normal thing for a 40+ person to do. Granted shitty parents of all ages exist but all his parent did was buy him new fucking towel

No. 316258

>The car dealership still doesn't have my permanent plate. It expires mid January!
Calm down, there's still nearly a month left.
>My glasses still aren't ready!
Again, calm down. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. A lot of places right now are on Holiday hours too.

Strange how he goes from acting immature to be "relatable" to his zoomer fans, to talking about home insurance, which none of them probably care about.

No. 316260

doesnt he have almost half a dozen glasses from zenni? just wear any of them. you're on vacation with a bunch of people you hate (your family) Why do you care about your glasses? How did this man live to 40+ when he couldn't deal with these non-problems?

No. 316261

Yeah, the man already has a bunch of glasses. He says he hates wearing them anyways, so not sure why he cares so much right now. And we definitely know he doesn't wear them around family because he's complained before about them "making fun of him".

No. 316262

God I knew it was gonna be about them not cooking for him, same as last time. Reminder despite him mentioning college so frequently he is 40 so his parents are likely 60-70, no shit you should be cooking for yourself and helping them at these ages. Jesus.
Oh my god I cannot believe the gall of this man, fucking 40 year old man expects his childhood room to be kept pristine,
>uncomfortable pillows, horrid bedding, disgusting hand soap
Yeah it's a private home and not a 200 dollar a night hotel room. reminder these are pensioners like why are they gonna shell out for your whiny ass.
>rather eat healthier muh cooking at home
>same man who eats tendies, white cake and spaghetti
Idk who he thinks he's fooling with this shit, he just wants to be doted on and served
>they never tell me stuff until I get there
He's being vague on purpose, I bet they have more health issues but he knows he'll look like an ass if he says that outright
I feel like this Story is perfect explanation for why he's a 40 year old friendless virgin like this is purw selfish asshole behaviour. He never interacts with people for long except for coworkers and family and he has nothing but nasty, petty complaints about them.

No. 316275

For real his pissing me off so much I want to A-log. His parents probably said they’d cook for him purely out of parental nature but realized it’s probably best if they get take out since they’re old and not being able to do things like they used to. And the decorating thing? You can’t handle a few new throw pillows and bedding you’d actually go out of your way to buy new ones that will satisfy your yearly visit?? LIKE WHAT?
Fuck this guy, I hope his followers calls him out.

No. 316284

Hold the fuck up. He was going to push his eye appointment off for a whole ass year a few weeks ago (>>313640) and now he's mad because it's taking more than 2 weeks??? During the holidays no less! This holiday arc has made Terry the most unlikeable sack of shit. He should habe just stayed home and kept his misery to himself instead, his family would have been better of with a simple face time call.

No. 316285

So far there’s barely any reaction from his fb followers. 13 reacts and 0 comments. They probably just thought he’s a whiner and move on.

I don’t think Terry was going to push off the eye appointment for a year. Just to next year, which would be a few weeks from when he made those posts. I’m low key jealous that he could get his appointments setup so fast.

No. 316287

I feel like this year is worse than usual because of all his fomo from not able to go to HolMat. Seeing all the zoomers he followed wilding it up at HolMat really got him feeling the sad. He really shouldn’t take it out on his parents.

This is disgusting. His parents seemed to really love him too. Keeping and tidying up his rooms. Plus keeping all his old toys around. (Recent statuses)

No. 316292

File: 1703522701032.jpeg (929.99 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_9345.jpeg)

No. 316294

All he does is complain, complain, complain. I’m sure it wasn’t “random” like Terry is saying. They can be used as security cameras plus lights. His dad might’ve gotten them on sale or something and thought Terry could use some too. The man literally has doxed himself, shows off his valuables off daily, and posts when he isn’t at home. It’s a wonder how he hasn’t gotten robbed yet. Terry is so ungrateful, it makes me mad. Be glad your parents thought of you and got you something. Emotionless retard.

No. 316295

Any idea why they stopped being friends? I’d see them cosplay a lot together not too long ago. Seems like a lot of the older cosplayers see through Terry’s facade.

No. 316297

no idea. it must have happened during this year or last year. tech_chibi is still active, so it's not like she unfriended terry because she retired. It's very strange for terry to reveal who made the cosplay part, since she was credited in the photo he shared a while ago.

No. 316310

These rants really shows to another level how insufferable he must be as a coworker if just a regular ugly towel or delayed glasses due to holiday scheduling sets him off like this. He complains all the time about how he is the only capable employee at his job and threw a fit over the new manager but he probably spergs out whenever anyone is trying out new ways to problem solve that may (or may not) end up being better than Terry's regular fixes if he just let them do their job in peace.

No. 316313

He actually mentioned multiple times about new engineers joining his team and trying to do thing differently. They all failed and reverted to doing the way he does. The stories always seem off to me. Based on his recent outburst, I just assume he’s a horrible person to deal with at work

No. 316319

How many times do you anons need to be told that engineering is a high-demand, low-supply market? Most companies have to import a bunch of tech workers from countries like India and China just to have enough workers at all. An American engineer is rare and highly valued. Terry has great job security because of this, would pretty much never be fired and is not replaceable.

Say what you want about Terry but he has the skills and will to do this boring ass job that very few other Americans do. He would drown in many other types of jobs but he picked one that people aren't interested in and gets to live a cushy life because of it.

No. 316324

damn. a terry hall stan here. terry's position is considered skilled, but there's no way the company would import tech workers from china or india for. Terry is probably a diversity hire and not retained because of his skills. The job doesn't even require a fucking college degree.

I'm calling it. terry's new manager is going to be done with his bullshit and he'll be scrambling to look for a new job next year(racebait)

No. 316327

File: 1703547125708.png (21.11 KB, 1069x488, talent1.png)

So basically you don't know anything about engineering? It requires a MA at minimum, though Terry is old af so perhaps it only required a BA when he started. But engineering is absolutely not a job you can do with just a HS diploma, and he's an electrical engineer which is the rarest and hardest to replace at that. Stop being delusional anon.

No. 316328

can we go back to terry gossip instead of talking about his dumbass job? I actually look up his job title and it only requires "High School Diploma/GED. Graduate of a two year, full time electronic technology school "

I have been working engendering for a while, so I didn't know they actually require MA now. Thank god I already have a job.

No. 316338

File: 1703568179980.jpg (305.89 KB, 1440x1606, 927649386284.jpg)

Once you stop making shit up, we can. Terry has a highly in demand job and will never have any trouble keeping it or finding a new one. It won't ever be less true just because it chaps your ass.

No. 316343

yeah, isn’t this a trade? just because he doesn’t have a graduate degree does not mean he isn’t successful. i don’t get why people are constantly nitpicking his credentials.

>diversity hire

nevermind, you answered my question. i’ll take my ban for racesperging but just admit you’re butthurt an autistic black man is making more money than you.

No. 316344

He's just an autist who's good at his job due to hyperfocusing with a good memory. He also just really likes complaining. It's the easiest way for him to start a conversation.

No. 316346

>He's just an autist who's good at his job due to hyperfocusing with a good memory.

i don't think anyone disagrees with you on this lol, it's not like he's hiding his weirdness.

No. 316348

You’re right, anon. I don’t know shit about engineering. Btw, next time google terry’s job title and company. His title is Sensors & Systems Tech

A lot of EE job requires a college degree but his only require degree from a technical school. It’s a respectable requirement but l am not going to put him on a pedestal like the other anon. In hindsight it was a bad take to bring race into it. He’s in a union and a lot of security probably come with that

I’m not mad that a black man is making more money than me. I live in a diverse area where people of all colors make more money than me. I’m butthurt that Terry Hall, the 41 years old creep, makes so much money while making life hell for con people, his coworkers, and his family.

No. 316354

Infighting/tinfoiling about Terry's job and job security is derailing at this point. Get back on topic and stick to discussing milk.

No. 316368

Also worth noting he works for the US military iirc, these type of engineering jobs are also presumably low turnover due to to whatever security or sensitive information employees have access to, plus likely very decrepid systems running off 20 year old tech, neither of which would encourage an employer to hire some newbies who might accidentally or intentionally disclose sensitive information or not be able to understand the ancient systems they are likely working with.
Plus the US military is extremely well funded so it's unlikely there would be job losses due to costcutting. He's pretty secure, if he wasn't such a relentless, selfish and boring asshole I'm sure some woman (or man) would find that an appealing quality considering most people are in and out of jobs these days with little job security and huge layoffs.

No. 316369

I missed the farmhand note directly above whoops, just was annoyed at the lame "he will be fired" gotchas that one anon is trying to do like that is even relevant to his cowishness

No. 316398

File: 1703636565560.jpg (510.4 KB, 1075x1911, 1000006501.jpg)

No. 316400

Terry, sounds like your dad wanted to be helpful and nice, not that he was babying you and accusing you of not being able to drive yourself. That way you don't waste gas and it's the holidays, probably wanted to spend a car ride with you. He's such a brat for an adult.

No. 316404

>turns up demanding to be cooked for and his room to stay comfortable and unchanged for decades
>pops reads the room and babies him
>still complains

No. 316405

He didn’t drive home and I don’t think he rented a car… your dad is just being nice Terry.

Also he was just at the local mall and bought a new game

No. 316406

must be a closed friends story. thought he got the double dragon game as a gift. did he make his parent(s) drive him to a mall? what's his obsession with malls

No. 316407

You’re right it was a gift, my bad.

I can only assume a family member drove him to the mall, but idk why… Maybe they bought him that game as a gift?

No. 316409

> Ugh, my dad wont stop treating me like a kid
>You didn't keep my childhood sheets on the bed for the last 20+ years and changed the soap, reeeee

No. 316410

Same shit as with his room, change bad in his eyes. He'll probably cry if his mall joins the countless others across the country in closing.

No. 316412

Like at least his dad offered to take him someplace, what did Terrance expect, to just take someone else's car while he's visiting? Like I personally don't let most others drive my car, I offer rides but wouldn't just let people take my car and fuck off wherever, I'm sure most people feel the same. He's over 40 acting like this. So ungrateful and annoying.

No. 316418

This comes off as begging to be seen like a teen to his followers. And yeah autism off the charts.

No. 316419

How is complaining about being infantilized asking to be seen as a teen?

No. 316420

Teens bitch all the time about not being treated their own age or like an adult. "Omg mom I'm not a kid anymore! I can drive myself!" mentality

No. 316421

He's not trying to pretend he's a teen, anon.

No. 316423

i agree. he's less behaving like a teen and more like a college kid, the group of people he generally follow online

No. 316427

He's just being a whiny bitch. That's all there is to it. Doesn't have to be babied, but wants to act like one. At some point he needs to stop using his autism as a crutch. Some people will bring their own soap, Terry, if this has been a continuous problem. Same with bringing stuffed animals when you know you have sensory issues and need something to chill you out from having a meltdown. There are things he can do, he just actively chooses not to do it because he wants to act like a victim. Not because he's larping as a child, he just is a manchild who is using his mental issues as a crutch for everything in his life. He can function in his job, he knows how to behave.

No. 316433

File: 1703657898788.jpeg (165.5 KB, 1284x611, IMG_9363.jpeg)

No. 316437

Agreed. Terry stays in hotels all the time and I assume he brings his own soap and shit with him, so I don't know why visiting his family would be any different if he does have sensory issues. He just wants to complain about everything because he's Terry.

No. 316454

He only knows how to have a conversation if its complaining.

No. 316456

That’s not true. Clearly you haven’t had the pleasure of talking to him about his favorite subject, himself. He would talk for hours about his number of followers and all his qualities.

No. 316458

File: 1703703986915.jpg (624.74 KB, 1080x1898, 1000006503.jpg)

you called it anon

No. 316460

>Me, me, me
He is so tone deaf. No one cares about your eating or drinking habits, Terry.
No sympathy for the girls drugged or criticism of staff that were warned. Just, “WeLl I aLwAyS wAtcH My WaTeR”. He’s a huge privileged asshole.

No. 316469

Who the fuck would roofie a 40 year old male. He needs to pull his head out of his ass

No. 316471

File: 1703709310182.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2279, IMG_9383.jpeg)

No. 316475

Kek. A young conventionally pretty girl is almost always going to get more attention, even if the cosplay is crap bought from Aliexpress. Coomers aren’t interested in following a 41-year-old man trying to crossplay. Even HE unfollows cosplayers after they turn 25.
>I just don’t look as great as others
Quitting the drag makeup and learning how to paint props is a good start. Oh, and actually cosplaying men.

No. 316477

Nice call, anon!
But yikes that it warps into him talking like everyone was waiting on what would Terry do??? and not sympathy for the person in question. Talking about what he does to be careful almost comes off as talking down to the poor victim, but its just classic me monster in hyperdrive for the end of the year.

No. 316478

Dont worry, Terry, nobody thinks you're mediocre. You don't even qualify for mediocre, you're at entry-level at best.

No. 316479

File: 1703714185195.jpg (947.64 KB, 1080x1899, 1000006505.jpg)

more of the same rant. also complaining about numbers and then saying he doesn't care about numbers in the same post is hilarious

No. 316480

I'd say welcome to cosplay, but he's been around long enough to know and crying about numbers at his age just makes him look sad and fucking dumb. Most older cosplayers with a following I know is using their platform to teach the newbies, and aren't boo-hooing about how the young pretty people get higher likes.

No. 316484

File: 1703721302306.jpeg (624.33 KB, 1284x2359, IMG_9388.jpeg)


No. 316486

This is so pathetic.
>I get that I am no where near as young, not that pretty, etc.
You answered your own question, Terry. It should be obvious that a young girl cosplaying Madoka is going to get more likes than a scrawny, washed up 40-year-old male.
He used to not be so insecure about this, what changed? Before he was bragging about how well he “passed” and that people told him he was a “pretty girl”. Is the delusion breaking?
He really does have his head in his ass. There’s people out there in extreme tooth pain that either do not have dental insurance or cannot afford it. Then we have Terry, who is financially well-off and can afford filling a cavity, but is on Instagram asking his followers if he should cancel. He’s an idiot.

No. 316487

Is this an autism thing? That he been avoiding seeing dentist because he had to see his usual dentist (who didn’t take his insurance and now retired). I wonder how bad his tartar is given he hasn’t seen a dentist in 10+ years.

I know he hasn’t been seeing a medical doctor because he got molested before but there isn’t really any excuse to not see a dentist for so long. Dude been paying dental insurance all these time and never used it. Talk about privilege

No. 316489

Wrote a whole paragraph about not having as much likes as an early 20s fem presenting cosplayer, then end it with a sentence saying he doesn’t care about likes. Terry been doing this for 15 years. It’s not rocket science. Pretty people are more popular.

Does Terry have a medical condition? I swear one day he would complain about not fem enough. And then next day he would go on and on about how beautiful he felt and how he fooled people with his make up. Totally different personalities

No. 316491

Anon I’m actually curious. Did anyone actually vote cancel it? Seriously what kind of poll is this, terry

No. 316499

No one is drugging men's drinks at cons, retard. He's so tone deaf, it's insane

No. 316502

You all forgot he’s are nonbinary fem passing. So he’s one of us and in danger if being drugged

No. 316505

To be fair the public water dispenser which both men and women drink from was drugged.

No. 316506

People who just want to fuck with others. There's a habit of people just roofing other for funsies and it's fucked up too. It's not always to have sex. The likelihood of this happening to him though is very low. He's not going to some random bar, but who knows? I'd be more worried about smoking something laced that would be passed to me by a cosplayer at a con.

No. 316519

Imagine if he had to explain that he's cancelling his appointment because his Instagram followers voted to do so. He only posts polls to reassure himself that people aren't just skipping though his posts, I swear.

No. 316564

File: 1703804936767.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1284x2256, IMG_9409.jpeg)

Back on the east coast and already blowing money at Dave & Busters.
Probably getting their chicken tenders and fries while he’s at it.

No. 316569

Is this what he meant by good food? Damn. Indiana must have really shitty food

No. 316593

Guys, cut him some slack. He’s going to the dentist tomorrow, so today is probably the last time he’s gonna have tendies for a while.

No. 316602

File: 1703821394226.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x2239, IMG_9412.jpeg)

No. 316618

if someone wanted to steal his things without him remembering wtf happened or just fuck with him, it is a possibly. people are just weird/evil like that. i’ve known dudes who have gotten dosed before in clubs or had weirdos slip shit in their drinks and the assholes that did it weren’t trying to bonk them.

No. 316641

File: 1703868295899.jpeg (315.6 KB, 1284x2352, IMG_9418.jpeg)

No. 316642

File: 1703868348603.jpeg (883.79 KB, 1284x2341, IMG_9419.jpeg)

No. 316644

File: 1703869152992.jpeg (519.19 KB, 1284x2274, IMG_9420.jpeg)

No. 316645

File: 1703869186139.jpeg (714.71 KB, 1284x2273, IMG_9421.jpeg)

No. 316648

Totally called it. He hasn’t been to dentist since he moved from Indiana. He’s been trying vaguely imply that he hasn’t been to dentist since he moved to his current home.

Iifeel bad for the hygienist who had to do the cleaning . His mouth must be so fucking nasty

No. 316653

I'm not good with reading benefits. is the number (4,5,6) the count or the tooth being work on? on facebook he said he only has 2 cavities and one root canal. this screencap and his status differ so much

No. 316661

File: 1703880393392.png (8.81 KB, 165x242, IMG_8103.png)

The number refers to which tooth in the mouth

No. 316663

The taste bud of a child

No. 316665

File: 1703881526213.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2245, IMG_9446.jpeg)

No. 316666

Thanks anon. When I first saw the cap I thought those are the numbers of operations, but the Facebook status caused me to rethink.

I’m definitely impressed that he only need 2 filling and one root canal after almost 15 years without dentist. Maybe he’s in exceptional health and not in bad shape like we all feared

No. 316671

>My eyesight is bad without glasses, should wear my glasses: Yes or No
Dora the Explorer levels of inept, but atleast Dora had friends.

No. 316678

The reality is worse than that. It’s not jus t bad eyesight but he gets headaches if he doesn’t wear glasses. This man works night shift! I hope to gos he wears glasses when he drives because there’s no excuse. Nobody is going to make fun of you in your own car

No. 316683

File: 1703918380386.jpeg (777.12 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_9462.jpeg)

No. 316711

>Just for fun
Yeah right. He’s not being very stealthy at all. We all know if anyone shared this, he would be bugging them right away kek

No. 316754

File: 1704063177897.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1922, IMG_9484.jpeg)

No. 316777

Interesting he picks what he believes to be a flattering shot but of a male cosplay.

No. 316786

Terry finally seeing eye doctor, dentist and barely had any milk in a week. Maybe he’s changed for the matter. Looks like I will have to find something else to pass the time since he’s the only lolcow I follow here. It’s nice hanging with you all. Happy new year!

No. 316825

File: 1704149787267.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x1913, IMG_9499.jpeg)

No. 316830

>before anyone knew about the con
>I told everyone how great it was
Lol the absolute delusion of this man. I’m not from the east coast and even I had heard about that con back in 2013 when I was a baby in the con scene. And he wants to take credit for spreading the word about that con?

I don’t get why he says maybe to those cons when some of them already have sold out room blocks

As if someone in close friends would select any other answer. He would probably write some long pathetic post if anyone did

No. 316831

this is hardly milk though. i actually found the house kind of interesting. way too weeby, but come on, leave the guy alone. he at least white out the address

No. 316832

>I don’t get why he says maybe to those cons when some of them already have sold out room blocks

terry has a history of booking hotels for multiple cons on the off chance he would go. He's just weird like that. I don't know how i can keep track and not accidentally double book myself

No. 316835

>does terry really lurk here?
Yes. When his first thread was made, he would post about it and send his white knights to the thread to defend him. He still alludes to lc occasionally and he’s narcissistic enough that I’d believe he still lurks here

>can we try harder to cancel him next year?
I’ll have my fingers crossed, but I doubt it. On the rare occasion where someone has done a call out post about him, he plays dumb or plays the autism/ace/aro/black card, it all gets minimized, Terry lays low for a minute, people forget, and then it’s back to business as usual for Terry

>why won’t people give older cosplayers a chance?
>doesn’t follow older cosplayers

I know this may be shocking Terry, but people want to see cosplays where the results look like the actual character. People do not want to see female characters in their teens/20s being cosplayed by an aging male that can’t even be bothered to moisturize

>let’s say we both do about equal in makeup

This part is so fucking funny. His makeup is on par with a 13 year old doing their first ever cosplay

No. 316839

True, I just assumed that if he had booked, I would’ve seen a post about it. Then again I haven’t been as active on social media recently so I easily could’ve missed it even if he did post about booking for those cons

No. 316944

He definitely doesn’t post everything, at least publicly. Don’t try to look for consistency with Terry. He might only eat three things, but he changes his minds about random shit so much

No. 317016

File: 1704279713888.png (2.12 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9509.png)

I mean if your tooth health is as important as you say you’d buy it

No. 317018

Did the dentist really recommend this super high end model or did this autist just search for the most expensive one so he can complain about it? My sonicare was about $100. What’s this almost $300 bullshit?

No. 317019

I looked up the model. No way the dentist would recommend this specific model with charging glass and charging case. He just like to brag.. most of his followers couldn’t even afford budget electronic toothbrush

No. 317020

Yeah, no. The dentist probably made an off hand comment about how sonicare toothbrushes are good and Terry's autistic brain took it as this is the toothbrush he has to buy. As anon said, your basic sonicare toothbrush is like 100 dollars, so he's just being dramatic showing the most high end one.

No. 317021

I wouldn’t be surprised if Terry straight up asked the dentist which toothbrush they use. A dentist could easily drop that much for an electric toothbrush

No. 317023

He already said he’s not getting one due to his sensory issue. What a waste of everyone’s time on fb. Why ask for people’s opinion when you have no intention of getting an electronic toothbrush

No. 317027

File: 1704299320626.jpeg (223.84 KB, 1284x497, IMG_9516.jpeg)

So sad

No. 317028

File: 1704299341542.jpeg (250.95 KB, 1284x561, IMG_9515.jpeg)

No. 317033

1. No one fucking cares about how much you spend
2. Just because you HAVE money on your account it doesn't mean you HAVE to spend it
3. Situations like this is why you save your money instead of spending it on random shit

No. 317034

>I can't buy as much garbage as I usually do, boo hoo.

No. 317040

File: 1704311764852.jpg (895.55 KB, 1079x1914, 1000006537.jpg)

No. 317042

Seriously you can buy glue stick anywhere. Only idiots would drive home from airport to pickup fucking gluestick!

No. 317043

The audacity of this man lol. He makes so much money the OT money barely changes his qualify of life. Don’t buy new game or cosplay for a week. Boo hoo.

No. 317044

God, will he ever shut up about money? If he budgeted like a normal person, he'd have a crap ton in savings. All he does is spend

No. 317045

>save more
>call out toxic people
He's funny af. Look in the mirror

No. 317048

thsi fucking idiot….the dentist probably told him to get a Soniccare, not that exact model. my own dentist recommend the brand, but told me it really didn't matter which model since they honestly are all super similar. That one Terry linked is for the super autistic who don't know how the fuck to brush, so maybe he DOES need it.

No. 317056

>only paid 3 hours OT instead of 14
That's bad
>have to wait two weeks to get the rest
World's tiniest violin, Terry

No. 317061

ofc 'Being environmentally friendly' wouldn't be a concern of his, with all the cosplay he buys and wastes by wearing once.

No. 317062

>take more breaks from social media
He spends basically all of his time online. I don’t see that happening

>reinvent myself

>socialize more
Terry please consider reinventing yourself as someone who tries to make friends his own age

No. 317067

File: 1704332735145.png (481.19 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9532.png)

No. 317068

File: 1704332779538.png (2.18 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9533.png)

No. 317069

He’s so autistic. 7:30 and “almost 8” are the exact same thing but of course to him everything has to go LITERALLY exactly as planned down to the minute otherwise he has a meltdown. If badge pickup closes at 8, getting to the hotel at 7:30 was cutting it too close anyway

No. 317070

For someone so obsessed with looking young he sure doesn’t seem to want to put any effort into it. He’s not even willing to wash his face, drink water or eat a piece of fruit. And he’s not even going to take the shortcut and get some sort of procedures done for his skin or hairline or anything. He literally just wants to complain and do nothing about it

No. 317072

How much shit did he bring? 8 o'clock. Not enough time to unpack? I hope he quit cosplaying like he wanted to because he’s having so much self inflicted stress. Out of nothing!

No. 317076

Seriously. He’s so insecure about his age and how he looks and yet he refuses to adopt even a basic skincare routine

No. 317077

File: 1704338736491.png (4.38 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9535.png)

No. 317079

File: 1704343735046.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1284x2266, IMG_9537.jpeg)


No. 317080

Did TSA really break his badly made prop or was it just improperly packed? This man has so much packed into his suitcase

No. 317084

I wasn’t going to doubt this story since he been autistic about keyblade for a decade. So I figure he has to be good at making them. Up until very recent years where he been complaining about props breaking all the time. It always his prop or cheap China made prop

No. 317086

Genuinely one of the weirdest cons to spend money traveling out of state for

No. 317091

File: 1704364534597.jpeg (685.11 KB, 1284x2351, IMG_9541.jpeg)

No. 317092

Does anyone else think Terry pretends to be way more retarded/autistic than he actually is? I mean, this dude owns a house - something that half of his fellow millennials still haven't been able to accomplish. If he was truly autistic af, he wouldn't be able to hold down a consistent job for many years and he would be stuck living with his parents/leeching off them for life. But in actuality, he's more successful and independent than many in his age group, so there's no way he's anywhere near as retarded as he presents himself.

Why pretend to be so retarded then? Is it just to seem less threatening or more relatable to the young people he desperately wants to hang around? Wouldn't hiding his level of wealth and career success help with that, rather than showing it off?

What is Terry? Why is Terry? It feels like we may never know.

No. 317093

This is something more to do with being male than being competent, I realised this a long time ago that I was over-estimating men's capabilities just due to the job they had. The reality is most men can only do their job and they also are statistically likely to be hired more easily, and paid higher than a woman with the same or higher competence. Thus women will overestimate a man's competence based on how competent we would have to be to have the same job, and all the additional "soft skills" we would need to have to get there.
I absolutely believe he is as autistic and retarded as we have seen displayed. I've met so many men who could barely communicate or look after themselves but had accomplished, full time jobs and I have met men who own their houses but are otherwise incredibly inept. So I don't think he's trying to look retarded as a ruse, to his credit he has done 0 sexual assaults that we know of which is better than most retarded nerdy moids. Generally if men are doing a ruse like the "male feminist" we would see the switch to being a predator at some point but it's never happened with Terry.

No. 317097

No I definitely don’t think he’s pretending. Most of his shit is so crazy it’s almost impossible to fake it, and if you could then why would you even want to because it’s so embarrassing.

No. 317101

If you actually met him in person you would understand everything is real. He’s just that insufferable in person. He does lie about his skills and popularity. He thinks he’s the shit but he acted humble for some reason. This is why I’m surprised he’s able to maintain such a high paying job. Yes, he can hyper focus and finish his assigned tasks, but he can only work alone

No. 317102

How much money did he spend tonight just on Uber? He would drive home for a fucking glue stick to save a few bucks but would Uber all over the city for “things” Dude flies southwest and has two free checked bags. Could’ve just bring his cereals and white cupcakes with him

No. 317107

Someone needs to capture his last few “this is my last year of cosplaying” statuses/stories because it’s getting old. Every year he would start it off like this, and then at the end of the year he would say “this year is amazing my makeup is so good I took so many selfies”

No. 317118

would you please stop tinfoiling? I wish Terry is a mastermind like you imagined, but he's very much just an autist who got lucky in life and got a high paying job. his mental capacity seemed to decrease in recent years, but that's due to age and bad diet, not him pretending

No. 317140

File: 1704415101152.jpeg (978.14 KB, 879x1593, IMG_9564.jpeg)

No. 317141

Damn Terry always looks kind of short based on his body proportions, but seeing a 21 yo girl tower over him like that really puts it into perspective just how short he is irl

No. 317143

I stalked this girl’s account and noticed that in 2021 she posted that she graduated high school then literally 2 posts later, the same year, is when Terry started liking almost every post she’s made since then and commenting to call her beautiful right out of high school. It seems like he’s one of those perverts who lies in wait for a 17 year old girl to become legal. So depraved

No. 317150

He didn't even cut his tights for open toe shoes. Lmao. Actual bread loaves on his feet.

No. 317152

Why does the girl's body look like an underinflated blow up doll? Is that shoop? It's freaking me out

No. 317153

Only 26 selfies no domination from Stocking

No. 317158

File: 1704459551246.mp4 (1.86 MB, 720x1280, moon child.mp4)

Had to check her profile, she edited this because these proportions look like how those Russian models used to edit themselves in like 2014, she just has a normal slim bodytype in this video on her stories

No. 317159

He was running around between groups and people generally avoided him. It was really sad to see

No. 317160

For a second I thought she’s another of his roommate victims. Luckily it’s not the case here. He’s staying at Hyatt, and this photo is taken from Renaissance a couple blocks away.

I have never seen him with anyone so far. Looks like words have spread and avoiding him now. Keep it up, team! We can do this!

No. 317164

I wonder if she had met Terry before? She probably got catfished into thinking he’s a younger guy. Saw them walking around near each other but never posed together. Eventually Terry went to change while she stayed as Panty all night.

No. 317170

File: 1704474586129.jpeg (996.02 KB, 1284x2268, IMG_9565.jpeg)

No. 317182

File: 1704481728283.jpg (97.21 KB, 1080x1219, 416032467_1037386773989241_437…)

Idk much about ALA, but I thought he was at the Renaissance? Plus those are his props in the back

No. 317185

Cosplayers are known for going into other cosplayers rooms when they know people. Really should never assume where a cosplayer is staying because of things like this.

No. 317187

It’s for the best that his nasty clubbed moid feet stay covered.

No. 317193

File: 1704485874576.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.74 KB, 1920x1080, GenshinImpact_Candace_featured…)

This is one of his better attempts at makeup…but it is still not right. Those lashes are too fluffy and eyeliner applied wrong. I also don't get why he wears the lighter inner shadow colors for everything. It's like he is reading makeup tutorials from cosplay.com circa 2006.

Also, that camera filter is working overtime.

No. 317195

File: 1704487289266.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x1745, IMG_9571.jpeg)

No. 317215

i believe that's his roommate. was hanging around and overheard him dropping that info out of nowhere. it's hilarious watching him going from one zoomer to another collecting his selfies

No. 317219

File: 1704528568437.jpeg (487.52 KB, 1137x1423, IMG_9580.jpeg)

No. 317220

File: 1704528645000.jpeg (719.25 KB, 1283x1813, IMG_9581.jpeg)

No. 317244

File: 1704564219200.jpg (459.46 KB, 762x843, lesterholt2021.jpg)

are he and lester holt cousins or something cause they both got the same peanut head situation going on.

No. 317251

File: 1704573695771.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x1612, IMG_9588.jpeg)

Such joy when it isn’t an fit zoomer

No. 317258

He did the same thing when some darker skinned and heavier black girls wanted a pic with him in the past.

No. 317261

This stupid fuck didn’t even attempt to fake it. Dude always look unpleased when he’s not photographed with attractive white people

No. 317271

He's getting that long philtrum already being 40+

No. 317287

Any new milk? Not friend with him so I see nothing interesting on social. Did see him a lot at ALA. he was cosplaying a rare character from Frieren and bounced around every Frieren cosplayer he laid eyes on. It’s pretty hilarious to watch

No. 317289

File: 1704646159893.jpeg (172.73 KB, 1284x2340, IMG_9594.jpeg)

No. 317297

Well he does. Have the right to rant about ALA absurd prop policy. They banned a lot of non weapons. The checkers have no idea what is metal or plastic. They fucking peacebonded necklace!

No. 317302

File: 1704650542625.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2281, IMG_9595.jpeg)

No. 317308

ok I do have to give him credit that he’s doing the tongue thing when he’s not doing a young female character

No. 317320

Weird that it's never like "message me to hang out/have lunch/go to a panel together/shop together" or any kind of social activity… always just selfies? Are other cosplayers like this too or is it a Terry thing?

No. 317322

Most of the influencers don’t have time to do more than meet and greet. They’re working the con. Their time is money

Terry is not an influencer. He just followed too many of them

No. 317348

How many years has he said it’s gonna be the last year cosplaying

No. 317360

i did a little digging. I believe he started this "next year will be my last year" claim shortly after we called him out on lolcow. in 2019. He has always been very cringe but haven't been too problematic until 2020. He got into tiktok during the pandemic and got real popular and the fame really got into his head

No. 317363

If we wanna put a date down, he'll probably phase himself out by 2025. He isn't getting as much attention as he probably hoped for, and he isn't getting any young. (Or taking care of his skin.) I think younger cosplayers will start avoiding him more too.

No. 317373

File: 1704699551561.jpeg (939.9 KB, 1284x2263, IMG_9599.jpeg)

No. 317374

File: 1704699602686.jpeg (346.75 KB, 1284x2335, IMG_9600.jpeg)

No. 317375

File: 1704699650112.jpeg (300.06 KB, 1284x2338, IMG_9603.jpeg)

No. 317376

File: 1704699705174.jpeg (667.16 KB, 1284x2341, IMG_9604.jpeg)

No. 317377

Nah he has too much disposable income, this is his main hobby, and it’s really the only thing that brings him any attention. I don’t see him stopping that soon. Also keep in mind that he doesn’t actually have friends outside of the cosplay/con scene. If he drops out of the scene, he really has nothing. Currently people rarely hangout with him and when they do, they’re always young cosplayers. Why would a 19 year old girl hangout with a man in his 40s when they don’t share a hobby, she can’t clout chase him, nor can she financially benefit from him? I think he’s self aware enough to realize that his social life will be done if he quits cosplay

No. 317378

so a lot of people recognize him (i assume he followed with selfies)

but then he has the least pic requests at between the last several anime cons

what is it? am i reading it right. people walk past and scream "manaknight!" and then walked away before he could get selfies?

No. 317381

everyone here predicted he'll get booted "next year" as people catch on. the reality is, he has a large followers on social media. most haven't met him in person. I'm sure some think he's in 30's or even 20s. go to his stories and you can see very young cosplayers excited to meet him

No. 317384

surprised nobody here is creep out by this man rooming alone with a cosplayer half his age. that's not right. Can't blame the girl though. she's probably paying only 1/4 of the room but got half the room to herself.

seemed like terry just get off rooming with young women and never crossed the line, but it's still too weird in my book

No. 317385

Remember he identifies as ~nonbinary~ and zoomers believe genderspecials can do no wrong and certainly never groom or assault anyone, heavens no. Those are just toxic stereotypes donchaknow. So yeah they blindly trust people like this and get woke points for it to boot.

No. 317386

Is it just me, or does Terry become more insufferable each con?

No. 317396

Terry looked very unwell and that’s probably why a lot of people don’t take his photos. His Stocking is so bad. You can see his (covered) ass when he walks around because the hoop dress was ridiculously high, because it’s clearly designed for a girl to wear

Let’s hope Terry takes the hint and stop doing female cosplays.

No. 317399

doesn't make a huge deal to me… proceed to write a whole essay about it. cosplay and selfie is the only thing he does at cons.

I feel bad for the MAGFEST photographers. the big difference of east coast vs cali cons, is that he doesn't know many photographers over there. The only regulars of his who went were eurobeat and dt jam? I don't know if they took his photos.

No. 317403

Maybe he will finally get a cat? He has no life outside of cosplay and work. He doesn’t go to cons for anything other than cosplay and selfies. Nobody would care for selfies with him after he stops cosplaying. He has no skill in makeup or actual cosplaying. At least he started taking care of himself (dental/eye and hopefully doctor down the road)

No. 317405

I absolutely hate how he talks about working with "his" photographers, but they're all literally nothing but generic hallshots. He's never paid for shit, so I don't know why he thinks these photogs owe him any shots. The only thing he offers is a "photograph POC charkmark" tbh.

No. 317416

PLEASE say you are kidding topkek there’s no way shriveled Terry is passing for under 30 even with shoop

No. 317420

File: 1704737697249.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x2273, IMG_9608.jpeg)

No. 317421

File: 1704737751562.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x2269, IMG_9607.jpeg)

Maybe that’s why your keyblade broke?

No. 317423

Starting to crack? Dude it cracked because it couldn’t withstand the blunt force and probably why your keyblade broke. Bubble wrap isn’t going to help with that. Logos obersvation, anon. This photo was taken at his hotel so I don’t know why he went ahead with the TSA broke his keyblade story

No. 317424

Are you new here? It’s been proven time and time again that some of his zoomer fans think he’s way younger than he really is. Plenty think he’s their own age group

No. 317428

File: 1704740212869.jpg (3.01 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20240108_125031061.jpg)

Pretty much both. He uses filtered photos for 95% of his posts. Then cosplayers see him IRL and they end up deciding to just use him for clout due to shock

No. 317435

Terry might’ve gotten more attention if he cosplayed Garterbelt or Brief. He looks whack as Stocking. If I saw an ashy old man wearing a dress like that, I’d stay away too.

No. 317440

They only say that to not look bad or because they're scared to tell him the truth. Zoomers are notorious for being cowards, scared of being cancelled online, where they live. Terry looks at minimum, 35 years old irl. He's short and ashy af

No. 317441

Terry cosplaying a black character? Keep dreaming. Has he done a Black or Black-code cosplay before? The man hates his own skin color so much

No. 317443

Where did you find the original I want to see the full cosplay so bad. Must be taken by a man (or at least not a young girl). You can see his displeasure in the face

No. 317449

File: 1704755469107.jpg (638.98 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20240108_171054_Ins…)

His Instagram tagged photos. And yeah, it's male photog that took it kek

No. 317452

This is so tragic holy shit the only thing that looks remotely the same between the original and edited photo is his nose.

No. 317453

Thanks anon. Ouch that’s a tough one. Male photographers generally suck but I do have to give credit to dtjaaaam. He actually made Terry look decent.

Terry probably hate the photo. He didn’t like it and didn’t tell the photographer the names of the girls for tagging

No. 317457

Great detective work. His latest post mentioned she’s the reason he’s cosplaying stocking. Tinfoiling here, but I bet you Terry bought her the panty cosplay so they could cosplay together

This is really hilarious because they barely hanged out together this weekend. Nobody wanted photos of the two together

No. 317458

See the problem with Terry is that he wants all these 20 year olds to like him but he’s so cheap he’s not even willing to go the easy route (money) to get them so I would bet that he didn’t buy her shit

No. 317459

He's very adamant and vocal about refusing to ever give anyone money. If he actually was generous, he could've had the zoomer gf (sb) of his dreams by now

No. 317478

We can’t always trust what Terry says. How many times he said he’s quitting cosplay? Or said he’s too busy with work only to start posting nonstop the day after?

Him constantly posting these statuses on “don’t ask me to buy you food” “I won’t let me borrow money” is a facade. We already knew he offered his room really good rate, people get half the room for 1/4 price or something to that effect.

Don’t forget he said “stop asking me to drive you” and then end up driving a large group of zoomers to kbbq or house parties

We never hear about the benefiting because girls ain’t dumb. If Terry hooked them up with cosplays or other benefits they’re not going to kill the golden goose by bragging about it(learn2integrate)

No. 317484

But at the same time Terry has proven that he loves to brag about anything that could make him look good. How many times now have we seen him post about his “charity” work, which was literally just him giving away cosplay stuff that no one wanted to buy?

No. 317494

He should stop complaining about the lack of selfies then. People like character accuracy, not some old guy crossdressing.
Yeah I’m sure he would be bragging about his “friends” (sugar babies) in some way if this were true. He’s very open with sharing what goes on in his life and we would’ve seen a lot more selfies and pics of him taking girls to places. Remember that one Asian he bought shoes for at the mall?
I wonder if potential sugar babies avoid him because of that reason. He can’t shut up and all of their friends and family would know that they’re cool with hanging around old desperate men for money. But then again idk about sugar babies and if they care about keeping it on the down-low.

No. 317502

He can also cosplay spider punk or miles and get so many selfies with zoomers, but dude is dead set on not cosplaying black characters

No. 317510

File: 1704842658977.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2273, IMG_9631.jpeg)

First world problems

No. 317515

Terry, there’s a fucking hurricane warning happening. EVERYTHING is down. Selfish prick.

No. 317522

people are dying in the storm and this soulless jerk complained because he had a little trouble getting his cupcakes? He should've done the shopping yesterday when everything was calm.

He's such a cheap fuck. lol at >>317478 thinking he is sugar daddy material. this man? THIS man?

No. 317530

The fact this accompanying photo appears to be driving at night with poor visibility/weather conditions like you gonna die in a hurricane trying to get snacks

No. 317532

He's at a red light.

No. 317533

More that he shouldn't be driving around at night during bad weather, especially for such spurious reasons as needing to find a supermarket that takes card and has his discount. Like he should have cash with him anyway at his pay grade.(nitpick)

No. 317535

And we know for sure he was in the hurricane shut down area and not just driving in rain?

No. 317554

File: 1704903186630.jpg (749.02 KB, 1080x1915, 1000006599.jpg)

No. 317555

Hurricane warning or not. The man self confessed that he can’t see at night. And he gets off work at noon. There’s no reason he should be out at night endanger himself and others. Fuck him

No. 317556

Kek. Do zoomers even use this word? I think this aligns more with drag and fag lingo.
He sure asks a lot about whether he makes a good “girl” or not. It’s so weird. He must have a little self-awareness that he looks ridiculous, right? That’s why he wants so much validation and reassurance when he cosplays as girls/women?

No. 317558

A lot of zoomers still do. Drag culture is heavily stolen by the z-gen. He’s always giving mix signals about this issue. One day he would write an essay complaining about not female presenting enough. Next week he brags about fooling people. He’s a weird dude

No. 317571

File: 1704928566684.jpg (263.34 KB, 1080x1518, 1000006602.jpg)

No. 317577

I knew him since the early 2010s never thought for a second that he acted girly .(no1currs)

No. 317580

File: 1704939760415.jpg (314.98 KB, 1078x1917, 1000006604.jpg)

something no one needs to see. wonder if he'll actually wear a dancers belt if he decides to get one of these

No. 317584

What about whining too much?

No. 317585

Yeah seriously… other than literal crossdressing, there's nothing feminine about him at all

No. 317589

Gross. No one wants to see his junk

Same. Met him around 2012. He didn't start this bullshit larp until very recently. He isn't even girly irl, he's just a weirdo.

No. 317590

I remember him cosplaying black rock shooter one time before the pandemic but he wasn’t into “fem” cosplays until the pandemic

Instead of “girly”, I probably would’ve described him as “into young boys” since he mostly cosplayed teenagers like Sora. I never thought he’s into male tho. Always into young white girls. Just look at the ALA selfies he posted

No. 317597

I haven't watched the last movie yet so I don't know if they redesigned the suits, but if no - he know's what he's doing pondering sexualized versions of iconic character suits. It's just gonna continue downhill after this.

No. 317602

I don’t get this man. He complained nobody photographed him when he cosplayed girls. His stocking was grotesque. Why would anyone photograph him in these?

No. 317609

People do take funny ironic photos like huge buff dudes cosplaying children but he seems to think people are going to take him seriously as a cosplayer and not as a joke.

No. 317638

Somebody needs to crush his self-esteem. The ass pats have made this man way too comfortable, and the human sense of sight can only take so much abuse.

No. 317645

For someone that spends copious amounts on being a weeb. He sure NEVER talks about what's going on eith a particular show, or his stats in genshin. And he thinks his zoomer audience is unaware?

No. 317647

Maybe this is how he quits cosplay? He wears this, has a little slippage “accident” and then people finally cancel him


he’s been doing all this on purpose to see how far he can go before he gets canceled. Every time he’s talked about quitting cosplay by x year, he legit thought he’d be canceled by then, but zoomers keep letting him get away with stuff, so he keeps pushing his cosplay retirement back and escalating his behavior

Lol people have asked him about his genshin main/stats and he would never give anyone a straight answer(tinfoiling)

No. 317651

you need help. he just wants attention. that's all

No. 317653


Can second I’ve seen people in the comments ask him for his Adventure Rank or UID number and it’s crickets from him the replies. I’ve also never seen him share any of his thoughts on the diff regions or quests. He just picks the chars he thinks the zoomers will coom over, and then he’ll get mad when he doesn’t pop off like he thought.

No. 317654

I wouldn’t say never. He definitely doesn’t play genshin, but every few weeks he would post photos of him watching anime or playing video games. He just likes to talk about his cosplay a lot

No. 317668

Eva-tard anon here, these aren’t featured in the rebuilds at all. They’re based on some shitty over sexualized figures that came out years ago. But Terry wouldn’t know that because he doesn’t actually give a shit about the media he cosplays from LMFAOO genuinely curious where his recent Evangelion obsession came from

No. 317673

I swore he openly admitted to only cosplaying popular things a few threads back

A friend of mine had him on PSN back in the day. All he did was log a few hours of gameplay then never touched the games again. I believe it since he only posts early game screen caps in his stories

No. 317703

What does learn2integrate mean?

There’s no proof but I still stand by what I long suspected. Terry had multiple times said he won’t make props for others. The Panty cosplayer just posted her photos from ALA (without Terry of course), and she credited Terry for making the prop. He made the prop just for her since he doesn’t cosplay Panty

No. 317704

>What does learn2integrate mean?
It means lurk more, newfag. We try to keep some anonymity and hitting the 'enter' button that frequently (reddit spacing) isn't really welcome here. Anyways, I don't think Terry cares that much in regards to giving out props, cosplays, or wigs. He thinks it's "charity" and wants to make himself look good. Although he is very picky about who he's willing to give free stuff to, as we've seen they must be Asian or white girls between the ages of 18-20.

No. 317705

File: 1705112849816.jpeg (451.71 KB, 1179x2277, IMG_2809.jpeg)

150/100 is stage 2 high blood pressure. If it gets much higher than that, he will enter hypertensive crisis state that could literally kill him. He is literally at risk of death and still isn’t sure if he’ll get it checked out. He’s hopeless lol let’s all find a new favorite cow because he might just die

No. 317707

His diet of cupcakes, chicken tenders and fries is catching up to him. Kek

No. 317709

He surely seemed rather calm for a person who just found out for the first time they have high blood pressure.

Is it normal to do a blood pressure test at the dentist? All the years I never once had to do that

No. 317726

Now I felt bad for participating on this board. I wonder how much of his high blood pressure is due to us bullying him here. I know we didn’t directly cause it but I don’t want to have blood on my hands. Goodbye, board. It’s been fun the last few months

No. 317739

Sweetheart the blood is on the chicken tenders hands not yours

No. 317741

Off topic but yes it is nowadays. It's to avoid things like a stroke or heart attack with certain procedures. So it just confirms he had a procedure done, not a simple cleaning.

No. 317753

Wow, I wonder why he’s like this. This can’t be explained by autism. I wonder if he is suicidal in some sort of way or maybe doesn’t understand how deadly high blood pressure can be.

No. 317765

I know this is dumb but I didn't realise you could have such high blood pressure without being obese. That's crazy.

No. 317767

Yes that is sort of dumb but it runs in a lot of black people’s families and also he probably just has a fast metabolism since he’s thin but that doesn’t mean he’s healthy since he doesn’t exercise or eat a balanced diet or drink water

No. 317773

Yeah you definitely can, it's just about poor circulation and poor internal/organ health, he needs to start eating healthy asap

No. 317774

High blood pressure is not due to potential temporary spikes of stress, also I doubt he reads here of if he does he just thinks it adds to his "fame"
It's lifestyle, we know he eats very poorly for someone with a decent wage. He also doesn't rest on his weekends and instead, catches flights and books into hotels on a tight schedule and then runs between 100 people he identifies at cons to take selfies with, it's his own self induced lifestyle with bad diet and no real rest.
Kinda good he knows at least via the dentist, since he's been avoiding doctors.

No. 317775

I've had several different dentists do blood pressure. It's common when using basic injectable numbing agents before procedures. The numbing agents can sometimes cause high pulse and blood pressure to drop/cause a person to faint.

No. 317776

I’m glad he’s finally taking care of himself by going to dentist and possibly doctor in the future. Maybe he’ll take a break from cons and look after his health. This man basically threw his life away just to chase down zoomers for selfies. How pathetic

No. 317779

>This can’t be explained by autism
Avoiding things that make you uncomfortable is extremely autistic nonnie

No. 317780

File: 1705228862973.jpeg (657.42 KB, 1284x1147, IMG_9713.jpeg)

No hope for this man

No. 317781

Never seen an adult reference college so often in a bid to imply it was more recent than 20 years ago, though it's good he acknowledges he doesn't get any rest time (he has 3 days off a week, this can be solved)

No. 317784

He’s not a doctor, why does he think he has the ability to determine what his high blood pressure is caused by? He’s delusional lol

No. 317788

Posted half a day ago and only three replied. He has no real friends and nobody cared for him. He also didn’t mention how bad his blood pressure was. This read like my blood pressure spiked a little after I drank a lot of coffee, not 150/100! What is this man doing that he’s busy until August? He only work and cosplay. This guy doesn’t know what stress is if it hits him in the head.

No. 317789

You can also read that he’s been very stress free for the last 20 years. Maybe college was really brutal for him? I did flunk a class or two and that was really stressful so I can relate. It’s odd that before fired from one of his past jobs wasn’t a stressful even for him

No. 317791


Just need to take a break from traveling to conventions all the time. Sounds like self induced stress.(learn to sage)

No. 317793

What’s his idea of normal? Maybe he typo 150/100 because that seemed ridiculously high. I doubt they would even allow deep cleaning with bp that high. This man can’t write and probably got a number or two wrong and everyone here rejoicing/judging over nothing. Dude is clearly dyslexic

No. 317796

Kek he is so delusional. Stress alone isn’t his problem. He refuses to acknowledge that his lack of exercise and poor diet is contributing to health problems. He only eats processed foods and thinks being “healthy” is starving himself when he wants to look skinnier. This doesn’t work in your 40s and onwards.
Just go to the damn doctor, Terry. At this point, it’s his fault if he dies of a heart attack or stroke. He absolutely refuses to take care of his health. To the nonas that feel guilty or think it’s their fault he’s dying, don’t be. He’s an adult and is making the choice to not seek medical intervention or make changes to his lifestyle.

No. 317859

File: 1705413711081.jpg (467.84 KB, 1080x1880, 1000006660.jpg)

can't wait to see his posts whining about people being drunk and loud at mag. especially since he has a room at the gaylord he'll probably complain about room parties around his room, as if he didn't know mag was a party con

No. 317864

File: 1705425543538.png (1.47 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9733.png)

No. 317865

wait, so Terry used sick time off for cons? kek this is so funny, no wonder he is actually seeing actual dentists/doctors lately, dumbass never had any sick PTO

No. 317867


Why’s he talking about potential mischargijng on social media? He’s either really bold or really stupid.

No. 317869

Not even one week amago he complained about stress affecting his blood pressure. Terry you don’t have to do eight cosplays at MAG. You don’t even have to skip work and use sick time for Thursday. I don’t really get this man. It’s like he’s having multiple personalities because his decision making is so inconsistent

No. 317871

How does one end up on his private friends story.

No. 317874

Me too. Sadly I’m not his targeted age. His normal stories are so boring. It’s just an endless repetition of polls

No. 317875

I like how he thinks his CL is private when it just gets dumped here lmfao

be a girl he wouldn't mind falling in love with

No. 317877

>I like how he thinks his CL is private when it just gets dumped here lmfao
Thank you to the nonas that share his statuses kek
I don’t show my face online and I’m not going to do that just to be on his “close friend list”.

No. 317884

File: 1705460921150.jpg (369.03 KB, 1079x1117, 1000025714.jpg)

No. 317886

File: 1705462804756.jpeg (623.56 KB, 1284x2065, IMG_9740.jpeg)

No. 317891

File: 1705467524817.jpg (1023.59 KB, 1080x1897, 1000006669.jpg)

No. 317902

Imagine spending 36 dollars on something you don't even care about, and now hoping that one of your zoomers will chime in that they want it. I usually would never wish financial hardships on anyone, but I'd make an exception for Terry, just to maybe knock him back down into reality.

No. 317904

He actually posted a lot of hello kitty stuff. It consistently generated engagement. This one is odd thought. All the girls wanted to get one, and he replied to them “lol I got the last one” fucking jerk

No. 317905

File: 1705499820786.jpeg (168.57 KB, 1284x421, IMG_9744.jpeg)

No. 317907

Why does he have to rant about every single thing that happens to him on his ig? Just say no and move on. I'm honestly so shocked this guy has a job

No. 317908

Oh no Terry, now you won't be able to get that extra helping of tendies
why does he post like he can't afford shit when he's always bragging about buying useless items?

No. 317912

It’s not really shocking. Terry is a EE and good at his job. Engineers are in high demands right now. We need to just accept it that he’s making six figure salary and move on

No. 317914

File: 1705510675772.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2076, IMG_9750.jpeg)

No. 317916

Why does Terry always write like he’s living paycheck to paycheck? He makes so much money.. and he’s 40+ and struggling to pay for hotel room this weekend? Sir, maybe don’t go to two expensive conventions in one month?

No. 317917

He looks like Dennis Rodman back when he would crossdress in the 90s.

No. 317921

Someone was very generous with the smoothing filters.

No. 317925

File: 1705519138458.jpeg (286.07 KB, 1351x2048, CD672260-55EF-4FFC-8C52-11B4B4…)

Lmao I’m dying that’s so accurate

No. 317929

File: 1705520612503.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2273, IMG_9752.jpeg)

No. 317942

i know he's trying to poormouth and pretend he's some struggling zoomer with only 65 cents in his checking but this fantasy ended immediately when he humblebragged about his savings. ninja probably has like 250k or more sitting somewhere accruing interest. he isn't fooling anyone with this bull.

No. 317943

Ok, why are you telling everyone this? This is such a non issue. The dude is probably hording money and just mad he didn’t get paid the extra OT time. Terry forgot just yesterday he bought a fucking hello kitty ring light that he definitely has no use for

No. 317953

How is it that despite having more masculine features, Dennis actually looks way prettier than Terry

No. 317959

File: 1705531151380.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x2261, IMG_9753.jpeg)

No. 317967

Is he a celebrity of sort? I’m not in the cosplay scene. Do people have to make statement about some random people they met or fear they’ll get canceled? This is just too strange for me and I can’t tell if it’s a Terry thing or a common cosplay community thing

No. 317971

i saw him in person and he looked nothing like this. i thought it's a male character. the photographer really dial up the editing. I hope Terry paid him well

No. 317980

File: 1705541686923.jpg (81.47 KB, 1080x490, 1000006688.jpg)

he was just whining about not having money for his mag room this weekend and needing to dip into saving, but has enough to drop $130 for an animenyc badge?

No. 317983

He’s 100% trying to act like he’s broke/poor to seem more like the kids he wants to hang out with. If he’s actually “running low” on money for the con, he’s even worse at managing his money than we thought. Or too many people have asked to borrow money from him so he’s trying to set up a reason to say no if someone asks him to cover a meal or something. I could see his stingy ass doing that.
I wonder if it’s the autism that makes him value things over relationships with people. I don’t think he even wants to truly be friends with all the zoomers he chases around, I think he just wants to collect selfies with popular ones like Pokémon for some level of perceived social clout. It doesn’t seem like he truly wants to connect with people or enjoys anything at all.

No. 317991

This is VERY concerning. the person being called out is omgleeroy,.An older Black male cosplayer accused of grooming a 16 years old. Not a good look, Terry.

No. 317992

I think it’s because he picked clothing/makeup that compliment his features. Terry just uses the same crappy makeup for everything and will shove himself into any garment even if it looks like shit on him

No. 317993

>An older Black male cosplayer accused of grooming a 16 years old
Gross. And here's Terry being an asshole going
>I need to careful analyze the situation so I make the best choice
>Too many times I made wrong choices cutting some off
Really? It shouldn't be a difficult decision to cut a groomer out of your life. What the hell. He is so retarded. It's also telling that he has to "think about it". Really creepy.

No. 317995

Because Dennis genuinely loved what he was doing and did not give a fuck. His happiness shines through. While Terry is just trying to be popular and is dead behind his eyes.

No. 318021

Terry what’s there to investigate? The 22 years old man was flirting with a 16 years old and then lied about it by photoshopping their conversation (changing 16 to 19). A video just came out showing the whole original conversation, without the doctoring. How busy is your life to not have that figured out. Terry, if you’re indeed confused about the situation, next time just shut up and not post anything because this makes it look like you want to side with the pedo

No. 318036

File: 1705596553954.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2256, IMG_9761.jpeg)

It is a sold out convention no shit the line is going to be long.

Can’t wait to hear him bitch about the price of parking in the garage.

No. 318039

I saw these driving stories. He’s clearly handholding the phone. Old man Terry needs to stop risking his life for likes. Yes, Terry. There’s a line at the garage for a sold out con. What a groundbreaking idea

No. 318077

File: 1705635495876.jpeg (2.24 MB, 1284x2279, IMG_9770.jpeg)

No. 318078

File: 1705635544584.jpeg (359.34 KB, 1284x1795, IMG_9769.jpeg)

No. 318079

I'll never NOT be triggered by his paint jobs. 10+ year veteran, folks.

No. 318087

File: 1705641852437.jpg (303.83 KB, 1080x1928, 1000006692.jpg)

yeah they probably heard about how creepy you are and were surprised you look nothing like your ultra filtered photos

No. 318101

He has such an ego. People have heard of his name because we all talked behind his back. I think he assumed everyone is fangirling him

No. 318104

File: 1705673605353.jpeg (239.82 KB, 1284x2347, IMG_9772.jpeg)

How about you hydrate and use lotion dumbass?

Also Gaylord National Harbor is notoriously known for being dry.

No. 318141

File: 1705712304602.jpeg (917.37 KB, 834x1456, IMG_9777.jpeg)

No. 318145

Geez his nose contour looks extra bad here. I actually think this is the worst i’ve seen it. And he makes himself look extra ugly whenever he stands next to these super pretty cosplay girls

No. 318156

File: 1705721417836.jpg (1.47 MB, 1079x1921, 1000006697.jpg)

No. 318157

They are not your friends

No. 318161

File: 1705728390698.jpeg (402.2 KB, 889x1570, IMG_9779.jpeg)

No. 318162

File: 1705728412523.jpeg (320.56 KB, 885x1571, IMG_9780.jpeg)

No. 318163

File: 1705728440446.jpeg (410.78 KB, 875x1635, IMG_9781.jpeg)

No. 318164

his look here vs the ones with the girls. dude ain't even trying

No. 318168

That unblended and poorly applied nose contour….holy shit.

No. 318176

File: 1705759034675.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x1864, IMG_2143.jpeg)

Lmfao big smiles for the girls but when a man that’s actually a fan wants a photo, Terry looks disgusted and unhappy. He’s not even trying to hide it.

No. 318177

File: 1705759505182.jpeg (2.76 MB, 1284x2281, IMG_9785.jpeg)

TLDR bitching

No. 318179

hasn't he been at the con since thursday? he could've wheeled his cart of props to the prop check instead of complaining about it all weekend? terry has mixed up priorities. the zoomers will still be around all weekend. It's so awkward to watch terry lurking and waiting for zoomers to be available for selfies

No. 318184

That nose contour is atrocious

No. 318207

File: 1705802037140.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x1511, IMG_9810.jpeg)

No. 318208

File: 1705802060167.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x1521, IMG_9811.jpeg)

No. 318214

Did he pad his crotch or did he wear a diaper backwards

No. 318218

They are loose pants, it's just the way they folded with his stance.

No. 318232

He should've corrected it for the photo, because I still can't see it the way you explained it, it looks like a diaper kek

No. 318266

File: 1705878422026.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1284x2274, IMG_9835.jpeg)

No. 318320

This idiot hit me in the head with his giant ugly prop while he was circling around looking for people to take selfies with.

No. 318331

File: 1705963558208.jpg (276.12 KB, 920x1341, 1000023100.jpg)

Imagine being a few drinks in, you see this Asuka cosplayer from behind and in your drunken stupor you try to rizz them up. Then they turn around and you see Terry. That would sober anyone up.

No. 318333

Hip shapers into a nonexistent ass

No. 318338

Lmfao. Why is he trying to yassify Asuka. The fake ass and boobs are sending me.

No. 318344

props to the person calling him out on his messy floor. and his answer was "i am unpacking from MAGFest" imagine having a four level house and be so messy. eww

No. 318377

Men shouldn't be allowed to crossplay at all.

No. 318431

Where are all the retards telling him he's sexualising a minor. It's almost like black middle-aged men get a pass for shit young women in cosplay do not.

No. 318432

He's black AND "nonbinary" so yeah people won't touch his issues with a ten foot pole, lest they be called evil racist transphobe bigots. As long as he doesn't do anything straight up illegal, no one will ever call him out.

No. 318433

He’s also self diagnosed autistic. He checked so many boxes. You can’t criticize him without getting canceled

No. 318456

He's 100 right though.

No. 318457

File: 1706117116536.jpeg (Spoiler Image,356.24 KB, 737x1500, STL087734.jpeg)

It's actually a costume based off of the Shunya Yamashita figure design. I don't think Terry knew this though and just figured he lucked out with getting to wear fake tits with it.

No. 318462

File: 1706122567144.jpeg (821.97 KB, 1284x2273, IMG_9879.jpeg)

Old man lookin to creep on someone young

No. 318466

I don’t understand why Terry likes to put the fill invoice out there for people to see. Is this some kind of flex? I’m surprised he’s going to Sakuracon again. I swear he hated how the con was organized last year and sworn never to return again

No. 318469

File: 1706127269771.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1529, IMG_9863.jpeg)

No. 318470

File: 1706127640272.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2229, IMG_9864.jpeg)

No. 318473

His paint job is so sloppy. How is he not embarrassed by it

No. 318474

Ah hell no.This ugly mofo is so short too. I had the displeasure of seeing him at magfest. He looks like an idiot. Which zoomer is he trying to hit on now?

No. 318476

The way he wears long sleeve shirts under t-shirts reminds me of a 45 year old dad. Pair this with his old man new balance sneakers and it all makes more sense.

No. 318477

I was giving him the benefit of the doubt for his other bow legged posts, but he's just trying way too hard to be qUiRkY in this pic

I am curious on how bad his facial hair makeup is gonna be

No. 318480

i can never understand why this man has so much space in his house yet chose to take selfies in front of his nasty bed/floor

No. 318482

File: 1706151982552.jpeg (983.47 KB, 1284x2261, IMG_9886.jpeg)

No. 318486

He actually is bow legged af though I saw him at magfest and I couldn’t stop staring at his strange posture

No. 318488

He’s so delusional. How’s he going to wear his breast plate with so much exposed skin? This creep would go of his way to cosplay the whitest of white people

No. 318489

Most people lie about the cost of their share of a room. This way it's transparent. I've asked for things like this before a con too to make sure the host of the room isn't pocketing extra money just because they were the one to reserve it.

No. 318500

A2 is one of the most female looking cosplays. He's massively delusional if he thinks he can pull this off

No. 318507

File: 1706198115810.jpg (1.44 MB, 1080x1918, 1000006765.jpg)

No. 318509

I am listening intently, Terry…could it be he finally is about to have allegations?

No. 318519

it's funny how he's staying so vague and won't just talk about it unless you ask him directly what it's about. if its that bad that he needs to make a post about it, why not squash these "false" allegations instead of vague posting to a targeted audience?

No. 318542

File: 1706233332999.jpeg (759.84 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0522.jpeg)

There already have been allegations but the people have admitted they're too scared to speak up because the "terriers" will come after them and they'll be unjustly called every -ist and -phobe in the book. I even have proof.(sage your shit)

No. 318543

File: 1706233510161.jpeg (231.25 KB, 1170x640, IMG_0513.jpeg)

More evidence. I'd have even more if my phone backup didn't fuck up and lose a bunch of stuff in the process(cowtipping)

No. 318544

File: 1706233751071.jpeg (676.08 KB, 1053x1588, IMG_0532.jpeg)

Managed to uncover another one. This screencap was sent to me by another person who tried calling him out, was sicced on by the terriers and then got a message from another girl who falls into histrademark <25 white skinny girl obsession.(cowtipping)

No. 318545

File: 1706234075812.jpeg (213.23 KB, 885x731, IMG_0524.jpeg)

Again, sorry for the spam but I can only post one image per (unless I'm missing something). Just have one more after this one.(cowtipping)

No. 318546

File: 1706234206270.jpeg (434.85 KB, 1023x1456, IMG_0526.jpeg)

Final one as promised. This one acknowledges the existence of the "terriers"(cowtipping)

No. 318547

File: 1706235073537.jpeg (97.49 KB, 914x330, IMG_0525.jpeg)

Ok I lied, one more. This one came from another unique individual and it in particular disgusts me.(cowtipping)

No. 318552


That Zero Two part is corny ngl

No. 318555

Geez it's almost like all the moid retards engaging with the gender discourse shit are just using it to hide from criticism and call-outs because not supporting a member of the cult is haram.

No. 318558

All these caps look so fake and hide any information that would be important. Why would anon have these anyway and why so many from "different people"? I wouldn't take any of these as real milk.

No. 318559

How about you do everyone in this thread a favor and ask any of these people for proof? None of them are sharing any proof of these conversations or instances where they were shown from their younger friends/siblings that Terry reached out. I highly, highly doubt no one capped online interactions and that all of this was in person. The first post specifically "he used to hit me up all the time". So they should have caps. Bring proof to these, anon. You should be asking that.

No. 318562

Y'know what, y'all asked for "milk" and you got milk. Now you're bitching and moaning when it's delivered? I know you autists don't live in reality (hint: this is a dead image board, not a fucking courtroom.

No wonder this board is dead and filled with angry losers who secretly wish they had the fortitude to do what the people they're making fun of have. Have fun perpetually hitting the F5 key hoping to get a single new post every 10 hours. I'm going back to 4chan. No one everyone laughs at this place.(infighting retard)

No. 318563

This isn't milk. This looks fake as all hell. The people don't even have proof to back it up and every single thing is blacked out, no hints as to what cons he wanted to room with, no info about anything at all besides "he was weird", but none of these posts say he did anything. All these DMs just sound like anons who post here.

No. 318574

Seems like anon just messaged her contacts and brought terry up.
Based on what they said he continually messages the whiteasianunder25 group as anons have observed at length, and he even posts constantly about "reaching out" to people which I assume means spamming them with "hey how are you are you going to blah con meet me there at x time" so this all checks out to me

No. 318575

This reply is sus as hell though why are you so angry about it? Sounds like they're a cow themselves talking about the "fortitude" needed to be an embarrassing weirdo in public kek

Like what response did you expect from those caps, there is no new information there

No. 318577

These caps seemed like at least two years old. Since it referenced “39” I don’t really question the validity of these, but do we have any new milk? Is the photographer/videographer sending these caps to cosplayers as warning? There’s a disjoin somewhere. I wish someone is brave enough to publicly call him out on how creepy he is, but it’s just too risky with the number of protective statuses he has. What he’s doing might seem small to some of you, but I can see him ruining the experience of the younger or newer cosplayers

No. 318578

That’s disturbing. If this is true, then cons have a rule against predators stepping on their grounds. I hope the little girl is okay. This is just sick

No. 318580

How’s this new info to you? Most of his followers are underage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to room with a minor (I am not aware if this actually happened). He definitely did invite minors to his house. This man is a creep

No. 318581

I care about them because anon is cowtipping for info that is probably fake. Anons need to stop trying to get involved with cow friends to get shit to post.

No. 318584

Terry admitted that he roomed with a 17-year-old and apparently it’s a regret of his. It’s in one of the previous threads where he was setting hotel rules for roommates. Other than that, no one else has come out and said anything. I don’t doubt he’s been creepy but so far there’s been no screencaps of direct conversations involving him.

No. 318590

And the people anon contacted don't even have screenshots to prove anything. You don't just show up at a con and expect a room, there should be come DM discussions, but every single post refuses to share the info, everything is blacked out. None of this even smells true especially since anon freaked out over being called out on it. They are a newfag who couldn't even sage everything but the first and last cap. Unless Terry does something sexual or actually illegal, I'm just going to chaulk all his crap up to austism and people just feeling weird about him, but if he never does or pursues anything, then what's the point? he's a lonely 40 year old autist who wants to still desperately be involved in fandoms he's interested in. So many threads and yet still no milk about him being wrong in any instances he's interacted with people.

Now I'm thinking this post >>318507 has to do with anon trying to reach out to people around him as it seems he's been notified by people about it. Unless these posts have any proof about him being creepy in DMs and not just "Do you need a room/have a room/your cosplayers are going to look wonderful/beautiful".. Like give me something actually bad. The anon is cowtipping and it's so blatantly obvious that now Terry is having to talk about the fact people are coming to him about it. How is this milk?

No. 318591

File: 1706294314763.jpg (527.15 KB, 1049x1992, Screenshot_20240126_122520_Ins…)

New favorite pic of terry

He has roomed with a 17 year at least once. You don't need a screenshot when you saw them together at a con. Not gonna name her @. It's creepy on principle, but yeah, I really doubt anything inappropriate happened between them tbh

No. 318592

I want to know the circumstances, like a room was probably offered up and no one was taking the chance to split it and someone finally agreed. This happens a lot, regardless of age, doesn't make it less weird when they are older and the opposite sex, but yeah. I also don't think anything happened. Probably old man want to sleep and she wouldn't come back until all hours or maybe he took up the bathroom or the fact that people just speculate and that along brought trouble.

No. 318603

Did he say on insta he finally got paid? In the span of one week he did these: paid fit MAG hotel, booked MomoCon and Sakuracon hotel and floght, 2 ps5 games, and who knows how many cosplays. I’m high key jealous of this man’s cash flow

No. 318608

File: 1706322517368.png (6.13 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9943.png)

No. 318609

>person asks you to keep this convo private because of their trauma
>you come post it here
Not only a cowtipper but just a straight up asshole as well, wow.

No. 318612

File: 1706329705995.jpeg (252.44 KB, 1284x2327, IMG_9950.jpeg)

No. 318616

All this guy does is complain!!

Calling it. He’s going to do arcade and the mall.

No. 318626

File: 1706352143202.jpeg (128.94 KB, 1284x439, IMG_9952.jpeg)

No. 318629

File: 1706360297820.jpeg (144.5 KB, 1284x1059, IMG_9953.jpeg)

I can’t with him…(cowtipping)

No. 318635

Most people who buy cosplays fix it up. It's nice to have a base to work off, but he does shit. He just does a shake and go wig and slaps everything on straight out of the bag. How can someone call themselves a serious cosplayer when they dont make anything. Terry is so ugly and pathetic. I can't wait for his mid-life crisis in a few years.

No. 318636

Saying you want to 'slay' while holding a prop that looks like you painted it with paint that had the same consistency of toothpaste.

No. 318637

I hope you anons know that whenever you block out public posts, it makes it very sus that this is cowtipping. Also the poster isn't even making sense, they are trying to argue about the weather in general.

No. 318638

Men really do live life on easy mode. You know these zoomers will hype him up no matter what.

No. 318707

File: 1706563881611.jpeg (432.52 KB, 1284x2249, IMG_0001.jpeg)

No. 318718

>over 2/3 of the people visiting his page are 25+
>has no interest in being friends with anyone 25+
Never change Terry, never change

No. 318732

Maybe I’m reading too much into this small snippet of Terryspeech but he doesn’t seem too pleased kek

No. 318733

File: 1706622595186.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1921, 1000006829.jpg)

that's supposed to be a smile?

No. 318737

I read it the same way, he sounds disappointed that the majority of his followers are in the 25-34 range. Most zoomers are on tiktok so these numbers make sense.
Most of his “smiling” looks like he sniffed a smelly fart. Also, he makes it very obvious who he enjoys taking selfies with kek. If it’s men or women over 25, he doesn’t smile. Sometimes he even makes a grimace.

No. 318745

bro can't handle that the camera shows what he actually looks like

No. 318771

color me surprised. I was expecting more 13-17 range. FYI, I saw a few cosplayers posted their IG stats. Terry is just following trend. don't think too much about it

No. 318776

Terry your fake tit is almost flopping out. Gross.

No. 318777


Yuck also came here to say this.

No. 318781

File: 1706698424497.jpeg (562.24 KB, 1284x2259, IMG_0013.jpeg)

No. 318792

Things I never wanted to see: this.
Ew at this grown ass man fishing for zoomer's to tell him to keep it and how he looks amazing.

No. 318793

File: 1706710353829.jpg (257.11 KB, 1080x1800, 1000006839.jpg)

huh? he literally does the same shit for every cosplay how is that trying different techniques and taking risks? he's so full of shit

No. 318795

File: 1706713030809.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1881, IMG_0020.jpeg)

And he wonders where the high blood pressure comes from…

No. 318797

>puts on womens clothing
>rubs his disgusting junk all over the inside
>”hmm idk if I keep…”
Imagine being the woman who ends up getting sent his returns

No. 318798

No amount of malnutrition will ever get rid of that short man body. kek

No. 318799

Paying $20 for basically chicken tenders and fries. You can literally just buy these pre-made at the grocers. He's so lazy. I wonder if he'll make it to 50?

He looks so much like a hon, it's hilarious. No one in their right mind outside an ass kissing con would ever call him a woman.

No. 318801

I just noticed his fucking toe ripped the tights, kek.

No. 318803

It looks like a dude crossdressing in his mom's satin nighty.

No. 318809

>wonder if he'll make it to 50?
I think he will, but I think it’ll take a major health scare in his mid to late 40s to cause him to start caring about his health. Even then I think him caring for his health isn’t going to look the same as a normal person’s definition. I think it’ll end up with him actually going to see doctors more often, maybe getting on meds, and possibly switching to cooked chicken over tendies. I still don’t see him starting to eat fruits/veggies. I think he would also increase the number of cons by arguing that cons are a lot of walking and that counts as exercise

No. 318855

Don’t jinx it

No. 318885

He wont. He'll have a big ass health scare but will do nothing about it. I dont know why so many anons seem to be coming in from the woodwork, showing compassion to terry. he's a creepy autist.

No. 318888

That’s a lot of fucking fries. How couldthis guy eat such fatty high carb diet and still ended up skin and bones?

No. 318896

He probably only eats 1 meal a day.

No. 318899

I was thinking this as well. He wants to be an uwu skinny kawaii girl, but doesn’t want to stop eating garbage. His fridge pics show he doesn’t have much actual food in his house too, it’s mostly filled with soda and condiments

No. 318900

File: 1706893909063.jpeg (812.46 KB, 1284x2267, IMG_0051.jpeg)

No. 318901

File: 1706894409002.jpeg (619.43 KB, 1284x2356, IMG_0052.jpeg)

No. 318902

File: 1706894881244.jpeg (396.71 KB, 1284x2325, IMG_0053.jpeg)

No. 318904

he makes the same post/story every year. what a concept. you're 40+ this shouldn't be a new concept to you

No. 318911

That’s why you should cosplay characters that you actually like and just enjoy the convention, Terry. Then you wouldn’t be so concerned about other people looking better than you, because you’re actually having fun. He’s so vain.

No. 318913

I like how he shoves his glasses in front of the camera lens as if we would also be able to see the difference

How is he lacking in time to improve his cosplays? I get that he frequently takes overtime hours at his job, but it’s not like he has anything else going on in his free time. No partner, no children, doesn’t volunteer, and rarely hangs out with anyone. He has plenty of time to work on cosplay improvements

No. 318918

Stop cosplaying young boys and girls. No matter how hard you try you will never look good as a young person. Now we know why he cosplays these batshit obscure characters. In his mind he’s the best cosplayer cosplaying these niche characters because nobody else does it. This is really fucked up.

No. 318922

Boy is so delusional . I can guarantee none of his photographers care whether he has new prop. They probably prefer his props to look better than grade school project. He thinks way too highly of himself

No. 318925

Just another reason Terry is forever alone. He cares about the most superficial shit and is allergic to having fun if it doesn't revolve around just feeding ego.

No. 318931

Yeah he’s so egotistical that he can’t even see that he’s shooting himself in the foot. Instead of being insecure when someone makes a better cosplay than him, he could go up and ask them how they made x part of their cosplay. He’d learn something new and could potentially make a friend. But that doesn’t happen because it’s more important for him to feel like he’s above everyone else

No. 319136

File: 1707322682287.png (1.55 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0119.png)

It’s not that deep bro

No. 319141

Not to mean to defend Terry, but that show is shitty tbh. The darkening of the skin is some racist shit that Japanese girls are known to do regarding ganguro. He's not wrong here. The dude in the show even went on about how she's like a porcelain doll, then she uses makeup to darken it. This show is actually a really terrible depiction of cosplay.

No. 319146

And yet, Terry always lightens his skin in photos because he hates his actual skin color. Doesn’t that say something as well?
We know Terry is only saying this because it’s something his zoomer followers care about, I doubt he would care otherwise.

No. 319147

The series also has her, a minor, dressing up in hentai. I don't see how this series is a representation of cosplay. It's not! It's gross and people are passing it off as one.(learn to sage)

No. 319151

Ganguro is influenced by Hawaaian beach style, hence the tans and overall bright colors and tropical themes. It is also seen as a rebellion against Japanese norms. It has nothing to do with straight up trying to be black.

No. 319153


Came here for tea and it's just tumblrinas melting down over MDUD in the year of our lord 2024

No. 319174

i highly doubt anyone actually care he doesn't cosplay from this series. terry is just mad he's never gonna be able to cosplay this without looking like shit

No. 319178

He's also mad that he's not white or Asian(at least sage this)

No. 319190

He'll cosplay from it. Zoomers in the US just like to make noise/virtue signal something only to drop it 2-4 weeks later. Besides it hasn't stopped anyone else from cosplaying her

No. 319192

Wtf are you talking about. Ganguro has nothing to do with black people. It was made in Japan and has to do with Japanese beauty standards. You do realize darker Asians exist right? Not everything is western race bullshit.

No. 319193

That's not in the context of the anime though, putting on makeup to overall darker your skin is his issue, I've seen this repeated by a lot of cosplayers. She's not a tan asian and she's praised for being porcelain like a doll. Terry actually has a valid point considering colorism exists within Japanese society amongst Japanese people, not even foreigners and black people. His gripe has to do with changing the skin tone in general, the character is not tanned.

No. 319200

Who cares if she uses makeup to darken her skin. Kek, you really think old man terry gives a shit? he's virtue signaling to his retarded zoomer followers.

No. 319201

That's what he's complaining about. I'm pointing out why. It's not this deep.

No. 319203

>Terry actually has a valid point considering colorism exists
Ironic because Terry is also guilty of colorism. We’ve seen many times where he prefers to take photos with white, Asian, or lighter-skinned black girls. He looks so unhappy around his darker-skinned fans. Add onto the fact that he photoshops himself to be lighter.

No. 319204

Both can be true, anon. He's a hypocrite

No. 319217

Valid point??? You're just white knighting him. Do you think Terry actually understands anything related to race/colorism outside of the US? He tried calling out a cosplayer from VIETNAM for darkening his skin even lmfao

>>>His gripe has to do with changing the skin tone in general, the character is not tanned.

Terry is not white or asian, but he lightens his skin in photos then blames it on "poor lighting"(infighting)

No. 319270

File: 1707498879980.jpeg (823.04 KB, 1284x2304, IMG_0145.jpeg)

No. 319275

File: 1707513658250.jpeg (680.42 KB, 1170x1174, IMG_5406.jpeg)

Please let all laugh at his attempt to be a real cosplayer for a moment

No. 319276

Is he implying he would date a cis male guy or a trans male guy

No. 319277

It looks like something someone would make for a toddler…. Not something a 10+ year prop making vet would produce

No. 319282

He wouldn’t date men, but he would definitely date women pretending to be men (TIFS or fakebois). Since y’know, they don’t have a penis.
I assume he made this out of cardboard? He didn’t put enough paint to cover it. It gives the wings a dirty look.

No. 319284

File: 1707517304551.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1290x2240, IMG_7053.jpeg)


The zoom in is worse. And someone had the nerve to comment that they look lovely. It looks like someone sneeze sharted pink paint on the ends.

No. 319296

I have seen children making better wings. What’s his issue? I know he’s autistic but how could he look at this and be like. I did a good job. I’m genuinely confused. I want to be empathetic but this really confuses me

No. 319300

I don't think anyone on this planet has a worse comprehension of how paint works than Terry.

No. 319301

Why do you want to empathetic? He's 40 years old. He is doing this on purpose because no matter what he churns out, he'll get ass pats. If he wanted to get better at cosplay, he'd work at it. Instead in tries to say he's a veteran cosplayer.

No. 319307

If he's truly asexual and aromantic as he claims, then the gender of the person wouldn't matter I guess, because it would basically just be a platonic friendship…

No. 319311

Usually handmade things look better on photos because the blur disguises imperfections, meaning this is even worse in reality. Baffling how someone can make cosplaying their main hobby yet shit out such terrible props on the very rare occasion he makes any. I wonder if he has disdain for artists/crafters or something so he doesn't want to spend more than 2.5 minutes doing anything creative?

No. 319320

File: 1707579152672.jpg (581.76 KB, 1079x1671, 1000006883.jpg)

is he planning on wearing them with the huge belting straps over the cosplay? I'm just wondering how he'd hide them under the dress. if he had made them out of eva foam, they would have been light enough he wouldn't have had to use such an ugly method to attach them, but he doesn't like to try new methods to make props/accessories as we all know

No. 319321

had he worn wings before? this is such a strange method for making madoka's wings. I'm calling it. his wings will break at katsu and he's going to complain about people bumping into him. inconsiderate fool

No. 319322

just noticed he has three different tubes of toothpaste. What level of autism is this?

No. 319323

File: 1707581965837.jpeg (297.53 KB, 1290x856, IMG_7061.jpeg)

It’s gross how he can’t see he has an eating disorder.

No. 319324

This looks so bad. At this point I’m thinking people give him asspats because they think he’s mentally challenged.
This definitely sounds like some sort of bragging. No matter how skinny, you still have male bones, Terry. Starving yourself isn’t going to make people think you “pass” kek

No. 319330

he's considered mentally challenged, right? He has extreme autism. There's no other explanation that a 40 yrs old man is crafting at a level that's similar to a grade schooler. just look at his madoka wings.

No. 319334

How is it possible that he cares enough about his teeth to have all that different toothpaste but he doesn’t go to the dentist until recently and doesn’t even own an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush, regular trips to the dentist, and one tube of toothpaste > manual toothbrush, no dentist, and many toothpastes

No. 319336

he can't use electric toothbrush because of sensory issue. It's not a money issue because he surely can afford that $300 toothbrush his dentist recommended him

No. 319350

Maybe his anakun bullshit is giving him extra brain damage.

No. 319351

I cant help but notice his giant make up case, and ulta bag behind him. Ofc he would shop there.

No. 319356

Terry always called himself a neat freak, but look at his bathroom. Uncapped toothpaste. Toothbrush with worn indicator maxed out. Cleaners in the middle of the fucking bathroom. I don’t even know how to explain that one. How can he survive into 50s the man can’t take care of himself

No. 319370

He is self-diagnosed but not formally. To be fair, it's extremely difficult to find a doctor who's willing to screen adults for autism so it makes sense that he doesn't bother trying to get the formal diagnosis.

Kek this is typical for men though… they're slobs. The difference is that other men Terry's age have wives to keep things in order.

No. 319384

If the wings even survive the trip there. You're right though, he's going to cry and complain that his wings were hit too much, and then we'll get a humble brag post about how so many people loved then though and he had so many pictures taken.

No. 319398

>he's considered mentally challenged, right? He has extreme autism.
Ayrt, imo I think he has a milder autism, in comparison to the really retarded male autists that act like chimps and need a tard wrangler. He’s functional enough to have a job and live on his own, so it’s not that extreme. I think his lack of skills in making props is due to him not caring at all and knowing people will always like whatever he makes no matter how shitty it is. His props are sonichu-tier but he probably does have the mental capacity to do better. He just has no motivation for self-improvement and thinks he’s already the best due to his inflated ego.
Yeah even some of his weapon props break during the flight. These wings look just as fragile.

No. 319408

>3 tubes of toothpaste
>toothpaste cap off
>shit all over the floor when he has two empty shelves right behind him
>hand soap on the floor?? None by the sink??
What the absolute fuck

No. 319411

File: 1707684492010.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1290x1741, IMG_7109.jpeg)

Another crunchy cum styled wig that he’s so proud of. The ends with the long strands and bulky tips make me homicidal.

No. 319415

Autism ratings are broken into several categories (social, intellectual, adaptive, and some other things I forget). Terry would probably score as severely autistic on the social scale but pretty high functioning on the other stuff.

No. 319416

It drives me crazy how he teases the top layers of hair too which causes the whole thing to look a frizzy mess. You are supposed to tease only the underneath layers and leave the top alone so that it can look smooth Terry!!!! And then he uses a ton of spray and glue to immortalize and stiffen the frizziness he created.

No. 319417

Terry is so male and autistic that he doesn’t understand anime hair physics. Madoka’s hair isn’t even spiked like that. He’s taken what he learned from Kingdom Hearts, the only series he actually enjoys instead of uses for clout, and applies it to every other character he cosplays.

No. 319421

I’m so tired of the trend of making every hair style hard and helmet like. Granted, Terry does a terribly shitty job, but even if it was well done, it wouldn’t look right for the character! It’s literally layered short twin tails. >>319416
It looks like he crimped the hair, which most kids seem to do now even though it looks like shit. It’s effective to get some volume on the under layers, but these retards seem to miss the fact that you leave a layer of smooth hair on top to cover it.

No. 319423

File: 1707707000464.jpg (1010.16 KB, 1079x1911, 1000006890.jpg)

No. 319425

He’s nonverbal. Lol

No. 319426

Hold up. Why did he post the same card on private/public and they’re different? In the close friends one you posted he didn’t cross out the Autism Speaks square.

No. 319427

I just checked and it looks like he deleted the cf one for the public one. he probably got replies about the autism speaks box and scrambled to fix it

No. 319430

How has he not learned to properly style wigs when all he does is wigs? This is ashley-tier

No. 319431

It’s actually very disgusting that he would lie about something like this. I mean, no doubt he is autistic (we can all tell) but it’s so wrong for him to make himself seem worse off than he is just for attention. Obviously, Terry is not non-verbal and that is a serious ailment that many people actually suffer from. Those people with severe autism suffer because they cannot express their wants and needs, all they can do is run around and scream and beat up their poor parents. Not only is it wrong for him to lie about that, but it’s also fucking stupid because everybody already knows it’s untrue. See this is the kind of stuff that people should actually call out, but sadly he gets away with everything so it’s not gonna happen

No. 319438

>Marks out “high levels of empathy”
Remember when Terry, a grown 40-year-old man, angrily ranted on Instagram about his sick mother not cooking him food when he visited? Pepperidge farm remembers.
He’s a self-centered asshole and there’s many instances of him having no empathy.

No. 319439

File: 1707729699519.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1290x2246, IMG_7235.jpeg)

Sir this is not an outfit. These are pajamas. Had to make it a point to let us know he put on jeans to go out OH and guys guys his shoes have pink. Once again the “neat freak” leaves a right bloody mess in the bg.

No. 319440

>wearing pink glasses
>makes a point to mention he’s wearing pink shoes
>pink shirt and pants
>heel on the floor in the background
Wearing pink doesn’t make you more feminine, Terry. It’s a color.

No. 319464

File: 1707760903989.jpeg (65.94 KB, 1284x227, IMG_0185.jpeg)

Getting tired of his job flexing…

No. 319465

File: 1707761666778.jpg (335.04 KB, 1080x1904, 1000006906.jpg)

it's so weird when he refers to him self as Manaknight in polls like this. like all the other options are normal why couldn't he just say "no, never touched any of that"

I mean its a stupid poll to begin with anyway. I'm pretty sure he's made a poll similar to this at least 10x already

No. 319466

Does he actually do anything remotely aerospace/space related? He just run machine tests. I doubt he has any knowledge related to flight. Also I found it funny he called it aerospace/space industry instead of defense industry. His zoomer fans would rip him apart if they know who he works for

No. 319488

Exactly. This asshole equates being quiet irl with being non-verbal. I can’t even tell if he’s an asshole for lying or an asshole for being so uneducated

No. 319489

File: 1707789300319.gif (857.69 KB, 240x228, clint_ew.thumb.gif.9048eb4e6dc…)

>dressing like that
>calling it a fit.
>I just cringed back to the stone age.

No. 319494

He thinks he's a celebrity for real
According to anons who met him he talks non stop about himself, I think he just checked every box so he can be the most sooper autistic of them all, very pixielocks of him

No. 319505

why is he lifting his pant leg. you can't even see the shoe on his right leg. why is his precious hello kitty ring light on the floor?

No. 319526

File: 1707833566718.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2259, IMG_0199.jpeg)

Is already having trouble bringing Sakura and Madoka to the con, but still wants to bring more

No. 319532

he needs to shove as many as he can into his lineup in case one inevitably breaks on him or he doesn't get enough attention. it makes it so obvious he doesn't care about anything he cosplays, he's just looking for the most ass pats

No. 319534

Why does it matter to him that he wore venitus to katsu four years ago? I doubt most people remember what actual popular cosplayers wore that long ago much less nobodies like terry.

No. 319537

Ashy ass mofo

This is what kills me. Pink is a color. It has nothing to do with being feminine. Why are so many retarded men obsessed with the color pink?

No. 319539

Link needs lengthy time at a con? Why? Link is the most basic video game cosplay you can wear. Also, he's talking about perfecting his make up for Misa? Hah

No. 319541

Misa has several weapon options depending on reference art. I'm surprised he isn't attempting one (maybe he never read the actual manga). Would be hilarious to see his shitty paint job.

No. 319579


Is this Misa from Death note? I’m surprised with his difficulties with makeup. He does the same shit with every cosplay. What weapons does Misa use? The most I seen is people carrying the notebook

No. 319602

In the Manga cover art and artbook she has two different giant scythes and cool arm blades.

No. 319611

File: 1707930643852.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2103, IMG_0212.jpeg)

It looks the same as when you previously wore it, maybe a bit worse because you’re losing more weight

No. 319623

File: 1707936764277.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x1734, IMG_0215.jpeg)

Is it bad editing/photo/costume placement, but what is going on with his right thigh?

No. 319654

I think it’s just a weird angle for his shitty shapewear

No. 319659

Put the palm olive down, Terry. Your hands can't lose anymore moisture.

No. 319670

he's pretty muscular tbh, I'll give him that. A muscle is usually right above where that ridge indents. If he's flexing and has his leg turned a certain way, it's going to give that weird-ass shape.

No. 319673

Ngl I really wanna know what his secret is where he eats nothing but junk food and other fatty crap but manages to stay ultra thin. I imagine some portion of his followers are anachans mirin

No. 319681

Nonnie those are not muscles. He’s wearing drag queen shapewear to give himself curvy hips. In previous threads you can find him posting about buying hips and tits (although he has posted way more about the tits because he’s a perv, so the hip posts might be harder to find)

Seems like calorie restriction to me. Doesn’t matter what you eat, if you’re consuming fewer calories than your body is burning, then you’re going to lose weight. But I don’t think Terry understands that losing extra weight doesn’t necessarily make you healthy. Based on what he eats, there’s no way his body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Being an ana-chan in your middle age is way harder on your body than in your teens and 20s. He’s going to end up doing some serious damage to himself if he continues down that path

No. 319685

If you say so, but I don't see a single shapewear seam, but okay, anon. That's not what is happening right there, especially with the angle of the leg pivoted like that. There's even a muscle specifically right there. It's not that big of a deal, but it's pretty dumb to say it's always shapewear when it isn't.

3rd photo
You can see the muscle I'm talking about right there too on the other leg.
You can see the same shape here on that outer leg.

No. 319689

>If you say so, but I don't see a single shapewear seam, but okay, anon.
Ntayrp, Terry is wearing panty hose in the photo so seams aren’t going to show. He almost always wears hose when he’s showing legs, it’s typical for cosplayers. Anyways, Terry isn’t muscular. He doesn’t work out at all and if you compare him to an actually healthy muscular guy, he’s just skinny. Don’t be so autistic about perceived muscle kek

No. 319691

File: 1708035169899.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x1695, IMG_0230.jpeg)

No. 319708

i'll never get over how long those flippers that he calls feet are. literally lori-tier long.

No. 319710

File: 1708075043923.jpeg (185.66 KB, 894x672, IMG_0234.jpeg)

No. 319711

File: 1708075106900.jpeg (236.59 KB, 898x1220, IMG_0235.jpeg)

No. 319712

Jesus that poor wig and is he incapable of a non-retarded facial expression?

No. 320788

Looks like a cryptid getting caught on camera.

No. 320805

File: 1708101816422.jpeg (984.01 KB, 1284x1632, IMG_0237.jpeg)

No. 320886

File: 1708125691045.jpeg (366.02 KB, 914x1462, IMG_0253.jpeg)

No. 320960

File: 1708184040640.jpeg (346.86 KB, 896x1306, IMG_0262.jpeg)

No. 320961

File: 1708184135865.jpeg (271 KB, 874x1021, IMG_0264.jpeg)

No. 320962

File: 1708184162744.jpeg (271.2 KB, 819x1166, IMG_0265.jpeg)

No. 320963

File: 1708184209561.jpeg (371.71 KB, 962x1508, IMG_0263.jpeg)

No. 320973

Sure, if you want to ride that tinfoil hard, but learn about anatomy or something please, nonna, because that isn't even explaining the other photos where that's also apparently there and even on one with a bare leg. Kek That's a muscle, move on.(derailing/infighting)

No. 320986

File: 1708195413195.jpeg (1 MB, 892x1460, IMG_0272.jpeg)


No. 321006

That's a WHOLE ass man right there

No. 321012

i guess that's the unfortunate roommate this year. just checked out her stories and all her selfies were taken with terry's wig heads and trash in the background. disgusting

No. 321020

Shouldn't these little girls be afraid of rooming with a middle aged man? Terry's not a rapist type of old man but so many are, why are these girls willing to risk it just to save a little money?

No. 321021

File: 1708213013626.jpeg (1.07 MB, 848x1468, IMG_0277.jpeg)

No. 321022

did he make this? It looks way too professional and well made for him

No. 321023

he doesn't sew any of his cosplays. he buys them off of dokidoki or Amazon. the only things he makes are his lumpy props and anything extra that doesn't come with the pre-made cosplay. this one is from dokidoki

No. 321025

>That's a muscle, move on.
Kek says the retard who’s replying to a days-old post. Your muscle sperging and projection is embarrassing.
Gross he looks like a sissy.(derailing/infighting)

No. 321045

In what world is it tinfoiling to say he’s wearing padding when he has posted about buying/wearing padding to look more feminine in his cosplays?

No. 321128

Gross. I saw him wandering around in the gazebo area wearing this, doing his bow legged walk. Everyone was drinking from their own bottles or solo cups, so no idea whose attention he was trying to get.

No. 321130

His arm looks so disgusting

No. 321138

This is a hate crime.

No. 321155

File: 1708307640288.jpeg (343.3 KB, 873x1391, IMG_0285.jpeg)

No. 321156

File: 1708307744918.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1284x2235, IMG_0288.jpeg)

No. 321168

So that’s what he’s after…. Clout

No. 321190

File: 1708339355165.jpeg (1010.46 KB, 1284x939, IMG_0290.jpeg)

No. 321191

File: 1708339406644.jpeg (941.35 KB, 1284x712, IMG_0291.jpeg)

(don't need to repost every selfie here)

No. 321193

Does he have some kind of muscle degeneration?
Why are his veins popping out like that?
Terry needs to take his health more seriously cause a healthy person’s bicep/tricep does not look like that.

No. 321197

File: 1708356703532.jpg (149.5 KB, 1080x1440, 1000023284.jpg)

No. 321198

saw him wandering around with his head down and one of those moving carts at KatsuCon gazebo level(sage your shit)

No. 321200

Male muscles tend to be gross and part of this looks like loose skin, he's also flexing. Have you never seen veins pop-out when someone flexes?

No. 321202

Tbh not in the area on that photo. Usually the veins I’ve seen are like in the more…”Meaty” part of the bicep/tricep not whatever is going on in that photo.

No. 321204

I thought anon was talking about the veins near the shoulder, the loose skin is regarding the elbow area. I don't know why every new post of his even needs comments about his appearance. Anons know what he looks like and he's gross and ugly.

No. 321208

He's so pathetic, wtf. He literally just goes around finding zoomers to selfie with. He has zero friends his age

No. 321211

So he never does ANYTHING at cons besides selfies? No panels or events or anything? He never posts about any of that stuff

No. 321216

This man has absolutely zero responsibilities outside work and it shows

No. 321217

He wanders the dealer-hall sometimes. Mostly just to complain about how crowded its

No. 321221

I saw him on Sunday and he was wandering around alone in the gazebo lobby. I left for about two hours and returned and he was still there. I caught a glimpse of his hands and it was ashey.

No. 321227

B-but I thought he had tons of friends!

No. 321230

This post is giving me second hand embarrassment. It’s just so cringey how he thinks taking a bunch of selfies is an accomplishment. He’s so socially retarded

>zero friends his age
He has zero friends of any age lol

Now that you mention it, does Terry even buy stuff at cons? I feel like I’ve only seen a few con haul type posts from him. You’d think with the excessive amount of money he has, he’d be buying a lot more nerd crap at cons

No. 321246

Do you mean hobbies? What "responsibilities" do people normally have outside of work, besides taking care of kids if they have them?

No. 321292

File: 1708466288534.png (6.23 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_7459.png)

Moisturizer is not in the room with us.(sage your nitpicking)

No. 321306

I think they mean like social obligations. He has no friends, no relationship, no kids, not much contact with his family, isn’t in any clubs/groups, doesn’t volunteer, doesn’t go to classes/workshops to learn anything new. If he’s not at work you know he’s at one of three possible other locations: his house, a mall, or a con

No. 321316


No. 321329

That’s really most single male nerds though. Aside from hanging out at malls, he doesn’t seem too different than a lot of my male friends.

This is getting old. Yes. He has body issues, but does Terry actually have any milk? Beyond being lonely, obsessed with selfies, make of bad cosplays, he doesn’t seem so notable. Why are you bunch so obsessed with this weirdo

No. 321330

File: 1708522733647.jpg (998.47 KB, 1079x1910, 1000006977.jpg)

should be 1's across the whole thing. why is empathy so high? he's the least empathetic person I know(learn2sage)

No. 321345

File: 1708534047379.jpeg (608.64 KB, 1284x1583, IMG_0311.jpeg)

Are you referring to people you met at Katsucon Terry?

No. 321361

By the age of 40 you often have a family of your own, friends and things that takes up time so you don't have to worry about "HoW ManY SelFiES" you took last weekend or if this little girl costume would fit. He has absolutely nothing to worry about except work, cheap cosplays and chicken tendies.

And nonas, if this is your male friends you need to upgrade, especially if they're in their late 30's/40s.

No. 321376

Anons here are always calling him a narcissist but he seems to have pretty low self-esteem. He doesn't pretend like he's good looking or charming. I think he's just an autist, not a narc.

No. 321382

He’s low rating himself to get ass pat from zoomers. Are you that blind?

No. 321386

Well nonnie being obsessed with random barely 18 year old cosplayers doesn’t concern you? I think the most milky thing he did was sperg out about being ghosted by his crush

No. 321400

NTA but he doesn't do anything to the young girls… doesn't try to date them or have sex with them or manipulate them. At this point, I think he wants to be a young girl, not fuck one. Like he just lives vicariously through them

No. 321406

>doesn't try to date them or have sex with them or manipulate them

he does, he just hasn't been successful yet getting a woman in bed. remember a farmer posted, a few threads back, him out with some girl at the mall to go shopping that he claimed was his "friend" but it was obvious he was hoping for something more. this was the same girl, if my memory serves me correctly, who was the crush >>321386; she ghosted him after taking her and her friends out for food and games on his dime. then once they got what they wanted, they ditched and blocked him. plus, who knows how many other times he has done this that we haven't heard about or happened before he got posted here. he's also been capped whining about no one wanting to date him because he's black and how he scares off potential girlfriends because of his personality issues. the only reason why he's soft trooning is because he thinks it makes it him more approachable to his preferences. he's just not throwing his dick around or aggressively grinding on people so it isn't always as blatantly obvious as it is with other similar men. i don't think he's ever had sex before.

No. 321408

doesn't he hate spending money on people? or is it only people who arent underage girls.

No. 321409

He said that but if you watch his stories or statuses you can see him comping people who hangs out with him. It’s when they ditch/blocked him that he complains about it. I don’t get why some anons bought into his cheapskate facade. It looks pretty easy to scam money off his as long as you’re a decently good looking young woman and willing to spend time with him

No. 321427

>does Terry actually have any milk?
-he’s an AGP
-bitched constantly about people breaking covid rules, then went to a con when he had covid
-treats his elderly parents like shit on the rare occasions when he actually sees them
-claims to be aro/ace, but regularly reposts sexual images. He then plays dumb when called out
-spends months vagueing about specific girls when they reject his advances and start avoiding him at cons
-lies about his age
-whenever someone he met exactly one (1) time at a con dies, he makes a big post all about himself because he doesn’t actually know the deceased person enough to say anything about them

No. 321458

File: 1708716705465.jpeg (823.77 KB, 1284x2281, IMG_0333.jpeg)

Uhh did you use one of their wigs Terry ?

No. 321465

>I wonder why??
>thot states the reason why because of lashes
They're both braindead

No. 321468

I want to submit this screencap as evidence that Terry give free NEW shit away to people, especially young cute ones in sexy cosplays. Sick of anons here buying into the lie that he’s cheap. He’s only cheap to old (25+) and those who don’t put in time with him

No. 321469

I think you’re confused

No. 321470

What the fuck did she do wrong?

No. 321471

Nothing. I’ve been following this cosplayer for a while, she’s in medical school and already has a graduate degree (Masters or doctorate, not sure) and seems very nice. Nothing “braindead” about her. That’s probably some incel hardly different from Terry who just hates women.

No. 321611

What are you talking about? That has nothing to do with a screencap freaking out about people following him.

No. 321615

ayame.hime thanked terry for the lashes. "giving" = free

No. 321625

File: 1708935943057.png (1.67 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0358.png)

No. 321630

Maybe it's the 'tism, maybe it's your over inflated ego and unwillingness to do anything that doesn't revolve around you getting asspats.

No. 321631

This screenshot/admission is very odd. It suggested he was diagnosed as a child and he knew about it since college. This is opposite of how he carried himself the whole time i knew of him. Over a decade. Is he saying he’s been hiding from us the whole time?

No. 321642

> Is he saying he’s been hiding from us the whole time?
I’m having a hard time believing this honestly. Terry’s said before that his parents weren’t very supportive or educated when it came to mental health, right? Parents like that usually don’t continue sending their kid off to a “certain specialist”, as he puts it. They often deny the diagnosis and go about business as usual.
With autism sort of becoming a trend with zoomers on Tik Tok, Terry sees this and wants to get some clout from it. It’s obvious Terry does have autism, not denying that, but he’s pushing it hard now knowing it’s popular (when he’s said before he felt ashamed about it) and I think he’s making up these stories about “seeing a specialist” and having “special classes” to try to seem more legit or relatable to the kids. I could just be skeptical but this seems made-up to me.
Genuine question, were there even “special classes” during Terry’s time in school? He’s 43 and things were different then. The conglomerate of Special ED existed, sure, but I don’t think there were gifted” classes like I think Terry is trying to allude to. I’m not sure.

No. 321643

I feel like he means since his cousin was diagnosed and he acted similar to his cousin that means he for sure is the same as his cousin.

No. 321645

NTA, but if it runs in the family, he's pretty highly likely to have it.

No. 321655

Except he literally said his parents leaked it to him that he had autism as a child and he remember being treated for it.

No. 321663

i agree i still don’t know why but zoomers and TikTok spread a bizarre trend about having mental illnesses. especially austism, ADHD and DID
These people are completely void of any personnality and are desperate to be sPeCiAl and it’s the easy route to get since virtue signaling will prevent them of being confronted about it being fake

No. 321664

My bad, read it right after waking up.

I feel like he’s faking the whole story just like his coworkers fawning over his cosplays at work.

No. 321670

I think that part meant that his parents knew he was diagnosed as a child, but didn’t tell him about the diagnosis until he was an adult. His phrasing is still pretty unclear as to when he supposedly found out though

No. 321675

File: 1709003694637.jpeg (149.22 KB, 1284x372, IMG_0365.jpeg)

Thought you were sticking to more local cons you clout chasing old hag

No. 321676

he says that every year but immediately breaks it. let's see what i can get off the top of my head. sakuracon, momocon, anime expo, san japan,Kumoricon. this old fuck flies to so many cons jsut to get selfies. it's a surprise he's too cheap to get TSA pre but considering CLEAR. make it make sense

No. 321688

He just announced he has bought his Sakura on badge. He bought his MomoCon or anime expo flight a couple weeks ago. And he’s doing a poll asking his fans which Labor Day con he should fly to. I’m low key jealous of how this man would spend such an ungodly amount of money just to get selfies. They’re not even good selfies

No. 321744

File: 1709162726189.jpeg (567.82 KB, 981x712, IMG_7686.jpeg)

Is it just me or does his head look abnormally larger than his body here? Sage for possible nitpick but I cannot unsee it.(this is 100% a -retarded- nitpick )

No. 321752

No you’re not the only one. His head looks photoshopped on

No. 321765

The photographer probably did something funky with Terry. I noticed all his photos are edited in a weird way. Maybe that’s why Terry likes to shoot with him? This photo freaks me out ngl

No. 321769

File: 1709215548495.jpg (886.79 KB, 1080x1920, 1000007006.jpg)

hmm I wonder which one he wants people to vote for. surely not the option that's all in caps.

No. 321775

He better stay away from Kaitou jeanne

No. 321803

File: 1709254096246.jpeg (314.6 KB, 1284x2293, IMG_0380.jpeg)

Then wear them??

No. 321808

he buys and shows off what feels like 10+ pairs of glasses a year and then whines about having to wear glasses. really doesn't make sense

No. 321826

It’s really hard to understand Terry-speak but I got this one. For a long time he didn’t wear glasses and he was fine about it. Now his vision is degrading (he’s 40+) he has to wear them. Now he fears normies make fun of him because he pick the fucking weirdest glasses for men

No. 321848

File: 1709323026614.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x2249, IMG_0384.jpeg)

No. 321864

Is he at the dentist or something? Boo hoo, you're an adult neglecting your health, terry

No. 321871

File: 1709333295209.jpeg (954.54 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_0385.jpeg)

No. 321873

i hate that he still tried it on and take a selfie with it even though he already decided he's returning it.

is that underwear in the background?!(nitpicking)

No. 321930

File: 1709395551037.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2251, IMG_0411.jpeg)

No. 321932

Do anons think he means allowance as the budget for dentistry for himself or is he talking about a deductible and he has no idea how to word that properly?

No. 321940

i remember having a fight with another anon here because she thought terry only been skipping dental visits after he moved to his "new" house. nah. terry was being extra annoying with his wording. he could've said he hasn't seen doctor/dentist since college, but he chose to say he hasn't since "he moved"

I have no idea what you're trying to say but it's pretty clear to me Terry put off all his dental work until this year so his insurance can't cover all of it. most dental insurances i have seen only cover up to about $2k a year. Clearly Terry should prioritize whatever the dentist recommends and do not base his decision on random internet strangers who literally have no idea what's going on with his life

No. 321961

Why would he ship it back? Just make another bow. Tf

No. 321970

File: 1709432308788.png (406.11 KB, 648x960, pluto.png)

It looks right compared to both the original and the reboot, am I blind nonnies? Or is it just him being a fake fan again? He had no problem wearing wrong colored accessories with Mew Ichigo, but this one he will send back? Are we going to expect him to order a Chibi Moon cosplay instead?

No. 322001

I think he goes through those online services where you can pick a bunch to try on, then send back the ones you don’t want

Is he fucking nuts?! Putting off needed dental work for 10 months to save less than $100? By that point his problems would be even worse and cost a hell of a lot more than what he’s being quoted now. I hope this is just another stupid poll of his for engagement and that he isn’t actually considering that. Given Terry’s history with medical stuff, it’s hard to tell

Oh nonnie no! Expecting a veteran cosplayer of over a decade to know how to make a bow? You expect too much

No. 322040

Yeah, his is more purple, not maroon. It's the Velma cosplay dilemma for accuracy.

No. 322064

When has he ever cared about accuracy?

No. 322068

Anon asked a question, this has nothing to do with Terry caring about accuracy or not when even he can tell the purple is so far off from the maroon.

No. 322130

He doesn’t care about accuracy in regards to the character, but he’s obsessed with the idea that his bought cosplay has to PERFECTLY match the photos from the website. He has frequently returned cosplays citing wrong colors, when the slight variation in color can be attributed to his monitor brightness/color calibration

No. 322173

He is the worst kind of customer. I wish after so many returns, they would just block him

No. 322198

If it weren't for the fact that cosplay stores tend to misadvertise a lot, I'd agree. Terry kind of has every right to return items that aren't accurate.

No. 322242

File: 1709743689807.jpeg (979.26 KB, 1284x1613, IMG_0465.jpeg)

No. 322244

Looks like he's just going to use it. Damn, the website really did him dirty, ngl. Lol It is a hassle to return things cosplay wise though, but he should learn to sew to fix the color issue.

No. 322251

Terry needs to hit up the gym… or would that be too masculine for him

No. 322255

What do you mean? The latest photo he posted is clearly not the same cosplay from >>321871

How many cosplays does this man buy? I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m.

No. 322256

The seifuku does, but the bow doesn't. That's for sure. What cosplay does he have that has a black bow that he used for the photo? lol

No. 322281

i'm not a seamstress so i don't know the terms. The skirt might be the same, but the top is definitely different. The black part of the top has different edge. and the white top looks entirely different near the shoulder or armpit areas.

No. 322319

He's just making due with what he has for a photo post.

No. 322326

File: 1709807636246.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2273, IMG_0471.jpeg)

No. 322328

i know. the man's constant need of new cosplay content to post is disgusting. I'm just surprised that he ordered a second cosplay so quick. not even a week after his first post. Makes you wonder how many cosplays he's been buying

No. 322331

Pluto wears boots, not shoes. He looks so retarded standing bow legged like that

No. 322335

File: 1709828171233.jpeg (788.32 KB, 1284x2258, IMG_0473.jpeg)

No. 322337

Right? Looks retarded. He whined about the color of the bow, and yet is wearing cheap high heels with socks. It looks so amateur. There’s plenty of tutorials to make those boots, but Terry would fail at it anyways with his grade-school level crafting skills.

No. 322338

File: 1709829947742.jpeg (789.2 KB, 1284x2199, IMG_0474.jpeg)

Didn’t he just complain about how he’s so stressed out with all of the cons and health issues he is having?

Why is he tacking on more?

No. 322340

Con attendees would appreciate the modesty? Lol

No. 322378

File: 1709869240736.jpeg (260.43 KB, 1290x1009, 465E8A78-957B-4D86-8122-F6323F…)

Lmfao, he can’t tell when something is obviously AI.

No. 322381

LOL these are so obviously AI too. He is actually retarded.

No. 322394

safe for nitpick but why wouldn’t he have the decency of wearing a dancer’s belt or something for this? he took the time to get a giant sword prop but the gross bulge is too hard to cover up.

No. 322401

He said it was uncomfortable

No. 322411

Am I missing something here? I don’t think for a second he didn’t know it’s AI. He probably shared because he saw it on some zoomer’s feed and didn’t know or forgot the con crowd don’t like AI

No. 322420

Typical male. He would rather make other people uncomfortable with his unsightly bulge than to wear something that causes him mild discomfort. And yet, he can wear high heels which are equally if not more uncomfortable. It's obvious where his priorities lie.

No. 322442

He such a sissy. I hope he never wear this cosplay in public without one since he rather make everyone else uncomfortable in his clear fetish

No. 322443

As well as being obvious shit AI, these are weirdly woman-hating like any old women are sobbing looking at photos of them at 16/17 as most Disney princesses are (also the most retarded mistake possible with the image being on the reverse)
Most older women are proud of being hotties in their youth, and are often still hotties in their old age if they were, and generally just being glad to have made it to that age. Kinda reminds me of incel rhetoric about women's SeXual MarKet ValUe

No. 322445

Not a nitpick imo since remember he once screenshot "outfit inspo" of femboys, the bulge is definitely visible intentionally. He can wear breastplates which are no doubt uncomfortable but doesn't cover that up. I guess we should be grateful he hasn't "accidentally" posted a dickpic on his Stories.

No. 322450

File: 1709933674134.jpg (38.96 KB, 604x403, 1000025375.jpg)


I'm cutting this share down(avatarfagging)

No. 322497

I knew he uses a lot of filters but it's even blurring out the tear tattoos on his face that Axel has (which he shouldn't even have since he has the keyblade and is thus cosplaying as Lea? But he would only know that if he actually played the games kek)

No. 322514

Holy shit that’s some intense filtering. I mean we’ve all seen photos of what he really looks like, but I never would have noticed those tattoos if the filter hadn’t faltered for a moment

No. 322528

So his nasolabial folds dissapeared how cute

No. 322670

File: 1710130596066.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x2263, IMG_0503.jpeg)

No. 322671

File: 1710130655591.jpeg (636.09 KB, 1284x2332, IMG_0502.jpeg)

No. 322681

File: 1710150488907.jpeg (396.37 KB, 1284x2337, IMG_0504.jpeg)

No. 322708

"I don't know anything about star wars"
Man, shut the fuck up Terry.

No. 322715

That’s not the truth Terry… you invited yourself in many of those groups

No. 322720

I saw him on Saturday roaming around in his Link cosplay. He really does look shorter in person. I dont know why he even went if the majority of guests were comic book/tv show related

No. 322721

Even if he isnt into star wars, he is 40+. Everyone in that age range knows who Anakin skywalker is. He's lying for clout or really that retarded. Either way, why are you at a comic con that people mainly went to for two big star wars guests?

No. 322725

Is Terry suffering cognitive decline? I know he writes in Terry speak but this whole story is full of typos and nonsense. Second paragraph talked about Saturday twice. What was he even trying to say. Why does he even go to comic cons? The badges are not cheap. Seemed like a waste to spend the money just to get selfies

No. 322755

File: 1710185184031.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1284x2239, IMG_0508.jpeg)

No. 322756

Things that never happened for $500.

No. 322765

File: 1710188461428.jpg (338.65 KB, 1080x1921, 1000007075.jpg)

according to his other story on this, the person tried to kiss him? I'm really doubtful about this and feel like he's making more shit up just because he had nothing to actually talk about regarding the con itself

No. 322774

someone probably did try to kiss and/or grope him as some kind of joke. people at cons can be weird like that, but he's making it out to be worst than it likely is.

kek, he claims he's only kissed someone 4 times in his life (is he including pecks on the cheek from his parents and siblings in this or naw?). if i was a grown man in my late 30's to early 40's, i would not admit this in public, ever.

>highest of the high close

what does this even mean? like i know what's he's trying to say but also it's worded so weirdly.

No. 322778

I wonder if she asked for a selfie and did a duck face near him. He got gross out by it, so he made a whole story about it. Terry never seems to care about personal boundaries when he is the one doing it.

No. 322781

I agree with other anon.. They probably got too close for his comfort for a photo, and now he's making her seem like a predator. What a drama guy

No. 322783

hopefully we will hear from the other side of this encounter. I do not buy terry's vision of the story at all. The way he's describing I don't think it's a cosplayer but an older con goer

No. 322784

Now Terry we all know you wanted to be kissed but chickened out because she probably wasn’t cute enough for her

No. 322785

File: 1710206634345.jpg (195.83 KB, 1080x1987, 1000007192.jpg)

we can tell!!

No. 322816

He want to be tho. Terry want the clout. He want the recognition without the hard work of making your own cosplay and props. He only say shit like this to justify his buying cosplay and shitty cheap props.

No. 322827

Did someone really come up to him and tell him they think he’s a pro cosplayer? I was at awesome and he’s always by himself. Constantly looking at his phone and looking for cosplayers to take selfie with. Don’t even know who Hayden is? Get out of here, fake nerd

No. 322985

File: 1710413204136.jpeg (605.16 KB, 1284x2320, IMG_0531.jpeg)

No. 322993

>Acen (15%, have room but close to momo)
>NekoCon (15%, have hotel)
Am I the only one who thinks he’s an asshole for booking rooms at cons he knows he probably won’t attend? I’ve never been to Neko so I can’t speak on that one, but I know Acen can be pretty competitive to get a room for just because of the size of the con. Either commit to going Terry or release the rooms so people who actually want to go can book them

No. 322995

SEVEN out of state cons this year. And those are just set in stone cons. Not even counting these 15% just in case cons. This man has way too much money to burn

No. 322998

I wonder if he's going to add NorCal cons again. He said he hated them so much.

No. 323002

Dude everytime Terry takes a picture and shows his teeth. He looks like he's on drugs or doesn't know how to smile. The makeup on him is too much. I always thought he never look good in makeup, and never understood why people told him it looks good. It looks like shit. It looks like drag queen makeup but shit.

No. 323016

He's already done 4 cons and it's barely middle of march. I can understand meeting friends and do cosplay groups you can do a few of these, but wtf is he doing? Literally spending so much to go to cons and take selfies with zoomers. He's over paid af

No. 323018

I hate to defend him. He’s questionable creepy but I can assure you he earned that money. Engineers are in demand right now and clearly Terry is very good at his job. We talked about this before. He’s a good worker

No. 323028

Saved for tinfoil
When is Terry going to jump on the Hazbin Hotel train? He could brag about more poorly made props and another series that he doesn’t watch just to ‘impress zoomers’

No. 323030

He'll probably jump on it when he can find a decent pre-made cosplay, but I feel like the stylized nature of the characters aren't in his wheelhouse. The only cutesy young girls are Niffty and Emily, and Emily is 90% more modest than any girl he's cosplayed before, and if he were to do Niffty, the single eye would mean he can't show off his absolutely amazing makeup skills.

No. 323032

Yep, I dunno why this has to be repeated so many times in every Terry thread. Engineers are low supply and high demand, plus he's been loyally working at the same company for well over a decade. For an autist with very little social skills, this is quite impressive. A lot of autists can't hold down jobs for long or live on their own.

No. 323044

File: 1710513304075.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2251, IMG_0557.jpeg)

No. 323048

If this had been a white or asian girl he probably wouldn’t be complaining.
There was some drama about one of the gay characters being ‘raped’ in a scene (it was a clip of him in bdsm). Not sure if the zoomers have moved past that or not. Terry wouldn’t want to risk tarnishing his reputation, like when he posted AI or controversial genshin art. I don’t see him cosplaying it any time soon.

No. 323049

If you’re talking about Angel Dust, he does get SA’d/R’d in one of the episodes.

I feel if enough of the girls he is interested in say they want to cosplay as someone from HH he would cave in and do it also…My bet would be on Alastor or Velvette.(self-censoring newfag)

No. 323056

San Japan reminds me of pixyteri and how obsessed she was going there.

No. 323077

File: 1710546160507.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1586, IMG_0567.jpeg)

Why are you wearing heels for Leo???

No. 323080

he looks so petite here, almost childlike. the heels are not helping one bit to make him look taller lol.

No. 323083

He just announced he’s booked hotel for san Japan. Why does he feel like he needs to announce these awful purchase decisions. Terry is the reason hotel rooms are so hard to get nowadays. Booking multiple rooms in the same weekend “just in case”

No. 323100

File: 1710620677779.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x1699, IMG_0581.jpeg)

Yes because Sakura’s skirt is parallel to the ground.

No. 323101

Looks like there is wire in the hem, but he just threw it on for the photo.

No. 323106

File: 1710627150939.jpg (413.45 KB, 1080x1920, 1000007227.jpg)

it looks like he's sucking in on the first pic. or he's just that unhealthy

No. 323111

Lol he is definitely sucking it in

No. 323112

You can see his rib cage flare. He’s deffo sucking in. As a former ana Chan I did the exact same thing

No. 323124

His paddle ass looking feet kek(nitpicking)

No. 323126

i think he’s using the same petticoat that he did for madoka, who’s dress does flare out that much. why he won’t get another that fits sakura is anyone’s guess. i feel like if he bent over you’d see everything.

No. 323128

File: 1710657955632.jpeg (254.77 KB, 1284x2315, IMG_0594.jpeg)

No. 323129

I’m guessing this is his cope because no one responded to >>323044

No. 323139

Is the skirt supposed to look like that? I saw his Stocking at ALA and it looked exactly like that. I felt really uncomfortable seeing it. I don’t know what he gets for flashing everyone. He as wearing bloomers, but still it’s disgusting

No. 323146

That's not what flashing is then anon lol

No. 323217

Having a man cosplay Leo fills me with more rage than usual

No. 323218

This is the funniest shit ever

No. 323229

How is this man 40 but he types like an edgy Myspace teen

No. 323275

File: 1710870201515.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x2247, IMG_0614.jpeg)

No. 323280

People with eds are so delusional as to think they are in the best shape of their lives. This man eats zero fruits or vegetables.

No. 323293

your face looks bad because you don’t sleep, only eat two things, never drink water, and wash up with dish soap. like come on now. his appearance would improve loads if he put down the tendies and picked up a salad, or bathed with olay instead of palmolive. i don’t get why he acts so daft about stuff he clearly does out of choice and personal preference.

No. 323296

“Those are just my workout lines”

No. 323305

Autism. The legit kind. They get stuck at a certain maturity level that does not match their age.

He could easily afford fillers, botox, facelift and really anything to improve his appearance. Idk why men always refuse to get work done and just complain instead.

No. 323309

>I do what I can with makeup
And about 20 maxed out filters

Terry is way too scared of doctors to get any kind of work done on his face. I mean he won’t even go for a regular checkup or that time he was worried that a spot on his skin could’ve been cancer

No. 323310

Men only change their appearance surgically or drastically for fetish reasons, they care so little for other people's experiences that looking nice for others never crosses their mind. So he would only pursue surgery if he got a bimbofication fetish (which is not entirely unlikely with his unsubtle trooning)

No. 323311

>best shape physically
>has changed literally nothing about his diet, exercise or lifestyle he just eats slightly fewer nuggies and white cake now
That's not what "best shape" means Terry

No. 323343

He doesn't even necessarily need injectables, just a good skincare routine and maybe some chemical peels. Darker skinned people have the benefit of aging more gracefully with less show of sun damage, even though he washes with Palmolive kek

No. 323410

File: 1711072433269.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2159, IMG_0642.jpeg)

No. 323414

He’s never gonna commit to getting a pet, which honestly is for the best

No. 323431

working 10 hours a day is definitely not good for dogs, but i don't see that as an issue for cats. Traveling a bit much is totally his own doing and something he can control. just stop going to multiple cons a month! He has so much spending money he's disgusting for saying finance being a reason he's not getting a pet right now

No. 323482

File: 1711151746389.png (2.68 MB, 1920x2419, IMG_4200.png)

Covergirl, you’re not sanding your props
Head to toe
Make your skin look like chalk

No. 323483

oh my god nonnie KEK.

No. 323488

Maybe he could pet sit for a neighbor ? Also remember when he was obsessed with that cat at petsmart

No. 323489

This is awesome

No. 323586

File: 1711294110022.jpg (278.2 KB, 1080x1892, 1000007286.jpg)

of course he had to add the "I don't have any friends" bait line. it's just another validation post for him hoping zoomers will flood in saying he's actually their friend

No. 323587

i think most people come to this realization at some point in their lives after 30 for a variety of reasons, so this is not the earth shattering epiphany he thinks it is. nor is it really all that tragic. sadly, he's that person a lot of people will cut contact with as they get older because of his immaturity and extreme self-centeredness. i can't imagine anyone having a deep conversation with him on something actually meaningful, so it isn't surprising he's left with superficial relationships outside of his creepy sex pest antics.

No. 323592

does he ever do anything with his best friend? I wonder if his best friend knew he's his best friend

No. 323635

Talks to them here and there, but that’s it.

No. 323636

File: 1711359508666.jpeg (600.37 KB, 1284x2245, IMG_0675.jpeg)

No. 323645

File: 1711376547979.jpg (409.72 KB, 1080x1901, 1000007290.jpg)

No. 323648

If someone chooses the last option, they must be completely blind to all his stories where he shows the cost of reserving con rooms for cons he doesn't even end up going to, all the video games he buys but never plays, and all the cosplays he buys where he shows the cost.(sage your shit)

No. 323660

File: 1711384534583.jpeg (189.28 KB, 828x1590, IMG_4219.jpeg)

Not as good as this one but(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 323695

Not necessary. Terry makes a lot of money and is certainly considered “rich” by his zoomer followers (and lots of us here). He’s struggling financially for sure. This man is spending so much money on games and cosplays per week. Going to a long distance con once a month. I would be surprised if he’s saving anything for retirement.

No. 323709

Given where he works, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a very nice 401k

No. 323711

this makes me so mad. I only go to two cons a year and barely can barely afford the matching portion of my 401k. meanwhile this guy only have to worry about what cosplay to buy and what hotel to book each week

No. 323733

File: 1711463565004.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1529, IMG_0693.jpeg)

He goes through more foundation than anyone I know

No. 323740

$50 on foundation but can't drop $10 on a drugstore moisturiser for his bone dry skin

No. 323757

These are so red… sorry for slight nitpick, but what undertone is even Terry?? He always looks so ashy so it’s hard to tell. Also, the way he worded this is so ew, he’s just begging his zoomer followers to send him dms asking where and if they can go together

No. 323764

I go through maybe one bottle a year. If I am really using it, which isnt daily. How much is he smearing onto his ugly mug? Shit is gonna expire before he can use it all. What a weirdo. This is consoomerism

No. 323765

I wouldn't be surprised if he actually smeared makeup all over his mug daily, specially at home, he seems to be the kind of weird ass autist AGP that spends his free time wearing womanface costumes and staring at himself using his phone's filters.

No. 323766

Him marking himself "Safe" on both his non cosplay account and cosplay really pisses me off…He said he rarely went to that bridge…he's such an attention whore.(newfag)

No. 323769

He really wants to make sure all the attention is on him at all times. People probably died on that bridge, but no, it's all about terry.

No. 323792

File: 1711574985388.jpeg (930.2 KB, 1284x1737, IMG_0703.jpeg)

No. 323794

It’s very odd to see him posting so many statuses/stories about it as if it really affected him. Dude moved 4 years ago and afaik he didn’t regularly take bridge. He talked about it more than people I know who lives in Baltimore! It’s disgusting how he abuses tragedy to make it about him

No. 323797

File: 1711585094084.jpg (400.11 KB, 1080x1920, 1000007317.jpg)

No. 323798

He's gonna go into a rabbithole of troon videos.

No. 323799

How to make his face look more fem? Oh boy, he is definitely gonna troon out. Disgusting old man

No. 323811

File: 1711630243966.jpg (386.95 KB, 1080x1876, 1000007321.jpg)

it's not your "dead name" Terrance… it's just your full name. grow up.

No. 323812

Oh damn, finally going full-on troon or what?

No. 323813

This is the result of autism and online brain rot in action.

No. 323820

I hate that people are misusing terms. Dead name is a real problem for a lot of people but it doesn’t mean what you think it means, Terry. Maybe he thinks Terry is a gender neutral name? Or maybe his full name is too “black”? Either way it’s not his dead name.(no1currs)

No. 323821

>Dead name is a real problem for a lot of people
No it isn't lmao. Troons deliberately cause all their own "problems" so they can whine about how "oppressed" they are. What's with all the troon sympathizers on /w/ this week?

No. 323833

How do you retards find this site? fuck off(infighting)

No. 323839


Homie made a pretty benign comment and it's funny seeing the comments throwing a temper tantrum. Grab some of Terry's old man diapers and make a poopie in there.(sage your shit)

No. 323840

File: 1711663665144.jpg (Spoiler Image,841.43 KB, 1500x2031, 1000026447.jpg)


POV: your diaper(unsaged autism)

No. 323842

Consider dying.(considered alogging)

No. 323852

You will never be a woman.

No. 323854

Terry is just short for Terrance, isn't it? I'm sure he's been called that as a nickname for a long time. He's just trying to make it seem like it's his "trans name" to gain sympathy from brainrotted zoomer followers.

No. 323859

Terry is a unisex name, although usually spelled Teri when it's a woman. Doubt he even chose that as a new name or whatever though, people probably just nicknamed him that when he was younger

No. 323873

File: 1711752867242.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1297, IMG_0722.jpeg)


No. 323875

He makeup looks even worse without edits. Anime boston or Sakura con this weekend?

No. 323877

cosplay is cringe and this is the picture im gna use to show people why i think this

No. 323881

File: 1711765194149.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x2109, IMG_0723.jpeg)

No. 323883

Oh he’s so femme the epitome of femme aidoru as Misa
Terry really is a wake up call when I find myself missing going to cons and cosplaying and then I remember it’s overrun with agps like him eugh. Sorry for the rant nonas, there’s something about Terry that gives me visceral anxiety kek.

No. 323884

File: 1711770428424.jpg (384.68 KB, 1080x1920, 1000007339.jpg)

awww no surprise, Misa didn't get him enough attention so he's giving up and selling her after wearing the cosplay for probably all of 2 hours max

No. 323896

Two different people in the background and his face is set to the EXACT same expression. That's spooky as fuck.

No. 323898

Would it kill him to get at least some plastic surgery? His nose isn't made for cosplay special because he's an old as fuck moid that hit the wall the moment he was conceived. He could at least, idk, fix his nose, get a different jaw and just basically buy a new face. He's rich, I'm surprised he hasn't thought about it.

No. 323900

He looks so sad kek

No. 323908

Every time I see him, he looks like a hon.

No. 323909

Plastic surgery isnt going to help him. And he doesnt need it, because no matter he does, he's going to be old, ugly and autistic.

No. 323915

File: 1711831647126.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1725, IMG_0729.jpeg)

No. 323916

Yeah he reminds me of all the creeps that go to conventions scantily clad and showing their bulges through spandex. Terry would be a guy I would avoid.
Oh hell no, not Homura. The makeup, lip color, gray hair are giving old church lady. Him cosplaying her and Madoka is giving me flashbacks to when gross scrotes would fetishize that ship. I’m sure he’s hoping he finds his “Madoka” and will pester those cosplayers.
The unblended streak of white concealer or highlighter on his nose bridge definitely doesn’t help.

No. 323920

File: 1711841620983.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2262, IMG_0731.jpeg)

No. 323959

Lol he’s already heading down the troon route and talking about looking into how to make his face more femme, don’t encourage him to get FFS

No. 323965

Same, giving me vibes of the old school creeps who wore spiderman and Man faye from cowboy beebop, creeping on younger con goers.

No. 323966

This man always looking dryer than the Sahara.

No. 323971

what’s his fascination with cosplaying underage female characters? madoka is 14, asuka is 14, sakura is fucking 9, ichigo is 13, ew. i don’t mind when women do it but with someone like terry it feels gross and sexual even if he isn’t doing anything overtly inappropriate when in cosplay. am i overthinking it?

No. 323984

Tbf the characters are cute (not asuka). He's old so he grew up with these older shows. The newest ones being post 2000s TMM and Madoka. I think he just likes shojou stuff which is fine, dudes can like it I guess. As far as why is cosplaying those, probably same thing. He thinks they are cute and just wants to cosplay them. I get he's ugly but he doesn't come off the same way as troons in lolita sexualizing lolita.

No. 323988

File: 1711983060614.jpg (85.67 KB, 1080x548, 1000007353.jpg)

what zoomer convinced him to go to dragoncon? I predict he's going to absolutely hate it because it's 1. not an anime con (just like the reason he doesn't like comic cons) and 2. its a huge party con so we'll just hear him whine about the noise and drinking(sage your shit)

No. 323992

Pretty sure that is just his april fools joke

No. 323995

What other said. It’s obvious to long timer it’s a joke. Didn’t stop a bunch of his “friends” being excited about it and happy to see him at dragon con.

No. 324018

Nothing sexual about it imo. It's pure troonery. Troons long to experience female childhood/puberty but can obviously only larp it. Basically he doesn't wanna fuck little girls, he wants to be one. Which is also gross, but not the same.

No. 324020

>College degree.
>Doesn't know the difference between coming and going.
>As a man he earns more than me at the starting point.
>Why is this real life?

No. 324021

Troons do it because they're autogynephilic which is definitely sexual anon.

No. 324024

File: 1712068708530.jpeg (379.6 KB, 1283x1645, IMG_0760.jpeg)

No. 324025

Terry before pandemic hard to cospaly exclusively young boys . I feel like he’s going thorough his midlife crisis and just want to feel young again. Creepy? Yes. Do I think he wants to sleep with boys or girls? No

No. 324030

Here he’s trash talking dragon con since he just made the April fool jokes dragon con is one of the few cons who put the full legal name on the badge. Everyone cross them out after they got their badges.

No. 324038

Oh please, anon. He makes more money than you because he has a high-demand, low-supply job that few people wanna do. Nothing to do with being a man. Go get an engineering degree if you want to be paid the same. The constant saltiness anons have about Terry's job/income is annoying at this point. Let it go and focus on actual milk

No. 324042

What does it matter? it's a very large convention/gathering of people and it's safer this way. He's talking shit about dragoncon but we all know his ass aint going there, Terrance.

No. 324044

Dragoncon does allow you to edit your name on your badge. It's under "Edit Additional Information".>>324024

No. 324061

File: 1712088179169.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_0761.jpeg)

No. 324083

So he legit thinks that the average millennial owns a home and can afford to consider buying another, owns multiple cars, and has tons of extra savings and spending money like he does? This is how you truly know he has no friends, at least not ones his own age. Most other millennials can never even dream of owning a house by themselves in a singular income, that is insanely privileged.

No. 324103

This is what I think as well. I think his youth obsession is less pedo based and more fear of aging based (possibly an autistic dislike of change too, so he clings to anything that might make him feel younger)

This man goes to multiple cons per month, sometimes traveling across the country for them, and he thinks that’s normal? I can’t even tell anymore if he’s lying to seen relatable or if he’s really that delusional

No. 324122

How is the two choices not the same thing! Doing well is wealthy. Wealthy is having a lot of money. Yeah he not a millionaire rich, but he knows he more than just well off. He so badly wants to rp as a poor millennial.

No. 324123

NTA but I feel like if people want to bitch about his income here it’s still relevant because it’s him that’s always finding ways to bring it up and brag about it. If he wasn’t directly talking about his finances all the time and people were still bringing it up here, I can see how that would be annoying

No. 324126

His pretentiousness and showiness about the money is milky. The simple fact that he has a good job and makes a lot of money is not. "He can't resist showing off all his money, how annoying" is different than "I can't believe he makes so much money and I don't!" Idk why that isn't considered nitpicking by the mods at this point.

No. 324127

But here just right now he’s flaunting his money (flights, games, cosplays). Did a poll then goes “lol I’m not rich”. That’s just obnoxious!

No. 324130

File: 1712159213286.jpeg (418.86 KB, 1284x2230, IMG_0762.jpeg)

No. 324136

I got banned last time for nitpicking but fuck why does this man keep leaving underwear in the background of his selfies? This has to be on purpose

No. 324137

Anon, those aren't 'undies'. That's a leotard/bodysuit that 2B canonically wears under her dress.

No. 324139

2B does not work on short people… doesn't look right. 9S would've been good for him since he's short af

No. 324140

I’m talking about what’s on the bed

No. 324145

Dumbass. That’s a leotard on the bed. Stop nitpicking shit if you can’t see.

No. 324168

File: 1712188272338.jpeg (1000.41 KB, 1284x2255, IMG_0804.jpeg)

No. 324169

I guess his followers would rather see him covered in short shorts than in a dress that could potentially show his ass through the slit. He still looks like a tranny prostitute in A2 though.

No. 324177

File: 1712193868812.jpeg (752.84 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_0809.jpeg)

No. 324179

File: 1712194227734.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2480, IMG_0810.jpeg)

No. 324222

File: 1712204154626.jpeg (470.02 KB, 1284x2326, IMG_0811.jpeg)

No. 324224

So he didn’t like the new Sakuracon setup because it’s harder to stop before. Kew I like that he’s so transparent about it

No. 324227

i feel like it's easier to just list what he does with his friends. anything? Terry has zero friend to hang out with outside of cons

No. 324228

Wtf is the Texas roadhouse thing? That particular restaurant only?

No. 324229

He makes enough money to do all kinds of fun, exciting stuff that many people can't even dream of, yet everything he lists is stuff that a broke teenager would want to do. It's so weird. Hanging out at the mall when you're a wealthy middle aged man? When you can literally just go to a Cancun resort for the weekend without it even making a dent in your savings… he'd get a lot of "friends" volunteering for things for that if he was offering it.

No. 324230

He likes their kids menu. Chicken tenders.
Like anons have said, I think he’s having some midlife crisis and wants to do activities like he would as a teenager.

No. 324238

Ain’t no way this mummy can stand on a snowboard or go on hikes without making a autistic PowerPoint on what went wrong or why he may or may not come back

No. 324243

You must be fairly new here. He loves Texas Roadhouse. I think he only ever got three things there. Chicken tenders, fries, and rolls. It’s because he’s autistic and doesn’t like change

No. 324246

He’s just a lonely old man wanting human interactions. I don’t see him wanting to travel out of country just to sightsee or experience a new city. Everything he does seem to involve getting intentions from teenagers/early 20s con people. He’s basically Michael Jackson of con.

No. 324275

Can any anon with insight give me a estimate on how much he spend on cons a year, just tickets/hotel? Because it feels like it's not only a lot but a fucking shit ton of money (then add costumes.). Bro could go to Japan for a few weeks if he pooled his vacation days and con money and look at some irl anime and get some cool selfies in akihabara. But no, stalking teenagers is the name of the game. Fucking sad

No. 324276

similar to why pixy never went to japan. his fantasy of being a kawaii asian japanese girl would be crushed. japanese people would ignore him and hed take that as a jab against his ego

No. 324282

File: 1712275427315.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2229, IMG_0826.jpeg)

No. 324289

I’m not exactly sure but I would probably guess about 15k a year for badges, plane tickets, and hotels. That might seem like a lot but he goes to the west coast a few times a year and just one weekend trip there costs close to 1k or more. 200-400 for a plane ticket, 100 for a badge, and 500-800 dollars for 3 nights in a hotel. He does that a few times a year and then add in the dozen other conventions that are just a few hundred dollars cheaper.

Maybe about 2k a year for cosplays and that’s probably an underestimate.

Idk, anyone else want to guess too?

No. 324293

File: 1712287064688.jpeg (521.48 KB, 1284x2272, IMG_0833.jpeg)

No. 324300

File: 1712301859161.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2424, IMG_0835.jpeg)

No. 324313

The people in the comments section telling him he’s elegant and beautiful are just horrible enablers. He looked sad and ugly. Who’s this imstee58 guy? Why does Terry have so many taken by him and they’re all awful? Maybe Terry should pay for a better photographer

No. 324316

File: 1712332002490.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x2202, IMG_0842.jpeg)

No. 324321

His face is so blurred. Did he tell the photographer to do that? Also kek at his flippers in granny shoes. He’s so lazy when it comes to characters shoes.
>Maybe Terry should pay for a better photographer
Terry doesn’t pay at all for photography, this is just some con hall photo. He stalks photographers all the time and regularly complains if no one takes his photo for free. Only reason why photographers take photos of him is because he’s black and they also think he’s trans and they want to add that to their portfolio.

No. 324336

File: 1712350734752.jpeg (616.02 KB, 1284x2216, IMG_0855.jpeg)

That is the price of like one whole cosplay for you Terry. Outfit, wig and prop would roughly cost that much I think.

No. 324339

local cosplayer here. imstee is just a guy who is at like every dc area con and takes hall shots of as many cosplayers as he can, he's harmless. I think terry loves to take advantage of the fact that the guy will be nice to him & shoot all his shitty cosplays for free

No. 324342

File: 1712358875314.jpeg (404.41 KB, 1284x2246, IMG_0856.jpeg)

No. 324344

File: 1712359895363.jpeg (614.02 KB, 1132x1009, IMG_5593.jpeg)

I know he is going to do their underage outfits. But maybe he won’t since people in the comment are talking about how weird the anime is. We know he doesn’t have a backbone for stuff he doesn’t genuinely likes

No. 324348

Imagine being this lazy to make something as easy as Zuko out of better quality fabric. Also, look a him jumping on the avatar train, now that gen z suddenly cares. Creep

No. 324349

Why is always screen capping his prices/total money spent? It's so tackey and I wonder if anyone has called him out for it yet

No. 324356

i know this is nitpicking but his use of rather instead of whether has to be on purpose, right? he can’t be that retarded.

No. 324357

I've said this before and anons get mad, but I think it's an AAVE thing. I've seen 2 other black people besides Terry using "rather" in that way and I doubt it's just a coincidence.

No. 324378

File: 1712414208584.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2105, IMG_0863.jpeg)

No. 324380

File: 1712414296274.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2121, IMG_0864.jpeg)


No. 324387

it’s the opposite, he’s speaking “proper” which a lot of people do regardless. i could understand if he said something like “finna bring her back cause i do be missing this look”, but he’s not and has never talked that way so i can see why anons got mad lol.

No. 324391

With the low amount of gaming he actually does I’m surprised he needs a 4TB drive. Can he just make it easy for everyone and tell us how much he’s selling it for instead of having people message him? wtf He “might part”. You either want to sell it or not. He collecting them or what

Life of Terry. Full of first world problems none of us can relate

No. 324395

File: 1712434089121.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x1713, IMG_0869.jpeg)

No. 324396

File: 1712434138383.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2079, IMG_0870.jpeg)

No. 324397

File: 1712436707809.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x1806, IMG_0871.jpeg)

No. 324398

Terry, you will never look like a girl, especially since your face is too masculine.(sage your shit)

No. 324399

News flash Terry. You will never be young and Asian. I swear he going to be just like pt with his obsession on being young. He going to troon out just like her and start shitting his bed.

No. 324408

>Basically a cosplay where someone from a distance may really think I am a girl…is my goal.
The autogynephilia is so overt.(Armchair tinfoil)

No. 324415

Someone with vaseline over their eyes and 20 ft away would still know you’re a man, Terry.
He really is. I still kek at how he called himself a “pretty girl”. He’s made up stories like reddit AGP’s too, like how the doctor “mistook him for female” and “everyone said I was a cute girl in cosplay”. Cringe.

No. 324416

That’s so oversized it makes him look even shorter than he already is

Yeah he never seems to use any AAVE and I’ve never seen anyone else (of any race) use rather like he does, so I don’t think it’s that

Jesus Christ he really is gonna troon out in the next year or two isn’t he?

No. 324436

He's been going on hard about how he got every cosplay cheap lately, guess getting called out for how much he spends is getting to him but he's too much of a consoomer to stop

No. 324444

File: 1712500242470.jpg (552.69 KB, 1079x1914, 1000007426.jpg)

No. 324447

why did he use images of sakura, the more tomboyish of characters. at least in the early days. haven't played SF in a long while. He can't pose or emote at all. this man is dead inside. bless whoever actually going to try to help him

No. 324453

Thanks Nona, appreciate it a ton! That is so much money, holy fuck!
I get it's his hobby but fuxk me how can he spend that kinda cash and still whine about how poor he his. I fucking hate dudes like this

No. 324455

terry makes six figure salary at a defense company. 15K a year is a drop in a bucket for him lol Why is everyone here hating on a man making decent money

No. 324457

File: 1712512356396.jpg (343.29 KB, 1080x1937, 1000007428.jpg)

>I might even pay for it

what happened to him never wanting to buy things for people or lend them money? I doubt he'd she'll out $100+ if someone actually asked

No. 324458

15k is actually a lot tbh. Think about any upper middle class person you know, making between 100k to 200k. Do they spend 15k on vacations a year? Probably not. And if they do, they’re going on fun international vacations, not to the same boring American cities every year to dress up as anime characters and follow around 20 year olds. And if I had to guess, I would say Terry is making something closer to the lower end of that scale. I don’t imagine he’s making much more than 100k. Which is a perfectly nice amount of money for a single man with no kids, but it’s not so much that you should be spending 15k on anime conventions every year like it’s nothing. Imagine how much extra money he could be contributing to his 401k or an IRA or something!!!

No. 324459

that's a myth that terry spread and some people here believed and spread. Terry has always shown to buy things for people he likes. Talked to people who roomed with him and they basically got the room for free as long as they put up with him. he has made props and bought cosplays for people. we have long established terry likes to lie. just like him stop cosplaying or stop going to out of state cons

No. 324462

Because he's a disgusting moid making an absurd amount of money that he uses to womanface and to creep on young people.

No. 324463

The ones that already own a house? Yes, hell they spend more than that one vacations/hobbies. Owning a house is huge privilege that anons here underestimate. Rent or mortgage is usually the biggest expense in someone's life by far, when that's nonexistent then they have a ton extra to spend.

No. 324465

Gross, he’s sounding more and more like a troon hon. I’m sure he’s hoping for a young girl to help “feminize” him, that’s a fetish for a lot of degenerate men. Is this also the reason why he has asked for followers to help with his makeup? Yuck.
>why did he use images of sakura, the more tomboyish of characters
He has an interest in skinwalking tomboys. It was threads ago, but when Terry was posting photos of his “fashion inspiration”, it was all white and asian tomboys and fakebois.

No. 324470

I noticed this! The last half dozen cosplay purchase statuses/stories he really push the “got it cheap” description. I wonder if the blowback was getting to him. He bought more cosplays in a month than I do in a year

No. 324550

NOT the floor bra

No. 324551

Kek I didn't even notice that. Typical sloppy moid. Even his laundry is just thrown over the bed. He could at least push it out of view before he takes the photo.
How awkward it must be seeing old man Terry in the bra section.

No. 324563

File: 1712616721155.jpeg (301.6 KB, 1284x1526, IMG_0885.jpeg)

No. 324570

I can’t imagine anyone has ever said they love Terry aside from his own mother. And we know how terribly he treats her. He’s an annoying retard narcissist.

No. 324571

I’m curious what’s happening here. I also struggled to see anyone telling Terry “I love you”. Is he starting to fan fiction himself with zoomers?

No. 324573

i noticed that too but didn't bring it up because nitpicky. he posted aerith selfie the same day so perhaps he worn the bra for her? If he did it really didn't show well. Also that's definitely a pair of white undies on his bed. You can see the band logo showing. Eww. to think he's nude underneath these cosplays.

No. 324587

Remember when some office lady drew a smiley face on a post it or something and he announced he received a "love note" I feel like this is similar, someone was like "I love your cosplays u r my favorite cosplayer!!" x spam the same thing to another 12 people and he responds like this

No. 324588

tax day is the 15th so maybe he is scared the irs is looking at his insta kek.

No. 324594

i don't think it's that. His tax must be very simple. I think he filed his tax all the way back in January. he made a lot of posts complaining about the Maryland tax department computers being down. Like any of his followers cared

No. 324603

This seems like 1. He doesn’t understand the difference between platonic love and romantic love and 2. He’s likely completely misinterpreting an offhand comment like “I love your cosplays” or “I love hanging out with you”

No. 324604

He doesn't even read western comics or watch comic or sci-fi movies. Yes, some people wear anime cosplay to C2E2 but it is mostly geared towards western media.

No. 324607

the thought of him misunderstanding a simple, probably forced compliment as a love declaration is just creeping me the fuck out

No. 324608

He doesn't even watch anime or play video games. He likes dressing up. I'm just suprised he has never gotten into drag. It's not a substantive hobby, so it should be right up his alley.

No. 324611

Was that the same time he spent weeks hinting about a weekend date with a coworker and asked his followers for tips? That was very awkward. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten taken advantage of (financially). Doesn’t sound like it would take much effort to get her to sugar daddy you without actually doing anything.

No. 324612

File: 1712667034009.jpg (447.82 KB, 1078x1916, 1000007453.jpg)

No. 324615

This reminded me of the time he was succeeding “tricking into people thinking he’s female” at one of the cons. Most female cosplayers would be upset of seeing people sneaking an ass shot but Terry thinks it’s a joke. Disgusting human being

No. 324617

c2e2 surprised me too. it's not like a lot of his zoomer fans are going. it's an expensive comic con for out of state people. I can't even remember when was the last time he went to a comic con aside from Awesom Con, which is very near him so I can understand. Lots of his "favorite photographers" go to Awesome Con.

No. 324636

He and Dylan Mulvaney would be great friendss

No. 324649

He looks like Ftm Oprah.

No. 324669

Terry, do you assume just because cosplayers cosplay women, they always have to show off their butt. Gross!(sage non-milk)

No. 324675

File: 1712742143267.png (2.01 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0895.png)

No. 324676

Here we go. Another man trying to say being a woman or being feminine is a costume. Yes Terrance, we all wear heels and walk 'girly. ' Gotta remember to also cover your mouth when you laugh snd say tee hee. He's so gross. How much you want to bet he's talking to troops online or lurking in tranny riddled forums?
>for years I've been trying to do feminine makeup
Didn't he just start this larp end of 2022?

No. 324681

File: 1712763360768.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x1902, IMG_0900.jpeg)

No. 324682

File: 1712763392521.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2254, IMG_0899.jpeg)

Old man rambling

No. 324683

i was halfway expecting him to say he approached the coworker, put his glasses in front of eyes and the coworker burst into tears at the realization he can’t see. and then everybody clapped and terry got a 50 cent raise.

No. 324689

Does he post nonsense rambling like this all the time? This one is very odd because he hasn’t seen his best friend since he left Indiana.

No. 324692

Didn’t he say last year was the last year of him traveling to out of state cons? Now he’s flying to Canada? Why? This man has way too much money and too little responsibilities

No. 324693

>How much you want to bet he's talking to troops online or lurking in tranny riddled forums?
It wouldn’t be surprising. Considering Terry is extremely lonely and wants friends, the trans ‘community’ is an easy way to meet multiple people that will support you and make you feel special. It’s a cult indoctrinating incels like Terry.
I think he forgets what he says. Age or starving himself from nutrients.

No. 324697

It’s honestly sad and pathetic that he has never left the country at his age. All the time and resources, yet he chooses to do the same exact thing every month instead of traveling the world, learning new things, and exposing himself to different cultures. It should be a crime to choose to be that uncultured.

No. 324698

A lot of the people on his fb friends lists are troons. Most of the people commenting on his fb statues are either zoomers or troons.

No. 324701

He couldn’t expose himself to other cultures because they wouldn’t have his chicken tendies/nuggets or spaghetti.

No. 324706

A lot of people in USA never left the country. I never did because of the cost. I don’t even own a passport. It would cost use thousands of dollars to just visit Canada. Not to mention the PTO. Terry has so much money but he only want to travel to college selfies.

No. 324709

did someone actually tell him his issue is his broad shoulders and not his ugly face? He just posted a photo of his misa and it actually doesn’t look too bad if I cover up his face. Terry got to accept the reality that he is a 40+ very ugly looking male. Lots of people are ugly. They go on to live happy lives because they don’t want to skinwalk as a teenage girl

No. 324714

>Lots of people are ugly. They go on to live happy lives
Fugly men have it even easier. Terry only gets the attention and asspats that he does because he's a male. He doesn't even have to try and the retarded gendie zoomers flock to him.

No. 324715

File: 1712785557424.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1787, IMG_0917.jpeg)

No. 324716

File: 1712785594360.png (4.38 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0916.png)

No. 324721

Eh not really. I understand not wanting to travel when you don't have anyone to go with. Solo travel sounds so sad and depressing, idk why anyone does it.

No. 324722

People should learn to enjoy their own company more and be comfortable spending time with themselves. I don’t think solo travel is depressing. It’s fun, freeing and independent. Anyway, I doubt that’s Terry’s reason for not traveling. He does everything else by himself so what difference would it make lol

No. 324723

He has such a sad concave Hank Hill ass.

No. 324729

this isn't a really terrible pose, but he just looks odd with that orange wig on. it looks like he took some clippers and trimmed the bangs instead of getting a decent pair of shears to shape them correctly.

yes, it was himself who told himself that his "broad" shoulders makes it very hard for him to look fem. somehow he missed his very long, oblique, expressionless face and size 12 looking feet. this isn't including everything else that makes him obviously male, like the fact he has no waistline and narrow hips. fucking kek.

No. 324745

The detail on the butt really highlights how not in shape he is. kek. Also, he better wear a dancers belt with this. I feel for anyone subjected to this vileness in person. Shinji with an old grandpa face.

No. 324746

I feel like these are posts he should put on FB, but none of his zoomer friends are on it, so I guess IG it is. He is the prime example of just because you are thinking it, doesn't mean you should put it online.

Nah, if you cant solo travel, you are a sad and boring person. Nothing wrong with solo travel at all. Always relying on other people to make you happy is the sad part. He is rich enough to solo travel, and a man, so he doesnt even have to worry about dangerous areas. He's just too stupid and wont get the ass pats as wants as a solo traveler.

No. 324748

File: 1712853538098.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2170, IMG_0928.jpeg)

No. 324749

Gross. All the ass photos can’t be coincidence. Since he’s leaning more and more into troonery and is taking posing tips from trans videos, he’s probably thinking now that feminine = sexualizing yourself and showing off body.

No. 324751


Solo traveling can be quite enjoyable(sage your shit)

No. 324753

He’s really obsessed with butt shots lately. I don’t get it. He has a problem with his broad shoulders, but he has no issue with his shapeless hip and waist? There’s nothing fem about this aside from his association of fem = sexy poses

No. 324772

File: 1712867644130.jpeg (676.2 KB, 1284x2005, IMG_0936.jpeg)

No. 324773

A meeting place for desperate people, sounds like fun I guess kek, it would be so funny if he could make videos trying to act like a person around others.

No. 324777

>queer game nights
Terry's going to be disappointed when the majority attending will be balding TIMs in tacky dresses.
At least he's not prowling the mall or arcade this time.
It would be hilarious if he takes some photos at this meeting.

No. 324778

Honestly good for him. He needs to touch grass and ACTUALLY interact with people, not just stalk 20 year olds around the country for selfies or sit at home and stare at himself wearing a boob plate in the mirror.

No. 324779

File: 1712873227967.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x2216, IMG_0937.jpeg)

No. 324780

At least he'll be fully covered, but I expect the wings to be as bad as his Madoka cosplay.

No. 324788

Shinji sweetie I’m so sorry!

No. 324789

File: 1712893686004.jpg (429.03 KB, 1080x1903, 1000007491.jpg)

again with the tongue. gross

No. 324790

It’s a disaster!!

No. 324796

Ew, he's wearing a t-shirt with that one trooned out character that attacks with his butt.

No. 324835

File: 1712960835938.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_0942.jpeg)

No. 324836

I didn’