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File: 1629157047575.jpg (135.22 KB, 1280x720, asdij29092348dfgi30003.jpg)

No. 167989[Reply]

Old thread: #46405

topics from previous thread:

>k00nkun/niccu_tan starting flame wars on tiktok with vets because she/her friend bubble_bee_tee got called out for not being gyaru enough. claims gyaru styling is regional and religiously refers to it as "gyal" for some reason

>emi leaves gyaru for yamikawaii

>neckbeard kingrui_yo believes gyaru is in your heart which is a popular take among #TiktokGyaru

>asian fishing continues to be a hot topic especially on tiktok
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No. 210169

Pinkii it’s so obvious it’s you and your friends it’s not even funny anymore. Not once has lolcow EVER cared about race and ethnicity as this site literally rips poc gals especially black gals to shreds for literally existing in the same community. You’re not slick. It’s pathetic that you’re literally self posting this hard

No. 211633

Did anyone see the call out on Tomoe Kun and friends? I didn’t get to read it all but someone said it might be on TicTok ?

No. 211798


Who was the one calling them out? Got any screenshots?

No. 212081

File: 1652234660418.jpg (86.8 KB, 680x605, 235das9c58asa1133e61f4e91.JPG)

No. 212321

So its okay for hekku to mention that people abused them with no proof but let it be someone else who's white, then they get triggered

File: 1651169810600.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x2560, sade hickman .JPG)

No. 209658[Reply]

Facebook: Sade Hickman

Sade went viral on Facebook and Reddit for her photoshop

The queen of Facebook lolcows, Sade Hickman, has entertainingly bought us many Kawaii community dramas. Not only is she the queen of Meitu and bullies other cows,
She graciously talks about how horny she is and obsesses over her favorite sailor moon character, Chibiusa.

Sade Hickman is known to use her welfare and disability checks to buy $900 pink wigs, Sailor Moon figurines, pink "designer" outfits, and likes on her Facebook page. Whenever Sade is not buying her luxurious things, she goes on her multiple Facebook accounts to harass others in the community just for the sake of boredom. Not paying rent, Sade has moved into her boyfriend's place (Brian) living free and causing community havoc. She blames her shopping addiction on mental and physical health.
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No. 209839

The fact that someone as ugly as her is in a relationship at all makes me gag alone….

I hope her bf leaves her

No. 209886

File: 1651274079319.jpeg (589.77 KB, 828x1121, 25AE3530-5D03-4625-8278-95DB06…)

There she goes. Blowing $400 on designer

No. 209922

what the fuck did she do to that wig? the hairline is fucked, does she not know how to apply lacefronts?

No. 209923

The girl in the picture isn't her.

No. 210283

Can you link these threads?

File: 1648425129796.jpg (544.32 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20220325-153715_Ins…)

No. 203669[Reply]

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 209860

Was the NYE blowout when the fallout with Tracey, Wendy, etc. happened? Crazy to see that the others in her old group seem to be moving on in their lives (getting married, having kids, moving and having stable jobs) and acting like normal twenty-something year olds if nothing else…and here Jill is, larping her OCs on separate Twitter accounts because Steebie isn't giving her enough attention (or not the kind of attention she wants).

I do wonder what Mama Vessey and the rest of her family think. I know Jill has mentioned them supposedly being cool about it but like, if I were Louise I'd definitely be internally rolling my eyes and waiting for this new phase to pass like all the rest.

No. 209866

this is not me WKing, just taking issue with your logic:
Minga being sold on Dollskill doesn't mean that she is supporting dollskill by buying Minga from Minga.

But I don't know about Minga and fast fashion vs. not fast fashion

No. 209867


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 209934

Someone make the actual new thread please.

No. 210036

File: 1571796246407.jpg (223.53 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi.jpg)

No. 70540[Reply]

New thread since the old one hit the reply limit (7 months ago) and some strange things are happening. I have been digging around online for a summary:

Around July/August 2019 Yumi uploads a video where Splenda pushes/shoves her and she looks scared. Then she uploads "we are fine" video since people obviously reacted to that.
Then she moves back to Seattle to be with her mom for 2 months, and goes offline.

People are now suspecting she is getting divorced based on her sad, lone video and photo posts she has been making since she returned mid-October 2019, but she has said nothing.
Yumi was not happy with how Splenda acted on the trip to China in 2019, and said she will "go alone next time" and has not worn the wedding ring since.

Background: Yumi is a Chinese Youtube vlogger who rose to fame via her Lolita DIY videos, but has dipped in popularity recently as she quit sewing and mainly uploads hauls. She is a mega-weeb but now segued to being obsessed with Hanfu and Chinese history.
Married(?) to a creepy dude in his forties who talks to her like she is a child, criticizes her weight and generally treats her like a mail-order bride (they actually met on a dating site.)
She now mostly posts sponsored videos of cheap clothes hauls she got online, but also has a second Food/Eating channel.
She has a Patreon which includes a "secret" Youtube Channel where she talks about wanting to get pregnant, her relationship, etc. She posted some minor drama there about tracking down ex boyfriends and the fact she was still looking for another partner after already meeting Splenda.

Her wedding ceremony was done on her lawn, and the videos were posted several months after the fact as if they had just happened. Splenda is so-called since he's a massive cheapskate and Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything, as seen on her shopping vlogs.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 209402

Here's how Yumi could still be innocent!

No. 209447

Exactly. She also married him FOR financial support. Her just giving it away so easily doesn’t make sense either …

No. 209808

Looks like the kid got processed through a 'beauty' filter and it's uncanny. Even asian body dysmorphia leeches through pics of their kids with the anime eyes, lippy pout, and dorito jaw shaving.

No. 209812

I'm not surprised that she cheated and the baby is illegitimate.
Splenda is old and he likely knew he was infertile and that the baby couldn't have been his. Imagine his doughy, pale, hairy potato body putting all its weight on top of hers and pumping away week after week. Only concerned about his pleasure and never hers, just like the selfish fucker he presented as in their old vlogs. All for nothing. Yumi let this gross scrote control her for it all to have been in vain. She isn't getting shit.

Even though Yumi is a conventional uggo, she is still young and asian and there's no doubt men were simping for her. The sexual and romantic temptations were probably too much to resist. Splenda was a cheap, infertile old toad.
It's actually a good thing that Yumi got basted with fresher sperm, with the additional bonus of being the final nail in a coffin for this relationship which was always doomed. At least her kid ought to be healthier for it, and won't be mentally scarred by a crotchety 60 year old white dude larping as his daddy.

I hope ugly fuckos like Splenda know all they've got to offer is their money. They have nothing else going for them. I'd feel sorry if he were genuinely a nice and caring guy who gave Yumi the best but we all know that was never the case. I hope more men like him are punished for thinking young women want anything to do with them.
Maybe he can get with some fellow pudgy old looksmatch with an attitude from work.

No. 217747

Tbh I was arguing 7 months ago that I kinda believe the cheating-not his baby leaks could be true because >>177328 (my post) why would her wealthy parents leave her out in the cold so that she has to beg for money basically? It always seemed super strange to me.

This just confirms it almost 100% to me.

File: 1626887283229.png (4.03 MB, 1626x1418, kabukicho.png)

No. 163026[Reply]

Use this thread to talk about any hoe/hooker/sw/whatever related to Kabukicho, Tokyo, TAG, and/or Japan.

Milk will be slow to come by as most of these girls aren't as stupid as Lorena, but I'm sure something will happen.

Old thread: >>>/w/54862
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No. 206158

File: 1649505273776.png (175 KB, 1247x1427, hjd;hjwa.PNG)

kek kitty's best friend had to pretend to be a potential customer because no one wants to pay for kitty's bad photography

No. 209137

File: 1650923373361.png (226.18 KB, 1334x726, 1622052006355.png)

kek remember that time kitty claimed she was making $15,000 per month from onlyfans?

No. 209143

File: 1650923804316.png (243.51 KB, 667x199, kat grace kuroji.PNG)

she has 2,400 likes from 167 images and 16 videos. assuming every follower likes every image and video, that means she has 13 followers kek. she charges $20 per month so she's making $262.30 a month. even if you double that because not all followers will like every photo, it's still less than $1,000. no wonder she has to scam selling her old dirty makeup on reddit

No. 209145

File: 1650923954722.png (157.16 KB, 522x174, kjsnjawnr.PNG)

lorena has 467 likes and 187 images and charges $28. she has about 2 followers and makes $56 kek

No. 209146

this is excluding custom content but i doubt they are getting many requests with so few followers

File: 1488662479550.jpg (69.39 KB, 275x275, 1487945070113.jpg)

No. 188016[Reply]

Is an otherkin that is obsessed with the lol character, Ahri. She's a shapeshifter that suffers with an existential crisis crisis between being a slut or being a sweet cute animu girl, most known for her previous antics of fetishizing and literally trying to be an east asian person. She exhibits other flake like behavior such as

>lying about talents, appearance, hobbies, race

>fakes voice
>using her cat miso as bait to scam people out of $250
>abused and cheated on her ex ellis with multiple people
>takes slutty ass pics and cosplays and tries to be uguu innocent waifu
>has a crappy overpriced shop & crappy unsuccessful patreon
>wearing her cosplay ears to a car show and expecting to get hired
>asian fetishist
>wants to change her name to a korean name
>huge weeb/koreaboo
>had a donation page for 20k+ to korea to get exstensive surgery to look like east asian
>obvious photoshop but claims to be natural
>sleeps with photogs for shoots
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 220997

File: 1655516509347.jpg (310.57 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20220616-231130_Ins…)


No. 220999

File: 1655516606309.jpg (452.45 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20220616-231135_Ins…)


No. 221801

She needs to go to a mental hospital

No. 221836

New thread: >>221835

No. 222240

File: 1655884293088.png (492.32 KB, 962x734, Screenshot_248.png)

her vtuber is a base model from booth for vrchat, does she not have money to buy a original model? doesnt she do her lewd shit?

Also its so easy to just even change the hair color, so lazy.

File: 1645127698148.jpeg (43.8 KB, 340x340, E031BF81-742C-4E00-9800-62D5E8…)

No. 197809[Reply]

redoing this since the original thread got locked.
Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous" cosplayer, soon approaching 40 who currently resides in Maryland.
Terry self-proclaims to be NB and Asexual, despite otherwise being fine with being a male for 30+ years and regularly posting/sharing sexual posts/memes. "Friends" with and regularly shares OF/cos thots. Eats like a five-year-old with autism. Diet consists of chicken tenders, soda, spaghetti, and cereal. Works in IT and graduated from Purdue University in 1875.

Recap of last thread:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 208715

File: 1650771115888.png (267.38 KB, 1440x350, Operative word here is boy.png)

What makes you think you're gonna look like these femboys Terry?

Also from scrolling past the Femboy thread these are definitely men who want to get railed by other men so…

No. 208716

He really hate being black don’t he? Like he never show any examples on darker skin.

No. 208720

Christ that is disgusting! He is so gross wtf is wrong with him? Does he actually wear those shorts in public?

This is also a great example of how Terry keeps pushing boundaries further and further. He posts this like “teehee look at my outfit” but it’s pretty clear his real intention was to force people to look at his junk

No. 208722

he hates black people. see >>206539
he wasn't even giving them the time of day, looking away from the camera.

No. 208723

Yep Terrance never takes his own selfies with other black people. Notice how they are only in pics with him when someone else is taking the selfie.

He wants to only be seen with 16-25 year old white and asian girls.

File: 1533761246119.jpg (105.88 KB, 688x459, 080307_alina.jpg)

No. 6246[Reply]

Neue Milk gibts da glaube ich nicht, aber wer erinnert sich noch an die üblichen Cringe-Verdächtigen wie Bambi und Mio Babylove, oder später Decora Ranger, Boggy Peak und Konsorten? Oder kennt ihr noch Deutsche/Deutschsprachige, die "k4w411 Fasshon" tragen? Denke hier an antiquiertes Drama oder random J-Fashion Weebs (aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz)

I don't think there's any new milk, but do you remember those cringy girls such as Bambi and Mio Babylove, or later on Decora Rangers and Boggy Peak? Or do you know any Germans/Germanophones who are still into that stuff and causing drama? Spill your milk, or just your experiences and opinions.
661 posts and 118 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 216092

>instant snapback stutenbissigkeit

No. 216213

Gibt nur noch Lolitas, und selbst da gibt es nur noch eine handvoll aktiver Communities. Gyaru, Visus und die ganzen Leute die Decora/Fairy-kei trugen sind scheinbar endgültig ausgestorben in Deutschland.

No. 219609

Sah am harmlosesten aus, hatte brutal viele bis zur Schizophrenie durchgeknallte lolkühe

No. 221110

No. 223052

vicky? wobei die eher fairy kei getragen hat glaube ich

File: 1542426054741.png (805.69 KB, 720x814, weeaboo motherfuckers.png)

No. 8303[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/15930

A thread for Weebs of the West who create art and music INSPIRED by Japanese culture.
Like true snowflakes they are all special and unique, which is why they all imitate each others' fried hair, obnoxious pastel fashion, and identify as nonbinary, panromantic, etc. These creatures are commonly found selling at, or skulking around anime conventions / artist alleys.

Notable cows amongst their ranks include:

AKA Tiffany Liao
- Artist turned entrepreneur, queen of the western weeb fashion scene
- Art has regressed considerably over the years, she now depends other artists to draw for her clothing line
- Incredibly socially awkward and lazy
- Created a kickstarter for indie game “OMORI” over 4 years ago which amassed $250K in funds but has has yet to release the game. Backer rewards are nowhere to be seen and updates come once in a blue moon
- anon ex worker >>309121 revealed many reasons as to why the game isn't progressing (see: lack of focus, no motivation, hatred all around)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1163 posts and 317 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 208600

>Papa Roach

reminds me that time omori had a level named Last Resort

No. 213206

did you hear about michael? Omori!!

No. 213529

File: 1652951306660.jpeg (79.14 KB, 620x403, fag.jpeg)

No. 213557


That's Pinkharm in the middle, oh my god
She's become quite cowlike but she's changed appearances so much since this photo, wow

No. 222740

File: 1656075313201.png (1.42 MB, 1723x964, skeleton waiting.png)

kek it's been 7 years and homofart still doesn't have her shit together - console edition 'released' last week.

File: 1552184426766.jpg (124.89 KB, 667x567, lB3cGOA.jpg)

No. 39353[Reply]

During the last thread, Sabrina moved back to Germany, attempted to fix all the bridges she burned, and wrote a long-winded tell-all about bullying in the weeb community in which she bent over backwards reaching to blame her lack of success on anything but her own mediocrity, vagueposting about several friends, exes, acquaintances and competitors who all nastily worked against her through intense slander and intrigue to hinder her growth as an idol. https://archive.is/RGEUc >>>/w/38433

Further recent drama:

>suddenly turned asexual and nonbinary >>>/w/13463

>claimed to have split personality disorder/DID and 7 alters >>>/w/13544
>claimed breast cancer and epilepsy http://archive.is/hss7b
>came to lolcow to speak out about her ex forcing her to work as a sugar baby >>>/w/13589
>got a nose job (and blamed that, too, on a handful of specific haters) >>>/w/38433
>started selling full nudes via Patreon which she now promotes on her instagram >>>/w/33121
>trying to break into more degeneracy like foot fetish >>>/w/38278
>released a new music video which is the epitome of cringe >>>/w/38427
211 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 179417

Anyone knows what happened to this cow(necro)

No. 179447

Wondered the other day the same thing. Sabrina was once my fave cow to follow. Maybe she finally realized that "it" will never happen for her. No career as a lolita fashun model, singer, actress, ytuber, writer, cosplayer, e-thot, troon and god knows how many other career paths in which she failed. Sad to see that >>150658 never re-uploaded her vids somewhere …

No. 181962

anon i check this thread hoping for your post. where are the vids why did you forsake us? himezawa is an eternal cow, it's like when Zeus immortalizes outstanding or weird people/animals by making them constellations in the heavens. There's a himezawa in the stars, acting cringe for eternity. We must have these videos for posterity.

No. 205779

Sorry nonnas, I completely forgot I posted here. For the off-chance someone might still see it, here is what I have. Unfortunately it's only until November 2020, when she already deleted some stuff:

(Farmhands pls no sage-your-shit ban, this is for archival purposes)

No. 205788

omg thank you sooo much. I can't wait to get home and download this. Himezawa was truly a favorite cow for me and I miss her crazy lack of self-awareness. Somehow I think she must still be on the internet somewhere, but she did a big disappearing act & idk where to look. Whatever happened must have been more than a break-up

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