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No. 17307[Reply]

Don't really know much about her besides she's a animu girl with huge fake tits. She seems like she would be interesting to discuss.
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No. 123799

File: 1606938598933.jpg (305.7 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201202-194810_Twi…)

The absolute nerve she has to call other people when she is the fakest of them all bloody twat pocket

No. 125450

She's always taken nudes though. There are even ones she had taken outside years and years ago still floating around on Deviantart.(necro)

No. 125499

I know she was nude for botched when she was on the show. Deviantart I have no clue.

However on her about pages she always she said she would never do full blown nudes.

No. 130164

File: 1609647670402.jpg (383.85 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210103-041937_Ins…)

I don't think Lara craft had that bad of a camel toe up her stomach

No. 134151

No wonder this thread’s no longer milky

File: 1587760064636.jpeg (528.29 KB, 1046x584, FF024EE1-6FED-4845-B982-1FBD64…)

No. 90300[Reply]

>Gen info
Self-proclaimed “king of the trolls” who’s “iq is 20”, Sora The Troll is loved and lusted by girl and guy weebs - because he panders to them by dressing as a skinny visual kei animu protagonist (spoiler: he’s not skinny! He uses camera filters and tightens his clothes to not appear chubby since being fat in Japan is illegal among other reasons) despite not being into anime himself aside from the ones he grew up watching (mainly Dragon Ball). He is a former English teacher and current voice actor and translator: https://youtu.be/Qh_Fa6wGhK4

It should be noted that Sora is NOT his real name nor has he ever revealed his and his family’s names yet he has doxed himself many times if you look at his YouTube bio and: https://youtu.be/Ss_pbL8fgl8 and has admitted to his dad being a local politician for the city council (see Venus stream)
Originally a nobody for the past 3 years until mid-2019 he decided to sexually harass some random girl on discord: https://youtu.be/sM488PK_3lU for views and made multiple videos harassing her afterwards. In short, he gained 100,000 subs out of the suffering of others.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlj1zf8flOhed-xZB1u4ev3BnMuQ_11Zu

After many months of harassing, collaborating and livestreaming with “discord girl/Usa-chan ” and their friend “apple guy/Apple Luna” whom he also met during during one of his harassment videos, he got tired of making videos with them and paying them off to continue the “trolling” but ragedquit YouTube for a month back in December. He addressed this on a current stream: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 116625

“Filthy Frank saved my life and made me proud of being Japanese uwu”

No. 118540

File: 1604050875362.jpeg (614.69 KB, 1113x1078, 469B4D7E-C1C4-411D-A80F-AFC24C…)

>I’m nearly 30 but l look 16- lel

No. 121521

Why is a grown ass man sperging about his 7-year old nephew having a girlfriend/wanting to be a vtuber and is boastful about beating said nephew on fortnite?

No. 123923

File: 1606968015558.jpeg (445.45 KB, 1034x526, E5F09D73-4F96-4C55-A18C-96D854…)

He looks very stocky in this recent picture(necro)

No. 125137

He’s definitely autistic, check out his latest cyberpunk stream. Laughing uncontrollably while rocking violently at some of the weirdest stuff, not being to understand a tutorial for the game when what you have to do is written on screen and rocking slowly now and then.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1607536005778.jpeg (141.18 KB, 640x760, D9D5C8BB-8FD0-43A7-B5E4-22EE4B…)

No. 125068[Reply]

Juliette Michele is now claiming all she got was stomach lipo. No implants. No bbl. just stomach lipo. Bitch warped her body with plastic surgery and looks ridiculous. Did she think we’d believe her? Lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1494971472576.png (561.97 KB, 800x914, 1494913379113.png)

No. 18232[Reply]

Bratty Tumblr pastel artist.
>special snowflake who gets extremely salty when people do anything less than kiss her ass when it comes to her 100% ORIGINAL DO NOT STEAL art
>very possessive about her generic Tumblr art style, accuses other people of copying her and sics her army of fans on them
>copied this very same art style from other people and has unapologetically ripped off entire OCs and character designs
>has 908249829482 OCs with Tumblr pronouns and edgy back stories
>romanticizes self-harm, sexual abuse, pedophilia, etc for her pastel goth ~*dolly*~ aesthetic
>suicide-baits and crytypes when people in her inner circle do/say things she doesn't like
>abuses her cats for fun
Tumblr: http://tearzah.tumblr.com/
Personal Tumblr (feat. heavily edited selfies): http://dollclaws.tumblr.com/
OC circlejerk Tumblr: http://ashkinoshita.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dollieguts/
Deviantart: http://dollieguts.deviantart.com/?rnrd=202882
Receipts/Callout posts here (some of the grievances are a bit stupid because she primarily involves herself with other Tumblrinas):
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 124631


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 124676

top surgery usually has this happen regardless of intention. it's a very common result of the surgery, not something you include in your notes for what you want to have happen.

No. 124759

File: 1607435336136.png (16.03 KB, 603x68, sexless.png)

>my favorite big brain theory is that i'm a cis woman

No. 124768

>cis sexless
We're reaching levels of cognitive dissonance previously thought impossible.

No. 124772

File: 1607439930856.gif (1.58 MB, 260x178, 3453253.gif)

File: 1605203463852.png (20.14 KB, 562x206, A3C1A0A9-39C6-4F34-B339-8F6DF1…)

No. 120215[Reply]


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Kiaras desperation
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
> Deleted clips that have relevant milk
> Potentially milky indies worth keeping an eye on

Doesn’t belong here:
> Narratives
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 124432

This. I dont give a shit about Gura but this schizo dox that has no milk to it is shifting up the thread.

No. 124433

I disagree. You're in no position to be policing the definition of 'milk'. You may do so of course, just be aware that nobody gives a shit and that it makes some people work even harder to fuck with you and the people on whose behalf you're concern trolling.

Also, doxing is already against the rules and dox have been deleted from this thread repeatedly.

No. 124435

Are you a newfag? Repeatedly posting old Facebook info with generic information about her family and old hobbies is not milky at all. It's boring.

No. 128110

There's still enough crumbs to at least get to her relatives(?) so may work as enough of a lead for semi-competent and determined idiots.

Also I'm pretty sure Gura got a warning or something since its been scrubbed pretty thoroughly.

No. 129865

File: 1514209445221.jpeg (160.59 KB, 808x846, C937719D-8822-472E-AE9F-970D25…)

No. 10468[Reply]

Old Delandra Barbie Johnson thread was hitting limit. Intro to Del:

- Overweight Black American girl who has gone from fandom to fandom, community to community scamming people
- Had a stint in Japan where she went in and out on multiple tourist visas(which is illegal) worked illegally as an escort but due to her looks didn’t make much money. Screenshots of her begging people for rent money
- Scams by selling fake brand/ stretched out used Japanese alt fashion
- Was caught years ago on Craigslist Tokyo soliciting for marriage fraud(marriage for a Visa) and ended up marrying a military man for benefits
- Lied about a human child dying for sympathy when it was a dog
- Claims to have three homes in multiple countries despite barely making ends meet as a prostitute and begging people to sleep on their couches
- Was proven on PULL to white knight herself after a girl she scammed in Guam came to the forum. She also made fun of said woman for being domestically abused
- Posts photos from years ago in Japan to fool her ignorant fans that she’s still there despite being barred years ago
- Is dating a neckbeard in the speed runner community because his mother is ill and on her deathbed and Del has admitted to wanting life insurance
- Recently scammed popular alt Facebook stripper named Cola
- Is being currently dragged to pieces by Speedrunner community for scamming people at conventions(out of hotel rooms) and playing the race card after she flew to the UK and a guy rejected her
- Also claims to be getting surgery soon despite not making any money at all as a sex worker and relying on her multiple scams.

Twitter is @barbiexedge and her Facebook account is Delandra Barbie Johnson. Warning: If she asks to sleep at your place or offers to buy something from you do NOT trust her. She has been scamming for at least five years now.
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No. 120893

Yeah she is kicked out of Japan. I think she tried to reenter back months ago. She only made it to Korea and tried to play it off.(necro)

No. 122511

File: 1606379079275.png (3.75 MB, 1242x2208, AB2F83EF-8F7C-44BB-9448-8B3EA6…)

Kek. So she doesn’t age? Pretty sure her correct age is 31.

No. 122553

File: 1606410216303.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 387.81 KB, 1800x1681, BEF4C588-3D2C-44B0-AF8E-023533…)

I’m sorry but her ass still looks gross af.
So much money wasted on a botched booty.

No. 122554

I went to school with this bitch. I’m 30. She knows damn well she ain’t no 22 kek

No. 124145

She not no damn 22. kek(necro)

File: 1606946141120.png (10.87 MB, 4500x3000, bellend.png)

No. 123836[Reply]

popular (unfortunately) ethot, has a milky past, and still seems to be gaining popularity; I think she’s worth keeping an eye on. Here's my best summary of everything noteworthy:

>grew up in south africa, daddy left mommy (mentioning this a lot as of late), moved to UK in 2009

>introduced to internet around high school, got into anime, cosplay (read: learned a way to garner attention)
>dropped out of high school (she claims this was around age 14 and claims she began to work as well)
>had a scene girl phase
>began cosplaying and wore “the wrong wig” for some dumb love live cosplay and threw a tantrum that some randoms pointed it out
>ex bf threatened to expel someone from school who criticized one of her cosplays
>ex would generally sperg so hard to WK her
>ex is a huge weeaboo that dated some asian girl after they broke up, the same girl she did a “girl x girl” photoset with, now has a “new daddy” josh
>at 17 she wanted to go to venice so she made a deal with some guy to steal other girls’ (presumably over 18) nudes to sell to strangers (pedos) who assumed it was her
>belle began posting more and more lewd pics and lewd cosplay pics as she neared 18
>dva cosplay and the dreaded ahegao is what made her gain popularity mainly
>claimed she doesn’t even play video games which made people call her out then said she would never cosplay again
>panders to incels and neckbeards with “haha im such a meme troll xD lulz” type videos and responses, self posted on 4chan for attention, uses chan culture for clout and popularity for incels
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 132358

Smug bitch

No. 132370

>It's very confusing for me since I see other people dress like it all the time!
Yeah, sure Belle, because any well adjusted adult woman dresses like that on a daily basis.
>if it's about how I genetically look…
You GENETICALLY look like an adult, editing your face and body to appear smaller and younger than you actually are (5'6 kek) doesn't change anything, you know exactly what you're doing, weirdo.

I swear one day she's going to get actually abducted, raped and maybe even killed by one of the degenerate pedophiles she panders to.

No. 132572

Don't breed with scrotes then. Straight women pretend like porn whores are worse than the men who give them money and allow them to do what they do. Thousands of years and straight women still fuck up this hard and breed another generation of porn addicted scrotes (and whores) but then waste all their time on bitching on the internet instead of doing something meaningful in their own lives, something that doesn't involve marrying a scrote (who, most likely, watches porn behind her back) and breeding another generation of degenerates.
That's why I can't stand this fucking place. Almost all women who post here are handmaidens themselves but they pretend like random whore on the internet is so much worse than them kek. Essentially, almost all straight and married women are prostitutes. Remember that.

No. 132734

This. Most of these sanctimonious pickmes will then go and suppoytheir degenerate boyfriends, brothers, fathers and sons who fap to "painal", "dead eyes", schoolgirls, whatever the fuck. It takes a special kind of retard to blame the whore and not the moid who deliberately seeks out her content.

No. 133866

this is the video that her kidnapping post was promoting.
the video and her post didn’t come off as child abduction rape fantasy to me. though, i can understand how some elements of the video would bring you to that conclusion, she is fucking ginormous in the video and at one point, the guy screwing her stands on his tiptoes. she does not look like a child. it’s definitely possible the goal was to look like one, but i’m lenient to believe her claim that it’s was a 60’s thing with the evidence being the beehive. the video regardless of all this controversy is hilarious.

File: 1528573002697.png (508.73 KB, 579x592, asherbeeprime.PNG)

No. 19901[Reply]

>The return to greatness.. and Instagram!

Old thread

ED page (outdated but still a good history tool)

Ashley Bennett, formerly known as Luvmonkeys (creater of the Poopbrooch) has many aliases along the years:

-Axel Ash
-Lucinda Luke
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 115973

Oh boy…
Can't wait to run into her

No. 123442

File: 1606767272051.png (Spoiler Image, 813.96 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201130-130913.png)

Look who started an onlyfans!!! Are we surprised though?

No. 123730

Why in the world would anyone pay $20 to see her act seductive? That's like watching a cheaper Moomookunt.

No. 123826


I choked! A cheap version of Moomookunt. That's the best thing I heard.

No. 123986


The photos look badly edited and the colors make them look so dingy like. There's no point to pay for a price just to see her saggy boobs.

File: 1499689605798.png (71.46 KB, 404x500, IMG_0596.thumb.PNG.ffdfa443cad…)

No. 6452[Reply]

Typical weeb Australian Greek insta-famous cosplayer, known for being a fakeboi and being an asian wannabe. Hangs with Geheichou but is amazingly two-faced about

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knitemaya/
Tumblr: http://knitemaya.tumblr.com/
Not so secret NSFW Tumblr: https://mayaa-yuu.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/knitemaya
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Knitemaya

Got called out by asian-americans multiple times on tumblr from taping her eyes to look more asian in cosplay and fashion shoots which led to her crying on instagram about the "toxic cosplay community" and starting a shitstorm of race debates on the internet.

Link 1: https://firebends.tumblr.com/post/135003072102/gudeboy-gudeboy-alright-ykno-what-im
Link 2: http://missviolaspelling.tumblr.com/post/142226464265/biomechas-japanesejedi-lokiodinson-submitted
Link 3: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
837 posts and 410 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 7795

File: 1548404777077.png (424.47 KB, 817x599, joker.PNG)

The way she shoops her smile gives Joker a run for his money
>lewd photoshoot
oh no

No. 7821

her nose is so hooked and it's hilarious when she can't shoop it like in front-facing selfies because her photoshop skills are just not good enough

No. 7822

File: 1548509184328.jpeg (671.15 KB, 1242x1707, B80146C2-8785-4F9B-92B5-50D7F7…)

Currently being called out on Twitter and it’s getting a lot of traction

No. 7846

File: 1548509230479.jpeg (974.25 KB, 1242x1686, 68F29210-6453-49B6-8567-450E66…)

No. 7853

File: 1548544739024.jpeg (19.88 KB, 300x300, AEBA600C-D170-4943-BCA1-AD25D6…)

Found the unedited version

File: 1461604144955.jpeg (78.71 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

No. 33819[Reply]

Let's discuss about TK tokyo, nobu, kenichi and co
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No. 34964


>Not everyone who goes to Japan is a hooker after all.

Total bullshit.

No. 34965

this looks like "kazu Aki". if it is him I am proud and happy for him. he obviously wanted to be a host. even if it took him a long time he is doing it. its cringe but hey.

No. 34966

File: 1545363287964.png (246.36 KB, 401x443, host coupe.png)

Always hilarious how these objectively fug dudes with absolutely nothing going for them think they will look more attractive if they turn their hair into some weird color two containers full of hairspray granny wig abomination. He's not cute and the pale skin puru puru lip thing doesn't help.

No. 34967

Anyone remember this disaster?

No. 34968

This bitch actually caressed his baby carrot

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