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File: 1529415186144.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot.png)

No. 25322[Reply]

Previous thread

>Sharla revealed her husband's face at last

>Taylor is slowly becoming a pro at clickbait
>Mimei is as miserable as ever
>Bii and Kim Dao are busy staying irrelevant
>and Micaela ~totally doesn't shoop at all!~
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No. 51767

Lmao. She is also hoping to launch her own fashion boutique from patreon donations instead of going to a bank…she's delusional

No. 51788

In her deleted video she talked about how she lost about $10k because of her ex-bf. She paid for a visa and used it only for a month before she moved back to Canada. This 10k would have been the funding for her shop I guess. On one hand I can understand her struggle and pain but on the other hand I feel like she needed something to happen in her life to wake up. How could she stay with her then bf if he didn't love her anymore and played mind-games all the time? And then she decided to extend her visa even though all this shit happened?? It's pure stupidity imo. But if you're in love, you tend to do stupid things and ignore warning signs. Now she has to grow up and stop selling drama for money.

No. 51789


I thought she deleted the video but she made it private bc it's available again

No. 52590

>>50526 I really do like Jenn, I think the problem is her use overuse of using a heavy foundation and a powder on top of it. It completely dried out her skin making it look terrible. If she put on BB Creams that are Korean – you can find more pale shades from my experience, and use something are for mature skin which has more moisture not because she looks old, and only use a powder under the eyes, the more glowing skin will look better and her skin won't be a dry sponge.

I think the second photo was after ter makeup was wearing off so more of her oil is coming through. The more you powder, the more oils come through due to your skin needing to make even more of it to try and rehydrate it. Her skin issues is due to her skin needing the moisture and her just piling on a tone of drying layers, along with the really unneeded shading powders, her face is already slim, she doesn't need that much makeup on her skin, and more moisturizing stuff she puts on it, the more her skin will calm down.

Glowing skin isn't "oily" looking, it looks moist and not dry. With a moist looking skin, you won't need the contour so much especially adding more "shine" back on the dry AF skin. Skip powders, your skin will thank you.

No. 53408

In her new 'Mexico vlog' she kept referring to Isla de Mujeres as 'Isla Majora' throughout the whole video, it was so annoying. Really Bii? You don't even bother to memorize the name of the place you're staying at? Wow.

File: 1553480183384.jpg (45.09 KB, 551x981, 1553376453270.jpg)

No. 41347[Reply]

Previous thread >>1771

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 51748

File: 1559443792294.jpg (138.54 KB, 1080x625, 20190601_221011.jpg)

No. 51751

She really is turning into Shayna, isn’t she? kek

No. 51757

as sad of a state as shay is in, micky is somehow even worse by even aspiring to be that level.
at least shayna isn't fat with the tits of a 50 yr old mother of 3.

No. 51758


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 51763

New Thread


File: 1528573002697.png (508.73 KB, 579x592, asherbeeprime.PNG)

No. 19901[Reply]

>The return to greatness.. and Instagram!

Old thread

ED page (outdated but still a good history tool)

Ashley Bennett, formerly known as Luvmonkeys (creater of the Poopbrooch) has many aliases along the years:

-Axel Ash
-Lucinda Luke
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 45757

100% a lie, Jesus Christ Ash, I went to that con and her skirt was accidentally stepped on. Can’t remember if it was her own feet or a passerby, but that absolutely didn’t happen.

No. 45758

100% a lie, Jesus Christ Ash, I went to that con and her skirt was accidentally stepped on. Can’t remember if it was her own feet or a passerby, but that absolutely didn’t happen.

No. 45920


God ash stop making up stupid stories. You're just making yourself look more dumb.

No. 46509

Guys! She made another video. It's been a long while since she talked about her life update. Does anyone know if she moved out with her GF, she wants to have OTP pics with, yet?


No. 51619

So I'm a little confused by this video. How can she say she's a lesbian if she keeps telling herself she's gender neutral?? She has clearly said she's a girl who likes other girls. If that's the case then you're not gender neutral. You are indeed female. She keeps changing herself just to make herself look cool for the attention. This is the kind of crap I cannot stand with some people.

Granted, some of the things she has said in the video are true to heart but she needs to stop telling lies and constantly post random stories about her sexuality. LIKE WTF IS THIS SHIT????


File: 1552184426766.jpg (124.89 KB, 667x567, lB3cGOA.jpg)

No. 39353[Reply]

During the last thread, Sabrina moved back to Germany, attempted to fix all the bridges she burned, and wrote a long-winded tell-all about bullying in the weeb community in which she bent over backwards reaching to blame her lack of success on anything but her own mediocrity, vagueposting about several friends, exes, acquaintances and competitors who all nastily worked against her through intense slander and intrigue to hinder her growth as an idol. https://archive.is/RGEUc >>>/w/38433

Further recent drama:

>suddenly turned asexual and nonbinary >>>/w/13463

>claimed to have split personality disorder/DID and 7 alters >>>/w/13544
>claimed breast cancer and epilepsy http://archive.is/hss7b
>came to lolcow to speak out about her ex forcing her to work as a sugar baby >>>/w/13589
>got a nose job (and blamed that, too, on a handful of specific haters) >>>/w/38433
>started selling full nudes via Patreon which she now promotes on her instagram >>>/w/33121
>trying to break into more degeneracy like foot fetish >>>/w/38278
>released a new music video which is the epitome of cringe >>>/w/38427
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No. 49870

File: 1558501001705.jpeg (207.34 KB, 717x1274, 48A69CFC-7775-44C8-9D27-347D49…)

This ones a lil better, I fixed her saggy jaw and changed the nose a bit, I think it adds more character to her dead horse face(fanart)

No. 49940

she shooped her hip or something. There's a weird bump

No. 50049


not but she's a native german speaker.
german has a proper word for plural "you" so it is her way to cope with y'all's retarded language. calm down.


i mean she's right. i don't think SW = being a thot and there is indeed no shame in producing adult content.


i think if she gained weight, she'd lose her weeaboo incel audience. i don't think any of them are into THICC, fit, healthy looking women (and also it would mess up her uwu ~doitsu~ princess persona HIMEzawa

No. 50053

Dude, she doesn’t have any audience. Last time I checked she had two and a half people following her.
She’s an anomaly in my eyes. I’ve never met someone so…unfit for anything. She’s not only ungodly plain and weird looking, but she’s pretty much shit at anything she tries her hand at, genuinely unlikeable and unpleasant person. I have no idea how she does this, this have to be a talent of its own.

No. 51190

She went from being an uwu pure aidoru to selling full frontal nudity, she's clearly desperate and not just really passionate about sex work. Her patreon has 9 patrons, her YT never took off, her IG is stagnating, she doesn't have an audience or the personality to be some sort internet personality. Having pictures like that out there impacts your future, whether it should or not.

File: 1548552714023.jpeg (206.37 KB, 922x1153, 8A23410C-DFDA-4CDB-8F89-8EC3E6…)

No. 29119[Reply]

> Kelly Eden (n.) infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities including, but not limited to, emo/scene, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, and now is attempting to establish herself as a mental health advocate, BDSM/Kinkster, advice giver, table-top gamer, and LARPer.

> the epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> heavily tattooed, breast-agumented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" - recently been seeing FotR mentioned or included in any of her social media less and less frequently
> recently featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> made a video with her ex-boyfriend in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth - still continues to bring it up every chance she gets
- recently acquired a new roommate - Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new BFF
> posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue
> recent fetish for clowns - most notably Pennywise from IT/
> been posting cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> posting a lot of shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
> severely pushing the LARP and D&D things
> in light of a drop in views/engagement on Youtube has been panic-uploading videos with very empty content which hasn't improved her viewership at all
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 39607


Is she wearing this on her wedding finger?

Not that she'd ever get married :')

No. 39640

File: 1552364960324.jpeg (455.66 KB, 750x1066, 87A827A0-F377-4DC2-ADC1-C0A18F…)

kay claire

No. 39673

man, I knew this backlash was going to happen after i watched that video lol.

No. 39775

Sage your posts if they have nothing to contribute that hasn't been contributed already and stop posting here. There's a new thread. Stop bumping this one.

No. 49359

File: 1424371232282.jpg (118.83 KB, 499x750, tumblr_ndpmwdieiU1rtxv25o1_500…)

No. 16207[Reply]

Haven't seen a thread like this yet.

Pic related (Fetsu), also Mahouprince, Elizabunni, Anzujaamu, PeachMilkyTea, Pastelbat etc.

Besides earning their fame by basically buying wigs and circle lenses and taking pictures in them, any drama surrounding them?
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No. 49170

She looks fine, at least looks like herself

No. 49347

The last time I looked at her channel she was getting a bunch of plastic surgery, she's a mess

No. 49800

She's a costhot now and her bf seems to get off on it.

No. 50081

Didn't her last bf break up with her becuz of her plastic surgeries?

No. 55970

she dresses so bad, she can't coordinate her outfits in the slightest, and she buys loads of cheap crap on a constant. She just buys stuff for the sake of it, I wonder how much ends up in the landfill?

File: 1457577699270.jpg (90.11 KB, 540x720, tumblr_inline_nm9c7ypGp71r0rrj…)

No. 11999[Reply]

grown 53 year old weeb voice actor for animu

known for kissing under aged girls, molesting at cons, racist apparently and homophobic
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No. 49123

she posted the pictures in the video description of her videos showing that those are airsoft guns and not actual guns. so I doubt what she said counts as an actual threat.

>When even your ex fiancée hates you for more than petty reasons you've probably got problems.

given the amount of times peoples ex's have tried to get their significant other jailed for the sake of money or whatever petty reason her word alone without evidence doesn't mean shit.

>Why are you people so obsessed with this washed up and pathetic loser

we aren't obsessed with him we are fighting for a mans right to be innocent until proven guilty and tried in an actual court of law instead of the court of public opinion which is usually shit.

>go back to Kiwi or whatever echo chamber you came from.

the only echo chamber is this place,pull and resetera due to how only selective information is being posted.

No. 49155

/cgl/ old-fag here, and I appreciate you being a voice of logic in this thread. people can sit here and QQ about vic-stans or whatever, but the bottom line is there really hasn't been any evidence presented to show that he's done anything really illegal or disgusting.

all I've seen this entire thread are judgments for things people consider to be in poor taste and heresy. think whatever you want of the guy (I've also heard he's a diva throughout the years), but I've yet to see any legal justifications for this shit.

I really hate how the userbase here seems to be much more emotionally-charged in their opinions than basing them in logic/fact these days. I mean, I'm probably just remembering things with rose tinted glasses anyway, but ugh.

No. 49162

This exactly. Is Vic a sleazebag? I believe it. You can tweet about how creepy he is all you want without legal consequence because that's your opinion. Saying Vic raped a teen girl and you have receipts? That's a claim of fact. If he gets fired because of it, and it turns out you were just making shit up the whole time, you're responsible for it. At this point, whether he actually did it or not is irrelevant. If they can't prove they had a real reason to repeat those accusations, they're going to lose.

No. 49163


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 55952

File: 1533761246119.jpg (105.88 KB, 688x459, 080307_alina.jpg)

No. 6246[Reply]

Neue Milk gibts da glaube ich nicht, aber wer erinnert sich noch an die üblichen Cringe-Verdächtigen wie Bambi und Mio Babylove, oder später Decora Ranger, Boggy Peak und Konsorten? Oder kennt ihr noch Deutsche/Deutschsprachige, die "k4w411 Fasshon" tragen? Denke hier an antiquiertes Drama oder random J-Fashion Weebs (aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz)

I don't think there's any new milk, but do you remember those cringy girls such as Bambi and Mio Babylove, or later on Decora Rangers and Boggy Peak? Or do you know any Germans/Germanophones who are still into that stuff and causing drama? Spill your milk, or just your experiences and opinions.
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No. 44572

she looked better before. now she just looks old

No. 44722

marriage visa

No. 44742

So anon was right before lol

No. 47958

Ich bin mega Schockiert über Vicky. Hab sie damals als sie so um die 14 war kennengelernt über Knuddels damals war sie noch "Scene" mit dem Namen Vicky makes you a shelsea Smoking. Erinner mich noch das sie damals Unterwäsche Bilder mit 50euro scheinen in der hand hielt. Hatte sie dann Gedated. Die war damals schon durch hab ihr auf die brüste gespritzt und sie hat es erstmal komplett auf sich verteilt selbst den Rücken hat sie damit versucht einzugrenzen xD die war so durch. Ich war mit meinen zarten 15/16 so geschockt xD kurzzeit später war sie straight edge.hab sie dann nur nochmal im Primark getroffen. War klar das so ne psycho tussi irgendwen Mal absticht(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 47981

Verpiss dich, niemand interessiert es mit wem du im Bett warst.

File: 1533578681380.png (283.86 KB, 449x383, 489CD921-95EA-4D18-B295-5D5FE9…)

No. 8868[Reply]

The white trash queen of Kabukicho is digging herself a deeper hole!

Has had yet ANOTHER BABY this time with a host club owner who wont claim the child and is dodging Sere. Leaving the child document-less and legally without rights in Japan. Instead of trying to get the child back to Australia to give it some type of normal legal life, she holds onto her weeb prostitute dreams of glamour.

Is now a self proclaimed ‘instagram influencer’ gaining a suspiciously large amount of followers in a very short time frame. Still lying about her age, chinese level photoshopping and being the all round narcissist we all know she is.

Claims to have bought a new apartment and seems to be living with a new toyboy in Meguro, no sign of her two ‘beloved’ dogs for over half a year.

A potential suspect in whoever reported Shiena/Shannon Wong to the authorities and is now in a questionable state of limbo as to what will happen to the illegal weebs of Tokyo?!?

TAG - Tokyo Adult Guide:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1200 posts and 193 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 47754

Can't tell if her aesthetic change is hinting at her finally losing interest in weeb shit. Or if she knows her old shtick wasn't working and this is just her latching onto something new at another sad attempt to get famous.

Japan is known to be extremely not drug/drug-user friendly. I wonder if that is going to bite her in the ass someday.

No. 47755


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 47757

She should just stay in Australia and do what she's doing, she's probably better off there. I really don't understand her strange obsession with staying in Japan since she has no connections anymore, no friends, no man, no kids. She is old and used up.

No. 47770

New thread: >>47769

No. 53780

File: 1560712127465.jpg (175.05 KB, 1079x1340, Screenshot_20190616-150828_Sam…)

She's whoring now

File: 1528797445877.jpg (109.07 KB, 718x718, 1467626154708.jpg)

No. 10958[Reply]

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No. 47193

lol, absolutely not. You can see his icon/username on >>47092 Last name is kawano I believe? Atsushi isn't that uncommon of a name.

No. 47227

Anyone know about nekomagic on Interpals? He's been extremely pushy and intrusive.

No. 47441

File: 1557781039744.png (70.78 KB, 1080x383, Screenshot_20190513-225607~2.p…)

Refrain from answering. He texted me multiple times. Typical Gaijin hunter kek

No. 47735

What website is this

No. 47802

It's Interpals.net

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