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File: 1650661846148.png (598.97 KB, 719x554, m teh irl laffey!!!!!!!!.png)

No. 1508968

Read the rules or get banned. Learn 2 imageboard.

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Containment thread for all “alt” e-girls on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. If you do not see your cow(s) here, check the following threads. This is e-girl specific. Generals may have what you are looking for:

>Pro-ana cows: >>>/snow/1375940

>Photoshoppers: >>>/snow/1191646
>Pedopandering Twitter: >>>/snow/1316004
>Instagrammers you hate: >>>/snow/783701
>Tiktokker general: >>>/snow/1202180

Scrotes from Kaliacc DO NOT BELONG HERE. Make a separate thread. Only e-girls involved in kaliacc may be posted here. THIS IS NOT A KALIACC GENERAL. You pseudo-intellectual scrotes can go do your guerilla advertising elsewhere.


Last Thread:
>Chloe is still lurking, why are you so obsessed with us you spastic goblin? >>>/snow/1421009
>virusdere’s guilty conscience goes brrrrrrrr >>>/snow/1424444
>pre-voidification Ellie pic is posted >>>/snow/1427374
>virusdere thirsts over a twenty-something gymcel meathead, he entertains her memes and desperate behavior >>>/snow/1433387
>DDLG thot strawbabydolly accuses a girl of stalking her for liking strawberries, pink and stuffed animals >>>/snow/1441250
>strawbaby actually went to a court of law and tried to take legal action against her, was quote “gaslit” by the judge >>>/snow/1436051
>Chloe just started getting into programming and compsci but she’s already showing that lovely superiority complex she clings to for her life >>>/snow/1441958
>virusdere’s guilty conscience once again >>>/snow/1446703
>virusdere takes vo1d’s 5-6 year old username (only ever posted here in an old e-girl thread btw) and screeches about unoriginal animecore skinwalkers >>>/snow/1447099
>she goes mask off admitting she basically sits with a tab open responding to anons on her accounts >>>/snow/1447726
>she escalates to taking emails using vo1d’s old users >>>/snow/1449788
>feeling the water beginning to boil she cries some more about lolcow before changing her account names and scrambling to hide evidence of her stalker behaviors towards vo1d >>>/snow/1450018
>gutteralsnug is back as kawaiiangelchan >>>/snow/1455001 and is also, like Chloe, super into compsci and coding. same languages as her too.
>gutteral is of course following all hiki cows ITT, likely posting still
>Ellie keeps bodychecking and changing shoe sizes to flex how loli she is >>>/snow/1460362
>more unapologetic bodychecking >>>/snow/1460569
>but she’s not bodychecking you’re just sensitive and it’s your problem >>>/snow/1467704
>virusdere goes after a fellow vo1d skinwalker who’s at most 15 years old >>>/snow/1479553 after she tried to drag the kid weeks prior >>>/snow/1481164
>turns out the psycho was making fake accounts pretending to be vo1d on an obscure myspace clone called friendspace, she made one for her username, vo1dchan and vo1d’s other usernames >>>/snow/1480064
>more proof >>>/snow/1480084
>verbatim copied vo1d’s old art for her profiles and used photos of her and her bf even >>>/snow/1480235
>virusdere also copied vo1d’s tell >>>/snow/1481375
>she continued to deny she did it despite having come clean about her obsession with vo1d and desperate behavior online before >>>/snow/1481725
>she cracks again refreshing every minute basically to respond >>>/snow/1481734
>nothing says not guilty like trying to cover your tracks on the surface >>>/snow/1482162
>vendetta-chan posted some sloth-looking downie costhot, no1curr
>Ellies been copying vo1d’s art, just like Tabby and starts lashing out at kids “skinwalking” her >>>/snow/1492237
>Ellie cries and makes herself the liddol loli vwictim >>>/snow/1493463
>She gets dragged then tries to back track acting like she’s above it >>>/snow/1493475
>Ellie’s sycophants defend their confetti ana queen >>>/snow/1499673
>nyabeat or “Lori” returns as denpabomination before leaving socials again shortly after
>Eliie loves her little snakes doing her dirty work for her, but she HATES drama she’s just a liddol guy uwu >>>/snow/1502680
>sadakotheneet/dairyfigz (the animecore cow from awhile ago) is posted revealing her psycho behavior and vo1d skinwalking
>goes full unbothered queen and spergs about it >>>/snow/1506011 post is sus, may be a self-post
>she sics her musty ass linebacker mutt on anons defending her precious retardina >>>/snow/1506210
>we’re poor ass broke bitches who cant afford shit and we’re jealous of n33tchan
> she’s going to fucking murder us in our own filth
>’xeres’ starts posting other fat bitches ITT to detract attention from her hogfriend

>ang3l is still fat
>vampjunk got fat
>anons asked for milk on random literal who’s who peaked 4 years ago, we are not an information kiosk go fuck off
>scorned moids stop posting kaliacc scrotes challenge

1.0v e-girl cows (dried up and ready to be put out to pasture):

>looks like a tranny, is fat
>boring aside from reselling filthy Sanrio items and being really fat irl

“animecore”/”otaku”/”hikineet” wapanese Pinterest lolicons (most active cows):

https://www.instagram.com/jusagipon/ (locked down)
>actually average irl nobody, kicked off the whole kaliacc drama by saying she was groomed, famous for her shoops and generic style
>people are still bringing her up cause she was the starter for the kaliacc call-out, she has 0 milk aside from that, very boring and ugly pinterestbait
>randomly disappeared from socials as of April 2022

vo1dchan/nashi/inai/bunnipaw/happyfleshflavor (inactive cow, left in for context):
>was a uwu agere DDLG egirl like Erin Painter right before being "true hikineet otaku basemnt dwellr~"
>went by 'hurtpaw' and posted her fat ass in XXXXL soft girl shit and collars until she was being "skinwalked"
>disappeared after being laughed at and "copied" on Pinterest
>became ultra nippon McDonald's FC2 blogger otaku in an attempt to get away from her DDLG shtick
>”famous”, as she thinks, for her room photos and selfies on tumblr and instagram
>copied Japanese models and Sanrio itabeyas from old Japanese blogs, claimed it’s original and verbatim “her lifestyle isn’t your aesthetic”, lacks self awareness
>went fakeboi he/him attention seeker after being called out
>deleted/private when criticized for being a LARPing cracker bully in mommy’s basement, much like she did when she was a DDLG faggot
>still indirectly harasses kids/tweens who post her pictures with the help of her friends posted ITT despite being in her early 20’s
>likely lurking ITT between binging mcdoubles and crying
>has active accounts only known by mutuals, the names and apps she’s active on are unknown as of now

>totally unique real channer otaku gamer girl who hates pOsErS
>bug eyed lackey to vo1d, basically does what Catherine did which is snap at children for liking the same media and reposting photos
>thinks everyone who dislikes her is obsessed with her and skinwalking her much like vo1d
>her blog and instagram is her personality, projects that on to anyone she doesn't like
>probably keeps this thread open in a perma tab and refreshes, posts indirect responses to comments made ITT

Ellie/creepyhoarder/nekosnailz/pro ana lolicon skinwalker
(of interest/potentially lurking itt):
>pro ana fake nice girl, Uses “ummm im literally a minor” as an excuse despite being almost 18
>runs ed twt and posts body checks on her instagram accounts
>likes disgusting lolicon shit
>obvious poser who constantly posts about people shit talking and copying her
>friends with most e-girls from kaliacc, was in the chat as reaffirmed by Catherine’s screencaps of the members
>is now accusing children who use confetti and Laffey for aesthetics “skinwalkers”
>baww’d about drama and being hated and treated like a bad person, oblivious to why everyone hates her

>vo1d skinwalker like no other
>made fake profiles of vo1d on friendproject then said she was set up
>sperged out and started lashing out at random users she had issues with before, the same 15 year olds she despises for some reason
>locked down all accounts after being exposed and is still hiding

https://tellonym.me/sadakotheneet (deleted after being posted here)
https://www.instagram.com/hikikomorifigz/ (inactive)
>likely self-posting
>has a serious hateboner for Ellie
>vo1d skinwalker almost on virusdere’s level
>was chastised for buying Mayura goods for 400% markups, resulting in inflation of prices and gloated about them being “jealous” they don’t have as much money as her
>siced her ogre friend on lc to threaten anon’s lives, friend dropped her own @ and sperged

All of these tards will say they hate this place, fake neets and whatever else despite obsessively checking and posting here and doing the exact shit they stalk, cancel and harass others over. If they feel threatened by another black/danger haired wapanese trust fund kid (which they all are) they will attack like rabies infected mutts for months on end because they have no real friends or lives outside of “being a real hikineet” for clout.

Dried up cows have been omitted for the time being.

No. 1509022

Nyabeat isnt inactive.
She goes by Iori and denpabomination

No. 1509047

her ig accounts are gone

No. 1509052

her twitter still works for me. gutturalsnug needs a section but otherwise good thread op

No. 1509068

File: 1650671922968.jpeg (840.32 KB, 828x1696, 170028EC-FACE-459D-AD7A-AAEE5D…)

more body checking from our frail Loli queen

No. 1509078

>When Calls The Heart bluray
Ellie's parents rich republican boomers confirmed. I wonder if she's sick cause she never eats? She looks absolutely disgusting and skeletal. Blows my mind people really think she looks good. They can't be for real when they call her goals. Anachans are diabolical.

No. 1509080

samefagging but legit what I was thinking. The super coordinated furniture/decor is som rich ppl shit. Why does she even have a job anyway? Her family can obviously afford her loli anime figures for her.

No. 1509083

Nobody mentioned her having a job, I doubt she really does spoiled kids like her don't keep jobs longer than days.

No. 1509097

She says she works at Starbucks but I really doubt it, considering how kawaii she thinks Starbucks is, she's never posted shit about it apart from that pink drink shit

No. 1509101

she would be like any southern normie if she hadn't stumbled across void kek

No. 1509106

she always talks about being so sick and ill but i bet its from the ed kek

No. 1509116

She probably works 6 hours a week cause Mommy and Daddy want her to learn how to be a big adult and know the value of money and hard work. I can imagine her parents are as retarded as she is.

No. 1509137

File: 1650679262656.jpeg (183.1 KB, 750x1334, 6374DD70-F50E-4AA5-ABA2-3368BD…)

She’s lurking kek

No. 1509158

Bitch you press a button you aren't a real barista kek I love that she's so clearly a Starbucks normie wearing a costume for Instagram criiiiinge just go back to being a boring Texas prep

No. 1509177

her face looks like a scary mask

No. 1509244

Her posting this literally one hour after the anon saying she probably doesn’t work there makes it so obvious

No. 1509252

Is Ellie known to lurk?????(learn2sage)

No. 1509264

How does standing in a mirror = body checking you fucking retard? Not to wk but this shit is so annoying

No. 1509321

because of the hoodie which is a common tactic with anachans to wear something baggy like that to make themselves look ~smoller, because Ellie is known to bodycheck already, has admitted in CF stories to have an ED, followed ed "vent" accounts on Twitter, maybe lurk more?

No. 1509340

This is retarded. If a scrawn wears clothes that are revealing, they’re body checking; yet If they wear something loose or baggy they’re also body checking? You’re clearly triggered by her legs not what she’s wearing. She could be wearing a nuns habit and you would still cry about body checking literally just because she’s a scrawndlet. Imagine accusing a fat person of body checking bcs the shirt they’re wearing is too small and accentuates their rolls. I get the “smol” approach; but, like, also, most normal people wear sweats and hoods to HIDE their bodies. But yeah omg you can see her legs. Better strap yourself in for the summer; there’s going to be a lot more legs just blatantly out.

No. 1509373

So instead of taking anything else said for additional context or actually lurking the previous threads you decided to nitpick a singular point and sperg out over it, gotcha.
Maybe go suck on her ass a little harder and if you're lucky you might get some of the few digested sprinkles from all the confetti cake garbage she eats then purges kek

No. 1509431

Cope. Shes pro ana and doing the pro ana leg stance to accentuate how thin her legs are. There's evidence on her twitter and on threads that she glorifies this then says it's her mystery defect that made her bones fuse incorrectly that makes her increasingly more rail thin.

No. 1509728

Yes you sperg because the baggy clothes are to accentuate how uwu smol she is, and the revealing clothes are to outright show how small she is. You really dont know pro anas if you cant see how fucking obvious it is by the pose of her legs alone

No. 1510306

it's literally so easy to tell. covering her whole upper body but for some reason the legs are bare. plus nearly everyone has an eating disorder nowadays so if they're on the skinnier side it's pretty much confirmed to be an ed or something like drug abuse

No. 1510510

File: 1650830589311.png (53.63 KB, 189x400, 20220424_155625.png)

these girls always preach about being anti lolicon but then tell their friends how cute their clearly pedopandering figures are and fuck tiktok for saying theres something wrong with it

No. 1510517

File: 1650830760658.jpg (124.35 KB, 515x515, 8830240456734.jpg)

samefag but the comment was on a photo of this sonico loli figure

No. 1510578

>little girl at heart in bio
>complaining about animecore and lolicons
>is clearly both and seething
Kek jokes write themselves

No. 1510620

anyone of these girls who constantly goes on about hating animecore is always the definition of animecore.
have never seen a scrote collector/anime fan constantly bitch about animecore because actual fans don't give a shit. only the teen girls who got into anime consooming when they were bored during quarantine and feel the need to project.
always "animecore dni!!" with the exact same ugly ass trading figs and "early 2000s anime fan" in bio kek

No. 1510732

I have more respect for the straight-forward people that go full "ickyloli69" neetcore collector because at least they're honest about being complete pieces of shit. The mental gymnastics these people do is astounding, especially the 18+ ones.

No. 1511185

from the decor and that bluray it's so obvious she's from a rich family and has mommy and daddy pay for everything. Bet she's sick from starving herself kek what a life. Imagine playing life on easy mode and fucking it up that way

No. 1511230

rich kek that's middle class decor at best

No. 1511301

File: 1650904008972.png (233.62 KB, 1184x1168, image.png)

all sociopathic e-girls know is kill pet , litter floor tummy hurt & lie

No. 1511314

Sage your shit. Basic twitter pick me's are not milky. If they're established as a cow give context. If you introduce someone you think is a cow give details otherwise you look like a desperate self-posting loser or vendettafag.

No. 1511315

Is this bitch really trying to make this sound uwu cute and quirky like 'oops I can't keep a houseplant alive' but instead it's actual animals? jesus

No. 1511318

File: 1650905142321.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1658, 0FD1FB51-BEE6-41F6-B545-C45211…)

this has to be old milk but based off her posts i don’t think she “never eats”

No. 1511319

don't have caps because op deleted overnight but chloe found new e-girls to harass kek she's been sending unhinged tumblr anons to animecore blogs starting up the voidchan skinwalking accusations again like they did a year ago. same shit new people but at least this time the e-girls are her age i think

No. 1511321

Ignore that post, it's one of the kaliacc retards. They know she's not milky but they have beef with her. Whenever there are unsaged caps of some twitter rando with less than a couple thousand followers just assume it's them and ignore.

No. 1511325

File: 1650905719403.jpg (111.13 KB, 1396x511, 329435948396854.jpg)

Cake, frosting and pink drinks aren't food. It's pure sugar. If she was eating enough to maintain energy then why does she eat disgusting amounts of sugar (even for someone of her age) and stay that frail? If she brags about being the size of a twelve year old, follows kaliacc and thinspo accounts on twitter, almost exclusively posts pics of her body that accentuate her stick legs and baby feet and has to constantly defend herself from people saying she's clearly pro-ana then maybe she actually just is a white teenage girl with an eating disorder. Very rare and unheard of. Who would have thought?

No. 1511328

Okay, retard. NTA but no shit anorexics eat sometimes, otherwise they would all be dead. Unless you are actually severely disabled you know what nonnie meant. Top kek at thinking anorexics eat the food that they post though. You are incredibly naive.

No. 1511422

seeing how much sugary shit she seems to keep buying she's probably bulimic, she posted on her private that she uses adhd meds to lose weight as well so i dont think she's anorexic just ednos/mia

No. 1511479

>implying she doesn't vomit it back up
that shit looks so vile too it's pure sugar how can she eat that

No. 1511516

>uses adhd meds to lose weight
people like this should just die fat and mad thats retarded

No. 1511566

A lot of anorexics buy food that they don't eat. It would especially make sense for her to do so since that food is just an aesthetic to her. She probably buys it for the pictures and then either tosses it or eats it (after not eating for a week) and purges it.

No. 1511998

nayrt but as a former bulimic, i can see everything is "easily purgable" in that photo, not to wk i think she does a lot of cringe shit but making fun of a 17 year old for clearly having an ed (a presumably new one too as she looked pretty healthy in her old photos) rubs me the wrong way. i don't get why no one in her actual life is stepping in.
her parents need to stop enabling her by purchasing binge food for her, even if she says it's just for an aesthetic anyone with a fucking brain can see an underweight girl buying masses of sweet, calorie dense shit is a red flag

No. 1512083

Because like a lot of upper middle class to rich families they might not give a shit. Or maybe think she'll get over it or something. They don't care about her going to Hawaii and spending the entire time drawing Loli art and nothing else

No. 1512269

General question posed to nonas; should animecore cows go here if they've since "left" animecore and moved into hikineet Instagram egirl personality territory? Some people feel like they belong in both threads? For example some animecore collectors that are cows are being posted in the consoomer thread in /ot/, would people like that belong here? The animecore thread is so beyond dead and old plus it's full of characters I don't think are even active anymore. If they are they've successfully ducked attention and are pedophiles in hiding.

No. 1512418

People shit on her bc she’s pro-ana and it ties into her “loli nonce bait” thing. Lurkmoar pls

No. 1512501

Yes. They've basically merged and what animecore once was is dead. Most have left it or have decided to skinwalk void too along with it
>cant sage their shit

No. 1513210

void and hikineet shit = animecore, it's not dead it's all always been animecore but with even less self awareness and worse gatekeeping than before

No. 1514324

File: 1651172081711.jpeg (226.48 KB, 720x1124, 1636064702402.jpeg)

>>1511301 i recognize this particular whore from the pedophile kurabbu's instagram account soliciting e-girls for … whatever in exchange for money.

in light of today's "Cancel Miya to me or I'll fucking kill you" (https://twitter.com/charlottefang77/status/1519738349732470785?s=21&t=zCeerv03neD1jfUaUdQjPw) here are conversations on twitter and the Remilia discord with Kurabbu grooming and soliciting photos from an underage girl: https://imgur.com/a/FXAKUBK

and their continued harassment on twitter: >>>/snow/1507125 and >>>/snow/1507110

weird mentally inchoate fucks all of them. pathetic and pedantic. disingenuous and degenerate.

No. 1514342

no1curr, cope, seethe, rope, shit yourself

No. 1514416

Report their illegal activity to the authorities or kys.

No. 1514515

File: 1651186460913.jpg (359.55 KB, 1080x1899, screen_4295017.jpg)

>Defends neopronouns
Retards like those are the reason this thread is going to shit.
Twitterfags gtfo

No. 1514523

So that's why I keep seeing "girl" and "sis" around here..

No. 1514540

Why would anyone admit to coming here where we are very obviously twanzphobic then defend neopronouns in the same breath? Is the eating disorder LARP that rough on their brains?

And overuses of kek. Barely 18 and underage twitterfags trying to fit in and failing. Hard.

No. 1514554

If she keeps purging those her cheeks will look like the Pillsbury boy that would be ironic

No. 1514558

The cognitive dissonance of twitter users is always impressive. Bitching about muh thinspo lacking diversity and twansphobia then lurks the evil terf boards for keks. Backs up the repeat claim that this entire thread is just edtwitterfags vendetta posting while they wait for Lucinda to be milked. The fat comments in the last thread got so out of hand it couldn't be anyone but bone rattlers.

No. 1514565

File: 1651191867523.png (1.13 MB, 873x894, lmao.PNG)

God her entire profile is just pictures of skinny asians or asianfish white women KEK
You will never a skinny japanese gyaru, destined to be a skinnyfat black girl forever, sad! Her arms look exactly like the arms of the girls she posts in her average/chubbyspo threads.

Also kek at her making fun of "le heckin white hikkineets obsessed with asian girls" take a look through your own media tweets miss 22 bmi.

No. 1514566

File: 1651192207729.png (1.59 MB, 1329x823, salem.PNG)

Lucinda was right ngl. It's never the severely underweight thinspo-looking girls who are edgy "proud fatphobic", it's always the normal weight, never lost a lb in her life average girls who spend their days forcefully jutting out their collarbones and posting carefully cropped pics trying to seem smaller like the skinny girls on edtwt they vendettapost about.

No. 1514601

Kek you can tell how much she hates herself. She sure does obsess over fatties a lot for someone who doesn't post her body.

No. 1514649

File: 1651197987950.png (498.1 KB, 1080x1436, Screenshot_20220428-190522.png)

At least try to not type and misspell like you do on your Twitter. You're so painfully average and boring you aren't even cow-worthy. Gtfo my farm ashy ass.

No. 1515119

bawwwwing and account privated in 3 2 1

No. 1515238

Nah she's public still now she's posting pics of other cows, she just posted Natchan in Anzu cosplay. She's a bitter skinnyfat wapanese black girl I feel bad for her almost. She channels all her anger into fat people and non-japanese Jfashion people and cosplayers. It's glaringly obvious she's deeply jealous of east asian women and the white girls who become idols. Her whole twitter is just cope and seethe and her quote tweeting "fat" on random people's pictures. Must be really sad waking up every day logging onto ed Twitter knowing you aren't skinny, still not Asian and still not pretty. She's not milky like most ED cows but she's just as delusional about her looks as Lucinda but at least Luci is actually skinny and nice. If you're reading this it's okay to be BMI 23-20 forever. It's normal. Just accept you will never be a pale little waif idol.

No. 1515243

It's funny that she's mean to fat people people because she knows she isn't nearly thin enough to be mean to anyone else on ED twitter or they could easily call her out for being a failed anorexic kek. She posts about cutting herself too. She's probably seething about people being the same weight as her without hating themselves enough to slice up their bodies or try to make themselves have an eating disorder. Hilarious cope.

No. 1515291

>bitter skinnyfat wapanese
you described pretty much every cow itt.
She's boring and not worth discussing any further but sure proves the following points
A. Barely 18 and underaged retards like her are shitting up this website with their constant projections of their deep self hatred
B. The same people permalurking on here during all their free time and pretending not to be like them are in fact just like them

No. 1515325

Since when was this an ed thread? This is the most boring shit i’ve ever read and it’s clearly just the same 3 people going back and forth. We get it you don’t like fatties, move the fuck on KEK.

No. 1515327

Exactly. She has to kick the ED Twitter people who are twice her size because if she came for someone even average sized they'd clock her ass and prove she's "fat" too. Only a matter of time before they find out she lurks and selfposts here and she disappears. Ed twitfags despise lolcow because we're all evil fat racist white terfs or whatever they feel like calling us that day.
What made the under 18's flock here was Lucinda and then more came after nonnies in the pro ana thread got capped and posted as meanspo. The pivot in attitude and post contents ITT aligns with the whole Lucinda/Ambrose fallout. Once Lucinda dried up momentarily all the twitfags moved here to shit talk the same girls they use as pfps. Yes, a lot of the anons are cows but more of them are 21+ than you think. They just lie and hide it. Like void and all her little lackeys are above 21 now and they post religiously here. Chloe and her friends are still up to the exact same shenanigans they did when void was still online and they never left this thread. You can tell by the slang and tone. They don't try to hide at all. In fact I'm pretty sure from analyzing their posts I've tracked them to other threads namely Myah Alanna's or however it's spelled and the consoomerism thread in /ot/. The few people tangential to void that were in her group chat follow all the cows in those threads. That main group has basically just turned this thread into their own personal anon burn book for the people they shit talk in their discord and IG group chats. ED cows are boring and milkless but I think the hiki LARPers are actually entertaining ITT. I think since it's gained more eyes were going to see escalation of existing situations and less self posting weeaboo tards who want to be bullied.

No. 1515330

Tbh I think the Ellie posts about her eating disorder opened the floodgates.

No. 1515355

Jesus Christ talk about something else besides these fucking retards

No. 1515430

Just speculating nonnie. Sorry for the derail

No. 1515460

>deeply jealous of east asian women and the white girls who become idols.
Speaking of:
Anyone else seen Gutturalsnug talking about how she's going to be an idol, kek. 6 years too late and all her efame is from her being a bully and wannabe cam-whore
Sure, Jan. You and all the other 20+ vo1dchan calves will all be totemo kawaii gravue aidoru together.

No. 1515484

Caps please I need to see this PT delusion with my own eyes. She admitted to looking busted and unkempt so this is extra ironic.

No. 1515513

It's from her site but I'm sure she talks about it more on her account, two-faced nonnas please come in clutch. She did when she had an open Instagram.

No. 1515580

The only sites listed last thread were the virginwithrage site that was archived and her seesa which is only viewable with an account from what I can see currently or she wiped it. Do you have a link?

No. 1515668


No. 1515678

This seems like selfpost ngl

No. 1515680

It's not. She's a cow from last thread that started a lot of the drama and posted chloe and others here. She was the one who leaked void's group chat with other egirls. You would know if it was her because she has a habit of spamming other people's business when she's brought up.

No. 1515684

i followed her when she was an edtwt dramaqueen & she never talked about love live or tech like this? she liked basic animecore shit and everything vo1d liked but that was it
it's weird that she's adopted this whole new schtick of being a love liver tech autist when she showed no interest in that stuff before

we'll know it's her if japancoreaboo gets more messages from her exposing her friends like last time lol

No. 1515688

No. 1515922

File: 1651294284026.jpeg (867.7 KB, 1170x1867, 90483D66-76F0-4372-8602-7A9333…)

effina still shilling the ana cult group chat of chronically online freaks grooming teenagers and editing her face beyond human recognition


why is this mother of 2 infant children spending her time around people that spend their days harassing children and women online? around racists, schizophrenics, scam artists, pedophiles? these women are fucked in the head

No. 1515981

what the fuck this is literally an exact copy of some old ciara horan pics? same pose, type of hat, and hairstyle

No. 1516019

noticed this too. a ciara horan stan… pedo alert. known for pushing other young kids into using drugs and posting naked photo on 4chan and elsewhere. her mind was probably fucked up from pills and stuff but like these people definitely not a person to feel sad about.

No. 1516025

File: 1651304107948.png (135.01 KB, 275x273, F8376984-80D5-4576-AF8A-201CCB…)

>>1515981 this is angelicism's influence (jonty tiplady picrel) . it is funny to think that a 47 year old man makes it part of his art project to pretend to be a 19 year old girl. 100% a pedo which is why angelicism resonates with the rest of this charlottefang/malady sonora/kurabbu/etc pedocircle.

No. 1516176

Post comparisons and provide something milky or take your selfposting ads back to scrotechan. You Kaliacc retards really cannot post for shit or integrate despite you all apparently being l33t channers and farmers. Most insufferable posters ITT I'd rather the angeltroon spammer come home.

No. 1516178

>no group chat screencap
>no pics to compare
Hmmm. Why is it that 'Rina' gave us more kaliacc info in her posts and caps dragging her own friends on LC than any of you have? You just bump with twitter caps on the most benign exchanges and tinfoil like meth schizos and samefag like "yes anon….totally She is so evil and Miya is making millions right now….." then you post unspoilered hamburger meat moid.

No. 1516198

File: 1651336861599.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x2560, 22-04-27-21-00-52-247_deco.jpg)

Goobsarts on IG might be a good candidate for this thread.
>wannabe gravure idol, tries to look asian as possible when she looks like a light skinned Puerto Rican girl irl
>pretends to be "positive little fashion succubus who wants to make you happy uwu", always a huge red flag
>looks pissed off/uncomfortable in pics either tagged or where she isn't front and center.
>Used to be in a LL group in Florida as Nico, claims some "drama" made her not like love live for a long time, probably her Usagi Kou-esque need to use her real hair as Nico even though it's too long.
>Had some scrote who simps for her hard come out to visit her in FL, he keeps posting about how she's "such a wonderful person" while she keeps thotting it up
>Works as a hostess I guess? or promoter for some nerd bar in Orlando
She seems like she's pretty milky, but other than these things maybe someone else can provide more.

No. 1516199

File: 1651336918246.jpg (62.49 KB, 275x275, 1629565283026.jpg)

this shit is uncanny as fuck

No. 1516201

File: 1651336956905.jpg (41.74 KB, 275x206, 1643135721440.jpg)

No. 1516215

File: 1651338206576.jpg (40.77 KB, 275x177, 1651108312722.jpg)

No. 1516220

>>1515922 insane canthal tilt. evil face physiognomy.

No. 1516287

Ciara is literally dead you absolute retard, is she selfposting from the grave?

No. 1516292

she looks like a heavier lucinda in that edited pic

No. 1516392

File: 1651348315447.jpeg (148.87 KB, 640x1138, download (11).jpeg)

all these egirls that frequent this bar look like they hate each other
Imagine just trying to go to get some drinks and play games and you see this shit

No. 1516395

File: 1651348421824.jpeg (138.71 KB, 640x1138, download (10).jpeg)

kek the editing, gotta make sure her chin is gone so she can be cho kawaii asian looking Puerto Rican girl desuuuu that she wishes she was and isn't

No. 1516449

She's saying whoever posted the cap is a kaliacc fag, retard.

No. 1516528

How, are you actually retarded

No. 1516668

god she looks so horrible and just like really uncanny and weird in all of her pics. i don't understand how anyone thinks these edits look good, they're so unnerving

No. 1516727


these are all socially stunted weirdos that either got bullied too much or too little in middle school, mom/dad gave too much or too little affection, and now do whatever for the slightest fleeting amount of attention from losers online

played chess with this insane twitter girl a couple of years back lol what a whore(learn2sage)

No. 1516810

File: 1651406759502.jpg (85.24 KB, 734x615, woof.jpg)

The level of delusion here is pitiable and worse than the forced 'I'm such a degenerate and I am a milf muscle fitness mommy special self diagnosed pick me girl' spam posts that reek of insecurity and needing of constant attention

Just go to therapy if your only way to feel validated is via scrotes on Twitter and maybe actually get fit before you gatekeep about it or claim other people are copying you, you Mika ripoff.

No. 1516845

Kek anon this girl clearly has down syndrome maybe cut her some slack

No. 1516910


She doesn't have down syndrome she's just unfortunately ugly and deluded

No. 1516972

Literally who is that or Mika kek you're seething over a literal downie. She seems so boring all anyone has ever posted about is how she's fat. Fat, looks like a retard, ugly. Can we get something interesting? Post pics to back what you claim in your post. The nitpicks are only so funny for so long. There has to be milk aside from her being terribly unfortunate looking.

No. 1516992


Check the previous thread and stop asking to be spoonfed nonna

No. 1517006

The "milkiest" bits last thread that I witnessed in real time were screencaps of her talking about the most basic fitness tips while the same Nona sperged about how notspeshul and gatekeep-y she is. Every other post was just photos of her ugly potato face and flabby body with someone making a sarcastic remark about her fitness. Not milk. Her posting ugly photos and beginner level fitness tweets isn't milky. It just comes off as the same 3 anons buttmad that some ugly downs mutt is popular on Twitter because she's Asian and desperate for scrotes. Bring something interesting otherwise we will keep laughing at your raging vendetta. If a blob like that makes you Nonnies this mad I just have to imagine you're all failed costhots seething that the downie tard gets RTs and you get nothing. KEKKKK

No. 1517071


Multiple nonnas posted her repeatedly fake stories and attention garnering attempts such as claiming to be the origin of an incredibly famous meme and making up stories about shouting at minor's others for perving on her and how her entire class egged her on into making mooing noises and being lewd waifu, lurk harder, she's fucking milky but being a delusional narc is a bonus

No. 1517194

If r/thathappened level tweets are milk to you, you are a brain dead retard who woefully misunderstands the qualifications that make a cow milky. You all just sound like gossiping 7th graders. Boring ass cows for boring ass bitches, I guess. Makes sense.

No. 1517289

File: 1651442887496.jpeg (275.46 KB, 946x1485, 7A9B00D8-A2F2-4721-AC20-01BB12…)

>>1515922 absolutely vile people

No. 1517342

How are these scrotes "e-girls"? They don't belong here. Please stop.

No. 1517362

File: 1651449361126.png (65.81 KB, 437x723, i long for network herpderp.pn…)

not egirls. make your own fucking thread, remilliatards

No. 1517379

these people make me so sad. the only thing they really live off on is attention

No. 1517391

No one fucking cares, make a kaliacc thread and stop shitting up this one

No. 1517402

>>1517342 charlotte is a girl's name and this person is spiritually a faggot

No. 1517403

File: 1651453121757.png (8 KB, 338x192, Screenshot_984.PNG)

She's lurking kek
Hoping we'll call her based and leave her alone for putting radfem lingo in her bio, like she doesn't have a grooming channel on her discord full of troons.

No. 1517443

Someone please make a new Effina thread

No. 1517451

Nta but are you sure she unironically displays a bunch of the facial anomalies?

No. 1517480

It either to get the heat off her or bait "terfs" in her orbit and tangential circles so she can post them here and cancel them on social media. She desperately wants to gain back favor with the retards that told her to beat it after she spilled the milk. What's a better way to recover from being exposed as a lolicon than to backtrack, wipe it and then harass women on behalf of troons for keks. She fucking hates women anyway. Only likes little girls and troons that share her sick paraphilias. I really hope she gets too big for her britches with this programming LARP and gets clowned on publicly because we all know it's a lie to fit in with mado and the other posers hopping off the hikineet animecore ship. The new wave is "based anti NEET crypto obscure rhythm game incelcore programming Loli gf" because it's what moids want currently. They dropped vo1d skinwalkers like ragdolls. Now you have to be a Linux dual boot fake mathematician coder g0rL. Yawn. Fucking retards can't even correct their Japanese I doubt they can do anything beyond fucking Java and HTML KEK.

No. 1517527

File: 1651463218931.png (497.02 KB, 760x873, image_2022-05-02_134613124.png)

stop calling them by their fake persona names

No. 1517534

Sorry but how the hell am I supposed to keep up with these people and their 7-8 different names? I don't even know what's nicknames or what's legal names aside from the obvious usernames. Everyone knows who I'm talking about why does it even matter anyway?

No. 1517555

>I doubt they can do anything beyond fucking Java and HTML KEK.
Her website code is incredibly basic. If you compare her site to some of the other websites tagged anime on there, which are all made by 13-18 year olds, you will see how far behind she is. Her code is that of a teenager who watched one youtube video on html/css for absolute beginners.
Inb4 she pays one of her troon programmer friends to make her an advanced website or steal some rando's code to prove this wrong.
Same thing with her Japanese which has been called out by actual speakers many times. Bitch watched a youtube video and did two duolingo tiers and now shes a master at both of those things.
Catherine, you've been keeping up this programming/japanese larp up for awhile. >>1515688 At least for a year. You know if you practiced both of those things you would be somewhat good by now? I guess bullying and grooming kids, and skinwalking your friends is more important than having any actual talents.
It is amusing how she went from a void clone to a m4do clone lel.

No. 1517763

I think she switched skinwalks because now that void is gone Chloe is the one spearheading all the antagonistic behavior that void did before. She's probably scared of Chloe considering she is still sending threats along with other spam messages to people who she thinks are skinwalking void. What you said about her sites is so true. It's basic HTML that's embarrassing when you realize how much she's pretending she knows about coding. No one will believe you know C++ or Python if all you have to show for your "skills" is Carrd pages and a dinky neocities. Didn't Catherine say she was fluent in Russian and learning Chinese too? Or am I misremembering? Also love the fact she's still clinging to being Eurasian despite her ass being thoroughly from Duluth and she's white as fuck. Reminds me of sugarrwheels saying she's akshully Mongolian KEK

No. 1517886

Does anyone know about BlakeHomie? I feel like she could be a new potential cow in this thread. Girl literally self doxxes herself and her family on her youtube channel, and self diagnoses herself with every mental illness imaginable. Lmao not to mention how shitty her "self drawn" tattoos and keloid infected piercings. I can help elaborate further if any farmers keel she deserves to be in this thread

No. 1517896

File: 1651515754881.jpg (2.53 MB, 2770x2570, Picsart_22-05-02_11-16-47-170.…)

Never seen her videos but her insta has popped up in my explore once before. Seems like a Shein burgerfag normie who cashes in on that genderqueer freak punk clown bullshit everyone likes so much. Very original and groundbreaking stuff. Love that she has her trinket trannies to match her aesthetic for the gram. The carelessness with which she treats her family and their privacy is pretty gross. Posting them on the same accounts where she flashes her pussy and ass. Imagine seeing your neighbor just doing this in the courtyard of your complex. I'd assume she was some demented hooker waiting for her John or something. I'd like to know more without having to rot my brain for hours combing through her videos and posts on everything. Anyone already familiar with her BS care to give us a quick rundown with links and caps?

No. 1517911

She claims to be fluent in 5 languages but if that was true, she would be posting in them nonstop, proving her fluency and bragging about it. This can be said for every girl in this thread who claims to know something or have a talent yet never proves it.
She's also not from Duluth she's from Australia near m4do.

No. 1517917

God she lies about everything I can't even keep track. Thanks for correcting me. On the language thing; The most she's done publicly to prove her apparent proficiency was comment とてもかわいい on lolicon MFC posts. Then I think she put some copy paste Cyrillic in her bios at one point LARPing as a true Slav channer. Beyond laughable. She learned the bare minimum solely to comment sus things and gush about little azn girls and tweens she's talking to on discord. She's one of the only people ITT who I actually believe is a potential groomer and legitimate pedophile. It goes beyond just collecting naked figures of fictional children. Her weird remarks in the discord server that were posted a few threads ago were really telling. Why are all the psychotic normies in Australia? Is it the climate that shapes their neurotic retard behaviors or is it the fact they're trapped on a prison island with nothing to do?

No. 1518246

you sound obsessed with her & informed well enough

No. 1518256

Oh god, thank you for bringing up her carelessness of privacy. I literally feel bad for anyone who lives with her, it's fucking dangerous. Not mention literally anyone associated with her, she talks about their personal life and dirty laundry for youtube content all the time, it's gross. Also, I wouldn't recommend you post her public Instagram posts of her flashing, since a majority of the time she was reckless and underage when taking them. Blake has no respect for minors whatsoever, she literally named dropped her 9 year old foster sister in one of her "spill the tea grwm" videos, and she was ranting and calling this little girl a bitch and dirty, just because she had to baby sit her. I feel like she'll get worse with time, since nowadays she just talks shit about her coworkers and dudes she finds on tinder in her daily vlogs.

No. 1518301

>they're trapped on a prison island with nothing to do?
no nonny shes gonna move to japan and become a SHINING NIPPON AIDORU! kek yukapon, her idol, was only even semi successful because she had been trying since she was in middle school, spoke japanese, had an online presence, and was cute. imagine the producers face when a busted, old looking white girl with a fake-vtuber loli voice and no experience comes in for an audition.
i have one of her selfies in my old screenshots folder i think ill look for it and try to post it

No. 1518570

So because I have more to say in thread than retards like you I'm obsessed? Okay. Sorry I do more than the bare minimum when people bring cows and no caps. I'll be sure to be more like you and just waste posts on my comebacks I think are soooo sassy instead of contributing.
The flashing post was very recent so I don't think it's her underage. I didn't pull any old posts up either.

No. 1518798

File: 1651612929741.png (210.88 KB, 542x462, IMG_9278.PNG)

kek. she posted a full face selfie in homura cos but i can't find it.

No. 1518801

Yeah this is her 4chan mcnaggits era. It was posted a few threads ago.>>1517527 was in response to anon talking about Catherine but I can't tell if this is her or not? Idk the context or relevance here but there has to be more photos of her with how terminally online she is.

No. 1518869

It's her she got mad at some kaliacc fag for posting it

No. 1518962

you are obsessed because why are you offended right now if its not true. if shes a cow u would know about her already instead of asking to be fed

No. 1518963

File: 1651626128455.png (669.54 KB, 858x1498, kubbuweirdo.png)

>>1518869 yeah it's the same freak that posted another girl's photo from twitter onto instagram on >>1514324

No. 1518981

>obvious newfaggot trying to act tough
KEK love this thread.
Shocking, tripfags and /r9k/ pick mes know each other1!!1! Such milk!

No. 1518990

I remember seeing goobsarts a year or two ago, she'd wear cheap aliexpress lingerie pieces in public and was generally uncomfortable to look at. I don't know if she's milky, but her outfits are hideous.

No. 1519074

Why are you sperging out just because someone called you obsessed? You posted some random egirl with an entire paragraph that's never been talked here before, relax vendetta-chan.

No. 1519099

NTAYRT but stop driving away people who want to bring some actual interesting cows into the thread. A trashy troon e-girl doxxing her family sounds infinitely more milky and less vendetta than the hikineets sperging out over each other's rooms ITT.

No. 1519127

Stay pressed at your assumptions that I'm pressed and a rabid vendetta chan, whatever helps you feel better about yourself

No. 1519132

You're just making yourself look worse, take your meds.

I think she's milky definitely the nonna who posted her is just unhinged, also sage your shit

No. 1519371

File: 1651677453818.jpeg (217.33 KB, 750x1208, 2923BF35-954B-4CCC-A7ED-963F5D…)

She doesn’t seem that milky, I’ve been following her for years and she’s just like every stupid tranny egirl.
I remember when she got mad at brad mondo because he roasted her shit dye job

No. 1519571

File: 1651690619751.jpg (357.21 KB, 1600x900, annesmith.jpg)


these girls are not innocent, they seek this out wasting youth seeking attention from nu-male twittors and discord users. the violent threats, stalking, harassment is attention Good or Bad and they traffic photos and gossip of themselves and their friends on image boards and instagram.

this girl has also been in the group chat and simultaneously always tradcath-purity-posting and then saying the most ran through things. A WhatsApp group called "The 'Anne' Diaries." It had like 500 photos of her and lots of screenshots saying embarrassing shit like “I’m really a nympho" and talking about plans to beat people up. used to be a Nazi and has hung around these syzygy discord/kaliacc/chan types for years.

example: https://archived.moe/lit/thread/15179469/

No. 1519656

No one cares + kill yourself

No. 1519665

Calm your y-chromosome, you defective piece of shit

No. 1519710

File: 1651698843596.jpg (57.49 KB, 828x544, 1629651392425.jpg)

Just make a thread for 4chan pick mes and brace for butthurt nonnies cause half the people you're going to post likely seethe here daily. I feel like posters like that are a different breed than your typical airhead egirl. Completely different ego and complexes going on, typically on a schizo level not just petty girl shit.
Good now everyone kiss and say you're sorry, you should all meditate and maybe look in the mirror before you come here ready to unleash your inner venom on other anons for no reason. This is why people come to this site and mess with us, it's so easy to send you all spinning out fighting with each other. Ay dios mío.

No. 1519810

File: 1651704055097.jpeg (537.28 KB, 924x1176, original_bcb5d811dcfeb4b6a7c47…)


schizophrenic socially incompetent and inchoate pedophile sickos that make the same cripplingly unfunny in-group joke over and over, begging anorexic girls for follows back, and harassing young girls online. a cult of personality around freak losers and abandoned whores. i've got more milk from inside the house.

No. 1519811

File: 1651704121752.png (639.54 KB, 1616x4200, original_3d736dfb28e437a19edeb…)

>>1519810 none of these people have had a real, genuine healthy relationship with another human being in their life

No. 1519832

this. flower-san gets it, please stop humoring obvious bait.

No. 1519885

>fighting with each other
Telling kaliacc scrotes to off themselves isn't infighting

No. 1519903

It's so weird to me how there's like a team of posters who chimp out whenever kaliacc shit gets posted, even though it's on-topic (a lot of the "animecore" girls want in on that community). Might be kaliacc pick-mes themselves scared they'll get posted

No. 1520002

>>1516025 pathetic. 30-40 something year old cretin who seems to have inserted himself into the dimes square scene to get attention from young girls. they seem to eat up his pseudo intellectual nonsense. Steve Roggenbuck vibes.

No. 1520004

>the entire concept of "clingy" people is a fabrication of the jewish media
we're reaching levels of retard i've never thought possible.

No. 1520110

Oh wow, I'm actually surprised anons have an idea of who she is.I don't know if the milk curdled at this point. Again. Farmers let me know if she's even worthy of being in this thread. Also for any "pronounz!1!!"fags in this thread, this girl only is "nonbinary" whenever it benefits her.
Blake is famous for being lightskin attractive e-girl who is a fakeboi (pronouns they/them, funny enough she only goes on hookup app dates with straight white guys, and constantly "hangs out" with her ex boyfriend who is a straight white guy)who self diagnoses herself with every mental illness imaginable. That's literally it. But she started to post herself when she was 15 years old(which explains the amount of videos on her yt underage drinking at 15 and the skimpy underage pics on her instagram). Her channel consists of tmi rants about her abusive mother, her self diagnosing mental health updates, flexing (her shitty bod mods, self drawn stick and poke tattoos and whatever psych meds she's on) and mass clothing hauls that she buys from chinese fast fashion sites. Also, she recently made a depop reselling her shitty chinese fast fashion clothes, pricier than what she originally bought them from yesstyle (feel bad for the idiots who bought them lmao).
Nowadays she's been doing daily vlogs of her mostly driving (licenseless) to her job at a sex shop. Blake makes no effort of blurring/bleeping out directions to her family's apartment complex and her job. She doesn't care that you can see where she works or her license plate in her vlogs. Again the level of self awareness is nonexistent with this girl. She literally self doxxes herself. Many of her viewers raised concerned over this, but she just ignored them and said that she doesn't care that people know where she works since she will live off of unemployment if she gets fired.
I think the biggest milk about her is her constant mommy issues, she isn't afraid of making videos oversharing and dumping out all of her mother's dirty laundry openly to her viewers.
Blake portrays her mother as neglectful, constantly kicking her out, narcissistic and abusive. There are many times blake has gone into depth about her mother kicking her out of her home. But the most memorable is when she told her mother how she lost her virginity at 14 years old. Blake decided to runaway and live with her shitty foster parents who kicked her out for thinking she had black tar heroin (which were actually coffee beans) in her backpack. Funny enough, her foster mother apparently sold this "black tar heroin" to somebody.
She then moved in with her older boyfriend and lived into 2 different apartments with her their 2 cats. But, as a viewer, you could tell those cats rarely got treatments/ where neglected. Since one of them mysteriously disappeared. Again the whole cat thing might be a reach, but she would dodge the question from her viewers whenever they mentioned the disappearance of one of her cats.
So what do you think anons?
I can also provide details on the whole brad mando feud and drama she had with another tattoo youtuber (D'Angelo Wallace actually made a video about this drama).
Also saging this for potential tinfoil, I feel like Blake is inevitably going to get worse with time since she starting to sperg about her mommy issues again on social media and the whole depop situation will end up going up in flames.

No. 1520132

Wow thanks anon I actually had no idea about any of this, I guess I just assumed she was just like every other egirl. Seems pretty milky enough

No. 1520150

>>1520004 this is the kind of stuff you only say/believe if you're malicious and/or have limited (prob non-existent) real world experience interacting with other people.

No. 1520558

File: 1651764804422.gif (2.03 MB, 498x498, 1633676638169.gif)

AYRT. Sorry sweetie, but most of the animecore girls flunked out of kaliacc with their rising BMIs. I just think they're annoying because they never can stay on topic. They'll make one on topic post then spam a bunch of scrotes and other bullshit and they think it's fine cause they're like "well I posted unsaged screencap of woman on Twitter who egirl so thing count now I'm spam discord and twitter screenshot that make no sense me blogpost and moral posture make call to action against kurabbu ooga unga" and it's clear they want to hijack the thread for self advertisment TO THE EGIRLS who come to read it. That's why I personally told them to just make a new thread. They will continue to come here and spam logs of messages between grown ass men while intermittently posting screencaps of men posting pictures of egirls and they'll think that somehow that counts because they're LARPing as women, so it's "technically" an egirl. Fucking retarded. The person coming here is either a scorned fatty who wants to squeal or it's just them trying to get attention again and pull people in. Either way, yawn. What's the milk? Men are pedophiles online? Okay. Tell me again how anyone outside of the original edgy egirls in kaliacc belongs here in the egirl thread.

No. 1520600

File: 1651767630253.jpeg (196.53 KB, 1170x710, 5C3AFE70-DB93-4E49-85E8-BEEFD2…)

>>1520558 these girls like effina, myco, etc are just brain damaged whores looking for attention. they post tummy hurt, life hard, waaaaa, i don't like violence or mean people! and surround themselves nearly exclusively online with abusive, violent, pedophilic people. it's all a play for attention. contrast the threats of violence and desperate solicitation of photos from an underaged girl here >>1517289 >>1514324 with the waaa i don't like violence. harasses people and then plays victim. nigga you made the sandwich.

No. 1520660

I don't believe that half those accounts are even real. Effina is the only one that looks legitimate and has been seen irl and on camera. If these scrotes are known for larping women we can't trust the profiles that surround them without something to back it. Selfies don't count because it's easy as fuck to not trip reverse image search with stolen photos. All you have to do is lurk hard enough and gain access to a woman's private profile.

No. 1520913

File: 1651784220475.jpeg (667.75 KB, 942x1035, original_165c8d1726fb12520d228…)

No. 1523414

File: 1652060995055.png (21.46 KB, 597x285, Capture.PNG)

So many e-girls lurk here, laughing about the other girls posted here as if they aren't the exact same.
Picrel was tweeted by another overweight white e-girl (e-woman, she's pushing 30 kek) obsessed with young japanese girls. When they tweet shit like this it's so obvious to tell they're the newfags clogging up the thread with vendettas.
First time finding her account after this tweet came in my feed and of course, her media section is filled with half-selfies covering her haggard face and photos of random young asian girls.

No. 1523437

God these girls are so fucking annoying, this used to be one of the more interesting threads but now it’s clogged up with these retards who won’t make it past 25. Watch them repost this on this twitter “Ahaha So True!!!.” Like Jesus Christ this is why they all edate neckbeards because who would to be around them other than autistic coomers with no social skills

No. 1523526

>>1523414 you just happened upon this 1 rt 7 like tweet nearly a day later and came to post it here? which cow are you?

No. 1523529

>>1514324 i want to punch her in the ear a bunch of times and give her those swollen cauliflower ears and call her dumbo(a-logging)

No. 1523537

Kek, not a cow, it came up in my feed because "blank who you follow liked this"
Let me follow my personal cows in peace.

No. 1523554

File: 1652070348852.jpg (413.87 KB, 981x1304, uhuh.jpg)

this bitch is nasty AND tone deaf. how can you post this 8 hours apart and think to yourself "yeah this is a normal and cool thing to post"? I wonder if she changed her @ from proteinkiss to yousoromi because she found this thread kek.

No. 1524374

File: 1652121645765.jpg (199.56 KB, 430x357, Tumblr_l_11607042614819.jpg)

I'm going to assume you're also a downie sped like she is because you continually ask the dumbest questions that you answer yourself. Why would a woman who's entire being revolves around moid attention be tone deaf about sex and reproductive rights on Twitter? Impossible to know. Guess we need to gather and commiserate to answer these enormous questions.

No. 1524422

>tumblr file name
>getting aggro because a cringe e-girl is posted in the e-girl thread


This is the first time I've even posted about this chick in these threads. I dunno why some anons in here don't think she's at least a semi-cow. I guess histrionic personality disorder isn't entertaining for some but I find her antics and delusions hilarious personally.

No. 1524577

Crucify me for downloading a Tumblr image and assuming you're the samefag who shit up the thread around a week ago with the same nothing burger posts asking dumb questions. I don't have anything against or for her it's just really telling of your intelligence if this is milky to you and you have to keep asking retarded rhetorical or non-rhetorical questions. Everything about this failed abortion, cleft pallette looking mongoloid can be summed up into this: she's a butterface and if she didn't get retweets on her body pics she would kill herself. Just post the tweets and shenanigans without rewording the same caption over and over. Form an original, coherent thought for once. Thanks!

No. 1524720

Don't worry about the mentally ill twitterfags and post whatever you want nonnie. Instead of a brief passing interaction, you're now being subjected to the same kind of autistic psychoanalysis the schizos on /w/ derail threads with. the novel over a tumblr image is sending me

No. 1524767

It's really not kek you bitches are always annoyed when no one cares about your Twitter whores who aren't even entertaining

No. 1524774

File: 1652164231842.jpeg (434.07 KB, 1600x900, sonyakurabbu.jpeg)

>>1514324 >>1517289 >>1515922 >>1518963 grooming underage teenage girls, eating disorder grooming, bmi policing, doxxing, collecting objectionable things people said to use for blackmail, racism, self harm encouragement, harassment, pretty much every cretin behavior you can think of.

No. 1524795

seriously stop. you're shitting up the thread with 2 year old drama.

No. 1524801

Jeez you're mad. Are you friends with down syndrome bitch? Most of the girls in these threads aren't particularly milky, which is why they're on /snow/. Everyone featured here is a cringe attention whore. Hell, at least the downie girl is something new rather than the same 5 loli hikki neets who you can barely tell apart. If Taylor R. can have an active thread there is obviously very low standards as to what's deemed milky here. Chill.

No. 1524830

>>1524795 which cow are you? this is pertinent to the sgirls in the thread as many are the same involved then and have been discussed in this thread series on a recurring basis

No. 1525021

No, anon you can only post retarded void larpers and downie protein thot ITT!1! Real drama doesn't fit here this is for twitter screencaps of women calling themselves hot

No. 1525151

File: 1652209873987.jpg (850.36 KB, 1080x1835, 20220510_135653.jpg)

theres a comment under this saying "small hands are hot" that she liked..

No. 1525203

she has the hands of a grown woman…?

No. 1525216

File: 1652215577235.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, C03D0BF8-9542-4D04-B6C3-990DE1…)


No. 1525219

This bitch is so annoying. Grown woman and a mother yet is still such an insufferable pick-me who spends all her time on twitter trying to convince men that she's sooper small and based and not an average woman with the body of a mother.
I remember there was drama awhile back because she left her very young daughter all home alone to go party kek. She kept using the excuse "what you incels think single moms aren't allowed to have fun?" funny how they all pander to incels but screech about them once they get called out for something. Sorry for sperg I autistically hate the women in this circle so much especially this one for treating her daughter so horribly.

No. 1525225

Same fag but this is genuinely so funny, all the kids in high-school who have no friends during field trips and sulk by themselves are always the greasy weeb kids and or just freaks in general. Very on brand for Ellie

No. 1525226

almost like no one wants to be friends with the wealthy spoiled girl who wears clothes literally made for toddlers and elementary school kids and throws up in the school bathroom because her online friends tell her it'll make her a loli irl

No. 1525228

It’s so cringe (amusing as well) when women try to flex how small they are. Like no shit it’s not like the female body is literally made to have a small frame or something…. Like you’re not special for being 5’3 literally all women are KEK

No. 1525229

Context? Or is it just this

No. 1525239

This line of thinking just gives her more victim points

No. 1525240

Inaccurate as well considering she was a popular normie girl before 2021 happened and she found out who voidchan was.

No. 1525241

is she really trying to flex owning a toyota also?

No. 1525342

File: 1652230126166.jpeg (187.13 KB, 1600x900, grumslahcharlottemiya.jpeg)


here's evidence to corroborate the claims of grooming, pro-anorexia, and self-harm encouragement where this pathetic attention whore cut into her arm, wrote grum_slah on the hand/stomach (searching @grum_slah shows account changed to @charlottefang77 as is also listed in bio), and is mutuals still with the other mentally ill egirls in this thread like effina, myco, etc.

No. 1525344

File: 1652230404560.jpeg (288.09 KB, 1170x1112, 15EE0518-03A7-4B09-A5CA-D0B3B5…)

>>1525342 when you fail to beat the pedophile lolicon bait allegations. "cunny." barf. sorry somebody touched you too much/not enough during childhood.

also anon was right–the girls are aware, in on it, and girls in this thread themselves participate in harassment, doxxing, etc. themselves. all sociopathic e-girls know is kill pet , litter floor tummy hurt & lie.

No. 1525432

any adult comparing their body parts to a child's are mentally ill. also her hands look completely normal.

No. 1525438

The people she worships post photos of dead animals and think it's fun and "quirky". Sunlight won't follow them

No. 1525621

omg thats nyabeat in the dm picture, her username was cadavericalgor i dont know if the avatar/icon is the same but thats her, she went by proxy like the pic says. i think her account is private now but its definitely her since she has posted pictures of herself on there when her account was open last year

No. 1525624

that's not nyabese it's a "drainercore"-ified image of a japanese lolita, Nyabeat will never be asian.
Stop posting these pseudointellectual faggot manlets and their e-girls that get bullied at school for being emo

No. 1525673

You guys are so fucking retarded for letting the kaliacc faggots shit up the thread.

No. 1525744

Then post protein kiss or vo1dchan KEK thread went to shit 3 threads ago

No. 1525795

Retard can't read KEK it is nyabeat, the photo was her PFP. Nobody said she is the woman in the photo. It's her account. Is it a requirement to have half a brain to post ITT?

No. 1525921

File: 1652292343129.jpeg (934.9 KB, 1242x1648, 1F55FB59-C1DF-4DCB-A898-99363F…)

No. 1525925

File: 1652292404270.jpeg (370.68 KB, 1202x1069, 7D6076D9-63A6-41B7-A3EE-7F4EB2…)

No. 1525945

>>1520600 I want to punch her in thr face and crumble her eye socket(a-logging)

No. 1525955

>I just like the clothes
>you have a vendetta
>I posted there but I haven't in forever
>muh latex fetish and fixation on small bodies has nothing to do with all the Japanese women I retweet and post
So then why not share an equal amount of other women in it if you're not the type to put SE Asian women on a pedestal because of your so not obvious body image issues and twitter brainrot? You're not the type to post here or care but you lurk and crack jokes only other farmers and lurkers would get? Someone posting about your cognitive dissonance once is a vendetta? Interesting. It's always funny when e-tards backtrack like their Twitters, blogs and shared posts don't scream "terminal yellow fever". Inb4 she goes on Chloe level spergs and tweets all her witty little quips instead of posting here.

No. 1525977

"MY bmi is xyz blah blah blah" GO OUTSIDE MOTHERFUCKER YOU ARE AN ADULT. Imagine having the only thing you contribute to society is influencing mentally ill Twitter kids to cut and stave themselves. You are a living maggot.

No. 1526087

>I don't lurk
>Replies to post about her right away and makes direct references to lolcow
Should've just stayed in your lane posting fetish pics of young asian women, you will never be japanese.

No. 1526090

Also they all have this exact same way of typing
>all lowercase typing, excessive levels of deflecting, ellipses, accusations of anons having a vendetta,and don't forget the "LMAOOO" or "LOL" at the end to show that you're so unbothered and find it funny

No. 1526284

File: 1652316142777.jpeg (815.45 KB, 1242x1629, E423A67C-4167-48D5-8849-B3185E…)

Wait… do people still think her body is natural and unedited ??

No. 1526286

File: 1652316237643.jpeg (868.14 KB, 975x1263, 288EE5DF-BFEB-4D9E-A40A-4AE19E…)

those stretch marks show her real body. Fat-tea

No. 1526291

File: 1652316360776.jpeg (656.62 KB, 1104x1521, E9D9C4DF-1E99-4402-A4B5-CC083F…)

this fat bitch just wants attention. but she can’t help but reply back to us- how sad.

No. 1526294

File: 1652316513597.png (9.91 MB, 1242x2208, DD4AC6AE-67E0-4834-9B1D-14A896…)

The bolt on fake plastic boobs, the fake nerd glasses from 2012, the dirty phone case, and musty background of child items.

No. 1526309

>easy to farm
Kek then what the hell are we doing right now?

No. 1526381

File: 1652321575715.png (75.14 KB, 161x191, screenshot_1.PNG)

It's a fucking troon kek. Probably getting a euphoria boner from being posted in the e-GIRLS thread.

No. 1526391

File: 1652322219282.png (9.61 KB, 503x137, screenshot_2.PNG)

Your parents will use your real name when they bury you.

No. 1526410

wow, the misogyny. how very male of him.

No. 1526436

File: 1652326708549.png (258.96 KB, 1232x1336, 1651986537033.png)

>>1525977 you have poor reading comprehension. this girl was approached by the individuals grooming, harassing, encouraging self-harm and disordered eating. there is no reason to suspect her of such things.

anon most likely vendettaposted her here following the post of this screenshot among others in the leftcows thread the other day: >>>/snow/1522829

No. 1526444

kek i went to high school with her for a year or so before she transferred. was weird as fuck she claimed she was a dragon ball z character, i made the mistake of looking over at her thinkpad once during class and she was writing fan fictions about vegeta and IMMEDIATELY noticed i was looking and did not stop telling me about the epic battle she was musing for the rest of the schoolyear. last i saw her was during spirit week she brought a live raccoon to school claiming it was her guide to the spirit realm and when she was rightfully reprimanded she said the school was infringing upon her right to a support animal

No. 1526456

File: 1652328617760.png (37.54 KB, 604x277, 36y2826383738283.PNG)

>This girl
Shut the fuck up wk-chan, or you're probably him himself since you know so much about him as to pull up years old tweets defending him
Picrel is his bf
Sage your fanfic

No. 1526460

>>1526456 again, you have poor reading comprehension. that screenshot was posted in the other thread and then @vivivisections was posted here later the same day.

No. 1526467

anon who posted him originally, i literally just thought it was funny a grown "woman" was publicly admitting to lurking a thread where the cows are all 10+ years younger than them. i dont use the leftcows thread and kaliacc spammers are annoying.
it's obvious now he isnt a cow and just an attention whore troon who is probably getting off on the fact a bunch of women are bullying him, so i'll stop bringing him up as he also isn't fit for this thread and should be moved to mtfs if nonnas want to continue discussing him

No. 1526471

File: 1652329784921.png (1.08 MB, 661x685, funnie.PNG)

Lel looking through his account I realized that he's also friends with some girl /fit/ dunks on a lot in the /fph/ threads because of picrel
An incel and another lolcow, what a lovely friend group

No. 1526513

don't forget the WIG kek(learn2sage)

No. 1526573

File: 1652346284814.webm (1.63 MB, 576x1024, Fashion by Lil Glock 420.webm)

As if Instagram is the only app that has filters available lol

No. 1526723

File: 1652368928469.jpeg (918.3 KB, 1170x1552, 96CDBB3C-F0BC-45E1-9FB0-6BE0F2…)

No. 1526728

File: 1652369448547.jpg (454.27 KB, 3500x3379, NINTCHDBPICT000721502444.jpg)

No. 1526741

File: 1652370983859.jpeg (205.94 KB, 1170x616, 0C5099C0-1E57-4151-A2CC-348C85…)

>>1525945 so wants punching i sokket and crumbling this!

No. 1526844

skip to the part in your life where you stop selfposting and take a long walk off a short bridge

No. 1526862

im going to assume this is an anachan. not to sound like one but honestly how fat do you have to be for that to be your thinspo? i mean really…

No. 1526954

her LIPS holy shit. lip fillers have become a plague. she can't even move her mouth properly to lip sync kek.

No. 1527234

what the actual fuck you freak

No. 1527277

File: 1652412740816.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1799, 81BE9F8A-EA64-4D0A-9CF9-A1C106…)

>>1527234 bad artists imitate, the great artists steal

No. 1527287

File: 1652413951184.jpeg (173.15 KB, 1170x1349, E224A683-5913-426A-9834-696257…)

Olivia getting called out once again for her ever changing face shapes and personality kek. This was from a few hours ago and she already deleted the comment. At least she gave up on skinwalking Lily for now.

No. 1527299

The girl who commented that seems just as bland and boring.

No. 1527519

> “sug4rbunn1es”
> can’t sage your shit
Sorry we’re still posting about your favorite hikkineets, good job trying to deflect by posting a boring dried-up 30 year old. Can we please leave angeltroon and pedolivia out of this thread. There is no milk there anymore.

No. 1527541

Holy fuck that my melody Ariana girls profile pic….how do you give yourself prolapse lips and think no one would notice or be creeped out by that wtf

No. 1527604

What's her tiktok handle now? Can't keep up.

No. 1527631


No. 1527634

If you can post twitter fatties no one has heard of I’m going to post who I want cry about it

No. 1527643

Thanks. Wow, she looks like she's gained even more weight. She's not ugly but that makeup style and crazy filtering don't do her face any compliments.

No. 1527655

File: 1652459746872.jpeg (581.32 KB, 1242x1715, FD16BDBE-45F4-46DD-A330-DF64AD…)

No. 1527657

File: 1652459823907.jpeg (401.95 KB, 1242x982, 2FE7D211-9671-41B5-A2CF-EF79CF…)

Brain dead

No. 1527659

File: 1652459904143.jpeg (758.93 KB, 1242x1505, C44B0B4A-0468-4126-B9E7-8A109D…)

I think ana chan hid this photo from her replies showing that her inspo is shaped like big chungus irl

No. 1527661

File: 1652459975375.jpeg (145.35 KB, 828x869, 84186AB1-ACA2-4BA0-AAB7-10C7E0…)

why is her room still covered in filth? Like dust your shitty thrift store knickknacks and swipe the grim off your walls and door. It’s disgusting

No. 1527694

File: 1652461393298.jpeg (609.95 KB, 1284x1214, 7B82FF91-A60A-40F8-AAC8-A3EE5A…)

are you sure? this is the profile that shows up when you search for that username on twitter. doesn't look like nyabeat

No. 1528256

>>1526741 So okay.. wait… one second she say to me.. Can you spare a euro… so i turned and knockjed her in the head so hard she let out a cry and her head smacked the cobblestone.. then i just kicked her so many time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1528259

>>1526741 Damn…. its so crazy how women (of the neurotic and unloveable variety) melt tf down when their right to shove knives up their cunnys gets taken away

No. 1528328

i think she's exaggerating about her mother tbh. she is living with her right now like nothing happened.

No. 1528571

File: 1652536949579.jpg (28.8 KB, 474x474, th-2580533727.jpg)

No. 1528763

It's pretty hilarious knowing some of these ananchans are dying to look like a shooped fatass whose unedited pics they'd post in a fatspo thread.

No. 1529156

>>1525342 abhorrent behavior but that she's a he

No. 1529159

no one in hot pot is of sound mind (pedophiles) or body (trans)

No. 1529164

File: 1652587481725.jpeg (178.22 KB, 1170x594, C720B6DB-6D9E-4615-B70C-5B212F…)

>>1529159 lol a twice divorced wife beating heroin addicted cripple who spends all day harassing younger girls on twitter and that's what i imagine each deranged asocial weirdo with one of these disgusting milady lolicore pfps is like on the other side of the screen

No. 1529269


No. 1529313

Congrats kaliacc scrotes for officially killing the thread. Try doing it to yourself next.

No. 1529537

It's probably just Miya.

No. 1530254

File: 1652669068099.jpeg (40.86 KB, 580x858, kMgktKn.jpeg)

>>1514324 what the fuck is wrong with these people this is disgusting

No. 1530259

File: 1652669198719.png (921.29 KB, 834x1046, proxypedo.png)


same pedopandering degenerate that had kubbu in her profile picture on the japancoreaboos milady/kaliacc insta story, still posting weird pedo-coded "cunny" for pedo scrote attention online

No. 1530285

Can someone just make a kaliacc thread already?

No. 1530318

Agreed, So fucking tired of them shitting up this thread

No. 1531316

Just peed on and beat the fuck out circus freak woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1531365

You rly think u did something with that huh

No. 1531381

>>1531365 youre morbidly obeast and also lower class(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1531978

File: 1652825010819.jpeg (563.51 KB, 1170x1591, 179D2C8C-B8CD-4BB5-8F72-44F556…)

>>1525344 schizophrenic individualization of self through contrarianism – a sad path deeper into the self-created labyrinth of the ego until one is left confused trying to unravel the ruins one has put oneself. so long as you don't take the meds, you have those friendly voices and can dissociate yourself from the reality of spending your life online with schizophrenic pedophile losers.

No. 1531986

File: 1652825677332.jpeg (100.94 KB, 1170x487, AE19C36E-44A7-44E3-9CBC-9A3591…)

>>1531978 >>1524774 the " rape victim " pining for groomer pedophile Ibn Sonya Qafi. maybe better luck crying for attention by cutting it into your flesh. these cretins are hopeless.

No. 1531995

File: 1652826427709.jpeg (795.54 KB, 1170x1535, E2EB9DAA-A5F7-428C-B60D-0D6927…)


lol the "rape victim" interacting with the pedophile kubbu on the timeline. wonder if this pedopandering damaged littel freak sent tummy and was compensated like the whore in >>514324

No. 1532002

Can you please just make a kaliacc thread? I don't get why you won't because you obviously know a lot about them enough to make a well-made thread, they are milky and it'd be a good thread. Grown male groomers don't belong here even if they are tied to e-girls. A lot of the vo1d calves aren't even in kaliacc, they just wish they were but don't wanna give up their she/him pronouns and mcnuggies kek.

No. 1532017

Tinfoil but I'm fairly certain it's just the kaliacc faggots posting here about the girls they have beef with (after grooming them). Whoever is posting the caps is at least some scrote or tranny considering the language used. Nothing we can do but ignore and wait for the male and troon suicide rates to do their thing.

No. 1532044

stfu crimea we all know its u stop self posting retard

No. 1532222

It is and they won't stfu sperging about fatties or "cunny", they're literally so boring it hurts.

No. 1532576

They never will. At this point it just seems like they want to cover for people they know being posted ITT. They seem to flood it with twitter girls they don't like and drown out the posts dragging their favs as soon as they happen. Reminds me of the rabid ang3lthigh vendetta-chan a few threads back who would spam post unsaged selfies of her when any attention was redirected to other egirls. Unhinged jealous behavior.

No. 1532618

literally no1curr, get the fuck out

it is, anyone who's been in their GCs/discords can attest that plastering their shit everywhere with "omg guise look at these problematic bigots, let's spread the word and cancel them" is their main mode of self-promotion

No. 1532714

File: 1652900002278.jpeg (504.22 KB, 1170x1126, 8274F97F-1B26-4636-B17A-284453…)

lovely picture ellie posted of her balding in a pretty flower field, really complements her baby clothes

No. 1532745

not whiteknighting but she was originally blonde and it looks to me like those are just her roots coming in rather than baldness

No. 1532756

i think so too, but either way her hair is stringy and looks like shit. she looks so musty

No. 1532824

Oh that's grim

No. 1532952

File: 1652917817004.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1975, 893FCD3A-C188-43F5-BE40-51DB06…)


this one still interacts with the pedophile too. i am wondering if the attention these girls receive from deranged people online makes up for absent parents?

No. 1532958

>>1532952 dumb whore needs her head in a toilet bowl, a slap to the face very hard. punched in the stomach. a baseball bat down her throat. punched in the face and thrown through a glass cabinet.(a-logging)

No. 1533007

File: 1652920357571.jpeg (78.8 KB, 588x1230, original_fa530ee78ddf920cb5d70…)

>>1532952 girls why does it take 0.000001
miliseconds for you to talk shit about a girl
as soon as she leaves. youre animals


"i am a beautiful angel and i am oppressed
by the universe." schizo narcissism

No. 1533020

Do you really think these girls are actually schizo spergchan? They're just larping because bpd isnt as unique and aesthetic of a mental illness to claim kek.
Can she PLEASE buy clothes that fit her. These 5'3 anorexic girls really fucking think the only requirement to looking like a child is starving yourself and shoving your average height body into a shirt meant for a 4 year old. You will never be 4'8 and wasian. Sorry to every e-girl lurking.

No. 1533178

idk if anyone remembers n3kobit3 their new ig is mommyhellokittybf, i think its kinda funny they ended up a druggy living in her parents house(newfag)

No. 1533190

File: 1652935125549.jpeg (288.25 KB, 684x583, B60AAB64-0630-4C3B-A1E3-099A21…)

HOLY FUCK her balding spots are insane

No. 1533193

File: 1652935250705.jpeg (215.11 KB, 828x1472, 4F8BD526-2AE1-4779-9B16-6C23BD…)

Sorry for old milk, forgot to post but her face looks… so weird. It looks uncanny in a way that’s kinda scary. Kaitlin bennet twin?(not milk)

No. 1533203

This is old but I am 99.9% sure I saw this chick at universal or Disney back in February. She had on a long black wig and pink, like…Japanese dress? I randomly saw this thread so sorry about not using the correct words. The dude she was with was some short guy and they went went into the same restaurant as us. I remembered her because she wad acting SO weird. Used a very creepy baby voice, looked incredibly out of place for the location we were in (and honestly just Florida in general lmao), and you could tell they had some ddlg thing going on. Also that her face looked really under developed like her jaw was missing.

I might be wrong but they look scary similar and the chick I saw in person definitely doesn’t look Asian at all irl

No. 1533227

don't even know who this kid is but I can tell you right now those are blonde/mousy roots coming through. calm it with the nitpicks you sound insane
I agree her hair is a mess but balding is a bit harsh

No. 1533260

you’d be able to tell if it was just blonde or mousy hair, and you can’t. she’s anachan so it’s not exactly far fetched to assume she’s balding kek

No. 1533279

Have you never had a friend or seen a blonde girl who dyes their hair black that’s what it looks like and it just makes you look weird af that you don’t know that

No. 1533431

this is crazy. it seems like she even tried to copy bailees "blaccent" in one tiktok and tries to do the same face expressions she used to do.

No. 1533690

File: 1652990476346.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1860, 3A794E9D-979C-4DE3-9C9C-F9FBBC…)


dasha's cult initiation journey continues. i wonder what the compensation is for these girls to abandon their dignity and shill for depraved and mentally unwell pedophiles, schizophrenics, abusive freaks, and worst of all hack artists

No. 1533696

Literally no one cares

No. 1533698

All of it is used sanrio childrens shit that's going to deplete in value once this trend is over and shes sick of it and cant sell it.

No. 1533705

Yep. When a new infantilizing trend rolls around she's going to hop ship and complain like every other animecore ~loli hoardr~ about how they can't sell anything and desperately need the money back. So many of those void clones have started begging people to buy their figures and Sugarbunnies merchandise. It's cliche and the older people are scrambling to disassociate themselves from the aesthetic because it's full of 11-13 year olds calling themselves lolibait, collecting hentai and visual novels of child porn. At very least their local Goodwill's will no longer have to worry about ugly skellychans raiding the little girls sections to look like a sexi dum littol creachr for dada uwu. Can't wait to see whatever mental breakdown she has next over people copying her because they bought anime merch and cosplays off Amazon. Everything she owns is common and worthless crap from Amazon and AliExpress anyway. She just plays it off like she's a rich girl who imports rare stuff from Japan to be an authentic weeaboo otakucore usedcore "hoarder".

No. 1533868

File: 1653008963413.png (1.39 MB, 1600x900, houseofxi.png)

>>1525344 lol some of these hot pot kaliacc milady e-girls also have "#houseofxi" in their bios on instagram, make weird posts about these girls sara/mayu/hidden/etc and the "little girl rape house", "why be just the wife when you can also be the daughter," etc

all of these people are seriously fucked in the head

No. 1533876

File: 1653009172664.png (114.52 KB, 801x813, Capture.PNG)

It's just from some random child modelling site. The ones that have sexy modelling but use loopholes to make it legal, the owner is chinese so I doubt these girls are involved with him. Just coping and pretending they pass for preteens and don't look like haggard anorexic women.

No. 1533891

>>1511318"Underweight" girls are allowed to eat sweet things too? Actually, bulimics wouldn't eat that because sugar gets absorbed quickly. However, that could be all she eats?

Maybe she has diabulimia, but not bulimia. Most bulimics are fat kek

No. 1533893

What's wrong with pop tarts, funfetti cake mix, and frosting? Unless she is eating a whole cake at once she probably isn't purging. those are pretty common foods. at least she isn't a death fat like Tess Holliday, Tess would inhale that entire cake, pop tarts, and all the frosting kekkkkk

No. 1533894

There is nothing wrong with eating sugar

No. 1533895

Get over the fact that you are too anachan to eat cake and frosting

No. 1533897

>>1533876 this is what they are referencing/appropriating and it's vile

No. 1533902

No. 1533907

File: 1653012757011.png (757.03 KB, 598x645, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 10.1…)

Jealous much that I am bmi 14 and get to eat cake?(rattle rattle)

No. 1533909

File: 1653012952218.png (257.15 KB, 1577x1018, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 10.1…)

A average slice of cake is 400 cal, less than 1/4 of my daily intake.

No. 1533985

Hi, Ellie. You look ten years older than you actually are, please seek help. The only people who find that BMI attractive are other anachans or men with an anorexia fetish. Even the pedo men you orbit aren't attracted to you, you're bpd enough to larp as a child for them and they can't get their hands on an actual child. Apologies.

No. 1534029

Ellie isn't 20, she's 17 iirc so the anon you're referring to is just a bone rattler lol

No. 1534162

God I hope you're Scott. But if you're some other scrote I mean…what, you couldn't tell just from the way she does alien level editing versus her candids? The way she poses while staring at herself like she thinks thats how she looks? The fact that she calls herself a "fashion succubus" and posts her ass cheeks for free on the internet wasn't enough of a tip off? Of course she's fake, look at the fact of all those things. And the fact that she looks so unhappy and insecure next to other pretty girls who are smiling and having fun. Look at the fact that she wears next to nothing at a local nerd bar. I don't really feel bad for you dude sorry it's not hard to see these things from ten miles away if you know anything about the definition "e-girl" kek

No. 1534163

show caps?? if you have milk to provide then spill it

No. 1534171

File: 1653056793430.jpg (77.97 KB, 365x391, MYXJ_20220520102616059_save.jp…)

she looks like a toad creature both in edits and irl and has the personality of one and even then toads don't deserve that comparison

If you don't have anything to contribute other than talking like this then idk what your point is here. Like this is lolcow no shit we know that most like that end up being fucking nasty especially in the egirls thread. Point is yeah a girl who acts fake and puts on a literal fake face is gonna be fake personality too, no shit anon.

Reminder this is the face you simp for that you think is "cute AF"

No. 1534175

File: 1653057023736.jpg (2.3 MB, 2560x2560, 22-05-20-10-22-02-526_deco.jpg)

Girl what fucking "cake"??
Scott flying out to simp for her was funny because him being her canera man provided us with such great candids

No. 1534196

you're retarded, and so is your girlfriend if she knows you're actively going after crusty egirls

No. 1534223

File: 1653061473851.jpg (4 MB, 4096x4096, kek.jpg)

Off topic from the goobs posting but did this chick really just admit to being a klepto on social media?

No. 1534226

Stupid to admit to, but pretty based in action

No. 1534227

Boo, sucks he deleted his posts, wanted to say this and also wanted to call him gross for trying to enable his gf to be a "ethot" and was going to ask if he'd get mad at her for not trying to be buddy buddy with simps just like he was trying to do with Gabriella

No. 1534334

Hell no please tell me she is not in a public arcade where kids could be in that hooker garbage. That's fucking disgusting. Flat ass smelly uggo just sperging around in smelly plastic lingerie being an annoying narc. How is that even allowed?

No. 1534339

Its at Gigawatts, a nerd barcade where her and a few other orlando OF thots hang out, still crusty af but at least I don't think kids go there

No. 1534340

File: 1653072542019.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1305, Screenshot_20220520-114621.png)

Samefagging, looked it up and I was right she really just is always in there with her ass out just hovering while people play games. Is she supposed to attract business? She looks so much older than she is and desperate. That's really sad kek she's not even hosting events she's just scuttling around hoping she gets attention and poses for videos.

No. 1534341

File: 1653072621344.png (1.09 MB, 1079x1517, Screenshot_20220520-114634.png)

Not the miccostumes Amazon Asuka bodysuit with her thong straps digging into her hips. Tragic. Wouldn't even wear that in private it's such poor quality. She really does not bother with her costumes either, she does less than the bare minimum

No. 1534420

File: 1653080074654.png (338.79 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20220503-162834.png)

Have constantly seen this person in my orbit and my mutuals reblogs, decided to look and found this gem. Could be milky, they seem delusional.
>persona is a middle school girl
>yellow fever
>reblogs borderline pedo shit
>self proclaimed net idol
>no pictures
>carbon copy personality of uwu little japanese girl teehee
>always in Tumblr drama over lolicon accusations
This is just straight up weird. Bet you anything this "Loo" person is a twenty something white NEET. Immeasurable cringe. Anyone seen this person? Pretty sure it's a woman but again no selfies seen so far to confirm.

No. 1534454

File: 1653081900215.png (1.25 MB, 1285x764, looperson.png)

Holy shit i know her. I don't want to dox her but she has a video showing herself receiving the senior year diploma in a ceremony in a tumblr post, so i assume she is 18. And if you piece information together, you can find her school's ceremony video on youtube which has her comment there, same username as on tumblr.
>Bet you anything this "Loo" person is a twenty something
She actually has posted pictures/footage of herself anon just look through the tags. or her instagram of the same handle, or just look at picrelated.
Seems like a run of the mill voidcore nobody. I dont think she is actually malicious, just larping or influenced by older edgelords.

No. 1534471

Kek of course she's a fat South American loser. I think she's obsessed with wanting to be a middle schooler because she weighed 90kg when she was one so she probably missed out on a lot. What does tags on tumblr does she use for photos of herself?

No. 1534472

File: 1653083205622.jpg (24.68 KB, 559x460, 1627762708977.jpg)

I don't think she's malicious but she's certainly weird. 18 years old pretending she's some little girl idol online? Only using Japanese to call herself a middle school girl is clear fetishization. Pedobait is written all over it. She's on some yukapon persona shit. Not surprised nonas ITT know people like this kek.

No. 1534553

If you look at Loos tumblr about her inspiration is yukapon, she says so in her profile about thing. Doubt it has much to do with the whole void thing and more with that

No. 1534636

So she's inspired by the larp yukapon was doing when she was being groomed? That's bleak

No. 1534661

This is the most embarrassing thing I have seen so far on the entirety of these threads. Also JC means middle school girl, JC3 means middle school girl in her third year, jfl. I'm assuming she copied the JC3 thing from Ruruchan's (the japanese girl who livestreamed her suicide) twitter and didn't realize that the 3 was optional.

No. 1534669

She claims her waist is 60cm KEK >>1534454 those massive sausage fingers say otherwise. The fingers always give the obesity away, I don't get why they don't hide them.
Also claiming her other name is Ruru, imagine being an adult and being obsessed with a middle school girl who was groomed into killing herself, bleak. Sorry to alog but I hope this fat bitch follows in her footsteps. Too bad no one will remember her after though.

No. 1534676

File: 1653096965297.png (173.7 KB, 766x636, 1.PNG)

Talking about how she relates to a girl who was kidnapped and held hostage and raped for 18 years. Please upload a fake trauma narrative, fatty. I need another Soren in my life to fill the hole she left after going inactive.

No. 1534686

File: 1653097248453.png (109.22 KB, 201x243, Diploma.PNG)

Here's a video she posted. 60cm waist my fucking ass kek more like 60in

No. 1534753

File: 1653103147359.jpg (2.14 MB, 2560x2560, 22-05-20-23-12-37-368_deco.jpg)

Don't worry anon she goes out showing off her pancake ass at cons too. Learning how to fake that "cake" via the abuela costhot herself Lori Cerda by just having some belts create the illusion of an ass too kek

No. 1534754

File: 1653103230769.jpg (916.58 KB, 1286x2138, 22-05-20-23-13-23-180_deco.jpg)

What's with cosplay egirl and cosplaying or being obsessed with shuten douji

Nice ass chin btw Gab

No. 1534755

File: 1653103261301.jpg (1.16 MB, 2560x2560, 22-05-20-23-14-51-934_deco.jpg)

la creature vs her snow filters working overtime

No. 1534769

File: 1653104971365.png (512.49 KB, 1066x1736, Screenshot_20220520-204853.png)

KEK who squealed?

No. 1534774

The e-girls lurking in this thread are fucking tearing her apart. May I never get on one of those two-faced bitches' bad side because fuck are they mean kek.

No. 1534920

File: 1653126624314.jpg (Spoiler Image,290.28 KB, 540x998, 20220521_055218.jpg)

Can anyone tell me why every one if these egirls r overweight? They use 100 filters and loads of makeup bc they were born flawed and fat. Luckily some ppl actually work hard being thin(unhinged ana-chan)

No. 1534922

Gigawatts is a fat troon. Prove me wrong

No. 1534924

I don't know who this bitch you're posting is but she's sucking in her stomach but her body still looks wide as hell. Unfortunate bonebuild. Her ribcage is literally wider than her breasts, how is that possible?

No. 1534926

Actually guys prefer wide and muscular bodies not some twiggy bird boned c or d cup lard ass like belle LARD ASS delphine . Close up shots r wide in general. Go back 2 artschool nonita

No. 1534936

You're the fattest self proclaimed ana-chan. Even average women have thinner waists without needing to suck their stomach in. Go on a diet and stop posting your fat wide disfigured body.

No. 1534937

Jealous that the skirt in the pic is xsmall and nonny cant cope someone actually works out. Hahaha average women r disguisting join the lines to the camps fuckface

No. 1534940

>that skirt is xsmall
Yeah… You look like a size medium when you suck in, no way that thrifted looking frumpy skirt is xsmall. Maybe it used to be before your huge waist loosened it? Kek.

No. 1534941

Wears a kids 12 buy yeah IM SOOO HUUUGEEEE. haha kek get over ur self hatred. Hating on someone bc theyre fit. Whatever lardo. Ur prob as uggo and obese as these e thots

No. 1534942

You admitted in the other thread you wear IT38 which is an European size medium. Go on a diet, wide skank. Medium is what average middle aged women wear in Europe. You'd be obese in there.

No. 1534945

Designer appearal u cheap cuck. Gareth pugh johanna ortiz and jacquemus all run like asian sizes. a 40 in their stuff is like a us 2. so please. Unless ur calling standard models fat, go preach your "im a medium " someplace else

No. 1534946

American sizes aren't valid because %70 are obese, models aren't size 2 US, they use european sizes and you're fatter than average there. Which 25- young woman in Europe wears medium and thinks she's actually thin? None. You might have rotten your brain because of all the fastfood and that might be why you type like a tard. Go on a diet fat whore.
Also your outfits look super cheap, no one is going to believe it's firsthand designer. If it were, the fabric wouldn't be as thin and wrinkly. Your skirt looks worse than one you'd find in zara.

No. 1534948

Oohh welp….u SUUUUUURE schooled me. Hahah btw im NOT american you cow. Im hungarian turkish who moved to states in 1993 so.. yeah.. anyhow pratter on. Btw not every design item looks mucho deneiro. Thats poor man think

No. 1534950

>is fat and turkish
>turkey is the fattest country in Europe
It checks out. So you bought those clothes secondhand? That's why they look out of style and worn out?

No. 1534957

They are just deranged and projecting their own insecurities on other deranged girls anon.
Also all this overuse of kek is painful and shows how new they all are

No. 1534970

You'd think it was fucking Halloween already with all the bone rattling happening in here rn. No one fucking cares go take your meds

No. 1535003

Whoever cowtipped, go back.

No. 1535040

honestly. it's getting embarassing to see girls in their teens and early twenties frothing at the mouth so hard on an imageboard. it's finals season go study.
>inb4 we get called fatties or whatever name their deranged brain wants to project onto us

No. 1535052

soren didnt go inactive nonnie she died

No. 1535064

File: 1653147120551.png (549.93 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20220521-082812.png)

"I just lurk" right. And she's saying she doesn't like voidchan but then her blog is full of her and she reblogs pedo VN shit while saying she's so totes not NSFW! Glad other people at least gave her grief for her cringe behavior prior to being posted for it. She is delusional and faking being a uwu sweet autist. Bitch is two faced. Hi Loo! Cope more.

No. 1535091

File: 1653148187502.jpeg (218.69 KB, 1600x900, 1653094361698.jpeg)

>>1533868 recent Coinbase article about the background of the Milady creators and screenshots posted from the recent Hot Pot group chat showing continued eating disorder grooming, bmi policing, doxxing, collecting objectionable things people said to use for blackmail, racism, self harm encouragement, harassment, pretty much every bad thing you can think of: https://twitter.com/cuteness333/status/1527636588527702017 (thread of recent screenshots from the group chat)

there are conversations on twitter and the Remilia discord with Kurabbu harassing and soliciting photos from an underage girl annd posting photos of other girls on other sites in this e-girl thread: >>>/snow/1514324 and shared in this album (scroll to the end to see the screen recording of this: https://archive.ph/20220419124804/https://imgur.com/a/FXAKUBK

all of these people are batshit crazy.

>>1520600 in the group sharing screenshots someone had filed a police report on her so more milk could be coming. insincere dumb bitch cries online about "violence" but harassed a child lol

No. 1535209

File: 1653155224599.png (202.99 KB, 592x657, i8.png)

Isn't the person behind that thread part of the same community? The "Miya"/"Sonya" poster said this same shit and posted the same article IIRC, kek. Is this incel/troon group chat so thirsty for attention they'll even do self-cancellation?

No. 1535290

I am SO glad goob is being posted here now. Her weird obsession with voyeurism and hoard of simps is so full of potential milk.

No. 1535302

It was posted on the opinions on cows thread, she's been active on depop kek.
>I lurk cows and it's okay but when people point out my cow behaviour it isn't!

No. 1535339

File: 1653161584680.png (1.73 MB, 1284x2778, 9B5827BF-B0A6-47AA-B094-4C8868…)

From “Goobs” IG story about the guy who was sperging on here about getting rejected by her

No. 1535341

File: 1653161703817.png (8.82 MB, 1284x2778, AD91E47B-90F6-4F38-AFB7-E40C16…)

More from her stories

No. 1535343

File: 1653161747545.png (1.75 MB, 1284x2778, 06E011F0-4B80-47AB-A282-3EF5C7…)


No. 1535458

kaliacc fags are all rich now from that nft so these girls are trying to milk them for money

No. 1535488

girlie lookin like she has pink eye

No. 1535502

File: 1653170112026.png (35.37 KB, 720x372, fatretard.PNG)

Still fucking lurking and responding to the thread
>I wish I looked cute like that

No. 1535506

I still don't feel bad for her. What do you literally expect when you post your ass cheeks online for free and try to appeal to these type of men? And she wants to spin it as "I just want to be positive and have fun" for more ass pats from these sad sacks like her whole internet persona isn't based around these pathetic men thinking she looks just like their sugoi Asian desu gravuru moderu uwus….when she doesn't. It's embarrassing. And no, Gabriella, before you try to imply it, not everyone roasting you here is some pathetic man rejected by you. And tbh if you keep trying to be the "nice positive little fashion succubus hehe" when you like in a state full of crazies and want to be the center of attention, wnd shake your not existent ass fully out at cons, you might attract much worse, just a warning

No. 1535509

"My goal is to make friends" girl…simps aren't "friends" lmfao you can't be even trying to act that naive, men who jerk off to you flashing your panties and larping as a gravure model with your ass out any time you're around other weebs doesn't want to be your "friend"

No. 1535578

File: 1653176754619.jpeg (Spoiler Image,298.22 KB, 828x622, E935E9C3-2C37-442F-8551-2E4342…)

Great, more newfags.
>I don't like mixing horror stuff with cute stuff
>picrel is her SoundCloud pfp

No. 1535617

Gross, disgusting pedo bitch making edits of bloody children from lolicon porn games

No. 1536157

>>1514324 her name is LCXF (Laura F), 20 years old, Chinese Canadian, goes to Carleton (Ottawa), from the GTA, has former screen names mycomatch/cold_clementine/marblesmissing/etc, phone carrier Public Mobile per the documents posted. Seems to have spent a year and a half stalking and harassing some woman and her child, including at work, home, by phone, mail, attempts at extortion, blackmail, posting personal information and photos of a child, impersonation of character with intent to defame, etc. there's so much there.

No. 1536506

File: 1653256929677.png (327.15 KB, 1372x1196, tylkojedyna-152845976388079616…)

how brainwashed are these girls to actually believe this shit

No. 1536508

i skimmed through her profile and yeah sure, a person constantly posting food pictures because they're probably coping after losing their mental sanity and health to an eating disorder in the past is a credible source

No. 1536579

File: 1653262713361.jpeg (626.04 KB, 1170x1544, DCB7BC31-0097-4E70-81A8-3538C4…)

>>1536506 zero self awareness or dignity. this one is allie from texas btw and she's edating one of the 30 year old men @schizo_freq who spends his days harassing people on twitter. for example messaging somebody else's gf a few weeks ago: https://twitter.com/ollyrobot/status/1519365695347339265

what a loser

No. 1536632

File: 1653266474626.png (918.56 KB, 1174x1160, rYu5fy1o.png)

>>1536506 brain damaged and disingenuous given that many of the group chat were tagged in the original posting of screenshots showing kurabbu grooming, harassing, and knowingly begging for photos from a 17 year old girl: https://web.archive.org/web/20210203220345/https://twitter.com/Lefkada8/status/1357087373343997961

this was also posted here already: >>>/snow/1514324 and even shared previously with these girls (picrel). they are nothing but pathological

No. 1536733

File: 1653276120206.jpeg (204.33 KB, 1170x737, 89C61290-09F8-4A69-9D23-88B52C…)

>>1536579 making this about her, disingenuous, talking to the pedo in >>1531995 whining that he didn't text back. who actually harassed and doxxed an actual minor in >>1514324

delusional adderall brained idiot

No. 1536750

>>1536506 bring a mindless follower of another micro e celebrity is just another dead away ur an NPC stop trying to mask it with all the “weird” and “quirky” network spirituality shit it’s so obvious that u don’t have a soul or brain of ur own if you can't help yourself from burying your face in slop without coaching from a deranged pedophile

No. 1536777

>>1535091 people like "charlotte" are really not that unusual in "the art world", but they are unusual in Finance, which tends to attract a related but distinct sort of psycho. as such, this is probably the first time a lot of nft people have encountered someone like them!

tbh hadnt realized the degree of traction miladys had gotten in mainstream crypto twitter – it's really a double-edged sword for them, because these people won't recognize the sort of aesthetic shell game it's built on the way art people will, which makes them easy marks … but it also means they won't just roll their eyes if someone shows them the ball is actually Racism and the hustler is in it for sexually grooming anorexic teenagers. they havent been inoculated against that shit; it freaks them out!

No. 1536790

File: 1653280409923.jpeg (196.58 KB, 1170x399, 627EEA69-8728-4F45-A0B2-341F32…)

>>1536157 checks out

No. 1536837

File: 1653284932310.png (590.55 KB, 1180x1128, lol.png)

>>1536506 performative, attention-seeking, and disingenuous from somebody defending a pedophile who actually harassed and doxxed an actual minor in >>1514324

maybe kubbu didn't put her head in a toilet bowl, a slap to the face very hard. punched in the stomach. a baseball bat down her throat. punched in the face and thrown through a glass cabinet.

No. 1537111

delusional adderall psychosis and malnutrition-brained to think locking your account or changing your handle will help you at this point

if I had doxxed and harassed a little girl by posting photos of a toddler with threats I would not show my face in public again and I would rope myself

No. 1537117

nobody gives a fuck about kaliacc at this point honestly even if it's real you're all so annoying I'm choosing to ignore it out of spite kek make a fucking thread for yourselves

No. 1537143

These kaliacc losers have been spamming the board lately, they're all over the leftthots thread talking about how they're actually a uwu diverse & empowering woman-owned business. So sick of their shit.

No. 1537201

Based. Annoying as fuck to see them self posting everywhere.

No. 1537297

File: 1653332771605.jpg (899.69 KB, 1225x2160, 22-05-23-14-57-37-079_deco.jpg)

"I'm literally shuten douji uwu" You and every other e-whore that wishes they were an asian gravure model, also saying you have the personality of a man eating demon sure is…. something else. But she just wants ~posivity guys
Also the photographer can be literally standing under you, you still don't have an ass and are shaped like a fridge, Gabriella. Stop airing out your crusty used up vagina at Florida cons, please.

No. 1537298

File: 1653332857662.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 22-05-23-14-59-15-993_deco.jpg)


No. 1537371

kek what's with the random ass southern french accent? where is she even from?

No. 1537579

she used to study at a french school

No. 1537584

So is she milky or is her only milk that she doesn't have an ass? Because that's all you've been sperging about vendetta-chan.

No. 1537591

The bar for what is considered milk is so low in this new age of lolcow. She's ugly, doesn't have an ass and is an egirl and that's enough for anons to keep posting her I guess.

No. 1537593

I second this. I'm genuinely convinced any posting of her in this thread is the same dude who she "exposed" on her story. She doesn't do anything besides usual cosplay e-girl shit and work at a geek bar

No. 1537599

How about this?
"uwu i'm so russian aesthetic heroin chic anime girl that i must smell like smegma"(this is an imageboard. post a screenshot)

No. 1537625

She was used to be literally one of the most forced whores in 4chan threads back then. I don't know if they still posting photos of her there and forcing.
I just took a random photo.

Also, she was doxxed iirc. I can't remember very well when, though.

No. 1537665

she's a weirdo that pretends to do the gfe/be "close friends" with a lot of men then complains about people like the crazy simp dude coming in here, which granted he sucks too
idk would you rather have that or more kaliacc spergouts, I'm just trying to provide something else kek

No. 1537741

File: 1653364822208.jpg (35.81 KB, 651x879, 61PAAZkIeQL._AC_UY879_.jpg)

all the cosplay girls wearing this lately. is it from a certain anime? I dont recognize it(sage and dyor)

No. 1538468

There's nothing wrong with trying to bring new stuff to the table. I just find it strange that anons (or anon) only hyperfocus on her appearance when she doesn't do anything that would constitute her being on this thread, like the others posted

No. 1538572

Yeah as if this thread hasn't already gone to shit with constant bone rattling and posting angelteoons dirty bedroom and bad edits. She's been elaborated on her cow behavior beyond just her appearance but you can tell it bursts her ego when it's pointed out and she definitely lurks here now thanks to the cow tipping scrote. Whose posts were deleted but he called her a hot girl even while shitting on her

No. 1538598

jfc if you consider this dumb bitch milky then go ahead and throw every florida cosplayer in here, theyre all the fucking same. obviously a vendetta, why dont you go find someone actually interesting you dumb cunt.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1538604

File: 1653408794432.jpg (244.93 KB, 1600x900, hiddenjeremy.jpg)


hidden also disingenuous about ignoring victims when she was herself tagged in the post exposing kurabbu as a pedophile grooming a 17 year old girl for nudes, but then again she is in the #houseofxi with other girls in the "little girl rape house" >>1533868

also, hi Jeremy! you were tagged here too–did you ever get a call from your pedophile secret angel? what a pathetic faggot

No. 1538605

No. 1538637

sage your shit if you're going to throw a tantrum about your kawaii gravure goddess being posted here, sperg

No. 1538647

for the love of god, kaliacc people, please make a thread? It is tangentially related to e-girls but its obviously its own thing and would probably benefit from a more centralized discussion & overview instead of random spergs in leftcows & egirls.

No. 1538793

File: 1653424782913.png (1.18 MB, 2000x900, waifman.png)

this is the snitch Chloe "waifmaterial" who would be incomplete and unfulfilled without the pedophile Charlie

"he makes the change," so did he transition you mtf?

No. 1538796

File: 1653425150552.png (2.68 MB, 2496x1518, chloewaifman.png)

>>1538793 you asked why so many hot girls r miladys

the old answer is milady is the only cute nft
the new answer is you are attracted to subcontinental pedophile psychopaths and male to female limp wristed effete faggots

No. 1538844

This thread has been ruined by them since the start lol if they haven’t taken the hint yet they never will

No. 1538846

replied to the wrong nonnie my bad

No. 1538849

She's ugly, he's a little faggot, nobody cares about them being pedos nobody cares about NFTs please just neck yourself already you fat chode faggots. Nobody gives a fuck anymore kaliacc peaked when nyabeat and void were relevant now nobody could care less what any of you are up to aside from yourselves(calm down)

No. 1538865

File: 1653429857722.png (133.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2022-05-24-17-58-32…)

Anyone here on her cf? Im curious to see what retarded shit shes posting.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1539737

>bans this anon
>the >>1538796 retard continues to post
mods are fucking retarded kaliacckers forcing their friends on ~le female imageboard~

No. 1539739

File: 1653514764515.jpeg (274.54 KB, 1600x900, eternalbartender.jpeg)

>>1536506 very disingenuous tweet coming from scorched earth policy/michael dragovic the “community manager” (the Eternal Bartender—not an artist but a hack mentally ill loser with a youtube channel) of spicedao after the spicedao founders used their $spice to vote for the dao funds to be used to pay them and their friends (yojimbo) a salary

a scam. nothing more. time will ravage him into a has been joke with a failed project. i wonder what it's like being a shameless liar.

No. 1539821

No one cares about you crypto losers no matter how much you self post fuck off

No. 1539943

this is just Bumfights for nerds with disposable incomes
nobody cares how these literal whos waste their money

No. 1540036

File: 1653526347382.jpeg (69.88 KB, 562x1024, FRsWP6bWUAAb9qO.jpeg)


in reality I’ve never harmed a fly !

No. 1540994

File: 1653589260918.jpg (959.03 KB, 960x1707, 22-05-26-14-14-35-176_deco.jpg)

Very normal behavior to wear pigtails and a Chinese dress, as a Hispanic girl, to someone's wedding. And then use someone else's special day as your personal gravuru desu~ photo shoot opportunity. Definitely not narc behavior.

No. 1541001

File: 1653589864048.webm (2.35 MB, 720x900, 283836699_686557942639479_9692…)

You can pile on the filters like this all you want Gabriella, you will never be east asian no matter how much you try

No. 1541134

File: 1653597735791.jpeg (418.91 KB, 1600x900, kireiidate.jpeg)


the they/them redditor "ironically" shipping children’s cartoons rick and morty-tier fan art caricatures to he/she pedo-pandering specified minimum distance from parks and schools pipeline

leave a shit in the mailbox if since it likes performance art that stinks. someday if stable enough to have kids send the child's name and address and photos to a psychotic pedophile to send deranged threats it's just a prank! it's performance art!

fucked in the head

No. 1541347

Can this thread be locked already? It’s just self posting e whores screaming at each other and finding ways to cancel them. I feel retarded because all of this “new” milk makes no sense to me. Like who are these random people why are they milky? L

No. 1541348

Legit what I was gonna say

No. 1541375

I'm not against her being posted but damn girl you really hate this random nobody irl don't you?

No. 1541418

not as much as she hates herself and hates not being born Chinese or Japanese kek
all jokes aside though I find her milky personally and I think she fits into the egirl category more than cosplay category

No. 1541429

I second this. Vendetta-Chan is retarded and the milk is dry. What is this new era of lolcow. This thread has been infiltrated by hypersensitive snowflakes. lock this shit up.(go to /meta/)

No. 1541453

it's really easy to just hide a thread if it's not to your liking anon, or make a new thread pertaining to whichever flavor of egirl you want like void clones or w/e

No. 1541499

>>1541347 i think the milady/kaliacc/hot pot/whatever infighting and group chat leaks spilled over between here and twitter and derailed the thread into a spectacle of gawking at online women desperate to be sycophants to some deranged losers

No. 1541640

you need to be institutionalized and forced onto medication. you are so fucking deranged I hope your post history is exposed and you become a legacy cow

No. 1541661

>>1541640 sick how these girls do nothing besides gossip behind each other's backs and leak personal messages and self-post for attention and based off of what i've seen all these cows should be institutionalized and forced onto medication.

No. 1541663

File: 1653667135720.jpg (102.88 KB, 546x444, 1646372699052.jpg)

No. 1541748

Lmao, can you hear yourself? How pathetically oblivious.

No. 1541776

Oh no, the scrotes are fighting with each other.

No. 1541797

>>1541640 cry moar

No. 1542108

File: 1653698503541.png (616.77 KB, 1456x1226, spergvoice.png)

>>1536579 listened to a full podcast of those confused pseudo-smart sperg voices, the stammering uhhs on the twitter spaces, the bad vocal physiognomy on the contain podcast put me on top of the victims list for all I care!

No. 1542110

>>1542108 https://cozy.tv/paultown/replays/2022-05-20 in general both of these 2 are disturbing in a way… :( sarcasm is the devils humor

No. 1542247

>>1541640 I agree, sending shit in the mail and harassing little children is deranged and shameless and whoever does that should be institutionalized and forced onto medication.

No. 1542656

File: 1653758850998.jpg (174.73 KB, 1080x679, Tamar_Is_A_Retard.jpg)


This was just a normal PT bullshit banter stream, it's not "disturbing" your low IQ just causes you to feel attacked when you can't discern intent

It's also why you were too dumb to be able to think up a new way to phrase your comment and doxxed yourself by posting the same thing twice


No. 1542666

File: 1653759384954.jpg (285.83 KB, 1080x1008, I guess they're just all this …)


You can literally just search Twitter for your comments here and find your alts saying the same thing there LMAO

Total Hylic repost-bots, how embarassing


No. 1542729

File: 1653762772314.png (228.09 KB, 804x844, 2022-05-28_14-29-07.png)

fairly sure the kaliacc posts (and so probably these alts?) are mostly from one guy. he never does a line break after the ID of post he's replying to; you can scroll up the thread and tell which ones are his just by that

No. 1542788


This is simply post-authorship.

Yeah searching twitter and lolcow about yourself is totally awesome and safe and not humiliating and dehumanizing!! You DESTROYED your crown chakra. It's over & you aren't going to make it.

No. 1543856

This thread is shit

No. 1543984

where is sugar fairy

No. 1544158

when are we going to start talking about egirls again instead of this cult of pedophiles

No. 1544484

When they kill themselves and can't post anymore I guess

No. 1544508

File: 1653948152869.png (953.83 KB, 1172x838, lol.png)

No. 1544570

She's off gaining weight and drinking away her depression in some shitty bar in Texas. Who even cares anymore? She's busted and boring, another 4chan pick me whore that fell off after chan scrotes latched onto a new egirl that they think looks underage/emaciated enough to stalk.

No. 1544615

@arisa.vurr on Insta

No. 1544631

File: 1653961146455.png (743.51 KB, 734x461, troonface.PNG)

Nyabeat went to a con and exposed herself yet again.

No. 1544632

Samefag, left pic is from her twitter, right one is from some random girl who took a picture with her. I have no idea why she even goes in public places anymore when she edits that heavily.
Wonder what people say (especially her scrote discord friends) when they meetup expecting to see the left pic and end up with a bloated troon kek.

No. 1544636

he's been posting to a bunch of threads always in this style and always about the same people and i somehow caught a "report abuse" ban for reporting him, which makes me extremely suspicious of the mods

No. 1544641

File: 1653962628661.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2015, D17973A0-8C11-4660-A091-AE9443…)

Albany Cope is back and is posting the same ridiculously photoshopped images and is giving herself a weird baby face… what’s the purpose of taking a break from public exposure when she clearly hasn’t worked on her issues and still displays fully fledged narcissistic behaviour

No. 1544743

Never forget >>1006015

No. 1544833

the cons that nyabeat goes to are close to where i live. (only a few train stops away) would it be milk if i were to go and ask for a photo?(do not touch the poop)

No. 1545157

that's just weird anon

No. 1545564

Don't cowtip but a candid photo like the one an anon took of pixielocks would be fucking hilarious

No. 1545845

Who leaked the private chats?

No. 1546075

Unhinged behavior. Going out of your way is weird, if it happens naturally then there's no harm done. Intentionally chasing the poop like that is a little obsessive.

No. 1546245

File: 1654118664799.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 915D5108-1FCF-47B3-83C6-D0CAD3…)

Don't know how milky it is, but it just happened. So saged just to be safe.
Ruby, @/marumofubi used to be @/mewkly, someone who ellie, @/creepyhoarder, would accuse of skinwalking her. Currently, ruby is being lightly "called out" by another collector for grossly overpricing things she resells. Example of this grabbed from @/brainrotchan's instagram story.

No. 1546302

File: 1654120747496.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20220601-145629.png)

Kek her response was "people don't respect the hustle it's a backpack" at least she was honest about being a scammer. Also Jesus she's fucking fat.

No. 1546363

File: 1654123870973.png (Spoiler Image,3.46 MB, 750x1334, 29C4AF4E-0670-44F6-A6A6-040976…)

Exactly my thoughts. Have you seen how much she edits her face in selfies? Look at that Hulk finger.

No. 1546371

This girl used to post on her story constantly about how she prides herself on being "original" and "not like other girls" all while blatantly copying and skin walking ellie. Kek.

No. 1546376

I hate ellie as much as the next guy, but you gotta admit she did everything ruby does now BEFORE ruby did it kek.

No. 1546379

She fails miserably. She looks like a mom trying to match her baby's outfit, not like a jojifuku loli waif. All these white girls look weird as fuck dressed like this anyway. Not doing any of them any favors.

No. 1546387

Look at her personal account. She's just a chav irl. I guess she's only an uwu loli idol idiote online!

No. 1546397

File: 1654125424739.jpeg (557.98 KB, 750x948, B1A31859-E830-4057-BA68-380FBC…)

Grabbed a pic from her private. Took a little digging to find the account, but looking at the posts and comparing them to old @/mewkly posts, it seems to be evident its her kek.

No. 1546457

i mean she can call it a ""hustle"" if she wants to, its not like anyone with half a brain is going to pay that much for it kek
maybe one of the spoiled brat 13 year olds on tiktok who have their parents buy them 100-300$ items for "getting good grades" might though, in which i feel sorry for neither the kid nor parents

No. 1546544

selling a children's backpack for £600 is insane and is the equivalent of depop y2k fashion thats just thrifted kids clothes

No. 1546591

File: 1654139843635.jpeg (266.57 KB, 1169x2066, C7A27E4A-F4BB-4536-8F6C-9EC6C1…)

this chick @milkbunnydoll on ig that was posted on this thread before posted on her story a video of literal children saying shes “with her people” while they color.. i colored out the kid to avoid breaking the rules but shes such a freak

No. 1546606

File: 1654140354457.jpeg (279.06 KB, 1169x2036, 6BC5FA8E-D487-421F-BFA1-E424DB…)

“its loli monday” she needs to seek professional help or kill herself

No. 1546624

Why’s she in a pregnancy costume if she’s supposed to be a “loli”

No. 1547160

only thing more annoying than a spoiled teen who thinks they can buy a personality is a spoiled teen brit who thinks they can buy a personality.
you look like a bulldog, go back to your normie chav life. you will never be ellie or any of the other jojifuku laffey neet sugarbunnies clones.

No. 1547228

File: 1654195217321.jpg (165.19 KB, 1333x679, wtf.JPG)

What the hell does Tifa have to do with pansexuality? its not even real it (it doesnt make sense). Tifa is totally straight. and the cat ears are so cringe. ALSO, this girl has a black lives matter tattoo hahahaha. went from daily lolita to wannabe e-girl slut.

No. 1547266

KEK the chav tunes in the back
She's definitely doing all the kawaii hikki shit for clout, probably saw nintendogirl and it went all downhill, her normal account is just tiktok songs & squeezing her rolls into XXS Shein dresses. I just know she's a skank who shares her hairbrush around if you get me, she'll be over it soon and regret all that money wasted. In some of her vids you can see all the shit she "buys" isn't even in her room kek poor thing

No. 1547351

Lmao this is the girl aki.nyaa was calling fat in the gc leaks

No. 1547356

File: 1654205034164.png (1.71 MB, 954x905, ugly.PNG)

brainrotchan is another skinwalk-y cow in herself to be fair. Her entire account is just a mix of vo1dchan and ellie skinwalking (which isn't saying much since ellie is a void copy with just laffey and confetti added in kek)

Even tried to start her own "aesthetic" #frillycore that's the exact same as every other e-girl's page.

No. 1547363

File: 1654205322294.png (859.15 KB, 502x785, screencap.PNG)

None of these fucking characters have any similarities besides looking like children. I don't get "kinnies"

No. 1547387

File: 1654206627632.png (566.43 KB, 465x783, littollaffeyirl.PNG)

kek, heres "moe loli littol warship laffey"

No. 1547388

File: 1654206706512.png (250.22 KB, 266x530, shayna.PNG)

samefag but what the fuck she looks just like shayna

No. 1547448

File: 1654210932625.jpeg (585.03 KB, 750x1286, AEA899FB-B540-45E6-8C5B-EC9C29…)

Cant wait to see how horrid she looks In her con pics I hope someone takes a pic of her if they see her

No. 1547508

Aki.nyaa is massive too kek fatties are hilarious

No. 1547576

should make a different thread for these people. these are not egirls

No. 1547602

I've seen her once in person before and it was weird, I didn't know we were in the same city. I'm actually going to a con tomorrow too and I'm pretty sure its the same one…oh boy

No. 1547649

imagine kinning characters from a hentai game

No. 1547664

Nonna please take a candid pic if you see her I beg of you

No. 1547665

Funny considering she herself is a fucking hambeast kek

No. 1547667

She looks psycho with how she squints her eyes to be uwu cat eyed azn loli. Would love to see her without 10 filters on. Bet she looks like shit

No. 1547675

sage for no milk but if you're bored and want something to do, searching voidchan or vo1dchan on twitter provides so many coping egirls to laugh at. I love how they all think they're the only unique one among a sea of fakes.

No. 1547727

File: 1654240382550.jpg (683.97 KB, 1717x1305, 574642353467573454357647356345…)

No. 1547742


No. 1547767

File: 1654245063400.jpg (119.29 KB, 750x1334, 285198066_131179446224651_5165…)

Her new makeup style is much better at least (from her stories)

No. 1547849

She has the same face as a troll doll.

No. 1547869

Jesus Christ she's potato faced. Unfortunate. Thats a fucking honker! No wonder she shooped so hard. Extremely jarring when put next to her edited denpa aidoru hikiniito azn bbgrl face KEK. We need a compilation going of her candids

No. 1547981

she has the same creepy expression as belle delphine

No. 1548044

Yeah, her entire aesthetic and personality is nothing but an amalgamation of Pinterest lainpilled egirls and women in porn. She's doing the face on purpose. Without all the editing she probably looks like she's struggling to read and not fart when doing that face.

No. 1548069

I Think she should drop whatever she's doing now and become a Grimes skinwalker
And why does one hand look so huge? man hands are not kawaii irl hikineet loli….

No. 1548079

i think she changed her @ because of this. she didnt even acknowledge that tweet

No. 1548137

No, dear God. The last thing we need is her buying midi controllers and a synth while she fakes her way to making a drained death grips sewerslvt rip off project. She would play /mu/core level trash and become even more of an attention whore.

No. 1548141

File: 1654280463835.png (1.12 MB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20220603-112034.png)

denpabomination is now mofumacaroon

No. 1548166

I didn't realize until you pointed it out, but damn you're right. She has such an unfortunate appearance it's sad, if she was normal, she'd probably be just your average ugly girl that no one pays any mind to but her loli larp makes it so jarring.
Not to sound like a sperg but she has very obvious neanderthal genes and she looks under evolved. Like a mix of a troon that tried to transition WAY too late and life and like she comes from a long line of people that never evolved past the Paleolithic era.
very obviously nowhere near being anachan like she claims as well, look at that well-fed face and shapely arms

No. 1548183

It's funny how kaliacc fags are silent now that their postergirl got exposed

No. 1548370

File: 1654295616534.jpg (34.61 KB, 828x796, FUIxdp0UYAAbBb9.jpg)


receding faster than his hairline

No. 1548422

File: 1654300295963.png (4.29 MB, 1242x2208, 6AB7DA1F-708B-449E-B717-A14B30…)

is it possible she’s lurking and saw the con comments so she changed the day?

No. 1548463

They all obsessively check this thread to see if they've got posted, or to see if their clone that they hate got posted lmao

No. 1548472

she looks like grimes

No. 1548574

Just another 30 year old woman altering her features until she looks like a developmentally delayed child

No. 1548773

Which clone are you?
Many such cases. Who was that 30 year old OF retard who used Faceapp to put a child filter over all of her nudes? That's the next step.

No. 1552762

File: 1654661925655.png (54.75 KB, 477x698, YfSSXqY.png)


Unsurprising somebody that posts photos of dead animals online would associate so strongly with pedophiles, schizophrenics, and other deranged losers.

You can read some of the leaked chats here: https://imgur.com/a/BFs1PUl

and here: https://twitter.com/cuteness333/status/1527636588527702017

No. 1552768

File: 1654662653013.png (151.01 KB, 1224x716, calledit.png)

>>1536632 tfw I will never be a true weirdo because I have never taken money from pedophiles to have my face posted to instagram to "shill" for a shitcoin scam, never posted photos of anybody's children and their personally identifiable information with threats, never mailed shit to anybody's house

tfw I will never be insane

No. 1552795

File: 1654665911202.jpeg (863.03 KB, 1170x1439, 70EFA7D0-FB06-4D4F-A5AC-F1095F…)

>>1542108 Paul Town is a schizophrenic arsonist who set a barn on fire, it's been a meme on RW Twitter forever. His real name is Evan Zenker.


No. 1553091

Okay which janny is a hotpot faggot that keeps letting you post your friends? How many posts will you make until you realize nobody cares? Even all the twitter links are full of replies saying the same. Vendetta-chan, we do not care. I hope you end up plagued by these scrotes for the rest of your life.

No. 1553821


She lives in Philadelphia now, not Texas.

No. 1556216

Stumbled upo Ellie's reddit, no milk besides her looking like an anorexic grandma in loli cosplay and spamming her clone room, just thought I'd post though for any anons who wanted to see
It's also funny how she can only talk about her cosplay or the fact that she buys shit, instead of the actual anime she says she likes, makes sense though because her myanimelist only has one day of anime watched kek.

No. 1556525

This bitch lmao! She had an edtwt account a while back and she was a personal cow of mine. She talks only in baby talk (Even on her private venting accounts) and is very very into DDLG. She also has claimed to be "severe anorexic" when she is seriously bmi 30, which is weird considering she buys kids clothes

No. 1557195

File: 1654964093768.jpg (65.97 KB, 736x730, 9c0b7b99e9888351926f3275717475…)

She can't fit into any of them KEK that's why you never see her wearing it. Of course she's into DDLG too. Jojifuku is tinged with weird DDLG vibes. I don't understand her kid clothes hoarding obsession if she's so "poor" and too fat for them. She constantly would complain on Instagram about people buying overpriced sugarbunnies and Sanrio items saying its more money than she's ever seen in her life. She hated those people until she needed money then she sold her sugarbunnies items to >>1546302 for a lot of money. Funny how those people are beneath her and privileged rich people until she wants $200 for a baby rug and literal children's shorts. I remember her admitting she didn't even like the Sanrio characters she started hoarding then sold, she just did it for attention online to fit in with voidchan's crowd and get likes. To think that a porky bri'ish 16 year old is in this room probably lurking this thread and eating food in her room out of her dollhouse "pantry" just grosses me out.

No. 1558111

No. 1558328

Kek her reddit is so funny, can you drop the link to her MAL nonnie?

No. 1558483

kek who would actually be mad she's washed up now and cringe

No. 1558668

File: 1655078772654.jpeg (789.55 KB, 855x1536, 5635E559-4E5F-4D2C-9D1C-88B6CF…)

This girl thinks she’s a “Ceepy cute” babydoll because she buys sugar bunnies that was originally for 3 year olds and wears ugly cheap aliexpress clothes

No. 1558702

i keep getting this whore in my reels, kek bc she gets all those likes and views solely from being azn despite being painfully mid and ugly by asian standards

No. 1558758

>posting in a subreddit meant for a very adult hentai game, as a 17 year old
>posting in a subreddit for anime figures to show off her clone void hoard, with no detail about figures she has

No. 1558913

File: 1655097483573.jpeg (983.28 KB, 864x1536, E85445A9-8DA2-455B-A21F-865437…)

This girl who only posts her ugly baby room because she’s most likely ugly and it’s her only personality trait

No. 1559028

Ellie turned 18 a while ago if I remember correctly, weirdly she took her age out of her bio.

No. 1559042

It’s because she’s not a minor anymore and isn’t an “UwU soft loli” she’s to old for her fan base to like her now.

No. 1559174

Jealous samefag
Also you know you don't have to crop their names right? Newfag

No. 1559178

File: 1655130058440.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x2560, 22-06-13-10-19-17-671_deco.jpg)

wanting to be Ellie so bad you even do the same stupid facial expression #retardcore

No. 1559206

wasn't sure where to put this since I think people over in the consoomer thread seem tired of this but I do wish there was a proper thread for whatever this shit is, it's so uncanny how some of these are different rooms but it's hard to tell because they're all the god damn same. in an effort to be maximalist they end up being no different than minimalism because you literally can't tell their room apart from others
I guess it's appropriate here since it's technically voidchan skinwalking but still.

No. 1559208

File: 1655131877148.jpg (2.38 MB, 1920x2560, 22-06-13-10-44-39-509_deco.jpg)

dropped my image

No. 1559270

These rooms all look so retarded, too. I really wonder why they want the room of a fat weeaboo. What shocks me even more is that a lot of the people who have these rooms are adults still living with their parents. Weird as fuck

No. 1559284

why do they do the voidchan bedroom thing? they all talk about how much they hate her then keep buying the exact same shit and positioning their rooms so they look like hers. they hate obsess over that fat poser and i really dont understand.
most punchable face in the world it reminds me of belle delphine. they think they look so coy and cute but they just look literally retarded.

No. 1559375

No ones jealous she’s just ugly and unoriginal what is she your waifu? Why would anyone be jealous of her un-ironed aliexpress clothes?

No. 1559419

Kek for real, everything in her room can be bought off Amazon and AliExpress. All her clothes are flavor of the week harajuku Amazoncore rags. Her accessories can be found on literally any site that sells "Lolita" attire or jfashion adjacent stuff. It's so funny how their friends and wk's think we seethe that we aren't them. If we wanted to be jealous skinwalkers we would just max out credit cards buying everything #cluttercore #voidcore fags buy and pretend we're animu otaku Loli girls online. I guess anon can't fathom people thinking others are tacky and retarded clones without being ~jealous haterz~.

No. 1559431

Most of her figures are ugly cheap prize figures anyway. Nothing to even mention unless she wants to embarrass herself in front of other collectors. She forgets that owning shitty Evangelion and Loli figs everyone can get for $5 isn't impressive outside of the void clone community on IG. Her MFC really tells on her lack of anime knowledge and standards for figures. Flavor of the week hikineet bullshit, cheap ugly casts, etc. She owns more kids toys and Sanrio crap than she does figures even but for some reason she chooses to emphasize how many figures she owns like 40-50 is worth noting anywhere.

No. 1559468

Obviously creepyhoarder/ellie is the top image but who is the one on bottom? Swear I’ve seen her before in “alt” circles

No. 1559492

File: 1655148679956.jpg (955.41 KB, 960x1283, MYXJ_20220613152946204_save.jp…)

confettiebunnie on IG

No. 1559496

Egirls have been doing that retarded face for years kek

No. 1559525

File: 1655150581626.png (315.25 KB, 1090x1266, lol.png)

>>1545845 It appears there was infighting between the balding manlet Indian pedophile and others like wretched worm/soph/yams/others that have been posting leaked chats here.

No. 1559530

ok and? people can still take it from someone specific and that girl very clearly wants to be like ellie/fit into the trend of skinwalking ellie now that voidchan is gone

No. 1559576

Ellie didn't invent jojifuku which is what these girls are trying to replicate with Amazon clothes and Sugarbunnies/Mezzo Piano shirts. You can attribute the confetti thing and the face but the majority of girls dressing like this are just riding the trend, not copying Ellie. As per usual it's just white girls that are years late to j-fashion trends. Jirai Kei is out and fairy Kei has been dead, so jojifuku is in. In a couple months Ellie and the rest of them will hop ship, abandon jfashion and anime and cling to the next popular "alternative girl" trends.

No. 1559578

My mistake, she's totally stealing this generic retarded face that every single egirl has been doing for 4 years from our queen overlord Ellie!1!!11! Why is this thread only 15 year old e-tards posting about each other? None of you are original, get over it.

No. 1559594

What is their obsession with japanese school uniform, musty clutter rooms, ugly facial expressions, and those weird unoriginal hair styles? When you look at them you can always tell 50% of their clothes are from aliexpress/amazon and the other 50% is overpriced depop rags that they never wash

No. 1559631

They want to be kawaii uwu cause being mature sexy is out, sexualizing kids is in. Doesn't matter if you're 13 or 26 lol. They're fucking freaks and likely NLOGs who want to attract as much attention as possible where they live. I bet next to normal people outside they look insane. I can't imagine seeing a grown woman or even a 17 year old in baby clothes out in public. It's so creepy.

No. 1559664

So true everything in her room is amazon trash. That’s why she only ever posts pics form in her room because she knows the rest of the house doesn’t match up,

No. 1559667

Especially the younger ones of 13-16 if they have a Japanese uniform in their closet they know what their doing.

No. 1559719

ok which clone are you lmfao

cause every fucking time it's pointed out someone is blatantly copying Ellie or even before with Voidchan, you retards always chime in with "b-buht they're not original either!!!" like it's a point anyone was making

but sure anon, user "Confettiebunnie" who wears kids clothes and now has an anime room is inspired by egirls like belle delphine, duh!

No. 1559723

It's a combination of everythin, and it's a little obtuse to act like all these people don't now see Ellie in place of Nashi as their skinwalk goals, she easily has the biggest following of the lot of them.

No. 1559782

I'm not being obtuse I'm refusing to inadvertently pad the ego of a wave riding retard

No. 1559806

okay so you're being obtuse on purpose because of an even dumber reason, got it
she has a big ego with or without people pointing out people copy her on lolcow, not like the people pointing it out aren't calling her a retard here too

or more likely, you're one of her clones and desperately trying to justify yourself and your ""confetticore"" shit, either or

No. 1559841

>ok which clone are you lmfao
Crying at you copying my own post from earlier ITT. I'm a normal person who discovered this specific thread about a year ago. It's a guilty pleasure bc it's hilarious reading the obvious self-posting and vendetta-posting. Never followed any of these people. They (and you) are all deluded retards.
You have to be 15 years old to think that Ellie made funfetti and sprinkles popular. It was pretty common to see on uwu white girl weeb jfashion gyaru blogs on tumblr years ago kek and scene blogs too.

No. 1559904

its not "copying" its a genuine question because most normal people aren't retarded on purpose, literally, to make a point against some dumb kid, or even in this garbage fire of a thread to begin with tbh, but whatever makes you feel better about yourself. the having to justify and explain yourself is unnecessary if you're some so-called lurker

there you go missing the point, again, about it just being one specific thing and not a number of things smashed together that makes a skinwalker. again, very weird behavior for someone who definitely, totally isn't one of the plethora of girls who say they hate x but copy x in the same breath kek

No. 1560383

You are so weird

No. 1560456

so are u anon, lets stop fighting and just kiss and make up

No. 1560530

The more you project the more suspect you are, you talk like a newfag and you don't know when to walk away with your tail between your legs. Ellie did not invent the mixture of interests and aesthetics she (and you) claims she did. She's a nobody from Texas who just wanted to be voidchan but replace McDonald's with confetti cake. That's literally it. The reason she doesn't dress like void is because she started doing jojifuku, likely because it's very popular on ED Twitter and DDLG circles, both of which are twitter spaces she has been hanging out in for awhile. We agree that kid posted above is clearly trying to be a confetti clone. But to act like Ellie is who everyone wants to be and attributing literally every trend this "community" does to "oh Ellie did it everyone wants to wear Ellie's skin" is retarded and smells like some faggotry. You can keep sucking her dick but matter of the fact is, this phenomena is not as common as you're making it. Ellie really is not "the blueprint" as you're making it sound. In fact I still see more void mcdonaldscore skinwalkers than I do anything else.

No. 1560613

Okay, clone.

No. 1560627

ok sure yeah ig users like mewkly and "confettiebunnie" who suddenly want jojifuku and strawberry crocs and kin laffey and call themselves littol idiote and drink pink drinks are definitely not trying to skinwalk Ellie at all, who you perceive as dick sucking when it's pointed out when anyone with eyes can see it, definitely not showing that ur one of those people here kek
you are so mad that someone would share say this and it's a bit sussy that you have such a massive hate boner that you pretend to be blind over it….or again, you're one of the clones and you have to defend and justify yourself because you personally feel targeted

No. 1560650

Right. You're likely both IG/twitter users constantly complaining about lolcow on main, acting like you're above the "drama" and "harassment" while coming here to stoke flames against the other egirls you don't like. I implore you to try and prove that I am a "clone". You assume everyone else is a bitter trend hopper like yourselves and Ellie but you'll be disappointed to find most anons pop in and out of different threads and most times do not partake in the cow circles that they lurk and laugh at. If you thinking I'm a littleforbig wearing self infantilizing pickme helps you feel superior and right then you can cling to that. Won't change the fact most the people knocking you and your idols down a peg are far removed from your brainrot circle jerk. Doesn't help your claims that you aren't the clones when you fucking retards don't bother to change your typing style or voice on anon imageboards. I bet you think you're the smartest anons ITT right now for sniffing out le confetti clones. Cope harder, seethe and dust your cluttercore usedcore pigsty hovels.

No. 1560661

Based. This is what I >>1559841 was trying to get at. It's obvious the most vocal posters ITT are the same handful of IG cows/the people who emulate them defending themselves and tearing each other down while being friendly in dms. It's mildly funny for an outside observer despite being the most shit thread on here.

No. 1560662

hi cow(hi cow)

No. 1560684

Agreed. Watching them start shit with each other and themselves anonymously here is the milkiest behavior in the thread. Its like watching a bunch of little mild sperg-chans fight each other. If it wasnt for this the thread would have been auto saged and new threads would be locked. The delusions of self importance and wking is insane here.

No. 1560693

Made a strawpoll because I wanted to see how many people here are actually farmers and how many are from the "community" being made fun of

No. 1560753

>I'm not s clone! YOU must be a clone!
>writes long ass spiel about egirls like anyone gives a fuck
ok fag

No. 1560756

Yeah, because anyone is gonna answer this poll honestly

No. 1560757

Again, which egirl cow are you, don't worry we won't tell anyone, you're in a safe space here

No. 1560776

File: 1655242692347.jpg (48.89 KB, 460x743, aLvXeWg_460s.jpg)

>zoomer brainrot can't handle anything longer than one greentext
let me stoop to your 3rd grade reading comprehension level and goldfish attention span. my apologies.
>it's totally not me guys it's u so which one r u cause I'm so totally removed that's why I'm instigating every nonnie that disagrees with me and repeating which clone r u which egirl r u huh huh

No. 1560781

kek i never even said i was or wasn't one, retard,
but please do keep on going, dress it up all you want and project your coping and seething over some retarded teenagers online while you larp as "normal" in any of this

anyways which clone are you, for real though, need more retardcore on my feed

No. 1560840

That person isn't the one who called themselves normal KEK you're talking to at least 3 nonnies and acting like it's one.

No. 1560981

File: 1655257602678.jpeg (31.95 KB, 454x285, Preeti-Dixit_A-Glimpse-Into-Ou…)

The infighting is retarded but still better than the kaliacc posting.

No. 1561067

a "Japanese uniform"….its literally just a cute style? I see nothing sexual about it?

No. 1561070

I think its ok as long as it is not sexualized (or sexualized pictures/figurines) and the room is clean. I am asexual and love this style. I never think about sex, I find it disgusting. I hate pedos too and people like Bell Delphine who pedobait.

No. 1561081

Says the annoying basic bitches that wear riding boots and wear black and tan

No. 1561144

how dare you fucking accuse me of being british

No. 1561188

Samefag? Lmao

No. 1561455

you know she's homeschooled kek

No. 1561480

maybe from the timestamp, but a lot of people like these styles and don't see anything sexual in them. i wear uniform-inspired outfits sometimes and you couldn't pay me enough to do pedoshit or schoolgirl roleplay. girls like cute things and preppy-ish weeb styles, it ain't that deep

No. 1561543

File: 1655308545241.jpg (1.32 MB, 1252x2160, 22-06-15-11-52-19-909_deco.jpg)

posting an L like this is so fucking funny
not even saying getting married is some sort of ideal everyone should strive for, but it's hilarious considering the context that she's dating her pimp/handler scrote
come on Gabriella, why wouldn't he want to put a ring on an e-girl thot who acts like a hostess at a dumpy barcode and posts pictures of her ass for free online?

No. 1561586

>I don't think I'll get picked but I can pretend uwu
Cosplaying as a wife is the closest she's going to get to being a desired woman in any meaningful sense. Sad. At least she knows she's trash and nobody will want to be with her for the long term. But hey, who knows. Maybe she'll be a perma-fiancee in the future!

No. 1561636

she's pandering to weeb fetishists. i play a shitty animu waifu game from moonspeak land and the azn creeps that design it REALLY love frilly, wedding themed lingerie. freaking weebs and pedo pandering. >:(

No. 1561718

I really don't think wedding themed stuff is pedo pandering. That being said she desperately wishes she were an azn waifu irl, with how she edits herself and does her makeup, she just ends up looking like what people imagine an east asian woman to look like as a racist caricature like "chinky" kek

No. 1561720

File: 1655319251009.jpg (2.2 MB, 2560x2560, 22-06-15-14-52-35-185_deco.jpg)

Can't imagine why anyone would not want to wife this suteki erokawaii goblina
Putting your entire nonexistent ass, literally, out on display for everyone both irl and online is definitely what men want! Definitely not to just jerk off to and dump
Caption on the pic on the left "let's live happily ever after" kek

No. 1561876

Wearing a school uniform for anything other than school/possible cosplay is weird anon. Academia/preppy/uniform inspired styles are obviously fine but if you're walking around in an actual school uniform you'll look like a retard. Same with the jojifuku shit
Where's the actual milk with her that "people" keep talking about? She's unattractive to you, and wants to be asian, cool. Just like every other cosplaying weeb girl lmao. So far the only posts of her all seem like the same person, same slang, and always talking directly to her.

No. 1561884

you're so right anon we should definitely go back to beating the decomposed horse that is pointing out ang3ltroons shoop and dirty room

you're also welcome to contribute milky shit yourself instead of picking apart everything posted here, wouldn't be surprised if you're one of the "detached" ellie spergs

No. 1561889

File: 1655328088768.jpg (38.46 KB, 258x271, MYXJ_20220615172111632_save.jp…)

>She's unattractive to you
She's unattractive, period. And things her ass out and panty shot selfies are "art". If you don't like her being talked about you can ignore it but she fits the criteria here.

No. 1561900

File: 1655328500129.jpg (1.79 MB, 2560x2560, 22-06-15-17-28-26-878_deco.jpg)

If you go to her story there's milk.
>"Come on guys let's be creative it's always lingerie!!"
>also posts/does photoshoots almost exclusively in lingerie/wearing nothing, like her thong wedding lingerie shoot at a public beach

No. 1561904

File: 1655328675601.jpg (703.49 KB, 960x1624, MYXJ_20220615172452232_save.jp…)

lip five o'clock shadow from H
hispanic genes is sugoku kawaii desu gao gao~
kamisama why didn't you make me a kawaii japanese or chinese gravure idol succubus desu ka??

No. 1561908

Cringe, vendetta-chan

No. 1561959

File: 1655331814030.png (277.39 KB, 577x383, Screenshot 2022-06-15 23.21.27…)

>blatant bodychecking
>target children's section
would you look at that, she's definitely lurking kek

No. 1561964

I guess it's to be hashtag hikineet like Tomoko or whatever but why do they all have fucking unkempt, greasy hair even while larping as dainty lolis
Her, her clones (calm down), all the other weirdos with dusty, musty animecore hoards, whenever they post selfies they look like this.

No. 1561974

the funniest thing is that they call themselves these words when half of them don't even look like that. sorry to break it to you, but you aren't 'IRL LAFFEY!!' you're just some teen girl with rich parents

No. 1562058

She's kinda chubby. The target kids section does have good clothes for a cheaper cost.

No. 1562202

File: 1655345400997.jpeg (51.76 KB, 375x531, 4E2A8820-D595-4D67-9CB6-9A8CA7…)

No. 1562247

File: 1655348709414.jpeg (371.36 KB, 750x791, 2A8A003B-76D2-4D4A-A3D3-207110…)

she looks so much lik laf here!!!>_< so kawaii(>_<)

No. 1562346

how are we all just letting Shiena forget she was in jail and got deported from japan

No. 1562364

File: 1655355855610.png (5.89 MB, 828x1792, 1B6D7778-D06D-4ACC-BDA9-4C9254…)

literally Laffey guys! Definitely not a spoiled white girl (who looks like kaitlyn bennet) who cries herself to sleep because she wasn’t born a kawaii Japanese girl. Nope.

No. 1562366

huh she actually looks like she gained a bit of weight. Fuck bone rattling, good for her. Too bad that doesn’t reverse her balding at 18

No. 1562370

who or what the fuck is laffey?

No. 1562372

Her face is so unfortunate. inbred European face is the best way to describe it

Why did she delude herself into wanting to be a wasian/Japanese girl when she looks like… that

No. 1562374

A loli from some weeb game >w< she’s litrally laf!!!! So small and tiny loli :3 guyz she’s different she wears a womens size six shoe!!!! So tiny and smol <3

No. 1562380

File: 1655357280131.jpg (234.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh looks like a gayer uglier shimakaze from kancolle

No. 1562406

File: 1655359990965.jpeg (510.56 KB, 750x1114, 7BB95B66-A27E-4C95-B65E-930D7E…)

she wants to be vampjunk so bad with that ugly ass black hat she wears and the diequick shirt lmfaooo too bad she’s ugly as shit

No. 1562409

File: 1655360077224.jpeg (342.53 KB, 750x672, B8FFAD71-2058-42F7-9D5E-53F953…)

she looks so much lik laf >.<

No. 1562424

File: 1655360985851.jpeg (437.35 KB, 750x1160, 6F74223E-FB4F-4C15-8C46-4EA512…)

pretty sure I’ve stumbled upon another Ellie account. all of the captions on everything sound like her typing

No. 1562461

i doubt it's actually her, she's got a shitpost/meme account already, and the spelling may be similar but that just makes me think it's another ellie skinwalker

No. 1562543

please spoiler this loli shit

No. 1562551

>another Ellie skinwalker
Um but guys!! People liked saya no uta and talked about being smol BEFORE Ellie did? Sigh. Why can't any of you quit calling Ellie original and sucking her dick?

No. 1562570

i doubt half of these girls would've never liked Saya No Uta if it wasn't for her. she's not original, people like this just copy each other.

No. 1562615

Um that's where you're wrong, sweaty. Let's not inflate Ellie's ego, she didn't make anything popular amidst teens and tweens with too much time and money on their hands in the place of someone like Voidchan. I'm saying this as someone who has nothing to do with this "community" and is here to laugh at egirls, nobody would copy her.

anyway I'm off to go cuddle my blahaj on my toddler strawberry couch in my little for big confetti seifuku, play azur lane and purge my rainbow sprinkle cake from earlier like the tiny idiof I am. I better not catch you kissing Ellie's ass ever again, you hear me?

No. 1562637

> but if you're walking around in an actual school uniform you'll look like a retard
I don't think anyone walks around in actual school uniforms, not only because that would be retarded but also because afaik the only way to obtain student uniforms as a non-student is from second hand and usually fetishy sources. But a lot of uniforms are a skirt, button down shit, and blazer, which are normal ass pieces of clothing.

Anyway, you could probably say these styles make people look retarded, but I don't think dressing like that is particularly milky, especially on a imageboard.

No. 1562741

Yeah cause it's so underground and unheard of, I'm sure they never would have found it had Ellie not posted about it. It's not like the creator made one of the most successful magical girl series of all time. I think Ellie actually started the whole playing visual novels thing too. She kind of invented it

No. 1562773

File: 1655399513964.jpg (108.15 KB, 1000x1412, MV5BMzQ1ODFkNzItZWJmMC00NmQyLT…)

Right anon? And obviously there's psycho pass which the first season was made by the same guy, but like…why would that be anything to be interested in? There's not even any guro creepy kawaii lolis to kin!

No. 1562818

Exactly there's a distinct lack of kawaii lolis with mental issues and horrific forms. Psycho pass won't make you look edgy or deep. Zero pedobait and ugly merchandise that wouldn't fit in a pink Amazon JP shit hole.

If anything that retarded logic of someone making a visual novel or novels popular you could all attribute that to voidchan too for all her VN posters and merch. Clearly nobody with painful anime rooms would have found loli VNs if it wasn't for those two literal whos to the rest of the internet.

No. 1562831

edgy people on the internet have been liking saya no uta for years…. anyone attributing it's popularity to ellie is just outing themselves here as retarded. all of the shit she likes is generic generic

No. 1562869

I think the popularity is being attributed to a certain demographic. It's a well known game outside of the "McDonald's mymelo sugarbunnies confetti laffey jojifuku idiote" sphere but it is funny that those people started liking her after. Then again, Ellie most likely got it from Nyabeat cosplaying her kek. And so it goes on.

No. 1562880

It is so generic, even when you clump it together, it's still so obvious, and I can proudly say this as a long time lurker who isn't an egirl and is just a kawaii creepy bedroom dwellr tiny idiotfe who kins laffey and loves funfetti and my blahaj shark

No. 1562887

B-but anon, nobody online liked cute things juxtaposed with horror and loli gore before vo1dchan and creepyhoarde. None of these people would have found Angel Beats, K-ON, Rilakkuma, My Melody, Resident Evil, The Grudge, Saya no Uta, Sugarbunnies, McDonalds or Silent Hill at the same time if it wasn't their aesthetic…I mean- lifestyle. Vo1dchan invented living in a basement and watching anime. Ellie invented the confetti aesthetic and ruffle skirts. Common knowledge and common sense, nonnie. If you don't attribute everything mentioned to them you're a jealous clone flop that just wants to ree and seethe! KEK

No. 1562895

All these "cope and seethe they started the trend" posts reek of "Nashi" and co. narc behavior like when she snapped on that girl going full cow like "sorry I invented Sanrio and horror and liking anime and everything Abbey, I'm sorry you're so jealous I bet you love this attention I'm giving you." They so badly want to be remembered as trend setting "nerds" who were just so cool they got famous for how they lived because they're ~aesthetic~ and better than you. They have to let everyone know that even if you liked the same things before you're a miserable skinwalking psychopath that needs to hang themselves. Fake anachan bitches didn't start shit they just got posted to Pinterest and 11 year olds went rabid asking where to buy their toys cause… It's literally for children not greasy fat basement dwelling women who failed to launch so they cope by age regressing to before they disappointed their parents.

No. 1562922

Omg anon right?! Just because we–i mean someone would dare to like all of those things or put "void" in their username doesn't mean they want to be like them! It's not unique to like all of those things together, it's soooo generic, like painfully.
You should hang out wiff me sometime, there will be enough room in my kawaii strawb sofa if we purge our pinku drinku hehe, we can even snuggle under mi k-on blanket that my mom bought me for 300$

No. 1562927

lmao please don't pull this "poor abbey" shit, void was a retard for sperging out at a kid but we all know given the chance abbey would quite literally wear her skin
I wonder if she's still trying to buy everything void had though.

No. 1562933

Big mad, guess something ITT struck a nerve. These people must live rent free in your head with how intensely you want to argue over attributing entire subcultures that existed prior to two retards in the US. If you want to be obtuse and say that those exact interests have never coexisted in someone's space or interests before is very telling of your experience with online subcultures. If you were born after 2000 it explains everything that could be said about your retardation. You all attribute things to your favorite niche microinfluencers due to your Pinterest and Instagram brainrot. Seethe more that people disagree with you.

No. 1562934

Never said Abbey was faultless I only pointed out that void acted like a cow over it when she could have just blocked the accounts and moved on. The other anons sound like her lackeys and they're autistically laser focused on arguing about how original and influential their nobody ass friends are.

No. 1562938

thought she did do that and Abbey kept circumventing? I don't fully remember, just feels like a lot of anons here sympathize with the late teens and some grown ass adults that want to ride the wave that, like it or not, nashi and ellie helped create. kind of like how before jillian/pixielocks became a DID freak a lot of kids started liking precure and party themed shit and anything she talked about.
the way some of the anons treat this even being hinted at being pointed out like it's cursed runes before your very eyes is freak behavior honestly, and getting upset or calling someone an Ellie/void dick sucker is more of a problem with whoever wants to care enough to have it kek

No. 1562943

b-but anon I'm not disagreeing I'm totally agreeing wtf? It's okie you're just gwumpy because u didn't eat all day, I have some rainbow cereal for u if you want it, also omg please tell me which accounts these arez I need more sprinklecore confetticore weirdcore creepycute voidcore mcdonaldscore hikineet inspo for mi feed

No. 1562949

File: 1655409946461.jpeg (12.21 KB, 450x450, images (1).jpeg)

>Genuinely getting this ass blasted at an anon making fun of your argument
>inb4 "Ellie and Void wk", "cope and seethe" etc.

No. 1562953

The amount of Ellie and Void wanna bes that are posting in this thread and very clearly getting heated at being called Ellie and Void wanna bes by anyone, even potential/obvious trolls, is highly amusing. Keep it up, ladies.

No. 1563008

I agree that all this shit is popular by itself but when you combine it together it's obvious these girls are just copying eachother.
Mcdonalds, bloody hand prints, confetti, laffey, typing like a retard, exact same horror/moe anime, sanrio, and whatever else they like to combine into it. It's very obvious they all get it from eachother.
There was no fucking such thing as "mcdonalds creepycute confetticore" before the main egirls in this thread found photos of japanese girls doing it 10+ years ago and decided to bring it to western social media. It's very telling that they all suddenly get into a piece of media at the exact same time as everyone else but also have "loved it forever" and drop it at the same time too.
Vo1d copied fc2thot menhera japanese girls and just added mcdonalds, Ellie copied vo1d and added confetti and laffey kinning, and that's it.
Wasn't a lot of the vo1d exposing done by gutturalsnug as well? A callout account posted screenshots of her sending her private caps of e-girls in kaliacc that she was friends with and shit. Ellie included lmao.

No. 1563015

pixielocks did not popuparize precure kek anime was a trend prior to void and ellie and prior to jills did larp. the amount of projecting and wking ITT is insane

to you freaks anyone liking pink and sanrio and something gory or horror is skinwalking which really just reflects the same behaviors youre slamming other adults for doing. funny how after a bunch of joiifuku fatties selfpost and drag ellie the attitude held in these threads prior just flipped from "these people are delusional narcs attributing everything to themselves, chimping out on people younger than them over nothing" to "um ackshully whether you lile it or not they started everything and youre sus selfposting hikineet clone if you disagree" very, very telling. be sure to @ sanrio and pillsbury and tell them to send theor checks to nashi and ellie right away for starting trends and boosting their sales kek bitches get 3k followers or go viral once and shit bricks about being a figure head for subcultures they ripped from japanese people yeats and years too late to be on trend anyway

No. 1563036

File: 1655414656039.jpg (140.11 KB, 359x394, e5a.jpg)

You need to calm down. Damn.

No. 1563052

ok anon i need you to do some deep breathing exercises to calm yourself down from your tism fit and then i want you to find where anyone said verbatim what the fuck you're talking about

No. 1563118

You can keep being condescending and avoiding my points but it won't change the facts. Just stating my observation of an attitude shift after the thread was clearly invaded by these cows. There is nothing false, bitter, angry, etc. about people saying the aesthetic existed before. Animecore tumblr cows from years ago had pastel hikineet mayura netrunner madoka magica sanrio uwu otaku rooms well before either of your favorites made their well known accounts. That's documented here and their blogs have been archived if you really want to fact check me. One of the cows still regularly brags about her hikineet room from 12 years ago being posted everywhere. If you look at the rooms, shocker, they have rare sanrio, k-on, little busters, etc. All things void apparently started a trend of liking….right. All void and subsequently Ellie did was bring what was already fading from popularity on blogs (fc2, tumblr, livejournal, livedoor) to instagram and pinterest where children ate it up. Those are literally the only people who cared or "skinwalk" them. I think the only exceptions that actually did stalk void and copy her exactly was virusdere/sonicarnage and Abbey which I totally will not even try to deny. They both display psycho levels of attachment and envy. I do not see anyone doing that to Ellie though. Only ever see some random teens in Mezzo Piano with Sugarbunnies plushes being posted like "she wants to wear her skin so bad omg her username has confetti in it". It's literally the same retarded behavior we clowned on two threads ago.
>breathe nonnie kek who hurt you
>is okie u can sit on mi stwabewwy couchies n pway wif dollies!!11
>which cow r u
>nigga i ain't readin all dat
>ur mad lol
>found the clone
>jannies ban the sperg

No. 1563140

You're right, but
> I do not see anyone doing that to Ellie though.
The mewkly girl seems to be pretty obsessed, she reminds me of virusdere but for Ellie
>One of the cows still regularly brags about her hikineet room from 12 years ago being posted everywhere. If you look at the rooms, shocker, they have rare sanrio, k-on, little busters, etc.
Are you talking about promnight1999 from the consoomers thread kek?

No. 1563156

You're not making any points here anon and you're looking like more of a sperg than anyone else here. You railing this hard against them and anyone saying they kick-started the skinwalking like this is bizarre.
Take your meds. Get therapy. Add that to your long "inb4 list" because you are clearly going through some shit.

No. 1563157

Yes. I used to follow Kei on tumblr to lurk for milk and she has posted about Ruby's room before they both have such an attitude about it too.

No. 1563165

File: 1655425631527.jpg (1.07 MB, 960x1600, MYXJ_20220616202621507_save.jp…)

oh for fucks sake lmao, you do realize those idiot teens and even some adults are the ones being talked about with the skinwalking here right? and you're blatantly admitting that's what they're doing here, which is what anons have been saying, right? god i feel genuinely so sorry for you if you are this braindead unironicaly outside of LC, holy shit.
one again, because you can't read apparently, show where anyone said anything you're quoting and that anyone arguing against you even politely sees these clowns as their favs. look me dead in the eyes and tell me this #mcdonaldscore shit, pic fucking related, has ZERO to do with void. go ahead. i'm waiting!

No. 1563166

Kei is just as bad as the cows in this thread it's hilarious how superior she thinks she is when her entire personality is the mayura kin from the animecore thread, her entire room looks like if you put the words 'animecore webcore pinterest' into an AI image generator and somehow made it more soulless and ugly. They both deserve to be posted a lot more but they're older they don't have many teenage vendetta-chans, which is what this thread runs on.
Is the middle pic vo1ds or is it tabbys? I remember when she got shit for copying vo1ds exact desk setup and made a long post about how shes
>leaving the mcdonaldscore community

No. 1563168

File: 1655426137120.png (729.25 KB, 507x796, bunnybitemark.PNG)

I still cannot fathom on how picrel gets 50k likes per post, voidcore girlies really have no standards.

No. 1563188


idk I think it's rather romantic to send a part of yourself to somebody in the mail

No. 1563293

It’s tabby’s desk. Also true kek this thread is a shitshow

No. 1563341

it's hard to tell because all of those rooms look the god damn same, and imo it's like a hydra…the head that was void got cut off and all the mcdonaldscore calves grew in its place kek
at this point I'm sure they all copy each other primarily. you'd be surprised though it's not just teens doing it

No. 1563409

This actually is ellie's acc you can actually see what hs she went to by looking at her following on that acc

No. 1563441

File: 1655441831398.png (94.84 KB, 438x322, IMG_2341.PNG)

It just got repetitive. There was no milk anymore, these girls will dry up soon too and there will be another flavor egirls posted in here.
Who cowtipped? It's already confirmed Ruby's friends lurk >>1523414 is one of her close friends, pretty sure Ruby has met up with this girl's boyfriend as well.

No. 1563442

Anyone else miss when this thread was babyfat bullying arisa and deadgirl licking toilets? Now it completely consists of literal who twitterfag McDonaldscore weebs who I'm not sure even qualify as egirls and who probably fit more in /w/. Inb4 I get accused of being one of them.

No. 1563443

My b I reposted nonnie

No. 1563461

File: 1655443252885.jpeg (834.51 KB, 1170x633, 1642210409960.jpeg)

It is Tabby, if you put it side by side it's so obvious.

No. 1563484

she's in and out of the psych ward like every other one of them because they have to go kawaii schizo desu so their parents will hand them 500 for feeling sorry for them, also wouldn't be surprised if she buys likes

No. 1563495

nonnie whether u like it or not, u have to admit that there is some creepy ass people who would literally move into ellies or voidchans room and BE THEM if they were given a chance. it is really incredibly obvious how much those two people specifically have influenced this retarded “aesthetic” and you literally see people owning every single item vo1dchan owned and positioning their rooms like her.

if you like to collect sanrio goods, it’s also seen when buying on secondhand sites like mercari or ebay. sugarbunnies bags and fucking tiny kids mother garden rucksacks go for hundreds, because it was POPULARISED by voidchan. it’s ok to admit that they made stuff popular and known kek

No. 1563511

I hope you are ready for either another foot long paragraph of sperging or maybe silence because anon got admitted

No. 1563515

they're expensive and have been because its 10+ year old deadstock + upcharging/importing not because some fat neet posted tumblr pics and got 4k notes KEK. even the other sanrio characters none of those types like go for an exorbitant amount. its about print run. the demand for y2k anything has been present in secondhand marketplaces for awhile, including anything sanrio. mother garden has been a known kids brand by people in jfashion especially the sweet/cute fashions. soooo kinda falls flat. sorry

No. 1563516

I do, I feel like the hikineet shitslinging is so disruptive it should just have a separate thread and be quarantined in /w/. This thread is bumped regularly for no good reason at all. At least old threads had anons that knew when the milk was dry.

No. 1563518

Maybe the animecore thread? It's kinda dead though.
A thread was already made but everyone agreed the hikkineet egirls fit in with this thread. >>>/snow/1183806
As a reseller, it's very obvious the rise just within the last year, at the beginning of the year I'd be lucky to get $30 on a sugarbunnies bag and now I'm getting at the very least $150 each. Its all just mother garden, sugarbunnies, usahana, or my melody. I tried to sell a pompompurin bag and got way less than I would on one of the more popular brands. And guess the profiles of the people who buy them? All the exact same. Bloody/pixelated anime girl pfp with mcdonalds logo, cringe username like voiddweller moehorror animecarnage or whatever the fuck.

No. 1563534

>charging 150 for a kids bag
How does it feel to be the kind of reseller everyone laughs at

No. 1563559

they'll probably reply with "making my money lol x" which I guess they are
but it sorta outs them as one of these weirdos too because they're all also "resellers" too, look at mewkly kek

No. 1563600

are you retarded? i bought a sugarbunnies rucksack in 2019 for 25€, they’re literally 10x the amount now

No. 1563629

yeah lmao it's like people can't understand or don't want to acknowledge that they're expensive as shit now because they saw these hikineets posting it
sugarbunnies and mother garden were liked before but teens wouldn't be trying to hoard them if they didn't see those room pics or the edits of them with bloody handprints kek

No. 1563718

NTA but weeb scalpers who know the culture but don't actively participate have been a thing forever, especially if they're located in asia and can snatch this stuff from physical stores. Used to be very common for girls who did SEA shopping service to learn what their customers liked and keep some stock to resell, back in the late 00s/early 10s when asian stores didn't ship overseas (or did ship but it was a nightmare to order).

I bet >>1563118 is an ancientfag too kek all this "these girls invented it!!!" gets really annoying when you've been into this shit since your early teens 10 years ago, even if it's true that they played a role in re-popularizing it

No. 1563739

They have but I guarantee you the ones talking about scalping sugarbunnies backpacks and also happen to be posting ITT are not those people
>I've been into mcdonaldscore weirdcore sugarbunnies and kids clothes way before all these teens!
idk if this is the flex you think it is anon

No. 1563833

I guess sanrio collectors and otaku did not exist until post voidchan. Sorry nonnie but she invented everything and made anime popular.
I highly doubt that. Are you all going to try and say you have been sugar bunnies and mother garden collectors for years so you can use your anecdotal evidence to prove voidchan and Ellie did everything first and inflated prices worldwide? Like do you realize how genuinely retarded you all sound? Get a life outside of Pinterest and instagram kek

No. 1563905

Nope, been selling sanrio shit since the tiktok boom, I feel no guilt over scamming retarded e-girls and spending that money on my husbando. There's also a lot of resellers in the consoom thread if you want to read that one, none of which are cows ITT
Sorry I raised the price on your bags though. The hype will probably die down within a couple years and they'll be cheaper but then again you'd probably be buying the other trendy shit I'd be reselling at that point so kek

No. 1563912

damn my inb4 was spot on
get your money ig, though not everyone pointing it out wants your musty childrens bags for any price

No. 1563914

point to where anyone itt said any of what you're saying anon, i dare you

maybe i'll start to take the "they actually did invent everything" and might just say that from now on because even not saying it gets you anti-ellie and void spergs so riled up so easily, so good job

No. 1564234

so… the last like two years? kek thats nothing. good on you for exposing your scam i guess. why do i get the feeling youre just like the egirls you scam

No. 1564252

Spend money on ur husband?? Does he not work lmfao

No. 1564289

Idk where you got ">I've been into mcdonaldscore weirdcore sugarbunnies and kids clothes way before all these teens!" from my post

And idk where you got "sanrio collectors and otaku did not exist until post voidchan" from my post either lol

No. 1564291

He's 2d, nonny. Why the fuck would I spend money on a real moid
also sage

No. 1564327

I like pink drinks, cake, desserts, kawaii stuff, weapons, guns, strawberry stuff, anime, and cute things but I'm not retarded or greasy or fat. The basic bitches are shitting up this thread.

No. 1564329

and I despise pedos and creeps too. Hate hate hate them.

No. 1564335

Im vegan btw

No. 1564336

No mcdonalds for me, only fatties eat fast food or sugar keg

No. 1564371

It's really sad that you can't eat in moderation. I'm sorry you don't know how to eat junk food without getting fat.

No. 1564403

I don't eat any junk food because its bad for you and causes insulin resistance and diabetes.

No. 1564404

You had time to delete this. Thanks for confirming everyone's suspicion that most posters ITT are just vo1d/ellie vendettas or superfans. Can't tell who it is though because you're all the exact same, so I guess that's one thing going for you.

No. 1564406

>muh basic bitches
>Exact same copy and paste interests every single girl being made fun of here has

No. 1564455

Weapons and guns were never mentioned before. Neither were desserts. I love all these things genuinely, I could care less who void and Ellie are.
I know nobody irl who likes these things.

No. 1564457

I liked these things before void and Ellie made them popular. I don't care for Hello Kitty or Mezzopiano though.

No. 1564482

yeah you totally liked guns and desserts before they were popular

No. 1564489

Who cares. I'm going to live my life and ignore all you crustacean bottom-dwellers. what difference does it make to you if someone likes cute stuff?
I'm a girl, it's not that deep. Girls like cute things!
I'm not one of the basic bitches that wears leggings, cardigans, and riding boots in various shades of black and tan and is caked in orange foundation.

No. 1564501

File: 1655521507995.png (44.75 KB, 300x215, shrek brp brp.png)

now this is cringeposting

No. 1564505

>reeeee whatever i'm going to live my life and ignore you bitches
>continues to fight for her life in the egirl thread on lolcow dot com

No. 1564520

>I'm not one of the basic bitches that wears leggings, cardigans, and riding boots in various shades of black and tan and is caked in orange foundation.

Kek anon pls

No. 1564572

>riding boots and leggings
Britfag detected kek.

No. 1564593

>girls like cute things!
>girls like pink! And kawaii stuff!
>And weapons and guns!
>I'm not retarded!
You sound like a whole troon, lmao

No. 1564625

No, I am a biological female

No. 1564629

File: 1655536821433.png (3.01 MB, 1808x1161, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 3.19…)

Petite_tomoyo on instagram. An absolute death fat. Look at those piggy hooves kek

No. 1564676

:( is she forty….(:()

No. 1564682

She also posts pictures of all the ~kawaii desu~ junk food (like cheap confetti cookies) and more she eats. Cringe.

No. 1564685

File: 1655542558962.png (1.45 MB, 1083x1151, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 4.54…)

Not-So-Petite Tomoyo's food

No. 1564687

File: 1655542582034.png (2.13 MB, 1364x1343, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 4.54…)


No. 1564688

File: 1655542610820.png (2.38 MB, 1322x1275, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 4.55…)

No. 1564689

File: 1655542687602.png (2.7 MB, 1388x1403, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 4.57…)

KEK he looks like a reddit neckbeard

No. 1564690

despite weighing as much as one, she doesn't really seem like a cow.

No. 1564691

this goes in /w/ in the lolita thread

No. 1564692

File: 1655542758006.png (2.07 MB, 1184x1076, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 4.58…)

No wonder she is fat, this is about 700-800 calories.

No. 1564693

these all arent the same room?

No. 1564694

Nope. All different people on instagram. They copy each other verbatim. Whatever one buys, the other will next day ship to post.

No. 1564696


so she eats a lot of empty carbs and sugar? what kind of work does she do to afford all the ita garbage though? when you're that size you're p limited.

No. 1564701

jesus fuck thats so depressing lmao, these girls have no sense of individuality

No. 1564703

is that really surprising, though? all these consoomer types find community by engaging with other weebs into the same lame shit.

No. 1564903

I don't doubt she stretches burando. I always remember back in the day when a girl posted to the livejournal EGL about cutting up two brand skirts and sewing them together to make a tent-sized one that would fit her. Fatties have no common sense and no consideration for others, if they did they wouldn't be fat.

No. 1564936

Rattle rattle

No. 1564965

Fat person eats a lot of food. Wow. Groundbreaking. Save this retarded garbage for edtwt. Nobody cares.

No. 1565046

God, the newfags are out in this thread. Can we just call this newfag containment at this point? If you really want a place to talk about fat lolitas with no milk just go to /cgl/ and find an ita thread, this girl gets mentioned there nonstop. Or, considering the contents of this thrad lately, you're probably an ita yourself wearing a bodyline skirt and too-tight mezzo piano tee, just make an edtwt. You'll fit right in.
This thread has always been bad but at least it was milky. Now this thread is just the actual milky girls coming in here and using this as a vendetta-post thread. Is it that fucking hard to make a groupchat for the sole purpose of shit-talking a la vo1dchan kek

No. 1565105

if they made a group chat they know they would be exposed like nashi and mado kek

No. 1565266

that sadakotheneet chick is up in the comments of every voidchan pic on pinterest shes so aggro and obsessed. literally look at any void pic on pinterest and youll see what i mean

No. 1565270

>>1552768 when you definitely don't kill your pets.

No. 1565291

I’ve never seen a pretty woman into the frilly Lolita fashion it’s always huge hammys

No. 1565292

This thread has just turned into a bunch of loser void wannabe chans self posting and calling each other copycats. Can this thread die already

No. 1565332

Pls God I hope they fuck off back to /w/ the past few threads have been even more cancerous than usual. Literally everyone posted here recently looks like a Jill/Confetti club orbiter, not even vaguely resembling an egirl. Next thread OP needs to bring back the thread description from the first few so underage vendetta-fags have no excuse.

No. 1565709

File: 1655648892736.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.61 KB, 826x1054, EF1EBFF0-BA69-44E6-9068-8A754D…)

strawbabydolly always saying “I age regress to cope with my trauma uwu” on her Instagram but on her “18+“ Tumblr she blatantly interacts with minors posting NSFW content and reblogs posts about kidnapping little girls. Yet another case of a woman who thinks she’s a child starting to become an actual pedo.

No. 1565712

File: 1655649015221.jpeg (Spoiler Image,149.57 KB, 827x844, 25D47790-CD2B-4906-970C-902662…)


No. 1565725

Not to mention that this fanart is about a brother and sister and that the artist is/draws disgusting tranny, incest and pedo porn

No. 1565749

Ew. I'm ashamed that I even know this, but the anime playing on the laptop is clearly supposed to be a scene from KissXSis, an incest anime.

No. 1565926

the eyeliner is so tragic. looking like a penguin's beak

No. 1566500

I'm pretty she buys replicas. I don't think japanese brands make dresses her size.

No. 1566708

See >>1564903, the dresses being 1/10th their size never stopped fatties. Stretching them to shit, making frankendresses, or just not zipping it up in the back are all things fatties regularly do. Someone who eats themselves to that size isn't gonna care, they're already used to stretching and ripping their own literal skin, why would they care about stretching and ripping some fabric?

No. 1567018

File: 1655752788079.jpeg (1019.31 KB, 1170x1811, E6FBEBB9-48DB-4F05-A7A1-CE8B4D…)

KEK why would you expose yourself like this

No. 1567031

i don't see whats being exposed except that she is a walking pinterest board of a person. i look forward to her gatekeeping blur filters and the color replace tool kek

No. 1567047

I think nonnie is pointing out that mado has man shoulders, and she clearly shoops them.

No. 1567245

She’s not fat but there’s still some very apparent shopping going on here. “New editing style” did you mean taking inches off your shoulders Chloe? Or was it the same overused egirl editing style that you’re going to try to claim as original? Cant wait to see her sperg over teenagers using blur filters kek

No. 1567262

She's actually pretty skinny considering she isn't an ana-chan too, she definitely edits her shoulders thinner though

No. 1567418

True, but the visceral way in which you wrote this can only mean one thing. Rattle rattle.

No. 1567466

I did write it viscerally but you got the cause backwards lol I'm normal but gained weight and don't fit as well in my dresses anymore so I'm doing the correct thing which is avoiding wearing them for the time being even if I'm not big enough to stretch them much. It pisses me off that these girls don't even try not to subject their dresses to torture, fitting into them is actually great motivation to get back in shape

sage for blog

No. 1567493

She has literally posted a video before about why she wears replica dresses

No. 1567761

File: 1655821486141.jpg (187.51 KB, 960x1308, MYXJ_20220621102137226_save.jp…)

I don't think anyone can really be blamed for making the connection (1/2)

No. 1567762

File: 1655821528947.jpg (4.09 MB, 2560x2560, 22-06-21-10-24-01-334_deco.jpg)

No. 1567766

What puzzles me the most about this shit is how the fuck do they keep all this clutter clean

No. 1567774

The setup is slightly different in each picture, so I'm thinking she spends two hours setting all that shit out and meticulously arranging it for a ~kawaii aesthetic picture~ only to throw most of it in a storage bin the second she's done taking photos.

No. 1567827

Clean everyday kek

No. 1567882

File: 1655831017977.jpg (60.28 KB, 622x617, b0ebe368ff38fc08d0b2f617a46574…)

voidchan not even a year before the otaku hikineet LARP. how has this not been posted… so original and true otaku!

No. 1567888

File: 1655831435864.jpg (539.88 KB, 768x1423, MYXJ_20220621130620417_save.jp…)

She'd get asks about it a lot on tellonym

No. 1567889

File: 1655831471641.jpg (691.33 KB, 960x1410, MYXJ_20220621130841317_save.jp…)

No. 1567975

Bet you anything it was Chloe and the rest of that group. They never stopped sperging about it they just hid it from public. Good for them for finally picking on people their own age I guess. How old is this?
That girl seems genuine with her interests when going through her Tumblr. Her fashion taste is 100% ripped from voidchan though. They really do look identical at first pass.
Link for anyone curious:

No. 1568029

File: 1655837973905.jpg (634.71 KB, 855x1575, MYXJ_20220621145802887_save.jp…)

She does seem to have her own interests but there's at least some inspiration there from voidchan, that with the way she dresses and takes outfit pictures can anyone really be blamed for thinking they're the same person or very similar? If she's been harassed about it in the past I can see why she'd react that way but still, if you have the awareness to talk about how your husband saw the similarities you can't entirely chalk it up to just being generic.

She did reply to the thread on IG and the speed in which she replied gives me the feeling she's posted here or lurks the thread very regularly.

No. 1568071

File: 1655839548947.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1988, foto-no-exif-4.png)

Her theme looks like the girltalk theme. I think she might actually be a lurker.

No. 1568107

Void was from Georgia or something, she wasn't Australian.

No. 1568123

File: 1655843146803.jpeg (846.87 KB, 1170x1578, 47F5E566-B35C-4166-A8EC-52E3B3…)


No. 1568127

For some reason, I get the funniest feeling that this woman selfposted to try and get attention. Kind of sad

No. 1568142

File: 1655845005758.jpg (870.27 KB, 2140x2160, 22-06-21-13-01-08-046_deco.jpg)

Found this funny tellonym reply when looking through the void stuff, everyone is just soooo jealous of her irl kek
she knew about this thread even before this anon sent this

No. 1568149

She must have. She barely has over 100 followers on instagram. Very pathetic kek.

No. 1568152

How retarded can this ugly cunt be? Your scrote husband is just going to do the same thing to you kek. And you'll deserve it. Hope your selfposting got you some of the attention he's been depriving you of.

No. 1568203

Yeah, those ugly jelly women who have to work JOBS instead of being a NEET lurking lolcow all day
I wouldn't be surprised if she's on of the people involved in that infighting autism about how void is super generic and that people who happen to start dressing like and arranging their room like her have been totally into it just as long or longer

No. 1568251

aw so she’s an nlog getting manipulated by some old gross scrote? and brags about it? honestly sad, and since she reads here.. you should be extremely embarrassed kek

No. 1568335

File: 1655857738730.jpg (461.75 KB, 1536x2048, Tumblr_l_296252491738389.jpg)

Kek Imagine bragging about being an upgrade when you look like this. Don't worry your husband will do the same to you then chase some other younger BPD-chan, especially if he's stupid enough to brag about it to you.

No. 1568344

Idek who this is because I came from recent images but goddamn she is ugly and bug like. If I looked like her I’d never post myself online and cry myself to sleep every night

No. 1568352

File: 1655859681520.jpeg (713.19 KB, 1170x3313, 91B85BD1-C824-4C19-A5B0-23712A…)

>>1559525 some are reaching closer towards self-awareness, but it’s so funny that the milady people found out the founder of their gay little cult is an infamous hitlerian Indian pedophile and they’re all like “woah… the vibe has shifted… like… okay… the vibe is like not good rn guys”

No. 1568353

"my husband left his whiny old hag ex wife for ME uwu a cute younger nerdy kewl girl teehee"
You lose em how you get em baby, don't have a breakdown when he leaves you for someone younger in the next few years

No. 1568358

File: 1655860207802.png (3.47 MB, 1920x1080, shitperson.png)


Deranged piece of shit person.

No. 1568366

I always find it so hard to understand when women like this post really weird/bitchy NLOG-ish things. Like, you of all people should know this isn't the way

No. 1568396

Why she kinda cute though

No. 1568446

This all seems like a selfpost to me. Literally what thing about her is unique or genuine kek? Because she posts about it on tumblr? Her room looks like all the others but with more merchandise.
She also copied some of voidchan's exact poses and outfits which is weird. Not virusdere tier yet though.

No. 1568448

File: 1655869925059.jpeg (Spoiler Image,69.62 KB, 222x275, lol.jpeg)

She kinda looks like picrel.

No. 1568462

Rip to a real one

No. 1568517

Every time this picture is shared another week is knocked off of my lifespan

No. 1568526

are you one of those fem!dano posting anons? kek

No. 1568531

It's like they don't realize that they too will be five years older in five years. I don't even know who her husband is, but he can't be hot shit since they're living in such an ugly basic everything house with a warped ceiling. Congrats to her that she gets to stay there all day, and put a hole in the resume she will have to pass around in a few years.

No. 1568663

Begging you to post actual milk about the infighting or to stfu and kys. If you're going to selfpost at least post something interesting instead of all the screenshots of benign tweets and gc messages

No. 1568848

F for those actual suicide attempt scars, hope she gets help but I'm not confident you can recover from that level of NLOG

No. 1568894

It's not a selfpost. She responded fast because she's a lurker and has been. It's blatantly obvious. She's posted caps from the /ot/ lolcow caps thread on her own Tumblr. If she was interested in gaining followers by self posting she wouldn't have removed 1k followers on Instagram which is what she did around two or three weeks ago. Had she not done that and had I not seen it, I would support the selfpost tinfoil. Doesn't make sense when you look at how she actively threw bigger numbers away. It's just people posting whatever to kill time between real milk. Its just child-level shit slinging born out of vendetta or boredom. I take back my vitriol towards the kaliaccers I'd kind of prefer those schizo tweet threads to watching you retards screech about someone's husband and ceiling KEK

No. 1568897

>I take back my vitriol towards the kaliaccers I'd kind of prefer those schizo tweet threads to watching you retards screech about someone's husband and ceiling KEK
Stop lying lol

No. 1568910

NTA but i think shes joking trying to say the milk is dry and this thread is nothing but nitpicks about nobodies. i agree with it being nothing but vendetta posts. it started with that brainrotchan girl and then everyone took turns posting their personal least favorite literal whos and calling them fat uggos. like, theres nothing going on even these people you post arent doing anything theyre all boring and look the same. may as well merge this thread with the personal lolcows one (none of you would ever post these people there though cause you know theres no milk and youd get dragged for being vendettachans kek) mods need to lock this shit hole or auto sage it its been drawn out too long. hikineet girls literally destroyed this thread and made it about themselves like anyone cares

No. 1568912

This is disgusting. He couldnt be more offensive if he tried honestly. Why are they allowed to act like this again?

No. 1568917

File: 1655917229832.jpeg (843.53 KB, 3464x3464, 215A7CC6-35C9-416E-B07F-AD325D…)

Creepyhoarder/ellie really has the nerve to charge 20-35 dollars for the shittiest most basic stiff posed unshaded art in the world just because she’s popular among retarded teenage girls who will buy it anyway just because she’s a void clone lmao

No. 1568927

I have played garbage bootleg Barbie dress up games on the sketchiest websites ever with character models that still looked better than this. People will gas up any art no matter how bad it is so long as they want to be liked by the artist. It's kind of sad they're just lying to her saying it's great. She's never going to grow or feel motivated to work harder because everyone is just yelling "Ellie you're so perfect! Your art is amazing omg you are like literally goalz!! I want to be like you omfgz" on top of her being a spoiled brat.

No. 1569030

Her art is so stiff. I know this isn't an art thread but there's like no life in her art, they have no life to them. Are they traced??

No. 1569048

Honestly, it almost looks as if she takes photos of herself doing these poses and traces over them really poorly. Every drawing has the same exact ana body she has. There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner at art, but her actually opening commissions when she’s at this skill level is just embarrassing. Especially with this pricing, 20 dollars for shoulders up? Her lineart is ugly and muddy and she doesn’t shade at all. It looks like everything she produces could be done in under 30 minutes, and that’s generous. But >>1568927 is right she won’t try improving or learning anything at all because her following will coddle her and delude her into thinking her middle school tier art is good.

No. 1569060

Yeah you're right, they all have that lanky look kek. She might be doing that or tracing over thinspo photos. Like why the fuck is Kanna, a very short chubby little girl, looking like a 5'6 90 lb anachan.

No. 1569065

File: 1655926884957.jpg (71.37 KB, 600x878, 18cca620d1a4ea2ddebecd8335d073…)

Here's kanna, the girl in the middle she drew for those who have no idea what I'm talking about

No. 1569107

Why would you have known about this person two or three weeks ago? Just who is this, and how are they relevant online? 1k followers isn't exactly remarkable. Not going to "hi cow", but if it is, maybe don't be so obvious for someone who obviously doesn't want to look like a newfag

No. 1569147

>not to hi cow
>does exactly that over someone who nobody has provided cow behavior of and nobody even cares about
>condescends over newfaggotry
The undiluted retardation of this thread summed up in one post. Why haven't jannies nuked this shit thread yet? Go back to Instagram or wherever you crawled out of.

No. 1569233

these look just like those free online avatar creators that i used when i was in middle school lmfao

No. 1569271

Why are you seething so hard? No one who actually comes here would be triggered by anything I said. I'm the one from Instagram, but you're claiming this person no one's heard of totally didn't selfpost at random? Fucking kek
This thread's been shit for a while because of people posting their friends and then getting mad when whatever gay ops they've been trying to do turn left. It won't get nuked, but it'll probably die off because of the milklessness and obvious attention whoring from posters like you lmao. Have fun changing your username(s) and hoping everyone forgets about this embarrassing shit. At least the kaliacc sperging enabled us to laugh at browncels being racist and the gormless pick-mes slobbering over them for e-clout, this "Omg have you guys heard of voidkawaiiconfetticlone69??? totally not me btw" and then infighting over who's copying who is garbage

No. 1569287

File: 1655946492208.png (145.56 KB, 1200x630, ogp_1200x630.png)

I'm like 80% sure she either traces or heavily references from the Charat creators, at least for the first one's style.

No. 1569373

File: 1655955997981.jpeg (93.93 KB, 444x852, F4C0CE9D-972E-4A85-AAA9-913388…)

Soph Vanderbilt got fat and left the racist proana cult

No. 1569376

I get the funniest feeling that all these boring confetti club looking retards are self posts. Who fucking cares or even knows who any of these cunts are let alone find them entertaining kek?

No. 1569377

No. 1569381

>Doesn't realise the irony of their own post history
The undiluted retardation of this thread summed up in one anonn

No. 1569454

Take your meds, your family is worried about you.

No. 1569485

Not gonna lie, reading a post like this is kind of saddening after seeing the arms in >>1568335. Whatever you're dealing with, this shit definitely isn't helping you

No. 1569495

File: 1655963811632.png (350.04 KB, 598x539, 6d0c7bb95f1e938b394493b8c858d2…)

one year ago when she says she stopped associating with remilia she was skinny so youre right

No. 1569649

File: 1655977552255.png (771.64 KB, 444x881, fat0011.png)

the socialite larp is wide now she doesn't pass remilia BMI check anymore. she's coming out of the woodworks to say she was also taken advantage of by that group and had body dysmorphia. her ex friends would say thats not body dysmorphia you just correctly identified that you are fat, this is what happens when you reject the infinite beacon of hope love and light that is milady. sophia vanderbilt is no longer a harem queen she has fallen from grace to status of a circus animal on the soy side of history

No. 1569655

Kill yourself already

No. 1569673

File: 1655982053811.jpg (405.32 KB, 1138x759, awristocracy.jpg)

>>1569655 you are remilia proana propaganda in a before and after.abandoning milady cured your sacred wrist complex: it is become invisible becuase theres a layer of fat covering it. you are but a former awristocrat of the soul you must beg the patroness saint of the wired, her highness technodeity for mercy and repent at once(schizo posting)

No. 1569750

>patroness saint of the wired, her highness technodeity
>actually an ugly pajeet failson desperately self- and seetheposting to lolcow to try and inflict a final modicum of psychic damage and get a little bit of attention before he inevitably ends up dead in a ditch a week from now at the hands of a pissed off actually manly cryptobro


No. 1569955

post the infighting caps or gtfo. plenty of pics of fat women on this board, nobody but you cares about the ones of ex miya orbiters

No. 1570030

this literally is ellies acc

No. 1570152


No. 1570262

are those vertical cuts? maybe you shouldve tried harder baby
she kinda looks like that ugly ass groyper girl with the perpetually greasy bangs and huge nose

No. 1570432

Don't a-log but kek I noticed that too. She cut way too far up.
you're supposed to start from the very top of your wrist
She probably just did it to show she's not like those other stupid girl cutters! She's sooper severe because she went vertical. Most cutters don't do it to die and are just attention whores looking to outdo eachother, suicide attemp scars are much larger and blatant.

No. 1570453

Her numerous fat rolls repulse me. Disgusting uggo

No. 1570468

File: 1656046552173.jpeg (Spoiler Image,664.17 KB, 828x1259, C3E2CBE4-0B60-49A5-B81A-9D5F9B…)

not surprised ellie is a belle fan, the faces she makes in her selfies and her pink kawaii animu girl persona gives off slight skinwalker

No. 1570563

That didn't last long. She's already deactivated again. I guess people must have been calling her out for the new face.

No. 1570653

who tf is that

No. 1570670

File: 1656076580751.png (82.53 KB, 596x769, ea69ea4588167245fe6bc9764bc9ec…)

infighting caps, soph posted: BTW if you think im joking about the lawsuit im not https://twitter.com/alivegirl001101/status/1533677038615273478 our lawyer talk is now pertaining to you
https://twitter.com/alivegirl001101/status/1539351311166078976 , inb4 your honor they like totally stole my vibe i didnt know it was groomer nazis

No. 1570977

Ellie's just a fan of every popular egirl, mushes different parts of them together and then calls it her "personality" Many such cases!
Soren Hayes

No. 1571179


the Justin Murphy podcast where he’s interviewing soph and keeps asking her about Miya and repeatedly asking her how much money she makes from milady is so funny and weird lol. this was from March. no idea why she expects anybody to believe she cut ties a year ago, or in November, this is disingenuous.


No. 1571182

File: 1656120286214.jpg (Spoiler Image,342.84 KB, 2048x1154, 1604550454149.jpg)


milk from back when she was @praxisbaby02, before it got taken over and converted into @remiliacorp which has subsequently been wiped–another nyabeat situation? who knows

No. 1571192

What is up with nonnies not spoilering today??

No. 1571196


ugly moonface whore sells dignity to shill shitcoin scam for 5'6" manlet pedophile loser. sad!

No. 1571257

Whole site is crawling with summerfags

No. 1571278

The kaliacc faggots never spoiler and rarely sage because they're bumping the thread for attention. Never get banned either.

No. 1571821

>>1540036 mMMMmhhhHhh… slack and limpid prose……. larping as a artist in CURRENT yr….MMMMHhh…FUCK….and her acne-scarred flat ASIAN face like the MOON…. and I'll be the first to set foot on those MOON-CHEEKS………those bushy and manly eyebrows….BROWN turd eyes…pale death-tinged lips…..BIG nostrils…..FUCK I wanna cum on and inside every single place….then her hair in a tight BUN and eating strawberry but not TOO slutty…..she's just so proud……..MHHHhhMmmmMmMMMM…. god letting me smell that WEIRD Asian pussy……….MPGHGHMMHhhHMPHhhHhHHh……….yeah that's just like Vietnamese hoisin FISH sauce but pungent(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1571985

File: 1656191981346.jpg (244.02 KB, 1170x1353, 7EF91CAC-B9EA-488D-ADF5-17B72B…)

>>1536632 so true bestie

No. 1573323

>>1511301 Always some weird auto-pedophile going "Girls are like children" spiritually unwell woman child

No. 1573355

No. 1573627

File: 1656344725306.jpg (210.76 KB, 2049x1128, 55120735-950F-4131-A40A-305093…)

It was recorded October 16th but posted in March the other egirl in the podcast talking is Allison Jenkins they met up at urbit in Austin but Allison didnt show her face. Soph is wearing the same outfit there before she put on more pounds and left Remilia, they could have cut ties in November after it was recorded.
Emma Salinas was at urbit but not representing Remilia in the podcast, they said they were sent there by another entity and theyre talking about Charlotte Fang. Out of these Remilia egirls the ones backing it the most try but fail to stay anonymous, if they back and represent the racist groomer art collective they should do it out in the open loud and proud

No. 1573704


Groomed into anorexia of the mind and bulimia of the spirit.

Lol don't do the "don't attack me for who I associate with I'm just a teenager" routine if you're a twenty-something adult who has inserted yourself into the Discourse as an opinion-giver. Also if the person you're associating with is an accused pedophile, then maybe people are right to be concerned that you–a self admitted teenager–are associating with them? Either way, it's a legitimate source of concern.

The hat's gadget continues to spin; this air's friction won't stop it for some time.

No. 1574456

i just found this place. what is the point of this shit, are you all jealous women or something?(no, this is patrick)

No. 1574548

i wonder if soph and allison are even still associated with each other, especially because the latter recently began including remilia in her twitter bio while the former had said something about a lawsuit regarding remilia/charlotte fang/whatever

No. 1574702

File: 1656440161072.jpeg (447.4 KB, 1170x954, 7FB85165-62E2-450A-A7C1-870EE7…)


They are no longer mutuals and she replied to the tweet shared earlier >>1570670 (picrel) with a lot of projection and little self-awareness typical her coke-addled brain that the grown ass-men she prostitutes herself to online for validation and attention (>>1536579 >>1536733) spend their time grooming and harassing young women and girls on twitter. There is no art in sending little girls text messages or in your online boyfriend messaging other peoples' wives and girlfriends. Just demonic.

No. 1574723

bizarre behavior. on her previous twitter accounts her whole shtick was defending/protecting vulnerable and abused women, seeing as she deemed herself one, so it's a bit weird that she did a complete 180 to try and fit in with the edgy kaliacc crowd

No. 1576274

File: 1656571010925.jpg (167.46 KB, 1063x900, 40somethingyearoldman.jpg)


mid 40s cretin shares his thoughts on "the beautiful e-girls of the 2020s".

His whole persona is a calculated project to be gossiped about or elided in The Cut magazine, but it is funny to think how pathetic it is that a grown man in his mid 40s makes it part of his art project to pretend to be a a girl less than half his age.

No. 1576295

Absolutely ridiculous that not enough people consider who they're interacting with behind a screen. Miya/Charlie Fang is a feminine looking 5'2 Indian manlet. The doxx was known to at least Soph, but she chose to ignore it. How do you not expect subhuman acts from a subhuman "person". Lmao.

No. 1576326

Jesus this is so gross lmao this soyfaced little nerd sitting in his nasty basement jerking off while typing an essay about how much he likes this girl I am vomit

No. 1577102

File: 1656629423507.jpg (279.39 KB, 1496x900, guavault(1).jpg)


On the left is Allison Jenkins aka @liquidityangel who has since removed the Remilia affiliation from her bio once it was discussed here, but is preserved for posterity here: https://spoonbill.io/twitter/data/liquidityangel/

In the middle is Emma Salinas aka @guavault, a middling grifter hack designer who founded the “Gen Z Mafia” grift before moving along to Human Experience Engineer for the Yayo shitcoin scam and posting tummy to be appraised by a degenerate Melbourne corporate lawyer (@hot_domme/jamesliao333) and “associate” to the manlet pedophile Kurabbu (@cancer_baby69/tinyangel777/milady_cartel/llilithxb9/friendly1111111/etc) (>>1571985 >>1536632 >>1514324)

No. 1577168

File: 1656635391133.png (1.48 MB, 1600x900, rohit.png)


Always a rodent physiognomy behind the screen with a receding hairline and bad teeth.

Here’s the archived thread revealing Miya/Sonya/Charlie's identity as Rohit Okhandiar: https://web.archive.org/web/20220614203219/https://twitter.com/Milady_Watch/status/1535809301964521473

No. 1577231

File: 1656640936677.jpg (81.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>>1577102 >>1573627

Some These Miladys Did NOT Beat The Mid Allegationz

No. 1578482

File: 1656752473559.jpg (226.85 KB, 1600x900, kubbu.jpg)

>>1536733 >>1574702

Hi Allie, did your pedophile friend Kurabbu ever get back to you? Did you have to send tummy or are you too old for that?

No. 1578486

File: 1656753377123.jpg (146.12 KB, 640x640, malady.jpg)


This is "Milady Sonora" out of New Zealand, another cretin like his friend Rohit that likes to talk to little girls online.

When these women prostitute themselves spiritually and financially online for mentally unwell pedophiles and psychopaths remember these doughy jawlines, thinning hairlines, crooked teeth, dead bug eyes of little goblin men.

No. 1578696


do u guys know if the kurabbu doxx is actually real?
i actually have the video shown in the tweet but i thought it was just false doxx until now. cuz miya/sonya also got "doxxed" several times but only the last one that was pushed by his kaliacc ex-friends was real as it turned out…

No. 1579046

I know dead9irl is irrelevant at this point but PLEASE look at what I stumbled across


She was an actor in this weird short film, just shows more of how much she photoshopped herself. I would’ve posted this in an older thread where she was talked about more but yanno

No. 1579075

Holy fuck 1:28 KEK

No. 1579358

computer mommy in bio kek, her claim to fame is being in a NYT article for setting up a discord server and complaining about elitism and exclusivity in silicon valley but she loves the elitist high caste pajeet. it's giving run of the mill cyber whore groupies with 1337 in bio, 0 real technical proficiency but high proficiency in simping tech scrotes

No. 1579383

LTCorbis made a video on Kaliacc/Milady Maker kek, I don't like her much but this is a pretty good video covering all of this Kaliacc shit. I wouldn't be surprised if she lurks this thread considering kali shit keeps being posted here

No. 1579606

errhmm actually haf is not trashman that's misinformation, most of this video is not true !

No. 1579723

This is why I feel bad for impressionable teens on the internet, take one wrong turn and they end up in a nazi sex cult run by a hideous pajeet loser they’d run screaming away from if he approached them in a mall.

No. 1579920

File: 1656904543724.jpeg (173.48 KB, 1170x877, 0187C2A7-1BD3-4D7F-862B-65B0F2…)


she is an insane drug-addled loser who hangs around an " art collective " despite producing no art or even noteworthy shitposting of her own. a disingenuous, degenerate hack that enables abusive, psychotic people for her own validation from bottom of the barrel schizophrenic pedophiles. too bad Allie couldn't starve away her grotesque nose by spending her time online in anorexic grooming cult, but maybe she thinks the coke helps–at least to dissociate from her pathetic life, for a bit.

No. 1580148

He looks like a brazilian man from the northeast kek

No. 1580478

No. 1580500

nice selfpost retard

No. 1580540

File: 1656979498390.jpeg (163.87 KB, 410x640, B2C113AB-5185-4EB5-B3BB-806693…)

sage for relevancy prob. was told this would be best post from the tiktok general. Kiley is a failed cutesy tiktok e-girl turned bladee 4chan wannab gf that posts about guns,schizoposting,making fun of other rtards her age calling neopronouns cringe (hot take) and appealing to "the boys"

Potential Milk
>self proclaimed "half-jewish"
>fangurl of elliot rodger
>always talking about how uwu short she is mentioning she's 4'10 to her simps
>ran a racist discord server filled with only men either her age or older (bianca devins in the making)
>really wants to be noticed by pol/4chan in general despite having a bf irl
>"i'd never show my nude body to a stranger!!1!" push up bra or forced cleavage showing in almost every vid
>claims to have a good social life despite spending all her time obsessing over 4chan and guns
>advocates for "wasian rep"
>"guys i'm not pick me bc pick me means you bring down other girls and i don't do that" majority of her fanbase is guys, mentions her smol uwu height and chronically online interests
>ex alt tiktok e girl that had kins and gay pride flag in her room
>shows family members on social media
>https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdnMkFmW/?k=1 uwu voice to get more attention from the simps

No. 1580545

File: 1656979963368.jpeg (244.79 KB, 788x1304, 4A8A9CAE-D11B-4D70-A77D-8F1DA8…)

samefag but her using any excuse to show off her uwu smol height and weight is hilarious even at some joke that wasn't supposed to taken seriously she has to show off how tiny she is kek

No. 1580546

>lame ass ID card
Can she not drive? Or would she need a booster seat?

No. 1580555

File: 1656981335601.jpg (790.88 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20220704-193415_Twi…)

>this person calls themselves a femcel
>retweets patrick bateman and joker shit constantly
>simps in the comments
If these girls are posers, why don't they pose for people who aren't fucking losers?

No. 1580562

File: 1656982193965.jpeg (176.23 KB, 607x1212, 9F2C1F45-4C0A-4B03-993A-927731…)

and ah yes bc calling someone asian and telling them to shut up is racist. isn't this the same girl that brags about going on r9k and pol making it her entire personality? kek

No. 1580578

Is this the same broad who bragged about her shitty moid leaving his most likely age appropriate wife for her, a younger kewl girl?
I'm sorry these people all look the fucking same!

No. 1581049

File: 1657042947764.png (980.63 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20220705-103705.png)

Is 'max' still here? Kek she posted this and it's interesting especially considering how vocally anons ITT were dismissing the kaliacc posters. The animecore thread died so this seems like the next thread she would hop to since her sworn enemies selfpost here/are posted here. Would not be surprised if it was her sperging about kaliacc since she can't stalk pc9801/Kei or whatever her name is anymore. Just when she says she's done with being stalked and victimized online she has to hop on one of her trillions of tumblrs to cry about mistreatment, grooming, etc.

No. 1581084

File: 1657045787579.png (38.83 KB, 778x557, vd.png)

Kek, it's gone now. Rohit/Krishna must be shitting his pants. Funny reaction from a guy who's bragged about doing this sort of thing to other people, including blackmailing young girls. Also proves that the things said in the video weren't "lies"
Hope that clip gets reuploaded on a site that won't cuck out, now I wish I downloaded it when I had the chance

No. 1581188

You can lie on your ID, blogpost but my brother has his 4 inches higher than he actually is KEK.
Post it in the animecore thread on /w/

No. 1581209

Holy shit the 2020 pic with the pride flag and alt makeup lol. Obvious poser newfag who just discovered 4chan last year and wants to feel different. Why can't these girls just be themselves instead of pandering to fat greasy incels (who also hate them)

No. 1581258

No, it's the TikTok girl from >>1580540 retard. Learn2read.

No. 1581381

File: 1657065694350.png (223.73 KB, 593x462, Capture.PNG)

You guessed it nonnie, kek here's the link to the reupload but hopefully it'll be reinstated. https://censored.tv/watch/shows/soph/episode/milady-maker-the-groomer-nft-that-made-millions

No. 1581669

>reading the egirl thread when it's unreadable and full of self posters

No. 1581736

It's not hard to keep up with also you're so witty and funny nonnie

No. 1581750

no YOU'RE so funny and witty

No. 1581869


they're possessed by demons, zero moral or spiritual spine.

No. 1581927

Just watched it through, and of course she found connections to the ONA. Of course. They pop up in all these little esoteric online pedo cults. No wonder the Remilia people are desperate to take it down kek

No. 1581937

File: 1657134887821.jpg (210.08 KB, 1600x900, kubbu.jpg)


It is real, he even posted this conversation himself—see attached with archive.org URL included.

He posted screenshots from this conversation of him grooming, harassing, and soliciting lewd photos from a 17 year old girl on his own twitter because he is a sick freak that posts photos from girls he talks to online on his Instagram and on imageboards like 4chan, e.g., >>1536632

He is a 5’6” ugly schizophrenic pedophile goblin who is impotent and incompetent and takes it out by harassing little girls online, posting racist speech including infanticide of black children, posting about rape and sexual assault, etc. He is a vile, ugly disgusting creature.

She had talked with him enough for him to miss her, and her doxx of him is corroborated by some facts he has shared over the years (from Idaho/Montana area, grad student in biology, his name is Thomas which he has gone by Tommy on twitter and the “Kurabbu spin-off harem” referenced by Miya in the leaks, etc.)

No. 1581951

File: 1657135357065.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900, tommy-2.png)


You have seen Jonty. You have seen Rohit. Does anything about Tommy's physiognomy strike out at you?

No. 1581974

Bullshit, Rohit got facedoxxed > a year ago. This reads like you’re trying to muddy the waters, wonder why?

No. 1582112

File: 1657145085183.jpeg (753.12 KB, 828x1224, 88060FD4-05AF-48E1-86D2-52113A…)

in ellie’s latest instagram post is that a literal pacifier on the bottom shelf of all her shit?

No. 1582124

Yup think so, one of those decoden ddlg muy kawaii ones kek

No. 1582266

File: 1657154401744.png (91.58 KB, 1190x506, lol.png)


Hate it when I shill for pedophiles online and then the
thought of my mothers disapproval haunts me at night

No. 1582302

File: 1657156747016.jpg (112.39 KB, 500x667, LMFAO.jpg)

This is her husband KEK

No. 1582314

>ginger male
these NLOGs stay losing.

No. 1582325

File: 1657158742183.jpg (227.19 KB, 1321x900, laurachenchong.jpg)


Laura Chen Chong is a disgusting pedopandering freak

No. 1582329

oh HELL NAW. Ik she was on that loli shit but oh my god???

No. 1582330

File: 1657159085699.jpeg (191.1 KB, 828x1713, 342EB795-C850-4F5C-BD00-9A7D30…)

Sugarwheels did Ellie dirty asf posting this pic of her, she def did that on purpose

Anyways god why is her face so unfortunate

No. 1582336

her bangs jesus christ

No. 1582382

>The ginger eyebrows poking through

No. 1582422

File: 1657166539294.jpg (646.03 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20220707-135811__01…)

You know how there's been a running tinfoil that angel whatever the fuck is a troon since the first thread? Are we definitely sure that's newfags or unsaged hyperbole because apparently her friend next to her is a troon and it manages to look infinitely more feminine

No. 1582491


the scene has several known doxxers orbiting around it, such as katherine default account dee / justin murphy with their prior "dating service" signup, honor levy's self-posting on imageboards and gossip, some collecting names and addresses of others to be pen pals, and the intersection with the physical NY art scene by hosting actual events made doxxing inevitable.

on the other hand the inescapable narcissism of doing things like being on a podcast like soph and allie, sharing a gofundme with your real name like emma, reusing poetry and other writing on facebook like rohit, including a tweet using your known pseudonym to harass and threaten like laura, using the same pseudonyms like kurabbu/himi/secret with each account despite being outed as a pedophile, etc.

these are not elite wired kommandos–they are genuinely stupid

No. 1582500

File: 1657175607834.jpeg (394.47 KB, 2500x1603, 3C185CD2-C97A-42B1-9692-1D7A26…)


this peasant rice farmer uncanny resemblance chinese toad !!

when u have looks like this who wouldn't send tummy and cunny to psychotic pedophiles ??

No. 1583136

when i initially saw douxfairy's channel i thought it was cool. i'm into fashion myself and i really liked the way she dressed, her obsession with pink, and her body type. It was all very similar to things i like or how i like to express myself. But, she's really started to put a bad taste in my mouth. At this point every time she says the word 'cute' im so much closer to swallowing bleach. and why does she buy clothes so much and from fast fashion at that. this is her second video on buying her DREAM wardrobe and it's the fucking same as her last one. and then she makes videos on thrifting but can spend $200 on clothes in one go and buy NakedWolfe boots for $300 plus tax and shipping? is she a trust fund baby? she literally looks like she's never done work in her life. i cannot stand influencers who only showcase, reinforce and promote bad habits.

No. 1583138

>>1582325 gross

No. 1583157

So every influencer lmao?

No. 1583484


do you have any other proof that this is really kurabbu or did u just infer it from the chat leaks and the information on the FB page?

because why did he leave his FB up when he got doxxed in feb2021? rohit's FB from the kaliacc doxx in oct2020 is also still up but there's barely anything on there, not even his real name.

but with kurabbu there is literally everything on it

No. 1583512

Overconsumption is gross but not out of the norm and spending a lot of money is only a bad habit if you cannot afford to. It may not be fair but a lot of people live easier lives that the ordinary working class person and that in itself is not a crime.

No. 1583707

both the tweet and the archive are gone, does anyone have screenshots?

No. 1583710

File: 1657316794429.png (497.69 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

No. 1583796


Pathetic. We already know what's on his hard drive. Look under his floorboards and in his crawl space.

No. 1584190

File: 1657386147881.jpg (51.48 KB, 720x534, 1632101778883.jpg)


She fits in–she's a pathological liar self-hating photoshop abomination who panders to 4chan schizos with a balding deranged schizophrenic pedophile husband herself.

Any recent milk on her besides the spending her time around around racists, schizophrenics, scam artists, and pedophiles instead of looking after her children who were born prematurely because contra pedopandering sycophant Ula in >>1536506 these women have been groomed into harming their bodies and the health of their children.

No. 1584483

Sage your shit and try to conceal your typing style. It's so obvious you're the same anon spamming kaliacc shit throughout these threads.

No. 1584485

They're doing that to shit up threads on purpose.

No. 1584505

File: 1657415440039.jpeg (853.85 KB, 1170x2532, F6002C4A-6167-42D9-B3C3-80147E…)

No. 1585127

File: 1657493370682.jpeg (36.97 KB, 640x1138, 555E6E39-CD9D-4E75-981D-248CD1…)

Ellie says she’s taking a break, wonder if she’ll come back in a few days or actually commit to it kek

No. 1585231

She'll be back in a week. Her room, her style, her fabricated interests, her entire life is centered around the internet and approval from teenage vo1d calves. She won't know who she is without it kek.

No. 1585789

having a hard time because her parents are begging her to actually eat something besides the confetti shit she purges
or they told her she has to actually contribute some of her starbucks anime hoard funds to bills since she's 18 now

No. 1585790

No. 1586041

or her boyfriend left her and now she's panicking about where she's gonna get the adderall to keep her weight down lel.

No. 1587465

File: 1657746934024.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6169.png)

the fact that she came back a day after posting this is embarrassing

No. 1587481

File: 1657749180648.jpeg (126.39 KB, 828x916, 0C85E07B-B15E-4961-BC26-F2DB5D…)

do any of these people have an original personality at all lol

No. 1587783

The cows discussed in this thread wished they were as unhinged and interesting to read about as Soren (rip)

No. 1588325

File: 1657847940124.jpg (97 KB, 1600x900, lawyer.jpg)


rohit scrambling to have his cult of delusional ana retard autopedophiles delete the anti-semitic tweets rn he has sal Rubenstein on the line to beat the allegations

No. 1588358

File: 1657852116998.jpeg (112.44 KB, 1170x869, 99C11601-3F92-469F-9B62-BB4115…)


lol shouty midget nonce gone after changing his handle every day.

allie's gone private and changed her handle.

what happened to posting through it.

No. 1588375

god i fucking hate seeing this bitch(sage your shit)

No. 1588477

File: 1657865603710.png (20.39 KB, 820x298, tubby.PNG)

LOL at wikidere trying to join anti-animecore clubs on myfigurecollection. i like how she put that she was cancelled by animecore and tried to insinuate it was for liking nsfw media and not for recreating vo1dfat's entire setup and tracing her art. for those of you who get confused because these girls are all the same she is >>>/snow/1396701
her room comparison to vo1d's gets posted quite a bit too

No. 1588480

she also doesn't realize this club was made by an incel (>>1525925 this girls' bf actually) and an oldfag weeb troon to make fun of zoomers, there are dozens of them in the comments submitting their "applications" to get into the club but none are getting accepted kek, pretty sure it's for their friend group only as well which makes it even funnier.

No. 1588519


it's over for miltards

No. 1588522

Why do you have loli shit on your phone, freak. Mad your little club got made fun of? kek

No. 1588801

>no support to the bush here
Is she talking about pubic hair? I'm so confused without the context of what shes responding to. I don't have a my figure collection account can someone link or post the full post?

No. 1588841

topless loli as the banner, just a warning.

No. 1588862

File: 1657912742734.jpeg (4.17 MB, 1500x3275, D12FA7E9-F3A8-4FE2-9C8C-B85DDE…)

ellie can NOT be for real with this shit

No. 1588882

File: 1657913798413.png (Spoiler Image,3.35 MB, 2573x1708, 26F5BDBC-85E6-4CA7-9C9D-E2679A…)

Based esoteric twitter couple's daily chats, Allison reminding her homoerotic boyfriend that if a brown female has a preference for white males it means she's jealous of blonde white females, a comment he loves given his own propensity to bring up how brown girls are jealous of blondes, they're a match made in racist twitter user heaven. Homie hopper Allison slid in her bfs dms when he was still in another relationship and tracked him down until he was single. Now she asks him to follow females who dress modestly even though she posts half naked pictures of her inverse triangle body, but the blonde girls her bf simps for aren't shaped like that. When you're a sex pest online to underage girls and make weird comments about asian women but you've got anorexic females to represent you, she's got it covered.

No. 1588931


is "she" tucking?

No. 1588950

kek the dorito face and bug eyes why does she bother anymore

No. 1588968

Genuinely why is she always making ugly faces, even in her latest stories she looks so weird. She used to look normal on her tik tok account awhile ago.

No. 1589010

Kek she's hideous. Looks like adam lanza in a wig

No. 1589083

The editing on that body pic, KEK. She's not even skinny herself.

No. 1589105


shame she can't starve those jowls away. she seemed bummed that the pedophile kubbu didn't call her back (>>1536733) but he seemed more than eager to message a 17 year old girl threats (>>1514324) to put her head in a toilet bowl, a slap to the face very hard. punched in the stomach. a baseball bat down her throat. punched in the face and thrown through a glass cabinet. do you think this would help Allie with her condition?

btw maybe she went private because her account and her pedophile bf and friends were among those subpoenaed for stalking, harassment, doxxing and threatening a child with this shitbag freak (>