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File: 1711645577743.jpeg (118.39 KB, 853x895, IMG_0944.jpeg)

No. 1941872[Reply]

This thread is to discuss your grievances with gender ideology.

>What is gender ideology?

Foundational to transgenderism, gender ideology is the belief that one’s “internal gender” can contradict one’s biological sex.

Gender ideology operates much like a religious cult. There is no scientific evidence that supports the notion that we have an “internal gender,” and yet doctors now medicalize and sterilize children with “transgender identities” who have been groomed by the cult. Anyone who does not reaffirm these delusions is labelled as a “transphobe” in order to discredit any dissenting voices of the cult.

Previous thread:

Relevant /snow/ threads:
>>>/snow/1980600 (MTF general)
>>>/snow/1972401 (FTM general)
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No. 1972305

kek, did not expect to see wubby pop up on lolcow. His content has always been pretty based but after getting pushback for a youtube video about transing kids, he's kept pretty quiet on gender stuff.

No. 1972595

File: 1713632208417.jpg (107.96 KB, 250x272, 5783398-68a48d511120d3bec918b1…)

No comment.

No. 1972598

If you were on the verge of trooning out would this push you over the edge? Be honest.

No. 1972665

Pickmes will be pickmes. I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit. If it helps you feel better, maybe see if you can use their caping to convince the retarded moids in your country to castrate themselves for asspats?
He's going to get dogpiled by TRAs for satirizing the suffering of TIMs kek, trannies are a whole new level of delusional.

No. 1972696

The gender debate is starting to seriously pick up in my country, i think it'll be interesting because the UK/US have been through it before, which could give us lessons about how to avoid the absolute mess gendies made.
I thought about my own reactions to the GC movement, now that it's becoming increasingly real-er for women around me. I'll admit i once had issues with it due to bigotry (typically, regarding masculine women as failures). I still kind of do, but i've come to realize a lot of the 'i'm a based anti-troon feminist but GC are too mean' sentiment is terribly lame. If you take away critiques like 'it can be homophobic', which many GC people already have (it's not a monolith), it boils down to 'okay i don't like troons but i'm still a nice girl!'. Aside from the false equivalence between troon tactics and GC tactics, it really is all about feminine values: being nice and diplomatic, pretending to care, never being too agressive or confrontational. It's really bizarre to see it coming from self-described radfems or 'based ' women, like you're supposedly want to smash male supremacy but you can't handle a mean joke about TiMs? Because it's 'misdirected misogyny'? Come on.
The other side of this cowardice is the more institutional anti-trans movement. They'll bring up AGP but insist it's not wrong and the men who display their fetish are really little sensitive/autistic nerdy men who were misled by ebil tumblr. They won't touch the social and sexual implications of living out a humiliation fetish in relation to the female sex. It's all very clinical, very 'never be mean to your patient'. There's no overt political discourse, even though they participate in GC stuff.
All of these people still have my support but they've ironically made me appreciate poorfag/religious moms who don't mince words when it comes to troons (flaws and all).

File: 1713329221823.jpg (20.61 KB, 400x299, 1682783284329.jpg)

No. 1967069[Reply]

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse. Global rules apply: don't infight, report and ignore bait, etc.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Slapfights between slash, femslash, and het shippers
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashed/blackwashed/colorist fanart drama
> ‘[Insert Sexuality/Gender]-Coded’ Characters
> Debates over death of the author
> Stalking/harassment experienced by actors/creators

Criticism of fujos has its own dedicated thread:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1972510

>I can't remember a single instance of this happening on livejournal
When lj was the primary place to do fandom, it was considered a cardinal sin to post stuff in public that had been posted under friends lock. When someone did that, the mob went after them, not the person who's entries they posted.

No. 1972512

File: 1713626783427.png (Spoiler Image,360.14 KB, 1000x686, IMG_5998.png)

Tbh this way of thinking explains why fanart like pic related exist. I can see the appeal of a shitty scrote character getting what he deserves .

No. 1972531

>I love misogynistic and homophobic male characters because I like drawing them getting fucked in the ass, emasculated, slapped around and non-conned the same way they want treat women and other groups they hate. That type of art/fic gets me off, it’s so fucking hot.
This is also my main motivation for writing about misogynistic scrote characters, I love making those little shits suffer. Whump will never not be based.

No. 1972590

Thank you nona. I really don't know how it degenerated so quickly and the memory of it still pains me. The power dynamics of who had the most xitter followers or got the most retweets on their art definitely came to play, which is why I can say all these callout post cancellations actually have deeper reasons than "X is problematic and didn't respect bean/beans' pronouns".

On social media everyone is a competitor. And this definitely affects fandom and friendships whether most people like it or not.

>One of my friends continuously posts screencaps from her DMs to me and I'm there like fuck, I don't need to see this, if you're posting sensitive things like this from your other friends then what kind of stuff are you revealing about me to others?

That was the case with my friend, and lo and behold she was also sharing our private conversations with others while I believed I was the exception. Thinking I was the exception, I made her the exception too and shared private chats with her in turn, which in hindsight I highly regret. It was all a shitshow. Lesson learned, if someone is complaining to you behind a friend's back, they are 100% doing the same to you to the other person.

I honestly believe it stems from being afraid of conflict. Yet this walking around eggshells constantly climate somehow ends up creating an even bigger conflict than if you simply confronted whoever wronged you. But that's no longer allowed in the current social media climate, lest you be accused of any form of intolerance. Which is why everyone has private accounts and friends-only lists and the ftiends-only lists of the private accounts. It's like everyone wants to be seen but at the same not be seen. It's enough to drive a woman mad.

No. 1972706

>pretends to know who is posting what when it’s anonymous.

File: 1711218733482.jpg (123.42 KB, 520x780, 68584ac460e086c7ec91354996c7ca…)

No. 1936396[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Keep the borzois in mind. Thank you.

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No. 1972542

Its the other way around, its easier to manage weight for short people.

No. 1972547

Not only are Males biologically inclined to be less fat, but tall people (in theory) should also be inclined to be less fat because of their body's larger fat distribution. So when you realize that being tall and male doesn't stop scrotes of walking around with apple bodies, you wonder what the point of their existence even is. Imagine how much food resources has to be consumed by a male that's tall, to the extent where he's fat. That's gotta be a copius amount of food, or maybe just junk food. You see a fat, tall scrote? That is a walking sign that lots of food has been unnecessarily eaten by him, or that the stupid fuck may have a preference to fast food in his diet.

No. 1972563

File: 1713630109151.png (284.1 KB, 545x735, dZdA8Th.png)

tbf it's moviebob, this is how much he eats.

No. 1972570

>"that's a fairly small amount of McD's for the average size person"
holy shit, the delusion is real.

No. 1972579

My neighbors are simultaneously the nicest and noisiest people ever. They're way too nice to get properly angry at but they start drilling and sawing in the early morning every single weekend, at this point I look forward to mondays because I can sleep in a bit. They're so sweet but I just want them to be quiet for once.

File: 1674971865722.jpg (125.26 KB, 720x560, Screenshot_20230128-211328_Gal…)

No. 1484820[Reply]

Inspired by CC's unfortunately deleted thread. Post deranged things only a troglodyte XY defect would say.
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No. 1971746

I agree, we as women just love communism!

No. 1971901

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1972108

Based. Commiecels take the L

No. 1972300

File: 1713607544610.png (176.61 KB, 771x773, ZONE-TAN.png)

Zone-tan because goth girls are fucking hot and she's so smug and based. I'd let her step all over me and use me as her personal dildo play thing. I'll never forget the first time I stumbled across their porn animations on Newgrounds of some of my childhood cartoon shows like Teen Titans, FHOIF, and MLAATR. They all look official and legit made like they're from the actual show but then my dick instantly turned into diamonds seeing the girls get fucked and pounded and lost how many times I nutted watching them. It's like my childhood has been enhanced since I did had a crush on cartoon girls like Raven, Frankie and Jenny but didn't understand what sex is as a kid. Thank you Zone-sama for fulfilling my childhood fantasy and desires with your God-tier work of art and I'll always love you Zone-tan. Please watch me fap nonstop.

No. 1972561

File: 1713629995913.jpeg (33.82 KB, 619x768, abhtcq4HRdlwsgfk.jpeg)

fuck it face reveal

File: 1673529452282.jpg (46.13 KB, 1024x1449, melting_by_123hinata_d8t560w-f…)

No. 1470488[Reply]

As the title says.
Post experiences, why you can't stand them and such.
This is NOT about your own disorder, so don't blogpost/vent, there's already a thread for that.
This thread is about mental illness you can't stand in others.
Please refrain from coming in this thread and say stupid shit like "Oh that's why nobody likes me" or "Damn seeing this thread as a [thing] sufferer makes me uncomfortable" because nobody will pity you.

Previous: >>>/ot/854673
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No. 1972049

>At least the heroin chic skinny in the 90s could be accomplished for most women via diet.
You mean cocaine and amphetamines

No. 1972061

Those help with cravings and energy drops yeah but it wasn't like a combo of all of those + ozempic leading women in their 30s to look like grandmas

No. 1972372

Being a brainwashed religious girly has nothing to do with the slave mentality of saying "omg if I don't eat this chip I'm totally in control of my body and everyone else who has a pound of body fat is obese and lame"
Anorexia is not self starving, anorexia is a narc belief of being better and being in control, the self starving is a consequence, just like binge is self control over food and throwing up.
Religious and traumatizing experience that make you avoid food is not anorexia, you don't call muslshits who do ramadan binge eaters because they fast for all day and then stuff themselves all night.("muslshits" bait)

No. 1972435


A lot of these "neurodivergent" diagnoses have very high comorbidity rates to the point that they blur into each other a lot of the time. About ⅓ of those who meet diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder are also diagnosable with bipolar.

No. 1972557

People who get diagnosed with something and make it their entire personality. I guess that's every case in this thread tho lol, but I can't stand it. Someone I know got diagnosed with the tism like a year ago and every time I talk to her now it's
>No anon my autist brain can't do that
>Did you know autists do _____
>So I've had this hyperfixation and
>But I'm handicapped for life tho

Mental health "awareness" was a mistake. There are plenty of spergs with regular day jobs, now they get babied into believing they can't do shit to begin with so they might as well give up before their life even started.

File: 1663172555899.jpg (72.23 KB, 960x491, kawusia.jpg)

No. 1339537[Reply]

ogólny polskojęzyczny wątek dla nonek z polski! od luźnych pogaduch do rozmów o potencjalnych polskich krowach

miejmy nadzieje że go nie zbanują tym razem

poprzedni >>1073882
martwy wątek na /int/ >>/int/1544
1091 posts and 374 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1970605

Też tak myślę, samo pytanie jest ok, natomiast końcówka posta >>1964698 brzmi trochę jak z /pol/. Sama twierdzi, że jak zacznie cokolwiek mówić, to będzie coś podpadającego pod rzeczy karalane. Nikt nie zamyka w więzieniach w Polsce tych setek mniej czy bardziej inteligentnych krytyków. Ale trzeba było się normalnie wypowiedzieć, a nie uciekać do moidowskiego jęczenia.

No. 1971822

Z drugiej strony jak się skrytykuje to jak Izraelczycy traktują Palestyńczyków, to też podpada po antysemityzm. A co do "moidowskiego jęczenia", mam swoje powody, aby jęczeć o tym. Potem powiem. Widzę w zasadzie polaryzację, Polacy rzeczywiście uwielbiają obrażać Żydów i wydaje mi się, ze obserwuję negację Holokaustu wśród Polaków. Nawet widać byli tacy, którzy twierdzą, że "ten naród prześladował Polaków za komuny", "blablabla, Morel, Wolińska, Światło itd".

No. 1971824

Aha i nie jestem moidem. Ja serio nie rozumiem, dlaczego istnieją granice i narody (choć nie chcę wpuszczać mizogińskich nachodźców).

No. 1972237

Nikt ci nie zabrania krytykować Izraela, według mnie to jedyne słuszne podejście do tego, co robią (żeby nie było, Hamasu nie popieram, chodzi o ludobójstwo Palestyńczyków). Ale tylko debil może zrównywać krytykę z antysemityzmem (co też same władze Izraela czy ślepo wspierające to osoby chcą promować). A to też niestety prawda, widzę takie nastroje - moim zdaniem nadal w mniejszości, ale konflikt i dzielenie ludzi będzie je rozbudzać. Póki co np. Wykop jest pełen takich, mnóstwo antysemickich memów, "Hitler nie był zły" itp. Pewnie by im mózg wybuchł, jakby się dowiedzieli, że naziści Słowian też nie lubili i chcieli ich eksterminować albo uczynić z nich niewolników. I ludzka głupota i inne siły (np. wpływy rosyjskie) coraz bardziej rozpalają konflikty.
>nie rozumie istnienia granic
>jest świadoma pewnych niebezpieństw związanych z masową migracją mężczyzn z krajów, gdzie kobieta ma gorszą pozycję od psa
To wróć jak to zrozumiesz. Wiem, że niektórzy chcieliby żyć w utopijnym świecie bez podziałów, ale nie wiem, czy taki świat kiedykolwiek nadejdzie. A póki co tacy jak ty (bez obrazy) są wykorzystywani przez tych, którzy bez ograniczeń chcą wpuszczać moidów, o których piszesz, ewentualnie czasem promować pseudo commie lewaków.

No. 1972550

Tu chodzi o to że Polacy mają ból czterech liter o to, że Żydzi uważają Polaków za współpracowników Hitlera, to prawda, że każdy Polak tak robił? Jak tak, to się brzydzę Polską.

File: 1707009800765.jpeg (11.95 KB, 245x206, images (1).jpeg)

No. 1876599[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

Previous threads:
#1 >>>/ot/369313
#2 >>>/ot/490893
#3 >>>/ot/636795
#4 >>>/ot/849990
#5 >>>/ot/935591
#6 >>>/ot/1028419
#7 >>>/ot/1028464
#8 >>>/ot/1068732
#9 >>>/ot/1147862
#10 >>>/ot/1190469
#11 >>>/ot/1240193
#12 >>>/ot/1330198
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1972442

Gay males hate women. There’s nothing deeper to it and that’s more disturbing than anything satanic.

No. 1972506

Lolcow is just Zionist Central. If you utter a word against the precious joos you get instabanned for antisemitism or racebaiting, but non stop islamophobia is a-ok. Fuck this garbage site and all the jewish cunts on it, i hope pissrahell gets nuked.(bait)

No. 1972536

I dislike both. But I guess you get banned for racebaiting because Jews are a race and Muslims aren't

No. 1972545

File: 1713628730125.png (271.74 KB, 747x810, Screenshot.png)

>Netflix True Crime Doc ‘What Jennifer Did’ Uses AI Images to Create False Historical Record

No. 1972609

if the aliens are here and enslaving the elites then I doubt they'd allow us to also be reverse engineering their shit underground

File: 1713020095103.png (422.94 KB, 588x354, Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 16.49…)

No. 1962002[Reply]

Mest fokuserad på Närcon, men andra konvent är fine det med.

>Skall du på konvent?

>Varför? Varför inte?
>Hur är det att vara tjej på konvent numera?
>Vem/vilka paneler skall man undvika?
>Potentiella lolcows på konventscenen?
46 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1970133

File: 1713480751970.png (91.18 KB, 421x236, IMG_4584.png)

ser ut som en referens till journey? eller har dom bara rippat designen? lol

No. 1970785

File: 1713512197960.jpg (285.01 KB, 1069x1085, Graphic design is my passion.j…)

Ja, men den är så jävla ful och dåligt gjord. Här är ett annat exempel. Det här är hur de väljer att marknadsföra sig wtf även konvents banden/biljetterna matchade detta.

Det finns ingen anledning att ett 20+ år gammalt konvent med flera heltidsanställda, som dessutom håller flera konvent per år och som är störst i norden har sån här skit??
De har ju tillgång till hela artist alley som de kan commissiona, så de kan ju inte låtsas som att det inte finns konstnärer heller. Men de kanske tycker konst ska vara gratis och inte är värt pengarna…

No. 1970810

File: 1713513444168.jpg (159.03 KB, 1080x1332, Ncdiscord.jpg)

(Is English fine? The app is mainly in English)
This närcon staff member is always such a passive aggressive dick tbh.
It looks fine at a glance but there's been many questions about bags being banned in the last month and him being like "why wouldn't it be fine [smiley]" (because there's been fucking bag bans which nc follows you dickhead, that's why) only to then reveal they don't even have the final details so it might actually not be fucking fine is just poor customer service and dripping of passive aggression.

They always do this, they act like they're sooo sweet [smiley smiley] but you can always smell their contempt through the screen.

Every time someone has a complaint staff will defend themselves and make excuses and NOT adress the actual issue. If you're lucky you get a "sorry YOU feel that way".
If you say a general "närcon sucks in this area" they come in immediately like "sorry sweatie, we unfortunately help or improve if you don't say what the problem is…[smiley]" conveniently ignoring everyone who did bring up the exact problems they've been ignoring for at least a decade! I swear I saw one of them blame corona (they held a convention in 2020) for something irrelevant a few weeks back.

No. 1972521

Jag har själv jobbat som panda och känner flera som varit pandor i flera år och detta stämmer inte alls på de områdena vi jobbat på. Jag var i C-huset och de jag känner jobbade främst i städ, men också på utomhusområdena. Jag har aldrig hört någon av dem klaga över sina arbetsförhållanden, och för min del jobbade jag kanske 5-6 timmar om dagen, arbetsuppgifterna var så pass enkla att ett barn lätt klarar av dem och resten av dygnet var helt fritt att hänga på konventet som en vanlig besökare. Helt ärligt låter personen du postade som en bortskämd inkompetent person som inte fattar vad volontärarbete innebär.

No. 1972540

håller med. det finns många andra arbetsplatser för volontärer som är en miljon gånger så krävande som ett konvent.

File: 1679829686257.jpeg (101.44 KB, 644x960, 57EA8A2B-7CED-479F-A695-AF24C4…)

No. 1533183[Reply]

Post appalling, dangerous or generally judge worthy parenting failures.
360 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1972519

My cousin wasn’t medicated and now he has every symptoms on the book, he does reckless car racing, can’t finish a trade school, can’t get a degree, can’t keep a stable job, always on the edge, no income, no motivation

No. 1972522

No, it looks like they both practice and aren’t old enough for strength difference to be a big issue. They probably also know when to stop

No. 1972526

I think removing incentives for families could be a decent deterrent. No tax deductions, less family friendly places things like that

No. 1972556

The government doesn’t want less people though, they want more. The true (humane) way to lower the population is to hand reproductive power back to the people it belongs to: women. Across cultures women, when given the ability, will not have as many children. This can be further assured by changing cultural norms to center/incentivize other milestones or small families.

No. 1972577

Well right but that has the same problem why would the gov do that if they want more people

File: 1711377402145.jpeg (91.63 KB, 577x433, 1708043242862.jpeg)

No. 1938489[Reply]

580 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1972470

File: 1713624431685.jpg (23.33 KB, 300x400, s-l400 (1).jpg)

>Doesn't like the Sonico figure.
>Will still buy the matching Pochaco figure to go with it.
But why? Just cut your losses and sell it and be done with it. She needs to get out of denial about why it bothers her. The reason is because it's fuckin gross. I looked up the other fig, surely it's super tasteful and will offset this mess, right? No, lol.

No. 1972476

File: 1713624735294.gif (143.89 KB, 540x450, tumblr_a1c5ec537c686c727396576…)

quite the opposite if you ask me, people will hoard because they fear they won't be able to pay anything anymore (cf covid)
i wish bashing women's looks was a bannable offense, can't we be nice to each other ?

No. 1972483

>i wish bashing women's looks was a bannable offense, can't we be nice to each other ?

I understand why you'd want this but we are on lolcow afterall.

No. 1972486

This sort of behavior is really common in those "animecore" circles, they'll just say babble to make it seem like they think the media they consume is problematic but still buy titty/child figures anyway
It's like a leftover from being on Tumblr where they want to justify their taste to others but it just comes across as schizophrenic
Also gotta be one of the shittier Pochaco figures out there

No. 1972554

I guess I give her too much credit, because I remember about a decade ago when the coomer shit started leaking into mainstream figures, instead of being contained in the unlicensed resin kit zone. I ended up buying some slightly coomy figures, just because all the newest figures were slightly coomy. I thought I could tolerate it. I looked at them for a few months, and then started selling them. Because there's just no reason to own something if looking at it makes you feel slightly bad.

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