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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1575539406008.jpg (94.5 KB, 1024x1001, ONLINE-10[3].jpg)

No. 490893[Reply]

Sekrit plans for world domination, sekrit klubz, government coverups and experiments, mods anti-Braco agenda, etc., etc..

Pizzagate talk is welcome!

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No. 557367

Yu-Gi-Oh! The virtual filler arc

No. 559472

I'm not sure if this should go here, in the celebrity thread or in the crime thread but after watching Cheer on Netflix I went to the reddit hoping for fun memes, but instead I found a theory that Navarro College did the documentary as an opportunity to clean up their reputation and search results, because in 2018 it came out that a a volunteer coach sexually abused some of the male cheerleaders.
Obviously tw https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/cheerleader-sues-navarro-college-over-alleged-sexual-assault-texas/

I don't think that the whole series was made with that in mind, but I'm suspicious that it was an additional factor for the college agreeing to do it and feel like they must have leveraged with the production team to make sure it wasn't brought up at all. Monica's act of publicly supporting Lexi seems more calculated now, as does her whole thing about her team being a safe place for kids who have troubled lives. The series covered so many aspects of sexual abuse but never mentioned the scandal? That's some biased journalism right there.

No. 559488

File: 1590599315197.jpeg (129.97 KB, 1125x421, 506E2DBE-85A5-4FAE-B493-083E13…)

They really don’t want a Penn State scandal, topkek

Edit: you can’t make this shit up!

No. 559494

The big question is war with who….

No. 559498

This feels the The Good Place meets Black Mirror for people who hate social politics and philosophy.
Pleb tier.

File: 1578362224866.png (459.96 KB, 636x517, sk1-e1549059120167.png)

No. 501843[Reply]


This is a thread to talk about serial and mass killers, the crimes, the cases, the victims, their lives, and everything surrounding it.
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No. 559397

File: 1590579865736.jpg (304.57 KB, 1080x955, 20200527_134329.jpg)

Guys did you hear about this? I don't know if there is anything to discuss at this moment but that's scary

No. 559401

Do you think he has a wife?

No. 559405

Manfredonia isn’t a serial killer, why are they trying to be so intentionally vague.

No. 559456

I read Dylan's diary some time ago and he was obsessed with some girl and the way he wrote it was like no one'd be able to love him ever. Knowing a girl liked him at some point makes him seem so much like an incel, only the girl he liked wasn't some stacy but an introvert probably

No. 559461

File: 1590595183074.jpg (28.37 KB, 667x375, Atlanta-Missing-and-Murdered-T…)

Did anyone watch the HBO documentary on the Atlanta Child Murders? What are your opinions on Wayne Williams' guilt? The doc is very sympathetic to Williams, but I do think he committed some of the murders. Hearing him talk was like Ted Bundy levels of narcissism.

Parts of the documentary were so absolutely infuriating. There was a clip of a lawyer who BLAMED the children who were being victimized by local pedophiles. Fucking heartless.

File: 1587751528057.jpg (140.28 KB, 1024x682, EWBynQRXkAsmnRS.jpg)

No. 545522[Reply]

Previous threads

Share updates, personal experiences, vent, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D
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No. 559854

Lmao I was gunna say ask for hazard pay but then I read volunteer. Women‘s health organizations can’t afford hazard pay, let alone staff.

No. 559859

Idc about aritzia but I need clothes for my healthcare job, it’s fucking hot and my size has changed so online shopping is difficult. Plus Canada post takes forever…

No. 559865

Difficult in mental health settings to have half your face covered, also

No. 560027

File: 1590651273673.jpg (99.77 KB, 1024x1006, C4G03_rVUAAaARi.jpg)

im a stupid idiot. i went out today to do grocery shopping for the first time in months and i forgot to properly disinfect my phone when i got home. how likely is it that i got the rona?

No. 560031


File: 1454886605560.jpeg (152.24 KB, 533x800, image.jpeg)

No. 67450[Reply]

Has anyone ever seen/met a famous person irl? What impression did you get of them?
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No. 559124

File: 1590540207635.jpg (35.33 KB, 306x333, Tim-Gunn.jpg)

tim gunn is the classiest man to have ever existed. i met him once through a family member connection. he was so easy to make conversation with and genuinely seems likes he wants to get to know you and doesn't throw his celebrity status in your face.

No. 559125

I actually had to google him when I saw your post because I knew his name but couldn't connect it with a face in my head. then i remembered he was the exercise guy who kind of vanished and became very reclusive very suddenly. it's probably a generational thing.

No. 559133

I would die for that man.

No. 559145

I saw Courtney love st a newsstand in nyc, she was a complete fucking mess, sitting on the floor, with her lip line all messed up because of excessive fillers and obvious extensions piled up on top of each other like a wig. This during her anorexia period and the way she was acting I think she was on amphetamines. I also saw Kanye West in the lobby of hotel once and marina abramovich in passing at an event, she is extremely short, chonky, and has had a lot of work done in her face, I’ve also seen the ASAP Rocky walking down the street in soho giving fist pumps to random fans and people which was cool.

No. 559149

we love our trashy queen don't you DARE come for her she invented sitting, she SMASHED the lip line beauty standard and her obvious extensions are a display of weath and status

File: 1536473802121.jpeg (21.74 KB, 400x600, 16518AB5-0413-44E5-8270-A3D725…)

No. 293131[Reply]

I’ve seen this before on kiwifarms and other sites like 4chan before. What characters in pop culture do you think would use lolcow?

I feel like Annalynne McCord’s character from the horror movie Excision would def browse here. Probably in /g/‘s shameful fetishes thread.
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No. 558998

Here you go anon

No. 559007

nah some of us don't hate ourselves

No. 559042

you have to hate yourself at least a little bit to regularly spend time here or on 4chan. sorry but them's the rules.

No. 559066

Daria definitely would. He favorite TV show is "Sick Sad World" which from what I can tell just showcases weird people and gross things.

Do you guys not know what sarcasm is?

No. 559067

Vying for robot attention is a HUGE leap from "a little bit" of healthy self hate. You realize 4ch isn't just for crying and whoring right?

File: 1546410973411.png (24.56 KB, 665x332, 6E790673-C2CB-468E-B82A-CB935B…)

No. 347877[Reply]

Have you quit social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, tumblr, etc.? Have you detoxed for a few months at a time? What has your experience been? How has this impacted your friendships?
If you haven’t quit social media, what would be a reason for you to quit? For example, people who only post themselves smoking weed on Snapchat or any other pet peeve.
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No. 537765

Cont -(sorry I'm just remembering all this stuff that helped me cut down, I'm sure it'll help others on this site) - replace compulsive validation on social media with validation from skill-based achievements, which can still be online. Use language learning sites, flashcard software for school, etc, to feed into your serotonin addiction instead.
People mock 'quarantine schedules' but if you do suffer from internet addiction and depression they'll help. Make a list of some things you want to try or practice that don't involve the internet, then pick one for every hour or 2-hour slot of the day.
There's an r/nosurf subreddit with tips and advice, as well as lists of ways to fill up your new free time.

No. 538896

I managed to not stalk anyone for almost a year, but I did it again today.
I clicked on something posted here, then on several other links until I found a page that shared content from one of the people I used to stalk. Their "community" is such a dumpster fire, they have other stalkers as well.
Luckily, they don't know who I am as I've never interacted with them.

No. 558934

Does Pinterest count as social media? I made all my boards secret and don't follow anybody/have no followers.

No. 558936


Nah I don’t think so, that’s where I’m at. I ditched out of Facebook about 5 years ago and have been off and on with Insta but nuked it back in February. I do not miss it at all; lolcow keeps me topped up on the schadenfreude.

No. 558976

nah, personally i'm on weheartit and it's so much fun, it's just about the pictures and collecting them, personality doesn't come into it.

I think i've mostly quit social media at this point, i just don't like being perceived online anymore. I keep instagram to follow people i'd lose track of otherwise and text friends but i've finally rid myself of the "i need to post pictures of myself and amass followers and keep everyone updated" mentality which is good.

File: 1584811688301.jpg (56.44 KB, 1280x768, Twitter-Logo.jpg)

No. 529582[Reply]

*~Twitter:the place where racism,sexism and pedophilia is allowed meanwhile actual harmless tweets get deleted~*

Discuss the twitter cringefests,drama,stan twitter autism
or just things you dont like about the app and that irk you.
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No. 557753

These people either forgot or were never told that the internet is NOT real life and that it's not recommended to post anything under your real identity and/or in a public place, and especially not things that could get you in trouble like that disturbing shit >>557736, or what's your political opinions, shit talking your current employer, insulting/harassing/threatening anyone, etc. Especially because the internet never forgets and it's super easy to archive pages and websites.

It's amazing how just 15 years ago parents, even the ones who weren't tech-savvy at all, would yell at their kids that posting literally anything ever would bring viruses to their computers and they'd get kidnapped, tortured and killed by pedos, now if you know where to look you can find out someone's address, employer, who they voted for, who they have or had sex with, who they're related to, where they went to school, etc. in 10 minutes. I managed to do that with people I know irl and who should know better without even trying, it's just that bad.

No. 557772

Christ porn is not for minors she could've just said a site or school program about sex education. Either way politics shouldn't be involved in any of it and there's still a large possibility for pedos to groom online or even molest/assault kids if it's an after school program. I wish kids could learn real sexual health education rather than vague crap due to conservative upbringing, but I'm assuming she wants them to watch outright abusive porn with questions that lean on sex pleasing than stds and reproduction. The shit that gets posted on twitter just keeps dialing up, is it just a massive hugbox of acceptance? That or these posts get buried in retweets of other content I assume.

No. 557937

She does realize that teens end up looking at porn anyway? It doesn't matter if it's labeled 18+ underage ppl will incidentally stumble upon porn anyway, and some of them particularly hormonal teens seek it out

No. 558532

File: 1590453351666.png (284.65 KB, 598x388, 749823623539857235792.png)


I'm fucking laughing woke twitter is trying to cancel Ray Sipe for this

No. 558558

>Ray Sipe
How do people even have the time to "cancel" someone as niche and specific in their online presence as… him, of all people?

File: 1563488915424.jpeg (280.14 KB, 2000x1504, 79482A34-E726-4254-871D-54061C…)

No. 436372[Reply]

Because you’ve asked for it!

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No. 556683

Damn I'm jealous, only got to see Roger's The Wall tour in 2011.
But wow, never knew about this story. Rick always seemed like a sweetheart but obviously, put any guy in that kind of a position, and yeah.. Read the whole article and there's probably truth to it, but honestly Franka just seems like she's after money. Getting a bit of an Angie Bowie vibe from her.

No. 558027

This is probably old milk and I’m not an economist….

This dude is worth $20 million yet he had trouble paying for a meal, let alone dessert (ice cream) while on tour in Sweden. Apparently he could afford only the crappy ice cream.

They’re a big band, so why the money issues?

No. 558434

File: 1590440109427.jpeg (523.79 KB, 978x646, 218503DB-54D6-439E-89F5-C3E2BF…)

Kerry King’s new house in Vegas. It’s alright, I guess. (Edit: misspelled his last name with an “o” by accident)


No. 558449

why does the window look like a shoop'd aliexpress stock photo?

No. 558719

oldfag reporting in. my husband actually saw the wall at the nassau coliseum, a fact which makes me seethe with jealousy.

File: 1505692585054.jpg (11.12 KB, 480x480, 1f9.jpg)

No. 204765[Reply]

who else here drunk
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No. 558223

File: 1590395678339.jpeg (67.2 KB, 649x638, 76C21C70-D020-4A73-9D84-9F2664…)

ive posted here before about her but my gf. She’s so cute and i love her. i miss her and we’re gonna have a date in separate cars next week because of quarantine and im so excited i can’t stop thinking about her….aa

No. 558224

i’m like two weeks late but congrats!! You’re doing great and I believe in you, i miss being in school and am super proud, anon!!

No. 558287

been into making drinks recently instead of just downing wine like normal. Made myself some aperol spritz yesterday which was amazing as we had summer warm weather. Ended up face timing some friends and getting tipsy on my balcony.

Can any anon recommends some more drinks to mix during quarantine? preferably cheap/not a lot of ingredients.

No. 558309

Personally prefer not being able to taste alcohol so the cheap 'cocktail' I've been making is:
2 shots vodka (any shelf)
2 shots cordial (I use Cottees raspberry and apple flavor)
300mL soda water for the bubbles, or just flat water if you don't have any


No. 558314

shit apple flavour sounds delicious.
Vodka cranberry has been a major fave for me recently, and i always love me some fruity drinks

File: 1588954042874.jpg (87.87 KB, 970x546, c62a70d5-713d-42af-b8ee-6842cd…)

No. 551818[Reply]

Vent your heart out, ladies!

Previous one:
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No. 558271

>guy acts nice to fuck an easy low self esteem girl
>guy starts acting like a distant asshole after
>girl gets bored and blocks him
>2 weeks later hes complaining he cant get sex
>rinse and repeat

Men need to understand that getting sex with an attractive man is easy. Even a 40 year old overweight woman can easily fuck a model tier 21 year old and unlike men…she can fuck one for free just by going on tinder. If they would just be sweet and caring to their casual sex partners and use the excuse "I'm just too depressed to be in a relationship right now and I dont want to bring anyone down with me :c" they could keep their fwb around and always have sex on tap. Men are dumb which is why they cant get laid.

When I was an easy low self esteem girl I noticed that the men acting like they're better than me, giving me one word responses, ignoring me ALWAYS came back asking for sex.

No. 558276

how did you even wind up in this mess?

No. 558280

So many people take the internet too seriously these days. I can't imagine believing and engaging with everything on the internet that comes my way in a serious manner. I was one of those people that grew up using the internet for entertainment, not my source of news. I definitely feel like modern social media, and to an extent the education system, forces people to feel like they need to use the internet for validation, like people who think Instagram is a great resource for self esteem and body positivity. Please, if any of you are like this, reconsider your relationship with the internet. It's just an entertainment machine. Go look up trivia and facts about your favorite musicians or movies. Watch those cat videos on YouTube and don't feel guilty about "waisting your time", it's what YouTube was meant for in the first place. This is why I love the farms, it lets us watch milky shit flow while we sit back, relax, and strap ourselves in for the good stuff. It reminds me of the old days.

No. 558289

Plot twist: Men are the ones with low self esteem they're just told they gotta play cool.

No. 558293

I'm so horny I'm bristling. I'm looking up pictures of hot guys on Pinterest and I'm just so ready to fuck a redhead. I feel like I'm 16 again discovering why I feel butterflies when I read fanfiction lmao. They've been my number 1 fetish since I was a teen and it's like I've just rediscovered them and it is my goal to fuck one before I turn 30. I'm looking at gay porn for the first time because it has actually good looking guys. Also my tolerance for what's sexy has never been so low.

On that note, once people do get out and meet each other how would I fuck a random dude? My reflex for guys who approach me is to be skeeved out, and I've always only had sex in LTRs. Also I'm awkward. Are there guides out there for women or do you just need to be attractive in which case I can forget it?

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