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File: 1467442607311.jpeg (35.3 KB, 474x310, image.jpeg)

No. 141221[Reply]

Anyone tried anal bleaching? I'm considering it
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No. 185305

Fuuuuuck that sounds SO painful. I shave all over down there and I've had maybe two bad ingrown hairs near my vag but I never even thought of getting one there. I'm scared man

No. 188312

Hi I came back~ I feel really bad not updating but life kinda got in the way so sorry ._. I stopped using the cream for a few months like a dumb ass but I started again :)

I ordered the 3 tub package thing from their website. They've thus far added new ingredients, keeping the hydroquinone but adding 6% Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. Here are my thoughts:

* The color change isn't immediate but it's really close. The point is to "lift" the dark color.

* If you don't see any color change, you either 1) need to get a wax/shave down there (will talk about this later) and/or 2) you aren't exfoliating. You have to remove the dead skin cells that contain the darker pigment I guess in order to see the fresher skin below. Once I did that, I saw much better results.

* Irritation can become an issue. I realized it was better to apply a little in the morning and then at night, after a shower, apply a larger amount.

* Do NOT not NOT wear thongs. Seriously, don't. Friction + acidic cream near your asshole = lots of pain. Be ready to invest in no lines underwear ( I really like Calvin Klein's version).

* This leads me to absorption. Basically, the cream will never fully absorb and takes a few hours for some/the majority of it to really seep in. Wait 20 min after applying to put on clothing. I go a little overboard and at night take saran wrap, put it where my butt would be on my underwear, and tape it there so more of it absorbs (so it doesn't rub off on my underwear). Also during the day I wear a panty liner just in case any rubs off.

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No. 188317


>applying hydroquinone on your asshole

anon, what are you doing??

No. 188324

this, just put some lemon juice and baking soda on it :^)

No. 188333

Yeah, I know. I'm going to change my system to the med harbor spa version after this month. It's way better but I kind of just want to see what sort of result I can get from this (>inb4 cancer, anal tear, etc)

Also TECHNICALLY not on my asshole (;

I tried it doesn't work for me //-;

File: 1444195790989.jpeg (71.66 KB, 640x419, image.jpeg)

No. 163932[Reply]

Let's get a sewing thread going, shall we?

I'd personally like to start making my own clothes, but as I'm self taught and have tons of gaps in my knowledge of the subject, I feel that a thread for discussing sewing might be a good idea (at least I hope!).

Post tips, tutorials, current or future projects, things you've made, sewing horror stories, etc.
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No. 185374

One day I was sewing some thick fabrics, the needle bent, hit against my nail and break on it, the little piece who break flown directly next to my eye. Wear safety goggles when sewing fake leather.

No. 185388

I have zero experience sewing, although I do embroidery, but I really want to start. I've been watching Thrifting transformations on Youtube and ugh that girl does wonder. I won't have access to a sewing machine in a long time but in the meanwhile I'll read tutorials and stuff. I can't wait to start.

No. 188307


Going through the manual, taking notes, and making samples to match are really good ways to get used to your sewing machine. If yours doesn't have one for any reason, there is probably a PDF online you can print off (recommended so you can have it on hand). It helps so much when you're just starting out, esp. since sewing machine models can be vastly different.

If your stitching gets all bogged up:
- re-thread the entire machine, including the bobbin. Sometimes things just fall out of place… not sure how tho
- check the tension. If you're a beginner using non-stretch medium weight fabrics (like cotton, very recommended), the little half-moon tension should be at 3.5, and the big tension wheel should be at 4. Different weights/fabric types need different tensions - I usually just sew on a scrap and adjust until I get it right.
- on rare occasion, you will need to pull out a screwdriver/the metal "T", unscrew the the throat plate, and clean out the fabric fluff that can get trapped down there using a brush. You only need to do this if your fabric/needle/thread are getting "dusty" as you sew.

Making samples using scrap fabric of darts, pleats, french seams, curves (both concave/convex), button holes, pivoting for sharp edges, etc. is a good way to get used to your own machine, and to learn how to do all of those things. It helps if you want to be able to make more complex garments sooner. I think this is the best beginner I-wish-I-did-this tip because you don't have to work so hard when actually sewing for enjoyment.

General tips for beginners:

- standard seam allowances are 5/8 of an inch, so you have room to let it out if you have to.
- stitch length should be 2.8 (2.5 if your machine doesn't let you put in 2.8)
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No. 188314

Not that anon but thanks for the tips, I'm sure they'll be very useful once I get a machine.

Do you guys watch YouTube sewing videos?
I really like this girl's style.

No. 188322

For a second I was afraid this was Yumi King

File: 1441670325153.jpg (80.64 KB, 662x946, Laughing Buddha.jpg)

No. 34224[Reply]

Give/take requests regardless of mic quality.

Requests can be anything from lines out of a shitty fanfiction, to singing to whatever comes to mind.

Any takers?
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No. 188231

holy fuck, wildchild is that you?

No. 188235

File: 1493192558283.png (384.17 KB, 650x430, 5fa511ddcc51b0042072c6c0006611…)

Did you get lost on your way to a xat chatroom?

No. 188246

File: 1493200280285.jpg (197.37 KB, 501x1817, 89d83b274a3784dcc23c908e996c2c…)

Sounds like the stages to fancying Benedict Cumberbatch.

No. 188306

File: 1493237199038.jpg (36.32 KB, 455x350, Seal.jpg)

I forgot to reply to both of you! I'm happy you liked them!

No problem :)

You genuinely made me laugh out loud. Thank you for the compliment and sure you can be my friend, but I feel like I'm missing the meaning behind your Undertale reference…..

No. 188310


I'm that anon. I just came back from work and now I'm all red in the face from shame. Bwaha…. oh god

Pretty much what I did

Ignore me, I'm a spazz. Lemme stew in my shame

File: 1492808776464.png (731.16 KB, 800x1014, IMG_0847.PNG)

No. 187739[Reply]

Anyone ever work in the health industry or is currently?have any annoying feels or stories? I use to be a nurse aide but quit.
>be nurse aide
>300 pound patient cries and scream to get on the bed pan
>need to push her around in a heavy hoyer lift
>sits on the bed pan for an hour
>says she didnt have to go and it was a false alarm
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No. 188237

I'm not a nurse but I know a few nurses, EMTs and care worker.
You already know that nursing is a high pressure hell, you're overworked, underpaid and undervalued. At the same time, people who can really deal with it seem to flourish enough when they have that kind of gallows humor and don't let things get to them. I feel like it's fair to add that the ones who wanted to help people most are the ones that couldn't hack it.
Why not try care work as a start? They often hire people without any previous training and you'll see if you can handle stuff like >>188227

No. 188251

Any dental hygienists out there? How do you guys like it? And do you have any griped about what you do?

No. 188256

It's like >>188183 said. Everyone is catty, surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, even medical aid assistants. I don't think they do it on purpose, it's the whole high-stress, high-competitive environment that makes them act like that.
They're bitchy to each other and to the patients, but they're specially bitchy to medical students, I think. One night, during emergency rotation, a medical aid assitant started screaming at us for just being there and wanted to make us just stand in a corner for the whole night. I've also had bad experiences with nurses, in which they would purposely place themselves in front of us so we wouldn't be able to watch a procedure or they would just straight off tell us to gtfo from the OR. I think they resent the surgeons because many are insufferable jerks or they don't feel appreciated enough, but of course they can't act like that with them so they let it all out on us.
It's said that it's usually the smuggest gunner-type student who wants to be a surgeon, but idk if that's really true.

No. 188280

Would just like to drop in and say y'all are doing the lord and saviour PT's work here.
Keep it up you beautiful medical savages

//saged cause I just think its great when people choose to work in medical fields & help the general society we live in

No. 188308

Aww thank you kind person!

I'm >>187745, I want to share one of the worst that happened recently.
>be in general and familiar medicine rotation
>pregnant woman comes in
>has untreated aids
>was referenced for it years ago but refused any kind of treatment
>had unprotected sex with God knows how many people
>got pregnant, didn't want go to any pregnancy appointment, already past the legal gestational age for abortion
>doesn't care about the kid, is just worried about dying
>lied to the father about knowing she had aids

We should never judge patients but it shocked me how someone could have such little consideration for other human beings. At least she accepted being referenced to a specialist now, but I don't know if she'll actually go…

File: 1493199506193.png (517.1 KB, 702x500, 7Oveyy9.png)

No. 188245[Reply]

Have you been mentioned on drama sites before? Lolcow, /cgl/ or PULL or even old communities like getoffegl, lolitafucks or loli_secret.

How did you feel? Did you change anything about yourself or your behavior or was it unwarranted? If it was a vendetta, do you think you know who it was?

No. 188303

no cuz im not a retard

No. 188334


File: 1426681323597.jpg (74.11 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

No. 3463[Reply]

How long has it been since your last confession?
Get it off your chest, farmers.
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No. 188204

haha i knew someone would get pissy. to be fair, you don't know the whole story- he was horrible (he never hit me but he hit his mom), was a 'former' druggie (i believed in giving people second chances, when we met he swore he would quit, turned out he was stealing my money and he pawned my purse which was the ending point tbh). also we don't have cctv here, kek.

i never got caught and i'm moving states away for medical school so it doesn't matter anyway. maybe he should've thought before he pawned off my stuff :^)

No. 188205

He sounds like a scumbag but your revenge makes you seem as mature as a 13 year old tbh. There were way better ways to handle it, and petty vandalism is still petty vandalism regardless of your reasoning. Grow up.

No. 188206

If he's a lying, stealing cheater who gives a shit about him or his car ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you get that revenge, girl

No. 188239

Sounds like a complete cunt, but what you did kind of says that you guys suited each other honestly.

It's been a fucking year and instead of getting the fuck over it like an adult, you decided to go out of your way to spraypaint his car.

You both sound like shitty people, and I hope you realise how retarded it is to be looking for a new career in medicine and then go do stupid shit like that over a year old grudge.

No. 188243

Done in the heat of the moment would have been understandable. But at least you admit being petty.

>shooting a fleeing person in the back is no longer self defence

File: 1492303738086.jpg (32.04 KB, 960x360, IMG_3066.JPG)

No. 187002[Reply]

A general cosplay thread. Post wip, ask for / give advice, post tutorials and experiences, etc
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No. 187581

It depends on what you want to commission, anon. Armor? Props? Fabric/clothes? Do you have a preferred price range, do you need a wig commissioned too, etc?

No. 187596

Ritsuka from Loveless. Thank god only one picture of that costume exists…

No. 187623

just a fabric outfit with no props and maybe a chest piece regarding armor. anything under 200 would be preferable and no wig needed

No. 188140


i'd definitely advise you to commission someone local or at least in a comfortable distance away, because it's always better to have a fitting on you for clothes. most cosplayers can both sew and make armor but if not, be prepared to commission two seperate people or at least make the armor yourself. it's simpler than it seems.

No. 188143

A really bad Terra from Teen Titans


If you use Facebook, make sure you follow the cosplay commissions review groups and the Replica Prop Forum blacklists to avoid scammers and all around shitty and cowish people!

File: 1460498217379.jpeg (53.21 KB, 480x600, image.jpeg)

No. 86102[Reply]

Do any of you farmers smoke tobacco? What age/how did you start? How many cigarettes in a day? What brand?
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No. 188120


People here are friendly and I like saying hi to my friends.

No. 188122


wc got kicked off kiwi for ott attention-whoring and playing at pretend staff. you're expecting a lot.

No. 188123


I was the conflict resolution officer, I resolved conflicts and helped people make friends!

No. 188126

Fuck off I've been here since stamina rose and you don't see me trying to attention whore

No. 188127


Roses are nice flowers. I like them too. <3

File: 1487180145109.jpg (335.06 KB, 2672x1059, dnd_party___xv__maybe__by_hang…)

No. 181295[Reply]

Anyone else play tabletop RPGs? How about RPing in video games or on forums? Hell, any LARPers? Let's be nerds in this thread.
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No. 187770

Bumping this thread in case anyone would like to play some DnD 5e, we're hoping to start up a new campaign some point soon and need a couple more players.


No. 187908

I just signed a contract to work at a larp camp for my second year in a row. Super pumped and glad larping is becoming a little more normal every year.

I'm having … problems with ttrpg's lately …
I've played since I was in middle school, so I'm by no means new to roleplay. But I'm not some elitists asshole either … so I end up in this grey area surrounded by people that are too new and uncomfortable to have a good campaign or elitists fucks that take it way too seriously.

The worst I've ever been apart of; unwittingly playing with tons of sjw's
> play scion: modern day super hero type game
> Choose a power associated with an Egyptian god, so I want to play an Egyptian looking guy (not white but not black)
>They silently let me plan my character then the next day say I'm not allowed to play non white characters because "I don't understand the struggles of non white folks"
> ok, so I make a "white passing" guy with dreads.
>"UGH a white guy with dreads!? I'm sure he's a total douche and we all hate him already, but cool!" then proceed to shit on my character the entire game despite me not talking much at all.

Obviously, I dropped the game real quick after that. Right now I'm playing a 5e homebrew postopocylpse campaign with my reg group of casuals. They are nice and funny but me and 2 others are the only ones that actually roleplay while they sit back and enjoy our dialogue with the DM. We challenged them to play a character opposite of what they normally do. 1 of the girls started crying because she felt like we were personally attacking her for not liking her overly loud, self absorbed, have to have all the items characters over and over again.

I love this hobby but I'm tired of ending up with shit groups with too many personal problems.

No. 188010

File: 1493065135282.jpg (74.71 KB, 750x732, 1473062262924.jpg)

>tfw when too chicken to join an rp group because of poor social skill

No. 188027

most of the role players are socially inept.

No. 188092

This is an all too familiar scenario. RP is getting stupid social justice shit all the fucking time. It's infested my fave system WoD and it sucks. I'm glad my group is just my friends who are chill.

And that's absolute bollocks they wouldn't let you play the character you wanted. Like, wtf kinda authority are they on race anyway? Fuck them. And isn't it hypocritical to say that you can only RP the race you physically are? And make most adventures then 98 percent WHITE characters? So stupid.

File: 1491443519902.png (371.16 KB, 1484x2152, 1490227155536.png)

No. 185848[Reply]

whats your type farmers?
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No. 187979

I can't believe there are so many E- people here reeeeeee normies

I'm an INTJ but used to be INFP back in my teens. Good thing I grew the fuck up

No. 188024


This shows some of the negative sides

No. 188029

>E means youre a normie
fuck off retard

No. 188031

lmaooo "-E's are NORMIES REEEEE"

No. 188091

So, I am definetly an IN - Type, but on some days I am INFP-T and on the other days I am a INTP-T.. My bf on the other hand is an ESTJ-A….It is funny that we are literally the opposite. It is nice to have an extroverted boyfriend because through him I am getting more and more confident! I hope, that I can become an INTP-A or INFP-A in the future!
(sorry for my bad english)

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