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File: 1557269629644.png (167.25 KB, 1200x1200, earthglobe.png)

No. 407811[Reply]

Since there's been a bit of discussion about pollution, waste and consumption in other threads, I thought a thread for the green beans would be nice.

What do you anons do to be a little bit greener? Do you reduce, reuse and recycle?
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No. 513888

very late reply, but sometimes when I'm walking in my city, I'll usually see men in suits throw their cigarettes on the street while walking. I wish I had the balls to pick up the butt that they didn't even put out and just smear it onto their suits or grab their face and shove it into their eyes. I already hate smokers for just stinking up the air around me, being inconsiderate assholes who litter too is just the cherry on top.

No. 514263

I'm living in a central european country with lots of agriculture, and the decrease of insects in the past few years is so obvious it's pretty scary.
no surprise tho, since most of the landscapes are insecticide soaked monoculture fields without any wild spots. some farmers tend to have 'green areas' inbetween their fields, but they're mostly so tiny it's a joke.
Some people I know have an industrial canola plant next to their property, and there isn't growing or living ANYTHING in between the canola plants.nothing. no mosses or tiny weeds or whatever stubburn small plants who normally always grow somewhere inbetween.
since there have been bans on a few specific pesticides, the only plant other than canola which survives there now is a bit of wild chamomille.

No. 514265

addition, this is a bit of a rant:
Farmers are'nt getting any support from the government in terms of changeing their agriculture towards being more sustainable for the environment.
Lots of them can't even afford to fulfill the bureaucratic requirements to be certified as an organic farm even if they wanted to. (not that the state of 'organic' solves all those problems but insects and soil fertility are key factors for a working ecosystem).
For a wealthy country, with the resources to improve or even secure their sustainability to not fuck up your ecosystem permanently which you're absolutely dependent on, this is literally retarded.

No. 660055

File: 1603179408300.jpg (33.29 KB, 356x353, 1602893218617.jpg)

Some /ot/ threads are still open, others are closed. Why though? what happened?

No. 660056

Wtf why is everything locked???

File: 1600990754760.jpg (94.33 KB, 1125x889, EiaanXLU0AAwzkq.jpg)

No. 638051[Reply]

okay ladies, you know the drill: post caps you find funny from your fellow farmers. keep sperging to a minimum. arigatou

previous shenanigans: >>589875
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No. 659015

File: 1603073832544.png (346.95 KB, 1920x1292, thankyouanon.png)

This fucking killed me. When the time comes for me to leave this site, I'll definitely miss how anons seem to share my exact autistic interests and sense of humor.

No. 659636

I will miss you too, fellow lanzafag anon

No. 660018

File: 1603171046770.jpg (73.73 KB, 457x757, bad bitch.jpg)

No. 660053

File: 1603178497031.png (234.19 KB, 632x774, batanon.png)

No. 660054

why is this thread not locked lol

File: 1494184826555.jpg (1.45 MB, 1800x2400, f6d50b7f161054f5def988d20150cb…)

No. 222861[Reply]

Vamos lá macacos.
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No. 655799

Não, só alguém que segue ela há um tempo já, antes dela ficar famosinha nos círculos e-girl do twitter/instagram.

>hurr durr ana é vc ??

Ela é tão padrãozinho que tá sendo chamada de traveco magrelo aqui né kkk

No. 656137

Ah, a típica otaka suja adorada pelos channers incel (dói um pouco admitir que eu me atraio por esse tipinho, teehee).

>>655467 Poxa, eu acho o corpo dela bem bonito. O que me incomoda nessa menina é que os outfits dela só funcionam em foto e com edição.

No. 656457

Não achei ela feia, muito menos parece um traveco, mas sai daqui com "ela é complexada". Ser muito magra ainda é muito mais socialmente aceito e glorificado do que ser gordinha. Toda mulher é "complexada" com alguma coisa.

São duas meninas estranhas e magríssimas, mas não acho elas feinhas. Eu não suporto essa vibe edgy tryhard delas, me dá vergonha alheia ver, mas o rosto delas em si não é feio. Agora se a pergunta é por que um monte de cara pira em meninas que parecem que visitam fóruns proana e sofreram bullying na escola, ela é fácil de responder né. Eles projetam as inseguranças próprias nelas e ao mesmo tempo querem alguém que não confronte eles e nem seja superior a eles, que ela seja deslocada e estranha que nem eles. Sempre a mesma merda, só muda os acessórios de cada década.

No. 656750

Gente essas meninas que ces tão postando são cows ou vocês só querem ofendê-las gratuitamente mesmo?
Eu hein

No. 660052

Olá, há alguns blogers que agradam a vocês? porque eu quero poder compreender português melhor

File: 1603161850625.jpg (68.13 KB, 500x245, tumblr_pqw5kpTAul1v1fh26_500.j…)

No. 659951[Reply]

Welcome home.
Previous thread: >>654049
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No. 660041

I'm not being racist, I'm not white as well, I just think saying POC is just meaningless

No. 660042

I’m brown and islamophobic. Fuck all the scrote and brain-washed handmaid zealots. I only support actually ex-muslim women, still skeptical of the ones who only traded it for tradhoeism.

No. 660043

Get yourself some new friends, it's a sign.

No. 660044

That's not what I meant, I'm talking about race-baiting because bringing up any race here will get you a ban for race-baiting.(you're not slick)

No. 660045

I hate the word islamophobic btw, like every type of minority including other sects of Islam are persecuted and attached by mob in pretty much every Muslim country, but no the great persecution of now being allowed to wear a niqab or blast the Azan is the greater injustice

File: 1602355625963.jpeg (22.36 KB, 275x209, 1586518579351.jpeg)

No. 652214[Reply]

Ask away, dumbasses.
Previous questions and answers:
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No. 660025

If I post a picture of a bug I found, can anyone else my identify what it is?

Freaking out right now, our landlord didn't say anything about who the previous tenants were. I had to find out via the guy who lived right in front. It was basically a drug den, there's puke and pee all throughout our hallway, the fridge is horribly repainted and it's because there's a bunch of graffiti on it, our mailbox is the only one that is basically cracked open because crazy crack head broke into it. Our door till recently was broken and they never said why (neighbour told us that it was because the police had to break it down) and now I'm freaking out. I hope it's not roaches. I'm so pissed that our landlord said nothing about it beforehand.

No. 660027

File: 1603171960661.jpeg (1.27 MB, 4032x3024, 5B88F70A-8DBE-4150-BF5D-5FBDC0…)

Jesus, I'm going to burn everything, I did further investigating and I am like 99% it's a bedbug. My skin feels itchy right now, and I no longer want to sleep. I'm going to post it regardless. Twas found in the bathroom.

No. 660029

When I'm meditating I can focus my inner voice on my breathing. But my minds eye keeps wandering, replaying old memories. How do I stop that? Do I just try to imagine a black screen or a calming outdoors scene or something? Also, how do I quiet a song stuck in my head when I'm meditating?

No. 660040

How do you become a "chill" person? I'm serious, even though it's stupid to ask.

No. 660048

File: 1603174456529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.5 KB, 562x133, germanroachid.jpg)

Looks like a nymph german roach. Look at the legs, the light color on the middle of it's abdomen and the little things sticking out on it's butt. A bedbug doesn't look like that at all.

t. have lived with roaches and bedbugs at one point. don't ask.

File: 1602636281248.jpg (15.66 KB, 235x196, download.jpg)

No. 654901[Reply]

Let it out anon

Previous thread: >>>/ot/648656
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No. 660014

Sorry anon. Low maintenance mommy GFs never win. Time to upgrade and learn how to be more demanding.

No. 660023

> But this guy is always making bids for my attention where i have to stop what im doing and turn to him just so he can talk about his topic or show me some youtube

You’re effectively dating a child, anon

No. 660034

You're right, and it's only in the last year or so I've started viewing relationships and men in a different light (thanks FDS).
I've been a people-pleasing, low self esteem, late-diagnoses ADHD dumdum for too long. I'm working on that stuff now, and getting the right meds has cleared my mind alot from the emotional brain fog. I keep thinking that the people-pleasing will make up for my shortcomings but it's just let guys walk all over me tbh. Tired of it.

I feel this sometimes. I have no idea how to react when he does this though. Pretend i didn't hear?

No. 660039

Why do people treat it like a contest on who gets to live longer? Ok, so you're shitting yourself on 5 different daily prescriptions. Yas queen, truly living it up.
Fuck this gay earth. Take me out earlier than 70 pls

No. 660047

See this is what I’ve been saying. A lot of old people I know complain about being old and how everything hurts and how saggy theyre getting. Just seems miserable.

File: 1517597191529.jpg (94.9 KB, 773x504, 1432694148217.jpg)

No. 227162[Reply]

Can we have a fujoshi cringe thread? We already have a weeb cringe thread somewhere but I really want a thread where we focus on fujoshis or cringey yaoi. Can be about your cringey past self or your cringey NEET friend or gay obsessed tumblrinas, it doesn't matter. What are your experiences, farmers?

>OP apologizes very deeply for lack of better thread pic
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No. 639334

so he literally just looks at that character sometimes, cool

No. 646995

I must be some sort of fandom hermit because I never see this shit. All the fujos I talk to are other dykes who mainly talk about the male characters having pussies, with one or two bisexual fakeboi exceptions.

Maybe that will change though considering I started posting about anime again a few mo ths ago

No. 659415

File: 1603124116489.jpg (379.64 KB, 1536x1024, 5C51E427-1715-44E6-9B14D9487D7…)


No. 659509

No. 660033

shipping 12 year old boys is pretty cringe ngl, I hope this collage was put together by a 12 year old girl but I'm pessimistic enough to believe it could be a 30 year old woman.

File: 1594472524362.jpg (21.06 KB, 320x240, rogertroy2.jpg)

No. 582621[Reply]

ITT we discuss news stories, both new and old, that upset us significantly more than normal.

I just read the story of Alissa Blanton, a 23yo newlywed that was murdered by a 61yo stalker who was a patron of the Hooters she had formerly worked at. This story deeply upsets me for a number of reasons. There's few things that freak me out more than the idea of unrequited love interests turning into stalkers, especially ones you don't even know. The fact she was murdered for not returning this guy's interest is already horrific enough, but the fact he was a morbidly obese 60+ year old man who felt entitled to a woman barely over 1/3 of his age is beyond disgusting.
759 posts and 102 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 659916

this case is so sad. they served 0 time and went straight back to the house their sister lived in. She has been raped by all 4 of her brothers, 2 of which were minors. She had her baby at 13.

I wish there was more on the parents. They not only enabled this, but they didn't raise the alarm when she was pregnant and just hid it. Why do they still have custody of this girl and the minor brothers? Are CPS even looking into this? I feel like there's a chance the children are being molested by the parents.

Can someone explain to me why the courts are on tip toes around these people? Is it because they're amish? Is it a god thing?

No. 659976

Just a personal experience, I used to live in an Amish area and it’s definitely an open secret that the women and girls get abused. Everyone knows. I’ve heard so many similar stories to that one that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Police are reluctant to get involved because of religious freedom, and the Amish have their own “punishments” for their members. The women obviously don’t report it either since it would mean being excommunicated and losing their families.

There was actually a Supreme Court case in the 70s that decided that Amish don’t have to educate their children past a certain age, and it was all on the basis of religious freedom (I’m on mobile but it’s worth a google). There are some other special laws for them as well iirc, like not paying social security. It’s hard to police them because they claim religious freedom whenever their dirty laundry does finally come to light.

tl;dr yes, god thing.

No. 660024

That's horrifying, glad you got out of there anon. Is it just too widespread to be called a cult, or what?

No. 660031

Why are amish people so ugly? The inbreeding?

No. 660049

Evan peters looks rough here

File: 1603168898714.jpg (361.56 KB, 1394x1392, 9781528716543_p0_v1_s550x406.j…)

No. 660000[Reply]

Do you believe in it?
Are you a "witch"?
Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
Post everything related to this here. It doesn't matter if your only experience is playing with a ouija board in 7th grade, just discuss.
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 660005

Already existing thread here >>>/ot/381137

No. 660006

yeah but that one is cringe

No. 660007

How is it less cringe to make duplicate LARP thread

No. 660010

File: 1603170287309.jpg (254.66 KB, 1280x851, Women_of_Amphissa.jpg)

I wish it were real but I think it's past its time. It's cool to read about historical sort of things, you know paganism, especially the maenads/Bacchantes.
picrel is a painting which always makes me think "women supporting women" lmao. The regular women from this place Amphissa protected the maenads from being preyed upon in their sleep. The maenads in general have great lore surrounding them like tearing apart a creepy man for hiding among them in disguise.
Sorry if that's ot, but I wish that insane, dedicated pagan shit was around today. I'm not really serious since they were violent and unhinged etc etc. Still it's a lot cooler than "witches" nowadays who to me are clowny larpers but I definitely see the appeal. Sadly it doesn't make sense to be a witch or pagan anymore.

No. 660011

that me, sorry my example isn't really witches just wanted to sperg. Tried ouija at a slumber party as a kid. but I cannot believe in it. It's the subconscious mind driving it, which is intriguing in itself (you can find articles and research about this)

File: 1598524835965.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x639, images.jpeg.jpg)

No. 616586[Reply]

Things annoy you? Let it out, anons!

Previous annoyances:
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No. 659956

I hate this degenerate so fucking much. I hate male "feminists". They're just as bad as right wing men.

No. 659961

His girlfriend seems like she’s genuinely afraid of him. He abuses her 100%

No. 660002

Men claiming that open relationships are either something that should be second nature or are a gift from God, until the second they find out that open relationships involve the woman participating too and not just them being able to sleep around and come home to some poor marriage slave to care for the house and kids

Hence all the men who make fun of the "my wife's boyfriend" people even though those relationships are the only decent open relationships I've seen

No. 660012

ily anon, spoiler made me grin
all 3 are the most honest posters.

No. 660017

>men who make fun of the "my wife's boyfriend" people
the men who make those jokes are often the woke type yet the mentality is just like that of the past, where men's wives were their property. For your property to cheat is the greatest hit to your manhood, and you know that's the joke here as well. Just like cuckoldry where it's about wounded masculinity instead of, you know, genuine betrayal taking place

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