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File: 1487348058825.jpg (94.42 KB, 640x631, 03bbf9399fdef466e97781cd673b04…)

No. 181476[Reply]

Why do fans of cows so stupid? are they delirious or just looking past a cow's actions because they love them so much? i have never understood how some fans can be so blind. sure, i have liked a lot of youtubers but if something comes out about them my opinion quickly changes, i won't defend them or go into online threads telling everyone the proof is just lies and you are all bullies.
i don't get it, why do you think people are like this?

No. 181477


oh the irony in my first sentence.

why are fans of cows so stupid*

File: 1444760719484.png (27.13 KB, 275x186, the hell is this slut saying.p…)

No. 164067[Reply]

>in HS
>am black and have long hair naturally, but wear extensions sometimes
>people are surprised to find out my hair is "real" a lot of the time, but it's no big deal
>this one girl I have a class or two with is kind of rude toward me on a constant basis
>she's Lebanese and kind of hairy, her bf is a black dude
>sometimes tries to make small talk with me even though we don't hang out, and slips in little insults (or just outright insults me)
>don't know why, I hardly know her and barely actually talk to her
>"Wearing extensions today, anon? Yeah, couldn't get that curl naturally, could you?"
>today, she came to me and said "Anon, I'm so glad you came out about wearing weaves, Who do you think you're fooling, girl?" (she apparently thinks me admitting to wearing extensions sometimes means my hair must be 100% "fake")
>already tired and distraught over a test this morning, am barely listening to her
>don't say anything, mumble "Um, yeah whatever" or something
>she continues standing there as if she wants a response
>want her to go away
>say "Better than having sideburns" out of nowhere, or something equally nasty
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No. 174091


No. 174297

File: 1483073473594.jpg (715.34 KB, 3000x1650, i have never removed these hai…)

they are normal, then? Thank goodness.

No. 174312

Those aren't sideburns.

t. hairy girl

No. 181475

Can there be a thread for posting about people who bother you with there passive aggression? Or a thread for jealous people? Since most ppl have had to deal with these things?

No. 181518

Why not just…y'know, make one? As opposed to bumping a thread that hasn't seen action in about a month.

File: 1476723368801.jpg (25.49 KB, 600x400, the-most-expensive-shoes-in-th…)

No. 143946[Reply]

What is the most expensive thing you own? Hard mode: no electronics.

Is it worth the money?
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No. 181256

My jeep is worth probs around $9k (though I bought it off my dad for like 500 bucks). Out of all my non-electronic things, I honestly don't think I own anything more expensive than like 50 bucks. At least not yet lol.

No. 181406

Hard Mode - Probably my DC comic book set, I'm counting it as one because its a collection that when you put it together it makes a picture with all the spines. So far probably about £200 and there's still some to go.
Non Hard Mode - My sewing machine, its a really fancy sewing machine and it cost about £450 on sale

No. 181468

File: 1487343199657.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1500x1000, image.jpeg)

My proplica of the Cutie Moon Rod from sailor moon. Totally the biggest impulse buys I've ever made, I saved over the summer and found it for $60. Shipping and customs kicked my ass and it came to around $120, getting the thing out of a post office was stress enough. Ngl though, when I put the battery's in and it lit up and made a sound, I felt like I was 11 years old again.

No. 181470

$3000 leather pants. I know, I know.

No. 181472

That's really adorable, anon. I'm glad it was everything you hoped it would be.

File: 1458432074976.jpg (1.9 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0649.JPG)

No. 82226[Reply]

Everything about pets you have or want. Give advice about pets you have, advice on whether or not you should get one and which kind, if you have one and are worried about it, resources links, facilities.
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No. 181458

File: 1487324609998.jpg (1.67 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0979.JPG)

My inlaws have a shiba (pic related), she's 12 now. What I heard from many people with shibas is that they're more like cats. They're not as affectionate as other breeds, they can be kind of hostile towards strangers and they are stubborn. But they're also super clean and loyal dogs. If we were to ever buy a dog it would be a shiba.

No. 181462

Same. That's why I hope that once the house is done I'll have enough time for a dog. Thanks anon (:

I'm also trying to inform myself as much as possible because my in-laws might get one and they're shit with pets. They literally treat them like children instead of animals - as in explaining the animal what it did wrong/has to do verbally instead of positive reinforcements etc. Their current dog is mentally a wreck and I feel really sorry for him but sadly I have no say in all of that.

No. 181463

Castration will almost certainly fix it. When you clean their terrarium it is like 'new territory' to them until they re-settle, so they try to stake out a claim. Otherwise they would need to be separated and it would suck for them to each be alone. :(

No. 181465

Pug breeder here, I thought I'd share some info for you and anyone else considering a purebred dog. For any breed, please take the time to find a reputable breeder who you trust. Some breeders are ethical, responsible and breed for health. One can absolutely have healthy pugs. Fuck shitty breeders and puppy mills. When choosing a kennel to adopt from, definitely do your research. Ask questions. AKC registration or similar papers and titles are not enough. Study the pedigree, ask about back generations and make sure the pups were free-whelped whenever possible and that the majority of pups fare well. Go see the dam (and sire, if on-site). If the breeder does not let you meet the parents (at least mom), welcome you to visit their home or kennel, or have recommendations available from others who have adopted puppies from them, be wary. We do not do AI nor force breedings (yes some breeders will strap a bitch in place and force her to be bred to whatever stud they please, and AI is becoming more and more popular). If our dam does not accept a sire, there will be no puppies. We breed pugs because we are passionate about bettering the breed. We are very small-scale and aren't in it for the money. It's one's responsibility, if one is bringing new life into the world, to be good stewards of every pup. Every puppy born to our home is welcome for life, if their owner needs to re-home the dog for any reason we will always take them back. We keep in touch with the families and are always available to answer questions and share knowledge. Each puppy is placed with great care.

Pugs are sensitive and become very attached and need their people. They are not a good breed if you work a lot or are otherwise away from home for long periods of time.

Never, ever, adopt a puppy who is under 8 weeks of age if a large breed, and for toy breeds, current research suggests that pups should be with mom longer. We keep pups for 12 weeks and allow families to visit as often as they like post-week 8. Puppies, even if fully weaned, need their to be with mom and siblings for learning proper socialization and developmental skills. Letting pups go too soon is detrimental to the puppy's mental health. A good breeder will know this. If someone tries to sell you a puppy too early, they are irresponsible!

Hope this helps you anons wanting purebreds.

No. 181467

Yeah, it's a Shiba. She's a turd but I love her. They are definitely more cat-like than doglike and she isn't very affectionate unless she wants her treats. She hardly barks though which is great since we moved to a neighborhood.

Training is important with the breed because they're very stubborn.

File: 1479737486102.png (65.97 KB, 652x712, morishimaakikoyuri.png)

No. 134706[Reply]

We have a fujo thread here in /g/, so I think we need a thread to discuss Yuri (shoujo ai, girls' love~) as well, even though yaoi seems more popular.

Post your favourites animes, mangas, authors and everything related, gurls.

From pink haired Utena to gau gau bears,
Yuri is love. Yuri is life.
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No. 181211

File: 1487047734255.png (609.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170214-004626.png)

Also, I forgot to add my suggestion: edible flowers. Yeah, you can definitely find more masculine, butch and more mature yuri in the link I sent but I really like this one; it's tagged as tomboy and age gap so maybe you'd like it.

No. 181236

Do you guys know of any shoujo-ai or yuri manga where the main couple are both women (college aged), not high schoolers?

I feel like reading about a more mature(?) relationship.

No. 181284


No. 181457

File: 1487323799359.jpg (180.99 KB, 720x1280, de12fcf119ec094b2f7f3158fdc54d…)

How about Fluttering Feelings it's set in a college setting with college aged characters.

No. 181464

Damn I forgot this existed. It's so damn good even tho I'm not crazy for the art.
And maka maka is amazing. >>181284

File: 1487287554356.png (212.24 KB, 801x876, fem.png)

No. 181422[Reply]

I love being a woman. Especially now addays.

Finally, with the protection of the state, we can assume our role as the dominant gender. We can beat the shit out of our husbands, emotionally torment them, even cheat on them and there is nothing they can do about it and ugly men will never have a chance to even be with us.

For example, my husband filed for divorce a little over a year ago when he discovered I was cheating on him. I wasn't even ashamed when he walked in on me fucking another man, because I was sick of him and his bullshit inability to satisfy me sexually. I continued to sleep with my black lover for weeks after he found out, sometimes even while my husband was home. He had to listen to us fucking and me getting pleased by a superior massive black cock while he slept on the couch. He eventually lost it and smacked me, giving me just the justification I needed to press assault charges and file for a restraining order. Under advice of legal counsel, I cleaned out our joint checking account and froze it and froze our credit cards while he was in jail, to prevent him from being able to afford to hire a competent lawyer.

Yesterday, I was awarded full owenership of the house, custody of the children he doesn't even realize aren't his, 1,450 dollars a month in child support, 3,725 dollars a month in alimony and basically suffered no consequences for being unfaithful. All this for being willing and able to take a smack across the face :)

He whined like a little bitch to the judge, claiming he had to get a roommate now, because he can't afford to rent an apartment by himself and pay me what he owes me. So pathetic.

No. 181425

File: 1487289525354.jpg (93.5 KB, 700x660, 1484920105-412-190.jpg)

No. 181433

Moved to >>>/sty/2396.

File: 1486466342327.jpg (26.79 KB, 520x320, gun to head.jpg)

No. 180955[Reply]

What do you think of japan denying their war crimes that their country committed during ww2? And also downplaying those atrocities? How about keeping them out of their history books?
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No. 181109

Australia banned small tits in porn because they hate lolis

No. 181112

That's not so much censorship as us lacking in an R rating, which we have now.

Only other big thing is that pro euthanasia book is banned here, and there was an attempt to create an internet blacklist for illegal content, but it was dropped because of the huge controversy around it.

Our censorship is really nothing like that of a lot of Asian countries, just graphic sexual violence generally.

No. 181144

No. 181245

Who exactly is this post supposed to be for?

That bill was shot down you fucking retard. At least do a bit of googling before you parrot random shit you heard over the internet.

No. 181555

Anyone and everyone who bothered replying to this thread.

File: 1485485379689.png (257.94 KB, 615x346, 6756756.png)

No. 179848[Reply]

With the release of the toddler update and vampire pack for Sims 4, it had me wondering how many of you play/have played the Sims.

Do you prefer Sims 2 or maybe Sims 3? What are some of your favorite aspects of the Sims and what are some things you hated? For those who are fans of Sims 4, is there anything you'd love to see added, such as seasons or university?

Feel free to share pics, stories of your own Sims gameplay, talk about the best way to kill annoying townies, etc.
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No. 181006

>A public mini pet "neighborhood" park for stray animals

I want to do something like this in my town! Can you post pics? I cant quite picture it in my mind.

No. 181126

Garden of shadows and livejournal

No. 181127

It's weird tsr used to be shit for ts2 and ts3, but it's almost essential for ts4 if you a mesh for literally anything…

No. 181208

File: 1487037150472.jpg (1.52 MB, 1680x1048, Screenshot-92.jpg)

I opened the game to get a screenshot, but it was winter so I decided I'd play until Spring. Hours later I remembered I could just go into edit town mode.

No. 181228

Most creators from livejournal have a tumblr now and post so often it's crazy. The sims 2 "simblr" community is still alive and kicking over there, and with how old the game is the CC keeps getting better and better.

File: 1457313520404.png (842.35 KB, 2344x1780, cZJuI8F.png)

No. 77993[Reply]

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No. 113154

post pics of what you use the hot glue sticks for

No. 172786

there are no words to describe the dread some of these images make me feel. just the vague sense of consistency between them is enough to creep me the fuck out, aswell as the obscure cultural references they make and the weird level of detail put into every picture. evil energy is found within most of these.

No. 172791

they should be immortalized in an art gallery

No. 181158

File: 1486955796065.png (531.72 KB, 1366x768, eStzHvl.png)

No. 181217

truly bizarre

File: 1452846443889.jpg (799.34 KB, 1024x1527, 99da91bbcc4032ba75944530c29ad7…)

No. 59632[Reply]

>tfw no femdom e-gf to be dominated by
>tfw no femdom e-gf to buy steam games for
>tfw no femdom e-gf to farm e-currency on MMOs
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No. 60527

>implying I wouldn't

No. 61093

So what? Fuck them, they can shine my shoes and lick my toilet.

No. 61099

any subs here actually not want to be treated like shit?

I guess I just want someone to take the lead. I'm not good at being a typical assertive bf

No. 181188

Yes. Look up gentle femdom(necromancy)

No. 181203

D- necromancy

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