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File: 1453839210513.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, image.png)

No. 73039[Reply]

>PULL 1.0 was deleted
>PULL 2.0 was made but also deleted within a week
>PULL 3.0 (current version) is its own website so it won't be deleted
>all the oldfags from 1.0 jumped ship and disappeared when 1.0 was deleted
>3.0 now populated by 12 year old edgelords
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No. 449091

>she's not usinga REAL WAND!!!!

imagine caring that someone used a fun selfie sticker

No. 449273

Wait till they find out shes not a real witch

No. 449373

File: 1566000360899.jpg (396.8 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20190816-195853_Chr…)

From the Kenna thread again, the mental gymnastics to say that their nitpicking obsession is okay is insane. And they keep getting angry that fall is her favorite season and a few of them make long paragraphs about how Japan doesn't have a fall and how she should get out of Japan because she isn't good enough to be there. I only lurk pull to help with the kind of essays I have to write for my major but this gets…tiring? Like it's not normal gossiping, it's not pointing and laughing at an idiot online who scams people. They're just upset girls they wish they looked like, with followers that they want, are in Japan/ get to do weeb/kboo stuff. Like some of them use to have milk and now it's dried up like the Irish potato famine but they won't let it go.

No. 449483

okay, what kind of essays do you write that necessitate that you lurk pull ??

No. 449730

I major in pop culture with focuses on race and gender studies supplemented with a background in history. Like the people who do documentaries and the crap ton of essays and studies on Reddit and 4chan. I didn't know people never heard of pop culture studies lol. I use lolcow and reality TV for observation also. It's easier and more concentrated than actually throwing myself into a bunch of different social groups. I'd explain more but thats OT.
Also they've been posting horrible "witty" clapbacks about how it's okay for them to ree". I think most of the people in the kpop critical thread on here are also mostly on pull because they post borderline the same things about Jennie Kim at the same exact time. Like they are looking for people to validate them.

File: 1454009792811.jpg (34.64 KB, 400x533, CBiTu3OUMAAJYCr.jpg)

No. 131699[Reply]

I checked around for a thread like this and didn't see one, so here is an all-purpose employment thread.

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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No. 449279

Well done, anon, you've definitely earned your treat.

No. 449281

How do I deal with passive aggressive people, especially women, in the workplace? I moved to a new city and they’re really reserved and passive aggressive, especially dealing with conflict. I’m the opposite, I hate dealing with conflict but I’m more aggressive and I don’t want that to fuck up my job if I say something tooo aggressive.

No. 449297

workplace bullying sucks, happened to me a lot and no amount of complaining to my boss helped. Women can be extra toxic to each other when men are thrown in the mix too its incredibly annoying. You either have to tolerate it or quit, I was personally fired because my boss realized it was easier to let me go than to make half the employees like me.

No. 449367

try to ride on that tension between wanting to speak your mind and not wanting to cross a line. having a line you don't wanna cross can be great motivation and grant you self-control and confidence in yourself. also, ask yourself where that line is realistically. voicing your opinion or expressing concern is reasonable and healthy and the question is if maybe you can still safely do it even in this passive-aggressive atmosphere. doing that confidently and carefully can go a long way.
and find methods or tricks to ground yourself or distance yourself emotionally in stressful situations even if it's petty or dumb or random objectively.

No. 449473

How the fuck do I get out of retail? I’m almost 30, have a useless degree and a resume that consists of about 12 years of retail jobs, one of which I worked at for five years and has a name ppl are impressed by. I’m good at it, I know how to play the game but I feel completely fucking hopeless, dead inside and dread every day. Has anyone successfully leveled out of retail?

File: 1550492075234.jpg (250.29 KB, 1000x1000, plastic-surgery-renee-zellwege…)

No. 375656[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/196187
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No. 449278

Who is that?

No. 449290

Erika Costell apparently. Also, while googling that for you I discovered that it's just a face mask making her look that way. Sorry for the imitation milk guys

No. 449293

File: 1565979817497.jpeg (863.26 KB, 1231x880, 7397E343-D1F3-428E-905F-33F9FD…)

Angelina from jersey shore says the only thing she’s had done is her boobs… sure Jan

No. 449305

She doesn't consider fillers surgery?

No. 449338

This is nightmare inducing

File: 1514327696207.png (525.23 KB, 1484x2152, mbti1.png)

No. 219025[Reply]

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 449154

Same anon I just got INTP everywhere and I got really into mbti and after understanding functions and everything and observing myself I'm actually INFP with auxiliary stronger Ti, like I tend more towards INTP. Sometimes I feel as if I'm stuck between both of them.
I love INFJs, they are so understanding and all the INFJs I have met tried to help me in some way or another. I think it's one of the types I love the most. The types I don't really get along with are ISTJ, ESFJ, ESTJ they're usually always very judgemental towards me, but there's exceptions where I get along with them too, if we have commom interests and values.

I used to have an INFJ teacher in school and it was crazy how we connected because when I would feel sick he'd somehow be able to tell and he would start gazing at me and after the class ended he would talk to me all the time (My PTSD was really bad). I found it crazy since I always tried to hide my mental illness and no teacher in school was able to tell or maybe they didn't care enough.

ENTPs are really smart, witty and funny but sometimes they can go overboard with their jokes etc. I usually get along with them because they're very talkative and I'm bad at initiating conversations, so they do it for me. I think both ENTPs and INFPs have some eccentricity to them.

ISTPs are really chill and simple, I like that but they have their quirks too due to their Ti, they may seem boring but they have an interesting world hidden inside of them.

You should check out function loops because INFJs and ISTPs have the same functions Ni/Se Ti/Fe. I think that as we grow older we get in touch with our inferior functions so you may find yourself becoming more ISTP like, while an ISTP will become more INFJ like.

No. 449162

INTP Gemini
I prefer to be around other Gemini and NT-types. Currently dating a gemini ENTJ. We seem to balance each other.

No. 449173

>Leo sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising
I guess I get along well with *nfps, because my best friends are infp and enfp.

No. 449282

ISTJ, no wonder I don't really fit in anywhere.
I definitely do have a tendency to seem invisible in public.

No. 449546

File: 1566043886188.jpg (17.16 KB, 275x275, 1562408136867.jpg)

It always come up either INTJ or INTP for me.

Sure, i am a forever alone edgelord but without any added bonus, i don't like stem and i am no scientist, i am just a lonely poorfag.

File: 1550144360939.png (27.24 KB, 650x1050, cropped-woman-power_emblem.png)

No. 373459[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of Radical Feminism in contrast to Liberal Feminism.

Please direct gender critical discussion of transgender ideology to the Gender Critical thread >>>/ot/360163
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No. 449106

I thought most western women worked and the work culture would accommodate that?

No. 449127

> MOST men choose CS as their profession because there is money in it.

Says you.

> MOST of them do not code on their free time.

Yes, of course MOST don't, as that would require 50%+ of them to do it. But neither do MOST women.

The percentage of open source software made by men is higher than their participation in the workforce, which means that fewer women than men do open source. This gets even more pronounced if you only consider code for open source, as women do more "other" contributions (documentation and such).



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 449131

I wasn't saying my country is "so much better", if it was I would still live there, but in this particular aspect it is.

Why do you get so angry when someone criticises the West but have no problem saying you're much better than everyone and all the other countries are so poor and all their women are practically slaves unlike in yours? Why do you hate men so much then? If I said something outrageously negative about my home country you'd believe me right away. See >>447194. I'm the one that replied saying it's bullshit.

Well I don't know about most western women, I just know that I was treated like a weirdo for doing what I did and a lot of my male coworkers only talked to me to hear themselves talk. Not that I don't meet people like that now, but a lot less, and they actually believe me when I say something is wrong or something needs to be done instead of asking my male coworker and doing whatever he says anyway.

No. 449158

Calm down… How is me asking where you're from "getting angry"?
I just wanted to know, because I do live in Europe and most women work, many in IT etc and nobody finds that weird. So I wondered, where is the situation even better?

No. 449671

yes it's true. men flocked to IT during the dot com bubble as well, and the rates of enrollment were much lower after the bust. talk to any young man in a uni CS program and he will mention the money. it's not a controversial position to say that most men are soulless and choose jobs that pay the highest sums.

also fail to take into account how men on average have more free time because they're not restricted to responsibilities like child rearing, home making, caregiving, etc.

File: 1531912141410.jpg (13.63 KB, 245x245, 1519835946101.jpg)

No. 269167[Reply]

Bitch about your friends here. Feel free to consult the thread on whether you should have the person in your life if you're at the point where you're not sure anymore.

>be overweight and trying to lose at least 30 lbs

>be friends with obese girl who keeps complaining about how tiny I am, that I don't need to lose weight, and how it's driving her crazy
Note that I don't even discuss it with her much, I'll just make passive comments about having to watch what I eat when she suggests we go out for bad food. I've been trying to skirt around pointing out that I'm factually overweight when she goes on these rants to avoid making her feel bad about herself, but the last one she was so offended and actually angry at me, so I think it's time to bring her into reality. Like, sorry that you're way bigger than me but that doesn't make my weight any less unhealthy?

Same friend
>shits on me for things I often later find out she's totally fine with other friends saying/doing or even agrees with
>bitter AF when it comes to money and disapproves of people spending it in anyway she wouldn't (like she'll judge you for spending money on video games but $5 every day on coffee and eating out every night for dinner is a necessity in her world)
>has straight up asked me to confront her SO about conflicts they're having that don't involve me in any way and state I'm on her side
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No. 448883


It's been a year and she's gotten even further into skinwalking me, I don't know if she'll ever stop. She dyed her hair and even got contact lenses to look the same as me and whenever I post anything she's suddenly posting the same selfie, makeup, angle, outfit, goes and buys the same clothes, it's like she constantly needs to validate herself by trying to outdo me at being me and it's so creepy at this point she makes me think of Dasha. I literally can't do anything without her aggressively copying it and trying to do it too then getting bratty and having passive aggressive tantrums online when it doesn't get the attention she wants. My other friends have noticed too. She clearly dislikes me yet is so set on skinwalking me, it's so weird. She makes it incredibly obvious to the people around us when I'm posting something and then a few hours later she's posting a skinwalked version.

She's been called out a few times in the last year for being really fake and bitchy but I've never called her out on this because I don't want to open a can of worms. It's still really weird and uncomfortable, though.

No. 448918

block her and go private

No. 448941

Go grey rock method. Privatize your social media. She can't skinwalk you without any updates. I mean you don't have to completely go silent, but giving her any kind of reaction, good and bad, is just more fuel for herself.

No. 448986


I've been considering it. I do not understand her obsession with me.

No. 449005

I can’t state this enough. Privatize your social media. I recently had to deal with a similar situation (only this was my bf’s stalker ex lol) and this fixed everything. Make her skinwalking harder for her. You may be worried about starting drama, but frankly you need to put yourself and your own concerns first. Don’t let her make you uncomfortable.

File: 1564488419480.jpg (87.74 KB, 939x1200, DWLtMyvWsAAFffU.jpg)

No. 441471[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 448754

I fucking hate how people try to push the bullshit notion that if a man is attracted to trannys that he is straight. Not in a million years. Men who like cock are not straight. I’ve seen so many articles claiming that only straight men like trannys and “girl dick”, and it’s unbelievable. There’s no such thing.

No. 448756

What troons are doing are is that they are warping aspects of post-colonial and critical race theory to argue that biological sex isn't real in the non-Western world. Those disciplines actually criticise European social constructions of gender onto people of color. European colonization introduced Western gender roles to foreign cultures and used gendered concepts in colonization, even today non-white races are feminized or masculinized depending on how "threatening" they are to white people while whites themselves are seen as the default. This does not mean that people of color had no concept of biological sex, that's absolutely ridiculous but it's an easy way to sound smart on the internet - bringing up stuff people aren't knowledgeable about and guilting them over shit you just made up.

No. 448758

It's basically troonspeak for "just the tip!"

No. 448772

Anyone else here remember AFAB privilege and the baeddel clique? I can't help but think that those crazy troons have made their ideology mainstream.

No. 448779

File: 1547590416146.png (132.92 KB, 300x286, 9288E7B6-3E1F-4355-86F2-79B65F…)

No. 354814[Reply]

Vent about how parents and/or other family fucked over you/your dreams by making terrible choices for you via neglect, close mindedness, laziness, totally ignoring what you wanted etc and how your coping as an adult.
142 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 447907


That makes sense then, At least the cat has his treatment being paid for and you're being level headed and kinder towards him. It's shitty when people deal with stress in that way

No. 448727

File: 1565851522989.jpg (82 KB, 600x450, whiteoleander.jpg)

>Accident born to two newlyweds in their mid twenties
>Earliest memories are of aunt's ex husband taking care of me (he moved in for a little while after the divorce) instead of my parents, eg. him staying up with me when I was sick, comforting me after a nightmare, helping me learn to read and write.
>Brother was born when I was 2 and sister when I was 7, parents focused almost entirely on them and left me to do my own thing because I was supposedly smart and independent enough to take care of myself
>I was a really anxious child but parents dismissed my constant nightmares and panic attacks as inconveniences and tantrums
>Pushed by mother to play musical instruments because she does, I play them out of a need for praise rather than actual enjoyment. She tries to teach me piano (her main instrument) but gets angry with me because I'm not immediately good at playing with both hands. I start avoiding piano and stop trying anything that I don't think I can instantly do well
>Father was never really home - the only memory I have of him from this point is when he "accidentally" shoved me into the stairs while angry and gave me a nosebleed. I mentioned this to my mother recently and she said that although he never said anything about this she wasn't surprised he'd do that
>Move to new town aged 8 because parents decide old town is too trashy, lose old friends, start being bullied at new school, only good thing in life is receiving praise from adults for being smart
>Never really allowed outside unsupervised - mother took me to the music groups she also attended but that was it. Occasionally allowed a dinner/sleepover at my best friend's house, but nobody was ever allowed at my house. Outside of school I would just sit at the computer
>Become afraid to share anything with any adult because parents conditioned me to believe I had to be as low-maintenance as possible to be a good girl, which obviously ends badly
>Father's best friend starts molesting me, I don't tell anyone because I decide I'm either imagining it or blowing it out of proportion and I don't want adults to be mad at me
>Father becomes super tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 449145

That was a wild ride, well done for getting out alive anon I'm so proud of you. Your life is your own, and you didn't deserve such trash parents.

No. 449150

File: 1565954844062.jpg (262.76 KB, 1500x1000, cat-hugs.jpg)

i'm glad you're out of this situation now though
good luck on getting your life on track after all you've been through, it can only get better from now on

No. 449472

Thank you so much. I was afraid to post that (in case I was being too dramatic/making something out of nothing), so your responses are really reassuring.

File: 1505399200913.gif (463.91 KB, 499x350, scary5.gif)

No. 204455[Reply]

ITT we discuss our times having unhealthy obsessions with people. It can be any kind of obsession; romantic, hateful, wanting to wear their skin, etc.

I have an extreme tendency to cyber stalk girls I strongly dislike. The first girl I did this with was my ex best friend as a teenager. I actually found her tumblr recently and she had a few posts that seemed to be referencing me, even though it had been many years since I last contacted her.

There's been a few other girls I watch a lot online. Usually when one enters my interest, they stay there for a really long time until they start to bore me. I stalked the previously mentioned girl for 11 years and there's one who I have been for 7. Everyone else is much more recent, though.

I also stalk a few social media "influencers". It always starts out with me liking them too much and concocting this bizarre narrative of how we would be friends, but then as time goes by I start to dislike them quite a bit. I compete with them, at least in my head. With a couple of them, it's gotten so extreme that I'll have brief delusional episodes where I forget I'm not actually in their social sphere and they have no idea I even exist.
556 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 424527

maybe it needs a bit of context but i had an online friend whom i used to play games with for months. he had a wife and kid but still made time to play with me. despite that we used to be very close. i would look forward to when he'd reply and if it weren't in a few hours i'd get so uncomfortable. i was so happy the first time he said goodnight to me. i hated his friends in our group and would refuse to talk to them. i would cry everyday once he went to play another game. i just needed him to focus on me. but that's over. hopefully a woman will probably be nicer to me.

No. 424714

This shit gonna be long ok. I was introduced to this girl, C by a good friend who used to be in the same group of friends. We went to the same shows, had similar interests and my friend was just like, let’s all hangout before this show. I had just followed C on instagram and elsewhere and thought she was very pretty, and when I saw her irl…she wasn’t ugly by any means but holy fuck had she meitu’d her nose and skintone. I was really taken aback by it, I didn’t recognise her at first but thought that maybe she was insecure or some shit, we were about 18-20, she’s a bit younger than I am.
We get along well and after a year or so of hanging and visiting, helping her with makeup and hair, kinda like sisters, my other close friend saw a ig post of hers. She had started to claim whatever I had borrowed to her, was hers. Giving out tips on how to dye hair, when irl I had done it for her and not in the ways she described. My friend told me C looked so much like me that he had almost left a comment for me. I was weirded out but just tried thinking it’s the usual “friends picking up each others mannerisms” or shit like that.
WELL, I started noticing how she never pitched in when she was visiting me for weeks on end, never actually held up a conversation unless it was about fandom shit or shitting on her former friends, so I asked the friend who introduced us about it. Apparently she was over her and was waiting for me to be done with her too, we trash talked. It ended up weird, first friend not really wanting to hang with us unless she had to, she was civil about it but C really had no idea. She was so self centered. If I mentioned a tattoo, a hair or any idea about my looks, she’d steal it and do it the next day. She’d bodyshame everyone, including myself which I find odd these days, why copy me if I was so ugly?
After a year or so, C’s friends have started the process of ditching her for being shitty, she started vague posting after every time I or anyone else would tell her no to something. “whore this whore that”, it was actually disturbing to see her throw tantrums like that. If you asked her about it, she’d delete the posts, pretending they were never there.
A few years ago, we just casually started drifting apart, and by gradual I mean I did my fucking best in order to get the fuck away. She then did a weird style change where she started copying the friend who introed us??? Our looks could not be more different so it was weird. I mean,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 448126

Like OP, I obsessively stalk people who were mean to me years and years ago. I wish I could just let them go but I keep wanting to compare my life to theirs so I can feel that I finally "won".

Any advice on how to stop?

No. 448140

I get what you're asking but your mind is playing a trick on you here. The painful memory still affects you and hasn't healed. You've been hurt and it hurts till this very day. There was no closure. Maybe other emotional wounds contribute to this pain. A pool of emotionally-charged baggage (that Everybody accumulates). So you're obsessed. Simply quitting your stalking habit evades the issue at hand and just relocates it again. The stalking is a signal, a cry for help, un-adressed pain. The pain will stay even if you quit right now and find another reason to surface. Good luck, friend, and I'm hugging you from afar.

No. 448552

File: 1565813606532.jpg (28.15 KB, 400x298, yikes.jpg)

this is long, sorry.

In high school my friend was openly bisexual. I’m a lesbian but at the time I didn’t know this. I was told through another friend that she found me attractive. After I learned this, feelings for her started to blossom and this is when I stated to realize I liked girls. I started to spend more time with her and we became really close. We liked a lot of the same music and I made numerous mixed CD’s for her. She would spend a lot of nights at my house and we’d sleep in the same bed and though we never really cuddled, I remember laying a bit closer than necessary or even laying my leg against hers would make my heart race. But I couldn't bring myself to admit my feelings for her.

She was dating a guy throughout this and then they broke up. There was a window of opportunity to say how I felt but I didn’t use it and before I knew it, she was dating another guy. This killed me. My crush turned into real, unrequited love and a lot of angst came with that. I confessed my feelings for her one night when we were drunk and she basically said ‘too bad you didn’t tell me earlier’. IMO she wouldn’t have dated me even if she was single and I’m not sure if she even actually did like girls but this still hurt. We continued to be friends for a year or so after but in grade 12, after some messy drama between her and my other friends, we stopped talking. My friends hated her and I pretended to as well but really, I still had feelings for her.

I went to a small college in a new place and in the first year I struggled to make friends. I didn’t have anyone to talk to besides my roommate so I spent a lot of time alone and admittedly obsessing over my former friend, fixating on old pictures and memories of us and stalking all of her social media. There was another fight between my friends and her and it ended in her blocking all of us but I made separate accounts so I could still follow her social media. I remember finding her email which led me to her youtube account, there was music there that she’d liked and I cried listening to it. In a group chat with my friends I let my anger and bitterness out. I took pictures of her and made memes of them, made fun of her boyfriends and said some vile shit about her. I had a folder on my computer dedicated to pictures and information on her.

This was three years ago or so? My feelings for her only went away when I started to obsess over another friend (not romantically but funny enoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1503357927621.jpg (90.13 KB, 700x525, Holy-Grafitti--700x525.jpg)

No. 202815[Reply]

Halloween is coming up in a few months for all the horror and paranormal lovers out there, while there is a autumn thread for the pumpkin,cinnamon, apple cider, type, this is a spooky thread, here to discuss

>favorite horror films and books

>creepy roads/houses/place around where you live or where you use to live
>paranormal experiences or other spooky stories
>paranormal/haunted videos
>creepy but cozy aesthetic pictures
>halloween party recipes and ideas
>creepy pictures you have taken
>anything spooky

no gore please
235 posts and 58 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 448000

me and my friends usually get those animal onesie pajamas and put beanie baby tags on them

not really spectacular or anything, idk what I wanna dress up as this year

No. 448014

File: 1565740490149.jpg (243.39 KB, 700x300, may queen.jpg)

I was thinking May Queen from Midsommar would be a fun costume idea for this year. Or not full May Queen but just the white cult dress with a flower crown…

I've always wanted to dress as Marie Antoinette or a Georgian era lady but never put forth the effort (or money, time) to actually do it lol. An easier historical costume idea would be like, "Maid Marion" or Eleanor of Aquitaine: https://youtu.be/lvJFsYZTzrE

No. 448024

File: 1565741140320.jpg (859.46 KB, 1807x2793, Yoshitaka_Amano_Hiten_-_p038.j…)


So good, i love Yoshitaka Amano's designs , he is probably my favorite artist.

No. 448049

I watched Bloodlust just yesterday, anon! It was great.
I was initially put off by the aesthetic of the 80s film (it looks very "meh", while Bloodlust is fucking beautiful with all its detail - I think even the director of Bloodlust was billed as complaining that the first film "looked cheap"), but I was so impressed by Bloodlust, I think I'll watch that soon, too.

No. 448295

i have had some experiences before - mostly when i was younger.
>live in somewhat old house
>newly renovated
>crawlspace everywhere because of slanted ceilings
>wood house (scandi style)
>constant creaks, bumps and drafts
>4 bedrooms, 3 upstairs, 1 small downstairs
>always had dogs, sometimes they stare at certain spots in the house

1st exp:
>be 6
>almost asleep in room next to staircase
>door is open to let in the hallway light
>hear parents downstairs tv noises
>suddenly shape manifests from shadow
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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