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File: 1701349714162.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3101x4392, IMG_1333.jpeg)

No. 1795103[Reply]

I know we're mainly 18-30 years old but I was suddenly widowed by a horrific accident 2 weeks ago and I want to fucking die.

Anyone else ever lost a boyfriend or husband? I'm devastated.
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No. 1796072

fake and gay

No. 1796079

Kindly fuck off

No. 1796116

Japanon, is that you?

No. 1796139

Does it ever get easier

No. 1796262

My body and mind are broken from grief. I don't see my life ever becoming normal.

File: 1698520878010.png (923.49 KB, 1024x1024, Birx X.png)

No. 1742282[Reply]

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No. 1796040

File: 1701415279994.jpg (135.44 KB, 719x674, FvZaiWzAA_LGVa.jpg)

No. 1796062

Nonna I'm not being funny but if you've ever seen a podcast or a YouTube video about women who murder their children they're almost always BPD or NPD, and if you've ever met a daughter raised by a full blown BPD mother you would know that they have 0 problem abusing their daughters or kicking them out after getting delusions of their daughters trying to seduce their stepdad

No. 1796078

There is so much to unpack here….

No. 1796134

Oh no I did kek. They are disgusting

No. 1796136

BPD man: serial abuser
Autistic man: hopeless manchild
Depressed man: potential school shooter

BPD woman: stupid bitch
Autistic woman: very interested in few subjects
Depressed woman: disturbed artist

File: 1697647392807.png (330.98 KB, 449x446, redditors-rekt.png)

No. 1730346[Reply]

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1671110
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No. 1796102

File: 1701424889551.png (144.08 KB, 586x352, XtraDoubt.png)

Either that "woman" is a tranny, or…

No. 1796104

""Woman"" with a Y chromosone who's birth name was John maybe.

No. 1796114

He sounds like a moron soyboy who cries rape when he has sex with women for attention. He also comments on women questioning their husbands reaction to her sisters pregnancy by claiming the man was raped by the sister. His entire account is just karma farming central

No. 1796117

Like 90% of his posts are from a sub for what-ifing fictional super powers and then the occasional pity party in another sub. It's weird.

No. 1796132

Men lie about rape far more than women do. Makes me think he just got caught out cheating and can’t accept it.
Even if it is true, he still got it up didn’t he? Clearly wanted it.

File: 1611776899806.jpeg (240.18 KB, 828x542, BD2F03DF-C3E2-4457-824B-3F5410…)

No. 724145[Reply]

Tråd för lolcows alla svenskar, danskar och norrmän.
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No. 1792540

jag är trash som dricker oboy så inga bra recept från mig kek
Men har du något bra tips på standardrecept?

No. 1793260

Är nyttig och dricker Nicks chocodrink. Tycker att den smakar bättre än vanlig choklad med socker av nån anledning.

No. 1796107

Kollar ni på julkalendern, svenonnisar? Första avsnittet av Trolltider var gulligt, jag har aldrig sett originalet men ska nog följa den här.

No. 1796353

Jag började se det igen för några år sedan (efter att vid typ 10 års ålder ha bestämt att jag var "för gammal" för det kek), tycker det är lite mysigt och den i år verkar söt

No. 1796355

samefag, såg att lillkillen var en Skarsgård, det tar visst aldrig slut på dem

File: 1682464996011.jpeg (62.52 KB, 576x512, img-TIkglRDkVEkQaUxLaYEU9.jpeg)

No. 1559641[Reply]

Post things or pictures of things that make you laugh.
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No. 1795288

No. 1795297

Is it moidish to say that fart jokes make me laugh? Because they really do, I love a dumb ass fart joke that makes no sense and has no relevance, sometimes they make me wheeze. Yes I am autistic

No. 1795353

Best show ever.

No. 1795362

kek im the same way. idk why, i know its childish and half the time not even actually funny but something about it just makes me laugh uncontrollably and has since i was a kid

No. 1796083

File: 1599123558400.jpg (178.41 KB, 640x404, Estos-son-los-5-premios-Nobel-…)

No. 621962[Reply]

Posteen vacas, drama o lo que sea.
Para empezar:
¿que canales de youtube ven?
¿conocen alguna vaca de su país?
¿es palta o aguacate?
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No. 1790387

Más vale una sonrisa fingida que una geta natural. Kek
Es el genotipo de nlog attention whore latina

No. 1790443

me recuerda a asado de faso. como si no tuvieramos problemas en latam para tener que soportar este gente tambien.

No. 1791716

Odio como los escrotos llaman a las prostitutas "las cariñosas", odio que se haya extendido tanto esa frase que incluso los españolitos las llaman así. Odio como en la cultura hispana es tan normal "irse de putas" pero si los llamas puteros se ofenden.

No. 1793144

alguien mas sigue esta mamada? me estuve riendo todo el dia. Para las que no sepan, Noxium fue el que empezo con los doxxeos en el doomverse y spammea cp y gore en discord.

No. 1796070

No saben cuánto detesto a las mongólicas que se creen progres pero copian todos sus argumentos y formatos de los gringos. Maldigo el día en que la epidemia tranny llegó al mundo hispanohablante.

Recién estoy empezando a leer sobre el Doomverse, pero creo que tiene bastante potencial de lolcow y me da pena no tener un sitio activo donde discutir estos dramas de la comunidad hispana. A ver si conseguimos más actividad en este hilo.

File: 1682889611113.jpg (1.15 MB, 4096x2304, __original_drawn_by_tsukumizu_…)

No. 1563824[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
Prev. thread >>>/ot/1332007
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No. 1793620

that flicker of surprise interviewers get when they see my face and realize how ugly i am always bites. but the guy seemed nice this time so i hope it works out, i need the cash and to stop feeling useless

No. 1795435

>excel assessment for job
>keyboard shortcuts i'm used to didn't work for 3 questions (otherwise got the rest right – 3 out of 21 are wrong though, one of which was pissbrain easy – copy pasting one cell from another)
god i hope they don't count it against me.

No. 1795697

i am starting to reconsider everything i have worked for. has anyone here started from scratch as a 30+ yearold woman? i hate the field i am in and i just want to start over. i don't even know as what but i feel so trapped because of all time time and effort and experience and education i put into what i'm doing now.
any advice?

No. 1795707

I took a “break” from my career when I was 30 and haven’t been back to any serious jobs in three years. It gives me anxiety but not like my job did so overall it’s nice. I’m probably going to regret it later lol I think maybe I should have gone to school for something with this time

No. 1796054

>>1791602 here, and I surprisingly got an offer for one and I've progressed to the final stage of the interview process for the other!! I'm being presumptuous to say that I have a good feeling (I always have good feelings…) that I might get it!!! I honestly didn't think I'd get this far and during the salary range question, I gave a number (that at the time) was about 5-7k above my old salary, yet now I've done research for the position, the number I asked is about 15k below the average. The other offer has offered a 2k increase on my old salary, so it makes me more invested in this current opportunity.
So I'm just asking if it would be an asshole thing / ruin my chances to throw out a higher number (like 5k more than I asked for) at the next interview if asked, or hope that they recognize the lowball I threw out and try to offer something better. It's a little presumptuous, but this is progressing so quickly that I'd like to get on top of things now just in case. Thanks in advance!

File: 1684518693513.jpg (75.82 KB, 611x440, 1585047954085.jpg)

No. 1581752[Reply]

Another round of asking anons questions and having them reply to it.

>What's your favorite fruit?
The anon below will reply with
>Who was your rolemodel growing up?
>Ayuzawa Misaki

Have fun.

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No. 1795892

not about companies but a really good deep dive channel


No. 1795942

I have one half sister and i have never spoken to her in my life but for some reason i know here whole life story and she knows the parts of mine that my parents know. I don't really care about her tbh, she lives in another country and i have no plans to talk to her. She is my dad's daughter and he is pretty much on only one in frequent contact with her.

No. 1795954

Who has any experience with using progesterone cream for premature wrinkling?

No. 1795959

I have half siblings on both my mom's and dad's side. I was raised with the half siblings on my mom's side and honestly they are no different than a full blooded sibling to me. I call them my brothers and sisters and we never really acknowledge being half siblings. My dad who was a deadbeat and went to prison had a son before me, who I've never met but seen pictures of. I consider him a total stranger and will never contact him.

No. 1795964

So a friend’s post popped up on my feed and then out of curiosity i looked at the likes. I saw that the likes didn’t add up, like an account was missing. Anyways after using a second account I could see who it was. I wondered if they blocked me but after some experimenting I see that it isn’t that. What else could it be?

File: 1686251529620.jpg (75.98 KB, 736x647, HAPPEEHAPPEEJOYJOY.jpg)

No. 1601035[Reply]

What's looking up, Nonnie?

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1187321
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No. 1792648

My next door neighbor is this really sweet lady and the only cool person in the neighborhood. Anyway she bought a bunch of battery-powered lanterns the other day and gave me one of her extras, and it's honest to goodness the sweetest thing anyone's done for me in a very long time. I'm so fucking happy I almost cried when she gave it to me and have been on-and-off singing "This Little Light of Mine" for the last few days. Yes, I am retarded, but I'm a very happy retard with a rad neighbor and an emergency light source.

No. 1795648

so I got braces and not only are my teeth getting better but my face is getting more symmetrical. I always thought my lips were uneven but it was just how my teeth were. I literally can’t stop smiling

No. 1795652

I was given an easy commission and paid a good amount I can now put towards bills or christmas!! I swear the small amount of commissions I've gotten from friends who work service based jobs know to pay well.

No. 1795763


No. 1795899

I used an air fryer for the first time to make spicy nuggies I breaded myself with some sweet potato fries, used to be a retard hikki who could barely summon the willpower to operate a microwave

File: 1696176186987.png (40.77 KB, 156x291, tinfoilLaughs.png)

No. 1712160[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

Previous threads:
#1 >>>/ot/369313
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Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1795605

The biggest tinfoil and honestly redpill is that the majority of men are ephebophiles, potentially even hebephiles

No. 1795842

it's not a tinfoil, they straight up admit to grooming teens, left moids too. all moids need to have their discords investigated asap

No. 1795950

Yeah this isn’t tinfoil because it’s proven irl, just look at the kinds of porn they watch. “Barely legal” being a known popular term just proves how sick they all are and that the written law is the only thing holding them back.

No. 1795965

globohomo? Back to /pol/

No. 1795973

Globohomo is a general term. It means global homogeneity as in one world culture and one world government. It does not mean global homosexuality as is often assumed.

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