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File: 1685234652540.png (33.42 KB, 340x169, IMG_4153.png)

No. 1589684[Reply]

Horror and bliss beyond belief,
the future held in the sanic motif
screeching to the heavens, be he brief
the numbers reveal either relief or greif
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No. 1598433

Ahhhhh Sanic please, this scares me—I am not ready to go yet!!!!
Universe can you just please take care of my great aunt and let her be reunited with her brothers?!

No. 1598436

Are they dating?

No. 1598438

Should I be worried about her?

No. 1598461

Is this really a good time?

No. 1598569

will she at least open the message

File: 1675361525190.jpg (1.9 MB, 3264x3264, lankakuva.jpg)

No. 1488826[Reply]

Kyrpäkallet naisten pukuhuoneissa editio.
#6: >>>/ot/1326345
#5: >>>/ot/1245265
#4: >>>/ot/1176608
#3: >>>/ot/969959
#2: >>>/ot/737511
#1: >>>/ot/222198
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No. 1597070

Ei kai kukaan tässä langassa ole syyttänyt Prideä poliittisesta vakaumuksesta? Kokkarit+muut hyvesignaloivat hetsku poliitikot on vuosien ajan tottuneet siihen että Helsinki prideen voi mennä heiluttamaan sateenkaarilippua ja ottamaan hienoja kuvia instaan. Nyt kokkareille sanottiin ei kiitos ja ovat ihan pöyristyneitä. Ihan oikein heille. Mites näille muille poliitikoille saatais menemään perille että Pridellä on jokin muukin tarkoitus kuin heidän iloiset selfiensä?

No. 1597959

ei vois vähempää kiinnostaa kokkarien hyvesignaloinnit mut musta on erikoista et pride päättää lopettaa yhteistyön nyt vaik ei kokkarit esim. avioliittolain kohdal myöskään äänestäny mitenkään yksimielisesti

No. 1597963

Aivan eri asia, transujen oikeudet ovat oikeita ja tärkeitä juttuja joista ei jousteta!

No. 1597966

Mitä ne edes haluaa? Että kaikki muut ihmiset maailmassa parantaa heidät pahasta olostaan sillä ettei katso heitä liian pitkään?

No. 1598425

Lesbojen pitää kohdella niitä kuin jotain Madonnaa, vaikka hädin tuskin kelpaavat edes irstaimmalle moidille… Siihen asti ovat alistetumpia kuin mustat Amerikassa 1800-luvulla

File: 1679990502202.jpeg (112.66 KB, 828x1000, BB83D3B8-7EFC-487A-BDCE-3EA126…)

No. 1534700[Reply]

Post ridiculous rentals, silly sales, pathetic price, experiences with real estate agents and realtors, housing struggles etc.
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No. 1592328

>former coworker bought house precovid
>didn’t pay mortgage as he had 3 other people living with him paying rent which was enough for monthly payments and then some
>sold house for double what he bought it for, tenants moved out and him and gf moved in with his parents
>almost two years later and they’re still living with parents because he can’t find a decent house in area for an affordable price
I wonder if it was even worth selling the house for a quick profit.

No. 1592346

Depends on a number of factors. If they made out with a large windfall from the sale and didn't piss it away, they are in a much better position to buy another home but the tradeoff is moving elsewhere and mortgage rates are very high (US). If he hadn't sold, he'd still have his own place with a significant amount paid on the mortgage already and not stuck with the high interest rates. Hard to say what is better because there are pros/cons to either scenario.

No. 1592698

is this a shared BED? and not even a bunk bed? what the actual fuck i would never sleep next to someone who isn't family or a long term friend/partner even if you were paying me. who is PAYING to be subjected to that?

No. 1592992

File: 1685538153298.jpg (548.26 KB, 3564x2673, a6cr2fjq423b1.jpg)

On the left is the most recent permit record for this building as of yesterday, May 29, using the Wayback Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230529140403/https://codext.davenportiowa.com/building_permit/detail.php?id=87009033
On the right is the same record using the current link: https://codext.davenportiowa.com/building_permit/detail.php?id=87009033
Between yesterday and today, the most recent inspection on May 25 was changed from a pass to a fail.

No. 1598424

Every time airbnb hosts justify why they should use their property as airbnb instead of long-term rentals so local residents can actually LIVE IN IT, all their reasons come down to
>but I can earn SO MUCH MORE money on airbnb!
>what about my mortgage? what about my interests rates? what about my strata fees? what about my retirement? what about my vacation? what about my quality of life? what about MEEEE? WHAT ABOUT ME??? ME ME ME ME
They have already earned half a million dollars+++ in equity on their property, and now they're complaining they can't get more? FUCK YOU.

File: 1685778584619.jpg (106.21 KB, 750x913, Tumblr_l_455623226223899.jpg)

No. 1595652[Reply]

Previous Thread >>1576878
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No. 1598321

File: 1686012004441.png (426.4 KB, 680x453, 57f.png)

i kind of find dying extremely reassuring. i'm doing better than i have in years (used to actively attempt suicide, now i have a job and am about to graduate) yet one of the sweetest thoughts i hold in my heart is i always have a lovely forever sleep (i love sleeping and turning my brain off, la petite mort) to look forward to in case anything gets too bad, whether it be my life, mental or physical health. it's led me to realize how literally Insignificant everything is, and how nothing anybody thinks really matters. i guess it's a fairly autistic flavor of nihilism (picrel) but it honestly calms me down when i'm freaking out about stuff when i think it's the opposite for most people. anybody else feel this way?

No. 1598358

I wish I had a metrosexual boyfriend

No. 1598374

I want a super qt bf/husband who has no limbs, like they got lopped off in war or something. I'd exercise him everyday on a leash and bathe him. Feed him. Dress him up super cute. Help him go to the bathroom. Do photoshoots. He couldn't run away from me into another womans arms…. perfection.
Sigh ;_; I'll never have my handsome little nubblet.
How would I even advertise that?

No. 1598387

Okay this is reallt pushing it, homonculus100. I could handle one leg maybe.

No. 1598388

His bf is even more high maintenance than he is

File: 1671330557902.jpg (111.59 KB, 736x1120, adhd-alien-masking.jpg)

No. 1450684[Reply]

Discuss anything pertaining to ADHD/ADD, such as advice for managing symptoms, the difficulty of diagnosis as a woman, the differences in the ways men and women with ADHD are treated, etc.

Some starter topics since this is the first thread:
>How do you feel about ADHD memes and other "relatable" content (such as threadpic)? Harmless fun? Makes your symptoms worse?
>Do you take medication? Does it work for you? Or have you tried any therapies/diet changes/other non-medication treatments that have helped you?
>Which of your personal "self-hacks" are you the most proud of?
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No. 1597434

I've tried Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse, and I experienced something similar. It happens.
Vyvanse was the opposite for me, it gave me an energy boost but also ruined my ability to function normally with the gross amount of hyperfocus it'd inflict on random tasks.
Ritalin and Adderall are actually similar in effect for me, but for some reason they stop having an effect and start giving me severe anxiety around the 6 month mark. I have to switch from one to the other periodically to evade this but this has been the magic ticket to functioning on stimulant meds for me for a few years now.

No. 1597572

Taking Ritalin for the first time and I find that it makes it easier to focus but it gave me no motivation so I'm still procrastinating my tasks. Is this normal? Or does this mean it's not working for me?

No. 1597613

Speed isn’t a motivation drug. It’s best to start doing your task on the come up so you’re locked in by the time it hits. Otherwise you’ll just get stuck procrastinating.

No. 1597656

Does anyone have experience taking stimulants for a long time, like 5+ years? I've been on Adderall IR for almost 3 years now and I was good about not relying on it for a while but the past year due to the shortages my current generics are a lot weaker and I have to take more more consistently to get positive effects. I still take days or even weekends/weeks off if I can but I'm starting a new job soon and worried about dependency issues and long term negative effects. Any personal experiences that can help me think it over?

I don't experience many immediate negative effects aside from anxiety if my dosage is too low so I have to play with it a bit at times.

Also I've always been in about 5-10 mg a day depending on my cycle but on the new generics it's moving to 10-20…that's fairly low I know but I'm pretty skinny so it's not that impressive.

No. 1598326

At first getting diagnosed with ADHD was a relief, it was so amazing being able to complete tasks, pay attention and not be plagued by anxiety due to my ping ponging thoughts. I started watching ADHD content in the hopes of finding ways to manage without relying on adderall. And I do think I regret it. Now i'm so aware of my "weird" behaviors and
fidgeting which i don't know how to stop. Sitting on my hands feels childish and I feel too old to behaving the way I do. I'm always so nervous that others see me as bizarre and off putting which escalates my social anxiety. I want to go back to being an unaware weird bitch

File: 1638763539704.jpeg (140.21 KB, 1056x1200, 23961385-3D67-4148-9CA5-449A8B…)

No. 986511[Reply]

Moosechans unite.
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No. 1575959

Canada has become such a shit country now. Has anyone thought about emigrating? If so, to which country?

No. 1576149

No one is going to be nice to refugees who come after shitting up their own country. Everyone will be cautious around you. Also immigration isn't hard but unless you have qualifications, you won't get hired. An average Canadian is probably not a college graduate or barely graduated from a shit college that's not accredited so it'll be null in a European country with actual good education.

No. 1576267

>no one is going to be nice to refugees who come after shitting up their own country

Have you ever been to Canada? That’s all they’ve been doing for the least few years.

No. 1576273

>Not a college graduate

We're becoming over educated if anything

No. 1598325

File: 1686012445986.png (91.6 KB, 960x541, sun.png)

Guess wildfire smoke in cities every summer is normal now. Maybe I have bad memory but I don't remember this before like 2019.

File: 1669232213525.jpg (1.39 MB, 1275x1738, i am sorry nonas.jpg)

No. 1419137[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/1245504

Talk shit about any-blr you please.
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No. 1598183

Kek, no she's not right. The machine feeds on bodies, and having children is giving it more bodies. Haven't you ever heard of starve the beast?

No. 1598185

>when you have several mental disorders, you know deep down that you'll never be able to raise kid
This can't be true, as deeply mentally ill people often have large numbers of children. Hell, even people who are so sick in the head that they know they are birthing a child only for it to die a horrible death young(because they are carriers of a genetic disorder), still plow ahead against all advice and have that kid. That's far more mentally fucked up than some woman claiming she loves wine and cats too much to have kids.

No. 1598214

doesnt this go into the sexist stereotype that women dont play games despite the fact that a huge amount of gamers are women? We just keep to ourselves a lot. like wtf.

No. 1598217

She talked about raising kids, not birthing kids.

No. 1598270

I worded thus badly but the reason why these type of jokes peeves me is that TIMs like to joke about how video games and coding are "transfem hobbies" and act like real women can't be into these things. So whenever they see a fictional woman be into these things they automatically assumes she is trans

File: 1600884662618.jpg (30.91 KB, 391x421, cwtnky9kw7751.jpg)

No. 637134[Reply]

Euro çok pahalı cosplay almak çok zor şu zamanlarda.

Başka ülkelerin thread'leri var biz de bayraklarımızı asalım.
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No. 1590949

Sonuç aynı kek. Dışarıdan kutlama ve silah sesleriyle uyandım.

No. 1591797

yurt disinda yasamaya devam tayyip giderse donerim diyordum ama adam kendini japon yapostiricyla yapistirdi tahtina bi siktirse gitse ulke rahatlasa amk. neyse nonnieler sikmayin caninizi bu ulke duzelmez.

No. 1595907

sakince plana sadık kal

No. 1598266

Acikcasi bu sene gercekten muhalefetin sucu artik. AKP'nin en zayif doneminde bile Kilicdaroglu'nu aday yaparsan boyle sicmik gibi sonuc cikar. Ekrem Imamoglu ya da baska bir Karadeniz tarzi aggro birisi yenebilir bir dahaki secime, ekonomi daha da kotuye gidecek cunku buyuk cokuntu yasanacak AKP'nin elindeyken hukumet.

Alakasiz ama vatandasligimi birakmayi dusunuyorum, Kanada vatandasligim tamamlanmak uzere ve ilerde savas mavas olursa Turkiye'ye bagim kalmis olmasin diye dusuncem var. Sacmaliyorum belki ama burada 2. dunya savasi sirasinda Japon'lara yapilanlar aklima geliyor…

No. 1598357

iyi fikir bence. bu muz cumhuriyetinin vatandasligi bi boka yaramiyor zaten.

File: 1657720600751.gif (5.62 MB, 450x253, 635939226.gif)

No. 1261328[Reply]

I'm not asking anymore, you're coming to Brazil.

Tava mais que na hora de fazer um novo Brasil Fio.
Notícias, tretas, polêmicas, lolvacas ou qualquer outra discussão em português entre as nossas noninhas.

Previous: >>>/ot/222861
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No. 1553477

E aquele garoto que foi apreendido pq ia atacar uma escola e a casa dele era cheia de parafernália nazista e fascista? Literalmente os pais que davam pra ele.
Eu só faço amizade online com estrangeiros…
Eu já comprei fone de ouvido da multilaser umas duas vezes e das duas vezes pararam de funcionar na primeira semana.

No. 1559395

File: 1682443218899.jpg (52.73 KB, 1170x1637, download (1).jpg)

Eu lendo edital de concurso e vendo que só pedem ensino fundamental pra auxiliar de veterinária, sem curso específico nenhum, e que tão pagando só R$4000 pra médico.

No. 1592041

Eu invejo o meio GC gringo e ironicamente pq é cheio de normie. Aqui no BR a maioria das pessoas cai no mito do "huh duh país que mais mata troons" e consequentemente as poucas pessoas que questionam o lobby é canserva crentelho/tradcath ou a galera do "Volta GLS" que diferente da "LGB Alliance" que é basicamente gente OSA querendo levar uma vida normal longe da maluquice queer, por aqui é um monte de lescel, polilez e yag com síndrome de Regina George cujo "ativismo" se resume a fazer bullying com bobolescente na net e pagar de egdy, mas como todo esquerdinha webmilitante, só conseguem ser "safe edgy" hipócritas:

> "haha bissexual vetor de DST, posso falar pq bifobinha não existe, muh opressão estrutural"

> "Aiiinnn, uma adolescente autista de 14 anos se denominando gay de boyceta, isso é violentamente homofóbico"

> "tranfobinha não é real, geralmente quem morre é só trava prostituida, com envolvimento com tráfico de drogas, etc, o resto tá safe"

> "ain, alguém olhou torto pra mim na rua, ctza que é pq sou lebisca disfem e a pessoa nazi, só as estatísticas de mortes troons são exageradas, as de G/L são 100% real oficial!"

> "eca, uma mina hétero se dizendo homem gay, odeio hétero"

> "essa mulher hétero se dizendo lésbica, afirmando que homem gay = pedo e atacando afeminados é minha amiga"

> "equipar transfobia a racismo legalmente não faz nenhum sentido"

> "aiiinn, me chamaram de vinhadinho, o processinho vem"

Além da negação de que o ativismo gay tem sim parcela de culpa pela situação merda de agora. O "bake the cake" digievoluiu para "respeite meus pronomes" e depois para "chupe minha r0l4 feminina". Se hoje tem "transbian" e "gayceta" é pq os HSTSs cometiam "rape by deception" com homem hétero e começaram a encher o saco insistindo que era sexo hétero e que dizer o contrário era compactuar com a morte das pobres travestis que eram assassinadas… depois que os caras enrolados ficavam putos ao descobrir. Agora ficam se fazendo de Kátia cega pq a água suja bateu na bunda.

No. 1592072

> "Aiiinnn, uma adolescente autista de 14 anos se denominando gay de boyceta, isso é violentamente homofóbico"

Samefag, acho hilário o monte de macho cavalo véio tentando forçar que as "Noah elu/delu panssexual fã de yaoi e Steven Universo" são uma ameaça pra eles, kkkkk. Inclusive pq TIF não é levada a sério nem dentro do próprio movimento troons, só lembram que existem na hora de fazer reportagens de "homem grávido" ou quando alguma famosinha vem dizer que é "não binárie".

No. 1598238

No Fio anterior havia bastante comentários sobre cosplayers Br,
Então, alguem sabe alguma história/fofoca interessante sobre a Danielle Vedovelli ou Mariza Scheid?

File: 1675319402505.jpg (275.07 KB, 1195x1600, cow2.jpg)

No. 1488379[Reply]

A thread for funny screencaps across lolcow. Refrain from posting scrotal or painfully unfunny screenshots. Humor is subjective but try keeping quality in mind. We can tell when you selfpost.
Have fun and remember not to infight.
Last thread >>>/ot/1340724
938 posts and 344 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1597996

File: 1685980893502.png (42.21 KB, 791x431, transbye.png)

No. 1598064

File: 1685989243644.png (9.54 KB, 853x199, every fujo fanfic.png)

No. 1598221

File: 1686004139535.png (9.85 KB, 1808x89, hornycatnoises.png)

No. 1598227

This is making me laugh like the first time I read that hall post

No. 1598503

For context, this post was about the book Song of Achilles which makes it funnier.

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