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No. 1803231

Similar to the Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit hate threads, we post youtube videos, creators, and comments that we hate. Infuriating shit, stupid shit, weird shit. Post away.

Previous threads:

No. 1803233

File: 1701996179073.png (1.53 MB, 1200x675, 1_nDPIXsLZXLr25dhVAh0Dvg.png)

reposting from dumbass shit thread:
i hate a lot of "true crime" youtubers. i'm interested in the subject but tired of being recommended channels like picrel. a lot of it seems so disrespectful and insensitive.

>doing makeup while talking about horrific crimes and profiting off of it

>eating while talking about horrific crimes and profiting off of it
>any channels/podcasts that have a "spooky uwu" theme or background seems very ham-fisted and inappropriate
>saying things they couldn't have possibly known, things that were never reported
>honestly most of the time their commentary on stuff is stupid, uninformed, unnecessary.
>inserting personal, unrelated opinions that nobody fucking asked for

list goes on. i like some channels especially if they're cases that haven't been covered by 100 fucking people. some are good channels (IMO), there's being informative then there's being blase or overdramatic. i especially hate gimmick channels. mukbangs or doing your fucking makeup while talking about this topic shouldn't be a thing, let alone as popular as it is. don't get me started on the content farming "true crime" channels.

No. 1803240

Youtube rotted the brains of millions of children why is it not shut down yet

No. 1803241

The only true crime channel I like is Kendall Rae because she advocates for the victims and covers cases that need coverage. How many of these big channels try to advocate for victims or work with their families?

No. 1803242

i never believe the ones that work with the victims (or constantly spout how empathetic they are) are genuine it always seems like an attempt at trying to give themselves positive internet points. it reads as super fake to me like it's in a fake sympathetic customer service voice and they exaggerate their facial expressions and go on and on about omg that must have been so horrible. like yeah it obviously was.

No. 1803245

can i add buzzfeed unsolved to this? just two extremely unfunny guys making jokes about dead children in boxes and "omg what if aliens????" about everything. they're the fucking worst.

No. 1803246

I don't really mind if the true intentions are not out of genuine compassion, because at least they are doing something that could direct attention to the case and hopefully get more help in solving it.

No. 1803248

I genuinely am perplexed at how those two unfunny soyboys got their fanbase. They are so corny and disrespectful.

No. 1803250

it's that they come off as faking genuine compassion to me that puts me off. i prefer channels that are analytical, tell the facts and don't make an overstatement of how the case makes them feel, and don't show their faces. the channels dreading and dave's lemonade are the best i can think of.

No. 1803252

yeah, i like dreading. i wish his titles were a bit more descriptive beyond "Psychopath Is A Murderer" but i like his format.

No. 1803265


If you like Dreading + Daves lemonade I'd highly recommend Matt Orchard!! He's one of those channels that came up when JCS / Jim Can't Swim was really big in 2020 and everyone was trying to copy his format. He's doing his own thing now and it's pretty good.

No. 1803268

already subbed to him lol. i miss JCS, it's a shame true crime content blew up so much and it's full of garbage channels now just profiting off of it

No. 1803275

That's true, I used to like watching her videos for that same reason. What put me a bit off is how she talks about mothers, it's weird how much emphasis she puts on it. Maybe she does that because it's just a generic kind thing to say, but I remember noticing it pretty often. Finding out about her being a former MLM person also turned me off somewhat

No. 1803292

it's because she's a mom now and she probably always wanted to be a mom so she sympathized/identified with it. it just annoys me because i like crime content to be informative and not spend 5 minutes telling me to feel bad for the mother, victim, etc. i am not a child or a psycho, why would i need to be told how i already feel

No. 1803376

there’s a whole true crime YouTuber thread somewhere in snow

No. 1803595

Fujo shipping

No. 1803676

It’s the YouTube version of those trashy tabloid magazines.

No. 1803733

YouTube has a lot of random little kids it suggests on shorts. Like I don’t wanna post it but they get like5 likes and no I don’t watch stuff with kids, or whatever just sometimes after scrolling through shorts for a bit they’ll recommend some foreign kid dancing with 8 likes

No. 1803755

I've actually been getting kids recently too. I watch a lot of cooking videos and started getting low view count videos of children and teenagers presenting themselves cooking basic things like eggs or mac and cheese. On one hand it's sweet that they're evidently very genuine videos where they're excited to show off a new skill but I don't have any desire to watch kids vlogging

No. 1803772

I think they just push a lot of random shorts from unknown channels too, like I'll get some middle aged man talking about stuff or some woman's makeup video with 2 likes and 0 comments. I don't get the dancing ones but I do get anime AMVs and edits obviously made by children

No. 1803821

I've also noticed that youtube will show me completely random shorts with 0-50 likes once in a while and will include at least one video with a strangely low viewer count on my explore page. Sometimes it's related to what I usually watch, but usually it's something I'd never click on. There have been some dancing, cooking or simple cat videos in there, but something about them always unnerves me. I know it's just some person with bad camera quality filming something for fun but it feels sinister. Maybe because I'm used to the polished content

No. 1803825

i am a youtuber so i am happy videos from small creators get recommended a lot lately, but children's videous shouldnt though

No. 1803838

Why are so many of the men who do weeb content in Japan so weird… maybe I'm biased because I know he's violent and psycho behind the scenes but doing all of this is so bizarre. Its like they think they're saviors and have no ability to let go of something.

No. 1803840

>maybe I'm biased because I know he's violent and psycho behind the scenes
what has he done? i clicked off the video because it's so shitty to take something a man once did out of pure passion and to live and turn it into something to clickbait and attention whore online

No. 1803845

There's stuff on him in the jvloggers thread which is currently clogged mostly with weird parasocial speculation about Chris and sharla so I cbf to look for examples, he freaks the fuck out at any criticism on his videos, sends people abuse, and has tons of sock puppets he uses to bully and verbally berate people. You can literally tell how tilted and manic depressive he is in parts of his videos, he's so emotional and weird.

No. 1803846

true crime fags are the most annoying people ever. and the more seriously they take their "hobby", the more unhinged and out of touch they are. i feel the same about a lot of law youtubers/streamers. they claim to care soo much about facts and being respectful and totally not trying to profit off other people's misery etc but then they do shit that clearly contradicts this. especially during the amber heard johnny depp drama both true crime ppl and lawfags were really showing their asses.

No. 1803901

youtube has always gotten shit for pushing big creators while ignoring smaller ones and this is probably their shitty fix.

No. 1803935

File: 1702044596686.png (622.14 KB, 1070x582, vNwQj9hg.png)

whose worse between these two.

No. 1803938

First one, of course, the second is just painfully annoying.

No. 1803991

True crime youtubers are always garbage. I usually find entertainment in lost media stuff.

No. 1803992

First one is a girl boss and the second one had the type of autism that would kill people if he wasn't a lost media tard.

No. 1803994

I feel like there's a special place in hell for truecrime youtubers. They all act like robots with no empathy.

No. 1804005

File: 1702049652226.png (168.7 KB, 361x307, what.png)

Come on, youtube, now you are suggesting me shit just to make me post itt

No. 1804007

>dorian gay
Of course she calls herself that. Of course.

No. 1804008

>Dorian Grey

No. 1804009

Most fakebois are way girlier than I am even when I try to look girly. It's insane, the average woman wearing basic comfortable clothes to do quick errands looks less girly than that.

No. 1804012

It's always that or Ashton. Can't wait for society to go back to shunning stupid ass trannies. These women are retarded.

No. 1804013

>enjoyer of (…) babygirl men characters
God so here is what the retarded zoomers calling male characters babygirls online look like.
It's like they think they can't be their ultra feminine selves and dress girly unless they get their breasts amputated. Bizarre and sad.

No. 1804020

they are more phenotypically self-pampered to me than the average self-called "bimbo" hyperfeminine woman is

No. 1804042

I like dreamjelly so I got a rec of a channel similar to hers, that apparently she even shouted out at some point and it's a fucking tranny… I'm so sick of them slithering into any girl dominated interest

No. 1804043

Men into barbie is such a red flag. I truly believe some toys are made for girls. MLP and Barbie are both for girls. Men into that are always sus.

No. 1804100

the channels of faggots talking about some of my favorite childhood (even still currently) series like winx club and w.i.t.c.h. make me so disgusted. i wish i could use a fly swatter on them and shoo them away from cute girly media. its not for fucking faggot ass you.

No. 1804163

File: 1702058435100.png (32.85 KB, 341x87, Schermafbeelding 2023-12-08 om…)

I just wanted to post about this, I've had picrel recommended to me for like a week now. I don't know who this guy is but a million views on 'worst child abuse in history'? Call me sensitive or whatever but if your source of entertainment is hearing about abuse, torture and murder you're sick. Also the thumbnail makes me angry.

No. 1804364

the whole point of giving her the name Genie was to shield her from anyone tracking down her parents and therefore finding her. doesn’t really work if some asshat on youtube is putting her real last name out there.

No. 1804422

i clicked on a mia maples video for the first time in forever and… is she retarded or something? has she always talked in that weird way where the end of every sentence goes up like a question even if it's a statement? her mom seems just as retarded as her. it's like watching two people whose iq is somewhere in the lower double digits. wtf, i used to enjoy watching her videos sometimes.

No. 1804445

Because scrotes can’t enjoy anything without putting their dicks into it

No. 1804513

The best worst comment I ever saw from him was when he called a commenter a nazi for saying that nobody deserves to live in a fucking broom closet just to afford rent.

No. 1804519

they're really fucking trying to push the no adblocker thing aren't they

No. 1804521

Respectfully anon she has always been retarded sounding, I'm chalking it up to being a canadian. Her content is good mind-numbing background content but if you pay too much attention you'll go out of your mind insane with the retarded and unintelligent way she phrases things.
Another youtuber like that is Hannah The Horrible, she's a gormless tard tbh.

No. 1804528

>Hannah The Horrible
she's such a woketard, always inserting her pc opinions as much as possible into her videos. just another youtuber that has not only talked about LC (or "LAWLCOW"), but admonishes the site (like she even understands the site culture) while simultaneously using threads to steal information. some of her videos are interesting but she is often barely watchable.
& she is MUYYYY FEO!

No. 1804652

it bugs me so bad that every time she talks about some freaky sex shit, she feels the need to insist that she doesn't want to kink shame. like you're talking about 2 girls 1 cup, you're allowed to say its disgusting and depraved. we get it, you're very open minded

also i've always thought she looks like youtuber John Wolfe in drag kek. They even kind of have the same mannerisms

No. 1804655

File: 1702092017382.png (58.69 KB, 873x501, cope.png)

Found a guy coping and big lying about the Barbie movie and merchandise. I won't see the movie, the dolls are cheap and tacky as sin, but the truth is that people went to the movie, and people are buying the dolls. Most of them have sold out and/or are being scalped, and Mattel keeps releasing new preorders every month. lol @ the idea that it can't possibly be popular because kids aren't buying the expensive toys. Shockingly, it's a movie truly for adults, featuring adult themes, not a big budget live action Saturday morning cartoon. You'd think modern men would be a bit embarrassed when their favorite media is completely comprehensible to literal children, but no. Males having a meltdown because for once a piece of media is popular and isn't catered to them at all.

No. 1804755

always thought she was troon tier ugly and genuinely hard to look at. and yeah she's always defending even the most disgusting fetishes. she is dumb as a rock.
>"i just thought franz ferdinand was a band"
when discussing his assassination, genuinely made me laugh out loud at the room temp IQ she is sporting

No. 1804947

The comments on this skit about women who're reluctantly straight because men are nasty
>ummmmm as a male I've shared my location with friends going on a first date too akshually women can ambush a man and kidnap him too, it's a real risk guys
>now make one for men living with women is SOOOOOOO hard!!!!!
>Ummmmm who's gonna tell women domestic violence is akshually highest amongst lesbian relationships!!!!!
good god

No. 1804951

Sounds like a variant of the influencer accent
Vidrel is a woman doing a great impression of it kek

No. 1804971

Retarded comment section aside, that's a hilarious skit

No. 1804973

Fuck I used to follow a makeup artist on snapchat who speaks exactly like this. She's very pretty and is dating an ugly man and it pissed me off so much I had to eventually unfollow, she also got spammy posting hundreds of snapchat stories a day about the most mundane shit ever.

No. 1805113

I never heard of her, clicked this video out of curiosity and she doesn't start unboxing the calendar until the 14 minutes mark. Like half the video is recycled footage from previous videos. I've never seen that before…

No. 1805532

File: 1702157199361.jpeg (51.68 KB, 1326x250, ED694D5E-9E15-4B74-A2CD-93265B…)

Gross faggoty ass comment on that video. Straight men are literal faggots

No. 1805539

is he talking about vaginas? why are straight men so gay.

No. 1805793

I feel like he literally paces his apartment trembling in murderous rage with tears welling in his eyes whenever he reads such a mundane, vaguely negative comment

No. 1806750

I fucking hate Megan Anne. Sorry if she got posted before and I missed it
>"former" hambeast (got gastric bypass surgery)
>totally not fat anymore and specifies it in 1/3rd of all her video titles
>vapid reaction videos to fat women
>who she is TOTALLY NOT LIKE mind you!
>turbo NLOG
>smuglynn lite, and obsessed with ALR (typical piggy shit)
>nasal voice from hell
>nosering + sjw glasses + red lipstick
>but not in a fat sjw way because she's NOT FAT ANYMORE ok?
>condescending TRA libfem
>platitudes out the ass, acts like a smartass about it
She's also super bitter about feminism for whatever reason (can't be for male attention since she's "gay", unless she means bi). She's the typical anti-feminist who will bash content that's obviously overblown like her face and barely even qualifies as feminist, and when confronted just says "oh but that's not real feminism you guyze" (despite treating it as such when critiquing it). Did i mention she is a FORMER fatty and is NOT fat anymore?

No. 1806778

Sage because it's probably not the the kind of rant you wanna see here, and maybe I'm biased since I love ShroudedHand, but I always force myself through those videos just for the sake of acknowledging the victims and keeping their memory alive. Anyone else? I like that lots of people hear these stories so that the victims' pain never goes unheard and the hatred towards the abusers stays ablaze.
I acknowledge that the victims' names and faces being exposed is a violation of privacy, but to me it's worth it since at the same time their abusers will forever be branded as shameful criminals. The Junko Furuta case for example needs to be remembered so that we can stay aware of how cruel scrotes are and what they're capable of. Nobody helped her during those 44 days, but now millions are defending her, and while it doesn't change what those boys and men did to her, she will stay in people's hearts forever. With Genie's story it's somewhat similar (though she's still alive)
I watched the video. ShroudedHand's entire channel is a collection of atrocities humanity caused, but he tells them in a way that is respectful and which puts emphasis on the pain - this video is no different, and it mainly centered around Genie's development. I do however agree with anons that he shouldn't have put her name out there, though let's face it, even if he had explicitly said he didn't want it to be revealed, assholes in the comments would've posted it.
Excuse the novel, but I find this topic interesting to discuss. hiding for lowkey blogpost but I think maybe I'm too sensitive and such videos pull at my heartstrings, and that's why I miss the exploitative side of them?

No. 1806790

File: 1702241113443.png (585.1 KB, 828x720, Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 15.34…)

Youtube is all don't ad-block us, ads help support the site!!! wah wah wah! Meanwhile the ads are picrel, trashy child rape clickbait. I don't ever click these but this one pissed me off so I actually went to confirm what I thought it was (fictional article on one of those pages full of a million ads that takes miles of scrolling to get to the end and tries to make it seem kind of like a news article but the writing is too shitty for that.) Spoiler, she doesn't get raped literally they just imply that the entire time and it turns out the doctor impregnated her with a needle to the stomach. Ok.

No. 1806795

What in the actual fuck????? I'm horrified

No. 1806820

This is fake news it's been going around since chain emails. It's clickbait there's even a snopes page about it

No. 1806824

My boomer mom (actual boomer) clicks on these types of articles and never closes the tabs. I un-virus her system about 6 times a year.

No. 1806825

No I know, I said it was fictional. It’s just very trashy and gross in my opinion. Fuck YouTube.

No. 1806863

>obsessed with ALR (typical piggy shit)
i noticed this too, the only channels about her i'll watch are the anonymous recap channels and i just skip the robot commentary. the people on yt using hamplanets' content as their sole way of making money are really annoying, they're all fat too and get so legitimately angry. i don't get it, i watch the odd lolcow for entertainment and to laugh, idgaf what cows do. i think this is true on the beauty parlor on KF, the hamplanet cows attract a lot of fat people who clearly use bigger fat people as "AT LEAST I'M NOT THAT FAT!" fodder, it's pathetic.

No. 1806865

i watch shrouded hand too and i like the way he does his content. my favorite video is the sandown clown though, it's hilarious and interesting (it's more like a cryptid video, it's not about anything serious)

No. 1806927

Jimmy on relationships is the bizarro world Pearly Things. He's a man who cheated on his wife who now makes relationships advice videos preaching to men on how to prevent divorce and how women are never at fault (facts).
He comes across slimey, he's got skeletons in his closet for sure. Only a matter of time before his piano-toothed wife divorces him when he slips into the DMs of a minor.

No. 1806928

File: 1702250601687.jpg (233.23 KB, 900x900, 1000012582.jpg)

Jimmy and his wife

No. 1806965


No. 1806981

i will say this about his videos, he is very realistic about the pretend arguments. it’s never “haha man dumb and mean” but each side of the argument sounds exactly like a real argument countless straight couples have had. i do appreciate that. that said, yeah, he comes across a little too “feminist.” definitely hiding something.

No. 1806996

You weren't exaggerating when you said piano teeth

No. 1806998

Oh, yes, this guy. His shorts have come up on my yt feed. He definitely feels sketchy like he's the 4th panel in that stone toss comic with the guy wearing the 'this is what a feminist looks like' shirt. He uses way too much feminist rhetoric for me to be trustworthy. Men who aren't larping as feminists but still take the side of women in relationships don't talk like him. Feels like he just lurked on r/2x, r/breakingmom, watched a lot of videos of women talk about shitty relationships with men and is just regurgitating what they said.

No. 1807020

Oh cool! A man gets to capitalize on his shitty male behavior while larping as the righteous one for calling out the other male turds in the shitsea!

No. 1807035

In my head I can hear this in Jim Lahey‘s voice

No. 1807088

File: 1702261730179.gif (1.02 MB, 300x345, 1000012531.gif)

I smile every single time YouTube bites its nails and screams at me to turn off my adblocker. Keep crying, YouTube. I will keep eating my caramel popcorn to trashy videos of rednecks fighting without interruption.

No. 1807097

how did you override it? every time i try it starts bitching at me again until it counts down like a raging parent until it forces me to shut it down.

No. 1807104

I just click the x button to get that message out of my face. YouTube tried telling me that it'll shut down the player feature too, but I never gave in. The playlist feature was back up for me in just a few days kek

No. 1807109

damn none of that happened to me, each time it said YOU HAVE ONE VIDEO LEFT it would no longer let me watch videos until i turned off my adblock

No. 1807290

What add blocker do you use? I use a script from greasy fork and it works fine. Had to disable my normal plugin add blocker for YouTube to make it work

No. 1807307

File: 1702283836644.jpeg (38.97 KB, 776x202, IMG_1591.jpeg)

You ever just chilling, watching movies innocent videos them see something disturbing like picrel. Made watching any other video impossible. The youtuber needs to mew anyway

No. 1807308

Just use the brave browser, inbuilt ad blocker

No. 1807364

Hate these two. Something is very off about them. Plus, all the comments are obvious bots praising them. Whole channel seems like a cope/coverup.

No. 1807365

It's because she's kinda openly a modern mailorder bride. And there's a glaring power imbalance between the two because of it. Can't entirely blame her but he's clearly an undesirable, unattractive, fat moid who couldn't get with a nice local German girl.

No. 1807376

He's a pervert for sure, look at how he enjoys humiliating her by showing her 'undies' on cam. He apparently randomly met her while backpacking in southeast asia as a german incel, but also took years of online dating to finally show a picture of himself because he was so paranoid. Conflicting story and very sus.

No. 1807378

I was waiting to see some other nona comment about them one day. I remember seeing one video by them and then getting recommended tons more, and I felt really off put by them. Like the other nona mentioned, it's like a modern mail order bride situation. Very creepy.

No. 1807380

I saw them randomly at a café in Germany and he looks exactly what you'd expect, kek. Fat, tall and ugly incel moid with a pube-like ginger neckbeard.

No. 1807381

>look at how he enjoys humiliating her by showing her 'undies' on cam.
I agree he's a pervert and gross but that's obviously staged.

No. 1807390

You were probably getting recommended more since she has a ton of videos and they’re very advertiser and family friendly.

No. 1807397

I like her and think she's funny, I'd be friends with her. But her moid is truly disgusting and there's something profoundly gross about his actions, behavior and the fact that he blocks his face on camera and skulks around in the shadows. I know it's because people called him ugly kek but it gives me the creeps and he has the exact phenotype, for lack of a better word, of a greasy brothel patron.

No. 1807412

I can’t disagree but it’s hard to accept this. To me it looks like a healthy relationship (i mean it’s the definition of staged) and watching her videos on gender expectations in Vietnam I’m happy that she’s grown more comfortable with herself, regardless of what her bf is like.

That said, i think he’s older than her too isnt he? I remember hearing he’s in his mid 30s or something.

No. 1807597

File: 1702310386071.jpg (237.02 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20231211_105652_You…)

Does anyone else get the occasional creepy recommendation? I've never heard of this "he/him" whatever tranny, and I see this video pop up on my recommended. I don't watch anything remotely close to this.

No. 1807611

That's her voice lol I've been following her for years and that's just how she always sounds.

No. 1807660

sorry but what the fuck is is that?

No. 1807668


No. 1807732

Nona, what the fuck is going on.

No. 1807748

So can we have a thread about this retard already or what?
Amazing how he created a personality cult, left his gf bc she had breast cancer and is crying wolf in front of a camera without telling any of the details
Bonus points for the deranged comments sucking his dick with no shame I wish I could be that blind too so I wouldn't get mad at stupid shit

No. 1807758

doesn't he literally take blood from his son.

No. 1807762

>left his gf bc she had breast cancer
moids always do this, jfc

No. 1807763

They are probably paying to promote their video/channel

No. 1807789

Yes make a thread about this cow.
It's horrible that he left his gf when she got cancer but at least she got rid of one big cancerous growth there am I right
He did, it's some incestuous Bathory level shit.

No. 1808519

i’m sure some of you guys were recommended that youtube video “Sue ‘My Son Shot Up Columbine’ Klebold” by Timmy2Cents. has like 3 million views, and he basically paints Sue as an extreme “narcissist on steroids” who is to blame for Dylan’s part in Columbine. another video came out recently that accurately picks apart this asshole’s video and reveals him as some dickhead who apparently has an agenda to smear the name of an innocent mother. just wanted to share it bc that first video made me so angry. i’m so tired of reactionary content on youtube that has no integrity at all.

No. 1808555

>women=narcissist on steroids
>responsible for the tragedy
>no mention of the father, it's all the mother's fault
I'm glad there's a video combating it. I saw the thumbnail of the Timmy2Cents one and was disgusted. Men love being cruel to women. Sue Klebold has had to deal with one of the hardest things a mother can go through. People ridicule her for believing the "Eric was the perpetrator, Dylan just followed along" narrative and that "the most common word in Dylan's diaries was love" quote, but what the fuck do they expect her to do? That's her child, she raised him - where is that love supposed to go? She's never denied his wrongdoing. I read her book and it hurt to see the childhood pictures of her and Dylan. She did everything "right": she was anti-gun, she raised her boys to be empathetic and kind, she showed an interest in Dylan's friendships and school life, she encouraged him to go to college. Yet he still betrayed her. Columbine, for me, is proof that you can't raise your sons "right". Not with any certainty.

No. 1808588

I am not a fan of "I am X nationality living in Europe and it's so weird!! Woha!!" influencers in general, they're so vapid, and I get them suggested all the time because I am european. I like tourists' enthusiasm for our history/culture but I can't be bothered to watch someone shocked at the sight of cereal bread for the 10th time

No. 1810073

I bitched about this in another thread, but my own mom tried her hardest to raise my brother to be an empathetic, in touch with his emotions, good man. It didn't work. She was a boy mom and did everything she could for him, but when she was dying in hospice, he "couldn't" come because he was busy. Busy moving into her vacant house. Sure, she was out of it most of her last week, but she woke up at the end like they said she probably would. And I just lied and said "everybody" had come to see her and be with her.

It really doesn't matter what you do with males. They're going to gravitate towards solipsism, sociopathy, and violence.

No. 1810273

File: 1702453821713.png (46.88 KB, 903x620, tragictif.png)

Comments under an OK video about boy moms being insane. 3 tragic tifs, and two women who are even more delusional about males.

No. 1810348

>mom rubbing her son's feet
oh my god we evolved backwards how tf did this happen

No. 1810776

my mom was on her deathbed and my brother stole her money and jewelry for drugs. everyone got mad at me when i said he didn’t deserve to be at her funeral. men have no concept of selflessness or empathy.

No. 1811152

>That said, i think he’s older than her too isnt he? I remember hearing he’s in his mid 30s or something
I think he was in his late twenties and she was like 22 when they met. They say what age they are in one of their vids, but I'm not trying to find it.

No. 1811579

File: 1702531757826.png (1.04 MB, 1082x1083, Sah3v.png)

This genre of video essayist on youtube.

No. 1811612

this kind of shit is like people magazine for millennials/gen-z. the content is about fuck nothing but because its a ~video essay~ ppl feel 1% more cultured for watching it.

No. 1811659

I'm sorry you went through that. I had luckily packed up some/most of my mom's jewelry by volume, but I know that I'll never see the things that I missed again. So many families can only function because we hide how the men have behaved.

As an aside to other anons, never just assume that the males in your family will behave decently if they ever get a chance to fuck you over. Even if you have a "loving" "high value" family, just assume that if they get a chance to screw you over re: money or property, they'll do it.

No. 1811793

I honestly really like them

No. 1811843

Wow. As an extreme "what's in my bag" lover, I got interested in that video, and, damn, I just wasted ten minutes of my life.
This elle didn't tell anything. She wasted more time sperging about men and bags and almost nothing about the phenomena itself.
I wonder if all of her videos are this useless.

No. 1811845

File: 1702561220937.png (773.34 KB, 911x742, lion cringe.png)

i hate video essays. It's like nostalgia critic but 100% cringier because they arent even playing a character, they make videos like these unironically.

No. 1811848

I'm a sucker for the hour long video essays because you can just put them on in the background and don't have to pick a new video every 5 min.

No. 1811859

Listen a podcast instead, or a documentary, an actual lecture… anything. I especially hate essays about animated films, it's such bullshit. It doesn't teach you anything it just wastes your time and fills your head with things that don't matter and it makes stupid people think they are smarter so they can bother you about "10 crazy facts about shrek movies that are actually criticizing todays economics" they learned from a retard who doesn't have anything better to do. Video essays are an energetic vampire in a video form and people who make them are the worst.
I also especially fucking hate Adam Something channel and his retarded videospam essays about traffic in the cities. Every retard who wants attention now keeps on talking about the damn traffic thinking he's going to amaze everybody with his "fact spittig" when everybody and their mother know about this retarded snob from Prague because youtube pushed him everywhere at one time.

No. 1811892

i hate the new trend of ''white noise'' youtubers. Youtubers are so lazy nowadays because they can shit a long ass video ranting about garbage that zoomers with adhd are going to leave in the background and not remember anything about it once its done.

No. 1811913

NTA but I do the same as her. I've tried podcasts and they suck so bad. The only two genres are true crime and retards talking over each other, and more than half of podcasters are audibly drunk. Actual lectures are the WORST because the sound quality is garbage. There's always random loud noises like audience members hacking up a lung or the lecturer dropping stuff on the floor. Endless umming and uhhing get on my nerves so bad. Documentaries are great when I want to actually watch something but they're usually too interesting for background noise and end up distracting me from what I'm trying to do. But Jenny Nicholson talking for 4 hours about some theme park shit I've never heard of and don't care about? That's the perfect intersection of audio quality, voice/speaking quality, and mundanity.

No. 1811938

Youtubers have always been lazy kek at least the essays and drama regurgitation requires a bit more work than making let's plays or reacting to other peoples shit

No. 1811948

Anyone else seeing a trend of male reviewers butting in and going "um ackshually" on how to write strong female characters? Usually comparing a "bad" character with a "good" one (who is usually from some eastern work like Japan 'cause weebs). God, I wish they could shut the fuck up.

No. 1811952

I don't know the trend, but do you mean the whole "eugh women don't have to act like men (read: competent and tough) to be strong!"

No. 1811969

Yes! That!! And they low-key say something along the lines of "uuggh it's not bad to be feminine!!" or "female characters can't be feminine anymore!!" like motherfucker, use your eyes, 90% of female characters are gender conforming.

No. 1812032

>how m3gan became a queer icon
The fuck, isn't she like a 10 year old girl? shit is so creepy. Why does everything have to be queer?

No. 1812035

I hate it too

No. 1812042

>But Jenny Nicholson talking for 4 hours about some theme park shit I've never heard of and don't care about? That's the perfect intersection of audio quality, voice/speaking quality, and mundanity.
That's my favorite kind of videos, they are interesting and very niche, so even if it's mundane, you actually learn something new, unlike the pretentious political garbage that is popular right now. Vidrel was a nice watch and I'm glad this genre is becoming more appreciated.

No. 1812126

For you and everyone who says "I just need something in the background, I like long videos because of that" - please just put on a YouTube jazz, cozy vibe, or relaxing music video. Those usually up to 8+ hours long and and much healthier for your brain.
Yes, it can be a hard switch but the mindless theory chewing by another qweer quirky person about how a side characters in a McDonald's VHS was important autism representation is rotting your brain's capacity to focus and learn.
Listen to music if you need a video on.

No. 1812172

>at least the essays and drama regurgitation requires a bit more work
like copying and pasting wikipedia articles

No. 1812277

I fucking hate how video search results get interrupted every goddamn 3 videos with a block of other videos that "people also watched" or "youtube shorts" that are often completely unrelated to what I'm searching for. I am using the search feature to look for this specific thing, I don't want this unrelated shit clogging up the results, fucking infuriating

No. 1812307

>Youtubers have always been lazy
have you ever watched 00s youtubers like AVGN/Jontron? they were definetly not lazy. After Youtube became a viable job and lets plays became popular youtubers started becoming incredibly lazy.

No. 1812314

It even brings up shit you already watched that is also unrelated to your search. It's the worst.

No. 1812321

File: 1702586147726.png (367.37 KB, 1137x433, iceberg.png)

nta but I only listen to these long-form stuff when I'm at work, so I can't easily watch documentaries on my phone. That's why I usually listen to those iceberg videos. Sometimes I'm interested in the topic, sometimes I'm not, I just need something to help pass the time more easily. That said, around 70% of my colleagues on my floor are actually listening to podcasts, just like you mentioned.

No. 1812325

One thing that makes it worse is how yt itself will only show your videos to other people if you upload more than once a week. There's just no way for anybody who also has a job to churn out high effort high quality video that fast. Almost every time I find a channel I actually like, it's a little runt that only posts every few months.

No. 1812346

guys does anyone else find the recommendations a bit sexist?
i tried signing up as a man and got recommended all this cool stuff about the world, and tech, and semi funny stuff. signing up as a woman 18-25, even if you're mainly trying to look up stuff about music, or big diy projects, or recipes, my recommended shorts will still be like makeup/fashion/family life stuff, even though i NEVER searched for it. and fair enough if that's what you like! it just feels pretty sexist

No. 1812370

why don't you try audio dramas instead of shitty non fiction podcasts? or audiobooks.

No. 1812396

Audiobooks have the same problem as documentaries. I do use audiobooks/documentaries as background noise for some particular types of activities but those only make up maybe 10% of times when I want background noise on.

Music just doesn't do it for me. It never fades into the background so I end up stopping what I'm doing every few minutes to change it. That doesn't do my capacity to focus and learn any favors.

No. 1812400

It’s not a bit sexist, it’s major sexist. But it’s probably based off of the data instead of Google’s personal views. I have a tech account and I’ve never watched a short on there yet get so many short suggestions about sex tourism and teens, probably because of all the techie guys watching passport bro shit.

No. 1812435

File: 1702592122876.jpg (20.45 KB, 720x458, Tumblr_l_18465486474517.jpg)

I'm glad I reinstalled uBlock on my browser

No. 1812502

I wouldn't mind a comfy video essay about an interesting topic but I keep getting recommended these
>why x is y-coded
>let's talk about zcore aesthetic from tiktok
trend and media analysis videos and I'm really sick of it. They're often really focused on the video creator than the topic too if that makes sense. No matter how much I say I'm not interested and refuse to watch them, I still get more.
I've always tinfoiled that YouTube insists upon tiktok and "qweer feminism" content based on knowing that I'm a female zoomer alone even though I never watch anything of the sort. Someone I know who's male and lives in the rural south (Google would know this about him) tells me he's constantly getting shilled pro-Republican own-the-libs type content even though he doesn't watch political stuff, I think demographic is a big piece of what you get

No. 1812720

File: 1702603780339.jpeg (90.45 KB, 642x467, 4F706537-ED6F-4798-B2A6-F1CBC7…)

Retarded fucking comment from a comments section full of men talking about how men shouldn’t vote. Bonus points for this nasty scrote talking about his useless handmaiden wife

No. 1812721

File: 1702603857448.jpeg (135.57 KB, 2056x491, 709E7500-8892-4DBF-958E-79C2C2…)

Of course this loser is married to a man that’s older than her. I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand times, I’ve never seen a based woman fucking a man more than 5 years older than her those age gap bitches are always the most colossal pick mes on earth. I hope she and him fucking die

No. 1812732

Kek I remember when I was 11 years old being weirded out when my friend mentioned her parents had a huge age gap (of 11 years as well and her mom was pursued by her dad at around 20 or 21 if I recall correctly), it struck me as off even though I was super innocent at the time. Then we got older and I grew apart from her because she grew up into a retard like her mother was. This reminds me of that.

No. 1812736

I second hating those topics. I can't stand lib fems talking about feminism anymore, I actively don't engage with it. On that topic, the fact that so many youtubers are so obsessed with being demonetized or what not actively stands to lower the quality of a lot of videos. Maybe it's not directly their fault, but i'd like to see youtubers in this area make videos because they have something they actually want to say, not because of profit, but that's asking for too much of course. So many of them seem really vapid, have no real interests in anything to dissect other than moving from one hot topic to another. I feel like this causes their videos to age like milk too since the trend cycles nowadays are so short.

No. 1812740

Is the wife in the room with us right now?

No. 1812772

"_____ is queer and I'll tell you why"
no offense but gay women shouldn't be as annoying as gay men, they should know better by default.

No. 1812860

No amount of this garbage will ever make me find older men attractive. My ex bf was a year older and his hairline was already receding.

No. 1812866

I'm so sick of seeing this age gap psyop to make younger women think they're okay.

No. 1812880

I date older men because they're easier to mindbreak due to their intense insecurities

No. 1812888

Lame and grotty

No. 1812889

You are so pathetic. You think you're in control, but you're not. Enjoy wasting your youth.

No. 1812891

date them when you know theyll die and take their house and money

No. 1812921

So are younger men though. It’s a little too easy to mold them.

No. 1812924

Abloobloo theyll live
Cope and seethe about it i guess. I fuck them when I'm horny make them feel bad and then laugh at their hurt feelings and ghost them. They couldn't control a remote controlled toy let alone me, appreciate the faux condescending concern tho fatass(infighting)

No. 1812932

File: 1702615319416.jpg (62.15 KB, 960x490, EQVqMsWWAAEKU3v.jpg)

No. 1812937

Nice pic of you and your nigel that you use for more than just a fuckbot and then yell at women on chinese ceramic forums online for not treating him nice enough on your unicorn dates(derailing/infighting)

No. 1812938

I'm so sick and tired of this pro-bimbo propaganda, most women wear makeup and heels IRL and fictional girls even more so. And then you have the delusional TIFs who think any woman who wears normal and practical clothes must be a transman. Talk about clown world

No. 1812940

just another reason to hate algortihms, if you thought zoomers were sexist, wait until Gen Alpha and Beta take the lead

No. 1813001

Why are you begging for others to be just like you? Insecurities? I never get why anons do this.

No. 1813008

Nta probably so that the genderkweer essay youtubers don't get any views.

No. 1813013

File: 1702619221157.jpg (6.51 KB, 206x275, 1687932549683.jpg)

As long as you're getting substantial money from them, anon…

No. 1813028

Her hair is so ugly now, I thought it was a joke

No. 1813033

File: 1702621443005.jpg (74.95 KB, 509x339, 1677284740299.jpg)

>searching for a review of a purse
>Get related search results then suddenly two random unrelated ones appear
>One is a disgusting blackhead popping one and the other is of a deformed newborn

I fucking hate this fuck youtube and fuck it's shitty algorithm. Stop recommending me upsetting, disgusting, or pornographic videos. And stop plastering unskippable ads wherever possible

No. 1813054

if it helps you feel better, most YT thumbnails are very edited or fake

No. 1813061

I use long yt videoes as background noise like other nonas but I would rather listen to something I know is totally unintellectual than some fake-smart video essay. I honestly miss when everyone was just a "reviewer" instead of a video essayist, I'd rather listen to someone rant about how much a cartoon sucks in the background than listen to someone rant about how a cartoon is actually about queerness and cops and trauma.
It's kind of insane to me when people brag about watching tons of political video essays as background noise cause as the Somerton drama recently came out, so much of them are full of total bullshit. It feels very dangerous for zoomers to be absorbing politics as mindless entertainment.
Jenny Nicholson and her type are great. It's fun absorbing other people's autism like that, especially when you can feel their passion and they have an actual sense of humor.

No. 1813103

>I will not become a statistic after being raped and murdered by the scrote I """"mindbroke"""" because I'm too smart
>said by every dark triad larper ever

No. 1813104

That's exactly my reaction when I see users bragging about getting into sexual relationships just to be a "girlboss" and "get whatever they want". That's a fucking SCROTE, anons. Scrotes the the perpetrators of around 90% of murder-suicides and they do it over petty shit, you are playing with fire.

No. 1813114

I have your same annoyance, but add annoying video essays about the sexism of disney movies or whatever. They get suggested because these channels' viewerbase is mostly female

No. 1813145

I sometimes just put myself down as male on sites to avoid make up, pregnancy, plastic surgery shit being pushed my way. When adblock wasn't working lately nearly all ads I got were
>chat to older ladies
>chat to asian ladies
>chat to russian ladies
>big boss alpha tips on dating
Then I realised why. And I'm constantly telling youtube that I don't want to see another channel that's just men taking one womans tiktok about being tinder ghosted and them blowing it up into how all women will soon die alone with cats and how delicious that thought is

If you're a woman with little interest in fashion, make up, bbls, 3 hour essays about the barbie movie etc there's no real winning option. Being down as female seems to send youtube into pro tranny mode too as if its womena and trannies against the world. It all sucks.

No. 1813156

i feel like the male recommendations are worse. it's all jordan peterson lex friedman joe rogan andrew tate yadayada and karens getting pwned compilation 48129. i'd rather watch youtube kids.

No. 1813183

Are you this schizo paranoid about every moid you meet? Idgaf if I get murdered anyways hell I am baiting for it. Doubt any scrote is gonna fuck up his cushy life in the cushy 1st world country because some cute midget hurt his feelings and if he does he's a retard and I deserved it but I'm not wasting energy on being scared on my own lmfaooo like the least they can do is try and scare me

No. 1813222

don't declare your gender on any website do as >>1813145 anon does.
Turn off gambling/dating ads on Google AdSense settings which may limit the occasional "you are a walking sperm sack" dating site ads.
try to use a VPN or a browser that supports VPNS.
use ublock origin + open the same vid tab in an alternate browser if adblock is detected.
there's a mirror site of YT that has no ads and ad blocking shit too if you don't want to alternate between 2 browsers lel. Use it if you are on your phone an>>1812346
don't declare your gender on any website do as >>1813145 anon does.
Turn off gambling/dating ads on Google AdSense settings which may limit the occasional "you are a walking sperm sack" dating site ads.
try to use a VPN or a browser that supports VPNS.
use ublock origin + open the same vid tab in an alternate browser if adblock is detected.
there's a mirror site of YT that has no ads and ad blocking shit too if you don't want to alternate between 2 browsers lel. Use it if you are on your phone and want to fuck ads off.
may as well plug the addon that returns dislikes kek. Its literally called return YouTube dislike.

>Murder suicide schema of edgy handmaiden LARPer
This is a self solving problem then, no?want to fuck ads off.
may as well plug the addon that returns dislikes kek. Its literally called return YouTube dislike.

>Murder suicide schema of edgy handmaiden LARPer
This is a self solving problem then, no?

No. 1813991

File: 1702676940996.png (403.59 KB, 549x482, 6e6dc9ef7ff1257ce2d237e0603087…)

i started playing funkyfrogbait videos in the back while cleaning and i could have sworn she was identifying as a woman until a few days ago. now she has they/them pronouns and calls herself a little boy. here i was pleasantly surprised that a mullet haired septum piercing wearing millennial with a cringe tumblr-era username wasn't a gendie..

No. 1813995

Anon the signs are so obvious

No. 1814000

like i said, i was hoping she'd be different.

No. 1814074

Just like in the art thread, some of you really ruin creators and videos for yourselves by acting like this is that much of a big deal. Her humor is pretty good and she has that type of content that's good short essay/breakdown background noise.

No. 1814083

it's justified to be disappointed because she has a young female audience who see a woman like her and think "oh, i look like that and i have the same interests and the same type of humor. i must be a nonbinary they/them too!" girls and women deserve gnc role models.

No. 1814088

Can’t be that good if she buys into gender nonsense.

No. 1814096

it matters a lot, i avoid gendies at all cost it doesnt matter how good their content is. They are a poison to young girls and lead to women self harming.

No. 1814105

>Her humor is pretty good and she has that
*they/them, nonnie. If you're gonna be a handmaiden at least respect them's pronouns.

No. 1814141

She’s smelly

No. 1814146

Why cant women just be women. I'm so tired.

No. 1814164

>Actual lectures are the WORST because the sound quality is garbage. There's always random loud noises like audience members hacking up a lung or the lecturer dropping stuff on the floor. Endless umming and uhhing get on my nerves so bad.
wtf kind of lectures are you listening to? For example, Gresham College lectures on yt (they have a podcast with the audio) have none of that stuff.

No. 1814169

i get that she's a gendie and gendies often take pride in being ~stinky little adventure bug bois~ but accusing every woman who isn't plucked and painted like a hyperfeminine bimbo really isn't the rad take you think it is. you're just used to seeing airbrushed youtubers everywhere that you immediately think refusal to partake in misogynistic beauty rituals makes a woman unhygienic.

No. 1814179

I'm just tired of these essay type videos always being recommended to me. I've never watched her videos but she keeps getting recommended to me, I don't understand why.


No. 1814182

do you have any other Youtube channels you can recommend? I just looked up the Gresham College one and they seem perfect as background noise

No. 1814183

I fucking hate this genre >>1813991 idk what it's called but it's always either a man or a woman with a shitty haircut and piercings and they have alright content but randomly they'll interject something about social issues. These only started popping up in my recommended when I started watching monster high doll repaints

Male recommendations are 100% worse, I don't think they get as varied a feed either. It's like it detects male and just puts them down the moid content pipeline, my nigel just uses YouTube to watch hockey clips and his shorts recommendations are all Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and clips from that @whatever podcast.

No. 1814184

She looks like someone’s pedophile uncle.

No. 1814195

i hate the clickbait titles. "Matt Rife is worse than you think!" and the video is most definitely just rehashing the same shit every social media platform has been saying for the past month.

No. 1814196

i don't mind this type of content maybe once or twice a month because i'm so detached from social media that i only hear about funny/interesting drama through youtube while i do my dishes or clean my bathroom. but it always takes me out when we're talking about idk republicans threatening target workers as if they're at fault that target is selling pride merch and suddenly the person is talking about how there's totes noooo minors who are transitioning before the age of 18/21! noooo! as if they aren't stanning puberty blockers and other shit like that.

kek someone's pedo uncle with a gender identity.

No. 1814199

Nta but I know what they mean and if you're into academia and want to watch lectures of the bigwigs at top schools who are famous in the field and doing top journal research then yes they have those problems with audio quality sadly. These are usually filmed events where recording was not really the number 1 priority. I imagine nowadays it might be better bc of covid.

No. 1814200

>Gresham College lectures
Came back from scrubbing through a few of these and I'm just like the other anon very interested if you have more channels like this to recommend.

No. 1814225

I assumed "lectures" meant like, actual lectures. Lectures made for laymen can be pretty ok as long as they're not on a topic I know a lot about. They only give the illusion of learning though. They're so dumbed down they don't actually teach you anything.

No. 1814806

keep being a sewer fetus then, ig(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1816343

Men will kill their wife after raising his kids and giving him unconditional love and loyalty for years because he found a hotter new girlfriend, they would rather go to jail than let a woman hold any kind of power over them or even have the last word. The kind of men who try to buy a younger woman's love with gifts and monetary compensation are the most dangerous and unhinged ones too, I fucking hope anons talking about "mindbreaking scrotes" are just larping for their own safety's sake. He's docile only until he beats you to death before or after raping you.

No. 1817080

He needs to be beaten with hammers

No. 1817081

he’s so cute though, I can’t hate him

No. 1817110

He looks like he came hot off the faggot assembly line.

No. 1817116

>inb4 he's outed as a groomer

I'll never understand anons who simp for youtube moids KEK

No. 1817429

No. 1817706

don’t um ew me when there are women on this board thirsting for objectively disgusting scrotes and you know it. the cooper guy has a cute smile and I like his silly little dress sense even if he’s absolutely some sort of pick me for certain types of women. most guys are so ugly and unpretty, thank god gendieshit has at least got more men embracing their prettiness instead of pumping steroids and shaving their heads or whatever.

No. 1817783

No. 1817792

you probably find Brad Pitt attractive.

No. 1817884

>thank god gendieshit has at least got more men embracing their prettiness
kek it hasn't, none of them can pull it off. only 80s musicians could.

No. 1817931

I will take your side anon, given this is an anon site people will be hyperjudgemental at everything for fun. He is cute. His character is so offputting though

No. 1817948

No. 1821063

cara nicole always encourages people to be more mindful of their spending, including in regards to streaming services and other subscriptions… but she's shilling dumb shit herself. in this video she's shilling a subscription service for supplements and she randomly started taking iron supplements just because the questionnaire she filled out said so. you should never take supplements at random but i guess in the end the buck is more important to ms. mindful spending.

No. 1821424

I dont hate this but I wanted to share that I just found the gay version of coquette. This is like yumi king if her husband wasn't an ugly disgusting ball of dough

No. 1821426

File: 1703115003036.jpg (103.54 KB, 647x1280, 20231220_182821.jpg)

I think scrolling through the thumbnails and vid titles is hilarious

No. 1821432

File: 1703115352764.jpeg (91.5 KB, 749x561, coquette.jpeg)

i unironically wish i had a male coquette bf

No. 1821434

I literally forgot these guys existed, lmao they are still going strong. The pedo vibes give me the ick.

No. 1821436

Foul but his bf is cute. Someone said they have a video where he dresses in a Japanese elementary school p.e uniform and his husband dresses as a teacher, nobody really cares though since he's hot

No. 1821438

File: 1703115562924.jpg (97.03 KB, 1066x1066, 20231218_003419.jpg)

Actually I want a coquette boyfriend except he's huge and hung.

No. 1821442

his bf looks like tard shrek but the twinky guy is peak qtie

No. 1821446

No. 1821457

I’ve been constantly recommended her recently and always laughed when she did a sponsor. Nobody is authentic cause they all have to be paid to make these videos.

No. 1821499

I'm no longer indonesian…

No. 1821922

She's dating a troon, that's why she calls herself gay. She mentioned going to pride for the first time with him. Very gay indeed.

No. 1822160

it's sad that this is why deinfluencing will never be as trendy as overconsumption content. sooner or later they all start shilling crap to their viewers. I remember trying to watch a video about unnecessary spending and shein/temu/etc and there was a fucking clothing sponsorship in the video. at least the comments called it out.

No. 1822204

File: 1703137966882.jpg (41.67 KB, 766x590, 1000012775.jpg)

All of these FAGGOT thumbnails are 1000+% passable as gay porn screencaps.

No. 1822205

That's the point. They're super weird but since they're fit and gay nobody cares kek.

No. 1822213

They do make gay porn though.

No. 1822218

No surprise there.

No. 1822740

i've been watching dan and phil's new content even though i don't really enjoy it anymore, i'm just way too attached to them. they've become such shells of their former selves. phil is like a drug addicted ai-generated version of himself with a haircut that makes him resemble a medieval serf more than a kpop boy. dan seems to be hiding some kind of depression or crisis more than ever before, he's just unfunny and kind of annoying now, and so painfully self-centred - though he always has been, at least he could make a quality video out of it before. i genuinely miss the time before he came out because ever since, he's been so hyperfocused on being gay and sad it's overshadowed everything else about him. phil used to make some fun videos where he'd at least put some effort in, making or trying ridiculous food or buyings strange things online, but most of the time now he's just talking at the camera or reacting to things on his phone. and in their new gaming videos most of their jokes are just dick and balls and sex and "mommy" (vomits) and other low-effort online horny humour. it's so unfortunate. and don't get me started on the nightmare that is their legalise catboys merch as well as their promotion for it. dan's vacant stare in those images haunts me. i'm still going to carry on watching them, though.

No. 1822769

>i'm no longer indonesian
KEK. so me when i was 10, nothing i hated more than being indonesian but idgaf anymore it's just so funny to me seeing that used as a title kek i wonder what the video could possibly me about. this is the second weird anglophone indofag i know about, the other one is that one troll that makes inflammatory videos namely this one where he says he wouldn't mind living in colonial times because it would be hot to him as a gay man(?) and another where he uses nair on his asshole and shows it. barf

No. 1823733

Damn that guy is Indonesian too? Kek wtf goes on

No. 1823911

i saw like three negative comments about the ad for the supplement subscription service and now they're all gone. guess someone is deleting negative comments.

No. 1824070

I never got the whole phan shipping. It always grossed me out. But I remember watching their coming out videos and originally got the thought that it was more of a retirement vid than anything. I wonder what upped their posting because this is the first time since they came out I’ve been hearing about them

No. 1824733

I'm not trying to get banned or anything bc it's probably not allowed anymore, but I genuinely hate those disgusting pro israel ads and I keep getting them. It's purposely so loud, graphic and upsetting and it's literal propaganda I hate that youtube allows this. I think propaganda of any kind shouldn't be shown but this especially just pisses me off, and i tried but there's no way to block the damn ads from my phone. I got them like 3 times today, so I just switched over to newpipe, but I'm not used to it yet

No. 1824766

Have you seen that a lot of youtubers, male ones, are shilling gambling in the form of fantasy football? I've seen a lot of backlash in the comments roasting the youtubers for it too.

No. 1824829

Im so sick of "dating advice" channels that are mostly just an excuse to complain about socials issues/feminism or preach their opinions

No. 1824870

File: 1703284141049.png (16.97 KB, 559x149, ads.png)

I don't use youtube on mobile so I don't know if it works for it, but it did work for me in other apps, so if you have an android, maybe try this? Tho you might have already come across this, sorry if so.

No. 1825039

File: 1703288447463.gif (816.1 KB, 200x248, 200w.gif)

I'm not even going to bother linking it but I thought I tolerated Hasan Piker until I saw a nearly hour long video of him defending porn addiction and the entire time I heard his whiny retarded cadence I wanted to shove his mic down his throat oh my god. Men are STUPID.

No. 1825487

Men live on easy mode. Literally just be gay and the money and views will come rolling in

No. 1825521

Must… namedrop … french post-modern philosopher I've never read/don't understand… to seem smarter than I actually am… raaaahhh!!!!

No. 1825534

surprised it's an actual woman

No. 1825535

I want to watch it, and at the same time, I'm tired of this type of youtuber.

No. 1825543

Not shocked he defends something that he likes, he’s just like any other progressive pretentious moid who thinks prostitution is super cool because he can fuck random women at sketchy brothels any time he wants. Same goes for porn I bet, despite porn addiction being one of the most horrible vices for men. I can only imagine his retarded defenses.

No. 1825549

> but I thought I tolerated Hasan Piker
Isn’t he the dude that bragged about going to brothels that had been raided for sex trafficking?

No. 1825564

I had never seen him express a more stupid argument until now. The more he talked, the more I hated him. Its like he morphed into some porn addicted loser right before my very eyes. He's so naive and retarded. Logically I know his stance is because he himself isn't into noncon or bdsm or violent porn, but the fact that he just could not register in his pea brain that this is the shit other men are watching is crazy to me. Just fucking dumb.

I actually have no idea. I just put him on because he's monotone and drones on, I hadn't really watched any egregious material until this point and it made me wish he'd fall into a void omg it was so annoying.

No. 1825624

File: 1703321253187.png (579.66 KB, 720x1215, Screenshot_20231222-191503.png)

Anons… Is YouTube on a actual crack? It keeps recommending the absolute weirdest videos (usually shorts) when I'm looking for something unrelated. I was looking up Mediterranean sandwich recipes and it wants me to watch this. Also it did the same thing a bunch of times with some video of a deformed baby. Not sure if that video was some type of clickbait/troll video because I never clicked on it because the thumbnail was kind of disturbing. It really wants me to watch some weird ass videos when I'm looking for something else.

No. 1825626

This is like India tier

No. 1825645

youtube search has gone to shit just like most search engines did years ago

No. 1825657

File: 1703326364399.jpg (569.01 KB, 837x616, Tumblr_l_214263218808004.jpg)

The annoying orange creator is a tranny, my sides

No. 1825660

Shorts in particular seem to have nothing to do with your interests or viewing history. Its just the most wacky attention grabbing shit. I keep being recommended shorts of stuff like trannies walking around grocery stores in stripper heels and ott outfits flirting with uncomfortable straight guys for.. laughs?

No. 1825662

I think they do have some kind of tagging system that feed off your view history, becauss I usually get a lot of anime and fitness related stuff. If someone watches gossip or beauty type of content it might grab tranny related shit also tagged with "beauty" or "fashion" in the metadata

No. 1825666

The early youtube creator to tranny pipeline seems to be a strong one. Might just be because a lot of them are autistic nerds though

No. 1825671

Genuinely. The amount of times in the last couple years I’ve been like “hm I wonder what that YouTuber is doing now” and looked them up to find out they trooned out is horrifying. I need to study these people in a lab

No. 1825714

Any channel that's voice only and has a guy with a deep as hell voice has like a 50 percent chance of randomly posting 'Hi I'm emily, this is me!' one day all while their voice stays sounding like Tom jones

No. 1825756

Late but I listen to podcasts every now and then instead of using those videos as background noise, but it feels fucking impossible to find decent ones. I do like true crime stuff but even there so many are absolute ass. There's way too many podcasts about serious topics (not just true crime) that spend 75% of the time talking about random shit among themselves, and only 25% about the actual topic and it's infuriating. You really have to put in the work to find a decent one that isn't hitting you in the face with a betterhelp ad read every 10 minutes.
At least most of the longwinded youtube videos I listen to aren't smelling their own farts the entire time and will have just one ad I can easily skip.

No. 1825804

Same nonna, I feel bad now because I saw the thumbnail + Lain anime and thought that’s definitely a tranny. Oops sorry to this woman. On topic, I hate that YouTube comments are so censorious that I couldn’t talk about Sims dying in The Sims 2 and had to type “dye” after having 3 comments auto deleted. Is the moderation AI just retarded? Because somehow I’ve seen moids get away with sexual assault threats and shit in YouTube comments with no consequence

No. 1825827

i’m so glad we got rid of cryoatic before he trooned out

No. 1825870

>agp smile
>that hairline
Jfc, i hate men so much. Who are they kidding?

No. 1825884

Kek. he's still a florida man, so he has other issues. Ever realized how many youtubers live in Florida? Charlie/Penguinz0 or whatever, Carcinogen just to name a couple.

No. 1825903

fags creep me out so much.

No. 1825928

i was watching this video for a few minutes until i realised this guy's whole channel is just complaining about women complaining about men and manosphere shit

No. 1826099

Shorts are based on history, but shorts history. It's based on length watched, not what you watch specifically. So if you watch one kpop short for 20 seconds and a cooking one for 10, you will probably get another kpop video first before another cooking video. The way the algorithm works for that is the same length algorithm for normal videos, but at least those also factor in content to a degree.

Youtube keeps switching around their algorithm, but for shorts is length right now.

No. 1827264

I'm ngl I think lolcow sells more of our info than we'd like to think. I don't talk about trannies anywhere except for here, I have all tranny-related tags blocked on tiktok and hit not interested on any social media where they do come up, and I don't engage in any lgbt content, and yet every single time I post a reply or comment in the TIM thread I get flooded with posts and videos of TIMs or stuff about terfs. Any time I post on here about hating moids I get inflammatory redpill content or men saying stupid stuff to bait me to comment, even when I hit not interested and block the users. At first I thought I was being paranoid but it's every single time right on the dot - reply in the TIM thread, go on tt/yt later that day, get a video of an ugly troon dressed like a little girl talking about transphobia.

No. 1827265

Anon, could it be your Gboard?

No. 1827269

A male coquette is called a "faunlet." The phrase has been around for decades.

No. 1827272

I've never encountered that word before. Is it something only homo scrotes use?

No. 1827304


i know i am late but you guys need to seriously diversify your content and interests outside of shittube, spotify, and tiktok bubble. try listening to 20th century american radio dramas, like yours truly, johnny dollar, or even something from the bbc radio. they have an excellent audio drama/reading of lotr and an extensive catalogue of talented writers and well-trained actors who come on and have their own series (julian simpson does beautiful sci-fi dramas). or, you know, you could also try listening to an audiobook of some classic literature such as homer's odyssey, the good earth, wuthering heights, madame bovary…i mean something anything other than the dull stuff that is being pumped out now. at least you're also getting the benefit of making yourselves more worldly in the process and dipping your toes into more cultured content that actually makes you think about the world. these are all wonderful for when you want background noise but understandably, cannot take retards laughing like a bunch of dorks over the same stupid content, or the millionth episode of whatever boring fucking murder that every true crime case has beaten into the ground. there's only so many times i can hear someone go on about brian schaeffer before i might scream.

i hate to be judgmental, but some of you guys are showing your age and your reliance on these big corps to entertain you and it's actually kind of depressing to see. diversify yourselves, people. i bet i'm not that much older than some of you at my big age of 28, so the fact i'm even having to write this is mind blowing. there's so, so much more to life than just social media and what these corporations want you to watch/listen to. and a lot of this stuff is available online, easily accessible on these very same platforms, you guys are just not actively searching for it.

and please don't say, i'm not interested in this, blah blah blah, i've already read these books in school/university! yada yada, i don't want to listen to sherlock holmes or fuck tolkien. you're totally entitled to how you feel but if you aren't willing to try something new, you can't really blame anyone but yourselves if you get bored.

No. 1827358

so, nonnies…have any of you noticed the shorts section get weirder? so for a tiny bit I was just clicking food/travel videos. it was a dumb habit so I stopped and ignored it. two weeks later, today, I saw my short section again and it's full of zoomers, obviously fake videos, plastic surgery shit (the "before" featured two people that looked like super models…), looks, etc. I didn't click on any, but it was obvious what they were. before it at least recommended stuff that was in my interests. I guess maybe it went back to the default?
I can't tell if it has gotten worse, tbh. I'm gonna try to find a way to delete shorts off my homepage, even if I accidentally break youtube.

No. 1827444

I don't use social media, I don't know how to spread this.
Anons who love animals, especially any who live in China, please try to watch this. The information is graphic and horrific, but ignoring it is one of the worst things we can do. There's a Chinese online community dedicated to torturing and killing cats. The "cat in blender" video that was spread on Twitter months ago was made by one of its members, and likely intentionally spread. He made even more videos, got arrested, and then was released. This made the rest of the members of that "community" go crazy, feeling invincible. They've started making more videos and selling them, livestreaming, advertising themselves online, posting photos of cats they've kidnapped/"adopted"/stolen and threatening to torture/kill them if they don't receive money or women's nudes (they just do it regardless), and grooming children as young as 13 into participating for money. Two 17 year old boys who did it for fun have been exposed, and their parents turned out to be bankers (Cao Yang, Vice President of the Agricultural Bank in SiChuan Province and his wife, Liu Ya, CEO of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd) and political figures (Li Hongguang, a member of the Communist Party of Weishi County Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Kaifeng) who managed to get everything censored and shield their sons from any repercussions. The son of the latter went inactive, but was enraged at getting doxxed and has started threatening to do it again, sending people photos of cats in cages.

Animal rights groups in China have been protesting for laws to stop animal torture content and doing everything they can to bring attention to this, including paying for an ad in Times Square to get western eyes on the situation. The Chinese authorities remain invested in censoring and warning these people for "bringing negative attention to China". Meanwhile, the cat torturers openly mock the government and shit on the country in their Telegram chats, jack off to photos of Rape of Nanking victims and post English-language ads on Twitter to try and attract a western audience. One self-proclaimed Satanist from the US has already been exposed for reposting (and likely commissioning) torture videos from them, but hasn't been charged yet. These aren't even all the details laid out in the video, it's sickness.

This is in the YouTube hate thread because YouTube is in the business of deleting anything exposing animal sadist communities, but they love to leave up actual animal abuse content. This is exactly how they were with pedophilic content/pedo rings in comment sections, too. It only stopped when big YouTubers started calling them out en masse. I despise how all these media platforms have evolved to incentivize abuse/exploitation, and how everyone's encouraged to turn a blind eye. I despise China supposedly having its foot up every citizen's ass, but refusing to protect animals, women or children. I honestly despise the current state of how everything works right now, it feels like a nightmare.

No. 1827534

Oh yeah around for decades but literally nobody uses it except probably the pedophiles on forums so

No. 1827823

i don't like hearing about middle class westerners whine about pronouns

No. 1827825

Gendies are nothing more than inverts, they still believe in rigid stereotypes

No. 1827839

What a hard video to watch, I fucking hate animal abusers

No. 1827948

it's most likely your browser, it reads what you read and sells it off. What are you using anon? Chrome and Opera are the worst at this

No. 1828426

Recently I feel more and more paranoid, like youtube is out to get me… I'm subscribed to so many channels, I saved so many (similar) videos to watch for later and yet, they constantly keep showing me the videos and especially shorts that I hate the most, that unironically trigger me (like mra shit about hitting the wall or infortunate souls whose channels are just about being jobless, friendless, suicidal… stuff that I don't want to deal with in my off time). Videos with less than 10(!) views get recommended before new videos of youtubers I subscribed to. It makes zero sense, I try to never click on any of them and yet they don't stop doing that… it starts being scary

Also, the boomers in the comments are right, this shit is demonic…

No. 1828461

The fact that Youtube constantly keeps animal abuse videos up shows how demonic of a platform it is. I really don't get why they keep so many animal abuse videos up. Do clicks from low-IQ psychopaths really contribute that much ad revenue?

No. 1828488

Men genuinely look so fucking stupid trying to imitate talented pop artists. You are not Beyonce, nor Kylie Minogue. You don't have the charisma, the body fluidity, the look. Nothing about that is demonic its just embarassing.

No. 1828509

This. Anon is most likely signed into google and using google chrome. If you are signed into google while browsing the interet, your entire search history is tracked and associated with your google account.

I never see any weird creepy shit like this because I use different browsers and different VPNs for different sites. I also clear my cookies and LSOs at the end of each browsing session.

No. 1829694

Annoyed by this man's very existence, worst youtuber ever, why are you trying to build a following while wearing a stupid orange skimask in public, you are not Orville Peck

No. 1829700

>keeps calling Scott Pilgrim a manga
>thinks call me by your name is a good movie
>that godawful dye job and stringy bangs
>TEETH (I can see why a lot of people use cartoon/anime avatars now)
I don't want to be too mean but god this video annoyed the shit out of me, I don't even think it's a bad video subject all in all.

No. 1829707

I don't like her either anon. She looks like that creepy egg necklace from Berserk kek

No. 1829712

>have you ever watched 00s youtubers like AVGN/Jontron?
Late but those were the super rare exception, 99% of youtubers back then just made videos screaming about random media and calling other youtubers faggots for their opinions on the new pokemon game or women posting their boobs.

No. 1829920

File: 1703665102453.png (17.55 KB, 1081x145, smut.PNG)

It isn't remotely close to the same thing.

No. 1829922

if the smut is weird dark fiction shit i agree

No. 1829927

Between the stupid nasty lip licking (it isn't cute, I don't understand this fucking mannerism its always grossed me out) and how her voice sounds in certain videos where its like she's trying to over pronounce her AH's and A's in general. She also just looks.. incredibly fucking stupid with the winged liner, that headband, and how she styles herself in general. She looks like an angry, bloated wuxia extra.

No. 1829930

where's this from?

No. 1829933

No. 1829935


No. 1830047

im not wasting my time by watching that shit but i have to know, which philosopher was it anon kek

No. 1830398

File: 1703702651208.png (126.75 KB, 338x309, image.png)

police cam videos like this keep getting recommended to me (probably because i watch other crime related videos) and they feel so gross and pornographic whenever there is a woman involved.

No. 1830402

>fedora avatar
Oh dear.

No. 1830410

kek, didn't even notice the profile pic.

No. 1832182

How this guy isn’t even in prison let alone his channel not getting terminated is beyond me. People who make videos about disturbing content/gore are already a red flag but this dude is just vile.

No. 1832413


No. 1832650

i dont watch a single thing sexual in nature on youtube at all yet i get a lot of blatantly sexually suggestive ads (thumbnails with cleavage front and center, of women bent over, ones like your pic, just generally weird and disturbing). i report and block all of them but new ones just show up. shit like this is why i hate opening up any social media on my phone in public.

No. 1833428

File: 1703882256424.jpg (119.09 KB, 574x441, blockalltroons.jpg)

It feels so good to block out troon accounts, even if it only works for a few days.

No. 1833488

These retards need to actually touch grass. There has been a huge push to try and compare women who like smut to men with fool blown porn addictions and it's just a new way to try and push women off the moral pedestal that pickmes and moids feel like women reside on. I don't even need to explain why porn is terrible, but at least smut isn't real. They are nowhere near the fucking same, moids with porn addictions ruin the lives of everyone around them and their own, a woman reading too much smut just needs to touch some grass and find something else to do. They are a lot more rare than these delusional terminally online tiktok tards are making them out to be because women have actually responsibilities in the world and don't have time to flick the bean to smut 24/7. If they could see how their retarded issues don't extend outside the bubble they created for themselves and refuse to leave, i am sure they would feel stupid.

No. 1833518

I'm so glad that years ago I installed a browser extension that blocks all recommended videos, so I don't have to see garbage like this when I go on there once in a while. Fuck Youtube. I wish another video site would emerge but I guess the infrastructure to host so many videos is too expensive for a new company.

No. 1833524

I had a younger relative who watched when her and the shitty ex made kiddie arcade vids. I picked up on the weird vibes between her and the shitty bf att. Later found the vid she put out after the break up and felt bad for her. Wondered what direction she'd go in next. Few vlogs where she acted all impulsive and lost as a single woman, ok maybe thats to be expected after what she went through..

Hopped around just about every 'easy clicks' category and collabed with a bunch of tranny dick riding channels to attract that crowd over to her. Of course that's the direction.

No. 1833532

File: 1703886962853.png (107.74 KB, 836x470, 7k.PNG)

I found out a couple of days ago about a script that changes the YouTube layout to the 2014-2016 one to perfection.
You'll need Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey for it, it's called '''7kttube'''

No. 1835658

File: 1704070858248.png (465.75 KB, 540x476, 4d4931ad7f4c3fc8788e5bf59a7ca2…)

i used to enjoy her content as background noise while cleaning but it's starting to piss me off that she's falling into this autistic "buying every x" trap. i know she's gonna claim that she'll donate all of this so it goes to kids in need, but we never get proof that she follows through so i'm skeptical.

No. 1835811

File: 1704081716185.jpeg (51.79 KB, 1118x160, 7C0AB2B9-9C01-4553-9AB0-26DA0E…)

From a vogue beauty secrets video. I hate men so fucking much it’s unreal and I genuinely believe they’re all pedophiles

No. 1835816

>I genuinely believe they’re all pedophiles
me too. i thought it wasn't so bad until i was bored at work and scrolling through reddit and found a thread that asked what conventionally "unattractive" trait people liked. so many men talked about how much they like tiny breasts, especially when the woman is on her back and it looks like she doesn't have breasts at all.

No. 1835823

>being called a woman is considered a bad thing and being called a girl is considered a good thing to some moids
I want out, I want out of this clown world.

No. 1835825

If you told me this scote fucks kids I would believe you

No. 1835831

If it weren't for the fact that only gay moids are into vogue then I'd have a reason to believe the same.

No. 1835840

damn eleanor neale rebranded huh

No. 1836045

I hope this is some sassy gay dude cos it sure reads like but then this is how straight men are talking now and they've no idea where the line between 'huh I sure owned women' and 'wait I just sound like a bitchy old gay dude' stands.

No. 1836387

Is there any way to get rid of youtube shorts if you're a total idiot when it comes to technology? I resent seeing them recommended. Also still haven't found a well working ad block

No. 1836392

the thing i hate the most about being a woman is that women will read this, think ''this shit is creepy'' and the proceed shaving/wearing make up. We are never making it out of female socialization.

No. 1836438

what adblocks have you tried? uBlock Origin is widely recognized as one of the best

No. 1837729

File: 1704294764347.png (633.72 KB, 1138x869, cravav.png)

The urge to ALOG is so strong with this one, cause he likely knows what types of creeps are watching his daughter, but he doesn't care at all.

No. 1838727

File: 1704371249123.mp4 (567.38 KB, 960x540, ASm697T.mp4)

Maybe I'm an over-sensitive zoomer, but did people in 2013 did not realize how creepy this sounded.

No. 1838892

File: 1704384844380.jpg (58.68 KB, 1125x685, F3GgtDaWoAAbk6I.jpg)

Found this GFM and a linktree with other relevant links in case anyone else watched this video and wants to help make a difference. While the Chinese government embarrasses itself on a mass scale and plays cuckold to edgelords, child groomers and nepo failsons, there are still activists trying to save the animals. International attention helps a lot.

No. 1838900

This is gross, saying she doesn’t dress for men but instead for little girls as she flashes her panties.

No. 1838908

Why bother commenting when it inmediatly gets deleted by the algorithm and if not then the channel owner can just delete everything.

Literal scammers defrauding people and you can't even say anything because your comment will not even last 2 seconds. Hiden dislikes is a miracle for this people too, Youtube literally supports the worst kind of scum activity and grifting.

No. 1838912

It's almost cute that she thinks her "reason" is convincing.

No. 1838913

As much as I hate makeup, I think men should shut the fuck up and move out of this debate.

No. 1839192

if that's the case then why does she make her boobs more sexual than they need to be? i hate this argument as if men aren't attracted to feminine or "childish" women regardless of them hating or not respecting them

No. 1839627

It's nothing serious, but a feeling inside of me is making me repulsed by this little music video.

No. 1840070

do the little girls pay for her onlyfans too?

No. 1841197

you can use >>1833532 or YouTube Redux

No. 1842749

No hate to the kid but I feel like now that he's on the spotlight he's in big danger of getting groomed and transex by the competitive gaming scene.

No. 1842760

>No hate to the kid but I feel like now that he's on the spotlight he's in big danger of getting groomed and transex by the competitive gaming scene.
I was thinking about this as well, troons love grooming kids

No. 1842763

Also posting this because while I hate how much of a bully boomer this woman is towards a 13 year old kid, I think these breadtubers and gaming tubers are blasting her too much.

No. 1842773

this just sounds like lazy 2013 joke

No. 1842778

i feel so bad for him, he's surrounded by creepy pervs and troons and is allowed to stream on twitch unsupervised. He also definetly has autism so he's even more vulnerable. Poor kid, he seems like a sweetheart.

No. 1842783

Trash content in general but white moids are just so hopelessly ugly…(racebait)

No. 1842789

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't white and Middle Eastern men, in general, have genes that make them skinnier more easily, so yeah they have to go out of their way to get that fat?

No. 1842799

Huh, what's got that to do with the video? The point is that somehow all those black moids are ripped while the white moids have zero muscles, are as hairy as apes, have no sense of fashion and on top of that have a rat face.

No. 1842809

okay, I guess…… but there are white moids who are fit and black moids who are fat, personally speaking I find every moid in the video you posted ugly tbh.

No. 1842814

Does the one on the block literally have dwarfism?

No. 1842818

that doesn't sound right

No. 1842827

File: 1704657908335.png (669.21 KB, 1141x569, V3gba4.png)

Literally wtf is this channel.

No. 1842861

it's a shame because her stuff is creative but she really DOES need to pander to coomers

No. 1843774

File: 1704712198301.jpeg (142.73 KB, 1477x730, C6CF8A2F-40CD-4DCD-84F1-4C9B92…)

Annoying ass comment section about mark wahlberg being upset that he was too old to cast as Nathan drake so they casted Tom Holland instead. Cue the comments section crying about how he’s supposed to be older and how they’re passing up older male actors and how it’s totally ok to cast washed up old men because they age like fine wine. You must fuckimg know if she was a woman this comment section would be vicious towards her. Bonus points for a moid saying it’s pedophilia to cast a 26 yr old scrote as a 35. The pearl clutching is insane, if this was posted about a woman the moids would be in testerics saying that “omggg a 26 year old woman is an adult you’re just demonizing male sexuality Ooga booga”. I wonder if this moid would have the same reaction to Poor Things, probably not tho

No. 1843785

26 is closer to 35 than 52 is.

No. 1843793

I love you for posting this. I was stuck putting video essays as background noise for a while now and I couldn't figure out what else I should watch. I'll try this out.

No. 1844321

Most of this video is just recounting Disney's commercial wins, acquisitions, and box office failures, didn't know they owned so much shit like GoPro and Photobucket. The very last part shook me though. They're literally doing all this woke crap to look good for investors and a lot of companies are into this too. It's like a social credit score and more woke = more money. They're ok with the flops because they get help from these people who rate them in a wokeness scale. And the companies inside this system, if they dare collaborate with other companies and people who aren't woke, they get ostracized and the help pulled out . It's like Twitter politics on a massive scale, like cancelling people for not being woke enough on another huge level.

No. 1844326

I hate how they made Satan so attractive. Waiting for my tumblr girls to start drawing smut of him.

No. 1844590

File: 1704765425463.jpeg (58.41 KB, 1413x299, 1F6D4A5C-D791-4EEB-987D-F1DA3C…)

Unironic pedophile in the comments section of a South Park clip. I fuckimg hate men so much it’s unreal

No. 1844592

File: 1704765459245.jpeg (106.54 KB, 1315x578, 6E01BE6E-E10E-4B94-A566-EE5CC6…)

Natalie Portman was eleven during the filming of this btw. Men should be culled

No. 1844895

File: 1704777512130.png (1.27 MB, 1079x791, hhoUHI7.png)

this is just an awful recap of the movie.

No. 1845474

the saltburn "lore"? what lore is there to cover in a self contained movie? especially when it literally ends with emerald fennell holding your hand through a ""plot twist"" that was already blatantly obvious to anyone with two brain cells.

i hate this recent trend of people making videos sperging over tv shows/movies. there has to be a dozen videos in this same style that are completely identical right down to the thumbnail (the pictures of the various characters on the wall and the hunched over position). i can enjoy this type of stuff when it's clear the creator has something to say about the show/movie, but 99% of the time you can tell its just passionless episode recaps to cash in on the algorithm pushing this kind of longform slop.

No. 1846532

Mark Laita (soft white underbelly) is such a vile man and predator. I really wish YT would just delete his channel. He was already rich before he made this channel from being a photographer (he worked for Apple). Now he has a YT channel with 5 million subscribers where he just exploits the lowest tier of society under the guise of "helping" them. Recently he did an interview with a 13 year old runaway in a see through bikini top. According to this video it wasn't blurred at the time but it's blurred now at least. Even so you'd think he could have given her a T shirt or something, but I digress. This is the tip of the iceberg of the shit he's done BTW. Dude makes me wanna a-log

No. 1846539

there are so many pedo moids who get away with heinous stuff on yt. This lolipedo posted pictures of his sister's feet and her eating a banana, aside of ''trolling'' about raping children and pocessing cp. He only has one callout video with less than 10k views.

No. 1846565

I've seen this moid's video but who made the callout video? How do you even search someone who doesn't have a username?

No. 1846567

annoying moid but vid rel. He goes by a shit ton of names, most commonly mr cynical and rikanon. His shitty pfp alone is recognizable since he's obssesed with being an avatarfag.

No. 1846570

also that video doesnt go in detail about his twitter and other gross shit he did. He also defended epstein, talked about his rape fetish and defended realistic AI CP. I would love if more commentary channels picked up the (at this point old) news but i guess its more proffitable to talk about some youtuber saying the nword 10 years ago than a pedo that's still active on youtube

No. 1846571

can you post the callout video? I browsed through the comments and the only comment I found about it was very vague about it and pretty much implied everything was fake. he probably deleted any comments about it like the disgusting sickfuck he is.

No. 1846573

here >>1846567 and this one is in spanish with more information, its mostly screencaps so you can read them even without understanding spanish >>1846570

No. 1846649

That Rika looks like a creepypasta from 2011

No. 1846748

One of the top ranking competitors is a disgusting troon from the Netherlands. You know that groomer is licking his lips at the thought at getting close to this child.

No. 1846855

File: 1704912194491.png (71.81 KB, 574x332, 5mSBffT.png)

I get what she's saying, like obviously this does take some level of skill and dedication and he may actually enjoy doing it but it's ultimately a waste of time and his talent, like I unironically believe a lot of great academics and scientists of this generation are lost cause they doing speed-running.

No. 1846856

Boy already achieved an unbeatable world record at 13. I hope he retires and focus on school.

No. 1846893

I don't like Tom Holland but I'm happy he's making old moids seethe

No. 1846897

wtf. by visual attractiveness? this is sick in the head. People can tell if a girl is 13 or 18. Women dont think 13 year old boys are hot. Why are men so fucked up?

No. 1846899

His parents better watch him close.

No. 1846900

Not unbeatable, but still impressive (although untimately useless). In fact another streamer got the kill screen at an earlier level just a couple of days after, and his kill screen at that level was luck because he could have avoided it entirely.

What I'm wondering is how do his parents allow him to play so much of this game for so long every day. Does this kid not have things to do? His obsession screams autism, do his parents know? Shouldn't they try to "correct" his unhealthy behaviour? Also yeah this kid is at a very high risk of trooning out.

No. 1846901

if they cared about their son, they wouldn't be allowing him to this in the first place

No. 1846937

That movie was hot garbage but I don’t want to derail with all my complaints kek. I’m so sick of zoomers calling the most mundane shit “unhinged” especially in their video essay slop

No. 1847036

If he does have autism, his parents likely don't do shit for him. I've seen a parent of an autistic girl who was allowing her to climb the fucking house molding and hang from the light fixtures.

No. 1847247

I have no idea. There are so many songs about young girls by men, but I can barely think of any songs about young boys.

No. 1847471

Only rich people had time to catalog beetles back then. Genius born into poverty was lost to coal mining. I don't think we're losing more of those people now than we were then tbh. Then again the entry cost is higher now. You aren't going to get a book published by cataloging beetles in your hometown anymore, that's already been done and the catalog is $25 on Amazon.

No. 1847481

Why does she look like a chinese secretary but talk like Bhad Bhahie

No. 1847493

? I expected this to be a lot worse by your exaggerated caption, like the conebread Thai girl.

No. 1848274

She's not even chinese, racist-chan

No. 1848277

File: 1704999836355.png (1.84 MB, 1878x1064, ugh.png)

was following what I thought was a female content creator that makes shoujo related videos and then it turns out it's a troon that has a side channel talking about hentai.

No. 1848283

Anyone else getting the ad message on Brave? It only happens to me when I'm logged in though.

No. 1848310

I fucking hate troons so much. Why cant men leave shoujo like CCS alone?? It was obviously made for women, by women. Men need to fuck right off so hard. It's so difficult finding real channels of my interests, because it's always men

No. 1848454

This is why I'm wary of any "female" content creator covering weebshit and vidya on youtube…95% of the time it's a nasty porn addicted troon.

No. 1848815

samefag. It seems to mistake browser extensions for ad-block, even thought its not.

No. 1849051

I feel bad for being instinctively suspicious whenever I see other women into male-dominated stuff because there shouldn't be anything unusual about real women being in those fields, but unfortunately my suspicions are often confirmed. I watch videos about math and tech so there's a lot of programmer troons in there.
To make matters worse I've been getting a surge of coomer weeb stuff (like lolis and smug hentai references) and "WHY WESTERN WOMEN ARE DELUSIONAL AND MEN ARE LONELY: AN ESSAY" stuff ever since I started going to YouTube for more Linux content

No. 1849069

Ugh that's so fucking gross. Please tell me you've telling youtube to fuck off with those recommendations. The IT dude to tranny propaganda is strong.
I'm using unblock origin and I've been getting it too.

No. 1849187

YouTube is so fuckin shit like 99% of websites nowadays.
I have barely been on it today and I find so many things catered to pedos. From parents or family channels having unusual/inappropriate positions or angle thumbnails of their daughters that a normal parent obviously would not put out there to near nudity.

Its absolutely disgusting I feel as if I cannot even share a screenshot of the videos I’ve come across. They are in Russian I assume of a chiropractor for children but in the thumbnail they are OBVIOUSLY only in their underwear. isn’t their some detection thing for YouTube?

I apologize if this seems ranty but it was me scrolling like a dumbass in bed even tho I should be sleeping. Of course also sick fucks in the comments sharing time stamps and also asking for exchanges of videos like come on

I’ve reported the comment account but honestly the whole channel and similar should be gone, they are thousands of views, maybe it’s ignorance of the posters from Russia or which ever country they are but just enough of this shit. No need to have it shared

No. 1849346

There's no shortage of videos that are like "movie/book/show explained" and I always think it's going to be some exploration of the themes/deeper meaning but then it's just a recap. So annoying.

No. 1849375

One thing that really, really irritates me is when somebody does a 15+ minute video about anything, and it's just the very most bare bones information. Not even as much information as a 5 paragraph high school essay. And then thousands of people watch it. People need to read a book.

No. 1849446

Ugh, this reminds me of any video where there's an underaged girl crying showing that the most watched sections are the frames where there's a closeup of her face. Clearly people are pausing and watching those sections over and over again gathering footage and screenshots of girls that are upset and in pain, which is so sickening to think about.

No. 1849453

Theres a million automated channels doing that shit now. As well as those "greentext from reddit and 4chan" . Don't even click on one of those by mistake because your feed will be full of that shit for weeks

No. 1849456

I like old anime, from the 70s, 80s and whenever i see a female channel talking about ovas or something related to that it always ends up being a troon.

No. 1849635

It's super frustrating because I grew up in the 90s when OVAs were becoming bigger in the U.S. I used to spend my weekly chore money to buy one vhs from chinatown or rent a movie from blockbuster video. Now it seems more troons are getting into what was considered a 'niche' thing to get more views. Plenty of male youtube channels have views just for existing though. It makes no sense to me.

No. 1850037

so…. is linus tech tips bisexual?

No. 1850385

why does this video have almost 20k dislikes? wasnt this brtish faggot outed as a pedo?

No. 1850480

File: 1705108231426.jpeg (511.91 KB, 1338x1151, 590B81D9-1259-4224-A44C-53B3EA…)

Dumb self hating pick me pandering to scrotes in one of those useless redpill YouTube videos. Where are all the men doing this for us?

No. 1850486

the avengers part made me physically cringe ew

No. 1850672

Idk how you can read shit like this and not be able to a-log. Like the part about liking forearms and the like was fine, if somebody wrote that in /g/ i'd think nothing of it, but she just goes way too far to show how much of a good girl and not like the other feminist brained women she is. And my most favourite part about this is that she is clearly single, kek.

No. 1851157

Turned out none of the evidence was real/proven. The guy still comes off as a whiny, manipulative cunt, the kind of boyfriend to drain out your energy at every interaction

No. 1851531

If youtube has been so laggy that it's unusable and acting like it's shitting itself trying to load for you the last few days. With even the cursor acting mental when you hover over a vid. Switch off adblock and it insta works again. ffs

No. 1852447

File: 1705173658850.jpg (70.6 KB, 640x630, 7a2ce2e2ed4786e7375d5a10c8441a…)

yep it's so fucking blatantly predatory. people are saying to install ublock instead but i refuse. i will keep adblock forever, and i will NEVER stop blocking ads on youtube. go fuck yourself youtube.

No. 1852452

He's still around?? How is it even relevant anymore?

No. 1852464

You are dumb as rocks for using Adblock. They have a stupid "allowed ads" thing where some ads are allowed through if the advertiser pays Adblock. I would tell you to switch to uBlock Origin but you deserve to be stuck using Adblock.

No. 1852468

Thank you! It's been unbearable. I got nervous that I caught a virus somehow, but it's a universal experience right now with adblock + youtube

No. 1852482

has never happened to me on youtube, fuck off retard

No. 1852485

I hope your computer gets infected with malware that steals all your credit card information

No. 1852491

the severe aggression over something trivial smells like ballsack(scrotefoiling/infighting)

No. 1852497

Now you've pissed me off. I'm going to hack your computer and make lolcow posts from your internet connection and get you PERMA BANNED!!!!(autism/infighting)

No. 1852505

Male aggression would have far more sexualized threats of violence

No. 1852574

You are not funny.

No. 1852593

The annoying thing is spending a couple days thinking it's everything else but an adblock issue because it was just a lil lag at first and then later starts acting so spazzy that the cursor was going nuts and yeah it's virus level weirdness or is my laptop dying weirdness. Not how I'd expect an adblock issue to look but lesson learnt. Feel dumb but then reddit was full of people today who think their device, their broswer, their connection, everything else is crapping itself before thinking its more war on adblock shit.

No. 1852615

I thought adblock didn't work on youtube anymore?

No. 1852629

>They have a stupid "allowed ads" thing where some ads are allowed through if the advertiser pays Adblock
Nonnny, you can disable the "Acceptable Ads" feature by unchecking a box, it's not hard.
Youtube was telling me to disable it when all this started which I actually did, but after a week or so I turned it back on (because ads are annoying and I saw some people say you can just wait it out) and it's been working for the past month. Not sure if it was an adblock change or a youtube change, don't really care to find out.

No. 1852633

Ublock origin has always worked for me.

No. 1852639

Yeah I just use the Adblock Plus free version and it works. The Brave browser also works plus it blocks dailymotion ads which for some reason are tricky for adblock extensions.

No. 1854336

Switch to ublock origin. adblock plus is scum.

No. 1855432

YouTube has realised that the only ads I interact with are those who advertise petitions against animal abuse. I guess it's good that those organisations have that much visibility, but even after signing the petitions I feel awful. I won't even mention the ads where small children with rare diseases talk directly to the camera asking for help. I feel terrible about their situation but I really can't contribute with a donation to help the medical investigation or to pay for their surgeries. I feel like I am bombarded with cruelty (animals) or hopelessness (ill children) only so I give my money to those ''ONGs'' that are probably literal companies. It doesn't feel like raising awareness is considered at all, minus the GreenPeace plastic ads, those are informative at least. It's such a dumb complain but I miss when YT was amateur and not the big comercial platform that it is now whose only purpose is to make profit. I wish that sick little girl the best and I hope making that ad wasn't traumatising for her and actually helps her with her situation.

No. 1855434

No. 1855530

There's so much scummy shit going on behind the scenes in charities, misuse of funds, sex tourism, shit you wouldn't believe. Putting a deformed kid into an ugly outfit and telling them to mumble at the camera about how all they want is rainbows and puppies is guaranteed to get donations flowing in. They don't care about the kids.
Donate to small, local groups where you know where your donation is going. Giving to your local food bank, homeless shelter or hospital will do more than giving to yet another sad child charity. You can donate to animal shelters, they desperately need all the help they can get- even dropping off some pet food, blankets and toys helps. If you can get your workplace involved even better.

No. 1855531

Ok, enjoy your ads then.

No. 1855538

>Donate to small, local groups where you know where your donation is going. Giving to your local food bank, homeless shelter or hospital will do more than giving to yet another sad child charity. You can donate to animal shelters, they desperately need all the help they can get- even dropping off some pet food, blankets and toys helps. If you can get your workplace involved even better.
This is very good advice and I've already made some little steps in that direction but thanks for reminding me.

No. 1855545

I don’t see ads. I appreciate you trying to suggest a good Adblock assuming you are being well intentioned but the ublock shilling is tiresome, you don’t work for them so just stop. What do you get out of it except some ackshually-type sense of superiority over your browser extensions?

No. 1855553

It does but you can just keep clearing your cookies and cache and it’ll still block the ads. The audacity of YouTube wanting to charge $20 fucking dollars for ad free watching. Greedy roaches

No. 1855554

Im the first ublock anon >>1852633
I thought I was replying to someone who was saying "i thought adblock doesn't work on youtube anymore", not someone who doesn't see ads. Idk the other ublock anon and we're definitely not in the same office high-fiving each other over our fat ublock origin paychecks as we chase you around an anonymous imageboard telling everyone about ublock origin.

No. 1855567

TOP KEK, there are so many more obviously retarded anons on this site than usual wtf I support you ublock nona.

No. 1855576

I hate how many creators in the niche corner of YT I watch all copy the few big names, not just in their style of editing but also their appearance and mannerisms. I just got this video on autoplay that had me thinking one of the bigger creators dyed her hair again but when I looked closer it was a completely different woman who was copying her. Dressing similarly is to be expected considering the subject matter but she was speaking in the exact same way the bigger creator does and doing the same gestures and facial expressions. It was creepy.

No. 1855578

File: 1705333009246.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1170x1766, IMG_5126.jpeg)

I agree it’s weird considering that song is about ronnie spector’s abuse & it’s being repurposed for some made-up incel yaoi lore animatic for an album by a misogynist. i looked at that account and
> tif
> has to clarify she’s “black” on all her social media accounts, probably so no one gets weirded out by her exclusively drawing tyler the creator fanart
> looks like this
sage for race sperging but i would not think she was black if i saw her on the street, and given she’s from miami she’s likely hispanic and every hispanic i know is incredibly colorist and even if they are literally black they still will not see themselves as black. i had a co-worker get called the n word and he was totally offended not because it was rude but because he was “mistaken for black”, so seeing hispanic zoomers flock so hard to whatever minority groups will give them the most clout/benefit them the most socially is really funny when you know their tias are putting on blue contacts and getting highlights and staying out of the sun. i don’t even know why someone would larp as black with this hair texture. Usually when i see people say they’re black even if they’re kind of white passing i give them the benefit of the doubt because there are a lot of biracial people who look totally white but with this girl i don’t get why she would try to have her cake and eat it too by aligning herself as black

No. 1855582

its not a conspiracy stupid, adblock literally allows ads. It gets paid by certain listings to not do the very thing that is named after.

No. 1855605

what are you on about kek, no one gets a paycheck from a free softare to post about them anonymously. it's considered more useful than adblock because adblock has compromised its integrity by letting advertisers pay them to allow some ads.
there are other adblockers (i use adnauseam a lot) but ublock is simply very easy to use and readily available so it's the most popular one.

No. 1855608

i have been consuming a lot of true crime content for many years now. (podcasts, videos, etc) it's to the point that my youtube recommends are 95% true crime and 5% iceberg videos. but lately i realised all of the true crime videos are so… exploitative. the people making the videos have no respect or empathy, and even the biggest and most respected channels (that lemon guy orchard, the guy who does psychology and interogation video breakdowns) are profiting off death and torture. idk what happened but one day it's like a switch in me has flipped and i am totally disgusted with the mere idea of watching that stuff and helping those vultures make money. i now watch history documentaries and movie reviews. idk, i just wanted to share it here and ask if anyone else has had a same switch flip moment

No. 1855634

I used to like listening to true crime podcasts on my way to and from work a lot, usually the ones that just told the facts without adding to much humour or speculation. I listened to this one case that was so bleak and depressing that I cried for a while after finishing it. Really put me off listening to any true crime ever since. Once in a while I'll listen to episodes but I try to avoid ones about murder

No. 1856388

File: 1705374731225.jpg (45.42 KB, 1022x398, 1000007154.jpg)

Found these videos while looking for women's tennis highlights. Anyone else hate how sexualized the thumbnails are for women's sports and things that involve women in general. The amount of channels with this kind of thumbnail has been increasing.

No. 1856421

I feel like this woman's entire channel the last few years is built off the back of her own hypocrisy, constantly criticizing beauty standards when she's a former MUA with all the plastic surgeries she harps on. If she were actually ugly or average and surgery free…

No. 1856438

File: 1705377518989.jpg (259.36 KB, 1440x1253, Screenshot_20240116_065512_Sam…)

What an oxymoron of a channel name

No. 1856458

Yep I came across thinly veiled CP content on YouTube a few years ago while looking for a documentary about modeling. It was two young girls swimming at a big mansion and then the camera following them walk out of the pool. I was confused and looked up a name in the description or comments and it was a child modeling website with lists of kids selling downloads of photos or some shit really sketchy. I reported instantly, video and channel, but checked back a week later and it was still there. YouTube is definitely a hub for pedos and disgusting creeps but no one seems to care to really get rid of it. It was so traumatizing and horrifying to end up somewhere like that just from a search.

No. 1856723

Uggh I can't even read the whole thing I cringed so much. I think the worse part is I used to be like this when I was younger. Hopefully she grows out of it…
>Where are all the men doing this for us?
Exactly. They would never.

No. 1856815

No. 1856838

I want a serious research paper on how YouTube is making children dumber cause there is no way it isn't.

No. 1856863

I think I'm just done with the platform. Already have it blocked on my phone and will do it on my laptop today. Most videos are blatant fear mongering bait or shallow takes by videomakers whose expertise in the subject was gained from reading a wikipedia article. It's basically the same doomer political engagement algorithm Facebook shoots for with more gaming and fake gameshows at this point. Honestly the only site I find somewhat usable anymore is lolcow because you all are pretty good about staying on topic and the pace of the site is too slow to encourage browsing all day or astroturfing.

No. 1856867

same here, nonny. the adblock thing was such a shit show but it broke my youtube addiction. the site became completely unappealing to me and i haven't watched anything on there in weeks. i scrolled through my feed yesterday and couldn't believe how braindead everything was, based on the titles and thumbnails alone. why did i need to watch so much garbage all the time? kek.

No. 1856868

Not just dumber but they are each going to have a laundry list of disgusting fetishes thanks to the elsagate trash, which honestly there’s still plenty of it around. In the future 3 out of 5 of all people will have one of the following fetishes: scat, piss, farts, pregnancy, inflation, beastiality, feederism, BDSM or ABDL. All because their worthless millennial parents think rules and boundaries are mean and their child will be a complete outcast if they don’t get every single thing and experience their peers get. They will be also completely unable to manage their emotions, completely unable to maintain friendships and relationships, zero attention span and total and utter hedonism and deviancy.

No. 1856909

I basically only watch gaming content and it's sad how obviously monetized and sponsored main fandom channels are. Like, there are multiple YouTubers who are super focused on Final Fantasy or Resident Evil so you think they would be good resources for pros and cons of the newest releases but all they do is endlessly suck off whatever is newest and then admit it was bad months later in a Twitter post and whatnot. They are basically walking IGN articles except I can read an IGN article in 2 minutes and these fucks are pumping out 40 minute fluff pieces constantly.

No. 1856920

I think we're losing more people simply because we've already cataloged so much. You can't get a good grant to look at beetles or duck weiners or whatever anymore. All of the lucrative studies are in genomics aka boring shit.

No. 1856929

I watch mainly gaming content as well, and sometimes caving videos. I've noticed how both had had to censor themselves due to youtube. Some of them even say 'unalive' (which makes me wanna punch someone) instead of using a synonym for killed yourself. I hate this insane thing how words and books are censored, but porn is all access.

No. 1856935

Yeah. Can't say fuck but I'm allowed to watch a girl who turned 18 a few hours ago get her asshole blown open.

No. 1857010

File: 1705423548220.jpeg (115.18 KB, 1174x471, 915DC05B-C7F9-4BDF-93A2-F02B7F…)

This is why I don’t give a fuck about male victims. On a comment section about some loser getting his as whooped by his gf and this was a reply to a comment saying abuse doesn’t have a gender. Whenever you get these man bites dog stories of a woman being abusive they can’t just empathize with the scrote, they have to denigrate and downplay women’s abuse while they’re at it. And of course no one called him out for it in this “we should all just get along and fight abuse together” ass comment thread. I fucking hate men and I will never advocate for male “victims

No. 1857019

I used to watch her hooded eyelid makeup tutorial as a teen kek didn’t know she was still around

No. 1857020


No. 1857021

Scrotes will call you mentally abusive for things like asking them to brush their teeth twice a day or to stop leaving wet towels on the carpet. When a scrote says he’s been abused by a woman, especially emotionally or mentally, I am automatically skeptical and I outright start distrusting the scrote in every single way. You know that they’re liars, manipulators and probably abusers themselves if they say that.

No. 1857024

I don’t believe male victims. They’re all usually lying or stretching the truth anyway. Not even other scrotes give a fuck about them lol

No. 1857028

some of these retards think their girlfriends suggesting they spend more time together or cuddle instead of letting them spend all day rotting in a computer chair playing COD = abuse so yea I'm not surprised they think there's more abuse towards males when they're that sensitive over being told no or getting pushback

No. 1857201

One of my good friends from a few hours away left her boyfriend finally. I'm so happy for her. She came out to my with all the dirty laundry on DMs about how he constantly played the victim while abusing her. I believe her 100 percent. He claimed to be a male feminist who was raped by a woman in college. He's one of those incel types who look like henry cavall, so people dont believe he can be an incel. I'm so glad my friend is in a better place now with her new life.

No. 1857648

I'd rather watch her tutorials than watch her vent. As a hooded eye haver… were they any good?

No. 1857732

Didn't open any video by them but the majority of it is cartoon and AOT related

No. 1857734

NTA, but I had (and still have) severely hooded eyes. I gave up on makeup entirely a while back but before that (in like 2014 - 2016) I did watch her videos a lot and yes her videos for hooded eyes were really good, at the time she had better advice for hooded eyes than any other channel I could find. If you want to learn makeup for hooded eyes (or makeup in general) her older videos are probably a useful resource (if they're still up that is, I have no idea).

After I lost interest in makeup I unsubscribed from everyone but her because I really liked her personality. She moved to Ireland with her longterm partner and I loved watching those vlogs, especially as someone who has always wanted to go to Ireland. Not long after that she got pregnant and had her son and quit vlogging because she didn't want to put her son on camera and said that she couldn't vlog without showing him because she's with him so much there wouldn't be anything to vlog. Which I can respect but it was still just a bummer.

She lost interest in makeup after being a makeup artist for 7 years and said there wasn't anything new there. She turned vegan (this was years ago, before she moved to Ireland or had her son) then got really educated on nutrition and decided not to raise her kids vegan. She's really into health and wellness and probably homeopathy (though don't quote me on that). Like bordering crunchy mom status though I don't think she is one. Like she said some stuff about how she wished she could have an underwater birth but then ended up having a C section lol.

I honestly don't think she's hypocritical, because people can change. I used to be very pro makeup and pro plastic surgery when I was younger, then when I got to be in my late 20's I got a lot more cynical and realized the ways those industries prey on women. The thing that annoys me more with her is that her videos are basically just rehashing the same thing over and over again (social media is fake, learn to be confident regardless of what you look like etc). But if it helps young girls then I guess it's a good thing.

All of that being said the one thing she did that really annoyed me was when one of her dogs (she had 4 at the time) attacked her son for no reason. Like knocked him over and bit his face. Mind you this dog had known the kid for the entirety of the kids life. Then when that happened she didn't want to say the breed of the dog because she "didn't want to cause breed discrimination". In other words it's a dog that's known to be aggressive, and acted aggressive against your kid yet you want to protect the breed? Because you think that the aggression had nothing to do with what breed the dog is? K. Pretty sure it was some breed of bulldog like a staffy. I think I still have some screenshots of that incident if anyone wants to see it.

Anyways sorry for the blogpost lmao. I just never had a reason to post about her before.

No. 1857783

It's especially suspect if they're saying it in an angry way, most people who are being abused find it shameful and try to hide it or try to cope and pretend it's not happening or not that bad. Usually people's instinctive response to being abused isn't to throw a tantrum denouncing the abuser.
spoiler for blogpost My ex had an issue where he'd sleep in and get mad because he slept more than he wanted, so he asked me to call him in the morning to help him get up. So I did exactly that, and he had a complete meltdown because I would wake him and that would make him feel annoyed and bothered…
I like this post here, it makes a really good point. It is written by a man and he mentions that men who have genuinely been treated badly usually respond sympathetically when hearing about female victims, rather than being hostile and accusing them of stealing attention, so there's no excuse for aggressive guys who act like it's some female conspiracy against men https://lundybancroft.com/mens-angry-messages-to-me-part-2/

No. 1857820

I think the worst thing is when someone who has abused you in horrible like actually grotesque ways starts claiming they're the ones being abused…

No. 1858455

File: 1705487538478.png (55.72 KB, 526x895, image_2024-01-17_213317920.png)

Nonnies who want to avoid doomscrolling on youtube or looking at stupid comments should get the Distraction Free Youtube extension, you can remove nearly every feature of youtube besides the video and search

No. 1859406

Omg THANK YOU! I fucking hate how YouTube forces me to read comments

No. 1859419

This will be useful when i am just using youtube for music since yt still has all the OSTs and ambient stuff that its never on Spotify but i hate ending up in some other shit every time.

No. 1859542

is there something like this for mobile?

No. 1859657

Unfortunately I don't think so

No. 1859715

>Where are all the men doing this for us?
This is what finally flipped the switch for me. You'll never see even male feminists write a giant text wall about how strong and beautiful even crippled female housecleaners are, and how men should all be grateful for their presence. It just doesn't happen. Scrotes don't even thank you when you debase yourself doing this shit. You'd think something like this would have replies acknowledging it and thanking the person, but I bet it doesn't. They very rarely do.
Don't trust them. One thing I've noticed thanks to reddit is how butthurt guilty men will downplay or hide the bad shit they have done, but women are trained to assume at least partial responsibility for everything. Reading women's posts, it's all
>In all fairness,
>Now, to be honest, I
>To be fair,
>My boyfriend is a really great guy, but
My eyes glaze over reading it all. And then men insist the very opposite is true, when you can see the truth just by reading their slimy reddit posts.

No. 1862169

File: 1705770692487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.67 KB, 1080x766, Gross.jpg)

This shit is gross, why does shit like this always get recommended? I also had femboy content recommended with thumbnails of his ass hanging out. I reported it constantly and it's still up, I hate fags and coomers so much.

No. 1862984

Amazing how you can't talk about national news stories using normal and reasonable words, but deviant sex shit (especially involving things made for literal children) is everywhere.

No. 1862994

I don’t even understand how you can think like this. Men are so fucking dull and retarded.

No. 1865003

File: 1705984350206.jpeg (84.22 KB, 1528x287, E4FDAB13-BF1E-409D-9A26-5AA4FC…)

I fucking hate men’s incel comments and concern trolling on any video with older women in it. Always pushing their redpill agenda everywhere.I hope men get eradicated

No. 1865008

I wonder how these men think in public. Do they just see a cute old grandma knitting and start seething about how she hit the wall and cant make their peepee hard?

No. 1865010

God why the fuck did I unspoiler this.

No. 1865013

File: 1705984661935.png (209.28 KB, 328x290, niggajuice.png)

Does he think that men somehow stay youthful and uwu gorgeous forever? Retarded fucking faggot

No. 1865026

kek what about the panic and 10000 products/procedures over balding

No. 1865117

Women are lucky to have pills and products that can help their hair grow back (like spironolactone, for instance), but nothing can fix a broken Y chromosome.

No. 1865302

She's so annoying, i can't understand what the fuck she's talking 99% of the time, she's unfunny, has the blandiest opinions, it's so boring.

No. 1865690

File: 1706051952207.png (273.49 KB, 679x511, literally 1984 .png)

Gay moid anitubers are the funniest shit to me.

No. 1865696

>moids take cute men like link and sissyfy them
>localizers take their sissies and trannify them
good riddance

No. 1865708

No, localizers are worse when they make guys troons in anime and vidya. At least you can ignore the gay fanboys as long as you don't spend too much time online, localizers shove that shit down everyone's throat get paid for it.

No. 1865728

All of this scrote's videos are just 'west bad'
Like he literally got pissy over the 'thing japan' meme.

No. 1865732

>tranny good

No. 1865740

Where in the fuck did anon imply "tranny good"? Don't you know what "good riddance" means? You're the tard here lmao

No. 1865757

Something about her just ticks me off, I could never figure out what it was.
Anyway she’s white and most likely straight, her fans will eat her up

No. 1865825

The reading comprehension of some nonnies is abysmal. It feels like it gets worse each year.(sage)

No. 1865847

>Kazuma profile picture
I don't know what you expected, 99.5% of all moid weeb youtubers are shit, doubly so if they stan and identify with shit scrote anime.

No. 1865918

Moids really be like 'enjoying life is a fucking sin'

No. 1866410

>localizers take their sissies and trannify them
>and trannify them
right here? i want 0 troons in my games. trooning out males isn't the way to get them out kek. i retain my point: retarded statement

No. 1866946

Still doesn't mean nonna implied that was "good" but keep moving goalposts

No. 1867104

File: 1706156380421.jpg (60.04 KB, 1114x340, 1000002369.jpg)

Tell me why the creep from soft white underbelly did a Chris delia interview and yassified the thumbnail like he was interviewing a shell-shocked soldier

No. 1867109

Fuckin idiot and a half

No. 1867225

This guy has been exposed as a predator repeatedly, how is he still getting gigs

No. 1867237

By having a penis and doing "comedy" in the loosest sense of the word.

No. 1867280

File: 1706178023530.jpg (17.83 KB, 256x308, tumblr_25d597ad2c32e5a0670d00c…)

>video pops up in the recommended section
>it's about a topic I like
>longer than 15 minutes, nice
>click on it
>sponsorblock has shaved off two and a half minutes of watch time already
>faggot moid with a flat voice introduces himself in a nonchalant and unbothered way for "comedic effect"
>"it's okay, maybe he stops being snarky and unfunny and gets serious when we get to the topic"
>continues doing the "ugh haha I wish I wasn't here doing this right now am I right guys" voice for the entirety of the damn time I stick around
>barrage of unfunny sexual innuendos, capeshit-tier line delivery, stroking of his own ego OR self-deprecation with no other fucking option
>faggot begs for interaction, points out that most people watching him are not subscribed so "please do it wah wah wah"
>I click off the video after 4 minutes
Shithole website. I fucking hate how you can't have any seriously-made videos these days because everybody needs their brains constantly stimulated with retarded "comedy" and over-the-top editing. If you're about to say that this sounds specific, I kid you not, I've had to click off dozens of videos because they were all the exact same.

No. 1867283

link it

No. 1867306

>If you're about to say that this sounds specific, I kid you not, I've had to click off dozens of videos because they were all the exact same.

No. 1867309

no, i believe you. I hate that type of content. I just wanna cringe alongside you.

No. 1867321

This was the one that got me annoyed enough to make the post. I genuinely don't remember any of the others and I've removed them from my watch history, so there's no way to get them back (thank fuck for that, honestly).

No. 1867322

I clicked off in the first five seconds, I hate this genre of moid so much.

No. 1867329


No. 1867403

Who is this retarded looking woman and why did YouTube recommend this to me

No. 1867425

YT algo knows you're a farmer so it gave you a vid of a farmer discussing milk (this looks like it's related to ThatCreepyReading/Plaged Moth/Slimebeast drama). Makes total sense to me kek.

No. 1867427

Literally looking like the Riddler (tm)

No. 1867623

Youtube emits such a low IQ energy to me now. I don’t use Tiktok either but if I had to spend time on a video site, Tiktok looks more interesting

No. 1867708

File: 1706214493587.png (831.97 KB, 1079x1668, 1000007459.png)

No. 1867710

I truly wish retards like this didn't keep finding that channel. I really like her videos and she's very insightful, seeing this kind of mental deficit in the comments makes me want to attack someone.

No. 1867712

This reply absolutely makes zero sense. wtf

No. 1867713

File: 1706214745460.png (322.38 KB, 1080x1697, 1000007461.png)

Other comments on the same video

No. 1867722

>A woman asking for a job or maybe a raise is the same as a man forcing himself onto a woman without consent when she says no
I am trying the absolutely hardest not to a-log

No. 1867759

This lack of empathy is just depressing to me, and proves her point that rape is trivialized

No. 1867765

I understand he's a nepo baby but you'd think him being ugly and unfunny would have not given him so many chances. He's ugly and unfunny even compared to most comedians

No. 1867770

I don't have time to watch the video, how is it?
I tend to stay away from anitubers in general, they always either get stuff insanely wrong or treat it as wacky pedo nippon lol thing instead of treating series individually.

No. 1867776

She's not an anituber. She talks about radical feminism. Her analyses on every topic she covers are excellent and she brings up a bunch of good examples in this one, as well. It isn't her only video on anime, she also made one on Ouran High School Host Club, pointing out how misogynistic it is. She used to watch anime, so she knows what she's talking about, but she also doesn't let the whole "haha Japan is just like that amirite guys" thing pass like a lot of actual anitubers would.

No. 1867791

I guess it is impossible to find somebody that genuinely talks about anime on youtube.

No. 1867797

>this is all basic evolutionary stuff
no it is not you fag

No. 1867811

File: 1706222413137.png (29.87 KB, 897x218, KEK.png)


No. 1867832

Based. That idiot sounds like an annoying ass tif who really think the world evolves around twitter.

No. 1867845

TIF? I'm pretty sure this is a man.

No. 1867852

I'm watching the video rn and so far it's pretty good but wtf, that anime rape scene with the knife, now I feel queasy. That anime/manga with the character Guts I've heard good things about (mostly from men tbh) is it worth watching/reading? I hate the lack of reaction in her, doubt it would look much different if it was supposed to be consensual.

No. 1867854

The manga has gorgeous art, but it's an extremely dark fantasy setting, like Game of thrones. A lot of violent and SA.

No. 1867858

Fwiw, iirc from what I remember there was a whole "a bunch of people are getting horrifically tortured and eaten by demons in hell" scene before that, if that makes the sorta lack of sudden reaction make sense.

No. 1867865

File: 1706229638678.jpg (565.49 KB, 2110x1000, 2-Berserk-and-Bosch-web1.jpg)

It's very much a fantasy story of its time. There's an old fantasy trope where a female character gets raped so horrifically she turns catatonic for the rest of the story, I don't know why men write it that way but I've seen it many times and that's what happens in Berserk, but even more annoying than usual because somehow it's all about how hard it is for Guts. Eyeroll kek
The manga went on for way too long at a very slow pace and the story never finished, author is dead now. I liked the classic art references in it

No. 1867881

It reminded them of you

No. 1867885

Interesting, thanks for the responses. I might check the manga out at some point. I feel like it'll be easier to stomach because I can take it at my own pace if that makes sense. One question, is rape/sexual assault a recurring theme or mostly just to set a back story?

No. 1867888

It's a reoccurring thing but sort of reels it back in later on when it becomes more of adventure party.

No. 1867901

Appreciate it anon.

No. 1867909

File: 1706233899371.png (1.66 MB, 1114x998, horse.png)

It is. They mostly rehash Casca's rape again and again because it was so bad and traumatizing and she travels with the party and they can't fix her. I think the first to get raped is actually Guts himself as a boy, then there's young Griffith sleeping with a disgusting old pederast, and of course the famous rape horse and the absolutely retarded rape trolls are in later arcs. There is also a loli fanservice character added later.

No. 1867977

It honestly sounds like hentai, gross.

No. 1868426

It basically is except it's grimdark and drawn with great detail so moids are like omg deep masterpiece

No. 1869377

TLDR; 24 Frames Of Nick got addicted to gambling, ruined his channel, got a normal job, and now quits youtube. oh and he is 336,000$ in debt. typical pity party "youtuber quits" video.

No. 1869709

Anyone else tired of seeing this fag in their recommended?


No. 1869720

He isnt in mine.. maybe you just give off that type of vibe

No. 1869721

Idk i deleted all my history and paused my recs so maybe thats why i barely see him anymore but his face annoys me ig

No. 1869731

I'm just messing with you I get infuriating shit sometimes too.

No. 1870133

File: 1706457868220.png (399.03 KB, 1010x606, 8USbPlg.png)

imagine some kid trying to search for a video to help with their homework and coming across shit like picrel.

No. 1871840

File: 1706614248864.jpg (362.87 KB, 1079x944, Screenshot_2024-01-30-11-18-35…)

I dislike gimmicky art videos but this one is unintentionally funny because the artist's icon looks eerily similar to the bad anime art used im the thumbnail

No. 1871853

nah, the how to draw book art at least has this czechoslovakian movie poster charm.

No. 1871939

>I watch videos about math and tech
>more Linux content
wow you are awesome nonnie. the reason this: > but unfortunately my suspicions are often confirmed
happens is because troons are so fucking vocal in every community they are because the want XXXTRA validation and attention(they always mention they're trans and other bullshit like that).
whenever I watch videos on YouTube related to math/tech/linux I mostly watch those made by men because the "women" are usually trannies. there are actual women who make vids on these topics but it's mostly trannies sadly (they always mention something about being trans or whatever kek like what does that have to do with math)

No. 1871952

>Tiktok looks more interesting
oh you sweet summer child

No. 1871956

No. 1871957

This has to be trolling, but also its by a moid so its probably true

No. 1873330

Anyone following the chuggaconvoy drama? the moids from the other farms are chugging copius amounts of copium to try to defend this retarded moid. They are extremely angry at their pet youtuber turkey tom for calling a spade a spade, kek. They are doing olympic level mental gymnastics to defend this guy
>''that was how people spoke at the time!1!''
>''actually 15 and 19 is a normal age gap''
>''he's a poow autistic dude pwease andastand''
It's basically their zoe quinn and its fascinating to witness.

No. 1873898

File: 1706791179390.png (833.82 KB, 1114x1049, V3EA.png)

I had to idea this brand of MRA could even exist past 2017.

No. 1873899

kek his botting is so obvious

No. 1873900

File: 1706791285430.jpg (128.68 KB, 1080x1080, F8gUcEDXoAA2INx.jpg)

and this is what he look like IRL.

No. 1873901

he should have cleaned the cum stains off his mirror before taking that photo

No. 1873945

why are people eating this up and dying in the comments? what is this joke here? "my daughter looks like a fucking idiot"?

No. 1873949

>males are not aroused by domination
>women make rape (a non-consenting thing) happen on purpose (which would be to give consent)
men are so fucking retarded they need to be shot dead at random

No. 1873950

>Why women dye their hair stupid colors
>It's on purpose
Really? I always thought it was just an unfortunate accident. Huh.

No. 1873953

there’s a very large genre of fully grown men who have children mocking their daughters and wives (or gfs/bms). it’s yet another humiliation ritual men feel entitled to put women through for no other reason than they want to feel better than them/put them in their place (which is below the man, obviously). it’s popular because other men enjoy seeing women and girls be humiliated.

No. 1873974

They always do it over the pettiest shit too. Like yeah Stanleys are lame but he can’t just let his teen daughter enjoy something pretty inconsequential, he has to make an entire video mocking her over something that doesn’t matter because he’s an insecure fat fuck who has no real leverage over the women in his life so he has to nitpick things like Stanleys.

No. 1873987

that’s the point. i think this kind of behavior is very common among fathers because they refuse to relate with women/girls and don’t see them as full people (in the case of their children doubly so). most men do not even try to understand their own behaviors let alone the behaviors of others so it goes unchecked to the point where they post shit like this online for other men to seal clap and sling the most vile sexist remarks at HIS OWN CHILD.

No. 1874067

I actually got recommended the stupid "male minimalism" video on my front page and did not watch it. Men will still spend money on stupid shit like sports cars and pay to win video games. Women want homes even when they're single, so all the home goods will still be purchased by the women who dodged marrying them. And OFC he got the "no pussy no work" thing backwards. If a man can get free sex without employment, he will never work again. My aunt is currently dealing with this in an adult stepson, he has zero ambition to progress his life, just bang gf and play video games.
I assumed he would be about 25 by the stupidity of his thumbnails.

No. 1874071

I remember a few years ago there was a trend where particularly uggo, fat, hairy bodied but head bald dads would cut their jeans up to mimic how their not even teen alot of the time but tween daughters wear those cut off denim shorts. Usually getting their guts out too or throwing a wig on to flip their hair around and be a bimbo caricature aka.. their 11/12 year old daughter? Was bizarre att seeing how rarely anyone pointed out how perverted some of those clips were. It was all
> Haha dumb lazy silly prissy and most of all slutty 12 year olds wearing shorts and showing off their 'goods' to us/being good for nothing! haha so relatable!

No. 1874305

That breadtube thread on kf is so entertaining, it's full of a bunch of man babies telling on themselves. The site that was basically created so they could fuck with a weirdo horny autistic man and laugh at people who harassed him, now is writing paragraphs about how their poor autist sexpest favorite youtuber needs to be understood. He has autism! Why don't people feel bad for him and understand!!"It's just how it was back then!!!"
It's so weird but funny, i've been following it since it happened.

No. 1874450

This genre of men who love crossdressing and make fun of women is so weird to me. Like you hate women but you want to be them so bad and use crossdressing as a excuse. There are multiple male content creators i see whose whole identity is only making videos where they are crossdressing as a woman and making fun of women and that is their whole content, makes me wonder if they secretly enjoy it (dressing as a woman).

No. 1874803

File: 1706856070449.jpg (430.96 KB, 1080x2340, 1000004781.jpg)

this is retarded. this is like those stupid tumblrs or igs that were all about being monochromatic. i bet there are tiktok pages like that too. i understand how that can work on static images but who cares about the aesthetic of their youtube feed of all places?

No. 1874815

I've noticed that when it comes to drag queens, only the ugly ones with no other talents, humor, or options reduce to extremely hypersexual crude imitations of porn like Jimbo. Just trying too hard and looking disgusting, should've been aborted.

No. 1875066

Glad to see i am not the only one. I am a Spanish speaker as well and I don’t understand her either

No. 1875585

File: 1706917245342.jpeg (176.65 KB, 680x1454, AFDBC438-9E72-491B-AF28-29D9E4…)

Video about Adriana limas ugly husband cheating on her inspired dumb looksmaxxing incels and handmaidens in the comments. It hilarious seeing so many men seething over women calling her ugly ass man ugly when men gleefully talk shit about women’s looks with no pushback. Dumb faggot ass male pretending misandry is real because a woman called a dogfaced moid hideous

No. 1875590

File: 1706917456270.jpeg (189.61 KB, 755x1491, A860A15D-A448-46C9-8465-ED1FB1…)

Surprisingly based woman in the comments section talking about how misandry is just a reaction to misogyny but of course even on a video that has nothing to do about it men want to pretend that misogyny is a “result of misandry” and of course that dumb shit got more likes and self hating pick me had to come in with her “noooo you can’t criticize misogyny it’s ALL equally bad” handmaiden cope. Fucking faggots pretending that misogyny is caused by women and not men’s inherently low opinion of femaleness makes me fuckimg sick. I wanna fuckimg murder every man on planet earth

No. 1876850

Nah that's my ladycrush, she's absolutely lovely and charming<3 She doesn't even have a huge presence so you can simply ask her vids not to be shown in your feed. I don't even gaf about arttube drama but I could listen to her talk for hours kek(<3)

No. 1878098

File: 1707129505639.png (835.23 KB, 1122x777, AHBBA.png)

Anyone else get really strong pedo-vibes from channels like this?

No. 1878129

I don't trust any channel uploading "fun" videos of kids. The kids are probably working all weekend every weekend, and for what? So their parents can get an extra $100 or $200 off the ads on a 250k view video? At least the kids doing sports and music lessons have skills they can use, being a shitty child actor is worthless. Even being a good child actor is worthless. And you just have to hope that the parents are still working real jobs, and not being lazy unemployed assholes who scream at their kids every day, and spend all the "family money" on themselves.

No. 1878143

The ones in your pic don't give me 100% pedo vibes since they're wearing normal clothes and the titles sound like bad Disney Channel skits, aka what actual kids might watch. There's so many worse ones where every single thumbnail is kids in skimpy clothes or tiny swimming costumes, or some creepy fetish shit like 'BROTHER dressed in SISTERS clothes SHHH!!' or 'ACCIDENT in DIAPIES!!!!!!!' and other rancid pedo shit. I don't know how those parents still have custody of their kids. I don't care if kids think these videos are the height of comedy, they aren't aimed at kids at all and everyone knows it.

No. 1878163

There's a video I saw on Twitter (that I can't find for the life of me) where some guy used some search tool to prove that the majority of people who were watching some kid's vlog channel were men aged 30+.

No. 1880025

File: 1707268796162.png (63.81 KB, 1080x534, YouTube.png)

(Ignore the blue outline)
I'm so sick of youtube listing weird unrelated videos when searching for stuff.

I didn't capture the thumbnail of this video because it was literally a picture of a babies genitals.
The view count makes me sick.

I don't even know if it's a real baby or one of those reborn dolls, but either way it's gross.

I've been off youtube for a while, and this just makes me want to stay far away from it.

No. 1880138

ew I would never let my father wear my clothes even as a joke. Hope to god that bra is his wife's

No. 1880155

why… how…

No. 1880679

Same reason videos of animals mating have millions of views, moids without access to porn websites and with paraphilias get off to them

No. 1881082

File: 1707350680612.png (322.84 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3353.png)

I keep getting this vtuber recommended to me. Imagine this being your audience.

No. 1881083

i find it funny she openly 'cucks' her audience with a literal chad kek

No. 1881088

No. 1881094

its on her twitter alt i dont remember the name

No. 1881224

File: 1707359651956.jpg (16.51 KB, 273x78, Untitled.jpg)

This is not the big win he thinks it is.

No. 1882798

>> I predicted a 96 year old woman in failing health would die
Omg Nostradamus…

No. 1883168

Tbf I think most of his content is shitposting but god he gets on my nerves

No. 1883885

funkyfrogbait called her moid in her latest video (at 6:17) so i guess that confirms she really is just a spicy straight who thinks she's kweer for having an ugly haircut, a septum ring and a peach fuzz mustache.

No. 1883892

Damn, is that really her bf? I was really hoping she just did a bit with a moid friend of hers.

No. 1883923

Male minimalism is so fucking cringey, they turn it into a competition to the point where they will through out things they actually need like tuperware, screwdrivers or other random tools you might need once a year, but you should still have them on hand instead of just buying one and throwing it out every year. A lot of them live in huge apartments in expensive cities instead of living in their cars, have teslas and buy dumb shit they regret, but it's fine because they will throw it away so they can keep up their minimalist lifestyle!! Not to mention that minimalism is very easy to manipulate and market towards men as an aesthetic, which is all it is for them. Notice when women do minimalist videos they are always reasonable, the focus is on having a house that is easy to clean, rejecting consoomerism not for the sake of feeling special, but to maintain a nice orderly home and keeping your own mental health and family safe and healthy. Men only do it to feel better than others, for the sake of aesthetic and for sense of superiority that's easy to obtain while masking the fact that they are nothing more than a dusty bum who cries into their pillow every night about not being born gay.

No. 1884091

most are probably bots honestly

No. 1884092

No. 1884277

God forgive me ive never said it but I can't watch her videos because she looks like a serial killer from the 70s

No. 1884701

I love how so many men stick out their arms like an rpg character to try to look buffer, it's so unnatural

No. 1884915

This popped up on my recommended and this girl is giving me so many red flags
>rich, at least upper middle class
>can afford a personal dietician
>all the expensive items in her videos
>goes to study overseas

In a weird way it was a feel-good video because I'll never be sobbing to a camera how I can't accept who I am.

No. 1884931

Idk what I was expecting but not it being that fake and like contentless

No. 1885489

Can he use his YouTube channel to make the money and pay off his debt or something

No. 1885563

File: 1707716431299.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1344, ReVanced Extended.png)

I'm sick of these two ugly pieces of shit getting recommended to me all the time. Are you fucking kidding me.

No. 1885564

wyhs everyone so fucking ugly now

No. 1885570

ugly trends

No. 1885576

I hate how every upcoming youtuber looks like a 70s pedo or a tumblr girl smeared in clown makeup. I guess that's just how gen z looks like but it's so fucking ugly, I miss when youtubers looked normal

No. 1885577

This, because FunkyFrog is actually pretty. She wore a wig instead of her stupid 70s serial killer mullet in her last video, looked cute.

No. 1885578

i honestly think her mullet is the least ugly thing of her aesthetic. I find the ugly piercings more egregious.

No. 1885584

average at best

No. 1885715

This girl is angry that people say gen Z looks old
While I agree we're pushing insane body standards, it's ironic that she styles herself like that and calls others out

No. 1885719

For me it's the peach fuzz mustache and eyebrows. I also prefer men to be clean shaven and pluck their eyebrows. She gives me the same vibes as Mina Le's shaved eyebrows,a stylistic choice that became part of your entertainer persona.

No. 1885740

Ok so I didn't watch the video but Gen Z MALES look much older not the females and if they do it's younger girls wearing too much makeup which can easily be remedied. God i hate this generation fighting, Gen Z seems so obsessed with letting everyone know they are Gen Z. It's cringe and it shouldn't define people as much as they make it define them.

No. 1885741

I'm on the border between gen z and millenial and I'm tired. They're just doing the same old shit that's been going on for years, but I find influencers/permanently online people wayyyy more obnoxious.

The millenial moms going "uwu I'm so small and young looking" are obnoxious and the girl sperging
is obnoxious

No. 1885742

PapaMeat is hilarious as hell and he has the exact same kind of old horror autism as I do, FunkyFrogBait used to be funny but the NLOGism got too bad in my opinion as there's only so many ways you can bitch about le cringe huwhite bitches on Tiktok until the shtick gets really old and annoying. Gabi Belle and Chad Chad are way more charismatic and less theatre kid type.

No. 1885744

File: 1707739376911.jpeg (25.9 KB, 544x352, ralph macchio.jpeg)

This. I watch a shit ton of 80s movies and its insane how young men looked back then. Raplh machio was fucking 23 on karate kid. Meanwhile my 23yo moid friend is already balding at 23 and has a dad bod KEK

No. 1885747

I didn't notice the NLOGism until you pointed it out. I thought it was just shitting on millenial mom vloggers and immature influencers until I realized- oooh it's just generally shitting on mainstream trends. Do I shit on the people who buy 50 stanley cups? Absolutely, I'm on lolcow. But her content went from a slight variety to:
>some people are doing this on tiktok and it's BAD AND CRINGE
It's the same as news articles taking one or two weirdos as a representation of a whole generation.
>the kids are eating tide pods! (7 cases iirc)
>goths want subdermal implants! (only one artist was trying to make that big)

No. 1885748

Zoomers are obsessed with youth and it's because Gen X has groomed them into it, it's really tiring to constantly see them call out millenials for """trying to appear young""" because they're not dressing like their mom did. It's obnoxious especially because there's an age gap less than 10 years for most of them and their attitude honestly sounds like they don't realize how short of a time it is and next it's their head on the chopping block being ridiculed by Gen Alpha for being cringe old hags at 30.

No. 1885802

File: 1707744194666.jpeg (52.31 KB, 480x360, IMG_1878.jpeg)

I always feel like Meat Canyon and Annamarie Forcino could be related lol

No. 1885811

why are all these commentary people always in the middle of the thumbnail making some weird face

No. 1885826

I hate these types of thumbnails so much, they're fucking everywhere and they all look the exact same - some screenshots from Tik Tok on either side of them, white or yellow text quoting some idiot from the video, news articles strewn about, maybe an icon from an app for good measure. Like oh my god just fuck off already. And they go rambling on for a good 20 more minutes than is necessary on some social topic which they think they're an expert on. I avoid these videos like the plague

No. 1885850

>PapaMeat is hilarious as hell
He isn't even remotely funny, just incredibly porn addicted and stupid. All of his jokes are about being fat, old, stupid, and addicted to porn.

No. 1885997

She really is a massive NLOG lol

No. 1886071

Unrelated but her female pattern baldness is similar to mine, though hers is worse, and it's giving me suifuel

No. 1886080

it really does look like he's got a bunch of illegitimate daughters running around. hate to say it but we need to invent a new, more inclusive form of body dysmorphia.

No. 1886290

Same and feel this on a deep level. Women should stop being afraid to look like fucking women. It's sickening. Why can't women shame ugly ass balding moids more instead of themselves.

No. 1886474

She has one joke and it's "zomg white women are soooo annoying amiriiiite". She seems like she was a mean girl back in high school but didn't think so because she was a nerdy theatre kid on Tumblr.

No. 1886499

I lose faith in her when she became a depp-fag, anyway yeah she does have one joke.

No. 1886525

I hate her so much, her repulsive chipmunk face and her smug pickme im-one-of-the-good-ones cuckery. Sorry you weren't hot enough to become an actual actress.

No. 1886593

“I’m five years away from being 27”. I thought she was in her mid-late 20s

No. 1886676

Kek I'm glad I never liked her. She always does the same impression too, it's always "karen" or "stupid dumb white woman", just in different made-up situations.

No. 1886684

Nta but if I had to choose between a YouTube making a handful of fat jokes during interesting videos with mixed topics that are actually interesting vs curtis konnor lookalike thembie no.2477 making the same three jokes about white women and being gay then I know what I'm going to pick. The difference between these two people is that one is a personality and the other is copy and pasted from a community of very plain boring content

No. 1886717

why choose between the two when you could choose neither? both are bad. his personality is copy pasted from aging former somethingawful users laden with decades of pornsickness making the same 3 jokes over and over.

No. 1886718

It's also the amount of bad plastic surgery trends Gen Z is falling for. Getting lip fillers at 19 when they stretch out your skin over time is a great plan if you want damaged lips at 30. They just don't think about what messing with your body does in the long-term. I don't see millennials doing that at the rate Gen Z are, especially for invasive procedures. For example, out of everyone my age I know, only 2 people have had procedures: me and my Korean friend. My Korean friend is explanatory, and I have only gotten a breast reduction for back pain. No one else I know does filler, botox, or procedures on the regular.

No. 1886740

>curtis konnor lookalike thembie no.2477
Kek I swear his style is its own genre by now, I keep seeing both men and women who look exactly like him and I'm so confused over it because it's such a specific look so it's clear they're trying to replicate it.

No. 1886742

>Be a zoomer
>Get lip fillers at 19
>Slather your face in retinoid serum starting from 18
>Look into buccal fat removal at 23
>Starve yourself to look dainty and smaller
>Claim it's not societal pressure but muh free choice to do this to yourself
>Make fun of millenial women for "wanting to look young" at 32
>Enjoy the 2 years you have left before older Alphas are calling you a hag

No. 1886887

i hate those youtube channels who just appeal to the lowest common demonimator by being relatable or expressing exactly the most popular "unpopular" middle point opinion, they don't call those content farms because they agree with what they say despite being lazy and twitter-tier posts.

i fucking hate man carrying things, i wish him dead.

No. 1886918

Kek, I also see it as
>Be a zoomer
>get lip fillers at 19, buccal fat removal at 23
>Be super trendy for 7 years with the pouty heroic chic vixen eyes look
>turn 30
>style changes to soft cherub cheek natural beauty
>pump cheeks back up?? have skin grafts on lips and downturn eyes again??

No. 1886955

>i fucking hate man carrying things, i wish him dead.
OH MY GOD NONNIE ME TOO. for some reason a few months ago his ugly ass neckbearded neanderthal face kept appearing on my home page. he's a troonchaser right?

No. 1887020

File: 1707845101261.gif (22.92 KB, 350x200, oprah-shrug.gif)

>gen Z tiktokers annoy millennial women (it's always women) for minor inconsequential things to set themselves apart i guess
>ew old hag, ew skinny jeans, ew side part
>having [minor human flaw]?! doing [fun hobby]?! AT YOUR BIG AGE???
>people get tired and start clapping back
>creepily obsessed with youth so ofc people start calling them old looking because truth hurts
>why are you so meeeeean!
so sheltered

No. 1887025

Insane amounts of bitterness, delusion, and cope but you are the type of schizos lolcow was originally made by and for so I can't even complain.(insane amounts of bitterness, delusion, and cope)

No. 1887029

Grown ass adult seething this hard, embarrassing

No. 1887030

Those 21-year old coquettes you pay to jerk off to will age one day

No. 1887054

>when you reply to the undercover millennial mod
fastest ban I've ever seen kek hope she gets that lolcow gold when she posts her own ban in the lolcow caps thread

No. 1887588

Not milk or anything, but kidology has come out as a lesbian. I believe her just because it always seemed like she was gaslighting herself into liking men, but seemed so existed at the thought of having sex with women in a way that she lacks with men. Good for her, even though it kind of adds to her very forever alone narrative because of how small the dating pool is for her.

No. 1887601

She should just delete her channel, idk why she tortures herself like this. She is acting like she is as bad as someone like Amber.

No. 1887635

i was watching this yesterday. im honestly shocked with how candid she was being, ie half of the shit she said was embarrassing, but i also kind of suspected it. id love to see her and jj mccullough have discuss being gay from their "moderate" positions

No. 1887760

>makes videos praising pedophiles for their intellect, complaining about "modern women," and how sad men are
We don't want this washed up handmaiden either.

No. 1887829

i thought she was just bi. anyway
i think she'll be ok dating-wise

No. 1887834

don't forget
>destiny fan

No. 1887893

>makes videos praising pedophiles for their intellect
What video was this?

No. 1887964

The one where she interviews/talks to Mr Girl (the man who made the Cuties review everyone was making fun of). She spends like 5 minutes gushing over his "intellect."

No. 1888083

What is with all the horrendous animal abuse-adjacent videos on YouTube? This is the number one result for “cat” on YouTube, has 54M hits in 3 weeks, tons of shit bot comments?
To be clear the video itself isn’t animal abuse it just has a bunch of ugly AI images. YouTube is pure trash.

No. 1888165

Escalation. People seeking the next high because being justice warriors online/looking at porn/trooning out is no longer giving them that rush, now they’re in their “watch people die” era, or in this case animals (and after that gets boring, people).

No. 1888276

when will this lazy cocksucking furfaggot upload part 2?!

No. 1888307

i hate him so much that i wish he is just so his poorly disguised bf can commit suicide in front of him.(calm down)

No. 1888315

don't remind me of the dogfucker, i hate his guts.

No. 1888347

I still like watching some of his old videos as a guilty pleasure especially the Oscar's watches, I hated learning he was a furfag

No. 1888375

File: 1707944057511.jpeg (750.33 KB, 1170x1635, 1BC2D577-8DAC-4E9F-811E-0C003F…)

Least surprising thing ever. I am honestly glad he is dead. This moid is a coward for waiting until he died though, a woman would’ve outed him sooner

No. 1889289

After it came to light that Wendigoon is a christcuck I can't ignore it in his videos anymore, like him repeating "Gosh" every time anyone else would say "God" to the point he immediately corrects himself if he accidentally says the latter. It's so obnoxious and I can't stop paying attention to it.

No. 1889297

I watched his horror stuff and he was pretty open about it
What turned me off after a few videos is how
1. He doesn't mind spreading disinformation
2. He tries to shill his religion and I say that as someone raised catholic
3. He's a grifter that sucked up to the big youtube guys and will cover any fake story for views

No. 1889299

File: 1708014507451.jpg (44.35 KB, 1125x313, IMG-878.jpg)

He also once tweeted this

No. 1889302

isn't he literally a pastor?

No. 1889330

He’s uggo which made me hate him before I knew he was Christian, but I’m also prejudiced against Christians so it didn’t help

No. 1889659

>A woman would have outed him much sooner.
I agree i would have liked another woman to get murdered by a moid rather than Jameskii, i like Jameskii.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889674

I actually am not sure, i hate that i don't use YouTube logged in because i can't click him away from my feed.

No. 1889677

How very christcuck of him to say things like this to other women while in a relationship

No. 1889687

Mommy, Why is the pastor talking like that to the 32 year old?

No. 1889760

What fake stuff/misinformation was he spreading?

No. 1889815

NTA and I haven't watched every video but in general I would say his fact-checking is very poor.

No. 1889868

Kidology is a right winger and a destiny fan? What?

No. 1889912

He also got into a minor controversy maybe a month or two ago because he originally started out his channel doing guntube videos and got called a right-wing conspiracy theorist and possible extremist(?). He denied it on Twitter but idk what people expected when he's a southern Christian guy with guns. I don't think that he's racist or hates gay people or involved in right-wing extremism but he's obviously conservative leaning but knows that admitting that would be a bad move. It's easy to search up on plebbit to see what people were saying. I think he was mentioned in some Hbomberguy video about plagiarism, and I also saw comments from troons unironically mad he misgendered Chris-chan. He's kind of cringe sometimes (see >>1889299) but I do like his videos because he covers incidents that I find really interesting even though I usually wouldn't watch YouTubers who are openly religious and vocal about it.

No. 1889914

I do believe that this controversy began because Wendigoon began with the plagarism video by HBomberguy, since Wendigoon is heavily associated with the man in cave video by internet historian, HBomber fans went after him as well researching his past, the leftoid way.
I still like Wendigoon, i have to catch up with his videos.

No. 1889915

File: 1708046508801.jpg (196.78 KB, 970x860, Wendigoon.jpg)

I can't get over how he looks. Imagine how bad he would look shaved. Fucking ugly moid.

No. 1889919

Fair, I just use him as background noise anyways

No. 1889929

File: 1708047770183.jpeg (2.73 MB, 2194x3292, IMG_2433.jpeg)

So holy shit, I’ve seen multiple parents talk about how their kids love this children’s entertainer called Blippi. Everyone seems to love him but there’s just something so creepy and off-putting about him and I couldn’t figure out what it was. People were calling him “Mr. Rogers for millennial parents” and shit, and I just didnt see it at all. I felt like something about him seemed super fake, and you never even see him being warm and friendly or interacting with kids, it’s just this grown man in orange glasses acting like a toddler and it’s so bizarre. After looking him up, I learned that HOLY SHIT ITS THE SAME GUY WHO MADE THAT DISGUSTING HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO WHERE A NAKED GUY SHITS ON ANOTHER GUY. Does anyone else remember that from like 2013?! How does this person go from making such degenerate videos to being a beloved millionaire making videos for kids in 10 years? How is everyone okay with this?

No. 1889936

Actually, other YouTubers starting calling him out for this shit. I thinking he's not in the videos of his channel anymore. Or at least that's what I've heard

No. 1889971

I thought that the rapist/pedoshit was already common knowledge hence the downward spiral he was on for the last year. I just don't think people made much of a deal of it because he was already seen as a degenerate, so finding things like that about him wouldn't be a shock. Nonetheless, i hope his victims find solace in the fact that he died an undignified death.

No. 1889972

I don’t like him because the quality of his research is poor and he rarely sites the sources that he uses. He’s part of a trend I hate, of youtubers that fancy themselves to be academics/researchers/historians, but never hold themselves to to even the bare minimum of academic standards. Often times they just skim read a wikipedia page and then repeat it verbatim in their video, and when they do use other sources they never credit them, they take other peoples’ work, present it as their own and then profit off of it in the form of ad revenue and sponsorships. It’s honestly sickening.

No. 1890094

So it's actually true he died while playing overwatch 2?

No. 1890112

the incel side of youtube is a morbidly fascinating place. kek at the troons telling this dude to transition.

No. 1890120

he's actually kinda cute, he literally would mutilate himself if he trooned out.

No. 1890124

File: 1708062190147.jpg (547.92 KB, 1080x1746, IMG_20240216_063645.jpg)

His genre of channel is kinda like those creepypasta things aimed ar teens but he presents them too seriously, he doesn't mention some things that have been famously debunked. From the top of my head: he covered the missing 411 which is a hoax, a guy connected unrelated cases to sell books. He also covered the infamous book "No Longer Human" not by reading it, but reading the manga adaptation by Junji Ito lol

Nothing comes close to science documentaries and videos by people who've been autistic about a topic for years.

No. 1890185

Why do trannies always target cute nerds?

No. 1890247

>That Quasimodo cosplayer
i guess trannies wanting him to join them is more like an elaborate way of saying that he should kill himself.

No. 1890249

>nonnies calling this creature cute
i say this as the biggest nerd fucker, but this guy is repulsive and should be put back into the basement alongside all the ugly twins we dont talk about

No. 1890268

regardless if you think he's cute or not, no one should be encouraged to troon out by perverted degens who want to drag everyone to their level.

No. 1890328

yeah they should encourage him to anhero instead

No. 1890438

i wanted to like this video but why is she YELLING so much, kek

No. 1890578

Interesting to see her channel growing, I linked her to a friend recently
Ok vids aside the constant yelling

No. 1890838

How can such an otherwise well-crafted and narrated video exhibiting how fucked the South Korean society is only to conclude it into a "both sides bad, you need to get along! uwu" bullshit. He never touches upon how horribly women are treated in the Korean society and where their anger comes from. The burning sun scandal was a prime example how little value women have there, they literally have to fear for physical violence and assaults from these psychotic gacha incels while the worst men have to endure is have their dick called small. No mention of the stalking and rape epidemic. It's genuinely offensive how he goes into depth regarding Confucianism's strong influence on the Korean society and the troubled history of their politics and the problem with the Chaebol families but then completely sidelines the deep rooted misogyny barely touching any of it, even mentioning the bathroom recordings as just a "well women did it too!" issue. Men have their feelings hurt because they feel so insecure about "not having control"? Boo hoo.

No. 1890842

I never followed her videos but I guess she's famous? The documentary style edit on this video made me cringe and I found it hard to take her seriously(?) because all I saw was a rich LA kid attention-whoring on youtube with her weight-loss but when I saw her current version in 2024 I realized that all that screaming and crying on camera was just a really insecure teenager lashing out and not really knowing how to process how she feels without screaming on camera like most zoomers nowadays.

She looks so much happier and well-adjusted now. I think documenting everything made it a lot worse for her mind. Idk nonnies, I'm curious what you guys think.

No. 1890854

the fact he complimented nikke as the ''only game that respects women and didnt have controversy'' and 2 days later they fired 2 artists for ''being feminists'' and sided with scrotes schizoing over the megalia hand gesture in a minigame is hilarious to me. Video aint even a month old and it already aged like milk left in the sun. Never side with incels, they will always dissapoint you.

No. 1890859

I don't understand how deep your brain has to be rotted to look at Nikke and be all "Yep, this game respects women alright" to begin with, I got the feeling that he's being fed this information instead of talking from first hand experience but a game where you basically stare at girls' barely clad asses while they shoot things should raise flags at a first glance for anyone.

No. 1890884

No. 1890907

His face is kinda cute, it’s the voice that ruins it. But I guess he just needs to go on lolcow to find some nonnie that wants to fuck him, ever since I use this site and lurk into Unconventional Attractions thread I don’t believe incels in a word they say, there’s always a woman wanting to fuck even the most repulsive moid.

No. 1890988

I thought she was in her early 30s or within the 28-29 range… I can't believe she's 22 wtf. And yeah it's hilarious how she totes herself as "I'M NOT MAD. IDGAF IF YOU CALL ME OLD" yet is losing her shit here. I agree that millennials are being overly smug and retarded, but this chick is clearly mad too.

No. 1891158

He would be decent looking with a better haircut, his voice is pretty girly but I dont think its that big of a deal, Ive seen guys with annoying ass voices have gfs before. I feel like a lot of men get caught in the incel/redpill misery circlejerk and it just makes them spiral worse into being unkempt and depressed

No. 1891341

I bet he's influenced by r/gachagaming
that subreddit had south korean incels spread propaganda on it and they post lolishit
They're also desperately trying to shill Limbus Company

No. 1891504

this was my exact reaction when i watched his two vids the other night. the first one was so informative and seemed unbiased, i was excited to watch part two. then about half way thru when he's basically like "men of korea… i geddit life is hard. women of korea…. be nicer" i kept waiting for him to turn around and say psyke. he never could have covered this in full without delving into the topic of mens sexual violence towards women which he never had any intention of doing because then the men look like such moidrage chimp-out retards that there's no longer a way to discuss this "unbiased"

No. 1891681

The thing is that incels that show their faces online usually don’t look too bad, like the guy from the VICE video wasn’t butt-ugly either but I know there are truly hideous creatures among them.

No. 1891720

File: 1708197001312.jpg (449.02 KB, 1425x524, just faggots.jpg)

I hate this Dutch-fellating faggot so much

No. 1891743

same. I don't even disagree with the points he makes but he's so incredibly whiny, smug and annoying

No. 1891762

I agree with his points too but he presents them in such a sanctimonious manner and keeps huffing his own farts and wishing the rest of the world was like Amsterdam that it puts me off from listening to him and makes me wish he'd get run over by a Dutch bus. Or better yet a Dutch car driver using an American brand truck lol

No. 1891809

File: 1708202617013.png (392.73 KB, 501x404, Cuntikal.png)

I hate this bastard like you wouldn’t believe. Literally just regurgitates popular opinion and normalfags eat it up

No. 1891830

His whole agency is ugly guys saying basic moid shit

No. 1891845

Why? He's right.

No. 1891886

Just because he as good talking points doesn't mean he isn't smug and insufferable

No. 1891901

i know who he is but have never watched him he seems very lukewarm

No. 1891921

File: 1708210317472.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2145, IMG_3659.jpeg)

I know others said it before but this dude is absolutely going to troon out. He always looks miserable until he’s in drag. If I was his wife I’d be panicking tbh

No. 1891939

he looks like he fucking stinks. I hate his ratty hair.
I saw a gross picture of RTGames crossdressing, it wasn't fetishy but he's so ugly it's gross. I heard he's a huge TRA and goes out his way to be so, I hate that I used to like him.

No. 1891950

i am glad that all gaming scrotes i watch arent openly coomers. Always fall for the ones that hate animu nonnies.

No. 1891981

File: 1708214451554.jpeg (410.02 KB, 828x974, IMG_9370.jpeg)

Boo fucking hoo bitch!!! Most women don’t care about men because men are violent self absorbed piss babies. Men are so annoying about their suffering and yet do NOTHING about it. Learn to clean up after yourself moids and stop expecting everyone else to do it for you.

No. 1891985

please respond to him that men commit 98% of crimes they always sperg out when you point that out and either become super racist and blame it on a race or start tinfoiling about it not being true kek

No. 1891995

File: 1708215410032.png (218.52 KB, 321x301, 1655015282242.png)

>live longer than men
Why do they act like this is a privilege granted to women by society and not just a fact of nature that has no classist bearings? It isn't women's fault males are less healthy and prone to dying from dangerous stunts. Plus the comparison in lifespans is like 5 years (or according to him, 8, oh no!!!) if both live to the max.
>more social and financial benefits
Vague and untrue.
>go to prison more
Kek, wonder why that is?
>homeless more
Kek, wonder why that is?
>more workplace deaths
Kek, wonder why that is?
>higher suicide rate
Kek, wonder why that is?
>the majority of combat deaths
Kek, wonder why that is?
>work longer hours
Okay, your choice
>more covid deaths
This one is really funny. God forbid a woman doesn't kill herself or die from a disease, that just is not fair.

No. 1892000

I don't understand what is wrong with the gamer men… rtgame fans were crazy before but going woke is even worse, as retard callmekevin saw firsthand by playing a game he was not only sponsored but that was obvious he was excited to play and probably would've played anyway even without the sponsorship.
I remember the amount of the weird kevin/daniel shipping comments in their videos and how they ocasionally address/joke about and it wasn't big deal until it became a recurring joke, all with the disney princess/babygirl/infantilization of these grown men. Then the content kevin was making changed some, with him playing games that were popular at the time by suggestion of his viewers and that made him so obviously uncomfortable (remember dream daddy?) I knew then the viewers shifted from normal people to very vocal troons of different flavors. Kevin is obviously tired of the way things were going but don't want to lose more viewers, so he cowardly stays quiet and cycles back through old games he had fun playing. Now rtg is annoying, guy probably stays on twitter all day long, I thought after being exposed to troon madness via the enby simtuber he was dating he'd ignore troon shit, like, at least not address it at all but that's not what happened.
Please, excuse my autist rant but I used to watch these two and saw their content change for the worst along with their fans so I just had to go on a rant. It is so damn hard to find a guy that won't go coomer and that doesn't scream at the camera for no reason and when you do, they manage to fuck up with their retardation. Why can't men be normal and be all about their stupid videogames and only that. I also used to watch john wolfe and what made me unsubscribe was his weird ass rants on youtube "don't like my content? I don't care, I don't need you! Don't you dare criticize me" type of shit kek, after how coomerish he acted while playing resident evil that was the last nail on the coffin.

God I wish I could find more women playing games I like without trying to appeal to the male audience, I wouldn't watch men being stupid on camera ever again.

No. 1892006

What video is this. It seems like she is talking about some piece of art, and it sounds interesting

No. 1892011

It's wild how all the problems men have are basically their own doing. Imagine being the way more privileged sex, especially in a first world western country where human right requirements are usually met, yet ultimately self-sabotaging yourself. They can cry about how oppwessed they are because women are outperforming them in school AND at the workplace but in the end it's always their own doing, it's not women who made them drink themselves to death, pick up a dangerous job or go to prison. Even professionals know boys underperform at schools because they'd rather rot their brains their with video game addiction than study or read books yet they default to copes about how the school system secretly favors girls when it has remained largely unchanged for decades. It's their own macho culture that causes all of male problems and only they have the power to dismantle it yet they choose not to.

No. 1892015

I remember having a friend cry to me about how its so hard to talk about your emotions as a man, days after he was laughing at some guy in his school that got sodomized with a stick kek. Men are so fucking low IQ, no wonder the world is shit when such retarded apes run it.

No. 1892016

>more social and financial benefits
This is probably referring to divorce and child custody laws. Also, women tend to care for each other's wellbeing while men just don't care about each other. This is all women's fault somehow.

No. 1892017

Men just want us to go to prison and die more than them because they love to see us suffer and tortured and agonizing. They think "it's not fair" but all that means is "I hate you and I want you to die"

No. 1892019

Fucking hate her voice so much

No. 1892052

aghhh why do normies gas this kind of shit up. he looks terrible. i'm glad i got bored of his videos yearsss ago. he's going to be johanna wolfe very soon, hope his wife ditches his troon ass.

No. 1892105

File: 1708224022286.png (203.9 KB, 819x571, evil.png)

HOW is this chick evil? I swear the halo effect is real, all she does is say her job is being an "influencer" I guess its ok for an egirl to make a living off tiktok lives but nooo not tophia! Also her "racism" saying things about mexicans but she literally IS Mexican. And she is also retarded but got in trouble for saying the "r slur" so they/thems can reclaim muh f slur but retards cant call people retards? MORALFAG DRAMA YOUTUBERS SUCK

No. 1892245

File: 1708238184165.jpg (181.66 KB, 720x1009, 202402.jpg)

Former CEO Susan Wojcicki's son is found dead.

No. 1892246

shit, that must suck.

No. 1892248

posting this again so everyone remembers how gross he is

No. 1892253

File: 1708238842077.png (793.86 KB, 604x1704, Screenshot.png)

and of course you have retards claiming that she "deserves to lose her, child" cause she was evil.

No. 1892258

Charlie is entertaining to me but only because everytime he opens his mouth he just spews out the most disgusting analogies I've ever heard. I have no idea how he's so talented at making strings of word that make me want to puke.

No. 1892261

Like listening to a room full of schizophrenics each ranting in their own little psychotic bubble.

No. 1892306

Don't know who she is and I don't really care to watch, but this is always in my recommended videos so I guess the algorithm loves it.

No. 1892357

It's just retarded to do street drugs these days. There's really no telling what's in anything, but somebody probably did sprinkle fentanyl in everything.

No. 1892477

Tbh it's a very good video showing how obsessiveness over shallow ideals can ruin one's mind. Hard to not sympathize with her.

No. 1892508

Poor dude probably had some bad coke

No. 1892510

i agree with the author of dillbert, good riddance

No. 1892531

>work longer hours
women literally work more hours if you count domestic labor so he's full of shit

No. 1892553

File: 1708272652030.png (27.94 KB, 592x310, caddicarus.png)

does anyone know whats going on with caddicarus, is he trooning out, is he getting outted for being a pedo? why the fuck are men so dramatic

No. 1892563

Majority of moids aren't even the sole providers anymore.

No. 1892817

I hope not, wasn't he dating a woman with kids? Is he coming out?

No. 1892910

She’s an extreme pedo pandering pro parasocial weirdo.

No. 1893751

>i am glad that all gaming scrotes i watch arent openly coomers
psst nonnie, drop their channels

No. 1899134

File: 1708720330049.jpg (197.98 KB, 1080x1350, 1000011693.jpg)

In response to a woman talking about her domestic abuse. I fucking hate moids.

No. 1899142

Whenever I watch a Kurtis Conner's video (I find his videos entertaining, sorry), I get a feeling that he secretly wants to bully and make fun of anyone he finds cringy, retarded, lower than him, lolcow-ish etc., but he built a safe comedy image that he doesn't want to ruin so he tries to be as nice as possible in his insults and jokes and only choose "targets" that his audience would think deserve the hate/being made fun of. Like if they're racist, sexist, homophobic, Christian, manosphere type dudes, twansphobic etc. Would be funny if one day he just showed his true colors and bullied someone who his audience is protective of and it blew up in his face.

No. 1899149

File: 1708721600460.png (629.88 KB, 1080x1624, 1000008694.png)

No. 1899338

Ralph is a unusual

No. 1899462

No. 1899626

Gay men who need to do this to achieve attention are low as fuck and its played out. Sick of seeing it. Get a new shtick. You cannot cope with your own mediocrity and trying to create some hyperbimbo prosthetic creature with crude sfx is your only means of generating even meager views and fingersnaps. Next.

No. 1899628

this is honestly cool it would be very interesting as some slasher monster or something

No. 1899632

File: 1708757549426.jpg (30.21 KB, 535x356, 1000002961.jpg)

The female objectification premise in Antiviral (2012) becoming true

No. 1899634

This is what a normie who hasn't been exposed to this dime a dozen shit would say

No. 1899637

i dont get whats so bad with it, it's obviously mocking those trannies and women who get botched surgeries to look a very specific plastic way

No. 1899640

Drag is just making a mockery of women. Nothing more or less.

No. 1899675

Fucking gross ass moid
And this will drive women more insane and we will never achieve beauty standards these maggots put onto us

No. 1899702

i hope he gets mauled

No. 1899736

File: 1708770277451.jpg (729.33 KB, 1185x1360, castncrew.jpg)

I agree. I enjoy his videos and find him entertaining, but he's such a brainlet. His content is ultimately just cringe content, but of course, he has to align himself with the most popular social justice causes of today, so he skirts around cringe relating to those topics in a way that is really inconsistent with the rest of his channel.

Like in his video "TikTok's Most Unlikely Superstar," he talks about how great this super autistic guy's poorly-produced, mostly-uninteresting, but very sincere songs are. Kurtis never mentions that the guy is clearly a lvl 2 autist, but the entire thing is condescending and overly feelgood, typical of inspiration porn. It's so different from his other videos, despite the subject being pretty much indistinguishable from subjects of his other videos (cringe content), but he never directly addresses why, and it makes the video feel super fucking weird.

His most recent video is about somebody who is almost as autistic, but for whatever reason, Kurtis just… didn't think about that or something, and he rips apart this art project in a way that I honestly found a bit mean-spirited, even compared to the rest of his videos.

The Harry Potter video was extremely hypocritical. The thesis of it was basically that a lot of adult Harry Potter fans are weird and detached from reality. One piece of evidence he pointed at was a woman with a textbook psychotic disorder writing about having sex with ghost-Snape. Yeah, it's funny, but this is really clearly a woman with pretty serious mental illness. In the eyes of the people that Kurtis Conner aligns with and heavily panders to, she belongs to an oppressed group that should be immune from this sort of criticism, but for some reason making fun of her is free game. Then, in what's supposed to be evidence that not all Harry Potter fans are detached from reality, he consults an ftm fujo that runs an 80% genderspecial theatre troupe that does Marauders gay fanfic shit (https://www.theriseoftheorder.com/cast-and-crew)(picrel). The LARP levels are so, so unbelievably high that I can't imagine that even very trans-sympathetic normies aren't put off by it, yet everything she says is somehow evidence that not all adult Potterheads have reality issues. Like you're not really making your case here, bud.

There's so many things in his videos like this, but I've already written way too much. Kurtis Conner is really just a huge hypocrite, mostly out of stupidity. I think you're absolutely right that he's going to get cancelled for some shit soon. He's terrible at intuiting if it's alright to make fun of somebody if they don't explicitly identify as a member of a hot-button group. If something he says sets a large enough group of people off, they have a ton of shit they can point at as evidence that he's a bad person, an ableist, etc, and he's really been straddling the line lately.

Also, I thought it was so fucking funny that at the end of the looksmaxxing video, where the message is "you probably look fine, don't obsess over your looks, especially things you can't control," he just straight-up says that outie bellybuttons are "weird as fuck." I feel like he must not realize how common those are. Several teenage girls watching that had their self esteem fucking shattered by their idol lmao

No. 1899920

i watched one video of his back in 2020 and thought he was a massive faggot normie. i bet he consulted that harry potter fujo troupe because he's definitely the kind of liberal guy who just tries to cater to genderspecial women, he's superficial and he only parrots views in the hopes women will look past his ugliness and have sex with him.

No. 1900102

File: 1708802962126.png (415.08 KB, 1013x732, Sc215.png)

Even on a stupid gambling game app, he still has to insert Rowling-bashing for the trannies. I legit don't understand. It's so annoying trying to watch a simple entertaining commentary video and then getting hit with their daily dose of alphabet soup pandering. I'm done with this fool.

No. 1900696

I remember in his videos on black. white (a cringe reality show from the 2000s about a white family and a black family "swapping races" using makeup), he made a completely unnecessary and out-of-left-field comment about Rowling. A shame because the rest of the video was pretty funny.

No. 1901577

This fat homosexual man went to the grocery store high, driven by his mom. Sad.

No. 1901593

Thank you! You put this beautifully. He is a hypocrite and it's very obvious to anyone with braincells. I thought the autistic movie was endearing but I admit I laughed at Kurtis's jokes. But I agree that the tiktok singer is definitely autistic as hell and it did feel like inspiration porn. Kody Ko is also guilty of that with the Jeremy Fragrance interview. I didn't watch the looksmaxxing or the harry potter video because I knew he's gonna bring up troons and JKR bad, I don't even care about harry potter or JKR but the whole twansphobia thing and how suddenly it's bad to enjoy it and it's ok to make fun of people who do like it is annoying af.

No. 1901597

I'm sorry to inform you of this but this rat is married. I hope his wife comes to her senses and divorces him before getting pregnant.

No. 1901610

File: 1708905732762.jpeg (624.42 KB, 1170x1936, 121FCD1D-03FC-44C0-B85C-BD9BBB…)

I thought he already had a cancellation, picrel

No. 1901667

File: 1708908117452.jpeg (57.76 KB, 720x960, 1Lh8Stt.jpeg)

Lmao I had no idea. I do try to keep my distance from his fanbase, though.

No. 1903008

The overall video is ok and fun, but then she started talking about the current issues of the world for whatever reason, and she HAD to bring up the so called "loneliness epidemic".

No. 1903024

This is what everyone online. They pretend to be morally sound or trying to be, but they secretly froth at the mouth to be able to belittle and degrade people and they can only do it if they're outed as racist or transphobic (even if there is no evidence) and then they jump on them. Fags get sooo excited for this because it's an excuse to call women ugly.

No. 1903030

Omg xd high asffffff xd

No. 1903037

Yeah but be grew a mullet so everyone forgot

No. 1903252

File: 1709010034682.png (189.82 KB, 334x563, Screenshot 2024-02-26 210127.p…)

Proof they're male? I've watched a few of their vids and never clocked them.

On that note, I got recommended this channel and I didn't even need to click on the video to know they're a man. I hate the stupid furfag pornrotted art style that him and every other moid has, I wish they'd stop shoving themselves into communities of stuff targeted at little girls.

No. 1903270

I'm so sick of this loneliness epidemic meme and also everyone being depressed during the pandemic, especially when burgers saying this knowing damn well a lot of states were still business as usual. The only people who can complain are people who were stuck with abusers or lost their jobs/income.

No. 1903340

THE VOICE is the proof nonna, the fuck? Clocked from the first second.

No. 1903366

File: 1709017194014.jpg (158.7 KB, 787x515, photo_2024-02-26_18-37-38.jpg)

The recommendations are very sus again, I never watched any troon shit on that account these last couple of months yet I got recomended a ton of small trans or trans ally channels. I had to click on this one because of the title…. depressing. I belive in the complete opposite. It's all their fault.

No. 1903373

I'm so sick of moids like him and negative legend jumping on the trend of discussing nostalgic media for young girls.

No. 1903382

negative legend actually started it. It was obvious he was going to troon out too because god forbids a man is into plastic girly crap

No. 1903404

Kek I didn’t realize this was about trannies but when I saw the art style I knew. Imagine being clockable by art style alone kek

No. 1903417

File: 1709018811684.jpg (79.92 KB, 1408x481, strawberry trans.jpg)

Are you blind and deaf? Regardless, here's some proof for you.

No. 1903446

At the time when I wrote that post I went to his twitter and found a few posts of his where he confirms he's trans. Cba to go combing through it again because anon above me posted proof as well.
For future reference, tims love to do a breathy, silent voice like what he's doing. To me it's obvious he's straining hard because I spent some time in a gaming group with a troon that did that exact thing so maybe I clocked it more easily.

No. 1903461

>furry mtfs getting their hands on lps
im sad we really cant have shit

No. 1903502

They started with MLP and they won't stop at MLP

No. 1903523

it sucks because i was introduced to him by the w.i.t.c.h video and at first i though "wow, a guy, talking fondly about that media i like without being a weirdo?" and then he kept escalating the troon shit

No. 1903545

it's never enough. Terabytes upon terabytes of pron already exist, millions of women already post on onlyfans, social media is full of softcore to the point of being ubiquitous, etc. It's the violation of taking pictures and objectifying random women.

No. 1903556

File: 1709029670657.jpg (6.89 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

considering how fugly this guy is, i'm surprised a group of parents haven't beaten his ass

No. 1903560

people miss the edginess of the 2000s internet, but I think it's unlikely we will go back, no thanks to megacorporations

No. 1903695

He also made a video about lps popular which… Pissed me off greatly, it's pretty clear they are talking about niche nostalgic media that only women like to look more feminine, trannies need to get their crusty hands off of girly shit and put them to work on tying a hangmans noose for themselves.

No. 1903752

The lispy moid is shitting on jkr? Why? Do any of these freaks date troons? And I'm not talking non binary women, I'm talking the trans women they pretend to care about. I legit feel I've seen more edgy/right wing moids express interest in troons sexually then I've seen these types who seem to go out their way. Am I the only one whose noticing noticing uptick in, "ha ha n word!! Ha ha ha! Yeah I'd totally fuck blaire white!" Types lately?

No. 1903895

he looks like a granny into crystals with 10 cats

No. 1903897

he looks like a mexican pedophile who sits all day long at a bar with his belly out waiting to whistle at every little girl passing by

No. 1904153

I'm disgusted that there's over 18 MILLION of them too. The Y chromosome is unredeemable.

No. 1908554

File: 1709360858053.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2038, tard.png)

What a faggot

No. 1908556

someone should really make the modern punk cringe thread.

No. 1908558

Try combing your hair first retard.

No. 1908560

I second this

No. 1908563

whats goth about this? he looks like bad bunny

No. 1908573

His hair is so curly I thought the picture was pixelated around his hair only at first.

No. 1908593

No. 1908600

My favourites are LGR and Ross. The latter is such a cute autist, i normally dont fall for ugly scrotes but this dork is so adorable. He's currently trying to sue ubisoft for fraud for closing the servers of a game, and i honestly think it's pretty cool he's using his influence to screw over shitty companies like that. There is also Scott the woz and AVGN but they are insanely popular so you probably already know them. Sadly, modern scrotes have been infested by the animu coomer bug, it's better to avoid them like the plague. It's why i envy scott's gf, she got the last remaining cute nerd alive and i am so jealous.

No. 1908905

File: 1709372490930.jpg (91.71 KB, 375x500, 1697445503640329.jpg)

anyone else's history fucked up? revanced sisters especially

No. 1908917

should it be in /ot/ or /snow/?

No. 1908919

my algorithm is acting funky

No. 1908922

>It's why i envy scott's gf, she got the last remaining cute nerd alive and i am so jealous.

makes me wish i had a time machine

No. 1908956

File: 1709375350351.png (529.25 KB, 756x528, Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 2.29.…)

I feel deeply for any kid who's parents put out content of them like this. Traumatizing and so violating.

No. 1908960

most people do not deserve children, literal tech abuse

No. 1908998

Oh god that poor girl. And the bras are framing her chest in a way that makes her breasts look bigger to cater to the pedos watching this shit. I hate moids and shitty parents so much. Whoever made this should be shot.

No. 1909027

Either they've done something to her body in the thumbnail or she is not new to bras.. and is one of those kids made to reenact all her first times on cam. Every stage of your kids development is just a chance to make them pay for themselves in views.

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