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File: 1485336372781.jpeg (41.2 KB, 240x300, image.jpeg)

No. 179639[Reply]

Any farmers currently in or out of college/law school? Advice on potential lawyers?

I am currently trying to get my associates' in Paralegal Technology (that's the name of the program here in H-Town) and am thinking of transferring once I'm done with that and so on.

Any advice?

Should I go for law school or go straight into the workforce?

Also, how old is too old to be persuing this goal? (Currently in mid 20's)
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No. 179698

It's blue no matter what you put in the email field

No. 179700


Isn't that where you'd usually put "sage" then?

No. 179701

Can you please google "how to sage" so I don't have to see this thread anymore?

No. 179717


wtf anon they did sage?

No. 180056

File: 1485642199418.jpg (6.51 KB, 251x174, anime girl (1).jpg)

File: 1438293041051.jpeg (14.38 KB, 300x300, 52618766_no_anime_block_xlarge…)

No. 157622[Reply]

Would or do any of you have a daddy/little girl/boy relationship?

Curious ~
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No. 179446

Contradiction after contradiction

No. 179483

Where can I obtain cute pink daipies for a 5'0 normal weight adult?

No. 179485

google lol

No. 179491

It's harder to Google for weeby products and I assumed someone might have a specific rec. But I have done searches already so there's that.

No. 179534

Try awwsocute

File: 1485106668275.jpeg (121.04 KB, 800x1147, image.jpeg)

No. 179186[Reply]

>be nurse aide

>fuck up a few times when I first started working at my job
>I was warned and stopped, I also started working harder
>even though I do my job correctly now and have stopped behaving badly, my supervisor still hates me and is out to get me fired
>eveyday she glares at me with hate

Why won't she just let it go?i don't get it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 179204

there's a vent thread for a reason, dumbass

No. 179217

Because you're not serving burgers there are lives at stake. WTF kind of mental illness do you have where you can't see that?

Sage because I took the bait.

File: 1406090318899.png (435.35 KB, 1535x791, sp.png)

No. 116704[Reply]

Deviant art autism thread? Deviant art drama cows also welcome.


This girl is kind of cute, but holy shit. Her south park head canon is insane.
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No. 118868

> enjoy this, rwby fans
Using a dollmaker and uploading it lol

No. 118902

How did RWBY ever get any sort of success? Have these fans seen it? It's horrible

No. 118950

File: 1480175902347.png (Spoiler Image, 209.16 KB, 500x816, alright-buttnight-3962464.png)


This is why society will just euthanize the furries at some point.

No. 118957

File: 1480178394567.png (4.93 KB, 452x279, 1479316418287.png)

No. 179161

File: 1485100901274.jpg (129.87 KB, 500x274, nigglies.jpg)


I'm actually friends with her on Facebook. She mentioned niggies in a group once and I made a remark about remembering them from deviantart so she added me. She mostly uses her facebook to post her drawings, share clickbait and vent about all kinds of things. Nothing really lulzworthy as far as I know.

On facebook she'll also refer to niggies. She'll mention someone or some living being and also mention their niggi counterpart. It's very strange, but the people in her friends list have gotten used to it.

File: 1484990952811.jpg (259.66 KB, 1152x1536, Not laughing now.jpg)

No. 178971[Reply]

Whether you supported her or not you have to admit her failure is actually an achievement:
>$1.3B spent on campaigning (est)
>All celebrities behind her
>Katey Perry voted naked for her
>97% of media were behind her
>Former president to aid her
>Current president was publicly behind her
>Innumerable experience
>Known as the "Classy alternative"

Yet she got destroyed by an orange businessman.
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No. 179032

UM, he already has. His team is made up of a bunch of jackasses.
The only thing I care about is him fucking up the economy. It always suffers when it's in republican hands.

No. 179033

I suggest you watch Betsy DuVos's hearing. It is infuriating to say the least. She's such a fucking moron.
As if K -12 in this country wasn't already fucked, she's gonna drag our higher education down with it.

No. 179035

just watched it, fucking yikes :/ Lady really doesn't know what she's doing, does she.

No. 179037

I fear a reprise of the 80s, what with Theresa May, Brexit and Trump going on at the same time. Oh and Putin fanning the flames. Yippee.

No. 179038

Moved to >>>/sty/2106.

File: 1426797187888.jpg (226.04 KB, 2480x962, Let’s-Go-Abroad.jpg)

No. 3517[Reply]

Got idea from anon on /pt/.

Share your experiences, questions or anything related to studying abroad.

I myself have applied for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, but just for one year as an exchange student. Anyone got experiences studying abroad in Japan ( Tokyo)?
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No. 178964

Ameriblubber who has never left the country here, I have a tuition waiver that would carry over if I ever studied abroad, I'm kinda really autism though so I don't know how great of an idea it is…but I'd like to go

I'm looking at Bongland just because of the lack of a language barrier

No. 178966

I've been thinking about studying abroad for a term in Sweden. I didn't have too many schools to choose from that had a partnership with my university relative to my degree, and of the non English-speaking countries available, Sweden is the country with the most familiar language to me (I watched a Swedish movie when I was like 13 and have been learning it off and on since then).

No. 178967

also I know that most Swedes can speak English, I just meant that I wanted to be somewhat immersed in a foreign language when I said "non English-speaking country". sage for samefag.

No. 178973

Best of luck with that. They'll just switch to English when they notice you're not a native, you won't get much of the immersion.

No. 178979

Should I go on exchange senior year, or teach English for a year after I graduate?

File: 1484811857645.jpg (159.03 KB, 1920x1080, Kill myself?.jpg)

No. 178708[Reply]

Imagine doing nothing but being pretty and earning 50,000£ a month for it.

Was youtube a mistake?
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No. 178883

*too much

Not too little lol

No. 178901

Why are you so mad? Just because I don't give a big shit about some random person making money?
A thread was put up to discuss opinions and you're sperging over not understanding why there is a demand for such content. Spoiler alert: it's the same reason people pay any mind to the Kardashians. People like to watch stupid shit. They ain't making any money off of me, so why do I give a shit?

No. 178940

People have been monetizing attention (and their god-given looks if they've got it) since humankind has been capable of circulating currency. Places like youtube and patreon just make the entire process more streamlined, and it's a natural consequence of the internet being integrated into daily life. Them selling their 'product' (video content, their beauty, etc.) is perfectly legal as long as they're not committing fraudulent scams on their audiences by using their fame.

If you're green enough to be bitter about pretty people monetizing their looks because these people don't 'deserve' it, go to the source (the people paying their way) and do something about them. Even though that's likely to be futile. All the youtuber does is soak up the cash like a sponge after establishing that audience. If they didn't have one, you wouldn't hear about them.

No. 178968

The simple truth.

No. 180679

where does she say she earns £50,000 a month from youtube alone?

File: 1484845691464.png (233.81 KB, 640x500, whowouldwin.png)

No. 178765[Reply]

Let's play everyone's favorite image board game with everyone's favorite cows.


The rules of the game:
* argue about who would win and why

One to start:

Greg vs. Margot: WHO WOULD WIN?
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No. 178782

I just imagined that happen in a game and now I really wish there was a lolcow fighting game.

I'm imagining some of the special abilities the lolcows will have.
Kiki will definitely sperg out on her enemy after taking too many hits
I was thinking Kota could use her shooped image as a temporary shield or as a way to confuse her enemy
Chris can stun his enemy by showing his "vagina"

No. 178789

File: 1484859589133.gif (78.2 KB, 275x92, 1436979217260.gif)

That be pretty hilarious. Whichever anon did the PT banner with her using her I'm Poopin' pose as an attack should do the rest.

No. 178805

PT would be the Legendary you battle at the end of the game

No. 178814

File: 1484869851936.png (202.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170119-194631.png)

Greg is at the top of his greasy game. Anyone who says another cow can beat him either doesn't follow him enough or is biased. Margot doesn't come any close to how shitty he is because he has affected many people, not only his kid. Some of his victims are his two kids, pets, ex girlfriends, ex wife, current wife, side wife, side wife's friend, teen girls, ex friends… the list goes on and on forever.
Not to mention he's relatively popular so he can brainwash/damage more people. He is the one true king!! Barf barf.
His greasiness can beat anything and anyone.
Case closed.

No. 178854

Win at what? Beer pong? The best grinch look-alike?

File: 1484828926239.jpg (9.4 KB, 246x202, Heavensgatelogo.jpg)

No. 178735[Reply]

Post your experiences with religious or not cults or simply fanatism experiences with any religions you have been part of.

I'll start with some articles on Heaven's Gate since I got no experiences myself.


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No. 178750

File: 1484837541401.jpg (24.67 KB, 720x608, IMG_20170119_105136.jpg)

These guys are not really a cult but they look like one. I'm gonna share because I think they are pretty cool:

What is the Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao Do Vegetal (or UDV)?
The UDV is a Christian Spiritist religion that originated in Brazil and is now practiced by over 17,000 people in 6 countries. The UDV has received numerous civic awards for its community and environmental service and is recognized as a church under the laws of the United States.

Why the controversy?
The apparent controversy surrounding the UDV’s religious practice is the use of a sacramental tea with psychoactive properties that is received by church members as a form of communion within our religious services. The tea, called Hoasca, has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and found within the UDV’s circumscribed religious use to not be harmful to human health in any way.


The Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal (Portuguese: Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal) (…) seeks to promote peace and to "work for the evolution of the human being in the sense of his or her spiritual development", as is written in its bylaws. The institution today has over 18,000 members, distributed among more than 200 local chapters located in all the states of Brazil, as well as in Peru, Australia, several countries in Europe, and the United States.

The translation of União do Vegetal is Union of the Plants referring to the sacrament of the UDV, Hoasca tea, also known as Ayahuasca. This beverage is made by boiling two plants, Mariri (Banisteriopsis caapi) and Chacrona (Psychotria viridis), both of which are native to the Amazon rainforest.

In its sessions, UDV members drink Hoasca Tea for the effect of mental concentration. In Brazil, the use of Hoasca in religious rituals was regulated by the Brazilian Federal Government's National Drug Policy Council on January 25, 2010. The policy established legal norms for the religious institutions that responsibly use this tea. The Supreme Court of the United States unanimously affirmed the UDV's right to use Hoasca tea in its religious sessions in the United States, in a decision published on February 21, 2006.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 178758

some of my high school friends got into all that wicca crap with incense, crystals, tarot, astrology, etc.

it's not a cult really, but they do keep what goes on in their little meetings a dead secret.
got any experiences with it or know what they get up to?
like is it secret lesbian orgies and stuff?

No. 178759

No, most likely not.

They're probably talking about ~spells, witchcraft~ and other crap. Wicca isn't really cult like.

No. 178763

File: 1484844757629.jpg (11.73 KB, 250x277, ride-the-tiger.jpg)

wicca is a nature based religion with a god and goddess. when they do their coven meetings, skyclad or not, they're probably doing rituals to appease nature and their gods. then probably what >>178759 said; comparing notes, spells, talking about future gatherings/sabbats and drinking tea. Secrecy is power in most magic based religions, so being tight-lipped about things keeps their power theirs.

Also, while sex magic is definitely a thing in it, it's not something they would do every time, it would have to coincide with something or a specific goal.

http://spells-witchcraft.org/wiccan-sex.htm for example, this shit.

No. 178783

File: 1484855478121.jpg (9.33 KB, 275x260, snuggie.jpg)

With the circle-jerk nature of most websites now a days, have there been any cults started recently on a blog, social media, or a forum?

>inb4 sjws or incels are a cult

I don't blame you for feeling this way. With how they attack anyone who question their beliefs. But let's keep on topic.

File: 1484767850487.jpg (19.42 KB, 750x411, mommie13n-6-web.jpg)

No. 178619[Reply]

Questions for those with horrible parents:
Do you still have a relationship with them? Why or why not?
Do you get irrationally angry at people who agree with you when you're talking about how horrible they are?
Do you feel envious or resentful toward your friends with good parents?
15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 178658

forgot to properly greentext sry

No. 178698

>Do you still have a relationship with them? Why or why not?

I still have a relationship with my mom, she's very supportive and loving despite the physical and (mostly) emotional/psychological abuse she caused along with collaborating with my stepfather for said cause. Nowadays she's gotten (sorta) better after realizing how bad she treated me and understood the reason for my mental disorders…in her own way ("at least you didn't have it as bad as I did, my mom was way worse (physically) to me, big deal!"). As for my stepdad, he's an even bigger pos and a master manipulator; he deserves no relationship, only forgiveness as I no longer wish to carry hatred inside my heart. He never liked me because I wasn't his kid and forced my biological father to never contact with me due to jealousy towards my mom (to this day, I never spoke to my real father and don't really know who he really is) 20 years ago. He was also sexually abusive (molestation-wise) both physically and mentally to the point that I'm still scared of being completely alone with him and always keep my guard up. Most of the time I pretend he does not exist in my world (perception), it kinda helps.

>Do you get irrationally angry at people who agree with you when you're talking about how horrible they are?

When I first spilled the beans to my therapists about my home life I felt like I betrayed them, like I stabbed them in the back. I also get depressed after talking about what went/goes down between us whenever chances come up with said therapists.

Honestly, if it weren't for the constant triggers, flashbacks and nightmares of the abuse, I wouldn't even speak about it and pretend that it never happened like I used to do and attend therapy just so I can get medication and leave like I've done for the past three years (my mom forced me to go anyway, she saw something was mentally wrong with me and wanted to be fixed along with mooching off them).

Though I am very thankful for my current therapist, she helped me realize a lot!

>Do you feel envious or resentful toward your friends with good parents?

I was mostly recentful for the material things they had and wish I had all those things (Internet/MySpace, cellphones, iPods, etc…) except we could only afford cabPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 178701


Forgot to mention I've been seeing therapists for a very long time and I was ordered not to snitch on our home life so CPS/child services wouldn't come after our "perfect family".

I currently live with my parents despite my house being a huge PTSD trigger for me now but am working on it with my therapist.

No. 178724

Do you still have a relationship with them? Why or why not?

Yes, because neither one of us have a lot going on for us, and it has been drilled very deep in my head that as a "normal adult" and a daughter I need to help her out and I owe it to her. It's not so bad since I moved out though, dealing with her is only annoying now (no panic attacs anymore!)

Do you get irrationally angry at people who agree with you when you're talking about how horrible they are?

Only time I trusted an adult was When I was 10, I casually mentioned a relative about my suicide plans… No reaction. 10 years later she told me she had felt really bad for me because she knew how horrible my mom is. And that she's very happy that I finally got out of the situation. She was the only adult I trusted growing up and her attitude made it clear that I should never tell anyone about my struggles :/ Still bitter about that!

Do you feel envious or resentful toward your friends with good parents?

When I was younger, I thought that I had it worse than anybody I knew, but I didn't think it was so bad I could get help. I blame my mom for everything, I don't want to be negative towards anyone else lol. I don't know about anyones family life and I don't really even want to, since I try my hardest to get over my past. Too personal!

No. 178732

>Do you still have a relationship with them? Why or why not?
No, the short of it is that I'd never be able to be happy or live my own life if I did, and they don't deserve it anyways.

>Do you get irrationally angry at people who agree with you when you're talking about how horrible they are?

When I was younger and still living under their roof, yes sorta, it was conditional, now, no. I was all sorts of fucked up back then though. I understand the dynamics of abuse better now so I understand why I was that way even though I'm different now. I won't defend my mindset back then, but I know I was the way I was because I was doing my best to cope with and survive a shitty situation.

>Do you feel envious or resentful toward your friends with good parents?

A little bit, but in the same way I'm envious of naturally beautiful people or very rich people, I don't let it take over my life or ruin relationships or anything.

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