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File: 1475682296590.gif (1.37 MB, 300x272, crunchwmw.gif)

No. 111835[Reply]

Post any image you want. Bonus points for pictures that are rare, interesting, and/or have gone out of circulation over time.
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No. 185652

File: 1491283300719.png (3.14 MB, 638x3200, 1491003708606.png)

No. 185761

File: 1491357432936.jpg (39.13 KB, 480x360, e9VQBsc.jpg)

No. 185762

File: 1491357495931.png (722.05 KB, 369x1088, HgnhUym.png)

No. 185766

File: 1491358953859.jpg (55.23 KB, 500x365, tumblr_m7xkbf6vzi1r8xipxo1_500…)

No. 185876

File: 1491453610922.jpg (86.72 KB, 750x650, S9eRoBD.jpg)

File: 1479587810754.jpg (80.57 KB, 612x792, bulbasuar-holding-a-gun.jpg)

No. 118191[Reply]

I'm not sure if this is banable or something but I'm a bad draw fag trying to improve my skill

I'll take all non sexually/ trashy requests
pic related is what I can do…
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No. 185788

also guys I swear I'll do request I'm just trying to really improve using the guides on /ic/ on 4chan…

No. 185790

Thanks. I'm better at drawing standard animu, i guess. will draw stuff if anyone wants more badly drawn art. off to bed now. Had to respost this because I forgot to link >>185787

No. 185791

I love your art style,Anon
Definitely Saving this haha

I'm sure you've improved,Anon. At least you want to improve

No. 185792

That's okay, I love it! Thank you anon!

No. 185825

File: 1490911188055.png (985.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170330-175313.png)

No. 185301[Reply]

Emo, screamo, boho chic, and more…

Now that hipsters are old news and are mostly dead, what will the next trend be? I don't really follow trends or fads but they absolutely fascinate me. What's in?

Older fags can remember that a few years ago no one gave a shit about Korea and now you see koreaboos all the time (not that the weebs have died out though).

What do you all think? It is almost April, the people wants to know.

Had to respost this because my typos were killing me
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No. 185406

Instagram trends are god awful but honestly, I'm pretty happy that popular fashion trends are so bland and masculine and makeup trends are so heavy and aging. I don't like dressing the same as everyone else and that shit makes it so easy to look different, I know it's petty but it'd be annoying if trends happened to sync with my own taste.

No. 185425

"Athleisure" wear or whatever

Candy colored yoga pants and dry-fit tank tops


No. 185732

Interesting how weed/xanax is the "it" drugs of our generation. It's a big difference to the heroin/cocaine duo of the 70s/80s/90s.

One thing I notice those eras were more glamorous and more raw and sensual in their presentation. Now everything seems a bit goofy and too minimalist if that makes sense.

No. 185736

i think minimalism is definitely a tendency, which i persoally love, but i dont think things are any less sensual now. i actually thing everything is MORE sensual than ever. and also 'fake'. having fake lips, fake eyebrows etc is almost the norm. plastic beauty.

No. 185741

File: 1491344551219.jpg (30.95 KB, 425x600, upeE035.jpg)

The 70s/80s focused on a type of beauty that wouldn't be seen today. It was extremely sensual with its focus on feline-like aesthetics, big hair, glamorous and over-the-top outfits, naturally athletic bodies, heavy makeup, ect. You're right that this era is more minimalistic and fake but because of that it is less raw and less sensual.

I'm personally bored with the modern aesthetic. It shows more skin but it's less enticing and primal.

File: 1491247971066.jpg (36.55 KB, 720x386, IMG_20170403_152422.jpg)

No. 185607[Reply]

A new thread for good and/or useful Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. They can be about
- fashion
- diet
- fitness
- art
- lifestyle

Not a thread to discuss cows and snowflakes, mention them or try to whiteknight.

Share favorites and ask for recommendations.

No. 185658

not specific enough get out

File: 1490925733432.jpg (109.89 KB, 1280x996, tumblr_obohfx5Jhw1s9ogmco1_128…)

No. 185329[Reply]

i used to wear makeup every time i'd leave the house to feel a lot better about my face by enhancing my natural features but since september of last year, i had a really bad acne breakout that's finally in the process of calming down ever since i got on birth control. the breakout made me decide to stop using makeup until my acne lessened. now when i do my makeup, i feel as though it doesn't enhance my natural features at all anymore and i actually feel uglier with it on. it's kind of making me sad because i've generally never felt good about how i looked and i still don't. and now that makeup doesn't work, i just focus on skincare, eyelash growth and eyebrow grooming.

have any of you gone through? if so, what did you do?
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No. 185361

I feel you OP.
These days anywhere I go most of the times I just put on a tinted day cream when I feel a bit pale or have some pimples here and there and that's it.

No. 185407

Just psychologically, I know makeup makes me look better but I feel like I'm cheating/lying and it just reminds me how ugly I actually am

No. 185422

Same… That and well, imo the whole thing is kind of sexist really. So I stopped a few months ago, not sure if I'll keep it up

No. 185423

Having the film of make-up on is extremely uncomfortable to me, so I don't like to wear it unless I absolutely have to (big events etc.). I also touch my face a lot so it would smudge like hell. Personally, I actually like my dark circles and little moles. I feel like I look strange without them.

No. 185496

Are you me? I love my dark circles. I feel like they're part of me. When I do wear makeup I don't go out of my way to conceal them. The times I've had my makeup professionally done for events photoshoots etc and they are concealed I feel like I look odd.

File: 1491033713484.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, pull_banner_FINAL11.png.7f8237…)

No. 185433[Reply]

Uhh, what happened to the forums that was here?

No. 185435

I hope and pray it got hacked

No. 185438

…look at the date

No. 185443

I love!! this change!
Imageboards suck anyways!

No. 185444


File: 1490876373277.png (452.29 KB, 687x855, IMG_2262.PNG)

No. 185247[Reply]

I was sent this:
>Second, high status and very attractive women need less help and protection from other women and are less motivated to invest in other women (who represent potential competition). Thus, a woman who tries to distinguish or promote herself threatens other women and will encounter hostility. According to Benenson, a common way women deal with the threat represented by a remarkably powerful or beautiful woman is by insisting on standards of equality, uniformity, and sharing for all the women in the group and making these attributes the normative requirements of proper femininity.


No. 185271

I mean, why is the focus on women? The exact same thing happens with men. See: some political movements.
Hell, one might argue it's basically how communism arose. This is a universal thing. Crabs in a bucket mentality masquerading as equity.
>t women are often the chief enforcers of strict and sometimes cruel norms of female appearance and sexual behavior. For example, the ritual of female genital mutilation, still practiced in some Muslim countries in Africa, is primarily designed to make the girl into good ‘bride material’ for men. [..] Still, this ceremony is managed, performed and enforced by women (mostly mothers and grandmothers).
People who follow rules aren't the "chief enforcers". Why are they making it seem as if the men weren't the ones with the ultimate authority in such cases, like they're backseat observers?
>Psychology Today
Ah, that's why. It's personally biased tripe. Tell whoever sent you that article to fuck off with their pop psychology/sociology garbage. You can literally find an article reading the exact opposite of this, deriding men, and go "Hmm, really makes you think".
Articles like these are nothing but the writers' opinions under the guise of scientific results. Subjectivity masquerading as objectivity.

No. 185412

It's a psychology today article filled with huge leaps in logic and pretty poorly sourced overall.

You counter it by pointing out that it's just an opinion piece with a couple of studies linked that don't support the claims that are being made, and point out that you can find an article like this for almost any issue.

I also think it's spending a lot of its time framing obvious shit as more interesting issues. Yes, people compete with their peers, that's completely normal, not a female or male thing. It loses its credibility when it tries to discredit entire political movements or attitudes with this, that's incredibly unscientific, and wouldn't hold up in any reputable publication.

No. 185428


I'd say it's true. It applies for not so bright women though.

In a patriarch society, female value is set according to her looks, which in the male brain, indicates fertility. Male primary purpose is to breed, therefore will look for the best traits in order to accomplish it. In a male dominant social structure, female's chore is to only be a housewife and give birth. In the meantime the man is the provider and protector. In a society like that, males should be strong, dominant and protective. When women should be caring, nurturing and cute.

If a woman wanted to survive, she ought to fulfill this chores. Because she couldn't maintain herself otherwise nor guarantee the wellbeing of the offspring. Humans are hierarchizied and there are a finite number of people, with a finite number of possibilities to breed. Males belonging to a certain hierarchy, will belong all their life there (rarely will move upwards, only in case he has enough traits to fit). In this type of society, the woman has it more easy to climb the social ladder, the only thing needed is to get a man from an upper class. It means she has to compete with the rest of females for male attention, if she wants to get the most suitable male in the group.

I always found funny how this adaptation made the females of our species to play the roll that usually play the males of others (like peacocks and other bird species), in which she has to fulfill certain beauty standards and decorate herself (make up, fashion, jewelry) to compete. Those who are unable to, won't breed or will have to breed with the less powered males, which won't guarantee them stability.

Of course, this worked for centuries…. until the means of production changed during the industrial revolution of the 1800's. After this, societal needs also changed and then feminism appeared many years later. IMO it was just natural feminism happened.

Feminism as a cultural movement gave women the opportunity to have a place on the workplace and obtaining money for sustaining herself. Of course that needs working your ass off or having a certain degree of intelligence for that matter (if you don't have the physical capability to work your ass off). By having money of their own, they became a part of the production chain, and a useful member to society. This wasn't easy to achieve, because of socPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1490225405245.jpg (58.95 KB, 540x448, C7jpSslWkAA41lN.jpg)

No. 184457[Reply]

This is probably a really stupid question but how do I be more like those girls on Instagram and social media who are just uniform beautiful? Perfect eyebrows and somehow perfect fashion sense, you could even count the whole basic bitch thing but I'm hoping someone knows what I mean. How do I be more like the majority of the girls I see on the street with perfect clothes and hair and bodies?

I'm 22 and feel pretty much like Tomoko Kuroki in comparision. I'm very short and curvy, but my height and baby face make me feel like I stand no chance and I have no clue where to go for makeup or fashion resources that these girls all learn from and perfect.

I really want to finally feel more like a pretty young woman, anyone got any resources or tips?
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No. 185291

Anon a lot of men only care about looks but I promise, not all of them do especially after a certain age.
Just take care of yourself if you aren't, take care of your skin and work out if necessary. There's no way you're as unattractive as you think you are.
I feel like really down about myself too when I go outside and so see many beautiful girls that I could never compare to. I also average or ugly women with attractive, decent guys. Don't give up.

No. 185312

exactly. if anything, it's your looks and your personality with most decent men. my bf actually told me for him, what makes someone hot or really attractive is how they act, so more than just how they look.

I'll worry like fuck about aging like milk but he tells me nah you'll be hot. so a good guy will love you for who you are as a whole person, not how you look right now, or your looks alone.

(sidenote that I'm bi and had crushes on "unattractive" or "average" girls because they had such lovely personalities)

No. 185336

Anon, like the others said i know there isn't really much I can say, but I'm sorry you feel this way. Better times are coming. Even if it was true that you are "ugly" we are all aging, and looks fade. Many great loves are found later in life. No one stays outwardly beautiful forever, but when looks fade, people who didn't scoot through life on looks alone will have a personality to fall back on. It will happen, you will find love, and in time, you will love yourself, if you let yourself.

No. 185356

4chan is teenagers all trying to fit into a certain culture, it's not full grown people expressing their honest heartfelt beliefs.

I remember /fit/ did a survey once, and a good 40% were under 16 (and of course like 60% were above 6'3), barely any were above 21.

You're not exclusively attracted to male models (who don't look as good in real life either), and neither are men. Sure, there's stupidly good looking people out there that people talk about as far as their looks go more often, but there's lots of people who aren't that exceptionally good looking who are still attractive.

Stop looking to 4chan for your idea of what men are really like, because not only are they not like that in real life, but they're not even men. I fucking 100% guarantee to you that if you find a healthier forum to spend your time on, or just generally try to cut your time on 4chan way, way down to like an hour a day, you'll feel much better within a month. It happens to guys there sometimes as well, the attitude on certain boards that you're only good looking if you're a 6'2+ model with an insanely good body all the time is incredibly unhealthy, and it's the same thing you're struggling with now, just with less "CHAD eats PIZZA every night while YOU spend hours COUNTING CALORIES and still don't look as good as HIM" shit.

And please, go see a therapist, you've clearly got huge self esteem issues that like I said, are bordering on dysmorphic.

No. 185393

Well said anon, well said. Nothing to add here.

File: 1462794156575.jpg (453.53 KB, 1440x2051, 73540_036_122_13lo.jpg)

No. 91005[Reply]

What are some popular diet trends in japan? Have you tried any? How are the japanese so slim?

Any discussion of japanese diet, exercise, snake oil etc. goes here
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No. 182008

This. I'm a rural American anon and it would take me around 3 and a half hours to walk to the nearest town. Even if I lived in that town though, there are no sidewalks except for near the courthouse. No public buses. It's a typical small American town. I've seen people who live in the town walking or riding a bike, but it's completely unsafe, so they really risk getting hit because they have no other means of transportation.

No. 183970

File: 1489689748371.jpg (37.53 KB, 320x993, CHZlFlsVEAAf3TO.jpg)

Does anyone have any tips/exercises for getting nice legs, sorta like pic related? I recently started exercising to tone up my body, but I'm kinda lost on how to get the wider thighs, cute/subtly curvy calves and thin ankles. I have a similar body type but my legs and hips are slightly thicker, however I would like my legs to have a nicer shape.

Pic related is Jungyeon from Twice

No. 183973

If you want to gain muscle you'll have to eat more and train legs (lift).

To "tone" them you can eat at maintenance and work out. They'll stay the same size but will have more definition.

Just remember that you'll look like you, not someone else.

Good luck

No. 183974

running could get you legs like that probs

No. 185292

Anyone know any Korean diets?

File: 1454987748064.jpg (42.53 KB, 653x368, 7644d951-19db-47e5-bf75-12f8a9…)

No. 67967[Reply]

Can we have a general language thread? I've searched /g/'s and /b/'s catalogs and all the language threads are for Japanese specifically, so I wanted to make one for all languages. There seem to be a pretty varied amount of languages here, to be sure.

What other languages do you speak? Are any of you learning a new language, or interested in helping someone with a language? Maybe make some language exchange buddies?
149 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 184804

Forgive me, we white Aussies don't know shit about language, what's diné?

No. 184805

Haaaa I'm also in the Czech Republic, but I'm a foreigner. I'm trying to learn Czech but it's very difficult for me. I think it's a beautiful and complex language, and I'd love to actually hold a legit conversation with people here someday.

I'm a native English speaker and I speak French at about a B1 level. I used to be closer to C1, but it's been awhile since I've used it properly (as in, in a non-tourist setting) so I'm really rusty.

No. 184833

File: 1490584682700.png (45.87 KB, 1128x318, 2017_03_26_22_16_31_Diné_Googl…)

No. 184950

I've alway wanted to learn Navajo, but my Chei is embarrassed of his accent

No. 185290

would anyone like to start learning spanish with me? i'm a little familiar with the language but am still very much a noob. i think it'd be neat to have a partner to learn with. we can find some material and go over it with each other and possibly watch some soaps together (if i can figure that out).

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