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File: 1470702265853.jpg (106.32 KB, 431x575, swankiss.jpg)

No. 139317[Reply]

Discuss favorite brands, styles, trends, etc. Also, what are your favorite sites to order j-fashion from? Otaku Mode has been sucking lately and I'm having a hard time finding many of my favorite brands without a shopping service.
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No. 199540

I'm in the US, but I've always had a great experience with Chibi Tenshi, and I'm pretty sure she ships worldwide.

No. 199543

You can use forwarding services such as Tenso, use Buyee if you want to shop on auction sites of rakuten. I also recommend Chibi Tenshi.

No. 199554

what's wrong with swankiss?

No. 199588

Try looking at Fanny Rosie for some more mature outfit inspiration on a western girl.

No. 199612

Any Aliexpress stores you farmers recommend?

File: 1500579516823.png (178.7 KB, 499x360, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 20.3…)

No. 199110[Reply]


I really want to open a discussion on this, as I keep seeing on facebook and there seems as though most support the airlines decision.


>child is kicking a passengers seat after the passenger asked him to stop

>the parents refused to do anything
>the passenger asked the parents to tie the child's shoe laces together to prevent the child from kicking
>the parents made a violent threat to the disturbed passenger
>family get removed from the plane

What do you think? Should people just tolerate other children's beahviour? Or were the airline in their rights?

There seem to be a lot of mothers pardoning the (imo poor) parenting. I side with the airlines. I think the parents are irresponsible and should have just controlled their brat.
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No. 199445


Thanks for the intel and perspective.

I knew everyone here would agree with the airline, im just so shocked that there is so many mommas defending the shitty parents.

I didn't realise overly lax parenting was peaking right now.

No. 199448

children have little impulse control, which is why you can sit them down in front of a marshmallow and even telling them if they wait a solid 5 minutes, they get 1 or 5 more (it doesnt really matter) they just take the thing and stuff their mouth with it.

this is the reason why parents with obese children are at fault and it's also the reason why parents are responsible to control their child, teach them manners and social norms. so yes, if they have a child that does not behave and are not able to control it, an airline can refuse to transport them.

No. 199457

I agree more trash will be accessing flights because of cheap travel. I know this sounds bad but like 80% of working class people are like fucking trash or thieves

No. 199463

It's mostly people who have never traveled before or who haven't traveled in years who cause the most issues. They don't really know how the air travel industry works, so they go in with certain expectations (because a $200 ticket to them is a lot of money) without reading the airline rules, looking up travel tips, or reading reviews of airports.
These people don't know that the airlines can legally change or move their seats for any reason, for example. They don't know that if there are delays or cancellations due to weather, the airline isn't legally obligated to compensate them or give them hotel or meal vouchers.
I've had people ask me to explain how TSA works and how they go through the security checkpoint. How they should file a claim with their trip insurance. Documents questions. All these things that could be answered with a Google search or a call to an embassy. I'm being generous tho, most of those people ask me "What's an embassy?"

Sorry for the ot rant.

No. 199487

Watched the youtube footage of the confrontation and the family deserved it. Also can someone slap this woman for her retarded pronunciation of ridiculous.

File: 1499286884500.jpg (734.76 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_okadjo7wcL1qla6e4o1_128…)

No. 197407[Reply]

Hey guys!

So, there's a lot of threads dedicated to Art and Artists, but none for us farmers to learn more.

I know there are a lot of farmers who are great artists - Onion's and Moo's thread are full of them -, so I figured we could help each other, beginners and pros alike!

Which materials are good/you use, technical talk, color palette tips, inspo stuff, artist recommendations, tutorials etc etc Hey guys!

So, there's a lot of threads dedicated to Art and Artists, but none for us farmers to learn more.

I know there are a lot of farmers who are great artists - Onion's and Moo's thread are full of them -, so I figured we could help each other, beginners and pros alike!

Which materials are good/you use, technical talk, color palette tips, inspo stuff, artist recommendations, tutorials etc etc ❤
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No. 198694

I bought a Huion H610 and it works great with photoshop.

No. 198695

I'm in some need of money and have been thinking of doing furry art since some of my friends get good $$ from doing it.
What are some good websites to sell/commission such request on?

No. 198707


Yes, furry art really is where the money is lol Just use a different handle or a fake name when doing it.
I guess deviantart and furafinnity are the best places

No. 198733

Right? Thanks for the tip about a fake name, I don't really want my main art hub to be furry porn but I needs the muns.
I was thinking those two also, just wanted to double check and make sure there wasn't any other places I was missing.

No. 199210


Istebrak just made a review on Huion, and I think she's the most sincere on her review out of everyone I've seen.

I never imagined Istebrak was a chubster lol

File: 1497964465545.png (50.66 KB, 870x411, taoismisahellofadrug.PNG)

No. 195991[Reply]

Seeing as there have been a few subreddit threads popping up on /snow/ and /ot/ (Is /snow/ the best choice for this mods?) I thought I'd make one on what I think are two of the funniest subreddits for mining lols around:


For those who don't know, /r/asianmasculinity is basically /r/theredpill but exclusively for asian men, and seemingly even more fucked up. Whereas /r/aznidentity is where all the Chinese "American" supremacists went after /r/asianmasculinity tried to clean up its image.

Some of the threads are cringe, some are amusing and some are downright disturbing. Case in point:

>White people don't have feelings. Their girls love a sociopath who can convince them he's actually a good guy. Laugh at them when they are crying, looking into your eyes, looking for any hope that you are just joking, that you were the guy you pretended to be. See her innocence die then, and never to return, a beautiful human soul died in front of you replaced by a demon. That soul is in hell now. Hahaha.


Also, if you were wondering where a lot of the "hapas are mentally ill losers" shitposting you may have seen around 4chan and other forums/boards is coming from, see my pic.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 202582

nigga everyone who puts shit like "yellow fever" or "asian men" in their profile description is either a catfish or a weeaboo

No. 202584

File: 1503251902263.png (63.77 KB, 750x404, IMG_3800.PNG)

imagine being so desperate for white women

No. 202591

No. 202597


Woman does not agree with the hivemind. How evil - pretty sure an enraged Rjhd64 retreats to his AMWF porn stash now.

No. 202679


>Please fucking fetishize Asian males and Hapa males. It can save lives.

Every time I think these losers hit rock bottom, they keep going down. Now they're literally begging to be dehumanized and reduced to a sexual object.

File: 1492303738086.jpg (32.04 KB, 960x360, IMG_3066.JPG)

No. 187002[Reply]

A general cosplay thread. Post wip, ask for / give advice, post tutorials and experiences, etc
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No. 195870

any cons you're getting excited for? what's been your favorite con to go too?

No. 195885


haven't been to many cons, but Holland's Animecon was so nice for me. i'm looking forward to JapanExpo in France.

No. 199068

File: 1500554773241.jpg (22.32 KB, 421x236, IMG_1286.JPG)

Anyone have any advise on how to add textures to costumes? I want to make a cosplay from the dragon age games but they have a lot of texture

No. 199077

File: 1500564012152.jpg (323.48 KB, 798x1181, cea57c06a6f2463ebfb48f4a596e15…)

Anon I love you. (who are you wanting to cosplay?)

Like holy shit that is a cosplays I can't wait to do.

No. 199091

Depends on your material. For stuff like armor you could achieve a lot of textured looks simply from how you paint it.

Different fabric choices will help too. What are you looking to make?

File: 1465500356823.png (651.75 KB, 853x480, 430.png)

No. 96782[Reply]

Anyone on here like the watching makeup YouTubers? Favorites? Ones you can't stand? Lesser known ones? Share pls
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No. 198068

I haven't gotten that vibe and I don't think she's ugly (even though her mouth is gross), but I mean even if she is ugly what's she supposed to do? Cry in a corner and wear a paper bag over her head and a potato sack on her body because ugly girls shouldn't talk about fashion and beauty? She's not allowed to be confident because she's ugly? Idgi.

She's basic as hell, that's true, but the way some people here think ugly people, French or not, should act is just weird… Look at all the threads on /g/ or here where girls are BAWWing about their looks and talking about all the plastic surgery they want to have… imo that's a lot more pathetic.

No. 198414

No. 198421

Smells of self posting

No. 198429

Thanks for posting this in two threads consecutively.

No. 198880

File: 1500421379395.jpg (39.91 KB, 615x409, vivalawonkyboobs.jpg)

i post my own makeup on insta but i'm not glam or anything, more weird, i just like to have fun and have an excuse to indulge my insomnia. i'd never have the balls to post a pic here though.

lmao this girl is best friends with chloe khan. who if you havent already heard of, she's that chav who got booted off x factor, had a load of scandals and sugar daddies and camming things and now is pic related

File: 1430958864536.jpg (42.63 KB, 960x960, 1907598_349449561909711_523562…)

No. 5190[Reply]

Alright, this is something that really pisses me off.
I agree that radical feminists are bad, but MRAs are not any better.
>thinks all women are whores and evil
>thinks sexism toward women doesn't exist
>makes fun of women who gets raped and abused because "men have it worst"
>thinks men have it worse, kinda like how a white person would have said "omg black slavery is nothing white people have it so much worse"
>thinks it's fine to have sexist prejudices against women, insults them and makes fun of their problems because "women do it all the time"
>thinks they are better than radical feminists when they are worst

Facebook page:
ED Article:
Their idol:
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No. 198794

You mean there aren't women being battered and beaten by men who think they own them?
You mean women aren't murdered when they reject some crazy men or try to leave them?
Sorry you feel indignant, but there are actually women who struggle everyday for their basic human right of not being owned by some man.

No. 198799

I like how modern women forget, that wifes were literally their husbands property until a few decades ago. You couldnt work, move, or do anything without your husbands agreement and were forced to have sex even if you didnt want to. Rape between spouses wasnt a thing until around 20 years ago. It just didnt exist as a law, since "why can you not penetrate the woman you own?".
If women worked, the husband owned their money. They werent even able to buy property without a husband on their side. The couldnt do jackshit alone.

No. 198802

yeah, just look in third world countries. Women are still handled as property their. First theyre owned by their father, then by their husband.

No. 198876

>like the right to not be fucking owned by another person

Yeah uh, I have news for you my sweet summer child

No. 198958

In my country (first world country, even) 660 women from 2012 until now have been murdered by their boyfriends/husbands/exs because the assholes considered them their property, but men are sooo oppressed!

File: 1485797871659.jpg (61.01 KB, 610x306, japan_2.jpg)

No. 180229[Reply]

Farmers who live in Japan or have stayed in Japan for extended periods, how is it? What are some interesting/unexpected cultural norms? What kinds of things are there to do there? Do you encounter a lot of weebs and if so, how do you deal with them? Share your experiences, whether positive, negative, weird, etc.
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No. 197126

Join sayonara sales groups for good deals. There are also a lot of recycle shops in Japan, you don't need to ship everything.

No. 197127

I'm a huge weeb so I've always wanted to go to Japan.
Now I'm almost graduating from law school and thinking about applying for a masters program there.

I'm mostworried about supporting myself there, I don't have a lot of money and I'm not from any english speaking country so I'm not sure if I'd be able to find a job teaching english. Maybe portuguese? (I'm from Brazil)

No. 197131

You can easily get a job in a convenience store if you can get by with Japanese. If you're applying for a masters in Japan I'm guessing you do?

No. 198624

File: 1500174634666.jpg (38.05 KB, 564x564, 467cc53da0b3cccaedf77793ee5037…)

Anyone have any advice/stories for someone who wants to study abroad in Japan?
I've been thinking about it a lot recently but I'm shy so I'm not sure I'd survive
how do you anons deal with the isolation and homesickness?

No. 198701

>how do you anons deal with the isolation and homesickness?
I got incredibly lucky because there are a dozen people from my country at the uni where I'm doing my semester abroad. When I go out it's basically always with people from my country, so I don't feel very lonely and if I feel homesick I have people to talk to that are close to me. Not really a fan of venting at a distance, it's more satisfying to talk directly to people.
I used to think I'd be above that, and that since I'm in Japan I should befriend Japanese people instead of speaking French all the time, but hell, after a full day of classes in Japanese I just want to unwind.

Look up if the university you're going to has an international students circle, those are great. Organize nights out with people if that's your thing, you don't even have to pay for an expensive izakaya, just get some beers and go chill in a park. In my opinion being social is the best way to not feel sad or isolated, but if you're more of an indoors person I'd say really getting into a hobby can be nice. At first when I came here and didn't go out a lot I would spend loads of time drawing and it helped me not feel sad.

Also if you have your doubts maybe start with just one semester rather than one year? Personally I regret that I'll have to leave soon, I wish it could have been one full year, but my university doesn't allow more than one semester anyways. I want to say "know your limits" but unless you've been abroad that long before I don't think you can really know.

File: 1500250930392.jpg (52.23 KB, 287x288, 2017-07-16 17.22.03.jpg)

No. 198681[Reply]

Just so everyone here knows, what you are all saying is illegal and people are reporting you. It is punishable by law.
You are all just wasting your time. Whether people are faking an illness or not you are bullies.
Go get a hobby, gossip in real life instead of hiding behind a computer only getting up to eat and rub cream on your bed sores. Go discover the outside and get vitamin d. I hear it helps bitchiness.
Ps I'm not saying this about anyone specific but it is kind of what I picture you anonymous asses as.(No one gives a fuck)

No. 198682

File: 1500251444573.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 198683

what an edgelord we got here

File: 1499331207430.png (271.74 KB, 1200x1416, California_economic_regions_ma…)

No. 197456[Reply]

I would like to invite all Cali farmers to a Cali discord. We have meet ups and chat all day, occationaly in voice. 

[[No advertising]]

Hope to see you there :^)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
64 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 198636

no1currs what you think about your own opinion, schizoid.

No. 198645

File: 1500211652486.png (46.46 KB, 643x386, feelskchat.PNG)

I hope no one actually hires this psycho admin to the FBI

No. 198650

What the hell happened in this discord lmao. I'm not surprised their admin is crazy, though. There's a whole channel just for posting dick pics and complimenting each other, I wonder why they even bothered recruiting members here.

No. 198653

That ggggt guy added me from the lolcow server and started calling me "baby" and saying "daddy still loves you" and assumed I was some ex-gf of his based on my username. It was probably 100% a troll but it was weird af.

No. 198672

LOL girls don't drop their panties for cops. That's firefighters. what a goddamn idiot.

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