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File: 1482788607998.jpg (52.49 KB, 500x350, 2335005578_e7fa7b43dc.jpg)

No. 173613[Reply]

Does anyone else here feel as if their childhood was taken away from them or cut short due to family issues, illness/mental illness, death, abuse, etc?
I've always felt mine ended at age 8. At that age I fell into depression and was diagnosed with other mental illness as well (the signs began emerging and became obvious around then) and my life was just constantly going from one doctor to another and being put on a lot of medication that didn't work.
Other kids and my own parents made fun of me for it and it caused me to develop many self esteem issues.
My father had anger issues and the symptoms of my ADHD would make him angry and violent and I lived in fear of him for a long time.
I remember feeling like a burden to my family and first trying to kill myself in 6th grade.
It's cringy, but sometimes I find myself seeking out media I remember from my childhood. Maybe it's because I feel like I didn't experience it enough when it was my time.
I do have everything under control now, I've distanced myelf from my parents and am on the right meds and have a good therapist, but I still feel like I missed a good chunk of my life
also now that /g/ and /b/ are merged: no men please and no ddlg discussion. we already have a kink thread somewhere
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No. 174095

File: 1483005315401.png (231.69 KB, 540x528, IMG__201612364__055355.png)

No. 176758

Damn, I really feel for you. I had something similar happen in my life, I wont get into the details but I'll give you the abridged version.. I was a childhood schizophrenic. I was diagnosed officially when I was 9 I think. For those who don't know, childhood schizophrenia is very rare. Typically schizophrenia develops during the early 20's. It was pretty hard growing up, I had hallucinations all the time and would constantly get put into mental health hospitals for weeks at a time. I had some anger problems and didn't make friends, my only friend was my mother and some imaginary friends, some whom talked with me. My father hated me, he saw me as some kind of demon child and wanted nothing to do with me. My mother died when I was almost 11, and my father began to physically, mentally and sexually abuse me after her death. This continued until I was 15 and was placed out of my father's house after a suicide attempt. I am doing much better now days, my schizophrenic symptoms are much more mild now and I have a pretty stable life, but I can't get my childhood back. I feel sorry for you OP, our experiences were different but also seem very similar in some ways. People have described me as childish and I like childish things, I can understand wanting your childhood back. I hope you're doing well.

No. 176771

Schizophrenia freaks me the fuck out. It is still a big mystery in the psych field.

I hope you're okay anon. I'm glad you have help. When I saw the video of Shelley Duvall my heart broke.

Sage for ot

No. 176840

I'm better now. Growing up though sucked as I was too young to really understand everything around me. I just remember growing up being very scary and confusing. Maybe it's like that to a similar degree for everyone though. I had a lot of anger problems. I tried to fight my mother a few times as I was scared for my life. I didn't get along with other kids at the same time as when I perceived they were a threat I'd try to hurt them. One of the worst cases of this was when I was in 4th grade I tried to bludgeon another student with my chair because I thought she was trying to read my mind. I was put in special ed classes in middle school. When I was around 16 my symptoms began to milden, and began to milden even more when I was around 20. I'm semi normal now days. Overall, I made it out easy, all things considered. There's plenty of people who weren't as lucky as me and still suffer from severe delusions and hallucinations every day. My heart goes out to them.

I don't think I need to sage this post since it had to do with my childhood but I'll do so anyway just in case .

No. 176887

Different anon, I'm happy to hear you're doing better.

File: 1437667091536.jpg (586.18 KB, 1892x1125, eye.jpg)

No. 121344[Reply]

Lets post a picture of your eye/eyes only and I/others can follow up with what I think would look good on you .
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No. 175555

File: 1483569919783.jpg (23.11 KB, 639x253, IMG_4759.JPG)

The pic is potato quality but I think you can get the idea. I feel like my eyebrows look noticeably different and I don't know what shape is best. Also I'm still working on using eyeliner, not sure if winged would even be good

No. 175556

I think your brow shape is fine, just need to fill them in. The whole "sisters, not twins" adage.

No. 175559

Just brush them upwards.

No. 175744

Thanks for the advice, guys! I'll try it out.

No. 176689

File: 1484255496189.jpg (132.52 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20170112_143936.jpg)

Lol Hi Tsuruko.

File: 1435944116316.png (359.88 KB, 451x469, Bcxhi0WCcAAWwEU.png)

No. 15930[Reply]

How do you feel about Omocat's designs and artwork? I like a lot of the stuff available in their store and have the glow in the dark sweater personally, other people think it's too weeb.
Reminder that they started a Kickstarter for a game they were making with free software. It raised $203,000 from 5,910 backers. Said game was meant to be released in May, but there's been no word on it. Not even an update. No backer rewards, either.
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No. 176472

What happened to the eyelid surgery her mommy made her get?

No. 176511

Bitch lied to make emo stories

She's a rich girl with no problems, how else is she going to produce angst

No. 176541

File: 1484173668910.png (527.02 KB, 732x832, 1477855647493.png)

ugly weebs with inflated egos are the worst

No. 176608


Asians for you, all money hungry cunts.(b8)

No. 176614

>no lips
>big cheeks
>bublous nose
>tiny eyes


File: 1484212205503.gif (3.23 MB, 264x242, 0cc.gif)

No. 176593[Reply]

>live close to DC
>news says anarchist are gonna interrupt the inauguration.
>in fallout radius
>Maybe nothing bad will happen with Clinton's at inaugeration
>Realize the road structure is fucked
>Get conspiracy theories in between 2 FEMA camps and two ISIS camps as reported by Lou Dobbs.
So far I have a pup tent, a respirator, some ramen and bottled water, a Swiss army knife and a compass. A book to keep my sanity and a pair of clothes. I want to put my Great-grandma's quilt into the pack but I think I'd be better with seasoning and maybe a pair of long johns? A pot for boiling water and making ramen and some beef jerkey. Feel free to tell me I'm insane because I'd rather me being insane then seriously trying to get out of my city with my life entact while trying to buy safety kits at 4 in the morning.

No. 176611

Dude if you are that paranoid, just take a holiday to Europe or somewhere during the inaguration and claim refugee status if shit goes down.

Also this belongs in /sty/

No. 176673

Moved to >>>/sty/2015.

File: 1446112609310.gif (442.6 KB, 500x243, 2acfef6da7aa64b4d4e036dc3352e1…)

No. 44450[Reply]

Since this was brought up in another thread, why not start our own thread dedicated to music?

Post anything related to music: bands you like, genres you listen to, instruments you play, any musical pieces you're working on, that one time at band camp…..etc.
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No. 175256

I don't know how anyone else feels about rap but there are a lot of meaningful songs that speak to me. Like this one, if you've ever worked retail you can relate.

No. 176324

>tfw probably never gonna see them live

No. 176325

No. 176327


I really love HANA'a Chimera, I also like Grimes and Purity Ring. I think the genre I listen most to is eletronic, synthwave, shoegaze music. Although in general, I just prefer to listen to music without lyrics, if these trees could talk is a good example of the genre I like.

No. 176591

File: 1484189156688.png (Spoiler Image, 71.88 KB, 1024x982, 98B53405-068E-4E11-881D-D640E1…)

No. 176569[Reply]

Would you perform oral on yourself if you could?

No. 176579

i hate the feeling of oral so no way would i even put in the effort of trying that

No. 176580

Moved to >>>/sty/2009.

File: 1484124991693.jpg (38.94 KB, 1020x800, PIA20515MimasMountain1020.jpg)

No. 176461[Reply]

My homepage is Astronomy Pictures of the Day https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html is it weird that Saturn has a moon that looks exactly like the Death Star?

No. 176470

File: 1484133304188.jpg (331.74 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)


Maybe Lucas got inspired by it? Also r8 my first "astonomy" photography.

No. 176486

That's no moon…

No. 176497

If you mean that correct name would be satelite, then you should know callin them moons is right as well.

No. 176542

Pretty sure that was a Star Wars reference anon…since OP mentioned the moon looks like the Death Star.

File: 1484066153114.gif (17.62 KB, 320x312, shrugging.gif)

No. 176332[Reply]

Can / should homosexuality be cured?

No. 176340

For what possible purpose?

No. 176341

What damage does homosexuality do to you?

No. 176342

Moved to >>>/sty/1990.

File: 1481664541145.jpg (15.27 KB, 463x321, theres-always-a-person-that-yo…)

No. 121013[Reply]

can we have a thread for people (celebrities, youtubers, whatever) you irrationally hate?
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No. 176246

motivational quotes in general irritate me to no end

No. 176260

It's a bit difficult to explain but:

-bloggers who write out every detail about about their life while it's actually boring af
-when they "sign" their posts with xoxo or xxx, [name]
-trying to be all professional but failing hard
-taking themselves and the blog way too serious while not even haing an audience
-fat people complaining about their diet then giving up after less than a week
-people trying to look smart and failing
-people bitching and judging others when they don't want to talk about social issues
-not crediting artists/image owners
-motivation quotes like >>176230
-clickbait about almost nude girls
-when the girls in question are only 18/19
-2/3 of our "news" sites consisting of this shit
-shitty journalis basically
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 176262

FUCKING THIS ewww she makes my blood boil

No. 176263

Are we the same person? Wow, I hate everything you listed.

One of the things I hate the most is rudeness. Not sure if this is irrational, it's probably not, but still.. I hate when people are rude without having a reason to be a cunt. Politeness doesn't mean you have to kiss other people's asses, it just means being nice to make living with each other a little easier. Yeah, your day with your boss/mom/friend was super shitty but that isn't my fault so don't be a fucking rude moron to me, k?
And when you are I react being one too sometimes.

I'm the same online. I mean, maybe that's where the irrational really shows: I wish people wouldn't be cunts to others online. I see rudeness all the time on imageboards when there's no need to be rude. I know some people take that as an opportunity to lash out, but yeah. I kinda hate that. It doesn't even need to happen to me to make me upset.

No. 176267

>Girls who sing in public ALL THE TIME and try to sound good for attention.
Ugh this. It's also horrible when guys do it but 90% of the time it's girls. They do this whiny thing with their voice they think sounds good and professional. They often won't be satisfied and stop until someone compliments them, which strangely enough happens a lot.

File: 1480241306979.jpg (262.41 KB, 1240x775, books.jpg)

No. 119078[Reply]

Book thread - recommend books, share what you're reading or what you're planning to read

No weeb mango shit, but books about Japan okay
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No. 176242

Oh and I really liked Room by Emma Donoghue, haven't seen the film though

No. 176250

The Worst Journey in the World - Apsley Cherry-Garrard

It's a memoir of the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition. Even if you're like me and couldn't care less about Antarctic expeditions and all that, you should still give the book a chance. Cherry-Garrard was a hell of a writer.

No. 176254

A stupid anon in another thread though punk music only existed in the US/UK so i wouldn't be surprised if idiots here didn't know incredible books exist outside of those two places, asshole

No. 176255

Thought* sorry for the typo, folks

No. 176286

that other anon sounds like cunt with her ~friendly reminder~. Just list books you like, or are reading/planning to read.

I love Andrei Platonov's Soul and other Stories, the main novella is a guy trying to share Communism with his nomadic Uzbek tribe.

Highlights: Virus by Sakyo Komatsu, The Nexus Trilogy by Ramez Naam, and Blindness by Jose Saramago.

I'm currently reading Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick. It's written from interviews with North Korean defectors of their lives there growing up.

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