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File: 1631288310167.jpeg (160.63 KB, 1280x1514, 5B66D473-47DA-48CD-ADE2-0CF1E8…)

No. 906232[Reply]

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

Previous mental impairments: >>>/ot/867542

No. 906233

We already have a new one nonny >>>/ot/905996

No. 906236

Whups, trying to delete but my password’s not working. Jannies?

No. 906238

You don't need a password, leave it blank and click delete

No. 906293

newfags gonna newfag

File: 1627650870001.jpg (51.26 KB, 420x616, e1d54c6520ef7d4c0ce8313e9d6345…)

No. 867542[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

Previous mental impairments: >>>/ot/840108
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No. 905967

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
I played it a bit as a kid so now I'm set to finish this game
It holds up pretty well imo, the lightsaber combat mixed with force and sith powers is pretty fun.
Btw I posted a teaser of the KOTOR remake on the SW thread at /m/, I can't wait to see that bitch with beautiful graphics

No. 906215

File: 1631286768362.jpeg (117.04 KB, 811x810, 21325846-4FBB-4256-8A71-EEEDAA…)

Your nose… it's nice

No. 906224

File: 1631287253894.jpeg (83.32 KB, 401x450, 1ADC4A10-7C6C-45ED-B474-3BC7EE…)

thanks but you can't have it

No. 906225


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 906234

New thread:


File: 1517597191529.jpg (94.9 KB, 773x504, 1432694148217.jpg)

No. 227162[Reply]

Can we have a fujoshi cringe thread? We already have a weeb cringe thread somewhere but I really want a thread where we focus on fujoshis or cringey yaoi. Can be about your cringey past self or your cringey NEET friend or gay obsessed tumblrinas, it doesn't matter. What are your experiences, farmers?

>OP apologizes very deeply for lack of better thread pic
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No. 906239

Are you that much of a pick me that you feel the need to criticize other women's way of exploring their own sexuality without real men being involved? Do you really need to feel so insulted on behalf of your beloved scrotes?

No. 906258

How is calling fujos embarassing related to scrotes? Is that your only coping defense when anon called you a cuck?

No. 906272

Lmao nona, how do you explore your sexuality while watching a scrote cover his dick in a feminized scrote's shit? Read the thread before posting more cringe yourself

No. 906371

>In Japan they are pushed by fujos to censor themselves and have private twitter accounts
Really, are japanese fujos harassing yumejos? That's really shitty.
> personally just want more fiction and porn of women being pleased, not homosexual scrotes destroying their anuses or abusive stalker boyfriends raping pick-mes.
Me too. It's crazy that it's rare.

No. 906619

File: 1631317218400.png (258.16 KB, 909x752, both sides now 2.png)

the author has clout or something. i've only read bits and pieces from the fakeboi thread in /snow/ but it's so funny to me.

File: 1630049750791.png (54.05 KB, 403x420, derp.png)

No. 893228[Reply]

Dare to be stupid.

Previous thread >>>/ot/880117
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No. 905663

Yeah I always get them refitted before I buy new ones just incase I grew more

No. 905674

If you report a message in a group chat on Instagram will the staff be able to see other messages in the gc? Is it even reviewed by humans? How does it work

No. 905983

Some people own planes and do it to see, or live in an area near planes so they do it for shits and giggles, or they do it so satellite images can be taken…for shits and giggles

No. 907182

I'm trying to get professional head shots but have no idea what to wear. I don't have any professional clothing, and I dress pretty androgynously so i feel kinda lost. i want to feel comfortable. anyone have any ideas or photo references?

No. 913839

Why anti-sjws and gamergaters are generally so cringe and autistic.

File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070[Reply]

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?
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No. 905361

Anons who are more versed in shrooms here, any type recommendation? So far I've only tried mckennas and don't get me wrong, they're fucking great but way too strong for my damn body. The first hour they put me into an almost vegetable state where the only thing I can do is stare at clouds or grass or trees and trip the hell out of eveything. I want something milder which would let me move around or think stuff besides "omg everything is so beautiful now I understand artists". I've looked into thai or golden teacher but dunno, any thoughts?

No. 905528

man you're lucky. Puking always feels way worse for me on mdma to the point its keeping me off it again.

are you doing something to prepare yourself beforehand?

No. 905559

i smoke weed nearly every day for pain relief but the only other drug i've done was shrooms when i was in like 7th grade because some old guy from tumblr mailed me them for free, not sure how nothing bad happened to me there lmao
i also used to take my bf's xanax during anxiety attacks but i don't consider that recreational drug use

i'm 23 now i do plan on eventually doing shrooms again and lsd eventually, i don't feel comfortable venturing out of psychedelics and weed because i have an extremely addictive personality and i won't take any chances with that shit.

No. 905599

Honestly the type isn't going to make as much difference as the dosage. If last time was too intense, just take less next time.
That being said, I've had good experiences with Golden Teacher shrooms and found them a bit more manageable than mckennas.

No. 905964

Thanks nonna, it's not the dosage because I had both small and large doses (grew my own at home and the first kit lasted me months even sharing with friends) and the kick is the same, the only difference I noticed it how long it lasts. Gonna try Golden Teacher next.
Don't worry about psychedelics being phisically addictive, they're not. And they usually put such a strain on your mind you don't want to take them for a good while after a trip.

File: 1606940318549.jpg (59.54 KB, 729x486, Borzoi-running-outdoors.jpg)

No. 686468[Reply]

Last thread was locked. Please use this thread to contain your distaste for canine creatures.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/288706

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457
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No. 905480

File: 1631214057206.jpeg (181 KB, 640x725, 57C6FDF0-A4C2-411A-B86B-45BA4F…)

I fucking hate dog owners. Luckily the boy only suffered minor injuries but how much of a fucking sociopath do you need to be to laugh while a child is terrified? And even though they weren’t hospital worthy ANY injury is too much. The boy did nothing to this dog. It had no fucking right to play with him!

No. 905481

No. 905510

Yeah, really. Dog smell shouldn't be horrible and a lot of breeds don't stink. If they do, it's most likely dirt and diet, and if things around you stink you probably don't fucking clean. That's just how it is, if you hate dogs so much that you need to make up that they literally always reek then that's your problem. Then I'm going to say that cats smell rotten and like piss because I've been around cats who smelled like desease, and they also shed their disgusting fur everywhere and they're retarded so you can't even teach them to stay off of things because they just won't understand.

Get a grip, you sound retarded. Every pet stays with you because of food. I get it if you're talking about shitbulls because those are actually bred to attack, but do you really think that every dog is out to kill toddlers? Most dogs end up biting no one, a lot of them can be trained to be excellent companions. They're also one of the few animals capable of helping humans with complex work.

No. 905536

stinky wet dogs have to be taken be washed like a car that shits. Cats don't need to be washed usually but if they do you get to win a prize (the prize is bleeding)

No. 905638

File: 1631226898888.jpg (357.46 KB, 1080x1425, IMG_20210910_003325.jpg)

File: 1617273295697.png (647.98 KB, 720x536, Screenshot_20210401-153331.png)

No. 774138[Reply]

ITT:A thread for open/closeted ex-Muslims and or Muslims who are questioning their faith
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No. 839221


No. 839727

>How did you guys become ex-muzzies?
I was taught a completely different version of Islam to what reality was or I simply blocked the bad parts out, as a child/early teen I had a version of Islam in my head that was close to today's Protestantism or spirituality, I only was taught about peace and treating others how you'd like to be treated, caring for animals and plants and everything living, and for the history part it was mostly biblical folklore and I was amused with it.

Grew up and I was disillusioned by reality, my disillusion started when my grandparents pressured my parents to dress me more "modest" when I was just 10, I was a tomyboy and the idea of wearing long skirts and not go out to play the few times I was allowed to was very bothersome, being forced to wear hijab and learning about how brutal and unforgiving Allah is, how those peaceful Muslims were talking about kafirs and not believing in basic science because it's from kafirs.

my mother probably noticed and she gave me books to read by ex Muslims who returned to Islam again, I did more research on my own and my breaking point was probably meeting a non-practicing Christian guy online during my mid teens and being so in love with him and realizing how it was impossible to be together, I would be disowned on the spot if they knew that I was in love with him let alone sending him nudes, I was expecting a punishment from Allah but nothing happened, I walked into sin and nothing happened, it made me miserable more than anything knowing that I'll never have him or have a healthy sex life but it was what solidified my doubts because all the scientific and theory aspects were so far removed they were easy to make me feel like I might be in the wrong.

I considered converting to Christianity because I was so scared of living without a God but in time I realized that I didn't need a God and that Gods and religion were the source of all misery.

Ex-muslim communities are filled with people who are going from one extreme to the other, most of them are into identity politics and degeneracy, they're mostly male because males have more free choice and women often get married to their cousin or the first suiter if they were suspected to be rotten, males however can walk away and be independent and face less ordeal, and those Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 867133

anyone in a muslim-majority country had luck dating other ex-muslim people? how did you do it without getting into trouble and how was it like?

No. 900302

>sending him nudes
lol whore(necro)

No. 905383

did you necro a thread just to call someone a whore? idiot muzzies must be so attentio-starved.
anyway ninja mommy is a megacow and hypocrite to boot. infidelnoodle made a video on her that's not on her channel anymore but I found it mirrored in another channel (vidrel)

File: 1435944116316.png (359.88 KB, 451x469, Bcxhi0WCcAAWwEU.png)

No. 15930[Reply]

How do you feel about Omocat's designs and artwork? I like a lot of the stuff available in their store and have the glow in the dark sweater personally, other people think it's too weeb.
Reminder that they started a Kickstarter for a game they were making with free software. It raised $203,000 from 5,910 backers. Said game was meant to be released in May, but there's been no word on it. Not even an update. No backer rewards, either.
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No. 903855

bumper because of gore

No. 903865

Bump for gore. DON'T SCROLL DOWN

No. 903905

> Either way, I think OMO has already peaked in potential and now it is from this point we either see her slow death as an independent and well-known artist, or we see another potential yandere dev.
Yanderedev has always been all talk no actions. His game always sucked ass. I don’t see her going out like him.

No. 904592


True, but that probably won't stop drama channels and fans from considering it like that.

No. 904894

File: 1631172917271.png (176.37 KB, 545x570, cursed.PNG)

OP from >>903845 this post, and I just am back to correct myself for an autistic mistake I made on my part, I meant to say regarding my bets, I would bet on the Ladder, not the former… I meant to say I expected her to become a fading memory, as she is beginning to work for other artists now, not likely become the next yandere dev but that it was still possible considering drama-hungry YouTubers who would leach from that shit and it might spiral OMOcat into not finishing said project.

My bad guys.

File: 1631163553791.jpg (26.44 KB, 225x400, 7302e3a3fde356b343fe7d9920d145…)

No. 904833[Reply]

Let the steam out.

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/895055

No. 904842

File: 1631164486559.jpg (155.76 KB, 1280x720, sopMHlP.jpg)

I don't know which thread to use, I guess I will use this one because it's older.

but anyway, I'm a delivery driver and I ran a red light at work today. I don't know why. I wasn't drunk, looking at my phone or even tired. I just… was being absent minded. as soon as I realized cars were driving across the intersection I slammed on my brakes. I didn't hit anyone but I still drove past the crosswalk which legally counts as running a red light. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed, I'm just glad I didn't hurt anyone. I've been working here over a year and nothing like that has ever happened. my boss wasn't there but I felt the need to tell my manager incase someone called the store to tell them. she didn't seem concerned and was just like "it happens sometimes". I have seen other drivers blatantly break traffic laws but this is different because people actually saw me and I could have hit someone. I hate myself but also hope I don't get fired, if they do fire me though I will understand. I have just been really out of it and distracted ever since someone tried to break into my house the other night

No. 904843

Don't beat yourself up, it happens and if you drive all the time the likelihood goes up. I've had a few stupid driving moments where I've just had a mind blank or a moment of confusion and done something I'd never do usually, it always freaks me out and embarrasses me but if there's no harm done you just have to move on.

Driving is weird though, half the time I feel like it's just muscle memory and instinct rather than being conscious of every aspect of traffic no matter how hard I'm concentrating.

No. 904907

ty, I always try to be aware but sometimes I just phase out and cant help it.

File: 1630276458532.gif (2.96 MB, 640x530, 42F2D115-91A0-4A36-8660-B78A1A…)

No. 895055[Reply]

Stop putting your spicy hot takes in this thread, that’s what the unpopular opinions thread is for. Let basket-case anon vent about their alienation in society!
Previous thread: >>>/ot/887989
1201 posts and 167 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 904825


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 904832

I've seen it & I believe you

No. 904835

based erika

No. 904939

I'm sorry anon. hang in there

No. 905127

im so sick of bpdchans. my last roommate was one and was obsessed with me to an unhealthy extent, in both liking and hating me. she hated my girlfriend bc of jealousy and it made everyone in the house uncomfortable. i moved out with another roommate of ours who also has bpd and always thinks im mad at them so they start being quiet/weird around me, making me think they're mad at me. my gf ALSO has bpd and is always asking if im breaking up with her like damn bitch i probably would if i could handle the emotional fallout.

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