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File: 1496118567649.jpg (64.42 KB, 634x376, elliot's bmw.jpg)

No. 192794[Reply]

/o/tist here. I gotta ask - do women actually give a shit about and notice the kind of car a guy drives? What do women look out for in a guy's car?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 193749

What is it?

No. 193752

idc, honestly. I don't drive myself, I live in town and use transportation. You have a car you can drive? Great. It's whatever fancy model? Yeah, it's a car, good job.
I mean it's nice if he can pick me up but it's not what I'm seeking in a man. I'm not a fucking highschooler.

No. 193979

I live in a big city and use public transport everywhere, but if I'm dating you and you have a car I'm probably just using you to get myself to parks that I can't reach on my own.
personally I like shitty old cars. lots of fond memories of being carted around by friends in beat up subarus older than me.

No. 193982

Seconded on the shitty old cars point. I have an early-2000s Jeep with a tape deck and broken AC and I don't have the heart to trade it in, I'm just so fond of it.

No. 193997

Yes, but it's not super important. What's more important is if the car is clean. I am still impressed if a guy has a nice car, but I don't look down on someone for a cheap car.

No. 42935[Reply]

Old: >>4372

Old thread has been dying a painful death for a while. I'll start with a dump.

>Vic's Message at Supanova Brisbane 2012
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No. 187476

dont you know? makeup is sinful and covers how u really appear. ITS FAKE and makes women look like PROSTITUTES. Heels??? Don't get me started! Women aren't really that tall when they wear them! I found that out when a lady at the mall was trying them on and I was on my way to get an Ichigo plushie at FYE. Fucking cunts

No. 187533

What? There's nothing wrong with those things but they're not feminist that's all.

No. 193054


She looks like an overweight tree

No. 193946

Is it me or does anyone else think this is just bad acting?

No. 193960

I think it's just you.

File: 1467442607311.jpeg (35.3 KB, 474x310, image.jpeg)

No. 141221[Reply]

Anyone tried anal bleaching? I'm considering it
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No. 192468

is it really that shocking to discover that people outside of tumblr hate men?

No. 192969

I still love my bleached asshole :3

No. 192974

Of all the dumb cancerous threads here this is probably the worst. Jfc, I just don't hide it and because the thought that people care so much about their literal assholes and that some women actually bleach them with hydroquinone(!) and tons of potentially dangerous chemicals is hilarious and sad.

No. 193849

Have you ever tried the alternative to anal bleaching? It's quite goodyocious, and it's a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient and easier.

1. You report your own asshole to Crashhelper's dad for an assbuck.

2. Crashhelper's dad shoots his elastic harder-than-diamond cock into you're ass and then proceeds to violate it to the fullest extent until he sprays his cummy cleaning solution into it, getting it all nice and cleaned from the inside and out.

3. After he's done the cabbage patch dolls are sucked up your ass to embalm themselves in cum (just like grandma! quite! quite!) but they get so horny that they start to bounce around, inflicting massive tickle upon your cheeks, turning your ass into a rumblehouse! My lord! Such a fucking thing!

No. 193850

Have you ever tried the alternative to anal bleaching? It's quite goodyocious, and it's a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient and easier.

1. You report your own asshole to Crashhelper's dad for an assbuck.

2. Crashhelper's dad shoots his elastic harder-than-diamond cock into you're ass and then proceeds to violate it to the fullest extent until he sprays his cummy cleaning solution into it, getting it all nice and cleaned from the inside and out.

3. After he's done the cabbage patch dolls are sucked up your ass to embalm themselves in cum (just like grandma! quite! quite!) but they get so horny that they start to bounce around, inflicting massive tickle upon your cheeks, turning your ass into a rumblehouse! My lord! Such a fucking thing!

File: 1496639063947.jpg (280.22 KB, 454x1200, IMG_0142.JPG)

No. 193714[Reply]

This website is cancer. It used to just be bitchy and humorous but now it's an absolute shitshow. Seriously take a look at what's being said here, it's like you guys are personally offended by the small shortcomings of internet nobodies. This site is nothing but relentless nitpicking and the most retarded tinfoil hat theories.

No. 193723

It's because there has been no good milk this year. Farmers turning on each other. Also cmon. Why did you make this thread?

No. 193737

And no moderation for what 3 weeks.

I used to come her for updates on my fave cows, but now I'm only frustrated by the hordes of newfags, summerfags and posters that read like PULL and the comment section of the daily mail had a ugly baby whose sole purpose is nitpicking every tiny little detail of every single thing/snowflake/cow on here. The change in board culture is extreme. We used to have fun, snark and laugh, now it's endless waves of kiki clone tier spergs and infighting. I'd apply as a farmhand but I'm almost certain I'd go on a ban bonanza and get my ass fired. I'm not OP btw, I just feel very strongly about my board dying.

No. 193747

I hate posting in bait threads like these but I wanted to remind anons that reporting posts is the best way to get the site back on track
Be the mods that you want there to be

No. 193755

I used to do janitor work for free with for Admin. The site was turning to shit very quickly, because of the amount of rules. Even then, the website wasn't as bad. I'm not sure how it went to worse. I just don't think the new admin gives as much shit as before.
During the end of it, we honestly stopped caring, well most of us anyway.

No. 193794

This is because cows are getting smarter and know better than to post too much stupid shit online….Plus, a lot of farmers miss out on good milk because they only go after Asian/white instgram models that they're jealous of these days. There's plenty of weirdos out that but ya just don't give a damn.

File: 1458720856283.jpeg (61.36 KB, 640x800, image.jpeg)

No. 136925[Reply]

Anyone else in here genuinely ugly? Not fat or anything like that, but just have a legit busted face?

Or is it just me? I feel like it's just me. I'm the only person I see outside that has a deformed face and looks disgusting. I just can't deal with it anymore because being an ugly woman is so hard, it feels like looks matter the most and I look repulsive. I honestly don't want to wake up most days.

>inb4 BDD

Never been diagnosed and I've been to so many therapists, they all realize I'm horrifically unattractive

>inb4 plastic surgery

Doesn't work and no money left for such shenanigans

>inb4 bully

Pls no.

Is anyone else here just disgusting in the face? Like can't-look-in-the-mirror level of ugly? How do we cope? ;_;
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No. 137339


Lose weight then

No. 193712

my nose is very similar to grimes' nose (very wide bridge on a caucasian girl) and it looks ridiculous in any kind of face-on portrait photo. Is it the nose that makes grimes look off?

No. 193715

No. 193741

I'm ugly and fat. I try not to whine too much since I'm not willing to mitigate either, but I do think it's bullshit my male equivilent has it a lot easier and gets treated better, and people treat me shitty even when my looks have nothing to do with the situation.

No. 193781

get hair extensions

File: 1463479624211.jpg (190.84 KB, 1280x720, cxEkp1O.jpg)

No. 92758[Reply]

You know those people who climb to the top of skyscrapers with no harness/safety equipment? Or cliff jumpers, under water cave spelunking, cliff cycling, etc. Post examples, frustrations and concerns. Why do they do it? Adrenaline rush? Internet points? What are they thinking? Do they want to die?
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No. 193480

I got trapped underwater once and blacked out. Nearly drowning was an awful experience and I'm still surprised that so many people had calmer experiences. There was never a point where I felt like I wanted to drift off peacefully, it was honestly just fear and pain for me. I wonder if your personality and whether it's salt or freshwater makes a difference. Maybe I'm just a wimp though.

sage for blogpost

No. 193481

I kind of have more respect for the people that accept death is a possibility when they're doing wild shit. Somehow it makes more sense than the ones who think nothing bad will happen. The ones that think they're risking nothing are just stupid, not brave. The true adrenaline junkies tend to be the ones that know they might die and fully accept it's their fault and their choice.

No. 193511

I almost drowned once too. They were pulling the covers at night and I had a brainfart, so by the time I realized what was going on the covers were already over me.

I managed to swim all the way to the end though, and to this day have told no one else about it.

No. 193569

File: 1496598489456.jpg (162.59 KB, 500x735, 08aee6276db142f4b8ac98fb8ee0ed…)

A lot of people think the efforts to make F1 safer ended up making the sport less exciting.

Awesome movie sort-of-related.

No. 193664

It's not the same without people getting catapulted out of their cars every weekend, or without the ear shattering engines.

File: 1496450460559.png (337.59 KB, 1221x1626, IMG_0269.PNG)

No. 193316[Reply]

Why is it that foods that are the most expensive and desired by the rich are generally disgusting?why do rich people like nasty food?
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No. 193352

I agree with you anon. I found out about how it was made after trying to find some at Whole Foods (they don't sell it for ethical reasons). Never eating that shit again. :|

The one thing that annoys me as far as expensive meat is concerned though is how many people seem to think paying more for free range, pasture-raised, grass fed etc. is "ridiculous". Luckily I only live in wealthy areas so generally only hear this complaint online. But of course they still sell the cheap shit everywhere. Whenever I see someone buying cheap meat in front of me from places like Foster Farms, I immediately judge/look down on the person. I mean, just pay a few bucks extra to ensure the animal you are eating had at least some quality of life. Sheesh.

No. 193367

Honestly, it doesn't make a difference for their quality of life. The "better" meats usually come from animals that aren't given antibiotics and they're usually suffering pretty badly. It tastes better and it's better for you, but it doesn't matter for the animals.

No. 193371

I don't understand why these people get so uppdity about this because at the end of the day these animals are still being killed which the animal doesn't like. If they're going to have this holier than thou attitude they should at least just stop eating meat.

No. 193387

>rich people problems
Most people can't afford free range, pasture-raised, grass fed etc.

And if all 7 billion people on this planet did, we will need to chop down the entire Amazon rainforest to fit the pastures.

No. 193396

Yeah, this. Though I'm lucky in that regard, I like expensive shit a lot but still eat the cheap stuff

File: 1480174916541.png (103.79 KB, 896x896, femalecodertocat.png)

No. 136332[Reply]

Any female programmers, hackers, engineers, computer enthusiasts or robot obsesses?
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No. 193182

Yeah I can see what you're trying to say. On one hand I wouldn't want to see the site turn into a kode with klossy meme because that's precisely what I'd like to avoid but on the other hand I really wish there was a serious board for programming. It would be interesting to see how a women majority site with STEM topics would go. That said, it was just a thought because with my current schedule and workload there's no way I could even start within two months.

> but that it's either going to attract normies who can't program and don't want to learn, or alt-right trolls DDoSing you because they think you're just another Karlie Kloss, or both.

Those are my fears. In any case, I will take your advice. I'll start a site with few girls from uni and see where it takes us.

> I think it's been done to death already, and by women who can't even program and are just jumping on the bandwagon for relevance and feminism points (see: Kode with Klossy. Gag.)

I really hate how they make it more difficult for women to be taken seriously, especially in this field. Though frankly I wouldn't have heard of kode with klossy if it weren't for imageboards and there are plenty of bad male programmers that are popular too.

No. 193183

I'm starting a CS degree in the fall. idk why but it's giving me a lot of anxiety thinking about it.

For those who're in progress/completed a degree, how much group work is there? I've had nothing but trash experiences and am 110% wary of them. Also, are the diversity memes real? I work at a tech start up rn and had a nonwhite male coworker rant at me about muh minorities in tech (i'm also not white). Having to listen to people ~confide~ in me about this stuff/the unicorn treatment is really tiresome.

Maybe you could try making a thread here or on crystal.cafe

No. 193286

For my 2 year diploma I've had several group projects, 4 of which I'd consider major and were 2+ people. A few were optional to work on your own, but you might be so deep in work you'll want to offload some to a partner.

No. 193302

Anyone use linux? What distro, and have any recommendations for beginners?
I am getting a new laptop soon that needs to stay Windows for school, but I want to try it out on my old one. I'm really interested in using more free/open source software and having more privacy. I was thinking of starting with Ubuntu or maybe Mint (also pretty interested in ricing and customization)

No. 193321

I've got Arch on my PC and Fedora on a laptop right now. Haven't really played around much with Fedora yet though.

Ubuntu and Mint are definitely the best starting points I think. I'd say over the two Ubuntu is probably easier to use/more common and has more support.

File: 1489438659951.jpg (89.47 KB, 750x731, IMG_1212.jpg)

No. 183671[Reply]

Would you date a guy shorter than you?
208 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 193208

never! i'm so insecure about my height (5'10") so i could never date a guy shorter than me.

No. 193225

I have always been attracted to short guys but that changed when I became a moderate fatty. Now I need someone bigger and stronger to compensate for my fatness. It's not fun being with someone if you feel like you're going to break them.

No. 193264

I like his youtube videos, but he's an ugly little asian troll. Completely unattractive.

No. 193265


lose weight landwhale

No. 193328

Learn to sage your post, ana chan.

File: 1493852479573.jpg (93.34 KB, 1280x720, childhood.jpg)

No. 189220[Reply]

The good, bad, ugly, funny, and crazy.

Childhood stories are always an interesting read.
>What was your first memory?
>Did your parents do anything so embarrassing it stuck with you forever?
>did you have a group of friends you did weird stuff with?
>Have you ever stolen anything trivial/odd as a child?
>Did you ever do anything that was a "big deal" but you were too young to understand what you did?

do tell!
102 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 193103

>I don't know why a bunch of adults get together and plan such depressing films for kids. Shouldn't children be watching happy, feel-good films?

Consider that some kids don't grow up happy and feelgood because their home lives are chaotic. So films like Spirit (separation and abandonment), The Land Before Time (parental death), Babe (making purpose out of cruel circumstances), and Shrek (ugly people aren't always evil), are films whose morals relate to kids facing similar circumstances.
Films like Bambi, Dumbo, and The Lion King resonate with kids who had to learn how to grow up without parental figures. During WWII when Bambi and Dumbo were released, it wouldn't have been uncommon for children to have lost a parent.

A lot of this stuff is dark artistic expression for its own sake too.
Here's an interesting fact: In 1938, after Walt Disney had success with Snow White, he bought his mother and father a brand new home in Hollywood. Within the first month, his mother (Flora) reported problems with the furnace fumes. The problem was never properly fixed.
Shortly after living there his mother died by asphyxiation from the furnace fumes, and it made his father very ill.
Walt felt guilty the rest of his life. People speculate that the reason why there were so many Disney mother deaths in the 1940s was due in part to Walt trying to emotionally process the grief.
There are at least 22 Disney movies with absent or dead mothers.

I will agree, however, that some animated films were made with more mature audiences in mind. Like Antz.
I remember watching Antz when I was 8 or 9, but I knew it was more for adults and my mom only bought me that because she thought it was going to be like A Bug's Life.
Well, it wasn't. Lol. But I felt cool as a kid because it felt like I was watching something normally forbidden. It's probably why I'm a desensitized fuck these days.

No. 193216

Here's another story: I got nightmares over the floating pizza with a face from a Jimmy Neutron episode. Yeah.

Welp, I binge watched some of it and spoilt a bit of the ending for myself as well as watching the movie version but yeah, it's Utena. Hoooly fuck.

I did say it was a hentai, upon rewatching it, yeah it's more porn with a backstory to string the sex scenes together. It's not the most offensive thing I've seen but I feel repulsed by it for some reason, or maybe I'm disgusted that someone had this on TV with a toddler in the fucking room. That begs the question, what channel would let this even be broadcast, especially in the UK in the 90s? Or was it a shitty VHS? I will never know.

No. 193219

All Dogs Go To Heaven is fucking torturous. I don't think I could watch it again but it ripped my heart out. Especially messed with me since I had a basset hound and a german shepherd. If I'd see it on tv when flipping channels I'd end up watching but it'd destroy me. Even worse now knowing the voice actress of the little girl was murdered by her father I think before the movie was even finished (the same girl who voiced Ducky in land before time, mentioned earlier in the thread)

Oliver and Company is another one that fucked me up but I ended up watching it quite a lot. I always felt bad for the evil dogs who die at the end.

No. 193227

File: 1496375604531.jpg (324.7 KB, 2311x1553, maxresdefault-5.jpg)

Idk guys maybe it's because I'm from Germany and we had some fucked up stories people would tell us as kids I mean look at Grimm's fairytail; the original ones tho not thay disney shit or pic related is a book I used to read. They basically told you if kids don't stop sucking their thumps some creap will cut it off or Max and Moritz another good example.
Anyways most movies were not scary at all for me or my friends (at least the ones you mentioned so far).
Now that I look back some are fucking creepy but as a child I was scared for a second sure, but not my whole life.

No. 193230

If you want a scary movie, check out >>193023
That scared me as an Adult, and I heard it was shown to schools in the UK.

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