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No. 212544[Reply]

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..
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No. 236686

I've had an excellent industry professional critique my work in such respectable ways. It's ridiculous how her community is a circlejerk of people calling anyone who gets pissed at her "snowflakes" when in reality she is the biggest snowflake who can't deal with anything directed at her.
And the girl you mentioned was not rude, especially if you consider the tone Istebrak does her critiques in and how much she preaches having though skin.

We can continue this subject in the other thread, if you wish.

No. 238784

Nope its cool. I checked back here to see if I just sounded like a rambling idiot, but I think I got my point across. I know the term "toxic" has been tossed around everywhere in communities, but Iste is the definition of a toxic personality, and it just rubs off on her viewers. I also heard she starts talking politics, which probably just makes her more alluring to people on her side to take what she says as gospel gospel. And now that I think of it, no that girl really wasnt rude at all. Thats a valid criticism, and not exactly an attack on character. Everyone has the option to not be a cunt.

No. 244273

Yeah, Istebrak is pretty terrible. I'm a new artist, and found her videos because she's talented and gives honest critique, which I do appreciate. Her G+ group is pretty decent too.

However, when you watch a ton of her stuff in a short period of time you really see some stuff. She'll randomly pop in with some stuff like "I really love Jordan Peterson" or "LGBT people in the West are no longer marginalized at all and have no more battles to fight, also Final Fantasy is a game for homosexuals so I won't buy Square Enix games anymore".

She also gets really weirdly directly aggressive about stuff, even when she's not giving specific critique. She'll mention something and then say "You fucking guys always do this, you don't deserve to use color yet, go do twelve thousand geometric studies before you paint a face, and if you don't like it you can just click that little red X and leave". But like, no one said anything. She just responds as if there's people giving her sass all the time.

She also gives straight up contradictory advice constantly. If you follow your reference photo too much, you shouldn't - never draw eyelashes or lip details, ever, and use artistic license. If you do those things though, you're a retard who is symbol dependent and can't follow a reference.

She yelled for like 20 minutes about people drawing fit, toned women with a faint vertical line down their abs, and swore up and down it was a fake thing that never happened in real life.

She rants constantly about people doing "masterpieces" before they've passed her personal test of being a real artist - you aren't allowed to have an idea or render a character or draw hair until you've drawn a thousand black and white sphere heads and rectangles floating in space.

And then of course she falls back on "I'm just being honest, no one else will tell you the real truth, please give me Patreon money or 400 dollars for personal tutoring so I can berate you one on one"

No. 244593

File: 1524442298543.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1208x1490, 63ECBC8C-E481-4A74-BE92-DDAD65…)

>She yelled for like 20 minutes about people drawing fit, toned women with a faint vertical line down their abs, and swore up and down it was a fake thing that never happened in real life.
Yeah, gee, you're totally right as always, Istebrak. We're just being silly. It's really just fake.

Now every time I see a fit lady with one of those lines I'll remember her chimp ass.

No. 246899

>I ended up watching one of her warm up streams yesterday to see what she was doing,and within 5 minutes she got triggered because some girl had said "you community is toxic and thats a reflection of how you act".
The person that said that on the stream was one of the several people who was kicked from her discord server because they kept zodiac signs in their names

File: 1521736791274.jpg (51.52 KB, 700x542, corgi-photo.jpg)

No. 236094[Reply]

For those who are either pet moms or aspiring ones. Ask for advice, share tips and stories, rant about irresponsible pet owners.

What kind of animals do you have/want? What kind of activities do you do with them? What are some products you swear by? What pet decisions do you consider extremely irresponsible?
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No. 246712

can anyone give advice on my dog? he has scab-like skin rashes on his backside and armpits. he's been groomed every few weeks to keep his fur short for both the summer, and reducing fleas. I think fleas caused the itchy rashes that he has, but idk. its not like it was an infestation, only a few fleas here or there. My house is really tiny, so i keep him outside to roam in our back yard when nobody is home to watch him. i will take him to the vet, just want to know if anyone else had this experience. i feel like its going to be impossible to get rid of or prevent since i feel like my dog should be outside for the sake of not being cooped up for hours at a time when nobody is home. (if nobody is home to supervise the dog, he will get into things and go to the bathroom indoors.)

No. 246717

If you see a few there are probably aloooot of fleas you don't see, there is a product called Advantage that kills fleas and their eggs and prevents a return for a month, it's only $10 or so.

No. 246769

File: 1525182722634.gif (779 KB, 320x180, 9PQ8WM.gif)

Thanks, everyone! I hadn't thought about dunking & I will try that starting today. I do think it's in her head. (I interrogated the vet last week to be sure she had no irritation on her paws.) I always praise her when she allows me to clean a paw without snapping. Previously I had smeared a little peanut butter on the inside of her muzzle to distract her, but I think that this is now complicating matters because food is involved.

I'll report back about the dunking.

No. 246773

gif is my dog, protecting a bone in my uni office. She didn't bite, just warned my friend with this teeth display, but she also doesn't come to the office anymore. That was in the summer when almost no one was around.

No. 246801

I use Frontline. Sometimes it's just a certain chemical that causes a reaction, and switching to another brand may help. Whatever you do, don't get flea/tick collars. It will just cause a year-round insatiable itch on their neck.
Geez that sucks, especially since fancy feast is one of the most expensive canned cat foods while also being one of the most shitty canned cat foods.

File: 1523647052671.png (46.04 KB, 299x413, 1515872854582.png)

No. 241938[Reply]

ITT we share our stories of times people who've wronged us got a good dose of karma

>dropped out of college due to intense grief following the death of my best friend

>become incredibly close to girl who I now realize most likely had borderline
>girl graduates and later frienddumps me extremely brutally via text and cites my lack of degree as why she doesn't want me in her life, despite knowing why I dropped out
>makes a huge deal about how she's going places, focusing on her career, and can't be held back by someone who hasn't completed college
>her horrible piece of shit ex backs her on this

>year and a half later neither of them are doing anything with their degrees and make less money than I do

What wonderful karma stories do you guys have?
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No. 243144

Thing is, few stories mention actually feeling "good" about the other person suffering, people are mostly telling a story as in "this and this happened" and the moralfags stepped in out of nowhere ruining the thread. But yeah, even if every anon here was in fact saying they're happy about the other person's misfortune, few people here would have any room to talk anyway.

No. 246719

>be friends with an artist in college
>feeling healthy and well by balancing academics and art
>improve in art, be nice to artist friend who wants to improve also
>leaves behind footprints of my work in her laptop that one time
>all of a sudden she starts improving well
>she constantly shits on her own work when she posts it online, gets ass kissing from friends and followers
>I joined an art org/club, she wants to join too. I was happy because I won't feel lonely when I join that club.
>I passed and made through three screenings, she didn't pass even the first screening because she had low grades
>she becomes more active in posting art online, starts neglecting schoolwork, as "revenge for not getting in the club"
>she failed in three classes, didn't care about it. She was under probation though
>tfw passed my classes, feeling alright and chill and still happy
>got close bc lmao artist friend right? Gonna exchange art tips and tutorials and shit
>constantly encourage her to do better
>also remind her to do better in classes
>in groupworks she neglects her tasks
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 246732

giiirl, where's the karma? i almost fell asleep reading this

No. 246738

Doesn't seem to be any karma but she seems like a social leech, makes sense she got suckered in by the followers thing

No. 246981

not one person but a pattern that repeats throughout my friendships, and i feel terrible when i feel smug about this:

>good friend gets close with a terrible person romantically or socially

>tell them the person is bad news
>they don't believe it
>try to explain to make them see the signs
>friend starts acting cold towards me because i'm "meddling" and "abrasive"
>person fucks friend over, usually in the exact way I predicted
>nobody wants to listen to them whine
>they come to me to cry about it, saying how deceptive the person was and nobody could see it coming/nobody warned them

i don't know what makes people discard my opinion so easily, must be my face or something.

File: 1525078148828.jpg (22.09 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)

No. 246461[Reply]

How to stop doubting and hating yourself?
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No. 246640

Ask yourself if your low self-esteem comes from a legitimate place and whether or not you can change it. For example, if you have low self-esteem because you're objectively ugly to most people, that's not something you can change without shelling out thousands of dollars and going through risky painful surgery, so you should probably try to move on from it. However, if your low self-esteem comes from something like being a shit person, you can change that and should.

No. 246641

Just beee urself

No. 246648

meme answer, like someone that doesn't know how to do that would be able to be themselves just by wanting it.

No. 246663

Wanting to get better is a huge step forwards and you should applaud yourself for that. It's not easy to admit you have a problem.

I used to have similar feelings to you a few years ago, it was an awful time - shy, few friends only, hadn't ever had a boyfriend before, felt like a failure, ugly… the list goes on. But - ! - I no longer feel this way. I was crippled by social anxiety but now I make new friends with ease - I don't want to say too much stuff about me because it's not relevant, it's to reassure you that it is most definitely possible to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings.

You're ascribing magic powers to yourself when you think you can read people's minds and see they dislike you or see you as a failure. You aren't psychic, challenge yourself when you feel this way and look for evidence - and no, not silly things like not smiling widely enough at you. Be careful not to read too much into things using the lens of self-hatred as you'll interpret some very benign things as signs that person does not like you. Unless you ask the, or they tell you their opinion of you, you have no concrete proof that they dislike you.

Secondly, you are not alone in feeling this way so try not to beat yourself up over it. Most of us will feel this way at some point in our lives and it is NOT reflective of a personal fault. If you could see someone else in the exact same position as you now, what would you think? What would you say? I don't believe you'd be as harsh on them as you are to yourself. Show yourself some kindness, forgive yourself for being you since there's no reason why you should hold such a low opinion of yourself. You're a human capable of loving and being loved by others just like all the rest of us out here.

I would strongly suggest looking into arranging for cognitive behavioural therapy, either in person or online, as it will help you to learn how to tackle those unwanted thoughts of doubt and failure.
Change won't happen overnight, so don't punish yourself for not doing so "fast enough". Perseverence is key.

You really can do it, anon. Best of luck!

No. 246678

Be an idiot who doesn't do any critical self analysis ever like every other retarded normie walking the street

File: 1523623062975.png (60.11 KB, 1113x769, 1523621192058.png)

No. 241842[Reply]

Survey inspired by OP image:


>No Kids/Has Kids


>No College/College/Grad School

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 245164



No kids


0, should I include pocket money?


Still in highschool



No. 245168


>No Kids




No. 245169


fucking disgusting

No. 246661


>No Kids


>No College


No. 246677


>No kids



> African american/Other

File: 1525004383138.jpg (106.83 KB, 870x977, fl20130625fea-870x977.jpg)

No. 246185[Reply]

Yellow fever, jungle fever, etc.
Thoughts? Experiences?
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No. 246583

No. 246610

In high school, there were some exchange students from Spain who had a competition between each other on who will get the most kisses from different girls

No. 246628

>Usually when I saw fetishized, it's not ultimately sexual pleasure, but more for their personal satisfaction.
I see what you mean. I often see people say POCs are fetishized when they mean that they're hypersexualized or something so I wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

High schoolers are stupid as fuck so I wouldn't even be surprised.

No. 246638

But that's not racial fetishism though, they're just male sluts lol

No. 246669

Yeah I know, hence the sage. The person who made the post i replied to reminded me of the memory lol it was like something out of a TV show

File: 1524140596729.jpg (2.88 MB, 2048x1365, neuschwanstein.jpg)

No. 243749[Reply]

- News
- Politics
- Economics
- Society
- Culture
- General debate/discussion
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No. 246219

Personally I love the Ruhrpott and NRW in general I guess it's because I live here.
I always hear from friends, who aren't from here, that it's ugly and I partly agree but tbh that's also the charme.
Just google Industriepark Duisburg. I've been there once and I was amazed by it.
I also like the harsh tone that we have here.

Other than that I love Hamburg. It's very clean and the people are pretty chill as well.
Stuttgart is really lovely as well and the people are actually nice (r) from my experience.
Also Schwäbisch is hella funny to listen to.

No. 246552

About 5 years ago I started living in a German-speaking country (unfortunately not Germany, but I would happily move to Germany!). I'd do almost anything to stay here. (Yes, I'm fluent - I love the German language.) I don't know how realistic it is going to be to get a job in my field here though. I'm not an EU citizen and the prospect of going back to my birth country makes me incredibly sad. It is kind of frustrating what I have to go through to renew my permit every year, while I see all these others who clearly don't respect the country glide right through because they married someone with the right to live here.

I'm not into marrying for a residence permit, though.

No. 246560

What language do you speak beside German?
You might be able to get a job just because of speaking a different language (other than English)
Or check out Arbeitsagentur they'll be able to help you getting a job!

No. 246562

The pink pipes are needed to drain construction sites from ground water. That's what you get for building a city in a literal swamp. I didn't know they had them in Leipzig too!

I like messy cities with a lot of water and green spaces. I lived in both Hamburg and Leipzig in the past and really liked both, but Berlin will always be my favourite city. The number lakes, parks, waterways and forests within the city limits alone is awesome, public transportation will get you everywhere and I like the mix of grand old buildings next to 70s public housing projects. "Downtown" Berlin is genuinely awful though.

I'm a northerner and couldn't live in Bavaria to be honest, but I'm lowkey jealous at how gorgeous the city is. It's the only formerly bombed out German city that can compete with small town Germany in that respect if you ask me.

Totally agree about Dresden though. It switches from Munich on a budget to Kingdom of Saxony Theme Park to Moscow suburb in no time. What a weird city.

No. 246618

English and French.
I'm finishing my doctorate right now, so the question is whether I can get anything worth the amount of time invested in that, or whether I give up on my field and do something else.

No. 244834[Reply]

Could we have a thread for music that makes you happy or gives you energy for the day?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 244941

This song never fails to get me pumped!

No. 244963

No. 246240

File: 1525024271349.png (371.95 KB, 480x602, 1523889902807.png)

Ironic or not you're gross 9:

No. 246253

He has a nice voice tbh, even if it's basic bitch music. I actually like Caméléon.
Anyway, here's my contribution.

No. 246525

Daniela Andrade's cover of Feel Good Inc.

File: 1524994769903.jpg (51.39 KB, 800x450, Download.jpg)

No. 246166[Reply]

Since this topic came up rather often in other threads, let's have one of our own for discussing Korea's ridiculously high standards and narrow view on beauty.
Share the good, the bad and the ugly about Korean skin care, makeup, fashion, plastic surgery, etc.

No. 246168

File: 1524996171710.jpg (21.9 KB, 600x600, 34bef39e1c80c42d0b39e9be752076…)

>wait for train, see chubby girl dressed like pic related
>immediately thought "Is this my first time spotting a Koreaboo irl?"
>she turns around aaand it's actually a Korean girl
I'm not saying that this style is ugly, it just seemed so out of place since this is the other end of the world and it was a rather cold day, so everybody else was dressed in dark pants and jackets…

Saged for blog and no real contribution

No. 246170

Can we just have an anti-korean shit general instead of having 80 korea related threads up at the same time? This is annoying.

No. 246257

This, and also this thread could simply go into the beauty standards thread. SK is just a small country inside Asia, no need for a thread of it's own.

No. 246300

Jesus Christ enough with the Korea threads already. They all end up overrun by Koreaboos or jelly girls.

No. 246339

Keep it to one of the other threads.

File: 1475682296590.gif (1.37 MB, 300x272, crunchwmw.gif)

No. 111835[Reply]

Post any image you want. Bonus points for pictures that are rare, interesting, and/or have gone out of circulation over time.
1098 posts and 917 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 243487

File: 1524034173792.png (504.44 KB, 1200x500, hillary shits herself.png)

No. 243658

File: 1524093957049.jpg (72.12 KB, 528x626, onion.jpg)

No. 246016

File: 1524929183953.jpeg (21.82 KB, 439x247, F28EE55D-B2EA-401B-B970-9666AC…)

No. 246017


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 249203

You truly are the wisest wizard cat

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