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File: 1510248541748.png (549.58 KB, 593x483, opera_2017-11-09_11-23-25.png)

No. 222459[Reply]

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maggymisaki/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rodriguezmaggy/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/maggy_misaki
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56ckCreZFKDAHvPWTKqIvg


Puti-cosplayer peruana.
Autollamada "Tu loli".
Cospiranoica de alienigenas.
Super vegana.
Dice trabajar en un preescolar.
Vendió las nudes de una cosplayer menor de edad .
Hace disque eventos donde se prostituye.
Pasa rogando por facebook que le donen lenceria para luego modelarla
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No. 265727

Sin duda esta mujer es digna de ser mencionada en este foro, pero dada la información que aportas, que - a mi parecer - pareces ser la única persona que postea constantemente sobre ella, cada captura, cada comentario, cada publicación y que tus opiniones personales como >>265690 >>265691 >>265645 >>265687 >>265688 >>265689 etc. no están en ''sage'', me hacen pensar que o bien eres la misma persona que tiene una venganza personal contra ella (cosa que también va en contra de las normas, al igual que publicar información suya como números de teléfono y direcciones, cosa que has hecho, aún cuando dices no poner la de tus ''amigos'' por respeto a la privacidad), o bien eres la propia Maggy intentando ganar reputación a costa del hate que recibiría por aquí, si importase algo.
Es cansado ver el mismo tema todo el tiempo en /ot cuando parece que sólo postea la misma persona una y otra vez, sin información relevante o que interese a nadie.

No. 265741

I agree, she's not even that interesting, whoever posts about her is obsessed.

No. 265745

Thanks, for a moment I thought I was the only one getting angry just having to see the same topic over again and again. I wish mods would do anything about it tbh
Also I searched for her name on google and there's a change org page (kek) posting the same information anon is posting here, just two people commented there so I'm almost sure this is a personal revenge more than anything.

No. 366743

En un evento cosplay de Arequipa la conocí … es bien calabaza y habla de cosas que no entiende pero bueno al final del evento le propuse ir a pasar el rato y acepto en fin a la media hora la tenía arrodillada dándome una mamada ( decía que le gustaba mucho darlas ) y hasta acabe en su boca pero se molestó un poco por ello … es bien perra ya que hace poco me llamo y me dijo que extrañaba mi leche y que quería volver a mamarmela jajajaja si la ven en un evento cosplay mándense sin roche … tal ves se ganen una mamada free(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367212

Moved to >>>/w/31655.

File: 1494186588262.jpg (146.43 KB, 865x966, suomilanka.jpg)

No. 222198[Reply]

Aika pistää joka /int/in perinteiden mukaan suomilanka liikeelle.
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No. 366013

Voi vittu uskoo et pistit mut googlettaa jonku star treck jutun, nyymi-chan

No. 366511

Miks nää kaikki on aina jotain polyamoristeja? Transuilla checklist taitaa olla anarkisti/kommunisti, kinkster, bdsm ja polyamoria. Niin ja joku B-klusterinpersoonallisuushäiriö päälle. Vittu näitä ihmisiä

No. 366518

Voi vittu…

>tying up people

Kai nyt toki menet kokeilemaan ja kirjoitat meille arvioinnit operaatiosta? Olettaen siis, että selviät elossa.

Mitä sä kuvittelit ihmisiltä, jotka on itsensä mielestä loputtomia uhreja. Polyamoria koska ne ei halua vastuita ja oma arvo on kiinni siitä saako bilua.
Niin siinä käy kun hengaa /r9k/ssa aika lailla nuo itsensä gaslightaa homoiksi/transuiksi. Meno kunnon
>"älä saa tytyä, joten ala itse tytyksi!"
>"älä saa tytyä, niin inhoa tytyjä!".

No. 366564

Musta Orkidea paljasti kasvonsa


No. 366625

Yllättävää, menee hyvin vielä naisesta vaikka ollut testoilla monta vuotta. Voimia hänelle detransitioon.

No. 268322[Reply]

I feel that the "what about disabled people" argument holds very little weight and ignores ample substitutes like silicon, rubber, glass, metal, bamboo or paper straws.

>Disabled people rely on plastic straws


>B-b-but some people are disabled that they can't wash their own straw!

Bollocks. It's called a dishwasher, you could also take it in the shower with you and clean it in there, and anyone that disabled would be given a carer anyway.

>But it's a big deal to a lot of people!

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No. 268854

Honestly fuck disabled people. If you're too retarded that you will die without a plastic straw, tough shit. I wish that we could just leave them at the edge of the woods for the wolves to eat.

No. 268868

File: 1531804268886.jpg (45.14 KB, 375x375, FS9meMN.jpg)

I don't know, I saw a video of a turtle with one stuck in its nostril, so maybe. Here's the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wH878t78bw There's blood so don't click if you are bothered by that.

I think a plastic straw ban would only be treating the symptoms of humans harming wildlife and the planet. Human extinction is better, but that's not gonna happen…

No. 268874

As it happens, lack of empathy is a major indicator of many mental disabilities. Have a nice time in the woods anon!

No. 270581

I think silicone straws are ok, but metal straws would have a bad taste

No. 366277

yea and disabled people just use that excuse because they (disabled peeps) usually deny climate change

File: 1547602771727.png (745.17 KB, 1920x752, crystal cafe.png)

No. 354915[Reply]

>touted as female only imageboard
>advertised heavily on lolcow before it's conception
>immediately full of trannies, shitposters (spoony) and men
>a million boards for basically no reason
>bans men and trannies who "out" themselves
>obvious maleposting runs rampant
>a (former) mod allowed her boyfriend to use the site
>advertised on/raided by r9k constantly
>shitty userbase
>bawwing about uwu mean anons
>constant complaints about lolcow, despite humble beginnings begging for users

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No. 365461

Secretly hoping women who are better than me will call me an embarrassing worthless loser and tell me to get off of lolcow forever.

No. 365489

no one's going to do that because we literally don't care about you.

No. 365492

Humiliation fetish on anonymous? Thats a new low

No. 366098

omg I know who you are and I cant believe you post there on gemstone.restaurant

No. 366263

Holy shit anons I didn't realize that's where I get the familiar vibes from. /lgbt/ is a cesspit.
nobody cares

File: 1505692585054.jpg (11.12 KB, 480x480, 1f9.jpg)

No. 204765[Reply]

who else here drunk
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No. 366230

Lidls knock off disaronno and coke for this broke bitch mmmm

No. 366236

Yeeeeet anon drinking Costco knockoff Kirkland Vodka. It's very good.

Also to anyone reading don't be afraid to make internet friends. I went out on a limb and used voice chat in a video game and now I'm friends with a few of the sweetest people I have ever met. Only thing is I'm too shy to talk to them unless I'm drinking kek

love u all you are worth it

No. 366252

raspberry moscato. i feel like a wine mom

No. 366278

Hahaha im a cheap bitch and I'm enjoying some Yingling while playing LoZ: oracle of ages

No. 366315

>oracle of ages

Nice! i'm playing oracle seasons with a nice glass of vodka (neat)

File: 1547590416146.png (132.92 KB, 300x286, 9288E7B6-3E1F-4355-86F2-79B65F…)

No. 354814[Reply]

Vent about how parents and/or other family fucked over you/your dreams by making terrible choices for you via neglect, close mindedness, laziness, totally ignoring what you wanted etc and how your coping as an adult.
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No. 365439

File: 1549053978311.jpg (23.09 KB, 500x500, 1451347088843.jpg)

Haha thanks. On a more positive note Ive been able to pursue a job I like. Ive always been creative but never went to school for it
>maybe a blessing because everyone I know who went to art school said it was a waste of time and money

I do cons and run an online shop. Last year I made a livable wage in profits so that was very exciting for me.

Since moving out and living on my own, ive really started to mentally unpack my childhood. I never considered it but I think my parents were neglectful. I read that not providing an education especially from ages 7-14 is considered neglect in some areas. Being homeschooled also meant I was at home all the time, even when my parents were at work. Which unfortunately led me to be a victim of sexual abuse from age 8-10.

No. 365539

does anyone else struggle with affection and recieving/giving it because of narc parents?

My mother only ever showed she cared or loved me when it was beneficial to her (after an argument, beating or in front of people) that as an adult its weird when i get affection because i expect the worse from them. I want it so badly though but i often feel like im not deserving of it.

No. 365649

>Lost her virginity at 14
>Had an(?) abortion
>Would make me steal for her as a child, and she still does it despite having enough money to pay for things herself now
>Cheated on dad numerous times; brags about it
>Tells me how beautiful she is/how ugly I am
>Told me frequently when I was younger no man would ever want me because I was built manly like my father; I developed and eating disorder. Even when I was fasting and getting close to hitting under 100 pounds, my mother would still stay I was too chunky. Father actually accused me of stealing his food because he ate so much he couldn't believe he was the one eating it all. I remember him accusing me, SCREAMING of eating half a block of cheese when I was on my 3rd day of fasting. I was 103 pounds… he was 350ish. I also hate cheese and rarely ever eat it by itself.
>Never taught me how to tie my shoes, so I had a hard time doing it before school and she'd scream at me to hurry up. She, to this day, uses that as an example of how "retarded I am" and can't do things for myself.
>She'd make me stand to the side of the mirror in her bedroom and repeat a mantra before school or studying. It was along the lines not disappointing her, getting straight As, and finding a good husband. I had to repeat after her. It was cult-like.

>Got an STD hiring a prostitute while deployed in the military in his teens
>Couldn't get a girlfriend in the states; married an Asian chick from the Philippines he hardly knew and got so angry at her, he smashed her into a windshield and nearly killed her
>Drank a bottle of wine every 3 days for a few years in my adolescence
>Smoked 2-4 packs of cigarettes on the daily, had to start rolling his own because it got so costly. He smoked so much I went to school reeking of cigarettes.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 365676

I know this feel so bad. I even have trouble being affectionate with my pets.

No. 365783

Yeah. neither of my parents ever hugged me and never in my life have I heard "I love you". I can't say it to anyone now, even if I were to date. The thought makes me very uncomfortable.

File: 1539316357985.jpeg (36.84 KB, 640x520, zC9aAzm.jpeg)

No. 308360[Reply]

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No. 360384

File: 1548520681113.gif (998 KB, 500x647, pouring-water-gif-9.gif)

Drink! Drink! It's been nearly two weeks!

No. 364790

File: 1548937244767.jpg (24.84 KB, 460x345, 827284b.jpg)

If you drink a gallon of water every day you won't have time for other people drama because you'll be busy peeing.

No. 364817

File: 1548942037992.gif (272.72 KB, 331x229, 987654335.gif)

Lmao I love you anon

No. 365112

File: 1548983210037.gif (1.13 MB, 320x240, giphy (3).gif)

trying this

No. 365535

This is my strategy at work. It's great.

File: 1547839344683.jpg (21.43 KB, 480x360, 1546198199694.jpg)

No. 355708[Reply]

Last thread: >>>/ot/344853
Let it all out, ladies
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No. 365267

Maybe you need to develop stronger friendship if you don't really have anyone except your boyfriend to talk to? It's sad to go through life with just your partner, unless you're the kind of person who drops friends as soon as their boyfriend calls, in which case just focus on him and developing the give and take in relationship.

Could be worth adopting an outspoken jokey personality around them even if that's a bit forced, instead of risking his behavior becoming normalised or escalating whilst you're being polite. You can use a friendly tone to ask him what he's looking for or what he's up to, so he knows that you're aware he's there, but opening the room for him to socialise normally. It's still possible he's just socially inept

No. 365272

the passage of time is horrifying

No. 365335

Fuck youtube sure went to shit, haven't really used the site in 1-2 years and now it's all clickbait and unfunny shit. It reminds me of early '00 Facebook pages run by Indian dudes

No. 365352

File: 1549038144850.gif (816.26 KB, 498x283, original.gif)

Tried offing myself today, i took syrup to get drowsy and make the whole hanging myself thing easier but i ended up drinking too much and passed out. I was going on and off consciousnesss every hour or so.

People say they regret trying to kill themselves after they fail but i dont, i still want to die, i don't know what to do anymore i feel like its the only way out.

I didn't get into a good university, had to settle with a pretty shitty one. I don't fit in with people my age, going out actually makes me feel worse, like an outsider, my depression and eating disorder are eating me alive.
Why should i be in pain just so people won't be sad for two months at the max? Its very unfair.

No. 365358

my upstairs neighbors sound like fucking landwhales when they walk. every single step is like they're stomping around with steel-toed boots and they have these little crotch goblins that run back and forth CONSTANTLY. they play music so loudly that we hear it through the floor and outside when we walk by and i hear them yelling at each other multiple times a day. it'd be one thing if it only happened during the day, but it's literally a 7am until 3am thing. we just moved in though so i don't feel comfortable complaining to homeowners association about it.

File: 1548802721727.png (55.48 KB, 339x395, CVJkm_HW4AEMmDI.png)

No. 363957[Reply]

I'm curious if any of you anons have stories of people with personality disorders. I'd prefer to hear stories of people who were diagnosed so it's not just stories of "my mom is mean to mean, she is totally a narc!!!"

I'm curious about personality disorders, because my ex therapist claimed I had "borderline tendencies" a few years ago. I now think I wasn't acting the best because I was going through a rough time in my life and my relationships are pretty stable and normal now. But I'm still curious to see what constitutes borderline behavior.
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No. 364579

cluster b's in my life and in my boyfriend's life just seem to reek havoc everywhere they go but i dont feel like typing out a whole big thing.

>my ex had NPD and abused me

>current bf's ex had BPD and really screwed him up because it was his first serious relationship
>was in a WoW guild (lol i know) with a multiple borderlines and they would write up massive callouts for each other over the slightest shit. lots and lots of gossip. i'd wake up to 6 messages on skype from each of them, all equally incoherent, pointing fingers at each other.
>queen cluster B kicked me out of the guild because she was threatened by me, said i was scary and makes her uncomfy. made her bf at the time who i was chill with block me all social media. stopped talk to all them except the original friend in that group who's a fakeboi now who thinks she's a gay goth cowboy. arm chair diagnosed me ASPD. which is really ???? because she used to tell me that i was the most patient person she knows.

i think BPD is contagious in a way.

No. 364692

You're projecting

No. 364797

Family has a history of mental issues including but not limited to…
>cousin recently devolved into full blown schizophrenia, to the point of shitting in buckets and his own elderly father (my uncle) putting a restraining order on him because whoops cousin has been training in karate since he was 3 years old and was an instructor at one point in his adult life
>aunt has a host of issues stemming from teenage hood in the 70s, now I think she’s in the OCPD area (she’s been diagnosed with everything under the sun at one point
>grandma had inklings of NPD, mother has ADHD and depression, giving me the great pleasure of being diagnosed with DPD a few years ago

DPD is one of those great beasts that forces you to constantly question yourself and rely on everyone around you for validation, to the point of asking if it’s okay to have or what should be a certain dish for dinner in fear of disappointing the person you’re asking. There is no self esteem, only self loathing and feeling completely worthless without someone else to help you. I’m currently in therapy now to hopefully find the root of it and be able to function on a simple level on my own.

No. 364803

My mom has NPD, which I've already talked about in the narc parents thread, and I'm pretty sure I have OCD due to trauma.
My OCD makes me do little things to make me feel like I can avoid bad things, like I'll wash a fork before using it to make sure it wasn't contaminated, if I put it down in the middle of eating, I'll have to wash it again. Also I can't drink water unless it's bottled, and every time I open a water, I have to hear a little hiss that way I'll know no one tampered with it.
I'm currently going to therapy for these issues because it's starting to affect a lot of the rest of my life more than usual again. I'm starting to feel detached from myself and my surroundings because of it. I have an anxiety and panic disorder as well, which some days can be really crippling.

No. 374386

Same boat anon i relate a lot to your symptoms, i was forced to live for a while in a very dirty and nasty house full of cockroaches that would appear in our food and leave excrement everywhere, grassy walls and bad odor, i lived there for like 3 years and now i have developed hardcore OCD that interferes with my life way TOO MUCH. Good luck with therapy.

File: 1433791747247.png (350.19 KB, 2000x1500, 1432419366074.png)

No. 361130[Reply]

I noticed /cgl/ had a lot of dress up games threads and I wanted to bring that to lolcow because why not. This is my favorite one so far
Make yourself, make your favorite lolcow, make your waifu/husbando, make your own characters. You can also do lewd things to them, but it's not necessary or anything.
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No. 364317

File: 1548861439970.png (246.85 KB, 600x600, rose witch.png)

No. 364765

File: 1548930803067.png (171.14 KB, 600x600, 20965_ObBy9Ray.png)

Here's mine. Lost the link though.

No. 364767

File: 1548930929917.png (260.6 KB, 600x600, 26462_JWXGAyFq.png)

Another one.

No. 364769

File: 1548931222537.png (73.08 KB, 600x600, 8436_udKno1ba.png)

No. 364780

File: 1548933431766.png (551.85 KB, 600x600, download20190104121608.png)

the best creator truly

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