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File: 1516814287893.jpg (21.14 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

No. 225699[Reply]

There was mention of making a thread like this in the TND thread. Couldn't find it in the catalog so, here you go.

No. 227170

Something tells me ints a stupid idea to mix chemicals while your leopard gecko is running around loose on the table.

No. 228199

Tyler did a slime with his hedgehog video as well. And Maddie, often seen in Tyler's videos, did a "slime with my tree frog" pet youtubers are idiots.

No. 229184

File: 1518748778638.jpeg (296.31 KB, 1242x1191, B2F05243-80F2-4346-971B-D146E9…)

Is he listening to anything?

File: 1494182052520.jpg (103.04 KB, 600x454, 83696_cosplay.jpg)

No. 222488[Reply]

Los geht's
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No. 224074

Wieso ist der Thread nun in OT und nicht mehr bei International?

No. 226736

Was haltet ihr von Kaddi cosplay? Sie hat seit neuestens ein thread in snow

No. 226855

Link ?
War doch Ewig lange her das es um die ging, aber sie und SayaTheFox sind solche Drama Queens recently

No. 226997

No. 229161

Sie war meine Lieblingsdramaqueen.
Soweit ich weiss musste sie ins Gefaegnis kp fuer wie lange.
Ich hab sie meist nur von weitem beobachtet auch wenn sie manchmal echt hart probiert hat sich bei uns einzuschleimen.
Good old times.

File: 1517597191529.jpg (94.9 KB, 773x504, 1432694148217.jpg)

No. 227162[Reply]

Can we have a fujoshi cringe thread? We already have a weeb cringe thread somewhere but I really want a thread where we focus on fujoshis or cringey yaoi. Can be about your cringey past self or your cringey NEET friend or gay obsessed tumblrinas, it doesn't matter. What are your experiences, farmers?

>OP apologizes very deeply for lack of better thread pic
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No. 228189

Kek tumblr. Just admit you're turned on by gay men fucking. To answer tumblr I'm a lesbian and don't give a fuck what they have to say about me being a fujo. I do what I want. They should perhaps try actually talking to fujos or lesbian/bi fujos sometime though.

No. 228312

>closeted gay trans men
That reminds me, how many other fujos actually imagine themselves as the uke when they read yaoi? Like, yeah sometimes I relate to a certain characters but, I never put myself in the fantasy.

No. 228898

>fujos who put themselves in the uke's place
A lot of the do actually. Maybe subconsciously but they do. I had this one friend (two actually) who were absolutely obsessed with Asami from Viewfinder and for the longest freakin time all she could talk about was how hot he is and how he'd fuck her and how she'd never find a guy like asami irl. It was total cringe.

Also speaking of viewfinder, can someone tell me whats the appeal of all these "starter" yaoi mangas like junjou and viewfinder? I see all these fujos scream over it but for the like of me I cannot see the appeal beyond "gay" and "romance".

No. 228948

the internet has taught me that there are a disturbingly large # of men who want to be adorable little girls holding each others hands and women who want to be ultrachads fucking little boys up the ass with their footlong cocks

No. 229050

>It's clearly intended to be psychological horror and less shexy gay butt secks and yet every run-of-the-mill tumblrina fujo is suddenly an edgelord obsessed with it. I just don't get it.
>I realize you said normie friend but still
I called him normie friend because I know he's into horror and not into BL/GL/romance stuff. He said he only read it bc he was into the genre. He did say he got turned off by it at first thanks to the fandom on tumblr praising it despite it not being romance. Idk I have a similar experience with an anime too which was Tiger & Bunny. At first I legit thought it's BL with some superhero stuff thanks to the fanart I see on tumblr but then a friend convinced me to watch it anyway since the plot was okay. I guess I can understand the shipping behind it.

>"let my gays marry" women at rally's with Sherlock shipping banners
wow all of a sudden I remember the few Sherlock fanart with #LoveWins I see on tumblr. It was pretty cringy.

File: 1426797187888.jpg (226.04 KB, 2480x962, Let’s-Go-Abroad.jpg)

No. 3517[Reply]

Got idea from anon on /pt/.

Share your experiences, questions or anything related to studying abroad.

I myself have applied for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, but just for one year as an exchange student. Anyone got experiences studying abroad in Japan ( Tokyo)?
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No. 228808

I'm going to University College London for a year in September! I'm super excited, is anyone else studying there? Maybe we could meet up!

No. 228822

I'm studying in Hiroshima starting in April. Only thing that sucks is that I'll have to buy pocket-WiFi since I've been told the wifi on campus/dorm sucks. The town looks really cool and I've heard the people are friendly. I've been researching stuff to do. Looks like there's some interesting bars/pubs where I might be able to meet people. I'll try to really put myself out there more than I have at my uni back home, and travel outside of Hiroshima (if I can afford to). I have a friend who studied there before but she never really shared much useful info, she got wasted a lot, apparently.

No. 228921

My friend has studied abroad in Hiroshima. She really liked it! Ppl are very welcoming and kind there. I'm sure you'll have a great time anon!

No. 228926

A pocket wifi is very useful in any case so don't be bummed out anon.

>she got wasted a lot, apparently

Kek what that's what you do when you study abroad. Japan is eapecially great for it, with the izakaya and 24/7 conbini where you can stock up on cheap beer and umeshuu anytime. You'll be in the right season too, with the hanami drinking, and hot sumer nights are great for hanging out in parks drinking and lighting fireworks.

No. 228950

I might go to Japan too, I got offered to do my PhD there and get paid for it. I am not really a weeb and have no passion to go there, but the offer is good enough not to pass on.

Anyone done Doctoral studies in any field in Japan?

File: 1518568109868.jpeg (9.89 KB, 180x200, k.jpeg)

No. 228832[Reply]

Does anyone have any experience with self-publishing on Kindle? Any tips or advice?

File: 1518390828387.jpg (58.76 KB, 500x328, ew.jpg)

No. 228649[Reply]

I'm having a rough week so I just want some wholesomeness and faith in humanity.(read the usage info)
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No. 228780

one of the main reason my long-term boyfriend is "one of the good ones" is because he's legitimate independent emotionally and spiritually.
if you notice, most of the misogynist fuckboys around don't seem to love themselves even little bit, constantly whining about wanting sex and a gf like they're baby birds in the nest, but then as soon as they get what they think they want, the gross raw real life details repulse them to the point of violent words and even actions. they're incredibly childish and need EVERYTHING from women, so if women don't deliver, they feel destitute.
with me and my bf, we're both extremely comfortable being alone and have filled our own emotional voids, so to speak, so a relationship is icing on the cake and he actually appreciates what i give him, it's not just what he feels entitled to and can't live without.
he's comfortable in both his masculine traits and feminine traits so he doesn't keep his natural aggression and virility bottled up until it becomes a problem, like a lot of modern guys. it just translates into a general toughness and confidence that doesn't hurt anyone unless the situation actually calls for aggression, like standing up for himself/others.
also helps that he's very intelligent and compassionate in general.

No. 228784

File: 1518475889767.jpg (297.07 KB, 837x1300, shy-kid-891902.jpg)

Sure there are a lot of assholes but personally I've had many wholesome moments.
Just the other day, I was walking to class and this underclassman blurted out "You're so pretty!", normally I just feel kind of weird
and awkward receiving compliments but I replied, "Thanks! You look good too, your outfit is sick," and he immediately looked really flustered and smiled shyly then said, "Thanks, you made my day, I wasn't sure if I looked lame or not wearing this but now I feel a lot more confident!"
You can't tell me that shit wasn't wholesome as fuck.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 228787

he sounds like a pathetic fag

No. 228825

Meh. Sad if you read into it that way but if it causes you too much cognitive dissonance to believe a man can be both a strong member of society and legitimately helpful to others then do what you need to cope boo.

No. 228827

I've been feeling extra shitty about men and misogyny lately but your coworker sounds lovely anon. I always like seeing the more experienced guiding those who are just starting out or struggling. I really hope one day I have enough of my shit together and have learned enough lessons from life to help other people in my field like that.

File: 1518356002923.jpg (147.65 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_4353.JPG)

No. 228543[Reply]

How HOW HOOOOOWWW? I hate makeup. I want to wear it on dates, for special pictures and to events and that's it. Not on a daily basis.
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No. 228640

I've noticed that just exfoliating my skin once every week helps perk me up along with making my face appear healthier while I'm not wearing makeup (which I don't do often anyway). It may be common sense to others to do this but honestly my depressed ass had no clue of the actual benefits of it until a couple years ago.

I personally like to use a coffee scrub since it smells really good. I also fucking love coffee. While I moisturize my face after washing it, I do some minimal face massages (mostly on my jaw/chin area). Feels good and is also very therapeutic.

Also pluck/shape your eyebrows. Shit makes such a big difference and it always amazes me.

No. 228700

if the girl in op is really somehow not wearing any makeup, then she has very dark lashes and thick dark eyebrows on top of nice facial proportions, so either be born with that, learn to like your sparse, invisible brows and lashes, or put on a little makeup when you want that particular look. not even a makeup is empowerment type of person just….you can't have your cake and eat it too man. if the only no-makeup look you like is….the exact look makeup tries to replicate, you're gonna need to either rewire your preferences or just wear the makeup.

No. 228702

This girl is wearing a full face of makeup.
You can very clearly see her highlight under the tail of her eyebrows.

If you want to look good without makeup you can look into microblading for you eyebrows, plastic surgery for things you absolutely can't change and skin care so you don't have to wear foundation.

Stay slender, take good care of you hair, always have you nails done. Be well dressed.

No. 228758

Lash extensions is the most effective. But very expensive..

No. 228775

I think that generally speaking, thick eyebrows make you look instantly better without makeup. It's like they fill the face so that you don't look too bland. If you have the luck to have naturally thick dark eyebrows, take care of them and keep them thick. If you don't, consider investing in microblading.

No. 224736[Reply]

What are yours, farmers?
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No. 226504


hahaha MSI! me too! i have Shut Me Up in my head too much

No. 226511

oh shit i just had flashbacks to my Tokio Hotel phase. I was so obsessed with them, I don't think I listened to anything else for months… That's a proper cringe

No. 226555

No. 228339

I have this stuck in my head all the time

No. 228533

File: 1515977761358.jpg (241.42 KB, 564x1654, 5aedcd339b5e0bca7883f1361621d1…)

No. 224069[Reply]

anyone else into journaling ?
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No. 228298

same. mine would essentially be

> i slept for 12 hours

> i sat awake for six hours online
> i ate my feelings
> i took my medicine
>i went back to sleep

No. 228361

Same here. Add binge watching ASMR videos on YT and that's pretty much it.

No. 228480

Do you not have a job?

No. 228508

I do, but I have been out for a while with a stomach problem.

shit same here, you're me

No. 228591

I kept a diary from ages 13-18. I wrote in it most consistently between ages 14-16 though. I read it again before I went to uni aged 20… it was pretty upsetting tbh. I’m kind of glad I don’t have much to journal about these days.

File: 1517157896329.jpg (767.81 KB, 1920x1080, pc_amp_l_supreme_by_elegantcom…)

No. 226406[Reply]

So what is the cutoff age for acting/looking 3dgy? It doesn't have to be milky, but when does it start to look ridiculous? Generally tumblr/insta snowflakes seem to be in their early 20s or younger, Nightcoregirl is the only older one that comes to mind (she's in her early 30s right?). Discuss. I'm in my late 20s and dress tumblr-y (but don't have insta presence so no milk) and I'm starting to feel really insecure about this style.
64 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 226924

Both started out young though and kind of grown up into it.

No. 226930

My only experience with seeing someone wear Supreme irl is a coworker that has actually said he couldn't pay his phone bill that month because he bought a hoodie for $200+. Needless to say, I lost any amount of respect I possibly could have had for him that day.

I am 100% excited that I still like her accessories now that I am an adult and can buy real items and not eBay knock-offs like I did in high school. The only item I did get of hers (that was authentic) was those Wing rocking horse platforms that I still have. I gave up buying any new school clothes that year for them lol. Still have them though!

I think, like quite a few anons do here, as long as it looks good on you it doesn't matter what you wear. You need to be aware of what flatters you and your body type. You don't have to give it up entirely when you reach x age… or, at least I feel that way, anyways. I'm 25 and can actually afford the weeb/edgy shit I wanted to buy when I was in high school and college bu couldn't due to finances, so I do purchase some of the pieces that would have longevity (i.e: VW jewelry).

No. 227005

No one said that was edgy, that's why some people in that convo saged

No. 228465

The outfits on the right and in the center are fine.

No. 228467

File: 1518307431398.jpg (41.93 KB, 1000x559, helen.jpg)

I think you can still have an "edgy" style in your late 20's - 30's as long as it's not filled with uwu pastel goth shit. Helen Anderson is 27, somewhat alternative and looks good to me.

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