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File: 1500653136414.png (477.25 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_2017-07-21-11-58-05…)

No. 199249[Reply]

How is this shit allowed? Alot of shitty parents these days are pushing their trashy lifestyle choices on their children, let them be kids! It seems everyone on social media thinks it's cute to dress their babies up like Instagram thots and fuckboys. Are there any normal people left in this goddamn world??
Why does everyone want their kids to grow up so fast? This is a pretty disturbing trend.
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No. 209583

Malu Trevejo is 14. It drives me insane how people are ok with this. This little girl is in ads for instagram gyrating around. Just take a look at her IG. It's infuriating.

No. 209611

>pretending she isnt lying about her age like she lies about everything else

No. 209697

File: 1508801322231.jpg (29.99 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She has a MV? Didn't she only get noticed for begin friends/fighting with the red haired one? Also same with that girl Woahvicky?

Like what did they do to get "popular besides be assholes. It's weird they got noticed for their looks and bad behaviour while being underaged. I just don't get how some people are okay with it

No. 209698


not that anon but I don't think it even really matters, more of the fact that people feed in and give her attention because of her perceived age even if it is a lie.

No. 209724

Why are all the comments on this saying her personality is bad? I keep seeing a lot of these.

File: 1508549879778.jpg (119.47 KB, 427x640, de6bfc7438af31bad76604abd43abc…)

No. 209513[Reply]

didn't see one in the catalog, so i figured i'd start a thread.

what plants do you have or want to have? anything new you're planting? garden ideas? pictures of cute planters? share 'em if you have 'em
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No. 209605

File: 1508637432889.jpg (91.3 KB, 1080x1080, 18160366_422783561429056_35587…)

I have a few cacti that I've managed to keep alive for almost a year. They're nearly twice as big as this photo now but they look very handsome here.

No. 209623

File: 1508669187721.jpg (7.52 MB, 4608x3456, 1.jpg)

Used to take care of the yard of my apartment building a lot, I just don't feel like doing anything anymore.

No. 209624

hello robot-san

No. 209625


not anynore

No. 209626

I'm growing an aloe vera plant and a bamboo plant right now. I used to have 3 more plants but I had to leave home for 2 months and no one else cared for the so they died. It was really depressing since I grew those other plants from seeds, and watched them grow every day.

File: 1507823318900.png (374.68 KB, 496x541, IMG_5748.PNG)

No. 208446[Reply]

What are your thoughts on male lingerie fam? Do you find it sexy? Ridiculous? Ridiculously sexy?
Post them pics!
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No. 208887

I like the IDEA of them but looking at actual pictures they don't really do anything for me. I agree with this anon >>208719 Runners shorts are great.

No. 208933

I really want to like it but I've never seen it look nice on 3D. In nicely drawn pictures it can be nice but I can't imagine it looking nice.

So no lace for me, but a guy wearing kinda fruity underwear like colorful briefs would do it for me.

No. 209422

File: 1508452359104.jpg (68.18 KB, 576x768, CIeTv2n0fHO9A18JhF_xOTw8g7z-1P…)

I lurk through /r/meninpanties from time to time. Some of the stuff supports a guy's junk.

No. 209452

i like it a lot and so does my bf. thread inspired me to buy him something

No. 209476

I think it can look very good but most of the ones posted are ugly as sin.

These look good but the materials look cheap as fuck and except for maybe blue these colors don't look good on anyone, not even women.

These in better colors (black, dark blue, powder pink) and materials would be A+

File: 1505809785922.jpg (6.52 KB, 249x202, images (2).jpg)

No. 204944[Reply]

People with hair.
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No. 205021

File: 1505870017703.png (442.58 KB, 960x948, 1505845992409.png)

>As the OP that started all of this

this thread is my favorite thing on lolcow at the moment. Anyone that has posted ITT is hilarious and I love you ♥

tfw no1curr u no hair womanlet

No. 209470

File: 1508486178752.jpg (83.23 KB, 455x700, hair 1.jpg)


No. 209475

My ex is balding because he stresses himself out with dumb "da jooz r keeling whytes crap". It's kind of funny how hes balding over nothing.

No. 209484

who dis?

No. 209517

wait what? he's anti-semetic/one of those assholes who believes white people are "the master race"? lololol

File: 1469482244077.jpg (78.94 KB, 640x428, driving-class.jpg)

No. 143756[Reply]

Any older anons that still haven't learned how to drive here?
Had my first driving lessons today at the age of 22. I find it kind of nerve-wracking, I have issues with turning properly. I wish I had taken classes when I was 16.

Anyone else in the same situation?
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No. 209312

File: 1508342966224.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, 893598345.gif)

No. 209329

>>How do people in America get around without a car if they don't live in NYC or maybe Chicago?

Usually they carpool with family/friends, have a significant other drive them around, rely on shitty transport, bike, or live close enough to work/school/stores to walk it.

I didn't get my license until 25. I'm 27 now and live in England (from the U.S. bay area). The bus service is pretty unreliable here (often 20-30 minutes late etc) so ironically there are a lot of times I wish I had a car.

Meanwhile it took me until my mid-twenties to learn to drive because I was scared I'd kill someone.

All I can say is that it's important to have a good teacher. Just because they are paid doesn't make them good. My stepdad did a 100x better job teaching me to drive than any of the "professionals".

Driving can open up a whole new world, so I'd recommend it to any anons!


No. 209345

Oh god, I'm getting flash backs to when I first tried going to college without a car. I lived in the middle of nowhere, for perspective the drive there is 40 minutes each way. I carpooled with my aunt to there, but I had to use the bus to get to my parents place of work and then carpool home with them. I spent round 3 hours every day dealing with that bullshit, thank god I have a ride of my own at this point.

No. 209359

File: 1508400828982.png (279.41 KB, 757x564, 1508398521491.png)

19 years old here and I can only drive in a straight line. My learner's permit expired any I don't know anyone who can drive AND have a car.FML

No. 209446


Thank you so much!

Me neither; no one in my family has a car/drives, and only a few of my friends have cars (but no time to teach). What I basically ended up doing was saving up money and getting driving lessons from a driving school. (It was ~$350 for 7 lessons + them loaning you the car for the road test. Not too bad.) Maybe there are decently priced driving schools around you? Would not hurt to take a look!

File: 1508128016525.png (779.92 KB, 963x1307, sweetfappy.png)

No. 209099[Reply]

So as I am sure you've noticed, Okcupid is absolutely chock full of both "radical nonbinary trans femmes" and general crazy people. See something funny? Post it here!

(Why is Okcupid where poly queers go to find queerplatonic bliss? Who knows?)
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No. 209247

why do they all say the same thing?
"actually a mass of bees" "rat mom" etc

No. 209248

We used to have an okc thread that was full of SJWs. seems like it got deleted?

No. 209255

This doesn't seem too bad? I had my OKC profile from 2011-2014 and I remember way crazier shit people posted than this.

I stopped caring about the people on that website when I stopped having a profile though, so…

No. 209259

this just seems like an average 15 year old weeb who uses tumblr. nothing interesting to me tbh

No. 209269

right, but they're on an 18+ dating site.

File: 1498014112250.jpg (34.48 KB, 500x283, IMG_0957.JPG)

No. 195805[Reply]

I want to start a second life.

I've always had a baby face so I can easily look like a 17-year-old again.
I've got a second laptop.
I'm going to get a second phone, a second wallet, start a new tumblr, Facebook, etc.

I've memorized my new name, my new birthday, my new parents names, my new childhood memories.

I'm going to start going to anime conventions out of state where no one will know me and make new groups of friends.

Has anyone ever done this before?
Anyone have advice?
Is there a proper name for this?
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No. 208108

Huh…I was sort of hoping for a more interesting reasoning I guess. Not being able to cope with your parents' divorce seems a bit bland. Still really bizarre though, she must have had some sort of mental illness.

No. 208115

yeah i followed the case pretty closely, read theories from her leaving a cult to being a drug runner to being a spy, only for that to be the answer. the general consensus is that she had some other issues (probably mental) going on, to go to the extremes she did

No. 208401

Perhaps there's something omitted by her family? Her mother remarried, perhaps she was unwanted or abused in the new union, or even there was some other unconnected reason and the breakup of her family was the last straw for why she was holding off her escape
I'm just fantasizing to myself to make it more interesting

No. 209087

what about ID anon?

No. 209146

>start a new tumblr, Facebook
the cringe is hard

No. 176383[Reply]

Didn't see a thread like this so let's start
I have a little cousin and with holidays and stuff we all ate together
Randomly he just says "Hey, auntie (my mom, while she was cooking), your profiteroles looks like the poo! Elsa eats poo!"
We just went the fuck? But didn't really thought about it.
Later in the noon, I find him watching these videos.
Maybe i'm later to the party but my feed on youtube is "clean" from this shit so I didn't know a single thing.

Why are they doing this? To me it's look like some fetish masked as "kids humor"!!

So I've done some research and found the world of toy reviewers and I could say that some of them are enjoyable (Cookieswirl may have an annoying voice but I find her videos cute ) but the others are the same over and over
Spider man and elsa pooping, birthing, eating shit, syringes, decapitation in the thumbnails.
Just why
YouTube clearly states that if you're under 13, the site is not for you so why they're allowing this madness?
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No. 209015

File: 1508004536537.png (545.02 KB, 605x453, disgust.png)


Please, don't ban me for this necro, but I need answers. Does anyone been able to find out anything about this? Detective anon-sama?

Have these videos/channels been demonetized with the adpocalipse? Whose agenda is this? I doubt it that it is for the views only. I imagine that there's a group of people imploying youtubers like IT'S ETHAN to make content like this and then spam it on multiple channels using bots. It seems to me that all the channels are using similar colors, themes and props, like it's a brand.

How is it possible it isn't banned and IT'S BEEN A YEAR? How is it that you get this aids within the first 3 results if you search for ANY letter on youtube? Can we do anything about it?(Not your personal army)

No. 209020

I just want to add this

Watch more of their videos if you want to know more

No. 209030

Ah yes, Fredrik made a video for his Down the Rabbit hole series about the finger family videos. Fucking weird.

No. 209064

>finger family song
My kid watches those. So fucking annoying. He's only allowed to use the YouTube Kids app though, and they're actually really good at keeping the inappropriate/weird videos disguised as kid's videos from coming up. I haven't seen any yet.

No. 209065

I know this isn't related to creepy Elsa or whatever, but there's definitely been cases of pedophiles making Youtube "challenges" aimed at children to make fetish videos in disguise.


File: 1505652875966.png (86.09 KB, 755x454, hewantedit.png)

No. 204719[Reply]

The infamous. Come at me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
1213 posts and 249 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 208926

Well done FactzKnight. I guess we now know that his wife isn't "pretty" after all, probably married the ugliest girl in Beijing. She's happy since she can get that green card now…

No. 208927

No matter what, it is the White women who lose out in all of this.

You have your White males of liberal values trying to breed themselves out.

Now you got even more confusion from this madness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 208928

Yeah, since Tendie has a land whale fetish, he coulda slept with any of the numerous fatties in America. Instead he had to go all the way to China to get one

No. 208929

>90% of white men and white women prefer white women and white men
>90% of asian men and asian women prefer white women and white men
>whites are the ones with the problem

really maketh one ponder….

No. 208930

The total global White population is below 9% compard to 27% five decades ago.

How is this helping the White population?

File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 183562[Reply]

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look
262 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 208701

The argument wasn't solely about her though, it was about Knite too. I think she gets a lot of drama because she posts or used to post on /cgl/, and that's inevitably a salty drama and vendetta mine.

No. 208704

File: 1507857393064.png (2.12 MB, 1539x846, 145.png)

Samefag, I dropped my picture.
I definitely can see some shoop, but still pretty similar.

No. 208705

I don't just mean just this specific thread. Like every time she posts anywhere, her drama just feels so manufactured. She's just another social media famous, Taobao costume buying cosplayer who shoops a lot, but no one ever says shit about other cosplayers who do the same like Phil Mizuno (obvious uncanny valley shoop, mostly closet cosplays), Yasha the Fluff (literally the exact same schtick as Zekia and iirc they're friends as well), etc.

No. 208716

I know what you mean, but I'm more inclined to think it's because of /cgl/ drama and vendetta rather than her posting herself to manufacture drama. There's nothing to gain by talking badly about yourself on this site; it's not visited by nearly enough people for it to matter in terms of popularity, and posting in a thread on /ot/ instead of making a thread for herself on /snow/ makes it even less likely for her to gain any followers or attention from it.

No. 208718

its cuz shes another cosplayer that is to be too good to be true, aka not looking 100% like pics. Does Phil Mizuno look nothing like his pics? this is the first time I'm hearing this

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