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File: 1443626815245.jpeg (13.76 KB, 306x165, download.jpeg)

No. 40826[Reply]


Let's share our scores

Higher is more pure, lower is less pure

I scored 50, which is about average, I guess. I'm not really that sexually adventurous
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No. 478186

The ideal.

No. 478188


I'm curious, why such a drastic change in one year? did you just get to college or something? Are you happy with it?

No. 478194

this is my third year of college, and i just started talking to different people basically and i also learned that my body isn't gross like i often think it is… so more self esteem and confidence i guess is what did it

No. 478196

would you consider yourself chubby or skinny?

No. 478201

i think that i'm chubby and look better thin but every one i talk to irl tells me i'm skinny and look good

File: 1572238266474.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1311, 4E2AD19E-9E1B-4E3F-872B-F4CB91…)

No. 478000[Reply]

Babispit is a instagrammer mostly known as Babighoul and for posting Aesthetically pleasing photos.
critiscism=\= hate huge difference
How do any of you feel about her???
Here are a few subjects that rub people the wrong away towards her (some of these dramas I witnessed, others I have just heard from others)

- keeping her age a secret and lying when someone points out that she is underage. She is currently 17 and it has been told her birthday is soon to arrive.
-She allows her followers to believe that she is an adult. When any old follower knows she’s not. It’s been told her mother lets her do her own thing. So it’s easy for her to be perceived as an adult of the internet.
-Posts sexual/inappropriate pictures. Mostly panty shots and lingerie. Apparently she’s been doing this since she was 14.
-Getting upset when she’s given criticism, even when she asks.
-Posts videos of her excessively smoking, but gets upset when someone points it out.
-Lies unnecessarily and full of contradiction
Ex: “Says she’s not 19 when asked ,until fans starting assuming so, so now she plays along”
“Says she got kicked out of her High school, yet says she graduated”
“Recently told someone there the reason she can’t get a job, yet says she has 2”(OP pls)

File: 1572226555831.jpg (194.9 KB, 2048x878, comic edgy.jpg)

No. 477946[Reply]

Not sure if I'm allowed to make a separate thread for this, but i'll try anyway

I feel like this stuff came out of nowhere, right around the time that trans activism did–and I think it's at least partly to blame for it

For whatever reason these guys like feminizing themselves and acting as women, which obviously no actual woman is attracted to. So from there they have two options, either 1) become gay or 2) become a "trans lesbian"

If they were in any way hetero, they opt for the latter.

No. 477955

File: 1572229057993.jpg (215.09 KB, 1511x529, commission__olivia_wilde_trans…)

It started with the porn pipeline. Some dude started from Milfs to vore, someone else from fisting to blacked, and so on. You just see if sissy because the main aspect of their fetish is showing it off and they have encouragement. It always existed before TRA (DA tf porn?), but once they came it supercharged the fetish.

File: 1568670618666.jpg (121.39 KB, 1061x1061, ncho.jpg)

No. 463022[Reply]

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

※ Take any discussion pertaining to feminism, trannies, and/or man-hate to the pinkpill thread: >>463553

Prev thread: >>>/ot/442699
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No. 477983

got ghosted. maybe it's karma for all the times i ghosted dudes, but shit, this fucking sucks. i just wanna know why he did it.

No. 477988


New bread

No. 478115

I just finished reading the original webcomic a few weeks ago (took me like 3 fucking months lmao) and was so, so excited to read Homestuck 2. I read the recap of the epilogue because I just haven't been able to bring myself to read it in full but now I'm super offput and choosing to ignore everything.

I hate that I love Homestuck so much now lol. I want to participate in the fandom but if I stay in the twitter search results for it for more than even 5 minutes, I immediately remember why I keep to myself.

No. 478300

> just look at the "attractive men" threads here
>a lot of it is nasty old (45+) white dudes

Let me guess, Mads Mikkelsen?

No. 478762

Yeeeeeep. And jeff goldblum with a caption that says shed be attracted to him when hes 90.

File: 1544482540953.png (8.19 MB, 2208x1242, C3855D54-2BE4-414D-8470-2914A2…)

No. 337542[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/277467
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No. 377892

purgatory vol.1 = 280 pgs.
vol.2 = 99 pgs.
total = 379 pgs x 4 hrs per page (minimum) = 1,516 hours of work.
at $10/hr that's 15,160 hours or $15,160
- the $3000 kickstarter that's $12,000 that could have been earned working at michaels or a grocery store, put towards an apartment and friends…

No. 382244

Creepshow art is reaching for other YouTubers to stay relevant. Seems she HAS jumped from the Holly train onto some new drama. TheRewiredSoul.

No. 476128

Aj tumblr(necro)

No. 477853

This comment thread is full of jealousy it absolutely REEKS. Is it anger from not getting followers or not being able to improve? Who knows, but it's obviously reflecting insane amounts of insecurity and projection.

No. 477859

Then don't bump the thread, sereinoir.

File: 1572197929474.gif (964.65 KB, 500x284, 1E15415F-1277-4007-8846-C7139B…)

No. 477769[Reply]

Previous thread >>472904

No. 477771

File: 1572198008158.gif (443.13 KB, 480x360, 5E0132AE-3287-401D-B75D-A2B3CF…)

I’m seeing a family member I haven’t seen in years and need to appear as normie as possible I want to die

What if I fuck up

No. 477775

The last thread hasn't even reached 1000 posts yet. Why did you make a new one?

No. 477783

last thread has only 500~ posts why did you make this


File: 1482962330074.jpg (67.63 KB, 640x960, 93ee5731-cc9c-4eea-8fba-2c226b…)

No. 173978[Reply]

I looked through the catalog and didn't find one (forgive me if there is and I missed it) so I thought I'd make one. Post recipes, cooking tips, talk about cooking, etc.

I'll start. I'm pretty young (recently turned 18) and have only been cooking for a couple years. I learned because no one else in my family knew how to cook and it turned into one of my favorite pastimes. I particularly love baking deserts and cooking Asian recipes such as Thai chicken.

Pic is raspberry cheesecake that I saw on google.
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No. 477516

I've seen people make portioned smoothie bags with their preferred fruits/veggies. I doubt it would be too hard or time consuming to get a blender that lets you blend in a travel cup. Just toss a bag of stuff in, add a liquid/ice, and be on your way.

No. 477544

Out of curiosity what kind of beef do you use for gyuudon? I can never quite find it cut thinly enough, and I have really shitty knives

No. 477563

I always make enough for three smoothies at a time and freeze two of them. Sometimes they taste okay, sometimes it's nasty. If you have the time and don't mind the extra dishes just make them fresh each time.

Word of advice if you decide to freeze them: Don't use blueberries. I don't know why but they turn so nasty and gelatinous when they thaw, it's inedible. Veggies aren't the best either like if you put kale or spinach in, it's less tolerable than in a normal fresh smoothie.

No. 477575

nta but i use shaved beef.

No. 478455


Your best bet is to go to an Asian grocery store, preferably Japanese or Korean. I've never seen it cut that thin, or the precise kind of cut, in other stores. Obviously that's not much help.

Some people recommend using chuck, ribeye, or even boneless short ribs. You definitely want it fatty. And if you have a friendly butcher at your local store they might be happy to cut something extra thin if you ask. It's definitely hard on your own.

File: 1568241832875.jpg (72.94 KB, 600x400, 7d7abc09a3536448b0e015bdcfbc0c…)

No. 461062[Reply]

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- creepshowart must never be spoken of because that's giving her attention, which makes the farmers ree that this particular attention-seeking cow might seek attention and bring up lolcow like every other discussed cow has.
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.
- Yes, Copics are worth it if you use markers. And yes, they are rediculously overpriced.
- No, this isn’t a TRA safe space, so don’t ree when you see the word tranny. And no, some retard discussing their pronouns doesn’t count as art milk, you turbo autist.
- If you have beginner questions, want to know what art books to start with, or generally need to know how to begin with art, use these links

Welcome art tuber, enjoy your visit - we hope you find enough content to hit that 10 minute mark, because we are VERY empathetic to how it’s oh so hard to actually create artwork and have a personality in order to create your own content for your channel xoxo
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 476456

His overpains are alright. He doesn't turn everything into a masterpiece. He usually focuses on a single concept, what he sees as the biggest problem, and tries to fix it, or at least explain how it could be fixed. His strongest skill is lighting/rendering, so it's usually that. I prefer his paint-throughs, you get to see the entire process from start to finish, he comments over the video explaining why he's making the choices he does, and the community gets to comment and actually affect his process.

Sometimes, due to the language barrier and his sense of humor, he says things that I'm sure some would misinterpret and sperg over, but I don't personally think he is arrogant or anything.

I think if you want to watch him, start with the older stuff. There are certain core concepts that he stopped explaining because he's already said them so many times, and I think the switch to ipad has made his rendering look clay-like. There might be things he's changed his mind on since the older videos, but overall the content is solid. I don't think you'll get worse by watching him, if your aim is digital art in a painterly style.

Also, if you're a beginner, I recommend his three part series, starting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjY88IAacYs
If that's not the style of painting you're looking to learn, then I'd find someone else.

Also, you sage by putting sage in the e-mail field.

No. 476531

Ty, anon! And yes, definitely add it to the next thread description. Looking to level up my art again and this image has saved me from the extra confusion on what to start with.

No. 476619

File: 1571970829812.png (1.24 MB, 2621x3489, Seismo's Mouth Page 1 (english…)

Example of her More Recent Art/Comics:(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 476763

Anyone else find LavenderTowne very obnoxious? Not her art, but the way she talks. Whenever she does the " Do this, not that " series she ALWAYS uses herself as an example because she thinks she's a queen. Also, her anatomy video is basically her trying to create loopholes for her shit proportions. I sound retarded but watch her videos, you'll see what i mean(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 476843

new thread >>476842

File: 1521720427714.jpg (214.39 KB, 1024x622, B1AVoWIDUpN7uwAbaaBSqwH5Mq5BCK…)

No. 236049[Reply]

Can we discuss the shit show that is Canada right now? Jordan Peterson, Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, etc.
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No. 475657

File: 1571761984067.jpg (63.33 KB, 500x634, Jarnail_Singh_Bhindranwale.jpg)

this is the man he was defending,a domestic terrorsit and religious fanatic


No. 475673


Imagine ending up with a ethno nationalist theocracy just because you are too woke to be against in fear it might sound racist or culturally insensitive.

No. 475678

File: 1571765730805.png (513.74 KB, 1280x1023, Punjab_region_2.png)

The Khalistan movement only applies to the Punjab region between India and Pakistan

No. 475722

File: 1571772660225.png (30.74 KB, 546x245, 1571118946979.png)

I'm wondering to what extent seats were lost from the NDP because people voted Libs to keep the CPC out of power. I really expected them to get more seats.

Some more interesting results are a new Green MP in Fredricton and Jody-Wilson Raybould (who left the Liberal Party after the SNC-Lavalin affair) getting elected as the only Independent in Vancouver. And also kek at the Meme Rhino Party sending their own guy named Maxime Bernier to that riding to confuse people.

There might be a new election in even less time than that. Interesting to see what's going to happen, wonder if there will be a coalition.

No. 475837

I'm honestly shocked they were allowed to run a second Bernier, considering how open they were about their intentions behind it.

File: 1571768364827.jpg (14.88 KB, 236x294, a06ed65899ac953f67bf0868aac561…)

No. 475692[Reply]

How do you stop yourself enjoying yaoi? I realise its cringe but I can't enjoy straight or lesbian couples in fiction anymore.
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No. 475742

the answer is simple: I hate fujofags and I hate yaoi in the first place, contender for the kinkshame thread

No. 475760

Just dont let it take over your life is what i got to say.
So many fujo's let yaoi take control over them that they end up becoming trannys or they have some weird fucked up fetishes.

Also try to look at more normal yaoi as you possibly can (i know all yaoi is fucked up and problematic but try to look at some which is the least problematic)

ALSO WHAT EVER YOU DO DO NOT LET CURIOSITY TAKE OVER YOU. Do not go down the yaoi rebbithole.
The more you go through the rabbit hole the more fucked up things you will see that you will never forget so whatever you do just stick to yaoi which is somewhat normal…i said somewhat.

No. 475772

>woe is us being targeted
You sound as crazy as the pink pill anons who think we have a troon mod.

No. 475832

Never said I was being targeted, I was having a laugh at the pure desperation. Sorry your thread fell through.

No. 475862

Get a boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm serious! When I was a horny virgin teenager I was a die hard fujo but when I actually got a boyfriend, I just stopped caring.

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