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File: 1706694665774.jpg (529.97 KB, 750x717, 1705990054146.jpg)

No. 1872764

No. 1872842

File: 1706708135917.jpeg (87.86 KB, 1170x1335, IMG_1015.jpeg)

Starting this off with some water bottle beef.

No. 1872849

File: 1706708277653.jpg (224.75 KB, 720x911, Screenshot_20240131_053913_Chr…)

Ooh look nonnie, it looks like Stanleys have lead. What are the chances….

No. 1872866

>2024 is all about staying organized
maybe if you didn't buy so much unnecessary crap you wouldn't struggle with staying organized in the first place?

No. 1872874

I know mombies and other normies wont stop buying stanley cups, but this might affect their sales.

No. 1872901

Mombies probably will stop because ‘think of the children!’. Normies are gonna stop soon anyways because Stanley cups are associated with Karens and 10 year olds now

No. 1872904

What do you mean by Karen? It's used as a general slur against women with opinions on twitter. Which would make all farmers Karens but I doubt anyone here wants to buy a Stanley cup.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1872938

I mean the AHs who harassed people working at target and Starbucks over a stupid cup. It’s not that deep

No. 1873043

File: 1706723471919.png (258.34 KB, 249x379, firefox_KuN8Z7x4sQ.png)

This sounds like a horrible idea, I don't know anyone who uses them.

No. 1873046

I read on here that shaving the min hairs off your face leads to worse skin because the hair helps keep junk from getting in your pores. Not sure how true that is, though

No. 1873117

I think she bought this shit just because it's hot pink and she's never going to use it.

No. 1873168

I heard it can be beneficial because it acts like an exfoliant. Also shaving doesn’t pull the whole hair out and I don’t think it does much at protecting your pores. I guess it can cause microabrasions though which can get infected by the product you layer on your face

No. 1873172

Eww I always thought dermaplaning is gross. Whenever I see videos of anyone doing it I get so grossed out because of the little wet lines of hair that they just let collect around their chins instead of wiping it the fuck off. Everyone who does that is nasty.(derailing)

No. 1873173

The way this woman organizes everything in such an OCD hoarder way tips my flight reflex

No. 1873175

File: 1706729526667.jpeg (76.55 KB, 564x422, IMG_5150.jpeg)

Nonnie, that’s just peach fuzz. Everyone’s got it to varying degrees

No. 1873181

Of course, and it doesn’t need to be removed at all. What I’m saying is that the videos of girls shaving their faces look gross because of how they leave wet, shaven off hair all over their faces, not hair that’s still attached to them

No. 1873184

I have $100 of expensive chocolate in my cart, give me a reason not to click purchase

No. 1873186

My dad got a heart attack after eating a shit ton of those expensive chocolates

No. 1873190

Go buy a $2 chocolate bar to satisfy the cravings and save your money, maybe even splurge on Lindt or Godiva or something. There is zero reason to spend $100 solely on chocolates for just you

No. 1873193

Buying expensive chocolates is always worth it. My favorite kind of dark chocolate is full of little marzipan discs.

No. 1873194

stop being a fatass and save your money retard.

No. 1873196

I use them to shave/shape my brows rather than tweezing or waxing them, works like a charm. Never understood the appeal of shaving all the peach fuzz of your face though and have seen too many horror stories of women buying into it and then ending up with severe acne because they shaved over a spot of active acne and then the bacteria got into the micro abrasions.

No. 1873202

Those are disgusting. Once you try fancy chocolate there is no going back. It’s like the top rated chocolatier in my country, and they have valentine flavors that all sound divine… I don’t eat any other sweets, plus half of them are gifts. Fuck I’m talking myself more and more into it
God damn it

No. 1873205

Girl just get your chocolates and be happy tbh. As long as it won't financially ruin you or destroy any diet goals, live a little.

No. 1873209

I mean if half are gifts that's one thing kek, shoulda said that from the start. Meh fuck it, $50 bucks for some nice chocolates from a fancy place isn't so bad especially if the flavours only come out once a year.

No. 1873224

File: 1706731200360.png (226.02 KB, 258x512, choglate.png)

No. 1873231

Recently I feel so disgusted by consoomerism, it's hard not to judge others. Maybe it's my depression talking but why even own so much stuff that isn't a daily necessity? Feels just pointless.
I wish I could back to simpler days or live in a less developed place, I can't deal with all the retarded commercials and choices you are bombarded with everyday. Try to buy tissues? Here, go and choose between 30 different types and brands!
And thanks to Shein, Aliexpress and Temu even broke teens like my sis can shop online daily and discard it by the next season. I also hate that not acting like that, shopping being your main hobby, is nearly seen as weird if you're a woman.

I feel like stationary is kind of the earliest type of female consoomerism, you could already see collection videos a decade ago. Did you catch the picture frame on her desk? She has a child, so this woman is likely 25+. Unless she and all the others are all teachers (or actual artists) why tf do they need more than 1-2 pens? Everybody is working on their computer nowadays, there is no way she can ever use up even half of this.

No. 1873249

That does look good

No. 1873250

I'd say wait because chocolate prices can go up around this time. On the other hand, quality chocolate is worth it. I'm just not sure if you need that much, I'd go and try to find a single bar at a local shop, you'd save some money and support small business.

I feel the same way you do about the consumerism, it's hard not to hate people who act like this and to avoid the overwhelming amount of crap out there and all the expectations to buy said crap.

No. 1873293

kek, I did the same over a year ago, around 70€ invested in expensive chocolate and I never regretted it. I still have some of it left and they are as good as on day one. So, if you don't eat any other sweets, go for it and tell me the brand, I like trying new stuff, especially high quality food.

No. 1873316

based taste nonnie, i had dark chocolate with marzipan filling the first time last year and it's great.

No. 1873335

Definitely belongs in this thread but I won't deny that this vid was fun to watch and calming.
I still don't care for rainbow high dolls though and it's crazy how many BJDs she has (probably nearing 30,000 dollars there).

No. 1873337

>Once you try fancy chocolate there is no going back
I agree but thankfully my cousin works for a high end brand sp we get everything for free.

No. 1873578

I feel like that too. it's hard to even make friends with similar interests because it all turns into a pissing contest of who owns the most mass produced junk. I still remember when it used to be a novelty to order something online from overseas, it had to be really special to be worth all the effort. Now everyone just buys cheap mass produced crap from Amazon, Ali, Shein and Temu that they throw out not long after, and if you mention how wasteful and unsustainable it is you get treated like an elitist or some crazy hippie. Not that in person shopping is much better though. A lot of it is the same low quality crap probably made in the same places, but it's become almost unheard of to abstain from bringing disposable crap like that into your life on a regular basis. So many people tie their whole identity up into collecting some crap like figures or squishmallows or clothing and decor that fits whatever the new trendy aesthetic is, so when you call them out on buying worthless junk they see it as a personal attack. Especially if you're both women.

No. 1873666

>and if you mention how wasteful and unsustainable it is you get treated like an elitist or some crazy hippie.
People don't realize how this crap wasn't a thing 20-30 years ago. The death of physical media and magazines, tech becoming omnipresent, forcing people to carry phones all the time, forcing to use internet, etc. was a fucking mistake. Conditioning people to think online shopping is the norm and killing analog was a mistake. We never should have progressed past 2001.

Additionally I realized how much of unnecessary plastic packaging has nowadays. Packaging in just paper before was norm, there was just a simple cardstock box, a can, etc in case of food. I remember that toy packaging wasn't even that much of plastic, except few wires holding things and big transparent pieces of plastic in front and some cardboard.

No. 1873720

Buying an aromatherapy (or any kind of) diffuser from temu sounds like good old nattie selection

No. 1873722

>when you call them out on buying worthless junk they see it as a personal attack. Especially if you're both women.
It might also be because people barely call out moids in comparison so it feels annoying, I work in tech and have tons of male friends and coworkers who own 10 million types of electronic gadgets and novelty chargers and other stupid shit and nobody says anything because it “might be useful” even though it’s just as wasteful as the women buying 10 reusable cups or 10 squishmallows. You don’t need 6 types of $400 headphones because one has better sound but you can’t use in public because everything gets played out loud, and another has earbuds that mold to your ear or whatever, and another is just normal, and another one folds in half, and so on. I don’t even collect Stanleys or squishmallows any of these things, I’m just sick of seeing women shit on women only when I see men talk about pissing away their money on designer clothes and electronics every damn day

No. 1873723

You need to stop being so sensitive about the term Karen. No, it isn't a slur. It's overused and mishandled yes but you won't die.

Why are they so obsessed with the color pink, it's so subliminal to them. Pink tax is real and has some of these women in the trenches.(infighting)

No. 1873864

I don't get the pink shit either, you don't see this with any other color (except goths with black kek), sure there are excentric people who love one specific color and dress only in yellow or purple or whatever but they never go as far as to buy everything single thing in their life in this color. This type of consoomers are not helping with the "pink is for vapid bimbos" stereotype.

No. 1873921

Because pink and black are associated with specific lifestyles through a long history of cultural references. The only other examples that come to mind are "sad beige mom" where the whole aesthetic is about emulating an elite/rich clean girl look and having everything in tones of beige, and little boys who want everything in red or blue kek

No. 1873960

I was gonna say too,that diffuser looks disgusting, and using it with a small child in the house is a terrible idea too

No. 1873976

No, Karen is twitter language, it stands out on lc like a sore thumb.

No. 1873986

Sure Karen

It honestly doesn’t help that half the time the stuff you find in physical shops are literally the same things you get online but more expensive. Like I 100% would prefer to buy from a physical shop but I have no interest in paying double for no reason. Tbf though, it’s not like I really buy much to begin with so it’s moot point.


Both suck but it’s funny how moids and their money are so easily parted. Like Stanley cups are expensive but I’ve seen men waste more money on pieces of cardboard that does absolutely nothing.(infighting/learn2integrate)

No. 1873991

Childhood me would have a blast chewing on everything there

No. 1873998

How would they know if I call out moids or not? I used to tell my ex a hundred times in a day that we don't need more DnD fan merch or the newest gadgets and he just pouted or pointed out how much of a "hypocrite" I am for buying myself clothes and a bag (actually useful things I need for work, these were not fashion purchases).
I've never not called out a person for being a mindless consumer and I think it's ridiculous to use misogyny as a cheap cop-out just so you can keep buying more lip gloss that will rot in your vanity drawer. If that is what you think our ancestors fought for us to have, I suppose then I'm not a feminist. It baffles me how some people just spend spend spend, throw it away (oops I mean "declutter") and then just spend more to infinity. Don't they ever get tired of wasting money?

No. 1874044

Anon, what on earth what are you bringing up being an anti feminist for lmao? I also didn’t even say you in particular even once, I meant in general. Look at these threads, it’s 90% female consoom bashing. Hell in the last thread anons were shitting on a 10 year old girl instead of her retarded consoomer dad for enabling her. I also see men gleefully shit on women for buying makeup or frivolous stuff but salivate over some other moid’s Nintendo switch collection or something else stupid. It only ever seems to be anti consoom women who shit on both, but even here anons will ignore posts that aren’t about “current female trend”

No. 1874083

Yeah, women are harsher on other women than they are on men. There was even someone proudly declaring they were an NLOG so they'd never get into the consoom shit that "normie women" do. consoom is pathetic on both sexes but I only really see men get shit on when it's retarded Funko pops. A collection of anime figurines and a bunch of retarded ~tech gadgets~? Cool and based. But God forbid a woman has Stanley cup autism.

No. 1874098

>I’ve seen men waste more money on pieces of cardboard that does absolutely nothing.
Every time I scroll TikTok at night there are fake (?) lives of grown men opening trading card packs. And it seems to go on forever. I'm sure the live is fake, but some guy still recorded infinity hours of him opening $4 packs of cards.
Sweet trips.
>People don't realize how this crap wasn't a thing 20-30 years ago.
I agree. Younger people don't realize that the iphone and YouTube changed all hobbies. Even in collector and craft hobbies people were selective and didn't always have a package in the mail. Actual adults would talk about saving up for months to buy something special that was only $100 or $200.

No. 1874175

Sometimes this happens with obsessive sports fans, like they only buy things in their favorite team's colors

No. 1874185

>Younger people don't realize that the iphone and YouTube changed all hobbies. Even in collector and craft hobbies people were selective and didn't always have a package in the mail.
I feel like this is also influenced by globalization and cheap shit being produced in china.

I'm in my late 20s and I feel the fatigue of everything being observed and recorded, so many times people get caught on their bullshit because of a tweet they posted a decade ago or a chat message. And when it comes to consoomerism it became insane because now you have to be perfect and aesthetic 24/7.

No. 1874194

The tech consoom is so much worse to than most things women consume too, aside from cosmetics and clothes maybe. Because tech consoom is crazy expensive and the carbon footprint of tech is high plus child labor.

No. 1874242

I struggle with consooming fashion a lot. I've started drawing items I'm interested in buying, it's a win-win because I'm forcing myself to practice art and I'm still "enjoying" the clothes in a way. I'll usually draw a few outfits with the piece I want mixed with what I already have in my closet. It's definitely saved me from a few purchases once I realized I don't have anything in my closet to match, or maybe there's some small detail I dislike and didn't notice until I was drawing it. 10/10 would recommend

No. 1874256

>You don’t need 6 types of $400 headphones because one has better sound but you can’t use in public because everything gets played out loud, and another has earbuds that mold to your ear or whatever, and another is just normal, and another one folds in half, and so on
If you genuinely enjoy audio having more than one pair of headphones is justified. Having a pair of full size over ear headphones for use at home, a pair of IEMs for long journeys, a bluetooth pair for exercising and a beater pair for wearing outside when it's raining is perfectly justifiable. Personally I don't buy cheap headphones for any purpose and some of my headphones are over 10 years old.

No. 1874296

that's so cute! i don't struggle with consooming but i have a lot of clothes i don't wear so i'll try that out too.

No. 1874308

That's a great idea, thank you for mentioning it

No. 1874349

File: 1706829482682.jpeg (78.25 KB, 798x1000, IMG_2296.jpeg)

Now babies can have their own Stanley look-a-like! Called the wake up and learn coffee cup. I’m sure a certain beige mom on TikTok would buy this and spray paint this beige to match her “aesthetic”.

No. 1874353

I have never seen such a depressing baby toy.

No. 1874359

the fisher price cup toy has been out before the stanley craze lol

No. 1874375

I swear I've seen these before Stanley's.

No. 1874440

Do you think it comes with lead too? Or do you have to add that separately?

No. 1874453

I use those to shave the peach fuzz off my face since it's dark. You really don't need many at one time, you can used the same one for months since you are not supposed to do it often.
Yes it's true. You aren't supposed to do it so often, maybe once a month tops.
I'm sorry, but presuming you live in the US, it probably is worth it, kek. I'm sorry but most chocolate from the grocery store that is cheap sucks so hard. But an alternative is to find a good chocolatier near you and buy from them at a smaller quantity.
I like that idea a lot! Alternatively i like to make random sets in paint.net and save them on my computer or upload them to pinterest. It's fun to come up with a make believe situation i'd wear them to.

No. 1874497

safe lead for kids.

No. 1874530

Lol adult me would more

No. 1874568

Anyone have any more sad beige baby rooms speaking of which?

No. 1874571

If this was already out before the Stanley craze, then it’s getting more attention and sales than before. It’s been getting sold out in stores, I assume by Stanley fanatic parents. Stanley or not, still an odd toy to get when there’s much cuter and more educational.

No. 1874611

Wait, does it not function as a cup?

No. 1874665

Please share the name of the chocolatier

No. 1874693

Kek nope, it’s filled with beads inside and plays some music. It’s a cup-shaped rattler.

No. 1874804

This sparked such a rage in me I thought it had to be fake/AI generated. Can’t believe this shit is real.

No. 1874860

File: 1706864663094.jpg (160.46 KB, 818x498, 1000002493.jpg)

In my opinion this counts as consumerism but I find the use of epoxy resin for flooring, furniture, countertops etc. to be a vile and disgusting overuse of a product that you don't actually know is going to be safe for you over time and constant usage. Also it's ugly. Everything around us is plastic.

No. 1874905

kek I thought this was a mutilated Toad

No. 1874906

This isn't a kek moment anon, you need to get your vision checked.

No. 1874922

It even has a cocomelon face too

No. 1874925

File: 1706872937163.jpg (85.14 KB, 768x512, man-cave-shed-ideas-768x512.jp…)

I find North American and Aussie housing to be the peak of consumerism. It's way too big and empty, leading people to either buy more furniture to fill it up or live in a suicide house a la r/MaleLivingSpaces. Even with furniture most modern homes end up looking bland, soulless and devoid of warmth and texture, and people with money get McMansions way too big for their needs, only to then turn basements and attics into cringe mancaves or hobby rooms for their gayming consoles and Lego Star Wars.
The decor is something else, too. Moids who want to flex on Reddit will buy useless designer furniture to cosplay Patrick Bateman with except in middle of nowhere Missouri, or DIY that awful wood and glitter resin coffee table. If they're married they'll have EAT stenciled on the kitchen walls courtesy of their spouse.

I'm not even a bitter Europoor, I just miss my grandma's home from the eighties. It was a warm, welcoming little house that was just the right size for her and grandpa. It got gutted, expanded and given the landlord special once my uncle sold it to a millennial couple. Looks like a 3D render now.

No. 1874958

Epoxy is a fucking lie. I have a busted up formica countertop around my kitchen sink, so I bought the 2 part epoxy marketed specifically for countertops and sink countertops. I mixes it with the appropriate powder pigment and put it down. #1 It takes 12+ hours to actually dry, so bugs are going to get stuck in it. #2 You absolutely 1000% have to have a professional end of days respirator to use it, which the package did not say. #3 It stank for over half a year. Even after it stopped actively stinking, food would get that same stink if I left it sitting on the countertop, obviously that went straight in the trash. #4 They lied and it wasn't any more waterproof than regular paint top coat, it bubbled and buckled and peeled where it got hit with water regularly. In short, do not believe epoxy lies.

No. 1874962

Yes all this and the fact that it looks ugly.

No. 1874972

What's even the point of asking this is if you're not going to listen to anyone anyway. Might as well make a buy thread where you can talk about the garbage you want to spend your money on

No. 1875007

Nayrt but I unironically second this idea. These types of posts don't belong in the consoom thread.
>wan wah I want to consoom this 1500$ purse
This needs to get out of here.

No. 1875038

'talk me out of it' you already know you shouldn't be buying it what can we do

No. 1875125

This looks so bad.. wtf

No. 1875227

for some reason this image is giving me strong visualizations of slipping and cracking my head open on these slippery ass floors

No. 1875356

Parquet and italian tiles are the only way to go.

No. 1875520

File: 1706912164463.jpeg (73.88 KB, 512x512, IMG_3951.jpeg)

Well the original thread said consoomers can talk about their struggles. And I did listen to nonnies most told me to buy the chocolate kek. To be fair I talked myself out of buying picrel Patagonia backpack right after. Eating choccy rn, it was worth it.

No. 1875543

File: 1706914669741.jpeg (26.08 KB, 536x614, IMG_3953.jpeg)

Ember mugs are so retarded. WiFi in our mugs because technology! Those mug warmers are like ten bucks or you could just get a Stanley kek

No. 1875572

I bought a lot of clothes and a handbag this week, but almost everything was on sales. I only bought things I'm 100% sure I'll use often and the last time so much stuff was more than 6 months ago so it was when only spring/summer collections were sold, and also for cheap because of the local currency being weaker than mine and with no taxes because it was abroad. I think I have good habits now.

No. 1875650

This backpack looks like shit.

No. 1875658

File: 1706924325087.jpeg (46.17 KB, 492x733, IMG_3957.jpeg)

I know, I liked the color, weather protection, and roominess but it looks especially retarded from the side

No. 1875671

You actually didn't at all, you just like that it's Patagonia. You kinda dumb girl.(infighting)

No. 1875766

If you REALLY need a bush bag & are not just larping for fashion then get neon orange or some other safety colour that can be seen from afar.

No. 1875865

Tbf and that's going to show my age, we still had consoomerists in our midst even before 2001. I remember Teleshopping, ordering out of catalogues and even door to door salesman like it was yesterday. Granted, 65% of the population mainly saw Teleshopping and the catalogue ordering etc as expensive scams, but you still had people buying full sets of encyclopedia from A to Z for an absurd amount of money. Those things were a basis for what is the order online craze of the 21st century.

No. 1876028

I cycle. I didn’t even know Patagonia was some fancy brand and the bag is on sale, you don’t have to assume women are larping fashion because of one aggressive retard anon.
Encyclopedias were such a strange but cute trend. Boomer consoom is so funny. I’ve seen all the stupid bullshit my grandma buys just because they put some old literalwho actor or actress in the commercial and have them talk about their family or life story kek. I guess it’s no worse than influencers.

No. 1876082

I mean do you really need that much room and weather protection? Like I get it if you do but otherwise it just seems like a waste?

No. 1876097

i have a ugly but practical/roomy backpack from north face that kind of looks like this i got 8 years ago, it’s honestly held up very well. there is a tear in the inner lining of the biggest pocket but that’s it and doesn’t affect use. also it’s quite heavy, which is a downside. the only thing i wonder about these types of backpcks is how they hold up now, i know quality has plummeted for every single brand ever. all of the bras i bought in 2023 are shit compared to my old ones from 2016-2019, honestly thinking of hunting for them on poshmark or something.

No. 1876100

File: 1706975736135.jpeg (56.28 KB, 540x366, download (2).jpeg)

Anyone else who is the receptable of another person's consoomer tendencies? My mother is not a full on consumerist but she has moments and she'll buy stuff for me as an obvious excuse to buy crap. Like getting clothes that were on sale, just cause it's on sale, even tho you can easily tell some of them aren't my size and even tho I know she wouldn't even like some of them if they weren't on sale. Just calm down.

No. 1876111

Yes, my boyfriend’s mom will buy boards of ugly clothes and retarded shit, I’m talking a bag of dollar tree kids bracelets and a justice aluminum bottle and constantly peddle them onto us. It got to the point where I was going to dump him but he swore he wouldn’t accept any more shit. They had taken over half of his house with their old furniture and shit they bought us. Whenever I try to talk about it people call me ungrateful and say I’m a bitch for refusing gifts but they really just don’t get how batshit maddening, disgusting, wasteful, and disrespectful it is. He still gets into big fights with them because they still won’t get the memo.

No. 1876148

I once asked my mom to buy me (for my birthday) a couple dress shirts to wear for interviews. I showed her which ones would work with my blazers, and said 'These run large, please get X or Y style, not Z style.' She goes to the outlet and buys 4 shirts in Z style 1-2 sizes too large. "This is what was on clearance!" Yeah, well, now I can't wear them without looking like a retard, or I have to spend money (which I don't have) to have them tailored, thanks mom. You could have bought 2 normal outlet dress shirts in my size for the same price or less.

No. 1876202

what's this image from?

No. 1876220

my mom is obsessed with temu, every time I see her she offloads boxes of junk onto me. Cheap jewelry that gives me a rash, gimmicky tech that just doesn't work, flimsy one-function kitchen gadgets. Sometimes there's a couple items in there that seem useful but they all break after one or two uses anyways. Literally anything you can buy on temu is pure landfill fodder I don't understand how people buy from there more than once.

No. 1876295

I feel like the pandemic supercharged hiking as consumerism. Idiots constantly crowding the parks with their new gear, multiple giant new REIs springing up not even pretending they are any better than Macy's at this point, and all of my out of shape coworkers who probably walk a mile into the woods before turning back suddenly spotting Patagonia and Fjallraven shit. This shit should be functional, stop buying a billion different pairs of hiking pants and rain jackets you don't need!!!!
All of the trails near me now are filled with people who are completely decked out in this crap even though they are dayhike trails. You can do it with jeans and sneakers you don't need a fucking hydro pack and branded snow pants with neck gaiter! Fuck!!!!!

No. 1876298

My friend just bought a 2500 sq ft house with her scrote with no plans to have kids and all I can think of is why they signed themselves up for so much cleaning and high utility bills.
Like, I grew up with four other people in a 1600 sq ft house and that seemed perfectly normal back then. What the fuck happened?

No. 1876301

Isn't it because the price difference between smaller and larger homes isn't that much now? And there aren't many small homes available anymore

No. 1876329

Apparently warioware DYI

No. 1876372

Backpacks always tickle my consoomer ‘tism but I I used to be able to find some hugely discounted bags on amazon from decent backpack brands. It made me think that backpacks are one of those things that are heavily marked up

I feel bad when my mom buys me clothes because I don’t want to wear them 90% of the time, and I need to have the gift receipt because she refuses to return anything. She also loves buying markdown products at Ulta so her bathroom closet is completely stuffed with body butters, sprays and hand soap.

No. 1876455

>loves buying markdown products at Ulta
idk if you want to discourage this behavior, but if your mom is open to it, tell her or show her the Dylan Mulvaney + other scrote Ulta podcast about "girlhood." I won't buy anything from Ulta again if they are paying two grown men to talk about "girlhood," including a discussion of tucking and tucking tape.

No. 1876606

File: 1707010248346.webm (1.74 MB, 444x684, 1706928599929564.webm)

does alcoholism count as a type of consoomerism(no)

No. 1876621

This is so retarded and pathetic, especially the uwu so scawed captions. I hope he dies of liver failure.(alogging)

No. 1876623

Jesus just keep a shooter in your night robe and drink it in the bathroom while you're having your morning piss fucking retard.

No. 1876628

wtf is this?! judging by the kitchen, scrote lives in a nice house. Who puts literal trash in the sink? This is the most pathetic thing i've seen all day and I hope it's fake.

No. 1876632

>My heart is racing, I'm about to throw up I feel dizzy and in scared in dying
What is wrong with alcoholics? Shakespearean levels of drama just because you want some fucking vodka? I thank God that alcohol is too disgusting for me to choose to consume.

No. 1876646

A patagonia bag on sale is still three to four times the amount of a regular durable bag unless you're getting a knockoff online. I just do not think "hehe should I buy this" questions belong in the consoom thread, used for criticism toward consooming.

This seems fake idk

No. 1876695

Like what because I’ve been looking, the cheapest I saw for a larger bag with weather resistance was like $80

No. 1876714

Yeah she's lying to save face kek it's no different than the ugly Versace bag upthread. Dont bait in the consoomer thread and expect niceties, especially after you just spent like 10 posts talking about how you bought $100 worth of chocolate. Lame anon.

No. 1876730

Idk this doesn't seem fake to me just someone extremely desperate to make sure no one knows they have a problem. It's just sad.

No. 1876767

Bitch I said I wasn’t buying it without your help. Please tell me where I can get a durable $20-30 weatherproof large backpack new, I would really like to know.(derailing)

No. 1876823

File: 1707022975256.png (839.52 KB, 1080x2152, military_bags.png)

Military surplus store would be my first suggestion (picrel example), if you're in this thread you're probably in a country with military surplus.

But think about it, is there a reason you have to have a brand new bag? I've bought a couple bags second hand that were in like-new (no smells, stains) condition for great prices, durable and useful for 90% less than you'd pay for them new. Unless you only buy bags specifically for their fresh-out-the-sweatshop scent or something like that, I don't see a reason not to look for something used.

No. 1876830

I never said I was buying new, but we are comparing the price of new bags. None of those backpacks are weatherproof btw.

No. 1876839

File: 1707024064881.png (308.48 KB, 1080x1044, 1000010130.png)

canvas like the bags in the screenshot can be weatherproofed btw, you just have to wax them which is quite easy. Plus it's easier to renew wax on canvas than it is a waterproof coating on synthetic fabric, so it's long-lasting as well. Plus a waxed coating is less sensitive than the water repellent coating on bags like Patagonia's.

But if buying new isn't something you have your heart set on, then look around eBay, second hand websites and thrift stores. You can find some good affordable stuff there.

No. 1876912

this room gives me claustrophobia, if you take one wrong step you could knock over multiple hundred dollar figures

No. 1876938

Nonna the bag in your image sucks, it's made of canvas, which is very heavy and needs to be waxed to be waterproof (tiny bag, but weighs 750g lmao) and I can tell from the image alone that the straps and back construction aren't made to carry a large load. It's also not military surplus, it's a shitty bag, sold on a military surplus store because it's cheap and green.

I'm all for shitting on consumerism, but patagonia makes decent products, if your the type of person who actually uses the features that drive up the price. And it's quite easy to find high quality reviews for the products, so your not entirely reliant on their advertising material: https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/clothing-mens/insulated-jacket/patagonia-nano-puff-hoody

No. 1876976

File: 1707041180828.mp4 (7.26 MB, 1080x1920, Happy new year to all of you …)

Perfume consooming must be one of the most retarded forms of consooming to exist

No. 1876982

I find it funny people will shit on consummerism here but if you want to buy something expensive that will definitely last you years they tell you to buy something cheap that will give you a headache and will make you buy something else in less than an year kek.

No. 1877006

That is hideous, I don't know why but it looks more like a cheap western anime convention than an otaku room

No. 1877008

>displaying them in open light
Have fun when your entire collection goes sour.

No. 1877013

This is the worst thing to hoard because they’ll all expire before you can use them all up. Even if you use them everyday…

No. 1877028

File: 1707047508202.gif (459.31 KB, 220x169, jim-carrey-throw-up.gif)

Oh my god, this gives me whiplash of any time you step into a perfume shop and the amount of different smells that mix with one another creating the worst perfume cloud ever. I'm glad we haven't invented smell-transfering internet yet.

No. 1877039

Perfumes don't expire. If you store them in a dark place they can literally last for deacades. You can purchase vintage perfume from 100 years ago and it is perfectly usable.

No. 1877042

> Perfumes don't expire.
Perfume can and does “go bad” which I’d consider expiration. Storage isn’t the only thing that might affect it, the type of fragrance, the quality of the ingredients and its chemical composition also play a part.

No. 1877051

Yes you’re right! Perfumes don’t go bad and neither do Stanley cups, Squishmallows, Funko Pops, anime figures, hobonichis, Bath and Body Works candles, eyeshadow palettes, Patagonia backpacks, and Barbies. So make sure to consoom hundreds of each of these, it’s justified because they don’t go bad.

No. 1877054

at first I was like
>comparing perfume to cheaply mass made products
and then I was like damn perfume is just a wealthier coonsoom. Just disguised in scents.

No. 1877058

>if you take one wrong step you could knock over multiple hundred dollar figures
I'm not seeing many figures that looks like they would be worth multiple hundreds (it's like 99% prize figures thus far) aside from the dollfie dream BJDs (which aren't even really figures).

Claustrophobia to it's absolute limit either way.

No. 1877061

File: 1707051193445.jpg (34.71 KB, 300x317, 300px-NoFunAllowed.jpg)

Get off your high horse, I was just correcting anon who thought perfumes go bad. Huge collections are wasteful but they're better than stupid figurines because you can actually use them and get something out of them.

No. 1877067

>get something out of them
I feel like you can get a lot more out of figures than perfume. At least with figures you can pretty easily resell them if you get sick of them.

No. 1877068

You need a nice perfume. Its hypnotyzing, great for interviews and networking. People love people who smell good.

No. 1877069

I like perfume well enough, but it's not something I can see owning more than one of at a time.
Also doesn't really go against my point that figures are more useful than perfume.

No. 1877073

Right, you can still get actual use (aside from staring at plastic) out of more than half the products I listed. But continue deliberately ignoring what I wrote to justify your addiction.

It is, there’s also almost always an ~artisinal~ handmade version of every product that’s sold as better but it’s still consooming if you own hundreds of them. If it’s your vice then go ahead and buy some, but I feel like owning even several dozen is overkill even if you’re a fanatic who wears it every day.

No. 1877079

You need a Stanley cup. It’s trendy and a status symbol right now.

No. 1877082

Figurines are more useful if you plan on reselling them but the social credit from smelling good at work events, interviews, public can pay off more imo (landing a great job, nigel, girlfriends). Multiple scents are good for different moods (wearing a chic scent while wearing soft clothes, floral scent on floral styling. Etc) or implying a mood. There's a lot of science behind it and you can even hand them down. I would not underestimate perfume nonnie. I am a bit of a perfumecoom but its worth it imo.

No. 1877084

>the worst perfume cloud ever.
Perfume hoarders don't even realise that they don't smell like their selected perfume of the day, they smell like a dusty old mix of every expired bottle on their shelf.

No. 1877086

File: 1707052136654.jpg (79.44 KB, 949x1000, 61DrkyVw8hL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Most perfume doesn't even smell good.
They had a tester out of the Dior one you see everywhere (jirai and coquette chicks always own it) and it just smelt like grandma perfume.

I'm guessing people just buy it for the name and because the bottle is cute.

No. 1877087

>not being able to make friends, find a nigel, open up job opportunities, or make people like you without perfume
seems pretty pathetic to me. but seriously, if you have those things chances are you can get those without perfume. i never wear perfume and i don’t struggle with my relationships or career at all. telling someone they can succeed in those things by having a signature scent is insane and incredibly disingenuous, you get those through credentials/work/networking not spraying scented oils on your neck.

No. 1877095

If you rely on perfume to gain all of that you're doing something else wrong in your life. Perfume is a nice extra touch on top of already being a pleasant/sociable/skilled person at best.

No. 1877096

What if I think all perfumes smell the same and hate the smell? Do I still need a nice perfume?

No. 1877099

Honestly ya'll are annoying af on here sometimes. Who cares if you own some perfumes, figurines, stanley cups. Ect. It's owning whole shelves of it that it becomes weird. If someone had a few figures, dolls, perfume, plush, or whatever I wouldn't even think that much about it. It's owning a excessive amount that makes it teeter into borderline mental illness that is a problem. Owning more than 1 perfume doesnt make you a hoarder.

No. 1877100

Why do you even need a large weatherproof backpack to begin with? Like are you going backpacking or spending large amounts of time outside exposed to the weather?

No. 1877108

Its more of like the difference between standing out (positively) and blending in. Same way I can wear flattering clothes or just clothes. You can be average or be better. Thats all. Its not all relient on perfume but it helps.

No. 1877110

Internet made all humans worse instincts 10x worse. Now people display all their hoarding and feel like they have to one up each other. I especially feel like Americans are the worse about it.

No. 1877111

Cool, and large squishmallows make pretty good pillows but that doesn’t justify having a whole room of them. Like realistically no one needs more than 3-4 bottles of perfume tops.

No. 1877113

File: 1707053840015.mp4 (11.91 MB, 576x1026, b4520321a6a07c0543a4eedf4c6826…)

No. 1877118

It’s human Zoochosis. I feel like it’s worse in the US because almost everything there discourages normal human behavior such as interacting with your neighbors or even simply going for a walk.

No. 1877122

Or…you can just like to smell good for different occasions, seasons, moods. These discussion are braindead and exhausting. Hoarding is an issue, buying 1 or 2 or 5 perfumes you will eventually use up is not.

No. 1877123

I think a part of it is that America is hyper capitalist and individualistic. It's like the American dream to own more than everyone else and hoard all the resources. Even if the resource is a limited edition Stanley cup. The fact it has scarcity is enough to make people act like wild animals.

No. 1877134

I've gotten a sample spritzer of this one and personally I actually quite like it. But maybe my taste is more similar to an old lady's

No. 1877172

Perfume smells different on everyone. That being said, yeah, a lot of them buy the bottle for the aesthetic.
It's bizarre actually how social media influences perfume. It smells so different depending on the person, the weather, and the age of the perfume, why the fuck would anyone buy something without at least getting a sample first? It's free to spray an expensive perfume on your wrist in a store to see if it suits you, why not do that instead of spending half your rent on one perfume (or a million dupes of that same perfume) that you might hate?
It's also really weird to go on Fragrantica and see all the comments praising a perfume because of how cool and tactile and aesthetic the packaging looks. You're meant to rate the contents of the bottle. You rate the bottle if it's shit, like if there's a known issue with the spray or if the cap is impossible to remove or if it leaks in transit. It's not a fucking stim toy.

No. 1877201

No thank you, I have a sensitive sense of smell and constantly having an artificial fragrance under my nose all day long is disturbing me.

No. 1877272

nice try Sephora advertising team

No. 1877286

Thanks, I hate it.

No. 1877436

Why does she have multiples of some of the same thing? Weird. I use my current perfume once or twice a day and it's taken me over a year to get through it

No. 1877444

Miss shopaholic is now saying there are people who overconsume more than her and no one is mean to them

No. 1877484

damn, did she delete the video?

No. 1877488

Yeah, sorry I was too lazy to figure out how to make a webm. She was complaining about mean comments and saying people are mean to her but other people 'overconsume more'

No. 1877491

File: 1707082894975.jpg (787.69 KB, 1989x3000, IMG_20240204_224224.jpg)

>I find North American and Aussie housing to be the peak of consumerism. It's way too big and empty, leading people to either buy more furniture to fill it up or live in a suicide house a la r/MaleLivingSpaces.
Have you ever seen korean apartments? Cost more than 99.9% of all farmers could ever afford yet look like they're made to drive you to anhero.

No. 1877495

I didn't, that looks awful. Someone here called that aesthetic padded cell-core once and I see it.

No. 1877510

the page allows mp4 now

No. 1877520

Ntm how awful it is for your endocrine system

No. 1877541

The BL manhwa seme apartments are real

No. 1877549

File: 1707087974167.mp4 (7.47 MB, 1080x1920, So many requests to see my pan…)

Girl must be feeding an army.

No. 1877551

what the fuck why does she have so many?! this gives me anxiety

No. 1877552

I have not known insanity until this moment

No. 1877555

File: 1707088582412.mp4 (14.64 MB, 576x1024, Restock my stockpile with me!P…)

No. 1877562

What the fuck, I thought she was in a store and was going to buy a ton of stuff, this is insanity.

No. 1877569

Why do i get the feeling this consoomer and other consoomers started consuming when covid first started and they haven't stopped after that.

Like i remember before covid typically the only consoomers i saw were related to merch, toys or cosmetics. Meanwhile now there is a consoomer for everything and people are consooming everything.

No. 1877574

I go to a god damn culinary school and I swear we don't have this much crockery available on campus, jesus christ, this has to be a weird joke there's no way

No. 1877585

>$400 outerwear
>Can't wear it while camping
Patagonia is so fucking retarded

No. 1877596

even if they're scared about covid why not stock up on useful stuff? almost all of these have reusable alternatives or the cleaning products can easily replaced with zote or vinegar

the only "useful" thing is dental hygiene. they should've just got canned food

No. 1877619

i bet the average person in this woman's life would describe her as "normal" and yet behind closed doors she has the most dumb expensive obsession

No. 1877641

File: 1707095436844.webm (2.93 MB, 576x1024, 1700363053080222.webm)

No. 1877655

File: 1707095988223.webm (3.31 MB, 480x853, 1700166674265158.webm)

More gambling.

No. 1877691

I've never understood how anybody finds slot machines fun. They are so boring. I'd rather be a gatcha fag.
Kek, this is actually hazardous. One wrong move and i'll all come crashing down.
To be fair, i remember seeing a thread on twitter of a bunch of people talking about how much this perfume stinks. I used to be against perfume as well, but i got on the bandwagon 2 years ago. I like perfumes that smell like the sea.
Speaking of perfume, my mother and my sister are unironically perfume hoarders to this magnitude. They could both be featured on the thread if i felt like doxing myself.

No. 1877722

I've gone the opposite route. I used to consoom a lot of perfume and they all smelled very distinct back then but now that I'm older most mainstream perfumes smell the same to me. Pretty much anything you can get at Ulta or Sephora smell identical to me now, even the stuff I used to wear. Not sure if it's a shrinkflation thing or what but I can barely tell them apart. Indie brands still have distinct smells to me but most of them has this underlying artificial musk that I hate. There's only one perfume I wear anymore and even it's starting to turn. I miss being into perfume but literally everything disappoints me now.

No. 1877979

>scented beads and heavy detergents that will give your baby breathing problems and endocrine system issues

No. 1878057

It's apparently not working fast enough if idiots who dump shit tons of perfume into their laundry are still able to reproduce like rabbits

No. 1878059

File: 1707123558432.mp4 (1.79 MB, 852x480, bossmanjack.mp4)

kek its like a zoomer version of bossmanjack

No. 1878075

Or you can shower everyday and wash your clothes

No. 1878087

I really hope they just unhooked the door, otherwise all this stuff would stink up the whole room.

No. 1878113

Congrats on the tard baby

No. 1878116

I like that couch

No. 1878117

Good on him for realizing he's an addict, not that it'll change anything. He'll be back and lose even more money next time.
I thought it was weird that she had all that stuff but I couldn't see any detergents made specifically for babies. It might be more expensive but it's not as expensive as the metric fuckton of scented beads she's hoarding.

No. 1878122

What is this Mindsweeper but with money attached?

No. 1878258

This would suck, you can't switch brands cause you've got 16 of them. Also she's gonna have a tough time she's stocked up pampers and huggies before even having the kid. Pampers also sucks, they can't absorb for shit and it makes the baby fussy

No. 1878298

>I've never understood how anybody finds slot machines fun. They are so boring.
Same, but I also don't understand gamblers in general. How is it fun to lose money? Slot machines aren't even remotely based on skill. I don't understand lottery ticket people either my dad does it and at best he breaks even. Why even bother?

No. 1878318

i hate that stake is the new name sponsor for sauber's f1 team, meaning that a bunch of people will be exposed to online gambling.

No. 1878416

No. 1878424

she bought herself like 400 usd worth of garbage and her daughter only got two ugly dresses and cheap dollar store colors

No. 1878425

>Why even bother?
Easy. People with gambling addiction think that they’ll win back whatever they spent. There’s the hope of possibly winning millions, even if it’s a very slim chance. Gamblers believe in “just one more spin”. It makes it hard to stop. The fun comes from adrenaline and seeing the money go up and down.
The same goes for lottery tickets to an extent. In a way, they have FOMO and don’t want to miss out on the possibility that they could have the winning numbers and get the jackpot.

No. 1878430

I'm curious how much she spends in a week if $500 at Target in a day is possible. Maybe it's best not to know.

No. 1878438

Imagine taking your phone out to record whenever you take something down from a shelf.
It hated how the mom said "you need this" and the daughter replied with "I need that?". There is nothing wrong with spontaneously buying stuff for your children but the wording rubs me the wrong way and the fact that she encourage her child to say stuff like "i need it" makes it sound like she is raising her kid to be a consumer. Also unpopular opinion but eating inside a store is trashy

No. 1878441

Idk why I watched this but my thoughts are she bought a lot of gift cards. The toiletries and make up won't hopefully need to be bought for a while although she could save money and get shit like that elsewhere

No. 1878465

This has to be fake, it's all out in the open, collecting endless dust? That's something I noticed in general, nowadays so many consoomers (and normies too) have open shelves or cabinets with glass doors, meaning all their stuff is constantly visible. It would drive me insane to just be visually surrounded by so many things.

The way she's hanging all those different toothbrushes and paste flavours..? as if she's about to sell them. Maybe this older even fatter akidearest should just go and work in a drug store to satisfy her autism.

No. 1878501

Just wait until you hear what Monaco and Las Vegas are famous for.

No. 1878509

This is just straight up hoarding. And toothpaste has an expiration date, there's no reason to buy ten tubes of it at once.

No. 1878514

File: 1707167728320.jpg (442.19 KB, 2400x1350, 33576983-drogeriemarkt-05-10-2…)

I'm crying, does she want to live in a drugstore or something? Seeing her stock her hoard is making me have flashbacks. I can literally smell the warehouse.

No. 1878584

everyone knows that gambling in Las Vegas sucks but the dangers of online gambling are highly underestimated.

No. 1878638

This is the future of kids who like the cookie clicker game. But seriously, it's scary how easily some lonely grandparent can gamble away their pension by sitting in front of a machine pressing a button really fast. They don't care about losing if it means that every so often they get a whole bucketload of coins, which adds up to maybe 10% of what they've spent.

No. 1878656

Is this the William Sonoma equivalent of a doomsday prepper?

No. 1878666

this is whats happens when people have no hobbies

No. 1878669

at least las vegas looks appealing stakes is like the globohomo corporate style of gambling

No. 1878686

Some of those chemicals and products will be unstable/expired by the time she gets to them or they're a very wasteful family and I'd be concerned how much fucking chemicals she's using around her kids. It's actually sickening and extremely selfish. I'm sure she's too dumb to realise she will be effecting other customers too. I'm always disgusted by consumption in America. My first trip to the USA was Orlando and I wasn't in awe of my first Walmart I was a little upset at the absolute vast amounts of shit everywhere. I came home from that trip thinking people took their health for granted and I wouldn't want any of my taxes to go towards some fat fuck that can't put the fork down.

No. 1878699

finally some consoom videos again it was becoming sparse. really weird how she even has the store hangers for razers. buying diapers in bulk before the baby is due seems to be a bad idea. we did this for a cousin only for the baby to come out super small and most of the diapers were useless.

No. 1878704

>she doesn't even have a redcard or cartwheel
I mean if you're gonna consoom why not get the most bang for your buck? Target is notoriously overpriced. $317 for some giftcards, soap, and a couple dresses. Lmao, even the daughter had to ask why for. Simple bitch.

No. 1878718

>'I need that?'

No. 1878726

How the fuck do you explain this kind of wife to your friends and family? 'Uhh… she likes to play supermarket'? The toothbrushes and toothpaste makes me lose my mind, this kinda shit disgusting unless she's an extreme couponer who donates a lot to people who need

No. 1878838

Those heavily scented laundry products are made in hell. They don't even smell good, they smell like plastic and cancer.
I recognize the Crest Optic White. It must be $5-6 a tube now. I used to use it, then they jacked the price up several times.

No. 1878969

File: 1707190099754.png (299.27 KB, 824x519, 0dvC4ZH.png)

She didn't even spend $500, only $317 (which is still absurd), but she's exaggerating the amount at the beginning of the video for consoomer clout or something

No. 1879008

any time i go to target and hear their signature beep beep sounds i assume target workers must hear that sound incessantly in their nightmares.

No. 1879113

It’s the kind of thing that would drive a zoo animal insane. It’s the audio equivalent of Chinese water torture and yet we subject people to it all day every day and expect them not to lose it. Even mundane things like this make modern life feel like a hellscape. When my mum worked in a factory, she would sit bolt upright in her sleep doing the motion she did whilst on the production line.

No. 1879295

i'm not a burgerfag but are the 300$ with or withoutt taxes ?

No. 1879319

My mom is subscribed to skincare and tea monthly boxes and sends me (I live abroad) most of what she gets. I feel terrible because I can't use most of the skincare before it goes out of date.
She's also started buying tons of fabric for me since I got into sewing (but mostly buys discounted, mystery fabric that I feel too amateur to try using, or ugly fabric). I'm hiding that I got into crochet because I don't want her to buy me yarn. My boyfriend always tells me I should be grateful and I partly am, but I also think it's worrying that she's doing this when my parents don't have much money to spare, and despite me asking her to at least slow down the rate at which she buys me things.

No. 1879454

it's with tax

No. 1879581

No. 1879595

not sure if this counts as consoom or just Sad Rich People House.

No. 1879599

I've never wanted to hit another woman so hard. I get maybe like three of the led cups, not even talking about how the three pinks all look the same. jfc I swear she does this shit on purpose cause it causes rage and any engagement is good engagement.

No. 1879602

My mother is an abusive person and vain bitch who throughout my childhood and young adulthood has used consoomerism to try and compensate for what an awful narcissistic parent she is. She's a neat hoarder so I used to either steal shit from her house after I stopped living there or she'd just give me free crap randomly. Being related to her actually makes me even more embittered towards modern consumerism

No. 1879605

at work today two of my coworkers were talking about what they were getting their kids for Valentine’s Day, and they both looked at me to explain what a Stanley cup is and asked me if I had one

No. 1879610

Be honest with them and tell them it is a huge waste of money.

No. 1879623

Holy shit is this her new house? I don't remember her bathroom being like that. This is depressing

>Who doesn't need a towel warmer


No. 1879631

I asked if they both remembered when all the kids wanted a Hydro flask, to which they said yes, and I said “yeah, same thing going on”

No. 1879633

>If you have limited space you can attach this thing to the door
Good thing she's not limited on space whatsoever in that McMansion.

No. 1879640

Decluttering is already happening, and I assume for other stanley collectors too. I feel like this trend ran its life cycle unusually fast. We’ll see these at secondhand shops in a few months.

No. 1879650

I hate when people eat food in the store before paying for it, it's very trashy.

No. 1879658

? she was already holding the cupcake in the car. also it's a kid. you guys need to chill, kek.

No. 1879663

Didn't see she had it in her car, but it's her mom's fault she's eating in a store, consoomer gotta be trashy in every way I guess.

No. 1879665

I hate her voice so much. i can barely get through this video. Her entire house looks sterile, like Mariah's

No. 1879667

I wonder when we'll see stanley cups at thrift stores

No. 1879668

How do people think this is okay? I wonder if anyone even calls her out on this? It feels like tiktok is consoomer heaven though for these people.

No. 1879679

It looks like a glamorous hospital wtf.
Decluttering all the time is such a hassle, what even is the point? There has to be a better way to itch that consooming urge. You know she is only getting rid of those starbucks cups because they aren't in trend right now, but when starbucks decides to go crazy with the designs, she will be back to square one.

No. 1879683

honestly she'd really need to feel the pain of wasting money for once but she's making mad bank by decluttering and selling on depop or whatever platform she uses, and her brand deals. i had adhd-like behavior during college/lockdown and i bought so much hobby stuff that i ended up getting rid of for free and it made me very cautious about getting into new hobbies and overconsooming. you really think five times before you purchase anything when you know the pain of giving away hundreds of euros of jigsaw puzzles, knitting and crocheting supplies, adult coloring books and art related supplies, journaling supplies, etc. i also got rid of all my weeb merch for very cheap and now i can't bring myself to buy any merch ever. used to have tons of preorders on amiami at all times but not anymore. experiencing this really teaches you a lot.

No. 1879737

God I wish this were me

No. 1879744

File: 1707253612450.png (1.12 MB, 800x1310, Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 1.08.…)

No. 1879751

It's even more retarded, it looks like its minesweeper but without any clues to show you where the next item will be. No strategy at all.

No. 1879754

lol pathetic

No. 1879762

>This is progress
Her room and bathroom actually look worse. Unless she means it’s progressively gotten filled with more stuff. Looks stressful having so much littered around.

No. 1879782

Lmaoo I hope she doesn't live in a bad area. Some booster is going to figure out where she lives and steal all her shit. You can get a ton of drugs for all that.

No. 1879847

I can smell the perfume section of any Mall.

No. 1879851

>Why do women collect super sonico figures?
She's cheap (lots of prize figures) and you don't have to engage in any source material, same thing with Miku.
Pretty funny to watch her cope about how 'SONICO IS ACTUALLY REALLY FOR WOMEN GUYS'

No. 1879859

Can you imagine the reverb if she has stomach issues? Peeing probably sounds like moonsoon and her wet toilet dispenser has to be a public ashtray. Why does she have a waiting room to her bathroom? Does she really take so long other people need to camp out by the door?

No. 1879863

Can't she just say "because I'm a coomer"? Come on.

No. 1879874

But nonnie~ her collection is totally sfw! Which is why she owns a half scale figure of Sonico in a bikini!

No. 1879897

File: 1707263635266.png (36.39 KB, 897x183, image.png)

Shilling an eroge company mascot to kids is pretty strange…

No. 1879908

File: 1707264201098.jpg (139.3 KB, 798x1200, sonico.jpg)

>But she also has big thighs and is usually shown as a tummy as well, and built like an average woman
>Shows figures with huge boobs and a flat stomach
>Average figure is built like pic rel

No. 1879916

She has fucking abs, how is that average?

No. 1879924

'she's not underage' is such a huge cope like yeah the anime industry is full of pedophilia but how is that a reason to like a half naked character

No. 1879980

honestly, i was kinda amazed sonico chan wasnt underage. She's college aged and goes to college in the anime.

No. 1880008

Was there some funky ass condensation drops underneath a few of those lids or is it just me

No. 1880042

File: 1707269264563.jpeg (439.57 KB, 1284x2259, IMG_2367.jpeg)

Nah I saw two pink ones that had water on the lids. Gross. Does she not dry her cups after washing them?

No. 1880050

Theyve been sitting in that dark cabinet growing amoeba

No. 1880058

>Valentines day date with baby daddy
Does she think this is a flex on the 'haters'? It's a 20 second video of her prancing around and kissing her scrote.
>He surprised me with a sandwhich because he knows if I'm not fed before we go out to eat, I'll order 14 things
She spends all that money useless stuff, but buying food at a restaurant is apparently going too far.

No. 1880077

>paying 200 usd for an ugly white cup
why, just why. Why is it even that much?

No. 1880080

it looks like an asylum padded room how can you live like that and not go insane

No. 1880084

They "almost break up" every week and then she airs it out online. Does she just need him around for money to buy more mickey mouse crap?

No. 1880087

i am pretty sure she has her own money, she needs him to do the cooking kek

No. 1880091

How?? And from fucking what shes wasting money left and right.

No. 1880093

from tiktok

No. 1880096

Who the fucks even decorates their houese for valentine's day. Cant wait for the big valentine's day haul full of dollar store trash.

No. 1880100

They are desperate to find as many holidays to commercialise. I remember when valentines decor was nothing more than roses in a vase, rose petals and ambient lighting. I think it's also why places like target are going so hard with black history month and pride month, just another opportunity to shill more products. I am sure they will make up holidays just to sell things to people.

No. 1880102

the ''valentine's day gnomes'' theme stuff she has is fucking hilarious its so incredibly tacky and retarded

No. 1880113

Nonna, my mom's the same it's so hard. She pissed away her retirement on consooming and she still insists on buying supplies for whatever niche hobby I get into. She doesn't understand my tastes (or hobbies) at all so she keeps buying tacky accessories or tools that are useless for what I do. I recently told her I was volunteering on a farm and within a week she had bought me new work gloves, some seeds, and two hydroponic grow kits. So yeah I can't tell her anything about my life without her trying to consoom her way into it

No. 1880114

I always associate that sort of kitsch with old ladies and it's really weird seeing women I graduated high school with talk about how cute they are kek.

No. 1880145

this is such new money foolishness. the aesthetic hamper she'll have to struggle down to her washer with instead of having a laundry service. the bottles of dove hiding behind the clutter of buzzfeed listicle sephora-tier "high end" skincare, when someone with real money would have a few effective products and an aesthetician. the teeny towel dryer she had to crush her towel into instead of having a nice built-in wall rack that doubles as a heater for that mausoleum of a bathroom. the excess of cheap shit to present a veneer of wealth when most of it can be bought on amazon. the massive wasted space covered in cheap finishings and constructed without any thought to design. the emptiness that screams an inability to afford to fill it or hire someone to style the space. square footage is cheap in america if you're willing to live in the middle of nowhere. sorry, but this is only impressive to poor people.

No. 1880158

Sage for long ass blog but I’m realising people around me are such die hard consoomers and it’s killing me and I can’t bring this up irl without sounding like a bitter bitch. I’m not anti collections or anti fun at all, everyone has their ‘thing’ but be reasonable. I had once a cute elderly Serbian neighbour that had collected seagull ornaments of all things and it was awesome because it was so random/niche and she lovingly dusted them every day and named them all kek

But exhibit a: I work at a video game and merchandise chain in my country and you know, yeah use your discount for stuff you really want and have waited for or whatever, but fuck me some of my co workers are insane. Dropping $500 on three preorders of various mass produced ugly anime statues whilst you already have hundreds worth on hold/others rotting in your room unboxed. Pokémon TCG fanboys are the worst, getting multiples of every ‘elite’ box ($200 a pop) just in case cardboard with a bit of glitter is in it. Half of them can’t name the Pokémon on the cards beyond gen 1, just know that it’s ‘valuable’. One coworker is constantly dressing ‘goth’ which isn’t a problem, but she buys the first shitty thing she sees on shein that’s black and lacy, wears it once, then ‘declutters’ and comes to work bragging about how she cleared enough space to get her next shipment of crappy clothes. She uses cosmetics off temu which sounds like a skin disorder waiting to happen.

Exhibit b: some of my closest friend, live exclusively on tik tok it seems. Like fucking clockwork, they all ran out and got crocs at the same time and jerked off about every new release/wanted ugly collab ones and would get super sad when they missed out after waiting hours online when they released. One even said ‘I don’t really like the colour but it’d be so cool to have them’. Come 2024, they don’t wear them. One started a job working in the outdoors in winter and, instead of getting a sensible down jacket from a place like HellyHansen like I suggested went for a shiny aesthetic one from Patagonia bc her favourite TikTok twink wore it and was surprised when she got pneumonia. Now, surprise surprise, I see them sipping Stanley cups (or not, because they’re empty and are carried around for show because it’s ‘too heavy with water’ wtf). Save me anons, I love these people and they’re not at all bad, it’s just so fucking cringe.

No. 1880184

>new money
How would you know, none of you going about new and old money knows a damn rich person. This made up pedestal you put rich families on is bizarre. Generationally wealthy people are arguably worse because they didn’t have to do shit to achieve money.

No. 1880193

mighty presumptuous, especially thinking that's putting anything on a pedestal. my point is that people with actual money spend it on services that save them the most valuable thing that can never be directly bought: time. doing aesthetic laundry is a waste of money if it still takes you the same amount of time. why do you think celebs take private jets for trips they could have driven? kobe bryant died because of the logic that it's better to risk flying than be stuck in traffic for 3x the time. the projection of "luxury" or "richness" in the video is designed from the perspective of someone who has no idea how real rich people live. to any truly rich people or people disillusioned by being surrounded by rich people in their servitude can see what a flaming money pit of a facade the kind of consumerism in that video is. i'm not defending anyone's waste of money, i'm just pointing out that it's the upper middle class version of ghetto people with "luxury brand" purses bought at a mall.

No. 1880327

It's extra sad because she's using this to peddle those cheap plastic products from amazon and ali express
Just put them on the radiator lol

No. 1880351

File: 1707299215183.mp4 (18.01 MB, 1080x1920, It’s that time again #asmr #…)

More Valentine's Day pink consooming.

No. 1880364

Senran Kagura is problematic but Super Sonico isn't?

No. 1880370

I'm convinced this is the result of people being removed from nature. Instead of watching the seasons change to have a grip on time passing we now cling to consumer holidays.

No. 1880376

>be weeb
>act horrified when you find out the kawaii animu grill with big tits is actually 14
this new wave of irony poisoned consoomer weebs who dont watch anime but still consoom the figures and aesthetics repulse me

No. 1880378

I'm browsing tiktok for more of them, it's hilarious that this girl has a Saya no Uta figure in the background (a loli character from a gore horror VN that gets raped by an old man)

No. 1880380

i seriously doubt she even likes or watches anime, literally just buying a personality

No. 1880382

A big sign of loneliness is assigning human emotions to non living objects, like toys for example. Caring this much about “problematic” media and the supposed age of fictional characters is peak mental illness. Some people act like a plastic figurine of a fictional character is equal to keeping a live child hostage in your room.

No. 1880383

Yeah, I think this is like a job for some people. They sell through linking the items to people. These videos are essentially advertisements.

No. 1880389

not only that but she's an hypocrite because of what >>1880378 said. She has a shit ton of posters and figurines from 'problematic' anime so i dont understand what makes some series and figurines ok and what makes others ''too uncomfy to have in my shelf uguu''

No. 1880400

And a third girl, this one is a coomer figure collector

Oh just to be clear, they are two different people, but the waitress chick with the Saya no Uta figure also made a video of figures she regrets buying and is like
>you don't know where this figure is from, just ignore it

No. 1880408

I don't like or care for anime but I can at least sort of get the appeal of getting cute (actually cute) figurines. What's the appeal of girls in overly sexualized outfits with big melon tits hanging out for women? Like what are they getting out of figurines like that? It is so, so blatantly not made for them.

No. 1880429

I genuinely doubt she gets all this just from her waitress salary, I think she might still live with her parents so that makes it easier?

Also here is her complaining about lolicon figures, just have the hypocrisy example:

No. 1880442

nobody mentioning she put the flowers in the cart first and then everything else around/on top of them like she wants them to wilt. put some meat and dairy in there with it before you go perusing the aisles
one is all you need but the thing that irked me the most is "lilac purple" like she just learned that's the colour name and you can just say lilac, that and the tiktok psuedo-valleygirl they all do no matter what state they're from (I'm not even a burgerfag and I notice it) >>1879595 sounds the same to me
> and literalleeeiiiiiiiiggghhhh it's lifechanginggggguh?

No. 1880462

Having money and living a plastic fluorescent low frequency life like this is crazy. Is this why she has money?

No. 1880465

This reminds me of the coupon queen lady, except at least she donates her extra shit to women's shelters.

No. 1880473

I agree with you. I work in a high-end business as a generationally working-class person and people want blood in their diamonds. people will not buy lab grown even though it's just a quicker way to get basically the same thing but the labour is where the value comes from. it's a real blackpill but it's literally how the wealthy think. I have friends who larp as wealthy that need a housekeeper because the shame of "having to work" or god forbid "doing your own laundry". I'll ALWAYS find vidrel hilarious because it's rich larping as poor, most poorfags would never but here she is ~relating~ to us all.
special shoutout to the time lori and kev tried to flex knockoff lv when people with more taste sense and money than them would never be caught dead in a trinket like that, even if it was real
it doesn't take one to know one unfortunately. especially if you've been their servant and know how they work. maybe even some of their secrets. they need to pay us better to keep them or we might just end up on lolcor farm of all places

No. 1880478

All I can conclude from this thread is that TikTok and social media in general are the new: As Seen On TV.
But instead of having badly acted segments you have these people actually telling you that these retarded things are totally necessary because if they have them, you totally need them too.

No. 1880481

And it works better, in a scary way.
Like I remember waking up at 6am as a kid but there was nothing on the TV except topshop, those commercials didn't influence me at all. But nowadays you have kids screaming and crying at Stanley Cups.

No. 1880486

I still randomly get "cause I'm your laaaaydaaaaaaaaAaay and you are my maAaAn" stuck in the back of my head like at least a few times a year maybe. Do you guys remember wanting those round Betty crocker cakepans for no reason?

No. 1880497

Last one of this chick, but this video perplexes me. She says in her videos she didn't know about monogatari and how problematic it was, but she was apparently obsessed with AMVs of it as a teenager and loved Shinobu? So she didn't even know a single thing about it but calls it an obsession that led to her wearing goggles in some of her videos?

The meme of not watching and playing things and just experiencing them over youtube and then making it your personality is real.

No. 1880507

even if you havent watched anime you can tell shinobu is lolibait, this woman has never watched an anime in her life

No. 1880518

I remember when this hair and makeup and lenses were alternative and symbolized a style. they've literally destroyed style. it's gone, they either steal or recycle. and none of it makes any sense together???
this generation's normal is "alternative" when they don't have an alternative to anything, just what's shoved under their nose, down their throats, through their ears. they have 0 sense of self, and I pity them for it. this could have been a genuinely cool kid if she'd (I hate to fucking say it) been sheltered more, at least from the internet. there's 0 tangible need here, the need it to consume and beat the other consumers at the consuming game, where the one prize is less points and points are money. it's all so fucked, I actually went 180 from rage to pity. what the fuck happened nonas
I know we all saw it growing up (oldfag) but holy FUCK this is accelerated beyond imagination

No. 1880522

Ok this chick is hopeless. She didn't know what NATO was in high school so she wrote down Call of Duty as her reference for the exam.

No. 1880526

>has NANA knockoff figs from aliexpress mixed in with her weeb shit
who is she even trying to be and like >>1880507 has this kid watched an anime in her life?
fucking NANA I wont reeee about zoomers I will not let them destroy shit and burn the bridge behind them anymore I'm so fucking sick of their shit
can't even blame millenials on this crop, fuck oath

No. 1880537

File: 1707308346786.jpg (Spoiler Image,275.44 KB, 539x927, Untitled-1.jpg)

Barf. Didn't someone post an unfiltered pic of her face in a previous consoomer thread?

No. 1880542

i didnt know they made the last one, nitroplusize.

No. 1880550

>She didn't know what NATO was in high school so she wrote down Call of Duty as her reference for the exam.
That sounds hilarious.

No. 1880560

She needs to shoot that thing

No. 1880566

>fatty coping with being a NLOG I'm worse I'm a coomer pickme with less personality than a girl who larped being into cars to be a pickme.
at least that girl learns something, what is this they/them ass going to do when real life confronts them? tell us about how a 1000 dragon is a loli is an actual body positivity IT ALL MEANS NOTHING go get some fucking life skills before it's literally too late which is way sooner than these chuckleheads realize

No. 1880576

She sincerely just needs to be honest and call herself a coomer at this point because that's essentially all this amounts to. None of this is cute. It's all fetishization and plastic consumerism of ugly designs.

No. 1880578

>buying diet popcorn to put in a drawer filled with an obscene amount of chocolate and candy
kek why even bother

No. 1880606

>Didn't someone post an unfiltered pic of her face in a previous consoomer thread?
So I think I mixed it up
Why are there so many of these spoiled alt girls collecting Vivienne Westwood?

No. 1880609

If she posted on more platforms she could be milky. She pretends she's morally superior about one thing and mongers that it's horrible like Hetalia, but then makes up her own logic and uses muh plus size as an excuse to buy fetish figures.

No. 1880611

her smug face is extremely punchable but I have to admit she has a nice collection, except for the coomer shit.

No. 1880614

I'd have to see if she posted a room tour but most shelves I've seen were coomer sonico

No. 1880616

They wear a lot of Vivienne Westwood in the anime Nana, which tiktok is obsessed with. This girl basically admits it's because of Nana

No. 1880626

I don't think liking a brand because of an anime is such a bad thing, a lot of people already are obsessed with brand tags for no reason whatsoever, at least VW has some actually interesting designs.

No. 1880628

This is the consoomer thread nonnie, where artificial value through overpriced brands is hated.

No. 1880636

Seeing the brand in something first and liking it for it's unique design is one thing, but these tiktokers clearly only want it because it's from a popular anime. The sad thing is that the material VW uses is plated brass which will tarnish pretty quickly. For the cost it's really not worth it, though I do love the designs.

No. 1880640

I found this on her youtube KEK Shayna if she was a weeb

No. 1880643

put me on a cross but if someone chooses to buy one brand piece they actually wear instead of 10 pieces of trash from temu that will go to a landfill in less than 5 years I will look the other way to their consummerism. if they buy 10 brand pieces they never wear, now that's pointless and retarded too but at least it's going to the secondhand market eventually instead of a landfill because brand retards keep these things instead of letting them rot in a landfill like all cheap things end up. so if we have poor people doing retarded choices and spending their entire paychecks on one brand bag instead of a ton of china crap maybe that's better for the environment even if it's utterly dumb.

No. 1880646

I don't wanna spam the thread with this chick, but did you see her boob bait cosplay tiktok and where she salivates at nerdy gamer guys? In a different era I'd see her on /w/, but her only milk is going back and forth on what's "problematic", she is fine separating the art from the artist when it's some misogynistic dude from harajuku.

No. 1880647

File: 1707319095434.png (67.94 KB, 281x235, image_2024-02-07_172021022.png)

gordon ramsay with a fucking wig kekkkkk

No. 1880649

File: 1707319120860.jpg (152.67 KB, 1145x1148, since-when-was-this-scene-core…)

>what the fuck happened nonas
2016 happened. All the big name scene kids/cool kids dropped the aesthetic or distanced themselves from the community. As far as I recall, there was never a passing of the baton of knowledge and experiences to younger gens.

Most importantly, the internet became far more bigger than we can ever imagine. It used to be that communities were offline and full of individuals trying to create a name for a shared experience or cultural zeitgeist which produced diversity in art, expression, and thought. The internet was just an extension of that. Now you have an "aesthetic" with preset ideas, experiences, and rituals which promises "consoomunity" at the expense of fostering a real voice and power that is needed more than ever. It's sad because old alt groups were weird but had character since they usually were resisting the status quo, now they're just plain weird because that's what they think being alt is.

No. 1880650

VW was worn a lot by the jfashion community too before COVID/the terrible alt influx. Throw in the Nana thing and you got these idiots drawn to it like flies.

No. 1880674

i remember reading in her comment section that her bloom deal alone nets here around 200k a year.

No. 1880680

honest to god, who needs this much shower shit?

No. 1880718

Holy shit what is the point of making your shower a stock room?! I cant imagine anyone is happy living with these hoarders

No. 1880721

This is one of the most depressing new rich houses I've ever seen, new rich people already have such shit taste but holy shit who needs this much white space with shitty accoustics, it takes an eternity to go to the toilet and everything looks plain, cold, and devoid of life. Fuck this entire house, this is so much wasted space

No. 1880722

The soaps and scrubs are cute but why does she have so much shit laying around? This is gross. Also who needs this much shit just to shower

No. 1880727

File: 1707324361285.png (1.07 MB, 754x672, depressiondotgov.png)

kek @ depressiondotgov's reaction to >>1872157

No. 1880728

These low-key advertisements for brands in her videos are the cherry on top of the consoom cake. I wonder how much tree hut pays her to feature their products in her videos.

No. 1880733

File: 1707324886861.jpg (30.33 KB, 720x480, IMG-20240207-WA0002.jpg)

>Snoop Dogg x sketchers

No. 1880736

I wonder if TikTok is allowing her to afford all this stuff. She's also gotten a ton of designer handbags in under 2 years. When I first started following her she wasn't making as much. She has a fiance now too though

No. 1880742

Maybe she just has bad taste because she's definitely pulling in bank. I've seen the progression in 2 short years.

No. 1880752

>I'd see her on /w/, but her only milk is going back and forth on what's "problematic"
Honestly most of the cows on /w/ don’t have consistent milk, other than PixieLocks. A lot of the threads are dead or focus on small things.
Either they’re worried about smelling bad, or have taken “self-care” way too far. Probably both. Most of these hoarders of shower products want people to think they have money and are “cleaner” than everyone else.

No. 1880781

these are literally equally consoom, only big difference is scene kids handmade a fuck ton of those beaded bracelets but young "scene" zoomers who watch steven universe and the youtube clown show still do that. nostalgia is clouding your judgement

No. 1880865

File: 1707334624172.jpg (38.06 KB, 700x1000, 61vgiWP R9L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

She says that first figure is just a normal anime girl, but it's completely not. It has gross swollen water balloon tits covered with a skin tight sweater, and hot pants riding up around the pubic mound. Figures don't have to be this way. It pisses me off. They can make figures that don't effectively have visible naked engorged breasts, pussy, and ass. That's a deliberate design choice, especially if the source material is sfw.

No. 1880866

She's making definitely bank from those shitty products, all those mindless consoom reels with must-have items that nobody fucking needs are adverts. Her viewers can't afford her house, but you know what they can afford? All the easy to use knickknacks that can be bought for next to nothing on Amazon with a single click. Maybe if they have all the tat she shills, they can pretend they're living in a depressing mansion too.
This is what happens when kids don't know what to do without a screen in front of their faces. Leaving the house is too hard so you stay in and make Sephora skincare cocktails with your Tree Hut scrubs and Dove shower gels for five hours instead. They're cheap, they're socially acceptable alternatives to having an actual hobby, and they can use as much of it as they want when they're making videos because they've stockpiled a decade's worth of shower shit.

No. 1880905

>bored ape
this is still a thing?

No. 1880924

Do you think in 2095 we will have a Super Sonico movie in the style of Barbie movie?

No. 1880991

Would be better than her actual anime
I hate to admit but I respect those who actually know about whatever coomer slop they're watching buying merch vs the Tiktok aesthetic larpers blowing their money on shit you know they'd find repulsive once they see the source

No. 1880995


No. 1881018

Trust me, I know. I only used scene because I grew up with that and I saw the discourse surrounding the consumerism behind that culture. I just find it interesting because you used to put subcultures side by side and you can at least see how culture and self-expression evolved. You can see how someone dressed and easily see where they stood in the greater scheme of things. Now you have things like scenecore which is just shein and zoomers yearning 2012 for to be relevant again so they can find an excuse to buy more clothes while claiming it's all about finding community. You could never put those people side by side and think they're the same.

No. 1881023

jfc it really is what shaymu tried to do but failed at.

No. 1881047

File: 1707347597615.jpg (241.21 KB, 1200x1200, jem looking awful.jpg)

I just saw this tranny looking thing in an ad, it's almost $200, but the quality is like a $20 prize figure. I don't even object to the idea of people buying "collectables" occasionally as a fun thing, but these days it's all $10 hoardable shit like Funkopops, or infinity priced shit frequently of dubious quality.
People in America and the America Lite countries don't even have a concept of people having different values anymore. It's ironic, because the men and women now all want to look like a Suicide Girl, but they are all the same, and will come after you if you disagree.

No. 1881050

File: 1707347837281.jpg (99.17 KB, 1200x1200, 6bf3b66aeac743179f397b00372c9c…)

Here's the rest of tranny Jem, if you thought I was joking. Literally has man legs.(retarded bait )

No. 1881051

this is bait

No. 1881056

you're probably living under a rock with internet and not going outside ever if you think everyone wants to look alt. the majority being people who look and act normal are still very much the norm for pretty much everywhere.

No. 1881067

Maybe not literally every human, but most of the people who will admit to being liberals under 45 seem to have a very idealized and aspirational view of it, even if they aren't dipping into the Manic Panic sacred cow themselves.

No. 1881087

File: 1707350931160.jpg (12.75 KB, 570x660, 6404016O-02P166-IM_PLATINUM-BL…)

For the armor rings, I think the majority of them are actually silver/recycled silver in some capacity. I admit I am a bit of a VW consoomer (and yes, it did come from Nana back when I was weeb in hs/college lol) and I have 3 armor ones and 2 knuckle dusters, but the only one that's tarnished is the pic attached. My ones that are all metal show no signs of tarnish (and that's with everyday wear for 3+ years).

No. 1881090

i feel sorry for this chick, shes too ugly to be an egirl

No. 1881093

people forget that scene kids were fucking insane. These scenecore twitter kiddies cry when someone misgenders them, meanwhile scenekids were dissecting dogs, larping as a wolves, and killing people. I am not saying thats better, but they were definetly 'alt' and not another flavour of weeb.

No. 1881123

You can't be a true scene kid if you haven't been molested by Dahvie Vanity basically.

No. 1881129

My fat ass thought this was a cock cage

No. 1881133

When one of them shits lose suction and everything falls on her toes it's gonna hurt so fuckin bad. Hope it'll be her and not her kid. She'll be concussed and the lady won't notice.

No. 1881134

I was considering ordering VW before, until I read the fine print and its all fucking BRASS. I could get better metal at macy's, and the replicas sold online also use brass and are nearly identical so the design alone doesn't justify the price.

No. 1881139

Not to mention you absolutely have to get it straight from VW because the amount of fakes is truly incredible.

No. 1881150

I am pretty sure they idealize, well, an idealized and aspirational way of being alternative and get spooked at anyone who is actually alternative. like when you wear something remotely bold and someone says "wow, you're so brave" like it's not an backhanded compliment because even though they might think it's cool, you're still weird for wearing something outside the norm. what they crave is individuality, to wear what they actually want, something we're stripped of in our society, not to actually be alternative. I heard someone at work saying they miss wearing sweatpants in a jokingly way but I'm sure that woman was dead serious. work and school uniforms strip people out of their individual style.

No. 1881182

Why even buy figures from franchises you know nothing about? Isn't the whole point of anime figures and merch collecting to show your love for a character?
>i got her for her cute design
Its literally just a figure of a girl wearing a cardigan and sport-shorts at the size of panties. There is nothing interesting about the character's design I can't see why anyone would buy this unless they already where familiar with the character.
I couldn't watch the rest of the video because she moves like a glitching video game character (probably dur to the filter) and talks like she is constantly running out of breath it's seriously annoying to listen to. Why do people like this even get views?

No. 1881185

I agree when it's items where you can't easily get a dupe. Vivienne westwood jewellry just doesn't fall under that category, even if the materials aren't the best. Sometimes, that logo and branding is a critical piece of the design and the appeal strictly from an aesthetic perspective and i don't think it's makes you a consoomer to admit that it's true.

No. 1881323

I find it really weird that people are drawn to VW jewellery rather than the clothing. Whenever someone has a VW collection it’s always jewellery and accessories? Is it because they're the cheapest brand things you can buy so it’s easier to build up a collection to flex? Same goes for people who buy designer bags like in the barbie clones thread. It’s always the fucking Chanel bags and silly little accessories and never the clothes.

No. 1881334

I'm more irked at the concept of a punk "brand". Channel makes sense for the rich girlies and wanting to flex. But Viviene Westwood being a punk brand? Nothing is more anti punk than fighting to be on a wait list for overpriced jewelry made out of brass, just because it's a big establishment name.

No. 1881424

File: 1707389635153.mp4 (1.81 MB, 720x1280, 657.mp4)

Not as bad as some of other weeb rooms, but this particular individual shares her room with her sister. Her sister has no space for herself except her bed.

No. 1881426

File: 1707389760985.mp4 (18.05 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_1760424044455146_5104…)

No. 1881446

>poster of two men kissing in your room
That's just weird

No. 1881454

She's just a fujo, anon.

If anything it's the creepy yaoi dolls that are weird.

No. 1881465

so she moved her bed over to the sister's side for even more consoom yaoi including taking the space under her sister's bed. i would tell my sister to gtfo if this happened to me. she can pay for over priced dolls then she can go find a room to rent.

No. 1881478

She should get some furniture to better organize and store stuff, she obviously has no qualms about wasting money anyway, the room isn't minuscule it could be at least better than that.

No. 1881487

I wouldn't be really bothered over the dolls and posters if this was her own room, but since she shares it with her sister she should contain herself. What the fuck is she even doing with that amount of yarn in her room?? Just get a room to use as a workshop if you have that many things you need to store.

No. 1881495

I'm a little confused. Where is her sister's stuff? Or did she not show it and it's stored away because she doesn't have much? It's crazy because it seems like all of that garbage is hers. I was surprised when I heard that she set up shop under sister's bed too. I hope they have a good relationship.

No. 1881506

wtf is she gonna do with all that yarn? I find it even more alarming than her BL shrine.

No. 1881556

Why does she buy all these figures of little girls in suggestive poses and outfits and then acts shocked about them being problematic? I don't get the fascination zoomers have with consooming coomer lolishit and then bitching about it, there have been pickmes loving Super Sonico and loli stuff Kodomo no Jikan since 2009 but at least they didn't act retarded about it.

That's what I can't stand about gen z, embrace being degenerate or be fucking normal, you don't get to have both

No. 1881558

Nta but I also watched various alt groups closely in 00s and they felt like false advertisement, because while that people looked different, the majority was just the same as everyone else in the worst sense while feeling like superior nonconformists for stupidest shit like hating pink and rhinestones or pretending to find beauty in mutilated corpses. The members of subcultures were instantly recognizable and yeah, you could easily figure out their tastes and interests, but precisely because many of them were not individuals, they were like copies of each other (I don't mean fashion because it's normal), and it was still based on a certain aesthetic just like today, only today it's not about a specific community with a specific lifestyle and set of interests and it doesn't follow the solid formula of music + fashion + aesthetic.
There was a big fixation on fashion in many such communities, and it would often lead to gatekeeping, because the coolest or the "truest" ones were those who could afford all the clothes and other paraphernalia in the first place (well, or at least make it if it was possible). It's especially true of skinheads (considering the origins, it's ridiculous how it turned into pretty much just buying expensive clothes and shoes), goths, and I thought scene kids as well because I don't know about any discourse you've mentioned but to me it seemed like they were mostly just obsessed with shoes and accessories, and I remember other alt groups criticizing them for this fixation on fashion and lack of "philosophy" behind it (while not being exactly deep themselves). There were still poor attempts at copying the style or mixing styles together (like this tiktok girl itt) and those people were ruthlessly ridiculed, especially if they weren't conventionally attractive. Music was a huge part and there were more "rules" within certain subcultures but all in all, I don't think it was much deeper than today's aesthetics tbh, or I just don't see how it's better.

No. 1881562

File: 1707403192821.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1476x4426, 61EB2374-FC23-49B1-98E3-7CB9AB…)

Oh kek this one is sort of personal cow for me. She’s a neet who’s in debt to her mom(?) for constantly spending thousands on BL merch and tries to sell low tier crochet dolls. She bought four of those 1k a piece BJDs before finishing their respective series and has since bought at least 3 more. At one point she sold most of her collection only to buy it all back a few months later

No. 1881582

File: 1707403832488.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1676x3090, 88DB00D4-4916-4DDA-97B1-5D8869…)

She also tried putting her collection in storage but again apparently that only last until she started getting a trickle of revenue from tiktok kek

No. 1881594

I assume it's in the living room or another part of the house, since she mentioned how she can't move her own stuff to the living room. Literally hoarder house behaviour. Even if she's on good terms with her sister it must feel awful for her to not be able to have her own space while her sister's consoom hoard expands exponentially around her. I think the sister is much younger too so she must not have that much choice.

Nice, nonna, she pops up occasionally on my feed and I know how much those creepy BJD dolls cost so she caught my eye. How's her relationship with her parents?

No. 1881597

This woman is so hideous with her 10 pounds of blush

No. 1881627

>used merch buying to cope with stressful moments
And there's your problem. Maybe find a coping method that's not filling your sister's room with dolls of fictional gay Chinese men kek

No. 1881635

If I was her sister I'd be throwing a fit. She made her desk under her sister's bed?? How inconsiderate and selfish, can't believe her parents would ok that.

KEKK basically admitting she's only collecting for views, wow. I posted her a few threads ago, she had amassed like 7-9k in debt in just four months, which is what made her want to sell her collection. How is she not embarrassed being in debt to her MOM for BL of all things, I would rather die.

She's jobless too? How the fuck is she not freaking out about her future right now? Do we know how old she is? Her parents really need to give her a wake-up call.

No. 1881664

Thank you for remember me this account.

No. 1881668

>All those scrubs.

No. 1881675

new hannah alonzo video from her influencer insanity series, this time about the stanley craze.

No. 1881676

That's the video that made me see the compilation of kids crying over stanley cups
The timestamp is 12:55

No. 1881677

Kek there is no fucking way people are buying her basic crochet dolls so much that she has to have like two entire bookcases full of yarn. She's 100% putting them up for the ~~aesthetic~~ because she doesn't need that much and she could have them all together in some boxes to save space.

No. 1881682

Talking about BJD collections:

No. 1881687

File: 1707414428983.mp4 (2.61 MB, 720x1280, 404795293_868256335040446_5680…)

No. 1881695

That was a terrifying video. All those clips with the kids reactions to getting stanley cups for xmas says so much about how little girls arent allowed to be kids anymore. Why do these idiot parents keep letting kids that young on social media anyway? How else would they know about stanley cups?

No. 1881696

I have a friend who is constantly complaining about not having enough money for medical bills, etc etc, but keeps buying dolls. She doesnt have a 1k horse, but she has a huge collection of BJD, that is at least 30-40k worth. She doesn't see that the correlation makes zero sense if she keeps begging for money online

No. 1881697

Rooms dedicated to a collection which you can't use, only observe are crazy to me. Personal libraries are cool for example, but a room dedicated to figures is a major pain if you have pets or kids. You can't fully utilize the space, lots of dust, pain in the ass to move.

I just talked to a friend today how the "tween" phase is dead, with those disney channel comedies targeted at 12-14 year olds and kids make up, it's sad how it's an instant jump to serious business.

No. 1881700

The biggest kek is when the little girl is screaming about getting her stanley cup, and her little brother behind her goes 'cool, a rock collection!'
Like damn, these girls are so sad. I blame the parents mostly, but the little girls arent completely innocent either in this trend bullshit

I remember being 12 in the early 2000s and i used to go out with friends to the park and get pizza after school. I didnt even touch makeup until i was at least 18 (for graduation) and then again until 19 or 20. Now kids are trying to be as grown up as possible. It feels so pedo-tier

No. 1881701

File: 1707415265601.mp4 (6.35 MB, 480x854, cKDGqHi.mp4)

is it bad that I kinda wanna buy this?

No. 1881706

File: 1707415436638.png (179.45 KB, 420x280, spicedolls.png)

Is like those Tumblr/Twitter beggars with their POCs and mental illness to pay a rent, but then you see them spending money on "comfort stuff" like games, dolls, etc.

I remember being 12 in the '90s and there were toys aimed to girls like MLP, Barbie, baby dolls, and such. There might be make-up toys but most of the time girls wanted toys to play with.

No. 1881737

I saw a TV report almost 10 years ago that stated toy stores were going out of business because kids just don't play with toys anymore. They asked 10 year olds girls when they thought it was normal to stop playing with toys, they all agreed you should stop before the age of 7 because toys were only for "little" kids and they considered themselves too old for toys. It was in no way the adults who forced this on them, in fact adults are all quite shocked by it so I wonder how it happened.

No. 1881744

A friend told me her little sister doesn't play with her toys because she was a youtube kid and watched tons of toy reviews, so she lost interest

No. 1881758

This has to be a massive fire hazard. Their parents need to put their foot down on this situation and get that crap out of there.

No. 1881841

Fragrance AND a lotion!? Girl you already smell like 3 different things getting out of the shower? This is the type of noseblind consoomer that sprays herself ten times over and becames a walking Geneva Convention gas warfare violation in the streets. But seriously, some people (like my mom) who get migraines are easily triggered by overpowering sharp smells like perfume. It's sad that consoomers like her don't think about how they come across to others.

No. 1881876

Nonnie this channel has 1k subscribers. This smells like a vendetta post

No. 1881914

As a burgerfag if you've ever seen a group of elementary school kids you'll see that social media was very detrimental and they feel pressure not to be "cringe" and embody what they see on tiktok or youtube shorts, but that's mostly the popular ones. Others enjoy stuff like garten of banban and skibidi toliet, basic brainrot that I'm not upset about since we had our own. Seems like they like entertaining themselves online more with video games or videos than toys which is pretty mind boggling for 6-10 year olds

No. 1881969

No, because I kind of want it too lmao
I'd love to see if/how it would interpret real animals or random objects

No. 1882022

That's pretty damn cool

No. 1882064

File: 1707433176506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,371.92 KB, 827x1667, 094485D6-42C4-4938-A7DC-CEE36B…)

Not sure if these have been posted about before but I found out about this company gamersupps and their “waifu cups”. Basically anime girls (and gender swapped moid YouTubers?) on BPA plastic. This guy’s collection of coomer stanleys was particularly bad.

No. 1882096

File: 1707436160613.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.17 KB, 1200x675, GAxAiE6WMAA0oq6.jpg)

They made an Asmongold one. The cup itself has cat ears and the waifu is a cat girl with barely contained breasts. Kek considering the scrote behind the collab lives in filth with bleeding gums, a receding hairline, and cockroaches crawling over him on stream. They should've made it true to life.

No. 1882109

I unfortunately know more than one person in real life who have more than one of these and I do not get it. They're such consoomer goods. Pretty sure they're also the brand that made a 'titty milk' flavor

No. 1882119

Look at all that cheap crap, their profit margins must be fantastic.

No. 1882124

Yes, it's a cool project but you literally can't do anything with it aside from scanning pokemon, I doubt you'd keep using it after it loses its novelty, plus it's ugly and it doesn't even work perfectly (guy tested it on a plushie and it didn't guess right), and it doesn't work offline, save your money

No. 1882128

This is so much worse than the basic Stanley consoom. Not only are coom images plastered onto cheap plastic cups, but the product is just Bloom for Men. As if gamers need to put anymore crap into their bodies.

No. 1882149

File: 1707439556947.jpeg (Spoiler Image,400.59 KB, 828x1669, A2E4E8FA-0D7B-4D4E-92E2-6575EE…)

Found another one, couldn’t even use the cups but kept buying them wtf
Ugh don’t even get me started on the actual energy supplement drink they sell. Musty gamers need it for what? To game better?? They’re not even using this shit as a workout boost but to click clack on their keyboards better. A cup of green tea would suffice but of course that doesn’t come in such appealing flavors like “anime girl thigh” and “guacamole gamer fart 9000” (I’m not making that last one up nonnies it is on their website)

No. 1882152

File: 1707439921167.jpg (1.39 MB, 3024x4032, stupidshit.jpg)

Holy shit moids are so retarded. Put boobs on some alibaba cancer plastic and their monkey neuron activation awakens and buys one of everything.

No. 1882160

how do these people get so much money to waste on this stuff while also living with their parents? are the wages in america/canada that fucking good

No. 1882162

File: 1707440576966.png (141.61 KB, 637x856, poison.png)

samefag, was wondering what was in this and the consoomer barely even fucking knows. They're also releasing waifu drops? I'm going to release anime gf boob sweat drops but they're cyanide

No. 1882169

kek this is hilarious literally moid's stanley cups and they look even shittier and are probably filled with more lead and microplastics

No. 1882176

File: 1707441514830.jpeg (324.11 KB, 828x1252, A88631D1-604C-4626-ABCE-8E0058…)

Kek I keep digging into the subreddit and it these moids are something else. All of them encouraging each other to consoom. Like literal discussion threads ranking these shitty cups. It looks like their brand model runs on FOMO and limited edition art. Found this interaction…gee I wonder why your girlfriend is upset could it be the softcore porn you collect and display? Also the so called girl collector chiming in is a troon so go figure.

No. 1882183

whats asmongold about this, is this supposed to be asmongold as a girl? because she isnt bald or dirty

No. 1882193

The arm is never slender

No. 1882194

Her mom needs to beat her ass.

No. 1882197

not that pathetic ass coolgirl™ dunking on his gf for not liking his softcore porn cups

No. 1882205

File: 1707443609356.png (787.77 KB, 922x877, waifucup.png)


No. 1882215

Exactly the hand you would expect to see holding this

No. 1882220

Charlie/penguin0z talks about that being his favorite flavor with a straight face all the time. It makes me sick to think of women being pregnant or breastfeeding being sexualized like this. I wish all moids a painful death.

No. 1882285

God, these are ugly. This is so much worse than collecting Stanleys, at least Stanley cups look presentable and are a quality product. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on ugly plastic coomer cups

No. 1882296

They look like freebies that companies hand out to promote themselves, instead of a logo there's a generic waifu.

No. 1882306

literal pig trotter hand

No. 1882500

How does one sleep in an enclosed tent that small without sweating to death?

No. 1882544

The text on the shirt says something like
>always big penis

No. 1882565

File: 1707470568779.png (705.86 KB, 1080x594, pyro why.png)

I first heard of these from Pyro collaborating with them. I couldn't believe how cheap it looked, and even he couldn't care to use it for more than one stream

No. 1882568

You're 100% right. Where I'm from, you couldn't be truly scene without the dyed hair, the makeup, the very specific clothing brands (skelanimals anyone?) none of which was easily available or cheap. There was a bit more diy than in today, and the music was more of a prominent component but it was still extremely consumeristic.

No. 1882581

>first ever cat ear lid
the ad is so badly designed i would have never noticed it if it wasn't written

No. 1882610

This is so funny and embarrassing and bleak all at once. I’m a trainer (sorry for blog) and was given a bunch of gamersupps by a client as like a gift I guess? He gave me a waifu cup also, which I threw away. It was garbage quality and can confirm it just reeked of the type of plastic that is most unsafe. It was a super shit quality shaker cup with a badly printed graphic. The supplements themselves are trash, and all the gross names make me want to a-log. Gotta hand it to the people in charge tho, they know how to hook that pathetic audience and keep a hold of their money

No. 1882644

I've seen these kek. These moids will make fun of women for collecting stanley cups while they hoard shitty sippy cups with rancid smelling plastic and a traced drawing printed on top. Moids are fucking retarded. What are they drinking all that sugary shit for anyway? Like another anon said they sit on their computers all day masturbating and playing stupid games, they're not working out and they don't need these "supplements" (aka sugar and water they piss out).

No. 1882663

File: 1707486293406.png (288.18 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4562.png)

Worlds most retarded flavor names. Also love that they don’t even care that the cups are such low quality that many of the brands own flavors will stain them

No. 1882665

The shitty quality and shitty coomer art is a great analogy for the nature of men. It doesn't matter if it's actually a good quality product, if it activates the dick then it'll be a hit. Sloppy product for sloppy men.

No. 1882679

Stanley cups at least have a nice design and seem to be sturdy. These are cheap looking, like they just pasted a pic on a dollar store cup. And cups with those type of lids always suck, they're hard to open and close so you're always paranoid something is spilling. I believe Stanley cups are also insulated with steel inside. Men literally can't do anything right, even when their trends mimic women's. I bet someone's going to end up making one of those cups a cum jar.

No. 1882680

I was 90% sure this was not a woman when I saw the comment, and now I'm 100% sure after seeing that hand hair. Usually women's arm hair doesn't extend that densely past the wrist.

No. 1882687

File: 1707488626752.jpeg (Spoiler Image,396.24 KB, 827x1659, 68002C10-94E9-4D68-9862-B2C6DD…)

Samefag because I keep finding shit. This retard has doubles of every design! He hasn’t even opened them…do moids just buy them to jerk off over them or something?

No. 1882695

They look a lot nicer but they still use lead so I wouldn’t be so quick to let them off the hook

No. 1882701

It's a cup anon, I'm not "letting them off the hook" about anything.

No. 1882710

"as a woman who collects waifu cups"
>as a woman
>tranny heart in profile pic
the jokes just write themselves KEK no actual woman is buying these

No. 1882720

100% an obese hairy coomer moid

No. 1882762

Worst part if they will all end up in landfills. You cant even donate them to a thrift store because they are so gross and sexual. I hate men so much

No. 1882768

NTA but the video has 31k views and I've seen it suggested to me before. Anon probably watches similar content.

Anons there's a troon flag in the profile pic kek

No. 1882805

File: 1707495983190.jpg (347.83 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-02-09-17-20-22…)

I swear pic related looks like traced idolmaster fanart

No. 1882826

File: 1707497342353.jpg (282.6 KB, 1080x1342, IMG_20240209_175039.jpg)

Did they really try to bait some fangirls with this? Women easily make better things in the fandom, lol

No. 1882829

I thought those were condoms kek

No. 1882837

It's so pathetic cause they could have tried doing something similar to the breast cups. They're cheaply made, but the concept is cool enough. Why did they stick some depressing sticky of Gojo and call it a day? Why not do something with his eye or domain expansion wtv.

No. 1882840

One for drinking, one for pissing.

No. 1882841

apparently all thermos type of containers use a lead pellet at the bottom which is sealed away there. stanley isn't the exception by using it.

No. 1882842

Nothing to show in particular but are there anons who are working in retail or who worked in retail before who were shocked by the sheer quantity of crap people buy or how much useless packaging is used in total everyday? When I worked retail it really shocked me. I'd have customers buying a lot of things that seemed pretty useful like parents buying a shit ton of cheap clothes for their four or five kids, or one woman just moved to my city so she bought a shit ton of bedding and items to sort her things so she would be done with it once and for all and then I'd have women buy 5 big eyeshadow palettes at the same time just because it's cheap.

No. 1882849

i had a brief stint of working in retail at a popular dollar store chain, think tj maxx and similar. it was crazy. after like three days i realized that the store had regulars who came in every. fucking. day. and they bought something every fucking time. sometimes i heard them talk about being bummed that they couldn't find anything but they just couldn't leave without buying anything so they kept lingering and browsing the aisles in desperate hope to find something to waste their money on. the shit we sold was extremely ugly most of the time - there definitely was a reason as to why that shit didn't make it at full price and was now dumped at our store for over 50% off. like you said, there'd be people buying in bulk because they needed it, like students/young people just living in their first own apartment who needed kitchenware, towels, stuff like that. or people who didn't have a lot of money but had to clothe their kids or buy school supplies. and then you had the same fucking groups of shopping addicts circling the aisles for hours every fucking day who just wanted to buy buy buy for the sake of it.

No. 1882852

Yeah, I worked at a thrift store. Once a week all of the items with the oldest color tag would only cost a dollar (tags rotated color every week and after this sale the oldest color would be purged in order to keep the stores stock fresh). On these days in particular, customers would just come up with huge overflowing carts, and I’d always get the impression that these were just going to get added to their hoardsand never seen again. They’d buy clothes of all different sizes from every section. Maybe they were planning on trying to resell, but it all looked like the same cheap junk to me, and they never seemed discerning enough to actually pick what was valuable (I never saw them scrutinizing the tags or researching brands on their phones).

No. 1882870

I worked at Gamestop, and I knew like 10 people by heart, cause they kept coming non fucking stop. My coworkers were extreme consoomers. Fuck, I've had grown people preorder like kids games FOR THEMSELVES. Not even Mario or something, but think of Ryan's Racing or whatever kid show was there. Do NOT get me started on Funkopops. It's so horrifying seeing the amount of consoom I've seen working there.

No. 1882883

Even so, they're ugly as fuck and worthless.

No. 1882939

i hate when people criticize consoomers and then someone replies "reeee her money her choice!!!" i wish people stopped co-opting feminist slogans for trooning or consooming.

no one said they're not ugly and worthless. anons like you seriously ruin the atmosphere in any thread with your constant aggressiveness.

No. 1882946

Not retail but I work for an Etsy shop and it gives some of the same despair. We sell party decor and I'm always so shocked how much money people will spend on photo props. We had a woman order a $20 cake topper for her 2yo then messaged us asking not to process the payment until payday, and I highly doubt that was the only thing she bought for the party. We also get a lot of people who order multiple items in different color schemes so they can choose which one looks best in person. The others just go to the landfill a week earlier. When I first got the job I couldn't believe something so stupid made money but apparently it makes a fuck ton and that alone is depressing.

No. 1883061

I work in a high end department store and yeah, people buy so much crap. A lot of it is straight up plastic and cheaply made but because it has an expensive brand name these people fall for it and buy way overpriced shit. What's bizarre is that it's mostly wealthy older women who you think would know better than to buy cheaply made crap because it has an expensive brand name and price tag attached to it. I'd expect it from millennials or gen z who grew up with fast fashion and are glued to social media, not rich old ladies who you'd expect to be able to tell the difference between quality clothing and cheaply made stuff. I'm always so shocked when they actually buy this junk.

No. 1883079

Branded sliders are the most baffling designer consoom items imo. You can try them on and compare how comfy they are to the much cheaper non-branded ones. 99.999% of the time people find some way to justify paying three times more for ugly foam shoes with PRADA written on them. The sliders are already scuffed and filthy just from being displayed, if it wasn't for the obnoxious logo nobody would think about buying them. It's the same with all the other tacky designer tat that has massive logos smeared all over. I'm amazed that older women buy this shite because they grew up in a time when you expected a certain level of quality and durability no matter the price.
Do you see many retards filming in your store, nonna? I've seen a few people in department stores literally clipping bag charms to bags on the shelf and filming themselves putting their wallets and keys into the side pockets of these designer bags as if they owned it. And there are tons of tiktokers who do retarded dances with baskets filled to the brim with expensive trendy items then put them all back and leave.

No. 1883113

File: 1707517539258.jpg (588.73 KB, 2048x2328, marc-jacobs-the-marc-jacobs-la…)

Luckily I haven't seen too many filming, more just loud obnoxious people on FaceTime and very young children, sometimes literal babies being dragged around with phones glued to their faces. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but I don't live in the US and the shifts I work are usually at times when the mall is pretty dead so maybe I've just never seen it. My biggest brand hate are those Marc Jacobs tote bags. They are so popular and I will never understand why so many people buy them. There's nothing special about them compared to a regular canvas tote bag except the obnoxious branding and insane price tag. I do not understand why people buy sub par products with cringey branding so they can be walking billboards for brands that do not care less about them.

No. 1883144

File: 1707519276646.jpeg (620.76 KB, 1170x2151, IMG_8282.jpeg)

I worked in a hallmark store that sold kitsch crap to old ladies and every year we'd sell ornaments. Some of these regular customers would spend THOUSANDS on pieces of collector plastic and had been collecting since the dawn of the ornament line. It stunned me just how much money we made alone off Christmas sales when the rest of our profit margin was dwindling drastically. The absolute madhouse the store became around our designated ornament events was a sight to behold.

The worst was the year we had to discontinue a Gone with the Wind ornament due to controversy surrounding the film and the absolute insistence of some of the customers that they still wanted the ornament. Some stores appear to have actually sold her under the table, since she's available online for close to $2.5k but we were threatened with firing for doing it.

No. 1883154

thought you might enjoy this video, nonnas.

No. 1883177

File: 1707521960371.png (270.01 KB, 496x630, kanken.png)

>The Tote Bag

That must be, together with the Fjällräven Kånken, one of the few bags that I don't get the hype. I know at least Kanken was made to make the kids do not curve their backs, but I don't get the deal with TTB.

No. 1883204

AYRT it's supposed to say "Always go big dick" since those are the words he apparently lives his life by…when he does nothing but sit in squalor playing vidya.
I used to work at a Gamestop too, and it's exactly as you described. Whenever we got a new shipment of Funko pops or some other equally ugly plastic shit, it'd always be the same people coming in and buying them all. I remember one regular bought a bunch of Funkos of characters he didn't know, just for the sake of collecting them. Between that and my coworkers putting aside a million of them for themselves, that aspect of the job especially sucked the life out of me.

No. 1883214

>Sigma Brain flavor
If anyone buys it, ironically or not, they need to be shot on sight

No. 1883228

I've seen deconstruction youtubers say these are great quality but the embroidery makes me cringe. Its like off white but worse.

No. 1883233

i resisted the kanken hype for years until i got one for cheap when i needed a new backpack and i ended up loving it so much and it completely killed my consooming of other bags. i don't like purses but i love backpacks and tote bags (the regular ones, not TTB) but once I got my kanken i completely stopped buying bags because i always thought my kanken is better.

No. 1883238

I went to the home of a friend I haven't seen in a while and there was baby Yoda shit literally fucking everywhere. It felt like I was walking through a Walmart or something. I don't understand how she could want to live in that space.

No. 1883239

This made me feel sick to my stomach. I hate baby Yoda and star wars and all that stupid shit media from the 80s. Why can't people just buy like… a painting or a sculpture or an interesting coffee table..? Why does anyone past the age of 12 want 100+ stuffed plushies littered around their house? Those same people are the ones complaining about "imposter syndrome" and convinced that they're "20-something year old teenagers." Repulsive.

No. 1883250

File: 1707530480961.png (342.86 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240210-030234.png)

Question for non Burgerland nonnas. Did your local supermarkets also get into the weird consoom trend of doing fucking "Superbowl weekend" with suggested snacks or like American football/Superbowl related products? Especially when like legit less than 10% of the population in my country watches American football? It wasn't as bad last year, I noticed that almost every supermarket in my area had a Superbowl weekend related articles. No offense to Burgerland citizen, but you guys probably don't have your grocery stores do that for our Eurofag Soccer tournaments (or the African soccer cup that's currently running) right?

No. 1883450

As a burger I can guarantee you we don't. Most burgers don't even know afcon exists, and we don't even get snack adverts for the World Cup. It does seem that Eurovision is starting to be pushed more here; I wouldn't be surprised if they start suggesting snacks for watch parties, but as far as I know grocery stores haven't been doing that yet. I've heard in the news though that the NFL has been targeting Germany as a potential market, so I'm now curious if it's just being pushed more in specific countries or Europe in general?

No. 1883479

File: 1707547083705.jpg (645.8 KB, 1080x1710, IMG_20240209_085945.jpg)

I've always pirated games, for Christmas I got myself the persona games on sale because they're not cracked and I didn't feel like setting up an emulator.
It did make me notice a consoom habit on steam though, if I get a notification that a game is 6 or 8€ I will be baited to buy it
>wowww, 30 hours of entertainment for 8€?
>I'd probably get more value out of that than being lazy and buying myself dinner outside
I don't overspend, but I find it interesting to see how sales bait me

No. 1883502

Even the shoplifters are consoomers. I used to see homeless women load up on cheap ugly crap from the dollar section. Stuff with NO resale value that they wouldn't even have space for because they live in a camp.

No. 1883536

>Even the shoplifters are consoomers

Back on the old Tumblr days (2013-2017 I'd say), there were legit a community of "five finger discount" girls that took pictures of what they stole on their blogs like they did a political act against "evil capitalism". And it was all cosmetics (from makeup and skincare to perfume), all fashion, all weird useless stuff that probably was trending at the time too. I hope they all got help, it was ridiculous, especially since they would feel "personally attacked" when people called them out of their bullshit.

No. 1883594

man there is something about the kånken bag, even my ultra consoomer friend got one and it completely stopped her from buying any other backpacks. i've never seen it happen with any other item she buys, it ususally insteads sets off a pattern of her buying more and more of the same type of product. It's like it's just boring enough to not set off the itch to want more, but it's popular and functional enough that people still like it.

No. 1883616

I prefer to pirate media overall, then if I like the game/movie/show etc and want to support the creator I buy it later.

No. 1883617

hyped kanken anon here: for me it's that it's super functional. the zippers go all the way down the sides so i can just shrug off one the shoulder straps, pull the bag to the front and open the zipper to get inside my bag. i can also carry it comfortably with the handle, while most backpacks with a rounded top part have a really small loop there that makes carrying it with that handle very painful to the hand if your bag is heavy. i also did most of my groceries by foot and i could shove so much food in there to the point that people asked me what bag that was because half of my cart miraculously disappeared in the backpack. again, because the zippers go all the way down to the sides, you can just lay it flat and start putting stuff in there very comfortably.

of course there are downsides to this (no inner pockets, easily can be opened by others aka getting pick pocketed, very thin straps that many find uncomfortably, narrow side pockets that only fit an umbrella or very slim bottles) but i was genuinely surprised how well it met all my needs. you definitely do not need 50 of these though like >>1808028 and i know many vsco girls and adjacent bought the entire rainbow because of the hype. it is a hundred euro bag in my country (with the bigger/laptop versions being even more expensive) but for once, the hype actually made me buy something i love. i actually ended up buying my second one a few weeks ago because my younger cousin wanted a kanken so i gave her my old one so she can try it out before her parents spend 100 bucks on a bag she finds meh at best. she loves it even though it went through years of use so i'm not getting it back, kek.

sorry for blogging, i guess my post can be applied to stanleys as well. i don't have one but i'm sure there are people out there who love their stanley and had their hydration game revolutionized by it… and then you have the insane consoomers. sad!

No. 1883708


Yeah the Kanken was my go to in Europe. I used to use it all the time when traveling on RyanAir because it was the perfect size for your ‘personal item’ and it held a bunch of items without becoming uncomfortable to lug around everywhere. I also loved how accessible everything was since it opened fully unlike other backpacks. It definitely felt more like a by it for life item than a consoom item.

No. 1883803

When I was a teen I worked at Walmart and we actually legitimately recycled most things. I thought this was the norm because it was my first job. I then worked at a Joann craft and we threw out so much cardboard and plastic it upset me and I won't lie I don't even think about sustainability too much. I work in an office now and we don't even have paper recycling despite using reams of paper daily.

No. 1883828

That's so strange, for some reason I would expect a craft store to care more about recycling than Walmart.

No. 1883834

Oh no, I have over 50 games on steam… A good chunk of it is free or multiplayer valve games but that doesn't excuse it… I've had steam for over 6 years

No. 1883839

I'm more into messenger bags (I live in Sudaca land so having a backpack is dangerous), but I really love to see how much stuff you can put in a Kanken. It doesn't make me want to buy one.

No. 1883841

Tbh that all sounds like a standard school backpack. I have one that’s over 20 years old it’s just some random backpack my brother used in middle school that I got hand me down and I still have it, it matches your description perfectly actually it might be better as it has thicker padded straps and can fit a full size waterbottle and has a fat cargo style pocket too so I don’t get the hype kek

No. 1883842

that's great that you're still using something that old! really speaks of the quality of your backpack. unfortunately i didn't have a bag in the family that fits my needs just fine until i got my kanken. it's like our experiences and lives aren't universal! kek!

No. 1884099

>she doesn’t know about the active “lifting” community on tiktok and tumblr

No. 1884183

Were you here for the shoplifter doxing spree? It would never happen nowadays but it was so funny while it lasted. Endless screeching about how capitalist pigs would never understand the poor, while posting massive hauls of stolen makeup and other useless crap and bragging about their parents taking them abroad twice a year.

No. 1884184

I'm from Europe and I've never seen something like this lmao

No. 1884255

I live in Ireland, 0 fans of NFL here, and yet Aldi are running a promotion with American Football merchandise. I remember thinking it was strange seeing the Aldi magazine promotion an NFL helmet shaped snack bowl?

No. 1884268

Every continent is desperately trying to piggyback off that Taylor swift coin.

No. 1884293

It's weird because all trough history rich people would flaunt their wealth by hiring highly skilled artisans to make their clothes and they would buy precious fabric and materials for said clothes. Now rich people wear the same mass produced polyester garbage as us common folks the only difference being the pricetag and the branding. I'm not going to defend old-timey consoomerism because it was grotesque how they turned wealth into a dick measuring contest but it's still fascinating how modern rich people spend so much money only to look so cheap. At least rich people in the past had some sort of respect for the skill and craftmanship that went into clothes making

No. 1884316

I did buy a Kanken because it was super trendy but I love it. I still think the design is super cute and it’s a really great functional bag for artists and traveling. I feel the same way about my hydro flask kek, they’re still cute designs and way better than what’s trending now.

No. 1884322

This post made me realize that after I stopped working at a pharmacy I have literally never run into any of the customers that would shop there. It was in a pretty low-income area so most of the regulars didn’t have vehicles, but I was there for 5+ years so it seems a little weird. I really don’t miss going back and forth with the old guys getting scammed by fake internet girlfriends every week

No. 1884351

I got a hydroflask at a point where they weren't really as trendy anymore, and as someone who grew up on plastic water bottles or cheap metal water bottles that left a nasty aftertaste, the insulation is so much better than anything I was used to. I have only one, that I hope to use for a long time. I don't think there's anything inherently bad about buying in to a trendy product as long as it's something that actually does its job well and you don't have a collection of 10+ of the exact same thing that you don't even use.

No. 1884363

The African cup isn't really comparable to the superbowl because it's not the finals or anything and it's still happening during work hours, i'd imagine it's just random people taking days off to watch whatever team they are invested in play or they watch it later on, basically just imagine some man alone on his couch watching it. Pretty hard to shill to such a demographic since the said person will either just go back to work once they are done watching the game or go to sleep, it's not like they are having a party or anything. I think the same goes for the world cup. For the finals, a lot of people tend to go to bars or cafes to watch them rather if they intend on watching as a group, the demographic of people who could buy such catering is pretty small, probably why they don't bother to waste their resources on this kind of stuff.

No. 1884372

Those are some fugly bags, not to mention they will look absolutely ridiculous on short women.
I used to work in a popular cheap department store and there would be people who come in every single day hunting down the sale/clearance rack and they would literally wait outside the doors in the morning. It was also pretty normal for people who were tourists, mainly from France or somewhere like the Arab Emerates buying SUITCASES of stuff. I get the people who do this to buy stuff like pajamas for people in their country since it's cheap, but it's still insane to see people drop hundreds on really cheap shit. I also noticed some people who would buy the crap they sold, which to me and people with eyes was clearly cheap fast fashion bullshit, but they would come in after washing their items once complaining about their £9 top having the quality of a £9 top.
Literally made from the same material they make jumbo jars of peanut butter. These will be the same moids bullying women for hoarding lipbalms or something.

No. 1884382

Opposite, wages are enough to afford endless plastic garbage if you aren’t on the hook for rent/utilities/health insurance/groceries/etc etc but if you are on the hook for those things they’re all you can afford, hence why so many zoomies and zillennials are still living with their parents and rotting in their plastic dungeons. Most young adults right now are only financially responsible for their car payments (if they even have one) so their paychecks go straight to garbage so they can feel like they have any control over their life

No. 1884408

it seems that its a just corporate initiative then, marketing is lazy and did their UK/european campaign by re-purposing the American one lol.

No. 1884544

The point I was making was American football is niche in Yurop. Just like the African soccer cup is niche in Yurop too (the only people in Europe who watch it have some ties to Africa or are real soccer fanatics). Only difference is, here in Yurop we don't have any big time zone difference with Africa (which would justify a lot more a marketing ploy for Eurofags to watch the African soccer cup tbh) whereas for Burgerland's superbowl we have a huge time zone difference, and the niche fans dedicated to it have to stay up until fucking 4am (which to me doesn't make it a solid marketing/consoom ploy because you already cast out different potential customers, working parents, children, etc.).
Also >>1883450 already answered that you guys get the same consoom/marketing ploys with Eurovision Song Contest which also implied watching on a different time zone and I'm curious how that is supposed to work. I know Australia does get into ESC but that's because it's lunch when the show runs in the evening in Yurop.

No. 1884573

I know about liftblr and lifting lol. But those are often spoiled girls that have room in their homes to hide that stuff. It's still a crime, but I was talking about the depressing consoomerism of homeless women trying to steal stuff they don't need and can't sell.

No. 1884599

german lidl and aldi have weekly limited food items usually branded after countries or regions (bavarian food, greek food, italian food, etc.) and american food is part of that, but it's only been in recent years that they started to feature the american food more often and around football because of the NFL.

No. 1884606

File: 1707649511466.png (811.83 KB, 1013x649, help.png)

Questions to the nonnas who are totally/mostly out of the consoom loop, how do you not go insane looking at all of this? Does hiding the name of every brand that you buy help? I've been slowly turning like picrel lately. I feel like money and greed just turn people inhuman, middle classes should never have had access to this level of consumerism at all in the first place. I feel so bad for all the dumb shit I bought over the years and I can tell now how much consumerism made me stupider, but it seems like I will never be able to escape it.

Sorry for blog posting, but this thread had such a huge impact on me. I've been binge watching all of those consoom videos and now I've reached a point of pure hatred and disgust against all industries especially the one targeting women. They will do anything to exploit us.

On one hand I feel absolutely liberated because it feels so easy to rationalise my past shame about being an ugly poor woman, I don't feel the need to buy makeup, clothes or most objects anymore. It's so easy to see how all of this was bullshit all along, I thought I knew it but I never truly internalised it. But on the other hand I'm getting so bitter and sad to see how everything is ruled by consumerism culture, how the environment is dying because of it, and how much people are suffering. I feel absolute dread everytime I buy food that is packaged in plastic because I can't afford the organic plastic free ones from fancy shops. I resent having to buy anything at all even if it's actually something that I need. I know that the notion of "personal carbon footprint" has been invented by big oil industries to deflect and I start raging because at the end of the day I'm just one person and my actions are meaningless. I try to be silent about it because I know most people don't want to hear me complain but it's been really eating me inside this past month.

No. 1884613

god everything I see from this game looks so verbose and pretentious

No. 1884614

nonna you can literally choose to be pretentious in this game. you dont get these dialogues unless you go for the personality traits that make you like that. my character was dumb as a box of hair and lot of the dialogue was funny and tongue on cheek.

No. 1884702

oh my fucking god, i hate this backpack. i'm swedish and literally everyone had this bag when i was in high school, many even had multiple in different colors like pink and yellow, in classic consoomer fashion. they're literally like 1000 SEK each which is not a justifiable price for a small backpack like this that you can't even use for serious hikes or anything. you're just paying for the brand, no matter what people tell themselves about "functionality" lmfao. i have one that i got for free from a friend and i cringed so hard at the brand logo that i had to sew a patch over it kek.

No. 1884747

I'm using only my kanken to travel to a whole new continent for 2 weeks. There's a lot of youtube videos about packing solely with one, saves you money too.

No. 1884781

>i cringed so hard at the brand logo that i had to sew a patch over it kek.
are you 12? imagine being this butthurt because of a backpack that happens to be from your country of origin, boohoo.

No. 1884788

No she's so right. I would never buy a Kanken off the stigma alone, it's soo hipster it's embarassing.

No. 1884791

these have been so normalized over the years though. no one gives a fuck if you wear a kanken or a kipling or an eastpack or whatever. wtf. you all sound like high schoolers.

No. 1884812

Are you a kanken enjoyer or something? Its like walking around in Patagonia, you do look a bit douchey. People buy it for the brand and then make claims about how high quality it is to justify it.

No. 1884816

I have a Fjallraven crossbody bag and I like it more than the lulu bag I was gifted a few years ago.

No. 1884821

i don't even understand what's wrong with patagonia. am i too old or too european for this discussion?? like i said, you all sound like the middle schoolers who bully the girl who doesn't have a stanley because she's not using the cool non-cringy brand you personally approve of.

No. 1884822

I dont bully anyone, it's just true. You're in the consoom thread omg.

No. 1884825

what’s douchey about clothes

No. 1884829

>buying a popular thing is hipster

Kek you don’t know what that word means

No. 1884833

File: 1707669533295.jpg (96.93 KB, 1284x1699, 1000002682.jpg)


No. 1884839

I've been thinking about it too a lot, nona.
Recently I had a pretty bad period and stumbled across a twitter post where people were showing off a fancy jacking off machine for sperm donors. And one of the questions that got in my head was "so we make things to jack men off when they got hands, but we still know jack shit about how to help women with their respective reproductive issues?" (not saying pregnancy, mostly very bad periods and hormones affecting mental problems)
And then I thought some more and realized. That this society created millions of products to keep women pretty and ageless and fuckable, but they don't acctually care about the results of that fuckability and the effects of it on our health. Look pretty, no one cares you're rotting inside out.
And I just… basically got blackpilled by my own self. I hate society. I hate the world.

No. 1884846

You look like a dated visco girl with your kankens, should add a hydroflask and go. You're still consuming, its still ridiculous. Yayyy products!(retarded infight)

No. 1884855

so it's better to consoom even more products instead of using the one you already have at home just because the one at home is """dated""" according to you? gotcha.

No. 1884863

File: 1707670983504.jpg (95.39 KB, 611x800, 1000002685.jpg)

I didnt say that at all, you're just mad I attacked your Brand? Nobody is trying to take your kanken away girl be calm. It's still attached to a certain aesthetic, just like stanley cups. There's nothing wrong with Swedish anon being so tired of seeing them literally everywhere that she wanted to cover the logo.

No. 1884870

you guys just don't make any sense at all. you're mad at people using a backpack you don't like so they're supposed to buy a new one ("You look like a dated visco girl with your kankens") and when people say they like their backpack so they keep using them instead of consooming new stuff, you AGAIN get mad at them for owning the backpack and call them consoomers for NOT consooming? because of having ONE backpack that they use regularly? you can replace the backpack with stanleys or whatever. again, make it make sense.

No. 1884883

I'm someone that has a genuine need for a hiking rucksack. My current Jansport is over ten years old and is functional but fucked due to wear. Are the bigger Fjällräven bags worth it?

No. 1884884

They're a lot thinner and not as comfortable to wear in my experience

No. 1884902

encouraging people to replace their clothing and products they already have because they’re too popular/“dated”/“douchey” looking is peak consoomer mentality. shilling for kankens is dumb but you’re even stupider than they are

No. 1884904

Bitch this is the CONSOOM thread. It's dated but nobody told you to buy a new one. This only started because an anon was pouting about swedishnon being tired off seeing them literally everywhere in her country. Hit dogs holler.(infighting)

No. 1884909

how dare Swedish people use a Swedish product!

No. 1884914

Hit dogs hollering. An entire thread dedicated to people buying into logos, one anon mentions her fatigue of seeing the same logo everywhere and suddenly you're mad as fuck. Wrong thread for this.(infighting)

No. 1884929

The Aliexpress bootleg is going to break after like two times of being worn but it's ridiculous to buy the Van Cleef at this price, there are some decent brands that make replicas with good materials and without the overblown price tag.

No. 1884942

I'm also swedish and i used to not care about the hype around kånken, but after traveling around the world and seeing japanese and americans alike happily use it it's given me a sense of of pride lmao you go little fox bag

a lot of people cringe at whatever is popular in their own culture/country, which is itself even more cringe

No. 1884955

Being fatigued by consumerism is not cringe. Seeing the same exact logo everywhere is not cringe. That anon herself said she owned one and just covered up the logo, which is fine. I see people add personal embroidery to the bags as well, that's cool. I love how this thread is all about clowning on brands and logos but suddenly throw a stray at Kanken and suddenly you're all upset and can't handle the slightest critique of your favorite brands.

No. 1884996

i don’t even like kanken and think covering up logos is normal but saying shit like
is consoomer mindset. shitting on a brand is fine, thinking it’s ugly and overhyped is fine. it’s completely normal. but going omg that brand is so cringe everyone who owns it is embarrassing and should go out and buy more products to match it is really, really weird.

No. 1885007

she's shilling some unnecessary 125 dollars glass bottle to make cold brew?!

No. 1885039

One good thing about it is that it's nice and compact, i'll give it that. That price cannot be justified in any capacity and i can tell there will be other brands making reasonably priced ones if they haven't already, making the people who bought this look dumb.

No. 1885063

I've always thought the design was cute, but not 4k cute. I doubt the design is copy written in the first place, it's literally just a clover, it's probably easy to find made with just as good materials as the original for cheaper.
I've always tried to argue this to people when i look down on shoplifters, the is particularly why i have an issue with them. A lot of people swear up and down that they are showing those companies whose boss when they steal, when the reality is that they are doing is increasing the value of the items that they steal. I find it so childish that people really feel as if they need to have everything they desire. The only way to get back at walmart or target is to not fucking go there in there first place for dumb shit. This video is proof, look how much he is seething about the fact that nobody gives a shit about buying dumb crap from target or figuring out how overpriced it is.
I understand the sentiment of pirating games considering how insanely expensive they are nowadays, but i don't buy much games in the first place to really have much of a financial impact on me to feel the need to pirate games. If you focus on games that have 100+ hours of gameplay you never really feel the need to buy new games, but that's just how it is for me personally.

No. 1885092

>I spend $600 a month in therapy
Clearly it's not working. She has no incentive to quit consooming when she makes her income shilling sponsored crap to other people on TikTok. She needs to quit this "I'm a recovering shopaholic in therapy" bullshit. It seems like this is actually just some sales gimmick to try to seem "relatable" and justify overspending and consuming.
>Whenever we would go into the stores or gas stations, anything I wanted was always a no.
>I was finally able to buy the things I always wanted.
This is completely normal? Most parents aren't buying their kids whatever they want. They aren't buying them every toy they see on the self or every candy bar in the gas station. Why is she making it out like she had some traumatic past?

No. 1885100

Girl just stop! Damn

No. 1885108

File: 1707685206562.png (100.08 KB, 1004x474, hundredandfifybucks.png)

>"I don’t want to over give to Gianna to where it’s a negative impact"
>Takes her daughter shopping and tries to convince her she needs clothes, kid is confused >>1878416
>Daughter screams I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT during her mom's declutter and haul videos

No. 1885141

Wonder if the kid will end up a hoarder as well or one of those people who watch their hoarder parents growing up and refuse to own more than 5 objects

No. 1885179

you can definitely get glass cold brew pitchers for $25. but what makes this even funnier is that she spent all that money on this cup to then use folgers coffee kek

No. 1885183

File: 1707689315324.webm (4.19 MB, 576x1024, hell.webm)

I really feel this too nona. It's crazy how we barely know anything about women specific health issues. It does feel all connected with how much industries will exploit us. The fact that tampons and pads don't have to be regulated like health product and contains dangerous chemicals makes me so angry.I always wonder how many cancer are created by female targeted product like makeup and stuff like that. Your message made me feel less alone, I'm wishing you the best nona, I hope we get to escape as much from all of this shit as we can with our sanity intact

No. 1885187

idk dawg, that kid ain't screaming in the video. in fact I think she states that she doesn't want an item near the end. could be wrong though, I'm not too versed on literal baby vernacular English

No. 1885188

is that song by mannequin pussy?

No. 1885190

Yeah I was talking about this the other day. Men love women as objects but put 0 effort in keeping the internal running perfectly. As long as the outside is shiny and wrinkle free, who cares if shes throwing up 5 days of the month from period pain?

No. 1885196

it's in a completely different video about decluttering, dawg. read.

No. 1885197

it's mitski screaming kek, I wish she did more song like this, I'm going to check Mannequin Pussy now though

Yeah, I remember being genuinely horrified when I learned that 10% of women who are in age to reproduce have endometriosis. Literally nobody gives a shit. Most doctor barely knows about it an won't diagnose it. I think some anons in the book thread talked about a book on all the biases against woman in medecine, it sounded very interesting, I need to read it.

No. 1885200

It is sad to constantly see all these new product advancements shilled like anti-aging and cosmetic procedures while the multitude of health issues I (and others I know) have for years with no idea the cause or treatments goes ignored. There’s barely any new knowledge on something as common as periods for fucks sake, I feel like I’m my own Guinea pig trying pills and supplements. Even something with mainstream awareness like breast cancer, it’s because we’re objectified even in terminal illness because “save the boobies” ugh I could rant about this forever.

No. 1885527

ayrt and the cringe has nothing to do with it being from a swedish brand, wtf? i just mentioned it because i assume it's more common here. kånken is cringe because it's an overpriced ugly product with cringe marketing that attracts a certain type of annoying tumblresque people which obviously a lot of people itt ate right up kek

No. 1885575

shit like this makes me hate being female and other women. Why cant we break free once and for all, men are too ugly to do all of this shit for them anyways.(bait, derail)

No. 1885586

This 100%. Why doesn't she own it at this point? I don't know her but she apparently has 2m+ followers and her entire online presence revolves around being a shopaholic, it's obvious she has no intention of stopping. In the comments there are even people saying that until recently she said she didn't have any issue so yeah she just came up with this ridiculous sob story (waaa i didn't get everything i wanted as a child so now i need the entire temu catalogue) to shut up those who criticize her.

No. 1885627

Kind of frightening seeing how quickly that transpired. Hopefully he'll get his shit together.

No. 1885672

this is a very normal feeling to have, and we usually spend our first paycheck in frivolous stuff we want. You're supposed to grow out that phase though

No. 1885739

you can tell these people weren't ever in poverty because their alleged twauma from growing up "poor" is… not getting whatever they want from the store or gas station megakek. i know a girl with a shopping addiction irl and she also blames all her problems on her mom and growing up "poor" (they were in fact not poor, but simply working class). she's 32 now and her mom pays 500$ a month off her shopping debt because otherwise she threatens to kill herself. these people are literally the sephora 10 year olds in adult form

No. 1885761

is it just me or does the coffee look extremely weak and pale after it was “steeped”? it looks like rain water lol “the strongest iced coffee” beyotch its beige. either she’s lazy and just poured it straight after preparing it or its a shitty product. it’s probably both though.

No. 1885903

Another anon mentioned it was Folgers, which if you aren't familiar is like bottom of the barrel American coffee. You can get it at any dollar store and it's like, $5 for a few pounds of it. Makes it funnier that she's using such garbage coffee in her consoom caffé lol

No. 1885995

how often does this dumbass consoomerina have to pack her fucking purse?! this shit has 3+ parts and she's just talking about what's in her stupid compartments for three videos straight.

No. 1885998

part 2

No. 1886002

part 3

No. 1886018

The longer you watch, the more you realize she keeps buying shit she already owns

No. 1886153

I went to Target today thinking about the Target hauls in this thread. I go there like twice a year and it's astonishing how low quality everything is for the price. Everything is plastic that looks like it will shatter if you drop it once or stain and scratch with a few uses. The clothes look like they've been made out of thin and papery fabric that will gather some holes after a few runs in the dryer. How are these weekly haul shoppers finding things to buy there every day? Everything is cheap looking and tacky but expensive. I'm mostly lamenting over how expensive everything is becoming while simultaneously losing quailty and durability. And these stupid sheep don't seem to notice

No. 1886289

File: 1707783474682.jpg (36.43 KB, 640x480, xpmg40ps3pv61.jpg)

>"But I don't have it in this shade of pink!".

No. 1886311

How many pairs of scissors does this crazy bitch need to own

No. 1886328

One in every color, and shape

No. 1886497

and here i was confused in 2011 why, as an 8th grader, some girls mocked me for "still playing with dolls". middle school girls SHOULD be playing with toys or games, not worrying about having a trendy expensive cup, brands, or buying expensive makeup/skincare. at least if they're going to focus on adult things maybe study hard, look at colleges or careers you're interested in, maybe take on more responsibilities at home? those are mature but still age appropriate. that's how you know this isn't really about being "grown-up" in their minds, it's about chasing material things that will give them status.

No. 1886545

Nona, I am 29 and still play with dolls. Not in a way kids might play, but like, crafting and sewing and customizing.
And you know what is actually funny? I were able to find my identity and aesthetic through dolls. I like a TON of styles, but I don't need a new wardrobe or shit every single time because I can just make it for one of my dolls like a trial version and figure out if I'll actually like it or not. I have quite a sizeable doll collection, but making my dolls in different styles and aesthetics stopped me from wanting to indulge in something new when I already have all the things I like for myself.
Imaginative play can keep you from overconsume (if you're okay with consooming some doll/craft stuff, but I also saw dress-up games and collaging with the paper shit you get randomly in your mailbox/at the stores as a way to curb trying to get a new aesthetic every month)

No. 1886563

ayrt, yes i still love dolls too! i used to make basically little cosplays for my dolls too, and make dollhouses and furniture. i'd like to do that again sometime in the future, you have a cool hobby.

No. 1886594

Speaking of the stupid Marc Jacobs tote bag, it looks like she owns at least three identical pink ones. Why???

No. 1886644

ESC is early afternoon in burgerland, so the time zone isn't an issue for us.
I think some of the consoomers like to hoard multiple copies of an item because they think these are prized, sought-after, exclusive items, so if they have 3 copies of an item, like the tote bag, while someone else has none, then to the consoomer mindset it is as if they have won some sort of competition of "have" versus "have-not"

No. 1886722

Lord, all the cutesy stuff next to things you’d find in a gooncave.

No. 1886808

FINALLY the long awaited final part…

No. 1886834

It's really the parents fault for letting it get like this

No. 1886839

Who even needs this much shit to leave the house? Also, what is it with these consoom influencers and the obsession with airtags? I get that it's another thing to consoom and a status symbol because "muh apple product" but why the fuck do you need one in a big ass, 20lb bag? Does she really think she's going to forget it somewhere kek

No. 1886870

Tbh I wouldn't put it past some desperate consoomer to steal one of these bags.

No. 1886965

I love how she never actually explains why she needs a giant pair of craft scissors in her purse at all times kek

No. 1886991

I know this is a minor nitpick but I find it hilarious how she has a lightning cable, a USB-C that she doesn't know the name of and relates to "new iPhones", and a Micro USB that she says is "for androids" when no android phone has used that shit for probably over half a decade at this point and all androids I'm aware of have used USB-C for years.

I feel like iPhone loyalty in this current time is closely wrapped up with consumer brainrot. Not all iPhone users, but the ones who delude themselves into thinking every other phone besides the latest apple model is shit and only for poors.

No. 1886996

i love how she always claims that she needs a lighter juuust in case she's stranded somewhere and needs to light a fire. girl, just admit that you smoke and probably reek accordingly. which might also explain her obsession with body wash products, perfumes, gum and cough drops.

No. 1887027

IIRC Some users do it to use the same bag the whole week, so they don't have to organize it over and over. Others just take the most essential and that is. I don't think she falls in these two categories.

No. 1887093

I like to be prepared and stuff, but it's interesting how she has so much shit in there but most of it isn't useful or important. no pocket knife or box cutter, no bandaids, no pepper spray, no granola bar, no extra pads or tampons, but she's got multiple charging cables just in case she meets someone with a really old android, and she's got body spray or whatever the heck that is, but not a mini stick of deodorant? odd.

No. 1887130

In response to consoomer videos there's now anti-consoomer videos but they feel low effort to anyone with commonsense

I genuinely hope you don't use a rough brush like that to scrub your body, it will just unnecessary damage your skin lol

No. 1887134

>encourage guests to bring their own cups
>borrow specialised pans from the library
What? This has to be engagement bait

No. 1887146

>encourage guests to bring their own cups
>borrow or thrift bakeware
Seems fine to me. I prefer my own glasses and cups to plastic shit anyway, I'd be fine with bringing one to a party.

No. 1887171

File: 1707853270634.jpeg (196.22 KB, 750x943, IMG_4040.jpeg)


No. 1887222

The answers are:
Don't throw hugeass parties, the amount of glasses in your house is enough for a party with friends, asking somebody to bring their own glass is inconvenient and weird
Most people have a baking pan, you don't need specialised ones to bake cute things

No. 1887240

File: 1707857866191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.62 KB, 694x390, consumers.jpeg)

I need to cam to keep consuming(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1887256

This is depressing. Do they want Target to sponsor their kid's party or something?
Were those figures and Funko Pops gifts from the moids watching this rancid shit?

No. 1887269

Why do consoomer Tiktok hoes always have such ugly, garish acrylic nails? They're always either too long or obnoxious colors. The bathroom girl in particular– how does she wipe her ass? Does she make that creepy little robot do it?

No. 1887297

File: 1707860968684.mp4 (16.63 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_753620406320723_87937…)

No. 1887322

It had happened here with the Metro train, except the kid IS a fan of trains, so the Metro invited him to travel and be in the pilot cabin. But when the birthday looks like wanting to be sponsored by a supermarket, I think the parents aimed that more than celebrate their kid's birthday.

No. 1887323

File: 1707862073182.jpeg (34.65 KB, 572x572, MD819.jpeg)

Some companies do still use Micro USB, but yeah, is stupid to think an USB-C is only "for new iPhones" when some iPhones still use this cable.

No. 1887326

>use a random glass and pour the hot wax in there, what can go wrong?

Shattered glass everywhere, that's what happens.

No. 1887329

the autism behind the nail tapping really comes out in this one.

No. 1887331

File: 1707862708661.mp4 (17.38 MB, 1080x1920, I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR THIS …)

Is this really the average ameriburger household? 24+ spatulas?

No. 1887334

kek no. I had two, accidentally melted one, and now I have one

No. 1887340

The embarrassingly fake smile aside, why did she store the books in the most inefficient way possible?

No. 1887345

Some of these are true, but most are exaggeratedand/or outdated. Because of planned obsolescence and the fact that it's cheaper to buy kitchen appliances as a set, a lot of American households end up with an extra fridge or freezer, which people will often put in a garage or basement, typically for beverages. The thing about a dedicated tupperware cupboard is true, too. You just accumulate that shit even when you don't buy it, because people will give you cookies or whatever and never ask for the container back. I don't personally have a TV on the counter because my living room TV is visible from the kitchen, but many people with old "closed concept" homes will have a small TV in their breakfast nook, either on the counter or mounted to the wall.

The spatula, dinnerware, and crockpot things are nonsense, though. No one in their right mind owns more than two spatulas. Or more than one crockpot for that matter. No one under the age of 40 has a "curio cabnet" full of ugly Hummel garbage anymore, that's boomer shit. So is owning "good china." That nonsense is for people with pensions and no student loan debt.

No. 1887350

Ok, I live in the south, but a lot of these hit home, kek.
>The spatula, dinnerware, and crockpot things are nonsense, though.
Oh, sweet, innocent nonnie. You'd be surprised. It all gets used, too.

No. 1887356

i worked at a dollar store as a cashier and regularly had people make purchases over $100. it got bad around christmas. people swarmed in buying cheap ornaments and trinkets. the worst incident was this woman who came in and bought hundreds of dollars of useless shit right at closing. i had to pack it into multiple huge ass bags. the part that gets me is her card declined and she had to call her mother to transfer money into her account which took forever. i don’t understand being broke and choosing to spend that kind of money at a dollar store. their purchases were more than the pay i got in a day kek

No. 1887365

I guarantee I'm going to look like a fucking idiot if I go to my small town's library and ask where the baking pans are

No. 1887369

Honestly the kid probably loves target. My sister's kids are really into target for some reason

No. 1887423

Thrifting baking equipment is based advice to be honest. You can get some crazy good quality stuff for dirt cheap

No. 1887443

>louis needs eye drops because his eyes are always dry
>i need a lighter because god forbid i get stranded and umm need a fire and its uhh cold!
i don't buy this, just say you smoke or don't justify why you have these items

No. 1887449

>Lighter to use when is cold

Who is she? The little match girl?

No. 1887450

>knockoff Demonias, consoomer can't even afford a real genuine pair

No. 1887458

am i retarded, isn't most of this normal? i live in rural-ish midwest and grew up in a rural area. these things aren't a thing all over the country? damn i miss having two fridges like i did at my parents', having an extra one is perfect for drinks and leftovers

No. 1887503

All that nasty plastic metal crap ugh.

No. 1887541

keeping hair ties on a carabiner is actually pretty smart lol.

No. 1887542

You are asking if this is average when she says “rural Midwest” a gajillion times

No. 1887551

I'm southern anon, and that's basically what I was trying to say. Most of the stuff in this video is perfectly normal in my neck of the woods. I don't think it's consoom. People use all of this stuff to build community and take care of themselves and others. I don't know anyone with an entire cabinet just for jello though.

No. 1887568

>rough brush
It's for "dry brushing", not scrubbing. You brush your skin while it's dry, then shower and moisturize. There are different bristle densities for different skin types.

No. 1887627

I can't believe a human being can get to such a low point, but here we are.
This reminds me of how mcdonalds used to do birthday parties. I think it's kind of cute tbh, especially if there was some kind of role play of being the cashier handing out snacks to the children.
Unpopular opinion, but i feel like there has to be an explanation that justifies all of this. Maybe she cooks for her church idk.
She had to be joking with that. I am aware you can borrow tools from the library, but it's construction stuff, not cooking stuff. I don't get what's wrong with just buying bakeware, you might as well just go to a bakery if you are that anal about buying new cookware.

No. 1887732

Her videos give me anxiety

No. 1887742

Good ol' Midwest Mom (its a character she plays). She is actually a slight new divorcee mom, who is a music teacher and does a lot of local pot lucks in the community. I would honestly say she's nothing like the other people that belong in this thread though.

No. 1887781

I actually figured she was a fresh divorcee because of the tradlook

No. 1887783

I basically did say that most of it was normal, anon. I even defended the fridge thing specifically.

>Maybe she cooks for her church
My aunt has a lot of extra cookware and shit like that because she used to own a bakery and is a devout catholic, so she cooks for church events (as well as family and other social functions.)

No. 1887787

definitely no whole cabinet here but my mom always had some jello/pudding mix in case of needing to make an impromptu dessert lol. that vid is just homey to me.

No. 1887810

As someone from southern Europe, I almost went back to my catholic roots and crossed myself when I saw that video
America is crazy

No. 1887852

UK nonnie here and we’re all more or less blissfully unaware of the Superbowl (at least, brands/shops haven’t started marketing based on it), but something that really surprised me this week was how many students - particularly middle aged women - didn’t show up for uni classes on Monday because they’d stayed up late to watch it. Our classes were less than 50% attended. I fear it’s only a matter of time.

No. 1887890

This is literally like my mom’s house except she’s in the Canadian prairies kek. In her defense we only have 6 freezers because they hunt/fish and need them to store meat in.

No. 1887991

Those aren't condoms? What they are supposed to mean?

No. 1888071

don't forget you're here forever!

No. 1888081

Just how long does it takes her to pack her stuff for her daily life? I know that in the video it's all slowed down and explained to kids, but she really carries around a bunch of random stuff that are just unpractical even if you're outside for more than 12 hours, hell, I've traveled to the other side of the world with less shit in my purse.
Even organizing all of those random pouches the night before leaving your house sounds like a pain in the ass, and like you could easily forget to pack something or even leave a whole ass pouch that you needed to take with you in a hurry.

No. 1888087

I've never encountered that many spatulas/jello boxes, but the multiple freezers/fridges thing is very normal for rural America. The garage freezer is usually used specifically to store whatever game meat the family ended up bagging during hunting season, which you'll end up eating throughout the year.

No. 1888089

kek this is my favourite type of american, they seem so charming

No. 1888098

based cap.
i understand how you have been feeling nonna. blog but i had a psychotic episode a few years ago during which i was having "visions" of endless landfill trash, i couldnt go in supermarkets or shopping centres without almost throwing up because i could "smell" the infinite rot. i would see everything decaying, imagine the life cycles of plastic packaging so clearly, dreaming of choked oceans. started praying for the apocalypse so i could be freed from these plastic demons by the sword of the redeemer. drove me to burn a lot of shit i owned in a big illegal bonfire because i felt straight up haunted/possessed.

i got over the real psychotic aspect of this but it still makes me nauseated if i think about it for too long, and am still deterred from entering shopping centres/supermarkets. so i guess to answer your question, i dont not go insane.

No. 1888100

i agree, i can't hate this type of person. i bet they feed you lots and make you take home leftovers.

No. 1888143

I've seen bakeware in libraries and I think it's one of the most sensible type of thing to use communally. Most people need like, a cookie cutter shaped like a train or a big bundt cake mold for one or two special events in their life ever. That stuff takes up so much cabinet space.

No. 1888222

yeah, there's seriously nothing wrong with getting baking dishes, special tools and single purpose appliances from the library. it's not a thing in my country, unfortunately, but i heard some us libraries have this sort of stuff, which is super cool.

No. 1888288

WHY does she have so much shit everywhere, she's going to get that crap embedded in her flesh if there's an accident. Can these people not be normal in any situation?
I've never heard of that before, that's such a good idea.

No. 1888298

File: 1707939687815.mp4 (15.33 MB, 1080x1920, Declutter .mp4)

Interesting account: she brands herself as a cleaning influencer but also seems to be a hoarder. Her videos consist of cleaning out her hoard yet in the next one the hoard has materialised again. Some of it is absolutely filthy too.

No. 1888300

File: 1707939862102.mp4 (14.87 MB, 720x1280, Halloween cleaning .mp4)

No. 1888301

she sounds gross and lazy, how hard can it be to rinse the milk out of breast pump? or tell her moid to do it for her

No. 1888306

I kind of appreciate the realism though. This is what actual hoarding looks like. I don't know who she is outside of these two videos, but it doesn't seem like she is endorsing this sort of lifestyle. In comparison to Brooke, who makes money being a shopaholic and thinks it's okay to keep buying as long as you pay $600 for therapy and pretend to be "getting better", sell some things occasionally on Poshmark, and shove things in storage units and little containers. Most of her videos are ads, even the declutter ones.

No. 1888310

File: 1707940515204.mp4 (18.06 MB, 1080x1920, instagram - 329408899042473557…)

No. 1888311

i have subscribed to icloud like 1$ a month, i promised myself that i would cancel it right before the first month ended, it's been almost a year, extra storage simply feels right.

No. 1888323

Yeah she’s cute and obviously self aware and posting over the top for the lols. Some of this is boomer consoomerism though, or at least unwillingness to declutter.
If you’re rural anywhere having a separate freezer in the garage is common because you only go grocery shopping one or two times a month

No. 1888329

she strikes me as someone who has the gross messy hoarder kind of adhd.

No. 1888345

nvm, pretty sure she's a druggie.

No. 1888356

I don't get it. She was smoking during her pregnancy, so wasn't the baby already exposed? What's the purpose of not breastfeeding then if the baby already grew up with drugs in her bloodstream?
Damn she's really bitter kek. Cow behavior.

No. 1888447

God, what a self righteous smug fucking loser. Her kids are either going to be pregnant at 18 or drug addicts. Best case scenario they leave as soon as they're able and cut contact

No. 1888520

Groundhog Day movie, but every day it's "pack my purse with me" day

No. 1888537

>be disfunctional messy weirdo who can't keep the house clean
>have carpeted floor
Come on, pick a struggle

No. 1888613

This is a documented behavior in hoarders. It's called "churning," and they do it to create a false sense of "clean" for themselves without actually getting rid of things.

No. 1888626

Omg I used to follow her on IG and I had to stop after she did a clean out my car with me. She had a fucking packet of raw ground beef left in her car for OVER a month, how do you not smell that shit. Also finding random human shit when she cleans I know toddlers are weird and do that sometimes, but like wtf.

No. 1888719

Human shit and rotten food? That's some Turpin family type of nightmare. God hoarders are so gross

No. 1888739

Its always the worst parents who are so defensive. And if cps did take her kids she would cry and act like she never did anything wrong and the gubmint are just out to get her

No. 1888777

yeah, also when she does laundry there will be clean, and used pullups in the clothing. I think its when she lifted a pile of clothing that it fell out and that was not cat shit. Cause lets not get started on how her 2-3 cats sprayed all on the walls and floors and other things. I really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she's a single mother (she's not, but I've never seen her scrote) and depression, but it just seems to be lazy, and she fucking half asses diys go fucking figure.

No. 1889193

The end of this is crazy, she really thinks other people live with dirty diapers and dog pee everywhere. CPS doesn't do anything half the time anyway and probably wouldn't in this situation but shouldn't her literal toddlers be the reason she wants to get better? The first cleaning videos I was like good that she's trying but this one is insanely sad for her kids, gives off the attitude she doesn't care if they rot in their own shit

No. 1889286

why does she give me "rich kid buying friendship" vibes, kek

No. 1889287

those lanyards are so fucking ugly. also this is a crazy amount of stuff for valentine's day, if someone gifted me this stuff on valentine's I'd be weirded out

No. 1889290

imagine being a normal woman and they give you all of this obnoxious bright pink/red stuff kek

No. 1889293

This has to be fake or she works as a cleaner.

No. 1889304

It's a bunch of cheap pink crap. If someone gave me this I would resent them for giving me the chore of having to get rid of it. I don't think women like this ever think of what the gift-receiver actually wants or needs. It's just an excuse to feed her shopping addiction

No. 1889308

I think this is sweet. I don't want to encourage (even more) gift-giving holidays but I'd be stoked to receive a cute blanket and chocolate from a friend.

It's kinda weird to give your nail artist stuff though.

No. 1889312

This is the type of shit I used to think was cute when I was 16 and got my own spending money for the first time… now I just see it as low quality tacky shit

No. 1889313

same. all the comments that are like "wahhh i need a friend like you (pleading emoji)" strike me as teenagers with no spending money who are obsessed with material goods.

No. 1889321


I hate gifts like this. Feels like an obligation to use the stuff, and I like meticulously pick everything I buy so I like the purse I use and the wallet I have because I spent a long time picking them. It's not tailored to the person's taste at all it's just stuff she thinks is cute

No. 1889342

gonna admit this seems really sweet to me. Not a single item of this would be something I'd willingly wear or flaunt but the gift giver seems delighted and I'd personally regift these to a hyper pink girly cousin or something. waste of money and earth resources sure but not everyone is down to make a handmade card with walnut ink or something, and I like how it desexualizes or deromances the holiday so single women have some hope or escapism tbh

No. 1889350

NGL If my best friend gave me this, it would show me that she's not my best friend because she doesn't know my favorite color at all and went with the Valentine color instead (although I bet she kept them rather than give them to her friends).

No. 1889354

Nah fam she just lives like that

No. 1889355

Sageblog but same. I don't buy the first bag or purse for the same reason: I'm picky as Hell and the item has to get my interest and functionality to make me buy it.

No. 1889357

It's cute, but tbh, kayla isn't a favorite because her pink stuff is all ugly and mismatched, meanwhile alondra got all perfectly matched and it was honestly cuter in general.
I honestly wish I could do gifts kind of like this, as in with matching stuff but with a better quality, but they would mostly be neutral colors so it's not a pain in the ass for the gift receiver to use the items separately or the sorts.
If anything, this only shows how she gifts stuff she wishes was given to her, it's so obvious, but I really doubt she would possibly get someone to want to spend like 100 dollars on stuff that she already owns.

No. 1889505

Something tells me the "gifts" were straight to her collection than to her friends (except for the candies or the blankets). That explains why they're so mismatched and she says "oh I found this and I think is so cute!", not "I found this and thought Kayla or Alondra MIGHT like it".

No. 1889555

I don't know why but its really funny that one gift is for her best friend and the other for her nail tech kek. She probably gets her nails done every week and I don't think she needs to give her 50$ in chintzy crap on top of whatever she gets paid

No. 1889606

I don't trust anti-consoomers who are fat(*bones rattling*)

No. 1889627

Based and true.

No. 1889649

I hate the fact that so many sports are so consoom by their very nature. I buy all my gear used but even then people don't feel like parting with their bindings or boots for less than 50% of what they paid, which is still a pretty penny. Although one good thing about that is that trends seem to come and go rather quickly, and people who are obsessed with 'the look' are more likely to switch out their gear more often, thus creating a resale market. I just wish it didn't matter to people what they looked like while they were going downhill with snot dripping out their noses, isn't the fun of it enough?

No. 1889665

wtf she's not fat at all? rattle somewhere else, ana-chan.

No. 1889669

kek I'm not an ana-chan she's clearly overweight(*bones rattling*)

No. 1889676

the horror, a woman not being stick thin. how dare women enjoy food and, even worse, take up space in the world.(infighting)

No. 1889679

>Over consumes food


No. 1889682

File: 1708034958428.gif (1.27 MB, 498x374, 7fe2495ce378b955d79567ce2f5d5f…)


No. 1889698

File: 1708035846470.jpeg (123.15 KB, 736x491, IMG_9335.jpeg)

I hate rooms like these. Just a whole wall use for just crap. One shelf is fine but multiple?

You can enjoy food and not be a fatass/anachan anon…it’s not hard.

No. 1889729

Its always the ones who fill their rooms like this that barely ever even watch anime, let alone the series that they bought merch and figs of

No. 1889749

This is the younger generations version of curio cabinets filled with Hummel or Swarovski crystal figures

No. 1889808

She’s only kind of fat/does not appear to be obese only overweight, so I disagree. If you are sedentary and eat lots of sugar like many Americans it’s easy to get tubby without spending a lot of money or causing a lot of environmental damage.

No. 1889835

File: 1708041528772.mp4 (5.75 MB, 576x1024, 7a1a0aeb920843b7f0eb254c0760cb…)

No. 1889875

File: 1708043242862.jpeg (91.63 KB, 577x433, revolutionarytumblerorganizer.…)

And it cost $15!

No. 1889938

Won't the cups and lids get dusty being exposed like this?

No. 1890089

No. 1890134

What a cunt, she does need CPS called on her. If they actually did shit. Those kids are going to develop diseases and rashes if they don't get crushed by something in her hoard falling on them. I hate hoarders.

No. 1890171

How will you easily keep track of which tumbler belongs to which lid.

No. 1890227

File: 1708072657327.mp4 (12.25 MB, 1080x1920, Me Sarcastic Never!!!!!!!!!!!!…)

She's extremely bitter for some reason. No matter what she says it's not normal to live in this level of dirt. Literal cow behaviour.

No. 1890231

Why even allow them to eat on the couch and all over the living room in the first place

No. 1890233

No. 1890235

Nothing is wrong with eating on the couch or living room lol. It's the fact she doesn't clean it and lets it rot

No. 1890260

When your cup has to have more personality than you do. I don't get the obsession with giving accessories to a cup that works as good as any other cup out there. I guess I prefer women collecting cups to whatever men collect though.

Also thanks for posting the MP4, it's annoying when I have to get redirected to TikTok and solve a captcha each time I click on a video

No. 1890298

this is rage bait is so criiinge. and even joking about neglecting your kids is fucking weird

No. 1890317

I hope all the lid in the Stanley cups will somehow fuck up their eyesight so they become unable to see pink anymore.

No. 1890329

That's true but if she knows they throw food around at least have them sit in one spot. How does it end up across the room are they literally throwing it or running around with it? I know kids are messy but come on

No. 1890362

I mean, she's admiting she told them to throw the food around so she could make the video.
How can someone so depressed have children? I wouldn't be surprised if she got depressed after she got them because her husband sounds like a fucking scrote.

No. 1890366

Can you not pick up on the sarcasm?

No. 1890367

>rotten sour moldy breast pumps
vomits also what the fuck does she mean she used to be a breastfeeding page what the fuck does that mean. How do you center your online content around that exclusively

No. 1890409

I feel like the weirdly aggressive sarcastic tone of these is so she can deflect any criticism, whether it's valid or not. It's like when you try to tell someone something bad they're doing and they pull the "OH HERE WE GO, IM JUST THE WORST ARENT I". I mean I get being a mom is busy but it should get to this level

No. 1890423

>i love tumblers
we noticed

No. 1890448

>we noticed
Yeah because the video was posted already you dingus >>1889835

No. 1890532

Next threadpic nonnie, this is fab

No. 1890607

She really just vaccuumed up ground meat and tortilla, that's so nasty. I would say make your kids eat at the table but that would probably get in the way of her pill high

No. 1890804

Isn't it more space saved if the lids stay on the tumblers? If they aren't on the cups and instead she's using the organiser, then they take up a whole area a cup could be filling on the shelf.

No. 1890824

You review pumps, talk about tips for the mom to have an easier time to feed.

No. 1891455

what is the "own spin" she's talking about?

No. 1891477

sorry for blogging but after reading these threads for a week i had a dream tonight where i had to buy a stanley cup and they came with normal non-reusable plastic straws, i was so disappointed

No. 1891490

"And that's how my Compulsive buying disorder began."

No. 1891631

No. 1891634

i will take brook's maximalist consoomer hello kitty sanrio utopia over this sad dystopic beige and grey mickey mouse prison themed house

No. 1891678

File: 1708195091008.jpg (912 KB, 908x1518, boring tree.jpg)

She’s hilarious. Imo it makes sense that Disney would make this junk. It expands their consumer market to the same demographic that paints their kid’s toys to match their aesthetic

No. 1891736

God that lip smacking is beyond obnoxious.
To be fair most Disney merch is closer in aesthetic to Sanrio stuff (though less pastels for the most part) than the typical sad beige look.

No. 1891772

she literally dumped gambling for another addiction kek

No. 1891881

it never ends…

No. 1891889

Do you think you have to watch these videos in purgatory? But they never end so it's a constant cicle of watching uncompleted "pack my purse with me videos" until the end of time.

No. 1891903

Anon I know this is a stupid request on my part but do you think you could download and upload the MP4 instead of just linking? TikTok embeds don't work for me

No. 1891910

"I'm gonna pray that my man wants to make out with me tonight" bruh

No. 1891918

No. 1892021

Oh this is great actually! Thank you!

No. 1892130

Kek I thought he was only her “baby daddy”, now he’s “her man”? Bleak though to hope for that, she shouldn’t have said that part out loud.

No. 1892401

File: 1708262062859.jpg (48.93 KB, 600x541, Screenshot_28.jpg)

Makeup girlies love to cry about "m-muh shade range!" in makeup and then froth at Flower Knows.
Their quality is shit and they cather only to overly filtered east asian girls that are obsessed with light skin, because it's the only skin type in which their products show up but hey, the packaging is pretty!

No. 1892403

western asian makeup consoomers will never understand they are not the target audience

No. 1892405

I bought two items from flower knows some time ago because I fell for the pretty packaging. But I have no desire to buy any more

No. 1892410

She always changes what she calls him. I think there was a point she called him her fiance. Feel free to correct me on that.

No. 1892424

literally every single Korean, Chinese, and Japanese makeup brand is like this not just this one

No. 1892444

Only eyeshadow and maybe lipstick has worked for me when it comes to asian brands. The rest is shit and I fucking hate the smoothed out filtered alien doll looking sick anachan Korean aesthetic so much. Those beauty standards are fucked

No. 1892485

Yes but Flower Knows is the only one that's has been insanely popular for the normie makeup girls. Let's say that unless someone is deep into EA pop culture, they don't know about Etude House or others. Them not being upset about what other makeup brands go through (quality and shade range) it's proof it's just consoom lol.
Flower Knows is on fucking Shein, not some obscure monolingual site or some proxies.

No. 1892502

Who would be willing to have a kid with someone like this?

No. 1892529

The kid is probably an oops baby. What I question more is why the guy is willing to stay in that environment. I know moid’s standards of living is very low, is that really it?

No. 1892536

she probably buys a ton of shit for him since she makes mad bank through tiktok. he might also be one of the few moids that care about their children. iirc his mother also lives in that house (probably as a babysitter for the daughter) so that might be yet another reason to stay. their relationship is very rocky though and brook released a video a while ago saying that working on relationships is sooo hard but her and her moid are willing to do the work, etc. they also seem to go to church semi regularly and he might worry that people might talk if he just leaves his gf/fiancee/baby mama and their daughter who is STILL recovering from double hip surgery and can't walk (yet).

No. 1892544

I always think this is the weirdest thing to get upset at. Even in America I one year I lived in an area where they had to throw out the dark shades at the store bc there was no one to buy them. They just literally don't need to make them in korea/china

No. 1892619

File: 1708277220313.mp4 (3.41 MB, 1080x1920, yes, i am that girl with a col…)

No. 1892635

i love when autistic people have really weird interests. i wouldn't wanna live with them but i enjoy looking at them like a scientist in a movie that watches an alien creature or monster through a thick glass panel.

No. 1892647

posting this here is like saying you cant stand violent schizophrenics in the "disorders you cant deal w/" thread. this girl has a much deeper issue than consumerism

No. 1892649

Whenever people dedicate entire rooms and hoard, sorry, collect a specific character, it really shows how devoid of a personality they are. I guess the tiktok attention and high of buying is satiating enough.

No. 1892693

this video is so dystopian to me. tj maxx is called tk maxx in europe and it's always kinda messy and sad in there so seeing people lose their minds over the american version is insane to me.

No. 1892702

I'm a burger and every TJ Maxx has been like that too. I hate going into the big box stores that are super unorganized, it freaks me out for some reason.

No. 1892704

I wanna know why. Female autism is always so fascinating

No. 1892725

yeah somehow they atmosphere inside the store makes me feel weird (or gives me the ick, as zoomers phrase it) and everyone there seems so desperate to find something but it's just trash everywhere? i also don't like how there's often only one of a specific item and it's already been touched by so many hands. unfortunately i'm one of those "take one from the end of the shelf" types, kek.

No. 1892791

Isn't the end of the shelf usually where they put the stuff that is new and then the old stuff in the front though?

No. 1892793

I do wonder if she wishes she was Dora though

No. 1892813

Im all for making shades for all skin types, but not to sound like a dumb ass but do women with darker skin even need stuff like this? Being pale you see more flaws on your skin or look more tired, but dark complexion that stuff isn't really noticeable.

No. 1892825

Darker skin people often have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which makes blemishes actually last much longer on your skin. Some white people can get it too especially if they're mixed.

No. 1892922

it's insane how different and more normal our oily potato looked just two years ago.

No. 1892927

She has the same voice as Tana Mongeau, weird

No. 1892940

She overdid the filler hardcore. Fake tan and hair is still awful here but she was much cuter

No. 1892947

This is almost more annoying than the abipop figures who at least owned up to being roricon degens. The commodified imageboard aesthetic mixed with performative and nonsensical twitter identity politics is so grating. I honestly still don’t understand how the “Japancore” “4chancore” whatever stuff came into existence. Exhausting

No. 1892952

i still can't believe how different she looked in high school >>1847866

No. 1892962

tbh…her house kind of looks like the house I grew up in. My mother was admittedly a stay-at-home mom too that was depressed and disabled, so the house ended up pretty disgusting. We didnt have pets or any biohazardous stuff, but it was generally really clean and a mess most of the time

No. 1892976

I saw the thumbnail and I did not expect her to look like that

No. 1893192

I just don't understand the appeal of Lululemon. It isn't ugly or anything but everything is just basics you can get way cheaper elsewhere. I guess it's like how in 2009 having Hollister/Abercrombie was a lower middle class status symbol?

No. 1893194

idk nonna, tk maxx in germany is really nice and organized, I've been buying stuff there for 14+ years in different cities and it's usually okay

No. 1893201

What the fuck talk about the waste of a naturally cute woman turning herself into a clone

No. 1893210

Nobody is saying anything because asian makeup brands are like this, even despite this probably not being good enough for even SEA customers. It reminds me of a video i watched where Korean women and their mothers did makeup on each other and the young girls all appeared to have foundations that were ridiculously light for their skin, idk how common that is in reality, but it was insane considering the older women just used foundation that was their shade. Back on point, i have been tempted to buy from this brand, but the reality of owning makeup just because it's pretty is not for me. It will make me not want to use it and it's no more than a glorified desk ornament at that point.
>When you want to be kawaii but you are too afraid to commit.
Tbh i don't see what's wrong with this. One wall is fine.
This level of consooming is being proliferated by desperately wanting to be an influencer/online personality but having no personality or anything redeeming about yourself to justify having a platform, so you have to show off trinkets and trash to make people care.
I doubt a lot of moids give a shit, as long as she keeps it in her own corner of the house and uses her own money.

No. 1893377

>"packaging is pretty"
>go to site
>looks like gaudy spray painted plastic

No. 1893379

What are you even trying to say? It's nothing like that.

No. 1893437

Nta but I lived in Berlin for a while and got the same impression as the nonna above (we don't have it where I'm originally from). A mess everywhere, filled to the brim with people shopping madly, things fallen on the dirty floor, everything thrown on shelves everywhere, etc. I shopped there a couple of times but it made me depressed and icky to go back there, reminded me too much of shopping in the USA.

No. 1893446

It’s a tranny. He passes well enough so that the Dora obsession thing looks like female autism but knowing he’s a tranny it’s probably a pedo thing.
>lou baby, the only and only self proclaimed superstar, superhero, and princess, finds the generosity in her heart to share glimpses of her endless imaginative mind with the world, through the art of youtube videos
Or he’s skinwalking some female artist who has this sort of aesthetic.

No. 1893572

He looks like one of those drag queens, and his insufferable personality and narcissistic mannerisms evince the fact that he is a tranny.

No. 1893857

every time some content creator uses this song, it's ear-assaulting. What the hell is she even saying before the "yes and"!? the beat is off-putting and the enunciation is in the toilet.

No. 1893860

I was thinking that too. Is she doing that intentionally?

No. 1893888

she's putting more emotion in her voice in newer videos but she used to sound really emotionless. it fits the dead look in her eyes.

No. 1893890

Woah her face is so red

No. 1893896

How old is that woman? She has the baby fat as if she's a teenager, but the complete lack of facial movement and how red and puffy her face is makes me think she's much older.

No. 1893910

she'll turn 23 this year. she's addicted to tanning beds, fillers and starbucks, sleeps until 4 pm or something every day and does nothing all day except for buying shit and not opening her pr packages for months.

No. 1893911

What an easy yet vapid life. The perfect face for the consoomerism thread.

No. 1893913

god i wish that were me

No. 1893962

It's popular with gays and faghags and yeah Ariana can't say a word right to save her life.

No. 1893969

Thank god my sister isn't a fujoshit

No. 1893978

if someone knows an easy way to get a bunch of PR packages without looking like a burnt mannequin, lmk

No. 1893981

Kek I would like to know too

No. 1894210

File: 1708381721739.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x1260, IMG_1149.jpeg)

Here he is next to a woman

No. 1894247

yeah, I feel like it's not great in big cities like Berlin. In smaller cities it's usually not as crowded so people can't really make a mess and it's way more relaxed

No. 1894260

File: 1708384752457.jpeg (12.3 KB, 300x284, 3492.jpeg)

She is dedicated to cosplaying various types of potatoes. Respect her craft, anon.

No. 1894301

He looks like the lifeless doll cosplay version of that woman

No. 1894312

I always had a feeling he was a troon when he showed up on my feed, I guess this confirms it. The obsession with Dora dolls specifically was very gay male/hsts to me because it was probably something they wanted to play with as a young child and weren’t really allowed to. I see that same story a lot of with gay moids that are obsessed with collecting Barbies (like trixie Mattel) and the zoomer ones who collect monster high and bratz.

No. 1894324

weirdly enough the shades from flower knows have always been too dark on me, even the lightest one. I'm not even ~that~ pale

No. 1894349

It's so interesting how weird and uncanny trannies look even if they have plastic surgery. Look at how giant his head is in comparison to her.

No. 1894433

Even when some women bemoan the fact that they have a big head, they really don't. They're nothing like a man's big-ass caveman skull. Even his "smol" body looks big in comparison to hers.

No. 1894714

File: 1708421990154.jpg (93.88 KB, 954x1163, 4bd4e58eefd4b97b87ab2a867a08b8…)

I love how she has a weird little justification for everything. "Just in case" "god forbid" fucking kek

No. 1896526

I was watching some video on YouTube in German about people my age (aka millennial) and younger who flex online about having Klarna debts in Currywurstland, from a guy who's definitely early Gen X and who didn't understand what is going on with the consoom habits people have. But it wasn't with English captions so I looked for Klarna debt on YouTube and after scrolling down a bunch of very suspicious "how to pay your Klarna debts?" I found this video. I think any of those "Buy now, pay later" are traps if you're not careful.
I use it only with clothes, especially pants I order online so I can try them on and see if they fit and then I immediately pay my tab once I've made sure I don't have to return them. I wish we wouldn't encourage people to flex about being in debt because they're living above their pay grade and/or buying 365 sweaters because of course they need one sweater for every day of the year. There's obviously an underlying problem, a gap in happiness like family trauma, issues at uni/school that people try to fill with consoom and it kinda makes me concerned for the future.

No. 1897095

File: 1708579425317.mp4 (15.24 MB, ssstik.io_1707917630689.mp4)

there should be more kpop consoomerism posted.

No. 1897117

What the fuck are those? Vinyls? Boxsets?

No. 1897128

Kpop consoomers aren't people.

No. 1897136

all of this consoom for the most jarring music imaginable

No. 1897276

Klarna is good as a kind of insurance that you won't get scammed or have to go back and forth with customer service about a refund for a lost/damaged/returned item, since you haven't technically paid yet. You can get your order, see if it's good, and then pay. People who use it to rack up debt are crazy, you're right that there's underlying issues. To me it seems like consooming gives them an illusion of improving their life without actually having to put in any real work or face real difficulties.

No. 1897449

File: 1708613426855.mp4 (2.94 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_322801627_…)

The lethal amount of energy drinks and the manchild snack array…
Personally, energy drink consoomers are some of the most insufferable in my life. They're expensive, like 3-5$ a can and they drink multiple a Day. None of them live a lifestyle that requires high performance or lengthy work hours. The person in this video is wearing pajama pants. It is one of the most pathetic capitalist slave addictions

No. 1897460

does she want to give herself a heart attack?

No. 1897461

I usually don't care that much about how much people are eating, but I really doubt this person is sharing that deathly concoction of energy drinks and high calorie snacks with someone else, so I say that's just obese food.
Hell, even if you told me "well that retard is anorexic/ a male, and only eats that one snack tray with energy drink every day" I would day that it's just hoping to have the highest sugar levels in the world as quick as possible.
Looking at that gave me a headache and stomach burn kek.

No. 1897463

This video would never fucking end.

No. 1897465

You just know their breath stinks of shit

No. 1897467

People drinking full sugar versions of energy drinks make me feel physical cringe i just do not understand why would you do that to yourself when the artificial sweetener at least wont contribute to your impending type 2 diabetes diagnosis

No. 1897502

>AI trying to imitate human emotions

No. 1897518

looks like brook is going down the influencer marketing/mlm/ponzi scheme road.

No. 1897557

>PoV: you got the yeti just for this
>It clearly says Stanley cup for the entirety of the video

All that sugar is eating at her 3 remaining braincells

No. 1897571

I thought maybe that was a way to drive engagement - people commenting "uhhhhmm that's not a Yeti" just so the algorithm picks up lots of comments. Also this person is going outside in ratty off-season pajama pants, trailer trash vibes

No. 1897575

I only used Klarma and the likes once for my Macbook for university. It was helpful, but I can see how people could be addicted. It's easy, but to see people debtmaxxing on this is insane.

No. 1897598

apparently german fashion twitter (kek) is obsessed with klarna and they regularly flex their klarna debts and how they have to ask for yet another extension at the end of the month. i used klarna all the time for h&m orders until i had to request my credit information (SCHUFA in germany) to sign a new apartment lease and it actually listed that i was very late on my klarna payment once. i haven't used klarna since then because that shit worries me, even though it's only one single thing among a sea of other credit history.

No. 1897607

i thought she was going to give people a few tips in the video for gaining a following on social media but all she says is her friend is working in "digital marketing" ? like wow, who knew you could make money working a job?

No. 1897609

This has been posted like 3 times in the last 2 threads. Getting sus

No. 1897764

the juicy stuff is so ugly and reminds me of ed hardy tees that used to be popular 15-20 years ago. also the sight of that cherry pattern gives me flashback to when i was a young teenage baby emo ca. 2006 and we all wore those black/white checkerboard vans slip ons with cherries on them.

No. 1897905

Fucking KEK, the fact that she had so much bath and body works shit hoarded and it ended up expiring…why would you buy 50 bottles of the same lotion with likely the same expiration date and not think this would happen? Honestly I think throwing them out is just an excuse to go buy more even though she said she won’t

No. 1897906

just looked up the marc jacobs tote and the smallest one is like £350! she must have $5000 worth of that one kind of bag alone and most of them look the e=exact fucking same!

No. 1897909

idk fucking sad when you see people who prob really need finical help asking her for it like its just super easy to start on TikTok and Youtube to make money, when its not.

No. 1898022

These new MLMs targetting ADHD ridden gambling addict tiktok moms are insane.

No. 1898028

File: 1708641974741.jpg (29.46 KB, 352x395, 123454687.jpg)

It never stops kek. I felt in a loop, and every ugly bag was almost identical to the one before. Maddening. This has to be ragebait (and it worked on me at least, I couldn't pause the video even though I was hating every second of it).

No. 1898029

No. 1898031

lord why did you make me poor while the rich are wasting their money on this shit

No. 1898034

Rings gacha

No. 1898035

File: 1708642254946.jpg (15.12 KB, 301x167, yassified shrek.jpg)

The fuck did I just watch? What is going on? Why does he look like yassified shrek?

No. 1898037

Literally nothing in this video is worth boasting about. For all the money spent on a bunch of shitth cheap bags she could've gotten a couple actual nice designer pieces worth bragging about to her followers instead of the same fugly Marc Jacobs tote in a dozen different iterations kek. I can't stand those bags, literally no one would buy them if they didn't say the brand name on them

No. 1898043

File: 1708642713953.jpg (404.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1000025555.jpg)

the vibe of this entire video

No. 1898045

Damn those are some ugly ass rings.

No. 1898046

I find it so funny some people watch the exact same cocomelon tier content their toddlers watch, but with the added content of consoomerism and gacha addiction kek
tl;dw: this scrote is part of an MLM that does ''live diamond reveals''. They are all trashy aliexpress garbage that sells for cents but they 'inflate' the price. People are obssesed with this because there is a very slim chance you can get a 'diamond' is the diamond real? probably not. It's a fucking scam.

No. 1898051

late reply, but many Korean manhwas and live-action series also share this aesthetic. I don't know what it is about them, but they have a tacky people.

No. 1898064

>lab grown X!!!
it's like vegan leather, a fancy way of saying you're paying for junk kek

No. 1898065

the price is fake too, there is no way that shit is worth 750. They are bought through aliexpress.

No. 1898071

This is cracking me up oh my god

No. 1898075

There is also a pearl version of this tiktok live gacha scam. These women are really paying 145 to see oysters opened live. They would genuinely waste less money if they just got into Genshin Impact.

No. 1898083

I don't get these appeal for Loungefly bags. I know they have enough space, but still they look so bulky.

No. 1898090

Some of those things are really cute but I always get so paranoid about having anything that's considered "girly" in my car, idk why, but I always end up thinking of worst case scenarios of my car getting targeted by thugs and such because it's girly.

No. 1898108

The pink and white Louis Vuitton neverfull is over $3,200 too

No. 1898127

I'd argue "vegan leather" is far worse and more misleading, given vegan leather is PU/PVC and not actually leather (animal skin put through a tanning process) at all, whereas lab grown stones have the exact same chemical makeup as the real stone, they just don't have the rarity that makes natural stones more valuable. Although the setup of this tiktok is so weird and sketchy I wouldn't be surprised if that was cubic zirconia instead of actual lab grown diamonds.

No. 1898134


When he stacks them all together they look even cheaper.

No. 1898137

File: 1708649144040.mp4 (8.96 MB, 720x1280, bf681159a29a44fda237baa30f0a73…)

i’ve seen my little pony, barbie, bratz, littlest pet shop, strawberry shortcake consoomers… but never a dora consoomer. who the hell needs that many dora toys? it’s a TIM too, but there’s no surprise there

No. 1898139

Probably saw his sister get to play with Dora dolls when she was younger and is now trying to skinwalk in adulthood

No. 1898140

he has a weird autistic obsession with them

No. 1898149

check the thread before posting >>1892619(minimod)

No. 1898151

That's just how kpop albums come packaged. There's a CD in there plus photobooks and the random additional crap like photocards, which is why people buy dozens of the same album to try and collect a full set/a certain piece of cardboard. It's consoom on steroids.

No. 1898155

Good for him, dumb women love a gay man pretending to be their bestie

No. 1898226

She has the cheapest taste in shit ever, you can't tell the difference in quality between the $20 bags she got from marshalls and the literal designer shit. I personally feel like the loungefly bags unironically mog every overpriced bag she has, what's even the point. Also, she is going to be disappointed to know that you can really only have 2 bath and bodyworks sprays at a time if you want to use them all up without expiring. I know her dumbass will fill up that retarded storage solution she has because she can't deal with the space.
I personally only use paypal pay in 4 for very pricey purchases, but i avoid doing it too much, maybe 3 times a year tops because it fucks up your credit score i think.
The clothes are ok, but considering how often fitness wear needs to be washed, it means they generally have a shorter lifespan than normal clothes. They do have ok sales, but personally i'd only buy one or two items from them, i wouldn't buy basics from them.
The thing is with bags, you only need one or two or sometimes none if you have good pockets, so bag hoarding in general is so retarded. Some loungefly designs are cute, i'll give brooke credit there since i do like a lot of the ones that she has. I just thing it's a case of people needing to learn to appreciate that a something cute exists and move on.

No. 1898235

Knowing that it's a moid, and a TIM to boot, I think he may be sexually attracted to Dora.

No. 1898281

Wouldn't be shocking, he seems like a pedo with his obsession with "girly" things.

No. 1898337

She really had the tackiest and most outdated taste, I feel like I've been transported back to 2007. It's like she doesn't have a single opinion of her own, just buying whatever she was told was 'luxury' when she was a teenager.

No. 1898374

Tacky gimmicks aside, why is it always a faggoty male advertising stuff for women? I fucking hate them, they can have all the stupid shit pushed onto us like makeup and bbls and ugly clothing if they really want to be us so badly.

No. 1898483

KEK. Why is it always those nails even with the men?

No. 1898545

Hard agree, I hate it.

No. 1898958

kidney failure breath indubitably
atrocious taste. absolutely mindless, so nauseating i couldnt bring myself to actually play the video. its just so insecure and pathetic, this is the shelf of someone who will never be free

No. 1899055

are you depressed? buy product!

mirror: https://tik.fail/watch/16fedbd84aaf7a62f5020f9a7fcd40bd

No. 1899111

god, I wish I was rich.

No. 1899140

The most retarded libfem consoomerist bullshit I’ve ever heard holy fuck KEK this woman still hates herself let’s be fucking real nobody who is satisfied with their lives and themselves drops hundreds of dollars daily on plastic garbage just to feel alive or something

No. 1899148

none of these girls are rich they're just middle/upper middle class and likely in debt. unless you are using standards from a poor country, then they'd be rich i guess

No. 1899191

isn't brooktheshopaholic husband rich though?

No. 1899193

Nonna thank you so much for posting the mirror links ♥

No. 1899194

Americans have such shitty healthcare and yet they drink and eat like their kidneys and livers will last forever. I feel sad for them

No. 1899204

It’s definitely ragebait.

No. 1899893

No. 1899924

File: 1708788887051.mp4 (11.45 MB, 460x816, p3fhlEL.mp4)

Consoomerism + theatrics

No. 1899942

This is actually very cute kek

No. 1899957

>I buy reusable bags every single time I go to a store that offers reusable bags to reuse

No. 1899960

File: 1708791337869.mp4 (6.8 MB, 576x1024, 5e2c40939f37694c01c1ce0479213c…)

everyone knew this would happen to these women eventually kek
same thing will happen to some women with the Starbucks cups in time

No. 1899978

Christ those are some hideous mugs

No. 1899995

>"I went to high school in 2010"
>she's only 27-28
legitimately thought she was in her mid 30s, does consoom and retardation age you this badly

No. 1900006

It would be cool if this was some kind of add for one of those horror escape rooms, lol.

No. 1900011

I thought the same thing when she said that. I thought she was mid-thirties. Maybe it’s stress? The looming credit card debt and all that useless stuff surrounding her has got to have an impact on her mental health. Or it would for any typical person.
>$50 from Mercari
These are so ugly and look like they should be $2-$3.

No. 1900040

The pedophilies have won. Little girls are so obsessed with looking older, it’s over

No. 1900064

Even the fucking soaps are pink also growing skin looks disgusting

No. 1900111

She’s like 32 or something. She was probably a senior in 2010.

No. 1900121

>I don't even remember which one was the most expensive
So none of them mattered, she doesn't even have one she treasures the most. How bleak.

No. 1900142

I know this is an old post, but I used to work as a pharmacy technician in a retail store. A patient came up to pick up their prescriptions, their disability cart containing a mountain of the absurdly expensive frozen meals (not the $1 Michelina shit, but the $7~10 brand name ones) and industrial sized ice cream containers. I'm not kidding, the cart was almost overflowing. They started yelling and screaming at me because their insurance didn't want to cover their rescue inhaler refill because it was a week and a half early. How about you put some of that fucking garbage back and get some real food, huh? You do NOT need 40 of those Banquet mega meals. If you physically cannot cook, put them back and get the $1 shit. I almost lost it. Put back two of those meals and use a coupon to get your inhaler for like $20. Good fucking god.

No. 1900211

What she's saying about you being the only one who can love yourself is true I guess but also kinda crazy to say when she's in a relationship where she and her moid could care less about each other

No. 1900870

Love an unhinged queen

No. 1900871

All of those mugs are hideous, I never got it

No. 1901022

this is very weird, they dont even have any type of design…just words in an ugly font, idk what would compell a person to consoom these out of all the collectables in the world

No. 1901032

Literally what I can't understand. This is something you'd have 1 or 2 max. What's the appeal of so damn many?!?! It's not like they are pretty and have unique designs. This is so weird to me

No. 1901034

This is actually kinda funny tho lol

No. 1901103

>If you physically cannot cook, put them back and get the $1 shit
… wtf anon

Personally, I believe even poor people deserve to eat proper food, and 7-10$ per meal isn't even that expensive.

No. 1901129

No she’s right, the $1 and $5 meals are gonna be nearly the same nutritionally and the $5 meals are notoriously tiny and non-filling. You could buy frozen vegetables, canned chicken, and instant oatmeal for more food and more nutrition while being cheaper — and it’s still just microwaveable.

No. 1901458

And if they're keeping them for the messages like "hot mess" etc there's way better mugs with better lettering out there (even hand painted)

No. 1901463

File: 1708896813563.jpg (45.04 KB, 640x480, 874606.jpg)

Yes, being depressive sucks and not wanting to take a shower is frustrating, but that advice coming from a woman with shopping and gambling addition? It feels like this.

No. 1901482

Anything made by Banquet brand is worthless garbage and they might as well get the $1 equivalent. There are brands of frozen meals that are $7-10 and not absolute garbage but if they’re gonna be eating Banquet quality garbage why pay for the expensive garbage

No. 1901584

File: 1708902973020.jpeg (104.82 KB, 970x600, IMG_1199.jpeg)

Yesterday I bought a milk frother from Marshalls and was annoyed it said “blend” on it. Checked the box and of course it’s from Rae Dunn.

No. 1901599

I don't know why but it pisses me OFF whenever they refer to the products as "her" or "she". Stop personifying. The four leaf clover bag is nice though… admittedly

No. 1901627

A big part of why Brooke has problems getting rid of stuff after "attaching sentimental value" to them is because she personifies every new piece of pink garbage that she wastes money on. No, you don't have a sentimental attachment to a claw clip, just get rid of it.

No. 1901636

I don’t mind this. She’s still doing something creative, and I doubt old dolls cost much money.

No. 1901646

I used to work at a soup kitchen that did deliveries to people who couldn’t walk. They didn’t serve ice cream and $10 tendies that only lardasses with fried tastebuds would find palatable though. Even if you don’t have something like that there are other options like the other anons mentioned.

No. 1901669

I meant more because of a physical and/or mental illness impeding one's ability to cook, or perhaps they don't have the necessary resources to do so. I lived without an oven and fridge/freezer for a long time and it fucking sucked. That person couldn't afford their rescue inhaler because they were going to buy so much expensive, unhealthy food. Personally, if I had to choose between two $10+ frozen meals or my rescue inhaler, I would put the expensive food back and get something cheaper so I could breathe.

Also, $7~10 per frozen meal is absolutely expensive, what the fuck? If the person in question is yelling because they can't afford to drop $20 on their prescription medication, then what are they doing dropping easily hundreds on actual garbage?

No. 1901846

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so, so many people are like that nowadays too, on Instagram a bunch of accounts go
>She looks great [pointing at purse]
>She's ready to go [a recipe for a dish]
And so much more, why is this a thing? I feel like a schizo but I hate how the items are always referred to as women, it feels wrong.

No. 1901953

File: 1708926763990.jpeg (36.11 KB, 680x593, 7D93C512-DFEB-4BBD-98C8-F5095F…)

>driving in neighborhood and see a house with the garage door open
>People having a get together and watching some UFC fight
>Garage has 5 different televisions mounted on the walls crammed together
>4 are streaming the same fight and one is streaming another

I know they were trying to go for a bar feel but 5 fucking big tvs???? Literally for what?? It’s like an ADHD trap for boomers

No. 1902272

>Garage has 5 different televisions mounted on the walls crammed together
that's clearly a gooncave that was repurposed that day to watch UFC

No. 1903965

File: 1709054073704.jpeg (622.49 KB, 1536x1626, IMG_4065.jpeg)

Is this a normal living room for someone who isnt a parent?

No. 1903967

File: 1709054108627.jpeg (334.99 KB, 1170x1397, IMG_4066.jpeg)

No. 1903970

No, the fuck

No. 1903973

I know people are going to say adults can play with toys too… but I don't think this is normal.

No. 1903976

Anon, is this your living room? kek

No. 1903985

No its an artist I found who shared her living room

No. 1903988

This is cute and nicely coordinated, I don't see a problem with collecting cute character stuff, it's not like you stop being interested in fun things as an adult. At least it's not mindless anime garbage. She's also an illustrator, so it makes sense.

No. 1903989

>anime… bad!
I dont see how random cartoon shit is any different from random cartoon shit, but in japanese

No. 1904009

Agreed. Though I wouldn't care if she liked anime as well

No. 1904010

This house belongs to a female illustrator who likes bright colours and cute stuff. God forbid an adult not like the greige minimalist style that you guys cry about all the time. I wouldn't even say this is really consoom-related either, it's not like it's a bunch of junk bought en masse off amazon or ikea

No. 1904013

Calm down, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm referring to the boom of Tiktok zoomers consuming insane amounts of plastic anime figures of characters that mean nothing to them but are trendy at the moment, there's a million examples of that in this thread.

No. 1904043

Might be a little on the extra side, but imo it's organized nicely and looks cute. Not full blown consoomer.

No. 1904048

I wish my job was an illustrator it seems so chill

No. 1904052

I don't have to like it just because there's other anons who don't like minimalist interiors. I think it's embarassing to have plushies and minions in your living room, sorry.
>inb4 you're embarassing

No. 1904062

At first it looked ageplayish to me, but looking closer I can see how most of this stuff is collectibles related to her job and board games. Most of the colorful books that look like they could be kiddy books from afar are art books, and the only actual children toys pictured are 90s memorabilia and it's a small collection, so looks quirky but fine imo.

No. 1904077

Ig it would be extreme to some, but it also looks like she makes plushies and what not, so honestly it looks a lot more like she collects things in a similar style to her work and it comes off to me like having things that 'inspire' her. I think this is at the low end of being consoomerism, especially when you compare her to the woman who buys 99 pink bags for no reason.

No. 1904108

Yes? Maybe a little excessive/consoomey but it’s fine in terms of the theme. It’s not remotely ageplay, ageplayers like googoo gaga pink anime girl bullshit. Almost everything she owns are ugly Korean/Chinese mascots/Japanese indie artist figurines. Minions are also weirdly popular in east Asia, none of those are marketed towards kids.

No. 1904109

I'd throw away the minions out of the window, but otherwise I like it, it's nice.

No. 1904113

no but man do I want that rug, that's a beautiful rug

No. 1904114

Yes, esp if someone works as an artist? Do you think that full shelves equals consoom? It looks neat, well organized, not cramped and clean.
Since when consoom is anyone who owns stuff instead of people getting into weird endless collections and being obsessed with shopping?

No. 1904127

I think making your living room look like a kid’s playroom is weird, yeah

No. 1904129

Rae dunn is the super villain for me. She's literally the live, laugh, love person but worse

No. 1904133

tbh it’s weird that this random room is getting so much controversy when anons have posted dozens of modern pink barbie bratz hoards- toys marketed towards literal current 10 year olds-and nothing. hell the dora tranny is definitely sus. brooke has some issues too, she buys a billion pink hello kitty toys and figurines. it’s far more creepy and deranged when they’re buying toys for actual kids instead of what appear to be the female equivalent of funko pops.

No. 1904138

File: 1709062864075.jpg (1.39 MB, 4032x3024, mustdisney.jpg)

She does say she has too many knick knacks which is true, it's abnormal to have that many. Since she's an illustrator I understand the kiddy books, and it would look cleaner without all the random toys. No need for three whole shelves taking up a wall too. Pic unrelated but reminds me of the "unaesthetic" version of just having a bunch of toys

No. 1904144

What the hell is this nightmare room

No. 1904149

For some reason I was neutral on this until I seen the Mickey Mouse shit and suddenly decided it was retarded

No. 1904150

I hope to god she doesn't jump onto something new.
The unironed trump flag is really ties the room together.

No. 1904215

This is so adorable and I love the shelves, I would love for this to be my living room

No. 1904316

I want to know how she affords this as an illustrator. She gives me the vibe that she was well off before her art took off.

No. 1904327

Nothing she owns looks really expensive she just has a bunch of junk. Maybe 1-2k worth of stuff at most, if you have a standard industry job you can afford it all very easily. Popular instagram/artist alley artists make more than you think too and it looks like she does both. Consooming is very easy on a middle class salary

No. 1904342

I think the funkpop ruin it, but It's not that egregious.

No. 1904419

I have no idea how much money she makes, but none of this is particularly expensive, and I'm willing to bet she's been collecting this stuff for years. It's much easier to build up a collection over a long period of time even on a low salary.

No. 1904442

This feels more like an actually curate collection instead of just mindless consoom. Maybe a little cluttered but I think it's well done and is good inspiration.

No. 1904513

File: 1709077883157.png (1.1 MB, 962x756, hobbitses.png)

might have posted about this before but i am a tolkien autist so i have been lurking the r/tolkienbooks subreddit for a long while, and the past few years especially it's become absolute consoom hell. people like picrel trying to justify purchasing the same sought-after hobbit edition (with extremely miniscule differences between releases, if any) a million fucking times. and several other examples like people who collect the same book in every language for no reason, people who have way too many editions of lotr, which often is divided into three volumes so it's 3x books per every edition, etc. it's become a so called hobby and there's daily posts about people "getting into tolkien collecting" which just means purchasing different editions of the same 10 or so books from amazon. a lot of the posts displaying several bookshelves stuffed full of books have just been "collecting" them for a year or so. basically it's just people going on shopping binges online to qualify as a nerd or a fan or whatever, without showing even the slightest interest in the actual content of the books, only the outside is important.
not the worst ofc but extremely ugly and full of useless plastic shit only there for the display. you wouldn't be able to retrieve a book from the shelves without knocking shit over, which tells me they're not even in use. and why do they need 6 of the same green plushie?

No. 1904519

The thought of dusting this all off stresses me out

No. 1904535

the worst part is that if instead of getting 9000 copies of the same book, if you actually get all the books about the legendarium including HoME and other books curated by christopher, you already end up with a sizable collection.
but that would require actual reading

No. 1904540

this is cute and it's clearly a woman

No. 1904545

now this is fucking ugly

No. 1904549

File: 1709079960423.png (1.33 MB, 1080x674, psychosis.png)

>if you actually get all the books about the legendarium including HoME and other books curated by christopher, you already end up with a sizable collection
yes, and even moreso if you own tolkien's non-middle earth works, related books from other authors like guides, atlases, art books, scholarly works about tolkien, etc. i guess i'm a bit of a consoomer myself, i have pretty much all of tolkien's original works as well as some related books and all of these together still "only" take up two rows in a bookshelf. meanwhile there are people on the subreddit who have multiple bookshelves with only tolkien books because they buy a million copies of the same fucking book in different editions and even exact duplicates. books they will literally never read and have no reason to either.

No. 1904606

Looks clean, dusted, bright, colorful and cozy. This is a living space that someone decorated, and likely cares about the stuff they have. Nothing is crammed and it’s not extreme weeb maximimalism that a lot of people hate. I see nothing wrong with this, I just hope this person doesn’t continue adding more stuff/feeling the need to buy more and more. Because that’s the actual issue—hyperconsooming.

No. 1904738

I really really love this. Previous pic is a little much but second is saved as inspo

No. 1904816

I stumbled upon a Youtuber who collects those Disney pins and would spend insane amounts of money just for a binder full of pins, there’s so many other people who do the same thing. I guess they trade the pins too but they’re all still going to the Disney parks and events weekly and even second hand Disney collectible stores. All that money and they’re mostly ugly and uninteresting.

No. 1904907

Playing devils advocate for a little bit, but I honestly don't see a problem with having a display wall like this. Every house I've been into has had at least one wall with shelves of shit the people never touch at all. Usually it's a few old books, vases and various knick-knacks, or for for people with certain interests a few items of choice like a goth having crystals or a boat-enthusiast having ship models. A hunter may have a wall of several mounted animal skulls and a couple of hunting rifles, I've also seen an elderly couple who owned horses have an entire shelf of collectible horse figurines. I think this is far more fun and personal than the people who just put a trendy but boring safe vase, I'd rather see a house with personality.

"Not a parent" also doesn't mean they don't have kids in the family who regularly come over, or sometimes people foster kids from troubled homes and want them to feel safe. And it could also just be a person who works in kids media who just likes the industry so they dedicated one room to it. If a man made a James Bond or football rooom no one would question it.

No. 1904914

One display wall is fine, all people of all ages do this. My grandma had a big antique bookshelf full of books and knick knacks. It's not that crazy or far fetched to see people having stuff in their homes. It's only embarrassing when it's all full of 300+ funkos or coomshit figures.

No. 1904917

Most of it is books, so i dont see the problem either. Even the minions dont look as bad considering they are placed right in front of an artbook of Eric Guillion, the concept artist of despicable me. I think the anons that are calling it ageplay are normalfags, I don't know why but they flock to this thread a lot.

No. 1904920

ayrt, I think >>1903965 is fine but stuff like >>1898137 is too much. If there is obvious thought out style behind it I don't mind it (I'm often ok with it even when it's quite cluttered), but when it's pure consumerism because you just want to own more when you don't even have room for it, it simply loses that charm

No. 1905045

I like it, clearly she's not mindlessly consooming and the room is actually nicely decorated, unlike that woman who buys 10000 purses and coin bags for no reason

No. 1905350

Her hobbies are varied and she owns a little bit of everything, it's not the crazy huge mindless consoom pile that Brooke Shopaholic has for example. I feel like she enjoys the things she has and has a story or a reason behind them (like the art books). She might not have the classiest collection or the most functional one, but it's not a big deal. It's alright.

No. 1905501

My SIL has bought me a few of these but I find them so cringey and ugly.

I hate throwing out or giving away items that people give me though, so the cups are just sitting in a cupboard. I do use one of them to clean brushes when I'm painting so that's something.

Anyone else have trouble getting rid of gifts people give them? Even if you don't like said gift?

No. 1906403

>Anyone else have trouble getting rid of gifts people give them? Even if you don't like said gift?
Yes, and every time I go "come on nona it just takes up space, it's time to get rid of it" i'm hit by the thought that they might die tomorrow and this is the only thing i've got from them…

No. 1906750

I used to have trouble giving away unwanted gifts, but then I started thinking about it differently. If it was a well thought out and sentimental gift I'll keep it, even if its not to my tastes. If it was clearly just an impulse purchase or last minute choice with no sentimental intention behind it, I have no problem getting rid of it. If the person just picked up something random, chances are they'll forget they even bought it for you.

No. 1906812

My only major recommendation would be storing the boardgames elsewhere, but if she has company regularly (like a Saturday night boardgame meet) then it's not a problem. They clash too much with the aesthetic she's going for, and that's part of what's making it look "childish". Same with the solid red and blue crate choice, but that's just nitpicking.

What's the show she's watching, anyway? I feel like I keep seeing shots from that.

No. 1906926

File: 1709250961284.jpg (1 MB, 3000x2250, il_fullxfull.2865861736_2fqx-6…)

Lol nonna sorry for the question but what do the mugs say? Like what phrases. Maybe they thought about you because of the words on them but couldn't find a better looking mug. I've also seen mugs with names on them like picrel

No. 1907694

brook whining because people keep telling her that she has a shopping problem.

mirror link: https://tik.fail/watch/ab97c47a1358baec8608265814d39964

No. 1907710

She even has shopaholic in her name. That's like looking at the blue sky and saying it's blue. I don't know what Brooke expects, but her audience is stating the obvious.

No. 1907768

File: 1709312194199.mp4 (14.24 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_1…)

Consoom or OCD?

No. 1907778

so much unecessary waste. The only useful things are the toilet cover thingies

No. 1907783

I absolutely love all of these but some people have pointed out I have a problem. Hotel bedsheets freak me out.

No. 1907792

this is very understandable to me. in the past I've worked in a hotel as a housekeeper and so many of my coworkers were not clean or hygienic at all. for example, the supervisor would touch all the trash and dirty shit(like used tampons, utensils, condoms, cigarette ash)and then make up a new bed without washing her hands

No. 1907805

I don't think the concept is that bad because hotels can definitely be nasty. Bring your own towel, your own face cloth, but why do you have to take a disposable version instead of a normal reusable towel?

No. 1907829

>Consoom or OCD?
looks like both. also, isn't bed bug spray super poisonous? she should air that shit out after using it
>but why do you have to take a disposable version instead of a normal reusable towel?
a lot of serious OCD havers purge their stuff constantly because once an item has been contaminated it never gets clean in their eyes, so they waste like crazy

No. 1907867

Her mask is slipping kek, the personality disorder is just leaking out now.

No. 1907961

I always see stuff like this on TikTok and I'm convinced it's a form of autism, not hating or anything. I found it cute at first but I went down a huge rabbit hole where she only eats pink food, puts pink wraps on her fruit and veggies, only drinks pink drinks, etc. Better than a beige mom I guess, also pretty cool her husband supports it

No. 1907965

pink its such a retarded consoomer color, i absolutely despise it

No. 1907976

I don't think she's more of a consoomer than an average person or anything since a lot of her content is cheaply remodeling stuff to be pink and her kitchen doesn't seem to have any more stuff than most peoples kitchen. idk how someone could hyper fixate on any color without some sort of mental illness

No. 1907978

where did you even find this literal who with 48 views

No. 1907980

she big on tiktok her YT channel is just small

No. 1907984

people are really getting annoyed with her because she's decluttering her additional bathroom cabinet AGAIN after having decluttered it only a few weeks ago.

vidrel is the new declutter, this is the declutter she posted mid-january this year: https://www.tiktok.com/@brooktheshopaholic/video/7324748615350521131

No. 1908041

Does anybody know what work she does? I'm curious how she has money for all this crap. Also I agree with the other anon that her personality disorder is really showing in this clip.

Probably both but OCD for sure. Though understandable because to be fair, hotels are filthy.

No. 1908062

I think someone in a previous thread said she makes money off of tiktok now? Like 200K or something crazy like that for that Bloom powder she's always shilling in her videos. Not sure what she did before but I'm also curious what kind of job she was doing to be able to afford all this and the credit card payments

No. 1908102

she used to have credit card debt and juggled several credit cards to be able to afford her shit. now she has 2.5 million followers and gets a ton of brand deals. someone said accounts like brook make 200k just by doing bloom ads, but she also has tons of other deals go on. videos like vidrel are a good example - she doesn't just get money for shilling that rack, she also gets money for showing off those skincare products. it's save to assume that she has brand deals with most of what she shows off in these videos. even when you think "haha, they are doing ads for a company that doesn't even pay them, how stupid!" - they're not. everything is an ad and they don't disclose it at all.

No. 1908113

Kinda crazy to think she turned her credit card debt problem into money

No. 1908167

isn't she the one who originally posted about how she has a spending problem and has $20k in credit card debt? didn't she say she has a problem and was posting her decluttering so she could be held accountable? barely anyone would say anything or cheer on her decluttering videos if she didn't bring it up for attention and pity in the first place.

right? love the not so subtle suicide bait at the end too. her bpd is showing, what a cow.

No. 1908174

I admire her dedication to her autism. I can imagine she grew up fairly poor and is now "healing her inner child" or something like that.

No. 1908182

This is a breath of fresh air tbh. It's not Kardashian-style greige backrooms, she's doing DIY instead of consooming, the kitchen is functional and clean as far as I can tell, and she doesn't seem to buy things specifically for the videos that she won't use again.
Gotta mention the spending problems for those sympathy views and comments! Feeds her bank account and her ego simultaneously.

No. 1908198

Is it bad I want most of this stuff? I'd probably just bring my own towel and wash rags from home to cut down on waste, but most of that other stuff seems useful. Hotels are gross, the workers really don't get paid enough to care unless it's a high end expensive place. And even then it's iffy.