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File: 1654231454885.png (929.83 KB, 688x533, anime1.PNG)

No. 1208852

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself, feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.





No. 1209032

Man, sometimes I feel really bad about being a weeb consoomer myself but at least I actually enjoy the things I buy and watch the shows / play the games. Although that's hardly an excuse, I really should lay off buying weeb crap. I still truly can't imagine being so devoid of a personality and interests that you buy a bunch of shit for the aesthetic. Especially since weeb stuff is pretty tacky. I can't even deny that it's cringe I just have literal autism. If you're gonna waste money on an "aesthetic" at least make it something that is universally nice looking.

Anyone have any weeb room pics that don't have the theme pink? All the pink is really nauseating. Where's the blues, whites, etc.

No. 1209079

Add blues and whites and you get the tranny flag

No. 1209135

File: 1654253456688.webm (9.51 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1654252696049.webm)

She has spent "so much time and money" making a nendoroid of herself in pretty much the same setup her actual room is which she also has spent a lot of money too. I would find this idea kind of cute if there wasn't such consooming involved. There's nothing creative about this as her room is basically exactly the same. I hate sanrio characters(and whatever characters) have become some sort of personality trait.

No. 1209136

samefag, the fucking self devoted to sakura miku. Isn't getting similar things over and over tiring?

No. 1209153

>Man, sometimes I feel really bad about being a weeb consoomer myself but at least I actually enjoy the things I buy and watch the shows / play the games.
That's the best and most important part. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 1209155

Why is she using the yume nikki song? Fuck.

No. 1209158

I think it's cute that she made herself and her own bedroom, but then I find the Sakura Miku shit weird. That Miku not even that pretty. Also found odd how she was like "omg my normal Miku is so alone and sad" on top of the clear racks like… Yes she will fill this up with other normal Miku in less than a month, just watch.

No. 1209160

I want a green anime room that isn't Miku themed kek

No. 1209206

>Demon Slayer
>Attack on Titan
>Re: Zero
>Darling in the Franxx
>Slice of life moeshit
>Sanrio shit

Treatment plan: Watch literally any other anime and get a personality. I'll send you my invoice.

No. 1209215

There really is no cheap housing anymore regardless of tempature conditions tbh. I lived in an area where you're practically required to blast heat in order to not freeze to death from September-May and you get like 3 nice months in summer and that's it. Rent was still tripling in record numbers just because everyone else from big cities had the same idea of "if you move to the place with shit tempatures, it will be cheap". Now you gotta deal with expensive everything, shit temp and a growing population in areas that weren't built to sustain that many people at once

Everyone blames "hippies coming in from Cali" but it's really not, it's rich people opening up bougie resorts and businesses and turning what would be a family town into a vacation tourist town

No. 1209219

Gas is literally above minimum wage and it's killing people. I also feel like gas is lowering in quality if that makes sense? It feels like now when I fill up I'm quickly back to E when before I easily had 30 mpg, now it feels like 10 mpg if even that. I also noticed car repairs are becoming way more expensive and lower quality. I paid almost 100$ for an oil change when they didn't even change the filter or get rid of the previous oil, literally just threw new oil on and called it a day. I'm no car expert but even I knew that was wrong

No. 1209224

We as a society need to learn how to change the oils and tires of our own cars, how to add coolant, how to recharge the battery etc. It's a good skill to have!

No. 1209226

I know how to change it myself but I was in college at the time and didn't have access to tools or a location where I can do it myself and I had no place to store said tools. It's still pretty predatory especially when it comes to repairs because simple repairs being unaffordable will just force middle and lower class to just drive unsafe vehicles and kill themselves or others

No. 1209227

File: 1654258142995.jpeg (122.28 KB, 843x665, A53B87F3-D1FD-4FFE-8B4F-680813…)

I’m a reformed consoomer and just moved to a new smaller apartment. So I had to throw some things that I bought as a teenager. As a young weeb teen I used to buy soooo many figures and cosplays whenever I went to Japan. I think I got fooled by the whole “it’s not hoarding, it’s collections of valuable anime items that can be sold for high value” because that’s just a complete lie. Now I’m sitting here with tons of wigs and figures and no buyers. Literally such a waste of money and space. And yeah figures like pic related that I have is cute but what’s it’s purpose? To be quickly glanced at. It’s useless. I’m so angry at my naive teenage self.

No. 1209236

I like your figure

No. 1209239

Figurines are for decoration, they don't need a purpose beyond that, that's why it's better to have just 1 or 2 good quality figurines than to have an entire army of plastic anime girls that don't look good together and in your room.

No. 1209242

>Just one or two
Lame. As long as you have a few, doesn't have to be just one.

No. 1209247

Yeah but you get what I mean. Anon said she has a smaller place than before so I assume she has to be careful not to have too much stuff at her place, but if she has a big apartment or house then she could have enough space for more than two figurines. But the trick is to know how many is too many.

No. 1209252

True, I think its how much you like the figures you have vs having a bunch of shit figures everywhere. Quality over quantity, or in any case, how much you love a figure > having a lot of them. I only have figs from things I like, some of them even have sentimental value.

No. 1209255

Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking? I’m currently dealing with the same issue except in a part of the country that’s very hot most of the year.

No. 1209263

Az, Nevada, or florida anon?

No. 1209267

File: 1654260264103.png (1.39 MB, 1079x1209, Screenshot_20220603-054251.png)

Pretty sure this is a TIM and NOT a woman like they imply but I hate this person's space they just hoard old anime shit and games, there's no way anyone could play all this or watch it especially when they work. It's just sitting there deteriorating for some retard to take photos of it.

No. 1209269

File: 1654260313430.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20220603-054219.png)

also the way they don't even try to make it look nice, just cheap shelves and everything is thrown onto it… Why bother collecting rare stuff and flexing if you do this

No. 1209283

PNW, but it seemed to be happening around places like Idaho, Montana, Utah, etc. I remember seeing literal storage sheds with no bathroom for rent in bumfuck Montana for 2k a month and houses in my home town in ID are upwards of millions for a small 1-2 bedroom home. They're literally pricing out people who built the towns just so they can larp as mountain people and complain about winters and how far away everything is

No. 1209308

I can tell someone hasn't listened to a vocaloid song in their life when they're exclusively obsessed with Sakura Miku

No. 1209530

Looks way too clean and non hentai-esque to be a moid/TIM. Probably one of the rare retro game sperg girls.

No. 1209621


Yes I’ve noticed this phenomenon too, people moving to “less popular” states and rural towns hoping to spend less, but only resulting in a bandwagon and inflated housing prices. Reminds me of vid related.

No. 1209622

Good for them

No. 1209654

I will never understand people's obsession with that Darling in the Franxx girl

No. 1209668

The anime actually sold horribly for an original production and so much shilling, it sold much less than Aldnoah Zero even. But it seems like someone at trigger created her as his ideal waifu and kept pushing her, totally taking Lum's "Darling" and repackaging it with less personality lol

No. 1209694

File: 1654274139541.png (99.46 KB, 1064x731, firefox_G9uz7fnUeN.png)

Dropped my pic

No. 1209747

This thread's theme song.

No. 1209883

Did you grow up watching knock off Disney VHS tapes anon? Wtf is this kek

No. 1209966

Nah I just have a fascination for those shitty knockoff movies kek.

No. 1210482

>Anyone have any weeb room pics that don't have the theme pink? All the pink is really nauseating. Where's the blues, whites, etc.
I was going to make a collage of current clone pink anime rooms vs pink anime rooms pre-tiktok just to use as comeback, whenever you mention any of them being clones of each other it's always "you just hate femininity! I'm not unoriginal at all!" to show it indeed, is not about the femininity.

No. 1210487

File: 1654307388360.png (1.68 MB, 1616x687, animeroom1.PNG)

Being a nostalgiafag but when you change up the time in searches it makes me so sad.

No. 1210491

After 2020. I miss the charm of the old ones even if they were cringe, they were genuine and endearing.

No. 1210492

File: 1654307510903.png (2.29 MB, 1645x885, animeroom2.PNG)

Dropped pic

No. 1210534

We never truly know what we have til it's gone.

No. 1210592

File: 1654315267009.jpeg (371.93 KB, 960x1280, C2BD96E3-8A73-4F66-8014-97EF4F…)

Why even have boxes if you’re going to put them in front of each other like that on the floor?

No. 1210595

File: 1654315415557.jpeg (519.98 KB, 828x585, 28BB228A-D6B9-40FF-9A0A-A8E123…)

No. 1210602

They all look like different flavors of the same shit.

No. 1210611

OT but does anyone know where that monitor is from? It's so nice

No. 1210640

>bunny girl figures
>Bunny Girl Senpai
>Zero Two
Looks like a pickme with moid taste characters. Why do some female figure collecters have this crap? Especially characters like Super Sonico.

No. 1210670

That's the point
Why do so many weebs like elsa?

No. 1210681

File: 1654319641207.jpg (108.29 KB, 1920x1080, qqf3F4n.jpg)

darling in the franxx girl is just repackaged CC in a more boring anime

No. 1210683

I forgot how much I loved Cheese-kun, so adorable

No. 1210690

Green haired anime girls are so cool, green > pink

No. 1210707

>those nails
They all dress the same.

No. 1210796

I would have LOVED to have that as a 10 years old.

No. 1210820

Even more specifically, that's western reddit coomer taste.

No. 1210822

thank you angel nonna

No. 1211031

File: 1654352377780.jpeg (551.7 KB, 2048x1040, 3121503.jpeg)

They must have no storage space left to keep their boxes in. Most weebs keep them in case they want to resell them or for safely transporting their nerd shit in the future.

The original Frozen is old enough to be nostalgic for some people. That's my guess, anyway.

No. 1211219

It honestly looks like a mini TV made for prison, most clear electronics that are manufactured currently are specifically targeting prisoners who have to have transparent tech. Totally agree though.
Kek nonnie half the pc98 games he shows are pornographic and he owns plenty of retro coomer shit. Most of the pc98 games are literally just proto-moe VN's but there was a bigger focus on lite bondage, futurism and space opera plots. I thought like you until I googled the games he flexes.

No. 1211352

a lot of weebs project on her because they think they are dangerous and misunderstood like her, or because they think she's a metaphor for asexuality.

No. 1211471

Don't forget the shonen jump flavor of the month characters. It's a combination of pickme taste and generic boring weeb starter pack titles. Aka what you need to be a popular weeb tiktoker

No. 1213428

File: 1654482618142.jpg (715.62 KB, 1280x1745, by Masayuki Yoshinaga.jpg)

No. 1213435

kek really? Learn something new everyday. Does anyone know a consoomer irl? My friend became one after spending too much time on twitter after her bf broke up with her and getting into anime/losing her self-esteem and become this massive pick me weeb, it's so wild to see, I really wonder if there's an article to read about people buying all this shit with no where to store

No. 1213454

I like this, it has personality. It looks decorated around specific interests instead of copied from Pinterest or just a bunch of pink Hello Kitty stuff from Amazon/Aliexpress. It also looks like it was gathered over years and not some trend they jumped on for a couple of months.

No. 1213457

If it helps I’ve been having a hard time selling things lately. You could sell on myfigurecollection

No. 1213466

I feel concerned about all those feathers.

No. 1213522

File: 1654492513304.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1280x957, 511983.jpeg)

No. 1213536

God I winced at the two posters in the top right corner. Who in their right mind displays something that looks basically like softcore cp openly like that. I'm guilty of having creepy, over-sexualized anime merch in my room as a teen but those two posters are REALLY brazen. The pink bathing suit one is bad too. Sad because that's pretty clearly a girl's room.

No. 1213555

What’s up with some of these weebs collecting funkos of all things? Even prize figures are better that those ugly abominations

No. 1213590

Probably just thought it was cute, didn’t mull over the implications because of how common this is in Nippon.

No. 1213797

Frozen is super popular in Japan for some reason. Maybe even more popular than in the US. Maybe they want to have a Disney interest that gives them Jap clout too? Idk

No. 1213947

outing myself as a weeb consoomer here but i dont hate this, its better than a lot of the rooms posted from recent times with either curated sanrio gamer girl aesthetic or sugarbunnies void larpers

No. 1213955

He has a prisma illya panties butt mouse pad kek

No. 1214119

It seems to be a mix of those things imo? Look at how many sanrio/rilakkuma shit she has, combined with all the loli shit

No. 1214152

is this the same girl with another pic of her room and she has south park shit and a pink framed thing that says dethklok? has her room has been posted many times and there's always loli shit? anyways this is disgusting there's nothing cute about posters of little anime girls.

No. 1214190

Never sell something to animecore consoomers. I wanted to sell some anime stuff (official, rare stuff from series such as chobits) and I was accused of selling a fake by some bun/bunself teenager. I only bought stuff from trusted shops (amiami, mandarake) so …

No. 1214214

It's on the same level as tiktok sanrio consoomers.

No. 1214230

File: 1654542003712.jpg (61.3 KB, 564x423, 29b6c4e1f2f19b52e4857600ca1456…)

No. 1214233

File: 1654542077871.jpg (68.02 KB, 564x698, dba2192affcc83aff249606234b72f…)

No. 1214234

Her MFC account was created six months ago so I suspect she’s a newbie and/or a scammer. The item I sold her is a pretty rare chobits plush with maybe 3 différent pictures on the internet and no bootleg and she bought it on a impulse shopping spree along with the whole plush collection so regret maybe ?
I really hate those newbie who thinks they know a hobby better than older, more invested member of the community.

No. 1214235

File: 1654542152930.jpg (69.2 KB, 563x417, 2eb000cd9dafbea2922c1694f19d9a…)

No. 1214242

Sorry deleted my post because I used they and then she and I sounded like a genderspecial, KEK. Has she posted on MFC about it? A lot of times people like to run to MFC to whine when they think they've gotten scammed

No. 1214250

File: 1654542647519.png (380.89 KB, 500x495, tumblr_a0de98193847618fa0dc340…)

I'm so confused because this looks like something from vo1dchan, but it's from 2019 so it's not a clone either, time traveller? lol

No. 1214259

I alerted MFC first because she was starting to get aggressive but also blocked her on every website kek. She claimed to know lots about chobits plush bootlegs but obviously didn’t even watch the show or owned any merch from it beforehand.

No. 1214283

>tv surrounded by sanrio plushies
>tv with kawaii stickers on it
>clearly whatever is going to be on the tv is going to be something that contributes to the "cute but twisted" aesthetic
>she's playing one of the worst silent hill games
Kek sorry this made me laugh.

No. 1214284

Maybe voidchan wasn't so special and unique to begin with

No. 1214286


No. 1214291

i remember in one of vo1ds old posts she said her favorite sh game was homecoming which i always thought was weird but seeing this picture she probably just got it from here.

No. 1214292

File: 1654543988468.jpg (80.86 KB, 720x718, 06599e3e0739784c2c47073ecff917…)

This, just seems like she copied all the other girls who had pretty pink rooms and TVs with edgy stuff on the screen. Pic related is more Nicole Dollanganger esque, but same energy

No. 1214306

That's Nicole's room I'm pretty sure, or just an intense level of skinwalking, the anime shit is what made me think of vo1dchan though.

No. 1214313

File: 1654544367703.jpg (37.75 KB, 564x550, 1f30c8aa9dfef661ec9598b45990c5…)

I guess this type of photo was just popular in edgytraumagirl communities and vo1dchan managed to popularized it. Picrel is pretty old too

No. 1214332

whenever people in this thread talk about their anime collections it makes me want to see their room. i want to see the pink setup with lolcow on the screen

No. 1214336

Yeah this was OG kawaii retro creepy tv picture that floated back in the day.

No. 1214339

this is just messy and retarded

No. 1214341

Don't give the skinwalkers from TikTok and Twitter and shit any ideas, I beg

No. 1214351

>that laundry basket (?) with bedsheets sticking out
>rockstar energy can
>pathetic little collection of rocks laid out, looks like clutter and debris
>cheap hello kitty merch thrown on the stand with no rhyme or reason
>one box of hello kitty pocky
>random hello kitty mugs and drink glasses on the floor and stand
>whoever painted the walls is clearly retarded
>hello kitty plush fell down and has probably stayed that way for a good week or so
I can smell how musty this picture is.

No. 1214355

Kek, I love you nonna, that little bear is cute

No. 1214359

File: 1654545995241.jpg (2.41 MB, 3074x1960, 1654545970149.jpg)

No. 1214363


No. 1214368

who's the character on the right with the pink hair?

No. 1214376

zeruel, but cute

also this is a joke, most of these things I have them stored away in a backpack, I use normal keyboard as well.

No. 1214377

we lowkey need a setup/"battle station" thread… i would contribute.

No. 1214381

make it on /m/ KEK

No. 1214383

Because yume nikki is tranny zoomed shit and it always has been

No. 1214396

No it's not, fuck off. I'm not letting trannies have that game, they can stick with Minecraft and incel games where you shoot people while screaming slurs into a mic

No. 1214425

you clearly weren't into yume nikki in 2010

No. 1214478

What site you selling on anon give a link, im the opposite I guess im older when I got into anime there wasnt a lot of merch around so the few figures I have are pretty recent.

No. 1214514

No, it's not. wtf.

No. 1214573

How can something always have been zoomer shit if it came out when most zoomers were in diapers?

No. 1214667

Safiya going at it again

No. 1214704

This is vo1dchan's old room before silenthillmcdonaldscreepycute kek

No. 1214733

sad, considering pc98 games have a very pleasing aesthetic

No. 1214745

Has anyone ever used up an entire BBW product? Even their shitty body sprays take forever to use up, I've never even gotten close. Idk how people get hauls from there regularly.

No. 1214760

? Why would you buy a game just for "muh aesthetic"

No. 1214801

It's amazing how Safiya is somehow exempt from youtube trends blowing over

No. 1214803

I'm halfway through a lotion I got for christmas

No. 1214805

So bizarre to remember this is the room of a girl who isn't even 18 yet, literally some rich bratty californian Asian girl that got outed for calling people niggers because of course she did
Weird how rich kids are taking this shit and making it aesthetic. Used to at least be something built up over time by working adults

No. 1214846

>working adults
? haven't these rooms always been associated with NEETs and otaku shut-ins?

No. 1214881

Anons, do you have any consumerism skeletons in your closet?

No. 1214893

people who hoard a shit ton of makeup and skincare are the worst. most of it probably expires before they even open it.

No. 1214894

i remember when she was friends with vo1dchan kek >>1214250 is her room so it's not recent collecting, she's just spoilt. i have no fucking idea how parents let their kids get so spoilt at a young age, her account got nuked so I can't post it unfortunately, but she posted a picture of her room as a kid, and it was filled with sailor moon and other shoujoshit. by her age it a was probably like 2012 when anime stuff wasnt something you could go to the shopping center for so her parents probably imported that shit, at least with stuffed animals you can just get them from tesco or something.
she also was obsessed with miku years back and would call any other miku kin invalid because they didn't have as large of a "miku shrine" as her, trying to find her room pics from her kinblr era but they seem to be lost. all i found was picrel

sorry to expose my vendetta im just surprised she's talked about since she left a while ago

No. 1214896

File: 1654586366928.png (1.03 MB, 555x709, Kinblr.PNG)

woops it didnt post

No. 1214911

File: 1654588063966.webm (5.05 MB, 576x1024, download (1).webm)

No. 1214912

File: 1654588131890.webm (7.8 MB, 576x1024, download (2).webm)

No. 1214914

I am an extreme consumerist weeb to the point of ordering magazines cds and dvds etc straight from japan of the stuff I love even though they're in a completely different language or region locked. I've also amassed my collection over the course of 15 16ish years so I guess I'm a lot less consumerist than teenagers getting a full on weeb room over the course of a month. Also I bought a body pillow of my husbando back when it peak cringe to buy one.

No. 1214919

There's an abundance of adults in this thread who show their age by saying how long they've been collecting, and it's weird to me that adults have to compare themselves to teenagers to prove that they're "true weebs" or whatever. It either comes from a place or projection or jealousy or both. A lot of teenagers copy people they find cool, it's nothing new. Usually, adults don't boast about how much better than them they are for it though. They usually grow out of it or grow up to become one of these adults and the cycle continues I guess
also jesus, nonna at least learn japanese, what's the point if you can't even understand it

No. 1214935

If it's a buncg of region locked DVDs, CDs and blurays then why not get Japanese devices so you can actually use then things you buy?

No. 1214936

literally how

No. 1214941

For a second I'm like, why does she go to the mall so much instead of online shopping, then I saw she has a kid. I bet the mall has a playplace or something. Still damn that she blows $100 minimum every time she goes

No. 1214952

>There's an abundance of adults in this thread who show their age by saying how long they've been collecting, and it's weird to me that adults have to compare themselves to teenagers to prove that they're "true weebs" or whatever. It either comes from a place or projection or jealousy or both.
NTA but I think it's fine to mock the people (regardless how old they are) who have rooms full of plastic shit that's taking over their life and impacting their quality of living.

That being said, some weebs never touch enough grass and I know some in their 30s who openly talk about gatekeeping like a caricature of a nerd.

No. 1214955

Imagine having a whole room dedicated to boxes. I'd only do that if I lived in some giga mansion, in a flat or normal house it'd be a waste of space.

No. 1214957

My point was only that the slow collection of things can be considered less extreme consoomerist than bulk buying everything at once. I don't declare myself a better weeb just because I'm old as shit, my tastes are shit and always have been.
>also jesus, nonna at least learn japanese, what's the point if you can't even understand it
Gomen I'm trying
I would pirate most of it so I had translations and just wanted to support the creator. It's been on my to do list life just gets in the way I guess.

No. 1214961

Why does this bitch buy so many groceries and eat out every single day. I literally get a take out a week and justify it cause I can portion it out over days lol

No. 1214967

Asahmed to say that I used to own some weeb figures that I got as a kid. I've sold them now, some had to go in the bin.

My other skeleton is that I have a folder full of stickers. I will never use them all up but god do I love stickers.

No. 1214974

Noones mentioned the 10k monthly rent? This is a joke, right? Also thanks for contributing something that isn't a weeb bedroom

No. 1215057

>Has enough to pay 10k rent
>Goes to lower end clothing stores, eats shitty fast food and goes to great clips
Can someone explain to me the logic behind this?

No. 1215059

It's probably a lie

No. 1215061

>thanks for contributing something that isn't a weeb bedroom
This. Weeb bedrooms are fun to cringe at but it seems like the ONLY thing being discussed in these threads when other forms of consumerism that people are able to relate to quickly get buried.

No. 1215072

File: 1654609381900.jpg (695.62 KB, 1914x2553, i4wqvi6nlch51.jpg)

You've encouraged me to track down a particular reddit user that had an interesteg consumption habit. This lady used up 77 tins of vaseline in a year. Props to her I guess since it's actually used, but what the hell?

No. 1215076

File: 1654609829697.jpg (55 KB, 675x1200, CqaXaKBVMAAJ0U8.jpg)

What a nasty ass slug. She's probably one of those nasties who apply lip balm every 2 minutes and walk around looking like pic rel.

No. 1215077

Why doesn't she just buy a big tub? What could she possibly be using it for??

No. 1215078

Is this from /r/panporn? I remember about this post she was holding on them to show her yearly use of vaseline for her dry lips, but I don't doubt if she hoards skincare tho. I thought it was interesting.

No. 1215079

Yep it is, I realised she actually made an update post later at the end of the year showing that she was up to over 100 tins, but the pic won't upload. She hasn't posted about any other product, but I don't really understand how you get through one of these every few days when you only need a little dot of product per use. She claims to apply it hourly.

No. 1215094

hi shayna

No. 1215139

My mother goes through a lot of their vanilla shower gel and body butter every year

No. 1215160

File: 1654614204305.webm (16.66 MB, 540x960, crocs.webm)

I found a lip balm hoard video so long, the file won't go through. Enjoy the crocs collection instead

No. 1215186

Can we go back to making fun of Crocs? Yes, they are very comfortable and I was glad to have a pair when I worked 16 hours a day but don't try to make them cool. The Crocs stores used to be always be empty and almost all closed a few years ago, what the fuck happened?

No. 1215360

The ones with fur… why?

No. 1215656

I'm a recovering consoomer, I used to use shopping and spending money as a bandaid when I was depressed as shit and getting over drug addiction. Tbh the only thing that's helped me is going to therapy and knowing that I'm moving away from an abusive situation soon. The main thing I hoarded was books, because I could justify it as reading being an educational and healthy hobby kek. I'm currently getting through a backlog of 100+ unread books, I'm on a strict no-buy (although I have slipped up a couple of times when I've been depressed) and I'm just getting rid of them once I've read them.

Me too wtf. I only get a takeaway on Friday nights because then I know that I can freeze portions and won't have to cook dinner throughout the weekend. Fast food is such a stupid thing to waste so much money on.

No. 1215696

Those are winter crocs, my mom bought a pair for when she goes outside for a cigarette or taking out the trash during the winter. They are actually pretty warm, just ugly

No. 1215742

I'm a consoomer but I'm stuck in inflation USA so I've just been projecting my consoomerism to shoplifting. For me it's because nothing ever feels "right" something in my apartment doesn't feel homey enough, I feel like I never have enough clothes, medicine, toys, etc

No. 1215748


The kids call it borrowing, nonita.

No. 1215783


I used to consoom makeup and candles/bath bombs pretty badly… it was very much a coping mechanism for being depressed and in a bad relationship. After ending it and moving into my own place I've purged 98% of the consoom hoard.

No. 1215842

five finger discount stacey

No. 1215890

This reminds me of how my aunt would pay someone to shoplift for her. She basically got my cousins Christmas presents at a discounted price kek.

No. 1215899

File: 1654658940082.jpg (93.52 KB, 700x700, HTB130udLpXXXXc.apXXq6xXFXXX3-…)

i want these

No. 1215910

is this too many clothes to own?

long sleeves

not counting t-shirts, pants and dresses because they are small or get worn out quickly from working. i want to reduce my hoard but it would be a waste if i hadn't worn everything enough before, or earned some money from selling them. i feel stuck with it, and scared of regretting getting rid of something, because i got them second hand so they would not be easy to find if they aren't in fashion or something.

No. 1215912

Spends 15k a week but donates 15 whole dollars to charity. What a humanitarian.

No. 1215928

God same. Nobody ever tells you how simple it is to just walk out of a shop with something, I’m getting super bad for it tbh. Hundreds in perfumes from lush. I almost can’t walk out of a shop without getting something now. Starting to worry me

No. 1215931

I had the blue one growing up. Gave it to my young second cousin.

No. 1215936

Let’s be friends, nonnies. I wanna go shoplifting.

No. 1215957

Whether that's too much or not is for you to judge but
>scared of regretting getting rid of something
you can just bag some things up, put them on the attic or something and if you don't take anything out for like a month or so you're probably save getting rid of those pieces. I also think
>they would not be easy to find if they aren't in fashion or something.
is unfounded. Thriftstores and online 2nd hand selling websites are littered with clothing from previous trends.

No. 1215969

Makeup and skincare consooming. Atleast with skincare, by the end of the year my hoard 90% gone, but with makeup, I wear makeup probably 5 times a year and only really use lipgloss, I cannot justify buying it ever, but I still did. It's a small hoard, but I still have most of it.

No. 1215971

IMO this woman is worse than weebs

No. 1216113

I'm a lolita. Sums it up pretty well. I buy a new dress or skirt every few months + accessories and blouses in between.

No. 1216117

I wear a baggy sweater or shirt and slip small items in my sleeves, have to then hold the sleeve closed and keep my arm down so it doesn’t fall out. Shoplifting is always okay, it’s retribution for the time and health companies have stolen from their employees while they hoard the wealth.

No. 1216132

how do you know it's not the employees paying in one way or another for it?

No. 1216133

I'm an italian comic book collector. I mean the comics are Italian, not me.

No. 1216135

I wish I had a friend who would teach me how to shoplift ngl

No. 1216146

Usually they take the stolen stuff from employees pay. That's why employees care otherwise they'd let you steal.

No. 1216169

Wth america truly is a dystopian country

No. 1216174

shoplifting is not ok, unless you are dirt poor and shoplift food/period stuff/esstentials. but in any other case it just makes you seem entitled and arrogant. take that bs to tumblr

No. 1216176

What do you collect nonnie?

No. 1216193

as an italian: why?
I hope you collect only indie stuff or complete authorial, our serialization game is pretty shit lol

No. 1216203

I thought this wasn't true of most big stores anymore? Not a shoplifter personally but have seen this discussed a lot online

No. 1216239

File: 1654692274150.png (402.07 KB, 500x414, Untitled.png)

No. 1216255

I bought a ton of art supplies through the years that I just don't need. Gimmicky shit, arteza products, multiple ihgh brands of the same thing. Watercolor particularly lasts forever

No. 1216338

File: 1654699218616.jpg (362.65 KB, 857x997, toastrock.jpg)

Big chains obviously factor theft into their business model. Employees probably know that you're stealing, you're not as clever as you think you are. Shoplifting is still consooming, probably the worst form of consooming, because you aren't limited by money it's hypothetically endless. For example >>1215928 is absolutely a problem. You are not fighting capitalism, it is an addiction that is not worth bragging about and it almost always escalates until you're arrested. Please don't go to jail for shitty perfumes you don't need nor probably even actually want. If you really must hide things away in your pockets, how about going outside and seeing if there are cool rocks and stones to collect? You still get a rush when you find something good.

No. 1216407

I've been a consoomer most of my life. My parents enabled the habit when I was young and I continued the pattern into adulthood. It was only about 4-5 years ago I started to acknowledge my habits and I have been slowly selling most of the useless shit I've acquired.

On the shoplifting topic, it's against most company policies in the US for employees to get involved with a known or suspected shoplifter. They would rather let the cameras at the doors or in the parking lot catch people and then fill out police reports. If you are stealing, make sure its little dumbass shit. If you're a repeat offender grabbing high value stuff you will get slapped with a felony. Sometimes they'll even let you knowingly steal more so you hit the minimum for felony charges.

No. 1216439

Records and VHS. I'm trying to only buy horror VHS now cause they're the only ones worth something but I love collecting awful forgotten b-movies too. The fact that I can get them for 50¢ or 1$ doesn't help. I slowed down on the records buying cause I can't affort it right now but I miss going record shopping so much. Finding something rare that I've been looking for for years is awesome. Whenever I travel I have to go to the record stores.

Also on the topic of shoplifitng. They probably know you do it, they just keep collecting evidence on you. I worked retail in many stores and this is what we did. The only thing the employees can do is follow you and tell you off but one day you just won't be able to go in the store anymore and might get a huge fine or get arrested. It is not worth it. It is also very annoying to deal with as an employee and will probably reduce bonuses and salary raises (because obviously dumbdass employers think it's your fault if people steal).

No. 1216696

File: 1654716288325.webm (5.34 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

there is a weird section of cleaning tiktok made up of women complaining about their husbands/families, while they clean things and restock their laundry and whatever. they get a lot of attention.

No. 1216702

What is this supposed to be

No. 1216703

As they should

No. 1216705

Pixielocks impulse buy tier

No. 1216708

omg i love those

No. 1216721

These are the kind of bitches that deserve to be doxxed and robbed.

No. 1216776

this is so weird I love it

No. 1216806

Her voice, fast and robotic enunciation, and horribly nasal accent make some want to beat her up. And what the hell is that rent?

No. 1216809

It's a rock that looks like toast

No. 1216814

I can't really make my mind up about them. On one hand, tons of women use tiktok and it's great for them to get info about abusive relationships. on the other hand though it seems weird to get attention and likes for stories about your husband and mother in law being abusive to you? like it's just farming attention because it's an emotional subject, idk. something about them creeps me out.

No. 1216815

Coffee mug consoomerism is one I haven't seen discussed yet.

No. 1216831

I work at a Target that is extremely high-theft (people push carts loaded with stuff out the fire exits every day, multiple times a day) and I think the biggest impact it has on employees is that it absolutely fucks our inventory, which is a headache, and it does suck for customers bring their kids in to buy Lego sets and find the Lego aisle empty because a crackhead walked out with them all earlier that day. One time a dude stole all our toothbrushes?? Hours/payroll have been limited, but corporate would try to squeeze through with a skeleton crew no matter what because it saves them money. Honestly, a teen girl stealing lipstick or something is not as big a deal as career thieves, who steal way more stuff and are sometimes violent and armed, but in regards to the thread theme I don't see how it's any better than spending your money on useless stuff in the first place? Congrats on saving money, I guess, but you're still being needlessly indulgent and filling your home with stuff you don't need. (Obviously this doesn't go for people stealing necessities).

No. 1216845

Don't listen to this anon, no matter how easy you think it is, you will still get caught if you get too cocky. I've seen women steal almost 1k worth of items and because that was the not the first time they did this, they are going to jail. I've also noticed most people who get caught cause a scene and have emotional breakdowns and I find that to be cowish and I would not befriend a shoplifter. You are still consoomers, a lot of shop lifters have hoards of useless shit sitting in their homes and it's not even organised, it looks like a landfill.

No. 1216857

I heard that stores let you get away with shoplifting small things, meanwhile the loss prevention team is building up a case against you every time you do it. Could be bs but something to keep in mind.

No. 1216860

I can't hate this. She does not have that many and she uses them. I'm probably biased because I also have a lot of coffee mugs. I can't resist getting ugly ones whenever I go thrift shopping. My favorite one was a Nascar mug that I sadly broke a month ago, also rip to the one with the dolphin. When my ex and I separated we argued over who would get which coffee mug.

No. 1216885

How is a cupboard full not "that many". I don't hate it either but calling that not many is whack

No. 1216931

Compared to the other hoards we have seen in this thread she doesn't have that many. This is a baby hoard.

No. 1217010

Thank you nonas– hearing people defend YN makes me feel weirdly heartwarmed.

Zoomers/Trans/ect see anything weird with a little girl and run with it. Most of them that actually played it found it too 'boring' and couldn't bother to invest any time into the game anyway.

No. 1217164

Oh no Nonna, that's a trap. I had friends with really sticky fingers (seriously. I could be watching them and not even know they pocketed something) and then next thing we knew they were slapped with a lawsuit and banned. Just save up and stop stealing.

No. 1217740

Felt somewhat related to this thread

No. 1217745

Zoomers really have no personality of their own.

No. 1217756

i have these childish product consoom compulsions because i could not really pick my own toys as a child. they were random hand me downs and boardgames that sat on the shelves until it was somebody's birthday, or another special occasion. when i graduated elementary and middle school, some kids got these plushies in huge flower bouquets. i was so envious and told my mom i wanted one, but as usual, she called it stupid. they also said it's stupid how people congratulate kids for their graduation, because everybody graduates elementary and middle school. then they went to mingle with the family, said i was a big girl now, then told me to "go play" because i am a little child. it was enraging and confusing at that age lol

No. 1217757

I cannot call what's going on at 9:05 fashion, feels like she's trying to show the coherence but it is simply not present

No. 1217766

File: 1654784288079.png (454.36 KB, 384x607, saracampz.PNG)

Has any of you actually seen anyone dressed even half as unhinged out there in the wild? I wonder if it's just my country that is sticking to minimalism still or is it all made up for social media and these people only wear stuff like that for tiktok and instagram.

No. 1217769

I think people are just buying ugly clothes to film a few tiktoks and sell it off to the next fool.

No. 1217782

This is something that stands out to me about all these bizarre fashion 'trends'. I don't see people dressed like this out and about though I have seen some goblincore teens they just look gothlite or very lightly quirky. I don't see these videos with them outside, any further than their yard, an empty park or their driveway. I'm sure some of them go outside in these clothes, but do they really? It just seems so futile. Expressing yourself in the comfort of your room says nothing.

No. 1217788

>Expressing yourself in the comfort of your room says nothing.
Exactly and in that sense I don't get all of these statements about zoomers being inventive maximalists or whatever; it's just not true in real life. When millenials were teens / young adults, there also have been few people with niche taste dressing weird outside but it was almost just as rare as it is now with zoomers, so both groups are barely any different. The claim of such unique identity of young people nowadays sounds like insecurity-rooted cope.

No. 1217794

I used to dress in outrageous clothes but got tired of it and by dressing basic i get the attention I wanted before kek

No. 1217795

yes, in NYC and sometimes the mall. Otherwise not really.

No. 1217807

Wouldn't be surprised if it was mostly american thing then though I've never seen any discussion how (and if) zoomer fashion is different in europe and usa

No. 1217808

File: 1654786243379.jpg (131.87 KB, 700x900, gothic-angel-william-webb-1499…)

exactly, somebody finally said it. when lockdown happened and got extended, people said we should wear our fancy clothes inside! but why the hell would i wear them at home, where i sit, clean, lounge, and cook? those big dresses and tight pants are for outfits, its in the name, for going out. so people can see. i don't have to express myself at home through clothing. i like my clothes and my style but why would i ruin them with doing chores inside just to be able to say i am an OG trve and not a trender? this just shows they are all lazy teens saying this because they can dress up in full makeup and layers to only sit in their room and come eat mommy's dinner.

No. 1217817

File: 1654786561862.jpg (310.27 KB, 670x764, wEhFoNO.jpg)

I'm in the UK and the most zoomer fashion I've see are baggy clothes, some things maybe 70s-ish. There's quite a few alt people too but my city has a larger alt population than elsewhere I think. Nothing so outlandish, a lot of shitty shein stuff. A lot of picrel.

No. 1217831

That photo is tragic, they need to love themselves.

No. 1217849

I can never remember who's included in millennials, but born in '89 and graduated high-school in 07 in the US– there were a fair number of people who would dress more oddly (myself included) in your usual goth but in other more eclectic styles. Of course this wasn't the majority, but I would say that at least the older of that generation were actually wearing clothes outside their rooms.

No. 1218242

Totally random question, but do you know what happened to the comic Wondercity? The first 6 volumes got localized in my country and then it got cancelled

No. 1218452

What. KEK

No. 1218602

No. 1218621

File: 1654807071054.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1080, unknown.png)

everything is a core now

No. 1218640

I’m not saying I’ll never get caught. That’s inevitable. I’m just saying in the moment you don’t exactly think about it

No. 1218663

All these -cores say are 'I like the aestheic but have no interest in the rest'

Even more nebulous things like 'weird core' speak more to people who want to be perceived as bizarre and unknowable but are just as inclined to be an oversharing tiktok zombie as any other.

At this point it means signaling to others that you're cool and in the know but ultimately have no substance or interest in anything.

What room is there for true interests when the space is taken up by the concept of "Looking like someone who…."

No. 1218682

File: 1654808480577.jpg (55.62 KB, 679x624, 61vmv8hJdCL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

I had a shoplifting phase, and I'd recommend you'd stop or at least do it a lot less fequently and in different places. My 2 strikes were the day I went ham with my bf and we stole about 500 euros worth of small trinkets/jewellery in a day, then another time said bf stole from a small independent toy store when we'd always only taken from big chain stores, and I wanted to return the stolen items but it's harder said than done and even though I didn't do it, it really put the guilt in me. Plus there were times I stole because the opportunity was there or I couldn't be bothered waiting in the queue, which to me feels like the wrong reasons to steal. And it was starting to pile up. I started my just-for-fun shoplifting (after shoplifting essentials like tampons) by stealing one of pic related (I think the giraffe) then went on to collect dozens.
Now I'm older I don't think I would. It really is addictive and makes you feel resentful for actually buying anything, years later I still feel like a chump when I pay 25 euros for something I could easily hide under my phone then put both in my pocket.

No. 1218716

Worth it, those things are awesome

No. 1219827

I had a shoplifting phase too. My friend and I would always go to Target and lift nail polishes and make up, and the occasional clothing item. I actually have some dresses I stole from Target that I still have to this day and I wore to my graduations lol. Once I was hungry and stole those chocolate caramel turtles and regretted it because they were overly sweet, not sure why I didn't just take something savory instead. I actually went to work at the Target I stole a bunch of shit from kek. I worked at another retail store for a bit and they really had eagle eyes for shoplifters. Sometimes I'd listen to pocket whatever information they had in the back of my brain for future reference, but they never divulged any super useful information and I had stopped lifting for years at that point anyway. Whenever I go into a store I still look up to see where the cameras are.

> I still feel like a chump when I pay 25 euros for something I could easily hide under my phone then put both in my pocket

This really hits home kek. I never have the urge to lift anything anymore (thankfully). I'll just grumble about the price and put it back, or pay for it if it's a real necessity, but seriously! Sometimes I wish I could just lift again. Nothing is stopping me, but I just stopped wanting to do it after I got regular income.

No. 1219831

I like dolls, and I watch this youtuber that has thousands and thousands of dolls. She recently got a house that has TWO whole rooms for her dolls. She makes many haul videos a week. She sees a doll, and she will buy it even if she already has 10 of them. At least this is thrifting, but she buys many dolls brand new in multiple copies just because they have miniscule factory differences. I love her, she has the money (and autism, like legitimately) and it's what she loves, but her stuff makes me feel nauseous some time. This video is 4 months old and her collection have grown a LOT since then.

No. 1219874

It's also a healthy mix of old and young dressing like this. NYC has always been full of unique styles though. I saw an entire family dressed only about one degree more normal than what is displayed in that YT video. mom, dad, and kids kek. I'm in my mid 30s and used to pour over FRUiTS magazine from Japan, and at least attempt to dress that way in the early 2000s. But it's too time consuming and now I'm an adult who needs to look normal for work. I think that's the route most adults go. Zoomers will grow out of it.

No. 1219951

ive been arrested for shoplifting and this is true

No. 1219956

eek too much garbage for a single person, nauseating.

No. 1220033

This is illegal, stores aren't legally allowed to deduct from employees pay due to shoplifting in America. Plus most stores have insurance. I had friends who worked at stores in the mall who basically told me to grab whatever I wanted and walk out
>t.worked in retail most of my life

No. 1220070

Thank you for validating muh feewings! When I complained in doll circles I only got reeee'ing lol

No. 1220097

tbf I'm pretty sure this image is old and was around before the void/tiktok/hoarder look became a thing.

No. 1220098

File: 1654885150132.png (875.91 KB, 712x493, retardshaek.PNG)

I know it's just a fucking stuffed shark but I hate the hype around that blahaj plush, so many zoomers are throwing their money at ikea just because the plush is "trendy", I doubt a lot of them even like it and just got it because everyone else has it.
Picrel is an example, another animecore vo1d clone yet still has the blahaj, which doesn't even match her "core"

No. 1220103

Urgh this is overkill and I feel is just a waste of money. I understand why people may collect them because they are pretty but they serve no use to an adult.

No. 1220108

Ngl that looks comfy as fuck to me. I love blåhaj, I sleep with one every night, I might even have to restuff it soon since it's so worn out. Trannies taking blåhaj as their thing is a travesty though.

Right? I have a few dolls myself but I feel so guilty to waste money on shit that's just placed on my shelf and never touched again. I might sell them to kids at some point.

No. 1220109

File: 1654885543861.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2048x1536, consoomerthread.jpeg)

Yeah it is, she seemed to have dropped the kawaii aesthetic, picrel from 3rd thread

No. 1220112

It's fine if you actually like it, it just as a whole reminds me of the strawberry cow pillow pet, or the build a bear frog/axolotl trends that caused people to start selling them for 4x retail value

No. 1220150

I was just thinking about posting her here. I like watching her videos, but the sheer amount of dolls she buys and has is starting to bug me.

No. 1220152

thats 100% a tranny

No. 1220165

Yep, it's fucking INSANE. And she's getting into more and more lines too. She also buys every single RH doll she sees I feel like, for "customs" (which are not so nice imo sorry to say, not that mine are super excellent)

No. 1220186

is this promnight1999? is she a cow? her knj and mde posters are sus to put it lightly. her old room photos are insane

No. 1220276

Yes, and in my opinion she has potential for multiple threads but she switches her identity around so she's kinda hard to follow. Used to get made fun of on 4chan a lot but there's also this since I can't find those old posts, she's pretty quiet now though since screenshots of her private twitter kept getting leaked

No. 1220540

she gets posted about in the e-girls thread if you dont know, its creepyhoarder nekosnailz whatever else retarded handle she uses, definitely a girl but i get where you are coming from in a way, but still sorry trannies have poisoned your brain and ruined being girly to actual girls.

No. 1220701

To be fair, the shark is only like 15 bucks so it's not a big deal to waste money on it but trannies have made me hate it instinctively

No. 1221040

I can't stand this girls videos. It's clear that she's well educated in fashion history and clothes are her passion and she loves talking about it. Sometimes she goes into educational rants about fashion history and it's very cool. But most times she talks about woke nonsense. Everything has to be twitter wokeness perfect with her and it's very irritating. Like, I'm watching these vids to listen to her talk about fashion history and not about fatphobia or genderspecials. Or other twitter hot topic of the week.

No. 1221072

She's a skinny lightskin girl. Twittard uggo gays and other uggo women hate women like that. She constantly has to speak about them and advertise wokeness or they won't watch her.
Bestdressed was like her, skinny asian and pretty and she got cancelled for not being woke.

No. 1221078

Why don't doll collectors just play virtual doll dressup games? A lot if autistic or awkward women play them and it's much more acceptable than filling up a whole house with expensive worthless plastic.

No. 1221092

because people like that don't care to bend to what others deem acceptable.

No. 1221097

But it'd also be cheaper. I also love dolls and shit but I think it's better to use games because they're less harmful and you're at least not creating waste even though it's still childish. The games also have communities so it feels less sad than living in a house alone with your 100 dolls that watch you when you sleep.

No. 1221103

Autists dunking on bigger autists to make themselves feel less pathetic will never not be funny to me.

No. 1221113

Oh I used to watch bestdressed and she was really funny sometimes. Did she stop uploading because she got canceled?
sorry for asking to be spoonfed

No. 1221239

She always makes sure to put trans stuff before women's rights and racial issues as well, oof
Some of her woke takes are just contrarian to whatever is popular now

No. 1221267

A consoomer that fills rooms in their house with dolls doesn't give a shit about waste or how harmful it is kek

No. 1221421

File: 1654970449914.jpg (216.24 KB, 1349x705, thedollvoid.jpg)

Doll consooming can snowball easily because there are so many options out there. I feel bad for her because buying on this level really indicates something is up. It's like she's trying to fill some void. With a situation like this, there is no ending and eventually feeling satisfied with the collection. Only buying more.

No. 1221543

I'm not dunking on her, she's clearly wasting her money away and she could've satisfied her autism and obsession in cheaper ways. Sorry if I came off rude and offended you.
I liked her a lot too but she got canceled by a dumbass, I can't remember but you can search bestdressed cancelled on YouTube. I think it was a stupid joke. Then a scrote stalked her and found her house from her backgrounds and she fully quit. This Mina girl gives me a similar energy, cute Asian girl that'll easily be canceled or targeted if she doesn't act woke enough.
It's probably escapism and relieving her childhood. I hope shw finds joy in her present and gives up a part of her collection. Sure it's ok to have a few objects you like but when it becomes the only thing that brings you joy, you should fix your issues

No. 1221555

Idgaf anon

No. 1221650

File: 1654981191109.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 2194x2477, disgusting.jpg)

I've been reading every thread for the past months and you nonas really helped me realize that my anime shit is very retarded. Of course I'm nowhere near a hoarder, but I had 4 big sanrio plushies sitting on my shelf above my bed for months without me even touching them. It's been years since I put them there and only washed them twice! Those dust collectors are nothing but nasty at this point. Touching them is very unpleasant and I can't believe I didn't realize how bad it was sooner. I'm cleaning them thorougly and giving them away to my little nieces. I will also limit my reckless spending and organize my disgusting room. Thanks again nonas for bringing sanity into my life.

No. 1221662

The worst part is her videos on woke stuff are just not well researched at all, in the diets video she just parrots some stupid gotcha arguments about BMI and pretty much supports HAES. The history part of the video is really nice, but outside of that she either has to stay in her lane, or start doing a lot more research. (And no, reading thinkpieces is not research when dealing with topics like that)

No. 1221668

Proud of you nonnie, I hope you enjoy the feeling of being free.

No. 1221676

That poster near the calendar is fucking disgusting

No. 1221680

Tbh she's very off-putting to me. Anyone who shoehorns any kind of politics or ideology into a conversation about something completely irrelevant is just virtue signaling and grasping for straws for me. It's so unpleasant.

No. 1221692

That honestly to me seems like she does not give a fuck and just parrots whatever woke point is popular now on twitter to be safe. I try to ignore all "trannies are SOOO valid" shit from female content creators, because they are scrutinized (kek typoed it as scrotinized at first) so much, it's insane. Like someone finding out where you live irl and coming to your fucking house for not suckling the girlcock enough.

No. 1221810

I don't know, she puts the wokeness in her videos above actually researched interesting stuff. Maybe she's doing that to not get cancelled, but she does that so much that I lean into her just being brainwashed by twitterfags. Either way, I'm not watching anymore of her vids cause the negatives outweight the positives. Putting tranny and fat "rights" above womens issues as >>1221239 mentioned
is also off putting. Karolina Żebrowska is a better historical youtuber anyways.

No. 1221971

Happy for you, nonnie. This thread has helped me sell a lot of my extra games and toys on mercari. It made me realize I was living with clutter and things I never use. Got rid of the junk and got money while doing it.

No. 1222145

This made me get up and give my big rilakkuma a hug. Good luck nonnie.

No. 1222675

File: 1655046902618.webm (4.65 MB, 576x1024, jookstodolist.webm)

milk incoming
jookstogo partners with some kind of checklist company even though she does nothing ever and had the saddest, emptiest life

No. 1222680

File: 1655047091571.webm (1.54 MB, 576x1024, filthybitch.webm)

>HAS the saddest life
girl with disgusting hoodie stained in multiple places averagedietcokedrinker hoards plushies and keeps a tiktok page that give me Luna vibes.

No. 1222682

It's pretty funny how she has reading on her to-do list as if it's some important thing but it's just manga. I didn't know people put leisure time on their to-do lists.

No. 1222686

Fair enough! Definitely do not watch her if she makes you angy, not healthy. Not every youtuber is everyone's cup of tea.

No. 1222688

File: 1655047462550.webm (1.93 MB, 202x360, caryscuttlefish-cringe.webm)

>fatass with melanie martinez dye job
>ceiling entirely covered in aliexpress fake flowers and cheap organza and probably contains 10 different species of spiders on top of being an international haven for mites
>bedside table, no books but a whole ass "calm-down drawer" full to the brim with autistic stim toys
>"hello kitty altar dedicated to my wedding day"

No. 1222883

Idk if I'm a boring adult but that ceiling looks like a massive fire hazard.

No. 1222905

I hate her fake uwu cute little girlie voice even tho she's a whole ass married woman. There's def also something wrong with the husband if he tolerates this

No. 1223049

File: 1655064068464.png (479.92 KB, 579x547, consoom.PNG)

I hate when consoomers have the "better than everyone" attitude because they have large hoards. A lot of the other people posted act like this too and it's so annoying
also nesoberi are literally the funko pops of anime merch, and are very cheap kek

No. 1223052

Sounds like you’re taking a very casual offhand joke seriously and nothing about it translates as pompous

No. 1223057

You probably have a Twitter full of those "jokes"

No. 1223058

It's not, she does this a lot.

No. 1223059

File: 1655064314293.png (275.5 KB, 373x664, cuttlefishhusband.png)

what do you mean something wrong with her husband, he's perfect for her

No. 1223065

No. 1223107

>probably contains 10 different species of spiders on top of being an international haven for mites
KEK, the way you describe this mess is sending me nonnie

No. 1223133

File: 1655068443211.jpg (204.35 KB, 1555x1080, IMG_20220612_231353.jpg)

ngl my family was all hoarders and I got the gene in me but one of the things that makes me control it the most is that I'm a huge arachnophobe kek. I remember watching this extreme cleaning video and they moved some pizza boxes and they were covered in spiders and I always think about it when I see piles of shit.

No. 1223141

Perfumes and body sprays. I've been on a long search for "the one", but I don't think I would ever find it. I have many that I enjoy and will rotate depending on mood, but I don't really have a signature. So I guess that's what keeps the buying going. I'll find a perfume/body spray I like, but then get tired of it or find a better one. I will say though, I only take up 1 1/2 shelves. I have seen some fragrancefags with tons of bottles, and will literally collect samples (this is especially true for the indie perfume community, if anyone knows about that).

I've tried to collect horror VHS too, but there are some movies so rare that they will cost hundreds of dollars. Also, I've been burned before by buying a rare-ish vhs that was filled with bugs and dirt, in the tape and in the box. Even after thoroughly cleaning it, I just couldn't keep it because the gross-out factor. And I actually try to watch them instead of letting them sit on a shelf, so it's important they work. The community seems to be filled with a lot of assholes too. I hope to get more into it, but it seems you got to dedicate a lot of time into finding what you want in good condition.

No. 1223171

Perfume is hard to avoid consooming. I find so many I like but they take ages to completely use up, and when I'm running out I don't WANT to use them up just in case I want to use that particular perfume for a certain occasion.

I don't have that many but if I let myself, I could go way overboard.

No. 1223259

Same, it takes a long time to use perfumes up. It's easy to acquire a large collection (for me it's body sprays) simply because you don't use them very often and when you do, it only takes a few spritz. Also there's lots of note combinations so it's very easy to collect.

No. 1223332

this is actually a good idea - I've got a large property and when my young nephews are over they go find and collect rocks, they get so entertained by it for some reason. I love having them over since they're from the city and rarely spend time outside and are glued to their devices

No. 1223427

File: 1655094097706.jpg (636.11 KB, 4032x2268, ab0.jpg)

why the fuck are trannies into this shark?

No. 1223433

Because they are predators

No. 1223662

Idk why I cringed at her going to Ikea with her dolls, even though it's actually really smart. Maybe it's just me being a boring adult conformist talking.

No. 1223669

I've noticed alot of trannies are into collecting plushie frogs aswell.. and just generally cutesy lil comfort things where it sometimes crosses over into abdl land.

No. 1223695

Because they're addicted to ruining anything fun and good. Cats? Ruined. Fallout new vegas? Ruined. This shark plush? Ruined. Various media made my women about feeling alienated and out of place among other women? Ruined.
They can't conceive of themselves in other terms than taking random things and perfomatively consooming them

No. 1223703

I swear the frog thing started with actual women (normal and genderspecial) and the AGP coomers followed suit.

No. 1223733

File: 1655127782760.jpeg (376.8 KB, 725x773, F1D8E3F8-7587-4EA8-9D1E-644F6F…)

>fallout new vegas

No. 1223738

Why do they fixate so hard on fallout new vegas? What makes it a prime tranny game? Iirc there are no tranny npcs in new vegas. There is a tranny robot in fo4 so that should be the one they're obsessed with.

No. 1224379

They fixate on Fo4 too but it's less popular so it's not as noticeable. Can't read any Fo4 fanfics without a bunch of nasty tranny shit

No. 1224487

It's as the >>1223733 tranny said, they fixate on it because of nostalgia reasons. All teenage boys who played the game have now coomed themselves into becoming trannies. They liked it as a kid and have nostalgia for it. This is why you don't date gamers.

No. 1224709

This makes me want to projectile vomit against the wall

No. 1225130

not to be a consoomer but the idea of a nendoroid that looks like you is very cute to me… i would love to get ones of me and my bestie for our apartment if money was no object

No. 1225462

trannies ruined my favorite fallout game i will never forgive or forget. its just objectively great. why cant they be content with cooming over metroid and cyberpunk or vr chat.

No. 1226028

I just wanna say I appreciate everyone who embeds these compilations so much

No. 1226033

Don't let them ruin the game for you nona. Just keep playing it and ignore the retards

No. 1226137

There's nothing wrong with owning a figurine that you will appreciate and admire nonnie. The problems arise when you are mass buying them just to fill up shelves in your room.

No. 1226156

File: 1655284948972.jpg (398.04 KB, 1600x1200, Fashion-Closet.jpg)

i realized my consoom urges came from 3 main false beliefs
>when i have this item i will be cool
i now tell myself, i am cool for not buying new things. i am cool for saving that money, for not being the hoarder i used to be.
>when i have that item, people will want to be my friend
the people who would only befriend me specifically for that item, would use me for that stuff, or for insincere social status signals, which i hate and probably will not need anyway.
>when i have that other item, i will be hot
there is no end goal of finally being permanently attractive, because hormones fluctuate which makes me look bloated, then pretty, then haggard every month or so. even if i got surgeries and fillers to reduce the hormonal changes' visible effects, i will become a wrinkly old woman eventually. so i should focus on being confident instead.

No. 1226237

It's so weird, when did you notice that? I thought that was common sense, I was always surrounded by rich, shallow classmates all my life since primary school and I already noticed how the way I was treated was different based on my looks and things I couldn't control, and I never wanted to impress assholes who thought you were a loser if you didn't have a real Louis Vuitton handbag for middle school instead of a normal solid backpack because it was obvious they'd drop you as soon as yoy didn't benefit them.

No. 1226244

I remember being about 12 and my family was known to be wealthy and my parents refused to buy me an expensive phone. I had a Nokia. I remember people bullied me and said clearly my parents did not love me as theirs where poorer than mine and still bought them motorolla razor flip phone KEK. I went home and told them this and they thought it was hilarious.

No. 1226246

In your opinion, what are the worst things to consoom?
For me is makeup/skincare.
Aside their cost, a lot of it gets thrown out because it expires and skincare, unless in form of tools like brushes, is basically useless if you have hormone problems.
I always think stuff like "If I can sell it/trade/pass it on" it's good. Lately I donated a bunch of clothes in good condition and that made me feel good because they can be used again.

No. 1226255

Makeup & skincare is a big one, I personally have issue with plastic junk that serves no purpose (anime crap, blindbox toys), they generate tonnes of packaging and cannot be recycled/reused. Sure, they can be sold on but it's still going to end up in landfill for decades. Plush toys is another one, they're stuffed with plastic and it's not an item I would trust to buy second hand.

No. 1226265

Try looking into textile recycling bins nonnie. Unfortunately a lot of donated clothes end up in landfills eventually too

No. 1226335

ah yes but I actually donate in places where I know where they end up. idk if in the USA its different, but here you can donate directly.

No. 1226389

>and skincare (..) is basically useless if you have hormone problems.
this is the weirdest cope I've seen in a while. skincare certainly does work lol

No. 1226397

What kind of place is that?
I've worked in a charity shop that sold clothing, had to sort through tonnes of donations and mountains of them had to be disposed - stained/torn but repairable clothing had to go, we had no washing facilities nor a sewing machine so those kinds of items went from one trash bag into another. Undergarments went into the trash as well (thank you moids for making me sort through your old underwear. women never donated these.). A lot of textiles get sent to 3rd world countries but they cause issues with with ruining their local textile industries, or rotting in giant piles.>>1226335

No. 1226432

I used to sort donation at a thrift store and I'd get more women's underwears than men's. A lot of them were unwashed and had cottage cheese on them. 80% of what was donated was disgusting trash.

No. 1226499

I'd love to see a room with Naruto merch, kawaii pink stuff, cute plushies, and weapons.

No. 1226517

This just reminded me of a stint I did at a laundromat/dry cleaners. I swear 90% of the time someone brought those bodysuit tops in that clasp at your crotch there would be literal shit stains and discharge on the inside of them. I thought it was common sense to wear underwear with these tops but apparently it’s not.

No. 1226520


Most of them are cut so your pussy lips fall out so I'm not surprised some girls go commando instead of a g-string. Still gross as hell though

No. 1226566

File: 1655315179982.jpg (1.91 MB, 2992x2992, 20220615_134534.jpg)

Got this yesterday while thinking about the farms and all my lovely nonnies

No. 1226572

Even if you wore them commando, there shouldn't be those stains. I don't understand how some people go on with their day with dirty butts, is it not itchy??
Couldn't you wear normal panties? I think it'd be less uncomfortable if you actually wore proper panties or maybe a specific kinds that'd cut to fit under that garment without being too thin.

No. 1226603

Made me think of all those posts in /w lately where tards kept bumping threads with
> there's no milk, where's the milk? I'm done with this thread if there's no milk!
Bumpity bump where's the milk lol

No. 1226673

are you trolling? this shit is normal in the uwu gamergirl cosplay side of insta.

No. 1226844

File: 1655325270045.jpg (197.97 KB, 684x450, largest-lip-balm-collection-sh…)

These are funko pop tier

No. 1226950

i think its some kind of vtuber thing

No. 1226982

File: 1655331544086.png (71.31 KB, 640x209, 0076B2AD-F961-4B03-9D4E-3F68FA…)

No. 1227029

The real cope is that a 10-step skincare works.
It works in the long run because your skin gets addicted to the chemicals. Just drop it off, get your hormones and skin type checked, get a skin oil, moisturizer, scrub in the shower and you're good. Cope yourself.

No. 1227042

I wish i could reach into the screen and take some lip balms, but then I remember they would probably burn my lips.

No. 1227050

File: 1655335703708.jpg (138.5 KB, 750x1333, efca897f26a8b679d263939f486d5c…)

Does anybody feel like pinterest makes you want to consoom? I just got that realisation just now.

No. 1227060

bottom shelf looks like tsum tsum lip-glosses, is that correct? Tsum-tsums are absolutely funko-pop tier.

No. 1227065

Pinterest was literally created, or at least taken over, to encourage mindless consoomerism I'm jk, I love Pinterest too. My boards are really messy, but it's my go too for clothing and craft inspiration

No. 1227076

I hate the "gamer girl" aesthetic, its too sexualized. I have never seen a Naruto room/kawaii Naruto room though

No. 1227087

Naruto is the best anime

No. 1227101

what this got to do with the thread?

No. 1227104

why does it have to be a Naruto room specifically? there aren't uwu gamergirl rooms for most anime older than a few years because it predates the kawaii gamer room trend and its autistic to have a room permanently dedicated to one character/franchise anyway. wouldnt be a good thing.

No. 1227105

this room is pretty soulless imo. fitting for this thread.

No. 1227146

orange isn't a kawaii color

No. 1227150

I'm soooo sorry I didn't use your precious sage on ot, nonnie

No. 1227153

make up i recently threw out which was expired, art supplies for basically every medium, and a specific cute character i now use for seasonal decorations like easter or halloween but sold the rest. if an item doesnt have a function i no longer buy it.

No. 1227166

Orange Naruto stuff, pink kawaii stuff, and weapons!

No. 1227170

and a fridge filled with healthy vegan food!

No. 1227173

File: 1655342258327.png (225.64 KB, 610x341, to the tune of green is not a …)

No. 1227174


No. 1227175

File: 1655342357835.png (144.14 KB, 582x572, Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 9.19…)

Orange is kawaii!

No. 1227185

Usually if you're commando in some fashionnova type bodysuit it's because you're out getting intoxicated or partying, so you'd be less likely to notice you didn't wipe properly.

No. 1227291

Anon didn't say anything about her skincare routine.

No. 1227298

Aren’t these for literal children?

No. 1227308

Awww, I like it, but i would reduce the clutter if it was mine, i would be knocking everything over. I love soulless looking living spaces.

No. 1227319

Those are all skincare products. Also, different people need different routines and products so it's really not as simple as "just get this, this and this". And you certainly shouldn't scrub or exfoliate everyday.

No. 1227329

i noticed it as early as i can remember. realizing how it still affected my consoom urge even now. i did not really have friends growing up because of being a schizo so i escaped into shopping to fill that void.

No. 1227373

A lot of older women have huge collections of them, search lip balm collection on youtube

No. 1227469

File: 1655362447335.webm (5.37 MB, 576x1024, ick.webm)

this one's offputting in a trashy ghetto way and thinks it's a good idea to put being kinda mean to her cat in her video

No. 1227472

UGHHHH THE FUCKING NAILS. I want to kms this annoys me the fuck up

No. 1227480

I don't think she was really being mean to the cat.

No. 1227490

>long nails are annoying but worth it
No, they're fucking annoying and those look cheap as fuck

No. 1227492

She barely moved that cat at all

No. 1227519

you're kind of reaching, anon, she really gently moved the cat

No. 1227541

yeah i may be wrong, english is not my first language and i thought it was really rude to say "move".

No. 1227548

>consoom character
>robot voice, shallow comments about product
>doesn't even use it (sets up mirror but airpod case just vanishes)
>go buy it now

Why is shilling junk on tiktok so popular? I have my doubts that the creators of these products are sponsoring these kids to advertise them. The ads are so lazy and the only selling point is ''omg so cute''.

No. 1227625

It depends on how you say it, she definitely meant it in a lighthearted way and was probably trying to make a joke out of her cat sitting on her package. Obviously don't say it to strangers or anything though, regardless of how you say it.

No. 1227645

The robotic, flat "I'm screaming" just killed me right now, I'm done

No. 1227653

File: 1655384841196.jpg (195.72 KB, 1080x1080, 7a85a1fee7fd2190ec44f582804893…)

I have an itabag that I've poured a minimum of $300 into and I don't want to get rid of it because I still really love the character. $300 is nothing in the world of itabags but I can't believe I've spend that much on all the shit in this bag kek. It's been built up over the course of like 6 years though. I don't like itabags with nothing but one specific button, I think they're so ugly. I like to go to secondhand shops when I'm in Japan and pour over items and then slowly whittle it down to what I really want, it's like a scavenger hunt.

I will probably keep consooming merch of this character but I've become very selective with what I buy since I have limited space. If it's a rare piece of merch what little sensibilities I have left are thrown out the window and I immediately want it because I'm stupid and rare/limited items just make me freak. I spent $80 on two film strips with him in it fuck me kek

I have a second itabag that I made on a whim with shit I bought off AE. Not as much keychains and I just have it cos it's one of those cute bookbags with a heart window. I might get rid of the keychains but keep the bag since bookbags are better for my back. My main itabag is a tote bag so I seldom use it outside of cons partly because I'm embarrassed and partly because I try not to use totes anyway.

No. 1227655

Itabags are awesome nona. Building it up over that amount of time doesn't really make it a consoomer thing imo. Just imagine, some people spend way more than that on a trashy designer bag.

No. 1227679

I'm not a weeaboo but these are kind of charming as an idea, however I will 110% assume you have a gender identity you have that

No. 1227707

i'm a recovered hobby consoomer but i still love a good itabag. i never loved a character enough to have one but i almost wish i did

No. 1227871

I think they're cute too. I used to have a pink backpack with a heart window in college and I would put random pins there, not from a character just stuff people gave me as a gift. I'm 26 now and idk if I would still do it because it's a bit juvenile, part of me still wants to do it though.

No. 1227872

Thank you for introducing me to the concept of itabags, I’m sure yours is cute and it sounds well curated nona!!

No. 1227874

Fuck what other people think. A few days ago I saw a grandma with a vintage MLP shirt, Mochino Barbie jacket and bag and some sick sneakers. She looked fucking awesome.

No. 1228777

sorry OT but how often do you go to Japan? I'm extremely jealous. I went there for my honeymoon and would go back every year if I could afford it. My consooming would probably be off the charts though if I did.

No. 1229293

garage sale tomorrow nonas…hoping to sell sell sell. I shan’t be replacing anything I sell with new items any time ever, either. Wish me luck

No. 1229302

i finally decided to sell my ps4, nonnas. i'm not a hardcore gamer (anymore) and i prefer using my switch because turning on the ps4 is always so annoying… i sold mine to my friend's little brother because his broke. i still have my ratty ps3 and my vita to get rid of, and i'll probably only get like 50 bucks for those two together… but yay, getting rid of things! buying videogames used to be a huge consoom thing for me, especially playstation store sales, so with my ps4 gone that will be taken care of as well. i still wanna keep my switch, even though i haven't played anything in months.

No. 1229384

That is true! And I don't have to worry much about stains on my bag because of the plastic covering kek

Thank you nona!

Not too often! I studied there as a student and that's when I started my bag (spent my scholarship money on merch KEK), then I went back again a year after graduating college. I was planning to go again after 2 years from my last trip but then rona hit. I'd probably aim to go back every 2 or 3 years but I'm probably gonna start alternating it with trips elsewhere. I love visiting Japan but yes it's a huuuuge consoomerism hell hole. I think most times it's not even buying stuff from stores, it's the game centers in particular are my weakness. I will even admit that I really started to have a problem/addiction to them when I was a student, plus I was at the height of my mental illness at the time two so it was a double whammy combo. Wasted way too much of my scholarship money playing ufo catchers.


Sorry to disappoint nona but that isn't my itabag! I really like how cute it is and how the owner has lots of varying keychains though! It makes it a lot more fun to look at.

No. 1229907

File: 1655556169414.jpg (121.87 KB, 540x638, tumblr_0bd65f2f4434d95d7f88df5…)

then post yours nona, we won't judge

No. 1229910

She didn't even say "move" to the cat, it was a voiceover kek

No. 1230163

That's funny, that's the reverse for me, I got rid of a bunch of games but I really want to keep my consoles so I can still replay the games I really like. However I don't see myself getting more consoles, like when the next gen will be a thing for example. I think I'm pretty much done with video games because of the industry being really retarded and companies ruining some of the series I care about so I will just replay the games I already have and maybe pirate games later.

No. 1230171

i got rid of a ton of games too! i think i made like 700 euros by selling my entire ds games collection, and then another 200 by selling a bunch of ps3/4 and switch games. i barely finished any of these games, and i never replayed them either. i wanna keep my handhelds though (including my switch), but i'm just not the type for consoles that connect to the tv screen. i find them chunky and impractical, i guess? when i play on my switch i can easily put it aside and pick it up again later. with the ps4 it takes forever to boot it up, switch the hdmi port, start up the game… it's just sooo annoying. also i'm kinda bad at videogames kek.

No. 1230189

I was actually considering getting a PS4 for specific games but I'm not getting one after all. Or at least not now. I also play the Switch only on handheld mode because it's way more comfortable. I made a lot of money selling games but I think I could have made as much as you did if I sold everything by myself instead of "just" selling like half of my games to a retro game store. But at the time I want a fast way to sell my stuff and selling things yourself one by one can take time. I couldn't play games these past few months because of work and turned on my Switch for the first time in 3 months yesterday, I went to that retro game store today and didn't find any interesting game so I think that's a sign I need to calm the fuck down and play the games in my backlog first kek. I got rid of most of my backlog by playing games for a few hours and not being hooked just yet so I sold them and I only have like 10 games I know I'll like in my backlog.

No. 1230200

Feel similarly. The only current gen system I have is a switch and I like it but I mostly play PS2 and Dreamcast. There are so many old games available with such better quality storylines and concepts (imo) that I don't need anything else. Downside is the price, but they can easily be emulated and collected that way. Lucky enough to have a lot of old PS1/2 games still.

Anything newer I'll just have to watch a silent LP because I'm not comfortable paying rent prices for a system and $60+ for each game.

No. 1230250

man this one kinda makes me feel like making an itabag with my favourite character even though I already carry a themed bag with it. I found an etsy store that makes custom bags themed with the character but it would be over 100 euros altogether. Not that I couldn't settle with something cheaper but the design was simple yet creative

No. 1233078

File: 1655753328390.jpg (118.88 KB, 684x457, Funko-Pop-Paul-Scardino-Worlds…)

> Paul Scardino from Winchester City, Virginia, USA has set the Guinness World Record for owning the largest collection of Funko Pop figurines.

> Having started his collection in 2017, he now has a total of approximately 5306 figurines. The stylised vinyl models depict licensed characters from comic books, movies and games.

> Paul started collecting Funko Pops after receiving Hawkeye and Spider-Man from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie for his birthday.

how does 2 as a gift turn into this? this is scary. imagine you're just being nice to a loved one but inadvertently lead them to a path of consoom

No. 1233349

I thought it would be the See-through Bing Bong guy who'd get that title.

No. 1233675

File: 1655806311960.png (6.57 KB, 547x59, funkomale.png)

I assume the dude doesn't have girlfriend, but I found this video title bit related and funny.

No. 1233929

For any nonitas looking to slim down their clothing hoard, my mom recently gave me a small set of drawers because she was going to throw it out otherwise. I have a clothing hoard acquired over years of impulse buying and don't wear most of it. I put my most worn clothes in the drawers and haven't touched my closet ever since (it's been 2 months). This summer I'm going to sell/donate most of it, I can find things much more easily now, it's a real breeze. I still have an accessory hoard but I think it has kept me from going batshit and impulse buying again. Sage 4 blog

No. 1234333

No. 1234344

I love ita bags! I think there are a brilliant way to fulfil the weeb consoomer itch without allowing it to invade your living space and going overboard.

You don't really have to imo, although they look nicer is you do keep it on one theme. I use mine just so my little plushies aren't scatter everywhere.

You've reminded why I quit buying gaming consoles and game exclusively on pc now. I really detest having physical copies of games or being forced to change my hardware every gen. I also never play new games, I play the same 1-2 games for 3 years straight. Despite pc hardware being expensive as fuck, it has been a really good investment. Sure you can't sell your games, but the games are cheap as fuck and I usually only play mmos that haves 100s+ of hours worth of content which balances out the cost imo.

No. 1234375

Is anyone else a nail polish consoomer? I just realized today after having to buy a second acrylic shelf for my polishes that I might be a consoomer. I threw out all the colors that I don't wear or are so old that the formula is gross and separating and I feel so much better. I love doing my nails and it's a peaceful activity for me but there's no reason to have like 80+ nail polishes.I feel like there's probably some major consoomers on one of the many reddit communities for nails.

No. 1234427

I switched to gel recently and it pretty much ended my nail polish consooming. I used to constantly buy regular polish from the bargain bin based on the colour because there are only a few colours I really like to wear, but ofc the quality would vary a tonne so half the time I'd end up with streaky, watery crap I never wanted to use. Then I'd buy more in the same colour hoping for a nicer consistency and keep all the shitty ones 'just in case'. Gel quality is pretty uniform so I don't have to keep trying different types, and it's too expensive for me to buy regularly.

Anyway shit like vid rel gives me hives. How could you EVER paint your nails often enough to make use of it all??

No. 1234460

I know she's a big Youtuber so i'm sure a lot of the nail polishes were bought for content/given as PR rather than just collected, but I also hate when Youtubers show off shit like this because it really encourages people to consoom insane amounts.

No. 1234582

I used to be. It's a really easy impulse buy, just a little bottle of pretty color, they tend to be on the cheap side, etc. Now I don't buy anything if I already have that color, or if I don't really like the color enough, and I keep my collection around 20 bottles or so. Enough to fill a little acrylic tray on my shelf and no more.

No. 1234660

File: 1655876599420.webm (3.5 MB, 320x568, 2195534-9d0240274bde2f5bb67e84…)

crazy consoom webm that noreturn posted on KF. i was not prepared…

No. 1234662

there's such a thing as nail polish thinner (better solvent than acetone) that fixes your separating and clumpy polish so you don't waste it. it's cheap. i would feel bad throwing away old polishes.

No. 1234663

I love how not once did she post what he actually bought her or him even buying it lmao, cap.

No. 1234665

Kek. Also, shower ticktock…

No. 1234668

certainly not one of the worst consoom vids i've seen but i think it's pretty embarrassing to be on this level, even, as an adult.

No. 1234677

I cant stop laughing at this thank you nonna

No. 1234697

God it would be so much fun to take your arm and just rake all those cheap figures off the shelves into a huge black garbage bag. Tearing those fugly ass pedo sheets off the wall, and just purging this whole entire room of all of its weeb filth, and shoving it all in a dumpster until it's packed to the brim. If these people had someone in their lives who really loved them they wouldn't let them get this way. People need to stop being so passive towards this shit. Internet acquired mental illness is real and consoomer rooms are proof.

No. 1234702

anon, the items are not the crazy part…

No. 1234707

you mean the amount of items? that's how i meant it, in terms of volume. if we're to assume he bought them all (doubt it but that's how she's framing the video), it's not the worst considering the hoarderdens and "hauls" we regularly see. what do you mean if not that though? and yeah i think the items themselves too are an issue. it's weird to me that people need to buy this much makeup that turns into a bacterial cesspit in 6 mos anyways, especially when it's bought solely for the bad branding.

No. 1234708

lmao anon listen to the video with the sound on

No. 1234715

I watched one of her polish shelf videos years ago and thought it all seemed like a waste back then, looks like it's just gotten worse. Beauty gurus should just giveaway all this crap they'll never use to their fans

No. 1234718

oh, it's the audio that's crazy. i can't get it to work for whatever reason

No. 1234728

>"My boyfriend takes me birthday shopping at Ulta. We went to the Ulta at the Arden fair Mall one hour before the shooting last night, there was a shooter, one person was killed and one person is in the hospital, so I am so grateful that we were not there for all that commotion. However, we went shopping, he let me pick out anything that I wanted" (proceeds to casually resume talking about consooming)

No. 1234736

KEK okay you guys were right

No. 1234766

The hair, childish behaviour and mannerisms, and hoard of nail polish always made me see her as some sort of horsegirl but with polishes instead of horses kek

No. 1234879

Embarrassing,but I used to watch her religiously until she started referencing contrahons in her videos. I always knew she was a liberal twitter retard, but she never was obnoxious about it like many other popular female youtubers. until…
sage for sperg

No. 1234892

That's the most American shit I've ever seen in my life.

No. 1234895

Lmao this

No. 1234897

Kek what the actual fuck, the kawaii Steven Universe remix music on top of that LMAO this is so fucked up fam

No. 1234898

TikTok brainrot at its finest

No. 1234899

She had that collection before being popular on YouTube though (used to watch her before she became too cringe)

No. 1234903

Ita bags are the ugliest, most consumerist and cringe shit ever. It's a dumb attention grabbing accessory for autistic weebs. If I see any adult who wears one I will just assume they are special needs or have internet brainrot poisoning.

No. 1234904

Which KF thread? Also, I can't fucking believe my ears. What the hell man

No. 1234906

This is the shit that makes no sense to me. After a certain amount, he is collecting shit that he doesnt even care for. Disney princess have tons of funkos. He looks dead inside. what a loser

No. 1234916

No. 1234924

Funko pop collectors are always the ugliest.

No. 1235000

at least i guess that's better than shooting up a school

No. 1235082

I have two itabags. Technically one with two different inserts. They're not overfilled, but still. Ugh. I just love the look so much and I love those characters.
I also have some sanrio kuromi appliances coming in the mail.

No. 1235177

I wrote down a huge a-log post about how much I hate this bitch, but you were spared by a loading error.
Just. Fucking awful.

She tries to be more down to earth these days, but now she just consooms plants, ships ugly shit from thrift stores wasting fuel and buys more brand new stuff for her "charity events" to sell on some shit she overconsoomed.

No. 1235431

>this is america

No. 1235453

So fucking tired of these massive clickbait wish, aliexpress, and shien hauls. They're all the same and boring and so incredibly wasteful.

No. 1235458

kek when I opened the video and apparently already disliked it long ago

I imagine her home smells like the fragrant cancerous plastic that gets California warning labels on it

No. 1235463

No. 1235795

The casual brush-over of the shooting really did me in more than the consoom tbh

No. 1235801

Sorry for samefagging but I'm now realizing that was the point of posting it. I may be retarded

No. 1235917

samefag, but the worst thing for me was constant bodychecking in the clothing hauls and "uwu i am xs and this is so big on me"

No. 1236005

I hate when they do this in clothing hauls. Like you're soooo smol and got it from the kids section idc just show me the clothes so I can live my consooming fantasies vicariously through you kek.

No. 1236152

I hate people who drop hundreds on shein and wish.
What for? For more plastic? Vile.

No. 1237162

I love Scott the Woz but HOLY SHIT he's fucking retarded. He has a huge videogame collection, and he keeps them inside various closets in his house. However, even though he calls this collection "precious" and "valuable" and loves / has always wished for the shit he has, he's fucking storing them near water pipes and a fucking water heater. He even knows that this is dangerous for himself and his collection but he's like "we'll figure out if we get there". Seriously how can he be so sure NOTHING will happen?

No. 1237167

Men love being lazy.

No. 1238691

File: 1656111528631.jpg (15.44 KB, 550x550, 1649439402491.jpg)

my dad also collects old consoles and keeps them in a similar way. I think that's just general men retardation.

No. 1238709

File: 1656111964175.jpeg (91.72 KB, 828x609, 49AE7DB8-B83A-40AE-A4C4-1C4F90…)

In the light of that zine manager supposedly spending 27k CAD on Genshin Impact, I was looking at tags for other zine scams. There was one called mchanzine and the person running it stole 10k and spent it on convention tickets and stuff to make this itabag.

No. 1238711

Hope it bursts and ruins their shit collection.

No. 1238740

>zine scams
>27k CAD
Woah woah woah, what? Translation for us plebs?

No. 1238779

doesn't this chick have a parrot that constantly messes around in her videos? i always imagine her place to smell rank with parrot shit because i heard parrots shit everywhere.

No. 1238849


No. 1238937

Posted here as well too >>1237409

No. 1239069

because she gets paid to do it

No. 1239107

god, she is the worst youtuber for me. her nasal voice is nails down the fucking chalkboard and her bf it's face is so punchable. and why fucking be a nailart channel when you don't really do nailart. and her fans are annoying as fuck. dId YoU kNoW she works for the canadian government dId YoU kNoW she is soooo smart. seriously fuck off

in vid related she bought a lot of random things from walmart, like baby dolls, just to dip it in a bath and "holo" it. clearly it was going to be binned right after. what's worse is that her sister is in it too and they laugh about how her sister was kicked out of school for bullying

No. 1239130

she's so hypocritical as well. she used to criticize other youtubers for their consoomerism, but has had her nail polish wall and endless starbucks teas for years, and now has a nail polish brand that constantly shits out colors. i also strongly doubt that she still has her normie job

No. 1239138

he looks like he is slowly morphing into a funko pop, those eyes

No. 1239272

Has Tyler Williams / ScarfingScarves / Last Week in Lolita News been posted yet? She has a huge collection of identical lolita dresses and other kawaii junk. She pays hundreds of dollars for these cheap ugly polyester monstrosities. She had to go to therapy because her lolita dresses don't fit her because she's not small and kawaii enough.

She had a huge meltdown not that long ago because Herbs and Alters used the word lolita "wrongly" kek

No. 1239322

she used to be alright, before she got super popular. I used to love her videos. she was really funny and trashed on beauty youtubers and it was great, but then she got the taste of clout and she has just gotten worse and worse since. I can't watch any more.

No. 1239334

Same. She used to give good advice in her videos and call people out in a reasonable way but from what I've watched of her recently, when not raving about her millions of identical dresses, she cries about her depression and parrots therapy talk but then goes and aggressively bullies others under the guise of being snarky.

No. 1239343

Alice Cookie / Alisu Cookie and her hoarding of identical pink Chanel bags belongs here. She hoards Liz Lisa and all sorts of random pink plastic things too.


During the pandemic when millions of people were dying she posted a video of herself crying in a taxi after having bought yet another identical pink Chanel bag which she didn't think was was going to get.

No. 1239380

What’s really tragic about Tyler is that lolita doesn’t suit her at all and she looks way better in her goff outfits

No. 1239419

I'm less annoyed by her and more by her moid who keeps talking behind the camera

No. 1239447

I still don't understand how they stole 10k and winded up with a bag that looks that crappy…

No. 1239448

This. OTT AP sweet is generally they least flattering style on 99% of people.

No. 1239456

Yeah, she got old real fast tbh.

No. 1239468

Nonnas can someone pls upload a consoom tiktok dump. I love these, makes me realize how stupid my buying urges are.

No. 1240177

File: 1656175292910.png (244.73 KB, 800x600, article-japanese-futon-01.png)

I find the dichotomy in Japan between traditional extreme minimalist bedrooms like picrel (which might not even be a bedroom and just a futon taken out at night) and the millions of figurines bedroom listed here (which I'm assuming started in Japan) to be so confusing.

No. 1240192

Industrialization and economic bubbles changed Japan a lot. It makes a lot of sense to me when you think about it, Japan can be very isolating socially because of how uptight it is, so they retreat into a consoom hoard of plastic girls to fill the void from being overworked and having no deep social connections.

Seconded, I don't use Tiktok so I love seeing them here!

No. 1240410

>During the pandemic when millions of people were dying she posted a video of herself crying in a taxi after having bought yet another identical pink Chanel bag which she didn't think was was going to get.
Dark triad stacy

No. 1240812

My first thought watching the video was this bird was very badly behaved. My parrot never was that bad and I trained him when I was 7. If you properly care for them, they'll "dookie" in their cage, with the occasional outside of it. That's relative though, they do drop a LOT. It doesn't stink (relative to cats or dogs) unless you don't clean it. It smells like nothing, maybe slightly like the seeds they eat. You need to clean the cage every 3 days or it will smell like the bird equivalent of unbathed dog, oily seeds, and slightly fishy.

No. 1241090

File: 1656242687200.jpg (116.33 KB, 1024x768, 1655421977351.jpg)

I'm going to buy a lot of games I want today on my Vita, my 3DS before the online stores are definitely closed down, and on Steam because thing should be on sales, and after that I'll only wait for Xenoblade 3, Bayonetta 3 and the AI somnium files sequel. Then I'll stop buying video games for as long as possible because I already have what I want besides the games I'm buying today. Let's see how long I will last. I'm not buying anything else for sales anyway unless I finally find pants my size now that I gained weight.

No. 1241105

File: 1656244513449.webm (15.17 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7109854780712946950_fl…)

sorry for abandoning you all (i'm the tiktok anon from the first 3 threads who posted all those aliexpress hauls) but i got a cool new job so i was/am very busy now.

here's one of those "you could have gotten this shit for 1/3 of the price off of aliexpress/wish instead of buying from an overpriced drop shipping store" tiktoks to make up for it! what does anyone need all this shit for?!

No. 1241115

I don't understand the point of having a bullet journal if you're going to spend the same amount of time gluing stuff onto it.

Also it annoyed me a lot that they made the video asmr-esque but included the plastic packaging in it. Who wants to be calmed by the sounds of literal garbage.

No. 1241118

Thank you so much anon, please post more whenever you have time! Also enjoy your new job

No. 1241122

Half this shit looks so tacky, like stuff a suburban mom would find chic, it's corny vintage

No. 1241127

File: 1656246381082.webm (15.03 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_51(1).webm)

i don't get it either. it always reminds me of this vid i posted in an older thread >>1007523. i thought the point of bullet journaling or scrapbooking was to be creative and not to glue random shit together that took no effort to gather/create in the first place…

thank you, nonny!! i love my new job, but the commute is killing me so i only have time to turn on my laptop on the weekends.

No. 1241133

Just watching these videos is exhausting. You are doing the lord's work by gathering them anon.

As a contrast to this topic, would anyone be interested in a pro-minimalism thread?

No. 1241174

I would be interested if we don’t already have a minimalist thread.

No. 1241179

What's the point of buying things that should be organically collected? How empty is your life that you have to put in mass produced pictures into your own journal, a space meant for your own thoughts and feelings?

No. 1241690

all this journaling material, and for what? You just know these motherfuckers have not a single individual thought to write down.

No. 1242171

Right? Imagine buying stickers, void tickets, and vintage paper just to look like you have an interesting life. Sad.

No. 1242336

Is it really that deep though? She probably just likes the look of it and doesn't want to spend ages combing through old newspaper to find clippings. Ever since anime rooms started getting posted there's been so much anons insisting every single thing someone does has to be original or else they have no personality kek.

No. 1242346

Yeah anon, you'd be right if they were like, putting anime posters up, but the entire point of making a little scrap journal is… making a scrap journal. She could literally just print out pages of others people's journals and staple them together and claim it's hers at this point. It's not about "AnoNs WanT OriGInalitY" it's about that person's hobby being a hobby that is wholly based around themself.

No. 1242413

i think part of it also is how much the things they do but are plastic shitcrap. plastic sheets with pretty pictures of the sky, you could.. print those out yourself. pinterest exists. and then you have exactly what you want. washi tape.. you can buy in person for much easier and cheaper. cheap daiso/dollar store quality stationary probably being sold for 500% of retail price, plus shipping. and vintage paperscraps, you can get mass lots of online pretty cheap. to me it's not that these people buy it, it's that they also buy the most hollow, soulless version possible, when a "better"/less consoomy version is almost equal effort, aside from having to make choices about what you personally like.

No. 1242420

I don't journal so maybe I'm misunderstanding it but isn't it just making art? All the videos of journals I've got reccomended to me seem to just be like collage art pieces.

No. 1242454

I actually find putting posters up of anime you don't even watch weirder than putting store bought pictures in your journal. One thing is supposed to be a piece of content the other is literally just decor. Sure, in the traditional sense this kind of "journaling" is souless but I think nowadays bujo is more of a stickerbook than anything else, it's just a way to make it look more grown up and like it has any purpose. They are more like the planner hobby which is entirely about decorating and not actually planning much kek. Must be a hobby like decoden or blinging, consooming and piling up "pretty" things.
Meanwhile shit like owning band shirts of things you don't listen to or anime figures and posters of things you haven't even watched because the character is pretty or popular weirds me out, it's the autist in me. Same thing with the people collecting old books for the aesthetic without reading them in Dark Academia.

No. 1242462

> Same thing with the people collecting old books for the aesthetic without reading them in Dark Academia.
Anyone who has a huge library room in their house, but isn’t a serious book collector, will have done this. They sell aesthetically pleasing books by the yard and they aren’t meant to be read.

No. 1242464

IMO the issue is the name. Journaling has traditionally been about writing and scrap books were made with actual paper scraps. If I bought stickers to fill my 'scrap book' with it isn't really a scrap book, I'm not cleverly repurposing what would have otherwise been trash. Old scrapbooks can be interesting because they inform you about the owner and the time period they lived in, modern 'scrap books' do not. But I don't have an issue with people calling them collage journals.

No. 1242469

The person in the video said “bullet journalling” so you’d think they would want to do drawings or use stickers related to what they did that day. Unless they work in an antique store, I doubt they do many victoriana related things.

Unless their day is really boring, why would you want you want to spend all that time on something art related that only you can look at because it is too personal.

No. 1242479

It is, anons here are really overthinking it. It's just fun to cut and paste stuff in a journal and maybe write about my day, doesn't have to be meaningful or deep or whatever. These Tiktok ladies are excessive though, most of these shitty Aliexpress stickers they buy will probably just go into the trash later.

No. 1242776

i remember some anon in ot calling me a retard for actually reading those aesthetically pleasing collectors editions… but they're expensive and pretty and I want to actually read them and not just put them in my shelf kek

No. 1242805

File: 1656351057775.jpeg (189.25 KB, 1027x1280, 96FBF44B-E112-488B-8D98-47907C…)

Someone is spending $240+ for a volume of manga because it has a shiny cover

No. 1242810

>Meanwhile shit like owning band shirts of things you don't listen to or anime figures and posters of things you haven't even watched because the character is pretty or popular weirds me out, it's the autist in me

Idk I feel like anime posters/figurines are also mainly just decoration. Maybe someone just likes the character design or whatever. I guess it's weird if you ask them and they go "idk I just thought it was cute", but not really.

No. 1243394

These threads really peaked me in my consoomerism habits, thanks so much for them. I was never as bad as some of these posted here but I did (and do) have a problem with hording things I never use because I still hold onto the idea that I could use them one day, but never do. It sucks knowing you spent money on something but it's worse to keep it around if it will never be used. I'm also learning to let go of possessions I've had for a long time during some of my phases I'm over now, it was nice to have merch of some things I liked in the past but I've outgrown a lot of it and it's unnessicary to hold onto that stuff. I can let myself be happy I was into it for a while and move on. I always carry the thought of 'If I moved again, how much of this do I want to take with me?' and that also helps me keep the clutter down.

This pisses me off so much because this is actually from Goodwill's auction site. It's basically Goodwill's version of eBay and anything good or 'valuable' goes here first so nothing cool ever gets sent to the store. They want people to bid on stuff like this to make the biggest profits possible even though everything they get in is free (for them) I really hate how thirfting has become a trend and brought up the prices of everything donated when you used to be able to find neat gems or be able to upcycle for cheap. Now it's almost the same price to buy brand new shirts than it is to shift through a thrift store and find an old one.

No. 1243401

Bad enough that Goodwill went all woke and shit. I swear their old site wasn't nearly as cut-throat before they revamped it. I got a brand-new blender from it for like, nothing.

No. 1243402

This is just scrapbooking

No. 1243403

Please someone make the thread

No. 1243407

Lmao yes. Tbh I kind of like binging her video sometimes but her parrot drives me crazy, i don’t know how people can be okay with them making noise 24/7 like a faulty fire alarm

No. 1243599

No. 1243627

I'd call it scrapbooking if it involved actual scraps - ticket stubs, photos, brochures, postcards you've collected. All these tiktok compilations of people ''scrapbooking'' is sticking a few layers of mass manufactured fake postcards, photo prints, postage stamps and calling it a day. This is just arranging your waste into a pretty page and sticking it all in the dump later.

No. 1243701

I hate this too. Where I live, these types of shops no longer serve their local communities, such as people who need cheap good quality items. It's all about profit and supporting the charity's fancy HQ in the capital and high paid employees. They throw so much stuff away without even pricing it low first to see if anyone wants it.

No. 1245705

File: 1656550173878.jpeg (1.11 MB, 960x1844, A7E4B116-6242-465F-99DF-A7CEEC…)

What the fuck is all this?

No. 1245706

how do those stay on the shower wall? do you think these are screwed on or suctioned on?

No. 1245712

Probably suctioned. Minus the one bar on the left that is part of the shower looks like. They sell baskets like that most places.

No. 1245713

Are you shitting me when I was a teen goodwill used to throw all their manga unlabeled in a bin marked a dollar. What the actual fuck is going on?

No. 1245717

I think it’s because a lot of manga went out of print when Tokyopop died

No. 1245718

i've never seen suction baskets successfully hold that much weight before

No. 1245735

That dove soap doesn’t even smell that good

No. 1245756

Those organizing accounts are funny because people think their hoarding is justified now that it’s aesthetic and lined up on a shelf in a row with color coding. I just hope people with these collections get them on a really good sale because what is the point then especially for consumables?

No. 1245850


No. 1246241

>manga becomes “cool” during pandemic
>english manga publishers can’t keep up with demand of printing
>loads of people suddenly become interested in old, out of print series
>consoomer collectors on social media start making haul and recommendation videos
>both out of print and “out of stock” manga become absurdly expensive on the used market
This is also why bootleg manga and self-printing have become a thing

No. 1246249

Does anyone else here have a lot of console games? I played a lot of PS1/PS2 games as a teen so now the ones I have are worth a lot of money. I’ve been thinking about selling them, but it makes me feel kind of bad because it used to be kind of rare to be a gamer girl. I know I’ll never be able to buy them again once they’re gone, but it’s not like I play them anymore either.

No. 1246281

I'll never understand why people are obsessed with collecting volumes of manga they've never read or even finished, I guess collecting volumes in of itself is what keeps people buying to have a 'complete set'. Its the same with books, why keep an entire bookshelf of books for the ~aesthetic~ if you aren't actually enjoying reading through them? Not to bash people who own books or manga they do enjoy, I think if you have a series you read often or always come back to those are okay to keep.

I'm someone who still enjoys console gaming, so I still have a lot of physical games. It's always hard to find copies of older good games though, because they are always in demand for collections. And there are quite a few retro PS2 games I've been wanting to get around to playing, but they are just as expensive if not more to get secondhand and I'm paranoid to even use my PS2 that often in case it dies on me. Honestly if you want to feel like you still have your collection but don't want to keep the physical games you could digitize your collection by looking for roms and an emulator There's even ways to rip the time from your CDs though I don't know how to do that

No. 1246316

why is manga so big now? is it just pandemic + TikTok consoom

I'm glad I lived in the time of going to the library to check out 30 volumes for free when I was deep in my manga phase.

No. 1246599

>why keep an entire bookshelf of books for the ~aesthetic~ if you aren't actually enjoying reading through them?
Japanese manga is INSANELY cheap too, if they aren't even reading it I don't get why they go crazy over the en versions. A lot of them have very simple japanese too, my teacher even reccomends us to read them kek.
For example, I got the K-ON manga full set for 1300yen, looked for the english version and they're going for $250.

No. 1247073

File: 1656655204451.jpeg (80.95 KB, 800x1440, FWbRKyrXgAglKU6.jpeg)

No. 1247076

I got myself the full Tokyo Babylon series in Mandarake in 2020 for very cheap, I don't even want to imagine the price for even one book in my first language.

No. 1247102

The luna foreo play being like $60 and not being rechargeable is freaking crazy to me. “Up to 600 uses” so that’s less than a year for most people and they just throw it in the trash. Insanely wasteful.

No. 1247159

>why is manga so big now? is it just pandemic + TikTok consoom
Pretty much. Celebs posting about watching anime sure didn't help.

No. 1247187

Watching some of the tiktoks posted here sent me down the path of watching compiliations of fridge restock videos, they're just so bizarre. People buy small aesthetic bottles of milk of 0.25l instead of just buying a normal box of milk. Then they buy a plastic holder just to put all the milk bottles in line, even though you can already line them up without a plastic divider. What kind of universe do these people live in?
Also one anon in past pointed out, how much dairy products are in these, and no kidding. It feels bad just thinking how much of it will expire. Don't know how sour milk fits in an aesthetic.

No. 1247192

what i really do not understand is why these people want to expend so much energy doing something totally useless, wasteful, more expensive… it's a crime, really. all of that plastic, food that's bound to go bad, and at the end of the day they've wasted more time and energy on a decision that actually cost them more money. really mind boggling.

No. 1247197

I'm pretty sure they all just copy a few "original" videos too, because they all eat the same shit. You can't tell me all of these women constantly eat sliced strawberries (which is worse for preservation, wtf) and baby carrots and three different brands of string cheese. They buy stuff just to copy viral videos.

No. 1247258

I saw one the other day where they put a whole thing of creamer in one of those plastic milk bottles and it went bad after 2 days. They just threw the whole thing in the trash instead of trying to clean it. Such a useless, waste of money.

No. 1247951

Any recommendations on where to sell figmas, revoltechs and model kits online for someone who lives in south-east asia? i have so many of these in storage and i just don't know why i bought them in the first place.

No. 1247968

I'm sorry, but as a PS2 and Spongebob fag, I fucking love this.

No. 1247970

I used to work at Goodwill in the DMV area and it's gotten BAD. People were dropping off huge volumes of manga years ago. Like the entire collection of bleach or kenshin and same with old ps2 games. Now shit is ridiculous and any game that comes in (even if it isn't worth much ) my managers demanded i threw onto the Goodwill e-commerce bin for online sale. They made a huge amount of profits like this. Goodwill has become a shell of its former self and it's become almost cheaper to buy sales in brand new stores vs them. it's horrible.

No. 1247985

>Now shit is ridiculous and any game that comes in (even if it isn't worth much ) my managers demanded i threw onto the Goodwill e-commerce bin for online sale. They made a huge amount of profits like this.
That is so scummy it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

No. 1248170

I almost accidentally bought one of these until I noticed they were 'disposable'. Whoever came up with this should be shot.

No. 1248175

I remember once finding a copy of Mario Sunshine at Goodwill a long time ago, I regret not picking it up. Goodwill has become so stingy now I don't really want to go. There's no reason they should be pricing used mugs as expensive (like 3-4 dollars) as brand new ones. Luckily there is a local thrift shop near me that does still have good deals, but most of it is grandma's house tier stuff (which I do actually like) And I got some mugs there for 50 cents!

No. 1248184

Not a PS2 or Spongebob fag but I agree, an aquarium in an old defunct video game console is super cool, idk why it's posted here. Looks like it was crafted by someone not just purchased and left in the dust

No. 1248238

That is not a real ps2 anon that is just an aquarium frame made to look like a ps2

No. 1248856

I really feel the urge to start a collection. I’m not sure which direction but i saw a video on Instagram about a girl showing her vintage toy collection and it made me so jealous. They’re really cute and i think it’s really cool to have a passion for something like this.
Last year i started buying vintage photography but i realized it doesn’t make sense to put them on a shelf or so because they will lose colour so i stopped. Maybe i could start a photo album?

No. 1248980

There's no reason to start a collection just for the sake of collecting something, Instagram is rotting your brain.

No. 1249043

Thanks nonny

No. 1249146

I realized that came off as kind of rude lol, I really just mean that if you want to collect something because it really interests you, then go for it! But just collecting a bunch of shit will feel bad later when you realize it was a waste of money and you're stuck with things you just wanted for Instagram pics.

No. 1249438

It’s alright i can take it and ultimately you’re right. I haven’t found anything I’m really passionate about to make a collection out of

No. 1250540

This woman now has THREE doll rooms

No. 1250542

Ask 4chan's /toy/?

No. 1250544

File: 1656936359364.jpg (96.48 KB, 871x705, rtehsrth.JPG)

She has a fucking STORE DISPLAY for new in box dolls. That she has several of all of them…

No. 1250556

I'd borderline feel bad because you need to have a mental illness to be like this but on the other hand I'm not gonna feel bad for someone with the money to have a living space with 3 extra rooms for dolls

No. 1250595

I don't understand the point of having them stacked so that you can't even see the ones behind. Same for giant piles of squishmallows or 3 layers deep of funkopops on shelves. You might as well save your money and only have empty cardboard boxes to prop up the ones in front that can actually be seen.

No. 1250767

yeah this video actually had the opposite affect and gave me anxiety. the flipping and loud ripping of tons of plastic and the quick changes ugh. it reads as very manic. reminds me my spending habits aren't that bad though kek

No. 1250778

Whenever I see tiktoks or videos about shower products, I assume these people have some sort of complex about not wanting to smell bad. Maybe got bullied or read too many scrote comments online saying women smell "fishy".
This is literally just money down the drain. It doesn't stay on your skin long enough to do much impact and the scents generally don't last long anyways.

No. 1251817

Kind of ironic since using soap and heavily scented things inside your vagoo are what upsets your body’s pH and makes you smell fishy or get yeast infections.

No. 1253720

File: 1657203439108.jpg (4.88 MB, 4032x2268, ftm or mtf.jpg)

No. 1253724

File: 1657203643122.jpg (2.51 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0091.jpg)

No. 1253731

i'm guessing ftm. am i right?

No. 1253737

No. 1253745

This is so obviously a fakeboi. Does any biological male even care about Yuri on Ice?

No. 1253754

File: 1657205942918.jpeg (163.69 KB, 749x562, 40BB522D-6D37-4B32-8EE1-B8D426…)

Tbh I found YOI to be a very boring anime and I never understood the hype other than gays.

No. 1253755

i will never understand these people with shoebox rooms that decide to make them as uninhabitable as possible. you literally cannot even walk around in this room

No. 1253757

This has to be the most FTM room I've ever seen.
>yuri on ice
>MASSIVE plushie hoard
>ponies because of muh nostalgia (might have grown up with them)
>merch of anime and game franchises aimed at women (the Ranmaru plushies come to mind)

If this was a MTF's room it'd be full of Touhou merch instead of YoI, have a 3 monitor setup gaming PC on sight and also be extremely messy. Although I doubt this room is completely cleaned.

No. 1253787

I can just imagine how this autistic womanchild posts on twitter and how short her fuse is there.

No. 1253834

Idk. She's been collecting for over a decade and she appears to wear them regularly, so it doesn't seem too bad

No. 1253840

no one needs 100+ identical dresses that don't even fit them properly

No. 1253872

100 dresses in 10 years means she, on average, bought a lolita dress every 5 weeks for 10 consecutive years. If you put it into perspective that's mindboggling.

No. 1254063

My Nigel and I share a bookshelf. it has manga, dvds and my anime figs/plush. Every time we go to a thrift shop/ used media store he comes home with a few dvds and I 1-2 manga (depends if there's anything I want). What started as a mostly somewhat filled shelf has now turned into one where my anime figures can't properly be displayed and his dvds have taken over. We just got this bookshelf in April lol. I'm half tempted to go through the hoard and reselling the duplicates to 2nd and charles.

No. 1254066

why buy dvds in 2022 tho. can't he just pirate that shit and keep a digital collection?

No. 1254081

Understand the dvd collection since it best to just have it physical form instead of pirating as that has some cons too. You should both go through the shelf together to see if you have something that neither of you like.

No. 1254085

I already did that when I went through my shit before moving to a new country this year lol. There's posts from me in these threads talking about selling my stuff. He just thinks there's going to be a wifi apocalypse that we'll be grateful to have physical copies.

No. 1254088

Nta but I have dvds because I have an old TV and the internet goes out here a lot

No. 1254090

If you're the only one selling your stuff then he needs to either sell his shit or buy a new shelf.

No. 1254100

Samefag, just letting you know that I have pirated movies and series which can take a lot of space on external hard drives and the fact it doesn't come with special features. I live in a small island where most shops just stopped selling dvds and its all just various cable serives which is pretty bad since it is very expensive and doesn't always work. I don't have time to watch it on TV until much later and when I do it is gone which is a bummer

No. 1254508

this man clearly has something wrong with him. I couldn't imagine working at Funko and seeing this video feeling like I'm taking advantage of such a vulnerable person.

No. 1254519

Do people really not know how to rip DVDs anymore? Handbrake is easy to use.

No. 1254521

Having physical copies of things isn't a crazy or bad thing idk what crack you're all smoking

No. 1254528

It isn’t about owning physical copies of things it’s about hoarding loads of bullshit

No. 1254534

>wifi apocalypse
kek. not sure if entertainment will be main concern when the internet goes out but ok

tbf how many people still have the equipment to burn? my laptop doesn't take discs nor do the devices of any of my housemates.

No. 1254653

That makes sense for video games when servers shut down and you can't download games legally anymore for "old" consoles. The e-shop for the 3ds in Japan is already shut down and this will be the case soon in NA and Europe so you either need to have physical copies and download patches now, to download games and DLCs until early 2023, or to pirate everything soon to play 3ds games. But I've never seen the equivalent for e-books, movies, series, music, etc.

No. 1254675

I have physical dvds for when I want a specific language track for language learning as they don't all get ripped and put online. I don't see the point in spending time and storage ripping them. However, I don't have stacks of dvds and will pass them on when I no longer want them.

No. 1257010

File: 1657435907260.jpg (332.67 KB, 1200x1191, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257011

File: 1657436022538.jpg (358.78 KB, 1500x1500, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257014

File: 1657436270814.jpg (532.99 KB, 1456x1456, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257015

File: 1657436417636.jpg (309.03 KB, 1000x1000, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257016

File: 1657436510732.jpg (316.25 KB, 906x907, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257017

File: 1657436601141.jpg (69.62 KB, 554x554, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257019

File: 1657436696256.jpg (74.21 KB, 554x554, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257024

File: 1657436946140.jpg (83.94 KB, 554x554, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257025

File: 1657437171567.png (1.16 MB, 745x743, Otaku Spaces (2012) by Androni…)

No. 1257098

fuck this ugly piece of shit, hope his precious doll business burns down kek assuming this is danny choo
is that an honest to god ameriboo kek

No. 1257113

Deets on Danny Choo and smartdoll? I really like the concept and what they do for children, so I'd like to know more if there's any skeletons in his closet.

No. 1257117

the difference between the male and female otakus is huge. notice how much cooler the women seem and how their interests seem to vary

No. 1257127

Search the danny choo thread on /w/

No. 1257149

This picture in particular feels very nostalgic, if I wasn't dirt poor while growing up my room would have looked like that in the late 2000s.

This guy >>1257025 seems to have more varied tastes than the other ones imo.

No. 1257555

Having lots of books doesn't feel as cringe as the rest in this thread, assuming he reads them. Probably could be reading something more worthwhile than manga but it's still reading books at least.

No. 1258085

Maybe for japanese girls in the early 2000s/90s. All the "otaku girl" rooms now are the exact same

No. 1258238

Because they're not actual otaku, they're girls trying to hard to cultivate an audience by doing the whole "I'm a gamer girl" thing. Last year in Japanese twitter there was a trending tag about otaku who are husbands and wives who were sharing the same rooms and their rooms looked similar to these recent photos.

No. 1258251


It's kind of funny, this guy doesn't seem to have any anime/weeb shit. He's like a westaboo kek

No. 1258255

File: 1657523468859.jpg (173.24 KB, 1080x1080, 85014dcf5624b736821374524a766d…)

tbh all rooms of any popular zoomer aesthetic are scarily similar, it's bizarre how consistently certain elements appear in so many girls rooms. I've spent some time on pinterest lately (I never used to so maybe I'm out of the loop), I like the korean sorta style but it's like… every single room has a tablet on a little easel with anime wallpaper, keyboards with round keys, flower cushions, clear plastic folding chairs, pastel checkered rugs, it's cute but are these mfs all shopping at the exact same place? Is it all from amazon?

No. 1258258

I hate those types of candles. They’re objectifying, being a headless bust with unrealistic hips and boobs, just like a coomer drawing. She could have bought anything else that represented women, maybe a full sculpt instead. As for the decor I think it’s Amazon, Yesstyle, or Romwe.

No. 1258306

Now that I think about it it does make sense. 15 years ago the internet wasn't easily accessible to everyone (smartphones were a luxury and you couldn't eveb download apps in the mid 2000s, and not everyone had a pad or computer at home with a good internet connection), social media as we know them now were new and not as mainstream as now, you'd be less exposed to pictures like the one you postes and you'd have less opportunities to buy less stuff so you had to make do with whatever you could find in physical stores, anime cons, online if you could really afford it, and posters were usually found in magazines or sold in concerts, while now I see posters for a lot of bands or series in my country's equivalent of Barnes or whatever it is. Now ads online are more present than ever because most young adults and teens use smartphones and it's way harder to block ads on apps, and popular youtube and tiktok videos ARE ads, you can easily buy what you want online and where I live we have more physical stores now than a decade ago that sell merchs instead of just manga and maybe some anime DVDs.

No. 1258307

The similarities stems from all of them getting their items majority from aliexpress or dropshipping services that source from ali. Just like when jfashion was blowing up on tumblr, they all have carrds with affiliate links to these kaweewee dropshipping sites that all sell the same bullshit with minor variations wether its for the neon gamur grill, sanriohag dreamcore weeb (as a sanriohag myself, gomen) , kfag light academic weeb and so on.
Teens and adults alike can now adopt an aesthetic for below half the price it would have cost them before and minimal to no real dedication or time is needed to do that. So people see all these aesthetic videos, find the links easy and spend like less than 100$ to, for example, get that kfag aesthetic, stuff like reduced accessibility to consoom shit can positively impact a persons sense of self cause they have to improvise and thereby challenge what they really like about the aesthetic and are prompted to be more selective about what they purchase to fulfill said aesthetic.

No. 1258317

Is it just me or has even AliExpress become homogenous af? I used it a lot like 5-10 years ago and even though I was buying cheap kawaii crap, I always felt like a had a tonne of options for cheap kawaii crap. It took some creative sorting/searching since ofc the same stuff would be sold everywhere and the same stock photos used, but it was easy enough to find more unique things. Recently I checked it out to see if I could get some random homewares but it was literally the same stuff over and over and I couldn't find any variety at all.

No. 1258321

>Tbh I found YOI to be a very boring anime and I never understood the hype other than gays.
Based. The MC is awful and every tumblr/twitter girl was suddenly a pro for ice skating despite having no clue, lmfao

No. 1258324

The industry has naturally developed to produce items that are easy to clean and don't strain the eyes too much. I mean, personally I find pic related ugly and also most anime wallpapers are trash (people rarely use nice dynamic art by animators). But how do you design an interesting room in today's ikea and ali express era? The thing that stands out about me in those old otaku rooms is that there's no need to be perfect, just normal shelves and no color coordination.

No. 1258327

Yuri on Ice is way more fun to watch when you have no expectations and no clue what's going to happen. People were spamming spoilers all the time when it was airing because "muh gay representation" as soon as episode 6 happened, and I know that if I didn't watch it blind as soon as each episode aired back then I wouldn't like it nearly as much as I do now.

No. 1258331

Its visually become homogenous due to the massive consoom wave of prepackaged aesthetics so the algorithms mixed with several sellers selling the same thing with the same tags is what you see on the first pages/suggestions. Now ali isn't a place you can casually browse anymore if you want items that aren't being blasted on social media, you kinda have to gain the search engine and most of the time scroll past the first pages of suggestions, that is in part to blame on bots, ali is rife with sellers having 6 different shops selling the same things sorta like how social media has 5000 users shilling the same copypaste office/bedrooms etc

No. 1258334

Tumblr has so many images of apartments and cafes with this aesthetic and every room is practically identical. The style looked calming at first but now I find it horrifying as they’re all completely devoid of any scrap of individuality or personality.

No. 1258338

I posted this and forgot something I want to say but I remember now. All the otaku rooms you're talking about look like some furniture or razez ads because of all the marketing shit I mentioned while the older pics look like normal rooms. Pinterest and Instagram are basically catalogs instead of actual social media now.

No. 1258383

I've lived in Korea and it's insane how homogenous everything was. When something is popular, everyone had it. Those ball cube candles and keyboards were super trendy in home decor recently.

No. 1258447

I totally missed the female torso candle and only saw the cube made out of spheres one behind her so I was VERY confused reading your post kek. I was like "what the fuck, is the cube supposed to be a metaphor for the female body?"

No. 1258724

File: 1657562331638.png (64.04 KB, 255x222, Screenshot 2022-07-11 185714.p…)

this mouse is pretty good, probably the only useful thing on this desk. it's a logitech pebble and it is fairly cheap but sturdy and can swap between bluetooth and usb (so it can be connected to 2 things at once)

No. 1259058

It's all from Aliexpress, yeah.

No. 1259301

File: 1657606061127.png (796.15 KB, 540x960, image_2022-07-12_160659070.png)

the think I hate most about this pic is the layering of like 3 mats near the door.

No. 1259519

this photo smells dirty

No. 1260266

how do people like this ever move house. i have way less things but it's always a struggle

No. 1260424

File: 1657664242097.png (1.98 MB, 931x884, faggotscrote.PNG)

It's bad enough when girls do the whole "kawaii animecore" shit, but when scrotes to it, it makes me want to recoil into my own body. This freak exclusively follows teenage girls too.

No. 1260428

samefag, sure grown men like moe anime, obviously they do its the fucking target audience but. The sanrio shit, pink psp, generic gamer girl waifus and glitter make me feel like he's doing this for female validation. He also literally looks like every other normie scrote.

No. 1260446

Lmao I saw one consumerist lady fighting another one who called her a hoarder with bible verses on Instagram. Consumerist lady is the type who has shelves full of scented shower gel, exfoliator, body cream etc. There is no way someone can go through all that before the expiration period but she claims she does and it makes her a collector not a hoarder. Epic cringe

No. 1260460

What games did you buy for the 3DS??

No. 1260484

whose room is this? keke at the bloody hand on the door. i swear there everybody has that strawberry mini couch at this point, i can count at least 4 that i know, which is nuts to me because i dont spend enough time online to know many people… everybody has the exact and i mean exact same room

No. 1260716

stuff like this is kinda intimidating

No. 1260759

No. 1260765

Vo1dchan's. The one that started the dumbass mcdonald's anime trend

No. 1260893

good for her

No. 1260898

File: 1657690904947.webm (1.61 MB, 540x960, 3.webm)

No. 1260901

File: 1657690942692.webm (2.34 MB, 576x1024, 2.webm)

No. 1260902

File: 1657691013654.webm (2.51 MB, 576x1024, 1.webm)

Sorry, I know these are getting boring but they're so fascinating to me and no one is uploading tiktoks anymore so thought I'd drop a few

No. 1260971

If i had a ps2 fish tank i would make sure the world knew about it.

No. 1260990

Thanks for those! Though I don't have anything creative to say aside
>imagine basing your personality on buying things for anime that released when you were 2 years old

No. 1261024

Groomer vibes. Everything is a bit too new and pristine, like he bought it all at once and then never touches any of it because he doesn’t actually care about the individual things he has, only how it looks together.

No. 1261320

I don't really mind this one as much, it has a bit more character. But still has the soulless glass display cases. Why do people want to live in what looks like a literal anime merch store?

No. 1261395

>sailor moon merch is an investment

No. 1261504

>But still has the soulless glass display cases
Never liked them either, figure collecting communities (especially scrote majority ones) act like they're an absolute essential for some stupid reason though.

No. 1261520

I still haven't bought anything yet because I was busy and was focused more on not missing Steam sales. I bought 5 games on Steam, they're supposed to be short but I decided to not go overboard. As for the 3DS I will buy retro games, mostly, since I already have the 3DS games I want. I especially want to get Pokemon Blue and either Crystal or Gold because I have all three on the GBC but my GBC is all fucked up now because I lended it to my youngest sister and she's stupid and careless.

No. 1261588

>eroge, k-on, is the order a rabbit, my melody, gloomy bear, miku, strawberry couch, sonico
it's the same.

No. 1261650

Reminds me of Luna's various hoards, the same grimy kawaii vibes.

No. 1261819

who is this?

No. 1262274

Ever since I started becoming aware of how malevolent consumerism is, It’s been more and more difficult to go shopping with my friends without wanting to say some shit about waste and materialism and ruining their fun. It’s sad to watch them freak out over anything and everything they see that has a brand they like plastered on it. I go the mall and see bins of the poorest quality clothes at Forever 21, the ugliest merchandise selling for exorbitant prices at Hot Topic. Companies raking in money from idiot consoomers who can’t think for themselves and fall for every single marketing tactic. I watch my friends mass-order clothes off Shein and purchase funkos and records and figurines on a whim with no point to any of their purchases.

I constantly look at the stupid trash I bought in the past and think about how much I regret buying some shitty object that’ll end up in a landfill someday, just because I wanted a little shopping buzz. I wish I could make my friends aware that branding means nothing and that they don’t need the junk that they’re blowing money on. To conclude, if I receive one more ugly ass squishmallow as a gift I’m going to go ape.

No. 1262275

Just adding this as a reminder to myself, I'm pretty sure the text means "are you still hitting on me despite my room?" and it took me way too long to understand what the hell 'hitting' was, kek.

No. 1262281

hitting in this context is more like 'hitting that' as in having sex, not much different though

No. 1262349

File: 1657787705559.png (498.37 KB, 720x1088, Screenshot_20220714-033034.png)

Clothes catered towards teens/YAs are so fucking ugly and unflattering now. I vaguely remember being able to walk in a mall store, find cute and flattering clothes and then just walking out. Now finding clothes that are flattering on your body and not paper thin or covered with retarded prints/fandom is a dime a dozen. Even hot topic is just fandom central with a tiny selection of alternative clothes. You know, the entire reason the store was created

No. 1262354

The glass cases keep away dust, so you don't need to dust your figures as often as if you would keep them in the open. It's practically essential if you have loads of figures, since you don't have the time to dust figures for hours on a weekly basis.

No. 1262365

Dust protection plus you can see the figure in every angle and being clear, it doesn't kill the light in the room.
At least, in my opinion and experience.
This, oh my god.
In the last 10ish years, a lot of stores dropped their concept, hell, fucking gamestop sells funko pops now!
I'm an alt 2000s kid, I remember being upset I didn't have my own money to buy stuff from Hot Topic or other alt stores and now it's just down to retarded prints and shein copies (or shein rebranded). In general, the clothing industry is making these fugly boxy fit-genderless-crop-style clothes and I hate them. Boxy fits makes my body look like a fridge since I'm pear shaped and I hate it so much, I basically only thrift but now thrift became a trend too so the prices are going up I hate it here!!!

No. 1262367

I don't see any of that stuff personally, it's school holidays atm so I'm seeing an excess of teenagers in my local shops and they're almost exclusively wearing plain, baggy 90s skater/grunge stuff. I'm actually a little shocked at how subdued and sensible fashion is right now, it's like they haven't tried to dress cute at all but you can tell by the cuts and the consistency in how girls dress that it's a trend.

No. 1262412

File: 1657800083770.png (Spoiler Image,389.72 KB, 630x593, Screenshot_20220714-065314.png)

Consoomerism is literally ruining consumerism. I'm so sick of seeing stupid food and entertainment brands just plastered eye bleachingly over every article of clothing. Retarded Disney everything slapped on everything, hot topic shoving every basic anime merch in your face or cringey "kawaii" brands like pusheen which is just a new age hello kitty with cheaper shit. Or "nostalgic" things aka just old Nickelodeon and cartoon network shows. I remember how bad doctor who fans were too since all of them had the same stupid phone booth plastered over everything they owned. Sure I like watching a good TV series as much as the next guy but I don't want it to be everything I see when I shop.

Do these people actually even like these shows that much or do they just buy the things all because it's so prevalent everywhere?

No. 1262489

I don't know if it would work with your friends, but it might help to be an example of choosing to not to mindlessly consume. I was first inspired by a friend who always opted to be more green and environmentally friendly, buying things that would last and were good quality. From there it slowly grew until now where I reject mindless consumption and prizing being materialistic as if it's a good personality trait and not a glaring fault. In turn my friends have been trying to be more mindful too. I can't help but indulge on occasion, but it doesn't have to be 0 or 100. I think the goal is to just get people to realize that wants aren't needs and material items should not take priority in anyone's life. Maybe tell them that you would rather opt for a dinner or an outing as a gift in the future because you just don't really want material gifts anymore.

No. 1262497

File: 1657812542337.jpg (189.9 KB, 1024x577, primark-2-1024x577.jpg)

I don't know if Primark is in many countries but I hate how primark is basically becoming the disney store now. My nearest primark is heavily taken up by disney pjs, disney purses, disney hairbrushes, disney homeware, then there's looney tunes, friends (the show) care bears, marvel. It takes up alot of the store and somewhat cancels out what was always the main appeal of primark.. the really low pricepoint. So much stuff is licensed and marked up to reflect it the licensing cost and it's also just.. a but much to look at. It makes the store seem like it's aimed at younger and younger people. The whole place is starting to look like one big kids section.

Like can I buy a hairbrush that doesn't have mickey mouse ears on it? Can I find a cheap lil purse that isn't also mickey mouse themed? Why does everything need a cartoon character on it in an adults section? A few years ago primark was swamped with Harry Potter shit and that's pretty much all gone now lol. Move over harry potter and make more room for yet another set of mickey mouse pjs!

No. 1262561

why do people even like mickey mouse. what movies has he been in? what is his personality? he's basically just a corporate logo these days

No. 1262639

I just read your comment and came to say, either MM or damn Harry Potter, but you already mentioned it yourself. I was in a Primark a month or so ago and they still have HP merch. I saw a cute bag from far away, went to it, and of course Hogwarths themed.

No. 1262663

I worked in a primark a few years ago and this doesn't feel like a new trend at all. Back then I kept seeing customers trying and buying anything related to Disney and HP.

No. 1262696

I wasn't saying it's new but it's gradually increasing. I remember when the pajama section was the first section to get very disney-heavy but daytime clothes and homeware were still non-mickeyed lol

No. 1262709

It's basically the same thing as hello kitty I think, mascot that people project their own personality onto

No. 1262723

I think the strategy here is: fill everything with disney branded merch so when you need to buy your basic pjs you will have to buy the mickey ones almost by force. So you become a walking advertisement for disney and since you have a ton of disney shit you'll be more inclined to consume more shit from them (and of course, the movies, theme parks, and stream service)

No. 1262727

agreed but I love these overalls. Sorry for having a pixielocks-tier shit taste, I promise I won't dress like a clown

No. 1262735

My favorite store in the mall got shut down and replaced with a box lunch store which is essentially the millionth fandom store in the mall. Hot topic and Spencer's is all fandom now. Forever 21 is all fandom now. Even Walmart and target clothes are pretty fandomy now. Can't Disney stuff just stay in the Disney store?

No. 1262739

itanon here, disney closed down its stores here and now their stuff is bleeding everywhere.
Disney, Funko Pops and Netflix Flavour of The Month is ruining all of our stores….

No. 1262751

I was working when homeware and regular clothes also already got infected by the American mouse. I know articles and stocks could differ depending on each store and country because it depended on previous profits and sales or something like that so the amount of Disney shit in stores might depend on each store, but not by much. I can already imagine some crazy Disney adults exploring Europe as a whole to look for each unique Disney themed articles in each Primark, good fucking lord…

No. 1262758

I wonder if Micky Mouse falling out of copyright in a few years will make this better or worse.

No. 1262909

I always do my best to be an example and sometimes I’ll make them put a few things back, but the weird thing is that couple of them are fiercely loyal to certain brands (apple, squishmallow, sun bum for some reason, adidas, studio ghibli, wild fable) and there’s no easy way to get through to them. I love your idea for asking for dinner or an event over an object, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that! Will definitely make that clear in the future. Thank you nona!

No. 1262993

It depends what you own tbh. I had the proplica sailor moon music box from this ending and someone bought it for $400. It didn’t have the box and the mechanism inside didn’t work anymore either.

No. 1263002

Britbonger here, it's pretty much the same here. I remember the harry potter obsession too. I was in Primark a couple of days ago looking for some cheap tanktops, and nothing is plain anymore. It's either plastered with ugly corp logos (the mouse) or a disgusting mush of the latest trends. As much traction as it got, I don't see anyone wearing the y2k shit. Please just let me buy a plain tshirt.

No. 1263488

ugh you're so lucky!!

some neckbeard I met online bought me the star locket in the late 90s and mailed it to my house, i left it in the box in my closet because it's ugly lmao….

i would give anything to be able to find it as it's worth literally hundreds mint in box now

No. 1263758

File: 1657910801404.jpg (15.62 KB, 480x480, Tumblr_l_95941537688442.jpg)

What's worse is that none of it is ever cleaned. She would cover her dingy rugs with her blankets then use them on her bed in other pictures and you can literally see the trash on the ground and bits of debris. Even worse she lived in a gross basement so she probably tracked all the contents on the floor into her room and onto everything. I can't imagine the smell of that paired with dusty crap and stale grease. Makes me want to vomit thinking about it.

No. 1263760

File: 1657910979390.jpg (176.31 KB, 750x1000, 0c2022a995c2d9a8b0626febb48b45…)

the bedroom of your average 4chan sugarbunnies anti-animecore lolicon

No. 1263784

You know, somehow this feels ever creepier than the anime shit

No. 1263821

>>1263760 that bedroom couldn't be owned for anyone older than 11.

No. 1263825

It's insane how she managed to get a ton of former "soft girl" aesthetic zoomers to glorify living in filthy basements and binging on mcdonalds everyday.
She's an obese 19 year old who makes fun of the other identical hikkineetmcdonaldsuwubabycore girls for being "unoriginal and poor" and brags about spending $2000 a month on this shit. She's one of the OG vo1d calves

No. 1263832

File: 1657915583292.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.68 MB, 3464x3464, egirlthreadd.jpg)

Sorry, I was mistaken, it was $5000, picrel spoilered since it's related to another thread

No. 1264493

Anons I feel like I've made some progress. I went to an anime con in another city, and while I books the hotel and the train tickets at the last minute so it got a bit more expensive than it should have been, I managed to not spend a shit ton of money on merchs like I used to. I bought stickers, charms and prints I found really good, I bought a book I already wanted to buy anyway, and that's it. It made traveling back home a lot easier than it would have been otherwise too. Becoming picky really helps a lot in life.

No. 1264512

Awws I'm glad you had a good con and that you regulated your spending so well congrats. Glad your home safe and sound and that you still came away with some fun loot as well.

No. 1264529

File: 1657973875692.jpeg (82.97 KB, 720x470, BC1B7C4D-382A-45C7-A46B-98190D…)

>bunch of posters and figures from popular 2000s lolicon characters
Every time.

No. 1265328

File: 1658018635968.png (758.73 KB, 476x587, 56.PNG)

this feels so soulless and empty despite all the shit it's filled with for some reason

No. 1265730

File: 1658069317886.jpg (13.82 KB, 300x300, Webkinz tie-dyed pup.jpg)

Do any of you have success on OfferUp? I want to know if it's worth spending time on there or not.

No. 1265908

File: 1658077352918.webm (4.6 MB, 576x1056, game.webm)

Are there nonnies here that have spent more than this guy on a game? kek

No. 1265913

No, not even if we count DLCs. And can't this guy just play actual basketball irl like a normal person? Same thing goes for normie m*les who think they're gamers because they're obsessed with PES and FIFA.

No. 1265914

What's up with his left hand? Discoloration? Or am I seeing things

No. 1265916

I thought he had a glove but it might be a tattoo.

No. 1265918

looks like a bad/faded tattoo to me

No. 1265985

File: 1658080164923.webm (2.69 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6937095850455764230_co…)

A gay man owns all of this.

No. 1265988

File: 1658080258944.webm (8.29 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7110313627101449518_co…)

Here is how he looks like.

No. 1265990

File: 1658080685638.webm (3.75 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7096062282136030510_ry…)

I can't believe that he is married and has kids. While his wife made him store his coomsume items in the basement he doesn't show us a full tour of all of his crap as I think the basement is much larger then in the video along with the fact that he let his kids be in the basement where he also keeps lewd anime figures in the same place, he made a separate video of it which he let us know that he keeps them in a back corner because his wife didn't want the kids to see.

No. 1265994

The kitchen is cute, but having that much stuff in the bathroom, yuck. I imagine it's all covered in poo particles and mildew.


No. 1266003

I'm not surprised it's a gay guy, gay weebs truly don't give a fuck and love cutesy things too. Now, the real question is how does this giant nerd have a love life with a room and bed like this? Does he even have a love life?

No. 1266048

>While his wife made him store his coomsume items in the basement
I remember on myfigurecollection a guy's wife wanted him to get rid of his lewd figures (he didn't even have a lot relative to his collection and started collecting them in the past couple months but already ahd around 10) and all the comments were calling his wife a prude bitch

No. 1266064

No way, I thought this was a store at first. It doesn't look good or comfy at all.

No. 1266076

i was going to say at least it's not coom stuff, the bar is so low especially for men lmao.
i do have more of a tolerance for adults who consoom cutesy/childish stuff rather than fake deep or fake mature stuff like star wars, harry potter or marvel. the former is at least transparent sometimes to the point of being cynical while the latter attracts people who think their useless plastic has some substance or meaning.
by the way, isn't that crazy how star wars is marketed to adults when it (rightfully) began as a simplistic space knight story for little boys ?

No. 1266085

double post but yt just showed me this. 36 minute video about owning 10 of the same shitty wii u console.
scott is capable of using his bottomless nintendo autism as fuel for genuine funniness and creativity so he gets a pass, what struck me here is he sounds fucking miserable facing and handling all that plastic. maybe it's just the contrast with his scripted and acted videos, but he does look regretful or overwhelmed maybe.

No. 1266125

He should sell some of them as they are basically all the same system with no difference. waste of space. At least he isn't like some people that literally hoards game consoles and phones

No. 1266251

>isn't that crazy how star wars is marketed to adults when it (rightfully) began as a simplistic space knight story for little boys ?
because george lucas is a marketing genius. he got the product rights to star wars for nothing and then slapped the brand on everything and made billions. adults are more likely to have grown up with star wars and have more money.

if you watch star wars now as an adult it's not good but i don't think the original movies were completely aimed at little boys as chunks of the empire strikes back (poster and dialogue) are lifted straight out of gone with the wind, plus the whole incest thing. the first original one is pretty generic and kiddyish though

No. 1266775

File: 1658150806176.jpg (36.52 KB, 567x554, FXyO9D4UIAS5hfr.jpg)

That's like the minimum I've spent on any mobile gacha game (pre-Genshin) that got me to spend my money

No. 1266847

The rainbow beard is nauseating.
nona, pls.

No. 1267501

File: 1658180592308.jpg (718.26 KB, 2048x1152, 1658173821741544.jpg)

>Demon Slayer porn on display in front of the TV

No. 1267507

Please, I’m waiting for everyone to realize this. Star Wars really could have benefited from some major editing, large swaths of it are just so fucking boring or dumb or scrote-tier “deep”. It could have been so good if it was 1 or 2 movies instead.

No. 1267689

File: 1658189232360.jpg (104.73 KB, 960x720, 1656083385958.jpg)

Steven Universe merch looks so cheap to me…
Every time I pass it at some nerd store I always wonder why people would willingly buy it even if they're a fan of the show.

No. 1267695

People that devote their room to one show confuse me. Do these people just sit and watch the same show over and over? How many times? For how long? How long does it take to collect all that compared to how long it takes for them to tire of it? Does there come a time where they no longer watch it but are still surrounded by the merch? I have so many questions…

No. 1267697

This is peak interior design

No. 1267698

Most cartoon network merch is super cheap. Though I will say that Lapis plush looks kinda nice, from what I can see here.

No. 1267699

Autism makes you do crazy things, there's this one yumejo girl I follow a bit who collects nothing but L from death note and gets mad when people who aren't autistic claim to 'hyperfixate' on something because only autistic people can do that or something.

No. 1267704

File: 1658189860323.jpg (284.26 KB, 1080x1080, f25cd0b8d7f447c203a7aded29054e…)

>Most cartoon network merch is super cheap
I remember powerpuff girls merch not looking nearly as terrible, maybe it's because the designs are more simple?

No. 1267711

File: 1658190071489.jpg (836.49 KB, 2048x1536, scary.jpg)

No. 1267715

Do they really get much joy from having yet another figurine or plushie that is almost identical to 6 others they already have? I mean, I guess so but hard to understand.

nightmare fuel

No. 1267718

>Do they really get much joy from having yet another figurine or plushie that is almost identical to 6 others they already have?
Since they generally treat it like a competition, I presume yes.

No. 1267720

File: 1658190400653.jpg (270.47 KB, 1501x1126, 1656095694281.jpg)

Nightmare fuel classic

No. 1267721

Based husbandofag

No. 1267722

File: 1658190551977.jpg (217.69 KB, 1501x1126, 1656099597491.jpg)

No. 1267723

this man needs to be taken out back

No. 1267724

She definitely seems cute in comparison to your typical waifufag.

No. 1267725

Jesus christ I didnt open the thumbnail and was about to reply that you're an asshole for making fun of little girls' rooms. Now I see that they are sex dolls, fucking hell.

No. 1267732

File: 1658191089015.jpg (174.52 KB, 1032x774, kowai kowai.jpg)

No. 1267768

>Lola Rabbit

No. 1267788

The blue fursuit head in the background is really the cherry on top of this shit sundae. Furries are so vile.
And this guy is even worse than worthless furries. Put him out of our misery.
I wonder what landlords, repairmen, etc. think of ultra degenerate places like this?

No. 1267859


>reverse image search

>0 results

No. 1268225

It gets reposted on 4chan a fair amount, surprised you've never seen it.

No. 1268283

I had lots of PPG clothing as a kid and they were well made. The materials didn’t feel cheap at all.

No. 1268454

These degenerates need to grow potatoes and peppers and just start making stuff like woodworking or fixing things idk but they need to do something REAL

No. 1272488

File: 1658497012959.webm (3.07 MB, 576x1024, VID-20220722-WA0002.webm)

The room must be a nightmare to clean

No. 1272511

I've always been a lil surprised that pusheen plushies manage to sell at the pricepoint they do. It's some of the most overpriced shit and then people buy the same thing 100 times over with the tiniest bit of variation. Worse than squishmallows

No. 1272521

but not that their house is a tip…

No. 1272530

I'm a bit funny with things on the floor, especially my plushies. I would have a very bad panic attack because I would convivence myself that bugs crawled all over them and laid their eggs on most of them.

No. 1272539

i wonder where all of these people get the money from this considering most of them are neets. its probably daddys/mommys money that they are using on this shit.

No. 1272540

Nta but I've read this 10 times and I have no idea what this means

No. 1272544

this is probably the creepiest one considering the stephanie girl in lazytown was a child.

This person should be banned from ever interacting with children.

No. 1272545

tip = mess

No. 1272690


No. 1272881

Plushes on a carpet… Someone with asthma would die just by opening this house's front door.

No. 1272897

I love Scott so much that he gets a pass. I also understand gaming consumerism but that's because I also fall into those habits. Still, it's at least related to a hobby and not just buying to fit into a trend.

No. 1273580

File: 1658542063528.jpeg (1.21 MB, 960x1330, C77A1339-BB9F-4466-9AFB-C91F24…)

Imagine getting into a car crash and the girl who hit you has all this shit in her car.

No. 1273582

File: 1658542440879.jpeg (989.25 KB, 960x1321, 59D91EEC-1BA5-43F2-9660-AFEC7E…)

No. 1273590


i would apologize for being in her way, she must be on her way to see her kuromi and was in her right to run me down

No. 1273593

Hope it gets towed with all that shit in it
It'd have her brain matter all over it anyway

No. 1273648

File: 1658548227903.jpg (36 KB, 600x376, b925620644c6b430a87eefa14c1bd3…)

Could be worse

No. 1273689

Honestly wasn't really bothered by anything in this photo besides all the shit on the gear stick (which seems like a hazard really) but then I saw the rest of the shit in >>1273582 lol.

No. 1273783

This looks like they just came from the supermarket. Bottles are full, there’s a coconut and a box of cereal, everything is in bags. Probably they used a bunch of coupons and bought in bulk or they have a big family but a small car.

No. 1273878

File: 1658562717649.webm (2.78 MB, 270x480, Bro theyd be gone in one gulp.…)

i felt a weird feeling of visceral hatred watching this

No. 1273880

Those bottles are empty anon.

No. 1273882

Honestly same. It's just making everything more tedious and difficult for no reason. If you were thirsty or you actually wanted a snack, its basically no more effort to just go to your regular refrigerator and fill up a glass or water bottle or like, rinse a handful of blueberries or something

No. 1273891

Aren't those mini fridtes for makeup and for traveling, like you can put them in your car or something? I don't see the point when the kitchen's fridge is already huge.

No. 1273907

daughter not allowed near the adult fridge where they keep corpses

No. 1273982

Do you think she would do this if it wasn't for tiktok content?

No. 1274090

Her car is a safety hazard with crap on the rear view mirror. It blocks her view of the windshield. Same goes for the shit on the wiper lever and stick.

No. 1274132

>puts generic Amazon My Melody crap all over the console
>cheap plastic in the way of everything
How does her boyfriend cope with her neuroses and all that garbage everywhere? She always brags about invading his space too with all her melody stuff. She's a fucking freak.

No. 1274274

obviously not, but the fact that it exists for the sole reason to be uploaded on tiktok makes it even worse.

No. 1274283

this seems exhausting to do and to eat

No. 1274497

Imagine a cannibal putting the pieces of meat into these containers, kek.

Anyway, as discussions of consooming are allowed, could I ask how you guys feel about self-made ita bag merch? I have a pin-maker, and I usually create merch for friends, but I've been wanting to go full retard over my waifu recently. I'm also interested in making plushies of her, but that might be too much. Should I just consoom instead?

No. 1274507

do they like lock her in her room and refuse to let her out until she's done studying or what

also i kept reading "studying mini fridge" as "stupid mini fridge" kek

No. 1274511

Why do these people hate water so much? I drink tripe the ammount a day and would gulp those small bottles in a second.

No. 1274516

I would develop schizophrenia and then kill myself in this room

No. 1274520

His love is genuine so it's alright, he does fun and sometimes interesting commentary on every item he owns

No. 1275396

File: 1658673042567.jpg (2.13 MB, 4000x3000, Garfield collector.jpg)

No. 1275399

how are they all genuinely the same person. even their quirky collections are copy pasted from each other. disgusting.

No. 1275400

also tip in my country means dump, like the places you take large amounts of trash

No. 1275403

>scarier than covid
KEK based mom

No. 1275404

I’m sorry but I have no clue what you’re saying

No. 1275410

Why do breadtuber wannabes collect Garfield shit? I know quinton also does this.
The ironic part to me is that garfield comics are probably the least communist (or whatever) shit I can think of, it’s literally an unfunny comic about a cat who hates mondays and sells a fuck ton of merch from being overproduced and recognizable enough.

No. 1275412

Ntayrt but every quirky online presence seems to have the same collection, thinking of quintonreviews and izzzyzzz

No. 1275413

File: 1658674383184.jpg (285.14 KB, 1882x1882, groupthink.jpg)

Idk how to explain myself properly lol. I mean there's a certain type of person on twitter who is likely to be a furry or 'queer' in some way and they all act exactly the same. To the point where even their lolsorandumb hyperfixations on weird stuff like garfield is the same. Idk how to say this but if you've encountered this type of person before… you know.

No. 1275423

File: 1658675130750.jpg (836.26 KB, 3024x4032, E2_dYr0XEAAB0TB.jpg)

Quinton's kind of the ultimate consoomer lately, dude bought like 10 children's Icarly hats despite the show apparently being so 'mean spirited' it made him depressed.

No. 1275424

It's because they're unoriginal and take their ideas from the internet. They're all the same. Same libfem brain rot, unironically collects furbies/garfield/frogs/moths etc.

No. 1275427

File: 1658675319417.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I admit I do enjoy a silly Garfield meme now and then, but this is retarded to do just for an internet meme. Also I hate that dumbass enby's make up.

No. 1275430

I thought of her before you even posted her lol. Does anyone even sit and read garfield that much? Is it even that great?

No. 1275432

File: 1658675695946.jpg (166.16 KB, 1200x349, N1TdJR-Sd8k.jpg)

>Is it even that great?
It's entertaining if you're like, under 7 maybe.

No. 1275435

imo, creating your own stuff is more admirable than consooming. especially the plushie stuff, you can develop your skills that way. then again I'm a hoe for well made plushie designs.

No. 1275436

It's for children, I liked it a lot as a kid. They do it for the sake of nostalgia and irony points, since Garfield/Gorefield became a big meme.

No. 1275445

Some of these collections feel so artificial and staged. It’s kind of like streamers who want to get attention are copying the awkward, autistic people who hyperfixate on cartoons they liked as children.

No. 1275451

Wtf.. Does he have a hateboner for it or something?

No. 1275453

I guess so…? He bought a ton of merch for it anyway though.

No. 1275459

These people have no developed interests besides mass-media because that's easy to consume/get into.

No. 1275460

What a freak. I don't know who he is but I'm assuming he thought it was hateful because of that one episode where they are at their panel at a con and there's a bunch of gross, old men who ship CarlyxFreddie in the audience. Unless I'm wrong kek.

No. 1275482

File: 1658679616173.jpg (375.92 KB, 1536x2048, ikea_shark.jpg)

I do think the Ikea shark blåhajaja or what ever it's called is very cute but seeing people on tiktok buying multiples of these is so retarded.

No. 1275486

File: 1658680002371.webm (1.56 MB, 688x1280, video-1658679860.webm)

More consoom tik toks
I could not justify having this much shit in my house


he doesn't even have feet!!

No. 1275512

File: 1658682189340.jpg (61.22 KB, 634x464, zipgexs074a91.jpg)

its literally the exact opposite reason, none of these people like Garfield, they buy Garfield merch ironically, what happened was that Garfield became popular "ironically" among the online leftist memesphere a couple years back, the whole thing started out as a joke about how unfunny and generic Garfield is as a comic character but after a while it stopped being meta and they just stuck using him for their memes and then also started buying Garfield merch

No. 1275728

this is a makeup fridge. She's literally only doing this tedious garbage for views. I dont get it

No. 1275734

This thread has helped me downsize my retarded consoomer collection in the last 5 months and helped me earn money too. I don't get collecting THIS much of the same character.

No. 1276564

well done anon

No. 1276872

File: 1658772642431.webm (2.28 MB, 720x1280, Eat the Rich Popsicles.webm)

Late but I didn't know this was a thing lol

No. 1276873

File: 1658772680781.jpeg (139.53 KB, 828x815, 9AFA3BD6-ACE8-47CB-BE43-5A6BBD…)

No. 1276874

File: 1658772711051.jpeg (134.02 KB, 828x819, 2A534438-E48C-4B26-9CC5-837998…)

No. 1276875

File: 1658772820999.jpeg (131.9 KB, 828x820, 3F3B93D6-95EB-4C5A-AA4A-5684F7…)

No. 1276878

File: 1658772916184.jpeg (136.45 KB, 828x815, 84F14409-2851-466F-8248-EE6089…)

No. 1276880

File: 1658773022223.jpeg (128.48 KB, 828x819, AFD4A039-B29D-4006-9478-9C71DD…)

No. 1276881

File: 1658773081686.jpeg (215.31 KB, 1080x1350, E803EC77-710D-42BE-8891-F919E0…)

I guess this counts as consoomerism here but I’m obsessed with this girls interior.

No. 1276882

File: 1658773137675.jpeg (616.62 KB, 1678x2048, 115FE74E-DC35-4321-84C9-DFB00D…)

No. 1276910

dust collectors

No. 1276938

These are terrible and you should feel terrible.

No. 1276979

Thank you for posting something other than a weeb bedroom
Candles by the TV makes me cringe

No. 1276988

the tv completely ruins the aesthetic, like if you're gonna go as far as putting a candle on every square centimeter at least remove the tv

No. 1277016

File: 1658780787374.jpeg (46.11 KB, 425x587, 4E5FDF6F-610E-423F-AC62-A0735F…)

No. 1277079

$10 each for $1.50 popsicles from my childhood.
So… is this actually DOING anything to fight the rich or just dumb people giving this rando money?

No. 1277258

I seriously don't get why people buy shit "ironically" it seems like such a waste of money. Theres a lot of pink uwu gamergirl kawaii figure collectors like thread pic who buy dakimakura and say it's ironic, but… why? Couldnt you just buy something you actually enjoy?

No. 1277442

This actually makes me mad. How can you be so fucking retarded with an open flame.

No. 1277589

File: 1658826521670.jpg (93.34 KB, 500x750, 1577533205093.jpg)

Imagine trying to watch anything on that tv. Why even have it then. >>1277016 play stupid games win stupid prices

No. 1277598

These have gone past any sense of cohesion and are just pure clutter. I would be amazed if the tv in the first pic survives without fire damage. This is the kind of style I enjoy as well, but it's ruined by the maximalism.
Please let that phrase die in reddit, nonnie.

No. 1277621

>$10 for a popsicle
Just cali things

No. 1277638

It's obviously art, a social commentary. Why is everyone on this website so dumb now? It would only be consoomerism if it was a real brand.

No. 1277654

This is peak consoom considering this girl had an entirely different aesthetic a couple of years ago and spent thousands of dollars in a short period of time to larp as goth and capitalize off of that being trendy.
(would add photos but i think she's deleted them all at this point kek)

No. 1277655

I’m the op of this one and i follow her on Instagram. She takes the candles away when they watch something but I think they have a tv in another room too. Just trying to clear it up.
>>1277589 on the first glance this was cute and cozy but what’s up with the globes lol

No. 1277725

File: 1658840916135.jpg (181.36 KB, 754x900, he's married and has kids btw.…)

No. 1277731

It’s peak irony is what it is.
>ice cream truck proclaims late capitalism=bad
>simultaneously sells popsicles of billionaires faces in the same style as popsicles of beloved pop culture icons
>charges $10 per popsicle
>rich techbros line up to buy Bezos in the same way kids line up to buy Spongebob and Spiderman.

No. 1277763

>pile of globes in the corner
It’s the bedroom of the Forgotten Employee!

No. 1277765

Reading this thread has made me want to check up on a youtuber I watched in my peak "living vicariously through other people's consoom habits" stage a few years ago. Her channel was focused on squishy/toy reviews and unboxing collectable items, and I discovered that she made a video a few months ago talking about how she wanted to step back from the constant collecting & possibly purge her collection in favor of healing and finding better coping mechanisms, to which I say good for her! For reference, this is the official shelf tour she posted in 2018, though between then and now her collection had only gotten bigger.

No. 1277779

Couldn't tell with that gross themby handing those gross looking popsicles.

No. 1277780

File: 1658845987530.jpeg (554.83 KB, 1542x2048, 90AAE313-44CB-4E66-B2DF-CB31C3…)

No. 1277781

File: 1658846081281.jpeg (640.87 KB, 1542x2048, 8BC943F6-4DB0-46C7-8112-478376…)

No. 1277783

Looks like it stinks

No. 1277785

sounds exhausting to have to keep moving them. do these people not have anything better to do with their time?

No. 1277834

i thought this was just a normal room at first until i saw the fucking globes wtf is up with that

No. 1277955

This reminds me of the psychopaths who think 20 almonds or 3 mini Hershey's bars are "more than enough" of a snack. Like, are there really people out there that consider 20g of cheese and a few depressing sips of watered down juice a decent snack? Unless the daughter is a 3 years old, this is so weird to me.

No. 1277966

Holy shit I loved that channel during the early 2010s kawaii era

No. 1277970

>20 almonds and 3 mini hershey’s
>140 and 210 calories respectively
>not enough of a snack
Want to know how I know you’re obese

No. 1277973

I'm not, sorry to disappoint. Not overweight at all tbh.

No. 1277976

Keep telling yourself that while you gorge your face with 10 mini hershey bars

No. 1277983

File: 1658860863928.jpg (6.7 KB, 256x192, woman-eating-chocolate.jpg)

Haha oh my lord, 10? Please Nonna, are you the type that eats chocolate or anything for that matter like picrel?

No. 1277996

10 mini Hershey bars is actually less than a full bar

No. 1277998

I feel like it’s always the ones breaking down calories like above that are overweight or anachans mad that the rest of us can just eat food like people.

No. 1278020

Rattle rattle

No. 1278107

This just seems like having extra chores and filling bottles for the sake of it

No. 1278124

Massive fire hazard, unless those are fake candles

No. 1278142

That floor hasn't seen a vacuum in its life.

No. 1278172

>Tfw 10 minis are less than a full bar.
Rattle rattle. Shooo go back your containment thread.

No. 1278197

>>1274497 kind of necro but anyways, as a third worlder i've making my own stuff since always. Let me say it's a lot of fun and way more rewarding that just buy but imo you can 100% still comsoom even if you go DIY. That is why the knitting community has terms like SABLE and so on. Even if is miles better than just buy and with enough dedication it can even be better than oficial merch, it's not a bulletproof anti-consoom alternative and if you aren't carefull enough you will end up full of plastic, fabrics and a millon of toxic glues anyways

No. 1278220

>700 calories of bottom of the barrel chocolate is a decent snack
Keep coping, fatties

No. 1278230

I have 8 The Aeroplane Flies High box sets, they're a 5 CD box set released by the smashing pumpkins in 1996. I've bought the same box set eight times.

No. 1278252

This is just pathetic. If you were truly happy being skinny you wouldn't need to shit on other's eating habits. I guess living with incontinence and brittle hair would make anyone bitter.

No. 1278255

No one said that. Are you just making things up now nonna?

No. 1278256

why are people so extra. i'm not that anon but clearly they meant that these things wouldn't be very filling because of the size, even if they might have a lot of calories.

No. 1278269

>If you were truly happy being skinny you wouldn't need to shit on other's eating habits.

>This reminds me of the psychopaths who think 20 almonds or 3 mini Hershey's bars are "more than enough" of a snack. Like, are there really people out there that consider 20g of cheese and a few depressing sips of watered down juice a decent snack? Unless the daughter is a 3 years old, this is so weird to me.

>Please Nonna, are you the type that eats chocolate or anything for that matter like picrel?

I guess you can't read with the excess fat covering your eyes.(infighting)

No. 1278289

File: 1658877954479.gif (26.75 KB, 83x80, 69DEBFC9-89E7-476C-9505-00CACB…)

I made a spreadsheet to track the amount of my consoom collection I’ve sold online, and it’s almost up to $4500. Even though I probably didn’t get 20-30% of that money because of selling fees, some stuff like games and manga go for way more than what I originally paid for them.

This reminds me of guys that make little showcase shrines of sports memorabilia in a corner of their office

No. 1278313

Why are you guys fighting about chocolate?

No. 1278324

Okay, anachan, why don't you go have a single rice cracker. The lack of nutrients getting to your head must be making you cranky.

No. 1278375

Wow, how long did it take to get to that many sales? I'm ready to sell off my stuff too but it feels pretty daunting.

No. 1278584

NTA but I've made $1000 just selling my old hoard in the past two weeks.

No. 1278921

That’s a culmination of a few years, but in the last two months I made 1300 on eBay. I think these have helped things go smoother:
>take a day to photograph stuff to sell
>find the right size packaging and buy it in bulk online, or
>if the stuff is more valuable get free priority packaging from USPS
>copy/paste any reusable info that will be added to your listings so you don’t have to retype it
>if something doesn’t get a lot of views, donate it or offer to give it away to a buyer that gets something similar
>use a site that lets you buy and print labels (Mercari, EBay and Poshmark all do it), so you can drop stuff off at the post office or request a home pick-up

No. 1278989

Nta but I find using the ebay app and just snapping as I go is faster. I write a little in the description and then copy and paste everything else in later.

No. 1279917

That's a good idea, anon! What platforms do you sell on? Ebay? Mercari?
I've sold over 1,200 on mercari in 3-4 months when I was unemployed. It felt so good to get rid of that extra crap and make a little money. Keep up the momentum.

No. 1280223

I wish I could give you some advice on how to not do that but the consoomer in me is impressed honestly. props tard that's some real fan shit

No. 1280358

I’ve been using Mercari since last year, but I use eBay the most because it has the global shipping. I have the summer off from work so it’s great to have time during the weeks to go through all my stuff.

No. 1281274

If you have Anime/Manga or valuable books. Do NOT sell them to resale buyers like 2nd and charles. I went there today and they tried offering me $10 in total for rare anime dvds.

No. 1281286

If I have some manga to offload where do you think I should list it? I’ve never sold anything on eBay.

No. 1281314

Go on ebay/mercari as others suggested. Used manga market is crazy right now.

No. 1281359

They sell fast on ebay and mercari!

No. 1283536

I want a room full of Sugarbunnies/Sanriocore stuff, skeletons, and weapons

No. 1283539

Does anyone know where I can find some good skeletons, ideally 1.5 m tall?

No. 1283840

Halloween prop stores. Medical teaching equipment suppliers.

No. 1283967

Kek. Did the photos ITT inspire you? Get a personality nonna, only thing worse than consooming over photos you saw on pinterest is consooming over photos you saw in a lolcow thread making fun of them.

No. 1283970

Also what the actual fuck is "sanriocore" why couldn't you have just said sanrio? You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 1285478

File: 1659353488881.jpeg (68.54 KB, 720x960, EE395024-599B-46A4-8B82-722EBF…)

Can someone talk me out of buying a fitbit and explain to me how it’s overrated and wasteful?

No. 1285482

Everything a fitbit does are phones do now.

No. 1285526

Honestly… I have a fitbit and I like it kek. I have an old one though, the Charge 2. I don't like the new ones and refuse to upgrade mine because the new ones look clunky and stupid on my wrists, and I just don't want something touch screen on my wrist. Other nona is right, your phone can track your steps and a lot of the other data your fitbit gives you is sort of a guess (aside from your heartrate, things like calories burned is sort of guessed I read somewhere). I liked to look at my sleeping data, but again, not really something necessary. It's mostly just a watch and step tracker and you won't really get much else out of it.

No. 1285530

I still haven't donated the clothes I don't want to keep because I was too lazy to carry everything to the store than make donations to charity. I'll get my shit together this Friday afternoon after work. If I forget, you're all allowed to insult me as much as you want.

No. 1285537

File: 1659362955482.jpg (38.77 KB, 736x713, 2985ea40e618505bb9b2c2dbf2351f…)

I lost my luggage about 1.5 months ago after being abroad for 2 months. My insurance has paid me some money to compensate me for replacements but since I got home I've had no desire to buy anything. I was already really fussy about clothes and spending money but even still I will only ever buy something if I love it and it's cheap. The main thing I'm upset about is losing gifts from another continent that my family are likely to never visit.

No. 1285549

this is so sad nonnie, I know it’s not just about the clothes but I do hope you find some new stuff that you genuinely like soon. You losing those gifts that cannot be replaced is heartbreaking, what an awful thing to happen. I am so sorry for you nona and sending good thoughts your way.

No. 1285567

I would have had a panic attack if I were you. Last time I went abroad the only things I took with me were the very few clothes that fit me and that I was wearing regularly so if I were in your shoes I would have been in some deep shit because now I have an even harder time finding things my size that don't look hideous, unless I buy online and pray. I always keep some clothes in a luggage I keep on me at all times when taking the plane just because of lost luggage.

No. 1285589

Thank you guys for the replies. It's been inconvenient going to grab a a pair of shoes or something only to realise I don't have it but luckily it was nothing too severe. Another woman on my flight lost her luggage and we kept in contact, they returned it to her and everything had been stolen. Someone at the airport had replaced it with cases of water. The airline or insurance won't do piss all to compensate her and she had gifts from living abroad for 6 months. I think I'll definitely take your advice and keep a few pairs of clothes on my person at all times.

It's a lesson learned on my end. Makes you realise how easily you can be stripped of possessions. It's not the end of the world, but it just sucks knowing I've lost gifts that I can't go back and replace.

No. 1285613

why do you want it, and how long have you thought about? if you think it will help you walk more see if you can buy a cheap knock off or one secondhand. if you already don't excercise much it's not magically going to do anything helpful or make you healthier.

No. 1285725

How do you get bang for your buck with proxies and the insane shipping? I buy everything locally from anime and video game stores by me but some things I think I have to ship overseas (anime rugs, accessories, scrolls, electronics, etc.) I want to make it worth the shipping, you know? Paying $80+ for shipping and import over a $25 dollar item feels dumb but I don't want to drop $500 either. I'm not a bankrolled NEET I have to work full time and pay bills so I can't do this often.

No. 1285829

> if you already don't excercise much it's not magically going to do anything helpful or make you healthier
This. My friend bought her Apple Watch to “force” herself to workout. Surprise it didn’t work, but now she can play fruit ninja on her wrist instead of on her phone while not working out. On the other side of that coin, I bought an expensive Garmin watch even though I already had a Fitbit, thinking it would make me a better/more efficient runner. It didn’t, because it didn’t offer anything I wasn’t already using between my Fitbit and the Nike running app. That said I do like my Fitbit Versa 2, and it’s lasted me almost 3 years now? The app is decently useful and is fully integrated with MFP if you count calories or track your weight and it keeps a historical record of everything with no data expiration as far as I know, so I can see what my average heart rate was on this day 7 years ago from the Fitbit I had before this one. That might be a turnoff for some people due to privacy concerns though.

No. 1285834

I'm so sorry, anon. I don't get how someone can steal from another person that's just trying to get home.

No. 1285841

the only thing worse than consooming is consooming outside of your means. if you can't justify it don't get it.

No. 1286030

Anons itt are saying your phone can do the same thing, but if you keep your phone in your purse or whatever its not gonna do shit. I have an apple watch and I like it but for it to be useful you need to actually work out, go for walks, etc. If it's something that will motivate you to get your steps in or get a good night's sleep then I say go for it. If you want it just to have it and you're gonna stay sedentary then don't bother. I think fitbits aren't as accurate as other smart watches but it all depends on your budget I guess.

No. 1286306

I have a knockoff fitbit that works well for tracking steps and calories. If you want to spend less, that could be a good option. Then you won't have lost too much money if it ends up stuffed in a drawer after 3 weeks.

No. 1286330

Your common sense is a whole lot cheaper.

No. 1286512

File: 1659437803159.png (229.32 KB, 649x800, question_head_girl.png)

Nonnas, how do I know if a person on Ebay is not a scammer?
I want to get a birthday gift which would be a limited edition of an old, niche visual novel, I surprisingly found some sellers that do sell it nearby, which made me think 'its too good to be true'. Also I thought of getting an artbook because I love and admire the artist. The seller ratings seem good, but I am still worried of throwing the money into thin air. Would it be stupid to ask the sellers for more proofs that they own the x-thing?

No. 1286546

There's no way of knowing for sure, trusting the reviews is best you can do. It wouldn't hurt to ask for more photos of the thing you want to buy especially if it's unique / rare; I had a buyer ask for that once and it didn't feel weird at all, I'm sure they would be happy to reassure you.

No. 1287187

Paypal will usually refund you if they're a scammer, as long as you don't pay them through friends and family. If they ask you to do that, run. Always open a dispute if you don't get the item or if it's different to what was advertised. I only had an issue with a seller once and got my money back.

No. 1287258

There's a chance it's not an original copy but a bootleg print. Depends if you want the original or are fine with having the thing but not a legitimate one. Happened to me once with a book on ebay, but I only wanted the text so I didn't care it was bootleg printing.

No. 1287373

I'm not very experienced with buying limited edition items but ebay does have pretty good buyer protection. If anything you could always file a claim and get your money back. I'm not too sure about preventative measures though, I know some sellers can be dodgey. But if their reviews look good I think you might be fine.

No. 1288030

I need to do the same anon

No. 1288375

If you're unsure about getting it from eBay you could always use a proxy and buy it from Japan. Sites like Mandarake, Suruga-ya, JP Mercari, or Yahoo Auctions may carry it.
I've stopped buying on eBay ever since I found I could always get it for cheaper when using a proxy. The pricing on these sites are always significantly lower than when they're listed on English websites.
For example: $180 vs ¥3,000 (About $22)

No. 1288607

I used to watch this video all the time as a kid, still crazy to me how covered literally everything is.

No. 1291477

I miss when sanrio rooms looked like this instead of the ugly pink everywhere that it is currently

No. 1293007

File: 1659885342957.jpg (117.8 KB, 688x461, 080616_hellokitty3.jpg)

Eh, I'm not crazy about aliexpress bootleg sanrio or US loud ass color sanrio (which leans way too much into the kiddie aspect), sweet spot for me is like mid 2000s when they were doing a bunch of stuff inspired by either lolita or gyaru.

No. 1293031

File: 1659887360436.jpg (74.67 KB, 580x580, m_5cb4b63f29f030e44f925db0.jpg)

ugh yes anon. I remember in 2005 my mom bought me a goth hello kitty stationery set from Hot Topic and it was my prized possession. Cant find a pic of it but it had this version of kitty on it.

No. 1293232

File: 1659897825938.jpg (468.3 KB, 1486x2048, ovwku59tnwn71.jpg)

Speaking of mid 2000s hottopic and lolita, I remember they had like a mascot character who wore lolita, totally forgot her name but she was really cute.
Though as per usual the Japanese side of stuff was better. They still do lolita fashion inspired stuff sometimes so I pick it up every once and a while but I'd love to see them do tan hello kitty stuff again.

No. 1293344

File: 1659900595499.jpg (273.43 KB, 1000x1333, FJ5DFf2XEAIRYTz.jpg)

Tan hello kitty is so cute. I remember going to Hawaii once and they had a ton of merch like picrel

No. 1293351

I love her so much! A friend got her for me many years ago and I got a few more since, she’s the cutest

No. 1293392

wow, this is both anxiety-inducing and weirdly satisfying at the same time
Imagine trying to have sex on that bed tho

No. 1293455

anon pls

that bed is never going to see sex

No. 1293563

File: 1659915201370.jpg (41.79 KB, 750x750, gsf5qmlrpcs51.jpg)

I feel like DDLG fucks probably do that sort of thing.

No. 1294565

Nonnas, I wanted to get back on Instagram… followed some cute accounts and today I caught myself thinking about buying all the cute and pretty (and very useless) things I see in their pics…
God it made me realize how rotten and conceited some of these people are. Their shopping carts are their only personality trait.
It's scary how easily I started falling for this too…

No. 1294574

that's how Instagram is, it's literally just a shopping platform and meant to manipulate you into buying shit you don't need. you're trying to copy and impress people you will never interact with in your life. I also wouldn't write those people off as rotten and conceited, remember social media and consoomerism are poisons they fell for, but just because they give in doesn't mean you have to too

No. 1294804

So because you got jealous and wanted the same shit they have, they're now rotten and conceited? Oke.

No. 1297334

Link to new egirl thread

No. 1297451

Do people really shop on Instagram? I've never actually touched the Insta shopping feature. It's a mess and horribly overpriced. I keep getting recommended rings in the $18k range and they're so bland I wouldn't pay more than scrap weight in their metals. For advertising personal homemade things that link to Etsy, sure. I just use the Etsy search feature though. Instagram has become unbearable now that it's a pastel goth dropship catalog, rather than family and travel photos with terrible sepia filters and student art. The algorithm is so far from my taste it's insane, and when you don't really follow anyone, you get recommended random Indian people and CP that's days old and still hasn't been taken down, despite thousands of comments/likes.

No. 1298054

Let it die faggot

No. 1298563

Does anyone know how to make a decent capsule closet, I've tried looking at others and they look very plain. I would love to see an example of one that is more chic, edgy, or at least has a color other than beige.

No. 1298703

A good idea is to look at paint charts for recommendations on what colours go together and then try to fit that around some clothes

No. 1298777

They don't have to be beige and bland, but the best way to start is to pick a color palette and stick with it. Just make sure you include at least a couple neutrals. The other anons suggestion of looking at paint charts is a good idea.

No. 1302312

I really like this short even though it's kind of sad.. Does anyone know of any other media related to consooming/hoarding that's not the shows, Extreme Couponing and Hoarders? I know there's a scene in the Labyrinth that touches on it: >>1029277

No. 1302321

File: 1660470739817.jpg (69.79 KB, 460x820, 1c63127adb8c68b11732d823aa1d2b…)

You can combine allmost all colours, no matter how seemingly crazy the combinetion, if they match in temperature and chroma. If you build your capsule warderobe with pieces that share that, you'll have no problem mixing and matching your clothes even if they're not the neutrals you'll usually see in capsule warderobes.

No. 1302327

>Combinations with red
Bitch that is clearly orange

No. 1302334

shows up as red for me, might just be screen differences

No. 1302500

Doesn’t matter which it is as all the combinations in that section are ugly. Who wants to walk around looking like a German flag.

Guides like these are essentially useless. They don’t take into account what colours are trendy, what are dated, and what is classic. It’s also impossible to find clothes matching all the colors exactly. I bet no one actually uses them and they just get saved and past on as seemingly helpful advice. Maybe useful if you’re painting, but if you can’t tell with your eyes what colors look good together then you shouldn’t be an artist.

No. 1303725

Right? Like finding clothes in the same chroma and temperature is somehow easier than just picking a simple color palette that you know works. The red combos are all ugly af I agree.

No. 1303820

File: 1660582390479.jpeg (137.96 KB, 1280x720, divoom.jpeg)

nonitas I need your help. I've seen these cool divoom things EVERYWHERE but they're so expensive. I've read reviews and the product quality isn't that great either. So why do I still want to get these overglorified paperweights? I can afford them but still… that money is better off used elsewhere. I need your support.

No. 1304195

You probably only want one because you're being bombarded with ads for it. It's absolutely useless yet I see every fucking girl on social media adding one to their ~uwu pink setup because they've been sponsored by the company/sent one for free. It's so insidious.

No. 1304352

What is the purpose of these things exactly? I genuinely don't get what they're supposed to do.

No. 1304354

I would like to know too. Are they like pixel chix? Or cute pet robots? Or something

No. 1304356

They're kind of like speakers that have pictures. Absolutely no reason to have it kek. It just looks cute

No. 1304363

This is my personal perspective on it
1.Find 2~3 (4 max) main statement colors that look good on you and that you actually love. Mines are green and pink
2.Find a good neutral color that not only goes with your skin, but also your personality. Mine is black
3.Buy cool statement tops in the colors that you picked, and neutral bottoms so the statement color pops up more
4.Buy 2 pairs of neutral shoes, 3 pairs of statement shoes

No. 1304364

I feel like someone with IT/Programming knowledge could craft something like this themselves, but much cooler with actual functions.

No. 1304380

Might as well get one of those shitty idogs from the 2000s kek.

No. 1304401

omg my dad has one of those! tbf it still works even though we got it like 15 years ago.

No. 1304504

Either sort your wardrobe into complete outfits that you always wear together and don’t mix and match (dresses are good for these) or only buy edgy tops and neutral bottoms so that everything always goes together.

No. 1305934

these are ugly and tacky as fuck, I was actually thinking of posting these and ripping on them. They look like garbage and they do nothing.

Buy a plant if you need some shit on your desk, at least it will help you breathe better and won't end up at a landfill in 6 months.

No. 1306694

I've seen some talk in this thread of nonas selling old anime figures and stuff, where should I sell mine? I've got their original boxes and want to make as much as I can off them but they're not brand new unopened of course so I also don't know how to price them
and I have some holostars merch I want to sell too, should I use amazon ebay or somewhere else?

No. 1306860

>I've seen some talk in this thread
where to sell your weeb shit has already been answered like 50 times in the past 2 weeks, clearly, you haven't actually been reading. Holy fuck.

No. 1306899

I did ctrlf to look for keyword searches in the thread and only found a few posts that mentioned selling manga or other unspecified items on ebay and mercari
nothing about vtuber merch, figures, nor pricing and I've never sold figures or vtuber things before so I thought maybe someone else who has sold the stuff I mentioned would be able to offer some advice such as how to gauge figure prices, if there'd be any demand for the vtuber merch, whether to do buy it now or bidding, etc

No. 1306957

anon. if you can sell vintage/rare manga on ebay or mercari, it's safe to say you can also do it with figures. Please use some common sense here.

No. 1306987

true you're right but I'm still at a loss on how to price them
a few of the figures I have are all being sold around $300 new in box, mine are opened so I can't use that as a guideline, idk what to set for the price so I can make money while still getting buyers
and the vtuber stuff too I genuinely have no idea what a good price point is for a wall scroll and acrylic figure that are hard to find
should I just list it with the price kinda high and lower it little by little until there's offers? I've never sold online before so that's why I'm a bit confused what to do

No. 1307075

Search up similar past ebay listings and see what they sold for and how fast? When I sold off my junk I went slightly cheaper on price just to get rid of them sooner.

No. 1307122

yeah found a few listings for the figures on jp auction sites and ebay too, I don't see an option to view how long they were listed for but that's ok I at least know how much to sell for now
thanks for the advice nona

No. 1307124

I found this video to be helpful, even if I don't strive for a capsule and am just decluttering.

No. 1307273

bump, some disgusting moid posted cp

No. 1307354

heyaaa….. fuq you for making me cry w/ this

No. 1307736

File: 1660854982552.jpg (420.26 KB, 1296x942, Loungefly-Collection.jpg)

I'm shocked nobody in this thread has mentioned (or uploaded photos, couldn't find that) of Loungefly collectors. Most of them are disney fags but people go nuts over these stupid bags and collect them. Found out they're owned by Funko now so it makes more sense, but holy hell

No. 1307748

Of course they're owned by Funko. Ofc. No hate to someone who ones one of these but I see them exclusively worn by dumpy Midwestern moms

No. 1307763

Adults wear these??? They look like their are marketed towards preschoolers.

No. 1307769

These scream millenial

No. 1307794

Aren’t these really expensive too? L

No. 1307876

there have been videos about loungefly collectors in older threads. i do have one and it's cute but spending 70 dollars on a bag on average(and probably the matching purse too) is insane

No. 1307877

i found out a co-worker collects these and monster high dolls. i was under the impression that she was pretty cool and we came from similar low-income backgrounds, then i was talking shit about collecting and adults who buy shit with their parents money and she literally took out a credit card from her wallet w/ her dads name on it saying all her childish purchases were justified since her dad hadn't been around most of her life……
a revealing glance into the psychology of adults that collect child/nostalgia coded things

No. 1308104

I’m guessing half the posters in this thread are poorfags like you who are mad that consoomer have more money than you

No. 1308328

My friend has one of these, it's alright I guess. Not super in your face Disney, just has some flowers and shit on it. It's her main purse and she obviously gets a lot of use out of it, but the price is insane to me and it doesn't look like a $90 purse, it looks like something I could buy for $30 at hot topic. I can't fathom collecting them.
Who wouldn't be tbh, it hurts seeing people blow rent money on stuff they barely get any use out of because they have so many duplicates.

No. 1308466

>>1308328 I think having a bag or two is absolutely fine, there are cute bags. I just think the excessive collectors are wack jobs

No. 1308483

Oh I’m trying really hard to not be a hater but that pic showed at least 42 bags that will likely never get any wear out of them. That’s over 4k that could have been applied to like anything else and would have been more worthwhile. Like replacing that ugly ass carpet or something.

No. 1308524

>>1308483 oh just look up on instagram (or if you hate yourself enough to have tiktok) loungefly collection, people will have entire walls dedicated to these bags. I know collecting bags isn't new but even people who do it with the designer shit its tacky and stupid

No. 1308534

This is so weird to me because I had a garfield phase when I was 10, and that was only because they didn't sell western comics in my country and I had nothing to buy at the kiosk aside garfield and some magazines. Really weird to see zoomers on youtube who did have internet access develop a fascination with him, or is it more in the vein of ironic humor for the boomer cat

No. 1308537

blogpost but my younger sister was semi-ironically obsessed with Garfield. i never asked why or really said anything but she straight up painted him as the Virgin Mary and had several plushes/figures of him. she really really liked fat orange cats, which I think was more of the influence. i think a lot of young people are just more prone to making anything they consume into a part of their identity (she was also a fakeboi when we were younger).

No. 1308539

I am trying to sell some old manga I own and people in my country are complaining that 10USD for a volume in perfect condition is too much, it's kinda irritating because it's mostly teens trying to get me to lower prices on rare manga when I could sell them for more on ebay

No. 1308566

NTA but I’d assume most people here have grown out of their teenage/YA consoom phase or have become wary of advertising and the way social media is used to fuel buying habits

No. 1308578

>she straight up painted him as the Virgin Mary
I'm dying over this kek

No. 1308590

The worst is that the quality of these has gone down too and the pleather will start peeling. Not worth the $90+ people scalp them for tbh.

No. 1308609

I didn’t realize how expensive anime figurine are now, damn. A decently intricate one from ten years ago would be $100-120 and now they’re two or three times as much.

No. 1308620

Tbh that’s what I initially thought too and I think there are many posters are like that but there a couple of blatantly jealous zoomers like >>1283536 >>1285725 >>1294565 who would be consoomers if they had more money

No. 1308627

Why do those come off as poor to you? >>1283536 said nothing more than wanting something, and >>1294565 mentions that she wants to buy stuff but recognises that it's useless. You can want things but not buy them for other reasons than not affording them. You're just coming off like you hate poor people.

No. 1308657

>poorfags like you who are mad that consoomer have more money than you
except you missed the part where my coworker is a grown adult who spends daddys money? i have a ton of money in savings, i chose not to spend it on disney crap and dolls

No. 1308669

Alright, alright. Which thread were you called out in?

No. 1309816

Your coworker is right to take advantage of her dad's money as an adult if he was a shit absent father when she grew up. If he's allowing it, why not? Not like she can put the credit card into savings. You literally sound jealous, and the anon defending >>1294565 completely ignores how she's insulting the girls she follows because she wants what they has. That's literally jealousy kek.

No. 1309848

Anon realizing the accounts she follows are all buying stuff that serves no purpose is not jealously, it’s awareness.

No. 1309854

I finally sold the biggest figurine I had listed with Mercari, and I like how easy it was to print the label and drop it off. Even though weighing and measuring the boxes is kind of a pain it’s definitely worth doing to avoid extra charges.

Now that it’s gone I practically have an entire shelf free, figurine boxes take up so much space

No. 1310581

she didn’t even say that. maybe you’re aware, but she’s not.

No. 1310615

Aside from you, most people in this thread seem to be on the same page. It’s why it exists.

No. 1310676

File: 1661091195727.jpeg (219.84 KB, 750x1108, C29E87F2-9D08-4153-A849-6B5676…)

The girls that own these type of rooms are also so off looking

No. 1310679

File: 1661091330510.jpeg (781.17 KB, 828x1419, 7B603C00-4A69-495C-B9D5-EDFC7A…)

Watching Kawaii collectors eating shitty food on their shitty Kawaii cancer plastic aliexpress plates in their cancer plastic kawaii filled rooms is kinda depressing ngl

No. 1310681

this is really sad, I cannot comprehend why anyone would think it's worth taking and sharing photos of their greasy artery clogging food on kids tableware while they have a shitty anime on in the background, who even are photos like this supposed to appeal to?

No. 1310684

You can tell they just started watching anime.

No. 1310695

How bad is it to order cutelry and general tableware off AliExpress and Amazon?
Would it matter if you order plastic or glass one?
I am curious because I never ordered any kitchen-related stuff there. I understand AliExpress items look like shit, but what about their safety?

No. 1310707

So I work at GameStop part time during school, and I just couldn't believe the amount of consooming my coworkers and clients do. I cannot fathom it, it's fucking disgusting. The amount of Funkpops they have.. we are a small ass GS too, yet my coworkers just buy buy buy. You don't even get a true discount too. We have the most useless junk gathering dust, and I am only 5 shifts in and I have seen regulars. REGULARS.

No. 1310718

what did this cat eat

No. 1310735


No. 1310772

When normies say they can't barely pay their bills, you can safely picture their apartment filled with consoomer trash.

No. 1310796

I'm not going to pretend like I don't have '3 beige foods with a condiment' as a meal here and there but.. why would you want to document that for an audience to see? This is like announcing mild depression, I'm not sad enough to lose my appetite but I'm sad enough to eat trash on more trash as my meal today. It's not cosy or cute.

No. 1310924

Again, ignoring the fact that the anon was insulting the girls because of it. She wasn't just uwu so aware now~ she was clearly venting her jealousy. There is a difference but you're obviously to dense to realize it.

Yeah, most people. But as the other anon said before there's clearly some jealous poorfags here. There's no way that most in this thread with free access to their absent father's credit card would abstain from using it simply because consumerism is bad. Get real.

No. 1311017

I've seen so many of these girls with this EXACT outfit. Skeleton shirt, pink puffball hair things (what the fuck are they called KEK), dyed black hair in twintains.
I wouldn't say shit if they were stupid teenagers but theyre all 21+, it's so strange. Tumblr aesthetic and -core culture is stripping so many people of their individuality.
What's it like working as gamestop as a woman nonny? I figure moids would be seething over it.
Cmon nonna kek. Having shitty food once in awhile doesn't make you depressed.

No. 1311153

I work in a very soccer mum suburban area so mainly kids coming in thinking we are a daycare, touching things and the casual gamer just buying game and go. Shit goes messy when you've got a fanboy screeching over a particular thing like Sonic or Disney and buying 5000 things of that series. I only work once a week, sometimes twice so I haven't encountered anyone yet, but I heard stories from my coworker who has told me about people who come here.

No. 1311321

I worked in my country's equivalent of Gamestop for a couple of years during college, and it was exactly how you'd imagine it to be kek. It didn't help that it was in a college town, but random moids would constantly come in to try and flirt with me or my one other female coworker, or just try to ogle us in the summer when we were wearing shorts and shit. They'd constantly try to quiz us on whatever games we said we like (a couple were listed on our nametag for whatever fucking reason), and sometimes if we were trying to help them with something they'd ask for a male worker instead. Plus I had one moid look me up on Facebook after I sold him a couple of shitty funko pops and try to ask me out. It was creepy as fuck because our nametags only had our first names on them and my Facebook page doesn't have any public pictures of me.

No. 1312003

this reminds me of my uncle who lives in a very rural area in my country and had so much empty bottles of johnson's baby powder and its all displayed on his bedroom wall. its been there ever since i could remember kek

No. 1312010

Very late, but Leena Norms has a video on this.

No. 1312078

all the outfits in that thumbnail are hideous. who wants to look like a hallowe'en pumpkin or an aging hippy

No. 1317712

File: 1661544111540.png (9.68 MB, 2360x1771, p.png)

I've been following the person in picrel for like a year now, she's not very milky and I'm pretty sure she buys her shit with her own money (she's like 30) or her boyfriends. I can smell the plastic through my monitor though jesus christ

No. 1317718

why does she have an unopened cup noodle sitting on her desk? and why not spend money on more nutritious food instead of another plushie

No. 1317843

What's her name?

No. 1317909

@pampurins on twitter.

No. 1317946

You know why.

No. 1317947

File: 1661567092831.jpeg (396.65 KB, 828x491, 627BB5CD-D54F-4C1A-9628-8EB79B…)

I’ve been watching a lot of those room makeover videos where it’s all the same 10 Korean staples and everything is white and sterile over and over to the point that my brain feels like it’s turning to mush. They’re all the same and it isn’t even something I’m interested in aesthetically beyond the satisfaction of it. I think there’s mk ultra subliminal messages in that animal crossing ass background music that is telling me to disintegrate into my floor.

No. 1318113

I want that pink Domo and Love-a-Lot Bear.

No. 1318143

File: 1661591680497.png (269 KB, 740x1013, consoom.png)

kek i remember following her a few years ago. at that point she was already e-dating her bf without ever having met up irl. she always talked about saving up money "to finally meet him" while buying frivolous shit all the time. i checked her twitter and it seems like they still haven't met in all these years. i guess it's nice to have someone else supporting your addiction.

sounds like a bleak life to still live at home at 30, working a minimum wage job just to buy plastic shit and makeup every single day. picrel is some small drama from back then https://twitter.com/pampurins/status/1166819922292498432

No. 1318236

i almost forgot about her occasional tweets about how ~people change~ or shit, it always made me wonder if there was ever any milk on her but never really looked into it
you'd think they wouldn't be able to meet due to literally other reason than needing to save money

No. 1318931

I hate these pink rooms so much. They have turned me into my eight year old self who violently hated pink

No. 1319172

i have massive urge to buy another set of paints despite owning almost unused jars of same paint, though missing few colors, while not using it that much to other mediums I usually work in. i actually tossed it few months ago into my basket and i waited but i still have massive urge to buy them, despite knowing I won't use them anyway. don't know what to do anons, any help?

art supplies are my worst consoomer habit, i always get something (though with paper it's justified since prices go up and I've ran out of my stash almost completely) but I'm trying to use digital for some steps of process to save paper. I stopped getting yarn or fabrics until I finish blanket from all mismatched yarns I got over the years (newer meant for proper project in the end, just accumulated randomly) but art supplies are still a problem.

No. 1319179

I can only imagine the immense trouble of having to dust all that shit every month

No. 1319216

I don't know how you could go for 4+ years without ever meeting your online LDR boyfriend. I'd be DYING to meet my partner.

No. 1319238

>sailor moon
>dva overwatch
>nintendo and sanrio mascots
>madoka and sakura
God can't she be more boring and devoid of any kind of personality?

No. 1319240

Oh sweet nonnie, you know they're not dusting.

No. 1319481

Sounds like you might be bored. Do you mainly work in paints? Try another medium or work though the paints you have. If you don’t have the paints you lack (and don’t need to double up) then there’s no need to spend that much. Maybe just sketch a ton or practice swatching the paints you to have, just as a warmup.
Not buying yarn and whatnot is a good start, I understand that too. I had to cut back my horde after getting into knitting and crocheting the past few years.

No. 1319946

I actually like this sort of aesthetic. White with wood and pastel colors. It's super cute and comfy and I guess it has a simple pureness to it? Something like looking at a Sanrio character.

No. 1319976

File: 1661758925733.jpeg (156.07 KB, 750x750, 1596778016928.jpeg)

NTA it's definitely appealing, but evidently it appeals to so many people that they all get carbon copies of the exact same room and it stops looking so great once you realize that.

I do like the asian style room trends because they fill a niche for people with lower budgets though. Interior design inspo is often like, expensive mansions with extravagant luxury furniture and it looks beautiful but you could never afford it or imitate it, and they look barely used. Whereas with korean rooms they're usually studio apartments with cheap but cute and comfy furniture and decor. It's way more accessible and relatable, and it looks properly lived in. I just wish they wouldn't all use the literal exact same items lmao.

No. 1319995

I love that couch it looks so comfortable.

No. 1320011

It’s so cluttered with stuff you can’t even see half the shit. It would look way better with like 1/10 the items so you could actually see them and half arent hidden behind other shit that looks exactly the same. At what point is it you liking a cute decor piece vs feeling you need to validate your trendy e-girl adjacent interests to the Internet via merch purchases.

No. 1320093

Yeah it really is that homogenous in Korea, I’ve seen many accounts of Korean women saying that since it’s a small country trends are a big real and people rush to buy the exact same things as each other. It’s very clean and nice looking, it’s just all the exact same so the fact that I’ve watched so many doesn’t even make sense and is a testament to my declining brain functioning.

No. 1320451

Thanks for ideas, nona! I actually prefer to avoid swatching for now since some of my paints ended up being mostly used for it already and i did mixing charts before. I now sketch more on copy paper or in digital, it feels good right now.

Though it's hard and I'm really tempted. 50ml jars of gouache i got are not portable if i wish to go outside and paint and would love tubes, but i don't think i'll ever do this anyway. Will wait more but probably will toss some colors that I can't mix but need (no bright pink or blue) and I ran out of few colors I had for few years already.

I'm proud i didn't get any other yarn for almost a year now, though i want to get one or two skeins (100g of yarn) of some quality woolen or cotton yarns to swatch them and see if i like them. buy only when i will have properly planned project. really want to make own sweaters to replace my old fast fashion ones that are in really bad state. i have problem with clothes and second hand stores in my city are shit, vintage resale sites are too expensive sometimes so i want to make something myself that will last me long time, will look timeless and nice in more muted colors.

No. 1320458

I noticed in the LTT tech makeovers everyone was getting white minimalist rooms too…

No. 1320557

You’re welcome. I hope it helps. Have you tried making a small palette with your gouache? A friend of mine gave me a sample of her watercolors (they’re called dots) and I’m sure you could do it with gouache too. They looked like this https://www.scratchmadejournal.com/blog/shopping-watercolor-samples-and-dot-sets
I found a gouache example too
Maybe also just switch to sewing or knitting. If you can repair your older clothes that would engage your hands and mind to do something different and get out of your rut

No. 1320824

muji aesthetic

No. 1320843

Can an anon tell me where that couch is from

No. 1320857

if you want some novelty, try to switch up artistic subjects or methods rather than buy new shit you won't use. could take a class in something new or say try going out and sketching or painting, see if any art challenges interest you, etc.

No. 1320863

Handmade watercolors look really pleasing and I know a lot of small business shops give out dot swatches, I’ve seen some really interesting colors.

No. 1320895

File: 1661834125704.jpeg (287.31 KB, 2048x1351, C974FB4B-0DED-4A40-8B07-0F2B65…)

Same anon but it’s just nice to look at. I’ve been thinking about this one little paint pot since I saw it for no particular reason.

No. 1321255

What got me into anti consumerism is actually one of my personal lolcows who I met irl years ago.

She didn't have a job at the time and just sponged off her boyfriend her aesthetic was very much standard disney/marvel/zelda generic shit. She had a huge collection of the loungefly Disney bags at one point but when he dumped her (cos she refused to get a job and he was sick of supporting her) she ended up selling a bunch of shit.

She then latched onto an online friend of hers (who had had a thing for her since forever), claimed that she'd always been in love with him, and moved countries to be with him kek. Now she's claiming she's disabled (standard eds/pots/autism/adhd/depression shit.. all of which is a lie) and completely lives off of her now fiancé's dime as he works in tech. Her insta is now "cottagecore"/plants with a bunch of standard gamer/plush merch thrown in, but seeing her waste so much of someone else's money in a month really put me off having too much stuff. Everything is about how things make her feel better and how it has a deep meaning to her when its all just material junk that she'll throw or sell sooner or later.

No. 1321843

Based all women should waste scrotes' money

No. 1322666

File: 1661985404638.jpeg (217.66 KB, 730x724, 48507E1A-9783-462C-9320-70EA63…)

nonas please tell me convince me force me to not buy this strawberry I do not need this, but I am so close to preordering it’s just so pretty

No. 1322677

Honestly? She looks too cluttered to me, there’s way too many patterns and stuff going on.

No. 1322678

Get it. It looks so pretty and lovely. You will regret it if you don't preorder it. I know assholes will be like "b-b-but plastic!!!" but as long as you truly love something and you're not doing it for show, then it's not consoom.

No. 1322679

Haters might say it look too cluttered but honestly that's the apeal to me. There's so many tiny details to look at, it's lovely.

No. 1322683

The fork is amazing and it looks real, and you can tell a lot of love and care and artistry went into it. I love how the hair swirls! and the ribbon on the fork! if you're going to get a figure, you might as well get this one. Do not waste your time and money on mediocre figures, use it on a single one that you will appreciate for years.

No. 1322685

This is why the 200 dollar prize figure thing confuses me so much, they’re so crappily made and half of the time it’s characters with thousands of other choices
That nurse miku being the ultimate example of this.

No. 1322686

This is so cute, I think a younger version of myself would had loved this figure. If you feel too guilty, then you can sell or get rid of some things you don't like anymore so you make space for this purchase.

No. 1322687

damn nonna you better pre-order it before
>>1322678 >>1322683 and >>1322679 do kek

No. 1322695

File: 1661987205416.jpg (94.04 KB, 720x343, 1661987232450.jpg)

Why did you delete your post, anon?

No. 1322700