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File: 1663125316391.png (468.48 KB, 500x505, 01consoom.png)

No. 1338893

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself, feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.





No. 1338899

Kickstarting this thread just to say we should make more fun of consoomerist moids, specially hypebeasts.

No. 1338902


Seconding. Gonna go through old messages and see if I can unearth any scrote rage or other mental illness from the beer dudes.

No. 1338911

Based and correct.

No. 1338940


No. 1339059

Please add the minimalism thread to the next OP >>>/ot/1243596

No. 1339185

I met up with a friend who I normally just catch up with online because we live far apart. I realised we never spoke about clothing when he showed up in those 100 euro hype shirts. At the same time when we split the bill at a restaurant with our friends he'd count the value of what he'd ordered to make sure he hasn't overpaid by a euro or more. Guy earns nearly double what I do. Men really value those ugly ass shirts, huh?

No. 1339347

File: 1663159320291.jpg (1.2 MB, 3968x2976, dota shrine.jpg)

No. 1339349

File: 1663159792151.jpeg (280.04 KB, 736x981, 697B0B75-2D7B-4D0A-B437-CCFD83…)

Buying junk besides shelter, food, and water only gives momentary pleasure in the male mind, they will never understand the joys of furnishing your room and entire home to look aesthetically pleasing and comforting. I’ve seen people rate other people’s rooms and they look so ugly and are always sprawled with bland posters of consoomer shows and music and monotone colors with no regard for color cohesion. I hate this form of consumerism you can just tell their outfits are super ugly and they’re culture vultures. It reminds me of asylum patients and prisoners who would carve in tally marks into the walls only they replaced the tally marks with these hideous “decorations”

No. 1339354

these aren't even that bad. gamer moids are usually far worse than the first pic, and the consoomerism is relegated to literally one tiny shelf, so it barely counts. i'm pretty sure the second is definitely a woman's room. the giant poster of stevie nicks, the breakfast club, may winehouse and billie eilish scream 'pretentious 19 year old girl with a letterboxd account' to me, and most moids don't use cute potted plants to decorate

No. 1339357

Have you anons noticed the amount of moids who buy the shit out of vtuber merch (eg Hololive)? I am surrounded by them. They would buy a birthday pack of a streamer who they dont even watch, and then pay 150 + 20-50 shipping to it and later duties because they got it from Asia.
Probably the cleanest table of a vidya addicted moid ive ever seen. Usually they have a lot of foodcrumbs and other crap they cant be bothered to clean, wow.

No. 1339360

wtf, surrounded online or IRL? i still haven't met anyone who actually watches Vtubers

No. 1339362


"Surrounded?" Maybe get different friends. Vtubers are cancer, I can only imagine what kind of scrotes spend 100$+ on them

No. 1339364

File: 1663161470750.jpg (115.6 KB, 929x546, figurki-fanko-pop.jpg)

I will never understand people who collect funko pops. This soulless stare and freaking uniformity of designs. Why.

Also could never understand collecting things just for the sake of having them, but I don't judge. I just personally have never been thrilled about collecting something, except for some series of books maybe but it doesn't really count I guess.

No. 1339365

The pricing is the part I judge. The regular pops are 15 to 18 euros where I live. I've seen nicer toys in a happy meal

No. 1339366

I am a weeb artist and these types still seem to be better than the genshinfags that i met.
Online, can't go outside much due to my immune sys.

No. 1339367

It bothers me that the posters on ceiling are upside down when you lay in the bed, why…

No. 1339374

Damn, I've never actually noticed the price, it's insane. Judging harder now.

No. 1339375

The only justification for this I've seen is "but they make merch of obscure media!". It always comes accross as desparation to consoom, you will drop ~13 euro on this even if it's ugly and has no purpose?

No. 1339384

the box head really annoys me. these shits are so ugly and low effort. legitimately cannot believe the crap that takes off.

No. 1339388

the way some people justify funko pops as if owning merch of nerdy media is a human rights issue boggles my mind. maybe if you're too poor to afford anything that doesn't look like utter shit then you don't actually need to buy a funko.

No. 1339394

They were definitely trying to go for that chibi kawaii look but failed miserably.

No. 1339453

Having a few is fine if they’re unique like some in that Disney collection but all the human figures literally look the exact same I don’t know who actually purchases those to show off. You literally have to keep it in the box so you know what the fuck character and show it’s from lol and then they have the special limited edition gold ones which are the most low effort because it’s just fully sprayed with gold paint or some bullshit with no detail

No. 1339472

File: 1663168707008.jpeg (34.69 KB, 439x450, B6D7F0AD-0F83-4F51-AF30-D25D12…)

The only one they got right was Jake. I would include BMO, but his eyes are too creepy so he doesn't pass.

No. 1339488

File: 1663170028660.jpg (1.38 MB, 4032x3024, 33754.jpg)

They're kept in boxes for value as well, they end up consuming the homes and I don't think the people buying the funkos are even aware of how bad it is.

No. 1339490

i feel such irrational rage when i look at the lines of the dead eyes ugh

No. 1339502

File: 1663171081703.jpeg (103.24 KB, 526x598, 6E58A87B-54EB-4856-B778-2AAB22…)

Confession time, I managed to get a moid friend I hooked up with to consoom anime figures. He’s an asshole so him focusing on wasting his money on figures from shows he doesn’t even watch makes my heart smile. He can’t talk to girls anymore because he’s such a coomer and has a plastic lady hoard. Obv I stopped talking to him. Bad for the environment? Yeah. I didn’t have to hear about his shitty behavior towards women? Great, hope his bloodline is ended from having a waifu instead of treating his gfs like shit.

No. 1339505

Kek you're the hero we need but don't deserve

No. 1339508

that dory is an abomination

No. 1339513

fuck you anon you are making harder for people that actually want to collect, you should have gotten that moid hooked up to LOL or gacha shit instead

No. 1339516

File: 1663171658906.jpg (50.83 KB, 700x700, 8d77b6b8498b4ea3be2a5c9f291caa…)

poorman's nendoroids

No. 1339524

Worst part is people that are truly autistic about Funko's could easily buy nendoroids instead but they like that ugly shit for some reason.

No. 1339525

He’s a huge gamer too, he’s already a raging LOL and first person shooter sperg. Pretty sure he’s way into Genshin Impact, and I almost forgot I got him addicted to a gatcha game called Battle Cats. He’s also a computer fag so he just likes to consume.

No. 1339531

File: 1663172293604.png (514.56 KB, 550x800, emo batman.png)

they prefeer quantity over quality, nendoroids are super expensive and every new release is treated with expectating because of how limited they are so they cant get the thrill of buying 10 in a row and know that the next day there will be 10 more new ones.

No. 1339534

GameStop anon here, and I realised that most of the MASSIVE collectors that buy shit in my store are male… They buy the most useless shit. Women buy small trinkets such as keychains and maybe a plush, but males will and have bought 300$ worth of funkos and action figures in one sitting.

No. 1339945

File: 1663190128841.jpg (91 KB, 590x738, 61385-DeadpoolFoam6-590w.jpg)

fuck, this is so true. this girl i know (friend of a friend, basically) works at a merchandise store in our town and told us this wild as fuck story. they had a deadpool statue in their store (like picrel) which costs like 2000 bucks and one day a guy actually came in and bought it. paid for it and then left because he didn't have his car with him. they put a "sold" sign on it and that was it. MONTHS pass and deadpool is not getting picked up. after almost a year he finally comes into the store and tells them that his gf and he broke up because she was upset that he bought this life size deadpool statue. instead of, you know, coming back immediately and asking for his money, he actually went through weeks of arguing with her because that deadpool statue was so much more important to him. then he had to move out, find a new apartment, etc, and completely FORGOT about fucking deadpool. almost a YEAR later he remembered to finally come back to the store. unfortunately the store owner is way too nice and gave him back his money. i think deadpool is still in that store, too. moids really are failed abortions.

No. 1339990

And the boxes cover up a lot of the figure so it looks bland to display a shelf full of uniform boxes that have the same thing in them. I do understand resellers because some of them end up being worth an insane amount but why do nerds think it’s a good decor choice for their living space. How often do they clean the dust off the tops

No. 1340030

kekkkk wtf. Hoping a husbandofag buys it instead.

No. 1340134

All of my coworkers minus two have tons of funkos at their desk. two of them have actual nicely made Japanese statues. I dont understand the collecting of souless funko pops.

No. 1340151

whats your job? i cant imagine having people with funkos in their desk at a normal office job and them not getting bullied to death

No. 1340421

Maskfag and tbh he’s hot as fuck I’d keep him in my bedroom and for 2k that’s not too bad if it’s detailed and quality

No. 1340544

nayrt but I worked at a tech company and some people had funkos on their desk that they got from the work secret santa. I was so glad I didn't receive one, felt like I dodged a bullet. Found it mildly amusing that when the company went bust, I came in to empty my desk and found my colleagues funko left behind.

No. 1340658

nta but one of my bosses has a nerd shrine in his office, complete with several funkos and some… idk, not anime booby scale figures, but basically the mcu equivalent of that. it was very awkward when i had my first day and he gave me my data protection stuff and i was stared at by wanda and the hulk and shrek while i signed my papers.

No. 1341403

File: 1663292081367.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, disappointment.png)

I may be venting here, but it irks me that my gay furry older brother is a consoomer for continuously buying crap that keeps filling up his entire room which is also a master bedroom. Some trash and boxes here and there, a closet that's hard to walk around, a filthy bathroom and his drawer sitting outside with piles of clothes on it. He buys shit like wolf stuff, Funko Pops, plushies, figures, statues, t-shirts, etc. mostly of animal/monster characters or whatever the fuck is on sale or "a good price/deal." Don't get me wrong, I like figures and plushies too, but only if I truly love and desire them. I wouldn't be buying random hot male anime figures or random Pokemon/Sanrio plushies just because they're simply cute. There's a limit to where it feels like it's too much as if it consumes and buries you. Plus it's a pain in the ass to move and clean up stuff. I just don't understand how he can keep this up especially telling him that it's concerning and if he needs any help cleaning, but he just brushes it off and says it's none of my concern. He did say that when he grows old he'll sell and gain a profit out of them since its prices and rarity will most likely go up. Whenever he comes home with something new I just have to hide my disappointment in him while he rambles on about finding good prices, getting good deals and his long trips for shit he's looking to buy. Also, he had given me Funko Pops before or stuff that I didn't ask for which I boxed them up and hid them away in my closet saying that I'm trying to make some space in my room.

No. 1341514

>thinking he’s going to get tons of money from anthro figures and funko pops

No. 1341553

File: 1663304774429.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220915-212906.jpg)

Adding to the nonsense, this woman ordered funkoesque figures totaling $120 before tax & shipping from Japan.

No. 1341557

Ok but those are actually cute though?

No. 1341561


No. 1341562

They remind me of sanrio

No. 1341568

I like these. I wouldn't buy one, but it's cute. Way better than funkos. Speaking of funkos, i am still waiting for ashens to make a video torching a bunch of them.

No. 1341573

I'm on the job search after being unemployed for a year and this shit is taking forever. I JUST WANT A FUCKING JOB ALREADY SO I CAN BUY ALL OF THE STUPID SHIT I WANT, GODDAMMIT

No. 1341579

I Funking hate Funko pops. The design is so shitty and ugly with the block shaped head and creepy black void eyes. There were so many other vinyl 'art toys' that actually looked cool. but of course these are the ones that took off, because MuH lIcEnSeD nOsTaLgIa

No. 1341583

Out of curiosity what would you wanna buy

No. 1341585

File: 1663306551212.png (733.59 KB, 1234x894, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 10.3…)

sameanon here to also add, what the actual fuck were they thinking with this? I get that Twin Peaks is a cult classic for a lot of people but did they REALLY need to make a Funko Pop, of the corpse of a murdered 17-year-old girl, wrapped in plastic and thrown in the water?

No. 1341589

I used to love Lynch in high school but now I understand all of his work is just a massive fetishization of victimized women.

No. 1341590

You know what they say about furries, they are somehow rich and there are people out there that would buy rare Funko Pops for absurd prices. It's ridiculous.

No. 1341594

What the fuck, that's disturbing.

No. 1341595

THE BLUE LIPS WTF that’s really fucking weird and trivializing how a dead corpse of a woman is made into merchandise. And the way it’s clear so it shows her nude body, I hate that murder/true crime has become so trendy and sensationalized amongst the Internet. I know this is a fiction show but displaying a plastic toy of a dead woman seems wrong considering it’s a serious tone show.

No. 1341596

not necessary at all. the rest of twin peaks would've been more than enough

No. 1341605

File: 1663308022056.jpg (146.76 KB, 850x1275, 8853f30bcda04c0e3b3f51c5a9ddb4…)

How to keep from being a consoomer?
Picrel, I like perfumes. Most of my fixations before have been actual, material hobbies, such as writing, art, or animal keeping. This is the first time I've been insane about something that you can really only just… buy. Well, buy and read about. I try to stay away from buying full bottles, I already regret doing that once even if it was a very good deal. This thread helps keep me in check too.

No. 1341616

File: 1663308999221.jpeg (93.67 KB, 1000x1000, 8B81072D-B17B-40F8-9440-0E167A…)

I had this stupid Mugler fixation when I was in my early teens, and even though I barely made money from my part time job (I never got money from anything else, was in poverty) I spent it on Mugler perfumes that smelled terrible. I would get the angel powder puffs, the roller balls, etc. I can tell you that outside of the lotions and the powder puff I NEVER used them because the smell was strong and abhorrent and they became nothing more than cool looking paper weights that were more of a thorn in my side. If anything, see if you can find miniature bottle samples that mimic the larger bottles. Not sure if this is still common anymore, but that beats wasting all your money on a full sized bottle of designer chemicals. You can kill two birds one stone—they’re very beautiful, and they serve the main function as satisfying little trinkets. You don’t need tons of perfume anyways, you know?

No. 1341693

Do you buy them just to collect or do you actually use them? I have a rule of not buying toiletries unless I use my current ones up, at most I have a product I'm currently using + a replacement. This works pretty well for me to motivate me to use up things instead of buying in excess

No. 1341695

File: 1663318044986.jpg (81.18 KB, 1200x675, EghM5zrVkAEFNqS.jpg)

What level of bugman is this? Incredible

No. 1341699

i know what you mean nonny, i also have an older brother who stays in the master bedroom of the house and it's just filled with toys and action figures, some still in their shipping boxes. the ones which have actually been opened are mostly displayed on shelves and countertops but with a thick layer of dust on them. no idea what he's planning to do with them, but i live in a really hot climate and it's not great for whatever material some of these things are made of. i've got a handful of figures myself but they're over a decade old at this point and have yellowed and degraded in places.

he also gives me gashapon figures from a series i used to love as a kid, and while i appreciate the sentiment, i haven't kept up with the series at all as an adult and haven't cared about it for a long time but i just accept them out of politeness and hide them in a cabinet or something.

No. 1341732

kek I've seen her on there too.

No. 1341745

I remember every gamestop had this guy in the window a few years back. People would get pics and leave it that. Kind of thing you see and think.. that's not for sale.

No. 1342205

they're ugly as fuck, actually.

No. 1342951

i hate myself i bought 20 g4 my little ponies while lolcow was down, luckily they were all very cheap and im going to fix them up but really myself you had to be chrischan while lolcow was down? especially since my room is overflowing with ponies already. i've really gotten into collecting g3 and g4 ponies but it's definitely become a space issue already and everywhere you look in my room you will see something my little pony related. i also collect dolls and plushies. it's been a problem all year. feel free to roast me whatever etc. i don't care i know i'm an adult woman who collects toys. i know theres some toy-collecting threads in /m/ but i just feel like this is a consoom issue for me at this point. i do get a sense of joy from these items though, and it's fun to transform them from dirty and disheveled to clean and beautiful.

No. 1342953

please show us your ponies. you can't give this description without it

No. 1342970

File: 1663588853776.jpeg (636.07 KB, 556x1173, 8C7A2A77-17E1-43C5-AC6C-E0C233…)

here are some of them, i am very disappointed by how the rainbow dash at the top looks, she fell the other day and got all messed up.

No. 1342973

interesting, anon. is the whole room like this, realistically? like tons of these guys everywhere?

No. 1342977

yes. i have more on my dresser and on my desk. a few more g3s that are still in boxes waiting to be cleaned up, and some equestria girls too. i also have a good amount of other dolls that take up a lot of space. i kind of like that "everywhere i look i see eyes" kind of thing in my room. i'm agoraphobic and a NEET so i spend most of my time alone in here so it feels nice to have "friends".

No. 1343066

At least get a proper display case…

No. 1343087

Leave her alone.

No. 1343098

No. 1343130

i cant believe hasbro turned the colorful horses into e-girls, those are def being glued rn on some whale's basement

No. 1343133

i like to imagine that they are in a metal band but now you have made me feel embarassed. they came out in 2014 before the egirl thing really took off if it makes a difference, but i also feel like they were made to pander to males sadly. i just think they're neat.

No. 1343148

Aw nonnie i think they're cute. I used to love watching MLP unboxing videos when I was younger so your collection is really nostalgic for me!

No. 1343187

g1 or get out

No. 1343211

File: 1663601641509.jpeg (29.65 KB, 400x352, BCB39CCE-0469-4C0F-AA39-64112A…)

i do want to collect some g1s they just seem harder to come by for cheap prices a lot of like moms seem to be selling off their kids old g4 toys i think and thats the kind of lots i've been buying i'm extremely partial to the baby ponies though. they are soooooo freaking cute. picrel my favorite baby ponywear set. it comes with a tiny snowman to go in the pocket.

No. 1343600

File: 1663618199855.png (1.92 MB, 1080x810, Consoomwatch.png)


No. 1343605

I just can't stop consooming stationery, notebooks and pens.

No. 1343623

does this merchandise store start with an E?

No. 1343675

all this for a shit game from a shit company to boot

No. 1343683

File: 1663622311858.jpg (172.49 KB, 740x555, mS4hzqS.jpg)

i bought this cute ceramic clock the other day

No. 1343688

That's nothing, look at some in this vid. I abolutely hate the "male living spaces" meme, they are subhuman

No. 1343693

File: 1663622567429.png (904.24 KB, 910x473, firefox_fITb3G92ZH.png)

ah crap, I linked the first video they did instead of the second one

No. 1343694

File: 1663622631676.png (518.09 KB, 639x389, firefox_w2dchigeLq.png)

He sleeps on the beanbag, has no bed
Sauce is this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLs_Q4Ge7s4

No. 1343733

hi nonnie g1 collector here! i will say that the more u get into the hobby u more u realize that the cheapest ones are just very common.. if u are into the babies go for it bc they are some of the cheapest ones. the twin ones especially are fuckin adorable. the big brother ponies especially are very expensive ($75ish per) so i would just stick to what u like the most if u do get into it.. i would also recommend not worrying about FOMO because even now they are still being sold left and right for pretty cheap. bargain over getting new object!! that advice is for pretty much all gens, g3 is worth looking into if u havent. i love that style n they are very very cheap if u like collecting ponies

No. 1343736


I agree but this is the room of a zoomer/young millennial woman

No. 1343780

I started buying g4s but severely worn ones bc I was collecting them to customize. Around the time I started to follow that beccas toyland, or whatever her name is, and saw her cute customs. Only I started watching videos on how they were customized and it's so much work and danger it doesn't seem worth it. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of ratchet ponies nobody will want.

No. 1343784

Speaking of ponies, I have a handful of MLP in their boxes that my high school girlfriend kept giving me for some reason. Idk what gen but they’re from the late 2000’s to maybe 2010. I don’t want or need them. Is it worth trying to sell them or should I just donate them?

No. 1343786

File: 1663629295565.jpg (120.66 KB, 615x616, InstagramSneekPeekMakeupCollec…)

whats your opinion on makeup/skincare/deteregent hoarders since i dont see them posted here much.

No. 1343804

If they're not worth much or in bad condition I'd donate them, when I grew out of my MLP toys I donated them to a local daycare and it made me happy knowing they would get played with as they're meant to be instead of rotting in some brony scrote's bedroom.

No. 1343814

Maybe I worded that poorly or something but they’ve never been taken out of the boxes. They’re over a decade old but NIB. I’m asking IF they are worth anything because I have no idea and don’t know where to look. If they haven’t appreciated in value at all they will be donated.

No. 1343817

i love watching retrogeek crafts, and i know part of g4 ponies are closed off, but it honestly doesn't seem as hard as you would think! it definitely seems easier with g1 ponies but i think if you have "worthles" ponies you should at least try to customize them! here's the channel, she has a few videos customizing g4s, i hope this can help! i really really want to try some rerooting myself.

No. 1343819

they are worth something, look on places like mercari and poshmark! definitely sell them, a lot of people collect ponies. honestly i hope i can snag some of yours up anon

No. 1343825

Thanks! I’ll look around to see what they’ve sold for in the past before I start listing them. I’ve never actually sold anything online before despite really needing to so this will be interesting lol

No. 1343931

Makeup is some of the worst stuff you can hoard. Theres no possible way you can use it all before it expires. And once it expires you're just going to holding to gross useless expired makeup, literal junk

No. 1343934

I might try, but I think I'm just going to permanently glue the head in place so I dont have to deal with the peg

No. 1343952

Im so glad the hoarding makeup trend has died, just so much plastic in one room that you have to use every single day in order to maaaaaybe make a dent in your collections. A lot of brands make deep pans now too so it lasts a while before you hit the bottom. I understand if you like some makeup packages because they can look pretty cool, but buying just to buy and some booty guru saying it’s the best next thing is dumb. Not to mention factory defects that affect palettes.

No. 1343954

Absolutely awful. I'm sure a lot of those products have and will never be used and plenty of women who can't afford high end makeup would value these items much more than this mystery person ever could.

No. 1343958

I find this funny because at least the beauty gurus i watch would be horrified if they walked into this room since even they know when to stop. There's a reason why a lot of the bigger youtubers tend to do a lot of giveaways or told companies to stop sending them pr.

No. 1343982

Biggest waste of money. I fell down the makeup collector rabbit hole back when the beauty community was mostly on YouTube until I looked at all I had hoarded and realized I’d spent hundreds of dollars in shit that looked terrible in me. Last eyeshadow palette I got was 6 years ago and I still use it daily.

No. 1344041

File: 1663646667003.jpg (1.21 MB, 4032x2268, 1663333913158.jpg)

Pic stolen from the last thread, because it encapsulates what bewilders me about social media collectors. For the price of all these almost identical things, a person could buy several quality bjds, or a dozen Pullips, that these were obviously based on. And those wouldn't be riddled with paint/quality defects, would look 100x nicer, and not have the eyelashes molded into the eyeballs. No doll sold at Walmart is worth owning over $1000 of it. I can understand teenagers and broke people buying a few of them, but there are fully grown adults out there who splurge hundreds of dollars a month at Target and Walmart, and then brag online. I wouldn't take a dozen modern Barbies or Monster Highs if they were handing them out for free.

No. 1344051

If you never get around to customizing them, sell them on Etsy. People sell ratchet Monster High dolls and their parts to make customs. I'm sure ponies are no exception.
Honestly, I love these dolls, I think they're so cute, but they do have a bit of a same-face and the designs can be repetitive. Wish they just had interchangeable bases. Pick your eye colors, skin tone, and wigs like bjds, selling outfits separately. I mostly like their clothes. One doll would suffice. This is why I like Blythes, but am a poorfag.

No. 1344056

File: 1663647827275.jpeg (142.15 KB, 750x829, F90E78EE-1B7B-4483-B3D7-147407…)

I actually collected monster high dolls. I always hated the gel seeping into their hair plugs. Seriously people gotta start collecting quality dolls. Maybe when I get a job someday I’ll save up for a bjd or pullip because they’re beautiful.

No. 1344091

I didn't realize g1s were so expensive. I have about 50 of them at my parents' house from when I was little. I used to get them used for about a dollar each.

No. 1344130

I also had a bunch of MH and Barbie dolls that self-destructed by the yellowing hair glue. That's why I can honestly say that I wouldn't even take them for free. I know higher priced dolls still age, and can age poorly, but if I have to loose $100 in one go, I'd rather it just be one doll I can strip and sell for parts in an afternoon, and not the ordeal I had to go through to dispose of MH.

No. 1344214

File: 1663659204725.jpg (802.41 KB, 1080x1610, as.jpg)

No. 1344267

This kind of makeup hoarding sprouted makeup panning communities, where people shared pictures of their used up makeup, encouraging others to use up their items before buying new ones. Of course since people can't help and turn it into a competition, these places were loaded with pictures of eyeshadow palettes scraped empty (rather than used up), cream products where someone stuck a finger and dug a well in it to "reach the pan", and one user I remember ran an instagram account where she drilled tiny holes into £4 Makeup Revolution palettes and called them finished. Weird times.

No. 1344788

File: 1663690859246.jpeg (72.26 KB, 542x810, FBFFBF6C-3AF5-410D-B75F-509AED…)

The glue seepage in MH dolls is frustrating to deal with and hard to clean out. I don’t pity collectors at all because they’re paying top dollar for a faulty product.

No. 1344829

I'm not even a make up hoarder but I did ipsy for a few months and even that accumulated to be too much. I got some nifty stuff, like the brushes in particular I really liked, plus some eyeshadows that I genuinely love. I cancelled because of money reasons, but never looked back. I draw in my eyebrows, use eyeliner, and that's it. I've found my perfect, reasonably priced eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pen and will never buy another unless they get discontinued. Sometimes I think about buying a new mini eyeshadow palette, but I just know I'd never use it.

No. 1344894

The makeup panning subreddit was great until, like you said, it was turned into a competition. I liked going there for reviews and product recommendations because it was obvious the poster had actually used it before and wasn’t simply suggesting what’s currently trendy. There’s so many brands and products on the market these days it’s just overwhelming and I gave up on makeup (and Reddit lol)

No. 1345494

Yeah I also followed it for a while since it seemed useful for genuine product reviews, but another thing that happened was that people started posting their toothpaste tubes and handsoap bottles every day, and the mods seemed to have no interest to restrict it to makeup/skincare only. Think I unsubbed at that point.

Just thought about it and even though I never bought makeup to this >>1343786 extent, I did make unnecessary purchases like eyebrow powder, mascara primer, baking powder, and similar, when I consumed a lot of beauty content. Thankfully I've used those up and figured out that I only need about 5 pieces of makeup for a full look. Shit like mascara primer just gave me really thick, clumpy lashes, and eyebrow powder was just priced up eyeshadow.

No. 1345520

I used to be like this since i love journaling and bullet journal but remember:
-Most washi tapes, sticky notes, anything made of paper and glue really have a 1-2 yrs of shelf life at most. Anything made of plastic can have a 2-3 yr of shelf life but then it will lose glue.
-Pens also have a best date use, 3-4 years until ink starts to dry. Sure unless they're those cheap kawiwi pens they can be recovered but it's a pain on the ass. Cheap ballpoint pens last very long but i guess your pens aren't those.
- Stickers and paper tend to yellow over time. Depending of quality and storage, may vary from a few months to a few years but still.
-Never had a highlighter to last more than 2 years. The only exception was some stabillo highlighter and that doesn't mean it worked splendid, just that it was usable.
The point is that unless you're a journaling freak, a studygram influencer or someone who relies on paper a lot for job and study stuff, journaling stuff can go a really long way and if you hoard it, then it would go bad before you had a chance to use it.
All of these dates are based on personal experience so yeah. If you want to preserve something you can use some ziplock bags but then you wouldn't be any diferent to funko losers preserving their shit on the box. Things are meant to be used. I can give tips to control the impulses if you want.

No. 1345685

nta but i’d like to hear your tips for impulse control

No. 1345945

File: 1663740710169.jpg (211.62 KB, 1280x720, despair.jpg)

Hey nonnas do you think posting our collection(s) would help us not to consoom so much? Idk, I feel like critiques on/by fellow nonnas would be more productive and carry more weight

No. 1345950

Hell no I don't want people to see my cringe anime fig collection just to point and laugh

No. 1345963

It would normalize things because most people don't have nightmare hoarder collections. The whole CONSOOMER shit comes from depressed scrotes angry that other people have money and enjoy things not on the internet

No. 1346062

post it, I want to see it nonnie!

No. 1346064

Photos like that always fill me with disbelief, because while I have a pretty high power level myself that is tens of thousands of dollars worth of weeb cringe

No. 1346067

i hate how most collectors seem to have no eye for aesthetics, they just want the numbers and know that whatever plastic garbage they have is sooper rare and expensive. that room looks like shit, a mishmash of series, completely cluttered especially with those posters. what's impressive about this? having money?

No. 1346078

It’s just a more acceptable form of hoarding. People who collect figures are always prattling about how they’re going to be worth so much money in x amount of years, like anyone is going to want the shitty crap they choose to collect.

No. 1346082

oh god, the investment thing annoys me, maybe because i have no interest in hustle culture, but i see this with luxury bag collectors as well. i looked into some tiktoks to see what luxury bags are actually good or not out of sheer curiosity and the creator was clearly more interested in reselling them for a premium when it's become "vintage". what about buying an expensive, well-made bag for daily use and throwing it out/recycling it once it's finally worn out?

No. 1346085

gosh, tiktok is probably what influenced zoomers to be mega consoomers (hey that rhymes!). these influencers are just hyping up the items they buy so that they can resell them back to their followers. it's a big game of hot potato

No. 1346098

nayrt but considering the lifespan of the item like >>1345520 described is a good thing to do, consider how often you will use the item, will you use it up, will it expire? For online purchases using wishlists/basket has worked for me, if I want something I put it in a wishlist first. I leave it there and don't buy immediately, after few weeks or months it's time to reflect on how much I've wanted or thought of that item during that time. Usually I end up realising I don't actually need it and it would've been an impulse purchase, I remove it from my list/basket and forget about it. For shopping IRL, although inconvenient, using cash might help you. Seeing the money decrease in your wallet, having to go to an ATM before making purchases and having a good visual of what money you are spending can help you reconsider just how important those purchases would be. Hope this came out coherent and somewhat helpful for you anon, would like to hear how other anons deal with wanting to shop/buy on impulse.

No. 1346131

>just to point and laugh
this could be your wake-up call tho

No. 1346146

will you be consooming the latest gaymer tech that is coming out?
>rtx 4090 is $1500
that's a whole pc right there!

No. 1346338

i am still very happy with my $500 2070Super so that one will keep me going for a few more years I think

No. 1346377

File: 1663776146149.jpeg (13.06 KB, 225x225, cute.jpeg)

AYRT, the frist and most important thing to stop coonsoming in general is to know yourself so any plastic crap wouldn't do the cut. I will exemplify with notebooks. I hate composition notebooks and binders, i find them useless and annoying. So no matter how cute they're, i pass by them because they just don't work for me. I hate notebooks with loud, annoying colors and designs. I don't care that much about paper but i prefer 100gr> if possible and striped or white paper, and so on. Sorry if no1currs I am trying to detail my own criteria so the journaling anon can use it with herself if she's still here. My point is with all those details, 3/4 of notebooks are useless and tacky for me. Most of my coomsoms were just impulse buys, becoming picky helped me. Yesterday i saw picrel and I thought it was adorable but i only use spiral notebooks so no, i'm not going to buy something i already know that i'm not going to use.
-Another very important detail is that i work on the hypothetical principle that i want to carry out my hobby with me. If i want to journal in a nice park, i'm not going to bring 3 plastic boxes full of materials kek. Even if i don't end up doing it because i'm lowkey a hikkimori that principle alone makes me pick my most usefull/cute materials and leave the rest, and helps me to weed out the things i didn't like that much for starters I have a medium size backpack that i use for college. Sometimes i use that backpack as a measure for my stationery collection. If it doesn't fit the backpack because is too big or is too full already i stop buying entirely and i concentrate on using what I have i'm also logical about it, i'm not going to stop bringing a pencilcase so i can put another 10 washi tapes. The idea is that the backpack is funtional and that i don't throw all my objects there like it was a garbage bag. Maybe this is too stationery focused, but you could limit your colection to a single shelf, an specific place in your room, ect. don't letting your collection dominate your life is key. And if it doesn't fit anymore or/and you want something new it's time to throw, sell or donate things out.
-I always keep the best date use in the back of my mind. (If your ítems don't have a best date use, maybe you could think about the cost of maintaining and preserving your collection?)
-Wishlists don't particularly work with me but i like to plan my buys (always at the end of semester, how i'm going to enjoy my hobby if i'm in the middle of exam period?) and have a preset budget. FOMO is a bitch but none of the shit i buy is a life or death matter, and if isn't available when i can buy and enjoy it them then c'est la vie. There is always new, cute ítems in my hobby specifically. And I think it's like that in most places.

No. 1346417

I've been using the same graphics card for almost 6 years without fail. The only reason I had my most recent upgrade was because I wanted to downsize and I was then forced to upgrade all my other components because the ones i was using were phased out. However, I will always have my eye on the advancements of gaming laptops because I like to save some space in my room.

No. 1346534

despair.jpg anon here, I was thinking that kek. However other Nonna is right I just know I'd be ripped to shreds if I showed my fig collection

No. 1346550

File: 1663782257529.jpg (130.05 KB, 1024x1024, istockphoto-540723334-1024x102…)

I had a brain fart and thought you meant you collected actual figs and thought "huh?? won't those rot?" KEK

No. 1346588

>not displayed in rainbow order

No. 1346960

Super niche and kind of silly, but I'm really into these (now defunct) little bear art figurines called Cherished Teddies, I think so many of them are absolutely adorable and just seeing the ones I have makes me smile—but the collecting community terrifies me. I don't know why, but seeing giant cabinets full of these little figurines stresses me out so bad. Video linked is someone with shelves and shelves of them (I think possibly a whole room!), which is baffling to me. They're cute and they bring a lot of joy to me, but I can't imagine filling a room with them.

No. 1346977

i would still be using my computer from 2018 if it werent for my utility company cutting the power and causing something in the computer to stop working. i bought during the crypto boom in 2018, and now i bought again during the chip shortage. i can't believe my luck :(

No. 1347051


No. 1347073

File: 1663808547035.jpg (1 MB, 1900x1866, Tumblr_l_139405366434403.jpg)


No. 1347106

File: 1663810849811.jpeg (184.26 KB, 562x504, when-youre-getting-roasted-but…)

I would never post mine because I'd made weeb videos on youtube many years ago and I don't want them found. I don't need you guys to see me at my most cringe.

No. 1347650

it's cute, very retro

No. 1348063

File: 1663884985533.jpg (476.37 KB, 1280x874, aggk sims 4.jpg)

I've suddenly realized I hoard cc for sims 4 lol. Surely it doesn't make me a consoomer in a full sense, I don't pay for any, but it is pretty similar to shopaholism in a sense that it's also a rather compulsive thing that makes me spend a lot of my time (instead of money). And yeah, when I play sims, I usually just build something, but I don't do it that often. And I don't even create some really complicated lots (but I do download bunch of stuff that would come in handy if I suddenly started). I have 65 GB of that crap and you can imagine how long it takes for a game to launch. So I started deleting it little by little but the progress is slow. I guess among other things it's just another form of procrastination for me, something that I can do mindlessly instead of more important stuff but it's a whole another topic.

I wanted to say something else. I just remembered after reading this thread that I've got this feeling few times before that if I did something creative (like drawing) I wouldn't feel the need to look for cool cc and spend hours on decorating a room in the game. It's not that I think it's shameful or completely useless to build an "imaginary house" and I'm not talking about gaming abstinence or something, it's just my personal example, but reading this thread made me think that maybe, in some cases, a compulsive desire to collect beautiful, cute, cool-looking stuff could be cured with the creative activities. Surely you'll need to develop and improve your skills to achieve the desired result, but I guess theoretically it could satisfy those exact aesthetic needs that drive you to collect stuff. Because you don't buy just anything (if you're not some tasteless guy like picrel >>1345945 ), you most likely look for something specific, but you're also the only person who could create this thing, the image of which you already have in your head, or something representing this aesthetic you're drawn to. Surely it doesn't work with anything, but with some things I believe it would. And it would be meaningful and more satisfying. That's my theory at least, hope it makes sense.
I thought about it not only because of stupid cc: sometimes I spend hours just LOOKING at certain things and adding them to favourites, wishing I could buy them (I guess it's for the better that I don't have enough money to make all those purchases). But at the same time, I realize I don't really need so much stuff, I wouldn't use it. Like some clothes for example. I just like them aesthetically, I like to look at them, so I conclude it's something about my aesthetic needs that could be satisfied in some other ways. Maybe even going to the theater more often or even walking in nice places (like… botanical garden?) would work actually. It's just that browsing and buying is a much easier and faster solution.

No. 1348072

same anon
damn my writing is so repetitive, sorry if you read this kek

No. 1348161

I love and hate these threads so much nonnas. I'm stressed about my stuff but also more aware of my consooms lel

No. 1348164

these are adorable. idk where you live nonna but fb marketplace and local thrift stores are sure to have these

No. 1348318

File: 1663902904573.jpeg (1.13 MB, 870x1160, F2E3DD91-5CB5-4734-9233-0680CA…)

I haven’t consoomed children’s toys in about 8 years now but holy fuck G3 Lagoona is so fucking ugly. I know they aesthetic they were going for since this pastel mermaid shit is so popular with kids but holy fuck she’s so badly designed. Like not only is she such a departure from her original but it’s also just at a baseline a terrible design. Consoomers eating this new gen up deserve to have their money stolen.

No. 1348321


No. 1348341

All of the main cast looks like themselves except for Lagoona. I assume they made her pink so she can't be confused with the new Frankie, but they could have just made her a different shade. All of the hate the Ariel movie got should have gone to this. Even her pet looks off and nothing like a piranha. I remember her original pet looking weird and freaky, but now it's just cute.

No. 1348354

This is not her. This her cousin. I refuse to believe they would betray her like this.

No. 1348356

I hate that they went with two pink characters instead of making her purple or something. Frankie went blue and Ghoulia became green but for some reason we need two pink characters even though ones horrifically ugly? Little girls like purple too I don’t think they’d pass on a purple mermaid theme.

No. 1348365

File: 1663906045813.webm (4.11 MB, 576x1024, d2476107041f4454b22c950ae2c5e1…)

I gagged; all those sweets. She probably paid a fortune, but it's all the same marshmallows that usually have the texture of chalk and taste like stale sugar. The lolipop made me so angry. The sound in the original makes it so much worse.

No. 1348373

Am I wrong for feeling like this is some beta female shit?

No. 1348387

File: 1663907608648.png (221.54 KB, 343x560, eww.png)

Dis bitch looking like she harvests snacks from a toiler plunger

No. 1348394

not really. regardless of gender having to rely on consooming to have a personality is pathetic.

No. 1348504

File: 1663919016530.png (541.78 KB, 798x452, this guy.png)

this ugly guy

No. 1348505

he's a youtuber that does lost media btw. I think he collects lost media items too like plushies

No. 1348506

I want more tiktok webms in this thread please

No. 1348508

That's Mina's boyfriend right? The one that made those videos about Dasha and Cyr?

No. 1348510

I'm sorry who? Could you post a pic of that guy?

No. 1348552

File: 1663925940242.webm (9.76 MB, 576x1024, W2022.webm)

Seeing this reply makes this video even worse, all that waste…

No. 1348556

File: 1663926440883.jpg (209.52 KB, 800x800, 1617633758831.jpg)

I have few tips on avoiding impulse buying, these are quite specific but oh well:

Sometimes when I find cute line of figures, picrel for example, I'd really like to buy one or two. But these are not for example characters that are especially dear to me, so I know the purchase is not necessary. Instead I just download the promo pictures and "collect" them in a digital format instead! I know it's not the same as physical figure, but it works for me. I have limited buying figures only of characters that are really important for me, and only figs that are good quality, no funko shit allowed.

Second tip is for craft and journaling supplies, I only buy what I cannot make by myself, for example I find pictures from internet and print them on sticker paper and this way I can get 100% unique stickers. Also old magazines and advertisements are goldmine of nice designs, and it's fun to dedicate one afternoon to choosing and cutting your favourite images. When choosing washi tapes it's good to choose a design that is "general" enough, so you can use it on many different projects, that way you are more likely to actually use it.

No. 1348557

This was fucking hilarious

No. 1348562

File: 1663926856242.jpg (26.8 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Lmaooo anon no, that's not him, but I admit if he didnt wash for a few days they could pass for brothers

No. 1348566

shes so fucking right kek
More videos like these please

No. 1348614

The irony of her having a book named "Minimalista" kek

No. 1348634

looks like fucking dora lol

No. 1348784

>buy cute gashapon set
>less than a year later, recolored version of the same set appears
>urge to buy rising even though they're just fucking recolors
what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 1348792

File: 1663943371466.jpeg (78.82 KB, 1080x596, 20EFC09E-6839-44F2-BF45-FBEE32…)

Monster High collectors deserve to have their money stolen at this point. The fact they have to rewrite the lore to make characters more “woke” from an already diverse brand is insane. All they had to do was make implied gay characters canon. Is the new Clawdeen confirmed to be lesbian or was that hilariously retconned?

No. 1349139

They made Draculaura a fatty

No. 1349210

So show us hello

No. 1349303

My grandma has a little cabinet full of these she’s had for decades now. She doesn’t add to them, she’s content with what she has. She has asked if I’d like to have them when she’s gone, and I plan to. Not all of them of course, I’m going to sell the ones that don’t necessarily remind me of her or make me feel happy, but for a decent price and not some scalper-tier prices. They’re cute teddies, it should be a nice thing. Idk why people take this shit so far including scamming people with overpriced stuff it gives me the creeps.

No. 1349415

File: 1663962937113.png (431.32 KB, 518x478, Sin título.png)

At least the actual doll looks ok even if her cartoon design tries to be woke, pretty much the only difference is that her legs aren't anorexic anymore, her arms and stomach are still pretty thin.
She's the only one from the reboot who got an ok design imo, the rest look terrible. I do miss her original hairstyle and black lipstick though, I feel like they're trying to be cuter now instead of goth/punk-ish, which sucks because that was the cool thing about MH, we already got thousands of cutesy girly dolls.

No. 1349978

>but for a decent price and not some scalper-tier prices
nonny i thought the same as you, a few years ago i had some out-of-print amiibos and hated the idea of scalping people so i sold them at what i thought was a fair price, but then the buyer turned around and re-sold them at the $100+ scalper prices. maybe you're in a better place financially and would be okay with that but personally i felt kind of silly afterwards since i could've really, really used the money…

No. 1350508

No. 1350513

Sage for OT and doll autism, I'm all for more realistic bodies in dolls but it looks so weird on MH, her thighs are as thick as her head kek. The unrealistic bodies added to the edgy monster factor imo. Also hate Draculara's new hair, it completely throws off the balance of pink/black in her design. Her face is cute though, it reminds me of the Ever After High dolls.

No. 1350910

File: 1664041250979.jpg (57.12 KB, 1385x789, birds.jpg)

The right is the newer set. I don't even hang these anywhere and just display them in a clear box. Still undecided if I should get the new set.

No. 1350936

I love birds so seeing this killed me, if you resist buying them you're stronger than any US marine

No. 1351181

AYRT, this is so true! Especially with the later teddies before the company apparently went under, I've only seen insane prices for ones that were made post 2013. I don't even think there's THAT big of a collecting scene for them anymore.
(unrelated, nona pls tell me which are your favorites from your grandma's collection because that's really sweet (insert heart here) )

No. 1351306

File: 1664064062206.jpg (50.9 KB, 425x425, 81JDOhuV3oL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

i don't get people who buy new fidget toys over and over. picrel looks like shit you'd get from a dollar store blind bag that your mom begrudgingly buys you because you whined for long enough. my gender identity having tif coworker got all excited over buying new fidget toys. and i just don't understand why you would need a truck load of shitty plastic stuff? i mean, i'm not completely free of blame because i tend to play with stuff too, but it's stuff like a hair pin or a paper clip or whatever. i just don't get the need to have all this plastic garbage.

No. 1351310

i do not buy any non-essentials outside of skincare products but this is a really hard one. what the fuck they are so outrageously adorable. i've never seen keychains so cute

No. 1351319

lmao, I really enjoyed her commentary. I really love how consoomers have co-opted the minimalist aesthetic. reminds me a lot of my sister who could make a wonderful candidate for this thread, but I don't want to dox myself.

No. 1351327

The sub has improved but the best panning community is on instagram imo. There are people who just drill into their pans with a brush but you can easily avoid them, unfollow etc.

No. 1351336

This has to be part of a LARP right? Why do most autistic people seem to get on perfectly well without fifty fucking stupid plastic "fidget" toys? It doesn't surprise me your TIF friend is into it though, since it's a level of identity purchasing almost on par with gendershit.

No. 1351338

File: 1664066291133.jpeg (109.29 KB, 1280x960, 6ab_b18.jpeg)

Because they are not for autistic people. Small children are buying them because they are the hot thing right now. Personally every time I see those thingies i keep getting reminded of these waffles.

No. 1351354

> Instead I just download the promo pictures and "collect" them in a digital format

i do that too noona ! i just collect pictures of cute things and just look at them. If i still think about them months or sometimes years later I might buy in but it just makes the purchase even more satisfying.
I also printed a picture of a shrine of my husbando to put on my wall, i didn't spend a penny but i can honor him and just enjoy the aesthetic

No. 1351398

Those are for literal kids tbh. I don't trust gender fans or gender cult members, they're often just huge munchies that try to get as many conditions and illnesses as possible to justify being friendless, unnerving losers.
And I get that not everyone stims the same way, but it's too weird that she buys those that are basically just party flavors given to kids, I would bet 30 dollars that she's into "age regression" and "kidcore" shit, so she's basically shoving her fetish down everyone's throats.

No. 1352044

where do you buy these, nonna? i have a friend who loves budgies and i think i wanna get her one of these for her birthday. i only find them on etsy for like 20 bucks each which is wayyy too expensive for a small keychain

No. 1352045

This looks so good. I want one.

No. 1352046

Nta, did you look on Aliexpress anon?

No. 1352064

File: 1664127184064.jpg (516.06 KB, 800x800, 01.jpg)

Look for "mugyuttori." You'll find a lot of places selling them. They also sell inexpensive knock-off plushies of them on AliExpress. The real plushies were Round1 exclusives in Japan so are pretty difficult to get.

No. 1352730

No. 1352941

Does anyone have any experience selling their old clothes/shoes on those thrift apps? Do people actually buy them? Looking to thin my hoard.

No. 1353142

Like Depop/Mercari/Etsy? I've always used those apps for selling off my clothes, and I get some decent traffic. Just make sure to use tags and whatnot.

No. 1353451

Fragfag here too. It’s so difficult because it’s like a sensory surprise in a shiny pretty bottle! I still have a problem with blind buying travel size ones because I “just gotta know” what they’re like…
Personally rotating my selection on a tray while storing the rest has helped me, when you don’t let yourself use a frag for a few weeks coming back to it can be a whole experience in itself. It’s about finding pleasure in the things you’ve already consoomed.

No. 1353457

I tried selling some shit on Vinted and god moving anything was SLOW. I ended up donating a lot of shit because listing it all just to sell it for mere euros maybe wasn't worth the effort whatsoever.

No. 1353471

I have experience buying old clothes through local site/app, and I can see that many people do that too. So yeah.

No. 1353675

yeah over the years I've made over $2000 passively on depop, I'm not serious about it but if you are you can make a lot more.

No. 1354025

File: 1664264501433.jpg (99.3 KB, 988x1000, 7238cb049f393597bcdd5799a99ab3…)

telling myself while looking for plushes to buy that no matter how much i consoom i can never get my childhood back… sad but i go home and hug my already owned plushies instead!

No. 1354038

I felt like there was some sort of plushie revival with the sanrio shit everyone was buying, and all the youtubers releasing plush toys. Cannot comprehend why an adult would need one, plus they're kinda difficult to sell/donate.

No. 1354066

Nta and I agree with the dumb sanriocore shit. But also I feel like that nonny wants to collect plushes that aren't sanrio (judging by the piture alone). Idk why, but for some reason, someone getting plushes like those seems more genuine to me than someone getting sanrio shit. Not that sanrio shit cannot be cute but I often tie it to tiktok performative aesthetics instead of genuine love. I'm sure most of the plushes people get nowadays will be forgotten once aesthetics are not relevant anymore.

No. 1354085

I have had a genuine love for sanrio & cutesy japan brands in general ever since I was little and it sucks they have become a personality-less e-girl thing now. In a way I'm happy it's now way easier to buy that stuff more easily now instead of always having to rely on japanese proxies, but as you have said, now everyone just buys them because it's trendy and want attention, not because they actually like them.
I don't really know how to explain it. I still love sanrio and I don't care too much of what others think of me, but it's a weird feeling to open any website and see others being carbon copies of eachother. It felt more like a comunity of weird girls before, and now is just… some attention-seker girls with no personality.

No. 1354086

My bad I didn't mean to come off like I'm attacking >>1354025 over plush buying, I'm just a bit weirded out how children's toys/things are commonly consumed by and marketed to adults. That anon is right, buying childrens stuff won't make you a kid again.

No. 1356484

File: 1664412162333.jpg (78.37 KB, 320x240, angler.jpg)

Won this plush from one of those online crane games. I'm disgusted by the rush it gave me and am actively avoiding going back to it- it's literally gambling.

No. 1356522

It’s…. It’s really cute though nonnie

No. 1356574

File: 1664417056454.jpg (4.29 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

I used to be super obsessed with toreba before it got really hard. I sold most of my stuff except 3 small mascots, one of which i keep on my desk. It's pompompurin and he's very cute and he motivates me to do work. Oh and that plush was 100% worth it. Maybe only play cranes that offer free plays or something?

No. 1356646

File: 1664422329596.png (227.11 KB, 294x412, Cicada plush .png)

isn't it? I'm a total sucker for unusual animal plushies. picrel is my fave, they're magnetic.
That's wise. I've found it's best to play with a friend and take turns, it makes it easier to stop spending money when you're getting sucked in and it's more of an "authentic" arcade feel.
purin fans unite! best boy.

No. 1356648

it's been around 2 months since i cold turkey stopped buying clothes or weebshit merch. the longer it goes on the easier it is to talk myself out of buying something i don't need

No. 1356735

really proud of you, I wanna do the same

No. 1356835

Nona what brand is this? I need it lmao

And what brand is this?

No. 1357047

File: 1664453944075.png (197.63 KB, 512x512, claw.png)

I used to play toreba. I initially spent way too much but I slowed down and told myself I'd only ever spend leftover phone credit on it (top up credit as I'm not on billpay) Few months back I noticed that the google play store removed it so you have to download it directly from their site to play. And you can't spend phone credit on it anymore. Google has cracked down as its both gambling and appeals to kids. Overall I feel like its a good move. It had gotten harder to win over the years. More expensive to play. More rigged. More tape on the machines etc. They've taken away some of the free plays and shipping is only free if you've already spent over a certain amount in the last 30 days. I feel like they made absolute bank during lockdowns so they're really just milking people dry now. Shipping is still slow in some areas because of covid and their own backlog.

Ngl tho I recently played some other online crane game and I have some prizes on the way. They're only cheapo plushies compared to what toreba has but I'm hours away from any real life arcades and I got my lil rush from winning. The new app I tried is rigged so that you'll win using your initial free plays. Then it says that you need 2 prizes in your basket before it'll ship. The second win is the hard part..

No. 1357058

Where did you get this? I need one ahhhhhhh

No. 1357067

Here in europe they're marketed at toddlers and young kids. Like, those cheap stores like Tedi and Pepco import them for cheap from china and you see them on small town markets being sold to kids.

No. 1357081

File: 1664456326630.png (1.68 MB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.png)

Hey nonny, I am at loss.
I really want to buy this figma, but it costs 99 euro, which is, obviously, ridicilous.
>Why do you need it
I love the artist behind this character with my whole heart. Sadly, she doesn't have any artbooks to sell or any other merch. The shown character will never have any more merch ever again, because the company decided to stop it.
I want to either get the nendroid for a ridicilious price of 75 or a figma which is, in fact, a lot worse, 99 euro worth. I like nendroids a lot more than figmas, and the only thing that makes me want to get the figma more than the nendroid is that the character's face looks more close to the artist's artstyle than the nendroid version.
I want to get one of them, but I don't know which one. And yes, I know that getting a shitty figma for 99 is stupid, hell, i bought a new monitor for the price of 90. But I can't shake the feeling of 'there will never be any more stuff with THIS girl!'. I keep having this feeling that I will miss out on something and regret it, it sucks.

No. 1357112

1) do you see yourself still being glad you own this in a year? five? ten? will you still value it as much as other 100€ things you own? look at your past interests and see if you're sure of yourself.
2) manufactured scarcity is a big marketing strategy. while this merch is actually rare, this strategy works because your brain is wired to jump on any occasion to get stuff that's only available in small quantities. try to see if it's just fomo.

there's some dumb, rare shit i've bought that genuinely still makes me happy, and others i've passed on that i barely remember now and i don't think my daily life would be any better with them. your choice, nona

No. 1357118

File: 1664459532587.png (150.89 KB, 400x400, boo.png)

I've never grown out of being into plushies. If I pass by a store window with plushies in it I feel like a 5 year old again with how much I'm drawn to them. I feel dumb sometimes but I think I can link it back to my dad throwing out every last one of my plush when I was about 8. He thought I was too old for them so did it behind my back 'for my own good' Never has a plan backfired so hard.

No. 1357132

I used to think like this too, I like this series/creator/character so I want to own this, but I thought about how many belongings I'd accumulate if I bought merch of everything I enjoyed and it changed my state of mind a bit. I enjoy things without spending on them, saving money makes me happy and I won't have to think about getting those items off of my hands in the future. I think online right now there's a lot of emphasis on ''support this creator/small business/etc!!'' and it's just buy, buy, buy. It's worth to consider if that purcase will give you much fulfilment over time. Thinking long term like >>1357112 mentions is very good too.

>>1357118 I'm sorry anon, it sounds like what your father did really hurt you. That's a very young age to be told you're ''too old for toys''.

No. 1357156

Since it will be an one-off thing for you, I would say go for it, just tink about it some more & buy the one you know will treasure the most. Also the figure market is huge and if you ever regret buying it or need some money, you will be able to sell her for the price you originally got her or even for a bit higher with no problems.
Sadly inflation + trends made figures ridicusly expensive, specially when they come with so little (figmas used to be $35 and came with more accesories…), but as I said, at least they're easy to sell back.

No. 1357176

My mom did a similar thing, nona. She at least let me keep a few, but when I turned 9 she decided I was 'too old' for them and made me go through all my stuffed animals and throw most of them away, only letting me keep 5. She also made me do the same with my My Little Ponies, which is extra frustrating because they were all g1 ponies from the 80s and would be expensive to reacquire now. I think it's a big part of why I'm still drawn to plushies and ponies as an adult.
I keep my hoarding of them relatively in check by having one small book shelf that I keep my plushies+some sentimental knickknacks on. If a plushie won't fit on that shelf I won't get it.

No. 1357184

File: 1664464772255.jpg (9.87 KB, 220x220, yeast.jpg)

I am so sorry nona, that sucks. I'm the same way with plushies, I love them so much. When I lived in Japan I played a lot at game centers specifically for plushies and wasted a lot of money, unfortunately very few of them are comfortable for snuggling with. Even the soft and squishy ones I get just don't… feel right.

I like to have them even though I sleep with the same plush every night (that I've had since I was a baby). The power of plushies are strong. I took it with me to college and when I went to study abroad, and I still remember that moment I sat down in my bed in my dorm in Japan, feeling so utterly alone and just hugging my plushie for just that small bit of home and comfort. I've stopped collecting new plushies because I know I don't like to snuggle them as much, but every time I see one…. all logic goes out the window and I want it so bad.

picrel, I fucking love yeastken. I saw a post once of a spread of yeastken items at Tokyu Hands. They were also selling an absolutely MASSIVE plush and I wanted it so so so fucking bad.

No. 1357313

I'm trying to get my shopping under control, purge my wardrobe and curate a closet of things I actually like but it's so hard. The stuff I'm decluttering is in good condition and I would like to sell it to get some money back but nothing is selling. I posted around 30 items on local and international sites, everything for less than $10 because I just want them out of my damn closet. I lost a lot of weight and most of my closet doesn't fit me anymore but I can't buy new things because I literally don't have the space(or money) for them right now. Every time I look at the piles of useless clothing I just want to scream.

No. 1357340

I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of my love for plushies either. I feel like a lot of plushie and doll collectors are people who were told to “grow up” at a young age. Now they’re adults there isn’t anybody to tell them no. I have a decent amount of plushies but I need to stop. I have to stop myself from collecting stuff like manga and plushies because I think I’m just lonely being in a new country.

No. 1357516

File: 1664483383258.png (5.91 MB, 2270x1843, animecore.png)

Nonna… are you picrel from the previous threads and animecore threads…? Kek

No. 1357525

that’s obviously not her. whoever took that photo already owns the figure in the picture, and like ten others. i doubt they would be agonizing over $100

do you want a figure specifically, or do you just want merch of that character? if it’s the latter there’s small things like official coasters you could get instead

No. 1357688

File: 1664492006907.png (380.56 KB, 480x640, _B43UK854-wp.png)

Nonnas, I want to buy this Usakumya so bad… It's 9500 yen. I kept thinking about it for months. I always imagine that I will take it with me for walks, picnics, cute cafes, lolita meetups… I have been wanting to pose a plushie for cute "everyday situations" photos for so long and I just cannot find one that could suit my tastes - sooner or later I start thinking about Usakumya again (even having dreams about it!!!). I was thinking about finding a cute plushie in a thrift store but in the end I think of Usakumya…

Please give me some bad reviews, harsh comments, anything that will discourage me from buying it. I can afford it but in the end it is just a very expensive plushie… I know Baby is a "luxury brand" but how can I justify buying an expensive stuffed animal and at the same time laugh at people buying pointless branded products like gucci crayons? I know it is hypocrisy

No. 1357717

Congrats nonny, I really want to do the same but I keep saying "I'll just buy this one thing first and then I'll start" kek. I have no willpower.

No. 1357720

I'm going to be very honest: it looks musty. It looks like those cheap 90's plushies that rots in cheap claw machines where i live. I can smell the pic. I know Lolita is inherently tacky but the off-white body and those detailless, bright red plastic eyes aren't doing any favors to the poor thing. If you buy it and actually bring that plushie to "meetups and picnics" please know that is going to look dirty very quickly. It doesn't look particularly sturdy either for "everyday situations" either. Collectible items have a shitty durability because they're made to be put in a box, so what are the odds that you will end with an ugly, permanently dirty and raggedy plushie before a courple photoshoots and a meetup? The issue with Gucci crayons is that there are better quality shit for cheaper and people are buying it for the meme. The difference between you and those people is that you technically you are going to give it a use beyond an insta story so it's not that similar to your situation but overall it doesn't seem like a great idea for me.

No. 1357724

The football / anglerfish was won from claw.jp. I believe it's made by amuse. The only listings I've found are from mercari.
The cicadas I purchased on ebay last year, it seems that seller is out of stock. If you search "magnetic cicada plush" you'll find them scattered through niche sales websites like jdm-car-parts, though their price is outrageous for such a tiny plush. Happy hunting!

Yeah, the few times I've played I've had more luck with less popular websites. I even had staff help me once after blowing a bunch of plays on one machine, talk about embarrassing.

No. 1357740

They pop up fairly often on closetchild for less than retail but I'm in agreement with >>1357720 that a white one's probably not super great in the long run. I get why you want one though, I wear classic and I own one of the LE versions because it was too cute to pass up. It is decently sturdy because it's supposed to function as a bag but accessing the bag part requires some severe manhandling of the head to get to the zipper which isn't a great design decision, and it holds less than a fucking thimble.

No. 1357755

If you're selling everything for <$10 just donate it. If they were more expensive pieces it would be worth it but that price is not worth the hassle or time imo. Especially since you said you just want them out of your

No. 1357761

Pricing too cheap will make buyers think there’s something wrong and you’re only going to get lowballers from my experience. But also selling clothing that isn’t super trendy or expensive is quite difficult at the moment, I’ve been trying to clear out the rest of my stuff for the lowest prices and there was almost no movement for months so I went ahead and gave the boxes to goodwill.

No. 1357763

NTA but I say the phrase, "I want it, but I don't need it" when I see something these days and it really helps. Occasionally I buy stupid shit like a toy for my cat or a cute shirt, but I've cut down so much to things that are truly only essentials now. You can do it nona, little steps!

No. 1357891

I also wanted to get a usakumya bag so bad, but i ended up getting a small plush that's kind of the size of a keychain. It can at least be a very expensive decoration piece and it probably won't get dirt. But apparently there are ways to clean them.

No. 1358018

>or any other merch
>>1357516 doesn't look like a small amount of merch

No. 1358105

File: 1664516816965.png (589.64 KB, 623x621, bunners.png)

nona they have similar ones to these on ebay, aliexpress etc. in different colours/styles and different coloured eyes for under $20. if you wanna get one I'd go for something like this. not worth the money

No. 1358108

Nonny, the actress behind this character got kicked out of the company, so they cold-turkey removed everything with her. The picture >>1357516 is a merch that a person's been collecting for years.
I want a figurine, but of course the best bet would have been an artbook from the artist, which of course they don't have.
I am glad I am not the only one who noticed. Figmas and especially nendroids used to be so cheap, 60$ at it's highest, but now the prices are so stupidly high. Hell, even POP-UP PARADE figurines which tend to be a huge hit or miss cost at least 60$.

No. 1358115

Ever since covid hit there is no where to donate. My options are either throw in a dumpster, sell or keep.

No. 1358129

nonna just google donation centers near you or women shelters, etc. Burger so idk where you are but there are plenty of non profits that will take those things - sometimes they'll come and pick it up

No. 1358227

I'm not a bruger, from a small town and I am telling you no place here takes donations. I used to give my clothing to a few different families but they moved and we lost contact.

No. 1358242

Is yasu00kamiki the artist? They have an art book for sale in their pinned tweet

No. 1358383

NTA but those aren’t nearly as cute as usakumya…

No. 1358407

File: 1664547314124.jpg (24.28 KB, 600x600, f06abc1884a4173d3474fff7541178…)

Huehue…I'm not a good influence anon. This is me but with my obsession for AP pony bags.

I will agree with the other anon that a certain degree of care and non-habitual use of these plushies is necessary to maintain their good condition. As bags, they're not great. But they are cute and make me happy so that's enough. I know there are alternatives and knockoffs of these types of things but they're never nearly as good as the OG designs imo..

No. 1358471

Small usakumyas and some of the medium ones are notorious for literally not fitting more than a fist in it. If you absolutely have to, buy it second hand so you'll pay 2/3 or half the price. Posing them outside and then putting them in your room or even bed as plush is also icky and it's best to handwash them (with the years, some start rusting around the metal handles when they get in contact with rain/water + some older one's fabric starts yellowing around the magnets), so you'll have to do that often.

No. 1358509

Well, these plush purses are supposed to be fashion accessories rather than actual purses, just like those super small handbags. They're there to complement you, not to hold your stuff.

No. 1358518

>I am glad I am not the only one who noticed
Just make a quick visit to MFC and look at the huge amount of "Prices too expensive, I'm quiting" blogs that keep being written. People jokinly now call the site "My Quitting Collection"
Aside from inflation and the huge demand/small production, some companies are also skyrocketing their prices because they feel like it (the 600k yen 1/4 b-style…) and delivering bad quality products despite the insane price (just look at eStream), which unafortunely made other companies to raise their prices too to check if people still bought them, and since they did, they keep the higher prices.
The way a nendo with 2 accesories now costs the same as a 1/6 scale a bit ago makes my blood boil. Now I just wait until someone gets a broken box or defect to buy the figures for a bit cheaper…

No. 1358612

If you are in a small town that doesn't have a homeless shelter or something, then I would just box everything up until charity shops open again. If you don't have storage space you could try posting on fb marketplace or something local for a cheap flat rate or even free under the condition they take everything as a lot. I'm sure you can figure out something.

No. 1359130

File: 1664593727835.png (191.68 KB, 344x480, happy and polly .png)

After debating on buying this cat tree for months, i finally decided to go ahead and do it. when I put it together and checked the website image for reference it was discounted for their anniversary sale. Bad timing! Anyway if any crazy cat nonas need a new tree check it out, it's still going on.

No. 1359134

I've been looking at this one too!

No. 1359136

So cute!
Honestly, is it really bad to be a consoomer if it's for your pet?

No. 1359139

not to pressure u but DO IT NOW its on sale
seeing them happy makes it worth every penny…

No. 1359142

I always browse their website but it kind of makes me sus. I'm always worried they're just a drop shipper for aliexpress does anyone have any testimonies about the quality of the cat trees?

No. 1359150

imo it's not really consoomerism, just regular consumerism. the website has a ton of designs, if somebody bought like four of those cat trees or if your cat doesnt like them and you bought one anyways cause cute then that would be consooming. moderation and not acting on impulse is key

No. 1359152

I was just joking nonna lol

No. 1359161

I was worried about that too, but it doesn't seem their designs show up on the typical drop shipping sites. They also put up preorders that have CG models, then consistently release them.
in terms of quality it's a bit wobbly when my fattest (10lb) kitty runs up it, but that's bound to happen. The tunnel is too small for my cats to comfortably rest in, but they like the tall hidey hole and enjoy chewing on the dangly bits. I'd rate it 8/10.
Have you never lamented over missing a sale?

No. 1359229

when did you buy it? you could always email them and ask for the discounted price, worst they can do is say no

No. 1359456

Can't you alter the clothes to fit you?

No. 1360950

File: 1664711499452.jpg (27.62 KB, 500x375, s-l500.jpg)

Nonas don't be like me, I bought a kuromi body composition scale (i've been genuinely needing a scale because I intend to lose some weight, nothing major but my old scale is mechanical and very imprecise)
While the scale itself only cost me 1000 yen, I had to pay shipping twice (to a proxy country and to my country after that) and sellers commission. So I paid out my ass just for a picture of kuromi on a completely normal scale.
Tbh I hate myself for this.

Granted that exact scale is 60$ + shipping on ebay and I paid much less than this, around 40 bucks, but my shippings costs were three times the cost of the scale itself just for a shitty uwu traumacore vibe larp.

Tbh I love kuromi so much, but I feel like a girl out of one of those shit tiktoks and memes about overconsumption.

No. 1361666

Luna! Glad to see you here

No. 1361672

I know people will judge you, but if you are going to buy something practical, why not get the cutest version of the item you were going to buy anyways? Imo it's consumerism if you didn't need it, like for example a wallet is some what of an essential item, but a lot of sanrio consoomers will take it far and have 10+ wallet instead of settling for the one sanrio wallet. Yes i am thinking of someone in particular btw.

No. 1362030

Anon would you not be satisfied if you bought a regular scale and decorated it with stickers/colours of that character? This is what I tend to do with phone cases, notebooks, etc. Importing a weight scale just for that design is not something I'd ever consider doing myself

No. 1362323

NTA but I agree with this sentiment. Sometimes I will buy the plainest, cheapest version of a thing just because I need it, and other times I'll pay extra for the cutest color/design solely because I know it will make me very happy to pull it out and use it. I think there's a time and place to occasionally shell out extra. It makes me very happy to see and use the things I paid a little bit extra for.

I am also the type of person who will buy multiples of a single thing until I find the "perfect" version of it (I did this with winter coats and daily bags and am now doing this with my lunch bag). I've managed to stop myself from consooming the same fucking item over and over again and forcing myself to just wait and weigh out my options and keeping an eye out for something that will fulfill my criteria. I've been using the same coat and bag for years and they're still going strong and I feel zero compulsion to replace them because I just love them so much.

No. 1362324

Not her, but I kinda thought of joking about that in my post. Like, that's some pathetic bitch behaviour.

Yeah, it's a necessary item. Like the only other kuromi things I have are a tote bag I was lacking and a desktop air humidifier. I debated getting bags since bags are a useful item, but I can't justify it because I already have all the bags that I would actually need and they're quality so I don't need to replace them any time soon.

I fucking bought off-brand sanrio stickers to stick on shit for like 2 bucks and still the thought that I could just get a normal scale and sticker it up didn't even cross my mind in the moment. I am so dumb.

I have also thought about getting a kuromi toaster because mine broke and I fucking love toast, but stopped myself in time to realise that my country and Japan have very different plugs and power standarts and even if I'd be able to convert the plug, I might have signed up to just burn my house down.
So I guess small victories.

No. 1362344

File: 1664814983216.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2100x1574, EADB83F4-0778-46EA-8801-4D8D12…)

Is there any tips and tricks nonnies can give to sell on Mercator? I’m selling an extra Hamtaro nendoroid and people are just liking my listing rather than send offers etc. is that a good sign? In exchange for advice I’d like to offer up the photo I took when I visited the funko pop store.

No. 1362353

File: 1664815160316.jpeg (4.26 MB, 4032x3024, 360388DC-4221-4A15-A7AD-8154D6…)

Sorry I meant Mercari but I have more funko pop store pics.

No. 1362383

yeah i see no issue with someone buying a cute version of an item they can use daily. thats actually the best kind of merch compared to useless figures, plain shirts with print, and make up people buy to never open then resell as expired. consoom people can stay mad when someone uses a practical item while they're just going to kill over in a pile of unused crap that will possibly be resold later for less than original value.

No. 1362459

As someone who has bought off Mercari before, there's an unofficial system of "liking" the item asking for a couple dollars off the price. So then you can send them an offer if you like of just small discount and see where the negotiation goes from there.

No. 1362525

File: 1664823082459.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, 1647315389492.jpg)

As someone who has sold there for almost a year, idk, I see some listings as long-haulers. I had two items that were extremely rare, and even though my listing was pretty much at the top of the Google shopping search for it, it took probably around 2 months for it to actually sell. It had like 40 likes by the end.

It's usually a good sign that an item is getting likes–that's when I actually become much less likely to promote bc people are much more likely to ignore an item if it's a very bad price, even if they really want it. I usually only promote truly ignored items or if I'm very desperate, I'll list elsewhere. Also–I usually make exceptions for items I know are extremely rare. I had a set of books that I could sell for 300$ and they were ignored for a month, not one like, but my listing was the cheapest one on the web. Then, it was randomly snatched up.
Just make sure you judge whether or not something might drop in value too. What items I usually sell will never be produced again nor drop in interest anytime soon, so I was able to get away with not dropping the price.

No. 1362575

Thanks! I’ll see where it goes because it’s brand new in box. It’s only been like a day so I’m hopeful somebody will purchase it. I don’t think selling my anime dvds will be much easier. Might discount them a lot because nobody wants dvds anymore.

No. 1362728

File: 1664833362835.jpg (676.28 KB, 1079x1749, Screenshot_20221003_174154.jpg)

this loser moid spent 8000$ on this (probably faked) cartridge when the ROM has been dumped for years. this shit never fails to boggle my mind

No. 1362731

Dont lose hope, many of us still buy DVDs, let it be for either their collection or for preserving media. I actually imported 4 movies and an anime the other day because I found them for cheap.

No. 1362743

Wtf why is it 8k? I have a bunch of old Zelda games and I checked online they're only worth a couple hundred at most. Is it because they're not "used"?

No. 1362881

That one in particular is a "not for resale" cartridge. They were meant to be used in stores for showing off games to potential customers, so there are significantly less of them than what's actually sold to the general market. Sometimes they're different versions from the retail games, or they have early/cut content that can appeal to hobbyists and fans.
Like that other nonnie said though, it could easily be a bootleg, and there's nothing on one of these MM kiosk carts that hasn't already been documented or shared online. Dude's out of his gourd to spend that much for what's basically a scam at worst and a novelty at best.

No. 1362884

Could also be straight up lying about what he spent on it.

No. 1363187

he didn't spend that much, he wants attentions and views because he gets $ from it. it's clickbait and it's clearly working lmao

No. 1363412

File: 1664893345055.jpeg (112.47 KB, 570x760, 4C349EBD-17A9-4473-BA11-584017…)

My husband tinfoils that a grading company is behind the inflation of N64 games. It’s to only benefit the people who own these “rare copies”. Kind of like in uncut gems where friends offer high prices at the auction to inflate the price.
He also said that this copy of MM is one they’d have in a GameStop as a free to play copy.

No. 1363420

Are you sure it's not a bootleg? Bootlegs for very popular GB and GBA games are very popular, not sure if it's the same with other types of cartridges. Then again it all depends on a bunch of arbitrary criteria. My local retro game store sells overpriced 1st part Nintendo games for a lot after they "grade" the games, and will sell the same games for way less if there's not box, no booklet, and the games aren't in absolute perfect condition and just look ok or in a good condition.

No. 1363429

Posting again to say that covid contributed to this as well as grading companies because of the demand raising from normies being bored, having free time and sufferkng from nostalgia but not knowing about emulators. I bet grading companies saw this and lost their shit. My local retro game store raised their prices too because of this.

No. 1363443

It’s happened to lots of collector stuff as well. I was in a different 2nd and Charles the other day and realized a lot of their manga prices reflected eBay listings. Old ass yellowed copies of Marmalade boy going for $15 per book. That’s more than retail prices.

No. 1363452

I saw that for the French Paradise Kiss manga, you can get the series for at least 75€ for 5 volumes in total, and the publishing house released an ugly as fuck new edition that compiles everything in one book. I got it because it was way cheaper but it's not convenient because I tend to read manga to pass time in public transport. I've seen similar shit with shojo manga that aren'r printed anymore, Nana isn't any better but the volumes are being reprinted right now so they're more expensive second hand than in stores. It's bullshit.

No. 1363472

File: 1664896990386.jpeg (5.93 MB, 4030x3023, 05162915-BF68-4CA6-BA23-319A1A…)

It’s because of Tokyopop going bankrupt in America. They had a massive library of manga licenses. You can go onto Viz Media and request certain titles to be published again. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6PUJkXtQIWBT8G3zMAN5IPAwHREYxjNeDcyQumRDdCccAlQ/viewform

No. 1363477

You guys had Anima+ too, that's cool. It's been a while since I read that one.

No. 1363480

I actually do have the booklet but it didn't have the box, I've compared it with bootlegs online since you asked and it seems to be legitimate. I live in such a small town area I really doubt there would be a bootlegger here selling at flea markets anyway.

No. 1363482

Oh shit I remember reading DNAngel, you just unlocked memories for me nonnie

No. 1363510

I’m missing a few volumes but other than that you can get them pretty cheap if you know where to look.

No. 1363543

Tokyopop… I wish I hadn’t lost all my pet shop of horrors volumes years ago

No. 1363704

I'm actually looking to get rid of most of my manga from years back and PSOH is one of them.
I wish I knew if Akino ever got to reunite Leon and D

No. 1363746

What in the online zoomer anachan shit is this… where can I get one

No. 1363751

It's not exactly a tinfoil, scam grading companies are a known problem in the industry.

No. 1363808

i'm not even into sanrio and that scale is honestly cool as fuck, i know this thread isn't for encouraging this behaviour but i would buy it too given the chance. like >>1361672 said, if you aren't buying doubles and you'll actually use what you purchase it's not that bad.

No. 1363837

I asked if I could post his thoughts and he said not to make it concrete. Hence the tinfoil part added. He's just a lil paranoid after KF went down that's all.

No. 1364061

Oops, I forgot about this post lol. I feel lucky that I haven't fixated on any expensive brands like mugler, I've mainly been collecting from alkemia and al rehab. I want to try some oil replicas I found on etsy as well, and I have a couple indie shops I'm looking at - solstice scents and kyse perfumes. I do have one miniature of versace's dylan blue, it's very cute ♥ I definitely don't need a lot. I got a 3.4 oz tester bottle at a bargain and I'm barely a quarter of the way through it. I'd rather have a miniature next time.
I use them! They make me very happy. Smells are super vivid to me so a good perfume can turn my whole day around.
Yes, you get it! The sensory experience is the biggest draw for me. I love scents in particular that replicate something in a realistic way. I have warm cotton from solinotes and it smells just like nivea cream, I'm obsessed with it. I played it safe and bought a travel size but I'm going through it really fast lol.

No. 1364240

File: 1664943282429.jpg (362.21 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20221004-211404.jpg)

Nothing new under the sun. Dad collected Morgan dollars back in '08. They were around $25-50 depending on date and grade. If the coin was in a Carson City holder, the most common dates and shit condition would sell for $150. You could take the coin out of the plastic holder too. Pic rel. $400 now… kek

No. 1364257

what do you do with empty perfume bottles? i used to buy mini ones all the time until i had a ton of empty ones just sitting at my desk, i couldn't bring myself to throw them away, the glass were so cute and also, i was trying to be environmentally friendly kek but i did eventually threw them out

No. 1364946

Decorating the inside of bottles with little trinkets & pretty glitter water is kinda popular now, maybe you can do that and gift it to someone who likes that stuff or sell them online?

No. 1364956

Throwing glass bottles into the glass recycling bin is fine because glass is 100% recycable. Even if you kept them they'd be thrown out once you pass away realistically anyway so I'm personally not big on holding on to things desperately trying to repurpose them, it's better to just not purchase it in the first place if you care about the environment.

No. 1365587

File: 1665030462931.jpg (2.25 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20220923_164256133.jpg)

Like is is this one lmfao

No. 1365589

File: 1665030534751.jpg (2.51 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20220923_164246947.jpg)

No. 1365620

I got mine on surugaya, you can try mercari too.
They're a lottery prize so second-hand markets in Japan are your best bet.
Same for most sanrio appliances, they're usually the 1st place price in atari kuji lotteries.

No. 1365632

the japanese truly have thought of everything. a body composition scale with sanrio characters on it, kek. it's just such a specific item.

No. 1365725

I find it somewhat amusing when companies try to set out a new height of consooming with products like this and then see that noone will actually buy it.

No. 1365782

File: 1665050212692.jpg (41.29 KB, 500x500, nonaily.jpg)

I know this is supposed to be about NOT consooming but I just found one of these on ebay and bought it nona hahaha you got me with this one dammit
to be fair I've quit smoking (two weeks strong!) it's like $50 a pack here too so I have the money and I'm actively trying to lose a lil chub/get healthier so it's a worthwhile actually useable treat. thank you fellow sanriofag ily!

No. 1366301

File: 1665091189280.jpg (30.45 KB, 254x275, 1658342454290.jpg)

Question to nonnies that sell online–do you put different things on different websites? Is it good to specialize?
Also, do the rest of you guys look for very "curated" shops? Sorry if that's cringey, kek.

I was looking to buy something super specific on a site and it seemed like most people there were specializing, which made me second-guess how I approach my selling. I've sold 70% of what I've posted on one site, but I'm now getting more into stuff that is rarer or even stranger. And I'm starting to feel quite yucky about just posting everything (games, clothes, books, etc). My store is a mess.

No. 1366307

File: 1665091686977.jpeg (62.47 KB, 1024x535, 90DD0E0C-095C-45EE-92E0-3479FB…)

They amaze me. The other day I was at a Japanese store and they were selling packs of erasers shaped like garden eels. Not fish, not regular swimming eels, specifically this obscure subfamily of eels that poke outta the ground.

No. 1366346

I've been selling a lot of stuff online to try and declutter and normally list on a bunch of different sites (mainly depop, ebay, and vinted since I'm a britfag). I usually set the price according to the fees that the site takes, so I list shit pretty cheap on vinted since they have no fees. Other than that I don't really curate my store, but I'm not into selling online seriously. I think people just mainly prioritise price and good reviews.

No. 1366354

Unless you are flipping items specializing doesnt matter. People will follow a shop to keep getting vintage y2k, cottage, kawaii, goth, but if you just want to sell your items from the closet people are just happy with good pictures, measures, reviews, and someone who replies. If you do flip clothes find a place that sells at .25-3.00/item then marks up to $15-80 unless you find gunne sax which went from $50 to fucking $200-300 a dress.

No. 1366423

File: 1665104689402.jpg (98.09 KB, 640x1037, Isopod-Phone-Case.jpg)

Japan has a fascination with obscure sea creatures and making merch of it, like I remember seeing items everywhere with giant isopods on them for some reason. Ngl, I like this phone case but it seems horribly impractical for use

No. 1367124

Wasn’t too sure whether to post here but don’t know where else; I’m trying to sell off most of my crap but things are moving super slowly. Ive got them mostly on Mercari, but recently switched to vinted since it’s got little to no fees. Yet I’ve priced super low and they are still not moving? Also, why is most of vinted items super cheap??

No. 1367258

> Yet I’ve priced super low and they are still not moving
The economy is in shambles
Should have listed 3 months ago

No. 1368004

File: 1665259850552.webm (2.09 MB, 576x1024, tiktok button.webm)

>If you don't have a tiktok button wHaT aRe yOu dOinG????

not spending my money on shit like this ig

this woman has a bunch of tiktoks with makeup and amazon essentials(mostly useless stuff like this ring)and god I hate her voice she sounds so bitchy

No. 1368010

sage for no contribution but this is video from the previous thread is if lolcow became mainstream for whatever reason and everyone consoomed the cow aesthetic kek

No. 1368013

File: 1665260116723.jpg (83.72 KB, 750x737, 1665076527094444.jpg)

do want

No. 1368025

File: 1665261299044.webm (8.77 MB, 576x1024, why so many similar bags.webm)

No. 1368029

this is one of the most retarded things i have ever seen in my life. are zoomers so braindead that they need to make even scrolling mindlessly more "convenient"? who the fuck does this serve?
>you can even LIKE VIDEOS
like how i canon the app itself? tell me she's being clowned in the comments, I can't take this shit anymore.

No. 1368032

how old is she? she sounds like a terminally online rich teen who makes consumerism her personality

No. 1368041

File: 1665263821391.webm (4.48 MB, 576x1024, nails.webm)

>tell me she's being clowned in the comments
some people are like "just use your hands duh" but many comments say how much they NEED it

i looked it up and while it's not anything official, internet says she is 37? she definitely doesn't look like a young zoomer but being this old…having all this useless shit…i really wonder how she has gotten her hoard of glittery pink shit that she "worked her ass for"

vid rel, a fucking fake nail organiser

No. 1368050

Nails look like fucking biohazard zones. I constantly see women wearing these fake acrylic with all the shit glued to them and always think they must be harboring so much bacteria underneath if they don't remove them after a while. Is it uwu kawaii to have parasites living under your nails

No. 1368052

File: 1665264319494.webm (9.5 MB, 576x1024, bathroom.webm)

maybe i'm some sort of pleb that never got the appeal of sitting in a bathtub but still why stay in a bathtub for that long and do all this shit

No. 1368057

File: 1665264771887.webm (6.26 MB, 576x1024, musthaves.webm)

>bag must haves
>the only useful thing(bottle)was put in an unnecessary extra bag

No. 1368059

Those things are reusable? I had no idea.

No. 1368060

File: 1665265008213.jpg (237.06 KB, 1283x1749, IMG_3645.jpg)

nonna thank you for posting her shes my personal cow. she posts insane shit like this and it makes me want to avoid amazon for two weeks. bottom feeder content
she filters the fuck out of her pics now but she is very much a full millennial. And not one of the younger ones.

No. 1368066

what is the brush she dipped in some type of gel?

No. 1368067

lmao you're welcome. found her randomly and as you said, her videos are insane and she sounds very obnoxious. her obsession with pink, glitter, and brands is sickening. do you happen to know if she is rich or something cause i can't imagine how someone can have all this expensive and unnecessary shit. even if she earns a living from social media, it still doesn't add up.

No. 1368075

whats wrong with being a millinisl? our views are closer (gen z & mill) than any other generation in all honesty. ( im 28)

No. 1368078

Nothing, people just get off to generational wars now. New way to mock random people I guess.

No. 1368108

Just like boomers, zoomers are obsessed with millennials. Anons seem very salty this woman has money that they don't. She's obviously using these videos to get zoomers on tiktok to buy the shit she's promoting and doesn't actually give a fuck about it. I can't imagine someone actually wasting their time using all that useless shit.

No. 1368117

Ugh, sorry for incoming blogpost and general insane post, but I can't stand videos edited like this. They feel so fast paced since there is something new going on every second. the focus on every sound that happens also drives me insane. I'm a weirdo and really sensitive towards sounds so I can't stand this kind of stealth ASMR. It legit scratches my ear and makes me feel gross.
I talked to some friends a few days ago who where trying to get me into tiktok and they said that the short video format was good for your concentration which honestly just sounded insane. I feel like I'm suffocating whenever I watch so fasted paced videos

No. 1368187

so mad my early 2000s girly girl preteen self would love this

No. 1368200

I had a friend of mine explain it the other week to me and pretty much boomers groups us in with the younger gen and gen z groups us in with the older gen….we are like the middle child. But it sucks because most of us agree with gen Z. ad we have gotten shit on mby the older gens our whole life and are happy gen z is like us.

No. 1368201

Why does everyone have such hate boners for millennials.

No. 1368207

Generational wars and race wars distract people from class wars (which would actually help people the most) so they’re much more encouraged.

No. 1368213

File: 1665278944353.jpeg (325.32 KB, 828x1539, 6498FA14-1999-462A-BDBE-8F8CD9…)

This person collected 26 loungefly bags in only two weeks. Mind you, loungefly bags range from $60-$90 so she spent at least $1000 on this shit in a short amount of time.

No. 1368215

Using this thread as my official "fuck working at GS"
I fucking hate these bags so much, they are stupid expensive. I recently found out they are owned by the Funko Pop family, which is a telltale sign of me hating my job and not knowing consuming shit

No. 1368238

That’s why they look so soulless. I hate these ugly ass bags

No. 1368239

Someone talk me out of buying this retarded stationery set i'm already half-here but i need something to motívate me to drop this shit.
I was getting my comsoom checked but now that i ran out of glue and tape for my journals i went to a pretty big stationery store and i find this and noooo i don't need this but is cute please i don't want to coomsom again.

No. 1368240

File: 1665280565414.jpg (180.38 KB, 480x480, 05d83832-c22b-487b-baca-8a3bd1…)

Samefag drop my pic

No. 1368253

yeah sorry anon, this is gorgeous.

No. 1368258

You're not helping nonnie. I would put crying emojis if i could.

No. 1368262

If you're going to actually use it then get it of you want. But make a pact that you won't get anything else until you use this one up.

No. 1368270

The fucking bedazzled FEBREEZE, rich people really don't have any taste

No. 1368306

Nothing, but I keep seeing millenials shit on zoomers then cry when they get any criticism back. You getting upset is a good example because >>1368029 was originally accusing her of being a dumb zoomer but for some reason all the millenials ITT took offense when >>1368060 said she was a dumb millenial

No. 1368313

It's just a young vs old(er) thing. gen z are mostly teenagers and millennials are all 25-40. Face it nona, we're the annoying stupid adults in the room now

No. 1368347

I had to stop following artists because seeing their shops made me want to consoom so badly. I did end up buying a tote bag from one of them because it was on sale…

No. 1368437

>>1368306 how was me asking a question (whats wrong witj being a mill) have to do with getting upset? it was a legit question no emotion expressed in my comment at all. you obviously have alot of hate in your heart. blah.

No. 1368498

I hate it too anon, I have a hard time watching content aimed at zoomers because it's edited so wildly. Different product shot every frame, shoving the microphone into everything to get the most fucking cursed sounds, talons gripping and tapping on everything. A lot of videos are sped up because the lack of attention span means you have to cram as many ads as possible into about 10 seconds. All to make you watch it 2-3 times to get what's going on and gain them extra views.

You don't type like you're 28.

No. 1368512

File: 1665312332538.jpeg (42.45 KB, 390x421, 32102B5C-D1E5-4F62-92AD-0FCA8A…)

Careful scrolling nonnies there’s still cp
Bumping to add I want to buy more Calico Critters because I like to sew them tiny clothes

No. 1368516

omg nonna please post the clothes you sew for them! 9 yr old me making my sylvanians little felt waistcoats and being frustrated by how bad they looked would have loved you kek

No. 1368520

File: 1665313308159.gif (277.52 KB, 222x90, shopping.gif)

I think ever since summer started, and especially since I scheduled my surgery for the end of the year, I lost control and just started spending money carelessly. I buy shit I truly want and use, especially when it comes to clothes because I find my size far more easily now than before, and I don't buy manga and video games randomly anymore but I spend a lot of money on eating outside and ordering takeouts after work because I have saved a lot of money and I want to treat myself. I need to get my shit together. I'm gonna buy some clothes and accessories today online and will stop shopping for the next two weeks and see how it goes. I also need to save more money specifically because I'd like to visit Japan next summer and do a lot of things I couldn't when I was there during the covid emergency measures. And I need to buy clothes, especially trousers there because it's what's actually difficult for me to find in my size where I live and I remember finding everything I wanted effortlessly in most stores in Tokyo.

No. 1368522

i thought you said 'sew them into my clothes' and i figured, 'yeah i can get behind that'

No. 1368524

File: 1665314204794.jpeg (1.41 MB, 3353x2129, A98B8906-DE7C-42B2-91E8-A26DCC…)

I tried to get a picture of this recent outfit but my cat keeps wanting to play (she takes the tiny bed pillows when I’m not watching)

No. 1368529

I am gonna cry

No. 1368532

I feel like quite a few anons are coming here thinking that buying stuff is a sin. Buying in excess is what is normally critised, not buying for use. >>1368239 and >>1368512 you just sound like you have hobbies and there's nothing wrong with spending on those.

No. 1368541

amazing fashion and flounce!! you can rest easy knowing your cat has good taste at least

No. 1368579

Same, i like these little pets thingies and i would get one, maybe, because they are small, but i cant imagine as an adult walking with those huge as fuck toys and annoying everyone while also looking like a retard.

No. 1368666

This is beautiful, where’d you find it?

No. 1368707

File: 1665328860862.jpg (60.01 KB, 600x624, Screenshot 2022-10-09 111921.j…)

if I can play devil's advocate I gotta say I'm not a fan of this, and NOT because I don't love the adorable precious aesthetic. The sticker sheets(?) and some of the paper is curling at the edges, and it looks really thin. Overall as cute as the illustrations are it looks like a cheap set. Plus with sets, you always get some shit you don't need. Why don't you wait and shop around for a higher quality item(s) that only includes what you'll really use? Something that you can relish using.

If you love sweet character goods, Sanrio & San-X both usually print on heavier paper stock than what it looks like your pic has.

No. 1368722

File: 1665329539287.png (70.49 KB, 179x275, 5108F6DA-E1E6-478E-8BDC-D3AF7B…)


No. 1368730

They're seriously cute, I watched the video and the only ones that are worth the money are the chameleon and the cat. But they're mostly for fidgeting at home if you're an adult tbh.

No. 1369276

Today I almost bought another fountain pen ink but talked myself out of it

No. 1369356

I stopped going to thrift stores because I would buy up all the old stationery. i don't have any friends or family i'm close to to send letters and stuff to. They're so cute too but what do I do with them? i'm just so drawn to stationery

No. 1369505

If you're comfortable with it, you could be pen pals with female inmates. I don't know what the rules are with sending pretty stationary in your location, but it might be worth looking into if you're bored.

No. 1369508

nta but that sounds spooky. i am sure there are still facebook groups / forums / whatever where you can find your own penpal.

No. 1369656

Write a letter to future you
I wrote myself a letter when I was 13 to open when I was 23. I wrote "I hope you have a boyfriend and a job at that age". Oof

No. 1370892

Oof feeling hypocritical because I love shitting on consoomers in this thread but I was looking at things online and saw one of the artist I like actually has merch available rn and I'm super tempted to get something from them. Usually they are sold out but they have a little more in stock and even at a small discount. I feel like on one hand i should go for it and say treat myself because I've been looking for these items for some time but I can't really justify it since its $45 for a toy essentially. I do have a somewhat collection of things like this but I don't want it to become a giant collection and become consoomer levels of ridiculous

No. 1370894

You're supporting an artist and not a corporation, that gives you a leg up on most funko pop enjoyers at least

No. 1370904

a good type of spooky though! i didn't even know you could do that

No. 1370944

I was gonna say I think it's just fine to buy luxury/hobby stuff if it's within a reasonable budget you stick to but I just really don't understand the value of toys. What do you do with it, stick it on a shelf or desk and glance at it once in a while? At least something like this >>1369276 or >>1369356 can actually be used (up). Not trying to be catty btw, I just genuinely don't see what's tempting about toys as an adult.

No. 1371055

File: 1665520334337.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.06 KB, 1024x1024, BC703B86-803E-4078-A884-84C424…)

Yeah it feels really ridiculous to want something that feels made for kids, but I do actually kind of use some of my plushies. I keep my large ones on the end of my bed and they kind of function as throws I can lay on when I'm playing games/studying. I don't have a partner rn (lol) and my little dog has her own pillow to sit on so they stay on the bed for me. I have a shelf with all my smaller ones on it that I rearrange from time to time but they mostly function as collective decor. I guess they just make me happy and I appreciate the way they're made so I can't hate figure collectors because I'm kind of the same thing. Pic rel is one I've been eyeing sooo much

No. 1371190

i think this is a pretty mature plushie but not overly mature. seems like a type that can easily be geared towards children and adults

No. 1371199

That sounds interesting! but because of where I work at it might not be possible, or it would conflict.
I’m 27 right now and I doubt I’ll be alive by 37 lol, but I’ll try it ( writing a letter to myself)

No. 1371201

Who is the artist anon? This is so cute!

No. 1371210

File: 1665526664382.png (109.34 KB, 285x362, Screenshot 2022-10-11 181329.p…)

I went to ulta today and I saw the new makeup revolution halloween collection and I managed to resist buying anything from it. I use to have a serious issue consuming eye makeup products because I was so desperate to be that girl who could rock really cute dark eye looks, but I have to accept that they don't suit me at all no matter how hard i try. I straight up look like a child who played with my mums makeup. The most shameful part is that i was dumb enough to have bought some pretty expensive eyeshadows for whatever reason in the past. I was also tempted by picrel but idk, i have very crusty lips and have had negative experiences with one lip tint that i bought clinging onto dead skin on my lips and looking patchy and ugly. I still kind of want to try it, but idk if i want to waste $7 and have another piece of useless plastic in my drawers.

No. 1371213

Why are you applying lip products to crusty lips and expecting a non-crusty result

No. 1371217

I should have specified that i exfoliate my lips before i put on lip products and it makes no difference. It didn't like to cling onto the areas of my lips that are much "fresher".

No. 1371247

Drink more water

No. 1371249

Whatever man, i just won't buy lip tints, jeez.

No. 1371533

Soak a lip mask on before exfoliating and do the same thing after idk

No. 1371548

File: 1665544963569.jpeg (152.25 KB, 828x191, F5220CD9-F269-4ACC-861E-E57AAC…)

No. 1372291

Collecting these is bad enough, but that would be 1-2 years minimum to any normie with an above average job who was frugal everywhere else. I find them cute but knowing they're vinyl I'd never buy one. They'd flake after 3 months use. I'm at the point I'm sewing my own merch now. Better to buy $5-30 secondhand leather purses and incorporate cute $4-8 a yard unique fanart fabrics from Etsy into them.

No. 1372364

For nonnies using amazon, make sure to squeeze as much free shit from them as you can. I just complained because DHL didn't ring my doorbell and left my package directly at a package station, and they gave me a 5 euro coupon. Once I ordered an expensive book that got slightly damaged during shipping, and they sent a new one for free. Another time I bought a binder that had some marks that you could easily clean off and they refunded me. Also if your package gets delayed for a day or two you're apparently entitled to a full refund, so screenshot the estimated delivery date. Fuck amazon.

No. 1372905

Don't know what to look up for this. If anynonny could help that would be nice. So, I tried looking for women's shelters in my location and I found one that I think I would like to donate to until it said that people not from the shelter are able to shop from their thrift store yet the women who are in their program shop there for free. I was kind of hoping it would only go to the women/girls in need. I don't want some of my trendy stuff to end up in the hands of a reseller.. Soooo, what do?

No. 1372922

wait what so if they push the package a day or two later i get the item for free? or only my money back? im sure the employees dont give a shit for fucking over amazon i agree with bleeding them a tiny amount of blood from their own policies

No. 1372933


I guess that explains why all of them outside of the sanrio ones are so goddamn ugly. I'm pretty sure those are like $120ish, or at least the kuromi and my melo ones I wanted were.

No. 1372948


Yeah basically. They make so much money they'll throw gift cards at you for pretty much any inconvenience. At this point they know you're going to come make them their money back anyway.

No. 1372994

Saging in case is a tinfoil, cause I didnt see anything related to it: when does kpop stan culture start becoming an addcition?
I've seen people spend money on it like a gambling addiction, there's thus girl on my country that apparently has scammed kpop stans out of thousands of money to spend on photocards and the like. And the worst thing is that those things aren't even that collectible. I thought they were like more expensive or are? But no, and apparently there's a lot of fakes, and people pay for those custom fakes too. The drama in that fandom surrounding sales and scams is enourmous. I don't get why we can agree that gachas can lead to addiction, but kpop consoomerism doesn't? I don't get the point of obssesing over a moid like that, there's girls spending their best years and money on the equivalent of those otaku idols. There's a girl on my job that told that she bought a house, cause her room in her parents house was too crowded, and she wanted a place to put her merch. Girl why? I've had so many friends fall into that fandom and spent so much money on it. I'm geninuely worried, and worse of all is that if you point it out, they all argue that you're being "racist" or something.

No. 1373010

Just like any addiction it starts off slowly and then spirals at some point without the person even really realizing. I was a kpop fanatic back in the second generation days and looking back I realize how dumb it was to obsess over moids with fake personalities and faker faces. I still don't know when it became so bad but one day when my laptop died and I was essentially cut off for about a month I realized how bad it was. (I didn't go back to kpop and thank God because the hallyu wave happened right after). Trust me it's all just massive cope when they pull the race card or claim you just don't get it and these guys are totes breaking gender norms and shit. We know we're losing money to guys who will never acknowledge our existence. Hence all the baaawing when you remind them of it.
But it's actually really easy to get into this addiction if you step a toe into the fandom. Once you join a group you get assaulted by random facts about ppl you don't know and fancams from all different angles and 100 different pictures of one idol at a single event. You just say you like a certain group or song and immediately you will get ppl trying to "introduce" you to the group (which really means throwing their entire discography at you and getting you to know their names and hair colors and blood types). And because everyone seems to know all this stuff and have these collections you don't the FOMO kicks in hard. And hard-core fans will flex on new fans for not knowing as much as they do and send you videos and shit to "educate you". Once you're in the echo chamber it's really hard to get out. So your friend is definitely trapped in that and it's gonna be hard for her to leave unless a major change happens and she's not in those spaces anymore.
Luckily for me I was able to sell all my second gen stuff for pretty good money recently thanks to a resurgence in interest of older groups.

No. 1373075

Albums have "random" photocards in them. Most people will not get what they hoped for when they open their album since some members are more popular than others. Then they buy the photocard that they wanted. The FOMO kicks in hard and they start buying every photocards of the idol. Then they start collecting other members and groups because buying photocards isn't satisfying at all. It never ends.

No. 1375323

File: 1665841427097.png (86.22 KB, 720x540, 1c3116a72608865f3ef7c2af1fbcf4…)

nonnies, how do you live more frugally? my problem isn't hoarding shit (i don't buy merch, makeup, clothes/shoes, what have you, and i don't collect anything) but whenever my pay comes in at the end of the month i end up buying things i "need".

i moved into my own apartment a few months ago so a lot of the times i had to buy stuff for the apartment, like additional shelves or storage solutions. i'm slowly but surely set, so i don't have to worry about that anymore. still, i end up buying stuff. i went through my finances last week and if i lived more frugally and stopped treating myself for getting through another month of work, i could keep my spending to 1k euros per month, and save the rest of my wage (a bit over 900 euros per month). of course i still want to allow myself to treat myself to things like going to the zoo or ordering food with my coworkers once a month.

still, i feel like i'm constantly ordering stuff. right now i'm looking for the perfect planner because i have to deal with a lot of deadlines in my job, and i dislike online planners because they make it hard for me to grasp timelines. so i've been looking for planners and i ended up finding one i really like but ofc it's a fucking filofax and those are expensive.

otoh i can afford it after living barely above the poverty line until my early 20s and then living off of financial aid during college, but still. i wanna save up and make sure to have enough money in my bank account that my family doesn't have to worry about me.

No. 1375358

AYRT i ended up buying a Little Twin Stars pen with black ink (i only had blue pens so is not-that-useless) and a few glues that i actually needed because i'm a craftfag aside from a journalfag. Yeah you're right, it had a lot of useless stuff (what i'm going to do with a pin?) And that money could be spended elsewhere. Thanks anon ♥

No. 1375365

I love these threads so much they've been a real eye-opener for me. I wasn't much of a hoarder but I was prone to buying random shit sometimes for the sake of it then quickly regretting it once the initial dopamine hit wore off. Seeing you guys point out how unnecessary a lot of these items are and how they could spiral into consoomerism like in those tiktok vids posted upthread have made me more mindful of how I spend.

Not saying there's anything bad with treating yourself occasionally, but it really can easily get out of hand. I got inspired to sell off like 90% of my old video games I didn't even play anymore, so now I've cleared up a lot of space and made some decent money. Thank you nonnas

No. 1375381

File: 1665846808402.jpg (62.23 KB, 720x719, 4ccc63c6e3db383f0193c15b92815c…)

1) You didn't sage. Is not needed in OT, but still.
2) it's less about fakes and more about fanmade merch. The fanmade merch side is as big as the merch oficial side. Sometimes fansites (read: stalker fans with privileges in the company that act half like PR and half like managers) sell their own fanmade merch with unseen photos or something, so that is kinda an intermediate step between fanmade and original, but still. There are imitation merch sure but i've never hear of fake merch being sold as real. There is no need because again, the fanmade merch market is as big as the original merch.
3) it's 100% an addiction and i can sperg about it for ages.
4) it's VERY collectable. Picrel is an special edition album with it's own premium photocard. There is only 2500 copies of it. Needless to say it's pretty rare. Kpop companies mastered the artificial scarcity and obviously they prey on the mentally ill so it's even worse.

No. 1375406

I think it’s okay to treat yourself to something you know you’ll use a lot anon! With the planner, maybe try using just a notebook first before committing to the Filofax to make sure that written planning rly works for you. I bought a hobonichi a few months ago and I regret it now because I’m realizing that written planner-ing doesn’t work for me and I just hadn’t found the right planner app yet (for me that was Notion).

My perhaps obvious frugal tip is get into the habit of buying stuff secondhand. Most of my clothes, my nice brand name backpack, my dyson vaccuum, my sony headphones, my pretty (but inexpensive) antique tableware are all secondhand and often like-new. If it’s not something that must be hygienic or consumable or something where the warranty is really important, I check if I can get the thing cheaper secondhand before buying a new thing. I also look out for personal possessions I’m no longer using and I sell them.

No. 1376449

File: 1665931130327.jpeg (645.55 KB, 1801x1790, 95225A06-906D-4E9F-8802-A135E8…)

Sorry if this is annoying to anyone but here’s another pic for the anons who wanted to see my calico critter fashion creations (I use a lot of scrap cloth to be responsible/consume less). The skirt is made from a pair of pants that never fit, the shirt is from some tights I barely wore, and the cane is a toothpick. Then the felt pieces were less than a dollar together. Was going for an autumn look here.

No. 1376451

i wanna steal her look

No. 1376467


This is so precious

No. 1376473

she feels nostalgic for some reason

No. 1376474

10/10, would watch a cozy cartoon about her and her adventures in the big city.

No. 1376480

File: 1665933967906.jpeg (191.37 KB, 1024x1024, 21619894204dc56fbb150e6e8a915f…)

i was at my most depressed and lonely when i consoomed k-pop like crazy. i don't know if it was an addiction but i definitely bought albums compulsively and i genuinely thought i needed to have the most complete collection possible… realized it was total copium to avoid facing reality. i always got this nasty feeling when i looked at album merch previews like picrel knowing i had to choose and couldn't afford it all. i'm so glad nothing makes me feel like this anymore
not to mention the general obsession with random celebs who you don't know. all the scandals in 2018 made me physically sick because i essentially emotionally bonded to the idea of them i had in my head but i realized they were only random moids who weren't even attractive when left to their own devices.

No. 1376483

i hate kpop music but the aesthetics they go for are amazing

No. 1377132

hehe cute

No. 1377341

it's a bunch to tag but ty to all the nonnies complimenting my work in calico critter fashion design! you're all so sweet.

No. 1380957

File: 1666294228245.jpg (186.5 KB, 1024x1024, 5_1024x1024.jpg)

Stationaryfriends, I impulse ordered Stickii Club's advent calendar. It seems overpriced but hopefully the consoom will help stave off holiday depression.

No. 1381040

this is nice, I like this very much

No. 1381248

The technology part literally looks like a aespa concept, kpop groups really have no originality they just keep copying each other.

No. 1381380

omg thanks nonna gonna buy this for my cousin

No. 1382448

File: 1666403495391.jpg (65.21 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-345.jpg)

Does anyone have tips on how to handle a beggining shopping issue? I just got my first big girl job and I dont have many expenses (ie no rent) so i went a little overboard, it's so exciting and freeing not have to approach my parents like a humble feudal servant to get something that I went a bit overboard and got a fuckton of stuff.
Picrel my biggest problem is books, I read way faster than average and E-readers give me headache, but its also my main hobby lol.

No. 1382457

Highly recommend the r/shoppingaddiction subreddit, for tips and honest feedback. They will tell you to return/sell shit and it's not a hugbox.

No. 1382462

Thanks anon, insofar I havent gotten anything truly useless, for example i bought a fuckton of make up but it was basic things I didn't own like a eyeshadow palette that actually matched my skin color and concealer.

No. 1382702

ntayrt, but that's usually a cope people begin with, not saying you're wrong about these things being useless, but a lot of people say that to excuse buying new stuff, so be careful with that

No. 1383424

please nonny

No. 1383910

File: 1666538159197.gif (785.56 KB, 498x280, me.gif)

No. 1384247

She has an entire room dedicated to her doll collection. She uploads multiple times a day showing off new purchases.

No. 1384276

I like living vicariously through her because I’ve gotten back into Monster High but I absolutely don’t want to spend any more on them. She reminds me of my old high school friends who were definitely somewhere on the spectrum but tried to overcompensate by trying to be witty and sarcastic but it never landed because their timing was bad and also they never realized this because they’re autistic.

No. 1384378

File: 1666570812146.jpg (939.97 KB, 2048x1558, E_6SJkvVIAoZffN.jpg_large.jpg)

I had managed to live a nice life without the urge to consoom and then BOOM, slight tamagotchi addiction. I've only got two so far, one from a thrift store and another as a birthday gift. I want to collect them so bad, they're just the funniest little dudes and I share them with my siblings. I don't feel as bad collecting them since they're all used and you can find some for cheap, but I feel like that's just my brain trying to convince me. I've always wanted these babies but never had the chance to get any, but now thay I've got a little extra money I would like to get more to switch out and use and make little yarn cases for them. Honest opinions nonnas, am I heading down a dark path or am I staying within reasonable limits?

No. 1384399

when i was 8 i lost my beloved tamagotchi in a hardware store and i cried about it for weeks. my relatives got me new ones as gifts bc they saw how depressed i was about it but i never touched the new ones because i felt like i had betrayed my first child and replacing it with "new" children felt wrong. i sill lowkey feel bad and guilty even though i know its irrational kek

No. 1384402

samefag sorry nonna i did not answer you question. that just came out of me uncontrollably. anyway yes tamagotchis are cute and i think it's okay but dont get too many that you will lose track of them in stores

No. 1384444

Kek I'm sorry it ended up being that bad but I actually get it. They make them so cute and they get so excited to hang out with you, plus their personalities are everything. I felt bad having to send my Tama off to get married because I wanted to try for the others too. And you're right about making sure I can keep track of what I have. There are just too many Tamas it would be difficult to keep track of them. Im just gonna stick to the ones I like the most and keep my collection manageable.

No. 1384631

nah i think this is a cheap and harmless hobby, its not like you're filling tubs and gluing these mother fuckers onto the wall yknow

No. 1384732

I want to collect dolls but I'm terrified of becoming like these people. I get they are happy with their purchases and collections but a room full of objects like that is too overwhelming for me - not to mention the boxes of undisplayed dolls they probably have. I alternate between watching haul and collection videos with episodes of Hoarders to see how this could play out for me if I don't actively curb my shopping addiction and collecting tendencies

No. 1384778

File: 1666625295969.jpeg (397.06 KB, 1536x2048, F107BFCB-13E7-46D9-9A16-4ACE08…)

I admire her dedication but…

No. 1384779

File: 1666625372484.jpeg (506.77 KB, 2048x1536, EC1A3493-72DD-471E-B051-D3CB35…)

No. 1384780

File: 1666625414078.jpeg (472.69 KB, 2048x1536, 086841F1-9589-491B-BE43-FDD262…)

No. 1384784

you should admire her dedication, or nonnie and her husbando will send you to the shadow realm

No. 1384785

Friend of mine is mutuals with this user and she's seriously so in love with Seto she even purchases every version of blue eyes she can find in multiple languages.

No. 1384793

What kind of autism is that

No. 1384794

I don’t know if it’s true but I remember someone saying she changed her last name to Kaiba or Seto (can’t remember) don’t know if it’s true though.

No. 1384798

the very powerful kind….

No. 1384800

File: 1666626016626.jpeg (591.19 KB, 778x838, 37106E7B-EAED-45AC-B6DB-E62306…)

Same kind Kaiba has for a playing card

No. 1384807

I can't admire any of this, this is unhealthy adult behaviour

No. 1384816

This is the most potent form of autism I’ve seen in a minute

No. 1384821

Did she censor the art on one of the cards in that binder or??

No. 1384868

I've seen a lot of these dollar tree hauls floating around youtube. She spent $100 in dollar tree and she bought so much retarded shit. I don't think i have ever spent more than $10 in dollar tree.

No. 1384878

actually not super uncommon, I have heard of similar cases of autistic young women hyper focusing on seto kaiba

No. 1384889

I like to shop at Dollar Tree, but I hate those haul videos. The "crafts" hauls in particular are consoomer hell. Cheap trash glued to cheap trash, kindergarten level skill, and it costs a small fortune by the time they're done. Just buy a quality decoration and save it for next year.

No. 1384891

File: 1666632093281.png (337.01 KB, 576x761, Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 11-21…)

Can you blame her? In addition to arguably being the #1 duelist in the world, Seto Kaiba is the of the world’s largest multi-national gaming conglomerate, KaibaCorp. He's a reincarnation of Priest Seto and the original keeper of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He's intellectually gifted, innovative, an engineer, and inventor

No. 1384894

I can fill up a cart but I wouldn't buy half the shit she grabbed especially toiletries it smells like old lady and chemicals. Not very "that girl"
Also if you notice the supplies aren't even that cheap. 2 feet of rope for $1.25, for a wrapped wreath craft where you need much more you'll end up spending more than if you'd just used a coupon at joanns or bought a decoration instead

No. 1384899

I'm watching this rn and why the fuck is a grown woman buying this much stupid shit but the most cringe is the food and her reaction to it. Shit tier garbage.

No. 1384923

i support this, i support yugioh collectors.

No. 1384968

this is the only time i've opened this thread, seen a series of pics, and gone "wow based." what a fucking hero.

No. 1385126

what I struggle to understand is why someone would have so many multiples of the exact same thing, like the plush doll. why??

No. 1385192

Why would you throw them all over the floor like that. Why not into a plastic bin.

No. 1385243

Protection, plushie army protects you.

No. 1385301

fair enough, thank you for the explanation

No. 1385905

File: 1666713432422.png (144.54 KB, 293x575, bets on how high it's gonna ge…)

Oh my fucking god
What is it about sugarbunnies? This is the most I've ever seen a single sanrio plush go for (and that includes stuff like steiff collabs and super limited edition stuff) and the auction isn't even over yet.

No. 1385914

File: 1666713874085.png (249.85 KB, 411x796, marchan will have a very happy…)


No. 1385927

animecore/kawaiicore/cutecore whatever these fucks devolve into every month, are usually rich from mummy & daddy these prices are probably a drop in the water. I really hope they all move on soon bc I want to go back to collecting but these retards inflate prices ridiculously

No. 1385933

Just move onto a different sanrio mascot, the prices for sugarbunnies probably aren't going to budge for a while.
Even if people lose interest, scalpers are still going to sell them for several hundreds because the market currently is so huge, and they probably won't go back down for a while especially since sanrio is bringing back sugarbunnies currently.

No. 1386071

At least she has good taste in Yu-Gi-Oh boys.

No. 1386077

I wish animecore wasn't this popular now all the figures that were 20 $ cost 90$ now… I wanted a kawaii room since I was a teenager now its making me hate the whole thing altogether

No. 1386094

I've been collecting since they came out in the 90s. Right now they are very hot and prices are the highest they've ever been. I wouldn't bother, just keep your eyes peeled for ones while thrifting. I've got a couple of vintages left on my wishlist but I'm not paying $300+ for them.

No. 1386097

someone on ebay is selling these for like $50 AUD + shipping, jump on if and while you can nonas.

No. 1386109

File: 1666724869230.jpg (42.37 KB, 640x640, ohgod.jpg)

sorry to samefag
I have a tama smart (NiziU edition for no reason besides it's cute and it doubles as a big chunky watch) and a vintage '90s one I've been thinking about selling tbh. I want picrel so badly I need to seriously stop myself aaaaaa

No. 1386136

File: 1666725701630.jpg (422.99 KB, 1200x1170, s-l1600.jpg)

Other tamafag here, I'm waiting for the anniversary party tamasma card to drop. I just wish they wouldn't be so damn expensive to import. I need that damn Sanrio version so my weeptchi can be the cutest Kiki cosplayer known to man!!! I've also been wanting to get the magical change card.

No. 1386165

Link pls, my 11 year old sister loves sugarbunnies bu there's no way I'm spending $200+ aud on one

No. 1386333

File: 1666742531726.jpg (50.04 KB, 600x600, divoom.jpg)

I've recently started redecorating my gaming setup to make my stuff look more "cute". I have a bad habit of needing to complete a set of anything I get, but I found a way to successfully get around that by just selling the equivalent in exchange (e.g. trading/selling a black controller for a cutesy mint green one).

There's some nice stuff that's popped up in recent years to personalize gaming spaces, which I appreciate, but I can't stand that when searching for more options, all that appears are the most unnecessary shit, but PINK. I feel companies only get away with it because it fulfills the quota of having a #pinkaesthetic for influencers or rich kids on tiktok/Instagram. If anything, I just wish more of that "kawaii" stuff came in other colors like blue or green, but those don't seem to be nearly as popular (or profitable).

No. 1386391

File: 1666747466800.png (2.18 MB, 1472x1138, stinky.png)

as a perfumefag idk how to feel about this. just so much waste and not even on particularly nice perfumes. only 2-3 look seriously used too.

No. 1386403

That shit is expensive too? At least for me kek.

No. 1386428

This is such a perfect mix of something cute and useful, I read that it also counts your steps and is basically like a regular wristwatch but it's ridiculously cute and has a cute tamagotchi. Gosh I need this, but I know I will surely never buy it.

No. 1386433

I usually like pictures of large fragrance/perfume collections, but those usually have nice looking bottles. Those Windex body sprays are such an eyesore.

No. 1386443

>entire top shelf look like windex

No. 1386451

I feel like fragrance is so personal so it’s strange seeing someone go full completionist over things like scents. I’ve never come across an entire perfume line that I’ve liked so getting a bottle just because of the brand is so weird.

No. 1386457

I know only the scent really matters when it comes to fragrance, but holy shit those body spray bottles are hideous. Why would they make them look like cleaning products? So unappealing.

No. 1386458

Truly sad brainless consumerism

No. 1386460

>collecting this much lush fragrance
bro why. they could achieve similar results by straight up blending their own essential oils. i love fragrances too,but having a wall of purely lush perfumes is just retarded imo

No. 1386466

Nah it’s reasonable to expect higher end products to have packaging that matches. The body sprays are much less expensive and I think it’s probably cutesy if you have like one but an entire row is ugly as shit.

No. 1386480

I think it was this seller? idk how legit it is but there seems to be plenty on ebay when I search

No. 1386547

File: 1666758614834.jpg (49.04 KB, 564x423, 5d750b5189edc0c160c8685f164f40…)

they're just copying moschino

No. 1386590

The Moschino ones work though because you can tell they were playing on cleaning supplies. It's like Lush wanted to do the same thing but then they copped out and painted them all black, or like they happened to make an ugly design that resembles cleaning spray. Also just as an overall brand, Moschino is known for stuff like that. If it's really a copy I have no idea what Lush was thinking. Not directed at you btw nonny.

No. 1386596

Yeah, this looks cute because it’s clearly a parody and the brand is going for a theme. The Lush black bottles with the utilitarian spray tops just look so plain. I do like some of Lush’s products but I couldn’t imagine a whole shelf of those boring bottles, does not spark joy kek.

No. 1386599

Lush and brands like Mario Badesco? have the ugliest most low cost packaging and rely solely and people finding it endearing or something

No. 1386689

thanks, I hope they have a purple one

No. 1386700

Ugly product aside, this is what gets me about hoarders
>body sprays approx £25 each x 13 = £325
>perfumes approx £1170 (some prices estimated)
>ikea cupboard £90

at least keep it somewhere nice and make it presentable. ikea furniture is an eyesore and this looks just as ugly as those massive anime junk collections all contained in those ikea cube shelves.

No. 1386707

File: 1666776305742.jpg (163.41 KB, 768x1024, 1597249047687.jpg)

I think I have my consooming under control because I tell myself "oh I'll just sell/get rid of the same amount of things that I buy" but I already have so much for such a small apartment. I try to sell some of my clothes but when I go to my closet I can't find a single piece I don't really love. I cycle my style a lot, currently it's student/jfashion and y2k grunge, but my 70s and cottagecore stuff are currently on hold. It's getting hard to cycle things out, but I honestly really need to have a heavy think about this. Also, I sell a lot of things online, so I have most of my storage space filled with things I have listed so my space is even more limited, and these are decent 50$+ items that I can't just donate or sell for cheap.

No. 1386780

also, the moschino ones don't actually spray out of the windex-style head, you remove that part and there's a normal spray underneath. the lush ones actually spray from the head. i've tried them in store before and they were difficult to use and had the same problem windex has where some sprays will just leak out instead of properly misting. terrible design and looks like shit on a shelf. and they're not even good enough perfumes to justify any of it.

No. 1386999

File: 1666799116433.jpeg (895.15 KB, 1170x1593, F16E9422-D651-457A-A211-40E13C…)

He’s going to buy the skin anyway hell he probably bought the battle pass anyway because he’s a streamer and it’s unthinkable to not buy unnecessary shit if you’re a gaming streamer

No. 1387009

I witnessed an argument on reddit with the same idea (spend $20 on food instead of a video game cosmetic) and someone unironically responded with "the food will be gone in 20 mins but the skin I will have and enjoy forever". Gaming consoomerism is even more braindead than owning any junk irl, I have no words for it.

No. 1387016

not even gameplay-affecting DLC but COSMETICS. absolutely braindead behaviour, a fool and his money are easily parted etc etc

No. 1387022

File: 1666800346886.png (666.09 KB, 750x751, earrings.PNG)

I got into a fight with my dad the other day because he was complaining about me buying too many gold plated earrings and that it was a waste of money compared to saving up and buying real gold pieces. I retorted he does the same shit when he buys people's used garbage off facebook marketplace, and he got mad.

Anyway, I definitely have an earring consooming problem. In my defense (or not), I stopped wearing earrings because I thought one of my piercing holes closed. I recently discovered it hadn't, it was just pierced funny but I can get an earring through, so I've been having fun and building up a new earring collection. So far, my biggest bulk purchase has been from a small artist who's stuff I love. All my other earrings are one off purchases here and there for like $2 a pair or something. I'm thinking of getting a case to store my hanging ones since I have a lot of hanging ones now and my jewelry case is best meant for studs.

I know I should stop but I haven't worn earrings in years and have passed up so many cute earrings. I will eventually buy some nice gold ones or something, but I buy cute jewelry less as an investment and more because they are cute and spark joy. I don't care to wear $500 made of solid gold if they're ugly as fuck. Also I passed up on buying these but now I'm thinking of getting them but I know I shouldn't. I just got like 10 new pairs of earrings.

No. 1387043

He's right tho. Not every $500 earring will be pretty but they wont all be ugly either

No. 1387073

It’s funny to me how expensive these in game outfits are when you could find a real outfit for yourself at the thrift store for that much

No. 1387077

i just hate that 99% of ppl that are making this choice are talking about a single meal from fuckin chipotle and not $20 worth of groceries. nobody knows how to spend their money anymore

No. 1387098

you should try looking on japanese auction sites, you can find a lot of cute prize figures for extremely cheap prices.

No. 1387109

Those are cute as hell, nonny, get em. I have the same addiction though. Earrings are about the only metal jewelry I can wear (sensitive skin skipped my ears I guess) so I go nuts at any craft fair I attend, leave with at least 3 pairs.

No. 1387121

OW2 free-to-play change is dumb as hell, but blizzard are shit and they know their consoomers will keep throwing money on them no matter what
>battle pass costs 10$, but wait, you need to pay 20$ to get -every- item off the battle pass, so you should upgrade it on permium (pretty much similar crap thats happening w discord nitro rn)
>every old and new skin in the shop costs 20$
>picrelated skin costs 25$ because it forces you to buy a bundle that includes banner, icon, charm and some other crap just so you could spend more on it
>the only way you can get a skin for free is by spending 8 months doing weekly challenges in which you get these dono-coins
people keep complaining, but they also -keep buying-.

No. 1387142

yeah this killed Overwatch for me. I hate to agree with the crowd saying it's a cash-grab but Blizzard can go absolutely fuck themselves regardless.
and the fucking woke character design (when 3 are japanese?) plus the weird coomer elements make me think the whole staff are filled with AGPs
sorry but fuck Overwatch, I've played for YEARS and now it seems it's all been wiped for something worse.

No. 1387157

File: 1666805589748.jpeg (457.93 KB, 828x1154, 0657E779-30CC-493B-A7D1-3805FB…)

They’re really cute. I’ll just look at them :’-)(:’-))

No. 1387165

integrate newfag

No. 1387174

The OW reddits are full of people defending blizzard, it's insane. Yes, a f2p game needs a source of income to keep it up, but you have to be retarded to praise a company that takes cosmetics that were offered for free for 6 years and puts a $20 price tag on them. On top of that, doing so in a "sequel" that has the same gameplay of the original game. I have to admit I still play the game sometimes and I've already seen plenty of people with cash shop skins. Whenever someone asks why they bought them, the best they can muster up is "uh, I thought it looked cool". I hope they're never in a position where lack of $20 means they cannot eat.

No. 1387179

They are excusing that 'fornite is the same' when fortnite actually gives a lot of good freebies and free content unlike overwatch, in which battle pass you have to grind in order to get a new character, and the only good cosmetics you will get would be a random profile banner with a cat, whilist the skins are some shitty recolors.
I feel like Apex has the most fair Battle Pass systems (despite the devs being dogshit at creating their characters and balancing them), where if you buy one battle pass and complete it you earn enough money in order for you to not pay for the next battle pass, because you can buy it again. I am trying to understand why they removed lootboxes, I assume some of the countries banned them.
I think 20$ for one skin is downright stupid, especially that the battle pass with 2-premium skins costs 20$. I have also noticed that the skins quality is complete garbage now, same with the character design.

No. 1387231

I’m an oldfag and I’m not afraid to use the :^) that used to dominate this site eat shit(newfag)

No. 1387289

this thread isnt helping kek just bought a pair of earrings

No. 1387319

are they cute earrings?

No. 1387333

File: 1666815062316.jpeg (596.46 KB, 3464x3464, C285A152-17C5-490D-A8A6-58D2D9…)

probabbly not….

No. 1387336

File: 1666815318884.jpeg (956.75 KB, 1242x1039, nonapls.jpeg)

yeah calm down sassy :^) we're on /ot/ baybe it's all love here let her plush-love her cute guts out.
tell us more bby(twitterfag)

No. 1387338

nta, you seem very annoying.

No. 1387344

you type like someone who changes their discord picture to a sad greyscale anime gif whenever they get mildly inconvenienced by something

No. 1387347

File: 1666815909707.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x412, blessyoubothamen.jpg)

you both seem like you couldn't get through a solid day without being offended by something completely innocuous, including your own reflection.

No. 1387349

what is that symbol on the right

No. 1387357

Twitterfag detected

No. 1387378

the website says it stands for enbies but i was thinking of it being more just an asterisk to the venus symbol with text that says “adult human female” i’m retarded

No. 1387402

Ew go away, all I did was use an old emote. So reactive.

I’m not claiming her. Anyways I posted that plushie because they’re getting really popular online and they’re all like $80-300.

No. 1387408

File: 1666818900597.jpeg (197.34 KB, 1170x1585, 02A2C4ED-5CF9-4367-BFBB-EEFE3E…)

So at what point does this hobby completely disintegrate your ability to discern scents and just melt your sinuses away?

No. 1387516

The left one's really cute actually. Sorry for not helping anon, just don't buy more kek
Surely those are mostly empty? Surely? You'd walk around like a perfume cloud if you would use that much, though..

No. 1387534

File: 1666826019142.jpeg (918.63 KB, 1828x1864, 337EB72D-83B7-4640-AAF9-85B879…)

today I waited by the window for the mail truck because I ordered more Calico Critters and I knew this dress would look nice on her. coincidentally it matches the furniture (stool is a Jamison lid bc I’m a semi-functional alcoholic).

No. 1387584

anon this is absolutely precious!

No. 1387672

>spending that much money on perfume
>keeping clear bottles in direct sunlight
oh god it hurts so bad

No. 1387906

Both of these are driving me crazy. Why so many full size bottles? Do you really like every single one of them, enough that you need 3.4 ounces of each scent? Once you have that many full size bottles, can you ever hope to use them all before you die? Why tf are those lush spray bottles so ugly? Why so many replica scents when most of them are completely mediocre? I wish I had money so I could be insane like this.

No. 1387965

She looks lovely.

No. 1388020

Her little headband is so cute!

No. 1388207

thank you!! I'm glad to finally have a use for all the scrap cloth and ribbons I've hoarded over the years "just in case" for a fun project. and I feel less bad about buying uh, children's toys for myself, since the sewing and stuff is bettering a useful skill.

No. 1390047

File: 1666989504589.jpg (117.79 KB, 640x428, tumblr_oazi2kUUfW1s4spr9o1_640…)

I thought this fitted the vibe in here

No. 1390050

File: 1666989770278.jpg (103.71 KB, 640x625, tumblr_377716e3390db6a54d9d599…)

No. 1390053

File: 1666989972808.jpg (168.07 KB, 639x628, tumblr_f7c5075d68cc28ca84d715f…)

No. 1390381

File: 1667010025589.webm (19.52 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_715943603852658615…)

This is insane, what do you need so many wallets and bags for??

No. 1390385

I have more of a problem with the giant eyesore that is the pile of plushies. They aren't even that cute, and it's just thrown on her bed like trash. If people want to have a collection of something then at least have it be presentable, they look like cheap clutter in her room

No. 1390436

I suddenly need to know why there are adult loungefly bag collectors. Imo most of them look too tacky to coordinate and it's hard to imagine the fully grown adult collectors I've seen wearing those little things on their backs. It'd probably look so jarring in the wild.

No. 1390499

File: 1667018689047.jpg (37.06 KB, 889x1000, tumblr_4a2e94821aaa5f8f695a270…)

The way she just puts the fucking backpacks on the floor

No. 1390665

I agree. Her taste is so bad.

No. 1390769

miniature scenes like this bring me such joy, ty nonita!

No. 1391152

This woman literally has a shopping addiction

No. 1391186

Oh my God, the silence when she puts her things down or tosses them away is unintentionally comedic.

No. 1391230

File: 1667076076490.jpeg (281.9 KB, 947x2048, F77B1637-08FC-4C63-ADE5-9EF840…)

this is the worst one i've ever seen.

No. 1391238

I can't imagine having a shower like this because I would just be knocking shit over, and when it's wash day dead hair would be flinging out all over the products.

No. 1391239

waste of money

No. 1391242


No. 1391275

this honestly made my heart rate go up looking at the amount of shit that would be falling off the shelves when you're in there. and 3 hours? unhinged.

No. 1391299

i'm honestly jealous of people who have the energy/passion to put so much effort into their hygiene and appearance

No. 1391306

Owning a metric shitton of garbage doesn’t mean you’re any more diligent with hygiene. I also wouldn’t say perfume improves appearance or is any actual step of grooming, it’s all just excess.

No. 1391346

You can definitely over wash and strip your skin. Sure you can add moisturizer, but there's no need to spend a three hour cycle of stripping your skin and then slathering your skin in moisturizer again.

No. 1391568

Sometimes I use this thread to justify myself making purchases, little surely I am not as bad as them unnecessarily buying mountains of useless junk, right? But then I see I have a pile of things unused stuff from my hobbies and feel bad about having bought it. Spending more than $30 on one thing physically hurts me to do, even when it's something needed like new shoes for work, I can't imagine spending more than $100+ on a single bag and then having multiples of it, wtf

No. 1391872

This is addiction not dedication to hygiene and appearance. If anything she's probably doing more harm than good to her skin.

No. 1392202

Nonnies, do you think food consoomerism is as bad as plastic junk consoomerism?

No. 1393112

Like gluttony? Yeah I’d say that’s bad. But wanting to try new or limited time products isn’t bad I suppose. Or trying regional foods. Like one time I went to Peru and was excited to try a Starbucks latte flavor you can only get there. Sure, I could buy Algarrobina syrup and try making it myself, but I wanted the Starbucks experience.

No. 1393238

Didn't a previous nonna complain about people beginning to collect and hoard canned fish? kek

I would say it's bad, like any thing is bad in excess. There's trying limited edition flavors like >>1393112 and then there's just… buying so much food in excess. Food is definitely worse because outside of dried and canned goods that can last maybe forever, food will spoil. Junk consoomerism isn't good either but at worst, it just takes up a fuck ton of space and collects a lot of dust. Food? Gets moldy and disgusting. The purpose of food is to literally be consumed.

Anyway, my parents are hoarders and they also hoard food. So much food in our fridge is moldy. A lot of it isn't even food you can just grab and eat, it's shit like weird sauces and soup stocks and whatever. Half of my shit gets lost in there and even when I have food I want to eat and savor, if I don't eat it all within 2 days, I can forget about it because it's going to get pushed into the back of the fridge and getting it out is like excavating a fucking mine. Sucks because I will sometimes buy sweets or other high calorie foods but I'll split it into smaller pieces so I can enjoy it for longer/not eat a huge calorie bomb in one sitting but I'm left with either not buying it at all (so I won't be forced to eat all of it at once lest letting it get sucked into the void) or it goes into the void.

No. 1393266

The fridge sounds like a nightmare. Did your parents ever experience a significant amount of food insecurity as kids? That’s a correlation I’ve noticed with people who hoard food in some sort of stash. Restrictive eating disorder people too.

No. 1393331

Food hoarding, as >>1393266 said, usually happens when the person grew up with food insecurity. I don't think it necessarily falls under the same umbrella as Tiktok plastic crap hoarding.
However, people who buy those huge boxes of almost-expired Japanese snack food, keep ramen noodles as a desk decoration, have a goddamn snack cart in their bedroom stuffed with an entire supermarket isle of shite, and eat nothing but pink Pocky and Hello Kitty-shaped chicken nuggets are, in my opinion, a million times worse than the ones who only hoard plastic. Plastic won't rot, attract insects, or give you diabetes.
I think food hoarders have more of a shopping problem than regular plastic hoarders. You buy plastic and it's there forever, but you need to keep buying food. It's easier to justify, it's cheaper, and there's always a new and exciting snack trending somewhere. Everywhere you look, there's another opportunity to spend.

No. 1394191

No effort was put into this imo. Every single thing in this image can be bought in one go in walmart and you can set this up in 40 minutes or so. All i see is somebody with non-existent impulse control.

I just wanted to say i fucking hate christmas apparel unless they are jumpers that can easily be sent to goodwill or put away for next year or loungewear which you can wear year round. Making a bag like that is so specific and pointless, why would anybody except consoomers want it? That's that shit that is stuck in the store well into march. Literally the only justifiable purchase in this video was the supplements, she shops like a 13 year old who just got pocket money for the first time.

They are allowed their little sanrio consoomer haven.

My sister has a perfume hoard that looks exactly like this. Perfume is not the only thing she consooms, she does it with designer stuff, makeup, skincare and clothes. I wish i could get a picture of it but we are not on speaking terms. She belongs in this thread so bad.

No. 1394201

File: 1667285747158.png (104.21 KB, 944x624, dollartreeshitforsephoraprices…)

I forgot my original purpose for coming to this thread, but I cannot stand it when luxury companies, espeically when it's the ones that don't have clout release stuff like this. I understand not even the biggest consoomers will buy this and sephora will end up heavily discounting this. idk where to post it, i just find the existance of the product baffling because you can't even pretend it's worth it in anyway as you could with the other overpriced shit sephora sells. They even have blatantly fake reviews in the comments that have been heavily downvoted.

No. 1394322

Slightly off topic, but once when I ordered skincare online the shop threw in a bunch of this type of face sticker crystal things. They were obviously not selling well and they started including them in orders as "gifts". I hate it when companies force their unsold trash onto you.

No. 1394457

god i hate you for making me want this when i'm so broke… this is so cute

No. 1394833

I hate that too! I like getting samples and shit, but i always like having a say in what it is. It reminds me of how some store superdrug were trying to force those stupid pool floats for your drinks on people when you spend a certain amount. At least throw in something that isn't fucking trash.

No. 1395471

this dumb shit

No. 1395480

Someone owning all this doesn't mean they're hygienic. My college roommate hoarded these things but stank all the time while covering it up with some fruity strong fragranced soaps and perfumes. She was an absolute slob. Someone who just has a couple of cleaning items is more hygienic than most hoarders or self claimed germaphobes

No. 1395497

old news at this point but i'm glad the new gen of monster high is ugly because i've had no desire to collect them

No. 1395514

She got a wallet for christmas time wtf, I get having a cute necklace or a pair of earrings you use during winter or christmas to look and feel festive but a whole ass wallet that sees the light of the day only when you buy something? I guess she's always buying shit though, so she must have her wallet out all the time. A fucking christmas wallet for god's sake. Imagine having to transfer all your cards and shit to a different wallet every time you go out.

Her skin and hair must be really damaged from using all of those unnecessary products, most of them must have gone bad already too

No. 1395536

I personally really like this, I'd probably get something like this for my little sister, she's a surfer and loves wearing anklets

No. 1395552

An anklet is cute but ""permanently"" ~sparking~ a thin chain on that snaps off with a tug when clasps are a thing is the stupidest thing I've seen people buy in a long time, it's almost embarassing really.

No. 1396145


No. 1396157

I actually think the gen 3 dolls are cute. The dolls I want are always sold out though and are never in stock in my area so I don’t have a chance to be tempted to buy them. Scaplers always buy them out and charge for twice the price online because they know people will still buy them instead of waiting for them to be back in stock

No. 1396243

you can see her diploma around the :50 second mark

No. 1396244

i would rob her house

No. 1396352

>Brook lynn
That name screams laugh live love.

No. 1397808

File: 1667551962159.jpg (137.98 KB, 896x1024, 1666999276824.jpg)

Bump don't scroll

No. 1397815

this meme is almost accurate. most troons come from nuclear families though

No. 1397826

Yeah. While somewhat accurate it was probably made by a moid so the inevitable muh logic gender ‘troons wouldn’t exist of women obeyed me and just took my bullshit! I identify as rational inventor” sperging seeps in to avoid acknowledging it as a male degeneracy symptom. Otherwise pretty accurate kek.

No. 1397851

hold up whats the 28.5%

No. 1397854

Where else would they get the firsthand woman hate from if not their fathers? Scrotal cope.

No. 1397988

Male suicide rate i think

No. 1398031

File: 1667578961514.jpg (464.95 KB, 3000x3000, Zuru-Series-2-5-Piece-Surprise…)

I just bought one of these for the first time today. Cracking it open was so thrilling, I understand why they design them this way and market them to kids. Through a series of coincidences I ended up with some mini dollhouse food, then I got a mini shopping cart for fun, then I saw this at the store today and I just went retarded and grabbed it. I love it I understand completely why people collect them. But I feel like I am going to stop since the cart is full now and I already did what my goal was (take a pic of my hamster pushing the cart full of goods like she's shopping) I have to say peeling back each "slice" and revealing the little brands felt more satisfying than scratching a lotto ticket. Frighteningly addictive rush

No. 1398084

I don't hate the little products for what they are (like you siad they can be dollhouse food/just to collect) but I absolutely hate the packaging going on. I know it is designed to be addictive to the monkey brain but the companies have to know how much waste goes into these and still continues to produce them like this. Why can't they use something like cardboard and peel it up to get the things?
but the reason you got them is really cute nona and you won't keep blindly consuming so I forgive you

No. 1398234

File: 1667588829590.jpeg (493.19 KB, 2560x2055, DB826246-8E42-4FA2-B4E3-9278AA…)

This. The main reason I don’t bother with US based toys is because they have so much excess plastic, biggest example of this is world’s smallest series, jesus fuck there is so much plastic packaging for something called ‘world’s smallest’
Same complaint I have for anime figures, I bought a Madoka figure who came in a really huge box of plastic, I don’t even get the appeal since printed cardboard boxes look much nicer for figures.

No. 1398974

permanent anklet? I want one asap

No. 1398978

These are so cute, let her have cute things.

No. 1403600

Can we talk about designer consoomers. They're honestly worse than plastic consoomers in terms of delusion.
>"My sales assistant just called me she found my wishlist bag that for some reason is soooooo hard to get!!!"
>All her designer junkie friends and influencers have the same bag
>"This coat is suuuuuuch high quality!!!"
>Has multiple "chiiiique" (read: basic) coats in same style and colour, will never get use out of the quality
>"This bag is soooooo versatile"
>Has at least five more bags in the same colour and size, will never get the versatility out of it

No. 1403646

The appeal is for the shop keeper to not have all their stock jacked

No. 1403693

Always hear people buying designer bags for the "quality" and never wearing them for the "value". A shelf trinket is what you bought, then.
>inb4 reselling
Dumb & wasteful concept

No. 1403694

you can literally walk down to a flea market and find a knockoff of the exact same bag. Those Chanel quilted bags are replica'd like crazy.

No. 1405219

I want to buy perfume but Inhave no money and they put toxic things on it

No. 1406972

people who smell like good soap beat perfoomers any day. Maybe just get a decent one for fancy dinners etc, not like you'll be using it daily.

No. 1408975

There are crazy replica consoomers too. Before r/RepLadies got shut down, I remember one of the top posts being a "stop buying so much replica just for the thrill of it" post. The Cut article (that made them take down the subreddit) describes the reporter speaking to well known members of the subreddit, who owned so much replica.

I have one replica that I found through one of the sellers there (actually because a nona recommended the subreddit to me kek), and it's a Burberry replica. I can't spin as a useful purchase in any way, and even if I did save $800 on the bag, $250 for a small bag is still a stupid purchase. It's purely a bag I use for looks because functionally… it sort sucks. It's small and can only fit so much in it, so I don't really get much use out of it. Well, at least I only paid as much as I did and not full price for it.

I struggle to justify designer goods because the price tag of them also makes it difficult for me to use them. If I had bought the real bag, I'd rather display it than use it… Why take a $1000 bag into the outside world where it will get dirty or stolen, much less a $15,000 bag? If something happens to my replica, it'll suck, but I'll probably just shrug my shoulders. "At least it wasn't the real thing."

No. 1409835

File: 1668509369727.jpg (45.77 KB, 1500x1500, goodstinky.jpg)

just use Dove aloe + cucumber deodorant, you will smell amazing ALL DAY trust me. roll on is best cause spray-ons in general suck.
do NOT I repeat do NOT get the 0% aluminum one, it has the opposite effect. I'm wearing it now after showering twice today (I live in the subtropics) and it isn't great.
side anecdote, I wore the one that works to a music festival out of our heads on pills watching Ke$ha drink fake blood from a fake heart was phenomenal and my bf and my best mate had their heads basically in my armpits cause it was the only fresh air in the huge crush of sweaty moshing bodies. shit WORKS

No. 1412374

File: 1668714644520.jpeg (74.32 KB, 1140x641, 98ED4E8E-948F-4A89-AE82-EE5F1C…)

Here, nonny

No. 1412417

File: 1668716977240.png (3.55 MB, 1433x1074, 476827.PNG)

I'm trying so hard not to fall down the croc rabbit hole, but I'm starting to understand why it's so easy to suddenly accumulate so many of these bastards.

I originally only owned two croc flip flops. The first ever crpcs I bought was a pair of flip flops, and I reluctantly bought it because I needed it for cosplay and I wanted to buy some cheapo ones but being the beginning of September, there were pretty much none for sale anywhere except for crocs. I did not plan or want to spend $20 on some stupid flip flops but my god these bitches were comfortable. I got my second pair from a family friend.

I hated the clogs like everyone else but I've fallen for the "so ugly they're cute" idea, plus I'm already half in love with them because fuck my croc flip flops are undeniably comfy. I only wanted one pair of clogs but the color I want is hard to find in my size in stores. I gave up and decided to buy online but to my demise, I found some other really cute ones while browsing and I'm waiting for it all to come in the mail now…

I ended up buying my coveted crocs, another pair of cute clogs, and slides because they were cheap and I wanted free shipping and they seem like another good errand shoe (might return them though). The cute clogs come in two color ways and I got one colorway and I'm most likely going to buy the other colorway that I originally wanted but it sold out completely.

Sorry for crocs sperging. I feel so bad for consooming so much all at once. I probably won't get to picrel but I don't know. I didn't expect to find some really cute shit when I just went to go buy the single pair I've originally been wanting this whole year.

No. 1412438

Loved the pair of royal blue crocs I had at 7 years old. Them shits are comfy. Dang it now I want a pair.

No. 1412529

How the hell is that consooming? You're wearing the few pairs of crocs you own, not spiraling towards the picture you posted. When it gets to the point where you're in debt because of them, or when you're stacking them up like ornaments instead of wearing them, then it's consoomerism. You're fine.

No. 1412540

It just feels excessive to me to buy/own more than pair of the exact same shoe in different colorways kek. I don't think I'll fall too deep into the worm hole in terms of color but it's easy to see myself buying a fuzzy pair or a different sandal style I don't own yet kek

No. 1412642

ngl if I was rich I would totally become and manga and figure collector

No. 1412662

File: 1668730160649.jpg (27.33 KB, 313x450, 8dd60dcc12277f21c3714ca6a690a4…)

Fuck all that. Life is too short for ugly ass men as well as ugly ass shoes.

No. 1412721

nonnies post more tiktoks i beg

No. 1412767

Kek they are comfy aren't they? I got a pair for work and vowed never to wear them outside of that… yeah right. I think as long as you're using what you have with semi-regularity then you're okay. Crocs are expensive enough to stop me from buying anymore all willy nilly, but I am sad that the color is rubbing off the toes on mine, the tie dye ones. I want a new pair just so I can get a solid color.

No. 1413090

File: 1668776182532.jpg (444.88 KB, 1080x780, vAld84u.jpg)

Taylor Swift is a perfect example of consoomer culture in music these days. From releasing 100s of remixes to get her stans to buy the same song and chart. To making multiple versions of album covers. To her tickets resells costing 95k, that's someone's tuition.
And her music gets more generic.

No. 1413096

File: 1668776644907.jpg (193.56 KB, 736x920, 2c807ff8601c0cc77780a862bfc16f…)

I'm moving and thinking of getting rid of my doll collection, or most of it at least. I feel like I went into a consoom psychosis and got way too many. I don't want to display them, they look so ugly and chaotic together. Maybe I will keep some and diplay maybe 2-3. I have started to customize some so they are unsellable, but I have some untouched ones I could sell. I will lose a lot of money as I have paid a lot for them and I will sell them for cheap but idc honestly. I just want them OUT of my house.

No. 1413097

If you’re selling Daphne Minton for a good price I’ll buy her from you. I want to customize her into Miku.

No. 1413101

I am actually but we don't probably live in the same country so the shipping would add up

Idk what to ask for the RH dolls, they are 70€ (!!!) new here but I feel bad asking even for 20€ for one

No. 1413110

That’s fair I hope you’re able to sell them. People are able to sell custom dolls so I think you’re safe.

No. 1413119

Don't think of it as lost money or else you'll fall into this trap where you don't get rid of them because your mind thinks of it as throwing away money. Think of the money spent as the time spent enjoying them. In the same way you wouldn't consider a good meal a waste of money because you could have eaten beans and rice, these dolls weren't a waste of money because they brought you happiness at the time. Now they no longer bring you happiness so you are passing them on to someone who will be happy with them.

No. 1413187

File: 1668784644632.jpg (170.51 KB, 1261x1000, 81E4gN5I-5L._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

Honestly I was so taken aback by the price! I have stupid small feet so I had to buy the kids crocs (pls no bully) but I guess a saving grace is that they're much cheaper. The crocs I scored were ~$25 each because of sales on top of sales. I love them but my god I don't think I'd ever be able to justify paying full price for them. The new Pokemon ones are… ok. The pikachu jibbitz are so cute though! I didn't realize official jibbits were so fucking expensive though… I got some from a flea market and it was only $5 for like 8 of them.

Trying really hard not to justify fuzzy ones for the winter kek. I got bright/pastel colored ones and I already know they're going to look so cute with all my spring/summer clothing!

No. 1413202

File: 1668785457457.jpg (509.66 KB, 2048x1202, lesbianbutrandyfag.jpg)

This woman(?) spent so much money on a Randy Marsh shrine.. It's insane.

No. 1413204

File: 1668785587615.png (189.69 KB, 666x376, image.png)

She's also apparently a lesbian, I'm sorry lesbian husbandofags(?) with shrines, but if you have a bodypillow and a major shrine like this, can you still be a lesbian?

No. 1413232

Thanks anon that's a very comforting thought, I'll keep it in mind.

I already sold one bigger doll item today!

No. 1413237

File: 1668788020187.webm (9.54 MB, 576x1024, IMG_4139.webm)

No. 1413271

There's plenty of cringe women who call themselves lesbians when they're really not. "I don't like irl men therefore I must be a lesbian"

No. 1413331

actual sexual attraction is just a concept to them, they have never touched anyone else's genitals and a lot of them have body issues of some sort, so they don't want sex with men. they also think not sleeping with every man they see irl (because that's what people do in western tv shows and western tv shows always tell the truth) and finding some anime girls sexy means that they are lesbians.

these women are really quick to forget their weird gender nonsense and stupid pronouns once they finally find a boyfriend.

No. 1413372

File: 1668792885986.jpeg (87.99 KB, 888x499, 420786E9-0B7A-4844-A537-4A8B65…)

>genderfluid lesbian
that's an oxymoron. probably a spicy straight who just calls herself gay bc words don't mean things anymore

No. 1413381

I've always hated that bitch but damn she's so fucking dumb, her fans are teenagers who don't have 100k to throw at her, even bts don't charge that much ! I hope no one buy her tickets and she sings to an empty stadium, she could write a song about that and not just another moid with whom she had a toxic relationship.

No. 1413384

I wouldn't think the customized ones would be unsellable, especially when some RH fans buy a doll just for the clothes, or to customize but they don't want to "ruin an original." You should definitely try to resell the ones you're thinking of getting rid of, and if it doesn't work, you could always donate them to a charity shop or something.

No. 1413458

Idk I feel like no one would ask if a het girl with a female character shrine wouldn't have her sexuality questioned. It's like gayness has to be proven and that always annoys me. But at the same time, it's likely this girl is a spicy straight who just doesn't like irl men.

No. 1413477

Are those the normal prices or just resell? I doubt she really charged 100k for normal seats at her shows, it probably sold out quick and people are scalping. No one is forcing children to consoom or go to concerts.

No. 1413496

Even if she couldn’t sell them it’s not like she couldn’t use acetone to wipe their faces before reselling.

No. 1413536

pretty sure those are resell prices because of the ticketmaster incident.

No. 1413564

>19 years old
She's a spicy straight. they are literally everywhere in actual lesbian spaces. she is not a lesbian

No. 1414520

Idk nonnas, 2d and especially the south park style is so far removed from real 3d human men liking one doesn't mean you're not a lesbian. Like the other anon said, women shouldn't have to prove their sexuality to strangers online. The genderfluid bit is cringe af though I will give you that.

No. 1416833

NAYRT, I agree 2d =/= 3dpd but I've seen so many 'I don't have to prove anything to you' type of consoomer gendies hide behind that shield while attacking les and bi women for actually loving women. If she shouldn't have to defend her labels to the general public then she shouldn't give us so much to attack. Basic internet safety rule and just part of saving face in general

No. 1417470

Hey anons, what affordable postage scale would you recommend for medium-heavy items? One that can at least last for 6+ months?

No. 1417505

Ok I have made a decision and I've decided to go with Rollo. I'm hoping for the best.

No. 1417781

This woman has a problem

No. 1417791

we all do

No. 1417795

She's been posted before but when you look at her channel it's scary how much fucking stuff she has. And this is only the stuff she has on display.. she posts videos daily which most are hauls

No. 1417814

File: 1669136568232.jpeg (104.21 KB, 600x600, C11839B0-2196-4C40-B352-672BBE…)

There's just no way. I feel like liking these started out as a meme for a lot of people. I don't know. Squishables are way cuter.

No. 1417830

One of her vids was randomly recommended to me lately, she was opening mystery boxes and couldn't even remember which squishmallows she already had til she went and checked. How much joy can you claim these things bring you when you can't remember which ones you had already went out and bought before?

She complained that Claires charges a lil more for them but.. you're the one buying them and barely registering what you own?

No. 1417880

this is so cute, i want this

No. 1425604

File: 1669736936332.jpg (71.99 KB, 455x456, 9720010_1004_jpg_1024x1024@2x.…)

Washi tape is a hell of a drug nonas. I went through my favorite stationery store's website to try and find a tape I saw in their store a while back, but I couldn't remember the name or brand so I just had to sift through 34 pages of washi tape and suddenly I've got 30 tabs open. I swear nonas, it's like being a crack addict and being in a room full of it. My brain shuts off and I go absolutely insane and the next thing I've known I've spent $50 on like 10 fucking rolls of god damn tape. It's an actual problem I have to the point where I actively avoid going to sections of stores that I know stock washi tape.

I have a drawer specifically to hold my tapes and at the height of my consoomerism, I filled about half of it very quickly. I've reined myself in and I'm very selective about the tapes I buy now (I think I've only bought about 2 or 3 this past year) but going through those 34 pages was like actual hell for me kek. I think I found the tapes and I don't really like them that much now, but then I saw these fucking beauties and another seaside themed one!! I use my tapes as frequently as I can- in my journal, when wrapping gifts, decorating cards and letters, etc. But the reality is that it just takes a lot of time to go through these tapes, even if I use them nearly everyday. I've only ever finished one roll of washi tape that I own.

Stationery is one hell of a fucking drug. I own two fountain pens and I want more from another brand I don't own from- but who the fuck needs more than one fountain pen? And inks? Don't get me started. I've resorted to bargaining with myself to only buy sample sizes (a fucking god send of an option) since even a little bit of ink goes a long way and I know I'm the type of person to buy 3 very similar looking shades and say "but they're different shades!"

No. 1425606

File: 1669737038733.png (992.61 KB, 743x811, seaside.PNG)

These are the seaside ones that I know are going to haunt me.

No. 1425627

What is it even good for?

No. 1425668

File: 1669739463064.jpg (249.64 KB, 1080x1080, washi-tape-spreads.jpg)

It's just fancy tape, so you can just use it as tape. I use it primarily for decoration purposes, mainly to add a little bit of ~*~pizzaz~*~ to my journal pages or on gift wrapping (since I like to reuse plain brown paper that's used as package stuffers). Just makes stuff look prettier.

No. 1425677

These are super pretty

No. 1425855

Oh, anon, me too. I just talked myself out of a washi purchase last night. I have way too much as it is and need to use it up.

No. 1426178

>but who the fuck needs more than one fountain pen?
I have 8 active fountain pens beside me on my desk right now - and that doesn't even include all of the ones I have stored away. Different colors of ink and nib types and sizes for different purposes. I feel like stationery collecting is relatively harmless, especially if you do actually write or draw a lot. I don't buy washi tape, although unfortunately people keep giving it to me. I just use it as removable tape when I painting or doing ink backgrounds.

No. 1426954

File: 1669815422773.webm (9.71 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1669814972407.webm)

imagine ordering so much ugly shit for so much money and then promptly forgetting about it because you're such a consoomer.

No. 1426955

what depression looks like

No. 1426957

The Jasmine mug is very cute and actually useful but the rest is ugly and stupid.

No. 1426972

File: 1669816361302.webm (13.8 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1669814848025.webm)

so much money spent on shit that could very well be sold at primark for 15 bucks max per item.

i wanted to post a 3rd one but it was too long and boring. basically the woman in it went to a disney park before a hurricane hit (which she knew about because the weather was already so bad) with her sister and kid nephew, but played it off as such a quirky thing to do.

No. 1426992

Disney adults are the worst breed of humans.

No. 1427110

File: 1669827575108.webm (15.33 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1669827084184.webm)

here's an improvised 3rd tiktok i just found. i'm mostly fascinated by how dead she sounds and looks (botox?) for someone who's supposedly so excited about her shitty new plastic cups.

No. 1427153

I always think how embarrassing these people seem to workers.

No. 1427192

this is honestly fucking scary why aren't her eyes moving at all?

No. 1427801

File: 1669858719348.jpeg (1.16 MB, 960x984, 0F62AA11-FBF1-45F6-988B-DF7509…)

Someone talk me out of buying her for $13.

No. 1427808

I think the worst part is her nasally voice. She sounds congested

No. 1427809

She's cute! Get her!

No. 1427822

These are the kids who grew up on tablets watching YouTubers. The way she talks is a lot like the kids I tutor, they act like they're reviewing everything they own, unprompted and without an audience

No. 1427825

Anyone else notice Disney girls are always chubby with little nubs for teeth

No. 1427858

I'm the wrong person to talk to. I am eyeing her as well…. get her!!!!

No. 1427860


No. 1427880

File: 1669863911800.jpeg (133.86 KB, 736x1308, 6C5A7E64-09E0-4311-87E1-A9EC03…)

I did end up buying her. I’ve been keeping tabs on rainbow high dolls for a while and this is my first and only one. I love her crocs they’re very cute.

No. 1427884

seems like I was too late for the op that asked but if anyone else would like to actually be talked out of it in the future I would be willing to try. $13 isn't bad I'm the grander scheme of things at least!

No. 1427893

Not too late I can cancel at any time before shipping.

No. 1427916

Please do lol. My daughters love rainbow high and I spent over $200 buying those shadow high collection. 13 bucks is a steal and rainbow high is probably my favorite commerically sold doll since they're like an edgier version of Bratz. Right after monster high obvi

No. 1427946

File: 1669867417697.jpeg (282.99 KB, 1242x1547, C01BDB77-A76C-4A18-A156-E755F7…)

I love how much of a supportive mom you are, nonnie! There’s lots of SH and RH sales right now.

No. 1427953

i hate/love these things. I love the fashion and they seem super good quality but i cant get over the fish face.

No. 1428116

Seeing this reminds me of something I said to my mom years back. That a lot of the time when I received presents the best thing about them was opening them up. The actual act of unwrapping/opening the gift was more fulfilling than the gift inside.
It makes me think about online shopping and how it provides this sort of high when you receive your package. People are easily addicted to that feeling and can become chronic shoppers because of it. This girl seems like a classic case. I bet if online shopping wasn't a thing, she wouldn't be as gung ho to blow her money.

No. 1428127

I once got a Starbucks gift set during Christmas. I was pissed when I found it only had two single serve pouches of cocoa in it. Now I understand seeing as how people blow money just for these fugly ass cups. The set was basically just for the boring branded mugs and not their overpriced drinks.

No. 1428280

A lot of unboxings are just "ooo how cute!" then the item is immediately dumped in a corner somewhere and the next one is opened. It's so empty and pointless I'm amazed people watch this stuff.

No. 1428372

How dead inside can you be?? there isn't even any attempt to make the video engaging lol just as brain dead as her purchases

No. 1428377

don't blame you, this is so gorgeous. it has so much potential as an ooak but she seems so beautiful it would be a shame
bringing my dollfag side out oh my god

speaking of which, I turned an ever after high alice (I think?) doll into a gudetama girl and I was so so proud of her outfit but fucked the faceup so bad she's still sitting in my in-progress box/stockbox and I'm so sad abt it but this has inspired me, thank you based shadow high poster.

No. 1428388

File: 1669901091313.png (609.29 KB, 421x723, drcy.png)

here's another one that popped up randomly, unfortunately i can't upload it because the file is too big even after compressing it 3 times already. https://www.tiktok.com/@darcymcqueenyyy/video/7170805175672786219

i'm honestly disturbed by her vacant stare and soyfacing.

No. 1428397

does she have autism? the way she talks and stares blankly isn't normal

No. 1428463

I had an epiphany about this exact thing a few years ago and it's what made me stop online shopping so much. I remember I used to open my packages up and enjoy the dopamine hit of opening it up and touching it for the first time, then it sat in the corner doing nothing.

My dad does this too but won't get it through his stupid thick head. On top of it, he won't throw out any of the packaging either so it's just junk AND garbage everywhere. No we can't clean it up because he's a manchild and will throw tantrums when we do.

No. 1428646

Money doesn't buy good taste because holy fuck what an ugly bag…

No. 1428701

Kek, the totally robotic way she says "I love it. It's so cute. I love it."

No. 1428753

>I'm obsessed
>I love it so much
>I'm so excited
You say that

No. 1429049

File: 1669929296627.gif (1.03 MB, 517x250, ijfim.gif)

Holy shit, she's real

No. 1429105

File: 1669931282515.webm (15.49 MB, 576x1024, 1669930988951.webm)

ot because it's not about consooming, but the emotionless "mmmmm yum" kills me kek

No. 1429125

The empty fluoride stare

No. 1429509

wait, aren't you supposed to bring in those cups and get them filled at Starbucks? SB isn't as big in my country but I thought that was the point of them?

No. 1429684

Where I am from you can get a small discount if you ask the barista to fill your reusable cup because it's good for the environment but I never saw anyone with one.

No. 1429693

why would you film this and who finds it entertaining? Wish I could get those seconds back.

No. 1429701

don't apologize ever - pens are timeless and they can be so meaningful. Once I'm more financially stable, I'd like to get a couple more. I have an old fountain pen I bought at an estate sale, and a quality cane pen I practice calligraphy with. These are honestly things I never regret buying. The rough part is buying good plain paper bc it can be so expensive but necessary for good calligraphy

No. 1429766

File: 1669987665731.png (40.13 KB, 300x225, tatt.png)

Having friends with kids I can't get over how many toys (stuff that costs like 10 to 15 quid) are on par with just buying them a fucking kinder egg. Once you get through all the layers of packaging that make it look more impressive.. its rubbish.

This opening layers on layers of 'surprises' thing is what alot of figures and dolls have become but its a trap to make you pay 15 euro for a 50 cent figure at most and and maybe a couple stickers.

No. 1429795


This haul is just typical junk but the Mickey pumpkin really sets me off
>I bought so much shit I don't even remember what's in the box!
>I don't know where I'm going to put the pumpkin!
>I just HAD to get it!! I couldn't live with myself if it sold out!!

Disney adults are an annoying breed of people.

No. 1429801

I was browsing amazon for black friday and I realized I don't actually want anything, so I closed the site. I haven't bought anything aside from consumables this entire year.

No. 1429819

In my country stores were promoting black friday last week, I wonder if they were doing it on the wrong date. Going on a tangent here, but on the news they talked about how stores found the black friday results disappointing and that "people forgot about black friday because they are distracted with the world cup". Like, people are just poor and your sales are scam? Why would the world cup make a difference. Anyway, black friday was very artificially instated un my country a few years ago, a lot of stores just up their prices before it to then pretend they are selling things for cheaper and trick people into buying shit.

No. 1429927

That's what they do in the US too. The black Friday price is usually the manufacturer suggested price, retailers just bump it up to make profits, and then pretend you're getting a discount when they mark products as the manufacturer pricing.

No. 1429931

In my country (or maybe it's an EU regulation, I don't know), they specifically control for this practice now to be impossible, so the "70%" Black Friday promotions went down to 10-15% this year, it's hilarious. I managed to get a few machines and stuff for my new apartment, so I'm not bitching, but people won't just throw stuff out for a 10% off.

No. 1430579

absolutely unhinged i love her

No. 1431091

All that tat literally just looks like she got it from Claire's, what's the point of having 800 bracelets and necklaces on if they all look like that? They're basically all identical too, what's the point of getting more?
Kinder eggs are more fun for the kids since they get to eat the chocolate too.

No. 1433670

File: 1670269987854.webm (2.71 MB, 268x480, v5jvs1p0te3a1.webm)

not really a consoom like the other vids posted here, but i found this on reddit and had to share.

No. 1433676

I know the point is "zomg waste!" but you can see how stale as shit some of those donuts are from sitting out for hours all clumped together and old

No. 1433678

This shit should be illegal, and if businesses can't be profitable without throwing away loads of food then maybe they don't have the right to exist. At least nothing of nutritional value is lost here but it's still a waste of good wheat. I just don't think this shit is justifiable when millions of people are dying because of hunger.

No. 1433687

spoiler this

No. 1433721

They don't let employees take what's left when the store is closed like with normal bakeries?

No. 1433727

Have worked in the restaraunt industry for a few years and the most devistating thing I saw was having to throw out about 100lbs of cooked meat that was only a couple days old. We all stashed some, including the head chef, because it was such a ridiculous waste. In more corporate chains you aren't really allowed to do this though, I realize.

In the US,there are laws against giving such food to shelters or even just the homeless because they could be sued if someone gets sick.

Doubt that the hungry are going to do so, but who am I to know. It's awful.

No. 1433731

All corporate owned shops and restaurants (and many smaller ones too) don't allow this because muh profits. It's similar to how fast fashion brands rip and destroy the clothes that don't sell for a long time. It's fucked up.
That Donut place would be incredible for dumpster diving though and I hope people take advantage of that. Sometimes the employees actually help people out and let them know when they can come to get the food (in secret because giving it away is illegal).

No. 1433739

This reminds me of a scene of a video I once watched in high school that's been seared in my mind. The video focused on the elderly of NY's Chinatown, and how they have found community with one another in their loneliness. There's a scene where an elderly person is going through a bakery's garbage and picking out pieces of bread that are still good. The person explains that the bakery will throw water all over the bread meant to be thrown out to discourage people from going through the trash. It just hurt my heart. You know the people going through your trash most likely are doing it out of desperation for some food, so to throw water on it and ruin it feels like just kicking someone when they're already down.

I understand that laws make it difficult for places to donate their food, but I have seen some apps pop up (Too Good To Go is one I have downloaded) where people can pay a small amount for a bag of random goodies that were left over at the end of the night. Usually it's like $3-$5 for a lot of food and bakeries usually give lots of good shit.

No. 1433749

I don't see how you're losing profits if your employees just take some stale donuts that nobody would want to buy anyway. You're just saving food that would be thrown away this way. Almost all bakeries in my country are known to let their employees go home with cakes and bread to not waste food.

>That Donut place would be incredible for dumpster diving though

You described it the same way supermarkets act though. If they're similar enough maybe they even throw toxic products like bleach on the food to prevent people from touching that stuff once it's thrown away.

No. 1433814

File: 1670278692100.jpg (165.72 KB, 1200x800, Sailor-pro-gear-manyou-four-se…)

Whoa nona, I thought I was weird for having 10 +/- inked fountain pens but this made me feel less bad kek

Fountain pens are one hell of a drug. They're not the worst things I've come to collect so I don't feel TOO bad. I'm trying REALLY hard not to order a Sailor Shikiori but I think I will likely cave soon.

Honestly I'd have never guessed I would become an FP maniac myself but here we are. (I wanna know what nonnies' favourite pens are but maybe that's a bit too much?)

No. 1433829

there's a journalling thread, maybe you can post about it there? I don't have any pens myself but I'm quite interested.

No. 1433860

>I haven't bought anything aside from consumables this entire year.
Nonnie I aspire to be you

No. 1434563

I used to work for a major chain in Canada for doughnuts while I was in HS, and we absolute could not bring things home for whatever reason. My coworker got in trouble for taking one doughnut, kek.
I also worked in a small bakery, and I was able to bring things home, it depends on corpo job you're at.
It's sickening

No. 1434741

this got me smiling, like a genuine grin, not even a hint of cringe sneering. bless

No. 1435542

Fuck timmies they were never that good anyway.

No. 1436028

File: 1670433031366.png (617.15 KB, 1043x541, CAPTURE.png)

Got recommended this random channel about a couple who basically center their entire life around Disney, I wonder if they can genuinely enjoy romantic moments that don't involve Disney

No. 1436034

I agree, I would steal SO much however, just to give to the homeless people nearby. They were nice and I was being petty so I would just steal to steal. Fuck them.
The waste is disgusting, the food is disgusting.

No. 1436035

I used to work at starbucks and depending on which store I was at (since they moved us around) we would be able to take home food. It was technically 'stealing' to take food which would end up in the dumpster, but most shift leads didnt give a shit. I only met one who was super hard on the rules, but that was because he was trying to become a store manager. I wish more places were like Pret a manger, which openly put their food out every night in clear bags and encouraged anyone to take them.
I used to dumpster dive at starbucks in NYC and would come home with hundreds of dollars worth of never touched food and coffee bags. I gave a lot away to friends and family after telling them where I got it from. Most food thrown away isnt even expired.

No. 1436123

They do this partially because companies have gotten sued by people who claimed food poisoning and stuff from eating the "old, leftover" food.

Clothing companies rip clothing up for purely capitalist reasons. Certain brands don't want homeless people to be seen wearing their latest fashions because the rich fucks that keep them in business won't want it anymore.

No. 1436413

Ever since Nonnie posted her videos on lolcow I’ve never looked back. I have respect that she’s dedicated to something she loves but I’m also creeped out by the baby yodas.

No. 1436421

Samfag but here’s a recent shopping trip and she took her yoda doll with her. She uses the blue haired one named “Fischer” as a mouth piece for her videos.

No. 1436499

File: 1670448595054.png (23.9 KB, 651x125, w.png)

No. 1436848

I was addicted to watching gachapon opening videos only because I was jealous about how we don't have cute ones like they do in Japan. This realization came up after like the hundredth video I watched kek. No longer watch them.
I don't know why, but I get annoyed when designs on tops are just square/rectangle shaped pictures.
>I'm a very plain and bland person
We can tell…

No. 1436885

wtf is this baby yoda shit still ongoing in 2022?

No. 1436888

omg I used to have these, they're from mexico. They're not kinder eggs tho, but an off brand thing. I loved them so much, I had a bunch of them because I really loved adventure time back then.

No. 1437147

My budgie one arrived today, and it's all your fault, nonnie. It's the only time I couldn't help but indulge.

No. 1437751

People who buy luxury bags are retarded. nearly 5k for a purse and all you're doing is lining a rich person's pocket. I'd rather buy from independent and smaller businesses. You see every stupid thot with Chanel and LV now a days too. They all look the same.

No. 1439281

File: 1670632970779.jpeg (51 KB, 402x528, 268BD113-670D-4D95-B9A7-24885E…)

I keep buying these shitty unicorn blind bags wherever I see them. They’re 15 dollars a pop and only 2 inches tall. Help?

No. 1439305

The badtz-maru one is very cute

No. 1439322

Of course she gets vanilla

No. 1439389

just deleted my amazon account because i was having issues that they couldn’t fix despite me calling them multiple times. feels good.

No. 1439399

File: 1670641247549.jpeg (87.14 KB, 750x750, 2BBD5AF6-2C71-42F2-AA07-8A3F24…)

I've bought a bunch of stupid palettes because I had coupons. now I want more. I might even ask my work secret santa to buy me one since the limit is $30 and these babies are only $13. stopppp meeee

No. 1439403

get a glass case for them or enjoy dust forever

No. 1439407

kek! I used to collect this brand.

No. 1439429

This bitch has the most punchable face and voice.

No. 1439440

the unicorns and characters arent even distinct. hard to read where one ends and the other begins. two headed AI generated looking homunculi

No. 1439456

When is the last time you hit pan?

No. 1439543

I'm pretty sure that's because the wings of the unicorns are partially covering the characters

No. 1439568

File: 1670658144692.jpg (22.38 KB, 570x385, IMG_2968.jpg)

The top toy blind boxes are much cuter honestly.

No. 1439570

File: 1670658307282.png (800.31 KB, 902x453, s-l1600.png)

This one with all the Kuromis tempts me so hard…

No. 1439574

Damn I miss these they were discontinued in my area and I used to get one once in a while with my dad when he was alive.

No. 1440247

Dude probably has at least 10 of these fucks that look almost identical at this point.

No. 1440850

I can't stand companies that do this. I worked at restaurants that would throw out food constantly and I was struggling to pay for food because of their shit wages but they wouldn't allow me to take food that was going to be thrown out. Pizza chains be the real ones though since fucked up orders were always sent to the back for employees. IMO all restaurants, cafes or whatever should be legally required to give their employees one free meal every shift and two free meals on doubles, unless the restaurant is paying decent enough and let's be honest here, unless you're working at some top tier restaurant in new york they probably aren't

No. 1440944

Dammit Keroppi's is so ugly that I think I need him. Charlie the unicorn lookin ass.

No. 1440990

The weird organization/containers for everything trend was started by the container and Tupperware industry because most people are too poor or don't care about buying more than what they need to organize things so the industry was going to die out otherwise

No. 1440992

File: 1670764591043.jpg (21.52 KB, 239x318, p_286850_l.jpg)

I spent a stupid amount of money on toreba the other day (don't recommend, the difficulty/rigging on there lately is insane) But I got this lil keroppi set. I have a lil triangular corner shelf in my room. I reckon if I put it on there and stare at it for the rest of my life I might just about get my moneys worth.

No. 1442012

File: 1670810790390.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 49976045677_c0c369b663_o.jpg)

Reminds me of Gundam where there's a billion toys and model kits of the original. Sure the later ones might have better technology, increased poseability and different surface details but they essentially look the same and people keep buying them.

No. 1442035

It's the fun of building them! I'm biased but since assembling the kit takes effort and time I see gunpla hobby as much more respectable than collecting funkos or so

No. 1442062

File: 1670813574234.jpeg (5.22 MB, 4032x3024, 49030A72-50BF-4F85-87A7-E3ED86…)

I’m in the process of decluttering and recently got rid of a ton of paper junk (after buying a scanner and saving them to my comp) but I have more difficulty letting go of the many trinkets and shit I have. I wish I could set up like a yard sale except the stuff is free, none of it is worth selling but could be useful still (like christmas stickers, calculators, etc.). I live in a rural area though and I doubt people are gonna want to drive all the way in for junk. Idk I’m so conflicted, they’re perfectly fine but I don’t wanna throw them to the trash, they’re not ready for that yet. I’ve got lots of small toys/figurines, and I wish I could give them to collectors or kids.
I need help

No. 1442063

I've been buying these and building them, and its so relaxing for me! I found some pokemon model kits that I really enjoy too!

No. 1442143

I have a stupid amount of cute/nerd charms and pins from mostly internet artists, a few officially branded, that I've mostly outgrown and are honestly pretty embarrassing to me now. Bit of cringe each time I see them. But I don't really know what to do with them. Apparently some artists get pissy and flag listings if you try to resell them even if it is for half what you paid. They say they won't but them some do, or maybe it's their fans. Regardless I don't have anyone in my life that would want them, but I feel like dumping them at a thrift store for scalpers is wasteful because I guess I'm still kind of attached to them or at least the money I spent/trades I did for them. I struggle breaking that attachment to them. If I still lived in a college town I'd leave them at a thrift shop there but… I don't know, I'm struggling. They don't take up much space now that I don't display them but I just feel stupid about it.

No. 1442179

Just sell them on Depop, for the artists that get pissy include them as freebies on the charms you do sell

No. 1442181

Maybe wear them out one last on a piece of clothing/bag and if anyone compliments one just give it to them? Just inist you are trying to downsize the collection and would be happy if someone who appreciated them got one.

No. 1442271

File: 1670826943890.jpg (270.1 KB, 1440x1440, o8i94mn0vpm71.jpg)

Christmas really brings out the consoomer in me. I was raised by a family that goes Dursley-tier crazy on Christmas so I feel this pressure to spend a ton of money and time on gifts and frou frou. My house is decorated head to toe but I have to really stop myself from buying more. Also I started collecting those retarded fabric birds, I only have 2 but it's only a matter of time for me, the fact that you can incorporate them into your decorations really tempts me

No. 1442294

Yeah I get that, but do we really need another RX-78 when we still don't have an HGUC Agguguy?

No. 1442315

underwater mobile suits btfo'd

No. 1442334

Anon I would say sell the toys and figures on depop, mercari, tinted, poshmark, ebay and include the junk as freebies or take a picture of the freebies so people can pick one. I would give loose stickers and face product samples as freebies when I sold.

No. 1442347

Hoping we get some more xmas themed consoomer TTs. They're kind of addicting.

No. 1442527

How about donating it?

No. 1442586

I sold a bunch on Mercari a few months ago. I don’t give a shit about the artists because they’re my property lol.

No. 1442631

File: 1670859324427.jpg (14.74 KB, 225x225, 38357.jpg)

Proud of myself for getting over not using notebooks because they're "too pretty" or whatever but why the fuck did I buy so much washi tape. I could cover a football field with them. I don't even journal or anything, sticking the odd piece in my planner is best I can do. sigh

No. 1442640

Why would you put washi tape in a journal?

No. 1442642

I see this stuff everywhere and I have no idea what it's for. It's cute I see it a d I kinda wanna buy it for my nieces but I stick to stickers

No. 1442644

washi tape is for decorations. So yes, putting on notebooks is a pretty common thing.

No. 1442660

To decorate the pages? What do you use it for?

No. 1442759

File: 1670864652739.jpg (243.17 KB, 1080x1080, edc743896d80d8f225988986c8ca11…)

Other anons have already said it but here's also a visual example of using washi tape to decorate.

Washi tape is my drug. Even though I journal and use it for decorating gift wrapping, it's not enough. I can't go through my tapes fast enough.

No. 1442841


Depending on the toys/figurines you have, you might be able to find a dealer (the kind who sells at shows for collectors and such) willing to take them off your hands.

No. 1442941

i use washi tape to separate the days in my journal if an entry ends in the middle of the page. i also decorate corners/edges sometimes, but those always make the notebook look chunky towards the edges and it looks weird.

No. 1443006

any tips for less consumerist gifts now that christmas is right around the corner?
ive gotten my SIL a spa gift card in years prior, but thats been my only idea so i dont want to repeat it for everyone on my list

No. 1443034

Maybe something like a grocery store gift card? Or one for a clothing store if she needs some? That way she can technically get what she needs without having to return or get rid of unwanted clothing or other gifts.

No. 1443052

do the people you're buying for specifically want tangible gifts? someone got me a conservation donation in my name for penguins because they're my favorite animal and id cherish it forever

No. 1443141

theres not a hard expectation for physical gifts but i know none of them would care for something like a donation in their name or anything charity related.
i think paying for an experience they can have is the best i could hope for, or maybe a subscription service for some type of consumable

No. 1443290

I like gifting artisan/fancy versions of food the person likes. Fancy cheese, gourmet chocolates, things like that. Consumables are a pretty good gift imo.

No. 1443464

I've bought three of these from target once, a few years ago. I don't know what to do with them and the ones I have you don't seem to have. I wish I could send you mine, kek.

No. 1444016

File: 1670939880530.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3832x3000, EBDE7318-70C9-42A3-9E4A-D132CB…)

got Christmas money from grandma! i’m buying more calico critters with it. i just need two more families then i swear i’ll be done. i was really itching to order the koalas once payday comes around, but then her Christmas card came in the mail. as long as I still have money to pay off my weed debt to my little sister, spending $40 on myself for things i don’t need isn’t THAT bad, right?

No. 1444031

Would anyone you're buying for be interested in a one-off class of some kind? Art/cooking/yoga/etc. I got my stepmother a certificate for a ring forging class, hoping that goes over well. Sometimes I wish my family were consoomers, itd make the holidays less stressful

No. 1444146

File: 1670949957497.jpeg (1.19 MB, 960x1854, 56FA7599-194B-4556-89B8-7A1D8F…)

No. 1445145

the sheer number of spiders that must be in there…

No. 1445176

I am so sad I cannot get these as an europoor. I want the winter ones with the hats so bad.

No. 1445584

Anons do you like hand-made gifts? I like making embroidery pieces for people but I read a comment somewhere about how dumb it is to gift people decor items because it might clash with their style or not be in their taste and now I feel kinda weird about it. At least my mother will always be open to receiving them

No. 1445674

I love handmade gifts! A lot of homemade things tend to veer too far into ugly tat territory so people are a bit apprehensive about them, but if it's well made and tasteful I don't see why it would be a bad gift. You can always ask the recipient how they feel about it.

No. 1445777

And not one of them is cute.

No. 1445954

It's illegal to give away leftovers/stale food because they might make the person who eats them sick and they can sue the restaurant chain. Even if it's for the homeless

No. 1445960

You do you nonnie, I've fallen in the calico critter rabbit hole myself. But I refuse to buy their cheap expensive plastic furniture. I only buy the animals kek. In fact once I'm off college this month I will build a wood doll house for them, if someone wants I can post pictures I guess

No. 1446392

Yes, please.

No. 1446504

I appreciate the fact he shits on the consoomer collectors that blow hundreds of dollars on "rare" Bratz dolls for the fad. I wish he posted screencaps of the facebook groups that are mad about reproductions.

No. 1446568

They're very cute and I like to stare at them, I stared at a shiba family and had to talk myself out of buying them because wtf am I supposed to do with them? Stick them on a shelf to fall over and get dust caked in their flocking or stick them in my ass??

No. 1446637

File: 1671095736093.png (96.73 KB, 539x502, halp.PNG)

Help me, these are on sale in US Amazon and they would be cheap to order to my Euro country now (can't get them here), I really don't need more dolls tho. Consoomer brain is activating

No. 1446639

you two should go out for a coffee together

No. 1446646

I'll probably regret it later but just posting this and thinking about all the other dolls I already own made me feel anxious as shit so maybe it's better not to splurge on yet another kids toy. I don't want to become like >>1417795

kek, hit me up dollnonny

No. 1446742

File: 1671105033145.jpg (112.5 KB, 1200x1200, Chanel_Advent_Calendar-best-of…)

Since we're in topic (and pardon me if this has already been posted), I will say that I hate any type of consoomer advent calendar with a burning passion.
I have a fond memory of advent calendars, because when I was a child it was a moment for, as I said, children to enjoy a little chocolate or candy the days before xmas. It was a cute thing for children!
Now it's full of designer brands (Chanel, for example), makeup, toys, food subscription boxes, hell, fucking DISNEY is making a calendar full of christmas crap that gets forgotten for the rest of the years and no one bats an eye.
Zoomers in particular are holding into the "save the planet uwu Capitalism is bad!!" idea but flock like pigeons on bread when they see another calendar filled with minisizes no one wants and useless crap, with an absurd overcharge on top. Disgusting.

No. 1446750

I agree with you anon, I loved getting the little chocolate ones when I was a kid, they used to be cheap too. Now I saw chocolate calendars in the shop with as little as 40g of chocolate in them costing upwards of £4-£5.
The makeup/skincare ones are always full of hair ties, makeup pads, whatever, and the grand prize is a sample sized perfume or cream, whole box priced at £20 or so. It's not really the worst thing to consume but it's a waste of money and they're normally 80% filler.

No. 1446773

File: 1671107098309.jpg (115.45 KB, 791x800, crying big fat fuck.jpg)

>mfw I'm 24 and I still consoom chocolate advent calendars

No. 1446775

It's just chocolate nonnie, don't feel bad. I kinda wanted one too but it feels illegal to buy one myself when it was always gifted to me as a kid. One day!

No. 1446777

i didn't know advent calendars were a thing until senior highschool. my thoughts on them was always "but why tho???"

No. 1446778

ayrt, yes please post pics when you do! I've got dollhouse plans as well, I just need to get off my ass and find some more old wine crates.
>>1446568 hehe I started with the Shibas too.

No. 1446783

living a better life than my 24 year old ass who has never experienced the joy of an Advent Calendar.
sigh maybe next year. are they unpopular in America or something? or am I weird? because there's only a few people irl that I know for a fact got them, and I assume others participate in the tradition as well but have no reason to mention it.

No. 1446787

you can do that at any age tho

No. 1446790

I thought advent calendars were supposed to be cute and fun and small as a reminder of holiday joy, therefore they mostly had like small toys or candy and it was supposed to teach something I think. Making it high end, luxurious and grandiose goes against the point

No. 1446795

I like hand made gifts! If you know the person's style/taste there shouldn't be a problem, because with handmade stuff it's easier to tailor them into a more personal gift, more so than store-bought items. especially if you don't know what you'd buy them anyway.

No. 1446804

men really made us think our life should be joyless past 22 y/o
don't feel bad nonie, i have an advent calendar too

No. 1446806

I'm going to do it for the rest of my life nona, I don't think it has an age cap and makes the terrible, terrible month of December a little more bearable.

That said I was too busy this work to buy one before December started and now they're nowhere in shops. Agree with the other anon that the non choc advent calendars are shitty. I like the fancy chocolate ones, it feels more grown up and like my fatty self to have a designated praline a day.

No. 1446855

File: 1671113487361.png (1.99 MB, 759x950, why.PNG)

I saw a bunch at Costco. The only one I really remember was this beer one that costs $60.

No. 1446866

That's really neat. I'd be interested in one of those, but with mini fancy sodas. Also, it shouldn't have which beers are in it. Defeats the point of the advent calendar entirely.

No. 1446897

I cannot appreciate an alcohol gift set, but these calenders/value sets are the best thing about the holidays. You can split them up and give them to family and friends, or it's a great way to try products without too much commitment or wasting too much money by buying full size versions.

No. 1446912

Same fag, i say this but also understand that most value sets are a complete waste of money, especially consoomer advent calenders. They contain so much cheap filler items that will go straight in the trash. That being said, i really miss chocolate calendars lmao.

No. 1446919

I love it when i get gifted art of my husbandos.

No. 1446923

That's nice to hear, I'd stitch you all a little cow each if I could

No. 1446943

File: 1671118019915.png (90.88 KB, 349x360, Screenshot_4.png)

does anyone here have an apple watch? how do you find it? would a second-hand one be worth it, in your opinion?

i've sort of wanted one since i started running in 2018 but it always feels like far too much money for what it does. i don't want any of the other fitness bands/smart watches because i'm a freak about data privacy, but since the apple watch is likely to rely on third-party apps too i'm thinking that might be a redundant line of thinking. it feels like a particularly consoomerist thing to have

No. 1446966

Here nonnie. myarx#0688

No. 1446984

I have a Garmin watch (not that bothered about privacy) and I find it very helpful because I can track everything with it. Looking at sleep pattern and stress patterns helps with being organized.

No. 1447013

File: 1671122283715.jpeg (895.42 KB, 2159x1936, 98A02260-2C67-45E7-AB95-448CD1…)

Autism incoming: when did it become the norm to call them “plushes” or “plushies” instead of “stuffed animals”/does anyone know where that stems from? Is it regional? Not hating on you nonnies who called them that here, i just stg I never saw that once until a few years ago and now it’s most common usage and tbh I don’t like it much. Maybe calling them “stuffed animals” helps me divorce myself from the fact I’m a grown up lady who has to talk herself out of buying them on the reg idk
picrel: a bad shot of a cute stuffed bee I got a couple months ago to put on my wfh desk, I love him I don’t even care

No. 1447019

I think it got switched out because not every plush is an animal, now we have plush of human characters and even objects. I still use the term stuffed animals sometimes and I've seen others do so as well.

No. 1447036

File: 1671123461762.jpg (107.13 KB, 1500x890, 61wzOqnANGL.jpg)

Nobody would ever expect or guess it about me, but I collect weird stuffed animals. Like platypus and seacow. Most of them have been gifts. The platypus works as a wonderful neckpillow.

No. 1447050

This annoys me too. Plushie is supposed to be a plush textured stuffed animal (similar to velvet, think of a velvety textured but not actual velvet couch), but some people started calling all stuffed animals that, especially online. Why? I guess they think it sounds cuter. I first started noticing this in the lol so randum ecks dee holds up spork era and it has spread further and further.

No. 1447054

File: 1671124726231.png (337.36 KB, 856x673, C9C59F66-710F-422A-8075-0D2F17…)

I started saying plushie because of Neopets.

No. 1447065

File: 1671125241902.png (236.76 KB, 715x413, buttercup.png)


I also have a collection of stuffed animals that I sleep with. I'm 24 years old and nobody knows. I'm a giant, stoic asshole IRL so I'm sure no one could imagine me cuddling and kissing a bunch of plushies every single night.

I'm sure it screams "womanchild" but it helps me channel my maternal instinct so I don't care.

No. 1447066

I think there's a good chance it's regional.
However like >>1447054 I think I started saying it cause of Neopets too

No. 1447067



Slight tangent, but imo "stuffie" is the worst term for them. I've only ever seen ddlg degens use it.

No. 1447084

I say plushie because of various games, I think. I wish I could have a plushie collection, but I think my family would judge me for it. I only have a few beanie babies.
There's just something so gross about the term stuffie

No. 1447086

My husband and I sleep with a few stuffed animals. We're in our 30s with our own home. I've slept with some my entire life, I wasn't about to stop when we moved in together years ago, so he just got used to it.

No. 1447103

How did you introduce this in you relationship? I have one that I had since I was a baby, one as a body support pillow and two as "decoration" I can't imagine not having them with me as I get older.

No. 1447135


If I get married, I hope I can have what you have then. No man is going to make me throw them away. lmao

No. 1447148

I used to say it as a kid but then switched off of it since it sounded weirder as I got older

No. 1447150

Not what you asked, but where I'm from they're called soft toys

No. 1447172

I always called them cuddly toys. When I saw plushy being used alot online I assumed its american.

No. 1447353

What do I do with some old art supplies that aren't used up but I'm not going to use them anymore ever? I feel bad about throwing them out but I have no one to give them to.

No. 1447360

You could try listing them online and if you don't want to sell then for a very discounted price you could just ask for shipping costs. Someone would be happy to take them.

No. 1447377

Oh that's a pretty good idea actually! I was thinking about how they probably wouldn't be worth the trouble trying to sell, but giving them away in exchange for the shipping might work. I'm gonna try it, thanks!

No. 1447396

You can also contact your local elementary school or daycare and see if they want them. That's what I usually do with mine.

No. 1447402

I love this idea! I have some stuff I should probably get rid of.

Also for any nonnies who don't want to let go of their plushies, what I did was get one of those nets you hang on the wall and just put it above the door in my bedroom, so they're out of the way, but always near if I want one to snuggle or display

No. 1447403

File: 1671137666404.jpeg (57.7 KB, 500x750, 6931B7C7-35CD-4051-A58F-82A42F…)

lol I love that. Reminds me of the time I bought my friend’s kid a stuffed armadillo.

No. 1447404

Stuffie is like “this room sure is stuffy” (uncomfortably full) and it sounds far too British (cringe).

No. 1447444

Ok thank you SAME. I’ve called them “stuffed animals” all my life and now I’m seeing people, including normies on my social media say “look at these cute stuffies!”/plushies!” and it always kind of creeps me out. Something about plushie/stuffie makes me think of furries and DDLG shit and I hate it

No. 1447660

You sounds American, I've thought about this too. My theory is the kawaiification of the western toy market had a lot to do with it. I've been buying Japanese plush for the better part of a decade and they've always been called "plush", and since weeb shit is so much more normalized now, I feel like that term just came along with it.

No. 1447664

Used to say stuffed animals but after playing Neopets like some anons, as well as other games that used the term, I start saying 'plushie' (it's a shorter word and they are plush so it makes sense)

No. 1447698

that's so wholesome, anon.

No. 1447699

Both of you are based and wholesome queens

No. 1447743

File: 1671156813116.jpeg (170.59 KB, 1024x768, 7AB275FC-8D32-49EF-9C81-BA22E7…)

same here, i use plushie and really prefer the british way of spelling stuff like ‘faerie’ pr artefact, it makes more sense, at least to me, somehow.
also, i preordered the neopets tarot deck

No. 1447991

File: 1671172230519.png (1020 KB, 501x824, rainbow vomit tier stuff.PNG)

It's crazy to me how these people could buy multiple high end BJDs but instead buy cheap children's dolls, I get the appeal of having a few but it gets disturbing when it's literally everywhere.

No. 1447996

I would be happy with a snack advent calander for my food allergy so that each morning there was something new as breakfast but you're right its retarded unless the calander is filled with useable things for that person. We had one for a while as kids that had a piece of candy, change, or rarely 1-5 bill. Still made us very happy.

No. 1447998

File: 1671172933966.jpeg (701.86 KB, 1917x1063, 74CAE63C-7FAA-436A-9879-1D953B…)

I totally agree. Mass produced children’s dolls are like Funko pops of the doll world. I used to be an avid collector of monster high but sold them all. I was excited for the reboot because (yay no more hair glue!) but they’re all so cheap and ugly. The only one I might want to buy is Abbey but If they make her trans I’ll go ape shit.

No. 1448018

You see her color coding, you already know the answer, I’m afraid…

No. 1448020

ngl, i always wanted a tea-related advent calendar so i can try different tea flavors without buying a pack of a specific tea and wasting them all if it doesn't suit my taste.

No. 1448093

I hate this because these colors go so well together, but even if you design a character using these that is not trans, trans/adjacent community will still claim that it is

No. 1448273

File: 1671199760509.png (425.52 KB, 699x1183, 97F2D368-7322-4CF2-B4B0-3CCCF0…)

Those are her signature colours though. Purple, pink, blue and white. The moment I saw her snowflake shirt I was afraid because it does look like the troon flag. If it’s fanon she’s a troon I simply won’t accept it but if it’s canon I’m losing it.

No. 1448301

oh look she's a kpop fan too

No. 1448303

File: 1671202757197.jpg (70.39 KB, 640x360, avg lc user and her cow.jpg)

I hate the new reboot dolls. The new Barbie-esc body positive bodies don't suit the girls imo. They're monsters, it fine if they are anachans.

No. 1448305

Did they replace Cleo with Torelei as the mean girl because of cultural appropriation kek

No. 1448322

I just put them on our bed and he didn't argue with me kek

No. 1448356

Wtf why is Dracula so short and fat??

No. 1448360


~body positivity~

No. 1448384

What would even be the fucking point? You cant even see them all. Eventually they will be so full of dirt and dead skin that they will smell and lose their soft plushiness. You know this person isnt taking the time to wash them, or even pick them all up and vaccuum under them. I dont know if this person is and adult or child. Something tells me they are a young adult who makes terrible choices. 692 plushies. You can get them for $20 a peice at walgreens. So 692×20=$13,840 thats a used car. Thats a years worth of rent. Thats a down payment on a house. Please nonas. Control you consoomerism! I love you all and want you guys to have money to buy useful things! Lol i mean do what makes you happy but fuck, be reasonable.

No. 1448422

Lmao you mean he. I meant to post his doll room the other day but forgot.

No. 1448427

i can’t stop buying takeout food i feel like i have a legit addiction. anynonna have dealt with this and learned to control it?

No. 1448438

In what universe is 13k enough for a down payment on a house?

No. 1448681

I have! I try really hard to open my fridge and make a note of all my ingredients to make something for myself. Also, I think the best thing to do is write down how much extra money you saved by not ordering take out. It's so easy to spend $100 a week if you're not careful on ubereats/doordash etc.

Extra money plus not extra weight, but outside food and portions tend to make us gain easily. You got this!!

No. 1448751

we should reclaim her as a bisexual. If some girls in a binder and men in a skirt try to transwash her, I'm gonna ask why they're so biphobic and watch them crumble

No. 1448930

File: 1671233371630.png (495.07 KB, 489x489, 36527996-3C98-44E8-93F2-3A17D3…)

Bisexual and a TERF

No. 1448935

Where i live they accept as little as $5k for down payments. Especially if youre low income. BFs sister just bought a house.

No. 1449024

wow i am so angry they turned her from a strong soviet queen to an uwu e''girl''. Modern media really hates women that have a hint of 'manly' features. I legit didnt recognize her.

No. 1449032

She wasn't my favorite as a kid but you nonnies are changing my mind about it. I love biTERF Abbey.

No. 1449117

>we should reclaim her as
Nah, let's not play their weird ass queer games, claiming her as just a terf would be actually cooler

No. 1450695

a few weeks ago i gave in to consoom impulses and ordered stuff i absolutely didn't need, i just wanted to buy shit. fast forward three weeks later, the package still hasn't arrived. i contacted customer service and they sent me a refund after doing some digging and realizing that my package got lost in the mail.

another thing i ordered arrived broken, i'm still waiting on a reply from customer service so i can have my money back. it's kitchenware btw so sending it back in is kind of redundant, but we'll see how they are going to react.

the other day i saw a bag i liked but then i remembered these two experiences and didn't order it because of that. maybe i just need more bad experiences in order to stop consooming.

No. 1450780

honestly nonni, i was about to curse you out on you trying get me to respect what i assumed was a tif's pronouns, but i checked his instagram to be sure and wow, pretty sure this a legitimate male! seriously surprising since he has pronouns in his instagram bio and likes bts/male kpop groups

No. 1450797

Are you retarded? Liking dolls aren't inherently female.

No. 1451309

Does no one else call them teddies? That's what I've always called them.

No. 1452221

esl-chan, I'll be nice; all dolls, in general, are mass marketed to little girls, meaning the majority of adult doll collectors are women. While there are also the gay male fashion doll hoarders to account for, they have never and will never be the majority of what is considered a vastly female hobby.
However, most importantly, if you go back and read my comments, I said that I believed him to be a tif mostly because he is a boy group kpop fan AND has pronouns on his instagram AND has a squishmallow collection ALONG with collecting fashion dolls! Not just because he hoards 3-4 different brands of dolls! I Know now that he is just a pathetic gay asian man

No. 1452230

I never have food delivered to me, and I always do takeout or fats food that I go and get myself. That being said, eating out is like an addiction to me and it is by far the worst of my habits. I literally won't eat the whole day and then I'll go out and buy fast food for a one meal a day dinner. The thing is, I don't even know why I do it. Years before I would cook for every meal and I have a kitchen… I actually think I'm addicted to fast food.

No. 1452242

are you anglo? i think it's regional. teddies exclusively means bears to me tho

No. 1452279

teddies means teddie bears. It was named after US President Theodore Roosevelt. Plushies or plush is the best universal name for them.

No. 1452296

I hate the new mh line and the more I see of it the more I despise it
It's kind of gross seeing all his sexy men posters next to his massive hoard of children's dolls.
I know it's a collecting thing, but I would utterly embarrassed to have such a room.

No. 1453105

File: 1671480206401.jpeg (548.88 KB, 1170x577, DC11B2EF-D314-4B40-9F0D-846797…)

I have no ideas why faggots are so obsessed with these. I thought Bratz dolls were the ugliest out there but these proved me wrong.

No. 1453111

Because they're rainbow themed and haha gay pride lol flag how kweer and quirky too, so fun.

No. 1453137

It’s mostly women who are onsessed with them though ime

No. 1454308

i call them plushies bc english is not my first language and in my mother tongue the word is a version of plush / plushie and like >>1447054 neopets cemented it

No. 1454835

File: 1671952421460.jpeg (498.7 KB, 1442x2048, clowndollys.jpeg)

Yeah, I don't get the hype either.

No. 1455711

I know they aren't but their style looks like offbrand dolls from the dollar store. They look so tacky

No. 1455712

The faces do not click with me. They're like those Liv dolls way back when, creepy as fuck.

No. 1455728

I’ve got a hoarding problem and a shopping addiction. I’ve maxed out my credit card and I don’t earn enough to pay it all off. Yet I still buy bullshit that I don’t need. I was doing kinda well selling some things that I didn’t want anymore but I ended up replacing them with other stuff. So all the money I earned went back into spending on similar shit. Except now I don’t want to sell them off even though I don’t have space, because I want to have and keep them. I’m also reluctant to throw out stuff because I’m thinking, I could use this in some way some time, or I feel like it’s too nice to throw away but not worth enough to sell. I don’t know any people and I live in a rural area so It’s a bit difficult for me to find someone who could the shit. Of course it would be so much easier to just trash it but I can’t bring myself to do that. Donating also sounds wrong because either they’ll just trash it too or mishandle it and break them or something, or resell them at a stupid high price. I don’t know I’m so conflicted but I need to do something about the mess in my room.

No. 1455765

I want to like them but I can’t.
In other notes, I got all the Calico Critter families I wanted for Christmas! so I won’t be buying more than the occasional blind bag finally.

No. 1455801

File: 1672095878703.jpg (130.3 KB, 827x1098, bf10c16300188f37fe026bab5618c4…)

I like them and collect them, but I dislike their faces. I like them with repainted faces and eyes

No. 1455844

Fountain pen/ink consooming is crazy, I just want to buy some bottled ink and turns out there are thousands of variations, store exclusives, brands shilling to influencers, it’s overwhelming

No. 1455868

I feel this so much. I limit myself to only buying samples now, thankfully the two shops I usually buy from (Goulet and Yoseka) sell samples. Even a small amount of sample ink will still last me a good amount of time. Only downside is no pretty bottle, but I like Yoseka's sample bottles, they are tiny and cute.

No. 1455920

The point of MH was for the dolls to be creepy-cute. This is so ugly and soulless I could go on an autistic rant for hours.

No. 1455965

That is cute, anon. I’ve kinda wanted to get into doll customization/bjds before but haven’t ever had the money, maybe practicing on one of these would be an affordable first step.

No. 1456442

dropping this for my fellow dollfags wanting to get into customising (the amount of monster high dolls, even old gen, at thrift stores is INSANE)

No. 1457226


resell the stuff you're thinking of getting rid of online. you need the money, it's only a slight hassle to get to the post office… even if you have to sell it for less than it's worth or group things into lots, it will still help you out financially to have some money from it instead of no money
if you don't want to do post office, maybe try looking for a local facebook sales/swap shop group and you can arrange to meet buyers around town

No. 1460692

Got a new console for christmas (ps5) and I am absolutely NOT going to let myself consoom on it. I already bought one new game after only playing an hour or so of the one I already had (and there is nothing wrong with it. i do intend to play it too) and I've decided that from now on I'm not going to let myself by any new games for this console until I've finished (or decided to give up permanently) all my old ones. Buying games I want to play "at some point" in the future has never worked out for me and if I don't start playing a new game immediately the chances I'll actually end up playing it are slim to none. I still have so many brand new or otherwise never touched games for my other consoles and I'm not gonna let it happen this time. That's my new year's resolution.

No. 1460740

File: 1672650588333.jpg (27.41 KB, 403x403, 5248e9e42083fcae0752f498318b02…)

I have way too many fucking plushies and no good storage idea that I like. I don't want to use a hammock as I don't like the idea of leaving my plushies out to collect dust and I'm not sure if there's a big enough box for the sheer amount of plushies I have. I had them in large plastic trash bags in my closet but that looked terrible and took up so much space. Some of the plushies I probably should get rid of but I'm not sure if anyone would buy them. Plus, I hesitate to even sell some of them even if they're not designs I love because I won them from UFO catcher machines. Pic related, a reversible Hello Kitty plush that turns her into a roast turkey that I found in my collection (and have no idea where I got from).

No. 1461386

File: 1672711304898.jpg (131.91 KB, 800x800, 847011fb20.jpg)

handsome brothers!

No. 1461395

that lab has such a goofy fashion sense did he get dressed in the dark? his brothers have sabotaged him

No. 1461416

Sorry, I have no suggestions about your plush addiction but that is the cutest thing to me idk why

No. 1461464

File: 1672719628950.jpg (18.31 KB, 300x300, 802bc8063e691116b48b9fb810b74a…)

But a plushie hammock in tiers doesn't sound like a bad idea though. The only alternative would be to get shelves or other storage or start decluttering.

No. 1461722

It's that time of the year again when I need someone to stop me from buying an expensive planner I'll barely use cause I'm a mess, but I want anyway cause it's cute.

No. 1461724

How DARE you he's just happy about his striped shirt and his extra cute pink suit!! He's living his life!

No. 1461792

File: 1672761207198.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2207x2471, 7DE68F7A-D2BD-47A8-83FF-008C6A…)

I bought some polymer clay to start making mini doll-scale foods again. I used to make charms and stuff as a teenager, sold them at anime conventions n stuff but it’s been years. Maybe that’ll keep me busy while I’m not buying more critters.

No. 1461806

I love calico critters. I dont have any but i always want them… i want the cow family so bad. Lord give me the strength to save my money. Amen.

No. 1461813

You should go through and get rid of atleast half… you wont get your money back for them so dont hope for that. Your best bet is to find someone in your family with kids and dump them on them. Or if there are multiple kids talk to all the parents and figure out what the kids like and give them away according to that. Plushies are and will always be a huge waste of space. I love them dearly but i have great self control over purchasing stuff that will just become dusty clutter and things that lack practical use. It will suck in the moment and may even physically hurt. But in a month or so of time you will ba thankful for the extra space and not even remember the plushies you rehomed. Good luck and remember that dustmites thrive inside of stuffed animals! The older they get, the worse it is. Never have more plushies than you can wash and properly take care of!

No. 1461837

Get a planner that doesn't have the month/year specifically, just blank weeks. That way if you don't use it for a week or two, no pages are wasted. I got one last year and I'm not even halfway thru, even using it every week.

No. 1462002

The cow family is mighty cute.

No. 1462199

Buying several small fabric birds instead of improving myself at all

No. 1462309

She looks like budget Moana fused with Swapmeet Elsa. Can't even be arsed to create a new drawing style, they look like a hybrid of Disney's modern neotenous/pedo animation and Barbie's pudgy new "diversity" line that's so cheaply made the eyes printed on are off center. My God, everything from this gen is same-faced. Look at the token brown Zoomer boy in the back. I've seen that guy at least 15 times and I threw my TV out in 2013. I'm living in cybernetic dystopia.

No. 1462490

Something I always wanted to do was cosplay, this is gonna be the year I get it out of my system. Since lolita is a part of that I may end up with a few pricier items, but I will try lolita before I die dammit.

No. 1462643

worst part about this is that they contain animal products. some poor chicken lived it's entire short, miserable life in a cage so small that it could barely turn around all for eggs that will end up in the trash. some poor cow spent it's life living in dirty squalid conditions and being repeatedly inseminated and then crying for days because it's babies were torn away from it at birth and left out to die, all to go in the trash.

No. 1462809

File: 1672836194592.png (648.24 KB, 762x523, calico.PNG)

they're so cute it pisses me off. they have no business being this cute

No. 1462898

They make me so happy. Damn it all

No. 1463577

File: 1672890977653.gif (61.27 KB, 270x375, C9CB0BE3-4FD0-45EF-8594-108A36…)

Me too, nonna. I am so thirsty for Neopets merch with new assets it's unreal, now that I'm an adult and can afford to enjoy my special interest in peace.

No. 1463591

I never got an advent calendar as a kid, the idea of getting one for some snacks or teas seems nice. If perfume wasn't so harmful to the body, I wouldn't be against getting a channel advent with small samples (not full bottles) either. I'm more likely to use small things with variety than some bigger, single thing I grow tired of and resell. I'm more likely to scrapbook with mystery or gifted stickers, than ones I pick for myself. It's why I rarely by stationary unless I'm gifting it. I think we all enjoy small surprises.

No. 1463615

File: 1672895932122.jpg (242.25 KB, 800x752, SHADOW-HIGH-HEATHER-GRAYSON.jp…)

I adore the colors and outfits, but the faces are a bit wonky. I splurged on pic rel a while back because the color scheme actually works in favor of the face design. I thought about her for about a month before pulling the trigger and driving across town. I liked her enough that I'd be disappointed if she got scalped at some absurd price. I sold my Megara masquerade doll to pay for textbooks and I'm sad she was too much to replace, so this one takes her place to look at everyday instead.

No. 1463622

in what way is perfume bad for the body?

No. 1463639

my guess it’s the chemicals used in artificial fragrance? I’m not the same anon but that’s my theory.

No. 1463659

These dolls have such gorgeous outfits, i can't get past their massive heads though. I also love the fact that they have lashes. Oh well, i just have to up my sewing game so my bjd can wear such pretty clothes.

No. 1463661

Not limited strictly to perfume, but the chemicals used in inorganic beauty products are much higher than FDA guidelines, not thoroughly regulated, and affect hormone balance, namely mimicking estrogen causing early puberty in young girls and birth defects, especially in the black population where a greater variety of more warned against chemicals are found. This is all on top of being an endocrine disruptor, which is a nice way of saying your skin as an organ doesn't breathe well with product on it. I can't find the article, but there was a study I want to say around 2018 of more than 2,000 women who had the build-up of 22 low-end cosmetic chemicals in their uteran samples.
Semi-related to article I was trying to look for:

No. 1463668

nta, i've seen these studies. A lot of skincare people i have seen have said that this is all bullshit, but i can't shake the fact that i feel like i am allergic to parabens since when i used to use lotions with them i would always get bad reactions. Another issue is that some of us need to use prescription skincare and it's not natural or clean at all.

No. 1463700

>Another issue is that some of us need to use prescription skincare and it's not natural or clean at all
No shame in that, although it's awful alternatives might not exist. Personally, things that are unnecessary (ie not medical) that can be avoided, like perfumes, I will. At some level, coming into contact with these things is unavoidable because it's all over the environment, as well as breathing in what other people wear. I prefer to minimize my exposure. Like you, sometimes I absolutely rash out on certain products. I remember I had horrible reactions to that pink Johnson's lotion as a kid, on top of it absolutely reeking.

No. 1464001

Going to put some effort into using up my stationery hoard this year. Just started a new planner and spent a few hours decorating it. Got though a couple of sticker packs, very pleased so far.

No. 1464097

I'll join you on your journey nonna, I had an Aliexpress phase that left me with more stickers and washi tape than anyone needs.
No offense but this sounds like some out of context TikTok bullshit from someone who thinks that drinking essential oils is healthy. Bullshit or not, I hope it stops kids from consooming endless quantities of Bath and Body Works.

No. 1464370

File: 1672956228464.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2314x2828, EC5A29FB-0BF0-4418-A1F8-B01DC9…)

Made a Sanrio wishlist! I tried to keep it to items that I can’t find on a whim and have been hunting for several months.
It’s a fun way to think about items that you really want as a collector over just spamming whatever’s popular currently into the list (keeping it under 10 items also helps).

No. 1464465

I wish there was a cuter way to do this because the nets are so useful and don't require hammering shit but they're UGLY

No. 1464467

Kek Nonna are you talking about those Target birds

No. 1464506

Agreed, it honestly feels like a last resort option if you’re hoarding plushies.

No. 1464513

How old are you?

No. 1464544

what do I search to look for numbers 5 6 and 7 they're so cute….

No. 1464568

Honestly? Currently the best way to find 2000s Sanrio products like that right now is Instagram sellers, I also check the jp and chinese second hand sites a lot (チャーミーキティ for charmmy kitty and ルロロマニック for lloromannic, who are the demon characters).

No. 1464951

The idea behind luxury advent calendars is that you get a tonne of luxury makeup/skincare for less than retail value. It usually doesn't workout because brands put stupid shit in there like stickers.

No. 1465460

I really want that plastic diorama. Lloromannic shit is so expensive though.

No. 1465596

File: 1673070063620.jpeg (135.66 KB, 750x909, 0279EDB2-EED5-47F4-8346-147349…)

God this, it’s fucking insane how high it goes for
It’s almost at sugarbunnies levels

No. 1465602

Might as well buy a $4 Aliexpress knockoff Cinnamonroll and craft a felt hat. The designs are so lackluster. Is it just the name that drives the price?

No. 1465627

>buying bootlegs
I would rather die
>Is it just the name that drives the price?
Kind of, it’s a mix of them being rare/uncommon characters who only started getting merch semi regularly again last year as well as them being popular currently for falling into the ‘goth Sanrio’ vibe that’s popular in Japan right now because of jirai kei.
So pretty similar to western weebs current obsession with sugarbunnies (both 2000s Sanrio characters) but on the eastern side (and also me).

No. 1465634

Better than spending a whole ass grand on a 5cm plush

No. 1465648

File: 1673079274019.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1333x2079, 6E261EE7-1185-4974-9C20-AE97A7…)

I wouldn’t spend that much on them personally, I got my lloromannic plushies from Sanrio’s official store a while back (and they’re actually a pretty nice size) and I’m waiting for this one to come in the mail.

No. 1465800

As someone who collects plushies I feel like buying brand new is better than used. I wouldn’t want to buy a dust mite infected cinnamoroll plush from the 2000’s unless it was mine from that time tbh. Waiting for them to come in stock is better than blowing a lot.

No. 1465803

i didnt know sanrio collectors were this insane, those things look like they could fit on the palm of my hand

No. 1465964

People price items insanely high on resale sites but it doesn't necessarily mean they get bought for that price. I've seen items listed for like 1500 yen right next to the exact same item listed for over 6000 many times.

No. 1466058

Depends for me, a lot of the time I genuinely think the older ones are cuter and I’m willing to give them a bath+repair some stuff.

No. 1466175

File: 1673125431502.jpeg (740.42 KB, 828x1022, 59811458-FD90-4BEA-852C-9E122A…)

Husbandofagging calico critter

No. 1466186

File: 1673126037077.jpeg (729 KB, 828x1028, B14053C2-B232-43F8-B1D2-C73917…)

No. 1466188

Omg I love her.

No. 1466203

Wow she's just like me

No. 1466248

Where’d you get her furniture? Re ment?

No. 1466259

These aren't mine they're from this person https://www.instagram.com/ponvanian_families/

No. 1466264

>I'm sure that when I work hard and save money and I purchase all that material goods I dream of I will finally start developing as an artist and have some fun!
>purchase a gaming laptop, and iPad and procreate, Huion kamvas pro and nintendo switch
>never draw and never play video games
Looks like the lack of material goods wasn't your problem to begin with huh…

No. 1466265

blog ahead. but on the topic of calico critters, on my break at work today a coworker asked what i had been up to yesterday (because i haven't slept since 2:00am of yesterday). told him i was p much just drinking beer and sewing 'lil clothes for my calico critters. offered to show him a picture. he said sure. i showed him an outfit inspired buy 80's exercise wear. he kept asking how i did that. didn't know what to tell him other than "well, um, needle and thread really". odd, but i got a kick out of it.

No. 1466275

gosh i agree. there's a set of ty brand teddies from 1999 i really want off of ebay (picrel plus more colors in the series) but thinking about the amount of dust (which a significant part of is made from bits of dead skin) that they've soaked in, uggggh i don't want to think about it.

No. 1466278

File: 1673130395999.jpg (24.58 KB, 500x305, s-l500.jpg)

dropped the pic oops

No. 1466434

Do Sanrio girls have messed up childhoods and spend the money they slaved for in the adulthood that disillusioned them on things that make them feel like they're having the childhood they never had?

No. 1466505

No. 1466532

Shut up scrote

No. 1466690

>why do women spend money on cute things they like? why can’t they all only have hobbies I like reeeeeee