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File: 1454070630182.jpg (47.34 KB, 800x600, baby sun.jpg)

No. 64888[Reply]

Talk about nice/cool things that happened to you (whether 5 minutes ago or 10 years ago)

Find $20 on the ground? Period finally stopped? Person you absolutely hated finally got hit by a car? Absolutely anything that made you feel good/happy.
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No. 203691

thank you!! that's perfect. they're very cute so even if they don't end up giving me big cleavage i can always use cute comfy bras!

No. 203697

To add onto the recommendation, my favourite Japanese bra brand is Peach John! They have cute stuff, but also some insanely comfortable fits. My favourite is their underwireless push up!

No. 203723

how did you measure yourself to get the right size?

No. 203731

shirohato has a handy chart on their site. http://www.shirohatoshop.com/en/shop/pages/measurementsandsizes.aspx

i found it works better than online conversion charts. i'm a 30/32C and other sites said i would be 70D but i'm really a 75D.

No. 203732

samefag but just round to the nearest cm and check your measurements against the chart. **75C

File: 1502339435212.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x3000, u9BxTgw.jpg)

No. 201423[Reply]

how are anons getting ready to return to / enter college? whether you're nervous or excited, discuss everything related to school here.

some questions to get started: where are you going? what year and major are you? what is the biggest goal you have for the school year? have you enjoyed the summer?
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No. 203596

Welp anons, i think i just fucked up big time.

So long story short i went to computer science course and i'm the only female there. Not only that, all of my colleagues are your typical 4chan regulars aside from two complete fuckboys who went there just because they're friends.
I really want to stay in this course but i can already tell it's gonna be a constant fight to avoid judgement from being the only female. Any tips on how to survive? Anyone in similar situation? Again it's the only thing i'm interested in and i really want to stay.

No. 203601

Don't quit just because you're thr only female, that's stupid. I was also one of the few female students in my introductory cs courses, now in my senior year there's maybe 5 girls max in each class ranging from 20 to 50 people. I guarantee you not all of them are 4chan edgelord guys and you probably noticed an obnoxious one to make that assumption. A lot of annoying people drop out because they suck.

Most of my friends with the exception of one are males on campus, and they really do not give a fuck that you're female. I haven't faced any bullying or shit like that. You'll be fine, don't throw away your education just because it's a male dominated field, just find out who would be a good friend to have, and don't bring focus on your gender.

No. 203606

Don't let stupid motherfuckers interfere with your education. If they start to give you problems, double down and focus on your work. Excel at what you do, and enjoy doing it! I know it is infuriating to have to deal with shit like that, but it is what it is.
Then after school go grab drinks with your friends and laugh at how pathetic they are that they feel the need to give you shit instead of focusing on their own work and worrying about themselves.

No. 203657

Do NOT let them ruin your reason for being there. You can here because you wanted to. Ignore the losers and just focus on your studies. Prove yourself by doing your best. You can do it.

Most of them will probably drop out after first quarter/semester when they realize how challenging it can actually be.

Some of the others might actually surprise you and be nice people.

Either way, just do your thing girl, don't let it get to you.

No. 203875

File: 1504107372968.gif (203.7 KB, 253x253, get.gif)

Thanks guys, that really helped! It's a great motivation to try harder even just for myself.

File: 1503777874430.jpg (311.68 KB, 1300x819, 11458140-Railroad-Track-Switch…)

No. 203415[Reply]

Talk about healing your self harm scars here. What do you use? How has it helped you?
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No. 203507

Give her a break, this is a self-harm thread after all.

No. 203513

Don't be a shitbag. It can genuinely upset people trying to stop selfharming. Leave anon alone.

No. 203517

anon is right, have some self-responsebility. If you get triggered by a picture of scars, you shouldnt read in self harm threads. it's called self care, or common sense.

No. 203529

It's a little different if you're scrolling by and you see images posted in the last 3 replies.

I have self harm scars myself and I don't hide them. I can understand why people would find it gross and prefer it spoilered though.

No. 203531

JFC this thread is pure cancer

File: 1449704173885.png (96.13 KB, 2628x1196, p_11003917.png)

No. 49740[Reply]

¿Alguien aquí habla español?
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No. 203327

Barragán presidente

No. 203328

Hablo un poquito porque mi ciudad en Estados Unidos tiene muchos personas Latinas. Quiero conocer mas. Siempre hablo Spanglish.

No. 203376

mita mita mita mita mita mita mita mita mita mita mita wheres mi passporto ayo dios mijo

No. 203393

No hace falta que uses los pronombres porque conjugando los verbos te das cuenta de quién se habla. Es más para énfasis.

Chileno puto


No. 203403

¿Cuál era el objetivo de /int/ otra vez?

File: 1462024149287.jpg (1000.37 KB, 931x1247, es15.jpg)

No. 136687[Reply]

Previous thread:

Other thread started autosaging.

Post inspo, your recent cops, ask for advice, etc.
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No. 191851


I legging up. I have jeans that are a bit more loose and I wear my leggings underneath them because the winter gets brutal. I can afford to look a little thicker in winter so I don't freeze

No. 191852


Seconding this, it's so cute

No. 191854

What do you think about wearing fleece tights instead of jeans? I'm under the assumption that they hold up to rain and snow better, and I've heard they actually keep you warmer than jeans by themselves.

No. 203239

I think it's pretty cute and simple

No. 203267

File: 1496812121559.jpg (44.97 KB, 320x313, shocked20old20lady20edited.jpg)

No. 194158[Reply]

I wanna know my fellow farmers opinions on stuff that society usually doesn't talk about. Why is it wrong, should it be wrong, stuff that is widely frowned upon and even local taboo from your friends, families or even country.

I hope this thread doesn't go to the shitter so fast.
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No. 203199

Gonna link myself into the convo:
i went the gyno 2 years ago for the first time at 20, told her that i'm a virgin, and although it did hurt a bit it was bearable (not to make the first anon scared, all of my friends said they had no trouble at all!)

When i went last year i was pretty relaxed but than it hurt so much that i nearly screamed and tried to get off the chair and afterwards i felt the constant need to pee and bled continuesly… this year it was still very painful, but at least it didn't cause me bleeding, but obviously i'm very scared (she already had such a strange look on her face when i said that i haven't had sex yet; maybe she simply hates me)

No. 203203

Maybe the psychotic bitch popped your cherry

No. 203258

t. literal retard

No. 203264

It pisses me right off that I can't even go to a bar without seeing a parent and their child there. Every time. Parents dragging their kids there at night and giving them the iPad to distract them from the degeneracy. Fucking why are you exposing them to a night life at like 9yrs old?

No. 203275

yeah fuck i hate that. even if it's a ~family friendly taproom~ it gives me a headache knowing they're there when i'm drinking. if i get loud and sloppy i don't want to worry about kids seeing on top of the default embarrassment

File: 1503457395421.jpeg (247.19 KB, 1024x682, 1439451994-bf84600e562ec55bf08…)

No. 202960[Reply]

Any other sad losers out there wish there was something comparable to idol culture in western society? Or to be an idol?

I know its creepy to a degree but it seems so innocent. And other than making money & mass marketing, its about entertaining fans and making them feel energized & happy.

in general I think the west could benefit from kawaii culture. the sexualizing is…creepy, but i don't see men ever changing that for as long as they're running the entertainment industry.
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No. 203131

I do like the basic concept of idols, cute girls putting on a cute performance, and I wish that I could be a cute girl who does cute things and is admired and adored for it. If the majority (or entirety) of the audience in this pic >>203068 were girls, this would be my dream tbh.

Many aspects of idol culture are problematic but so's the entertainment industry in general.

Here's a few older idols for you, anon.
20-25 year olds

25-30 year olds

~53 year olds (they debuted in the '70s when they were like 17 and this was an anniversary tour)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 203147

American Aidoru

No. 203161

The real-life idol industry seems rough but I'm obsessed with some groups from otome and mobage games, like SideM and Ensemble Stars. I guess it's a little better that most of the characters are voiced by older seiyuu instead of exploited teenagers?

No. 203167

File: 1503627995695.jpg (23.29 KB, 720x354, 573498534.jpg)

That fucking Naruto jacket. I swear to Christ, Naruto attracts more autists than any other anime. Just why?

No. 203210

A friend of a friend dated her…

File: 1497767313707.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, wqIfuIW.png)

No. 195402[Reply]

I really like the Room Thread, so I wanted to make something similar but a bit more broad. A thread to share images that could make us in a good, relaxing mood.

It can be from animation, real life pictures, pictures of animals, food.. Anything that you think has a nice aesthetic or kinda of a good mood to it.
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No. 203119

File: 1503609278586.jpg (71.6 KB, 480x451, 1360965843406.jpg)

No. 203120

File: 1503609296300.jpg (175 KB, 500x500, 1361049574703.jpg)

No. 203121

File: 1503609318898.jpg (86.8 KB, 500x374, 1387838612969.jpg)

No. 203123

File: 1503609358480.jpg (180.21 KB, 900x711, Kyoichi-Tsuzuki-6.jpg)

No. 203124

File: 1439620480730.jpg (79.75 KB, 638x960, 1439011021114.jpg)

No. 25675[Reply]

I'm sure there's a thread on this already a thread for this, but I didn't see one in the catalog

Ideal partner (physically and aside from your current partner if you have one). Boys and girls welcome
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No. 203110

Git yourself a gitar, friend.

No. 203113

fuck i've always wanted to compile a collage of my type but i could never bring myself to do it. you have good taste

No. 203117

Post pic

No. 203118

Thank you<3

No. 203125

I've never had a thing for nerdy, quiet guys (the exact opposite actually) or even really got it but I have a massive crush on one right now and my friends tease me about him being an uggo but he's so cute to me…He has a big nose and messy hair and he's so shy and quiet and perfect. I know this isn't a "talk about your crush" thread but my ideal has definitely changed since I started liking him.

File: 1499289185603.jpg (346.22 KB, 800x860, CqZVpvR.jpg)

No. 197411[Reply]

Itt: talk about kinks,bdsm, hand holding, etc. Or make fun of "the scene", (its full of creeps, redditors and fat people.)
i want to do pic related to my bf but it would be helpful if i had more tutorials.
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No. 200096

So, I think I'm giving on the submissive part of my switchiness. I don't even think it's genuine submissiveness but I was just using it as an outlet for self-harm, like I would purposefully find sketchy people that I knew were violent (not into BDSM, no safewords or anything like that) and fuck them or rather…bait them into fucking me (like rapebaiting). I always felt really guilty and gross for this and while I love being degraded and humiliated and the like, I already have terrible self esteem and I was just internalizing all that stuff all the time. I think I have trouble with separating reality from fantasy.

It's strange though because I've never felt any of that with my domme side. The exact opposite, actually. I feel more confident and happier and safer, etc but it's harder and takes a lot more time for me to get into a domme state while I could get into 'sub space' for no reason and basically all the time (which wasn't healthy for me personally and made me do dumb, risky things).

I'm rambling but I don't have anyone else to tell this too and I'm just trying to get all my feelings out. I think I'm just going to stay away from sex and relationships all together for a while. I need to figure all this out and make my well-being my main priority.

No. 202910

I finally managed to talk to my bf about wanting to do anal on him. He's really interested in it and I'm over the fucking moon.

No. 202973

How the fuck did you ever think this was a good idea?

No. 203005

I think people need to stop using being submissive as a coping mechanism when they have low self esteem or mental health issues. You won't find anyone whose low self worth has been 'cured' by being degraded, beaten, etc. As you said it's basically just another form of self harm, which predatory doms look for and exploit.

But at least you're smart enough to realize this which is a good sign. The 'fantasy' part is a grey area because even though this may just be 'a fantasy' you're still acting out this fantasy with your body, not to mention all the hormones and emotional processes which ARE real and happening, and even more pronounced in women. So it's not really 'just a fantasy' when all these very real physical and biological events are happening.

Safe, consensual, but people always forget about the SANE part. There are already enough submissive, vulnerable women with low self esteem that men exploit. Please don't enable any more creeps. It might feel good in the moment but if you're feeling terrible afterwards, it's a sign something is wrong. Listen to what your body/mind is telling you.

No. 203018

I have the opposite problem… calling my fiance "daddy" makes me drier than the Sahara, but it's probably his #1 favourite thing.
His first/last girlfriend was the one that got him into it ;w;

I love my real dad, I can't do this anymore…

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