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File: 1601766602322.jpg (39.28 KB, 1920x1080, etsy.jpg)

No. 645592[Reply]

Discuss nice stores/items you've found and experience buying from certain stores
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No. 654349

do you mind sharing the shops? I love them!

No. 654355

anons whatever you do, make sure you don't buy resells from aliexpress. I don't know what changed about Etsy but it's infested with clothes and jewelry and what not that are directly sourced from China nowadays.

No. 654410

The rose jewelry above made me scream aliexpress in my head

No. 654422

etsy changed their ToS a few years ago so you can resell.

No. 654427

They have a pretty decent selection of vintage clothing at a pretty decent price. One of my favouritr coats is from here and I do plan on buying more things from them if I feel a need to.


They have a TON. A TON of selections for decent prices. There's a lot of meh stuff but there's a lot of good stuff too, so it feels like you're actually thriftshopping, but online.

File: 1595685648974.png (310.18 KB, 478x639, 235f8ba6a5f8da64dd848559073fec…)

No. 589875[Reply]

This thread is for all the posts old and new that make you laugh and deserve to be shared again. Anything goes. Just get in here and post em
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No. 638087

Glad I could make you laugh, anon!

No. 639501

File: 1601160508446.jpeg (76.91 KB, 800x990, egirlgoblin.jpeg)

No. 647294

File: 1601970076488.jpeg (53.23 KB, 563x151, B94385BF-5449-49DA-A0B5-596F4F…)

No. 654152

File: 1602567404734.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2048x1406, C8CE4937-2BAB-4521-A874-7DA493…)

No. 654224

New thread's over at >>638051 buddy

File: 1601995559079.png (257.77 KB, 500x375, D140AD9A-8659-435E-AD37-EE71F2…)

No. 647556[Reply]

Abandon brain all ye who enter here.
previous thread: >>640559
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No. 654086

it would work on a cute younger adult woman, but it's gross on a man of any age

No. 654484

Good reason for that. I don't remember it's name but this person, former family man w kids iirc, identifies as a young child and was "adopted" by an older couple who engage in sexual roleplaying. Idgaf how noninclusive and prejudice it makes me to find cretins like this fucking dis gust in.

No. 654570

I worked myself up over having to call the bank to activate my new card for weeks. Talking to people on the phone makes me so anxious. I chickened out every time I thought that I really need to get it done. Finally today I told myself to stop being a retard and just do it already!

It was all automated and took 2 minutes. Fucking lmao I hate myself

No. 657326

I made a Halloween playlist with a partying at the end of the world atmosphere, wish I knew some spooky girls that would enjoy it as much as I do. I miss dancing and connecting with women through music so much, Halloween parties are the best too

No. 659896

I miss thedollpalace

File: 1602515184355.jpg (13.46 KB, 300x300, 5a1b00c7bcf0f6a21593e0fe25fdb8…)

No. 653551[Reply]

Poke the farmer above you!
Previous thread: >>>/ot/336231
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No. 653583

File: 1602518005944.jpeg (4.48 KB, 160x200, Unknown.jpeg)


No. 653635

File: 1602523178657.jpg (2.15 MB, 498x278, bwuyQg7.jpg)

No. 653643

File: 1602523940811.gif (95.27 KB, 220x168, 7BF1D24F-9C13-4FE6-9A6C-FDCF41…)

P o k e

No. 653907

Okay “Anon”

No. 653908

File: 1602547660189.gif (233.6 KB, 480x270, BQM6jEZ-UJLgGUuvrNkYUJ_bl4069x…)


File: 1586005081269.jpg (185.42 KB, 872x1172, shawmila.jpg)

No. 536373[Reply]

What famous celebrities do you think are closeted or in fake relationships/marriages?

Do you think it's understandable to be hiding in 2020? Would coming out affect their careers?

Who do you think will come out this year?
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No. 650094

File: 1602179477229.png (192.08 KB, 500x363, tumblr_bcd2a12ba290311200c17a7…)

I kind of get this bi vibe too. Her family is also super conservative and maybe homophobic so who knows if she's hiding anything.

No. 653792

File: 1602535815289.png (452.25 KB, 620x530, kc.png)

I'm old but I always got gay/bi vibes~ from Kelly Clarkson. Maybe now she's getting divorced she'll reveal she always liked pussy, even if only a little bit.

No. 653794

sorry for wk-ing but in his defense he never actually said he was pan, he just said he didn't care much about gender and twitter turned it into pansexuality

No. 654070

not caring about the other person's gender identity is pan though.

No. 654731

shut the fuck up

File: 1600773256798.jpg (203.82 KB, 768x1024, IMG-20190316-WA0005-1.jpg)

No. 635956[Reply]

Confess, my daughters.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/615945
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No. 653808

Cat dander and hair is a very real thing. I doubt you vacuum your furniture, bed, floors, and whatever other caries your cat finds to brush against every day. No matter how well you brush the cat, the fur is fucking everywhere. It's on your clothes, it's in your car, and it literally floats in the household air.
There's nothing you can do to escape this reality, if you own a cat you pretty much accept that your shit is covered in cat hair and you have a permanently vaguely stuffy nose.
Not to mention the fact that no matter how well your cat licks itself, it can't lick away fecal bacteria stuck on the bottoms of its paws and near its butt hair, which it pads around your entire house with.

Don't worry, I absolutely believe dogs are as messy if not worse.

No. 653812


I mean, I understand where you're coming from, but you have the same issue with humans. Hair, sweat, oils, saliva, dead skin flakes, etc are all over your house and even if you clean the surface they can get stuck inside your couch, chairs, bed, etc. There will always be trace amounts of fecal matter all over your bathroom. It's not really a big deal unless you have a cat allergy. You can use a lint roller on surfaces you can't vacuum.

No. 653816

>humans shed the same amount of hair as cats
Dubious. And at any rate, no need to say fuck it and add more to the pile with hairy animals.

No. 653860

New thread: >>>/ot/653758

No. 653909

I listened to The Smiths for the first time and I cried

File: 1601584949220.jpg (36.62 KB, 700x468, fbae88df987c7df523e15c044f76f3…)

No. 643490[Reply]

Тред для русских анонов (и желающих с нами пообщаться). Го
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No. 652363

cyka blyat

No. 652769

Кст у меня одной она не работает?

No. 652787

У меня работает, анон

No. 652912

В каких вы тредах хоть сидите?

No. 653053

Лично я люблю сидеть в основном на /g/ и /ot/ почти во всех актуальных тредах, а в /snow/ (я /pt/ не посещаю, там вообще сухо) люблю треды "трансформеров" (fakeboi/mtf general), соответственно и Kevin Gibes, гимпгёрл, Shoeonhead (в голове зову её Шухой почему-то, просто это меня смешит), инода заглядываю к Шейне (Долли Маттел) и в треды коммунистических баб твиттера.

File: 1602440170404.jpg (61.34 KB, 591x1280, 2020-10-11 20.14.27.jpg)

No. 652890[Reply]

Let's share our worst Tinder screenshots.

No. 652894

What does the threadpic say?

File: 1596911744973.jpg (12.97 KB, 400x282, a4a92df8b65c7c489907b69d133758…)

No. 599737[Reply]

Have you experienced any heartwarming, life changing, amazing moments on this site?
Have you made friends? Has your life changed? Has your worldview changed?
Have you experienced the opposite? Post away!

Personally, I love this website. I used to be kind of paranoid of posting, but I think there's so many smart, amazing farmers, it's really cool to talk to all of you!
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No. 649650

I'd love this

No. 652538

If someone makes this retard server i would love to join. We can just shitpost and be autistic retards all day, i need that energy.

No. 652573

File: 1602394880354.jpg (19.86 KB, 367x232, 72880e4a01d5cb599407ed0ff015ec…)

i found this website through the celebricows thread of all things and stuck around because i was obsessed w/imageboards as a teen but hated how hostile they were to women so I never posted anything (probably good as a teenage girl in retrospect). this is the one of the only places on the internet that is explicitly and uncompromisingly for women-only. There's such a relief knowing i won't have to sift through hundreds of irrelevant male opinions to discuss life as a woman with other women.

positively, i think this website and the anonymous aspect has been really refreshing. i like that there's no points/voting system and that clout chasing and attention-whoring are actively discouraged rather than rewarded like most social platforms. lolcow also made me realize i'm not nearly as much of a crazy/scary/weird mess as I thought I was, which definitely gave me a bit more of a boost of self-esteem. also, the anonymity aspect of posting has really kept my ego in check off-site and i find myself being more mindful about my non-anon social media – seeing what gets posted here of other people's milk makes me want to keep a lowkey presence.

in terms of negatives, i would say that i am aware of the annoying things about the people around me ngl… esp. hanging out with people with cow-ish tendencies and traits. most of my social circle is sjw-types and ngl i'd probably be branded terf 4 life and excommunicated forever if they found out i posted here. strange that i feel less judged by the cyberbullying website than by my own social circle. kek oh well.

lolcow: come for the jameela jamil munchie's receipts, stay for the community.

No. 652588

this site helped me quit using 4chan. I think that speaks for itself

No. 656815

This is LITERALLY THE ONLY place I I can go where people won't stone me to death for my actual opinions on troons. I live in a very "liberal" city where all the MtFs I've ever met get super-special treatment. They can never be wrong, even if they're violent, known sexual abuseres, or thieves. Because they're so oppressed and every bad thing they do isn't their fault, it's the big bad oppressors, like me. I love you TERF-y assholes.

File: 1587751528057.jpg (140.28 KB, 1024x682, EWBynQRXkAsmnRS.jpg)

No. 545522[Reply]

Previous threads

Share updates, personal experiences, vent, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D
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No. 652354

exactly. people all incorrectly think that they aren't already monitored by the government in various ways. i guess it just wasn't so in their face before (hah). there's not really anything that you can do either way, so most of these people complaining are just doing it because they realize how helpless they actually are.

No. 652355

>inb4 anon says eastern europe/russia

No. 652372

Holy shit I think you scared them off

No. 652385

There's no way there's any country in which you can just go with your tits out with no repercussions. There are laws but you're just not aware.
Also, this perfectly works as an analogy for the masks still! You have every right to walk barefoot everywhere, but if everyone will start doing so just because they can, please dont complain when you keep getting toe fungus over and over from others who didn't care about their hygiene and choose to be barefoot just like you instead putting on shoes.

No. 653417

This is probably more vent thread content but I didn’t want to derail that with ‘rona chat. I’m six months into social distancing and have seen one friend (for a walk outside) during that time. Apart from that, I haven’t left the street I live on except to go grocery shopping once a month (I work from home now). I was doing ok initially but now that my country’s saying it’s going to be another six months of this at least I am struggling. I know I’m not actually, but it really feels like I’m one of only a few people still taking this shit seriously and I hate it. If any anons are still social distancing and all that please let me know so I feel less alone.

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