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File: 1626893145748.jpg (78.92 KB, 682x452, header-1280x_1.jpg)

No. 859842[Reply]

Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society. Please be considerate of eachother, no shaming.
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No. 1033173

I graduated neetdom about a month ago, but since it's not like I did it because I wanted to, I'm thinking this post is better suited for this thread than the recovering one. Anyways, onto my vent, obviously working takes a good chunk of your free time, but holy shit leaving at 6am to then come back only at 6pm is killing me. Before, I used to just take walks literally all day every day, and I didn't expect I'd miss it so much. I'm so fucking thankful I'm one of those people that work very well on little sleep, I think I'd actually kill myself if four or five more hours were taken from my free time every day because I have to sleep eight hours or something.

No. 1033181

I mean you could prove them otherwise.

No. 1033508

When I had a job I had to wake up at 6 am and get in bed at ~9:30 pm to fall asleep at 10 pm and get 8 hours of sleep. It felt like being in prison having to go to bed to so early and I couldn't even stay up on weekends because I had to maintain the schedule. I've always had problems with my sleeping schedule, for example in high school I was always exhausted and would be late 20 minutes to school everyday. As a NEET I've had so many problems maintaining a consistent sleep schedule too. I believe I have either Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder (natural nocturnal sleeping pattern) or Non 24 Sleep Disorder (constantly shifting sleeping pattern). However for 2 weeks I've now forced myself to maintain a daytime schedule because when I have a noctural schedule my parents start talking about me being disappointment but they leave me alone when it's normal.

No. 1033526

Congrats on getting out of neetdom anon! Im a current neet and you just described what I know i’m gonna struggle the most with once I go back to the real world. Currently I go to bed when the sun is rising and wake up way past noon most of the time and I dread having to go back to a 9-5 especially knowing the hours it’ll take me to commune and being too tired to do any of my hobbies. I don’t function well at all without sleep and before I was a neet i basically did nothing but work and sleep to not be tired for work but was always tired anyways. It’s such a dreadful cycle no matter what.

No. 1036170

File: 1596904161885.jpg (37.37 KB, 564x564, cc5d786aea55a2819ffbf9c3346ddc…)

No. 599679[Reply]

This thread is for discussion of all topics related to sustainability, including, but not limited to, zero/low waste and ethical fashion.

(links in spoilers)

(Beginners) resources
Sustainable living beginners guide

Zero waste beginners guide

Zero waste kit

Sustainable fashion beginners guide
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No. 1032789

File: 1642604416931.png (807.54 KB, 1200x603, reusable-cotton-rounds-1603305…)

Cotton rounds! I always used to spend a ton on disposable ones but I've seen reuseable ones now. They work pretty good just wash them in a little baggie so they don't get lost in the washer/dryer.

No. 1032800

Seconding this! Switched to them a while back myself

No. 1032803

I have one and you don’t typically use more than a few drops at a time. It’s ok to have one- two bottles

No. 1032840

I don't use these specifically but I have one of those "magic eraser" microfiber clothes that I use for makeup removal and it's so awesome! I was too cheap to pay $20 for the official one, but I found a pack of two in a sort of mitten form (arguably better design) for $5 kek. So much more gentle on my skin than wipes, and no need to buy different product like cleansing oils! A win all around!

No. 1033401

What cloth pads do you rec?

File: 1642631340360.png (475.19 KB, 640x769, bed.png)

No. 1033273[Reply]

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Previous thread >>>/ot/944831(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033274

File: 1642631374037.png (97.41 KB, 952x620, lol.png)

New thread so I can post this.

No. 1033276

File: 1642631519375.png (177.88 KB, 980x950, lol2.png)

Replies. Redditors have such healthy relationships where the wives inseminate themselves while the husbands post on /r/degradeyourwife

No. 1033288

Why would you make a whole new thread??? The other one has 200 posts.

File: 1641303561290.jpg (53.74 KB, 1200x588, catarmy.jpg)

No. 1015066[Reply]

>be me an almost 30 year old caretaker to two terminally people
>walks outside to vape notices 5 cats
>feels bad because these cats just go out of kittenhood.
>goes into the car to store, buys 3 big bags of cheap cat food.
>starts feeding the kittens every day.
>this morning wakes up, instead of just the normal five its 20.
>notices 2 baby kittens
>plays with the baby kittens, when they're old enough they'll be fixed and maybe I can find homes.

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No. 1016821

whoa, he must have made a pact with an air spirit

No. 1033180

File: 1642624375769.jpg (22.97 KB, 370x246, Cat-Hoard1.jpg)

I wonder if she's feeding them right now…

No. 1033193

Just a warning for anyone who does feed stray cats - please feed them on plates or in bowls, because one of the most common (and very painful) injuries stray cats fed by people get is fractured teeth from eating off concrete. That and cut tongues from people feeding them straight from a can of cat food.

Godspeed with your cat colonies and also try and contact local shelters to find referrals for local tnr resources!

No. 1033198

I wanna feed cats too and then pet them, but can you get toxo if you do??

No. 1033220

No nonnie, the only way you'd get that is if you got poop in your mouth or in an open wound.

File: 1621954183441.png (627.86 KB, 784x672, geia sas.png)

No. 815514[Reply]

Με τρώει καιρό τώρα να φτίαξω ελληνικό θρεντ γιατί βλέπω ότι υπάρχουν άτομα που ποστάρουν εδώ.Δε ξέρω αν βγει πετυχημένο,αλλά για το γαμωτο το έφτιαξα.Ποστάρετε ό,τι νομίζετε λολ

ΦΥΣΙΚΑ έπρεπε να βάλω την #1 λολκαου που έχουμε τιμητικά για εικόνα
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No. 869990

File: 1627914551661.jpg (165.58 KB, 771x560, 55βαθμοιλιωνειτοκορμι.jpg)

δεν βλεπω ελληνικο γιουτιουμπ και δε τον ειχα ακουσει αυτο. βλεπω κατα τα αλλα τα χαλια του θεμη που δε λεει να σταματησει να το παιζει φεμ μποι για ανωμαλους


επισης για ποσο ακομα θα λιωνουμε???

No. 1030895


Μεγα chad αμα εισαι στα imageboards αντι για φβ και τετοια…kiwi farms for the drama κυριως συχναζω ΚΑΙ ΠΛΙΖ ΑΣ ΤΟ ΖΩΝΤΑΝΕΨΟΥΜΕ ΛΙΓΟ ΕΔΩ ΜΩΡΕ

No. 1030936

Κάποιος έκανε παμπ το θρεντ :ο
Η αλήθεια είναι ότι δε ξέρω με τι να συνεισφέρω όσον αφορά τα ποστ.Ηλπιζα να το έκαναν άλλες κοπέλες που ποσταρουν αλλά ίσως έχουν το ίδιο θέμα

Πχ θα έγραφα για καμιά απτό γιουτιουμπ αλλά δε παρακολουθώ πέρα απτή κωννα στο θρεντπικ αλλά και αυτή απλά μια μιζέρια είναι.πανε οι εποχές πλαζαμαν-TUS

No. 1030952

Μιας κ έγινε μπαμπ το θρεντ θα ρωτήσω τη γνώμη σας : αυτοί που γύρισαν ταινία κάνοντας σεξ στον Παρθενώνα μπορούν να χαρακτηριστούν lolcow? Γτ για μένα είναι λίγο

Δε μπορώ να βάλω εικόνα οπότε βάζω μόνο το άρθρο


No. 1032882

Εγώ αναρωτιέμαι γιατί προσπαθούν να σπρώξουν τέτοιου είδους διαφημίσεις όταν δεν έχουμε ξεπεράσει αλλά πράγματα. Και ΠΟΙΟΣ ,μια εταιρία που βγάζει σαμπουάν

File: 1641554699432.jpeg (178.77 KB, 1435x978, 869FD1DF-578C-4DF4-9E4C-A29188…)

No. 1018946[Reply]

“When the finger points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger” – Chinese Proverb.
Previous thread: >>1003379
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No. 1032960

Some of us aren't prudes I guess

No. 1033011

Scrotes and trannies, they're getting bolder because mods and admin had been kinda absent lately

No. 1033053

/PT/ is a legacy board, kind of hall of fame for cows. Makes me side eye when newfags write comments like "let's move CWC to /snow/, he barely has any milk". Though I won't be surprised if Shaydmin moves her to /pt/

No. 1033083

anons, could you please help me remember the name of this cow? here’s what i remember about her

>SWer cow

>Went offline for a while, someone found her mom’s twitter which said the cow had brain damage or something
>anons were saying she attempted suicide or was injured by one of her johns

No. 1033116

It's low hanging fruit but it is a known pain point for women. The patriarchy tells us our primary value is in being as physically attractive as possible. Whether women are or aren't, they may leap to defend themselves as a kneejerk reaction when it's implied they're an uggo just like a scrote would leap to defend himself if someone implied he had a small dick. Of course if you have two brain cells to rub together you know the other person is just trying to rile you up, but the majority of people on the internet and in general are retarded and feel the need to validate themselves even to total strangers.

File: 1642515968214.jpg (7.13 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)

No. 1031564[Reply]

Do you recently feel like you've changed a lot and are not the same person you were a couple of months ago?
Do you feel like your true self is hidden or waiting to arise?
Do you feel like somehow who you are inside and out doesn't match?
This is a thread for you. I feel like the pandemic has incredibly changed who I am and now I don't feel comfortable with my own self or the people around me. Discuss your own issues here.
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No. 1032704

Yes, but in a good way.
I had a pathetic and shameful phase of my life where I was a pickme for my then-boyfriend. I was in a really poor and insecure place mentally and I just sort of clung onto him and tried to fix my self-image, or lack thereof, with an imitation of his. It was disastrous and embarrassing, to say the least. Long and painful breakup happens, and some months after I started making big mental health progress and "found myself", I guess you could say. For a lot of my life I've been shaping my self-worth and self-image based on the thoughts and values of others and now I'm in a place where they strictly come from within, and I've never been happier. I feel like I know who I am and what my purpose is now, and I didn't need a scrote or therapist to do it. Sorry if this comes off as humblebragging..

No. 1032707

Why are you calling me a larper?

No. 1032709

I'm not calling anyone a larper, I'm talking about those larper conservatives on social media who respond to this by latching on to an ideology and spouting shit they don't have an identity on

No. 1032723

Ah I see.

No. 1032906

Like most I feel like since the pandemic happened I lost who I was or at least going to be … I had quit a job that was going nowhere to one where I was getting paid well and had a decent schedule that I didn’t mind and was going to therapy and healing from a really bad breakup after a suicide attempt and then everything happened and it was hard to maintain appointments and even finding the will to go to therapy or do the dumbass telehealth appointments especially after everything locking down - no work, everyone home so no privacy to talk about sensitive subjects with therapist. And then my therapist graduated me from session cause they felt like there wasn’t much to do even tho we never delved into coping with trauma and inner child healing so lol fuck me I guess…
So I wasn’t working for almost a whole year, work opened up, changed my position for less pay but said yes because I wanted out of the home at least lost all sense of self and confidence in carrying out duties for work feeling myself regress to be NEET ugh
And I guess fast forward to now been jumping from job to job bc I have no idea what I want to do and have crippling anxiety because of it, have a new job that pays really well but I feel like I cannot handle the responsibilities it entails because of fear of messing it up and now I’ve been at home because I’m positive for COVid which cool
Anyways I hate my life I hate how I feel I feel like I’m stuck on dial up or something cause nothing is connecting… I find my intrusive thoughts be more constant and violent and disassociating more often now I don’t feel anything anymore

File: 1641416542306.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, FP.jpg)

No. 1016970[Reply]

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.
Please refrain to engage in brand wars, we're here to point and laugh/cringe at people's crazy consummerism tendencies, whether they are candle obsessed wine moms or pink setups and shein loving zoomers.
Any sustainability talks should be put in the sustainability thread

Previous thread
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No. 1032440

Not consoomer if you need something and it just happens to be pricey. It’s better than getting some ugly cheap gaming chair because it looks cool, invest in your everyday comfort and health instead. I’d say a good chair is more essential than a desk too but that comes down to personal finance because I don’t think 1k+ is worth it for a desk like that

No. 1032471

tbf /cgl/ is the whole reason lc exists

No. 1032510

I love that you have little anime boys hanging on your wall, reminds me of my old room. I don't think it's bad, your room looks tidy and organized and very cute. I do think the Alice in Wonderland tea set would look so much nice displayed on its own/with the figurines, though.

No. 1032521

>Are you in Germany? I've heard that Germany is one of the worst places for pirating because of the strict laws.
yup. back when DVDs just got really popular, they always had a short video to warn against pirating on it. it was usually a mom taking her two young kids to some fence and they sang happy birthday there and then it panned out and you saw the dad looking out the window of his prison cell and at the kids on the other side of the fence. fun!

i also live in a shitty student dorm rn and when they detect you torrenting, they turn off your internet access, and you have to send an email for them to turn it on again, and THEN you have to pay for them going through the trouble of turning your internet access back on. it's like 15 euros, but it's annoying as hell.

No. 1032522


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

File: 1640214910080.jpg (56.19 KB, 564x564, 1640110612947.jpg)

No. 1002335[Reply]

Share your most intimate and sinful story
Previous Thread >>>/ot/971568
1202 posts and 144 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1032198

I am clinically obese based on BMI, but since I don't get much belly fat (maybe due to diet?), a lot of people would just consider me chubby when I bring it up. I have actually lost 35kg in the past and stayed like that for like almost a decade, but it went spiraling after the pandemic due to a lot of reasons. I'm now trying to lose around that again, and I have started a diet and an exercise routine once more.
What's the follow up?

No. 1032214

You think me trying to give you advice to overcome shit I've been
though is dumb? No you fucking don't.

No. 1032246

but no one asked for advice it's a confession thread silly. maybe the mundane shit thread would fit?

No. 1032263

The dumbass shit thread doesn't mean it has to be dumb. It's just for random stuff that doesn't fit in other threads.

No. 1032333

That thread operates like a chatroom

File: 1597674685964.jpg (22.29 KB, 512x512, Love-Dairy-Free.jpg)

No. 606611[Reply]

Use this thread to share internet personalities that are relatively drama free whom you actually hope/wish the best for.

>no cows that have been posted in /pt/, /snow/ or /w/, if you like them so much you can go simp for them in their respective threads
>no shitting on other people's opinions, this is a positivity thread.
>however, if you post someone that is a known shithead, you will be dragged accordingly
>no personal cows
>no self-posting
>no shilling (do not post their store links – youtube channels and social media accounts OK)
467 posts and 94 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1010493

Some of my fave yters are Wendigoon, Billiam, and Frugal Aesthetic. Nonas what do you think.

No. 1014983

I found wendigoon through his conspiracy iceberg videos and binged them within a week and have watched most of his other vids now. I enjoy conspiracy and cryptid related stuff. He’s funny and adorable. And it’s so sweet how thankful he was when his channel blew up. He does (or did) bible and gun videos, but he seems unproblematic?

No. 1015016

>kek why is Doughty here, she has a thread
anons had no idea who they are dealing with kek

No. 1015139

Didn’t know she had a thread. Looks juicy tho

No. 1032146

The last time I watched him was 2018 and I just watched a few of his recent vids and his voice sounds so high now. Kind of sounds like he's on helium. Weird

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