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File: 1644522413410.jpg (4.25 MB, 4032x1908, 84dwm62zbth41.jpg)

No. 1060419[Reply]

A thread for discussing everything tech-related!
What's a good budget laptop for graphic design? Are smartwatches worth it? How can you tell if your company phone is being monitored? Is Mark Zuckerberg actually a robot? You'll find your answers here! or not
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No. 1963668

I have never logged onto the PC with an actual account, the only thing I have is twitter.

No. 1963758

File: 1713127031154.jpg (440.77 KB, 2560x2000, rip-billy.jpg)

it is free as in freedom and just better overall
i like linux mint as a beginner distro too

No. 1963861

File: 1713129904568.png (735.19 KB, 1000x1000, 0xtJKDg.png)

update, so I never told my dad what had happened because I didn't want to seem ungrateful. but my dad noticed my sadness and I eventually opened up to him about the situation. He explained that the he asked the guy to copy C-hard-drive, which saved all my files and bookmarks, so yeah.

No. 1963925

File: 1713132705294.jpg (132.88 KB, 1024x768, 1.jpg)

I'm buying a new PSU and looking them up I found that many of the budget ones I'm considering are said to be "bad". I'm looking for a 700~W PSU to pair with a RX 7600. Any anons here have experience with these "E tier" PSUs? Are they really that much of a disaster? I'm not sure about the legitimacy of these lists.

No. 1963948

you don't have to get the platinum-rated ultra premium Corsair ones that redditors like to shill but you really, really don't want to cheap out on your PSU. there's a fire hazard risk (that's a bit overstated imo) but more importantly it can easily fry your PC. My first power supply was the cheapest possible from some noname brand, worked ok for a while but then a random power surge made it smoke a bit and my motherboard was fried. Never had that happen with the EVGA one I use now

File: 1713129538099.jpg (612.5 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240414_230443_Gal…)

No. 1963849[Reply]

Vent about scrotes here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotebait. Taking bait will result in a ban.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.
-No extreme alogging bait.
-Do NOT derail the thread with discussions about trannies, for discussions about troons please visit the gender ideology hate thread.

(For any newfags here these threads used to exist but then all feminist and GC discussion got hidden but now that it's allowed again due to popular demand the pinkpill thread is back)

No. 1963857

Use the existing Pinkpill thread:

File: 1684518693513.jpg (75.82 KB, 611x440, 1585047954085.jpg)

No. 1581752[Reply]

Another round of asking anons questions and having them reply to it.

>What's your favorite fruit?
The anon below will reply with
>Who was your rolemodel growing up?
>Ayuzawa Misaki

Have fun.

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No. 1958830

This and people will literally have their horses killed just to cash out on insurance, just because they got bored of them or want a new one. Horse people are sick in the head.

No. 1963452

File: 1713113536303.jpeg (45.93 KB, 460x310, IMG_4866.jpeg)

When in movies or paintings you see people measuring a map like this, "what does it mean"? How is the measure being taken? It the measure for distance? I'm assuming it is, so are they maybe measuring the distance from one place to another?

No. 1963462

does anyone remember when that journalist posted here about a year ago asking for femcel opinions (not kaitlyn) and her thread got meme'd into oblivion and then deleted? I wonder that "investigation" was connected to this video considering they seemed to have googled "moids" and searched every forum mentioning the word kek

No. 1964309

I think they are measuring the distance and comparing it to the scale on the map.

No. 1964322

I just remember kaitlyn and her thread being filled with husbandos and yaoi kek

File: 1600884662618.jpg (30.91 KB, 391x421, cwtnky9kw7751.jpg)

No. 637134[Reply]

Euro çok pahalı cosplay almak çok zor şu zamanlarda.

Başka ülkelerin thread'leri var biz de bayraklarımızı asalım.
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No. 1955621

Nonnies bi sonraki seçim tahmininiz nedir? Erdo katılır mı? Katılmazsa bence akp kazanmaz çünkü literally who cares about anyone else in akp. Chpden ekrem mi katılır başka biri mi?

No. 1955626

tabi ki katilir. egosu buyuk onun, vazgecer mi tahtindan, lol. olene kadar kaldi basimiza malesef.

No. 1963293

şimdiden nasıl intihar edeceğini düşünmeye başla t*Rk PİÇi ;)) REİSin consciousness bilgisayara aktarılacak tarhana reich 1000 yıl sürecek(racebaiting/emoticons)

No. 1963302

yeniden refah geliyo intihar etmek küfffürdür

No. 1963310

File: 1713109681908.mp4 (6.09 MB, 1040x564, 1713011456858.mp4)

Bir dahaki seçimlerde iktidarız.

File: 1697161395604.jpg (32.1 KB, 351x351, ausfarmerss.jpg)

No. 1724622[Reply]

my sunburnt countrywomen standing at the limit of an endless ocean, join me in observing this prisoner island.
free fairy bread and a sausage sizzle every sunday arvo
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No. 1962406

I'm curious if he's an immigrant or born here

No. 1962737

The suspect was identified as Joel Cauchi, not connected to islam and not an immigrant but severely deranged and an actual schizo.

No. 1962954

He was a homeless schizo online escort, well and truly fucked in the head.

No. 1962966

>Scrote kills people
Why do we let the 'logical' sex have freedom again? 90% of time it's men.

No. 1962985

“Known to the police” in NSW & Queensland, which seems to always be the case. While I appreciate we believe in rehabilitation and don’t arrest people and throw away the key, lately I’ve felt more fearful than ever due to what I perceive to be an increase in random attacks by men, of course.
I’d argue that it’s a higher percentage, Nona.

File: 1709753069365.jpg (251.96 KB, 1024x768, GutterPunksDecaturStreet2019.j…)

No. 1913634[Reply]

Thread to post the antics, cringefests, drama and LARPing of the modern punk movement, from crusties, riot grrrls, gutter-punks and other related subgroups
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No. 1962575

pop-punk song by a TRA libfem from the MTF thread, seems she wanted to emulate the 'I don't need a prince to save me' type of mini-genre that wwere popular among liberal feminists in 2010's. but since all of those songs have already been made, she decided to write one where the subject was about Peter Pan. and I personally don't know anyone else who would think of Peter Pan in a romantic context.

No. 1962585

I thought this was contrapoints

No. 1962613

>and I personally don't know anyone else who would think of Peter Pan in a romantic context.
Michael Jackson?

No. 1962916

Peter Pan was written by an actual pedophile who envisioned a fantasy world where boys never grow old and are in eternal adventure and the only female characters are either little girls acting like maternal figures or vile, vindictive temptresses like Tinker Bell and sadly this wasn't just a fantasy for the creator, after family friend's passed away he forged a will to get custody of their son's and all of the boys ended up killing themselves later in life, and the story has remained relatively popular with pedophiles and "MAPs" for a long period now.

No. 1962938

Damn. So the movie Finding never land was a big fat lie then?

File: 1711022404992.jpg (85.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1933446[Reply]

God Bless America
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1733300
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No. 1962142

A president could use his direct power and his political power to make it illegal for corporations to buy or sell houses, he could set rent caps, and he could actually punish companies that create rent monopoles.

No. 1962515

File: 1713047241068.jpg (26.15 KB, 460x434, e4c34ca6f787cb58676325e20c0189…)

>tfw America getting involved in yet another conflict that does not concern us
If they go on the offense I swear to God..
>The White House vowed Saturday that the United States' support for Israel's security is "ironclad," pledging to stand with the Jewish state and "support their defense" after Iran launched an aerial drone attack towards the country Saturday afternoon.
>"We are closely monitoring Iranian killer drones that are en-route to Israel sent by Iran," Hagari said. "This is a severe and dangerous escalation. Our defensive and offensive capabilities are at the highest level of readiness ahead of this large- scale attack from Iran."

No. 1962586

I wish america would shut the fuck up and focus on their own country for once. Our economy is shit and some places still dont even have access to clean water, food or electricity. I hate moids because we all know war only exists because of them

No. 1962588

That would be the best thing because rent caps is so desperately needed right now. We dont have a shortage on housing. We have a shortage on affordable homes right now, because so many pieces of shits are hiking the rent, or buying homes to use for Air bnbs. There's no reason anyone should be homeless if they have a job. You should be able to work 40 hours a week and afford a home, food, etc.

No. 1962909

File: 1713079025728.jpeg (23.58 KB, 354x202, bORoyei5N605T7ne.jpeg)

this meme fr

File: 1576680016079.png (440.88 KB, 640x825, EK_8rZEU4AAOuHo.png)

No. 495717[Reply]

post your predictions of what might happen in the coming decade!

I think were gonna see another 2008-style economic slump , a likely resurgence of rock music and Onision finally going to prision
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No. 1942936

One important factor that people often overlook is that the current nations with the highest birth rates also have the greatest potential for food insecurity. For instance half of the world's food insecure population resides in India which relies heavily on fertilizer imports, as well 30+ countries in Africa depend on food aid. Africa as a whole struggles to feed itself and is a significant importer of food. If the global order were to collapse, who knows what could happen.

No. 1942982

If that somehow does happen I’m betting there will be a lot of riots. The trumpet is definitely going to win though since things have been so bad with ol Joe.

No. 1943101

>seems more like the tories are going to get btfo epic style, and there will be one thousand years of new labour darkness
I think it's more likely to be a hung parliament. All the polls say that Labour is ahead but none of this is playing out in the reality of by-elections and council elections. Look what happened in the Rochdale by-election. Polls are usually inaccurate because people won't admit to voting Tory even when they do and Labour support is concentrated in urban constituencies, which means that more Labour voters doesn't equal more Labour MPs. Both Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are hated equally.

No. 1943537

Do you think that Starmer is going to stop asslicking trannies as the election gets closer? He's backed down from the self ID bullshit and there's been more pushback against troons.

No. 1962819

i Would be saddened but not shocked if after the death of social media imageboards die as well

File: 1635653326653.jpeg (673.43 KB, 750x1250, 085FE0DD-9146-431D-A0EE-FB77B5…)

No. 955088[Reply]

Official stalking and snooping thread. I really thought I would be able to find a specified forum devoted to this kind of thing but I couldnt.
What do you watch for? What tips you off? How do you dig deeper. I’d love to share me knowledge and for others to share theirs.
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No. 1953060

gimme their account i'll do it

No. 1954431

No. 1958974

it has shut down for good, but the person who ran it released this https://github.com/MiyakoYakota/search.0t.rocks for people who want to create their own version of the search engine

No. 1958986

i just want to vent about this. as we know, search engine usefulness has rapidly degraded, but for snooping purposes they're almost completely useless now. ten years ago you could find so much simply by searching some variation of a username on google. now there are ZERO results. even visible follower/friend activity on instagram and facebook was incredibly helpful for women trying to prove their moid partner's infidelity. a recent blow is you can no longer search for a deleted user's messages on discord. the search functions on everything have gone to shit. i can't even view full follower lists on instagram anymore. normies have become way too clued in on internet privacy. they want everything to be tied to your real identity too. luckily i made all of my burner accounts a long time ago.
i do have a tactic that's still very easy though. one time i was in my college library and a guy sitting very close to me was talking to a friend about women in an extremely demeaning way, and that he was cheating on his girlfriend. i opened tinder while i was there so that my location would ping, and soon after, he appeared. i found out his name, all of his social media, his family, and even his girlfriend. i have used this tactic for multiple men i've encountered irl.

No. 1962370

How do you protect yourself from smart phone camera hacking? Is there no way to tell it's happening?

File: 1701895907567.jpeg (330.21 KB, 1920x1080, 93dfc05808e14058b55ea6314e3d65…)

No. 1801622[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

Previous: >>>/ot/1563824
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No. 1961713

I'm not a PhD but am a skilled immigrant and know numerous people who did this. How easy it is to stay depends on your target country (e.g. you're basically guaranteed to be able to stay in Germany or Canada, while in the UK or Switzerland the bar is higher). Oftentimes student visas come with a year or two of sponsorship-free employment, but finding an industry sponsor in general is extremely difficult unless you're targeting a career in tech, pharma, engineering/manufacturing, or finance (particularly quant at HFT firms). Most employers are reluctant to gamble on new grads even without sponsorship as a consideration, so if you planned on going the industry route, you'd have to focus on making yourself as attractive a candidate as possible while studying (e.g. internships, research on an emerging hot topic in your field of choice).
Most worthwhile countries do have a path to permanent residency particularly for academics that's actually much easier than it is for industry workers, but I'm not sure how/if postdoc roles factor into that, and academia is a pyramid scheme, so banking on tenure track is a bad idea unless you're entering one of the global top programs in your field.
If you're planning on studying in a field where there isn't industry demand for PhDs and you aren't a nepobaby, your most realistic options for staying are marriage, becoming a teacher (there's enormous demand in english-speaking countries right now and a PhD would look attractive to international schools), targeting a country with a PR track that doesn't require sponsorship, or finding a stupid cheat code visa like DAFT.
Sorry if you're already studying and this is all totally irrelevant to you.

No. 1961799

I have this non-issue now could-be-a-huge-issue later dilemma with my job too. Can't say for sure but the longevity doesn't pan out from where I'm standing. I have a nice salary and wfh setup as a data annotator but I give it 5 years max before I work my way to redundancy and get the boot because the thing that needed me to correct it gets good enough to the point that it doesn't need correcting anymore and I'm made redundant.And that's already being generous, I could see it happening in 2-3 years or less. I don't currently see my way out either but I need to figure it out soon.

No. 1961843

i finished a good college but its been nearly half a year and i only managed to get one interview. im trying not to get depressed about it but its getting hard

No. 1961971

Late but if you're gonna lie say you were doing freelance work during that time, don't lie about your graduation date because some jobs ask for your college transcript

No. 1962322

File: 1713037646684.jpeg (49.72 KB, 852x727, IMG_6171.jpeg)

i work as a software developer and i hate coding. it’s so repetitive and tedious and i suck at it. i feel too stupid to have this job. i feel like i spend all day asking for help from my colleagues. i regret getting a compsci degree i want to rip my hair out god

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