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File: 1479779800536.png (612.33 KB, 628x462, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 01.5…)

No. 118457[Reply]


How do Chinese in the UK afford to shop at Selfridges left right and center? You never see Chinese students work at all.

Apart from rich parents but else do these lot get up to in order to earn tons of cash.

Chinese students with tons of money share your secrets.
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No. 178603

Nope. I don't lead people on like that. I think that if you make your own money, or you grew up having nice things, you wouldn't lead people on like that. It seems like you're in it for the money and compliments.

Also not many girls would be interested in a FOB chinese dude. Don't get it twisted because it's not about looks or anything but just the cultural differences and language barrier would be difficult. Since it's your first relationship tho I'll just stop right here

No. 178607

Regardless of whether he's a wealthy foreign sugar daddy or your childhood friend, you still should be honest in your intentions for the relationship even if you're worried it will lead to a break up.
There's nothing wrong with not wanting to do physical things but you need to tell him that you feel this way. For some people those things are an integral part of a relationship, make sure he know what he is buying so to speak. The fact that you're asking here makes it seem like you already know this though.

No. 178614

Sorry if it sounded like humblebragging, I didn't know how to phrase it properly. It's just that it's been to the point where people tell me (albeit as a joke, but still) I might as well just marry him because of the things he does for me and I just laugh it off but honestly it gets on my nerves. Of course I appreciate what he does but I would be content with just hanging out with him and doing basic couple stuff and progressing gradually as we've been doing since I like his personality and we get along, but thanks for the honest viewpoints

No. 178656

As it's your first relationship, keep in mind that there are a lot of cultural differences between china and USA/Europe.
His parents WILL have a say in your relationship. They can just tell him to break up with you. They will expect you to take care of them when they're old, so they'll be super picky. He most likely won't say "fuck off" ever to them.
He probably thinks that as long as he gives you money/expensive things, you have no rights to complain. Even if he cheats on you.

Yeah he's nice right now, and maybe he'll stay like that. But 4 months is not long enough to know someone and even more when there are major cultural differences. You're playing relationships in hard mode honestly.

No. 178664

In my city its the Koreans and Chinese. The Koreans spend hundreds if not thousands on random clothing in little boutique shops while the Chinese buy out porcelain shops.

There is one shop that sells socks for 10 euros a pair and I'm convinced they stay open because of Koreans, every time I pass by there are Koreans buying like 8 pairs of socks.

And the high-end porcelain shops advertise Chinese influenced china and figures in their windows. One had a whole display of roosters and china with roosters on it (the cheapest item was like a 50 euro thimble sized rooster figurine)

No. 99180[Reply]

Post your favorite weeb soundtracks.
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No. 99901

I love it too. Too bad I don't have a car.

No. 99977

One of my all-time favorites.

No. 100010

This series was great, I miss it sometimes

No. 100036

my nigga

No. 178623

i don't understand how or why a sports anime had such a good soundtrack but i'm not complaining

listening to it makes me feel all nostalgic

File: 1484707693099.jpg (131.45 KB, 1650x1275, paxZGSD.jpg)

No. 178560[Reply]

A seemingly large event company producing cosplay events… with zero evidence of any events ever existing. Currently advertising a host of Sailor Moon pop-up events that are getting a lot of comments on social media screaming scam. The company claims cyberbullying.

Some other suspicious evidence:
-Supposedly ran a cruise at SDCC 2016 with an actor from LOTR, but there's no evidence of the cruise happening or him being there http://www.anenglishmaninsandiego.com/connews/offsiteupdates/sdcc-2016-off-site-san-diego-home-to-worlds-first-pop-up-resort-during-comic-con
-Also supposedly ran a cosplay train to SDCC 2016 that that same actor was on, but there's no evidence of that existing or him being there.
-Zero images of any of their events exist beyond their promotional materials, with stock crowds
-Their official youtube has zero videos or evidence of any of their past events

Not using lolcow as a personal army, but has anyone definitively been scammed by these guys? There's probably plenty of milk in them with some digging.
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No. 178562

File: 1484707815599.jpg (219.96 KB, 888x703, jgvm6Ye.jpg)

Former employee claims boss is a fake profile

No. 178563

File: 1484708071827.jpg (248.36 KB, 504x746, fIwAYrt.jpg)

Last one to add event details - doesn't mention any names of celebs in attendance, unlike any other con ever

No. 178567

File: 1484712174006.jpg (19.95 KB, 518x212, pMw5asf.jpg)

Telling people to "not bother" the venue by calling and asking for confirmation of the event

No. 178569

File: 1484712346892.jpg (72.67 KB, 433x786, G2nWZZ6.jpg)

Ticket sale shadiness + people already trying for refunds

No. 178570

File: 1484712474995.jpg (40.89 KB, 487x345, 0dEJMSP.jpg)

Wrong dates, and the venue has never heard of the company

No. 178516[Reply]

What would you do if you woke up with a penis?
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No. 178534

File: 1484693782377.jpg (32.66 KB, 343x450, 1hug1l.jpg)

No. 178535

thanks hitler

No. 178536

is this the equivalent to the r9k "women have it so much better, I wish I was born one"?

No. 178538

each gender has its negatives and positives, but I would argue that men still have it better on average.
Being taken seriously for one. I work in STEM field and despite working more and achieving better results than others, I still get talked down to, as if I were a child. I'm not claiming I'm a genius but oh boy, they are so full of themselves.

Secondly, sexual harrasment. I can't count how many times I've been harrassed. The worst part is; I feel guilty, I feel dirty. I'd rather go in an honest 1 on 1 fight, than being handled like cattle.

I know I'm far from being the only woman that goes through this. I can't stand men but being one would make my life 80% easier.

Also, if you're not married by your mid 30s, people constantly nag you. To hell what others think, just so many idiots think their opinion matters to decide what is best for me despite not being close.

I suppose women that want to have family have it even worse, they have to take time off work to raise a kid, and oftentimes house chores are on her burden.

No. 178539

Moved to >>>/sty/2059.

No. 178409[Reply]

You've heard this story in the news, right? I just watched the backstory on youtube and can't stop thinking about this kid now.

That piece of shit mother, the conditions she lived in, all of it. TWELVE YEARS OLD. I think that's what's gutting me.

Idk. I thought I was desensitised to this stuff, but…man.

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No. 178436

holy shit so much hate.

No. 178448

I don't wanna watch the video or read the article because it hits too close to home, anons. But was it the video that fucking troll posted here a while ago? I accidentally watched it and made me feel like shit.

No. 178470

A lot of other kids all around the world go through this sort of shit, so her age doesn't surprise me at all (kids kill themselves way more often than people seem to appreciate), but I guess she stood out because she talked about her issues on her blog, filmed her interactions with her abusive family and generally had an online presence up to the day she ended it all. I guess it's a good thing because it spreads awareness, but I'm sad that this is what it takes before people start to notice and care instead of screaming "selfish! attention whore!" or brushing things under the rug.
By the way, her stepfather had the nerve to go on her FB and say "she was my angel, she loved me" and shit like that. The same stepfather who treated her like shit, refused to let her reach her full potential (she was chosen to travel somewhere with other "gifted" kids and he tore up the invitation thing in her face and wouldn't let her go), and sexually abused her. One of Katelyn's aunts later went on the FB page to confirm that everything Katelyn said in her blogs about her mother and stepfather being abusive was true (she said they had confirmed legally that she was molested, but the rape charges were still "in the process", typically of court) and said her mother never let her go to the relatives' house specifically because she didn't want her to escape or tell anyone about what happened.
I seriously hope the mother and stepfather get their shit absolutely wrecked by the US legal system, and I hope her siblings get sent to live in a hopefully less twisted household/situation. No one should have to suffer with such cruel, shitty parents.
Also, apparently she had a boyfriend who killed someone (for raping his (ex)-girlfriend). People theorized it was some sort of BEN drowned creepypasta RP though.

No. 178474

Now that I've watched the OP video, most of the shit I posted was in it already. Rip.

No. 178513

Good summary for anons who don't have time to watch it though!

I was looking for more info and there's a thread in /pol with people calling her an attention whore, but that's pol.

True about it taking sth like this to raise awareness, but it probably won't change anything for other young people in her situation.

Idk, it makes me feel helpless when the whole thing's affected me so much. Its like, what can you do to help them if you're not a social worker who, in this case, haven't done anything for her. She'd taken an OD of pills a few months before and yet she was left in that stinking trailer with her junky mother.

Seems like this older guy/bf pushed her over the edge. He needs checking out. Wtf was he doing wanting to fuck a 12 year old.

Idk if the video was posted here, but it wouldn't surprise me.

File: 1482962330074.jpg (67.63 KB, 640x960, 93ee5731-cc9c-4eea-8fba-2c226b…)

No. 173978[Reply]

I looked through the catalog and didn't find one (forgive me if there is and I missed it) so I thought I'd make one. Post recipes, cooking tips, talk about cooking, etc.

I'll start. I'm pretty young (recently turned 18) and have only been cooking for a couple years. I learned because no one else in my family knew how to cook and it turned into one of my favorite pastimes. I particularly love baking deserts and cooking Asian recipes such as Thai chicken.

Pic is raspberry cheesecake that I saw on google.
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No. 174192

Those numbers don't take into consideration region, seasonal prices, etc either. Here, avocado is fairly expensive because it has to travel from the other side of the country or from Mexico, and it gets even pricier during the winter. It definitely is not $1. She tries to make up for it by saying that it's per serving, but that can't really be relied upon if you're not considering seasonal prices.

No. 174198

Just use hummus or squash as an alternative to an avocado. Or a banana for a sweeter dish.

No. 174210

Yeah there's definitely alternatives to use, it's just that sometimes faux pricepoints like these cement the myth that all vegetables are super cheap for everyone anywhere and at any given season.

No. 174241


I love this recipe so much, its really easy and the sauce lasts a few days in the frige. Its really yummy and filling, my first 'go-to' meal if i need something in a bind. This channel is run by a group of upper class moms, so their cooking vids are all kid friendly recipes, which I love because im a very picky eater, and I dont eat large portions. Im also vegetarian which dosent help much, considering most veggie meals are just a mushy mixture of random vegetables

>>174056 I know what you mean, I goggle something like 'easy vegetarian meals' and all results have so many steps and ingrediants that nobody has just lying around

No. 178453

What are some good cooking sites? Right now I only know seriouseats.

File: 1484582957106.jpg (235.23 KB, 1232x798, Screenshot_20170116-100625.jpg)

No. 178306[Reply]

Who wants health insurance? Hahaha Not us! Health insurance sucks.

Seriously, why is his entire point proposal worded this way?
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No. 178370

Obamacare will be repealed with a simple 51 senator majority. And if Democrats are smart this time around,they will not filibuster the replacement. They should let it pass with a Republican majority.

There is no plan with enough upsides that a political party can run on its success in the next election. Healthcare is a kryptonite issue because the only acceptable soundbyte answer is "the coverage is cheap, fast, and all encompassing!" And this isn't actually possible in reality.

But it seems like Democrats still haven't learned shit. Everyone responsible for pushing Clinton should have been run out of town and blacklisted forever. These stupid fucks are going to screw up the playbook again.

No. 178401

this type of shit threads are why i miss chilling in /g/

No. 178405


>I always find it fascinating to see even poor Americans trash the idea of rising the tax shares for the rich.

Some poors do buy into that myth, but there are two political parties with an absolute hammerlock on power here in the states, and they don't permit unorthodox views to make it onto the party platforms. It's wh Sanders was frozen out and why the same politicos fawning over Trump now were excoriating him every five minutes in the primaries.

Ever wonder why there's never a serious challenge from Americans whenever we get embroiled in another war on another paper-thin pretext?

As far as economics are concerned, this is a left-leaning country. Culturally, not so much.

>This is going to end up in /sty

Not till /pol/ shows up; enjoy it while it lasts.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 178408

Me too, anon. I wish there was a separate board dedicated to political stuff to keep it from shitting up the place.

No. 178462

Currently you're shitting up the thread. What keeps you from clicking on the small square in the left upper corner of the thread and hide it?

>>Some poors do buy into that myth, but there are two political parties with an absolute hammerlock on power here in the states, and they don't permit unorthodox views to make it onto the party platforms

Yeah the whole two party thing always baffled me. Especially since they're not really parties but platforms. How is Donald Trump a republican? What does republican or democrat even mean?
318 Million being offered to chose between two realistic options sounds nuts. I mean you don't have to go all in like Israel and have 10 parties bicker about a country the size of New Jersey but what about 4-5? I feel like if there's more parties politicians learn how to compromise and form alliances instead of moving into a gridlock because everybody always blames "the others".

File: 1484573188660.jpg (44.12 KB, 374x363, just fuck my shit up.jpg)

No. 178210[Reply]

Anyone here actually beaten depression? How did you do it?

No. 178217

You never beat it. You learn how to do live with it and try your best, stupid robot.

No. 178225


Depression is like herpes, all you can do is keep managing it until the symptoms are either manageable or even completely unnoticeable and you can cut down on treatment, but if you ignore the treatment for it completely then it can just reoccur over and over again.
Intead of antibiotics you have both physical (meds, exercise, routine, healthy eating) and mental upkeep (counselling, cbt, positive mental attitude techniques). What combination and how long for is dependent on each person.

No. 178309

File: 1484583675223.png (55.35 KB, 485x714, 11988250_1149612298523299_8614…)

Drugs can help, with emphasis on CAN, it's not always the case.

Small steps
- regular interaction with people
-having a partner really helps even if we don't want to admit it
- Regular exercise
- Good food (fruit and veggies, whole wheat grains, milk or substitute, unprocessed meat of substitute)
- sunlight daily
- having a pet to care for (if you can afford it/like pets)
- Cognitive behavioral therapy
- realizing that you don't need to feel happy every goddamn second of the day to be normal

Don't listen to people saying you can never overcome it, because that is not true. It may be the case you need to learn to live with it but there is a big change you can overcome it like a lot of people have done.

No. 178313

We already have a mental health thread. >>124212

File: 1478442477653.jpg (103.55 KB, 1266x707, 1466483161052-0.jpg)

No. 116004[Reply]

Can *chan boards be lolcows? Because I think this board is an lolcow:


>bunch of gamergaters with a femdom fetish who "worship" feminists because they think they're ACTUALLY female supremacists

the captions are cringey as fuck

pic related is what they actually fap to
76 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 172906

You have every right to hate us. None of these are true female supremacists, though, and I don't think Anita is as man-hating as she's made out to be. She's really not a radfem at all.

No. 173875

There's a lot more that's wrong with his choice of domme.

No. 174979

She was disliked years before GG was a thing, notably because she has never adressed even a single critic made about her videos, which contained tons of errors about the games she supposedly has played.

No. 178182

It's the same crowd that shitted on her.

No. 180896

File: 1486567023372.jpg (1.92 KB, 125x122, 1480723904410.jpg)

>yeah someone that uses the word hunty is really smart. Im not a man sorry I triggered you.

File: 1479484970885.jpg (43.97 KB, 480x480, 14915223_1771392056446444_3373…)

No. 118092[Reply]

Post your best starter pack memes here!
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No. 177928

I swear I know at least 10 girls who fall under this title and look exactly like this. It's like a cult dress code. Lacks "nudes on public social media" though.

No. 177930

File: 1484433700204.jpg (12.39 KB, 251x242, 1451133410387.jpg)

>gay lick
lost it

No. 178098

it literally reminded me of her when i saw it oooomg

No. 178126

lol I just started listening to death grips last year. didn't know mtfs were into them, why?

No. 178152

lmao that jacksepticeye symbol. stop

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