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File: 1486726306863.png (405.4 KB, 668x576, well?.png)

No. 181037[Reply]

From what I've seen IRL most women know very little about the internet outside of Facebook and Instagram, and couldn't even tell you what a "forum" is. So what's going on here? Are you all ugly or something?

No. 181038

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.
kek. keep telling yourself how 'mad' I am. Life is great.

No. 181054

eat my blue waf waf, awobble baby wobble baby wobble baby WOP

No. 181062

Post balls or get the fuck out, fuckswine

No. 181065

Moved to >>>/sty/2361.

File: 1485797871659.jpg (61.01 KB, 610x306, japan_2.jpg)

No. 180229[Reply]

Farmers who live in Japan or have stayed in Japan for extended periods, how is it? What are some interesting/unexpected cultural norms? What kinds of things are there to do there? Do you encounter a lot of weebs and if so, how do you deal with them? Share your experiences, whether positive, negative, weird, etc.
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No. 180829

Do you have any cuts to show them already? You can take freelance work even before you live in japan, if you are working with a company that gets contracted by a studio to do some work.

Do you have a blog? I'm not even close to the level I need to be to animate, but I like to follow those of you who can.

No. 180941

Last August or September I was in the Sanrio in Sunshine City and a Japanese man approached me and straight up asked me if I wanted to go on a date to the sky tree with him. I was very taken aback and speechless for a good 10 seconds because 1. I was just causally shopping 20 seconds ago and 2. I had always heard of how shy Japanese men were and how they'd be too intimidated to approach a woman (especially a gaijin woman)

I gathered my thoughts and told him I was sorry but I have a boyfriend (I did/do) he straight up BOLTED out of the store yelling an apology back at me like I'd just told him "my yakuza boyfriend is just around the corner with a gun."

Very bizarre. I think this dude must have just been hanging out in Sanrio trying to pick up girls

No. 180943

Yeah that's a good idea about using your state. I've said California too, but when asked my nationality my mind immediately goes to America. When you've said you're from California, have you also had people ask you, "Is that a part of the U.S. or it's own country?" I've had this happen multiple times, except with people who told me they had been there. I've heard the strangest ideas of California (if people even know what it is in some cases….), so generally haven't received the same positive feedback unfortunately.

No. 180996

I don't know how anyone could think highly of California of all places, saying this as a non-yank. Vermont or Maine, maybe.

No. 181005

You have to understand that most basic Japanese people are going to have really stereotyped views of America (and other countries) considering how non-diverse their own country is.

From my experience, I've heard the following:
America = Friendly people, tall, blue eyes, outgoing
California = Movie stars and beaches
Texas = Cowboys, ranches, cowboys again
Russia = Beautiful girls, snow, bears
Australia = Loud, rude, blonde/blue eyed

No. 176383[Reply]

Didn't see a thread like this so let's start
I have a little cousin and with holidays and stuff we all ate together
Randomly he just says "Hey, auntie (my mom, while she was cooking), your profiteroles looks like the poo! Elsa eats poo!"
We just went the fuck? But didn't really thought about it.
Later in the noon, I find him watching these videos.
Maybe i'm later to the party but my feed on youtube is "clean" from this shit so I didn't know a single thing.

Why are they doing this? To me it's look like some fetish masked as "kids humor"!!

So I've done some research and found the world of toy reviewers and I could say that some of them are enjoyable (Cookieswirl may have an annoying voice but I find her videos cute ) but the others are the same over and over
Spider man and elsa pooping, birthing, eating shit, syringes, decapitation in the thumbnails.
Just why
YouTube clearly states that if you're under 13, the site is not for you so why they're allowing this madness?
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No. 180545

Isn't the Spiderman/Elsa thing a collab between a bunch of YTers? Pretty sure that H3H3 covers it in a few vids, it's believed that Moe and Ethan Bradberry and a few others who share a house pump these disgusting vids out because they get views and revenue like crazy. Can't remember the director but IIRC he's another questionable YTer.

The toy channel/baby syringe and Johnny song are all creepy af

No. 180554

What makes this stuff weird to me is that is produced on such a small scale in people's homes. I mean there's no regulation on any of this filming, no type of board yet people can live off making these kinds of YouTube videos… It just rubs me the wrong way- it does come off as a type of pornography and I feel like in a way there exploiting these kid's time who participate.

No. 180584

File: 1486179000273.jpg (128.26 KB, 960x720, IMG_2822.JPG)


No. 180585

You guys should see the one where the bradberrys forgot to record over the original track, i'd link it if i could remember it

No. 180675


Tried to find the videos but they seem to have been removed, it's featured in the H3H3 vid though (unedited directing starts around 6:00)

Knick knack paddywhack whistling killed me.

File: 1482027140457.jpg (33.32 KB, 642x429, red flags.jpg)

No. 172298[Reply]

What are some red flags you look out for when dating someone?
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No. 180904


>Sense of humor is nothing but degrading others

>Saying this in a website dedicated to degrading others

Really fires dem neurons up.

No. 180920

Don't worry, anon.
Multi-talented here. Far larger sense of humor than -just- poking fun. Thanks for playing.

No. 180934

I don't think they were saying that you can't make jokes like that, just that it's an issue if the vast majority of the jokes you make are hurting someones feelings, or at their expense, because it's shitty and gets boring, and they're generally dicks overall.

No. 180946

>into doom metal or jam bands
why is this so specific just like the rick and morty anon

No. 180948

It's just a vendetta post, like half of this thread.

All it means is they had an ex they're still shitty with who did those particular things, I really doubt anyone sees you liking a certain genre of music as a serious red flag.

File: 1486466342327.jpg (26.79 KB, 520x320, gun to head.jpg)

No. 180822[Reply]

What do you think of japan denying their war crimes that their country committed during ww2? And also downplaying those atrocities? How about keeping them out of their history books?

No. 180832

I bet they keep Unit 731 out of their history books. Weebs are disgusting.

No. 180837

how about what they did to korea?
recently read a book about it and god its disgusting

No. 180838

Moved to >>>/sty/2291.

File: 1485023300685.jpg (256.97 KB, 800x615, starving-artist.jpg)

No. 179017[Reply]

Post things that are meant to be funny, but aren't.
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No. 180606

I love the shit out of FF but I can easily see why people would be annoyed by it. I never recommend his channel to anyone for that reason lol.

>a gift for the patriarchy

No. 180608

I giggled.

No. 180613

I still have trouble believing that this comic wasn't created by alt-rights in an attempt to make trannies look bad

No. 180631

Seeing as a lot of these get shooped I looked it up. It's the real, unshooped thing… I wish it wasn't.

No. 180752

oh wow that website is shit, I was trying to check it out for a laugh but get constant errors.

File: 1448573058298.png (898.8 KB, 1170x1068, Untitled-3.png)

No. 134743[Reply]

Perfume thread? Perfume thread.

Discuss your favourite perfumes, make recommendations, dupes etc.
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No. 180696

File: 1486322240913.jpg (19.4 KB, 230x163, IMG_2232.JPG)

This shit has been my main boo for what feels like centuries, it has two of my fave scents (black coffee and vanilla) but also some floral but in the end it smells like fucking luxury vanilla on you.
You could also just buy the Vanilla perfume from Body Shop, I can vouch for it cause i own that one as well.
Good luck on your vanilla pursuit anon.

No. 180697

File: 1486322996511.jpg (187.72 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_2233.JPG)

My dumbass didnt lurkmoar and see that alot of people mentioned YSL BO as well but dont think anyone specified that its vanilla scented so rectifying myself with that,
Its cool so many people like it since its one of my faves.
Another one i love is the Eros perfume by Versace, that and Bright Crystal i like to sort of occasionally spray on during summer times n shit.

No. 180699

Vera Wang Embrace - rose buds and vanilla. I haven't bought it yet, (so I don't know if it's long lasting) but everytime I see it I have to smell it. Vanilla is my favorite smell ever and this is more vanilla than rose.

No. 180711

At least you can actually see all of those things.

No. 180723

see by chloe perfume the one with the pink stripes its smells amazing my new go to i randomly found it at tjmaxx i have other chloe fragrances but that one by far is the best everyone at work is constantly asking me what im wearing you can get it online for around 30-40 dollars the bottle is really cute too!

File: 1468423514161.png (1023.5 KB, 1280x1463, tumblr_o6v7mvYtMT1qj0qimo1_128…)

No. 102776[Reply]

Part 2.

Old thread here: >>>/b/61892

Exactly as it says on the tin, post art you find bad/hideous.
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No. 180852

File: 1486522858817.png (169.63 KB, 536x826, 2897284_RJYbkfE4a2Fc9vs.png)

Copy-pasted pattern, no anatomy, and generic Tumblr style- not to mention the forced hijab.

No. 180902

new thread >>180901

No. 180910

No worries anon! it's nice to have someone to fangirl with. I'm ffs in Discord

No. 181141

File: 1486927402348.png (Spoiler Image, 127.75 KB, 400x325, tumblr_oiqxektjMu1r9hhzbo1_400…)


Reminds me of Buddenly, a fakeboi who fetishies the shit out transmen but it's ok because she's definitely trans guys!!! Even though she takes pics of her tits out for attention whoring and calls transmen's "pussies hot and tight" which is totally not discriminatory right…

No. 181150


File: 1463433541442.jpg (318.28 KB, 1024x642, Popular-Women’s-Perfumes.jpg)

No. 171275[Reply]

Hello everyone, i couldnt see any threads on perfume so i figured i'd make one since i love smelling and wearing new scents. What is your favorite perfume? Signature scent? Did you make it or buy it?
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No. 180590

>cntrl+f "perfume" in the catalog


Do you newfags even try?

No. 180592

I own that same perfume. It smells sooooo good, I love it so much. It smells more like bodymist than perfume.

No. 180596

Odd question but my cats emit this amazing rose/cinnamon/sweet fragrance sometimes when they are purring. It's the most amazing fragrance I've ever smelled. Any other anons with cats that emit fragrance have any perfume suggestions that smell similar?
As far as perfume, I basically just wear various Burberry, although I smelled this amazing sample of some Lily Pulitzer perfume recently.

No. 180600

who the fuck's dumb ass bumped this clone thread? use the first one, dipshits which i guarantee popped up first anyway since this one fell into obscurity after >>171278 called op out.

No. 180671

That's called toxoplasmosis

File: 1484219792780.gif (298.21 KB, 400x368, image.gif)

No. 176605[Reply]

Which decade is better, and why?

Personally I like the 2010's b/c the 2000's was extremely edgy, tryhard, and cheesy at the same time. I feel like the 2000s tried to be the 80's (focus on celebrity pop culture, ect) and failed miserably. 2010's feels less retarded and has a identity of its own.
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No. 180102

You sir, are an idiot.

No. 180105


Oh wow, that's me btfo. How will I recover?

I blame Iphones and teenage girls. It used to be harder to make and distribute content online meaning most plebs fell at the first hurdle. Now we're awash with asinine vlogs, the mentally ill clambering over each other to be the next leader of the civil rights movement and people like you. Fucking normies etc

No. 180593

The 00's were tacky but fun fashion wise.
Massive internet scandals would blow up because of something that Britney did in the same way that they do when a random says something problematic now.
Only massive basement dwelling freaks would talk about politics online.

Every generation gets a little bit weaker & I think the current one is pathetic.

No. 180594

2000's definitely.

2010' is just horrible, boring music, fat kardashian asses everywhere, swj shit..

No. 180625

on an extremely shallow level the kardashians and celebrity culture now have NOTHING on the 2000s

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