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File: 1545893451792.jpg (248.7 KB, 1181x978, crystalball.jpg)

No. 344260[Reply]

Anyone have any gut feelings for what's gonna happen in 2019? Lolcow related or not, please post anything you foresee happening in the coming year!

I think Mira is going to get mainstream notoriety. Like maybe featured on a cable TV show or something.
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No. 437138

Lmao yes, people are forgetting it's a video game and not a life simulator.

Still excited for it but there will be so much anger once it's out.

No. 437209

I dont get why people (esp guys) are hyping that game so much. What the fuck is so special about it

No. 437210

My vote is also Moomoo will start doing porn either by the end of this year or early next year. she's hitting rock bottom fast.

No. 437398


I feel this way about Death Stranding. I always get the impression that people expect this game to be bigger than idk the second coming of jesus. The kojima fans, his orbiters and actors which he forces to get photos with will praise it but I see a lot of people not really getting what they expected.

people who will criticizes it, will be spammed with "you are just too dumb for a kojima game" or shit like this idk



She already dipping her feet into it. I don't see anything Hidori Rose like but at least full nude. She will still cling to fake nerd girl act because this will help her to sleep better at night even when her cucks don't give a fuck about her as person.

No. 437824

>Animal Crossing is finally released for Switch, and becomes their best selling game
It was delayed until 2020, feelsbadman. Cheers to Nintendo JP building not catching the attention of an arsonist in 2020.

File: 1458432074976.jpg (1.9 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0649.JPG)

No. 82226[Reply]

Everything about pets you have or want. Give advice about pets you have, advice on whether or not you should get one and which kind, if you have one and are worried about it, resources links, facilities.
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No. 436264

File: 1563468656431.gif (1.67 MB, 332x263, yopussyfat.gif)

Has she gone to the vet? Kidney stones can cause pain during peeing and some cats will learn to avoid using the box because of this. Cats can also react to stress by peeing everywhere.

No. 436281

File: 1563473292220.jpg (72.6 KB, 640x640, 1532404174751.jpg)

have you taken her to the vet? cats do shit like this when they're sick. My cat randomly peed in the bath and we thought it was weird. she did it again a few days later and there was blood in it. we took her to the vet and she turned out to have a kidney infection. she was fine after a course of antibiotics.
It also could be a territory thing, you're supposed to have a litter box for every cat in your house and your other cat's territorial pee smell could be freaking her out.

Slightly ot rant, I have a friend who's mom and her mom's boyfriend got rid of their family's elderly cat because she shit on the floor one time. no vet visit, nothing. they just took her straight to be rehomed. my friend LOVED this cat but didn't even put up a fight, or offer to move her to her apartment where she was going to uni. i don't think the charity they took her to euthanize healthy animals but they didn't even check in to see how she was doing or if they had found a home for her. it really changed my perception of my friend.

No. 436335


thanks anons, im late to checking the thread but we spent all day trying to figure it out

we narrowed it down to
>my gfs laundry.
she sat for a dog recently and my gf thinks she might be insecure about it?
which is still clay but its supposed to be less dust, less smelly and better clumping, but idk cause she poops in it but wont pee
>our other cat
cause she likes to wait outside of them and surprise attack her

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No. 436386

Could some guinea pig owner advive me?
I have two piggies, both female. The oldest one is 3 years old and the other hasn't reached her first year yet. The oldest one hates the other. She instantly gets angry and violent. Right now I keep them separated by a wall made with the same bars as their cage, and she still tries to intimidate my small piggie.
Old piggie has been alone and baddly cared for 2 years until I realized she was living bad, my brother neglected her and it took me time to realize I was wrong about their needs. That's also the reason of the age gap, last year I decided to get myself together at least for her.

No. 436407

File: 1563497748581.jpg (291.68 KB, 731x877, CNX_Psych_16_02_Conditioning.j…)

Is she living a healthy and normal life otherwise (enough space, toys etc.)? Use something that blocks the vision completely so the piggies don't have to see each other 24/7.
It might take her a while to accept the newcomer or she might always hate other piggies. Training can help with the aggressive behavior. Google about counter conditioning. Start gradually giving her vision of the other piggy and give her some really good treats when she notices the newcomer but doesn't react aggressively. If she reacts with aggression go one step back and slow down.

File: 1555257520018.png (263.52 KB, 720x480, handmaid.png)

No. 398608[Reply]

As the title implies, post examples, stories, and rants about handmaidens (girls with internalized misogyny issues who go to sad lengths to cater to shitty men and defend their awful treatment of women). NLOGS, declared anti-feminists, female rape apologists, the list goes on.

-transadvocates stay in the GC thread
-don't post girls simply because you disagree on certain debates within feminism such as sex work for example (unless their reasoning is absolutely ridiculous, for example refusing to acknowledge prostitution harms many women and insisting it's always super empowering)
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No. 432536

It's already an incredibly tiny percentage who are lying and many people still act like it's the majority. People not taking it seriously has very little to do with the girls who actually lie and simply just because they don't believe women in general.

False allegations are bad and people who commit them are bad, but people act like it happens just as much, if not more, than women actually being raped and that's fucking insane.

No. 432620

>you don't know a lot about insurance claims then if you think false claims hurt no one but the company

good job completely missing the point. i didn't say nobody gets hurt, i said nobody empathizes with insurance companies. people are only mad when someone files a false claim because it might affect their own premium. very few even consider how the workers are effected. but even then, the consideration is for the individual human workers, not the nebulous faceless company.

>great, so we agree people need to be extremely careful before they falsely accuse a victim of lying right?

you're so hellbent on arguing a point i never even made lmao. i'm not even part of this thread, i just saw your absolutely fucking retarded analogy and couldn't help my autism.

my point was that the analogy was fucking retarded. it makes perfect sense that people care more about false accusations than insurance fraud because one involves a faceless company and the other a human being.

No. 432629


As no one cares about false accusations of murder, assault and theft nearly as much.

He text back yet sis?

No. 432631

>people are only mad when someone files a false claim because it might affect their own premium. very few even consider how the workers are effected. but even then, the consideration is for the individual human workers, not the nebulous faceless company.

still not understanding
with insurance claims, if you get an insurance claim filed against yourself for say, car insurance, not only do you have to pay for it, but your insurance goes up for several years and it's hard for you to get a job pertaining to driving, owning and renting cars, etc, it doesn't just hurt the company

>i just saw your absolutely fucking retarded analogy and couldn't help my autism.

I didn't make the analogy first of all, second you fail to understand how claims work and most likely aren't old enough to, and instead of attempting to understand you just dig deeper and deeper into your hole of ignorance

No. 434776

The cope is strong with this one jesus He’s leaving her

File: 1487180145109.jpg (335.06 KB, 2672x1059, dnd_party___xv__maybe__by_hang…)

No. 181295[Reply]

Anyone else play tabletop RPGs? How about RPing in video games or on forums? Hell, any LARPers? Let's be nerds in this thread.
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No. 431828

Please anon, advertise on here for people to join your game! Let's all play something cute and fun together such as Ryuutama!

No. 431844

File: 1562618311447.jpg (195.37 KB, 529x529, 2015-Black-welcome-cute-bear-3…)

I'm sorry, nobody gave input on the music thing so I thought they weren't interested! Hahah.. Sorry about the wait! I gotta be less nervous…
I'm glad you guys actually do want in though… I added the music thing anyway because I'm weak djfjdj
https://discord.gg/FfjE2Dh Here we go! I cordially invite any inexperienced lady oc makers, dollmaker addicts, writers, and worldbuilders side by side with old guard rpers and tabletoppers to hang~

No. 434642

I live pretty close to the biggest LARPing village in North America


Any anons want to go with me?

No. 434649

Oh my god, I want to go to bicolline so bad but I live in the US and have no money

No. 434756

I used to roleplay on Gaiaonline all the time. I really wish I could get back into it but now when I look for a roleplay partner, they're all into the show of the week and I just can't get into these YA mediums with pretty boys. I like traditional fantasy sort of roleplays but only men seem to roleplay these things? Anywhere to find fantasy-style RPing(not tabletop) with other women?

File: 1526770152876.jpg (80.65 KB, 498x586, 117646614588.jpg)

No. 251022[Reply]

I don't know if this is the place for such a thread or if this thread is even allowed, but I'm curious. Did anyone here ever follow the "glamfur" craze in the early 2000s that was all over the place on deviantart and such? I loved the characters as a teen and the drama was always out there for everyone to see and constant, it was hilarious.

I have tons of pics from that era if anyone is interested.
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No. 417569


These are so cute! Who is the artist?

No. 418069

That was Kur

No. 423867

File: 1561002555571.jpg (132.9 KB, 447x450, dj7uzr-59ceb706-0655-45c0-aa6c…)

anyone know the drama between roux and jisuk? was one of the only times i saw roux being a bitch

No. 423960


do tell! this drama completely passed me by, but I'm very interested. not even the drawing seems familiar, so I hope somebody can supply information.

roux got rather cunty after some time of e-fame got to her head, I remember rather aloof lifejournal entries made by her back in the day (she seems to be alright now though?)

No. 434319

op/person who posted a bunch of art here. photobucket has pretty much locked down my account because i'm not paying for it, so i can't access anymore art ATM. i posted most of it already but be sure to save stuff you like or it might be gone forever. i will keep checking PB to gather what pieces i missed.

File: 1530256430028.jpg (94.26 KB, 640x712, cowboy.jpg)

No. 263689[Reply]

Previous threads:

Critique Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry (or just nitpick some idols).

· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl
· Keep in mind that this is not the anti Korea thread. It's not Korean society as a whole.
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No. 280702

I also agree with this

No. 280709

Alright, new thread: >>280708

No. 280721

there's only been 10 posts, we have a good 80+ left. why do anons always jump the fucking gun?

No. 281471

File: 1534480347034.png (357.25 KB, 475x792, 4ff.png)

No. 321004

I'm also waiting for BTS scandal and their fall really xxxxd

File: 1434856228596.jpg (56.92 KB, 300x300, babby toast.jpg)

No. 155927[Reply]

post ur fav plushies
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No. 425792

So happy for you anon! Give him lots of love for me!

No. 433955

I bought this and the quality is really terrible. Her face is extremely lopsided so beware.

No. 433964

File: 1563049542286.jpeg (28.31 KB, 451x679, 6541E65A-4223-44E4-A1C2-CDC788…)

I really like 2002 Care Bears and even own some from my own childhood, but my bf doesn’t want plushies casually hanging out in our flat so I just hide them away in a drawer :(

No. 433966

I love him so much, I wish I had a reason to own him!

No. 433969

File: 1563049775746.jpeg (168.46 KB, 1920x1280, 6D25E3D7-93F3-435E-92EF-2D75E5…)

Build-a-bear Piplup is a real cutie, got one from my bf for Christmas and he’s like our child lmfao. We’re considering adopting a Build-A-Bear Psyduck at some point in the future, but the fact that he’s an online exclusive kinda takes away from the experience

File: 1563007458410.jpg (48.83 KB, 1024x683, chip-ragsdale-hands-reaching-o…)

No. 433669[Reply]

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
>How did it affect the people involved?
>Would you do it again?
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
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No. 433960

i do the exact same thing, anon. i was manipulated and gaslit for most of my life by friends and have had people spread false rumors about me, so for a while ive always been incredibly clean in my messages. i always type out things assuming 100% they'll be screencaped or read out loud to someone else. i never act mean even during arguments, i never insult anyone directly or talk shit about them with others i know, and if i do talk about them i talk about objective facts or how i personally feel regarding a situation (again, never insulting or shittalking). i word my stuff carefully so that no one can accuse me of something untrue based on the amiguity of my words, and whenever i have a fight with someone i backup as much of our chat history as possible so nothing can be taken out of context. i also consciously make the decision to be as kind and helpful as i can to as many people as possible, bc it helps me feel like if im nice to people and make the effort to listen to and understand or help others then they wont have any reason to believe any bad stuff they hear about me.

i know im a lunatic for this, or so i feel, but for so long ive been manipulated, gaslit into thinking i did or said or am things i am not or did not say/do that i just can't trust anyone anymore. the only people i trust are years-long close friends & my SO. this is my only way of protecting myself from shitty people.

No. 433962

How is it edgy? The mastermind comment was obvious sarcasm and like I said, I never said i was proud of what I did. It's the manipulation thread all i did was share a story.

No. 433982

Her posts read like that one on /snow/, Lilli Jean's mom's black sockpuppet account, Shaniqua. Like a racist pretending to be black. I think it's a troll.

No. 433986

I saw this thread before it had any replies and hoped it got ignored because it just REEKS of underaged edgelord nonsense. I'm embarrassed for OP and everyone who answered since only people with an unwarranted sense of superiority and a desperate desire to be a cool, intelligent, dark triad sociopath would put so much thought into their 'manipulative schemes'.

No. 434065

>not wanting to read organic, fresh, edgelord cringe

Have a little fun, anon, and just laugh at all the weird stuff people post.

File: 1548292323301.png (724.89 KB, 1280x720, lavender.png)

No. 359072[Reply]

previous thread >>>/ot/355127
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No. 384071

No. 384144

New thread! First time, sorry if it’s shit


No. 384145


you won’t get even a fraction of the real leslie by just meeting her at a fanmeet. privately she is just poisonous. always negative, passive aggressive when she doesnt get her way, shit talks other artists regularly and makes fun of people for the most inane shit, like physical appearance. Snotgirl was her self insert in many ways.

she’s sweet to artists she wants to suck up to but outside of that tiny group she hates everyone and everything.

No. 396442

Sorry for asking, but do you have details about this? I remember Cyarin telling me her ex gf cheated on her. I honestly get it why, she's getting really stuck up with her temporary instagram fame lol.

No. 433851

Love your art work!!!(newfaggotry)

File: 1557748023835.png (107.49 KB, 1268x892, 428982DE-8711-4B09-81F4-9E9465…)

No. 409512[Reply]

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.
1173 posts and 180 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 428045

Thoughts on lavendertowne's newest video?

No. 428936

Anyone hear about that thing that went on Twitter where a Japanese artist who was giving free tutorials basically left Twitter because of people going after them because "art justice" and they thought he/she was rude because their english sucked ass and they unintentionally said something that sounded rude or something along those lines? What do you guys think about it?
I don't completely know what went on since a lot of stuff got deleted and whatever is out now are screenshots shared by people who are pissed about the artist leaving.

Also damn this section has been dead. Hope you guys are having a good summer, though. I know the reason's mostly not much milk but I bet at least 10 of you are getting enough salt from sea water while you surf on dolphins n shit

No. 429428

New thread has been here for over a week:

No. 429429

General lolcow salt but this is what happens when people make new threads before the bump limit has been reached in the old threads.

No. 433850

Is there actually any good art channels out there? If so please recommended helpful and good art channels. Because it seems that a lot of these art channels are garbage.(use the new thread)

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