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File: 1669516891792.jpg (65.94 KB, 640x542, 613bb483382ec527fb57c2754d5860…)

No. 1422608[Reply]

What are some things you do to make your day fun when you're stuck inside the house all day?
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No. 1424336

Is that really a Stacey lifestyle? It's just taking care of yourself for the most part.

No. 1424413

I mean what else is there to do? Do you need to rob banks and wrestle bears to be a Stacy?

No. 1432990

File: 1670214989229.jpg (637.76 KB, 1080x2133, 1663460641369.jpg)

No. 1432999

this is awesome, I completely forgot I would do this as a kid with my brothers art clay. thanks for reminding me of it!

No. 1433068

What app for the stop motion videos do you use? That sounds like so much fun

File: 1650042061792.jpeg (301.64 KB, 600x450, kermit.jpeg)

No. 1136258[Reply]

Imagine if you could be a frog and spend all day just doing froggy things. Like ribbit ribbit lmao 🐸
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No. 1406134

are these frog gushers?

No. 1406179

Are there saltwater frogs? Maybe brackish water frogs? Maybe estuary frogs? I don't know anything about frogs. I was surprised to learn there are no freshwater jellyfish. I am prepared for so saline frogs. I'm ready for anything at this point. When I was a child I would love seeing puddles because frogs would lay their eggs in long sheets. I lived to play with the sheets of eggs, the material was so very pleasing. I don't know how many frogs I killed or denied the gift of life. I also during that time, spring is mostly when we got the rains, would destroy all the fresh mushrooms that great. Just plain white mushrooms. I'd beat them into a pulp with a stick. It was like a video game. They'd grow in all sorts of incorrigible places and I'd smash them with glee. I feel bad about the frogs. I don't not feel bad about the mushrooms maybe because I am prejudiced but I still don't actually understand where the domain of fungus comes into modern taxonomy. Or is it a Kingdom? I think it's a Kingdom. I just don't know. But if certain fish evolved a la the lungfish onto land part time surely that means our ancestors were similar to salamanders and since those were salt water fish surely then that means salt water amphibians are possible I don't see why not but did you know that there are no freshwater cephalopods? The world is vast and I don't even know one tenth of what I don't know but I am open to learning if it requires nearly no work on my part. Goodnight.

No. 1432976

File: 1670214563371.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x1706, Tumblr_l_1227664901367667.jpg)

No. 1433006

File: 1670215391896.jpg (750.85 KB, 2048x1357, Tumblr_l_436635535654214.jpg)

No. 1433066

File: 1670218763560.png (1.33 KB, 39x41, frog.png)

File: 1664544711185.jpg (146.83 KB, 550x379, pets.jpg)

No. 1358370[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/82226

Everything about pets you have or want. Give advice about pets you have, advice on whether or not you should get one and which kind, if you have one and are worried about it, resources links, facilities etc.
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No. 1433034

File: 1670216276669.jpg (133.75 KB, 1071x1427, 9a3e4156-e275-4022-8040-66e98e…)

No. 1433043

I had an iguana as a child I loved so much, he was such a relaxed and nice pet. I loved petting his spines and feeding him dandelion greens
What kind of lizards do you have?

No. 1433045

I got a Bluetooth feeder thing with a camera so I can see my bunnies even when I'm at work! 12/10 recommend this purchase to other pet owners, makes being out of the house much more bearable.

No. 1433336

The pic is funny and cute but I honestly don't get owners who let the dog chew on their shoes. It's literally so easy to train your dog not to go in certain rooms (I trained mine so she won't go in the bathroom, kitchen and upstairs) and if the dog has a chewing problem why not get it some kind of chew toy? Or excercise it enough?

No. 1433438

My dog had a shoe chewing phase and then he just grew out of it. No amount of training, positive or negative reinforcement or redirection or tiring him out would work. He was like a teething baby magnetized towards shoes. I remember I had a pair of nice sandals I never even got to wear he ruined them. Why do I own this creature again

File: 1599068058871.jpeg (536.96 KB, 1598x1000, 9FAFA60F-4FD6-4384-9984-FDDB74…)

No. 621465[Reply]

I didn’t see a copy pasta thread, so here it is! Pasta all of your copies here:
>the fresh
>the stale
>the gross
>the milky
>the dairy free
>others’ pasta
>even those in your own pockets
And so much more! If you could add pictures related to them, that would be even better.
Let’s try saving all those huge spergs that have been posted on lolcow by cows and farmers alike!
this is my first thread so no bully pls
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No. 1431826

i was waiting for this kek

No. 1432609

The Little Wokemaid

I am a vile, racist extremist, and I have not watched the Little Wokemaid. The discussion around this oversized turd is reason enough for going on a genocidal rampage. The amount of human rights you deserve cannot be understated, and your words are like sandpaper in my brain.

With that out the way, you are gaslighting. Look, it is undeniable that this film was trying to be provocative, and the trailer in particular tried to play this provocation up for maximum effect. The point of provocation is to provoke somebody, and yet I have to endure sneers unending about daring to react negatively. If you try to piss people off, it is no wonder that they are angry, and you are lying about it. Well, perhaps your gaslighting is part of the provocation, I suppose, but I doubt it is just play for you; I think you are genuinely, unabashedly abusive.

I do not much care about the film in isolation, evidenced by not watching it and not critiquing it on its artistic merits. Being a big budget production, I assume it is at least watchable. But art does not exist in isolation, and you, of all people, should know it: art exists in a zeitgeist.

To begin with, you are race-bending an established character with an established fanbase, so it is a given people are going to be offended. Claims that the original Little Mermaid was green, blue, or translucent are asinine; Disney’s Little Mermaid is white, and the wokemaid is an adaptation of that. Perhaps your claim would have held more water if it was produced by a company with zero relation to Disney, but we do not live in that reality. Again, you are purposefully misleading.

The zeitgeist the wokemaid occupies is one where it is okay to be a rabid, proud blancophobe. A culture where your neighborhood needs to burn year-round because a drug addict got killed; a culture where billionaires lecture poor white trash about poverty; a culture where self-defending against homicidal child rapists is a crime against blackness; a culture where whites are explicitly denied educational and employment opportunities on the basis of their pale skin. A culture of — dare I say it? — systemic, systematic anti-white racism.

And, in the arts, a culture where white culture, and only white culture, is appropriated, raped, and erased. Where white people’s feelings are uniquely devoid of value.

I understandPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1432635

kek what thread?

No. 1432733

was in the dumbass shit thread but farmhands deleted it

No. 1432804

men after they get told they are bald fatties by an anonymouse woman on the internet

File: 1669653482338.jpg (105.17 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5eb022de38f79e17e…)

No. 1424437[Reply]

Board rules, no racebait, ignore & report bait.
Previous thread >>1406912
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No. 1432368


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1432512

>Babies have no souls though

No. 1432532

Babies have souls they are the only one who have souls from what I heard. I was never a baby, but my soul grew with me

No. 1432893

No1curr that you hate babies go back to 4chan

No. 1432897

>Babies have no souls
>I was never a baby

File: 1571676524554.png (829.47 KB, 537x565, travelers notebook.PNG)

No. 475318[Reply]

Post about your journals and journal inspirations here!

Some icebreakers:
- What made you start?
- What kind of notebook do you write in?
- Where do you get your journals?
- How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
- Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
- Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
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No. 1431975

right now i have 2 notebooks and 1 app to journal with. 1st notebook is a planner with the month/day lines already drawn, 2nd is a regular notebook to write emotion stuff in, and the app is for quick vents/check-ins with myself. it works well when i use it, i just have to keep using it consistently… i also have a habit tracker paper that i tape to a wall and mark off the days i did x habit that i wanted to keep
i admit my system can be a lot, and i dont do them all every single day. they're just there for when they're relevant
other nonas, how do you journal? i'm curious to know!!

No. 1432041

File: 1670154693109.jpg (992.25 KB, 1200x1200, oc22_itforest.jpg)

Love your idea of taping the tracker to a wall! I don't think your system is too much.

I don't use an app, but consistently use:
1. an a6 dated journal to write a summary of the day… I hope that it helps keep me grounded a bit.
2. an undated one to write "precious" memories and events. things that I want to recall in the future. i like printing&pasting photos in there too.
3. vent throwaways. i just use whatever crap from my notebook hoard and do not ever read these again.

Also I'm a sucker for Hobonichi (pic rel is my cover) but I'm also looking into Kinbor since I don't think I need fancy Tomoe River Paper for EVERYTHING.

No. 1432053

>What made you start?
I had a journal in childhood that lasted a few years, I came back to journaling in high school because I thought it’s a good way to preserve some memories. I also liked the idea of writing more and decorating the pages, as it’s a different thing than writing a blog.
>What kind of notebook do you write in?
Just some bigger notebooks I find in shops near me.
>Where do you get your journals?
Usually in one of the shops in my country that offers various stuff, ranging from books to stationery, games and gadgets.
>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
It depends on the period, sometimes I write very often, sometimes I make longer pauses if I don’t have time to write. I don’t usually write everyday but there were times when I could do it more frequently. I write my notes with black pen, occasionally I write some words with colorful gel pens (such as quotes, titles of books and movies, something that should stand out in a particular entry).
>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
Yes, I use stickers and washi tapes. I also make drawings inside sometimes. My diaries are also filled with various magazines clippings. These clippings are about media I like or some events related to the entries. Sometimes I also look in various magazines or advertisements for “aesthetic” pictures. A few times I made themed collages from these.
>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
Most of my journals are from Paperblanks. As for the writing stuff, I don’t have a favorite company, it depends on what kind of pens and other goods I like.

No. 1432162

I didn't know Hobonichi so I looked it up and their prices are insane. But their stuff looks good. I already have what I need but I'll keep that brand in mind.

No. 1432171

>40 euro for a planner minimum
holy fuck what does this planner do that my 2 euro planner from the supermarket doesn't do?

File: 1668271719822.jpg (268.55 KB, 750x730, IMG_20221113_033911.jpg)

No. 1406489[Reply]

Discuss what you hate about zoomers, their current trends, shitty behaviours, predictions on their future, etc.

Previous thread: >>1066254
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No. 1427548

what 2000s movie did you bend and snap out of

No. 1427807

kek, this

No. 1427827

No. 1428466

File: 1669906471767.jpg (4.64 KB, 346x146, download.jpg)

I like earbuds (right), but I hate in ear earbuds (left). Earbuds will hurt after a few hours of wear, but in ear earbuds are so insanely uncomfortable for me right off the bat. I know earbuds still exist but 90% of what I see when I walk into a target is all in ear, so I just opt for over the ear ones now even though they're big and clunky. I like having ANC without having something shoved into my ear.

No. 1431823

File: 1670126680316.jpg (57.53 KB, 600x800, mvXgH5k.jpg)

I wonder if zoomers even have a "ruined/killed my childhood" moment. The way the internet is now….

File: 1628416472520.jpg (101.12 KB, 720x871, download (10).jpg)

No. 875859[Reply]

Inspired by the Twitter Hate thread, a thread dedicated to cringe and delusions found on carrd and similar sites.

It's easy to find carrds and uwus of all kinds, simply use a popular character or franchise as a url and search away.

Vendettas need not reply
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No. 1410301

That's the hooligan nazi party in my country.

Seriously though, I don't even find this funny or enraging or anything these people are clearly mentally ill, how is nobody ever saying anything? I guess they are afraid of being attacked by them and being involved into drama since these people do sound very unstable so fuck knows what they would do if you point it out.
Which is ironic btw because they list their mental illnesses but still want to be treated as normal healthy people.
>I heavily self-medicate with weed and alcohol
Wonder how many of these people are doing that. I know a similarly mentally ill person and she takes like 20 drugs a day and I have my doubts that all of them are prescribed. Her parents are docs.

No. 1410311

>do not use she/her and ASK before using he/they
So.. you can literally not talk about it? I guess "it" is fine since it wasn't listed.
So if you want to say anything about that person even if it's something positive you have to ask first? It makes no sense.

No. 1412226

File: 1668706330631.jpg (760.97 KB, 1080x2532, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1427409

lmao i’ve seen her on rym, cringe taste

No. 1431405

File: 1670101708946.jpeg (83.11 KB, 557x754, 38847F81-0C7C-4140-81D0-EB5887…)

18 y/o DID larper. If you go to the “affilated links” she claims having over 100 “headmates/alters”. Also does “age regreshun” and thinks liking stuffed toys = muh littlespace.

File: 1663634612959.gif (1.59 MB, 1200x675, 16895b231b6da505e2e4acef02a3c1…)

No. 1343869[Reply]

Ask for something you want, nonnies may deliver it - or not.

>How it differs from the "help me find" thread?

You're not necessarily asking for something you have seen/had before. It's more about asking for something that you want that may or may not exist, and be on anyone's possessions be made by anons.

>Requesting a retro game file instead of just asking what is that obscure game you vaguely remember from your childhood
>Asking for more tech savvy and bored anons to do a gif or WebM for you
>Asking for a trustworthy pirating site for any media
>Etc etc
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No. 1430981

she doesn't talk a lot and when she does it's in japanese - sometimes the vids are subbed but a lot of the times not. i think she's a mukbanger for people who don't like mukbang (like me). she shows meal prep and the food is realistically indulgent, i can imagine she would be eating it even if she wasn't filming

No. 1431002

Looks comfy enough for me. Thank you, nonnie.

No. 1431294

Try Imogen heap

No. 1431564

>I also hate the ones who involve themselves in unnecessary drama.

Same Nonnie, how the hell do you even make drama when your just on camara eating food? kek

No. 1431664

It's honestly ridiculous how they somehow find a way to taint the community.

File: 1665428155210.jpg (762.58 KB, 638x791, America.jpg)

No. 1369952[Reply]

For 'muricans to unite and discuss America.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1113313
759 posts and 73 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1431241

It’s not only that cops are lazy or don’t bother, it’s also that when it comes to the courts and the prosecution system they just let the people free or released while the trial pends which takes fucking forever and in that time the psycho will go and kill someone or simply reoffend their drugged out anarchy crimes because there are no consequences.

No. 1431253

> black rape victims
Do they really? I wouldn't be surprised but am interested to know how much this happens on a systemic level.
Fuck, the fact that governments don't sterilize sex offenders when it's an easy solution should be really be talked about more by feminists as it is such a goddamn crime against women and girls to have to encounter repeat offenders in our day-to-day lives. Law enforcement is a fucking joke. The only argument I've heard about castrating sex offenders is that it could be wrongly done if the allegations are false–which is a perspective only considered because sex offenders are overwhelmingly MALE.

No. 1431259

Samefag but I found this:
> The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other critics have condemned chemical castration, saying that it violates the constitutional rights of sex offenders. The sentiment is that chemical castration is a violation of a sex offender's:
> right of equal protection and due process
> implied Fourteenth Amendment privacy right

Trash lawyer btw, imagine branding yourself as a "Sex Crimes Defense Law Firm".

No. 1431262

Also I pretended to be a sex offender just to tell the guy on chat or whoever reads the chats to kill themselves helping rapists get off scot free to re-offend and create more victims. I recommend other anons do it, just put in a random number and email and waste his time before telling them what evil shits they are for defending sex criminals.

No. 1434136

To the euro girl who is moving to Alaska with her bf, I hope you enjoy the outdoors for 20 days out of the year. Half the year you don't see the sun and Alaska is sparsely populated because of the harsh conditions. Everything costs a lot more than you'd expect and I mean EVERYTHING, from groceries to necessities like propane. It's so far away from the continental US that everything has to be shipped there. There isn't much to do but explore the wilderness, and is particularly dangerous because of the animals and unmarked trails. Thousands go missing every year. Alaska is not worth it, expect temperatures below zero during winter regularly. Hope you get a lot of firewood!

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