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File: 1606940318549.jpg (59.54 KB, 729x486, Borzoi-running-outdoors.jpg)

No. 686468[Reply]

Last thread was locked. Please use this thread to contain your distaste for canine creatures.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/288706

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457
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No. 1229155

File: 1655494127222.jpeg (34.42 KB, 584x395, 52B1ABD8-33D9-4C34-B393-CC9A7F…)

this made me so sad, i’m so sorry sweet nonnies that you lost your pets like this. my heart goes out to you

No. 1229168

i dislike when people name their dogs emotionally charged names like Lucifer or stupid ones like Poot or Stinker because i swear it just makes the dog extra retarded and they take on those name qualities. Lucifer would be a cute black cat name though.

No. 1229266

Pit apologists are the worst. Fuck shelters that push them onto families. More people should be more research on the breeds they adopt, but you know they wont. ugh fucking hate pits.

No. 1229815

I don't mean to be an asshole, but why do you allow your cats outdoors? You literally set them up to be prey to dogs, coyotes, disease ridden raccoons, and not enough water/food of its a place with bad weather etc etc

No. 1229921

depends on your location and having a yard. they can still get run over.

File: 1652003083696.png (220.8 KB, 639x519, 8E678918-90C9-4E8B-8A67-816A8E…)

No. 1171555[Reply]

Anons wanted a thread for deeper conversation. Share your ponderings, and try to limit the infights. This is more for open discussion and philosophizing than for heated debates.
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No. 1229526

File: 1655517560569.png (1.79 MB, 1280x1476, C069C340-9ABF-4470-A638-E50B9B…)

I noticed everyone sees in black and white now, especially about people. I've been doing it myself. You discover a flaw in somebody and suddenly they are tainted and irredeemable at that. You even start to hate them. Overall we're in an age of black and white thinking, likely because we're forging our own path with no predominant coherent ideology anymore (the current one trying to dominate and grow is something like neoliberal wokeness). I hope society can come to be more nuanced and just better in general, but right now I'm focused on hoping I can too. Every single human being is flawed. I don't want to dismiss everyone unless they fit my extremely specific personally tailored ideal of who they should be, what flaws they should have. Then you're left with no one. All that said, it's still important to filter your social group and protect yourself, so, it's complicated. You probably have to keep your guard up but that doesn't mean not reaching out to others as they are. Knowing that I'm also full of ugly flaws and things. I want to spread positivity but it's pretty hard all things considered.

No. 1229651

I forget where I saw this maybe a redditor pulled this out of their ass but there was a thing that said your face is the one that the person you last reincarnated from fell in love with. I always think about that when I feel insecure, I have some ethnic features that I haven’t always appreciated and frankly, I still don’t but I think it’s sweet.

No. 1229652

This must be really sweet for helping people accept myself but I need this bitch to know I hate her in this life so bad kek

No. 1229698

Wtf why did past me fall in love with such a worthless deformed uggo

No. 1229710

Right? Shit taste

File: 1594602451970.jpg (79.1 KB, 702x693, Mexico.jpg)

No. 583426[Reply]

Any mexican farmers over here?
Discuss drama, current events, or anything Mexico and mexican culture related here.
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No. 1228918

Creo que los hombres en todo los países deben ser….¿como dice “enslaved”?

No. 1229175


No. 1229242

Ah. Muchísimas gracias nonita.

No. 1229283

¡Por fin alguien abre un hilo mexicano carajo!

No. 1229284

Apenas noté que esto se hizo hace un año, ups

File: 1599123558400.jpg (178.41 KB, 640x404, Estos-son-los-5-premios-Nobel-…)

No. 621962[Reply]

Posteen vacas, drama o lo que sea.
Para empezar:
¿que canales de youtube ven?
¿conocen alguna vaca de su país?
¿es palta o aguacate?
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No. 1228382

Yo no entendí muy bien tampoco, pero tengo entendido que le llaman hombre

No. 1228389

Te dejé un pequeño reply con lo que yo entendí!

No. 1228394

Ay nonitas, ¡muchísimas gracias! Por más cursi que suene, hasta se me aguaron los ojos. Casi no hablo/leo español en mi día a día y me ha causado mucha emoción leerlas y que tratasen de ayudar. Miles de bendiciones a ustedes.

No. 1228401

File: 1655436489299.gif (1.83 MB, 498x498, dios-de-bendiga-god-bless-you.…)

Gracias nonita ♥

No. 1228830

File: 1655479727478.png (270.14 KB, 586x506, tjhwrtj.png)

Homo estas my friends

File: 1655050828815.jpeg (150.06 KB, 735x738, B2158B25-9A07-4142-99F4-409508…)

No. 1222766[Reply]

No1curr about your autism or bpd. Vent thread will be returning back to its regular schedule of nigel rants and suicide bait.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1222759
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No. 1228815

File: 1655479315508.jpeg (80.81 KB, 1300x974, D8D44F18-52D4-4B86-B3D8-18D8A0…)


No. 1229205

I need to clean the house and exercise but I have absolutely 0% motivation or energy. I'm on my second cup of coffee for the day, I still feel like shit and don't want to move. I hate myself

No. 1229385

You should kys

No. 1229716

Jesus fucking christ, that poor woman. Men were a mistake

No. 1229727

(I'm gonna be that asshole but…
god i wish that were me)

In all seriousness though, from my teenage through mid-20s years, I was thin "no matter what I ate", but it turns out I was burning way more calories and consuming less than I thought I was. Like when I think about it, I was pretty active just by walking around at school or work, or goofing around with friends without intentionally exercising, I didn't eat much fat besides egg or cheese sometimes in my meals, and was a lightweight when I drank alcohol, which was rare.

I ended up gaining a bunch of weight in the past 2 years because I'm suddenly sedentary with a job where I'm stuck in a chair for 8 hours, I moved to a new city in a suburb without friends and don't really have walks with a "goal" anymore (no walking to a friends' house, or to class or to the store anymore) and I started drinking more during the pandemic (empty calories!) Frustrating stuff, but I'm having to retrain myself to actually exercise with the intention of losing weight now and stop stuffing my face with drinks.

(That ended up being a vent of my own kek)

File: 1654478153219.jpg (39.63 KB, 700x683, 88545600d59f5c762294ac5dbbaba6…)

No. 1213366[Reply]

Ask 'em, but remember Google is also a tab away

Previous: >>>/ot/1194365
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No. 1228505

This sounds to me like a well-meaning person who wants to help, but has been chastised in the past for offering criticism. A lot of people will tell you “criticism welcome” and then get disproportionately pissy at the most minuscule disapproval. I wouldn’t worry anon.

No. 1228512

Don’t read into this.
Art students are insane and nothing they do or say is normal or makes sense.

No. 1228514


No. 1228622

Yes. Multiple little boys he hung out with reported the same sexual patterns and "secret codes" independent of each other. Things that are literally caught on video.

There are many occasions where Michael is caught lying because the boys accidentally revealed things they didn't understand they "should" have lied about. For example in one video Michael claimed all the kids said they wanted to sleep in the same bed as him, it was never him that asked them to do that. Then they interviewed one of the boys and he mentioned how Michael would tell him to sleep in the same bed by saying things like "if you love me you'll sleep in the same bed as me", he thought it was a good thing to brag about how Michael told him he loved him. Michael quickly tried to brush it over.

No. 1228665

New thread: >>1228657

File: 1649920576739.jpeg (129.49 KB, 866x866, Neginvaand.jpeg)

No. 1134236[Reply]

Post photoshop fails of celebs and online personalities.
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No. 1225527

I can't believe they encouraged this shit willy nilly

No. 1225531

bleak, I would feel so bad as the girl whose photo got edited

No. 1225542

File: 1655244385360.jpg (131.24 KB, 767x1080, 20220614_180502.jpg)

Ok but what is this look?

No. 1228307

File: 1655426370401.jpg (108.31 KB, 640x960, tumblr_d922469ba9f6270741c68f8…)

No. 1228341


File: 1597974354441.png (191.52 KB, 800x1000, YIVB2xq.png)

No. 609963[Reply]

Thread to discuss old artists and animators you used to keep up with as a teen but eventually fell out of obscurity. Here we discuss old drama someone might have the answer to,where are they now, and old videos/animations you're still nostalgic for.
This also includes the Fanime community that was mainly popular from 2006 - 2009, as well as the defunct Fanimetube that was started as the fanimators alternative to Youtube.

Some notable names:
Chiichan24 (Now DoopieDoodles)
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No. 1226439

File: 1655308055261.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x933, 6FD69E69-F300-44EC-A73C-1A274A…)

I used to be big into xlushix/Jupi kek

No. 1226834

File: 1655324974205.jpg (201.21 KB, 690x633, utau.jpg)

MyMidnightWish on YouTube (xKoyukix on DeviantArt). I loved this girl since she was the first (good) speedpainter on YouTube I had ever watched. She used MS Paint but eventually used some other app she had on her computer to use a blurring tool on it after she finished coloring it. She would always have weeby Vocaloid music on there. She was a really big inspiration for me and I miss watching her videos so much. Her YouTube channel was eventually taken down in probably 2012 for copyrighted music. I'm pretty sure she said the reason was she had a number of karaoke videos from years ago that were eventually reported. She had two strikes already but never attempted to remove those videos. Something that really frustrated me about her was that she took an insane amount of viewer requests (back when commissions weren't a thing for most people) which probably killed her motivation and growth.
I recall her mentioning someone had gone out of the way to report her videos. I wonder if it was someone who was jealous of her talent or upset that she was taking a while to get to their request. Nonetheless, her videos were a significant comfort watch for me and I really wish I had the foresight to back them up. She made another YouTube channel but probably made two videos but it wasn't the same. Late in her original channel's life, she had gotten a tablet and had moved on to photoshop but it wasn't as interesting for me. Her old stuff hit the sweet spot for me between crude and extremely detailed speedpaint.

No. 1226879

That reminds me, there used to be a girl easily 10+ years ago who did speedpaints of her character. I particularly remember a speedpaint of this OC, a girl with short black hair, angel wings and a white dress laying down. I think the artist or the OC was called Tina. Anyone have any clue who I'm talking about? I wanna see it again because I'm curious if it's still as impressive to me as it was back then.

No. 1227372

File: 1655353865262.png (247.95 KB, 702x625, d1ilova-0e10e195-6f27-4839-ab6…)

I remember Jupi. They made the Lushi Dance. Unfortunately their original Youtube account is gone.

No. 1227709

omg i miss jupimeow and her weird furfag eyesore animations… wonder how shes doing these days

File: 1652200522697.jpg (77.23 KB, 900x690, squidbob_naughtyness_by_campla…)

No. 1175583[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

>How is this thread different from the dumbass shit thread?

The dumbass thread is for coherent dumbass thoughts, while this one is for yelling, shitting, and pissing into the void

Previous shitposts >>>/ot/1138745
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No. 1227177

D) give this angel every blanket I own

No. 1227246

oh god you'll summon her

No. 1227352

Can you give more details about this dream

No. 1227394

File: 1655356171183.gif (1.76 MB, 202x360, 43d32245.gif)


No. 1227449

File: 1654269897010.jpg (67.08 KB, 889x810, map.jpg)

No. 1209563[Reply]

Previous Thread >>1081510
SwedenGate outrage edition

>Swedish people will dance the små grodorna around your starving body

>Dutch people will require their guest to Tikkie them
>Twitter thinks an Instagram map is a proper study
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No. 1223709

worst: cayetanos
best: radfems make the most out of all feminists here

No. 1226635

I always hear from people who lived in England that they would never want to go back, why is that?

No. 1226751

south and eastern europe has so many based women. most of the radfems on tumblr are from eastern europe. I'm sick of living in cringe germany where every woman blindly aligns herself with retarded american wokie thought. We're definitely gonna be the next country to undergo trannification if german women stay this silent or mindlessly encouraging of their own demise

No. 1227023

Fellow spaniard how come I never see you around this farm? Are there only two of us?

No. 1227026

I used to live in the UK and honestly I would go back. But from my understanding, if you came from London it 100% makes sense since it's becoming increasingly expensive. I would say another major factor has to be the government, especially right now since it's a circus and the weather. It's always the weather. And the tiny houses. Other parts of the UK will also become expensive soon because of the influx of people from hong kong coming in and londoners moving north too.

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