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File: 1577033930774.jpg (29.74 KB, 1280x630, error.jpg)

No. 497325[Reply]

As we witness more and more corporations buying big platforms and mistreating them and their userbases, I think it's save to say that websites could completely vanish from one day to the next.
One of the absolute worst offenders of that is Yahoo/Verizon (who also own Tumblr and killed Geocities, Polyvore, parts of Flickr, all their Yahoo! sub websites like Yahoo Answers,-Blog,-Video, del.icio.us and many more) who now actively tried to prevent archival of their latest victim "Yahoo Groups" (if you want to read about it, here's a summary: https://www.extremetech.com/internet/303208-verizon-bans-archivists-trying-to-save-yahoo-groups-data-from-deletion).

Even Twitter startet to delete accounts who haven't logged in for 6 months, starting on December 11th this year.

Are there any websites or blogs you achived or you think are important and worth to be saved as a part of internet history?
Are you salty about a website that got nuked in an unfair way?
Any other thoughts regarding Internet History? Are you worried?
Discuss and Vent.
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No. 1582745

File: 1684613447486.png (55.08 KB, 943x930, preserving the internet.png)

No. 1583134

someone emailed my work with a hotmail acct and i was curious if i could get into my middle school one. it let me log in a 21 year old account but nothing was in the inbox. bastards. i'm going to try and get the files off of my middleschool hard drive

No. 1593282

File: 1685560039543.png (55.77 KB, 746x219, xlbbsv23v63b1.png)

RARBG went down. It was one of the best pirate sites and it just vanished overnight. I know this sounds dramatic but I'm devastated.

No. 1593492

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO welp time to dust off the rotation of other sites to use. surprisingly thepiratebay still returns stuff for me that doesn't show up on others - though definitely need to whack the adblock on and prevent them from using your rig to mine btc.

No. 1593561

Some people have uploaded txt files with RARBG magnet links, as long as the old seeders are there they can keep going. I'll use those as long as possible because the 1080p x265 were perfect for me and I don't want to change.

File: 1663634612959.gif (1.59 MB, 1200x675, 16895b231b6da505e2e4acef02a3c1…)

No. 1343869[Reply]

Ask for something you want, nonnies may deliver it - or not.

>How it differs from the "help me find" thread?

You're not necessarily asking for something you have seen/had before. It's more about asking for something that you want that may or may not exist, and be on anyone's possessions be made by anons.

>Requesting a retro game file instead of just asking what is that obscure game you vaguely remember from your childhood
>Asking for more tech savvy and bored anons to do a gif or WebM for you
>Asking for a trustworthy pirating site for any media
>Etc etc
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No. 1592771

why do you want it to be written by a woman? academic anatomy books arent scrotish

No. 1592772

I looked at the contents before recommending them to see if they had solid anatomy but if you know how to Google you can do that yourself I suppose

No. 1592777

The best ones are written by men.

No. 1592780

I'm curious about how "the gaze" affects art, because I did not realize most of the art that I consumed and internalized was drawn with the male gaze until recently. I was curious to see if it extended into academic settings, since I noticed a good portion of the women Loomis has drawn are wearing heels. I'm not saying his work hasn't been very helpful to me, I just want to look around.

No. 1592981

Not sure if you still have the videos nona, but kemono.party is pretty much for that exact purpose. There are a lot of youtubers patreon vids on there, you just have to ignore all the degen furry crap that infests that site everywhere else.

File: 1675969866568.jpeg (701.96 KB, 1787x2560, go-eat-worms-scaled.jpeg)

No. 1495349[Reply]

Previous thread- >>>/ot/1379445
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No. 1592331

File: 1685473239409.png (574.31 KB, 680x800, F7ECAB2D-3BEC-43A4-85E7-2D64F7…)

So when I was around 11-12 my parents forced me to go to this charter school I hated going to and I despised everyone there. I had no friends, and I didn’t really have anyone supportive around me so I would lash out in anger by doing stupid shit like clogging all the toilets in the bathroom with toilet paper and paper towels so no one could use the bathroom. Eventually I started doing it so the toilet would flood the bathroom and it would be out of order all day. I did this to several of the girls bathrooms at a time, and I never got caught.

No. 1592517

You might have CPTSD
It's one of the most untalked about and under-diagnosed mental illnesses.

No. 1592557

i might be wrong, but isn't cptsd not recognized in the dsm? i thought only ptsd itself was

No. 1592592

It didn’t make the cut because they said it wasn’t different enough from PTSD so doctors should just diagnose people with that. It seemed like it would be added for a while there. The definition of PTSD has changed a lot in the DSM over the years and I believe they even changed the category it was under (moved from an anxiety disorder to a trauma related [no shit] disorder or something.) Everything I’ve read says the DSM kinda sucks and doesn’t get used the way the creators intended and in some ways it’s used to gatekeep services so insurance doesn’t have to pay for it but that’s kind of a whole thing to get into.

No. 1592597

>most untalked about
Are you sure? It definitely seems like it's the mental illness du jour at the moment. It only is under-diagnosed because they can't officially diagnose it if they use the DSM.

File: 1669762469150.png (1.11 MB, 1054x1042, Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 22.53…)

No. 1426262[Reply]

A thread to discuss the disdain around dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457

Previous thread: >>>/ot/686468
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No. 1592039

why do you hate mutts more then pure breed dogs? mixed breed dogs usually live longer, have less health issues and some even say they are smarter.

No. 1592177

The health and longer life thing are kind of a myth. With mutts you never know what you're going to get, and they tend to have a lot of issues as well and the owners are going to be unprepared for it. With a breed you know which ones are more likely to have certain health issues and breeders will actively try to breed them out. Also the oldest dogs in the world were/are all of breed.

No. 1592865

She means mutt as derogatory for the whole species

No. 1593366

I have noticed that mutts are way more retarded than other type of dogs that were bred (pitbulls being an exception - they are the most retarded and inbred of them all). Whenever I see people with mutts, they are never well-trained, and always have other issues. I wonder if it's because breeds have been bred for a specific purpose and mutts then get confused because of all the different DNA they have. That, and the fact so many 'mixed breeds' are just pit mixes now.

No. 1593367

I have noticed that mutts are way more retarded than other type of dogs that were bred (pitbulls being an exception - they are the most retarded and inbred of them all). Whenever I see people with mutts, they are never well-trained, and always have other issues. I wonder if it's because breeds have been bred for a specific purpose and mutts then get confused because of all the different DNA they have. That, and the fact so many 'mixed breeds' are just pit mixes now.

File: 1678156662116.jpg (71.24 KB, 480x640, a1de83ee8434ba79fd00f037f820cf…)

No. 1516743[Reply]

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1432030
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No. 1592001

Is it a stop motion short called The Sandman? It's terrifying and I don't get scared easily, I couldn't stop thinking about it for a week after watching it.

No. 1592004

No it was this one. sorry, I didn't wanna post it last night kek

No. 1592005


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1592014

It takes longer to become a train conductor than a pilot. Reason being you have one course for train driving to become professional but for flight you can become licensed to fly people in less time. Only being head pilot for an airline likely takes the same if not more time.

>Train conductor 3 years

>Private pilot 6 months to 1 year (in my research it takes 6 months)
>Commercial pilot 2 years (including private pilot license which is always the first step)
>Airline transport pilot 3 to 5 years

So yeah that's interesting

No. 1592396

New thread

File: 1675473776011.jpeg (39.63 KB, 640x529, 206E523B-EA6D-4067-830F-101A26…)

No. 1490027[Reply]

Post cute birdies here/discuss your love for them.
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No. 1590839

don't. this is a wholesome thread

No. 1591827

I'm the anon she was referring to and I found the pic quite adorable, but anon, is it actually about something horrible?

No. 1591832

ayrt, yes. Just take my word for it and forget you ever saw it.

No. 1591833

samefag, kek i realize that sounded very dramatic but what i mean to say is if you love cute birds it's not a manga chapter you will enjoy.

No. 1592059

he loved that bird… it was so tragic it was funny.

File: 1603168898714.jpg (361.56 KB, 1394x1392, 9781528716543_p0_v1_s550x406.j…)

No. 660000[Reply]

Do you believe in it?
Are you a "witch"?
Do you collect crystals, do spells, and believe tarot, or any of those neo-pagan stuff?
Or do you think witchcraft is something to take more seriously?
Do you have any stories about witchcraft, brujas, rithuals, shamans, and the like?
Is "witch" a female-only term? What do you think about the story of witchcraft and women?
Post everything related to this here. It doesn't matter if your only experience is playing with a ouija board in 7th grade, just discuss.
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No. 1588078

blood worms are bright red though. these sound more like baby earth worms which means nona has a crack in her plumbing somewhere which may or may not be kinda bad. I was just thinking if the black ones are brahminy blind snakes (harmless little worm-size type of snake that is always female) it would be awesome but that's probably an unlikely repeat visitor.

No. 1588393

nice, glad to know is not a poltergeist or something. I'll throw some cleaner down the drain as you said and scrub my shower, sink and toilet.
baby worms? always female? kinda cute, now I feel bad for drowning them in bleach kek

No. 1588939

Tenfold. Never forget that.

No. 1591767

Nonas, is there a communication / messaging (for the lack of a better word) spell proven to work?
Like if there is a specific person, and we don’t really stay in touch atm (no beef, just busy hectic lives, living in different countries etc), but I really wish to communicate a thought / message to them, perhaps in their sleep, and make sure it reaches them and they know it’s me. Is there a way to do this?
I’m still very much a newbie to this, yet quite the long time fascinated with the topic of witchcraft, studying old beliefs

No. 1591771

I'm just a passerby but this sounds so cute, hope the magic nonnies answer you.

File: 1685401277080.png (379.9 KB, 1232x3337, TAKE ACTION v3.png)

No. 1591513[Reply]

Generations of people have been, and continue to be, inspired by pervasive violence: namely anorectal violence. Many perpetrators of this violence against one or more others especially in public pornography have not faced severe criminal punishment despite both 1) the high likelihood of anorectal injury to a receptive person due to anorectal fragility, and 2) the significance and potential severity (even lethality) of resultant traumatic consequences. What should easily be considered incriminating evidence worldwide not only proliferates unchecked, but also serves as an example to be copied in far too many cases. This situation is both one of the greatest injustices and one of the greatest contributors to societal decadence in the modern era. Facilitating factors include prevalent (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation about anorectal topics, which are enabling people with (self-)destructive tendencies to have a field day with anorectal violence and to spread disinformation quite effectively.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO ANORECTAL VIOLENCE)

No. 1591515

File: 1685401325688.png (120.56 KB, 1138x1192, reddit.png)

>Reddit /r/painal
Other subreddits which obviously violate Reddit's policy* regarding violent content yet strangely still [as of 2023/05/27] persist nonetheless: /r/Roughanal /r/DegradingHoles /r/analfisting

* "Do not post content that encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual (including oneself) or a group of people"

(Also relevant: "Note that health misinformation, namely falsifiable health information that encourages or poses a significant risk of physical harm to the reader, also violates the Rule.")

For far too many years now the subreddits mentioned above have been encouraging, glorifying, and inciting some violent behaviors—particularly anorectal violence—that should easily constitute severely criminal behavior when more than one person is involved (at the very least for potentially-lethal outcomes/sequelae). People at high levels of Reddit must be held accountable: not only for failing to uphold their own site's policies, but also for enabling the spread of violent crime along with dangerously false information facilitating it on subreddits such as /r/sex.

No. 1591516

File: 1685401355066.png (165.34 KB, 1156x1520, criminal justice.png)

Statutes of limitations may apply in some locales that have applicable laws, meaning criminal prosecution by governments is no longer possible after so much time has passed; some perpetrators of significant* anorectal violence against one or more others might relocate as well. Of course, such violent perpetrators—particularly ones who inspire countless others—MUST NOT escape justice in _any_ case (especially in the absence of ESSENTIAL laws). Sometimes justice must originate from other sources by any means necessary when governments fail — and governments might be part of the problem due to bribery/lobbying/corruption.

In other words, as people and governments worldwide continue failing year after year (or even decade after decade) to take serious and effective action to address rampant anorectal violence, the larger the number grows of perpetrators of significant* anorectal violence against one or more others who can no longer be criminally prosecuted by a government in some locales. Day by day, more and more of such criminals can be severely punished only by violent justice (meaning bloody slaughter, to put it bluntly: justice by _any_ means necessary) — especially when considering relocation.

* "Significant" in this case means an activity posing a risk of causing, or actually resulting in, death or great bodily harm/injury.

File: 1605276200576.jpg (296.7 KB, 1242x1215, 8ac2793cd5ddf8e7c61bfc5041f392…)

No. 673217[Reply]

For random things we like or love, like the Things we hate thread but the opposite.
Please don't infight, anything you wanna talk about is allowed. You might post physical things, ideas, links to random corners of the internet, etc. The things you might post don't have to necessarily be milky/not milky, go as controversial, weird, complicated, pure, simple or vanilla as you'd like.
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No. 1590071

that's a still from the movie parasite anon

No. 1590079

No. 1590117

I love the smell of wet soil and rocks

No. 1590156

File: 1685291144621.jpeg (319.82 KB, 1519x1518, 722276B5-329C-4C2B-BEFF-B7E763…)

I love female devs or any actual woman involved in video games.

No. 1591512

File: 1685401264842.jpeg (64.84 KB, 799x664, 3399748_1.jpeg)

Surely I don't like being sick but I like to put the warming ointment on my chest both because of the way it feels and the coniferous smell. So cozy

File: 1685368485826.webm (2.44 MB, 720x1280, taylor.webm)

No. 1591054[Reply]

Why aren’t you whores this cute?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1591059


No. 1591060

Im no tranny. This is a sammy appreciation thread <3

No. 1591071

That isn't a blue penguin, can't see the appeal.

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