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File: 1601973421118.jpg (27.31 KB, 400x324, a36432e17fe4bcf9a23c03190222cb…)

No. 647317[Reply]

A thread for stupid things that makes you feel paranoid, worried, and targeted and you can't tell people about it because it's stupid.
This is isn't the tinfoil thread because this is more personal, nor the dumbass shit thread because it's too stupid and being in its own thread would make it make more sense.

>inb4 schizo

This should be a safe space for people to express their worries without getting called schizo or any other type of mental illness unless they asked to, so no name-calling please.
If a post sounds dumb just address why without being mean.
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No. 904689

For keeping your Whatsapp safe you need to put a password on it. There's a name for that option but i don't remember it. It's like a verification button in the menu.

No. 904733

I have always had outlandish thoughts since I was a child. Like I had a phase where I didn't believe my mother could be my mother and I was actually sent by aliens. I don't think that anymore. I don't know when my last paranoid delusional phase started but I truly believed I was a genuine contender to be stuck in a Truman Show situation. I would and will blow coincidences out of proportion and immediately think of "bigger pictures". I'm also extremely spiritual and God believing. My Truman Show phase had ended, I don't think I'm the Main Character anymore but during extreme times of stress and anxiety I sometimes think I might be, but I also think it's me feeling guilt for being a piece of shit. I'm definitely mentally ill but I don't want to be institutionalised.

No. 905707

I'm convinced there's this girl trying to steal my man and somehow it's working. He seems to be more happier and cheerful talking to her. She could literally chat or call him at any time of the day for dumb small talk meanwhile he'll tell me he's busy at work if I do the same. I've never seen him behave so secretive when talking to someone else but her. I'm not staring behind him when he types but it bugs me how he'll quickly hide his screen when I walk to him to give drinks or food so it has to be her. (We live in a crammed apartment so we just see everything). If it's some coworker he'll remain unfazed typing and would even loudly mouth what he's typing to said coworker. It's also driving my insecurities to the ceiling because she's probably the perfect girl who's good at games, into anime and kpop, has a stable job and is east asian (we're all asians). My paranoia got driven to even more insane levels when he asked me about Facebook's secret messaging feature. He would find a way to give her time but I will find myself bargaining for his time if I wanted cuddles (even then he'll just go to his phone) or someone to play games with. This has been happening for some months now and she seems to be getting bolder with the frequent calls and I have to endure hearing them talk.

Am I trapped with a potential cheater?

Sorry if my post is incoherent I'm just constantly tired of this paranoia eating me.

No. 905828

See his historial or tell him that you need to look at his chats. If he's not hiding something he'll let you do it.

No. 909966

he is cheating, anon. maybe not physically, but emotionally he seems to be checking out.

File: 1612806196358.jpeg (70.07 KB, 661x500, 6D14E1B7-5509-4059-9CCB-1B07D3…)

No. 733682[Reply]

A thread for your favorite LC original memes or running jokes, from recent favorites like anorectal violence and Lucy(x3), to timeless classics like thread pic and 32”-Waist-Chan. What still makes you laugh? Which ones have sparked actual joy in your shriveled husk of a soul?

This is a LC positivity thread. We have plenty of other threads to bitch about each other!
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No. 903119

Men really don't understand what women find attractive, do they? This is really badly wrong kek.

No. 903639

thing is it isnt even me who posts him
I think an anon here legit likes him

No. 903649

I don't get the gigachad thing, it's like most men are gay for the tall big jawed chads, and expect women to like the chads too. They seethe over women liking kpop pretty boys though, it's funny.

No. 903662

Shut your trap. Dante is a 10/10 on lolcow. He earned it. The things he's seen… I hope he's found somewhere to enjoy his beer in peace.

No. 903683

File: 1631066755995.jpeg (13.54 KB, 275x275, lol.jpeg)

This guy from the covid thread will never not be funny

File: 1630619054914.jpg (7.93 KB, 318x159, oh hai!.jpg)

No. 898899[Reply]

I am a sucker and a bunch of kittens conned me into leaving food on the back porch, weeks later every neighborhood cats what do I do?
I want to help the kittens, and I am saving up to get the caught fixed then released, I'd keep them but I already have 4 cats in the house.
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No. 903551


No. 903554


No. 903560

bunp sorry I'm bumping in an attempt to make the gore pic not visible when thread is is in catalog but I forgot saging please bump the other threads

No. 903561


No. 903564

I dont want pic visible when thread is not open pic must go up until farmhand deletes

File: 1631044704779.jpeg (24.75 KB, 660x330, hairy pussy.jpeg)

No. 903187[Reply]

Brought this chick home tonight only to find out that she has a hairy vagina. You think I am going to fuck that? Christ have some self-respect.(MALE)
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No. 903473

I always tell them to show their credit card information or gtfo.

No. 903476

File: 1631053616966.jpeg (160.57 KB, 725x900, austria-baby-chicken-in-meadow…)

I love hairy chicks.

No. 903478

but those are feathery chicks

No. 903486


No. 903493

We do, it's kys.

File: 1631053873859.webm (3.8 MB, 960x540, 869c97cc6c125fccea8f9b50bb8e61…)

No. 903481[Reply]

Who's your favourite tokker? I love Lemon, she's so qt and amazing :3(shit thread)

No. 903485

File: 1631054281571.webm (5.16 MB, 960x540, qt_lemon.webm)

File: 1533394899420.jpg (92.7 KB, 1000x541, 1034290332.jpg)

No. 276137[Reply]

Etant donné le nombre surprenant de farmers français sur ce site, et la déchance du dernier thread envahi par des posts affligeants tout droit sortis du 15-18 , voilà un nouveau thread pour nous, les baguette people.
Ici, discutons politique, YouTube francophone, infos, culture, etc.

Europe general : >>>/ot/276072
Nationalities Thread : >>>/ot/244320
J-Fashion francophone : >>>/ot/221968
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No. 898949

sur le pincipe ça me fait vraiment chier.
je suis vaccinée depuis longtemps donc en pratique ça ne me complique pas vraiment la vie, mais le gouvernement l'a clairement mis en place à la va-vite et c'est vraiment prendre les gens pour des cons

No. 899134

Faut faire un test PCR 48h ou 72h avant le concert pour que ça passe le temps que tu prennes RDV pour la 2eme dose, aprés tout dépend de quand tu auras une nouvelle carte vitale. Il y a des chances que des tests PCR soit possibles devant la salle de concert.

No. 901116

Est-ce que vous pensez que c'est une bonne idée de chercher un petit appartement ou un studio dans une grande ville quand on est en CDD de 6 mois? Normalement je devrais être plutôt bien payée pour le taf que je viens de commencer mais vu que j'ai démissionné de mon ancien emploi en CDI pour ce CDD juste avant et que je suis pas sûre qu'on me prolonge ce CDD parce que tout dépend de notre client j'ai peur que ça se retourne contre moi sur le long terme niveau budget, surtout si pôle emploi me refuse l'allocation chômage. Là je vis avec ma famille mais ils sont insupportables, j'ai aucune vie privée.

No. 901801

Absolument, j'ai vécu une situation similaire à la tienne l'année dernière. Juste, pense bien à falsifier ton contrat pour le faire passer à un CDD de 1 an (éventuellement à un CDI si tu as un modèle) quand tu donnes ton dossier à l'agence. Dans la recherche d'appartement, l'honnêteté ne paye jamais.
Je suis bien plus heureuse dans mon 23m2 que chez moi à subir les caprices du daron et de sa follasse.

Je viens de recevoir ma deuxième dose, et je ne suis pas "contre" le vaccin, l'appréhension dont les gens font preuve est largement disproportionnée à mon avis. Cependant, l'hypocrisie du gouvernement à présenter le vaccin comme "non-obligatoire" m'exècre, alors que la vie est impossible sans pass sanitaire, et que les tests ne vont plus être remboursés.
Ce virage autoritaire qui ne dit pas son nom (parce qu'on est en le démocratie n'est-ce pas), cette constante manipulation et infantilisation des populations m'enrage, à vrai dire. Avec la crise du Covid, au lieu d'user de transparence et de pédagogie, notre gouvernement use de mensonge (cas des masques début 2020) et coercition (pass sanitaire).

Le pire, dans toute cette histoire, est que ce type de gouvernance n'a rien de surprenant : il découle tout à fait logiquement des nouvelles recherches en sciences économiques et sociales. Le libra-arbitre, le choix rationel des citoyens, tout cela est has-been. Mais encore une fois, au lieu d'éduquer les gens à l'esprit critique et aux divers biais qui nous influencent dans nos décisions, on dépossède le peuple de son pouvoir de décision, et on fait appel à divers experts pour gouverner à notre place.

Voilà, fallait que ça sorte.

No. 902688

Je pense pas pouvoir faire un faux CDI, ma manager est en recherche de logement après avoir emmenagé il y a 3 semaines avec son CDD et elle galère donc j'imagine que ça va être encore moins facile pour moi. Je vais attendre d'avlir fini ma période d'essai et je vais voir avec une N+2 après

File: 1631007862028.jpg (5.89 KB, 318x159, download (1).jpg)

No. 902613[Reply]

I can't find information on her past

File: 1626717803416.jpeg (120.39 KB, 283x424, download (6).jpeg)

No. 858047[Reply]

I think we have an education thread but is it okay if we get a thread for farmers in grad school specifically?

Discuss about being a grad student, complain about your TA position, gossip about other grad students and professors, vent about the job market, etc. Give advice to incoming students.
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No. 900895

It's not even the third week of my program and I've had some old moid professor sending me flirty emails that are actual grooming shit ("I know we've never met but you're so special!"). I talked to my mentor from undergrad, showed her the emails, ranted to her a bit because it stressed me out, and she told me not to report it for now because it's pointless since it's just emails and this guy will retaliate against me and ruin my career and at least for sure badmouth my reputation within the department. This retaliation is super commonplace for women who reject male professors. Now I already feel really awkward within the department because it's a sausage-fest but the fact that there's already one professor who is so shameless like this makes me wonder how many more are thinking disgusting things about me.
I was lucky that none of my male professors in undergrad were ever creepy. But why now that I'm in grad school (at a much bigger college) is this happening? Is it because they know that you require their help and therefore are a perfect victim as opposed to an undergrad who might not need the same favors and help? Why is it suddenly okay for a man who is twice my age to joke that our zoom call is gonna be a date? And yeah he actually did that in the last email which I haven't responded to.
Initially I tried to use him emailing me as a networking opportunity but because I'm female, young, and pretty (esp young which rlly means naive) this hideous scrote won't treat me like any other student. What makes it worse is that he doesn't talk to any students aside from those who take his class maybe. But all of his published work is with other men at other schools, not with PhD or MA students. He doesn't supervise a single PhD person but is taking an interest in some super young and attractive girl while also showing no interest in other students, especially male ones!

To top it all off, you basically have to talk about this behind closed doors because consulting anonymous places like our discipline's job market forum will yield troll responses as it's overrun by incels and consistently has multiple topics on the front page that are ranting about women. It's a perfect reflection of how sexist this discipline is. Especially because while they bitch about diversity hires on there, there's male professors who are still working and have new female advisees after the school was made aware of them sexPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 901054

Will do! I applied for online programs, but if you are getting an undergrad in communication disorders or speech-language pathology or anything related (e.g. audiology). Then you are on the right track as you do not have to do any of the required support courses.

If your undergrad is different then you should try to take any of the behavioral science, biological science (biology, anatomy, etc.), physical science (chemistry or physics), and statistics as electives before you graduate or when starting the program/during a break between programs through a community college.

I have yet to start as something happened with my current grad program changing my graduation date so I have to start a little later. I applied for part time programs so that I can continue to work without much emphasis in school. It will take about a year more, but I do not mind it.

No. 902537

UPDATE. I talked to my friend who went here for her undergrad and apparently he's even worse with her. He manipulated her into giving her number so he could call for an emergency and ever since then he texts her. He sends "good morning" texts and asks about her marriage while lamenting about his failing marriage apparently. He was fired for sus reasons from his last school and our school only keeps him on a year-by-year basis.
I don't wanna escalate it but I feel like all of his female 'connections' are junk anyways given how creepy he is towards us. I just thought that I would update everyone because when they say that predatory men have multiple victims it's true. My friend tries to give him the benefit of the doubt and says he's lonely, unattractive, and awkward. How about he… GET A THERAPIST? Get a friend! Get on a dating app! Just don't talk to your students and text them inappropriate things ffs.

No. 904007

Sorry you're going through this anon. I recommend keeping receipts even if you're not sure you will use them. Ask your friend for some too. You never know when they might be useful in the future. As for what to do now, just refuse to acknowledge any bad behaviour so he can't claim you were happy with it or led him on etc. If he sends you emails with inappropriate stuff, ignore it all except parts that are relevant to your course. Try and hint at his behaviour to others and see if you can gather a group together as it will be harder for higher ups to ignore if multiple people are complaining, should it come to that.

No. 904009

Oh, and look up the school's policy for these things and threaten to go public with receipts if you do decide to report it.

File: 1597781943489.jpg (44.49 KB, 493x219, Applebees_Topped_Steak_Commerc…)

No. 607909[Reply]

Discuss the pros and cons of, as well as your experience with Applebee's.
239 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 902425


No. 902439

the only good thing on applebees’ menu was the sizzling chicken and shrimp meal

No. 902441

I've never eaten at an Applebee's before. Why are they so dark inside?

No. 902442

This thread is hilarious!!!
Anon, it’s so the dirt is hidden longer, less need to constantly sweep and such.

No. 902796

I’ve never seen an attractive looking male into ddlg they are all ugly and fat nerdy beta men.

File: 1619550369889.jpg (34.89 KB, 1200x800, do-i-have-anxiety-signs-sympto…)

No. 793250[Reply]

Similar to the OCD, Autism and BPD thread, a thread for everyone who has some form of anxiety!

Discuss anything pertaining to your anxiety, including:
>What kind of anxiety you have
>Physical vs Mental anxiety
>Intrusive or rumminating thoughts
>How to cope with anxiety
>How to get better
>Therapy and other similar options
45 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 839327

nta but yes, it takes a lot of times, but eventually you get used to it and you can kind of just white-knuckle your way through it
Like above anon said, once you start recognizing the beginning, you can keep yourself grounded by at least knowing what's going on with you

No. 885813

Anyone else struggle with over-compensating after anxiety? I struggled with social anxiety for most of my youth. Now every interaction I have I always have in the back of my mind to make sure to not appear anxious. I'm always focused on preventing to appear timid or shy, quiet, poor social skills etc. Nowadays I force myself to be outgoing and talkative because otherwise I'm scared I'll be perceived as the grey mouse again, I take leadership during groupprojects because I don't want people to think that I'm a shy quiet follower, people shove me when someone needs to present something "because anon you're good at talking in front of people" if I don't already vollunteer myself because I don't want people to think too shy or scared to do it and I've even been told that I have a "strong personality" despite always having been an anxious doormat, always letting people walk over me. Everything I do is focused on not appearing like the anxious doormat I used to be. How do I find balance?

No. 885817

Honestly anon I feel like you facing your fears and going out of your comfort zone like you have will help you overcome a lot of that anxiety. I think maybe what you need are just some healthy ways of coping in the moment, like breathing exercises and stuff. If people are perceiving you as being outgoing and great at speaking then you should take that as a good sign. Fake it til you make it isn't at all bullshit, and my councillor encourages me to step out of my comfort zone as well. Sounds like you're doing a lot better than me at it!

No. 886612

My anxiety is so bad lately, I don't know how to adapt. Xanax works ok, but when I wake up the next day I know I'm going to have to deal with my troubles again. I have no appetite and eat because I have to. I just worry and worry and worry so much. This isn't a life. I feel like a burden and a bother to everyone. I don't reach out to people anymore. I don't even know how to anymore. I just hate everything. This isn't a life.

No. 901746

Do you guys ever feel so anxious that even the things that usually comfort you on a normal day (listening to music or podcasts) put you even more on edge? Sometimes it gets to the point where hearing another human's voice makes me feel sick.

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