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File: 1475236658156.jpg (66 KB, 620x387, oscarsselfie_2839758b.jpg)

No. 111423[Reply]

Old thread ( >>>/b/20965 ) is now on bump-limit

Gossip about celebrities. Just shit-talk away.
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No. 233541

Woops, forgot it was an MV. Both the Konze and Fatboy Slim videos are Jonze's work.

No. 233572

Yeah it’s really too bad. Her shoulder is almost as big as her head these days.

No. 233621

File: 1520979967759.jpg (136.23 KB, 684x1000, Taylor-Swift-Harry-Styles-Pict…)

You idiots are so gullible, that's photoshopped. Not even into Taylor, but that looked way too unrealistic.

No. 233638

File: 1520986160238.jpg (49.45 KB, 486x409, 731.jpg)

LMAO I will fully admit that I fell for it. I figured there was some perpective thing going on as well as her head being small but now that I can see the original the other one is so obviously shopped.

No. 233643

Damn I don't care at all about her mediocre music but she looks so cute. I'm sure her head does sometimes look somewhat small compared to her body but that's almost a given for a 5'10" woman if you're comparing their proportions to average women.

File: 1494359178106.png (396.21 KB, 1268x444, mine.png)

No. 189885[Reply]

Inspired by thread >>>/ot/189595

What's your basic bitch fashion, farmer?

Itens you can't live without?
Ask for help to shape up your style, etc.
Do you follow any weeby fashion trends, or you like Western style clothing better?

We've had many recet threads asking for help to get a better personal style, but I think images would help a lot.

This is mine. I'm simple and always go for darker tones. Quite boring and I don't like to stand out, but I'm happy with it.
(Yes, I'm crazy for hand sanitizer. Yes, I know I shouldn't overuse it, but it's hard)
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No. 233530

Anon could be younger.

No. 233555

I hope so cause they dress terribly.

No. 233569


yeah I'm still young and I don't have a job so I rely on the same clothes again and again which kinda sucks, but I'm sure eventually I'll get more freedom in choosing how I want to dress regardless of the price tag

No. 233612

I’m being harsh and I’m sorry about that anon.
You can get some plain basics for cheaper than licensed stuff like anime/vidya. Plus when you’re young your taste is still developing, and it’s not like you’re getting about in truly terrible things like swastikas or bondage gear in public.

No. 233613

You must be 18 or older to post here.

File: 1503286071499.jpg (141.5 KB, 900x656, japanophile_iii_by_artificialx…)

No. 202684[Reply]

Have you guys dealt with or seem weebs act or say socially unacceptable things or straight dow weird shit?
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No. 233548

File: 1520924817972.png (23.37 KB, 259x224, 5069464.png)

>Be me, 4th grade
>"We're going to go see an Anne Frank musical, please dress nicely"
>Don't tell my mom about it so I can wear an Inuyasha shirt to it

>Be me, middle school

>Constantly carrying around Inuyasha art book to the point that the pages are fuzzy and dirty
>Straighten my hair because Japanese people have straight hair
>Wrote that I knew Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi in a school report
>Also wrote about sumo wrestlers
>Birthday HAD to be at a Japanese Karaoke bar

>Be me, freshmen in high school

>Start going to anime club
>Boy from anime club messages me
>"I saw you in anime club and I think your cute. Want to go to the international market to buy some pocky?"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 233554

File: 1520929945540.jpg (1.92 KB, 106x125, 1500340235271s.jpg)

>Don't tell my mom about it so I can wear an Inuyasha shirt to it
holy shit anon that is gold.

No. 233563

Haha I love it. My parents once dragged me to our seaside house (no internet) for 3 weeks and it pained me so much that I took my 256MB mp3 player with some Inuyasha instrumentals and cried myself to sleep every night listening to them, thinking about how I can't RP on my favourite forum.

No. 233565

I just downloaded as much shit as I could tbh. I NEVER wanted to be bored anywhere. I always carried around some manga and my CD player with my Inuyasha "The movie" soundtrack and a mixed CD with a bunch of OPs and EDs. Luckily, the internet hadn't been a huge part of my weaboo phase since we didn't have it cause I would have been a little shit if I always had the internet.

No. 233566

Yeah, we had dail up and I once racked up a crazy ass bill pretending to be ill for a week to stay at home and "download" Inuyasha clips from yahoo videos. I was also buttfrustrated because I couldn't get manga in my country and the only thig that was being sold was Megatokyo volumes lmao - i fucking hated pyro but i still bought it out of desperation to have anything remotely weeb related

File: 1441827802612.png (14.54 KB, 325x225, vegan.png)

No. 34649[Reply]

Thread to discuss veganism, why veganism sucks, why veganism is good, vegan youtubers and whatever else.
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No. 233454

The “line of sentience” doesn’t differentiate vegans from vegetarians at all. Dairy, eggs, and honey still involve sentient creatures being used for food; they’re just not directly supporting the death of sentient creatures for consumption.

How sad that we rely on bees being needed for farming to keep their population thriving.

I’ve been vegan for 5 years and I only took a calcium + Vit D supplement while pregnant. Otherwise nothing - I just eat a varied and healthy diet.

No. 233457

File: 1520866655672.jpeg (381.13 KB, 640x1046, AF232A1B-F8DE-402A-99D2-62F6E8…)

Samefag but excerpt from my course material on commercial farming and climate change. People eating more animal products are causing more land to be used to sustain production, which in turn is damaging soil and changing the environment (as well as contributing hugely to methane gas emittance), which causes climate change.

No. 233490

I understand it's criticizing him, that he's not a scientist, and he makes graphs to appear more sciencey. He's kind of an over confident cock. A lot of his stuff is still correct- But you could look into Mike Anderson and the rave diet documentaries if you want people with a lot of PhDs and credentials, he interviews a lot of doctors invested in the diet for health and nutrition that used to consume animal products and only got into plant based after their own research and experiences. The Gurson Therapy movies are great as well, I think some are on netflix, if I remember right it goes into why there hasn't been a lot of material published on vegan food or lifestyle for health. I only really name drop him because he's easily accessible, but seriously, look into Mike Anderson and Gurson if you're legit trying to get into it for health.

No. 233510

I had bloods done multiple times and I was told I'm not deficient in anything (not even B12 which I was surprised by but it's probably due to fortified milk and cereals). But when I got sick last year I asked my doctor for recommendations and she said B12, vitamin C, iron, probiotics (and supplements that feed the bacteria!) and pine bark would be good.

A lot of that you can get naturally by eating lots of fruit, kidney beans and fortified foods. The only real thing that you can't get normally as a vegan is probiotics.

No. 233543

You can get vegan probiotics easily. Here’s a list: https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/705026/113

File: 1494184826555.jpg (1.45 MB, 1800x2400, f6d50b7f161054f5def988d20150cb…)

No. 222861[Reply]

Vamos lá macacos.
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No. 232670

pior que eu ainda acho elas melhores que as angels

No. 232749

Me sinto mal de zuar pq elas são crianças mas kek

No. 232824

Só vejo aquele buço que precisa muito de uma depilação.

No. 233106

Não que seja difícil ser melhor do que as Angels.
Alguém sabe se elas vão continuar lançando músicas ou se já desistiram?

No. 233409

vão continuar. coragem né?

No. 212544[Reply]

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..
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No. 233075

>Then you must not be as big as me
I knew it was about her. I never bought that "Oh, I'm just white knighting the poor little hobbyists that don't know how to be themselves. " tripe.

No. 233076

Ok, I know this lemia shit is juicy but let's wait for the new thread.

No. 233113

super OT I agree anon, when people write "?" on something that is affirmative I want to throw my keyboard on them, they sound annoying and stupid

No. 233136

This video just sounds like a bunch of really obvious shit said as if it's profound. If you do want to do something, you don't have to do it? NO SHIT.

No. 233157

made another thread

File: 1516742299627.jpg (13.37 KB, 354x142, k.jpg)

No. 225490[Reply]

So I'm 23 and a lot has happened since I left uni- I got into a retail job to pay my bills, came out of therapy feeling (mostly) healthier mentally, I've got some great friends and a relationship I want to work out, and I'm getting over the loss of my father who died recently.

My problem is in the last couple years that I have a habit of starting, stopping, settling….so I've stayed in the same job that makes me miserable while I've had to be back and forth there and hospital during my dad's illness, and I've entered a mental phase of "there is nothing out there you're good enough for"

Now that his funeral has passed and I've been away travelling with friends and I've come back with a fresh mindset, I realize this year I want to turn that all around.

I want to quit my job to work somewhere with a solid routine, like a Monday-Friday, I want to learn to be braver about persuing what I want to. I feel like two years of retail should be sufficient on a CV.

I live and rent by myself, and I often fall into the self doubt trap of wanting to impress my mother who has very different ideals to me and was very controlling in my upbringing…only since moving out is she realizing I'm my own person, but she does occassionally try to interfere and I want to learn how to deal with that.

Tldr it's time I got back into being healthier, exercising, and most importantly getting myself the motivation to apply for better jobs and feel like I'm able to reach for the things I want to do.

I feel like my cvs and applications are destined to always be rejected and my fatigue from my current job as well as depression sometimes holds me back.

How do I kick myself so I can start living the life I want? I can get out of bed now when four years ago I couldn't bring myself to…but how do I get myself out of this mental metaphorical bed and go make myself proud?

No. 232280

I hope you are still around as your thread is kind of old.

>How do I kick myself so I can start living the life I want?

The first step would be to think about your goals in life. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Write down your goals. Then a few days later look at the paper again and check if you are sure about it. This gives you a general outline about what to do. Some people believe you should never plan detailed plans because in the end it always comes different then expected.

Then the next step would be to make your goals SMART.
Basically you need to define your goals in a manner that makes them achievable and of course you need an indicator that will show if you achieved them or not. For example (one type of goal many people have each january):

>I want to lose weight

not a smart goal because there are no details given about how much and in what time

>I want to lose 5 pounds of weight during the next 2 months while using low fat diet and exercising 2 days a week

goal defined in a smart way. Goals are defined in detail and can be measured.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 233107

File: 1503977668587.jpeg (161.91 KB, 580x290, female_empowerment_workplace.j…)

No. 203690[Reply]

For the anons focused on their career, education or those who choose to start a business, this thread will be discussing


>how to advance in careers
>uni advice, how to get in, study tips, etc
>business tips, how to starts one, how to manage one
>where you are at right now currently and where you want to advance in a few years
>tips on self motivation and how to organize everything
>books to read for those who want to start businesses, advance in their jobs and help with uni

everyone welcome, from those still trying to find their first job to uni graduates, people on internships and business owners
78 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 232840

indeed helped me a lot, I know there's a lot of places that say "bring in your resume!" or "apply online!" but sadly, most of those don't care or won't read it
indeed most of the time actually has the intent to hire people and linkedin

No. 232891

I am hoping I get a response today, if not, I will be phoning up on my lunch to ask!
And you do deserve your job, it might jut take you a while to get into the swing of things. It's taken me 5 jobs to finally settle with the fact I have to interact with society and the general public on a daily basis. I hate it, but at the moment I am willing to lick shit off the pavement to get food on the table. My job mentally exhausts me but only because customers in general aren't a bright bunch of people and some of the other girls I work with are bullying a small group of us because we are younger and better at the job than they are. They follow us around the store, time us on our breaks and say lots of horrible thing, thinking we can't hear them. These are 40+ year old women btw.

I've calmed down a lot since last night but I am still fucked off.

Oh, and yeah, seconding Indeed for interviews. Maybe look into getting your CV combed through by a professional too, or if you have a friend/family member in a management role, get them to have a look at it and see what they would change/add!

No. 232906

Thanks. I do use Indeed to search, it's my main one.
And I'll see if one of the lab technicians from my uni will look at it as I am mainly looking as those types of jobs. I have had a lot of feedback on this before as my CV had to be marked for coursework every year during my degree but that doesn't really seem to have helped.

No. 232914

That's a really good idea, definitely get one of them to check it out. I know you know what field you want to get into, but sometimes people in the industry can give you some pointers even if it's something as simple as changing the wording for something. My partner is in marketing so he knows how to appeal to management, so that has helped me a lot in regards to knowing how to write to get a potential employers attention.
Keep plugging away though. You'll nab something eventually!

No. 232931

Have you been writing a special cover letter for each posting? I have written a cover letter for every serious position I've applied to because it's basically mandatory now for young people. I use a lot of the same paragraphs describing my duties and skills from work and school, but you also have to tailor it to include words used from the job posting. I was told since some places get so many apps for one posting, a computer goes through searching for relevant terms and filters out ones that seem generic and don't mention anything listed from the posting.

Even with all of that I've never heard back from retail stores or places that would seem easy to get an interview so don't be too upset anon.

File: 1514528918034.jpg (70.37 KB, 620x620, f80c7a870bb352f3cdea9721215f79…)

No. 219627[Reply]

Does anyone else with PCOS have trouble and insecurities with feeling feminine? I know PCOS can range from anything to minor hormone imbalance to straight up full beards, mood swings, balding, cystic acne, happy trails, and obesity.There's also a birth control thread that mentions PCOS but this thread gets more into it and how to manage what comes from it. This thread can be used to discuss
>ways to manage PCOS
>hair removal methods
>hair care methods for balding
>skin care management
>hormone management
>how to get body and face to look more feminine
>how to feel and look more feminine in general
>pcos medications/birth control
>pcos vent/struggles
>Success weight loss and fertility stories
42 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 232211

my endo told me that being fat is a symptom of PCOS, not the other way around.

…really fucking sucks. I lost 40lbs after my diagnosis, and then a few years later gained every bit of weight back until I was dx with hypothyroidism as well. in one year I've only managed to lose 15lbs of it and I had to fight for every single pound with a tiny low carb diet and daily exercise. I lose like 1lb a month now. It sucks so much.

No. 232224

How can I get my gyno to take me off the pill and give me a prescription for estradiol? I'm 18 and I have a strong feeling he will think I'm trying to get pregnant by going off the pill since when he was talking to me about it he said he would put women on the pill then give them hormones when trying to get pregnant

No. 232265


Are you me, anon? I've lost about 30 kgs (about 62lbs?) in the past and gained back 15kg (32lbs ish). I just can't seem to lose it again, now matter how little I eat, and I even do IF because my metabolism is so slow now. Disheartening.


I take pills. 500mg daily.

No. 232813

File: 1520553255429.jpg (101.84 KB, 800x557, Bouguereau,-The-Nymphaeum-THM0…)

>how to get body and face to look more feminine
>how to feel and look more feminine in general

anyone have any luck with this? I know some women with pcos have nice bodies but I have unfortunate fat distribution and corset meme emphasizes me looking upperheavy, I do glute, thigh and bum exercises when I can but I barely have any energy due to seasonal depression, my boobs are small, sad and saggy so I at least try to lift them up by doing arm exercises but im afraid it will make my shoulders wider

No. 233788

Anon. Are you me?
Sometimes I go through a period of thinking I have found flattering styles then I see myself in a photo etc or at a weird new angle in a mirror, see my linebacker shoulders and awful shape and just fucking fall into a depression all over again

File: 1456697314365.jpg (14.7 KB, 500x341, 3475485.jpg)

No. 74568[Reply]

What kind of apps to you typically use?

Are you more the gaming app type, have lots of different picture editing apps, or do you prefer apps for productivity and organization?

Feel free to suggest good ones or ask for recommendations.
185 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 232756

best period app with the most features? would be nice if it was cute too but it doesn't have to be as long as it's good.

No. 232760

Nah you can get the house as a free player but the only way to truly refurbish its to pay

No. 232762

I'm looking for an app that helps you achieve certain goals. I wanna do so many things but am an unorganized mess. I tried habitica but it was a bit overwhelming. Something simpler would be great.

No. 232766

Habit Tracker
Habit hub

No. 232785

I use the following websites when I play, also go on love nikki reddit :
Feel free to drop any questions here, I play it so much when I commute to work / college.
The house is free, some furniture costs diamonds, extra house levels cost diamonds too.

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