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File: 1454070630182.jpg (47.34 KB, 800x600, baby sun.jpg)

No. 64888[Reply]

Talk about nice/cool things that happened to you (whether 5 minutes ago or 10 years ago)

Find $20 on the ground? Period finally stopped? Person you absolutely hated finally got hit by a car? Absolutely anything that made you feel good/happy.
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No. 657586


Congrats! It's such a huge weight lifted once it's done, I promise.

No. 657597

I passed my driving theory test today. I sort of laid it off for a year because I failed my previous practice exam and was a mopy little bastard.
Eider way I got over myself, studied for it and passed it. It felt pretty good like, having accomplished something that you need to gain more independence (depending on your lifestyle, obviously).
I hope you will all find the initiative and drive to do the things you need to do to improve yourself.

No. 657838

One of the first calls of the day in my office was this super, duper sweet lady. She was so nice on the phone and was like "Thank you sooo much for the help! I hope you have a great weekend!!" Even though all I did was help her register for classes (made significantly easier cos she already paid). It's easy to have really shitty people I deal with at work just stick out like a sore thumb in my memory and ruin my whole day, but this lady was so god damn nice and it's nice to think back on someone so sweet. It really brightened up my whole day, I wasn't even having a bad day, but she made my already nice day even nicer!

No. 659992

It's midnight and I get a craving for pickles. There's only an unopened jar in the fridge, I spend like 15 minutes struggling to open it. My wrist hurts, everything I've tried hasn't worked, I'm defeated and about to give up. I read some methods online and I try sticking a butter knife under the lid and the heavenly sound of the seal breaking graces my ears!!!!
The pickles taste so much better along with victory!!

No. 659996

Thank you anon, I'm a little nervy because surgery is always somewhat spooky, even minimally invasive ones like this. But overall I know the recovery isn't supposed to be too bad and I'm really excited to feel that sense of relief as you say!

File: 1593041824256.jpeg (14.91 KB, 340x255, 56B67A89-AC82-4F83-82ED-53C325…)

No. 574723[Reply]

Cryptids, the hollow earth/Agatha, aliens and other supernatural shit.

Discuss experiences and share knowledge of realms beyond our own!

Religious experiences are also welcome
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No. 659949

sorry to samefag but forgot to conclude that obviously no one was there in my bathroom when I did look.

No. 659971

When I was under the age of 10 my whole family in the car saw a stationary 'line' that was bisecting the whole sky and the moon. It was weird af and was very much a structure that would make it seem like we were living under-the-dome. An enormous line that stretched to each visible horizon (in a small city so not much). It was not a contrail, but a black line almost like a pipe. I'm not lying - my sister, lifelong friend, and I saw a similar kind of horizon-spanning pipe-line in the same city sometime during highschool, years later, but this one was more grey, thicker, closer (?) and was advancing more fast than we could walk. We didnt know what to make of it but my sister and I recalled when we saw the black line years before that. Idk wtf it was bc it seemed so .. industrial ?? Seeing it twice was wack.

Also: I live in a rural area with a lot of open fields and good starlight. I was with the same sister in like the seventh grade or something - before drones existed in the public market. We were on an open field practicing soccer when we both noticed a brighter light that seemed to be moving in the night sky. We both noticed it an inquired as to what it could be and decided it was a plane/helicopter. But then it started moving slowly back and forth, up and down, about 3-5+ kilometers away, so we just stood there and watched it - really trying to see if it was moving at all or if we were just imagining its motion bc it was so small. Suddenly, this light rips off into one direction, gets larger, and zips over the hilly horizon at a silent and shocking speed. I dont even think a commercial drone could manage the speed or the silence. We both saw it, and have no idea to this day what it was - except today I would say it was a drone.

No. 659993

I had an auditory experience of a ghost, but still not sure if I somehow imagined it. Was outside a house purported to be haunted at night. I was with other people but the voice I heard was distinct from theirs, still I'm not sure anymore. If it was real it would've been a young girl killed there telling us to basically back off.

overlooking that, I have a feeling that paranormal activity is psychological or wishful thinking. I 100% believe demon possession is psychological, especially growing up religious. I think that intense scruples, obsession, mental illness, abuse and attention-seeking are behind that. the human mind is very powerful in general. so yeah, I don't believe in most stuff I guess, but it's still fun to explore. I am also open to there being exceptions to what I think is the norm.

No. 659995

lol anon you made a whole diagram, bless you. that's pretty creepy though, cements my fear of mirrors.

No. 660004

(repost to fix something)
I'm the same anon wanting to add. I don't think UFOs are real either, like other anon said it's the government. I think theres leaked stuff about that. They mkultra'd people into "being abducted." The pentagon confirming UFOs only confirms that they want us to believe in that narrative, not that it's true.
Something that fucked me up at first was the cattle mutilation cases. Now, especially after hearing descriptions of strange hole impressions on the ground and people seeing helicopters/strange men, I think that is governments as well. Probably researching diseases. That said, this is kind of a conspiracy on its own so I'm putting it here. Also, sexual degenerates and cultists are responsible for some of the animal stuff I bet, but not most.
Lastly I think religious experiences like the sun dancing and such are meteorological. I watched a weather show about it (yes I'm weird) and there were other phenomena like a tube in the sky. >>659971 Could it have been a "morning glory cloud"? probably not but you reminded me.
Anyway I'm not here just to shit on everyone's fun. Something that interests me deeply is the similarity between religious accounts and UFO encounters. The accounts date back in history even to the book of Ezekiel in the bible. That's what I find weirdest. You'll notice that what Ezekiel describes seeing in the sky is a chariot. I find that super weird. Back then, the UFO was a chariot (technology for transportation) and today, our UFOs are advanced military technology? It's an interesting parallel that made me think. Could be the thinking or something else, even weirder?
the similarities between UFO sightings and religious experiences (such as those by a mass of people) are what interested me first. There is obviously stuff going on but how much of it is this or that or if it's the real deal, it's fun to puzzle over.
Most of the UFO sightings I heard about were actually from military or ex-military guys, which I found suspicious. But there was one by a mass of people that was just like Marian apparitions. So it's interesting to hypothesize about

File: 1601575843852.png (149.6 KB, 806x810, 1515517150936.png)

No. 643382[Reply]

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 659915

Do you mean they overspent on key frames or just concept and background art? I didn't watch Kora

No. 659950

Overspent on art, and didn't have the budget to animate it and make all the details move. In the later seasons you can see that they simplified the art and stripped a lot of detail.

No. 659966

has anyone ever done a version of those "redesigning characters" videos where they instead do an awful job on purpose and use it for humor?

No. 659989

i agree, the world needs more handsome greek boys

No. 660026

seal of approval from the OG ancients
gonna pretend "boys" is not literal for them tho

No. 659121[Reply]

From a show or movie, to artwork and books or a random thing you read somewhere, a bad experience with friends or family, a time you got super sick or witnessed something you shouldn't had, interacting with a ghost, riding a scary themed park attraction or eating some food you weren't ready for, what's something that really shocked you as a kid or teenager? Was it super traumatizing at the time or simply thought provoking? Did it ""ruin your childhood"" (as serious or jokey it might be)?

I have many personal examples, like watching a happy tree friends episode for the first time on a flip phone, but recently I thought about video related. The title is "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", this scene still fucks me up to this day. I think this woman is a stay at home housewife, with kids and a "perfect life". It made me realize I might not want kids ever.
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No. 659954

Shit anon, I'm sorry about that. That's so disgusting

No. 659955

Oh man I remember that movie Stir of Echoes it genuinely disturbed me when I was young and saw the part where the two teen boys rape and kill her then leave her in the walls. I decided to watch the movie more recently since I hadn't seen it since I was a kid and never finished it. All I can say is it I enjoy the more or less happy ending.

No. 659981

Piggy-backing off this, I feel like the grudge scene where the grudge drags a woman to hell or who-knows-where under her own bed covers traumatised me as a kid, slept in my sisters bed for months

No. 659990

Ugh glad I'm not the only one who was fucked up by the Grudge, I saw the remake at a sleepover party when I was a kid and it scared me to death, the scene I remember is a jump scare in an attic? and just that croaking noise in general. I like horror movies these days and will watch ones that aren't notoriously scary, but I've never tried to watch the Grudge again. And I won't try the Ring because it seems too similar.

No. 660022

Porn pop-ups made me terrified of malware to this day

File: 1599068058871.jpeg (536.96 KB, 1598x1000, 9FAFA60F-4FD6-4384-9984-FDDB74…)

No. 621465[Reply]

I didn’t see a copy pasta thread, so here it is! Pasta all of your copies here:
>the fresh
>the stale
>the gross
>the milky
>the dairy free
>others’ pasta
>even those in your own pockets
And so much more! If you could add pictures related to them, that would be even better.
Let’s try saving all those huge spergs that have been posted on lolcow by cows and farmers alike!
this is my first thread so no bully pls
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No. 657622

i am Weetzie Bat. i am the Slinkster-Cool, HardCore, Bitch-Goddess of your dreams and you know it. You love me already…too bad for you though, cuz i've got My Secret Agent Lover Man and if you even look at me the wrong way, he'll cut off all your limbs and gouge out your eyes. He's a real sweetie:)

No. 657641

Source plz

No. 657643

random tripod site i found while looking for old internet graphics lmao

No. 659039

Wings are horribly overrated. Theres hardly any meat on them, i swear to god theres more gristle and fat than there is actual meat, and they are expensive as fuck for such little actual meat. They are messy as fuck and get everywhere, cuz they are practically serve them in a soup of sauce. You literally cant even glance at a fucking plate of wings without looking like the B-Dubs buffalo shot a big, greasy malibu barbecue load all over your face. And FOR WHAT? One bite of meat you have to eat in 5 because its so FUCKING INCONVENIENT TO TRY AND GET OFF THE BONE. I mean God fucking forbid you eat regular sized chicken wings/drumsticks that arent literal gnome sized. Ya know, the ones where you dont have to stick your tongue between two little bones trying to wrest it out of that little alcove like an inexperienced scrote trying to eat a pussy. The ONLY food that is worthy of that level of overpriced, ungodly mess of a meat to bone ratio is ribs. This is a hill im not only willing to die on, I expect to be buried on it.

No. 659942

For starters, if you're falling for the shit. The only ones who've stepped up stupidity with you all. A 4chan ripoff, doesn't scare me. Put your info in, but don't be running your mouth as trolls, its just feeding into this. If you all are good trolls at all, its pretty obvious, I really don't see how else it can be obvious. Step shit up. You guys could get your info way better. If I was a boring troll no one cared about, these spergs wouldn't lose their shit like they do. Also, no. I never did anything for Madame to notice me, I provided the evidence, and the logical facts about it. I also don't recall claiming myself to be an anime villain? Some of the craziest delusions. If you're gonna talk shit, at least, have some truth to it.

File: 1602534326969.jpg (19.32 KB, 313x320, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

No. 653758[Reply]

Lay bare your sins.

Previous confessions:
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No. 659664

File: 1603140019660.jpg (177.42 KB, 830x1024, 10.jpg)

I had to take 2 busses home from the other side of the city with dried cum on my hair last summer. I was so hungry I stopped at a burger restaurant, and ran into someone I went to school with and he recognized me.

No. 659764

don't fuck men who can't even get you dinner or a ride. love yourself

No. 659765

I'm an awkward piece of shit and drop food in my long hair without noticing all the time. You could have eaten a cinnamon roll and dropped the glaze in your hair, he wouldn't have known any different

No. 659866

I doubt a 18 year old broke university student would have given me 70€ for cab, considering he bought all my drinks and paid for the cab the night before (which was around 120€) the night before. Taking the bus is very common here anyway, most people do it.

No. 659936

I hate the idea of people liking my favorite music artists. And I hate that I hate that. I'm so annoying.

File: 1602804696631.jpg (16.45 KB, 182x153, download.jpg)

No. 656803[Reply]

Previous thread:

Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 659872

The only ones I own are ugly and skin coloured for wearing under certain clothes, like white pants. I definitely need them on occasion but not to look good, that's for sure.

No. 659901

at that point is like they might as well ask to see the whole ass though? makes more sense

No. 659910

I refuse to conform to a world where visible panty line is shameful for women, god forbid we have underwear on. I wear my panty line with as much consideration a man would wear his spare tyre stomach

No. 659912

If you're confident enough for it you do you but there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your underwear private, it's not 'shameful' but it is an opportunity for pervs to see more than I'd like them to. I don't care about like, the very edge of my underwear being visible but some clothes are sheer enough that you can see the whole garment.

No. 659918

I don't disagree with you as nobody sane would want to attract perverts, but I think those of us who live in safe enough places where we can care less about this stuff without being at risk should make it normalised

File: 1570954354972.jpg (96.68 KB, 464x648, e21jv17ool511.jpg)

No. 472051[Reply]

A Thread for former NEETs who escaped the NEET lifestyle and are tying to stay out and current NEETs who wish who want to get out of NEETdom
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No. 659890

He's going to show you the ropes in his murderape van, you fucking toddler

No. 659891

Why would you post this here

No. 659892

Congrats anon!!!

No. 659895

Anon please don't do this. The people who use fetlife are really fucked up and you could be putting yourself in harm's way.

No. 659905


Just use a dating site you loon, imagine being a virgin and jumping straight to a fetish site.
>dating site: socially retarded porn addicted scrotes
>fetish site: manipulative sociopathic porn addicted scrotes

Choose your poison.

File: 1597382675950.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1560407995479.png)

No. 604193[Reply]

prev thread hit cap

ask your questions faggots
1095 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 659874

sorry for being so basic sanic but WILL MY BF AND I GET MARRIED I'm so in love

No. 659875

File: 1603154204783.jpg (69.74 KB, 510x347, cuddling.jpg)


No. 659881

I will not accept this

No. 659885

Did he read the poem?

No. 659928

Should I email

File: 1431622924979.jpg (134.61 KB, 682x1024, Dscn0681_zps13ecc47b.jpg)

No. 5675[Reply]

To stop derailing PT's thread and probably some other threads.

Stuff that should go here:
Are ageplayers pedos?
Are nymphet bloggers pedos?
Is shota and loli cp?
Your theories about pedos.
32 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 96261

This raises the question, would pedophilia be classified as a sexual orientation, a fetish or a mental disorder?

No. 96265

What is wrong what I'm saying? I'm not saying gay people are bad…

Not everyone agrees with me but some sources do. Why did people in medieval times have sex with kids? Because they watched porn?
Why is it retarded? Are you saying someone like Leonardo diCaprio is not an ephebophile? Or Demi Moore? Old people dont want something young and fresh? What about young girls dating older guys? Or the other way round? And shouldn't pedophiles just feed their desire in a healthy way so children wont get molested even if it was a fetish? I have the feeling all of you just want me to say
>no kill all pedophiles
>pedophiles weren't born that way blame porn!!!11
Porn didn't always exist though, I think they just were born this way. And if we don't understand them more kids will just be molested.

No. 96266

Same anon as above, it's a psychiatric disorder. Just like homosexuality used to be one.

No. 96267

There was a show on 4od about this. Pedophilia was seen as sexual orientation in that the men shown had no choice, they were unfortunately born that way. However it showed that they had a choice not to act on it, and therefore become criminals.

It was called "The paedophile next door" the blurb "This brave and thought-provoking documentary sets out to discover why legislation to protect children from sexual abuse has failed, and explores radical and controversial alternatives"

No. 659880

Stop replying to 4 year old posts retard.

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