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File: 1700494067329.jpg (142.67 KB, 957x720, Tumblr_l_82687469326778.jpg)

No. 1779837[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

>How is this thread different from the dumbass shit thread?

The dumbass thread is for coherent dumbass thoughts, while this one is for yelling, shitting, and pissing into the void

Previous thread >>>/ot/1616622
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No. 1801419

Im going to fuck his daughter too.

No. 1801422

Do after while clocked in. There aint no way I am using the bathroom on my unpaid break.

No. 1801454

File: 1701886561907.jpeg (144.72 KB, 1242x1083, IMG_1897.jpeg)

No. 1801457

i love the idea of this young shizo level conspiracy theorist who gives herself an absolutely salon perfect gorgeous blowout every single morning before plopping a tin foil hat on it and then tapping away on lolcow all day

No. 1801464


File: 1700752236068.jpeg (314.44 KB, 1242x2452, IMG_2134.jpeg)

No. 1785215[Reply]

Confess, my child.

Previous thread:
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No. 1801274

i once lied about virtually every aspect of my identity to a group of internet friends that i had developed a close bond with and proceeded to abandon them once i could no longer tolerate the guilt of my mendacity. why i did this, i have no clue

No. 1801299

File: 1701877039418.jpg (70.69 KB, 1200x857, eating-sweets.jpg)

I'm addicted to buying sugary stuff just to chew and spit it out. It is a genuine addiction. I have passive income and I keep wasting that money on cookies, pastries, chocolate, etc. and then spend HOURS binging on all of it except I spit everything in trash bags because I don't actually want to consume all that unhealthy food. It's so gross and embarrassing and also terrible for my teeth but I can't stop it, I started doing this about four months ago and I've tried to quit several times but I always end up doing it again.

No. 1801310

You're still consuming those sweet things, just not as much as you would if you swallowed the food.

No. 1801323

I was hesitant to post my confession but I saw yours, thank you. You're not alone. Every night, rice or noodles by the kilo in a sitting and it's nothing to me. You get so desensitized to it. It's horrific. I've learned to supress my sense of shame.
This is not the cure-all deterrent people think it is. I'm maintaining my weight and that doesn't matter because I'm pissing away my money and my teeth are going brown.

No. 1801447

Yes I can't get rid of 100% of the food residue in my mouth, but you know what I meant. The amount of food accidentally ingested must be negligible enough since I haven't been gaining weight.
I'm sorry you're also struggling with this, I hope we can be free someday nonna. Such an ugly, wasteful habit.

File: 1682464996011.jpeg (62.52 KB, 576x512, img-TIkglRDkVEkQaUxLaYEU9.jpeg)

No. 1559641[Reply]

Post things or pictures of things that make you laugh.
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No. 1801216

Oh ew I didn’t even realize, I feel gross now, the joke is no longer funny.

No. 1801218

>the butt chin matches the butt nose

No. 1801247

No. 1801256

The moment I heard this girl say in on of her shorts that JK Rowling "likes to harass transgender lassies" I almos gagged.

No. 1801534

ugh, why are these anti JK people so uninformed. JKR never did that shit. ever

File: 1686733700923.png (2.93 KB, 386x290, tumblr_inline_nc4ln3rgeL1swhzc…)

No. 1606262[Reply]

Keep on posting all the dumb shit you see on Tumblr.

Previous thread >>>/ot/1419137
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No. 1800892

tumblr's amazing accessibility features mean even people with iqs close to single digits can run a blog

No. 1800895

whoever submitted this is really telling on herself
>not being "stuck up" and "useless" means you're not a woman
..and skirts in a suit fashion, something incredibly common that tons of women wear especially decades ago

No. 1800898

I think this kind of shit goes past low IQ and into the realm of ratfuck crazy.

No. 1800903

My pronouns are queen/majesty pls respect them

No. 1800906

Samefag but also note the "other afabs of THEIR time" kekkk. Also, I googled it and apparently
>Queen Victoria considered that the title 'Duke' was the proper title for the holder of a Dukedom whether man or woman, that of Duchess being a courtesy title for the consort of a Duke. Throughout Her reign, Queen Elizabeth was also sometimes referred to as the Duke of Lancaster.
So Elizabeth only went by that title cause it was tradition and "duke of lancaster" is just a title given to whoever is the monarch. Unless that person believes Victoria was also nonbinary.

File: 1684518693513.jpg (75.82 KB, 611x440, 1585047954085.jpg)

No. 1581752[Reply]

Another round of asking anons questions and having them reply to it.

>What's your favorite fruit?
The anon below will reply with
>Who was your rolemodel growing up?
>Ayuzawa Misaki

Have fun.

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No. 1800981

From Europe, my mom used to do that, but I've never heard of anyone else who does that, and tbh she's always had problems with boundaries.

No. 1801005


Asian in SEA here, its completely normal for my family at least. I'm well into my 20s and I still kiss my parents, but on the cheek now. I dont think I ever stopped. Right before I go to work I give em one!

Its very normal for us tbh, its kind of in our culture.

No. 1801013

Same here. Hate admitting I'm a Southerner who gets kissed on the lips by her family though…

No. 1801203

What are some nice tumblr blogs you would recommend following? It could be about anything except for political stuff, I've only ever used it to look at specific blogs before, but I am interested to find something new. Mostly getting bunch of generic pictures that I've seen hundred times before in my feed.

No. 1801269

yuro and it's not normal here. you kiss adults and kids in the cheek

File: 1693471060032.jpg (257.14 KB, 1057x790, g04x72uh5mg.jpg)

No. 1683306[Reply]

Post random things you ate and why. A picture of the thing you ate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here.
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No. 1800570

That looks so good

No. 1800572

unseasoned comment.

No. 1800574

girl you are missing out, satay is amazing

No. 1801081

>an orange "Kompott" (which was just orange supremes with an orange reduction sauce)
Genuine question, isn't that what kompot is? I think food can be simple while still using correct terms. Of course in some cases it's misleading if the dish is defined by a specific technique and they omit doing that. The tiramisu seems like a stretch.

No. 1801085

got my favorite chinese bbq pork on rice but lost my sense of smell and taste its all so bland. so bummed about this

File: 1616972379618.jpg (100.76 KB, 728x545, kuh-fluchtet-in-die-kirche.jpg)

No. 771638[Reply]

The purpose of this thread is to build a network of faith by praying as a community. By requesting prayer, others farmers have committed to pray with you, and God has already heard your prayer.
Please keep commentary minimal and constructive.
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No. 1792267

>good thoughts or kind energy
r u lost(pointless infighting)

No. 1792550

Please kami-sama make him real I'm in love with him please PLEASE

No. 1801020

Please just give them amnesia

No. 1801024

my only desire is to just feel safe. I pray for all of your safety and i hope that nobody ever bothers any of you

No. 1801037

I just want things to work between us and to find a new job. I'm trying so hard and I keep all my feelings of inadequacy inside.

File: 1698850388043.jpg (19.47 KB, 540x360, 360_F_460972112_DLymoVcD7TjRiu…)

No. 1747132[Reply]

Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.
>Don't forget to copy paste the OP onto the new thread.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1650373
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No. 1800422

what happened to you

No. 1800627

It's too little too late for second chances, but good luck in life anyways.

No. 1800725

I had a nightmare about what you've done and I hope you know that I and others are silently hoping you get gored in a crash or silently go in your sleep or something. You're a horrible person. I will always wish the absolute worst for you.

No. 1800888

I've wanted to make an art youtube channel since I was 19. Now I'm 30, fat, and aging like a mofo. I feel like it's too late, and even though deep down I know it's not I have too much self hatred to do anything about it.

No. 1800928

I hate having moid interests and hobbies so much. Where are my aviation ladies at!

File: 1503357927621.jpg (90.13 KB, 700x525, Holy-Grafitti--700x525.jpg)

No. 202815[Reply]

Halloween is coming up in a few months for all the horror and paranormal lovers out there, while there is a autumn thread for the pumpkin,cinnamon, apple cider, type, this is a spooky thread, here to discuss

>favorite horror films and books

>creepy roads/houses/place around where you live or where you use to live
>paranormal experiences or other spooky stories
>paranormal/haunted videos
>creepy but cozy aesthetic pictures
>halloween party recipes and ideas
>creepy pictures you have taken
>anything spooky

no gore please
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No. 1742802

i can't, youtube just gave me the "i'll count to three, and if you don't turn off your adblocker i'm going to never talk to you again" bpd shpiel so i am boycotting

No. 1743116

damn, that's so cool!

No. 1800832

i truly think humans have precognition abilities they can tap into and i think it does stem from some evolutionary process.
i swear when i was a kid i used to be able to know when/what certain things were going to happen. not like super far in the future but like the next day or a week away, and then as i got older i lost that ability

No. 1800860

I like the creepy unsolved mysteries thread on KF. It has a lot of goosebumps-raising things, though a lot of them are just sad missing children. Too bad there's only a few posts a month.

No. 1801163

I think its something to be careful with supporting, a lot of grifters and narcs claim they have that and are "tapped in" when they're actually just obsessive liars. I would agree that it's just a natural part of childhood but all the adults ive seen who claim to have it are absolutely full of shit and they all have an infatuation with pattern-seeking and making vague predictions (and a lot of them) hoping some will stick and they'll seem ~esoteric~. When I was a kid, I would sometimes have hyperspecific dreams that randomly came true, nothing huge but little eerie things. I do think it is more common than people realize. I've only had it a couple times in adulthood, but I think they could be explained as coincidence. I do think a lot of people try really hard to artificially create connections because they want to be seen as in-tune, but I dont think adults are capable of having that kind of ability.

File: 1700870039400.jpg (433.44 KB, 720x1079, asstarion.jpg)

No. 1787199[Reply]

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1744398
1203 posts and 139 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1800724

>"making people uncomfortable" is not something callout-worthy
She's pretty clearly not even doing that, if they were truly uncomfortable with her they wouldn't feel comfortable with sending verbal abuse on literally everything she posts.
It just comes down to gaydens having typical mean girl female socialization, which means any girl who enjoys something for herself without wanting male approval for it needs to be socially shamed non stop.
>These people believe that "sex work is real work" so they don't see an issue with it.
Well of course, men like porn after all uwu.

No. 1800728

No. 1800729

delete it and change the title

No. 1800732

the title doesnt matter

No. 1800734

We already agreed to change it to "Online Fandom Drama" upthread

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