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File: 1535667469495.png (721.58 KB, 927x617, cirno-gold-card.png)

No. 288014[Reply]

post any weird, rare, or cool merch you want. bootlegs are permitted and links are appreciated.
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No. 423738

File: 1560976494039.jpg (71.43 KB, 910x577, bayoshirt.JPG)


I saw a few people owning it, which were mostly cosplayers who do Bayonetta themed cosplays, so they got it as a gift from Platinum Games.

No. 423782

AYRT, you're a lifesaver! I didn't even know preorders were going live again. I just put my Yumeko order in.

No. 424870

File: 1561213431536.jpg (42.66 KB, 600x800, motorolla_rei_by_fifthstitch_d…)

No. 424878

anon, it was part of the collectors edition. the OP is asking where to get it second hand.

No. 424897

File: 1561218673133.jpg (268.78 KB, 1600x1212, s-l1600.jpg)

Hnnng I love Sanrio crossover merch. They're doing Sanrio x BNHA soon and I'm going to blow all my money on it.

File: 1560991814610.jpg (78.3 KB, 674x506, Arthur-Schopenhauer.jpg)

No. 423809[Reply]

What philosophers are farmers into? how do you all see the world? I used to be really into philosophy but my attention span has been pretty bad recently, so I'm mostly just skimming over the ones I've already read.

>>Meme philosophers

is pretty bad outside of the three meditations he's most famous for. The latter meditations are absolute christian sophistry and go against the skepticism he's most famous for
>Edgy French fagits
Camus and Sartre come across to me as pretentious whiners, a lot of their writing is long winded, self serving and bloated. The obfuscation and sophistry I picked up reading the myth of Sisyphus pretty much stopped me from continuing. I also dislike how they basically play up the whole bohemian philosopher thing in their personal lives, it comes across as insincere posing, most people grow out of that shit in their teens and early twenties.
Not a meme philosopher, I'm just too stupid to understand the critique of pure reason. But all the philosophers I like praise him highly, and he's considered to be essential, so like, I dunno.

>>Gud philosophers

>EPIK-TEETUS and Marcus Aurelius
Good for practical solutions and simply written. A few assumptions must be made (God exists, the universe is logical, etc). But reading these guys puts my life into perspective and helps me through my day
>Hume and the other British empiricists
Well structured, well written and easy to understand. They're enjoyable reads. Hume especially stands out as the strongest of the empiricists.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 424855

I'm really interested in philosophy but I just don't know where to start with really reading deeply into all the different aspects. I've watched videos and read a few articles mostly but that's just surface level stuff. Does anyone recommend good texts/books/figures to start off with?

No. 424861

Plato. Plato is really old (so it makes sense to start chronologically in a way) and he's really easy to read.

No. 424865


1. The Apology
2. Euthyphro
3. Protagoras
4. The Republic

If you enjoyed all of those, philosophy is definitely something for you. The Republic can be a bit boring or strange in the middle though.

No. 425128

I'm that anon. Anything else. Lmfao

No. 425575

>the skepticism he's most famous for
He was never a skeptic though? The only reason why he initally adapted the skeptic mindset was to refute it. I don't know if I'm missing something here because no one else has mentioned it but that seems like a common misconception to me

File: 1555257520018.png (263.52 KB, 720x480, handmaid.png)

No. 398608[Reply]

As the title implies, post examples, stories, and rants about handmaidens (girls with internalized misogyny issues who go to sad lengths to cater to shitty men and defend their awful treatment of women). NLOGS, declared anti-feminists, female rape apologists, the list goes on.

-transadvocates stay in the GC thread
-don't post girls simply because you disagree on certain debates within feminism such as sex work for example (unless their reasoning is absolutely ridiculous, for example refusing to acknowledge prostitution harms many women and insisting it's always super empowering)
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No. 423529

NTA and I don't know about gigolos specifically but male hosts in Japan are basically the same thing and are definitely common over there. And it does involve a tonne of sucking up to their clients (mostly women who work in the sex industry), there's a documentary called the Great Happiness Space if you're interested.

No. 423585

About gigolos
They exist just as much as any sex worker do

Just look in the same places where sex workers usually advertise

Web girls are super insecure and tend to try to overcompensate to get attention, most of not some have daddy issues and usually infantilise themselves to be UWU

No. 423604

I know about hosts in Japan, but actual Western gigolos for women seem like a bit of a myth. I don't want to buy one, I just wanna know if they are a big thing because I kind of doubt it.

>Just look in the same places where sex workers usually advertise

Yes anon, I should just go look at illegal prostitution adverts like all normal people do, all normal people know where to find those amirite

No. 423745

You're giving these guys a lot of credit to think they've read the novel or watched the movie.
Most of them have probably only seen the business card scene or the hip to be square scene.

He's more for edgy trench coat wearing "intellectuals" who were bullied in school and still write out their revenge fantasies years later. They have black and white morality that's never been tested because they don't leave the house.

No. 424846

This is a mix of unintentional handmaidenism and real handmaidens
>A women mentions their preferences or someone asks 'women what do you find sexy'
>Only the women with low standards/handmaidens get upvoted ("OMG I love anal", "unpopular opinion, but neckbeards are cute ya'll" , "Giving blow jobs is better than PIV", "Big dicks hurt, I love tiny one they're so cute!") because reddit is a male dominated space.
>Neckbeards look at the biased results and assume this is how dating should be.
>"What do you mean you don't like anal honey all women do"
>"I don't need her thousands of women on reddit who'll accept me"

I mean porn and bad 'nerd gets the girl' movies also do this, but those reddit posts have the advantage of it not being 'fictional'. It's also because of reddit's reply function you can see this playout in real time .

File: 1477160026879.jpg (1.03 MB, 2400x3000, 1476718302025.jpg)

No. 113320[Reply]

Why is lesbianism more socially acceptable than male homosexuality?

It seems like women are far more likely to call themselves bi and date/sleep with women than men, even though men probably fantasize about the same sex just as much as women.

I just feel bad for men in this regard tbh
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No. 117461

"I don't get off from it as much as other ways of pleasure therefore nobody should do it because everyone's body is just like mine"
Double kek, you are on a roll anon

No. 424618

"2 girls mean my dick could be the first."

That and the militant turbo dykes that need to make it clear to anyone in a 6 block radius that she's gay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 424661

Its not, its just more fetishised.

No. 424703

it's not necessarily more accepted. people don't want to hear about real, loving lesbian relationships. it's just sexualized, and anything sexualized by men is "socially acceptable".

No. 424745

Exactly. It’s far from accepted, it’s just a prevalent porn category. In 2019 youth culture basically worships gay men. Homophobes at least aren’t actively trying to rape gay men.

File: 1555421165792.jpg (51.88 KB, 562x750, 1553959776727.jpg)

No. 399293[Reply]

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No. 424688

English digimon opening > Japanese digimon opening

No. 424719

Bless you anon, you are right.
Butterfly is too generic. I've actually heard it being played in a Japanese supermarket and it didn't phase me it was the Digimon theme until the chorus hit.

Also the English Yu-Gi-Oh! opening is the best thing of all time.

No. 424722

It's French.

No. 424724

What do you do for moisture? Isn't that dry?

No. 424729

You guys know this is the old thread, right?

File: 1453839210513.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, image.png)

No. 73039[Reply]

>PULL 1.0 was deleted
>PULL 2.0 was made but also deleted within a week
>PULL 3.0 (current version) is its own website so it won't be deleted
>all the oldfags from 1.0 jumped ship and disappeared when 1.0 was deleted
>3.0 now populated by 12 year old edgelords
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No. 423458

Oh I'm not arguing that the thread shouldn't exist. I agree that that shit is extra annoying and warrants mocking. It's just wild to me hearing people in this thread get outraged about about stuff I see here pretty regularly.

No. 423508

I can only speak for myself but i don’t like alogging and nitpicking when it’s done here either, but I don’t bother speaking up, it’s not worth it to derail a thread and get banned for infighting, the mods here are actually competent, I rarely see mods at PULL police threads.

No. 423804

PULL mods themselves too busy making posts for those sweet upvotes. Merit system on gossip platforms is actual cancer. It encourages one-upping attention seeking autists like Pull and Kiwi. Lc-tan best board!

No. 424655

Where is the lolcow thread? You know, like this thread for PULL but for lolcow.

No. 424681

There's one on KF. It's mostly dudes making fun of femcels and radfems tho.

File: 1560955454699.jpeg (530.96 KB, 1920x2531, C1EAA3C3-C880-4404-9400-719731…)

No. 423610[Reply]

Do you have an annoying granola aunt/coworker/friend that screeches at the sight of anything that could touch her precious crotch goblins?

Do you cringe when you hear big pharma/bleach for autism/“essential oils”?

Annoying MLM people in your life?

Girl in high school that got pregnant and now is insane?

This is your thread
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No. 424516

big pharmas more of a marijuana thing innit. not cringey cuz its kinda true and is a capitlist scheme in terms of bs pills

No. 424535

why do they have such shit taste in designs?? does being a boomer make you colorblind or something?

No. 424553

All Karens are narcissists

No. 424591

omg one of my friends wife is an obsessive mommy blogger and is doing this pyramid scheme thing, but she’s otherwise a nice person. it’s just all day long on facebook….posts about what the toddler said or is currently doing, hundreds of pictures of the kid each with long winded paragraphs about how motherhood is the meaning of life and theres nothing harder or better than being a parent, the kid is the most special ray of sunshine ever, oh and buy some essential oils and hair vitamins. she’ll post a video of the kid literally just sitting there fumbling around, and then write something about how shes so smart and brave or whatever. I have lots of mom friends but none of them have gone full retard like this.

No. 424671

in one way it's shit that legalisation = a licence for capitlism to print more money

but legalisation is the only sane way and the fact that it will make a ton of "legit" coin for capitalists is probably the reason we'll get it. so it has to be done. personally am hoping for a movement in favour of a "fair trade" model being popularised

File: 1505399200913.gif (463.91 KB, 499x350, scary5.gif)

No. 204455[Reply]

ITT we discuss our times having unhealthy obsessions with people. It can be any kind of obsession; romantic, hateful, wanting to wear their skin, etc.

I have an extreme tendency to cyber stalk girls I strongly dislike. The first girl I did this with was my ex best friend as a teenager. I actually found her tumblr recently and she had a few posts that seemed to be referencing me, even though it had been many years since I last contacted her.

There's been a few other girls I watch a lot online. Usually when one enters my interest, they stay there for a really long time until they start to bore me. I stalked the previously mentioned girl for 11 years and there's one who I have been for 7. Everyone else is much more recent, though.

I also stalk a few social media "influencers". It always starts out with me liking them too much and concocting this bizarre narrative of how we would be friends, but then as time goes by I start to dislike them quite a bit. I compete with them, at least in my head. With a couple of them, it's gotten so extreme that I'll have brief delusional episodes where I forget I'm not actually in their social sphere and they have no idea I even exist.
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No. 424404

My Dasha tinfoil has always been that she had that love/hate/emulate type of obsessive infatuation with Mina and did everything she did to get her to date her through Cyr.

No. 424472

it's starting again. i haven't talked to this girl for very long, but i talked to her on the phone recently and she is so.my.type. she uses a lot of emojis and is generally girly when she types, but when she talks her voice is deep and manly. the way she lives goes against my ideology but i'm considering just going along with it because i want to make her happy. how do you stop this kind of thing when it starts? i feel like the only thing would be if she flat out rejected me, but she's been consistently nice and it just makes everything worse for me. actually i think it would be fine if she was mean to me as long as i could be around her.

No. 424513

this is called something else, anon, horniness.

No. 424527

maybe it needs a bit of context but i had an online friend whom i used to play games with for months. he had a wife and kid but still made time to play with me. despite that we used to be very close. i would look forward to when he'd reply and if it weren't in a few hours i'd get so uncomfortable. i was so happy the first time he said goodnight to me. i hated his friends in our group and would refuse to talk to them. i would cry everyday once he went to play another game. i just needed him to focus on me. but that's over. hopefully a woman will probably be nicer to me.

No. 424714

This shit gonna be long ok. I was introduced to this girl, C by a good friend who used to be in the same group of friends. We went to the same shows, had similar interests and my friend was just like, let’s all hangout before this show. I had just followed C on instagram and elsewhere and thought she was very pretty, and when I saw her irl…she wasn’t ugly by any means but holy fuck had she meitu’d her nose and skintone. I was really taken aback by it, I didn’t recognise her at first but thought that maybe she was insecure or some shit, we were about 18-20, she’s a bit younger than I am.
We get along well and after a year or so of hanging and visiting, helping her with makeup and hair, kinda like sisters, my other close friend saw a ig post of hers. She had started to claim whatever I had borrowed to her, was hers. Giving out tips on how to dye hair, when irl I had done it for her and not in the ways she described. My friend told me C looked so much like me that he had almost left a comment for me. I was weirded out but just tried thinking it’s the usual “friends picking up each others mannerisms” or shit like that.
WELL, I started noticing how she never pitched in when she was visiting me for weeks on end, never actually held up a conversation unless it was about fandom shit or shitting on her former friends, so I asked the friend who introduced us about it. Apparently she was over her and was waiting for me to be done with her too, we trash talked. It ended up weird, first friend not really wanting to hang with us unless she had to, she was civil about it but C really had no idea. She was so self centered. If I mentioned a tattoo, a hair or any idea about my looks, she’d steal it and do it the next day. She’d bodyshame everyone, including myself which I find odd these days, why copy me if I was so ugly?
After a year or so, C’s friends have started the process of ditching her for being shitty, she started vague posting after every time I or anyone else would tell her no to something. “whore this whore that”, it was actually disturbing to see her throw tantrums like that. If you asked her about it, she’d delete the posts, pretending they were never there.
A few years ago, we just casually started drifting apart, and by gradual I mean I did my fucking best in order to get the fuck away. She then did a weird style change where she started copying the friend who introed us??? Our looks could not be more different so it was weird. I mean,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1556444510564.png (597.04 KB, 625x501, 1551997892034.png)

No. 403730[Reply]

Hey anons, what were your first experiences/feelings when you lived by yourself for the first time? Especially if you came from a rough and/or controlling home.
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No. 406786

Anon your post isn't dumb. It sounds like you've made a lot of progress and I'm glad you are still trying even when it's hard.

No. 406881

First evening I cried like a baby but the next day my periods started, so…

But really I was worried that my mom would end up killing herself if I wasn't helping her but slowly I started setting boundaries and the most important part of it was the actual distance between us.

Basically I just saw that I could handle money and take care of myself. I felt empowered. Living by yourself can get lonely but if you're starting at a new school etc., it'll pass.

Sometimes you let abusive people in your life without realizing and you have to not to be afraid to cut them off or distance them, even if they start drama.

Best wishes to you OP! Life does get better after getting out of an abusive home.

No. 407577

Moving out and living alone was the most amazing "adult" thing I will ever do.
My relationship with my parents honestly blossomed, simply because I had a space that belonged to no one else but me.
I always knew I could easily take care of myself but I never put that into full force simply because it was easy being self deprecating and knowing your mom will clean up after you if you just wait long enough which can be a risky game to play for your own health. However turns out the moment i moved out, I absolutely couldnt fucking handle messes that lasted for more than a day! I can now thrift shop for anything i want because i have space and my apartment is decked in vintage gold lamps and lots of neat furniture that cost me less than most people spend on a single trip to ikea. I found out how money savvy I was, bills went from being confusing(repetative yet dates changed etcetc) to running rotations on an internal clock in my head because it will become instinctive to you, honestly I can go on!
Loneliness isnt even an issue once you realise that its most likely because you just havent gotten enough interaction recently (if u have and ur still lonely, might need to seek help for codependency issues) but yeah overall I really fucking love it.
When you live alone its also easier to live more sustainably since theres not a person around you who isnt really into the whole "minimizing pre-packaged products"
So now I dont feel awkward boiling sugarwax or making chocolate spread by grinding hazelnuts etc
(By the by, im not one who loves to spend hours doing chores/cooking I promise you that you learn to cut down time once youve adjusted to your space/schedule. I might love doing everything by hand but i also wanna dedicate majority of my time to other things lol)
Goodluck fellow home alone anons.

No. 422161

Honestly, at first I didn't even notice I was alone. I guess because I was a latchkey kid since second grade and years later mom moved away for work when my sister was 17 and I was 15 and would only come home on weekends. Dad died when I was a kid. When I was finally alone I was working, walking my dog, keeping up with my friends, busy all day and slept like a baby at night because of it. Then the first thunderstorm happened. I cried once I realized I was alone. Got out of my room wanting to pretend to make a small talk with mom or sister, as I always did, not wanting to admit thunders scared me… just to realize I was actually all alone.

No. 424288

I began living alone at 18 after being homeless for nearly a year after leaving my (mentally and physically) abusive family home (too old for foster care, too young for most shelters/hostels). I skipped between friends, sympathetic family (some wouldn't talk to me because I'd accused my parent of abuse), floors, sofas, hospitals. I guess I didn't realise how much it had fucked me up until I was suddenly on my own in this little apartment with no one, just my own thoughts. I didn't manage very well at all the first year, being on my own was hard - not like, managing bills or the household for the first time, but trying to deal with the mental stuff. I was hospitalized a few times for short periods, and eventually a social worker realised that being somewhere so isolated was really affecting me so helped me move to somewhere near a station so I wasn't just stuck indoors with my thoughts most of the time.

That was 10 years ago - I'm about to move from living with friends to my own place now (friends getting married). I have anxieties that my mental health will get worse on my own but I guess I also have 10 years of coping mechanisms and growth on top this time .

File: 1560407995479.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, totemtiem.png)

No. 421286[Reply]

alright faggots it's time to ask the totem
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No. 424287

Will Henry ever escape and find happiness?

No. 424302

should i keep going?

No. 424329

should i stay with my emotionally negligent bf

No. 424530

o great one, when will the anons in the dumbass shit thread stop arguing about a witch picture

No. 424620

Is my boyfriend using me for money?

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