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File: 1443626815245.jpeg (13.76 KB, 306x165, download.jpeg)

No. 40826[Reply]


Let's share our scores

Higher is more pure, lower is less pure

I scored 50, which is about average, I guess. I'm not really that sexually adventurous
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No. 201359

Age 23
Score 51

I guess I'm in between.

No. 201537

Age: 27
Score: 45

Nothing with crime or drugs

No. 201815

age; 26
score; 10

In my defense I do identify as asexual as a result of my experimentation and I live a very different, modest lifestyle now…

No. 201821

22 going on 23 this November, sadly I scored a 90 :(

No. 202091

Age: 26
Score: 23

I consider myself average.

File: 1494188400445.png (613.67 KB, 1001x652, chinese bitch fashion.png)

No. 189595[Reply]

What's the basic bitch fashion in your country?

Pic related is the basic chinese bitch
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No. 201688

It's what teenage/twentysomething unemployed girls in fucking Glenrothes wish they could have.

No. 201999

File: 1502823182557.jpg (107.84 KB, 654x788, wfsff_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 202000

File: 1502823546012.jpg (24.84 KB, 570x570, 43aad34ec3622351f50cb1468b1845…)

original home goods anon here.
how the fuck did i forget the tacky pineapple decor? also the "his/hers" stuff is making me cringe so bad. it always reminds me of over controlling female partners that force their interests on their partners.

No. 202002

>also the "his/hers" stuff is making me cringe so bad. it always reminds me of over controlling female partners that force their interests on their partners.
I always thought it was for hygiene reasons? I know my bf can't seem to remember which towel is his and often uses my face towel to wipe his sweaty bollocks, I've had to embroider my initials on each and every one and this seems like an easier solution.

No. 202041

monogramming your butt towels is a few steps away from printing "his" and "hers" on a key rack and other random shit. you're good anon.

File: 1501880922213.jpg (16.66 KB, 490x349, 9af8e616a62d5178a842e211f4c479…)

No. 200890[Reply]

I can't find any examples of this other than from Korea.

I'm in my early 20's and throughout my whole life I've been butchered by people who I thought were my friends, family and peers over my appearance. I remembered crying as a middle schooler hearing my uncle ask my mom why I was so hideous and what happened, she laughed and agreed, this was one of many instances. Though things changed for me now and my features developed as I matured, I can't help but want to undergo copious amounts of cosmetic surgery to fix what I see are "deformities".

In hs I did everything I could to look better; Tanning, haircuts/perms/dye, mole removal, spa facials, piercings, working out, makeup/contacts, new clothes, etc, I did everything to look and to feel better. My self esteem didn't get any worse until I was diagnosed with Graves disease at the age of 16. I felt truly ugly and destroyed. A few years later I ended up having thyroid removal but my eyes have never been the same since. I fucking hate how my eyes look now, I got bullied for my eyes and it further perpetuated my looming self hate. I went to see therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, they don't help. The 4-5 I've been to all just tell me I'm not ugly. I was put on a waiting list for another therapist by my family dr, I was turned away because I'm not suicidal enough.

I just decided fuck it. I want to end my misery and just finally look the way I want to. I want to get surgery to fix what GD done to my eyes, rhinoplasty, genioplasty, eyebag removal, lip injections, implants, and get my eye color changed.
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No. 201151

If plastic surgery makes YOU happy then go for it, I could care less as long as you aren't harming other people. But first, make sure you really want it and won't regret it. Go to a good surgeon so you don't end up getting a botched surgery.

No. 201154

Oh get fucked. Sure not every instance, but generally kids look like their parents. Ugly parents- ugly kids, beautiful parents-beautiful kids. Of course not literally 100% of the time. But usually.

No. 201175

Lol no. Kids inherit individual features, not entire faces. There's very few people whose every single facial feature is deformed and/or exaggerated, it's the combination of different features that makes a person ugly, pretty or plain.
Furthermore, a facial deformity caused by a thyroid disease is not hereditary, it's like saying your kid will be born with one leg missing if you're a cripple. Most people who undergo plastic surgery aren't bimbos and starlets and have very real deformities they'd like to fix, many of which were caused by some accident or another, so chimping out about muh ugly babies is just pointless and makes you look deranged.
Ultimately, ugly people can get surgery to look better and don't have to answer to you for anything, but there's no surgery that can fix an angry retard on the internet.

No. 201238

>plastic surgery
If you want a completely different face it's probably cheaper to get into extreme body modification.

No. 202029

why dont you start of with colored lenses?

regarding the pizza face… has that to do with acne and skin scars? lasers do wonder. I think you would go best with some simple minor procedures like skin, microblading for eyebrows and so on.

>he only reason you think XYZ colour looks bad on you is because

kek at that. Most of the time especially in summer when they lighten up even more I look like I have no eyebrows since I was blonde as a child and the hair on my eyebrows are nearly seethrough. so thats flattering? kek

File: 1502631921144.jpg (222.42 KB, 833x575, rhinoplasty_1686452510b.jpg)

No. 201813[Reply]

Anyone got their nose done? Gonna be getting one soon and I'm hoping I can get some tips or advice. I have a relatively petite nose with no humps or anything, it some how got crooked to the left side over the years and now my breathing and smell is fucked.

How was healing? Do they wake you up immediately? How painful was it? Has your ability to smell changed? How does it look now?
18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 201950

Thanks for sharing, once the surgery as done did they wake you up right away or did they wait an hr before waking you up?

No. 201951


No. 201956

button noses are a dime a dozen and looking at them on every instagram girl's face gets pretty boring. the nose you have is so much sexier looking and when coupled with confidence, that's like hottest thing in the world.

No. 201958

They waited for me to wake up on my own afaik. They first wheeled me over to the shock room (recovery room in English?), then invited my bf to sit with me and wait for me to wake up, and I woke up around 30 mins after that.

No. 202027

wow what an ugly dick nose and wow at the difference. The girl in the image looks like a whole new person.

regarding the breathing your septum is probably crooked. you can get the rest done simultanously.

do it

File: 1497115872398.jpg (84.08 KB, 700x933, e0f52469369bb94c88b768a67b22f1…)

No. 194637[Reply]

Post anything related to roommates here, be it advice or requesting it, venting, organization tips, etc.

>bf and I moving in with three people

>two of them are my best friends, the third is this girl I barely tolerate and literally almost half of our total interactions have lead to extreme arguments
>pressured like crazy by almost all our mutual friends to let her come with us because her life is crashing and burning right now and she has absolutely nowhere else to go
>insist she's changed a lot the past two years since I spoke to her, but my other sources say barely
>only reason I'm allowing it is because bf and have final control over what goes on in the house because we're paying substantially more in rent than everyone else, so she knows pissing me off too much will end horribly for her
>still dreading it and wondering why the fuck I agreed to something so retarded

Anyone ever been in a similar situation where you moved in with someone you had a shaky past with for whatever reason? How did it go?
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No. 201959

So about four days ago I moved for the second time this year. The first time was in May. I got pretty desperate because I am in university and the flatmate I was sharing with decided that she wanted to move in with her boyfriend. At the time, moving out on my own wasn't feasible, so I was looking into flat share situations. I found this one flat that seemed like a dream come true; spacious, bright, close to university etc. And the girl who lived there already (the landlord's daughter) seemed nice enough. Shy and sheltered but that's about it. Plus she was going to be away until July anyway so I would have the flat to myself for a while. Anyway when she came back I should have clicked that something about her was … off. She had this weird wide-eyed psycho stare and it seemed almost painful for her to talk to me. Then out of nowhere she started throwing my things in the bin. It started off fairly small, boxes that I had left in the kitchen, a hair product sample. Then she threw out the warranty I had for one of my kitchen appliances. Then she threw out a bag of books that i had put aside for a friend. Then she started throwing out my plates and mugs whilst I was away. Thankfully I had allowed my boyfriend to stay in the flat whilst this happened, and he gently suggested that hey maybe we should ask anon if she wants her stuff throwing away before we put it all in bin bags. Wide-eyed psycho stare. Ten minutes later, she gets her older sister to come over, calls her dad, and forces my boyfriend out of the flat. It was 11pm and he lives miles away. The final straw was when I came back. My house keys had been left with my flatmate after they were taken from my bf, and she handed me a set of keys that… didn't unlock any of the doors in the flat. I asked her where my actual keys were and she claimed that she didn't have them anymore. I was completely at her mercy in terms of when I could enter and leave the flat. It had started to feel like one of those slow-build psychological horror films. I made my arrangements and moved out a week later.

No. 201964

Forgot to mention her bizarre fridge habits. She had a while shelf of the fridge lined with 30 bottles of water and 10 pots of jelly. That was it. And there was no need for it to take up all that room.

No. 201965

It sounds more like she just didn't know how to live as an independent adult since she was willing to change when it was brought to her attention. A few non-judgemental suggestions would probably have made a difference.

No. 201966

File: 1502741223866.gif (1.13 MB, 355x149, 91rat938o1_400.gif)

jesus christ anon she sounds like a controlling psycho
you gotta get outta there

but why would she throw away your things?
if her dad is the landlord, you can't talk to him about it? cause that shit is unacceptable

No. 201983

Don't worry I am out, I live alone now!
I was veeeery apprehensive about bringing it up with her dad cos I knew that he would probably take her side without any physical evidence. She was obviously a very sheltered girl who daddy doted on since she wasn't contributing to rent, had no job, and had the only bedroom with a lock and an ensuite. Not really relevant but on top of all that she was a weeb. Not exactly an indicator of psychotic behaviour but remaining a childish weeb after you turn 18 feels like a red flag

File: 1491775396445.png (392.36 KB, 910x512, transpa.png)

No. 186179[Reply]

Can we have a thread for the delusional folks at r/transpassing
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No. 201894

why not just do what cis women who don't like their hairlines do and get long straight across bangs reeeee

No. 201909

Because they've not lived their life knowing anything about how normie ciswomen live, their main source of reference is 2quirky nlogs on tumblr or and fictional characters written by men.

No. 201913

Mostly it's just porn they watch lbr.

No. 201923

This is the most insufferable face I've ever seen anyone make.

No. 202020

holy shit that's weird

File: 1502566516709.jpg (38.81 KB, 367x367, IMG_3550.JPG)

No. 201743[Reply]

I mean, I know we all think bitchy thoughts at one point about someone or a situation but we keep it in to be polite or save face.

I thought of this because there's always that one anon once in a while who whiteknights and says "you're only saying that because you're on anon!!". While it may be true, I only don't say it out loud because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. I would gladly start a fight if society didn't look down upon it.


>Are you actually really judgemental?

>Do you speak your mind or keep it to yourself to keep the peace?
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No. 201797

I make judgements about people frequently but I am constantly catching myself for negative judgements against people I don't even know, and correcting that thought right away. I fucking hate judging people, it made me a more negative person so I try to focus on changing those thoughts. But when it comes to my close friends if its based on their actions I'll share my opinion without expecting them to take my opinion seriously, I always believe they know whats best for themselves and they understand I just worry about them.

No. 201804

My career makes it necessary to not be judgemental, and I really don't want to come across as a awful and upset people irl but oh my god I cannot stand so many tiny features or behaviours in people.
As a mother you don't know shit other than your kids favourite things, fatness repulses me, i want to shame lazy people and make them contribute instead of being a goddamn potato, more than two days of dishes or a dirty house in general is disgusting and so is the person living in it, fucking blend your fucking foundation lines you look like a rodeo clown, you look like a literal thirsty dog when you stick their tongues out in photos, burlap is always ugly and you have no taste if you use it in your wedding or home decor. Same goes for those plastic chokers, and wearing collars/garters/bondage gear with your regular clothes. anyone who stands in the middle of an aisle or walkway to chat or use their phone can be shot into space along with anyone who plays music or shouts into their phone calls in public. Your shitty kid is opening packets and running around in the store cause you're a shitty parent and screeching now won't help, perfume has never covered body odor just shower you animal. Jesus I could go on for weeks this is why I can't have friends

No. 201874

>i want to shame lazy people and make them contribute instead of being a goddamn potato
I'm starting to think that being judgmental is healthy because I used to judge the fuck out of lazy people and then I stopped caring what other people do and now I'm a NEET.

No. 201878

I am the queen of judgement internally, but I've always made sure to be polite and kind to everyone outside.
I just really fucking hate a lot of people and am truly disgusted by certain political views, lifestyles, and other shit like that.
I feel bad because I harbor these thoughts and do nothing to shut them down, but I also feel like ranting in my head prevents me from being vocal about these things.

I mean I guess its better to be two faced and courteous to people than to be an outright bitch overall?

No. 201906

A combination of rampant shame at the idea of being lazy and no frustration tolerance for procrastinators has led me to become the harpy I am.
Go clean your house or write a resume okay? You'll be happier once it's done.

Judginess is expecting people to hold up to your own standard, and expecting yourself to do it to. Don't drop your standards with yourself.

File: 1497767313707.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, wqIfuIW.png)

No. 195402[Reply]

I really like the Room Thread, so I wanted to make something similar but a bit more broad. A thread to share images that could make us in a good, relaxing mood.

It can be from animation, real life pictures, pictures of animals, food.. Anything that you think has a nice aesthetic or kinda of a good mood to it.
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No. 201834

File: 1502641901511.jpg (344.13 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20140719_172122.jpg)

No. 201835

File: 1502642188602.jpg (201.37 KB, 2048x1536, PICT0033.JPG)

photos taken with a potato at dusk

No. 201836

File: 1502642416998.jpg (7.52 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_2184.JPG)

going here and seeing all these cacti was like being in another world

No. 201843

Sage for ot, but is that Allan Gardens, anon? The window and plant placement look super familiar.

No. 201864

Chicago Botanic, anon! They've got a wonderful semiarid greenhouse that's always been one of my fav places in the world.
Allan Gardens are in Toronto, right? I'd love to go someday!

File: 1501268730974.png (70.43 KB, 1024x638, 4chan-logo.png)

No. 200118[Reply]

Let's talk 4chan.

What's the worst you've ever seen of the site? What do you usually use it for? Where do you usually hang out? Boards with the worst communities? Boards with the best communities? What pulls you back to 4chan? Why are we still here, just to suffer?
114 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 201794

Cgl has gone downhill since new janitors. The old janitors were biased and self-posted but they werent there everyday. New mod/janitors are there constantly. They are very hugboxy. They started purging whole days worth of post. A couole of threads missed 3 days worth of posts.
Also it isnt anonymous the lolita mod is friends with some lames. So they have spread that lame posting all over cgl.

No. 201816

On the other hand, /a/ and /tv/ are a shitposting mess and everyone there seems to be either underage or autistic. Maybe it's because I'm too used to lolcow now, where if you sperg you get banned, but the quality of posts on those boards is really "lmao kys pleb cuck jew normie" (kek @ saying "normie" on 4chan anyway, that is the normiest board existing) and damn. I used to go there for certain threads to look for spoilers and stuff, but it's all gone to shit. You get far better discussions here.

Ironically enough, on fujo boards I see less spergfests. Maybe it's because robots, /pol/ and average internet edgelords don't go there

No. 201819

Worst thing I saw while skimming /b/ out of curiousity about seven years ago was baby porn. Fuck that shit, never went back to browse since.

/co/ is usually my main board for reading material even though half of it is waifufags unsubtly asking for lewds. /x/ is good, too. And of course there's /gif/ and /aco/ for my porn needs.

No. 201829

It's because none of the janitors were on /cgl/ back in the day or they were people who were ragged on for their shitty costumes. Therefore they changed the poor board into a shitty safe space and no fun allowed.

No. 202254

This. I told a fat girl on /cgl/ who was complaining about lolita not fitting her that she should consider losing weight and I was actually banned.
No joke.

File: 1502339435212.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x3000, u9BxTgw.jpg)

No. 201423[Reply]

how are anons getting ready to return to / enter college? whether you're nervous or excited, discuss everything related to school here.

some questions to get started: where are you going? what year and major are you? what is the biggest goal you have for the school year? have you enjoyed the summer?
24 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 201648

>Do you have a RobinHood account?
Unfortunately I don't, since I'm a Europoor so I just assume most things popular in the US isn't available to me, and looking at it now it only seems to be available in the US and Australia. Bummer!

The financial industry in general is a lot different here compared to the US, it seems much easier for you guys to get your foot in the door and get experience whilst studying. Here every internship comes with a laundry list of prerequisites and they often need you to speak more than one language, usually French or German but they sometimes get creative. Each country has its own service providers, with the exception of Degiro, so we usually have very little information to go off of if we opt for studying abroad, for example. We also tend to start working at a later age.

>but except for public accounting I find it getting more diluted with real estate and finance stuff

That's interesting, I wonder what's happening. I haven't a clue, despite studying from American books for 2 years.

No. 201650

>where are you going?

Going to a college here in Canada.

>what year and major are you?

1st year in forensics. A Bachelors of Arts is the only thing they're offering for forensics

>what is the biggest goals you have this year?

Find a better school for forensics because no one who is going into forensics even gives a shit. Has trashtalked about it. Even the school is cancelling the program next year. I love forensics a whole lot but with an environment like that, it makes me want to just drop out.

>have you enjoyed the summer?

Not really, only thing I enjoyed was going to Texas for a week and seeing my cousin and her kids, along with seeing my boyfriend.

I'm very terrified though lol. Since they will be removing this course and I gotta find another place to study but where I live, they don't have forensics, you have to take Criminology. However, during this time, my landlord is kicking me out also because he wants to tear down the place I'm currently living in, just to make a new place and charge more to people who may rent it in the future. So I've got like 2 more months to find a place but where I live, everything is just so expensive and fucking foreign buyers rent their places on ads which are only written in Chinese (not sure if Mandarin or Cantonese) or in Hindu (not to be rude or anything, but there are actually affordable places but they aren't in English). Almost all the time I call up a place, it's already been taken or the person says they don't speak English and it really does upset you. Not to mention, my manager at work hates my guts for some reason and changed my work schedule without telling me first and now I'm being given no work so I'm looking for a new job as well. I'm just extremely stressed so I'm sorry for the ranting.

But I've been looking at schools in the US and i was wondering if there's any thing I must do /if/ i actually decide to go to school over there, such as any test or anything or if there's any website that can help guide me with things like that..?

No. 201651

Samefag but I'm
Sorry for being such a lazy fuck and if I sound rude in any way

No. 201655

>Where are you going?

Staying put right at home. Open Uni master race.

>What year and major are you?

First year, forensic psychology

>What is your biggest goal you have for the school year?

To not fuck up my exams again

>Have you enjoyed the summer?

Nope. Did nothing, accomplished nothing, got nagged the whole time

No. 201808

to older anons: i'm a 20 year old and none of my friends and i judge older students at all. we understand there are various reasons why someone wouldn't finish at the "typical" age. shit happens, money issues, change of heart, etc. if someone thinks less of you, it's either immaturity or retardation - but it's really great you're pursuing your degree and i wish the best for you guys.

and honestly i never thought i could connect to older people but i'll hang out with my 25yo and 31yo friends and it feels completely natural.

went shopping today during tax-free weekend! going to do some more tomorrow, i need some shoes and sandals.

also i found out on friday they sent my research check to the other branch of our school, this is the second time this has happened and i won't get my check until tuesday. ffs.

oh my uni is pretty big too but it's just not very well-known :(

i know there are winter internships but they might cut into school time. any career fairs happen at your school? that's another way in.

yeah also for anyone wanting to intern at big tech companies: most of them start selecting interns in the fall. everything's done and set by spring.

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