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File: 1458432074976.jpg (1.9 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0649.JPG)

No. 82226[Reply]

Everything about pets you have or want. Give advice about pets you have, advice on whether or not you should get one and which kind, if you have one and are worried about it, resources links, facilities.
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No. 195939

He might think the others are trying to take his food. He probably thought you were going to take his food at one point which is why he used to growl at you but now that he's realized you won't he stopped. As for the other cats, he's either used to fighting for it or having to sneak food or he's still pissed about when the other cats used to gang up and eat his wet food so now he thinks they'll steal it.

If he's about 4 months old then it couldn't have been from being separated from his mom too early. I thought it might be that cause if separated too soon they don't learn certain skills or miss some milestones.

This is common in feral kittens and ferals i genral since they've generally starved a bit from living on the streets. A lot will grow out of it. He may not be used to the other kitties yet and he isn't sure if they'll steal from him or when his next meal will be because he hasn't fully adjusted to house life. If you haven't had him very long, make sure to have an established food schedule so he know when he'll be getting fed so he doesn't think one meal might be his last for a long time. Some cats in general just like their own space so try letting him have his own corner and very slowly introduce him to meal time with the others(and don't let them snatch his food or let him do the same if you're able to watch). Since he was a feral you just have to take things one step at a time.

If he doesn't grow out of it after adjusting or after awhile of experiencing mealtime with the rest of the herd, he may just enjoy eating by himself. I have a cat like that and as long as the others leave her alone and don't mug her for food she won't do it to them or fight and it keeps the peace. Eventually the others learned to leave her alone when eating. I also had a few that after socialization the food aggression stopped. It just takes a while. Just remember to be patient.

Also sorry to hear about his bummed paw. Hopefully once it's removed and he's healed up it'll be easier to have him around the other cats.

No. 196158

How do i remove ticks from a puppy? My dog interacted with one of the strays and got ticks from him now we're having a hard time trying to remove them ;_;

No. 196179

Thanks! I'm really into arachnids and insects. Scorpions can be huge assholes, but emperor scorpions, like mine, are usually pretty chill.
Thanks! They're my favorite dogs, along with pit bulls.

No. 196182

Tweezers, pluck from the head and pull off. Your dog is at risk for Lyme disease.

No. 196234

Piggybacking on this to say if you're unsure whether or not you've got the head, there's no shame in taking the pup to the vet. If they're not already on a flea/tick preventative, do that NOW. Tick season is upon us and it's really bad in some places (and this is globally, as I'm not in the US but my friends in the US have confirmed it's really bad this year.)

If you have mosquitoes and a risk for mosquito borne illnesses, make sure your preventative helps repel those too. If your dog is older than 6 months, they should probably be on a heartwork preventative if that's a problem where you are (basically nonexistent here, so it's not typically prescribed.)

And for the next month, keep an eye on your puppy. Look up symptoms for tick borne illnesses (lethargy and loss of appetite are two of the most common) and get your little one to the vet ASAP if anything seems off. Lyme disease is a bitch but it's treatable and non lethal if caught/treated in time.

File: 1457366623809.gif (516.98 KB, 427x640, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

No. 139414[Reply]

>FUJOSHI ("rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime. Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
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No. 195841

Also, I know this thread is filled with fujoshi but does there happen to be any fudanshi? Gay, straight, it doesn't matter what your orientation is… I just wanna know if there are any more as I feel kinda awkward

No. 195857

What's the appeal of yaoi for a straight guy?

No. 195878

I mean this one youtuber I watch does a lot of yaoi let's plays and generally enjoys them but he's straight
Also wouldn't it be the same as straight girls who enjoy cute yuri stories?

No. 195983

If you are cool downloading illegally you can get it at anime-sharing.com.
Otherwise, i'm pretty sure you can buy legally on the parade website and amazon.jp.

Pretty sure there is a lot of fundashi out on the wild. Since this is a more female oriented board you probably won't find as many here. But for example in 4chan's /y/ threads there is a lot of male posters, in reddit's /r/yaoi (i think it's called) too.

The same that it is for a woman, i guess? I don't really see the difference.
Most people enjoy cute/deep stories, good characters, pretty art and cheesy love stuff, which yaoi/bl has tons of. Yaoi also tends to have more story (be it good or bad) as opposed to hentai/yuri, which tends to be mostly pure smut and fanservice, which could attract all kinds of people and sexes.
I personally find it absolutely normal when straight (or otherwise) men enjoy bl/yaoi.

No. 196168

File: 1498191463564.jpg (30.55 KB, 440x199, homosex.jpg)

I want more of Canis

File: 1498014112250.jpg (34.48 KB, 500x283, IMG_0957.JPG)

No. 195805[Reply]

I want to start a second life.

I've always had a baby face so I can easily look like a 17-year-old again.
I've got a second laptop.
I'm going to get a second phone, a second wallet, start a new tumblr, Facebook, etc.

I've memorized my new name, my new birthday, my new parents names, my new childhood memories.

I'm going to start going to anime conventions out of state where no one will know me and make new groups of friends.

Has anyone ever done this before?
Anyone have advice?
Is there a proper name for this?
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No. 195869

Onisions delusional pedotrip- time? Just kidding, but seriously don't lie to be an underage. That shit is creepy and will land you in big trouble.

No. 195890

Lol seconding this. This is stupid and unnecessary. Also very snowflakey. I would not be surprised if there's already a thread about you.

If you're trying to escape a bad reputation, just start a new alias and be honest. Otherwise you're gonna open up a whole new can of issues. It's gonna be more trouble than it's worth. People will still find you anyway. Just don't do it. Also probably get some mental help, because that sounds like what you really need.

Reminds me of this case, pretty interesting and worth a read:

No. 195896

This is what I thought when I read the OP.

Kek I look forward to reading your thread anon, "the cow who lied about their entire life" hahaha

No. 195898

As someone who has done something sort of similar to this(I just went by a new name and hung out with people I met online), I can tell you it's definitely not going to go the way you want it to go. I'm assuming you're doing this because you want to essentially irl catfish people and feel like a somebody. If you are, no one is going to treat you any differently than how you're treated now. The only time they'll treat you differently is when they eventually find out that you've lied to them about all this petty shit.

Also as someone who was an actual teenager when I was hanging out with new people under a new name, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR AGE. No one ever fawned over me for being ~kawaii loli jailbait.~ People just treated me the same way they treated everyone else. And if someone did do that, that would be insanely creepy.

If you're just in it for people to treat you like a kawaii loli, just find someone online who is into that shit and keep it in the bedroom.

No. 195906

I have kind of done this (changed my name, moved to a new city, edited my past slightly) to try and escape things I've done in my life. 18 months later and I kind of regret it because it's just not sustainable, so I'm reverting back to my old life.

Tbh it just makes you sound like a freak, and it really doesn't have the life-changing consequences I imagine you're expecting. Put your energy into actually evolving as a person, most people will let your past go eventually if you show them you've truly changed. :)

File: 1492303738086.jpg (32.04 KB, 960x360, IMG_3066.JPG)

No. 187002[Reply]

A general cosplay thread. Post wip, ask for / give advice, post tutorials and experiences, etc
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No. 192782

Actual reliable cosplay website to buy from?

No. 192805

If I buy one then I normally go on ebay.
I and some friends bought some from ''professional'' websites and they were shit most of the time. Despite them asking for measurements they always fuck up. They made some pants 2 sizes smaller and a friend of mine ended up having a Cosplays in XXL or smth.
Anyways I have yet to find a good professional cosplay website. Also normally they are more expensive than ebay. Never really bought a really bad one from there either.

No. 192839

Suprisingly, the best places to buy cosplay for me have been Aliexpress, Taobao, and Ebay. Like what >>192805 said, most "professional" sites aren't that much better than ebay quality. Also, a lot of these "professional" cosplay stores buy stuff in bulk on Taobao/alibaba and resell to make a quick profit, so there's no shame in buying a costume from an ebay-like shop. Also, Facebook selling\buying groups and storefronts like storenvy/etsy are okay if you want to buy someone's costume secondhand, but the options are pretty limited.

No. 195870

any cons you're getting excited for? what's been your favorite con to go too?

No. 195885


haven't been to many cons, but Holland's Animecon was so nice for me. i'm looking forward to JapanExpo in France.

File: 1497982159750.jpg (37.62 KB, 500x500, 1497982122084.jpg)

No. 195732[Reply]

The 2000s were the worst decade for all media, especially music.

Birtney Spears is the dark horse that killed everything that was good in the 90s.
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No. 195823

That girl looks the same as any other blond girl with no makeup, though.

No. 195826

>killed everything that was good in the 90s
which was?

No. 195840

File: 1498044155295.jpg (154.53 KB, 864x781, IMG_6594.JPG)

Kys anon Britney is a goddess

>this is what guys want
Slink back your cave robot scum

No. 195847

>this is what guys want
>implying there aren't homosexual women that don't give a shit about what a guy wants

I personally love the trashy 90s. Winona Ryder for life, I'll watch Girl Interrupted until my eyes melt out of my skull.

No. 195850

I wasn't sure who it was and was actually confused between Paris Hilton or some spice girl. I'm not good with faces…

File: 1494359178106.png (396.21 KB, 1268x444, mine.png)

No. 189885[Reply]

Inspired by thread >>>/ot/189595

What's your basic bitch fashion, farmer?

Itens you can't live without?
Ask for help to shape up your style, etc.
Do you follow any weeby fashion trends, or you like Western style clothing better?

We've had many recet threads asking for help to get a better personal style, but I think images would help a lot.

This is mine. I'm simple and always go for darker tones. Quite boring and I don't like to stand out, but I'm happy with it.
(Yes, I'm crazy for hand sanitizer. Yes, I know I shouldn't overuse it, but it's hard)
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No. 195401

How do you know when I'm going outside, anon?

No. 195440

File: 1497773939182.jpg (183.03 KB, 1492x1172, 1497563810787.jpg)

> unironically liking GG Allin
I'm trying to get away from /mu/. But it's so hard not judging everyone's taste.

No. 195450

Thnx anon! The health goth style idm too much actually, the tight stuff and weird cropped sweaters they have I found a bit odd though. It deff influenced me buying a good amount of adidas shirts though.

The jumper is a purchase from a few years back and I mainly wear it because it's comfy and it was from a strange spongebob collab in F21. Then in uni I had a girl freak because she's been searching high and low for it and it was considered "a rare treasure". Idk bout all that but it's comfy!

No. 195606

File: 1497856176179.png (418.62 KB, 1000x500, fitz.png)

I wear reasonably form-fitting clothing and makeup, but I avoid feminine clothing (shoes and bags particularly). I am an IT student so I don't want to stand out. In summer I will bring out singlets, dresses and cardigans in pink/blue/cream. At work I wear slacks, and I have one or two pairs of 'dressy' shoes - black wedges and flats.

I've found myself unconsciously copying the rich chinese and korean students in my area despite not being a weeb. Shit's cool tho.

No. 195727

File: 1497979512063.png (1.05 MB, 1414x1290, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.1…)

these my typical "basic, unwilling to put effort into my look" looks. When I'm actually trying to look good I like to mix slinky vintage silk slips with giant cardigans or delicate pieces with masculine pieces, stuff like that. My style honestly needs work, I'm boring and I'd like to be more unique and refined.

File: 1457313520404.png (842.35 KB, 2344x1780, cZJuI8F.png)

No. 77993[Reply]

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No. 195539

what does the text in the corner under the oblivion poster say

No. 195540

its intentionally unreadable, but if you really wanna know, the original text said
Helo my name is Magicka Septim my birthday is 1E 420 and I’m the daughter of Talos im also a werewolf and a vampire but im a nice person too and im really dark and mysterious nobody knows much about me and im part khajiit but i hide my tail

My dad Talos died (or so they say) and my mom got captured by Molag Bal so now im on a quest to rescue her so she can reveal that im the chosen one and show me how to save the world

Also i only wear black because its dark like my soul which is actually the soul of an archangel from another dimension

im the first person to understand the second part of CHIM that nobody ever noticed before but i don’t use it because its too powerful for this world

also my best friend is a dragon called Alduin but hes not the real Alduin he just likes to be called that and he likes to eat tomatoes because hes a vegetarian but he likes the look of blood stains on his teeth because hes edgy and tomatoes kind of do that

my mentor (the last of the Aylieds) died protecting me and i had to go on without him and then i went on a revenge driven quest to kill the one who ended his life but i lost because they had more CHIM than i did and my arm got chopped off and it was replaced with dwemertech so now i have a dwemer arm cannon and its a really quiet cannon that i can use to make stealthy explosions

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 195541

why so many bad games anon

No. 195543

thats the point

No. 195605


Cool. Just needs an inspirational quote.

File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070[Reply]

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?
377 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 195251

I appreciate it anon. I've been trying to smoke less when I'm in a negative mood but sometimes it's that crutch, just like you said.

No. 195252

I need to fix myself. I need to bring myself to being a better person, and maybe I need to stop smoking to do it.

No. 195254

File: 1497579307879.jpg (99.65 KB, 540x405, tumblr_nr1fy2wtsS1tc31mqo1_540…)

Me too. It was my first time going to a doctor for my depression and the doctor I had didn't have much experience and assumed i was bipolar even though i mentioned in passing my adopted sister was. She put me on mis prescribed shit for a year before my psychologist told me what she was doing was shutting my body down with all the side effects.

It was horrible but now I know how I feel when on drugs and I did not enjoy it one bit. Not knocking people who do but shit how do people do this recreationally?

No. 195267

Tried ket, coke, 2cb, mushrooms, weed, md, prescription opiates. This isn't fair, why does coke have to be my favorite, why do I have such a weirdly naturally high tolerance to md and weed (it seems), ugh

No. 195510

Went to a music festival last week. Tried acid again for the first time in a year. My two previous trips had been bad, but this one was great! I took about 80-90 ug and sat in the sun all day. Really cleared out my head without any stress. Definitely the kind of trip I was looking for. Also I guess less is more when it comes to acid.

Also I tried dancing on molly for the first time. It was ok but I had to go to the bathroom three times in an hour.

File: 1441670325153.jpg (80.64 KB, 662x946, Laughing Buddha.jpg)

No. 34224[Reply]

Give/take requests regardless of mic quality.

Requests can be anything from lines out of a shitty fanfiction, to singing to whatever comes to mind.

Any takers?
718 posts and 141 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 195270

http://vocaroo.com/i/s0z8QjqmR4ks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 195302

File: 1497643754247.jpg (85.21 KB, 508x471, minecraft_steve6.jpg)

No. 195313

File: 1497656697032.jpg (81.16 KB, 640x640, 345.jpg)


sorry for horrid mic quality

No. 195377

File: 1497737427637.jpg (76 KB, 1200x675, henloroast.jpg)

No. 195378

File: 1497628966190.gif (493.15 KB, 500x282, dfd047d138041e6bc97b0291c0eb11…)

No. 195278[Reply]

So, information that some of us baited betas from /r9k/ and made their life even bigger hell that it is leaked out.
They might raid this place, so what's the plan ?
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 195288


you say that like its worth coming to this site lol.

as if anyone would miss this website dying.

No. 195290

You're the one who mentioned resetting your IP. No one cares if you're here unless you start shitting up threads. Jfc robots are always so self-centered.

No. 195295

robot OP has been making shitty threads here for a couple of days now about men, that space between the question mark is a giveaway.


No. 195296

File: 1497637512909.jpg (39.58 KB, 497x438, 148926935074.jpg.jpg)

>I have a dynamic IP mauahahahahaha I'll be back!
>Okay, enjoy your range ban.
>I-It's not like I liked this place or anything…

No. 195306

All par for the course around here.
It's not like we don't already get a steady influx of neckbeards as it is.

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