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File: 1644350498972.gif (1.2 MB, 498x280, spam-spamalert.gif)

No. 1057483[Reply]

Post random things you ate and why. A picture of the thing you ate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here.
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No. 1581703

File: 1684513533517.jpg (69.77 KB, 564x594, 31f70b28fd4d6a0af4f6783d824232…)

Pistacchios, bacon flavored potato chips, white beer

Coffee with plombières ice cream

Strawberries and sour cream blended with sugar

No. 1581889

File: 1684527887655.png (296.21 KB, 591x523, palenta.png)

palenta with sour cream and some wilted spinach and radish. it was great i should incorporate vegetables more into my palenta indulgences. excited for spring so i can get fresh vegetables regularly! i wish i had bought some feta though and i'm craving some sparkling water to chug everything down

No. 1584205

File: 1684761670455.jpg (120.06 KB, 1240x1860, Chocolate-Chip-Waffles-7.jpg)

Homemade chocolate chip walnut waffle with a little bit of syrup

No. 1590116

File: 1685288961792.jpeg (47.55 KB, 667x1000, IMG_4291.jpeg)

Stretchy yoghurt and maple syrup

No. 1590965

File: 1685356245244.jpeg (51.75 KB, 720x480, R (2).jpeg)

Bacon and eggs with some corn and a salad (tomato, pepper, goat cheese, olive oil)
Had the same for brunch yesterday, only with peas instead of corn and the salad didn't have peppers

I rarely eat the same thing two days in a row, but I was really craving it. Love how quick it is to make, and it's so filling and tasty.

File: 1684948200515.jpeg (43.49 KB, 750x435, IMG_2895.jpeg)

No. 1585927[Reply]

Thread dedicated to males being envious, whether it be incels seething over chad or men being upset about guys that are more attractive than them. Feel free to post social media screenshots, videos, or even share personal anecdotes about male envy.
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No. 1586688

It's really funny how many men troon out because of faceapp kek. They should realise the filter makes them a pretty woman, not a female version of themselves. It literally merges their face with female face assets it has in the database. They can't ever achieve that. But good on incels for sterilising themselves.
Weird how I've never seen an attractive TIM, the most good looking ones have plastic bimbo kind of look and act like fags. But I've never seen an elegant or a girl-next-door pretty troon. On the other hand, TIFs sometimes make quite handsome guys, even if they're tiny and still have feminine figure. Common male L, I bet they're jealous as hell of that too.

No. 1589234

for real, could almost constitute the basis for a fable

No. 1590828

File: 1685343213744.jpg (87.93 KB, 564x812, swoon.jpg)

I've had moids tell me I'm a closeted lesbian for not liking hairy roided scrotes kek

No. 1590836

I wonder if fujos internalize this rhetoric and that's why the most attractive guy so often ends up as the bottom on most ships while the ugly/older one is the top.

No. 1591613

>the ugly/older one is the top.
The older one usually, but "ugly"? What kind of yaoi are you looking at?

File: 1683313102211.jpg (72.86 KB, 630x558, 999999999.jpg)

No. 1568614[Reply]

I'm not stupid, the one's saying it is stupid, you're annoying, stupid.

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No. 1590062

I’ve seen people on buses use my country’s biggest imageboard but not other or international ones.

No. 1590074

Which ib was it? Did you see what thread they were on or what they were posting?

No. 1590078

It was 2ch (misogynistic shithole worse than 4chan), I couldn’t see the text sadly. I remember it being a fairly young scrote lurking, possibly in high school or college/uni.

No. 1590081

ohh, russian speaking nona! I use dvach from time to time too.. I wish the /dev board wasn't so shitty, otherwise I'd use it more often

No. 1590085

Yeah, /dev/ is sadly full of pickmes, scrotes and scrote ass lickers. That’s why I personally stopped browsing it (and got out of touch with ru imageboard culture, I just don’t have the patience with 2chfags calling women misogynistic slurs in every fucking thread and derailing it wildly). I’ve seen other Russian nonas here and on CC but they tend to not speak about it unless provoked somehow (to not upset the Ukrainian nonas? one thread on CC asking Russian nonas about their opinions on the current situation was shitted on and subsequently nuked)

File: 1673529452282.jpg (46.13 KB, 1024x1449, melting_by_123hinata_d8t560w-f…)

No. 1470488[Reply]

As the title says.
Post experiences, why you can't stand them and such.
This is NOT about your own disorder, so don't blogpost/vent, there's already a thread for that.
This thread is about mental illness you can't stand in others.
Please refrain from coming in this thread and say stupid shit like "Oh that's why nobody likes me" or "Damn seeing this thread as a [thing] sufferer makes me uncomfortable" because nobody will pity you.

Previous: >>>/ot/854673
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No. 1584333

Malingerers are THE worst people on the planet.

No. 1585341

had a friend in high school (and we still hung out in college) who was obsessed with her mental health where she kept self diagnosing herself with things like BPD, autism, etc. one time we hung out at a bookstore and it was just fine but this was during a time where she was convinced she was autistic and kept "acting autistic" on purpose where i knew her for years and knew it was just her playing up having supposed autism. it was extremely cringe. she stopped talking to me one day anyway (years ago) and other people from high school showed me her tiktok which her username is an inside joke that was between us or so i thought? she's some flavor of fakeboi now (it was years in the making and i always told her its ok to be a tomboy it doesnt make you any less female), has an ugly ass permed wolfcut that is bright pink (oddly enough my hair was that same pink for 2 years) and still has that JJBA keychain i got her. i bet its a nice conversation starter about an ex-friend who is sooooper transphobic.

No. 1588371

When people take everything way too personally. Like, if I ask someone to please turn their music down and they accuse me of hating them and wanting them to die, when the reality is no, your music is just too loud. Why would you assume that I’m making a passive aggressive attack on you?

No. 1588981

I have a director who is just like this. We are dancers, dance is fluid, sometimes we end up in a different spot and that's all right. Sometimes someone attempts to be helpful and tells her we did something different last practice and she gets extremely angry.

I don't think it's narcissism but I don't know what else to call it. Constant actual, minor gaslighting (insisting she said something minutes before despite everyone saying she didn't), getting very accusatory and escalating quickly at anything someone says that goes against what she wants that very second. It's not that bad because everyone knows how she is, so it's not embarrassing when she picks a fight and you have to "lose" or back down (only way to get her to chill), but it still sucks because we can't give any input and must somehow read her mind at all times. I don't get it, the world isn't out to get you, people aren't trying to antagonize you, why does everything have to be a fight?

No. 1590029

ana-chans suck the joy and life out of everyone and everything they interact with. Their disorder is by design competitive which means that if you are their ''friend'' or even acquainted with them in any way, they will obsessively compare their body and eating habits to yours. When they say ''i feel so fat'' in front of their normal BMI friends, it is not innocuous, they are well aware of the insecurity it will cause them and their malnourished brains get pleasure from it. The average ana-chan is basically a narcissistic demon whose only joy in life is seeing her own mother in tears because she will starve herself into an early grave.
>inb4 fatty

File: 1667598346512.jpg (160.99 KB, 1000x1000, lolcow.jpg)

No. 1398396[Reply]

Avant-propos : C’est mon premier travail en tant que OP, donc ça risque de ne pas être parfait, je ne suis pas instruite sur les autres lolcows tant que ça. sentez vous libre d’ajouter des informations ! J’ai hésité à parler des dramas de l’année dernière (avec Colman par exemple) mais sinon je n’allais pas en finir…

>Aline Dessine, défenseuse des lolcows
>eregie de bulk malgré son physique de rescapée de la corée du nord
>refuse de laver ses tasses de thé
>donne des conseils foireux de diet, se fait recadrer par une nutritionniste : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw_DLIFxpJQ
>est une youtubeuse osef, a “dessine” dans son nom mais ne dessine pas
>contenu sims inintéressant
>a ruiné la carrière de Marvel Fitness grâce au pouvoir de la diffamation : a fabriqué une dickpic de toute pièce afin de l’emmener en justice suite à ses reproches contre les youtubeurs fitness
>tout comme les artistes ratées sur youtube, elle décide de juste faire une vidéo youtube d’une heure où elle se rend elle ou une autre lolcow éternelle victime
>amatrice du montage digne de propagande, a le culot de se considérer “neutre”
>défend eugenia cooney, peenus, connor murphy, au nom de leur rédemption possible, et que, après tout, “ça ne fait du mal à personne”
>ig :https://www.instagram.com/aline_dessine/
>ytb : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdg2UgrM2iwNQf6N18vJuZw
>fb (inactif) : Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1582397

>vous vous prenez la tête pour des trucs minables et insignifiants, & même si j'apprécie pas les trans c'est ridicule à voir.

Désolé du doublepost mais le recul des droits des femmes, l'accès aux soins au profit d'hommes en robe n'a rien d'insignifiant.
La subsitution du mot "femme" par des termes humiliants et déshumanisants dans l'espace public, le fait que des féministes se fassent agresser physiquement par des troons lors de manifs, subissent menaces et violences parce que jugées "terf" n'est pas un "truc minable".
Sans déconner, tais-toi.

Remballe ton discours de demoiselle d'honneur du troonisme ou de pervers amoureux des troons (j'ai tout francisé t'as vu uwu ?) et retourne signaler ta putain de vertue sur Twitter.
LCF est l'un des derniers endroits où l'on peut exprimer nos craintes et notre légitime colère à ce sujet. Il est temps de capter le message : Tu n'es pas le bienvenu.

No. 1582433

cher nonnie, je suis au regret de t'avouer que >>1565424 et >>1582348 sont deux personnes différentes. C'est fou comme vous vous braquer et vous vous faites des films dès qu'on est pas d'accord sur le potentiel lolesque de quelqu'un. Il y a 1001 débiles sur l'internet francophone qui sont plus drôles que Feldup.
Et je suis plutôt d'accord avec >>1582348 sur l'acharnement contre les trans sur le thread fr. Ok les trans sont des hommes qui se moquent des droit des femmes mais je sature un peu des féministes qui se disent radicales mais qui sont prêtes à marcher main dans la main avec des fachos s'ils sont contre les trans. En France on a d'autres priorités que les mecs dans les toilettes publiques, je pense que c'est que voulais la nonnie qui dénonçais le mélange anglais/français, c'est pas que dans le langage mais aussi dans les luttes politiques.

No. 1582442

J'ai l'impression que vous prenez ce site beaucoup trop au sérieux.
Ouais y'a plus con que FeldUp, mais vu l'activité du thread, on va pas se plaindre d'avoir un petit con à ajouter.

Et puis tout le passage sur les trans, je pense surtout que c'est juste une excuse pour insulter les gens. On est là pour du drama nul, avec des arguments nuls. La plupart des histoires ici se résument à "X est instable et a un comportement toxique, et est cringe".

Ne transformez pas ce thread en Twitter en prouvant votre vertu ou en signalant la vertu des autres. On est des anons qui avons rien de mieux à faire que parler de youtubers nuls, vous prenez pas trop au sérieux.

No. 1582478

>je me rends juste compte que vous vous prenez la tête pour des trucs minables et insignifiants

No. 1582483

Si tu estimes que Feldup n'a pas vraiment de potentiel lolesque et que tu apprécies son contenu, c'est ton droit le plus strict.
Toutefois, venir attaquer les autres participantes au thread comme ce fut le cas ici >>1582348
est contraire à l'esprit du site.

Il te suffit juste d'ignorer les posts qui ne t'intéressent pas et/ou de proposer des personnalités qui te semblent plus amusantes.

Et concernant le sujet des trans, s'il est abordé par des cows présentées ici, comme Aline Dessine par exemple, je ne vois pas en quoi il nous ne serait pas possible de réagir.
Encore une fois, apprends à ignorer les posts qui ne te paraissent pas pertinents.
On est tous anons ici, personne ne te donnera de likes pour avoir défendu x ou x communautés.
Tâchons donc de garder un ton léger et ne pas tomber dans la spirale du moralfagging.

File: 1659802427659.jpeg (255.11 KB, 2048x1366, 00china-internet-2-superJumbo.…)

No. 1291989[Reply]

Share stories about your freak neighbors
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No. 1581622

My downstairs neighbors go outside and smoke on their balcony every time I try to sit on mine and enjoy fresh air while I work. The stench is horrible and makes me want to throw up. Worst part is how it sticks to my clothes within 30 seconds and I have to change or else keep smelling smoke the rest of the day. Tobacco addicts should be ostracized by society like any other addict. I hate tobacco junkie more than any other kind of junkie. You don't see heroin addicts running around injecting heroin into random strangers but tobacco addicts always force other people to consume their shit.

No. 1587169

>visit bf's dog friendly apartment with my dog for a few hours
>the next day my bf gets a call from management saying someone reported him having a dog and that he needs to pay the pet fee
Some people need to get a life

No. 1587604

Can you lie and say that was your dog? Or he was pet sitting for a friend?

No. 1588114

it was her dog anon lmao

No. 1591922

Late response but music students in general seem very entitled to be loud for their ~art~. My bf and I were shown apartments with another couple (first and second floor units were available), and the girl said, “We will need the first floor apartment. For my instrument.” I said we also wanted the first floor, and she was gobsmacked like she thought I was just going to agree to let them have it lol. We decided to pass anyway because I don’t want to live near another “musician”

File: 1660499903115.jpg (118.22 KB, 1047x709, C5N2x0UUMAAoNP1.jpg)

No. 1302690[Reply]

ITT: Post the delusional ramblings and nonsensical streams of consciousness of internet users found throughout Youtube comment sections, twitter, reddit and other Internet spaces

one rule - no satire or shitposts, the ramblings have to be genuine
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No. 1553452

speedruns are autistic but these posts are even more autistic

No. 1581279

File: 1684455169867.jpg (521.95 KB, 1080x3896, lainchan.jpg)

>I took 1000mg of DXM over the course of three hours

>Being a white supremacist is common sense

No. 1587543

File: 1685062598900.jpeg (132.87 KB, 602x862, main-qimg-e7b33c426c5bd84974d7…)

found one
picrel is one of their "diagrams" attached to insane rants that are only tangentially related to the question being asked. all their diagrams are done in MS Paint which makes it super amusing kek

No. 1588412

File: 1685133362375.jpg (68.05 KB, 771x463, FWwAAm8NfFhQs.jpg)

No. 1588965

File: 1685159540956.jpeg (24.77 KB, 306x489, WIFI.jpeg)

lmao that person's account is insane, love the dedication and their WIFI diagram

File: 1679028227861.png (530.18 KB, 1400x696, 1668566872495.png)

No. 1525720[Reply]

Horror and bliss beyond belief,
the future held in the sanic motif
screeching to the heavens, be he brief
the numbers reveal either relief or greif
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No. 1587964

if it is can i work around it

No. 1588402

Did he reject her?

No. 1588472

will she text back

No. 1588747

does he miss me too?

No. 1589212

will we end up in an exclusive relationship

File: 1684105528749.png (206.71 KB, 1041x638, Capture.PNG)

No. 1577801[Reply]

previous thread- >>>/ot/1571598
1203 posts and 282 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1587475

i was thirstwatching really obscure movies with a guy and one of them was so obscure that i had to watch a russian version (which is the high rez one i somehow was able to find) while playing the audio from my shitty youtube to video converter version in vlc player, i had to sync them to play simultaneously. im not down bad at all.

No. 1587485

Still no news about her new show sadly

No. 1587747

File: 1685082599459.jpg (56.37 KB, 1124x612, share-a-thought-that-is-stupid…)

SOMEONE MAKE THE NEW THREAD ALREADY. use this pic if you want

No. 1587759

i dont wanna is scary

No. 1587779

File: 1683655629152.jpg (133.36 KB, 1000x750, gettyimages-178352531.jpg)

No. 1572306[Reply]

With all that's happening in the world right now, I think it would be helpful to have a thread to discuss strategies and resources for weathering these challenging times, whether they're already upon us or looming just ahead.
40 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1585539

>can opening is definitely a household activity you don't really see any random take part in so perhaps it's much more common than i think

???? who is not regularly opening cans? do you not open cans of beans because you don't want to wait for them to soak? open cans of tomatoes to make pasta sauce? open cans of tuna to make tuna salad? what normal human is not regularly opening a can at least once a month? this actually made me cackle so thank you

No. 1585543

nta but i didn't even know tomatoes could come in cans, i just buy pre-made sauce in jars

No. 1585567

anon, it might come as a surprise to you but you can also grow tomatoes yourself in a garden and can them yourself. at peak season you will have so many that it's impossible to pawn them off. shocking, i know. as is the idea of can openers

No. 1586891

My schizoid sister from another mister. A '95 Hilux popped up for sale in my area a couple weeks ago and I'm so tempted by it. Not even for prepping purposes at this point, I just love old Toyota trucks, lol. I've actually got an awning tent for my Volvo and I really love it. I have looked into on top tents, but as I'm physically disabled it could make things hard for me when I'm having a bad day with my mobility. It's a real shame because they look cool as fuck, and it would help free up the boot for storage. My wife and I have a similar system with storage crates where we've worked out what we'll need in a bug-out situation through going camping a lot. Being disabled also helps in a weird way as I have to be more prepared than the average person. Even a day trip is a military operation for me, so I've got a pretty good system down. Always trying to trim the fat, though. Already got a couple wool blankets for camping. I hate the synthetic material of sleeping bags, so it's nice to have something like wool. I learned to get a winter sleeping bag the hard way though. Told myself I'll be fine in a summer one because I run hot and sleep with a summer duvet on my bed all year round, damn near froze my ass off, kek. I always keep a stock of tarps as living in England you never know when you're gonna get rained on and need the extra ones.

No. 1586972

Any recommendation for a series of foraging guides that cover western hemisphere by each biome?

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