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File: 1495768421460.png (225.22 KB, 2400x2400, fycj.png)

No. 192257[Reply]

does anyone else fantasize over gaining weight and then in IRL not actually wanting to?????
the struggle..

No. 192362

I've never been heavier than 138 so I have wondered what I would look like/what it would be like to be 140+ or even 200lbs but of course to actually do that would be retarded

No. 192364

never been heavier than 145 myself and sometimes I fantasize about just totally letting myself go but that's bc I hate myself honestly. Also I'm successfully losing weight right now so when I'm tempted to cheat I imagine myself gorging and gaining a ton of weight and it ruins my appetite lol.

No. 192398

I wouldn't say fantasize but I've been in the 105-110 range since I was 14(I'm 23 now) and idk if being bigger would really do me any good. Maybe bigger boobs but I'm short so I'd look like a rolley polley.

No. 192455

I fantasize about a man taking care of me and feeding me and ruining my body to make me his

But I would never let that happen and am actually a very independent person

No. 192461

No, but I've fantasized about having a fat boyfriend and getting him into working out and grocery shopping/cooking healthy food together.

File: 1439497480108.jpg (112.69 KB, 480x640, fat_she_hulk_by_greasystreet-d…)

No. 22688[Reply]

The most boring and popular fountain of tears as of yet

Is anyone else sick of her self pitying and whining?

Also does any even buy her stuff? It's like she's the My Melody to Creepyyeha's Kuromi


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No. 22695

She's cute she's always been cute but she's annoying as fuck and too old to behave this way

No. 22723

isn't she creepyyeha's sister?
i'd be depressed too.

No. 22729


not sure i think they're besties dolly isnt as famous cos shes more quiet and is more soft whereas creepy is out there in your face full on look at me im unique

No. 22740

They are just friends. If anything, it seems like Yeha tries to get her out of the house.

No. 192395

I know she's depressed, but that's no excuse to be rude. I've messaged her several times in the past asking about some of her products and she just ignored me. It's like why even bother having an online shop (AND complain nonstop how that's your only money source because you can't do anything else/barely make any money off it((her words, not mine)) and shoo away possible customers?

File: 1495167218426.jpg (364.97 KB, 500x695, tumblr_lvrcj9xRuE1qeafhp.jpg)

No. 191045[Reply]

At some point Tumblr was actually a pretty decent website before it became the embarrassing cess pool that it is today. Discuss old Tumblr. Were there any blogs/tumblrs that you farmers loved to visit? Or someone that you actually liked/looked up to at the time? Crazies that you loved to hate? Fandoms you miss/were in at the time?

>I'll throw in my 2 cents

I could not get enough of Myrollingstar's tumblr blog, her pictures were so pleasant and pretty.It was so cozy to read and fun to see her artist alley/life posts and clothing hauls.Makes me sad she doesn't post anymore, but it's nice that she's moved on with her life.
I also slightly miss the homestuck fandom, it was fucking out of control but there's was always new content popping up(good and bad), it kept things fresh.
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No. 191689

I joined in 2008 and was most active in 2010-2012, with it slowly tapering off as I got a career and everyone I was following was also growing up and getting into different things. My favorite tumblr was something like bruisedbeatenboys, which just posted fanart or doujin of anime boys with bruises or blood on them. I also really liked lawnlawn/bossies's tumblr, as well as milkmanner (who is now publishing Snotgirl). Thankfully I can usually follow any artist from those days on instagram, but sometimes I wonder if I'm forgetting someone I used to really love.

No. 191691

Omg I think I remember that.
Didn't they find his car somewhere where he killed himself ?

No. 192220

I used to go there for the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom a lot back in 2012-13, mostly for the creepy shit that was posted.

No. 192222

Was anyone in the roleplay community on tumblr?

I started lurking around 2009, but I joined in 2010 because I was really into online roleplay and tumblr had a wide variety of RPers.

Basically there was a "main" tumblr that had an admin who established the plot and characters, then you'd have to submit an 'audition' to be in the roleplay, and once accepted you'd create a tumblr page for your character and then get to interact with other people's characters.

It was huge in the Harry Potter fandom since people loved playing canon characters and/or being their own original character. It was basically acting out fanfiction. Other fandoms were popular, but most of RPs had original plots/characters, or were AUs/crossovers. The majority of it was non-sexual, although there were some dedicated to smut.

It was pretty fun, but the community pretty much turned to shit around 2014. There was tons of drama and fighting, and it's nowhere near as fun.

No. 192270

I was in the Transformers RP fandom on Tumblr around 2011/2012. It was one of the things that got me to sign up on Tumblr. Me and a group of friends decided to join for shits and giggles, and because we were all big fans of Transformers. It could be really fun when you got a good RP going, and I met some nice people through there. But it could also be stressful.

The community I was part of split twice. Once before I joined, and once after. And there was drama too. In fighting from various personalities over what kind of content should be allowed and what shouldn't, and just arguing sometimes in chats. Also, one person was RPing as multiple characters (as many of us did) but was also pretending to be three different people within the RP. This nutjob would pick a fight as one person, then would turn around and act nice as another. She manipulated a couple of people.

I sorta just quit in 2013/2014 or thereabouts. Sometimes I think about joining a different fandom, because I see people RPing my favorite character and all I can think is "you're doing it wrong". But then I remember the stress and the effort and I just chose to not bother.

A good RP that flowed well was really fun though, and I do sometimes miss those genuine good threads I had going.

File: 1495186805499.png (463.38 KB, 1070x601, IMG_3915.PNG)

No. 191084[Reply]

How am I supposed to deal with the fact that I'm a 3/10 girl? I will never be able to attract a handsome guy because we are bot similar in attractiveness. I am losing weight to help with my face and learning how to apply makeup, but I don't think I'll ever be above average.
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No. 192161

I said I was lazy about not replying to everyone, not about self improvement. I am working on looking good.

No. 192164


My family and close friends would obviously be able to tell though, and the reaction I'd be most scared of is my father's.

I have a hook nose (I used to also be self conscious of how broad it is from the front, but I've come to embrace it. I find bigger noses cuter nowadays actually), tissue is "missing" under my eyes (causing permanent dark circles ever since I was 10~ish y/o), long chin which simultaneously looks weak from the side.

Sorry if this sounded whiny, I'm just very self conscious about my appearance. :/

No. 192165

Kek this thread got necroed today and coincidentally, I got called ugly and 'retarded looking' by two complete strangers. Perks of being an ugly girl, I guess.

No. 192167

oh, i see. i think that maybe fillers under your eyes would help your appearance but not look too drastic.

i think contouring could help with a weak chin and maybe your nose

No. 192169

Yeah, that'd probably be the first thing if I do actually decide to get something done.

Thanks for the advice! :) I do actually contour my chin, can't really get my nose to look ~natural~, always endd up looking obvious that I contoured, but practice makes perfect I guess haha

File: 1495643347425.jpg (2.97 MB, 3000x1911, Navy_baseball.jpg)

No. 191965[Reply]

I'm a guy and at my old job my boss kept rubbing my shoulders.

… how should i feel about that ?

No. 191982

Suck his dick of course

No. 191983

tell him you'll rub something of his in a minute if he continues and then wink at him

No. 192060

You guys are sick! Get your mind out of the gutter.

OP, he genuinely cared about your well being and wanted to make sure you weren't in any pain. You'll never find a boss who's as sweet and kind as he was so cherish those memories!

File: 1493732922237.png (1.48 MB, 1111x1333, 1493730014832.png)

No. 189089[Reply]

Jesus christ.
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No. 191746

W-well then…

No. 191822


will i die alone?

No. 191832

Will I spend the rest of the year after summer alone? will it work out?

No. 191833


will I get taco Bell today? Will my shitposts on Chans make me famous?

No. 191891

Will I roll some sick quads?

File: 1495485607253.jpg (51.39 KB, 550x550, 99ee49c4128dfbb12450a4e6fd64eb…)

No. 191646[Reply]

How do you feel about gay men ?
29 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191865




There are numerous more of these on Google. I feel like this is similar to the SJWs who say blacks can't be racist. It's an unacknowledged issue by the masses.

No. 191867

>It's an unacknowledged issue by the masses.
Of course it is, because gay issues in general, good or bad, are unacknowledged by the masses.

No. 191876


Am also gay man: You're pathetic.

Agree that my own kind is misogynistic as fuck, especially the femmes. I even consider myself a femme and get sick of how woman-hating they are.

The "masc" gays hate women because they have the same mindset as redpillers but still crave cock. And the queens are just…I don't know what the fuck happened.

So many gays are copying black women, or trying to be "fierce" but actually are just being bitchy and hostile towards women. I think it's that same mentality that you find discussed in the trans threads "I'm a man and I'm still a better woman than you." which is disgusting.

No. 191880

Dude was sarcastic.

And you need to base "your own kind" on things other than sexuality.

I know strong adversity makes groups bind together more tightly. And gays get a fuckton of adversity. But you are so much more than what you want to put your dick in. Just remember that.

No. 191889

In my own experience the really bitchy and flamboyant ones are usually surrounded by faghags egging them on. I'm biased though, the one gay guy I've talked to was pretty normal until he really hammed it up for his faghags when they'd go out drinking and such.

File: 1495587559979.jpg (45.86 KB, 499x330, Feed the whores.jpg)

No. 191859[Reply]

Women, especially hypergamous women, are genetically predisposed to welcome invaders and the destruction of their tribe/nation, by nature, their instincts always tell them to gravitate toward the more agressive male because subconciously they are genetically programmed to seek the greatest opportunity to accumulate resources and physical protection, and the agressive male is processed in their minds as the signal for this. If anything, yesterdays incident will make British women, and Western women even more actively seek out immigrants in an attempt to assimilate them. At a subconcious level, they will be submissive to the agressive, violent muslim male that seeks to destroy their society and will have utter contempt and disgust for the white male for "opressing them with patriarchy" but being unable to protect the tribe/nation. Its a cycle in every nation, no matter what technology or culture changes occur, women are just genetically disposed to submitting to invaders, and to be contemptful toward non-violent or defeated men. Theres a reason why Chad always win, a reason why the top-tier women always shack up with the highest-ranking officers of the invaders, and a reason why the queens of defeated civilizations become concubines of the conquerors
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No. 191862

Topkek is this a copypasta

No. 191875

Is this something h3h3 said?

No. 191878

Can you not use my husbando for this?

No. 191892

its ok dude just put em in the TV

No. 191895

Moved to >>>/sty/3782.

File: 1462024149287.jpg (1000.37 KB, 931x1247, es15.jpg)

No. 136687[Reply]

Previous thread:

Other thread started autosaging.

Post inspo, your recent cops, ask for advice, etc.
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No. 191849

this, holy shit. basically everything in this thread is so gaudy

No. 191850

i agree anons, half the 'clothes' here look like theyre from yesstyle

No. 191851


I legging up. I have jeans that are a bit more loose and I wear my leggings underneath them because the winter gets brutal. I can afford to look a little thicker in winter so I don't freeze

No. 191852


Seconding this, it's so cute

No. 191854

What do you think about wearing fleece tights instead of jeans? I'm under the assumption that they hold up to rain and snow better, and I've heard they actually keep you warmer than jeans by themselves.

File: 1494383148763.jpg (7.87 KB, 213x200, 3541b2ab6706c0b04cad2e90f8ffb0…)

No. 189941[Reply]

Given that the AHCA just passed, I thought it would be appropriate to have a discussion on this. Anyone going to be particularly affected by this?

No. 189945

Wait until it gets through both chambers of congress to freak out. The senate will never pass the current version and is actually not even going to vote on it in favor of writing their own bill. It will still probably be horrible but hopefully slightly less so.

Luckily for me lithium is fairly cheap and I live in a state which would never axe preexisting conditions so it doesn't affect me much. Not excited about the medicaid cuts though in case I ever need it.

No. 191840

I'm so fucked if this passes. Without my current insurance, the cocktail of meds that keep me barely functional are somewhere around $400. I don't even make that in a month of working…assuming I could even hold down a job unmedicated. It freaks me out too much so I try not to think about it, but I know that doing that is gonna ultimately fuck me over in the end.

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