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File: 1494790443470.png (308.48 KB, 400x368, 3139822622_1_2_WvOHk1HA.png)

No. 221968[Reply]

Oyez, oyez, camarades francophones, voici venu le thread consacré aux « gloire » nouvelles et passées de la JFashion « Made in France ».
Je vous invite donc le faire vivre, que vous soyez Français, Belges ou Québécois.
Avec les personnalités et/ou événements liés au Cosplay, Lolita, Visu, Jfashion …le tout à la sauce « baguette + béret », et en évitant les vendettas (mais est-il utile de le préciser ?).

Notre pays étant le deuxième plus gros consommateur de mangas au monde après le Japon, les modes alternatives et autres fantaisies nippones ont donc su très rapidement trouver leur place au sein de nos contrées.
Pour le meilleur, mais souvent aussi, pour le pire.

Du groupe de visu tout pourri (ne me remerciez pas : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAboP_ekI8A) , aux dramas des communautés « Lol »ita ou Cosplay , en passant par les supers reportages tv (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75JPVROlcDE) … cela fait déjà plus d’une décennie que la communauté francophone est présente sur le front du weeb-lelz.

Qu’elles soient vénérées ou décriées, plusieurs figures ont su en leur temps, marquer la communauté Il ne s’agit pas toujours de cows à proprement parlé, mais je me suis dit que leur évocation pourrait vous inspirer pour la suite de ce thread…n’étant plus en Francophonie, j’ai du mal à me tenir informé du lait frais qui pourrait en sortir…alors je compte sur vous !

Princesse Pudding
A la fois tatoueuse et modèle, Princesse Pudding s’est fait connaître du grand public par le biais de reportages TV consacrés à son look « atypique ».
Après avoir été un petit « phénomène » au cours des années 2009/2010, elle se consacre aujourd’hui à de l’événementiel et semble avoir adopté un look plus « classique » (en dépit d’un recours à la chirurgie esthétique, ce dont elle parle très ouvertement)
En dehors de son look, je ne crois pas qu’il y eut jamais de dramas autour d’elle, mais je me trompe peut-être.
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No. 470668

File: 1570566403753.jpg (962.54 KB, 2250x2250, pt2019_10_08_22_22_12.jpg)

J'ai un peu parcouru Twitter et la plupart des gens soutiennent Linart.
Au contraire, ceux qui trouvent cette disqualification naturelle sont:
>une blanche (qui m'a l'air très jeune, je ne suis pas certaine qu'elle réalise la portée du truc)
>une adepte du yellow-facing (oh l'ironie)

Il y a peut-être davantage sur FB, mais je n'ai pas de profil dessus et ne peux donc pas vérifier.

No. 470674

C'est l'apocalypse, la publication de l'orga de BulleJapon qui dénonce l'affaire a atteint les 1000 partages, et sur le FB de l'Eurocosplay, on en est à 700 commentaires, et y'a genre… une personne sur 50 qui défend la décision de la virer du concours. Donc deux posts par la page et le compte perso de Fahr Sindram, une lolcow notoire qui a son thread sur /pt/

No. 470679

Et, fun fact, la raison pour laquelle Livanart a été sélectionnée pour l'EuroCosplay, c'est que comme absolument personne ne s'est inscrit à la sélection à Mang'Azur, ils ont décidé de prendre le champion de la Coupe de France. L'EC est vraiment en train de couler, c'est magnifique.

No. 470834

File: 1570616141948.jpg (31.64 KB, 526x300, 1566840427446.jpg)

>la première meuf poste un truc en français
>l'autre meuf lui répond en anglais

No. 471960

Ah yes, la bonne ironie.
Marrant comme c'est toujours les cassos koreaboo-en-déni-intense qui sont les premiers à chouiner pour des trucs comme "muuuh appropriation culturelle"

File: 1564608144585.jpg (20.45 KB, 399x399, CatNunIsHereForU.jpg)

No. 442082[Reply]

By confessing our sins and repenting of them, we receive forgiveness and salvation.

Let it all out, farmers.
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No. 470580

I like how it's normal people doing normal shit. I don't like how it's probably been posted without one or the others consent.

No. 470608

i typically watch kink videos where faces are masked or otherwise obscured.

No. 470609


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 470623

New thread: >>470621

No. 487741

File: 1574845031055.jpg (347.23 KB, 2400x1600, red.jpg)

As somebody with cancer (lucky enough i am in remission now) but apart from the actual pain of dying i think the tough part is letting everything go. Letting go of all sense of body, sight, hearing, thought, Leaving loved ones behind, leaving regrets behind and unresolved issues behind.
Death is just so finale, its not natural for a brain to like understand and cope with.

File: 1568838985961.jpg (56.61 KB, 679x491, 62a7ecc9eb3d8a3e8551bfa0fbf1d7…)

No. 463553[Reply]

You know the drill. Keep the spergouts to a minimum, please.
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No. 469347

Nail polish is harmful as fuck so why would anyone want to willingly increase it's use? Why couldn't he just sit and talk with his friend?
I definitely thought the same thing, there's a sexual element to this.

No. 469421

>Gender Critical General
>Lol, men painting each other's nails? What a bunch of homos.
What are you people even doing here?

No. 477557

Because mens lib is a joke, especially on reddit. The fact they think they can dictate the "correct" type of feminism and attack women who don't follow that type (read: liberal feminism). They're rarely concerned about rape/DV/murder statistics as it relates to male on female violence, and instead will focus on dumb shit like "hehe I paint my nails now." They SAY they want to deconstruct gender but in the same breath proclaim trannies are valid.

No. 477558


Also what do they want liberation from? The patriarchy? The patriarchy builds them up. You can see they have no interest in dismantling the patriarchy when it comes to things like schooling. They freak out constantly about women scoring better than men. They just want to be able to do stereotypical female things but not be called gay. There's nothing deeper to it.

No. 481305

File: 1573154956145.png (232.04 KB, 1099x491, fixedit.png)

There, I fixed it. Abuse goes both ways senpai.

Man-haters don't typically hire prostitutes or watch porn (they fap to erotica or romance novels instead) but some women do like hookers and porn.(cut ur dick off)

File: 1562432727934.jpg (312.97 KB, 826x1024, HzXA4gkx.jpg)

No. 431019[Reply]

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Last thread: >>392511
Leaving Neverland thread: >>392313
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Tinfoil General thread: >>369313
Azelia Banks thread: >>>/snow/771485

Latest milk:
>Neverending Ariana discussion
>Zheani/Die Antwoord drama continues
>Die Antwoord's adopted children
>Kim Kardashian announces her shapewear line "Kimono". Announces she will change the name due to backlash.
>The Britney Spears Conservatorship
>Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton (Nancy & Jonathan of Stranger Things) discussion.
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No. 468107

farrah is my favourite trainwreck

No. 469298

File: 1570243882444.jpg (196.08 KB, 1320x700, grimes.jpg)

LOL omg its true.

It seems almost everyone who wants fame/power are severely fucked up. From the anime cosplay girl to the biggest Hollywood megastar

No. 469545

uhh, no shit? anyone willing to put themselves out there that much who truly believes they’re that much of the shit is likely the host of god knows how many mental illnesses… tell us something new.

No. 471288

I used to be such a Grimes fan (of her music) but after the Elon and even Azaelia thing I can't see her in the same way.

No. 472078

New thread: >>472077

No. 467267[Reply]

>Be White Australian GOD
>Talk to farmer
>30 seconds later this happens

We need to talk about the sick fetishisation of Australian men on this website

File: 1561483456440.jpg (992.32 KB, 2160x2880, 1561304473453.jpg)

No. 426204[Reply]

were not necessarily preparing for a disaster, but learning ways to become more survival skills and self-sufficiency
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No. 456453

Does this go for antibiotics as well? Been thinking about buying some off of IndiaMart, it seems like it would be good to have as a prepper.

No. 462678

What's everyone's thoughts on Survival Manual Offline by Iigi on the google store? It looks pretty good so far

No. 467183

If you wanna be a lazy bitch, you could also just offer sex to some random guy that knows it. That could be slightly better than dying horribly.

No. 467199

Sounds like a male prepper fantasy.

No. 467219

I'm sorry, but the only thing I feel towards this video is "get a life geek-a-zoid"

File: 1550492075234.jpg (250.29 KB, 1000x1000, plastic-surgery-renee-zellwege…)

No. 375656[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/196187
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No. 464745

Yeah but she's still hard denying it. She thinks Photoshopping less and not wearing brown circle lenses makes her not a Korean skinwalker. She's still packing on the plastic surgery too and the procedures don't even make her look good.

No. 465049

She got thigh lipo done @ korea and it made her look like a grown woman with kids legs. Detective baby legs.

No. 465079

Nose jobs and face injections too

No. 465831

File: 1569427500468.jpg (73.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (11).jpg)

Aw Edward Avila has his own Korean wannabe twin

No. 466896

It was vitiligo, you can find confirmation on his death certificate.

File: 1567519094663.jpg (94.5 KB, 1024x1001, ONLINE-10[1].jpg)

No. 457360[Reply]

Previous thread: >>448171
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No. 466077


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 466078

True, guess I could try that too.

No. 466082

my sister is deliberately trashing me to other people to make me seem lazy and irresponsible.i know it is because of her jealousy towards me but im tired of being her target.i want to stand up to it but im too tired.i want her to know that there's no reason to dislike me and feel inferior towards me for whatever fucking reason but it's so difficult to be nice.im bound to get sad or angry and then im made to be the bad one.until recently i kinda doubted if she is too mean or if im too sensitive but due to some events,i know she tries to put me down on purpose.it may be all fun and games to her but im sick and i wonder when im going to blow up

No. 466089

Feel you here. Am I the only one with w a spiteful mentally ill sister or am I crazy idk

No. 470107

>Most of my dating pool is butch or hippie Tumblr girls
>Which isn't always bad but I like feminine sporty girls
>Get annoyed with pubes in my mouth
>No lesbian with shaved pus

File: 1568372689284.png (153.64 KB, 417x313, tumblr_niz6zxtD2v1rt24m5o1_500…)

No. 461809[Reply]

It's friday the 13th and I admit I'm a dumb ass who gets anxious over this kind of stuff and different kind of omens. Last night I had a dream about a huge black dog chasing me everywhere I went and now I am worried.

Do you have stupid superstitions or know anyone with weird ones?
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No. 462142

Yep my family is muslim, while I'm secretly a non-believer. But I don't think my mother's believes and superstitions only come from Islam, because we're from countries that incorporated some of its own traditions and believes in Islam after the Arab invasion centuries ago, kind of like how Halloween and maybe Christmas too were incorporated in Christianity iirc.

>it's literally about me thinking about a scenario => haha now it is impossible lol

I can see why people would think like that tbh, it's just the "it's too good to be true" mentality.

>the previous owner of this house complementing one of my mom's birds after they had moved out and the bird died that not one hour later, suddenly when he was totally healthy and chirpy before, and it was a young bird too.
Not gonna lie that's kinda scary. I wouldn't want to live there after that.

No. 462309

I've heard that sleep paralysis only happens on your back, is this true?

Cos I had this experience while laying on my side-

So I'm extra spooked if that's true

No. 462341

>I'm hoping maybe anons might know anything about black cats, other than them being bad luck?

They are precious fur babies and they are not cursed at all. I hate the abuse they get.

Santeros are probably the single religious group of people i dislike most and i generally really appreciate people's spiritual traditions no matter their religion but not Santeros, everyone who has worked with rescue shelters around here knows them very well because they keep trying to adopt animals to sacrifice, specially black cats. Santeros have actually got inside zoos and killed tigers, they cut one tiger's leg and left it there agonizing and other time a black panther dissapeared and her head appeared on an altar in a street and her body in a dumpster. They keep intimidating people and work with gangs, drug dealers and criminals. Fuck santeros, don0t ever trust your neighbor.

>I wouldn't want to live there after that.

Pretty much everyone who visits gets spooked here, every now and theres high strangeness going on but its our home and property so we cope ;_;

No. 464054

Nta but I also used to have lots of dreams of a large black dog, despite not having any in my life. Sometimes he was hostile, sometimes he was just there.
Haven't had those dreams for a long time though.

No. 465699

I have never believe in the super natural,until some weird shit happened to me ,I'm a forensic specialist , so I deal whit a lot of corpses ,some co-workers have this believe that , when a corpse it's really rigid ( from the rigor mortis) to undress , to ask for the corpse " cooperation " so we can get the job done quickly and they can finally rest, I have always thought that was some silly shit to be honest, Until that fucking day ,where I have to undress this baby of 2 years , who have died in a car crash , that baby was so fucking rigid I couldn't undress her without breaking her bones , so one of my coworkers say to me , " come on " just tell her you are going to take her with her mother , I was so fucking tired that day , that I thought fine whatever, and I say " come on baby I'm just going to take your dirty clothes so you can be with your mommy " and I shit you not , her fucking corpse started to get less rigid , maybe I was my imagination but after that day I really have this odd feeling when I'm with a corpses,

File: 1513485098827.png (244.92 KB, 702x689, starhar.png)

No. 217308[Reply]

I looked through the catalog and I didn't see one so I figured that I would start a thread for happiness, confidence, and sort of a counter to the vent thread.

Here, you can post about things that are going well for you or progress which you've made with yourself, school, career, family, or anything really. Nobody else gets to decide what makes you happy.

I'll start: I've been getting a great handle on my ptsd in therapy and my mother is legitimately trying to have some kind of relationship with me. She still slips up and does incredibly hurtful things (such as not own up to abuse), but to her credit she is trying and I believe one day may apologize.

No. 217314

File: 1513489738953.webm (441.07 KB, 360x360, groove.webm)

This makes me happy

No. 217315

There is already a positivity thread

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