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File: 1630908720196.png (40.53 KB, 1215x701, America.png)

No. 901685[Reply]

I've been thinking about it recently, maybe it would give Americans some more culture and a sense of identity.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 901698

we should all just start speaking lojban

No. 901701

File: 1630910045982.png (20.12 KB, 916x446, American alphabet.png)

This is what I have for the American alphabet so far, it's not much, but it's a start.

No. 901710

File: 1630911505106.jpg (191.35 KB, 1024x740, contentItem-10603854-97403289-…)

idk anything about cherokee, but it looks nice so I'm for it

No. 901712

File: 1630911617777.jpg (13.24 KB, 480x360, jung smirk.jpg)

Anon, this reeks of tism. But it's very cute so I support you.

No. 901716

Thanks, I had simplicity in mind when making it.

File: 1519935462139.jpg (71.42 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nqls7seyQG1twt4dho2_540…)

No. 231750[Reply]

Following the newly made author cows thread - >>>/snow/516563, let's have a general writing life thread! Post your favorite writing tips, advice, inspiration, problems, questions, memes, and vents.
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No. 869307

I never write on paper because my hand starts hurting after a few sentences and I can't write as fast as ideas form in my head. I end up in pain and frustrated every time, so I stick to writing on the computer.

On a totally different note: anyone knows of a good writing group? I'm 10K words in my thriller novel and I would really like to find a writing buddy to exchange tips and feedback, brainstorm together and encourage each other. I've tried discord, nanowrimo forums and meetup with no success. If, by any chance, an anon here is around 30, a woman and into writing thriller/mystery please let me hug your leg and never let go.

No. 869327

I prefer to write on my phone since it is the thing that I use to communicate with frequently anyway. I used to write at work so I got accustomed to using my phone.

Do you guys seek out feedback? I feel like there is something noble about writing for yourself, but getting someone else to respond to your work can be very satisfying.

No. 869364

Prefer typing. Much faster, I don’t have to think so hard about what I’m typing, spell check etc. My hand writing is ugly and again, it’s really slow. I feel less creative when hand writing somehow. Also I get anxiety over ruining a nice piece of paper.

No. 870077

I get feedback from my writing coach and best friend but we’re all into the same genres and tropes so I don’t think I’m really challenging my ideas much. Are subreddits like r/destructivereaders worth anything? (I think I know the answer but who knows.)

No. 901559

File: 1630890630515.jpg (75.9 KB, 640x360, sexual_harassment_robot.jpg)

I wrote something (no fandom knowledge required).

>Do you guys seek out feedback? I feel like there is something noble about writing for yourself, but getting someone else to respond to your work can be very satisfying.
I don't really control what I happen to write about. Some idea just pops up and I write it down and may or may not turn into a story. Feedback is always good though.

File: 1630366968124.jpg (1015.63 KB, 2048x1121, windows10.jpg)

No. 895887[Reply]

Thought it would be fun if people shared their current desktops, customisations, etc. You can post inspiration, pick up new tips or programs for customisation, or ask for help about something you'd like to do.

[Thread pic are some eye catching examples, you can do even more extreme things, I just wanted to illustrate some possibilities]

It seems like while phone customisation is still a pretty popular thing to do, people are customising their computer UI's less and less (this has mostly to do with Microsoft killing and removing most of the native customisation options, and Apple has never really been "customisation" friendly). I remember customising my Windows XP to shit and back, I had a fully decked out Kingdom Hearts theme for the entire PC. Thankfully there is a lot of free software and open source software on the internet that can help you make your PC look just the way you want; with some limitations ofc.

You can do quite a bit on Windows without any extra programs, but utilising them is really the main course, and the dessert. There are just so many third party programs out there for this purpose.

List of suggested or recommended software

Software for Windows:

>Rainmeter (skins for your desktop, extensive range of both aesthetic and fully functional community made addons)

>UltraUXThemePatcher (patch that modifies system files allowing you to use themes on your PC, can change the entire look of your computer)
>WindowBlinds (skins for your start menu, taskbar, window frames and control buttons)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 900101

File: 1630740249260.png (1.07 MB, 1280x2108, ddnuny8-12d453ee-d8f3-45b5-aa6…)

I'm not good with computers but I figured out how to install this theme on my windows 10 laptop. And then it suddenly disappeared after a few months.

Now I just use rainmeter for a pretty clock on my desktop.

Is there a good beginners guide to customising on windows?

No. 900105

Oh that is very cool. I think it may have disappeared because of a windows update, maybe if you download it again it will work again

No. 900113

Point blank this thread is just ever going to be rainmeter edits and that's as good and it's ever going to get unless you can actually rice your system

No. 900227

Ok? Windows just happens to be the most popular OS in the world. And no one but /g/ autists has the time or the neurosis to be assed with a punishing process just to make everything look a little more boring.

No. 900249

i used this wp for months. i love wp engine.

cute! rs3 player though…

File: 1576680016079.png (440.88 KB, 640x825, EK_8rZEU4AAOuHo.png)

No. 495717[Reply]

post your predictions of what might happen in the coming decade!

I think were gonna see another 2008-style economic slump , a likely resurgence of rock music and Onision finally going to prision
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No. 889113

That’s more or less French secularism tbh. It’s not there yet but more and more people have a strict definition of « laicité »as the number of terrorists attacks grow, Muslim religiosity is starting to lose its untouchable status and Catholicism is almost dead.

No. 899375

I knew fascism was coming somewhere this decade but didn't except Australia to be the first, in a few years they will be completely fascist.

No. 899613

>Imagine a future where no one ever gets out to do anything, we just stay inside all day

No. 899645

You did it anon

No. 899847

File: 1630710462069.jpeg (8.08 KB, 192x262, download.jpeg)

I'm (partly) Kosovo-Albanian and even I support this message. Tito is the only dictator that unironically slaps.

Gonna disagree here, Milosevic was the worst. "The West" didn't do shit during the siege of Sarajevo (longest siege in history) or Srebrenica. They only got involved at the very end (Kosovo).

I highly recommend "The Destruction of Yugoslavia" by Branka Magaš, "Tito. Life & Times" by Neil Barnett and "The Bridge Betrayed" by Michael A. Sells. pls don't read anything that ascribes characteristics such as "eternal fascists" and "perfect socialists" to specific ethnic groups.

File: 1606326838612.jpg (107.38 KB, 960x600, a1b009fd0e3bf7ae9b97adfaeb0fa5…)

No. 681547[Reply]

Good vibes only.

Previous thread: >>64888
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No. 900364

thats awesome anon! youre gonna crush your first race!!

No. 900587

I looked through my old digital art files today, a few were cringe and I can't believe I didn't see what was wrong with them but a lot of them were amazing and I couldn't believe I'd ever drawn that, I felt bad for admiring them, like I don't deserve being amazed with my own drawings or I feel bad because I think I wouldn't be able to do something like that again. I guess not every drawing can be great but sometimes inspiration strikes and I can make something I can admire later.
Nice that looks beautiful and good luck

No. 900646

Anon that's amazing! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up!

No. 900689

today i submitted a portfolio for a thing i want to get into and im so nervous, but i hope i submitted it right and get in!!
posting here for positive vibes hehe

No. 903828

Way to go!!! I’m sure it was daunting, but way to put yourself out there

File: 1613147580098.jpg (965.97 KB, 1188x1208, 1611972429963.jpg)

No. 737511[Reply]

jatkoa suomillangalle

edellinen >>>/ot/222198
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No. 898852

File: 1630611788342.png (1.65 MB, 1204x940, Näyttökuva 2021-9-2 kello 22.3…)

Giansantilla on siis podcast nimeltä Leveli. todella happoista kamaa.

Toinen Podcastin vetäjistä eli Milad "Slim Mill" Dehghan potkittiin myös puolueesta

>myös salaliitto skitsoilija

>vastustaa lääketeollisuutta jne jne maria nordin kyllä te tiedätte
>samaan aikaan ilmeisesti Pro-Israel
>myös liian hullu persuihin


No. 898945

Tää Deghan on kyllä hämmentävä liero.
>koko juttu poliitikkona on olla maahanmuuttokriittinen maahanmuuttaja
>kaveeraa kuitenkin Milan Jaffin kanssa, joka on joka persulle raivoerektion aiheuttava rikoksillaan ja perseilyllään somessa kerskuva mamu

No. 899104

Näitä käsitelty aiemmin langassa täällä, kun Slim Mill puolusteli seksuaalirikollista Fiaa: >>763417

Nyt näköjään vihdoinkin lensivät ulos, vähän liian sakeaa jengiä jopa persuille.

No. 899271

File: 1630676750806.jpg (356.82 KB, 893x1054, Screenshot_20210903-164405_Ins…)

Muna Bling toi taas täysmaidot Ticklen raskausuutiskuvaan. Pakko viedä huomio cisnaiselta uhriutumalla.

No. 899291

Huh luulin ensin että tää päättyy niin että toi alkaa vinkua siitä kuinka ei itse voi tulla raskaaks mut onneks ei.

File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716[Reply]

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.
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No. 881875

And cucked when it's literally your SO.

No. 884208

I approve of this kink if it means scrotes and coomers kill themselves in the name of a fetish. Or at least put more thought into it.

No. 884894

DDLG and all kinds of uwu I’m a small bean attention whoring

No. 884898

Wtf moids are disease
>> she’s a big girl bruh she knows better than that

No. 899204

File: 1630665236550.png (14.43 KB, 400x370, 1.png)

More on that.
They're probably all 20 or so

File: 1626893145748.jpg (78.92 KB, 682x452, header-1280x_1.jpg)

No. 859842[Reply]

Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society. Please be considerate of eachother, no shaming.
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No. 893758

File: 1630123451621.jpeg (57.94 KB, 573x525, AF61843C-0110-45FA-A43D-A2C449…)

I so badly wish I could just neet for a month or so. I just need a break from work/life/everything. ugh.

No. 893769

File: 1630125617670.png (391.45 KB, 728x610, 1625662472386.png)

I posted this on the other thread, but basically I'm living with my brother and his family
I'm actually content with my current arrangement, I help with the housework, help with the kids and the rest of my time I spend on streaming sites, playing games and watching movies
My brother and Sister-in-Law are very understanding and don't ever bother me and I love them both very much, I don't know what will happen in next 20 or 30 years but for now I'm happy like this and I hope we can maintain what we have

No. 895291

Sorry in advance, but I think I'm in route to become a NEET at this point; I have no prospects and my career didn't get anywhere. My only two options is to get a entry-level job that I will hate and will destroy me physically and mentally, while having to live with the shame that I threw my life away, or embrace Neetdom and live a life of seclusion and avoidance. Those are really my two choices, and I hate them both.

No. 898612

Since becoming a NEET I personally could not envision any other way of living. Every day I wake up with satisfaction of knowing that every hour of this day belongs to me. No matter how I decide to spend my time I can say that I spent it on my own terms, not to the rhythm of an alarm clock or a punch card. I'm thankful that I want for little, because it lets me live a life of very little stress with each lazy day bringing its own blessings.

No. 898700

i have been a neet for 5 years now pretty much … after i had a huge mental breakdown in high school and barely graduated, it has been a struggle to get back into society.

i still live at home (which i hate) but thankfully my family is very understanding after i tried to do sudoku some years back. do i even want to be a part of society again? i just want to be left alone and be in my own space doing my own stuff. i just want to be a hermit and be alone.

File: 1591954828421.jpeg (182.28 KB, 933x525, 896A7BBF-3FFF-4080-B352-03549C…)

No. 569079[Reply]

Are you learning a language? Do you want to ask for/share tips? Want to vent about grammar and complicated writing systems?Wanna share a page of your notebook you’re proud of? Looking for a study buddy? Found an amazing textbook?
Well, here’s the place for all things language learning.
All languages welcome, even English!
PS: no dumb questions like "Do I need to know how to write and speak (insert language here)???" "Do I really have to make efforts??". You won’t get banned but you’ll sound like a retard. Don’t be a language retard.
297 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 898481

The first app looks great, it's even in my first language so I can have an easier time understand translations and the app's settings. I'll see if I'll pay for it a bit later. I tried to practice irl in Japan thanks to my working holiday visa but because of COVID it was just not possible. And I couldnt stay the whole year on top of that so forgot a lot of words and kanji I was really used to back then. I'll see if I can practice in my country.

True, although I've seen a lot of job opportunities requiring a N2 certificate. My goal is to see what's my current level and make some progress little by little, I don't think I'd be able to pass the N2 just yet. The biggest problem for work is keigo though, I hate that shit so much. I have some rl friends who passed the N1 and still have a hard time with keigo.

No. 898517

I've been studying Mandarin for a few years, I'm around HSK4 but I lost motivation to continue with it during the last year. I want to get back into it now, I might start with Duolingo when I'm on the bus in the mornings. But I really want to properly learn Irish, it's sad that I studied it from the ages of 5-18 in school yet I genuinely can't string a sentence together.

No. 898556

File: 1630579370137.png (144.79 KB, 322x600, 47308925-F601-41B7-B1D9-99671B…)

My girlfriend baby talks to me in her native language. I learn more from those little conversations than any of my study resources. Maybe that's because despite not really understanding her or knowing how to formulate a proper reply, I still feel so so happy and I can tell she's enjoying herself, too. I just love her tone of voice. It takes off all the pressure of being perfectly correct. I also think this approach mimics the natural acquisition of language, closely enough that even my adult brain latches on. I'm really grateful to have a patient and loving teacher.

No. 898559

Do you learn with a teacher or alone? How hard is it?
I have always wanted to learn an Asian language (years ago I tried to learn Japanese because I like the culture and used to be a weeb but recently I was thinking Mandarin might be more useful)

No. 898606

I learned with a teacher at the beginning but now that I have a good grip on it I'm studying it alone. It's hard at the start, I couldn't really speak at all in the first year or so because the tone system/pronunciation is so different from English. But the further you go the easier it gets, especially if English is your native language, because the grammar is very simple and similar to English. My teacher even told me that in her experience American students had more success in becoming fluent than Japanese students despite both languages using Chinese characters. Good luck with whichever you choose anon, it's been useful to me in the workplace for me a few times so far!

File: 1629430718052.jpg (29.94 KB, 340x255, 1628543280666.jpg)

No. 886678[Reply]

It's ok to be dumb… normalize low IQ, stop the stigma.
Previous >>>/ot/877926
1207 posts and 257 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 898388

I've only ever got like one shitty comment from an insecure morbidity obese teenager even though my boobs are undeniably big (7.5 lbs) compared to my body. it just doesn't happen and moids also underestimate how much clothing takes a role in "boob envy". Literally most of r/breastenvy can be fixed with a simple change of clothing. Other than that most moids literally don't give two shits even when I was a sex worker. I've seen girls with almost no boobs bring home thousands daily. It's just obese pickmes who are that stuck up about their boobs, healthy women who have large breasts naturally don't care about other womens boobs that much lol

No. 898436

i lowkey suspect youtuber madiysn brown is an lc lurker or user… seeing her do the rational thing and use she/her for demi lovato in her latest vid, among other reasons. she's actually kind of based in a sense she did another video calling out the ps industry too. given i havent seen that many videos of hers though

No. 898711

I have been randomly told “ my boyfriend prefers small ones and is more into asses” but that was from a pickmeisha who also reminded me that my boobs will be down at my knees in like 10 years. I wanna get them reduced. I have to go see a chiropractor who can refer me first. I am tbh jealous of perky lil boobs and bolt ons

No. 900109

Sorry that your self post didn’t go to plan but you are very obviously shopped to hell and back

No. 908220

Old post but yes, we exist, god taste anon.

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