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File: 1503286071499.jpg (141.5 KB, 900x656, japanophile_iii_by_artificialx…)

No. 202684[Reply]

Have you guys dealt with or seem weebs act or say socially unacceptable things or straight dow weird shit?
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No. 205481

anon, a girl liking to see gay guys fuck is definitely a fetish. hell, even a guy liking it makes it a fetish. you totally seem triggered with your weirdly defensive response.

No. 205511

Do you even know what a fetish is? Liking normal sex is not a fetish.

No. 205517

It can be if you get sexual gratification and have a fixation, which yaoi and porn pretty much is.

No. 207765


Jesus, wtf

No. 207960

the internet made all this shit easier to develop in younger people
some don't like to admit they may have some voyeuristic tendencies because they don't really spy people irl but it all comes to the same conclusion

File: 1497523448555.jpg (243.68 KB, 1200x1800, 54bc0d769a7b7_-_hbz-marilyn-mo…)

No. 195195[Reply]

I noticed that a lot of people here are fans of old films, vintage fashion, etc.

So feel free to talk about your fav old films, music, vintage clothes and things you bought.
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No. 207803

File: 1507452803165.jpg (95.09 KB, 418x640, 9f980339a7dd59fba73c36aaa0b013…)

Please post it!!!

No. 207827

File: 1507482119125.gif (1.99 MB, 500x345, tumblr_njn3z7sF3D1smj73fo1_500…)

lately ive been dreaming about living in 60s paris as an intellectual. ive been watching too much french new wave, sigh.

No. 207835

File: 1507489440943.gif (978.44 KB, 500x344, 78cd72ef-42cd-4cf0-8e5c-9d2821…)

I absolutely love Jean Harlow anon!
Posting Diana Dors, something about her eyes remind me of Jessica Rabbit.

What are the best 50's makeup tutorials you have seen on YouTube anons?

No. 207904

File: 1507555220478.png (1.17 MB, 1214x540, Untitled.png)

Idk if this counts as vintage, but this lot…

I want to watch them all day being hot druggy messes wearing great clothes and thin eyebrows.

If I was ever told I could go back in time and be part of a "scene" I'd chose The Factory, even though it'd probably kill me.

Either that or a Beatnik. Pretentious anyway.

No. 207957

What film is this gif from?

File: 1507368033540.jpg (226.48 KB, 1280x669, Jenovah-art.full.1389404.jpg)

No. 207708[Reply]

I looked around but it seems that there isn't a specific thread about shitty job experiences.

So let's share work related horror stories here!

(As suggested in the Aly threads)
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No. 207775

is this something that happens in the UK?hopefully you had gloves, was this in some old fuck town too? I worked at a thrift store before and most the people who came in were hipster teenagers/college students and just regular poor people

if a guy came in and asked for a child manniquin I would have knocked his ass out

No. 207808

I'm from the rural part of a european country. Before going to college i wanted to make some cash; here it's quite normal to work on fields to do so as students.

At school they already told us how shitty Monsanto is - but i did not care since i wanted the monay. On my first day i started at like 6 in the morning, the weather was shit, raining lile hell. During the lunch break the boss comes up to me and says that there are too many people here and that he doesn't need me anymore.

So after applying for this job weeks prior, getting the okay for 2 months i was fired after half a day, because he's too stupid to calculate how many workers he needed…

No. 207838

An adult daycare center. My boss was a crotchety battleax of a nun who demanded that we stood up at all times (no leaning against walls or sitting down) and wouldn't let us bring in our own lunches to eat. I feel most comfortable wearing scrubs to jobs like that, especially since I did not want to run the chance of dirtying up my personal articles of clothing with bodily fluids while I showered them and changed their diapers. The kitchen lady was nice, but her food was garbage, most of it was donated food throw together in a pot and served with bread and applesauce. No dice, unfortunately. Apparently, the participants had a tendency to clam up and get scared when they think nurses or doctors are around, so I didn't make a fuss. I wore street clothes and ate the same food as everyone else.

I didn't mind the participants, and many of them seemed to grow very attached to me. Cleaning them, feeding and assisting them was no issue either, as I'm used to that kind of work and I find it much less hassle than doing the same for infants or toddlers (I used to work with children). However, I couldn't stand my co-workers. They were a chatty bunch who badmouthed the participants at any opportunity. They put on this cheerful kindergarten teacher facade when it was time to sing songs or play games, but as soon as they walked away that fake smile faded and someone would say something fucked up.

I was also kind of off-put by the whole ' treating participants like children' thing. Only about 30% of our participants had some sort of mental or cognitive impairment. The rest of them were just elderly or physically disabled and needed something to occupy their day while their primary caregivers were at work. The whole workplace had this degrading atmosphere. Giving former university professors and police officers coloring books and 10 piece jigsaw puzzles and making them sing campfire songs and shit.

The bitches were also annoying to me. I was the new girl there and the youngest by far (average age was about 35, a decade older than me) so every little thing I did was under scrutiny. I was instructed to do something by the person training me, only for another woman to come up seconds later asking me why I should be doing X when I need to be doing Y. So I'd go do Y, only for my boss to come up and tell me why I'm not doing Z, so on and so on. I was also pressured into not quitting several times because apparently, the daycare center was barely meetiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 207840

Oh geez, I always wondered about the adult caretaker job. When I worked in retail, caretakers would always come in with their elderly groups/person. I think most of them would either act like the elderly person or the entire group are mentally challenged, or they would just be lazy and not care. I remember one time when I was working at a grocery store as a cashier, and these 2 young caretaker women came through with 3 carts full of food. Both of them just stood there on their phones while their elderly group sat on benches nearby and I had to put all of the bags back in their cart without their help. It boggles my mind why people go to work in such a field if they don't like interacting with the elderly or why so many people default to the 'preschool teacher' personality like you mentioned.

No. 208168

Seasonal at a Disney store.
I didn't realize everyone hates seasonal workers so was unprepared for the general bitchiness from the crew. One manager in particular despised me for no reason and every shift with her was a battle
I had 1 day of training before they put me on register with no one to supervise. It was hell. There's so much to memorize and upsell and I didn't even know how to sell park tickets until my 3rd fucking week.
Some highlights include
Accidentally stocking one plush on the wrong spot and getting called an idiot in front of customers. Literally just a slip of my hand got me berated
Told to come in after close by a manager to use employee discount yet when I did, everyone got pissed and told me not to ruin their floor (understandable)
Told to hold something then was yelled at in front of customers when I was actually meant to count it.
A customer asked me if they could use a certain credit card. I said I'd check with my manager just to be sure after telling them no initially. Just to make the customer happy you know? The manager got pissed I asked her then I overheard her telling a coworker to watch me because I even asked.
Also, at the end of my shift I told the manager that someone needed to switch with me so I could clock out. She told me ok. An hour passes and nothing so I tell my coworker who tells that manager who then storms up screaming at me that I should've told her earlier. I walked out of the mall crying that day.

Customers also sucked but I'd take annoying customers over a bitchy team and even bitchier manager anyday.

In the end they gradually took me off the schedule and I was so happy. I went in to get my final check and the manager who hated me said "what's your name again?" with the most shit eating grin I've ever seen.
Fuck them
I still love Disney though

File: 1506972630679.png (15.94 KB, 1200x800, Flag_of_Japan_(bordered).svg.p…)

No. 206824[Reply]

Because of anime it seems like everyone and their moms think Japan is a sugoi magical country with 0 evil/bad things. I never really understood the hype of Japan.

I've seen people so obsessed with Japan, they will only use and eat stuff from Japanland. I've known people who legally changed their first name to a Japanese one. Seen pure white weebs claim they are 0000.1% Japanese. If you've been on the Internet for awhile I'm sure you've seen the weirdos that think they are a rl anime character or try to emulate a animu life. I worked in a game shop that had a Japanese section and some people would wear cringey cosplay stuff and think they're badass + shout random Japanese.

Why does Japan get all this love and praise?

Why is Japan so attracttive to socially inept and mentally ill people?

Why do weebs think faking and lying about their race is acceptable?
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No. 207702

>You're just jealous of my hazubando

I agree with you mostly, but literally no one outside of small imageboards is jealous of someone for having married a Japanese man.

No. 207703

I'm pretty sure Anon was being sarcastic.

No. 207704

This. Japan is cool and in terms of infrastructure, safety and efficiency way better than western countries, but Asian men are generally unattractive compared to the men I'm used to (White and "Hispanic"). Japanese are definitely better looking than mainland Asians though.

That burnout will happen to you too, believe me. The little differences between you and Japanese people will start to gradually grate on you as the years go by. It's nowhere near as bad as somewhere like Korea as far as the regret goes, because Japanese people are actually civilized and decent for the most part, but the older people get the more we tend to prefer our "own kind", I find.

t. Late 20s anon.

No. 207706

File: 1507367874694.jpg (155.3 KB, 1024x681, Florence.jpg)


While I really like Japanese traditional culture and the fact they've had so much continuity, I don't think their material culture (architecture, painting, other kinds of physical art) is as great as it is hyped up to be.

I get the minimalism, but there's a certain point where all those Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples blend into one. They're just so samey.

Florence > Kyoto.

No. 207830

Haha. I meant in reference to the picture I posted of Oshima Kaoru 大島薫. I was just joking.
My real husband is just a regular, good guy. No different or superior to any country's man.

I'm in my 30's, mixed race, atheist, introvert, quiet and focused more on my family than an independent social life. I've moved around a lot. My whole life has been go with the flow, trying to find middle ground with others and not really identifying strongly with any particular group. Being an outsider or being held to a different standard than others is not new for me, especially with how fractured and extreme groups in the U.S. can be sometimes. Because of this, and certain life events, I grew to be content of not fitting in completely. I guess I'm just a nomad.

15 years since my first visit, I'm really used to the way things are for me in Japan and I don't care about being seen exactly the same as Japanese as long as I am afforded the same respect and opportunities as anyone else. I've been very privileged so far, but who knows how it will be when my kids are all off to college or married.

I wouldn't die returning to America, but it also doesn't seem unlikely for me stay here another 10 or 20 years. Maybe it's difficult for someone with strong racial or cultural connections back home, but it was never that way for me and now that I have a family with their roots here, my priorities are different. I guess 仕方無い is appropriate in my case.

I agree that after you travel most of this country, it will eventually lose some of its wonder. But that's why you need to shift the focus from monuments and festivals to regional food. I don't think I could get bored of that!

Italy is definitely one of the top 5 countries I want to visit one day. I think anyone who loves Japan is foolish not to want to experience what other countries have to offer too.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1453147269543.jpeg (106.68 KB, 640x903, image.jpeg)

No. 60452[Reply]

Or anyone who's shoops look ridiculous or ugly. Cringe welcomed.

I just couldn't keep this to myself
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No. 207447

Fuck off, robot.

No. 207449

Are you more involved with /r/aznidentity or /r/easternsunrising these days, friendo?

No. 207451

oh no, this is "possibility that this person may actually have some kind of intellectual disability" kind of ugly.

No. 207456

I think the other person in that pic is a dude maybe trans.

No. 207660

they help weed out the undesirable partners so only the pretty ones can procreate with their own kind

File: 1472928346952.png (1.12 MB, 1402x870, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.00…)

No. 109364[Reply]

Last one reached reply limit. Post about fat people being gross.
Old thread: >>>>13848
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No. 200676

She doesn't even have her heels on the ground :(

No. 205662

This makes me fucking REEEEEEE
Kill it with fire

No. 207652

makes me remember back when i was in high school this fat girl with lots of acne always bullied me for no reason and called me ugly a lot (was shy,dressed in harjookoo fashion so i was weird/an outcast)
To this day i still wonder if she was jealous of me or just a bitch

No. 207653

fucc,meant to quote >>119348
most bitches i met were chubby/fat, i wonder if they're insecure about being lardasses and project their insecurities on thin girls

No. 207678

sage for somewhat OT and replying to an old post.

whenever me and my mom go to disney world we make a game out of how many obese people on scooters we can spot. whoever has the highest number wins

tbh i dont care if someone is overweight. but if it hinders your ability to walk for an extended amount of time you've got a fucking problem

File: 1506897001152.jpg (11.3 KB, 195x259, download (2).jpg)

No. 206670[Reply]

Similar to the video game thread but specifically focused on fighting games. Discuss anything ranging from:
>gettin gud
>upcoming games
>old school arcade fighters
>fight sticks
>games/series you just love
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No. 206683

File: 1506899942166.gif (1.78 MB, 500x259, uwu.gif)

Eyes Of Heaven is pretty dope. I main Diavolo, but I like a lot of the others too (especially Mista). Glad I have an excuse to post this gif :3

No. 206719

I need a fight stick recommendation. I'm not against modding one, but would prefer not to. I just want a sturdy base that will not hurt my hands or wrist in resting position. Would like Sanwa or Habuyasa stick.

No. 206720

what console do you have?

No. 206740


No. 207648

I love Dungeon Fighter Online, and apparently they're making a 3D sequel!

File: 1503977668587.jpeg (161.91 KB, 580x290, female_empowerment_workplace.j…)

No. 203690[Reply]

For the anons focused on their career, education or those who choose to start a business, this thread will be discussing


>how to advance in careers
>uni advice, how to get in, study tips, etc
>business tips, how to starts one, how to manage one
>where you are at right now currently and where you want to advance in a few years
>tips on self motivation and how to organize everything
>books to read for those who want to start businesses, advance in their jobs and help with uni

everyone welcome, from those still trying to find their first job to uni graduates, people on internships and business owners
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No. 207315

>graduated 5 months ago
>10 years of experience in my sector as a freelancer
>still not getting accepted anywhere

If I won't find a job in two months I think I'm gonna die from my mom and dad's nagging and boredom.

No. 207322

I want to do something oriented around data entry. I've been working at a call center for insurance taking claims but after a couple years I'm deciding to quit. I have some college but no official degrees. I have a background in art. I want to do a data entry job with little to no customer facing activities. What do?

No. 207349

I will say this right now:

For ANY standardized test:

Start studying NOW. Make studying a part of your life NOW. The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be because the more stuff you will forget.
Also what's even worse: the more expensive it will become as you will need more study materials to stay on top.

Also: find a study partner.

>how can I keep organized and deal with my overprotective psycho parents?

Telling them that you're studying for the ACT with a study group would be a great way to get out of the house and get away from them. I had old study partners that would just come to group meetings to mess around on their phone just to escape their stupid real life.

No. 207463

I know this sounds like gatekeeping, but if you aren't sure what you want to be doing exactly and you need to pay rent then I would just start moving towards a normal career so you can do arts on the side because being jobless or paid badly is par for the course unless you can find a niche for yourself. In less skilled creative positions there are always art sudents/grads who are willing to do everything for free so employers don't need to pay you much unless it's a rare technical skillset you have, and then you need have the experience on your CV to back up your claims of that thing you can do.

Maybe you're different to me, but I have found that in underpaid creative positions I'm usually putting in so much extra time of my own because I want the projects to succeed that I don't have any time to work on my own thing. Whereas with a non-creative job, as long as you find one where the environment is nice enough that you don't hate every minute, then at least at the end of the day you can clock out and go do your own work.

However if you decide on a specific job route or niche e.g. in-house comms design, then I really recommend doing any relevant internships you can find and also having a passion project in your spare time so you have something of your own to share. There are plenty of resources and ways to get ahead, but you need to know which direction you want to take 'being creative' in and at what cost you are willing to pay for it.

No. 207472


Thank you kind anon for your reply!

Well for my part now I already do the work during the day and be creative after that kind of thing as a illustrator. And this is what I would continue to do.

I already thought about the traditional career thing, which could be more stable and have "something" to build on it. But I read a lot of times that if I would do an apprenticeship after my studies, it would be useless and a waste of time. This is one thing that makes me not so easy to go into this direction. And if I would end this, I would be already 29, which is really old.

But otherwise I have no idea how to change my direction, I mean I can't just apply for jobs that I can't do? Idk maybe I'm a bit stupid here but the way to change this path is still a big question mark for me.

File: 1507148420687.png (224.26 KB, 720x721, Screenshot_2017-10-04-16-11-45…)

No. 207302[Reply]

Seems like every cosplay "guy" online is either a girl pretending to be a guy for fujoshi bait or a post op FTM. Everytime I find a male coser it usually comes down to the 2 I previously mentioned. It's sad that chicks pretending to be guys for attention is starting to be common now. What urks me is when they are so obviously a female and they still have the guts to put "male" on their profile. Thoughts?

No. 207340

I think what's really sad is that most all the real male cosplayers are fucking ugly

No. 207388

My bf has cosplayed for cons and I have male cosplayer friends, but no one who is "professional" or does it a ton/has a dedicated social media account for it. One of them put real technical effort into some of his too.

No. 207488

Yes there are. I'm so sick of newfags coming in being all "now about these male cosplayers, HOW come there are none?!" like they're the first ones to raise the issue. There are plenty of male cosplayers but most of them are either whores comparable to JNig/Momokun, extremely shitty-looking or nonchalant and avoiding the limelight.

No. 208935

is Moderately Okay Cosplay not a dude???

File: 1461518945476.png (56.9 KB, 624x295, 1936761_930237767054090_259932…)

No. 87877[Reply]

how has he managed to avoid the drama so far?
how has he avoided being dragged down into it by other yt cunts?
73 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 202379

he was calling him "a yellow motherfucker" and saying "fuck Frank, there will never be another Wheelz and Filthy Frank collaboration again". He's clearly just banting.

No. 202380

Sounds like a pretty wild assumption. I've seen a lot of people unable to keep a healthy relationship going but were still decent people.

No. 204530

File: 1505479441822.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1920, Joji vs stan.jpg)

Found this. J= joji

No. 206660

sure thing he interviewed the 'real' joji hahah

No. 207011

kek I doubt 100% joji would be bitching about some delusional fan online I mean he has a lot of shit going on at the moment to actually pay atention to dumb ass fans. but people do need to get off his dick if he wants to date someone its his choice and whoever he wants to date nobody else has a say in it but i've seen so many fan girls send mean things to lily (model) and to lauren (model/artist) he was also dating this curly haired girl who use to do a lot of filthy frank videos with him (check the alien video) and the fake frank saga. but she stopped because somehow fangirls managed to find her shit and started harrassing her there was a joji vlog where a girl (who is his friend) was next to him but as soon as she noticed she was being recorded she stepped away and said something like "wouldnt want your fans think im dating you" its somewhere on youtube. so whichever girl he poses with or collabs with becomes a target for the stans. I guess its a small price to pay for the fame he has. he also use to have a tumblr but fans started harassing him and he had to delete it, he recently said he has 3 instagram accounts tho (he said it in this video where joji is eating hot wings) one is sushitrash and the other is papafranku but the other one remains a mystery. idk but point being I doubt thats the real joji being interviewed if it was why didn't he posted that interview on his social media, he always seems to post any interviews he does on his twitter or other accounts.

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