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File: 1442348033768.jpg (146.7 KB, 1600x900, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 36619[Reply]

Does lolcow like ASMR?

Do you have any favorite ASMRtists, farmers?

Pic related, it's theukasmr. Ephemeral Rift is cool too.
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No. 48967

I know what you're talking about. Recently I've been listening to ASMR all the time (couldn't stand it before) because it makes me feel less alone and lets me shut off my thoughts but it's starting to make me feel numb now, in an unpleasant way. It's like overdoing weed or sth.

No. 48982

Ha ha I fucking love that. Especially when she says stuff like "it's important to please you".

No. 414798

Reviving this.


I largely enjoy Dana's videos, but I feel this is somewhat sexual? Especially the way the title is phrased and how they look into the camera, makes me feel really uncomfortable. The sounds are nice, but the whole setup reminds me of porn.

No. 414802

No. 414809

Weird, I did a ctrl-f to find any threads with ASMR in it and that didn't pop up for me. My bad.

File: 1557143032603.gif (2.54 MB, 420x236, tenor.gif)

No. 407188[Reply]

Last thread >>>/ot/400120
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No. 414779

>preaching about what women should wear
>tells them to wear black platform sandals which is generally what someone in their early 20s would wear

Make up your mind

No. 414781

I have nothing going on for me in life.
I'm staying in a toxic friendship, because I have nothing else.
And I'm typing this here, of all the places.
I'd love to change something, but I don't even know where to start, when nothing's really working.

No. 414786

new thread: >>414785

No. 416482

I was having a normal day but my anxiety went through the roof. It's even kept me from sleeping. I did doze very briefly but now I just have my heart feeling like it's being crushed ina vise along with being light-headed. I know it's just an anxiety attack but holy fuck I hate it. Nothing happened that would make me anxious so idk why it's even up.

No. 420504

just got into a fight with my sister and cut myself again

she was saying some nasty threatening shit that really reminded me of our abusive mom

i freaked out, i broke a glass, and i managed to take a pretty bad slice to my forearm. i feel like shit right now, i'm shaking, i'm angry, i want to die

she's been so disgusting and hateful and cruel and bitchy and demanding me to follow her whims 100% and i am honestly disgusted by how angry she makes me, because just a week ago we weren't in this position, my sister is a terrible control freak who reminds me of our mohter when she's in moods like this and then insists that her caustic and cruel words towards me and demands for me are out of "love", no, it's not fucking love to make even your older sister feel like a piece of shit who hates herself, and if you understood in the slightest what i'm going through, then you wouldn't do this. if her words didn't have such a sharp, nasty edge to them, if she tried to be nicer to others and not use a constantly bratty tone, then perhaps, perhaps i wouldnt hate her as much as i do. as it stands she's been so rude to me lately despite not being around enough that i finally cracked, she broke me

i hate my family so much, my dad is dismissive or downright nasty when he gets angry, my mother was abusive to me and my sister for 10+ years, my sister is an abrasive and angry control freak bitch who treats everyone like they should bow down to her, and i can't take it. i have no money and resources to move out and although i've been trying to get a new job it's failed and i have no motivation to continue after getting rejected multiple times, my currnet job makes me nowhere near enough money to live on my own

these people only care about me when i break down otherwise my family couldn't give less of a shit if i fucking died right in front of them, they'd bury me and move on with their lives. i'm going to try and do something to take off the edge now that my arm is bandaged up and it hurts like hell. i'm in immense emotional pain right now and i dont know who else to turn to. i have a session with my therapist tomorrow where i will explain my side of the story but my sister is already trying to defame me to my father and my therapist and i'm angry that she's trying to absolve herself of her blame when thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1556751092522.jpg (62.38 KB, 700x734, sub-buzz-16894-1508439343-1.jp…)

No. 405310[Reply]

How do you monitor threads here? How often do you check?

I use visualping (change detection) for slow threads but for faster threads I have to check manually to stay on top.

Wish there was an RSS feed for threads.
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No. 413642

I wish lolcow had something like 4chan: thread watchers. It'd be very convenient.

No. 413653

File: 1558633878122.jpg (294.28 KB, 800x1250, 20190523_105102.jpg)

This feature is dumb bc each page displays ~10 threads whether they are hidden or not, so you end up with pic related or some variation.

No. 413681

Just means I click next faster. This is first image board I post on and I love it wish all message boards where like this

No. 413795

I use the catalog and click the few cows I follow. I think having an RSS feed or following a thread would actually be really annoying with all the dumb irrelevant posts to scroll past, I like it at my own pace. Minimizing threads doesn't really help because I switch from computer to phone a lot and neither one actually keeps threads hidden when I open the site. Thread pics are really important for finding the right cows lol, the messy/text ones are garbage

No. 413825

I use a reading list app extension and check certain threads when i'm bored

File: 1541374785166.gif (5.21 MB, 300x226, giphy.gif)

No. 320372[Reply]

A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you. Express your anger ladies.

Ex.Extreme nitpicks, anachans vs fattychans going at it, insecure farmers shitting up threads because tiddys were mentioned, you get the gist.
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No. 413548

New thread : >>413538

No. 413552

My mom was so fucking hyped about getting a Google home for Christmas a few years back, constantly talked about it for months leading up. We use it about 3 times a year to listen to music.

No. 413594

people buying these shits are wild to me. You're literally putting spyware in your house for…what exactly ? listening to music??

No. 413703

I don't even like talking to Siri on my phone I don't get the appeal of any of these things, it's a creepy AI bot, why does anyone want to talk to it.

I'm not even that paranoid since I know my information is being extracted from me regardless of what I do, that's the world we live in now… I fail to see why humans can't do things themselves and have to buy what's basically AI bot and ask them to do it.

No. 414115

Noisy neighbours makes me homicidally angry. I'm sorry you have to deal with that anon, I hope you can move soon if it's a persistent problem.

File: 1557968121945.jpg (140.37 KB, 427x547, un_gato__by_faboarts.jpg)

No. 410647[Reply]

I was inspired by the subreddit. This is a thread to ask other anons if you're being the asshole in a particular situation or if you're in the right.

>there's a cat that always chills around the neighborhood

>no collar or any indicator he belonged to anyone
>always coming up to me demanding affection
>took him in assuming he's a stray
>get him collar and stop letting him outside
>after a week start seeing missing posters with a cat that's most likely him in them
>ignore them, telling myself it's not
>his owner contacts me on Facebook a few months later saying she thinks it's her cat and that she wants it back (apparently a neighbor tipped her off that I might have him because she saw him through the window)
>I lie and tell her I've had him for longer than her cat's been missing and there's no way they're the same cat

I feel bad, but who the fuck let's their cat be outdoors in an area filled with fisher cats, dog breeds known for being predatorial toward cars, heavy traffic, and doesn't even put a collar/name tag on them? Not only are this cat and I super bonded at this point, but I would genuinely worry about his safety going back to someone who lacks this much common sense.
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No. 413257

That makes me so mad, it's just basic pet facts that an animal might get a long with another animal they cohabitate with, but not unfamiliar ones. The fact they won't accept that it's hurting your dog is so shitty of them. That's the other thing that's annoying about outdoor cats, it's not just about the owner and their cat, but it's often a nuisence to everyone else. I was attacked by an outdoor cat when I was little and tried to pet it. It was definitely someone's pet and not a stray because it had a collar. It didn't even try to walk away, just immediately scratched the shit out of my arm when I reached for it.

My parents have a neighbor whose cat would come into our yard all the time and fuck up their plants. The owners of the cat personally witnessed my parents' two large dogs almost kill it one day and my parents straight up told them that these dogs see a cat as no different from raccoons, skunks or any other unknown creature that wanders into the yard and they will attack. The owners basically told my parents to control their animals better.

Like no bitch, that's not how it works. They don't go after cats unless they wander onto the property, which is basically where a dog owner's responsibility ends. Now that you're aware your next door neighbor's dogs will tear your cat to shreds if it goes in their yard, it's on you if it happens.

No. 413277

So this is cat thread now, right?
I do want to know if OP finally decided to be a decent human though but she's probably not following anymore after everyone made her see that she is indeed the asshole.

No. 413332

OP here- I came clean and offered her $150 for him, which she accepted. Happy ending for everyone.

No. 413367

if true your assumption of her being a shit owner was correct and all of these anons can eat crow because no person who loved their pet would give them up for $150 unless they were on the brink of homelessness

No. 413522

File: 1558597313825.jpg (709.01 KB, 1920x1080, today-on-shit-that-never-happe…)

Nice roleplaying

No. 212544[Reply]

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..
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No. 280056

Idk, I really like Haley. I feel like she could definitely step out of her comfort zone with all of the pastel colours and same face syndrome, but her voice is super relaxing, her creepydrawstas are pretty eery paired with her voice, but I do appreciate how she took criticism from one of her comments and stopped drawing specifically the solely anime-like white girls and more diverse characters.

No. 292155

File: 1536279221106.jpg (1.28 MB, 2016x1512, image1.JPG)

No. 413435

I don't like lavender towne's art. Her coloring is cool but I don't like her anatomy.

No. 413450

File: 1558576617071.jpg (53.14 KB, 1200x675, DmbzJspWwAEprcQ.jpg)

>is this thread that hasn't been bumbed in 8 months still alive?
no it is not, newfag. use the new one: >>409512

No. 413517

who is this man lmao

File: 1557085864176.jpg (38.92 KB, 640x626, you-are-cute-and-you-cant-chan…)

No. 406909[Reply]

Crowder is cancer but what do you guys think of a 'change my mind/view' thread?

Doesn't need to be like a serious debate one. Mostly just interested in interesting anecdotal tidbitty stuff people believe that would be interesting to see if people disagree on and how/why that is.
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No. 413329

I hate that song and the only girls who liked Paramore growing up were the pick mes and not like the other girls types.

No. 413335

I agree, even Hayley Williams says she regrets the lyrics to that song and even started to skip over the "once you're a whore you're nothing more" part in concerts.

No. 413346

She's retired the song altogether
It makes me sad, I don't even like them but I wish she had instead just changed the lyrics rather than just orphaning it. It sends a better message to correct the past

No. 413374

>correct the past

No. 413394

Kek Sk8er Boi always annoyed my prissy ballet dancing ass. I wanted a cool skater bf.

File: 1437075221751.jpeg (23.56 KB, 300x300, mywaifu.jpeg)

No. 17098[Reply]

Alright farmers, let's talk video games! No bullying kthanks, all gaming is considered gaming.
I'll ask a few questions to get this party started
>Do you play console or PC?
>If you play console, what consoles do you own?
>What is your favourite game title of all time?
>What genre of games do you like?
Feel free to suggest anything to someone who is likes the same genre as you do.
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No. 330027

>bumped the older, inactive vidya thread
>hyped for starting skin colour
Wew. Cringe.

No. 330099

I got my PC for pretty much all the games I play.
Still got my Gameboy Color and DS/3DS with mostly Pokemon games.
Used to have a N64, probably got lost somewhere while I was moving cities.

I am thinking of buying a Switch, mostly because of the gameplay I saw of Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. It's so. Goddamn. Cute.

No. 330106

use the new thread, idiot >>190960 quit necroing this one

No. 330125

No. 412567

I like Terraria!

File: 1515527200140.png (55.72 KB, 924x924, 9D4E73DE-A953-43EB-9325-0B66D2…)

No. 221664[Reply]

AliExpress Thread!

People on cgl love these, so i figured we should have one too.

Post your purchases and/or wishlist items, links and photos of the items are appreciated.
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No. 407090

im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but what taobao agents do you guys recommend? Preferably ones who accept paypal and the best fee rates and shipping. As well as reasonable customer service.

No. 407519


also interested

No. 407567

Personally, i use taobaotrends. Never had any problems with them. Fast, cheap and nice. Also, they send you pics of stuff that you bought before they send it to you, so you can be sure that everything is ok.

No. 407795

This is so late but how was the seifuku? I've wanted to order one from aliexpress for a cheap cosplay but always been hesitant bc I'm super petite and I'm worried it wouldn't fit right/the quality will suck.

No. 412245

Yikes to this thread infighting.

I've yet to have a very bad experience, and I've bought quite a bit of stuff. Most of my problems have been from clothing, which I was already iffy about buying in the first place. I bought a sweater that had the seams spit the second time I wore it, and it was "one size fits all," so it wasn't me being too big for it; it was actually really comfy. I also bought a t-shirt with a meme printed on it. The fit was very weird, the material was see-through, and the print was really weak and faded. I haven't worn it and it still sits in my closet, it also came with a small stain I didn't mind, but it's actually become darker and very noticeable now that it's been sitting there. I think I might sew it into a shopping bag or use the print as a patch.

I also bought a bra set, it was decent quality but stunk chemically. It was also too small, not my size. I could get in on, but it clearly fit differently than on the model, darker material too. I sold it for a dollar less than I paid for it, so no major loss.

I mostly just buy those dainty necklaces, enamel pins, and keyboard covers with different languages on them for Duolingo.

File: 1442862774568.jpg (330.46 KB, 1200x800, clarissa-and-sam.jpg)

No. 38145[Reply]

What are some things that are nostalgic to you?
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No. 412140

This is such a distant memory from my childhood, I remembered it the other day and had to search so hard to find it. I think it's just obscure enough that none of my friends seem to know it either, but I find it so charming.

No. 412141

File: 1558298623149.jpg (181.41 KB, 1065x1100, secretunicorn10bks-_1-of-3_.jp…)

I was also obsessed with these books, as well as those Rainbow Magic books with the different kinds of fairies

No. 412142

this movie was classic.
Fun fact, the movie "my scene goes to hollywood" has Harvey Weinstein making a cameo towards the end…

No. 412147

File: 1558299960225.png (870.84 KB, 1481x880, bellasara.PNG)

So i just discoverd that the bella sara website is still up. I didn't even like horses that much but i was obsessed with collecting the cards and playing the online games.

No. 412195

Moved to >>>/m/32062.

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