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File: 1689179438367.jpg (30.07 KB, 890x500, gettyimages-1241771073_890x500…)

No. 1631816

Similar to the Twitter and Reddit thread, we post youtube videos and comments that we hate. Infuriating shit, stupid shit, weird shit. Post away.

Previous thread

No. 1631818

The 40 year old she/they Queer nonbinary genderfluid at 13:30 being kicked out of her parents house is almost comical next to all the hard drug addicts near OD'ing

No. 1633208

File: 1689299156286.png (374.87 KB, 599x569, Screenshot 2023-07-13 214348.p…)

The youtuber dreading posted a link to this twitter thread speaking out against another youtuber who has managed to get autopsy pictures of a CHILD victim and is charging his viewers to view the said picture, despite the pictures disgustingly enough being free to view at request by the public as it is considered evidence. true crime people on youtube are typically gross, that's nothing new, but this is a new low.

No. 1633327

I am starting to despise turkey tom. He's like the male version of a pickme, trying to desperatly earn the attention of every moid that's slightly edgy while being a lukewarm faggot in his videos and walking on eggshells not to lose that sweet, sweet youtube money. I hate every metokour wannabe, you might dislike metokour as a person, but he was still funny and not afraid of calling a tranny a tranny. Meanwhile turkey tom cried about muh poor men who get abused by teachers and how its treated like a joke unlike when men do it, then he goes and post his photo in soyjack party, a fucking pedo and gore site who's know for spamming cp and gore on other image boards. Truly a disgusting two-faced person. At least idubbbz completly ditched his cringe edgy audience and doesnt engage with them anymore even if that costed him his dignity, turkey tom is the worst kind of safe edgy and i cant wait for his downfall.

No. 1633330

File: 1689312727125.jpeg (284.68 KB, 1206x2208, TT.jpeg)

Didn't he make fun of trannies though? Also he's ugly

No. 1633340

File: 1689313458281.png (77.67 KB, 1646x191, sharty4.png)

>Didn't he make fun of trannies though?
nah, he has the typical lukewarm ''not all trannies'' ''i am not informed enough to have an opinion'' wannabe edgy but not too edgy not to burn the bridges youtuber opinion, when it's obviously he hates troons but its too afraid to say it. Youtubers have gotten cancelled for less so i dont understand why this faggot hasnt been yet despite his association and outright encouragement of a pedo site. Tehehe guys posting cp so funny, boys will be boys tehe, but a woman?! sleeping with her 18yo student?! nah man that's so disturbing, can someone think of the man's feelings?

No. 1633360

KEK anon this is great, you have people casually talking about dying on the streets and then this woman with the sad piano music (very comedic, nice touch).
> she/they nonbinary gender-fluid individual
So does she eat pussy or no? I would laugh so fucking hard if she’s just a straight woman who is calling herself “queer”. Does anyone know?

No. 1633369

he looks repulsive and ugly

No. 1633371

Samefagging but all youtube moids who condemn pedos and racists turn a blind eye to it depending on who or where it comes from. People are saying he was right about Pyro being a creep but here he is promoting a cp spam site.

No. 1633418

Fully expected this to be about PlaguedMoth. Regardless that’s so fucked up

No. 1633746

He wants to be the internets little brother. He wants to stay on the "Normie" side of youtube to grift and keep making money. While also really wanting to be in with the Kiwimoids/4chans/edgy crowd. You never win with these scrotes. It's just like the woke crowd. You know how not being "Woke" enough gets you cancelled? Well not being "Edgy" enough does that. Kiwimoids were already whining about him not misgendering when he had Null on and correcting him. I find it hilarious how he and Destiny, are against misgendering troons, Destiny still defends troons mostly, but both have done streams with Null, a white supremacist who is known for being a troon slayer via his site(kek). It's weird how all that was brushed over in Destiny's community and whatever community TT has.
The most well known Edgy Commentary youtubers noticably do not talk shit about troons. They'll make racial jokes, sexism is a give, even rape/CSA jokes, but they'll never disrespect a troons pronouns and are very easy on troons. To be fair a lot of them are chasers, so it's sexual vs. "I don't wanna lose my channel" like TT.
He is a male pick me, but he's not even putting in the effort kek.

No. 1633749

Don't kiwifarmers love that shitty site? Thats why he loves it probably

No. 1633913

yeah, i used to enjoy watching null streams until he started shilling that pedo site. He has shamed people he dislikes for being into loli/shota and calls all anime pedo bullshit but he sweeps all the cp and pedo problems of jak under the rug. It's very sussy honestly, i dont trust him anymore.

No. 1634585

God he is ugly amd cringy jfc

No. 1634592

I don't think he keeps up with the sharty himself, people just send him clips for the stream of them making twitch streamers say the n-word or whatever and Null thinks thats the funniest thing ever. He probably doesn't know about the pedo stuff going on there.

No. 1634594

Its not a pedo site, trannies are spamming it with CP just like they do here. Are we a pedo site because of that?

No. 1634609

nona you and I both know based off looking at her she will eat anything

No. 1634634

He looks like a fat David Dobrik

No. 1634657

File: 1689453495468.png (420.16 KB, 1079x1188, Screenshot_20230715-153731.png)

Looks like someone complained to him or he read your comment lol

No. 1634735


No. 1634743

pretty sure he's lying and has always known about the pedo problem on the site, I'm not a kiwifag but I went to check out the soyjak thread there and he's been commenting in it since the beginning - there were lots of comments in the thread about how the soypedos joke about csam or seem indifferent of cp plus evidence about how some of the soypedos in a discord filled with posters from the site admitted to being pedophiles

No. 1634819

You're right, he definitely reads every post on Kiwifarms that's ever made so if it's posted on Kiwifarms then Null has no excuse not to know every detail about it. It all makes perfect sense if you think about it.

No. 1634880

I used to watch Emily Rayna, nothing bad or milky about her I just liked her home renovation videos (even if her style is kind of ugly) but I found her again and started watching her and she broke up with her boyfriend and now has this "partner" she uses they pronouns for. Genuine jumpscare kek, can't even tell if it's a TIF or TIM.

No. 1634884

i hate how he turns every single “the downfall of ___” video into a fucking pity party. he actually said in a video that Sneako didn’t deserve to be banned from youtube. Sneako got banned for simulating how he was going to rape Chad Chad. who the fuck would defend that? he’s such an annoying little fence sitter who cries about all these male youtubers who have it so hard.

No. 1634885

Look at his hairline. That's a man.

No. 1634923

File: 1689478220655.jpg (30.59 KB, 540x405, _1f13695a_540.jpg)

I don't understand why that retarded cuck got so triggered over chad chad considering she has very lukewarm or reasonable opinions.

No. 1634935

kek why are you so defensive on the behalf of some annoying fat racist loser scrote

No. 1634950

>You're right, he definitely reads every post on Kiwifarms that's ever made
Is that supposed to be sarcasm? Because I don't think Null has anything better to do anyway.

No. 1634953

That's a man baby
Also he either looks ten years older than her or he's just ugly

No. 1634959

This is the face of an unloved retard who eats nothing but pizza rolls and Mountain Dew and smells like cheese.

No. 1634960

No. 1635328

File: 1689526025339.jpg (1.3 MB, 1928x1147, female soyface.jpg)

i hate when youtubers always make the same dumb exaggerated expression in every single thumbnail.

No. 1635332

Hold up, those thumbnails are literally identical to the point where it looks like photoshop is involved. Maybe that's exactly what she does?

No. 1635334

i thought so too, especially since she's wearing the same black shirt in several of them. there are differences between them though, so maybe she's just making certain thumbnails in bulk?

No. 1635336

File: 1689526470418.jpeg (482.84 KB, 1125x1585, IMG_4837.jpeg)

That’s what most youtubers do, they just recycle the soyface

No. 1635341

that's so lazy lmao

No. 1635382

is this really what peiple watch for entertainment? jesus christ this is fucking braindead

No. 1635487

Youtubers be like
> Sorry guys I know you must've missed me and been worried about me cos when I didn't upload for a few weeks
> Its muh mental health you see… so bad. Like its so bad you guys. The worst

> So anyway I went to disneyland and then I got this sick tattoo and my relationship has been going amaazing, he just moved in btw, omg I then went on this mini holiday with my girls and we did all this unbelievably cool stuff and heres some clips of us on the beach sipping cocktails and smiling and partying in a club. When I got home my bf brought me on this other mini break to like paris and then we adoped a kitten when we got home.

I know we're living in the time where people love to say "um actually depression doesn't always look like.." But just stop concern baiting about your mentulz while you've been off jetsetting the whole time

No. 1635662

I hate how every grown woman on YouTube eventually picks up the same mannerisms. It's like there are a half dozen personalities you can choose from, and that's it.

A lot of scrotes get super triggered by Chad Chad. I think she hits their self preservation instinct, because she's not a living stereotype, and they desperately wish she was some unfunny dimwit danger hair millennial.

No. 1635796

what does everyone think of Swell Entertainment? i used to really like her but her ego is inflating rapidly. every single video she has to mention that she gets recognized at events and how “crazy” that is.

No. 1636113

dont know her but looking at her channel she just looks like another commentary channel with the most robotic and milquetoast opinions possible to gain maximum attention.

No. 1636114

what a faggot, trannies must have mindbroken his ass because the sharty faggots literally posted a link with cp in the first pages of the thread. however, i am glad he decided to do something about it by stopping to give attention to those attention whores.

No. 1636115

>not a pedo site
>the same site that thinks spamming the nword and making gore/scat raids to streamers is funny
yeah, sure.

No. 1636117

Her thumbnail faces and mannerisms annoy me for some reason and she has a long winded way of talking about anything so her videos are way too long

No. 1636130

I used to like her videos but I think I just got bored of them all seeming the same as 100+ other Youtubers now. I would prefer if she just went to odd, small conventions and events that are more niche. Stuff like the Gone Girl River Cruise.

No. 1636133

I agree nona, she’s gotten a bit too like uppity lately. She’s pretty average so I’m surprised she used to compete in local beauty pageants.
I used to play her vids in the bg but now I find myself skipping over her content, idk it seems so soulless now. I was curious to watch her AX vid but she never striked me as someone into anime and she’s probably gonna regurgitate the same shit everyone was saying of how packed it was and how long the lines were

No. 1636220

File: 1689591969053.png (721.93 KB, 807x589, why do you look like that.png)

I feel like such a bitch for thinking this but this woman's face is absolutely repulsive in every single one of her thumbnails and I don't know why she keeps doing this to herself. She looks disgusting, why would anyone want to watch her? I am so sorry for thinking in such a gross way, but she has triggered something in me kek

No. 1636222

File: 1689592245807.jpeg (50.87 KB, 1200x800, FB0C7DC0-DCEC-41DF-A75E-27A330…)

i immediately thought of picrel when i saw her

No. 1636287

all those tiktok zoomer "alt girl" commentary channels look filthy, at least this one doesnt use clown makeup

No. 1636430

I thought her commentary on the idol was funny but her lip fillers bother the fuck out of me, there's no way those are natural

No. 1636460

i agree with >>1636117 her longwinded way of talking is bothering me so much, it feels like she never really has a script for what she wants to say? i like some of her videos but i can't keep track of her stuff because having to listen to her is so tiring. like just get to the point, girl.

>she used to compete in local beauty pageants.
wtf? i never would have guessed that. maybe she looks different all made up for a pageant but she always makes me think of horses because of her teeth…

her face pisses me off just as much as that guy with the reaction persona that's just a white blob that looks like those pon & zi emo mascots.

No. 1636464

She reminds me of a friend I used to have so I have a bit of fondness for her

her videos are a mixed bag. I liked her Temu and Shein videos and her video on Deuxmoi, I don't mind that she's not very scripted, but some of them I don't find very interesting

No. 1636467

eh she just has big features and a weak chin, I also think she may be mixxed? Maybe mexcian? So her lips could be real. She's just poorly styled and average looking IMO, her thumbnails are a mess though

No. 1636468

I just think she needs lip chap, she is okay

No. 1636481

She used to compete in beauty pageants? Don't you need to be pretty for that or was she a little kid when this happened? I can't see someone with her look doing well in adult pageants tbh

No. 1636493

She has a punchable face

No. 1636643

>>1635796 Her facial expressions irritate me and I hate her intro, but I like some of her videos- she seems like a typical troon defender lib fem though

No. 1636677

File: 1689631258338.png (192.56 KB, 450x665, latest (1).png)

I don't understand the appeal to her videos. Her videos are so boring and have no personality that she can make a 20 minute long video feel like it's an hour long. She has a video going to a porn event and that made me just straight up hate her. She's obviously obsessed with content creation and the entertainment industry in general so she has to know the evil shit that cannot be separated from the porn industry. I just can't deal with women who support that shit. Amanda also comes across as the type of person to post about herself on lc or make hate comments about herself so she can vaguely mention it in her boring videos kek.

I feel bad for her because she had to deal with that ugly amongus scrote but she kinda looks like picrel.

No. 1636848

I find this channel fascinating. I wanted to see more of her content, thinking it was a commentary channel around different subjects, but the whole channel revolves around fat acceptance bullshit. I dunno why i find it so funny, her content is actually great and informative, but it's like she's actually autistic and her special interest is fat retarded people.

No. 1636867

he's a dumpy misogynist and he's always made it very obvious on its secondary channel. men like that never had any redeemable quality and all edgy men fit this same prototype btw. you'll save yourself a lot of time if you remember this every time you become a fan of one

No. 1636871

Same, I enjoyed her videos with some small things she said irking me but that porn video made me drop her. It's a shame because I really liked her stuff about the lentil food poisoning case. Her podcasts were good, and she even had the food safety lawyer for that case on for a great interview. Unabashedly supporting the porn industry with zero shame or critical thought makes her unredeemable for me

No. 1637254

i didn't know she made a video about some porn event, that's disgusting. and also hilarious because i find her extremely asexual, as in, i cannot imagine her in any sexual situation ever.

No. 1637320

Went on her twitter once, she was humblebragging about men making cum tributes to her photos or about smth in the vein of them telling her her ass looks so big in her pants. She's either a pickme with porn induced brainrot who took men sexually degrading and being sexually inappropriate towards her as a genuine compliment or a certified retard

No. 1637321

you're fine because the second i saw picrel i was like 'fuck she's ugly' without even reading your caption kek

No. 1638656

File: 1689851197437.jpg (314.18 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_2023-07-20-13-07-15…)

why is this recommended to me

No. 1638659

You know you are the target demo nonnie

No. 1638662

i feel like there is a psyop with this show, i get vids related to it too

No. 1638672

Hate to break it to you but you are also the target demographic nonnie because I have never gotten bluey content once. In fact the only time I’ve seen that thing was on my tv homepage lol.

No. 1638678

all i watch is history essays and aviation history videos so yeah, it makes sense youtube thinks i have the tism

No. 1638686

They could literally have just watched any pixielocks content and it will pop up. I usually watch her shit signed out incognito but after watching one (1) of he videos while logged in I got a bluey rec.

No. 1638689

File: 1689854202211.jpeg (144.58 KB, 1280x720, 0CCABF55-0D0C-4562-88BB-A1D601…)

I hate Stephanie soos husband and don’t think she should marry him. It’s stupid because I watch her channel religiously and I’m excited for her marriage videos and do think they make a cute couple. But it IRKS me that he refuses to show his face. Like I get it privacy and all that but like this dude is in EVERY VIDEO shoving the camera in everyone elses face. Hell even the babies of the family and they deff didn’t consent to this. It’s also wild to me too because he isn’t afraid to show his parents face, his sister and her fiancé’s faces hell even his grandma and grandpa got shown! That’s what bothers me! People say he works a job dealing with money so he can’t show his face. But I call bs! Not to mention he is always trying to make himself the center of attention in every vlog by pulling the stupidest pranks at the most awkward times and never reading the room! Or even in her podcast hell completely kill the flow by asking Stephanie the most stupid question that she literally just got finished answering if he was LISTENING.

Also he is constantly shoving the camera in everyone’s face to the point where you can see how annoyed the family is with it after awhile. I just think if you want to be anon online you should be ANON online! Not have your future wife’s entire family and yours on your vlogs but you are oh too good!

It’s also just stupid seeing bridal photos with a big panda sticker. Just goofy but I still watch so what does that make me!?

No. 1638692

File: 1689854315272.jpeg (14.96 KB, 226x223, C8F0050E-773B-453E-9956-4AA1CE…)

The puffy face and overdone makeup reminds me of yungcynical

No. 1638695

File: 1689854498806.png (552.63 KB, 1161x533, Screenshot.png)

Now that's a name I haven't thought about in a decade. Her stuff was so tied to pop and fandom culture of the 2010s. She seems to have started uploading again a month ago. It would be interesting to see how it will work in the 2020s

No. 1638700

i forgot about her

No. 1638711

aryt ok to be fair I do watch simpsons clips on youtube so maybe thats why youtube thinks I like cartoons lol. I'm just tired of everyone trying shill a show made for toddlers to me just because I like one adult cartoon that had its heyday back in the 90s. I just find Bluey's rapid success weird. Not to sound like a grandma but I don't get why people nowadays are so obsessed with infantasing themselves. I often hear people use escapism as an argument but people never used toddlers media to cope with the horror of reality in the past. The post-WWI period is infamous for being an extremely bleak period where everyone had given up on life and even then people didn't pretend to be toddlers. The 60-70 was a period where the public became very aware of social issues and injustice. some extremely stupid movements where created during that time but even then we didn't have a bunch of adults who spend all their time watching sesame street to cope with life. I know we live in distressing times but this is not the first time in history that 20-30 year olds becomes fed up with the world around them. I know I'm looking too much into it and it's not that deep but I just don't get it

No. 1638724

i think she's both

No. 1638732

god i hate the tiktok zoomer "alt" girl so much, it's clearer than crystal that 90% of them are not even "alternative", they're just hopping on trends/bandwagons

No. 1638822

I only watch it with my toddler, but it might be because its such a wholesome family with mom and dad who are both very involved in taking care of the kids, love each other and share the burden. Most millenials and younger generations are children of divorce and never got to have that kind of wholesome family. I probably wouldn't watch the show by myself since it really is for babies, but I enjoy watching it with my child.

No. 1638887

She came up on my autoplay yesterday and I left the video because she was so ugly. Sorry girl, but anon is right.

No. 1638892

File: 1689869210328.png (240.33 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_oldVSnew.png)

I hate YouTube's new ui now. The new playlist section is less user friendly and doesn't even show all of your playlists. It takes more steps to do the same things

No. 1638896

i see your dedication in hating youtube's ai and i relate so hard. bad uis make my blood boil, and mobile layouts removing functionality is so fucking annoying.

No. 1638911

I have 2 youtuber pet peeves.
>Firstly I hate it when they start with something like "sorry I haven't posted videos recently".
Most of the time I don't watch youtube videos right when they come out, I watch random recommended videos or search for topics I want to watch. Most of them were posted months or years ago. There are only a select few I keep up with in real time, and even then I frequently go back and watch older videos. So any time anyone makes an excuse for not posting it immediatedly dates the video and makes me not want to subscribe at all.
>Secondly I hate it when they cut out information by saying "I've already talked about this so much in other videos I won't bore you guys with it again"
It's always in informative videos! You really expect me to go through ALL your other fucking videos to find the one thing THIS video was supposed to inform me about? I don't religiously watch all of your videos, and even if I did I won't remember every detail of a video you posted 2 and a half years ago!

No. 1638912

Yeah I hate it too. I use youtube revanced to try and fix some of the UI problems, but the playlist thing is sooo annoying. And when you are in a playlist, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a playlist for the playlist to 'pop open' and show all of the videos you have in there. I use youtube for music a lot and if you have more than like 80 vids in a playlist (which I easily do for many playlists), it crops them off. Wtf… And I hate that it suggests things to put in the playlist, but the algorithm for suggesting shit is shit, and will suggest shorts to put in my music playlist. Like no, I don't think I'll put the thousandth how to make boba short in my music playlist, thanks.

No. 1638938

Same anon, Even on desktop, it's terrible. They keep dumbing things down and making the site unbearable. I heard they're trying to block people from using adblock too, and that sucks. I use it to block the annoying YouTube shorts pop-ups on the sidebar and those weird category bubbles that clutter everything up.

No. 1641788

File: 1690138363183.jpg (240.73 KB, 1178x1796, F1DTK9eWcAAyxhR.jpg)

Somebody save that child poor child from her degen parents.

No. 1641866

CPS nowwww

No. 1641872

Vile. People who do "sex work" should not be allowed to have kids.

No. 1641914

In cases like this I always wonder, it's one thing for a thousand internet strangers to be (rightfully) worried, but where the fuck are this child grandparents or anyone else close to irl? There's no way they do not know, so do they not care? You have to be retarded to not think she's being exploited.

No. 1641931

how the fuck isnt pregnancy porn illegal? the fucking fetus cant consent and it sounds horrifying to find out old men were masturbating to you since you were on the womb what the fuck

No. 1641958

i don't like her. it's so embarrassing that she's this age and suddenly made being korean (or worse, being basically everything asian) her persona after she noticed how popular kpopshit got with young kids online. and as retarded as niko avocado is, she came across as so manipulative and wannabe victim back then.

No. 1642035

has anyone been following the plaguedmoth sperg out thats gone on for a couple of months? It went under the radar with the illuminati and Colleen shitstorms.

No. 1642544

File: 1690204572740.png (317.19 KB, 506x408, kek.png)

Does anyone else keep getting this TIFs video recommended to them? I don't even watch videos about psychology or troonshit. It's really annoying… but the thumbnail made me cry laughing the first time I saw it, so I guess I cant complain kek. Why are they always so clockable?

No. 1642551

>Why are they always so clockable?
It's so weird to have peaked and moved on from troon spaces, it didn't even occur to me that this woman was trying to pass as male even with the neckbeard. It's like my internal expectation of a woman just changed to include some women looking like a mess with a weak beard.

No. 1642563

ot but why is it always the absolute crazies and degens that pursue a degree in psychology

No. 1642570

My sister is a psych major and she's the biggest moron I know, I love her but she lacks so many life skills and basic common sense at times, so I guess there's some overlap.

No. 1642595

I think it's a hope learning about psychology will help them fit in with normies society better. Obviously, that's not how it works.

No. 1642613

They think studying it will make them le ebin mastermind manipulator

No. 1642614

I wonder the same, only the most unstable fuckers study psychology, like, friend, you need a psychologist, you can’t help other people sort their shit if you need help with your own shit.
They all think that because they didn’t tell everyone at middle school that kacey shat her pants in elementary school during the graduation ceremony, that it means they could be amazing at helping other people.

No. 1642621

This reminded me of an incredibly annoying TIF I went to school with who
>ran to the bathroom CRYING because she saw me tell a friend on google chat that I think she [TIF] was smoking weed because she smelled like weed
>totally cut off a gay male friend because they were up all night drinking and he blacked out at the foot of her bed and she took that to mean he was "leading her on"
>is going for a psych degree on her mommy's money that she continuously fails to pass again and again

No. 1642625

idk why theyd think that unless theyre literally like 10 years old though. sitting through lectures about freud isn't going to help you manipulate people kek, serial killers and abusers do a great job manipulating their victims and id venture to say that pretty much none of those have psych degrees

it's like they have 0 hope of even helping their own sorry asses but somehow they think they can save other people kek. as if im going to feel comfortable walking into a therapists office and being greeted by a greasy themlet with an anime tshirt on, testosterone pube stache and a can of monster energy on their desk

No. 1642763

took a lot of psych classes in college since i do find it interesting (majored in biology) and i fucking hate psych majors. first, psych courses are some of the EASIEST courses you could ever take in college, it's a bunch of vocabulary and you will hear the same studies brought up over and over again ad nauseum. the majority of things brought up you will have already heard before if you ever had an interest in psychology and can easily be memorized by applying it to real-life situations. i cannot believe how psych majors struggled with these courses but they do. they are retarded, i took them for easy A's and i never had to study jack shit. it's the default major for someone who doesn't know what they want to do. psych majors also always came off as extremely sheltered people to me, and yes they always have tons of issues they don't mind dumping onto you the second you say hi out of politeness. they're retarded, useless, lack any real skill in anything, lack life experience, and the zoomer ones are all libfems who are all "muh depreshun" and "muh anxiety~".
i even had a prof with a PhD in neuropsychology who i otherwise respected, but she got some basic biology facts incorrect.

No. 1642974

for most parents if their daughter was a porn-star and son a massive and open degenerate pimp, in most cases they wouldn't have any contact with them.

No. 1643188

Seeing twomads schizoid tweets being seen as funny is so aloging for me . I hate that fucking fat lard so much I cant believe moids can get away being like this retarded

No. 1643406

who is this and what is happening

No. 1643877

This fat fuck. He's been alleged of sexual assault and he's making fun of the victum and people are saying his jokes are funny

No. 1645465

File: 1690404136348.jpg (465.3 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_2023-07-26-22-42-45…)


No. 1645476

still not cringe as the queerwashing of history to include trannies (mtfs only for some reason) and the TIMs' oversexualised headcanons

No. 1645479

they're erasing the notion that women can be GNC or tomboyish and it does not make them any less female.

No. 1645733

I can't stand youtube commentary channels like tom dark and the other bland long hair asian dude. really all of them suck and are pointless.
>so this happened, people are taking sides, personally i'm sort of in the middle, anyway thanks for wasting 30 minutes of your life
just fuck off already. also there is this woman who just responds and lectures to that fat ass amberlyn reid, her videos suck and make me want to blow my brains out, but youtube wont stop recommending me dumb shit and i need something in the background while working.

No. 1651185

File: 1690920212923.jpg (749.51 KB, 1440x1194, Screenshot_20230801_212716_Sam…)

I'm resisting the urge to a-log

No. 1651223

yes movie that exists to sell toys is clearly i marxist masterpiece. being self-aware by admitting you are overanalyzing doesnt change the fact that its a 49min long video and thats way to long for a joke that isnt even funny

No. 1651231

No. 1651234

actual neckbeard

No. 1651698

I hate it when I watch an informative youtube video, only to scroll down and see the comments are turned off. Why?? Were people calling out misinformation? Or just being trolls and fighting? Now I feel like I can't trust the content of the video anymore ugh

No. 1651703

you can clock its a woman because only women make those stupid videos overanalizing children's movies, males normally just ree at it like nostalgia critic.

No. 1651724

There are better ways to assess accuracy in imformation other than youtube comments though

No. 1651785

If the person who made the video is a woman you know why she had to turn the comments off.

No. 1652047

her viewers are predominantly female, she was talking about a female dominated hobby and i hadn't seen comments be off on any other videos of hers. it seemed sus and out of place

No. 1652447

File: 1691040168014.png (37.16 KB, 386x297, shield.png)

Guess they're already blocking adblock users. I use Brave as my browser which has in built ad blocking and videos only load with the Shield down (the function that blocks ads)

No. 1652479

I'm using AdGuard in safari and it still works for me

No. 1652486

I use Brave as well and videos load just fine on my end.

No. 1652772

Someone probably mentioned it already but I hate that Yt on mobile (on an ad block browser, I don't know if the app does the same) has to ask if "I'm still there" and pausing any video because I've been "inactive" on my phone to keep on playing whatever I've got running, while I might be busy cooking or working. InB4 old, when you turn the radio on your phone, the phone doesn't ask you if you're still there because you haven't pressed a button on your phone ffs..

No. 1653147

I knew this was a tranny but I thought the video might be interesting so I watched it anyways. Around 21:48 he states how experiencing color is an innate human desire and then right after it cuts to him virtue signaling on how he didn't mean to leave out blind and color blind people and how experiencing color is a part of our biology blah blah blah. I don't want to see any troon talk about human biology when they try to rewrite it to benefit themselves constantly.

No. 1653573

I'm not sure why I'm still subscribed to her. Just this title alone makes me feel tired. What the fuck does that even mean? You have a toddler (at least last time I checked there was only 1 child) of course you can survive Disneyland without screens.
While I absolutely believe she has a multitude of health issues, her content feels very munchie these past few years. It doesn't help that what she does have are the popular munchie disorders of the week (POTS, EDS)

No. 1653585

File: 1691151310604.jpg (166.06 KB, 2000x2000, 71PGL9kPx6S.jpg)

this is the most boring channel i've come across this year.

No. 1653592

ngl i like this channel i think they’re funny

No. 1653605

And why is pantone shady? I don't wanna watch the troon pls tell

No. 1653609

she's a bored rich person, pretty soon she'll be revealing her son's face to the general public.

No. 1653611

Might be wrong, but from what I know: Pantone is the industry standard regarding using colours during the manufacturing process. So if you say you want Pantone nr 13 green (or whatever it's called) the factory in China will know exactly what color you mean since it's standardized. The issue is that the colour sheets that they sell for this exact purpose, go for insane prices. The most basics ones go for 200+, but more specialized ones go for thousands. And again, pantone is used everywhere, so if an artists wants to make for example, enamel pins, they need to know the pantone code for each colour they're planning on using in that pin.

>tl;dr: they're the industry standard so they get away with asking for insane prices for a list of colours.

No. 1653630

I've never heard of this so excuse me if I sound dumb but has the list of colors never been leaked? how are most of the colors not known at this point? how do they enforce charging money for that?

No. 1653635

nta but I don't think you get accurate colours if you print it home. And viewing from a screen is definitely not accurate.

No. 1653657

Interesting overview of archeology up until he regurgitates protroon shit about a male cave man with a traditionally woman's burial.

No. 1653679

Eh, yeah it's shitty, but all these companies in design, architecture and related fields are financially abusive kek, adobe might be somewhat accessible for first worlders but still, autodesk is expensive as fuck, etc. I'd argue that their color of the year thing is shadier.
Like the other anon said their catalogue changes, the same color will be going by a different name next year, new colors will be added, so on, plus not all of their colors are reproduceable by CMYK. Printing is annoying as fuck because (unless you work on an Apple or something) the color on the screen and the print do not look the same, if you have a pantone catalogue in hands you can look at it and say "this here is the color that I need" and you will already know what it'll look like irl, if you are setting the CMYK yourself, you need to keep testing and going back to adjust it in the computer, because, again, screen and print do not look the same. But even if you do have an apple computer and the colors do look like the real deal on screen, printing houses can be untrustworthy bastards and mess up your CMYK, so it's useful to just have a spot color that they won't fuck up, that's more relevant for big companies working in different places which makes checking if everything is matching harder.

No. 1653713

Imagine being so insecure about your body as a gay man that you blame fascism and capitalism for modern gay beauty standards.
No Hitler is not the reason why you can't put down the fork.

No. 1653755

There's actually a '''bug''' on youtube that disables comments without the creator's knowledge. Happens to random videos sometimes but if this doesn't happen to the rest of her videos here and there, she probably disabled it herself

No. 1653795

File: 1691167334152.jpg (313.65 KB, 1920x1080, 5ab8f92785600a6da3740270.jpg)

Reposting a tldr from the breadtube thread

>This is the worst breadtube video I have yet seen, to call it misinformation would be an understatement

The title of the video is "The Gay Body Image Crisis" by James Somerton, now seemingly its a video essay about gay people's body image issues, but in actuality its just bizarre venting against fit guys through ahistorical revisionism. Long post incoming. 1/2
>So the main narrative presented throughout the essay is that physical fitness, exercise and bodybuilding were invented by the Nazis, based on antique statues and then bought to the US by gay soldiers, where it shaped first the gay sub culture and later became the mainstream image among the heteros. There are a few obvious problems with these statements. Modern fitness training in the US started about a hundred years before the Nazis, In addition, the bronze era of bodybuilding, began with Sandow before the turn of the century: predating the WW2 and the Nazis, So Americans, gay or straight, hardly needed inspiration from the SS in regard to body image and exercise.
>He also makes a claim that the BMI formula was specifically invited by white supremacist and used by Nazis to find an ideal solider bodytype, so again the BMI predates the Nazis and while the tables were developed after WW2, and they were based on mortality studies. The normal weight category was the one with the lowestmortality rate, not the one closest to a SS-Supersoldier
>The most absurd claim he makes is that he states Ernst Röhm(early member of the Nazi Party and leader of the SA the the early Nazi Party's militia) was killed because he was fat and hence didn't fit the image of the ideal man, while the party politics surrounding the so called Röhm coup are not even mentioned. Somerton leaves out the fact that one of Röhms greatest rivals, one who talked Hitler into killing him, was Hermann Göring – a man even just as fat as Röhm. Seriously, of course this was about power, not body image.
>at the end of the video Somerton, based on this misleading historical narrative, try's to shame people for being into fit people because that's what "Hitler thought was perfect." like the bodies in the clips he uses are not that uncommon in young men, that's the bodytype of most fit healthy young men that can be found in any race,
>like guess who also heavily idealized the muscular body in their propaganda,: The Soviets, as it indeed was associated with workers.

No. 1653820

Holy shit this is hilarious. Even gay communities arent safe from moid's mental gymnastic attempts to stay unfit and ugly while women's beauty standars get more impossible every year. Cant believe there is now a gay equivalent to when moids refuse to do something because its ''gay'', just instead with gay it's because ''it's for nazis''.

No. 1653849

I hate faggots like this with a burning passion. I hope he gets laughed out of every gay club he ever goes in.

No. 1653853

Does no fat no fems exist in lesbian community too?

No. 1653856

kek I knew a gay guy who became a fatass after his year in an exchange program in uni to the point where I didn't recognize him when he came back to our uni the next year and he started posting about body positivity on twitter all the time and how writing "masc4masc no fat no fem" on your grindr bio makes you a dangerous fascist, racist, homophobic, sexist bigot. He was super judgmental before gaining weight so I think he's coping now because it's been years and he's still at it. That shit is funny because it's always the same kind of guys who complain about this kind of things that are huge hypocrites.

No. 1653857

Idk much about the gay community but aren't the majority of them not masculine ? That cuts off like 90% of gay men doesn't it?

No. 1653859

You'd think so but I assume that the guys who have this kind of bio are huge normies who want to date other normies that you wouldn't clock as gay until they tell you or you see them with their husbands or boyfriends. I've seen so much discourse about how these guys shouldn't count as "queer" by other gay and bi men because they act like normies and not like stereotypes or some shit.

No. 1653865

Oh god nonnie I totally forgot that this video was already posted in the breadtube thread on snow, but now I remember. kek my mistake.

No. 1654112

>he states Ernst Röhm(early member of the Nazi Party and leader of the SA the the early Nazi Party's militia) was killed because he was fat
Lmao I'm gonna believe this lie just because it's funny

No. 1654249

File: 1691199572460.png (3.63 MB, 5000x2749, ddvtbyp-49c7e0b0-2451-461e-9d3…)

I hate that guys dinosaur channel avatar. It's just Dipper Pine's colors lazily slapped onto a dinosaur, it just looks gross.

No. 1654269

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who hates his channel and finds his opinions mega retarded. His killing stalking video got recommended to me and I agree with it, so I decided to watch more of his stuff to see a perspective of a gay man because I was dumb enough to be that nice, and saw his video on how some horror movies have lgbt+ or feminist coding in them, and I never watched these movies so I did, and while I enjoyed Carrie and got into Stephen King's stuff because of it, I can't see anything gay about it. You can relate to religiously charged abuse and trauma without being lgbg wtf is this faggot on? And it's funny because he made a video about how killing stalking is bad and romanticize a psycho murderous couple, then he said the two guys in the scream movie are tots gay for each other. The hypocrisy. He claimed Jennifer's body is lesbian and I can see that I guess, and how "alien" is feminist and stuff. But I can't see how hellraiser (or whatever it was called, the movie franchise about guys being tortured by some demon) is actually about bdsm and how the retarded genocide worthy bdsm community is actually victimized and oppressed and brought aids into the argument for some reason. I hope his channel gets taken down so he'd stop spouting autistic film bro bullshit.

No. 1654272

Damn, that's retarded. I actually tolerate the normie gays and hate the kweer faggots so much. I hope the normies become more prominent and the kweer ones disappear, they're disgusting and annoying and made me homophobic towards gay men.

No. 1655442

File: 1691289012842.jpg (740.64 KB, 1440x1256, Screenshot_20230806_053204_Sam…)

They can't be serious(racebaiting)

No. 1655447

i thought this movie was supposed to be a Disney version of Rosencratz and Guildenstein Are Dead.

No. 1655556

This is the shit 13 year old scrotes shut down a whole city over. I saw a mom and her around 4 year old son in public, the son was watching this guy on her phone. Whatever parents allows their little scrotes to watch this are raising the worst generation of scrotes. His audience overlaps with Andrew Tate’s

No. 1657272

holy shit the autism

No. 1657945

File: 1691509757019.webm (3.22 MB, 720x1280, ssstwitter.com_1691509215286.w…)

I don't know if anyone here remembers the Island Boys but they went viral in 2021 for some song they made.

Now currently they do only fans and weird stuff with each other.

And yes they are biologically related.

No. 1657949

Shit, I heard about this, If fujos and gay moids are really willing to pay actually money to see these two kiss then that says more about them then the Island boys

No. 1657954

Kek, they were talking so much shit to people trying to teach them how to maintain their wealth and now they are THIS desperate, kek.
Agree, they look so gross, anybody who faps to them has brain damage.

No. 1657957

it makes me sad that this is the type of fashion zoomers will be remembered for, millenials cant complain about mall goth anymore

No. 1657966

It's so obvious they're grossed out by it too and are only doing it for the money. Disgusting.

No. 1657970


even if you go full retard analysing this and say "well, the meercats are jewish-coded because timon's last name is berkowitz" and "the hyenas are nazi-coded because they goosestep in the first movie" the meercats escape being eaten, banish the hyenas, and sing a song at the end about how timon saved the day. how the fuck is that fascism?? it's a fucking fart joke movie lmaoooo

No. 1657986

actually the lions are white-coded and hyenas are black-boded(according to her)

No. 1657999

I really want to know how much they made over the initial cringe clout that warrants this type of extreme behavior. They cannot be a normal IQ level, I refuse to believe it. I wish that society shunned and punished these types of deviants instead of gawking at them. I don't know what's worse: the possibility that these people have been heavily abused and don't have a way to cope with trauma, or that they had a normal upbringing but are such failed sub-humans that they resort to this for internet clout.

No. 1658021

The one with the lighter hair called fly seems to.have made a lot money on only fans because his like count seems very high there. Kinda sad that they're queerbaiting for money though.

No. 1658032

Of course they don't mind incest, they already look inbred.

No. 1658036

You're retarded if you think fujos are watching this.

No. 1658076

No. 1658126

Kek I live in Portland and they're making it sound a lot more interesting than it actually is here, the moids in the video is fucking batshit for going up to homeless drug addicts and starting conversations though.

Just got to the queer part and the part where she starts talking about her tiktok account hooooly shit.

No. 1658129

This Tyler guy is fond of clickbaity titles but he goes to some dangerous places and even snuck onto Epstein's Island

No. 1658133

That vid took me back, I used to volunteer with Potluck in the Park (they have good security if you ever want to serve lunch to the homeless outdoors downtown on a Sunday, that's what they do every week since 1991). He is kinda crazy but it's broad daylight and you can tell who's on the edge and who isn't, he's not really in danger (that said all the long-time volunteers had stories of being jumped at one point or another)

No. 1658576

I am dead serious that I think they will end up making hardcore porn with each other within the next few years. Not because they’re gay or incestuous, but because they have no dignity. This is what happens when people get a crumb of fame and are desperate to cling to the attention/money.

No. 1658578

Hate this man. Stay the fuck out of women's business.

No. 1658613

I hate that fat fuck but I actually hate men even more.

No. 1658619

You can I Hate You Fat Lizzo while also acknowledging that these allegations are false, opportunistic, and make a mockery of actual sexual harassment victims. I don't think I could ever consider Lizzo an intelligent or even likable person for dickriding Chris brown but I would never purposely throw her under a bus over something so obviously fake and I think the people who are hated her all along and just feel safe enough to say so. The men who are jumping on this are RETARDED though. Shut the fuck up about Lizzo your kind rape kids and kill everybody, worry about that.

No. 1658623

this dude is the worst

No. 1658624

Lmao isn't this the Marsha P Johnson guy

No. 1658640

No. 1658642

Can you guys explain maybe, I don't really want to watch his videos to find whatever you're talking about kek

No. 1658657

he looks like a tif lol

No. 1659033

Hey, youtube, you can stop suggesting me videos just because the creator was mentioned on LC, it's the second time in two days that you've done it and you know I'm not watching them, I didn't even reply to the posts mentioning these youtubers.

No. 1659064

Happens to me too anon. I also got suggested a video titled "ARE YOU OLIVE TONED?" after an anon in the skincare or makeup thread asked the same question. I'm cool/pink toned and never had any doubts about it, nor have I ever looked it up.

No. 1659254

kek same thought I was in the wrong thread at first

No. 1659267

what do you mean?

No. 1659681

File: 1691659238177.jpeg (223.16 KB, 1170x1419, IMG_1933.jpeg)

I hope he falls.

No. 1659696

Pro-life but his own.

No. 1659773

File: 1691669077073.jpg (72.47 KB, 332x616, 1644476726056.jpg)

I did the mistake of watching one of these essay videos and now I get them recommended.
Edvasian has some good videos tho.

No. 1659782

Go you your watch history and remove them from it and that seems to fix these issues.

No. 1659793

edvasian is one of the most punchable face having, the wettest sock seeming, ugly fat faced moid. Sorry if that's a-logging but man I hate his videos, he talks like an autist, didn't even know he makes essays now, back in the day he tried all these kpop makeover things and the ugly man audacity was gross.

No. 1659804

I liked his video "You're not ugly, you're just poor"

No. 1659951

If you're on the the app than that's probably why. I use youtube on my phone browser because the app is a mess and I hate the notifications and hate the layout and everything. The website is a bit stripped down version of it and has no notifications and doesn't suggest anything other than stuff I watch, to thd point it sort of ran out of content to recommend because I watched everything I like and there's nothing else to watch, so it'd recommend me stuff from my watch later list kek. I also save tons of playlists of shows officially released on youtube so I get these recommended to me and in general my recommendation page is so peaceful since I stopped watching anything political, whether news or video essays or whatever else.

No. 1659956

I agree. he doesn't even make real points or arguments. I finish his videos feeling like I learned nothing back when I tried to give it a shot.

No. 1660022

NTA but he got a comment on his style and he credited marsha p johnson for his fashion inspiration lol. Because wearing nail polish and a pearl necklace is very trans apparently. I think he's a plain straight guy too so he's just apeing off the trans trend. This was a few years ago and people still stitch him/comment "you look like marsha p johnson" or "does this guy remind you of marsha p johnson?" it triggered him so badly he blocked any mention of it on his socials

No. 1660030

File: 1691682555274.webm (821.12 KB, 576x1024, marshapjohnsonguy.webm)

samefag to add a stitch of his original tiktok

No. 1660640

Thank you, nonita, you are my hero. Have a kiss if you want one mwah
Hard agree this tard should not be commenting on women at all kek

No. 1660799

I literally thought his dinosaur Pic was Popeye the sailor man at a glance for so long

No. 1661588

Hate this scrote, he breathes too heavily and he's cocky. If he truly believes something bad happened here and believes someone was raped why doesn't he bring the evidence to the police or report it instead of making a video about it? I remember in another video of his he actually went on a crime scene and walked around on the evidence and touched where a body was burn with his bare hands to show that he found bones, I hate this fat fuck.

No. 1661615

The whiny male version of vocal fry

No. 1661623

i like his channel. he knows his content is no deeper than browsing a magazine in a drs office waiting room, so as long as he keeps it light ill have it on in the bg

No. 1661630

ugh, i wish i didn’t look through this guy’s content. i live in Baltimore and it’s so stupid the way he treats the very real problem of homelessness and poor infrastructure in the city. it’s not scary that the homeless hide out in these abandoned row homes and warehouses, it’s just fucking sad. and these people don’t need some fat ass shining a light on their faces in the middle of the night for content. god, i hate scrotes.

No. 1661656

You know they're sheltered when they see what was clearly the remnants of a single tourniquet on a chair and some homeless pozzed condoms and say it's a horrific dark crime scene. Kek the comments feeding into it.

No. 1661663

They just heavy breathe and walk around and take pictures with flash and pretend something is going to pop out of the corner. I hate people like this, poverty is a spectacle to make creepypasta.

No. 1662309

ngl i still can't believe it.

No. 1662354

>>1662309 I used to have such a crush on him when I was younger and now I'm sad (and pissed off). I wonder if it was caused by porn

No. 1662382

yeah i also wonder if he's hsts or agp

No. 1662387

that mickey mouse voice…

No. 1662404

It's ALWAYS caused by some kind of porn addiction. All mtfs hold misogynistic views on women (that's why they troon out) that spawn from porn and sexualization of women. I know it's hard to believe with some males because they act wholesome and cute but they often hide their woman-hating beliefs and porn addictions.

No. 1662417

I dont know why something isnt done about this shit. Every single male troon is a degen who likes gore or porn or both. Every single one. They all have insane, obscure views about women and think they are being the 'better woman' by larping as them. This is an epidemic at this point with the amount of men trooning out. I just wish we saw it as what it was, a mental illness and a fucking joke.

No. 1662476

The attack helicopter people were right the whole time

No. 1662549

this is the worst decade to be a nerd fucker

No. 1662569

LMAO the video game stories are always so fucking hilarious. Yeah, me picking a cool guy and putting him in macho armor in Monster Hunter totally means I was a guy all along, and not that female armor sucked ass because of the coomer devs

No. 1662584

>watching anime makes me a woman
>wanting to wear a dress, pink, and frills makes me a woman
>wanting to sing a song made by a woman makes me a woman
>being curious if other people will compare me to my mom when she was a kid makes me a woman
>being jealous of male characters acting feminine as a gag and joke makes me a woman
>liking the matrix makes me a woman

No. 1662651

File: 1691871302767.jpg (104.95 KB, 320x418, aed00012f509d37a8c8cb454cc90ce…)

Just googled him and fuck, he used to be THIS cute? A tragedy truly, I guess twink death hit him hard.

No. 1662916

he looks like a tif

No. 1663879

I hate him

No. 1663899

it's so sad, i am glad scott the woz is sheltered enough to never troon out

No. 1664055

File: 1691999783375.png (394.62 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_20230814_013749_You…)

This made me cringe so bad. I used to watch his videos from time to time, what made him so creepy lately?

No. 1664069

File: 1692000711074.jpg (152.14 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

He's always been turbo autistic, he was a brony before becoming a cartoon youtuber. It makes me angry that he was the first cartoon youtuber to reach 1mil. It should have been Pan, but saberspark shits out lazy unfunny garbage weekly and that's what the algorithm wants. I used to watch him too, but he became so lazy. I dropped him when instead of writting a script and editing a video he started to lazyly pass off cuts of twitch streams as videos. He also has the most generic, milquetoast, borderline untrue opinions. Pan videos were always interesting because he would go in depth behind the scenes, talk about the animation as an artist, and wasnt afraid to admit to liking certain things despite not being ''good''. It's a shame he stopped making cartoon videos, the other cartoon youtubers seem more interested in making 5 hours long white noise videos that kiddies with adhd put in the background while playing minecraft than actually making videos about animation. I know i am sucking Pan's cheese dick too much, but he's the only cartoon youtuber that actually gave a shit about animation. None of those dorks at the top would make a video about an unknown animator like tony luke or make a video promoting a passion project like spine of night.

No. 1664070

i unsubbed the moment he dropped this, although i was seeing this a mile away with how coomerish his content has gotten

No. 1664076

His content is so boring and has been for years, he talks for ages without making a point. I don't get how anyone can watch this moid.

No. 1664078

idk anything about this guy but seeing him with a life size animal plushie from a kids cartoon reminds me of obsessive bronies, gives off major rancid vibes. is he trooning out or something? I'm wondering if a gf/wife was the one taking this picture kek I feel bad for her if that's the case. manchildren are the worst

No. 1664084

> instead of writting a script and editing a video he started to lazyly pass off cuts of twitch streams as videos.
Glad I'm not the only one that hates this. I honestly thought his writing was interesting when I started watching him in 2018 and I enjoy watching in-depth videos of obscure and weird cartoons, but you can really feel how his ego has bloated and he believes he's much funnier than he actually is. I don't understand how nobody points out how lazy and confusing his twitch stream clips are, they are so out of place and unless you watched said stream none of the clips make any sense and just leave you confused. Can't he tell he's been bleeding views since he changed his video structure, or does he just not care and blame it on the algorithm like all the other failing youtubers?

No. 1664091

his sense of humor is just screaming ''IS THIS REALLY A KIDS MOVIE?!!''. You would expect him watching mostly wacky weird shit would lead to more funny jokes, but he's boring as fuck. He's literally just mr enter lite.

No. 1664223

creepy as shit image and caption, you just know that plushy is crusty as hell…. disgustang

No. 1665074

File: 1692084440896.png (636.25 KB, 1024x1024, what-the-hell-is-this-post-v0-…)

No. 1665091

Someone needs to make one for that annoying fuck with the regular show avatar

No. 1665092

No. 1665094

File: 1692086418890.jpeg (22.27 KB, 784x364, FUG8OIDX0AMZBg-.jpeg)

This annoying asshole

No. 1665098

oh god, he has the laziest form of content, literally just worse saberspark. Cannot believe scott the woz wasted time collabing with that guy.

No. 1665106

I just can't stand these troon voices. Every single TiM sounds exactly the same with that forced feminine nasal sound and that deep bass in the back.
Can you link what he sounded like before? Why the fuck does he have only 2 videos on his channel? Please don't tell me whoever this person is nuked his channel because he trooned out lol. I hate it when trannies do that when they're so public. It's not like people can't reupload or find old clips if they really want to.

No. 1665131

>Please don't tell me whoever this person is nuked his channel because he trooned out
yuuup. vidrel is an old video hosted by another account. charlie used to be one of these nerdy british youtubers who talked about doctor who and i think tried the infamous fish fingers and custard combo. he was overall just very british and very nerdy which nerdy britaboos loved back in the day.

No. 1665132

>jump to random minute of video
>he's talking about tea
damn he really was a britaboo's wet dream

No. 1665136

Holy shit I'm so shocked I used to crush on him and all the other brit tubers back in the day, I can't believe he's trans now, he really was so adorable, I'm currently talking to a guy who kinda looks like him fingers crossed he doesn't do the same

No. 1665137

Lmfao anon too true

No. 1665169

kek be careful, that ScottTheWoz guy might be next, this one reminds me of him

No. 1665190

There is no way in hell scott is trooning out. What the fuck he's gonna change his brand to, scottlana the woz?

No. 1665274

Wait what? I enjoy his videos because he actually gives a breif review of a show and the characters so I can decide if it's worth watching or not. And he has videos breaking down episodes or entire shows that I don't want to watch but want to know about the highlights of and his content is perfect for that. He also interviews the creators of some of these shows and gives updates confirmed by them for any sequels and spin-offs. I think that's actually cool and some hard work to get those people to communicate with him and deliver the news to the viewers directly. It's thanks to his interview with Hey Arnold! creator that I got a confirmation there would be a vol. 2 of the ost once the record label agrees to it, and the creators of Growing Up Creepie talked in his video about a possible reboot/season 2 that I'm excited for. I think it's unfair to compare him to saber who just makes jokes about pervy stuff.

No. 1665337

File: 1692103153013.jpg (15.4 KB, 200x315, 64853453.JPG)

I follow workout videos on YT daily (only from female channels), so it decides to shove endless "moid critiquing what women eat" videos in my feed. I don't even watch nutrition/diet videos. One day I want to funnel my rage into making a moid filter browser extension.

No. 1665396

He comments on exclusively women’s videos if I remember. And it’s funny how he cherrypicks overweight women’s videos to praise them and skinny grirls’ ones to criticize them. He seems like some kinds of chaser to me and his voice is awful. Also, what are his credentials? Because he constantly claims that he’s a professional but his description and website only mention him being a coach, not a dietetician.

No. 1665457

>critiquing what women eat
>doughty chubby faced 4chan meme irl
Does he have no one in his life to tell him he's an embarrassment?

No. 1665499

He has the most autistic way of speaking. I feel like the way he talks is so unreal

No. 1665621

>a coach
could be an "ana coach" (anorexia fetishist) in disguise

No. 1665717

they are both super boring white bread youtubers who provide nothing of worth

No. 1665777

I don't think so, he freaks out at women who consume food on the lower calorie end. I saw a video where he freaked out at a woman eating ~1200 kcal per day and adding the calories of the apple she ate to her daily count. Screeched about how it's an ED. I feel bad for any woman that he uses for content.

No. 1666279

idk if this is the right thread to post about this, but i'm confused - is vidrel a troon or does she just have a shitty voice? she sounds like she's putting on a that weird gay moid voice and also has mannerisms that remind me of gay moids on twitter or tiktok.

No. 1666310

she's simply a woman with vocal fry. her being annoying doesn't make her a man.

No. 1666324

She sounds like a normal woman anon holy shit go outside

No. 1666339

I disagree with other nonas, she has a weird t voice going on

No. 1666344

That’s why I think he’s more of a 'chubby chaser', he praises fat women even no matter what they eat.

No. 1666532

I can't stand this ugly ass scrote, his cooking seems nice but I hate the videos where he's like 'this meal costs only costs two dollars!'. Yes per portion, so either you have to have a family of 15 or eat the same thing all week. Plus you need time, skills, unusual ingredients that you can't get at the grocery store, I could go on. Most people don't have 3 hours to wait for bread dough to rise just so their 10 minute meal tastes slightly better. So disconnected from reality, it's ridiculous.

No. 1666555

Hate that kinda shit too. It's always people who have more then enough money, time and space that don't understand why a single mom of 3 might have issues cooking perfectly nutritious meals 3 times a day.

No. 1666598

Exactly. I don't get why they try to pander to people actually struggling with money. Stay in your lane and make cooking videos using all the fancy techniques and ingredients you want, nothing wrong with that. Hell I wouldn't even mind >>1666532 if he didn't try to be uwu relatable.

No. 1666602

I've been suggested his videos many times but I never watch them, because I just don't like his face.

No. 1666607

How the fuck is his Empire State Building-sized burger even supposed to fit into someone's mouth? Burgers should be wider, not taller.

No. 1666701

I used to watch this stuff years ago , but he has an inflated ago now that he's sponsored and this is his full time gig. It's crazy he makes everything from scratch and it does look good. I remember when he got some hate for doing food from Harry potter, despite that is his thing is to recreate food from films. He looks like a full tranny supporter though

No. 1666805

She literally has "she/her" on her Twitter bio and has a girlfriend. Some of you are genuinely retarded when it comes to gnc and butch women, my god. No wonder women are trooning out en masse while trannies are winning the culture war.

No. 1666911

Touch grass. Trannies are not winning the culture war offline.

No. 1667139

My workplace literally had a troon propaganda meeting during pride month while my coworkers (all highly educated with PhDs) were supportive of it. You must not go out in the real world if you don't think troons are mainstream now.

No. 1667420

I was subscribed to her years ago, she always sounded like that. I appreciate an asian girl who can just sound naturally like herself instead of putting a cutesy voice. She became kind of annoying though

No. 1667471

NGL she really does sound like she's playing up the campy gay moid voice especially paired with the meme speech ("that's a slay", "serving cunt in an iconic way", "I'm seated and watching") and the limb wrist gestures.

No. 1667835

Academia is not the real world lmao

No. 1667900

File: 1692298978103.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2360, IMG_0406.jpeg)

SL04N has the audacity to use women's pain and abuse content for clicks with bait titles and has even lately started dabbling in conspiracy theories. I had no idea that he had defamed Amber Heard last year until recently because I only saw his channel crop up a couple months ago in my recs. I thought he was a nice guy and he tried so hard to lean into that kindness angle, other than some factual errors and mispronounciations. He also has a podcast.

I sent him something about an abuser and he ignored me, so that really tells me what he thinks of survivors and that he's using pain for clicks and only caring about what gives him clout. An actual survivor who isnt famous sends him something about a Hollywood abuser who he's talked about before, and he ignores her pleas for help. But he'll totally have Alexa Nikolas on his podcast because she can give him clout. Disgusting man.

Despite his criticism and using Britney Spears pain, Kesha's pain, Jim Carreys abuse of his ex GF for clicks, he's also defended Johnny Depp, Kanye West and is prone to cheap, poorly researched conspiracy drivel these days. Maybe he meant well in the beginning or he's always been a grifter. I just feel this sick knot in my stomach knowing he claims to stand with survivors and yet he ignores them. So a personal fuck you to him as well

No. 1667965

No. 1667967

Samefag, forgive me, my ESL read it as "word"

No. 1667981

I think his food is disgusting and off putting, and the ingredients he uses and the way he prepares it makes it even more disgusting and unappetizing. Idc that he was some restaurant chef or whatever, his food is still terrible. If I had an eating disorder and wanted to make myself gag I'd watch his videos and Babish's and all the other famous cooking channels like these.

No. 1668151

That sucks so much and really makes me lose hope for the future. Gen z is fucked since they are so damn supportive of trannies. I dont get it. fucking hell. Make it stop

No. 1668194

File: 1692322733398.jpeg (433.89 KB, 1170x632, IMG_0454.jpeg)

Especially this disinformation and propaganda bullshit he recently shat out.

Is he really going to try and peddle to the QAnon Satanic Panic buffoons after having what seemed like genuine guests on his podcast?

Alexa Nikolas, I am begging you never to interview with this man again.

No. 1668207

Slight OT tangent but I have watched two random separate dog channels that out of no where made Amber Haerd jokes. Like sometimes I forget how much normies worshipped Johnny Depp’s disgusting ass, and I shouldn’t be surprised since everyone and their mother were against Amber. One of the channels was the girl with the dog and it was in an older video obviously, don’t remember the other channel. I would love to make a list of every big Youtube channel that decided to blindly worship Depp and be misogynistic during that time.

No. 1668640

I hate his outdated reddit humour and his disgusting, greasy, unkept hair. I hate men who have long hair and can't be bothered to take care of it. kys.

No. 1668685

Someone on one of the pro amber heard subreddits made a list. Girl with the dogs really disappointed me as well. It always seems malicious and cheap when people punch down at amber a year after the trial has ended


No. 1668708

I watched this video because I found the premise to be super interesting. It's about the loss of "third spaces". Places where people can meet up in person to hang out. He explains how these spaces are crucial to social health of both adults and kids. I was getting really into the video and wanted to send it to my mom and my friends to talk about the subject since I really care about mental and social health. Then in the middle of the video he mentions "trans genocide" and derails the entire fucking video to talk all about how the poor trannies are oh so oppressed. Fuck this pretentious moid. He completely ruined a good and useful video with a rant about disgusting troons. I don't want troons mentioned in my social life. I fucking cringe every time they're brought up or every time I have to look at one. Why can't they just stay out of this? Why does everything have to be about them and how tragic their make-believe genocide is? Now I can't find another video about the topic, his is the only one and I can't send it to my friends and family because tranny shit is disgusting and I won't condone it. I just wanted to spread awareness about social health and now that got ruined. Ironic too, since troons are all terminally online.

No. 1668717

oh wow finally someone talking about this, too bad its another tranny cocksucker. Isnt there a single youtube essayist who doesnt suck troon cock? it's so annoying.

No. 1668718

This is so true and I think about it a lot bc I love going to those places, but at the same time people are just so internet addicted that they don’t want to go out anymore unless it’s to work solo on a laptop. Our library has a little cafe and extra stuff that caters to teens in hopes of attracting them to use it as a hang out spot, but it’s always a fucking ghost town in there. I went to a coffee shop that hosts an artists hangout after typical working hours with free coffee and I was the only person there. I go to tech meetups and most of the people there are only bc they’re unemployed trying to network.

No. 1668731

I agree. I am a zoomer(21) and my friends dont want to go anywhere, they just wanna hang out in my house watching tiktok and youtube. Those boomer comics of ''phone bad children no talk only tiktok'' became a sad reality.

No. 1668744

>Those boomer comics of ''phone bad children no talk only tiktok'' became a sad reality.
Well maybe those pesky boomers have enough life experience to be able to predict the consequences of certain changes in society kek. Sadly, most kids only learn from their own mistakes, and the global trend of "old bad, new good" isn't helping.

No. 1668746

I haven't watched the video and anon isn't really convincing me to kek, but it sounds like the kind of thing that architects and urbanists would write about (probably better than tra youtuber too)

No. 1668756

Now that I’m listening there’s plenty of bullshit in here
>everything is geared towards adults liberating themselves from kids
Literally where? Even brew houses and wineries are crawling with kids.
>there’s nowhere to go that isn’t a $50 spend minimum
Boba is less than $5. Skate parks and library are free. The mall is free.

No. 1668799

>malls are terrible because they kick out teens who get rowdy!
Yes, you can’t act like annoying assholes in indoor places. Bad behavior shouldn’t be dismissed, learning to be civilized is part of growing up.
>the bougies totally get uncomfortable by the presence of poors and have them sent away. This totally happens in real life, all the time
This guy is a self-admitted shut in and it really shows kek. The whole video is co-opting black issues and using it to excuse gen z laziness and phone addiction

No. 1668810

Sage for no one cares and just conjecturing here because I'm not watching the video, but going from my minuscule knowledge on urban design, these seem like twisting or oversimplification of common criticisms of public and urban spaces.
>everything is geared towards adults liberating themselves from kids
Rather than liberating, what I've seen being criticized is ignoring that that people have kids and that if you want people to take part in public space and community, you need to take that in consideration and that kids are also a part of society and should also have their public spaces and urban design that considers their needs. But I've mostly seen this been brought up when speaking especially of mothers, especially of single mothers and especially of working class and poor mothers. AKA people might not have someone to leave their kids with while they attend something else or cannot afford paying someone to look after the kids. Of course that's not compatible parents dragging their kids to some preppy overpriced brewery, I personally think it's kind of a dick move to the kids too.
>>there’s nowhere to go that isn’t a $50 spend minimum
>Boba is less than $5. Skate parks and library are free. The mall is free.
I guess there's somewhat of a cultural factor here, because indeed burgers seem pretty prone to go out for treating themselves even when they claim to be poor. When we speak of a the whole population there are people who can't and wont participate in social events even if they are seemingly cheap. Other than that, a public space like a square just being there isn't enough, they need to actually welcome people and make themselves useful but modern architecture and urbanism have many times chose to do the exact opposite, the most obvious example being anti-homeless urban furniture that shoos away everyone, not just the homeless.
I think I was going to say something else but whatever, not meaning to argue with you, anon, just that the things he's saying might have an origin that actually makes sense, even if what he says is stupid. Like yeah no need to waste 50 bucks just to go out.

No. 1668835

God this is so relatable. I have been meeting up with my friends at a local cafe and have been trying to take the initiative to get out and call people more often for my mental health. Maybe I could offer to take some of my friends to the library or something. Or even volunteer.

No. 1668876

Not surprised, I remember even a fucking duck channel supporting grimy depp's ass. I only wanted to watch that duck going nuts over iced water but the owner just had to be this retarded.

No. 1668879

I agree with a bunch of stuff he’s saying in isolation but the way he tries to tie most of it to teens is retarded and nonsensical. Like I agree there aren’t enough cool places to hang out that aren’t for drinking or music. I agree that classism sucks. But what does a grown ass homeless man getting removed from mcdonalds have to do with teens? Nothing. What does housing market being pro-capitalism and the theory that it distracting from “the working class” (ie living comfortable enough to own a house) taking political action have to do with teens as a group? Like yes I believe racism is real and 100% the violence in poc communities (which wasn’t mentioned in the video ? Lol) is probably contributing to their fear of going out, but they’re still minorities and this is supposed to be about teens as a group. The ones living in houses in suburbs or city are the majority and the ones most capable of hanging out easily, and yet they don’t. But the video just paints them with the same brush

No. 1668895

It would be really fucking funny if Solan ends up down the red-brown rabbit hole, same happened to angelicasgrass, it was a bit of tin-foiling and then out of nowhere she went full tard christian and lost 75% of her viewers.

No. 1668909

File: 1692382198187.jpg (453.04 KB, 828x3584, n8HRaTbSXqJEn.jpg)

For those unaware, a fairly popular asmrists YouTuber(angelicasgrass/angelica ASMR) went off the rails and seemingly became a conservative christian. She basically got into environmentalism, then folk spiritualism, and then to Christianity. She lost a lot of her viewers over this, especially due to her homophobic, anti-porn, and twansphoic posts. Regardless of how you feel about it, people are now calling her a fascist Nazi because of this turn.

No. 1668917

wtf I haven't checked in on her in forever

No. 1668987

I remember someone talking about how zoomers don’t dance unless they’re recording TikToks. I’m a millennial and in the 2010s my favorite thing to do was go out to these “indie” dance nights where a bunch of hipsters would go out to the dive bar with a dance floor and we’d all dance and jump around and it was a fucking blast. I moved to a new city during the pandemic and now that everything opened back up, I tried to check out another DJ/music night like I used to, and it was so weird. There was a DJ, the music was playing, lights, drinks, everything, but the people on the dance floor were just a bunch of zoomers, literally just standing there in huddles looking at their phones. Like groups of 4-6 people just standing in a circle, with their necks down and their phones out standing completely still. Nobody was being silly or weird or enjoying the music and that was the first time I felt like an old fogey about “kids these days”

No. 1668991

I think there's a secondary issue causing this, the fear of being filmed and being labeled 'cringe'. I mean look at how for a lot of teens, the awkward preteen phase has essentially been obliterated unless they were already considered weird/nerdy/alternative in the first place.

No. 1669066

File: 1692392077896.jpg (220.03 KB, 1440x1717, Screenshot_20230818_235539_Sam…)

What's with this faggot? I'm not watching the video in its entirety because I hate that fake high voice American(ized) faggots put on.

No. 1669102

pretty sure he's headed in this direction, hence the sound of freedom disinformation video and the satanic panic celeb vids. I didn't see this video but someone said in one of his vids he said he was "persecuted" for being a christian like stfu

wouldn't be the first time some micro celeb made a hard veer right to pander to a certain audience, there's an audience in marketing to idiots who believe non existent conspiracies and every blind item they read ie him using every enty lawyer blind as gospel with no nuance or second thought. sure some of those blinds may be true but others, utter bs and also stolen. enty is notorious for stealing and Sloan is an idiot not to know his celebrity gossip sources and pick and choose what to believe instead of believing everything he reads. probably doesn't, it's just for pandering. point taken, I realize how low effort his videos are now looking back.

No. 1669126

if it's the workplace they have to feign support since troons in America are protected as minorities. no ones going to lose their job over troons

No. 1669139

File: 1692395896308.jpg (280.97 KB, 1080x1840, 2ypgfr0tudb91.jpg)

I don't think it's about pandering, as creators who go full extremist tend to lose more viewers. I think they genuinely fall for these conspiracies and bizarre ideologies, and it's not exclusively "right-wing". That's why I said "red-brown" instead of fascist, as I have noticed there's a general a convergence of what are far-right and far-left views with modern conspiratorial types, a lot of radfems(I mean actual radical feminists and not just moderate women who are anti-troon) are falling down this path as well, cause they are already conspiracy minded people who believe in absolutes, so that mentality can easily be shifted to jewish people or specific politicians.

No. 1669185

He seems like a weirdo trying to get famous by farming outrage/shock. Kinda reminds me of nikocado but in a different way. He uploaded another video of him waxing his ass kek I wonder if he'll ever get banned for it or if youtube will just allow it.

No. 1669420

I liked her but tbh she always came off as a little unhinged

No. 1669432

Aw I still like her tho she’s sweet

No. 1669465

This might be a good video for you, Nona. No tranny rambling.

No. 1669487

Discovering NotJustBike and other urbanist channels made me realize how North America is a vast emptiness of suburbia and seas of parking lot. There is also another urbanist channel I like that is related to NJB and talks about the same topics but he's one of those "leftist" moids that occasionally dunks on karens and is probably a troon chaser, so I can't recommend his channel, even if I agree with his points.

Instead, I recommend this woman's channel, mainly focusing on architecture and urban planning and how our environment shapes who we are as people. This video is related to nona's topic and she probably summarized and explained it more succinctly than whatever drivel that moid is going on about.

Late reply, but no this was in a corporation, and they sometimes do "inclusivity meetings and training" hence highly educated people end up supporting troon nonsense, unfortunately.

No. 1669489

File: 1692428025573.jpg (436.58 KB, 1080x2462, Screenshot_20230715_115906_Chr…)

I really hate to admit that I agree with picrel, but it's half-right. For the majority of women, spiritualism (any and all of it) is basically the pipeline for trad-shit. Like radical feminism, came from Marxism, it is a scientific analysis which sets it apart and allows it to exist. Spiritual woo-woo, on the other hand, is focused on base emotions and an imagined utopia. I swear I have seen this in real-time. Spiritualism leads to goddess worship, which leads to Mary worship, which goes to Christianity.

No. 1669511

why do you think so many popular youtubers get outted as groomers now? the high amount of pedos that get outed every day made me doubt if any og old school youtuber i like might have groomed someone too and the only reason he didnt get caught its because discord wasnt a thing back then

No. 1669541

I've always felt weird around or talking to spiritual-huns, especially when it's posed as something revolutionary and counter-culture, and I get the same weird feeling about the rising popularity of ""witchiness"", even if it likes to say it goes counter to patriarchy. The ManTM isn't keeping me down by mocking some kind of naturalist aesthetic or calling the belief in healing stones stupid, it keeps me down by agressively sexualizing and objectifying me when I'm just trying to do my everyday stuff and pushing female "lifescripts" on me, which actually very few "witchy" women go against apart from pure aesthetics.

No. 1669559

This isn't from a feminist perspective, but Soviet writer Lev Gumilev argued that very few people can truly be atheists. even with state enforced atheism human beings fundamentally need spirituality and religion, Gumilev's solution was state spiritual practice with regards to a Communism state, don't know how that can work with feminism.

No. 1669580

She what? Does she still pander to trannies now then? I remember she did facial feminization surgery asmr.

No. 1669582

no, she disavowed all LGBT stuff >>1668909

No. 1669584

I am looking at her channel kek. Didn't expect that.

No. 1669610

Another issue with these types is the fetishization of matriarchal societies. They don't seem to realise that these societies had their own issues. For example, the Mosuo were matrifocal in actuality, with a feudal hierarchy where older female landowners ruled and their sons and nephews were the enforcers. The majority of the population were peasants whose lives didn't matter

No. 1669615

This video is about a crime scene cleaner detailing her experiences with her job and it’s very interesting. But I hate that people in the comments are just assuming that she’s a man, when she is very clearly a woman, like seriously how many men do they know wear pigtails?

No. 1669620

I've seen men wear pigtails, nona, pigtails don't make them a woman lol. who can say with this person though. they're massive, like just really large so it's hard to tell. I would say those hands are too fucking big to be female but I used to do housekeeping and the older women had big strong hands from it.

No. 1669630

You could send this one, it's also a bit related to the topic about a third place.

No. 1669721

True, but it can lead down a slippery slope of people unironically starting to become bigots. My issue with SL04N is he admitted he's felt "persecuted" as a Christian before, looking back his research is flimsy, and he doesn't even try to do basic fact checking. Zeroing in on his celebrity videos, he picks and chooses targets at random then stops speaking about them when the time is convenient.

I was seemingly grateful to the idea that I first discovered him through his videos about abused women in the entertainment industry - and one of those was bringing light to Cat White's death, considering Jim Carrey tries so hard to historically revise his girlfriends accusations- but then I realized he was just using her pain for views. The original title of the video also insinuated he murdered her. Then he made a cheap video addressing the possibly untrue Ariana Grande Jim rumors using of all things, blind items, and his actual "EXPOSING JIM" video barely scratches the surface of how offensive Carrey is. I'm using one example as key, but he's done this with multiple other celebrities where his research is flimsy, the man completely butchers the pronunciation of names, he hardly deep dives into it.

Sloan is as tawdry, tactless and sexist as any other scrotum who makes gossip videos, so it's especially annoying to see him coat it in a sense of self righteousness. Playing victim when people threatened to sue him (rightfully, in the case of what I was believe the Bob Saget video, and wrongfully, in Nick Carter's case, fuck Nick Carter, he's disgusting). And now he not only has a successful YouTube channel, his turning a dime off women's pain has extended to a fucking podcast where he interviewed multiple survivor women? Fuck you, dude, you don't represent us. Tell me that when you actually read what survivors who aren't famous send you, coward.

No. 1669733

>how many men wear pigtails
You know zero chicanos and it shows

No. 1669968

File: 1692476393252.jpg (321.25 KB, 1440x2148, Screenshot_20230819_231800_Sam…)

Zoomers reinventing sexism as usual. As if they're not always complaining about the gender binary.

No. 1669969

Hey, where did that go?

No. 1669975

Because the majority of moids are pedo opportunists and having a YouTube following of kids gives them easy access and their influence makes it easy to take advantage of them.

No. 1670062

wait i love her asmr videos and did not know she had a history in anything else?

No. 1670070

They deserved to be smacked for these brain dead takes

No. 1670080

There are paedophiles who literally spend decades of their lives studying or working government jobs, kissing ass, biding their time, just to get into positions of power to molest children.

No. 1670085

>high waisted pants gives 'feminine' vibes
kek wait until they learn how their grandpas dressed

No. 1670114

Yeah, cause they don’t exist in my country.

No. 1670260

File: 1692497200643.png (371.04 KB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20230819-190852_(1)…)

Linus Tech Tips is under fire for claims of factual inaccuracies in their product reviews, and allegations of toxic work environment and sexual harassment from a female former employee. Thoughts?

No. 1670280

File: 1692498303917.png (249.23 KB, 1080x2008, Screenshot_20230819-205455~2.p…)

Context is a video on invincible talking about a female character who sexually assaults the main male character. And men wonder why female on male sexual assault isn't taken seriously

No. 1670286

I believe her. There's some more details about this in /snow/ >>>/snow/1882556
and a cap from a former employee calling out LTT even before this happened >>>/snow/1882885

No. 1670301

men don’t create DV shelters for themselves, don’t create rape victim advocacy groups, don’t support or back up male CSA victims, and have made the ongoing issue of catholic priests committing CSA with little boys into a worldwide joke but yeah, they definitely care and women definitely don’t.

No. 1670334

Men whining about having no resources or support but refusing to show empathy or volunteer resources or support and continuing to uphold a horrible system in place are infuriating. It's most of them, too. You did this. You are the reason.

No. 1670528

this is literally just saying he walks like a faggot kek

No. 1670563

The funniest part is how they still manage to blame feminists even when most feminists support male csa advocacy. It's almost like male csa is only brought up to make feminists shut up about female csa

No. 1670714

File: 1692546327902.jpg (81.5 KB, 564x935, 90ecb6c370d01a1b7cc5c6a13aadd4…)

no one let her find out about 80s movies she's gonna transwash every single male on it

No. 1670716

He’s wearing two belts

No. 1670717

he's rad and swood

No. 1670718

Very transmasc of her, yes.

No. 1670724

If men have a problem with this extreme low rate issue, they should do something about it. Yet we've seen time and time again the men who come out as adults to speak up about childhood abuse from others get laughed out or called a 'pussy' or 'bitch.' Men dont give a fuck about other men having SA issues. It shouldnt become a woman's problem too. Women have enough to deal with.

No. 1670725


No. 1670726

KEK. I love you for this reference.

No. 1670851

File: 1692557317182.gif (1.33 MB, 500x578, d4yj.gif)

>those forearms

No. 1670859

Teenage boys speedrunning heart disease for 200k views. Im seated.

No. 1670864

Saw a clip yesterday of two middle aged men interviewing someone much young (not sure his age but probably early 20’s) and he was talking about how he lost his virginity at 16 to a 45 year old woman and one of the hosts cracked this shit eating grin and asked him how it was. The guest just bro-ing down about how great it was and they all just laughed. It was disgusting.

No. 1670869

File: 1692558356189.jpg (72.6 KB, 640x1024, apartofyou_cover_aug21-640x102…)

I literally don't get moids. They have the entire Internet to know that women prefer lean, non-steroid freaks men, and yet they literally destroy themselves over body dysmorphia on par with ED. Most girls and women don't have insane standards. Just have a clear face, not-fat body and full head of hair, and you'll be considered a heartthrob.

No. 1670877

Its their need to be homosocial.

No. 1670882

File: 1692558782097.jpg (2.49 MB, 1500x1000, LM_thumbs_comp.jpg)

And mind you, all of these boys are going to be bald and look like big toes by 35, essentially squandering any opportunity to age well or take care of themselves to look like thumb thumbs with flipped hair. Girls starve themselves and boys (checks paper) um take a cocktail of stacks and experimental chemicals to lose all their hair and have no discernable neck by 40.

No. 1670890

i unironically believe gays have psyoped normal men into catering to their homo tendencies

No. 1670895

You're completely correct. I can't post screenshots thanks to the stupid failure to resize error still but there's a long comment on that vid from a creepy gay man in his 40s just going on about how they're going to fuck men. Gay men enter their 30s and either become well adjusted individuals or the creepiest piece of shit alive that tries to spend all his time grooming men online kek. They're just performing for eackother really and they aren't being visually consumed by girls, just old men

No. 1670901

File: 1692559264215.jpg (235.09 KB, 720x1600, 93837484i8ry.jpg)

No. 1670907

I posted this already, but does anyone have that screencap(I think from the Tinfoil pr /2X/) of a nonna complaining about how gay men rule the word for centuries and hate women and rape boys and girls cause they hate women.

No. 1670957

>normal men
What is that?

No. 1670958

File: 1692561802536.jpg (343.28 KB, 1920x1080, roid induced bitch tits.jpg)

Judging by picrels gynocomastia they might be 'roiding too. I think gyno is somewhat common for teenage males, but when it's a teenage male who happens to be a fitfag who's buying boner pills to take before a workout… yeah, he's definitely on a PED of some sort. I'm a bodybuilder myself, and it seems like way more young guys are on gear these days. It's almost always the worst type of gymbros though, so… meh.

No. 1670963

your mistake is thinking they are doing anything for women kek, they do it for other moids approval and since they view women not as people, but as commodities, they assume that if their status in moid monkey hierarchy will be his enough women will come to them anyway

No. 1670967

It's so dumb, you're gearing and all it's doing is giving you a thicker neck and chin acne. Gear is like speedrunning aging, it's vanity into your body to look like an elderly person with pecs.

No. 1670968

straight men are moid-aligned on their own, no need from gay men intervention at all

No. 1670969

Gymbros are awful and roided bodies are gross, actual athletes are better looking, I won't promise you they aren't retarded tho.

No. 1671009

Off-topic but these chests are way common with in south asian, cause 99% of their diet is gluten.

No. 1671184

Why’d this anon get banned for not saging when we’re on /ot/?

No. 1671191

>no redtext
Did they remove it that fast?

No. 1671197

My ultimate tinfoil is that we're all inherently a little bisexual, and men lean into that more than women do, hence their gayass tendencies when they're friends with other men. It's not the ex fujo in me considering I honestly hate yaoi as a genre now but I literally think men just seem inherently more homoerotic than women, look at the way they interact with and worship other men. Women do something similar, but we're not anywhere as near homoerotic about it, of course unless we're bi / lesbian straight up. But there is a part of me that honestly thinks most of humanity is a little bit bisexual out of curiosity kek

No. 1671200

>teenage boys looking older than anon in her twenties

at this point I might as well stay single forever or marry an older man to satiate my daddy issues because younger men and men around my age are only getting uglier. yikes

No. 1671219

nah just men, otherwise lesbians wouldn't exist

No. 1671236

That just isn't true. Yes, every single person alive has a 0.001 percent chance of meeting that one 'magical' exception to their sexuality via various perfectly matching factors but its very rare for people to meet that sort of person, I think you're referring to the fact that when men are horny any orifice will do in a pinch. You can have sex with someone you aren't attracted to, women are just less likely to do so. Men are more mechanical.

No. 1671243

well bisexual women exist (hi), and it definitely feels like more women are open about being bi

well this could be true too, men will fuck ham sandwiches and their own pillows

but I was also just referring to how weirdly homoerotic men get when they're talking to other men or complimenting them like when they get jealous or start praising other men and hyperfixating on them in an almost sexual manner

No. 1671390

No. 1671392

Men aren't more mechanical, they're just more desperate and a random woman will be able to get a man aroused even if she's not "his type" but the same doesn't work for women because men usually put less effort into looking hot and the average naked man isn't attractive at all.
Tldr: men are desperate and women put more effort into their looks by average so most men can feel attraction to most women.

No. 1671395

Does her mom have munchie by proxy? Wtf

No. 1671396

I should have taken a screenshot, but the red text was ‘Sage your shit’. Maybe a jannie mis-clicked?

No. 1671397

Why did you tl;dr a single run-on sentence? Cocomelon iPad brain?

No. 1671399

Nah it definitely had to have been intentional, weird how they lifted it within 5 minutes of your criticism. Horrible jannies.

No. 1671429

No. 1671456

I've seen people being banned for not saging in ot recently. Probably new(fag) jannies.

No. 1671484

this sounds like the clip on tik tok i saw of theo von and tom segura talking to a guy who admitted to having sex with a much older woman while he was a teenager. theo von emphasizes that he was raped in a joking way, tom segura laughs about it. pretty much sums up how men see grooming/molestation.

No. 1671571

File: 1692614644761.png (778.98 KB, 953x1970, Illustration6.png)

that's not true, i have never seen women change their apperance to appeal to lesbians or go through olympic level mental gymnastics to justify how liking pic rel ''isnt gay''. If anything straight women are the supreme straight people and ''straigth'' moids are all a little bit bicurious. Men unironically think liking pic rel is gayer than jacking off to astolfo. Men are all bisexual, and realizing it sucks.

No. 1671575

vid related, the king of ''alpha male'' winning the gold medal at justifying how fucking a tranny with a d is not gay

No. 1671620

File: 1692620023180.png (54.95 KB, 1242x490, girl.png)

comments on a video of the sentencing of mackenzie shirilla who killed her boyfriend and his friend in a car crash. why do they behave like they walk around terrified a woman is going to randomly kill them in a car crash? like thats a thing that happens often? its so unrelevant to the story or am i just dumb? men cause about 6 million crashes a year while women cause around 4 million.

No. 1671627

>people killed in car crash
>uwu as a mother i'm so worried about my son being killed by girls!
boymoms are on another planet of crazy

No. 1671805

File: 1692634481367.jpg (11.62 KB, 500x162, Eq2B3nEXAAU1TIn.jpg)

The type to attack her son's gf for the son's failings. But it's also just picrel type of people everywhere on the internet. The type that have to make a post about how they "hugged their baby and cried" because they've seen news of some child dying in another country in a freak accident.

No. 1671917

File: 1692639632725.jpg (437.6 KB, 1440x1240, Screenshot_20230821_203725_Sam…)

Lghdtv zoomers/millennials and media illiteracy, name a more iconic duo. Jokes aside this is such an insincere understanding of the story of the manga in the thumbnail, "I'm inside Mari" by Oshimi Shuuzo. Which is about a highschool girl who deludes herself that she switched bodies with the local 20 yo neet because she envys the perceived easiness of his life, and she copies his behaviors and fully believes his soul is truly inside her body and she's totally him while her real self and soul is lost and can never be found. She did this severe dissociation to run away from her life and her abusive mom. And while there are some sexual and gender related subplotlines, the manga was never about gender and being trans.

No. 1671926

Samefagging to add for the majority of the story we are lead to believe the switch actually happened, until the man in the girl's body meets his body thinking it probably has her soul in it and they can switch back, but it turns out himself is still himself and her soul is just lost. Then the reveal that she made this whole thing up in her head happens, and it turns out he wasn't a pervert since she masturbated in front of a mirror and sexualized herself a lot when she thought she was him and it never was him inside her body, but funny how troons see that and think "wow that's literally me", very telling about them.

No. 1671938

That honestly sounda kinda interesting.

No. 1671955

this whole premise and execution sounds like fakedeep scrote shit.
A disassociative BPDesque teen girl being used as a vehicle for this. Yuck. Of course most NEETs are going to be perverts, you can't consume that much weeb shit without being one.

No. 1671968

I mean, you're not wrong. You can describe the author's entire career with that. But the neet was innocent in this manga, it was the girl doing that stuff to herself and thinking it was him. The author probably made the neet innocent because it's his self insert character.

No. 1671976

Lol I saw a dude at Walmart walking way ahead of his wife and kids I could just see him commenting on a random crime vid “As a dad of 3 this infuriates me!!1!” Like we didn’t need your credentials for outrage.

No. 1672035

I kinda remember Linus bringing his daughters along to a build-a-PC kind of video, and it struck me as odd how he was comparing his younger daughter to his older one, something along the lines of oh youre so much smarter than your sister.
idk why but that made me so sick to my stomach, and i kinda stopped watching his stuff. it probably means nothing and im just a sensitive snowflake lol but idk i kinda felt so bad for the older girl, i mean does she listen to that often at home?

No. 1672148

It seems she's not a sympathetic character and probably did just act mostly out of spite but what I want to know if he was beating her ass or something else genuinely sinister on his part behind the scenes nobody wants to focus on or come forward about. That was my first thought, but the average person is a boymom spiritually so everyone just jumped to shitting all over her etc.

No. 1672759

because it rarely ever happens so when women are violent they cling onto it. They'll never comment on the thousands of cases of the opposite happening and how they'll make sure that's never their son

No. 1672800

I wish men would just go fuck trannies and leave women alone. The #1 threat to human survival as a species is hedonistic, selfish, horny men.

No. 1674870

>>1653611 pantone also made their previously free adobe plugin into a monthly subscription

No. 1675762

File: 1692885071702.jpeg (7.92 KB, 304x166, download.jpeg)

Hey any anons here keeping up with the Dillon, Nina and Logan drama? It has to be one of the worst cases of targeted harassment I've seen recently. I really feel sorry for her and I hope her mental health is OK since I've seen people committing su¡cid over extreme hate like this.

Also of course a ugly little goblin who looks like his daddy worked at a cartel would stoop to targeting someone's spouse.

No. 1675783

can you give a tldr nonny?
can't be good, this scrote sucks so fucking much

No. 1675796

Basically Logan and Dillon are supposed to have a boxing match and Dillon has resorted to targeting Logan's fiancée. He has been posting (mostly twitter) for more than 2 weeks and still keeps on posting about his fiance, he has posted many photoshoped images of her too but many people think those are real, he is also threatening to post revenge porn of her, calling her a roast beef whore,
slut etc, editing her body onto animals etc. Because of that everyone else is also engaging in targeting her and almost every post about her on social media is calling her vile names and her social media is being spammed with people telling her what a worthless whore she is and that she should let them fuck her.

Also my summary does it no justice because if you go and look for yourself it's way more extreme.

I understand people don't like Logan, but his fiancée did nothing to deserve this level of harassment.

No. 1675798

does not surprise me the crowd direct their hate of logan towards his girlfriend because people hate women like that. I fucking hate moids for dragging women into their beefs.

No. 1675808

It's weird they never target the animosity towards men. Like wtf kinda weak shit? Tired of men seeing women as an extension of the scrote they don't like and targeting her

No. 1675885

This is acrually getting out of hand. Men are now starting to create fake deepfake nudes of her and passing them of as real.
This is kinda reaching…sexual harassment?

No. 1675902

>autistic terminally online moid
>becoming more coomerish
>losing relevancy
>used to be a brony
It's only a matter of time.

No. 1676044

who the fuck is this moid? this video got recommended to me and it seemed like an interesting topic, but i regretted clicking. he is so unlikable. average redditor "aKshuaLly" aura. i downloaded the video so i could watch it without giving him watch time and i watched the whole thing and he basically doesn't say anything. i keep randomly getting content like this recommended. it's always smelly reddit tier moids with some clickbait title with a topic that could be interesting, but the content of the video is just empty… it's nothing. i wonder if they just write these things with chatgpt tbh.

No. 1676045

here's another one of those moids. this video got 2.8 million views. he has 55k subscribers. i hate the algorithm.

No. 1676078

Birthing a male changes something in your brain irreversibly, a special kind of retardation.

No. 1676139

It's not only those, but the seemingly completely straight-passing and single or het-partnered moids who act like they aren't interested in men in the slightest but run grotesque fetish blogs on tumblr (BDSM, master/slave, etc) behind closed doors.
Kek, good, they deserve to get a taste of their own medicine. Now he knows what it feels like to be the target of a creepy, pervy, old moid.

No. 1677031

File: 1692985308294.png (49.76 KB, 778x468, yt.png)

Youtube Music is removing "Unofficial" song tracks
if you have ANY special version of a song that isn’t the official version by the artist; slowed, nightcore, sped up, bass boosted, YouTube music will now replace that in your playlist automatically.

No. 1677034

weebs circa 2009 shitting and crying rightnow as they see their cascada nightcore amvs replaced by the original song

No. 1677041

the description uses 'she' so shes just a bigger woman.

No. 1677043

I heard about this recently and shit is crazy and disgusting, scrotes will target hate to a woman just for being related to a man they have beef with when she did nothing wrong, as if the girlfriend is his cherished property and not a whole other person unrelated to their retarded sport. Then the internet decides to seethe because she’s hot and they harass the absolute shit out of her as much as possible. The Logan Paul fight thing is a vague cover for moids to direct their misogynistic hate towards a hot woman that they’d pay hundreds to watch content of while seething she’d never give them a second glance.

No. 1677057

wait does that include leaked demos?

No. 1677078

oh shit lol

No. 1677166

someone finally called out plagued moth, a shame it's some annoying fat gendie who needs to insert her unfunny skits into a serious video of a man exploiting women and children being violented.

No. 1677167

You're not wrong but I still hope she learns not to get involved with men like that in the future because this is always going to be what happens too women that do.

No. 1677197

>finally called put plagued moth
Nonnie people have been at this for 18 months and literally the past 2 months has been a complete shitstorm of people calling him out

No. 1679489

File: 1693160581489.jpg (630.82 KB, 1920x1080, bald bastard.jpg)

"Some of my favorite moomins in the wild include these anti nazi and anti terf stickers" This baldass bastard.. i just wanted to watch a video about moomins. How hard is it to make a video without inserting woman hating views?! Glad to have an adblock on..

No. 1679515

i thought this was a video essay about the moth dude from that gay french cartoon im fuckin blind. but hasnt she called plague on his shit already?

No. 1680301

I have seen an uptake of these 'AI historical' videos. These videos use AI images and AI voices (and I assume they are written by AI's as well). vidrel about the 'biblical origins of native americans,' where I assume the person running the channel typed that into GPT, had a script written, and used an AI voice. These videos present disjointed claims for the sake of clicks, or they may just be the mad ramblings of a person who actually believe this.

No. 1680302

Sometimes I try to get some motivation off recommended videos, clicked on this one, and never found something less relatable even though I myself dealt with yo-yo weight gain. Sure, she put out herself in a vulnerable state, but this motherfucker is so rich, cries about failing to lose weight with some LA fitness coach for stars, vlogs about how hard it is to eat clean while going on cruises and long holidays with her family. With the forced sad violin music over her doing motivational speeches about craving in her luxury apartment I just burst out laughing

No. 1680317

Why is it always the ugliest men who have something to say about women? I swear, it's so offensive that everyone you dont agree with gets labeled a nazi.

No. 1680342

Same, I wish there was one of these "glow up" series where the person is just average and manages to fix more aspects in their life than just weight.

No. 1680361

In the end for useful new info or tricks I actually often end up sadly relying on the male side of fitness youtube, because for female youtubers it's very often just very vague blogging and bodyshots of themselves, except for a few women uploading full workouts and demonstrating techniques. This video is also basically just an ode for herself for pulling through, which is nice and all, but there's like zero information. I guess she does plug the celebrity coach in the end, but how many people does that actually help kek

No. 1680535

i actually read that manga a few months ago and thought it was really enjoyable and interesting. spoilers for later but mari seems to be a lesbian who can't cope with her sexual desire for other women. so her projecting on that ugly neet is also her way of expressing her being attracted to other women because she has deluded herself into thinking that it's not her acting on her desires, it's the neet. there really is zero troon shit in there though and anyone who reads up to a certain chapter understands this.

No. 1681266

thought idubbbz had finally accepted his balding fate kek all these moids look the same

No. 1681703

File: 1693326267578.png (117.92 KB, 1104x830, 5c05ddc6c4762baa9b90c2f3c30544…)

i was curious about gossip regarding lesser cow-y youtubers (think safiya, mia maples, hopescope) and there was a thread discussing hopescope. it was pretty short and benign except for someone talking about how they dislike her scrote… and he seriously replied to the comment and apologized for coming across as creepy? ew.

also i didn't know that hope was mormon kek

No. 1681739

File: 1693328257292.jpg (703.96 KB, 1440x1166, Screenshot_20230829_183607_Sam…)

I'm resisting the urge to a-log

No. 1681744

Maybe you'll like this channel
Her advice sounds good and realistic and I like the way her body looks, but I suspect she uses steroids.

No. 1681747

Never saw it that way, that's an interesting way to look at it. Also didn't she have some girl interested in her as well? I can't remember if they end up together or not though. but I have a hard time believing that's the intention since the author is a massive coomer imo, he probably only wrote a lesbian relationship to fab to unfortunately I still read his stuff though, it's my guilty pleasure. And I'm enjoying a trail of blood so far and the mom is based

No. 1681754

I remember another one of these videos about how cars 2 is eugenicist and ablest, is over analyzing children's movies their entire persoanlity.

No. 1681775

there's a cake lady, purple hair and she's chubby, I cannot think of her name, but her husband seems so bitchy and rude to her, anyone know who i'm talking about and anyone else catch it?

No. 1681892

moids are so sensitive they think that women standing up for themselves is equivalent to nazism kek

No. 1682614

I get this recommended to me every few refreshes. I watched a different video of his and noticed how AI-generated it sounded.

No. 1683123

File: 1693455353646.jpg (679.06 KB, 1079x2063, Screenshot_20230830_211306_You…)

I really hate this chick. One day she just kept appearing in my recommendations and I hate her videos. Her weird body checking and disordered eating that she tries to pass off as healthy is so stupid. One minute everyone is saying she has an eating disorder then the next minute she makes a video where she claims she's "healing her eating habits" or some dumb bs and everyone starts praising her lol. I find her so stupid and irritating.

I also understand that for some people, using special dog shampoo on a dog isn't common knowledge but what a fucking idiot. If you're going to foster a dog surely you would have come across that.

No. 1683129

Is this the lady that got scammed by a middleman for Amish food?

No. 1683162

Yeah same one lol. Not smart at all

No. 1683166

I love casually browsing her shorts because she is just braindead. The fact that she showed a haul she paid $800 for and it had maybe $350 worth of goods and continues to post as though she isn't receiving tons of backlash is so entertaining. Jebidiah and his 8 children are prospering.

No. 1683312

File: 1693471394327.jpeg (69.2 KB, 622x350, 6BC1A57D-0221-4641-B8D5-D92791…)

I knew I was right to archive my favorite remixes and AMV. Also fuck YouTube for trying to do this. It’s shit

No. 1683314

same, these last few years I have felt incredibly vindicated of saving most of my favourite movies, shows and songs on a separate hard-drive.

No. 1683381

I get it can be interpreted like this, but it was not an author's intention. It's a troon manga but not a positive one kek. She's a self-insert, this mangaka wanted to transition but realised it's a mentall issue he had because he failed as a man. It's basically a gender-swapped story about his mental ilness.

No. 1683527

File: 1693498754156.png (123.51 KB, 333x276, aeris cringe.png)

Jesus Christ the amount of mental gymnastics is this video is enough to fill a football field

No. 1683697

I can't believe people are actually using YouTube music

No. 1683840

What do you mean? It's fully free (minus ads removal) and it has a huge enough library and some of the stuff on it aren't available anywhere else and it gets any new music first before apple music and amazon music or spotify. I use Vanced version of it so the premium is unlocked for free and it's better than any other streaming service.

No. 1683845

Are they really so desperate for money to target pitched audio? This is utter trash.

No. 1683850

never heard of this person but replying to reddit comments about yourself in this context is cringe. looked her up and she doesn't appear to be mormom anymore though.

No. 1684129

I CAN believe that most people use some sort of music streaming service instead of saving their music on a personal storage device, because most people are willing slaves.

No. 1684175

File: 1693556514106.png (35.34 KB, 723x236, ddoi.PNG)

anyone else irrationally hate daily dose of internet? i hate his voice and people in the comments thanking him for his "effort" in making content when he barely does any research and sometimes gives out misinformation. people commend him for always asking permission to use the clips in his videos but that's the bare minimum. in his latest video there apparently was a youtube glitch and picrel was his comment. "millions of people will never see this one" "i probably should not have uploaded today" boo fucking hoo. i'm so sad that he's losing out on potential views and $$$. enough with the pity fishing. then again it's my fault for being curious and clicking on his videos kek

No. 1684194


feel the same way kek

No. 1684199

what are his videos about? i always though it was some dodo-esque massive corporation farming revenue of viral cips so i just kept clicking not interested, i genuinely though it was a corporation and not a single guy

No. 1684220

I started to dislike his channel when he started using clickbaity titles and ""funny"" videos of animals getting hurt. Almost all of his clips are taken from the viralhog channel too. It's literally the lowest effort to make money so he has no business to whine about it.

No. 1684236

he basically just compiles viral clips and voice over some parts. sometimes he adds a clip about himself at the end

No. 1684249

File: 1693567036121.png (416.81 KB, 1325x325, ogrewoman.png)

I think it's fascinating how much this drama seems to be rooted in envy and wanting to destroy/taint something seemingly beautiful. It's like men get off on the illusory power they get when they deem a woman who is superior to them in terms of attractiveness and status impure and inferior. Men get off on humbling women they deem lesser than them as well, but the urge to psychologically destroy and humiliate a less attractive woman doesn't seem as.. Sadistic, entertaining and driven by revenge as it does when they find a reason to attack a beautiful woman. There's a bald, 5'7" guy on Youtube named Better Bachelor who covered this drama and made SOOOO much fun of Logan Paul for lowering himself to such a pathetic level by… Dating a supermodel. Be fucking real you bald-ass bitch; you would've felt like a god for like a week if a woman like Nina Agdal even made eye contact with you for three seconds. God. He's an unattractive, bitter, middle-aged man who exudes "divorced guy" energy and probably has to go to The Philippines and care for a family of 14 to get a crumb of attention from a woman who is disgusted by him but knows she needs to play a subservient role in order to ensure her family survives financially. Men are the most hypocritical, envious creatures in the world - they would probably kill a newborn to have the male equivalent of Nina Agdal's looks, status, and ability to attract partners, but god forbid a 1 % woman uses her advantages to get ahead in life, and god forbid she has had other sexual partners than you. God forbid she takes pictures with other men throughout her life. God forbid she answers questions about sex because that was a good marketing decision at one point in her modeling career. Of course Miss Gorilla-hands (pic rel) just loves to see a beautiful woman get destroyed - I've never seen a woman more resentful about being ugly than Pearl. Pearl, you're not angry because you despise promiscuity and care about virtues that stabilize society; you're angry with other women because their hands are too small to wear OJ's gloves while yours fit perfectly. I'm sorry, but that's not the fault of women more attractive than you; that's how god, a male, made you. Sorry for the rant, I'm just so sick of the opinions of worthless men who pretend to be arbiters of morality when their porn search history most likely is an abyss of degeneracy and sexual violence, and I'm sick of loser women like Pearl, who enable and reinforce these men's misogyny and hypocrisy in the hopes of making money and attracting a more dominant man

No. 1684362

File: 1693580318328.jpg (94.45 KB, 834x887, 20230901_170111.jpg)

I watched her vids for a while because someone recommended her "The cult of [insert overhyped consumer product]" videos in the consoomerism thread, but in one of the recent vids she said something along the lines of "Terfs can fuck off" or smth like that. So I fucked off, blocked her videos from appearing in my recommended. She is quite boring anyways, her content was okay only as background noise while doing other tasks.

No. 1684372

I hate his voice. It sounds so high and nasally for a male. He sounds like a troon honestly.

No. 1684715

this bitch spends almost $2000 a month on food/groceries for 2 people. also she is clearly mentally ill in some way because she has massive body checking issues, like every other aspiring model i guess lol…

No. 1684725

I find her to be offputting in the sense she always brags about being spotted at events and was one of the paid influencers to attend creator clash 2.

No. 1684738

Doesn't she sincerely think she's hot too while looking like she has FAS kek?

No. 1684913

I remember a nona saying she was in parents as a kid, I'd admire bee high self esteem if she wasn't a Tra and wore lip chap. Didnt a nona also say she used to brag about getting gross scrote attention?

No. 1684915


No. 1685383

i'm honestly starting to hate her format more and more. i used to enjoy watching her videos about cult-like consumer groups, but i hate how she's always waffling on and on at the end, like she can't find the perfect spot to just fucking end the video already. instead of sitting on her ass and thinking maybe for an hour what the final 5 minutes of her video should be, she sits there completely unscripted and goes "i just think it would be different if? you know? like if YOU did that? it would be different because? you know? like if i did that? it would come across as different? you know? you get what i'm saying? does this make sense? you know? like?" just shut the fuck up, amanda.

No. 1685464

not that big a deal but guys who put on pretend deep voices on youtube annoy me. inb4 anyone says corpse husband it's not even about him, i keep getting different random accounts come up on my youtube shorts where the vocal fry, monotony and fake deep voice are off the charts

No. 1685602

>I get it can be interpreted like this, but it was not an author's intention.
i get what you're saying, but the good thing about any manga, book, tv show, etc. is that the author's intention really doesn't matter at all and it's up to any and all consumers to find their own interpretation of meaning in a text. don't let anything get ruined for you just because the creator is a moid with a fetish when your initial reading is different than what his coom brain imagined.

No. 1685612

>I get it can be interpreted like this, but it was not an author's intention.
i get what you're saying, but the good thing about any manga, book, tv show, etc. is that the author's intention really doesn't matter at all and it's up to any and all consumers to find their own interpretation of meaning in a text. don't let anything get ruined for you just because the creator is a moid with a fetish when your initial reading is different than what his coom brain imagined.

No. 1689579

File: 1694043639027.jpg (58.19 KB, 1440x383, Screenshot_20230907_024225_Sam…)

Found a schizo youtube channel, pic rel is the comment that made me discover it

No. 1689583

"casual sanism" is a new one

No. 1689807

>Reading Inside Mari to me it is clear that the author and I share a common struggle. We are repulsed by our own masculinity. For the longest time I felt like I had been tainted by masculinity, ruined by it. Poisoned by testosterone. I hated by lust, my gaze, my mind and my body. I refused to stare at women because I never wanted them to think of my gaze as being male, being threatening. And in moments of weakness or sometimes by accident, I did stare, and I hated myself for it. I despised my testosterone fuelled sex drive. I detested needing to masturbate every single day simply so I could fall asleep without spending an hour in bed every night restless and aroused.
Ewwwwww. Why do these freaks see themselves as women again when they're nothing more than self-hating males? There's something so misogynistic about "failing as a man and becoming a woman." They couldn't become men so naturally they have to be something that is inferior to men–women.

>wanted to transition
Source? I thought this was just a meme. It's insane that I could count on one hand names of male mangaka who could have trooned out. As expected of a pornsick nation kek

No. 1689813

Nta but it was posted in the MTF thread recently >>>/snow/1891254

No. 1689819

The soyjak altchan that likes to frequently raid this place has a youtube channel with some of the cringiest videos and the worst comment section i've ever seen

No. 1689820

File: 1694064761933.png (935.87 KB, 1468x913, Screenshot 2023-09-06 223455.p…)

No. 1689825

File: 1694065078930.png (578.09 KB, 676x881, Screenshot 2023-09-06 224038.p…)

they're actually showing this type of stuff to real kids

No. 1689829

The fact that they directly link to their site in a youtube kids section makes this extra fucked considering the CP they have

No. 1689871

how is that site and these videos still up, they raid almost everyone

No. 1689880

There are AI channels for other genres too, like "science" channels where they have a clickbait title and thumbnail of Elon Musk or some planets or something, and the video itself is all incoherency. They're for profit. You can find many videos on YouTube about how to start up an automated channel using AI for the sake of generating ad revenue from people who get tricked into thinking it's a real video. Awful spam, I guess YouTube either doesn't care or is struggling to crack down on it

No. 1689895

File: 1694074469750.jpeg (412.43 KB, 1167x924, IMG_8234.jpeg)

Turkey Toms gf making sure the whole live stream knows she folds his clothes for him on stream because she is based and not like other girls.

No. 1689979

they are so tryhard, it's pathetic. No one outside their little clique of retards cares about their memes because they are so painfully unfunny, even Null stopped giving them attention because they are unfunny pedophiles.

No. 1689984

i cant believe he's only 20, he looks mid 30s. He should update his png to depict his gained weight and unwashed neckbeard look.

No. 1690010

He can't grow a proper beard kek

No. 1690017

Whenever a channel makes money, YouTube makes even more, so YouTube has strong incentive to pretend it didn't notice.

No. 1691004

File: 1694157918210.jpg (101.33 KB, 720x761, 1683606820218.jpg)

>look him up
>he's Bulgarian
that explains it(racebait)

No. 1691011

Amazing, next time I see one of my local schizophrenic homeless person who sleeps on a needle covered sidewalk, I’ll tell them the great things Zoomies are doing by defending them from toy gun manufacturers naming their toys something oppressive.

No. 1691022

I was slowly becoming off put by her and couldn't figure out why. Only watched her while cleaning or doing some crafting anyway. It always bothered me how she just sits there with 0 visuals most of the time. She's kind of an ugly skinny fat on neither extreme and if she's going to tell women to fuck off its time I finally stop watching then. Her topics were never that interesting or well researched anyway.

No. 1691515

File: 1694205304486.png (Spoiler Image, 4.2 MB, 1924x2397, asianfetishppbrochannel.png)

Another AI voiced sexpat/passport bro channel full of yellow fever tutorials on how to get the perfect asian waifu. The "leftover women" video says nothing about the 1-child policy or real factors for low birth rates.

No. 1691517

Jannies really think Bulgarians are a race(bait)

No. 1691529

I remember looking up leftover women on Youtube after watching a documentary on feminism in China and there were half a dozen channels about "leftover women" in the west and that was in 2019, I'm assuming its only gotten worse.

No. 1691534

What's a "leftover women"

No. 1691538

A male fantasy. They think women who don't get married by 30 are desperate and will settle for any scrote lol

In reality there are only leftover males.

No. 1691579

Define race, baitchan

No. 1691598

How is content like this that is straight up fuel for sex trafficking allowed? Moids are truly fucking evil.

No. 1692086

NTA but a country's nationality isn't a race, max an ethnicity

No. 1692088

It's a Chinese term for a woman who isn't married at 30. There's also leftover men, which is just the same thing. There's mostly leftover men in China so the woman version is not frequently used.

No. 1692420

File: 1694277478938.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, NINTCHDBPICT000755827107.png)

does anyone watch mia maples? i don't follow her but whenever i end up clicking on one of her videos i can't help but notice how weirdly sterile her aesthetic is. her filming studio could be used as one of those fake rooms that all the shit on aliexpress is staged in.

No. 1692582

>Saw a youtube video that might be interesting
>Hear a male narrator
>Immediately stop watching
Why can't scrotes just shut the fuck up about lesbianism? Why do they always feel entitled to explain these things as if they somehow know better? Gonna tell youtube not to recommend him anymore.

No. 1692922

Good man

No. 1692940

File: 1694326698309.jpeg (16.58 KB, 225x225, IMG_1764.jpeg)

He’s giving Rose West

No. 1692955

>criticizing male gaze lesbian films
My brother in christ, you ARE the male gaze

No. 1693234

how do the nonnas here feel about the new channel JacksFilms made just to make fun of SSSniperwolf's content? like yeah, her content is lazy and braindead, but it never bothered me cause i am not the target demographic. she's making bank. good for her i guess? don't know why she is getting singled out among all the sex pest youtubers who deserve to be bullied way harder, but i digress. i guess the 7$ million mansion she bought last year really ticked him off lol.

No. 1693252

File: 1694352092322.jpeg (150.07 KB, 720x1123, IMG_1082.jpeg)

Tbh I don’t like convicted criminal bffs with momokun SSsniperwolf. But I could honestly care less of this drama. It sucks this is what pulls in views these days but there’s not much we can do but wait for her to lose relevance.

No. 1693256

Damn, I used to like his stuff but wow he is Obsessed with her. You’re definitely right that it must be jealousy. One or two videos making fun of her would be one thing but he’s kept up this channel for 10 months and no sign of stopping.

No. 1693263

he's that obsessed? what a fucking loser. i feel bad for his wife, how embarrassing that your husband is this obsessed with another woman.

No. 1693267

There are many other channels like hers out there like Reaction Time and Azzyland. Why not go after them too? It seems he has a personal vendetta against her.

No. 1693272

He's been posting like 100 different tweets and videos about it because she called him retarded or something. It's fucking weird, yeah we get it you're balding and irrelevant.

No. 1693379

it's probably a lot more fun for him to do than his other content at this point. i think it's overkill, these reactions could only have lasted like a week or two, but i don't really think he's "obsessed" with her in any creepy way. the bingo vids were kinda funny at first. he has admitted that he's jealous of her because her content is extremely low-effort and is a good representation of a massive problem with youtube yet she's that successful. i also think misogyny does play a small part - it's a lot easier to go after a female content creator to this extent than it is to go after a male one. however, he has called out and mocked male reaction channels in the past, just never this hard.
i kinda get his frustration because the way she acts (the retarded forced accents and Bro talk) and the fact that that many people do not find her extremely insufferable, enough that they willingly follow her, is disturbing. that her/her staff cannot even be bothered to credit most of what they use in their videos is just asshole behaviour. he's kinda embarrassing himself at this point though

No. 1693588

File: 1694369415259.jpeg (97.95 KB, 828x471, FC8C67AE-91F0-45A6-B7C9-344C34…)

I saw this comment thread on a video about how a brain implant connected to a voice ai helped a paralyzed woman speak to her husband again. I was impressed at how many people were bringing up the statistics about how often woman stay with the man rather than the other way around. But there were many moids in the comments coping and claiming that uhm actually it’s the women that leave their terminally ill husbands and divorce him and take all his money. And that they can’t blame a man for leaving. Moids are so retarded lol

No. 1693717

File: 1694374211516.jpg (24.34 KB, 652x289, 7dc.jpg)

Iirc what ticked him off the most was that YouTube acknowledged her even though her content is so lazy. I understand that it would feel unfair for someone who's actually passionate about the platform, but his JJJacksfilms channel videos are like a sign of actual mental illness at this point. He seems out of his mind in the few videos I've seen

No. 1694749

Sometimes I watch this youtuber Roxxsaurus (who seems fine, I have nothing against her), but in her latest videos she claims to buy things from adverts she sees on social media and then she check them herself to decide if they are good or a scam.

The thing is that she aaalways loves every single product no matter what, even those you can clearly see they are pure shit (first dress of this video, even other people commented that it looked horrible quality).

So, she is clearly paid to make the advert herself of those products but still claiming she is reviewing them when.

This got me so mad for no reason, so here I am.

No. 1696389

File: 1694588171584.jpg (500.95 KB, 1079x1957, Screenshot_20230913_024645_You…)

Random shit, but I remembered this song called "short dick man" by an artist named Gillette. Comments are full of obviously offended males trying to act "cool" by pretending they aren't offended by the lyrics. I kek'd because men are horrible actors, even on the internet. You can always tell when a guy is offended. Anytime a man goes out of his way to TELL everyone that he doesn't care about something, you bet your ass he actually does care. People who truly don't give a shit about something don't sperg about it, but again, this comment section is full of dudes sperging about the lyrics, thinking anyone with a brain cannot tell that these dudes are clearly thinking about their dick sizes in response to this song. Men freak out about their dicks, and even other men's dicks on their corny little forums, or even in a crying session to their girlfriends when insecure about exes. The number one fear any man has about his dick is that it's not good enough to compete with other men for women's validation. You wanna know how I know? Because men don't shut the fuck up about it. But now that this song is blatantly saying "don't want no short dick man", they suddenly wanna act like their egos are resilient and take no offense. No, Mr. Scrote. You ARE offended, and you are fooling nobody with an IQ above single digits. Nobody likes tiny penises, and women are gonna groove to this song while you cry at night.

No. 1696826

shit don’t work anymore

No. 1697015

theres this weird youtube channel where the premise is some fucking creep sits by the harbour in miami all day and takes videos of women on dude's boats. most of the women look… trashy to say the least, probably prostitutes, but the aim of the channel is to attract hordes of men to the comment section where they bash and nitpick these women with such vitrol. it's just sick.

No. 1697058

Hard agree. I was really into her content because I enjoyed the editing style but the relatability ended when she hired that superstar coach.

I went to her instagram to see if she had any updates but she hasn't uploaded anywhere in a while and her comments section are filled with so many desperate suckups its insane. People literally begging saying their mental health is on the line if she doesn't upload.

No. 1697066

Alivia D'Andrea is friends with Zoeunlimited.

No. 1697146

This is slightly ot but it reminds me of when I found an opening theme to a cartoon I used to like when I was a kid, the cartoon is Mucha Lucha which is about Mexican masked wrestling and it's bizarre and weird and stereotyping of Mexican culture but fun and lighthearted. The comments were filled with people saying "as a Mexican I'm not offended by this and I don't find it racist", it always felt weird to me and never understood why did they feel the need to say that, but after reading your post, it makes sense now. They were probably actually bothered by it but wanted to play cool and act like they're "not like the other fragile sensitive poc" because they're cool with "racism" and stereotypes. Not trying to racebait, just wanted to discuss this strange phenomena.

No. 1697159

I don't know what's happening to men right now but it's making me want to never interact with one again
Ban porn + castrate coomers

No. 1697295

mucha lucha isnt offensive, the creators are asian/australian i think and there are a lot of mexican/chicanos involved on it. Also the main protagonist was black /mexican, like miles morales. It's actually really nice and you can tell the people involved appreciatte the culture and wrestling.

No. 1697414

Yeah I know. But the comments that were on the opening theme song video were during the height of the anti-sjw vs sjw thing and everyone wanted to pretend they're so cool for being anti-sjw in the comments even though there weren't any sjws in the comments calling the show racist. It was a strawman situation because probably no sjw youtuber ever made a video about it saying it's racist. Happens a lot on youtube comments though.

No. 1697485

I see, thank you for your input, I appreciate it. I think I get it now. I'm poc but not Mexican or latino, and my ethnicity is never represented in media which is something I'm actually happy about because I'm so tired of representation discourse and I don't get what's so good about it. But I won't take that away from other people. Also kek at french behavior.

No. 1698746

File: 1694781955388.jpg (10.58 KB, 250x250, Like_new.jpg)

Holy fucking shit, how many more times are male artists, commentators, or content-makers of any genre going to end up being exposed as a groomer? Even the ones that aren't mainstream are getting exposed for being groomers. Why is it so hard for any male on YouTube to be fucking normal?

No. 1699187

Wait who is it now?

No. 1699293

File: 1694834328514.jpeg (6.41 KB, 168x300, images (3).jpeg)

I found a catchy song from this artist named Lumi Athena. I thought it was a young woman just based on the name and song, but that ended up being a mistake when I went in a comment section for one of the songs and a user mentioned Lumi once stalking and trying to groom a 13 year old girl when he was a teenager. I did some digging, and turns out, this fucking artist is actually an almost 40 year old man who dresses up and puts makeup on himself like some emo teenager on TikTok. Even if the grooming accusation is false, I still get strong pedophile and tranny vibes from this artist. This is once again another male artist I'm gonna have to drop because for some reason, male artists cannot be normal and uncreepy or fucked up in some way. And I use the word "male" generously, because there are a lot of people suspecting Lumi to be a TiF, so for all I know, this isn't even an actual male.

No. 1701370

I was just thinking about 'paint the town red" and low and behold I open YouTube and it recommends me a short with the same damn song. Its so creepy.

No. 1701375

"Lumi Athena" practically screams tranny/agp. I can't imagine anyone with that artist name as anything else. Sorry you had to find out the hard way nonna.

No. 1702251

Named after the brand of crotch deodorant he has to spread over his stink ditch.

No. 1703034

File: 1695255731780.jpg (508.76 KB, 1440x1110, Screenshot_20230921_031701_Sam…)

The authority on trauma is here, everyone! If only she realized she's an "enby" because of her trauma…

No. 1703060

You're subconsciously manifesting.

No. 1703073

I like Cinderella a lot. It meant more to me as a kid but I still think it’s ok now. What are they trying to say about it? I used to get mad when people lumped it into a prince saves the girl trope because marrying the prince was like the last two seconds of the film, the point was she got the courage to go out and do something and had made magical friends that helped her in spite of familial sabotage and a downtrodden work/slave/servant situation

No. 1703104

i hate these dumb essay channels, literally even the target audience of 5yos can tell cinderella is a story about abuse

No. 1703134

I'm Mexican and legit a lot of people love mucha lucha, we grew up with it. It never bothered us the same way other cartoons did not bother us, but we neither saw it as representation in the way americans see it. It's just a fun cartoon with lucha libre and we like lucha libre. Crying for representation in my country wasn't a thing until recently because of cross cultural contamination from the US and now people are extra sensitive to it. But the whole "I'm not like those sjw!!" Thing you say feels completely incorrect to me. It's just: it never bothered us. The only way something would bother us is if you made a racist comment. And mucha lucha never felt like it to us. That's my experience anyway. You can decide to believe whatever you want.

No. 1703142

Sorry, some of us don't like skinny Tumblr-sexy dudes

No. 1703150

i feel so sorry for your lack of taste

No. 1703161

Have fun with your sentient broom stick boytoy

No. 1703162

have fun with your roided balding pig with anger issues pig punching stacy sama

No. 1703169

File: 1695274333365.jpg (37.85 KB, 591x339, 18705949592_77a22b579d_z.jpg)

Somewhat related to this, There's a film called British-Pakistani co-produced film called Jinnah, where Christopher Lee plays the founding father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and it is beloved here. Its shown with an Urdu dub on every national holiday, where families gather to watch. It is considered a national treasure. Surprisingly, I didn't even know it was a foreign production until I was an adult. If you were to ask any Pakistani about if their offended of Westerners making a film about their founding father and casting a white guy in the role, they would say they didn't care because the portrayal was respectful, and that's what matters most.

No. 1703191

God he is so sexy. I don’t like old guys but that voice really does it for me

No. 1703193

he's so repulsive looking, i wish there was a law prohibiting ugly old men to play as anything but rotting corpses in movies

No. 1703204

? Bitch stfu that's Christopher lee.

No. 1703213

who? i just see a guy who would cat call the drunken teenagers that are leaving the bar

No. 1703254

File: 1695281865518.jpg (85.02 KB, 1059x596, jinnah.jpg)

Well he was playing Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was quite literally a rotting corpse near the end of his life as he was suffering from Tuberculosis, he was six feet tall and weighed 90lbs/40kg

No. 1703318

Christopher Lee lead a pretty awesome af life. Including stabbing actual nazis. More than your pathetic, uncultured ass.

No. 1703642

File: 1695332799180.jpg (23.16 KB, 425x517, ff014d58bd2694f81c40da874fdbe2…)

I'm on your side, nona. Masculine hot men for the win. And they have to be HANDSOME in the face, not just "clear skin, not fat and head full of hair", these are low standards. Picrel is the best thing to happen to my eyes.

No. 1703656

NTA but supreme taste nonnie. God he was so hot during this time period.

No. 1703661

Some nonas seem to think that when we dislike skinny dudes the only alternative is bald roided out Joe rogan freaks. There’s plenty of attractive men who work out to have admirable muscle definition and some bulk. I want a guy to have nice pecs so I can smack them.

No. 1703821

Mmmm I love it when they kill themselves. I bet they're gay too, everyone knows fags love sticking their dicks in roided bois. It's how they attraft mates

No. 1703826

Incredibly late reply but I think her channel is the icing artist and I got the same exact vibe from him. He always speaks so monotone and incredibly rudely to her, just gives off bad vibes in general. She has also gained a ton of weight since she first started her channel and even the last couple of months it looks like she’s gained 20 more.

No. 1703829

and? he's still ugly

No. 1703832

literally no modern roided pig looks like that though

No. 1703843

File: 1695345377196.jpg (202.58 KB, 1080x1112, IMG_20230922_040635.jpg)

When your brain has been FRIED by black entertainment television for the last 25 years you will look at your infant daughter dancing and see a whore shaking her ass. You will film yourself degrading her and post it on YouTube. Masses of "people" will laugh, congratulating him for not letting the infant be a hoe.
When this nigga ends up in jail (I bet he already has a record) I wish all the bigger guys take turns raping his bunghole. When he waddles around with his ass vibrating in 10 different directions at the same time he'll be shaking his ass which will justify even more assrape. He needs to have his hemmorhoids pierced with a nailgun. Put a WHALEHOOK up his ass and pull out his intestines right out his loose shitter. Pluck his prostate out with a pair of tweezers. It's always the fattest, nastiest SKANKS driving their daughters crazy. These men need to be EXECUTED. I'm not talking electric chair, I mean RAPED TO DEATH! If you look at your infant daughter with the same eyes you watch porn you need be RAPED TO DEATH! If your baby dancing is a hoe twerking in your eyes, you're lower than a gorilla locked up in a zoo stuffing it's asshole with the peanuts visitors have thrown at it.

I'm turning into the joker. I don't know what's more upsetting: The cuckhold mother letting her baby get ""slutshamed"" by her own father for YouTube clout? EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. SUPPORTING. HIM??

No. 1703850

High quality alog

No. 1703897

Honestly this is a legendary alog. And tbh I agree with you.

No. 1703918

this site would be so much better if you had written every post
ily anon

No. 1704072

We know, but not every guy who works out uses steroids, and not all guys who work it are ugly either. But I don't live in burgerland so I don't know what does the average working out American male look like. Assuming you're American, where working out=steroids.

No. 1704076

File: 1695355484192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.2 KB, 2477x3093, 1692801780312667.jpg)

It's funny how all the losers come out of their lonely caves like roaches to make fun of us roided muscle-crackhead enjoyers.
I'm feeding my pig carcinogenic protein dust by the spoonful and he let's me punch him in the jaw because he's too poor to buy his own MEGA BIG-BOY PROTEIN EXTRAVAGANZA CHUM BUCKET from Decathlon. I don't have to worry about when to dump him because his heart will give up on him before I do.
You will be buying diapers for skinnyfat faggot with your own retirement money in a couple decades but MUSCLEPIG will already be six foot under & STILL mogging your faggot even as a skeleton.
Imagine being too scared to drop kick your Nigel becuase he might fucking die. Couldn't be me! Mine is already dying. A heart attack wouldn't be out of the ordinary in an autopsy situation.
Bucktooth Becky's stay seething over the PIG-PUNCHING Stacy. #mindset

No. 1704082

KEK a classic

No. 1704089

nta I'm not even American. but there's a growing issue of young men(and some women) in African and Asian nations buying cheap Chinese steroids and literally dying from heart attacks, at age 21

No. 1704108

File: 1695356941049.jpeg (2.25 MB, 1936x1936, D462F004-49A5-4107-8108-4966EC…)

Kek I find you funny even though you’re wrong, he’s got good face bones and he was hot as Saruman as an old scrote

No. 1704117

He was fierce and anyone who disagrees is wrong.

No. 1704134

>and he was hot as Saruman as an old scrote
Nta but oh god you're the one who made this post?
I hate you now

No. 1704140

File: 1695358298722.jpg (143.62 KB, 820x1024, F6eMn9bXIAAph1D.jpg)


No. 1704148

nta but he's hot.

No. 1704156

different anon but maybe in his younger years sure, not during his grandpa age though

No. 1704159

oh of course.

No. 1704160

if we get actual prolific saruman thirstposting on this website my life will be complete i think

No. 1704162

If it happens I will make sure to be there calling every anon into that old scrote a grandpafucker diaper fetishist

No. 1704176

Ayrt and I didn't know that. That does seem like a problem I guess. But it's kinda on them for thinking they need all that shit to work out and have a healthy body instead of just eating healthy and exercising regularly.

No. 1704276

They all look like they have beer guts with turtleshell markings. I guess it's from HGH. I wonder if more roidheads are turning to China now; Russia used to be the main source for dirty bodybuilding

No. 1704966

I regret spending my life on this video, she's absolutely insufferable, random obnoxious traumadumping all to promote a scam service.

No. 1705617

File: 1695509733779.png (1.97 MB, 1080x2041, Screenshot_20230922-164807_(1)…)

I like her content but everytime her husband appears on screen, I feel disgusted on a visceral level

No. 1705624

I feel bad but I feel that way about the husbands or bfs of most female youtubers. Scrotes are so ugly and pointless.

No. 1707008

How to miss the point and give the most surface level air headed opinion ever

No. 1707340

I'm sorry, could you explain how her video is air-headed and surface-level?

No. 1707372

I'm constantly getting recommended the same 2 or three 30 something second gore video or coomer video with some girl with her breasts in the camera" on tbe thumbnakl
I do not watch gore or coomer videos, the one I get the most no matter how much I say, "do not recommend " and report is a video with two dudes standing over a guy with his head down, they have shirts covering their faces and one is holding a chainsaw
What the fuck, does anyone else get this shit? I just got one looking for a jerma ai dungeon video.
It's always gross ass thumbnails.

No. 1707416

File: 1695683407532.gif (4.53 MB, 498x227, stfu-shut.gif)

It is absolutely mind numbing how repetitive and utterly robotic youtube commentors are. Seriously, on every fucking video, the comments always have a recycled formula for how they get their feelings across. Seriously. No matter the video, there's always a dozen or so of these braindead comments in the section.
>the skull emoji
>"GIRL I-"
>"I- BYE"
>"and I oop-"
>"I aint readin all that"
>"where there's a hole there's a goal"
>"A Certified Hood Classic"
>"good boi"
>the rockhead with the wine glass emojis
>"slay queen"
>"serving cvnt"
and that's not even all of them. I hate the meme of calling other people "NPCs", but youtube comments seriously feel like infestations of bots because of how recycled and bubble-brained most comments seem to be. Youtube AND TikTok really brings out the unicellular lizard brain of its addicts. Every single brick-brained fuck who spams shit like that in every comment section they're in needs to be told to go read a fuckin book. I feel like people who can't make any conversation without directly referencing whatever the hell they watched on YouTube or TikTok never gets told to shut the fuck up enough.

No. 1707445

What is this gif

No. 1707449

File: 1695686484867.gif (1.18 MB, 498x208, stfu-shut-the-fuck-up.gif)

The classroom scene from Scary Movie. I should have used this one instead

No. 1707606

you forgot
>“canon event”
>“it’s giving ___”
>“ten skull emojis

No. 1707751

For me it’s when I look up completely innocent shit like cats and it recommends shorts that are titled like it’s a video of a cat or dog dying, or if I look up Star Wars it recommends videos that look like cropped hentai thumbnails but have millions of views. This isn’t even when i’m signed into an account because I watch a lot of Youtube on my TV, my signed in account is less awful. I don’t watch that type of content with my signed off account so I just have to wonder, are these videos being recommended on a clean default algorithm? I don’t know how Youtube’s works but I will get those same recommendations on any device that’s not signed in.

No. 1707819

The mangled, dying animal "pet rescue" videos and porn ads are default even on new machines. Youtube is really fucking gross and worthless. If anybody decent worked there, they would shadowban all the animal torture videos disguised as "rescue". They shadowbanned my videos just because I missed one monthly upload, they already have zero problems with burying videos.

No. 1708257

I get them constantly too. Literally all I watch on YT are music videos and the occasional makeup vids and I still get videos recommended that are gore & injured animals & sometimes straight up porn. It has to be a glitch or something, its so weird.

No. 1709193

some faggot MGTOW channel youtube recommended to me. men are so cringe, i hope neither he or his followers shoot any women

No. 1709812

File: 1695944445980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.01 KB, 1440x593, Screenshot_20230929_023809_Sam…)

Comment on a story where dogs die a lot and if the author hates dogs or not. The original comment which this reply is on states writers don't endorse the actions they write about, then this scrote decided to join in with his shitty scrote opinion.

No. 1709836

no self awareness, at least women typically call out other women for acting irrationally, moids can't even be BOTHERED to acknowledge the amount of moids throwing tantrums over nothing

No. 1709943

I agree a lot of comments are bots, but I also think a lot of this is years of creators saying "likes and comments fuel the algorithm and directly benefits me" so a lot of people just comment on content they like without actually having something they wanted to say. That plus it's probably very addictive to make a ton of generic "funny" comments that require no thought and get the positive feedback of real-time like notifications blowing your phone up

No. 1710060

Wow his channel is such a sad cope. Barely any views , a few comments, yet he still has time to go after women

No. 1710104


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