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File: 1641416542306.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, FP.jpg)

No. 1016970

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.
Please refrain to engage in brand wars, we're here to point and laugh/cringe at people's crazy consummerism tendencies, whether they are candle obsessed wine moms or pink setups and shein loving zoomers.
Any sustainability talks should be put in the sustainability thread

Previous thread

No. 1016972

Too early

No. 1016978

File: 1641416741681.jpeg (153.95 KB, 749x817, 0E2659F9-FC0D-424A-A7F2-611A58…)

I hate the “Kawaii NEET room” shit
The regualr scrote NEET rooms are bad enough, I don’t need this thrown into the mix too. And you know for a fact none of it is getting cleaned. I’m tired of it

No. 1016988

That pic is setting off my fight or flight response. Is there anything more unfuckable than a soyboy consoomer?

No. 1016998

how do people not walk into these rooms and feel overwhelmed? jesus christ the amount of pure crap.

No. 1017017

OP you don't create a new thread before the old one hits 1200 and you messed up on the quoting. You better delete this while you can.

No. 1017023

I don't understand how people exist inside these rooms and don't get extremely anxious just from owning so many things. What if they have to move? They bring all this shit to the new house??

No. 1017041

similar to this: i absolutely hate those "aesthetic" fake-minimalistic rooms that require you to buy a shit ton of boring decorating items and furs etc only to end up in a white-grey prison cell that millions of other girls on social media also live in
it looks empty, boring and depressing, yet probably cost you a ton

No. 1017045

No. 1017046

File: 1641418822025.jpg (861.78 KB, 2067x3970, vntu6onu9u861.jpg)

Guess we're stuck with it kek, it's not a big deal though

No. 1017061

I can see one nice one in the whole pile

No. 1017074

File: 1641419599603.jpg (398.32 KB, 1080x1817, 1639261218582.jpg)

Wow are you some kind of NLOG?? Stahp gatekeeping nonnarina
Jk, I agree with you. Generic and ugly at the same time. I wonder how many of them end up looking like Luna's room/plushes over time. Then again, they probably throw a bunch of things out and replace them without thought

No. 1017094

every time i see her plushies i want desperately to throw them into an oxiclean bath so bad. it's at a level where i feel she could make bank just by creating a tiktok dedicated to cleaning her nasty plushies. people love those kind of before and afters

No. 1017098

It's the inauthenticity of pictures like this that bothers me. I think it's interesting to see people's rooms but not when they're so artificial like this. You know this person is just poorly copying something they saw on the internet.

No. 1017119

This picture smells dusty

No. 1017144

>>1004939 proper thread link cause OP is a faggot

No. 1017766

I get that the pandemic made a lot of people regress and go into literal comfort zones but…are silicone lamps really that necessary? A light is a light, serves no other purpose only to bring light.
For the humidifier craze, unless you have poor lungs or live in a dry shithole that makes your throat sore, that's kinda useless

No. 1017822

Wow first thread filled up fast, I hope this one does too cause op pic makes me want to puke.

No. 1017849

File: 1641484273147.jpg (52.73 KB, 570x760, f5b38af49056123c50fa5e7ec9500c…)

Apart from all the consoomerism, another thing I hate about anime rooms is that they all look the same, I cannot stand the led lights trend as well, hope it dies soon and people cringe thinking how their room looked like that. I used to think having many celebrities or boy bands posters where horrible, but I still prefer it before the new teenage room trends

No. 1017853

File: 1641484423954.jpg (524.4 KB, 2048x1536, Tumblr_l_679841713800764.jpg)

Samefag, just saw one of the people I follow on Tumblr reblogged this picture, disgusting

No. 1017856

Humidifiers smell nice

No. 1017865

Those glass cabinets of this exact shape just give me a fight or flight reflex instantly. God I didn't even know I was so easily triggered.

No. 1017870

Samefag to clarify lol, the nice one is the turquoise bear near the front, the one that has an actual teddy shape to it and that isn't a blob. I think that's why I hate these things. Blobs with dot eyes.

No. 1017871

I think this is kinda cute and I'm not even into weebshit. I just think being in a room that is this artificial, especially the lights, is just bad for anyone really. People need some greenery in their lives even if it's just a plant.

No. 1017881


I use a humidifier during the winter because running the heat turns me into a lizard, but those tiny ~aesthetic~ ones are completely useless trash

No. 1017886

File: 1641485867227.png (1.11 MB, 1024x627, 1542543308203.png)

I like this shit from an aesthetic standpoint, but I wouldn't enjoy it for my home. I like when decor is tastefully cluttered, but when it's too much it starts looking like a kawaii Thomas Hirschorn piece.
But then again I love walking into pastry department in supermarkets

No. 1017887

File: 1641485968742.jpg (173.04 KB, 749x600, Thomas Hirschhorn Mondrian-Aut…)

Pic related, some Thomas Hirschorn art, one of his main subjects is consoomerism

No. 1017888

File: 1641485989576.jpg (141.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Any perfume collectors or possibly consoomers? I haven't lived with my mom for a good while now but she used to buy perfumes almost obsessively, but has stopped now. Whenever I go to visit there's just an entire box of unused perfumes set aside to be sold. How the fuck do you check secondhand perfume prices? Surely someone's buying…
My favorite is Dior's hypnotic poison, I have no idea if it's considered good or not, just that it's one of the first my mom bought for me as a young adult.

No. 1017889

File: 1641486032178.jpg (462.16 KB, 818x614, thomas hirschhorn crystal of r…)

another hisrchorn piece for reference

No. 1017891

File: 1641486171857.jpg (49.5 KB, 640x426, pistoletto Vénus aux chiffons.…)

What do you anons think about contemporary art pieces questionning consumerism ?
I feel like this 60's piece is still relevant today, if not even more so.

No. 1017892

File: 1641486278956.jpg (58.78 KB, 400x238, arman-mémorial-pour-tamerlan-1…)

This thread is making me rediscover and appreciate again some pieces I had saved, especially new realism ones.

No. 1017898

File: 1641486460943.jpg (714.08 KB, 818x865, scott hove.jpg)

Kawaii overcluterred walls make me think about the works of this dude. I think I understand why watching consoom shit is so oddly appealing : it's so disconnected from reality that it ends up looking like, and being like art.

No. 1017904

File: 1641486675480.jpg (186.64 KB, 600x400, gérard deschamps vas y zizou 1…)

Lots of artist have experimented with cluttered childish shit in the 2000's. I guess they were on point. It feels like a prophecy, looking at their pieces from our time.

(last pic, I promise)

No. 1017916

Contemporary art is bullshit ~questioning consumerism~ my ass. Go produce a short docu or something if you want to reach people about the subject.

No. 1017921

Julie Christmas used this as her album art for The Bad Wife, I always thought looks so interesting. Is that real cake do you know?

No. 1017922

Anon who requested the scavenging and foraging thread it's on /m/

No. 1017927

Anon I think you are ignoring the fact not every artist knows how to produce documentaries and not every art piece criticizing consumerism is made by a famous and rich artist. I think art criticizing such thing is cool too.

No. 1017928

File: 1641487606242.png (5.07 MB, 1644x3840, Screenshot_20220106-174045.png)

I'm the anon you responded to. Don't get me wrong, I actually like maximalism, my Pinterest board even looks like this. My problem is when, as you say, instead of cluttering your house with things that look good together or coordinate well, you only fill it with junk from a brand or a certain character, just because you want the product instead of a finished room that actually looks good.

No. 1017929

Same here anon, btw I forgot the name of this artist please remind me

No. 1017940

Nayrt it's not real cake
American influencers visit his studio all the time so there's always photos of la hot girls in there

No. 1017944

Forgot to add it's Scott Hove

No. 1017954

File: 1641488376847.jpeg (742.8 KB, 2048x1536, 24567AE3-A704-418E-A76F-937685…)

Sailor Tortilla’s sailor moon collection actually makes me nauseous. I have no idea where she gets her money from as she hordes like a pack rat but can also afford a trip to Paris???

No. 1017973

File: 1641489087170.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.22 KB, 1024x727, Sex-Doll-Lager-Liebespuppen-so…)

Here's a pic that pins pretty well what I mean when I said that consoomerism becomes so gruesome, uncanny, eerie form of art.

And once again, scrote consoomerism proves to be way more disgusting that women's.

No. 1018007

Can we talk about the consoomerist food/pantry organization shit? Its literally buying more plastic to put household goods )that came in plastic) into, and filling pantries to overflowing with junk food. I understand like, the drink dispenser bins because it saves on fridge space but the rest just baffles me.

No. 1018009


If she has high-end/niche fragrances you can make a decent amount selling decants to people who can't afford/don't want a full size bottle.

No. 1018012

File: 1641490281349.jpeg (89.77 KB, 540x960, UrYwHqB.jpeg)

Well, I am trying to acquire a couple of "vintage" barbie dolls from the 90s just to find out that they are ridiculously expensive. And I am not even talking about in the box, I was looking for used ones. It makes me so mad.

No. 1018018

I feel uncomfortable because that’s going to be what my daughter thinks of me in the future
hypnotic poison is a bad choice for a young girl tf

No. 1018020

Is… Is that you pudding?

No. 1018025

I'm sorry anon, I've noticed the price for a lot of used goods have shot up in price right after Covid hit thanks to nostalgia and a few other factors. Just be patient and look frequently in as many places as you can, making sure you have the cash ready to go.

This makes me wonder if we should have a wishlist thread so we can help anons find goods they're looking for but I wonder if that would do more harm than good.

No. 1018029

Since we were talking about other forms of collecting stuff last thread, anyone else have troubles hoarding? I’m not a big consoomer myself but I tend to hold on to tons of small things, like little party favor toys and pictures and other stuff gifted to me. I had a big piles of papers and stickers That was making a huge mess but I recently had the bright idea to collect them all in a scrapbook instead of just keeping them in a pile, so I can look at them nicely and still treasure them, without letting them become a mess. Anyone else finding good ways to manage all the junk hey have?

No. 1018043

i actually have a gap barbie (pretty sure from late nineties) new in box! selling for a reasonable price !!

No. 1018055

I impulse bought craft paper and yarn a couple years ago. At one point i looked at all of it and told myself no more until I’ve used it all up. So i bought two wicker baskets and put it all in and I’ve been going at it since. I reckon I’ve got enough for three more years.

No. 1018056

can you post an example of this?

big fan of camsquares personally for organization– e.g. prevents onion skins from getting everywhere in my pantry and therefore actually does serve a purpose in reducing how much i have to clean

but i have seen so many bad pantry organization products and i want to see some more

No. 1018063

Where's the lolcow buy and sell marketplace when you need it!!

No. 1018078

That's what I was gonna suggest. Get an external hard drive, take cute pics of all the trinkets and free your home. As someone who grew up in a hoarder house I understand the sentimentality, but it comes at the cost of being able to make fun new memories in your space.

No. 1018079

I will admit to having matching containers (real Tupperware, even) for everything in my pantry, fridge, and freezer. For me, it's easier to deal with food and keep everything fresh/visible/usable when it's organizers in these containers rather than the random different packages that everything comes in. Also, I probably have some mild form of OCD; the neatness and visual consistency is relaxing to me.

I buy food in bulk because I hate grocery shopping but love to cook (and eat). Costco is my favorite store that is not a book store. But, I mostly buy and eat whole foods and ingredients versus the kinds of foods shown in the pantry org videos. And I eat every single scrap of everything that I buy. For me, the only judgment that I have toward the people in the pantry videos is that they too often let food go to waste. What's the purpose of "organizing" if you're just going to let that happen?

No. 1018080

don't do that please, think of the insane scrotes

No. 1018081

File: 1641493976394.webm (4.99 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1641493830.webm)

i think nonnie means something like this?

yes i will fill this thread with tiktoks as well kek

No. 1018084

Genuine question, if 4chan can have bst threads then why can't we successfully have one? And I've had no problem using their threads to buy and sell as a woman.

No. 1018086

it's a joke reference to a buy and sell thread that was opened and locked recently

No. 1018093

File: 1641494346003.webm (5.23 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1641493997.webm)

so much sugar…

No. 1018094

I guess I kind of understand separating the fruits and vegetables not really but why the eggs? The eggs already come in a nice carton and I think it takes up less space than the big plastic bin does.

No. 1018095

Same anon here. Also, I don't like visible branding and logos, so that's another reason why I decant everything and put it in my own containers. (I also remove or cover up logos on just about everything else I own as well.)

No. 1018096

Are you serious? Moids come here to spam CP and gore because they can't stand a women-only "man-hating" space, what could possibly go wrong right? Farmhands made the only right decision by locking that damn bts thread.

No. 1018097

File: 1641494594441.jpg (186.57 KB, 1175x1175, 6384f64643d38692dbb196cc41db55…)

I used to collect beanie babies as a kid and then beanie boos as an adult. I gave a bunch to a charity shop a while back because most (the boos) were from an ex so.. memories. He'd be an asshole and then buy me a 7 euro plush to make it up to me lol. The size of the collection really told a story when you consider that.

I've wanted to pick out 2 new ones that are self bought and that won't turn into a collection. I have one tiny triangular shelf that I wanted to stick 2 on and be done. I looked in a store months back and I nearly bought one but spotted a hole before reaching the cashier. I left it. Eventually I order 2 online and they arrive today… one is fine. Other had its head hanging off. I used to have so many of these things and never encountered holes for years. When you go on amazon it's popping up alot now in reviews. Like you've been making plush for decades?

No. 1018098

>fucking trow the strawberries and cut the top, making them impossible to conservate during a long amount of time
>tomatoes in the fridge
>tons of plastic packages
I feel so irrationaly angry kek, why do you need your fridge to be aesthetic

No. 1018109

I have always been so drawn to the beanie boos but didn't know what they were called. I liked the keychains, too, and the ultra minis they sell. I love the eyes they remind me of a cat about to pounce. That Koala is to die for. Also I think that the lowering in quality is happenining with everything and is a matter of changing suppliers and product shrinkage (not the right word but you get what I mean, things aren't made to last anymore and they have no incentive to do so especially with an established trusted brand)

No. 1018110

I'm a 100000000% convinced that this behaviour and the other consoomer shit mentioned in this thread is a direct result from people living far removed from nature and how life was meant to be lived. Almost everything in most of our city-dwellers' lives is artifical and unnatural as fuck. No I'm not a cottagecore obsessed zoomer. No one would feel the need to collect tens of sanrio plushies or buy aesthetic animu roomdecor if we didn't slave away at some useless job behind a screen 40 hours a week to make money to buy food we rely on others to produce only to go home to look at some more screens. We're addicted to consooming and broadcasting it on the internet because the artifical lifestyles we're forced to live are empty and unfulfilling.

No. 1018121

File: 1641495511456.webm (12.73 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6987531218678041862_ho…)

i'm so out of touch with zoomers, i don't understand what they mean with "that girl" even though i see it everywhere kek

No. 1018130

My mom has a cabinet filled with miniature, half-empty perfume bottles that she used to collect when she was younger. Tbh it makes me fantasize about collecting perfumes too to carry on the traditional, but I don’t really care about perfumes all that much

No. 1018135

I’m phoneposting, so I can’t comment on the webm, but ‘that girl’ is supposed to refer to an idealized version of what they want to be, like ‘that girl that wakes up at 6 AM, does yoga, eats healthy’

No. 1018142

File: 1641496083018.jpeg (70.22 KB, 500x750, 4E408F34-BA6A-4F17-9B3D-42DA05…)

Everything is shit nowadays, even clothes, I remember when Aeropostale had decent clothes that you could wear to go to Uni, and Abercrombie too, it was affordable and they lasted for a fuckton of time, but now you can barely touch a t-shirt and it’s already looking like shit, yet the prices get higher for no reason.
I remember when I went to some H&M or a huge forever 21 before they filled for bankruptcy and I tried some pants, the fabric was absolute shit.
I just don’t understand, who is buying these clothes that are so shit?

No. 1018147

File: 1641496214717.webm (13.29 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7011580425357233413_ka…)

i hope she eats/drinks that cream cheese and oj fast because that stuff spoils faster once you've opened the packaging. the lengths we must go for aesthetically pleasing fridge interiors.

No. 1018150

File: 1641496274623.png (41.25 KB, 592x303, that_girl.png)

This video made me search the term "that girl" and it's even worse than what I though. This is such a shallow and also timeconsuming way to mesure achievment, I'm afraid for the young girls being influenced by this trend becaus eI don't think that this is actually what bring sucess and hapiness. This formula of hapiness is not designed to achieve a goal but to be visually pleasing in a vlog format. This is hell on earth. Can we make women entering the workforce and truly achieving goals at their work the new cool definition of "that girl" ?

No. 1018152

ohh, gotcha. thank you! that sounds extremely sad and… stupid, tbh. especially since going to the gym EVERY day and showering EVERY day are not necessarily good for you, kek.

No. 1018160

>has showers every day
that's something people aspire to achieve? showering daily? what? how could you not (want) to shower daily? if anything I feel guilty about showering every day (water-waste because I definitely shower too long and too hot) but god how could I not, it's showering!

No. 1018166

"that girl" literally just means to be a girl who stands out or a girl people want to be like.
a girl who is by far the best-dressed at an event is "that girl". doesn't have anything to do with tiktok or being rich or waking up at 5am kek. nonnies pls

No. 1018167

it actually depends on your genetics (skin type and hair type) whether or not showering is good for you every day.. plus your products.. i think it's perfectly healthy. people dunk on other people that are healthy and happy because they're jealous of it lmao

No. 1018168

Check your dms

No. 1018170

sorry i'm sick so my brain is slow as shit; basically it just means being THAT girl as opposed to being A random girl. don't use urban dictionary

No. 1018176

File: 1641497154431.jpg (9.71 KB, 180x171, 1587215249741.jpg)

That cream cheese pushed me over the edge.

No. 1018177

Nonna have you checked the inflation rates lately ?

No. 1018203

>why do you need your fridge to be aesthetic

See, I feel the exact opposite. Why shouldn't your fridge be aesthetic? Why shouldn't every inch of your personal space be a reflection of your own vision and values? Artists have been doing that for centuries. The difference between them and the people in these videos is that most of the influencers aren't really defining a vision or aesthestic for themselves. They're just buying what some company has decided to sell and promote as desirable in order to line its own pockets. There's no soul in it, just conspicuous consumption. Passive consoomerism vs. active creativity.

No. 1018208

Nta but I don't think it's creativity when you buy some plastic containers and fill your fridge with it even when some foods have their own packaging already. That is still just mindless consumerism.

No. 1018213

>full ass bottle of ranch into 1 oz container
shit let me see this bitches SECOND fridge where she keeps the rest of her shit to fill up her ~aesthetic~ fridge

No. 1018220

I was watching a vid lastnight where a woman bought a haul of things at tokyo disney I think. Showed off her Mr Potato Head peeler and then said her whole kitchen is Toy Story themed… god I wish she'd shown us what a Toy Story kitchen actually looks like kek

No. 1018230

because constantly having to reflect your identity through everything you do/have gets exhausting really fast. And imo it's kinda pointless too since other people will never view you the way you want to bee perceived (kinda like the way you don't become something by calling yourself that thing, but when other people say you are. If that makes sense). And also, having an "aesthetic" is so overrated and stupid and it all just seems like insecurity manifesting itself.

No. 1018242

Aesthetics are first and foremost about something looking pretty or visually pretty, that's hardly reflecting of your vision and values if you ask me. A fridge full of recycled and thrifted glass jars and containers sure doesn't look ~aesthetic~ but it does reflect someone's values regarding sustainable living or whatever.

No. 1018243

visually appealing* I meant sorry

No. 1018244

NTA but I think it goes without saying that you should only bother with aesthetics if it actually brings you happiness. If it exhausts you and you only care about how other people see you, it's not worth it. But if organising your fridge makes you feel better in your space, it's a nice thing to do.

As cheesy as it is, I apply the 'sparks joy' concept to stuff like that. All this hoarding consoomer shit does not spark joy for me but I definitely cultivate my space so that it does, ensuring stuff used in your mundane daily life is appealing does make a difference.

No. 1018247

File: 1641499989588.jpg (113.18 KB, 1065x1600, Un-mannequin-au-defile-Moschin…)

I've been thinking about your question anon, I'm not super knowledeable on modern art but I do look at some of it sometimes. I can't remember a really good contempory piece on the subject unfortunately, it feels like we might have reached a peack during pop art on this thematic.
However I do like how some fashion are using thoses themes like in picrel.

No. 1018252

I've been thinking on this same topic for a while. I think there's a huge difference between doing something because of an exercise in creativity/reflecting what you like to see in your own surroundings and just doing something to upload it to aesthetic tik tok. "Aesthetic" used in the modern sense carries an air of doing something just to be seen and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Decorating yourself and your surroundings according to personal taste is very human behavior, all of us have the urge to do it, (if you were stranded on an island and had free time, wouldn't you decorate your lean-to with seashells to add a glimmer of happiness in a shit situation?) But boiling it down to being just cut-and-paste "aesthetic" is ingenuine, it's sanitized and empty. You can tell that a lot of people featured ITT only care about uploading an aesthetic video or photo after buying the "right" things to be considered "aesthetic" by faceless viewers. That's fucking weird. But I think if a person decorates every inch of their space with patterns and styles that they themselves find happiness in without believing they have to spend money in order to truly express themselves, then that's no different from our ancestors painting on cave walls. The girl in the video, however, is greatly reducing the shelf life of the food in her fridge just for a video. That's why I find it pointless. If she really wanted to, she could find nice-looking containers for her things and just keep that little novelty to herself. Not everything you do needs to be blasted on every corner of the internet for random people's likes and views.

No. 1018266

millennials will keep talking shit about zoomers till the end of time acting like millennials didn’t do the exact same thing, you’re ridiculous shut the fuck up anon

No. 1018267

really good explaination nonnie, I agree

No. 1018275

Every aesthetic is such a firm concept. I'm already stressed about wanting to wear black or pink clothes depending on day. Well, imagine wanting to live in 2 clashing aesthetics. What a mess! I'm a firm believer in your house reflecting your mind, which is troublesome as it negatively affects my impulsivity stemming from being mental. I think it's fucking great to see things related to your obsessions around you. I want to live in my own world. NGL I've felt bad for a moment that my flat doesn't have an kawaii uguu aesthetic (I'm not a zoomer, I promise). Thanks to you all and this thread, I recognize that having things pertaining to completely different interests is where it's at. I'm ashamed of buying into the aesthetics meme for even a moment and judging my space negatively for that reason.

No. 1018277

go talk about your alters on tiktok lnao

No. 1018280

I suspected that, but wasn't sure how serious the Barbie anon was

No. 1018283

Why does your fridge have to be an expression of anything? You put the food in there and you get the food out, it’s just an essential thing you need to use to keep your food fresh. What’s truly consumerist is that things that should exist as they are must be incorporated into an “aesthetic” or “identity” to have some meaning when it’s just a fridge, it’s not special.

No. 1018284

keep seething about zoomers while you continue to take their bait and attention-seeking you absolute retard

No. 1018287

can we not make this a zoomer vs millenial debate, it's not like one or the other generation doesn't have problems with consooming.

No. 1018294

not very cottagecore of you, socks

No. 1018301

>I don't think it's creativity when you buy some plastic containers and fill your fridge with it even when some foods have their own packaging already.

I disagree. I think whether it's creative, rather than consoomerism or simple utility (a lot of food packaging doesn't actually keep food fresh once its opened), depends on why you're doing it. And it can be a combination of things.

Ngl, I would love to see the Toy Story kitchen.

If it's exhausting, don't do it, but having an aesthetic is not stupid. There was a whole movement about this very thing at the turn of the 20th century.

>Aesthetics are first and foremost about something looking pretty or visually pretty, that's hardly reflecting of your vision and values if you ask me.

I definitely value beauty. Always have. I am a very visual person and will always choose the pretty (to me) option if given a choice because that is truly important to me. There is more than enough ugliness in the world. I don't have to settle for it in my home. I make choices that included beauty along with all of my other values.

This is what I was trying to say, but you did it better.

>Why does your fridge have to be an expression of anything?

It certainly doesn't have to be if you don't want it to, but there's nothing wrong with wanting it to, either.

No. 1018362

holy shit can you learn to space (this isn't reddit) and stop blogposting?

No. 1018370

It is in part a shallow aesthetic about minimalism, morning yoga, and acai bowls, but idealising organisation as an 'aesthetic' helped me progress in life better, just following a morning routine that kept me cleaned, exercised, and healthily fed, all before the sun came up, with a clean room too helped me manage time and my health better. So, aesthetics and idealisation can be a good thing.

No. 1018385

??? why the FUCK does she pour the juice and cream cheese in other containers???

No. 1018387

>That girl
>Any gender
Can troons stop erasing women?

No. 1018393

It's just a fridge. Keep it clean and that's all it needs.

No. 1018396

The things making me the most irrationally angry are those fucking nails.
I hate these long fake nails. I hate them so much. It looks like prostitutes or pornstars attire. It's so fucking unpractical. Or are you supposed to do anything with your hands with these pornifiers on your fingertips ?
It's even worse than high heels, because you can remove high heels easily. It's just so gross.

No. 1018398

I’m hoping she put the ranch and cream cheese things in small containers to throw them in her lunchbox, that’s the only way it makes sense.

No. 1018399

nta but this is /ot/, not a drama board. AFAIK there isn't a blog posting rule

No. 1018401

I hope being aesthetic and consumerist dies off and being wholesome and homely becomes nice again. Love, emotions, and warmth > cold aesthetics done for views.

No. 1018404

Some people actually go to work

No. 1018415

nonnie, this is vaguely related stupid question. can you tell me how to make pastels perfectly pastel again? i feel like all my very pale pastel sweaters have been going off-white/yellow after all the years i've owned them, no matter how much detergent i use… but i'm not sure what to use to clear that up and i'm afraid of damaging my clothes. can i use bleach the way i do with my whites or will that ruin the color further?

No. 1018435

I'm a futurist, love technology, but I agree with you. Many people just can't find purpose in today's world. We are overworked by meaningless tasks in an age that is for living, not simply surviving.

No. 1018525

File: 1641513580597.jpeg (1.22 MB, 960x1189, 07F14090-1EE8-44E4-939A-EC6873…)

“Witchy stuff” are money pits too.

No. 1018533

“cultivate” and “curate” are cuntsoomer red flag words, and you can’t change my mind

No. 1018552

I agree with you. I've noticed a lot of people who are completely immersed in their chosen aesthetic have started to make fun of other people (mainly their older relatives) for not having a "cohesive theme" in their homes and for being "cheugy". From what I've seen, it's just little old grandmas who seem to value cosiness and displaying memories and stuff they love that they shittalk. Isn't that what a home is supposed to be anyway?

You're completely right nonnie. Whenever anyone says "cultivate" in terms of interior design or clothing, I mentally check out.

No. 1018558

File: 1641515587992.jpeg (516.13 KB, 2048x1536, EDDF9917-E7BE-42D1-AB82-97903A…)

Reminded of this. Absurd, this is a girl’s room btw

No. 1018561

File: 1641515779769.jpg (86.88 KB, 564x752, e7d83d52b614c5c125a4c048a8b724…)

based, i aspire to be like this

No. 1018564

But what if you thrifted literally all of it?

No. 1018565

Jfc, at least the two rooms you tagged show the consoomers actual interests, this pic is obviously from someone with no interests and lives their life off of an “animesanriocore softcore” aesthetic kek

No. 1018568

Then you're good to go, but majority of people just buy. Seeing how popular witchy theme is among both mainstream brands and individual tiny etsy creators, it's definitely a huge money magnet

No. 1018576

File: 1641516566308.jpeg (799.1 KB, 2000x1512, 1552525.jpeg)

the only reason I believe this is a girl's room is because of the invader zim bedding

No. 1018579

ayrt, thank u, it kind of makes sense now. had no idea this was a trend

other anons already gave correct criticisms about the tomatoes, strawberries, and eggs so i guess i wont bother except to i would like to add that egg cartons fit perfectly underneath the little sandwich meat drawer, fridges are already designed for egg cartons

No. 1018587

I refuse to believe this many girls like Nekopara. Tokyo mew mew, sure. But Nekopara? No.

No. 1018598

File: 1641518472269.jpeg (134.43 KB, 737x591, 97EAB80E-6E50-45A8-8595-77A981…)

only valid consumerism

No. 1018601

And sanrio shit

No. 1018611

I'm sorry for saying this in this thread, but I would kill for this wall

No. 1018613

>for yellowing
Fill a basin with oxiclean and water (it'll give the ratio on the side), soak your clothes in them for up to two hours, then rinse. Repeat with fresh water until they're back to their original colors. Oxyclean can damage fabric, so be careful with how long you use it on natural fibers and don't use it all on silk or wool.

>for fading

Group clothes with similar colors together. Buy fabric dye that works on whatever types of fabric you have, and use as directed. For pastels, you can try just watering down a regular dye if you're feeling brave, or buy actual pastel dye. A lot of dyes today can just be tossed into the washing machine, which is really convenient. In the future, only wash clothes with cold water to prevent fading.

No. 1018615

Most scrote-ish girls bedroom I've ever seen. Suspicious.
> Boku No Pico pillow/loli posters.
> Invader Zim bedding.
I'm so fucking confused. How can a girl be this broken? Bed spread is the only thing that makes me think girl.

No. 1018617

Internet exposure

No. 1018620

The Osomatsu-san stuff also makes me think it's a girl's room. Even some of the anime girl merch is from series that are somewhat popular with women, but others like the Kodomo no Jikan shit suggests she just grew up on the internet surrounded by coomer moids.

No. 1018622

Just spied Pepe frog plush. Must be 4chan girl mimicking coomers.

No. 1018625

This would be such a cute room if not for the loli and porn shit, like with madoka/sailor moon/sakura posters instead of hentai.

No. 1018628

>From what I've seen, it's just little old grandmas who seem to value cosiness and displaying memories and stuff they love that they shittalk. Isn't that what a home is supposed to be anyway?

No. 1018632

I have seen plenty of coomer egirls liking nekopara

No. 1018654

>Whole draw of one brand of cream cheese
>Lots of other cheese
>Milky drinks
>A drawer of some synthetic parfait thing
So much dairy, is this normal in America? I thought young trendy Americans were reducing their dairy intake these days. Why are all the eggs so white?!

I know that this isn't a real fridge, it's a prop fridge in a sense, but I'm also surprised at how so much of it is multiples of the same product despite being in individual small packages, the same with >>1018093 . Is that just something they have done for the aesthetic video or do Americans actually just eat the same thing again and again from single-portion packages? I thought America was land of the giant cosco industrial sized packets

The weirdest thing about this to me is that I'm a britbong so I didn't expect America to feel so alien

No. 1018659

Putting the ranch in 2 containers takes up more room than leaving them in the bottle. Better be for work lunch or something. Why couldn't she just stack the pots on top of each other?

No. 1018666

File: 1641525844445.jpeg (344.31 KB, 2048x1536, 4F8C7615-9974-493D-B1A0-5414CD…)

Not a troon, this is her in that room

No. 1018667

anyone else struggle with doujinshi consoomerism? i bought a ton back in the day (it was a thrill buying from my favorite artists) and now i don't know what to do since i've outgrown weebdom. is ebay the only answer next to the garbage dump?

on another note, can we talk about antique consoomers? my aunt's house makes me so tense with the amount of antique plates/figures/tiny glass objects shoved into every nook and cranny. i remember specifically her showing off her latest additions to me and bragging how the antique shop owner knew her so well they would call her when something she might like came in.

No. 1018677

they look so dirty

No. 1018679

these anime rooms are fucking disgusting. is there any reason, male or female, that needs to have posters of little anime girls with or without ginormous breasts on their walls?

No. 1018680

Kek. Room passes better than any HSTS tif ever could.

No. 1018683

Japanese psyop as revenge for the atomic bombs

No. 1018689

that first clip… how can there be so many autists willing to do that in a single school?

No. 1018692

Most weeb groups are of about 4 people, but this is impressive, they must be from other years, which in that case a group of weebs could be of at least 10 people or a bit more than that.

No. 1018697

This was cute ngl, it's nice to see teenagers just working on pointless stuff together and making memories. The final section with the anime club doing cosplay walks for each other was especially wholesome because I can't remember the last time I felt that comfortable in a large group of people

No. 1018704

>taking that amount of cream cheese or ranch to work
tell me your bmi without telling me your bmi

No. 1018705

So tired of this shit ass Twitter meme

No. 1018740

i just got back from the fucking grocery store im not doing all this prep work just so the internet can look in my fridge jfc

No. 1018751

File: 1641533352523.jpg (981.6 KB, 1080x1620, God damn yes.jpg)

Uh oh, I don't think this webm worked for me because this convinced me to go buy plastic organizers for my fridge and storage containers for my pantry.

Granted I don't eat lunch at work so I won't have a need for those weird plastic portion bottles.
Anons are lying to themselves if they can't appreciate an organized fridge. Try living with someone who clutters the fridge and pantry with random shit, it's a nightmare to keep up with. This shit is fucking gold to me.

No. 1018758

this honestly looks cluttered. bunch of extra plastic containers when you can just place items in your fridge in a non-slobby way.

No. 1018764

>this honestly looks cluttered
Nah, that's an autistic take.

No. 1018774

too clunky

No. 1018776

I dunno what it is but this video screams peak consumerism to me. Does anyone feel the same?

No. 1018777

Nta but nah. I'd say obsessive categorization of huge ass juice bottles is more autistic. You're going to drink a bottle at a time so no point in having heavy ass bottles in a shared container. Why are you on this thread if you're a mindless consoomer?

No. 1018779

Can't you just organize it in a neat way without the plastic containers though?

No. 1018783

Consoomers are welcomed to participate too, it's in the op, but flexing or whatever is prohibited. Anyways at least she's being honest, everyone has a way to be consumeristic and at least it isn't cheap AliExpress Sanrio knockoffs

No. 1018784

>Why are you on this thread if you're a mindless consoomer
Nta, but how does fridge organization make her a consoomer?

No. 1018789

I appreciate an organized fridge but can achieve the same effect with nice containers i got secondhand or repurposed from something else and most of it is still overkill clearly marketed to americans who are so far removed from cooking at home and normal homemaking that it just becomes sad watching them flail around giving 'tips' on tiktok, especially when a lot of the 'sustainable' tips they have are just how people live normally in most countries.

No. 1018791

Without having to buy more plastic

No. 1018792

File: 1641535388613.png (252.24 KB, 389x392, Ew.png)

It's just weird that you're both acting like it's how I'd organize my personal fridge when it's a pic I pulled from a google search lel. Yet I disagree that putting juice containers into a plastic tub qualifies as clutter.

Since this is about consoomers, let's talk about the dark side of fridges: Food hoarders.

No. 1018795

I do this too! Esp with toiletries because I know they're going to sit on my shelf for months and I'd much rather look at a clear container than some garish multi-coloured logo monstrosity.

based & unabomber pilled

No. 1018797

File: 1641536150225.png (80.64 KB, 500x339, i-i-shall-consume-consume-cons…)

always thought picrel is consoomer's spirit animal, glad that they agree with me

No. 1018801

File: 1641536480360.png (1.08 MB, 886x1374, Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.09…)

I hate astrology & crystal speds. It's infuriating how witches try to paint any criticism of their flat earth-tier pseudoscience as 'sexist'.

No. 1018809

i like the skull plushies tbh

No. 1018817

you want a room of a pickme who pretends she is sooo into loli waifus? Please say sike
I keep doing double takes, are those BJD in a very well well made diorama or paper moon dolls? If the second one, holy shit those cost an arm and a leg EACH and that's if you live in Japan. If BJD that's still extremely expensive, but less nuts. I guess the shitty stands suggest BJD, but I'm still not 100% sure
Pickme shit, they want greasy discord incels to like them

No. 1018818

File: 1641537467297.jpg (133.86 KB, 919x768, tv4gqguxk4u51.jpg)

pls stop fridge sperging

No. 1018821

it's not an America thing, it's a tiktok thing. and all the cream cheese packages arent just cream cheese they're single serving snacks with bagel chips (croutons) in them. but none of the aesthetic food videos on tiktok are normal.

No. 1018824

File: 1641538066957.jpg (83.31 KB, 671x768, bk87tn3xe2371.jpg)

I hate capeshit so much

No. 1018828

same, every year I hope it goes away and I get treated with another Marvel trailer when I go to cinema

No. 1018842

>pepe plushie
it all makes sense now

No. 1018857

this entire image is centuple my net worth

No. 1018859

File: 1641544158085.png (949.6 KB, 846x714, kawaii hoarder.png)

What gets me about any of this stuff is what they will do with it when they outgrow this phase. I still have endless crap and regrets from my adolescent weeb phases, but with kawaii stockpiles becoming so popular with adults now it makes me itch. How can you possibly move or have an apartment with all that crap?

No. 1018863

You either never outgrow the phase or just sell it all and throw out the stuff you can't get rid of like most people

No. 1018864

I’m fine with consoomers honestly, if i wasn’t poor and had a house i’d buy a few gadgets i won’t really need but i hate this superiority complex they have on people who don’t. Especially
>fandom specific consumerism.
I’ve had people question my integrity and love for shit because i don’t hoard it’s merch or i don’t have the physical copy of the book or manga, etc etc. i’m poor. Lol.

No. 1018874

File: 1641546749291.png (13.27 MB, 2500x2500, 175C95C4-24C4-4DEB-A5AF-E506E8…)

It seems like I’m not the only one that likes the look of maximalist (idk if you could call pic tel maximalist or just cluttered) aesthetics, but hesitant or unwilling to actually make their living spaces reflect their personal tastes. In my house when I was growing up, a lot of the living room was filled with stuff , which were mostly utilitarian in use ,such as mainly storage boxes and suitcases, and I hated how it looked, so a part of me torn between having non-utilitarian stuff for the sake of it simply looking nice and the reality that I should probably just stick to utilitarian stuff but try to hide it away

No. 1018876

You must really like dusting…

No. 1018877

That looks a lot like my home! I don't consider myself a consoomer since everything I bought is pre-owned and it took a few years to actually amass and start looking nice, but if you slowly get stuff that makes your life comfortable, as needed, it's not really consoomerism imo.
I hate soulless quasi-Scandinavian IKEA interiors, I could never feel comfortable in a place that doesn't feel like my own. I used to live with an ex who was a minimalist in the aesthetics sense and wanted to kms every morning when I woke up. It felt like something out of r/MaleLivingSpaces and soundproofing was awful because it was almost empty, no cozy rugs, shelves or paintings to soften the noise. Everything we talk about echoed and it permanently felt like we were still in the process of moving in. Never again.

No. 1018878

I guess the idea is just disturbing to me because it just makes more waste. At least dump it at Savers, not like that's any better, or bring to anime swap meets. I feel like getting rid of grimy and dusty plushies in particular though is extra hard

No. 1018897

lmao i really like your picture. reminds me of the old cgl edits with a bow photoshopped on top of the head of a character in a normal meme

No. 1018935

These are all pretentious as fuck and contemporary art is just for rich and people who sniff their own farts to say "Yeah, other people bad" when we are all the problem. Instead of glueing some shit on the floor, they should provide accessible resources, since pollution is not art.

No. 1018940


It looks good aesthetically but there's no way they're keeping this clean and I can never look at any cluttered room, no matter how aesthetically pleasing, and get over that fact.

No. 1018941

I get where you're coming from but changing your own hair can be pretty fun and liberating, it's not the same imo as hoarding clothes or makeup. I can see how it might make a consoomer's problems worse – they'd want to buy new stuff to match their new hair color, etc.

No. 1018953

File: 1641555233692.jpg (2.38 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_0216.jpg)

I'd try to get out this thought as good as I can.
Can modern veganism being seen as a consoom move?
Lately I've been interesed in vegan products since I didn't like meat so much to begin with, I was an extremely picky child and that stuck with me in adult age and I was happy to hear that more veggie and vegan option were added to supermarkets but when I got there they were SO processed and in SO MUCH plastic, it made me feel terrible. I hate processed food and I think that maybe getting two eggs from your local farm, and luckily I live in a country where you can easily find farmers, it's better than buying "vegan cheese" wrapped in tons of plastic and made out of almonds and other nuts. This is half sustainability and half consoom, but when I see vegan people feeling good just because they "respect animals" but then import shit from the other side of the world and fill their carts with plastic I die inside, why not buying fruit and veggies and make stuff by yourself, instead of falling for the "Corporations Care" meme?
This is not about the vegan choice per se, more like why going crazy when some big corporation announces vegan options with bright colors wrapped in plastic and are made to be appealing and to be consoomed, instead of focusing on the roots, those being fresh fruits, mushrooms, nuts and vegetables?

In pic, Lidl. I searched "vegan lidl" and this made my skin crawl

No. 1018959

File: 1641555751651.jpg (148.14 KB, 600x806, 1615738011453.jpg)

We're the same. I personally love some XIXth century styles interior (especially the neo gothic ones) as well as traditional interior from various countries. Pic related encapsulates pretty well what I like : deep colors, luxurious curtains, comfy rugs, beautiful wood, and fairy tale mirrors. I hate minimalist aesthetic, it's antithetic to the historical and folkloric aesthetics of every single one human culture. It's yet another example of post modernism destroying beauty.

No. 1018961

File: 1641555843170.png (285.54 KB, 477x623, mzhsi48vewa71.png)

I definitely see where you're coming from, but I think it's more a consequence of American consumerism in general than a specifically vegan thing. Variations on pastes made out of beans (tofu, falafel etc) have been made for ages without all the extra branding & packaging. In a similar vein, people have been making cheese for centuries, but it's a pretty uniquely modern phenomenon to buy it in single-serve quantities in plastic containers with cringey branding.

Food (vegan food esp) is definitely marketed in a 'consoom product' kind of way. But I don't think that should put you off veganism if you're doing it for animal mistreatment.

No. 1018963

>It looks good aesthetically but there's no way they're keeping this clean and I can never look at any cluttered room, no matter how aesthetically pleasing, and get over that fact
It's easier than you think. A feather duster does the job just fine, I dust once a week. You just don't stack too much on open surfaces like tables because putting that away is annoying, but a coffee table book or a lamp is fine. I don't know why everyone is acting like the only way to keep things clean is to live in a sterile padded cell, people have lived in homes like that for many years and cleaned it just fine. Have you never been to a famous scientist or author's home? Brooms and dusters exist.

No. 1018965

Ayrt, the thing is that I grew up with half of my family being farmers, my grandma would usually send me to fetch off the eggs from the chickens she had, but I didn't like meat at all, I don't like the flavour, texture (if something requires me to chew more than 30 seconds is trash) and all, the point is that growing up in a european countryside I always saw naturally no-waste products, naturally no processed food and all but obviously, in winter we had to rely on animals as if many vegetables won't survive, that's why when I grew up in a larger city I cringed when people said they respected life by eating vegan when vegan means processed food in plastic for them. It's not about the vegan diet per se, I repeat, is more like how people are missing the entire point if they pollute the environment with packagings. There's no point in buying metal straws if you buy processed vegan food and claim to be an animal lover, that's the point.
Same thing with people buying "vegan leather" which is essentially plastic, the "eco/green/sustainable" label is there to appeal to people but it's no different, if not worse, from animal derivates.

No. 1018966

I live in a cluttered hoard hole myself but
>Have you never been to a famous scientist or author's home?
Nona what do you think our userbase is?

No. 1018968

> Have you never been to a famous scientist or author's home?
Kek what? So random. No, I haven’t, anon. Have you?

No. 1018969

I kinda don't mind this organization aside from the eggs since they already have a spot in fridges

No. 1018974

Do you mean a girl's room or a """girl"""'s room?

No. 1018975

Yes? I'm Dutch, plenty of them here. Many of them have been converted to museums, so you can go in and see how they lived. Lots of clutter.
I mean famous dead ones, duh.

No. 1018978

File: 1641557358211.jpg (99.87 KB, 870x557, krispy_kreme_vegan_dozen_dough…)

True, but a lot of it is no worse than mass-produced omni/veggie options, especially with the plastic packaging or shipping form overseas. Though there are some notable vegan alternative offenders like agave syrup, depending on where you live.
I'm definitely guilty of it though. I kind of see it as picking your battles e.g. caring about animal rights isn't negated just because you also want a soy burger. Though I know that's not a good argument either, problem is when I try to think about how I need to do better it's just exhausting.
But you're 100% right about the marketing for this stuff. Eat the vegan cheese, or don't eat the cheese, that company definitely does not care about the environment. It's even worse with Veganuary rn.

Some vegan leather is good though, at least in terms of quality lasting over time. That being said, the best kind of leather anything is secondhand leather, and the vegans who cry "bUt It EnCoUrAgEs BuYiNG rEaL lEaThEr" are braindead and just looking for a way to be the most veganest-vegan in the room.

No. 1018980

If you ever go to Japan once the borders reopen just sell them to any Mandarake. If you go to Tokyo and mostly have BL or idol dojinshi go to the Mandarake in Ikebukuro. They probably won't give you a lot of money unless you own anything made by famous artists but it's better than throwing them away. I remember when Livejournal was popular, a lot of users would sell their dojinshi and merchs in fan communities, no idea what would be the equivalent today though.

No. 1018982

No. 1018983

Shoot me. ALL THE MONTHS ARE TAKEN NOW, CORPORATE AMERICA. Just stop. There are no months left. No days left, even. All 365 have been accounted for with various meaningless individualized idpol holidays.

No. 1018991

don't forget to support your vulnerable black transwomen who are the most oppressed and affected by the meat and dairy industry. fridays for trans futures when.

No. 1019018

I buy a ton of doujinshi but it's supporting small creators so I don't really feel that bad about it. Though I am happy that a lot of doujinshi artists are selling their work as e-books now so that I don't have to store all the physical copies in my bookshelf anymore. But as for your question just sell them online, if you've hoarded from the same artist you could try selling them as a bulk if you just want to get rid of them, that's what I do. You probably won't get your money back unless they're rare ones though but you'll get something.

No. 1019024

who tf needs that amount of the same stickers unless they're being sent as mini gifts in letters or a small thank you for selling stuff online?

No. 1019034

cute and aesthetic stationary to decorate a landfill near you!

No. 1019035

Veganism is actually hugely damaging to the environment.
To list just a few consequences
>importing vegan foods dumps more CO2 and petrochemicals into the atmosphere
>importing vegan foods also causes food poverty in the poor countries where the food is grown
>soy and palm oil are common vegan food ingredients that are huge cash crops so rain forest is destroyed so they can be grown for profit
>artificial fertilizer and pesticides used in crop production decimate ecosystems and poison water sources

A lot of this also applies to the standard modern diet but most non-vegans aren't under some sort of delusion that they're saving the planet by eating processed soy in plastic.

No. 1019040

>importing vegan foods also causes food poverty in the poor countries where the food is grown

I'm always annoyed at animal "activists" vegans who are crying about poor animals but buying the cheapest vegan options not caring about human suffering that's part of the production process.

No. 1019042

Take this with a grain of salt because I can't back this up with proper sources but I feel like overpopulation, globalism and a sense of entitlement to foods produced in climates that aren't your own is the overarching problem and eating meat or not eating meat in itself, is not. I bet either diet would be fine if the world didn't have a population this large and people didn't import shit from across the globe and just ate local produced foods. Assuming we're talking about veganism from a sustainability point of view anyway and not from an animal-friendliness point of view. Personally I think animals can be eaten in an ethical manner but not everyone agrees.

No. 1019046

Vegans only care about fellow vegan human beings from first world countries. Like Brigitte Bardot. Reminds me that I used to follow Hamletmachine on tumblr and then on twitter for her sfw art and she would alternate between posting extremly degenerate content and whining about "meat eaters" killing innocent "people" (as in, animals we tend to eat). The contrast between these posts was always very weird.

No. 1019047

I firmly believe that some vegans are outright self hating sociopaths.
They share happy cows but don't care about sweatshops that are producing their clothes, protest for animal rights but don't contribute to clean water for everyone, manifest for a clean and safe world but are against medicines ("muh animal testing is bad!!" yeah you entitled fuck, then perish, we didn't extend our life span by years of research just for you to shit on it), scream for "Animal Equity" and would foster some animals, sometimes without even proper knowledge, saved from muh slaughterhouses but wont host a homeless person, won't eat the product of the bees but would eat child slave quinoa.
Idk I just feel they use it as an excuse to hate on people just because.

No. 1019054

This, I find it’s less meat eating that’s the problem, and more importing. We need to farm at home more, eat less and in season, stop buying from Amazon/Aliexpress and invest in a more walkable metropolis.

No. 1019056

File: 1641564279782.jpg (114.31 KB, 600x400, mine.jpg)

Attached image is a potash mine. Potash is needed to create artificial fertilizer to grow crops. Why this is bad is so obvious I'm not going to bother explaining it, yet to vegans this is preferable to a cow in a field shitting out free organic fertilizer.

No. 1019059

Artificial fertilizers are only creating more problems anyway because they destroy the soil with long-term use. It's said that the quality (or rather degradation) of soil world-wide is a more pressing matter than the warming of the earth yet you never hear anyone about it. It takes many years for soil to recover so few in the agricultural industry are willing to make the switch to more sustainable, natural farming methods.

I'm in favour of small farms producing food for the local community with sustainable farming methods but I wonder if that's possible on a large scale with the size of the earth's population.

No. 1019060

" artificial fertilizer" sounds like an oxymoron, terrifying.

No. 1019063

File: 1641564928846.jpg (86.59 KB, 920x717, 11424108_PlantMenuVeggieDipper…)

Oh my god, just buy vegetables and rice and bread them yourselves, it takes less than one minute and costs a fraction.

No. 1019064

Excess fertilizer that winds up in the ocean also kills coral reefs

No. 1019067

File: 1641565605259.jpeg (203.17 KB, 1420x710, 733E9F6E-895F-4DA1-A7BE-BFF678…)

Is this consoomerism as well?

No. 1019070

any kind of subscription box is consoomerism, with food is even worse because you can't decide and you will end up spending money for something you don't like at all or can't eat, in case of allergies.

No. 1019072

I hate mini kawaii bags. Nothing fits in there, they break easily and are tacky. They look decent in a coord or if someone wears jfash regularly, on normies and zoomers they look like they walked in a claire's and stole something and even in those cases, they're only practical if you need only cash/card/license and phone with you.

No. 1019073

afaik hello fresh doesn't send you stuff you are allergic to or you just don't like. You tell them about your preferences when you sign up for it

No. 1019083

My dad is a fridge hoarder and it's terrible. It looks like your pic except other types of random shit. I can't grocery shop once a week and just go through my groceries throughout the week (I cook for myself and my idiot brother since my parents work until late at night) because he packs the fridge with random shit. He bought a second fridge "because the first one is packed" like no duh and it's your fault. I had to stop buying my carton of soymilk because he got pissed at the space it took up. A single carton of soymilk because my family is lactose intolerant and I'm the only one not stupid enough to drink milk (which we have).

Maybe like 20% of the fridge is actually food you can prepare and eat. The rest of it is endless amounts of sauces, tons and tons of juice, lots of expensive Chinese medicial herbs, and all little other bits of random shit he brings home from the restaurant he works at. It's infuriating because god forbid I buy a head of broccoli and don't get to cook it that night, then he gets mad because my broccoli is taking up space. Uh, do you… not see everything else that is yours? Our freezer broke down and instead of letting me get a repairman in (that I offered to pay for) he went out and bought a chest freezer. Filled that shit up too.

I buy fresh food for my dog and it has to be kept in the freezer and I pull out a pack to defrost as I need it. I literally ask for one little shelf or one little space just to have to put our dog's food in. As soon as space starts freeing up, he filled it up. He looooooooooves to wrap mystery meat in a brick of plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. There's tons and tons of these little packs of whatever fucking meat in the freezer. I thought maybe with a chest freezer that was quite a big size, we'd have some room and leeway now. Nope, it's filled up again. It drives me up the fucking wall. Our original freezer started working again and now he's filled that up too. What's the entire top shelf? ICE. He bought those molds that make ice balls (that people use a lot for bathbombs) and now has a bunch of ice balls up in the freezer. Our fridge has a ice maker/dispenser.

Fridge hoarding drives me up the wall. I'm always the one who gets yelled at for not eating what's in the fridge but the majority of it is either garbage food that no one wants to eat because none of us even asked him to bring it home, sauces, or some other random shit. He gets mad at everyone else when we run out of space but seems blind to the fact that he can easily solve his own problem by throwing out his own shit from the fridge.

Before anyone says "just clean out the fridge", I don't want to deal with 1) cleaning out his stuff because he won't learn and will just refill the space, and 2) don't want to deal with his inevitable tantrum that I've seen him throw when my mom cleans out the fridge. I long for the day I can have a fridge that other normal families have, even if it would be a bit messy.

No. 1019086

my mom's coworkers are bougie and live by subscription grocery boxes. we ended up with salmon dinners once because one of them didn't want it. I guess you're supposed to trade? lmao like imagine putting a post on Facebook marketplace asking to trade dinners

No. 1019089

Agreed except for this one:
This one looks pretty

No. 1019090

For me it's the fact that in the video everyone is using too much makeup and too many hair products and dye to look unnatural. You don't really need that much, you can exist as your normal self and waste less. These dyes and chemicals pollute the water just because one individual wants to look like a special snowflake

No. 1019098

I actually love mini backpacks (not the crossbody type) but feel weirded out by the kawaii ones. They just feel like they are for teens and toddlers

No. 1019099

Wow what in the actual fuck? I didn't know this existed. Share more info on it anon please

No. 1019100

Immature men and autists shouldn't be allowed to manage their own money. This is not the first time I've heard something like this.
I knew a person who hoarded flour, water and eggs to make pasta and it was mandatory for him and everyone else to eat his homemade pasta at least once a week, of course he had a meltdown and threw tantrums if people moved his stuff to store other things like their own goddamn food or didn't want to eat that. Of course then he would make the pasta and never clean afterwards only to cry about the kitchen being dirty, he was diagnosed with a mental illness tho or maybe he was just a typical self entitled scrote.

No. 1019101

I like this but only because I love sending letters and packages to friends

No. 1019103

every one of these vids have the same crap. I wonder how often they receive things from penpals (the ones that penpal anyway) decorated with the same shit they also got from aliexpress lol

No. 1019107

Mfw I've consooming a lot of this shit lately. I agree with you, especially about the plastic, which is something that have been bothering me too.

No. 1019108

>but wont host a homeless person
TBH hosting a homeless person is more dangerous than adopting an animal. My friend lived through this (flatmate installed a homeless lady in the basement despite no I'd or nothing provided) and it was stressing the fuck out of her
>Idk I just feel they use it as an excuse to hate on people just because.
I think they chosen a different cause

No. 1019114

>Immature men and autists shouldn't be allowed to manage their own money.
This exactly. My dad doesn't have a bank account and his paychecks go directly into my mom's account and she handles all of their money, but he's allowed credit cards for some reason and has thousands of dollars in credit card debt. He's a huge consoomer, but not like anyone posted in this thread who sticks to a theme. He will buy any and everything. Facebook marketplace is now the bane is my existence because he buys so much junk. He will not sell anything on there, he just buys and buys and buys. He used to frequent those federal auction websites too. I mentioned how I'd like a tea set once because we have a small chinese one that we sometimes used and I thought it'd be nice to have one of my own, and he goes on that stupid website and buys a rusting ~*~antique~*~ tea set and got mad that I wouldn't use it. Um, I'm pretty sure it's a display only piece. My parents also shop at costco and BJs. They rarely buy prepackaged frozen foods, but we have 6 bottles of listerine just sitting on the floor when only my dad uses it, not to mention lots of other stuff like shampoo and toothpaste just piling up.

I think the only reason why I'm not a super rabid consoomer is because I am filled with a sense of dread because of my dad's consooming. This is not the type of person I want to be. This is not the type of place I want to live in. I don't want to live in a shiny, sleek minimalist magazine display, I just want to live like a normal person.

No. 1019117

Your diagnosis: italian

No. 1019119

I don't think avoiding plastic packaging is reasonable tbh as long as the industry doesn't innovate. Even whole vegetables come wrapped in packaging.

No. 1019121

I am, nona.
Plus in Italy we have this "momma's boy" mentality where males just don't do shit until they're married, that's not directly a problem since more and more women are getting tired of it, but mix that mentality with a pinch of autism or a personality disorder and voilà, you get yourself a consoomer killing machine, since they can't grasp the concept of necessary spending, only comfort spending.

No. 1019124

Right, the EU is banning that at least, as of this year. Hope other countries follow suit, I don't want to peel the cling wrap off of a fucking cucumber that would've otherwise been perfectly fine to eat peeled.

No. 1019126

>until they're married
Even when they're married. Wife just replaces mommy and they whine if they don't get what they want, be it food or sex.

No. 1019132

are you from germany too or does this happen in every european country? their reason is so stupid ("it's to distinguish the regular cucumbers from the organic cucumbers!") because organic bananas and regular bananas also only have stickers on them to differentiate them. nobody wraps every banana individually, so stop doing the same with cucumbers.

No. 1019137

buy a mini fridge and tell him its your personal fridge and you'll throw out anything extra if you find it in there. i think the one i bought for college back in the day was less than $200. your dad sounds a lot like mine, you need to put him in his place. let him throw a temper tantrum and laugh in front of him please

No. 1019139

Huh, really? I'm in the EU and haven't heard of this. What does the ban entail exactly?

No. 1019145

i attempted to decor my room like this when i was 18-19 and they overwhelm you instantly. cleaning them is a nightmare and you never feel tranquil or relaxed in them because of how much stuff is in them

No. 1019147

"eating only healthy food" eating disorder alert… i get promoting healthier diets but being unable to eat any food that's "unhealthy" is literal disordered eating

No. 1019149

Nta but I'm literally the same

No. 1019150

If a plush is just displayed in an adult home it doesn't really get too dirty as long as you're not a smoker. You can shake off the dust or spray some compressed air every so often to keep it at bay. There are people who also love plush restoration and I'm one of them. Not sure why people think plush automatically become Luna tier filthy.

No. 1019152

Nta and I have asthma and the biggest reason why it developed was because of plush toys. This is why I barely keep any as an adult, even if they're clean they still collect dust super easily

No. 1019153

entitlement to foods produced in climates that aren't your own

I'm trying to find like food that only found in North American, or even just Canada, but I don't know what search to do. Like, I don't want to see a list of >25, I want to see all foods grown in N. America/Canada. Like what is that movement called? To like eat only from local?

No. 1019155

Food hoarders are the absolute worse since they end up having food in there for years long past the expiration date and then are greedy with it as if they're going to eat the unopened box of bullshit that's been in there since 2015 anytime soon. On top of that food hoarders eat out most nights anyway

No. 1019156

File: 1641572450434.webm (8.9 MB, 576x720, 244112318_584226405963229_8456…)

No. 1019161

I never used any single of these in my life. I just clean and moisturize my skin everyday, and my skin looks fine.

>that MS word assistant voice

No. 1019162

Most of these mask are Chinese aka they probably have piss and poo in it. Imagine putting that on your face

No. 1019166

what. some bodies genuinely can't digest or handle unhealthier things, or some people just don't like the taste. or is this a joke post

No. 1019167

Aside from consooming, doesn't this shit make your skin addicted? Like your skin breaks down if you don't reapply it regularly and it will take a lot of time to make it look decent afterwards?

No. 1019168

holy. fucking. shit.

No. 1019169

yeah some. Aka exceptions.

No. 1019171

you sound like those people who think that counting calories is already an eating disorder.

No. 1019174

so most people don't feel sick after eating mc donald's and stuff like that? really?

No. 1019175

Cows don't shit row by row.

No. 1019177

And that's why farmers exist, they pick it up and then distribute the feces row by row. But hey, lemme drill a devastating hole real quick so you can feel better.

No. 1019188

I think this is particularly gross because it mimicks being spiritual and being close to nature, but it's just overconsumption of natural resources dug up by underpaid workers.

No. 1019196

Amazing find nonna. It was terrible from the start and just got worse and worse. My jaw dropped when she opened the cabinet. There's literally no way one person can use that many different products, it must be terrible for the skin or at least pointless. Hoping they're not all new and it's just expired stuff that's not thrown out.

No. 1019198

I can maybe, maybe, maaaaaaaaybe excuse the facemasks, facewashes and serums since people will usually buy different things for different issues (to a much lesser degree), but why in the world does anyone ever need more than one or two moisterizers? Why? You swap that shit out every time you wash your face? You pick one that works well for you, maybe have a different one for the night and that's it. A whole fucking cabinet of what looks like full sized moisturizers.

No. 1019199

How do you think people produced crops in a relatively reliable manner before artificial fertilizer lel

No. 1019201

are you really asking this, really? The size of the McDonalds corporation answers your question, doesn't it?

No. 1019211

No. 1019215

No. 1019221

File: 1641575603241.jpg (50.53 KB, 675x675, 04669480.jpg)

Have I got news for you, nonnie!

No. 1019223

There are good Chinese skin care out there. Rofl stop

No. 1019237

NEVER FUCKING HOST A HOMELESS PERSON AS A SINGLE WOMAN. Wtf other anon. I am a bleeding heart that's done this & it's terrible advice. How to destroy your own energy & mental health irreversibly for a scrote that will appreciate none of it & will move on to the next victim immediately.

No. 1019241

Dude we’re the same except my mom left my dad. Mine would spend thousands of dollars on eBay stuff and put us so far into debt that he broke my Disneyland piggy bank.

No. 1019243

Go to your local farmer's market. It tough to get a real list of local foods because most of the foods we're used to are grow locally, but not naturally if that makes sense. Like, I'm pretty sure all the classic vegetables & fruits that we're used to were brought over by the Europeans & are not native to NA. That's what Johnny Appleseed was all about lol. Apples didn't used to grow over here.

No. 1019244

This is retarded ag propaganda.
>vegan food doesn't necessarily need to be imported, but both produce and meat products are frequently imported from large distances (especially in north america)
>there's literally no evidence that importing vegan foods reduces access to food in poor countries beyond specific edge cases like quinoa and avocados
>soybean oil is so prevalent in our food supply because farmers need to grow a ton of soy to feed cows. both soy and palm oil are frequently used to cook dishes with meat in them
>most crops are produced to feed livestock because ruminants require far more energy than people do.
These look like they'd be a pain in the ass to prepare at home, even for a semi-experienced home cook. Buying pre-prepared food isn't inherently consoomerism, it's just lazy.
dunno, the ingredient subscription boxes are fine so long as the food isn't wasted. They're usually geared towards people who want home-cooked meals but don't know how to cook or people without access to good produce. Wouldn't touch one myself but they meet a real need.

No. 1019245

Same anon but it might be easier to think about what to avoid. For Canadians, it's usually pretty easy to spot things grown in tropical climates. Avocados, bananas, mangoes, pineapples etc

No. 1019252

"a pain in the ass to prepare at home"
Are you american or just retarded? Fried rice and veggies are the laziest of the laziest food you could prepare at home, it's also street food in many parts of Europe and Asia. Learn how to cook.
Anyway, for those things you quoted, just think that you can grow your own livestock all year, if you want some specific vegetables or fruits, you have to import that shit. Also, yes, there's soy for the animals but that can be bypassed if you buy your meat locally, meanwhile, try to get those sweet almonds or tofu from anywhere that isn't asia.

No. 1019253

anyone else finds it kinda ironic when they buy those massive wallets? Like, here's my wallet where I can put all the money I would have if I didn't spend it all on a bunch of useless plastic crap!

No. 1019267

>you should buy your toddler an ipad
I'm convinced that this (in addition to other shitty parenting trends) is a huge contribution to the current cohort of childrens' failure to thrive. There's a critical period of development between the ages of 2-6 where children's brains adapt to their environment; for example, australian aborigines develop strong spatial perception skills in order to navigate terrain with few landmarks. Guess what happens when you expose your kid to oversaturated, rapid-paced, narrative-free stimuli?
It's consumerism, but so is the reddit-tier 'BE A REAL RED-BLOODED AMERICAN AND EAT THIS STEAK'-type marketing. Corporations play any angle they can to make a buck.

No. 1019269

80% of the world's almonds come from California. And America EXPORTS soy to Asian markets because we're the 2nd world producer.
Also, you can make tofu nonnie. It's easy, and you get soy milk out of it too. There's no need to import shit unless you're obsessed with avocados or other tropical fruits.

No. 1019277

File: 1641577730301.jpg (37.06 KB, 485x581, gw3r4f10z4r51.jpg)

Ipad children are why we have so many ADHD adults, I stg. All children's programming has devolved anyway. Mr Rogers used to make sure never to do jump cuts bc he said exactly what you did - that his target audience was at the age when they were still forming their worldview, so it would convince them that life is supposed to more faster than it really does if you were to see him 'teleporting' from the living room to the garden without walking in between.

No. 1019286

Babies and small children with ipads are just wrong…
Us millennials of course had videogames but with videogames you had to make something, finish quests and somehow you would end up even learning something (I taught myself english), children right now just stare at a screen in which mute adults just shit on themselves, what the fuck. Everytime I see a baby with an ipad and not some sort of interactive toy I think that the parents can't really be bothered about raising it and I'm almost always right.

No. 1019288

The pic shows fritters, which are about as difficult and time-consuming to prepare as chicken nuggies. And as with chicken nuggies, it's crappy junk food and the cost x benefit for making them at home is low.
>try to get those sweet almonds or tofu from anywhere that isn't asia
Most almonds are grown in California, and American-made tofu is easy to find because soy is grown virtually everywhere to feed livestock. But the 'well you can just buy local' cope falls apart easily given that the vast majority of both vegans and non-vegans don't put any effort into researching where their food is coming from; the only real difference is that red meat is objectively more destructive to the environment given the energy that ruminants require, and the increase in worldwide red meat consumption is why soy is being pushed into everyone's diet.

No. 1019327

You're 100% right and they're just using the toy to keep the baby quiet while they play Call of Duty or Candy Crush. My mother managed to raise me in a post-Soviet hellscape, yet you'd think parents now have to go to war from how they talk about how hard parenting is. It is hard, but that's why you deliberately make this choice and plan carefully who to have kids with.
My cousin is such a lazy bitch and I feel bad for my niece (don't know the right term in English) because she doesn't even bother to put on some nice cartoons for her like Krtek or Moomins. Only dumb YouTube baby nursery rhymes over and over, she won't even sing any to her herself. My mom told her many times what to do but she doesn't really care.
OTOH, another thing I've noticed is that parents can be very bitchy to other parents and there's a lot of pressure to enrol your kid in 100 different elite classes and activities that the child doesn't even care about. They seem very afraid of letting their kid be bored and nobody lets their kids out to play by themselves in my neighborhood anymore. When I was a kid, my mom let me play outside with my friends and didn't know what I got up to until lunch time, now the mom has to go with the kid everywhere and keep watch. I see kids go up to their parents and expect to always be entertained too. That shit must be exhausting so in a way I get them.
These kids seem both over- and underparented at the same time.

No. 1019335

Video games for kids used to be educational. I remember trying to play Pokemon Blue as a kid at release and not understanding every word so I'd look them up in the dictionary. We would have games to would teach us maths and vocabulary and shit like that, and even games made to just be fun were interactive enough to make you use your brain fairly often. Watching videos on youtube is just too passive. Parents who make their small kids look at shit on their phones or pads are just lazy and don't want to actually play with or educate their kids, they just want their kids to shut the fuck up.

No. 1019340

In the book Buy, Buy Baby mentioned in the last thread, there was at least a chapter of the book devoted to 'educational' early childhood programming that put forth evidence that it is useless at best, and in the case of more rapid-paced and visually stimulating programs, actively harmful to cognitive development. This was pre-smartphone so I can't imagine how much worse the situation is now. Of course, preventing a kid from having any access to media is completely unrealistic, but I would never let an infant or young child have access to a touchscreen or youtube. This in and of itself would likely give a child an advantage over their peers, everything else held equal.

No. 1019350

>nobody lets their kids out to play by themselves in my neighborhood anymore

My parents as kids went out and walked to friends houses a mile away and hung out as long as they liked, but with me, I was forbidden from going anywhere alone, having sleepovers and my dad would follow me in his car if I went to ride my bike.

I don't get how they were the hippie generation yet helicoptered me into being a shut in by the time I was 13.

Sorry for the blogpost

No. 1019353

File: 1641580188120.jpg (87.56 KB, 780x683, 06CwcPo.jpg)

>I just feel they use it as an excuse to hate on people just because
or as justification for their eating disorder. the ones that are anti zoo really piss me off. zoos are great and do important conservation work, husbandry isnt inherently exploitative and keeping animals in "captivity" isn't inherently bad for them. there are bad zoos obviously but there's also an accredidation system and accountability. being anti-zoo is just sucking peta's geriatric woman-hating dick.

No. 1019355

i bet her skin still looks like shit kek. if you have this much $$$ to waste you're better off just getting a good facial every few months or microneedling instead of hoarding products which will probably expire before you even get to use them. this is mental illness

No. 1019363

>Watching videos is too passive

This. I got a ton of help learning English as a kid just from playing the original animal crossing. Watching TV shows barely did anything, I can't imagine those creepy brainless YouTube videos doing much besides mentally numbing you.

No. 1019366

I like the big wallets because it doubles as a phone holder in situations where you can't bring a bag. But the ones in that vid have so much space kek.

No. 1019368

That's sad. Being bored as a kid is what made me develop hobbies of my own. I distinctly remember whining to my mum on a rainy day that "moooom I'm bored" and she was just like "then find something to do, lazy child. You think adults have fun activities like art time & music time lined up for them to do every day like I organize for you?"
Something I've also heard from teachers that I know is that kids aren't interested in tech class anymore. They've got really cool shit like VR headsets, and they're trying to make engaging activities like CREATING A GD VR GAME YOURSELF. When my friend mentions this to people in their 20s-30s, they think it's the coolest thing ever & want to be in her class. The kids don't care though. They'd rather stare at their cell phones. They don't want to learn or produce anything of value, only consume what's already been created.

There's a growing tech gap nowadays because of GUIs becoming too easy to use. Old people are still stuck in the mindset of "ask young people about my computer problems", but these zoomers can't even troubleshoot a simple error message, let alone program anything.

No. 1019372

Throwback to learning basic HTML & CSS from designing my neopets guild page lol.
I hate wordpress-type sites tbh. I get why boomers want them, but learning basic web formatting is a really good way to dive into coding 101 as a kid.

No. 1019381

all of that will expire before she is close to using any of it

No. 1019385

It's not inherently exploitative, but you'd have to be willfully ignorant to think large-scale factory farming is the same thing as just eating animals. This is coming from someone who eats (hunted) meat and who has family who owns industrial pig farms. The lives of those pigs are sad as fuck, and I'm not going to support that. I'll eat a wild animal, but when I visit the city, I get on that bean & eggs life. There's no ethical way to feed a city-sized population. Too gd many people.

No. 1019387

This isn't skincare. It's skintertainment

No. 1019395

What is wrong with americans buying fresh berries outside of summer? Besides from tasting like crap, producing them takes a lot of energy. At least in my country people own freezers for that shit.

No. 1019401

>Like your skin breaks down if you don't reapply it regularly

I don't see many actives in her hoard that would cause such sensitization. Just a lot of masks (which in my opinion are wastes of time, money and plastic… Just moisturize and maybe use an ampoule or toner). If she actually uses all that frequently she'd just be over-moisturized like a lot of the sticky faced skinfluencers and posters on r/skincareaddiction. But there is no way she's giving enough time to work out which products do what for her skin, that takes at least a month of adding only one new product and observing. And the point is that people like this don't really care or do it for their skins health.

This is the part of the skincare industry that isn't about care but capitalizing on the "self-care" trend where everyone take selfies with masks on and using jade rollers.

No. 1019425

Anon, peta is straight up propaganda, they regularly kill dogs and cats that they "rescue"

No. 1019426

all those prints and stickers of photographs of places they didn't visit, photos they didn't take to decorate their personal journals (i'm assuming)? so odd.

No. 1019432

I’ve met multiple people only a couple of years younger than me who don’t know what the fuck a text editor is!!

No. 1019447

It took her six hour ? I get my fridge is like 1/4th of hers but still

No. 1019472

>"peta is straight up propaganda"
>posts a link to industry propaganda that was so successful that it's used as a core case study in propaganda research

No. 1019474

File: 1641584731630.jpeg (449.27 KB, 750x741, 1641084491386.jpeg)

you know that you have to feed animals right, with plants that have been growed with fertilizer, grass is not enough. Animal waste is also not enough to sustain the need for fertilizer on this planet.

No. 1019482

Have fun with your skin cancer

No. 1019513

I always imagine these rooms kinda smell like pee. Like a toddlers room but he wee wees a couple of drops in the bed sometimes and it just adds up over time and he's got a hidden sloshy piss diaper hidden in the closet somewhere.

No. 1019514

File: 1641586683933.jpeg (456.09 KB, 750x872, 1E02EBF4-01D8-4812-B3BB-E17643…)

I like rooms that are cute and color coded.
They’re pleasing to look at.

No. 1019535

this is so ugly to me

No. 1019543

I know an interior designer who only allows beige in her house. Everyone had to take care not to give her anything but beige at her baby shower, as a kids book someone gave her offended her delicate color palette.

No. 1019549

I say 'husbandry' you only think 'factory farms' it's not the only option

No. 1019556

Shearling coats are made out of lamb skin with the wool still on.

No. 1019570

File: 1641589333216.png (334.65 KB, 633x758, 1518150626924.png)

That fucking tiktok robot voice naming all the products on screen like a show for preschooler is really starting to piss me off

Anyways I used to be addicted to consooming sheet masks and other skin care mostly because their bright colours and because I'm a pizzaface who bought into the skincare meme. I just use a cheap facewash and a tube of cerave now and my face is no different but I save $150 every 3 months kek

No. 1019573

Anti-vegans unfailingly use best-case scenarios to make arguments against lessening meat consumption. Yes, you can buy half a cow from a local hobby farmer or live off of venison, but the vast, vast majority of westerners are picking up whatever slop is presented to them at the grocery store and/or can't access or afford to eat ethically-sourced meat.

No. 1019576

File: 1641589967095.jpg (522.97 KB, 1920x1080, mine 02.jpg)

Artificial fertilizer is basically produced from three chemicals, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The main source of potassium is phosphorite and the main source of phosphorus is potash both of which are open pit mined. Open pit mining is extremely hazardous for both humans and animals. Once the pit has been depleted it leaves behind mine tailings which are what is left over after ore has been separated from rock. Tailings contain toxic and sometimes radioactive metals that enter the air as dust which then enters the atmosphere. If you want a worst case scenario for this look into Picher in Oklahoma. The other major hazard caused by mining is acid mine drainage. Rain water floods disused mines and the exposed ore dissolves into the water which then runs off into rivers and pollutes ground water.

If you want to know why veganism is being pushed so hard by major corporations follow the money. Companies such as Dow Chemical, Monsanto and Bayer stand to gain massive profits from the increased use of artificial fertilizer, pesticides and GMO crops. These are the companies behind such persistent organic pollutants as polychlorinated biphenyl, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and polychlorinated dibenzofurans.

It's called crop rotation. One season a farmer will grow wheat in a field, the next season he will allow the field to return to pasture and use it for grazing livestock. Growing wheat depletes the soil, cow shit and grass replenish it.

The majority of animal feed is husk and chaff which is inedible for humans. It's also entirely possible to raise livestock on pasture alone.

No. 1019585

you know meat eaters still eat vegetables and grains right

No. 1019589

Veganism isn't being pushed by the major companies you mentioned because most crop production is for livestock. The entire ag industry is pushing anti-vegan propaganda like the narratives you're using (which again apply to meat eaters as well, if not moreso).
>The majority of animal feed is husk and chaff which is inedible for humans
Crops like soy are grown to produce animal feed; the items fit for human consumption (seed oil in this case) are the byproduct.

No. 1019594

thank u i was too lazy to post a reply to that. im not even a vegan but its obvious that feeding 200kg of soybeans to a cow and then eating the cow is worse for the environment than just eating 1kg of soybeans for more or less the same nutritional content (this is called tofu and it's been around for thousands of years)

my favourite one is that the common honeybee isn't native to the americas

No. 1019598

jesus, are you actually retarded

the tofu at literally every asian grocery store ive ever visited in the usa has been made from non-gmo soybeans in the usa. theres literally a tofu factory in philly, probably the most american city.

and the proper preparation for that thing you linked is clearly deep frying, not stir frying

also street food is often not lazy food, and requires dedicated equipment. try cooking a taiwanese oyster omelet sometime

and properly stirfrying is way easier with a gas stove which most burgerfags dont have

i cant even list all the other ways you're wrong

No. 1019607

she doesnt sound very good at her job lol

No. 1019615

How do people notice shit like what you explained, and not conclude that there's some kind of evil conspiracy?
Is there really no other way to make fertilizer? Why is everything in almost every manufacturing process detrimental to the planet and all its living organisms? You don't actually have to kill people or the environment to make money, but it's clearly preferred. Wtf?

No. 1019620

Creepy hospital vibes

No. 1019630

Oh no PETA runs animal shelters that have to put down sick abandoned pets that can’t be taken care of REEEEEEE muh doggos!!!
Meanwhile trillions of animals are slaughtered every year and those same people don’t give a fuck because they don’t want to stop eating burgers and cheese. If you cared about animals to the extent you hate PETA for putting some pets down then you should already be a vegan or else it’s silly hypocrisy.

No. 1019636

Anon, Peta stole a dog from a yard and put it down. It's all recorded. I get that you're feeling good about being vegan but c'mon, check ur resources.

No. 1019638

You do more for animals by advocating against soul-destroying, inhumane slaughterhouse practices than by eating chemical-laden, unverified "vegan options" from the same corporations that are happy to harm them

No. 1019640

I just hate Peta because they're big hypocrites who gas animals (no, they do not put them down because they're sick, they're all locked in a gas chamber), steal animals and say that milk is linked to autism which is a massive cope, fight better battles anon.

No. 1019641

thank you so much nonna! i'll try oxi this weekend.

No. 1019646

Samefag but at least I eat my animals, I don't steal and them gas them just to feel some sort of empowerment

No. 1019652

File: 1641594180648.jpg (57.89 KB, 453x768, cap.jpg)

I hate these water dispensers. Fill a water bottle and fuck off with that shit.

No. 1019658

How much water does that thing can even have? That’s just making shit unnecessarily complicated.

No. 1019661

File: 1641594871322.jpg (16.36 MB, 4272x2848, acid mine drainage.jpg)

Most people just don't care or are lead to believe in false solutions. Big chemical companies have been polluting the environment for over one hundred years. What usually happens is that they are allowed to produce a chemical until it's undeniable that it causes damage to life and the environment. Children are born dead and deformed, people die of cancer or are crippled by autoimmune diseases. The government bans the chemical and the tax payer then has to pay for the production site's remediation and clean up of toxic waste. The big companies move on to something else and the process repeats.

>Is there really no other way to make fertilizer?

Sustainable farming is possible through correct land management. Fields are rotated between growing crops and pasture for livestock. This is how humans have fed themselves for thousands of years. The problem is that it doesn't generate profit fast enough.

No. 1019663

This could be a very cute gift for a child/toddler

No. 1019664

File: 1641595093631.jpg (447.51 KB, 1260x914, hotsauce.jpg)

Sorry I'm late for work BOOM CRASH
Also I am into hot sauce but I actually use them and don't have such an obsession. I just tell people to get me it for Christmas and it's an easy/cheap gift

No. 1019668

Imagine leaving your apartment to go to work and some chucklefuck is stacking bottles of hot sauce on the stairs since 5am to get one pic for the updoots

No. 1019683

Pretty sure they just buy it because 'CUTE ANIME GUUUURL LITERALLY ME'
Same with girls who collect 02 merch, no one actually likes Franxxshit.

No. 1019692

File: 1641597067014.png (537.21 KB, 1092x926, I don't get the appeal of ampu…)

All my friends and me are doujinshi addicts, I have one of the smallest collections at 24 doujins while at one point one of my friends was in the 100s lol.
At least it's comparatively cheap compared to most weeb hobbies average doujin is like 500 yen unless you're buying from a super popular artist like Zaki.

No. 1019702

Ah yes i too want my water laced with as much plastic as possible

No. 1019708

They put down the wrong dog after being asked to put down another dog in the area. Mistakes like these happen in all euthanasia services. PETA, for its faults, does a great service by putting down severely neglected and terminal animals for people who can't afford vet care. They're also anti-pitbull which is based
Wait until you learn about the runoff from factory farms!

No. 1019714

We get it, you're vegan.
All euthanasia cases need documentation and the owner being present. Heck, PETA's Ceo said that himself, that he doesn't believe in pet ownership so they'll just run around doing that shit. Can't believe you really fell for them anon, lol
What about them supporting Autism Speaks?

No. 1019716

Legit this was totally a male troons room till I spotted the osomatsu merch in the top corner, damn girl the poster on the ceiling screams moid incel school shooter

No. 1019721

>We get it, you're vegan.
>Heck, PETA's Ceo said that himself, that he doesn't believe in pet ownership so they'll just run around doing that shit.
I don't agree with their platforms, but they're doing a good thing by euthanizing severely abused and neglected animals. If you're so worried about getting manipulated by big evil corporations, take a look at who's behind the petakillsanimals website. gg
>What about them supporting Autism Speaks?
There's literally nothing wrong with Autism Speaks

No. 1019725

"Putting down animals just because owners can't afford vet care good, eating animal bad"
What the fuck
Why not using PETA's donations money to pay the vet care, then? Why the hell do they even need donations and sponsorships? And if they put the wrong dog down, why acting like some burgly motherfuckers that run in people's yards and grab them by hand, instead of going out, having a talk with their owner, confirming that's the dog, putting it down and then calling some specified service to dispose of the body, instead of putting it in a plastic bag and dump them in some hole in the ground, as they always do? Dead animals need to be cremated, not put together with trash, that's even unsanitary and can lead to diseases.
I'm not even in a country in which PETA is present but damn, there are better organizations for animals and you're choosing to support the shittiest one

No. 1019726

I wonder if there’s a version of this but with Japanese kids acting out their ameriaboo fantasies, I want a South Park ballet

No. 1019727

This pic is so weird, there is so much stuff in this picture and yet the furniture and room itself looks like they're poor.

No. 1019729

>There's literally nothing wrong with Autism Speaks

No. 1019731

File: 1641599379537.jpg (718.26 KB, 2048x1152, 1609923508838.jpg)

Japanese person's Creek room.

No. 1019732

File: 1641599436768.jpg (643.37 KB, 2048x1152, 1609924463130.jpg)

No. 1019733

im not talking about meat eating im talking about fucking zoos. like, zoos. with animals on display. taking care of animals in zoos is called husbandry. it's not inherently bad. a lot of vegans are anti zoo because they are misinformed by peta etc and they're fucking dumb

No. 1019736

I’m fucking ded kek please say they have a YouTube channel nonna and thank you this is amazing in its autism

No. 1019739

I assume that PETA is using funds donated by people who donate because they support the org's other platforms and/or donate because there aren't many organizations that travel to remote shitholes to put down suffering animals. If you think that a single instance of accidental euthanization from a nation-wide euthanasia service is horrific then I implore you to look up "vet accidentally euthanized pet" and see for yourself how unique the situation is to PETA.
Ok? Now back to the subject at hand- would you mind telling the class who's behind the resource you've been citing from?

No. 1019740

File: 1641599698188.jpg (Spoiler Image,460.07 KB, 1280x1707, 1587094877916.jpg)

commission whores are crazy.
I don't think they do sadly

No. 1019741

>would you mind telling the class who's behind the resource you've been citing from?
You're referring to a different anon mate, saying there's nothing wrong with autism speaks is pretty retarded is all I'm saying.

No. 1019743

File: 1641599831607.png (1 MB, 870x651, 1609939931157.png)

More male consoomer rooms…

No. 1019744

Haha what the fuck, what drives a person to this level over a ship that barely had any content or screentime.

No. 1019747

File: 1641599923246.jpg (90.51 KB, 634x767, ubprp80q7pc61.jpg)

Testosterone is poison.

No. 1019748

Wtf is this furry fujo gorilla and lizard room? I can’t imagine paying someone money to make me a body pillow of my OCs, like who is that sad (besides whoever room this is)

No. 1019749

My bad, I thought you were the one shitting up the thread with literal Big Agriculture propaganda

No. 1019750

File: 1641600055931.jpg (7.42 KB, 236x157, 7895afd01461f05f21473501f0ad87…)

wtf this can't be real??

No. 1019751

>Emergency Gooning Kit
Jesus Christ. Is masturbation really that addictive?

No. 1019752

Their twitter is even more dedicated, they even have a creek guitar.
>any content
Play the vidyas
>or screentime
Screentime doesn't matter as long as it's gay, Kaworu is one of the most popular male anime characters for being gay and he has even less screen time.

No. 1019754

I’m not a cumsoomerist but I’d like to have my first ita bag. First…

No. 1019757

File: 1641600219995.png (2.02 MB, 1366x6000, orcas.png)

It is.

No. 1019759

Nonnie where do you find these? I'm obsessed with this derangement, autistic moids are something else.

No. 1019761

To be fair, it's not an OC, it's from the movie Sing. Not that it makes it any better…

No. 1019762

File: 1641600730703.jpg (3.87 MB, 3000x2250, 1558851868849.jpg)

/co/ and tumblr mainly.

No. 1019763

The Dinosaur is their OC though, so anon was half right.

No. 1019764

The mine in that pic isn't a phosphate mine; it extracts lignite which is mostly used for fuel. This pic >>1019661 depicts environmental damage from coal mining. I don't know why that anon is pulling random pics out of his ass when he can just google "phosphate mine" and find a picture that actually relates to the discussion.

No. 1019768

>fuck dog
>maga hat

No. 1019769

And i though i was mental for having a husbando, at least mine is human, also apparently this person is a ftm which adds to the lulz

No. 1019770

Wait I thought that was legit Harambe and that snake from jungle book but sexy/anime but I guess this is a more “sensible” explanation

No. 1019776

I feel like we need more balance, more male consoomers.

No. 1019785

rofl the mental image of a new yorker walking up these stairs without a care and knocking all the bottles over.

No. 1019787

I love ZCC. Damn, i read her stuff back in 2014/2015. Cant believe it's been that long

No. 1019832

Anons have never had to clean and organize the fridge living with other ppl. Those big containers are great bc they prevent ppl from stuffing shit and smashing it, putting stuff so it falls, putting smaller stuff in the back so it's forgotten and rots, placing things back so there's no room for anything new. Especially in big families where you make big meals thats meant to last a few days, and need to store it in the fridge.

No. 1019836

puhleaze i live with my whole family and in every case it's more practical to put two oj containers side by side on a shelf than in a box side by side on a shelf. my brother is gonna stack all types of shit where it doesnt go regardless. as soon as you decide to buy two 64oz cartons of soymilk rather than 2 52oz jugs of OJ that container ain't gonna fit everything side by side and is gonna be worse than useless. fridges are already designed with shit like this in mind, you just don't know how to use yours

those organization bins aren't even big lmao

No. 1019847

Burger fridges are wide and deep, plastic containers are great

No. 1019851

i live in amerikkka; plastic containers are great but those plastic containers in the picture are pathetic AND being used incorrectly on a product that contains itself. wasted space is a hallmark of bad organization no matter what country you live in

No. 1019852

this has got to be autism

No. 1019853

What a shit life. Id rather die young and free than devote myself to a screaming retard perma-child. Also notice not much fathers presence in this video, they deserve to be smited for the hell they out women through with their shit autist sperm and blissfully low effort.

No. 1019863

File: 1641608410060.jpeg (36.02 KB, 267x400, 742D0900-7F69-484E-B937-5620E8…)

I have a retarded coping mechanism.

Looking at vintage dresses on eBay puts me in a good mood. If I’m feeling upset, I look up 60s mod dresses, the super short type with the gathered waist and skater skirts and slightly puffed sleeves. I look up vintage Gunne Sax capes. I save dozens of tabs full of 1970s dresses, vintage patchwork skirts, 1960s mod dresses and early 70s tartan coats, black vintage dresses with fitted bodices and slightly puffed sleeves, and I have been mourning lately the fact that I will never be able to afford any of that because of where I live and the fact that I’m a poorfag, but mostly I’ve been mourning the fact that I’ll never touch the Victorian Maiden Ivory Petit Fours Skirt, and the Jane Marple Russian Doll skirt. Whoever has the money to buy that skirt, I hate them. If there is one hater of the buyer of the Jane Marple Russian Doll skirt, it’s me. If there are five haters of the buyer of the Jane Marple Russian Doll skirt, I am one of them. If there isn’t any haters of the buyer of the Jane Marple Russian Doll skirt, I am dead.

No. 1019864

Oh a question I can answer as an admitted consoomer, I collect a shit ton of anime (shoujo) and have been since I was like 8 but when I was around 16? I think? I got really insecure that I wasn’t girly enough and bought a ton of sanrio plushies that I didn’t even like and accumulated nearly 100. I was smart with my money though so I’m selling them all and am making nearly double what I paid for then since sanrio is trendy now

No. 1019866

This skirt is honestly adorable.

No. 1019867

It shouldn’t sound like a foreign phenomenon, we’ve been making artificial fertilizer for a century and it’s what’s allowed the world population to grow from 1.8 billion to 8 billion+ people. The world physically can’t support that many people without artificial fertilizer. Some 80% of the nitrogen in an average human was fixated through the Haber-Bosch process.

No. 1019868

If it makes you feel better I think this skirt is ugly.

No. 1019876

I am neutral on that skirt

No. 1019877

File: 1641609614513.jpeg (336.48 KB, 1284x1982, 2CECDE44-47AB-461E-94B3-B52559…)

Stealing this from the Disney shaming Facebook group. This person has 401 pairs of mouse ears.

No. 1019878

File: 1641609661451.jpeg (312.44 KB, 828x1177, A25323E6-FBEE-4339-AA54-1DAAFD…)

Different Disney adult’s collection

No. 1019881

File: 1641609794450.jpg (61.72 KB, 354x766, qz5yhipur7a61.jpg)

I want to barf. Disney adults should be genocided.

No. 1019905

i like to imagine they wear these in their regular lives

No. 1019908

If they're not going to solve pollution and pron causing shitsperm then toss severe autismos in the pit like they did in ancient Rome. Women literally slaving their lives away so an animal tier human with no higher thinking can live longer.

No. 1019921

Autism is caused by old man sperm. Facts. Any moid who tries to have kids after his biological time is up & he's hit the wall is pretty much choosing to have a sped baby.
Never mate with men over 40. If they're not already fathers by that point, they're expired.

No. 1019924

not even close to true

china during the reign of the qianlong emperor had 300 million people (same pop and land area as the usa) and that was more 200 years ago

No. 1019927

Don't forget that age gaps and teenage mothers significantly increase the rate of autism. So all those tradthots and redpill moids who think they're super fertile unlike those evil old hag 30 yr old women with no eggs will get the autistic children they deserve.

No. 1019937

Almost like biology punishes stupidity/immorality.

No. 1019940

No. 1019943

This just makes me feel like vegans are dumb and very removed from nature. Support your local ranchs girls.

No. 1019945

>I like rooms that are cute and color coded. They’re pleasing to look at.
Same except the example you picked out is fugly and looks like ddgl shit

No. 1019947

Wow she's retarded

No. 1019957

i hate hate hate it when people do a shein/fast fashion haul and they spent big fucking amounts on shitty polyester clothes thats gonna break in a few months. i remember a while back there was a debate on it that "poor people deserve to look fashionable" on twitter/tiktok and if you claim that they shouldn't youre classist. these people are fucking insane.

No. 1019961

Wtf do men do this for real?

No. 1019964

But why…? They serve no purpose outside the parks

No. 1019993

You got a better example or something?

No. 1019995

>spray some compressed air to dust a plushie
This truly is the consoom thread

No. 1020012

>Can we make women entering the workforce and truly achieving goals at their work the new cool definition of "that girl" ?
Their definition of "that girl" is better than yours though. Slaving away to pay for survival isn't fulfilling, honestly not even being rich will fulfill your soul (look at all the soulless wealthy people). We could at least change it to something like pursuing your passions, having meaningful relationships and so on, not about being a girlboss.

No. 1020058

Damn, I sell knockoffs of these and lately I'd been thinking there were too many orders to be all for people visiting the parks. I should've guessed lol. Disney adults are easily the most most retarded about the consoom

No. 1020100

File: 1641627254073.png (3.09 MB, 1644x3840, Screenshot_20220108-083325.png)


No. 1020110

Kind of a dull take. At the end of the day, all production is driven by consumer preference. There’s a particularly large amount of clothing waste being generated right now because buyers show a strong preference for shopping from a huge selection of low cost styles. This guarantees that any company that tries to cater to the average shopper will find it advantageous to go wide with their stocking, which leads to large amounts of unsold inventory. Pretending that this has nothing to do with consumers feels like just another way to shrug off responsibility.

No. 1020114

some of you are in dire need for psychiatric attention

No. 1020124

File: 1641629493799.jpg (87.36 KB, 800x533, Russian-potash-mine.jpg)

I posted a picture of an open pit mine because I was discussing open pit mining and I posted a picture of acid mine drainage for the same reason. The example I gave of the destruction caused by mine tailings was actually caused by lead mining. All mining is environmentally destructive and causes the same issues.

Mining is not sustainable because earth minerals are not an infinite resource. Multibillion dollar mining companies extract phosphorite and potash from the ground through mining, profiting from the destruction of the environment. Phosporite and potash is then processed by multibillion dollar chemical companies with a disgusting environmental record. Hint Monsanto was the main manufacturer of agent orange, a deadly herbicide contaminated with dioxin, Bayer used slave labour provided by concentration camps and manufactured Zyklon B, Dow Chemical is the parent company of Hooker Chemical who caused the Love Canal disaster which was so bad it lead the formation of the US Superfund and Union Carbide which was responsible for the explosion of the Bhopal pesticide plant. These companies then sell their artificial fertilizer and pesticides at a profit to be sprayed onto monocrops which depletes the soil and pollutes the environment.

Veganism a marketing ploy by giant corporations who profit from the destruction of the environment.

>Wait until you learn about the runoff from factory farms!
Not once have condoned or even mentioned factory farms.

No. 1020129

Agreed. The people doing this hauls aren't poor. Spending $200 on garbage is throwing $200 in the garbage. I can understand if people are shaming buying any fast fashion at all, but anyone with more money than sense (even if you're poor) should be called out. Doesn't help that tiktok comments are a new level of brainrot.

No. 1020130

Production aims to never miss out on demand- wasted manufacturing costs are easier to bear than not meeting seller's demands and end consumers going elsewhere.

If the consumer culture were to change massively (ending fashion trends as we know it) perhaps we'd have a chance at stopping some of this damage- but to be honest it's more likely that things will only get worse as evident by gen z's Shein craze.

In the ideal world garments just need to be revolutionized; if there were a way to both make consumers desire long lasting well made pieces and stop being lured by "sales" (a full outfit used to cost at least the equivalent of a few months work either in labor or currency for most of human history, our expectations are extremely spoiled today) while also ensuring the processing from start to finish is rooted in the natural, we would at least halt the damage to our planet.

No. 1020133

>all production is driven by consumer preference
this is just laughably not true anymore at this stage in the game

No. 1020142

A lot of cheap clothing also uses polyester (PET) which is made from petrochemicals. Every time it's washed it sheds fibers into the water which either ends up in the human food chain or contributing to microplastic contamination of the oceans and rivers.

No. 1020147

>Pretending that this has nothing to do with consumers feels like just another way to shrug off responsibility.
Stupid, pretending that consumers are responsible for deliberate massive overproduction and dumping of brand new clothes in nature is ridiculous. People may be naive or willingly ignorant about the fast fashion industry practices but they're not asking for this. Putting the blame on the consumer for this is 100% beyond reason, no consumer is putting knife to the industry's necks and demanding for them to do this. The industry needs to take responsibility, they're the ones placing orders and producing clothing. And let's not forget it's also the fashion industry who're brainwashing the general public into buying more and more and more, they're the ones pushing trends and for the disposal of clothing after 1 season. They're the ones who stand to gain uncomprehensible amounts of money from their practices, not the consumer, they're the ones with the money and power to innovate the industry, not the consumer.

No. 1020150

I am lazy to make a Pinterest account right now sorry

No. 1020157

Nice side hustle anon lol. How do you avoid copyright enforcement though? I've heard Disney is super strict.

No. 1020161

vegans do the same shit, how many of them cultivate their own vegetables and legumes or buy at the farmer market?

No. 1020163

nta but damn I didn't know this. I thought I was at least doing a good thing by buying most of my clothes second hand, now I'm gonna feel guilty everytime I was them. Clothes made from natural fibers are definitely out of my budget.

No. 1020164

>All mining is environmentally destructive
ok, return to pre-bronze age chan

No. 1020173

File: 1641633753073.webm (7.74 MB, 640x360, OY24QFUJd-ZDxraR.webm)

>At the end of the day, all production is driven by consumer preference
No, the second anon is sadly right. Nowadays the goal is to produce tons of bullshit and market it to people. And if it doesn't sell? Well… into the landfill it goes
>@MayTheFunkoBWY on Twitter shared the above behind the scenes video of thousands of unsold Funko products (Smuggler’s Bounty boxes and others) being destroyed rather than recycled or donated to charities.
>One interesting note is that Funko is taking a one-time, $16.8 million charge to write-down the disposal of “slower-moving inventory to increase operational capacity.”


By blaming consumers (or even consoomers) and not giant companies producing shit, you are playing into their hand. They want us to be divided and squabble about who makes the most ethical choices while they gain money from regular and "ethical" brands, as well as benefit from the fact that we aren't looking for ways to stop them, ie make a movement demanding for a legislation stopping or at least slowing down the earth pollution resulting from producing crap.

No. 1020174

File: 1641633776694.jpeg (18.6 KB, 240x236, ABCB7280-27A4-47E2-90A8-D8997C…)

Reminds me of this thrifting account on Instagram that said she would only engage with other fellow thrifting accounts that "had an aesthetic" and didn't look like they took random eBay pictures. I forgot her username, but I wish I had saved her account.
I'm sad.

No. 1020190

File: 1641637129060.jpg (13.81 KB, 480x360, kaczynski.jpg)

we don't have to go that far back

No. 1020192

Mining existed well before the industrial revolution.

No. 1020195

nta but probably not as destructive and on an as large scale as today? People have eaten animals since the first hour and that didn't used to be a problem until relatively recently.

No. 1020197

No, of course not, but they were making a bunch of sweeping statements like
>all mining causes the same issues
>mining is not sustainable bc hurr durr minerals aren't infinite
Anon is the mining equivalent of a sanctimonious vegan

No. 1020289

File: 1641646761086.png (75.18 KB, 752x594, 1616398411161.png)

I already talked about how I managed to declutter my shelves because I sold a bunch of video games, DVDs and manga I don't care about anymore in the previous thread, and now I'm thinking about how I still have some small notebooks I've bought for university that I didn't use after all. I also have a bunch of pens because I accumulated them thanks to jobs despite barely using the ones I bought before that. I'm wondering how I could use them to not waste them. I usually take notes on my phone if I don't have paper on me, and I already gave a lot of paper and larger notebooks to my youngest sister because she needed them for high school and now for university. I've already been thinking about using one small notebook to write recipes I can't find online (or the ones online are shit) but my mother just won't give me her recipes because she always forgets about it. Does anyone have any idea in particular on top of that one?

No. 1020305


I got a matching tattoo with my best friend that is Disney themed back in like 2014. Neither of us are Disney adults and this was right before it felt like millenials went off the deep end with their obsession with the mouse. I've been comtemplating getting it removed or covered up but can't because it matches my friend's. FML

No. 1020310

it depends what your interests are, but I have a bunch of notebooks around to note things like - shopping lists, my thoughts on a book I'm reading or a movie I've watched, snippets of articles that caught my interest for one reason or another. You could do similar for video games you play and manga you read? They're things you can note on your phone already, but it's nice to do things analogue and take a break from screens.

No. 1020312

I'd ask your sister to dump the notebooks and maybe the pens at her uni (or alternatively at a library) with a sign "free", guaranteed way to get rid of them and they'll probably get used well. I know you said you wanted to use them yourself but idk about forcing yourself to use something you don't really have a use for personally, may as well get rid of it the easy way.

No. 1020319

This and also you could look into school supply drives for elementary students in your area

No. 1020321

I will always consoom and I hate the people who pretend to be morally better in this thread.

No. 1020324

have fun

No. 1020329

I already post this kind of things on a blog I made on tumblr, but I guess I could replace that Blog with one of the notebooks. I don't have any followers on tumblr even though people like my posts from time to time so I don't think it would be a huge change if I deleted my tumblr. I only use it to post stuff, I don't look for content or reblog anything, and I don't follow anyone either.

I have no idea if she can donate anything just like that. She doesn't really go to uni, it's hard to translate it but she has classes within a high school building despite not being a high school student anymore. I remember that in my uni in my lasts years a student association put shelves where we could put anything we wanted to donate but I kept forgetting about it and leaving the things I wanted to donate at home every day. I'm going to ask her.

I'll look for info on how to do that.

No. 1020334

enjoy tryna fill an empty hole while lining the pockets of the ultra richt

No. 1020335

Both of those statements are true.

>Anon is the mining equivalent of a sanctimonious vegan

I posted more info because another poster asked me to.

No. 1020343

File: 1641651891461.jpeg (227.34 KB, 750x937, B29C0223-ECD4-49E7-92B2-FA5967…)

Pls no sperg But I relate to anons who have a small obsession with stationary. However, I did end up selling a lot of my stationary collection and after getting an iPad and slowly going paperless I feel so much better. Even just a google document/ digital notepad works just as well. (I don’t think I could go digital art only though, but I don’t hoard art supplies anyway)
I’m not completely paperless since I’m still a little paranoid about my digital stuff getting deleted for some dumb reason so I’m keeping 1 notebook that will let me keep a physical paper archive without it taking up too much space. I plan on getting a scanner too so I can get rid of some sketchbooks/journals/art books but still have pdfs of the images. Also would anons be interested in a thread where we could dump stuff like art book pdfs? I haven’t checked /m/ in a while. I only have a PDF of Kaneoya Sachiko’s entire art book so far but I’m sure anons have other stuff they could share.

No. 1020346

At least I don't moralfag about it to one up everyone else.

No. 1020347

>art book pdfs
I'd be interested if it can also include stuff like magazines

No. 1020348

Oohhh could you share the art book here? Incredibly interested in it right now

No. 1020349

There's an art resources thread on /m/, you can dump stuff there

No. 1020350

I hate men so much. This is pathetic

No. 1020353

I can make it a general thread where you can dump a PDF of whatever media you want. I can post the art book too in a bit.

No. 1020355

laughing at dumb tiktok hauls is totally worse, yeah sure kek

No. 1020360

Probably stupid question but how does pdf dumping work exactly? Like you can't upload a pdf directly to lolcow right, so where would you host the file?

No. 1020361

also samefag but how would I know it's safe to download another's file?

No. 1020403

File: 1641655574512.jpg (178.33 KB, 1024x682, IMG_4747-1024x682.jpg)

I started consooming way more over the past two years. Pandemic isolation + new high salary + getting married meant buying lots more things than usual. I used to really shudder at the thought of buying unnecessary things, but I've definitely gotten addicted to the 'soom.

My worst offense is getting into scented candles and scented body care (lotions, shower gels, perfumes). I essentially have a mini-store in my closet. I know it's because I'm bored and lonely.

Picrel but not my collection.

No. 1020412

>bored and lonely
yeah uh… what are you doing lol

No. 1020415

We ship off so much unsold clothes at my store and it's always the cheap shitty clothes. No one wants them but they keep making them and sending them in our inventory.

No. 1020416


I work from home, he works extended hours outside the home.

No. 1020420

>getting married meant buying lots more things than usual.
Idgi, why/how? Or are you just talking like furnishing and decorating a new living space for 2 people or something.

No. 1020421

Bored stay at home wives are funny if you've got so much more free time than most women then use it. Crochet or some shit.

No. 1020423

Do you not have hobbies or friends? I know the latter may be difficult to interact with during corona. But idk, you filled up your spare time with something before you got into a relationship too, there must be something you enjoy doing right?

No. 1020425

She probably alienated all her friends to be with her male and her hobbies are just "become prettier".

No. 1020436

Candles? Wow why do people who get paid a fuckton enough to do this stupid shit do this stupid shit? Go donate your money or something. I just know you're approaching your 40s and that you buy the lead wick candles and not even nice natural, realistic smelling ones, dispensing metal into everyone's lungs in your house. You should feel ashamed.

No. 1020445

These are kinda satisfying to watch on the outside but when you realise they're all sticking the exact same mass produced pieces of paper down just in different orders it seems so impersonal. At least two of those had a reel of paper that was made to mimic ticket stubs from a train. Why not travel and assemble a pretty piece with your own memories?

No. 1020451

Nonna change something quick, you are turning into my mother

No. 1020486

They're cute but lack personality and distinctive style, so so much for artistry and creativity. I don't think I"ve seen a single one without aesthetically pleasing torn paper lol

No. 1020492

> Why not travel and assemble a pretty piece with your own memories?
Is that the point though? I didn't get travel journal from any of them, I thought they were just supposed to be aesthetic collages/journals.

No. 1020497

They aren't even putting stuff from their daily life into it so I don't get it, whats the point, are they going to look back on it fondly or just "oh yeah here's tons of stickers I put on a page".

No. 1020510


Yes, setting up our household and also just having a even a very small wedding "broke the seal" on me feeling more comfortable spending money in general.

I don't have that much free time. I work full-time+ and use these scented things either while I'm working (candles), or literally when I'm taking a shower/getting ready for the day.


I've moved about every 1.5 years for the past 5 years. Makes it hard to make new connections. I have old friends from school and old jobs that I'm in regular touch with but we dont live nearby.

I used to be into some creative things like bookbinding and papermaking before graduate school sucked my soul out. I would like to get back into with the supplies I already have (so as to avoid further consumption).


I'm not even 30 yet and I do feel ashamed. I'm truly trying to stop. Looking at threads like this helps me.

No. 1020547

It’s ok, nonnie I believe you. Some anons are bored as fuck and they’re causing static.

No. 1020555

I would grab all these clothes and sell them for super cheap en la paca del tianguis

No. 1020582

You sound mad as hell

No. 1020590

i don’t want to be near this person but i dont mind it as a concept because at least they’re supporting artists’ livelihoods instead of giving money to mega corporations for useless pieces of plastic. most of the decoration here just looks like printer paper.

No. 1020592

Wow how aggressive. Candles are nice and smell good. Sure you don't have to buy a ton like other people but saying DONT BUY CANDLES DONATE TO OTHERS INSTEAD is dumb

No. 1020612

This probably isn't very helpful, but perhaps using a diffuser would be better? I doubt you're gonna go crazy buying essential oils, just get a couple scents you really like and can combine. I was also gonna recommend candle-making, but I don't think that's a good idea.

No. 1020628

You're projecting so hard that your tulpa is standing in OP's room, damn

No. 1020631

What about hosting a homeless woman?

No. 1020634

Depends if she's trustworthy or has connections to dangerous moids

No. 1020636

What candle brand/smells would you recommend as a gift? My mother-in-law loves candle holders and candles in general. I heard the body shop ones are nice

No. 1020637

That's so cool anon, cheers

No. 1020640

nta but woodwick, it crackles as it burns which is really nice and cozy

No. 1020667

these are really nice, and I prefer them, but I'll never forget the tragedy of the wick falling over in my chocolate scented one kek

No. 1020687

ok, return to pre-bronze age chan

No. 1020844

File: 1641681589320.jpeg (1018.11 KB, 1170x1126, 35C666E8-5768-44A9-BC4E-DAC689…)

Jesus christ I found a room on instagram that’s nearly a carbon copy of this. How can they waste so much fucking money just to replicate some “aesthetic” weeb room they saw on tumblr, guarantee she doesn’t even like the shit she puts in her room, just buys it because she sees rooms online with that shit.

Consooming is one thing, if you actually have passionate interests whatever, buy as much manga and posters as you want, put when you have an entire collection of incomplete manga and random shit for the aesthetic, whats the fucking point?

No. 1020921

File: 1641686905968.jpeg (133.2 KB, 1170x1016, 2FCFCDE8-7482-496B-BB59-862F1E…)

This actually triggered me. I fucking hate this movie with a passion, who the fuck has a hard on for a shitty kids movie. This is a terminally online person if I’ve ever seen one.

No. 1020981

I realize I hate funko pops because of how big their eyes are (on top of everything else). Animu designs with dot eyes have them much, much smaller so their lack of definition isn't so creepy, I think.

No. 1021017

File: 1641693471744.png (1.18 MB, 526x874, the melo hoard.PNG)

I like sanrio but Jesus…

No. 1021024

Shit like this is just too much…

No. 1021034

NTA but I like My Melo as a character, I just don't know why someone would want to own over 400 plushies of her.

No. 1021035


Only my melody? How many versions of these characters even get made for all of the hoarders to have so many of them?

No. 1021036

lol i feel you. i delete bc i misread your post as being "shit, i like this just a little too much" rather than "shit like this being too much". i'm tired, sorry anon

No. 1021037

She's been around since the 70s and they're almost always putting plushies of her in stores, kujis, claw machines, etc.
I presume they just stalk sanrio's twitter for updates a lot.

No. 1021041

I use my old notebooks for journals and scrapbooks with random themes.

> one for new years reflections (I only write in it on New Years Eve/Day)

> one is a scrapbook/journal for when I go traveling (I write my itinerary and stuff and paste in mementos)
> one is scrapbook for pamphlets/visitors maps from places I visit. I started this as a way to reduce paper waste from all those visitors guides I got while keeping the memory
> one for keeping notes about my craft projects
> a tiny one is just my book list of future reads
> another tiny one I use to organize my chores and when to do them

And the ugly ones, like dollar store school notebooks, I just use for scratch paper.

I have horrible working memory and need a million notes, but I hate taking notes on the phone and need all my thoughts overly organized.

No. 1021053

I could see how the act of collaging stuff together is the hobby itself and could be relaxing and fun. As long as they're not bulk buying more shit than they could possibly use from Aliexpress I don't see a problem with this, not everything has to have deep meaning or significance.

No. 1021073

> Why not travel and assemble a pretty piece with your own memories?

I agree but also kind of understand. A lot of ticket stubs these days are pretty ugly if they even have printed tickets anymore, most people opt for digital nowadays. Then the printed ticket is just a QR code on a basic receipt. I guess it shouldn't matter since it's more about the memory but I didn't plan to make a QR scrapbook…

Also I don't think these people go anywhere to collect real ticket stubs anyway.

No. 1021080

> I just know you're approaching your 40s and that you buy the lead wick candles

You shouldn’t make it so obvious that you’re a time traveler from 2001, the FBI will track you down.

No. 1021084

This sounds like typical zoomers twitter outrage

No. 1021085

tbh tho candles are total shit, horrible for you, dangerous bc fire, not really a great way to spread scent. it's kind of a meme.

No. 1021099

I'm bad at this. What's a good way to scent your room without making the air cancerous and having it smell too strong?

No. 1021105

Soy candles are safer than your standard paraffin wax ones. But I don't know if there's any truly safe room scenting options

No. 1021130

soy is better but i think the fire aspect is totally unnecessary. why are we still using fire to just scent a room? it's terrifying tbh. i think there are more natural plug ins with less horrible additives that should be good

No. 1021170

Candles are shit, but getting all triggered about it & using 40 yo as an insult randomly is some peak tween rage

No. 1021177


Candles are terrifying? A little one inch flame in the same room as you? Jesus. It's atmospheric and pretty safe if supervised correctly.

No. 1021251

Jesus Christ. I grew up in SoCal so I had a couple of ears but not at this level. I have 3 sets of ears right now that I bought roughly 10 years apart. The point is to wear them, are these people wearing ears all day every day?

No. 1021255

File: 1641715571461.webm (1.8 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7048364356488219951_ha…)

a haul from one of those people that shop at thrift stores and then resell on depop.

No. 1021258

i know people tend to complain about depop sellers but decent depop sellers have actual taste for eccentric and older pieces that have little value for normal shoppers. these are just hideous normal clothes that the average person would pick up. i understand the demand for weird clothing might not be high at a thrift shop for normal people, so it tends to not affect them, but being a shit curator can affect normal people i suppose.

No. 1021275

The tops are okay, they don't look much different than the crap in some of the Shein hauls… Everything else is mad fugg tho.

No. 1021523

File: 1641745639641.jpg (8.15 KB, 525x311, Tumblr_l_21257686242216.jpg)

I'm almost done, nonas. I'm almost done selling all my mangas. I can taste the freedom of the finish line, and I never wanna consoom manga again.
I wanna say thank you to all the cool weebs that bought my shit. Made nice pocket money.

No. 1021532

plug ins can cause fires too if you leave them plugged in all the time. a little tiny flame in a glass jar isn't a problem or terrifying unless you're legitimately retarded.

No. 1021538

How many books/series are you selling and how fast did you manage to sell them? How much did you earn so far? I remember being so sick of my huge collection I sold the manga I didn't want to keep to several secondhand bookstore for very cheap and I kinda regret not using Momox from the get go. I didn't want to sell anything directly through Vinted or whatever, it seemed like a hassle. I still have a bunch of series with me but I made a list of what I have and what I sold and it's like day and night.

No. 1021543

I sold some yesterday, I felt a little hesitant but they were from a series I bought a couple years ago and just never read. It feels pointless to have books taking up space that I’m not even interested in reading.

No. 1021552

Nta but my aunt and uncle had a big fire in their livingroom thanks to a small candle they forgot to put out when they went to bed. I always used to think a small candle couldn't possibly be dangerous but somehow it can be.

You could diffuse essential oils (not perfume oils) if you don't have reservations about the production of EOs.

No. 1021572

Ok just for context I began collecting manga when I was 10 (12 years ago) so I had a lot of incomplete sets but still valuable and out of print ones. Started collecting again when I was 18, so I had complete sets of out of print mangas that are still sought after. Also some one shots here and there. I think I've sold more than 40 volumes in a span of two weeks. Hit the jackpot because the underage weebs were full of christmas pocket money. I made 1.2k in my currency, about 950 bucks went into my wallet (the rest were taxes and shipping stuff).
When I made the listings, I checked Amazon and other secondhand websites to have a general idea of how much I could ask. I did not sell them with the intention of making a huge profit, because 1. fuck scalpers lol it's just books and 2. it's better to sell with a lower margin of profit than have it sitting unsold and collecting dust. I also offered a 15 to 20% discount if they wanted another set.
I used Shopee, no idea if it's available where you live.
Take some good pics showing the front, back, and color of the pages (no idea why but some people are REALLY anal about yellowing paper) and answer questions quickly. Hope I helped!

Don't feel that way, nona. Books/comics are meant to be read and cherished, and you're absolutely right: it is pointless lol

No. 1021583

I've never heard of shopee but apparently it's available in my country, so I'll keep that in mind. Honestly I think I sold way more books than you did but never got that much money from selling them because I sold these books to secondhand stores that would give me 1.5€ to 2€ per books, unless I agreed to be payed in coupons which is counterproductive in my case. As for Momox (it's a secondhand online) the prices really depended on what I sold and the demand. For example I got like 50 cents for the first volume of Quantum Devil Saga and I got nearly 40€ for the second volume. On top of that manga in my country have always been popular so people go to bookstore to buy them before looking online for secondhand copies. It's funny, what I kept is mostly older series that are out of print or that have new, better editions because I won't be able to sell these manga anyway but I genuinely can't find good scans for them either online.

I also bought a few manga on Vinted and what's called Leboncoin (basically craiglist but French) right after getting rid of a lot of books and some of the prices I've seen were just straight up insulting. Scalpers really are pieces of shit, if you want the regular 5 volumes of Paradise Kiss with yellow pages and slightly damaged covers be ready to spend between 80€ and 120€ on them. The series has been released recently in a all in one edition but the book's cover has a horrible quality and it's so thick it looks like a dictionary.

No. 1021593

>no idea why but some people are REALLY anal about yellowing paper)
If the paper has any yellowing or marks rubbing a piece of sandpaper on it will make it look better. I tried selling some manga on reddit and had way more luck when I wiped them with sandpaper and put them on eBay. I also made more selling certain series volumes individually than what I would have gotten if they sold as a set.

No. 1021604

I made this much because my currency sucks kek I converted to euro and basically I made 150 euros but yeah selling them to secondhand stores sucks because a. you're not gonna get much money or b. you're not get much money AND they will sell for quadruple the price they paid you. Scalpers really think their books are made of gold lmao get off your high horse man it's just pieces of paper glued to each other after all

Anon you're a genius I never thought about that! I prefer to sell sets because it's faster though but thanks for the tips

No. 1021609

Proud of you non

No. 1021620

File: 1641754456161.jpg (72.81 KB, 633x480, Tumblr_l_37450725768520.jpg)

Thank you babe mwah

No. 1021696

would be cool to have a thread where we can share pdfs/epubs. zlibrary and libgen don't always have the stuff I'm looking for and I don't go on any other sites bc I'm worried about malware. not sure about the legalities, though, for such thread to be possible

No. 1021803

yeah but so can literally anything you leave plugged in? we know that electrical fires happen but it's far more unlikely than forgetting an active fire is going on when you're trying to relax. relaxation + fire makes no sense to me. so many people light fires (candles) to relax. i have forgotten about candles which is why i do not use them. i think more people forget about them than you'd expect

No. 1021833

nonnas, is it consooming if i want to reinvent my wardrobe after a breakup? it was a long relationship, i've had most of my clothes for years or even a decade. my style has def shifted over time but most of my clothes have stayed the same, and now i kinda feel like i need a switch. i don't really need new clothes, the ones i have are plenty fine and in great condition, and i've had/worn them for years and years, so i feel like wanting to reinvent myself would be mindlessly consooming and giving away clothes just to replace them immediatley with shinier new ones. has anyone ever been in a similar situation?

No. 1021854

It isn’t consooming if you
>have enough money to support yourself and buy the items
>have enough space to keep the stuff you want to buy without turning them into clutter
>Don’t just throw your old stuff away so you can donate them or resell them
>Buy new things because you actually need them and not because they’re trendy on social media
Basically that, I don’t see what’s the big deal with changing your style every once in a while, as long as it isn’t monthly, it’s okay.

No. 1021869

Maybe take the opportunity to buy more environmentally conscientious clothes? If you’re going to fill your wardrobe with Dolls Kills or Shein absolutely the fuck not, but if you start replacing piece by piece your synthetic clothes (nylon, acrylic, rayon, polyester and PU) with natural fabrics (cotton, hemp, tencel, linen, wools, and real leather) you can justify it as better for you and better for the planet.

No. 1021884

IRC has a bunch of stuff, I recommend learning how to use it to download books. Never had any problem with malware and I can usually find everything I want. There's a bunch of tutorials specifically for downloading ebooks, it's not complicated.

No. 1021895

i'm OP, need to clarify: i'm not from burgerland, we don't have shein or dolls kill or anything like that here, and even if we did i'm well into my 20's and don't wanna dress like an egirl either way. i'm thinking more basics, stuff like a capsule wardrobe

No. 1022001

File: 1641783176726.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448, 25DE799E-C4DB-416F-A2BB-84590C…)

Where do these girls get all their money jfc.

No. 1022012

Archive.org has a lot of books and content but is shit for exploring subjects, if you know the title of a book though archive.org + title of book through a search engine is good. They have mostly older books(2000s and under etc)

No. 1022077

Where do you think? Mommy and daddy. This is trust fund shit.

No. 1022104

I just keep expecting to see a goddamn spider crawl out from that mess, it must be a spider's playground.
How the hell would you even get the sucker without breaking shit??

No. 1022116

While it might not be true for everyone, I know quite a few collectors get stuff from resale shops, dealer's rooms, online auction sites, and specialty shops.

No. 1022118

To me it reads like "I've spent all my spare cash and part-time job cash collecting weebshit since I was 14"

No. 1022123

that room looks like a mess but it easily cost less than 2k, hardly trust fund level if you don’t have a shit job.

No. 1022219

As someone who changed their style after loss of a very close person to me, I have some advice.
Buy new articles of clothing slowly and keep most of your old stuff unless you have no space left in your closet. Changing your whole style in a short span isn't a good idea as you will mostly only buy similar styles of clothes and get bored of dressing like that after a while.
Try to buy 1-2 articles of clothing that you really love each time you go shopping so you dont buy stuff you dont like just to buy new things.
Also dont do a capsule wardrobe. Clothes are a way we express ourselves, especially as women as we have a wider variety of choices than men. Buy clothes that you love seeing yourself in instead of basics that make you invisible. Throwing out all of your stuff and buying a new capsule wardrobe isn't good for the environment either, don't throw away your perfectly fine clothes just to jump on the trend.

No. 1022314

If you want to redo your whole wardrobe do it little by little or you'll end up buying some clothes you'll forget about or you'll regret buying and you'll wear them way less than the rest. What I do whenever I need to buy more clothes is that I go to several stores just to try clothes and see what I'll like the most or what looks like shit on me, then once I'm done with that I buy what I like with the "click and collect" features some stores have to make sure they have my size when I go there.

No. 1022333

File: 1641815416152.jpeg (94.06 KB, 800x600, G_CNF_C85408218_B.jpeg)

Sage for samefagging, now that I often work from home I'm considering getting some new furniture to have everything in order. I live with my family so I do everything in my room, and I have a desk, but ever since I finished studying I put my TV on this desk. I'm considering using the desk for my work laptop and getting a low table for my TV because it's a small one and I use it only for video games. On top of that I want a chair like pic related but they all seem very expensive for some reason, at the lowest they're a bit above 50€. Are they worth the price? Also, are there any anons that have those weird car seat looking gamer chairs? How are they?

No. 1022345

>I go to several stores just to try clothes and see what I'll like the most or what looks like shit on me
I miss living near a lot of stores where I could walk and do this, it makes finding stuff that suits you so much easier. It saves all the time and hassle of returns that can come from online shopping.

No. 1022352

Those car seat looking gaming chairs are usually not worth it. They are cheaply produced in the same couple of factories with different branding slapped on depending on who sells them. Get a nice office chair instead.

No. 1022354

I hate buying clothes online because most of them don't even have my size, and if they do these clothes tend be be sold so fast I can buy them. I love living in a big city just for that. Although to be honest the next time I'll actually try to add a lot more clothes to my wardrobe will be when I'll be able to go back to Tokyo, there are way more choices when it comes to fashion that where I live, the yen is weaker than the euro, and I won't have to pay for the VAT.

No. 1022355

That sounds like so much fun anon, I hope you enjoy shopping in Tokyo when you have a chance to go again

No. 1022371

File: 1641819865351.jpg (96.51 KB, 1000x1550, turntable_2020_OM_pu_stealth_2…)

I have picrel at home and can't recommend it enough. Not all "gamer chairs" are made equal I suppose but this one is better than any office chair I've used before, both at work and my previous ones at home.

No. 1022373

File: 1641819924073.jpg (174.89 KB, 790x547, 1127-behzzx.jpg)

Those arent worth that at all
Unless it has a solid L shape because the ones without a sort of brace to them will just…fall over for the back area if you lean against it. We had those for games as kids where the back could click to lay down except over time it wore down so I wouldnt even recommend that. Pic related is what I mean by a solid L shape. I have a gaming chair since 2017 or so instead of my old ikea one and for me my back doesnt feel any pain after 8-15 hours of sitting in it. Mine is a clutch XXL size because I wanted the seat large enough for crossing my legs in a pretzel or fuck all position. They go on clearance semi regularly so the normal price is a bit of a lie. It got me through having to practically lay down on it from surgery issues that hurt way too much to let my torso crease. Its downside is the underseat is an entire pain in the ass for cleaning out.

No. 1022384

I've downloaded some ebooks from pdfdrive.com with no problems hope it helps you anon.

No. 1022427

I don't know if it would help you, but I have auto transfer set up on my bank account to transfer out money after my paydays so I feel like I have less money than I actually have. I keep accounts with other banks so I really can't see that money unless I go into an entirely different app to look at it.

No. 1022450

Is this from th creators of the PewDiePie chair?

No. 1022452

Reinvent yourself be free and stop caring about what others say pls

No. 1022470

No, it's a different brand, Secret Lab; they do have a lot of collabs though

No. 1022506

Squishies always confused me. At least you can use Squishmallows as a pillow but these? Idk please nonitas tell me

No. 1022517

File: 1641833953596.jpeg (114.76 KB, 600x600, C22D0F03-4B67-4FBD-90E2-07A523…)

I’ve bought 2 squishies because they’re cute, they’re shit, they get damaged too quickly. It’s better to buy a stress ball or if you really want it to be cute, a squishamals.

No. 1022599

File: 1641841349045.jpg (120.74 KB, 808x631, qe4tu2nypd011.jpg)

I hate how weebs all use this one glass case to cram all their figures and weeb shit into.
It all manages to look chaotic and cluttered yet incredibly homogeneous and sterile at the same time.

No. 1022605

I don't have a lot of figurines, but I do have like maybe 10~. What would you recommend then instead of using one of these glass cases? I never liked how cramped they looked.

No. 1022611

How is J cuck Peterson related to weebshit

No. 1022618

they're both cringe

No. 1022626

I'd say 10 is a lot but that's kind of subjective.

Once you have this kind of glass case you're room will like like some sort of weeb store. I wonder what else people use it for though, I've only seen pictures of this case with figurines in it.

No. 1022630

That's better than having figures out there in the wild collecting dust. Dusting figures is a nightmare

No. 1022635

File: 1641844087082.jpg (27.65 KB, 500x333, 4fcf35d3c41afe9cb24d0afcc62691…)

rodent houses!

No. 1022683


I have one that I keep plants in with a grow light. My cat is a dumbass and will eat any plant even if its poisonous, so its a necessity.

No. 1022686

I have a blue one from the same brand and it’s so comfy. Only problem is it’s super squeaky.

No. 1022781

Honestly, they're just simply one of the best options for display. You can view the figures from any angle, it doesn't block lighting, and it keeps dust off of figures for longer.

No. 1022797

File: 1641854621216.jpeg (46.56 KB, 612x612, 32.jpeg)

All of my family calls me a "minimalist" because I live in a really small apartment and just physically cannot store very much. I'm not a minimalist, I just have to think about where something will go before I buy it. For context, my kitchens' only cabinet can store 2 mugs, 2 cups, 2 plates, and 1 bowl, and that's all I have for dinnerware. The rest of my apartment is similarly limited and I don't even have a closet for clothes so I have to really manage what I own and purge things when new stuff comes in. So each year for Christmas I request for them to not get me anything (they NEVER do this, but I truly would love if there was one year no one got me anything) or if they must, get me "consumables", like lotion, soap, coffee, candy, etc. They've slowly started buying that I'm not just outright lying to them and I've been happy to receive more small items but honestly this year was insane.

I was handed a gift from a family member as she announced, "I know youre a minimalist so I got you something helpful." And she hands me pic related. It's a giant bagel slicer. I can't tell if shes joking initally, but I realize she isn't. I feel so bad… I think they only really use these in cafes where they need to cut 500 bagels in succession. It's heavy, it's made of plastic, and it's got a huge blade so I immediately know she didn't consider that I flew in and now I'll have to spend $30 to check my bag on the airplane. I feel like such an asshole but just, what is the thought process exactly? I've kept it for now just out of guilt and finally got some bagels to try to give it at least one use. It doesn't work at all. It's an as-seen-on-TV product that borders on being a gag-gift. It's got so much plastic on it I feel horrible for throwing it away, but it's also not even something I could give to someone. I just feel like no one takes more than a few moments to consider the apartment they all know I live in and what might be impractical for me. I put a lot of thought into other peoples gifts and try to be considerate. What do you girls usually do with gifts that you can't use or don't need?

No. 1022801

Throw it out, no one needs a bagel guillotine. That’s just annoying. When someone gives you a gift you absolutely don’t need it just kind of shows they don’t listen to you very well.

No. 1022802

File: 1641854901312.jpeg (41.06 KB, 484x645, E8ECF38D-E285-44C1-AD34-E5B8F6…)

I must attain this dress. I have spent hours looking at it on my phone. I am now dreaming of dresses and having half-forgotten visions of dresses completely unprompted before I sleep and sometimes in the middle of the day. I have never worn a dress in my life, but I have been consooming recently, and I feel an insatiable, intense, euphoria-laden desire to possess this dress. I almost feel manic with dresses. I can not stop consooming.

No. 1022804

Exchange it with someone if Facebook for soap or something

No. 1022807

try to sell it, nona. Social braindead people (and surely there's one near your area) love stuff like this.

No. 1022808

It looks ugly

No. 1022811

I will never understand lolitas

No. 1022813

Looks like something the emo girl in a 2009 disney original would wear with a tiny cardigan and some black converse. I don't say this in a bad way.

No. 1022816

Anon this is ugly… Get a better one

No. 1022829

if i were you i'd throw it in a recycling bin

No. 1022832

idk why people are saying this is ugly, compared to 90% of lolita dresses, this is cute. i'd just want the bows off. most lolita dresses are fugly as hell. this looks comparatively versatile and i like the color scheme.

No. 1022849

Is this VM?

No. 1022873

Maybe the cheapo garbo version of VM

No. 1022879

You know in Japan that women who like My Melody too much are usually labeled as mentally unstable ("menhera") right

No. 1022881

Oops meant to reply to >>1021017

oh well

No. 1022894

Best way to get rare PDFs is to install calibre and then get the DeDRM plugin for it. Then you can download any book from archive.org. It's easy for the 14 day loans but for the 1 hour loans it's a few extra steps but still easy. I'll leave you to google the exact steps that if you're interested in doing that.

No. 1022907

it looks cheaply made

No. 1022913

anon like everything lolita looks cheaply made

No. 1022964

Strongly disagree

No. 1022978

What kind of pdfs are you looking for?

No. 1022982

File: 1641869743440.png (871.05 KB, 564x800, image_2022-01-10_215541.png)

You are objectively incorrect. You have never seen a lolita dress that wasn't a taobao dress worn by a tasteless e-girl so what would you know. That dress would be considered ita.

No. 1022984

You have no taste at all.

No. 1022985

File: 1641869870907.jpeg (221.45 KB, 1125x1395, 261CEBF7-72C5-415D-A8B8-601526…)

This bothers me.

No. 1022986

There's nothing wrong with this. I think you just hate weeb shit. The only valid way to store it imo, especially if you have pets.

No. 1022987

File: 1641870071255.jpg (44.61 KB, 290x387, 618384-81-2016-04-03445185.jpg)

Not OP but yes.

No. 1022988

post something cute then

No. 1022993

I was about to question what's wrong with it and then i saw the generate lolicon. And then i realised every book here is probably hentai. Burn it.

This is years of accumilation. When you have no other interests and you start off when you are young and have no bills, this happens. If you let it.

>>1021854 basically this comment. Also keep in mind there are plenty of people who HAVE to change their wardrobes because maybe they are in a different stage of their life where they only can where business causal stuff, weight gain/loss. Just don't buy garbage and you are fine.

I feel like most of this thread is just people bashing on weebs which is more of a personal preference, but what do i know, i own a decent amount of kawaii shit myself and don't give a fuck about trying to prove to everyone how "adult" i am.

Does anybody remember the time on the youtube where the makeup community would glorify having needless amounts of makeup? It's still excessive compared to the normal woman who wears makeup, but at least there are now channels who are more critical of hoarding and the industry in general. People like that still exist because of reviews but this video is so wild. I also feel like people have moved onto hoarding skin care because it's easier to justify since you use most of it everyday and if you hate it, you can just use it on your body or something.

No. 1023009

I used to watch so many makeup declutter videos, they were oddly calming but also infuriating. I feel like now declutter videos are trendy recently to get people to believe these Youtubers are ~responsible consoomers~ because they realized they have too much shit, when in reality they'll turn around and just buy more to replace it. Chose this video at random, I have no idea who it is, but the amount of shit she has to get rid of makes me sick.

No. 1023035

Get a night stand or if you have a desk just set them on there. I have a mid size collection and I use a bookshelf. Though, I'm considering getting a display case because I want show off my gunpla, but not let my cats try and take bits off.

No. 1023043

>>1022686 Have you tried WD40?

No. 1023048

File: 1641877378973.jpeg (20.14 KB, 244x304, 47CD1C37-5CAE-4C7D-8D96-F55A16…)

It’s not that bad. It’s the Fairy Doll JSK from Victorian Maiden. They’ve got some cute stuff.

No. 1023063

Yeah all this makeup and skincare is such a scam usually too, like oh I have to buy this because it has xyz and will do this new thing! I just don’t see how people consume so much without realizing how excessive it is to the point you have to realize buying hundreds of skin and makeup stuff that expires is just fucking retarded because it’ll go to waste after you use it a few times because it’s impossible to use so much. Influencers have more money than sense and a lifestyle built on the thrill of buying and consuming product, it’s fascinating and scary to me how people don’t see this shit is just goop and colors to convince mostly women they need to give money to corporations in exchange of looking sexy or youthful. It’s a marketing cycle of building insecurity and creating a perfect purchased solution.

No. 1023070

File: 1641880322791.jpeg (32.31 KB, 731x1024, 46013208-35EB-4C2C-A1D3-9FC67B…)

I must have this…too bad I’m broke

No. 1023073

>I have never worn a dress in my life,
how did no one catch this, like what?

No. 1023077

nta but couldn't agree more. Most makeup products are the same ingredient goo with different packaging and smell. Only a matter of colour & texture what works for what. Anything can be transferred to a better packaging & fragrance is just harmful. Makeup makes people look older too. Basic skin care is much more important.

No. 1023082

This reminds me how much I hate the Instagram skincare "shelfie" trend, which is just about buying trendy overpriced skincare you don't need because the packaging looks nice in a picture.

No. 1023086

I always wonder if those types of trends are started organically by social media users or if they're actually started by smart marketing teams who're looking to manipulate social media trends in their favour

No. 1023092

Yeah, because you'd have to move some of the figurines before grabbing a book you want to read.

No. 1023104

anon, the consoom thread isn't for posting shit you want to buy

No. 1023107

Bold of you to assume they actually read. Though, I have my bookshelf set up this way due to lack of space (not with figures, just random stuff) and it's really not that big a deal to move stuff to the side when you want to grab a book.

No. 1023123

Most books are probably just shelved away after one or two reads, doubt most of them get much use at all.

How do you all feel about hiring/renting clothes (and for other goods/services such as a washing machine subscriptions)? I was reading just another article about it today, it seems like they're expecting the fashion for rental-industry to boom in 2022. This particular article I was reading about was fo babies up to 2 years or so, which makes perfect sense: they grow so quickly so it's a great, low-consuming way of dressing your child but I also feel like we're slowly being steered in the way of owning as little as possible to be as reliant on companies providing goods/services as possible (not just with clothes) in the name of "sustainability/low-consumering"

No. 1023294

This post really reads like a troon wrote it.

No. 1023306

I considered it, but the cost did not justify the benefits of always having new clothes. I used to have a stupid fear of being judged for rewearing clothes too often (I like to wear them at least 2 times before they go into the wash if they haven't got any new stains on them), then I realized that fear was stupid as fuck and no one actually gives a shit unless they're weird consoomers who live off shein and fashionnova tier clothes to just have something to show off. There's a lady at my job who is subscribed to rent the runway, but I think it could be justified for her because she's a news anchor and needs a new outfit for when she appears on TV. I can't think of many other situations where it's necessary. Regular people do not need that new outfits all the time.

I do like the idea of not having more stuff in my apartment so I get the appeal of having new stuff without sacrificing space for it, but it's not worth the price for me. I feel like another dangerous thing about them is I think you can sometimes just keep or buy the clothes they sent you for a discount if you like it? It's the same as marketing emails, they show you shit you don't need and then of course you might think "oh this is really nice, and it fits me so well!" so you think you can't live without it and give them more money on top of the subscription you already pay just to keep it. Awful.

No. 1023427

Seriously, when I got into skincare I thought it would cost me an arm and a leg because everyone was posting their 18 step routines using 40-50 dollar products. All I really needed was some 5 dollar stuff in boring bottles I could pick up from the CVS to keep myself from breaking out.

No. 1023431

Right, I didn't want to say it but I though so too.

No. 1023438

I really hate this "don't own anything!!!" mentality. I want to have my own stuff. Fuck communism.

Besides that, I don't think renting certain clothes is that bad, like gowns and fancy clothes or necklaces. There's also ethnic and special clothing you can rent in other countries (example, kimono, cosplay, lolita or maid clothes) that I'm sure some people will probably only use once so that's fine.

When it comes to stuff like Fashion Nova or other type of outrageous eye-catching clothes (could be high fashion too) I also imagine some rental business in the making, since most people rather have crazy Instagram pictures than have an interesting personality. I already know some private jet owners rent their seats for like half an hour or so to certain influencers to take pictures inside them… And they don't even fly anywhere. Lol. It's all for show.

No. 1023439


No. 1023442

It will look awful since you're not a woman, trannies get the fuck out of the site and dilate.

No. 1023454

>ugly "lolita" fake dress mimicking victorian maiden- a very sought after lolita brand that only very thin girls can wear
Ok is this an autistic fatso or a troon, let's see…
>mentions intense euphoria
>has never worn a dress
>"dreams of dresses all the time"
>mentions being manic

This is a tranny, report.

No. 1023461

File: 1641920012495.jpg (48.22 KB, 640x639, ec1eb54dabc4564eb2f0dd1827695c…)

>I really hate this "don't own anything!!!" mentality. I want to have my own stuff. Fuck communism.
That's not how communism works lmfao. Not a commie or a tankie or whatever

No. 1023462

Clearly not the real dress though

No. 1023469

Dont care if it's not communism or whatever nonny, I still find it abusive from corporations to tell people to not own anything.

No. 1023503

AYRT I agree with you 100% on that. The future looks scary with everything turning to subscription services. Literally insane

No. 1023555

didn't even drew gooden (sorry for bad youtuber taste) find a subscription service for earphones? like you'd have to pay a monthly fee to be able to use these earphones and you have to send them back once you cancel the subscription because otherwise they will take legal action against you.

No. 1023605

Nightmare. Everything is now "smart" and I hate it. I want to fix my own shit when it gets broken and no I don't want to hook it up to the cloud or phone or whatever you data mining bastards. I want simple Soviet tier washing machine that lasts 60 years, thanks.

No. 1023617

Wtf? Free earwax

No. 1023619

I felt that, I hate how modern technology gives you less autonomy. I mean

>smart cars that you’re LEGALLY NOT ALLOWED TO REPAIR!!1 unless you’re a professionnal

>mandatory windows updates
>pause buttons with ADS
>every normal appliance has a camera and is internet connected

I hope to learn technical skills to escape this

No. 1023719

Look up the phrase "you will own nothing, and you will be happy."

No. 1023829

ROFL this sounds terrible, how'd an idea this shitty even make it past anyone? where did they find people actually willing to PAY MONTHLY to use a pair of headphones instead of just… paying once for a pair of headphones they actually own

No. 1023853

Nah I used to live in the Gulf if I tried to put this dress on and went out with it I would be the first nonnie to be sent to prison for being an ahead-of-my-time VM patrician

No. 1023879

Hate it. I want to keep my own clothes, which are flattering and comfortable, not take a chance on new clothes all the time. Especially with the inconsistency in womens’ clothing sizes.

Where tf do people even wear abominations like this? Work? School? The grocery store? The club? The only place I can picture it would be a Lolita con, but then you’re literally buying the outfit to fit in with a group.

No. 1023935

>Where tf do people even wear abominations like this?
I wear lolita pretty much everywhere. Work, Grocery store, etc. Only place I don't think I would wear it at is like an amusement park because I like going on a lot of rides and it's hot outside.

No. 1023940

Nta, but is there casual lolita? Could you give an example of what you would wear to work? I'm just curious.

No. 1023941

Reminds me of you're into right to repair check this guy out

No. 1023963

If you reverse image search, a lacemarket page comes up with the sale, lmao. It's not a replica. The bows are detachable, which is why it looks different. You people are retarded.

No. 1023974

File: 1641946642112.jpg (46.44 KB, 299x500, aiz.jpg)

>but is there casual lolita?
Yes! You mostly see people wearing cardigans with skirts for it though.
>Could you give an example of what you would wear to work?
Mostly this sort of thing.

No. 1023975

Still looks like a frumpy melted cupcake mess. Daily lolita maybe?

No. 1023978

Lolita's pretty frumpy in general, but that's what I like about it personally. I'm not daily but I wear it pretty regularly and have it in the same area as my regular clothes.

No. 1023980

Interesting, thank you anon!

No. 1024048

I used to think like you. I thought Lolita was so ugly and off-putting, until I was converted online. There’s just something about taking feminine aesthetic tropes and cranking the volume up to 100 - that decadent excess is very attractive to me, and not in a conventionally pretty way, but in an aesthetically interesting way. It has what I call Feminine, But As A Repellant effect, this ugly visual forcefulness. And it’s very intensely physical, by the way, just look at the excess of petticoats and ruffles and layers, stacks on top of stacks on top stacks, growing into an ugly surplus of fabric made of little parts that are ugly together, but probably visually pleasant apart. That idea is really exciting to me. I also think it’s fun because it subverts those aesthetic tropes; instead of girlish and coy, it’s garish and imposing. Too bad I live in a shithole where I’d get heckled if I ever tried to wear shit like that and I’m too broke to spend my money on clothes anyway. That’s probably for the best, kek.

No. 1024062

No. 1024064

how can you guys act like these are better than the beige ruched dress above that anon likes?

No. 1024066

Rock your frills anon! I also wear lolita every single chance I can get. Life is too short to not wear the clothes you want.

No. 1024085

Lmao just drink enough water, sleep enough and don't eat so much carbs, wtf is all this shit for?
No wonder she has skin problems if she clogs up her pores with so much stuff.

No. 1024097

tiktok-chan please come back this lolita discussion is boring

No. 1024118

I want to talk about Astrohaus/Freewrite for a minute. They sell word processors, aka keyboards with a screen for $400-500 apiece and need to connect to WiFi. Meanwhile you can still buy an Alphasmart 3000 for $15-$30, and these things are so backwards compatible they can still connect to a current gen iPhone to transfer their files.

No. 1024138

File: 1641959011840.gif (889.87 KB, 600x338, y4m3r0.gif)



No. 1024139

My condolences nona

No. 1024153

File: 1641960218447.jpg (623.38 KB, 1078x918, ripanonsbudgets.jpg)

This looks like the same shit, why cant he just buy a bluetooth keyboard for a tablet or his phone and get the same result? Tf?

No. 1024154

I think it's because there's this premise that it's 'distraction free' unlike a tablet or phone

No. 1024207

This looks so frumpy and tacky. Why do Lolita dresses almost always make people look chubby? The hideous shoes make it ten times worse.

Why not wear kawaii shit but with unique and creative styling, or just less ugly in general?

This type of thing makes me feel such intense dread for the future

No. 1024257

File: 1641969076415.jpg (119.49 KB, 998x767, 12ta7zuzrnn51.jpg)

Is anyone else reading the kf food shortage panic thread? It's a pretty funny look into how whitebread & suburban most terminally online males are. When I first saw the headlines I thought it was something to be concerned about. Then I read a couple comments & it's all moids LARPing as if it's the end times because they're just now learning how to make their own hashbrowns. There's a hilarious dichotomy there between how they act like they're some kinda Mad Max shtf warrior, but then they tell on themselves as clueless city kids with no life skills.
>omg the specific brand of artisanal cottage cheese from Europe that I wanted is out of stock
>all the pre-baked loafs of bread are gone
>these are some hard times fam
>you can actually take raw ingredients and put them together, making sort of a DIY Hello Fresh
I hope they're trolling. Now they're whinging that pre-mixed sports drinks are available in only one colour lmao. Only the one! These are all food-adjacent products covered in preservatives anyway. They should have never been internationally mass-produced in the first place. If you feel deprived because you have to eat locally produced food now like a normal person then good. You were living stupidly & gluttonously before.

No. 1024259

it's pathetic. they really want to believe they're living in some dystopian hellhole because artisanal bread is out of stock for 4 days. who buys workout crap at the store anyways? workout products are so expensive at every brick and mortar store. it's not like they're not massively in stock literally everywhere online

No. 1024267

>workout crap
I probably should've just said Gatorade instead of sports drink. I wasn't sure if other international nonnies know the brand name. It feels funnier though knowing that it's muh red gatorade in particular.

No. 1024278

ohh i was figuring you meant like pre-workout drinks which are expensive as all hell at stores instead of online. very sad they're freaking out about not being able to have red gatorade once in a while. there are also other sports drinks like that available, like, tons at the store. find it difficult to imagine they can't find any other regular electrolyte sports drink around

No. 1024284

File: 1641971128803.jpeg (41.33 KB, 749x513, 1641492481920.jpeg)

I grew up in poverty in Central Asia and this is legit the saddest thing I've read all afternoon. It makes me feel some type of way.
You know when you see a fat bogan with her obese toddler, and the toddler is screaming for some sugary cola drink and dessert in the middle of a fast food restaurant, and you look at the mother and see the sad look in her eyes as she gives in. She knows she's slowly killing little Timmy and so do you, but she just wants to see him happy and quiet, even though he's long due for a heart attack at the age of 4. It's kinda like that. That 'you poor child' feeling.

No. 1024290

Based. Fuck smart tech. And fuck all that Siri, Alexa, Nest home camera shit.

Technical skills don't help much in this instance. Study law & get into politics if anything. You can mess with the software, but you'll void the warranty and they'll brick your device.

No. 1024292

More reason to support walkable cities with good bike infrastructure and well functioning public transport. Walking and cycling is basically free and you're not reliant on some tech company with way too much power for your transportation.

No. 1024296

That image hits home. Pretty sure I'm the fattest poster here

No. 1024299

Stop eating so much then.

No. 1024307

tell us the exact weight or i'm calling bluff.

No. 1024342

they also remotely deactivate the headphones if you decide to just keep them and stop paying kek

No. 1024347

File: 1641977220147.png (719.33 KB, 700x525, 5e6274bffee23d1737206c05.png)

I fucking hate this trend of "breaking rooms". Like oh, you want to swing around a hammer and hit some stuff? Go work in construction you goddamn dingus. Go build a deck. Work on a farm for fucks sake. Hammer something that actually matters. That's like paying to go to an "office room" with a bunch of your friends where you can sit around in a cubicle and pretend you're crunching numbers. Like what is the fucking point. Are people really this sheltered from normal physical labour?

And also how is this a fun date idea? If the point of a breaking room is supposed to be to release your anger or something then I wouldn't want to be in there with anyone who's getting really into it. It doesn't sound very romantic watching a moid rage at inanimate objects.

No. 1024352

Have you ever tried it? I've never been to a breaking room but had a friend ask if I wanted to smash a bunch of old furniture once and it was extremely satisfying without whatever whistles and bells they add so I'd pay a bit to get more tbh

No. 1024363

No, I hammer enough shit at my job. Maybe I'm just missing the base primate instinct of OOGA BOOGA MONKEY WANT BREAK STUFF

No. 1024368

Kek are you the same anon that hates fireworks?
Want a reward for being the mostest civilizest?

No. 1024373

File: 1641979726266.gif (2.56 MB, 640x478, freak-out-kid.gif)

Not the same. I see the appeal of fireworks. I don't see the appeal of flailing around like a toddler or like the freakout kid.

No. 1024376

well you're just as silly as her

No. 1024380

Wow this so much… I couldn't believe when they started opening up around here cause I'd never would have guessed someone from my country would be willing to pay for something like this. Suckers and agressive and consumeristic.

No. 1024385

>they hated Jesus because he told them the truth

No. 1024404

Where I live food prices are indeed rising, but it seems like what has been rising the most are the pre-packaged foods and junk foods that aren't really necessary. People are going to start to prioritize the essential/staple/healthy foods for their money and all these pre-packaged junk foods are going to go back to being rare treats, like they used to be instead of part of daily life as they have been the past few decades for many.

No. 1024457

What does physical labour have to do with this totally recreational activity? You clearly understand the reason it exists, to release stress and anger, so why are you applying this concept to your job? Your analogy doesn't make any sense. They aren't going to the break room to pretend to be construction workers. Did you just want a reason to tell everyone you're a construction worker because NLOG or what? You're proud to be a builder, but you're disgusted by demo? Why is the release of tension not a good enough reason to "hammer something"? Why do you assume no one works as hard as you do because they want to smash some dinky pieces of wood after a hard week? Please fill out this questionnaire and return it to my fake cubicle asap.

No. 1024474

come back webm nonny!

No. 1024528


I hate that this "bathing fsily is bad for u" thing is catching on bc it's literally a case by case basis. If you work from home and don't move around much during the day, and don't have oily skin or sweat very much then it's fine not to bathe daily- but some people do sweat, move around and even live in different climates. Those people really should wash daily, but bc of the ppl who really don't pushing it as a universal norm now we have greasy, musty coomers everywhere making it a trend just to lower the bar for hygeine.

No. 1024541

Kek thanks for the throwback anon, that’s literally what I would have worn to a school dance during the recession.

No. 1024548

Do they not realize there is also a driver shortage? Where I live yes, it looks like a shortage when the shelf is empty but then when the delivery actually arrives the store gets a huge restock.

No. 1024569

You do realize that there are thousands of jobs out there that involve physical labour that aren't construction, right? And that you are physically capable of doing regular maintenance around your own home? And that you're allowed to have physical hobbies? Just checking.

Let me spell out the analogy for you babe.
>want to release some stress
>brain says to do menial repetitive tasks in order to achieve zen
>should I do something productive to quell this urge, like organizing notes or making a calendar?
>No. Where's the nearest rent-an-office?? I want to pay $80/hr to edit fake spreadsheets that benefit no one because my lizard brain craves order, and I feel the need to pay for even the most minor experience
That's what you sound like when you talk about how gosh darn FUN it is to pay up the ass so you can touch a tool for the first time in your life.

No. 1024583

Are multi level market jobs consoom? Everytime I see those moms claiming to work freely, with time for family, join me!! it makes my blood boil, you know goddamn well they just fill their house with products they don't care about just to sell them and would rather do a 9-5 job than hoard stuff. I wonder how they're legal. Based China for banning MLMs.

No. 1024589

Your analogy doesn't make any more sense, in fact it makes less sense now. I'll say it again, people who go to use these places aren't LARPing as a construction worker. I'm trying to understand why you equate this random recreational activity to physical labour, it sounds like you're calling people who enjoy breaking stuff for the fun of it lazy and retarded because they don't break stuff as a job. Why do you assume people who go there have never touched a tool before? It makes no sense. I actually build furniture, but according to you that's impossible because I also like the concept of smashing it for fun. I don't understand why you're so pissed off about it. Writing notes and organizing a calendar isn't going to ease anyone's rage or relieve their stress. Writing notes isn't for everyone the same way smashing apart pieces of old furniture isn't for everyone. No one is pay 80 dollars to do this btw. You don't need to exaggerate to prove your point.

No. 1024592

Samefag, smashing stuff isn't menial btw, it's exciting and fun. You comparing it to paper work and regular home maintenance is nonsensical. They are not the same thing. It's like saying roller blading in the park and riding the bus to work are the same thing and getting mad at people who rollerblade because "why don't they just take the bus and go to work? What is the point in being on wheels with no where to go? I ride the bus to work everyday, you don't see me rollerblading like these losers, having 'fun'"

No. 1024596

Samefag again because I had to check, the room in my local area costs 20 dollars and they use discarded objects from thrift stores (aka the broken shit), all of the broken objects are carefully sorted and recycled afterwards.

No. 1024600

Once again completely missing the point. I'm calling you retarded for PAYING to break shit, you retarded retard. You can literally just go outside and smash shit. You do not need to pay somebody else money to consoom hitting things. You just do it. Not everything needs to be a service and a "room".
>I actually build furniture
Doubt. If you build & tear apart furniture then you would realize how terminally stupid it is to pay somebody to rent a room to do it in in.

Now THIS. This is a stupid analogy.

No. 1024603

What's the point in going to a restaurant when you can just cook your own food? I've never paid to use one of these rooms. Some people live in apartments downtown, where are they supposed to their smashing? And what are they supposed to smash? Just wait for something of theirs to break so they can bust it up or what? Walk around the streets hoping someone left an old table on the side of the road? It just isn't for you, it's not that big of a deal that someone wants to pay 20 dollars to wield a sledgehammer (something the average person definitely does not have) to smash something for their own satisfaction. The analogy isn't stupid, it's exactly the same as yours. And you calling me a "retarded retard" doesn't make your point any more convincing.

No. 1024629

nayrt and I've never even heard of this before, but this is just a hobby. Do you get mad when people go to the gym because they can work out at home or go for a run for free instead?
It's not really consumerism anyway. They aren't accumulating anything, or creating waste. Even if it's dumb its harmless.


No. 1024634

>What's the point in going to a restaurant when you can just cook your own food?
You act like this is something I disagree with. This is the consoomer thread.

>Some people live in apartments downtown

And those people are dumbass consoomers. Cities the size that we have now should not exist. The people that live in them have obvious issues from the lack of community & sheltered lifestyle. People who live in apartments downtown their whole lives are stunted and ignorant to the work that goes into keeping the lights on in their rat cages. Megacities are one of the main root causes for ALL of the things that have been discussed ITT. You think an Alaskan fisherwoman is collecting Funko Pops?

>what are they supposed to smash?

Nothing. If you don't have things that could use breaking then you don't break things. You're acting like people are going to go into withdrawal if they don't get their monthly dose of smash time. This is why I called you a monkey. "But what will they smash?" lmao. You'll live.

>The analogy isn't stupid, it's exactly the same as yours.

Oh, so my analogy isn't stupid anymore then? Thanks!

>you calling me a "retarded retard" doesn't make your point any more convincing.

Ok rétärd

>Do you get mad when people go to the gym because they can work out at home or go for a run for free instead?
YES. Absolutely. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I understand weights, but who tf goes to the gym to run when you can run outside? Who are these weirdos that use spinning machines instead of going on a proper bike ride? The fucking world we live in I stg

No. 1024636

>You can literally just go outside and smash shit

I'm sorry I underestimated you. I didn't know you where a hardcore anarchist who smashes up public property for fun.

No. 1024643

File: 1642002296962.jpg (113.2 KB, 768x576, IMG_20190430_101310-768x576.jp…)

This made me think a little way too hard. At first I thought no, since they bought into a shitty idea and are now trapped to buy stock and shill it, but a lot of the ones I see posted online… live and breathe their products so yeah I guess it isn't really different than a menhera bitch collecting 400 my melody dolls because her entire personality is sanrio. Different side to the same coin, except MLM consoomers are sadder because they chase the dream of riches while regular consoomers actually believe they have achieved their dream of happiness amongst their piles of garbage.

No. 1024647

NTAYRT & I agree with ALL of your post except this:

>>Do you get mad when people go to the gym because they can work out at home or go for a run for free instead?

>YES. Absolutely. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I understand weights, but who tf goes to the gym to run when you can run outside? Who are these weirdos that use spinning machines instead of going on a proper bike ride? The fucking world we live in I stg

Women. Running around in public isn't always safe, even if you live in a "safe" area, and not everyone can afford their own treadmill or may not have space for one if they can afford it.

Gyms =/= smash rooms though. The gym is a place where people can pay to use proper equipment to work out without having to buy their own equipment, but I'm with you that trying to justify going to a rented office & spending money to smash stuff as "stress relief" is coomer af. Can you only destress voilently? Instead try going to a gym, and lifting heavy shit, then putting it down again until you feel better (bc you will).

No. 1024649

People who live in apartments are consoomers? Like it's their fault cities are a disease? I can't even take you seriously at this point, you sound nuts. Eating at a restaurant isn't consumerism, especially if it's a local restaurant. You should be encouraging your local economy. The act of purchasing isn't consumerism in itself. You need to be 18+ to post here.

No. 1024653

I wonder how fraud is illegal in most states but MLMs don't count as frauds. They tell you to buy shit and slowly you are filled with this stuff and are more broke than before, most of all I hate "medical" MLMs such as Herbalife, some people got very sick from it.

No. 1024663

I completely agree, collecting essential oils is the absolute drug for older women, just like sanrio is the absolute drug for younger women with no personality

No. 1024667

File: 1642003370549.webm (4.35 MB, 576x720, SnapInsta_241547938_9325735508…)

just wait until she shows the rest at the end

No. 1024668

My biggest pet peeve is when someone displays consumables as decoration pieces. Makeup goes in the bathroom or on at max on a dressing table. I hate this, thanks anon!

No. 1024675

File: 1642003914998.jpg (225.01 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault 03.10.45.jpg)

True. Not everyone lives in a safe area.

Sounds like we just disagree nonnie. I think if we were to meet in person, I just wouldn't like you on a base level.

Anyway, here's a cringey moid to get back on topic.

No. 1024681

Smashing shit is satisfying though, some stuff just can't be repaired or it is too damaged to be functional

No. 1024685

>Sounds like we just disagree nonnie. I think if we were to meet in person, I just wouldn't like you on a base level.
and you sound like an absolute joy to be around. you realize the housing market is insane right now and most people have no choice but to live in apartments? but yes, let's all write them off as consoomers just for trying to live their life and get by. fuck off.

No. 1024687

File: 1642004447656.webm (7.47 MB, 576x720, SnapInsta_241123489_8703451402…)

No. 1024689

You think an Alaskan fisherwoman is some kind of model for physical and mental health? Are you actually retarded?

No. 1024695

Webm goddess has returned

No. 1024696

Not being homeless is pretty consumerist of you, nonnie

No. 1024698

im nta i only posted those 3 skincare ones kek

No. 1024702

> I think if we were to meet in person, I just wouldn't like you on a base level.
What's the point in saying this to me? I'm not here to please you anon, we're just having a conversation.

No. 1024703

Do these people believe that if they organise their excess consumables enough, they will actually use all of it?

No. 1024704

Still thankful heh

No. 1024706

How many face washes and toners does one person need??? One. The answer is one.

No. 1024707

Obviously we’ll never be as good as NLOGanon unless we learn to work in CoNsTrUcTiOn like her and build our own houses. Which definitely won’t require any input from non-physical laborers, like the logistics people who organize how to move lumber around the country. No, unless you produce everything you need directly from raw materials with your own hands, you’re a consoomer.

No. 1024719

REEEE someone pointed out that the majority of city dwellers are sheltered. Not all podpeople!!

Sounds great to me.

Must consoom basic human right -hnggg

As if you weren't equally cunty.

Literally everyone can do logistics. People who try to do logistics having never worked in the trade are terrible at their job. You seem like you feel very called out lol.

No. 1024720

Tearing down wood trees is consoomer as fuck. I'll make a mud hut out of my caca and you'll see how cozy I am when I have my little fire going in there.

No. 1024731

File: 1642006117685.jpeg (90.07 KB, 639x654, FGV90uaXwAE9Rhk.jpeg)

No. 1024733

expose your mass please

No. 1024741

I'm sorry not everyone has wealthy enough parents to live in a house on the countryside. You sound more sheltered than you accuse others to be.

No. 1024757

It's only sustainable if you forged and hunted all the food you needed to eat to produce the shit hut

No. 1024758

I feel like people who think like this have to be super sheltered or something. They have absolutely no sense of the size of the global population and how much more efficient large scale production/dense housing is. Hunting, DIY, and growing your own vegetables are cute ideas, but there's simply not enough resources for every person on the planet to live this way.

6 million deer can sustainably be harvested per year in the US - how is that supposed to feed a population of 332 million? India continues to suffer from massive food security problems because its agricultural sector is made up of small farmers with a very low production rate. People who live in rural areas produce huge per capita amounts of emissions because they drive everywhere and have everything they buy trucked massive distances, while NYC residents produce 30% less than the national average per person.

There's so much information to support the idea that homesteading is unsustainable/environmentally inferior to urban living, but people just ignore it so they can play little house on the prairie. Believing that your actions have no impact on the environment just because you're surrounded by nature is disturbingly childlike.

No. 1024763

It was makeup, now skincare, I think "natural" supplements are next.

No. 1024793

>global population
>there's simply not enough resources for every person on the planet
>how is that supposed to feed a population of 332 million?
This. Is. Exactly. My. Point. You. Fucking. Retard.
Your solution is to just keep squishing an ever increasing population into less space, where their mental health goes to absolute shit. Your solution is to pack more & more people into communities where they don't even know their neighbour, much less their whole town. Do you realize how detrimental that shift has been to the human psyche? To transition from villages of tens of thousands where everyone knew each other, into unfathomably huge, sprawling metropolises. Where even the most important person is a brick in the wall that can be replaced tomorrow. Where hundreds die every day, and the vast majority of the city has no clue who they are. Where there are so many useless middlemen pushing paper that the concept of adding value to society is now completely divorced from the concept of work. Where everyone is depressed with low attention spans, chasing instant gratification & rotating addictions. Cities have been a cancer on the human mind.

No. 1024806

DAE cities bad??? isn't a solution though. What's your city-free plan for housing and feeding 7 billion people while staving off environmental collapse?

No. 1024809

File: 1642009001169.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, tumblr_33caa6fa2d9060d1ebf32b7…)

No. 1024812

my poop is sustainably sourced & comes from free range assholes

No. 1024817

So… what's your solution then? Mass genocide?

No. 1024818

Nonnie, you made me think about how sad my late teens were. Internet and social pressure made me buy a shitload of makeup I didn't even used, but hey, I had to give off the "pretty, wealthy" girl image. Now it's the same with skincare and it's horrifying to look at, I wasted so much money on makeup that didn't look good on me, made me feel awkward and overall expired because I didn't use it…

No. 1024821

I'm kind of thankful from living in a small country. Our capital city is literally just bunch of villages together with such a small city centre you can walk across it in about half an hour. I live 60+ miles North of it and it's even more remote yet connected. You seem to get a lot more independent shops further out from cities. There's definitely less convience but if you adapt life seems more calm and relaxed.

No. 1024824

Samesies still seething about all the money I wasted from the consoom girlie propaganda

No. 1024825

File: 1642009487832.jpg (91.55 KB, 1300x956, little-girl-making-dabbing-mov…)

If you don't already support securing a matriarchal democratic meritocracy via systematic male genocide & eugenics then idk what to tell ya.

Sorry nonnie. I'm out. Gtg anyway.

No. 1024830

Nta but grow stuff like hemp for paper and clothes, stop i.porting everything from other countries, stop making shit out of plastic, have neighborhood gardens to increase trust between ppl and help with food production, plant fruit trees everywhere instead of male trees that just everyone allergies with their semen pollen, create better managed homes that don't need as much heating and cooling, etc. There's plenty of alternatives but ppl like you pretend like all hope is lost.

No. 1024836

This needs to happen on a larger scale than just one person. I'm convinced you're still a child because you are so ignorant about the way the world works or how the average person has to live their lives without much of a choice in the matter.

No. 1024850

Go off with the "doomerism is reality grow up!" I guess. Everyone can do little things. Like Louis Rossmann tech fixing guy who speaks out about right to repair to prevent consoomerism being forced onto everyday people. He won some cases too. Class action lawsuits, not buying china/plastic shit, planting a garden. These things effect other people in your family, then community, then country, then the world. That's how change works.

No. 1024858

My city essentially started to do this in the 90s and now they're destoying it piece by piece since the 10s to build more living room and streets. The problem is that a healthy environment in cities isn't lucrative.

No. 1024859

You can't just leave without elaborating how I can blame funko pop colectors on modern architecture.

No. 1024864

most people in the city don't have a choice in where they live
majority of items, including just basic things needed for survival, are made out of plastic though. some of these things are unavoidable.

No. 1024868

I hate useless crafts and DIYs. All this stuff will end up in the trash in a month.

No. 1024873

>majority of items, including just basic things needed for survival, are made out of plastic though.
obviously not what anon meant, don't be dense

No. 1024876

those damn tree scrotes. never thought my misandry could spread to plant moids as well.

No. 1024878

I bet it went in the trash immediately, it's all ugly.

No. 1024884

The Neo word processor doesn't support my language, so it's useless to me and expensive for what it is (100$ for an outdated piece of technology? Nah. And don't give me eBay screenshots, this is how much it costs with shipping and taxes). I love my Traveller, the e-ink screen is heaven to my eyes. It also makes Freewrite machines expensive since even mainstream ebook readers cost a penny and they aren't made by a tiny company (lower cost of parts). I was super lucky to get it for half price. I feel like it's unfair to ignore the superior screen, it really isn't the same as Alphasmart Neo. I think that one Freewrite machine is enough, though. Don't see owning 1 as a consoomer thing, collecting is a bit much unless you are hoping to resell it for 2x as much.
What deserves criticism is how the company deals with technical issues (they make you buy a warranty, wtf).

No. 1024889

I'm not being a doomer, sperging at anons about what started off as a debate about break rooms isn't going to make any real change either. Especially when you're calling people retards and ignore the disadvantages that most people have. Most people can't plant a garden, and that isn't their fault. Most people can't afford to join a class action lawsuit, let alone find one in their area that's relevant to their lives, I don't even understand what kind of suggestion that is. You're not thinking about the average person and the system we all live under, and the system is even worse for some. You act like I can just pop outside and plant some carrots like there is fertile land everywhere and I can just use public property to plant my food. You can't just join in a class action lawsuit, you need a lawyer, something the average person can't afford. The average person is under the weight of debt and daily labour, raising families and being brainwashed by their phones. You expect everyone to live up to standards I bet you don't even hold your own self to.

No. 1024891

Samefag, I don't want to repost again
>why cant he just buy a bluetooth keyboard for a tablet or his phone and get the same result?
Because that option is inconvenient and unpleasant to use (no way of connecting the keyboard to your smartphone, have to carry it with you everywhere, you write on the keyboard while looking at smartphone in a stand/leaning toward your mug. Tablets are a bit better if you can get a keyboard with a case. There is still an issue of screen that is tiring to look at and everything distracting you).

No. 1024907

> These things effect other people in your family, then community, then country, then the world.
This is really ignorant, wishful thinking. The fact that there are even anons here arguing against you should show that is it not that easy to get people to change, whether what you work towards is for the greater good or not. There are plenty of people out there who try do steer themselves away from mass consumering and try to discourage others, but clearly it's a small number of people and it will stay small because of social media/marketing brainwashing happening at every corner.

People will not leave cities, because cities are where the jobs are. Why do you think people willingly travel to NYC or LA to "make it big"? You don't have to force people into cities, people will always willingly follow where the money is.

No. 1024910

>Must consoom basic human right -hnggg
like technically yeah, humans can't live without consuming you tard. you sound so sheltered and clearly have no idea how the real world works. i'm sure you live off grid and rub rocks together for your wifi connection to act like a retard on lc though.

No. 1024982

Makeup does not go in the bathroom. Optimal storage conditions for most stuff is a dry, dark, cool place. Not a warm, wet environment like a bathroom. This is especially important when you have a big collection, because chances are you won't be able to use everything up within few months. Things like blushes, bronzers and even palettes can take years. Plus, most bathrooms have shit lighting and aren't ideal for putting on makeup. Natural light is the best.

No. 1024987

File: 1642016719322.jpg (217.59 KB, 960x720, pfj2bq9m5ik61.jpg)

Working class men are some of the biggest consoomers around. They like to disguise their hoarding by pretending it's utilitarian, but at the end of the day they're buying a ton of equipment and tools that will get one use and then gather dust for decades. They're also rabid brand fanboys, and will buy any flimsy piece of crap if "their brand" puts it out (that's why snap-on makes popcorn makers and toaster ovens).

It's been like this in every male-dominated hobby I've gotten into, whether it's armchair photographers amassing tens of thousands of dollars of lenses or aquarium guys masturbating over their favorite brand of water conditioner. It's annoying to see them constantly get a pass just because they're not amiibo hoarding soyboys.

No. 1024988

That's the point, nonna. Makeup doesn't need to come in "big collection". base, one mascara, one eyeshadow palette just to contain some basic colors, lipgloss and you're good. Bronzer looks tacky, highlighter makes your skin look oily and sweaty, it's just being meme'd into instagram beauty standard. Plus, most bathrooms have natural light, unless someone lives in a shitty studio apt. Store those things in a drawer in the opposite side of the shower/tub and voilà.

No. 1024991

Some anons on here assume everyone does the same basic, beautifying makeup as them. I'm not doing makeup to fit into instagram beauty standards. I'd rather not wear it at all than do the same boring shit every day.

No. 1025003

They have a ton of money they don't know what to do with and are too selfish to start families/help out their extended family. Hence consooming.

No. 1025006

What I hate in male-dominated hobby communities online is when they keep buying expensive things related to their hobby they don't really need and joke about how much their wife who doesn't share their hobby will be angry at them. I feel like they know they're being a consoomer and are trying to cope by saying that.

No. 1025018

Funny, I see those posts made by women way more, and often to extremes. Talking about hiding the packages from their husbands. Probably because moids think their purchases are always justified or they’re worth it, and the women in their lives think their Nigels deserve to treat themselves

No. 1025037

Lots of husbands go off on any "non essential" purchase their wife makes anon it's not deep.

No. 1025040

considering they usually specify that they’ve already spent thousands on their makeup or hobby it’s pretty obvious that they have a shopping issue

No. 1025046

I agree with you anon, moids always loooooove expending money on their shit then complain if women do the same.

No. 1025073

I like Max's vids but I feel like he genuinely is the ultimate consoomer, dude's admitted that he keeps literal garbage that he doesn't even like because people sent it to him or because he used it in a video.

No. 1025076

Does mukbangs count as consooming? They're glorifying binge eating junk/super expensive food just for the sake of it.

No. 1025079

You can make whatever bogus health claims you want as long as you stick an FDA disclaimer in tiny text on the back. Ever been in the homeopathic section of a pharmacy?

No. 1025092

File: 1642021038097.jpg (40 KB, 640x394, b7omtx561khz.jpg)

I've seen some version of this meme pop up in basically every hobby forum I've ever been in. I can't believe there are women who tolerate this kind of childish behavior.

No. 1025108

it's the worst type of consoom. Only for videos and show, lots of waste and not even enjoying the food fully.

No. 1025120

I've seen this exact meme sentiment but replace wife with husband. Consoomers gonna consoom.

No. 1025124

Buy a nice sexy 70s muscle car, you can tinker with him all you want

No. 1025126

It it i mean it h-haha

No. 1025157

I see the same thing with memes on Facebook from older women that are like “gotta hide the Amazon boxes from my husband teehee” because they online shop so much and get deliveries every day. I’d be annoyed if my partner was obsessed with buying shit and hoarding crap in the house on a regular basis no matter what it is.

No. 1025168

I hate the mukbangers who are constantly eating/wasting huge amounts of seafood. All I can think about when I see those thumbnails is the overfishing problem.

No. 1025309

Definitely, most of them don't even finish the food and it goes to waste

No. 1025320

No. 1025367

I haven't bought makeup since 2019 and have been gradually getting rid of what I still have. A lot of it was gifted or I know it was expensive so it just stays in a drawer even though it's not used kek. It's getting easier to trash it though as time keeps passing, considering how much of it can't be good anymore.

There's some stuff that just sits around collecting dust that I'd like to sell too. Feels good, anons

No. 1025385

you are very stupid and assumptive

No. 1025393

yea you see this EVERYWHERE. weed paraphernalia. big stupid vape batteries. sneakers. hats. bar carts and equipment. philosophy books. watches. fucking stupid typewriters. scrotes are so fucking basic.

No. 1025411

Good for you anon! I think i over indulged in makeup considering i only wear it once a week and I will also be going on a no buy. It's good to use your money going on vacation rather than indulging in stuff that will sit around.

No. 1025413

File: 1642038301414.png (678.04 KB, 393x669, consoom ana.PNG)

>Extreme consoomer with possibly an ED as well
That's new.

No. 1025417

If people wanted to show off their figure they would go and buy something from fashionova or what ever normie store. In that particular style of lolita, frump is part of the aesthetic. You don't have to like it, it's an acquired taste. It's kind of why i like lolita compared to other kawaii styles, it's the one fashion style where you don't have to have the perfect sculpted body to look good, just don't be too fat and your good.

No. 1025419

but she's right tho

No. 1025420

I'm not against people collecting things or being maximalists, but what's the point when every you own is just one big blur? You can't even enjoy a particular item/display piece and you can't keep track of what you have? I could imagine people like this have made the mistake of owning something twice people they lost it or forgot they had it.

No. 1025422

File: 1642039142129.png (2.22 MB, 878x831, eyestrain.PNG)

>but what's the point when every you own is just one big blur?
That's what they're going for…for some reason.

No. 1025423

File: 1642039205890.png (2 MB, 827x863, what the fuck.PNG)

Also from her insta.
How does she convince her parents to buy her all this shit?

No. 1025428

>"calories in/calories out fattiez!"
Nah, they're eating disordered and are either chewing/spitting the food between jumpcuts off camera or they're purging. It's food waste. They're fundamentally using more food than they need regardless if they choose to keep it on their thighs or in the toilet.

No. 1025431

File: 1642039667560.jpg (6.12 MB, 3024x4032, room pic.jpg)

What is my consoomer level at based on this shot of my room? Just curious what you guys think since I've been decluttering a fair bit but still have a shopping addiction.

No. 1025435

it's at the level where i question how you even use or navigate your room without knocking things over while trying to actually functionally make use of your room. do you not have to use your dresser counter for anything ever?

No. 1025438

>do you not have to use your dresser counter for anything ever?
Nope. I pretty much just use it as a drawer for socks, bras, underwear and headwear since 99% of my clothes get hung up.
As for knocking into stuff, I don't have anything on the floor other than the furniture+rugs and one of those stomach plushies to hide some wires (which is under some furniture anyway)

No. 1025442

I feel like the tea set is making it look a lot more cluttered than it is but oh man I love your bedroom set. it reminds me of the canopy bed set I had as a kid. the knick knacks are in a worrying amount though… that's all I can really pick at.

No. 1025445

>I love your bedroom set
Thanks! It's the same one I've had as a young kid and it all came from craigslist over the years.
I don't think I'll ever buy new furniture if I have to decorate a different room at some point, non vintage furniture just doesn't appeal to me.

No. 1025447

File: 1642041611527.png (877.4 KB, 1280x3122, consoooooooom.png)

No. 1025449

It's cute, if you keep it clean and don't buy a bunch of new stuff you don't care about to cram into that space 24/7 I don't see what the issue is

No. 1025453

Like prev anon said the tea sets make it too cluttered, maybe relocate them to dining room/bookshelves to display. Other than that it's a normal amount of consoom if you have the extra money.

No. 1025477

Love your room, I have similar interests (dolls, weeb figures, Alice in Wonderland etc) and sense of aesthetic. We both have some psychological work to do though in regard to the shopping addiction. My biggest vice

No. 1025479

God I was hoping the screenshot is edited and Steven isn't really there. He is.

No. 1025483

KEK, should I be ashamed that he is growing on me?

No. 1025487

No. 1025525

File: 1642048825992.jpeg (310.8 KB, 1024x768, 2DACF210-80E1-4CE5-AE51-43B733…)

Your room looks like an antique mall booth. Just… piles of stuff on stuff.

No. 1025527

Ot but what is that style of wicker shelving with the round corners called? My grandma had this type of furniture & its very nostalgic to me

No. 1025683

"My clutter is inconveniencing me"-level.

No. 1025691

Oh anon, out of all the dolls you could have chosen, you pick the most boring and least flexible ones..

No. 1025693

>p-please don't ban me admin

No. 1025704

File: 1642064089276.jpg (63.14 KB, 736x552, IMG_5754.jpg)

i literally cant even begin to image the sad person thats sits in this sad decrepit room all day. just pathetic fr.. u know for a fact they sit on discord all day and never come out of their room.. i just know it reeks in there(newfag )

No. 1025705

Those aren't Blythes retard but Pullip. Know what you are talking about before you criticize someone's taste

No. 1025706

definitely not blythes

No. 1025707

Pretty sure those are pullip or icy. Definitely not Blythe

No. 1025715

No. 1025762

File: 1642070752998.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20220113-054406.png)

People really spend this much money on this garbage? Bearbricks are Funko Pops levels of laziness. I had no idea they ran this much holy shit

No. 1025779

i would go so far as to say these are much worse than funkopops given that theyre the price of two decent car payments and are far uglier

No. 1025802

They look like those NFT monkeys.

No. 1025840

My husband has thousands of dollars worth of premium tools. I would say that this is justified because he's an engineer. His job can be dangerous and a cheaply made tool failing could result in him being injured or even killed. There's still a definite consoom element to this though. Everything has has to be a certain brand so he can boast about is tool collection to other engineers.

Some of my friends have noticed the same with their husbands who are tradesmen. If they need a new hammer, "hammer that does the job" isn't good enough, it has to be "brand name hammer that does the job".

No. 1025853

in addition to the safety, don't a lot of tools like craftsmen have lifetime warranties? i can understand the expense if so

No. 1025869

Professional engineering tools do have a lifetime warranty. It doesn't include calibration and other maintenance that tools need.

No. 1025875

i’ve gotten out of the habit of buying physical kpop albums. i have a whole plastic storage tub full of them in my parents shed. the packaging is usually super nice and when i get my own place i will put them nicely on a bookshelf but i can’t buy anymore. i don’t really look at them ever and i can listen to the music on my phone. plus most of my albums are from boygroups and having matured a bit i realise i’ve likely given a bunch of money to a company to bolster the careers of most likely shitty misogynist moids

No. 1025876

Sell them, anon! Kpop and pandemic comfort is huge right now, you can make some money if you post them on instagram!

No. 1025920

NTA but she's not. Even if you just own 5 products, they shouldn't be kept in a damp environment. Besides that, people have different preferences when it comes to makeup. Same way they have them with jewelry or clothing. Someone will be happy with a capsule wardrobe of beige and gray, someone else is goth, a different person likes dresses over anything else etc. I'd be miserable with anon's advice because it sucks the fun out of makeup.

No. 1025941

>Believing make up is fun
Nonita, please. Unless you're doing scenic makeup, it's not "fun", it's something created by rich old men (such as the CEO of estee lauder and tarte) that tell you you're ugly so you buy their products. Of all the things, makeup is the worst.
Also, as long you don't take steaming hot showers that last 40mins on average, your makeup is fine in a plastic or glass case in a drawer, they have very little shelf live anyway.

No. 1025943

Idk I think makeup is pretty fun

No. 1025953

So many assumptions. It's fun for me, the same way styling clothes is. I know it's not feminist, I'm aware of the societal expectations and how the industry works. I don't do it for confidence, I don't do it in a way that makes me more attractive. I just like sparkly blue garage door eye shadow, leave me alone.

No. 1025988

Speak for yourself about what's fun or not, you could say the same thing about some rich Ceo being behind ever aspect of our lives. This thread sucks cock now

No. 1026001

This is definitely a front for money laundering, no one can convince me otherwise

No. 1026012

Genuine question, doesn't doing base makeup and contour get super tedious? I tried doing makeup in college but I just got so fed up with it.

No. 1026048

Ayrt, I don't do base makeup.

No. 1026065

You're right. Makeup is a huge waste of time and money and it contributes to self-esteem issues. It's also largely unregulated and most makeup contains harmful ingredients. The only makeup I own is white Mehron and some black eyeshadow and eyeliner shit for corpse paint every once in a while kek.

No. 1026070

File: 1642096086902.jpg (63.43 KB, 600x600, 13-T123856.jpg)

No. 1026072

nta ever since I stopped doing base makeup I can do my makeup while my water for my tea is boiling, thanks pandemic lol.

No. 1026074

I saw a 10k version years ago (no pattern, all steel or something like that)

No. 1026080

Right on, sister.

No. 1026103

I think it’s called a wicker and/or rattan shelf. Comes from the boho craze of the 70s along with macrame and stuff.

No. 1026121

I think you are right about it probably stinking, but with some candles and better lighting this looks pretty cosy. Not as bad as the other rooms.

Your room is cute anon. imo it's a lot, but not excessive, but maybe consider getting a separate place to display your tea cups.

No. 1026128

I just think that's your opinion. People who do really crazy/alternative looks seem to be enjoying themselves, I don't think they are using makeup the way rich old men intended them to outside of halloween anyways.

Base makeup is the easiest part of makeup imo. I am biased because i have acne scars to cover when i do bother to wear makeup. Fake it until you make it.

No. 1026134

makeup is literally a form of self expression and a creative outlet, and with the creative looks tons people do that most would consider not actually conventionally attractive, it is no longer just something people use cause they're told they're ugly any more. if anything the people only buying five products are the ones who are consumerists falling into the trap cause they're the ones buying what they feel they need to be attractive/presentable for basic daily wear. and either way, storing makeup in your bathroom is retarded no matter how much you own, sorry.

No. 1026138

Copium. I’m so tired of having this conversation over and over.

No. 1026139

>Actually the spergs who buy shitloads of makeup they can't possibly use before it's expiration date aren't consoomers at all! They're really super creative artists who aren't wasteful or impulsive!
>Buying only what you'll use is the true consoomerism!

No. 1026140

Then why are women and girls pressured to wear it? Why do they feel insecure without it? Why does everyone gravitate towards the same homogenous style/features with makeup? I could understand this argument if everyone was doing crazy colors and artistic designs but that's something you only see on instagram, nobody irl is doing artistic expression with makeup in their everyday life.

No. 1026141

Show pics of these “crazy/alternative looks” rn and I’ll tell you exactly how they’re still adhering to beauty dogmas

No. 1026143

File: 1642100249884.jpg (7.77 KB, 207x243, images.jpg)

NTA. Most women aren't exactly creative with their make-up, they just do whatever makes them look good/presentable for the outside world according to current trends. It's fine to like make-up (as long as you don't go overboard), just please don't sperg how it's ~actually art~ (and probably suuuper feminist). That's some libfem shit. Just accept that liking make-up isn't conscious in any way, but you are human being and therefore not obliged to make the most ethical choices possible, all of the time.

No. 1026149

this plus the fact that men rarely wear it, not even ~artistic~ men wear it

No. 1026159

I don't know much about makeup cuz I barely use it myself, but does expiration date matter all that much? If it does, then what's the point in buying big palettes if it will just expire in a year? It's not toxic or anything right?

No. 1026172

At the end of the day, isn't buying a ton of anything (like more than you can make reasonable use of) consumerism? Even if you're buying non-retarded stuff like books or art supplies, it becomes consooming if you purchase more than you need. Having piles of eyeshadow palettes to do creative looks with is no different; the pigments are being mined, the plastic is being poured, and you're spending the money regardless of what your intentions are.

No. 1026177

Makeup does go bad and if you use expired makeup not only will it probably have a shitty consistency, color and sometimes smell, but also break out your skin and clog your pores. The ingredients in makeup don't have an infinite shelf life so even if you're not ingesting it and it won't kill you you're still putting a rotting material on your skin.

No. 1026186

>you are human being and therefore not obliged to make the most ethical choices possible, all of the time
This. A lot of us can really benefit from not internalizing our choices so much. We do still have to participate in lookist society. Sometimes the ethical choice can be a disadvantage. I am working on wearing less and less makeup though.

No. 1026187

the absolute vast majority of women totally isn't buying make-up to look more attractive, right?!

Ime not really. I mean make-up does expire but not right on the mark of the printed date. I use expired make-up as long as the texture/consistency and smell remain regular.

No. 1026200

>the absolute vast majority of women
You're assuming a lot with that one

No. 1026205

Wait NTA but do you really find it so hard to agree that makeup is used to make humans look better and this is why it's used?

No. 1026212

>nooo don't criticise consooming when it's something I do!
I guess it was only a matter of time. We can't talk about funko pops forever.

No. 1026225

It's fine to criticize it, but some anons are acting like absolutely everyone uses makeup for the same reasons and the same way. The vast majority of women do it because of societal pressure, but that doesn't mean no one finds it fun.

No. 1026237

A reasonable one.

No. 1026241

Even if some people find it fun, that doesn't negate the harm it does

No. 1026253

The fact that most people who claim makeup (something that covers perceived imperfections) is "fun" are mainly women is definitely not a coincidence. Men don't find pleasure in altering their features. Idk why you are mad about this fact being brought up? You said you were fine with it being criticized. It is true that it is mostly worn out of insecurity and to look a certain way. Women are suffering from being expected to always look a certain way bc of these products…

No. 1026257

I only really use eye makeup, does that matter as much as full face stuff? I'd assume maybe by that logic just more prone to stys or whatever

No. 1026261

NTA and I agree with you, but if you work and live in a certain environment where it's expected of women, there's nothing you can do about it. I don't like putting it on but I'm not about to stop. I get treated much, much better with makeup on, guys are nice to me, hell even women are nicer when I wear it. Unless you have piles of fuck off money and your appearance doesn't affect your prospects in any way, women are gonna keep wearing it. If I were a fat 50-something heiress I sure as hell wouldn't waste my time wearing makeup, but as it is I don't want to stop.

No. 1026262

It matters even more since using rancid makeup can give you eye infections and god knows what else.

No. 1026269

If you're aware of the downfalls of the beauty industry, societal impact of makeup, don't depend on it, don't let it turn into hoarding, how is it harmful? I'm talking on an individual, micro level because that's how this argument started. Yes, on the whole it's harmful and has been used against women for centuries literally who is denying this?
I mean, I move in alt circles and know some dudes who do. But again, not everyone uses it as a crutch or hates putting it on. All I said is that it can be fun under certain conditions. I hate to repeat myself but I'm not denying that the vast majority of women do it out of insecurity, pressure and social expectations. But some of us like smearing shiny paint on our faces for the fun of it.
Powders are fine, you can sprits them with alcohol occasionally. Creams, liquids, mascaras and pencils should be checked regularly. If it smells, changes color or consistency throw it away.

No. 1026290

File: 1642107643692.jpg (170.25 KB, 1024x683, istockphoto-508376140-1024x102…)

Valentine's day is consoomer as fuck and on top of that it's the only day some scrotes even half-assed treat their women, and the women swoon over this.

Men should pay your rent and fix your car, but the modern male will get you a CVS teddy bear and other landfill waste then whine on reddit about how they want flowers too.

No. 1026323

Valentines day is pointless, but get me discounted chocolate. Flowers are such a waste and I don't know why that's still a tradition. Spend $50 on something that rots within a week? No thanks.
Edible things are the least consoomer because at least they don't take up space.

No. 1026330


I'm sorry, but in my honest opinion this pressure to wear makeup is such bullshit. Clearly so many women in this thread don't wear makeup, when you go out on the street a sizeable amount of women aren't wearing makeup. If you feel pressured to wear makeup or feel some type of way about not wearing makeup, i think it says more about you as a person then just what "society" tells you. I think a lot of you cunts don't give a shit about women being able to do whatever the fuck they want, you just want to feel better than them because you apparently don't live your life to please scrotes when it seems like you live your life to not be like other girls. It's nobodies fault that so many people are obessed with conformity and normality, look at the people who are sickened by the idea of people wearing lolita upthread, that's the same mentality that makes people insecure about doing shit that everyone else does. Who cares?

No. 1026334

But the packaging on chocolates goes in the landfills.

No. 1026339

Tbh I do like a valentines day teddy.. but the ones stores sell for the occasion are usually trash.

In the past I've told exes about plushes I've been eying up for ages. Its better than them picking out a random 4 foot tall love heart wielding tattered looking thing.

No. 1026392

If makeup isn't a result of socialization, then are women just biologically wired to wear makeup? Because there's a very obvious gendered divide when it comes to which sex buys and wears makeup and which doesn't, and that's something that some women feel should be questioned and explored further. Criticism of makeup (or any other broad social trend) isn't a personal attack on you or any random individual woman who wears makeup; there are multiple women ITT who wear makeup but they still acknowledge that social pressures around it exist.

No. 1026393

Flowers are at least biodegradable.

No. 1026398

>Men don't find pleasure in altering their features.
If only that were the case lol

No. 1026410

They probably wouldn't even get you flowers. I remember a few months ago there was a semi-viral conversation on Twitter about scrotes buying flowers for their girlfriends. Most scrotes on there said they didn't see the point and won't be buying them. Some people posted pictures of flowers they found in the grocery store for $6 and the scrotes said that's too expensive and asked why women feel entitled to that.

No. 1026424

File: 1642116568449.jpg (51.82 KB, 736x736, b3c5e9428aa2ea49a1096a29730dff…)

The average girl who claims to use makeup as an artistic outlet or self expression does shit like this every goddamn day.
This is the anticonsoom thread and you can't argue how about makeup companies pump out the same shit over and over, like palettes with only a slight hue difference, to collect money from telling women they're ugly. Why it's never aimed and advertised for men? Why I don't see "artistic" shit everytime I go out?
Aside from being a feminist problem, it's consoomeristic as fuck. "Hey, nona!! Buy this Winter Collection with muted tones, then the summer collection with neon colors and then Holiday collections with sparkly textures!!!"
People like Jeffree Star, Nikkie, James Charles and other wastes of human breath live off for that. Buy their shit. If you fail to see the consoom, I advise you to remove all of that mascara.

No. 1026428

ngl I don't really like flowers as gifts even if they are cheap. They just sit there in a vase for a couple days then start to degrade. It kinda depresses me. I'd much rather someone get me a live low maintenance plant

No. 1026431

semi ot the current style of eyebrows is so hideous and it sucks for women who don't have arched brows
can we please bring back non drag makeup

No. 1026435

this is not current nona

No. 1026437

since the early 2010's, the makeup industry is run by trannies and gay men who dress up as women, that's why is like that. In countries where the makeup culture is not associated with them, the style is much cuter and less porny, more wearable and light. I particularly hate baking and countouring, what the fuck is that aimed for, if not for women with round faces to make them look like high cheeked bogdanoffs, which is how trannies look like?

No. 1026439

You know what’s an awesome gift? Pottery. I’d love if someone just gave me a handmade plate or little planter over some flowers or a edible arrangement

No. 1026457

File: 1642118625103.jpeg (310.17 KB, 700x700, E074A312-EED6-4895-913D-B5C841…)

korean makeup has the right idea with the softer makeup and less exaggerated brows, even if I can't stand how surgerized their society is. their stuff works a lot better for women with round faces

it really is sad to see women removing their natural baby fat from their face only for them to look like gaunt skeletons five years later. buccal fat removal is disgusting

No. 1026461

Mnogo true, I noticed Western makeup covers a woman’s face instead of enhancing, whilst making it look angular and unnatural. Also, why do I see women in the west trying to look orange instead of enjoying pale skin? Or bleaching their hair to leave dark roots that looks tacky, instead of getting subtle highlights?
Korean makeup styles at least seems light, accentuating femininity and looking more modest and tasteful. And their fashion is better too, more feminine and subtle, even the hair styles are cute and natural looking.

I do prefer western media (pre 2015) and literature, western music and western architecture, so DO NOT call me a koreaboo just for prefering k fashion kek

No. 1026474

Imo, subtle makeup is more harmful. It poses more rules on the wearer, it's deceptively natural but requires a ton of products, moids can't detect it and think someone is just naturally like that and then shame women for not looking perfect 24/7…
>modest, tasteful, feminine, subtle, pale
You sound like a trad wife nona, no offence.

No. 1026478

a lot of korean male fashion is better too, they're like modern day dandys and aristocrats!

No. 1026482

When I see a woman with clothes that accentuate her gentleness, her feminine figure, without showing too much, it’s like seeing art. Feminine women make me feel protective and gentle, and I think a lot of women who wear heavy makeup and strange clothes are going for femininity, but the wrong way. Plus, pale girls rarely look good with a heavy tan. Tan girls can look weird with lightened skin. I think it usually looks off when someone tries to look like something they’re not.

A woman has every right not to be feminine, I mean I feel more comfortable in baggy and muted clothes, but I just really appreciate a feminine woman. Sage for gay tradthot autism.

No. 1026483

you lyin if you say you dont want an edible arrangement

No. 1026486

I fucking hate the straight Korean eyebrow trend bitches look they got a lobotomy and have been unable to let an emotion manifest on their face ever since

No. 1026510

NTA but western makeup is shit. Not everyone wants to look like a drag queen at all times. Tans are fine but Ariana grande level trying to change your race is so ugly

No. 1026514

Even the makeup formulations are shit, once ppl got access to Korean and Japanese skincare and makeup they don't go back.

No. 1026525

Kek I look like that too but it's the autism

No. 1026527

Its because most girls have been throwing clean and clear and drying ass acne shit on their face since they were 10 yrs old, which Johnson and Johnson owns whom are notoriously always making shitty products that give people cancer and shit.

Western skincare is getting better though since companies are starting to realize you don't need 50 different ingredients that you can't pronounce, and companies are actually making foundation that doesn't make pale women look like a freaking ommpa loompa after 15 minutes of oxygenation

No. 1026532

I feel you anon. I had a lot in under bed storage right now. The albums are so pretty, but i think it's best to pick your favorites and sell the rest. Mercari and IG are best for me to sell kpop goods.

No. 1026583

Forever seething about buying into the dry your acne away bullshit, thanks now I have premature wrinkles.

No. 1026601

I agree that Korean makeup looks nicer in photos, but it looks almost as bad/maybe even worse than western makeup in real life. I go to a college with a lot of Korean international students, and they tend to wear opaque bb creams in super light tones all over their faces. That combined with overdrawn brows ends up looking very michael jacksonish.

No. 1026679

File: 1642139562039.jpg (39.12 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

I see this shit on my youtube homepage every day and it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Both sides look bad! Why are you drawing your bottom lash line way tf away from your real eye? Now there's this giant, freaky-looking gap of skin between. And the blurred-out top lip just looks retarded. When did it become 'uncool' to have a cupid's bow?

No. 1026704

those contacts should have been made illegal years ago. they are so irredeemably hideous

No. 1026793

it's too much to me but when I look it really is just that main shelf with everything sort of scattered horizontally rather than vertical which feels cluttered, also I see that alice pullip doll anon her and the goth one are so cute. i like that all your furniture is a matching set or similar enough to match that older look.

No. 1026794

So why are western luxury brands and mid-tier Sephora brands extremely popular in Asia? The market is enormous, you can find quality makeup no matter what look you're going for. Be it shiny koreaboo or drag queen or something in between. Not to mention that Europe has strict standards on what goes into makeup and what can be safely sold. There's shitty brands everywhere. If you can understand that Tony Moly and Etude House aren't representative of the entire Korean market, I'm sure you can understand how western makeup brands are diverse.

No. 1026840

File: 1642155660619.jpeg (73.7 KB, 700x933, phoque.jpeg)

>seals are getting murdered by fishermen to cater to these bitches ED

No. 1026882

It's definitely not easy to clean them and almost impossible to keep it hygienic enough if you have a pet. There's a good reason why these maximalist styles fell out of fashion, I hate the nordic/IKEA minimalist styles too but at least they're much easier to maintain if you're a young adult with kids and a job.

No. 1027020

Girls? This is the anime taste of somebody who would be 30 now

No. 1027150

File: 1642177971301.jpg (2.02 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_20220114_171034.jpg)

Once a month I buy packs in gacha games, I guess that's peak consooming for its sheer uselessness. Pic related is my main game Starlight Stage but I also play the other im@s games and enstars and arknights and granblue etc. etc. It doesn't impact my life, I have a job and a bf and my own apartment.

>why the fuck do you spend money on jpegs nonnie

Short answer: I enjoy it. Shiny sparkly make brain go ooga booga.
Long answer:
I come from a war torn ex-commie country, grew up poor and was taught that I don't need anything in life aside the bare necessities. Now that I have money and increased my quality of life significantly, it gives me immense satisfaction to buy something that's purely for my own entertainment. I also often get fancier stuff for my mom that she couldn't get for herself. Oh yeah and I get an extra kick out of gambling because I studied probability in uni and did a work on how to manipulate people in casinos with math, so it's a twisted satisfaction, think of that episode of Brooklyn 99 with Holt playing poker.

No. 1027174

File: 1642178450572.jpeg (75.22 KB, 819x818, 1D9E6E16-67EC-4A27-B7C2-0EB14F…)

It’s ok, nonnie I buy a welkan moon once a month in Genshin. Just as long as we’re not tempted to buy more in-game currency beyond that we should be ok. I’ll probably be free to play soon once I move out of the country but that’s fine.

No. 1027175

>I come from a war torn ex-commie country, grew up poor and was taught that I don't need anything in life aside the bare necessities. Now that I have money and increased my quality of life significantly, it gives me immense satisfaction to buy something that's purely for my own entertainment. I also often get fancier stuff for my mom that she couldn't get for herself
Based, live your best life nonnie, you deserve it

No. 1027183

It can not be said enough that “makeupless makeup” shit is harmful!!! It’s insidious because it gives the wearer the illusion that they’re being more true to themselves. In reality it’s shifting the standards of how you’re supposed to exist “naturally and effortlessly”. Still poreless skin, still perfectly eyebrows, still long dark lashes, still plump lips and blush. All the structures of a beat face are still there.

No. 1027185

It's not like image files use up extra resources like the mass produced plastic crap in this thread. The only consequence is that it costs money.

No. 1027206

it's the logic of "why spend on something useless when you could make the world nicer" that most people have,it's a very exploitative industry

No. 1027253

>I also often get fancier stuff for my mom that she couldn't get for herself.
This is my ultimate goal in life, good on your nonna.
AYRT finally someone who understands! You explained it better than I could. "Natural" makeup is literally just focused on covering up perceived flaws and correcting features and that's evil.

No. 1027254

>>1027150 DW nonnie buying JPEGS got worst with NFT bros. You seem sane, unlike them

No. 1027255

Nonna, at least buy shiny sparkly actual anime goods. Once the servers go down, your money is gone forever. At least if you get tired of anime goods, you can sell them.

No. 1027256

File: 1642180261630.png (942.4 KB, 721x551, spongebob.PNG)

No. 1027268

This is why I don't spend money on apps. I've been playing one game for 3 or so years but there's always the threat that devs will shut down the servers and abandon it for a new project.

No. 1027279

File: 1642180924778.jpg (67.92 KB, 600x868, e.jpg)

You do realize that there are different types of femininity right? Gentle uwu soft girls are just as feminine as vamp femme fatales, the latter (picrelated) may look not as cute, vulnerable and in need of protection as the former do, but they still look feminine.

No. 1027282

I live in an old Art Nouveau era apartment with very maximalist decor and it's super easy to clean. I don't know how it is with kids, but I have a cat and a job, doing just fine.

No. 1027287

Oh my god, it has at least two loli figures, including the Kodomo No Jikan heroine. Barf

No. 1027289

holy shit she's gorgeous. This is considered not (as) feminine? I must be an ape in comparison then

No. 1027293

Why did you have to pick such a tranny looking woman to prove your point though?

No. 1027294

The brands themselves are usually fine outside of American makeup like foundation, concealer, powder, etc. Most people are just referring to the style of makeup. I only use Korean stuff if I'm using foundation since it actually covers imperfections instead of emphasizing zits. Also it doesn't get orange 15 minutes after applied

Imo mascara, eyeshadow, lip gloss, etc are the extremely similar regardless of brand.

No. 1027299

When you're a woman there's no wrong way to be feminine.
Get your head checked.

No. 1027309

You get your eyes checked, they literally look like a man in drag.

No. 1027312

There are plenty of good foundations that don't oxidize, and sit nicely on the skin. In the past, it used to be limited to luxury brands, but even drugstores are catching up. This is so retarded. I've tried Korean base makeup, some of it is great, but some of it was horrendous too. Just in a different way than a bad western foundation. Bad formulas exist everywhere, blanket statements are dumb.

No. 1027315

Dunno nonnie, plastic goods and plushies seem like a hassle, and you can enjoy manga and artbooks in high res digitally (through pirating and amazon jp). I recently even found a cheap company that does hardcore cover printing so you can dodge shipping and taxes from Japan by buying artbooks digitally. I personally imported some animator doujinshi while comiket was still a thing and own one shelf of figures and plushies, but I have 2 cats so I need them out of reach behind some glass.

What other anime merch do people even collect?

No. 1027317

File: 1642182004206.jpg (1.2 MB, 3000x2000, hh1tpeQ.jpg)

Yep, I see no difference. Please go outside.

No. 1027328

This picture made me completely lose the wish to make my cheekbones more pronounced with make-up, kek.

No. 1027329

Just thinking about how this is totes right and funny and woke and cool and blackface is not really makes me urgh

No. 1027360

Hahahahaha these men are so ugly. Also some of the worst consoomers on the planet. It kind of puts in perspective, no matter how much you consoom makeup at least you'll never be as coomsoomed as these ugly moids.

No. 1027373

>set unnatainable goal
>tell people they can reach it by buying more PRODUCT
Peak consoom.

No. 1027409

No. 1027413

What's gyaru makeup got to do with anything? People don't find it attractive and it goes against social norms. It's also just one small subculture.

No. 1027428

Gyaru is literally about Japanese women fighting against the beauty standards of their culture in which they have to look as similar as possible to their peers, ie: Black hair, never pierce your ears, modest clothing, quiet, etc etc.

No. 1027454

Ok if Japanese women do it, its a noble fight against social norms. If anyone else does it, it's clown drag makeup

No. 1027458

I'm pretty sure people who are reeing about western women and makeup aren't the same ones defending makeup.

No. 1027466

I mean, there are some other beauty standards in different parts of the world that can be countered with bold stuff like Gyaru, Punk or the sorts, would I do it? No, It’s not my thing, would I follow a James Charles’ video to paint a new face over my face to go out? Neither. I think it’s better to just wear what makes you happy and that’s it, not everyone is fit to be part of some socio-political statement.

No. 1027473

You’re actually retarded or? Drag makeup is considered peak artistry and glamour in the west. Gyaru manba shit is extremely niche subculture and is considered ugly by most people, which was rather the point.

No. 1027499

>Drag makeup is considered peak artistry and glamour in the west.
By who? Most people find it laughable aside faghags and trannies.

No. 1027504

i see where jil gets her inspiration from…the bottom left bright pink wig

No. 1027506

Is gyaru consumeristic? Or why

No. 1027522

Literally just look at A-list celebs?? Are you fucking insane or you are actually that out of touched with pop culture? You clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

No. 1027531

I'm not really familiar with gyaru but I think it can be, in the same way lolita can be. You have to buy into the aesthetic and certain brands are important/big to own from too.

No. 1027548

I love flowers, I love cleaning my home and having a bouquet on the table at the end and make it clear to every romantic interest I have, but I've never yet received any. I definitely think gen z is throwing this standard out the window, along with many others

No. 1027551

Of course it is, you're still buying shit you don't necessarily need. Unless you're mining your own mica and making blush from berries, it's consumerist. Gyaru has a lot of rules and it's usually heavy and requires many different products and extras (lashes, lenses, wigs, nails etc)

No. 1027552

Yeah it is. There’s a lot of emphasis on burando.

No. 1027556

Of course it is, it literally centers itself around fashion and make-up and doesn't encourages spending.

No. 1027560

does encourage spending* typo

No. 1027604

Now I want flowers too…

No. 1027607

You can delete your post and post it again corrected

No. 1027614

That's awkward and too much effort

No. 1027649

I know, I don't care enough to do that.

No. 1027651

>Drag makeup is considered peak artistry and glamour in the west.
Yeah, by who? Fags and twitter yasss queeens. Any women who enojy unironically that shit want so so so bad to be picked. If drag is art, then even blackface is art.

No. 1027701

How does someone get this retarded

No. 1027705

where's the lie tho

No. 1027827

Bc Asians are top tier consoomers who will buy shit for status

No. 1027831

This. Only difference is that they’re actively praised for it by people who are insecure about their own race.

No. 1027837

who doesn't buy shit for status?

No. 1027842

Gonna buy this skirt as soon as possible

No. 1027893

I made a google sheet of all the consooming stuff I got rid of so far:
>100+ volumes of manga
>10 sets of anime DVDs
>33 anime/game figures
>20 video games

It’s all sales from the last five years but seeing it all together makes me want to sell more.

No. 1027905

Congrats anon!

No. 1027913

File: 1642202282319.jpg (58.26 KB, 640x311, s1ujyovlspb81.jpg)

I really like anime figures but I think they only look good when they are displayed nicely and aren't super cluttered like pic related. There's literally figures behind figures in this pic, like what even is the point. And this is only a fraction of this person's collection by the way.

No. 1027918

I don't mean to offend you or anyone who buys manga, but I never understood collecting so many volumes of manga. I find that with how fast I can read each volume the cost per hour of entertainment is too high. I definitely get buying a few series you really enjoy and will likely re-read, but I don't get people who constantly buy whole series they're not even sure they'll like.

No. 1027920

I've seen a bunch of comment about properly displaying a figure, mind to share an example?

No. 1027930

File: 1642203686401.jpeg (78.46 KB, 594x315, 9F49F00B-9731-4B11-A792-6F4A2A…)

I would definitely not buy manga now compared to how cheap it was ten years ago. My collection was really big because I bought a lot when Borders went bankrupt and I would find a lot of manga for $1-2 at a local used book store. It’s kind of wild comparing the sales from 2017-18 to 21-22 because of how much people are paying now. I wish I could understand why they would even want to spend $75 on a volume of manga - the $3 and $10 books are old sales from the same series.

No. 1027933

File: 1642203864511.jpeg (531 KB, 2048x1536, D0DC3C5A-3034-4D56-BC6F-2D8B19…)

Not a fan of the shelves (nor the LOVE letters on top eeessshhh…) but I like the way the figures are displayed here.

No. 1027941

File: 1642204297795.jpeg (718.83 KB, 2048x1536, 96C70045-A8AC-4C03-A0A4-D42E7F…)


No. 1027943

you're a retard.

No. 1027960

File: 1642205612267.png (533 KB, 984x567, 46357687569769.png)

No. 1027978

whats the ugly orange thing

No. 1028018

File: 1642210490992.jpeg (834.51 KB, 1170x633, 5B83D9B2-327D-4D7D-A375-973F0C…)

No, this isnt the same room.
How the fuck do zoomers have money to search for shit on pinterest and copy it exactly???

No. 1028020

>>1027941 >>1022985>>1018558
are these from the same person just in a different room or am I retarded?

No. 1028022

didnt format, these.

No. 1028027

I will always be proud to have way more personality than these people, copying a room from pinterest? really?? i get using some pics as inspiration but this is almost literally the same room

No. 1028148

It's (allah forgive me for uttering this word) a Y chromosome.

No. 1028349

File: 1642243659884.webm (1.78 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1642243281.webm)

No. 1028463

idk which I hate more, the disney haul or the quirky transgirl voice

No. 1028469

These posters reminds of that one rich banker from Switzerland who's a disgusting otaku and has a huge house full of this shit and worse. I can't remember his name at all though.

No. 1028470

You talking about Melonpan?

No. 1028474

congratulations for being allowed to waste your money on useless shit that isn't even physical? Gambling and virtual cards kek, and you think this is winning?
I understand buying a few physical things and enjoying them, but you're gambling and twisting it that you're a math genius so can "manipulate the casinos" like they don't have safeguarding for exactly that kek
Anyway nice LARP, you're retarded. As other anons said, you're no better than a scrote with their little nfts. The poverty porn story doesn't matter in this context.

No. 1028479

I thought it's a bunch of fat

No. 1028481

Yes, I looked up the name and that's the guy I was thinking about. The first link said he was fired from his job as a banker kek.

No. 1028502

>straight women worship these things
fucking hell, men are so hideous

This is a good idea. I already made a list of all the games i want to sell, but i should do the same for books and comics

No. 1028533

File: 1642257688206.png (90.72 KB, 926x636, whh.png)

I don't get the comment section, these women are from nations with massive wealth disparities, what little they give to charity for social clout is peanuts to the amount of wealth they actually possess
I don't get how them buying expensive bags made in Europe(that they will ever wear once) for basically societal clout is somehow more progressive then some western millionaire buying multiple porches

No. 1028555

I feel like straight women were brainwashed into that

No. 1028559

Straight women are brainwashed into being as woke as possible, this includes shitting on themselves as long men can feel good about being woman-hating fucks. They literally skinwalk us and say they're better than us. Like drag queens, be an ally, wear rainbows, that's what they're saying to them so they cannot see their hatred towards them and if you do you're "homophobic and transphobic waaaa"