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File: 1482962330074.jpg (67.63 KB, 640x960, 93ee5731-cc9c-4eea-8fba-2c226b…)

No. 173978[Reply]

I looked through the catalog and didn't find one (forgive me if there is and I missed it) so I thought I'd make one. Post recipes, cooking tips, talk about cooking, etc.

I'll start. I'm pretty young (recently turned 18) and have only been cooking for a couple years. I learned because no one else in my family knew how to cook and it turned into one of my favorite pastimes. I particularly love baking deserts and cooking Asian recipes such as Thai chicken.

Pic is raspberry cheesecake that I saw on google.
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No. 174192

Those numbers don't take into consideration region, seasonal prices, etc either. Here, avocado is fairly expensive because it has to travel from the other side of the country or from Mexico, and it gets even pricier during the winter. It definitely is not $1. She tries to make up for it by saying that it's per serving, but that can't really be relied upon if you're not considering seasonal prices.

No. 174198

Just use hummus or squash as an alternative to an avocado. Or a banana for a sweeter dish.

No. 174210

Yeah there's definitely alternatives to use, it's just that sometimes faux pricepoints like these cement the myth that all vegetables are super cheap for everyone anywhere and at any given season.

No. 174241


I love this recipe so much, its really easy and the sauce lasts a few days in the frige. Its really yummy and filling, my first 'go-to' meal if i need something in a bind. This channel is run by a group of upper class moms, so their cooking vids are all kid friendly recipes, which I love because im a very picky eater, and I dont eat large portions. Im also vegetarian which dosent help much, considering most veggie meals are just a mushy mixture of random vegetables

>>174056 I know what you mean, I goggle something like 'easy vegetarian meals' and all results have so many steps and ingrediants that nobody has just lying around

No. 178453

What are some good cooking sites? Right now I only know seriouseats.

File: 1484626910527.png (43.64 KB, 640x236, IMG_1675.PNG)

No. 178420[Reply]

SJWs, feminists, fakebois, etc

File: 1464311973925.jpg (17.79 KB, 236x299, 3b466284fec5234bc46e947799e5b6…)

No. 127687[Reply]

Any recipes, tips, pictures,DIYS like this? Doesn't have to be just for skin, anything beauty, health, fashion or food related
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No. 178104

>>smelly uterus rags

LMAO dead

No. 178407

File: 1484615620365.jpg (566.05 KB, 2400x1800, 4ControlOverFlowwithInstructio…)

They sell special wipes and the like for cups, but it kind of defeats the purpose. That's why I use a combination of tampons and cups. You could also dump the cup and then wash it at home later.
They also sell pic related, though I can't vouch for it.

No. 178415

I use a diva cup and it's only supposed to be changed every 12 hours? like where the hell are these situations that sometime in 12 hours you can't get somewhere to dump it out. you rinse it (or use light soap) and put it back in and then clean it AFTER your period is over by boiling it. they even honestly say on the website that in a pinch urine is sterile so technically you could dump it in the toilet, pee on it, and toilet paper it off. tbh in a pinch you can just toilet paper it off and rinse later. it's silicone so it doesn't have a smell.

They also make disposable cups now. dump it and toss it and put a new one in.

No. 178416

I'm stoned and 2 passionate about my cup ? so just ignore the top part when that's a lil ranty

No. 178426

looks interesting

before becoming a neet, I used to work at a sweatshop factory and the shifts were brutal, 24 to 48 hours with small breaks every 8 hours for some sleep, food or toilet. So yeah, having my period these times could've been worse without a cup.

sage for blogging and sob story

File: 1484582957106.jpg (235.23 KB, 1232x798, Screenshot_20170116-100625.jpg)

No. 178306[Reply]

Who wants health insurance? Hahaha Not us! Health insurance sucks.

Seriously, why is his entire point proposal worded this way?
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No. 178370

Obamacare will be repealed with a simple 51 senator majority. And if Democrats are smart this time around,they will not filibuster the replacement. They should let it pass with a Republican majority.

There is no plan with enough upsides that a political party can run on its success in the next election. Healthcare is a kryptonite issue because the only acceptable soundbyte answer is "the coverage is cheap, fast, and all encompassing!" And this isn't actually possible in reality.

But it seems like Democrats still haven't learned shit. Everyone responsible for pushing Clinton should have been run out of town and blacklisted forever. These stupid fucks are going to screw up the playbook again.

No. 178401

this type of shit threads are why i miss chilling in /g/

No. 178405


>I always find it fascinating to see even poor Americans trash the idea of rising the tax shares for the rich.

Some poors do buy into that myth, but there are two political parties with an absolute hammerlock on power here in the states, and they don't permit unorthodox views to make it onto the party platforms. It's wh Sanders was frozen out and why the same politicos fawning over Trump now were excoriating him every five minutes in the primaries.

Ever wonder why there's never a serious challenge from Americans whenever we get embroiled in another war on another paper-thin pretext?

As far as economics are concerned, this is a left-leaning country. Culturally, not so much.

>This is going to end up in /sty

Not till /pol/ shows up; enjoy it while it lasts.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 178408

Me too, anon. I wish there was a separate board dedicated to political stuff to keep it from shitting up the place.

No. 178462

Currently you're shitting up the thread. What keeps you from clicking on the small square in the left upper corner of the thread and hide it?

>>Some poors do buy into that myth, but there are two political parties with an absolute hammerlock on power here in the states, and they don't permit unorthodox views to make it onto the party platforms

Yeah the whole two party thing always baffled me. Especially since they're not really parties but platforms. How is Donald Trump a republican? What does republican or democrat even mean?
318 Million being offered to chose between two realistic options sounds nuts. I mean you don't have to go all in like Israel and have 10 parties bicker about a country the size of New Jersey but what about 4-5? I feel like if there's more parties politicians learn how to compromise and form alliances instead of moving into a gridlock because everybody always blames "the others".

File: 1483622848237.png (205.42 KB, 1600x1598, image.png)

No. 175674[Reply]

Schizoid Chan here. Someone had suggested a separate thread. Let's discuss stupid shit normies say to us.

>depressions not realz

>anxiety attack? Just calm down
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No. 177952

I don't blame the whole RP thing for how I ended up, I was actually pretty social online when I was more into it.

I honestly consider it an almost learned behavior/genetic since my sister, mother, and one of my uncles is the same way. My sister only ever had one friend as a child in I think 4th grade, but the girl moved away and this was before the internet so they didn't stay in touch.

I had a few best friends growing up, one was my neighbor who was a horribly spoiled little girl who blamed my sister for stupid shit and we all had a falling out (the girl was young year younger than me, my sister is 4 years older than me.) We had our falling out when I was in 4th grade, I dropped her cold turkey. I honestly don't remember having school friends prior to that. After not being friends with my neighbor, I finally made a school friend who's house I would go over to. She had a large friend group, who I was never a part of. I've always been satisfied with having one friend at a time. I was friends with that one girl until 6th grade before drifting from her and making another best friend, who also was the center of a large friend group. (These girls outright called me their best friend, btw, which incited jealousy, especially since I showed such little interest in everyone else.) Was friends with that girl until about sophmore year of high school, then made friends with another girl who had been my "closest" friend. We hung out ALL the time, got jobs at the same places and every thing. But when I went away to college for a year (HORRIBLE experience, made me even more anti social than I had ever been before) we drifted apart. Then she moved a few states away, and that didn't bother me at first because I expected us to still talk online. Instead she barely contacted me and there were a few years where we didn't even talk at all. Only when I finally got a facebook a couple of years ago did we semi reconnect. Just friending each other and the occasional comment.

I felt really betrayed by how she just blew me off, but then I remembered that though we hung out ALL the time, we didn't have a close emotional relationship. I never spoke to her about anything deep. I never did with any of my "best friends". I've always been extremely private, I never even told my mother or sister when I first got my period. I just don't at all about anything personalPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 177954

I'm rambling, but I forgot to detail how I think my upbringing is why the way I am. My mother, though I know she loves me and my sis, is a private, reserved person. There was no physical affection from her, I can't remember ever getting kisses good night, or hugs growing up. My dad on the other hand would kiss us on our foreheads goodnight and give hugs (but I remember not liking it.) To this day I hate hugs and physical contact. Me and my sis never hugged or hug. The only contact between us was rough housing (wrestling, pillow fights, tickling.)

My mother is also really cut off from her family, always complained about going to get togethers, and since we didn't like them as kids (hated our rowdy cousins) she stopped taking us to them.

And the last thing, which is probably a big factor, and something that I have never spoken about to anyone (not even my online friend of 6 years) only ever mentioned it on anonymous boards, is that I had a baby brother who died at 3 years old from leukemia. When he died, my mother never mentioned him again after the funeral. I was only 9 when he died, and so I don't remember what day he died (I'm pretty sure it was in August) or where he is buried. I think my mother's reaction to his death probably stunted me and my sister (though my sister was already friendless for years before this anyway.)

So anyway, yeah I'm pretty sure its genetics and environment that's resulted in how I am. Roleplay is just more of a creative outlet, and a way for me to experience emotions through my characters that I know I never would in real life.

No. 177955

Also going to add, because of my brother being sick his whole short life, my parents were always either working like dogs to pay for his treatment, or away at the hospital with him. This was back in the early 90s when it was okay to leave your kids alone (my sister was 10-13 at the time, so that was considered old enough to not need a baby sister.)

So for those three formative years, it was just me and my sis by ourselves or playing with the spoiled neighbor girl.

No. 177971

>> anyway, yeah I'm pretty sure its genetics and environment that's resulted in how I am. Roleplay is just more of a creative outlet

I didn't mean to imply role play is the reason for your situation. All I meant to say is that it might reinforce schizoid behaviors since it gives you an opportunity to indulge in your inner world instead of making yourself go out there and do stuff you maybe don't want to do but that would benefit you on the long run.

I'm sorry about your baby brother. I imagine my mother would react in a similar way. When I was 8 she didn't allow me to go to my grandmother's funeral. My gran was like a 2nd mother to me because my mom was always at work. It wasn't until 10 years later that I learned she didn't die a natural death but had committed suicide. The person who told me wasn't my mother but by my therapist.

No. 178329

I'm gonna post this here, since the assholes of r9k told me to jack off when I asked for advice

I'm friends with a BPD girl, and recently his first boyfriend and her got together again (she ended a relationship with a really close friend of mine for this guy) and apparently everything was smooth until three weeks ago when the guy broke up (again) with her and she has gone really crazy
though I really want to be supportive it seems like everything I do doesn't matter to her and she only seeks really specific things from me. I feel used, and I don't know what to do.

File: 1484542542866.jpg (29.33 KB, 600x329, makeup-face-shape.jpg)

No. 178166[Reply]

Tell posters what face shape they have

No. 178167

File: 1484542622023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.84 KB, 212x227, welp.jpg)

Op here, i cant for the life of me figure out what shape i have, i think i have a round face and i get different replies from friends, some say oval, some say square.


No. 178172

I've played monopoly with dice less perfectly square than your head.

No. 178175

Looks oval.

No. 178277

I think in between oval and square. Your jawline pushes you towards the square side but it's not wide enough to be absolute square.

No. 178315

You have a nice shape

File: 1484573188660.jpg (44.12 KB, 374x363, just fuck my shit up.jpg)

No. 178210[Reply]

Anyone here actually beaten depression? How did you do it?

No. 178217

You never beat it. You learn how to do live with it and try your best, stupid robot.

No. 178225


Depression is like herpes, all you can do is keep managing it until the symptoms are either manageable or even completely unnoticeable and you can cut down on treatment, but if you ignore the treatment for it completely then it can just reoccur over and over again.
Intead of antibiotics you have both physical (meds, exercise, routine, healthy eating) and mental upkeep (counselling, cbt, positive mental attitude techniques). What combination and how long for is dependent on each person.

No. 178309

File: 1484583675223.png (55.35 KB, 485x714, 11988250_1149612298523299_8614…)

Drugs can help, with emphasis on CAN, it's not always the case.

Small steps
- regular interaction with people
-having a partner really helps even if we don't want to admit it
- Regular exercise
- Good food (fruit and veggies, whole wheat grains, milk or substitute, unprocessed meat of substitute)
- sunlight daily
- having a pet to care for (if you can afford it/like pets)
- Cognitive behavioral therapy
- realizing that you don't need to feel happy every goddamn second of the day to be normal

Don't listen to people saying you can never overcome it, because that is not true. It may be the case you need to learn to live with it but there is a big change you can overcome it like a lot of people have done.

No. 178313

We already have a mental health thread. >>124212

File: 1439712743041.jpg (357.95 KB, 900x878, advice.jpg)

No. 26537[Reply]

For anyone seeking advice about their problems or anything.
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No. 178196

I've had several long-distance relationships and none of any other kind. I've never kissed a woman, even. I'd actually rather keep it that way than get involved with anyone like those I've been with so far again though.

First crush spent five years responding to my advances with variants on "maybe later", then said "no" at the end of that. I took the first no I got as the final answer but hadn't considered during that time that maybe she wasn't actually growing more interested in me because my mind was filled with bad ideas from romantic comedy.

I didn't push my first girlfriend to show me a current photo, which if she had shown one would've debunked her scam of telling everyone online that she had cancer and was undergoing chemo in order to get asspats from strangers. She faked committing suicide because asking for a breakup or trying to work out relationship problems is _totes just too hard_.

Then a stranger on Omegle I met while I was grieving over that befriended me and kept asking me to write fanfictions of her favorite anime characters being dominated in bondage and torture situations (I refused to write them actually getting raped or murdered, which seemed to disappoint her somewhat). Vanished on me mid-conversation after several months of correspondence and I waited several months for her to return, sending her emails with longer and longer intervals between hoping she'd come back.

Someone added to my Skype directory started talking to me when I posted a status update about being hospitalized for my appendicitis, then as soon as my medical bills were paid started "needing" money every month. During that time she'd managed to beg me for cybersex enough that I actually gave it to her, and so far she's the only person I've had it with, and she would switch between begging for it and then belittling me for wanting it when she didn't and accuse me of pressuring her for it. She agreed to marry me and kept the ring I sent her. At least I never met her in person and kissed for real, then I'd have gotten herpes as an insult added to all the injury.

Next girl approached me on a dating site I was using and despite my open defensiveness kept kissing me in RP, including French kisses and lots of feeling up. Then four months in I find out she'd been seeing another guy for two of those, and she picked him over me because he was ten years younger and she felt I was too old to present to her parents - an odd concern to gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 178199

I mean I already admitted it's an OCD thing. Why point it out as weird when I acknowledged it to begin with?
Seems like you're being deliberately nitpicky.

No. 178200

Stop checking their social media and/or blog.
Stop reading old text messages and don't send any more. Delete their number if you have to.
Let yourself feel sad and engage in your daily life. Don't make time to mope about them, force yourself to go out and socialise.
Don't let yourself indulge in fantasy, grieve and then bury it.

No. 178201

Stop the online thing but don't give up on relationships yet. Are you a NEET? You didn't say so but that's what I thought. Anyway, you need to experience things like kissing, sex and having a partner to love someday.
I have a relatively similar story; I used to date a Canadian who faked committing suicide and tried to manipulate me in every possible way you can imagine for over 2 years. I know it's pretty shitty.

No. 178221

Aren't you the same autism-chan from the relationship thread who was saving cybersex for marriage and had a waifu tulpa?
And the same anon who, in the embarrassing truths thread, talked about eating their own boogers and not masturbating until 20?

Because if my advice to you is the same as the other anon said, get offline immediately, holy shit. Online relationships can be real but these intense stories you are sharing here are mostly just that; online stories. Join some hobby groups, make some real friends.

File: 1446578522173.jpg (59.65 KB, 500x546, tumblr_mzqrx62YJ81qccr0fo1_500…)

No. 139715[Reply]

i mean girls have been doing it forever. from being a sugar baby to just being online and recieving things because you're cute or nice, how do you guys feel about it?

sometimes i get jealous that a girl got a 500 dollar purse from a rando, but then i just feel happy for her and strive to get to that level one day.
i usually feel a little guilty when recieving money or gifts from others because it's simply in my nature to want to give back or do something for them.
this is hypocritical im sure, but when i dont necessarily have talent or a lot of money, it is nice to recieve something from your wishlist once in a while.

so yeah im rambling, but any opinions?

is it bad/trashy? or fine? im not sure if it's taking advantage of some, but no one is forcing people to donate or gift you things.
184 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 178145


Well /g/ is gone and it didn't seem as obvious as a make-up thread you bitter asshole.

No. 178148

>To be clear, robots are banned from /ot/ and men are still banned from threads that would normally have belonged in /g/
This thread used to be in /g/. Your input is worthless and you're not wanted here. Fuck off.

No. 178193


You wouldn't talk to me like that irl you fucking coward, must be nice to act all tough and mean behind your monitor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178194

lol you're retarded

No. 178294

Oh my god get the fuck out and go see a therapist.
To other anons: keep reporting him, no reply.

File: 1478442477653.jpg (103.55 KB, 1266x707, 1466483161052-0.jpg)

No. 116004[Reply]

Can *chan boards be lolcows? Because I think this board is an lolcow:


>bunch of gamergaters with a femdom fetish who "worship" feminists because they think they're ACTUALLY female supremacists

the captions are cringey as fuck

pic related is what they actually fap to
75 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 119807

that's exactly right, the point was women/"minorities" shouldn't demand of specific games - those that are targeted toward a male audience, and consisting of a mostly male audience - that they be more "gender-nonconforming".
I absolutely don't care about the million cowadooties out there and good indies are always welcome, most games I prefer fall into AA budget

No. 172906

You have every right to hate us. None of these are true female supremacists, though, and I don't think Anita is as man-hating as she's made out to be. She's really not a radfem at all.

No. 173875

There's a lot more that's wrong with his choice of domme.

No. 174979

She was disliked years before GG was a thing, notably because she has never adressed even a single critic made about her videos, which contained tons of errors about the games she supposedly has played.

No. 178182

It's the same crowd that shitted on her.

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