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File: 1593041824256.jpeg (14.91 KB, 340x255, 56B67A89-AC82-4F83-82ED-53C325…)

No. 574723[Reply]

Cryptids, the hollow earth/Agatha, aliens and other supernatural shit.

Discuss experiences and share knowledge of realms beyond our own!

Religious experiences are also welcome
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No. 598057

I went on a ghost hunt for fun with a local paranormal ghost hunting group that takes groups of people to supposedly haunted locations with all kinds of devices. It was cool and there were weird coincidences, but nothing to make me really believe in ghosts I guess. I want to be touched or scratched or something and I want to know what's up with people who say they have been. Like, are they liars? Delusional? Telling the truth/really do believe it happened? Maybe their mind plays tricks on them or something.

No. 598133

when his grandpa was dying, my friend went on a holiday despite wanting to stay with him (I think everyone suggested he should go). a couple days in, he knew he had passed before he got the call

No. 598205

Facebook link says not found, does anyone have a reupload?

No. 600921

File: 1597040777863.jpg (22.99 KB, 491x275, 2b99521685172e477dbc6a22b3f615…)

Has anyone ever tried to see aura's?
I've tried this with my hand and after a while a light blue glow appears around it.
Is this real or is it just my eyes playing tricks?

No. 601071

Idk but I’m definitely on the right.

File: 1590802540361.jpg (63.97 KB, 940x627, 8682628-3x2-940x627.jpg)

No. 561095[Reply]

Post about yourself as if you were your own personal lolcow. This thread can be used in the personal lolcow format, i.e. a greentext summary of your milkiest behaviour / what would warrant a thread, or simple one-offs that you're ashamed of. There's nothing wrong with self-awareness, farmers. Moo.
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No. 600789

Doesn't 4chan block all VPNs?

No. 600849

I'm a dirty agnostic but I'd like to be friends with you

No. 600851

No. 600896

A lot of these sound like veiled cries for help, I want to give you all hugs.
Humble beginnings
>Thought speaking in rhymes was cool
>Read so much that she added 'I said' on the end of everything in her head, occasionally slipped and said it out loud
>Did not understand why the above two things were considered weird
>White girl who thought The Moldy Peaches was rap music because 'rap is just a song without a tune'.
>Tried to rap in front of classmates by speak-singing Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson and claiming she wrote it
>Attempted to use glitter glue as 'lipstick' regularly at the age of 14 - 15
>Generally embarrassing but harmless

Newer milk / late teen years
>Discovered the internet, desperately wants to be cool
>Bounced between embarrassingly earnest and a fake mean girl persona
>Claimed to speak Japanese, copy pasted Vocaloid lyrics to prove it
>Wore halloween store blue wigs in grainy webcam selfies to look like Hatsune Miku
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No. 600902

I used a vpn app that was meant for Netflix. The app was new and 4ch was slow to block all of its servers so I was able to use it for a good couple of months before they all got shut down.

Your humble beginnings and newer milk sound relatively harmless and just stupid kid behavior, but the obsession part in fresh milk is weird. Please seek help.

File: 1595780820107.jpg (83.55 KB, 375x400, 400.jpg)

No. 590615[Reply]

An ideas or ideas that changed your life, be it something you read, been told, or came to you by your own realization, etc

It can be any kind of thought,be it spiritual, philosophical, a common thought, or a silly/meme one, etc
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No. 597880

"This city is a prison. I don't want to make a life here"
"Life happens wherever you are. Whether you make it or not."

Quote from Avatar: the last Airbender. I constantly believe my life will begin when I do X or finish Y. Life is where you are now and what you make of it NOW.

No. 597881

Fug. Thx for posting that quote, I really have that problem.

No. 598007

If you don’t make choices they’ll be made for you

No. 600769

File: 1597022817341.png (44.73 KB, 541x138, tumblr_nd7da0l4DY1sl2okpo1_640…)

even more gone girl goodness

No. 600836

I can do nothing for you but work on myself, you can do nothing for me but work on yourself

File: 1587751528057.jpg (140.28 KB, 1024x682, EWBynQRXkAsmnRS.jpg)

No. 545522[Reply]

Previous threads

Share updates, personal experiences, vent, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D
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No. 600405

every now and again i think about that anon from this thread that had a breakdown at work when she heard about how much unemployment was and laugh. Some of you all really show why you're working in minimum wage jobs and think $600 a week is a big deal with how you handle basic life stuff.

No. 600469

I was couch surfing working on campus part time every day and university jobs are disqualified from unemployment. It sucks knowing that if I had worked literally anywhere else I would be able to pay off debt and live comfortably in my own place. I'm glad that people being in bad life situations without ever being able to get help is funny to you though.

No. 600665

glad I could provide a laugh. it was learning that people made twice as much as I do as an essential worker (making $15/hr, not min wage) just from the pandemic relief unemployment alone, while I had to deal with every reeeeing retard in the area and the constant narrative of "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" and yeah, after months of dealing with eating shit from everyone I did cry from stress about it. it would be nice to make twice what I do, having to deal with everyone's collective psychosis full time. definitely not an understandable, human reaction to stress at all.

No. 600842

I have asthma and this scares the crap out of me.. This is honestly so scaring because of the lung scarring and lasting effects.

No. 601184


Wagey wagey get in cagey
All day long you sweat and plaguey

File: 1524192122624.png (298.19 KB, 800x600, 1493346319784.png)

No. 243951[Reply]

Post artwork that's been fixed, red-lined, redrawn, etc.

This is in part to stop the art cow threads from getting derailed. If you want to post a redline of Holly Brown's work, post it here. If you want to post liquefied art of Spechie's, post it here. If you recently fixed your own art work or redrew it, post it here.

All art posted on here is open to critique, so don't post anything you'll get touchy about.

The point is to have a "before" and "after" for those of us who find those picture satisfying or a detailed explanation of why the work is incorrect for those of us who are not artistically inclined.
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No. 598530

Its called lovebot on webtoon. It's made by miranda mundt and her wife/gf chase. Miranda does muted, another featured comic. And just in comparison to muted I know the art could be better than it is. I also managed to find chase's old insta, and she has skill at drawing, so it surprises me the art is such shit.

No. 600222

File: 1596969153710.png (2.81 MB, 3406x2041, lazy redraw.png)

I did a paintover of a piece from the raedizzle thread bc everything about it made my brain feel like it was melting.

why does this bitch use only high saturated colors and shade with black. why.

redraw is on the left bc im a dumbass who didnt unflip my view of the canvas.

No. 600250

Yours looks so much more natural pose wise and colour wise! I love the changes you made to the neck/collar area. The bottom portion of the legs look a little long tho.
I cant get over the weird colour choices of the original. That skin tone?

No. 600252

File: 1596974849793.png (539.36 KB, 962x1151, 1596969153710(1).png)

I changed the colors a bit, hope you don't mind

No. 600278

Thanks! I noticed the leg proportions on mine a little too late. It initially started as a quick little tweak then I realized I couldn’t fix it with tweaks bc the entire thing was fucked up and I got carried away.

This looks so much nicer! I don’t know why I didn’t futz with the colors more, but this looks much nicer lol

File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716[Reply]

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.
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No. 598391

File: 1596751162395.jpg (33.47 KB, 358x310, 1472709167779.jpg)

> unless jojo videos from parts 1-3 count kek
That is 100% why this was recommended to you, anon.

No. 599848

I'm sorry for the 4chan link but there's no eay I want any of that autistic shit saved to my device:

No. 599886

This makes me want to jump off a building

No. 600002

watching this turned me on. fuck

No. 600015

File: 1558933655326.jpg (1.84 MB, 1575x2362, National_Dried_Milk.jpg)

No. 414947[Reply]

Did your favorite cow vanished from the face of the internet?
Or maybe her milk just dried up?

Vent here about your favorite (ex?) cows, throw some tinfoils around of where they are and why they disappeared, if they'll make a comeback or not, who's the next missing cow, the likes.

Examples: Our queen Pixy, Felice Fawn, Kaka, Orange Citrus, Ashley Isaacs, Bunny Alexander, Ashe (the skin bleaching chick), Ahripop,Charms, so on and so forth.
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No. 599736

File: 1596911739463.jpg (232.68 KB, 383x640, d21gaxg-648876ec-3686-4811-873…)

I still miss Gutterface/Joji when she use to post videos all the time. She was a dirtbag but ngl I still really like some of her old looks and shenanigans.(pic related spoke to me as a teen tomboy kek)
Can't believe she's turning 30 this year! She was my first cow and have been following her for years. Do you guys think she still has all the BJDs she scammed off of people?
tfw all the related images to this pic specifically was filled with ftm/"queerboi" pics which is kinda depressing,but I guess you could say Joji was the original pioneer of the fakeboi persona

No. 599742

She would've been cool if she hadn't been a massive rotten piece of shit. I remember the drama back in the day. The dolls, the cyber stuff, the paintings/bookmarks, the bone collecting. She seemed quite artistic and I feel if she'd applied herself and wasn't rotten to the core, she could have done something great. She's still around, just rarely posts. Last she said, she'd had a heart attack and was living with a meth head. Look up Faern Lief Grey. You'll find nuggets.

No. 599744

Hory fuck I knew about her back in the day by was unaware of cow activity. Down the rabbit hole I go

No. 599939

She looks like Shiloh in that pic, kek.

No. 600009


imagine having that fucking tattoo across your chest, the fact that this was somehow applauded is beyond me

File: 1596721614742.jpg (126.6 KB, 1500x1000, lwuskda1you31.jpg)

No. 597973[Reply]

Share your most embarrassing or sad pickme stories and what made you change.
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No. 600267

If this hit home for you, maybe try to improve yourself? Get therapy for your obsession, stop using an imageboard like this if it's giving you an extreme worldview

No. 600455

Correct. I've said the exact same thing to men who follow manosphere ideologies. The opposite of love is not obsession or hate, it's indifference.

No. 600542

I didn't say that it hits home. I just think you sound like a smartass who thinks her ideology is better than everyone else's. You think anyone's gonna give a shit if you come on an imageboard to say that the views here are too extreme? As if it wasn't common knowledge here?

No. 600547

I'm nta kek, that was my first reply in this thread. Again, stop being angry at the fact this site won't always hugbox your delusions

No. 600960

You can't read.

File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070[Reply]

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?
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No. 598507


No. 598808


Ty based anon

No. 599600

File: 1596890379447.jpg (41.99 KB, 500x544, tumblr_ngpllzaBpP1qz6f9yo1_r1_…)

I want to do 3-fea/2-fea combo at this free party near my city but I'm kinda worried about rolling alone and then having to walk half an hour to a night bus stop in a strange area lol. I want to do it thoooo
Also I'm planning on doing LSD on my birthday. Last time i tripped was a year ago and I thought 200-225 ug is not as impressive to me anymore, so I want to do 300 and realize things lmao

No. 599634

Hope you have a wonderful and insightful bday anon, be safe! Also that image rules

No. 599700

File: 1596908238515.jpeg (87.5 KB, 1400x1400, 66DEE714-EB1C-4B00-BEAE-652C1A…)

I did LSD a couple days ago!! Played Journey the whole time. It was so beautiful and brought me immense joy. Have fun anon!

File: 1596890568508.jpeg (43.69 KB, 400x568, scenecore _ Tumblr.jpeg)

No. 599601[Reply]

please come back

No. 599608

Bring back Kandi Kids! Let's get our youth off of shitty Xanax and back on the really fun drugs like MDMA.

No. 599613

There's a dated aesthetics thread in /g/

No. 599614

link please?

No. 599617

No. 599619

found it

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