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File: 1566575829020.jpg (117.22 KB, 653x653, IMG_20190823_175404.jpg)

No. 452771[Reply]

I know that many farmers are from non-native English speaking countries, so this is a general thread for talking about cows from those countries.

Tell us about your favorite cow!
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No. 472799

What's saddens me is that this is a nice outfit compared to what most burgerlanders wear out to eat

No. 472809

Wasn't her appearance debunked as prosthetic and shoops, she was trying to make a statement or something?
>Arrested for "cultural crimes and social and moral corruption"
The real cow here is the Iranian government.

No. 472835

>"She faces charges including blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption, the news agency added"

where the hell did this even come from?all i knew about her was that she did those terrible shopps

No. 486629

File: 1574610283833.jpg (327.81 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20191124_162250.jpg)

sorry for bumping an old thread, but i wanted to make an update on fie laursen since she has been so milky lately. her borderline, cronic identity crisis, and thirst for attention seems to be going out of control atm

so in the past few months:

>she spent months promoting a song she was going to release, she released it, and it sounds exactly like perfect by ed sheeran (https://youtu.be/dxsZ2cajIbo)

>she regrets getting her hair cut short and has been wearing cheap ass amazon wigs. now she is talking about getting a weave sewn in and i'm sure her scandi hair will love it /s
>she is no longer talking about dating girls, being bi, being a tomboy. end of that phase
>she regrets her entire sleeve that she had made this summer and is going to get it removed with laser. totally understandable though, that sleeve is the ugliest thing i've seen in my life, even vicky could do it better
>she bought an apartment in oslo, norway. watch out norwegians
>after a while of eating unhealthily and gaining weight, she started to preach a healthy life instead, shared fitness videos on her insta for a few weeks, then she got too impatient to work for results, and now she has an appointment to get bbl in turkey in a few weeks
>she is still posting shooped pics of her in lingerie while preaching body positivity
>she has also been talking about getting a nosejob after years of claiming that haters calling her nose ugly didn't bother her and that she liked her nose
>she started a new youtube series where she talks about and promotes sextoys. she got a lot of backlash for this since her primary following is young girls. she defends herself by pretending she has some feminist agenda, that people are shaming her for being a woman who masturbates and talks about sex

No. 487241

plus she recently has been speaking "out" on suicide attempts made by other g-list reality celebs, making it about herself and trying to seem like she has the moral high ground.

it's like the other influencers somehow saw her get away with it and then decided to follow suit.

File: 1550145834844.jpg (49.9 KB, 350x500, 57c79919aefc4330b1f495876e017e…)

No. 381271[Reply]

previous thread >>78217

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful and #goals
Is it because of her nasolabial folds? Is it her face without make-up? Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her money or cute bf you're jealous of? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her? Tell us here
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No. 486345

nah its just because the space between her nose and lips is a mile long

No. 486350

omg yes

No. 486420


She looks sooo much cuter here but in an average-cute way and not a stunning or striking way. I find the current crop of celebrities too fucking basic-cute or basic-pretty, man.

No. 486421

File: 1574546224049.png (608.14 KB, 1200x800, Tinashe.png)

Another "basic-cute/basic-pretty" celeb

No. 487977

How's she basic? I would turn my head if she walked down the street for sure.

File: 1556824942040.png (1.33 MB, 1004x750, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.2…)

No. 405637[Reply]

Dan Schneider is a 52-year old Nickelodeon Producer who produced the shows All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, among others. Allegations of Dan's abusive behavior, ranging from verbal outbursts on set to the grooming and sexual abuse of Nick stars have been accumulating for years. Original conversation started here >>>/ot/404534 but there was a demand for Dan's own thread. This thread is to track Dan's sketchy history, plausible rumors, and anyone else who is suspect and is related to Nickelodeon.
>It is rumored that the dad to Jamie Lynn Spear's baby is Dan Schneider. In 2009, Jamie Lynn's family and friends said they believe that a much older producer who worked on Zoey 101 is the true father.
>Behind the scenes footage of The Amanda Show surfaces. Dan is seen with a young Amanda Bynes in a pool. She is half-naked. It is rumored that Dan abused Amanda, and that he forced her to get an abortion.
>Jennette McCurdy from iCarly opens up about how she was forced into an Eating Disorder because of Nickelodeon's culture.
>Noah Munck from iCarly gives interview where he doesn't deny allegations about Dan, just says he would be devastated if they were true. Confirms Dan has a foot fetish.
>Multiple clips of Dan's blatant foot fetish surface.
>Ariana Grande's family is close to Dan Schneider. It is speculated that she had a lot of sex and did drugs on the set of Victorious, and that her mom told her to sleep with Schneider.
>Every actress but Ariana Grande boycotted Dan receiving Nickelodeon's most prestigious award at the Kid's Choice Awards.
>Nickelodeon fired Dan last year. Dan sells his home, becomes inactive on twitter after accusations of him circulate.
>Actresses such as Alexa Nikolas and Erin Sanders from Zoey 101 are leaving easter eggs about Dan's abuses on their social media, as well as an actor from Henry Danger. Other actors are slowly beginning to step forward. Dan keeps getting away with it is because he blackmailed the head of ViaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 481586

File: 1573246034345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.34 KB, 1440x900, why.jpg)

:( more victorious

No. 481588

File: 1573246256217.jpg (230.69 KB, 1440x900, foot 2.jpg)

one of the victorious kids rubbing the feet of a middle aged guy in an ep

No. 486195

File: 1574468871861.jpg (110.96 KB, 960x951, 97s9hzfwqa041.jpg)

I just found this one. No comment.

No. 486206

she is still following him.

No. 488301

My friend just told me that they knew a girl (let's call her X) who auditioned for some tv show a long time ago with Amanda Bynes. X went with her mother and it was apparent that Amanda's mother was trying to fuck the producers or whatever, so X's mother told her she probably wouldn't be getting the part and they left. Take with a boulder of salt obviously but we live in Southern California so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

File: 1438957672659.gif (834.31 KB, 400x225, tumblr_n15rrhnu0N1ql5yr7o1_400…)

No. 21033[Reply]

Any of you bitches like bad reality tv? Bad Girl's Club? Love & Hip-hop? Real Housewives? Mob Wives? 16 & Pregnant?
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No. 27862

Man I love Jeremy kyle

No. 27925

File: 1440002002879.gif (3.77 MB, 320x240, evildick1.gif)

the US big brother seems really fake to me. is it scripted? i only liked season 8 (mostly due to pic related). apart from that, i like big brother UK, because the social/psychological component plays a big role there. seems partially scripted too though.

No. 485899

File: 1574402979385.jpeg (15.26 KB, 250x247, 10CFEF4D-8C3F-4FDE-8FDA-13ABB8…)

Bumping this old thread to say that the Real Housewives are my ultimate depression show. I watched NY last year when I was in a slump and I’m in a similar slump now bingeing Atlanta and I just love it. I need anons to discuss it with!

No. 485905

Ive only watched housewives of OC and swedish hollywoodwives sorry anon-! So good though

No. 485929

Moved to >>>/m/63805.

File: 1531468504947.jpg (63.78 KB, 579x900, jklc5bkw2u0z.jpg)

No. 267683[Reply]

Since "hating" on weeb/otaku culture isn't allowed in other threads, voice your distaste here.
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No. 485698

File: 1574373632098.png (69.48 KB, 813x712, a.PNG)

>The higher the score is the more retarded the reviewer is

No. 485715

I thought white rap was the worst thing to hapen to hip hop until I saw some of these anime openings

No. 485716

Speaking of MAL, has anyone ever seen scrotes rate and add hentai to their public lists just as they would any other normal show? I can't imagine being so unashamed. Honestly the entire website is a cesspool.

No. 485731

flaunting the cartoons you watch is pretty autistic itself to begin with

No. 485774

Weebs GTFO with you're shield hero cool girl wet dream
Comments are still sadly retarded

File: 1524020414176.jpg (32.93 KB, 567x436, DPfqsusUIAAqaYf.jpg)

No. 243456[Reply]

Post 'em.
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No. 485400

Gets me every single time.

No. 485438

I guess it doesn't exactly make me cry but it perfectly describes what I'm going thru right now…

No. 485444

How has this thread STILL managed to avoice being banished to /m/?

No. 485445


No. 485552

Moved to >>>/m/63529.

File: 1535805020371.jpeg (48.34 KB, 445x401, 19FC0FE8-99A1-474D-8972-B45C8E…)

No. 288706[Reply]

Anyone else here hate dogs? They are disgusting, I don’t care what anyone says.
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No. 485266


I wouldn't shoot a dog and I'm not a pit bull or staffy fan but they do look a bit emotionless. I get what you mean.

No. 485270

wtf is a "nanny dog" supposed to be anyways

No. 485273

Supposedly to look after their children.
We all know what happens when you force your pitbull to have a Facebook photo op with your child to try to prove how friendly your dog is. Definitely NOT risking your child from getting attacked, no siree Bob!

No. 485279

Anon they’re nice to you because you’re not a toddler that they wanna eat

No. 485329

Kek I would absolutely shoot a pitbull. ugly ass dogs and I was bit by my aunts when I was young. Stupid aunt let it be alone with some of us when were just kids hanging out. It had to be put down after it mauled a little dog to death randomly on a walk. Didnt used to hate dogs until that and now I'm just anti dog in general. Pit bulls are definitely the worst and it so hard not to tell people their uwu pittie babie is fugly when they ask what I think.

File: 1572332585937.jpg (5.92 KB, 360x132, Gf7Vrk2.jpg)

No. 478353[Reply]

Im surprised almost no one in these circles have spoken about the deep rabbit-hole of wierdos on youtube that are autism-levels of obsessed with videos of monkeys and apes being hurt and abused. There are hundreds of channels and communities dedicated to the enjoyment of monkey abuse and the chucklefucks that write several paragraph long torture fantasy stories in the comments. Most users will also use their full real names as faces as their icons. And these communities linger really close to the surface because many videos about cute animals will get a suggestion from the algorithm along the lines of "mommy monkey hurts baby"

Some crazy shit.
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No. 482839


People do care, but realistically, can any of us really stop any of the evil things that happen in the world? For most of us, the most we can do for these animals is talking about them and showing them this small sense of compassion that others don't. It's not like we can storm into research labs and snatch away monkeys, or stop cattle farming, or force people to use 100% vegan everything. And most of us don't do it deliberately, like we gleefully are eating tortured meat or slathering ourselves in lotions having orgasms at the thought some rabbit probably had to swallow it at some point.

No. 482854

Yes, like dozens of other researches. At this point we might as well include silver spring monkeys, the baboons from the university of Pennsylvania and Britches the monkey (don’t google any of this if you don’t want to ruin your day btw) and turn this into an anti animal experimentation thread. But that’s not necessarily the same topic as some weirdos, seemingly endemic to youtube, who get off on watching videos of baby monkeys being hurt.

No. 482966

I brought him up because I think there’s something deeply instinctive with regards to a sadistic enjoyment of monkey abuse, I think it goes a lot deeper than just a handful of nutcases on YouTube. I believe HH continued the experimenting for far longer than necessary out of enjoyment, he lost his mind after his wife died and the full extent of his monkey focused sadism came to the surface. I’m interested in the possibility that all these monkey haters share similar traits to HH. His experiments meant something at first but they became more than just a means to an end, they became totally unnecessary torture sessions that wasted time and money. Also I saw one of those sickos say that the HH macaques and the “mentally unstable lab animals” make for the best content which just further upsets me, the fact that they get broken down mentally before being physically tortured, it’s just absolutely dgenerate, it’s a million time’s crueler than outright killing them for bushmeat and it simply doesn’t make sense, unlike the usual lab testing & farming issues which yes are cruel but aren’t motivated by only sadism. That’s why HH is relevant and not MAC cosmetics

No. 482971

We have so much better means for research and experiment than animals. i never understood why it was okay or acceptable. makes me so angry

No. 482991

You can do something about it and it's quite simple. Stop supporting companies that are responsible for doing evil.
Don't approve of animal testing?
Buy products that aren't tested on animals
Don't approve of factory farming?
Stop eating in fast food chains and buying cheap meat at the supermarket

If people made a few simple changes industries founded on cruelty to animals would be less profitable and less likely to exist.

File: 1571150261389.gif (498.63 KB, 500x276, 0497E680-B69E-4C2A-81BE-8037AC…)

No. 472904[Reply]

Previous thread
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No. 482545

If people can't use proper sophisticated language to make arguments or criticisms (like for movies/music/games etc) and have to resort to stupid memes and twitter lingo because their communication is weak I'm gonna dismiss them immediately. I'm sick of shit like this

No. 482547

Agree, I fucking hate memes because of this. It's when people use them in response to serious arguments or criticisms. Half of the time they they screenshot their meme usage and show it off like they won. It's pathetic.

No. 482548


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 482564

File: 1573534859431.jpg (44.91 KB, 750x727, ddumb.jpg)

sorry for posting this instead of my real problems.
oooops i caught feelings for my fwb i've had for the past year.
we moved from occasional quick hookup territory to once or twice a week and hang out before and after… so yeah fwb.
i'm fucking pining like hell lmao. i swear to god it feels like he's in love with me too, but i'm probably just delusional. anyway i'm never confessing to anyone EVER AGAIN though, so it'll stay in limbo unless he says anything. TBH I'm good with this arrangement, I'm just really greedy and want all of him to myself. I wanna love him sooo bad. I'll get over it.
god I feel like a stupid middle school kid with a puberty crush, dick is a hell of a drug.

No. 482595

New thread!

File: 1482836506799.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.68 MB, 836x891, oh jrgee.gif)

No. 173704[Reply]

Post about any art thieves or tracers you come across. I'll start with one I've recently found on Line Webtoon. They have over 330,000 hearts and are a paid webcomic artist. They go by the name of SilentMaru. They trace off of Sweet Guy and possibly other comics but I haven't found them as of yet. More information will be posted here and when I'm done with the other comparisons of traced vs. original I will post them here. https://ecstacyhearts-exposed.tumblr.com/
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No. 481754

>There's no way he could do work for film or animation studios when his only draw is 3/4 portraits, and he had said he wants to make his own manga but the comic art he's already made is extremely lackluster.
bumping this bread a bit to celebrate Irya's success as he can now add in his portfolio that he worked on a feature length animated movie and now on a GitS sequel. What the fuck man, e-fame really can carry you that far.
Also his manga is hilariously lazy and bad, take a look:

No. 482111

Oh shit this trend has been popping up on my instagram explore page and also on pinterest actually. At first I thought they were pretty but everyone is doing this same style and thing. They're mostly from "egirl" selfies. Now I don't know which ones are traced anymore. And all these artists have TONS of followers somehow (some slight OT artist salt but I've given up on trying to get a following for my artwork because instagram does not even bring traffic to my art posts anymore).

No. 482222

as a long time fan of GitS i was so fucking disappointed seeing a massive downgrade to the visuals. when i saw that generic east asian "aesthetic"-faced model of the major i already knew it was ilya's style. the 3dcg looked like those generic hentai models you'd see on DLsite

also fucking lol that comic looks like shit, he really can't draw anything that doesn't involve "referencing". the characters look off model in other frames

No. 482480

isn't his signature generic east asian model face based on some russian girl he knows?

No. 486446

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