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File: 1605147087874.png (2.16 MB, 2000x875, graduation.png)

No. 672223[Reply]

For everyone who wants to move on with their life outside of lolcow, aka graduating.
Here is where we thank the website that accompanied us for months or years of our life, and we finally say one last goodbye to never look back. Try to not bring negativity into the thread.
>Your favorite lolcows
>What thread you loved the most
>How much time did you spent here
>What are you looking foward in the future
>Would you come here occasionally
>Etc etc etc

Or the reverse, why you would never quit this place. Please don't infight, don't vent, some people are just trying to stop being neets.
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No. 1436810

adding to this… cows are currently boring as fuck or the conversations are too immature to follow

No. 1436850

>I wonder if the bad moderation, lack of updates, and constant raids did kill some part of the website
that and the site itself constantly going down randomly without any warning and /m/ never getting restored

No. 1436857

i feel the same way and i think soon will be my time to jump ship. i used to spend a lot of time on here and i really miss the "original" vibe this site had. i'll be sad when i finally leave because i'll have to accept that the old internet is dead and there's nowhere fun to visit except normie social media now. but the lack of moderation or any kind of transparency from admins has driven a lot of people away, and it just doesn't feel the same on here. we've been taken over by zoomers who act like this is twitter and there are conversations on here that would have never happened a few years ago. when did anons started saying "r-slurred" because they're too scared to say retard?
also i agree the cows now are super boring, there are only like 2 threads i come here for. i don't know if that's part of the overall vibe shift in the site's climate and userbase or if i'm just older and can't get into cows the way i used to.
good luck nonnie!

No. 1436878

Personally I'm just too tired to even look at this website, and I really used to love it. I want to be unapologetically cringe and free. I used to be scared of "what nonnies might think if I do x". But I think it was all in my head.

No. 1436887

Yeah, still here.. lol

File: 1442378186600.jpg (79.7 KB, 1000x680, JCohen_BoyMeetsGirl_1.jpg)

No. 36918[Reply]

or at least girls relatively less attractive than them

I made this thread to boost my self esteem tbh
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No. 444369

this posts stink of scrote

No. 446529

they're both from UK pop bands. the girl is jessie from little mix and the guy was on X factor too. I believe he came out as gay or bi in recent years

No. 1436566

God this thread is a failure if there ever was one(necro)

No. 1436571

You really necroed a thread that had it's last reply 3 years ago to say that?

No. 1436590

Someone else must have necroed it and deleted the comment because I saw it on the first page with the last post still being from 3 years ago

File: 1653837627362.jpg (261.68 KB, 1200x900, pof1-3444218014.jpg)

No. 1201446[Reply]

I know that threads dedicated to specific countries are technically banned, but the Suomillanka, North Africa and German threads are fine and since I've been seeing a lot of Dutchfags (perhaps summerfags, who knows) I thought a Dutchfag thread could be fun. Especially since we have a lot of cows, whether it's on tv or just social media. Also, feel free to discuss anything fun! Like music, food, Dutch habits/manners. Vent about the housing crisis, overregulation, Americanisation, all of it!

Major cows:

Family de Mol
>Johnny the Mol beats up his wife multiple times, allegedly daddy paid all witnesses 5000 euros and gave his wife a house in Ibiza so she would shut her mouth.
>Knew about the Voice kids scandal (multiple children and teens were molested and some even raped), did not do anything at all.
>John de Mol has control over the public television, does not allow criticism on him or any associates.

Marco Borsato
>Singer, former coach for the Voice Kids.
>Molested 2 girls (if not more), one was 15, the other 13 at his home barbecue (which was for the participants of the Voice Kids).
>Keeps acting like it's all untrue despite evidence.

Ali B
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1435909

Waarom kijk je naar deze troep? Op pretkoe.boerderij zijn we allemaal 25+ en kijken we alleen naar Papa Bakvet (RIP)

No. 1435928

Wat is papa bakvet? Leef ik weer onder een steen?

No. 1436484

Papa Bakvet is een meme van 10+ jaar geleden, hij is inmiddels alweer een paar jaar dood. Hij was berucht op YouTube voor het eten van de meest vettige en ongezonde dingen en dan bedoel ik niet "gewoon" hamburgers en cola ofzo, maar dingen zoals het drinken van LITERS puur frituurvet, bakvet "ijsjes" zoals in die video, oude aangebakken troep uit pannen, hondenmelk (ja), en nog allemaal andere troep. Echter, het wordt nog veel erger. Naast dat hij (uit fetisjoverwegingen) zichzelf en zijn huis zoveel mogelijk liet verloederen en bijvoorbeeld expres op straat ging liggen voor een Albert Heijn om mensen te hinderen en tegelijkertijd vuil van de straat te likken terwijl zijn vriend naast hem stond te zeggen hoe geil hij was, is hij het aller beruchtst om wat hij "camfappen" noemde – hij gebruikte zijn internet populariteit om zeer jongen (minderjarige) jongens te benaderen voor "grappige skype gesprekken", waarbij hij meestal gelijk zijn piemel liet zien en de jongentjes probeerde te groomen.

No. 1436537

Meid weet je niet waar je die youtube link moet plakken ofzo? Ik doe het wel voor je.

>Hoe kan je voorspellen dat jongens mooi oud worden?
Kijken hoe zijm vader eruit ziet. Als zijn vader lelijk en kaal is dan wordt hij dat waarschijnlijk ook.

Nooit van hem gehoord, maar klinkt als een vieze man.

No. 1436945

iew die thumbnail had ik niet hoeven zien

File: 1570954354972.jpg (96.68 KB, 464x648, e21jv17ool511.jpg)

No. 472051[Reply]

A Thread for former NEETs who escaped the NEET lifestyle and are tying to stay out and current NEETs who wish who want to get out of NEETdom
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No. 1436459

I know plenty of normie women who don't wear make-up unless they're going out maybe. I'm slightly amused your idea of blending in with normies is wearing makeup and de-frizzing your hair. To me larping as/blending in with normies means having friends and a social life and spending your time in a society-approved way or pretening that you do. Maybe it's a location thing.

Anyway if you insist on trying makeup, just get a mascara. It's easy, cheap, normie and the most basic-but-visible makeup there is.

No. 1436462

Yeah idk any normie girls who wear makeup all the time, a full face is pretty rare. Maybe anon wants to blend in with staceys or lives in a really stylish area.

No. 1436473

I hate to admit it but I have gone back to wearing makeup for uni. People seem to be so much nicer to me and I don't have that many friends so I'll take what I can get

No. 1436481

I blend in with normies well enough. My mother in all of her based Stacey glory ignored my autism diagnosis, which forced me to camouflage most of my weirdness.
Makeup and frizzy hair isn't what's throwing you off, it's mainly in personality. Most normie women don't bother with makeup beyond mascara and lipgloss unless they're going to an event.

No. 1436564

For me the only thing helping with frizz is embracing my curly hair. I get many compliments from normie women about my curly hair now. I try to blend in with normies too. But please try to still keep your authentic self to some degree.

File: 1651776798052.png (683.2 KB, 814x601, Untitldded-2.png)

No. 1166255[Reply]

For discussion around breeders/kennels(backyard breeders, puppy mills, mlm breeders), exotic animals as pets, wild caught pets, dangerous breeds, husbandry, pet training etc.

General pet youtuber thread: >>>/snow/831551
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No. 1436389

I feel so bad for these animals

No. 1436400

same, like they seem like their in horrible pain

No. 1436439

Imagine having a head longer than your legs. I would jump into a pool and let myself sink if I were that dog.

No. 1436444

I think it's worrying from an ethical standpoint that disabled pets have virtually become a trend (notice how many followers people get just for posting their eyeless or legless pet on Instagram, the more crippled the better). I don't think a cat that's paraplegic and can't fulfill its natural need to climb to higher place or a rabbit that drags its legs and can't hop is able to have a good quality of life. In some countries such as IIRC Sweden animal welfare laws prohibit dog wheelchairs as inhumane. A lot of these animals are kept alive just for the purpose of virtue signalling and tickling the owner's narcissism.

Also another thing is animal rescues letting pregnant cats or dogs give birth instead of spay-aborting. What's the point of producing more homeless animals, especially as most of these people get mad at breeders for breeding?

No. 1436548

>dog wheelchairs as inhumane
Too far, a dog with degenerative mylopathy and other conditions that need those wheelchairs or supportive harnesses generally otherwise healthy. It's like when I see disabled people online and comments say "I'd kill myself if it was me" (like with Loren the forklift accident guy), like it's not fucking you and clearly they want to live. It's just not right. I am with you on aborting pregnant animals though, I don't get why that's even controversial, same as behavioral euthanasia. But on the other thing I really think it's up to the vet and the owner knowing their dog and his quirks, dogs aren't people but they do vary a lot. I mean some people even help their dogs when they become incontinent and help them go to the bathroom by massaging their stomachs but the dogs are otherwise healthy. It's really not so clear cut

File: 1669762469150.png (1.11 MB, 1054x1042, Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 22.53…)

No. 1426262[Reply]

A thread to discuss the disdain around dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457

Previous thread: >>>/ot/686468
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No. 1436385

I'm a bird woman and I have argued with so many retarded cat owners that LOVE letting their crusty animals roam unsupervised. They sent me death threats because I told someone it was legal to kill unsupervised cats and dogs if they try to eat your chickens or other animals. Plus they destroy the fucking ecosystem, make the thread! I'll gladly be a hater of both cats and dogs kek.

No. 1436431

Omg nona that is so horrible I am so sorry. This is why I won't be anywhere near dogs, I refuse to hang out at someone's house when they have one. Can't take these risks. I hope your friend recovers well. I would sue the shit out of that owner.

No. 1436440

>it just decided

I know it's the hate thread, but that's obviously absolutely nowhere near normal, but if an animal does this out of the blue, chances are it's sick (like a brain tumor etc), which is really sad for both parties

No. 1436465

Not where I live is it isn't. You go to jail if you start killing pets like that. I get hating animals but some of you are just plain weird animal haters. Gross

No. 1438035

Alright >>>/ot/1438031
Please come rant nonna, I will listen.

File: 1669917225295.jpeg (676.55 KB, 1284x1189, 1669907903676.jpeg)

No. 1428715[Reply]

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No. 1436351

What's the backstory on this?

No. 1436353

She chose to be a waitress at a trashy chain, not to be posted on Twitter by subhumans who go out looking to publicly ridicule women for not living up to their pornsick standard. It’s miles off from something like stripping where I’d still say it’s retarded to post a photo of some girl just to criticize her ass. Having a job where you’re using sex appeal doesn’t mean anyone is allowed to treat you like shit or judge your body, that’s just what we accept from the norms of male behavior.

No. 1436355

i said repeatedly its not right but you can't expect people not to do it. learn to read.

No. 1436365

No. 1436468

You’re not alone. A lot of nonnas here have had that same story. They say “listen to trans people” and then you do and realize how far the degeneracy and violence goes.

File: 1662747635011.png (191.35 KB, 621x300, DDACBF5B-A749-4081-BA3C-E7DD76…)

No. 1333281[Reply]

previous thread: >>>/ot/757177

for dramu within royal families but especially the bongs

Board rules apply. No infighting, no bait, no country sperging

last thread
>harry and meghan spawn two kids and an annoying podcast where meghan talks about herself. wokies still rave about their kween
>harry gets a mutlimillion dollar book deal to talk shit about his family. book coming this winter maybe
>philip fucking dies
>liz fucking dies
>britain now has a king charles
315 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1390386

is that an eternity collar on meghan?

No. 1390508

Bro hasn't been a spare in the last decade

No. 1436324

File: 1670441083707.jpg (153.88 KB, 1024x576, Reactions-to-Prince-Harry-Megh…)

Anyone watching the Harry and Meghan documentary tomorrow? The trailers on youtube have a ton of dislikes, I'm talking 300,000 to 17,000 likes or something like that.

No. 1436498

hell yea

No. 1436681

I can't sit through that much time with those two, plus I don't want to give them a view to encourage Netflix.

File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716[Reply]

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.
905 posts and 142 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1436235

File: 1670439030278.jpeg (154.48 KB, 1125x432, 34189A49-A63F-43B3-B7FF-332292…)

Now they are conveniently getting two male huskies (favorite dog breed of zoos). I'm not only worried for those dogs but also for what kind of dark pipeline this relationship is gonna be going down.

No. 1436240

That can’t be real. No way. Let’s mass report. Is she American? I bet

No. 1436250

File: 1670439426987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 348.99 KB, 1125x1083, 23027329-CBE1-44BC-93C0-43320D…)

She's also a minor. I'm trying to report the account but Twitter makes it difficult to specify the exact reason when it's promoting harmful paraphilias. Fuck I just saw this also

No. 1436260

this sound fake as fuck and too convenient

No. 1436377

this smells of troll

File: 1665964716368.png (440.09 KB, 1416x560, img.png)

No. 1376950[Reply]

An anon in /m/ suggested a thread about fandom psychology, but it seemed like a better fit for /ot/ than for /m/.

Discuss why you think the following phenomena exist:
>Harassment of the creators of the content fans purport to enjoy
>Pro/Anti shipping drama
>Outlandish woke fanart/headcanons
>Parasocial relationships with actors, often involving stalking
>Fans dogpiling each other over petty bullshit, like having a "problematic fave."
>Autistically detailed knowledge of lore, but zero understanding of themes
>Acting completely unhinged in public spaces (conventions, meetups, etc.)
Include examples of these behaviors if necessary; they do not need to be recent.

Remember that while the following topics are relevant and it's fine to discuss them, they also have their own threads:
Tumblr: >>>/ot/1245504
Twitter: >>>/ot/1362168
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1435831

I didn't even know people cared about live action actors at least not in a shipping way. Never heard of such a thing in 30 years.

No. 1435836

it was way more of a niche thing and harder to find unless you intentionally looked for it but it's always been a thing

No. 1436176

RPF is so vile

No. 1436293

>They never say "why can't men and women just be friends" when it comes to heteroships.
>even in the very fandom that gave us the term "shipping", originally referring to X Files fans wanting Mulder and Scully to get together,
Speaking of X-Files and 'men and women should be friends', there was a sizeable contingent of fans who were against them getting together. They called themselves "No Romos". Only fandom where I've seen that happen.

No. 1436541

RPF is worse than any other thing people cry foul about in fan communities. Sometimes it can be funny out of sheer WTF factor though I'll admit.

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