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File: 1595474321688.jpg (20.25 KB, 652x273, 15-1478591366.jpg)

No. 588502[Reply]

Can we discuss Quora? Does anyone still visit this shithole?


>a bad mixture of Yahoo! answers retardation with a good sprinkling of reddit aids

>overrun by men who think they are super smart writing 3000 word essays for questions that really only require about 200

>known to be a misogynistic hellhole with female Quorans getting run off by scrots (unless you post titty pics)

>sneakily opened a bunch of accounts via Fagbook no one knew about, difficult to delete

>pressures you into using your "real" name and a "real" picture of yourself to supposedly boost your exposure, totally not for data mining purposes at all nope nope

>of course turned into another popularity factory, with certain users getting hundreds of thousands of up votes for responding with snarky quips and Twitteresque one liners

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No. 1040710

Wtf is up with her parents. They know better.

No. 1040726

the only creepy thing to me is that he seemed to play with this girl for hours and only talked to the mother after she fell asleep. people who only engage with the kid when the parent is also around are weird to me.

No. 1042014

Bless you, nonnie

No. 1042063

i think the creepiest part for me is that he has a picture of her.

No. 1042076

I thing the worst part for me is the people in quora who will purposefully go and and give troll or smartass answers to questions and they do the same thing on many questions.

like the spiritual category on quora is filled with atheists spamming so many questions with ''god doesnt exist, imaginary man, delusions'' answers.

File: 1570554390073.jpg (64.07 KB, 683x1024, 35386224_874343166089442_82605…)

No. 470594[Reply]

Abbiamo visto thread brasiliani, lituani, francofoni ma ancora nessun italiano.
Cosa c'è di nuovo nella scena cosplay e mucche italiane? Che movimenti sorgono dalle fauci di quel gorgo che è la community italiana?
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No. 1033203

Ma nona è allegria!! Arte! Espressione! Non è uno strano fetish vestirsi come una bambola gonfiabile, completa con finte tette di silicone, voce che sfotte le donne e tipico trucco da "bimbo", cerca di non essere bigotta uwu

No. 1033917

File: 1642683474816.jpg (58.8 KB, 327x333, adrian.jpg)

None, avete ringraziato anche oggi Adrian Fartade per aver detto la fiera dell'ovvio?

No. 1033921

Ovvio per i cervelli superiori femminili, quelli maschili ancora bisogna tenerli per la manina altrimenti poi li trovi a piangere che queste femministe cattive li abusano chiedendo dei diritti.

No. 1033923

Però c'è da dire che il pubblico di Adrian è fake woke come lui, non sono i moidi misogini cresciuti a pane e /b/. Lo dicesse Salvini o Adinolfi avrebbe più impatto, lui piscia nell'oceano.

No. 1041917

Mi cringiano tantissimo

File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716[Reply]

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.
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No. 1040619

>I'm likely never gonna marry a guy of my own race cause 90% of them are Muslim

No. 1040620

it's Asian (and non-white in general) women who fetishize white men, and white women seethe when white men respond positively to it. especially considering Asian men want nothing to do with white, or other non-Asian women.

No. 1040626

This is the fantasy these race fetish freaks delude themselves with. Finding white men attractive and being willing to pursue a relationship with one isn't the same thing as literally fetishizing them. The dumb bird doing this routine so she can pay for her cheeky nandos or whatever isn't what I normally see when I look into this stuff. It's almost always a moid role playing with stolen pictures. One I recently saw was talking about how "she" moved to America recently and was enthralled with all the white cock. It was obvious to me that every single picture there was taken outside of the US though. There was nothing on the account that suggested it was written from the perspective of an actual human being. Just the fantasies of some sad loser cranking his hog as he typed them.

No. 1040632

Her old boyfriend sounds like a Paul Bernardo in the making

No. 1041775

I hate sissy shit. Misogynistic faggots.

File: 1626351231264.png (12.2 KB, 225x225, images.png)

No. 854673[Reply]

As the title says.
Post experiences, why you can't stand them and such
Please refrain from coming in this thread and say stupid shit like "Oh that's why nobody likes me" or "Damn seeing this thread as a [thing] sufferer makes me uncomfortable" because nobody will pity you.

Previous: >>>/ot/231531
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No. 1041675


And when you speak up about it they throw spergy meltdowns about how they're trying to recover or that it's helping them. It's even more annoying if they actually do recover and make such a big deal out of it like it's not like you were born with it or it was an involuntary development unlike other mental illnesses. They chose to take those drugs or hoard, it's all on them.

No. 1041715

This one kid and his mom near my hometown effectively got a whole bunch of people addicted to heroin. They're both dead now and got a few others killed too, and one of my friends addicted. Addicts are scum, they enable each other and drag others into their self destruction. I can empathize with people who get addicted because of painkillers but why do it on your own for any reason? I've had depression my whole life and never once was tempted.
It's always the same reactions to OD deaths too, they act so shocked and like nothing could have prevented it. These are also the idiots who think we should decriminalize all drugs, as if responsible heroin or meth use is even possible (it isn't)

No. 1041859

This. Junkies should be locked up in an island tbh. It sucks that we are expected to sympathize with their addiction and recovery stories.

No. 1042869

People who get ADHD and then make it their entire personality in addition to treating 'neurodiversity' as a word just for ADHD.

I've now seen a bunch of academics, yes, actual professors, get tested for ADHD and posting about it on Twitter every day and calling everything ADHD. I get feeling happy you found why you are like that, but shit like "I listen to the same song on repeat" is not a fucking ADHD trait and you shouldn't be telling people it is.

No. 1043891

I still cannot grasp the concept of Autism and Neurodivergent (ADHD). Like, I do not understand how it works, and I find it's harder to believe someone has it unless they're properly diagnosed.

I was one told by an older friend (who studied psychology 101) that I have signs of ADHD, but didn't want to elaborate it. Back then some of my relatives from the US told my mom that I have signs of neurodivergent.

I've been to psychiatrist and therapists, and they didn't diagnose me such. (I was diagnosed with depression and different things).

I kind of have a bad taste towards the term Autism, Neurodivergent and ADHD because of what people "attempted" to diagnose me. And in the past I kept running to people who cried "I have autism and all your criticism towards me is BULLYING" kind of deal and it still stings me to think about. Not to mention the tiktok munchies these days.

Idk, if a friend tell me they went to see a specialist and have a proper diagnose then I'd believe them, but if the person is like "Idk I might be neurodivergent. Oh, you can't change my mind since it's IN my brain", I cant bring myself to take them seriously.

IDK anons can you enlighten me about this. I feel like an asshole right now.

File: 1634000571332.jpg (3.77 MB, 3500x2608, HB4AT3D3IMI6TMPTWIZ74WAR54.jpg)

No. 936145[Reply]

Post about your love for those heckin' doggo puppers here.

Remember: This is a thread of love, not hate.
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No. 1035172

I've met so many well-behaved and sweet chihuahuas I immediately side-eye anyone who assumes the breed is "yappy" or "ankle-biting." Even poorly trained dogs can learn better behavior and it pisses me off when people shit on tiny helpless dogs for no reason.

No. 1035291

Take her to the pet store and let her choose a toy herself, maybe? Also try plastic bottles or empty toilet rolls.

No. 1041329

File: 1643148973607.gif (287.7 KB, 220x276, yaziprint-0020cm.gif)

I let my dog outside to shit on the piece of yard between my house and the next. Can't use my fenced backyard yet because there are stones that he likes to pick up and chew because he's a dumbass.
I heard rustling but just thought it was my neighbors out front again. A guy with his little dog walked past my house on the sidewalk while mine was pooping. My dog didn't bark or show aggression but he embarassed me because he stopped pooping to run onto the sidewalk and up to the dog wanting to play. Before he did that I did a stern "No" which he's been good about listening to before, but this time he continued on after hesitating. He ignored my command. I apologized to the guy who didn't seem bothered besides putting his dog behind him. Finally he listened and went back towards the yard. I wanted to grab his collar but my hands were holding poop bags and shit. He went back into the yard to not finish pooping but to grab a stick and try to keep away, which he also knows he isn't allowed to do.
I grabbed him by the collar and yanked the stick out of his mouth while giving a nose bop and a no. Then I led him inside to go back into his crate and delayed giving him his dinner so he doesn't think I'm rewarding him. He's less than a year old, I just don't get why he regressed like that all of the sudden. Before when other dogs and people passed he listened to my commanding no. He really tested the waters this time and I wonder if I underreacted? Then again, on our walk the other day we met a new neighbor walking his dog and we let our dogs play a bit while they were leashed. I wonder if that put it into his mind that leashed dogs can play? I realize that was probably a bad signal in hindsight. It's not a big deal but still jfc.

No. 1041421

Not a dog behavioral expert but I can only imagine he was being a little naughty since he's so young. I remember someone I followed on twitter posting about raising her puppy and he was very well trained from his puppy days, but started regressing in his teens, but eventually settled down. I hope he won't continue to be too naughty, but good to hear he's normally good about listening to you! What breed is he? Or is he a mutt?

No. 1041474

He's a bit of a mutt. The rescue told me he was a lab/rottie mix but I submitted a genetic test that's still pending to find out for sure.
Everyone knows he's a pup but it makes me nervous when he misbehaves on my watch because he's still a large breed and everyone can see the rottie in him. I feel like I need to be setting the example with proper control. I'm lucky that guy was cool about it because I can see some people getting freaked out about a dog approaching theirs like that. He got real close and brushed against that dude's legs and I felt so dumb with my hands full of shit and too shocked to act snappy because I didn't expect it.

File: 1577033930774.jpg (29.74 KB, 1280x630, error.jpg)

No. 497325[Reply]

As we witness more and more corporations buying big platforms and mistreating them and their userbases, I think it's save to say that websites could completely vanish from one day to the next.
One of the absolute worst offenders of that is Yahoo/Verizon (who also own Tumblr and killed Geocities, Polyvore, parts of Flickr, all their Yahoo! sub websites like Yahoo Answers,-Blog,-Video, del.icio.us and many more) who now actively tried to prevent archival of their latest victim "Yahoo Groups" (if you want to read about it, here's a summary: https://www.extremetech.com/internet/303208-verizon-bans-archivists-trying-to-save-yahoo-groups-data-from-deletion).

Even Twitter startet to delete accounts who haven't logged in for 6 months, starting on December 11th this year.

Are there any websites or blogs you achived or you think are important and worth to be saved as a part of internet history?
Are you salty about a website that got nuked in an unfair way?
Any other thoughts regarding Internet History? Are you worried?
Discuss and Vent.
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No. 1040658

>does anyone else think it might come from a heavy anti intellectual trend in US society right now?
It has been going for a decade now. It started with far-left (in the woke sense) university culture. Some subjects of debate and research are shut down with outrage tactics. It's pretty crazy to witness this anti intellectual culture being born out of places meant to be the most intellectual of society.

>You can even see that on imageboards these days.
It probably has to do with the fact that social media fries people reward system. Why should you take the effort to write a 10+ lines essay for "nothing" : you will get no engagement, no karma, no likes, no followers, no dopamine induced notification sound ?
Obviously, th younger people start to use social media extensively, the worst the results will be.

No. 1041100

Anyone else really misses Netizenbuzz's comment section? It was so damn spergy.

No. 1041134

I feel like sadly the only people affected by this are the young millennials and the old gen-z users.

gen x and boomers barely use the internet and when they do its mostly social media.

Young gen z didnt use the internet until recently so they dont care.

So its only a specific age group that is affected (20-30) the most of alot of sites disappearing , so most people dont care.

Also disabling flash was such a bad idea, thousands of games are now lost and not playable, there should have been a alternative made. But again no one cares because only a certain demographic is affected by this.

No. 1041147

i hate this too. its annoying and its put a damper on sites like webkinz or habbo retros (habbo ripoff sites where everything was free so no money needed to have fun). flash has been the nail in the coffin for sure and its odd. i havent checked in a while but afaik, habbo is the only virtual social game with no download needed thats left.

No. 1041149

Oh wow, nice to see someone replied to my post from 2 years ago lol.
Yeah, that would be correct. Unfortunately, anyone else just ignores it and pretends it's a non-issue. It amazes me with how "big" the internet is these days it's still the same groups of people talking over and over again.

File: 1638763539704.jpeg (140.21 KB, 1056x1200, 23961385-3D67-4148-9CA5-449A8B…)

No. 986511[Reply]

Moosechans unite.
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No. 1040311

File: 1643083060977.jpeg (405.63 KB, 1169x1964, 4F236F8A-41FF-4F18-AF52-48937D…)

Make sure to get your opinions in

No. 1040340

canned potatoes? what????

No. 1040349

File: 1643085570690.jpg (55.78 KB, 570x738, yom.jpg)

I'm that "mail order bride" from earlier in the thread kek. My bf came over and we got mom's blessing to proceed with immigration. It's 99% for love and 1% for better job prospects.

No. 1040649

Oh, nice, I'm glad it's all working out well for you then

No. 1040846

I had a roommate that ate canned potatoes every day. I can't remember him cooking something that didn't include them. It's not like potatoes are expensive, hard to prepare or spoil fast.

File: 1624568025207.jpg (136.41 KB, 576x720, 5cb869ab959063fc3f8572ea53942b…)

No. 837722[Reply]

Thread for anons recovering or fighting with long terms internet/smartphone/social media/video game addiction and the manifesting problems it causes (ADD, low self-esteem, lack of ability to commit to long terms processes, inability to learn new hobbies and skills, inability to tolerate silence ect). Feel free to also use this thread a support network. Brain training, healthy brain foods, building up gray matter and executive functions back up, unlearning destructive habits ect also covered. Avoiding digital junk information landscape in general (adblockers ect) can also be discussed. Any type of technology or media addiction can be covered, including things like netflix or youtube binging that wouldn't be normally considered addictive.

Ideally this thread could be similar to the health and wellness threads, but for our brains and the type of information we consume.
170 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1037396

I haven't been able to watch a movie in 3 years and it makes me so sad because cinema used to be one of my biggest interests. There are a lot of movies I still want to watch but no matter how many times I try to force myself I can only watch shows or movies for 20 minutes before checking out. I want to say this is ADHD but it only started in the past few years when I heavily increased my internet usage so I believe it's rooted in internet addiction.

No. 1039940

I deleted the wordpress blog I made in early 2020. I wanted to use it to post about my trips but because of covid nothing I ever planned happened. It's been unused for months and I only managed to attract readers at the beginning when I had things to talk about. I was thinking about putting all my posts on a tumblr blog but I barely have anything to do there or anyone to follow after my favorite artists all left years ago because of the porn ban when their normal art was automatically flagged as porn by mistake. I'm considering deleting it as well very soon and starting a journal where I'd just write about different topics to vent and where I'd write lists of things I like, I plan to do or whatever. Having a journal would be a great opportunity to write in my first language more often outside of work.

Not sure what to do with other accounts I have. I'm focusing on twitter to find art I like and I manage to not be overwhelmed with posts on my TL because I follow only 50 people and I muted a lot of tags. I have an instagram and I'm considering deleting it because it's just not the best to post pictures and I can't stop scrolling through my recommendation page despite how shitty it is. Seriously, I started using it to post pics of my trips and food from restaurants I really like but everything look extremely blurry if you don't use an iPhone. I can't delete FB despite wanting to because everyone around me uses the messenger app to communicate in groups and my friends told me using any other equivalent like Line was out of question… despite functioning almost the exact same way.

Does anyone else use journals as a substitute to posting too much online? How did it go for any of you?

No. 1040028

I just deleted my tumblr. I don't give a fuck anymore. Now I'm giving myself some time to think about my instagram.

No. 1040036

Just wanted to say I support all of you! There were a few years where I spent too much time online and lost the patience to read books, but now I read and write almost every day. You can fix your brain! Good luck.

No. 1040042


File: 1600550677491.jpg (96.59 KB, 700x729, 838357f731ec62cf6fa6d6c6e27a80…)

No. 634186[Reply]

Based off of that anon saying we need threads on getting better and changing our lives (and less for self pity). Talk about:
>making friends
>changing personality for better
>getting in healthy relationships
>advice that worked for you
>plans for improving your life
Basically how to become un-whatever people whine about being in the neet threads. Sorry if bad thread, it's my first time making one.
85 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1039852

I'm that Terrible friend that makes plans and cancels two hours later come yell at me nonnies I know I'm toxic

No. 1039866

fuck rapists, they deserve to suffer

No. 1039886

IDK how much am I willing to trust the words of a psychiatrist that either has some screws missing, has a completely fucked up sense of empathy or worse. It really soured my opinion. I don't think it's easy to separate the art from the autist when the distasteful stance is right in the text that is supposed to help you out. How can you write something so tone deaf knowing that abuse victim (mostly women and children, aka the victims of the poor rapist) are the ones looking for help in the book? Swear the scrote could have just left that disgusting piece of information to himself.

No. 1040004

You're the one who needs to calm down. I've read that first chapter and it's genuinely horrific, it's not at all out of left field for someone to say hey, maybe a book that starts out by sympathizing with a violent fucking rapist isn't necessarily the best place to turn. There are hundreds of other books out there which don't do this, rapists can get castrated for all I care. Somehow women go through things scrotes like that did and worse yet they don't murder children and rape people.

Maybe a workbook more focused around trauma specifically could be helpful? I like Healing the Trauma of Abuse by Dr. Harris and Mary Ellen Copeland, but everyone's experiences are different so maybe check out the intro/table of contents to see if it suits what you're addressing.

No. 1040027

>How can you write something so tone deaf knowing that abuse victim (mostly women and children, aka the victims of the poor rapist) are the ones looking for help in the book?
I agree with this, have seen this book recommended for people dealing with trauma many times, and I've ran into the warning about forementioned thing completely by accident in a completely unrelated discussion. Yes, a psychiatrist has to have empathy and understanding of a mind of even most fucked up individuals, but putting this story in a spotlight in any context BUT especially the book that's clearly not targeted at veterans with PTSD is honestly revolting.

File: 1615412811111.jpeg (223.39 KB, 736x1110, 5F284892-1CBD-44F0-A686-74EF0C…)

No. 758635[Reply]

Continue to discuss news stories that upset and disturb you more than usual, crimes, disasters and events that stay on your mind, stories of criminals, victims and survivors that you want to discuss etc. Try to post relevant pictures, names, links to articles, websites etc if you can, so that people can look up the cases for themselves easier.

Some notable mentions from the previous thread:
>>582656 the story of Mary
>>582676 Murder of Cherish Perrywinkle
>>582682 the case of Ronechia Simms
>>582716 the murder of Junko Furuta
>>582737 the 1983 challenger rocket disaster
>>582695 Donald James Smith, murderer and sex offender
>>582738 Israel Keyes, rapist and murderer
>>582769 the murders of Amina and Sarah Said
>>582794 the lonely death of Joyce Vincent
>>582863 Sewol ferry disaster
>>582998 murder of Anna Svidersky
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
1100 posts and 226 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1038690

It's old. Just discovered it. Turn on English subs.

No. 1038691


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1039630

Unlike some others online, I am not surprised by the behaviour of the female officers. I've never met one who wasn't a boot licking male supremacist. These losers would do literally anything for fleeting male acceptance. It's why I struggle to give a shit when they're assaulted by colleagues, they gladly act out this vile mocking shit on other women and are shocked, SHOCKED when they find themselves on the end of the same treatment lol. Imagine being dumb enough to think you're actually respected by thuggy moids.


No. 1044890

>Somalian migrant “Muhammed” received just 180 hours (22 days) of community service last year after he was prosecuted for attacking and brutally raping a 12 year old girl. Aged 18 at the time of his conviction, now the rapist’s friends and family are exacting revenge upon his victim, prolonging her trauma.

>Now 13, ‘Ida’ has told local Swedish paper Sundsvalls Tidning about her most recent ordeal. Two brothers of the rapist go to her school, from which she has had to be withdrawn. Now five or six times she has been attacked by the men and their friends in public, at the local shops and around the neighbourhood.

>The most serious attack took place on March 24th, when she was discovered at a bus stop by the brothers. One of them pushed her down, while the other punched her in the mouth. Upon seeing the mother of the boys approaching, Ida told the paper: “I thought she would stop them. But she kicked me”.

No. 1044907

I wonder what happened with the disgusting criminal moid and the poor girl later.
Also the mom. Imagine beating a young girl because your son raped her. Wtf

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