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File: 1526770152876.jpg (80.65 KB, 498x586, 117646614588.jpg)

No. 251022[Reply]

I don't know if this is the place for such a thread or if this thread is even allowed, but I'm curious. Did anyone here ever follow the "glamfur" craze in the early 2000s that was all over the place on deviantart and such? I loved the characters as a teen and the drama was always out there for everyone to see and constant, it was hilarious.

I have tons of pics from that era if anyone is interested.
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No. 550780

File: 1588737386959.jpg (52.55 KB, 548x785, 118059425676_anonib.jpg)

Does anyone have anymore photobucket dumps? I'm going to buy a chrome extension that will let me download whole albums and I'll zip them and post here for everyone

No. 551276

File: 1588843076417.jpg (104.75 KB, 552x601, suechanvoice.jpg)

Same, anon.
Didn't think the art in this thread would make my eyes tear up over missing these days and lost online friends I met in this era but… here we are.
(Sorry that the drawing attched isn't super glamfur but I have most images saved somewhere else, I still love the more typical cutesy anime inspired furry art from the time though)

No. 551285

this is so nostalgic, thank you for posting the pic

No. 658233


one of my all time favorite moments when i was still in the furry scene was posting art and having Jolyn leave one of her huge comments about how good my art was. it was a highlight of my art career back then. Jolyn was truly an angel and she is missed every day.

No. 658249

Reading the glamfur livejournal entry was a nostalgia trip.

File: 1601579255366.png (1.11 MB, 768x576, 1.png)

No. 643427[Reply]

Imagining what life would be like after I died is kind of calming for me during stressful times.

I want to be put in a swamp under a big tree, my ancestors can come visit and uncover my corpse to see me preserved, then use my body for magical rituals.

What do you want to happen with your dead body?
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No. 645177

My organs donated (if they're healthy enough to be donated…) and what remains made into something pretty, like a gemstone as >>644589 said. I'm ugly as fuck and useless alive, at least my remains will be beautiful and my organs useful, hopefully.

No. 645228

I’d like to be buried in the dirt without a casket so my body melts into the earth.

No. 657776

I once saw that in Tibet they let the bodies get eaten by vultures completely, and that's what I want. Fucking having my body rot away under the floor, or having my ashes take up space in some random box. I want my body to completely dissapear after I die. Give it to the dogs, throw into acid, idk. Just imagine, dissapear completely. No bones, no organs, nothing.

No. 658157

Yea ditto on that disappearing forever thing. When I'm gone, I want to really be gone. I'd say cremate me and flush me down the nearest 7/11 toilet.

No. 658158

That vulture thing is really hardcore tho, pretty cool for Tibet.

File: 1602176104204.jpg (524.99 KB, 1280x1736, PicsArt_10-08-11.45.11.jpg)

No. 650010[Reply]

Discuss old Famous or Influential dead people as lolcow.

Since Lolcow is an Internet term, It will be intersting that some old famous or Influential people is a lolcow if they didn't die in era before the internet or born in internet era.
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No. 658124

Holy shit you're right, I knew she was well off but I assumed she was mestizo but she was from a very prominent family in Mexico and was basically white, which makes her being featured among so many WOC artists list so surprising to me

No. 658149

File: 1602972789634.jpg (310.19 KB, 1080x638, Screenshot_20201017-171201.jpg)

Huh. She's never looked indigenous to me anyway

No. 658153

she’s a definition narc

No. 658284

so glad to see other farmers appreciating based /ourgirl/ Liselotte around here

No. 658533

Omg she's so gorgeous, why did you have to post her face? I see no problems with what she did now.

File: 1601689639247.jpg (2.11 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20200505_163816.jpg)

No. 644881[Reply]

I hate how the whole internet has basically become facebook. Just another platform to feed people's narcissism, collect data, push agendas, etc. Even the few niche ok places have censoring/witch hunting. And the ones that advertise themselves as free speech always get taken over by extremists. I'm so sick of eventually being driven out of nice places by extremists and normtards. The places I could talk about stuff I couldn't in real life, have now become real life.
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No. 657744


AMAB All Marketers Are Bastards

Sorry anon

No. 657750

it's amazing how search engines just don't work anymore because of how the internet has changed. meaningful results are always going to be pushed out of reach by bot sites, paid advertising, etc.

No. 657761

File: 1602925223251.png (13.69 KB, 594x149, dtp.png)

I remember being 12 and creating a fan website on freewebs and being so proud of my self-taught basic CSS/HTML. Makes me a little sad Gen Z kids won't have that experience of building something on their own.

A couple years ago I tried to visit said website for nostalgia only to find it 404'd. When I emailed freewebs they said they deleted accounts that had been inactive for over a year. Archive your stuff, babes.

No. 658006


To be fair, real websites failed to grasp the killer app concept of letting people hook up for so long that bullshit like Friendster was an improvement for a while.

No. 658133

you can still see it on way back machine. at least i can and mine was made in 2004 iirc

File: 1600842254610.gif (2.84 MB, 487x486, tumblr_p6t1fdSqTr1x0wo9io1_500…)

No. 636795[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect are all welcome here. Enjoy your stay.
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No. 658002

I’m starting to think the COVID/5G conspiracies are true, or at least making sense.

I was skeptical at first about one of the reasons for social distancing was so the companies could fix the radiation problems surrounding 5G but as things are starting to open up, it makes a lot of sense. The latest phones now have it and people aren’t worried anymore about getting cancer like they did before the rona came along.

No. 658014

It said they are younger though


No. 658095

File: 1602966325381.jpg (47.26 KB, 848x441, spencer and bush.jpg)

Repost from the previous thread, Richard Spender is actually a Russian agent meant to cause discourse, he helped organize the unite the right rally that basically snuffed out the alt right at its start. Given how the authorities in Charlottesville used it to set up a violent confrontation (read the official report) and just the over all cluster fuck of the event I guess it was easy pickings. Not to mention his appearances on CNN and mainstream media.

No. 658100

Am I having deja vu or did someone already post this here? Pretty sure someone did

No. 658106

>Repost from the previous thread

File: 1563488915424.jpeg (280.14 KB, 2000x1504, 79482A34-E726-4254-871D-54061C…)

No. 436372[Reply]

Because you’ve asked for it!

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No. 650749

Ffs Courtney is a horrible person but I wish people would stop linking this blog. Whoever writes it sounds so unhinged

No. 650909

you can ignore the comments and just look at the receipts. If you know a better crash course on Courtney's shit, give me a link.

No. 654979

When I think of Courtney I pretty much only think of her on the roast of Pamela Anderson or Tommy Lee or whoever it was. That was so fucking funny to me I watched her parts over and over again because she had me rolling. Shes such a fuck up.
Btw, I think we need to have a nepotism thread on lesser known celebrity kids trying to make it in music, especially rock music.

No. 657992

File: 1602958274413.jpg (85.08 KB, 500x597, thundaonlyhaaaapenswhenitsraaa…)


No. 657995

File: 1595175308691.jpg (36.74 KB, 429x410, 1594237041109.jpg)

No. 586506[Reply]

Describe your personal most disturbing interactions with strangers, online friends, anonymous users, chats, forums, cams, social media, imageboards or communities that you have experienced on the internet.

It can be anything from creepy but funny to outright terrifying.
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No. 657758

Oh yeah and a random thing I forgot; she used to call me "sheep" and one night I fell asleep early and when I checked the gc the next morning she had been complaining that I fell asleep and one of her friends said it doesn't matter that I'm asleep she'd just have to "rape her sheep's ass". I have no idea why I didn't freak out

No. 657764

Theres me and this guy I met on fb. I really like him, and he is completely my type, a solid 8.5 of 10. We had been seeing each other and sexting for a while, nothing too intense cause I didn't want to risk getting my nudes leaked in case it didn't work out. The day we finally meet at his place to have sex arrives, and boy was I disappointed. He rented some sort of loft in the second floor of an old man's house. I was pretty uncomfortable and the guy made it worse by saying that the man didn't mind him inviting girls. I thought "well I've done it in worse places" and tried to get on with it. It all went downhill when we were kissing and he was on top of me, and all of a sudden he tried to explain that he was charged with sexual assault and he had to leave his former place to avoid being prosecuted, and that was why he was living there. I noped the fuck out of there and never talked to him again. Last I knew of him, he had told his friends he didn't have sex with him because I had an STD.

No. 657775

I read the first sentance and thought you were talking about wanting to seriously date the guy, that went downhill so fast.

I met a guy off of a fetish and kink site years ago, he introduced me to a local kink scene… then months later he tells me he's on an offenders list because of child porn. He had told two other women before he told me and they were just fine with it? I cut him off. I contacted the people who organised events for that scene (at club venues) to warn them to keep an eye on him. He ended up being banned from one and some people were annoyed at me for doing that. Amazing how sex offenders can keep friends.

No. 657777

Is something I will never get,the girl he had assaulted was a minor too. It fucked me up, cause I would never had known. Apparently he was able to move thanks to his friend and family, don't get why would you help a sex offender.

No. 657981

File: 1602957473663.png (3.35 MB, 1730x2314, gju.png)

Hey, I want to share my worst experience from around 2016 taking place
on Chatzy in a depressed/suicidal/therapy chatroom. This chatroom is still running
by a guy named Ironfist Issac, a religious racist bigoted man from Manchester,England.

- You can search up his name and find other people experieces from him.
- His name change before but just a variation of the one above but ran 2 chatrooms one time
and went by
- In this chatroom no one was allowed to pm because he locked that feature and only he can.
And we couldnt share our socials with each other.
- Chatzy is a website that should be shutdown, Issac had been on this website for like 5+
years already but he PAYS to keep his chatroom up.

So I joined in a odd time in my life and wanted a place to talk sort of anomonouysly,
and found this Chatzy room. It was cool at first and there were regulars who I hung around
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1602339111923.jpg (5.93 KB, 275x206, 1576771927088.jpg)

No. 652013[Reply]

For people who weren't socialized enough growing up.
How did it happen?
What happened as a result of it? What confuses you about socialized people?
And anything else.
28 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 657376

Sometimes I get scared that if I don’t get enough socialization as an adult it’ll lead to me getting a disorder like Alzheimer’s or Diogenes syndrome. With everything going on this year I’ve been socializing less and don’t leave the house as much.

No. 657701

>How did it happen?
Wasn't allowed to go to school as a kid. Was told school was like a "prison" by my distant, incompetent, mentally ill parents. They eventually allowed me to go to school but it was too late. I missed out on the most crucial years of development. When i was at school, they let me skip days, weeks and even months. Was allowed to turn into a shut in at 14.

>What happened as a result of it?

Literal retardation. I'm 23 and i struggle to count. Struggle to think logically. Cognitively i'm like someone who has suffered brain trauma.

>What confuses you about socialized people?

How they know what to say to people

No. 657740

>How did it happen?

Bullied in elementary school for being autistic, slapped and stolen from. Then bullied in highschool for being desperate to fit in so i would tolerate slapping/ stealing etc because at least i had a group of friends. Also i have narcissistic parents but i'm unsure if they have something to do with it. I wasn't allowed to work till my 20s though, and was constantly scaremongered about rape/murder/sex traffick everytime i wanted to go outside. Most of my teens i was 12 hours in front of the computer to avoid parents

>What happened as a result of it?

I'm completly friendless except for e-friends and i'm a hand holdless virgin at 21, also i hate most men because it's been ingained in me since an early age, therapist unsure if it's actual autism or i was programed to be autistic

>What confuses you about socialized people?

How they seem to never get tired of talking and they never seem retarded doing it

No. 657765

I went to grade school so I was able to socialize with kids my own age. But my parents have no friends of their own so while I am comfortable with young people I have no idea how to talk to older people and I tend to just resent older people because of it. My folks moved from their abusive families 3 states away from all the rest of our family which is great and all but as a PSA to other folks out there doing this: make sure you make some actual adult friends. In a small town like ours word travels fast and friends can save your reputation. Everyone in the area thinks my parents are freaks because they were total shut ins and by association, me too. I was also not allowed to get a job in high school..

Man all the controlling parents on here really piss me off. It's why I'll only ever adopt, never birth a kid. At least ill know for sure im helping that way.

No. 657862

I already posted this on the recovering NEET thread, my dad was a good man but I feel he babied me and my siblings too much and we never developed in to real adults

No. 632754[Reply]

recently went down a rabbit hole of corporate trainings films, PSA's and some military training films, they are strangely addicting and often worth a watch
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 633281

I listen to this on a regular basis

No. 633284

big fan of this one, remember my dad showing it to me when i was little, horrifying

No. 633498

I got recommend the old country buffet training film watched it, then wendys training films, then blockbuster e.t.c

No. 657851

Hey mods could you move this tread to /m/ cause it belongs here there, also here's a pizza hut training film

No. 658033

Moved to >>>/m/112022.

File: 1435944116316.png (359.88 KB, 451x469, Bcxhi0WCcAAWwEU.png)

No. 15930[Reply]

How do you feel about Omocat's designs and artwork? I like a lot of the stuff available in their store and have the glow in the dark sweater personally, other people think it's too weeb.
Reminder that they started a Kickstarter for a game they were making with free software. It raised $203,000 from 5,910 backers. Said game was meant to be released in May, but there's been no word on it. Not even an update. No backer rewards, either.
892 posts and 153 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 646420

File: 1601881743576.jpg (510.17 KB, 824x1083, 20201005_151022.jpg)

this website here trying to reveal that the game is once again being delayed to Winter

No. 646438

the delays in the game are enough to show its true.

If you're making an expose, just put "allegedly". You could also use soft evidence like how EMS removed working for omocat on her bio.

No. 646513

I agree but it's normal for artists to copy real life.

No. 647460

But EMS' current Twitter bio still says that she is still working on OMORI(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657840

Hi yall im new to this chat may i ask whats happening here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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