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File: 1479587810754.jpg (80.57 KB, 612x792, bulbasuar-holding-a-gun.jpg)

No. 118191[Reply]

I'm not sure if this is banable or something but I'm a bad draw fag trying to improve my skill

I'll take all non sexually/ trashy requests
pic related is what I can do…
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No. 175680

lmao true

No. 177918

just a quick bump to remove the trash currently on the front page

No. 177932

Get the fuck back to gaiaonline with your bumping.

No. 177983

No. 178158

woah calm down sperg

File: 1482836506799.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.68 MB, 836x891, oh jrgee.gif)

No. 173704[Reply]

Post about any art thieves or tracers you come across. I'll start with one I've recently found on Line Webtoon. They have over 330,000 hearts and are a paid webcomic artist. They go by the name of SilentMaru. They trace off of Sweet Guy and possibly other comics but I haven't found them as of yet. More information will be posted here and when I'm done with the other comparisons of traced vs. original I will post them here. https://ecstacyhearts-exposed.tumblr.com/
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No. 174975

Thanks for the correction and resources anon, but I still see kr0n as a sham. I have the same issue with kr0n by copying from reference and I do it well, but I keep it purely for studies and I definitely try to improve more dynamics, style and of course drawing it all from imagination. Any well trained artist can eyeball and copy a reference picture and slightly stylize it- for that reason I wholly disagree when people claim him to be a master artist or even someone who can compete against major industry artists who actually can draw and come up with their own designs. Well how he's making money, I guess sometimes I remind myself that people make money off of drawing furry porn so there's that. There's just normies who get easily impressed with rehashed weeb portraits

No. 174978

He did trace off that anime before he changed the art style. I'll put some overlays later today.

No. 174992

I left a negative review for Illya's book on Amazon JP but it was already removed. I'm not sure if it had enough text but I made sure it was in Japanese per their rules.

No. 174994

Iralki is a much worse artist than Illya but their methods are nearly identical.

No. 178155

LeSean Thomas is so annoying. I used to really enjoy his work but he seems so full of himself and really pushing that "I'M A BLACK GUY THAT MAKES ANIME" thing.

File: 1479484970885.jpg (43.97 KB, 480x480, 14915223_1771392056446444_3373…)

No. 118092[Reply]

Post your best starter pack memes here!
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No. 177928

I swear I know at least 10 girls who fall under this title and look exactly like this. It's like a cult dress code. Lacks "nudes on public social media" though.

No. 177930

File: 1484433700204.jpg (12.39 KB, 251x242, 1451133410387.jpg)

>gay lick
lost it

No. 178098

it literally reminded me of her when i saw it oooomg

No. 178126

lol I just started listening to death grips last year. didn't know mtfs were into them, why?

No. 178152

lmao that jacksepticeye symbol. stop

No. 42935[Reply]

Old: >>4372

Old thread has been dying a painful death for a while. I'll start with a dump.

>Vic's Message at Supanova Brisbane 2012
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No. 119858

Obvious bait

No. 119859

That's pretty dom if you ask me

No. 172822


She says her nyannerz loli voice is her "real voice." Also check out her comment.

"hay, gonna disable comments for now cos too many UR VOICE FAEK!!1 comments. I never actually expected this video to get so popular tbh. and I used the ukelele song when i didn't know any better so sorry about that!

but yeah, it's my voice. i have a high voice. and a good range. take it or leave it. :P"

No. 172831

It's unbelievable how many people believe her loli voice is her real voice. She cracks so many times trying to keep it up, and if you ever heard her irl talking to people who aren't online fans it's just your average voice

'but gotta keep it up for neckbeards!'

No. 178021

File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 176596[Reply]

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.
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No. 176873

With or without hold?
For just a plain protectant, Tigi/Catwalk makes a good one that doesn't leave much of a product-y feeling afterwards. Wella's Eimi styling line also has a decent one. My favorite stylers are from the Colorproof line (everything from them has heat protection), but it can be a hard brand to find + expensive.

If you're looking for something with a good hold, especially if you have fine hair that hates holding curls, I suggest Redken's #22 Hot Sets

Try Olaplex. If you can get the #1 and #2 treatments from a stylist and then get the Take Home #3, it should help significantly.

No. 176874

Apologies for sage getting stuck in the name field for some reason

No. 176925

Cut off as much as you can, honestly. Especially split ends! Otherwise they'll damage your healthy hair and you'll never have long, healthy hair. It'll grow back anyway.
Also make sure to get a reddish brown when you dye it otherwise you'll end up with a greenish brunette.

No. 176940

I have long hair with no bangs and i recently purchased the bedhead wave artist ceramic waver because it was on sale and I'm tired of just wearing straight hair to work. My natural hair is kinda wavy but I figured this would just make it look more polished. Anyone have this product? What do yall think of it? I'm going to test it out today since it's my day off

No. 176941

My hair is actually hot pink right now, I forgot to mention lmao

File: 1483298193065.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x375, gallery_1_6_37575.jpg)

No. 174846[Reply]

Could we get a thread going for the discussion of women's self defense and weapons?
I go to school in a very unsafe town with a lot of gang violence. I avoid bad neighborhoods and going out after dark but I still feel the need to carry something to defend myself with. I'm not old enough to own a handgun (need to be 21 in my state but you can have a shotgun at 18) and my home state also doesn't have concealed carry reciprocity with the state I go to school in so the whole thing is complicated
Instead I carry mace and a baton with me when I go out.
I'm currently taking Aikido and have taken multiple RAD courses
I'm taking self defense more seriously after I was (correctively) raped by a man who I thought was my friend last year. I wasn't strong enough to fight him off then and I'm trying to work out every day so I can be strong enough to defend myself if something like that ever happens again.
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No. 175248

That's how I understood it too.
Or 'if you go against my orders you'll get what's coming to you'.

No. 175281

anon pls

No. 175851

>>I'm not old enough to own a handgun (need to be 21 in my state but you can have a shotgun at 18)
WTF Murica?

Hoe idk, in New Zealand a fucking mace is considered a 2nd class weapon as well as tazors which police barely get to have due to the 1983 arms act, the system is very much skewed in favor of the perpetrator. Living in the inner city to be closer to university is some scary shit but the old town I lived in used to be a shit hole rampant with gang activity and lowkey drug production in shared homes, the dairy down the street of my family house was robbed by a guy with a fucking crowbar.

I'd say think carefully before moving here because of Trump, the socio-economically feeble in this country are trapped with the idea that the movie "colors" is real. Even when armed for self defence your still looking at manslaughter charges anon something you shouldn't be so blasé over.

>>I'm just here bc Riza Hawkeye.

Sounds like cool anime.

No. 176272

The law in Canada says that it's illegal to carry a weapon for the purpose of self defense, but you can use a "weapon of opportunity" if you need to. For example if someone has a baseball bat lying around they can use it during a home invasion. I carry dog spray because I'm "afraid of dogs" wink wink

No. 176900

File: 1484368496305.jpg (119.52 KB, 651x453, BEAR-SPRAY-VS-PEPPER-SPRAY-DIF…)

>dog spray
>not bear spray

File: 1447289964209.png (174 KB, 495x349, Screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-7_22…)

No. 134915[Reply]

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though birth control is something that women don't talk enough about despite it being so complex and many people using it regularly. Let's post our comments/questions about birth control!

- contraception
- acne control
- PCOS management
- hormonal treatment
- ring vs. pill vs. non-hormonal
- side effects/benefits
- weight gain/loss
- etc.
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No. 174181

Any had their tubes tied and had issues with cysts? I'm not sure if it's related to that, or the Mirena I had previous.

>popped cysts are no joke

No. 174204

I've had ovarian cysts pop 3 times now and I'd rather die than go through it again. My issues with cysts went away after weight loss though so I'm not too sure about BC options for treating them.
How old are you? Doctors may be unwilling to tie your tubes if you're fairly young even if you are absolutely set on being child free. It could be more practical to get a Mirena or a pill.

No. 174296

Are there other forms of BC that can do that?

No. 174451

I had my tubes tied about a year ago (bilateral salpingectomy), I'm 29. Hard core cf since 11.

So far I've had three cysts since the operation, but they removed the Mirena when I got it done. So I can't really determine wtf is going on. I was also showing signs of premenopause, but my blood work checked out.

No. 176899

>my bf thought it was really gross
It's kind of weird he mentioned this, considering that most men seem to recognize birth control is a burden and that it falls pretty much entirely on the woman.

File: 1478477478593.jpg (83.38 KB, 960x959, 13442258_1838896299666741_6951…)

No. 116018[Reply]

Is this accurate? Do you know anyone like this?
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No. 119249


BORING ass season, you should have put a different pic anon

No. 119251


this one was crazy too, she had an alt-facebook accounts and stalked other trans and harassed them. it was weird. no one ever talked about it though cause "she's an inspiratioN!!"

No. 119287

Off-topic but also wanted to weigh in that some people just don't develop sex drives in their teens, as crazy as it sounds. I didn't even have real crushes until about 22. Your BMI is definitely linked to those things though, definitely.

No. 176862

Trans "lesbians" terrify me because of shit like this


strange how they never confront all the creepy fetishizing shit in their community but harass women for being ~transmisogynist~

No. 176871

see I didn't need to look to know this shit happens. thanks for giving me an easy to read pdf with proof.

File: 1482477288276.png (501.99 KB, 251x335, shmegeh.png)

No. 173153[Reply]

What milk do you crave from old cows that have disappeared from the spotlight that you hope would make even the smallest appearance?
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No. 176844

probably attention

No. 176847

File: 1484327591104.jpeg (151.19 KB, 750x818, image.jpeg)

I guess asthma makes it impossible to walk.

Since I'm a retard who forgot to sage already,

No. 176859

I miss all the dramu with euthanizeallwhitepeople and still kinda do wanna know who they were or if they made a tumblr comeback as another person/if they were a weeb/koreaboo black girl like people over here suspected,.
It was so fun when lolcow and tumblr uncovered most of his/her shit and how they were catfishing and an abuser and then they dissapeared and the search died down.
I still remember all the milk over here and their cirnge-posts about being a poor hafu kek

No. 176860

The Jess Slaughter made me realize you can be a mediocre white girl and people can still like you

No. 178076

I don't think anyone actually liked her though.

File: 1484324255229.jpg (453.31 KB, 4000x2200, XT5brzGAc.jpg)

No. 176832[Reply]

As I sit here thinking about killing myself, I have realised that all women deserve rape. Especially you (yes you)

No. 176833


No. 176835

Day of the rope soon roastie

No. 176843

does ur mom know what you say about grills online? She might not keep paying for your wow subscription and weeb steam games if she did

No. 176852

Moved to >>>/sty/2027.

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