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File: 1456697314365.jpg (14.7 KB, 500x341, 3475485.jpg)

No. 74568[Reply]

What kind of apps to you typically use?

Are you more the gaming app type, have lots of different picture editing apps, or do you prefer apps for productivity and organization?

Feel free to suggest good ones or ask for recommendations.
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No. 192582

SMT IV is worth playing but I feel like it could have done more with some of its characters. Devil Survivor is kinda in the middle, the characters aren't that interesting but the second game really ramped things up (and iirc their stories are standalone so you can play them in any order).

No. 192808

File: 1496124886326.jpg (79.42 KB, 400x268, closet-clothing-cute-dresses-F…)

Does anyone here use any closet apps? There are so many I don't know wich to choose.

No. 194357

>Gmail (My primary and 3 side emails. I used to use Outlook, but the UI is confusing.

>Instagram (art blog/photography side blog)

>Firefox and Chrome (My main browsers)

>Amazon (Shopaholic)

I do play a few mobile games like candy crush and fruit ninja, but not much. I'm usually on YouTube through the browser. The app sucks.

I'm not really fond of Kik or Snapchat due to drama between my band and the dance girls at my old high school.

No. 194367

>Neko Atsume
>Fire Emblem Heroes
>Osomatsu-san Hesokuri Wars

No. 194373

-> "Adventure Time: Kingdom of Card Wars 2" (a very good tactical card game)
-> "Pocket Mortys" (A Pkmn-like based on "Rick & Morty" characters)
-> +HOME (Wallpaper/Theme Lancher)
-> Some editing apps like "Meitu", "Candy Camera" and "Beauty Cam"
-> And usual stuff (Instagram,Line, Youtube…etc)

File: 1495182046471.jpg (534.69 KB, 2000x1331, poa3nvir48.jpg)

No. 191069[Reply]

Is anyone in a interracial relationship right now? Even if you're not, discuss your thoughts, feelings, experiences, hesitations, fears, etc. about them.

My relationships have always been interracial because of where I live and even though my boyfriend is Hispanic like my exes, he looks extremely white because he's mixed - colored eyes, light hair, pale skin, etc. I've been kind of afraid of what people might think because I'm an Asian girl. I wouldn't ever stop dating him because of this, but I don't want people to assume I'm self-hating, hate Asian guys, or worship white dudes, as is the stereotype. I'm really proud of my heritage and would've dated one if I could ever find one who didn't look and act like the usual Asian American guy (tan, buff, not boyish/pretty, doesn't care about his culture, doesn't speak his parent language, etc.) I've never gotten weird looks or anything but I wonder how people would feel if we moved to a place that had a higher white/Asian population. Maybe I'm just too in my head about it.
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No. 194670

File: 1497142069442.jpg (16.79 KB, 237x345, yu8976.jpg)

I don't really have any interesting stories about assholes, but I very briefly dated this eccentric dude. It wasn't horrible, just bizarre.

My grandma was working with a guy whose mother moved with him to the US when he was nine. They settled in Florida and his mother remarried a white guy, and to his credit he never acted like he was bitter about it. He became a travelling salesman and he did pretty well because he was fluent in Mandarin. I guess my grandma mentioned that I liked Asian dudes (very work appropriate) and he pestered her to give me his number. I honestly think he wasn't a bad person, but he would say things that would sketch me out a little like, 'My mom's so happy that I'm dating a white girl.' He wanted to move me in with his mom and stepdad a thousand-and-something-miles in Florida after only two months too.

>tells me his biological father is a high-ranking Triad member

>named himself after famous businessman in hopes he'd gain some of his mojo
>he changes his name every couple of months when it doesn't seem to be working
>he'd do alot of coke and suck and my toes
>i find out from my grandma he's been trash talking my male friends saying they were short betas
>lied to my grandma about his age, he was 2 years older than what he said
>he tells me he's the reincarnation of this chinese guy that died mysteriously in the 1930's
>he shows me a photo and they really do look alike and have the same birth name.
>my ex bf is a coked-out foot-fetish triad zombie who complains about dang dirty short betas to my grandmother.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 195194

The couple you posted are actually quite a famous couple in Taiwan, the guy was a political leader and the woman was a Belorussian.

Her story is pretty sad, she wasn't abused or anything but she basically got completely cut off from her ancestral culture. She only met another Belorussian later on in her life when she was like 70 or 80 or something after moving to China, and then to Taiwan.

Her husband also didn't even allow her to play Mahjong because it was "unfeminine" or some shit.

The biggest red flag I've found is if he bitches about white men (or any other group of men really) dating Asian women.

Koreans have this idea that white women are more submissive and expect less of them than Korean women do. Same sort of fetish loser white guys have about Asian women, except it's the entire male population who think this way, not just the losers.

No. 195277

>be black girl
>literally have never once in my entire life dated a guy who wasn't white

I'm one of those people who simply can't be attracted to anyone who deviates from their very specific type. Among the traits you must possess is being blonde and pale.

I've always lived in pretty progressive areas, so being in an interracial relationship has never been a problem.

No. 195321

So all these girls into asian guys.

Where am I supposed to meet you? Cons?

No. 196296

i feel some weird guilt because i've only ever been with white people sexually. i'm latina but can pass for white (i'm argentinian) and my parents actively encourage it. the only problem i've run into with white american guys is that they get pretty condescending when they find out my family is south american. it's not even in a purposely malicious way, just out of ignorance i think. still, i do feel like a racist traitor since i'm pretty much only attracted to white people.

maybe i could go for more darker skinned latino guys but the problem is they're usually short or just as tall as me and i'm not into that.

File: 1496328568060.png (94.72 KB, 795x478, 1485905245432.png)

No. 193087[Reply]

How do you feel about male subs ?
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No. 194048

I think my bf is into it but we're both shy so we've never looked into it properly. Early on in our relationship he tried to get me to tie him up/blindfold him and stuff but I never knew what to do after that. God I'm embarrassing lol.
So we'd have sex and it was cool but afterwards I kind of felt like he was… not dissapointed but a little confused about how to tell me what he wanted. Even if he told me I'd probably die of embarrassment trying to do what he wanted. Argh I'm not cut out for domming.

No. 194085

I had a sex fling with a submissive guy a few years ago, it was fun because I found him so disgusting that it made it really easy to be sadistic and mean to him. But then, I found him so disgusting I didn't want to date him.

My favorite dudes are switches because you have more fun options available as a switch.

No. 194328

I love the idea of a male who can be a sub, but every guy I've been with that refers to themselves as subs cannot be normal outside of bed. They've always got some sort of hardcore inferiority complex or otherwise spineless personality that makes them a drag to be around when you're not fucking. Also, they never want to be anything but the lowest of the low. Like, sissification and chastity and stuff. I don't mind those fetishes but I have zero fucking interest in them. Still, I hate the idea of 'bottom means feminine'.

It's all moot now. I'm married to a guy who's 100% dominant in bed and I've resigned to being his sub. So much for that journey. Oh well. At least he's kind.

No. 194369

Tbh most people who admit to being either dom or sub outside of the bedroom are the worst kind of people, as are people who share any fetish publicly or try to make it part of their identity. Best subs have been really normal guys who are neither dom or sub in daily life, and turn out to be switches so it's more fun when they either take control or surrender. Permanent subs or doms are boring to me.
If you guys are married and respect each other, surely he can outside his comfort zone a little to try to cater to you?

No. 194827

theres already 2 threads on this. check the catalog, retard, and go back to wherever you came from.

File: 1474230240727.jpg (5.46 KB, 240x164, images.jpg)

No. 110609[Reply]

Characters that ruined shows for you.
Yeah, I know Supernatural hasn't been good in a long time but Charlie is what finally made me stop watching
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No. 194265

Yeah, he was hardly the star of the show. I'll take a bland character over the Dawn Summers any day of the week though

No. 194271

What personality?

No. 194272

This character was the worst thing to ever happen to Buffy. I always hoped she and Conner from Angel would die in a fire together.

No. 194279

I know it was hinted that the Dan and Roseanne characters were fans of The Beverly Hillbillies and Bonanza, but to see it all merged into one big whack-ass 90s version (complete with Jim Varney) due to a lottery win was shit.

Despite all that ridiculousness, however, I didn't expect the finale to go full retard. Ending it with the characters of 9 years either actually being dead, switched around, or completely made up was a huge disappointment. Not just because you find out it's all a big lie, but because it was lazily written and executed in such a poor manner for a fairly popular TV series. At least taking it out back and putting it out of its misery that way gave us a sigh of relief in knowing we wouldn't have to see any more from it.

Nah', I'm with you on not liking her in general. I remember her being on MADtv and could never get over the sound of her voice and would get her and Amy Poehler mixed up a lot. Guess it was just two annoying voices doing "comedy" skits that made them merge into one unlikeable person in my head.

No. 194308

rya- I mean kurt was very complex excuse you

File: 1444504659309.jpg (47.47 KB, 341x660, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)

No. 42448[Reply]

Basically people are arguing over the new princess "Moana" because she looks like Rapunzel.

Also Moana may be the new Disney feminist thus looking a "real woman"

tumblrinas are all over this shit

btw if you aren't brown you don't get a say
244 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 43620

I'm not into dissecting stupid shit like disney movies but I am kind of excited for this lol

No. 44063

Gee no one complains when not quite black girls want to start cosplaying Garnet/Ms. Fortune/Storm etc. I get it that there aren't that many brown/black characters to begin with so Im more tolerant of non-whatever cosplaying as a character that isn't there own ethnicity as long as they're still within the spectrum of darker skin.

No. 194003

All 3D Disney princesses look like spoons with googly eyes

No. 194017

Way to necro a year old thread, A+ observation you contributed there

No. 194154


Feel better about yourself now, big shot?

File: 1496801702944.png (43.04 KB, 300x300, unnamed.png)

No. 194141[Reply]

can we get a discord link that works please! thank youuu

File: 1443286155000.jpg (240.72 KB, 852x676, 1417673501444.jpg)

No. 39418[Reply]

How do I go about making friends that respect my boundaries, are honest with me, and don't use me for what I have but hang out with me just because they like who I am?

I'm sick of putting my trust into friends who betray me or aren't to be found when I need a helping hand, after I've helped them so so much.

Any tips? Where do I go to look for friends? I don't really know anymore and have been isolating for a while. I just work, and come home, and read books. That's it.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 39484

PS - treasure the people you have in your life currently because if you're anything like me, I spent all my time with one boyfriend and as a result only have one real friend and even then I rarely see them. I don't have a big family either, so be glad you're not me I guess.

No. 39832

anon, meet my parents. they gave me unrealistic life expectations by having tons of friends, many of whom they're really close with and they're not even status friends, my ma and pa are just genuinely friendly people, unlike me.

if you can't make honest, true friends, the problem is you. unless you live in a really sparsely populated area you can't escape or have social phobia or sth.

No. 194087


Well that's just depressing… I hope for my sake, it's not true

No. 194107

Rare but not impossible. School gives you so much time to socialize as kids but as an adult now you gotta put yourself out there. Good luck anon, I'm sure you will find people if you try.

No. 194140

Join a meetup group or take classes! Also join a friend finding website. It takes time to find people you connect with, but I promise this works.

File: 1496546686334.jpg (76.56 KB, 1264x560, IMG_1077.JPG)

No. 193497[Reply]

Have you ever wished you were a different race?and why?
305 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 194089

Funny because nose jobs to actually build a more pronounced straight nose bridge are super popular in Korea and it's a feature far more common in whites.

No. 194090

Bebe you are so fucking pathetic lmao.

Living your life vicariously through Korean girls because you know black women are hideous as fuck.

No. 194094

File: 1496769978430.jpg (31.52 KB, 300x250, IMG_1106.JPG)

No one ever said white girls cant be cute and this girl is cute but you need to stop being racist and posting pictures of ugly Asian women to prove that the majority of Asian women are ugly. There are just as many pretty Asian women as there are whites women. You're posting photos of models and Instagram thots who have been photoshopped to hell and back and are wearing a shit ton of makeup, it is the same thing you're bitching at Asian women for doing. It's ok to feel a bit envious but you don't need to tear anyone down.

No. 194096

File: 1496771034937.jpg (114.81 KB, 530x795, IMG_1109.JPG)

Also, to the person arguing with me. It is unrealistic to say Asian women are not pretty because they don't naturally look this way…news flash but the majority of women are not pretty without some kind of enhancements(hair, makeup, plastic surgery etc). Even the women you're posting have enhancements. They didn't crawl out of their mothers vagina hole with perfect hair, teeth and makeup, without it they would be plain/ugly. Regardless of race a woman has to put in some kind of effort to look good. Natual beauty is a meme and it doesn't exist.

No. 194099

Moved to >>>/sty/4047.

File: 1496414765471.png (629.16 KB, 599x599, Calvin_Harris.PNG)

No. 193272[Reply]

Anyone else into this genre? i usually prefer deep house over the generic festival tunes.

>What i'm listening to at the moment



>Old favorites (still great)



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 193282

Not a fan of the new stuff tbh. It went to shit when the term "EDM" became a replacement for "Dance music".

Posting a few faves





No. 193402

no offense OP but deep house is one of the the most generic, monotonous genres i ever heard. i can't dance to it and it's not interesting enough to listen to when stationary. what's its purpose?

No. 193726

I agree.
Do you take MDMA by any chance OP, the only people I know that adore house are people that take a shit load of drugs at raves because it's supposed to be part and parcel of the 'culture'.

Then I guess the rest of the times they listen to it it's nostalgia for those artificial highs?

No. 193735


i don't think that's it, i tried to dance to house, deep house and minimal house on both MDMA and extacy and it was doubly infuriating because the high from those substances make me spaz out and seek high BPM tunes. maybe you need to take a shitload of them though, i just took enough to get me high.

No. 194015

File: 1496732829899.gif (1.97 MB, 620x349, orlygurn.gif)

hmm maybe it's just a brit thing, people here swallow a load of molly wrapped in rizla while waiting in the queue, wait till it explodes, then sweat, gurn, and girate to house music for 6 hours

File: 1493176133489.png (164.25 KB, 500x279, P1indEX.png)

No. 188211[Reply]

Farmers, what is the most horrible thing you have done? do you feel guilty?
I catfished a boy from my school for months because he rejected me. He even told my fake profile his deepest secrets. Even though I didn't felt guilty immediately I'm feeling really bad now.
78 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 193972

the fact that you feel guilt means that you're human. I'm sorry you live in a shitty place but hopefully you can encourage the people around you to feel the same kind of humanity, but I know I'll be thinking about your story the next time someone tells me about all the hot IDF soldiers I could meet on birthright.

No. 193973


I'm not Israeli though.

No. 193987

that's nothing to feel bad about. millions of women make the same decision you did because they aren't ready to provide for a child at that point, my own grandmother had one before they were legal and went on to help a lot of people and mother two lovely daughters. you haven't done anything to harm anyone, and if anything are ensuring that you don't harm anybody which is incredibly noble.

No. 193995

Anon you could say this about every egg you fail to fertilize and every sperm that doesn't make it. You are laying a lot of unnecessary guilt on yourself.

No. 193998

One thing that comes to mind is me accidentally killing a kitten - my cat gave birth to a second litter of kittens, I decided I was going to keep one. I put a collar on him so I could tell which one he was (they were all black). We'd let them out to run around the house, but had to corral them back into the conservatory before bed. I was corralling them, didn't look as I shut the sliding door… the kitten I wanted to keep got his head slammed. He convulsed madly. I took him to the vet, they tried to save him, but he died. I was a fucking idiot for not looking behind me properly. I still feel like a total piece of shit for it.

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