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File: 1471420675947.jpg (67.51 KB, 750x563, 8659682976.jpg)

No. 140789[Reply]

Who here has to put up with shit from weirdo guys?

I know this board isn't for personal blogposts, but I'd figured I'd start this one off with a short anecdote

>be me, 19, waitress job at restaurant

>creepy autistic dishwasher works there, about 20, obsessed with vidya and starwars
>couple of gay coworker dudes have dozen person get-together after work
>go to their apartment with friends, me and just one other girl
>inexplicably, dish autist is there too
>play never-have-i-ever
>he has 10 fingers up, the rest of us at one or two
>"N-n-never have I e-ever had-had sex!"
>he wins game
>everyone drinking, go out on porch for smoke
>he comes out, sits next to me
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No. 181050


how is this relevant?

No. 182057

Its because they don't want to admit being creepy, especially in a public area, so they will try to make you out to be in the wrong

No. 182058

What the fuck, why don't you fight back?

No. 182076

>choose to do drugs/drink with a man
>choose to have sex with a man
>regret it
>he raped me

Do you ever take responsibility for any your actions? Do the drugs you voluntarily take make you unaccountable for any actions you do? Why can't I get high, kill someone, then claim it's not my fault because I was on drugs?

No. 182079

Read the post anon replied to you fucking retard.

File: 1487852289567.jpg (286.84 KB, 480x556, proxy.jpg)

No. 181840[Reply]

Fatty-chan here, I'm looking to get fit and become more attractive.

I really let myself go during uni so now even though I still get complimented on my face, my body is borderline obese. I'm 165 pounds and 5'2 at 22 years old and it's so embarassing.

I like it here because people are harsh- what can I stick to in order to get better? even my nails are bitten from stress and I don't know where to look about working on this and being healthier. If there's already a thread for this I'm sorry, please direct me!
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No. 181993


Without the body going into fat storing mode anon?

No. 181994

File: 1487931458795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.5 KB, 722x1280, IMG_4447.JPG)

Mananon here

>go swimming

>eat yogurt
>cut out soda completly, drink water and choccy milk instead
>have lots of sex

you'll be skinny in 2-3 months bb(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 181995

Good morning anon

Don't listen to these other people. If you do something drastic then you won't stick to it. Your weight might go down a bit and then you'll slip back into old habits and end up hating yourself for it. Not many people can stick to these things.

Change little things at a time. Start off by cutting out drinks that aren't water or tea. Drinking lots of water makes you feel hydrated and generally healthier. Once you get used to that you'll start finding sugary tastes overwhelming, and start appreciating more natural flavours. Go for a walk every day to make you feel brighter and more awake. You don't need to cut out foods that you like, just keep yourself occupied or restrict how much you can have. For example buy multipacks of chips rather than sharer bags so you can't mindlessly munch through the whole bag.

Don't overwhelm yourself, just little steps!

No. 181996

>Chocolate milk
Is this a meme I'm missing?
>tips to avoid comfort eating
Cook and pre-portion all of your food and meals in advance, become a tupperware queen. If you have a big freezer you can make up large batches of healthy soup and just freeze portions. Don't ever trust yourself to eat anything straight from a bag, measure EVERYTHING out
drink a large glass of water before you eat any meal or snack. Remove habitual eating e.g. feeling like you should eat when you do xy, or replace it with munching on carrots/celery. Get yourself used to not eating past 10pm
Also never create a thread for yourself without looking in the catalog ever again, or you will balloon to a size XXXL

No. 182002

That's a meme. Starvation mode happens when you're literally starving. As in virtually no body fat, emaciated, dying.

Eating fewer calories than burned every day leads to weight loss no matter what. Everything contradicting this is a lie. Super simple stuff.

File: 1487348939276.jpg (253.43 KB, 800x1205, IMG_9010.JPG)

No. 181478[Reply]

A place to post about being overweight and trying to lose weight when your over weight.

No. 181775

Just stop eating.

No. 181832

File: 1487839696215.jpg (40.29 KB, 475x480, 1452800965927.jpg)

No shit man.

I didn't see another weight loss thread in the catalog, so maybe we can revive this one? Maybe a small survey would be fun:

>Current weight and goal weight?

>Current diet?
>Current exercise plan?
>Your favorite exercise?
>Your motivation?
>Your favorite low-cal meal?

While you're answering, drink a glass of water~!

No. 181836

ana-chan, pls

No. 181842

We have 1-2 diet threads, a Weeaboo diet thread and a fit thread. Do we really need another one?

No. 181892

This picture makes me feel kinda weird

File: 1480732881950.jpg (45.74 KB, 660x300, 12093.jpg)

No. 119875[Reply]

Previous thread: >>110532

Keep venting, friends.
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No. 181872

This seems to keep happening to me with different people and it drives me fucking nuts-
A vents to C about what a shitty person B is, things that they have done or still do, C listens
A runs back to B and tells them C hates them but lol idk why, whatever~
A and B remain great friends, C is now the piece of shit everyone hates.

I'd expect this kind of shit in highschool not in my late twenties. All I can think to do is just throw both people away rather than bother with them at all anymore.

No. 181895

I'm a trainee beauty therapist in a small UK town with a class of about 8 but lately only 5 have been showing up. I paid for the course in order to stop being a NEET because I wanted to do something with my life but this particular girl who's several years older than me has been singling me out and slowly chipping away at my self esteem (or patience) away with her attitude and sense of authority as one of the older and taller (she's 5'8 and I'm 5'3) members of the group who doesn't have depression (although I'm pretty sure she has something).

I'll call her Aby. I have no idea why she keeps picking on me because she's relatively successful job/money wise already and has no reason to unless she sees me as an easy target and is just scoring "superiority" points.

I have a theory that it is because when we were doing a makeup application lesson, we had these cheap foundations that caked easily and oxidised really badly and it embarrassed her in front of the whole class, and she's been 'getting me back' for it ever since. (However when i applied it to someone else's face she was fine, and when Aby's friend applied the same makeup to her face in a later class it turned out Aby's skin just didn't suit that particular foundation).

I feel Aby still holds a grudge against me for it because has been putting me on the spot and asking me things like my exam scores in front of the class, questions about my personal problems at home, talks to me and then when I start talking to her she walks away, and also corrects me on my wording. For example, she recently interrupted me while I was talking to someone else. I said "I received some constructive criticism-" and she stopped me just to say "constructive feedback.") It feels so patronising.

Whenever I offer her constructive ""feedback"" after practicing treatments on each other, she looks at me as if I just told her she will never bring her family honour and that she will never amount to a decent therapist and then "explains" to the teacher how we had a conflict but she managed to resolve it. Example: today she practiced a 45 minute manicure on me because there were only four of us and the other two had paired up. The manicure routine itself was lovely throughout but she basically was just laying the paint on by the end and it began to drag and make an uneven surface. At the end I explained how the painting technique was taught to us and even showed her how to do it, and she just said "soPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 181902

If you think being in the 20's make people any less childish, ouh boy, wait for when you're 30 and a colleague (and mother of two) throw a fucking tamper tantrum in front of you.

No. 181908

My dad is very verbally abusive towards everyone, specially my mum, as soon as my mum's home from work until he sleeps he just spends the evening insulting her nonstop for any reason out of nowhere and it happens everyday
he's retired & sits at home all day drinking or goes out to drink and just does literally nothing but complains about ANYTHING and makes me or my mum do everything for him like if he wants a drink we have to get it for him or if he wants a door closed we have to close it etc lmao
I really hate living with him and how he just treats me and my mum but mostly my mum, I don't get why she doesn't divorce him when she brings all the money in this house and he just wastes it on alchol and tobacco ???
I'm worried about leaving her with him when I move out so I really wish she'd just leave him but no matter how many times i talk to her about it and she agrees she never does it zz

No. 181909

I can but the last private practitioner I went to wanted 220 € for a checkup and pap smear and if I go to a public health station they won't even let you near a doctor

File: 1486466342327.jpg (26.79 KB, 520x320, gun to head.jpg)

No. 180955[Reply]

What do you think of japan denying their war crimes that their country committed during ww2? And also downplaying those atrocities? How about keeping them out of their history books?
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No. 181779

Maybe you should bother reading the replies first.

How does your grandfather feel about you being a weeaboo?

No. 181781

They were able to do that due submitting to the winner of WWII: The U.S.

No. 181782

>the worst thing that comes to my mind is Agent Orange
>not thinking the atomic bombs were war crimes


No. 181783

>How does your grandfather feel about you being a weeaboo?

Well, he's deceased and never really knew that I was weeb before he left. He was pretty mellow in his old age though, didn't seem to have much of an issue with any of his old enemies in either Japan or Mainland China.

His youngest daughter (my Aunt) on the other hand, she had a grudge.

No. 181792

Abe is famous for expressing his condolences but never apologizes.

I have no hard feelings for the modern society who knows nothing cause it's been censored, but for the jerks who knew and still worship yasukuni shrine…

I'd say fuck them but also thanks I guess cause thinking how my grandma had to rub shits and mud on her face to avoid being raped helped me to not become a weeb.

File: 1479737486102.png (65.97 KB, 652x712, morishimaakikoyuri.png)

No. 134706[Reply]

We have a fujo thread here in /g/, so I think we need a thread to discuss Yuri (shoujo ai, girls' love~) as well, even though yaoi seems more popular.

Post your favourites animes, mangas, authors and everything related, gurls.

From pink haired Utena to gau gau bears,
Yuri is love. Yuri is life.
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No. 181236

Do you guys know of any shoujo-ai or yuri manga where the main couple are both women (college aged), not high schoolers?

I feel like reading about a more mature(?) relationship.

No. 181284


No. 181457

File: 1487323799359.jpg (180.99 KB, 720x1280, de12fcf119ec094b2f7f3158fdc54d…)

How about Fluttering Feelings it's set in a college setting with college aged characters.

No. 181464

Damn I forgot this existed. It's so damn good even tho I'm not crazy for the art.
And maka maka is amazing. >>181284

No. 181753

He was very sickly as a child so he spent his time to draw. He started on a boys Love comic recently which is a shocker

File: 1487619929309.jpg (32.03 KB, 480x872, DSC_00244.jpg)

No. 181657[Reply]

wale szczura, jest kozacko
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No. 181659

jest klonik jest impreza
jest kurachen jest inba

No. 181661

File: 1487621879497.gif (455.04 KB, 521x459, 1487098739512913610.gif)

zesrałem sie i jebie

No. 181663

File: 1487622171750.jpg (161.52 KB, 625x300, belmondziak-npr.jpg)

Nie jest to dla sławy, bo już jestem sławny
Nie jest to dla sławnych, bo to nie te czasy
Nie masz dla mnie cashu - nie zawracaj mi gitary
Jadę se załatwiać sprawy, wpierdalam się w taxi
Witam na safari, nie w jebanej aplikacji, tylko w twojej bani
Pisze do mnie jakas bambi, chciała sie ustawić
To ta sama, której wczoraj kupowałeś kwiaty
Nie mam czasu na glupoty, kierunek nowe bloki
Se zarobić trochę cashu
Wygłodniałe suki obcinają moje skoki
Nie wiem, o co chodzi
Zajmuję se stolik i zamawiam se gnocchi
Zamawiam se gnocchi, do tego eskalopki
Nie słucham Eska Rock i ASAP Rocky
Moje kroki obserwują szproty, dziwko nie podsłu…
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 181664

oski a możesz z tym pedalskim rapem wypierdalać?

No. 181668

Back to wykop pls

File: 1472928346952.png (1.12 MB, 1402x870, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.00…)

No. 109364[Reply]

Last one reached reply limit. Post about fat people being gross.
Old thread: >>>>13848
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No. 181549

Her name is Kristin right? She fucking ruins every Ladylike video she's in. She's so negative and absolutely terrible at makeup despite apparently spending $200 a month on it?! Ladylike in general is going downhill, thank god Safiya left Buzzfeed. She was the only relatively good one.

No. 181551

Wow, you guys sure know a lot about buzzfeed

No. 181579

Unfortunately this is all too real.

No. 181581

Yeah, I used to watch some of their videos, who cares?

No. 181593

You do.

File: 1487579520957.png (803.91 KB, 1698x1131, snek court.png)

No. 181616[Reply]

snek court lol
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No. 181638


No. 181639


No. 181640


No. 181641

I laughed out loud.

No. 181723

Moved to >>>/sty/2437.

File: 1487288289577.jpg (63.01 KB, 500x743, mori_guy.jpg)

No. 181423[Reply]

>You will never live in a cottage together with your husband out in the wilderness, raising a few animals and growing crops for yourselves

>You will never feed little lambs and see how they grow up.

>You will never spend your evenings at a fireplace after a day of honest and emotionally fulfilling work, kissing and cuddling each other.

>You will never brew tea in the morning, as the sun rises and look outside your window seeing your husband chopping wood.

;___; Why even live
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No. 181499

What's stopping you really? In some western countries at least this has become a bit trendy from what I've heard.

It's hard though.

Also can't help you with finding a hubby.

No. 181514

>tfw you will never be a night elf mohawk

No. 181559

Isn't this basically what Marie Antoinette did?

No. 181562

Posting cozy in a semicozy thread

No. 181597

You can absolutely do it OP! Or even if it isn't 100% feasible for you, there are actually many places (at least in my country USA) where you can live maybe 20 minutes from the next town and have a good house and a chunk of land for very cheap, and that way you can balance keeping animals and growing your own crops and living a fairly rural life, with still being able to drive over to town and get any supplies and such that you need or want. Just keep moving forward and I believe you can live a life like you want one day!

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