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File: 1491928432146.jpg (57.07 KB, 482x549, 1486162238058.jpg)

No. 186349[Reply]

Non shit discord server :)


No. 186450

Aww sweetie, were you banned from the real one?

File: 1479737486102.png (65.97 KB, 652x712, morishimaakikoyuri.png)

No. 134706[Reply]

We have a fujo thread here in /g/, so I think we need a thread to discuss Yuri (shoujo ai, girls' love~) as well, even though yaoi seems more popular.

Post your favourites animes, mangas, authors and everything related, gurls.

From pink haired Utena to gau gau bears,
Yuri is love. Yuri is life.
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No. 186279

This thread has been dead for a while but I just wanna say that The Private Report on my Lesbian Experience with Loneliness was FINALLY updated.

It's the last chapter. Many anons seemed to enjoy it to here ya go:


No. 186283

File: 1491858787768.png (125.93 KB, 729x263, 56456.png)

Thanks, anon. I've been waiting to finish this and was just thinking about it yesterday.

So much of it is so painfully relatable but also somewhat freeing to read all of these private things from someone else that I've felt forever. I hope I can experience her happy ending someday.

No. 186344

you're so welcome. i feel the same way, this manga was extremely relatable. she was so honest.

and the art was simply adorable. as far as i know she is working on new stuff, so hopefully we'll get more from her.

No. 186356

File: 1491930010491.png (58.75 KB, 240x232, Qxj6aBh.png)

thanks from me too anon, I was also waiting for the last update!

No. 186363

youre welcome

No. 186051[Reply]

Alright girls, how do we fix Japan? Their economy hasn't grown since the 90s, their birthrates are low and the Japanese people aren't fucking anymore.30% of Japanese male adults are virgins.How would you fix Japan ?
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No. 186313

Most of the problems japanese society has, south korea has them worse.

No. 186314

Nah, it's up there, but accidents and homicides are both before suicide in the US at least.

Here's a source

Japan has a much, much bigger issue with teen suicide than almost any country in the world.

No. 186336

I agree with the issues you have highlighted too, but I wanted to add that my focus was less about respect and more just encouraging people to actually WANT to have families. Just from my personal western views, I would rather be single forever with 2D husbandos than be a house slave. But I agree, the kids can't grow up and have families if they kill themselves either.

It's more fun to talk about fixing Japan than my own country, because my government are currently doing the opposite to everything I believe in so it's just too depressing to think about it. It's better to imagine fixing a place that I have no real ties to, and that my understanding of is so limited and flattened that I can have more clear-cut opinions.

No. 186342

ngl, this was depressing and awful to read. i wonder what started this problem.

No. 186343

Yeah, don't get me wrong, I think that's massively important too, and something that would need to change (though I do think that attitudes towards women in general have changed drastically in city areas, not sure about rural), I just think that it's a prioritizsation sort of thing. More important to get the kids to stop killing themselves, then get them to be able to live okay social lives and want to sleep with other kids and people around them and develop relationships, then move towards getting them to want to start families.

All vitally important, I just think that there's an order that they'd need to be addressed in. I could be wrong though.

I agree entirely though with your second point. I like talking about how my country could be fixed, but it's more enjoyable to talk about foreign nations than it is to talk about how our countries failures aren't getting addressed because our politicians don't give enough of a shit about them, or want the opposite to happen. Plus, you can be a little more objective about a country you aren't connected to I think.

File: 1439684310846.jpg (39.07 KB, 499x402, mallorymerk.jpg)

No. 26321[Reply]

What do you all think of the natural hair community? Personally I find it great a growing number of black people are finally accepting their natural hair because lets be honest before it was mainstream literally almost every black girl in Europe and America was wearing fake hair which in my opinion is strange. Yes, non-blacks wear wigs/weave too but it's odd and not common. I've seen plenty of black girls who relax their hair when they are fucking 7. That's not normal. So…the rise of actual natural kinky hair is a good thing.

But just like innocent hobbies like wearing kawaii clothes there are also plenty noticeable evil people in the community…it seems when non-blacks call their hair natural black people get really triggered. I would understand it completely if you'd get triggered when you see a girl who calls her hair kinky or afro even though it's straight and greasy but the word natural isn't owned by blacks. There was even a girl who wears her hair in a natural hair texture bullied by catty black people (by both men and women btw not only women). She was featured negatively in fucking Ebony magazine which is one of the oldest African American magazines. Utterly childish and unprofessional, even if their standpoint is SJW. What do you girls think of this?

Picture related; she is 12 year old and was called a racist and oppressor by thousands of adults on the internet.
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No. 186278

What the fuck is up with all these racist ass posts? Did we get invaded by pol again?
Mods pls ban
Ban everyone in this thread
Ban me too

>monoglot murrican complaining about a french person's english
>even though you can perfectly understand everything she said

No. 186286

Three: Finnish, Swedish and English.

No. 186308

File: 1491873683087.png (755.24 KB, 1327x695, berserk2016.png)

Only idiots care about this nonsense.

Hair styles aren't unique to a specific culture you apes. Get the fuck out of here. Just read this


Oh whats that? Dreads have been used by people all over the world since ancient times? Oh wait that doesn't matter anymore because its "blak ppplz hair now"

Niggers. Kill everyone in this thread

No. 186312

Low IQ bait anon go home to /pol/ please.
Your Zionist president is calling.

No. 186339

One thing that bothered me about the "white people hated this, but now they like this, such hypocrisy" is that it only makes sense if it's the same person that's hypocritical. A race is not a hive mind. A white person can grow up never hating black people and always admiring their hair, and then wants to get braids herself, but then will get shit for it because OTHER white people were racist. Only deal hate if that particular person had been actually been racist, but then wants to claim something from that race as a style.

Had an argument with someone on Tumblr about this because they were calling some Korean celebrity "racist" for having hair that looked like a jerry curl. They said no black person would accept this. I told them I was black and it didn't bother me, and they proceeded to tell me I wasn't "truly" black and it's more than just skin color? What?

File: 1482944623772.jpg (48.34 KB, 465x908, d37cixh0847x.jpg)

No. 173922[Reply]

Post cringe shit you found on the net
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No. 184425


>that kick he does on the ball

Of all the things in the video, this is what gets me every time.

No. 184458

This guy kinda looks like my type except for the dumb gauges. But my type is also twinks who look like they are ready to get fucked up the ass. Who would think this guy is a daddy at all? lmao

No. 186293

File: 1491864105356.png (229.27 KB, 535x868, alanfinal.png)

No. 186294

File: 1491864617350.png (229.98 KB, 510x417, alanf.png)

apparently this is what redpillers/MRAs look like

No. 186311

Holy fuck, why tumblr is such a horrid place?

File: 1487942119844.jpg (773.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1487730823607.jpg)

No. 182003[Reply]

I'm probably going to come really salty, but I'm sick of dating men. Rellationships with them seem stuck in all these rules and gender roles. A lot of men also seem to have fucked up views of sex thanks to porn.

I am bisexual, though I have never had a relationship with a woman. It seems to me that lesbian relationships are a lot different from hetero ones.

The problem is that I have no idea where to find bi/gay women or how to flirt with them. I'm pretty shy already so that doesn't help.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
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No. 185576

i am slain

"princely" women are top tier. i wish they existed irl.

No. 185602

the last part of what you wrote made me feel really bad, Anon. damn,

No. 185694

>I'm bi but I pretty much gave up on finding a girl because I'm not very confident in my appeal to women even though I consider myself decent-looking.. and my life is currently too much of a mess to let anyone in. And also, I'd have yet to come out and I dread that

Are you me, anon. This is literally my life right now. A stupid mess and I'm so stuck in the middle of a rut, I can't even imagine being worthy of being in any relationship, so it's better to not try at all, lol.
Though you sound like a chill girl, I-i'd totally be into those fantasies.

I can't even imagine all the retarded comments from everyone if I ever dared to date a girl. I always presented myself as hetero because I never thought it was possible that I might be bi, and surely those crushes are platonic! It sounds retarded, but I just grew up in the mindset that it's simply impossible to be bi for me. Because, that can happen to other people, but certainly not to me, right? It's just a phase, right?
Idk, and now I'm 24 and feel like the window of opportunity has passed. It just feels pathetic to come out now, and I don't know who would even want me. As said, I only recently came to terms that bisexuality exists, and I feel like if I admitted it out loud, everyone would just call me a hypocrite. Not sure if any woman would even want to date me, or if they would just see another desperate bisexual in me. Not that I would know how to properly approach a woman in the first place, ha.

Eh, long story short, life's a mess and not trying is better than ridicule and rejection, I guess

No. 186114

File: 1491688942070.png (521.15 KB, 800x559, 1440414044706.png)

Shit anon, i had to shead a little tear at that last paragraph. I hope you find that.

No. 186173

you're both actually stupid.
le i'm so introverted and gross xdddd makes me a literal NEET you guizzz
e-girls smdh

File: 1454009792811.jpg (34.64 KB, 400x533, CBiTu3OUMAAJYCr.jpg)

No. 131699[Reply]

I checked around for a thread like this and didn't see one, so here is an all-purpose employment thread.

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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No. 184147

I got accepted to some accelerated nursing schools but the negative posts about nursing here make me nervous.. Is it really that bad? What if I want to move into other areas? I'm particularly interested in being a nurse practitioner, working in NICU or an instructor for a university.

No. 184246

>24 dollars to work at the cafe
what the fuck? thats more money than a government worker makes in the us

No. 185871

Any advice for (summer, stem) internships, anons? I've been applying since mid-February. Applied to 20ish companies that posted ads or went to career fairs, and have since gotten 5 rejections. My self-confidence is taking a hit here, I've had my resume reviewed by multiple people several times and been told it's good and that they mainly expect willingness to learn, yet…

No. 186053

Maybe it's Australian Dollar or something, the fact that they said 'takeaway' (an english expression) might suggest that

No. 186099

Is your resume customized to each job posting (like has exact words from the ad in it)?
You might be getting rejected before anyone even sees your resume.

Also, are you submitting customized cover letters too? That is the place to show how you are willing to learn, and why you would be good for the internship. It helps to have a generic one written out, and then you can tweak it to various jobs and companies.

File: 1480370254291.png (432.5 KB, 1024x1024, 1446427841182-2.png)

No. 137439[Reply]

Do you have them? If you don't, what's your opinion on the topic?

Are you usually the rapist or the victim?

How frequently do you fantasize about it?

What do you like about it?

Do you have any idea why you are into it?

Do you ever feel bad or guilty about it? Why, Why not?

What other stuff are you into?

If you are in the mood to write, what does your typical scenario look like?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 184918

Why bitch about anons posting fucked up things when this thread … exists??

I used to have (active) rape fantasies about an ex. I had a certain bad time in my life (being inpatient at a mental ward and stuff) and during that time I still had an on and off thing with this video game addicted low-life douchebag that helped destabelize my situation with his behaviour. It wouldn't have been so bad but at the time the things that happened just were a recipe for disaster because I was just too unstable to cope healthily and in my head I became incredibly vindictive for a while there. I had violent fantasies about him every day, trapping him, torturing him (I researched Guantanamo Bay A LOT during that time) and worse, about making him have stockholm syndrome and having sex and all that. I'm glad I moved on from that as I find (active) rape fantasies despicable generally. Moreover, I'm certain that I will never let it come to a similar situation in my life again.

Other than that as much as the word rape ist a turn-off for me but that's just me. Being ravished is cool but that's something else for me, too.

No. 185955

File: 1491518555210.png (168.32 KB, 1712x856, 1480683799431.png)

are guys even allowed on this board?

No. 185960

Please see: >>137468

No. 185965

I used to have rape fantasies (but it seemed consensual in my head as it was something I wanted) and used to fap to rape porn but then I actually got raped for real and now I find it triggering and despicable.

Now I just fap to the idea of being used by a bunch of guys or something

No. 186002

File: 1491576175166.png (162.14 KB, 1712x902, vago.png)

>Do you have them? If you don't, what's your opinion on the topic?
rarely yes

>Are you usually the rapist or the victim?

always the rapist

>How frequently do you fantasize about it?

maybe 10% of the time i fantasize

>What do you like about it?

power rush, degrading men

>Do you have any idea why you are into it?

"payback" to men because i feel bad about being weak. if i rape their ass until they bleed i wont feel as weak ;)))))

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1462024149287.jpg (1000.37 KB, 931x1247, es15.jpg)

No. 136687[Reply]

Previous thread:

Other thread started autosaging.

Post inspo, your recent cops, ask for advice, etc.
247 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 184753

These look like terrible quality anon. Definitely try to find them cheaper than $20.

No. 185006

jfc this was painful to scroll through you all have awful taste, can we make a real fashion thread?

No. 185616

How do I find good quality, ethical, not TOO expensive ($50-$100 per item,) clothing? I don't support fast fashion businesses, so I always shop at a local thrift store, but most of the stuff I get from there is boutique clothing that's not much better quality than H&M or F21's garbage. Places like Zady, Ethica, or Helpsy are NOT my style. At all.

No. 185642

etsy can get way up there in price, but there's some great gems in there. if we knew more about your style beyond 'not these three bands' maybe we can rec some shops

No. 185989

Demonia have a shoe like this called rival 404, or you could give aliexpress a go

File: 1491456354542.jpg (85.14 KB, 625x416, Earthship-tyre-walls1-625x416.…)

No. 185879[Reply]

Build your home with recycled garbage! Be self-sufficient! Never pay bills again. Anybody interested?


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