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File: 1570954354972.jpg (96.68 KB, 464x648, e21jv17ool511.jpg)

No. 472051[Reply]

A Thread for former NEETs who escaped the NEET lifestyle and are tying to stay out and current NEETs who wish who want to get out of NEETdom
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No. 1596880

i'm not the anon who was goading you, i just felt kinda sorry for you because you seemed nice but gullible. my bad, and in hindsight that other anon was most likely right about you kek

No. 1596979

there is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing your parents will never respect you, even when you stop being a neet, get a job or go to college to study. i'm in college now and i'm the valedictorian, they should be proud of me but instead they still treat me like i'm a child, constantly nagging me and yelling at me for no reason, trying to control what i eat and when i go to sleep (even thought i'm on holiday for 3 months and i'm LITERALLY A FUCKING ADULT NOW) i'm literally in my early twenties but my dad thinks he has the right to force me to go to sleep early?????? when i'm on holiday??????? i don't understand

i'm doing everything i can i put my heart and soul to escape NEETDOM and go to college and fight my mental illnesses and be successful, get good grades

but it's not enough
it's neevr enough


sorry for the rant

No. 1596981

i want to kill myself

No. 1597047

Just hold it together a little longer anon and you can get a job, move out, and go low contact with them. You’re doing great!

No. 1597893

stay strong and get away from them nonnie, they might very well be a big part of the reason you have mental issues, that isn't normal or healthy parenting, they need to respect your boundaries change as you age and learn to treat you according to your age and needs and not like a little child

File: 1683323896893.jpeg (15.29 KB, 285x177, IMG_7915.jpeg)

No. 1568760[Reply]

I had an idea for a thread I hope it’s ok.
Post your random childhood memories. This could get really sad really quickly, I know; there’s room for that but try to keep it light or at least weird.
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No. 1589694

Johnny Depp was handsome to me when I was a little kid, but promptly after puberty this look was not remotely attractive to me. He was kind of hot in The Secret Window though. Honestly I'd be more attracted to him as Bon Bon than this effeminate sexless look.

Keanu has always been charming and cute. I think its just him as a person, you can just tell.

No. 1595562

Memory unlocked: father crying over Conan story he’s retelling. Literally one of two times he cried that I saw my whole life. Why do dads love Conan and Raptor Red? Millennials understand

No. 1595565

My dad taught me to solve problems by punching people in the face. This came in handy when I got harassed at age 12 after I told a group of boys I was a lesbian after rejecting them. They never fucked with me again. Thanks, dad!

No. 1595606

>women are supposed to consider someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger attractive
Arnie is underrated imo, he's not pretty but still handsome and even cute in something like Kindergarten Cop. Body builder physiques can be pretty yuck so I can't blame girls who aren't into that, but even by body builder standards he looks way better than the rest. Like, not as dried out and misshapen.

No. 1595837

Seriously? In his prime he looked like he was molded from wet clay by a fingerless blind person. Absolutely hideous

File: 1662076931773.jpg (83.62 KB, 640x640, 39148843_1129848570496560_1413…)

No. 1323616[Reply]

Thread for the admiration of felines. Post cute cats NOW!
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No. 1595453

File: 1685752747166.png (272.66 KB, 702x757, FwYZ9KbX0AckIHW.png)

not my kitty but hes very cute :3(:3)

No. 1595515

This should've been the album art cover of Death Grips' Jenny Death

No. 1595546

My "whore" cat is getting fixed next week. She's gonna have a little shaved belly and sleep with me all day. Idk how this usually goes when they get fixed, but hope the rapey cat will leave her alone after and she will stop presenting her body in the night. Roooooxanne!

No. 1595560

My ten year old cat is letting me pick him up now if I drape his head over my shoulder and hold him against my chest. He used to shriek bloody murder when I tried, but now he purrs. I almost cried when I heard him do it the first time, without whining or screaming at the same time.

No. 1596080

cat sneezes are so cute

File: 1684013028610.jpg (32.7 KB, 620x443, Nunns-RFP-030314.jpg)

No. 1576878[Reply]

You know the drill

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No. 1595544

But it's halfway for both of us

No. 1595570

I chickened out just didn't feel like driving this far at night. My clown ass even got fully ready and had keys in hand. Fuuuck what is wrong with me right now someone come slap the shit out of me please

No. 1595581

well at least you get to live another day nona

No. 1595590

I hate junkies and hard drug addicts with every fiber of my very being and 99% of the time I don't feel bad when they OD on fent and die.

No. 1595602

I hate vtubers and their fans, the concept of vtubing is so retarded to me, I will judge anyone who likes vtubers no matter what

File: 1677078632136.jpg (350.73 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20230222_094541_Twi…)

No. 1506368[Reply]

Share men's brainlet takes on anything women related
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No. 1595504

File: 1685757510007.jpeg (118.24 KB, 828x1229, IMG_0395.jpeg)

KEK I can’t believe that photo is still going around.

No. 1595514

File: 1685758822587.jpeg (202.16 KB, 1179x1385, IMG_9008.jpeg)

No. 1595517

Those anons have deep issues that go way beyond what the average woman experiences

No. 1595543

This is true. I remember my dad trash talking some woman who had a crush on my uncle for the simple fact that she had not completed higher education and only focused on chasing men. I have witnessed countless moids trash talking women for being uneducated or not trying hard enough in life to the point where i can feel comfortable that men who advocate for women to focus on getting surgeries are men who flunked high school and are still banking on their flop of a rap career taking off.

No. 1595549

Lmao and the best part about it is that no woman will deny that it's true. Wonder what's the difference between these two gentlemen.

File: 1629240664912.jpg (69.21 KB, 1200x675, cardib.jpg)

No. 884334[Reply]

Inspired by the GoodReads thread. Discuss your experience with the userbase, forums, reviews, recommendations, website design, "top anime/manga", general cringe, etc.
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No. 1595194

No. 1595310

People (scrotes) on there are incredibly immature. There was one episode of an anime where the male main character accidentally encountered his old female high school friend and they chatted. Later on he called her and in the background it hinted this female character had a boyfriend. Scrotes on the forums were calling her a bitch for having the audacity to have her own life years after high school and not sitting preserved in amber for the main character to rediscover.

No. 1595509

This is really embracing to admit, but a couple of years ago i was wanting some people to talk to and i went other there in the forums hoping to meet some like minded people. The users were so unbelievably aggressive and had giant sticks up their ass. Literally no fun allowed was allowed with them. Plus I remember them unironically having discussions saying that the US should invade all third world countries and that non-americans were retarded for living heavily concentrated in cities rather than spreading out. Literally the worst amerifag stereotypes and the angriest people, you couldn't guess they enjoyed anime. Maybe that's how new fags on here feel kek.

No. 1595578

What anime was that? Kinda reminds me of the Erased ending fiasco.

No. 1595990

The only thing I know about MAL is that FMA:B fans are always review bombing other animes if they dare to take away the number 1 spot from their precious anime, so fucking unhinged and autistic kek

File: 1683769898865.jpg (6.88 KB, 249x202, 911.jpg)

No. 1573559[Reply]

felt obligated to make thread since I wrote 1200th post. previous thread >>>/ot/1508089
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No. 1595379

My coworker is an amazing baker but today they gave me a massive bowl of filling made of cream cheese, sugar and heavy cream whipped together. I tried eating some on toast and even that was too much sweetness for me. Considering how “bad” our food is it felt like one of the most American foods I’ve ever eaten

No. 1595385

god, 100%, even the majority of people who consider themselves republican are NOT pro-life yet every fucking republican politician is? garbage

No. 1595390

They will never let go of it, it's part of the ideology. But yeah if they did some pivot like "actually free will is given by god to all and we believe people will choose life" or whatever thing they would never say, they would win.

No. 1595864

America needs a third party that takes the policies that work from both the democrats and republicans as well as adding in new common sense policies of their own. The two party system doesn't work because they are either the same or the extreme opposite.

No. 1595930

too bad, the system was designed so that there can never be more than 2 parties. it will take violent insurrection to change it.

File: 1634063579856.jpg (34.45 KB, 360x450, Homo_georgicus.jpg)

No. 936880[Reply]

A thread to discuss human evolution as well as the evolution of other general creatures. You can talk about from the very start to the current time we live in or beyond.
Discuss biology, geography, social and cultural changes, etc. Remember any creature is welcomed to discuss.
>If you racebait you die.
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No. 1595103

They’re so much more lovable with feathers

No. 1595111

Portrayals of these animals have come a long way since Jurassic Park's overly large, hairless monsters. Even the babies in JP were ugly little fuckers.

No. 1595114

Meanwhile in Prehistoric Planet, the babies look so cute and the adults look like cool ground hawks.

No. 1595139

I was reading reviews on the show and moids are triggered by their cuteness. I guess loving dinosaurs becomes too feminine for men if they are cute and lovable and not only killing machines.

No. 1595187

Yeah okay that's fine, let us have the dinos then, let it be feminine to like dinos. So retarded. Imagine stopping thinking that bears and lions are cool because their babies are cute. It's like they just want them to be these evil dragon fantasy creatures and not real animals that have existed.
Since Youtube is now recommending me dinoasaur videos, I found one where someone inserted a accurate velociraptor into Jurassic Park kek (8:46)

File: 1678530713389.jpg (155.66 KB, 478x598, meow.jpg)

No. 1520815[Reply]

Discuss the happenings, drama, cringe, etc. of Neocities, personal sites, webrings, and other small communities, and how they used to be in the past.

Other possible topics of discussion:
>personal sites vs social media profiles
>creating shrines and fanlistings
>joining webrings and cliques
>how socializing on the internet has changed

Previous thread

Search for personal/non-comercial sites:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1590082

the colour choice looks male

No. 1592511

Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for and more

No. 1594926

You're welcome! Happy old web image finding.

No. 1595010

doesn't look like the yesterwebs forum has been deleted yet, any updates

No. 1595101

>>1595010 No updates, but I found a good article on it

File: 1599068058871.jpeg (536.96 KB, 1598x1000, 9FAFA60F-4FD6-4384-9984-FDDB74…)

No. 621465[Reply]

I didn’t see a copy pasta thread, so here it is! Pasta all of your copies here:
>the fresh
>the stale
>the gross
>the milky
>the dairy free
>others’ pasta
>even those in your own pockets
And so much more! If you could add pictures related to them, that would be even better.
Let’s try saving all those huge spergs that have been posted on lolcow by cows and farmers alike!
this is my first thread so no bully pls
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No. 1592806

File: 1685504872318.gif (2.65 MB, 220x140, 2500onaflight.gif)


No. 1592939

There's that blonde haired British Middle class resolve I love to see

No. 1594798

I hate every retarded moid in this world and all the idiot bitches who think they know true suffering just because one moid dumped them. No one has any fucking empathy, all they want to do is enact violence on anyone weaker than themselves. I am the weakest. I am abused and tormented daily by worthless fucking scrotes. Other women can easily find love and understanding, but I get nothing. It's like I don't fucking exist, I am an automatic femcel FROM BIRTH and both women and men delight in torturing me. They are HAPPY to ghost me and cause me emotional terror. Men on the fucking street can't even look me in the eye. As a woman living in California, I suffer more than most of you can ever imagine. You think it's a nice place? Kys. Endless hot weather, no fucking jobs and high cost of living turned me into a modern slave living hand to mouth on the brink of roping. I will drown myself at the beach. I used to want to become a siren and take revenge on men. I am so far at my limit I don't even pity anyone in the third world. You have war in your country? That's fucking nothing, try having an endless war in your mind and heart. Try having random people add to your suffering because they are demons in human skin. Try having to do vtuber GFE just to make ends meet.

One thing most don't even realize is that the men in Cali are the most evil, vapid cunts on the face of earth. You can't just "fall in love", your life will be destroyed. I hate whiny bitches like Japanon. You spent $2k? Cry me a fucking river, British broad. I spent my entire life. Do you understand? I am damned to hell. Even if I die, there's no escape. Pain has become my very existence. You can incinerate my dead body. My ashes will still cry out, blackened from sheer misery. I helped a male with 3 months of rent in San Francisco when he was laid off from Twitter, just to be dumped when he became financially stable. You can't possibly comprehend how that destroyed me financially and mentally. We didn't even live together. I was paying for both our rents. My mother has blocked me on all social media, and she told my father to do the same. No one fucking understands. I won't ever be granted the peace of dying alone, because the voices and glares of every person that has looked in my direction and utterly rejected me will be there to my last breath.

No. 1594933

This is so fucking funny, new copypasta

No. 1595080

I would read an entire book written like that tbh

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