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File: 1577033930774.jpg (29.74 KB, 1280x630, error.jpg)

No. 497325[Reply]

As we witness more and more corporations buying big platforms and mistreating them and their userbases, I think it's save to say that websites could completely vanish from one day to the next.
One of the absolute worst offenders of that is Yahoo/Verizon (who also own Tumblr and killed Geocities, Polyvore, parts of Flickr, all their Yahoo! sub websites like Yahoo Answers,-Blog,-Video, del.icio.us and many more) who now actively tried to prevent archival of their latest victim "Yahoo Groups" (if you want to read about it, here's a summary: https://www.extremetech.com/internet/303208-verizon-bans-archivists-trying-to-save-yahoo-groups-data-from-deletion).

Even Twitter startet to delete accounts who haven't logged in for 6 months, starting on December 11th this year.

Are there any websites or blogs you achived or you think are important and worth to be saved as a part of internet history?
Are you salty about a website that got nuked in an unfair way?
Any other thoughts regarding Internet History? Are you worried?
Discuss and Vent.
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No. 712039


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No. 780117

File: 1618056534190.png (5.69 KB, 300x168, αρχείο λήψης.png)

Yahoo answers will become read-only on April 20th and the archives will be deleted on May 4th.RIP

No. 780124

Ew you watch that shite? cringe

File: 1605147087874.png (2.16 MB, 2000x875, graduation.png)

No. 672223[Reply]

For everyone who wants to move on with their life outside of lolcow, aka graduating.
Here is where we thank the website that accompanied us for months or years of our life, and we finally say one last goodbye to never look back. Try to not bring negativity into the thread.
>Your favorite lolcows
>What thread you loved the most
>How much time did you spent here
>What are you looking foward in the future
>Would you come here occasionally
>Etc etc etc

Or the reverse, why you would never quit this place. Please don't infight, don't vent, some people are just trying to stop being neets.
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No. 778368

I used to be suicidal and I would like to read your post about it anon. I remember I used to check out websites on how to effectively off myself all the time. These sites already are a thing, those anons just want to continue the cycle of people dying.

No. 778423

I was going to say that nobody who's suicidal truly wants to die at the crux of the matter. People don't wish for death just for the fuck of it. We do it because living a better life seems so impossible that death feels like a better solution to end our suffering. I was suicidal as a child and teen because I had a shitty abusive family who neglected my mental health. If we could travel back to a decade ago and give the younger version of myself the option of a successful suicide or a happy and loving family, I can say with certainty I would have chosen the latter.

Yee I'm aware those sites exist which is part of the reason why I thought it was pointless to respond anyway.

No. 779831

I'm happy for you anon.
Turn around and don't look back.
If you're here now, let these be your last moments here, you are pure

No. 780762

godspeed and thanks for sharing a ghost story anon. i don't think you will see this but i went through the same and the time i spent away was also much more productive in things that actually bring me joy, like drawing. i came back because i enjoy the idea of ot, m and g but staying out of other threads is hard after building the habit up here and on other sites.
i think of leaving for good but its quite nice to hear and talk about things anonymously with other women, there are some valuable discussions here.
not sure what the solution would be or why i'm babbling so much, but yeah, thank you for that comment anon. it helps put things in perspective.

No. 786035

I think it's time for me to graduate from LC. It's brought me a lot of valuable insights and the knowledge there's like-minded individuals out there, but I think there's overall too much negativity here to the point I'm literally avoiding certain threads because they anger me. I don't want to dwell in that any longer, I need to get back into the real world.

File: 1591954828421.jpeg (182.28 KB, 933x525, 896A7BBF-3FFF-4080-B352-03549C…)

No. 569079[Reply]

Are you learning a language? Do you want to ask for/share tips? Want to vent about grammar and complicated writing systems?Wanna share a page of your notebook you’re proud of? Looking for a study buddy? Found an amazing textbook?
Well, here’s the place for all things language learning.
All languages welcome, even English!
PS: no dumb questions like "Do I need to know how to write and speak (insert language here)???" "Do I really have to make efforts??". You won’t get banned but you’ll sound like a retard. Don’t be a language retard.
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No. 773078

Same anon, I take back what I said about LingoDeer. They have one free lesson and then you have to pay to do everything else. I'm just going to use Anki to learn vocab.

No. 778957

>Wanna share a page of your notebook you’re proud of?
Not really a notebook. I commissioned a French translation for one of my short stories. My French isn't good enough to do this on my own, but I still learned from it and talking with the translator.



No. 779198

I wouldn't say the translation flows super naturally, some of the sentences are spot on and other are a bit weird and wouldn't be used in native French (but I don't know much about the art of translation, it might be normal but it strikes me as odd), and there is some truly bizarre time coordination (use of imperfect then simple past then compound past ?). You might want to get it checked again !

No. 779203

Well I reread it more carefully and the time coordination error that threw me for a loop is actually only in the first paragraph : "Par le passé, Rye a été abandonné dans les bidonvilles" it should definitely be "avait été" to make it coordinate with imperfect in the rest of the sentence. Or you can use "a été" but then the rest of the sentence should be present.

And the rest of it is fine, it alternates imperfect and past simple which is the standard way to tell stories (althought beware the use of imperfect or past simple really changes the meaning of a sentence, like "Quand les autres enfants s’étaient séparés de lui" means he's been left alone for a long time whereas "Quand les autres enfants se furent séparés de lui" denotes that it is a temporary action and the man took opportunity of Rye's sudden solitude to contact him. I can't really tell what you meant to say in the original text).

No. 779594

I get the sense of time might be strange because I wrote the short as a supplement to the main story where the character is an adult. The short is meant to be a independently readable, yet the additional information about the character isn't part of it.

I hope that didn't impact the rest of the translation beyond "Par le passe, …". (That sentence was actually my bad because the translator used a different word processor and I had to manually paste some changes.)

>but I don't know much about the art of translation

I don't really know either, but I understand translation is rarely perfect and never 1:1. This was my first try commissioning one. I'd like the text to be as good as possible. There were some parts where I asked for accuracy e.g "cheveux noirs" as noted, and some other parts where I let the differences slide.

File: 1617933739519.png (469.2 KB, 640x576, stay hydrated.png)

No. 779035[Reply]

If you're reading this, make sure to take a sip of water.

No. 779041

Thanks babe, I will

File: 1611776899806.jpeg (240.18 KB, 828x542, BD2F03DF-C3E2-4457-824B-3F5410…)

No. 724145[Reply]

Tråd för lolcows alla svenskar, danskar och norrmän.
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No. 778737

Vill slå ett slag för https://matrix.org/clients/ nu när vår regering börjar dra åt snaran genom att kräva utlämning och lagring av chatter. Ni som är här vet redan (eller borde veta) vikten av att försvara sina rättigheter. Tox är även den säker, men är fast i tidigt 2000-tal.

Protokollet är i sig bra. En kompetent person måste dock ha konfigurerat en server, vilket inte är raketkirurgi. Öppna servrar finns tillsvidare, om ni är ok med "säkrare än discord". Håll ögonen öppna.
shit, jag var där. Laddade ned allt som fanns arkiverat på wayback för ett tag sedan - dessvärre inte så mycket. sidan var så jävla dåligt byggd att det inte är sant, jag förstår varför de tog ned den. massiva säkerhetsrisker.

No. 778764

Vad är det för länk? Vilken typ av chattlogg är du rädd att polisen ska haffa dig för? Jag tror inte de bryr sig om mina /g/ inlägg om heta killar osv.

No. 778771

Förtal och andra åsiktsbrott bör du vara jävligt rädd för.

No. 778783

Okej, jag har inte följt med sådana nyheter alls, har du nån bra länk om vad som gäller?

No. 778784

Svårt att missa… och det är lite allmän kännedom. Sök fritt om förtal och yttrandefrihet i Sverige, lita inte blint på någon, speciellt inte mig.

File: 1617858466133.jpg (68.57 KB, 750x750, peace between the races.jpg)

No. 778446[Reply]

Hello, this is my first post on lolcow. Pleased to meet you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1617836167317.jpeg (27.22 KB, 599x677, 811A3A89-D49F-4AD3-87B2-622AEE…)

No. 778305[Reply]

this fucking foot. why is it so flat i fucking hate it. nasty as hell does this person need to seek medical attention? wtf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778308

did you maybe mean to post this elsewhere?

File: 1570954354972.jpg (96.68 KB, 464x648, e21jv17ool511.jpg)

No. 472051[Reply]

A Thread for former NEETs who escaped the NEET lifestyle and are tying to stay out and current NEETs who wish who want to get out of NEETdom
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No. 771954

Why not try a semester at a community college first? It will give you a chance to reacquaint with school life and make some good grades to show the universities. Figure out how many classes you can handle, and what schedule works for your health: day or night class, online or irl, etc. The last you want to do is getting accepted somewhere great then fail to keep up.
If you took AP you may get to test out of a couple of boring prerequisite courses, saves a bunch of money there.
It's great that you're thinking about it!

No. 771985

Are there any legit jobs that you can do at home? Or any ones that require being around people 24/7 like grocery retail?

No. 772052

You can transcribe videos on sites like Rev.com but those are really hard to apply to. If you have any skill on Photoshop or Illustrator you could do jobs on those crowdsourcing design sites like 99designs or Designcrowd, they have pretty low standards. If you're a bit more skilled you could take up freelance jobs on ODesk or Upwork

No. 772088

I was doing for a couple months, I had a part time job, I was reading/studying at my own pace, excercising and I felt I was near normalcy, then I had a really bad day and I didn't wanna go to work and so I stayed home, and I stayed home the next day and that was 3 months ago

I have stopped exercising, reading and just doing anything productive, I don't even play games I like

I think I may be autistic and I feel like I don't do thing in an exact order my entire week is ruined and I have to restart everything,

I just wished I didn't exist

No. 778132

File: 1617815681417.jpg (146.78 KB, 850x950, Coco.full.2287713.jpg)

I'm not NEET but I feel like this thread is for me because I work from home on commission and am barely scraping by.
Have any of you tried to just obstain from using the internet and your phone completely?
I think the only way to manage my busienss successfully is to go so full in on it than I sacrifice a lot of other interests, but I'm afraid of getting burned out.

But, if I don't do this, there's a possibility I made not be able to get by. Like I'll have to grind to survive and currently I'm doing less than the bare minimum.

File: 1617808675749.jpg (66.17 KB, 640x629, angoloncivilwar.jpg)

No. 778069[Reply]

post things about dababy(autism)

No. 778113

Moved to >>>/m/135650.

File: 1617769961112.jpeg (97.35 KB, 640x920, Exv9KRqUYAAEJ88.jpeg)

No. 777742[Reply]

which one of you was this?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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