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File: 1554599196452.jpeg (23.26 KB, 553x555, images.jpeg)

No. 395854[Reply]

How do we stop these weirdos?(bait)

No. 395864

Who, Google ?

No. 395870

The awkward loser with the uggo Asian girl
What's he even doing with his other hand lmao

File: 1554110806095.jpg (119.87 KB, 639x629, tulpamask.jpg)

No. 393790[Reply]

>What is a Tulpamancy ?

A tulpa is a mental companion created by focused thought and recurrent interaction, similar to an imaginary friend. However, unlike them, tulpas possess their own will, thoughts and emotions, allowing them to act independently.
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No. 393847

File: 1554114301558.png (146.83 KB, 500x592, 690225B6-0B46-458F-9F85-70FCB9…)

Ur both faggots

No. 393849


>posting on a tulpa thread

go back to tumblr fag

No. 395819

Fuck I remember like a year or so ago we had a Tulpa thread about these crazy ass anons saying they were making tulpas out of their husbanos and it was just a golden thread that shit got locked so quick but the delusions were amazing. Ples open it back mods

No. 395822

was it locked? I thought they just got so blasted by all the bullying they quit

No. 395829

Unfortunately it was locked. I thought they stopped because of the bullying as well but when I looked for it a few months ago it was locked.
>>All the good milk that was wasted

File: 1461609433400.jpg (149.57 KB, 1920x1080, 8e35731f-d6bc-4cfc-8c3c-86a53f…)

No. 88156[Reply]

Seeing as we don't have an official thread and the new season has just started.

Discuss, debate, swap theories, post artwork, post dank spoilers etc.
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No. 204981

I liked it more when they were following the books but that's sort of impossible now since Martin doesn't seem to be getting around to finishing the series. The characters and politics are intriguing. Honestly, I don't give a shit about male gaze or medieval sexism. Though I will say the show added more gratuitous sex scenes than were necessary. I guess they had to fill up that time slot a bit. And besides, this last season was way more grrrl power than anything else.

Funny thing is Jon and Dany are incestuous too. I wonder if they'll go the "oh no taboo" route like with Cersei and Jaime or "it's tradition!" since the Targaryens are known to wed their siblings.

No. 204987

related but not siblings, technically.

No. 395551

File: 1554529447204.jpg (55.8 KB, 720x711, hurrr nikolaj.jpg)

what are your predictions for season 8, /ot/?

No. 395552

shouldnt this be moved to /m/?

No. 395742

Moved to >>>/m/24147.

File: 1433044124000.jpg (2.25 MB, 2250x1500, yum.jpg)

No. 135451[Reply]

I know there's an exercise/fitness thread but I thought maybe we could make one specifically for diets since the Tess thread is sort of derailing into diet talk.
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No. 389294


sorry, you're both right. i'm driving myself nuts. i'm 5'1 and my weight used to stay around 103-101. then i moved in with my SO and BOOM i was like 118 lbs. so the weight gain is noticeable and it's making me very ashamed of my body. nothing fits me right anymore. and i have no money or dignity to buy new clothes. all i can do is keep grinding till the weight gain is gone. so it's been messing with my head a bit.

but you guys are right, it's making me miserable so i shouldn't weight myself so often or its going to drive me nuts. also, english is not my first language so i think my understanding of the "yoyo effect" was wrong.

i am sounding kinda paranoid. thank you.

No. 393672

How do I get 90g of protein in a day, stay under 1,400 calories, and also eat more than meat? I don't know what veggies and how much I should get, while also getting in a healthy amount of carbs and fat. I'm a recovering ana/mia chan. I have poor tolerance for gluten and soy; more than a few small bites will make me puke and break out in a rash. I've added protein shakes to my diet, but gluten free options are low in protein (22g a serving instead of 40-60g like most brands) unless they have soy. Do you guys have any brands you can recommend that don't cost an arm and a leg? I'm also a NEET. I don't want to spend more than $35 a month on a protein supplement until I get a job. I'll still keep an open mind to the slightly more costly stuff.

No. 393792

Chicken breast has 31g of protein per 100g and is only 164 calories.. That's a pretty easy way to meet your goal until you get tired of eating it

No. 395324

Beans have approx. 21g of protein per 100g and you can make loads of stuff. 5 bean chilli with rice, chilli cheese wraps, standard fry-ups, bean salad…

No. 395366

With protein powder there's lots of different types. If you're looking for the purest form of protein, isolate is the one to go for. Pure whey protein will contain about 24g of protein per 30g serving, where as whey isolate protein will contain about 29g of protein per 30g serving. There's also protein powders from meat and vegetable sources, such as hydrolysed beef protein and pea protein.

File: 1554114565594.jpg (153.5 KB, 720x371, 20190401_182530.jpg)

No. 393854[Reply]

In your adult years? This thread is for support and tips for girls who can't talk to guys. How did you over come it?

No. 393855

Moved to >>>/g/112257.

File: 1553565926760.jpeg (63.81 KB, 1279x717, DE5DB408-EED1-483D-AF06-354641…)

No. 390988[Reply]

Nobody answered me but,
redpill me on aminoapps. Is it worth using?
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No. 391046

the userbase is really young, if you're young yourself it could be fun but I can't imagine someone older finding it fun

No. 391546

The user base is young but what its good for is that you can use that as an advantage to gain fans/followers. For example, for your artwork, your makeup, youtube videos and such. Whatever you do. Because adults don't give a fuck about following people anymore because instagram has everyone deluded into thinking they're an influencer. Younger people like someone they can look up to or learn from. I like to just post my art there for exposure sometimes.
Using it for fun would be useless, though. Depends how old you are.

No. 391755

what communities would you join?

No. 391823

It’s what the 12-year-olds use for their gachaverse fanart screw deviantart that shit wack

No. 393708

>considering using AminoApps
>app that has been shilled by a lot of YouTubers in the past

I had my first hand experiences with it and my advice to you is:

Don't. Use. It.
It's boring as fuck and updates are pretty slow. However some amino communities have info that's not available on Google. Just some communities…

File: 1553874709533.png (534.81 KB, 640x480, 2BD15F72-0A30-4337-8E75-C5A9F8…)

No. 392219[Reply]

I know it’s ironic to post on this board alongside the MH, gender critical and radfem general but I feel that my misandristic sensibilities are starting to get a little out of hand - put simply, I feel that I’m getting too old for this shit. Having a healthy suspicion of males is normal, but I’d really like reel back this mindset to a degree. The only problem is that every time I step outside or go online, males ruin my progress agin and again by showing how shit they are.

Does anyone else struggle with this?
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No. 393430

I don't know if this is relatable, but i went to an all girls secondary school and got a lot of shit from other girls for being not being charismatic and outgoing and being fugly. I left with no self-esteem left. All i know is that if i went to a mixed sex school i would be crying myself to sleep everyday. Young men/boys are fucking evil if you don't conform to how they think you should be and will use it to tear you down, tbh kind of like women, except they don't care to be slick or sly like women are. I got heckled by random boys from other schools for my appearance, they gave no shits. Even if i hated secondary school, i can rest easy knowing it could have been worse.

No. 393432

Not that anon but I bet it was. I called hard bullshit on it the moment I heard it, without having seen the source or anything. You can tell it's made up by a male because he's assuming being aroused (the real accusation they're aiming at rape victims) correlates significantly with certainty of orgasm. It doesn't matter how turned on you are, doesn't even matter how good the dick feels, if someone isn't dedicating serious time and attention to consistent clit stimulation, it's not that likely to cause an orgasm for most women. Most guys can't manage to give a girl an orgasm even when they try, the chances that a rapist will do it effortlessly is… absurd.

No. 393451

I thought it was based off of the faulty assumption that women are like men. Men don't need to be mentally aroused to get hard and orgasm. They can do it from physical stimulation alone.

No. 393499

It was literally made up on an alt-right forum by a troll called "The King of Niger" and of course all the manosphere brainlets believe it.


No. 393506

Exactly, the majority of women - 75% -do not experience orgasms during vaginal intercourse.
And obviously a rapist do not care about arousal, lubrication, g-spot and clit stimulation…

File: 1456000994333.jpg (123.82 KB, 304x455, Wolf_Hall_cover.jpg)

No. 72390[Reply]

What are you reading, farmers?
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No. 393300

Yeah, they posted about Greer in the Kinkshaming thread as well so not unlikely.

So, anons…read anything good lately? I just read Sherlock Holmes for the first time, can lit anons recommend other good Victorian era mystery novels ?

No. 393306

Dracula, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Picture of Dorian Gray. I'd also recommend Edgar Allan Poe's short stories such as "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "The Mystery of Marie Roget"

No. 393313

There is an active book thread in /m, this one should have been closed…

No. 393314

Thanks. I'm gonna get Dr Jekyll and Poe's works, I somehow have not read them despite liking classics.

No. 393737

Moved to >>>/m/22985.

File: 1552327145213.jpg (275.85 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_inline_pdzmluWEDQ1r515o…)

No. 385537[Reply]

Have you ever walked out of a job or just quit on the spot? what happened that pushed you over the edge?
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No. 391723

I tried working at a chain but it was so stressful I had to quit after 3 days, you're expected to know everything from the start and be a living conveyor belt

No. 392641

About to put in my two weeks at my current job. I posted on a few threads about how it's been driving me nuts to the point of considering suicide, but basically fuck my job.

I work for a certain foreign clothing company, at one their biggest flagship store. The few months were great. I went from working at Target over the summer when I came home from uni to working here, and it was such an upgrade. Pay was great, coworkers and management were great, and the customer base is usually very sweet (we get a lot of tourists, who are sort of a hassle but 9 out of 10 times they're really patience and super grateful when I help them). It was the exact opposite from when I worked at Target, and the really nice customer base was what sold me.

We do this stupid thing where we have to take store photos on a weekly basis, and everything that appears in a photo needs to look perfect. That means we spend hours literally refolding every single item to be perfectly aligned. It's supposed to be the whole area, but fuck that, no one's got time for that. It's not necessarily a special skill, but only a few people are able to do it, and even fewer are able to do it with multiple items (someone might be good at pants but fucking awful at shirts). I don't really know why some people can't just fold some fucking shirts (we follow the creases on the shirt, shit's easy as fuck), but whatever. I'm alright with most items, and picked up how to do it during my eager to please phase. The company says its "for the customer", but no one gives a fuck. People touch our displays and ruin everything in the blink of an eye. We put the wrong size sticker because we don't have the stickers we need but every item NEEDS a size sticker for the photo. We're forced to improvise. Once or twice a year all the stores in the company do "grand prix" where we all take our photos and submit them. Best store gets money. Good right? Nope. It's mostly bottom of the barrel associates who do all the folding, but upper management gets most of the money. Those at the very bottom will get like… $16 lol. The money has to be split among the hundreds of employees, which is understandable, but upper management gets hundreds if not a few thousand if the store wins.

When I started, changing the floor plans was limited mostly to Sundays when we closed the store early. We have small floor plan changes throughout the week, but any really big ones to set up for new products or shifting entirPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 392794

I'm sorry anon, I'm glad you're not falling for the "we need you" manipulation anymore though. I'm also the kind of person that will work shittier and shittier work because I'm told I'm needed, and it's a bullshit cope.
On the other hand you really seem to know what's going on in your store and seem to care about everyone, right down to the facts and figures. Like you're not just a disgruntled part timer, you really are someone that actively tries to work and even though you're not recognised enough for it, I hope you recognise it yourself.

If this stuff really bothers you then you could gather as much information as possible, such as the actual discrepancy in the rates that higher ups are making from the grand prixs, or solid numbers for the actual protocols for headcount that are meant to be working vs that are. After you leave you could either forward things on to a higher up manager, or anonymously put it up on GlassDoor. If you felt bitter you should even try forwarding it to a local newspaper, people love hearing about fatcats skimming off the top. But of course this is just more work that you're doing for free, it won't improve your life at all, so it's better to just try to forget about it all after you move on.

>they'll give me 4 days worth of hours spread out over 5 days

Since you're resigning soon anyway, you may as well start directly asking for a minimum length to your shift, if they ever say they need you then reply that you're happy to do a full day as your rent has increased etc. If they need you so much they can cough up to pay for your breaks.

No. 392798

We were having our weekly meeting and I brought up to my scrot boss that our pay being consistently late (sometimes up to 4 days late!) bothered me. He belittled me in front of our entire company like a child and told me that I wouldn't care if I knew how to budget my money properly and that I was irresponsible with my funds and taking it out on him. Quit that same day.

No. 392926

Thank you anon! I hate sounding so full of myself but I definitely know my worth and I know I'm a good employee. I've definitely started going down that path of not putting in as much effort as I used to. I scaled myself back from helping everyone in hopes that maybe lightening my own load would make things a bit easier, but even when I've scaled myself back, I'm still running on 100%. I'm envious of some coworkers who absolutely do not give a shit about being here and are so unmiffed about working there, like I wish I could just not care, but it's so engrained in my brain that I need to do everything, all the time, really fast. It's like when I work slow and try my best to be unmiffed, a manager or someone will come up to me and ask if something's wrong or gently tell me "cmon anon, I know you can definitely do better than this" and it triggers something in me that makes me go back to working as hard as I usually do, because I feel so bad.

Our schedule is manually made by one person every single week, and this upcoming week she actually asked if I was willing to work 5 days lol. I told her I would only do it if she scheduled me for 37 hours (we skim a few hours off because everyone inevitably stays past their shift so I would end up making about 40 hours anyway). I also forgot to request off for a concert I'm going to and told her "oops, guess I'm calling out" because I really don't give a fuck anymore, but she was nice enough to not schedule me for the day of the concert, which is really nice (plus now that's one less callout they'll have to worry about).

I know I'll have to do an exit interview, and I'm debating what to say/write on the forms. I heard from a friend in another department that they tried to fill out a leaving supervisor's exit interview, probably because he was going to shit all over them, but he fought them to write his own. On one hand I want to rip them a new one, but on the other hand I know this company will never change so it's just wasting my time and effort.

File: 1535667469495.png (721.58 KB, 927x617, cirno-gold-card.png)

No. 288014[Reply]

post any weird, rare, or cool merch you want. bootlegs are permitted and links are appreciated.
503 posts and 341 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 390941

This is pretty common, lots of sellers online will purchase items from Japan and Korea and sell them for ridiculous prices because most English speakers don't know how to find/purchase the items themselves. You're basically paying extra for the convenience of being able to use English websites that will ship directly to you.
I've seen items that are literally just bought from Daiso stores in bulk sold online for $10 a pop, for example.

No. 391022

File: 1553572610980.jpg (179 KB, 1108x1478, imggg.jpg)

Touken Ranbu glass nail files

No. 391184

Found this website that has a ton of garage kit and bootlegs. It seems like they are pretty high quality fit gk. So i thought I'd share

No. 392890

File: 1553972462369.jpg (289.42 KB, 1467x1016, Hamtaro_Klik_dispenser_cards.J…)

Also had Cappy! Got a Bijou from a friend who didn't need her anymore. I should still have them somewhere… I wish I had Hamtaro and Boss to have the whole set.
I suddenly remembered finding this long chewing gum sold in round boxes with collectible stickers slapped on top. They had a Hamtaro edition and I begged my parents to buy it for me but they didn't want to lol. I was so sad, you could stick those stickers to your clothes! I wish I could find pictures tho they were nothing special.

I miss being a kid weeb.

No. 392904

File: 1553973015853.jpg (48.13 KB, 612x448, 6acf73c6fd3d61bf1e42654a8cb89b…)

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