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File: 1545893451792.jpg (248.7 KB, 1181x978, crystalball.jpg)

No. 344260[Reply]

Anyone have any gut feelings for what's gonna happen in 2019? Lolcow related or not, please post anything you foresee happening in the coming year!

I think Mira is going to get mainstream notoriety. Like maybe featured on a cable TV show or something.
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No. 404285

God, I hope so on all of those
I always think about what the future of social media might be

>pewdiepie fades out of relevancy for good
That day can't come soon enough

No. 404320

this would be the best outcome

No. 404362

I quit social media today because my self-worth hit rock bottom. For something named 'social' media, it's really good at making people feel lonely. Time to focus on other things and make myself feel good again.

No. 404371

But you’re on lolcow…?

No. 404597

are imageboards considered social media really?

File: 1555239764405.png (89.65 KB, 700x500, Blair-Witch-700x500.png)

No. 398477[Reply]

What horror movies scare you the most? What tropes are most scary to you?

The Visit scared the shit out of me. I'm terrified of old people and crawling. The Blair Witch Project also fucks with me because witches and forest are the other things I'm afraid of.
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No. 404057

bit of a tl;dr ahead

my mom tells me that when i was a kid i would frequently come into her room at night and tell her to "tell the people in my room to stop talking". this all stopped after we moved from that particular house. could have just been me having vivid dreams, who knows, but it creeped me out to hear.

one particular apartment complex we lived in was pretty ghetto and had a high amount of deaths inside the apartments. i had the worst nightmares of my life in that apartment. extremely, extremely vivid nightmares all revolving around the apartment itself, being trapped in it while something terrible was happening, my pet cat being killed inside the apartment, a hideous blue demon jumping onto my bed (and a blue hand that would come out of the walls), being raped by this demon, etc. also in that apartment i was alone one night and a door closed behind me. this door was set into the frame weird so you had to push fairly hard to close it. it was wide open, no windows were open, and i heard it scratching on the carpet as it closed. i was too afraid to look behind me as i felt intense dread until i turned around and saw it shut. i almost had a mental breakdown when it was combined with the nightmares. i saw stuff out of the corner of my eyes in that place all the time as well.

rationally, maybe i was having some kind of temporary psychosis, but idk

beyond that, i once lived with a roommate who had this awful idea to go visit some "haunted woods". at the time i was wary since i don't like that kind of stuff but went along with it. we wandered around this spot in some random woods that was supposedly haunted. i didn't really feel anything until later that night.

when i was trying to fall asleep i heard weird scratching along the floor (it was wood paneling.) i tried to ignore it and just fall asleep. then, out of nowhere, i heard the most disgusting moan coming from the hallway. it's hard to describe but even thinking about it now makes my eyes water. it just sent me into this gut fear and revulsion. i sat there and tried to compose myself for a bit before i got up and went down the hallway. nothing was there and i went into my roommate's room. she was dead asleep. i woke her up and asked if she had heard that, which she hadn't.

those are the two biggest ones for me. i'm sure they can all be explained awaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 404082


Honestly thinking about paranormal shit really gets me. I try not to but once someone brings it up at night it really messes with me. I believe in it but I haven't had many experiences. The people who have experienced stuff while living in the same house together was my mother and my sister. The only thing I've ever experienced was having the house phone yeeted at me from across the room, and even though that should have scared me I was so exhausted from just coming back from school that all I could think was "leave me alone, I just got here" and nothing really happened after that.

No. 404086

Can I add my paranormal experience here too?? (a thread for that could be interesting, maybe)

I grew up directly next to a cemetery in a very old house and as such have had many paranormal experiences, ranging from mild like me thinking I saw something out of the corner of my eye to all of the burners on the gas stove being turned on when we were gone and the house catching on fire (luckily, the fire did not spread far). Another time every sink in the house burned down and the basement flooded.

My mom told me when I was little she would often come in to check on me during my nap and I would be staring straight in front of me having a full conversation even though there was nobody there. Another time, the cedar chest at the end of my bed had been moved to block the door while I was napping which would have been impossible because it was a heavy cedar chest and I was like 5. My dad actually had to climb out onto the roof and bust open the window to get in my room.

For about a year straight my parents would hear what sounded like an old time-y radio coming from the attic reporting on WWII (it's important to note that in the cemetery, only veterans can be buried). They looked in the attic repeatedly and even cleaned the whole thing out and found nothing.

Back to the basement, it is super creepy and everyone gets a bad feeling about it. Everyone in my family has fallen down the steps at least once but the stairs are not rickety or abnormally narrow or anything, just normal stairs. Well after our basement flooded from every sink being turned on they had to dig under the house (I can't remember why exactly, I was quite young) they found that as a result of the frequent hurricanes, erosion, and being there since the Civil War, some graves had shifted and ended up underneath our house! It was pretty creepy knowing that they were under there all that time.

I actually think that I'm not as afraid of paranormal stuff now as a result of being exposed to it. The last encounter I had at my house (my parents still live there but me and my siblings are in college) was about 4 years ago when I looked in the mirror and saw a dark figure behind me with its hand on my shoulder. Mostly I was just sad when I was little because all of my friends were too scared to come play at my house.

No. 404571


This affirms my wish, I will not live in an old house.

No. 407572

Paranormal Thread!


File: 1556106549483.jpg (155.95 KB, 1200x925, thing.jpg)

No. 401959[Reply]

Most houses in the United States don't have this thing

Looks like someone is going to have a constant crusty ass and dirty feet, kek
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No. 402973

who says you only use water to clean your ass?

first you wipe, then wash, then wipe again. i mean i'm not surprised by the two digit IQ thinking here.

No. 403017

>public bidets
Wait what? I'm yuropoor and never heard of this before, is that an actual thing?

No. 403087

>then wash, then wipe again
I feel dumb but doesn't having a sopping wet ass make the toilet paper fall apart? I've rinsed with water before and it just makes a mess with the toilet paper. Also before someone compares it to wiping when you pee, that's only a small amount of wetness and doesn't make the paper turn into a mushy mess. Just curious.

No. 403095

No? Never had that problem. Maybe it's the tp you use.

No. 403310

I noticed in England the toilet paper completely crumbles apart and leaves annoying little paper pieces that you have to pick off. So glad I moved back to my country where it’s sturdy. Feels more hygienic and I don’t need it baby soft.

That way you can wet the paper when you don’t have a bidet. And then dry.

File: 1444179580826.jpeg (160.56 KB, 600x952, image.jpeg)

No. 163168[Reply]

What is your honest opinion of it?
I think it's dumb looking on real people. I don't understand what makes Lolita not a type of cosplay but Lolita's say it's a life style.
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No. 402741

looks tacky and cosplay. children's clothes from burandos or whatever looks less tacky just ask the workers in poor countries to make it an XXXXXL size for you if you want a frilly dress that doesn't look cosplay. but most girls who wear lolita dresses grew out of it and the fashion has died like that ganguro/gyaru shit. on cgl there are mostly cosplayers for anime and literal cosplayers (as in lolita dresses) for cons and stuff to get attention and fit in circle jerks. the fashion however to wear it more than once a month is dead. thankfully. if they have not grown out of koreabooness most of em are just now koreaboos. now there's costhots and they are still popular just be that for the attention but
>muh modesty
somehow this small post managed to be the most cringe post itt

No. 402751

I don't know anon your post is also really weird, learn how to punctuate ffs

No. 402753

what a contributive post you are showing who the real brainmore here is in this thread despite not adding anything to this discussion while the topic is not really making people think and of value this trait reminds me of those people who try to be smart to actual informative people just because they didn't add a dot to the last sentence of their post well here you go i've donst it just for you SIKE you think i'm gonna put a dot for you nah fuck off and next time post on-topic stuff

No. 402988

File: 1556282795074.png (28.79 KB, 261x194, 15032341_1255306607874953_4333…)

>tfw struck a nerve
>don't feel good about it

oh well

No. 403043


File: 1552327145213.jpg (275.85 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_inline_pdzmluWEDQ1r515o…)

No. 385537[Reply]

Have you ever walked out of a job or just quit on the spot? what happened that pushed you over the edge?
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No. 392794

I'm sorry anon, I'm glad you're not falling for the "we need you" manipulation anymore though. I'm also the kind of person that will work shittier and shittier work because I'm told I'm needed, and it's a bullshit cope.
On the other hand you really seem to know what's going on in your store and seem to care about everyone, right down to the facts and figures. Like you're not just a disgruntled part timer, you really are someone that actively tries to work and even though you're not recognised enough for it, I hope you recognise it yourself.

If this stuff really bothers you then you could gather as much information as possible, such as the actual discrepancy in the rates that higher ups are making from the grand prixs, or solid numbers for the actual protocols for headcount that are meant to be working vs that are. After you leave you could either forward things on to a higher up manager, or anonymously put it up on GlassDoor. If you felt bitter you should even try forwarding it to a local newspaper, people love hearing about fatcats skimming off the top. But of course this is just more work that you're doing for free, it won't improve your life at all, so it's better to just try to forget about it all after you move on.

>they'll give me 4 days worth of hours spread out over 5 days

Since you're resigning soon anyway, you may as well start directly asking for a minimum length to your shift, if they ever say they need you then reply that you're happy to do a full day as your rent has increased etc. If they need you so much they can cough up to pay for your breaks.

No. 392798

We were having our weekly meeting and I brought up to my scrot boss that our pay being consistently late (sometimes up to 4 days late!) bothered me. He belittled me in front of our entire company like a child and told me that I wouldn't care if I knew how to budget my money properly and that I was irresponsible with my funds and taking it out on him. Quit that same day.

No. 392926

Thank you anon! I hate sounding so full of myself but I definitely know my worth and I know I'm a good employee. I've definitely started going down that path of not putting in as much effort as I used to. I scaled myself back from helping everyone in hopes that maybe lightening my own load would make things a bit easier, but even when I've scaled myself back, I'm still running on 100%. I'm envious of some coworkers who absolutely do not give a shit about being here and are so unmiffed about working there, like I wish I could just not care, but it's so engrained in my brain that I need to do everything, all the time, really fast. It's like when I work slow and try my best to be unmiffed, a manager or someone will come up to me and ask if something's wrong or gently tell me "cmon anon, I know you can definitely do better than this" and it triggers something in me that makes me go back to working as hard as I usually do, because I feel so bad.

Our schedule is manually made by one person every single week, and this upcoming week she actually asked if I was willing to work 5 days lol. I told her I would only do it if she scheduled me for 37 hours (we skim a few hours off because everyone inevitably stays past their shift so I would end up making about 40 hours anyway). I also forgot to request off for a concert I'm going to and told her "oops, guess I'm calling out" because I really don't give a fuck anymore, but she was nice enough to not schedule me for the day of the concert, which is really nice (plus now that's one less callout they'll have to worry about).

I know I'll have to do an exit interview, and I'm debating what to say/write on the forms. I heard from a friend in another department that they tried to fill out a leaving supervisor's exit interview, probably because he was going to shit all over them, but he fought them to write his own. On one hand I want to rip them a new one, but on the other hand I know this company will never change so it's just wasting my time and effort.

No. 402343

I really feel stupid for talking about this but I worked at a deli for about a week before I inevitably quit over the phone.
it wasn't even a super hard job. All I had to do was cook chicken and other types of assorted fried foods, give people the chicken the ask for, and then clean up on days I work the night shift.
but the idea of managing a deli with only one other person halfway through the second just sounded like too much
It paid about 9 bucks an hour but for a first job it was surprisingly stressful and my very first day I thought to myself "maybe I should reconsider college"
and so I did, and then vowed to never work a cooking job again.
I recently got accepted at a college in a town about two miles away from where I live so it's safe to say I'm starting to get my life back on track.

No. 402414

I used to work at a kitchen at an assisted living facility, nasty dirty drudgery with an annoying smug man child for a supervisor. I went to school with him and was such an irritating cunt. He made moves on one of my female coworkers and overheard her talking about how he would harass her for a date, and a dick to one of only friendly guys that helped me out. The whole dish washing crew was unorganized as hell and nobody wanted to fill me in on anything when i was new. I actually never met my manager which i guess was a good thing since that meant i didnt have to do a ton of work, it was just fast paced and menial. I worked for about 3 months and quit, im back working retail for a second time so lets hope this doesnt make me want to end myself.

File: 1538768009567.jpg (456.8 KB, 1012x802, witchy.jpg)

No. 381137[Reply]

Are there any anons that practice witchcraft? Are you a wiccan? How do you use magic?

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No. 395876

Uhh Jesus was a real person though

No. 395997

File: 1554639536113.jpg (212.75 KB, 638x871, man-and-his-symbols-carl-g-jun…)

No. 396006

So was Gerald Gardner. So was Aleister Crowley. So were the Salem witches. Nobody disputes Jesus existed, they dispute that he was actually God, so don't be disingenuous.

No. 396008

'You need Jesus' is a meme and is not meant to be understood literally. Don't be fucking daft.

No. 401929

Is this even the right thread for this?? So yesterday I was stressing out about a job application, had to run to my parents house to use their printer. I see a white dove in the backyard, tell my mom to look out the window but she’s too slow because she doesn’t believe me and miss out on the moment.
I drop off my application everything is dandy, go back to my parents house and is standing in the kitchen, my mom then points out a black cat in the backyard I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

I’m usually not big on symbolism but I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something here

File: 1442679134656.jpg (25.7 KB, 655x380, photo-exhibiton-picture-perfec…)

No. 37809[Reply]

I don't think I could. itd get annoying too quick.
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No. 389045

>Yes but with boundaries
This, I have a family member with an ED and I'm happy to listen to her talk about exercise but the moment she starts talking about what terribly unhealthy things she's been eating or tries to get me to agree with any other bodyshaming I change the subject. If she talks about wanting a body like mine or another young person I bore her with a rant about how society is wrong to pressure women in their 50s to unnaturally have bodies of teen girls. I don't laugh when she jokes that a skinny person must have an ED or if she makes mean comments about fat people on the street, instead I clearly tell her that I'm not taking part in her bullying anyone else or herself, she gets very defensive and angry but over time she does it less.
I used to buy into her bullshit that she was just being open about her issues but one time she laughed when I admitted my own issues, and belittled them compared to hers, and then I saw how toxic it really is.
It's hard not to take her bait and talk about my own body issues but standing my ground is paying off and she is learning that it's just not appropriate for her to bring this stuff up.

Through doing this I have also realized how complicated these issues are. Growing up around someone that was always talking about their ED meant that I did the same because I thought it was 'good to talk about things', and I still do believe that being able to talk about your problems is important, but I worry about the damage that my own teenage outspoken bodyshaming might have had on my curvier friends.

I really recommend just gently saying "I'm not comfortable talking about this" and immediately swapping to a different topic. Give them some bullshit about how you read something about mindfulness and positivity instead of letting them trick you into opening up about your own body issues, because if you let it become about your own body issues then they will turn it into a competition.

No. 391630

I had a ED but went into a recovery. Tbh, anyone who isnt in recovery with a recovery oriented mind with a ED i can't be friends with. I had people from my old treatment try to stay friends with me but because they weren't pro-recovery and just wanted to stew in their illness it was the WORST to be around since having a ED really can make you so self centered.
And also coming from having a ED, when you're really sick in it and not recovering/recovered you can be a extremely toxic person and cause pain for everyone around you. You really can't get better unless you decide you want it so being friends with someone who's actively participating in behaviors with their ED is extremely difficult imo

No. 401885

No. I tried to be friends with someone that suffers from anorexia and she tried to make me relapse.

No. 401916

I had a friend with AN when I was younger, and while she was the sweetest, nicest person ever, it was extremely stressful to watch her die slowly, and witness all of her extreme self loathing.

I developed an ED a few years ago myself and I've kept it a secret from my friends/boyfriends because I know it's just awful to deal with.
Having a friend with an ED now would probably end up in lowkey competition, or us triggering each other without meaning it. It would really be toxic, even if we were both actively trying to recover.

No. 423482

I don't know, is my honest answer. I have friends who have EDs still, fewer than when I was younger obviously. They know I block their posts for my own good.

I dated a guy with anorexia in my mid-20s. He was in massive denial, "I just don't like food"/"Im naturally thin" and because I wanted to be with him, i made myself believe him. That relationship really screwed me up, nearly caused me to relapse as well (it's hard to eat how you want when your partner eats oatmeal and fruit and not much else). A year or so after we broke up I looked at his FB out of idle curiousity and he looked so gaunt I thought he was honestly going to die. He seems to be a little better now.

File: 1551938345913.png (4.59 MB, 2732x2048, 71A70877-A3FD-43E0-97E8-53147F…)

No. 384143[Reply]

It should never be about how they look, it should always be about their art. No need to attack them for their look, physical features, etc. That is just cruel and bullshit! There is enough bullying in this world! Keep it about the art!

No bullying on lots-of-lovecow.farm pls

Previous thread >>>/ot/359072
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No. 397089

File: 1554879666388.png (809.06 KB, 1077x1066, Screenshot_2019-04-10-08-55-04…)

But I actually really like her art.

No. 397289

Hopefully she's just shitposting, but if she seriously thinks generic, look over the shoulder pose with circle in the background is max originality then whew lad

No. 397342

File: 1554937206454.jpg (1.32 MB, 3052x3052, 30399211._UY3052_SS3052_.jpg)


does she not know anything about sabrina? it's very clearly a reference to this iconic cover of hers

No. 397771

Earlier today, Cristali, well known in the art/animation youtube community for tracing other's art and being a pedophile, was arrested on account of selling child pornography of his victims.

No. 397843

use new thread >>396901

File: 1553214672943.gif (2.99 MB, 510x510, tumblr_p828svq2Mk1whahvko1_540…)

No. 389318[Reply]

Who else is going through a quarter life crisis? How old are you? What things do you feel behind in? What things have you accomplished that you're happy with? Is there anything you love that you're starting to feel too old for? How does your life compare to what you pictured it would be by now when you were younger?
126 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 400838

File: 1555857076865.jpg (1.14 MB, 3685x3024, bde3111.jpg)

When I was a teen,no told myself I'd end it all before I hit 30 years old I things we're still bad. I have myself a timeline to bypass the cliche response of "oh, this pain is only temporary" or "if you tried getting help things would be better" or whatever. Here I am getting close to 30 and my life feels like it's progressed since then but I definitely fight against the same emotional struggles.

I want to go back to college but I'm too anxious of the thought of getting overworked by doing it part time with my full time job. I feel like I'm not the right person for my job either.

I kinda wish I didn't have an SO right now because it would make suicide much easier. St least that's one thing I have that my teen self would be surprised about considering I always thought I'd be alone….and I was up until 2 years ago….what a pathetic age to have a first relationship.

I feel like at this point I've experienced all that I really have to experience from life. Like…where do I go from here? Nothing interests me, nothing motivates me, I'm just walking forward because I'm currently living but I don't really want to live and have no destination I'm walking to…

No goals, no aspirations, no dreams (that are obtainable realistically anyway), no motivations,and no excitement. I feel like by this point if I don't like life, why bother continuing? Like, if you sit through a quarter of a long book and still don't like it, why the fuck would you keep reading? By that point you've already read enough to get a good feel of what to expect from the rest of the book, and given it more than a fair chance to impress you, and if it hadn't by that point then I think most of us would put it down I guess the difference is that we always have other books to try to entice us, but imagine you didn't. You get to see everyone else with much more interesting books in their hands, and you're stuck with your crummy one. They want to read their stories to the end, because they're exciting and fun. You have no choice but to read your shitty book, and if you throw it out you'll never have another book again….but is it worth it putting up with the shitty book? I'd rather have no book at all. I should end this story soon. Before anyone asks - yup I've seeked professional help. That's what makes it more enticing to just end things. I feel like by this point, I have a right to say "I've tried everything I could and life still sucks. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 400843

File: 1555857351530.jpg (27.31 KB, 640x640, SPOILER_stay_positive.jpg)

Also I made this huge rambling first thing in the morning while phone posting before I even put my contact lenses in. It probably showsfrom all my typos, but I think it's patbetic that the first thing I think every morning is "boy, is sure wish I didn't wake up today…." Why can't we donate our remaining life spans to people who actually wanna live?

No. 400844

I'm in the same situation.
You're not too old lol you're only 20, what's the rush for?
There are people in their 30s who start college, you certainly won't be the only one who's "older". And you're not gonna be too old for boyfriends either anon.
Come on, it's no big deal.
Don't compare your situation to that of others and DO YOU.
You got this.

No. 400853

Life is majorly influenced by luck. Things can POSSIBLY get better if everything aligns in your favor.

No. 401693

How does one refrain from constantly envying a close friend?
How do you guys deal with that?
I just can't help but feel so bad for myself to the point of feeling sick when I see the contrast in our lives.
She's in med school in some European country, having the time of her life, meeting new people and everything while I'm stuck at home feeling like there's nothing for me to do in this word anymore.
I'm gonna waste all my youth away like that.
That anon's last paragraph put my thoughts so perfectly into words; i couldn't have expressed myself any better if I wanted to.

File: 1558893565811.gif (809.89 KB, 540x304, 1486330705821.gif)

No. 414785[Reply]

Last thread >>407188

what's troubling you, anon?
1204 posts and 87 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 421508

Sexist. Discriminatory. Don't diagnose me.

No. 421509

Omg please repost your autism in the new vent thread. Scrot rage is hilarious!

No. 421676

>Why do we have such an issue with holding women accountable for the stupid shit we do, but we can point a finger at men all the time???

literally none of that happens, you are a prime example of this, the rest of the world jumps through hoops to pin whatever they can on women

please tell me where, in the rest of the world, do you see us evil roasties "pointing the finger at men all the time"

No. 421875

I realized that most of my friends or the young people I know has this urge to travel the world, see different places, cultures and stuff, which I can understand and think it's very reasonable to dream of traveling, but somehow I just don't have this, even knowing that it would be so spetacular to have this opportunity. I'm not complaining or anything, just find it curious. If I can travel, good, if I can't, good too. Guess I'm just too concerned about doing the better choices I can for the life I already live and find happiness wherever I am.

No. 422196

sorry to be another anon complaining about her boyfriend, but

a while ago my boyfriend told me that I "could be an 8 if I wanted" and I got mad at him for it. he acted like I was overreacting and like it was the best compliment he could possibly give me and acted like I was twisting his words. I agree that I shouldn't have reacted the way I did and I don't think he meant it that way but I still think it sounds like a really condescending back handed "compliment". what do you guys think?

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