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File: 1508077167141.jpg (31.05 KB, 540x540, 10pehc.jpg)

No. 209063[Reply]

What do you think about PULL, anon?

I'm asking because I got ban on my first post for "spamming" and "selfintroduce" myself on my presentation thread. I wonder if I'm the whiny cringey try harder lil bitch who totally deserved this.
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No. 210060

Hey, newfag. PULL users have been hated here since the dawn of fucking time and have always been unwelcomed. They're underage retards who shitpost edgy stuff when they find out this imageboard. I'd say more than half of the users on here now started on PULL which explains why there's nitpicking and barely any good milk anymore. Most of the oldfags left back to cgl (and other imageboards which shall not be named) after the first admin left in August 2016. Pull is like gurugossiper but 10 times more weeby, obnoxious, attention-whoring, sjw-y, and speculating. It's literally full of tumblr users who post "kawaii :333" shit all day and type like that too.

No. 210338

100% perfectly put


No. 210759

i found PULL about 4 years ago (?) when i was looking for more Kota drama. at first i thought it was nice that they were trying to "gossip ethically" (without slurs or under the belt punches about looks) and outing deceitful people. but then it started to sound like instead of cutting to the heart of the snark and gossip they danced around it in an effort to be more holier-than-thou. they frequently got in scratchfights over each other not being SJW enough. in contrast, most people here are fucking monsters in my standards but at least they cut to the heart of the chase and don't skimp on bringing milk. just don't take their personal opinion about un-drama things to the heart.

No. 210761

The people doing this shit are the pullfags who leaked from there to here.

No. 210837

in its first incarnation (2012), PULL was pretty good. It got worse as time went on.

File: 1503301295873.gif (391.93 KB, 495x270, kiki.gif)

No. 202716[Reply]

New one since the old one is almost full.

Old Thread >>>/ot/195542

Vent away.
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No. 210629

Simple : Don't tell him. Lmao.

No. 210634

Because you ARE hiding something from him. The reasoning may have been minor, but it doesn't take a genius to see how it can easily snowball into him assuming something more significant.

No. 210640

No. 210757


OT but WTF does it mean to be "too old to try MDMA"? i bet you're 25 tops too lmao.

No. 211025

no. i'm not asexual, i'm a bit bisexual but i cant really get off to the thought of women. men are just gross because they're gross and i have to live with that

File: 1495628751326.jpg (9.95 KB, 250x250, 1495284935523.jpg)

No. 191925[Reply]

Anyone else have extreme male envy? Not in a "men are priveliged i want it too reee" but as in i hate being born with this hole between my legs. I hate being viewed as less competent and i hate that the majority of people (usually subconcious) hate women in some way, myself included. I wish i could love women and be proud of my gender but it's hard when all i hear of is the revolutionary males in science, philosophy etc. And when most men regarded as historically brilliant think they "have no capability to think complex thoughts" and are "lesser men" it really makes the gears grind.

Not to mention being physically weaker. I get so mad everytime i'm reminded i have to work 4x as hard to even get nearly as strong as a normal guy. A guy could fucking murder me without any tools if he wanted to (they probably want to), and i hate it. I'm relatively buff (for a woman xdxdxd) and always carry some kind of weapon (not guns, illegal), but i'm still paranoid. I wish i was born with an extra Y-chromosome.
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No. 210532

File: 1509575325589.jpg (85.11 KB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] Mahoutsukai no Yom…)


I came out as pretty ugly when I hit the puberty, tried a bit to get a gf but failed and gave up until I was in college. College was the same so I realized I'm just not made for relationships and love, was depressed and really lonely for a while but managed to come to terms with it. I have good friends and a nice family so I don't get isolated, >tfw no gf sometimes hit me but I can handle it. I'm almost 28 now.

No. 210540

Where even is the convo though? There hasn't been an actual conversation in hours. It's just you sperging out.

No. 210542

just stop replying to him, it's that simple.

No. 210546

Another man just goes to prove how awful and pathetic their entire retarded subspecies is as a whole.
Remember that no woman has ever been so vile and egotistical as these people who invade these threads

No. 210550

You're right, I apologize for contributing to this. His posting style was just annoying the shit out of me. I'm out.

File: 1457311425596.jpg (122.53 KB, 500x532, tumblr_lu8t4tlZx71r168ymo1_500…)

No. 137575[Reply]

>What is an otome game?
tl;dr, enjoy a beautiful 2D boy harem as either a girl (otome) or a 2D boy yourself (BL).

Discuss what you're playing now, what you're looking forward to, ask questions, talk merch, etc.

You can find a thorough FAQ and a lot of download links in halfchan's BL + otome general, but most of them are out of date or only in Japanese.

Please spoiler spoilers! CGs are fine unless it's an important plot point.
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No. 209633

Finding newer drama cds is fucking hard. I only know of airavalky and random sites like uswatunhasanahast. Unfortunately the latter seems to only last for a few months before disappearing. I've honestly given up and just use soundcloud now.

No. 209683

are there any otomes that offer somewhat dynamic (mysme-style) gameplay? i tried some classic pc ones, but i'm not autistic enough for the 1. read two sentences worth of text 2. click "next" 3. repeat 1-2 five million times gameplay. sounds like a stupid thing to ask (>otome >dynamic), i guess i just want something immersive.

No. 209686

Well, not sure how many others are like MysMe but if you want something with a bit interaction I like a lot of the ones by Winter Wolves. Spirited Heart Deluxe is like a raising sim. Loren Amazon Princess and Queen of Thieves are like RPG otomes, but you can turn that function off. You get to make more choices and I think they're more fun than some of the traditional otome where all you do is read and make a few answer choices.

No. 209687

Thanks for the suggestions, I will check them out.

No. 210356

Are there any translated otome games that have weird shit go on like doki doki literature club or song of saya? I really liked Sweet Fuse and BL titles where more interesting shit goes on besides the romance, but it feels like the genre in general is pretty copy and paste.

File: 1486569354795.jpg (87.67 KB, 600x593, CMxgUSKUwAAnI5A.jpg)

No. 180901[Reply]

Previous thread: >>102776

Post art you find bad or hideous
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No. 210242

File: 1509326177307.jpg (480.72 KB, 1208x795, lelcringe.jpg)

This artist is popular for their Edgy mother 3/earthbound ask blogs on tumblr but honestly their whole style is just so…bad… esp when it comes to their ocs.

This is a "redesign" of the same oc. the right is the newer one. Their weird gore/vore fetish shows up a lot its goldmine tbh.

No. 210283

No. 210311

this is their oc blog specifically, they have links to their like 500 other art blogs through it also

No. 210317


No. 210378

>that big ass watermark
i'd love to see the kind of person who'd even want to steal this shit

File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070[Reply]

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?
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No. 210280

I've heard you can snort it or smoke it, but never actually seen anyone try.

No. 210281

you can't snort it lol. you have to grind it from the actual nut and take a ton of huge tablespoons. not really worth it but I did it when I was like 15 after reading stuff online

No. 210758

i really like smoking weed but i don't know a whole lot about it. where i live it's super illegal so it's sold very hush-hush. we can't ask about the strains because dealers usually don't know what they're selling and the supply is inconsistent; most times you can't buy what you liked a second time and sometimes you can't buy weed period. in your experience, what are some basic things i can look at to identify the different strains? how the most common strains effect the body? i know i should have googled it but i feel like i can trust you guys more.

No. 211044

I started messing around with drugs around age 16. Mostly just molly at raves, and lots of drinking. It wasn't until I was around 25 and I discovered dark net and research chemicals that I got in over my head. Started using a ketamine analog (designer drug) called methoxetamine nearly every day. Accidentally overdosed a few times. Lost my husband b/c he couldn't deal with my shit anymore. I also had (have) a problem with alcohol.

I finally got clean and I've been sober over a year now. Though I do still smoke weed every now and then.

No. 211688

oxycodone, hydromorphone, morphine, heroin. i'm one of those ppl who think everything else pales in comparison. i've been trying to get clean (and stay clean) for a while now but fuck me it's hard.

No. 210120[Reply]

you laugh you lose

No. 210131

I thought they were supposed to be Australian?

No. 210157

File: 1509243681853.png (205.59 KB, 494x497, opposite_day.png)

File: 1432673648991.jpg (1.34 MB, 1200x2194, enaibi.jpg)

No. 124825[Reply]

Hey guys, can we have a real BJD thread, since the first one was ruined by gutterface bullshit? I know we have some BJDers lurking around here. How many of us are there? Please, no hugbox shit. The 4chan /toy/ BJD threads are rank with SJW faggotry.

I'll start off with

> tfw enaibi will never release any of her dolls in a way that non-frenchfags can get them
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No. 209723

File: 1508837835032.jpeg (229.93 KB, 530x800, hp.jpeg)

Maybe some Farmers can help me, because I've always been interested in BJDs but never known quite where to start. Is there some companies you'd recommend as ones you swear by?

Also, this enaibi Satyne figure has really interested me as well. Would you all know of one similar since they're apparently impossible to get? Maybe one that's got a cute exaggerated pear shape like that or nymphish.

No. 209833


Aren't those elin figures from the Tera game? I think they're probably expensive and rare since they're not commonly produced/popular?

No. 209843

File: 1508952466477.jpg (48.79 KB, 700x1085, cerisedoll--bjd-dolls-bodies.j…)

I was using the Elin as an example for something pear-shaped. Here's along the lines of what I'm looking for in BJD bodies.

No. 209934

When in doubt Den of Angels is the place to go for any questions you might have. It's an entire forum dedicated to BJDs and they have a pretty good secondhand market, but I'm not sure if they still have that invite-only thing going on with registration. Personally, I don't think you should ever settle when it comes to dolls. If you see something you like, go for it. But make sure you do your homework when it comes to care and maintenance.

As for dolls with pear-shaped bodies. The first that come to mind are maybe DollPamm, Dust of Dolls, and Leekeworld's Mikhaila (not sure what the body she comes on is called unfortunately.) It was a huge trend a while back ago, so you probably shouldn't have any problems finding something you like. Hope that sort of helps.

No. 209961

Its still invite only so good luck with that.

File: 1461895202006.jpg (703.83 KB, 1073x1650, this kills the man.jpg)

No. 88911[Reply]

We're living in the age of reboots and most of them are awful. Let's talk about it.
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No. 209958

File: 1509049216494.png (966.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171026-151605.png)

Though it isn't out yet, this is tantamount to sacrilege.

No. 209962

…this is gonna go the way of Ghost in the Shell and Death Note, isn't it?
I hope this will be okay if they can't be talked down, but I predict mediocrity.

No. 209971

as a long time bebop fan i can only hope the live action is good. i genuinely want it to not suck. i doubt it will happen but you never know. hopefully since the characters are pretty western they won't have to completely change characters or plots to fit american standards. i hope.

No. 209973

I feel like any real fan would respect this show and never touch Cowboy Bebop. It's just timeless on it's own and already Western enough to have gained a massive following over here.

No. 209987

File: 1509060531813.jpg (102.1 KB, 488x441, bkjih.jpg)

No. 209914[Reply]

What do you think about this experiment?
It cleary shows the neet phenomenon, but what about the rest?
Do you think it would extend even further in real life?

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