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No. 1138559

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.





No. 1138563

OP here never made a thread so hope this is fine! I know it’s a simple one but don’t want to be annoying.

OP pic is from a personal anime figure cow of mine since I’m in the collecting scene on My Figure Collection. She’s a 20 year old autist who lives at home with her parents, she has no job and she constantly brags about her mom buying her figures AND her dad paints and assembles garage kits for her. She also super drives up market price on any 90s/2000s moe figures since she’ll spend huge cash on figures worth $20 a year ago with her parent’s money, which I personally seeth over. I can’t imagine begging my mom to buy not one but two enormous ero game figures.

I am a shameful consoomer of cute girl figs myself but a lot of the younger people in the scene are like insane.

No. 1138564

Previous thread

No. 1138565

FUCK I MISSPELLED THE LINK I’m a failure and a jackass.

No. 1138566

Gasped when I saw this as she's been my personal cow for awhile KEK.
I remember she had drama with some other "2000s fig collector" who called her a spoiled white girl and she was like "im not even white im half russian so don't bring race into things" LMAO

No. 1138569

Holy shit yeah, like all my friends in collecting cow her!!

She gets extremely defensive about being a rich kid whose parents pay for her hobby, if anyone expresses sadness that a lot of figures are priced out by wealthy kids with FOMO maxxing out every bid she gets insanely ornery and acts like tHaT’S nOt HeR. Like it’s fine to admit you have a cushy support system, people wouldn’t cow you as much if you stopped denying it girl.

Also if you’re open to posting your collection from MFC/any pics I’d love to see!!

No. 1138576

Her kit prices are insane also for beginner work, she cannot paint faces for shit and her butchering of her dollfie is an extreme example of that
I'm also just not a fan of any coomer looking room in general, straight girls with room filled with full frontal naked anime women will always confuse me.
Not going to post my collection because it's just boring bishounen kek sorry nonny
mfc is really good cow goldmine though. The mods are shit and let pedophiles, yes, actual admitted pedophiles who take it beyond lolicon, have accounts on the site and interact with teen girls. If you look at the loli groups you'll find a lot of underage girls with hardcore lolicon hentai in their owned, it's a weird rabbit hole that no one seems to notice or even care about.
There's a user in particular that I've seen get reported multiple times, even to where mods had to say "we are looking into the user that keeps getting mentioned" but nothing has happened so far, I'm assuming since he is a supporter of the site

Sage for ot longpost

No. 1138582

File: 1650245708995.png (Spoiler Image,754.39 KB, 787x546, Photo.PNG)

>There's a user in particular that I've seen get reported multiple times, even to where mods had to say "we are looking into the user that keeps getting mentioned" but nothing has happened so far, I'm assuming since he is a supporter of the site
Actually, here is his room as it fits the thread

No. 1138586

Wow that’s fucking nasty. I know anime fans love to argue about loli not being “realistic” but if you have that amount of pillows and they’re all straight up children and not 1000 year old lolis you are straight up a pedophile.

I’ve been on MFC for a while and it’s always been notorious for being barely managed, I’m surprised it functions at all seeing as it’s mostly user driven. The site isn’t even accessible 1/3 of the time. I can imagine it just dying unless someone else takes over eventually.

No. 1138608

File: 1650247095940.png (340.06 KB, 680x572, A5732F06-7111-4EC1-87AF-222767…)

wish id never unspoilered. what the fuck. feel like im gonna be put on a list now.

No. 1138631

Probably has posters of real children up in another room. What the fuck.

No. 1138650

The other thread still has 100 posts left

No. 1138705

Omg i thought I was the only one who knew this brat. I hate these 'animecore' spoiled girls. Can't have anything nice at a reasonable price anymore because 20 yr old obsessed with aesthetic drove up all the aftermarket prices. I just want stuff I couldnt get as a kid and they drive prize figs all up to the hundreds.

No. 1138709

is this the kaiba lover girl?

No. 1138713

Who is the cow?

No. 1138715


No. 1138719

File: 1650259324539.jpeg (240.57 KB, 1652x512, 6A70FA5A-2FA4-46D2-8D66-4D1AF2…)

Didn’t want to post her name right at the top but her username is Takiuto on MyFigureCollection, unsure about her other social media.


Picrel when she bought a junk lot of figures for $400 because her mommy agreed it was a good price for the two figures actually worth anything in the lot (both figures were worth $30-$70 at most).

No. 1138721

Funcking insane she says she's been collecting since 2020 when her room is top to bottom in stuff, including that 1:1 model. Also she can't paint gks for shit, always cringe seeing her wreck the face.

No. 1138723

File: 1650259671024.jpeg (815.34 KB, 2513x1029, E8D4C439-1EE2-4672-9C04-76E1F1…)

For real, this fucking Miku figure was selling for $20 2 years ago and now you can’t find it for less than $250 just because of how rapid the animecore kids are. How can you be willing to pay such a huge mark up!!! Brain worms!!

No. 1138724

I am definitely being a doomer but I only started making real money like last year and finally decided to get back into it after avoiding the scene since 2017 to save money and now all the used shops in Japan are closed because of COVID and 14 year olds are spending $300 on $5 figures. Kill me.

No. 1138727

Can we have a thread on figure collecting cows? It can be here in /ot/ (/m/ is dead).

No. 1138730

They're stupid and clueless too, no idea what they're collecting. I sold some old gatcha figs to a girl on mercari and she complained to me they were small and not put together already. I'm happy to scalp these morons.

No. 1138738


No. 1138744

I’ll make one tomorrow if no one else can, thirded for sure. Maybe a varied/general one too so anyone can talk about their own collections too if they want.

No. 1138794

/m/ would not be dead if people actually used it instead of /ot/, just saying

No. 1138800

/m/ hardly seems more dead to me than it did before, and it's my most used board

No. 1138826

This thread is just weeb consoomers shitting on weeb consoomers.

No. 1138936

I'm pretty sure there's fakes of this on Aliexpress

No. 1139121

Exactly, this went from one of the best threads to one of the worst.

No. 1139166

This is straight up pedo vibes. I know these characters arent real, but they look exactly like real children. You cant tell me this mofo doesnt groom irl kids? holyshit, i hate japanese culture still excusing this behavior.

No. 1139219

i can upload more tiktoks but idk if everyone is tired of seeing the same stupid skincare people over and over

No. 1139349

File: 1650311863346.png (1.03 KB, 246x184, 1504331028332.png)

>using cow as a verb

No. 1139359

because uploading tiktoks of the same obese women putting oreos in a jar and calling it organization for 60 seconds while nonnas bonerattle made this thread great, kek.

No. 1139363


No. 1139469

the tiktoks can be really interesting imho

No. 1139558

No. 1139729

TikTok anons post more tiktoks
Complaining anons please participate more
Weebs are ok too
Let's make this thread great again

No. 1139793

I really like cottagecore… in theory (I love ducks, mushrooms, long and simple flowy dresses, baking etc) but this video really soured my view of it. I realized that just like anything on TikTok, this shit is very performative, consumeristic, everything has to fit into a mold, and it feels like these people are bragging that they have enough money to live this way. I also find people wearing corsets and fake elf ears creepy (I'm very sorry but I do). I never needed an aesthetic to like what I like.

No. 1139797

What I dislike the most is how these people use TikTok videos to cope and live inside a fantasy, no matter the aesthetic. It could be Kardashiancore for all I care. Once they turn the camera off, I wonder how miserable are they, actually?

No. 1139801

People who really enjoy nature and the farmlands don't live 24/7 documenting everything with their phone for an audience while looking like a renaissance faire social reject

No. 1139803

i like the first video, she's not in frilly dresses, just athleisure gear. prefer if there was stuff like "cute homesteading" tiktok and not cottagecore with the whole skinny long haired woman in frilly pastel dresses spinning in a rye field with a baby goat or whatever

No. 1139810

Whenever I see cottagecore stuff I think about that youtuber who has a cottagecore channel but every video seems to talk mostly about how fucking miserable and depressed she is living rural kek

No. 1139826

give us a channel name anon !!

No. 1139942

Exactly. I like the cottagecore stuff, but only as inspiration for my quiet, private life.

No. 1139947

Nta but my first thought was The Cottage Fairy

No. 1139953

I don't get people that think that country life is prancing around in pretty dresses, it's hard work and you get dirty. I can get this as a city person.

No. 1139968

Doing things for an aesthetic is actually more consumerist than doing it for genuine reasons

Also why the fuck is it always the fatteeez

No. 1140011

Isn't it obvious? They love to consoom

No. 1140138

Her walking barefoot made me cringe, shit must hurt and I hope there aren't any snakes in that forest in the beginning or any ticks in the field. Imagine getting lyme disease because of your aesthetics

No. 1140444

I honestly can't be mad at cottage core and dark academia consoomers. Even if it's all highly formularic and vain/all for aesthetics and likes, is it really that bad if it motivates kids to baking, crafting, gardening, writing, sewing, drawing or otherwise creating, researching or studying and motivates them to see beauty in their surroundings?

kek at the names list at the end, did a farmer make that?

No. 1140448

>Syphillis and Cholera as baby names.
I hope this is satire and these kids aren't going to grow up to name their children after diseases.

No. 1140458

The one that made me laugh the most was "testicilles".

No. 1140467

The thing is, I don't think it encourages them to enjoy it on anything more than a surface level interest. They will indulge enough for a photo, then put all their props away once its served its purpose. I think only a few of them will realize in the midst of doing XYZ to set it up for a picture that it's actually enjoyable to sew/bake/craft/etc. I would hope it would encourage an interest in these things, but an aesthetic is only an aesthetic. They don't promote any real substance behind it.

No. 1140482

It's funny because people like my grandmother actually do live the ~cottagecore~ lifestyle of having garden in the countryside, growing her own vegetables, canning fruit, baking, making quits; just not in a glamerized aesthetic way. Not that her creations aren't cute, just she doesn't put up a front or take pictures of it because it is a lifestyle and she doesn't feel the need to have to show everything off. Idk if anyone can function without the internet or the need to show what you are doing at all times to people

No. 1140645

It's because granny isn't beautiful for photos and doesn't care. These girls are doing it to feel like the beautiful star in a rural movie or novel, hence why the videos revolve around their appearance more than their actions, but rural women are extremely homely because that life is physical work.
I come from a rural family and I'm the first woman in my family to even wear makeup. These girls are always selfie ready even in those supposed "lifestyle" youtube videos, all for show to take off in a bit as >>1140467 pointed out. That's why it's an aesthetic to begin with, it's only for the looks

No. 1141064

Is being a consoomer even that bad if you get money from it?
I have an insane collection that would probably get posted here but, I know where to get things cheap and I sell my stuff a lot and always make at least 5x profit of what I bought it for.

No. 1141175

File: 1650447037445.jpg (176.33 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_20220420-100606_Ins…)

Instagram keeps shoving this tranny looking thing down my throat so I'm just sharing its ugly mug before I tell insta to stop it already lol. He/she (has to be a tran surely?) never stops making these petulant 'no I won't stop hoarding toys' type posts while wagging it's finger at the camera and pulling the ugliest faces I've ever seen. Do people feel cute doing this?

No. 1141185

Dude, come on. She's very obviously a woman, she's just incredibly British. Listen to the voice.

No. 1141390

File: 1650463670894.jpg (411.52 KB, 2048x1536, many marshalls.jpg)

No. 1141394

Cursed image

No. 1141397

Peak male autism

No. 1141418

I've come across the account of an adult man before who is obsessed with the other dog (I think it's called Chase?) People like this should be able to skip the autism assessment and just submit a pic of their room instead.

No. 1141420

The uninitiated would think that this is some lucky kid room.

No. 1141552

idk, i don't find these people to be that bad? I would only judge them if they were doing it just to be trendy and not because they actually like this kind of stuff. Even the ones who are consooming aren't over doing it.

No. 1141555

Can we vent about personal hoarders/consoomers in our lives?
I absolutely HAAAAAAATE how my mom hoards so much shit fucking everywhere, she herself hates hoarders but yet she keeps my old toys that I don't fucking care about anymore and haven't touched in over 15 years and other shit no1currs about. She's way too sentimental, she talks about the past every fucking day and tells me about people I do not give a shit about. Like she tells me the same sob stories over, and over, and over. She's so reclutant to let shit go that I feel like there's no way she lives in the present. I'm 100% sure she needs help but she will never accept it. We keep so much shit in every single room that I'm now adverse on keeping old shit and "memories" myself to the point that I have no fucking issue getting rid of shit that I loved at some point. I'm detached to a fault. No I'm not exactly proud but when you live in a place like this, where you're sure that your room would become just another storage for old shit (we have 3 small rooms full of old shit already) and the memories of your childhood put above your actual real life self is grating. My childhood was shit anyway with an overly emotional helicopter mother who infantilizes me to this day. I'm too old for this shit and I'm just waiting for a good stable income to move out as far away as I can.

No. 1141556

>I would only judge them if they were doing it just to be trendy and not because they actually like this kind of stuff
Anon did you actually watch the vid? That's exactly what they do.

No. 1141560

My point is how exactly do you know? I would be inclined to agree if I went onto their pages and saw that they hopped from trend to trend.

No. 1141565

Nothing says more "in tune with nature" than factory made Amazon stuff!

No. 1141566

>How do you know
Do you think making videos about how aesthetic they look while reading is genuine at all?

No. 1141573

this is literally my husbands family, his grandma goes and spends hundreds at department stores just because a tag said the og price was 200 and it was for sale for 20 or something, she has like 2 closets full of clothes she never wears and buys ugly clothes from jcpenny or something for everyone else including husbands friends and is shocked when she's now having financial issues
>inb4 but she sounds so sweet and innocent
nope, she uses it to manipulate people when people call her out for abuse or something "but I brought you so much expensive clothes!" kek. Oddly enough they don't bother spending money to fix appliances, hire an exterminator for their roach covered house, get a filter for their gross lead water, or hire a trainer for their kid biting dogs, it's oddly me who ends up spending money on these things while they claim that it's harmless or something and not worth spending money on while throwing out thousands on clothes no one wears

No. 1141589

I can't respect someone that buys one those shitty Crosley record player.

No. 1141610

Reeee my mom is a hoarder too. But I don't think it's sentimental for her. Growing up she was always getting rid of me and my siblings' stuff just to make room for her own thrift store Halloween decorations that collected dust. She made Halloween (and drinking) her whole personality. I never learned what exactly was behind that fixation. But her sister my auntie had a nice decor Christmas collection (that she only took out around Christmas) so I wondered if she was trying to compete with her or something. She has that NLOG vibe even now in her fifties. I guess you don't really grow out of it if you don't try. My little sister picked up this consoomerist habit from her, only instead of thrifting for Halloween garbage she consooms makeup and coomer anime hentai figures. I'm not sure which is worse to be honest. Even though she hoards mostly new stuff, her place is just as filthy as my Mom's. Where my mom will drop $100 on weekly thrifting trips, my sister will drop $500 on weekly makeup or coomer figure hauls. Then every day she ebegs for money on Twitter saying she's poor (true because of her spending) and disabled (false) and food insecure (false, she bums food off her friends and got to 300 lb this way) and may not make rent or be able to pay her bills or has some unexpected emergency need for money or can't afford her cat's medications (probably true given her high spending, low earnings, and zero savings) and the government won't approve her for disability (true because she is not disabled). Offline she pretends she is well off and even offered to give my sister in law (who has a child and owns a home) financial advice. Consoomers are so delusional and think the size of their hoard equals success and good budgeting. If my SIL was dumb enough to follow her financial advice her family would be on the streets. She doesn't have any sense of responsibility or personal accountability. Just consoom consoom consoom. She and my mom both are such narcissists I stg. They always shame me for wasting money on my education while they waste everything they have on actual garbage to the point any unexpected expense is an emergency, and then whine that they were handed such a terrible hand in life and didn't have opportunities to pursue an education like me but also are still better than me just because I don't hoard? You could go to school too if you wanted you'd just have to cut back on shopping? Don't you have enough of these things already?? Are you really making it if you have all the overpriced makeup and gross lolicon figures of the now but have to beg for rent money and food and won't take your poor sick cat to the vet? Are you really making it if you spend everything you make on booze and Halloween crap and won't spend a dime to fix faulty electricity in your house that can set the whole place on fire and kill you? I hate hoarders.

No. 1141618

Both of my parents are extreme hoarders, and I can't stand it kek. I wish they could let go of stuff without feeling anxious.

No. 1141758

File: 1650487176319.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x756, 1ED5F710-C978-4528-AF1C-CE6269…)


No. 1141795

I know this is peak mental illness but seeing these rooms makes me want them so bad. Maybe less things, but I've always been too poor for a weeb bedroom, it always makes me jealous.

No. 1141797

I know that they probably don't, but how long does it takes the dust/clean this room?

No. 1141809

I know a few collectors dedicate full days to cleaning, sometimes even a week kek

No. 1141811

This thread is about talking down people for being consoomers or hoarders, not talking down on women for their looks. Go be a bitch somewhere else.

No. 1141812

how do you think people feel coming home to that? anyone here with a room/house like that want to enlighten me?

No. 1141820

>coming home
they don't leave

No. 1141846

My collection isn't quite to that level but pretty close, about two completely filled shelves. When I come home or when I wake up I glance at them and they always make me smile and feel welcomed, especially when I look at the figures of my husbandos or the ones that were gifted to me by loved ones. They genuinely bring me joy and when they stop bringing me joy I will probably start selling off things.

No. 1141850

it's my copium; feels similar to being happy probably

No. 1141869

Not even close to that level (I don’t really like figures that aren’t nendos most of the time) but if my room is clean I feel happy but if it’s dirty I feel exhausted.

No. 1141882

File: 1650496268187.jpg (243.64 KB, 828x1472, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC15eXoxLT…)

This is a post from a 29 year old.
Sad! Seriously though how do they not learn to get their shit together by this point?

No. 1141898

If I walked in I would immediately think paedophile.

No. 1141905

File: 1650499531654.jpg (191.65 KB, 1080x809, 54247670_118929959274412_73734…)

wonder how the hoards looking nowadays tbh

No. 1142060

This is a legit question, I want to know why since they just seem like another record player to me

No. 1142061

Why the fuck your little sister spend so much on cooomer hentai figures??? Have you tried talking to her about how embarrassing that is?

No. 1142062

All I can see is the ikemen mametchi sticker kek

No. 1142063

This pic smells musty, like humid sweaty unwashed genitals, McDonalds plastic playground fungus feet, and a cloud of dust and bong juice. It might even induce unintentional schizophrenia if you keep staring at it. Not comfy, no place to rest your eyes. Everything is a unmoving corpse looking at you with big bug eyes.

No. 1142065

Kek I was going to say that too, nice sticker

No. 1142069

File: 1650516727047.jpg (131.47 KB, 400x622, 1650516592239.jpg)

What would you need so many kawaii keyboards for? Just stick to one bitch. Also, why even display them like that, they will gain dust and grime and cleaning a keyboard is kinda annoying, let alone more than 2

No. 1142092

Too much time on coomer Twitter. Of course I have. She says it's not sexual, they're just her aesthetic. Pornified figures on almost every surface of her apartment. Totally not sexual, sure. It's so revolting and I don't really get it except I noticed she started collecting them shortly after becoming a twitterfag. Not sure if related but she also came out as a TIF not long after that. Still consooming makeup though, so manly.
Two plus a tenkey and joystick caps isn't really that bad. One to use and one as a back up if one breaks. Keyboards don't last forever and if you're a PC gamer your keyboard goes through a lot more abuse than the average person's. Unless there's more I'm not seeing.

No. 1142099

learning about your sis was an out of body experience, like i see tfs online all the time but for some reason, i never thought much about how these girls also exist in real life and have families and shit. anyways, twitter brainrot is real.

No. 1142102

You have put what I've felt into words.

No. 1142103

I don't want to sound retarded but have you tried to introduce her to lolcow, kinda? Pink pilling her slowly until she realizes that what she's doing is pickle behavior. I'm saying this because I used to be cringe (not like that tho) and lolcow fixed my ways

No. 1142104

*Pickme, not pickle lol

No. 1142123

Awful sound, stylus will break your records, alignment is shit, built-in sound is a big no no (vibrations will interfere with the quality and can make the arm jump).
It's the turntable for people that know nothing about vinyl and just buy it for the ~aesthetic~. I would not even trust it for dusty 25¢ records from a bin.
Just shop for a vintage Technics. The sl-20 is still one of the best model you can get. I have the SL-DD22 which is also an amazing one. For low end turntables, one of the best model you can get is the Audio Technica LP-60. I trusted mine with my rare records back in the days with no problem. I wish Deadformat was still around, it was one of the best reference for record collecting and suggestions for turntables. The people were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Also related, vinyl records that major labels now sell and produce are bad. There's no quality control, the master is probably not made to get the best sound out of vinyl. They will use the same stamper (mold) to press too many records so it cost less money to produce. They also cause delay for smaller label prints.
Honestly, if you're into modern pop or rock music, records are just not worth it.
Vinyl is my consoomer thing, I've been collecting them for around 20 years and have a very expensive collection at this point with a lot of rarities. I only started because the music I enjoy is mostly only available on vinyl or tape cassettes.
Hope this helped and made sense (I am very tired and seeing double).

No. 1142145

Your post was a little to accurate and disgusting, now I want to kill myself.

No. 1142159

How dumb do you have to be to see Syphilis and Cholera and not realize it's satire immediately?

No. 1142228

Some people are dumb and don't know shit anon, I know these ~aesthetic book lovers~ pretend to be smart but I'm sure one or two wouldn't know what Syphillis is

No. 1142286

It must get so dusty in there. also, i hate the art on the body pillow because Sora looks younger. ew

No. 1142391

File: 1650559855431.jpeg (976.52 KB, 828x1339, DA9D62D3-A7CF-4681-AB03-BA62B6…)

>as the ones on Pinterest LOL!
That annoys me so bad. Do YOU even enjoy it or is this just for SM?

No. 1142394

>Cozy vibes only
Why does that set something off in me?

No. 1142399

Because it is not cozy vibes it's artificial cozy vibes.

No. 1142401

I'll never understand the need for all those bonus pillows, random extra blankets thrown on the end, fat as fuck plushies that kinda double up as pillowy things too. They're either space stealers that'll stop you from spreading out in your sleep or if you remove them at night.. where do they go? The floor?

No. 1142407

you can kinda tell how indeed it's just mimicking something off pinterest, it's not genuinely ~aesthetic~ it's just trying to be.

No. 1142438

I have sensory issues and I like to be buried in pillows and blankets. It’s one of the things I have a lot of in my house. It makes me feel secure to be weighed down and sunk in. I will say everyone without sensory issues that’s climbed in my bed doesn’t understand how I get out of it when it’s so comfy. But it’s more a nest than a bed. The plushies and stuff ruin even the nesting. They’re awkward and the wrong shape. There’s also a lot of stressful stimuli with the red. Why ruin the soothing earth green?

No. 1142440

i hate everyone who has that stupid light vine on their beige ass apartment walls. it's every girl on tiktok. i thought it was cute first too but it's seriously every one. and they just throw it on the wall too lol sometimes its just one lonely vine kind of stuck up there, no design or reason for it. get a personality im begging you.

No. 1142456

Honestly same to "used to have severe NLOG behavior & found lolcow early enough that it made me see how cringe & transparent that shit was and snapped out of it". I really cringe at thinking of my hs self, she sucked lol

No. 1142507

I'm about to scream, I'm so sorry this is off topic but I thought of reaching out to her on Twitter after reading you ladies' messages (we are really distant nowadays so idk I thought she might actually read it if I sent it on there, though I wasn't going to send her straight to lolcow because she would definitely recognize my posts were about her because of our Halloween hoarder mom and I don't want to cause a meltdown) she has decided she has DID and now talks about herself in plural form and told someone who was venting about pregnancy bladder urgency that she's been pissing in diapers because she's AFAB and that's just part of being female… How do I even approach this topic? What the fuck?? By the way she's in her late 20s not in high school. I'm at a loss, I'm not sure if I have any influence over her or if Twitter has already coomsoomed her brain.

No. 1142514

Honestly your sister is a consoomer so it belongs in this thread. Consoomer brainrot to DID nlog pipeline real

No. 1142518

>calling something a "cozy vibe"
They will never be gezellig.

No. 1142519

Wtf nonna. That's some personal lolcow shit.
Unfortunately once they go the DID route and still believe in childish shit like this in their mid to late 20s they're probably too far gone, look at Pixie.

No. 1142520

It was never cute anon. It always looks ugly and fake and it's a fucking fire hazard. Fake vines just look ridiculous to me.

No. 1142522

Samefagging just to say, if your idea of using fake vines is to pretend to be Donkey Kong then that's ok. Otherwise it all looks so cheap. Real vines and leaves are so pretty, I've never liked plastic plants.

No. 1142527

I want to believe anon's sister is not too far gone. Who knows though. She consooms hentai brainrot so there's probably some deep shit buried there. She might need some kind of rehab or therapy tbh and I don't think it's anon responsibility to fix her. But one can only hope. It will get worse with time if left unchecked.

No. 1142576

There is no hope for her. Cut contact with her, just in case, if it's contagious.

No. 1142580

File: 1650569233650.jpg (163.34 KB, 1279x719, tumblr_n7djk5Ol6j1qe02n9o1_128…)

why do nonnies assume every pink anime room posted is a moids?

i cant find it but there was a popular video that went the rounds on tumblr where a japanese girl was getting interviewed about her room picrel

No. 1142586

File: 1650569423174.jpg (614.86 KB, 2048x1536, EUTMNV2XsAYBh0_.jpg)

You could never convince me that this isn't dusty as hell.

No. 1142588

Damn that's a beautiful fucking desk and it's so cluttered with shit, what a shame

No. 1142590

because 9/10 times they have lolis all over. Drawings of little girls showing their panties in highly suggestive poses are made for men not for women.

No. 1142591

File: 1650569573034.jpg (622.31 KB, 2048x1536, EUTMO8cXsAABAw7.jpg)

Bonus: she keeps her rabbit in a tiny cramped cage with no enrichment.

No. 1142605

This is so sad, let's be honest, she bought this rabbit only because of cute "aesthetics".

No. 1142659

What a miserable existence for that poor bunny. Trapped in a dark and dusty coomer prison.

No. 1142700

This is hell.

No. 1142706

it's two stories, look at the bottom

No. 1142710

That's still not the amount of space a rabbit should have. I don't see any hay, shes using one of those hanging bottles, it just looks way less than ideal.

No. 1142730

She has some cool shit in between of all that but god, everything is so cluttered and there's truly no space to enjoy every individual piece, it's overstimulating and the very little interesting appeal these things have just blends in together into a pink goop. Idk, I know this isn't high art or anything, but if you truly loved some of this shit, wouldn't you want to give it a special place where you can look at it and enjoy it? Give it a time to shine?
I don't think anyone just enters these rooms and feel comfortable unless they're a weird maximalist. It feels more like these people just looked up weeb rooms on the internet and decided to copy that make up for a lack of personality. It feels like a flex, "look at how much shit I have, it literally covers my walls". I question if they even enjoy these things individually, or just grab whatever that can fit a random tiny spot in their desks.

>made in abyss poster
Ew. Please don't be a fucking degenerate in public.

No. 1142732

That rabbit cage looks so fucking sad, there's nothing going on for that rabbit. She has so much shit yet can't buy something nicer for the rabbit. At this point why even keep a pet.

No. 1142733

This. It's honestly just one step above those cages that makeup companies use to test their products on.

No. 1142737

Tinfoil. What if she has ANOTHER pet rabbit trapped in the bottom cage? I don't see how the top rabbit can access the bottom cage.

No. 1142770

File: 1650581111427.jpg (406.95 KB, 883x636, 2293bdab1a0f2d4df9f27a6a8fe760…)

Sage for OT, but usually these kind of cages are meant for sleeping/home base. Rabbits need a big pen of space to run a round and enrich. its possible she just lets it free roam for a few hours a day, but I hope it's potty trained and cable-proofed because dear god I don't wanna imagine random rabbit turds flying around that room…

No. 1142812

God her room looks so cluttered and claustrophobic, it’s actually making me anxious

No. 1142837

File: 1650588482892.png (2.95 MB, 1221x911, Capture.PNG)

Kek I remember this from the animecore thread. That pics pretty old though and this is her room now
30 and has never worked a day in her life btw.

No. 1142859

Which animecore cow is this? I miss that thread. When other anons were talking about the myfigurecollection cow for a split sec I thought it was Campanella because I miss her and her retarded kinning ass kek

No. 1142864

ellie/pyrie/not sure what other name she used but searching those names in page will come up with her

No. 1142880

As a rabbit owner, it’s 100% not enough room if she keeps it in there all the time. I have a cage about that size that my rabbit clearly hates and I only keep her in when we are doing housework (she may get hurt) or we have guests over (once again, may get hurt). The idea of her having it just for aesthetic makes me so mad because rabbits get easily depressed and (although I can’t assume) I doubt she plays with it much at all.

No. 1142941

>30 and has never worked a day in her life btw.
How? and how does she afford her shit
also lmao you can still tell she does it for an aesthetic because damn it now looks like a tiktok gamer den, just more cluttered

No. 1142966

Parents, and she has ssi.

No. 1142973

That's not enough nona, rabbits need space to run and jump around. And that's besides the fact the cage provides 0 stimuli and rabbits should always be kept in at least pairs.

No. 1142979

I looked through her twitter and it seems the rabbit has died anyway, I hope she gave it a good life at least outside of the cage.
her user is 2dpriestress since no ones mentioned it yet

No. 1142981

No idea how to post voice files so sorry for link but jesus KEK she sounds haggard with the fake loli voice.

No. 1142989

No. 1142991

ok she doesn't sound exactly haggard but you can definitely hear her "rough" voice under the loli posing

No. 1142994

How do big time consoomers keep their shit clean? I only have one shelf of figures and it's annoying to have to spend time dusting each one. Or do they just let it all accumulate dust sitting in their merchandise nests?

No. 1143000

I’m betting this is probably an autistic grown man’s room and he probably wants to fuck the dog character.

No. 1143025

posts like this are kinda funny because it shows a lot of the anime room posters in this thread are either projecting or jealous

No. 1143114

I watched a show about a hoarder lately and the voice over said something like 'Mary spends up to 7 hours a day dusting her collection' but then the clip showed her dusting and that 7 hour clean must only happen once a year, if that.

No. 1143170

It's obvious as hell. We had that one anon post a pic of her dressing with the dolls, some anons upthread talking about how they feel when they wake up to their animu rooms etc. But I mean, it's allowed in the thread anyways so who cares.

No. 1143187

File: 1650630230232.webm (19.85 MB, 576x1024, Untitled-1.webm)

these mfs cannot be fr. this cartoon is like disney for kawaiilovers

No. 1143192

I don't know shit about anime but I think alot of people contributing to the thread have an interest in collecting the same items they post about.. but they use the hoard pics to help remind themselves to keep the collecting in check. People have said as much since the start of the thread. That's not a secret.

I like plush, I own a handful but instagram sure loves to shows me what the extreme end of plush hoarding looks like. My posts are usually just me sharing that when I stumble onto it. Do I live in a hoard of squishmallows or want to? no lol

No. 1143205

No. 1143207

What in the female autism.

No. 1143213

Thiiis, nothing wrong with contributing with your own experiences, whatever those are. It could be makeup, anime, books, clothes etc.

No. 1143214

Why are the posters always generic (loli) waifus? Why are there no fan posters of anime shows they actually watch and enjoy?

No. 1143216

Are they not from an anime at all?

No. 1143232

resident weebshit here. all of the posters are from some media(mostly anime) and a visual novel, so they're not just generic. sometimes media you enjoy doesn't have any good swag.

No. 1143233

>fan posters
I assume they prefer official merchandise, fanart posters seems more like a thing western anime fans do

I think it’s like a mix of mid-2000s visual novel stuff and I definitely recognized the Lotte poster, so that’s anime

No. 1143236

File: 1650635928438.jpg (13.5 KB, 385x970, 41IyLzx-ocL._AC_UX385_.jpg)

Their collection is crazy but I'm also autistic for Sanrio shit. The only reason I'm not seething in jealousy is because I don't give a shit about My Melody kek, I'm mainly autistic for the Twin Stars, then maybe some Hello Kitty or Pompurin shit is cute too.

It's harder to find Sanrio items I like in the states because it's (obviously) geared towards kids, but when I go back to Japan, the Sanrio store will have lots of themed lifestyle goods that I have to talk myself out of buying. They even have nicer "luxury" items. It truly is the Disney of Japan. When I don't get Disney adults I remind myself that I'm a Sanrio adult kek. I'm too poor to show it though, so maybe me being a poorfag is really a blessing in disguise. I have an affection for it over Disney because my parents showered me in Hello Kitty plushies as a kid, and I still have a small handful of plushies that I've kept and love. Right now the only Sanrio item I have is a Kiki and Lala wallet I bought 6 years ago kek. I haven't replaced it because I've yet to find another wallet that I like as much.

No. 1143255

I stand corrected then

No. 1143275

Any Britfags have cheap & reliable proxy recommendations? I'm a Tamagotchi collector and the way people price some stuff here is ridiculous, I've seen lanyards be priced for £30 when you can find them for £5 from a Japanese seller. The tama community (imo) hasn't even had a boom or gone kawaiicore blah blah mainstream

No. 1143370

If you think that's bad, you should check out rainbowholic. Every other video is some kind of haul and her entire apartment is stuffed top to bottom.

She has multiple room tour/what's in my bag videos that you can find and each one has the same volume of items yet somehow they often appear to be different things than the last time.

No. 1143470

To be fair I'm pretty sure she gets most of this shit through brand deals so it isn't her actual money, at least she uses it for her journalling though and it doesn't just sit there like a plush would

No. 1143473

Buyee. People who shittalk buyee have no idea how to use it, if you are buying multiple things use mandarake or any of the other "add to buyee" sites as the fee is 300jpy per order as compared to 500jpy per item on their in-site stores
Email them once you have gotten your package consolidation completed and tell them to remove the sellers' original boxes so the package is smaller and therefor reduces size, you don't need the insurance unless you use surface mail. Neokyo also has troon mods on their discord kek

No. 1143487

As much as this thread deters me from excessive shopping and consumerism, it simultaneously makes me feel okay with buying certain things. Seeing that drawer packed with wallets made me feel less guilty about wanting to replace mine. I had never considered that people could hoard wallets for different purse coordinations. My wallet has had the zipper stuck open for months now, plus I got it at a sporting goods store a couple years ago so it's pretty hideous to begin with. I think it's okay that I treat myself to a cute, functional wallet.

No. 1143506

buyee is literally the worst. they have the highest fees, overcharge for shipping and part of their contract with secondhand sites requires them to have delayed access to listings which can be the difference between winning and losing rare stuff. buyee is a huge ripoff. sites like hoyoyo and fromjapan are miles better and are small companies so they don't need to adhere to stupid contract guidelines(hoyoyo is chinese and ruthless as fuck)

No. 1143517

I hate those fucking vines every tiktoker has so much, they always look so tacky and cheap.

No. 1143527

Did you look at her room tours? Most of it is junk stuffed all over her apartments, not just stationary.

No. 1143528

File: 1650652716459.png (492.09 KB, 739x643, wallet.png)

Sorry for unrelated post to topic, but I hope you find a wallet you like, look at these, I saw them and they're all so pretty I had to save the image just to look at them from time to time kek. I have a very old one my aunt bought me, it's leather with cats and flowers, childish but it still looks like new I love it

No. 1143542

They're like those LED lights every TikToker has. Cursed.

No. 1143552

poster on the right says yes! lolita no! touch, so basically don't touch my loli pillows.

No. 1143575

I have literally not seen any other site that lets me buy 20 things at once, just say you're too retarded to use the actual japanese sites and download a browser extension kek

No. 1143576

site as in proxy site, im not gonna use fromjapan which charges what like 200jpy per item when buyee charges me 300jpy per order

No. 1143667

nta but buyee charge fuckton for shipping fees

No. 1143734

i love videos like these. keeps me in check. if anyone else finds any please post them

No. 1143889

I might just be naive but is it not a slogan that means more like (when people see you in public) Yes! I'm dressed in lolita No! You can't touch my clothing
That kind of thing?

No. 1143904

>"So I have some ideas– I have some ideas of like, a Squishmallow aesthetic that I'm going for…"
>"…and I thought they were cute, but I don't know if I love them. I don't know if they really fit my aesthetic that I'm going for…"
>"…and I know they're really, really popular, so.. I got them."
At the end of that video, she changed her mind about only collecting beige/neutral colored ones, and she's going to add pinks to her new collection. But in her second vlog, she decided she's going to also be collecting blue/teal ones. I don't know why she keeps trying to stay in a box when its obvious she wants to consoom the ones that are cute to her. She put a purple one back because it didn't match, but she said she really liked it. I think it's all dumb anyway, lol.

No. 1143910

>I think it's okay that I treat myself to a cute, functional wallet.
It totally is nonnie, hope you find a good wallet. I was gifted mine and using a brand new one after being with my old one so long was a nice feeling.

No. 1143920

They’re just being snarky because they fell for buyee ads on every Japanese site instead of using one of the good forwarders.

No. 1143923

Buyee's problem is that they don't do shit for mercari, 99% of the items get the 'this seller does not allow buyee proxies' slapped on so they're utterly pointless for mercari jp (which is what I mainly use for second hand weeb shit)

No. 1143935

are you genuinely retarded nonna? how is 300yen per order worse than 300 yen per item kek, just dont use their in-site stores, but my guess is you just consoom anime shit for the aesthetic and can't speak enough japanese to navigate the actual sites so i digress enjoy paying 3000yen in fees for an order instead of 300yen because you're too lazy to navigate japanese websites

No. 1143950

why are you legitimately upset at other people using proxies that are objectively cheaper LOL Buyee isn't just charging 300yen per order, they also charge for package consolidation and over charge for shipping. not all services charge per item. also most people aren't buying 20 items at a time, tf are you buying

No. 1143975

I don't think it encourages ANY of them to pick up the craft/activity. I think the ones who genuinely enjoy it already enjoyed those things and got into the aesthetic that way.

No. 1144701

Anons I'm so fucking sorry… that slogan means yes! lolis no! touch(ing real children)

No. 1145322

File: 1650759559592.jpg (77.95 KB, 800x800, phone-holder-stand-hangyodon.j…)

My favorite Sanrio character is Hangyodon. There isn't a lot of merch of him because he is ugly and not popular… Works in my favor I guess. I can imagine having a large Hangydon collection if given the opportunity.

No. 1145779

Nintendo fanboys are a different breed. He also buys consoles just to destroy them for views.

No. 1145785

I like how his name is like a dinosaur or ancient fish

No. 1145787

What's with that logic? She buys stuff she likes, but then says she just bought them because they are popular? Why consoome if you feel the need to excuse it. And what a terrible excuse this is. And what's with those animal crossing youtubers and those plain, ugly pastel colored, tomato shaped plushies?

No. 1145788

Samefag. Also he posted this shit. Why buy all that stuff that cost you thousands when you don't even remember what you got and you regret it immediately after unpacking? Peak retard.

No. 1145864

>Hangydon, he is ugly and not popular
Finally, a sanrio character I can relate to.

No. 1146028

Spoken like someone who never had to deal with their customer service.

No. 1146204

File: 1650822068954.jpg (1.53 MB, 2518x2149, RDT_20220424_12555689585237125…)

The beauty community honestly scares me with how normalized being addicted to shopping is. I have an extreme amount of makeup, skin care, self care/body care etc. because seeing others having large collections made me think having 20 body washes or 100+ lipsticks was totally reasonable. It wasn't until recently that I had an ephiphany and realized this was absolutely insane and I had a problem.

Picrel is an example of what gets posted on the bath and body works subreddit, you see people so proud of their "collection" and talk about how they plan on getting more. I don't know how someone can look at this and think it's perfectly fine. The sad thing is I have around half this amount in my room right now. I'm working on not buying anything else that's beauty related until I use what I have, but it makes so sad to see how social media constantly fuels women into developing unhealthy shopping habits and treat it like it's just a quirky trait.

No. 1146217

what's crazy about this to me is how much bath and bodyworks sucks. they have a few decent products and had a few nice neutral unisex scented products in the past but the scents for women are absolutely ass and so overpriced. i don't understand the fascination with them. lush, i kind of get, but b&bw? idgi

No. 1146255

My country doesn't have bath and body works but you get Lush hoarders here. I fell for the hype one year and asked for my bday and xmas presents to be sets from there. This was back during the height of the 'bath bombs equal self care' era lol. I think the nicest product I tried was a lavender soap and.. ffs you can get lavender soap anywhere for a portion of their price. Nothing else was that great. Their scents never really lived up to the hype for me and I know alot of people where I am order it online so they're buying shit they've never smelled before.

No. 1146264

File: 1650824660904.png (335.31 KB, 482x632, GROSSS.png)

holy shit I'm so sorry I wanted to watch these videos but just looking at this guy I immediately get a fart smell on my face. He looks disgusting and gunky. Also he uses reddit so FUCK no.

No. 1146276

He looks like his breath stinks

No. 1146340

Same, I think managed to help my mom out by being annoying as fuck though. Every time I visit I just start to clean up and she freaks out, and so I ask if the jam that expired 5 years ago is OK to throw out and repeat ad nauseum for the hundreds of other jars before she gives in, or with my stuff I say it's mine, and I want to throw it out so I will. When I shop with her, I interrogate her on everything she wants to buy. Doesn't she already have something that has this same function? Will she use it? If no and she'll give it as a gift, to whom? And if she says who, then when? Every time she can't think of an answer on the spot and leaves it, every time being pissed because she didn't buy the massive kitchen appliance at 80 percent off just because she could.

I come off and admit to being a big asshole, but last time I visited she said she'd tidied the bedroom up a bit, and she actually had! So the pressure did something.

No. 1146658

Good for you nonnie. It sucks that some children have to be more grown up then their parents.

No. 1146923

I sincerely doubt these kids are watching the random 00s anime their $15 loli prize figure came from. It's just hoarding but in a weeb pickme way. They obsess over loli shit because they want people to think of them as lolis/anime girls.

No. 1146932

File: 1650869695831.png (112.47 KB, 241x350, yaboi.PNG)

don't worry, he got #13 on the sanrio popularity poll, nonnie. he beat out badtz maru, keroppi, and gudetama.

No. 1147311


Its crazy to me how people are ok with making bunnies depressed. By the childish look of the room, she probably neglects the poor thing. That poor bunny has earned the right to leave little turds in the middle of the anime figures just to be petty.

No. 1148479

Late to answer but this literally made me vomit in my mmouth a bit. I have some sanrio shit, but it's one bag, one mirror and one makeup pouch. I often want to buy cute functional items, like a kuromi humidifier or toaster, but only things I'd use daily. This is so much plastic and clutter and for what? You can't use that much lipbalm or hand creme. Individually packed sweets and wipes, especially glasses wipes when they make glasses cloth that is reusable and washable. What the fuck. Absolutely unhinged. And how much money did she spend on this hoard, it all looks licensed??

No. 1148493

File: 1650957520365.webm (8.19 MB, 480x854, vid_hB8OS43P-.webm)

I know this is an ~aesthetic~ video showcasing a themed looked but I find having so much shit for the same thing kind of psychotic. I barely can manage have one bag I use daily let alone matching stuff that goes with it FOR EVERY BAG.

>has a shitload of plastic shit
>"I always use a reusable shopping bag."
The irony

Sorry for speeding it up, I had trouble uploading this since it was too big of a video and I had to compress it somehow.

No. 1148526

This is way too much efforts for one stupid bag. And I notice now that a shit ton of people in this type of videos as well as makeup gurus on youtube have these exact same ikea drawers, is that a sign that someone is a consoomer at this rate?

No. 1148599

>This hand sanitizer gives me Kuromi vibes
How could someone live this way, as if their life is an aesthetic?

No. 1148602

>Kuromi face mask
>Kuromi face mask case
Current year depression.

No. 1148667

That outift definitely doesn't suit her, you can do kawaii stuff but that just looks uncomfortable for her height.
t. Tall anon always struggling with clothes that are too short, I imagine that issue is even worse with j-fashion

No. 1148765

>tfw live in town full of old damaged in ww2 buildings in the style of vienna secession
>never considered it an "aesthetic"
Westerners live in a totally different world, guess you want what you don't have.

No. 1148808

I know Safiya is pretty alright for a lifestyle youtuber, but her videos are peak empty headed consoomerism. For those who don't know her, she has multiple videos where she buys hundreds of scents/colors of a product and then destroys them by melting them together because that shit brings in the views. She also did a few videos how she hired professional organizers to take care of her closet and collection and self-admittedly doesn't use most of the things she owns. Tl;dr: I have money so I do it

No. 1148832

This looks like an ad. Look at how none of the stuff looks actually used, she doesnt open anything except the face masks, ect.

No. 1148837

Idk if some people already talked about it but I'm glad that where I live the only gachapons sell cheap and boring stuff like plastic balloons and weird chewing gums, I've never had hoarding tendencies before but I feel like I would throw a LOT of money into them if they were like those in Japan.

No. 1148844

Kek I used to be obsessed with watching these type of videos. I've seen hers and vidrel (Lorien's Toy Box).

No. 1148848

>lives in Austria
>talks like she’s not western herself

No. 1148856

Nonnie… Ever heard of Austria-Hungary and the style being immitated by some eastern european cities to seem richer?

No. 1148866

I watch japanese arcade vids and any time I do I'm both jealous but then relieved that my country has nothing quite as tempting. Claws machines here are few and far between and usually have generic shit in them. Same with little toy dispensing machines here, you see 20 cent junk and nothing that'd ever tempt an adult.

No. 1148886

I would be the kind of retard that spends 100$ on a gacha of a game or series I like if I lived in Japan.

No. 1148987

imagine having a child but YOURE the one with a stuffed animal collection. and theyre all brand new?? so you dont even have an attachment to them like you might with a plushie youve owned since childhood. braindead. and this chick is so boring, now she thinks she can just buy stuff to make her interesting

No. 1149031

pretty packaging and a place in a 'community'. I doubt the product themselves factor very much in these addictions

No. 1149042

I've come across quite a few squishmallow/buildabear/general plush collecting Instagram accounts where it's moms of young kids and the mom is buying herself multiple new plush a week for her own personal collection. Some of them list that they're autistic so that makes sense but still .. they have to be treating themselves to more toys than their kid gets. That to me is strange. How must kids feel when they even touch most of the toys in the house?

I also think too many of the buildabear collectors who go on dates to BAB with their hubby are bordering on exposing their kids to the abdl lifestyle. And daddy is pretty sus for knocking up a childlike autist and living in a house where the parental bedroom looks more like a nursery than the actual nursery.

No. 1149068

I can't believe she hasn't painted a single thing in that room. What the hell. It's honestly really disappointing that even the people near my age in the community for this stuff just… Lie. Most of them like about making things or working. It's so weird. Knowing that my favorite collectors are just creepy spoiled NEETs older than me makes it less impressive and more sad to look at. They hurry to buy all this stuff just to fit in and it doesn't even work. How do they justify blowing this money on shit they clearly don't care about? In such a short time span too? Can't wrap my head around people blowing money like that when the economy is as it is.

No. 1149162

Do these people never have multiple interests? These rooms give me some kind of weird anxiety, like everything goes together and never clashes, it's so boring.

No. 1149179

File: 1650993932827.jpg (321.35 KB, 933x1669, IMG_20220426_192230.jpg)

>hunched over (to look smaller?)
>very short skirt, the length would look better on a party outfit, maybe she wants to give anime pedobait vibes
Ugh why does this look so awkward and uncomfortable

No. 1149187

Also the legs turned inward, as my mom once said about someone doing the uwu stance
>she looks like she needs to go to the toilet

No. 1149190

She is a crazy consoomer but I think you're reaching with the nitpicks. She has shit posture but most zoomers do. I don't get pedobait vibes here. Sanrio was never a completely kid-centric IP, it's always been just branding cute characters onto merchandise, really a consoomer-centric IP from the start and most consoomers are adults. She just looks like any weeb into jfashion. What's wrong with a woman wearing a short skirt?

No. 1149201

That skirt length is just fine. Not anywhere near "too short" at all and that's IF you want to nitpick women's skirtlength which seems pretty scrote-tier to me.

No. 1149234

Always with the tacky Demon Slayer or Darling in the Franxx neon sign. I swear if anyone wants to get rich quick, just make bootleg Sanrio or shonen flavor of the year merch and you're set for life. These people are so cookie cutter with their tastes and purchases it's not even funny

No. 1149325

That's insane. I can't imagine having so many versions of the same shit, who cares if your purse matches your bagpack? How can she have enough time on her hands to do all that?

No. 1149417

There's nothing wrong with women wearing short skirts but with that design it looks like it's the wrong size for her.

No. 1149539

Collab makeup is always super shitty too. There is no reason to own it other than the aesthetic. It's cheap and chalky with barely any pigment

No. 1149594

>she thinks she can just buy stuff to make her interesting
She kind of confirms it here kek:
>"I'm just in the mood to get rid of stuff. Do you ever get in those moods? It typically happens to me when I find, like, another thing.. to fill the void."
>"So I get rid of everything else, and we just have Squishmallows."

No. 1149745

File: 1651022065337.jpg (94.5 KB, 878x960, 426b5c1294661ca58c7d4f16b0cf5b…)

I agree that it's unnecesary but I think this is a Colourpop palette? I have two small ones and they are pretty good quality at least. So it's not like those generic no brand asian brands that are pretty shitty and you just buy them for the packaging. Like picrel.

No. 1149985

File: 1651038079300.jpg (257.34 KB, 864x1600, Screenshot_20220426-223928.jpg)

Nonnies please what is the name of this bag. I love it so much and was thinking of it all day after I saw this and when I was at work I saw a woman with the same exact one. I know the brand is Coach but it's surprisingly difficult for me to find

No. 1149991

No. 1149992

Coach C8417 Dempsey Tote 22 In Signature Jacquard In Taffy Multi

No. 1150014

So much unnecessary shit, her bag has to be heavy as shit.

Yes, it 100% is. I remember watching a video made by a woman detoxing from her make-up consoomerism, I think she said something about those drawers making you not realise how much you consoom just because of the sheer volume of shit those tiny drawers can contain.

She mentioned that she got a lot of her make-up as pr. She should of just gave it away like a lot of beauty influencers do with pr they don't use.

No. 1150093

File: 1651044012699.jpg (214.7 KB, 1080x1114, original_f0b22097-ce9e7718_259…)

Picrel is what I think seeing the rise of "aesthetics"

It's like they are cosplaying a person that does xy, instead of just doing xy
Doing things like reading, gardening, baking can be done quite cheaply with little investment upfront. But not if all you care about is wearing 10 different cottagecore dresses or dark academia blazers or having aesthetic tableware, then it just becomes consoomerism

No. 1150108

I have a particular distaste for booksoomers who collect books based solely on aesthetic purposes or buy multiple copies of the same book because it's a fav. I know a lot of book hoarders personally, who buy an unnecessary amount of books that they'll never get around to reading. Book collecting is somehow considered a noble hobby, but most book collectors just collect trash that could be read/listened to on a digital file or borrowed from a library.

No. 1150129

yeah when you grow up on social media it seems like all that matters is to be seen and how you look living your life rather than just living it. It's very unhealthy and I feel sorry for these girls. I'm older gen z and I definitely had this mentality when I was younger

No. 1150186

many of my members of my paternal family are technically living the cottagecore life style, farmers who tend to their own land, they are generally happy with their lives but its tough, their clothes are often dirty, they have dogs and guns to keep out wild dogs who attack their goats, thing is their social media is almost never about gardenning or farmwork, its just mostly Bollywood clips of about Islam and nothing else

No. 1150203

There's this new core suffix thread on /snow/ if anyone wants to join

No. 1150207

Same fagging just to say we can still talk about these things and people here but in case someone has cringe milk not really related to consooming heres the place

No. 1150334

is there an actual farming/gardening self sustaining living thread on lolcow somewhere, we could use one ?

No. 1150476

I feel like I'm getting cancer just by watching the amount of plastic in this video.
Her nails are pretty though..

No. 1150490

These are the closest threads. I'm personally interested in these topics as well but threads regarding gardening/self-sustaining lifestyles/survival whatever just don't take off on LC.

No. 1150491

Kek most of these look full, unopened or completely unused. I doubt this is what she actually regulary uses nonna.

No. 1150493

obviously it's posing for tiktok. Still insane to have that much crap.

No. 1150504

I’ve been participating and I check the thread daily. I’ll talk to you two nonnies if you post.

No. 1150542

File: 1651071139434.jpg (1.41 MB, 2048x1638, IMG_20220427_164906.jpg)

Here's a random consoomer I found on twitter. Bottom left is her boyfriend who posts pepe memes and simps for streamers. The room is a huge mess full of old merch she forgot about, plushies and figures all over the walls, I wish I could have found a better photo.

No. 1150543

File: 1651071163353.jpg (44.62 KB, 1024x957, 20220427_164326.jpg)

No. 1150561

I'm thinking about selling some old merch that I bought a few years back, it had sentimental values ofc, but I was friends with a person who was a consoomer (not to the extreme, just more like a fan that likes to buy shit) and got roped in. Now, I kinda want to sell them to others since i kinda fell out of love with that character…What do you guys think?

No. 1150566

If you aren't into the character anymore, sell it. There's an old nendo I kept on my desk because I still love the character, but if it didn't being me joy I'd get rid of it.

No. 1150587

I'm selling a lot of my old shit on mercari. I can make money while also decluttering. If it doesnt spark joy, sell or donate it

No. 1150612

Thank you nonas, i think i should consider selling some of the stuff that i owned like plush toys and merch shit. I guess its time to let go and move on.

No. 1150701

She probably is trying to look "uwu" but I don't think her skirt is that short? still pretty cringey

No. 1150758

I want to thank you nonnies in this thread, I’m about to move into a new house and this is giving me huge decluttering inspiration as I pack. I’m in my late 20’s now and have loved cute things since I was really young but this website/thread has made me realize there comes an age where too much of it does just come off as juvenile. I know this is cringy but there is a part of me that will really miss shopping for “kawaii” stuff as a hobby, and I’m wondering if I should just let that go entirely or if there’s a more mature/reasonable way to channel that desire into something that isn’t buying endless trinkets from places like Ali Express. Any advice?

No. 1150793

You can always like cute things and collecting things, it's a matter of quality over quantity though and whether you're mindlessly consuming. Imo for collecting, you should avoid:
>things that clutter and are hard to clean (too many plushies)
>cheap plastic toys, keychains and badges
>consumables that expire
>most of all: things you don't enjoy (book hoarders who don't even read them)
If you want to collect something, it's just important that it doesn't use up too much space, that you can clean it easily and save yourself headache and that it's something that brings you joy. Keeping a few stuffed animals or small figures on a shelf is really common.

No. 1151067

Holy shit.

No. 1151304

No anon, you age out of the mindset where you impulse buy crap because it caught your interest for 2 seconds. You don't necessarily age out of liking cute stuff in general. Getting rid of your things won't do shit because you'll get into collecting a different type of crap. Deal with the need to buy stuff, not the aesthetic of the stuff you buy.
Also, grow a fucking spine, why do you care about some hypothetical strangers' opinions about what hobbies and aesthetics look mature? Just don't go outside looking like Pixielocks or Venus. Don't get rid of things that have genuine sentimental value. And don't throw them out, sell them. Plastic in a landfill isn't helping anyone, and dipshit tweens will pay out the ass for anything shiny, so you might as well get some money while you declutter.

No. 1151361

I second this. I really like cluttered anime rooms but mostly the kind where there's a) no garbage sitting everywhere and b) you can tell the person collecting likes what they collect.
A lot of anime/collector rooms now are made very inauthentic now, feels like it's made for clout rather than genuine interest. Just look at the void clones and hikineet and how everything k-on and sugarbunnies is so popular now to the point those items are sold at huge mark ups. Of course if you're selling the stuff they like you should 100% sell it to them for the price they're willing to buy it because they're not smart enough to look elsewhere or not pay that price kek

No. 1152593

>A lot of anime/collector rooms now are made very inauthentic now, feels like it's made for clout rather than genuine interest.
This is why I don't say shit about some of the anime rooms upthread kek. They may be consoomers but at least you can see they have an interest in certain things rather than just buying it for asspats from other hikkineetrealotaku girls. It's nice seeing modern anime rooms that deviate from muh k-on sugarbunnies rina tennoji silent hill lolicon ukagaka riamu shit. Reminds me of the good old days of consooming lmao
Also does anyone know why the fuck so many female anime-collectors are buying hardcore lolicon shit to put on their walls? It's weird. If you are a straight girl why would you wanna wake up everyday to a spread open vagina on your wall. KEK.

No. 1152607

>does anyone know why the fuck so many female anime-collectors are buying hardcore lolicon shit to put on their walls? It's weird. If you are a straight girl why would you wanna wake up everyday to a spread open vagina on your wall. KEK.
They buy lolicon shit despite being 100% straight because they are pickmes and because everyone else into the ~ aesthetic ~ does it, simple as.

No. 1152699

i actually had one of these sailor moon eyeliners and i loved it and i was so sad when it finally dried out it was a good formula for my skin

No. 1152726

File: 1651106774055.jpg (1.16 MB, 960x1265, MYXJ_20220427204430909_save.jp…)

to be fair a lot of them aren't straight, a bit of boob is one thing but I agree about having girls eagle spread on the wall. I still feel like girls who collect are a little better than some of the scrotes in the community, pic related is a coomer who recently flew cross country to go hang out with and presumably paypig his not gf, but wanna be asian e-girl

No. 1152729

File: 1651106819636.jpg (Spoiler Image,838.26 KB, 960x1643, MYXJ_20220427204332387_save.jp…)

This is so embarrassing kek

No. 1152741

Gross oversexualization and pedo pandering but also eugh god her pilling socks look so worn out.

No. 1152755

Lmao is this the guy with pink hair?
Yep. KEK

No. 1152758

File: 1651107790449.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x2560, 22-04-27-21-00-52-247_deco.jpg)

I've seen her posted in the Photoshop thread on snow so this isn't really the place for her but imagine being a coomer cpnsoomer paypig for a girl who keeps posting coomer bait and uses you as her "fan can" while you go back across the country talking about how she's an "amazing wonderful person", the absolute state of men

She says she's Puerto Rican but she clearly wishes she was anything but, her tagged pics definitely betray the delusion of her looking like a kawaii east asian waifu desu

Relevant pic is top right and bottom right as those were both during his visit, she looks so annoyed to be seen with him kek

No. 1152764

Also kek'd at "bullying"
Love Live is one of the most popular animes that ewhores cosplay as, especially Nico in close place to Rina bc "muh loli irl". No one is bullying you for liking one of the most basic anime girls in existence.

No. 1152766

>The redbubble nico nico nii shirt in public

No. 1152778

File: 1651108312722.jpg (280.79 KB, 888x571, MYXJ_20220427210914180_save.jp…)

I think it might have had to do with her being in Florida LL groups? In every pic with others as Nico she looks so pissed off and out of place, maybe it's because she can't control the filters?
Not to mention needing to use her real hair instead of a wig, which is small but noticeable and sorta gives me usagi kou vibes, would bet like Nico she hated not being the center of attention and thus turned to larping as an wannabe asian ~ero closer

Shes better discussed in the egirls thread though tbh

No. 1152782

It's meitu and the five hundred layers of filter she needs to be like a totemo real gravuru aidoru

No. 1152824

NO, NO, NO..

No. 1152901

That hair is way too long for nico.

No. 1153689

ITT: consoomers enabling each other. Collecting figures as an adult is NOT normal; the anons encouraging you are terminally online. And buy a fucking normal toaster from a quality brand, or get one at Goodwill. Sanrio characters exclusively exist to sell crap. They aren’t even originally characters from a show, they were invented just for advertising. If you fall for that, you’re braindead.

No. 1153767

>collecting figures as an adult
You realize it was originally intended as an adult hobby because you need an adult income to support it right? Like, before rich egirls decided to take it over?
Cry about it anon kek. Sorry some anons don't need to be validated by you in here so you need to take it as "enabling".

No. 1154256

File: 1651194771336.jpeg (634.52 KB, 2048x2048, 9320A3DA-C3F5-4642-9629-7C1315…)

No. 1154257

Dischargechan's lair

No. 1154258

File: 1651195119838.jpeg (544.42 KB, 2048x2048, A207C40F-A4BE-4D15-B340-20C975…)

She wishes

No. 1154264

Wtf I thought this was a lineup of child soldiers just by glance

No. 1154269

File: 1651195669327.jpg (232.32 KB, 941x676, Screenshot_20220428-202725.jpg)

They will protect her in the afterlife

No. 1154282

File: 1651196187148.jpeg (731.07 KB, 2048x2048, 6275A3E1-C5E7-4191-A42C-1DE11B…)

Hopeman soldiers
Terrifying thought

No. 1154289

I just busted out laughing.
How do you not go crazy in this? I feel congested just looking at these.

No. 1154309

This picture gives me chills I want to kill myself now

No. 1154337

>How do you not go crazy in this?
>implying she hasn’t already

No. 1154393

A while ago i just wanted 1 cute balm or hand cream i actually planned to fully use and now i see where they sold out to jesus christ.

No. 1154542

It's like an itaroom… I can't believe having 50 exact same komaeda figures I'm losing it

No. 1155087

File: 1651243272678.jpg (13.91 KB, 480x360, kevin-feige-marvel-studios-pre…)

Marvel came out with a plan for the next 10 years for capeshit consoomers

No. 1155098

ok but if I melt them into a grotesque ugly "art statue", it's acceptable and adult decoration again, right?

No. 1155125

>buying tge same figure several times
now that's some actual otaku shit lmao

No. 1155158

Amazing, one of the biggest appeals of the MCU was that it was way easier to follow than the comics and all its retcons and reboots and crossovers that are only possible to follow if you read a shit ton of previous arcs, and now the movies are doing the exact same shit. The MCU was fun to follow until Endgame, which felt like a proper conclusion, now I truly don't care about anything Disney shits out.

No. 1155244

>30 and has never worked a day in her life btw

No. 1155258

not really "qyeen" when you're a weird fat poly woman who loves rapists and trannies and is living off of ssi and mommy's money but go off anon

No. 1155447

Debating whether or not having big folders for images counts as hoarding? I know some people have thousands of pictures of a specific thing and even go as far as getting flash drives to store their collections. I think it is mostly a coomer obession of keeping images saved. I do it for pinterest pictures tho.

No. 1155596

The anime consoomers who come in here to look for anime rooms to copy and wk are so annoying kek

No. 1155607

You can definetely declutter those too, I do it sometimes with my art inspo folder, you'll find some stuff doesn't speak to you anymore

No. 1155637

I don't see it as a big deal to hoard images or any kind of files on your computer or phone because they don't take up much physical space or really affect your life that much. Probably will make you feel better to organize them but a few storage drives full of pictures is nothing compared to a room full of plastic, toys, makeup and such.

No. 1156492

>the culture of influencer coachella
Can't believe these people are so vapid. Good video.

No. 1156530

does this woman have waardenburg syndrome or whatever? I'm genuinely not trying to be mean but her face is so strange

No. 1156941

She's just unfortunate looking

No. 1157206

File: 1651380858841.jpg (407.4 KB, 1080x1803, 234508_Instagram.jpg)

On Instagram I was recommended this lady who just posts her collection of shitty drugstore body wash/scrubs. I can't imagine having more than two of these in my house at a time, what's the point when they smell too cheap to bother switching up the scents and you could just pick one up at literally any store?

No. 1157212

she has a lot of guys thirsting after her, actually

No. 1157215

File: 1651381608860.jpeg (126.58 KB, 1370x1080, big shark from will smith fish…)

No. 1157266

please don't do amanda dirty like this, she's a great creator and is very aware of what she looks like.
pay more attention to her giggle, which is the most heartwarming shit ever
I'll WK swell entertainment aLL DAY WINSTON ALL DAY

No. 1157276

selfcare = consumerism to line the pockets of the rich even further. Real selfcare is excersising and sleeping 8 hours a night.

No. 1157281

Does anyone know what her @ is? It’s not in the video.

No. 1157304

File: 1651391898666.png (53.02 KB, 403x318, ng.png)

No. 1157325

okay what the hell is "indigenous west asian"? a dressed up way of saying she's iranian or something? she looks like a white girl trying to look japanese. she's clinging to so many identities goddamn.

No. 1157326

Yes, you would be praised for your avant garde vision and taste in sculpture.

No. 1157347

She should learn how to speak more concisely or edit better. The talking in circles and sentences that go no where and repeating herself is so annoying. Also she looks like if you combined cece with thrift thick.

No. 1157415

>smell too cheap
Dove is perfectly fine compared to some ultra cancer smells, I wouldn't buy more than one or two at a time but it's not like it's one of those neon colored glaeinh smelling shampoos.

No. 1157426

>consooms bath and body works shit
>tons of little usless trinkets and individually wrapped plastic shit
>coomer figures from nekopara
>random naruto on the door
>tons of consumable products no one could use up before they expire
That is probably the most disgusting consoom channel that's been posted in this thread kek.

No. 1157433

New Girl..?

No. 1157456

The people she describes are vapid and consumerist but instead of actually watching the video and commenting on how pathetic those are you prefer to make fun her appareance? Sad shit coming from a website where most anons call themselves """"radfems""""

No. 1157459

>a website where most anons call themselves """"radfems""""
Sure, anon.

No. 1157462

nta but, you know they do.

No. 1157484

Where do you think you are?

No. 1157487

She's not a cow, the people on her videos are cows.

No. 1157488

yes lmao I'll happily cop a ban for dropping this video kek

No. 1157492

File: 1651408247574.png (694.47 KB, 1512x1708, houhiuhiuh.png)

>random german


No. 1157513

File: 1651409757157.png (161.74 KB, 271x456, houhiuhiuh.png)

saw this on a coachella tiktok compilation

No. 1157514

She's Kurdish, so yeah, pretty much. What's the point of saying "indigenous West Asian" when you could just say Kurdish? But I guess not having the word "Asian" in there isn't uguu kawaii aesthetic enough.

No. 1157515

The Chinese win again. How do they do it

No. 1157520

that is a hideous bag. dead fugly and weird.

No. 1157569

blog posting but it make me so depressed to see this types of rooms now. I had a phase 5 years ago where I would have anxiety attack when I bought non food/ necessary items. Now I buy too much second hand stuff or keep shitton of items from my relatives when they passed away. I also digitally hoard stuff it's ridiculous. At least my allergies kicking in is helping me avoiding irl hoarding more and more. Fabric hoarding is one of my worst habit tho.

No. 1157610

There's no such thing as blogposting in this thread anon, the op encourages to post your own consoom experiences

No. 1157612

Speaking of companies exploiting minority groups for money, this reminds me of when I was browsing Baggu’s website and they had interviews with their models. One of them was a fat white guy who was struggling to keep his restaurant open during Covid and he said after George Floyd died him and some friends made a huge amount of money selling tshirts for protests. There’s also that store that made a bunch of shit with the TempleOS logos after Terry Davis killed himself.

No. 1157613

What bothers me more is that even when she makes a tiktok relating to her ethnicity, she just wears a traditional dress trying to look cute and pretty as if her ethnicity only matters for woke points and aesthetics.

not an american, but this is tacky af and embarrassing. I wonder how a black person feels seeing this. This is what activism is for some people I guess : a cheap chinese bag.

No. 1157616

More than anything I think it's ironic that Americans are buying this crap from China, the Chinese are ultra-racist themselves. Go buy something from a black creator if you want to support them but nah, they don't want to spend that kinda money it's just about virtue signalling.

No. 1157621

Cringe as fuck. Imagine some white teenage girl acting like she can protect some huge black guetto guy, as if he needed it lmao

No. 1157629

Seems like it's actually a knock off of an existing bag made by American black(?) creators, kek
Some people want to virtue signal on a budget, I guess

No. 1157644

They probably had a Chinese company produce the bags, which is why someone is selling the same design on aliexpress. Interesting how cheap it is to make these plastic bags compared to how much they’re resold for by American companies

No. 1157723



No. 1157726

it sucks they’re ripping off of brandon blackwood since a part of the proceeds go to npos

No. 1157729

True, Dove is what I use so I think it's fine and pretty mild, but what I mean is the scents are not particularly amazing enough to warrant buying different variety.

No. 1157759

File: 1651421887024.jpg (625.2 KB, 1578x2048, guettouttahere.jpg)

I believe the name is david guetto

No. 1157972

File: 1651429668102.jpg (606.52 KB, 1588x1588, 1645736037102.jpg)


No. 1158031

Hi waardenburg-chan

No. 1158062

File: 1651434547307.jpg (50.06 KB, 640x480, 978876876876867.jpg)

I have a depressing collection of vintage kid clothes from a couple different brands. Since I can't 100% for sure have a girl, I'll never have a kid so it's not like I can cope and say I'll use them some day. And yet, I can't get rid of them because they're cute. Two full totes Nonnas…

No. 1158064

I wasn't making fun of her appearance retard, I was just asking a question out of curiosity. Also I'm not a radfem.

No they don't.

No. 1158070

You can choose the gender if you do IVF

No. 1158075


No. 1158079

Well she said she wanted to be sure it's a girl.
She can pay to be sure.

No. 1158081

I hate having to say this but the thing more depressing than your collection is the fact you hold into these clothes which shows you wanna have a girl and the whole idea of dressing her in cute clothes. Idk about >>1158070 and I would suggest adopting but even if you manage to, the child would probably outgrow the clothes till the time the adoption is finalized. It really seems like you are holding to some sort of fantasy that makes you sad.

No. 1158126

This is allowed nowadays? Shit I'm living in the past..

No. 1158130

NTA but women can make choices about their reproductive health. It's none of your business. I'll never understand IVF haters or anons who act like bringing more men to this world is a good deed.

No. 1158138

File: 1651437715963.webm (18.27 MB, 270x480, junna ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ_7092835328066702…)

this is supposed to be relaxing but I genuinely got stressed with the amount of stuff I saw in this video. I hate these hoards are glorified just because they are organized and look cute. The are hoards nonetheless.

No. 1158147

A typical day in the life of a womanchild kek

No. 1158149

I’ll run the risk of sounding insane but I was scrolling through her videos (thank God you don’t need to make an account on that site to lurk) but she said she was 5,2? beforehand I was thinking that damn, this woman looks tall, and 5,2? Sorry for the sperg

No. 1158206

This would probably be sweet in a different world, but this is really creepy, nonnie. Either adopt or ivf to ensure a girl and if not, donating or selling to expectant mothers who would love these clothes would probably make you feel better. What's the use of holding on when you don't want to make it happen?

No. 1158214

I fucking Nezuko so much and everyone who stans her

No. 1158232

File: 1651444961520.png (249.76 KB, 600x600, imagen_2022-05-01_174253481.pn…)

>girl who helplessly watched her entire family die in front of her AND has to wrangle with trying to keep her humanity
>mfw she's literally just some cutesy moeblob pet girl who acts retarded

No. 1158234

You can, just abort the males
Also, here's a tip: XY sperm is more likely to die inside the vagina when it's more acidic. Eat a loooooooot of vitamin c fruits and veggies constantly for a period of time before you try to get pregnant so your sperm will most likely be a XX.

No. 1158235

Do you mean "eugh gender just say sex" type of deal? or are you dumb

No. 1158237

I fucking hate this I fucking hate everything in this and the thing I hate the most is how this shit is in theory good in todays society and admired and to be strived for, everything is so fucking ugly and I doubt she even loves that shit, she does it because this world was made to consoom. Also I hate the fucking noises, GOD

No. 1158239

That's what they always say to look cute.

No. 1158242

i'm drunk rn and seeing and hearing her crumple up that plastic with her fake talons is so nasty. wtf is she a cat? this amount of stuff is really stressful. the rings and jewelry all thrown in the little bowl made me feel sick. it's gonna get tangled!!!

No. 1158248

It's already a highly acidic environment, xy was just never meant to be

No. 1158250

I hate it too. The long ass cabochon nails click clacking against plastic shit just for ASMR points, all the junk, everything. Same reason why I hate snack cart videos. It just triggers my anxiety and rage and doesn't relax me at all lmao

No. 1158252

Make it even more acidic and only XX queens will reign

No. 1158254

Jfc if you want to have so much useless cute shit at least make it look presentable. And why doesn't she close her palettes after use? How can you get so shamelessly gross and lazy

No. 1158255

People just don't know what the fuck ASMR means anymore, they think big obnoxious noise with a quiet background = relaxing kek

No. 1158257

My tinfoil is she just got some cute shit around the mess so she could flex it for the video

No. 1158409

File: 1651455528609.png (7.69 MB, 3813x1800, dsfsdferet4555.png)

I looked into Junna or Jo as we're the same age (21) and the fact that I was genuinely curious on how she managed to consoom all of the useless stuff she has and found out
>she's Kurdish but like Mikan says that she is west asian.
>is studying medical science. However wants to start twitching again and open up a shop an online one presumably along with maybe working a job with super nice manager that always brings food.
>started consooming when COVID lockdown was starting and began her brief journey being an generic E-thot skinwalking Belle delphine to generic rich kawaii weeb gamergirl. two years pass and she has since scrubbed all of her e-thottery ways from social media but has a bunch of fan account that keeps old photos.
>One memorable fan on tiktok washes printout pictures of no.1 idol Jo on her tiktok and is one of many calfs of Jo or now Junna.
> With lockdown over Junna says that when she goes to university classes she uses a normal bag when going out and not her twelve kawaii sanrio bags
>Her mother lives in the uk and her father in the UAE Yas island for his job, her parents are very rich and without a doubt spoils their lovely daughter very much.
> A common consooming cosplayer cow that buys overpriced items, the seasonal anime merch, three gaming chairs, limited edition consoles and items that she hasn't a clue about except that it is in at the moment along with more eventual garbage that she fills the void of being a rich person.

No. 1158422

She got brought up in the skinwalkers thread over on pull at the time. If I remember correctly she came to the thread and was received well so that's probably where the Belle phase disappeared to.

No. 1158435

It is such a drastic change in nearly 2 years if I didn't know better I would not have guessed that she was the same person in all of those photos here >>1158409 Social media really does rot your brain and empty your pockets huh… the man in the photo collage is that the guy that played Castiel in spn?

No. 1158539

File: 1651462540560.jpg (591.52 KB, 1415x2048, 20220502_053320.jpg)

How do you sleep on a bed like this and how often do you need to clean it, jeez

No. 1158545

Whyyyyy would you wear those nails while cleaning, that just seems painful

No. 1158622

She was also mentioned here, if anyone cares:

No. 1158628

How do you even wipe your ass with those nails

No. 1158644

Hello shitty

No. 1158729

i really hate those plushies, they're barely a step up from funkopops

No. 1159056

File: 1651498830880.webm (17.88 MB, 576x1024, junkfood_1.webm)

i laughed and downloaded this one when she put a fully packaged turkey in one of the bins, misses the point so completely

No. 1159060

File: 1651499090713.webm (14.15 MB, 576x1024, toupee_1.webm)

ive also been seeing a ton of tiktok pages that promote toupees and hairpieces as like.. normal things? and it feels like a fucking psyop to sell toupees to zoomers. everybody born before 2000 remembers jokes about toupees, they're for losers, but now it looks like they're trying to get a rebranding so that younger people don't think they're stupid? either way the woman in this vid looks like a retard and the hairpiece looks terrible, pointless consoomerism

No. 1159065

Ew, uncovered salad mix

No. 1159090

same thing with veneers, they were just fake teeth for old people. I think canes are next

No. 1159124

90% of hollywood has veneers, it's not for old people but you can't achieve that perfect smile naturally. I'm not saying everyone has cartoonishly crooked teeth, but in most countries and working class areas if you didn't get braces, whitening, cosmetic tooth filing you probably don't have that shiny actor smile. But veneers are HORRIBLE for anyone who has healthy teeth and I've mostly seen them done for people who grew up poor and had no proper dental care so their teeth got fucked.

No. 1159133

Why… Would you buy pepsi in tin cans. I know someone else who does it for the taste, but it's such a waste of money. Then again I stick to fruit juice only so I have no idea.

No. 1159138

Threeheads are just as ugly as fiveheads imo. She looked fine before.

No. 1159152

This is just one step further into pressuring women into looking like plastic dolls.

No. 1159155

Veggies next to cookie dough.

No. 1159163

kek yes these people are addicted to junk food, i bet those mini peppers just rot in there. loose bins with spring mix and cherry tomatoes and then make sure you cram your two packs of cookie dough and two packs of cinnamon rolls in, next to your vacuum packed turkey and your full sugar sodas that you put in plastic bins for some reason. the sheer amount of sugar in this mostly empty fridge.

No. 1159183

>omg my hairline is thin
>get toupee
>constant hairline shaving and glue required for regular toupee maintenance
>noo my hairline is abysmal
>keep getting toupees forever even though thats what caused the problem
A lot of unnecessary beauty procedures damage natural feautures so women feel like they need to keep getting it done to fix the problem in a vicious cycle, like constantly getting acrylics tear up your natural nails so you feel bad about them and get them done again and foundation can give you really bad acne so you keep wearing it

No. 1159227

after all of the awful robot voiceovers and music in tiktoks this video was a breath of fresh air. ahhhhh

No. 1159230

and she doesn't look pleased with it at all

that's so true. one toupee and they've got you, for life

No. 1159242

I specified that getting it done multiple times to maintain the look leads to a cycle of consoom nonacita

No. 1159396

I thought this would be similar to the balding dudes who get realistic toupees but this is just…unnecessary and dumb. It looks way worse than bf and she is either there for demonstration purposes or she hated it. Looks like she hates being there no matter what kek

The thing is that I've seen young people in their 20's trimming their perfectly fine teeth to get these. These are the people I don't understand.

No. 1159416

Like how PNP/Ariana got veneers. Of all the things wrong with her face/life she decided to get completely unnecessary fake teeth

No. 1159437

File: 1651515754293.webm (10.44 MB, 540x960, jookstogo_6925029862235213058.…)

These is a "day in a life" video. It looks so far removed from reality. Like wtf organizing keyboards, opening a box with elaborate cute cookies? The people who make these do it for show but it seems that the very young ones really eat it up.

No. 1159495

What kind of DD/LG crap is that? Watching Molang… Literal cartoon where characters do nothing but make sounds, because its for children.

No. 1159524

that fucking phonestand broke me. it's so fucking flimsy, just put the phone on your desk? insane. sanrioshitters are sociopaths.

No. 1159537

shopping addiction cope; when I get the urge to buy something crazy or expensive, I have weened myself on to stickers instead, because you can have a lot of them for little money
anyone else trying to top consooming? though honestly, I'd still like to post my stickered-up nintendos like a 14 year old tbh, even though I deserve to be roasted and shamed

No. 1159538

*trying to stop consooming

No. 1159560

>unbox a package
how rotted does your brain have to be by consoomerism that you call opening any box an 'unboxing'

No. 1159562

One thing that helped me was deciding to enforce a policy that every time I buy something new that I don't need, I have to sell or donate something from my collection. It taught me how to more carefully consider my purchases and after a short while I stopped consuming because I realized there's nothing I need so badly that it's worth replacing something that I still like.

No. 1159651

Molang can be fun if it's 3am and you can't sleep

No. 1159742

I do this! I'm really glad sanrio is popular now. I used to be really into it when I was younger (and spoiled as fuck, to be honest) when everything was way cheaper. I've never gotten less than a $50 profit on my sanrio sales, so it makes it all worth it kek. Makes me feel less bad about buying useless shit. To anyone looking to resell, childrens sanrio bags on japanese sites are like $5 and will always resell for over $75.

No. 1160189

Why not just browse IG on your laptop since you're already at your desk?

No. 1160202

>watch molang
induced brainrot, cant stand their fucking noises

No. 1160256

>selling the idea that any of this hedonistic and perfectly curated, color coordinated garbage, is in any shape or form, what she does in a day
>buying the idea that someone can simply live a perfectly selected life like this, which consists of doing absolutely nothing while advertising "aesthetically pleasing" amazon junk

No. 1160299

Those keyboards are shit. For someone so centered on keyboards its weird she uses a laptop and doesn't care for the quality. There's so many better switches, lighting, and custom keycaps.

No. 1160354

Removing the salad from the packaging was next level cringe. Well done, you are helping it go bad faster.
Wtf is the point of these set ups if you are not a gamer? So fucking pointless. These keyboards look completely useless too.

No. 1160370

ngl, as much as a judge the people her, i definitely have a little issue with consooming sanrio crap. My solution that I have devised has been to make little ita bags I can hang for display in a corner somewhere so I can get my cuteness fix and not hoard so much shit. I have nothing my walls so it will work out fine.

No. 1160457

If you wanna go through reels, phone is better. Browsing IG from a laptop/PC just feels weird

No. 1160502

That makes sense.

No. 1160665

I'm always justifying my purchases by how much I can resell them. Sometimes I don't even know if I'm buying stuff because I want to keep it, or just because I want to enjoy it for a bit then make a profit. I've stopped recently, but that's a pretty shitty justification even though I'm always thinking of the chances of reselling.

No. 1161103

I don't know how these people do it. If I switch bags for a day for whatever reason (usually from my regular bookbag to a tote bag), I take forever to switch shit back, and I don't even have that much stuff to move between my bags. What the fuck.

>the children's cutlery set

>pf changs
kek. My parents bought me that exact same cutlery set except it's pikachu themed, because they know I'm autistic for pikachu, but I almost never use it because it's tiny, uncomfortable, and embarrassingly obvious it's meant for kids.

No. 1161148

As someone who likes unnecessary junk sometimes these videos make me extremely uncomfortable.

No. 1161254

What is your opinion on buying lots of second hand stuff? In the recent weeks I have been browsing Vinted (the european depop) and bought like 6-7 different pieces for cheap prices ranging from 1-7€. I plan to buy more since people on there sell lots of nice quality stuff that is affordable and cute. I am just scared that this will spiral down into some kind of new consoomer type. Its mostly of rooted in me not being able to buy myself things due to my parents not giving me any pocket money, telling me I am a waste of money and leading to not buying me any clothes etc. or myself trying to save literal pennies on small things because I didn't want to be a burden for my parents. My relation with money itself is completely fucked and I feel extremely bad buying stuff that is even under 10€ because I often think of myself that I could save the money for a crisis or something. Despite all of this the excitement and happiness from buying a really cool item and having it delivered and it exactly matching your expecations is beyond amazing and fills me with extreme joy.

No. 1161334

It sounds like you spent a lot of time not having things that you actually needed. But the way you're shopping now sounds pretty different from buying things just for the dopamine hit. I get excited when I get a great deal on something I really like and plan to use, I think that's a great and also normal feeling.

If you're worried about your spending getting out of control, try setting a monthly budget for clothes/fun purchases, and let yourself have things you like within that limit. You can also set a space limit for your clothes: x number of hangers, x number of drawers, etc. I love buying secondhand and there's nothing wrong with having a closet of nice items you use on the regular. I think the most important thing is that the clothes make YOU happy, and it's not about how your closet looks to other people (that seems to add fuel to the consoomer fire).

No. 1161420

I switch my handbag weekly because I like to match and look professional. I tend to carry a lot of stuff, not all matching like these girls, but it takes me less than a minute. All my stuff are in pouches, so I just everything out of one bag and into another. They make it over complicated because they have to match every little item with each other.

No. 1162082

i've been watching her videos lately too and i can't help but think she looks like cece (i assume you mean from proana thread?) too!! it's the smug smirk and glasses, but i do enjoy swell's videos, even if she's slightly cringe and scatterbrained.

No. 1162236

Not sure what size (or sizes?) these clothes are, but if you like the idea of cute, small, childish vintage outfits so much, have you ever thought about dressing up something inanimate in them? Like a big rag doll or a teddy bear? It would be something cute that you could display on your furniture, snuggle when you’re lonely, or maybe even dress it up in seasonal outfits throughout the year? You wouldn't have to get rid of the clothes and could manifest the obsession into cute toys instead of the idea of having a little girl.

No. 1162238

File: 1651616592558.png (16.21 KB, 364x420, 39AC633F-D4AD-43AC-8700-2340AE…)

Samefag but I really like the particular outfits you chose, they look like something Angelica would wear.

No. 1162248

Nta but that just sounds like the women who dress up their yoda babies or buy lifelike newborns and form a community around it

No. 1162254

I feel like a lot of this shit is unnecesary to have multiples of, idk I just have generic shit not 10 different hairbrushes to match my bags

No. 1162293

Yeah, wanting to mean 'say sex'. It's not that hard.

No. 1162389

File: 1651624023089.png (580.44 KB, 633x623, 5c6ebd29f786e96b576c10ad49f1c0…)

for me the worst fucking type of consoomer is the pet hoarder. Especially the reptile ones since they seem more common. They always want the inbred designer shit with albino and scaleless deformities. They don't actually love animals, they want to flex.

No. 1162414

look at this poor thing. this is absolutely awful. naturally, they'd be much more susceptible to disease, right? this looks so unhealthy. his eyes… i want to save him/her

No. 1162495

File: 1651630459119.jpg (511.04 KB, 2303x3071, P1020524.jpg)

Pet hoarding is a whole issue but its especially bad imo in the reptile hobby, from breeding morphs with terrible genes purely for aesthetics (like spider ball pythons) or mass importing animals from their native habitats.

It's going to piss off a lot of reptile keepers to say but I hate rack systems for keeping snakes, even for breeding purposes which is even worse, you basically keep the animal in the barest minimum requirements to survive and only take it out to feed or breed it, kind of a horrible existence. I wish keepers who have these animals would take pride in keeping them in an equally elaborate and decorated enclosures for how expensive and 'rare' the animal is, sadly this seems to not be something a lot of people in the hobby are concerned with.

No. 1162561

eww why is it naked

No. 1162565

This is awful. It looks like they ripped its skin off ugh

No. 1162568

Pythons should be banned as pets imo.

No. 1162581

Eh, I could argue about this, but I will just say I think snakes over 8ft should require a permit to own. There are many python species that stay reasonable sizes, like ball pythons can get about 5ft which sounds large but they rarely get thicker around than a coke can, can't really do any damage. Or even the Children's python which is about 3ft and stay really small.

The problem is dumbasses getting retics and not realizing how fucking huge and unmanageable they can become and releasing them

No. 1162677

It's disgusting that people would actually get mad at you over that. These things look no better than the shelves in morgues.

No. 1162858

I once saw a loose one in a suburban park. Had to be about eight feet. just something so surreal about it. A sight to behold, epically considering I don't live in florida. People shouldn't keep them if they can't handle their size, and most people cant

No. 1162889

Why would you own a snake if not to pet their scales and give them a good life?? What the fuck i cant with these naked snakes, broken leg cats and dogs, flat face cats and dogs people make in breeding.

No. 1163535

This is the saddest shit I've ever seen in my life, it looks absolutely inhumane to do this to those snakes. Yeah they have water and food but god, it's a prison.

No. 1163661

File: 1651677799250.jpg (735.96 KB, 1595x2047, 20220504_172159.jpg)

Oh, she also did one of these yume displays

No. 1163670

File: 1651678334602.png (266.56 KB, 512x386, tumblr_8ba003c6a506a1ebad656e9…)

googled "pet snake racks" and wow. Imagine living like this. I think these people have no empathy for living beings.

No. 1163697

File: 1651680020178.png (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1052x784, snake discovery.png)

This reminds me of a youtube channel called Snake Discovery. People on youtube regard her as "the best reptilian educator on youtube" but she cuts the eggs of her snakes with no regard for their safety just to see what special new color combination breed or whatever her new hatchlings will be. She also uses extremely small enclosures to hoard snakes, and some of them are pretty barren or have useless stuff in them (because some of them are climbers, or need more space, or other types of hideouts). She also has a small deformed alligator (adopted, but still) and apparently you can't just go outside with a big croc like that without banding their mouths for safety. Again, she brands herself as a professional educator.

No. 1163778

The moment this thing gets loose, it's going to crush the owner to death and it'll be 100% in the right.
You telling me she cracks into the eggs like LOL Surprise toys? The emotional disconnect of consoomers.

No. 1163788

She does, they aren't even going to hatch yet but she's too eager to poke them and see how speshul her new snakes are.

No. 1163793

holy fucking shit I did not know or want to know this is a thing. They're stored away like kid's toys!

No. 1163841

Honestly, this can be said for any breed, including cats and dogs.

No. 1164073

ew i saw the video about the growth stunted alligator moving in and immediately knew her house must smell like complete shit. I didn't know she breeds snakes for aesthetic too but those plastic bins just look so small and cruel even to someone who isn't interested in keeping reptiles like snakes.

No. 1164106

this room feels uneasy

No. 1164109

samefag I just noticed this is fucking 4 hours long

No. 1164524

I haven't even thought of that, how do these naked snakes feel? I once held a baby snake in pet show, it felt like a living cool silk ribbon, and it had beautiful scales. I bet scaleless snakes get injured easily

No. 1164557

I'm really sleepy but I scrolled and read the title as 2020 romania tour. Good night

No. 1165504

File: 1651747392644.webm (1.64 MB, 576x1024, download (5).webm)

Saging because I've not uploaded a webm before so not sure it'll work. Another Squishmallow hoarder.

No. 1166386

File: 1651780044227.png (16.48 KB, 1375x154, manchildren.PNG)

One of the comments in the video. Imagine thinking a woman is selfish for not liking it when her parasite moid is buying 20+ nintendo 64's. Scrotes are a disease.

No. 1166425

I love those dresses, I always bid on them on eBay because I can’t help myself. Also just abort the males , you find out at 12 weeks and a lot of places do even early gender scans. I’ll probably do the same if I have more than one son

No. 1167265

>I've not uploaded a webm before so not sure it'll work.
It came out fine, nona.
It's really disturbing seeing that. What will happen once her fascination with them ends? It seems like she bought all of those on a whim.
>stupid, selfish
kek the same could be used to describe them.

No. 1168324

File: 1651854760250.jpg (382.51 KB, 1440x1800, 272727156_456042509577750_8638…)

Even though this is her hobby modding keyboards and the fact that she gets some as sponsorships/gifts this is just too much.

No. 1168331

What's the appeal of having 20+ plushies of the exact same character?

No. 1168357

Mech keyboards as hobby is weird to me. I get wanting a nice keyboard to use, it's something most people use for hours every day and I think that it's worth paying extra if necessary to find a keyboard that is pleasant to use. What I don't understand is why people feel the need to collect them, it's not like these keyboards are vintage Cherry and IBM models from the 80s, the boards are mass produced in China like everything else and there's nothing unique or interesting about them.

No. 1169576

How annoying that must be to keep them clean.

No. 1169589

I get asmr just by looking at this
clickety click click mmmmmm

No. 1169663

I think what is most annoying is the lack of variety. Its all anime loli pink and generic.

No. 1169777

Same. The idea of having more than one mechanical keyboard is interesting to me given the sheer variety of switches in current ones, but I’d rather stay away from pink as much as possible and not only use pastels either, but any kind of color scheme I can and want.

No. 1169824

>>1162495 unless those animals are all sick and in quarantine this is monstrous

No. 1169897

>Protect Exploited Sweatshop Workers

No. 1169959

I get it if they build them, it's not any different from building model cars, gunpla, etc. Building things is fun.

No. 1170657

File: 1651940236524.webm (976.35 KB, 576x1024, elyxirine on ig ≷_707905272115…)

I checked her tiktok and while idk much about keyboards, I don't see her modding as being something extremely difficult. To me it seems like another reason to hoard stuff, with the difference that keyboards need a bit more effort than buying things and displaying them. Embed vid is her "hobby shelves" and she also has a whole desk dedicated to a kpop group.

No. 1170679

I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this. The first 10 times that I saw this exact same room I thought "well, pink is a cute color, and those anime and videogames are currently popular, so of course they would have this kinda stuff!"

I do not think this anymore. I was fucking wrong. They're all fucking sheep and they all buy the same trendy kawaii anime shit to flex it on the internet. They do not enjoy this shit genuinely. They just see others have the same gudetama and overwatch shit and they're like "ah yes guess I'll get it too since everyone has one!", it's fucking bleak and I am this close _ to wishing death upon anyone who has this type of room, male or female I don't fucking care, it's pathetic. This fucking shit is like shoeheads but with anime. Fuck them, fuck that.

No. 1170687

let's see
>attack on titan
>jujutsu kaisen
>komi can't communicate
this person probably has 0 thoughts of her own

No. 1170697

*not shoeheads, sneakerheads kek
Speaking of sneakerheads though, here's a sneakerhead room.

No. 1170701

Why would anyone tamper with the safety of a baby snake just to see what the fuck they come out as? just wait and see until they hatch. Even if cutting an egg was safe I just think it's unnatural.

No. 1170722

I don't think it even registers as a living creature in her mind, just a collectible item.

No. 1170869

In my whole life I've only met one (1) sneakerhead who was actually stylish and wore all his shoes with well-coordinated clothes. My little sister was also one, kind of, definitely not to that extent but even she got overwhelmed by her shoes and sold many pairs right before getting her own place. Her room at my parents' place looked like a mess until she found buyers for all her pairs.

No. 1171135

The entire pet trade is a fucking nightmare, it's impossible to support any aspect of it once you peel back the curtain. I can look at awful SRS results with zero issue but seeing a toadline micro pitbull makes me sick to my stomach. The people who do this to animals are not human, they are monsters with no soul and should be regarded as such by anyone with an ounce of sympathy for animals.

No. 1171406

File: 1651993438241.png (Spoiler Image,2.96 MB, 1204x906, 2.PNG)

I don't get these coomer rooms. Wouldn't you be horny all the time?

No. 1171518

I think I used to have a coomer room. When I was a teenager I would buy magazines similar to teen Vogue or Cosmo girl I guess, rock magazines, tattoo magazines for the posters and cut out pictures of women I thought were attractive and plaster them all over my bedroom closet and bedroom door. I would also print out pictures of female singers to put in my school diary. It was kinda obvious because of how I look and I still cringe at it and how gross it was. It's just pure retardation.

No. 1171597

I did the same but with fashion I wanted to wear. My parents made me take it down so then I did the backs of my doors.

No. 1172053

i unspoilered for hardly a second and i want to gouge out my eyes and soak them in bleach now. can we make a no coomer room rule next thread? also, you forget the number one priority of a coomer, to coom.

No. 1172086

>Blocking the window with a bookcase full of shit
I'm sure the curtains haven't been touched in over a year, and she wonders why she has severe depression or some other bullshit.

No. 1172095

File: 1652032644161.jpg (484.67 KB, 720x1226, 1652032618463.jpg)

Don't they see the irony?
>Mmmm microplastics

No. 1172101

Unless the coomer is into edging.

No. 1172107

>No coomer room next thread!!!
No. Those are fun to make fun of because they're still consumeristic and weird, and the word consoomer kinda implies it a bit. We can do a rule where we have to spoil them and say what they are though, so more nonnies can be at ease.

No. 1172118


No. 1172148

Why is she wearing her underwear over her pants?

No. 1172154

There has to be a point in which you can’t just be horny 24/7, right?

No. 1172192

Even if you were horny most of the time that room would just be torture to be in I'm guessing?? Idk it's perplexing.

No. 1172200

This room smells extremely bad. It smells like dried piss, like male urinals covered in days old piss and a pile of cum covered dirty sweaty underwear.

No. 1172216

File: 1652035514289.jpeg (4.04 KB, 121x151, download.jpeg)

Don't scroll

No. 1172259

I bragged about how much second hand shit I sold in the first thread and now I feel like getting rid of even more books. I'm not sure anyone will want the manga I have in Japanese though. I'll cancel a nendoroid preorder as well. By the way I didn't find "to buy or not to buy" very useful beyond the first chapters since I have self-control when shopping. Does anyone know documentaries about hoarders or consoomers that aren't about self-help?

I didn't even notice the curtains. When I was in Tokyo in a sharehouse the window in my room was mostly blocked by a huge closet and it felt awful not seeing the sunlight most of the time, especially during the covid lockdown. I can't imagine people doing this to themselves willingly.

No. 1172269

might be since people associate sex with comfort and feeling good

No. 1172283

Which manga?

No. 1172291


No. 1172294

Samefag, I'm pretty sure it's gone. Thank you jannies.

No. 1172301

File: 1652038364758.jpeg (225.16 KB, 1400x1050, DB78F6B1-E278-477A-86E1-FE48D8…)

I love you nonny thanks for looking out for us, it makes me smile despite things. Sorry if you had to see something bad. Pic is for Mother's Day

No. 1172343

I sell manga in Japanese to a local used bookstore all the time, I hardly get anything for it, but at least it's gone. Most places will probably take them. I've never been successful selling my Japanese manga online unless it was a very specific artist.

No. 1172349

Magic Knight Rayearth and some BL manga. I want to keep some other manga I have in Japanese like Tokyo Babylon and X, and I have manga in French I'm not sure I could sell because they're from when I was in middle school with yellow pages.

I already did that once but it was an online store. So I just sent my packages and the store had to keep the books until they found buyers. I checked but they won't take my Japanese manga so I'll try to ask my usual comic/manga shop if they're ok with my collection.

No. 1172365

Oh, weird. The comic shop is a good idea, but I suppose if you're really desperate to get rid of them, you could just donate. Sometimes the small amount of money you might get isn't worth the hassle of finding somewhere to take them.

No. 1172383

True. I don't have to worry about money anymore, unlike two years ago when I sold a lot of books and video games. Even then I was ok with selling the books for cheap, and the games I sold were old but popular so even if I could have sold them for way more online by myself I sold them to my usual retro game store and I still have a 180€ voucher since then. I just needed more space on my shelves then and I do need more space now, especially because I'm considering moving out of my parents' place this year and I don't need everything I have. I'm not sure where I could donate entire manga series, I'll look it up.

No. 1172502

Reminds me of Shayna

No. 1172517

imo I thinks rooms like this are fine if items are accumulated thoughtfully and slowly overtime. It's so clear this happened over the span of once year just to get on a trend. I can't with the mangas, normally those kind of mangas eventually get nice hard back or omnibus versions that are a much better investment. I hope she enjoys selling everything once the current fads she is into fades and I hope she enjoys having no natural light too.

I also can't help but notice that these shelves likely aren't even up against a wall, it looks like it's also blocking a wardrobe. I hate it.

No. 1172520

This is r/goomers but anime version. And yes, they are horny all the time. Such men need to be gassed.

No. 1172769

>get nice hard back or omnibus versions that are a much better investment
Maybe that's an unpopular opinion but I will never see hardcover or omnibus editions as better as the standard small books that youn can easily read anywhere anytime and put in your handbag if you want to read outside to kill time in public transport. Big manga that look like dictionaries with hard covers are an abomination, they're needlessly expensive and impractical.

No. 1172795

do coomers ever get bored of seeing drawings or pictures of naked women 24/7?

No. 1172847

File: 1652081136351.jpeg (86.41 KB, 1242x1242, 2b8facc2-0d4e-4daa-a486-a30940…)

Don't scroll nonnies. Maybe even don't visit LC for now, a retard moid keeps making retarded threads.

No. 1172865

File: 1652081360450.jpeg (56.08 KB, 378x457, DAE30237-9F7E-4E7C-AC74-5F9625…)

Bump for pedos

No. 1172867

File: 1652081362355.jpeg (84.04 KB, 750x964, D1F7C9D2-5A43-4898-A6E1-95EE9F…)

bump again

No. 1172871

mods are being lightning fast though

No. 1172895

I smell the sarcasm

No. 1173034

File: 1652083862990.png (2.29 MB, 1169x932, 3vwaj5nd08Y.png)


No. 1173041

File: 1652083955945.jpeg (79.91 KB, 780x520, 42BB07D2-7578-439C-85CB-EFF0B1…)

BUMP troon is posting cp in hoards

No. 1173055

File: 1652084158116.jpg (102.81 KB, 675x1200, 97cef23b49deaaf4fb9d8b87e54674…)


No. 1173397

Italianon here, got this video sent by a friend:

>Shein Haul

>Pink Setup
>Funko Pops
>Generic MHA, MLP and Squishmallow plushies
>Vegan but doesn't shop at local market, buys prepackaged stuff and/or orders ultraprocessed stuff and eats only those.

What a disease
She claims this is her last shein haul due muh fast fashion but in the past, when people called out her bullshit, she always threw a hissy fit saying that she could do whatever she wanted. In this video she says she's "free from the shein contract"
Just ignore their email sis, jesus christ, I hate these people

No. 1173410

bumpity bump

No. 1173497

File: 1652100130005.webm (1.47 MB, 720x1280, 277023942_507429080954656_5645…)

No. 1173864

when I look at these people I wonder how they feel about not having a single original idea.
Isn't it tiring, to live off social media and let them dictate every single purchase and idea of you?
The pandemic really did damages

No. 1173970

I hate this fucking music so damn much, you have no idea. I've heard it in so many "rich black girl" tik tok videos" full of luxury brand bullshit I'm actually surprised to hear it in a weeb tik tok video.

No. 1173995

Post some of those vids, I want to see them

No. 1174003

nta anon, but it's basically just black women showing off their lavish lifestyles and the whole point of this "movement" was he counteract the narrative portrayed in the media of black women suffering and to show them that this lifestyle is within their reach. Idk if it's as bad as consoomerism because at least they are using their excess wealth to go on vacations and eat nice food instead of plastic shit from china. But i still find it dumb because 90% of us will never have this nor do we want it.

No. 1174012

File: 1652122984891.jpeg (253.88 KB, 1500x1500, download (8).jpeg)

Not sure where to post it, but are these "fridge organizer boxes" worth buying? I've seen them being a trend on TikTok. I just thought of decluttering my fridge space

No. 1174015

Just looking at the thumbna is enough to know she just buy a bunch of useless plastic crap that she will resell in 2-3 years when most of that shit isn't relevant anymore.

No. 1174016

What I find stupid about it is that they love using these prerecorded voice tracks about how spiritual their experience is or how all black women should aspire to that lavish lifestyle as if it were a realistic option for most people. And tbh some of them could very well fake their shit. The ones who post videos that show different scenes so fast they might has well be posting a powerpoint file instead of a video. My broke big sister still manages to travel abroad and buy expensive shoes and accessories not because she's rich but because she knows how to take pretty pictures and how to fund her cheap trips. Same with my younger sister who bought a shit ton of luxury brand shoes and bags because she was living with out parents, was smart with her money and befriended girls who worked in Prada, Louis Vuitton, Zadig et Voltaire, etc. who would buy her stuff on a huge discount and my sister would pay them back. And I'm sure most of these girls also just shop at Zara since that brand loves to steal designs from actually innovative brands and sell their clothes for way cheaper.

No. 1174017

I personally think they are if you use them in a way that makes your fridge look less messy. Just don't go putting a whole 2lt juice bottle inside smaller containers for the aesthetic.

No. 1174020

This picture is the correct way to do it. If shit already comes inside a container there is no use putting it in smaller ones for aesthetics while making more waste. But produce and things like that look so much better like this

No. 1174024

>while making more waste
What do you mean by this?

No. 1174026

I'd go for it, it looks like it's going to keep produce fresh for longer.

No. 1174028

She is talking about the pantry organisation videos where people put pre-packaged goods like canned drinks into those organisers when it's completely unnecessary

No. 1174033

don't buy those hanging ones, that are like drawers they break really easily. you need to buy the stackable ones.

No. 1174060

I agree that it's not really necessary unless you care that much about how your fridge looks, but I don't get how that makes more waste. The original package will get thrown away regardless.

No. 1174066

File: 1652124253961.png (2.65 MB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20220509-122006.png)

Every person with a room like this has never had an original thought or steady sense of self. It's the bane of my existence. If you've seen one of these rooms you have quite literally seen them all because they all own the exact same items to try and one up each other while rotting away alone, miserable wagies in their waking life just to afford things they will 100% throw away and sell en masse in the next 4 years to trade out for the new aesthetic. It's the fake otaku version of pink RGB gamer girl rooms and it needs to die now. Don't even get me started on the cringe figure posts where these people put them in food and liquid and other gross crap. This person doesn't do that but she has everything pink and Sanrio or kawaii that everyone else has, namely that one fakeboi who got cancelled for being a Nazi or whatever. Void? Idk but yeah. Dusty ass hoarder rooms with no personality. Devoid of anything and so uncomfortable looking

No. 1174072

File: 1652124384333.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20220509-122549.png)

Different person but this is cringe too, dust and cobweb central I'm sneezing looking at these. Looks dingy too

No. 1174094

File: 1652125038239.png (1.82 MB, 939x804, ddlgonesie.PNG)

Finally, these rooms are brought up, they all think they're different too and spend their time dunking on "void skinwalkers" and about how no one has a personality online but them. They all like the exact same shit but are genuinely so delusional they think because they picked one anime or game that the other voidcore bitches don't post that they're different and unique. It's so fucking weird to me how they all use the same furniture too.
Picrel was posted in one of the old consoomer threads for exactly copying some famous pinterest room photo, same room layout, furniture placement, etc.

No. 1174112

Every person with a room like this has bpd

No. 1174132

i have some of these items but would kms if my room looked like this.

No. 1174137

File: 1652126210265.jpg (142.18 KB, 498x501, 1652126160598.jpg)

Which ones? And do you have BPD? Seriously asking
Wtf is going on in this picture

No. 1174149

It's a littleforbig onesie KEK

No. 1174157

Shouldn't this be illegal to print??
Late, I'm sorry

No. 1174168

Loli is illegal in some places but a lot don't care, it seems like a charge that you only get if you have another charge ontop of it OR are making that hyperrealistic art.

No. 1174246

I clicked on the post you replied to and GOD I did not want to see that picture again Jesus Christ

No. 1174253

>saya no uta figurine

No. 1174267

Yeah, it was posted about in the e-girl thread too. That person bought the same exact furniture as "void" and started hopping on the Saya no Uta train. They're all hyperfocused on outdoing each other with contrasting Sanrio with fucked up games and horror stuff. Most the people are tame and just like silent hill but then try hard like creepyhoarder and that person go full lolicon rape psychological torture porn to seem extra ~demented~ and deep. Extra keks over the ABDL onesie everyone bought cause creepyhoarder posted it. What the hell is their fixation on lolicon and ABDL crap?

No. 1174269

I'm sure you are leagues less embarrassing than these people. They only do this for attention online and likes. If you like similar stuff (that isn't disgusting pedo shit) then you're fine nona.

No. 1174270

What is "void"?

No. 1174297

File: 1652130378848.png (2.64 MB, 1892x752, vo1d.PNG)

Vo1dchan, fat egirl who had a room full of lolis, sanrio, horror shit, and mcdonalds. She's basically the one who started the "sanrio k-on bloody handprint mcdonalds bag sugarbunnies" shit

No. 1174298

All these kpop rooms look exactly the same

No. 1174310


No. 1174317

File: 1652130832261.jpeg (903.11 KB, 1170x1387, vo1dchan.jpeg)

Sorry without context I sound like an anachan, she edited her photos a lot but this is how she actually looked

No. 1174322

I hate that they all have the same items. My Melo, Kuromi, Kirby, Zero Two (or in her place Super Sonico, whatever pink anime bitch flavor), those cheap Miku prize figurines, Sailor Moon and pink "gamer" shit on white ikea shelves. Nothing tells me they're genuinely into these things or care about those characters, they just copy each other.

It reminds me of those korean / pinterest room decor videos that all end up having the same exact items… the digital clock, the CD player, the cheap wood furniture with checkered tablecloths, fake tullips and cutouts of bear prints stuck to the wall.

It sounds like maximum autismo but if you've seen a couple of those videos you can picture exactly what kind of koreaboo room I'm talking about.

No. 1174416

File: 1652134524223.jpeg (116.43 KB, 675x1200, 4514315B-6B8E-468F-A101-A3AED0…)

KEK I know exactly what you’re talking about
At least they’re not cluttered and easier to clean

No. 1174429

File: 1652134867980.jpeg (132.99 KB, 750x750, 92493510-7436-4BF5-9234-EFED7D…)

*Some are anyway, they seem to be popular with western koreaboos and I’ve seen vids of filipinos following this trend hardcore.

No. 1174550

This looks like someone woke up in a human zoo and the aliens that captured them tried to give them the bare minimum, to keep them comfortable, in a sterile environment.

No. 1175133

>pantless dolls on top shelf

No. 1175967

something about these rooms are so creepy and off, like backrooms kinda stuff. i dont mean that as a compliment though they would probably take it as one

No. 1176004

I know what you mean, so devoid of personality and despite being messy don't look lived in at all. It's like if you gave an ai access to pinterest and told it to decorate a room based on that
Those are kewpie babies

No. 1176830

She released a video showcasing her plushes.
Y know I'm fine with decorated rooms but this is her living room, having that much unorganized crap in pastel colors in her living room is making me anxious

No. 1176842

Those are kewpies, underage-chan

No. 1176991

I have to admit I have way more stuffed animals than that, but I keep them organized on shelves and in hammocks. They also all have names, she loves them anon, and I love them too.

No. 1177578

Too bad they’re all pretty ugly aside from the black cat plush.

No. 1177582

This looks like a normal collection tbh, seen worse but idk

No. 1177608

they're actually sonny angels, i have like 20. they're very cute.

No. 1177622

how are these brands able to rip off shit like blythe or kewpies so easily and without incident?

No. 1177914

Posted this in another thread but everyone ignored it lol I used to buy a lot of things and have not got rid of them yet because of sole laziness and because I like the decoration (I'm talking about dolls, clothes and books mainly), but at the time I bought them I did use them. I do buy (secondhand) DVD's and vinyl occasionally now (only albums/singles I really love) and use them pretty much every day. The only other unnecessary thing I buy are clothes every once in a while. Could I be considered a hoarder? I don't buy things often and when I do I make sure I will use it, I just have a hoard left that I don't want to get rid of because I still occasionally wear my old clothes and read my old books/comics. Am I a hoarder/consoomer or just lazy?

No. 1177974

As long as you don't have an addiction to shopping and trouble parting away from the inanimate objects you bought, I don't think so

No. 1178088

File: 1652369764696.jpeg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024, F34CAF26-E54D-4862-A658-50C8C6…)

>imagine the smell

No. 1178091

Where is this from?

No. 1178092


No. 1178262

File: 1652375703119.jpg (111.75 KB, 800x1200, Tumblr_l_272916917303025.jpg)

Anyone familiar with jojifuku/女児服 as a style? If not it's pic rel. Basically adults dressing in Japanese girls clothes that are sometimes tailored to fit their size. I've been seeing adult women hoarding these types of clothes and posting it but they very clearly 1.) will never fit it and 2.) are not parents. It's weird. I'll see people post wardrobes of it and they won't even bat an eyelash at it sitting there unused. If they do manage to squeeze into it it's like wearing lingerie it's so short and cropped. Never thought I'd see hoarding little girls clothes as "collectibles". Unsurprisingly the people like >>1174297 and >>1174094 are the kind to collect that style of clothing. I think it's creepy and strange to just…collect little girls' used clothes.

No. 1178271

Samefagging to add that you'll see what I mean by "collectors" when you look up the #jojifuku tag on IG. People will post outfits they made but they will never put them on. Only ever seen really skinny girls wear them and even then they seem very constricting and revealing. Why buy literal kids clothes just to hang it up?

No. 1178273

Humans really are just degenerates and the weakest members of our species will always be in danger, huh?

No. 1178300

Why is this shit being discussed across multiple threads? We already stablished it's pedo pandering

No. 1178301

Why are you in that discord kek

No. 1178330

I haven't seen it being talked about from the consumption perspective, only from a moral pearl clutch standpoint. Even then it just devolves into focusing on the people wearing it and what other weird behaviors they have. I didn't know where to put this post because sure, it would fit under the pedo pandering or egirl thread, but my intent was to see if anyone else had seen the collectors side of it. I don't really care about discussing the people in detail or making it about the models. I just figured if it's a phenomena among anime figure and Sanrio collectors that it would be appropriate to bring up in the consoomer thread. To me it reads as mindless comsoom of useless items, it's topical ITT.

No. 1178453

For pics like this

No. 1178473

File: 1652381562109.png (335.64 KB, 360x487, paint.png)

Don't scroll

No. 1179270

File: 1652419653745.webm (1.68 MB, 576x1024, figure haul.webm)

No. 1179274

File: 1652419686612.webm (767.29 KB, 576x1024, 2k on figures.webm)

And in total..

No. 1179275

File: 1652419727420.webm (772.95 KB, 576x1024, Nami room.webm)

This is her room btw.

No. 1179286

Who tf likes Nami this much?

No. 1179308

File: 1652422900676.jpg (1012.82 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20220513-082024_Tik…)

Came across this on my FYP. Jesus christ

No. 1179340

Do any of you have success with selling your collectibles on FB Marketplace? Or am I doomed to meet people who will lowball me? I plan on setting my prices as decent as possible anyway, but I have a feeling people are going to want to take it lower.

No. 1179487

maybe try dedicated FB groups?

No. 1179491

it looks like the high of the purchase wore off and she realised wtf she did and hates herself kek.

No. 1179514

Looks like it's taking up a whole corner of a room. Insane. Do these people ever wash these plushies? Dust them? Pick them up to dust underneath/around them? Lint roller the cat hair off? Or they throw them down (on the fucking floor??)and never touch them again, only acknowledge their existence when they want to record a new attention begging tiktok.

No. 1179534

File: 1652441851003.jpg (2.72 MB, 2560x2560, 22-05-13-13-34-01-541_deco.jpg)

honestly, she might get sick of her Pusheen phase before they get truly grimy from getting stepped on by her cat. almost 800 plushies is ridiculous.

No. 1179601

Maybe I'm just a poorfag that'll never understand unless I have the disposable income. Or maybe 750 already expensive branded plush toys are ridiculous.

No. 1179975

ok no1curr

No. 1179977

she will never give proper care and love to any of those.

No. 1180241

Keep the webms comin', nona! All I can ever find on tiktok are sex workers and kids flexing their versace or lv hauls. How do you find the nerdy/kawaii/animu/whatever consoom?

No. 1180259

You just know there's a mason jar out of frame…

No. 1180269

>fluoride stare

No. 1180325

Nta but personally I search kawaii tiktok compilations on YouTube and then I follow users separately. Even though after a few tiktoks it's like seeing the same person unless they are on a very high level of consoom that differentiates them from the others.

No. 1180337

File: 1652477313165.jpeg (26.22 KB, 474x360, c6f4a97e881ff899712c02f59214ef…)

How do you fight the urge to Consoom?
I'm a recovering toy collector/hoarder- I had hundreds of fashion dolls that I would just buy and instantly put in storage. I ended up selling them but I've had a few relapses over the years where I would buy a bunch of something I was temporarily interested in, forget about it then sell it later on.

I'm currently really interested in a doll line and I've been stalking ebay listings for them the past few days but haven't purchased any yet- even though I REALLY want to. Would it be unwise to just purchase one, to get it out of my system? I feel so stupid because I know it's just a phase, but everytime I get into a new 'thing' it feels intense and I can't get it out of my head until I indulge.

No. 1180343

File: 1652477579550.jpg (53.31 KB, 896x713, disgustelf.JPG)

>bragging about buying prize figures

No. 1180357

The parent consoomer stuff is so annoying since like 90% of it is just regular products that are hyped up. I know because I own these rich family, big baby shower
The boon drying rack is just an overpriced drying rack, wipe warmers are a joke, diaper genies and other forms of it are glorified trash cans, the halo bassinet is nothing special neither is the mamaroo swing and so on. I swear to God you can just pick up any household objects and market it for parents and triple the price. I'd like to see products that would actually make parenting easier such as wearable breast pumps or a good front pouch, the glorified drying rack means nothing

No. 1180359

Every time you get the urge, just hold off for another few days, another week, another month. If it’s still something you truly want after a month or two passes, then let yourself get it — but only if you can afford it and only after breaking down why you really want it.

No. 1180360

Hard agree. You can literally stick wipes in your bra to warm them while changing the baby instead of buying one. Things like hakkas are much more useful and never mentioned.

No. 1180363

Sage for samefag but I also hate parents who buy hundreds of dollars of high tech devices such as the owlet (which should exclusively be used for babies that are high risk such as preemies), it also means someone who actually needs it is less likely to have it but hey anything to show off you can afford to spend hundreds on a sock + as someone who owns these the high tech baby devices work like shit anyway

No. 1180367

i wouldn't even warm up the wipes, they can't know what they're missing (warm wipes) if they've never had it kek

No. 1180380

That’s startling and will make the baby cry. Why would you want to upset a newborn?

No. 1180422

oh yeah it's really traumatic, i've heard some kids need therapy afterwards. tbh it's borderline child abuse.

No. 1180423

catloverxnami, duh

No. 1180425

File: 1652481513582.jpeg (156.36 KB, 617x640, 627961AB-B286-4C9E-A180-B4B6E6…)

No. 1180428

File: 1652481611481.jpeg (Spoiler Image,978.14 KB, 3000x2001, 4289C4CB-75AE-44DD-900D-973460…)

Spoilering for young anime girls to save scrolling nonis.

No. 1180432

File: 1652481639652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,237.09 KB, 1185x893, 0466D96F-B02D-407E-A2DD-75C673…)

No. 1180436

I kind of love the miku colored walls.

No. 1180439


liking anime needs to be socially unnacceptable again

No. 1180460

Oh god. I know someone who bought that stupid ass drying rack. This shit is such a pathetic way to capitalize on new and dumb parents.

No. 1180470

File: 1652483409624.jpg (100.56 KB, 445x474, 1652483392688.jpg)

No. 1180499

File: 1652485222482.jpg (612.4 KB, 1080x1950, IMG_20220514_013954.jpg)

Would you consider some tattooed people to be consoomers? Specifically the kind who gets an abnormal amount of shitty animecore and pastel tattoos that end up aging like shit, think Pixielocks or pic related.

No. 1180501

File: 1652485405150.png (121.64 KB, 324x376, clutter core.PNG)

Oh my god can we just end journalism and tiktok right now?

No. 1180519

I checked through her tiktoks and there's one where she literally rolls a dead mouse over her Nami pillow

No. 1180522

Idk, at least tattoos (even shitty ones) don’t use a ton of plastics and shit. And at least you’re supporting an artist.

Ppl with weeb tats absolutely should be judged tho.

No. 1180542

File: 1652489375451.jpg (48.29 KB, 468x523, 34114414abc5f88de6259d7c9fa23a…)

I'd say yes
Also Ahegao becoming a mainstream thing was worse than anime becoming popular
I'm so sick of it
I'm also sick of anime car stickers, they're fucking everywhere where I live and it's always some variety of Demon slayer(Nezuko usually)/pokemon/Naruto/Ju Kaiden or whatever popular garbage there is on it

No. 1180555

File: 1652490188328.jpg (90.75 KB, 1222x815, BrandTattoo-20170531125937169.…)

highkey, if it's shit like picrel, very blatant logo tats

lowkey…I find character (anime, sonic, that type of stuff) and other commercial media tattoos to be pretty consoomy, even if the thing has emotional significance or is done very tastefully.

No. 1180557

Weebs are peak consoomer

No. 1180572

File: 1652492345378.jpg (44.21 KB, 500x330, 1475788724142.jpg)

Try to redirect your interest in something more productive or creative. It's easy to obsessively browse or think about it when you are bored, so occupy your mind in a different way. You are already aware of your habits which will help deter you from falling into another cycle.

Every time you are tempted, take the amount of money that item costs and put it into savings. Consider if you would rather have this particular item vs. saving for something more important and practical. Watch/read some Marie Kondo content. Try to dig out where the compulsion comes from. Are you unsatisfied in some way with your life? Is collecting an attempt to fill some void?

No. 1180675

File: 1652509001073.webm (2.7 MB, 576x1024, niofuckingideaifimdoingthisrig…)

I found a goldmine of weeb consoomer tiktoks but I have no idea how to post videos, sorry if I did this wrong KEK
It's terrifying to think of how much money shes spent for something she admits is just a pinterest aesthetic

No. 1180685

But you did it correctly, anon. Keep going pls. I need my fix.

No. 1180701

Or people who get lots of tiny tattoos as impulse purchases and they don't mesh well together at all, different styles and colors which clash.

No. 1180706

Dingy rooms with no personality except for greed… and lust. How would you even breathe amongst all this useless crap? The way none of this shows any of their personality or interests apart from being terminally online. These sanriofags are a shitstain. How would you feel entering this claustrophobic room from hell? It can't feel like home. The particular shade of pink has given me ptsd, I hate seeing it. It must go dingy quick. I really hope this stupid, soulless, edgy for the sake of being edgy trend dies and with it, these girls can snap out of their trance and realize, what the hell were they doing it all for? If they can't get clicks from it, can't broadcast it, can't make some 14yo girl jealous from it, it is completely utterly useless. It's all not for them, but for an audience. Making your bedroom, perhaps the personal space, after your bathroom a circus fir onlookers… Can you imagine once they are over this, which they will be, to be getting dressed and they pick up their comb and it's got fucking sanrio over it? Horrid.

No. 1180707

File: 1652513527519.jpg (55 KB, 564x564, c9feb7818ada0f9bd84b3a4316fa4e…)

I hate these rooms so much. Pinterest is plagued with them and they are literally all the same.
It's always:
>Sonico/k-on/madoka/vocaloid/gloomy bear/ merch
>Cheap prize figures
>MCdonalds trash
>Edgy things sprinkled in like a horror game poster or bloody handprints
>Cheap aliexpress/Daiso products
>Sanrio merch(especially sugar bunnies)
>Owner of the room is usually a zoomer with poorly maintained hair/hygiene

No. 1180788

Lust what lust? Unless you mean for attention of dorito dust 4chan basement dwellers. She 100% doesn't masturbate to Super Sonico or whatever lolis she probably has displayed somewhere. This retard related to Tomoko and yet misses how she was obsessed with otome and yandere bishies and not some big-titted sluts (to put it in Tomoko terms kek).

No. 1180826

i pick my nose too much for those nails

No. 1180889

If I was dating the perfect guy and found out he had this shit on his leg, it would be over instantly.

These fucking anime sticker cars are EVERYWHERE where I live, too. My neighbor has one with this BS all over it and I cringe everyday when I have to drive past it. What's worse is the ones with hentai/soft-core porn which shouldn't be legal if you ask me- I didn't consent to looking at that, especially while walking through a parking lot with my mom. It's so embarrassing, and all you can do is try to pretend you didn't see it.

No. 1181026

File: 1652543763102.jpg (694.92 KB, 960x1109, MYXJ_20220514114929105_save.jp…)

Why is it always kawaii sanrio hoarders that claim they have all these invisible illnesses? like they don't work but have all the garbage they've accumulated, some of it from sponsorships I'm sure but definitely not all of it. Just admit you're spoiled and lazy

No. 1181034

File: 1652544127771.jpg (811.2 KB, 960x1549, MYXJ_20220514120132379_save.jp…)

of course she's one of these retards with a snack trolley

No. 1181035

File: 1652544188282.jpg (516.32 KB, 960x1319, 1625006269293.jpg)

Not sure you should need "snack trolley essentials" when your teeth look like this
Why get dental care when you can hoard sanrio garbage though

No. 1181036

File: 1652544214882.jpg (746.53 KB, 960x1473, MYXJ_20220514120111668_save.jp…)

No. 1181051

I saw someone have “Hentai Queen” in giant letters on the back of her car window.

No. 1181355

File: 1652562230520.webm (7.26 MB, 576x1024, 1.webm)

This is such an eyesore to me. These animecore rooms are trying to replicate scrote otaku rooms like >>1180428 but can't stop thinking about the pinterest aesthetic they also want so it ends up horrible and awkward looking.

No. 1181364

Its the lack of dedication to one specific character or show/franchise

No. 1181377

There's that, but I also feel like it's too "clean" for it to be genuine. Idk how to explain it but it feels like that girl bought specifically the right number of posters to cover her walls without having anything left that she wouldn't be able to stick to her walls. Same with the merchandises. It's just not messy enough compared to some actual otaku rooms.

No. 1181432

File: 1652568372479.jpg (113.18 KB, 701x643, Picsart_22-05-14_16-54-55-747.…)

One of these things is not like the others

No. 1181504

Wtf even is the point of a snack trolley? Is it really that hard to just walk to your fucking pantry and pick something out? Why do you need a little shelf with wheels for that?? I’m confused

No. 1181507

File: 1652572477642.webm (1.65 MB, 576x1024, 123.webm)

I feel so bad for these kids' parents. Imagine your daughter one day going from a normal teenager, to a massive consoomer spending all your money on Sanrio and lewd anime trash that she's never shown an interest in before. Why do their parents support this?

No. 1181513

half this shit is bought on amazon, including that my melody rug.

No. 1181517

Wtf, that kid would get their ass beat if they spent $300 of my money without consent.

No. 1181580

probably go get a hobby, and i mean that the most lighthearted way possible. I think if indulge in something else, your consooming wouldn't be as intense

No. 1181595

Bipolar/ADHD meds completely relieved me from consooming and obsessing over the next item to buy. Nothing else helped, and I did have hobbies. I know consooming probably isn't caused by undiagnosed mental illness that can be managed with meds in everyone, but I think it's worth considering this possibility. I'm so angry at myself, I would have such big savings (despite the high cost of my medication) if I went to a good psychiatrist earlier and told him about my concerns.

No. 1181622

Kek this person is a cow she basically started kinning Mayura and other ~obscure~ characters to piss off Campanella. Her whole personality is just things she owns she's so fucking annoying and has the ugliest bf too it's embarrassing

No. 1181651

Dear underage newfag,
Please stay in your newfag containment thread, unofficially known as the "egirl thread". I would advise to take your voidchan friend with you as well.

No. 1181652

no1currs about "campanella", she's a fucking cow too.

No. 1181734

I've been fixated on buying a shit ton of skincare related products because I have awful acne and I'm getting to be in my late 20s so I wanna be on top of wrinkles. I know it's the kind of thing where I just need to go to a dermatologist but at least I am finally pinpointing what products work best with my skin so I can stop trying new things. Any anons here have an issue with overbuying skincare or supplements / vitamins? I basically made my last order for moisturizers this weekend that don't contain fatty alcohols because I'm pretty my skin hates them. I'm gonna be mindful and stop buying skincare I don't need because realistically half of this stuff is gonna get thrown in the trash before I am able to use and and a lot of it didn't even work for me.

No. 1181760

This was bound to happen at some point. It's rebelling against minimalism. Eventually we'll go back to minimalism, back to maximalism, etc.

No. 1181809

this is my favourite side of the animecore skinwalking lainshit because the girls who claim to gatekeep all these obscure animes and nihongo merch end up making all of it extremely popular because they decided to broadcast how unique they are. It's such a funny cycle to watch, everyone is always skinwalking or whatever they decide to come up with.

No. 1181838

Kek this. I never got the desire to hoard all that shit when their love for those things isn't even genuine. I don't get the obsession, and I've liked Lain for a long time (since 2010ish basically) to notice some random increase in popularity. It's an interesting show but why are these girls pretending they're super speshul and oonique for liking it? It's just an anime, whatever. Liking it doesn't make you quirkier.

No. 1181899

Kinda ot but I’d recommend you check out your local pharmacy to see if they have tester size products. I have atopic skin and use mostly brands that are sold exclusively in pharmacies. They usually have small tester sizes available bc products are meant for sensitive skin and you can’t really know what works for your skin.

No. 1181910

File: 1652616238277.jpeg (38.25 KB, 464x270, 1650295932498.jpeg)

I give up. I planned on moving to my own place asap but my company will try to get a new, bigger office at the end of this year and we don't know where it will be just yet, so I'll wait a few more months before getting my own apartment. I don't want to be stuck at the other side of the city compared to the new office. That means I'll have even more months to save and waste money, and I decided to treat myself this month and maybe in June as well way more than usual to compensate for that. I'll buy a lot of books I know I will read and if I can get more clothes my size I will buy them even if they're more expensive than usual. I'll buy takeout way more often as well because I know I'll cook almost all the time as soon as I'll get my own place. I don't give a fuck anymore. I think I'll even buy DVDs of some movies and TV shows I really like to avoid having to pay Netflix, Canal+, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, etc. subscriptions and I'll be able to lend them to my friends and my mom. I'll report back later so you can all verbally kick my ass if I fuck up. My goal is to only buy things that are useful or that I will use because I grew out of wanting to collect posters, figurines and merchandises long ago.

No. 1181945

I had this issue when I was younger but over time I learned that a more streamlined, stable routine is better for my skin. And to stick to simple formulations and ingredients with evidence behind their use. The point of my skincare routine is to protect from sun, clean, and moisturize. I have products that do those very well so I don't look for anything else and don't buy into any hype products or marketing. I guess this attitude came with learning a lot more about skincare as well, most skincare products are trash and marketing. I tend to stick mostly to pharmacy brand stuff now and the new, exciting products aren't appealing to me once I read the ingredients list.

No. 1181950

File: 1652619660784.jpg (27.77 KB, 324x340, 1647048430827.jpg)

Noonie don't be silly, books and DVDs will only make your moving longer and more expensive. Save some money so your future self can have a nice apartment with items you love

No. 1181959

i just want to say i fucking hate restocking videos. and by that i mean i watch them every day but they make me so mad. thats all.

No. 1181977

Kek my guilty pleasures are watching blind bag unboxings and online package hauls.

No. 1181979

The thing is that I already have more than enough money to move somewhere else. I also got rid of some many book, DVDs, video games, clothes, figurines, etc. not that long ago I feel like now I know what I want and what I don't want anymore. I'm trying to only buy second hand DVDs and books so it's cheaper but now way I'll find clothes my size that aren't ugly and damaged second hand, that's my biggest problem right now.

No. 1182064

This was me a few years ago. Try looking online for sample sizes of products you want to test out, it saves you from buying a whole bottle of something. Also, yeah, go to a dermatologist. After I started taking Spironolactone for my hormonal acne, I didn't have to buy as much skincare.

No. 1182100

what do they always need bandaids for? are they trying to claim that they are such clumsy ditzy moeblobs that they need to be prepared for a bleeding wound at all times? they do know that you can just walk into a store or a restaurant and ask for a bandaid, right??

No. 1182109

Why not just get a library card? I feel like we need to come up with better alternatives rather than getting rid of everything. lmao

No. 1182119

>letting your kid use your credit card
What the hell

No. 1182188

I used to go to the library super often until high school, the good books are impossible to borrow because there's usually a long waitlist for novels and DVDs or something like that. Manga can be read fast so it was way easier to borrow them. The opening hours and days aren't very convenient either, the libraries where I live tend to be closed in August for some cursed reason and have reduced hours in July for example. I already know I'm not going to buy anything I already read at the library. It's been so long, I should check what they have now though, last time I went there was in university to study in a quiet place so I didn't pay attention to the books.

No. 1182435

THIS kek, how can you complain about skinwalkers when every single thing about your (fake) life is broadcasted online to everyone

No. 1182612

you can check out e-books, magazines, movies, and tons of other stuff from home with your library card!

No. 1182685

this is fucking retarded, she deserves to be grounded wtf

No. 1182707

File: 1652670480977.png (170.42 KB, 652x529, retard.PNG)

From MyFigureCollection, why does everyone there seem to fucking hate collecting? If you can't afford it stop wasting your money on "le lewd man of culture figure!!" for asspats from other coomers. Aren't you supposed to enjoy the hobby? All of the other comments are talking about how exhausting it is as well.

No. 1183094

I've always been extremely put off by the people who buy a fuckton of figures of characters they barely like, even at my weebest I didn't envy them. There's one user there who writes the same articles every two days how he's totally done with the hobby after this last figure, and how it's exhausting and stressful, and how he doesn't watch anime anymore, and he's been going at it for almost 10 years, at this point just pull the plug dude.

No. 1183243

as an ex- consoomer I was wondering why I've never heard of that takiuto person before but its because they have my private instagram blocked. I wonder why? a lot of their listed grails are things I got for dirt cheap over a long period of time but I don't even use mfc.
I don't even understand what a trust fund kiddy would get out of buying massive lots of prize and trading figures second hand all at once, I just feel really sad for these people that they're partaking in collecting figures in the most miserable and soulless way for themselves possible.

No. 1183948

AYRT and yes that's why I even brought it up it is so unbelievably ironic.
Kek retard

No. 1183971

Posting this here since Safya Nygaard is a big consoomer
Why the fuck does she only wash her hair only when she has to record? wtf? I swear to god it's disgusting. Are consoomers just dirty like this?

No. 1183973

>buying massive lots of prize and trading figures second hand all at once
because they don't even like them, it's an ~aesthetic~, it's fucking fake

No. 1183984

By looking back at the myriad of times I consoomed in the past and realized they didn't really make me happy or change my life.

No. 1183994

she probably films once or twice weekly so it's not the longest to go without washing.

No. 1184005

She just looks dirty in general.

No. 1184010

I enjoyed watching her decade videos but that’s about it, her other content is monotonous to me and a little boring.

No. 1184036

I liked her organization and down sizing videos, but all the consuming with no useful information is just so bland, unhelpful and it’s not even entertaining.

No. 1184129

File: 1652736607982.png (940.14 KB, 1070x882, Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 22.29…)


No. 1184153

wtf is soylent? I thought it was a meme. Is it tranny hormones?

No. 1184158

It's just soy milk

No. 1184162

Samefag, sorry I was wrong. It's actually a meal replacement made from soy and lentils. It's actually pretty thick like a milkshake.

No. 1184232

File: 1652751169196.jpg (67.35 KB, 768x1024, 455.jpg)

No. 1184352

Oh gross, kek. I drink these when my stomach is acting up.

Does it bother anyone how consoomers are constantly making things into an aesthetic? I was watching a woman show off her interior decor and someone asked her what 'core' she would call it for "pinterest purposes". Can't you just decorate and not cultivate your stupid little online images? I swear some types of social media is another form of hoarding. I've known people like that with PDFs.

No. 1184366

Meal replacement…? So I can eat that instead of a meal?

No. 1184372

File: 1652765966634.png (20.86 KB, 380x238, soylent.PNG)

Yes. It's just a bottled shake.

No. 1184403

Are there like, other foods that are meal replacements that aren't meme tier? Legit question because I never knew that was thing. Sometimes I wish I could just eat cardboard or goop and get the nutrients I need instead of having to buy each ingredient. It's funny because I do enjoy food and enjoy cooking, but perhaps I enjoy food too much (sorry I eat like a fattie) and it's overwhelming and I just want to be fed a block of nothingburger that tastes mediocre and go my merry way.

No. 1184405

the other ones just have normie weight loss type reputations. only Soylent and it's derivatives are memed by reddit like this

No. 1184438

No. 1184459

I've been advertised Ka'Chava to lately. Looks yummy but expensive

No. 1185107

Just google meal replacement drinks anon

No. 1185142

Huel is actually awesome, I got it because I heard it was better than Soylent. It came in handy when I caught COVID and could hardly move to make food, so I could just make a shake with water and lean over in bed to pour a little in my mouth throughout the day and get my nutrients lol

No. 1185218

if you plan to use it long term get a solid kidn of thing instead of milkshakes of possible. Your jaw weakens if it doesn't chew

No. 1185224

Dumb coomers. Organizing and cleaning is meant to be part of the fun. Also, I don't understand box hoarding unless you're planning on reselling it. Even then, you can just carefully take the box apart and collapse it. Dunno about the plastic parts that hold the fig in place but whatever.

No. 1185231

You could probably bypass that issue if you chew gum daily, right? But eating something real and fibrous would be better of course.

No. 1185279

what an unappetizing name

No. 1185497

Thought my consoom habits were bad until I saw these pics. At least I don't collect anime crap and I'm picky enough about what I buy that it'll likely never take over my entire room.

No. 1185956

if you've seen the movie, you'd know why it's so disturbing they would name meal replacement shakes this.

No. 1186011

Thirding Huel, if anon is truly interested in meal replacements. They are expensive though and you’re kinda forced to make large orders. Also, many people lately have been reporting finding pieces of plastic. I myself havent had that problem though I bought a bunch of powder last year from before it became a big problem.

No. 1187060

What movie?
I actually am serious about it, so I'm thinking of making a thread on /g/

No. 1187061

Chewing makes you hungrier

No. 1187135

File: 1652910519616.jpg (100.16 KB, 640x960, 3pc8ul4vk0w11.jpg)

Old movie

No. 1187334

File: 1652928417938.webm (10.63 MB, 576x1024, weeb_car.webm)

Got a mini webm dump for tha consoom ladies

No. 1187352

This looks like it smells like pee like every weebs car

No. 1187356

ty nonny, post the rest if you have more

No. 1187361

File: 1652930459998.webm (18.33 MB, 576x1024, consoom2.webm)

I can't imagine how long it actually takes for her to clean.
>Mug says "It's an add to cart kind of day"

No. 1187392

File: 1652933679500.webm (3.99 MB, 720x1280, 3aa1bdf71f5317a8807bea4dd5d352…)

No. 1187393

File: 1652933784546.webm (2.52 MB, 720x1280, 7679.webm)

No. 1187395

>Car covered in stickers
Cringe, these are perpetual 16 year olds seems like.

No. 1187396

Why are all these rooms the fucking SAME Jesus they have no personality or thought of their own

No. 1187400

File: 1652934535439.webm (1.11 MB, 720x1280, 1ed6ed2a7122ed6bd7ad2e19f3b8a9…)

Last one I got!

I genuinely wonder the same and if they even actually like the stuff they're collecting.

No. 1187401

Of course they don't, it's too sus that every single person has the same shit. They just see pink + popular = must consoom.

No. 1187470

File: 1652943053990.jpg (3.62 MB, 1526x1260, EnAQluBWEAIvQwx.jpg)

do any of you have some yumejoshi room pictures like picrel? idk i just find the dedication admirable kek

No. 1187478

so much useless garbage… i'd feel ill and depressed having that room.

No. 1187508

File: 1652948859030.jpg (247.71 KB, 1067x1765, f825b385fc8a4776f11735474c65ec…)

i know there is a makeup thread, but this is about the makeup hoarding.
i like those anticonsumerist vlogs where people show their use of makeup products and their progress. it is called
>project pan.
it is insane how long it takes to even reach the bottom of just one eyeshadow. it is also crazy how most mascaras and lipsticks expire before it is even possible to use them up.

i am attempting to use up my lipsticks, eye pencils and nail polishes.
there are other makeup i own but it would not be normal to wear it every day in the office, and i also find it a waste of time to put any on when i will be going to the gym later. i don't know if i will ever use up those colorful makeups in my lifetime. the natural shades can be reused as bluch, eyebrow and eyeliner colors, but the rest, maybe art projects. i am actually considering never buying extra makeup again once i am done because it is so unsustainable, a drain on women's wallets, and full of harsh chemicals that don't even have a mention on the packaging.

No. 1187539

>sticker that says "you can't buy happiness"

No. 1187567

Yep, it's crazy. I'm using some of my powdery makeup for art now instead of pastels. I think maybe it could be even used to color resin or stuff? In those kind od applications the expiry date would not matter

No. 1187592

Why is it always the cheapest fucking furniture
These threads make me want to fix up my grandma's old wooden cabinets.

No. 1187596

These videos always have the weirdest combos lol

No. 1187739

I went through and extreme makeup hoarding phase despite hardly ever wearing it and now I have hundreds of dollars worth of expired shit I have to throw out. I am rather displeased with myself.

No. 1187863

How don't they feel sick in that much pink. Maybe I'm just weird but pink makes me nauseous urgh
Also, good luck cleaning that

No. 1187977

File: 1652975169219.webm (736.93 KB, 576x1024, Welcome To Duloc by Hope Levy …)

I'd understand her reaction if her husband was being a hypocrite by blowing his money on useless crap too, but if they're both genuinely struggling then I'd be pretty pissed as well if my s/o was blowing money at Target. She's being childish.

No. 1187994

I think you may be taking a tiktok too serious. She's exaggerating for comedic effect.

No. 1188005

Sorry it's the 'tism.

No. 1188012

Unless she's a consoomer, sounds to me like her husband is a dick

No. 1188114

File: 1652980471445.webm (15.71 MB, 576x1024, jaalasminis.webm)

Christ are these things ugly. Surprise box style toys need to go away, and fast. All that plastic wasted on individually wrapped pieces of tat that will never be touched again after the initial dopamine rush of opening them is over.

No. 1188203

Idgi, if they have the money to consoom they for sure have the money for better furniture

No. 1188206

This lady is fine, fuck the scrote

No. 1188207

Holy fuck I hate them. It's so obvious they're for dumb kids but they're absolutely hideous, they look like lolsurprises or whatever. When a Disney adult hoards these I just find it pathetic.

No. 1188210


No. 1188260

File: 1652985823818.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1456, 038FFB64-2D95-4E42-AB9A-47E736…)

No. 1188261

File: 1652985870384.webm (1.69 MB, 576x1024, Plushie Collection.webm)

>it's freaking sick
No, I don't think it is. I'm guessing this was all paid for by her parents too kek

No. 1188262

B l e a k

No. 1188268

Those mini brands right beside those depresses me.

No. 1188282

This is literally hoarding.

No. 1188284

Ugh this room feels so dusty.

No. 1188289

Imagine the spiders

No. 1188301

I know of a girl with a massive collection for one female idol, but I can't find her accounts anymore, sorry nonna. If you search japanese tags on instagram you can find a lot of yumejoshi collections though.
The best part about these rooms is none of them have any self-awareness, they genuinely think they are different from all of the other sanrio animecore rooms.

No. 1188310

I just got my license and I do want to obnoxiously collect keychains to put on my car's keyfob but I'm also going to be using my dad's car so thankfully I can't pull shit off like this otherwise I know my stupid ass would. I'm probably gonna buy a single gudetama looking face sticker and stick it on the back windshield though.

No. 1188355

File: 1652991002408.webm (8.97 MB, 576x1024, kpop_room.webm)

No. 1188494

File: 1652995197993.jpeg (365.8 KB, 828x447, F80D5957-E8B6-40B1-A9FD-89A9A7…)

Kind of scary ngl.

No. 1188513

OT but her house looks so fucking nice, that view is amazing

No. 1188517

OT but I'm middle eastern and most hijabi girls I know absolutely love kpop idols. I wonder why. Maybe because they're marketed as being a single and virgin? Idk.

No. 1188526

This looks dusty and musty all at once.

No. 1188534

File: 1652996317511.png (71.28 KB, 375x192, experimentlain.PNG)

Found this girl's instagram.
If you don't watch much anime why fucking fill up your room with it? Is an aesthetic really worth sitting in a room with a bunch of shit you don't actually like
I also doubt she watched those two anime considering she calls it experiment lain KEK

No. 1188539

astaghfirullah how can one live such an empty life

No. 1188540

Why are they always fat bitches? Look at them meaty paws.

No. 1188552

Holy fuck this angers me so fucking much

No. 1188557

File: 1652997312110.png (712.34 KB, 500x811, Capture.PNG)

Her room has changed in such a short amount of time too, look at the background differences jfl

No. 1188561

File: 1652997404839.jpg (366.36 KB, 720x959, 1652997349196.jpg)

Are these your hands, anon? The hands in the video look fine to me, not even pudgy.

No. 1188570

This is what TikTok brainrot does to a motherfucker
I'm 100% sure she doesn't even like those animes and is trying to make herself look interesting. In context it makes me even more upset because I genuinely like some of the stuff in her collection.

No. 1188572

KEK, careful. You might get banned.

No. 1188574

>I don't even watch anime
Then why surround yourself with it bitch? Idiot

No. 1188577

Is surrounding yourself with random pink anime figures some egirl shit that I'm unaware of?
My only concern is what will happen with those figures when they grow out of it.

No. 1188579

So you've decided to use… The forbidden ana-hands…

No. 1188583

Why do these people all have ugly white mdf furniture?

No. 1188587

File: 1652998100726.png (604.22 KB, 447x695, jdft.PNG)

nta but she is confirmed large
Seems like a lot of consoomers are

Why is it always Lain? I've never seen it but it's become like Evangelion where only too deep 4 u edgelord weebs shill it

No. 1188601

File: 1652998321594.jpg (384.9 KB, 667x978, 1652998223911.jpg)

Kek is this lolcow's exodia?

No. 1188609

I think since Evangelion ended in a shit fest, the new 2deep4u anime is Lain. Everyone is such an edgelord about it. Funny because Texchnolize or whatever by the same creator is edgier.

No. 1188610

File: 1652998496881.webm (2.6 MB, 576x1024, the_huntysaurus.webm)

The only thing scarier than a middle aged female disney adult is a gay male disney adult.

No. 1188616

Why are sandniglets always super deep into kpop? Is it escapism?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1188618

Because it's extremely cheap and easy to get. Every time I see white furniture, I always think Ikea or Amazon. Usually the latter.

No. 1188627

I had that Disney Princess CRT tv when I was a little girl, it's kinda creepy seeing a full grown man with it

No. 1188631

If only these people would stop buying crap for a month or two, they could have very nice wood furniture that would last a lifetime.

No. 1188644

Kind of OT but my old weeb room photos from nearly 10 years ago keep getting circled around in those animecore pinterest groups and when I PM the zoomers to delete them they tell me I'm lying because the "pics r so old anyway" JFL

No. 1188658

not a kpopfan but I have many friends who are kpopfags, I'd say that the popularity of kpop and korean media here has to do with a lot of factors, so when I was that girl's age I could have never enjoyed say young direction or the jonas brothers band the way she does, cause the internet sucked back then and I didn't know anything about America other then what aired on the dubbed version of disney channel, but now internet its uber cheap and its still a new thing for us and so we end up absorbing a lot of the Internet culture and rhetoric of what's been established by americans, plus girls are stuck in homes all day and there is no concept of here of a social space where girls can hangout, so many MENA girls have in the last 4 years gotten obesseded with random american culture going-on's rather then stuff that's going on in their own nations, despite this they think liking korea media means they aren't actually americanized, that its a form of resistance against american cultural hegemony and they deride their parents and older brother for liking dubbed american action films

No. 1188664

Don't respond to racebaits please.

No. 1188666

Which pics anon? I'm very curious now

No. 1188670

samefag 99% of women I know who use either twitter, insta, youtube e.t.c have a pfp related to korean media, either kpop, squid game or some other kpop drama, the guys I know have either some 19the century arab leader or DBZ characters as their pfp

No. 1188679

Stop responding to racist bait pakianon.

No. 1188694

Most men are retarded with money and don't know how to budget for shit, you really dug yourself deep if even a moid can see your consoomer problem

No. 1188696

File: 1653001905755.jpg (61.06 KB, 564x613, a209788c30685d767a7eba0b9014cc…)

This was informative anon!
kpopfag consumption is something else though, it's cultish

No. 1188698

based and good taste

No. 1188702

File: 1653002218301.jpeg (36.75 KB, 800x533, 1481150443665.jpeg)

not trying to be dick or anything but, why would they delete them?
its your old bedroom so it has no connection to your current life and you posted it on the internet. why would the weebs believe its really your old room/need to delete it? its not doxxing or harassing in anyway. its just a picture of a room with lucky star posters (i assume) so who cares? just post the damn room and go idgi.
yeah you posted something dumb and its never going to disappear from the internet, i mean at least be glad it cant be traced back to you. its just going to live on pinterest forever now so why even be so mad at nothing.

No. 1188703

I can't with TikTok and Pinterests moms. The ones who use a filter on their baby or just overhype whatever useless product that's circulating. It's a new type of confusion since it makes a lot of parents feel like certain things are a necessity when it's not

No. 1188704

Weird internet expectation to be perfect all the time since everyone likes to pretend they never had a cringe phase

No. 1188706

This layout is actually cute.

based nonnie with based taste.

No. 1188707

File: 1653002462284.webm (2.03 MB, 576x1024, deku.webm)

No. 1188708

File: 1653002478013.jpg (714.08 KB, 1055x1352, 1639585095407.jpg)

WTF is this, as a mother I can only say that commodifying motherhood for the sake of "aesthetic" is the most narcmom thing I can imagine

No. 1188709

The room is messy, but she's right. At least she admits she's obsessed and is living her best life.

No. 1188724

I've had e-girls edit themselves in my room, use it as banners, etc I get they won't delete it but it's fucking weird, it does make me feel better knowing 14 year old me would love it though
Also, that pic KEK, she used to be so cute.

No. 1188732

the hoard doesn’t even bother me what bother me is that she chose Deku of all characters to obsess over

No. 1188734

File: 1653003850991.png (2.85 MB, 1225x920, twitter_3432.PNG)

This shit is so ugly.

No. 1188736

Also, nice MDE poster, it goes really well with the lolicon eroge ones. Even better since Sam Hyde has a history of grooming, very nice.

No. 1188795

The room itself is probably the best room out of all these kawaii rooms because of the fact that it's not so cluttered and anxiety inducing. Now the skinscare hoard is unacceptable. All the money just wasted.

Unpopular opinion, but at least with the sanrio shit, I genuinely believe that they probably do enjoy it. What i do not believe is that they will enjoy their hoard in the next 5 years. How many of them will end up turning to minimalism or doing consumerism cleanses and keeping 1 or 2 plushies? There will be a point in their lives where their tastes changes naturally or the cannot justify keeping all of this stuff anymore.

I presume it's because a lot of these are teenagers who buy their own furniture. Why would they care about having nice furniture when their trash will cover it up anyways. Ikea or amazon trash is non-bulky and does the basic task of supporting their hoard just fine.

No. 1188819

>Uses adorable cat as prop in a room of props
>Hasn't brushed cat in years

No. 1188847

This one makes me super uncomfortable

No. 1188854

Because some people don't feel the need to be ~oh so unique and special~

No. 1188860

File: 1653014568899.webm (15.7 MB, 576x1024, Disney Adult.webm)

No. 1188862

Who dis man tho

No. 1188868

it's called being an individual ffs

No. 1188869

File: 1653015415559.png (200.42 KB, 638x574, burando.png)

I'm just curious about these people's finances. I make a good income and keep my expenses low but I can't afford all this shit. Maybe some people just collect this stuff over years but their stuff always looks so new. I feel like alot of these people are either flat out rich or are the types to be up to their eyeballs in debt despite making 6 figures

No. 1188879

It's probably 50% debt, 40% autism/disability checks and 10% genuinely wealthy people

No. 1188900

After quitting lolita I just figured out how dumb and full of consoom that fashion is. The dresses are cute but some people are too ott with it.

No. 1188911

File: 1653020830545.png (294.13 KB, 715x479, 1519087462427.png)

I brought this up on /cgl/ once and immediately got accused of being jealous of hoardlitas
I love the fashion but I hate how it is a breeding ground for a this kind of thinking. shopping addictions are not kawaii

No. 1188914

It's so weird seeing religious girls being obsessed with kpop idols. Isn't idol worship literally against the islam or is that just christianity?

No. 1188915

OT but /cgl/ is horrible and filled with scrotes who talk about wanting to fuck teenage cosplayers and hookup with vulnerable girls at cons. I have no idea what people are talking about when they say it's mainly women, Id say its 70% men and 30% women

No. 1188916

File: 1653021470104.jpg (220.74 KB, 1080x1349, 6a66f6ffe273a37e4043b8ddf9bd1d…)

Her room before she started HRT (tif) because the difference is funny to me.

No. 1188918

>the sam hyde + lolicon posters belong to a try hard tif
Oh I just knew it belonged to a tranny, I was leaning more towards a tim but oh well I was still somewhat right.

No. 1188919

the stitch head bag is actually cute but i cant imagine how much all this stupid crap cost

No. 1188923

/cgl/'s peak was 2013-2016ish.

No. 1188925

I legit think your mentality changes once you stop wearing the fashion so much. I used to be completely unhinged and want so much shit. These people are too into it to understand.

No. 1188927

I thought the same kek. I like that bag, but like, if you already have a cute and functional bag like that why buy more?

No. 1188944

They just love with parents and don't pay bills.

No. 1188985

I grew up poor, now I earn above minimum wage and I live with my parents because of covid fucking me over in 2020 so I don't have a lot of things to pay for and I manage to save a lot of money while also treating myself in a regular basis. But I buy way less manga and video games than before because I complete the collection I wanted so that helps a lot too. I'll use the money I'm saving to get furniture and ustensils for when I'll get my own place.

No. 1188988

Lolita is a perfect breeding ground for consoom
1. Each dress needs the perfect shoes/tights/accessories to go with it lest someone call you an ita
2. At least back in the day non-burando coords got you mocked
3. Alot of the good shit is old now so you have to snatch them up when you can

No. 1188993

McGee creator. His mother abandoned him and his sister as a child for a tranny, his sister also got kidnapped and never found, etc. Dark stuff

No. 1188998

>kidnapped and never found
Sounds like the mother sold her off, to be honest. I've heard of so many weird women helping pedos access their children and she sounds like just the type.

No. 1189006

>His mother had sold the house to pay for two plane tickets and the fee for her girlfriend's sex change operation
For fucks sake

No. 1189060

Trannies LOVE lain, it's been a thing on /g/ (4chan's /g/) for years. They always make the programmer socks and riced linux with lain images photos. So it's been on twitter and in those lolicon circles too.

No. 1189077

i'm from a muslim country and in my experience its a whole lot of mental gymnastics to justify that its ok to do the haram thing you like. i always feel the same way whenever i see religious muslim artists on my twitter timeline, some charitable interpretations of the literature says that drawing people is only allowed when extolling the religion while more extreme interpretations say that its expressly forbidden under any circumstances (the act of drawing living beings is an attempt at imitating god) but nah its totally ok when i do it, i'll quote the qur'an in one post and upload my spicy fire emblem art in the next

No. 1189078

can a nonita please link me this video if the username is visible ? im on mobile so i cant see. sorry for the trouble

No. 1189084

The video doesn't have a username attached, but here's how to view webms, anon.

No. 1189109

It is but no one follows religion to a T.

No. 1189117

I remember hearing girls arguing over whether pork should be allowed in very specific circumstances once, like girl just eat bacon behind your parents' back, you don't need to be starving during an ongoing war for it to be "safe" to eat pork kek

No. 1189127

File: 1653042193339.jpg (51.95 KB, 500x375, samplesales.jpg)

Sorry if OT but how do people reign in their urges to coonsume? I don't have the urge to buy any of the usual shit that's posted here but I can't stop going to luxury sample sales in my city, especially for designer clothing and shoes. I just can't let go of the idea of getting lucky and walking away with a pair 600 marc jacobs shoes for 150 or a 5k couture dress for 400, even though Ive been going to these sales for literally years and my closet is FILLED with designer clothing and shoes, I have enough black marc jacobs and helmut lang to last me years. But I still get this weird dopamine rush whenever I walk into warehouse style rooms full of sample sale merch and start competitively shifting and grabbing things, it's like weirdly something I look forward to even though technically I hate everything else about the process (waiting in line to get in, wasting hours going through ugly designs that never sold for a reason, fighting with middle aged Iranian housewives and/or chinese tourists trying to grab my stuff in communal dressing rooms, ect). It also takes a lot of time out of my day to travel back and forth, wait in line ect when I could be doing something valuable with my day. I hate coonsumerism in general and hate myself for being a slave to anything, even if it's technically high end and not amazon. I also have the same urge to attend vintage clothing expos that happen in my city ever 4 months even though I basically never find anything there I like that isn't obscenely expensive and just leave empty handed mostly.

No. 1189266

>I hate coonsumerism in general and hate myself for being a slave to anything, even if it's technically high end and not amazon
it makes zero difference what you are consuming, you aren't above funko pops scrotes or shein hags because you can afford to consoom more expensive goods

No. 1189381

Try to figure out what it is specifically about the designer stuff that hooks you so much. I say this as someone who got into thousands of dollars of credit card debt during covid shopping on sites like the RealReal, Farfetch, etc because I was bored and lonely and because I felt like I was pulling one over on the universe and getting such a deal, and I loved the thrill of the (seeming) deal. I ended up selling back most of what I bought because it was more stuff than I could possibly wear. What I realized is that even though I love having well-made things that will last, high-end designer stuff is usually just ridiculously marked up to be a flex for absurdly rich people, and it's not a flex for me to be excited about their crumbs. I realized I wasn't trying to impress sad zoomer tiktok weebs, I was trying to impress other burned-out millenials as a cope for feeling like a failure in my career.

Buying designer stuff just for the label is like a normie version of collecting band or fandom merch. When I think of designers as fandoms, it feels way less glamorous and the artificial value of the labels feels way more obvious to me.

I figured by now I have enough well-made shoes, bags, etc that I can look nice for most occasions. I set a strict budget for non-essentials each month. But the biggest things for me have been realizing that shopping is like a little drug hit and I have to focus on the things I want to do instead of how I look to other people. I'm trying to save up to travel and eventually go back to school, so that helps me pass on what looks like a deal at first.

No. 1189416

File: 1653057991042.webm (18.81 MB, 576x1024, britneyybichh.webm)

No. 1189417

File: 1653058042918.jpg (41.78 KB, 500x384, ojhxmcn6eE1qewv88_540.jpg)

I feel you on the irresistible sweet deals, anon. A while back I couldn't leave a store without perusing the clearance aisle. I solved this issue by stopping myself from looking at clearance items altogether. I would recommend you do the same with the designer clothing. You don't know a deal is there if you don't see it.

Try to appreciate and take care of what you have. Spend time with the pieces you own whether it's taking care of them, rearranging, or simply admiring it. Figure out if you genuinely like the stuff you own or if the siren call of the good deal was the biggest contribution to wanting the clothes. Consider selling the stuff you don't really like.

No. 1189437

Based Makoto lover. This is actually really cute.

No. 1189445

soulless and lifeless. Is this the female ver of funko pops?

No. 1189454

More and more people are stepping away from religion, especially women who realize it's bullshit and has zero benefits. I like seeing women in hijabs who like kpop. they're just normal girls who like kpop

No. 1189459

It's messy but I like it because i'm a faggot from the 80s. It definitely bring me a lot of nostalgia. Also, i wish it were displayed better, but it's cute, especially if this woman were born in the 80s/90s.

No. 1189479

File: 1653060304033.webm (16.8 MB, 576x1024, fridge-restock.webm)

This is so goddamn pointless.

The "I need more shelves for series seven" at the end is unimaginably bleak.

That doesn't surprise me. Considering the size of her collection and the average age range of BTS fans, her parents are 1000% guaranteed to be loaded.

No. 1189487

I don't know what it is exactly about emptying cartons and bottles into different ~aesthetic~ containers that makes me want to a-log so bad but holy fuck does it irk me.

No. 1189530

>That doesn't surprise me. Considering the size of her collection and the average age range of BTS fans, her parents are 1000% guaranteed to be loaded.

This. Her house is definitely her parents home and she is either a trust fund kid or extremely wealthy parents. it's crazy how much they spend on kpop

No. 1189538

>exposing the blackberries
Half this shit can be left in the carton or original packaging and just organized better. if she wanted to do meal prep, she could just do that in separate containers. I hate this shit so much. Tik tok was literally the last straw to see how dumb humanity is..

No. 1189561

Gonna samefag because I'm still being pissy about this kek. She's just making more work for herself? And for what? Aesthetic enjoyment for the 15 seconds the fridge is open? (trick question, we know it's for tiktok clout) All of that shit needs to be washed once the stuff is used up, whereas the packaging it comes with can be rinsed and recycled. Instead of just using the ranch from the bottle it came in and rinsing it when it's all gone she's instead going to use her shitty container that she'll later have to wash by hand before she can use it again. And ranch is greasy as fuck so good luck actually getting the inside of that bottle clean. Those blackberries are going to stain that white bottom to her little drawer, and she has to use up all the berries before she can add more because she won't be able to tell which berries are the old ones! Blah blah blah consoomers are annoying blah blah blah.

No. 1189568

I think that's a bit of kitchen roll under the blueberries, but you do bring up a good point about washing out the "aesthetic" (what is with that word? why not call it pretty or appealing? makes no sense) bottles. Won't things like the milk and sauce start going off sooner?

No. 1189570

They're blackberries, i'm el retardo

No. 1189606

Just glad this isn't a gay male's room.
Yeah, it's actually kind of pleasing to the eyes. At least to mine it is.

No. 1189667

All that health food only for them to have an entire shelf dedicated to soda

No. 1189678

File: 1653066050358.webm (18.98 MB, 576x1024, treats.webm)

No. 1189682

Those water droplets inside the milk bottle are sending me.
Anyone else have itchy teeth after seeing how much soda is in her fridge?

No. 1189695

What. . .

No. 1189701

I thought she was going to organize her drawers and thought "this isn't so bad" but she really was serious about the snacks wtf

No. 1189707

This looks like something one of the cows from the proana thread would have in their room, what's the point unless you want ants?

No. 1189709

This has to be some kind of ad she can't be serious

No. 1189712

Hand rating thread when?

No. 1189733

For a second, I believed it was a Clorox commercial just because she lingers on the bottle for so long.

No. 1189742

this weird type of kawaii consumerist aliexpress egirl who tries to look like a little girl is not only the creepiest to me, but also the most annoying

No. 1189755

Is she opening a super market?

No. 1189756

wtf why is she putting the milk and the ranch in different containers when they already come in good useful packaging
That's because trannies see an anime girl who has struggles or is autistic and they steal the character from the actual women who enjoy it.

No. 1189759

The way she moves makes me so uncomfortable. These people are not human.

No. 1189771

that's because the video is sped up, likely after being slowed down from all the filters, and she's doing a softer version of the "moving like an animation" shit that was popular a few years ago. no one looks or moves like that and i don't know how or why people like to watch it

No. 1189819

dudette am terrified, is this supposed to brainwash you to order from wish/alibaba/aliexpress and suck xinnie pooh's dick?

No. 1189824

I can't believe the exact same kawaii crap I used to look at on the internet 10-15 years ago is still this popular. Unbelieveable, you'd think people would've moved on by now. Kawaii j-fashion crap doesn't evolve whatsoever does it?

I do applaud the girl for (I assume) making a lot of money while shooping herself into anonymity kek

No. 1189889

see i love this, especially the bins where you put the ingredients in for each meal. It's definitely a little extreme with the ranch going into it's own bottle, but now I'm inspired to reorganize my fridge.

No. 1189892

Putting the milk in a cowprint bottle is kinda cute

No. 1189906

File: 1653072549038.gif (2.15 MB, 293x520, SeeU__Best_TikToker_xiaorousee…)

>is this supposed to brainwash you to order from wish/alibaba/aliexpress and suck xinnie pooh's dick?
>Kawaii j-fashion crap doesn't evolve whatsoever does it?
It kinda does, it kinda doesn't. I think the thing here is that this type of girl really are really trying to do the pedo pandering. Degenerate scrotes love this shit, unfortunately. There will always be gullible 18 year olds doing this crap for attention, unless women peak en masse.

No. 1189916

this reminds me of that awful cursed kpop gif anons kept posting

No. 1189938

At least the dog boy doesn’t look mentally challenged.

No. 1189956

What's the point of this. Just get a snack trolly… or… go to the kitchen pantry when you want a snack like a normal human.

No. 1189969

File: 1653073454873.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 774x958, 345.png)

unfortunately men already take these tiktok dancing videos out of context and do porn compilations like picrel. Notice she's also wearing what >>1178262 showed in her post.

No. 1189988

File: 1653073781955.jpg (93.31 KB, 564x705, 8ba685ec0f90b56f368ab9bdcc1bb1…)

Fucking hell This shit is like those sissy hypno comps where they put a cis woman in the middle and sissy porn on the opposite sides.
Death to all moids

No. 1189998

File: 1653073971798.jpg (79.42 KB, 730x389, cursed dog couple of lolcow.jp…)

we found his match holy shit

No. 1190043

Don't do my puppy boy dirty like that.

No. 1190053

This. Deku is fuckin' trash.

No. 1190060

These Chinese girls are responsible for so many e-girls hating themselves kek

I'm sorry but I find them cute. I just wish they didn't wear that ugly pedopander shit and stuck to normal cosplay and cute clothing.

No. 1190062

We need two more to complete. I'm curious to know what kind of beast we'll unleash.

No. 1190075

My Queen and King

No. 1190095

She looks cute IMO. The videos/photos are obviously heavily edited, but it works for what she's trying to do, an "anime becomes real life" thing. If you look at it the same way you would CGI, it's not that jarring. The clothes, cosplays and cutesy dances and stuff work for her. I just wish moids weren't so fucking gross about this sort of thing, making shit like >>1189969

No. 1190122

it got less popular after the early 10s and is resurfacing now because of the 00s revival. but yeah it hasn't evolved meaningfully in a long time, but then again more mainstream fashions haven't either, a lot of 00s shit was itself 80s nostalgia.

No. 1190123

One thing that triggers me so much in these fridge organization videos is the amount of food there, why the fuck do they dozens of packets or bottles of the same shit?

No. 1190128

it's cute but it's uncanny. I don't like it. I used to be into kawaii brainrot too but then I grew up.

No. 1190132

i just don't understand why she opened more than one milk. when i saw her doing that i thought "yeah sure that's cute and maybe the glass bottle keeps longer" but then bitch unsealed a second one. only way i can make sense of it is different people in the house have their own milk bottles, but that sounds unhinged too

No. 1190147

Imagine if an art anon took one of those coomer poses from weeb media and drew men in them. The double standards are real, the men aren't made retarded in kawaiification as much as women are.

No. 1190191

File: 1653078225937.webm (7.51 MB, 576x1024, Starbucks Cups 2.webm)

No. 1190201

File: 1653078334869.webm (10.69 MB, 576x1024, Starbucks Cups.webm)

No. 1190223

I hate these led lights so much. The reusable cup obsession is something I will never understand. What is the point? How did they get so obsessed with them? The carbon footprints of all these cups is probably worst than a year worth of take out coffee in paper cups.

No. 1190252

These videos are legit giving me a headache, between the constant cuts, close-ups and her retarded way of speaking. I think I prefer the kawaii compilations, the nail tapping is less grating and plastic crinkling is less grating than whatever is going on there.

No. 1190254

Watched this without sound and the bland living room and hands look like Momokun's.

No. 1190277

Is this some burgerfag thing that i'm too skinny to understand? Who the hell has a drawer full of sugary crap in their bedroom?

No. 1190324

File: 1653081211143.webm (13.28 MB, 576x1024, honeybobabear 3.webm)

Here's one more video from her. I'm not speeding these up or anything btw, this is literally just how she posts them. It's downright migraine inducing lmao

No. 1190329

I think I'm too high IQ to understand what's going on here with the plastic cups.

No. 1190331

When you are a guest at her house, do you at least get to keep the bottles you used?

No. 1190336

You can see her face filter glitching a few times, why do they feel the need to remove their jaws??

No. 1190374

I feel like a kid who drank too much pepsi when I watch these kinds of edits

No. 1190515

Ew, i used to work at starbucks. it's an evil company and this bitch is one of the reasons why customers get whatever they want and are so entitled. Look at all this garbage..

No. 1190604

File: 1653092239642.jpg (117.79 KB, 500x750, DxEaWSVVYAAS88T.jpg)

Lolita here, I desperately wish there was more conversation around the rampant consoomerism in the lolita community, and how much peer pressure there is to indulge in it, especially for us oldfags. Dare to say that having 80+ dresses is excessive and you're immediately labled a jealous poorfag or filthy casual, and if you've been in the fashion for 10+ years and have less than 50, people assume it's because you can't afford it or aren't truly dedicated to the fashion. Just because I chose to cap my wardrobe in the 30's doesn't mean I love it less than some newfag Tik Toker whose mom bought her 60 dresses during the pandemic that she can show off in a few posts for the likes then sell in 2 months after she gets bored and moves onto the next trend. Christ.

No. 1190614

So I'll probably sound like a hypochondriac munchie but one thing that's held me back from consoom is over the years I developed a bad sensitivity to plastic fumes. If you look up some of the materials to make figs, especially the cheap bootleg ones, there's some nasty stuff that goes into their production. It's unethical from an environmental standpoint through all stages of production to consoom to disposal. I know it's still one of those things where even if you aren't consooming, somebody else is, like veganism or vegetarianism, but at least not supporting the industry you can feel a bit more environmentally conscious, especially if you end up being sensitive to the shit they put in these things too.

No. 1190633

Isn't this something that people with bulimia would do?

I always felt bad about liking lolita because it goes against everything I stand for. It's weird because I had a lolita phase when I was 15 but ultimately quit because I couldn't afford it and I didn't feel confident in it. I feel back in love with lolita again, but also I have a new found love for the aesthetic of minimalism. I enjoy knowing what I own, being in a space that's clear and sparse. I've always been repulsed by cluttered maximalist aesthetics ironically. I have the most boring taste in lolita ever and I am a rampant outfit repeater idgaf.

It's honestly my main source of consumerism but I find creating a small wardrobe where everything matches each other no matter what has curbed my need for more items a lot and it's really hard to consoom anyways since my prefered substyle is gothic. I can say that I am at a point where my need to buy lolita is at it's lowest and I probably have less than 20 dresses. I am kind of disgusted at how much I spent on just a few item.

Fuck cgl. I wish we did all our lolita discussions here instead.

They need to get married ASAP.

No. 1190636

File: 1653094048631.jpg (98 KB, 826x942, 88928910942887_n.jpg)

>some newfag Tik Toker whose mom bought her 60 dresses during the pandemic that she can show off in a few posts for the likes then sell in 2 months after she gets bored and moves onto the next trend.

God, that's awful and all for some worthless tiktok clout. Newfags entering this fashion really fucked up the market too.
I have about 58 dresses and honestly it's way too many fucking dresses. I can't imagine anyone having more than that and still have room in the closet for normie clothes or anything else. And it's not just the dresses that take up so much space. The blouses,headbows/hats,purses,pettis, socks/tights, shoes, jewelery, and wigs and shit take up space too.And it is a fucking nightmare when you have to move. I cannot blame any lolita that wants a smaller or capsule wardrobe.
The worst is when you suggest downsizing and some lolitas will go full paranoid schizo and think you're just after their dresses. Some people don't even wear the dresses or fit into them but you can still catch them trying to buy it all up. It's a mess.

No. 1190662

it's only cute if she's drinking out of it the rest of the day, otherwise it's such a waste.

No. 1190666

why does she need that many cups? the fuck. People are so obsessed they had to make matching keychains.

No. 1190669

why does she display them like that. They're just cups jfc

No. 1190671

adhd consoom tiktok brainrot

No. 1190673

>Just because I chose to cap my wardrobe in the 30's doesn't mean I love it less than some newfag Tik Toker whose mom bought her 60 dresses during the pandemic that she can show off in a few posts for the likes then sell in 2 months after she gets bored and moves onto the next trend. Christ.
As an oldfag lolita who retired from buying anything new a few years before the pandemic, the newfaggotry is insane. Similar to the gaming community where older games suddenly shot up in prices because of people hoarding and buying in lots. A lot of inflation has happened similarly. I know we kind of have a lolita comm drama thread, but it isn't really super active here.

No. 1190674

People who consoom starbuck cups have the ultimate brainrot.

No. 1190675

Ewggh. Why do the newfag itas obsess over accesories but never wear a petti.

No. 1190678

Japanese fashion, japanese videogames, and anime figures have skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic. Makes you think.

No. 1190681

God finally someone says it. I am sick and tired of how much shopping addictions and "collecting" (aka hoarding shit you barely wear just because some external perceived value) became synonymous with lolita fashion. That "collector" mindset already started to get bad before the pandemic, but after it really feels like half of the community is only larping as part of the fashion for a few photos anymore, like some kind of of costume, instead of wearing them as clothes.
Also kek, I know exactly which tiktoker you mean.

No. 1190696

No. 1190708

I'm honestly fine with it as an oldfag, I've made insane amounts of money selling figures and clothes I got for super cheap.

No. 1190964

I have to thank whoever made this thread. I kicked the consoomer habit when I was younger after reading mari kondo, but because of pandemic depression I didn’t realize I was slipping back into old habits. I had 0 figures before 2020 and now I have 4. Mindless consumption is awful

No. 1191158

How tf does anyone enjoy her content? I had to squint my eyes just to keep my eyes from hurting and even that barely helped. I don't know why she's rushing shit when you can upload long videos now.

No. 1191180

File: 1653144395039.webm (1.87 MB, 576x1024, The Cigarette Duet by Princess…)

No. 1191184

File: 1653144573967.webm (4.03 MB, 576x1024, Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stev…)

No. 1191197

File: 1653145305032.webm (8.32 MB, 576x1024, honeybobabear at disney.webm)

No. 1191205

File: 1653145494275.webm (14.04 MB, 576x1024, goohoarder.webm)

No. 1191214

Just watching this makes my teeth hurt

No. 1191219

I'm not psycho like these fridge organizers but I buy a lot of the same item. If you're shopping for a family or just more than yourself it's just easier to have lots extra of stuff so you don't have to keep track of when things run out. There's also other factors like sometimes it's cheaper to buy in bulk or things go on sale, it can be easier to do one big shop than several small shops, distance from closest store, etc. As long as you're not wasting any food by buying extras then it can be pretty helpful.

No. 1191223

I am not a health nut by any means, but just watching this makes me want to brush my teeth now and go for a run.

No. 1191226

Nta but how many people are in your household? Are you obese?

No. 1191233

Diabetes aside I hate this Indian soap opera zoom in trend. Makes me nauseous and looks retarded

No. 1191236

Kek. There's 2 and we're both thin. I only buy extras of non-perishable food so it isn't like we eat any extra food day to day, we just have it in the house. I didn't realize this was such a weird thing to do. I also live really far from the closest shop and don't drive, so I can't just run out and pick something up if it's missing, it's way easier to just have spares.

No. 1191271

What's the name of the website? Im not gonna consoom like her, I just always wanted 1 gloomy bear.

No. 1191272

Nta, buying in bulk is always better, even cheaper.

No. 1191273

Wtf that's enough shit for an entire dormitory
Goo hoarder, kek that's exactly right

No. 1191274

>Sadness is an excuse to consoom

No. 1191278

No. 1191340

File: 1653152091060.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20220521-095402.png)

This is a moid room btw. How can you live in this it's giving me claustrophobia looking at it

No. 1191362

File: 1653152784363.jpeg (42.52 KB, 457x125, 896ADFD8-905B-4F7C-9813-13A307…)

No. 1191366

File: 1653153117746.jpg (41.93 KB, 500x417, original-60e557d0e314f.jpeg.jp…)

alot of anachans into jp fashion seem to fight over this particular brand only to wear them once some will even just buy it and never wear nor sell them

No. 1191374

>Fuck cgl. I wish we did all our lolita discussions here instead.
This. /cgl/ is cancer infested with larping moids and newfags.

No. 1191378

It's because of >>1178262 and people like creepyhoarder. New way to pedobait beyond wearing cosplay and randoserus. Also flexes their weight because those clothes will only fit extremely small women and children

No. 1191388

File: 1653154054654.jpeg (320.24 KB, 750x613, 4CC6B3C1-5DC4-40F6-92FC-C498D5…)

I’ve always thought MP clothes were pretty ugly and either way, ill fitting on most regardless of weight (it only makes people look older when they clothes made for children imo) These shorts are the only exception though I think they’re so cute.

No. 1191400

It's strange they dont buy the mezzo junior clothes that would actually fit and flatter them. They make so many cute blouses and skirts that are very on trend. Instead they'd rather rip a baby tee and wear skirts they can't fully button without it being right beneath their lowest rib.

No. 1191414

Those brands are hella expensive. What the hell? Is this a 5 star hotel or a guest bathroom?

No. 1191442

File: 1653157982679.webm (2.48 MB, 576x1024, butterpecanlatte.webm)

I'm glad someone from this app is saying something. It feels like people just grab whatever has one of the characters from Sanrio when I watch hauls. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdtQCY52/

No. 1191495

This is so fucking creepy for a moid to have as a room, gives me groomer vibes.

No. 1191507

File: 1653161520036.jpg (135.17 KB, 1024x752, 1599153541237.jpg)

Oh fuck, the true crime thread on /m/ got wiped. But over there I posted the crime scene photos of Grant Amato's room that somebody leaked on /vg/. He was a massive weeb consoomer.
Never forget that these are the people who browse 4chan.

You can find crime scene photo folders on reddit, but warning: they contain pictures of his dead parents and miss a hundred images where his consoomer hoard was displayed.

No. 1191515

Wasnt this his brothers room?

No. 1191517

Nope, Grant was the weeaboo incel who spent all his money on merch and a cam-girl from Bulgaria. The pics I can't find again showed that he was obsessed with Death Note and had all the figures and merch, classic edgelord.

No. 1191520

More ifo on this case? Was he a 4chan poster?

No. 1191527

Yeah, he was in a /vg/ guild for granblue fantasy called "beafags", but he wasn't an active player. The guild had a discord and apparently they either doxxed him or figured out it was him from the news articles since he whined on discord, then the story infamously spread to the threads on /vg/ as "that beafag that murdered his family". He has several figures from the game you can see in the picture.

Lots of true crime vultures covered the case on youtube, his parents also had a gym in the house, they were loaded and he was jobless despite finishing uni iirc.

No. 1191552

Someone could make a new true crime on /m/, we're rebuilding everything else

No. 1191565

This thread is making me hate fake nails seriously why do they all have huge fake nails

No. 1191590

Something about this video clicked for me, some of these people really are just organized, clean hoarders. Some of these people will become like the people you see on Hoarders as they get older, if they don't curb their habits. It's pretty sad

No. 1191662

what's with that retarded finger pinch gesture? it looks so dumb.

No. 1191668

Maybe she was an Italian in her past life.

No. 1191670

Sure Just do it

No. 1191671

Maybe it's the korean heart gesture

No. 1191677

No. 1191678

The second dress is cute tho

No. 1191707

I love Marie Kondo so much. I've been selling and clearing out a lot of my junk thanks to reading her book. she does have some sound advice.

No. 1191714

Makeup hoarders piss me off the most for some reason. You are never going to use all that shit before it expires. Not to mention most makeup is the same basic colors over and over!! Just find a brand you like, buy a little bit and reuse it. It's so awful and wasteful. Why do some women do this

No. 1191716

$100 he's a tranny

No. 1191791

File: 1653177228432.webm (4.71 MB, 540x960, pinkstuff.webm)

No. 1191794

>That Jeffree Star collection
How sad.

No. 1191801

That’s a shayna tier dress nonny. Sorry.

No. 1191813

oh for fucks sake. I thought all the beauty people on youtube already told everyone to stop this shit… apparently there's a massive drift between the beauty community on tiktok and youtube. tiktok are busy committing the sins of youtubes past and i doubt they will ever take the time to question their consooming because that's not something you can do in 1 minute video.

No. 1191814

Shayna is fat tho

No. 1191815

Could you please elaborate more on this?

No. 1191818

She spoke nothing but facts. I know she is talking about the shein collection, but the similar thing could be said for the forever 21 collection. The only cute items that were actually worth it was the accessories. The clothing items were trash. The good part is that I think most people realise that the new sanrio collection shein put out is fugly, i saw that it's been sitting in stock on their website for longer then such a collection would stick around for.

No. 1191823

File: 1653179828348.png (261.8 KB, 451x277, wtf.png)

can someone explain the creepy child sized mannequin lurking in the background.

No. 1191834

Hope I'm not a debbie downer but hopefully this helps curb the habit? A lot of "luxury" stuff that goes on sale at wholesale type stores aren't actually luxury brands. Like coach will make their actual bags, and they'll make the same bag but with lower materials and same design, and sell it at these wholesale luxury shops. It's like bootlegging but on their terms

No. 1191835

I can't really point to a video, but i've noticed a lot of beauty youtubers talking about how tiktok children are making the same consoomer mistakes that were made during the height of the beauty community on youtube. For example, a lot of influencers on tiktok do not disclose they are sponsored, they "brag" and show off their hoard subliminally encouraging their viewers to do the same and their overall main intention is not to help people make informed decisions, but to get people to consoom as much as possible.

Youtube beauty gurus has already had the phase of dealing with the same kind of behaviours listed, now there is a surge of people showing how to make curated makeup bag to achieve a certain everyday look, a lot of declutter videos, videos criticising the rampant consoomerism of early beauty youtube and tons of people explaining their regret for consooming so much beauty. I see a similar thing with channels that centre around clothing hauls, a lot of them seem to constantly sell their wardrobe items or have stopped doing hauls all together because they felt bad. I hope I explained it well.

No. 1191854

If you buy something you don't need and impulsively want, and worse, it requires a fuck ton of time to acquire, whatever "savings" you get from buying clearance are negated. You buy a $500 jacket at 90% off you don't need? That's $50 wasted, not $450 saved. Regular stores use similar fake clearance (saying something is 50% off when the sale price is around what it's worth), think of it that way. You said it yourself, a lot of this stuff is not worth it.
>middle aged Iranian housewives and/or chinese tourists trying to grab my stuff in communal dressing rooms
I'm Asian myself and I will say, fighting with these kinds of older women mindlessly obsessed with luxury brands for status would make me feel tasteless. You can tell yourself you're different, but at its core you are both obsessed with appearance of luxury and will put excessive time into pursuing it instead of something meaningful. Check out another "classy" hoarder like yourself and consider if this is the path you want to pursue. Do you even have room to nicely store and appreciate your clothes or do you squirrel them away?

No. 1191856

So beauty youtubers got their bag by promoting endless consumption and now that beauty youtube is over the hill they chide tiktokers for doing the same? Kek

No. 1191858

smokeyglow mentioned this in a video recently, are you referring to this?

No. 1191861

Better not be what I think it is.

No. 1191876

This is so nauseating and are those hand held pig shaped mirrors Shane Dawson's? lol

No. 1191877

>they chide tiktokers for doing the same?
At least they're saying something. If you can get one girl to not fall for the consoom, you've saved someone a lot of money

No. 1191886

They're all from Jeffree Star so yes.

No. 1191888

Is this tiktoker male or female? The mannequin is sus.

No. 1191917

File: 1653190365946.jpg (450.37 KB, 1402x643, 1645169385414.jpg)

female otaku in japan create shrines for their favorite character by buying all the merchandise, and multiples

No. 1191918

File: 1653190432313.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1536, Eg7II2yUcAAr77S.jpg)

No. 1191920

File: 1653190544593.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536, Em9BOMqVQAERN0Q.jpg)

No. 1191924

?That doesn't make the dress cute, LMFAO

No. 1191926

All of you husbandofags need to step up your game, this bitch is beyond married to her man.

No. 1191929

File: 1653191085853.jpg (524.63 KB, 960x1280, cd4aa159.jpg)

it's multiple people.

No. 1191930

An itabga is enough for me thanks

No. 1191936

File: 1653191738119.jpg (633.42 KB, 1152x2048, DZtLDQWVAAAEQ1x.jpg)

No. 1191938

File: 1653191839086.jpg (417.48 KB, 1125x748, EtodLnhVoAAPhcM.jpg)

No. 1191940

Oh god I got scared for a second and thought she somehow managed to bring her husbando to life.

No. 1191949

Kek anon imagine the possibilities

No. 1191985

Man this is unhinged but actually kind of visually pleasing

No. 1191997

How do they afford all this? At least with the kawaii sanrio hoarding egirls they can get stuff cheap from aliexpress or thrift it. But buying multiples of official merch has got to add up quickly

No. 1192007

japan's cost of living is very low if you're willing to sacrifice other things and live the bare minimum