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File: 1486569354795.jpg (87.67 KB, 600x593, CMxgUSKUwAAnI5A.jpg)

No. 180901[Reply]

Previous thread: >>102776

Post art you find bad or hideous
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No. 224490

you couldn't see their urls on the giant fuck off link?

No. 224495

Is she supposed to be based off gyaru and not a black octoling? lmao. I think there was a missed opportunity in making Pearl/Hime a lolita, considering her Japanese name.

No. 224505


stop necroing an old thread, fuckers. there's a new bad art thread, use that.

No. 224512

yup, kuro gyaru. black diamond style that hair was actually popular when the game came out lol.

No. 232716


Those sidemouths reminds me of something

File: 1461895202006.jpg (703.83 KB, 1073x1650, this kills the man.jpg)

No. 88911[Reply]

We're living in the age of reboots and most of them are awful. Let's talk about it.
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No. 232508


I kind of saw the force bond thing and Rey really wanting to 'save' Kylo as a nodd to Han Solo.
It was pretty obvious that he was supposed to grow on her as kind of a father figure and he died trying to convince Kylo to return to him.

The only things I found actually bad was, as mentioned, the casino scene (disney trying to paint rich folk as inhumane and cruel was kind of hilarious though) and I can agree that for example the 'romance' between Finn and Rose was very rushed. Rose in general was a really weird addition in general imo.

If you've seen it, what did you think of Rogue One?
That movie was really terrible imo.

No. 232511

I didn't bother seeing Rogue One, sorry.
Finn and Rose having a plot that was basically meaningless was awful imho. It really feels like Disney's decided only characters that can use the Force get to do anything important or succeed at all.

No. 232605

File: 1520438991568.jpg (121.7 KB, 1400x787, yume-nikki-dream-diary_2018_01…)

I liked Rogue One, more than TFA and TLJ.

Opinions on the Yume Nikki reboot? Many YN fans hated it from what I've seen, but it wasn't that bad to me? It was nice and comfy in a way. Obviously not on par with the original YN, but hey.

No. 232607

Yes!!! I really really wanted to like Rey, but their lazy writing and her Mary Sue-ness made me utterly hate the character. I hate how they are afraid to make her a flawed yet interesting character, and just make her too OP. I also hate how a lot of previously established lore from the old movies has been totally ignored. At least I can enjoy Kylo Ren character, but it still didn't save TLJ for me.

No. 232684

I actually liked the reboot for what it was. I kind of wish there were less puzzles and running sequences. I also wish it wasn't side scrolling. There also should've been more emphasis on the effects.
A lot of the yn fans tho pissed me off and sounded so pretentious about this game. They act like their fan theories are set in stone and any resemblance of a canon is threatening. The original wasn't even that filled with content just a wide map and a lot of reused assets. Definitely a mix of nostalgia goggles and hipster mentality going on.

File: 1520208356836.jpg (639.93 KB, 3440x2895, flexible-ballerina-doing-a-sid…)

No. 232181[Reply]

Any anons here do sports? perhaps for school or have careers in a certain sports field?

basically, thread is to discuss
>sports you're in, what's your ranking, how long have you been in it, etc
>advice for tryouts and interviews or how to get into the field
>how being in the sport helped you if it did
>athletic wear
>getting along with team members
>workouts and equipment
>etc etc
anywhere from marching band, any type of dancers (even strippers), to swimming and sailing, softball, cycling lacrosse, etc
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No. 232350

I just started getting into rock wall climbing and I love it. I used to be a very competitive runner in high school but when I moved on to college I dropped it bc collegiate running would take up too much time that I didn’t have and I was pretty jaded from running so much. It’s been so long since I’ve found a sport I seriously enjoy and can immerse myself in. I’m a natural at climbing and I wish I could be more serious with it and do competitive bouldering in the future. My only problem is the cost of rock climbing gym memberships is more than I can afford so I can only go once every other week at best or on their cheap student days which are once a month.It’s like a holy grail out of reach.

No. 232363

Depends on the class. I tried a couple this year as a trial, one was absolute beginners and the teacher explained everything (positions, technique etc) in detail and did babby tier exercises. The other was more advanced, nothing gets explained because it's a waste of time for the experienced dancers but the beginners really struggle and will probably never get the chance to learn technique properly.

My advice is to a) trial multiple classes before picking one, and b) do research. Ballet involves a lot of french vocab and you can get a good head start just by learning the names of exercises, position, directions, etc. Ballet technique is something you can understand intellectually even if you can't put it into practice yet too, so it's worth learning about in advance. Maybe even see if there are videos of full classes you can watch, they're pretty regimented at all levels so at least you can gain some familiarity with how they run.

Anyway good luck and have fun, I started ballet up again at 25 a decade after I quit as a teen and I'm loving it.

No. 232396

I used to play roller derby on a league and it was the best time of my life. It's honestly one of the most rewarding sports I've ever learned to play. The community has it's drama but in the end there is a fierce connection between all the women who play.

I was a blocker on a team that held a ranking in the top 100 out of 420 teams, so we were a mid level team. The teams that compete in champs are now on one of the ESPN channels which is pretty cool. It's one of the fastest growing female sports in the world right now.

I had to tap out due to a knee injury, but I still love skating and doing tricks I just can't take a hit anymore. I never played sports in high school so the fact that I joined a roller derby team blew everyone's minds when I told them.

Honestly, if anyone has thought about playing just do it, most leagues have boot camps and beginner level groups so they will teach you from the ground up. I had never skated before but you'd be surprised how quickly you can pick it up.

No. 232410

I wanted to take up roller derby years ago as I feel like it's the only sport I'd actually enjoy. The only problem is that it's so expensive. My local team requires you do a three month course and rent equipment before even thinking about joining the team and that would cost me a fortune.

No. 232441

I'm interested in taking aerial arts classes. My athletic background includes dance, x-country, rowing, and fencing. But, truthfully, I'm not super flexible. Can anyone give advice or their experience with those classes? I'm not out to join the circus or anything, it just seems really fun.

File: 1519935462139.jpg (71.42 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nqls7seyQG1twt4dho2_540…)

No. 231750[Reply]

Following the newly made author cows thread - >>>/snow/516563, let's have a general writing life thread! Post your favorite writing tips, advice, inspiration, problems, questions, memes, and vents.
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No. 232234

File: 1520256705789.jpg (6.9 KB, 300x300, purple.jpg)

> “His skin was cold to the touch like our front door’s brass doorknob in the dead of winter. I was afraid my hands would stick, afraid they would come away black and frostbitten.”

If the thing being described isn't VERY important/the description VERY relevant, don't fucking do this. Just say cold.

No. 232245

jeeze anon, how did you even read that stream of consciousness dribble? ffs no wonder they're a bad writer.

No. 232256

I imagine it's a bunch of snippets of stuff anon read and that left an impression/gave her ideas so she saved it all in one place? I used to do that too, it's not such a bad idea. The shitty tumblr text posts and bad advice needs to go, though

No. 232259

NTA but they should have at least spaced it out in a readable manner.

Tumblr shit aside, if you're trying to give writing advice/technique you first need to learn how to make your basic typing somewhat readable. I know greentext is informal but this could of used some kind of break up other than spacing.

No. 232274

File: 1520274628977.png (76.48 KB, 687x522, 30b7bb3b-f13d-4d9a-abbc-1087d1…)

File: 1519084311219.png (1.86 MB, 1107x1120, image.png)

No. 229995[Reply]

With the influx of newfags on this board, I think it's time to educate them on the history of cows that started it all. I'll try to compile some links and photos, but any help from other anons would be great.
Feel free to tell stories of the old days of /cgl/ and StaminaRose.


Luvmonkeys (AKA Asherbee)


This thread is not for current drama, if you want to talk about what are they doing these days there is a thread for that.
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No. 232128

Hey guys what happened to asherbee? Someone said she did the same thing as pt and got off the internet, I hope she's at least doing better now.
>gdi but do i miss her cringey yaoi

No. 232130

Didn't she kill herself? Or am I thinking of another cow?

No. 232132

Gee anon I fucking hope not. Last I heard she was throwing a cosplay party or something.

No. 232133

>fergot to sage

No. 232188

Alright guys. Lets vote on which pixy pose we like most in the OP pic
>best pic
Third row from the top, third to the left. From what I can tell she looks cute and it's a nice pose.
>most lulzy
Last row, second to the left because topless overalls. Was she cosplaying something there?

File: 1520160591333.jpg (54.92 KB, 600x848, stay_away_by_freeminds-dacs99x…)

No. 232093[Reply]

Signs not to date or befriend somebody

Post personality traits or general habits that make you want to stay clear from a person

No. 232102

This thread already exists…

No. 232172


Different anon. Are you talking about the mental illness thread?

No. 232173

No, there's already a red flag thread

No. 232174

There's a red flag thread, look for it in the catalog… The man hating thread touches on it too

File: 1515356567211.jpeg (99.38 KB, 1000x800, image.jpeg)

No. 221232[Reply]

Please keep all trans/gendercrit/TERF discussion to this thread. Any offshoots will be locked. Thanks.
1198 posts and 171 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 231874

I know it’s “le Reddit”, but Gender Critical has a sticky full of Peak Trans stories that are both eye-opening and horrifying. Decent discussion, too.


No. 231877

Amazing resource, it was the first place who introduced me to gender critical after I found it on a random search. A lot of great people. There's also https://www.reddit.com/r/Gender_Critical/ which isn't really active comparing to the first and some of the posts are the same, but sometimes has good stuff too

No. 231880

all those stories of men who want to be raped because they are they same idiots who think women get raped for how they look.

i'll grab a strap on and teach them how rape feels.

No. 231881


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 231928

New thread!


File: 1519982464522.png (630.63 KB, 791x793, cowshipping.png)

No. 231828[Reply]

Can we ship our favorite cows? My favorite right now is VickyxOnision. Two narcs brought together by their hatred of anyone who isn't them. Vicky shoops all of her pictures for hours while getting online degrees in astrophysics from Stanford while Onion tries out 700 filters to record his latest shittastic youtube video. This ship name is "The Filters and Photoshop all Tell Lies".

No. 231844

PT and Chris Chan.

No. 231857

don't do pixy dirty like that

that's a great ship anon. ahh they'd be monstrous together.
i want moomoo to get with chelhellbunny, susu and bunny style. can you imagine the collabs that would come out of that?

File: 1503357927621.jpg (90.13 KB, 700x525, Holy-Grafitti--700x525.jpg)

No. 202815[Reply]

Halloween is coming up in a few months for all the horror and paranormal lovers out there, while there is a autumn thread for the pumpkin,cinnamon, apple cider, type, this is a spooky thread, here to discuss

>favorite horror films and books

>creepy roads/houses/place around where you live or where you use to live
>paranormal experiences or other spooky stories
>paranormal/haunted videos
>creepy but cozy aesthetic pictures
>halloween party recipes and ideas
>creepy pictures you have taken
>anything spooky

no gore please
187 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 231319

samefag but I would also be really interested in anons who are more spiritual telling me what they think of my experiences. I used to be very spiritual but am very very cynical and stick to the logical-ish explanation of shit which imo is "brains are crazy and weird things happen in them" but I am so open to hearing what anyone else thinks

No. 231331

I had only 4 sleep paralysis in my 27 years of life and I pray to heavens that I never get any.

I remember all of my sleep paralysis vividly. The fear is so intense, it's not the usual one but a menacing fear that something is up to get you.

My first sleep paralysis was a tall shadow. My room was pitch dark yet the dark shadow was distinguishable since it was right by my side, looming over me next to the window. Then, after what seemed to be eternity it disappeared through the wall, bending while leaving. It wasn't a nightmare, it felt so real.

The next time there was something on top of me, scratching my stomach and attempting to I guess to get to my organs. And there was someone whispering something in my ear.

Then the 3rd and 4th time there was that shadow again.

I didn't know anything about SP before my first experience and when I searched online about the shadow, the realization that there were so many people that experienced the same thing of not being able to move and seeing the exact shadow, instead of consoling me it made my skin crawl. I had troubles falling asleep for a week.

What triggered the SP in my case was lucid dreaming. In 3 out 4 cases of SP, it was the after result of lucid dreaming. It doesn't happen always but there's no way that I will take any chances. Shame though, lucid dreaming is one of the best things I've experienced, the feeling of absolute freedom where imagination has no bounds.

No. 231416

For the last few days i´ve been binging paranormal content on youtube (ouija board-sessions, paranormal games like the Midnight Man, Hide or Seek alone etc) in en endless hunt for something at least 2% genuine. I don´t think i´ve ever seen a video i´ve "believed" in, but a few have small parts here and there that seems belivable. For example, Shane Dawson´s (lol) Queen Mary video gave me a few spooks. If anyone knows about any youtubers that do "paranormal research" that seems to be genuine, I would love it if you share them

No. 231455

same, I love paranormal binge weekends
I'm running out though of things I havent seen

>If anyone knows about any youtubers that do "paranormal research" that seems to be genuine, I would love it if you share them

aldos world older videos seemed genuine until he brought the "this dragon fidget spinner will protect me from spirits!!" shit in it
jake dufner, some of it is exaggerated however he did go to clinton road with a damn ouija board at 3am

No. 231558

thanks, anon!

Haven´t heard of aldos world, but I´ve seen a lot of youtubers who have some golden moments in their old videos, but are now doing over-the-top "PARANORMAL CHALLENGE 3 AM GONE WRONG!!!!!"


I´m pretty sure this hasn´t already been posted (sorry if it has) but i´m really curious about the "wonder box" in the video. It´s the guys own design and he makes them himself, which makes it easy to believe that it´s all just fake. But it is a bit facinating.

File: 1507557197197.jpg (91.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 207907[Reply]

Seasonal anime thread, what are you watching anons?

>all these comfy shows this season
81 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 230903

Oh man was it really? I've been looking forward to the release since I saw the trailer a few months back. What stood out as disappointing to you?

No. 230906

File: 1519525146281.jpg (77.9 KB, 456x650, tonegawa.jpg)

Anyone else hyped as fuck for this? I'm just hoping it'll interest people enough that we'll finally get Kaiji S3.

No. 230958

Low budget, director did a eh job, underwhelming, and they too often cut out stuff from the manga that actually gave sense to the story. Some stories won't make sense to you if you haven't read the manga, you will seriously be like "What". I'd rate it 6/10.
The two Tomie OVAs are coming out next, but I don't have high hopes. The Souichi stories they adapted were fine though, so I don't know… it was very hit or miss. With a better director and a higher budget it could've been more memorable I guess

No. 231369

File: 1519699650447.gif (2.62 MB, 500x281, yurucamp.gif)

That's pretty disappointing. I'll watch the Souichi arc but I'm not the biggest fan of Tomie. The live action movies where so repetitive I couldn't imagine the animated episodes to be much different. Thanks anon!

I'd like to recommend Yuru camp. It's cute and comfy as hell. The story follows Rin, a young girl that likes to camp alone. Eventually she meets others while camping and comes out of her shell. The plot's simple but I can't emphasis how well executed it is and how endearing the characters are. Also, apparently the camping spots are based on real world locations. Neat!

No. 231403

10/10 taste

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