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File: 1594219235233.jpeg (43.46 KB, 660x370, 119959.jpeg)

No. 581191[Reply]

Since we have a thread similar to this(ugly women with hot men).

Let's discuss it here.
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No. 2074231

File: 1719875470275.jpeg (363.64 KB, 1356x2048, 07DD7EC8-846A-45D1-9B02-C1041F…)

No. 2074232

File: 1719875507593.jpeg (254.29 KB, 1356x2048, 991C22E3-8AE4-4149-AAB8-D0E647…)

No. 2074321

wtf is this

No. 2074663

File: 1719914194648.jpg (135.95 KB, 1500x1000, brooke-schofield-clinton-kane-…)

Ugly cheating fuck, women have to stop dating down

No. 2087429

File: 1720869172273.jpg (131.08 KB, 1150x1500, 1000035556.jpg)


File: 1665135397348.jpg (105.73 KB, 650x500, toke it for andrea.jpg)

No. 1366720[Reply]

for all your stoney baloney needs

previous thread >>>/ot/542085
smoker salt goes here >>>/ot/1307162
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No. 2084727

happy 710 nonnarita's!

No. 2084730

what's 710

No. 2084826

nta but it refers to cannabis oil. 710 when mirrored looks like OIL

No. 2084841

710 is oil upside down so it’s a ‘holiday’ similar to 420

No. 2087403

smoking weed at 3am simply because i can (im going fishing)

File: 1698207733708.jpg (56.33 KB, 635x854, JlapJvt.jpg)

No. 1738305[Reply]

first thread:>>>/ot/204455
ITT we discuss our times having unhealthy obsessions with people. It can be any kind of obsession; romantic, hateful, wanting to wear their skin, etc.
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No. 2014580

Ummm no, I can’t really recognize you aside from the pic you use which said personality fag also used, also was obsessed with mediocre loser guys and having their babies, also was unstable and mentally ill. Guess it’s a pattern.

No. 2014665

You got this nona. Focus on other things until the feelings go away.

>He trooned out at the end of our relationship.
I'm gonna be a bit unhinged because this man tried to kill you, so anything goes.
If you wanna mess with him without getting caught (which physically going there could get you), create a fake troon account on his most visited socials, sort of befreind him and talk to him about how badly you want the vagina surgery. Browse reddit and copy troons talking points, make it seem like the perfect dream and the only way for troons to truly be happy and achieve that true female trans orgasm. Lure him to willingly have his dick cut off. If I was your friend I'd do it along with you, also faking being another troon kek.
I'd either generate fake ai pics of troons, or steal old af troon pics (where the face isn't showing, or just cut it out/doodle over it) and pretend you're too dysphoric about your face to show it.
If you do steal pics, crop it slightly, flip it unless text gets messed up, maybe enlarge it and then resize it back to smaller again so you mess up the quality a bit, doodle over the face, use some filters etc, then I'd try a reverse image search on google to see if I was able to make it unrecognizable compared to the original one. The pics are still to be used sparingly though, they're just evidence when needed kek

No. 2040752

>>2014340 venting again

saw his post on ig and got manic and searched up his car and then looked at his company profile again and now i’m spiraling. i thought talking to a different hotter guy would help but it’s not, i genuinely don’t understand why i’m so obsessed with this man. he’s a rich ceo who’s totally ripped and attractive (to me) but i’ve interacted with men like that before and it has never ever driven me this insane. i’m not a gold digger, i don’t care about his money. and i’ve been with hotter guys than him too, it’s not just about appearance. these aren’t things that have ever caught my attention with other men, i don’t get why he would be different, so i don’t think it’s about the money or his looks. he’s horrible to me when we do talk, other guys aren’t. not to my face anyway. i don’t get it.

No. 2060833

This is probably going to be my most femcel post here and i'll be jumping back and forth with the timeline so forgive me. For the past few months i've developed a limerence on a guy I used to be loosely connected to in high school. I say loosely connected because I used to be friends with his cousin before knowing of him but now i'm not friends with his cousin anymore due to some drama shit. I remember when I was friends with his cousin she would often talk about him because she would hang out with him semi often but never invited me to tag along, I didn't find that to be a problem though. He is a few years older, he went to a really good university for film after graduating near top of his high-school class, he had a long distance relationship with some egirl, etc. Years later after a rabbit hole of finding diffrent accounts from old peers I found his multiple online accounts including his short films. I recognized one of the short films he made from watching it in a movie club in high-school but never got his name, and how his style just stuck in my head. Regardless of my crush on him, I have to admit his filming style is impressive and I think he could make it as a A24 type of film director, there is no way in hell I will post it here though as there are very few views and it will risk me being found out. It seems that after graduating uni he's stopped making short films altogether and sort of works on commission/contractor type work which is a real shame. I wish I can anonymously send a message to encourage him to take up filming again and update his work but, that would be taking things too far. I wish when I was friends with his cousin that she would've introduced me to him cause I feel like we have similar tastes but as for right I can never connect with him, it would be creepy of me especially since he's slightly offline and it would be awkward with me and his cousin being on bad terms. Judging from his work and the few times he's shown his face he's a bit of a weird yet sentimental guy in a oddly endearing way. It could be me projecting to make up for my current situation which isn't bad but it could be better.

No. 2087384

This is the first time I've done something like this, but I was surprised at how easy it was. I was able to find this cow's full name, address and the names of her family members just by doing a bit of googling and Facebook sleuthing. It's insane the amount of shit you can find out just because your school posts your full legal name online and then your friends tag you in a photo mentioning your school that to you forget to removed. It's not even her fault but she should be more careful, a determined moid could do way worse than me. Idk why I stayed up until dawn just googling things about her and her friends. It felt oddly fun learning about this stranger even though I don't intend to do anything with the information.

File: 1626018531932.jpg (183.77 KB, 650x634, Untitled-3.jpg)

No. 851293[Reply]

If you were to become the president of your country tomorrow, what would your first official act be? And how would you enforce it?
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No. 2087029

File: 1720827416108.jpeg (570.77 KB, 810x1175, IMG_4529.jpeg)

but groke isn't bald, groke has fur all over

No. 2087345

I'd create jobs by hiring online patrolmen who'd actually moderate all online websites, apps, and even discord servers to delete graphic content (porn, snuff, other violent shit), locate the people viewing and sharing it, and then imprison them or institutionalizing them. The reason why I'd force men to do it instead of women is because they deserve to be subjected to potentially upsetting content more than any of us do.

No. 2087365

What about women who enjoy graphic content?

No. 2087368

Groke should be minister for defence. She looks like a real tough bald (sorry) bitch too.

No. 2087370

Those women will be institutionalized in a wonderful spa-like setting. The glorification of violence and hatred will be criminalized in my America

File: 1718249144817.jpg (57.62 KB, 480x640, images-4.jpg)

No. 2047122[Reply]

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No. 2087372

bitch do you think i'm replying to you from hogwarts

No. 2087395

File: 1720862613864.png (85.27 KB, 238x191, toomuch.png)

This just popped up on my youtube. I don't want to trash talk her, since some of her videos are decent, she is somewhat self aware, and isn't doing things in a deliberately obnoxious way. But it's just too much. Nobody should be buying more than 1-2 premium dolls a year, even if they can afford it. There's no point, they don't even have time to fully appreciate what they get. It's like using a beer bong on a $200 wine.

No. 2087669

Haul videos truly are consoomerist cancer, you know that she wouldn't have otherwise bought 18 dolls at a time if it weren't for wanting to make a video about it to flex on the internet. Also, you should post the video links instead of screenshots.

No. 2087703

>Troon flag
>Ikea's shark plush

Damn these trannies for ruining that cute plush to us.

No. 2088067

You can search the title of the video from the image on YouTube!
It doesn't belong to them. It belongs to Japanese tumblr.

File: 1699720391126.png (1.14 MB, 1024x870, 1699606225512.png)

No. 1766111[Reply]

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No. 2087294

No. 2087331

onko tää lanka täynnä fujoja kun noin pienestä meni tunteisiin? en ole täällä haastamassa riitaa joten jos joku nyt alkaa sisätappelemaan pienen naljailun takia niin se on ihan oma vikanne
t ex fujo

No. 2087336

Tämmösissä autistien kokoontumisajoissa ihan turhaa mutta naljaillaan sitten vaan

No. 2087344

unohdin missä olen, syvät pahoittelut rumista sanoistani

No. 2087351

Kättä päälle ja uuteen lankaan lapsoset.

File: 1719931379495.jpeg (83.96 KB, 600x450, IMG_1558.jpeg)

No. 2074849[Reply]

Talk about many things that never really made sense to you from the mundane to schizo (ex. things you were taught in childhood, pineapple on pizza, beans on toast, paying taxes, parking lots full of cars but the grocery store is nearly empty, things your family did in the home that doesn’t make sense to outsiders that you now question, etc.).
>no questions (this is not the stupid questions thread)
>only observations
>no bait pls
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No. 2087186

speaking of clothes I don’t understand how fabric works. How is it made?? Do you just line up a million thread pieces and sew them all together or what

No. 2087192

Fabric is made out of fiber, it can be from plants (linen, wool, etc.), it can be from insects' protein fiber (silk). Once you've got the fiber (which you have to spin in some cases, like with wool), you have to loom it together. Vidrel shows industrial looms. If you're curious, there are people who also show their traditional looms and making fabric online on YouTube or IG.

No. 2087200

mmmmm yummy yummy fiber.

No. 2087207

I don't know how people tolerate online shopping for clothes. I only do it if it's something I can't get elsewhere. How do you know if an article of clothing will fit you well or actually feel comfortable? What if the color is different from the photos or looks bad on your figure? And if it's unpleasant to wear once it arrives, returning it isn't as easy as just going back to the store, it all seems like a huge waste of time and money to me.

No. 2087211

File: 1720844325544.jpeg (51.3 KB, 480x312, IMG_4539.jpeg)

two types basically.
woven means you just take horizontal and vertical threads and crissscross them. it gives you a flat (2d) piece of fabric and then you cut that piece and sew it to create a garment.
the other type is knit where instead of Crisscrossing the threads you loop them together. knitted fabric has more give and allows you to make 3d pieces

File: 1713965674858.png (110.42 KB, 1028x599, jiejfjiijji.png)

No. 1978406[Reply]

Previous >>1972829

Thread to discuss the phenomenon of "fujoshi", the women that identify as such and the women who criticise it.

To a latter extent, discuss also the phenomenon of "yumejoshi" and "himejoshi", especially when it comes to the yume vs. fujo feud.

Discuss the history of fujoshism, speculate on its reasons, argue your opinion on it and exchange intelligent views with other farmers.

Topics include:
>Is the fujoshi-to-TIF pipeline real, or merely a symptom of something else?
>Do fujoshi self-insert in the uke and/or seme? Or do fujoshi simply look at slash couples in a voyeuristic manner?
>What is your view on the early 2000s phenomenon of identifying as a fujoshi "but not supporting real life homos"?
>Is being a fujoshi a way of escaping misogyny, or does it reinforce it?
>What is your opinion on omegaverse, and the het omegaverse which followed?
>Are fujos addicted to pornography? Are yumes?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 2087117

Found the fujotard

No. 2087128

Mpreg is such a nothingburger anyway, if you want the real pseudo het cringe shit for women stuck in their girls are icky phase while still having a functional woman in their story it's called omegaverse. Maybe not related to fujos entirely, I find it funny how many gay artists memed themselves into drawing straight porn too, a lot of them moved on from their straights are icky phase too I guess. Just draw a woman half some dude's size getting having the most straight penis in vagina bodice ripper sexual intercourse and call it gay sex and twittards will clap for you. No need to even give them a tit chop either these days. But funnily enough not a lot of actual gay moids fell for this psyop kek

No. 2087165

File: 1720839453972.jpg (87.14 KB, 600x857, 60780_3747474.jpg)

It's because omegaverse is more light furry than it is het shit.
You can tell because a lot of it is actual furry.
For some reason people always forget to mention the whole deal with heat periods, biting, pheromones releasing, nesting, magic healing abilities, or the fact that it's based on wolves.
There's also the whole section of omegaverse where they turn into dogs.

No. 2087170

I wasn't aware of that, it's pretty interesting. I think I just haven't seen a lot of the animal stuff, when it comes across to me it's posts fixating on the "het" and powerdynamic aspects (and especially if you've brushed with the hellhole that is actual straight omegaverse) It may just be the crowd that I see the most often? Looking in a complete outsider would I be correct in guessing that some people choose more or less of the furry shit depending on their preference?

No. 2087180

File: 1720841450206.jpeg (87.9 KB, 600x856, c845ac6e58bd0513d18990acbc30eb…)

Some authors choose to lean into het dynamics but others choose to lean into the furry aspect.
Most just keep it to the shallow "heats and biting r sexy" deal. Of course, this depends on the crowd you're in.
There's other "verses" like cakeverse and dom/subverse which is mostly just petplay.
Honestly the whole thing would almost be impressive if the subject matter wasn't porn.

File: 1627591127018.jpg (147.62 KB, 640x935, ba3d58b7681d10d5cad99cbccbce50…)

No. 867049[Reply]

A place for theorizing what the world will be like in the near or far future. Which jobs will be wiped out completely because of automatization? Which positions will be most in demand? How will education change? Will degrees be less esteemed? How will global warming change the planet? Which countries will suffer from it the most? Do you see the possibility of a third world war? Will the gap between the poor and the rich grow even further? Will China dominate the world? Will the Japanese go extinct? Flying cars when? Which novel/film/other medium do you think paints an accurate picture of what the world will look like?
98 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2083987

Why Oct 28, nonnie? What do you know that we don't?

No. 2084034

the reason why I feel like this’ll change is because eventually the employees who are working (women) will need to be paid more, and when that time comes they’ll probably decide against raising their wages and will just hire men who they pay the lower wage.

No. 2084046

NTA but october 28 was when the stock market crashed in 1929

No. 2084093

there is more too it than that, but yeah, their is a numerological aspect. Oct 28 1929 was also a Monday just like this upcoming Oct 28th will be

No. 2087156

i dont remember what other thread i saw this get mentioned in but cryptocurrency is going to crash baddd

File: 1719645415346.gif (316.99 KB, 500x332, interior design & home decor.g…)

No. 2070403[Reply]

ITT: Discuss anything related to interior design and home decor. Share advice with other anons about how to make the best out of their living spaces. Reveal your biggest home decor pet peeves or most hated interior design trends.

>What are your biggest tips for interior design?

>Where do you buy furniture or decor? Do you have a favourite store or online retailers?
>What is your interior design pet peeve?
>What's your favourite design style? Or, what's your least favourite?
>If money was no object and you could design your space however you'd like, how would you do it?

Does anyone else make a hobby out of browsing Zillow and thinking about how you'd decorate all the big mansions? I thought this could be a good idea for a new thread since the other two home decor themed threads have been locked.
76 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2086719

oh god you're so right lmao. now I can't unsee it

No. 2086958

That's exactly what it is! I couldn't put my finger on why >>2086487 looks so weird but it's definitely overly curated and soulless. Totally corporate decor, like they want to live in a photoshoot for a store magazine.

No. 2087045

The companies knew it was "coming back," but they don't bother to hire visionaries to design their pieces. A lot of that really cool funky 70s and 80s furniture was very atypical for the time, most furniture was still made in "traditional" forms. The pieces we think of as so 70s and 80s were very risky to produce, but that risk paid off because they cemented themselves as cultural pieces specific to that timeframe. Companies today don't want to risk anything. It takes a good artist that has a vision to create unique and beautiful furniture, and these big companies aren't in the routine of hiring good artists. It's designed in board rooms by out-of-touch corporate-types based on how they interpret graphs and data points, it's inherently soulless and expected. There's nothing avant-garde or beautiful about the furntiture in these posts >>2086715 >>2086487 , it's all just slop made to cash in on a microtrend from a social media platform.

No. 2087055

Stuff like this, I usually quite like the first time I see it. Then I see the same style again, and again, and again, and it turns out everyone has the same flower pillows and checked rugs and squiggly mirrors, and suddenly it doesn't seem so quirky and cute anymore. Just another lame trend.

No. 2087064

Ntayrt but I get what you mean. It's sort of like how IKEA furniture can look great on its own, but then once you realize it's from IKEA it becomes just another piece of IKEA furniture, with all the subconscious affiliations and reputation that comes with it. If that makes sense.
>it turns out everyone has the same flower pillows and checked rugs and squiggly mirrors
And everyone that owns them really thinks they're indie and unique for it.

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