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File: 1626360488299.jpg (23.17 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pb1ypgoPkd1v4whilo2_250…)

No. 854762[Reply]


Previous thread: >>>/ot/204765
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No. 1240655

Nona i typically don't like vodka cran but I think i will now, for you. Kisses!

No. 1240669

You know, it always gets written off as the 22 yr old girl drink, but how much of that is really just minor misogyny? Vodka + cran all the way!

No. 1240672

File: 1656207396294.jpg (46.87 KB, 640x566, LjOtPdHl.jpg)

Having a few beers even though I'm broke and probably shouldn't have spent any money of them.

The world is shit if you're a woman but all I want is to fall asleep and be held in a cute girls arms.

Pic related is for every girl on this whole board

No. 1240677

I love this pic, I looked left first and Im still sober. Ill cuddle you nonna!
Slainte to any irish anons drinking 3am whiskey!!

No. 1240679

samefag just to say I'm glad this thread was necroed as its a personal favourite to read your drunk bullshit anons, I love you all so much

File: 1645753673989.jpeg (61.38 KB, 626x417, 20126D53-1C2B-46D0-8BA6-687503…)

No. 1068958[Reply]

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.
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No. 1237328

File: 1656076074522.png (347.82 KB, 756x366, firefox_ZWsqhIZkOM.png)

Found it by going through my 'Watched' list on Letterboxd! Thought I watched it ages ago, before I even knew of the site. Thank God that wasn't the case.

No. 1237346

yes! thank you anon mwah mwah mwah

No. 1239237

Yes that's the one!!! Thank you nonnie

No. 1240666

That one dance cover of Love Lives Stardash where three guys cosplay the trio, as is tradition, and do the dance on a green mat covered in slime or something similar. It was on either NND or YT, maybe both, but I can't find it for the life of mine. The video quality was low.

No. 1240670

Aaaaaand I found it. No idea what I did to make it show up now, but not the 4123912903 times I looked for it before. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25251747 mods pls no ban, you can't embed nnd vids

File: 1653638044494.jpg (45.56 KB, 680x695, ffa.jpg)

No. 1198440[Reply]

Previous thread:

Discuss anything pertaining to Autism, Aspergers or ADHD/ADD experiences as a woman here.
Talk about the difficulty of diagnosis as a woman, the struggles with being compared to male autists. Or even discuss the recent uptick in autism diagnoses in online mental health communities like Tiktok.
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No. 1236958

Nona, you should know how sensitive autists can be to certain things. I've been diagnosed with autism since I was 13, and I actually started working with autistic children at a special school for them.
The picture is hideous. It bothers me a lot. It has kept me from posting in this thread since it was made. Pls don't bully autists for being autistic.

No. 1237030

File: 1656040232684.jpg (76.26 KB, 1024x852, ESe9edoXYAAsx9e.jpg)

No. 1237055

Replying to a month old post like a true autist

No. 1240578

I wonder if my normie friend is catching on that I'm 'tistic. He made some joke yesterday that really should have been extremely obvious to me, but wasn't. I wonder if he thinks I'm playing stupid or thinks Im actually stupid.

No. 1240864

I’d just like to thank the anon(s) who brought up the difference between emotional empathy and cognitive empathy. It perfectly encapsulates something I’ve been struggling with for years but never had the words for. Why isn’t any of this in the books I was recommended when I got my diagnosis?

File: 1652527721245.png (424.26 KB, 564x564, image_2022-05-14_212854119.png)

No. 1180797[Reply]

All the old studying threads were dead. Use this thread to discuss anything related to university/college/general study. Self-study and online courses are also allowed.

Topics can include anything related to studying, such as

- Student life
- Studying tips
- What you're studying
- Diaries/planners/journals
- Stationary and tech
- Notes and notetaking
- Helpful resources for studying
- Advice related to studying
- Learning disorders and disabilities while studying
- Good or bad peers/professors/teachers/tutors
- Talking about your campus (just don't dox yourself)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1235640

it’s competitive and not as glam as people make it out to be. if you are 100% certain you want to pursue academia, network, find a professor you click with who can mentor you, work on getting your name out there. look for research grants, rich sponsors, and bougie scholarships and awards to pad out your resumé. start working right now. find unis that focus on getting their grads jobs as opposed to making you into another clueless burger flipping poet/activist. focus on your writing, researching, and speaking skills. you aren’t going to make a lot of money as a woman unless you’re in a legacy school or get an administrative position, so don’t go into this thinking you’re going to be dripping in diamonds by 35. you may need to relocate if you are in a shitty country or state without a lot of funding.

history isn’t as bad as philosophy, there has never been a relevant market for philosophy majors unless you’re a trust fund baby or going into religion. history majors can work for non-profits, cultural institutes, even the entertainment industry. people just need to be more creative and flexible with what they can do with their degrees and stop focusing on writing another shitty book on 14th century cooking practices like every other schmuck out there.

No. 1235643

Anon you replied too, i got an add + depression diagnosis. i'm going to try starting counseling now and trying to appeal to lift my suspension. my mom apologized and we made up.
i definitely take your advice when i get back to college. breaking down tasks has always made things easier for me.
i'm so sorry you're going through this anon, i hope you can find a way to get a different psychiatrist.

No. 1235768

Maybe this is stupid, but what are law students like? I'm going to law school next year and pretty much only heard bad things about the students (that they're either know-it-alls or lazy and disinterested). I got bullied quite a bit in school and I'm scared of being the outcast no one likes all over again. I'm there to learn not to make friends but still, are these stereotypes true? I know it differs per school obviously but generally certain majors attract certain crowds.

No. 1235978

>what are law students like

No. 1240251

im in PA school and getting closer and closer to clinicals and instead of being excited im nervous as shit. in particular im dreading surgery rotation bc surgeons are horrible. ones ive worked for were walking epitomes of narcissism who threw shit at their staff and never apologized for anything

File: 1653086607897.jpg (15.13 KB, 206x275, 1653006742157.jpg)

No. 1190469[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

Previous threads:
#1 >>>/ot/369313
#2 >>>/ot/490893
#3 >>>/ot/636795
#4 >>>/ot/849990
#5 >>>/ot/935591
#6 >>>/ot/1028419
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#8 >>>/ot/1068732
#9 >>>/ot/1147862
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No. 1238320

>I use lolcow as an escape from real life so you're stupid for raising awareness and wanting to talk about society's acceptance of pedos and human trafficking
Telling women to shut up about issues that affect children and other woman is not a good look. Many people don't know about these things. Even for the people who do know, you're just going to sit around and throw your hands up and tell people to STOP talking about it? No one is forcing you to be on the tinfoil thread.

No. 1238375

You’re being facetious on purpose I’m assuming. You do realize this board has been full of women for years, right? I’m one of those women. I’m responding to a single anon trying to shame lolcow users (women) for not spamming trauma porn when we have been here for years and know that spamming trauma porn does nothing. You sound so new it’s painful. No one said to “stop talking about” and nobody is trying to censor you on here for bringing it up either, we are simply saying that it’s been brought up a thousand times before and the only people you’re “raising awareness” to on a niche female imageboard is newfags. It isn’t just that she brought it up—it’s that she brought it up and complained about how desensitized we are for gossiping on a gossip board instead of solely talking about the way scrotes harm us. Fuck you kek lolcow is for escapism stop trying to make women the sole bearer of responsibility of justice when we are just trying to shitpost. Horrorcow threads are a very good example of the fact that we’ve had no trouble spotlighting perverts and pedophiles.

No. 1240195

New thread since this one will soon be locked


No. 1240295

Stop trying to sexualize anons. This argument about "WOMEN ACT LIKE SCROTES" is so tired, I know how scrotes act with their sexual degeneracy. The fact that you even contest this instead of recognizing how uncomfortable it is to force weird sex verbs onto random women is scrote-like kek.

Sounds more like a tired moid who doesn't wanna hear about women's plights, why are you even here on a FEMALE imageboard?

Idgaf if I get called a schizo or whatever, I'm annoyed with /pol/ moids thinking our board is for them. It's not, go back to 4chan and get out.

No. 1240849

Your tinfoil sucks ass. Been here since lcs inception, was a staminarose lurker too. I you are free to talk about these issues to your hearts content and no one is saying you can’t, but as I’ve already stated >>1238375 it’s completely wrong and unfair to act like we as a board should be responsible for constantly talking about and spreading awareness of horrific things that men do over and over and that there’s something wrong with us for wanting to talk about other things.

File: 1648409083454.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2976x2105, FE719ED1-DED2-4831-9D4D-50BC13…)

No. 1113313[Reply]

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No. 1240052

Good. I hope LA can recall Gascón as well. fucking garbage DAs elected in wake of "defund the police" movement, which completely backfired. The cities have gotten so dangerous

No. 1240055

File: 1656169958606.jpg (77.07 KB, 736x859, 58976ab3c2460e3004878361da250d…)

Not just that, they don't feel like moderating on a Saturday, they have dick appointments. Gotta lock the thread and call it a day.

No. 1240084

I don't see any point in having a separate thread when there is /burger/ gen.

No. 1240100

you don't see any point in having a thread to discuss a major court case relating to women's health on a female image board?
yeah, you are right, its absurd to think we should have a thread to discuss time pertinent events that completely overturn precedents in women's rights

No. 1240102

Because it's something that can affect women worldwide, and restricting the discussion to only this thread means a bunch of people who aren't American coming here.

File: 1632509357680.jpg (64.28 KB, 900x723, cheerleader-with-megaphone-c19…)

No. 922178[Reply]

…with more chest getting off of!

prev: >>>/ot/685198

mad at some nasty scrote? wanna punch your boss in the nuts? tired of your coworkers? Get it off your chest right now!!!! Rants or one liners are welcome.

same rules from the first:
>Adhere to /ot/ rules and try not to be too gc/pp (if it's your personal experience it's fine).
>Do not address large demographics/groups of people! (Fatties/Ana/races/trannies/egirls)
>This shit must be specific to a person or personal group of people.
>Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
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No. 1240191

>that green text
Christ anon. Obviously dump the useless scrote who just wants you to be mommy and has no regard for you as a person worthy of reciprocation or respect. Can you try getting a female roommate? Maybe start advertising or looking via word of mouth secretly so you can then dump your scrote when you've got a potential taker and kick him out. You deserve better.

No. 1240197

File: 1656176163676.jpg (19.63 KB, 250x250, Tumblr_l_582729968551664.jpg)

I hate knowing that during the 3 years we were apart, you spent the entire time wallowing, starving yourself and fucking random whores you met on tinder, while i was in and out of therapy, working, going to school and going outside. I hate that you told me it would be different because we already knew eachother. I hate that you put no effort and didnt appreciate all of the shit i have done for you back then and even now. I hate that im so down bad for you even though you're an absolute fucking loser and you go against all of my values.
I hate that you and the faggots you hang out with are stuck in highschool, constantly talking about shit that happened 5 years ago cuz you all reached your peak. I hate that i trusted you in terms of sex and you broke my trust.
I hate that during our entire relationship, you barely gave me affection. A simple fucking kiss on the head was too much for you.
I hope the next whore you meet on tinder gives you aids.

No. 1240621

Thanks for saying that. Sometimes I feel like I'm the crazy, unreasonable one.

No. 1240851

Get your own apartment in your price range and never speak to him again

No. 1241714

Pretending you’re at some sort of superior moral highground like you aren’t using a 36 year old actual perverse predator who has done far worse to take advantage of and manipulate a mentally ill woman like it’s some sort of game. You’re sick and deserve what is coming to you.

File: 1611776899806.jpeg (240.18 KB, 828x542, BD2F03DF-C3E2-4457-824B-3F5410…)

No. 724145[Reply]

Tråd för lolcows alla svenskar, danskar och norrmän.
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No. 1237309

Personligen undrar jag hur jag ska lyckas dansa små grodorna utan att svimma i den jävla värmeböljan. Hallå, på midsommar ska det vara regningt och blåsigt!

No. 1239766

No. 1239786

Alogging for a sec The first people on instagram to cry and post about how they’re “ok and safe dont worry :((“ are the bihets/themlets who post nonstop about how queer they are and the only reason they would ever have been attacked was wrong place wrong time and nothing to do with said “kweerness uwu” (none of these posters were even around the area at the time of shooting)

No. 1239790

Kan dom inte chilla, det är mitt i sommaren för i helvete.

No. 1240074

kek anon, all my bi/pan/theys friends are the ones posting "im safe uwu", none of my actual gay male friends are doing it

File: 1647981776520.jpeg (68.74 KB, 1200x1200, twitter-blockedjpg.jpeg)

No. 1107215[Reply]

Previous >>914835
1203 posts and 211 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1239832

Sorry for responding so late, power went off for 2 hours, I guess I should explain, I am not an Idiot, I do not give a full accurate detail about my life for obvious reasons(again atheism is publishable by death in my country) they have arrested and hanged people for being atheists on Twitter, so I am paranoid about my own security, so I edit details about my life so I can have plausible denibaliry
As for why people ask do I not after male porn addicted people, its cause I'm not spaces where I interact with openly degenerate porn addicted often, If I see someone being openly disguising porn addicted whp finds children being raped erotic, I call them out(its sorta my peoples ethnic character, we cannot let things go)

So I hope that clears everything up

No. 1239846

you are such an insufferable self-centered autist
i pray for the day you finally stop posting on this website

No. 1239872

No. 1239883

>I am not an Idiot,
A loaded statement if I ever read one. Have you heard of Dunnig-Kruger?

No. 1239934

The fucking audacity you have to come here to call women into fictional adult bishonen "degenerate" and "porn addicted" when you fucking simp for a real mentally ill viking wannabe. And you're Paki-anon, you literally live among male pedophiles and you come here to call husbandofags and fujos pedos. Jesus fucking christ your lack of self-awareness is amazing. The fujos you hate so much aren't even half as retarded as you. You're a vile, idiotic handmaiden. Try to spend less time on the internet because your terminal autism is very bad. And, lose weight.

File: 1656083819907.jpeg (391.9 KB, 1600x1067, 9FB88E45-520C-4956-9FFF-22F88B…)

No. 1237418[Reply]

Announced about an hour ago, thread discussion for it here.
1209 posts and 143 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1239221

How did the left let itself get so thoroughly subverted that they let this happen and still biological women are arguing about new words for people who can get pregnant? Holy shit.

No. 1239222

I love you radfem-fujo-ouchie-chan.

No. 1239223

>die an early and painful death.
That's another thing scrotes definitely envy about us lmao. Maybe that's part of why so many husbands of terminally ill wives abandon them and leave them to die (while women tend to care more about their terminally ill husbands). Just more proof that m*les lack empathy and that women are more human than them I guess

No. 1239224

spammers should be banned like the moids, shitting it up and derailing. you should be beheaded anon, mashallah

No. 1239317

These pigs have no soul, they just have "muh dick" in their vile, fucked ups perverted heads

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