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File: 1488125562664.jpg (82.66 KB, 749x600, $_57.JPG)

No. 182327[Reply]

What horrible things have you done that will get you a spot in hell, /ot/?

I'll start. There was a guy who was a really good match for me, not perfect of course, but we meshed well, and I turned him down because he was a different race than me.
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No. 183453


i honestly don't know why i made this post, just felt edgy i guess. to the people who worried, my cat is fine i just wanted attention.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 183455

these nonsensical public bans are getting out of hand

No. 183465

Hopefully it was just a "straw that broke the camels back" kind of ban on that particular user? I don't get it either, incendiary lies are just part of what you should expect on anonymous image boards

No. 183477

They really have been, I don't get why there's been so many for such petty shit recently.

Someone posted successful bait and that was enough for a public ban? Really?

No. 183499

The ban wasn't for the original post, it was for the "trolled u xD I just wanted attention" tacked on. It has already passed.

File: 1460498217379.jpeg (53.21 KB, 480x600, image.jpeg)

No. 86102[Reply]

Do any of you farmers smoke tobacco? What age/how did you start? How many cigarettes in a day? What brand?
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No. 182892

I used to smoke around 5-6 cigs a day when I was an edgy and cool teenager. Started around 16 and did it till around end of 17. Still smoked a bit when I met with friends of back then until I realized that this was all peer pressure and I didn't even enjoy smoking that much. Haven't really smoked since around 2 years, except for single occasions that happen every few months or so, when I smoke a single cig. (And remember why I dont smoke usually)

I have a bf now tho that smokes really much. Like a pack a day. I hate it so much but he has no intent of stopping. Well it's not the smoking itself but when I stay at his place all my clothes smell, or when he smokes in the bedroom I can barely breathe and I think it's so stupid that he spends like 200 bucks a month on smoking alone. Especially because he's unemployed and on benefits.. Welp.

No. 183469

this desu. i've smoked for a year and a bit now, only a couple a day, but i'm in an inpatient ward and going out for a cig with the other girls that smoke and some of the nurses has been a quick way to get to know them. especially because most of us are more relaxed and easier to talk to with a bit of nicotine.

i've thought about quitting but the stress of being in a ward and also the social benefits are strong reasons against it.

No. 183470

File: 1489136700719.jpg (65.29 KB, 364x366, original.jpg)

i smoked for about 13-14 years, very heavily for the last 5, but quit 8 or so years ago.
i think about it often and miss it so much. smoking after a good meal or coffee, after waking up, during a quiet break.

i wonder if i'll ever stop craving it and i wonder if i'll stay on the wagon. my parents quit and started many times in their lives.
i really do miss the cool burn of a menthol first thing in the morning tho.

No. 183471

>hard to breathe around him
>200 bucks a month on smoking
>unemployed and on benefits

why are you dating this winner?

shit, same here. my family does it and that habit of going to the balcony to smoke is comforting, particularly at night. i'd probably be doing it too if it wouldn't fuck my skin up

No. 183472

This sounds petty but I bitterly hated all the smokers at my art school for this reason specifically. They got to buddy up with the tutors by lending them smokes and form little catty groups outside whilst I was working indoors in empty silence during breaks. Years on and these cliques are still functioning as some old boys club, maybe I should have just taken up socially smoking but even being around it sets off my asthma.
Also smokers get extra time to think in conversations too, they can pause and take a drag whilst they think of the rest of the sentence and it seems socially acceptable in a way that you couldn't do with a drink or nothing in your hand. They can stand in the quiet smokers area in clubs, spark up conversations by pretending to borrow lighters and actually be able to hear each other. Not to mention it's aesthetic af, I'm always so jealous.

Health is really important to me though, and I'm genuinely pissed even if someone lights up in the same area as me. Apologizing doesn't make those stinky fumes any less toxic. Vaping has changed the game though, the units looks stupid and lack the sharing aspect, and it doesn't set me into coughing fits so I can stick around. It's probably giving everyone cancer but at least I don't know about it yet so I can bear to stand near my smoking friends.

File: 1451683039689.gif (1.94 MB, 485x650, image.gif)

No. 55495[Reply]

Post and discuss things that tumblrinas have ruined for you and everyone else.
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No. 183437

we dated for 11 years and things were fine actually, I was the only one that accepted them as who they were I remember his friends would always make fun of him because he would say he was trans but never did anything about it so they kept calling him "she" I was there when he needed me the most so I guess youre right spewing hateful words wont make my situation any better but I am so angry, I probably need some anger management.

No. 183439


>we dated for 11 years and things were fine actually

I guess you do have a point there if they wanted to leave they would have left long ago.

Listen anon, I think you need to forget about this person and move on already, drinking poison and expecting the other person to die isn't gonna help you in any way. You need to chill and think about what you want to do with your life, clearly we dont know what really went on here in regards of your relationship, but you're pretty much acting on anger atm, so let it go fam, they sound like a piece of shit for leaving you for something so petty but you do need to work on yourself as well, chill and wish them the best because that's what someone mature does, so grow up anon.

No. 183440

> cutesy feminist quotes

tumblerina detected! beep beep beep

No. 183449


i didn't meant that the quotes were cute. i just meant that they do this thing where they make pictures with quotes in a pastel pink and fill everything with cutesy things like hearts and 8bit shit. i don't know how to explain it, you'd have to see it, but its what all those ""scary"" feminist blogs post so.

No. 183452

>i didn't meant that the quotes were cute. i just meant that they do this thing where they make pictures with quotes in a pastel pink and fill everything with cutesy things like hearts and 8bit shit.

this much effort…

>what all those ""scary"" feminist blogs post so.

you mean the blogs you follow, lets face it you're from tumblr and don't deny it because if you werent from tumblr you wouldnt even know these "cutesy feminist quotes"

2/10 for effort

File: 1481562271165.png (2.12 MB, 1499x812, BIGBANG2.png)

No. 120924[Reply]

MADE is finally out!
What are your thoughts?
I think things are going to start going downhill for BigBang once TOP enlists. We're going to have to wait 6 or 7 years for them all to be done with the military, I think they're going to lose a large chunk of the fanbase.
YG is probably wiping his tears with all his BB money
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No. 183182

Any entertainment industry is gonna be scummy, kpop is good at keeping scandals on the down low though so you aren't going to find docos that go really deep into it, there's no tell all reveals or anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skJqO1cybVI is the best that I can think of. But keep in mind the fans are nuts and blame the companies for absolutely everything, even when it's not reasonable or logical. Eg they'll complain if an idol is getting a lot of work and call them overworked slaves, but they'll complain when they don't get much work because that means the company doesn't care about them and is mistreating them.

And yes, kpop is aimed at kids/teens but the fans tend to age with the groups so the older ones have adult fans (especially if they're Japanese fans).

No. 183184

I agree, I don't think there's really a group that panders to an older crowd but lots of fans that follow groups from debut, mature with the group itself so they end up having a lot of adult fans. Obv that doesn't go for ALL the fans but y'know.

Also, does anyone else like NCT? I don't really keep up with who's in what unit but I've had both firetruck and limitless on repeat for 4 days now lol I don't really stan but they have good title tracks(minus whatever chewing gum was) imo

No. 183314

I think senior groups like 2PM with older members have an older fan base and do more mature concepts. The more sexual a group concept is, the more likely it was aimed at an older audience.

Kpop groups can be targeted towards younger people but being a kpop fan in Korea almost requires you to spend a lot of money on tickets/merch/fanclubs/fansigns/birthday support, so in general I think most kpop fans are 17+, old enough to have spare income.

No. 183371

i actually only like the nct dream unit. i have no idea who any of them are besides mark, but their songs are more of the bubblegum pop sound i expect/like from kpop

No. 183372

there's some pretty cool ones on viceland, i think you have to have a cable provider to watch online. also you should google "9muses BBC documentary". it's about a girl group and it kind of shows the pressure idols are put under

File: 1487180145109.jpg (335.06 KB, 2672x1059, dnd_party___xv__maybe__by_hang…)

No. 181295[Reply]

Anyone else play tabletop RPGs? How about RPing in video games or on forums? Hell, any LARPers? Let's be nerds in this thread.
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No. 181439

We've got 3 of us in the Discord so far for dnd, in case there's any more of you guys interested in joining us.

No. 181466

>goes to download Alternate Start
>it requires all 3 of the dlc and I only have 2


No. 181650

Posted without further comment.


No. 181700

You know. I've been hearing horror stories about this for years and I want to play it.

As for me and TTG, I love it but had a rocky start. I always made characters and had no one to play with but then I got a bf who was into it and his best friend wanted to play. Fucking awesome.

But I had to be DM.

I never actually played before and only knew the rules through reading and not action. But I went all out and made up a somewhat simple storyline about these witch sisters that were plaguing several towns. I drew all the NPCs, cut them out and put then on popsicle sticks like puppets and had different voice for them. Drew the maps, wrote out the lore, and picked out the music to play for each dungeon. I was excited but nervous. But then we played.

Speghetti spilled everywhere.

>stuttered on my voices for the NPCs.

>Dungeon puzzle was too hard for me to keep track of even thought I came up wit it. It was filled with mirrors that transported you to different rooms, some of which had riddles that if you failed, you had to fight a kobold.
>Kept getting the rolls all wrong
>The boys said I was terrible at this and should never GM again
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 183264

I haven't roleplayed seriously since I was about 12. Every time I try to take it seriously, it always turns into bloodninja-tier shit. 4chan quest threads have ruined me

File: 1479587810754.jpg (80.57 KB, 612x792, bulbasuar-holding-a-gun.jpg)

No. 118191[Reply]

I'm not sure if this is banable or something but I'm a bad draw fag trying to improve my skill

I'll take all non sexually/ trashy requests
pic related is what I can do…
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No. 181195

Aw more Valentine's board-tan! Have her reacting to some gross Valentine from Onion or something.

No. 183243

draw anything please

No. 183251

File: 1488947088021.jpg (49.65 KB, 640x360, watamote_02_03_6.jpg)

lol. i remember being on that shit. good times.

if you're still around i'd love to get a draw of my waifu (pic related). like a portrait of her from the shoulders up. looking shyly to the side with her arm behind her head.

No. 183252

If still taking requests…
Segata Sanshiro on a wild steed of some sort throwing Sega Saturns at pedestrians and animals.

No. 183253

File: 1488947726533.png (456.88 KB, 572x1041, Segata_Sanshiro_PXZ2.png)

Segata-San for reference.

File: 1488141815790.jpg (64.07 KB, 800x450, P174aDR.jpg)

No. 182384[Reply]

Do you use social media in non-personal ways?

Have you tried making money or gaining items via sponsorships?
Or do you create accounts in order to infiltrate friend groups or cows?

Share your thoughts and techniques ITT
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No. 183106

Sorry I don't have the balls to selfpost here, but I am working on the flat lay trend now actually

Why not just purge your content? You can change the name too, and keep your current followers

No. 183138

different anon but it's easier to get a new one running than revive a dead account, because algorithms

No. 183215

I'm new to IG, how do I pull in more followers? I post my animu drawings up but somehow I can't seem to get followers there. I want to get free art supplies like I've seen most popular artists on IG receive from art suppliers. I'm a poorfag and getting free art goodies sounds hella neat.

No. 183216

first things first you need followers.
Hashtags are the best way to get people looking, now that insta has a "see more" option on captions you can actually spam hashtags without shoving them in peoples faces by putting ". and Enter" far enough for the see more option to come up, then add hashtags.

No. 183221

Yea, what's up with insta not allowing spacings? Thanks for the tip! Gonna try spamming hashtags in my next post!

File: 1432242365428.png (232.62 KB, 689x873, 1424790641799.png)

No. 44994[Reply]

Are these guys lolcows?

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No. 45043

That bunny sure hates Hapas

No. 45044

No. 183220

Bumping this trainwreck of a thread because wannabe hapa rights activist EurasianWriter just went full "fite me irl"

Skip to 9:32 for the milk

No. 183226

Kinda weird that so many people here hate them, I thought you weebs would be into that sort of thing

No. 184283

It's not the racial mix, but that subreddit. They're self-pitying, pathetic omegas.

File: 1488174495449.png (8.04 KB, 220x220, IMG_2590.PNG)

No. 182512[Reply]

What's your take on horoscopes or things of that nature such as numerology? Also, what is your sunsign?
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No. 182877

I don't really care if they're real or not, I just find them pretty fun to look at sometimes and try to compare it to yourself and people you know. Any more Taurus here?

>new age parents so it probably rubbed off on me.

Same here. Even if I don't believe in something or am skeptical, new agey or /x/ type stuff doesn't really bother me.

No. 182953

i know atrology and horoscopes are highly unlikely to be legit like 99% of the time but overall i think it gets taken way too seriously now that it's such a trendy thing to read up on and talk about. especially with how biased ppl are regarding certain sun signs, being a gemini is so fucking ANNOYING because it's the most demonized usually. even though my moon and almost everything else in my chart are pisces which fits my personality a LOT better

basically it can be fun to relate personal experiences to and to connect parts of your own traits to certain signs but ppl get weird about it and ruin it for me

No. 183110

My mom is big time into horoscopes along with stuff like tarot cards and all the like. Pretty weird since she is a science teacher.

One time she gave me a relationship horoscope for me and my (ex)boyfriend. He was pretty weird out.

Anyway, I'm a leo and I have always liked cats so that was a plus for me, my mom also bought me a gold necklace with my star(sun)sign on it.

I really don't believe in it but I do think it's fun.

No. 183117

There isn't anything real to horoscopes or astrology, but I still enjoy the aesthetic. I also feel oddly connected to my star sign for some reason (aquarius). It's almost weird, but pattern recognition is wired in to us. Astrology is a way to indulge in bias, consciously or not. It's a fun thing for me. Except for horoscopes. They're lame.

You don't have to be rich to be my girl / You don't have to be cool to rule my world / Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with / I just want your extra time and your [dunununununu] kiss

No. 183122

I don't think it has much to do with stars, but I do notice that people born during certain times of the year do behave in certain ways. I think it's more to do with environmental and cultural things though. It also explains why some cultures have different measures to explain these personalities ie. western horoscopes v. Chinese zodiacs.

File: 1476723368801.jpg (25.49 KB, 600x400, the-most-expensive-shoes-in-th…)

No. 143946[Reply]

What is the most expensive thing you own? Hard mode: no electronics.

Is it worth the money?
97 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 182924

My dogs, both are pure bred (different breed) and they cost 900€ and 1100€. Absolutely worth it, i love them more than anything else.

No. 182925

My lulu lemon leggings, laptop, doc martens, some family heirlooms, skis and snowboard, fitbit, a few designer dresses, my skin products and makeup (I splurge when it's worth it), my hairless cat and my $60 face sunscreen (I have sensitive skin and it's also anti-aging with antioxidants and it's a beauty balm, I'm obsessed with skin care and prevention of photo aging and sun damage)

No. 182931

I'm guessing my glasses (200euros for the lenses only, with the same frames my mom paid for ten years ago when I was 16) or my contraceptive implant (144euros without counting the two medical visits to put it in).

No. 182959

File: 1488565890480.jpg (13.2 KB, 480x480, Miracle-Rose-Cleansing-Stick-0…)

The most expensive thing I own is probably a pair of Saucony sneakers that my boyfriend bought for me, about $50. The most expensive thing I own I've paid for myself is pic related, which ranges $23-30. It felt gross to spend so much on one fucking face wash but it makes my skin sooooooooo soft ;-;

No. 182992

Could you tell me the name of that sunscreen?

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