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File: 1631082783178.png (630.83 KB, 700x525, condiments.png)

No. 903786[Reply]

A thread to talk about condiments you either love or hate.
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No. 913560

Pizza bones? Like, the crust?? Pizza bones. I love it.

No. 913934

File: 1631814934356.gif (666.06 KB, 250x194, 246353320.gif)

Is there a right way of seasoning food? I don't know how to do it for shit. It always end up too salty or tasteless

No. 914067

No, but there's 2 schools of thought.
The first, and by far the most prevalent one, is go easy on the salt because you can always add more later if it ends up being too little.
The second, popular with my grandma, is go wild with the salt, because you can always drink a ton of water later if it ends up being too much.

No. 914538

Ranch dressing is absolutely disgusting. It tastes like what I imagine the puke of an 80 year old old mans vomit tastes like.

No. 915505

So many Sydney anons lately!
I totally agree on the garlic sauce from El Jannah, it’s really addictive. I also like Shilu’s chilli paste (from Harris Farm), the Carolina Reaper hot sauce from Terra (restaurant in Canberra), dukkah topped mustard (the one from Aldi is moreish), and pretty much any good whole grain mustard.

File: 1631347034537.png (415.53 KB, 540x969, kurisu.png)

No. 906828[Reply]

I was about to purchase a book off Chegg for school that was only $16 so I don't get free shipping when I thought that seeing as this is my last semester I may just buy a cheap textbook I don't need just because it's a good book.
So, this is a textbook/books you have read through a class recommendation thread. No specific subject, just tell me about anything that interested you no matter how nerdy, nonnie.
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No. 907299

Learn the instrument first, anon. Once you figure out where the notes are and how to get to them, your ear will catch up with your brain. Most music theory only makes sense when you can hear and play the… Ideas, as it were. Start learning how to make individual notes, learn a few pretty phrases/songs, then start looking at theory if it interests you. Most hobbyist musicians know little or no theory, it's not a prerequisite for making music.

No. 907441

File: 1631390262145.jpeg (83.31 KB, 600x857, 81yARYD6CeL.jpeg)

I really liked using this book (alongside my assigned text book) while I took freshman year math. It explained the concepts more clearly to me. I think they have some other subjects in this series as well.

No. 908080

Arguably I'm fairly stats focused because I'm a psychology student. I will admit that when it comes to textbook hording I'm very into psychology, anthro, and criminology. I think because I like that those subjects have a nice marriage of science and civics.
I guess it depends on the kind of text to me. Some of my experiences in college felt like me sharing book recommendations with professors.
Academically suggested non-textbooks are definitely welcome.

No. 908167

I am just noticing this reply. That is fine, too.

No. 913718

Psst nonnas, b-ok/z-library/de1lib.org currently has a donation event where you get unlimited downloading and some other premium member perks for a donation of $5 or higher.

File: 1625569178803.jpg (79.74 KB, 612x612, d9c6bd18e9ba7e3069edc0d211d697…)

No. 847115[Reply]

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>>/ot/729850
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No. 914160

File: 1631825308060.png (304.13 KB, 838x772, 983725598.PNG)

Is it just me or does this really sound like Luna selfposting?

No. 914596

File: 1631878761178.jpg (1.85 MB, 2200x2301, pt2021_09_13_16_13_41_mh163154…)

There's nothing wrong with expressing empathy for a cow and that thread is the right place to do so.
No, what's bother me is that (these?) weird anon actively trying to have any discussions about her banned for months (picrel)
They're even goes to the thread to derail/nitpick/a-log and then to/meta and whine : ~Wah!Wah! See? That thread is evil! Shut it down immediately!~
From their own admission, they're here everyday to read the only thread that enraged them. That's super deranged and creepy but hey, I don't give a damn about how they waste their time.
But it's become a problem when they try to censor shit (like the trannies depicted in the MTF thread trying to shut down any discussion with derailing and spam)

I took Lillee Jean as an example cause I feel the same way about her than you with Venus.
At first I was very interested in her, the weird beauty guru persona and the fake followers seems milky af.
But as details about her sad life started to unfold, I felt for her and stop reading.
(Crazy Momager, don't have any friend, homeschooled, heavily neglected, stay in a bleak attic most of the time, regularly evicted and on the verge of homelessness every 2 months…etc)
But if anons want to nitpick her makeup skills/teeth/overall apparence for the umpteeth time, I'm not gonna try to stop them or ruin their fun.

And yeah, of course there will be unhinged skinwalkers seething in their respective threads but it's not specific to Venus.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 914729

File: 1631891575294.png (243.22 KB, 442x414, Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 9.58…)


holy fuck thats bleak.

i stopped checking her threads cause i didnt find them fun. and damn this video is not fucking fun. so sad that her family is fucked and she doesnt have a support system so its just going to get worse. its so sad. so many of the cows in this website larp mental illness and muh trauma abuse. venus is part of the select cows that are actually are fucked in the head and not just some borderline 19 year old ethot. anons acting like shes faking shit but will believe a different cow is bipolar cause they tweeted something wacky.

No. 914733

A lil ot but one of the worst things about this website and ones similar, is that if you even slightly sympathise or talk positively about a cow, more often than not you are quickly assumed to be a WK, the cow themselves, or sometimes even a scrote!!!! Like I have avoided writing anything positive regarding Taylor R’s current situation and have even not looked at the recent thread replies because of the latter.

No. 915174

i actually like momo's black band tattoos it just looks stupid as fuck having one of them overlapping the musty ass "rose" i hope she gets it removed and replaced with something worthwhile

File: 1597674685964.jpg (22.29 KB, 512x512, Love-Dairy-Free.jpg)

No. 606611[Reply]

Use this thread to share internet personalities that are relatively drama free whom you actually hope/wish the best for.

>no cows that have been posted in /pt/, /snow/ or /w/, if you like them so much you can go simp for them in their respective threads
>no shitting on other people's opinions, this is a positivity thread.
>however, if you post someone that is a known shithead, you will be dragged accordingly
>no personal cows
>no self-posting
>no shilling (do not post their store links – youtube channels and social media accounts OK)
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No. 875884

I love him so much his content just makes my day every time

No. 877170

I love her reviews

No. 877307

Nisipisa, she's really funny and chill

No. 877409

Yes, Anon! I love Nisipisa, she always makes me laugh. I watch her window shopping videos on bad days and they never fail to cheer me up. Especially when she does a lil voice and cracks herself up. Such a cutie.

No. 913611

Idk if she's been posted here but I love Angela Clayton. She's so sweet and I wish I was as talented as her.

File: 1615238019171.jpeg (152.34 KB, 970x546, CB64EA83-EDB5-4888-A47E-2F54FA…)

No. 757177[Reply]

General containment thread for royal drama and gossip from abroad.

While the British royal family drama is most milky, you all are free to discuss other royal families from around the world as long as you have milk.


Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the board before posting if you are new to lolcow - https://lolcow.farm/rules


*Sage before posting if you do not have milk.

*ABSOLUTELY NO RACEBAIT. This is not Stormfront, Lipstick Alley, or 4chan, please take that shit somewhere else.

*NO POLITICAL BAITING/FAGGING. No one cares if you are an Amerifag/Britfag/Eurofag, where you live, or how much you hate Americans and the United States and vice versa.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 913327

I thought these type of magazines were left wing and didn't support the monarchy?

No. 913392

why do they look like bobbleheads

No. 913504

File: 1631763453978.jpeg (199.71 KB, 826x1091, D5FEBF17-AADC-47ED-AAC1-2DF8FA…)

No. 913521

This is one of the most awkward photoshop disasters I’ve ever seen on a magazine, wtf were they thinking? The faces, hair, upper bodies, lower bodies, it all looks put together from like 5 different composite pictures. This looks like some awkward romance novel cover rather than a real photo.

No. 913553

Spot on kek

File: 1603823424948.png (245.13 KB, 317x369, Screenshot_25.png)

No. 660956[Reply]

or favorite song. What does it mean to you? Why is it memorable? What made it stick with you?
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No. 913465

Step right up please
And behold the knobby knees
Of the king of the kneebones

Better stand back twenty feet
Or these knobby knees will eat you up

One is bald and one is hairy.
Hide your children, it's too scary!

No. 913469

All of the wonders of the sea
Will be served up hot to me!
Baked or broiled or lightly breaded
Just the thought makes me light headed!
Could there be a smarter sauce
Than a bowl of tartar sauce??
Fish Pockets here I come!

No. 913487

Nonny, good taste!! I always loved this album. The beginning of wretches and kings is superb as well:
There's a time, when the operation of the machine becomes so odious
Makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part
You can't even passively take part
And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels
Upon the levers, upon all the apparatus
And you've got to make it stop

No. 913490

Loving all the Linkin Park appreciation here lately, making my soul happy

No. 913491

I can be the only girl for you
Wanna hold you closer
Can I take you home?
I wanna be the one to hold you closer
Than no one has ever done before

Some call it pain
Some call it torture
Lately I enjoy it
Baby, please come home
I swear I'll love you dearly
No one can hold you closer
Please come home

Honestly, sometimes I get scared
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1615668775416.jpg (20.87 KB, 425x425, kartoffel.jpg)

No. 760762[Reply]

Hab im MtF thread gesehen, dass es einige deutsche Farmerinnen gibt, also lasst uns hier miteinander reden.
438 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 906115

kek, das war wohl nix. gibt mir aber hoffnung, dass die normies da draußen doch noch hirn haben und checken, dass unterschiede zwischen den geschlechtern schon wichtig sind bei der sexuellen anziehung. ich finde es aber affig, wie dann alle gleich nachschieben müssen, dass man natürlich den trans leuten ihr gender nicht abspricht, obwohl man bei TIFs die weiblichen bzw bei TIMs die männlichen merkmale nicht attraktiv findet!!1 super cringe, eben weil ein TIM keine wirkliche frau ist, finde ich ihn hardcore abtörnend. und dazu kommt dann noch die ganze palette an psychischen erkrankungen plus krankhafter individualismus (bei den they/thems), die nochmal extra minuspunkte geben.

wie schaut's eigentlich bei euch aus, nonnen, was glaubt ihr wie lange dieser gender unsinn uns noch beschäftigen wird, bis die leute massenweise ihr peak trans erlebnis haben? auf ovarit oder radblr sind sie immer optimistisch und sagen, in ein paar jahren geht das wieder vorbei, aber ich habe echt angst, dass das jetzt einfach immer so ist. allein, weil die ja die ganze sprache dominieren mit ihrem emotionalen terrorismus aka "ich bring mich dann aber um, wenn du mich misgenderst!11" müssen wir echt warten, bis die ganzen fakebois und they/thems mal aus der pubertät raus sind und kapieren, dass sie doch frauen sind?

No. 906153

das problem sind nicht die fakebois und they/thems, sondern die einflussreichen, narzisstischen männer mit kaufkraft und autogynophilie. die dominieren nämlich die gesamte bewegung und vor allem gestalten sie den diskurs um "ihr" thema. das sieht man auch aktuell sehr gut mit den "transidenten" kandidaten der grünen und linken, das sind durch die bank weg alles autogynophile männer mittleren alters, die natürlich so akzeptiert werden müssen wie sie sich selbst sehen, weil alles andere wäre ja hate crime.
ich glaube, dass aufgrund der offensichtlichen psychischen probleme/fetische und utopischen forderungen a la "wer keine girldicks lutscht ist transphob" der TIMs (aber auch TIFs) nie eine innergesellschaftliche akzeptanz vergleichbar mit der von schwulen und lesben erreicht werden wird. aber einfach so los werden wir das ganze erst, wenn die, die primär geld in die lobby stecken, also die bevorgenannten männer, selbst ein bisschen "peaken" und ein massenbewusstsein dafür entsteht, dass die operationen und hormone verstümmelung sind und sie sich im endeffekt trotzdem selbst hassen/umbringen/an anderen vergehen. da hab ich aber ehrlich gesagt wenig hoffnung, weil es eben einfach zu viel geld einbringt. schönheitsoperationen für frauen verschwinden ja auch nicht einfach, obwohl bei sehr vielen das bewusstsein vorhanden ist, dass sie eigentlich unnötig sind (liberalfeminismus hat hierzu aber auch wirklich nichts konstruktives beigetragen - ähnlich wie beim thema trans - vertritt er die individualinteressen der psychisch fehlgeleiteten und befähigt so den kapitalismus, trotz moralischer streitbarkeit kapital aus den psychischen fehlleitungen zu schlagen) halbe dissertation sorry

No. 906188

>(liberalfeminismus hat hierzu aber auch wirklich nichts konstruktives beigetragen - ähnlich wie beim thema trans - vertritt er die individualinteressen der psychisch fehlgeleiteten und befähigt so den kapitalismus, trotz moralischer streitbarkeit kapital aus den psychischen fehlleitungen zu schlagen)
sehr schön gesagt, stimme ich vollkommen zu. dass die ganzen TIMs diese scheiße befeuern habe ich in dem moment ganz vergessen, aber du hast vollkommen recht. ich kann mir denken, dass das am ende wieder so eine spaltung ist und dass TIMs als hashtag valid empfunden werden, aber TIFs und they/thems sind halt frauen und bisschen verwirrt und neigen zu irrationalen entscheidungen. die probleme, die zugrunde liegen (schönheitsideale, sexualisierung, sexuelle gewalt) werden vollkommen ignoriert. während TIMs eben ach so rationale männer sind und definitiv keine AGPs/HSTS. es ist echt zum heulen…

No. 906191

>vertritt er die individualinteressen der psychisch fehlgeleiteten und befähigt so den kapitalismus, trotz moralischer streitbarkeit kapital aus den psychischen fehlleitungen zu schlagen
Das finde ich halt echt so krass, wie durch privilegierte AGP’s u.a. Frauenrechte unterhoben und rücksichtslos psychisch kranke menschen ausgenutzt werden, die dazu gegaslightet werden für den rest ihres Lebens aufwändig medizinisch gewartet werden zu müssen. Keiner konnte mir bis jetzt überzeugend erklären dass es nicht psychisch krank ist, solche krassen Probleme mit dem eigenen Körper zu haben. Finde es deswegen extrem gefährlich, mit solchen schwurbeligen takes diesen Narrativ zu bestärken wie es z.B. die Idioten in den kommentaren von dem youtubechannel tun. Ihr seid ein offizieller channel leute, bisschen professioneller bitte. Gut dass es viele normalos in den kommentaren ähnlich sehen, imo merkt man dass sich die meisten einfach nie eingehend damit beschäftigt haben und einfach nur irgendwie nett sein wollen usw. Kann mir schon vorstellen dass es über dieses Thema irgendwann so nen Lobotomie-Konsens gibt, aber wer weiss… der Trend neigt ja gerade eher zu esoterischen interpretationen der Forschungsergebnisse im populistischen Rahmen. Was ist eigentlich das männliche equivalent zu FLINTA?

No. 913386

Ich lese eure sehr durchdachten und basierten Texte und denke mir nur: Lmao bin ich vielleicht dumm, das hätte ich nie so ausdrücken können. Das hat man davon, wenn man Kommunikationsdesign studiert und den ganzen Tag nur Pixel rumschiebt

>>906191 Der Begriff FLINTA, am besten noch mit Sternchen, macht mich echt wahnsinnig. Da ist eines der Top 3-Argumente gegen sogenannte Transfeindlichkeit, dass das ja auf gar keinen Fall irgendwas mit einer sexuellen Präferenz zu tun hat und deswegen kann das ja gar nicht sein mit den Männern, die ihren Fantasiefrauenfetisch ausüben wollen!!! – Joa, und dann werden Trans mit Lesben, Asexuellen und Frauen in einen Topf geworfen, ciao. Ja ich checks, ihr wollt irgendwie ausdrücken, dass hetero Männer scheisse sind. Aber muss man dafür unbedingt einen absurden Begriff finden, anstatt zu sagen "Fickt euch an alle mit Schwanz, ich bin froh keinen zu haben"? Wobei, da war doch was…

File: 1598524835965.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x639, images.jpeg.jpg)

No. 616586[Reply]

Things annoy you? Let it out, anons!

Previous annoyances:
1124 posts and 113 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 913110

You're a pick me if you're masc? Being masc appeals to men… They're just making shit up.

No. 913285

Pretty sure this is a reference to women who try to be "one of the boys" by larping as a sports fan ebic gamer who likes pizza and beer because she thinks it gives her higher status than the girlfriends of the guys she hangs out with

No. 913366

Retarded OT but I'm gonna take an educated guess based on op in the screenshot having a logo icon made specifically for their blog and shitty "cis" pun url that this is from edgelord anti-sjw tumblr. And they're probably a woman who identifies herself as an "egalitarian" and hates feminists. Am I right anon?

No. 913373

No idea, a pickme I still follow for some reason reblogged it and she perfectly fits your description kek, I guess the original poster is the same or the elusive straight male Tumblr user.

No. 913384

God, brings back cringy memories of when I myself was a teenage pickme on tumblr nearly a decade ago.

File: 1629564306386.png (566.5 KB, 640x491, imagen_2021-08-21_112946.png)

No. 888183[Reply]

Check this thread on meta for context

As you might have seen, lolcow is in dire need of help. We either donate and keep this site alive or everything we have built on this website so far will disappear. We are also need a new admin who can code, preferably someone who understands lolcow culture.

I know many of us will miss this website and will have nowhere else to go. So let's all talk about how much we like lolcow and remember the good times together. Alternatively, complain about it and say how much your life will improve without it.

>Don't infight or blame others in this thread please. Actual complaints go on /meta/. Bitching about the website or others goes on /meta/.
597 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 912966

Please share the posts. That's crazy.

No. 912967

hush anon or she will come back to own "rad fems" again

No. 913139

It's just her damage controlling with "someone us impersonating me!! " ever since anons pointed out her posts are recognizable, which they are due to the tism or whatever her issue is. The post of her getting "made fun of for being a sex trafficking victim" was pointing out that she should take a break from lolcow because her typing style is so traceable that it reveals personal information, like her being an ex-camgirl and now twitch streamer who has been shitting up the board about (anti-)sexwork takes and sperging about radfems for a whole year. And no, I'm not part of the discord either.

No. 913142

>those rad fems are copying meeee!
>complains about rad fems copying her in every post
>no that wasn't me, it was rad fems larping as me!
>im too mentally ill to get off lolcow and get a real job, my life is unfair! it's those first world rad fems!

gee i wonder what the truth is

No. 913146

Well at least she learned to write radfem as ome word now. And the post is 3 days old so lets hope she got some help or became somewhat lucid.

File: 1609169901619.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x965, EqLaiYaXcAIVOCA.jpeg)

No. 704153[Reply]

ITT we post about what we learned today. Whether it's an interesting scientific fact, an important life lesson, or whatever.
112 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 912729

File: 1631711845804.jpeg (23.61 KB, 256x275, 138E7A36-3249-4D8C-B328-931251…)

You can actually delete the weird CP threads on your own, you don’t have to be the person who created the thread, just don’t let it sit there and click delete!

No. 912732

Wait what

No. 912734

I just did it! I miss clicked the delete button while reporting it, and deleted a weird CP thread!

No. 912790

That's not true, you need the password that your browser saves when you make a post. You must have been mistaken or maybe it was a weird coincidence with a farmhand deleting the post just as you thought you did.

No. 912800

File: 1631715784877.jpeg (18.36 KB, 235x210, D4D88173-E9C7-4827-BA7B-DD6A0C…)

That sucks, I thought I cracked the code.

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