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File: 1473120194699.jpg (40.57 KB, 288x373, RosieTheRiveter.jpg)

No. 123069[Reply]

Let's talk about Feminism! I'm sure it's a part of most of our lives, in some way, as women.

>Radfem or Libfem

>Opinion on porn/kinks
>Opinion on sex workers
>Opinion on trans
>Opinion on men
>Extra opinion
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No. 213832


it's not rly about it being demeaning per se, but guys often want women to suck their dicks - while putting in minimal effort of hygiene, some of them - and they aren't so enthusiastic about going down on their gfs because muh taste buds and muh nose. They have unrealistic standards about how the female genitalia should be; no hair, smooth, no lumps bumps or unsightly razor marks, it should be fresh and clean with no odor or flavour, and also look nice to them, like optically.

Yeah all that comes across as extreme and OTT but most women who have been with more than one guy can attest to at least one of those things, if not all at once, in someone she's been with.

Also a lot of guys get women to suck dick and don't reciprocate, or call it a day once the job's done. Which is extremely poor communication because if it's not a discussed subject then the woman is often left there to deal with herself and the guy is happy.

No. 213836

If the guy is unhygienic or refuses to reciprocate I won't fault anyone for not engaging in oral. But on the flip side I would ask why are you sleeping with him despite that? One of the most critical elements to a happy sex life is caring about your partners pleasure. Only through that perspective can you communicate what you want even if things aren't great at first.

No. 213837


in a vacuum you are correct, why stay with someone who disrespects your needs and rights in a partnership? But when you're emotionally invested, or you don't have a lot of experience, or you're maybe not a person who bonds easily with others/has trouble creating intimate relationships, you're willing to forgo a lot more. You say "okay it was this time, he'll do better" or maybe they even promise like sorry babe I'll make sure to make it alllll about you next time! and sometimes "next time" happens, sometimes it doesn't. And every time is distracted by life, daily routine, work, obligations, like the only thing on your mind isn't about how you blew his dick and he didn't give anything back. So things pile up in the back of your mind but the longer you stay, the more you tolerate.

No. 213859

I can see how that might happen to someone with low self esteem but it's really important to listen to your own body's and emotional responses. My first relationship was like because I allowed myself to be emotionally gilted and haven't learnt about sunk cost syndrome, so I understand. But it's been 8 years since then and I've never let that happen again, you just have to learn to put yourself first and know when you want to say no. No "not feeling it but ok", just say no. If things change in a way you don't like, you leave, either you learn to be happy alone or you find someone worthwhile.

This is why it's important to talk about consent even just in relation to hugs and kisses as early on as possible.

No. 213876

I mean I don't really disagree with what you're saying but this all stemmed from someone saying they refused to be a "literal cock sucker" so I'm figuring they think the act itself is demeaning and not just the lack of respect you're describing.

File: 1433044124000.jpg (2.25 MB, 2250x1500, yum.jpg)

No. 135451[Reply]

I know there's an exercise/fitness thread but I thought maybe we could make one specifically for diets since the Tess thread is sort of derailing into diet talk.
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No. 213379

Congrats anon !
It makes me want to share my progress too, I went from 154 to 137 ! Goal is between 115 and 120 depending on the muscle i can pick up.

I'm a fruit and vegetables lovers, I love stuff like beans, cucumbers and so on. Anyone got good snack recommendations besides eating stuff like plain carrots or apples ?
Are there sauces or spices that makes it even tastier without bringing a ton of calories ?

I just love using herbe de provence blend on my veggies but it doesn't fit everything.

No. 213528

Sprinkle seasoning on them and roast them! Cinnamon is a good one for apples; oil, salt, and pepper for carrots. Nice for colder weather too.

No. 213543

I just planned a trip to Europe (from the US) and 've only posted about it once on Snapchat and Instagram, and I just found out my friends were shittalking me for bragging. I've never gone out of country, only been on one 'vacation' in my life (it was to California for three days). They go out of country every year at least once. Why can't I just talk about what I'm excited for?

No. 213612

You’ve posted this on the diet thread, not the vent thread, btw.

No. 213709


Where has this been all my life? Thanks anon

File: 1511964740164.png (404.8 KB, 1030x612, RAPE LMAO.png)

No. 213271[Reply]

Advice for punching women?


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No. 213450

>complains about women "getting out of line"
>somehow doesn't know how to punch someone likely smaller and weaker than him
wow…,,so this is the power of the alpha male…

Back on topic, in addition to the advice posted here I suggest looking up rape defense videos. There are some pretty good ones on Youtube about how you can get an attacker off of you.

No. 213484

OP is a fgt who never had a daddy to teach his sissy ass how to hold a fist. Poor thing.

No. 213513

>Be confident. Never be afraid to tell a man to fuck off, even if you feel cruel or out of line.
This. Attackers get off on making their victims feel uncomfortable, and they expect it. If you suspect someone is following you, raise your voice, make a scene, don't be afraid to be assertive. They're like a deer caught in the headlights once they've been put on the spot.

No. 213529

only thing ull b doin when im done with u is sucking this pussy. get on ur knees op

No. 213531

Pepper spray is better / safer imo especially if you aren’t trained on how to use hand to hand weapons. If your attacker does he could take the knife and use it on you. With pepper spray you get to stay at least a few feet from the attacker while defending yourself.

File: 1511928024045.jpg (23.22 KB, 150x387, image.jpg)

No. 213189[Reply]

This unspooked fuck comes up and slaps your boyfriend's ass, claims him as his own property, and then starts touting his superior philosophy of rational egoism to you.
What do you do?
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No. 213253

File: 1511952202468.png (135.56 KB, 363x296, 1506220386601.png)


No. 213264

Point out that by his philosophy I can work him over with a tire iron for touching my bf since morality and human rights are 2spoopy4him, and then proceed to do so.

No. 213265

File: 1511961963598.jpg (45.52 KB, 600x706, thespookmaster.jpg)

heh… think u can take on me??
teleports behind u
nothin personnel…. spook

No. 213267

So Stirner really was the edgelord of the 19th century?

No. 213463

last i heard there was a new, modern translation of the ego and it's own coming up

>gay sex

my property

File: 1494564014069.jpg (99.35 KB, 422x576, IMG_5843.JPG)

No. 190153[Reply]

The old fitness thread on here died so I figured I'd make a new one. Postibg about diet and weight loss is fine too as long as it's fitness/exercise related.
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No. 212768

If you have lots of money to spend, you should talk to a private trainer who can recommend what kind of equipment to buy for working out at home. Do you have any friends who are fitness experts and can help you?

Otherwise I think you're better off going to a gym and you can use as much equipment there to build up the lower half of your body. You can also take conditioning classes at the gym. A personal trainer at the gym can work with you too. I go to my gym almost everyday and I'm feeling better and getting stronger and thinner. I used to work out at home but I'd feel too lazy or tired but since I signed up for gym ($80 a month) I've pushed myself to go there everyday after work because I don't want all that money to go to waste.

No. 212949

File: 1511797711633.png (7.54 KB, 350x420, 1511780177137.png)

>gym piano is out of tune

No. 213027

I feel like my tits are more saggy than before cutting/bulking, I don't know if they're related or not, but I decided to switch to recomp just in case.

No. 213043

Why do you think literally every fit girl has fake tits

No. 215839

File: 1513009520646.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7[1].jpg)

>gym piano is dead

File: 1479484970885.jpg (43.97 KB, 480x480, 14915223_1771392056446444_3373…)

No. 118092[Reply]

Post your best starter pack memes here!
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No. 212777

File: 1511650056086.jpeg (63.53 KB, 480x449, 27CD2926-84DF-4A8D-B615-2A421F…)

let’s revive this thread

on the subject of everyone fitting into some starter pack or another, could someone please do a farmer starter pack? or maybe like a series of starter packs summarizing different types of lolcow users?

No. 212805

File: 1511673079970.gif (3.51 MB, 600x450, pearposting.gif)

here's one specifically for Anisa threads

No. 212813

This is perfect

No. 212817

10/10 hearty kek

No. 212864

Perfection, absolute perfection.

File: 1511586751586.jpg (19.71 KB, 464x155, Fctclogo.jpg)

No. 212708[Reply]

Anyone remember the old days of YouTube trolling crews? These were the years when you could produce direct video responses to a specific user, creating dialogues from all these back-and-forth videos. A result of these was the rise of YouTube trolls. With the mass normalization of the internet and the subsequent rise in YouTube's popularity during 2007, people uninitiated with the seedier side didn't really know how to deal with trolls. Trolling was still a foreign concept to most of the internet, so it wasn't hard riling up users thinking YouTube was their safe space.

From 2007 to perhaps 2011, Fried Chicken Trolling Crew (FCTC) and Patriotic Nigras rose to infamy, but there were other lesser known trolling crews and even some distinct personalities who gained notoriety for tackling controversial topics while claiming to be independent from any particular group. Most of them have long since become inactive and YouTube's sanitization has effectively salted the earth, but their exploits are still fondly remembered by those who there to witness.

No. 212716

This isn't a crew per se, but Magicalpockyusagi will always be my favorite troll
I always wonder what she's doing these days

File: 1502661605731.png (534 KB, 663x405, Screenshot_2017-08-13-17-53-33…)

No. 201847[Reply]

Anyone remember Marykate and Ashley Olsen? They use to be popular child actors that transitioned into very successful teen actors. They were doing fine in their 20s as well. I haven't heard from them in a very long time, now at 31 they look like weird crack whores, wtf happened?
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No. 212526

what in the actual goddamn fuck i want to die after reading this

No. 212527

I bet that Saget is going to be the next sexual harassment Hollywood reveal, MK & A will probably come forward about it any day now.

No. 212549

ugh that is such a gross joke to make a baby let alone your fucking daughter, what the hell!?

No. 212588

This thread made me remember my terribly shameful gay crush on Ashley I had as a teen.

No. 212617

>Im so happy I wasnt a child star and am now a millionaire
im not so sure lol

File: 1511158777042.jpg (156.61 KB, 800x1280, Sketch25175230.jpg)

No. 212102[Reply]

Does anyone ever redraw a cows art because boredom or that the picture would look decent if drawn with better anatomy, or just staight up know you can do better and want to practice with their junk.
I wanna see how many people redraw cow art but dont post it in the main threads.
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No. 212286

Agreed, I'd love to see your redraws if you'd be willing to post them.
It's interesting seeing her ideas being well executed.

No. 212360

Oh man, I wanted to make this thread forever but always forgot. Thank you, OP!

Now, there was this ugly No Face "deity" that Ash drew a few months a go and that an anon said that they wanted to make their version of it, but was told not to shit up the thread with it (i guess it's understandable and all)

Please anon! I am summoning you! Gib corrected Asherbee drawings!

No. 212497

File: 1511374557824.png (2.21 MB, 1114x1066, bj.png)

>Does anyone ever redraw a cows art
I do paint-overs as practice, sometimes. Rarely keep any of it trough.

No. 212498


Anon, I love this so so much omg. What an improvement!

No. 212531

That looks so much better anon!

File: 1508537086006.jpg (220.76 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 209491[Reply]

So, I found this girl while browsing on youtube for rainbow hair and all I gotta say is..I don't know she is really weird. She talks like she's high 24/7 and does really weird things like literally dying her armpit hair rainbow, some weird ass 3D pen videos and looks in general like a gross hippie. What do you guys think? I don't think she's a snowflake, that's why I didn't bother to post a thread about her on /snow/ but she really is bizzare.

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 212474

They are just salty and angry someone that doesn't spend a lot of time, effort and money on cosmetics can have same or better self esteem than them.

I take care of my skin religiously, am into korean skincare, but don't wear makeup except occasional BB cream in special occasions, so everytime I post on IG with the #nomakeup tag some friends seem to get salty somehow. One of them even said once I would look better with foundation and I just said 'Nah, I don't bother' and she just stopped replying.

No. 212485

but anon, don't you spend a lot of time/money on cosmetics? you just said you do.

imo, most of the girls bitching have shit skin and cakeface and get pissed when someone else doesn't, regardless of whether or not they are wearing makeup or have good skin. i wear a ton of makeup but it looks smooth and nice because i do japanese skincare myself, and most people who complain are very obviously wearing a ton of makeup. i mean, i obviously am, but think of dumb men who feel like it's natural, girls who look like they've just caked it on get more pissed off than anyone else.

No. 212510

I spend time on cosmetics that actually improve my skin health. I think it's a bit different than actually spending time putting makeup but at the end of the day it's just a mask.

No. 212522

its weird, becuase she seems actually quite good at art… however idk why shes so caught up in these 3d pen things, her creations are pretty sloppy and not nearly as well done as some others i've seen on youtube (popping up in suggestions after creeping her lmao)
she's just odd.. i can't explain it.

No. 212529

her hair looks so fried here jesus christ

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