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File: 1521749396415.jpg (49.69 KB, 800x450, universal constant.jpg)

No. 236131[Reply]

needed some way to vent about this, and i always love reading about other people's raging hate boners for (insert x title here). this isn't limited to books alone - it can be a show, comic, webcomic, etc. as long as it has your blood boiling almost every time you see it and you can't begin to imagine how anyone could get into it.

i'll start us off: "a matter of life and death" (https://tapas.io/series/A-Matter-of-Life-and-Death) is kind of the brainless beauty of western BL. now, it didn't start off that way, but between the author deciding to start acting like a spoiled brat instead of taking responsibility for her growing fanbase during the past year, and the story itself taking an olympic nosedive into overwrought, melodramatic, needlessly vindictive (while somehow still failing to deliver all the emotional punches during actually appropriate scenes), everything-that-makes-BL-shit territory.

now, as a disclaimer, i will admit that i'm not a fan of BL in general. i've seen way too many works that portray stuff like rape, abuse, etc. way too voyeuristically for my comfort, and even in more lighthearted series it usually feels like the authors don't know how guys interact with other people, let alone how gay guys do it. it's just not for me. but for fuck's sake, even i can recognize that BL fans deserve better than this.
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No. 250300

Nta but holy shit you're sounding more pretentious than any person concerned with the "academics of literature"

Same. I try time and time again to get into it but I just can't. The opening is pretty good though.

I am so tired of twist games and anime that mix cute/moe shit with horror. People say madoka started that but even madoka had things going on from the first episode so there weren't any tricks. Doki doki literature club, omori, undertale and other western attempts at it are even more cringey than when Japan does it. Half the time there is absolutely no point to the plot and creators use the "it's open ended" excuse for not properly planning their series. You see it a lot with rpg maker games like pocket mirror or dreaming mary. And it's even worse when people eat it up like it's the second coming of christ and write theories that have more thought put into them than the original.

No. 250317

madoka wasn't the first to do that, but people assume it was the first ~~magical girl~~ anime that happened.

No. 250340

Similar here, I liked HP a lot, but I was never that much into it to the point of buying merch, cosplaying, going to see the movies in theaters or even participating in the fandom. However, once all books were finally out and the excitement died down, I suddenly discovered HP fandom with all of its drama, shipping wars, crazy theories, snapewives and contrived fanfiction, and I fucking loved that. I still like browsing HP forums and fansites, both dead and active ones.

So basically, I don't love HP, but I love reading about people who are obssessed with it.

OT, but why the fuck did they put Liszt on the cover? I know he was madly popular at the time, but he hardly fits that book.

Sage for ot sperging in general.

No. 250538

While I don't think Dorian Gray is perfect because it does a drag a bit (what was up with the whole entire chapter about him finding treasure and shit?) But I think it does a good job of showing corruption of innocence from influence with the relationship of Lord Henry and Dorian.

The best part of the novel for me was always about Dorian trying to fight to stay good while dealing with his obsession with staying young and getting more deprived
Though if you're not into that; I can understand why you don't like the book.

No. 250582

I really enjoy "canon" or at least "classic" books. Like The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, The Metamorphosis, The Scarlet Letter, Of Mice and Men, Dracula, etc. I get they're not for everyone, but I feel like people who bitch about them and how they're boring didn't give them a fair chance outside of a school setting.

Invisible Man is one of my favorite books in general. But I hated Fahrenheit 451 even though I get why its such a significant piece of literature. Catcher in the Rye can fuck off tho.

File: 1518023769429.jpg (247.18 KB, 1280x800, bitcoin-perfecthue.jpg)

No. 227899[Reply]

Can we have a thread dedicated to cryptocurrencies? Share your experience ITT, when did you start, which cryptos do you invest in, what are your predictions etc. Did you buy the dip?

Me, I made a small fortune with Ethereum and ChainLink. Currently thinking of what to buy next. I regret not starting sooner.
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No. 235614

I never bought more; I merely speculated on futures contracts derived from the value of BTC

No. 235832

The losses are not that painful. I mean, I did nothing while it went up and nothing when it started going down again so I don't deserve the gains in the first place. Just lucked out on this shit. I remember in 2014 when I quit my job saying: "well my savings will be enough for 4 years of college and by that time bitcoin will be up again and if not I will just have to kill myself if I fail college as well".
I indeed quit college last year already and started a new job because I cannot believe this mania is still around.

Don't blow your entire savings on this please. I have a bad feeling about this entire market and I would hate for people to lose everything they have in a few weeks. Sure it will go up again eventually but most people will not be willing to wait another 5 years for the next hype. I am just not accustomed to good things happening to me so I believe it has to turn bad again.

yes, the price went up 1000$ after crashing nearly 5000$. Bravo. Of course if you are good with riding the waves you can trade the highs and lows really well and make tons of cash. I don't have the nerves for it.

The futures are very practical. You can bet on the direction the market takes or you can bet against your own holdings and basically profit with the paper bet while your actual stash is losing value. Very interesting and I wish I understood this better.

No. 249339

just wanted to inform those who are interested.
Radix will start an open beta test in summer this year. The main net will start in Q4 this year. So if you are interested, check it out and join our open beta test net. It is a kind of newsletter that will keep you informed about the release. When the SW is out, you can download it and try it out.

It can be run by any computer (even by the rasperry pi) and you don't need to waste thousands of dollars if you want to join the network. There is no mining but processing transactions and you get paid a fee for every transaction you process. So it means if your pc is on all day long anyways, you can earn some pocket money by just running the radix node. If you are more speculative you can buy some XRD tokens from the integrated exchange when it goes live.

All in all I think it will be the next ethereum.
Good luck to you all.

No. 249340

It looks interesting, thanks. I will check it out.

No. 249895

you welcome
there is also a telegram group you can join to keep updated if you want to. There are mods and admins there and sometimes even the lead developer and public figurehead come to hang out. They are very down to earth and I think this project will really have a bright future. you can sign up your email for updates regarding the open beta test (joining node runners) so you don't miss out on it.

To all of you I wish prosperity and luck for your future endavours.

File: 1525445994581.jpg (62.61 KB, 770x500, celin.jpg)

No. 247512[Reply]

what do yall think of this
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No. 249328

this is the shittiest strawman I've ever seen.

No. 249330

Single parents will struggle, regardless of gender. Unless the parent works from home they have to spend long amounts of time away from their child, leaving them in the hands of a babysitter or no one.

Having a group of adults care for a group of children means more early socialization and never doing without care.

No. 249342


If you were able to read you would see that nowhere I am talking about single parentage.

It is very harmful that women (and by extension their children) are expected to rely on one man in their life who might exchange them for a younger model as soon as the chance arises, I've seen this in action often enough. That is why I think children and their immediate caretakers should be integrated in a larger system in which everybody is expected to care for each other's need to a degree.

To be fair in hippie housing projects of the late 60s to now this often failed, but this was due imo to the extreme hedonistic attitudes of the adults and possibly the overinvolvement of men.

No. 249362

uhh single motherhood is practically the opposite of what she suggested.

No. 249867

Only in white countries.
And they're already the minority, so that'll just make whites an even smaller minority.

File: 1519935462139.jpg (71.42 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nqls7seyQG1twt4dho2_540…)

No. 231750[Reply]

Following the newly made author cows thread - >>>/snow/516563, let's have a general writing life thread! Post your favorite writing tips, advice, inspiration, problems, questions, memes, and vents.
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No. 232274

File: 1520274628977.png (76.48 KB, 687x522, 30b7bb3b-f13d-4d9a-abbc-1087d1…)

No. 248735

This is something I read whenever I need a little boost.

"Manuscripts are unwieldy, but the real reason for that time ratio is that most of them are a fast reject. Herewith, the rough breakdown of manuscript characteristics, from most to least obvious rejections:

>1 Author is functionally illiterate.

>2 Author has submitted some variety of literature we don’t publish: poetry, religious revelation, political rant, illustrated fanfic, etc.
>3 Author has a serious neurochemical disorder, puts all important words into capital letters, and would type out to the margins if MSWord would let him.
>4 Author is on bad terms with the Muse of Language. Parts of speech are not what they should be. Confusion-of-motion problems inadvertently generate hideous images. Words are supplanted by their similar-sounding cousins: towed the line, deep-seeded, dire straights, nearly penultimate, incentiary, reeking havoc, hare’s breath escape, plaintiff melody, viscous/vicious, causal/casual, clamoured to her feet, a shutter went through her body, his body went ridged, empirical storm troopers, ex-patriot Englishmen, et cetera.
>5 Author can write basic sentences, but not string them together in any way that adds up to paragraphs.
>6 Author has a moderate neurochemical disorder and can’t tell when he or she has changed the subject. This greatly facilitates composition, but is hard on comprehension.
>7 Author can write passable paragraphs, and has a sufficiently functional plot that readers would notice if you shuffled the chapters into a different order. However, the story and the manner of its telling are alike hackneyed, dull, and pointless.

(At this point, you have eliminated 60-75% of your submissions. Almost all the reading-and-thinking time will be spent on the remaining fraction.)

>8 It’s nice that the author is working on his/her problems, but the process would be better served by seeing a shrink than by writing novels.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 248739

Huh, it's pretty encouraging to know I'd make it to the last 1-5%. Thanks for the post and links, anon.

I've been wondering how likely it would be to get published in a foreign country. I write in English exclusively despite living in a non-English speaking country, I can't for the life of me write in my native language. I have zero connection to my local culture, and that comes up frequently in my writing… I believe it could be an interesting theme for a foreign reader.

No. 248747

You could probably market that well, anon.

No. 249547

File: 1526327950351.png (76.36 KB, 700x700, 624503.png)

>8 It’s nice that the author is working on his/her problems, but the process would be better served by seeing a shrink than by writing novels.

>9 Nobody but the author is ever going to care about this dull, flaccid, underperforming book.

Wow, I'm terrified that my novel would get rejected because of those two. Then again, Sylvia Plath was writing about her own struggles with depression (in a thinly-veiled way) and that is why Bell Jar is a masterpiece.

Looking for a little of writing advice. I am the anon from Nicole Dollanganger thread who envied her ability to write about her life in an interesting way. Does anyone have any tips in regards to how to write personal diary entries/blog posts in a personal and engaging way? I suffer from AVPD so it is incredibly hard for me to write about myself, though I would like to chronicle my life just for my own sake. The problem is that I feel like everything I write about myself is so plain and unfinished. I can never capture all my thoughts and feeling. I know that the only way to change it is to make a habit out of writing diary posts, but I don't even know how to start. My self-doubt is killing me.

File: 1442154193997.jpg (62.79 KB, 500x395, tumblr_nte8bsry9B1rc9mw1o1_500…)

No. 161526[Reply]

Share tips, goals, low kcal recipes, exercise routines etc.
Fatties and anas are advised to keep the sperging to a minimum.
646 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 249335

I do low carb diets whenever I need to lose some pounds but the problem with this is it does not work for long. Or should I say, I cannot endure it for much longer than a few days before I replapse and start again. However, you do lose weight

No. 249343

About 18.3

No. 249372

around 20, but i only know that because i've been pretty much every weight from the low to high end of my healthy range. when i was bmi 18 i felt weak and scrawny and right now at bmi 24 i feel uncomfortably fat. 20 seems to be where I even out when i'm working out and eating healthy but not doing anything too crazy. honestly i think it's better to just improve habits and see how you weigh and look, rather than having a goal weight ahead of time before you even know how that looks and feels for you.

No. 249424


With my period the first day is usually not that bad so I’ll wear a pad while working out, but my second and third days are always heavy. I usually avoid the gym during that time but try to go back by the fourth or fifth day.

No. 249438

>realistic views
pick one

>reasons to not have a crush on the subject of the image

are you saying those clothes aren't reason enough?

File: 1507609773428.gif (495.32 KB, 500x306, d691bd1c0b91f1d41febe49e118f11…)

No. 208007[Reply]

There was some interest earlier so

random celebrity gossip, discussion dirt and drama thread go
126 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 218470

I've been thinking about this ever since I heard his age. So, Jonghyun is a member of 27 Club now… I get sad just thinking about this.

To answer your question, isn't 27 just the milestone where it's like, if you're not as successful as you wished to be or still aren't happy despite your success, it's over for you and there's no hope it will ever get better. You could still be young enough to still not have a broader perspective of the world/your situation or being able to grasp the bigger picture, but you're also old enough that there isn't really any going back.

As they say- an unhappy person striving for success still has a dream, but an unhappy person who has achieved success has nothing to look forward to anymore.

No. 218540

I think it’s really weird/creepy because I was hospitalized this year for the first time because of mental health stuff…and I’m 27

No. 218653

i just like to think that humans passively look for patterns in things and that with billions of people on this earth that chances are good that something will happen to people aged 27.

but im just a grumpy bitch

No. 219572

saturn return

No. 249420

She stopped hanging out with Karlie, so they couldn't talk about diet plans together. She has a dyky face too, so does Karlie.

File: 1464725755206.jpg (88.94 KB, 704x400, nhk01-09.jpg)

No. 95577[Reply]

I don't know if an appropriate thread exists for this topic or not but it's something I've been wanting to discuss for a while.

Over the years we've witnessed a gradual emergence of a new subculture, that being NEETdom. Human society has never allowed itself to develop to such a state of ease that it's been possible for these kind of disorders to emerge previously, as its only possible when an individual is placed into an environment of relative comfort and access with no direct obligations. It has become so prevalent that there are even people who consider the lifetsyle of doing nothing as a lifestyle in itself, being inadvertently supported by the abuse of a limited welfare system.
Where concerning other various disorders, analysis', criteria, technique, the entire Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has been built upon centuries worth of study and observances, but this is an entirely new frontier of study. As a result we're now witnessed a scrambling by those in the field of psychology in order to build a criterion around it.

It could be argued that this has been borne into existence as a parallel to the continued development of greater comforts; indeed what appears to be evident in human society is that the easier our lifestyles become, the greater the incidences of mental illness. Ergo, in order for humans to function as healthy, happy little mammals, it is necessary that we endure degrees of hardship and obligation.

So, basically post anything relating the NEET lifestyle here, be it anecdotal experiences, personal stories, psychological analysis', videos, images, general discussion etc., because the whole topic of p. fascinating imo.
231 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 249201

I've been a NEET for about an year now. It's honestly so humiliating.

I do have a college degree, but it's for makeup and since I have no job,
I can't get the stuff to work as a makeup artist. I want to get some real education so badly, but my country doesn't reward NEETs, so I have no money to spend on classes.

I had some really bad problems with a stalker, so I can't even apply to a job on the local grocery store because I'm sure I'll end up seeing them.

I hope I can find a job or something soon, this lifestyle is so emotionally draining.

No. 249205

>college degree in makeup
fuck the hell off, that is not a real thing

No. 249207

It is in my country. Though they had to use a different name for it to be legit.

No. 249212

it's called being a makeup artist, anon. it is real profession and a subset of cosmetology.

No. 249227

I think doing something about that stalker should be your priority. I don't know how it works but you should probably try to get a restraining order against him, because I'm guessing you don't have enough money to move somewhere else. You'll most likely need evidence that he stalks you, so if he sends you things online or on your phone don't delete anything.

Then it'll be easier to find a job or do pretty much anything else. Good luck anon.

File: 1524676739902.png (19.21 KB, 243x275, 1512775817053.png)

No. 245199[Reply]

Anyone else have any cringy experiences with SJWs or PC fags IRL?

My Experience:
>taking a history class about genocides
>before class starts this girl who sat beside me asked if jew was an offense word
>me, confused as fuck, mumbled no
>other girl joins conversation
>she goes on about how calling someone a jew is incredibly offensive and you have to refer to jews as jewish people or else you're anti-semantic
>internal facepalm
194 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 248997

What even is this thread, and what are you on about?

No. 249020

Dude the Farmhand told you to stop hours ago. Pack it in

>This is not a thread about antisemitism.

No. 249035

Some anon did claim the left needed to do more for marginalised Jews. Just want to point out I've only known of the right ie conservatives in support of Israel. The liberals in my country stand with Palestine. We have synagogues over here that are never targeted though.

No. 249104

File: 1526150277089.png (90.95 KB, 734x247, yaoi.png)

Now this is a real SJW experience.

No. 249132

I once joined an Yaoi discord just to pass some time and me writing that I liked HomoLust made the girls there go crazy and start discussing how that was an homophobic expression and question me why would I write that.
Never again.

File: 1525278847107.jpg (139.6 KB, 750x1126, IMG_20180502_183233.jpg)

No. 247015[Reply]

In lights of the recent controversy, what is you guy's opinion on it? Real? Fake? Good? Bad?
262 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 249071

This is actually super gorgeous

No. 249078

Cultural appropriation isn't real.

No. 249091

chun li is a racial stereotype of a chinese person created by the japanese. who the hell cares.

No. 249321

There's been some discussion about Netta's "cultural appropriation" in Finnish media and I saw a couple of tweets address it on twitter (in a not too friendly manner).
The funniest was a girl tweeting about how "my culture is not your toy" and then retweeting some tweets that made fun of Netta's weight. Right. Cause that's good behavior?

I kinda knew this would happen at some point (at least in Finland where sjws have been spawning out of nowhere). I really don't want this American sjw bullshit to land to Europe.

No. 249985

>This pisses me off SO MUCH.

Do you believe in cultural appropriation or not?

File: 1525393105396.png (Spoiler Image, 805.78 KB, 825x758, Clipboard01asd.png)

No. 247403[Reply]

I feel like porn is getting more and more absurd and violent. Does anyone feel weird about this? There's also more and more porn in the "bitch abuse" genre and the bdsm stuff gets weirder and weirder too.

Then I stumbled upon "waterboarding" as a practise in porn. Like wtf?
There was a youtube video about a guy trying it out and talks about how it feels. He says it immediately felt like drowning and got heart racing and panic and all that. The girls in porn like that (yes there are several of those, gay versions too) dont even have something in their hands to break it off since obviously they wouldnt be able to say their safe word?

I also stumbled too many times about porn movies that were obviously shot with trafficked girls. Like what the fuck is even going on?
67 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 248470

>amputee porn
same sex twin porn though

No. 248496

This. Also, can we please stop derailing every thread with >males are pigs REEEEE
We already have enough men hate threads for that.
And tbh it's the fujos fault, they spread this shit everywhere

>no, i dont mean this in a gender critical way

OP herself said it's not gender exclusive, now can we stop arguing over who's porn is better? That's embarrassing af

No. 248529

Uhm…which other threads were derailed by fujos?

No. 248828

>Gail Dines is one of the woman that made me actually rethink my whole view on sexuality, society and porn (and miley cyrus).
>(and miley cyrus).

Could you please elaborate on this? Thanks.

No. 248866

Sage for my fucking sperging but wtf?
I have a bit of a porn problem when I am drunk and tend to seek out extreme shit but never so much as that Queen Snake stuff. Some of it it (ok all) is extremely messed up, involving insects and poisonous plants and broken glass and just… wow.
But I'm thinking some of it is fake, because the one involving broken glass had no blood where their should be a lot…
Either way though, the whole thing is fucked up. None of these "actresses" are known or anything. They could be using trafficked victims, especially since they're not that well known yet…

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