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File: 1434512457983.jpg (796.37 KB, 975x739, Painting_2_Sleep-to-Dream.jpg)

No. 10376[Reply]

Discuss dreams/nightmares you've had,recurring themes or symbols, lucid dreams, your interpretations of other anons' dreams, etc.

I often have dreams where I am shopping, and I wake up pissed off because
>didn't actually buy anything
>have no money to buy anything
>what I bought in my dream probably doesn't even exist irl
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No. 720832

I had a weird dream in which I was talking this really pretty woman at some mall, at first I was a bit weirded out about how she kept clinging to me and telling me that she loved me.
At some point some weird gray goop on the floor, she took off her coat and she took my hand telling me that it was time for us to run.
We ran to the garage of the mall and we got on her scooter, she was like a cool heroine of some action movie.
Everyone around us was going insane, they were attacking each other and chasing us too, I was holding her tightly because I was really scared, I didn’t want to die.
In the end we were at some house and she hugged me tightly telling me that she was glad I was fine but that she had to leave because she had lots if things to do.
She kissed me and left to fight against whatever was trying to kill us.
Maybe it’s time for me to stop watching movies and reading action stuff.

No. 720853

Maybe she's a guardian angel.

No. 721192

This reminds of Jenny by Studio Killers

No. 721385

I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were outside a school building and we knew that someone had set fire to it. We somehow locked the students in the building to let them burn inside. I wasn't thinking much about the consequences and just thought of it as a fun thing(????). Then after a while the anxiety started kicking in when we opened the school again and nobody was storming out. Then some kids started running out screaming and apparently some had burned inside the building and that's when I started feeling terrible and like an actual murderer. Then I woke up. Probably my most WTF dream of all time, and I've had many WTF dreams.

No. 722860

File: 1611655751427.jpg (119.39 KB, 848x1136, 2c69b0c258339eea59628d81812817…)

Same anon, picrel.

This time I was looking out on the street from a window and saw an older woman walking a shiba inu puppy called Theresa (I heard her call the name). When the dog wouldn't respond and come to the owner but just continue sniffing around, the woman gave up and just walked down the street, seemingly leaving it behind. So I went out on the street and played with it. Its fur was wet with snow

File: 1605495598634.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1597382675950.png)

No. 674932[Reply]

New thread because old thread hit 1200. Let's go.

First question: should I take those lessons?
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No. 722527

should i say fuck my savings and commission her again RIGHT NOW?

No. 722807

should i ask them to do a dungeon with me

No. 723513

should i delete that video?

No. 723594

Will I be able to quit the game?

No. 723595

Sanic, will my suffering continue?

File: 1587094107599.jpg (5.63 KB, 259x194, gfsgdfag.jpg)

No. 542085[Reply]

alright you piece of shit stoners, have your very own thread. enjoy.
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No. 721074

weed makes me really tired, is there any solution to this?

No. 721076

I did a post grad on cannabinoids, they've a lot of antimicrobial properties, I've also not got covid or know any stoners who have and were all still meeting dealers etc and a lot of those dealers don't believe in covid etc so they're not taking precautions etc and still I don't know any potheads that have got it.

No. 721077


No. 721114

cool, my neighbors can thank me for being a piece of shit stoner who smokes on the porch all day while they walk past. just lookin out for the neighborhood y’all

No. 721205

Energy drink.

File: 1608286594676.png (211.97 KB, 417x589, E3C4F9E7-E825-4CD1-A33C-1BB54A…)

No. 696744[Reply]

post cringiest screencaps from coomer moids freaking out about the pornhub purge of minors in porn
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No. 721073

File: 1611452261368.jpg (228.41 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20210124_013502.jpg)

If you know the absolute misogyny that "girls do porn" pedalled, then it's a small but moral and justified win.

No. 721121

This is gross how is hentai sex-Ed. I mean technically it’s a bit better than regular porn because no real women are being exploited it’s drawings. But it’s not educational at all. Does anyone else think porn will no longer use humans and will rely on artificial intelligence/ technology to do porn instead of humans?

Teen Vogue has gone downhill. This shouldn’t even be an article.

No. 721249

I read the european Bravo Girl teen magazine as a tween which had fellatio tips in the early 2000s, so I can't even get mad at this. At least they seem to admit there are problems with porn.

I'm pretty sure the future is photorealistic 3D/VR as the technology gets cheaper. Of course not because of people's concern for trafficking and the sad state of worker's, but because producers see the many legal risks and the costs they can cut when the physical is out. It's probably too early though, but we'll live through it. Also I don't think it'll help to lower sex trafficking of real humans anyway, it'll just be a niche avenue.

No. 721416

lol the regular german Bravo magazine even printed pictures of naked teens aged around 16 and had an interview with them. That went on for a few years and nobody had a problem with it, until it was taken down eventually.

No. 721435


Apparently the reason Italy was a big part of the fashion industry was (is?) because the AOC is 14. Those 'scouted' 14 year olds got fucked there.

File: 1595181729176.png (52.56 KB, 1500x1000, signs-of-autism-in-girls-26030…)

No. 586560[Reply]

Discuss anything pertaining to Autism, Aspergers or ADHD/ADD experiences as a woman here.
Things you could talk about:
>Why is it so difficult to be diagnosed as a woman?
>When did you find out you were autistic/had adhd and when did you get your diagnosis?
>What are your autistic/adhd behaivors?
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No. 719906

How is stating the symptoms I experience "romanticising" it?

No. 720274

How can you tell if you're a girl with ADHD or autism? When I was a kid my parents took me to a doctor to see if i had aspergers but it came back negative. Later in college I was diagnosed with ADHD. However, I have had social problems in the past and a lot of fixations so I'm not sure if I have autism or not.

On the other hand, I don't think I've had a lot of problems with sensory issues, and I don't really care about keeping a routine. I'm also pretty social these days. I work in a school and would prefer to be around people all of the time, I think. I don't really have access to specialized medical care for the next couple of months so I'm just curious.

No. 720396

Can you guys drive? Have you had issues with driving?
I just remembered when I went to my driving lessons that I had a really, really bad time learning how to drive.
Maybe it’s because of the aspergers, because my instructor would explain stuff to me but it was like he was talking in another language.
Then he got fed up and started shouting at me because I kind of sorta almost made us crash, but what the fuck? He was the one telling me to keep on turning the wheel while we were on a curve, fucking asshole.
The thing is that I want to try learning how to drive again, but should I just tell them that I got learning issues or something?
I have to learn somehow.

No. 720887

Autism usually shows when you're a baby. Like crying everytime you were put in diapers bc of the texture, and your mom having to use cloth. Developing your speech later. Stuff like that.

No. 721163

Does ADHD have empathy or emotional processing symptoms in its criteria? I was diagnosed in my teens, but have always had mood and corresponding personality issues and I’ve been labeled with what feels like a shopping list of diagnosis’s in cluster B and C, all while feeling like what I experience socially and mentally/emotionally is just a normal reaction to not fitting the mold society lays in place for Americans to be considered “normal”, which is a subjective standard in the first place. Just wondering if any of you have any input or experience with feeling this way, or any advice on avoiding self medicating with substances when you don’t trust psych meds? I know once you have autism or ADHD it feels like they just tack on comorbidities and extra diagnosis’s to explain away the existential discomfort the vast majority of people clearly face, and to get that sweet sweet pharma payout.
Also semi related, to all anons in the thread prescribed medication, please take advantage of open sources; you can look up your doctor/psychiatrist and see what companies pay them what amounts, it’s a good resource if you’re worried some of your medications may not be doing what they seem to see if your doctor gave them to you just because a company paid them to.

File: 1610848926030.jpg (67.53 KB, 1300x975, 27899703-strange-word-meaning-…)

No. 715719[Reply]

Ever met someone, even just briefly, that comes into mind out of remark of how interesting or strange they were? A weird story about a rando? Interesting first date? Or perhaps you began chatting with someone you knew was weird out of a morbid curiosity and found out more about them than you ever wanted to know? Tell /OT about it.

Strange & Interesting People Categories:
> Online, dating, in person, etc. but you must have interacted with them in some way even if it was just a message on a board etc.

It can be creepy, amusing, funny, happy etc. as long as it's of intrigue.

My Examples:
> met a girl on OKC who had a weird hobby of shoving really large things inside her vagina and would often use multiple hairbrush handles. Including her (female) roommates things.
> I ended up on a date with a girl who was also a lolcow farmer, we both had no idea.
> In highschool there was this one loner indian scrote who I was the only one he talked to in history class (likely in the whole school tbh because he was way off) because we both read philosophy books and he randomly got up one day when the teacher was gone and wrote out the whole "god is dead" paragraph from Nietzsche (I was the only one who knew what it was) and another kid clocked him out for being anti-religious. But drawings were discovered of weapons and plans of stockpiling. He also had drawn a sniper target on a chair. tl;dr he was planning a massacre (and this is back in 2010 if I'm remembering correctly…)

Spill your tales anons
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No. 720795

No. 720810

>ontology of schizophrenia

Can you not use words you dont know the meaning of?There's no fucking ontology to a mental illness.

No. 720845

yeah I got the wrong word english isn’t my first language. get over yourself

No. 720849

No. 720851

>> I ended up on a date with a girl who was also a lolcow farmer, we both had no idea.
Hey i tell people i go on 4chan haha. Tell us more about it OP, nobody cares about the indian or the coomer girl with a 60 cm diameter puss.

File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070[Reply]

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?
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No. 712913

I went to the subreddit where they trade/sell spores for educational purposes. And ordered some! /r/sporetrading

No. 713028

I had really good weed for 2 weeks there, then bought some perfumed shit that gave me a headache and I paid over premium for it. Tomorrow I'm getting good stuff again and I am so excited!! I'm going to apply to so many jobs tonight and email recruiters and then tomorrow, I'm going to get so fucked up homies!! No one will hear from me for days unless they are offering me job prospects!

No. 720515

anyone have a good plug in toronto?(do not source illegal substances)

No. 720543

I wish my nerdy D&D friends were open to try psychedelics with me

No. 721306

Heh, some of the nerds I hang out with were talking about their hilarious heroin stories a week back. I mentioned DXM and my experiences of it and they immediately switched tune.
"Jesus, anon, that shit's dangerous!"
But waking up covered in heroin vomit ain't? The double-standard is real.

File: 1610333440424.jpg (79.48 KB, 600x554, howdoishotweb.jpg)

No. 711877[Reply]

Ask away

Previous Thread:>>703359
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No. 720431

AYRT and literally just break up lmao please provide context cause this is weird.

No. 720442

New thread: >>720441

No. 720555

>People can dress in a way that's not super childish and also not sexual
Yes but the in-between way is very boring and boomer-esque. Dressing childish is edgy in its own way.

No. 720586

Always gotta be for shock value like a narcissist huh

No. 720644

>>717796 pepe!

File: 1594472524362.jpg (21.06 KB, 320x240, rogertroy2.jpg)

No. 582621[Reply]

ITT we discuss news stories, both new and old, that upset us significantly more than normal.

I just read the story of Alissa Blanton, a 23yo newlywed that was murdered by a 61yo stalker who was a patron of the Hooters she had formerly worked at. This story deeply upsets me for a number of reasons. There's few things that freak me out more than the idea of unrequited love interests turning into stalkers, especially ones you don't even know. The fact she was murdered for not returning this guy's interest is already horrific enough, but the fact he was a morbidly obese 60+ year old man who felt entitled to a woman barely over 1/3 of his age is beyond disgusting.
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No. 714599

Late to this but I strongly believe they were. It doesn’t make sense that there was never much detail or elaboration about the cameras, and it also explains how they were able to live on a property that was half a million. The filth was to give it a “horrorporn” ambience, there are whole sets dedicated to that sort of thing and they make good money from subscription based niche porn, specifically family related. That kind of torture was too innovative to be thought of from his parents alone. This case never got the attention and sensation, as well as awareness, that it deserved and on top of that the lead detective was killed. We are so deadest on talking ourselves out of things that are obvious because we are afraid it will make us seem like q anon pizzagaters or something. Child exploitation is lucrative in revenue, and as they’ve said countless times CPS is involved in trafficking.

No. 714665

And? 100% of men who harass me are white and asian because of my geography. Men from underdeveloped misogynistic countries are more likely to sexually harass women, it's not something innate to skin color like /pol/tards and faggots who like to misrepresent statistics want to imply.

No. 714818

Right. That anon getting harassed by a certain demographic doesn’t speak for an entire planet jfc.

No. 720139

File: 1611346062234.jpg (546.54 KB, 1567x2048, images (1).jpg)

I know mass shooting are a dime and dozen in Burgerland so most of them don't really stand out but reading about this case really angered me. The shooter was named Charles Whitman and it was one of the first mass shooting cases in the U.S (happened in 1966). He apparently wrote a letter beforehand and it really showcases what a narcissistic prick he really was. He bitches about his dad and how he treated his mother and says he wants not to be like him yet he admits to smacking his wife around. Also before the shooting he killed his wife and mother because he couldn't imagine them "living with the shame" he would bring to them. He actually thought he was doing the best thing for his mother by ending her life. What made things worse is that I found a Reddit thread where people were talking about him and a lot of the comments were feeling bad for him because he had a tumor and relieving him of any responsibility. Fuck that. If there's a hell, I hope Whitman is burning there for eternity.

No. 720591


It's scary but who knows what fucked up shit anyone would do after a stroke or tumor in the right place?

File: 1556824942040.png (1.33 MB, 1004x750, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.2…)

No. 405637[Reply]

Dan Schneider is a 52-year old Nickelodeon Producer who produced the shows All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, among others. Allegations of Dan's abusive behavior, ranging from verbal outbursts on set to the grooming and sexual abuse of Nick stars have been accumulating for years. Original conversation started here >>>/ot/404534 but there was a demand for Dan's own thread. This thread is to track Dan's sketchy history, plausible rumors, and anyone else who is suspect and is related to Nickelodeon.
>It is rumored that the dad to Jamie Lynn Spear's baby is Dan Schneider. In 2009, Jamie Lynn's family and friends said they believe that a much older producer who worked on Zoey 101 is the true father.
>Behind the scenes footage of The Amanda Show surfaces. Dan is seen with a young Amanda Bynes in a pool. She is half-naked. It is rumored that Dan abused Amanda, and that he forced her to get an abortion.
>Jennette McCurdy from iCarly opens up about how she was forced into an Eating Disorder because of Nickelodeon's culture.
>Noah Munck from iCarly gives interview where he doesn't deny allegations about Dan, just says he would be devastated if they were true. Confirms Dan has a foot fetish.
>Multiple clips of Dan's blatant foot fetish surface.
>Ariana Grande's family is close to Dan Schneider. It is speculated that she had a lot of sex and did drugs on the set of Victorious, and that her mom told her to sleep with Schneider.
>Every actress but Ariana Grande boycotted Dan receiving Nickelodeon's most prestigious award at the Kid's Choice Awards.
>Nickelodeon fired Dan last year. Dan sells his home, becomes inactive on twitter after accusations of him circulate.
>Actresses such as Alexa Nikolas and Erin Sanders from Zoey 101 are leaving easter eggs about Dan's abuses on their social media, as well as an actor from Henry Danger. Other actors are slowly beginning to step forward. Dan keeps getting away with it is because he blackmailed the head of ViaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
605 posts and 206 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 720105

File: 1611343399220.png (47.38 KB, 656x558, Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 2.23…)

did anyone save the video?

No. 720119

nope. i put the link in the wayback machine and it wont even show up there. an innocent man wouldn't try so hard to permanantly delete his youtube videos. he knows we know and all he can do is hope for the best, karma's a bitch

No. 720121

Oh my god. Amanda Bynes deserves so much better.

No. 720370

File: 1611366639198.jpg (119.64 KB, 600x937, jennette-mccurdy-mom-dies-canc…)

>Jennette McCurdy from iCarly opens up about how she was forced into an Eating Disorder because of Nickelodeon's culture
actually in her podcasts, she says it's because of her mother

No. 720741

Seems like you can find the video on DanWarps YouTube channel but he’s cut the bit at the beginning out about being able to see under her skirt

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