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File: 1701737113166.jpg (Spoiler Image, 869.59 KB, 1500x1003, stock-photo-car-accident-gener…)

No. 1799586[Reply]

So an hour ago my boyfriend and I were coming back from a restaurant and we were on the main road that takes us almost directly to our apartment. As he was driving, I looked to my right and saw a ghastly site. Two cars had crashed into each other, almost completely obliterated. The fronts of the two cars were completely gone and then I noticed… the bodies of the victims (both male) were literally hanging out of both cars. I had never seen anything like this before so it shook me.

My bf and I discussed it and we were both in agreement that it had to have been a high speed crash, since there wasn't much left of either car. This is a 45mph street… how the tf does shit like this even happen? My bf said that one of them must have been pulling 80, at least. Why are men like this? I've driven on this same street plenty of times and even though I'm already going 10 over the speed limit, I'll have some cunt fly past me going like 90mph…(shit thread)

No. 1799590

I think men are just inherently more reckless and careless I don’t know why

No. 1799598

No. 1799602


And yet women are the bad drivers meanwhile moids kill themselves and the people around them

No. 1799605

We have tons of drunk drivers in my town (as well as uninsured, unlicensed immigrants who drive drunk too, yay!) and the amount of people I see just absolutely slamming down the 45 MPH road outside of my apartment is terrifying. It's no wonder we have so many accidents here

File: 1673529452282.jpg (46.13 KB, 1024x1449, melting_by_123hinata_d8t560w-f…)

No. 1470488[Reply]

As the title says.
Post experiences, why you can't stand them and such.
This is NOT about your own disorder, so don't blogpost/vent, there's already a thread for that.
This thread is about mental illness you can't stand in others.
Please refrain from coming in this thread and say stupid shit like "Oh that's why nobody likes me" or "Damn seeing this thread as a [thing] sufferer makes me uncomfortable" because nobody will pity you.

Previous: >>>/ot/854673
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No. 1774733

File: 1700168478720.jpeg (12.04 KB, 275x274, 1661478748670.jpeg)

People with ASPD, and edgetards who WANT to have ASPD. The first group are a bunch of psychologically jaded fags who are either locked behind bars for the worst possible crimes anyone could ever commit (at worst), or whiny little losers who get on Tumblr or Quora to whine about not having friends even though they don't have the empathy to keep or deserve any (at best). The second group are most likely either a bunch of angsty teenagers, or straight up autisimos who mistake their failed social lives for being completely devoid of having any humanity and self-diagnose themselves with ASPD to runaway from the realization that they failrd at building a social life because they're just stupid losers.

No. 1774768


I notice that a lot of the people who blame their autism on horrible behavior are actually the ones who are actually able to be held accountable for it, but choose to hide behind the autism card for it. Level 2 and 3 autism I can understand somewhat, they have stunted emotional intelligence. Level 3 autists genuinely cannot be blamed, they likely have intellectual disabilities with it and probably have the self control of a child. Level 2 is similar but they often have the realization much later and are pretty much helpless to fix it. Imagine if you had the emotional intelligence of a little kid, but the cognitive intelligence to realize that you’re bothering people. It’s pretty miserable and they or their caregivers are apologetic. Level 1 is the high functioning, and they’re smart enough to know that levels 2/3 get a pass on bad behavior, but have the emotional and cognitive intelligence to know what they’re doing is wrong.

No. 1774843

I wish AFRID was seen as every other eating disorder in that people with it was encouraged to try to get rid of it. People with AFRID should have a specialized psychologist/dietician/whatever who will teach them how to eat more than 3 dishes. It's for their own sake mostly so they don't develop scurvy

No. 1781530

Toy collectors

No. 1799503

any extreme phobia/ocd. it can literally only be developed by being overly curled throughout life, and being considerate about it is just plain enabling, don't do it.

File: 1698600748194.jpg (352.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1743375[Reply]

This thread is to convince spider poster that ducks are cute and amazing.
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No. 1799473

File: 1701726629317.gif (8.15 MB, 268x450, Tumblr_l_413893959859310.gif)

No. 1799475

adorable duck!!

No. 1799480

File: 1701726878298.gif (7.99 MB, 250x444, Tumblr_l_413892129006896.gif)

Thank you nonna

No. 1799482

File: 1701727047946.gif (7.22 MB, 268x450, Tumblr_l_413905117057042.gif)

No. 1799489

i held some ducklings at the petting farm a few weeks ago they were so cute, chirping away

File: 1611776899806.jpeg (240.18 KB, 828x542, BD2F03DF-C3E2-4457-824B-3F5410…)

No. 724145[Reply]

Tråd för lolcows alla svenskar, danskar och norrmän.
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No. 1798262

Placerades inte han styckmördaren från x antal år sen i ett kvinnofängelse efter att ha "kommit ut som kvinna" i fängelset?

No. 1798264

Jo. Jättehemskt fall. Han släpptes också ut efter några år bara och började hota lesbiska terfar online.

No. 1798266

På vilket sett är Victoria en nörd? Är hon en hemlig weeb?

No. 1798892

File: 1701680101361.png (1.51 MB, 1376x1024, vickan_familjen.png)

hon är en klassisk nörd som (åtmistone utåt) alltid visat stort intresse för vetenskap

No. 1799387

File: 1701720663280.jpeg (398.33 KB, 960x690, IMG_2623.jpeg)

Jag har en Smeg mjölkskummare som gör min varma choklad super fluffig! Rekommenderar att skriva upp den på din önskelista inför jul
Helt underbart! Tänk vad kul som barn att se en prinsessa så hälsosam och stark

File: 1682889611113.jpg (1.15 MB, 4096x2304, __original_drawn_by_tsukumizu_…)

No. 1563824[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
Prev. thread >>>/ot/1332007
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No. 1799368


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1799523

File: 1701731082131.jpg (89.02 KB, 990x600, faf3anm64p471.jpg)

I really wanna work in the comic book industry one day which is embarrassing I know! But I dream of one day writing and drawing my favorite characters and making money while doing it. The problem is right now my art is subpar so Im working hard to become a better artist and writer. At the moment i do commissions to make money, that includes NSFW art. Should I stop doing that? Will porn art make me impossible to hire in the future? Its not like its what I'm known for or anything but I dont know if a company would be more likely to skip out on me.

No. 1799535

>Will porn art make me impossible to hire in the future?
I'm not a pro or an industry guru or anything so take my word with a grain of salt, but I've seen tons of comic book artists, animators and character designers be hired no problem even if they had previously drawn NSFW art and some artists straight up put NSFW art in their portfolios like it's nothing. I doubt you'd be turned down from jobs unless you were drawing some truly heinous shit.

No. 1799536

I'm considering quitting my job and just slacking off for a few months. I definitely feel like I'm about to have a mental breakdown from this job and more personal things going on at the same time. It can't be a coincidence that I'm given the most work to do because of the same dumb bitch who's been absent for a year now and because of former coworkers who didn't renew their contracts. It wasn't that bad before but now I'm always tired, I dread going to the office so I barely sleep and when I'm there the same coworkers won't stop talking to me as if we were bffs so they make me work really slowly, when I work from home I can't focus and I'm blamed for things thag aren't even my fault. My manager seems to understand what I'm goinf through but it's always her fault when I'm overworked. Of course she tells me to do 1.5 times more work than everyone else and wonders why I'm "late". Even the other batshit crazy manager who made several people cry and quit said I have too much work to do and tried to tell me not to have a mental breakdown and burnout. I'm the one who worked in this project for the longest time and it's only been a bit more than 2 years now, a lot of people left asap, even my manager's managers, and yes I mean there were several ones who quit.

I saved a lot of money and live with my parents, and given how things are going I stopped looking for an appartment for the time being so quitting isn't a horrible idea but I would still have to work for a few months before leaving according to my contract and I'm so unlucky I'm worried I won't find another job easily.

No. 1799740

my hotel is absolute dog shit and so poorly managed no one should work there lmao. we had two major incidents today that required reports to be filed and both times managers were no help at all because why should they care what happens to any of the guests? they dont have to speak with any guests face to face so they could care less. ive been applying for jobs at other hotels and it seems like everywhere in the area is on a hiring freeze at the moment despite everywhere i kno also being short staffed. the money is good and ive got a friend who i get to work with, but im starting to feel like i literally work for an unethical business the way management refuses to step up. we'd been complaining for over a week that half the lights in the parking lot are out and today an old lady literally tripped and smashed her face on the sidewalk!

File: 1668770479147.png (804.2 KB, 940x700, yuriko.png)

No. 1413046[Reply]

Italian thread / Filo o thread italiano
Previous thread / Filo o thread precedente:

Cosa c'è di nuovo?
Cosplayer, scene varie, personaggi dell'Internet italiano vari, virus, vaccini, nuove presidentesse e quant'altro nella sfera italofona
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No. 1781142

Frocio e pure obeso. Come fanno a guardarsi allo specchio e dire che sono donne?

No. 1783691

File: 1700697383448.jpg (63.26 KB, 436x609, screenshot04.jpg)

Oddio, mi chiedo come mai ti abbiano molestato! La Tiffany più intelligente!

No. 1799275

Lilly che è amica di un metrosessuale "antifascista" (che se poi gli chiedi cosa vuol dire manco lo sa secondo me) e che fa i mercatini anticapitalisti quando Lilly ha la lista amazon lol che grandi

No. 1799341


No. 1799370

Yotobi adesso mi sta sul cazzo come pochi. Ha questo atteggiamento da "comico" che fa poco ridere ma che pensa che ogni cosa che esca dalla sua bocca sia una genialata (non lo è). Sul canale principale fa video su i Lost Media italiani, fa le ricerche con il culo ma sembra che abbia fatto chissà che cosa. L'ultimo suo video sui sogni è inguardabile e pretenzioso. Mi sa di mucca nel privato.

File: 1701110304308.jpeg (91.86 KB, 750x850, IMG_3232.jpeg)

No. 1791207[Reply]

What are you giving? What are you putting on your wishlist? All gift discussion goes here! From wrapping paper choices to asking for help with gift ideas, this thread is for any occasion
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No. 1798555

Get him something he's been thinking about buying for a while, and maybe give him something handmade.
If they're anything like the hicks in my family, the packaging is more important than the contents. Give them some cheaper 'fancy' chocolates that you can get at the supermarket and they'll love it.
How about a set of microns? You can get sets with different sized pens and brushes.
Seconding >>1797105 's idea, or something stupid like a themed toilet paper roll or bottle opener. Something small, cheap, and gimmicky, but that the giftee can actually use.

No. 1799199

File: 1701707213217.jpg (1.13 MB, 2560x2560, A10 t9pSBPL.jpg)

for anyone at a loss on what to give people, such as extended family or whatnot, like in-laws or your distant cousin who just got married, I'd like to suggest a pizza stone. it will help you achieve that crispy bottom without having to build a stone oven in the backyard. the person you're gifting it to doesn't even have to be much of a home chef. growing up we'd throw some Tombstone frozen pizzas in the oven and my older siblings would call dibs on all the slices cooked on a pizza stone. everyone needs a pizza stone. heck, I need a pizza stone. they even make some to fit in toaster ovens so I might put one on my list bc I live with my brother and his oven is broken

No. 1799230

File: 1701709289294.jpg (672.35 KB, 771x963, Kusama-AT-2.jpg)

I've made a reservation for my sister for Christmas to go to high tea with me at this nice hotel in our capital city. They do a really cool modernized take on it and both the savoury and sweet selections have gorgeous presentations. Very excited to gift it to her! It'll be a fun day out for both of us since I imagine we'll also do a bit of shopping and walking around while we're there

No. 1799262

I’m doing the same thing with my mom! Here’s hoping we all have bright clear days to go shopping after a lovely tea service. Have fun with your sister nonna, I hope you’ll both have a great time.

No. 1799320

My older sister and her husband are very well-off (from his family) and don't really want or need anything material. They do know I'm good with sweets and candies and requested chocolate oreos, so I've made some small tins of those. I'm also going to surprise them with some bourbon caramel turtles too!

File: 1663014149954.jpg (18.9 KB, 612x498, bratwurst.jpg)

No. 1337206[Reply]

Der zweite Treffpunkt der lokal ansässigen Kartoffelbäuerinnen.
Vorheriger Thread >>>/ot/760762
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No. 1795303

File: 1701367304637.jpg (71.9 KB, 731x758, Renate.JPG)

>er Richter war bestimmt ein Mann der sich dachte "was hatte die an?!".

Tatsächlich ist eine Frau. Ihr name ist Anne Meier-Göring und ist bekannt dafür das sie Sexualstraftätern milde Strafen gibt. Keine Ahnung wie man als Frau andere Frauen so hassen kann, wenn ich an ihrer Stelle wäre würde ich alle meine Möglichkeiten ausschöpfen um die Typen so lange wie möglich hinter Gitter zu bringen. Ich könnte nachts nicht schlafen wenn ich wüsste das ich so Typen wieder auf Frauen los lasse. Das Urteil macht einen nur fassungslos und finde es gerechtfertigt das sie öffentlich dafür scharf kritisiert wird. Nur wird das wider von einigen als "hate speech" abgestempelt.


No. 1796238

Auf die Gefahr hin wie ein Boomer zu klingen, aber vor 10 Jahren war das ganz normal für Jugendliche. Habe selbst abends mit Freunden öfter dort rumgehangen, manchmal auch mit Alkohol.

No. 1797234

Abgefucked, ich habe es auch später gelesen. Jetzt wurde sie sogar selbst mit Vergewaltigung bedroht. Ich glaube die Juristen die dabei waren haben auch Drohungen erhalten. Ich wünschte da hätte man als Volk in der Demokratie irgendwie mehr zu sagen? Mir müssen das alles so hinnehmen, obwohl das ein komplett falsches Zeichen für (zukünftige) Täter ist!

No. 1799219

File: 1701708886708.png (205.32 KB, 1398x743, Screenshot 2023-12-04 172423.p…)

So wie ich das gelesen habe war einer der Täter ohne Migrationshintergrund, mehrere Andere aber auch mit einem christlichen, nicht muslimischen Hintergrund!
Der Fall wurde vielleicht etwas hochstilisiert, zu einem exemplarischen Fall für unsere heutige Zeit.
Natürlich muss man zugeben, dass viele der Täter jung genug sind um unters Jugendstrafrecht zu fallen, und deshalb eine harte Bestrafung schwer möglich ist.
Trotzdem haben wir in den letzten Jahren eine rasanten Anstieg der (Gruppen-)Vergewaltigungen erlebt, und das wird bei solchen Urteilen wohl auch nicht aufhören.
Was dazu führt das solch junge Männer kriminelle Gangs gründen weiß ich nicht, aber das scheint in Städten wie Hamburg mitlerweile kaum noch hinterfragt zu werden.
Es stimmt zwar, dass die Immigration zu einem großen Überschuss an jungen Männern, im vergleich zu jungen Frauen in Deutschland führt, ich glaube aber auch das in Städten wie Hamburg eine Normalisierung/Bagatellisierung der Kriminalität eine Rolle spielt.

No. 1800291

für mich persönlich hat sich das Sicherheitsgefühl in Hamburg über die Jahre stetig verschlechtert. Mir ist es am Anfang nie passiert, dass ich von Männern angesprochen wurde oder mich im Dunkeln (also 17 Uhr im Winter, nicht 3 Uhr in der Nacht) ungerne nach draußen begeben habe. In dem letzten Jahr ist die Belästigung durch Männer aber so extrem geworden, mir passiert es nun regelmäßig, dass mir irgendwer erzählt, dass er mich liebt, mir extrem nahe kommt oder ich mich bedrängt fühle, einige S-Bahn Stationen und Läden vermeide ich mittlerweile komplett. Klar, ich wohne nicht im tollsten Stadtteil von Hamburg, aber es ist auffällig mehr geworden seitdem die Politik versucht die Personen vom Hauptbahnhof zu vertreiben, in den schlechteren Stadtteilen immer mehr Obdachlosen- oder Flüchtlingsunterkünfte gekommen sind und die Kinder mittlerweile Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene sind. Mir geht es auch sehr ähnlich wie dir mit der Einschätzung, in Hamburg (vermutlich in anderen Großstädten auch) scheint es nicht mehr hinterfragt zu werden. Wichtig, dass die Leute nicht beim Bahnhof oder Jungfernstieg sind, denn, was sollen die Touristen denken, alles andere, besonders die voranschreitende Ghettoisierung vieler Stadtteile, wird einfach komplett ignoriert.

File: 1695773657751.jpeg (195.79 KB, 1000x764, IMG_0772.jpeg)

No. 1708225[Reply]

A thread to discuss the dislike of dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please don't come here to defend your pooch. see this thread >>>/ot/686457

please follow board rules, no infighting, don't reply to bait.
prev: >>>/ot/1426262
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No. 1799113

>He said large, muscular dogs such as the cane corso and the presa canario could become the next status dogs.
So ban them too? Why is this such a hard concept to understand, if an animal is too dangerous to be exposed to the public, it's too dangerous for some untrained idiot to own.
Like, oh noooo, my pet lion might attack me now that I can't take him to children's playgrounds so that he can get his energy out. No, don't ask why I bought a lion without having the space for it, this is entirely how you want to hurt me by confining me into an apartment with a dangerous predator. Why are you so hate filled that you would want to hurt me so badly? Besides, if you ban lions, I'm just going to buy a tiger.

No. 1799115

3 months old. that is so freakin sad. that poor child… I'm so exhausted hearing dogs killing babies. When are we going to make laws about certain breeds? people want to be 'different' and get wolfdogs but dont get those are ticking time bombs. Dogs and infants do not mix half the time. I hope they are sent to jail for neglect and reckless endangerment, and whatever the least severe type of murder is. They murdered that baby

No. 1799116

These dogs look like literal demons to me. Why do people get them? why arent they banned?

No. 1799296

They… are banned. That's what the article you're replying to is about.

No. 1799835

It’s not fully in place yet and it’s going to be a very ineffectual ban. Basically people will still get to keep them but they might have to muzzle them in public places. Which is making all the chavs get off their crushed velvet sofas and marching in the streets.

File: 1663172555899.jpg (72.23 KB, 960x491, kawusia.jpg)

No. 1339537[Reply]

ogólny polskojęzyczny wątek dla nonek z polski! od luźnych pogaduch do rozmów o potencjalnych polskich krowach

miejmy nadzieje że go nie zbanują tym razem

poprzedni >>1073882
martwy wątek na /int/ >>/int/1544
893 posts and 341 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1785538

na moje oko przeszła jakiś poważny wypadek (patrz. ręce) i trochę mi jej żal, chociaż nadal mam bekę z tego że jest fejkbojem.

No. 1792287

File: 1701196865644.png (761.26 KB, 564x1454, szpk.png)

Szpak widzę się mocno nudzi ostatnimi czasy. Po co mu to? Image ma jaki ma, jest ztego znany i akceptowany w Polsce. Trooning out do niczego mu niepotrzebny, jak chce się rozgłosu, to niech po prostu znajdzie sobie kogoś,kto mu napisze jakieś dobre piosenki, bo z tym u Szpaka akurat ciężko. głos jest, ale hitów brak.

Wszyscy myślą automatycznie, że Szpak jest gejem, ale mi zawsze wyglądał na aseksualnego. nie wiem, może dlatego, że nie było słychać nic o jego związkach

No. 1792311

Przeszkadza mu, że jego wygląd przestał być kontrowersyjny i teraz szuka znowu jakiegoś rozgłosu, jak nic sobą nie reprezentujesz to potem tak jest.

No. 1793453

Tak samo na Wykopie (strona dla mizoginów, gwoli ścisłości), wyśmiewali się z ludzi, którzy szczepić się nie chcieli i wychodzili z domu, a teraz nagle im się odmieniło. Dobrze, że w porę zauważyłam to mizoginistyczne bagno i przestałam mieć konto na Wykopie.

No. 1798987

ja się zastanawiam jak fajnopolactwo będzie wybraniać afery wiatrakowej. ogólnie wiara w OZE to głupota, fundowanie chin i niemiec oraz niska wydajność, brak możliwości recyklinku potężnych śmieci jakimi są zużyte solary i turbiny wiatrowe (które to plafusy i partia hołowni chce u nas montować oraz magazynować, bo krautoidy chcą się problemu pozbyć btw). poza tym wywłaszczenia gruntów i ich marnotrawstwo, stawianie wiatraków przy domach i nawet parkach narodowych/rezerwatach przyrody… mam dość klimatystów i ich psuedo rozwiązań, gdyby tak chcieli czystej energii to czemu nie idą w atom i geotermię? ale to nie o to chodzi, tylko skok na kasę i napchanie pieniędzy wielkim koncernom oraz niemieckim inwestorom

jebać unię, jebać platfusy z przybudówkami, jebać pis który wprowadzał to jebane gówno również ale za plecami, jebać lewaki, jebać konfederację wiplerystów, memtzenów i synka giertycha.

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