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File: 1560407995479.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, totemtiem.png)

No. 421286[Reply]

alright faggots it's time to ask the totem
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No. 424287

Will Henry ever escape and find happiness?

No. 424302

should i keep going?

No. 424329

should i stay with my emotionally negligent bf

No. 424530

o great one, when will the anons in the dumbass shit thread stop arguing about a witch picture

No. 424620

Is my boyfriend using me for money?

File: 1514528918034.jpg (70.37 KB, 620x620, f80c7a870bb352f3cdea9721215f79…)

No. 219627[Reply]

Does anyone else with PCOS have trouble and insecurities with feeling feminine? I know PCOS can range from anything to minor hormone imbalance to straight up full beards, mood swings, balding, cystic acne, happy trails, and obesity.There's also a birth control thread that mentions PCOS but this thread gets more into it and how to manage what comes from it. This thread can be used to discuss
>ways to manage PCOS
>hair removal methods
>hair care methods for balding
>skin care management
>hormone management
>how to get body and face to look more feminine
>how to feel and look more feminine in general
>pcos medications/birth control
>pcos vent/struggles
>Success weight loss and fertility stories
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No. 334705

Insulin trouble? Do you eat enough fat, protein and complex carbs to stay full? Also eat much slower so your body has time to detect the food

No. 340589


I've read everywhere that yam helps a lot with natural production of female hormones (don't remember which one, though, sorry), and a lot of women drink yam essence/elixir to get pregnant, I've heard it does wonders in that aspect. I do take yam capsules, but I haven't see much change, being completely honest. Don't know about the liquid one, though.

Yeah, this sounds like high insulin. Since I started keto, I haven't had cravings at all. Somedays, I don't even feel like eating, and just eat whatever so I don't starve haha

No. 340784

phytoestrogen =/= oestrogen, it has no affect on the appearance of your body.

No. 424176

Ugh sorry to bump this misery thread but I just got diagnosed and was put on metformin but I'm afraid to take it cuz my chronic migraines make me so sick already….

No. 424177

Moved to >>>/g/117176.

File: 1434512457983.jpg (796.37 KB, 975x739, Painting_2_Sleep-to-Dream.jpg)

No. 10376[Reply]

Discuss dreams/nightmares you've had,recurring themes or symbols, lucid dreams, your interpretations of other anons' dreams, etc.

I often have dreams where I am shopping, and I wake up pissed off because
>didn't actually buy anything
>have no money to buy anything
>what I bought in my dream probably doesn't even exist irl
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No. 414940

File: 1558931220598.png (Spoiler Image, 281.38 KB, 537x248, fdesfd.png)

Funny thing this thread got necro'ed, cause I had this weird kinda kboo dream today and I wanted to tell someone but I don't have anyone to tell it so here we are.

I dreamt that I was watching a mamamoo concert and I think they were performing "Yes I am" and I think they were in Japan, not sure.

Anyway, at a given moment of the song, everyone kinda removed their dresses in a "domino effect" way, revealing underneath bikinis, like the first pic. But then Hwasa straight up shows up in the second pic, but in red, and everyone in the crowd went apeshit, for better or worse lmao

She also had a "You're the best" era short hair, but in black, so she was looking really good.

Don't remember anything else from it, though lmao

No. 415021

I don't know but that is a very sad dream.

No. 415896

Last night's dream really gave me mixed feelings.
Before I start, I've got to say that I've been struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts lately, so that's most likely the cause.

Basically in my dream I was in my room, sleeping in my bed, then I woke up and decided to kill myself. I grabbed what looked like a dagger, and pushed it right in my heart. The dream tried to create a "painful" feeling in my chest, but it wasn't very successful so I didn't feel much physically.
I took out the dagger from my chest and put it away, and saw the blood starting to come out of the wound. My first reaction was panic and regret: I was thinking "What I've done, now I'm going to die, I have to wake up my mom and tell her to call an ambulance asap" and was facing a feeling of strong shame in having to walk up to my mom and let her see that I tried to kill myself. I was also worried for my sister, didn't want her to suffer.
Then at some point I got over it and decided to lay down in my bed and wait for death. I started thinking "How long does it take to die? I'm sick of waiting".

No. 415939

One time, I binge watched Buster Keaton stuff, took a nap right after, and my dream was in black and white. Cool shit.

No. 424172

The craziest dream ive ever had mustve been one i saw ages ago where i saw something looking like galaxies and apparently they were the final destination of everything, either i felt that in my bones or something in the dream told me that, I cant really remember. Anyway, dreams sure can induce in me a certain feeling of overwhelmedness or fear that i could never reach in real life.

File: 1434856228596.jpg (56.92 KB, 300x300, babby toast.jpg)

No. 155927[Reply]

post ur fav plushies
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No. 424020

File: 1561042997698.jpg (49.32 KB, 500x499, tumblr_inline_p1q4omhzLJ1skqdc…)

These are so fucking cute

No. 424046

File: 1561046423237.jpg (65.76 KB, 600x600, rBVaVVziVh-AG7grAAEtfjiS4iU938…)


I got my paycheck in about a week and uuuuh fuck I kinda want them. They are so pure.

No. 424083

Yes! I followed her since her tumblr days and have wanted to talk to her for so long but I just never did lol. She's into a lot of stuff I don't care for anymore, but I still love her posts, she always finds such cute stuff. I actually dug a little far into her twitter for this pic so I wonder if it's weird to ask about a post so old LOL

fuuuuuuck anon those are so cute!! I particularly like my bread dog because he's not stuffed to be stiff, he's so squishy and fun to knead, I love squeezing him.

No. 425098

The egg toast guy popped up on my country's ebay to my surprise, so my bf got him for me! I'm pretty thrilled about it; it's VERY difficult to acquire anything where I live without exorbitant shipping fees.

No. 425792

So happy for you anon! Give him lots of love for me!

File: 1526770152876.jpg (80.65 KB, 498x586, 117646614588.jpg)

No. 251022[Reply]

I don't know if this is the place for such a thread or if this thread is even allowed, but I'm curious. Did anyone here ever follow the "glamfur" craze in the early 2000s that was all over the place on deviantart and such? I loved the characters as a teen and the drama was always out there for everyone to see and constant, it was hilarious.

I have tons of pics from that era if anyone is interested.
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No. 415747

File: 1559102616557.jpg (64.18 KB, 392x807, nurse_leech_37564_zpsezii0zwh.…)

No. 417569


These are so cute! Who is the artist?

No. 418069

That was Kur

No. 423867

File: 1561002555571.jpg (132.9 KB, 447x450, dj7uzr-59ceb706-0655-45c0-aa6c…)

anyone know the drama between roux and jisuk? was one of the only times i saw roux being a bitch

No. 423960


do tell! this drama completely passed me by, but I'm very interested. not even the drawing seems familiar, so I hope somebody can supply information.

roux got rather cunty after some time of e-fame got to her head, I remember rather aloof lifejournal entries made by her back in the day (she seems to be alright now though?)

File: 1556224770444.jpg (57.32 KB, 968x681, eddie-redmayne-danishgirl.jpg)

No. 402655[Reply]

I know we have gender critical shit, but I wanted to make a thread about troons. More specifically friending a troon. I moved into an apartment last year and my next door neighbor is a troon. We started to hang out after I got locked out of my apartment and she let me stay at her place before the locksmith arrived. We relate to each other because we play Splatoon and sometimes go out together.

Are you friends with a troon? Do you hang out with a troon? Is the troon normal or some militant hon?
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No. 422415

Has anyone had an experience with being friends with a pre-t ftm and then them becoming an abusive and angry person after being on t? Is this a symptom of testosterone therapy or was the case of my friend an anomaly?

No. 422422

This isn't uncommon at all, anon. Violent crime rates are far higher among ftms on testosterone than any other group of women. I myself had experience with this personally. I was friends with an ftm who was already very unstable then once they got on testosterone, they were crazy and aggressive on another level. Talking regularly about shooting tons of people, destroying road signs in hopes it would cause an accident, and a girl even said they sexually assaulted her.

No. 422480

Thanks for the response anon. I’m sorry about your friend, it’s really disappointing seeing that happen to someone you are close to. I’ve know several ftms, and have been friends with two, we began our friendships long before they came out to me. One of them was also accused of sexual assault, verbally abused me and cut themselves off from everyone, all post testosterone. Another I think is a self hating lesbian, always chastised me for my sexual activity when we were younger, after taking t theyve said they are poly and constantly she constantly talks about sex on her Instagram. I’m talking everyday posts asking if anyone wants to hook up with her. I feel like the side effects of hormone therapy especially testosterone on women need to be talked about a lot more, “informed consent” clinics don’t talk about the side effects enough and neither do the doctors that prescribe hormone therapy. I feel like lots of these people are going to regret this for the rest of their lives

No. 422574

i made friends with an ftt and i'm starting to see the difficulties. she's so nice and it was easy to tell she was a woman as soon as i met her. we have a few hobbies in common and we enjoy playing a game together. i met her friends about a week ago and they randomly bring attention to how they call themselves he/they pronouns and 'eggs'. i've never reacted to it so they probably think i'm a plain boring girl. they don't really talk to me outside of my friend and don't make effort to do back and forth when i do talk to them. they make excuses to leave after she does.

she seems pretty stable for a troon and she never explicitly brings up her transness. she never talked about her personal life and doesn't expect me to pity her. honestly, i think it's only because of the clique-y crap she identifies as a man. should i stay with her and enjoy our mutual hobbies or do you think her friends will get in the way?

No. 422575

Yup he wanna smash

File: 1535805020371.jpeg (48.34 KB, 445x401, 19FC0FE8-99A1-474D-8972-B45C8E…)

No. 288706[Reply]

Anyone else here hate dogs? They are disgusting, I don’t care what anyone says.
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No. 414177

Not really. Though selfish and lazy people usually have a problem taking care of themselves, so I see why having to stick to a schedule in order to train an animal might prove to be difficult/inconveniencing.

No. 414326

this is just stupid. dogs don't have a desire to shit in the house. even an older dog or puppy mill rescue can be paper and or housetrained within a week or two. of course, this requires that you pay attention to them and not ignore them while, say, you spend your time posting bullshit. but you go off.

No. 422518

Once I was biking by a highway and a pitbull ran across 4 lanes of busy traffic, almost causing a crash to try to kill me and bite my leg. I was able to keep it off but I was too scared to bike for years. Fuck I hate pitbulls, the ugly bastards. Women get them to feel like victims and it pisses me off.

No. 422535

I adore my dog, but he’s an incredibly easy outlier and I still view him as just a dog. He came to me super easy, I didn’t train him. He’s still gross and dumb and taking him outside to poop/pee is annoying even though he does it immediately.

I know someone who is a “dog person” and she drives me fucking nuts. She’s one of those bitter childfree people that calls them ‘crotchfruit’ and shit like that (it’s embarrassing and comes off like sour grapes). I’m vehemently childfree myself and I actively dislike babies but I’m not shitty about it. She takes her dog to the dog park daily and gushes about how wonderful he is and constantly posts pics; ironic considering she bitches about parents doing the same. She worries about him being ‘lonely’ or sad for ridiculous periods of time and tries to bring him fucking everywhere with her. Restaurant with outside seating? What do you mean I can’t bring my incredibly badly behaved dog??? She was at some festival recently and he stole food from 2 strangers and she thought it was “lol so funny!”
My dog wouldn’t pull that shit in a million years and I still wouldn’t bring his dumbass out with me places. One day he was aggressive at day care and had to be in a separate pen from the other dogs playing and she cried how sad he must be watching the other dogs play…. like??? Wtf stop personifying your goddamn animal!!

No. 422564

Shit that's so crazy and really scary! I'm sorry that happened to you. Pitbulls are violent af, and they just look wrong. I wish their popularity would die down and that they would be bred out of existence.

File: 1431385964630.png (3.49 MB, 2166x1200, hanayNO.png)

No. 5506[Reply]

>cosplays where the character they're attempting to cosplay is unrecognizable
>cosplays that don't suit the cosplayer regardless of quality (pic related)

but of course bad cosplays in general are welcome
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No. 422319

wtf is that deep, painful looking crease she has? It's like the skin didn't stretch there and created a band. She can't have a good quality of life.

No. 422331

File: 1560601251229.jpg (120.11 KB, 633x792, 40625402_330933010788256_53749…)

This girl caught my attention when I was looking for some Bayonetta cosplays on Insta. At first I thought that this was a troll account because the absolute garbage quality of her outfits are outstanding. Well at least she is trying and is a fan, I guess?

No. 422333

File: 1560601367370.jpg (132.13 KB, 1080x1350, 37906934_2084726525178530_1628…)

No. 422335

File: 1560601469112.jpg (203.79 KB, 799x999, 31966727_1661108273972422_1987…)

No. 422367

Damn, these are horrid. Nothing about these is even right.

File: 1555048096145.jpeg (384.62 KB, 940x788, B116CD82-893F-4D1D-B1FF-A5040B…)

No. 397814[Reply]

Do any other farmers find yourself going through periods of internet “rabbit holes” where you find yourself reading specific websites/watching vids related to a specific subject for days~weeks on end? What is your current “rabbit hole” and how did you find yourself there?
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No. 405596

i mean as someone who was cyberschooled for a while i can absolutely confirm that there are some absolute nutcases that enroll their children in homeschool programs. mostly religion freaks that have a problem with every little thing being taught, especially in science classes. we used to have to complete discussions every few weeks that would require you to research a topic more thoroughly, and there were quite a few students whose parents would rather they get a 0 on all these assignments than admit the india famines were real or some fuckshit. would not be surprised if these children were being horribly abused. I know there are also plenty of children here whose parents are control freaks and sit by their side 24/7, and would embarrass their child constantly when sperging out at teachers.

No. 408617

i've spent 5+ hours watching the marblelympics. i'll sound retarded saying this but the events and the lore are quite interesting

No. 409832

File: 1557823487356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.32 KB, 480x360, blowfly maggots.jpg)

I miss blowfly girl. I hope she's doing alright, I used to read her blogposts, I've found myself reading them again recently. She really interests me, this kind of eroguro/body horror/mutilation/sexual deviation stuff is very intriguing to me. She's maybe 40 now? She hasn't updated since early 2017. I really do hope she's alright.


No. 422219

File: 1560568013997.jpeg (358.77 KB, 1024x1024, BFDE3FE6-E77B-4AA4-B5F9-3EE977…)

I find photos of other people’s rooms interesting

Found this one of a meth addict that stole a phone

No. 422308

That's surprisingly aesthetic, it's like the non cutesy and authentic version of what Luna Slater tries to do to her rooms

File: 1552719628445.jpg (222.89 KB, 859x847, tumblr_pdw7y4F0Rp1uz3kvk_1280-…)

No. 387259[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 396911

Non-sensationalist source:
>The study will include two groups of gender dysphoric youth: one in the earliest stages of pubertal development to assess the impact of puberty suppression, and one in later stages of pubertal development to assess the impact of cross-sex hormones for gender transition.
>Specifically, in the earlier pubertal cohort (Tanner stages 2-3; n=80) the study will evaluate the impact on mental health, psychological well-being, physiologic parameters and bone health as well as document safety of GnRH agonists administered for puberty suppression.
>In the later pubertal cohort (Tanner stages 4-5; n=200) the study will evaluate the impact on mental health, psychological well-being, and metabolic/physiologic parameters, as well as document the safety of cross-sex hormones administered for gender transition.
The study doesn't aim to lower age of cross-sex hormones to 8, but to only administer GnRH agonists (to delay puberty) to Tanner stages 2-3 (usually age 9+) patients. Administration of cross-sex hormones is intended only for Tanner 4-5 patients (usually age 12+).
GnRH agonists are not cross-sex hormones.

Associated publications:
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC560Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 396916


Thanks, anon! I couldn't find an alternate journalistic source and debated posting it at all, but Michael Laidlaw himself seems to check out.

I came across the article when I fell down the Tavistock rabbit hole.

No. 396929

No. 422190

I went to a clothing optional gender mixed spa in the Netherlands some years ago. We fucked in the pool and caught another couple doing the same.

No. 422195

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