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File: 1631259703862.jpg (94.7 KB, 640x853, 5460662d6bd118658957b4409d995b…)

No. 905996[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

Previous mental impairments: >>>/ot/867542
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No. 915378

File: 1631924367291.jpeg (87.56 KB, 640x640, 9AF0E8E4-961D-45A9-9F51-77DB58…)

No. 915389

Short torso chadette.

No. 915403

In case anyone wants to know what’s the song of the Ankha dumbass video without having to look for the video.

No. 915425

>that comment section
fucking gross.

No. 915463

cool song. can't wait for porn and furries to be illegal and punishable by stoning

File: 1613301909945.jpg (252.08 KB, 1400x1400, vlcsnap_2020_02_20_09h19m12s04…)

No. 739039[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

previous thread >>>/ot/469216
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No. 915075

So I'm covering my store manager's vacation and I'm getting paid the rate of the next position above me while he's gone. I've also been the only assistant manager at my store for a few months even though we're supposed to have at least one other one. Can I use this to negotiate a full time raise in the near future? I've never asked for a raise before so I'm not even sure how I would go about it

No. 915082

hang out on fireyfemmes and look for threads where they talk about careers – these are women who are making bank in most cases and are serious about making their money work for them

No. 915224

That's a cool ass job, nonnie. You should try to find a mentor ASAP. I bet there'd especially be women who'd be willing to take a new member of the press under their wing. Even without, though, your employer saw your potential through your lack of experience, so don't worry too much about having to take some time to learn the ropes. They surely understand.

No. 915264

>United Nations
Oh god. My fucking sympathies, anon. God, you're gonna have to listen to so much fucking grandstanding and bullshitting. As for etiquette, just treat everyone as you would an elderly lady: be polite, but if there's something you want, be firm.

No. 915400

File: 1631926431466.jpg (536.13 KB, 640x4793, STEP 1 BUILD TESLA COILS AROUN…)

>United Nations

File: 1622784941520.png (1011.84 KB, 2118x782, reddithypocrisy.png)

No. 822499[Reply]

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Previous thread >>>/ot/729060
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No. 915382

File: 1631924834884.jpeg (138.39 KB, 642x607, 09565F85-B3A9-408D-80BB-4774AC…)

No, I will not download the app. I will not log in. I will not even make an account. I will not turn off Adblock. I'm just going to quit using Reddit .

No. 915385

>Thinking a simple grocery trip is deserving of applause.
He…he doesn't do a lot of housekeeping does he?

No. 915393

I'm taking it for acne now and it's been amazing for that purpose. I don't want to be on it but when I have pimples all over my face I feel so upset and defeated especially because I'm closer to 30 and don't want to deal with it anymore. Even my 3 placebo days is enough for a small breakout to happen but having the clearest skin I've had in well over a decade is very hard to give up. Idk what to do. I haven't felt any side effects so far.

No. 915422

I honestly wonder what their house even looks like. 'Cause if they don't have kids… that's a lot of food for two people.

No. 915424

I feel like that wasn't the point. Like he's not bragging about grocery shopping, he's laughing at how he bought a tonne of junk food and his wife is not happy. Which is trash behaviour too but a different kind, being the 'fun lenient dad' vs the 'strict nagging mother'.

File: 1630005637320.jpg (38.54 KB, 474x379, download.jpg)

No. 892755[Reply]

What ails you my nonnie?
Previous sins: >>>/ot/874172
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No. 915332

I'm one of the anons you quoted and I actually think just the <3 is cuter. I've never been banned for it, but if it's bannable then I'll stop doing it like that

No. 915337

With the way everything ended I think it would be best to leave her alone unless she reaches out first. Sorry for vagueness.

No. 915343

I think there are multiple anons posting about it, but I'm one of them. If "just the two of us. just me and Iggy" etc means anything to you, let me know.

No. 915353

Buster, trick, mark. You get it.

No. 915354

In general, all emoji are bannable, except that formatted heart. You didn't get banned because nobody bothered reporting you for that, but if they do it can happen.

File: 1594219235233.jpeg (43.46 KB, 660x370, 119959.jpeg)

No. 581191[Reply]

Since we have a thread similar to this(ugly women with hot men).

Let's discuss it here.
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No. 913928

The only thing that could possibly explain this shit is she was a massive scrubs fan growing up.

No. 913930

ew. love yourself

No. 913936

This guy's face always make me lose it
What's wrong with his eyes

No. 914300

she should've dated a different old scrote there's way better looking men in hollywood who're his age

No. 915265


I hate that fat fuck. And he had the audacity to cheat on her multiple times. At least she's dating Taylor now who is a considerable upgrade.

File: 1631759788792.jpg (66.08 KB, 824x720, 6e44fae997c692705f0c81793f6fb3…)

No. 913463[Reply]

Or favorite song. What does it mean to you? Why is it memorable? What made it stick with you?

First thread >>>/ot/660956
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No. 915208

File: 1631919498258.gif (4.41 MB, 512x512, SRUxpfL1Gb5s.gif)

Her love rains down on me easy as the breeze
I listen to her breathing it sounds like the waves on the sea

I was thinking all about her, burning with rage and desire
We were spinning into darkness the earth was on fire

She could take it back, she might take it back some day

So I spy on her, I lie to her, I make promises I cannot keep
Then I hear her laughter rising, rising from the deep

And I make her prove her love for me, I take all that I can take
I push her to the limit to see if she will break

She might take it back, she could take it back some day
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 915243

peep show title card

No. 915250

I wish I could make it easy,
easy to love me, love me

No. 915397

Visa and Mastercard have got me banned
Internet lolcows want me dead
Appalachian jews gave me a curse
How could things get any worse?
I'm a feeder
A sneeder
I fit a two-seater
Failed gardener
And a lolcow farmer

I'm worked up, I'm upset
I'm mad at the internet

I manage old autistic men
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 915409

Running under ground with the moles, digging holes

File: 1631344457988.jpg (61.1 KB, 727x744, 125d2a32de73200cf5701aa1670c82…)

No. 906804[Reply]

Do the dumb, dumdum

Previous dumbassery: >>>/ot/898344
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No. 915214

I'm Italian and I don't mind grapes with chicken but that's it. In general italian cuisine isn't big on sweet/savory combinations, I'll never forget the time I ordered a chicken salad on a Ryanair flight at 13 and it had fucking raisins in it. I have now learned that grapes are a common salad ingredient in other countries but at the time I was traumatized

No. 915215


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 915222

new thread


No. 915242

go with him, but run away so I can fuck up history

No. 915313

Show him modern technology and bully him so hard about how miniscule and pathetic his magic is compared to it, he flees back by himself, spending the rest of his life jealous and regretting being born in the wrong generation.

File: 1627717488898.jpg (97.46 KB, 1024x554, 739173692_70720e47f5_b.jpg)

No. 868290[Reply]

Post words that you like - it could be because of the meaning, the way it sounds, the way the letters look together, the cultural significance, anything! They don't have to be in English btw
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No. 914968

Nom de plume

No. 915021


No. 915095

I love the Indonesian word for library: perpustakaan. It sounds like “purr-poos-tah-kah-an. It’s very fun to say especially when you roll your tongue.

No. 915165


No. 915200


File: 1623335020739.jpeg (602.19 KB, 1125x1075, 6981D2D5-5728-40A0-8AA1-FCAD19…)

No. 827021[Reply]

it continues. post funny caps from fellow farmers itt. try not to repost the same thing twice kudasai, keep sperging to a minimum, and enjoy.

>>731684 - third edition
>>638051 - second edition
>>589875 - first edition
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No. 915199

File: 1631919143084.png (120.57 KB, 999x594, Screenshot_20210917-183708~2.p…)

No. 915223

based and whitepilled

No. 915255

No. 915301

lol what thread?

No. 915364

Vent thread

File: 1606792741857.jpg (23.2 KB, 450x320, businesswoman-cris-dans-megaph…)

No. 685198[Reply]

>Just had an argument with someone and didn't come back with your best insult but want to say it anyone?
>Someone at work piss you off but you can't say it to their face?
>Boyfriend/girlfriend being a fucking jerk?
>parent pissing you off?

Get it off your chest right now!!!! Rants or one liners are welcome.

Adhere to /ot/ rules and try not to be too gc/pp (if it's your personal experience it's fine). Do not address large demographics/groups of people! (Fatties/Ana/races/trannies/egirls)This shit must be specific to a person or personal group of people. Don't respond to other people's shit. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
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No. 909261

i have essentially a stalker that was just a guy i made out with and promised sex to like 4 years ago but never went through with it. he makes burner accounts to try to contact me after i blocked him on everything and has found me in obscure ways like my fucking inactive youtube account with zero uploads. scrotes are relentless. he was hot though so maybe a missed opportunity.

No. 909281

File: 1631487379153.jpg (112.17 KB, 563x553, f0a95be675b103b99ad15ae470bbea…)

I'm super scared of the farmhand pulling the plug on this site
I love lc so much, my life isn't going to be the same

No. 909297

it wouldn’t be the farmhands doing it, first of all

No. 909674

Sometimes I get paranoid my ex fiancé knows my Google password or any of them. He knew one of them and I'm constndtly getting my passwords leaked somehow lol u can understand why I love lolcow a place with no passwords or post history

No. 915190

File: 1631918594818.jpg (32.91 KB, 750x731, b893649c-6966-44f4-89f8-c5a70f…)

You deserve it. You knowingly went in, unprepared and lazy. I told you many many times the things needed to do, when moving into new apartment, but you kept putting it off..

You asked me to help you move, and I asked you what time. Several times. You told me and I took that time off of WORK. People at my job scheduled meetings around the time that I took off. AND THEN IT TURNS OUT YOU DIDN'T EVEN BOOK THE MOVE-IN TIME WHICH MEANS YOU COULDNT MOVE IN AT THE TIME YOU TOLD ME TO TAKE OFF.

How can you care so fucking little about the people that volunteer to help you? You want me to come help you now after I did literally ALL of the move out work for you? I carried your boxes downstairs, you didn't do anything!! I literally can't believe you honestly now expect me to come help you after I spent the past few days doing everything for you.

You're the definition of mentally ill, "woe is me I'm disabled" helplessness that plagues tumblr. You don't have any respect whatsoever for anyone. You didn't. Even. Say. Thank you.

You're trash. But you know that, which is why you are so mentally ill. Of course you believe you have bpd. You're a fucking autist.

I'm so glad you're out of my house now. I owe you no obligation to help you do anything anymore, you didn't even pay rent here.

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