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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1590514492087.jpeg (83.86 KB, 1125x180, 87CE5876-40B2-444B-A206-503AF3…)

No. 558860[Reply]

“Safe haven” for mainly African-American women and women of the African diaspora.

The forum users, or “fonts” if you will; mainly discuss how whitey is evil, accuse female celebrities of being closet troons, witchcraft, and being a strong black woman/self empowerment.

It should be noted that the site has very racist and colorist undertones in regards to their user base while going to other sites like 4chan, Reddit and maybe Lolcow then coming back reeeing about “muh discrimination” for asspats and victim points.

Discuss the good, the bad, and the lulzy:
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No. 559764

Even KF has better milk

No. 559842

Kek no it doesn’t, even if it did ..the sites user base makes any milk not worth reading on there

No. 559883

i respectfully disagree once you learn the site there is literally a thread about almost anyone you can think of so you can spend hours on there. Whereas here its the same tired camgirls from years ago who no one except people who visit this site/are in the circles give a fuck about. some threads on here are dope but they are so slow and they got rid of some of the milkiest threads to be on cough manhate cough or just censor them until they become shadows of their former glory. Idk man something weird happened with this site and its no longer as fun. I still visit but it lost its spunk and i hope it regains it

No. 559888

very true anon. once you read the classic threads here you're kind of done. literally nobody but us cares about shayna and the only active threads are those populated by people who use that thread and that thread alone like the bonelords and kpopfags. It's truly lost its spark

No. 560008

>Actually using the Karen meme

File: 1588719746339.jpeg (73.48 KB, 500x359, 0E263BDA-E038-4566-9703-9FBC47…)

No. 550661[Reply]

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread:
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No. 560002

This shit looks very passive aggressive, maybe that's why it enrages you. The picture speaks for it self honestly, but the message is also about how that twitter retard seems to know so much about you more than yourself. And I agree with >>559955

No. 560004

The author of the tweet is taking a meaningless/benign action such as not replying to their text in what they consider a timely manner and then projecting their own issues/neurosis onto it. Tbh it just reads like the same shit you see on r/niceguys, it's a way to protect their own ego from suffering the horrible pain of someone taking too long to respond.

No. 560015

update: all my scales are saying ~138 now. I've concluded it was some kind of bizarre coincidental error in all of them. Or I'm possessed.

kek it's not as weird as it sounds anon. My parents have an old one we keep in the basement, a nice one they bought to replace it, and one I bought when I moved out for college.

No. 560020

realistically there was probably a big difference in food and water weight that caused it. There's no reason to believe three scales had the same error at the same time imo

No. 560043

Thanks. I see that there are RX 5000s GPUs on sale but I don't feel like cashing out that much for them. Crusader Kings 3 doesn't have high requirements and that's the only game I'm looking forward to.
I hope you get a better GPU soon. Even a second hand rx 570 goes as low as 100 eur. I even thought about ordering it from Aliexpress because in my country prices are even higher than elsewhere, but I wouldn't take the risks.

File: 1482962330074.jpg (67.63 KB, 640x960, 93ee5731-cc9c-4eea-8fba-2c226b…)

No. 173978[Reply]

I looked through the catalog and didn't find one (forgive me if there is and I missed it) so I thought I'd make one. Post recipes, cooking tips, talk about cooking, etc.

I'll start. I'm pretty young (recently turned 18) and have only been cooking for a couple years. I learned because no one else in my family knew how to cook and it turned into one of my favorite pastimes. I particularly love baking deserts and cooking Asian recipes such as Thai chicken.

Pic is raspberry cheesecake that I saw on google.
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No. 559840

Omg anon pls try it I literally yelled YUMMMM when I first tried it

No. 559965

i've been starting to eat more low carb meals and at first it seemed like it'd be one of the hardest decisions because i grew up in a amexican merican household and all we ate was carbs up the ass; rice, pasta, corn, beans… but it's been turning out to be not as difficult as i thought!

thank god for youtube, although most of the low carb recipe videos were made by completely insane weirdos, like ketofocus, i found videos from people who know what's good, like lowcarbingasian.

No. 559978

Lol I've never heard of ketofocus but I followed Ketoconnect's butter chicken recipe today and it was good! However, I halved the amount of cream and it was still too much. 1/2 cup half and half or even coconut milk is what I'm gonna do next time.

FlavCity by Bobby Parrish has keto recipes and also informational videos where he talks about ingredients to look for and what to avoid

No. 559995

Or you could just drop the bread and the tortilla

No. 559996

coincidentally i rarely ever eat tortillas so that was the easiest thing to drop, the hardest was potatoes, rice, and corn and my boyfriend loves that shit too

File: 1590244527718.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x500, b201a21ba185fb456d622e5c33cffc…)

No. 557246[Reply]

Sometimes you see your own mistakes in a cow and can't help but sympathise. (so you can stop shitting up shayna's thread with your suggestions).
>Who do/did you want to see better themself
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No. 559658

Probably Luna, you can tell that underneath all of the grime she's genuinely an interesting and unique person. Plus we had a very similar upbringing, it's really not easy to come out of that and be a stable human being. There's a lot of stuff to criticize her for but acting like her parents are victims of her is so fucking stupid.

No. 559681

File: 1590619529751.jpg (38.82 KB, 384x512, taylor.jpg)

TND: she's had problems with her family as a kid and had to deal with her heroin junkie ex who ruined her. If she never met Johnny she'd still be as young and pretty as she was just a couple years ago. I think if she rehomed many of her animals, went to addiction counseling and made friends with other YouTubers/social media girls she'd be able to grow up and be her own person finally

No. 559726

lol no

No. 559734

She was using hard drugs before Johnny though…

No. 560053

U don't know kenna's level of delusion that will get worse the older she gets

File: 1558933655326.jpg (1.84 MB, 1575x2362, National_Dried_Milk.jpg)

No. 414947[Reply]

Did your favorite cow vanished from the face of the internet?
Or maybe her milk just dried up?

Vent here about your favorite (ex?) cows, throw some tinfoils around of where they are and why they disappeared, if they'll make a comeback or not, who's the next missing cow, the likes.

Examples: Our queen Pixy, Felice Fawn, Kaka, Orange Citrus, Ashley Isaacs, Bunny Alexander, Ashe (the skin bleaching chick), Ahripop,Charms, so on and so forth.
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No. 559631

File: 1590614540724.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x375, 1432047771593.jpg)

She's the only cow I actually knew prior to finding lolcow, I've always been interested in her life and style more than milk though.

I also miss all the J-vloggers. Again, more interested in their lives than milk because I'm a weeb. I don't really follow youtubers or use social media or anything so lolcow is the one place I catch up on online personalities these days.

No. 559636

she didn't recently delete a lot of stuff, she did that ages ago

No. 559640

File: 1590615607482.jpg (16.41 KB, 206x275, 1458059541705.jpg)

She also did delete stuff recently, now both her Kayla Day and Ginger Bronson eras are gone sort of.

My biggest hope is that she lost all that weight, she's actually quite beautiful without the fat and could've had a decent career in modelling if she hadn't ballooned up.

No. 559662

File: 1590618295555.jpg (69.39 KB, 275x275, 1488662479550.jpg)

I miss Skyleigh/ahripop's trqnsrace bullshit, UI thought it was so funny

No. 559732

File: 1590624003194.jpeg (334.72 KB, 584x651, 855EB2E1-1C59-4AC6-A915-75689E…)

I miss Kayla’s threads so much…they cracked me the hell up.

She’s most likely doing just fine in her mommy’s mansion rn, I wonder when /If she’ll come back and how she’ll change up her backstory this time

File: 1590530753988.jpg (13.83 KB, 235x249, cow.jpg)

No. 558996[Reply]

Counterpart to this thread:

Post any character from any media source that you would deem as lolcow worthy or milky
Vendetta rules still apply, don't post a character just because you hate it, post it because they would for sure be cringy and entertaining

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No. 559621

File: 1590612762478.jpg (26.45 KB, 380x355, picrelated_.JPG)

i hate how i agree to this

also i think kirito belongs here

No. 559630

File: 1590614501751.jpg (51.15 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMzgxMjIwYjUtM2M2ZC00OWMxLW…)

Both Dennis and Dee Reynolds from It's Always Sunny tbh. Dennis gets a thread for his incel sperging and then constantly comes here to defend himself, which results in more sperging. Dee gets a thread for the cringy shit that she does, like her highlight reel and trying to pass herself as a classy sexy woman when she's clearly not. Mac, Charlie, and Frank are cows too but I don't see them ever venturing into our territory.
If he was older and female, then yes.

No. 559633

There would definitely be a patheticgirl43 thread kek

No. 559697

But Dennis is a massive slut

No. 559705

Incel is a state of mind

File: 1580757426731.jpeg (184.07 KB, 502x767, 357DBDD3-CB28-4EBC-BC16-262BA0…)

No. 510176[Reply]

Previous thread: >>481484
A thread to let out your annoyance about topics/things that completely or mildly bother you. Express your anger ladies!
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No. 559584

No? I'm a CSA victim too and there's no hate or blame in my post. Just trying to shine a light on why a partner often avoids intimacy in this situation, the emotional fallout can be too much for everyone involved and the behaviors after sex can mimic bpd, panic attacks, clinging, crying, attachment issues and not being able to soothe the unsettling feelings that it brings up.

I'm two years into therapy and I now see the knock-on effect my trauma had on partners, I was overwhelmed at the time and didn't see it.

No. 559588

I think you might be onto something here, anon.
Before we were dating, just in the talking phase, he was telling me that he used to get up to a lot of 'bad things' online, and I asked him about it and he refused to tell me because he didn't want me to judge him. I wouldn't ever. Anyways, I don't bring it up because I don't want him to get uncomfortable.

Ah jeez, that hits pretty close to home. I'm exactly like that after anything sexual, even with someone I love. It has driven me to do some very attention seeking behaviour and bad behaviour, like self harming just to make him feel bad about it. I feel terrible just typing that out. But yeah.
Also, I wish you lots of luck on your journey. I hope you can get better and better, anon.

No. 559614

Imo I wouldn't assume too much about his past, he might have just meant that he used to look a lot of porn that he's now ashamed of.

It's really good that you're looking for a therapist, because at the end of the day that's what you need. It can be frustrating that your partner can't be everything for you, I have a very supportive boyfriend and even he will sometimes say when things are crossing into therapist territory and he doesn't know what to say or how to help. But also it's good that he knows his limitations, because he doesn't have a psychology degree and it's unhealthy for your partner to become your parent.

But also for this to work you both have to treat each other like fully grown adults. You need to not try to use threats of self harm or promiscuity to manipulate him or use sex with him as a form of self harm, and he needs to make it clear how much he is open to talking to you about this and needs to respect your autonomy when you tell him that you're fine you know you want.
This stuff is really hard, but it gets better with time.

No. 559635

I am usually a superstitious person with things like starsigns and luck to a degree but those 'witches' on tiktok make me cringe.
I laugh so hard everytime someone leaves a troll comment. Especially 'ooh shiver me timbers' on a video about curses.

No. 559704


holy shit haha this just reminded me of this hilarious ass crackhead witch tiktok i saw a few weeks ago. i wish i could find it but basically it was some white wook showing childlike scribbles on notebook paper saying "actually these aren't a kids drawing or scribbles, this is an ADVANCED spiritual language only those on advanced and ascended wavelengths can understand". and she was completely serious too. i laughed so hard. tfw2intelligent to understand scribbles

File: 1519823226890.jpg (51.31 KB, 599x252, 1513347678435.jpg)

No. 231531[Reply]

Are there any types of mental illnesses you steer clear away from people for having? Not the really hardcore shit like psychopathy or sociopathy, but things that people would label you as ableist for refusing to get close to someone for having.

I've been burned too many times by people with Borderline (or who check off every symptom if they're undiagnosed). The disorder is literally just a cluster of toxic traits. They're simply not capable of being healthy people to have in your life. One of the traits of the disorder is that they will act totally obsessed with you then drop you abruptly for little to no reason, usually in a really dramatic OTT way. I just can't deal with someone who has a personality disorder that is defined by a trait like that. It stays with me for years when people pull that shit and now when people are super enthusiastic about our friendship, I get worried they're going to do that. Even when they don't even have BPD. And don't even get me started on the other traits involved with that disorder.

I also can't deal with people who have EDs, whether it's one involving weight loss or weight gain. It would be one thing if they only applied their deluded view of weight to themselves, but they almost always have to drag other people into their sickness. I want nothing to do with someone who tries to make me feel like a fat sack of lard when I'm a twig. Or who insists I look better overweight than I did at a healthy size.

People with depression issues who can't get their shit together. I fall into this category, but am working hard to get out of it. I can't be around hyper-negative people who complain about their problems constantly and let their mindset cripple them long-term from any advancement, especially when I'm fighting to NOT be like that. I also don't like feeling like my main purpose in someone's life is to be the person they dump everything on.

Autists. I know this one is just mean, but being friends with them is painfully awkward. You have to be uncomfortably blunt because they don't get even the most obvious hints, plus they tend to have no filter and say incredibly mean and/or offensive shit. I'm always so anxious about introducing my autistic friends to people because they pretty much always embarrass the fuck out of me. Here's just a few of the gems of examples I have of them doing so:
>to friend with acne issues upon first time meeting her Wow, your skinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 558506

nta but they exist
that's enough

No. 558517

My friends group was having a little art contest to have something to do during quarentine. This was by no means a big deal, just a fun thing that only like 10 people were participating in and the winner gets a cute little doodle of whatever fictional character they want. There was a rule against using digital mediums that like half of us broke because it wasn't clearly stated. The girl overseeing the contest made a post clarifying it to the group FB page and apologized for the confusion. It was not a big deal.

In comes the sperg, who wasn't even participating in the contest, but insisted on being in the group so he could watch. He makes a post ranting about how ~obviously~ digital mediums wouldn't be allowed because they're sooo easy to take shortcuts with. It's just common sense! How could you not at least ask??? He drags it on for several posts, basically calling us stupid and rude in several painfully pretentious ways. I comment and gently explain that tons of art contests let you do digital and it's really not that crazy that we thought it would be allowed. He responds back, going on about how he refuses to apologize for having more common sense than me and a whole bunch of shit about how rude we are.

I've seen him around my friend's FB pages quite a few times. He's one of those cringey red pill types who complains about everyone being oversensitive, while he gets triggered over the craziest shit. He once went off the deep end over some anime he likes having the sexualization of a 14 year old character censored out in the English version.

No. 558643

Haha yeah! And a lot of them are undiagnosed too so they deny anything is wrong with them, and the lack of self awareness about ANYTHING is real.
I notice a lot of them like sperg/ have weird habits with food and drinks too. Freaking out over slightly undercooked/ overcooked meat, putting day old tea in the fridge and microwaving it the next day, eating day old fast food, seriously wtf.

No. 559198


i noticed this too. i once went inside a spergs house and her entire sink was filled with used plastic bags for thawing out meat in the microwave that she would reuse for months, but she didn't wash them immediately so they'd just stink and build up in her sink. she also constantly made elaborate ass meals but never ate them and insisted on ordering food everyday instead. disgusting

No. 559513

Never open up with a borderline. Like, ever.
They can act super loving and caring and put up the good face, making you feel so loved and safe that you can always tell them anything but the moment you want to talk to them about something, they get on their pissy toes and start to scream that you're the wrong one, using those intimate things you told them against you like the elementary school kids they are in maturity. I've yet to hear a borderline saying "sorry" because they actually feel sorry and not because they need to feel better themselves about the situation.
Also, MPD. I know it's rare but its just larping ocs going too far

File: 1454070630182.jpg (47.34 KB, 800x600, baby sun.jpg)

No. 64888[Reply]

Talk about nice/cool things that happened to you (whether 5 minutes ago or 10 years ago)

Find $20 on the ground? Period finally stopped? Person you absolutely hated finally got hit by a car? Absolutely anything that made you feel good/happy.
454 posts and 93 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 559376

Update on him if anyone cares haha! Been training him 20-40 minutes everyday, with basic commands such as sit, come, lay down and he has become super well-behaved in a relatively short time. Still gotta practice on leash walking and dog encounters but it all seems to be falling into place now which makes mesooo happy. He seems to have calmed down and he also trusts me a lot more now which makes me incredibly happy

No. 559454

i had an incomplete for a course but my professor gave me an assignment i could do to finish it. it took a week to finish but i did it so i'm officially done with the semester!
my sister's baby is due tomorrow and i've been quarantining for a month (we weren't sure when the baby was coming) and i'm excited to help take care of my niece and help my sister and her family for a while, then go back to seeing my girlfriend and do my own grocery shopping.

No. 559501

File: 1590600756950.gif (46.52 KB, 500x360, pixel-gif-money-6.gif)

I had such a hard time finding a salaried job out of college and became a depressed mess for 2 years, finally turned things around this year and I feel like I'm dreaming. I feel giddy when my weekly paycheck goes through. I want to dance every time! I just can't believe the number in my bank account keeps going up!!!!

No. 559502

so happy for u !!!!! ur amazing keep it up!!!

No. 559610

Proud of you!! Inspirational for me

File: 1575539406008.jpg (94.5 KB, 1024x1001, ONLINE-10[3].jpg)

No. 490893[Reply]

Sekrit plans for world domination, sekrit klubz, government coverups and experiments, mods anti-Braco agenda, etc., etc..

Pizzagate talk is welcome!

547 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 557367

Yu-Gi-Oh! The virtual filler arc

No. 559472

I'm not sure if this should go here, in the celebrity thread or in the crime thread but after watching Cheer on Netflix I went to the reddit hoping for fun memes, but instead I found a theory that Navarro College did the documentary as an opportunity to clean up their reputation and search results, because in 2018 it came out that a a volunteer coach sexually abused some of the male cheerleaders.
Obviously tw https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/cheerleader-sues-navarro-college-over-alleged-sexual-assault-texas/

I don't think that the whole series was made with that in mind, but I'm suspicious that it was an additional factor for the college agreeing to do it and feel like they must have leveraged with the production team to make sure it wasn't brought up at all. Monica's act of publicly supporting Lexi seems more calculated now, as does her whole thing about her team being a safe place for kids who have troubled lives. The series covered so many aspects of sexual abuse but never mentioned the scandal? That's some biased journalism right there.

No. 559488

File: 1590599315197.jpeg (129.97 KB, 1125x421, 506E2DBE-85A5-4FAE-B493-083E13…)

They really don’t want a Penn State scandal, topkek

Edit: you can’t make this shit up!

No. 559494

The big question is war with who….

No. 559498

This feels the The Good Place meets Black Mirror for people who hate social politics and philosophy.
Pleb tier.

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