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File: 1670261192777.jpg (51.61 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

No. 1433502[Reply]

Ask stupid answers, get stupid questions
Previous Thread- >>1416410
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No. 1438090

it's crazy looking at the way women describe their ugly ass boyfriends in such loving, adoring detail and then looking at the way moids describe us in comparison. nah, this is just humiliating.

No. 1438112

men would never compliment their non shaven gfs, they would shittalk her with the ''bros'' on leddit.

No. 1438114

Has anyone done an eyelash lift? How were the results? How long did it last? My lashes are fairly long but very straight, they always hit my glasses if I don’t curl them back a bit. Would a lash lift help?

No. 1438117

I had a woman going into the corner store ask me to watch her baby in a stroller outside for her while I was standing outside drinking a gatorade

No. 1438118

literally. you never see moids talk about womens stretch marks, body hair, tummy fat cellulite and other natural imperfections. the only time you see it discussed is either to fetishize or to insult women.

File: 1670545684338.jpg (165.81 KB, 1200x675, feral_cat_problem.jpg)

No. 1438031[Reply]

A thread to discuss the disdain around cats, their owners and cat culture in general.

Cat lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/1323616
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No. 1438092

I have a friend just like that. I love her, but damn, it's so uncomfortable being in her small apartment with several cats. Everything is covered in cat hair. I can't even find a dish in the cupboard that doesn't have cat hair somewhere on it (or even if I do, it will inevitably get hair on it from the ones floating around). She cleans the litterbox daily, but cats poop and pee more than once a day, so more often than not, it smells like cat piss and shit. I don't think cat owners can tell because they are used to it. Like we will be sitting together in her apartment, one of the cats comes and uses the litterbox, and now all I can smell is that, but it doesn't even register for her. And she shows me pics of them way too much. It's like when parents don't understand no one else is as interested in their kids as they are. They are cute but they aren't THAT cute. They look the same as the first time she showed me. I just have to grin and give fake "awww"s and hope the video of her cat doing nothing isn't too long.

No. 1438096

NTA but I had a friend I was close to before she moved who found a cat in a dumpster, so she saved it which was nice. she never trained the cat however, so I would come over to have coffee and the cat would attack my feet and try to bite me. Her entire arms and hands were covered in cat bites and scratches and she just accepted it instead of training the cat. Havent seen her in a year, but she good luck to her.

No. 1438102

>bring birds into the house that weren’t dead
That's awful considering that most of them will die a slow and painful death from their injuries and bacterial infection. Also, bell collars are ineffective. Cats learn to walk silently with them and birds rely more upon visual cues to avoid predation. Cats just can't be allowed to free-roam.

No. 1438107

Exactly. bell collars do nothing to protect the birds. Just dont let your shit cat outside.

No. 1438115

Wtf that's horrible. Cat bites and scratches are nasty. It makes me think of that old video where that cat attacked a babysitter because she accidentally knocked a glass off the table.

File: 1669118417272.jpeg (104.22 KB, 1200x630, 1_kyjHkSF7oO5iGrMuu_IXRw.jpeg)

No. 1417602[Reply]

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?

Previous thread >>1291087
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No. 1437854

and I bet you she stayed with him

No. 1437861

It's funny because they're proving that this is a phase
Though it is worrying to see how many of them went the tomboy/trans phase change into that weird hyper sexual feminine phase

No. 1437868

Why is the first girl outside with just a bra? Why does another one have her nipple almost out? What the fuck is that shitty lipsynching? I feel bad for that worker who got filmed without permission.

No. 1438049

The second girl talks like she has no fucking teeth.

No. 1438067

men are like barn animals. I dont want one in my bed

File: 1668043605997.jpg (122.1 KB, 561x1000, borzoi.jpg)

No. 1402689[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1374929
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No. 1437500

Deep cut!

No. 1437927

File: 1670540429006.jpg (200.91 KB, 980x481, moids.jpg)

I hate moids and I hate the patriarchy. They are literally indoctrinating girls to have bad visuospatial skills.
Men be manipulating.

No. 1437988

This is a weird one, but I hate when someone eats something with tomato/red sauce and it stains the corners of their mouths. Why is it staining your skin? Creepy. And it makes them look like children who can't eat properly.

No. 1438040

Normies are the moids of the internet. Or maybe moids are the normies of the world.

No. 1438044

I'm white and I've literally never had this problem, but my older brother always did growing up, it's fucking nasty. I always lick my lips/wipe with a napkin after every bite when eating messy food though.

File: 1670077649353.jpg (170.53 KB, 500x649, dUMB nonny only.jpg)

No. 1431005[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/1423780
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No. 1438026

The little one scares me

No. 1438029

which time was that

No. 1438032

File: 1670545693351.jpg (67.15 KB, 797x749, moiderino.JPG)

newfags are getting too bold making threads.

No. 1438043

there should be more hazing and bullying

No. 1438066

File: 1670547156187.png (642.33 KB, 1170x823, Leave-Britney-Alone.png)

leave me alone i want to binge watch Miami Vice without having to worry about the thread getting locked like the last time

File: 1669072676524.png (351.09 KB, 515x595, tinfoil x iasip.png)

No. 1417052[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

Previous threads:
#1 >>>/ot/369313
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No. 1437917

what is even happening

No. 1437942

transhumanism agenda. depopulation/forced infertility. making children wards of the state 1984 style. the great awakening, a great cull.

No. 1438027

File: 1670545549337.jpg (258.1 KB, 2000x1334, wp-content-1.jpg)

I don't want to post this in a conspiracy thread because this is not a conspiracy it's the actual truth but I know if I posted this in the vent thread anons would tell me to go here instead so here I am face recognition AI technology is harmful for women because
>It makes it easier for men to create revenge porn and deep fakes of women
>It makes it easier for men to track random women down and stalk them
the goal of those programs like picrel is to train these AIs and make them better at recognizing faces so it will be easier for them to do those things I mentioned earlier. It's horrifying that I'm seeing so many women playing around with these AIs. Are they not aware that in the end women are the ones who will get harmed by this?

No. 1438048

It's impossible to stop the technology so you might as well have fun. Also yeah all scientific development backfires on us, this has been the case since agriculture. Go anprim mode

No. 1438055

And you realized it just now?

File: 1670154041203.jpg (116.8 KB, 703x900, 1635455954811.jpg)

No. 1432030[Reply]

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life
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No. 1437935

One time I saw a hummingbird perched on a clothes line just hanging out.

No. 1437941

Had a $30 off promo on ubereats and one of my favorite restaurants had some 2 for 1 deals so I got two orders of noodles, two orders of spicy tofu and 2 milk teas that only cost me $3 tip. The only other time I've ordered from ubereats is when they also offered me $30 off.

No. 1437943

i love shitty food but same my body rejects it bad, last time i had boyardee ravioli i threw it up as soon as i was done

No. 1437958

I get calf cramps from stretching pretty often but I just got the worst one ever. Thought I was going to fucking die. And now I'm having pre-menstrual cramps, what the fuck.

No. 1437971

I decided to treat myself to a can of wine (trashy idc I don’t want a whole bottle) and there was a sale at the store so I got 2 of them to try, had a bunch of other groceries so I didn’t realize until now that the first one never scanned. I feel happy I saved 5 bucks by accidentally stealing clink clink to my canned rosé

File: 1651775357108.jpeg (1 MB, 1192x1426, 1651771220680.jpeg)

No. 1166213[Reply]

a thread to discuss the secret and sometimes blatant cases of pedophilia and other abuses of children in entertainment media, historical cases of abuse are also allowed

related threads
>Dan Schneider
>general tinfoil
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No. 1433344

Sorry, meant : about adult male seeing having sex with boys as not sinful in patriarchal countries.

No. 1433356

so continuing from the /m/ thread, "bacha bazi"(boy play) happens in my country Pakistan as well as Afghanistan, it used to commonplace acrross most of the greater middle east, in Central Asia, in Iran, MENA countries and the former regions of the Ottoman Empire, Communists helped end this practice in most of their countries but it still remains here
both young boys and girls are in constant danger, the only thing that protects is not morality but fear of repercussions, If a man rapes someone he doesn't have to worry about the police but he does have to worry about that person's family killing him or raping someone in his family to get even, so victims are often children of a lower social class or orphans(and we have many orphan refuges who have been separated from their families)

No. 1433364

I'm honestly convinced that Korea is worse than Japan. Both are shitholes are women, but Korea is such a tiny country, yet displays such insane levels of sexism. Who is okay with this? The men watching? the women/koreaboos defending it? Or the parents who sold their children into pedo slavery? It's all awful

No. 1433788

take your meds

No. 1437945

That documentary has been haunting since I viewed it a few days ago. The fact some kids are kept as student by the bus drivers who rape them. Interesting on how in a lot of patriarcal culture there is often pederastic relation between master ans students, even in highest social class. I hope the best for you and especially if you have male childrens in your family.
The whole ordeal Made me think about this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdlwWPI5TII . In Java there is Warok, men who hold special a spécial statue in community are believed to lose their power if they go with a woman. To help them around the house and be sex slaves, boys are send for a few years by their family to live with the man. In exange they learn the art of a specific Dance. The boys as adult retain a father son relation ship with the warok. On a side note 3 old filthy pigs trying to explain it s normal to fuck boys when you make vowes of chastity make me want to throw hands

File: 1670283309033.png (2.28 MB, 1200x720, 607.png)

No. 1433914[Reply]

Come join us for a pint down the pub nonnies, we can count the big bongs together and hate the next Prime Minister as usual.
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No. 1437903

i love my heated blanket so much, it's one of the best things i have ever bought. keeping me alive when it reached -5 last night. i also got a smaller electric heating pad to put on my chair. I second thermals too.

No. 1437910

other than the suggestions for thermals, layers, hot water bottles etc. i recommend a large thermos flask so you have constantly warm drinks to hand, just keep topping up. instead of frequently turning the kettle for your tea to only turn cold after a couple of minutes.
also, not the kind of suggestion people enjoy, but random spurts of aerobic activity like dancing or jumping jacks, really does help. as does spicy food (but NOT before the jumping jacks. careful now.)

No. 1437925

We’re all Scottish, I just moved away from my hellhole town about 5 years ago to central europe and every time I visit again everything seems a little worse.

Thanks all for the tips! I’ll go for a heated blanket

No. 1437939

does anyone else feel like all restaurants/cafes are way colder now? i feel like they’re not turning on the heat anymlrw

No. 1438068

>>they put something in it to prevent melting
Really? It never seems to work.

File: 1652927319982.jpg (87.4 KB, 736x689, 3134a29496f01185971266c0c2cad5…)

No. 1187321[Reply]

Good news only!

Previous thread: >>>/ot/867435
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No. 1433741

don't get me wrong, it was clumsy and imprecise and needs a lot of work, but after taking ballet classes for 3 months I finally managed a pirouette today when I tried it at home!

No. 1433861

that's really cool!

No. 1433925

i love that, nonny be spinning

No. 1437847

Spoke for a few hours with someone who gets (capital-i) It today! I think he thought we were on a date or something but I hope he doesn’t mind being friends because I have never met someone who understands the issues that have been plaguing me for the past few years in this way. I don’t feel as schizo anymore, I’m not the only one who thinks these things.

No. 1437926

Love that for u anon. Gathering my courage to take a dance class this coming year as well.
I hope the friendship works out for you! It’s lovely to be able to relate to someone. >>1433619
Nona is buying pizza for lc xmas party!

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