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File: 1598286748489.png (1.17 MB, 1180x1150, 1596426234484.png)

No. 613331[Reply]

A thread to talk and laugh at the manchildren, pickmes and furry kings/queens. Be as salty as you like.

-Hugboxing Fans / Fan wars
-"Is muh style."
-Glass walls of anxiety/depression defense
-Almost daily shitshows
-Huge yet Fragile Egos
-Pedo Defenders
-Mini Cows and Flakes
-Attention Whoring

Make sure to screencap.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 621754

Oh crap I remember this gross loser when I had a DeviantArt account,some people never change,his shitty garbage art barely changed.

No. 621757

is she still with that muslim kid that she was CLEARLY talking to/grooming before she turned 18?

No. 623854

From what I've heard through the grapevine they finally split, I'm assuming from the abuse.

No. 629503

Definitely wasn’t role playing. She didn’t talk about it openly, but she’d mention it now and again. She had event drawn some vent art relating to it, just the way she talked about it made it seem very real.

No. 634968

File: 1600661760859.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 256.99 KB, 2048x1563, Egnt4YPXYAAJR7j.jpeg)

(saged for potential necro + rant) One nsfw artist I can't stand for some reason is @Ms_Pigtails. They get nothing but asspats for shitting out drawings of ugly ass anime boys with birth giving hips.

How is this arousing? The rendering makes it look like the skin is made of spandex.

File: 1570554390073.jpg (64.07 KB, 683x1024, 35386224_874343166089442_82605…)

No. 470594[Reply]

Abbiamo visto thread brasiliani, lituani, francofoni ma ancora nessun italiano.
Cosa c'è di nuovo nella scena cosplay e mucche italiane? Che movimenti sorgono dalle fauci di quel gorgo che è la community italiana?
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No. 655206

Che palleeee

No. 655207

Che ha fatto Yotobi?

No. 655228

Imho secondo me Yotobi è sopravvalutato davvero tanto. Ci prova davvero e si vede che c'è molto impegno in ognuno dei suoi video, scrive tutto e ricordo di avergli sentito dire che ha letto molti libri per migliorare la sua commedia ma… non ha comedic timing. Non è "naturalmente divertente" come potrebbe essere Croix89 (che lo si può criticare ma qualche sorriso lo indubbiamente strappa senza nemmeno provarci, nelle lives etc.) E' uno di quegli youtuber che i ragazzini lodano alla "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Yotobi"

No. 657297

Si prende sul serio più di molti altri Youtuber italiani ma di fatto cosa si può fare in formato video che abbia successo per degli anni?
RayWilliamJohnson è sparito, Tobuscus è sparito, Fred è sparito, Filthy Frank ha cambiato formato

No. 660073

Si può ancora scrivere, dai dai

File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716[Reply]

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.
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No. 646428

M/F anal is pure degeneracy and I hate the way modern porn and media made it mainstream


A huge percentage of men who like getting pegged later troon out. No thanks

No. 646459

I think girls get it in their heads that they’d feel powerful and that it would make it sexy but in actuality, when you have that man bent over in front of you and you see how flat his ass is, how unappealingly his balls dangle from between his plank definitionless legs like a drooping sandbag, and the way the smell of shit and ass permeates the room after you get done stretching out his perma-coinslot hole… well not so sexy anymore. Pretty soon he’ll ask you to eat his ass and it’ll be the only way he wants to fuck.

No. 646463

I hate both versions. The idea of a man being pegged by a woman plus a woman having anal sex. We weren't given a vagina to have sex where our shit comes out.

No. 646465


To be honest, I was mostly referring to men fucking women in the ass, but yeah, both are disgusting.

No. 646469

…oh. Well.

File: 1453715256112.jpg (4.05 KB, 132x160, Trump.jpg)

No. 63374[Reply]

What do we think about the donald?
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No. 653073

And how long are we expected to live like this if this vaccine never comes? What is the criteria for a return to normality? Is the plan to make the vaccine mandatory?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 653076

stop bumping the old threads

No. 653107

Wtf kinda obsession made you bump a 4 year old thread

No. 653117

And you turned around and bumped it too, you fucking gutless retard.

No. 653591

I do want to know if there are Trump fans here

File: 1601698605156.jpeg (59.31 KB, 800x533, EAC57CCF-3B9B-4F7A-9F00-5B48E9…)

No. 644998[Reply]

Have you ever told a fib and found yourself caught in a web of lies?
How far did you let it go and did you end up getting away with it?
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No. 656548

Why anon, are you paranoid?

No. 656806

built a lying habit from being scared of my parents I think. I don't feel any instinctual remorse to lie. it comes easily, but that kinda scares me. I'll lie on impulse but it's rarely anything that matters. mainly use it as a copout for social anxiety. Instead of freezing or saying the wrong thing, sometimes by reflex I give an answer even if it's untrue
What made me realize and regret that I do this was being in a relationship. I lied about something, just one instance among many. It wasn't major but I'll never forget how he responded. He was shocked I could lie so casually and made me promise not to again. That opened my eyes because what to me was nothing hurt someone a lot. now I am still trying to work on this vice

No. 656893

No, but my mother controls my money to limit my spending habits so I don’t go overboard.

No. 659188

File: 1603103718727.jpeg (645.21 KB, 906x1530, EB4AAAD9-9BEE-47D3-82F6-530F32…)

Same. I find that I can only be honest on places like this.

No. 660071

I relate to your post a lot anon, hang in there

File: 1598550272073.jpg (25.57 KB, 600x375, welcome.jpg)

No. 616821[Reply]

>rp your Lolcow Inn getaway. Feel free to larp as cows or just chill as a farmer

Hello! Welcome to Lolcow Inn.

Do you have a reservation with us?
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No. 627750

File: 1599800253209.gif (1.42 MB, 200x200, A7E6511F-2673-4306-9DDB-4F262E…)

Um, are you pointing at me?

No. 627830

File: 1599812169784.gif (983.56 KB, 320x240, tumblr_n2knc0yjds1tupwffo1_400…)

I am bitch let's funk it up

No. 649681

File: 1602158156884.jpg (198.87 KB, 928x1300, 32431643-funny-grandma-s-studi…)

aggressively plays Funky Town at midnight

No. 649718

File: 1602163416321.jpg (381.41 KB, 980x965, SmartSelect_20201008-092437_Ga…)

Hey uhm, do you have a gym here? Preferably one with low traffic?

why??? No reason. wince

No. 660068

File: 1603199145792.png (173.79 KB, 427x405, 1602609104179.png)

H-hello? Is anybody here?

File: 1556824942040.png (1.33 MB, 1004x750, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.2…)

No. 405637[Reply]

Dan Schneider is a 52-year old Nickelodeon Producer who produced the shows All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, among others. Allegations of Dan's abusive behavior, ranging from verbal outbursts on set to the grooming and sexual abuse of Nick stars have been accumulating for years. Original conversation started here >>>/ot/404534 but there was a demand for Dan's own thread. This thread is to track Dan's sketchy history, plausible rumors, and anyone else who is suspect and is related to Nickelodeon.
>It is rumored that the dad to Jamie Lynn Spear's baby is Dan Schneider. In 2009, Jamie Lynn's family and friends said they believe that a much older producer who worked on Zoey 101 is the true father.
>Behind the scenes footage of The Amanda Show surfaces. Dan is seen with a young Amanda Bynes in a pool. She is half-naked. It is rumored that Dan abused Amanda, and that he forced her to get an abortion.
>Jennette McCurdy from iCarly opens up about how she was forced into an Eating Disorder because of Nickelodeon's culture.
>Noah Munck from iCarly gives interview where he doesn't deny allegations about Dan, just says he would be devastated if they were true. Confirms Dan has a foot fetish.
>Multiple clips of Dan's blatant foot fetish surface.
>Ariana Grande's family is close to Dan Schneider. It is speculated that she had a lot of sex and did drugs on the set of Victorious, and that her mom told her to sleep with Schneider.
>Every actress but Ariana Grande boycotted Dan receiving Nickelodeon's most prestigious award at the Kid's Choice Awards.
>Nickelodeon fired Dan last year. Dan sells his home, becomes inactive on twitter after accusations of him circulate.
>Actresses such as Alexa Nikolas and Erin Sanders from Zoey 101 are leaving easter eggs about Dan's abuses on their social media, as well as an actor from Henry Danger. Other actors are slowly beginning to step forward. Dan keeps getting away with it is because he blackmailed the head of ViaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
568 posts and 201 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 647310

use an adblocker then

No. 648063

is yachting a euphemism for hooking/escorting?

No. 660063

File: 1603197763518.jpg (53.4 KB, 570x568, designed in california.jpg)


No. 660064

noooo anon!!! they'll nuke everything at this point!!! stop nonnie!!! stop!!!

No. 660065

/ot/ is "closed" but mods are asleep and forgot to lock every single thread here, so people are randomly bumping them. anyways go to /meta/ to complain

File: 1461079691735.jpg (72.66 KB, 672x372, youtubers_by_veronicazoo-d7pw4…)

No. 86977[Reply]

Post and discuss Youtubers you follow.

>name of Youtuber

>link to channel
>their channel's theme
>what kind of content they produce
>why you like them etc.
47 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 88496

>name of Youtuber
Yolanda Gampp (How To Cake It)

>link to channel


>their channel's theme

Cake Modelling

>what kind of content they produce

Sculpting crazy and life-like cakes

>why you like them etc.

From all the cake gurus, I like her the most. I like her because she makes crazy cakes, and she showed the process too, from the start. She's very talented in modelling cakes, all the finished product do seem like the real thing in real life, even though some of them are maybe a too over the top. Oh, and she knows how to make the videos interesting and funny, not just tutorial how-to's with narration. If you like baking and sculpting cakes, I think you will like this channel.

No. 88504

Love her cakes, and she is crazy talented, but I wish she didn't include so many quirky outtakes that seem to have happened accidentally-on-purpose. I just want to see the process of the cake with her commentary, not a cut to her laughing every 30 seconds.

I wonder if she'd ever put out any strictly tutorial type videos in the future.

No. 88510

Also something that could actually help the planet; let's put down infants, and promote abortion to the fullest. It's already proven that killing an infant is less brutal than killing an developed animal or human. Overpopulation is killing this world, anyways…

No. 88536

It depends on if one sees killing an infant as killing a potential future human who contributes to society.

An infant certainly has little sentience or value in and of itself. But you're destroying a cocoon that could yield sophisticated and intelligent life.

Of course, one could use that argument to justify banning abortion, though.

No. 88581

Awww…but I actually like her quirky commentary/jokes/outtakes, it somehow keeps my attention since I get pretty bored when viewing strictly tutorial videos. Although I agree her commentary/jokes/outtakes can be a hit or miss. But to each of their own I guess, hehehee…

If you like strictly tutorial type videos, I suggest Ann Reardon (How to Cook That). The lady that runs the channel is a food scientist too, if I'm not mistaken, she often gives useful tips and tricks on what to use/do/don'ts when modelling the cakes. But in my opinion, she's not as good as Yolanda Gampp, modelling/sculpting-wise. Her recipes are delicious though.

File: 1597594207129.jpg (97.2 KB, 1280x1280, _anti__social_media_2_by_danam…)

No. 605663[Reply]

Are you anti social media, have minimal social media precense, or would like to be? Then this is the thread for you!

Are you anti social media? Why?
Do you hate social media?
Do you preffer anonymous websites and imageboards?
Do you protect your image and data online? How?
What are your go-to accounts and emails, do you have any hidden ones?
Does your job, career choice or field of study require social mefia and how do you manage that?

121 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 659176

I deleted all my socials a few years ago and only keep an anonymous tumblr acc for reposting weird art and bug stuff that I find interesting. I keep trying every once in a while to start new social media accounts on the big platforms to make friends since I don't have any real life ones, but that requires keeping a presence and being open and personal in a way I am very uncomfortable with, and thus I quickly delete again. I used to be extremely open online but after a really scary stalking incident some years ago, I deleted everything and never returned. I'd never post too much or too personal things online anymore, you can find out so much about people from just about anything. I learned that the hard way.
My job fortunately doesn't require social media and I mainly tend to lurk anonymous boards, rarely posting. I miss the early 00s when most of my online time was spent designing and customizing your own homepages at sites based on your interests and styles, connecting with others. It wasn't the norm to be public with your face, age, name and hometown.

No. 659322

I had a very popular presence in the twitter art community for years, but after I deleted all my social medias, I wondered why did I ever stayed online? I was friends with a lot of popular artists and all we would do is talk shit, gossip, or start discourse (mind you, we were college students). Since Ive left, it is as if my entire mood and personality had shifted it. Im no longer combative or confrontation, it's insane lmao. It is super refreshing. Ive never realized how bad my addiction was until I left every platform.

Sometimes, I miss my twitter friends. I wonder what they're up to. But honestly, I would rather die than return to twitter. A lot of them aren't big fans of communicating outside of twitter, so I guess I wont see them anymore.

No. 660059

I had an older sibling that was over protective. After one week of downloading instagram, they told me to delete it. That was when insta first came out, never went back.

The only elaborate thing I've posted on the net is this diy club penguin blog from when I was 11. I don't have friends so I don't message anyone. Idgaf about what ppl do everyday. I truly don't understand the obsession of seeing what others do/wear daily and uploading a gazillion pics of your face or whatever you value. Has vanity been normalized?

All those corny 2000s internet safety videos/stories rly got to me from an early age so i've never had a typical personal profile with my info/photos. For most of my time on the net, I've only ever used youtube and reddit regularly tbh…and lurked on other sites/forums. But I rly need to wean off of youtube.. Fuck social media.

No. 660060

anon /ot/ is closed for now, everyone went to /meta/

No. 660061

I'm really upset that something might be happening to /ot/.
This is literally the one good random image board free from men.

Why would the freaking vent thread be closed? it's one of the most active ones around.

File: 1590157881506.jpeg (96.16 KB, 853x480, F0C0D8CC-8833-4C69-9BDD-47CAEC…)

No. 556829[Reply]

A thread for girls in the autism spectrum, ADHD and other neurodivergent people.
What is your relationship with your condition?
Do you have an official diagnosis?
Do you take any meds or refuse to?
Or just share experiences and struggles, what you hate about stereotypes and what nice representation do you like.
20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 567784

Does anyone else here struggle with having a 'stim' or comfort item that is childish?

I'm early thirties, autistic, only diagnosed at 30 and while I otherwise act my age (living on the far end of the country to my family and paying a mortgage etc) I'm weirdly drawn to kids toys. I never grew out of an interest in them and my stim item of choice is more appropriate for a toddler. On top of that I have a compulsive hair pulling disorder (I think from the anxiety of growing up not understanding my sensory issues) The only reason I still allow my babyish 'stim' is that it's better to do that in private than to walk around with bald patches from stress.

I've tried to give up the stim or replace it with something less embarrassing but with no luck. I have a high stress job and function fine during the day as long as I can be my weird self in the evenings. I've struggled alot with shame over these things pre-diagnosis and I've had two live-in partners over the years. While the first was understanding, the second would randomly bring that stuff up in unrelated arguments and humiliate me. Now that I'm diagnosed it at least makes sense to me. So do I just accept those things about myself?

No. 567803

don't beat yourself up over what brings you comfort. If its not hurting anyone why should you care about how 'embarrassing' it might seem. Even if you'd find a rattle comforting, who cares

No. 567804

My mum does not have autism or anything like that and she has a lot of stuffed animals in her bed and next to her chair in the living room. I have some stuffed animals (mainly one) and have traits of autism. Why deprive yourself of comfort because some dickhead wanted to make you feel bad about something he knew you were insecure over? It was never really about the stuffed animals. Keep them there if you need them. You deserve your comforts. Better stuffed animals than people relying on substances.

No. 567841

Yes I have autism and I have a baby blanket I still have. I rub my fingers on it kind of like picking at my cuticles. I also smell things a lot, or do weird sniff breathing. It’s hard to explain there just stupid stims I do. I control these things in front of people and I look super normal, so it’s embarrassing when men want to date me or something because I feel like I have a whole weird behavior set I’m hiding.

No. 660057

I think if /ot/ is dead, you'll be killing the whole site with it
So many threads are on life support, and /w/ rarely attracts people
I think some anons should make their own lolcow board then, with radfem stuff allowed in it (and not ahserasgarden, that site does not have the same vibe, same gossip and funny shit as here)

This is a safe heaven for women, please don't let it turn to shit

anyways, since the threads are getting locked, everyone is on /meta/ for now, see you there farmers

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