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No. 183490[Reply]

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..
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No. 195398

omg baylee wants to make a kid art channel? how is that any different from her regular art?

No. 195451

I'm pretty sure the only reason she'd make a new channel is so she can collect more ad revenue off of her retarded audience of man/womanchildren. I can't stand her shitty juvenile art, I fail to see why she is so popular.

No. 196614

File: 1498596504301.png (376.62 KB, 1280x720, image_baylee.png)

This drawing doesn't look like Lilo at all, reminder Baylee has 800K subscribers. Smh

No. 196661

I can't believe she still gets subscribers, her art is still the SAME she hasn't improved at all.
I wonder if Baylee knows her art is shit

No. 196682

When you surround yourself with so many artist it's hard not to notice. I'm sure she knows, but she probably falls back on the 'well I have more subs so HA" train of thought.

Seriously. Literally every artist she collabs with is leagues ahead of her. It's almost pathetic.

File: 1486569354795.jpg (87.67 KB, 600x593, CMxgUSKUwAAnI5A.jpg)

No. 180901[Reply]

Previous thread: >>102776

Post art you find bad or hideous
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No. 196581

Noses bigger than their artistic future with this kind of artwork…

Wtf is that on John's crotch, at first I thought it was boner, but it looks like badly done wrinkle, in the end wrinkles are over the top…

And don't even get me started on those flowers and that hideous purple shadow…

No. 196594

This is the most cliché illustration of homos that I've ever seen.

No. 196605

Why do people spend so much time and effort on coloring/shading when they don't even bother learning basic anatomy? People seem to think if it's digitally painted then it's automatically amazing

No. 196643

File: 1498616273825.jpg (9.91 KB, 227x218, disapprovalcat.jpg)

It's not the message, it's the…

No. 196694

The obe on the left looks like Justin Trudeau.

File: 1485797871659.jpg (61.01 KB, 610x306, japan_2.jpg)

No. 180229[Reply]

Farmers who live in Japan or have stayed in Japan for extended periods, how is it? What are some interesting/unexpected cultural norms? What kinds of things are there to do there? Do you encounter a lot of weebs and if so, how do you deal with them? Share your experiences, whether positive, negative, weird, etc.
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No. 180996

I don't know how anyone could think highly of California of all places, saying this as a non-yank. Vermont or Maine, maybe.

No. 181005

You have to understand that most basic Japanese people are going to have really stereotyped views of America (and other countries) considering how non-diverse their own country is.

From my experience, I've heard the following:
America = Friendly people, tall, blue eyes, outgoing
California = Movie stars and beaches
Texas = Cowboys, ranches, cowboys again
Russia = Beautiful girls, snow, bears
Australia = Loud, rude, blonde/blue eyed

No. 196572

Farmers, I didn't see anything about housing in this thread. How did you guys secure short term housing?

I'm considering moving to Kyoto or Kobe. Im sure it's a lot in easier in bigger cities like Osaka or Tokyo.

No. 196592


>"…Europe and America evince a singular taste for the marvellous, and find a zest in self-depreciation. Our eighteenth-century ancestors imagined all perfections to be realised in China, thanks to the glowing descriptions then given of that country by the Jesuits. Twentieth-century Europe finds its moral and political Eldorado in distant Japan, a land of fabulous antiquity and incredible virtues. There is no lack of pleasant-mannered persons ready to guide trustful admirers in the right path. Official and semi-official Japanese, whether ambassadors and ministers-resident or peripatetic counts and barons, make it their business to spread a legend so pleasing to the national vanity, so useful as a diplomatic engine. Lectures are delivered, books are written in English, important periodicals are bought up, minute care is lavished on the concealment, the patching-up, and glossing-over of the deep gulf that nevertheless is fixed between East and West. The foreigner cannot refuse the bolus thus artfully forced down his throat. He is not suspicious by nature. How should he imagine that people who make such positive statements about their own country are merely exploiting his credulity? HE has reached a stage of culture where such mythopoeia has become impossible. On the other hand, to control information by consulting original sources lies beyond his capacity."


No. 196602


I was in Tokyo for awhile, extended stay at an air bnb owned by a super chill guy.
Yoyogi was pretty weeb and foreigner free from what I saw. The only time I came in contact with anyone who was Japanese was at the station by the place I lived inside.

Ugliest foreigner moment was two dudes and some girl being loud and rude on the train home. They were telling her she was gonna be raped by some Japanese dude if she wasn't careful and joking around about it.

Most weebs I ever saw in harajuku on a weekday. A lot of them dressed up like Lolita's pretty badly. But it seemed more foreigners were dressed up than Japanese girls. But there's tons who go to akihabara believing it's a huge weeb paradise but honestly there's tons of electronic stores. It's not that great unless you really hunt down some good places.

It's been a couple years since I lived there and honestly I didn't have any high expectations of it being an anime paradise. So I wasn't disappointed as some of my friends who have visited

File: 1490581967105.jpg (389.41 KB, 596x594, dankandkeiko.jpg)

No. 184823[Reply]

Anyone here remember role-playing back on MySpace? Or eliteskills, as cringey as it was I get pretty nostalgic about it.
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No. 195783

Don't tempt me, I've been getting ideas for rp that would have been so cool years ago but it's way too late. I like writing but I feel like my adult life is too busy for it anyway.

No. 195786

Role-playing on imvu

No. 195921

I used to RP Tokyo Mew Mew and Vampire Knight on Youtube before it got its huge makeover and channels still had hundreds of customisation options.

I met some really nice people through RP there and even had a few AMVs(cringe worthy, I know) made in honour of our friendships.

No. 195930

i used to roleplay on gaia, the keep, and cyber-chat. was never big on myspace rping though.

No. 196577

Omfggggg wow a friend and I are currently going through our old rp accounts but so much nostalgia, but yeah honestly I felt like back then it was more fun and people took it seriously, I remember torrenting ps and editing my pics and making gifs for my profile, I went from divs to minalimist to fleshing out my characters and stuff god I spent so much time on MySpace doing that
I used to rp ff/kh/re/street fight/kof and some ocs
Omg okay idk if anyone will remember this but did anyone ever knew of the underscorewhores_ on MySpace

File: 1498406609660.gif (803.73 KB, 500x715, 1461226917276.gif)

No. 196413[Reply]

People are so alienated.

How do we make sure we don't build a society that celebrates violence anons?

I've just been on 4chan and just seen the most fucking disgusting images of snuff webms and gore. It never used to bother me and in fact I think when I was 18 I used to go there because it was stuff like that that made it 'edgy'. Now I just feel like seeing someone's face ripped off in a car crash changes you forever, it's so horrible.

The posters' attitudes actually manage to be more disturbing than the vile images themselves, there are always women hate threads, with posters reveling at literal decapitated pics of women and saying they deserve it. I think the images are more disturbing now because they are usually framed within a resentment towards minorities. I don't get where Anonymous went and the counter-culture became about turning into an actual fascist racist.

Ironically I'm writing a paper at the moment arguing for a freer and more democratised internet, but you question how we can ever progress as a society when the internet has created such psychopathic and desensitised cunts that fetishize its collapse.
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No. 196557

File: 1498539658949.jpg (272.8 KB, 1024x956, girlycard.jpg)

No woman wants to have sex with you because you are hideous, useless, and offer nothing of value to society.

Please do the world a favor and neck yourself. All you do is waste space and resources. Do it. Kill yourself. Do it quickly, you ugly faggot.

No. 196559

File: 1498540800186.png (116.17 KB, 415x334, 748546f2e40e5e4c74.png)

No. 196563

Bless you for this image

No. 196565

You know what's the funniest thing? These guys are demanding that women settle for the ugliest, most awkward, emotionally unstable, genetically inferior men while whining about how modern women are subverting natural law(insert lion graphic) and tainting our bloodlines with mixed babies(which has genetic benefits). Ever stop to think that we are protecting the future of the human race by not settling for you? Pick up a biology book, Elliot.

No. 196566

File: 1498548161500.png (168.12 KB, 517x480, IMG_5179.PNG)

bad post!

File: 1496690022008.jpg (150.71 KB, 1200x800, IMG_0283.JPG)

No. 193785[Reply]

Anyone here an ex weeaboo?when did you grow out of that phase and why?do you miss it?I'm sure most of us had a weeaboo phase at some point.
>use to love everything Japanese and Korean
>use to love kpop

I think what made me grow out of my weeaboo phase was actually going to Japan(it was pretty boring for the most part. The only exciting stuff was the cutesy shit). Anime also just became more and more stupid to me(dramas too)here mostly the same plot. Sometimes I miss being a weeaboo because back then I actually felt passionate about something now I don't feel passion towards anything and I have no hobbies. I don't think growing out of my weeaboo phase was a good thing, yes i was cringey but I was happier then.
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No. 195584

Kind of ot but just wondering how good your mandarin was upon moving to china? Im interested in studying abroad this spring but am worried i won't be able to learn enough in time

No. 195585

Thanks for validating my feelings anon (french speaker also). I've only ever spoken with native english speakers who learn Japanese and then claim it's such a hard language (you can really tell by their pronunciation and broken awkward structures) and I legitimately felt bad so I wouldn't disagree with them, but honestly it's no more tedious than french whatsoever.

No. 195592

When I was a toddler my older siblings used to watch a lot of anime. Eventually I was old enough to remember watching Pokemon and Yugioh with them and it just sort of became bonding time for the entire family. We'd all sit together every Saturday and watch those shows. I guess that sparked my interest in anime early on. It seems silly but anime kinda has a sentimental value because it was something my family enjoyed and we all bonded over it.

As I got older I explored anime more on my own. I suppose this where I actually began my weeb phase. I still watched it with family but since I was one of the youngest everyone else was busy so it'd normally be me and my younger sister or an older brother. In middle school I got sort of cringy and wrote god awful fanfics and drew terrible pictures. I met a couple of weeb girls then and went completely obsessed until I entered high school. In high school I still watched anime and read manga but kept it more under the table and focused on school. The weeb friends I had in middle school were still obsessed nonstop so I distanced myself from them and moved on.

A little later in high school I found jfashion and got into Lolita fashion and mori kei. I've always been into cute clothing so it just clicked. That peaked my interest way more than anything so I've been into it ever since. Nowadays I don't watch anime much. I'm really busy with uni and other things so I really only focus on my jfashion. I still watch it here and there but I'm just glad it gave me lots of time spent with family growing up more than anything.

I look back on middle school weeb days and yeah I sometimes miss it but not enough to want to relive those days. It's more of the nostalgia it gives me cause I was so carefree back then. Besides, if I were still hardcore weeb, I might not be living the life I want right now. One of the weebs I knew in middle school now a college dropout who sits in her parents' house drawing anime and posting on the internet all day.

Agreed. Weeb is used so often it's not much of an insult unless you're the full blown stereotype. There's nothing wrong with liking anime or some other type of Japanese pop culture but to be an adult that does it at the level a lot of us did in middle school or perhaps worth is just no.

No. 195593

i was always a closet weeb thank god. i had super weeby friends who would cosplay to school and i remember actively cringing at the time so i was at least somewhat aware.

i don't really watch anime anymore unless its a film (and i occasionally rewatch cowboy bebop and samurai champloo). i would say the only thing i still do that mighttt be considered weeby is that i wanna go to japan so bad and i just signed up for japanese classes at my university. and i still play a lot of jrpgs.

No. 196540

I was a weeb from around 8-13. I had access to the internet at a really young age, found anime through sailor moon/tokyo mew mew, and joined the AMV community pretending to be a 16 year old. This was back when YouTube had just started so there weren't that many amv creators, and I befriended a lot of the bigger ones and actually gained a pretty decent following. Towards the end my laptop fried, and by the time I was able to go back to making AMVs all of the old creators had left or were focusing on newer animes that I had no interest in, so I ended up closing my channel and fell out of the loop with anime in general. I never cosplayed since I was so young (thank god) and my parents were poor anyway.

I go to the local anime convention every year now for the experience, plus I occasionally watch an anime a friend recommends. I'm really glad I wasn't allowed to go to cons when I was in my weeb phase though, minors at cons freak me out a little considering how creepy some people can be.

File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 183562[Reply]

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look
136 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 196463

first one is definitely more accurate to real life, but is that a de-shoop?

No. 196475

Huh. Small world. How did you know Gawayno? I knew him for a few years back when he was a Touhoufag before hating the fandom because they didn't care about him. Last i spoke to him, he was unemployed after graduating with a bachelor's in game design living with his parents because he suffers from autism. His mother won't let him live on his own or move out due to his autism.

You should see his personal portfolio, it's pretty bad kek.

No. 196526

It's not a deshoop, it's the shoop that the photographer posted on their page. She took the top shoop and used it as the base for bottom shoop.

No. 196558

Please post the portfolio

I know him because he hangs out in dunbarton all the time larping with his friends

No. 196596

Another Mabifag here. I really, really want to see this portfolio. Please bless us with it.

File: 1494564014069.jpg (99.35 KB, 422x576, IMG_5843.JPG)

No. 190153[Reply]

The old fitness thread on here died so I figured I'd make a new one. Postibg about diet and weight loss is fine too as long as it's fitness/exercise related.
103 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 196266

Advice on starting yoga? Any good youtube videos you like for beginners? I have a mat already, but I'm not sure where to start (apart from taking a class, and I don't know if I can do that because muh anxiety.) Thanks guys.

No. 196268

The downdog app is awesome. Yoga with Adrienne has great videos too.

No. 196496

dear fitness anons, i had two problems with exercise since when i was young: i get really irritable and mad after i exercise and when i get tired, i can't seem to rest for a very long time, restricting my ability to work out consecutive days. i had my blood done, nothing wrong. i recently became overweight but not by much (8-10 pounds). any advice?

No. 196508

Not really, no, but I guess I could give it a try

But do you eat enough? As in a balanced diet? Do you sleep enough? Are your workouts on a beginner level?
You sure you get angry or just really motivated and energized?

No. 196510


yes, yes and mostly no, i start out beginner level but increase it after a short while. and yeah, i know the difference between feeling irritable and feeling motivated.

File: 1448573058298.png (898.8 KB, 1170x1068, Untitled-3.png)

No. 134743[Reply]

Perfume thread? Perfume thread.

Discuss your favourite perfumes, make recommendations, dupes etc.
183 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 196431

Tbh I absolutely love their vanilla-bourbon edt. It's incredibly powdery, sweet and has a hint of chocolate. Some people actually asked if someone is eating chocolate or vanilla cookies when I wore this in their proximity.

No. 196435


which one is it? I love to use their Vanilla Body Lotion, is it similar to it? And is it long lasting?

No. 196474

File: 1498457787093.jpg (15.63 KB, 277x369, o.37853.jpg)

Sorry never tried the body lotion so I can't say if they are similar.
The lasting power isn't too great only a few hours but I don't mind frequent reapplying because it's dirt cheap. I just bought the 100ml flacon for 10€.

No. 196484

File: 1498474500309.jpg (420.32 KB, 900x645, RaghbaLattafa.jpg)

Does anyone has experience with Raghba Lattafa? It's dirt cheap and while some people say that it's a better vanilla fragance than Tobaco Vanilla by Tom Ford other say it's disgusting and way to sugary.

No. 196502


The bottle looks similar to the body lotion, so I guess it's similar. I will def try this since I love the body lotion scent.

Thanks for the reply, anon!

File: 1442555518563.jpeg (26.64 KB, 639x360, 000143d2_medium.jpeg)

No. 37281[Reply]

Anyone have a phobia? Maybe a strangely specific fear?
159 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 194290

Your fear of wasps is logical because they are awful in every possible way. Try wearing an insect repellant during the months when they're most active, and remember a quick shake or shiver will make them get off if they land in or near you. Just don't kill them, cause they call for backup whilst dying. I've got nests of the bastards on my property and we get a plague of the fuckers come spring but repellant and a shake is all we've needed to avoid a sting or prolonged touching.

You can also build super simple traps for them for free. Cuts soda bottle in half, stick the neck inside the bottom half, tape it there and put some raw meat in the bottom part. They'll fly in but it's nearly impossible to get out, especially if you put some water in the bottom. Put the trap out away from where you will be and collect it when the suns been down for a while and the living ones are dormant.

No. 194322

Not that anon, but so it doesn't go everywhere. Sometimes the fear can stem from people making fun of you for vomiting or being disgusted by it. At least that is how I feel. It's easier to dispose of and less obvious than if it's all over the floor.

No. 196465

What did you do to get your phobia under control ?
Sometimes I feel like it's getting better and sometimes I'm falling back again.
I'm mostly afraid of throwing up in public because I don't know how people would react to it. Doesn't have to do with the throwing up part per se I'm fine feeling nauseous in my room but when there are people ot makes everything worse.
Because of that I normally only eat in the evening when I got nothing to do.
I need to get my stomach checked because there is definitely something going on there and it will definitely help if that is out of my way. But the phobia would still be there.
I mean did you see a therapist ? Does it help?

As I said I'm afraid to throw up in public, I'll be fine at home. But having a bag makes me feel more secure. When having one with me I have a place to throw up in to (never had to use it so yeah I know my fear is irrational) so I don't make a mess. I would have to constantly check for places to vomit into other wise.

No. 196477

I HATE cars. My phobia is bad enough that I don't think I'll ever get a licence (and yes, I've been to therapy) and I hate being in a car with other people driving, especially if I don't know them.

I've never been in a car crash (have been in a motorcycle accident though) but ever since I was a baby, I had really bad car sickness to the point where I puke if I was just riding in a car for literally 5 minutes. I don't have car sickness anymore, thank god, but I think that's where the phobia comes from.

No. 196497

Used to have a terrible phobia of being prevented from seeing, like I'd feel panicky for the split-seconds when I was taking a shirt or dress off and it was over my head, or have to check a million times that nobody was hiding behind the shower curtain when I was in the bath. It's better now but I still get very jumpy if I have to close my eyes for any length of time.

I also have a distinct fear about falling, especially on stairs, so I watch my feet the whole time, and sometimes even when I'm walking on the street. This worries me because my mom developed such a severe phobia she was unable to cross the street because she couldn't step down off the curb.

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