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File: 1461186818849.jpeg (499.78 KB, 1280x1714, image.jpeg)

No. 87264[Reply]

Hi! I don't know if this belongs in /g/ or here…but most of us will never have a sexual partner so here we can give masturbation tips to each other to improve our solo sex lives! DIY sex toys for those of us who still live with their parents, sex toys recommendation, rub techniques, tips and tricks for multiple orgasms, kawaii pastel sex toys, kawaii sex videos etc…
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No. 179150

>Sex dolls kind of baffle me. They can't talk to you, pull you into a hug, or you know, actively fuck you. They just sit there, unmoving

Exactly they're modelled after women

No. 179152

Modelled on what men expect from women, you mean. Stupid fucking robot.

No. 179153

File: 1485094832872.jpg (39.86 KB, 310x326, businessatlightspeed.jpg)

Look at this roastie getting toastie

No. 179154

>ugu I expect women to be like my annie may

You are getting roasted at life, buddy.

No. 179175

Vice is trash and this video is no exception.

However it's interesting to note how they mention the male dolls have more customizeable options, the ability to make them imperfect, as that's what their clients want. I think that really shows one of the differences the two sexes generally have when looking for a partner. Additionally, shows just how removed from reality bots&cels are when they cry online about roasties.

File: 1483183777406.jpg (50.88 KB, 396x385, FBM.jpg)

No. 174657[Reply]

Post embarrassing truths you would never tell anybody without anonymity.

>I cum really really quickly

>Sometimes before a full minute of sex
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No. 179101

The onion drama going on is all full of awful people, but I'm envious of Billie and Allya's relationship. I don't mean I want to be friends with them specifically, I just want a close female friend that had my back through everything. Other shit they do may be shitty and petty, but they seem to be the only two people than genuinely care about each other and want good things for the other. I also used to be envious to Jane and Daria's friendship.

I get reaaal lonely every once in a while, but most of the time I'm happier alone, and I can't make friends anyhow.

No. 179106

jesus are you me anon? im going to start school soon after so long and if i dont make any friends im probably going to consider killing myself, i cry myself to sleep with how sad i am. it hurts so much. i dont even think i remember what being friends even means anymore it just feels foreign to me now

No. 179114

i feel the same way a lot of the time when i see their friendship. they seem to really care about each other and spend a ton of time together. i miss having a super close female friend like that.

No. 179134

Not all of these are embarrassing to me, but…

>I was diagnosed with BPD 5 years ago and have recovered to the point of being functional at least 95% of the time without extensive therapy or medication. I don't tell people this because I figure they won't believe me.

>I changed my political party affiliation to Republican last summer and my extremely left-leaning parents, friends and other family members still have no idea.

>I can squirt a ton during masturbation, but never sex.

>I've stared fantasizing recently about being fucked by multiple guys and I sometimes worry my boyfriend is more monogamous than I am.

>I am very traditionally feminine and tend to believe most women aren't any happier choosing careers over children and/or marriage, but I worry about whether or not it's ethical to have children myself based on mine and my parent's history of mental illness.

>I have a lot of moles that never seem to change in shape, color or size, but I am always checking them and am constantly terrified that I'm going to develop melanoma and die.

>I can't stand most celebrities and hate the entire Hollywood culture.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 179145

>thinks all women are happy leaving their careers to clean shit and be a maid
>thinks her BPD is cleared

Sure, Jan

File: 1468423514161.png (1023.5 KB, 1280x1463, tumblr_o6v7mvYtMT1qj0qimo1_128…)

No. 102776[Reply]

Part 2.

Old thread here: >>>/b/61892

Exactly as it says on the tin, post art you find bad/hideous.
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No. 179076

>brought notes

I havent been on tumblr in ages, do people really buy notes? I feel like on tumblr people like/reblog anything if the creator has a following or even if its shit but is a good idea

No. 179093


It kind of depends. I know someone with nearly 1k followers but struggles to get past 100 notes per post. Then there is the opposite were a new blog has less than 100 followers but produces good content and gets the same amount of notes. Then again tumblr is really random at times.

But yes, people do indeed buy notes. About 1k notes or reblogs is like 50 bucks. I think it increases the chances of your work being seen?

No. 179105

File: 1485059394690.png (17.38 KB, 601x219, hooboy.PNG)

How she managed to get 70k subscribers is a mystery to me

No. 179116


No. 179135

If you suck the brains from the head of an invalid child you will regain your youth.

It's all so bad. It's like everyone has a huge face plastered on their head regardless of the features used or the head shape. The artist just draws the same sort of creepy grin and dead doll eyes on everyone. They all look like soul sucking demons trying to emulate human faces.

File: 1484219792780.gif (298.21 KB, 400x368, image.gif)

No. 176605[Reply]

Which decade is better, and why?

Personally I like the 2010's b/c the 2000's was extremely edgy, tryhard, and cheesy at the same time. I feel like the 2000s tried to be the 80's (focus on celebrity pop culture, ect) and failed miserably. 2010's feels less retarded and has a identity of its own.
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No. 179112

The 2010s have been fucking awful so far.

No. 179113

I think 9/11 contributed to most of the 2000s being culturally dead, at least in the U.S. 80s-90s were kind of out there in aesthetics, but they were at least somewhere. I'm fine with this decade, though.

No. 179123

Am I the only one that would be interested in reading a serious paper on memes?

No. 179126

I think even a serious paper written about memes would probably be bad, but there is a chance it could be good and interesting. So, no.

No. 179130

I personally think 2010's by far. 2000's came off kind of shallow to me, even though I'm nostalgic for them like a lot of people.

A lot of people are waking up to issues, which I like seeing. The only thing I hate is how some people think they've "woken up" but are more like useful idiots. SJWs just parrot things to make them sound informed.

Another thing I dislike is the hypocrisy of shit like DD/LG stuff on tumblr.

File: 1479229922340.jpg (79.74 KB, 728x515, IMG_1664.JPG)

No. 123610[Reply]

New relationshit general since the other has reached post limit.

Any ideas on how to get partner to try rougher sex (choking, etc)? He's so afraid of hurting me or leaving marks but I'm into that shit. I guess it doesn't help he personally knew my ex who did sexually abuse me.
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No. 178997

> I also have not told him I'm a virgin because I'm 27 and feel like a loser.
Why do you feel like a loser?
What if he's also virgin?

No. 179004

Your boyfriend sounds like a jerk. He wants you to do all the hard work for his pleasure, while refusing to do the position that is most gratifying for women. Not cool.

Or he's fat. Fat guys are lazy and don't want to crush you, so they like the girl to be on top. And their gross stomach get in the way and make doggy style difficult to impossible.

No. 179005

>two anxious virgins trying to get the other to be the dominant partner while lying about their own inexperience

This is a sex comedy in the making.

No. 179115

I feel like a loser because I feel too old to still be a virgin. I thought he might also be a virgin but he told me he isn't. He says he's had sex but not a lot so he's defiantly inexperienced.

I get the feeling I really should just be honest and tell him I'm a virgin when it comes to actually fucking.

I made him sound worse than he is. He has gone down on me and helps me get off. He also doesn't make me do anything I don't want to do. He could lose some weight but he's not that fat.

No. 179128

I have a bit of an unfortunate situation here that I could use some advice on. There seems to be a lot of anxiety surrounding me and my bf's sex life for the both of us and I'm super unsure of how to handle it.

His problem is he's inexperienced at age 26 because I'm his first partner which makes him unsure of how to approach sex most of the time.

My problem is general anxiety that causes me to worry about every little thing (how I look, feel, sound etc). I cannot ever bring myself to start anything off and what's worse is that I'm repulsed by even thinking of having to look at his dick. It's not that I don't like how it feels or anything but I just seem to have developed a strange aversion to having to see my partner naked (seriously, we've been together for almost two years and I've still never even seen his dick). I've seen and sucked the dick of my previous partner so I feel very bad. I don't find my bf unattractive and I genuinely want to make him feel good so he can learn to be comfortable with sex in general but I can never bring myself to do anything. We've had sex before and it's usually enjoyable in terms of how it feels, but it's also extremely bland since we do the same routine every time. I feel like the only reason my previous sexual relationship worked out was because the guy was super into being dominating and telling me what to do so I felt less scared about doing something wrong or looking stupid? My current guy, as previously mentioned, is inexperienced and seemingly has no desire to be dominant (which is fine, don't get me wrong). I understand that most of this issue is my fault but I'm super unsure of how to go about getting myself more sexual confidence. I want our sex life to get more interesting and I want to see what kinds of things we can do when we're both comfortable!

File: 1485065182634.jpg (198.78 KB, 1296x730, IMG_1184.JPG)

No. 179117[Reply]

Hey farmers. What do you think of drug lords, or small time drug dealers in society?

Would killing people and helping fund addictions be worth it if you could use some of your profit to help the poor people of your country ?

File: 1475682296590.gif (1.37 MB, 300x272, crunchwmw.gif)

No. 111835[Reply]

Post any image you want. Bonus points for pictures that are rare, interesting, and/or have gone out of circulation over time.
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No. 179084

The dildo thing is called 'the rabbit' iirc

No. 179085

wife is presumably vegetarian/vegan so told her 'hubby' to fuck off with requesting meat dishes by making 'rabbit' stew

No. 179088

File: 1485046848189.jpeg (96.99 KB, 640x634, image.jpeg)

Ah, thanks for that up

No. 179099

File: 1485053356862.jpg (453.73 KB, 752x2431, koreanschoolgirls.jpg)

No. 179107

File: 1485060740780.jpg (39.07 KB, 600x660, 1484963171965.jpg)

File: 1430958864536.jpg (42.63 KB, 960x960, 1907598_349449561909711_523562…)

No. 5190[Reply]

Alright, this is something that really pisses me off.
I agree that radical feminists are bad, but MRAs are not any better.
>thinks all women are whores and evil
>thinks sexism toward women doesn't exist
>makes fun of women who gets raped and abused because "men have it worst"
>thinks men have it worse, kinda like how a white person would have said "omg black slavery is nothing white people have it so much worse"
>thinks it's fine to have sexist prejudices against women, insults them and makes fun of their problems because "women do it all the time"
>thinks they are better than radical feminists when they are worst

Facebook page:
ED Article:
Their idol:
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No. 113044

Toxic femininity is self destructive, toxic masculinity is destructive to others. Girls starve themselves or at best manipulate others. Guys will abuse and be physically violent.

No. 113049

Let's not forget that children are mostly abused by their mothers, toxic femininity right there.

Or how about the fact that a lot of people don't even think a woman can rape a man or little boy? That's an actual example of rape culture.

Let's not forget that women get basically just as often violent in domestic disputes, as men.

No. 113050

>Let's not forget that children are mostly abused by their mothers, toxic femininity right there
Not the anon you've been replying to but can you elaborate on this? If you're implying that women are found to be across the board leading in all cases of child abuse, you are blatantly incorrect. Sadly, it is the case that both genders or men are usually responsible for child abuse. Very rarely are women found to be the majority abusers.

Take this Australian study, for instance
>in a study examining 126 profiles of perpetrators of fatal assault in United States, found that males were three times more likely to fatally assault their children
>Violence between intimate partners with children is overwhelmingly a gendered issue with the vast majority of incidents involving a female victim and male perpetrator
>Evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by males (ABS, 2005; McCloskey & Raphael, 2005; Peter, 2009). In a US study examining the characteristics of perpetrators in substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect (US DHHS, 2005), 26% of all cases involving male perpetrators were associated with sexual abuse compared to just 2% of cases involving female perpetrators
>Research suggests that both mothers and fathers may physically abuse children. Findings from the ABS Personal Safety Survey (2005) indicated that of participants who had experienced physical abuse before the age of 15, 55.6% experienced abuse from their father/stepfather and 25.9% experienced abuse from their mother/stepmother

Now with women, it seems they're mostly accountable for the majority of child neglect cases, but the article states a reason for that:
>Evidence also suggests that mothers are more likely than fathers to be held responsible for child neglect. In a large representative study that examined the charaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 113074

Not that person who you replied to, but I think any discussion of who does a domestic crime more gender wise is kind of pointless, as either side can be countered by "Well there's obvious issues with reporting of it". Which are valid, because there's an insane amount of pressure on both sides to not report the issues (or perceived pressure at least), but either way, it makes bringing up a study that goes "It objectively happens more here" kind of pointless.

The second point you raise is a great example (first is pretty clear cut, I can't debate that). I think it would be hard to argue that there's not a double standard for when someone should report violence in an intimate relationships. Girls are told they should do it straight away if a guy hits them. It's much more acceptable (socially) for a girl to slap a guy than a guy to slap a girl, so I think it's valid to argue that most men don't feel like they should report cases of violence towards them.

But yeah, I don't think that abuse of children is a gendered issue at all, I've never seen anything that says one gender is worse to their children than others.

No. 179103

MRAs are retards who frequently say the same things as feminists but accuse feminists of not saying them (like complaining that men are forced into masculine roles, and claiming that feminists never talk about that because they don't care about men). Often there's no real debate between the two groups, and the only consistent difference is that MRAs exaggerate the victimization of men and feminists exaggerate the victimization of women. Both are whiny and awful, although feminism may be worse because intersectionality makes them stack on slivers of identity like "asexual" or "part Native American" to feel special and give weight to anecdotes.

Also, it feels like almost nobody here can think. Everybody argues by demonizing and being a self righteous cunt.

File: 1479223639377.png (937.65 KB, 659x686, 1479207324715.png)

No. 136403[Reply]

post pictures of awful makeup and makeup trends you hate
148 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 179065

I remember that style because my older sister was a huge weeb in the 90s. It's so ugly and crazy…but I ended up liking it lol. I'd never go for it though.

No. 179079

See, what bothers me about this is like, okay im all for doing you want with facial hair, but its so obvious that she was getting them shaped and then just stopped. You can see the old shape where the hairs are denser. Of course it takes a while to grow back fully, but posting pictures whilst its at this states just looks your too lazy to get waxed again. Also eyeshadow over brow hairs… no.

Same with girls who grow bushy brows for 'body posi' reasons but still get rid of the unibrow, it looks lazy, if you really want to make a statemant go full caveman, if not then might as well keep waxing them

No. 179096

tbh fam most people can't grow evenly thick eyebrows starting just from above the eyelid. it's most likely their final form.

No. 179102

Is this Sasha? That chick who pretended to be Russian?

No. 179104

OP image triggers me because the collar is inside out, WHY

File: 1484433696204.png (Spoiler Image, 172.37 KB, 600x305, tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.…)

No. 177929[Reply]

Do you have sick or weird fetishes that you hate having or can't tell people about?

BDSM doesn't get me off like it used to. I'm really into grotesque monsters and guro. The thought of being in a snuff film really gets me off. I want to be used as a limbless fuck doll. Necrophilia and Stockholm syndrome turn me on too.

I can't admit this to my partners. It's not like i actually want anything like that to happen to me anyway. I just feel like an edgelord and a psychopath.
81 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 179087

>I really like the gloves, the taste and feel of them in my mouth, and the slapping sound they make. also the chair. I watch videos of people at the dentist all the time and ive read so much hentai about it

lol wtf. this is more disturbing to me than the edgelords who get off to rape and guro

No. 179089


>lust after tall, muscular guys, bonus points if they're tanned

That's not a fetish, it's being a normal girl.

No. 179091

The fetish part in it is being turned on by their height and muscles, to the point that it's not simple "liking that type of guys" anymore but fetishization

No. 179092

Aw man i feel you, I'm not that obsseded but I have had my wisdom teeth removed recently and it was really bloody, I mean, a lot, the operation lasted like 2 hours and I was so… happy. My dentist is super pretty also, sigh. I'm so glad someone else has this fixation haha.

No. 179094


All girls get turned on by Chads, it's nothing new.

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