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File: 1611367042024.jpg (68.82 KB, 1080x1084, 327c244a-3fc2-4616-bdbb-8a5a01…)

No. 720376[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

Previous mental impairments:
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No. 723643

I just saw a tik tok about them. Are you watching me? Wtf, anon?

No. 723645

File: 1611734970382.gif (19.73 KB, 434x32, picasion.com_e2Dj.gif)

No. 723668

File: 1611738587643.gif (99.9 KB, 400x366, bloggif_60112c774630c.gif)

Thank you fo rthe inspiration

No. 723680

File: 1611739342408.jpeg (19.13 KB, 240x300, 49837E3E-38D4-4D01-B1CF-9081F0…)

How time flies…

No. 723683

Omg that’s sad she looks fucking awful. I hate drugs.

File: 1611732494116.gif (128.68 KB, 375x225, 941c7de2d90c50c8d4225558f58eb0…)

No. 723607[Reply]

I asked why my first thread in /g/ >>>/g/168964 was locked in /meta/; the /meta/ thread was deleted and the posting IP address was banned without explanation (unless "no" counts as such). There is something seriously wrong with the mod(s) of this place.

GIF unrelated
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No. 723626

Samefag, wait you wrote that entire pic omfg

No. 723627

File: 1611733878275.png (330.12 KB, 1138x1192, reddit.png)

Wow, people really are going all-out with the personal attacks aren't they? I refer again to "logically-fallacious diversionary tactics:" >>723620

No. 723628

I feel like writing a dissertation with above entry-level vocabulary on a topic is not worthy of a thread. Plus duplicate threads are against the rules too so. No one's going to read your posts that include paragraphs upon paragraphs, including citations. You would have been better off sparking a conversation in a related, yet already existing thread.

No. 723630

Yes anon, I am a fed hired by the government to divert the public from the dangers of booty fucking

No. 723634

File: 1611734170399.png (1.18 MB, 2560x4096, trends & associations.png)

This isn't about "kink shaming." It's partly about people with (self-)destructive inclinations, some affiliated with pornography companies, having a field day with anorectal violence and spreading disinformation. It's also partly about widespread (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation facilitating rampant erotic anorectal violence. It's also partly about pornography featuring anorectal violence, which has become normalized, and the effects it can have on some viewers (including inspiring them to the point of emulation, even using coercion). It's also partly about pornography being used as a substitute for sexual education in some cases.

One thing this most certainly is not about is me.

See Trends & Associations.

File: 1611496860460.jpg (9.66 KB, 301x167, download 100.jpg)

No. 721567[Reply]

so what is the worst alcoholic drinks to you?
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No. 723437

File: 1611708587268.jpeg (53.63 KB, 480x643, B21CD004-0055-4718-B2EA-F64EFE…)

this bullshit

No. 723473

I agree with >>723434 I love Micheladas because they're salty/savory, not lemony. I used to not like the taste of beer but now that I do I still love how unique Micheladas taste.

No. 723516

File: 1611715665064.png (106.24 KB, 1000x1000, poison.png)

I could throw up just looking at the picture.

No. 723533

File: 1611718976184.jpeg (375.53 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpeg)

hell on earth

No. 723615

Whiteclaw. Sorry not sorry

File: 1605276200576.jpg (296.7 KB, 1242x1215, 8ac2793cd5ddf8e7c61bfc5041f392…)

No. 673217[Reply]

For random things we like or love, like the Things we hate thread but the opposite.
Please don't infight, anything you wanna talk about is allowed. You might post physical things, ideas, links to random corners of the internet, etc. The things you might post don't have to necessarily be milky/not milky, go as controversial, weird, complicated, pure, simple or vanilla as you'd like.
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No. 723592

File: 1611730443581.jpg (84.3 KB, 820x615, EONIBFE.jpg)

Cinnamon. Smells good. Tastes good. I want it in everything.

No. 723601

based and cosigned

No. 723602

File: 1611731503419.jpg (796.27 KB, 1000x664, 2020Snow-report-cover-image_10…)


No. 723670

File: 1611738776135.gif (117 KB, 245x184, 36B12F51-D870-4D6E-8330-E7E077…)

The futurama episode where fry drinks 100 cups of coffee

No. 723672

File: 1611738995816.jpeg (117.84 KB, 1300x380, C9D2FFF0-12E1-4B1A-A2FB-2EB149…)

Nonnies we should start a birdwatching/bird lovers thread! I love birdwatching and have put up lots of nesting boxes in the garden over the pandemic. Will be interesting because we will all be from different counties discussing our favourite birdies.

File: 1611730418271.png (1.18 MB, 2560x4096, trends & associations.png)

No. 723591[Reply]

Blatantly injurious erotic anorectal violence—involving a combination of rapid thrusting, a girthy penis/object, and a prolonged duration—is rampant worldwide, facilitated by widespread (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation. It is impossible for resultant anal and rectal injuries and serious/chronic/permanent health consequences to be uncommon due to anorectal fragility relating to anatomy and neuromuscular physiology [References: Anorectal Risks 1-3]. When more than one person is involved such abuse should therefore constitute severely criminal behavior for any penetrative person—especially if significant mental pathology, a strong judgment-impairing drug, etc. are involved.

Pornography featuring anorectal violence can have numerous effects on some viewers. It may serve as inspiration for their own activities, condition them to be aroused by suffering, and contribute to development of related mental pathology: sexual sadism disorder, sexual masochism disorder, and perhaps even psychopathy for younger individuals [References: Trends & Associations]. People with such inclinations, some affiliated with pornography companies, are having a field day with anorectal violence and spreading disinformation. That unrestrained hedonism is promoting societal decadence.

Governments worldwide have not addressed those matters effectively, and many people are suffering as a result. First and foremost, educational systems under their purview are failing to adequately and accurately educate people about anorectal anatomy, physiology, health, and especially the traumatic risks of anoreceptive activities. Secondly, governments are failing to rein in out-of-control pornography industries over which they have jurisdiction. Lastly, for people who both 1) harm others for profit and 2) inspire countless viewers, governments are failing to ensure that they face severe criminal consequences: Some of those viewers are inspired to the point of emulation, even using coercion.(shit thread)

No. 723596

File: 1611730620524.png (1.07 MB, 2560x4096, anorectal risks 1.png)

Traumatic risks of human anoreceptive activities include inflammation, abrasion and tearing, muscle and connective tissue damage, and colorectal perforation. Sequelae may arise, such as hemorrhage/hematoma, hemorrhoidal disease, ulceration, bacterial infection followed by abscess / fistula / life-threatening systemic sepsis, rectal prolapse, fecal incontinence, anal skin tag (remnant of external hemorrhoidal thrombosis, scar tissue from a healed tear, or a sentinel tag for a chronic anal fissure), and anatomic stenosis (narrowing due to constricting scar tissue). One instance of trauma can lead to multiple complications. Cumulative damage and preexisting conditions are concerns as well.

~2cm beyond the anal opening at the pectinate/dentate line, the epithelium transitions from stratified squamous (anoderm) to a simple columnar mucosal lining in part of the narrow surgical anal canal, continuing along the rectum. That lining is very fragile and easily damaged especially if its mucus barrier is removed by an enema or otherwise impaired. Furthermore, some enemas and lubricants can inflame the lining and even cause it to slough off entirely. Injury to that lining alone elicits no pain sensations due to a lack of somatic innervation, so resultant problems may remain undetected absent one or more obvious symptoms.

Neuromuscular physiology also contributes to anorectal fragility particularly for girthy and vigorous insertions, which are objectively foolish and very likely to be significantly injurious. The involuntary internal anal sphincter relaxes with rectal distension. The puborectalis and external sphincter completely relax when a person bears down, causing hemorrhoidal cushions to engorge and become more susceptible to injury by shear (frictional sliding) force.

No. 723597

File: 1611730655714.png (1.05 MB, 2560x4096, anatomy & trauma.png)

Several English-language Wikipedia articles have had major, inexcusable flaws for many years. Among other issues:
• The article about the human anus has an image of a human female's anus and perineum that probably were damaged by some kind of major trauma. Human females beyond developmental stages in the womb should lack an externally-visible perineal raphe, or seamlike union/ridge, in the anogenital region between the anus and the vagina; the bulbospongiosus muscle is separated in them and does not form a persistent, visible midline raphe as it may in males [References: Anatomy & Trauma]. Furthermore, the article about the perineal raphe claims otherwise with no support from any cited source.
• The article about simple columnar epithelium explains nothing about its fragility nor lack of somatic innervation (for pain sensitivity).

The article about anal sex …
• lacks a neutral point of view — an essential component of Wikipedia's presentational philosophy. It fails to present even one _scientific_ opposing perspective, giving readers without exposure to more balanced sources the impression that opposition is limited to irrational religious positions. One such scientific perspective: The human anorectum is very unsuited for many all-too-common receptive activities due to the region's anatomy and physiology. The single short-term benefit, _potential_ pleasure, is greatly outweighed by the many short-term and long-term health risks for the receptive person. [Rationale: Anorectal Risks 1-3]
• fails to mention the normalization of injurious anoreceptive violence in pornography featuring real people.
• does not point out that "hemorrhoid" is an ambiguous term, sometimes referring to pathology and other times to normal anatomy.
• contains a logically-fallacious appeal to nature: "natural" is not necessarily good or desirable, nor is "unnatural" necessarily the inverse.

Those flaws contribute to rampant anorectal abuse and misinformation facilitating it.

No. 723598

I'm so confused. Are we only just supposed to talk about how excessively rough anal sex can cause damage itt? Why couldn't this have been posted in another thread

No. 723600

> widespread […] misinformation
> People with such inclinations, some affiliated with pornography companies, are having a field day […] spreading disinformation.
I've been watching the /r/sex subreddit — via https://old.reddit.com/search?sort=new&q=anal+subreddit:sex — for many years now. It is a popular subreddit that has enshrined the "sex-positive" bias into its posting rules. I have seen at least one 'moderator' there repeatedly post false information; chances are high that the person is maliciously spreading disinformation (i.e., the person most certainly is not moderate, and abuses a position of power/prestige to lend credence to falsehoods). Below are examples of false information being upvoted (and typically going unchallenged) along with some examples of omission (e.g. no one saying something like "doing that is a bad idea," pointing out the possibility of a preexisting condition, etc). All of the URLs should be archived on archive.is and/or archive.org (and some of the threads, or at least the original posts, are no longer present on Reddit).

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1600842254610.gif (2.84 MB, 487x486, tumblr_p6t1fdSqTr1x0wo9io1_500…)

No. 636795[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect are all welcome here. Enjoy your stay.
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No. 722577

youre not funny

No. 722640

well you're not smart, so

No. 723340

Just ignore them

No. 723599

i am afraid we will all have to wear hijabs and burkas and get stoned to death for having opinions because a few poor women with onlyfans pissed off enough incels for them to all join isis

No. 723616

File: 1611733292590.jpeg (51.85 KB, 470x500, 73C785B9-6C6B-4450-B42E-D4D76A…)

Kek I’m going to start making bombs if that happens. I’m going to take as many scrotes as I can out with me.

File: 1607721885709.jpeg (34.82 KB, 452x678, 1606165527175.jpeg)

No. 692468[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
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No. 723287

File: 1611697241504.png (118.49 KB, 275x183, A2D1EB7F-73FD-430E-A8FF-C825E7…)

I ain’t gonna read all that amigx

No. 723292

Girls who use this as profile pics
are sooo annoying
Yo te abanco wuacha tambien los odio

No. 723309

kek i love you anon

No. 723450

New thread

No. 723581

god i hate mcdicks burger buns

File: 1611713047065.jpg (821.67 KB, 2500x1668, easy-vodka-sauce-5718w.jpg)

No. 723497[Reply]

Post any recipes here! Your favorites or ones you tried out and how it went/any way you improved upon it.

No. 723503

I make these frequently

File: 1570954354972.jpg (96.68 KB, 464x648, e21jv17ool511.jpg)

No. 472051[Reply]

A Thread for former NEETs who escaped the NEET lifestyle and are tying to stay out and current NEETs who wish who want to get out of NEETdom
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No. 723429

>you'd be able to live the same life as a minimum wage worker but with the freedom of NEETdom
You're living a vastly different life than most welfare recipients by owning property.

No. 723432

I'm looking but it's unlikely with rona right now. I want to ask for less hours but they keep putting me for lots because we lost 2 ppl recently. It's so uncomfy every week to ask for less.

No. 723435

>killed all your black mirrors
>switch back to a non-smart phone
>owns a house
>posting on lolcow

No. 723447

That's what I noticed too lmao. Did you post this from the library or some shit, op?

No. 723586


I hate grubby landlords who soak up all their tenants money like moldy kitchen sponges.

File: 1505692585054.jpg (11.12 KB, 480x480, 1f9.jpg)

No. 204765[Reply]

who else here drunk
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No. 722829

File: 1611646900695.jpg (43.52 KB, 440x440, 1610793188093.jpg)

I've been savoring cheap vodka with cranberry juice recently as an homage to my late Russian grandpapa. He's drunkenly fighting with American soldier in heaven now.
Damn, I'm so anxious about my semester, the distance learning sucks ass and my country is in total lockdown so I can't even sit in a cafe and be around people. I'm a pretty asocial person, but being totally alone in my flat is really wearing my mind thin. Pray for me not to fail, dear anons.

No. 722835

i have booze shits rn but reading threads while i suffer. buttchug anon PLEASE come through

No. 723191

Bought a bottle of cheap Lidl bourbon, adding it to my coffee and playing a gay music playlist. Cheers!

No. 723445

could you explain this image to me please? I am interested and feeling stupid

I'm celebrating the first day of the semester with cheap champagne and Fantastic Mr Fox. cheers anon!!

buttchug anon we haven't forgotten

No. 723446

double post to say sending good vibes for you not to fail!! good luck to all of us in these zoom-filled times. fuck zoom

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