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File: 1570558444319.jpg (76.29 KB, 770x960, ZTASHec.jpg)

No. 470621[Reply]

Confess your sins, farmers.
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No. 473446

it sounds more like anon is trying to take advantage of him, especially if she thinks he's an autist. sounds like a mira situation here.

No. 473447

You could be right, we're all concerned about him being an abuser but even the most romantic minded woman on earth should have the sense to say no to an engagement a week in

No. 473493

I do the same shit except for entirely sexual reasons, I call it a "consensually abusive relationship"

note to >>473353 we got married within 4 months of dating lul

No. 473507

No. 473598

i am extremely ashamed of my self harm scars and i don't know how to.. accept them? i have three scars on my inner wrist (which is a cliche i know) they aren't even that big, but you can clearly see they are cutting scars.

i haven't worn a t-shirt in 7 years because of this, but plan to get a tattoo to cover them up next year. i know they'll always be there, but hope they won't be as visible or triggering to look at.

i don't know why i am so ashamed though. i know self harm isn't uncommon and i have never judged others for having self harm scars. these dumb ass scars are the main reasons for me avoiding romantic relationships.. idk i feel like if i were to date a guy i would be tricking him somehow, it's like the scars are a manifestation of how fucked up i am (or i used to be)? idk! i'm so annoyed at myself for this.

File: 1567798973179.jpg (44.23 KB, 500x327, 9a4839cfc7dba5689ce7269447b693…)

No. 458822[Reply]

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No. 473372

I do use a nice hefty case, saved my phone when I first got it and it slipped out of my pocket lmao.

I have an older model phone so I don’t have the glass backing, but what’s the point in having it if you have to put a nice, hefty case on it to make sure it doesn’t crack? Aesthetic? Wireless charging? If it’s for thr aesthetic, the case covers it unless someone wants to walk around holding their bare phone. If it’s for wireless charging you’re left to pop off the case all the time to use the wireless charging pad since I heard a lot of cases are too thick and it won’t charge (and also the pads cost extra money so if people forked over money for it, I’d imagine they definitely want their moneys worth and would use it).

It just seems like… what’s even the point??

No. 473379

…to protect your thousand dollar phone? does there need to be a better reason to put a case on it than "invest in this expensive and essential thing i own"? who cares what your phone looks like if it's shattered front to back lmao.

No. 473382

>i don't like any of the new phones
>just talking about iphone

git gud pleb.

No. 473413

Sorry I meant what's the point of having a glass backing.

Actually I had the Pixel 4 in mind when I made the post, but yes I've pretty much been disappointed with all the new iphones after the 8 and haven't bothered to keep up with any of Samsungs new phones either.

No. 473454

>always put on case and glassmade cover
>my phone still fell face on the ground and broke both cover and screen, and also died
I tried so hard. And yet.

File: 1566872877279.jpg (22.21 KB, 500x381, imstupid.jpg)

No. 454349[Reply]

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This thread's for you

Previous thread: >>428562
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No. 473318


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 473320

Sane.org is not a psychologist. Personality is not an index card you can shuffle around on a Rolodex. They have not become a child, nor do they possess the psersonality of a child trapped within them(fucking magical thinking if I ever saw it)
Sick people regress all the time but don’t try to make book deals or YouTube money off it, nor do they pretend that they literally are a child now.

Read the info linked about the tests they fail.

No. 473323

new thread

No. 473415

Get the iud and tell him to stop being a little bitch about it. It's your body, what about your comfort?

That said, I hope the IUD works out for you. I have Skyla and it's worked absolute wonders for me. I don't have health insurance to get it replaced right now and it's been two years, but the website says I can keep it in for 3 lol I love having it so much that I'd happily pay out of pocket to get it replaced.

No. 473421

The diagnostic manual changes every few years, disorders get added and our understanding of illnesses changes the way we see it or treat it so you have to take that stuff with a grain of salt

The 'accepted understanding' right now is that it's real but both controversial and -extremely- uncommon. The vast majority of cases where people report multiple personalities.. is a result of borderline personality.

There was a huge influx of DID cases years ago (after a book made it popular) and this number eventually fell off. I think the case in the book turned out to be untrue afterwards too. Now youtubers are making vids about DID where they claim to shift back and forth between personalities in videos.. and the cases of 'reported DID' is likely to increase again because of it

File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716[Reply]

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.
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No. 473301

My Grandaunts once told me that any man who liked Anal sex in form was always a sexual deviant

No. 473328

I agree that all men super into anal are gross but can you explain this to me? Like the reasoning? I'm not trying to be dense I'm actually curious.

Because while I do find it degenerate everyone has an asshole so it's not like gender specific? Kind of like saying gay men into nipple play are secretly het/bi?

No. 473339

Anon is dumb and probably homophobic.

Guys who want anal aren't secretly gay, they have developed extreme tastes that constantly escalate as a result of constant access to porn. They enjoy women's pain, they like the idea that they're being 'allowed' to do something nasty and unpleasant, they want to act out the scenes they jerk off to. They don't prefer assholes to vaginas, they just prefer taboo to 'vanilla'.

No. 473414

There's so much of that 'gag and slobber on it' shit in porn but I've been lucky enough never have a guy even dare to push my head down

I'm curious, how common is this in real life?

No. 473416

In my experience it's been a result of pornsickness, they start out obsessed with your ass and then after a while they suggest you play with theirs too.. slippery slope where eventually genitals don't even factor into sex anymore

I'm never going to orgasm or get a thing from being rimmed so dating an ass obsessed guy really highlighted the fact that sex with me was 100 percent about him acting out porn and not about me at all

File: 1571149725295.jpg (117.54 KB, 800x1200, Braco-Portrait[1].jpg)

No. 472894[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>465946
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No. 473268

I'm not exactly a NEET since I have a full time job, but I never even graduated high school due to depression and my job is a shitty dead-end one. I've also stopped talking to anyone outside of work years ago.

I don't even have depression anymore so I don't know what my excuse is, I think by now I've been saying I'll go back to school for about 8 years now without doing so. I'm just too comfortable not expending any effort into anything except making a few bucks. But soon I'll be old and have no accomplishments whatsoever. I guess I'm just a lazy fuck.

No. 473276

Who is it and why are they being used for these threads he last few months?

No. 473312

he's a new age con man called braco. he's basically replaced amanda seyfried as /ot/'s board tan.

No. 473314

Boring. At least Amanda seyfried stuff was mildly funny after the obsessed sperging.

This seems more like op has kept up a joke that didn’t get a laugh the first time it was said.

No. 473341

pretty sure it started because a robot kept spamming him on here to ~heal~ us kek. clearly he's still needed seeing as how many people recoil from his healing gaze on here

File: 1549609765014.jpeg (84.26 KB, 1000x479, 55184ABB-3103-46E3-80BF-B24CB7…)

No. 369313[Reply]

Sekrit plans for world domination, sekrit klubz, government coverups and experiments, etc., etc..

Pizzagate talk is welcome!
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No. 473044


IKR! Welcome to the looney bin.

The crazy part is that every time satanism is brought up is the laveyan larpers, no one looks into the temple of set or ever mentions Coronel Aquino. Of course the whole thing got so mixed up with evangelical histerics that it mudded the whole thing the public eye, is almost as if every time a legitimate claim surfaces is astro turfed by crazy people to make it look less valid and less worth the research.


the civil rights activists were not hippies, there were a lot of things happening at the same time, hippie was just an insult that conservatives threw around to anyone who was staying from the official narrative on something or maybe just liked rock and rool and had long hair but the actual unwashed dirty hippies who didn't work and spend all day drugged were pretty much hated by everyone and they were one specific group of people. I still think the 60s and 70s ended in a shit legacy in way too many aspects though.

No. 473068

Fair enough. My perception of hippies was they started as anti-war, so it should have been easy to springboard from that position to against war profiteering to against all manner of deep state corruption. That they weren't all crying to end the CIA and Fed within a year astounds me.

No. 473093


"Turn on, tune in, drop out" is what hippies believed, Hippies really were not involved in much of anything, they would probably spout some slogans from the anti war movement when asked about it but in reality hippies were ineffectual and uninvolved, that's why is so suspicious that the whole identity got started with CIA psichedelics being handed down for free to young people on the streets.

No. 473097

Absolutely haram. Thanks for the correction.

No. 473149

This doc is really interesting, thanks for the rec anon

File: 1570966838639.jpg (219.73 KB, 1908x1146, 4598.jpg)

No. 472077[Reply]

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviours, or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread: >>431019
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Tinfoil General thread: >>369313

Milk from the last thread:
>Miley Cyrus is wilding out after her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, she currently looks like Madonna's long lost twin and apparently uses meth - might join the 27 club.
>Rapper Cupcakke declares, on twitter, that she slept with Shawn Mendes. She also claims that he is a gay man with a tiny dick.
>Former child star and giant twitter sperg Aaron Carter gets a terrible face tattoo and accuses his brother of being a rapist. Nick Carter responds by getting a restraining order.
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No. 472540

Doesn’t really seem like a narcissist to me. Just another soulless, Hollywood baby babbling for attention because that’s what he learned was validating as a young child. This guy is fucked.

No. 472554

combo of drugs and the fact that yeah, children in hollywood pretty much always end up fucked for one reason or another (generally abuse, either sexual or physical or psychological or all 3)

No. 473141

File: 1571164766661.jpg (396.13 KB, 761x1024, Jenelle Evans Launchiing JE Co…)

came across farrah abrahams while browsing through the net and damn what is this face? I already thought that her face looked like some uncanny valley a while ago but this is a new level of horror.

No. 473143

File: 1571164806557.jpg (364.74 KB, 805x1024, Jenelle Evans Launchiing JE Co…)

No. 473180

Plastic surgery at a young age also all the tanning she does doesn't help. Also wtf is she wearing some glitter trash bag?

File: 1569451426543.jpg (108.8 KB, 1600x1065, kitchen-white-wall-air-vent.jp…)

No. 465946[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>457360
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No. 473219

not to sound condescending but have you considered saying no when people ask things of you

No. 473243

How boring must you be to where you think the only thing there is for women to do is have babies? And men lose fertility too ffs

No. 473246

i think my little brother has fucking stolen my hash. i had a solid 3-4 grams left and theres just a tiny speck left in my bag. i havent smoked for a month maybe and the only other person who knows i smoke is my boyfriend. im fucking pissed, i just wanted to chill out and smoke a joint but here i am with a tiny speck of hash and knowing that my brother likely lied and stole from me. he's only 15 years old and have been aksking me for a plug earlier which i ovbiously said no to. idk how to bring it up to him but he's gonna pay me back.

No. 473258

WTF where?! Let's go look for your cat anon this is fucking horrible

No. 473450

>So if we can only get pregnant until age 35-40 or whatever then why the fuck do we live so long?
So we can look after our kids and grandkids, and become respected elders?
That men of all ages are focusing on women within a certain window comes with advantages as well.

File: 1566575829020.jpg (117.22 KB, 653x653, IMG_20190823_175404.jpg)

No. 452771[Reply]

I know that many farmers are from non-native English speaking countries, so this is a general thread for talking about cows from those countries.

Tell us about your favorite cow!
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No. 472795

christ anon I heard about this. Thanks for this update kek

No. 472796

No. 472799

What's saddens me is that this is a nice outfit compared to what most burgerlanders wear out to eat

No. 472809

Wasn't her appearance debunked as prosthetic and shoops, she was trying to make a statement or something?
>Arrested for "cultural crimes and social and moral corruption"
The real cow here is the Iranian government.

No. 472835

>"She faces charges including blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption, the news agency added"

where the hell did this even come from?all i knew about her was that she did those terrible shopps

File: 1524982693698.jpg (66.38 KB, 1380x763, NDE.jpg)

No. 246138[Reply]

Has anyone ever had any near death experiences during their life? What were the events leading up to it, what did you feel/see/etc during the experience, what happened afterwards when you came back?

One common theme surrounding these is a person feeling like they're floating upwards and watching things happen below them and seeing their own unmoving body, or feeling like you're rushing through a tunnel of light and feeling calm/accepting/etc. What do you make of these claims and do you think NDEs do happen or they're just hyped up and exaggerated?
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No. 469381

i didnt have any real near death experiences, but a few cases where it felt like I was dying

It was mostly just panic attacks, but i didnt know what those were at first so every time i freaked out I thought I was actually dying. I could feel every cell giving up, Id ‘forget’ how to breathe, and couldnt feel my heartbeat. Id get cold, sweaty and shaky and Id just try to hold myself and remind myself that if I dont calm down now, that my last moments wouldnt feel painful and miserable.

It never worked, but eventually all that tension, shaking and fighting would wear me out and Id just fall asleep.

The last time I smoked weed it took those panic attacks and increased it 10 fold. It felt like my whole body froze up and the entire world was going to collapse in a manner of seconds. On top of that, I felt out of it for like a week after. My partner keeps trying to get me to try different strains because I didnt get panic attacks back when we smoked in high school and is convinced it would help my anxiety. I dont think she understands just how terrifying risking another panic attack is for me and probably thinks its stupid since its all in my head, but Im afraid of experiencing one that bad again

No. 470052


I used to be a really big stoner back in the day and wanted to stop when I was in my early twenties, so I did for several years. Over time, due to many things, my anxiety and panic attacks became a real problem and I tried weed again. It was really one of the worst mistakes. It made everything worse-just like how you described, it felt like the world was going to fall apart. Honestly, I'm not missing out on anything by just staying away from it. Its not worth it. I advise the same for yourself. Find something else to help you with your anxiety/panic attacks.

The most annoying part is idiots going, "maybe you're not smoking the right stuff," because they can't wrap their little heads around the fact that weed is not immaculate as they love to believe.

No. 470056

I had an ex who thought my anxiety attacks were me bullshitting cos he never understood it. He started smoking right after we broke up and a few months later he tells me he had a huge panic attack..his first panic attack and he's in his forties

He's one of those guys who'll never listen to you when you tell him drink depresses him so I didn't bother pointing out that possible connection

No. 472723

I had an NDE a few months back involving complications from a cosmetic surgery. I had previously been obese, lost a boatload of weight, and had a tummy tuck to repair the damage all the excess weight had done to my stomach (even post weight loss I had a pretty extreme "spare tire" situation because that was the part of my body that held the most fat.) I had been warned by 3 surgeons, one being the one who actually did the operation, that while unlikely, there could be extreme complications from the surgery because it's one of the most intense/invasive cosmetic procedures out there. I did take the warning seriously and made sure to make any effort I could to be in good condition pre-op and what happened was no fault of my own or the fault of any of the doctors who worked on me, it really was just a freak accident.

So, the actual surgery went 100% perfectly. No complications, I went under fine, and woke up with a nice flat tummy. I had the surgery at a private clinic and not a hospital so I was discharged about 2 hours after surgery to recover at home. I had my family with me to help me in/out of the car and to drive me home and make sure I was safe. I got into my house fine, and got cozied up in a recliner chair. I was a little out of it from the drugs they gave me during surgery but otherwise had no pain or issues. I spent the next few hours napping and watching TV with my family.

A few hours had passed, I think it was around 8 pm when I was watching a movie with my dad when all of a sudden my entire body heated up like I had the most intense fever in my life, just to get absolutely bone chilling cold within seconds. I told my dad what had just happened and immediately he knew that was not a good thing. He helped me check where my incision was to find that I had been bleeding out. My entire midsection was numb so I didnt feel the blood on me or the blood on my clothes/blankets, but they were SOAKED. My mom was in the room too at this point and both of them tried to help me staand up and I fainted- this is where the kinda weird part happened. All I remember is seeing (in my mind's eye so to speak, I was unconscious at this point) like a zoomed in image of the corner of the room I was in and I heard my own voice, but not coming from me, saying "dont go towards the light or anything, just pull through. Just dont go towards the light" like it wasnt my internal monologue, it was like a stranger had my exact voice and speech pattern. I woke uPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 472783

The funniest thing is that weed actually caused the only panic attacks I've ever had. Yes, both sativa and indica.

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