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File: 1676907555560.jpg (128.1 KB, 710x533, 5054131050507.PT06_uk.jpg)

No. 1504930

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself, feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.





No. 1505007

I think I've finally beaten fast fashion consoomerism, nonas. I have absolutely no interest in new trends. I used to look up new items constantly, and impulse buy things. I got sick of it and decided to slowly build a wardrobe with a certain vintage style I love, with second hand items. I love my clothes now and don't want more. It's a great feeling.

No. 1505008

I wish I could get banned from services like Klarna, I make decent money and never accrue debts I can't pay off but it's so depressing to think it'll be another month of not saving anything because once again I couldn't help myself and splurged £400 coat for spring and also £250 on another beautiful coat (was on sale) for the next winter and got £650 to pay off next month. I'm obsessed with high end clothing, got a beat up phone and a dying laptop and a wardrobe full of Acne Studios and APC and at the end of every month I feel like I've finally completed my wardrobe then as soon as I get paid I spend a £150 on another stupid sweatshirt from Net-a-Porter, usually via Klarna to stave off the guilt for a little bit.

No. 1505024

Sounds like you're trying to "treat yourself" in a misplaced way. Could you try saving up for things you need instead, like a new laptop, and see it as self-care?

No. 1505026

File: 1676918308431.jpg (203.43 KB, 1280x960, 234342342342.jpg)

>get banned from services like Klarna
You can't. You need to delete your account and uninstall it yourself.
Your phone's going to get bricked and, at the same time, your laptop is going to be turned off and unable to turn on. Save up for a good and long-lasting phone and laptop, research it, look up reviews and find what fits your lifestyle. Don't go with your first choice. Look for alternatives first and compare.
Look around your home and see if you need to replace anything that is broken or save up for something important. You don't need anymore clothing, your wants are not needs.

No. 1505034

Lol nona I am banned somehow

No. 1505035

It's good that you have self-awareness and want to break that habit. watch this video, delete klarna, and start fresh. if you get urges at the start of each month to buy new clothes, just go to a flea market and look at the products there until you fulfill the shopping needs

No. 1505041

nta but how? bad credit?

No. 1505065

NTA but holy shit, I've heard of Klarna but not the others and have never used the service. This is crazy!

No. 1505084


Ah yes good old millennial nostalgia consumerism, they took away my 90s nintendo and replaced it with.. a new LAME nintendo

No. 1505087

I desperately want to get more Sylvanian Families. They're just so precious and I would love to just have one of the houses filled with the cutest little rooms. I just can't get over how adorable every single item is.

No. 1505089

90s shit is so tacky

No. 1505093

OT but the way he says "adidas" (13:33) is fucked up, right?

No. 1505097

nona stop lmao I was literally just about to say that? it really threw me off I cant stop laughing what is that pronunciation

No. 1505100

LMAO now that you pointed it out I can’t unhear it, Adidaas

No. 1505110

File: 1676925674328.jpg (31.13 KB, 450x412, married sylvania.jpg)

Why is there a link to the vegan thread in the op?

No. 1505233

In the earlier threads people would sperg about how meat is consoomerism, how fake meat is consoomerism, how vegans are consoomers etc. It was all very autistic and fit better in the vegan thread. Now they can post documentaries on fertilizers and cattle over there and leave us to talk about people who have 1,500 funko pops.

No. 1505291

I've seen a few stories of people being addicted to these pay in 4 instalments plans and they were all from the UK too. I wonder if it's just my perception or is this actually a worse problem over there.

No. 1505395

File: 1676959810109.png (275.63 KB, 512x476, B7F58B55-9C2B-4A63-B4FB-7BEC5E…)

My place of work keeps receiving squishmallows. Every holiday or couple months a new motherload. I keep telling myself not to buy them but it's futile. Like oh, nona, you need one for every season, oh, nona, you have attachment issues and need to hug something when you're sleeping, oh nona you can use your employee discount!

Shut up brain!

No. 1505487

I'm giving up consooming for lent, anyone wanna join me?
I will only buy necessary things like food or cleaning supplies if they happen to run out

No. 1505545

I try to do this as much as possible, I'm mostly spending on my hobby right now. I still went a little overboard because I buy 2nd hand items to use for my craft, always said to myself it's fine because it's cheap and not new, but now I'm sitting on a box full of materials. Gotta get crafting!

No. 1505622

to the anon that wanted to get adidas samba, buy the superstar instead.

No. 1505835

long time Superstar user here, don't. their longevity is garbage, as you need to take care of the rubber toecap, it will get dry and rupture after some years. get Stan Smiths instead, but check if they are made out of leather first, as Adidas is selling shoes made out of PU, schilling the whole "environmentally friendly" nonsense with even more plastic.

No. 1505845

>after some years
That seems reasonable though? At least for the quality of sneakers in general. I know very few people who don't run down their daily sneakers within 2 years if not 1.

No. 1505847

They are so cute but I lowkey regret some of the ones I scooped up and might resell while they are still popular. Even the tiny ones are too big. I already have a storage bin of plushies in my closet I feel insane

No. 1505856

File: 1677011795139.png (1.98 MB, 1920x533, nubeaniebabies.png)

No. 1505858

just saying. you don't wanna end up with wet socks because the toecap decided to give up, especially now that adidas has been making them more thin than they used to be. i have been wearing them for around 20 years now and a pair i had since 2009 cracked at the beginning of the year. i have a pair of SS slip-ons for around 3 years and the rubber already feels sandy, so this is just advice. aren't we trying to coonsoom less here, nonita?

besides that, the sole is very, very hard. it's not cell-based, it has a EVA-innards, so it's not pure rubber anymore.

No. 1505888

I've had my superstars for 6 years and nothing is rupturing kek what are you doing? I never even take care of them, they seem indestructible somehow. My leather vans and converse always ended up with a hole at the big toe after 2-3 years.

No. 1505929

Dumb eurofag, how is this any different to paying in installments with your card?

No. 1505941

File: 1677018660416.jpeg (107.96 KB, 1080x1080, 7154979D-C5AC-405F-8E90-5D578D…)

Holy crap nona I have to clean my room enough to be able to take a picture! What a collection. I mostly buy the medium or small ones but I bought myself a bigger version of picrel for sadly single valentines

No. 1505944

File: 1677018968539.jpg (113.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anon… I was making fun of you.

No. 1505951

File: 1677019708163.jpeg (34.57 KB, 500x500, D94D8573-5698-4F7F-9FEE-A43687…)

some of you really wake up and choose violence(go back)

No. 1505953

Go back to tumblr

No. 1505975

File: 1677022347758.jpg (41.39 KB, 767x431, 1672500767019088.jpg)

Hall monitors should consider their life choices and take the appropriate action.

No. 1505984

File: 1677023255087.jpg (140.75 KB, 1080x1350, emilyjanelathan_117964390_1430…)

Any anons here intersted in vinyl collection ? I'm trying really hard not to fall into it because of hox expensive it is

No. 1506044


I've been collecting records for a while now, and yeah its definitely expensive. I generally buy only music I'm already into and will listen to, and avoid hypebeast records and the secondhand market.

There's guys in one of the collecting groups I'm in with literal basements full of records they've blindly bought and that deep in just seems sad to me, there's no way to actually enjoy that much vinyl.

Unless there's a repress of something I've been after for a while, these days I will limit myself to 1 or 2 per month. Avoid Record Store Day, its not worth it.

No. 1506085

Agree with >>1506044 Don't get trapped into buying records just to buy records, focus on music you actually enjoy listening to. I've actually seen people compare the current record market to spinning funko pops with all the emphasis on variants and rarity now. Are you likely to listen to this album regularly?
I only got heavy into collecting in the past two years (i'm young and just got a full time job), so I'll admit I've spent a bit on the aftermarket but know your financial limits, and don't get sucked into spending 3x more for a fancy color if another is available.

No. 1506231

I have a small collection of vinyl records (<20 or so) and I regret it a little bit. Some of them I don't love as much anymore as I did when I bought them, and I'm barely ever in the room where the record player is. They're a pain to re-sell because the proper shipping packaging is kinda pricey and buyers can get pissy if your record grading doesn't align with theirs.

No. 1506994

I'm honestly the same situation. I probably have around 35 records but I quickly found out that listening to vinyl is not the format for me. I hate getting into an album but then having to go and flip it over halfway through. Highly considering selling mine at a yardsale because I never listen to them and they just take up space.

No. 1507490

They’re ugly…

No. 1507500

I wanted to.. until I realized that just 3 albums would cost me like 100+ euros. And I repeat listen to more than 3 albums every year. Not worth it for me for entertainment I can also enjoy digitally for free.

No. 1507527

i've thought about it because a lot of the of bands i listen to who have beautiful art and apparently it provides an advanced listening experience. my only reason for not doing it is the space it would take up and i really don't understand turntables in any capacity, apparently you can't just buy any one that looks nice which sucks, idk. I'd rather just stick to collecting mp3 files so i can have a somewhat permanent copy of music i feel will get deleted from spotify.

No. 1507553

nonna how the fuck are we supposed to have sneakers that last (I probably cant afford it if it exists) and not consoom when even brand name stuff don't last?

No. 1507558

File: 1677195458370.jpeg (66.78 KB, 976x653, circus.jpeg)

I collect CDs, get crisp smooth FLAC rips out of them, put back in their box and it goes back in the shelf. they're much cheaper too and I don't need special equipment to enjoy it, I hate that a lot of special editions only come out in vinyl nowadays.

next time you download a nice FLAC rip or even a good quality MP3 remember a CDfag ripped it, not a pedantic retard with thousands of doll hairs worth of vinyls on their shelf.

vinyl nonnas might attack me for this but I don't care. enjoy paying for overpriced shit and still listening to music on spotify anyway.

No. 1507598

No. 1507640

squishables are superior nona love yourself

No. 1507862

File: 1677236837296.jpg (82.93 KB, 570x600, Sparkle-pamphlet1.jpg)

Last year I fell hard for old my little ponies. First I just thought I'd buy few G2's, since I had few as a kid, but now I'm addicted to G1 as well. They are just too damn cute! I must learn to keep my cool when I see them on online fleamarkets etc. and not buy each one on my wishlist immediately. I thought I would be stronger than this kek.

No. 1508686

Very based opinions, fuck squishmallows and people that buy them

No. 1511862

nta but if you are still here, the answer is it isn't. The only difference is if you don't have a credit card, this is one way to pay things in installments with a debit card.

No. 1512599

File: 1677714466002.png (266.39 KB, 563x551, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

Entered into yet another cycle where I completely lost interest in something that once consumed my existence and now I'm left with a bunch of merchandise I no longer want and need to sell. I have got to stop buying fandom shit, s2g. EVERY TIME I'm like "oh but this is different!" no, it will never be different you stupid bitch. You're just buying junk you don't need to fill the void and will soon tire of it.

No. 1512621

File: 1677717046803.png (80.14 KB, 326x384, Screenshot 2023-03-01 192848.p…)

I googled them to see what you meant and lord i want to take him home soooo bad. Until i saw it was $50 and realised that's probably why squishmallows are more popular. I have a giant hello kitty squishmallow that cost only $20.

No. 1512625

The plague doctor squishable is amazing

No. 1512884

File: 1677744888873.png (729.31 KB, 640x640, C7102240-F419-4458-8101-9F7BD6…)

they’re higher quality and thus more expensive, and come in a range of sizes. i have the plague doctor and the king raven and they’re probably my best quality stuffed animals ive purchased in the last few years. the big ones are extra comfy. sell the squishmallows and curate your plush collection to a few nice things, that’s just personal opinion though.

No. 1512886

Squishmallows are fucking hideous and so is that frog, I hate westernized ‘Kawaii’ shit.

No. 1512888

show us what you've got

No. 1512919

Then why so much moral panic about it? Like I get that they're scummy companies but at the same time the rest of the world knows how to be responsible while using the same basic system…paying in installments saved my ass when I had to make unexpected big purchases.

No. 1512935

File: 1677750677687.png (18.99 KB, 320x320, 22-225070_cute-kawaii-face-bla…)

To me, anything with a face like picrel looks like a soulless piece of tat that loses all its value the second the sale rings through. I'm amazed that the "kawaii" wave seems to have no end

No. 1512996

based and CDpilled.

most of stuff i listen to is from peak pre-loudness war CD era and there's no point in getting vinyl copies of these albums for me because original releases are still plentiful and pretty cheap unless it's some rare, niche album or single.

No. 1513175

File: 1677780782777.png (313.59 KB, 600x600, 403506CF-7A96-4C09-8A2C-45C63E…)

Kawaii is forever nona

No. 1513569

somehow every american thing with 'kawaii' in the name is ugly as hell. not to sound like some crazy weeb but theres some cute stuff in japan and they somehow miss the mark every fucking time making 'kawaii' stuff. It's not as bad but american sanrio stuff vs japanese sanrio stuff is so crazy different

No. 1513763

File: 1677842852499.jpeg (57.27 KB, 233x279, 2D88B099-2867-4954-9DFC-DD92D2…)

as a burgerfag i wish i could collect g2s but it seems so out of reach to me as they mostly released in UK/europe… i have a goodsized collection of g3s, g4s, and equestria girls myself (i know, i know nostalgia hit really hard for me lately and as a young girl who was traumatized by bronies online i just want to reclaim this one thing). the only g1 stuff i have so far is one of the basicfun repros and i have two aladdin thermos (rainbow curl ponies and merry go round ponies). g1 and g2 babies are probably what i would want the most in my collection. i only recently discovered the g2 babies and i just love them (picrel)

No. 1513857


Kawaii sperg incoming. I think it's because Burgers tend to have a "more is more" mentality while the Japanese are more on minimalism.

Like, compare that elephant with Hello Kitty (the icon herself), the elephant's eyes being big and stylized with sparkles kinda feels that it's trying too hard, while Hello Kitty's simple dot eyes and mouthlessness feels relaxed and charming.

No. 1514293

File: 1677890455807.jpeg (128.87 KB, 736x919, E4A01B58-1DA9-4B4C-B518-DB69FD…)

>while the Japanese are more on minimalism
Yeah no

No. 1514300

She meant in relation to design choices, nonna. Japanese are more about simple and expressive forms, americans doing kawaii is about exaggeration of cute motifs to try expressing some type of cuteness.

No. 1514318

File: 1677891913180.png (98.72 KB, 400x308, 53114B33-CD40-4817-B661-3B01FC…)

I just think Japan is better at drawing cute characters, stuff like jewelpet isn’t very minimalist but is still super cute it’s just more baked into their culture.

No. 1514890

nta, but the issue isn't people like you using it for big purchases you were going to make anyway, it's how it's advertised as a convenient way to buy more shit that you didn't intend to buy or can't afford, but making it sound less problematic than being in credit card debt. Nearly every online store (especially those aimed at young women) shill services like Klarna now as if it's a positive to buy extra garbage from them you can't pay for at the moment. In the end it's on the buyer, sure, but it's predatory and promotes consoomerist culture.

No. 1515059

You get people who buy and buy and buy because suddenly they can afford it. Except they forgot that they're now paying installments for ten purchases instead of one, and now they can't afford the payments.
Paying in installments is great for unexpected purchases like you said, but the vast majority of people who use these services are retarded when it comes to money. All they see is an expensive item that they suddenly need in their lives, and Klarna helps them convince themselves that paying a month's rent for a hairdryer is a wise investment. It's consoomerism at its worst.

No. 1515598

Seizure hoarding

No. 1515819

This is fucking horrific, like living in a toybox.

No. 1515976

File: 1678088348176.jpeg (194.17 KB, 1600x1191, 45C5CAE4-E138-4B05-937E-51342A…)

No. 1515980

6-7yo old me would go bananas if she saw that

No. 1515994

Those threads were funnier when we made fun of unhinged collectors and consoomers but seeing nonnas talk about their collections is much comfier.

No. 1515996

adults like this are mentally ill

No. 1516000

this is the only squish mallow i own, Avery, he was just SO CUTE i couldn't help myself.

No. 1516003

File: 1678093119055.jpg (32.76 KB, 600x337, ArQF71UCIAI_QuK.jpg_medium.jpg)

bad image choice, paca

No. 1516024

File: 1678097619292.jpg (156.61 KB, 828x1353, ecfpalq2mula1.jpg)

a challenger appears

No. 1516028

But crocs are cute in a odd way, these are just straight ugly

No. 1516034

color coordinated outfits every day

No. 1516049

you're not wrong kek but I think it's kind of an ADHD (for a lack of a better word) thing where your brain craves visual stimulation rather than peaceful relaxation. It's like those old ladies who have to knit whatever they're doing because doing nothing is painful and boring, rather than relaxing like for the average person. Neurodivergent people (adhd, autists) have a tendency to be visual thinkers who crave visual information and they also tend to be the ones who have the most insane collections.

No. 1516082

images that you can smell and it smells like Kelly Eden

No. 1522227

This youtuber who has a whole Miku-themed apartment and is obsessed with being Miku irl. To an extent, I can respect it. But this is way too much. All that turquoise would give me a headache. You take away Miku from this woman and what is left?
Long way to say "retarded"

No. 1522260

This is crazy, I'm not a huge mikufag but I know enough to know most of the stuff she has is pretty recent and not super rare so I looked and the first post on her miku IG is from 2019 and her channel started in 2020. I genuinely wonder how long these people think their interest will last. At least it's clean and has room for normal life functions I guess

No. 1522263

I would like a thread dedicated solely to posting your pics of your calico critters. I'm kind of addicted to looking at them.

No. 1522267

agreed. I've found them very cute but never bought any because i already have my 800 little things collections and don't feel like adding another into it. i would love to see others though

No. 1522279

>has a whole Miku-themed apartment and is obsessed with being Miku irl
There's like 10 women with that schtick, with of course a grand total of 0 actually using her as software. I think it's a mixture of consoooom, identity issues, attention seeking and 10-20% actual love for miku/vocaloid.

No. 1522328

yo wtf? I though I was a huge mikufag for attending her concerts and buying figs and merch but I’ve also been a fan since 2007 and don’t even have an 8th of the stuff in her apartment. People who make their entire identity an IP are sad.

No. 1523150

It's all for attention. It's depressing to see people like this. At least >>1515598 has spent years collecting crap she likes, ugly as it is.

No. 1523773

there's a toy thread in /m

No. 1528451

this was in my recommended videos today and it's really short, but i really enjoyed it.

No. 1528749

Thank you nona, I'll watch it.

No. 1529345

I love watching Japanese makeup decluttering videos just to stop myself from buying useless new makeup, this girl is only 19 and has more makeup than I'll buy in a lifetime.

No. 1529376

I know its 100% been discussed to death and but makeup hoarding in particular is always fascinating to me. For the average girl they're literally only using the same few colors, how many shades of pink lip can you possibly need to own. It goes bad so quickly too, people who hoard books and clothes can have the delusion they will eventually read or wear them but makeup is literally useless after 5 years. There is genuinely no product you can reasonably use more than like 5 of.
It's like peak consoomer to me, after the initial unboxing serotonin you quite literally have almost the exact same product.

No. 1529402

Idk who she is but if she's an influenter they're all gifted to her. A lot of influencers have an ungodly amount of products because the brands keep giving them stuff.

No. 1529469

kek that reminds me of a video making fun of Glitterforever17 for selling her PR makeup. I don't see what the big deal was.. I would too tbh.

No. 1529471

She's not a big influencer, she bought it all. Nearly all of the Japanese videos I've come across like this are not sponsored or gifted products, they just like hoarding makeup.

No. 1530032

File: 1679443110273.jpg (220.7 KB, 1043x1457, pkeb.jpg)

Any pokecard collectors ITT?

The TCG community is full of moids who scalp, don't even seem to like collecting, only care about charizards and buy 100 cases of packs "to sell in 20 years".

Feels like the worst types are attracted to this hobby.

No. 1530109

It's because companies often specifically state to influencers that they aren't allowed to sell it so they avoid sending makeup to people who aren't even influencers and just want to make a quick buck. That's why influencers do so many give aways and many have also prohibited companies from sending them pr because it's just too much shit in their house. As for glitterforver, people should have let her slide, she is literally in the trenches smearing nair all over her pussy and making shayna tier porn, people need to leave her alone.

No. 1530115

File: 1679448799429.jpg (46.28 KB, 563x751, 4b47f04c9c842219799e56188f7913…)

A lot of people have jumped ship to skincare hoarding and i have also seen haircare hoarding too. That reminds me, is there brands you have seen around that you feel only exist to cater to people who over consume on tiktok? For me it's charlotte tilsbury and gisou. You cannot convince me anything from either of these brands are worth it in any capacity. I am also convinced that gisou is similar to la mer is in they slap their name on generic formula and shill it to people who want to larp as the ballet girl pilates chic or whatever it is.

No. 1530293

These products work, but they don't merit the price tag. You're exactly right about it being like La Mer, it's the same thing you get for a tenth of the price but it's the brand and clout that people are after. Plus skincare goes bad much faster, especially the pots you have to dip your fingers into.

No. 1530324

I completely understand buying them so cute…

No. 1530720

Her room is cute but the amount of stuff is so crazy, especially given her and her sister sleep on a couch together in it

No. 1530733

seeing the lady of guadalupe amidst all the false idols cracks me up kek

No. 1530818

You can literally get cute packaging like this in the grocery store though. Ngl though, i get buying this kind of stuff as one off when sephora sells value kits, but it shouldn't be your go to products. I say it as someone who has used a sample of this stuff, it was pretty underwhelming, not say all expensive hair care isn't worth though, but those brands aren't typically shilled under the guise of being aesthetic.

No. 1530866

I need to stop the consoom. My tiny room is a mess, I need to get rid of stuff but I’ve tried listing them online and don’t move for months and when I do rarely get a buyer I don’t even know where the item is at because of all my shit. It’s even all over my bed, i sleep with all my junk on the bed. I rrally wish I could sell them quick but I can’t not even at low prices. Also if I’m selling low then it’s not really worth it especially with fees and shipping costs. I’m in debt so ideally I’d like to sell them to get something back but I buy junk no one else wants.
I don’t know I’m just too old now for this, I need to do something before it’s truly over.

No. 1530867

I had a ton but I ended up giving away like 1000 cards away to my nephew, and only keeping rares/favorites. I haven’t bought since, especially with people buying a bunch.

No. 1530882

Any anons slowly growing out of shit from their teens phase? I have some large plushies, fandom stuff, and other collector items that just don't matter to me anymore. Starting to care more about the overall look of my place than collecting useless stuff. Trying to sell, donate, or give away items now until I reach the overall interior design I'm looking for. Part of it is not buying things at thrift stores because it's so cheap. I'm thinking of only buying higher grade items from etsy and if it is a character I like then it has to be more functional. Something like a tea cup or thermos instead of a keychain plushie which does nothing but hang on a wall for collecting.

No. 1530902

I feel this way with a lot of my anime merchandise. I'm not very invested in a lot of the series I liked in my teen years. Unfortunately the majority of the stuff I liked is not very popular so it's difficult to sell my stuff even heavily discounted.

No. 1530935

The religious stuff surrounded by idol stuff is just kek.

No. 1530937

Yeah, I'm at this stage of wanting to curate less than collect.

No. 1531088

File: 1679573933108.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, abomination.png)

Hey kirbyfag what do you think of this?

No. 1531135

Not kirby fag but this is one of the few of those toys I like purely based on the fact that it looks so ridiculous. Wish I could buy it as a gag present for myself or the kirby fan in my life.
>inb4 nooo don't buy
You asked for an opinion

No. 1531160

I did this years ago but purging all my teenage consoom shite was so freeing. I managed to get a few hundred £ from my weebshit which made me quite happy. It was also a good lesson since it put me off of buying merch.

No. 1531173

I am pretty sure that is fake. I do not like it. The coloring is of poor choice. Kirby is round, not square though because that is the general design scheme of the Funko Pops I shall let that slide. However, one of the biggest sins I see here is the lack of two important aspects. Kirby's cute soft little hands and Kirby's even cuter soft pink cheek marks. Without those, it's very lacking and even more souless than the average Funko Pop. Though, I hate it from the get go since Funko Pops fill me with a visceral disgust as they remind me of a middle aged prematurely balding man with poor fitting glasses, stubbly beard, no muscles, and a secret fetish for traps and sissy porn.

No. 1531190

Are you ever NOT browsing lolcow you turboautist

No. 1531208

Please stop targeting her, you first ask her to comment on your shitty ass post and then you bash her? I'm sure you're as terminally online as you claim she is. You're seriously retarded if you're so focused on having a problem with her.

No. 1531210

It's not a fake! it's a weird piece of kirby merch though. The most cursed one I've seen. Idk if there's more cursed kirby merch but this one takes #1 place for me.

No. 1531211

> it's very lacking and even more souless than the average Funko Pop. Though, I hate it from the get go since Funko Pops fill me with a visceral disgust as they remind me of a middle aged prematurely balding man with poor fitting glasses, stubbly beard, no muscles, and a secret fetish for traps and sissy porn.
KEK, same

No. 1531237

It's fake, this photo is from a reddit post

No. 1531249

I have to disagree with our local Kirby expert, I think it's ugly-cute and I love it because it's pink and doesn't actually look like Kirby

No. 1531251

I have to disagree with our local Kirby expert, I think it's ugly-cute and I love it because it's pink and doesn't actually look like Kirby

No. 1531273

Nta, but why are you guys always trying to push the weird anons off the site? We need our oddities here on the site, it puts the spirit up and keeps things interesting. They balance the ecosystem, like how most animals on a farm are somewhat normal but sometimes a two-headed cow comes out. I've only ever seen Kirdede-chan respond to posts that are about her, so it's unfair to even get upset at her for responding.

We can't have anymore strange and intriguing anons anymore because you guys just get angry at them instead of laughing and moving on. I don't like her topics of interesting either, but I dislike this attitude even more. Anons like discharge-chan would've been crucified these days, especially if she wasn't a chronic post-and-deleter…CRUCIFIED! Finn-anon would've been torn to shreds even worse than she was!

No. 1531275

File: 1679589252028.png (125.47 KB, 665x536, kirby.PNG)

You are right, it's from here https://www.reddit.com/r/funkopop/comments/gkj2oc/i_made_a_kirby_funko_pop/

Iirc the poster got cancelled for being racist or something and nuked everything. My bf hunted down the 3d file so he could print it for me and he said it was a pain in the ass find because of that kek

No. 1531276

Samefag, I'm now realizing that it may not be fair to put Finn-anon in the same category as kirdede anon and discharge chan considering she was actually more sad than strange, but my point still stands

No. 1531277

File: 1679589540717.png (21.8 KB, 714x793, harambe.png)

Found the reason

No. 1531278

you aren't supposed to personalityfag here though, defeats the point of an anon site. targeting this poster is equally dumb as well

No. 1531293

Sell on FB, I've had more luck there than anywhere else

No. 1531325

let her be, whatever. People like kirby, so be it.
please dump the 3D file somewhere I need this kirb

No. 1531412

Hey, I'm not the asshole trgeting her, I asked for her genuine opinion.

No. 1531652

Some people are just naturally going to stick out unintentionally. I think some people drag that shit out far too much, especially with finn-anon who is barely qualifies as a personality fag.

No. 1532084

Agree with you. With the level of opinionated people, autists, sharing stories, hobbies, etc people are going to stand out. Some people have a distinct typing style or are ESL or whatever else.

As long as the poster isn't namefagging or going out of her way to stand out I really dont think its that big a deal.

No. 1532871

File: 1679780881931.jpeg (125.88 KB, 1080x1080, AAE8FE54-7549-4350-AE28-635EC6…)

Oh no…I love this children’s dollhouse….

No. 1532880

Same. CDs are surprisingly resilient. I have CDs dating back to the 80s and there is no problem with the playback. I don't understand paying for streamed music with second-hand CDs being so cheap on Amazon(s), Ebay.

No. 1532936

Try bundle/lot selling with similar items like idk 5 figurines or toys or whatever around the same size or by the same company. lots and bundles always sell and it's a good way to sell multiples quickly.
Also make sure your titles and descriptions are detailed and photos clear. Items for sale put in a separate location alongside packaging/envelopes etc so you can find them easily and ideally you can bubblewrap/package at the time you list them so they're ready to ship

No. 1533057

spending 50k for anime figures?!?! and the room looks so cluttered

No. 1533067

What's worse is she says she first started in 2020, and a year ago she made a $12k collection tour video…it means the amount grew $38k in a single year…allegedly. Gotta be honest, it's not impressive for the money she claims to have spent. Hopefully the title is just tongue in cheek for what she thinks the collection is worth and not the actual dollar amount spent. That way she can get clicks for tricking people into thinking she actually spent that much without technically lying.

Lmao these hoarders are so tricksy, they really want others to believe what they've got has mega value.

No. 1533208

I don't like anime fans who only just now got into it during COVID.

No. 1533277

>buyee shilling in the first three minutes
Why do consoomers always shill so hard for buyee? It’s literally one of the worst proxies on the market currently
>can buy barely anything from mercari, something every other proxy can buy either the vast majority of or literally anything reasonable and not against TSA
>well known for having the highest shipping prices on top of that

No. 1533413

Sorry nona, late response but here it is https://easyupload.io/yn8dsu (please tell me if the site I used to upload it is sketchy, a quick googling said it's ok)

No. 1533422

File: 1679853142470.png (40.81 KB, 911x744, 2.png)


No. 1533426

Me with youtubers from the last five years that pretend to be experts and only buy/read English manga, they’re no different than consoomers

No. 1533428

About 20 years ago I got bullied HARD for liking anime and now those same people got into it during covid. They have no actual taste and just trend hop to whatever is trendy. I miss gatekeeping.

No. 1533439

Currently obsessed with summer silk dresses. I've already bought 4 and now I have 7 in total plus 2 silk tops, a handkerchief and a skirt. At least they're all second hand and relatively cheap (each piece between 12 and 3€). I think I'm buying more tonight.

No. 1533471

Nta but this is how I feel about vocaloid shit/Hatsune Miku. Everyone used to make fun of the weirdos who liked robot music (and fair enough to an extent, it's not for everyone). But now everyone and their brother cosplays Miku, likes her most famous songs and claim to always have like vocaloid. No you didn't, I know because back when I liked it, I was the freak.

No. 1533490

Same, I even talked about that with my therapist because we’re around the same age and they had the same experience. Ten years ago you were a total dork for reading manga, and now it’s trendy to have a bookshelf of all the basic shojo/manga you’d have gotten teased for liking.

No. 1533564

i feel this, i got bullied like crazy and treated like a child for watching "chinese cartoons". i'm 31 now and my coworker who's 10 years younger got into anime about five years ago and thinks her taste is super refined and deep. she keeps trying to convince me that SAO is this super deep anime and everyone who hates it has no taste. it's extremely funny when she talks about "old and obscure shows" and then she's talking about durarara or hetalia or something.

No. 1533566

Where do you people live because 10 years ago anime was already getting insanely popular

No. 1533580

It honestly depends where you live. My school was in a rural redneck town where you either hunt or are a cowboy.

No. 1533617

I went to high school 10 years ago and got bullied like crazy for ever admitting I watch anime, some girls actually pointed and laughed at me in public even. I live in Eastern Europe and that shit is so normal among young people now.

No. 1533661

im sorry but as someone who liked anime for 10+ years, im glad more women are getting into it and i will never gatekeep shit from women. With the amount of misogyny in nerd spaces i will never complain about more women getting into nerd things.

No. 1533667

I genuinely think it was becasuse buyee sponsored a bunch of youtubers especially the kpop ones and for a while they were making it so competition couldn't buy from mercari. I guess whatever exclusivity contract they had with mercari ended recently though but my proxy of choice was small enough that it didn't really affect me.
Its so annoying though I try to recommend better proxies and people don't care bc buyee sponsored enough influncers that people think they're some household name when they're ripping everyone off. People have like brand loyalty to wasting money with them now

No. 1533683

No. 1533706

I was referencing scrotes >>1533428 because they were the ones who actually bullied me. COVID anime fans are the guys who buy box sets of bleach or naruto and say theyre fans lol.

No. 1534353

Nonnie, do you have any alternatives to Buyee for buying from Mercari that can change the package's invoice value? My last order got hit with customs charges and I'm looking for other sites right now.

No. 1534361

Try FromJapan. I've gotten tons of items at low prices, they just started allowing Mercari sales too.

No. 1534364

Used them for years and have never had a bad experience (aside from DHL once being huge shitheads, but that wasn’t their fault).

No. 1534397

Ntayrt, I’ve seen them be mentioned a lot has anyone from the UK used them? Or any other good proxy recommendations for UK nonnas?

No. 1534487

I've been debating posting her and a couple other figure consoomers so thank you for starting this discussion, nonnie! My guilty pleasure is watching figure collectors on youtube and judging them for their shit taste kek.

Animbae is another one I was gonna post. With all the money she spends on anime merch she always seems absolutely miserable and like she hates what she's doing. Vidrel she looks like she just got done crying in the thumbnail. She also seems to routinely have mental breakdowns that somehow ruin her favorite series and then purges the merch from that series from her collection. What a waste of money.

She buys a lot of cast off and coomer figures that she can't post on youtube so I'd think that's what's driving the value up. She probably used my figure collection to total up the entire collection cost.

No. 1534515

All these trinkets and money spent and she doesn’t even seem that into what she does. It’s not like I want her to be peppy and high energy, just nothing beneath her eyes when she talks about this shit. It’s like it’s chores or something she has to do, so odd.

No. 1534630

Thank you nonnies. I was thinking of trying FJ for Mercari after shipping another non-Mercari order I had with them and your replies reassure me!

No. 1534631

I know its partially my fault for being on tiktok and wish I could grab an example but I used to get so many of these girls who collect giant tit figures from shows they don't even watch on my fyp. They claim its because figures are art and I agree some figures are genuinely beautiful but then half of their collections are just girls in uninteresting poses with their tits out. Last year they were obsessed with sperging about how it wasn't cringe for women to collect Super Sonico and the fat fetish girl was body positive

No. 1534652

>all those badges
>just to be put in a filing cabinet

No. 1534674

Interesting watch because I have a (mild in comparison) itabag/badge collecting problem. What's that point of all this, I can't imagine she sits and opens her drawers and looks through her pins except when it's time to add more crap in. Same with the acrylic stands in drawers, they can be nice to display but just having them in boxes?
I haven't really watched videos like this since I thought it would make me want to consoom even more but once she starts putting shit in boxes it makes me get overly aware about my own anime merch and want to declutter. Maybe the key to me finally letting go of some stuff is watching to see how badly I don't want to be them.

No. 1534683

I too like making itabags so I agree that her vids seem good for that in general, there’s another one where she and her friend order like 10 drinks between the two of them so they can get coasters for some idol game.
I don’t think many people overseas are gonna reach the level of Japanese consoomers for anime goods for quite a while…

No. 1534706

A genuine question.
Why is their taste so mid always? It's like the most popular shit no one would remember in like 10 years. And Eva.

I am not one to judge as my two itabags are idol-focused (anime idols), but these all feel so soulless. Wouldn't you want to collect something you genuinely like?
Like, something that is important to you.
I like the idols I like because I like their voiceactors and songs, because that's what being an idol is about. But like… old people who collect matchbooks or birdeckels have so much more soul to their collection than these examples.

No. 1534708

What I meant to say, those people don't seem genuine to me. My collections are cringe/mid at best, but I genuinely enjoy them.
It just seems to me like they collect to collect and fill the void in their hearts/rooms by emptying their wallets.
It is all so very specific yet entirely empty.

No. 1535310

I don't understand how women can be into those figures… yeah bi and lesbian women exist but all of it is so male pandering and gross idgi. No matter how pretty a figure is if you don't feel an attachment to the character or series why spend hundreds on it? And you can't even really enjoy the beauty of each individual figure when they're all crowded together and half of them are covered by other figures.

I think their love of some series is genuine, but I agree the figure collecting itself doesn't seem that way. It's like they just have to have every new figure that catches their eye so they don't miss out and don't put any thought into it.

No. 1535415

File: 1680054919349.jpg (305.19 KB, 1280x1600, 93de75a016a2ecba905819aab1128a…)

This post goes out to the nonas that love buying clothes. How do you decide when enough is enough? Do you have set rules for yourself? Ex: If you buy a new item, you have to part with an old one. I'm still defining my wardrobe, but I realize I have so many pieces. I adore a lot of them, but it feels like I also have quite a few that I own that have not been worn out at all and need to be removed. Pic related is just a closet I found on Google.

No. 1535525

Pokefag here, pokemon cards were ruined by jobless moids wanting to be Logan Paul, scalping, bullying children, and starting pokemon card gambling "businesses" out in the open. I don't know how many times I've gone to local pokemon card shops only to find scalped merchandise, graded cards, funko pops and nothing else. I don't have anything in common with my own hobby community anymore. I just like to collect my favorite characters and play the game casually. There is so much I could say it amazes me how much has changed so quickly and how it's completely ruined now.

No. 1535754

By focusing on my needs. You can never have enough of what you don't need.
So I think of what my weekly activities are and what clothes I need for them. How many items to last me until next laundry time? How do I mostly spend my days - this will tell me what the focus should be on. Do I have enough dressy items, lounge wear, sports wear etc for how I spend the time? Good. Then I don't need to buy more.

No. 1535790

reformed yarn consoomer here, i had an entire wall dedicated to it and a lot hiding everywhere in the house that i made 0 projects with
ever since i realized i had a problem i donated a third and another third was used up on projects so now i'm making a scrap blanket because none of the remaining balls are large enough for a normal project, 0 dollars spent on yarn this year big improvement methinks

No. 1535801

Like the other nonna said, focusing on needs, but also I don't buy new anymore.
It's gotten easier over time due to a combination of everything in stores being overpriced plastic garbage that just looks bad and fits poorly + fashion from past eras being recycled so it's a much better idea to buy actual stuff from the 90s/Y2K instead of shitty knockoffs. I sell what I don't need to a large online thrift shop for store credit and then use that to buy what I do need at a heavily discounted price. I've been doing this since cca 2020 and it's been working out great.

No. 1535844

sort through what you own and find a way to filter out what you don't actually wear, even if you like it. i've seen some people turn all the hangers around in their closet and once you wear something, turn it back the right way. then at the end of a period of time, 6 months maybe or a year, you look at what you haven't actually worn. put that away for a while, see if you end up wearing any of it, and then eventually donate it or sell it.

No. 1535851

I focus on not buying too much of one type of item, for example I'm swimming in T-shirts right now. I'm working through those by wearing them at home, some went to charity. I haven't bought any news ones in years. Last year I went a little nuts and bought 3 dresses, so now I'm not buying any new ones for a long while, and I've picked out a couple to donate. Donating half your wardrobe to buy new stuff is an easy trap for overconsuming though, so I take it slow and only do this kind of review a few times per year.

No. 1536611

Could you share what that store is, by chance? I could do with selling my clothes that way.

No. 1536621

>it's a much better idea to buy actual stuff from the 90s/Y2K instead of shitty knockoffs
if you have money, yeah. but clothes from this period got scalped and overpriced in really short time. i still remember finding 90s and 00s stuff on ebay and other sites for normal money, including designer clothes. now it's ruined for everyone who isn't a depop trust fund scalper or hypebeats ""archivists"". lot of stuff from that era was polyester or other plastic though, high-end stuff was of better quality for sure.

No. 1536638

Not that anon, but you can still find nice older clothing on secondhand sites like ebay and vinted for relatively cheap. But you can't just search something like "90s -popular brand name- wool sweater" or whatever and expect to find what's trendy. Ofc it's going to be overpriced. You have to dredge through listings/tags. It's even easier if you're open to clothes in the later 2000s-2010s too.

No. 1536888

gravelvet on yourube has a pretty goos tutorial about sourcing clothes off ebay cheap.
the short of it: you don't type in keywords, aesthetic names or brands. you literally search for "white blouse" or "corduroy pants"
a lot of the peeople selling clothing really don't know/care what they got on their hands, people who use common tags are scalpers usually.
sure, you would scroll a lot more, but hey, cheaper clothes!
also "vintage" is one of the words you should avoid as well in your searches. a lot of people overcharge for old things by slapping "vintage" on them, even if it's literal garbage.

i also found a lot of aesthetic clothing just from donation sites and thrift shops. i am a goth and can be perrty over the top, and i'd say i do not own any clothing from goth-typical brands. it's all mostly thrifted/donated and customized by me.
i don't even buy clothing online often, really, because my sizing is fucky, i have to feel the texture of the fabric first (sensory bullshit) and because shipping from overseas to my hellhole is expensive. got shoes on our "craigslist" once, had a very specific idea, but just scrolled through endless pairs of sandals until i found the perfect ones. seller let me drive to her place and try them on, which is a must for me, and they vere pretty cheap (i think because the listing was just "sandals size 41") but i very very rarely buy anything online if i can't try it on or am convinced i can resize it if need be.

No. 1536890

god sorry for like a 100 typos, it is dark and i didn't bother to turn on the lights to see the keys

No. 1536931

I see these collections and they feel soulless to me because there is no passion, no drive, no rare items one has to spend months looking for, it's all scales/bunnies/nendo average goyslop. It's unoriginal but hey at least it looks expensive.
This girl tho she's a real one, her collection is very interesting and I honestly think she's not in it for the "~aesthetic~ wahh collecting makes me look cool!!" and more like she genuinely likes toys in general.

No. 1537087

Is there a good way to convince yourself to get rid of things that have good memories associated with them that you never use? I've got so many concert shirts because I go to a show every week but no human needs 60+ t shirts. I've also got some anime crap from shows I really liked as a teen but don't care for anymore that I can't seem to part with to make room for other stuff

No. 1537092

It's probably a combination of shopping addiction, lack of impulse control, and not caring enough to find other figures. Like they're shopping at the anime figure equivalent of the junk food section by the tills.
I keep most of my figures in a box and rotate them every couple of weeks. Maybe you could try doing that before you declutter in case you regret it later.

No. 1537194

File: 1680215049747.png (983.01 KB, 866x960, image_2023-03-30_162430189.png)


No. 1537196

>Is there a good way to convince yourself to get rid of things that have good memories associated with them that you never use?
If it's painful to convince yourself, then don't give them away. Put them inside boxes and don't look at them. In the future when you're older you will want them back. Shirts get worn down and you'll maybe have to get rid of some in the future. Just use them one by one until they all worn down and do not buy any other shirt in the future. It's better to fully use what you already own and have good memories associated with than to buy new things. If you want to preserve the artwork, search for "shirt canvas diy" on google.

No. 1537201

Tamakid is Not Like Other Collectors in that she does a lot of customs on her toys and I think she even made a custom reigen figure. She's not just mindlessly buying shit she's actually turning it into a hobby. People who consider figure collecting a hobby are so smooth brained, you are literally just shopping be fucking for real.

I've seen people make blankets out of their sentimental tshirts, you could try that. Don't feel obligated to get rid of things that feel important to you, you will end up regretting it ime.

No. 1537214

Holy shit I live with one of the people they show in this video. The amount of attention these people get for overconsumption is intoxicating, plus a lot of them get money when people want to copy them and buy the item straight from their account link. I swear this shit has to mess with people’s neural pathways because nothing can ever give them dopamine like gaining a following from consooming does

No. 1537238

>I live with one of the people they show in this video.
ANON you HAVE to tell us MORE

No. 1537255

She is one of the laziest and most entitled people I have ever met and she has never cleaned up after herself. Unless its in an area she’s recording a tiktok putting tacky amazon shit in our house. I didn’t know she used tiktok until I could hear her retaking a “get ready with me” video for like 2 hours and it was really depressing. Quite literally everything in her life is for show and she’s drunk 4/7 days of the week
That’s just off the top of my head kek I could complain about her for hours

No. 1537274

ME TOO i dont care that im over animne now you dont get to be into anime less than 2 years and be "soooo obsessed" with it to spend a years salary on figures. that is so unhinged and clout chase-y. face it is easy to make it big on youtube if you feign liking anime and buying your way into the fandom. nasty! i want to steal her figures REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1537368

Here is a great example of “anti” consoomers who would be consoomers if not for lack of money. Disgusting.

No. 1537434

I think a lot of people are genuinely anti consoomers because they can't afford it or live somewhere small. Most people don't want to live in a cluttered space but if they had more space and money they would quickly fill it with more useless crap.

No. 1537973

I needed to see this today. My mom used to throw my toys away or would take them and put them into "storage" and never give them back, give them away to other kids as a punishment, etc. I have bought a few of the pieces I miss the most and have them on display in my house. They're nice toys too, well made and pretty to look at. However it's hard not to get caught up in the trap of just buying every toy I see that I once had and was taken away. Recently I was on ebay trying to find a stuffed collie I had once and I had to stop myself because they were all $50-70 and really, do I really need that? Is it really that big of a deal? Of course not. Consuming is not the answer to hurt feelings.

No. 1539193

Just found out that the sanrio consoomers are paying $300-400 for my childhood plushies in mid/bad condition, even saw one sold for $700 with the tags. I have three different characters and kind of want to get some dumb hoarder e girl to give me $1000 but they are genuinely like the three plushies I loved most as a child so I'm kinda attached. I can't imagine spending $700 on a mass market retail $25 stuffed animal

No. 1539824

Are they sugarbunnies plush? If you have good memories of them, I wouldn’t sell them unless you’re in dire need of the money. I have a few games and plushies from my teenage years I kept in good condition and could sell for hundreds more now, but they have a lot of sentimental value.

Also I used to resell some of those sugarbunnies plushies, but I sold them when they were around the $50-100 range. And I’m kicking myself for it now, but I still made a decent profit. Obviously I can’t guarantee those plushies will get more popular, for all I know this could be the most they’d ever sell for, but if you’re attached I’d say keep them.

No. 1540151

File: 1680541520790.png (186.49 KB, 245x342, XY6_EN_77.png)

i like collecting pokemon cards nonnie! but yea it feels like this hobby is filled with scalpers then actual collectors/players.
also i wish i knew some women who are into pokemon tcg, im lucky to have one co-worker who likes pokemon card collecting.

No. 1540188

>My mom used to throw my toys away or would take them and put them into "storage" and never give them back, give them away to other kids as a punishment, etc. I have bought a few of the pieces I miss the most
My dad had these really strict views on how kids need to grow out of toys by an age where most people wouldn't bat an eyelid at a kid still having toys. I'd come home from school and my stuff would just be gone for no reason. No bad behaviour that led up to it. No prior discussion or warning. And it was like he always handpicked the most sentimental stuff too. I was too young to even begin to understand whatever his motivations were. I thought he hated me. Then my parents would be screaming at each other because he did it behind my moms back too and she'd been the one who'd bought me those things. It was a weird, uptight, controlling environment in more ways than I could go into in a post but it all made me feel like my dad just never wanted me. Didn't want to see me, see my stuff, hear from me. A living burden under his roof.

I don't buy much anymore but I def had a 'filling the void' phase as an adult
>Consuming is not the answer to hurt feelings
Basically had to get this through my head. I live in my own home. Nobody is going to throw out my stuff if I dare to leave for a few hours. Nobody screams or acts controlling in my home. No walking on eggshells, no feeling like I'm not wanted here. Its not stiff and suffocating to be in my own home. Thats what I needed to get on with my life, not a hoard of plush.

No. 1540430

Ayrt, I'm sorry about your dad, he sounds like a huge controlling asshole and I'm glad you get to live on your own now. I am also moved out and making a home where I feel safe and calm. I just updated my toys today for spring, cycled through some seasonal items and freshened up the display. I even pared down a few items I don't use much. It feels so good to have control over my own things.

No. 1540552

Thanks nonnas for your advice. Myself I usually looked if seller is just someone trying to clear out their house than """vintage""" scalper/flipper, since they don't usually overprice, but I'll try searching in other ways for sure.

No. 1541118

my local quilters/sewing shop will make t shirts into a quilt for, imo, a reasonable price considering the labor involved (up to 13 shirts for 200 ish to start with, though they seem flexible on size and design). idk what your budget is, but that seems like a useful and meaningful second life for your shirts. you could even hang it like a tapestry so you can look at it and reminiscence.
its likely there are shops around you that offer a similar service, and i believe there are some online that you can ship your shirts too. just one suggestion!

No. 1543002

File: 1680903352924.jpeg (55.76 KB, 730x666, FB222831-D1B8-4F83-A198-AA84AE…)

Anti animecore animecore people are the funniest shit to me right now, basically they
>collect the exact same figures as animecore collectors
>have the exact same pick me taste as animecore collectors
>whine about prices while refusing to learn how to use a proxy like animecore collectors
>barely watch anime, play VNs or read manga and instead collect sonico and miku prize figures because they have no source material like animecore collectors
Legit this woman even has that miku nurse figure they’re all obsessed with yet pretends to be totally different or whatever despite collecting the same coomer sonico figures.

No. 1543003

File: 1680903441565.jpeg (503.76 KB, 1634x2048, C1878174-46F3-49B2-ADDD-4E461E…)

Her collection

No. 1543098

this shit is legit so disgusting. nothing artistic about any of these. i think anime figures can be beautiful but this big titty coomer shit is so cringe especially when women consoom it. even worse is the ones who collect the pedo loli shit. also i dont know much about vocaloid, but isn't hatsune miku supposed to be like 14? why are adults so obsessed with her?

No. 1543110

I remember being taken aback when I was younger and still into anime and asked my parents for a $200 figure for Christmas. I ended up owning a few more but I almost always went with nendos when I was buying myself because I liked how they have interchangeable parts

Now 5-10 years later and I don't even fucking like anime anymore. Such is life. When it began to pick up steam in 2019-ish I was exasperated and by late 2020 I'd grown past it. Wasted decade plus of my life watching that shit. Back in the day I really just enjoyed it and didn't buy merch every waking minute. Modern fandoms turning everything into consoom consoom consoom is the nastiest vibe killer… do they even watch the damn media or see the merch as a status symbol?

No. 1543340

NTA but it's considered "normal" to like sexualized 14 year olds. This pedo shit plagues all of anime and manga since at least the 80s. Back then it was still considered abnormal to be obsessed with high school or middle school age girls, and lolifags were still trying to hide it. Moe, lolicon and bishoujo all share their origins in moid pedophilia.

No. 1543548

File: 1680956009061.jpg (52.24 KB, 517x750, c9deb4694c58e034091ffa5a0c21d5…)

i want to headpunt animecore bitches for driving up the prices on that shitty nurse miku. it's the only miku i ever wanted since i like medical themes because of personal connection (basically a life-long patient who found any solace and semblance of humanity for herself in the menhera movement) and other nurse-type figures are usually not cute and heavily sexualised garbage for coom. that miku is ugly and weirdly sculpted, but it makes her much cuter to me and i HATE how a piece of plastic can cost so much because of what is anime hobby's direct equivalent of hypebeasts.
yes i am a jealous bitter bitch.

No. 1543755

i can understand why pedo moids in japan like this shit, but why is so popular with zoomers in america? i thought everyone was against anything slightly not pc, is it really considered politically correct in america in 2023 to be attracted to teenagers? i understand actual teenagers being into it, but im talking about the gen zers who are ages 18-24. maybe i just don't know enough about vocaloid, i do understand that its similar to that love live shit where its targetted mainly towards adult male pedos in japan. so again i just don't see why these things are so popular with women and teens.

No. 1543760

Vocaloid and miku itself seem to be divorced from a lot of that here though unless I'm being really naive. She's like a jesse pinkman internet worship tier mascot, represents anything you want as a character because you like the general idea of it.

No. 1543879

You literally just proved my point kek
Everyone who complains about ‘animecore bitches’ is an animecore bitch themselves

No. 1543916

Miku is basically ageless since she’s a computer program to be fair.

No. 1543921

>i do understand that its similar to that love live shit where its targetted mainly towards adult male pedos in japan
Not really. Vocaloid is basically a blank canvas for indie artists to make songs. The characters don't really have a personality or set age, so you're free to modify them and make songs about whatever you want. There's a lot of variety and it's definitely not just for moids.
Lovelive is not a software for song creation, they're characters/a multimedia franchise created to appeal to men and sell things.

I remember discovering Miku as a teenager felt magical due to the variety and creativity of the songs, and because it was a computer program yet sounded pretty real. I guess zoomers feel the same way.

No. 1543928

>why are adults so obsessed with her?
Because these adults were kids when she first came out? People age anon and Miku has been around for a while now.

No. 1543958

Wait a few more years for animecore to go out of style, these figures will be sold for pocket change.

No. 1544058

Miku has a lot of cute and normal figures its like this person picked the grossest ones lmao. I liked her a lot as a teen and have one of the snow miku figmas and still think its cute but I can't understand the appeal of 'sexy pajama miku' let alone having it on your shelf.
I just can't believe so many women like these. I like women myself but stuff like super sonico just grosses me out.

No. 1545299

never heard of this trend but i really liked this video.

No. 1546149

I just sold a really expensive anime set amazon accidentally gave me for cheap a long time ago. When I went to buy the first volume they sent me the entire series by mistake. I held on to it for years despite not even having a TV and DVD player for half this time. It’s one of those things I feel silly about because if I wanted to I could download the entire show in 20-30 minutes on a good internet connection.

Lately I’ve seen more posts on tumblr about the value and importance of physical items but there’s still so much that can be replicated with emulators or downloaded from the internet.

No. 1546150

You probably sold it at the right time, take with a grain of salt but I think we're currently at or near the peak of mainstream normie anime popularity.

No. 1546153

animecore collectors are all zoomers that arrived yesterday at the hobby lol most of the time they make the ugliest figures overpriced too. wish I had bought some ugly ass moe shit figures to resell to these idiots now, but my tastes are actually good. if anything, animecore idiots on tiktok are the ones hopping on trends about things they have no idea about (pretty much every wonfes mascot, OS-tans, OC figures of moe trash and harem garbage like tolove-ru)

No. 1546157

They're overpriced plastic figures anons. No matter how autistic you are, acting superior because you collect plastic shit is retarded.

No. 1546189

at least I collect things I actually care about and enjoy and not just ~aesthetics~ plastic that actually looks bad and are overpriced (most animecore figures are actually cheap trash that got overhyped)

No. 1546192

So are yours, you are not ascended by collecting "less cringy" plastic junk

No. 1546194

when did I say I was ascended? stop projecting

No. 1546195

You didn't, but your posts imply it

No. 1546197

I'm sorry I seemed superior to why because I don't trend hop or buy overpriced shit I don't even care about the source? idk what to tell you at this point

No. 1546204

Buying shitty anime figures as a hobby is as sad as buying anime figures because they're popular. It's so weird for someone to get genuine enjoyment out of buying overpriced figurines that always have coomer aspects no matter how hard you try.

No. 1546213

It's cooler to get a dopamine rush from buying plastic chinese crap because you are truly in love with a cartoon character than it is to get that same dopamine rush from performing being in love with a cartoon character for your discord friends.

No. 1546214


No. 1546216

I don't buy because they're popular either. infact I wish they were popular so I could sell them off easily and get fresh releases every year. there is hardly anything I like being released because it's mostly miku/coomer shit/fotm trash rushed into goyslop figures to sell while they're relevant.

laugh at you want at my plastic collecting hobby, I'm used to normoloids calling them dolls or whatever.

No. 1546228

>stares at my gigantic shelf full of Rilakkuma plushies
Y-yeah nonnie we’re so much better than people who get dopamine from coomer shit amirite

No. 1546234

Collecting a few is perfectly fine but if you've got a whole ass room dedicated to anime figurines, I agree.. you probably have terminal autism.

No. 1546238

>infact I wish they were popular so I could sell them off easily and get fresh releases every year
Please explain this nonnie, why would you wish you could sell them? Are you not in love with the character? Why not just not buy them in the first place, it would have the same effect?

No. 1546248

because someday I might need money and my savings might not be enough? I might need to move country and don't want to haul plastic with me? do you really not understand having a hobby but also being conscious of your financial situation and knowing how to dip out if you have to? do you still have every single item you bought? or are you just jealous of people who can buy anything whatsoever?

No. 1546262

I was just curious. Honestly, I've never bought something that I wished I could sell easily. I admit that I don't have a consoomer hobby and I even find it hard to spend money on more essential stuff so I might just not understand the mindset. I just imagined that you would be super emotionally attached to your figurines and not plan on selling them, from what you wrote it seemed to me like you wanted to sell them so you could buy new ones each year and not like you were talking about an unforeseen financial emergency or moving country.

No. 1546277

I'm emotionally attached to them but let's be realistic, sometimes things can go bad. right now I am financially stable enough to collect but who knows tomorrow? people are losing their jobs left and right. a lot of people in the figure collecting hobby pre order and hoard a lot, then try to sell tons of figures every year, because they didn't actually take in account they would actually want those pre orders or simply didnt budget well. I dont want that for myself.

No. 1548964

File: 1681485330930.png (4.03 MB, 1160x1258, Screenshot at Apr 14 17-15-57.…)

I'm not proud of it, but I really recently started having a crippling G1 Monster High addiction. I have everything I need therefore my budget per month is huge, but I still feel embarrassed to buy these girls. Every time I make a purchase, I feel relieved, but as soon as reality hits me, I question my financial preferences. I know people spend money on the worst things, but I feel like I'm autistic.

No. 1548975

Are there any anons who have more acceptable consoomer addictions? I like buying jewelry, makeup, skincare and clothes and although I don't buy too much, I usually buy stuf only f when I feel down and need something to boost my mood. I know a new perfume, necklace or a serum won't fix my life but I can't get over it.

No. 1548999

Looking at pictures like the one you posted always makes me feel so overwhelmed, the sole idea of having a ridiculous amount of objects makes me nervous, specially if I cared a lot about them.
I can’t even imagine the time it would take to wrap all of them in bubble wrapper to put them in a box that either that person would have to move on their own or that that person would have to entrust to someone that surely doesn’t give a fuck about what’s in the box as long as it doesn’t sound like glass.

No. 1549002

I’m pretty sure that you’re not supposed to buy too much makeup or skin care products, because makeup loses the pigmentation, and skin care products have a shelf life and they do more damage than good after a while.
Same with perfumes as far as I know, but tbh, I don’t mind having many perfumes because people don’t smell the difference between a brand new perfume and a perfume that I had in my closet for years.
I think jewelry feels like the almost better option of consumerism, but only if they’re actually good quality pieces that won’t look tacky or like shit after a few years, so you can sell them in the future in case you were to need money, or so you can disassemble them to make something new like a graduation ring.

No. 1549020

Yeah I buy basic silver jewelry that won't go out of style and as for skincare, I don't really overbuy too many of a product. Like I have a face wash, face cream, eye cream, lipbalm and a serum to combat oil skin as of now. I do want to buy a good new sunscreen now since my old one is probably expired?
Though the amount isn't my issue, it's that I only buy this stuff when im not happy. A lot of my friends also shop a lot in our exam stress so this is common I think but I still wish I could get rid of this habit.

No. 1549068

Have you tried the mini discovery perfume sets? I love trying different fragrances but I can never use up a whole bottle. Even body sprays that I use often and spray liberally are still pretty full. With the mini bottles, you get to try a lot of new scents and actually use them up rather than buying a full size that is mostly going to sit on your shelf forever.

No. 1549080

clothing consummerism is probably one of the most damaging if not the most damaging consummerism right now lol it's socially acceptable but in no way less damaging than hoarding makeup or cds

No. 1549086

I'm really struggling with my massive amount of clothes.

It's to the point where there's no way I'll even wear all of them. It's been such a money sink. I'm like embarrassed for other people to see how many clothes I have. I'm not poor but I really need to stick to a no-buy for a long while at this point. I think I just really like the novelty of shiny, new things.

When my mother passed away, I noticed she had the same problem. A massive amount of hidden clothes that she never even wore, a lot with tags still on.

I'm definitely going to sell off the clothing (I'm not a hoarder so I have no problem getting rid of them and have in the past) but the sheer amount of clothing to go through is daunting. I don't just want to waste all the money that I spent on them by giving them away, either.

Anyone else in a similar boat? How have you dealt with it?

No. 1549096

>Same with perfumes as far as I know
Perfumes can keep for decades and some people even say they get better with age! I have one in my collection from the 1930s that wears as good as my modern scents.
Are you the same anon who suggested miniatures to me when I posted here a while back? If so, thank you, it was great advice. They're way cuter than a travel size and tend to cost less, vintage/antique ones are easier to find too.

No. 1549102

If it's nice brands, maybe you could give them to a specialist second hand shop where they sell stuff for you?
You could also give them to a charity shop and see it as a charity donation, doing something good.
Just make sure you don't do the entire thing all over again when you closet has more space.

No. 1549157

can we get some tiktok dumps itt?! i miss the old consoom threads where people would post normie tiktokers insane hoards of beauty products, food, disney stuff etc. it was super insane to watch.

No. 1549203

Group things into lots, you'll be able to clear it out faster and get more money per item than if you sold things individually. Free shipping works wonders too.
Which 1930s perfume do you have?

No. 1549558

File: 1681524186096.jpeg (152.13 KB, 965x636, averagefarmer.jpeg)

i second this, i think the conversation in this thread has been almost exclusively people discussing their own buying habits. im not denigrating you all but i liked having threads to vent about the sheer amount of fucking STUFF the average westerner is bombarded by and what it does to people's brains.
i think of those wretched tiktokers to curb my own consoom impulses.
the nonna who sews little clothes for her calico critters can stay tho.

No. 1549623

File: 1681530289854.jpg (5.72 KB, 105x140, s-l140.jpg)

Anyone else collect blankets? I have this insatiable appetite for those old Biederlack and Vuteks acrylic blankets, especially the odd color combinations or ones with weird patterns or images like neon green and black deer or neon pink and purple panthers. I've got 8 or 9 I think. It all started because I loved my childhood blanket so much that it was literally threadbare so I made it my mission in life to find another. It took 20 years but I actually found another on ebay a couple years ago. After that, I started seeing really cool ones in thrift stores. Picrel, it's the replacement of my beloved blanket.

No. 1549628

I have some horse ones! I like the vibrant colors.

No. 1549637

I've wanted to collect monster high dolls since they first came out when I was a freshman in highschool. I remember being 14 & everytime I'd go to target I'd have to drag whoever I was with to the toy section for a minute or two just to look at how pretty they were.
I've never owned or bought one, as much as I've really wanted to. I've always been able to afford to (chronic saver/workaholic my whole life), but it just felt extremely foolish & dumb to buy myself kids toys when I was already a teenager & now an adult.
Now that I'm in my late 20s, I kinda regret not just biting the bullet & buying things that I clearly enjoyed. But I also would hate to deal with trying to find the space to display/store them in a pretty way. So I guess in the end it was for the best.
sorry for the dumb rant, I've been super sick in bed all week & I'm very depressed/lonely rn

No. 1549644

Aww, that's such a cute blanket, I really like it! I've found I definitely have a harder time not consuming or getting hung up on items that make me nostalgic, especially if they involve positive childhood memories.
But unfortunately companies have obviously noticed this tendency, which it part of why there's such an over-saturation of products with 80s, 90s & even Y2K themes.
I also miss the tiktok dumps. I'd go looking for some myself to share here, but it's a pain trying to search for something on there without an account

No. 1549749

Same, nonas. I used to come here to laugh at consoomers but now it's boring

No. 1549883

I don't have Tiktok but I'll post some compilations.

No. 1549886

No. 1549887

No. 1549888

No. 1549889

No. 1549890

No. 1549893

No. 1549895

No. 1549896

No. 1549897

No. 1549899

No. 1549916

Kek I’ll never understand why some people (especially young people) buy so many skincare products. Unless you have really shitty skin or you’re an older person (like my mom) facial cleanser and a bit of moisturizer is really all that you need.

No. 1549919

Wow, from the 1930s? Where’d you get it, by any chance? I think it’s funny that you say that it aged better since often times older perfumes can wind up having a strange scent. I’m also a bit of a fraghead myself.

No. 1550118

Obviously this person is a hoarder but skincare feels so insidious to me. First it was marketed as like freedom from makeup but it seems so much worse than makeup now. Make girls afraid of aging and treat having a pimple or two as a personal failure. You're dirty and lazy but most importantly you're not using the ~right products~ so you should try ten more.

No. 1550183

>Are you the same anon who suggested miniatures to me when I posted here a while back?
I don’t think that was me, but I’m glad it’s working out for you anon!

No. 1550206

Right?? Literally all you need is retinol or tretinoin, lotion, and sunscreen. If you're feeling fancy you can get a serum that is clinically proven to be effective but most of them are not. Face masks are all bullshit. Everyone always compliments my skin and asked my routine. The answer is literally just retinol.

No. 1550352

With the amount of money she spent on those skincare products, she could get a medically proven skin treatment or an actual plastic surgery. It's so weird to me to see people spend thousands of dollars on beauty products, I wish I had that amount of disposable income.

No. 1550422

There's a decent chance that at least some of this stuff is PR. There's also a decent chance that some of this is bought, used as a prop for several videos, and returned. The whole point of haul/organisation/GRWM videos is to show how much you have, not how much you use.

No. 1550588

sorry nonners, i cant watch these compilations because even when i watch them in incognito tabs they end up leaking out into my normal youtube algorithm and it messes everything up. wheres a webm nonna when i need her…

No. 1550913

Part of me really wants to know how all of this will play out if economy in the west gets even worse. I just know only an absolute minority of those people showing off their hoarding/shopping addiction on tiktok actually gave meaningful savings or any other financial backing.

No. 1550924

I remember back in my day we were trying to avoid the "weebs are all fat greasy basement dwellers" stereotype, but the younger ones seem to embrace it for some reason.

No. 1550999

Think about it this way. G1 MH are poorly constructed and the glue seeping through their heads isn’t going to stop. I used to be a collector but the glue seepage on almost every doll is not worth the effort. I am also the anon who plans on just buying G3 Abbey.

No. 1551069

File: 1681656192379.webm (8.45 MB, 270x480, ssstik.io_1681654694115.webm)

I swear danmei collectors are on a completely different level. Vidrel, she spent $8500 in three months, put herself into debt, and now has to sell off parts of her collection to pay it off. She's of course still buying new merch kek.

No. 1551071

File: 1681656461809.webm (3.44 MB, 270x480, ssstik.io_1681654941489.webm)

Overview of her entire collection. She's not even the worst one, but the sheer amount she's spent in such a short period is insane.

Also, can we petition new admin to make embedding tiktoks as easy as youtube, this process is kind of a pain in the ass and I now understand why they barely get posted anymore.

No. 1551080

This makes me sad for her.

No. 1551088

File: 1681657917601.webm (10.58 MB, 270x480, ssstik.io_1681655032481.webm)

bllover is another one with a crazy collection. I think she said she started collecting in 2020 or 2021 and has spent upwards of 50k on her collection, but anime and manga merch was included in that not just danmei. She has taken over her entire basement with her merch and has said she wants to start displaying her figures in her room she shares with her husband. She also routinely buys things multiple times on accident since she can't keep track of her purchases.

While I like her, she started as kind of a personal cow for me since she had drama with a bunch of zoomers who were calling her a pedo for reading yarachin bitch club. It included her threatening legal action and was pretty kekworthy but has since settled. She's a nice lady but definitely has a spending problem. Even her piercings she only started getting a few years ago and now she has like 40?

Anyway I can post her collection videos if anyone is interested, this is just one of her frequent hauls.

No. 1551101

i completely get what you mean. im really drawn to these threads because i get in this odd buying mania at low points in my life. my parents are the same way, and i find it oddly encouraged among my peers. when i lost several close relatives in the span of a month, i went insane distracting myself with committing to a new hobby, and while ive kept the hobby coming out the other side, i regret a lot of those purchases.
when i mention this habit of mine, of distracting myself with new gadgets and tools for some new hobby, i get a lot of pushback from around me. maybe its a burger thing, but people really seem to believe that if it feels good, it must be good, and get defensive if you try to live your life in a way thats more disciplined, more ethical, even just less wasteful.
im no minimalist but im sick of seeing shelves and shelves new shiny, seasonal, sensational stuff every time i walk into a department store. who needs all this?? when the world is as it is?? cant we all just learn to sew or garden or something?

No. 1551104

I've been observing this lady for a year or two on my FYP and it's insane watching her. At first she wanted every single BL that was released in English but they had to be in extremely perfect condition so she was spending like $500 on single volumes. I understand collecting physical media but my god. I'm a fujo and know it's not all porn but I can't imagine having what's essentially halfway to a gay anime porn room

No. 1551152

honestly surprised she hasn't trooned out.

No. 1551682

this is me, except i'm constantly changing hobbies. i want to do them all but it's really hard for me to admit that i just can't do all of them. don't get me wrong, i do stick with most of them, but the few that i don't are difficult to let go of.

ironically, i do want to learn to sew and garden now that i have the space for it, so hopefully those will be some hobbies i stick with

No. 1552132

How the fuck can you spend a down payment for a house on merch and make it sound like it's a chore? Getting pissed off that your anime tat is going to take forever to unbox is insane.

No. 1553824

thank, i hate it.
why do all these foods come in so much plastic. it's like a big plastic bad with a ton of plastic bag inside and like 10 candies. please stop.

No. 1553842

I thought you anti-consoom girlies would get a kick too out of my new favourite song.

No. 1553904

that's definitely something real annoying about japan, everything is in twelve layers of plastic, there is no escape

No. 1553937

File: 1681907950734.webm (4.7 MB, 576x1024, fetal.anomaly.webm)

No. 1553971

>bjds constantly exposed to light

No. 1554032

This reminds me of the Fench city Lourdes, it's always full of tourists because of the local holy water that can cure anything or some other delusional bullshit and my muslim parents yeah I know, don't even ask dragged us there long ago because they're very superstitious and one of them has a severe disability. A lot of small shops were selling similar things everywhere, and a lot of Jesus and Mary figurines, you'd think it was Japan Expo for christians or some shit.

No. 1554045

Why do they always mention the price? Why isn't it considered tacky anymore?

No. 1554053

>paying $200 for some poor nana's rosary she used until her grandson pawned it for his oxy addiction
Having grown up catholic it's weird seeing people assign mysticism to what are otherwise personal nick nacks. I find the patron saint lockets with pictures of loved ones inside them like :19 to be really sad.

No. 1554061

Is this some weird nun cosplay? catcholic-core aesthetic? what

No. 1554065

ive seen a lot of orthodox/catholic egirls, they're usually russian or burger everytime, it's weird but i guess thats how you convince your religious parents to accept your alt style kek

No. 1554067

File: 1681919697894.jpeg (34.87 KB, 625x447, mar.jpeg)

Ayrt, late as hell and I mistyped without realizing it, but it's from the 1940s. L'elu by Marquay. You can find the miniatures fairly easy on ebay, don't pay more than $30 if you can help it because they're not as rare or precious as most sellers think.

No. 1554069

bjd can be exposed to light as long as it's not sunlight, led lights do nothing to resin or vinyl

No. 1554228

>nun cosplay
>grimes music
>tons of dead peoples shit
kek what the fuck even is this aesthetic, thank you webm nonny for coming thru with something interesting!!!

No. 1554229

i found a girl like this online before who actually married a czech guy for the LARP

No. 1554268

Thank you nona! Do you know if most older perfumes can still smell good? I've been thinking of buying Schiaparelli perfumes but I don't want to buy something I can't use.

No. 1554352

Why czech? Are czechs ultra Christians?

No. 1554355

Ngl i actually like this set up, but i agree of buying shit fast in a small amount of time is really bad. Also, i wish people would explore options out of the ikea shelves. I could imagine if she got a really nice oriental style display shelf/cabinet it would greatly improve the look and vibe of her collection and be pretty cosy. I know she has the money to drop at least 1k on something better than ikea or walmart.

No. 1554385

Imo anon, you really need to accept that the money you spent on those clothes is gone for good. Most clothes has no value, especially fast fashion clothes or clothing that doesn't come from
sought after brands. Trying to sell them all is just adding to the stress, I'd only sell a small portion of the pieces you are confident enough to feel like you can get something out of it and is worth it. I truly think the best solution is to dump most of the stuff in goodwill or to give them away. It'll be your motivation to resist temptation for if the urge to consoom clothing ever comes back. You live and you learn, it's ok.

No. 1554524

to join the eastern orthodox church. she still lives in america but he is there. she posts thirst traps on reddit, pretends shes a minor, and then threatens to report men who flirt with her to the fbi. which is ironic because she is 23 and married. also posts heavily shooped pictures. the average "trad" girl online.

No. 1554530

czechs aren't orthodox
they're ultra atheist

No. 1554535

File: 1681950912937.jpg (57.53 KB, 1000x651, H20388-L279407677.jpg)

Tbh it all depends on how it's been stored (ie well-sealed, away from light and heat) which isn't always something that second-hand sellers will specify and some of them are clueless about what they have and aren't able to tell if the perfume has turned or not. It is a bit of a crapshoot, however it can help to buy from a reputable seller with a lot of sales who specifies in perfumes, and you can always reach out with questions about the scent before you buy (such as does it smell sharp, bitter, sour, or metallic). Appearance doesn't always indicate the quality of the scent but if the liquid is cloudy or especially dark it's worth getting more info before moving ahead with the purchase. I've had good luck, most if not all of my vintage/antique perfumes have been in good shape when I got them and I've only had one that was off but it was a cheap Avon perfume so I wasn't too bummed. Good luck!

No. 1554708

Did you miss that she's put herself in debt for them but keeps buying more. But honestly a lot of these people who cannot stop buying stuff will never save for nice furniture because that would cut into their buying even more crap budget

No. 1554709

Did you miss that she's put herself in debt for them but keeps buying more. But honestly a lot of these people who cannot stop buying stuff will never save for nice furniture because that would cut into their buying even more crap budget

No. 1554984

Wait so she married someone who's still not living in the same country as her for a LARP? Absolutely batshit.
Bless you nona, I can now get me and my grandma matching perfumes that she lusted after when she was younger but couldn't afford.

No. 1555062

Awwww, anon that's so sweet! I'm glad I could help, so excited for you and your grandma to match!

No. 1555290

no, they are most atheist country in eastern europe.
marrying a polish dude would be better for larp anyway kek

No. 1555299

Why did she marry a czech guy then???

No. 1555303

I don't think the anon that conveyed that info is in any way trustworthy, nothing she wrote makes sense

No. 1555353

Ye she's maybe vendetta-posting.

No. 1555534

File: 1682030837314.jpeg (142.33 KB, 828x1271, 386D3267-49E7-4D58-8CC9-2F1B57…)

just because they're the most atheist country doesn't mean people can't have another religion anon.

No. 1555649

quit your bullshit already you retarded non-slav

No. 1561205

File: 1682624639143.jpeg (490.93 KB, 2048x1536, 3561134.jpeg)

Stuff like picrel confuses me so much. Yeah the shelves are nicely arranged and they look pretty, but what's up with the room? Why is it so empty? I see it more often than you would think, sometimes even living rooms are just a TV, sofa and table in the middle of a giant white room and the only other things in there are shelves full of figures. Do men even know how to decorate? Haven't they heard of fake plants, a personality or anything?

No. 1561237

the justification I've seen from moids is that Ikea minimalist furniture makes the figures more prominent but to me it just looks like a shop display

No. 1561239

Techbros who can afford a crazy amount of square footage but lack the imagination and creativity to decorate

No. 1561302

This one's way nicer and more creative than I thought it would be- a bunch of these hoarders display their items literally like a store. Items still in boxes, stacked neatly on shelves, with massive cardboard cutouts and posters on the few spare inches of wall not coated in boxes. They often have multiples of the same thing and I've seen a few of them actually use those cardboard store displays as well as shelves. The only things missing are the tills and price tags.

No. 1561333

serious question but why don't these people posting their massive expensive hoards on social media ever worry about people finding out where they live and robbing them? i'm a little surprised we haven't heard about some criminal operation targeting excessive consoomers yet

No. 1561345

if i had moneys i'd decorate this space impeccably.
one day. for my calico critters. i just ordered more.

No. 1561347

This looks like the justice league hq was hijacked by a random weeb coomer.

No. 1561348

Yes i did lmao. I was too engrossed with the cheap furniture.

No. 1561575

Kek great description

I've noticed that more than a few consoomers (female too) set up their space at home like a shop. I wonder why? Is shoping such a big special interest that their homes must look like one too?

No. 1561593

weirds me out that people make their own shop displays in their home even though this one looks nicer and more high effort with the backgrounds. this space would've been perfect for a large projection or tv in the middle with various comfortable sitting areas as a movie room. hell it could still be that with the figures on the sides, trading card/vidya game area in the middle, use the screen to watch those animes with other weeb friends.

No. 1561621

File: 1682677690879.jpg (160.24 KB, 634x775, 23803040-7918143-image-a-10_15…)

People deep into consuming feel happy in shops and that's where they get their dopamine while buying crap. They mimic this environment in their home because it replicates a store and shows off how much they own at the same time. That's my theory, anyways.

No. 1563251

I have no words

No. 1563330

This would actually be useful for people like me. I buy butter in big pieces and cut off smaller chunks and keep the rest in the freezer. Except I forget to take it out. And I have frozen butter.
Besides, I lack finer motor skills and i could never spread butter evenly in my life.

Sure, I am kind of a retard, but like, a lot of those kitchen things can be used by people with limited abilities.
I am addicted to watching Kitchen Gadget Testing on Barry Lewis' youtube channel, because yeah, a lot of these are complete plastic junk, but some of them are genuinely well-made and helpful even for abled people.
It's just that… yeah, most of them even if they are in theory useful - are made really badly/cheaply. And the novelty of a gadget is what sells it to people. Not if they would actually use it.

No. 1563334

That said, the only things I own outside of normal kitchen things are a thing to peel garlic and a thing to mince it. Just can't be bothered doing those and I LOVE garlic.

No. 1563394

This would be great for making pastry

No. 1566746

I used to be a scout (scouting squads are co-ed where I live) and we had a summer camp there https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambluzin-et-Benoite-Vaux, all the shops there were basically catholic gift shops. Once, a tiny scout boy bought a rosary with his pocket money and wore it everywhere with his uniform until the squad leaders told him to stop, it was hilarous.>>1554032

No. 1566749

a proper butter knife does the exact same things anons, that's what it has ridges for. I don't think that piece of thin plastic is going to push through a chunk of frozen butter.

No. 1566759

I love those Berry Lewis videos. They made me notice the way little things I use day to day are designed, and I try to think up something better.

No. 1566896

File: 1683131598038.jpg (139.65 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20230503_183320_Chr…)

This is embarrassing.

No. 1566907

Can't wait for the influx of noobs who get into the series because of the overhyped remake & these retarded collabs to sperg about every monster symbolizing rape, like they did after the movies came out or Heather being a tranny considering the current climate. SH should have stayed dead.

No. 1566914

God they will slap anything on makeup now. Such a dumb property to make makeup of. I'm so sick of these collabs but it's such a good way to get money because after makeup YouTube died down the average person has realized they don't need more than 2-3 palettes or lip products. They do however think they need everything with Pyramid Head, Hello Kitty, or Tom Nook on it.

No. 1567069

File: 1683140253810.jpg (71.99 KB, 1200x720, mac-x-sims-cover-5-1200x720.jp…)

Reminded me of the GOAT makeup + gaming collab.

No. 1567449

Well at least the brand itself seems horror-themed unlike MAC.

But what would constitute a silent hill make-up line? 20 shades of rust and viscera?
Like. Make-up and make-up industry are probably the farthest one I can imagine from the cohesive SH tie-in.

No. 1568327

I went into this thread expecting discussion on shopoholism in regards of clothes. Place is filled with people struggling with stopping themselves from buying toys…..
I guess sometimes I forget which culture is dominant here.

No. 1568354

Maybe you have some tips for us non. As for me I do consume and buy shit but usually 2nd hand. And I sell stuff when I notice it doesn’t spark joy. What drives me nuts are these toy unboxing channels. Especially blind boxes. Its completely useless plastic that’s not even playable and it’s wrapped in even more plastic. People will pay crazy prices too!

No. 1568459

I watched that bong show on people with addictive buying. There was that one lady that mentioned how buying with good bargain at this point drives her more than actually buying stuff.
With clothes and shoes I try to be selective, like avoiding colors that don't work on me, finding the right size, never buying something online or without trying it on first (this keeps me away from compulsive buying when I'm on the run and/or whatever I'm wearing atm feels like too big of a hustle to take it off for trying on activities) I did get "smarter" with it, like I plan out days when I'm going on shopping raids and sometimes it's up to 4 days in a week.

Now that I think about it, my salary isn't enough to let me renovate my apartment or travel or go to fancy places. I just pay bills, buy food and spend the rest of my money on clothes and shoes. This is the only way I get close to something that makes me feel good. I only recently started this addiction, I still struggle with forcing myself to wear new pieces because I know, after wearing them once, no matter how good the quality is, it's not going to be the same as it was before.

No. 1568493

Clothes have come up as a topic numerous times, is there anything in particular you want brought up/discussed? Feel free to start new discussions, I don't care for the toy stuff either.

No. 1568530

>Now that I think about it, my salary isn't enough to let me renovate my apartment or travel or go to fancy places. I just pay bills, buy food and spend the rest of my money on clothes and shoes. This is the only way I get close to something that makes me feel good.
I realized I’m very similar. I never learned saving up or how to handle money. I fully blame my parents for this. I should probably do a no buy month or whatever but idk what brings me fun then

No. 1568544

you can just read the thread instead of complaining people aren't talking about it right now even though it has been talked about more than once ITT or just bring up new points if you have anything relevant to say.

No. 1568797

File: 1683326015555.jpeg (638.17 KB, 1909x2197, 27E3236C-A4C3-439E-BD10-651617…)

i wanna buy more critters but tbh I should just use the money from extra hours at work to buy a sewing machine because even though these outfits are tiny stitches by hand take a long time

No. 1568806

Just use glue nonna, it works way way better than machine seweing for dolls

No. 1568825

Is there a difference? If you struggling with buying too many clothes, clothes are the same to you as toys are to someone who struggles with buying too many toys.

No. 1568855

I think anon's saying we're lame kek

No. 1568877

Can calico critter anonymous PLS make a thread and post pics

No. 1568978

There's this thread nona

No. 1574262

File: 1683840365704.jpg (276.63 KB, 1920x1080, Image_20230508210102.jpg)

HEEEEEEEELP!!! I am going feral. I am frothing at the mouth and slamming myself against walls. I need to buy this damn figure, but I can't pick a site that I think is the most reputable since they all seem shady with their refund policies and such. I've never bought an anime figure before so I have no experience here, especially preorders. Anons. I beg you. I plead. Help me make a good decision when purchasing my waifu. I'm not even sure if "arakiart Dio Brando figure" were the correct keywords to use. Truly I'm at the end of my rope here

No. 1574559

Amiami is great in my experience for pre-orders. Other than that - really no clue, I only use them.

No. 1574695

Kek, wrong thread nonnie.
You should't buy this piece of plastic, it's just gonna end up in a landfill in a few years. Save your money and the environment

No. 1574700

No. 1574715


No. 1574748

File: 1683893785573.jpg (81.18 KB, 1080x1060, IMG_20230512_141636.jpg)

>Noooo, don't tell me not to consoom in the consoom thread

You probably go to concerts and then complain that there is music

No. 1574797

Honestly, if you can’t be bothered to google the type of figure you’re ordering or what legitimate sites to buy from then I don’t think you should get it.

I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a Japanese figure nor is it licensed. Shipping will likely run you about $200-250 on top of the $300-350 for this figure. This type of figure is also extremely fragile. Think about if it’s worth it to you and if you’ll still like him after 5 years. And no I don’t buy these, I just spent 5 minutes googling and comparing info.

No. 1574864

I will lovingly spoonfeed your stupid ass, nonnie. Ask the buyfag thread in /m/, don't be a baitfag in the consoom thread. >>>/m/192563
Now begone and good luck!

No. 1574941

oh my god i erased this from my mind kek what a shitshow this was

No. 1598516

How do I get my loved ones to stop consooming on my behalf? They all have this tendency to value quantity over quality. I like to research products a bit before I buy so I know something is good quality for the price and produced relatively ethically. I’d rather have fewer things that function well and last me a long time than a lot of things that don’t really do what they’re supposed to do and have to be thrown out after a year. So when there’s a birthday or gift-giving holiday coming up I always have a few links ready when people ask. But my family always ignore these links and buy cheaper, low quality plastic versions of the things instead. It’s not a money issue because they also spend tons of money on additional random novelty/impulse buy stuff that nobody asked for. Having useless, unnecessary plastic clutter laying around the house makes me really anxious so I’d honestly prefer if they didn’t buy me anything at all. I can’t sell most of this stuff secondhand and even charity shops often don’t want these donations because they know they’re hard to get rid of, so I’m stuck with these things unless I throw them in the trash and that makes me feel like crap as well. My toddler’s birthday is coming up and I’m actually nauseated with anxiety about all the plastic stuff people are going to be bringing into my home for my child to play with once, break and then toss in the garbage bin.

How do I explain this without offending people? I don’t know why they ignore my actual wishlist, and they don’t want to just give money because “that’s no fun”. I appreciate that people like giving gifts but how do I explain that these gifts are making me feel miserable without sounding like an ungrateful asshole?

No. 1598518

I feel you anon and I hope someone has a good answer.

No. 1598533

Sit them down and tell them exactly that - it makes you feel anxious and unwell, and you prefer xyz gifts. Explain it exactly like you did to us, emphasizing that you know they just want to show their love but it's just causing you anxiety and makes it hard to clean. Do it in private with everyone one on one, so they don't get defensive out of embarrassment and dig their heels in.

I had the same problem with my parents, but manifested slightly differently.
My parents are from the Balkans, and our culture puts lots of importance on being a good host. So, whenever I visit my home country, my mom and dad buy several kg worth of meat for one meal, dozens of donuts for me to eat for breakfast alone, a variety of pastries and cakes so i can just choose "which ones I like", and it's like that for weeks until I leave. It results in crazy amounts of food waste and they're just pissing away money that they don't really have a lot of.
I had to confront them about it and they got mad when I wasn't eating because "But we bought that just for you! Be grateful and eat it!". It took lots and lots of emphasizing that it makes me feel really bad to make them stop, but they did.

No. 1598635

makes me wonder, but not with my family, because i started to only accept monetary gifts from my family and it went swimmingly, actually, because they are convinced they're doing a better job by letting me buy things i want myself (i am EXTREMELY picky)

i am so picky, that i have a detailed wishlist with every link provided, and every time i say "only give me things from my wishlist" and there are direct links to shops, so what can be easier?
recently a friend for my birthday claimed a couple "wishes" on my wishlist, but didn't get the exact things. the metal of the glasses was rose-gold (i NEVER wear gold and don't have anything gold, so what do i wear them with at all?) and the earrings were of the same shape, but completely different style i am as well completely unlikely to wear.
and i feel like SUCH a shithead. because i can't be grateful, sure she tried for me, but ignored my clear instructions and got me something i would NEVER wear instead of the things i ACTUALLY wanted. sure, i regifted those, but i felt like such an asshole.

No. 1598653

NTA but collectibles like that are worth money even decades later, figures especially, from famous series like JoJo, it doesn't matter if they're not sealed as long as they're in good condition, they usually go for a good amount of money. Tell me you don't know the difference between a collectible and a toy without telling me it, honestly.

No. 1599199

File: 1686096706893.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x2048, Fw7D_GgWAAsLyv2.jpg)

Has "Mama meeks" been brought up yet? She's a giant hatsune miku fan, and basically it's pretty self explanatory. I'm a shitty vocaloid fan so twitter is always trying to show her stuff to me. I always wonder what's the point of this much stuff. Like sure, I like miku, but when you have this much stuff, I feel like you can't even see it properly. Plus, this stuff had to easily cost thousands of dollars. I don't know. It always makes me feel weird when I see it.

No. 1599200

File: 1686096746307.jpg (770.91 KB, 2048x1536, Fw7D_GhWcAIOYEc.jpg)

No. 1599382

Still waiting on the calico critters image thread zzzz

No. 1599552

No. 1600114

File: 1686168660954.jpg (472.88 KB, 2048x1133, EuETmJ-VEAgWE6h.jpg)

Lately I've become a bit obsessed with fumos. I know it's cringy but they're just so cute. I don't want to go overboard like picrel. The problem is that there are 12 characters that I have/would like to have a fumo of (+ two more that haven't got a fumo made of them yet). And that would be an insane number of plushes to own, not to mention they are somewhat expensive.

No. 1600115

Imo these are ugly and only remind me of anime coomer moids

No. 1600119


No. 1600124

File: 1686169717562.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3476x2404, IMG_1317.jpeg)

Gift plushies are cuter imo

No. 1600127

True nonna moids kinda ruin them.

They are cute as well. I'm just doomed being a touhoufag

No. 1600136

they remind me of those fanmade plushes you used to see on deviantart and tumblr

No. 1600137

Their overall look is very similar to Nui plushes (but with another face). Maybe you could look all the free tutorials and patterns there are around for Nuis and try to make your own Fumos, learning a new skill is always good and you will more proud of your collection if you worked hard for it rather than simply saving to buy a mass-producced one.

No. 1600144

Honestly, that sounds like a fun idea. I'll look into it (and hope I don't fall into a rabbit hole of over-consooming craft supplies). Thanks anon!

No. 1600260

File: 1686183189160.jpeg (75.77 KB, 700x700, IMG_1321.jpeg)

I mean there are touhou plushies that aren’t fumos, I like the cat Orin one best.

No. 1600270

How long would it take to liquidate a collection of this fuckin caliber? Im not a huge anime fan, how much of this is valuable and how much of this is 10 dollar funko-pop tier?

No. 1600279

hello yes this >>1599552 anon has linked the /m/ thread and so i been posting there recently with calico critter outfits those have been slow due to an unscheduled bout of insanity

No. 1600282

They'll resell for high prices even if it's junk because it's Miku. The Miku tax if you will. Though I think some like the bed sheets, unframed posters, or the papercrafts would be hard to resell and should probably just be thrown out or recycled.

No. 1600435

It's actually pretty expensive, I followed her when she started her collection (unfollowed because she fell into consooming for clout) and she owns a couple of those super expensive Miku Dollfie Dreams. Anything official and Miku, she buys, which is a black hole to collect, I think Miku is onwards to become the character with the biggest amount of merchandise ever, surpassing Eva and going into Hello Kitty realm.

The funny thing is if I remember well she lives with her parents kek. All this junk could have been spent moving out.

No. 1600443

If she lives with her parents, they're probably buying most of it for her, so she probably doesn't want to move out or she won't be able to keep buying as much. Or maybe her parents will keep enabling her, idk which. I'm a poorfag so I have little understanding on the matter.

No. 1600610

Fumos are cute, and I don't let whatever moids like get to me. Fuck moids for "ruining" fumos, but I hate the idea of them being ascribed to moids.

No. 1600624

i found a nitori kawashiro one on ebay for a nifty 75 plus the pin badge. nonas what should i do? fumo expert help?

No. 1600767

Well her pre order recently closed on Amiami where she was priced at 5500 yen + shipping. The plushes will be sent out on September so I would wait until then to see if there's leftover stock from cancelled orders. But the ebay price is not that expensive either, especially if shipping is included. Often fumos get overpriced there so I'd rather use Buyee jp but like I said, that sounds like a pretty normal price. Maybe this ot fumo autism should be taken elsewhere though, there is a thread on one certain board's /jp/

No. 1600824

webm nonna please come back. i want to see some non weeb stuff like people organizing their fridges with all that unnecessary stuff and loungefly walls of disney collectors. no youtube comps please.

No. 1602177


No. 1602629

I know this is late but I know what it is like nona. Selling was a waste of time. Its easier to just throw stuff out. I don't bother selling anymore.

corner shop has started stocking up more 'cute' foods probably because of tiktoks like this. I tried some out of curiosity. They aren't good!

Hot cheetos are still best.

I have a hard time believing this but maybe I just don't get why people would like Miku so much.

No. 1602658

if the things you have are nice you should donate them instead some places will even give you discounts if you do which is great if you love buying vintage christmas dishes like me..

No. 1604638

No one consooms harder than Japanese idol yumejos

No. 1611399

My mom is/was an insane shopaholic my entire life and I’m completely overwhelmed with the amount of things she left in the home when she and my father divorced a few years ago. She’s quite talented at cake decorating and cute baked shit in general and left the bulk of her chocolate molds, cake pans, Wilton decorating books, and various tools. She did eventually take her all her decorating bags and tips but I have no idea what to do with all this other stuff. My parents keep suing each other and she legally can’t come here but I regularly offer to give her whatever things of hers she wants but she just blows me off. I desperately need to declutter because I’m afraid my father wants to sell the house soon and I’m going to be stuck doing everything.

Oh, there’s also a ton of NIB fancy Barbies from the early to mid 90’s that she collected that I have no idea what to do with. I think they were technically for my sisters and I became there’s up to 3 of each but she never actually gave them to us and I don’t know if I can sell them or if they’re even worth anything.

Tldr I’m being told to get rid of a bunch of shit that technically isn’t mine and I don’t know what to do.

No. 1612275

Sell the Barbie’s on eBay (there’s guides on what they’re probably worth), sell the cake pans etc on Facebook marketplace (there’s lots of women who make cakes for a living on there) and pocket the money, nonnie.

No. 1615158

File: 1687492756780.jpeg (112.24 KB, 712x1500, B7CB085E-2178-4458-ACAC-4236FB…)

I bought my first and only shadow high doll today while my bf has fun at a convention this weekend. I don’t spend money on myself and its gotten so bad I haven’t had a haircut since august. Thought today would have been good practice since I neglect my own wants/needs. I’ve been going through a crisis over this doll like I just threw money in the trash and set it on fire. It’s too late to return her as the packaging is in the trash so now I’m stuck with her. Help me get through this nonnies

No. 1615160

The cute little plug bows on her shoes. The little red lanyard strap on her jacket. The continuity of her skin and hair. You're one of the only anons I've seen post a doll that isn't fuck-ugly or too generic and overhyped to be justified. Like she's actually adorable and her faceup reminds me of kabuki starshine

No. 1615165

she is so cool what the hell

No. 1615167

Holy fuck did I write this? Spent 25$ on my man’s dinner and ate soup out of a can. U deserve this I promise

No. 1615168

Holy fuck did I write this? Spent 25$ on my man’s dinner and ate soup out of a can. U deserve this I promise

No. 1615187

Anybody who throws a jojo penis statue in the trash should be thrown in the trash along with it.

No. 1615217

Shit taste

No. 1615322

File: 1687515969664.jpeg (130.17 KB, 1164x1522, 42D44F75-91A6-44EE-A7F0-73B3CB…)

Thank you! I’ve always wanted the alien girl. I heard shadow high’s leaked releases are showing a decline in quality so they’re probably not going to be around much longer. That’s why I gave in and finally bit the bullet.
We’re just too nice and gotta start putting our needs first.

No. 1617729

File: 1687753259639.webm (14.38 MB, 576x1024, laundry.webm)

Your wish is my command, nonnies

No. 1617731

Nta but thank you for your return.

No. 1617746

File: 1687754899197.webm (5.35 MB, 576x1024, funko.webm)

I'm glad to be of service and thank you!

No. 1617757

The thing I don't understand is that they spend so much time and effort on scent beads then get cheap laundry pods that don't clean that well to begin with. Why not get a quality detergent and you dont need to bathe your clothes in tons of scent beads?

No. 1617851

I wish funko would go under or stop making this shitty pops so I would stop having to see this ugly shit everywhere.
I don't even see the appeal, with nendoroids or anime figures atleast you can switch poses or get an accurate representation of the character you love. Funkos are so ugly and soulless, I don't get why out of all merch, normies and redditors chose these ones to consoom.

No. 1617943

I went through a short phase where I collected nendoroids because it was something that I've wanted for years. Thankfully I kept the boxes so I think I can sell most of them later on,I'll just keep 3-4 I really like. In the end it's really not worth it, but I'm glad I got the ones I really wanted.
With nendos there's always this FOMO.

No. 1617965

File: 1687787247935.jpg (284.42 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600 (1).jpg)

I don't think they are all that
I got picrel as a gift and it's so fucking annoying. You breathe next to it and it shatters into a million pieces that all fly across the room. Just looking at it makes me feel irritated. I honestly am surprised I haven't thrown it out in a rage

No. 1617968

because they are cheap. and most people don't know shit about what looks good. just look at an average person compliment a mediocre artist

No. 1617973

Always glad to see brainless idiots keeping the economy going kek, rather you than me.

No. 1618111

Mental illness
Funko really destroyed the collector market and their buyers are worse than a cult.

No. 1618157

File: 1687806682251.jpeg (114.53 KB, 750x750, IMG_6588.jpeg)

How do we feel about sonny angels nonas? I feel like they’re becoming the new calico critters.

No. 1618208

I know it's been two months but this video saved me. I'm in a bidding war for a dress that doesn't even have the size listed and I already have trouble finding things in my size. It's like I saw the low starting bid and the consoom light went off in my brain.

No. 1618235

Damn that's pretty pathetic unless he's disabled tbh

I think they're ugly,tacky and cheap. So I guess they're the new craze for consoomers

No. 1618244

i think they're cute but i wish they werent anatomically correct

No. 1618247

File: 1687812325027.webm (14.84 MB, 270x480, purse_apr27.webm)

One more from this imjuliekay person. Everything she posts is like this, just a constant deluge of plastic crap from amazon. In another universe I might even feel bad for her.

No. 1618288

I can't imagine what kind of reaction people might have witnessing a person like this at their workplace/school. An adult woman pulling out cutesy shit out of cutesy packages inside cutesy packages, just to like exfoliate her hand and then taking out her cutesy roll of personal toilet paper. I'd probably die laughing seeing someone carry pink packets of single sheet (individually packed) of wet wipes for their ass.

No. 1618489

there is no way this woman won't get cancer in the next 30 years

No. 1618620

My friend has a legit shopping addiction, any nona know how can I help her stop? She's aware of it but "can't help it". It ruined her entire day that she couldn't buy a specific pair of new shoes recently and put her in a foul near suicidal mood, when she already has a large collection of similar shoes.
I just don't know how to support her as a friend, I don't want to nag her about it and add to the stress but I don't want to fuel the fire more either

No. 1618665

It honestly sounds like she doesn't really want to stop, in which case there's not much you can do as a friend. Apart from what you said about it ruining her mood, is it hurting her finances significantly? Does the shopping addiction prevent her from doing other fun activities or spending money on important things?
If she really does want to stop, ask her if it would help if you held her accountable. Like set rules about how many items she can buy or how much money she can spend over a certain time period, and then call her out if you notice she's not keeping to her own rules. Other ways to limit the shopping is to start only buying secondhand or sustainable items, or to set a rule where whenever she wants to buy an item, she has to sleep on it for a set amount of nights before actually buying. What could also help is to make a list of specific items she needs/wants the most (a sunhat, a leather jacket, brown boots, etc) to prevent her from impulse buying anything that she doesn't really need or that doesn't add anything versatile to her wardrobe.

No. 1618679

My god, did she turned her house into a shop? I have seen similar people but that cabinet is insane

No. 1618765

I dream of having a massive walk in closet filled with clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelery, etc. I love earning money and spending it (I do save though). My current obsession is skincare and I want sooo many products that I can't wait to buy

No. 1618772

that looks like bratz on steroids kek do you REALLY like it??

No. 1618775

now speaking of ur problem, don’t buy any more dolls (u have the one you drooled over) and focus on yourself (ie get a haircut)

No. 1618937

File: 1687892082251.webm (14.89 MB, 576x1024, fridge.webm)

No. 1618954

>is it hurting her finances significantly?
Absolutely yes. To the point that she is borrowing money from friends and family to shop more.
>or to set a rule where whenever she wants to buy an item, she has to sleep on it for a set amount of nights before actually buying.
I wish she would do this but there is no way I could convince her to, she'll find "omg sale only for today" or "they only have 2 left I need to buy it now or I'll regret it forever" items very frequently.

Thanks for the reply anon, I'm a bit scared of bringing it up with her but I'm gonna have to because as her friend I really want her to sort it out.

No. 1618957

I was hoping that jar for the pickles made it so you could just drink the juice

No. 1619004

File: 1687899263605.webm (18.5 MB, 576x1024, drinkfridge (1).webm)

No. 1619026

I remember when I was in high school going over to a friend's house and her older sister coming into her room to talk about something, and she was just carrying a big jar of vlasic pickles and casually taking swigs every few minutes. I was shocked.

Really soured my opinion of her

No. 1619056

Makes me think of this

No. 1619106

What’s wild is how many women want this and/or are defending it. Literally who needs all this shit in their laundry room?

No. 1619120

File: 1687911470025.jpeg (988.3 KB, 3464x2948, E3045470-D048-47F8-A7D8-6C5EA7…)

I know men are capable of throwing their money away for dumb stuff but why do so many women do too? I see women do it a lot more often and I genuinely want to know why that is? And I don’t mean like environmentally, I just mean like product wise. There are so many women trying to advertise their Amazon store fronts and all the garbage gadgets you can buy and it’s like do people really need all this junk? Literally who needs a fridge for all your garbage junk food and skincare? Even women in comment sections insist on defending this stuff and bully you if you say anything even slightly critical. Especially when it comes to collections like dolls or makeup

No. 1619130

That video never gets old. Thanks for the mind-refresher.

No. 1619162

What the actual fuck

No. 1619198

Remember when Fenty Beauty got praised for releasing 40 different shades of foundation and most brands did the same thing as a result? And I still to this day can't find my shade after this happened? Yeah fuck makeup I regret feeling forced to buy makeup for job interviews that led to nowhere, all the job interviews that gave me a job were online anyway so I didn't need to put on makeup at all.

No. 1619205

I forgot about this classic

>I still to this day can't find my shade
What shade are you because I've been seeing some really inclusive shade ranges over the past two years or so

No. 1619254

If we're talking about Fenty I'm between 220 and 280 depending on which month it is because I tan a lot and very fast and my tan disappear very gradually. So I would have to buy tiny little bottles of foundation in different shades to not waste anything. I don't have enough patience to buy big bottles and mix different shades differently because it's summer or winter, and most of what I've tried these past few years make me look yellow or gray. My big sister is like that too, she has no issue finding her foundation for the summer but good luck finding anything during winter because she's a but darker than me. She recommended me MAC but at that point I only use mascara and glossy lip balm, with a little blush if I'm really motivated.

No. 1619314

She seems insufferable to live with. Can't imagine being married to her.

the reusable blotting sheet thing is the only interesting thing there I would buy. I agree with the other anon that she turned her home into a shop, she must be really addicted.

No. 1619318

A couple of ideas: first thing to note is that the shopping addiction is a matter of impulse, at best I think you can reorient it but it's very difficult to make it go away completely. Inside you is a dragon and it is biologically biased towards collecting treasure. The 'hunt' feels good, the acquisition feels good but as soon as the target is acquired the hunt starts all over again. So it is probably better to get her interested in cheaper things or in things that are more difficult to source so the 'hunt' portion takes longer. You can also get her into reselling. If she shops but returns/sells 90% of it she isn't spending quite so much. She can also get into swapping which fulfills the same impulse:

No. 1619334

Same experience. I'm white as a ghost and every really light foundation has this yellowish tint to it, or it's not light enough.

No. 1619443

File: 1687949165073.jpg (10.67 KB, 403x180, 1685689254340243.jpg)

What does this meme mean? I am a makeup illiterate, just know the basics and all.
Was also wondering which makeup brands are way too overpriced for their own good, nonnas… I was looking at Lancome mascara, but their prices are huge, making me wonder if getting their stuff on sale is worth it. I don't know which makeup brand to trust at all. Catrice is cheap and nice, but its mascara is garbage (it makes my eyes itch all the time), but their foundations are alright…

No. 1619445

Same, I'm also ghostly white and can never find something light or non-yellow/orangeish enough, especially at the drugstore even though I live in a country that's 4/5th white and pale. But for some reason some drugstore brands do stock super dark foundation that'll maybe fit like under a 20th of the population. Why can they stock super dark foundation but not a super light one that'll fit far more people in this demographic.

No. 1619452

nta I thought I was the only one with this problem, I'm nordic and we're pretty much all naturally pale but since being pale is seen as ugly af here and everyone wants to be tan it's still hard to find pale enough shades. Even in makeup stores they get confused that you don't want a slightly darker shade to look more tan

No. 1619459

The mark up on all of them is pretty steep. The luxury ones are definitely overpriced. They intentionally dilute the pigment so people don’t get frustrated it takes skill to apply and can just kind of slap it on. The formulas are thin so they’re easy to take off. The packaging is cheap plastic even for brands like Dior. the “indie” brands are also overpriced and not really indie since makeup is made in a lab and all the midsize and small makeup companies buy from the same labs (I’m not sure if the big ones also share labs). I’m not a industry person but I think only sfx makeup companies actually do their own lab stuff because they’re selling to haunted houses and, like, Universal Studios and movie muas — it’s a totally different thing to normal people makeup and needs to have color payoff

No. 1619463

I’m also too pale for most foundations so I just don’t wear any. I’m afraid that makes it weird when I wear eye makeup because it’s not accompanied by a full face of products.

No. 1619468

omg not this again, in 2023. there are literal white foundation drops you can use to mix with normal foundation, and there's plenty of pale shades nowadays. if you still can't find foundation pale enough, that means it's the undertone that is the issue, not the lightness. they have blue, yellow and green mixing drops for that too. it's like y'all adopted being pale as your personality 10 years ago and refuse to let go.

btw people in the nordics aren't that pale.

No. 1619473

>yellow or gray
I'm dark skinned and I notice the same thing, they have kind of a sickly colour.

No. 1619475

You being this personally offended at pale people existing and wanting the right shade of foundation says more about you than the people you quoted. So sorry people want the concenience of using the right shade right away instead of mixing. It's funny how you can't tell people on the other end of the spectrum to just mix in brown mixing drops.

I've used white drops and aside from lack of convenience, it throws the texture, coverage and consistency off once you put in more than 2-3 drops.

No. 1619481

Have you tried Make Up Forever’s lightest shade ? Tbh I don’t know if they make foundation for it but the ‘ultra hd’ concealer in shade 10 is really good and works as foundation if you use a sponge imo. But I don’t know makeup science, I never got pimples from using it this way.

No. 1619482

go back to tiktok

No. 1619488

>buying and stocking different kinds of water

No. 1619490

>It's funny how you can't tell people on the other end of the spectrum to just mix in brown mixing drops.
Why not? This is universal advice. If your foundation is too light why wouldn't you darken it?
I don't think anyone's personally offended, it's boring to hear every pale princess in the land pipe up about how ghost/paper/porcelain white they are every time foundation shades are brought up.

No. 1619514

yeah you can lmao, but they never whine as much as pale princesses do. the internet literally exists with thousands of swatches and reviews, and still no foundation in all the land is pale enough for her highness uwu. just stop wearing it then? just use concealer? idgi.

No. 1619516

people itt have literally said they just stopped wearing it, what's the point in teasing?

No. 1619575

NTAYRT but she should get her friend interested in coins and other currency like people do with trained crows, so that she can focus her drive to collect/accumulate on like loose cash and spare change and stuff that people leave lying around.

No. 1619577

> but they never whine as much as pale princesses do
They've literally bullied and cancelled entire brands into carrying a trillion dark shades

>the internet literally exists with thousands of swatches and reviews, and still no foundation in all the land is pale enough for her highness uwu

If you could actually read I was talking about the DRUGSTORE specifically. It doesn't matter if there's ten thousand super pale foundations swatched on the internet if it's not for sale at my local drugstore
>just use concealer
dumb confirmed

I won't engage in this dumb conversation anymore, you clearly have just got a hateboner against pale people.

No. 1619581

File: 1687963207106.jpeg (156.58 KB, 1600x1066, 6F4023EA-117A-4507-9073-BCCFD2…)

Fenty isn’t even light when you get into the 200s, I’m sure there’s a drugstore foundation that fits you.
Sorry nonnies but us ghostly bitches have never been catered to by drugstore brands. Rimmel’s porcelain shade is likely the closest but their formulas are so gross kek.

I remember when MAC finally released NW10 and I was so fucking thrilled. I’d been using NW15 before that and it was always a bit too dark.

No. 1619583

Samefag, just wanted to mention that unfortunately a lot of drugstore makeups oxidize like a MOTHERFUCKER throughout the day and end up way darker than swatches make them seem. Never had that issue with MAC, although I only really use their studio fix powder foundation because I find liquid foundation to be kinda gross.

No. 1619588

The thing people need to remember is most (western) brands cater to the (western) ideal , which is standard issue white to like, tan. Anything paler or darker is getting the short end of the stick. We've gotten better now though.

No. 1619616

>bullied and cancelled entire brands
??? NTA but this is so delusional, holy shit. "Oh nooo the dark people bullied the large corporations!!!" kekkk, fucking hell anon

No. 1619617

>just use concealer
Kek, I'm one of the "pale princesses" and can tell you, it's impossible to find a concealer that is pale enough with the right undertone outside the internet, at least in my country.

That's the worst problem of them all. I once found the perfect shade with the perfect undertone and then it turned dark orange. I stopped trying after that, in the end I don't even like applying foundation over sunscreen, most foundations stink like hell and a simple powder works on my skin. I'm only searching for a new concealer at the moment, but the internet will help.

No. 1619619

my thoughts exactly. I'm glad darker skin tones have more options now. I'm a light/medium olive and it's hard enough finding something not too light, pink, or orange. I can't even imagine what darker women go through.

No. 1619636

File: 1687968802382.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

what is this summerfaggotry

No. 1619652

File: 1687970775836.webm (2.08 MB, 576x1024, toys.webm)

you're both morons.

Captioned "now they all sit in an organizer"

No. 1619678

my fucking coworker is obsessed with fidget toys. we're the same age (early 30s) and she sits at work scrolling through online shops and saying "ohhh, fidget toys!" i can never decide what i find worse, that or the they/them pronouns in her ig bio.

No. 1619681

Nars radiant creamy concealer in chantilly

No. 1619690

I want to call it arrested development but if it weren't fidget toys she'd obsess over something else. Some people just need to have a thing

No. 1619710

love you, nonna, might be a little bit too yellow for me, but I will definitely give it a try

No. 1619767

what is it with these -ae girls having the exact same aesthetic and making the exact same type of videos? kaeli mae, miyaeva renae, and now kami larae

it feels like i'm going insane

No. 1619901

File: 1687994223602.jpeg (230.32 KB, 828x1504, 28D31297-D8E2-4774-B1E5-47896C…)

Literally why do you need so much product

No. 1619904

This person must be 12 and into making skincare smoothies at Sephora. The product choice screams preteen with rich parents.

No. 1619905

>They've literally bullied and cancelled entire brands into carrying a trillion dark shades
Yes, because even in countries where these dark skin tones are prevalent they used to sell much lighter tones only. My god you're dumb, you deserve to be bullied.

No. 1619927

People like you have always been such whiny delusional bitches. KVD has light 002 in their true portrait foundation and if that isn't light enough for you, you can mix your true match - Ben Nye Clown White with it. Shut upppp(racebait)

No. 1619930

You might be better suited to a skin tint then, they're much cheaper generally, come in much smaller bottles, and you could get two shades and dilute whichever shade suits you best given the time of year. Even if you aren't the type that cbf I don't think it would take more than a few seconds to calibrate the right shade after the first few times you get used to working with the product.

Who tf still uses glossier

No. 1619993

At this point, I really think things have to be sort of shitty to gain mass appeal. Just look at how Smart Doll eclipsed all Dollfie products and helped push actual bjds into a decline, despite costing as much as or more than many.
"Gisou" looks just like rebranded Avon products from 15 years ago.

No. 1620191

Hurr durr you can't ask for a foundation that isn't shit unless you mix 1000 other products into it. Somehow twittertards aren't repeating the same argument when dark people are complaining about the shit shade range.

No. 1620415

File: 1688058393051.webm (6.59 MB, 576x1024, cutlery.webm)

No. 1620438

A few questions.
What do you nonnas consider a huge haul of clothes? What do you consider "too much"? How big a wardrobe is too big?

I hate the coquette doette nymphet nicole dollaganger tumblrina aesthetic making a comeback with the vanilla candle pink pilate princess dior lipgloss aesthetic. Now my instagram is filled with H&M and Shein hauls of the same basic floral mini dresses and rushed tops with cheap lace. They are clones of each other.

No. 1620440

You want to be oppressed that badly, huh?

No. 1620514

No one can give you exact numbers. But when someone is clearly just buying many things not out of need, but because the items were cheap and cute, it's overconsumption. When there is no wardrobe planning, or plan of when to use the outfit. Impulse buying.

No. 1620517

Check out eBay groups on Facebook, there's lots of sellers who discuss how to sell things fast, and quite a few sellers who'd be more than happy to bulk buy things off you to resell themselves if you decide it's too much hassle to get rid of on your own. As for any hard to get rid of items, have a yard sale and sell them cheap.
Shopping addictions normally develop because of another issue in the person's life, and the rush from shopping makes them forget that issue for a while. If you can find out what that underlying issue is and get her to address it, you have a better chance of getting her to stop.

No. 1620568

When I see this I just think how many little girls could use those to play with their dolls. But this womanchild just stores them in a box. Seems like such a waste.

No. 1620602

File: 1688074651920.jpeg (11.1 KB, 138x365, 3619F88A-F572-4F1F-9E4D-699FA8…)

cosmetics are a scam anyway. here's the ideal concealer for your casper ass now shut up(racebait)

No. 1620672

I don't think skin tints or BB creams are all that popular anymore where I live but I recently tried to look for one. I keep finding BB creams that are just skincare products though, it's most likely some marketing bs to trick women into buying this crap.

>I’m sure there’s a drugstore foundation that fits you.
I had a Nyx liquid foundation before but it has been discontinued and replaced with something else with way more shades but not the one that suited me anymore. Kiko is shit too, not sure if it's drugstore. Their lipsticks are really nice and cheap though so I forgive them.

I'm the 220-280 shades anon so not pale but you replied to me so… My issue is that if I decided to get a foundation and also bought some white product to mix and match both products would "rot" before I go through half of them. It doesn't seem worth it to me.

No. 1620894

I love how bringing up pale skin just sends certain women into a tizzy. It's a real confidence boost actually(racebait, derail)

No. 1620971

>btw people in the nordics aren't that pale.
I fucking wish lol half of the year doesn't even have fucking sunlight

No. 1621168

I just can't stop buying new clothes mainly fast fashion and baubles because of the likes it gets me on social media it's a nightmare how do i stop being addicted to online validation and stop doing it? should i go cold turkey, delete everything and then clean?

No. 1621220

File: 1688143022184.webm (10.66 MB, 576x1024, minifridge.webm)

No. 1621236

Either this kid's teeth are going to fall out or he's going to get diabeetus

No. 1621271

how does this get banned for racebait but not these?

No. 1621332

Check the digital detox thread anon.

No. 1621519

The amount of space in the landfill her trash occupies alone must be astronomical.
Literally nothing here is worth it even if you just wanted to treat yourself with one product.
Because they aren't? Anyways, most foundation turn into orange gloop anyways, of course somebody as white as snow won't find their shade lmao.

No. 1621693

It's always been this way

The white jannies have no spine and the poc jannies get their feefees hurt easily

No. 1621751

I love how a lot of it is sugar-free and the milk is reduced fat, but you can clearly clock fatty-chan hands.

My friend kept giving me fidget toys and I kept offloading them on another friend who works with autistic children. Having a specialized piece of plastic laying around pisses me the fuck off, I'd fidget just as good with like, bending a paperclip or playing with a random rubber band at work.

Do these people know that opening beauty products starts them expiring? I can't imagine how much product they have to throw out because skincare gets rancid after expiration date and you can't really keep using it like eyeshadow. And I really HOPE they keep up with expiration dates, because a cream you've been using for a while is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold if you're not careful with it.

Oh, I have a similar box, but it's much less stuff in it. But I am a doll collector for the purpose of sewing/crafting for dolls and taking pictures with props, so I guess that's normal to me?

Depends. I don't shop in actual clothing stores anymore, only thrift, but when I am able to go to several thrift stores and bring more than three items back (I am picky and have weird sizing), I consider it a huge haul. Not huge in a consoom way, but huge in a being LUCKY way.

Delete instagram/tiktok - it's bad for your mental health.

Of course she's a fatty too. Not as bad as it could have been. Don't people know excessive sugar/salt is bad for kids? Love the coy tangerines in the corner.

No. 1621777

I think she uses them for posing with nendoroids or some other figures, maybe sylvanians even?

No. 1621903

I think they're most likely for toy photography, I imagine you have to store them into these tiny boxes unless you want to spent half an hour trying to find a 0.2inch knife

No. 1621993

lol. the way the box appeared to read "ANUS" with that tape around it.

Repulsed by the seemingly American habit of purchasing single-use packaged foods to just eat in ones own home (rather than like, packed lunches or excursions).

Teaching your child that its normal to drink soda every day is setting them up for a lifetime of health issues.

No. 1622018

lmao at these pathetic little fruits next to the 20 cans of soda to make it look more healthy and balanced.

No. 1622024

>Of course she's a fatty too.
she's not though? probably on the higher end of the bmi scale for her height, but she's definitely not fat. mind that she gave birth to three kids too apparently, since her username says x3.

No. 1622081

Little girls lose that shit the second it comes out of the box. And it's not like little toy plastic knifes are limited in numbers and her keeping these is taking away from little girls kek

No. 1622093

I don't really mind the shit food here (the woman looks high bf% but relatively fit, presumably she's not really leaving all that in there or is feeding the kid proper food outside tiktoks) but why do people always overfill their fridges and cabinets in these videos? Are these videos mainly consoomed by poor people whose eyes pop out at the excess?

No. 1622152

File: 1688235376540.jpg (780.08 KB, 974x731, crop_fruit.jpg)

It's not just an American thing, individually wrapped foods are big in east Asia too. In countries like Japan you can buy little clam-shell packs perfectly moulded to fit four identical strawberries, stuff like that.

Why should so much useless junk be produced to begin with, then?

No. 1622186

Look a bit up, they're made for miniature photography & diy dollhouses

No. 1622402

kewpie is better

No. 1623523

I'm not entirely sure if this fits in the thread, but I just wanted to kind of vent about this somewhere. For the past year or so I've been watching the channel nerdforge. They're actually a cool channel and I'll probably continue to watch them but.. Idk, some of the stuff they do seems incredibly wasteful. If you've never heard of them, they basically are a crafting channel (I think, Idk how else to describe them) but most of it is "nerd" themed. Their projects range anywhere from just painting stuff and making cosplays to building cases for their gaming consoles and PCs, making new covers for their books etc. It is really cool to watch things like this being built, but sometimes they just waste a ton of resources like styrofoam, paper and other stuff.

In this video they're giving their studio a makeover to make it look like some arcane library. Don't get me wrong, the final product is beautiful and amazing, and looks like something out of a video game or fantasy novel (although if I'm being honest I probably would have painted some things different colors, but that's totally beside the point). The thing that tipped me over the edge in this video is how many fake books they had to make to fill the bookshelves. I'm not 100% sure what they made the books out of and I'm not sure it said, I think they're at least partly made out of paper so will be recyclable hopefully, but still. As someone who has had to get rid of many books that I wanted to keep simply because I don't have room for them, that one annoyed me a little bit. Then they get an HD TV screen to put behind the fake window to make it look like whatever is on the screen is out the window (so it can change from something like a forest or a desert to something more magical looking).. again the idea is cool but it just seems a bit wasteful to have a TV on the screen to accomplish something that a painting basically could. Oh and they live in Norway which probably has some of the nicest scenery.

I feel like I'm just being salty and mean, maybe I am. They're cool people obv and I have nothing against them really, at least they're doing something creative instead of hoarding stuff for the sake of hoarding it like some people on TikTok, but this video just felt kind of over the top, especially the making hundreds of fake books part. All of these resources used just for the sake of a room looking cool.

No. 1623661

File: 1688391971950.jpeg (760.67 KB, 2048x1152, A93E42BC-7ED2-48F3-8FAA-3AFE5D…)

Fresh claustrophobia nightmare from mfc

No. 1623662

File: 1688391993405.jpeg (905.73 KB, 2048x1152, A0599A91-3666-439D-8AE5-52A97A…)

No. 1623663

File: 1688392152991.jpeg (435.28 KB, 1000x750, 9C1B60B9-3C0C-4290-898A-F50DCE…)

I think it was a waste of resources to make what essentially is a set piece or something you’d find at the Harry Potter attraction at universal studios. It serves no purpose other than to look nice.

No. 1623678

what I think is "wasteful" is that you could have made that with real items, like real old books and so on. They are also making the room smaller and taking away the natural light, while natural light is amazing to work with. I can understand if you have a library at home (if you have the space and money), but somehow this fake stuff is useless. Sure, it would have probably cost more, but nice wood, nice shelves and real, read books would not seem as wasteful. And let's not talk about a TV screen as a window, that shit is the worst part. The view might not be nice, but a poster and some LED lightning would have been enough. I might have missed some things as I couldn't watch that video without getting annoyed by her acting (I just can't watch craft videos with people in them, kek), so I had to skip parts, but I understand what you mean.

No. 1623680

I've not seen that particular video but I share your feelings anon. Fishing for likes and views, and competing with other creators causes big, wasteful, and useless DIY videos to be produced. There's no real intention to teach, it's just content to mindlessly consume, to promote sponsors, and earn views. A lot of the internet is like this now, of course simultaneosly there is more original and valuable content being produced than ever before, the useless "satisfying" content is what gets promoted.

No. 1623694

How do people like that manage to survive? I got 6 figures and I rotate which ones are displayed and which ones are stored in their box because they're a pain to clean every week (well, I may just be lazy, I try to own as little as posible in general because I hate dusting lmao)

No. 1623706

They probably don’t dust any of it.
God this is so horrific I actually feel suffocated from looking at this.

No. 1623762

the home "curator" consoomers always annoy me. tell me why the candles in his place are $110


No. 1623810

Wow. This man is living in an ikea showroom for rich people. His apartment is so impersonal. It's only trendy and expansive pieces of furniture mindlessly thrown together, a disembodied home.

No. 1623910

people like this have no personality tbh and that's most of the luxury fashion consoomer community.

No. 1623932

>It serves no purpose other than to look nice.
That can be said about any room decor.. hell you can even say that about the paint on your walls.

No. 1624134

Paint will never serve a function, but books and shelves can and should. Actively choosing uselessness is what makes these people worth talking about.

No. 1624240

Even by anime consoomer standards this is fucking scary…

No. 1624242

Disagree, the aesthetics is the function. Saying this as someone who thinks it's ultra cringe to model your home like you live in some fantasy world.

No. 1624246

>Paint will never serve a function
Nah, I think the room's color can effect someone's general mood a bit.
Having blank white walls would probably give me a headache after a while if I'm being honest.

No. 1624251

Wall paint has chemicals that helps to keep off mold.

No. 1624273

File: 1688455644415.jpeg (164.53 KB, 1280x451, B42543CD-CCA8-4CFE-8FA0-C81FEC…)

I only have 4 figures and 2 nendos but using a detolf + dust seal strips they get almost no dust. And these are good for dusting safely.

No. 1624417

File: 1688480655734.jpeg (24.1 KB, 554x554, images (3) (10).jpeg)

I want an icy blue jade ring. If I was filthy rich I'd have collected jade

No. 1624505

File: 1688488042389.webm (13.77 MB, 576x1024, chocolatedrawer.webm)

No. 1624512

This looks identical to my agate rings. Very pretty though.

No. 1624513

>Paint will never serve a function
Okay, NPC #52,008,194.

No. 1624519

I'm not a coombrain at all but this looks like those rings on the end of a condom.

No. 1624548

This is making my stomach hurt.

No. 1624552

thank you so much for your return webmnona

No. 1624569

ngl the rainbow dash bed is cool as hell
this has to be some fat and/or rich people shit right? who needs this much sugar? diabetes.

No. 1624584

Even besides the claustrophobia and dust do any other clumsy bitches look at pictures like this and feel the secondhand frustration of having to fix all that shit after inevitably bumping into a shelf and knocking half of it over? Especially the shelves with open backs or all that stuff set up right at the foot of the bed. It's so packed that you'd basically have to clear the whole thing off and start over because there's no way to retrieve or fix what's fallen without knocking more down around it. How miserable.

No. 1624622

When I said "function" I meant a non-aesthetic function. Aesthetics are obviously still important, I'd lose my mind if I had to live in a malelivingspaces style beige box. I was just trying to draw a distinction between the different types of objects found in a house. Sorry for not making that clearer lol

No. 1624642

diabetes drawer

No. 1624663

One hot summer day away from a puddle drawer. I'm pretty sure by now people just make up any "___ drawer" as a thing because the fridge stocking asmr market is oversaturated by now

No. 1624685

I hate the way people move in this kind of videos, I can't really explain but the way the place things, open packages, etc. They all do it the same way and it's pissing me off.

No. 1624736

Reigen nonna here, ngl I'm pretty impressed with that Reigen collection but there's TOO MUCH going on here. It's kinda painful to see as if your husbando or favorite character is part of this clutterfuck of a museum gift shop you called a bedroom. The things you love so much consuming you like some infestation. I could imagine the smell of dust and plastic in the air especially during the hot summer.

No. 1624746

I can't explain it either, but I feel the same, maybe its the uncanny valley feeling because its so staged. Somehow it's also irritating that all of these women have absurdly long nails.

No. 1624973

It's awkward because normally you just pack with two-hands, while all these "content creators" pack with one hand while filming with the other. I always have the visual in my head of seeing someone seeing this from the outside.

No. 1625081

I feel like I can't be the only one who gets headaches from watching TikToks like this because of how fucking choppy they are. Irritating to watch

No. 1625318

File: 1688580211514.webm (9.1 MB, 576x1024, lululemon.webm)

Thank you! I can't claim all the credit though, there actually used to be at least two of us posting webms here. The first webm anon(s?) inspired me to start digging into this stuff myself.

No. 1625331

File: 1688581072515.png (308.1 KB, 500x628, 1fc.png)

Does she only wear lulu lemon??

No. 1625428

Isn't lululemon supposed to be kind of expensive? This looks like the inside of a goodwill.

No. 1625454

After going to uni, I developed a pretty bad shopping addiction trying to fit in/ be socially relevant. I really hate the "you wore that outfit, now you can't wear it again" and the designer culture ie wearing a new $400+ cocktail dress to each social event (like 2x a month) culture. Same with designer gameday outfits. My school has a ton of buy/sell/trade groupchats of people selling unworn/worn once items for retail price. Not to mention all the services you're expected to consoom- extensions, tanning, lash extensions, lip filler, botox, microblading, platinum w no roots hair, acrylic nails, threaded/ microbladed brows, hydrofacials, ect. Also, the style here is to have a "luxurious" dorm/apt that's like Pinterest worthy just to trash it every time you go out. Also everyone goes abroad for every holiday. I always knew it was bad but I started budgeting a few months ago and I know most of these girls have to be living beyond their means even if they're well off. It's just so exhausting. I want to save money so I'm not blowing all of my family's savings but I feel like I've ended up trying my hardest to save on food/ household necessities so I can splurge a little on keeping my hair looking nice, clothing I'll wear often, and a "luxury" car that I got for 1/8th it's original price because its old. I hope someone relates to any of this a bit because I don't talk to most of my friends about this.

No. 1625706

this is so ugly, and some of the stuff still has the tags on it!!! i hate this trend of women turning their house into a shop. its so tacky and materialistic.

No. 1625774

File: 1688610407995.webm (8.24 MB, 576x1024, TikTok-Video1(1).webm)

No. 1625776

File: 1688610472616.webm (8.19 MB, 576x1024, cfe5d822cff3e5ab9fdcf0d3744cda…)

No. 1625778

File: 1688610635918.webm (4.43 MB, 576x1024, 161c168607bcc2388129252426bc81…)

At least she's honest about her hoarding useless items for her scrapbooks about nothing but aesthetics.

No. 1625827

She had to get a little self aware when making this video, and realize that making interesting scrapbooks of a life you don't have is soulless and sad. This legit made me sad for her.

No. 1625888

What are those tickets? pre-bought tickets like she did stuff with her life she didn't actually do?

No. 1625890

why is it always the fatty-chans?

No. 1625896

girl that is hoarding to a T. She has the same tape, in 4 different colours, 14 times each, repeated, the same tape.

No. 1625953

so much crap and they all make the same journals

No. 1626063

she doesn't look that fat to me, just chubby or slightly overweight. she'd probably loose the excess weight with no effort if she cut out the sugary drinks

No. 1626182

I don't know if this is the right thread, but I just bought a medium crescent baggu bag and I'm very excited. Except now I want one in every color and I'm forcing myself to stick with one instead of impulse buying multiples.

No. 1626195

I wonder how much of it goes in the trash.

No. 1626335

Sage for slight blog, I went to AX over the weekend and bought a couple stickers and a keychain from artist alley.I don’t have the space or the need for anything else, I just enjoyed looking at other artists work and it was enough for me. Acquaintance of mine spent 500 dollars on stuff that she can barely fit in her room, and doesn’t understand why I didn’t buy something even if I liked it. Consoom mindset is scary

No. 1628526

File: 1688855643252.jpeg (125.8 KB, 1000x436, meowney.jpeg)

nonas, how do you deal with having consoomers in your life? like, one of my friend just ordered a ridiculous amount of clothes and accessories from shein. and the people who are my age at work obsessively talk about only one thing and that's purchasing a house/apartment and/or selling their current one so they can buy a bigger one even though they don't need that.

idk how to put it into words, but these people's focus isn't really on the item(s) but the act of consuming? or the act of owning something? like my coworkers never talk how they would like to decorate an apartment, their focus is on owning something. their behaviour disgusts me, but i mind my own business and observe them like one would observe animals in a nature documentary. until they ask me about if i consume this or that and when i tell them that i don't really care about that stuff they get offended kek.

do you have people like this in your life? does it affect you in any way (for example annoy you)?

No. 1628553

I'm just a bitch and tell the people in my life are being wasteful and burning money for no reason. Buying shit all the time to make themselves happy isn't working obviously. Of course this is expected of me because I've always been a blunt autists, but it gets the point across and people avoid talking to me about the stuff. They sometimes change their behavior but I recommend just seething inside because most people don't like being told they're retarded to their faces.

No. 1628565

I know some people like this, one of my best friends confided in me about her massive credit card debt issue from this sort of thing. It's annoying but I keep it to myself because I feel sort of bad for them, and if it's an addiction, no common sense advice will get through to them.

No. 1628912

Did you end up going to an expensive school? That sounds like hell, I would have gotten hella bullied for being a poorfag.

She doesn't use any of this I bet, well that goes for most of the thread.

No. 1628957

Same thing sort of. A guy I was hanging out with kept pointing to all these stores and if I liked anything hed say "you have the money why not?" Except I know it's just a dumb plushie of many that I already own. I'm at the point where I refuse to buy a plush unless its keychain size and decoration for holidays. This guy doesn't even consider space hes just on a slow trickle stream of buying stuff because it's his favorite fandom or niche hobby. All he did with his raise is obtain more plastic to line his walls with.

No. 1629057

File: 1688906432458.jpeg (204.04 KB, 1920x1080, D9EB94ED-DBBF-43C7-958C-9CBA0B…)

A long time ago an old friend of mine told me she raked up 15-20k in credit card debt from buying Xmas gifts so her and her family went to a collections specialist. They all got their debt paid off together it was crazy because she kept saying how “grown up” she was for doing so. As for the debt inducing Xmas gifts she said one of them was a massive tool set for her dad but it’s like why didn’t her dad make her return such a luxurious gift?

No. 1629088

one of my best friends is like this, to the point where she spends a large amount of her paycheck exclusively on clothing. she buys just to buy, and very rarely will wear any of the new stuff she bought. it's annoying to watch but at this point i don't say anything because i know she's gonna keep doing it anyway.

No. 1630295

Oh, the perfect post for me, I'm a stationery autist. I recognize almost all the stuff she has and it's all cheap ali express stuff you can buy for a couple of dollars. This does not make it better or worse, she's still hoarding unnecessary shit in stupid amounts.

The other side of the coin are upper middle class journaling youtubers who spend lots of money on books they won't use, just to make comparison videos every year. They usually buy a ton of stickers from etsy shops and the most expensive planners and leather covers. Like another anon said, all those end up with the same style of journal and I personally find the overuse of stickers and washi tape so tacky. There's a strong "live, laugh, love" aesthetic in this community, with the muted color palettes and identical fonts.

Vid related is the first result on youtube I got for "hobonichi haul" and there's loads of these videos. Imho getting a quality pen and paper makes a big difference, especially when you're an artist, but beyond that people get sucked into consooming and ordering expensive Japanese stationery (a plastic pencil board is 13€), ordering Lamy pens from Germany, spending hundreds of dollars on planner pre-orders from small etsy stores.

No. 1630302

I bought my first hobonichi in 2017 and I definitely noticed that creep up in the community (though I finally met one IRL person this year that also uses a hobo, and she said she bought hers because she loves the Mother series. That’s valid.) I kind of blame the company itself too because they obviously target so much stuff to the journal users, like selling bags and pouches that are expensive af but would probably be like $5-10 at a Daiso/Michaels

No. 1630310

I think owning a hobonichi in itself is perfectly valid because it's a unique, quality product, but I definitely mean the youtubers who buy more than they can use or keep multiple planners and journals for their content.
i shouldn't judge them if they enjoy it, but buying things just for the sake of content so you get more money and buy more things is a toxic loop.

No. 1630503

I guess her son is gonna get used to have a fridge in his room latter on when he need to refrigerate his insulin.

No. 1630763

This reminds me of my friends and I who both moved recently and are decorating our new places. We’re all big fantasy nerds who’d love to live in a hobbit hole or wizard’s tower but have been going at it in completely different ways. I’ve been scouring secondhand furniture stores, auction sites and online marketplaces for “aesthetic” old wooden furniture that can be varnished, reupholstered etc. and slowly collecting fancy hardcover versions of books I love. They have been buying a lot of fandom merchandise like plushies, figurines and posters, then buying the cheapest possible IKEA cabinets to display everything because they didn’t have any money left for better furniture. At first they were making fun of me for spending so much time fixing up musty old stuff but recently they started complaining about not liking the vibe of their place, and after visiting my home they decided to try painting their white IKEA shelving unit dark brown to make it look more like wood. It looks awful. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s all cardboard and plastic, only now with brown goop smeared on. Whenever I see people like these YouTubers and Rachel Maksy making “rustic” home decor out of styrofoam and paint I wonder how it really feels to live there. Maybe I’m oversensitive to this sort of thing but I think that living in what amounts to a low budget theater set would do a number on my mental health in the long term.

No. 1630770

I'm up to the same as you anon, been furnishing my house exclusively from second hand stores, it's so fun! I was thinking about how creaky that styrofoam decor would be, it would probably fall apart after some time when you'd try to clean it. Props as furniture just don't make sense, this kind of video was made purely for clicks and views.

No. 1631874

i used to be the original webm anon who posted all the cutesy weeb/aliexpress/shein/starbucks hauls. but i don't have time for it anymore since i got a full time job. glad to see someone else posting them though because i still love watching them and seething, kek.
vidrel, what the fuck. i feel like this is such an american thing, to make a brand your personality.

No. 1639428

File: 1689913902432.jpg (2.93 MB, 4032x3024, 20230719_183554.jpg)

Starbucks cup hoarders really waste their coin on product that looks like this?

No. 1639432

Lululemon stuff isn't even better than the fitness wear you get at target and it's expensive! The cult around this brand is mind boggling.

I have a mother and a sister who are both massive consoomers. For my mother, her stuff would be so heavy, it would break the closet. She hoards so many items she just holds on to from the 80s-90s that she no longer wears. So many perfume bottles, hoards skincare and makeup (at least with makeup she finishes every single product, even blush so fine). I think he collection of skincare is actually worse because she expects instant results. She unironically asked me how to get rid of acne masks in one day and i replied makeup and she got pissed. With all the money she wasted she could have just gone into a medspa and all her problems would be fixed. Aside from that, she stuff would spill throughout the house such as buying a shoe cabinet only for herself to leave in the hallway with shoe boxes stacked to the ceiling. A tall ceiling at that. My sister is the exact same story as my mother, her only difference is that she goes off and actually spends money on procedures and filler. She is also one of those types obsessed with luxury, has a shitty ikea shelf filled with overpriced designer bags she bought on a whim, idk how she is even saving money. I should probably include my dad too because of his obsession with tacky designer clothes, he looks so fucking ridiculous. At least he and my mother can technically afford their own consoomerism, idk about my sister, however my mother constantly asks to borrow £10 off me and doesn't pay it back for months so idk. I have no idea what my parents finances are like at all, it's always been kept a secret from me. They could be millionaires or drowning in debt and I would have no idea. She bullies me into it and acts like i am bitch when i don't despite her having a full time career and me working a shit part time job. I feel like the only person in my household who hasn't fully fallen for the trap, i won't say i am perfect though since i have made many trial and error purchases i feel guilty about and i do like some husbando merch here and there. But i did have a massive phase where i was obsessed with minimalism because I was frustrated by being surrounded by stuff and I despised the fact that my parents would buy me ugly fucking clothes just because it said burberry on it, leaving me with clutter. They would refuse to buy me stuff that i actually liked because it doesn't fit the image they wanted to force me into and accuse me of being dirty or unclean for wearing the same shit all the time.

No. 1639614

I keep wondering that too when I watch those videos, like why would you make fake wood or stones out of styrofoam, it reminds me of fake amusement park decor that will be all moldy and dusty after a few years. (It also throws me off so much when people use silicone glue to quickly finish a clothing item). That said I’m really jealous that you can thrift and find good stuff, I live in a very small city so it’s hard to find quality second hand things so my apartment is mostly empty as a result.

No. 1639664

File: 1689946452638.jpg (494.77 KB, 1140x1140, il_1140xN.4933253652_m9l2.jpg)

I'm obsessed with shawls like picrel and because they're hard to find for cheap in my country, whenever I see one irl or online for cheap I feel like I 'have' to get it because I don't have those exact colors or those exact flowers yadayada. It's the only thing I impulse buy, how can I stop? I do wear most of them but at this point it's just stupid to buy another one because I already have the colorways I like. But when it comes to these I can't control myself, maybe because they're somewhat rare to find and the only piece of good quality clothing I 'invest' in. Idk, please help nonnies.

No. 1639682

I was the same way with sweaters (I had nearly 100 different sweaters) but I decided to downsize and I got rid of most of them, giving them away, selling the really nice ones, and the obsession just kind of stopped. I thought I'd end up replacing them, but I don't find myself seeking out unique sweaters the way I used to. I think letting go is a good way to signal to your brain that this isn't some super valuable thing that you need, and when you have less of them you appreciate the ones you do have a lot more.

No. 1639707

Glad you got out of the cycle nonna! I don't know if I'm ready to actually get rid of them right now but I should look at the ones I have. They're in a drawer right now but I tend to forget about some, looking at them might help me realize I don't need so many (and not any more for sure).

No. 1639893

File: 1689966361330.webm (18.64 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_1…)

this came up on my ig feed… frankly, i'm disgusted.

No. 1639941

>3 weeks

No. 1640045

What the fuck kind of holiday is that? Three weeks of nothing but standing at gacha machines and standing in line for the till, did he even get to go on the rides at Disney or would that have interrupted his shopping time?

No. 1640087

I wouldn't have an issue with this if this was to be sold on mercari or something. Where the fuck would he put all this junk? Also you literally don't even need to go to japan, what's the point?

No. 1640482

It's way cheaper to buy these directly on japan than on ebay, mercari or proxies. But yeah, that shit is completely excesive, she bought entire stores kek

No. 1649860

Like CRACK to me

No. 1649897

Anon, I'm addicted to watching people spend their money too…. I need help. It all started when I made myself chill out with wanting to buy stuff too.

No. 1649899

If you want to stop you could remind yourself that you're encouraging them by giving them views. Maybe watch some videos about minimalism or some documentaries about an entirely different but fascinating topic instead? That's what I do to stay away from consoomerism btw. I just watched Tudor Farm on Youtube. Talk about anti-consoomerism!

No. 1649901

That is probably a downpayment on a house, tbh. Or a whole used car. Like holy shit, where do you get that much disposable income?

No. 1649907

ty, anon. I'll do my best for you.

No. 1650016

The amount of money he must've spent to fly it all back…

No. 1650059

File: 1690807826743.jpg (1.69 MB, 3213x2914, idgvgjsr4xn51.jpg)

Scrolled through the previous threads and didn't find any posts about plant consoomers but they are a real problem. After COVID lockdowns everyone online suddenly had over 9000 plants in their living rooms, most of the time with little to no idea how to care for them. It's easy to have everything looking green and nice when you buy young nursery plants, but if you're just shoving all these random tropical plants in your centrally heated living room and giving them hard water then they won't look green for long. Of course plastic consooming like makeup and figurines bother me, but plant consoomers especially irk me because they're buying irresponsible quantities of living things that they can't or won't care for to satisfy the need to consoom. Also, despite recent interest in houseplants, it feels like the variety of plants for sale is shrinking. I was flipping through old houseplant books from the 80's and there were so many plants I'd never even heard of that weren't even especially rare at the time. Fucking everyone just needs monsteras and pileas and muh rare pink philodendrons they pay through the nose for, I guess. Not to mention the internet is fucking saturated with useless plant care articles/videos that either all say the same generic things or contradict each other. To find actual specific advice on soil temperature and water pH for these fancy rainforest plants, you need to go digging through ancient tomes from the previous century.

No. 1650067

File: 1690809136498.jpg (1.72 MB, 3024x4032, 684563.jpg)

I noticed the plant selection thinning out too, all shops seem to have are 5 types of succulent and giant trendy plants. Owning a monstera became a personality trait couple of years ago, it's boring.
Using your post for this tangent, I hate spray-painted plants and plants with fake flowers glued to them. Not even nature can exist as it is, needs to be sparkled up for sale.

No. 1650071

I just don't get it, sure, one or two plants in a room are nice and some are really good for your health, but this huge amount of foreign plants that will die in one or two years, after the people aren't interested in them anymore or they got too big, is just so wasteful. I wonder if they even know how those plants grow and what happend to them before they got into the stores. As I don't buy plants because I don't have a garden, I don't know much about the way they are raised, but I know how cut flowers grow and how destructive it is for the people growing them and the countries we get them from, so I thing it won't be much different for other plants. In my country, they often use peat to raise plants in and everyone knows that it's just not good for the environment. If you have a garden, fine, get some plants, but inside your tiny flat I wouldn't want to live with 60 plants. And yes, many people don't know anything about it anymore, I've got old books from my grandfather and the information in those books are so much clearer and more into the detail than many things you will find today. And why don't they just get plants that belong to the part of world they live in? Why do they need some exotic plant that wouldn't naturally grow in their country while there are amazing plants out there that might be gone in the future because no one cares for them anymore.

No. 1650077

>spray-painted plants
wtf? I've never seen that before and it's horrible

No. 1650080

I HATE HATE HATE the spray painted succulents. WHY is it a thing? I found one in the trash behind my apartment and tried to wash it off but it was too late.

No. 1650081

I bought a phone, I wouldn't say it was SUPER needed, but my phone is almost 8 years old. It lags so hard, and doesn't get any updates, so I updated it. I feel like I could have simply fixed it instead of buying.
How can I get over the guilt of this purchase? I NEVER change phones, NEVER. I push till they die. I guess I feel so guilty, I still haven't opened my phone, and thinking about returning it, kek.

No. 1650083

this is so mean and ugly, why??

No. 1650086

Don't feel guilty anon, 8 years is a long time for a phone upgrade. There's security risks as well as lack of support over time. I had trouble accessing government and finance-related services before I went from an android 7 to now an android 13 device. I was slowly seeing drop in support for things like transport service apps, ticket apps, etc. You can't avoid it. Try your new phone out, the massive improvement in performance and new features are worth it, I promise.

No. 1650091

It's amazing that you managed to hold on to your phone for 8 years in this consumer climate. But you need the new one so you can get security updates.

No. 1650099

as your old phone hasn't died, you now have one in case your new one gets stolen or is lost. I guess I can relate to how you feel as my last phone was around 15 years old when I finally bought a smartphone and I still felt guilty for buying something new while the old one did work just fine, except for it being old technology without internet access, camera and everything, kek. Enjoy your new phone and keep the old one for times when something might happen to the new one or for festivals/concerts/outdoor fun.

No. 1650152

File: 1690818446307.jpeg (53.75 KB, 600x600, IMG_0868.jpeg)

We gotta make faux plants trendy again.

No. 1650172

How in the world would plastic be better

No. 1650190

I'll say this. Learning how to DIY certain beauty rituals is a game changer. Most girls can do a good blow out/dye job on their own, same with nails and lashes. The people who get bad results are usually just dumbasses who can't follow directions. People have stopped me on the street to compliment my hair, and I haven't been to a salon in about ~8 years. I'm working on getting better at giving myself nail extensions, but just a simple gel polish goes a long way. Plus it's more hygienic anyways. just be mindful of the cancer risk that could potentially be associated. I personally find eyelash extensions to be a waste of money, but you can do that at home on your own too. Or,just use lash growing serums so you won't need extensions.

No. 1650196

Nta but that anon sounds similar to what I saw of girls in sororities at SEC schools, which are public universities in America. I went to a small private college full of Catholic kids in California and the sorority girls in my southern home state seemed to outspend the lifestyles of rich Catholic kids in CA between gamedays, sorority events, trips, and upkeep costs. Most of them came from rich families/areas unsurprisingly, I never tried but I’d say it’s probably impossible to infiltrate as a poorfag.

No. 1650209

I love gardening outside but never got the appeal of most trendy houseplants. My windowsills are full of kitchen herbs and I have a small colony of Chinese money plants descended from one I got as a housewarming gift over a decade ago, but I could never get into overtly rainforesty plants like monsteras. They just don’t look right indoors in a temperate climate imo, and it’s especially grating if you know the person in question keeps letting them die and buying new ones. Same with cacti.

Wow. It’s like something from a dystopian novel.


No. 1650268

I see these in my local home and gardening stores and it fills me with a rage strong enough to fuel a 2-year murder spree. Whoever thinks these plants are cute and not tacky, ya mom a hoe

No. 1650292

File: 1690830480383.webm (7.51 MB, 720x1280, spray painted hell.webm)

I saw this plant-tuber rescuing one and while she was technically successful, the efforts and result were not worth it. Plus, buying one of them even to rescue is just giving them more revenue to keep spray painting plants. At that point, just buy a fake plastic one. I don't think spray paint buyers even know how to water plants, so it's fine they won't know the difference.

No. 1651872

I love these people, because they get rid of their plants once they start drooping or turning brown at the edges, then I swoop in to adopt it and get a free plant. I don't think plants are really consoomerist though. You can get cuttings for free or cheap, and I've sourced most of my plants for free by adopting trash plants or proplifting. It's an inexpensive hobby.
I really want a cruelty to plants law like we have for animals. The big stores bother me because they toss so many of the plants into a dumpster if they don't sell. I saw an image from the british coronation day, and they had spraypainted plants red white and blue. I would actually punch someone doing that. It kills the plant.
So instead of something that grows for free in dirt from one cutting, you want to create a hunk of plastic that won't biodegrade for 2000 years.

No. 1652287

I don't feel too bad about real plant consoomers. At least when they get bored and the trend dies, they don't end up in a landfill and aren't plastics that will take forever to break down. They can return to the earth without polluting it and filling it with rubbish. Fake plants are the worst though.

No. 1652288

Bad idea all round.

No. 1652414

The thumbnail blew me away fucking hell. How did she fit this all in her suitcase? Apparently this isn't even all her haul from what she says in the video. Imo it seems to pointless to go out of your way to buy this stuff in japan when you can get it all on yesstyle and similar, but obviously that's not even the biggest crime of this.

No. 1652418

I see these all the time and I don't get it, most of it will expire before you get the chance to use it

No. 1652442

I love you based plant nonnie

No. 1652481

I have sensitive skin so I’m probably biased but how do these skincare haulers buy so many full sized products to try out completely new products? What if it’s unusable for your skin—is it easy to then resell the products after 1-2 uses? Given that probably 50-75% of this stuff won’t work out, it seems like it’d be so much hassle to get rid of them all.

No. 1652492

Wow, seeing this thread is a sign to change my lifestyle, all this shit is temporary. I'm going to start packing bags and plan to sell, thank you anons.

No. 1652502

I'm not really sure. A lot of the products she bought were really cheap drugstore type ones. I see no point in constantly trying out products when you finally settle on ones that you like unless the ones your normally use have been discontinued or had a formula change. I get that skincare and makeup is trial and error, but personally when i don't care for a skincare product i try to finish it anyways or just give it away.

No. 1652616

File: 1691064801868.png (3.28 MB, 3019x1800, 41708.png)

DAE collect Lego Friends? I'm trying to build a little vapourware space for my OCs using the Lego Friends series.

Also take one look at picrel and tell me it's not a gay bar. Or at least 80's / Synthwave themed. It even comes with a girl made up as David Bowie. I own this thing and the arcade machine plays a game suspiciously close to Outrun.

No. 1652642

The rainbow lights makes it look like a gay bar.

No. 1652663

she gets a tax rebate for purchases made to be used in videos because that's technically her job and she makes money from the video herself on top of that. consooming is literally her career.

No. 1652699

I used to, I had like a psychotic episode lasting about 6 months during whioh I spent hundreds on fake lego sets

No. 1652703

If I was in that position I'd keep a handful of products, give some to friends if they want it and donate the rest to homeless shelters

No. 1652813

I can't resist buying squishmallows. I feel bad leaving them on the shelf. Also other people buy them for me knowing I love them. My collection is getting big but I feel bad giving them away. There is barely room on my bed. Should I just get one of those ceiling plushie nets for display, or should I try giving them to someone. My bf likes them too and he has bought a lot of them, so I feel like he would be sad if I got rid of them. It's the only thing I collect besides comic books. Which I have stopped in favor of using my local library.

No. 1652817

Make bags out of them. Turn them into practical items. It's pretty easy!

No. 1652836

Keep a small manageable amount of most precious ones so you can actually enjoy every single one on an individual level, sell/gift/donate the rest of them and tell your bf/friends/family you're no longer into collecting plushies. You're an adult, when your collection is getting out of hand you need to take responsible action.

No. 1652898

I consoomed a metric ton of anime figures, plush, games, and various merch during my teens and early 20s and now I’m trying to massively declutter my possessions. I’ve sold some things, but I’m struggling to make myself list items that shot up in price. For example I own several figures from a popular game and they all sell for $100-200 now… I sold one of them during covid for $30 and now I regret it. I also sold a Pokémon game for $60 and now it sells for $150. How do I get over it or do I just put them in storage

No. 1652913

I would try to work on resisting adding or buying new ones first. Maybe set a yearly limit for yourself, or tell yourself if youre going to buy one you have to give one to the thrift store, or something like that. Stopping the incoming flow will help the problem the most, I think.

No. 1652919

Some money is better than no money, I had the same issue of selling merch stuff before I moved then looked up prices and saw I could’ve made more on them but I was just happy to get back what I had spent on everything. I’d just jump on it and start listing now, maybe keep prices on the high side of comps if FOMO is strong but you’re never going to find the perfect time to sell and it’ll lead to you holding on to stuff forever. I’d rather be rid of all the shit I have I never use than ponder over a few hundred extra dollars I might get if I keep waiting. Your choice though and depends on the items, old anime shit might actually be good to hold onto because it’s such a growing market of buyers.

No. 1652920

They can only go up so much. Sell that shit now before it drops. Even if it does go up a bit more it will be way harder to sell it and selling it now will remove it from taking up mental space, which is definitely worth it

No. 1653664

File: 1691158026127.jpg (68.71 KB, 640x640, _YWlxPXfQRw.jpg)

I need to do the same myself, even if I declutter pretty often, so nothing but support for you!

No. 1655167

File: 1691267004597.jpg (3.09 MB, 2500x2500, Howl-saga-grafik.jpg)

i hate how consoomerism has taken over the book market. now everyone needs to have the newest shiniest prettiest edition of the book they already own as hardback and paperback because booktok or bookstagram or booktube or whatever retarded social media they use gives them fomo over what? colorful drawings on the edge of the paper? i agree that it looks nice when a book has this, but it's retarded how publishers or stores make them limited edition so people are rushing to get 1st edition because 2nd edition won't have edge painting.

No. 1655316

You literally said everything I feel about limited edition books, anon. I love to collect books but I gave up on getting special editions ages ago, because it's too much to keep up with and there's always new ones coming out. It's such a shameless cash grab. As long as I have a copy of a book I really love on my shelves, I couldn't give less of a shit if it has a foiled cover or sprayed edges or whatever the fuck else. There was a booktuber that I used to love but I unsubscribed from her because she had three shelves full of different copies of the same book, and she was still buying more. It's insane.

No. 1655326

my friend bought fourth wing and hated it, but she managed to get an edition with sprayed edges so it sold for five or six times the retail price. she found out that people were mad at the local bookstores for shipping out the 2nd edition books for preorders so she put it up for like 200 bucks as a joke and someone actually bought it. insane.

No. 1655331

I love myself a nice hardcover book, but i see the illustrations on the edges of the pages quite pointless considering that part of the book will never be on display. Also, can anyone else not fathom the idea of buying a book that isn't a comic or a manga? personally i am more likely to read those more than once but with a book, i only ever read them once unless i need it for reference.

No. 1655334

I’m the opposite, i read manga but rarely buy any to keep, since I can usually find them entirely online. Books though I like having a copy because i can anotate in them and reread them. My paperbacks get pretty beat though so i end up having to throw them away even though it pains me.

No. 1655440

I found this video really interesting yet kind of depressing. Basically talks about the luxury goods bubble. Middle and lower class millennials and zoomers are buying expensive goods on credit or with money saved from living at home, the student debt pause or covid checks. They treat these items like investments but it turns out luxury goods don't beat the S&P 500 in value over time. In the past it was mostly just the upper class buying these items to actually use. This cycle is fed by social media and ironically economic anxiety, people feel the need to prove they are doing better than they are by buying luxury goods.

No. 1656157

I'm so sick of them for real. I get wanting a nice copy of your favorite 5 or so books but these people just hoard them. Same with book boxes, people subscribe and have piles of books they'll never touch. The amount of 'book destashing' videos I see where people are like oops I accidentally have three of the same copy of this book is ridiculous too

No. 1656317

I always see people unhauling books that they've never even read, too. I get trying out a book and donating it or whatever if it's not for you, but these booktubers have literally hundreds of books that they've never read and most likely aren't intending to. BooksWithEmilyFox is awful for that, she'll pick up a book during a video and be like "I don't know why I bought this, I don't want to read this at all". Surely your reading tastes can't have changed that much since you purchased it, and if you didn't like the look of it then why buy it in the first place? And the worst thing is that pretty soon after doing an unhaul, they'll have another huge haul video, so the wasteful cycle just repeats. Just read the books you have, damn.

No. 1656386

i feel like books are like funko pops to them. it's all about owning them and displaying them and looking like a person who reads a lot. meanwhile i get all my books from zlib but most people who see my place think i don't read a lot because i have maybe 20 physical books.

i don't know her channel but i just clicked on her latest read it or unhaul it video… she has 400 unread books and her immediate reaction to having to read a non-fiction book was "oh no"? why buy non-fiction books if you hate them.

No. 1656468

I manage to downsize my book collection to one small shelf and a few on a floating shelf, with topics of interest and reference stuff. I don't usually buy novels anyways, though I do have a few favorites that I like to reread once and awhile. I told myself I can't buy anymore books until I manage one year of not drinking/smoking, and I'll be more conscious of topics of interest/reference. I can't seem to manage to like reading on pdf files, but I bought myself a membership to a college library, which I recommend to every book hoarder or recovering book hoarder if you aren't a student/staff/alumni.

I always find the problem of public libraries not having what I want. I drop requests here and there but I don't have much hope. Either way purchasing a membership to a larger college library is a much cheaper investment then buying books only to find out not to like it or wanna read it. I don't know if every college offers a membership to the public, but it's worth finding out.

No. 1656483

Despite what he says, most of the working/middle class people just buy designer just to have it, nothing else. They just tell themselves that they can sell it later on as a sad justification of their ill thought out purchase. Imo if you aren't saving for your future you have no business buying a louis bag. It's insane seeing people dripped out and they don't have at least $5k in savings in their 20s despite having a job in their teens.

No. 1656511


zlib has been shut down no? Is there an alternative floating around that you know of?

No. 1656513

Book consumerism on social media drives me up the wall. When I got back into reading again I started watching booktubers but it soon just started to feel like everyone had the same overhyped books on the same shitty Ikea shelves and they all had the same things to say about the books (if they even read them at all)

I admit I do like having nice editions of my favourite books which I want to read multiple times especially classics, but I do not understand needing the fancy sprayed edge hardcover of every trendy new release? What if you don't like the book? Some of them won't sell even books they don't like because they like the idea of having a lot of books, even if they hate them. I saw one guy who found out that having 1000 books means you can officially consider your collection a 'library' and he had 900 or something so he just decided to start buying more solely for the purpose of reaching that number.

They all justify it by saying things like "At least it's not drugs" "Books don't expire" or the one that pisses me off the most "It's like a wine cellar, one day I might want to read this at the very specific right moment in years time" How is that any different to hoarding clothes you'll never wear 'for a special occasion' that never comes? I think people assign this moral superiority to reading and looking like someone who reads a lot that they seem to think book consumerism is above hoarding figures or clothes? So many of them get the book subscription boxes with just overpriced shitty tat and a fancy hardcover of the latest overhyped new release. It's like anime merch to them.

Most of these people live in big cities with good library systems that do get most popular books and new releases, so there's really no reason why they need to buy overpriced editions of every single thing they ever want to read. I will never understand. Sometimes when I feel caught up in wanting to buy a lot of books I go watch their unhauls to bring me back to earth, then I go to libby.

No. 1656542

Are you talking about that Jack Edwards YouTuber guy? I follow his thread on tattlelife, there's so much blogposting on that forum though. Him and his studytuber/littuber ilk are annoying. I think it's the book industry trying to pivot to a funko pop-esque approach to make up for the fact it's dying and capitalise on influencer/shill culture. If people collect books but don't read them, well. It's the appearance of being well-read that matters.

I'm annoyed about the '1,000 books makes a library' thing too, because it's not like that was true historically. A library is much more about intent of curation and access than it is numbers. Mindlessly buying books does not a library make.

No. 1656570

Yes! I find him so pretentious and annoying. As mindless as I think it all is, I do usually enjoy watching book collection or shelf organising videos as background noise but his recent one just made me cringe. Usually you can at least look at someone's bookshelves and they have some sense of curation or you can see their specific taste, maybe they have a couple tasteful knick knacks etc. but he just bought the same Ikea shelves in the ugliest colour and crammed hundreds of tiktok trend books from the last few years into them, then had to get more shelf inserts because he needed to fit his entire 'library' into them. No curation or personality whatsoever. All quantity no quality.

> I think it's the book industry trying to pivot to a funko pop-esque approach to make up for the fact it's dying and capitalise on influencer/shill culture. If people collect books but don't read them, well. It's the appearance of being well-read that matters.

You hit the nail on the head. People are so obsessed with the idea of looking like 'a reader' and having a 'library' or collection rather than actually reading and the industry capitalises on it.
I always see book influencers and other people in the industry almost glorify the idea of having tons of books, reading them is optional. They say it's not a race and you shouldn't feel pressured to read a lot, but normalise the idea of having an endless physical TBR. And of course they're saying these things, they want to sell the books, they don't care if you actually read them once they've made their money. They're not going to tell you to only buy books you'll actually read. It's so transparent that it's ironic how all these supposedly intelligent and well read people fall for the obvious marketing tactics and glorify shopping addictions. At least funko collectors know they're buying a bunch of useless shit to collect dust.

No. 1656590

That's the issue I think: it's okay as mild entertainment, it's a different question when influencers/shills are motivating actual cultural trends. They're incredibly subtle advertising.

>At least funko collectors know they're buying a bunch of useless shit to collect dust.

The funko pop model is the direction all consumable industry will follow. They're too big to fail until they hit calamity and need to keep endlessly growing. The publishing industry has struggled to keep up with the way film and video games have evolved as entertainment media pumping out endless money. It's why all you ever see on Twitter that gets advertised for 'booktwt' and 'booktok' is a collection of recognisable tropes or something playing on the current internet meme (e.g. if you go over to the lolcow book thread, the 'unhinged female character' genre was flourishing for a short while). It's not like everything was sunshine and rainbows twenty years ago, a hundred years ago– there was 'pulp fiction' for a reason– but less people read for entertainment now, meaning that people who do actually read are left with the industry trying to poach that casual demographic back. Plus artistically so many of them are up themselves and every second book Twitter user preaches the diversity and superiority of the YA genre, so they're basically self-infantalising.
I tried reading a book that was being recommended by everybody as the greatest piece of literature this century (The Goblin Emperor) and it was the most abysmal, thoughtless, infantile and uninspired nonsense I'd ever laid my eyes on. Interesting concept, poor execution. That was all that mattered. I should probably take that to the book thread. But it's all about aesthetics.

No. 1656629

Glad we’re all in agreement the only acceptable form of consoomerism is calico critters

No. 1656646

File: 1691388331573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 901.29 KB, 1290x1212, IMG_1041.jpeg)

I follow a freak on Twitter who is so deep down the coomershit consoomer rabbit whole that she is a cis woman who collects fleshlights. She collects all your usual coomershit statues and wall scrolls too but she also collects actual physical hentai books despite not reading Japanese, she buys fuck pillows (not body pillows, but pillows with actual holes in them to fuck if you have a dick, which she does not) She’s 36 and still lives at home with her parents despite working full time. She’s been in a long distance relationship on Twitter with an ugly coomer scrote for 5 years but they can’t live together because both of them are broke due to spending all their money on coomershit. It’s the saddest shit ever

No. 1656650

nta but they have a mirror site called Anna's archive or something like that

No. 1656651

This 'woman' doesn't happen to have pronouns in 'her' bio, does she?

No. 1656659

File: 1691389348173.jpeg (230.55 KB, 1277x2048, F2zaiPxWsAAX5Pf.jpeg)

Nta but 2 seconds on her profile indicates she's just a pornsick weeb cosplay girl like Momokun and her ilk.

No. 1656660

File: 1691389441176.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1000.58 KB, 1290x1554, IMG_1042.jpeg)

She is sadly a biological woman who is nuclear levels of pickme. Her body is very female. She is seriously this much of a porn addict consoomer pick me.

No. 1656675

What the fuck is even the point of owning shit like fleshlights if you aren't a guy. What is she going to do with it, drink out of it? Pickmes never prosper.

No. 1656682

ngl i can understand like wanting to touch it/feel inside while you masturbate

No. 1656686

It’s a fucking rubber tube

No. 1656688

Why would you want a BOOK subscription box?
Like. Isn't taste in books completely personal??
I don't understand any subscription boxes, tbh, because my tastes are extremely picky. I think the only ones I'd do well with are like, razor replacements, but I don't shave since terminal radfem brain. Maaaaaaaybe scentbird, because you can pick what you want and I am a perfume-head and most perfume is genuinely overpriced for the person who likes to keep a lot of different small bottles and switching it up daily.
Like even meal subscription wouldn't work for me. Sure, I can pick the recipes, but what if I don't want to eat that meal on the day I am left with it? It will just expire, because I do not particularly crave that dish as I did when ordering it.
FYI yes, I am autistic.
Also FYI I have a lot of books, and I picked them all myself, and I intend to read all of them and if I read it and I do not vibe - to the thrift shop it goes. Or exchanging it with someone for another book. I recently decluttered a lot of books I got as a teen, because I genuinely do not want them in my house anymore (Like I had three whole books of Freud? Teenage me was on the other level of insane)

Whever someone gifts me something that is not exactly to my tastes, I regift it. Most of the surprises and freebies I receive, end up with my friends who would actually like them.
But actually spending money for a chance you would not like it??

No. 1656689

it's usually silicone which feels much nicer. obviously again this is like… ignoring looking at it and more for the physical sensation while masturbating, probably with it lubed up, i'd assume. to simulate feeling a vagina.

No. 1656690

I can kind of understand it. If you're not super picky or are looking to expand your reading to novels you would never otherwise consider (you can find surprising enjoyable reads you would've never given a chance this way) it can be exciting not knowing what you're going to read. Like a Christmas present. You just have to be conscious of the taste of the one choosing for you.

No. 1656691

Samenona. Tbh, I have a lot of communities I am in where you can trade or give away or get shit for free completely, so having books I do not want was never a problem. Having anything I do not want was never a problem.
I recently traded like 5 beat to shit paperbacks from a girl by giving her a two liter jug of juice lmao. They are completely scuffed and one has pages falling out, but these are ones I've been interested in for a while, so I'll read them even if they look ugly as shit and then decide if I am trading them back to someone else.

I have thought for the longest time of just buying an e-reader with e-ink, like my mother did (she's huge on reading and she has no place on her shelves left even after decluttering, so she switched to an e-reader) but I don't like reading from screens at all. Something about an actualy physical book helps me get more into reading.

No. 1656717

zlib is alive and well. check the subreddit.

No. 1656721

I'm with you on not wanting a book subscription, but way to NLOG all over this post

No. 1656726

I'm avoiding tea (mostly boba) and coca cola because they make me pee once every hour. I like to eat out often and not ordering cola or just soft drinks in general makes me save a bit of money in the long run because it's usually between 3 and 4€ in restaurants. Now I'm also just ordering one dish or sandwich with no sides or drinks during lunch breaks and I just take a water bottle with me instead and I'm really wondering how much money I could have saved if I did all of this from the beginning instead of just now.

No. 1656744

The books themselves in the subscription boxes aren't even the biggest problem imo because I can understand if you like the surprise part of it, or are just too lazy to pick out a book to read for yourself. Some of them have a few different genre boxes or multiple titles per month you can choose from too, so you can still pick something you'll probably like.
What I don't understand is the ones that come with all the shitty anime merch tier crap. If you get those boxes monthly you just end up with piles of random book themed mugs, tote bags, stationery, paper bookmarks and prints etc. of books that you might not even like or want to use. What do people even do with that stuff?

No. 1656745

NTA but there's nothing NLOG about taking stock of your preferences and being smart about your purchases. book/subscription boxes in general are basically gambling since you have no idea what you're gonna get and in the end you might receive one thing you like and the thrill of blind boxes will make you addicted so you buy more. it's the same with all other subscription boxes. plus, if you know you prefer to decide on the spur of the moment what to eat, it makes no sense to have a pre-planned meal box that costs as much as just going to the grocery store. if you find 'being sensible and financially responsible' unrelatable, maybe you're the NLOG for being dumb.

No. 1656747

A friend of mine has a book subscription, which I didn't really get either (especially since she doesn't actually pay less per book than she would purchasing them retail) but she said she liked the surprise.

No. 1656759

>What I don't understand is the ones that come with all the shitty anime merch tier crap.
this shit bothers me with limited editions as well. i was tempted to buy the limited editions of villains are destined to die, but then i realized that it's just a bunch of postcards, small posters, and acrylic standees. the older i get, the more i hate needless junk like that. i'd love for a limited edition to feature an art booklet or something similar, but not random plastic shit that i'd never display in my apartment.

No. 1656763

literally what is nlog about her posts? she just said she's picky
i'm the same, i rarely end up liking booksother people pick for me because my tastes are specific. it's not an nlog thing some people are just more picky.
yeah i do the same, most books i don't care for, have outgrown or the ones i'm not planning to reread i usually donate. as a result most of my library is nonfiction because those are the ones i end up rereading. i buy a lot of secondhand books myslef especially for fiction.
i also stopped asking people to pick presents when it comes to books. since i was a teen i've been making a list of books i want for every xmas/birthday. and yeah im autistic too

No. 1656776

Tangentially related but a relative keeps trying to get me into skincare subscription boxes and once gifted me an advent calendar with a different skincare miniature for every day. They weren’t even samples but miniatures made only for that advent calendar. The idea of inflicting something new and highly scented with unknown ingredients (the tubes were blank) on my skin every day was repulsive enough but even if you do somehow find something you like you can’t even buy a full size version. What’s the point? Are people so bored that they are trying to fuck up their skin on purpose? She also once gifted me a mystery box of “party” peel-off masks that were basically school glue with huge scratchy chucks of glitter mixed in, so probably.
I keep trying to explain to her that the purpose of my skincare routine is to keep my skin healthy so I’m sticking to a handful of trusted products that work well for me, but it doesn’t seem to register. She just can’t imagine not chasing novelty 24/7.

No. 1656799

Call me an elitist but to me covers like that scream trashy and make me think the book will suck as well. probably because most of the books book influencers promote are the cheapest kind of easy-read crap and actually do suck kek

No. 1656802

most of the books that have this are YA books that are hyped on booktok, so yeah, trashy stuff. picrel >>1655167 are the books howl's moving castle is based on. sadly, they're also pretty dull and i couldn't get through them.

No. 1656812

her post doesn’t come off as NLOG to me, she just types like a turboautist which makes sense because she said it.

No. 1657483

ever since i became more conscious of my consoom, i've stopped cluttering my space with physical objects. But now i seem to have a problem buying things that don't take up space like digital goods (inherited a kindle) and things like expensive meals. it's like im programmed to spend more money than necessary no matter what. i feel so out of control even if my living space has improved vastly.

No. 1657500

Yeah, that anon. Sorry about including too many personal details, I tend to do that unthinkingly, since yeah, turboautism. Get carried away easily in personal posts.
It's just that every mystery/subscription box rubs me the wrong way, even the ones that seem sensible to most.

The only one I'd probably do well with is psych meds on a subscription (we don't do refills in this country, so I always have to order myself and every time have to deal with different manufacturer switching or price increases or med shortages and I always forget to refill on time even if I set notifications, but I am p sure a box like that would never work, since different strokes for different folks is the nature of medication)

It also kind of fucks with me that I decided to get rid of all single-use plastics in my life I can manage to go without, but we don't do refil pill bottles, we only do pill blister packs and these are un-recyclable because thin plastic+glued foil doesn't work for recycling. And I do through a lot of those monthly. Sure, I may gain some metaphorical points for always going out with my own cutlery/water bottle/grocery bags/coffee cup, but my mental and physical health forces me to go through a lot of pill blisters all the time and I feel like it negates everything I did.
(I am under no assumption that my personal refusal to use single-use plastics is helping anything at all, it just that my brain gameified it and it feels like a zero-sum game to me)

No. 1657507

Also doublepost, because well, eh.

What do you nonas think of subscription boxes like Care/of?
Most vitamin thingies are a scam, because unless you live in a food desert or have arfid or shit like that, you get enough vitamins from your food intake.
I don't see anything particularly wrong with it besides, on the first glance, but every ad I saw seems scammy to me, insincere at best.

No. 1657522

I actually do have a processing disorder that leaves me deficient in certain vitamins. I do think a vitamin subscription box would work for people who are unable to properly feed themselves on a consistent basis, like those who suffer from depressive episodes or autists with that specific problem.
That being said, it would absolutely be a scam in the US. Our vitamin industry is completely unregulated, and there's no way a subscription box would be doing all that work to vet the companies or make their own.

No. 1657625

Why order vitamins through a monthly box that guesses what you need when you can get a blood test and target your deficiencies directly? Subsriction boxes are for consoomers that are in so deep, they can't even be bothered to shop by themselves. It takes control out of what you buy and how much of it, and a lot of them exist just to unload unsold stock.

No. 1657685

I have PTSD which is slowly being cured in part thanks to copious amounts of Vitamin C. I also have self-harm behaviour and internal damage that I am trying to kick, I take vitamin E for this.

Doctors keep yapping about 'balanced meals' like clockwork when you mention vitamins, but they've never proposed blood tests or anything to try and figure out if I had deficiencies. I suspect that the amount needed to keep me alive and 'healthy enough' is less than the amount my body needs to heal and thrive.

That said, subscription boxes are scammy! They use scummy sales tactics like telemarketing and lying to customers. They wouldn't have to use this if they were being honest about the efficiency of their product, even in cases where they're only selling one type of pill that I do need to replace in my arsenal on a regular basis.

No. 1657689

Have you actually researched supplemental vitamin e? Really not a good idea to be taking that shit, anon.

No. 1657706

I think she just wanted to discuss theoretical subscription boxes that would actually be useful. She's already stated multiple times in the thread that she thinks subscription boxes suck and why kek

No. 1657731

I'm not attacking that anon or anything, she asked what others think about the vitamin subsription box and I posted my thoughts. Why is this thread hosting a defence league for one poster?

No. 1658275

File: 1691527938997.webm (5.17 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_725249984408907293…)

what the fuck

No. 1658335

I'd recognise that shitty hand tattoo anywhere kek. She and brooketheshopaholic are the final bosses of popular tiktok consoomerism.

No. 1658369

I am getting stressed at the idea of having all those plushes in my home. What is the point of this? What does she do with them??

No. 1658416

I am the same too, in fact i straight up hate getting gifts from people who don't know what i like as well and they get really but hurt about it. I can't tell you how many times my parents or family members would give me trash that festers in the back of the closet. I also did one of those subscription boxes once admit idly because i saw they put really expensive items in it, i did like the items but i wouldn't do it again. I can't imagine just getting an accumulation of stuff so rapidly over months, it's too overwhelming, including books which i only buy ones i want for reference or re-read. Back on the gift thing, i think it's straight up disrespectful and foul to buy someone thing when you don't know what they like, literally just get a gift card at that point.

No. 1658583

the audio she used is so annoying. I'll never understand the normie obsession with this shit app

No. 1658650

It was the 'I read Freud, my taste is on another level' part

No. 1658738

how is your reading comprehension this bad? she just said she had a freud phase as a teen which even she admits was pretty bizarre. having unusual interests doesn't make one a nlog

No. 1658919

kek why are you so obsessed with this. just let it go, anon.

No. 1658954

To me it seems like they're buying designer shit because it's more obtainable than moving out of moms house (one time purchase of a bag that costs 2k vs paying 2k a month in rent vs like 70k on the low end for a "house"). Stupid, but sad and understandable. The future is really bleak for young millennials and zoomers. We're getting priced out of everything. Even those of us who did the college thing and got the full time office jobs

No. 1659250

No. 1661380

My husband likes to collect and paint battletech miniatures and I hate them so much.

No. 1661413


No. 1661586

Kill him

No. 1661593

set all of his battletech miniatures on fire, then divorce and kill him

No. 1661720

File: 1691817436626.jpeg (76.79 KB, 640x480, CF0E2BDC-9909-4AD6-8C5F-EF5EB9…)

I know someone who has must have spent thousands on soft vinyl figures by now, it’s insane. Technically sofubi are like doujin works and designed/cast+molded by the artist/circle but they’re still $100 lumps of usually ugly plastic

No. 1661724

If you aren't sticking them up your ass what is the point

No. 1661725

damn there really is a collector hobby for everything

No. 1661730

File: 1691817890167.jpg (58.12 KB, 564x563, 3413fed2d97afd49e85ac82b7a3a74…)

I find sofubi really cool and i wish i had the money to collect them. I really like vibrant colors and i hate how most art toys/collector toys nowadays are either uwu soft cutesy pastel vomit like tokidoki or popculture references like that guy who makes figures of popular characters….but yuo can seee their skeleton?!11!?. I like sofubi's more aggresive/uncanny approach, since most art toys give me globohomo vibes. Sofubi both feels timeless and retro, i like it a lot. But I also like KR and kaijuus so i am biased.

No. 1661753

They are def timeless and better than tokidoki/popmart/kidrobot mass produced shit but they’re still just plastic things that sit on your shelf. Idk ever since moving as an adult I have just cold-turkey stopped buying “things from that sit around” and see them in a different way

No. 1661758

File: 1691819664463.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.25 KB, 758x398, 166F1242-52BA-4095-B74E-46776E…)

Oh and another thing, don’t forget the coomer sofubi artists that put genitalia on their toys for the pure omg shock or coom points. There are so many of them.

No. 1661765

One with big dick and balls sticking out the back when

No. 1661771

those are the minority I imagine, I have never seen those before. The most popular ones are kaijuus and monsters.

No. 1662324

File: 1691852660062.jpeg (447.77 KB, 1675x1754, CCFA14AE-BB3A-4570-BB01-4B1BB6…)

I use Thredup once in a while and on Reddit most of the people post on its subreddit seem like they have shopping addiction issues or something. They talk about spending hundreds of dollars repeatedly and how useless the trade-in program is because they get almost no money back. I don’t think anyone should expect to make back anywhere near what they paid for clothes ever, it’s nearly impossible. Even the prices these sites try to sell their items for are nowhere near how much people actually pay for them.

No. 1662400


I think the fact anyone can easily resell things now really exacerbates shopping addictions. These people who are already in credit card debt will look at some ugly crap and think they can get back exactly what they paid.
It's like an elevated version those girls who get mad their Plato's closet won't give them $100 for their out of season worn clothes

No. 1662448

People always have the delulsion their stuff is worth just as much as they paid for it, if not more, even when it's worthless. I browse offerup or whatever it's called now and same there. People trying to sell a shelf they bought on amazon for $90 two years ago for $150. It's delusional. and it really ruins the purpose of the app, which is to keep things out of the landfill.

I'm fucking traumatized because my dad used to force me to resell junk for him and he would demand prices that were impossible to get. the crap he was trying to sell wasn't even worth the shipping cost, literal dumpster quality old fucking ratty junk. he wouldn't listen to me and to this day his house is still a hoarder den full of unsold junk that belongs in a trashcan. i mean mouse-shit-ridden moth-eaten moldy broken obsolete literal fucking trash and biohazards. no one wants to buy a stuffed animal for their baby that's been in someone's attic getting pissed on by mice for 20 years. it's mental illness. and god forbid you inform them of reality or they attack you.

No. 1662481

File: 1691860093922.jpg (1.04 MB, 1345x1269, d48ea896e57f1dfe4e85dd8860e98d…)

late to the party re: book consumerism, but i stumbled over this person's account on depop the other day and i still haven't been able to wrap my head around these prices just because the books have sprayed edges.

No. 1664444

What the fuck, that's insane. Is this a normal price range for these books or is this particular seller insane? We're in a fucking recession, how many people would pay a month's rent for a set of books?

No. 1665120

they're limited and special editions, likely first edition prints with sprayed edges and/or those exclusive prints from book subscription boxes like fairyloot or illumicrate. people seem to be buying these books since she has a fair share of seller reviews (all positive). meanwhile you can get each and every book as a regular, not limited, not special 10 euro paperback at your local bookstore here…

No. 1667683

File: 1692285379463.png (854.5 KB, 501x813, fb54b4d67802e3ee5c36c3091fc010…)

found this woman on tiktok that makes deinfluencing videos. one of her videos talks about reading the books you have but haven't read yet and the comments are full of retards screaming that they love physical books and they need to read physical books because otherwise they can't finish any book and that they will never stop buying books. which is not what she said. she literally just said "read what you have before buying more."

No. 1667691

Not surprised. Lashing out, coping, and and citing a mento illness is the go-to for feeling slightly called out on tik tok

No. 1667820

it's pretty sad, ngl. i never had tiktok installed so i'm not very familiar with the userbase there, but i'm shocked how extremely stupid everyone seems. like she makes these deinfluencing videos about only buying what you need and the comments ask her where her top is from… granted, she usually replied "i thrifted it" but jfc, how can people not see the irony in this.

No. 1667838

I thought of this thread yesterday when I went to Target and they had piles of those ugly Starbucks tumblers for 70-90% off

No. 1667849

For people that crave variety why don't they just use the library? They make it stupid easy they even auto renew your books for you now so you don't get late fees. Oh wait I forgot people just want the books on their shelf for display so they look smart

No. 1667858

libraries are gross and for poors, obviously.

No. 1667862

I got no public library around me. This isn't a justification for the book consumerism, I'm just sad there isn't a library around.

No. 1667867

I guess it's different on cities, but here on my town they never renew their books, they have the same stuff as a decade ago. Maybe they add one or two new books per year, but that's all. I have read everything they got that interest me already.
(I'm not defending whatever post you replied to though, I haven't seen it)

No. 1667876

Peak booktok content. Although I never watched booktok I started observing the Twitter counterpart of it as they're interchanging and "bookish" TikTok also gets mentioned a lot. I really dislike how people started to become a sort of book infouencers. I mean, book bloggers existed before, better or worse (never cared about then though) but now especially with TikTok it took a hyper consumerism turn. Yeah, a lot of younger people buying books now just for the sake of collecting them and not always reading. Or getting every single new edition of some book (which is usually quite recent too) just because it has colored page edges or is some "anniversary" edition or something. Basically, books being made into clout content.
Just as bad as the hype for toxic misogynistic porn novels which are praised for "hot" bad boy characters and stupidly marketing them as great love stories.
This reminded me of something I saw in my country, idk if this phenomenon is noticeable somewhere else too: certain book influencers aspire to become "patrons" of new books (usually YA or shitty romances) so their profile pics can be printed on the cover. Patrons also receive book copies to review and promote the chosen book in social media. Usually they do it because they know the author and love the book (and perhaps read it before on Wattpad) or they want to promote a genre they like. There had been some dramas about patrons hoarding their personal copies and then selling them (which are somehow different from the finished product copies to be available in bookshops when the book release comes). Also there were stories of patrons who didn't read books at all (like with collecting) or who were mean towards all who don't like said book.
Another thing: with the whole rise of pseudo-bookish infkuencers some people complain at the quality of their reviews which are a few short sentences with emojis and sometimes just repeat the stuff you can read on the back cover.
I know people outside social media can be elitist or act stupid and pretentious about books too but this is another level now.
Speaking of elitism, it's gross how content creators like that usually label people who don't read Wattpad-tier porn or those who point out badly written books as "elitist" kek.

No. 1667886

Book consoomerism is probably the one type of consumerism I don't really care about, like yes plz keep funding the industry for me while I download ebooks, thanks.

No. 1667896

even if you need to HAVE a book, I don't understand why people do not get a used book that's going to be way cheaper, and still in brand-new condition. if you can thrift clothing, you can thrift books.

No. 1667898

I know a lot about their process and they practically make nothing from selling clothes that aren't designer or mid range. The actual profit comes from selling clothes in bulk, shoes and bags that are leather/barely worn. On top of that these kinds of companies need an insane amount of employees. Nonetheless, the fact that there's so many clothes that exist is what's destroying the value of clothing and is the reason why clothes are so fucking shit nowadays. They should be happy that these companies are taking their trash out of their hands at the very least.
Oh definitely, it promotes the idea that they should not be responsible for the amount of trash that they buy. That's why they get mad that their cheap stained shit they don't even wash is worth nothing, rather than taking that as a life lesson and educating themselves, it's better to blame someone else.

No. 1667912

it's the same for my library too. if they do have new stuff, it's boring crime fiction, books for children (not even YA but elementary school level) or extremely popular books by our country's most famous authors which, again, are crime fiction… the ebook library is even worse off. i put in requests for a while but they never bought anything off the list so eventually i just gave up on the library.

kek my thoughts exactly, i never felt bad for getting books off zlib/libgen/russian facebook because the booktok girlies alone are funding the industry. it really doesn't matter if i buy the book or not because there's some alison from wisconsin out there who buys three copies because muh shiny cover art.

No. 1668556

File: 1692361891571.webm (6.35 MB, 720x1280, Snapinsta.app_video_364305950_…)

i bet this was posted here before but it just makes me so sick i had to share it anyways

No. 1668563

at least it looks clean unlike moid's gooncaves

No. 1668591

Wow. I hope they have some kind of insurance plan set.

No. 1669030

I'm not a fan of minimalism in more cases either but this is really ugly…
maybe it's snobby but I don't get people who spend this much on dolls for children when they could save up/sell and get a BJD.

No. 1669068

>all that 3DPD

No. 1669179

File: 1692398778735.jpeg (253.61 KB, 1200x1200, 3a7cbc42-449f-4713-96d7-7db88f…)

I'm right there with you, because all the lines this person mentions except Monster High reuse the same 1 face mold over and over and over. Pullip is objectively better looking than any of them, and I wouldn't want 10 Pullips. I wouldn't even buy 5 of the same exact BJD head even if Volks went insane and started selling $20 practice heads. And most of those dolls are just wearing a polysatin or jersey knit tube dress.

The weird thing is seeing how even things like those shitty fake Pullips have people collecting them. People waste money on absolute shit just to "collect" something.

No. 1669814

I wonder if reality is ever going to hit this person, and will they realise that they never were like a wizard with many adventures, but a consooomer with many hours spent shopping online.

No. 1670390

God these are hideous…even the clothes they're wearing look like a little kid designed them.
I could only see me collecting monster high to repaint the faces since I think repainting culture is cool and I think the default faces are usually kinda ugly.

No. 1670395

doll collectors are mentally ill

No. 1670477

I agree. I got into doll collecting over covid and the rampamt consumerism in the community is just fucking crazy.

No. 1670481

File: 1692525917575.png (2.48 MB, 2000x2000, 3pMP1D1.png)

IKR? I cringe every time I see anyone mention buying them. They were even worse in person, and cost $25-30 each. It's so obvious that absolutely no love or understanding went into the designs, some rich lady saw Pullip and Blythe and tried to make the cheapest possible knockoff ASAP. And it bombed, just like most outsiders trying to cash in on weeb fads. It killed me how they didn't even take the time to make the collar fit correctly on the sailor fuku girl, they mass produced it all fucked up.

No. 1670486

File: 1692526272900.png (1.02 MB, 870x870, Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 12.11…)

How are these aliexpress dolls less than $200? Am I missing something? They look fine from the customer reviews.

No. 1670493

I think they're "recasts" so "bootlegs" I bought a few, the bjd community hates recast but who really cares? I'm not paying 600 Dollars for a David Kuncci

No. 1670495

Not as high quality but unless you’re insane into dolls I don’t think the difference matters. Also slave labor and risk of toxic materials same as anything else on aliexpress

No. 1671260

File: 1692586303582.png (877.23 KB, 700x700, babby.png)

At first I thought the new baby stuff goodsmile's been announcing was kinda stupid, but it's kinda grown on me?

No. 1671262

I could only see getting these for your young daughter or something if she wants her own blythe or pullip like mom.

No. 1671347

Those are 100% made for lonely baby fevered women and I'm part of that target audience.

No. 1671500

They look stupid and that's part of the appeal to me, I need to make my anime men miserable. I'm not touching them since GSC thought it was a good idea to not let us combine orders tho and I'm not paying 4k yen shipping + import taxes.

No. 1671530

File: 1692610041473.png (315.17 KB, 580x580, 1942038-c6413.png)

They seem to be doing a lot of stuff like that lately, they even started a line of baby figures for series that are popular with women. I like babies though so I don't mind it.
It would be very cute to make your fave into a baby, it'd be even funnier if the face contrasted if it's an older character.

No. 1675981

File: 1692898611305.jpg (148.44 KB, 760x908, WorldBox-1-6-Scale-male-body-3…)

Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post on but I've been collecting 1/6 figures and I bought this body for $40 (worldbox 1/6 at027) but since he's bigger, taller and heavier than normal 1/6 figures I cant find him clothing that will fit, does anyone have any recommendations? I don't want to spend 28-30 dollars on doll pants and I'm too lazy to pull out my sewing machine.(catalog & ctrl+F)

No. 1676809

File: 1692967014379.jpeg (669 KB, 1179x792, IMG_5667.jpeg)

>103 Stanley cups
>keeps track of use with a spreadsheet so no cups feel “left out”
I feel like this woman, like a lot of compulsive collectors, has serious childhood issues she needs to address

No. 1676812

Still not sure what's the point of a stanley cup.

No. 1676852

Isn't it just autism to assign emotions to inanimate objects as an adult

No. 1677542

It's crazy because the article keeps saying "people" but the stanley cup ceo refers to his nebulous buyer as a she, all the people featured in this article are women, and most of the consuming trends mentioned are things marketed towards women, like lip gloss or victoria's secret plush dogs or bath and body works products. It seems like women are affected and targeted by consumer trends more often.

No. 1677782

while i find this cringe, i hate how this is treated as some novelty women-only-problem as if men aren't out there spending all their money (and often even their combined income with their gf/wife) to buy pokemon cards, funkos, anime figures or sneakers. like it's always something wacky and crazy to report on if women do it but if men do it it's just "boys will be boys" and "men will always be children at heart" and people act like it's charming and quirky and not a red flag the size of the indian subcontinent.

No. 1677794

>pokemon cards, funkos, anime figures or sneakers.
I don't think it's really the same because while there's a little bit of autism required for this to begin with, there are a lot of collectors for these things who are buying garbage en masse just because they think these items have special value and can be sold for a higher price later to the autists I mentioned first. Kind of like how old people would collect china and tell their kids and grandkids that they'll sell for a high price later, which is not the case now that they're dying and the kids and grandkids are inheriting these ugly plates and cutleries. It seems like the woman is collecting these cups for her own personal use and not because "they're collector items according to the internet and can be sold for 100 times the price I spent on them". The mere fact that she uses them at all means it's less wasteful too even if it's excessive.

No. 1677829

Oh please that's just moid justification. If they actually wanted to make investments they'd go for stocks or gold.

No. 1677920

I agree, but I feel like women are definitely at least targeted to buy little consumables way more often than men and in a way that men aren't. It's not just cleaning products, lululemon, and tiktok fridges full of trendy food, there's also makeup, nail polish, skincare, hair care, jewelry, and accessories to hoard. Purses, sunglasses, clip on charms, little cases to hold your wet wipes. Women are pressured to buy more and more often just to upkeep our daily appearances with things like makeup, hair product, and skincare, not to mention the pink tax on stuff like razors and shampoo. If the article had actually made this point it would've been better for it, instead it comes off the way you describe.

No. 1677944

I hate how the Stanley representative plays off her having so many cups as being a good thing when it’s clearly hurting the planet. I can’t imagine being that far gone to suck up to a company like that, no matter how much they were paying me.

No. 1678085

They're just nice cups, they're huge and stay cold forever, fit in cupholders etc. You can probably find a knockoff for cheap but 40 dollars isn't bad for a huge cup I use every day and take everywhere. Definitely not worth collecting though.

No. 1678246

Thread description literally says discuss collections etc, would be nice to direct people to a thread that discusses hobbies instead of "catalog & ctrl+F" Kek ctrl+F barley even works in catalog just like keyword search doesn't work either(newfag)

No. 1679388

I would love this for my husbando but I wish the pacifier was removable so I could actually use it on his faceplate. Maybe I could find one on taobao but paying 2100 yen when I'll only use 2/3 pieces is a waste.

Late response but you can just order it on amiami to combine shipping you don't need to go through gsc

No. 1679402

>If they actually wanted to make investments they'd go for stocks or gold.
We're not talking about smart people with common sense, we're talking about male consoomers. Of course they wouldn't make this kind of investments. My guess is that all of this started either when someone sold a very expensive Eminem autograph on ebay long ago or when the very first issue of Superman was valued at a very high price and everyone thought this could work with other things the exact same way.

No. 1679428

Stop defending moids, they're perfectly aware their ""investments"" in funkpops ain't investments, they're deliberately deluding themselves. But if we're going by your logic, it isn't askhually different for men and women because women invest in handbags lmao.

No. 1679431


No. 1679448

I'm making fun of them, I'm not defending them at all.
>it isn't askhually different for men and women because women invest in handbags lmao.
Handbags are useful, you can use one and sell it later. Same thing for the cups, you don't need to collect 100 cups but at the very least you can use them in your daily life. What's the point of a funkopop? What does it do? Besides collecting dust?

No. 1679553

The mindset that everything will retain value is harming a lot of people financially. I collect figures a little and think about how yes some stuff will certainly appreciate but with the rate figures get pumped out now in 30 years it'll mostly be landfill waste. The ease of selling online has made everyone think everything they own is gold

I think for all 'collections' it's best to go into thinking that money is 100% gone. I collect records too and know that shit will be garbage or in thrift stores when I die but right now it makes me happy to play them.

No. 1680339

File: 1693228927333.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2048x3073, 84051C97-2D6F-4B92-93C0-C0706E…)

Idk how to word this well but it’s sad to me how trendy the childish + moid-targeted-coom "animecore" aesthetic is amongst weeb girls

No. 1680802

File: 1693265876124.jpeg (250.6 KB, 1472x828, 3357826.jpeg)

Agreed, it's really creepy to see women collecting toys for little girls and then have it right next to a picture of a little girl's vagina.

No. 1680805

women who think pink is a personality are an absolute cancer

No. 1680807

I like pink…

No. 1680814

how dare you say we piss on the poor

No. 1680823

If the sonico figure wasn't so coomified I would've loved to have a anime figure that big and dress her in cute dresses. Most animecore rooms are just filled with either coomershit or loli figures they're a plague

No. 1680825

File: 1693267842935.jpeg (316.37 KB, 1600x1254, 3333298.jpeg)

There are non coomer 1/1 scale (the sonico is 1/2 scale) anime figures, but they're pretty much as expensive as you'd think they'd be.

The only person I know who've owned one is the guy who owned the Rem who's legs broke.

No. 1680839

File: 1693268764743.jpg (74.63 KB, 728x717, giantmiku.jpg)

nta but I feel like those figures are never sold. They make giant Miku's every year for her concerts and damn I'd want one. The only figure I would ever own.

No. 1680844

File: 1693268993895.jpg (109.6 KB, 450x600, remu.jpg)

A lot of them have prices listed on MFC, so I assume at least a few of them (in addition to Rem) have sold in the past?

No. 1681398

They’re all the exact same too, all the pickme animecore girls all have the same 600yen loli prize figures and coomer posters

No. 1681421

I wish I knew where this person lived so I could be friend them, gain their trust enough to pet sit their pet. And then light the room on fire

No. 1681422

Stop because why do I do that and why did i understand where she was coming from and thought it was cute. So me apologizing to my plushies when they end up on the floor is a sign of the tism!?

No. 1681429

Girl if you don’t just buy Korean makeup and stop whining like a baby they only make super white makeup anything darker than a4 printing paper they don’t got it!

No. 1681752

I swear this is that fat pedo tranny cthugha’s room from MFC. She used to cry publicly about people bullying her. Wonder why. If i’m not mistaken she lives at home with family too. Her whole wish list is nothing but pedophile shit, naked little girls and tons of children’s toys. She looks exactly like how you’d expect too. Wild to see my personal cow here finally.

No. 1682507

File: 1693401400334.jpeg (701.72 KB, 1536x2048, 6F1EBFE7-8AEA-4E92-A182-4758CD…)

prize figures are a plastic contagion

No. 1683502

I just wish these people had any actual taste besides sailor moon/dbz/demon slayer/mha.
Like if you're willing to invest that much into a franchise for literal children… there must be something wrong with you.
Absolutely unrefined mid taste is what gets me abut these shitty consoom-filled displays.

No. 1684006

Why do black/brown guys like shounen trash so much? Particularly Naruto and DBZ?

No. 1684010

I'm pretty sure the person just won all of these at crane games and doesn't care about the shows, which is an addiction more central to Japan but it's a thing none the less.

No. 1684015

I had the opportunity to buy one of those Q-posket things for a character I really like but ended up changing my mind because I realized they’re actually super ugly. Not funko ugly but something about the lips and huge eyes is really off putting

No. 1684020

I don't hate the art style on them, I just hate how cheaply made they are.

No. 1684161

I can't stand when people have 200 prize figures on a dusty ass shelf. It's always popular characters who have other figures in boring poses too. Save up and get a nice Miku or Naruto instead of 50 ugly ones. It's all about having the most of something to these people not having something that looks nicest. Have to have the shelf with the most figures not the best looking shelf.

No. 1684224

nta but I also hate that user. tell me more about his milk, I had no idea it was a tranny (unsurprisingly though)

No. 1684346

Some 1/1s are later sold but since they're one of a kind it's usually through loteries as far I know (the winner of the lotery gets the oportunity of buying it).

No. 1684370

Idk how any adult can have their room look like this and not be ashamed of themselves. A figurine/doll or 2 is ok, but this is childish.
>36 yearold woman buying literal coomershit
jesus christ what a loser, really pathetic relationship too. some of these people are beyond help

No. 1684494

Late as fuck on this, but yes these are pretty average prices, maybe a bit on the high end for some of the books seen here. I'm also a collector of special edition books and the resale market can be nuts, some even go for upwards of $1000 USD if they're extremely rare, sought after editions. I think the highest I've seen lately was around $1500 USD.

I've even sold some from my own collection for these kind of prices when I was downsizing, people do buy them if they're desperate for them due to FOMO.

No. 1684584

you seem to know a lot about this! do you think it's worth subscribing to book boxes like illumicrate or fairylate to resell the books in there? or are most collectors already subscribed to all of these boxes because they are aware of how expensive resellers make them?

i used to make a good buck off of selling nendoroids for 3-5 times the price because the nendos weren't available in my country and the weeb teens in question had no idea about how to place international orders or they were scared of customs duty. so i'd have nendos sitting around that cost me maybe 35 euros to get them from japan to eu and then i could easily resell them for anything between 100 and 150 euros.

No. 1687541

File: 1693848434786.jpg (1.62 MB, 1500x1500, loverabbit-fx_1of14_1024x10242…)

Should i buy it? i don't have any other plushies and really liked it

No. 1687544

No. 1687549

Get that sweet baby

No. 1687553

I want him too. What a cutie. get him!

No. 1687576

i keep getting ads for this brand so i fucking hate it don't buy it

No. 1687582

I think it's cute, get it.

No. 1687583

Why are you buying this? Do you like the design? Does it remind you of a childhood plushy? Don't buy these plushies just to buy them unless you have enough money to throw into something you'll get bored of easily.

No. 1687636

No Fun Frannies

No. 1687685

NTA but this is the consoomerism threads, I don't know what you expected. Most people who post here are agaisnt buying unnecessary stuff.
That said, since it's just one I don't see the problem. If you got any on your family, it's cute enough to gift to a scene kid if you regret it or don't want it anymore.

No. 1687708

This is not the thread for this. There should just be a buy thread made or something

No. 1688602

Your zoomer lingo is so jarring it's actually painful. Integrate or go back to tiktok/twitter where you belong. And no, being upset when your plushies fall onto the floor is not "autism" because nearly every woman that owns stuffed animals feels this way.
This is so creepy, it feels like it's pandering to shotacon freaks and weeb women hitting their early/mid thirties who have baby fever.
A lot of "animecore" is loli coomer garbage, but I really like 90s-2000s era Japanese stationary and plushes (usually older san-x and sanrio characters that aren't popular anymore) and you can usually only find those kinds of things online using the animecore tag.

No. 1690209

I’m sick of owning so much stuff. My 1 bedroom apartment gets cluttered within a week, my husband is a pack rat who keeps everything and he buys me plushies as presents. It’s starting to feel like Loonie’s studio apartment with plushies everywhere.
I know the woman who designs them and she’s so ill that her disease is on MAIDs kill list. I think you should support Mysterious if you like it because it’ll help her and American mcgee.

No. 1690236

I don't get it. Is shoujo dead or something? No girl weeb in the 2000s was plastering their walls with coomer shit, it was all cute anime like Clamp etc made by women for women. Today's girl weebs are just as pornsick as their male counterparts.

No. 1690246

I hate to sound like some sort of elitist but these people think that just because a series is cute, has pink and cute female characters it's for girls. Then you also have shojo being "dead", as in everything that would have been classified as a shojo or josei manga back then are now published in shonen or seinen magazines. So now only cutesy romance and very long shojo manga that are still on-going are published in shojo manga. If Angel Sanctuary or X1999 were published right now they would have been classified as shonen manga purely for marketing reasons.

No. 1690364

File: 1694108927255.jpeg (73.61 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_3980.jpeg)

>This is so creepy, it feels like it's pandering to shotacon freaks and weeb women hitting their early/mid thirties who have baby fever.
Are shotacons into babies?
Based for the second one though, nothing wrong with moms wanting to have lil baby nendoroids.

No. 1690400

No, anon is just paranoid from lurking lolcow too much. There arent enough toddlercon freaks to make fetish nendos for them(thankfully), it's just a cutesy gimmick. Japanese people dont suffer from cute agression so they can enjoy cutesy things like babies without an ounce of malice, it's really sweet actually.

No. 1690482

Plus they were announced right after Oshi No Ko stared airing, so they're 100% gimmick accesories meant to capitalize on that anime since the protagonists are/were babies.

No. 1690507

It's a combination of their nostalgia + a lack of emotional maturity. These moids (like all moids) are unable to grasp mature themes so they obsess over battle shonen where simplicity is key.

No. 1690574

Easy to consoom honestly

No. 1690576

This is why you need to gatekeep proxies

No. 1691027

oh I know that MFC user, she's really bitchy and, well, a consoomer. Those rooms all look the same anyway.

No. 1691439

File: 1694201669488.png (1.25 MB, 1600x542, s-l1600.png)

No use for this as someone who has a laptop, but I wanted to post this Madoka collab keyboard since it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

No. 1691441

File: 1694201690256.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1080, the enter keyyyy.png)

No. 1691860

not trying to mini mod, but there's a buyfag thread in /m that would be a better place to post this kinda stuff in nonnie. it'd be nice for it to be more active too.

No. 1692193

I’m feeling conflicted about buying a Hobonichi this year because of how expensive they’ve become. I was looking at my order history and they used to be $47 for the planner with a plain cover, now it would be almost $70 for the same purchase. The planner by itself is significantly pricier now, too. I usually get the weeks and the price has stayed a bit more stable in comparison but they’re still $30-40.

No. 1692227

File: 1694263098276.jpg (537.13 KB, 1666x2498, 02-7.jpg)

A lot of posters post like they think this is a pro-consumerism thread, not one critical of consooming. It's really annoying. The next Op needs to be clearer about the topic because of this.

No. 1692252

it's very obvious what this thread is about, people are just too dumb to read.

No. 1692283

File: 1694266123583.jpg (44.95 KB, 474x304, th-3000152338.jpg)

Of course they are, consoomerism has damaged their brains.

No. 1692330

I need help letting go of my shit. Right now I was just taking photos of a phone stand using an old iphone and I thought wow this shit looks so cute and now I don’t wanna let go. But I have too much shit and my room is tiny. How do I convince myself to let it all go? Plus I have so much more shit on the way too.

No. 1692366

What do you mean on the way? If you have ordered it, you could cancel the order.

No. 1692382

With my hoard I started thinking of the phrase “out of sight and out of mind” and it made me realize that all the books I didn’t read, games I didn’t play and anime figurines that I kept in boxes in my closet for the last couple years were kinda pointless to keep. It wouldn’t make sense to own them if I never intend to use them, and having so much stuff that take up storage containers makes a lot of clutter instead of having a decoration or theme in my room.

No. 1692541

Figure out the reason why you hoard so much shit. Work on fixing that. Then you'll be able to let go of whatever you don't want/need in your life. There's no point selling something you don't need if you're only going to replace that with another piece of shit you don't need.

No. 1693284

That's the method I use as well. Whenever I'm not sure if I should part ways with something, I store it somehwere out of sight and if in the next 8 months-year I don't think "Oh, I miss using/seeing that object" that means I don't need it and I can throw it away with no problems. So far it has worked and I haven't regretted anything I have thrown.

No. 1695082

There's no need to buy a new cover every year, I've been using the same cover for the past 4 years with a plastic cover and it still looks great.

No. 1695891

I'm so stressed out over dumb shit that I just want to consoom. I've been sitting in front of my pc, manically, for hours researching and debating whether I should buy or hold off. I need a new foundation and there's one 50% off but it's online and I'd have to pay for shipping too and oh a lipstick I wanted is on sale there too, not that I need it but it's a color/formula I don't own. It's not much $25 altogether. However, I need to restock my nail care essentials but the site I order from has expensive shipping and takes a while so I usually order once a year and grab 3-4 polishes from my wishlist but that would mean dropping another $50. And I already spent $100 this month on clothes, presents, events and hobbies. Plus like $200 last month on a trip, hair, drinks and random shit.

No. 1695986

I worked on some of the Lego Friends toy designs! It's so cute to see a post about it here. Although I did not work on this little gay bar I really wish I had…

No. 1696363

That's so fucking cool anon, I really admire you

No. 1696873

Go do some exercise, have something to drink, and then really think about whether you really even want that stuff at all. Manic decisions are the worst decisions, especially if discounts are involved.

No. 1697055

File: 1694640322862.png (1.79 MB, 941x941, screenshot-www.color4nails.com…)

Thanks anon. I cooled off. But that's the worst thing, I know 100% that I do actually want the nail stuff. It's the bird brain that wants to collect all the shiny things.

No. 1697059

To add, the problem is that I don't think it's sane to drop $50 on something like this in one go, especially since I loosened up my spending in order to curb my anxiety. But now it's just causing me more anxiety. Turn tables etc. Like alright I'm an adult and have the money, I'm not going to die but it feels stupid since it's a really frivolous purchase. There's always better, smarter ways to spend money.

No. 1697138

Do you have any financial goals you're working towards? It sounds like you're anxious about spending because you literally don't know what to do with your money. Maybe put some money aside when you get paid and spend that, and only that, on things like this. That way you know you won't overspend even with your anxiety and it's earmarked for stupid shit so you won't feel bad about spending it. Yeah, there's a million ways you could spend your cash, but at the end of the day there's no pockets in shrouds and it's fucking nail polish. There's better ways to spend your time than obsessing over nail polish that's still going to be around when you stop using consoomerism to treat your anxiety.

No. 1697609

Toddlercon literally came from Japan. But yeah I get your point, it can be cute without it being creepy but this is likely unsettling to most people because it’s odd. when most anime has perverted shit and pedo shit, it just feels off. I guess if this is an anime about babies (odd concept to begin with) it would make some sense?

No. 1697672

Don't know if this is the place to ask, but I have a consumerist/shopaholic friend and I'm not sure how to deal with it so any advice would be appreciated

No. 1697675

Yeah, I have savings and I put aside a certain amount away each month. Some of the money is fun money and a portion is no touchy emergency money. I don't have enough to not know what to do with it kek I wish. I think I just have anxiety. I go through periods of buying nothing and talking myself out of every purchase, to the point my shoes and clothes start falling apart. Spending money gives me anxiety. Not the other way around.

No. 1697769

Shinzo Abe's death halted the family unit so now they gotta appeal to the youth by tapping into their internalized baby fever lmao

No. 1698792

I think a way to curb your anxiety is to buy literally just what you need when you need it. If you're going to buy foundation anyway, might as well get it on sale, right? Just don't get anything extra. Since you're getting a sale that might make up for shipping costs. Or if you don't need it right away you can wait until you actually do and buy it in person to save on shipping. You said you need to stock up on nail supplies, that's fine. But do you really need 4 more nail polishes? Skipping the extra "might as well since I'm ordering anyway" purchases will probably help your anxiety. At most pick one nail polish that you really love and will use a lot. Also, do you really need all of it right now, or can that also wait? Maybe take stock of what you have and how often you do your nails and see if you can put it off until next month or even later. Doing your nails should be fun and stress free anon!!

Also I just typed this up and realized I'm replying to a day old post kek. Did you end up making the purchases?

No. 1698879

>Also I just typed this up and realized I'm replying to a day old post
Some threads like this one are super slow, you could reply to a week old post and it would still be relevant.
Also currently seeing influencers on youtube filling their homes with fake plastic pumpkins. No hate towards this girl, but if you live in the US (land of the pumpkins), why not just buy a real one?

No. 1698911

Hey anon, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I haven't ordered anything yet, so your advice is just on time. Reading your reply made me realize how silly I was being. My reason for ordering a bunch of polishes along with essentials is just because the shipping is quite expensive so making multiple separate orders during the year feels like throwing money away. I usually make my one big order around christmas because of discounts and it's just easier to justify in the holiday season but I'm going to run out of stuff quite soon. I think I could be able to stretch it till next month just barely but this site is kinda shitty and order fulfillment takes a while. Anyway I'll sit on it a bit, my life isn't going to end if I don't have these things right now. Sidenote, the way my anxiety manifests around shopping and money would be funny if it wasn't sad. Anytime something big is happening in my life I go crazy looking for some perfect item that I absolutely, totally, 100% need in that moment but only if it's perfect and fits all of my made up criteria. Literally 99% of the time I don't end up buying anything and just waste hours mulling over it and scrolling.

No. 1698981

Because they're buying them for decoration and want them to last for more than like 7 days? Some of y'all's nitpicks are retarded, it'd be entirely more wasteful to keep on buying fresh pumpkins just to put them in your living room for spooky season, instead of buying some bullshit target plastic ones that can be reused for years if you don't man handle them.

No. 1699022

Didn't y'all get red texted? I could have sworn this happened.
Btw welcome to the consoomer thread where we don't like overconsumption of plastic tat.

No. 1699029

You can decorate with the pumpkin and then make it a jack-o’-lantern closer to the holiday. Save, clean, and cook the seeds to eat it. Then use the rotten pumpkin after the holiday in the garden. Then you don’t have boxes of plastic pumpkins sitting the rest of the year. They’re after quick dopamine though and using the holiday season as an excuse they aren’t interested in tradition and really celebrating anon

No. 1699081

I see this shit so often these days and even know some women personally that do this. I cannot tell if they are actually and genuinely into that crap or if they believe it made them cool and "manly". They always jump onto the most generic merch garbage, it just has to be coomerish and about young anime girls.
It's also the exact same types of women that cannot shut up about tits, I swear they spend more time talking about porn and tits than most men do. I actually don't have an issue with porn itself, but something about this specific type of otaku consoomerism feels so artificial to me.
In my bubble it was more the moody stuff with pretty men like Wolf's Rain or X, but I think that the core issue here is that both of these genres basically stopped being made so fans that got into anime later started with K-ON and Dragon Maid instead of Sailor Moon, DBZ or Noir. The other reason is that it's porn addiction and social media influence and self-presentation. They want to slap the otaku label onto them and you don't get dem likes with a poster of .hack, but you are cool and genderqueer if you are a woman that buys loli porn and like things ironically.

No. 1699086

Or you can leave the food item for people who just want to make pumpkin soup. I'd rather a consumer just consume plastic bullshit instead of going to the grocery store every week to restock on pumpkins. I'd agree with you if it was you know, mid to late October but it's fucking September. You know how many pumpkins you're going to go through if you start buying them for decoration right now? This woman is a consumer buying fucktons of plastic pumpkins to put in every room of her house, not a thrifty new mom looking for something festive to do with her kids the week before Halloween. She's not just buying one or two pumpkins. That's my whole point that you guys are purposely glossing over. Consumers are dumb and she's killing the environment, don't suggest ways for her to cause a pumpkin shortage lol.

No. 1699109

One woman a pumpking shortage does not make kek
You seem really defensive of consoomers. Why are you complaining in the anti-consoom thread when anons point out somebody is consooming?

No. 1699121

Because you're offering up a retarded solution. Do you see the amount of pumpkins she's buying? She wants to fill her hovel with plastic crap, not spruce up her place with one or two cute carved pumpkins. You're telling her to waste food someone else could have actually… ate. Like I said, you'd have a point if this was an average woman who was just buying one or two near the holiday season but she's a consoomer, she's buying in bulk for a dopamine rush. Don't encourage consumers to waste food that people could eat to support their dumb habits. I'm done shitting up this thread now, hopefully you will be too.

No. 1699446

No one is encouraging this person to buy as many real pumpkins as she is buying plastic ones. That would also be consooming.
But actually enjoying the natural season they claim they love instead of consooming would be beneficial for people like her. Actually getting a real pumpkin to put outside. Actually making crafts, seasonal cooking, spending time in nature…

No. 1699449

You're a bit dumb to be honest

No. 1699452

You're like that crazy bitch I saw on Instagram shaming a man for not using egg whites because he could have given the egg whites to a poor and needy person

No. 1699465

That is ironically often the case with anons throwing around the word retard.

No. 1699535

Plastic crap will always be more wasteful. At least real pumpkins are biodegradable. And she could plant the seeds to grow her own pumpkins for next year.

No. 1699621

idgaf if someone buys plastic pumpkins, I don't want rotting pumpkin flesh in my house as decor, but the fact these people go out every year and buy $1000 worth of decorations at tj maxx is ridiculous to me. I'll buy one or two things but just pick some nice pieces and pull out your stuff from last year. If the holiday stuff you bought in the last five years no longer brings you joy but you think new crap will you probably just have a shopping problem

No. 1699643

You’re not wrong about people spending that much on decorations every year, but if you ever get tiny pumpkins instead of normal/Jack o lantern size they are pretty hardy and can go a couple months without decomposing.

No. 1699648

Real pumpkins are nice though cause one they start going bad you can just throw them in your yard or on some random land (in you don't have a yard) and it will start growing a pumpkin patch eventually

No. 1699660

Oh, that's cool, nonna. I'll have to try that this year and see what happens kek

No. 1699664

Have you made it happen nona? I want to try this and create a pumpkin patch too!

No. 1699676

NTA but I’ve done this and the next year used the pumpkins that grew to carve and make roast pumpkin seeds! Highly recommend

No. 1699677

nta but just keep in mind you could get a type of pumpkin you didn't want or isn't edible if you chuck a randomly bought pumpkin's seeds on some land, they cross-breed really easily acrosss large distances.

No. 1699962

why are people fighting over real vs fake pumpkins? the point is she's buying 324732047230 fake shitty pumpkins. if you're going to consoom plastic, just consoom less and only buy a few. there's no way she didn't already own some that she's gonna throw out now too. like, there's a stark difference between owning just one or two anime figures, or having two moisturizers, or a few squishmallows vs the hoards that are posted in here

No. 1700676

So much useless shit she bought.
I'm not against the idea of decorating for the season but why without fail people decorate with the juvenile, cheapest, ugliest garbage possible. Silly straws for a children's Halloween party. She's going to paint candles? Why does she even bother with felt decor,her cats are going to destroy it and the faux plant garlands are falling apart like come on! Kudos to her showing some restraint at Target I guess.

No. 1701086

File: 1695039425484.mp4 (3.4 MB, 576x1024, 6c9aa526683fc4b067ac01989b9cee…)

Just dumping some not so obivous consoomers vids thanks to cerbmin enabling us to post mp4 files and tiktok links

No. 1701087

File: 1695039457880.mp4 (8.53 MB, 576x1024, 55f7284bd79b9001cf75a55f1e8367…)

No. 1701089

File: 1695039561541.mp4 (17.6 MB, 576x1024, d6c49a92fc8199bf6933a0e4cb9085…)

No. 1701091

File: 1695039705785.mp4 (4.61 MB, 540x960, 9a2f4ee8c99dc761bb8c07645e2559…)

Now some obivous consoomerism

No. 1701092

File: 1695039752345.mp4 (1.84 MB, 576x1024, 13bc25d84f2f46a301d15fb501c083…)

No. 1701093

File: 1695039803273.mp4 (2.47 MB, 576x1024, a28ad47567c2bf69300f07e4786a23…)

No. 1701094

File: 1695039862225.mp4 (1.21 MB, 576x1024, 7c8db2743093253b0e67879df74a88…)

No. 1701095

File: 1695040092041.mp4 (2.94 MB, 576x1024, b15fdeebb638ee536df1094b82c20e…)

No. 1701105

I always wonder how much these people have in savings. People I know with hoards like this always have mediocre jobs and like $7 in savings. No shame in being a waitress but realistically

No. 1701109

Wait, are all of these displays in people's rooms/houses? Half of them look like shops. >>1701094
Kek at the virginity corner, that's the most self awareness I've seen in these tiktoks

No. 1701111

I truly don't understand shoe autists

No. 1701113

I hope these people never experience a dangerous product recall, where they are unable to check the batch numbers on their food because they had to transfer it all into BPA filled amazon plastic containers. But, da asthetik!

No. 1701114

I actually see people with either a well-paying job or with well-off parents/partner the most often. I they have a shitty job collecting is probably their only hobby (if it can be called that) and so spent all what they got left after paying bills on anime.
There's this trannie over twitter who spent over $1k on merch of a game he had just played in the span of 2 months (to not mention htr or whatever tim take for hormones) and when people asked how he could afoort importing merch almost every day i he just went "Oh, my parents just have money".

No. 1701119

why this person has a tv in a fucking laundry room

No. 1701127

My grandma had one in her multi generation house because with five kids and sixteen grandkids whoever did laundry that week would be in there for hours. But yeah, I don't think that woman has that many members in her household.

No. 1701153

KEK I've been re-watching hoarders and they always "live of" minimum wage or pensions if they're older. Can you imagine future hoarders having to throw out mega tons of loli figs and chinese plastic shit?

No. 1701154

This shit really sends me. You know these people feel superior for their clean and perfect organizing meanwhile their family is loaded up on all that sugar processed bullshit. And holy hell, how many kids does she have to need all that? Is she part of the downstairs crew for some rich Edwardian family?

No. 1701157

My Russian great aunt has a tiny flat screen in like every room so she can ignore my great uncle kek

No. 1701361

to be honest I kinda like this…? I grew up in a chaotic home and I don't like product packagings (some are really tiring on the eyes) so I would organize this like this…..

No. 1701461

Speaking as a recovered consoomer, I had next to no savings aside from a small "emergency fund" that wouldn't have actually covered any real emergency. The problem with shopping addiction is that when you finally build up savings, it's like an itch that you feel you can scratch risk-free, and then the cycle just begins again. Splurge, feel anxious, save, splurge, repeat.
I don't understand how some of them can even make rent and bills though. From what they show they all have fairly decent homes (like they're not living in squalor) and they seem to do multiple hauls per month. Where on earth is all the money coming from, especially if they're working minimum wage?

No. 1701562

Probably on credit cards. I have an acquaintance who has a problem with consooming anime figures, and she pays rent but has almost no money in savings and tons of credit card debt because she keeps pre-ordering more.

No. 1701625

I want to buy a book even tho i have so many unread and half read books

No. 1701652

File: 1695098691715.jpg (160.14 KB, 640x824, thepostimage.jpg)


Consoomers getting triggered because somebody called out the fact that they're either mentally ill or just hoarding shit to scalp it. And she was incredibly generous about the cutoff, too. Barbie has looked like shit for over a decade, there's nothing they have made that is worth owning 5 of.

No. 1701687

File: 1695103254895.jpeg (158.1 KB, 749x949, IMG_4231.jpeg)

>all that stuff on literally her first day there
Also obvious bodycheck is obvious, I’m sorry but tall anas wearing children’s clothing is beyond cursed.

No. 1701712

It's very bizarre how Mezzo Piano (a Japanese children's brand) has become the clothing of choice for egirl anachan weebs

No. 1701763

File: 1695123997516.jpg (117.49 KB, 563x709, b6e52c0eb9e2f0506bd53ee7f38c45…)

You beat me to the punch posting this. I agreed with the op but was put off by all the comments disagreeing. A lot of them took issue with the way she phrased things, like obsessive compulsive/people who need them, but I get esl vibes from the post.
The doll collecting hobby is bleak. I love dolls but the community doesn't want to hear about how consoomer and wasteful it can be. If it "makes someone happy" then we just need to stfu apparently.

No. 1701791

File: 1695129048499.webm (861.71 KB, 576x1024, chasing.athens.webm)

No. 1701794

How the fuck are you supposed to get rid of all the shit you have accumulated as a consoomer? Selling it takes forever and even places like goodwill are picky on what the accept. I would throw it out but I don’t need my neighbors judging me

No. 1701796

>i iz in tokyo
have i been teleported back to 2009, are we in the midst of the mexican goth/emo war again

No. 1701798

Doordash consoomers astound me. Like it's fine or occasions or if you can afford, but I see people bragging about spending their last 20 bucks or so for the sake of getting doordash then complaining about it like, it's a luxury. You literally do not need it at all. Or the amount of doordash drivers that are quitting due to these broke ass consumers that convince themselves they need $40 for chicken nuggets and coke but can't be bothered tipping as gas prices peak, most drivers entire wage is literally tips, and food delivery is in the top 20 dangerous jobs in America
>Inb4 but their added fees!
I literally don't care, if you can't afford to tip after added fees don't order, get your lazy ass up and pick up your own shit. The entire point of the app was for the rich to just get shit delivered and poor and middle class have a good way to make money on their own time, now some drivers are spending more in gas trying to deliver to these selfish fattys before quitting all together

No. 1701803

I'm in the same boat so let me know if you ever find out kek I've been able to sell some of my specific consoom hobby purchases (special edition books) on eBay and in FB groups for good money but it's been so slow lately that I'm tempted to just give them all to value village and be done with it. I can't stand the clutter and would rather go back to buying standard editions or using the library so at least if I don't like the books I can just get rid of them without feeling like I have to recoup my money lol

No. 1701809

take photos once and sell on multiple platforms, sell in bundles, use tags for whatever ~aesthetic~ they fit (like dark academia if it's books), take good photos

No. 1701813

It depends on what you're selling, but in general make the prices cheap, almost everyone who buys second hand does so because they're either poor or want to get whatever for half the market price or less.

On the "take good photos" part, make sure it's still evident it's still a photo taken in a home or by a particular. I have seen people turn away from sales because they thought the photo was a stock one and so a fake ad kek

No. 1701819

>business not paying a livable wage and has successfully convinced people its the consumer's fault for not subsidizing their employee's pay

And I tip like a good little murrican cuck inb4.

No. 1701823

I’m trying to get rid of an ungodly amount of squishmallows and other stupid plushies I started collecting after COVID. Dealing with the few buyers that did want them has been a nightmare. Thrift stores also don’t want to deal with them and throwing them out is a pain because of how stupidly big they are and because of how much I have.

I wish I collected something like books because then I could at least display them for a while without feeling like an idiot.

No. 1701824

It’s pretty obviously meant to be a ‘look how kawaii and smol I am’ thing, but with most of them it ironically just makes them look creepily skinny and tall as hell (I don’t know her height but her kids clothes make her look like 5’6 or taller)
I do think mezzo piano’s clothes are genuinely cute (for kids) and I wouldn’t mind owning one of their plushies or something, but wearing it as an adult makes you look like you raided your little sister’s justice clothing haul.

No. 1701840

If you can’t find a buyer and just want them out of your life, you can always list them as free on Facebook marketplace. My little sister collects them and would be the type to jump on that. Or even just a really good deal. Apparently she needs to buy a 4th ceiling net to contain them as they’re taking over the house she lives in with her husband and BIL. How many do you have? If it’s really a lot you could try selling them in discounted bundles. Squishmellows used to be wayyyy cheaper. I have one big one that was $15 and I think they’re twice the price most places now, so I’m curious to know how the avid and dedicated collectors feel about that

No. 1701844

can you show some examples of what you've collected? I'm super interested. do you just mean rare, old copies, or limited runs or something?

No. 1701853

I’ve honestly lost count at this point. The issue with squishmallows was that they used to be so cheap so I just kept buying them. I tried listing them for free at one point but people either expected me to drive to them or they just never ended up showing up when they said they would. I’m just so tired of dealing with people and I wish I could just make my plushies disappear. I feel bad but at this point I think I’m just going to have to load my car up and bring them to the dump

No. 1701859

is it really surprising? a lot of girls and women develop EDs to feel in control and stop the development of their bodies and stay childlike, still being able to fit in children's clothes would validate those desires.

No. 1701898

Ask local daycare/kindergartens if they'll take them for free. I donated some old (but untouched) plushies once and they were very happy about it.

No. 1701900

Ok eurofag here but how does this work? do they go to the supermarket and buy 10 packets of hot chips and 20 5L water bottles? What must the cashiers and people in line think?

I think some of the clothes are cute like the skirts but you can find similar things for teenage girls / young adults on aliexpress. Unless you can't genuinely find clothes your size meant for adults because you're a small person buying literal kid's clothes always gives creepy DDLG. Even if it were generic "kawaii" fashion the cut still shows it's made for a child. It just reminded me of Yukapon who also wore mezzo piano when she did the loli thing kek.

No. 1701947

No i totally agree, but the good delivery apps are kinda a weird exception, you're basically buying other people's time and it was just a way for people to go through an app instead of asking their friends to pick up food or something for money. It's like a domestic freelance gig I suppose. I remember I use to do Uber eats while pregnant in college and it was nice making a good few hundred over the weekend so I can focus on studying on weekdays, not to mention it's easier in states that are work at will (aka getting fired galore). Or even just being a teenager and wanting concert tickets just dashing for a day or so. Now a day worth of food delivery will barely pay for a full tank of gas

No. 1701958

Okay, none of you shamed me so I guess it's universe's way to tell me to buy it

No. 1701959

Take them to a street market or park or even the side of the road with a big 'free' sign. People don't really look for children's toys online but will be happy to take them in person.

No. 1701960

File: 1695145374893.png (289.93 KB, 365x456, Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.46.…)

My collection is mostly limited run, exclusive modern SFF releases with various customizations like sprayed edges, alternate covers, etc. A lot are hand-signed and some are also numbered by the authors. I also try to collect uncorrected UK proof copies of books, but only ones by my absolute favourite authors because they're hard to get a hold of without trading away your soul. Nothing too high brow or cultured, I just collect what I like to read lol. I would post a pic of one of my shelves for you, but the only ones I've got in my camera roll right now have been posted on my socials so if any of my mutuals are also farmers they'd 100% know that I post here KEK

Sorry for the incoming sperging, but here's a pic of a personal favourite. It's a collector's edition that's hard to come by these days because it was released 5 years ago, it's never been reprinted, is signed by the author, and is the only way you can get a complete matching set of these books in hardcover because the publisher changed the cover design partway through the series so it's pretty rare and sought after by others in the community. Love the author as well so it's one I plan on keeping forever.

No. 1701970

I remember tagging along with a friend during a doordash day and we ended up at walmart. I was so damn confused wtf we were doing there. This woman had her whole groceries picked up by us then walked to her apartment door. No she didnt tip much and it was around a whole hour. This was in 2018-2019 the amount of time, effort, gas, was barely breaking even. People are so damn awkward about taking their food from dashes too.

No. 1701987

My husband makes enough money for me to stay at home but when I was delivering when I was heavily and obviously pregnant I brought up like 8 massive boxes of food up someone top floor apartment with no elevator and go stiffed. I quit right then and there and blacklisted them from the app kek

No. 1701988

As an ex consoomer, use it as a reminder for why you shouldn’t consoom so much nonsense again. It’s difficult to resell your stuff and a lot of it is stuff other people won’t want, even at a large discount. Throw out the actual garbage and heavily used items imo but I think it’s worth it to list everything that you think can actually sell and just wait. Doing low starting price auctions on eBay is good, just don’t list too low because people will think it’s a scam. >>1701813 too

No. 1702012

do you have a used bookstore in your area? I think some will buy books.

do you have a children's hospital/foundation that will take used donations? maybe a shelter or save them for a christmas toy drive? maybe even a church idk. I know some places can't accept used items but there's probably something, and I imagine as a collector you've kept them in good condition. better than taking them to the dump.

No. 1702077

tranny wendigo looking ass

No. 1702116

Hospitals probably won’t take them because of sanitary reasons, especially after COVID. I mean even if the tags are on and it looks clean it doesn’t mean it is clean. Christmas toy drive would be a good idea especially if they still have tags.

No. 1702150

File: 1695157067414.webm (1.59 MB, 576x1024, max.a.million.webm)

No. 1702154

File: 1695157342151.webm (12.05 MB, 576x1024, allison12121.webm)

people need to stop enabling them

No. 1702156

Honestly I don't even mind that adult women wear childrens clothing, they can wear what they want, it's just that they're always a brand of moid pandering ddlg girls

The children's clothes thing isn't surprising at all, it's just funny to me that Mezzo Piano specifically has become a status symbol with these girls.

No. 1702249

The concurrent rise of Monster High and Youtube absolutely destroyed modern doll collecting, and turned it into hoarding infinite cheap tat like Star Wars collectors. 99% of "collectors" only know about the latest low quality crap sold at Walmart and Target. MH was the first time I ever heard of anybody bragging about buying three or more of the exact some doll.

No. 1702287

this sounds exactly like me… I wish I could swap the shopping addiction with like exercising kek. I want to stop but sometimes I think, I’m a huge fuckup, what’s wrong with fucking my life further? But then I get clarity. But it just flips constantly…

No. 1702301

i collect japanese stationery and some of mezzo piano/angel blue/daisy loves stuff is so cute paper and stickers wise (i just enjoy cute memo pads and stickers and i use them) but people who collect the clothes are such freaks. wearing them as an anachan is one thing ig (still creepy) but even creepier is the people who hang the stuff on their walls along with loli moid pandering art and body pillows as a decoration. its just weird, a little girl wore that shit before. i feel like the fact that its japanese is even more of a fetishization for them.

No. 1702340

File: 1695176039629.jpg (133.13 KB, 720x720, mezzo stationary.jpg)

The designs are genuinely adorable so I get why people would be into plushies and stationary of it, but people wearing mezzo piano clothes just look at best like ana chans bodychecking, but the majority of the time they just look like obvious ageplayers.

Most 'kawaii' clothing people are weird as hell though (kind of comes with the label granted), pretty much everyone into fairy kei is a gendie kek.

No. 1702550

General advice for selling your hoarded crap:
>Find exact info about the item and include it in the title of your listing, e.g. cat figurine vs. [manufacturer] [year] [model name] figurine
>Add details of condition in listing, e.g. scratched, discoloured, almost new, never opened
>Be clear on what's included, e.g. no packaging, no accessories
>If applicable, mention that it's from a smoke free/pet free home
>Take your own pictures, 3 angles minumum, decent lighting, show full item (don't take them too close)
I sold remnants of my dark past (weebshit) relative