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File: 1663303966813.png (2.66 MB, 1200x1400, tp.png)

No. 239761

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.

Remember that there are other threads for art feedback (>>187240), artist salt (>>>/ot/1312695), and shitty comics (>>232318).

Previous threads (after /m/ wipe):
>>186753 #1
>>209753 #2
>>223288 #3

No. 239775

Can we just ban people who post porn at this point, there was a literal thread made for ugly stupid fetish art and it was never used. Make it again and use it.

No. 239784

fucking exactly, second this.

No. 239802


No. 240122

so this was drawn by a MTF tranny, right? TRA handmaidens' bar when it comes to trannies is lower than hell, they will praise and overrate literally anything a tranny does.

No. 240124

This is a good idea. Pornposting makes boards unusable tbh

No. 240190

the devilman spongebob kek

No. 240192

It was kind of sexy until it got eldrich horror tier I don't regret looking it up

No. 240195

File: 1663591805974.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

>it was kind of sexy

Someone post more of her works pls

No. 240196

File: 1663591858844.jpeg (125.9 KB, 916x1183, F9DA16DA-059C-4011-8DFB-C5D2BC…)

No. 240197

Are those supposed to be horns or ears?

No. 240199

File: 1663592709829.jpg (147.9 KB, 356x700, tn3Fcq5.jpg)

May I present to you Rob Liefeld

No. 240200

File: 1663592733111.jpg (104.19 KB, 454x705, 758b8c9a013cb50f19e2c02506762e…)

No. 240202

File: 1663592830890.png (2.81 MB, 993x1768, tumblr_pn3u3yN2Nb1y69173o1_128…)

No. 240204

File: 1663592980486.jpeg (9.25 KB, 194x260, download.jpeg)

The Classic
The, most of 90s comic art might go there. I legit don't understand how anybody can prefer that to "house style". My theory is that scrotes have no taste at all and think that raided moids and women with broken spines look good.

No. 240207

Now thats a classic. Him and that other moid that traces porn and other comic book artist works (forgot his name). This thread could be easily filled just with rob liefeld's masterpieces and others like him

No. 240208

File: 1663595065649.jpg (141.83 KB, 832x580, tumblr_inline_nsmtrz9FWj1tzsd8…)

That would be Greg Land. Yes, this shit is traced from porn.

No. 240209

File: 1663595104784.jpg (57.33 KB, 400x264, land_p.jpg)

Supposed to be a woman in the middle of a fight, but… well

No. 240210

File: 1663595128256.jpg (31.14 KB, 250x324, aV0Qdvd_700b.jpg)

I just think this face looks retarded as fuck

No. 240211

File: 1663595176581.jpg (103.32 KB, 736x1152, e722f72aacc3982a4fae575cd3b9b6…)

And last but not least, here our boi Land traced a fucking meme.
I hope I don't clatter this thread with my comic autismo

No. 240216

File: 1663596271982.jpg (52.64 KB, 569x539, gross.jpg)

It was always the stepford cuckoos, emma frost or jean grey. At some point I stopped reading any marvel comics cus that shit was unbearable.
Kekk I forgot about this one, this one is good.

No. 240220

absolute kek

No. 240233

File: 1663600309673.jpeg (24.22 KB, 234x215, D739BDDC-7E07-4768-9270-110D71…)

No. 240234

image for ants

No. 240239

I love that this is the drawing this person used to advertise their commissions. They really sat down and thought, "nothing gets the money rolling in like robots in diapers."

No. 240240

You’re saying that as if obscure fetishists aren’t suspiciously wealthy.

No. 240250

File: 1663602192800.jpeg (453.29 KB, 667x1000, 7FE87BD6-154D-49C8-AF97-5EB30F…)

This has been shared to hell and back but I need people to look at it again.

No. 240253

the thumbnail makes him look like a double amputee

No. 240256

File: 1663603147990.jpeg (150.94 KB, 1000x1000, C6F77B38-FC59-4F14-9020-316D68…)

Anon… i blocked this out what have you done? The sin has returned.

No. 240469

File: 1663642135776.jpeg (124.45 KB, 602x767, why.jpeg)


No. 240529

File: 1663652979028.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20220920-014619.png)

Someone mentioned this comic last thread and it never got a response, figured I'd reply here just in case. It's Pinky & Pepper by Ivy Atoms (now Eddy Atoms???). I actually like the art but I get that this kind of sketchy/crayon style isn't for everyone.

No. 240530

ah i thought it was a mtf kek

No. 240535

she has the head of a man fucking kek

No. 240536

I thought so too, I'm genuinenly surprised to learn that she's a woman. But she's one of those rare women who are truly degenerate, she's a furry TIF who is into little boys so I'm not surprised that her art looks like it was done by an MtF. I found some old posts about her: >>>/ot/533385

No. 240540

Wow, an entire Pinkie Cooper fanart webcomic?!
>surrealist lesbian suicide story
I'm afraid that it's fetishistic in an "soft bean lesbians uwu" but also mad curious

No. 240543

File: 1663660129573.jpeg (476.52 KB, 947x798, CCA777BA-5B15-4D30-925F-09CD36…)

I feel like her art doesn’t get enough slander lmao.

No. 240563

kek I can't unsee it now

No. 240571

Ok I forgot birdie even existed. I’ll never forget the one time she was arguing with her mom about her location getting leaked on a livestream

No. 240578

I included it in the OP because I laugh a little every time I think about it. The bad anatomy of the absurdly shredded upper body with tiny, cartoon legs tacked on sends my sides into orbit every time. The captions she puts on the drawings are copypasta-worthy comedy gold.

No. 240579

Her art looks so incredibly male. I guess in that regard she's the only TIF that passes, kek.

Also some stuff really looks like a shitty furry version of manglo/yukaman.

No. 240606

File: 1663683757568.jpeg (302.23 KB, 660x652, 931BE0F6-E904-4799-9E74-50BD2B…)

No. 240610

dare i say Kikomi

No. 240612

This made me spit

No. 240614

File: 1663685172927.png (1.54 MB, 1200x849, image (3).png)

some kind of biblical allegory i think

No. 240620

this is giving tom goes to the mayor
gay sex allegory

No. 240640

File: 1663693276563.jpg (577.25 KB, 1352x2048, 20220920_105438.jpg)

Obviously not as blatantly bad as the other art posted in this thread and I know most people might not agree with me, but to me this is the definition of kitsch art. The mediocre anatomy + too much rendering + sparkly glitter all over the place makes me nauseous. Very cheap looking and cluttered, I feel like the artwork doesn't leave much room to breathe

No. 240643

this is the consequence of forcing artist to have completed artworks over artworks that actually abide by the rules of aesthetics and negative spacing. if they let the background empty it would just be seen as “unfinished” by brainlets

No. 240654

Birdie's art sucks ass and I'll never understand the appeal

No. 240660

I agree, I hate the over cluttered over rendered anime girl drawings. My eyes just glaze over, it's so forgettable in the sea of the internet. It's unfortunate too, these artists have a lot of skill, but their ideas are boring.

No. 240667

This is what Sakimichan's art always looked like to me even when she was supposedly good, I never understood the appeal.

No. 240669

why are they so…. rubbery looking?? I guess all the over-rendering and sparkles are to help hide the crappy anatomy

No. 240681

File: 1663703702032.png (248.27 KB, 1280x720, 1E7293FE-8EF6-472B-BD43-D3C35C…)

No. 240683

fuck off this is good

No. 240684

a masterpiece

No. 240686

File: 1663704288568.jpeg (855.15 KB, 1000x1333, WHY.jpeg)

No. 240687

It’s me

No. 240688

And also a terrible person, weren't there grooming allegations spreading around of her?

No. 240689

I thought this was a really cool embroidery for a second.

No. 240692

File: 1663704730277.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1058x1496, W.jpeg)

No. 240700

this is making me cry from laughing so hard

No. 240702


No. 240708

File: 1663706430975.jpeg (146.64 KB, 768x1024, helpme.jpeg)

more ken penders art, im not sorry

No. 240734

I've read this before, it's actually pretty cool. Too bad the author had to troon out.

No. 240751

File: 1663713450767.png (20.22 KB, 83x101, uncanny.png)

well shit i didn't realize until after posting this that the one guy from another ken penders work is in that space suit.

No. 240753

The girl on the right has a tiny thigh and a massive shin. I think they were attempting to foreshorten her leg and fucked up lmao

No. 240759

File: 1663715123092.png (162.97 KB, 417x408, image_2022-09-21_090518417.png)

No. 240762

dog mountain

No. 240782

File: 1663721099858.png (554.24 KB, 900x654, bcjduhgcvjiwhrg.png)

praise our father, the lord, jesus the hedgehog.

No. 240785

We’re back to the generic genzoman swirl backgrounds and overly sparkly 2000s anime art

No. 240789

Bump for porn spam

No. 240833

looks more like moses the hedgehog. or abraham the hedgehog

No. 240894

Ugly as sin but I love it, naive art that belongs to a museum

No. 240910

my bad, I didn’t notice that

No. 240915

I meant the pic I posted lol.

No. 240942

I kind of like it but I kind of don't

No. 240953

File: 1663772917052.png (1.95 MB, 2000x2000, 3yolhzu0b6p91.png)

Not a very hard challenge but can you guess the character?

No. 240955

Bayonetta should materialize herself in our world and sue whoever created this abomination.

No. 240995

Thought it was that riddler woman i always see nonnies posting about.

No. 240997

>Riddler woman

No. 241023

File: 1663788129761.jpeg (725.39 KB, 2048x2048, 9F11254B-1CED-4542-918A-E20C5F…)

art made by troons needs its own separate thread tbh

No. 241039

The background room almost made me gag.

No. 241041

File: 1663792018630.jpeg (916.82 KB, 3000x3000, 6976FC3A-F77B-4AB2-BC0E-D5DCED…)

Who did her top surgery? Edward Scissorhands?

No. 241046

Wait kek isn't this the kid that used to do the Hamilton animatics?

No. 241048

Yeah this is. She went from worshipping the ground Lin walks on to becoming Lin’s biggest a-log.

No. 241049

comic does not belong in this thread

No. 241059

Why does she hate him now?

No. 241063

It's so weird I can still tell this drawing is female even after trying to make it a ftm

No. 241068

I'm going to be that person but despite the "I'm mentally unwell and deranged" vibe to her art I actually think she's pretty good at her niche. I like the way she made those eyes it looks wild and cool. But knowing she's a degenerate that trooned out sours this shit to me so much, why can't there be cool unhinged women (that aren't transified creeps like her) making interesting art anymore?

No. 241071

that’s because ftms are female, anon.

No. 241072

greasy adult men will really see a cute lesbian cartoon deer girl and think "shes just like me fr"

No. 241084

>cryptid worm
what a painfully female username

No. 241087

File: 1663802744093.jpg (Spoiler Image,955.67 KB, 1728x2208, 20210521_Di-Moo-Trescu_dcr.jpg)

Artist is an MtF in his forties

No. 241106


No. 241111

File: 1663806277113.jpeg (66.62 KB, 442x401, images - 2022-09-22T122244.254…)

If you like this style of art as well as embroidery you should check out the opus angelicum style of embroidery! it's my favorite style and we're lucky to have so many extant examples, like this gem kek

No. 241127

File: 1663812029263.jpeg (577.92 KB, 1169x2110, EDA5AD7B-C07A-49BF-A35C-D57419…)

Someone in the comments said this shit looks like it’s from a “How to Draw Anime” book from like 2001. Kek

No. 241131

Shitty clipart

No. 241132

File: 1663812716628.jpeg (279.51 KB, 828x951, 4DDA7FE3-9CA0-45AF-8E7A-639BA5…)

No. 241136

File: 1663813778461.png (496.18 KB, 540x407, otaku room.png)

I edited this for no reason

No. 241137

no fuckin way, the teevee one or whatever?

No. 241139

Looks more normal good job

No. 241180

thanks for the tip! That looks like a highly confused thumbs up to the right lol

No. 241217

Omg I recognize this artist. Her NSFW works are terrifying (not posting cause no porn).

No. 241227

Probably because it's cool to hate him now and he got cancelled on tumblr/twitter

No. 241258

What happened?

No. 241260

He got officially cancelled for not casting dark skinned people for the film adaptation of In the Heights (movie was a piece of shit anyway) but cryptidw00rm has hated him years before the whole movie fiasco so idk what he did before. I'm sure the twitter mob gave her even more fuel to a-log though.

No. 241263

File: 1663862499869.png (483.17 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20220922-115855-053…)

No. 241277

I think in the past I've seen him appear on one of these threads, but I am not complaining. Liefeld is a must for these threads. His art is a gem in the worst way possible.

No. 241306

File: 1663869499354.jpg (91.32 KB, 1050x1050, FdDL6SKXwAE4Ncr.jpg)

this rocks but the fucking tiny waist is killing me, with her proportions i doubt the waist could handle it but oh well

No. 241335

File: 1663872085305.jpeg (728.31 KB, 1200x962, 418C4A40-AB26-4C24-8CD2-F212D7…)

Harry Potter Mpreg shit

No. 241357

kek, look at the baby's face.

No. 241363

File: 1663876841087.jpeg (Spoiler Image,446.2 KB, 2048x2048, E56980C7-9BCC-4CAA-9594-50A0D0…)

This isn’t as bad as the shit posted here though still hideous. Not porn but spoilered for boobs.

No. 241377

File: 1663880693002.jpeg (185.25 KB, 1200x1440, 353F1DC0-F31D-4C33-BBE5-DCDDD1…)

I know splatoon characters were ugly but this is just horrendous

No. 241383

File: 1663882741019.png (477.76 KB, 576x612, 1663707560030.png)

No. 241384

i like this

No. 241391

I kind of do too, some of it could be fixed like her face

No. 241400

I fucking hate Splatoon's designs but it looks strangely good to me, no idea why.

No. 241415

File: 1663890953642.jpeg (558.56 KB, 2048x2048, FDE4B264-42D9-49A5-82E5-6D65D8…)

No. 241422

This artist draws women only with tiny waists.

No. 241425

is that a tranny?

No. 241429

This should be put on a terrible fetish art museum.

No. 241430

Patrick wouldn't say that

No. 241440

Apart from homo vibe i literally find nothing wrong with this

No. 241459

File: 1663908455878.jpeg (99.57 KB, 828x1026, F58391D9-E6FD-4F33-944F-1C96D7…)

>is normal

No. 241474

File: 1663912754518.jpg (644.25 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20220923_075014.jpg)

No so much "bad" in terms of quality, but it annoys me so much that grown ass adults like this knowingly provide free sexual grooming content on apps aimed specifically at kids. It's literally the kind of image pedos use to make kids think touching them sexually is just cute fun and games

No. 241482

This is so gross

No. 241487

>"Hehe drawing things getting fucked in the ass by dicks and posting it for kids to see is so fun and quirky"
If I didn't know better I'd think this was made by a troon, but the hand looks pretty feminine.

No. 241493

I thought it was drawn by an Aiden at first because they have this weird obsession with bunnies

No. 241496

>this abtist
That R bothers me more than the zippertitting

No. 241497

I'm especially disgusted by the first picture where the small bunny is performing oral sex on the big one. It actually looks like a child and adult since all the other bunnies are roughly the same size

No. 241511

I'm convinced this person has actual pedo tendencies and think that's normal

No. 241518

It's not particularly bad but it feels extremely arrogant when fans make characters look uglier and weirder than they actually are.
Not sure why it feels this way though.

No. 241526

I was thinking the same. Taking cute innocent characters and drawing then in sexual scenarios is pedo and sexpest behaviour anyway.

No. 241579

Grooming material. Kill

No. 241592

Ew looks like a less grotesque version of that strawberry troon’s art.

No. 241596


No. 241602

File: 1663946028151.png (196.67 KB, 500x560, tumblr_b465bc1ea682f56faf83a6e…)

Lmao like picrel? This is apparently supposed to be Karkat, by the way.

No. 241670

File: 1663956454525.jpeg (312.02 KB, 1170x1593, 6C674B83-3997-49A5-AACD-25EAA8…)

?????? How

No. 241676

>”This artist is normal”
>chopped off tit scars

No. 241677

File: 1663957491810.jpg (979.01 KB, 2048x2048, 20220923_111718.jpg)

No. 241680

File: 1663958536606.jpeg (83.9 KB, 1024x1024, E119E34B-64CF-4949-878E-2F13C5…)

why do you guys post ironic art in here? are you autistic or what? can’t pick up jokes?

No. 241681

This man certainly doesn’t have strange material on the hard drives of computers (no FBI certainly you shouldn’t of to this man’s house and seize all his possessions and arrest him surely)

No. 241683

The eye is wonky as hell tho lmfao

No. 241684

that’s what makes it funnier

No. 241685

>Children like to make dick jokes. This means that I, an adult, should be allowed to post sexual content on a social media that is used by minors
This person sounds like a pedo/pedo apologist

No. 241718

File: 1663965049676.png (551.41 KB, 623x941, sexy droopy turtles.png)

fear of karmic retribution is the only thing that prevents me from maxing out these threads with stuff I find on tapas

No. 241720

File: 1663965463309.png (740.51 KB, 1080x1255, chesty.png)

No. 241721

File: 1663965613305.png (514.27 KB, 1080x1472, reaching creature.png)

No. 241722

File: 1663965810379.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1850, EAR.png)

>when you see it

No. 241723

self published fujo comic ?

No. 241731

Not any specific pic but I hate when you google fanart for a female anime character and 90% of the hits are some creatures that look like some exaggerated sexdoll from a cheap porn comic. They are usually drawn by male artists that give them tits and asses three times the size of their head and the characters they have nothing in common with their canon designs anymore.

I guess I should be happy that I am mostly into male characters. It's bizarre how accurate artists are drawing them and how shitty the women are drawn. One series I like has top tier art for the men and shit tier westernized art for the women that make you wonder if the artists have even watched the series.

No. 241783

File: 1663985266983.jpg (Spoiler Image,274.99 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20220923-210559_Ins…)

No. 241789

I’m actually speechless.

No. 241790

who tf is the artist ??

No. 241792

File: 1663987171858.png (707.63 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_20220809-000637-081…)

No. 241794

people just exaggerate one thing and call it an art style kek

No. 241795

I thought the scar on his nose was his mouth at first

No. 241796

this is the embodiment of evil

No. 241797

This looks like a parody of that TIF art style that I hate but sadly it's serious

No. 241799

File: 1663990605016.jpg (544.87 KB, 2000x2048, 54601376_OnlqsahYq.jpg)

No. 241812

Sleep paralysis demon. What is WRONG mentally with this artist? It's like horrifying pin up of a "realistic" Splatoon character!

I like the eyes only

Is this a trace of Nicki Minaj and some humanized versions of the wedge shaped under door stoppers?

No. 241816

can I ask what driving this "trend" aren't the trolls shown to be nothing more then grey skinned humanoids with horns

No. 241817

Pretty cool style ngl, sucks that it's furry shit.

No. 241819

The fur texture on the face makes me uncomfortable for some reason but other than that I think this is neat. Would be curious to see what this persons art looks like in a few years tbh

No. 241829

she uploaded it to youtube too

No. 241832

File: 1664007786539.png (1.03 MB, 1000x949, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 4.41…)

this is also not the first time she draws this
I wish she didn't subject kids to these 18+ drawings. Like, she has other cutesy drawings that children could like, why have a video with bunnies doing sex in between that? she has normal drawings on her youtube shorts too meaning she also uploaded other drawings to tiktok and then subjected kids to this stuff willingly

No. 241843

There are two reasons. First, you get idiots who think that the trolls don't look sci-fi or alien enough, basically. Trolls and humans are so similar because one created the universe of the other, and also because they're loosely inspired visually by Howie Mandel's character in Little Monsters. They literally have the same celebrities and movies humans do. Not sure why people think it's such a stretch for trolls to look human.

Second, the Homestuck fandom is the progenitor of the woke headcanon contest, where everybody tries to outdo each other with how unique and diverse their headcanons are. In order to stand out, people feel obliged to make all the characters as fugly as possible regardless of how much sense it makes in the context of the story. Ironically, the result is fanart becoming homogeneous again, because now everybody draws that way.

No. 241849

it looks like the inbred character from Midsommar

No. 241861

prince charles????

No. 241881

*King Charles

No. 241922

nona what the fuck? it looks wonky as hell, doesnt matter if its ironic

No. 241930

Justice for Noelle, thanks nonny

No. 241933

kek only a pedophile would wear this out in public

No. 241939

I think anon just means there's a difference between art that's trying to look good but is wonky and stuff like that which is wonky on purpose.

No. 241967

File: 1664051767071.jpg (180.44 KB, 1200x978, tumblr_6fba348fe7cc7b3a41fc5a3…)

Has Rosalarian ever been talked about here?
>made a (in my opinion) very nice and interesting slice of life turned fantasy adventure comic about realizing you're a lesbian in the early 2000's
>always kinda cringe but big voice about female sexuality and lesbianism in general
>bounced around drawing porn and odd jobs for like 2 decades
>weird tumblr post about her titty art being found at a crime scene
>starts dating a scrote
>now "nonbinary trans masc"
>still totally a lesbian tho
>bitches that her comic about getting her tubes tied is getting tagged as "womens health"
>comics all paywalled but the previews look like this

No. 241975

File: 1664052221400.jpg (149.16 KB, 500x1168, woman-dresses-wardrobe-malfunc…)

looked her up, she seems like an insufferable libfem and yeah her art it awful

No. 241981

She has a point

No. 241988

Lol she censored the nipples, fucking prude.

No. 241991

lol no

No. 241999

This is so reductive and vapid

No. 242003

File: 1664056127248.jpeg (451.88 KB, 1200x1510, B1E8D814-37CB-4F64-A7E9-1C7D9E…)

Anyone remember this comic? It was longer, and it featured her masturbating at one point I think.

No. 242004

Never seen this. Don't like the artstyle but this page has a point. I always hate it when some men (usually from the US) assume that women cannot be lonely and friendless. I don't know if everybody in the US is that fucking social, but almost every person I ever got along with with, men and women, were pretty alone and barely had friends, same as me. If you are weird, come off as apathetic or are socially awkward then nobody will care about you it doesn't matter what your sex is, but incels whine louder about this and believe they were the only ones suffering from that fate.

No. 242005

Okay then, tell us what's the point she has.

No. 242007

I think anon means that telling others how to dress is shit. But if I understand other anons right it's an exaggeration of some sort. Not sure. I have honestly horrible experiences with feminist so I avoid them like the plague, most of those I saw talking were legit misogynist in my opinion.

No. 242008

File: 1664057203033.jpeg (182.58 KB, 677x397, 3CA79857-2AFE-4B8F-A9A2-0C66F6…)

I found the full thing, it’s Everyone is in Love Except Me by Gina Wynbrandt. Couldn’t remember the title or author at first, just that she was sympathetic to Elliot Rodger in some of these panels, and her art was traced

No. 242010

This is so true, even feminists especially some radfems like policing women for what they wear, they hide it behind “helping” other women because they are indoctrinated by the patriarchy. Even in a space where you think you’re appreciated you are not, you will never win with other people including these women who are starting to be extremely aggressive and unforgiving towards sex workers and women who wear promiscuous clothes.

No. 242014

She presents herself in the worst light in the comic, I think it's part of the humor

No. 242016

I like the term that refers to that divide

No. 242018

Not defending the artist but its obvious from the artifacting that the red squares werent on the original image.

No. 242022

Is it even supposed to be read as sympathy towards ER?

No. 242023

Stfu nobody cares

No. 242024

>sex workers

No. 242030

Yeah, she compares how lonely they both felt, up until she considers how violent he ended up being

No. 242031

File: 1664061093492.jpg (135.4 KB, 1280x1255, B3_Blade_009_Orange_Tiger__687…)

No. 242033

File: 1664061497934.jpeg (208.58 KB, 1313x1200, B4559743-8AF5-49E2-92DC-2E5F55…)

Anyway here's some ugly art from the pixie thread

No. 242038

It's ugly but whoever drew it really got her face right kek

No. 242046

I have bad experiences with them being a moody tomboy. Most of them I met are exactly the same, married, housewives, usually around 40yo, either they have kids or they are plagues by a variety of mental illnesses and they hate every woman that isn't exactly like them and will search for reason to attack them for it (but pretend it was for woke reasons).
I was also banned from more than one discord because they thought I was lying about my gender because I said "shit" too often, prefer meat, folk and fuck knows what else that is headcanon'ed being a man-only thing by them. It's the same as the super woke people today. You should always be suspicious of someone that praises themselves for being some progressive hero. The real progressives don't brag with this.(no1curr)

No. 242048

File: 1664064372651.png (1.06 MB, 1780x2255, 45240907_dMNrlZQXo.png)

No. 242049

Please don’t tell me the artist is kittydog, her animations and songs are garbage.

No. 242050

File: 1664065128516.png (2.57 MB, 1640x2360, 50832829_XnIktyminj7mnNx.png)

Yes it is, it's funny because she could totally make better artworks but it's like she has brain damage or something and is unable to.

No. 242051

Yea that checks out

No. 242053

I’ve actually once tried to listen one of her songs (it’s called outcast for you nonnas asking) and I clicked off 50 seconds in.

No. 242054

can you not blog in the bad art thread? There are a dozen other better places for this

No. 242056

She somehow improved a little bit in that regard with her new songs but her art remains stagnant as always.

No. 242057

Shut up

No. 242059

nta but there is so many threads that splintered off that are extremely similar to one another bc of tiny diversions being pegged as unwanted that it gets a bit annoying. maybe half the thread doing it would be more a problem.

No. 242065

Do I imagine things or are furry artists generally the worst? There are surely some good artists among them but I swear whenever I see some really horrible art and look up who was drawing it it turns out to be a furry and most furry art is atrocious too, and not (just) because it's furry.

No. 242075

wtf, gross.

No. 242076

I'm a tomboy too and I think you're an nlog retard that deserves to be shat on.

No. 242077

She should just use the vent thread, easy. No one cares about how much she loves elliot rogers.

No. 242089

Not even joking this person should not be allowed near kids. Probably have cp on their hard drive

No. 242090

not defending tifs but its clearly ironic. kind of like those "im soooo normal right now so normal" memes with crying imagery that get used in vent threads, not to mention the face.
unless you're also being ironic then sorry kek i didnt mean to sound patronizing if i have. i have autism so i cant tell my bad

No. 242115

Both women are dressing not based on comfort, but on kowtowing to male preferences. The left one was indoctrinated to believe that it's empowering to reduce herself to an object of male desire. The right one was indoctrinated into hiding her body lest it corrupt men.

I don't think it's necessarily fair to criticize the women for it, though. Men are the ones doing the indoctrination, controlling the beauty industry, etc. The outfits are a symptom of a much larger problem caused by systemic misogyny.

No. 242132

File: 1664094948482.jpeg (368.81 KB, 1600x1600, E65DC036-4874-4150-911F-594803…)

This feels like looking at one of those pics where you have to unfocus your eyes for it to turn 3D

No. 242139

>still shades the skirt better than i do

No. 242160

File: 1664105496645.jpg (186.92 KB, 1440x918, southpauzart.jpg)

My only nitpick with this artist is the retarded faces she sometimes draws.

No. 242161

>my only nitpick
anon this is hideous

No. 242162

File: 1664106207014.png (91.78 KB, 238x252, skirt.png)

Took a small screenshot of the skirt so we can learn from it nonny, their method seems relatively easy

No. 242163

Try posting this in the bad short comics thread

No. 242165

I actually really like the art style, and I don't mind the comic either

No. 242171

I love it, bought the whole book. The only bad thing was her lust for underage Justin Bieber lol

No. 242183

This is not a skirt, anons, are you blind?

No. 242200

thank you for that link, nonnie

No. 242205

Nta but yeah, those are some ugly ass leathery bike shorts.

No. 242261

File: 1664128100839.png (Spoiler Image,134.89 KB, 2048x2048, 17B05D9A-854C-4752-95A4-2F9D13…)

Sorry for porn I’m just perplexed at this.

No. 242290

kek as if stripper outfits and burkas exist in a vaccuum

No. 242329

FINALLY someone posted this garbage, thank u

No. 242353

I'm really perplexed too nonny

No. 242371

I don’t like her art but I’ll give her credit for being the least annoying of the american twitter artist sphere >>>/snow/1387114

No. 242392

File: 1664152521180.jpeg (247.6 KB, 1080x1332, 357775DC-EEC9-428E-AEB9-ABDF84…)

Found this on my fyp

No. 242393

File: 1664152686115.jpeg (26.66 KB, 180x180, 50273B2B-3D81-4AF1-A5CC-E8B902…)

This face shall haunt your dreams.

No. 242396

File: 1664153813751.jpeg (255.65 KB, 1080x1332, 9309E0C8-3C44-4184-AD73-117EB2…)

There’s more lmao

No. 242491

Calling it now Megan Rose Ruiz is a pedophile and/or pedo-apologist, she probably thinks little kids drawing "little peens" is exciting in ways she won't admit

No. 242492

This isn't even bad, it's cute.

No. 242499

File: 1664184830798.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.99 KB, 1080x1441, 101494109_p1.jpg)

My pixiv algorithm is already ruined, so here. Idia and Azul deserve better gender bends

No. 242532

is it because she's fat LOL this is fine

No. 242534

File: 1664192957204.jpg (2.69 MB, 1920x1920, 1651241010665.jpg)

oh nonna, it could be worse. Much worse.

No. 242551

I think this one is cute.

No. 242555

This art is cute. I like their style

No. 242557

File: 1664202522346.jpg (38.29 KB, 225x350, 417859.jpg)

The Albino one looks like Tsukki from Haikyuu

No. 242575

Looks half-assed and done for likes. The artist probably only knows how to draw faces— look at the trunk legs that are basically just straight lines.

Seems like a newer artist trying to improve their skills though, so i won’t judge them too harshly. Unless these are moid drawings

No. 242580

las criaturas

No. 242582

I just realized these are pokemon gijinkas. These are so ugly.

No. 242610

I would have no problem with this if she was drawing for adults only. Having cute characters in adult situations isn't a new idea, Happy Tree Friends was doing it over 10yrs ago. But mixing nsfw art with your normal art (that appeals to children) is a red flag. If you are marketing your art to a general audience, you can't post porn. Deal with it.

Not as extreme, but Kasey Golden gives off those same vibes. Her art style is childish and immature looking, but then she draws naked people, pubic hair, boobs and butts in that style. It's just creepy.

No. 242748

File: 1664244094535.jpeg (199.3 KB, 1280x720, idk.jpeg)

No longer able to tolerate the incessant barking, Charlie the Chipmunk used a band-aid to tape Sheba the Sheepdog's mouth shut before posing with her on the picnic table.
- Museum of Bad Art

No. 242749

Love it

No. 242752

File: 1664246180010.jpg (466.62 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20220926_223540_Chr…)

Fuck you, this is perfect

No. 242771

This dog reminds me of Twinkie Starr.

No. 242780

how many watermarks do you need?

No. 242808

Anon this is the wrong thread, this is supposed to be for bad art not godtier

No. 242818

File: 1664265965854.jpg (280.99 KB, 719x959, 20220927_092202.jpg)

This popped up in my Twitter feed and immediately something about the eyes, nose, and mouth made me feel weird. Especially the eyes. I think simple eyes don't work well unless the whole character is simple ot just looks eerie or lazy otherwise

No. 242821

I kinda see what you mean. I kind of like it but I think some of the drawing should be more or less simplified like you said

No. 242822

File: 1664267466363.png (5.9 MB, 1242x2208, B39F05CB-3959-47BE-A522-C68134…)

I’m crying the artist found the thread >>242392

No. 242824

Exactly this. She knows fully well her art appeals to kids and that this would be seen by kids. She literally excused it by saying kids love "little peens", meaning she was aware and intentionally posted it for kids to see, on the most kid friendly and popular apps. She is fine with and is knowingly being a pedo-enabler and helping them groom kids. She is despicable.

No. 242826

serving Tintin vibes

No. 242829

eh well good for her?

No. 242831

Aww well if she isn’t being sarcastic good for her to try and improve her art. How do people keep finding lolcor though

No. 242834

this is so wrong

No. 242835

she seems nice. i actually think her drawings are cute

No. 242847

I hope she keeps drawing cute fat girls tbh. It's rare to see them outside of either fetish art or stuff made for woke points that maxxes out all the flaws and looks like a caricature.

I haven't used a tutorial or taken a class in years so maybe it's better now, but female anatomy related stuff often teaches you how to pander to scrotes more than anything, so hopefully she won't get corrupted and end up giving everyone hentai proportions/making everyone skinny.

No. 242853

I would with my husbando tbh

No. 242855

get better taste lmao

No. 242856

Nah this is a cute

No. 242860

File: 1664276922430.png (979.71 KB, 858x1010, nope.png)

>But mixing nsfw art with your normal art (that appeals to children) is a red flag.
this is exactly my same problem with it. She draws more normal stuff like picrel in between drawings of naked bunnies, it's very off-putting. As an artist you should always be aware of who your audience is. She should stick to the cutesy appropiate for all ages drawings and not subject kids to sexual content. At least putting a +18 disclaimer should be fucking obvious but the fact that she willingly does this shit for kids to see is just… gross.
>She literally excused it by saying kids love "little peens", meaning she was aware and intentionally posted it for kids to see
That's just so fucked up.

Someone bought her original bunny print and I also find that super fucked up.

No. 242861

File: 1664277140996.png (430.61 KB, 1026x534, nope.png)

also, she's now selling the "bunnysutra" drawing as a t-shirt.

No. 242863

File: 1664277471226.png (969.39 KB, 1146x609, megan.png)

holy shit. She works for the kiddie animation industry. Wtf.
>Although it has been suggested to her many times, Megan has refused to change the feminine, youthful, and charming characteristics of her work.
>Megan’s past clients include Illumination Entertainment, DreamWorks Feature and Television Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Sesame Workshop

No. 242866

I agree with other anons that it's inappropriate to mix NSFW and SFW art but come on, children animation is the biggest, most profitable industry for animators, it's ridiculous to expect them all to live sterile lives just because of their client's target audiences

No. 242868

anon that megan person is probably a pedo or has pedo tendencies and they're making kid's content

No. 242881

Ayrt I think part of it is that her hands are relatively detailed them her eyes are sheets of flesh stretched over her eye sockets with lines over it

No. 242893

File: 1664288330685.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1080x1489, E9C06A17-267E-4337-BC11-323E45…)

No. 242897

The artist wasn't mentioned here by name, and I didn't get this thread in results when searching by images posted above. Kinda weird ngl.

No. 242900

maybe she or a friend of hers is a farmer

No. 242918

she said a fan told her In one of her comment sections.

No. 242919

this is really cute though…

No. 242942

you're an idiot

No. 242958

I honestly feel like it's bait with tweet being shown with the pic.

No. 242970

nta, but why? I love art like that though it technically belongs.

No. 242971

everyone knows about chris chan and posting his shit here is pretty pointless

No. 242986

Does it have to be a new artist every time though? Seems a bit weird to demand constant novelty from people like that.

No. 242997

Maybe she reverse image search it

No. 243005

If she's still here, I hope she doesn't get discouraged, I agree with the others thinking that the girls were cute. Every artist can always work on their anatomy, but hers wasn't really that bad and the faces are cute. The biggest places that I think needed improvement were the colors and the backgrounds, some of the colors were too clashy and saturated and the bgs felt like afterthoughts. Doing more studies on bodies in different poses (other than straight forward standing shots) along with spending more time on the environments would help improve what she has a lot.

No. 243035

uh, yeah? it's the equivalent of posting pixyteri in a "bad cosplay" thread. we already know and have seen it from them

No. 243059

sry this post is like 8 days old, but I recently met the artist at a comic meet and they were so fucking rude.

No. 243065

Tell us more

No. 243069

Having a history or being known shouldn't mean people shouldn't post it or about it.

No. 243072

Aw, I feel bad. I didn't comment on that drawing but I don't think any of us here actually want most of these artists to see this thread (unless they're cows).

No. 243083

details please

chris chan has a whole ass thread, go talk about him there

No. 243084

It's still bad art so it isn't like it doesn't belong here, so…

No. 243093

ok newfag

No. 243116

This isn't bait and it's not cute. My gripe with this is the eyes, I hate simplistic eyes that use skin as the eyeball it's just so creepy and ugly. The rest of the picture is fine it's literally the eyes (and to a lesser extent the nose and mouth) that ruin it

No. 243119

nah i hate that too, i dont think its bad/hideous but the eyes def ruin an otherwise fine piece

No. 243121

File: 1664337650511.jpg (101.54 KB, 1280x1009, tumblr_f151546992439a1a1938cd6…)

posted on tumblr by some moid in the tags for a childrens show. disgusting.

No. 243122

i want to a-log whoever made this drawing.

No. 243125

kek you can see the struggle that went into every line of this

No. 243213

Why they all draw like this? I swear around 2012 I knew a few girls on tumblr with the exact same style

No. 243216

I think people stopped putting effort into their art skills once they realised that including a fictional character + pride flag is enough to get recognition from their peers and followers.

No. 243228

File: 1664376871748.jpeg (63.92 KB, 750x695, F1E2829E-8854-43B6-B8EA-BDA46F…)

No. 243236

Nonnas and their husbandos

No. 243238


….nonna….thats a pedophile pride flag in the art….

No. 243241

No. 243242

Wrong thread, this is a masterpiece.

No. 243258

can you retards stop posting drawings that are purposefully ridiculous

No. 243260

No. 243262

No don't stop I love them, it's like a nice cleanser after some of the horrors that get posted here

No. 243264

no, those are the best drawings in bad art threads. it's better than the disgusting porn posts

No. 243292

I think they belong here, it's people who are good at art making bad art decisions on purpose and not just about beginners making mistakes

No. 243293

agreeing with the others, spill the tea nona!

No. 243294

How does she sleep at night knowing pedos fund her life, just ewww

seconding with the other anon, no one is expecting her to live a sterile life but we all expect her to not actively and knowingly produce and provide pedophilic content to children

No. 243314

File: 1664400197938.jpeg (220.96 KB, 1199x863, E4C28C6D-A90C-4CEB-867E-56840A…)

I usually like this artist’s work but the second one is sending me

No. 243331

there is no way unless someone cowtipped this to her. you newfags are pathetic kek

No. 243336

Maybe she was already a lurker/farmer even?

No. 243338

File: 1664407930019.jpg (1019.94 KB, 1265x1800, Tumblr_l_65155691579688.jpg)

No. 243339

all this sounds like a selfposter trying to distract from the obvious answer. The abnormal "positive" response to having your art insulted on a mysterious imageboard also lends support to this theory.

No. 243349

i mean. it fits the game

No. 243365

I agree, it doesn't fit and it is on the same level of "this again?" as egregious fetish art.

No. 243388

File: 1664436904514.jpg (262.2 KB, 686x775, MLPchobits.jpg)

Was looking for a Chobits wallpaper when I found this.

No. 243394

there's something so 2000s about this style, minus the pony shit

No. 243413

i genuinely love it. soulful and cute.

No. 243449

I love this

No. 243492

It's a blurry mess and the legs look like tumors. Your nostalgia for Chobits is affecting your judgement.

No. 243508

idgaf about chobits hate that scrote show i just like my little ponies which were stylized as large hooved in the past. it looks soulful unpolished like this anyway, would have looked bad clean imo. it looks earnestly made but obviously this is entirely subjective and i do agree it belongs in this thread. i just like it

No. 243542

File: 1664479162309.png (805.32 KB, 1531x2835, tumblr_f3a7188a43dca10b4d73f61…)

No. 243544

With Halloween coming up, she really couldn't just pay for those pumpkins? Smh

No. 243555

File: 1664487444135.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1723, A3A5B099-63D7-410D-A9E0-5437B2…)

No. 243556

This is great wtf are you talking about

No. 243558

Gigastacy vibes

No. 243560

File: 1664489013041.jpeg (205.26 KB, 828x1303, 1A7DEE47-BA35-41B8-A0B9-15273E…)

is it just me or is this person deliberately tracing and making characters off of dead black metal vocalists

No. 243562

Yes, now ask her to make them fuck each other.

No. 243569

No. 243583

based, a masterpiece even

No. 243585

It looks so unanny, so yes, probably traced

No. 243597

File: 1664501857294.jpeg (111.79 KB, 480x800, 9E72759A-4013-4BE4-A405-F553D0…)

It looks more like the older version of the MLP dolls than the actual recent ones

No. 243600

oh gods is that fucking testament

No. 243603

Yes nonna I’m sorry.

No. 243625

Tag yourself, I’m silverglow.

No. 243631

I had several of these when I was a kid. Sunny Daze is the first that springs to mind.

No. 243635

hmm im star song

No. 243637

you just made me nostalgic OP

No. 243639

File: 1664523993012.jpg (166.28 KB, 1584x1225, IMG_20220930_103547.jpg)

I've never seen something as disgusting as roided bara art. Worse when people pretend they like it for "woke" points

No. 243646

Definitely Cupcake, she looks like me

No. 243654

inb4 those totally true and honest heterosexual women that keep shitting up the husbando threads come and yell that WOMEN ARE NOT A MONOLITH

No. 243655

No. 243656

I'll be Island Delight please

Wishing I didn't have eyes rn…

No. 243662

I saw this on Twitter too and the amount of people claiming that gays are better for drawing hairy roided apes is ridiculous. They're just jealous that women can draw very beautiful men better than horny moids. Conveniently they use the now uncommon fujo style to make women look bad while the right drawing is actually closer to how many women draw muscular men now (see korean webtoons and their baloon pecs). Actual gay men would draw ugly bald males with insanely hairy chests and asses or muscles with way more exaggerated proportions.

No. 243679

Star flight is literally me, so I'm literally star flight.

No. 243682

I'm a fujo and neither of these resemble my art style. A more accurate way to describe this would be:
>Left is how a ten year old weeaboo draws
>Right is a cumbrained furry attempting to draw a human
>Aidens draw men like that shitty Dead End Netflix show
>Gay men draw in a variety of styles because they're not a hivemind
>Straight women draw in a variety of different styles because they're not a hivemind

No. 243703

File: 1664555030891.jpeg (253.49 KB, 2048x922, B6C4C4F7-1730-47ED-B87E-D10732…)

Oh god it looks even worse IRL…

No. 243704

front butt?

No. 243711

la creatura
Don't offend Korean fujos. The muscular men they draw are attractive and realistic. Meanwhile men exaggerate the character's physical attributes to an unsettling and comical degree

No. 243725

>The muscular men they draw are attractive and realistic.
That's exactly what I said anon. Minus the realistic maybe, I've seen some shit in korean BL comics.

No. 243727

The fuck is your problem? It's easier to make generalizations about really small groups of people (male furries) than it is to make them about half the human population (straight women.)

No. 243728

That's his balls.

No. 243729

where's the willy then

No. 243733

Anon was wrong, those are actually his stinkditch neovagina lips. All the cute guys are trooning out now. RIP male Testament.

No. 243734

> The muscular men they draw are attractive and realistic.
Does Korean BL look wildly different from all other manhwa?

No. 243740

File: 1664566986013.jpg (205.29 KB, 1822x1303, 20220930_154210.jpg)

How does this have 27k likes? It might be just a nitpick but I fucking hate the shoes and the style

No. 243742

deep condolences to all the Testament husbandofags

No. 243744

Ah, the good ol "I-know-how-to-draw-a-circle" art style.

No. 243745

I've seen them both draw the same horrible shit it's not just female or male stuff

No. 243746

This art style is super overused, but I actually really like this drawing. I like how how the girls have distinct silhouettes while still being pretty. Typically when people use this "cartoonishly overuse shape language" style, they make characters hamplanets, dumbbells, and rectangles. See RCDart for an example of that.

No. 243747

i think it's cute and has character even if it's simple

No. 243753

That's true. Girls are better at making gay media than actual gay scrotes.

No. 243760

I think it's kinda cute. And besides, it's refreshing seeing designs of female characters that aren't generic hyper-sexualized moeblob coomer shit.

No. 243762

No. 243785

This is a million times cuter than the actual eqg art style

No. 243836

shape language is rather well done despite the overuse of the style.

No. 243843

File: 1664588181222.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.99 KB, 2048x1082, E50FE92F-1A5B-421B-B481-710F2C…)

the audacity of this faggot to think he can criticize even the ugliest fujo art when his art looks like this

No. 243845

Yeah I’ll take the beanpole yaoi boys with giant hands

No. 243853

tbf I think he was poking fun at both

No. 243871

File: 1664593559514.jpeg (513.27 KB, 1170x1045, 869FB7CC-4B5C-4D5B-AB57-640C8C…)

Nah he was dissing on fujos

No. 243878

sorry I didn't think anyone could draw something like >>243639 >>243843 and unironically think it's good but not realize how fucking stupid it looks

No. 243882

In conclusion, faggots create abominations drawn with their dicks the same as other male coomers do to women kek the worst 90s yaoi hands will always look 1000x better than the best furry bara

No. 243883

File: 1664595341740.jpeg (146.13 KB, 1249x1500, F7636B5A-5CDD-4D68-9918-5CD4A5…)

Speaking of yaoi

No. 243886

I want this on my wall

No. 243892

File: 1664598158139.jpg (1.01 MB, 849x1200, organless.jpg)

No. 243894

Fags are no different than heterosexual men. Their sexuality is so unabashed, unrefined, fugly and lacks any passion or soul that is only apart of a woman. Men have no souls, fags don’t either, surprise!!!

No. 243896

Can't tell if this is ai art or the artist visualizes the world like its melting

No. 243907


No. 243922

How can that tiny neck support that bigass head? It's usually not very noticeable in most moe art but since she's tilting her head really does look like her neck is gonna snap

No. 243947

I know he's a very popular artist and this might look like a shitpost, but I genuinely think kawacy's art is over-rendered to HELL he's indeed skilled but i sometimes can't even tell what the heck is going on in some of his paintings

No. 243959

9/10 because hands are too small

No. 243960

File: 1664630568398.jpg (798.74 KB, 729x1122, shitty coom art.jpg)

Some shitty coomer comic art. Seriously, why did they emphasize the ribs so much? I can get why scrotes love gigantic mammaries, but why would anyone find ana-tier ribcages appealing?

No. 243965

Even if this is sarcasm I wish I could leave a thumbs up

No. 243966

me walking around the house with my cat

No. 243967

moids are basically ai level "intelligence" tbqh. no originality or honesty or vision (save for a few throughout the entirity of human history). they visually eat things and then shit them out as "new" "art". imo this is why moids kin ai so hard and are obsessed with transhumanism and uploading consciousness, because they themselves are closer to computers than to human beings (women) and thus cant see the impossibility of that

No. 243968

This is an imageboard, why not post an example? I and a lot of other anons probably have no idea who he is.

No. 243975

File: 1664636340274.jpg (138.49 KB, 1024x659, i_see_your_monsters_by_kawacy_…)

I got a severe one for nonna. I hadn't known about this guy until today, but this rendering is as hard on the eyes as full saturation kidcore garbage. Except it's on top of cute or nice anime drawings.

No. 243977

File: 1664636523917.jpg (274.91 KB, 1024x726, dfebdnb-c2ead1c6-3471-48c2-89b…)

This one isn't as severe and it's the most recent afaik. Different lighting and mood, but still strangely harsh to look at.

No. 243981

Yeah it's always very harsh on the eyes. Like he got the skills obviously, his rendering is good but he goes over the top with the lighting to the point you have no idea where to look at. Everything is too fucking busy

No. 243983

File: 1664638302251.jpg (110.82 KB, 1024x643, kawanocy.jpg)

this one is probably the worst, besides burning my retina from distance it looks like AI art

No. 243991

Is this Hazbin Hotel fanart? I can't tell what's going on here.

All the clutter and splotches and bad anatomy really make this look like AI art or photo bashing. I hate the Instagram trend of overusing chromatic aberration effects.

Also I get the strong sense that the roses are photos he applied filters to. That definitely adds to the impression that it's photobashed.

No. 244006

agreed, overused style but still cute and well done. I feel bad for Pinkie always being drawn as the fat one though, if anything she would be skinny with how hyperactive she is

No. 244008

The only thing I see is the bright orange on his… jacket? cape? I can't even tell what he's wearing

No. 244081

She eats nothing but sweets though
With that being said I think twilight being kind of chubby would be cute since she’s a shut in.

No. 244083

i think it would be more tolerable if he had a paper bag on his head

No. 244104

Now that you've shown examples, I just don't see how these are bad enough to be in this thread alongside some of the other horrors here. There's a lot of details between the characters and backgrounds but it's not offensive enough imo.

No. 244112

File: 1664674622022.jpg (372.49 KB, 850x1200, Selvaria.Bles.jpg)

No. 244114

What's wrong ronald-kun? Could it be that youre… craving my mcnuggies?

No. 244116

File: 1664676405239.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)


No. 244118

That is surely an ass

No. 244121

Ngl I saw this on the front page and thought it’d redirect me to the shayna thread kekkkkk

No. 244132

File: 1664680184324.jpeg (261.18 KB, 828x885, 60726797-FB0A-4723-9C63-F46BD8…)

why is Mob doing the Debbie Ryan smolder

No. 244134

Sameface syndrome is strong with this one.

No. 244144

thats the worst Wii U gijinka i ever seen

No. 244147

This challenge really highlights how some "good" artists can't draw shit without being same-facey or anything outside their comfort zone

No. 244148

Also 20 dollars for this artist a tif

No. 244149

File: 1664684636947.png (1.74 MB, 2048x1536, 24950D1F-2BFB-484B-B85B-6558D3…)

This is intentionally ugly because the artist is trying to copy the homestuck art style.

No. 244176

Because over rendered paintings with confusing composition that burn your retina are still bad art? Should we only post fetish art and tumblr cartoons here?

No. 244204

File: 1664705263580.jpg (168.17 KB, 1200x830, FI3jQLPXwAE5nk7.jpeg.jpg)

I can guess that the artist is Aiden (especially by characters)

Thread tax

No. 244205

I was gonna say this looks exactly like drawn by someone I know irl, but all Homestuck fans draw the same, and somehow even worse than the original too

No. 244209

huh, first time I see not only a case of sameface syndrome but also samehair.

No. 244213

when are we finally going to get over this shit trend that characters are only defined by age and special snowflake gender/sexuality.

No. 244232

Just remove all the stuff and flags around the two and it's a cool drawing.

No. 244253

I think you need to raise your standards.

No. 244269

File: 1664730841574.png (1.13 MB, 723x1000, YsEvEbx.png)

the ridiculous thigh gap showed up on my timeline again

No. 244270

File: 1664730908367.png (273.52 KB, 691x708, SJDxxdf.png)

it doesn't even match up with the butt crack at the top

No. 244283

File: 1664734795324.jpeg (271.61 KB, 828x824, 1BC35E36-1519-40D5-824E-8C8F3C…)

No. 244285

They managed to give everyone different traits and still make them all the same

No. 244289

Of all the repulsive and uncanny design choices Katetorias' makes the eyes bother me the most. They're so CREEPY.

Pastels felt clean and soft to me. Aidans turn everything they touch dirty and dingy!

No. 244322

just got done stalking this artist for a bit. she deserves her own thread

No. 244327

No. 244354

I get the strong impression that this artist is one of those obnoxious catty byler fangirls. Also that they're probably a college age woman trying to skinwalk pubescent boys.

Holy shit I've scrolled past this like twelve times but I only just realized it's supposed to be Hiccup and Jack Frost.

Also I dislike that the artist feels the need to announce the characters' mental illnesses like they're the most important thing about them. As a person who actually has OCD and ADHD, I find that incredibly tasteless and a little dehumanizing.

No. 244360

File: 1664752070868.jpeg (309.39 KB, 828x1472, 4ED9CDBE-B3B8-4751-908E-410623…)

small sampling of stuff from her instagram. she posts videos of herself ‘stimming’ and jumping up and down / chewing on baby toys, headcanons every character as trans/autistic, uses neopronouns, etc.

No. 244364

File: 1664752690332.jpeg (63.24 KB, 336x346, 513C8CAC-3BB7-4A2B-B7DB-29B145…)

forgot to include this one

No. 244367

scrolling onto this is a jumpscare jfc

No. 244382


No. 244383

The "autistic" isn't necessary girl. We know

No. 244404

I love this. that's great lol

leave her in the wild to observe!

No. 244468

File: 1664789041742.jpeg (427.77 KB, 2046x2048, 65371211-7100-4F8A-B2FC-DC8368…)

I dont hate most of this, the style is quite cute to me but Twilights face is so ugly it ruins the whole thing (I know its technically meme art but everything else looks so nice that it throws me off)

No. 244482

There's something vaguely coomerish to this but I can't quite point finger to it.

No. 244492

My guesses: the shiny make up with long lashes and the fact that it's messed up from tears. This is a common porn trope so it feels kinda dog whistle-y for that.

No. 244518

Who drew this?

No. 244523

File: 1664810041083.jpeg (156.83 KB, 828x965, 366AA934-F91C-4F74-B4D1-FB0517…)

This one is scaring me actually

No. 244530

She evokes the same level of disgust for me as 60 y/o sissy diaperfags.

No. 244532

Ayrt and yeah exactly, Fluttershy alone would have been funny enough but Twilight is too suspicious for these reasons.

No. 244547

I hate the way these self-diagnosed Twitterfags caricaturize autism with their stupid chew necklaces and stimboards. It's so infantilizing.

Speaking as someone with an actual formal diagnosis, I don't do any of that stupid uwu crap. These asshats think rocking and hand-wringing are so cute, but stims and tics can be self-destructive, like hair pulling and scratching. The social maladjustment that comes with autism isn't ~quirky~, it's frustrating and isolating.

I understand that these people mean well by trying to normalize autism, but they're just turning it into a fashion accessory, another label they collect like Pokemon cards.

No. 244556

Lol it says Will nona. Idk if that means Will Graham or the Stranger Things kid or someone else.

No. 244557

I’m 90% sure this artist has a KF thread. The name sounds so familiar.

No. 244563

Katetorias doesn't have an thread, but his art appeal often in SJW Art thread

No. 244566

fruitofwinter on twit

No. 244567

File: 1664820875538.jpg (86.29 KB, 715x788, media_FBR35xhWYAI6FAw.jpeg.jpg)

Since it's katetorias talk
Here's an Zenistu from Demon Slayer in UwUww Meltdown

No. 244568

File: 1664820914983.jpg (58.59 KB, 671x787, media_FBR35xfXsAE2wIb.jpeg.jpg)

No. 244571

Kek I totally see Zenitsu acting like that if he was a zoomer.

No. 244575

File: 1664823161066.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.08 KB, 800x567, 8BBA84DC-7FB4-4927-B9C1-4B1690…)

Some nostalgia

No. 244576

I love fatties and weight gain(pls no bully), but even I would call their art terrible.

No. 244577

Go back to deviantart

No. 244578

It's ok anon, I still love you

No. 244579

These degenerates should stay away from bishies.

No. 244586

File: 1664824685537.jpeg (353.84 KB, 680x680, E36C3E9B-107C-4478-A712-9DA13B…)

Why does the body hair have to look like that

No. 244600

File: 1664827286781.png (Spoiler Image,400.52 KB, 737x567, Screenshot 2022-10-03 220122.p…)

No. 244603

Twilight's curved horn

No. 244617

what in the actual FUCK

No. 244622

File: 1664834139959.jpeg (613.66 KB, 2048x1966, DB985778-2249-42A1-8FCD-19BA26…)


No. 244625

You can't tell me this isn't racist

No. 244626

File: 1664835598594.png (339.62 KB, 590x597, 1559765910Maui-Moana-Png-Disne…)

My little Maui

No. 244629

Applejack looks like Kronk

No. 244630

This looks racist

No. 244631

Rarity is cute but everyone else is just so bad.

No. 244633

bruh rarity has a goatee

No. 244634

The white goatee ruins it for me imo

No. 244635

Oh boy I have so much I can post here. I'm a part of a bunch of art discords and the amount of shit my eyes have seen is unbelievable

No. 244636

I honestly thought it was just a part of her collar ruffle (that I can't remember the actual name for) since it wouldn't really make since for her to to have a white beard. Looking again, it is probably a goatee.

No. 244637

File: 1664837783196.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221003-185545.png)

This person has been regularly posting their SpongeBob drawing "challange". No one has corrected them on the spelling yet

No. 244639

cursed aura

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure autistic meltdowns don't look like this. I wonder what it's like when she has one…

Zenitsu and Inosuke already sound like giant autists kek they don't need to time travel

No. 244642

This is so cute to me. The naivety is endearing.

No. 244666

File: 1664845611001.jpeg (225.77 KB, 1080x1325, ACBE0AD1-F889-44A1-AB9E-7F5DFB…)

I actually really like how Sharkboy and Lavagirl look here but lmao at Max

No. 244667

Max looks like he's got extra chromosomes, kek.

No. 244668

max looking like he's a repeat offender

No. 244672

Kek this is sad because lavagirl and sharkboy look really good

No. 244687


No. 244719

I didn't wanna say it before but a lot of zoomer art like the mlp girls and the middle-right girl in the threadpic come off like racist caricatures from the past

No. 244722

File: 1664873632949.jpg (557.01 KB, 1703x2786, 123456.jpg)

Saw yet another sakimichan clone and thought it was funny.

No. 244723

thought this was AI art for a sec

No. 244732

Oh they absolutely do and the fact that seemingly none of them have an issue with it is crazy to me. I have no problem with drawing characters as different races, especially ones like ponies as thats part of the fun of humanizing them, but a lot of this type of art seems to say black = exaggerated ugly features (specifically lips and being fat) which is. Well I shouldn't have to explain

No. 244741

Poor Marth, he's melting under the sun like an ice cream.

No. 244744

>that dorito chin
>not even the slightest effort to make the photo in the background look less like a pixelated jpeg
>that signature
checks out. I could look at sakimichan clone art all day its so fucking funny to me

No. 244760

>japanese artists are pro-NFT
>now they're pro-AI art too
something something about the weeb brainrot there

No. 244773

I like her

No. 244784

File: 1664903768482.jpeg (104 KB, 640x863, 933117A6-07D2-408F-85BD-228652…)

No. 244785

Hee Hee!

No. 244790

A masterpiece.

No. 244799

chicken legs

No. 244803

dinosaur arms

No. 244818

File: 1664917347308.jpg (34.21 KB, 888x474, pinhead.jpg)

I know globohomo corporate art is tired and low hanging fruit but this is probably the worst one I've ever seen. The person who made this for the article it was on must be trolling at this point

No. 244819

I think the small head massive limb thing that globohomo does is to minimize the identities or personalities of the drawing so that nobody gets upset. These characters could've been headless and you'd still understand what's going on. And they almost nearly are headless, too.

No. 244822

I just hope they had some fun making this so overly ridiculous, it's usually pretty soul-draining

No. 244834

File: 1664919463848.jpeg (799.45 KB, 2480x3508, 18BAE9A5-87FB-49C8-B571-31D7A0…)

You will not believe who this is supposed to be

No. 244836

No. 244838


No. 244840

this is 100% jerma

No. 244841

This is why you should never pander to troons or joke about cat boys. Isnt jerma also like almost 40 or something? His fans are so delusional and cringe

No. 244853

hold on i kept seeing memes about him but i never realized he's almost 40 holy shit idk what age i had in mind for him but definetly not 37

No. 244858

I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t jerma

No. 244867

These outfits are always so ugly

No. 244923

File: 1664946379814.jpeg (149.41 KB, 828x1019, F85A413A-E9BC-4EF0-BDC2-F03BBF…)

What the fuck happened to her boobs

No. 244926

Those look painful…

No. 244938

File: 1664951114044.jpg (462.57 KB, 1200x1200, 88772109_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 244939

File: 1664951195203.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.66 KB, 3000x4000, FeLIgyZWYAAN83q.jpg)

This one isn't that bad but I can't stop laughing at the face

No. 244943

I hate this with every fiber of my being.

No. 244997

Wait do people actually want to fuck Saul Goodman. I thought it was a joke.

No. 245046

File: 1664992920349.png (117.24 KB, 592x618, shark.png)

splatoon community is wild

No. 245049

If i were a grown ass tax paying ball-having adult man and someone made art of this like me i’d hunt them down and kill them, how are these moids not absolutely humiliated by the baby girlification their fans put them through? i fucking hate this faggot and his retarded fans

No. 245054

File: 1664995899838.jpg (691.27 KB, 2670x1428, swtbwZs15CUlJ.jpg)

this is supposed to be deku(just normal deku) dressed as a femboy, why can't fujo/aydens just call this rule 63, literally no you could tell the difference

No. 245059

Retarded nitpick but this style of dress is easy as fuck to put on even with the cube boobs, literally zip it up in front then turn the bitch around and pull the top up. God men are so retarded at least give her a difficult dress not the most forgiving gown in the universe if you're going with the hurr durr tomboy never see dress excuse

No. 245095

I dont blame him for stopping the community art on brb screens, I just know he hates all 2020 & onwards retard fans kek

No. 245101

File: 1665003646534.jpg (287.83 KB, 1280x1423, tumblr_2183d22556e62ce9f757c40…)

This Pearl looks like a sleep paralysis demon

Take off the weird skin textures and call it an OC and this would be cute

No. 245107

File: 1665004660004.png (2.87 MB, 2048x1701, sdjngjkgjkgr.png)

I know this is far from the worst and most offensive thing about this picture, but it drives me insane when people draw very dark skin but give zero contrast or highlights anywhere so you can't make out any features on their faces. irl, dark skin is very reflective and actually catches strong highlights, but newbie artists think they can just pick any dark color to color fill everything and not adjust any other part of the drawing to make it look good. Even with a cell shaded style like this, adding the slightest bit of highlight like this shitty edit I did in 5 minutes with a trackpad makes it easier to look at. I think part of the problem is also people being afraid of being accused of whitewashing if they add highlights, which is insane because it's actually more accurate to what black people look like irl.

And I didn't notice until I edited it, but Rarity has a beard…

No. 245108

I actually like this. For some reason this reminds me of book illustrations.

No. 245113

I like it too, weird is cool, they're supposed to be aliens after all

No. 245116

ChrisSimpsonsArtist vibes

No. 245132

This is cool actually

No. 245148

File: 1665015176459.jpg (Spoiler Image,294.85 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20221006-080856_Dis…)

No. 245154

Silent Hill remake looking wild

No. 245157

i just dont understand how a game with so much effort put into the worldbuilding has the most unimaginative fans. actually now that i think of it, fans are 99% actual literal children so thats probably the reason.

No. 245165

Splatoon is a children’s game, anon.

No. 245174

Good info thanks anon

No. 245249

Yeah sure, not denying that at all, but you can't deny the insane amount of work done for it art-wise; every big JP artist I follow, pro or not, went nuts when Splatoon 3 was first teased in a Direct ("スプラ3?!"、"いか3?!"). Which is why it's a shame to me when Twittertards and troons wipe that all aside to do this shit >>241377 >>245046 to it.

No. 245356

File: 1665112470090.jpeg (299.44 KB, 2048x1700, BCF93CFF-7A07-417C-989A-E5F05F…)

No. 245358

i swear to got all fujos/aidens have the exact same art style. I keep seeing pics itt and being like "that looks JUST like the way my aiden friend draws" and having to check that my friend actually wasn't the artist

No. 245477

File: 1665161362169.jpeg (386.14 KB, 1640x1450, 1FBF8685-8DC1-4B39-9CCF-C34664…)

new art from our friend glub

No. 245479

straight into the math folder it goes

No. 245528

File: 1665173461930.jpg (734.4 KB, 563x900, 20221007_130216.jpg)

No. 245542

>when you have never seen a human being in your life so you learned to render to compensate

No. 245547

I don't always mind exaggerated proportions, they can work for cartoonish characters and give a good silhouette, but this just disgusting to look at

No. 245548

It's awful just how many children are in the gender cult.
The plaza of Splatoon 3 is chokeful of gender crap clearly drawn or writter by kids, tweens or young teens. It's so sad and fucked up.

No. 245555

And then the other half of them are very clearly drawn by a furry porn artist it's gross (the amount of vore and bara I've seen is disgusting)

No. 245573

File: 1665191574912.png (432.94 KB, 510x680, sewer rat.png)

No. 245649

Is he from that dating sim with the yandere moids?

No. 245675

File: 1665229736923.jpg (99.94 KB, 996x972, bWVkaWEvRmVneUp6M1dRQUEwTFBWLm…)

Guess the character

Hint: you want believe who was supposed to be

No. 245680

it implies men are of the monster category, that's based.
Cringe af epitome of moid gaze though.

for the longest time I couldn't draw properly and a huge part of it is not doing my fundies but also because of how warped anime style just is. I tried to draw over girl drawings in
danbooru and the construction makes no sense.

No. 245684

Is this Kaeya from Genshin impact?

No. 245733

File: 1665256151812.png (568.26 KB, 453x728, Koito_infobox3.png)

The hair is the wrong color but I think it's supposed to be a Golden Kamuy character based off the eyebrows.

No. 245734

File: 1665256295589.png (748.66 KB, 864x728, = D.png)

Can't tell if tranny moobs or tranny boobs

No. 245744

But gender is good
Another hint: an popular shonen

No. 245757

File: 1665261641044.jpeg (20.05 KB, 243x250, 670081DC-CD4A-46E1-8374-374605…)

Is it this motherfucker??

No. 245763

File: 1665263582336.jpg (199.16 KB, 1280x1280, mikeku.jpg)


No. 245764

Miku the amputee?

No. 245784

The character has a mole. I remember some Demon Slayer character with a mole but I forgot who had it.

No. 245787

Wtf is that hand

No. 245793

Kars from JoJo
This is an optical illusion

No. 245798

I thought this was an AI generated abomination

No. 245802

File: 1665281008012.jpeg (91.45 KB, 690x639, 6110451C-4EA3-4151-AC75-E7CAF5…)

No. 245804

File: 1665281157973.jpeg (112.18 KB, 892x621, 446E8AEC-B4D6-4D78-A1E2-95C4B9…)

No. 245806

The fuck does the butterfly next to Shaggy mean? Why do the characters labeled with autism all have weird bug-eyed expressions?

I'm surprised they didn't give Scooby autism and a bunch of weird flags.

No. 245807

Holy shit is that blob on her neck supposed to be a hand? I thought it was a shirt collar at first, Jesus Christ…

No. 245814

kek no that's a different one
apparently the butterfly it's for adhd

No. 245829

File: 1665297572416.jpeg (221.38 KB, 1000x606, 29F630AC-7A97-4109-A3DA-83BF66…)

No. 245834

File: 1665303641779.png (252.44 KB, 572x817, Giyuu_anime_design.png)

Congrats for guessing the anime

And here is answer for a character

No. 245866

me when I say trannies aren’t women and then immediately stick the phone up my vagina on vibrate

No. 245886

you know his person has unconscious bias against black women when they draw us like that and think we are all fat, obese, fat-lipped, fat-nosed abrasive brolic looking people

No. 245890

File: 1665336419585.jpg (216.36 KB, 900x900, 1535403766557.jpg)

It look like what studio AC/BU style would look like if it was tumblrified
Litteraly pic related
Thank you nonna

No. 245892

KEK. Man can anyone with a mouse just become an illustrator for corps now or is there an actual reason for it to look this way?

No. 245913

File: 1665345332250.jpeg (143.17 KB, 1024x935, 49544278-368A-4A5A-B160-6BD732…)

No. 245921

File: 1665347504311.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.92 KB, 1869x2048, 648442D1-E224-41D3-8305-AAC3CF…)

No. 245933

Eugh spoiler this shit anon.

No. 245937

File: 1665351427353.jpeg (173.48 KB, 1537x1285, 855583B9-2616-4567-B898-98AA64…)

Fakeboi yumejos are so milky. Guess who the right character is supposed to be.

No. 245938

that's mac, right? it looks like fat mac.

No. 245940

These will never not be funny wtf. He's a yellow blob they made him into a sexyman?

No. 245946

File: 1665352434935.jpeg (183.79 KB, 1637x890, 864BA5D0-51AA-44C5-A22E-8F020B…)

not sorry danofags

No. 245958

they should make it their next thread pic. or better yet, detransition from the danofaggotry and never make another thread about that ugly fucking man.

No. 245961

not even a danofag but why does this kind of do it for me

No. 245964

He looks like a fat anime girl, maybe you like fat anime girls

No. 245966

No. 245969

you have a tif fetish

No. 245982

Babe please seek psychiatric treatment

No. 245983

It's ok nonna I might not understand but I'll support you

No. 246006

I guffawed, bless you nona

No. 246007

File: 1665379702317.png (2.2 MB, 1280x1422, tumblr_0994293523d5ae1f932bcd9…)

They look like Dean and Castiel from Supernatural

Thread tax Jotaro

No. 246008

time to accept you have a fat fetish

No. 246027

Is it weird that I find female obsession with male butts weird and gross

No. 246037

the way men hold fat on their tiny butts is kind of pathetic looking to me, so I cannot relate to women into manbutts either

No. 246038

How filthy as well. Men need a pressure wash before they can be interacted with.

No. 246053

Glub (the artist) is male not a tif kek

No. 246054

athletic males who are not skellies usually have great asses that i would not call tiny

No. 246192

File: 1665448586007.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.64 KB, 337x401, kjskjskjskjsskj.jpg)

Title: "Catboy shot"
Caption: "Turns out the catboy was to be executed by firing squad"

I don't know why this is making me lose it right now

No. 246193

what did they do to markiplier!!!

No. 246194

File: 1665449061845.png (392.4 KB, 1440x1252, Screen-Shot-2017-09-14-at-2.03…)

Humans are evolutionarily hard-wired to find shapely butts appealing on whichever sex they're attracted to. They're part of why humans have better endurance than most prey animals, and part of how we're able to be entirely bipedal.

Gay men and straight women generally like men with nice butts. It's not rocket science.

No. 246196

File: 1665449382886.jpg (508.71 KB, 1553x2259, FIoI25SVcAEw8s8.jpg)

No. 246197


No. 246232

File: 1665455489184.jpg (493.53 KB, 703x900, 24288235_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246238

Is this supposed to be the Pocahontas villain and a self insert?

No. 246246

Oh god I remember this artist. You couldn’t escape this shit on DA back in the day.

No. 246249

He probably has skid marks.

No. 246257

File: 1665460994049.jpg (58.54 KB, 888x412, wiggins-pocahontas.jpg)

pretty sure it's supposed to be the little twink villain sidekick Wiggins, which makes it both better and worse lmao

No. 246260

What's up with the eyeshadow?

No. 246261

File: 1665462430511.jpg (809.5 KB, 1084x1086, DoC-tracing proof.jpg)

This "artists" traced… badly. Be advised: she's highly reactionary, bible thumper, actually super racist but denies. She just might be the new Disneyfan-01. Has her own super white-christian version of fairy tales that she keeps "improving"

No. 246263

angry scrote

No. 246268

Is she popular? Her art is mediocre, who cares if a literal nobody traces from Disney

No. 246269

Honestly I don't care, I really don't even thing of men's butts when I imagine an attractive guy, I only think an obsession states due to faghaggotry

No. 246270

Popular enough. A true lolcow if there ever was one. I just thought it was funny given her attitude towards how original and one of a kind she thinks she is

No. 246274

Did you not read my post at all? Gay men didn't invent liking butts. I just explained why humans evolved to find butts appealing. It's just a general statement, and there are going to be exception, obviously.

Why are you so obsessed with poop?

No. 246275

Nightmare fuel

No. 246276

Looks like diarrhea with glitter eyeshadow in it

No. 246279

youre the one who asked if it is weird and we are telling you yes, it is weird
also sage your autism

No. 246281

only gay men moids have an obsession with butts, no real straight should be obesseded with asses
I was nta

No. 246282

Are you seriously No-True-Scotman-ing women over liking butts?

No. 246284

File: 1665470697146.png (680.95 KB, 925x1855, tumblr_2de608b36c83700bb1fbbf1…)

On one hand, I don't want to judge this too harshly because the artist said it was a WIP, but good lord, the combination of the oversized nose, puny mouth, and creepily tiny pupils send this straight into the uncanny valley. This is why you measure the features when you're drawing faces, ideally before you start rendering the hell out of everything.

No. 246289

probably one of those retards from /ot saying that everyone who posts muscular men in the husbando thread is a gay moid. ignore

No. 246293

source? kek

No. 246295

nah if anything it's gay moids who think they invented liking men and any kind of attractive man is for their consumption alone. to gay moids and actual faghags any pretty man is a twink, any muscular man is bear/bara, any attractive man is secretly gay and if you dare find this weird you're an evil homophobe. (inb4 fujos not all fujos are faghags, i'd say the actually faghag fujos are all some flavor of aiden now and many faghags aren't even fujos but just sanctimonious pick-mes for the poow oppwessed gays)

No. 246296

No. 246297

Take yer meds.

No. 246298

This. You are right about everything. Thank you for existing nona.

No. 246299

File: 1665478926134.jpeg (458.73 KB, 1471x1468, E3200E10-E582-44F8-B297-95279C…)

Look how they massacred my boys…

No. 246305

Idk the characters but the styles cute tbh.

No. 246320

File: 1665487132260.jpg (152.71 KB, 640x640, R.jpg)

As a fellow Hypmic fan, I'm sorry for your loss.
Cute? Really?

No. 246325

LMAO if you think criticism of hypersexualization and religious demonization of women is about some sort of FASHION POLICING you should be professionally diagnosed as a retard, just like the dumbass bitch who drew that. Miss the point harder.

No. 246327

I agree, the only reason it's hideous is because they're intentionally changing pre-existing characters. but if not for that, if they were ocs the drawing would be cute, for a beginner

No. 246340

even without knowing who the characters are, it looks like it was drawn by a child on deviant art

No. 246354

>"Popular enough"
>102 watchers
>Deviantart account only a month old
This reeks of selfpost.

No. 246424

yeah it's kind of endearing

No. 246437

Always nice to be reminded I'm not the only Hypmic fan that dislikes that kind of art, may you never see the same happen to your fav division

No. 246450

File: 1665520344570.jpeg (459.28 KB, 960x1169, D01065CA-9240-4637-BB9C-733F5F…)

No. 246451

File: 1665520430046.jpeg (1013.82 KB, 960x1189, 7223518E-4ABA-4436-AD04-9D2ACA…)

Asshole lips

No. 246452

I like this. It's ugly, but it's interestingly ugly and I can see what they're going for.

No. 246454

Raise your standards.

No. 246462

Pls this is the loudest example of imitating others and going overboard with trying to make it “their style” out of insecurity but actually revealing self as incompetent bc they clearly don’t know what they’re doing.

No. 246463

File: 1665522277899.png (1013.43 KB, 1024x768, Main_Story_Prologue_Avante_Ful…)

I'm not into Hypmic but I have noticed that many are starting to use similar style when drawing bishounens. It reminds me of A3(picrel). Can't say I'm a fan

No. 246479


No. 246520

File: 1665539064033.jpeg (227.24 KB, 2048x1557, DEFA84DB-A537-4008-81F8-403CC7…)

just bursted out laughing at this and had to share

No. 246522

The wrinkly feet.

No. 246599

No. 246774

source? I kinda like this style

No. 246909

Every time she gets butthurt over someone calling her out for being racist or just simply telling her she's not perfect or a place called deviantart not being 'holy' enough she deactivates and makes a new login. This is just the latest one in a long line of logins with 'dream' and 'angel' in the name

No. 246925

Kind of unrelated but I've seen people throwing shitfits over artists depicting Dice as being slightly more tan than the other characters because "thats racist" when he literally is like one tiny shade darker. Even his nendoroid is slightly more tan than the other boys

No. 246955

Everything looks like glossy plastic lmao

No. 247007

This makes me want to give them LESS rights

No. 247010

how is it racist to draw him as tan im so confused. he's like the only hypmic chatacter even depicted with a tan i swear, hes the closest thing to a poc in the whole cast. then again it always seems to be the worst kind of people who tend to latch onto dice as a 'comfort character' so i can't be too surprised

No. 247011

AYRT I personally think there's nothing wrong w making charas more tan especially not like Dice whos usually drawn a bit darker in canon. I just find it annoying when people completely change a characters race for the sake of being woke if that makes sense. At that point you've changed them so much you could've just made an oc

No. 247025

maybe the "problem" is that other artists don't draw him so dark that his face is invisible kek

No. 247030

File: 1665632398257.png (Spoiler Image,306.67 KB, 680x577, post.png)

Saging this, cause it may go a tad off topic, but I think katetorias could very well have a thread. I'd be willing to bet money she's faking the autism as some sort of fetish. Art tax

No. 247129

they're all Japanese, since when are Japanese people not "poc". if you mean dark skinned then say dark skinned.

No. 247130


No. 247133

>>247130 This person uses neopronouns (prince pronouns, which make no sense) and the character in the art uses "prin/prins/whatever pronouns too, and this person is awkwardly attempting to make it sound normal and not retarded.

No. 247190

Sorry for continuing this retardation but thats something I never got. People get pissed if you change a dark skin character to a different race but that doesn't apply to any other "poc" characters like Japanese? It makes no sense

No. 247196

File: 1665683550338.png (105.5 KB, 235x301, F11CC85F-B605-4D80-A957-01B27E…)

You will not believe who these are supposed to be

No. 247198

File: 1665684017410.png (356.28 KB, 1030x1347, Dat hand.png)

I need to know nona! I hate tropes like jockXcheerleader gf except it's gay or with a hawt omega boigirlfriend~ <3

Men casually wearing women's clothing will never not be absurd especially when it's "normal" and in public.

No. 247200

Looking at the jackets, is it minecraft streamer dream and a friend of his? I don't know anything about dream but that word seems like a big hint

No. 247203

File: 1665684527091.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2000x1365, Fbii6aGUsAE-drz.jpeg)

I hate this artist with my entire soul. Their whole account is full of ugly paint overs of irl pictures but this is a badly made trace of a Lady Dimitrescu fan art.

No. 247205

Take your meds

No. 247207

File: 1665686003956.png (1.97 MB, 1628x1029, 1346898903.png)

Lol no

No. 247209

File: 1665686361010.jpeg (27.31 KB, 211x238, 08D8992D-73B8-4EA5-96CB-D7084B…)

No. 247210

god I hate furfags so much it's unreal

No. 247211

Dream and one of his friends, either Ranboo, or Dan, or Tubby, or DreamsNotFound, idk I'm trying to remember their names off the top of my head.

No. 247218

This game was for women, how the fuck did it get hijacked by furries? But I already kinda hated the art style before because it was too "Western" and I thought it was unfair since Crush Crush (the galge version) had a more appealing style.

They don't count Japanese people as people of color because they're too pale (except that's not always the case but try explaining that to them). It's like they consider them honorary Aryans or something, kek

No. 247231

File: 1665694977950.jpg (77.29 KB, 736x757, e0b30b0ee7f7c14a56b803aee21413…)

It's Dream and Georgenotfound. This looks like Korean yaoi/BL manhwa like Dear Door or something etc

Art tax

No. 247238

Is this supposed to be the astronaut from that lego movie? Pure autism.

No. 247241

>Pure autism.
Quite literally, kek

No. 247246

I will never understand the obsession with this ugly retard and his Minecraft server where he roleplays as himself. A younger cousin tried to explain it to me the other day by saying the story is so ~elaborate~ and I'm still just like… it's some wannabe threater kid putting on a dumb little play in Minecraft. It's literally just a Second Life rp campaign but with shittier graphics.

She compared it to Homestuck but like… at least Homestuck had its own artwork, music, and characters and wasn't just some college drop-out acting out self-insert fanfic in someone else's video game. What's going to get popular next, some faggot streamers roleplaying themselves in Club Penguin?

No. 247270

File: 1665714056286.jpeg (102.18 KB, 1041x768, A233C6CF-B0B1-4718-8FF6-05ACA2…)

The male libido is an enigma

No. 247271

Is this a Tess Holliday mlp crossover?

No. 247278

vendettas are boring

No. 247279

File: 1665717903302.jpg (105.4 KB, 1200x857, 20221013_095113.jpg)

No. 247282

… the lips…….. whhhhyyyy
Also everything else wrong with this shit

No. 247284

Is tihis Bogdanoff twincest?

No. 247285

you hate her because she spoke the truth

No. 247286

they yassified them

No. 247287

Kill it with fire
It's the only way

No. 247291

File: 1665725667161.jpg (172.63 KB, 1024x1404, smith_by_murderinklastresort_d…)

This. There's a huge different between normalization and glorification. It's always a red flag for me when I see an 'autistic' artist constantly talk about or show themselves stimming. Gross n nasty.

Pic is my tax. Art is from my personal cow

No. 247292

>the faces
This is a joke, please tell me this is a joke kek

No. 247296

File: 1665727439140.jpeg (10.95 KB, 128x123, 7B41C20A-49B3-48A1-8AD5-51FC53…)


No. 247303

at first glance I thought his loincloth was his dick

No. 247314

That's the most properly repulsive and fitting thing I've seen in this thread for a while
>Is tihis Bogdanoff twincest?
kekkk anon

No. 247360

In my opinion the whitewashing panic made major harms to art comunity, especially on twitter and Tumblr

No. 247373

File: 1665766286946.jpeg (55.6 KB, 860x680, 5CFD8AED-C92C-4052-974F-FA02C5…)

No. 247381

File: 1665769703644.png (Spoiler Image,3.4 MB, 2893x4092, 2304440.png)

I'm sorry but i have suffered and so will you
Also what is the point of drawing porn in super simplistic style of the original cartoon

No. 247383

File: 1665770014665.png (Spoiler Image,288.17 KB, 503x772, 04bdca65018e9699ede33.png)

It looks like a funny meme pic but it's a fetish

No. 247384

File: 1665770567973.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.09 KB, 588x600, 600x600.jpg)

This ridiculous shit is basically what troondom is

No. 247393

Poor horsie, too fat to get up

No. 247490

File: 1665793366974.png (868.99 KB, 1080x1172, 192043.png)

I can picture a Facebook user mistaking this as an offensive feminist social commentary meme somehow.

You can tell just how tired of bs teachers are when the bad art examples look like this. Finding comments that act like correcting bad anatomy is a personal attack, downgrade or not body positive is fun though.

No. 247491

Some women are built naturally like the left.

No. 247493

File: 1665794402149.jpg (134.43 KB, 1200x857, 20221013_095051.jpg)

It's not, the artist enjoys this stuff
There's the artist https://twitter.com/robinberz?t=uYkAliXVreR_cJWvGj89Og&s=09

No. 247495

No one has a ribcage the size of a football. Take a figure drawing class.

No. 247497

i know the art is bad but i honestly always thought this pairing was fun

No. 247499

Rick is eating a sausage with brocolli, lettuce perhaps, tomato? and mash potatos with peas (weird), meanwhile morty is having two sausages, some tomato(?) some slices of bread i believe, and what looks like chips. Maybe Morty should eat some veggies so he wouldn't have such a dumpy.

No. 247505

File: 1665798137389.png (808.38 KB, 840x1048, Happy Chainsaw Day.png)

Found the comment

She looks like a red rat hulk

No. 247508

can you explain it? i don't watch r&m but i am somewhat fascinated by how horny people get for this pairing. isn't rick morty's grandpa??

No. 247509

This looks AI generated

No. 247513

>isn't rick morty's grandpa??
please never go on degenerate twitter i envy your innocence. I was once accidentally mutual with a girl who was fucking her irl brother

No. 247515

is this fucking robert downy junior

No. 247517


Once again begging people to stop posting fetish shit in this thread

No. 247518

im not innocent i just wondered why so many normie-seeming people were into incest

No. 247522

Some normies are into brother-brother pairings but it’s more of a logic that’s like “these two guys are hot” rather than finding the incest dynamic sexy. Rick and Morty yaoi on the other hand is a mental illness didn’t one of the co-creators admit to fucking his cousin

No. 247523

At this point incest IS almost normie level tbh

No. 247525

i would not say grandpa-on-grandson is normie as far as the incest obsession at all

No. 247544

The degenerate fans who were talking about it all over the place got what they wanted during a panel because of the whole 'infinite universes of themselves so there is a universe where they're gay incestuous lovers.'

Holy crap is the cousin effing real?? Also there are incest subtexts, but if memory serves in one of the eps a Morty wishes that incest porn was more mainstream.

No. 247546

For one, massive oversaturation and overexposure to porn is desensitizing people to rape, incest, domestic abuse, etc. Instead of correctly observing that these things are disgusting and wrong, more and more retards are writing them off as harmlessness fetishes.

If someone's into incest, by definition they're not a normie, they're a cumbrain or mentally ill. Plenty of extremely fucked up people seem externally "normal," that's how guys like Bundy and Dahmer got away with killing people for so long.

No. 247561

incredibly late but i just can't get over how he drew regular hands with actual fingernails and the palmaris longus/visible tendons and all and then painted them black like i'm supposed to believe those are gloves

No. 247709

File: 1665858080518.jpeg (262.05 KB, 2048x1883, 7C671DEB-CCAE-4001-AA9E-A1F78B…)

Fair points I agree with a lot of that, but I don't think some fujoshi making shitty fanart of anime brothers or whatever kissing is on the same level as serial murderers kek
+Thread tax

No. 247719

File: 1665862758063.jpeg (115.46 KB, 2000x1500, E2A73F4C-D106-4152-9F0F-B36F8A…)

Me too bitch

No. 247740

God thank you. Same here. I don't tell anybody I was diagnosed as autist anymore because the internet is flooded with these people. I also don't want to come off as someone that intents to use the diagnosis to get away with bullshit they do because sadly a lot of these people do just that. They use mental illnesses or syndromes to accuse everybody of being ableist if they rightfully complain about something or defend themselves.
>I understand that these people mean well by trying to normalize autism, but they're just turning it into a fashion accessory, another label they collect like Pokemon cards.
That's the thing. I don't think they try to normalize it, they try wear it like a medal to come off as more special. I don't like how they change what people commonly associated with autism since that label is flooded with self-diagnosed crazy users nowadays.

The biggest problem my autism causes is that I don't show emotions and have trouble articulating my thoughts in real life. So people constantly misinterpret me, consider my behavior antagonistic when I ignore what happens around me when I am actually just daydreaming or don't believe me when I tell them how I feel because I don't cry or smile while doing it. These tumblr people are the polar opposite of that. They scream about every private shit they do including the disgusting stuff you wouldn't expect any sane person to post, they are online all day to declare their feelings, post photos, disclose their whole life to the public. Maybe this can be a sign of autism too I don't know but most autists I met were reclusive. Now everybody associates autism with 30 year old toddler LARPers.

No. 247744

This is porn drawn in the Home Movies style.

No. 247768

File: 1665877670583.jpeg (705.58 KB, 1992x4096, 72F7798E-5EEE-4644-999D-000B54…)

Might be nitpicking here but I couldn’t get over the face

No. 247772

File: 1665878103947.jpg (Spoiler Image,17.93 KB, 545x360, 360_F_205905373_t2fsNrSyy1DmAO…)

It looks like a praying mantis. Spoilered for the anons who don't like bugs

No. 247790

You're not nitpicking, this is pretty ugly. Even if it's anime art, the proportions are wack.

No. 247792

Proportion aside, am I the only one who hate this type of art style? The heavily lidded, reddened eyes look like an infection. It's also blurred to the hell and back I forgot I had my glasses on.

No. 247799

oh i actually really like this one. my one nitpick is the eyes being so blurry makes them kinda creepy to look at. aside from the style being not to everyone's taste though i wouldn't call this bad art

No. 247801

I hate the proportions so much. Dorito chin, massive eyes, wide-ass shoulders, overly long neck, and excessively detailed painting style. It's so uncanny.

No. 247806

Just the idea of someone getting off on this sends my sides into orbit

No. 247808

File: 1665893213223.jpeg (190.53 KB, 1535x2048, 8078E7BB-C9DD-464C-A582-FB92E3…)

No. 247821

Corgi ass proportion

No. 247861

I know exactly who these two are. It’s the fat guy named Lester from GTA V and Michael. Easy peasy

No. 247895

File: 1665942613082.jpg (397.46 KB, 1279x1279, Untitled.jpg)

lmfao is that really supposed to be lester? they took a LOT of liberties

No. 247915

What attracts these fans to series like this or Outlast and Breaking Bad? They throw actual characters in the trash to begin with and their uwu soft trans beans get made from scratch.

Dissing on shortstacks with BFS is the fastest way to lose a toe. j/k She looks diseased and lymphademic

No. 247920

i could go on about my own personal theories but i think it has to do with the violent hypermasculinity present in canons like that. they reject more soft, romantic and basic shit and instead try to water the "tougher" series down into something more palatable for themselves. i fully agree that it's just throwing the actual characters in the trash and only caring about the image but i think there's something psychological there, wanting to de-fang the type of men they're normally afraid of, perhaps.

No. 247928

File: 1665956124475.jpeg (84.33 KB, 639x788, D7_qlgGWwAMFgN5.jpeg)

Your answer has me thinking in a new way now so thank you genuinely. Is there a thread or other source to read more in the same or similar vein?

Ugly Medieval Babies on twitter is a gift that keeps on giving

No. 247936

ive seen it come up in the transwashing threads and ftm threads but i try to avoid those. idk if there is a "fandom psychology" type of thread but im very interested in it

No. 247952

It's also a thread I've been thinking about making for a while, so here you go:

No. 247972

File: 1665980855116.png (Spoiler Image,5.05 MB, 3007x2097, racbh5br49u91.png)


No. 247982

File: 1665987273831.png (2.98 MB, 1500x2179, EebKkbzVoAESjzG.png)

so obnoxious to see otherwise good art fall victim to dumb shit like balloon tits and nonsensical thigh gaps

No. 247986

This is what autism does to males.

No. 247990

This is awful but I'm laughing so damn hard. Eat your heart out, Teletubbies.

No. 248010

unbelievable. walk me through the process of uncovering this gem, nonny. genuinely baffling.

No. 248011

File: 1666005279909.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1707, 095EDB41-0BB2-4286-A8D8-632F37…)

guess the character (impossible)

No. 248013

isabella the innkeeper ?

No. 248014

Snow white?

No. 248015

How does someone even end up with a fetish this weirdly specific?

No. 248017

don't keep us hanging! Who is it?

No. 248019

File: 1666007301853.png (6.49 MB, 1595x2048, A0FF8117-738C-4B47-8B45-5C055F…)

Kek you’re all wrong. It’s Christine Daae

No. 248020

lmaooo anon you got us. and this page is even better than the previous drawing.

No. 248035

File: 1666013783879.png (1.63 MB, 1280x1791, 0AE7EA1F-8C7A-4A46-9DCF-8575C6…)

this is sending me. what the fuck are these heads.

No. 248041

File: 1666015002101.jpeg (83.15 KB, 800x1290, 1DDC5EA6-0479-47FB-9339-2E489D…)

KEK I would have not guessed it was Christine.

No. 248043

Holy fuck, why. What are those lips, those retarded expressions. Whyyyyy.

No. 248047

Second to left reminds me of when I try to make a mii as hideous as possible by turning the sliders all the way up

No. 248054

File: 1666020464341.jpeg (793.09 KB, 878x1200, 101359273_p0_master1200.jpeg)

How do you put in so much effort and still fail so hard?

No. 248055

This shook me to my core.

No. 248066

File: 1666024572451.jpeg (43.25 KB, 546x345, 2C1DFBA0-7D1E-40C2-B6E2-21D38F…)

Holy shit

No. 248092

File: 1666032021412.jpeg (102.01 KB, 639x1250, E04A22AE-7A49-4D82-B306-5690AE…)

Me and who

No. 248103

File: 1666035934383.jpeg (191.39 KB, 828x1020, 5B0690EF-7178-46E2-8F1D-5337A1…)

No. 248106

File: 1666036143748.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85 KB, 1080x1980, received_852341876131729.jpeg)

I'm howling

No. 248110


No. 248111

No fucking way…

No. 248117

looks like a kid's art and it's really cute tbh

No. 248118

A psychoanalysis of the person who made this would be so fucked up

No. 248122

Ah yes, the nude, foot-themed episode of RPDR. Classic.

No. 248124

Why does the blonde one have a black eye? Why does the left one look like her fingers got slammed in a car door? Is the Phantom in this version just running around beating the shit out of people?

No. 248129

>Gym Parter
In each masterpiece there's a flaw

No. 248130

Imperfections add to the charm

No. 248144

Moids shouldn't be allowed to try to make art

No. 248152

File: 1666046435714.jpeg (578.83 KB, 1280x1707, 43E61113-6EBC-4D1C-BD6C-2EF1AA…)

wait until you see them in profile

No. 248154

I think it’s supposed to be a port wine stain

No. 248170


No. 248173

I want to study this artist, what the fuck goes on in their brain to make them think this looks good

No. 248194

the mouth is so uncanny

No. 248209

the teeth wtfff

No. 248214

why does she look like dream

No. 248231

don't make fun of her, she's a thalidomide baby.

No. 248238

It’s like an entire stadium full of mediocre anime artists saw Wooma’s alien head shapes and decided “I’m gonna draw every character as a FES victim with a dorito chin”

No. 248239

she looks like she's voiced by Patrick Warburton

No. 248241

See THIS is what happens when you just go straight to learning how to embellish a drawing with all these light effects and details, without learning the fundamentals of basic human anatomy. Sure, the subject will be illuminated in all these gorgeous effects, but the subject itself isn't a human, its an impression of one in the mind of artist who doesn't really know the underlying structure behind what they are drawing, so the product is something meandering and almost uncanny.

No. 248247

somehow this feels like some way above average 14 yo going straight to rendering and crazy photoshop filters.

No. 248298

File: 1666103048335.jpg (139.14 KB, 677x1200, FYJ5_bGXgAEUNVp.jpg)

Seen more of this artist, they draw jojo fanart
While picrel looks obviously photobashed or painted over they should've stayed using this style on the starbuck cup

No. 248312

File: 1666107195761.jpeg (176.81 KB, 770x797, 240F61CE-C043-47CF-89AA-9B9E30…)

>These edibles aint shit
>30 minutes later:

No. 248336

Fucking KEK. Quality comment.

No. 248341

>uses circle tool on the corner of the mouth
>invisible hairline
>skin colored eye-whites
>wrinkly ass hand
Such interesting choices

No. 248423

File: 1666119605544.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3024x4032, 9F0C240E-9EEC-437D-A617-7F7D06…)

It’s not necessarily art but it involves paint. Even more exquisite than this mess is seeing the reddit comments of people tiptoeing and trying to be nice and the moderator comments on this post screeching on how people can’t be rude. https://www.reddit.com/r/modelmakers/comments/tv48df/my_models_from_this_week_all_hand_painted_no/

I wish there was a hypnosis mic thread

No. 248425

File: 1666120077873.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.54 KB, 707x1200, FfV3wdNaYAIVCfc.jpeg)

I think it started in an appreciable level with thigh squish, but now we've reached trussed up raw meat. No one I've known would want attention drawn to even an ounce of fat on their thighs. Lol no we're not proana, average to "heckin chonker" which are her words not mine. I see this "aesthetic" on e-girls sometimes.

No. 248432

It's Erwin and Levi isn't?

No. 248457

It would be funnier if it turns out to be a troll.

Oh maybe? "Give up on your dreams" plus the uniforms are green.

No. 248466

Is that Griffith?

No. 248469

If I knew how to make threads I'd make a Hypmic one myself, would love to talk about it with fellow hypster anons

No. 248475

Looks like wiki how art

No. 248484

File: 1666129756683.png (Spoiler Image,380.5 KB, 735x735, jumpscarewarning.png)

No. 248491

sleep paralysis demon. Not gonna sleep tonight

No. 248505

File: 1666140728141.gif (424.22 KB, 345x228, Hexadecimal.gif)

reminds me a little bit of the Reboot villain lol

No. 248783

File: 1666214705598.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.06 KB, 1192x670, shiina_niki_vs_ayase_mayoi_by_…)

If I had to see one of my husbandos like this so do you im sorry nonnies

No. 248788

The fuck is going on with their navels?

No. 248790

it’s the youtuber dream and some other guy

No. 248799

File: 1666216580905.jpeg (107.84 KB, 1433x1090, C88EC803-9056-4352-BB72-90E426…)

I know AI art is a low hanging fruit but

No. 248804

It's like a reaction image. I hate-love it.

No. 248810

What's wrong with the picture? It's just a super buff girl holding her gf's toes.

No. 248826

Why don't I hate this? It's like Twilight Zone Moeshit

No. 248828

I'm putting this in my reacting image folder, thanks nonny

No. 248849

It's fascinating how it grasps complex lighting but can fail at such basic poses lmfao, I love it

No. 248850

Face aside I think that many talented artists use too MANY photoshop effects these days. A lot of the highly detailed art on twitter is so confusing to look at and the many filters and effects make it ugly or distract too much from the actual and well drawn picture.

Whenever I see these artists showing making-of videos I always consider the artwork the best when it's about 70%-80% done, they usually are clear with nice contrasts by at that moment and the details are already there, it looks perfect.
But then the effects and unneeded layers come, and shadows get erased or colored with three different colors, some bubble effects, some blur, some unidentifiable shapes of light-effects, other light-effects, some blue shadow and red shadow gradient, some flying leaves and whatnot. At the end it's a chaotic mess that fucks up the harmony of the pretty original pic.

No. 248860

It's probably because those cookie-cutter moe anime artists put more effort into the colors and lighting than the anatomy themselves kek. AI art just makes it more obvious.

No. 248923

File: 1666246507703.jpg (64.25 KB, 448x768, 20221011_191007.jpg)

No. 248927

Looks ai generated

No. 248964

No. 248985

File: 1666255413671.jpg (242.67 KB, 1640x2024, 56195474_uIB2dCCJw.jpg)

No. 248992

this is so fuckng funny

No. 249001

Can we put up a rule in the future threads to not post AI generated images? Yeah they're messed up, a computer generated them, that's not really interesting

No. 249011

Relationship goals

No. 249013

File: 1666262214876.jpg (Spoiler Image,545.03 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20221020-183634_Ins…)

if youre gonna vendetta post kittydog, at least show the deranged ones

No. 249014

File: 1666262252329.jpg (595.56 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20221020-183509_Ins…)

i find this one funny

No. 249021

Despite handfoot being a good kek I agree, AI art is generally boring

No. 249038

>tone indicator
god I hate wannabe autistic zoomers so much it hurts

No. 249052

i remember that part of aeon flux.

No. 249056

Is it even considered vendetta-posting if the art truly sucks?

No. 249059

So smooth…that’s unsettling.

No. 249069


depression speedrun

No. 249074

I always read that tone indicator as "piece of shit" instead of positive.

No. 249129

Holy shit, I thought that's what it meant in the pic

No. 249204

File: 1666306319379.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.39 KB, 448x768, 20221011_190923.jpg)

It looks so unnatural

No. 249223

Because it's AI generated nona. I don't see the point in posting those here in this thread.

No. 249235

If you're gonna post this shit can't you do it in one of the several AI art threads instead

No. 249265

Kittydog's been drawing and animating for at least a decade but her art still hasn't improved at all, it's actually impressive how long it's stagnated. The only change is that it's become more nsfw than it should be considering the majority of her fans are tweens

No. 249299

File: 1666344447462.jpg (554.33 KB, 1400x1696, FflCZ7qWIAAQs7G.jpg)

No. 249303

This is possibly the worst A&T pose I have seen so far

No. 249304

I swear makimafags all have some kind of brain damage

No. 249305

this silhouette is so bad

No. 249306

She's one big assed red flag and so are her simps

No. 249497

it's depressing to know you can try so hard and still fail to make any progress

No. 249499

another example

No. 249545

File: 1666423714267.png (948.58 KB, 768x1024, EF3218F6-51DE-459A-A471-7B6570…)


No. 249557

File: 1666429332310.jpg (179.5 KB, 736x920, 22ba2f720cf1c14f217be8e31924fb…)

I think this fits

No. 249558

File: 1666429574199.png (1.96 MB, 1264x1460, tumblr_573c3a9cdeefbe729657ef9…)

No. 249560

Why does this simultaneously strike me as fetishistic and like she's portraying the character as a Downie? The character acts and is drawn like a fat tard, but in these cheesecakey poses and outfits. Make it make sense.

No. 249561

"What's wrong with this one?" notices her right arm Ah…
The previous talk about how some artists learn fist to embellish rather than anatomy stays true…

No. 249564

That chicken scratch made my stomach twist into itself.

No. 249571

My hate for this eyelash trend grows stronger every day.

No. 249577

A straight up ogre body with a prepubescent anime child's face is not what I was expecting to see in this fine day.

No. 249593

Self insertion combined with complete narcissism, entitlement, an insufferable and ineffective method of controlling others and their perceptions of her and a heaping dose of fetishism.

No. 249599

What is it about online trans woketards that makes furry and literal animal/animal sex so attractive to them?

I swear every single hateful tumblr tranny I met has a self-insert OC who is a literal animal. Not even furry, an actual four-legged beast that's usually based on "Warrior Cats", some US series that must be a massive hype among these sorts of people. Most of them are in their mid-twenties but still identify with some cats or furry dragons that they headcanon being gay or trans or both and it weirds me out. I can imagine maybe writing a series about animals like Watership Down or Felidea which is another cat crime series from my own country, but thinking about their sex live and projecting myself into that is bizarre as fuck.

I don't know why it's so common for these people, I swear 90% of all furry artists are online-trans. I never see Asians being into furry. Maybe catboys and such, but not actual furry.

No. 249605

Years ago, I just kind of assumed that all furries were just into absolutely everything because every conversation I had with them went like

>I'm into bdsm and I'm gay and I'm trans and I'm into scat and diapers…

>and I'm a furry

It's like bro you could've led with the last one.

No. 249606

i think it has to do with the extreme tolerance of the furry fandom. not even just tolerance but acceptance of people who stomp all over social norms and broadcast their stupid kinks for everyone, which leads to seeking out more and more extreme porn.

>I never see Asians being into furry

there is a huge furry community in SEA but they tend to be way more tactful about it and the art/fursuits are way better

No. 249608

That's a good point and you are probably right. They almost always have other fetishes that weird me out like diapers and shit (figurative shit but also literal shit). It might be an explanation. I mean if someone is attracted to animals it would be weird if the gender was a huge problem, the animals they draw barely even show any sexual features and you have to look at the description to know what it is.

No. 249610

No. 249621

This specific drawing enrages me. The dumbass wonky pose. The fetishy body type and facial expression. I hate this artist so much I wanna a-log

No. 249632

that's another issue. not to defend furries because i hate them, but maybe about 50% actually aren't animalfuckers. my ex-best friend (we broke apart for reasons unrelated to furfaggotry) was a furry. she just liked making furry characters, never drew porn, absolutely wasn't a zoophile. but it's a minefield because a lot of them are proud zoophiles. i guess a good way to tell is if they draw "feral" porn, like, just normal dogs having sex, they're probably a zoophile.

No. 249633

File: 1666463637756.png (Spoiler Image,795.1 KB, 1742x831, websitescreenshot.png)

>>249560 If you take a look at her website it's pretty blatant ddlg themed, and she also self-diagnoses autism.
Picrel is her about section on her website. I'd be willing to bet money that she's either an attention seeker, or has some nasty fetish, or both.

No. 249642

Pokemon too. There's a mainstream anime called Beastars which is ugly ass anthros. Bara fandom is full of degenerates anyway but they have the same furry art reputation as in America.

No. 249651

File: 1666466736075.png (173.03 KB, 532x537, BuffDodo.png)

TIFs just want to be daddy's baby gir- oops I mean little sh0ta ♡

DD/lg is disgusting and I hate seeing it whether gay or straight. There's also hypocrisy where straight women are condemned, but it's totes empowering when it's gay transboys or kink positive queers reclaiming their bodies and coping with trauma with AgeRe and "LoliSho is my safespace and kinnie comfort you bigot! What's on YOUR hard drive?!"

Pic tax I'm never going to understand how Animal Crossing characters inspire this type of fanart

No. 249668

i still dont understand how beastars got so popular when the art is fuck ugly

No. 249694

File: 1666482689691.png (112.6 KB, 191x522, PromptoArgentum.png)

The character this image is supposed to be portraying.

No. 249696

God how old is she, 12?

No. 249698

Nah, the art could be much worse. Plus, what does that have to do with the quality of the writing?

No. 249699

Thankfully not, she's 20

No. 249700

File: 1666485466183.png (241.07 KB, 482x514, tumblr_9891b9393a2a712dff498a6…)

No. 249701

tried reading the manga because the anime was fuckugly, but the manga is hideous chicken scratch so I guess the anime studio didn't have much to work with kek

No. 249702

Agree with anon, the art isn't that bad and the story was simply engaging IMO. I liked the coming-of-age drama and the murder plot. But like many others I think it kinda fell apart during the second half. I don't consider any of the characters attractive either, but I liked a bunch of them quite much.
That makes it worse. I cannot imagine an adult person being like this. Social media makes people insane.

No. 249703

File: 1666485777115.jpg (204.49 KB, 762x1048, badassgoku_by_jk200.jpg)

These and the long legged bears crack me up

No. 249705

File: 1666486781862.jpeg (125.55 KB, 1280x1019, FD1E3C82-BB65-44D5-94A0-BE6B69…)

No. 249710

Idk, kinda based.

No. 249740

KEK at the fact the artist didn't even bother to draw the actual hand and just wrote it. In capital letters no less.

No. 249821

File: 1666518170951.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1280, 8076BBD5-A5D9-4AA2-BD07-3005C3…)

Lmao I found this terf TikTok account and a bunch of teens were spamming her comments with things like “cishet” and “gender is a social construct” and all the other basic twitter tranny comments. I click on one of these accounts commenting and I find this, I’m crying rn.

No. 249822

File: 1666518203029.jpeg (685.41 KB, 1242x1414, 67289972-6877-4989-B2CD-6B123D…)

Here is more art from the same account

No. 249860

The fucked up hand…

No. 249931

friendly reminder that she’s so autistically dedicated to her characters that her ‘’alters’’ are all kittydogs

No. 249951

95% sure a child drew this. Unfortunately a lot of children are groomed into the tranny shit.

No. 249976

the design of the species isn't even good. she doesn't know where the dog ears go. sometimes they're on the back, the other times they're just below the cat ears.

No. 249998

I guess women can become as pornsick as men

No. 250000

I think I might hurl, even more so knowing the character.

No. 250003

absolute worst fucking time for me to browse lolcow on the shitter

No. 250016

File: 1666569975392.jpeg (389.6 KB, 802x1055, 68DC9CE1-5D43-40B3-B5F9-A6E896…)

sorry for the nitpick but there’s something unnerving going on here with his face

No. 250018

Umm, mods???

No. 250022

File: 1666571860296.jpeg (128.28 KB, 1080x1068, 1EF3E990-B9D5-4042-90CB-298C2F…)

No. 250028

What was posted?

No. 250029

File: 1666573348994.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1002.14 KB, 1170x1280, FB76F86A-6C7D-47C1-AF15-BE4F7C…)

No. 250035

Not that anon but now I regret having been curious. Thought it was gonna be some hot tentacle porn or something.

No. 250037

How is this even possible anatomy-wise.

No. 250039

forgot to post the video where kittydog introduces her alters, it was deleted because people were suspicious that she was faking her diagnosis

No. 250042

pls stop posting this zoomer idiot shit. there are at least 2,345,098 mentally ill furries with bad art, none of this is uniquely milky

No. 250047

this is the BAD art thread, nona.

No. 250053

For some reason this is putting tears in my eyes with how hard it's making me laugh. Not because it's bad or anything just the concept. I wonder what the artist was thinking

No. 250054

Thank you for your honesty, a round of eyebleach is in order

No. 250063

how old are you?

No. 250067

File: 1666580756855.jpeg (104.31 KB, 1125x653, 1665163256896.jpeg)

Why'd you post it again if it was deleted you absolute degenerate freak

No. 250069

No. 250071

This is the bad art thread, Kittydog can be posted here.

No. 250073

Based Ada

No. 250076

Not saying she doesn't fit, but it's kind of a "if you've seen one you've seen them all" things with her art. You don't need to keep posting her like we get it

No. 250082

What pain and dysfunction does a human need to be out through to get them to the point where this is a turn on
Truly an internet touchstone. I feel so much love and nostalgia looking at this image

No. 250159

is it bad that i recognize this artist

No. 250184

I pray for you, nonna

No. 250220

I think this character is ugly but if it was one of my husbandos I would get it

No. 250237

File: 1666642707454.jpg (556.32 KB, 666x941, df5423q-30b9bf79-6660-44d6-8b8…)

please dear artists learn anatomy and not just shading and anime faces

No. 250242

the spine…

No. 250244

File: 1666642935542.jpeg (526.67 KB, 1170x1552, 2101DD2C-943C-4EBE-B489-F86164…)

No. 250249

File: 1666643748228.png (141.63 KB, 500x484, 845D5FAD-F63B-48F9-9125-D28EAA…)

What’s up with the bottom part? What is it?

No. 250255

yo delete this and put behind a spoiler. I didn't want to see this on the front page

No. 250256

me when i have caffiene

No. 250257

File: 1666644749496.png (Spoiler Image,579.4 KB, 724x420, c2OTRmOTU4ZjIyLmpwZWc_N.png)

what would compel someone to make this

No. 250259

KEKK I love when people make horny art of the most random side characters

No. 250260

KEK- really? wow

No. 250264

I hate Souda (pic's character) so I'm not too upset at this, still pretty disgusting none the less.

No. 250269

File: 1666648914566.jpg (42.52 KB, 500x500, 5vhwa9.jpg)

It's not original, either. Temmie Chang did the same thing ages ago.

No. 250270

File: 1666648998558.png (29.73 KB, 737x699, Dy1sVRkZPr51g9XCHSEJVaxSe3Ttwi…)

Idk why but I just randomly remembered this artist and spent some time looking up their artwork. Almost feels nostalgic.

No. 250271


No. 250272

wait what is this lmao I'm feeling a lot of emotions and I'm also scared??

No. 250273

File: 1666649350004.jpg (111.67 KB, 894x894, BQNRRT9NX4MquFIk5c0nGNv6omBDyN…)

Wow, you are this new? This guy is a legend

No. 250276

this is totally new to me. thank you for posting!

I actually read part of homestuck & didn't finish it, never once looked at the fan stuff. I was about the right age at the time but I thought it was all ugly. only recently have I developed a taste for bad things and find myself catching up on old shit like this lol

No. 250280

Didn’t this guy die a while back?

No. 250281

File: 1666650184007.png (68.71 KB, 908x902, de5.png)

No. 250285

File: 1666651154235.png (694.5 KB, 1624x1508, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 15.3…)

oh no this is sad now

No. 250288

File: 1666651483567.png (1.75 MB, 1112x1460, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 15.4…)

is this for real?

No. 250291

File: 1666652239621.png (197.63 KB, 1139x463, spider.png)

I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty sure your fingers don't "grow" because of marfan, they just are naturally long.

No. 250303

oh no this is making me tear up I thought it was a fetish thing kek

No. 250308

File: 1666657140889.jpg (347.34 KB, 1280x720, 1524512482.fristy_spongemonkey…)

No. 250313

File: 1666658994963.jpeg (424.35 KB, 1100x2048, 8FB98F94-6F21-4E8F-9EFE-2359AE…)

Got whiplash when I scrolled down seeing this

No. 250314

It’s coomerish but nowhere near as bad as the shit on here

No. 250316

File: 1666660546657.png (7.07 MB, 1920x2796, 511CCE78-8120-4E76-9F38-792867…)

This angle is a jumpscare.

No. 250317

yall falling for a really obvious troll

No. 250333

Open the image and scroll down from only seeing the head to only seeing the legs.

No. 250343

What? Handia guy was legit.

No. 250366

nah, the dude actually had serious issues, some hyper-autistic hospitalised guy. There's more information on him in some video I saw recently on youtube. Not a fetish thing or a troll (lol), dude was just really into his own medical issues.

No. 250376

File: 1666676383142.jpg (31.5 KB, 710x231, 42f~2.jpg)

No. 250377

Eugh spoiler this shit anon

No. 250378

What I wouldn't give to have a torso that'd make a snake jealous and rippling 2, 4, 6, 8? 8 pack abs.

No. 250395

He’s definitely trolling to some degree, though I know moids that prefer to finish shit quick and don’t care about the quality. He kept showing how many he did in a week or day and he could be lying but I want to believe it because I savor the autism.
Don’t worry nonna, I ended up making one. Sorry I only got around to it like 10 years after the fact though kek

No. 250396

File: 1666685755486.jpeg (1016.52 KB, 1500x997, FdR16-QUcAAgIhT.jpeg)

I hate this "big repulsive dick sucking lips" trend that artists keep doing. Sick of it. Shit almost looks like racial caricature type stuff

No. 250400

File: 1666689274918.png (457.34 KB, 541x658, Ff5QlRBakAAZ1Eo.png)

This is shit but moids coom to this. I also hate the trend where boobs look like water balloons? Like that looks way too soft and malleable.

No. 250403

i thought this was AI generated

No. 250420

that isn't AI??

No. 250425

my brain lagged trying to parse this

No. 250436

it's not AI but it might be traced after an AI prompt. although hentai artists are known to draw freaky blobs even without AI kek

No. 250448

Who in their right mind would pay 120 $ for that awful flat coloring and stiff artwork with thick lines?

No. 250472

File: 1666723241698.jpeg (234.39 KB, 2005x2048, FaDXwRRUsAEAM74.jpeg)

This is deep into the uncanny valley

No. 250473

File: 1666723289570.jpeg (79.68 KB, 1131x719, EzwdkqUXIAI7PWZ.jpeg)

No. 250495

What's that pink thing?

No. 250553

Kek the tiny hand of the white haired creature

No. 250556

Wow boring coom art never seen that before

No. 250567

i like it

No. 250598

It WAS a little sheep stuffed animal that represents the player character in Obey Me

No. 250615

I think if the character had a nose it wouldn't look so weird. A subtle shape or shadow can make a big difference.

No. 250627

That's true

No. 250651

File: 1666768366565.jpeg (222.6 KB, 2048x1431, 3ADFCE99-9330-4FA4-870F-5EA80A…)

No. 250699

the only funny thing about AI is coom artists are getting accused of being AI

No. 250864

bump for cp

No. 250998

File: 1666898953383.jpg (203.16 KB, 555x1001, 7ycp8wdundu91.jpg)

another case of fetish art thinly disguised as political commentary. can't believe this was made in 2022

No. 251015

File: 1666907918586.jpeg (174.12 KB, 558x722, A90BB88E-5749-4E37-AAE3-0841A1…)

No. 251024

File: 1666911456031.jpg (655.15 KB, 2048x2897, c1559a2b5a84ffa1a0bfc1ef01_605…)

I just thought the right arm and blob left hand was funny. I get forshortening can be a pain sometimes but this has 3.5k notes on tumblr.

No. 251026

File: 1666913535342.jpeg (347.41 KB, 827x1312, 0230E0FC-18E9-47B0-89A4-F802D2…)

The weird ass proportions here are pissing me off.

No. 251027

Is that Chris Chan on the tv

No. 251029

>more detailed face ref
>literal chicken scratches on cheeks

also the skinny-ass limbs on the wolf form is sending me

No. 251030

No. 251031

>visibly nd
As in neurodivergent?
>most times peppersprayed on the subway
Oh okay so he is visually retarded, I think the artstyle may have been deliberate

No. 251052

File: 1666922953600.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1116, B035C628-AFC5-42E2-A0CE-F0759B…)

I know posting Sakimichan is low hanging fruit but it’s like she didn’t even try with the weird see through clothing. It looks like she just used an airbrush on a multiply layer.

No. 251054

I would pepper spray an obese unwashed unkempt moid on public transport

No. 251055

looks like AI art kek

No. 251058

File: 1666926392789.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.23 KB, 200x320, 5BD17029-0645-4EF5-90D8-53F06D…)

>looks like she just used an airbrush on a multiply layer
Because you literally did..? It’s not even inside the lines. There’s plenty to criticize here without making shitty edits

No. 251069

File: 1666931959365.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1815, FAFAAC94-B44D-412A-B89E-1DA5EB…)

No. 251070

She does that quick censor to avoid getting banned from these sites apparently

No. 251071

damn, I stand corrected. Sorry. It looks so laughably bad I couldn’t imagine she’d actually upload it like that. I only looked at her DA and Twitter to check.
>>251070 makes sense, instagram makes some weird decisions about what they take down so I get censoring. It’s incredibly ugly and lazy though

No. 251074

All good Nonna, sorry if I came across as snappy. I agree, those censors look laughably bad and if someone else had uploaded it I would have also assumed it was a quick shitty edit too kek

Makes sense, I scrolled through her Insta and that was the only one that had low effort and ugly censoring. I guess she just got lazy

No. 251212

File: 1666994438113.jpeg (128.08 KB, 845x1200, 51baf56b50b5c86dd53806af7e7bb6…)

Sjw koolaid is one hell of a drug

No. 251216

holy shit

No. 251219

Good lord

No. 251223

Leave Shayna alone

No. 251228

File: 1666997750269.gif (474.26 KB, 480x292, giphy.gif)

No. 251250

What is that!?

No. 251251

Is that an OC or a pre-established mutant

No. 251262

File: 1667007127322.jpeg (96.22 KB, 778x1100, 6F525405-E37C-4224-8353-889D4F…)

I know it’s coomery so sorry but I just have so many questions.

No. 251263

File: 1667007293784.jpeg (Spoiler Image,153.56 KB, 960x540, 8D7A7217-547D-4BB7-A98F-0D482B…)

No. 251264

Don’t do Fran like this…

No. 251265

Fran from ff has a coomery outfit by default but this is the worst fanart of her I've seen

No. 251267

god i hate this dudes work its all this

No. 251300

TF is this

No. 251310

File: 1667027517382.jpg (219.49 KB, 1080x654, brienneoftarth.jpg)

To be fair, the book description of the character's appearance is less than flattering.

No. 251319

File: 1667034571097.png (373.62 KB, 496x435, lsdfjsdl.PNG.png)

Can someone explain me this artist phenomenon? I Just don't get why they is so popular lol

No. 251321

cutesy black character. Purely for "representation" or whatever.

No. 251323

It's not so much the fact that she is ugly as fuck, but that the artist seem to have intended for it to be some kind of "everyone is beautiful in their own way" kind of piece… while being the one who made her ugly as fuck in the first place

No. 251476

i don't really mind people turning characters to a different race. Just as long they make it look nice and don't be obnoxious about it.
This one is lowkey cute imo

No. 251481

File: 1667085409667.jpeg (76.07 KB, 567x754, 698D45F7-E884-4CD4-8FEA-8714F0…)

No. 251482

Wrong thread

No. 251484

File: 1667086014151.png (88.47 KB, 562x542, ilovethis.png)

kek at the first face

No. 251487

i'm growing very concerned about this breaking bad/bcs fanart seeking autist among us who keeps posting intentionally shitty meme art they can't tell is meme art because of the 'tism

No. 251493

Her feet are broken.
God of Comfort Zone

No. 251519

File: 1667100133055.jpg (104.37 KB, 1024x977, 75f5337e10c17c172846325c258eb6…)

that's what her feet actually look like, >>251265 this

No. 251587

I didn’t know the character before so ty. The actual parts of the outfit are accurate but I think the way that one artist drew her is exaggerating how she stands even more with the shoes, it looks even more pornified than it does in the concept art. I know it’s stylized but it’s almost insulting to look at.

No. 251591

all the facial features need to be resized to not burst off the face and it would be 100x cuter

No. 251608

where is she from? i like her design

No. 251615

it's Fran from Final Fantasy XII

No. 251653

File: 1667165251384.jpeg (166.27 KB, 400x898, 64ACDDE1-6029-48FD-A6B7-B60B55…)


No. 251668

captivating. i love how it gets less and less coherent with every word

No. 251670


Early 2000s deviantart fujo art vibes, perfect.

No. 251700

This is a masterpiece

No. 251940

This has a wholesome aura, ngl. Like, yeah, this is obviously a fetish piece, but it makes me feel calm for some reason.

No. 252433

File: 1667407334417.jpg (205.15 KB, 936x1286, FghqeiGUcAACIdz.jpg)

No. 252444

This angle is so tired.

No. 252457

This is boring, post weirder shit.

No. 252462

i've seen the artists work before kek. just some weird but sweet old autist woman

No. 252465

File: 1667412071755.png (6.84 MB, 1491x2239, unknown (1).png)

this weeks "the art isn't bad but the concept of it sure is"

No. 252470

jenffer a jay is a troon

No. 252479

I hate everything about SxF, from the stupid tiny slit mouths stuck in the middle of their stupid tiny dorito chins, to their creepy pupil-less swirl eyes, to Yor's improbable boobs on a tube figure, to Anya's blatantly fetishistic and unrealistic if you've ever been around real children behaviour, to the stale jokes, to the forced family storyline, to the coomer fanbase. Also that art is definitely bad if you look at Lloyd's poorly-foreshortened shoulder and trapezius.

No. 252486

oh shit kek, should've been obvious

No. 252489

It has that disturbing autistic vibe. Like you can see the mental disability all over it.

No. 252492

everyone keeps talking about how attractive loid is when he honestly looks really boring to me

No. 252522

I mean the entire premise is a shinzo abe psych-op so yes.

No. 252530

I refuse to watch it solely because it's propaganda

No. 252560

Wait, it's propaganda?

No. 252561

File: 1667429353167.jpeg (433.6 KB, 1677x1728, FTPFA5lWAAUe3rH.jpeg)

No. 252564

NTA but she probably means breeder propaganda to brainwash Japanese people into having more babies (popular theory)

No. 252565

Is this vore

No. 252566

Yes, he does look pretty boring. It's very obviously a moid shounen mangaka's attempt at making an attractive male lead (something he didn't even want to do but was forced to by his editor or something). I know nothing about the fandom demographics but since this anime is being shilled hard on Crunchyroll and everywhere I'm gonna assume most of the viewers are casual anime watchers and don't know anything other than shonenshit, so this may the first time they've seen a male character that was intentionality designed to be handsome for the women, it's the only way I could explain it

No. 252571


No. 252581

its mpreg lmfao i normally don't have a problem with pregnancy fetish art. just the anatomy on that image made me kek

No. 252588

>Anya's blatantly fetishistic and unrealistic if you've ever been around real children behaviour
I agree with everything said here specially this part. Children in mainstream anime are just written weirdly. There also was that anime a few years ago (that also had a fugly artstyle) about high schoolers running a kindergarden. The children there was also written in a very weird way. I actually like children but Anya doesn't feel very realistic and it just feels like everything thing she does is to trigger a "moe moe kyun" response from the viewer. I have seen sitcoms write more realistic child characters. I don't expect super realism in anime but Anya's cuteness doesn't even feel the slightest bit authentic.
I know that SxF has a lot of normie appeal but I can't shake the feeling that it was written for sad lonely men, who don't interact with much with women and children, so they could say "I wish I had a cute wife and child like this".
>obviously a moid shounen mangaka's attempt at making an attractive male lead (something he didn't even want to do but was forced to by his editor or something)
nta but why am I not sureprised

No. 252670

File: 1667456508618.jpeg (Spoiler Image,182.75 KB, 844x1199, FgaqHX4WQAAs0es.jpeg)

Loid for some reason hits the right spots for someone I'm in a weeb group with, but she's on the verge of menopause, has those last chance baby feels and no taste. Lol love her though. At least now I have reasons that make sense other than "This anime looks and sounds retarded." Is it common but better integrated before or does it appear that some stories have cautionary tales equally as emphasized as the entertainment? Picrel

No. 252672

Reminds me of that anon that said that Genshin Impact was the most female gazey franchise, but the guys are so fucking boring.

No. 252675

Exact same type of people >>252566 is talking about. Popular weebshit created by company that specializes in being and catering towards male coomers throws some painfully generic guys in the mix -> retards eat it up -> profit.

No. 252688

John Lee is the only exception.

No. 252699

Seeing fujimoto try very hard to make his female characters sexy and thick was always hard to look at

No. 252704

File: 1667463415470.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.91 KB, 1138x2054, cringe.jpg)

The artist I used to like is now drawing retarded porn. This is the least retarded thing as I am too ashamed to post certain drawings, but the name is eviscere, i am assuming shes not a scrote, just mentally ill.

No. 252722

Anon, he's probably who ayrt was talking about. He's shit.

No. 252735

Visually he's just Gilgamesh and Ozymandias from Fate mixed together, I can understand being into the guy if you're 13 and it's the first time you see a somewhat dark bishounen, but seeing 20+ weebs thirsting over him is strange.

No. 252755

I can see they're trying though, and they do have quite a lot of female staff, but I think the problem is that they're too biased for the shota model. The company also has an otome game and guess what, the guys in it are all boring like stale bread. Frankly female genshin characters aren't that great either, most of them have one note personality, a generic design showing insert fetish like pits or feet and usually come in two flavours, moe or sultry onee-san. However it's very easy to pander to coomers so you don't see them complain as much

No. 252784

File: 1667491333427.jpg (302.77 KB, 1280x1728, nikke yulha.jpg)


No. 252785

why did i read "extreme altruism" as "extreme autism" at first

No. 252792

Old post but I unironically like the style kekk

No. 252793

File: 1667494704720.jpeg (Spoiler Image,385.26 KB, 1433x2023, 3DC938F1-8117-4622-BB02-AABB63…)


No. 252794

>I can understand being into the guy if you're 13 and it's the first time you see a somewhat dark bishounen, but seeing 20+ weebs thirsting over him is strange.
TBH this is how I feel about Levi.

No. 252795

Realismcels seething over boy milkers and tummy enjoyers collaborating to uplift one other instead of being bitter about "foreshortening."

No. 252796

File: 1667495087335.gif (1019.06 KB, 500x281, haru.gif)

>Genshin Impact was the most female gazey franchise
blocks your path

No. 252797

They're cunt eating lips. To me

No. 252802

I hate those fucking shark teeth anime characters have nowadays. It makes me seethe like a fucking autist.

No. 252805

ew who decided this was a look? The pants cut-out looks stupid.

No. 252813

That is the most DISGUSTING phrasing you could have used! I get it's an equal opposite to cocksucking, but seriously.

It was sarcasm

No. 252820

Same, it looks retarded.

No. 252879

File: 1667510068567.png (280.62 KB, 369x391, 473838.PNG)

Unpopular opinion but I almost feel sorry for these characters. They were only created to be as ugly as possible to be mocked online. It reminds me a bit of legit retarded people that smile and think they are funny and do not know they are being cringe and alienating everybody else because nobody has the guts to tell them.

Even with this design the artist could have made her look better by giving her cool clothes that fit her better, give her a different hairstyle and maybe turn her into a badass character. Like there are sometimes some super ugly buff dudes in fiction that I love regardless, because they have charisma or a great role in the narrative.
But sjw deliberately make their characters as off-putting as possible and I bet they never even DO anything with them, never write them into a cool story or anything. These poor creatures are literally just created for virtue signalling and maybe even in the hopes of getting backlash so that they can start an online discourse and cancel other people.

No. 252882

Is this Sonic? why do they have George Floyd in the background lol

No. 252891

those are the former Archie Sonic comics writer's donut steel OCs

No. 252904

Ken Pender's artwork. he worked for sonic archie and had an autistic obsession with echidnas. He's a legendary lolcow and you should look him up. There are even abridged versions of his timeline.

No. 252908

File: 1667519398358.jpg (439.34 KB, 720x1356, Screenshot_20221103-194450_Ins…)

Repetitive and boring ass artstyle

No. 252914

let's play a game everybody: Vendetta or self post?

No. 252916

I personally find this person’s style kind of endearing and nostalgic but even I can admit it’s ugly and repetitive

No. 252921

nta just because you like the artist doesn't make it a self post or a vendetta, that artist is really popular and I'm also sick of seeing her lame ass art all over Instagram and pinterest

No. 252922

File: 1667522678561.jpg (35.49 KB, 294x327, Screenshot_20221103-204247_Ins…)

No. 252923

Honestly one of the reasons for I stopped using instagram after a month is that I never found a good artist on there.
The good art that might exist there is from artists that are primarily on twitter and pixiv and only casually dumping their stuff on instagram, there are no good native instagram artists and for some reason a lot of really trashy ones have 140000 followers for whatever reason.

I generally don't get how that website works. No, I refuse to use phones I hate phones and algorithms and it would probably just make me hate that place even more.

No. 252925

This looks like a teenager's art, can't hate it because it's just the most basic beginner shit. But now beginner shit can be drawn digitally with decent colors and you can get popular on insta and it's harder for a layperson to see flaws.

If this same art was drawn with colored pencils in a sketchbook, no one would bat an eye.

No. 252950

I thought the same thing. I used to follow a gay korean boy on deviantart who drew exactly like this. I have fond memories of helpfully suggesting he try this thing called "underdrawing". He got mad and said he wouldn't ever do that because it messed up his personal style or something. lol
Actually it's an embarrassing memory because I didn't realize how rude my suggestion was but I was also a stupid teenager.

No. 252952

It has a lot of potential. I checked and the artist is only 15, no wonder their art sucks a little. But if they keep practicing, they could become a decent artist. This just looks like very beginner stuff.
This exactly. It reminds me of being a kid and trying to doodle in the style of fashion dolls, trying to make cute outfits without much care in anatomy lol it's endearing to me. If they keep drawing like this for the net 10 years without any improvement, then there will be a problem.

No. 252966

Theres sooo many artists like this on Instagram. This kind of work doesn't take any thought or creativity to make. Its so repetitive. I see a lot of people trying to copy the early 2000s anime art style who draw like this and it always looks like a crappy bastardized version of it.

No. 252988

File: 1667552203538.png (Spoiler Image,802.1 KB, 857x912, Screenshot_1.png)

>face of a nine years old
>Fucking giant water balloon tits

No. 252995

I think you've found what they use to train those art AIs.

No. 253002

every teenage harajukufag who just found out about Aya Takano draw like this kek

>If this same art was drawn with colored pencils in a sketchbook, no one would bat an eye

this isn't a new thing. It was already like that ten years ago, the general public especially weebs gravitates towards digital art even if it's mediocre, even though owning a graphic tablet has become very common and isn't the status symbol it used to be.

I remember young digital artists used to have a bit of a victim complex about "muh boomers think digital art isn't real art and is easy" when literally everyone except their parents gave them more recognition than they deserved just for being tablet wizards.

The current popularity of digital art made to look like a shitty painting over actual shitty paintings is kinda funny (It sounds like I have beef with digital artists, but in truth I'm aware it's the audience that's abysmally retarded)

Anon, I think it IS one of those art AIs.

No. 253023

of fml it actually is, the QR code links to the twitter of the "AI artist". people really are out there calling themselves artists because they put a prompt in a text box.

No. 253040

File: 1667571274623.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.89 KB, 445x331, 333_500538503.jpg)

why does her crotch area look like pink slime

No. 253062

Girl, I have no idea what you just said but he got stump arms.

No. 253063

I thought there was a bad AI thread. If not, we should make one. They're kinda low hanging fruit.

No. 253073

Wait… I think I'm friends with this artist …. if this is who I think it is . Believe me ..they've drawn worse

No. 253077

File: 1667580612485.jpg (156.32 KB, 713x1000, E7q1CrXXoAUDq-7.jpg)

How come that these people always have the exact same artstyle?

Even giant masculine murder robot designs won't stop them from turning them into overweighted uwu trans-lesbian tumblr blobs that talk about pronouns. Be it human, alien or beasts, they always look the same, same faces, same body types, noses, everything.
Btw. Ironhide is a pretty cool badass dude with heart, so am taking personal offense that this is what most of the western art he gets looks like.

No. 253085

File: 1667584290046.png (Spoiler Image,972.08 KB, 1080x1465, retard.png)

I fucking hate this retarded bitch and her cringe porny arts with her self insert and the self insert of her scrote. She gets way more attention that she deserves.

No. 253086

Traced garbage lol

No. 253099

and it's not even sexy porn I want to end myself

No. 253101


No. 253102

>The current popularity of digital art made to look like a shitty painting

I am curious about what you mean by this nona, do you have an example.

I personally like digital art that looks more traditional, even though you can always tell digital from traditional art, so I enjoy that artists are heading in that direction with their digital work.

No. 253104

……this is truly disgusting and 17k? Most def bots

No. 253105

>gay Korean boy
Lmao you mean an American fujoshi RPing as a gay Korean boy?

No. 253107

Is the joke that she’s a catgirl and cat’s lick themselves clean?

No. 253108

I love it unironically

No. 253116

I guess I should be happy that I have never seen any of the artists posted here before.
I only use twitter and my twitter has no algorithm or ads so no idea what's popular.

No. 253117

Can someone tell me how instagram popularity works? You can't reblog art, so how do you even see shit if you open that place? I only follow a bunch of people there and the only thing I see is like one new post per day that one of them have posted. How do people even gain followers without reblogs and why does trash like this gets so many likes? If this was posted elsewhere it would maybe get 5.

No. 253122

File: 1667593943246.jpg (130.32 KB, 769x439, Screenshot_20221104-163121_Twi…)

No. 253125

File: 1667594211902.jpg (84.07 KB, 750x989, 20221104_213255.jpg)

Looks pretty at a glance but the boobs bug me

No. 253126

Yeah, they look like one instead of being seperate parts.

No. 253127

On the explore page the algorithm shows you posts similar to other you liked based on tags and other stuff but its awful at it. So it's all about using keywords and promoting yourself + looking clickbaity in the sea of posts. Also, while you can't reblog, you can share others' posts on your stories so a lot of artists share followers with each other that way.
Had to force cleavage in the frame whether it makes sense or not

No. 253132

it looks like a mini butt

No. 253147


No. 253166

nitpick my ass, those things look like keffals' pull-apart monkeybread tits

No. 253168

So like is there some psychological reason why all of the globohomo art focuses on cankles and not at all on the face?

No. 253187

Vendetta. The illustrations are charming.

No. 253190

Soulless art. Rendering doesn't mean anything if all you do with it is creating conventionally attractive women with no personality.

No. 253196

Yeah, why is she just sitting there? The composition is what lacks in soulless art, hence the no-soul part of it

No. 253211

Not sure I’m tinfoil enough to get into the globohomo thing but the little-body big-feet/legs art style is usually a pedo calling card.

No. 253224

That forehead is bothering me more tbh