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File: 1663303966813.png (2.66 MB, 1200x1400, tp.png)

No. 239761

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.

Remember that there are other threads for art feedback (>>187240), artist salt (>>>/ot/1312695), and shitty comics (>>232318).

Previous threads (after /m/ wipe):
>>186753 #1
>>209753 #2
>>223288 #3

No. 239775

Can we just ban people who post porn at this point, there was a literal thread made for ugly stupid fetish art and it was never used. Make it again and use it.

No. 239784

fucking exactly, second this.

No. 239802


No. 240122

so this was drawn by a MTF tranny, right? TRA handmaidens' bar when it comes to trannies is lower than hell, they will praise and overrate literally anything a tranny does.

No. 240124

This is a good idea. Pornposting makes boards unusable tbh

No. 240190

the devilman spongebob kek

No. 240192

It was kind of sexy until it got eldrich horror tier I don't regret looking it up

No. 240195

File: 1663591805974.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

>it was kind of sexy

Someone post more of her works pls

No. 240196

File: 1663591858844.jpeg (125.9 KB, 916x1183, F9DA16DA-059C-4011-8DFB-C5D2BC…)

No. 240197

Are those supposed to be horns or ears?

No. 240199

File: 1663592709829.jpg (147.9 KB, 356x700, tn3Fcq5.jpg)

May I present to you Rob Liefeld

No. 240200

File: 1663592733111.jpg (104.19 KB, 454x705, 758b8c9a013cb50f19e2c02506762e…)

No. 240202

File: 1663592830890.png (2.81 MB, 993x1768, tumblr_pn3u3yN2Nb1y69173o1_128…)

No. 240204

File: 1663592980486.jpeg (9.25 KB, 194x260, download.jpeg)

The Classic
The, most of 90s comic art might go there. I legit don't understand how anybody can prefer that to "house style". My theory is that scrotes have no taste at all and think that raided moids and women with broken spines look good.

No. 240207

Now thats a classic. Him and that other moid that traces porn and other comic book artist works (forgot his name). This thread could be easily filled just with rob liefeld's masterpieces and others like him

No. 240208

File: 1663595065649.jpg (141.83 KB, 832x580, tumblr_inline_nsmtrz9FWj1tzsd8…)

That would be Greg Land. Yes, this shit is traced from porn.

No. 240209

File: 1663595104784.jpg (57.33 KB, 400x264, land_p.jpg)

Supposed to be a woman in the middle of a fight, but… well

No. 240210

File: 1663595128256.jpg (31.14 KB, 250x324, aV0Qdvd_700b.jpg)

I just think this face looks retarded as fuck

No. 240211

File: 1663595176581.jpg (103.32 KB, 736x1152, e722f72aacc3982a4fae575cd3b9b6…)

And last but not least, here our boi Land traced a fucking meme.
I hope I don't clatter this thread with my comic autismo

No. 240216

File: 1663596271982.jpg (52.64 KB, 569x539, gross.jpg)

It was always the stepford cuckoos, emma frost or jean grey. At some point I stopped reading any marvel comics cus that shit was unbearable.
Kekk I forgot about this one, this one is good.

No. 240220

absolute kek

No. 240233

File: 1663600309673.jpeg (24.22 KB, 234x215, D739BDDC-7E07-4768-9270-110D71…)

No. 240234

image for ants

No. 240239

I love that this is the drawing this person used to advertise their commissions. They really sat down and thought, "nothing gets the money rolling in like robots in diapers."

No. 240240

You’re saying that as if obscure fetishists aren’t suspiciously wealthy.

No. 240250

File: 1663602192800.jpeg (453.29 KB, 667x1000, 7FE87BD6-154D-49C8-AF97-5EB30F…)

This has been shared to hell and back but I need people to look at it again.

No. 240253

the thumbnail makes him look like a double amputee

No. 240256

File: 1663603147990.jpeg (150.94 KB, 1000x1000, C6F77B38-FC59-4F14-9020-316D68…)

Anon… i blocked this out what have you done? The sin has returned.

No. 240469

File: 1663642135776.jpeg (124.45 KB, 602x767, why.jpeg)


No. 240529

File: 1663652979028.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20220920-014619.png)

Someone mentioned this comic last thread and it never got a response, figured I'd reply here just in case. It's Pinky & Pepper by Ivy Atoms (now Eddy Atoms???). I actually like the art but I get that this kind of sketchy/crayon style isn't for everyone.

No. 240530

ah i thought it was a mtf kek

No. 240535

she has the head of a man fucking kek

No. 240536

I thought so too, I'm genuinenly surprised to learn that she's a woman. But she's one of those rare women who are truly degenerate, she's a furry TIF who is into little boys so I'm not surprised that her art looks like it was done by an MtF. I found some old posts about her: >>>/ot/533385

No. 240540

Wow, an entire Pinkie Cooper fanart webcomic?!
>surrealist lesbian suicide story
I'm afraid that it's fetishistic in an "soft bean lesbians uwu" but also mad curious

No. 240543

File: 1663660129573.jpeg (476.52 KB, 947x798, CCA777BA-5B15-4D30-925F-09CD36…)

I feel like her art doesn’t get enough slander lmao.

No. 240563

kek I can't unsee it now

No. 240571

Ok I forgot birdie even existed. I’ll never forget the one time she was arguing with her mom about her location getting leaked on a livestream

No. 240578

I included it in the OP because I laugh a little every time I think about it. The bad anatomy of the absurdly shredded upper body with tiny, cartoon legs tacked on sends my sides into orbit every time. The captions she puts on the drawings are copypasta-worthy comedy gold.

No. 240579

Her art looks so incredibly male. I guess in that regard she's the only TIF that passes, kek.

Also some stuff really looks like a shitty furry version of manglo/yukaman.

No. 240606

File: 1663683757568.jpeg (302.23 KB, 660x652, 931BE0F6-E904-4799-9E74-50BD2B…)

No. 240610

dare i say Kikomi

No. 240612

This made me spit

No. 240614

File: 1663685172927.png (1.54 MB, 1200x849, image (3).png)

some kind of biblical allegory i think

No. 240620

this is giving tom goes to the mayor
gay sex allegory

No. 240640

File: 1663693276563.jpg (577.25 KB, 1352x2048, 20220920_105438.jpg)

Obviously not as blatantly bad as the other art posted in this thread and I know most people might not agree with me, but to me this is the definition of kitsch art. The mediocre anatomy + too much rendering + sparkly glitter all over the place makes me nauseous. Very cheap looking and cluttered, I feel like the artwork doesn't leave much room to breathe

No. 240643

this is the consequence of forcing artist to have completed artworks over artworks that actually abide by the rules of aesthetics and negative spacing. if they let the background empty it would just be seen as “unfinished” by brainlets

No. 240654

Birdie's art sucks ass and I'll never understand the appeal

No. 240660

I agree, I hate the over cluttered over rendered anime girl drawings. My eyes just glaze over, it's so forgettable in the sea of the internet. It's unfortunate too, these artists have a lot of skill, but their ideas are boring.

No. 240667

This is what Sakimichan's art always looked like to me even when she was supposedly good, I never understood the appeal.

No. 240669

why are they so…. rubbery looking?? I guess all the over-rendering and sparkles are to help hide the crappy anatomy

No. 240681

File: 1663703702032.png (248.27 KB, 1280x720, 1E7293FE-8EF6-472B-BD43-D3C35C…)

No. 240683

fuck off this is good

No. 240684

a masterpiece

No. 240686

File: 1663704288568.jpeg (855.15 KB, 1000x1333, WHY.jpeg)

No. 240687

It’s me

No. 240688

And also a terrible person, weren't there grooming allegations spreading around of her?

No. 240689

I thought this was a really cool embroidery for a second.

No. 240692

File: 1663704730277.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1058x1496, W.jpeg)

No. 240700

this is making me cry from laughing so hard

No. 240702


No. 240708

File: 1663706430975.jpeg (146.64 KB, 768x1024, helpme.jpeg)

more ken penders art, im not sorry

No. 240734

I've read this before, it's actually pretty cool. Too bad the author had to troon out.

No. 240751

File: 1663713450767.png (20.22 KB, 83x101, uncanny.png)

well shit i didn't realize until after posting this that the one guy from another ken penders work is in that space suit.

No. 240753

The girl on the right has a tiny thigh and a massive shin. I think they were attempting to foreshorten her leg and fucked up lmao

No. 240759

File: 1663715123092.png (162.97 KB, 417x408, image_2022-09-21_090518417.png)

No. 240762

dog mountain

No. 240782

File: 1663721099858.png (554.24 KB, 900x654, bcjduhgcvjiwhrg.png)

praise our father, the lord, jesus the hedgehog.

No. 240785

We’re back to the generic genzoman swirl backgrounds and overly sparkly 2000s anime art

No. 240789

Bump for porn spam

No. 240833

looks more like moses the hedgehog. or abraham the hedgehog

No. 240894

Ugly as sin but I love it, naive art that belongs to a museum

No. 240909

File: 1663762852315.jpeg (299.68 KB, 1390x2048, 2C2C4098-8870-48FD-8192-3312DC…)

This was posted earlier this month

No. 240910

my bad, I didn’t notice that

No. 240915

I meant the pic I posted lol.

No. 240942

I kind of like it but I kind of don't

No. 240953

File: 1663772917052.png (1.95 MB, 2000x2000, 3yolhzu0b6p91.png)

Not a very hard challenge but can you guess the character?

No. 240955

Bayonetta should materialize herself in our world and sue whoever created this abomination.

No. 240995

Thought it was that riddler woman i always see nonnies posting about.

No. 240997

>Riddler woman

No. 241023

File: 1663788129761.jpeg (725.39 KB, 2048x2048, 9F11254B-1CED-4542-918A-E20C5F…)

art made by troons needs its own separate thread tbh

No. 241039

The background room almost made me gag.

No. 241041

File: 1663792018630.jpeg (916.82 KB, 3000x3000, 6976FC3A-F77B-4AB2-BC0E-D5DCED…)

Who did her top surgery? Edward Scissorhands?

No. 241046

Wait kek isn't this the kid that used to do the Hamilton animatics?

No. 241048

Yeah this is. She went from worshipping the ground Lin walks on to becoming Lin’s biggest a-log.

No. 241049

comic does not belong in this thread

No. 241059

Why does she hate him now?

No. 241063

It's so weird I can still tell this drawing is female even after trying to make it a ftm

No. 241068

I'm going to be that person but despite the "I'm mentally unwell and deranged" vibe to her art I actually think she's pretty good at her niche. I like the way she made those eyes it looks wild and cool. But knowing she's a degenerate that trooned out sours this shit to me so much, why can't there be cool unhinged women (that aren't transified creeps like her) making interesting art anymore?

No. 241071

that’s because ftms are female, anon.

No. 241072

greasy adult men will really see a cute lesbian cartoon deer girl and think "shes just like me fr"

No. 241084

>cryptid worm
what a painfully female username

No. 241087

File: 1663802744093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 955.67 KB, 1728x2208, 20210521_Di-Moo-Trescu_dcr.jpg)

Artist is an MtF in his forties

No. 241106


No. 241111

File: 1663806277113.jpeg (66.62 KB, 442x401, images - 2022-09-22T122244.254…)

If you like this style of art as well as embroidery you should check out the opus angelicum style of embroidery! it's my favorite style and we're lucky to have so many extant examples, like this gem kek

No. 241127

File: 1663812029263.jpeg (577.92 KB, 1169x2110, EDA5AD7B-C07A-49BF-A35C-D57419…)

Someone in the comments said this shit looks like it’s from a “How to Draw Anime” book from like 2001. Kek

No. 241131

Shitty clipart

No. 241132

File: 1663812716628.jpeg (279.51 KB, 828x951, 4DDA7FE3-9CA0-45AF-8E7A-639BA5…)

No. 241136

File: 1663813778461.png (496.18 KB, 540x407, otaku room.png)

I edited this for no reason

No. 241137

no fuckin way, the teevee one or whatever?

No. 241139

Looks more normal good job

No. 241180

thanks for the tip! That looks like a highly confused thumbs up to the right lol

No. 241217

Omg I recognize this artist. Her NSFW works are terrifying (not posting cause no porn).

No. 241227

Probably because it's cool to hate him now and he got cancelled on tumblr/twitter

No. 241258

What happened?

No. 241260

He got officially cancelled for not casting dark skinned people for the film adaptation of In the Heights (movie was a piece of shit anyway) but cryptidw00rm has hated him years before the whole movie fiasco so idk what he did before. I'm sure the twitter mob gave her even more fuel to a-log though.

No. 241263

File: 1663862499869.png (483.17 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20220922-115855-053…)

No. 241277

I think in the past I've seen him appear on one of these threads, but I am not complaining. Liefeld is a must for these threads. His art is a gem in the worst way possible.

No. 241306

File: 1663869499354.jpg (91.32 KB, 1050x1050, FdDL6SKXwAE4Ncr.jpg)

this rocks but the fucking tiny waist is killing me, with her proportions i doubt the waist could handle it but oh well

No. 241335

File: 1663872085305.jpeg (728.31 KB, 1200x962, 418C4A40-AB26-4C24-8CD2-F212D7…)

Harry Potter Mpreg shit

No. 241357

kek, look at the baby's face.

No. 241363

File: 1663876841087.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 446.2 KB, 2048x2048, E56980C7-9BCC-4CAA-9594-50A0D0…)

This isn’t as bad as the shit posted here though still hideous. Not porn but spoilered for boobs.

No. 241377

File: 1663880693002.jpeg (185.25 KB, 1200x1440, 353F1DC0-F31D-4C33-BBE5-DCDDD1…)

I know splatoon characters were ugly but this is just horrendous

No. 241383

File: 1663882741019.png (477.76 KB, 576x612, 1663707560030.png)

No. 241384

i like this

No. 241391

I kind of do too, some of it could be fixed like her face

No. 241400

I fucking hate Splatoon's designs but it looks strangely good to me, no idea why.

No. 241415

File: 1663890953642.jpeg (558.56 KB, 2048x2048, FDE4B264-42D9-49A5-82E5-6D65D8…)

No. 241422

This artist draws women only with tiny waists.

No. 241425

is that a tranny?

No. 241429

This should be put on a terrible fetish art museum.

No. 241430

Patrick wouldn't say that

No. 241440

Apart from homo vibe i literally find nothing wrong with this

No. 241459

File: 1663908455878.jpeg (99.57 KB, 828x1026, F58391D9-E6FD-4F33-944F-1C96D7…)

>is normal

No. 241474

File: 1663912754518.jpg (644.25 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20220923_075014.jpg)

No so much "bad" in terms of quality, but it annoys me so much that grown ass adults like this knowingly provide free sexual grooming content on apps aimed specifically at kids. It's literally the kind of image pedos use to make kids think touching them sexually is just cute fun and games

No. 241482

This is so gross

No. 241487

>"Hehe drawing things getting fucked in the ass by dicks and posting it for kids to see is so fun and quirky"
If I didn't know better I'd think this was made by a troon, but the hand looks pretty feminine.

No. 241493

I thought it was drawn by an Aiden at first because they have this weird obsession with bunnies

No. 241496

>this abtist
That R bothers me more than the zippertitting

No. 241497

I'm especially disgusted by the first picture where the small bunny is performing oral sex on the big one. It actually looks like a child and adult since all the other bunnies are roughly the same size

No. 241511

I'm convinced this person has actual pedo tendencies and think that's normal

No. 241518

It's not particularly bad but it feels extremely arrogant when fans make characters look uglier and weirder than they actually are.
Not sure why it feels this way though.

No. 241526

I was thinking the same. Taking cute innocent characters and drawing then in sexual scenarios is pedo and sexpest behaviour anyway.

No. 241579

Grooming material. Kill

No. 241592

Ew looks like a less grotesque version of that strawberry troon’s art.

No. 241596


No. 241602

File: 1663946028151.png (196.67 KB, 500x560, tumblr_b465bc1ea682f56faf83a6e…)

Lmao like picrel? This is apparently supposed to be Karkat, by the way.

No. 241670

File: 1663956454525.jpeg (312.02 KB, 1170x1593, 6C674B83-3997-49A5-AACD-25EAA8…)

?????? How

No. 241676

>”This artist is normal”
>chopped off tit scars

No. 241677

File: 1663957491810.jpg (979.01 KB, 2048x2048, 20220923_111718.jpg)

No. 241680

File: 1663958536606.jpeg (83.9 KB, 1024x1024, E119E34B-64CF-4949-878E-2F13C5…)

why do you guys post ironic art in here? are you autistic or what? can’t pick up jokes?

No. 241681

This man certainly doesn’t have strange material on the hard drives of computers (no FBI certainly you shouldn’t of to this man’s house and seize all his possessions and arrest him surely)

No. 241683

The eye is wonky as hell tho lmfao

No. 241684

that’s what makes it funnier

No. 241685

>Children like to make dick jokes. This means that I, an adult, should be allowed to post sexual content on a social media that is used by minors
This person sounds like a pedo/pedo apologist

No. 241718

File: 1663965049676.png (551.41 KB, 623x941, sexy droopy turtles.png)

fear of karmic retribution is the only thing that prevents me from maxing out these threads with stuff I find on tapas

No. 241720

File: 1663965463309.png (740.51 KB, 1080x1255, chesty.png)

No. 241721

File: 1663965613305.png (514.27 KB, 1080x1472, reaching creature.png)

No. 241722

File: 1663965810379.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1850, EAR.png)

>when you see it

No. 241723

self published fujo comic ?

No. 241731

Not any specific pic but I hate when you google fanart for a female anime character and 90% of the hits are some creatures that look like some exaggerated sexdoll from a cheap porn comic. They are usually drawn by male artists that give them tits and asses three times the size of their head and the characters they have nothing in common with their canon designs anymore.

I guess I should be happy that I am mostly into male characters. It's bizarre how accurate artists are drawing them and how shitty the women are drawn. One series I like has top tier art for the men and shit tier westernized art for the women that make you wonder if the artists have even watched the series.

No. 241783

File: 1663985266983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 274.99 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20220923-210559_Ins…)

No. 241789

I’m actually speechless.

No. 241790

who tf is the artist ??

No. 241792

File: 1663987171858.png (707.63 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_20220809-000637-081…)

No. 241794

people just exaggerate one thing and call it an art style kek

No. 241795

I thought the scar on his nose was his mouth at first

No. 241796

this is the embodiment of evil

No. 241797

This looks like a parody of that TIF art style that I hate but sadly it's serious

No. 241799

File: 1663990605016.jpg (544.87 KB, 2000x2048, 54601376_OnlqsahYq.jpg)

No. 241812

Sleep paralysis demon. What is WRONG mentally with this artist? It's like horrifying pin up of a "realistic" Splatoon character!

I like the eyes only

Is this a trace of Nicki Minaj and some humanized versions of the wedge shaped under door stoppers?

No. 241816

can I ask what driving this "trend" aren't the trolls shown to be nothing more then grey skinned humanoids with horns

No. 241817

Pretty cool style ngl, sucks that it's furry shit.

No. 241819

The fur texture on the face makes me uncomfortable for some reason but other than that I think this is neat. Would be curious to see what this persons art looks like in a few years tbh

No. 241829

she uploaded it to youtube too

No. 241832

File: 1664007786539.png (1.03 MB, 1000x949, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 4.41…)

this is also not the first time she draws this
I wish she didn't subject kids to these 18+ drawings. Like, she has other cutesy drawings that children could like, why have a video with bunnies doing sex in between that? she has normal drawings on her youtube shorts too meaning she also uploaded other drawings to tiktok and then subjected kids to this stuff willingly

No. 241843

There are two reasons. First, you get idiots who think that the trolls don't look sci-fi or alien enough, basically. Trolls and humans are so similar because one created the universe of the other, and also because they're loosely inspired visually by Howie Mandel's character in Little Monsters. They literally have the same celebrities and movies humans do. Not sure why people think it's such a stretch for trolls to look human.

Second, the Homestuck fandom is the progenitor of the woke headcanon contest, where everybody tries to outdo each other with how unique and diverse their headcanons are. In order to stand out, people feel obliged to make all the characters as fugly as possible regardless of how much sense it makes in the context of the story. Ironically, the result is fanart becoming homogeneous again, because now everybody draws that way.

No. 241849

it looks like the inbred character from Midsommar

No. 241861

prince charles????

No. 241881

*King Charles

No. 241922

nona what the fuck? it looks wonky as hell, doesnt matter if its ironic

No. 241930

Justice for Noelle, thanks nonny

No. 241933

kek only a pedophile would wear this out in public

No. 241939

I think anon just means there's a difference between art that's trying to look good but is wonky and stuff like that which is wonky on purpose.

No. 241967

File: 1664051767071.jpg (180.44 KB, 1200x978, tumblr_6fba348fe7cc7b3a41fc5a3…)

Has Rosalarian ever been talked about here?
>made a (in my opinion) very nice and interesting slice of life turned fantasy adventure comic about realizing you're a lesbian in the early 2000's
>always kinda cringe but big voice about female sexuality and lesbianism in general
>bounced around drawing porn and odd jobs for like 2 decades
>weird tumblr post about her titty art being found at a crime scene
>starts dating a scrote
>now "nonbinary trans masc"
>still totally a lesbian tho
>bitches that her comic about getting her tubes tied is getting tagged as "womens health"
>comics all paywalled but the previews look like this

No. 241975

File: 1664052221400.jpg (149.16 KB, 500x1168, woman-dresses-wardrobe-malfunc…)

looked her up, she seems like an insufferable libfem and yeah her art it awful

No. 241981

She has a point

No. 241988

Lol she censored the nipples, fucking prude.

No. 241991

lol no

No. 241999

This is so reductive and vapid

No. 242003

File: 1664056127248.jpeg (451.88 KB, 1200x1510, B1E8D814-37CB-4F64-A7E9-1C7D9E…)

Anyone remember this comic? It was longer, and it featured her masturbating at one point I think.

No. 242004

Never seen this. Don't like the artstyle but this page has a point. I always hate it when some men (usually from the US) assume that women cannot be lonely and friendless. I don't know if everybody in the US is that fucking social, but almost every person I ever got along with with, men and women, were pretty alone and barely had friends, same as me. If you are weird, come off as apathetic or are socially awkward then nobody will care about you it doesn't matter what your sex is, but incels whine louder about this and believe they were the only ones suffering from that fate.

No. 242005

Okay then, tell us what's the point she has.

No. 242007

I think anon means that telling others how to dress is shit. But if I understand other anons right it's an exaggeration of some sort. Not sure. I have honestly horrible experiences with feminist so I avoid them like the plague, most of those I saw talking were legit misogynist in my opinion.

No. 242008

File: 1664057203033.jpeg (182.58 KB, 677x397, 3CA79857-2AFE-4B8F-A9A2-0C66F6…)

I found the full thing, it’s Everyone is in Love Except Me by Gina Wynbrandt. Couldn’t remember the title or author at first, just that she was sympathetic to Elliot Rodger in some of these panels, and her art was traced

No. 242010

This is so true, even feminists especially some radfems like policing women for what they wear, they hide it behind “helping” other women because they are indoctrinated by the patriarchy. Even in a space where you think you’re appreciated you are not, you will never win with other people including these women who are starting to be extremely aggressive and unforgiving towards sex workers and women who wear promiscuous clothes.

No. 242014

She presents herself in the worst light in the comic, I think it's part of the humor

No. 242016

I like the term that refers to that divide

No. 242018

Not defending the artist but its obvious from the artifacting that the red squares werent on the original image.

No. 242022

Is it even supposed to be read as sympathy towards ER?

No. 242023

Stfu nobody cares

No. 242024

>sex workers

No. 242030

Yeah, she compares how lonely they both felt, up until she considers how violent he ended up being

No. 242031

File: 1664061093492.jpg (135.4 KB, 1280x1255, B3_Blade_009_Orange_Tiger__687…)

No. 242033

File: 1664061497934.jpeg (208.58 KB, 1313x1200, B4559743-8AF5-49E2-92DC-2E5F55…)

Anyway here's some ugly art from the pixie thread

No. 242038

It's ugly but whoever drew it really got her face right kek

No. 242046

I have bad experiences with them being a moody tomboy. Most of them I met are exactly the same, married, housewives, usually around 40yo, either they have kids or they are plagues by a variety of mental illnesses and they hate every woman that isn't exactly like them and will search for reason to attack them for it (but pretend it was for woke reasons).
I was also banned from more than one discord because they thought I was lying about my gender because I said "shit" too often, prefer meat, folk and fuck knows what else that is headcanon'ed being a man-only thing by them. It's the same as the super woke people today. You should always be suspicious of someone that praises themselves for being some progressive hero. The real progressives don't brag with this.(no1curr)

No. 242048

File: 1664064372651.png (1.06 MB, 1780x2255, 45240907_dMNrlZQXo.png)

No. 242049

Please don’t tell me the artist is kittydog, her animations and songs are garbage.

No. 242050

File: 1664065128516.png (2.57 MB, 1640x2360, 50832829_XnIktyminj7mnNx.png)

Yes it is, it's funny because she could totally make better artworks but it's like she has brain damage or something and is unable to.

No. 242051

Yea that checks out

No. 242053

I’ve actually once tried to listen one of her songs (it’s called outcast for you nonnas asking) and I clicked off 50 seconds in.

No. 242054

can you not blog in the bad art thread? There are a dozen other better places for this

No. 242056

She somehow improved a little bit in that regard with her new songs but her art remains stagnant as always.

No. 242057

Shut up

No. 242059

nta but there is so many threads that splintered off that are extremely similar to one another bc of tiny diversions being pegged as unwanted that it gets a bit annoying. maybe half the thread doing it would be more a problem.

No. 242065

Do I imagine things or are furry artists generally the worst? There are surely some good artists among them but I swear whenever I see some really horrible art and look up who was drawing it it turns out to be a furry and most furry art is atrocious too, and not (just) because it's furry.

No. 242075

wtf, gross.

No. 242076

I'm a tomboy too and I think you're an nlog retard that deserves to be shat on.

No. 242077

She should just use the vent thread, easy. No one cares about how much she loves elliot rogers.

No. 242089

Not even joking this person should not be allowed near kids. Probably have cp on their hard drive

No. 242090

not defending tifs but its clearly ironic. kind of like those "im soooo normal right now so normal" memes with crying imagery that get used in vent threads, not to mention the face.
unless you're also being ironic then sorry kek i didnt mean to sound patronizing if i have. i have autism so i cant tell my bad

No. 242115

Both women are dressing not based on comfort, but on kowtowing to male preferences. The left one was indoctrinated to believe that it's empowering to reduce herself to an object of male desire. The right one was indoctrinated into hiding her body lest it corrupt men.

I don't think it's necessarily fair to criticize the women for it, though. Men are the ones doing the indoctrination, controlling the beauty industry, etc. The outfits are a symptom of a much larger problem caused by systemic misogyny.

No. 242132

File: 1664094948482.jpeg (368.81 KB, 1600x1600, E65DC036-4874-4150-911F-594803…)

This feels like looking at one of those pics where you have to unfocus your eyes for it to turn 3D

No. 242139

>still shades the skirt better than i do

No. 242160

File: 1664105496645.jpg (186.92 KB, 1440x918, southpauzart.jpg)

My only nitpick with this artist is the retarded faces she sometimes draws.

No. 242161

>my only nitpick
anon this is hideous

No. 242162

File: 1664106207014.png (91.78 KB, 238x252, skirt.png)

Took a small screenshot of the skirt so we can learn from it nonny, their method seems relatively easy

No. 242163

Try posting this in the bad short comics thread

No. 242165

I actually really like the art style, and I don't mind the comic either

No. 242171

I love it, bought the whole book. The only bad thing was her lust for underage Justin Bieber lol

No. 242183

This is not a skirt, anons, are you blind?

No. 242200

thank you for that link, nonnie

No. 242205

Nta but yeah, those are some ugly ass leathery bike shorts.

No. 242261

File: 1664128100839.png (Spoiler Image, 134.89 KB, 2048x2048, 17B05D9A-854C-4752-95A4-2F9D13…)

Sorry for porn I’m just perplexed at this.

No. 242290

kek as if stripper outfits and burkas exist in a vaccuum

No. 242329

FINALLY someone posted this garbage, thank u

No. 242353

I'm really perplexed too nonny

No. 242371

I don’t like her art but I’ll give her credit for being the least annoying of the american twitter artist sphere >>>/snow/1387114

No. 242392

File: 1664152521180.jpeg (247.6 KB, 1080x1332, 357775DC-EEC9-428E-AEB9-ABDF84…)

Found this on my fyp

No. 242393

File: 1664152686115.jpeg (26.66 KB, 180x180, 50273B2B-3D81-4AF1-A5CC-E8B902…)

This face shall haunt your dreams.

No. 242396

File: 1664153813751.jpeg (255.65 KB, 1080x1332, 9309E0C8-3C44-4184-AD73-117EB2…)

There’s more lmao

No. 242491

Calling it now Megan Rose Ruiz is a pedophile and/or pedo-apologist, she probably thinks little kids drawing "little peens" is exciting in ways she won't admit

No. 242492

This isn't even bad, it's cute.

No. 242499

File: 1664184830798.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.99 KB, 1080x1441, 101494109_p1.jpg)

My pixiv algorithm is already ruined, so here. Idia and Azul deserve better gender bends

No. 242532

is it because she's fat LOL this is fine

No. 242534

File: 1664192957204.jpg (2.69 MB, 1920x1920, 1651241010665.jpg)

oh nonna, it could be worse. Much worse.

No. 242551

I think this one is cute.

No. 242555

This art is cute. I like their style

No. 242557

File: 1664202522346.jpg (38.29 KB, 225x350, 417859.jpg)

The Albino one looks like Tsukki from Haikyuu

No. 242575

Looks half-assed and done for likes. The artist probably only knows how to draw faces— look at the trunk legs that are basically just straight lines.

Seems like a newer artist trying to improve their skills though, so i won’t judge them too harshly. Unless these are moid drawings

No. 242580

las criaturas

No. 242582

I just realized these are pokemon gijinkas. These are so ugly.

No. 242610

I would have no problem with this if she was drawing for adults only. Having cute characters in adult situations isn't a new idea, Happy Tree Friends was doing it over 10yrs ago. But mixing nsfw art with your normal art (that appeals to children) is a red flag. If you are marketing your art to a general audience, you can't post porn. Deal with it.

Not as extreme, but Kasey Golden gives off those same vibes. Her art style is childish and immature looking, but then she draws naked people, pubic hair, boobs and butts in that style. It's just creepy.

No. 242748

File: 1664244094535.jpeg (199.3 KB, 1280x720, idk.jpeg)

No longer able to tolerate the incessant barking, Charlie the Chipmunk used a band-aid to tape Sheba the Sheepdog's mouth shut before posing with her on the picnic table.
- Museum of Bad Art

No. 242749

Love it

No. 242752

File: 1664246180010.jpg (466.62 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20220926_223540_Chr…)

Fuck you, this is perfect

No. 242771

This dog reminds me of Twinkie Starr.

No. 242780

how many watermarks do you need?

No. 242808

Anon this is the wrong thread, this is supposed to be for bad art not godtier

No. 242818

File: 1664265965854.jpg (280.99 KB, 719x959, 20220927_092202.jpg)

This popped up in my Twitter feed and immediately something about the eyes, nose, and mouth made me feel weird. Especially the eyes. I think simple eyes don't work well unless the whole character is simple ot just looks eerie or lazy otherwise

No. 242821

I kinda see what you mean. I kind of like it but I think some of the drawing should be more or less simplified like you said

No. 242822

File: 1664267466363.png (5.9 MB, 1242x2208, B39F05CB-3959-47BE-A522-C68134…)

I’m crying the artist found the thread >>242392

No. 242824

Exactly this. She knows fully well her art appeals to kids and that this would be seen by kids. She literally excused it by saying kids love "little peens", meaning she was aware and intentionally posted it for kids to see, on the most kid friendly and popular apps. She is fine with and is knowingly being a pedo-enabler and helping them groom kids. She is despicable.

No. 242826

serving Tintin vibes

No. 242829

eh well good for her?

No. 242831

Aww well if she isn’t being sarcastic good for her to try and improve her art. How do people keep finding lolcor though

No. 242834

this is so wrong

No. 242835

she seems nice. i actually think her drawings are cute

No. 242847

I hope she keeps drawing cute fat girls tbh. It's rare to see them outside of either fetish art or stuff made for woke points that maxxes out all the flaws and looks like a caricature.

I haven't used a tutorial or taken a class in years so maybe it's better now, but female anatomy related stuff often teaches you how to pander to scrotes more than anything, so hopefully she won't get corrupted and end up giving everyone hentai proportions/making everyone skinny.

No. 242853

I would with my husbando tbh

No. 242855

get better taste lmao

No. 242856

Nah this is a cute

No. 242860

File: 1664276922430.png (979.71 KB, 858x1010, nope.png)

>But mixing nsfw art with your normal art (that appeals to children) is a red flag.
this is exactly my same problem with it. She draws more normal stuff like picrel in between drawings of naked bunnies, it's very off-putting. As an artist you should always be aware of who your audience is. She should stick to the cutesy appropiate for all ages drawings and not subject kids to sexual content. At least putting a +18 disclaimer should be fucking obvious but the fact that she willingly does this shit for kids to see is just… gross.
>She literally excused it by saying kids love "little peens", meaning she was aware and intentionally posted it for kids to see
That's just so fucked up.

Someone bought her original bunny print and I also find that super fucked up.

No. 242861

File: 1664277140996.png (430.61 KB, 1026x534, nope.png)

also, she's now selling the "bunnysutra" drawing as a t-shirt.

No. 242863

File: 1664277471226.png (969.39 KB, 1146x609, megan.png)

holy shit. She works for the kiddie animation industry. Wtf.
>Although it has been suggested to her many times, Megan has refused to change the feminine, youthful, and charming characteristics of her work.
>Megan’s past clients include Illumination Entertainment, DreamWorks Feature and Television Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Sesame Workshop

No. 242866

I agree with other anons that it's inappropriate to mix NSFW and SFW art but come on, children animation is the biggest, most profitable industry for animators, it's ridiculous to expect them all to live sterile lives just because of their client's target audiences

No. 242868

anon that megan person is probably a pedo or has pedo tendencies and they're making kid's content

No. 242881

Ayrt I think part of it is that her hands are relatively detailed them her eyes are sheets of flesh stretched over her eye sockets with lines over it

No. 242893

File: 1664288330685.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1080x1489, E9C06A17-267E-4337-BC11-323E45…)

No. 242897

The artist wasn't mentioned here by name, and I didn't get this thread in results when searching by images posted above. Kinda weird ngl.

No. 242900

maybe she or a friend of hers is a farmer

No. 242918

she said a fan told her In one of her comment sections.

No. 242919

this is really cute though…

No. 242942

you're an idiot

No. 242958

I honestly feel like it's bait with tweet being shown with the pic.

No. 242970

nta, but why? I love art like that though it technically belongs.

No. 242971

everyone knows about chris chan and posting his shit here is pretty pointless

No. 242986

Does it have to be a new artist every time though? Seems a bit weird to demand constant novelty from people like that.

No. 242997

Maybe she reverse image search it

No. 243005

If she's still here, I hope she doesn't get discouraged, I agree with the others thinking that the girls were cute. Every artist can always work on their anatomy, but hers wasn't really that bad and the faces are cute. The biggest places that I think needed improvement were the colors and the backgrounds, some of the colors were too clashy and saturated and the bgs felt like afterthoughts. Doing more studies on bodies in different poses (other than straight forward standing shots) along with spending more time on the environments would help improve what she has a lot.

No. 243035

uh, yeah? it's the equivalent of posting pixyteri in a "bad cosplay" thread. we already know and have seen it from them

No. 243059

sry this post is like 8 days old, but I recently met the artist at a comic meet and they were so fucking rude.

No. 243065

Tell us more

No. 243069

Having a history or being known shouldn't mean people shouldn't post it or about it.

No. 243072

Aw, I feel bad. I didn't comment on that drawing but I don't think any of us here actually want most of these artists to see this thread (unless they're cows).

No. 243083

details please

chris chan has a whole ass thread, go talk about him there

No. 243084

It's still bad art so it isn't like it doesn't belong here, so…

No. 243093

ok newfag

No. 243116

This isn't bait and it's not cute. My gripe with this is the eyes, I hate simplistic eyes that use skin as the eyeball it's just so creepy and ugly. The rest of the picture is fine it's literally the eyes (and to a lesser extent the nose and mouth) that ruin it

No. 243119

nah i hate that too, i dont think its bad/hideous but the eyes def ruin an otherwise fine piece

No. 243121

File: 1664337650511.jpg (101.54 KB, 1280x1009, tumblr_f151546992439a1a1938cd6…)

posted on tumblr by some moid in the tags for a childrens show. disgusting.

No. 243122

i want to a-log whoever made this drawing.

No. 243125

kek you can see the struggle that went into every line of this

No. 243213

Why they all draw like this? I swear around 2012 I knew a few girls on tumblr with the exact same style

No. 243216

I think people stopped putting effort into their art skills once they realised that including a fictional character + pride flag is enough to get recognition from their peers and followers.

No. 243228

File: 1664376871748.jpeg (63.92 KB, 750x695, F1E2829E-8854-43B6-B8EA-BDA46F…)

No. 243236

Nonnas and their husbandos

No. 243238


….nonna….thats a pedophile pride flag in the art….

No. 243241

No. 243242

Wrong thread, this is a masterpiece.

No. 243258

can you retards stop posting drawings that are purposefully ridiculous

No. 243260

No. 243262

No don't stop I love them, it's like a nice cleanser after some of the horrors that get posted here

No. 243264

no, those are the best drawings in bad art threads. it's better than the disgusting porn posts

No. 243292

I think they belong here, it's people who are good at art making bad art decisions on purpose and not just about beginners making mistakes

No. 243293

agreeing with the others, spill the tea nona!

No. 243294

How does she sleep at night knowing pedos fund her life, just ewww

seconding with the other anon, no one is expecting her to live a sterile life but we all expect her to not actively and knowingly produce and provide pedophilic content to children

No. 243314

File: 1664400197938.jpeg (220.96 KB, 1199x863, E4C28C6D-A90C-4CEB-867E-56840A…)

I usually like this artist’s work but the second one is sending me

No. 243331

there is no way unless someone cowtipped this to her. you newfags are pathetic kek

No. 243336

Maybe she was already a lurker/farmer even?

No. 243338

File: 1664407930019.jpg (1019.94 KB, 1265x1800, Tumblr_l_65155691579688.jpg)

No. 243339

all this sounds like a selfposter trying to distract from the obvious answer. The abnormal "positive" response to having your art insulted on a mysterious imageboard also lends support to this theory.

No. 243349

i mean. it fits the game

No. 243365

I agree, it doesn't fit and it is on the same level of "this again?" as egregious fetish art.

No. 243388

File: 1664436904514.jpg (262.2 KB, 686x775, MLPchobits.jpg)

Was looking for a Chobits wallpaper when I found this.

No. 243394

there's something so 2000s about this style, minus the pony shit

No. 243413

i genuinely love it. soulful and cute.

No. 243449

I love this

No. 243492

It's a blurry mess and the legs look like tumors. Your nostalgia for Chobits is affecting your judgement.

No. 243508

idgaf about chobits hate that scrote show i just like my little ponies which were stylized as large hooved in the past. it looks soulful unpolished like this anyway, would have looked bad clean imo. it looks earnestly made but obviously this is entirely subjective and i do agree it belongs in this thread. i just like it

No. 243542

File: 1664479162309.png (805.32 KB, 1531x2835, tumblr_f3a7188a43dca10b4d73f61…)

No. 243544

With Halloween coming up, she really couldn't just pay for those pumpkins? Smh

No. 243555

File: 1664487444135.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1723, A3A5B099-63D7-410D-A9E0-5437B2…)

No. 243556

This is great wtf are you talking about

No. 243558

Gigastacy vibes

No. 243560

File: 1664489013041.jpeg (205.26 KB, 828x1303, 1A7DEE47-BA35-41B8-A0B9-15273E…)

is it just me or is this person deliberately tracing and making characters off of dead black metal vocalists

No. 243562

Yes, now ask her to make them fuck each other.

No. 243569

No. 243583

based, a masterpiece even

No. 243585

It looks so unanny, so yes, probably traced

No. 243597

File: 1664501857294.jpeg (111.79 KB, 480x800, 9E72759A-4013-4BE4-A405-F553D0…)

It looks more like the older version of the MLP dolls than the actual recent ones

No. 243600

oh gods is that fucking testament

No. 243603

Yes nonna I’m sorry.

No. 243625

Tag yourself, I’m silverglow.

No. 243631

I had several of these when I was a kid. Sunny Daze is the first that springs to mind.

No. 243635

hmm im star song

No. 243637

you just made me nostalgic OP

No. 243639

File: 1664523993012.jpg (166.28 KB, 1584x1225, IMG_20220930_103547.jpg)

I've never seen something as disgusting as roided bara art. Worse when people pretend they like it for "woke" points

No. 243646

Definitely Cupcake, she looks like me

No. 243654

inb4 those totally true and honest heterosexual women that keep shitting up the husbando threads come and yell that WOMEN ARE NOT A MONOLITH

No. 243655

No. 243656

I'll be Island Delight please

Wishing I didn't have eyes rn…

No. 243662

I saw this on Twitter too and the amount of people claiming that gays are better for drawing hairy roided apes is ridiculous. They're just jealous that women can draw very beautiful men better than horny moids. Conveniently they use the now uncommon fujo style to make women look bad while the right drawing is actually closer to how many women draw muscular men now (see korean webtoons and their baloon pecs). Actual gay men would draw ugly bald males with insanely hairy chests and asses or muscles with way more exaggerated proportions.

No. 243679

Star flight is literally me, so I'm literally star flight.

No. 243682

I'm a fujo and neither of these resemble my art style. A more accurate way to describe this would be:
>Left is how a ten year old weeaboo draws
>Right is a cumbrained furry attempting to draw a human
>Aidens draw men like that shitty Dead End Netflix show
>Gay men draw in a variety of styles because they're not a hivemind
>Straight women draw in a variety of different styles because they're not a hivemind

No. 243703

File: 1664555030891.jpeg (253.49 KB, 2048x922, B6C4C4F7-1730-47ED-B87E-D10732…)

Oh god it looks even worse IRL…

No. 243704

front butt?

No. 243711

la creatura
Don't offend Korean fujos. The muscular men they draw are attractive and realistic. Meanwhile men exaggerate the character's physical attributes to an unsettling and comical degree

No. 243725

>The muscular men they draw are attractive and realistic.
That's exactly what I said anon. Minus the realistic maybe, I've seen some shit in korean BL comics.

No. 243727

The fuck is your problem? It's easier to make generalizations about really small groups of people (male furries) than it is to make them about half the human population (straight women.)

No. 243728

That's his balls.

No. 243729

where's the willy then

No. 243733

Anon was wrong, those are actually his stinkditch neovagina lips. All the cute guys are trooning out now. RIP male Testament.

No. 243734

> The muscular men they draw are attractive and realistic.
Does Korean BL look wildly different from all other manhwa?

No. 243740

File: 1664566986013.jpg (205.29 KB, 1822x1303, 20220930_154210.jpg)

How does this have 27k likes? It might be just a nitpick but I fucking hate the shoes and the style

No. 243742

deep condolences to all the Testament husbandofags

No. 243744

Ah, the good ol "I-know-how-to-draw-a-circle" art style.

No. 243745

I've seen them both draw the same horrible shit it's not just female or male stuff

No. 243746

This art style is super overused, but I actually really like this drawing. I like how how the girls have distinct silhouettes while still being pretty. Typically when people use this "cartoonishly overuse shape language" style, they make characters hamplanets, dumbbells, and rectangles. See RCDart for an example of that.

No. 243747

i think it's cute and has character even if it's simple

No. 243753

That's true. Girls are better at making gay media than actual gay scrotes.

No. 243760

I think it's kinda cute. And besides, it's refreshing seeing designs of female characters that aren't generic hyper-sexualized moeblob coomer shit.

No. 243762

No. 243785

This is a million times cuter than the actual eqg art style

No. 243836

shape language is rather well done despite the overuse of the style.

No. 243843

File: 1664588181222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 203.99 KB, 2048x1082, E50FE92F-1A5B-421B-B481-710F2C…)

the audacity of this faggot to think he can criticize even the ugliest fujo art when his art looks like this

No. 243845

Yeah I’ll take the beanpole yaoi boys with giant hands

No. 243853

tbf I think he was poking fun at both

No. 243871

File: 1664593559514.jpeg (513.27 KB, 1170x1045, 869FB7CC-4B5C-4D5B-AB57-640C8C…)

Nah he was dissing on fujos

No. 243878

sorry I didn't think anyone could draw something like >>243639 >>243843 and unironically think it's good but not realize how fucking stupid it looks

No. 243882

In conclusion, faggots create abominations drawn with their dicks the same as other male coomers do to women kek the worst 90s yaoi hands will always look 1000x better than the best furry bara

No. 243883

File: 1664595341740.jpeg (146.13 KB, 1249x1500, F7636B5A-5CDD-4D68-9918-5CD4A5…)

Speaking of yaoi

No. 243886

I want this on my wall

No. 243892

File: 1664598158139.jpg (1.01 MB, 849x1200, organless.jpg)

No. 243894

Fags are no different than heterosexual men. Their sexuality is so unabashed, unrefined, fugly and lacks any passion or soul that is only apart of a woman. Men have no souls, fags don’t either, surprise!!!

No. 243896

Can't tell if this is ai art or the artist visualizes the world like its melting

No. 243907


No. 243922

How can that tiny neck support that bigass head? It's usually not very noticeable in most moe art but since she's tilting her head really does look like her neck is gonna snap

No. 243947

I know he's a very popular artist and this might look like a shitpost, but I genuinely think kawacy's art is over-rendered to HELL he's indeed skilled but i sometimes can't even tell what the heck is going on in some of his paintings

No. 243959

9/10 because hands are too small

No. 243960

File: 1664630568398.jpg (798.74 KB, 729x1122, shitty coom art.jpg)

Some shitty coomer comic art. Seriously, why did they emphasize the ribs so much? I can get why scrotes love gigantic mammaries, but why would anyone find ana-tier ribcages appealing?

No. 243965

Even if this is sarcasm I wish I could leave a thumbs up

No. 243966

me walking around the house with my cat

No. 243967

moids are basically ai level "intelligence" tbqh. no originality or honesty or vision (save for a few throughout the entirity of human history). they visually eat things and then shit them out as "new" "art". imo this is why moids kin ai so hard and are obsessed with transhumanism and uploading consciousness, because they themselves are closer to computers than to human beings (women) and thus cant see the impossibility of that

No. 243968

This is an imageboard, why not post an example? I and a lot of other anons probably have no idea who he is.

No. 243975

File: 1664636340274.jpg (138.49 KB, 1024x659, i_see_your_monsters_by_kawacy_…)

I got a severe one for nonna. I hadn't known about this guy until today, but this rendering is as hard on the eyes as full saturation kidcore garbage. Except it's on top of cute or nice anime drawings.

No. 243977

File: 1664636523917.jpg (274.91 KB, 1024x726, dfebdnb-c2ead1c6-3471-48c2-89b…)

This one isn't as severe and it's the most recent afaik. Different lighting and mood, but still strangely harsh to look at.

No. 243981

Yeah it's always very harsh on the eyes. Like he got the skills obviously, his rendering is good but he goes over the top with the lighting to the point you have no idea where to look at. Everything is too fucking busy

No. 243983

File: 1664638302251.jpg (110.82 KB, 1024x643, kawanocy.jpg)

this one is probably the worst, besides burning my retina from distance it looks like AI art

No. 243991

Is this Hazbin Hotel fanart? I can't tell what's going on here.

All the clutter and splotches and bad anatomy really make this look like AI art or photo bashing. I hate the Instagram trend of overusing chromatic aberration effects.

Also I get the strong sense that the roses are photos he applied filters to. That definitely adds to the impression that it's photobashed.

No. 244006

agreed, overused style but still cute and well done. I feel bad for Pinkie always being drawn as the fat one though, if anything she would be skinny with how hyperactive she is

No. 244008

The only thing I see is the bright orange on his… jacket? cape? I can't even tell what he's wearing

No. 244081

She eats nothing but sweets though
With that being said I think twilight being kind of chubby would be cute since she’s a shut in.

No. 244083

i think it would be more tolerable if he had a paper bag on his head

No. 244104

Now that you've shown examples, I just don't see how these are bad enough to be in this thread alongside some of the other horrors here. There's a lot of details between the characters and backgrounds but it's not offensive enough imo.

No. 244112

File: 1664674622022.jpg (372.49 KB, 850x1200, Selvaria.Bles.jpg)

No. 244114

What's wrong ronald-kun? Could it be that youre… craving my mcnuggies?

No. 244116

File: 1664676405239.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)


No. 244118

That is surely an ass

No. 244121

Ngl I saw this on the front page and thought it’d redirect me to the shayna thread kekkkkk

No. 244132

File: 1664680184324.jpeg (261.18 KB, 828x885, 60726797-FB0A-4723-9C63-F46BD8…)

why is Mob doing the Debbie Ryan smolder

No. 244134

Sameface syndrome is strong with this one.

No. 244144

thats the worst Wii U gijinka i ever seen

No. 244147

This challenge really highlights how some "good" artists can't draw shit without being same-facey or anything outside their comfort zone

No. 244148

Also 20 dollars for this artist a tif

No. 244149

File: 1664684636947.png (1.74 MB, 2048x1536, 24950D1F-2BFB-484B-B85B-6558D3…)

This is intentionally ugly because the artist is trying to copy the homestuck art style.

No. 244176

Because over rendered paintings with confusing composition that burn your retina are still bad art? Should we only post fetish art and tumblr cartoons here?

No. 244204

File: 1664705263580.jpg (168.17 KB, 1200x830, FI3jQLPXwAE5nk7.jpeg.jpg)

I can guess that the artist is Aiden (especially by characters)

Thread tax

No. 244205

I was gonna say this looks exactly like drawn by someone I know irl, but all Homestuck fans draw the same, and somehow even worse than the original too

No. 244209

huh, first time I see not only a case of sameface syndrome but also samehair.

No. 244213

when are we finally going to get over this shit trend that characters are only defined by age and special snowflake gender/sexuality.

No. 244232

Just remove all the stuff and flags around the two and it's a cool drawing.

No. 244253

I think you need to raise your standards.

No. 244269

File: 1664730841574.png (1.13 MB, 723x1000, YsEvEbx.png)

the ridiculous thigh gap showed up on my timeline again

No. 244270

File: 1664730908367.png (273.52 KB, 691x708, SJDxxdf.png)

it doesn't even match up with the butt crack at the top

No. 244283

File: 1664734795324.jpeg (271.61 KB, 828x824, 1BC35E36-1519-40D5-824E-8C8F3C…)

No. 244285

They managed to give everyone different traits and still make them all the same

No. 244289

Of all the repulsive and uncanny design choices Katetorias' makes the eyes bother me the most. They're so CREEPY.

Pastels felt clean and soft to me. Aidans turn everything they touch dirty and dingy!

No. 244322

just got done stalking this artist for a bit. she deserves her own thread

No. 244327

No. 244354

I get the strong impression that this artist is one of those obnoxious catty byler fangirls. Also that they're probably a college age woman trying to skinwalk pubescent boys.

Holy shit I've scrolled past this like twelve times but I only just realized it's supposed to be Hiccup and Jack Frost.

Also I dislike that the artist feels the need to announce the characters' mental illnesses like they're the most important thing about them. As a person who actually has OCD and ADHD, I find that incredibly tasteless and a little dehumanizing.

No. 244360

File: 1664752070868.jpeg (309.39 KB, 828x1472, 4ED9CDBE-B3B8-4751-908E-410623…)

small sampling of stuff from her instagram. she posts videos of herself ‘stimming’ and jumping up and down / chewing on baby toys, headcanons every character as trans/autistic, uses neopronouns, etc.

No. 244364

File: 1664752690332.jpeg (63.24 KB, 336x346, 513C8CAC-3BB7-4A2B-B7DB-29B145…)

forgot to include this one

No. 244367

scrolling onto this is a jumpscare jfc

No. 244382


No. 244383

The "autistic" isn't necessary girl. We know

No. 244404

I love this. that's great lol

leave her in the wild to observe!

No. 244468

File: 1664789041742.jpeg (427.77 KB, 2046x2048, 65371211-7100-4F8A-B2FC-DC8368…)

I dont hate most of this, the style is quite cute to me but Twilights face is so ugly it ruins the whole thing (I know its technically meme art but everything else looks so nice that it throws me off)

No. 244482

There's something vaguely coomerish to this but I can't quite point finger to it.

No. 244492

My guesses: the shiny make up with long lashes and the fact that it's messed up from tears. This is a common porn trope so it feels kinda dog whistle-y for that.

No. 244518

Who drew this?

No. 244523

File: 1664810041083.jpeg (156.83 KB, 828x965, 366AA934-F91C-4F74-B4D1-FB0517…)

This one is scaring me actually

No. 244530

She evokes the same level of disgust for me as 60 y/o sissy diaperfags.

No. 244532

Ayrt and yeah exactly, Fluttershy alone would have been funny enough but Twilight is too suspicious for these reasons.

No. 244547

I hate the way these self-diagnosed Twitterfags caricaturize autism with their stupid chew necklaces and stimboards. It's so infantilizing.

Speaking as someone with an actual formal diagnosis, I don't do any of that stupid uwu crap. These asshats think rocking and hand-wringing are so cute, but stims and tics can be self-destructive, like hair pulling and scratching. The social maladjustment that comes with autism isn't ~quirky~, it's frustrating and isolating.

I understand that these people mean well by trying to normalize autism, but they're just turning it into a fashion accessory, another label they collect like Pokemon cards.

No. 244556

Lol it says Will nona. Idk if that means Will Graham or the Stranger Things kid or someone else.

No. 244557

I’m 90% sure this artist has a KF thread. The name sounds so familiar.

No. 244563

Katetorias doesn't have an thread, but his art appeal often in SJW Art thread

No. 244566

fruitofwinter on twit

No. 244567

File: 1664820875538.jpg (86.29 KB, 715x788, media_FBR35xhWYAI6FAw.jpeg.jpg)

Since it's katetorias talk
Here's an Zenistu from Demon Slayer in UwUww Meltdown

No. 244568

File: 1664820914983.jpg (58.59 KB, 671x787, media_FBR35xfXsAE2wIb.jpeg.jpg)

No. 244571

Kek I totally see Zenitsu acting like that if he was a zoomer.

No. 244575

File: 1664823161066.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 434.08 KB, 800x567, 8BBA84DC-7FB4-4927-B9C1-4B1690…)

Some nostalgia

No. 244576

I love fatties and weight gain(pls no bully), but even I would call their art terrible.

No. 244577

Go back to deviantart

No. 244578

It's ok anon, I still love you

No. 244579

These degenerates should stay away from bishies.

No. 244586

File: 1664824685537.jpeg (353.84 KB, 680x680, E36C3E9B-107C-4478-A712-9DA13B…)

Why does the body hair have to look like that

No. 244600

File: 1664827286781.png (Spoiler Image, 400.52 KB, 737x567, Screenshot 2022-10-03 220122.p…)

No. 244603

Twilight's curved horn

No. 244617

what in the actual FUCK

No. 244622

File: 1664834139959.jpeg (613.66 KB, 2048x1966, DB985778-2249-42A1-8FCD-19BA26…)


No. 244625

You can't tell me this isn't racist

No. 244626

File: 1664835598594.png (339.62 KB, 590x597, 1559765910Maui-Moana-Png-Disne…)

My little Maui

No. 244629

Applejack looks like Kronk

No. 244630

This looks racist

No. 244631

Rarity is cute but everyone else is just so bad.

No. 244633

bruh rarity has a goatee

No. 244634

The white goatee ruins it for me imo

No. 244635

Oh boy I have so much I can post here. I'm a part of a bunch of art discords and the amount of shit my eyes have seen is unbelievable

No. 244636

I honestly thought it was just a part of her collar ruffle (that I can't remember the actual name for) since it wouldn't really make since for her to to have a white beard. Looking again, it is probably a goatee.

No. 244637

File: 1664837783196.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221003-185545.png)

This person has been regularly posting their SpongeBob drawing "challange". No one has corrected them on the spelling yet

No. 244639

cursed aura

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure autistic meltdowns don't look like this. I wonder what it's like when she has one…

Zenitsu and Inosuke already sound like giant autists kek they don't need to time travel

No. 244642

This is so cute to me. The naivety is endearing.

No. 244666

File: 1664845611001.jpeg (225.77 KB, 1080x1325, ACBE0AD1-F889-44A1-AB9E-7F5DFB…)

I actually really like how Sharkboy and Lavagirl look here but lmao at Max

No. 244667

Max looks like he's got extra chromosomes, kek.

No. 244668

max looking like he's a repeat offender

No. 244670

>I dinnit du nuttin

No. 244672

Kek this is sad because lavagirl and sharkboy look really good

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