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File: 1464144326018.jpg (162.54 KB, 1080x1349, MUWaFCy.jpg)

No. 142067

No. 142068

File: 1464144431707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 552.16 KB, 3479x5376, L1hMLRe.jpg)

She is really desperate to show her ass. Lol

No. 142069

It's… So… Flat. Even after doing squats, she still doesn't have a butt. Her genes just don't have the trait. She got fake tits so she'd might as well get a fake butt too.

No. 142070

Photoshop is easier I guess. Hah.

No. 142071

>super fake ab contouring

No. 142072

>edges of the underwear folded in

my ocd is flying off the charts right now how did the photog even let this happen

No. 142073

To get butt you need develop muscles and gain some fat tissue there, i bet she simply does not follow the diet to make this happen even if she does squats.

No. 142074

Kinda hate myself for this but those panties are kinda cute and I want a pair

No. 142075

To get a butt you gotta do lunges and donkey kicks.

No. 142076

i really didn't want to see jnig's face in high quality. that liner is horrendous.

No. 142077

Her skin looks so dry too. Yikes.

No. 142078

File: 1464192462856.jpg (104.77 KB, 400x279, tumblr_inline_mix9fl4kgo1qz4rg…)

No. 142079

Whoever photoshops her does a horrible job.
Her eyes are edited, but not her shitty skin?
Only part of her ass is smoothed out.

Her feet look nasty as fuck.

I wish I could give her skincare and makeup advice. She constantly fluctuates from wearing foundation that's too light, and too dark.

No. 142080

File: 1464238494057.png (252.28 KB, 500x501, tumblr_o4b9y3gcw01uxigdwo1_500…)

Whoever shoops her pics needs to learn how to smooth out the skin on her face. Jesus that shit is cakey.

No. 142081

It's just a normal butt Kim K.

No. 142082

Why does she have to put black liner RIGHT on the fucking tear ducts? This shit is making me cringe.

No. 142083

Here comes tiny butt chan. Accusing anyone critical of JNigger's ass of being Kim Kardashian. Kek welcome back

No. 142084

It is normal looking though lol

No. 142085

I agree. Just poking fun at that anon who calls anyone critical of her ass Kim Kardashian. Also, its normal looking with shoop. You don't go from hank hill ass to regular/normal size in a few weeks of squats. Unless injections

No. 142086

Her feet look nasty both because of the quality of the skin and also it looks like they've got some dirt on them that was smoothed out with Photoshop or something, towards the pads under the toes.

No. 142087

Here comes hamplanet chan.

No. 142088

File: 1464261760016.png (116.93 KB, 301x473, buttimple.png)

Butt pimple

No. 142089

Your butt will always look shit[ter] if you have no hips.

No. 142090


Her thread always gets derailed with this shit. Stop before it gets cringy like >>242143

No. 142091

How long were you staring at her ass before you noticed that?

No. 142092

or the start of melanoma

No. 142093

I don't get it. Why not edit that out.lol

No. 142094

File: 1464393893744.png (418.5 KB, 972x1236, dasdasd.png)

"I'm so quirky look at the ugly face I'm making"

No. 142095

File: 1464394832103.png (509.95 KB, 985x1600, IMG_20160527_1.png)

She writes like a retarded 12 year old.

No. 142096

I want to go back in time and stop this bullshit from happening.

No. 142097

Even if you did, she would've found another way to get attention. That's what a succubus like Jnig lives for.

No. 142098

I think to develop a butt she'd have to be okay with having a little bit of a tummy too. For some people, it's just not going to happen without putting on some weight everywhere

No. 142099

Exactly. I think her butt is fine imo. It fits her body. It's just her boobs are so big you kinda expect a butt too. It's like huge boobs on a small slender frame is gonna make everything else appear so soo tiny

No. 142100

my favourite thing about jnig is her receding hairline

No. 142101

She keeps changing her story on how she was discovered. I thought at first it was just sexy Pikachu. There is no way a newb can just shit out three costumes over night

And wasn't it her BF told her to do a joke cosplay and she just so happened to get attention for not being a fat girl?

No. 142102

>And wasn't it her BF told her to do a joke cosplay and she just so happened to get attention for not being a fat girl?

Pretty much.

No. 142103

Someone should interview her and ask her to set that shit straight lol. Oh and low key ask what happened to her and Monika

No. 142104

File: 1464589029730.jpg (518.44 KB, 800x800, HP_Booty_Building_Workout.jpg)


I don't get it though. She apparently works out but still contours her abs?

I guess she's trying to gain some fat for dat booty lmao

No. 142105

Lmao this picture is shit. 2nd pic she's wearing heels which make your butt look great. 1st pic she's on her tip toes which flatten your butt. Third pic that fucking pose. Go back to school anon your a dumbshit.

(And yes you can get a better butt through working out but this is the worst example I ever seen)

No. 142106

This. Squats are not the most efective butt exercise and shame on the bros that started that meme.
So if it's just squats what she's doing I'm not surprised she doesn't have a butt.

No. 142107

>tfw love squats but just seeing it suggested any more makes me cringe because it's usually followed by brofag memeing

No. 142108

Just saw this post on the front page and wanted to chime in.

I've been heavy squatting for a year and a half. I squat 180kg now.

I never done anything else for lower body other than deadlifts, which I find may be better for glutes IMHO. At least I feel it more there.

Lowbar squats btw. Highbars for nerds

No. 142109

>you squat 400 pounds
Uh, post pics?

No. 142110

I like how the farmers so far have decided that jnig posing with/acknowledging her ass definitely means "she obviously wants more ass pathetic flat etc" and not just that plenty of fan boys find pushed-out, airbrushed asses bonerific even if they don't require a special pants size

No. 142111

I don't even understand what you're trying to say. Can you use better grammar? Not trying to snark im legit srs. I agree with you (I think?) that ass sells better than tits these days

No. 142112

Dat Patreon hate on her latest share on fb!

No. 142113

Post screenshots please

No. 142114

File: 1464748677700.png (176.12 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's on a mad comment deleting spree, 22 comments on this even with her 4 million some odd likes on her Facebook page? Earlier there was some shit talking on her patreon post and the only semi negative comment left is the top one. Wish I would've screen capped but was on my laptop and lazy

No. 142115

23k/month he wasn't joking

Also Sheena totally copied Jnig

No. 142116

Sheena's only good at that.

No. 142117

File: 1464801425936.jpg (51.52 KB, 607x221, just.jpg)

She types like a 16 year old.

No. 142118

This is kinda depressing.

No. 142119

After reading about all this I feel like the entire RT gang are pieces of shit for not putting a stop to Sheena. They knew Monty well enough and better than her and yet they're just letting her run around like crazy unchecked. One word and they could have her forced to find another "profession".

It's like they don't care about Monty at all.

No. 142120

Wrong thread

No. 142121

File: 1464833408722.jpg (168.89 KB, 1020x576, Son.Gohan.full.1396558.jpg)

Is Jnig trying to go Super Saiyan? Lmao

No. 142122

>more fun sexy stuff that isn't cosplay

So … straight up soft porn then.

No. 142123

A part, fucking hell!

No. 142124



Don't late night lolcow and post when you're sleepy kids.

No. 142125

File: 1464881321972.jpg (3.26 MB, 5312x2988, 146379500292.jpg)

What the fuck was she dressed up as here? She never mentioned it at the panel iirc.

No. 142126

I hate Jnig so much. She's one of the reasons people don't take attractive women who happen to be into gaming and cosplay seriously.

No. 142127

File: 1464886571537.gif (1.9 MB, 316x213, Unsure-Larry-David.gif)

Well, to be fair, I think it's the being into video games and dressing up as characters 5-10 years younger than you that people don't take seriously. Nor should they. I mean, what do you want people to do? Praise you for something you do for your entertainment? Attractive or not, not many gamers or cosplayers have anything different to offer the community from someone else. With games, you could maybe, maybe become a developer, but with cosplay, outside of doing what Jnig does, there's no career. There's nowhere to go, which is why it's a hobby for everyone but a hand full of people.

No. 142128

There have been people arguing that one could get into making props and costumes for movies and theatre, were they particularly talented.

No. 142129

File: 1464887290534.gif (495.6 KB, 500x200, zJFQUkD.0.gif)

Potentially they could, but what JNig is doing still wouldn't be relevant to the industry or the people hiring you. Thinking her brand would somehow hurt your portfolio or personal reputation is basically believing in the boogeyman, especially in production industries. Either you can create with certain materials, or you can't, and they don't have time for those who can't.

I guess that's just it. I think JNig is a lot of girls boogeyman for their problems aka why they're not getting attention, but then they go on to say they don't want the kind of fanbase she has anyway, but she's still somehow taking away from their credibility. I guess it never dawned on them that people actually just don't care that much, especially in Cosplay. Everyone "cosplays" now. The Golden Age of community and craftsmanship is well over, so if you're not doing this for yourself, it is completely pointless and a waste of resources.

(Cool Tangent, Bro, I know)

No. 142130

as much as I hate Jnig, this argument is so dumb. Hate hearing this. One woman like Jnig isn't the "reason" why no one "takes women seriously". There are many retarded, horrible men that are part of it but no one says "this is why men aren't taken seriously LEL". That being said, people in these industries/communities are generally sexist and I can see WHY since they are already sexist would say "hurr all wominz are whores like nigri!" but this idea has existed way before her in the "nerd" community.

No. 142131

Exactly, it has a fair bit less to do with her being an 'attractive cosplayer' and more to do with the fact that there are thirsty fucking men who can't do any better and pay for it, literally. If the community is shit, look at the community, not the person they're shitting on at that moment.

No. 142132

OT but I fucking love these curb gifs

No. 142133

File: 1464892689858.png (2.38 MB, 1248x1690, Screenshot_2016-06-02-11-36-25…)

Cosplay is the dumbest and most narcissistic hobby. You're not even creating anything just copying shit. If jnig ruined that for you in terms of monetization then thank god. Get a real job. I think if I were her I'd enjoy the money but in a few years look back and see how neckbeards crowd funded my boobs and all the embarrassing shit forever online I'd kill myself but that's just me. At least real modelling is interesting and classy but she'll never be anything but a coswhore. Enjoy it while it lasts Nigri

No. 142134


>makes money off of doing something consistently

>not a "real job"


No. 142135

She posted Gigi Hadid as an example of a "classy model" as either a master troll or proof she's a late teen/early 20s garbage poster

No. 142136

File: 1464893767454.png (245.47 KB, 1440x1063, nigrireddit.png)

Sorry I forget lolcow is full of cosplayers who get triggered. But back to the topic. I guess this is how Nigri uses her patreon funds

No. 142137

File: 1464895396728.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

>2016 and people still use the term 'a real job'
I don't like Jnig, but a job is any form of a service or labor you do in exchange for money, so…she does have a job.

Also, constructing costumes, props and wigs isn't easy, so maybe shut your mouth about things you know nothing about? Cosplay is supposed to be a fun hobby and a lot of people don't sew their own shit, but there are people who are really talented and enjoyed it as a stress reliever and break from their lives for a weekend.

No. 142138

I went to go look in her reddit, and there's no downvote buttons for any of the threads
I didn't even know that was possible to remove

do you think it's more of her policing, because i could have sworn it was there

No. 142139

This is funny as shit. What did these neck beards really expect?

No. 142140


They've been so blinded by her tits for such a long time that they just hand over her money without a single thought that this could be the outcome. Now some of them are seeing the light for who Nigri truly is, a scamming, attention seeking, cosfail of a cunt who hasn't gotten even more greedier.

No. 142141

This screenshot is in /r/JessicaNigri2. It was made since her main one took down votes away and yes that was since she became mod.

No. 142142


it's the subreddit style. If you turn the subreddit style off or go to the users comment history, you can still downvote

No. 142143

File: 1464988907358.jpg (322.56 KB, 849x1024, zeUdsGV.jpg)

"Impromptu Princess Mononoke at Sioux Falls"

No. 142144

>Cosplays San
>A literal feral woman
>But still puts on the same shitty eye makeup

No. 142145


I'm just surprised her titts and ass are actually covered up, honestly

No. 142146

File: 1464989614671.jpg (160.28 KB, 1024x678, 10447841863_6d7770afcb_b.jpg)

It's shitty but at least an improvement from her make up here kek

No. 142147

Actually I take that back its still just as bad

No. 142148

File: 1464991227468.jpg (176.14 KB, 630x1015, jessica_nigri_2.jpg)

I think Jessica's appeal came from the fact that she looked like the early 2000s normal hot girl in high school that was cosplaying. Obviously trends have changed but she is choosing harsher styles and not taking care of her skin.

No. 142149

A-are those push lights?

No. 142150


Lmao they are…also I didn't realise how tiny she used to be up top before the tit job.

No. 142151

She looks so much better with dark hair.

No. 142152

File: 1465016269901.png (757.5 KB, 691x844, Screenshot_2016-05-08-15-20-37…)

Is she cross eyed or something? Is that why she always makes retarded faces?

No. 142153

Lazy eye.

No. 142154


No. 142155

So I have only recently been brought on to the subject of this chick. I am at a understanding that she lies and says she has done work that she did not do, I am also under the understanding that she's likely quick to slobber on a knob or show some skin if it helps her get something, hence the patreon and cheating on ex's etc. What I'm trying to understand if this knowledge is so publicly known then why has no one publicly and when I say in public not on the internet behind the safety of a computer screen, called her ass out. She does these interviews at conventions, I would assume its pretty easy to get a question off or something. Been to a few here in Texas and I have actually been able to ask guests questions on stage after said main interview. If its just fear of her fan base I am pretty sure they're not that much of a threat and if its the dude she's with he looks like the type of guy who goes for the look but can't back it up. I just think thats the best way to end her supposed rain of terror but like I said I'm new to this whole subject matter so I just wanted to ask.

No. 142156

It won't change anything imo. She will crash and burn on her own.

No. 142157

Simply put, men don't care. They will continue throwing money at her until she's too old and has nothing left to milk. There's a chick on twitch who faked cancer - people have called her out, there's video proof etc., and yet, her white knights still defend her fiercely. Once men are attached to these girls, you can't pry them away until the girls wither out naturally.

No. 142158

File: 1465073921938.jpg (1.47 MB, 1735x1735, 2016-06-04 13.56.54.jpg)

I feel bad for how shooped her ass is in some photos.

No. 142159

Goddamn, make up makes such a huge difference on her. The right picture is still full face, but it looks so much better with a lighter hand

No. 142160

File: 1465074082325.png (606.05 KB, 794x1120, Screenshot_2016-06-03-21-10-09…)

No. 142161

even though the picture is terrible resolution i can still make out her horrible skin

No. 142162

Some of us did try like what >>251567 did in the previous thread

And nothing came of it.

No. 142163

Her face looks like it literally hurts from all the makeup she cakes on.

No. 142164

was curious, so I went and looked and there's no ED on jessica?
could have sworn there used to be one, but I don't know

No. 142165

I feel like her foundation would need scraping with the amount she uses just to get it off

No. 142166

No. 142167

No. 142168

You guys are the best, seriously, thanks for helping my stupid ass out.
I went to the website and typed her name into the search bar, and it didn't pull anything up and said "create a page on jessica nigri"
so not sure what happened on my part, but I was wondering if it'd been updated to anything new lately, looks like it has

No. 142169

nobody's commented on the fact that this might be her only cosplay that doesn't show off the tiddies?

also, i was just browsing her old thread today and there was a video linked that had an excerpt of an interview where the interviewer asked nigri about twilight, to which she replied that bella was "a faggot." really fucking shitty, idk how she doesn't get called out for that shit on tumblr.

No. 142170

I thought people outgrew that edgy "twilight sux" phase. Tumblr likes Nigri because she is a cosplayer who wears revealing clothes. Tumblr is full of people who love to cosplay and it's also full of third wave feminists (don't get me wrong, I'm feminist af) who think showing lots of skin is "empowering". Either that, or they just dgaf. Sometimes tumblr has better things to whine about.

But thanks for the info, that's such a nasty thing to say. I hate when gay and retarded are used to describe something/someone that is dumb or stupid.

No. 142171

File: 1465224009975.jpg (311.49 KB, 683x1024, oRznVL2.jpg)

Was looking through old pics and holy bad skin batman

No. 142172

Looks like Donald Trump if he played dressups. The bad wig and unnaturally low hairline just pulls it all together.

No. 142173

Will she ever learn to use a decent lipstick color so that she doesn't look completely lipless?

No. 142174

That Donald Trump comparison….cannot unsee….

No. 142175

I get that look she's going for- using pale lipstick to make her eyes stand out more. But there is a way to do it so you don't look like your auntie Muriel wearing frosted pink lipstick against her sun damaged skin

No. 142176

What's wrong with calling Bella a faggot?

No. 142177

Need a photo manipulation her cosplaying as Donald Trump now ahaha

I bet you she'll make it skimpy, too. I'm not surprised if Donald Trump approves…he'd probably compare it to one of his model wives

No. 142178

It's trashy. Also isn't nigri pushing out this Love everyone peace happiness acceptance persona?

No. 142179

File: 1465236592124.jpg (92.89 KB, 900x900, note to self delete this later…)

Nah, she did a cosplay of Orendi from Battleborn. Shes done a few others just from skimming the sea of tits, trying to find pic related

No. 142180

File: 1465244637688.gif (3.21 MB, 450x800, HireaMUA.gif)

She always has a full face like this. I don't get it. I dont know anyone who does make up like this everyday unless they work at a night club or sephora or something.

No. 142181

I'm guessing insecurity.

No. 142182

She probably sees it as part of her job which is to post videos and pictures on social media as much as possible and look "hot" in them

No. 142183

def insecurity, this type of smokey black raccoon makeup is the most dramatic look there is

No. 142184

Then why won't she fix her fucking hair. It's almost the worst offender here besides the tranny make up. She needs to stop killing her hair and wear a fucking wig. She's a pretty girl but damn I wish I can style her.

No. 142185

Don't loads of popular YouTube girls who look like this get their clit sucked in the comments by thirsty girls? "OMG ur liek so beautiful makeup goals liek how do u get ur bleached hair to look so perf all the time hair goals tan goals goals goals goals"
Heidi Somers gets it all the time, along with girls asking her "OMG is that your face without makeup skin goalzz" despite her being permanently smothered in opaque orange self tan. Then when she does her makeup it's just thick black liner over her unfeasibly large eyelash extensions, and the wannabes all beg her for a tutorial.

No. 142186

File: 1465277957590.jpg (132.5 KB, 768x1024, COCO196-1.jpg)

Ugh I just don't get it. The current trend is that clean and crisp 'Instagram look', like all the popular YouTube beauty gurus always do (think Carlie Bybel, Jaclyn Hill, Jackie Aina, etc.) Or basically the Kardashian-Jenner sisters (as much as I despise them, I admit their makeup always looks flawless and they have nice full lips).

Jnig seems to be stuck in this late 2000s/early 2010s Jersey Shore guidette-Arizona-brohoe look with the fried, bleached, thin flat hair…the frosty lips…raccoon eyes…ugh it ages her so bad

No. 142187

File: 1465278992798.jpg (1.48 MB, 1651x1651, 2016-06-06 22.51.04.jpg)

She really needs to get with the times. If she updated her make up and style she can look like girl on the right. (Not perfect but best pic I could find). Why does Jessica still dress like it's 2005? Is Arizona just behind on trends? Does she do it to stand out. Idk

No. 142188

She's probably just too afraid to deviate from it because its worked for her this long. Which is dumb because it looks dated as fuck, and tbh most men won't really care what make up trends she follows.

No. 142189

Yeah, it gives her that trashy pornstar look, which is what her fans seem to like. I think that's why she hasn't changed in any way over the past so many years.

No. 142190

I think the instagram hoe look is too inaccessible for her fanbase. They know they don't stand a chance with girls like that. The scene-kid look better facilitates shitty video game clothing too.

No. 142191

File: 1465307676869.jpg (112.45 KB, 540x742, 13393998_1698823500381281_5913…)

TBQH I was a bit upset at first considering Markiplier tends to be a pretty stand up guy next to the painted trashcan. But then I read his expression and he doesn't seem to care one iota about her.

No. 142192


looks like nigri asked for a picture with him instead of the other way around

No. 142193

His body language reads "Youre a heauxbag but I wanna be nice so thumbs up"

Fucking nigri. Do you think she'd hop on his dick if there was even the slightest chance of reciprocation? She's so grubby

No. 142194

Fucking fuck this guy pisses me off, all his videos are so cringy.

No. 142195

File: 1465312415631.png (166.71 KB, 1440x851, thirstyheauxbag.png)

I've never even seen his videos but is he cringier than jess? Also her hashtags are so thirsty

No. 142196

Gotta love Mark. That patronizing smirk haha. She probably glomped all over him like the obnoxious hoe bag she is before this photo was taken.

No. 142197

This is awesome because he looks way more excited in pictures with his fans than he does with Jnig. Excitement level is like -1000

No. 142198

They're both fame hungry pieces of shits to be honest. Mark is obnoxious.

No. 142199

This. men are pathetic. Jnig would never have blown up if no guys gave her attention of her slutty pikachu. This is the seed they have sown.

No. 142200

Holy sun damage, Batman!

No. 142201

He is just a youtube lets player. Fuck, she's pathetic.

No. 142202

this is the worst batman costume i have ever seen! what a lolcow

No. 142203

Christ, her skin is parched. It's like she's so afraid of being "oily" she went the the other end of the spectrum. If she doesn't start moisturizing she's going to have to set aside some money for injections or a lift.

No. 142204

Yikes. Looks like a middle aged mom trying on her daughter's weeb stuff as a joke

No. 142205

>tfw when my eyes do this
I always feel so ugly

No. 142206

It's ok. Plenty of people have eyes similar to that, just look at Kate Moss, a household name who is considered a beauty around the globe. You're not a lolcow so no one will fault you for something minor like that.

No. 142207

Yeah seriously don't feel bad. I only pointed that out because I hate her

No. 142208

He's someone a lot more well known than her.

No. 142209

Holy shit, is this for real? Her skin is horrifying. How old is she actually?

No. 142210


That's good to know, thank you guys for that ;-;

No. 142211

A very hard 26, will be an extremely hard 27 in August.

No. 142212

Are you sure? I could have sworn she's 28, turning 29. Still looks 38+ though. Pretty sure that image is a few years old too.

No. 142213

Eh. I don't understand the appeal of let's plays, so if they aren't your thing either, he probably doesn't have a lot of draw. He's very sincere and charismatic, though, so regardless of his content, it's very easy to like him.

No. 142214

File: 1465397692013.png (140.83 KB, 360x288, kek.png)

She looks at least 40 w/o make up. All those years of improper skin care or lack thereof

No. 142215

File: 1465397805105.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, 6wJqDGl.jpg)

Also this pic is probably why she wears a full face of make up to the gym now kek

No. 142216

> full face of make up to the gym
I couldn't imagine being this insecure

No. 142217

>spends an hour doing makeup
>makes god-awful hideous face anyway because "teehee quirky"

No. 142218

Right? She's insecure to the point where it's downright unsanitary. Imagine this bitch getting her sweat/foundation/other shit all over work out equipment. I seriously think she's kinda nasty. She looks dirty in a lot of pictures too. Like she doesn't wash herself thoroughly

No. 142219

Yikes, all that sweating would just make your face melt. Especially living in Arizona where it's hotter than Satan's asshole. You've got to be really diligent about skincare out here and it's obvious that she allowed herself to fry without any sort of damage protection.

No. 142220

File: 1465412351502.jpg (177.18 KB, 800x450, Power-Rangers.jpg)


She's like Rita Repulsa with that fucking makeup.

No. 142221

Yup, I'm sure. Her birthdate and place are on the net. I remember when she started out that I was shocked to find out she's younger than me and I'm 28.

No. 142222

Holy fuck, she looks ancient. That super platinum bleached blonde hair isn't doing her any favors either. Harsh color's plus improper skincare (along with possible genetics) age you so much. Of course, she doesn't care since it's what gets her money but it's also super dumb because it means she won't be able to ride that gravely train for long.

This… This is just stupid. How can you work out comfortably while wiping off all those layers of foundation off and have mascara and eyeliner running in your eyes? Fucking disgusting…

No. 142223

Yeah, he fakes his reactions and screams into a facecam for an hour. Very likable.

>wearing makeup to the gym

No wonder her skin is beyond disgusting.

No. 142224

I actually think she looks cute here. Rip good looking jnig

No. 142225

I don't find Nigri ugly at all… Far from it, actually. I just think she wears way too much makeup. It looks cakey, but that's her signature look. I bet with the makeup off or with very minimal makeup, she'd still look cuter than the average girl.

No. 142226

This pic is only a year old

No. 142227

It looks like she's wearing fake eyelashes too? Admittedly I sometimes forget to take all of my makeup off before the gym if I'm in a rush but it's only really foundation and maybe a little liner and my brows… Not full hooker face makeup. I couldn't imagine working out in that.

No. 142228

She's not cuter than the average girl, even with minimal makeup. She's nearing 30 (which isnt old) however she does fuck all to take care of her skin. She is basic, which isnt ugly, but she has ruined her face. Not to mention, her personality is shit, so looks aside, she's ugly from the inside mainly. All she has going for her is a decent figure.

No. 142229

Yeah that anon is smoking crack because jessica doesn't even look like an average girl. Her implants and shit are bimbo levels. The average girl ain't a bimbo. And when she's not in drag she looks like an older, "hot" soccer mom.

No. 142230

Sooooo does she actually play WoW? Having a little faith in her….or is that too much?

No. 142231

She doesn't. If she did she would have streamed something by now

No. 142232

You dont get to spout a bunch of silly shit then shout 'ha, you are triggered!' and go on like nothing happened. Didnt want to go OT, but that was cringeworthy as hell. triggered

No. 142233

They deserve to be robbed of their money tbh. If I were able to rob neckbeards of their cash, I'd do that shit too.

No. 142234

File: 1465676417580.jpg (129.52 KB, 720x1033, rsz_nigriandherneckbeards.jpg)

>You don't get to spout silly shit and go on like nothing happened

Lol what. You're just as cringe as they are. Just report the post and move on.

But would you be able to fake a smile and interact with gross neckbeards for 8 hrs straight at cons? Pic related, kek. I kinda feel bad for her there's even extreme neckbeards who get nigri tattoos. Idk man that's just weird

No. 142235


ew what is this look. did her boyfriend suck the life out of her ?
she looks shitty imo. i'd rather have the over bleached hair than this

No. 142236

File: 1465680731379.png (813.95 KB, 720x926, yghixdw.png)

Some girl copying Nigri's litten. As if there needed to be another version of that. She seems lulzy herself

No. 142237

File: 1465680787936.png (646.32 KB, 600x873, surejan.png)

Also thought this was funny.

No. 142238

What the hell? Is this girl even 20? Must be a proud parent to see your daughter whoring herself out on IG.

No. 142239

They both look like shit.

No. 142240

File: 1465688346231.jpg (675.21 KB, 1024x838, cosplayer-jessica-nigri-and-pa…)

Dunno but if Jessica's parents are happy and proud then I'm sure it's possible kek

No. 142241

Good lord, if those are her parents she doesn't seem to have much to look forward to genetic-wise when she gets older. And it's also very creepy that all of them have the exact same smile.

No. 142242

This is disturbing. her dad looks like he wants to fuck her in private.

No. 142243


She literally copies everything Nigri pumps out, even down to armor making techniques. It's desperately tragic.

No. 142244

File: 1465693793404.jpg (63.62 KB, 540x960, nigriretardedfather.jpg)

>"My dad ran in and said his bike shorts make him a ganguro orca cyclist. So proud."

like I don't know if she's just forcing her dad to act randumb or if he's genuinely a neckbeard. Original tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/OJessicaNigri/status/648994311640473600

No. 142245

The lot of them look like a bunch of harpies.

No. 142246

Her dad is a legit faggot. what the hell.

No. 142247

File: 1465708476382.jpg (47.84 KB, 195x222, 20160612_011411.jpg)

No. 142248

I'm having the hardest time believing that Jnig is only 23/24 in this photo.

No. 142249


Lol, Nigri was gushing over Danielle on /Allchat this week. So cringey

No. 142250


Lol, Nigri was gushing over Danielle on /Allchat this week. So cringey

No. 142251

File: 1465714280044.jpg (13.39 KB, 183x36, wow.jpg)

>google "litten"

No. 142252

File: 1465716708078.png (678.62 KB, 1311x1058, pull.png)

Found this on PULL (kek pudgygoddess) and cropped out the asskissing at the end. My question is we know she tans so what is the big deal in admitting to some skin tone editing. It's more or less the same.

No. 142253

Uggh. They look like nice regular folks, but must be overly permissive parents. It's the only way to explain how they're cool with Jnig's behavior.

Plus, isn't she the only child?

No. 142254

File: 1465718472405.jpg (13.34 KB, 275x275, 1450950352403.jpg)

She was cute back in high school, too.

She really is the wannabe geek version of Lindsey Lohan.

No. 142255

If she puts on that much slap just to work out, then she probably doesn't exercise much. She'd be too insecure about her makeup running.

Unless she has good waterproof make-up on, idk

No. 142256

I think she has 2 brothers, also her dad manages her..like how are you ok selling prints and basically whoreing out your daughter >.<

No. 142257

File: 1465772952592.jpg (1.61 MB, 2048x2048, FitTea.jpg)

I think it's great Jess promotes exercise but Fit Tea is such a joke and obvious cash grab lol.

No. 142258

Fit tea is bullshit. All you have to do is eat right and exercise. Jnig sounds like she is only working out for her fanbase or else she would balloon up. I can't wait until she hits 30+ and gives up entirely.

No. 142259

…you realize danielle has been doing full armor for waaaaay longer than jnig has right?

No. 142260

She looks like she's the same age as her parents..

No. 142261

I lose respect for anyone who shills this shit. this is next level no caring for anything but money. shilling out laxative tea and trying to pretend its healthy/a good way to be healthy/lose weight is seriously disgusting esp knowing how bad this can be for your healthy. so irresponsible.

No. 142262

File: 1465843025663.jpg (956.99 KB, 2833x4378, fXoQyNJ.jpg)

Something about this looks off.

No. 142263

For some reason her eyes look really derpy

No. 142264

It's the face, I think
Also, if you zoom on the left side oh her waist there is a small bump on it?

No. 142265

when did Jane Krakowski get implants?

No. 142266

lmao her abdomen looks like she used dodge and burn on it in a poor attempt to make abs, i'm sure of it

No. 142267

>Those drawn on abbs

No. 142268

Wait a second, OP is supposed to be Litten?

No. 142269

No. 142270

Detox teas are bullshit.
If she does see a difference it'll be from nutrition and workouts.

Sucks that she'll lie and reccomend this tea to her fans for money

No. 142271

The entire left side of her body (her right, our left) has been brought in to make her look slimmer. The dirt background is getting ducked into the gravitational pull of her massive ego.

Mega camel toe as well.

No. 142272


Telling me if I invest some fake tiddies I can make all my money back and then some? Or do I need to lie too?

No. 142273

File: 1465899273833.jpg (272.78 KB, 1078x1610, FjC1btv.jpg)

It looks more strange close up. I can't believe this girl is several years younger than me. All that sun exposure and bad makeup skills. Does she always wear those 99¢store lashes?

No. 142274

That sun damage on her forehead, christ. She needs lip balm too.

No. 142275

Wear a lip balm, no one wants to see that crusty mess

No. 142276

Besides the dry patches of foundation, premature lines, sun spots and aunty eyebrows, what's up with that ghost nose ring above the final location? What was the editor trying to do there? A misplaced stamp that was not blended away?

No. 142277

WTF she has literal grandma forehead.

No. 142278

File: 1465911045126.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_23600-20160614_08290919489…)

Lol I see what you mean and that is hilarious. (Pic related for blind anons.) Does she deny shooping still or…?

No. 142279

All that shop and her skin looks like hell. Her laugh lines are so deep for her age, it's disturbing.

No. 142280

I'd rather have my privacy and dignity than jnig's money.

No. 142281

Someone called them out for illegaly endorsing
products on ryan's ig. It was already deleted lmfao

No. 142282

Why is this a thing? like did they shoop her nose down or something???

No. 142283

She messed up clone stamping

No. 142284

File: 1465950327157.jpeg (131.33 KB, 640x710, image.jpeg)

Oh my, Jess. Time has not been kind to you and neither have you been kind to your skin..

No. 142285

I know that Jess has bad skin, but Jesus Christ her eyebrows always look fucking atrocious.

No. 142286

Get some lip scrub and a good lip balm you nasty ass crusty bitch.

No. 142287

She really needs to update her makeup style and start a very serious exfoliation and hydration regimen on her skin. It looks like all that caked on make-up and sun has turned her skin extremely dry and leathery looking. She's seriously way too young to have skin that looks this old.

No. 142288

Her hair looks like a pile of shit. I'm sorry. But damn she needs to wear a fucking wig. And quit wearing make up for a while. Until she learns how to apply it at least

No. 142289

Also, someone on her sub wrote "Jess needs to wear chapstick before taking pictures next time" and she replied "Agreed". The comment is deleted now Probs for being down voted to oblivion

No. 142290

File: 1465961831479.png (45.65 KB, 471x542, 48FiPqb.png)

Anyone else see this posted on her fb group? She keeps deleting any comments with this image attached.

No. 142291


Here's more info on it too. I know we were all obviously aware, but having more people knowing what a scammer she is, is always a bonus.

No. 142292

What a piece of garbage. Anyone mind posting this on her subreddits linked at the top? I'm on mobile.

No. 142293

What a fucking cunt. I don't get why any company would want to sponsor her. Her fans typically don't buy the stuff she tries to push in her videos, they only buy her prints because it has her tits in them. So fucking dumb.

No. 142294

Blame the sponsors tbh, they're the ones giving her the money. I hope more people become aware she's a scammer but her fans are extremely stupid.

No. 142295

File: 1465968091665.png (1.17 MB, 1284x938, niceshamelessselfpromo.png)

You're really trying to earn those good girl points, Jess.

No. 142296

File: 1465970729836.jpg (170.99 KB, 1024x768, uGN2otufRiJ_xfpDILC1vGXTCrOCX5…)

She's trying to save herself by doing a promotion for another product, so that when she endorses Fit Tea and people call her out on her bullshit she'll just say she always says when she's being paid.

No. 142297

File: 1465972599671.jpg (89.6 KB, 706x842, 9FVkSyb.jpg)

She's so busy with the Fit tea stuff that she forgot to fix her comment bot

No. 142298

File: 1465972605687.jpg (60.37 KB, 642x548, RFkOQbn.jpg)

No. 142299

sorry for my ignorance but I'm a little confused. Are those bots she set up on her own account or what?

No. 142300

>donating with her name
>posting it on instagram
Pick one or the other, don't do both you tacky fuck.

No. 142301

File: 1465987596258.png (15.41 KB, 306x196, barf.png)

i went to her patreon for the first time and had to close the page after reading this.

how old is she? she's late twenties, right? why does she type like a xDDD so randum!!!1! 14 year old? do guys honestly find that endearing?

No. 142302

the short answer is yes

No. 142303

File: 1466009966365.jpg (68.45 KB, 471x542, lol.jpg)

No. 142304

sage for off topic but i have been reading her name as NIGIRI this entire fucking time

No. 142305

Ryan's fuckboy hair and beard though. And those tattoos. I don't usually make white people jokes but all he's missing is some plugs to complete the wonderbread look.

No. 142306

File: 1466011091004.png (20.9 KB, 592x118, fakecuckboy.png)

He's known for being a massive fuckboy

No. 142307

>polite forced smile
>uninterested slump
>arm lazily hanging by his hip
>Jessica's more into it than he is and leaning her hip against him


No. 142308

i mean, i don't think it's any secret that the pixel panties and crunchy roll stuff were paid sponsorships; but the way this post details how nigri thinks of her fans is shocking and enlightening. i hope this is true.

No. 142309

lmfao she's being exposed and she's doing damage control on facebook lol

No. 142310

Post Screencaps please

No. 142311

File: 1466021455520.jpg (199.1 KB, 818x798, Untitled3.jpg)

top kek

No. 142312

Gotta love it when "e-celebrities" humblebrag to the world about making donations. The genuinely good people donate without bragging to the world about their "good deeds", Jessica.

No. 142313

File: 1466022510390.jpg (77.12 KB, 736x456, 2wuyob0.jpg)

No. 142314


No. 142315

File: 1466022625949.jpg (32.4 KB, 633x298, hJRXhFA.jpg)

So they both aren't sponsored by Fit tea. Okaayyy lol. I don't know why their so adamant against saying they are being spons. Is it for tax purposes or what?

No. 142316

The best part is her trying to change the subject from her illegal endorsment, which has proof, to that shitpost about her donating only 3,000$.

No. 142317

File: 1466023380942.png (43.36 KB, 1059x380, jessicanigger.png)

It doesn't stop

No. 142318

Someone will report this bitch to the IRS eventually.lmao

No. 142319

A bunch of people reported her already but nothing seems to be done about it

No. 142320

already posted m8

No. 142321

File: 1466037462947.png (295.37 KB, 512x587, 1466034189392.png)

lol a bunch of 'famous cosplayers' are coming out to whiteknight jnig. Sad

No. 142322

Mariah is so gross. Jnig is guilty to me but people are still heavily in denial. What's funny is she's doing so much damage control on Facebook and they're all like, "What rumors?" She has two separate audiences (FB/IG retards and Reddit neckbeards) but won't ever address them at the same time. It's funny

No. 142323

File: 1466049229739.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2041, dicklesschild.png)

Wow someone is sure butthurt for being reported by fans by the FTC.

No. 142324

BTW he changed the caption from this

No. 142325

I want to report her so bad but I don't know how to go about it. I don't have direct inside knowledge…do I just copy pasta everything that was said here and also send the screen shots to the I?

I'm afraid nothing will happen…I don't know if it's because not enough evidence or if the powers that be don't take this crap seriously.

It's like the Sheena Oum scam all over again. Ugh

It always has to be other douchebag cosplayers that defend Jnig…I want folks like Masamune Photography to step up and tell their testimonies of Jnig being a scum bag.

No. 142326

I think so far people have reported her to the FTC. But she really really needs to be reported to the IRS. Those guys can audit her and make her pay years of back taxes she owes.

No. 142327

I'venever reported anyone before for this kind of fraud, but I'll try. I'll type up something later. If you guys can give me some tips, that would be great.

Also if others can report her as well. I'd say something on reddit about taking it to the IRS, but 8 can't be assed to make a reddit account for 1 post

No. 142328

So to nobody's surprise, the Fit Tea scam was true. It's been painfully obvious ever since the Crunchyroll&Pixel Panties thing that Jessica gets sponsored for showcasing products to her fans and you have to be an idiot to not see it. The sad thing is that like 60% of her fans don't care because they're only there for the tits and sexual fantasies, but I'm wishing the rest of them would care and stop supporting her sleazy ass.

It's her lazy eye and bad nose shoop shown here >>142278

I wonder how many hours it takes for Jnig to get ready in the morning. She's always wearing a face full of makeup with caked on primer, massive amounts of eyeshadow+fake lashes+eyeliner etc, styled brows and so on. I guess she's too insecure to even go to the gym without a face ready to melt. As proven here >>142215

No. 142329

Jnig Archives:

Twitter, Denying she has anything to do with Fit Tea: http://archive.is/aO9qG

Ryan's IG before he changed the caption, Jnig says she uses Fit Tea in the comments: http://archive.is/Ks2hZ

Reddit post where a former friend claimed she probably has a lot of undeclared cash: http://archive.is/VxlzI

No. 142330

Not American so I can't do this myself, but I had a look through IRS' website and they have a form you can fill out anonymously
By the sounds of things they do like you to have as much evidence and information as you can

No. 142331

The problem is we only have solid proof of her violating the FTC act, not of tax fraud.
And the FTC aint doing shit.

No. 142332

File: 1466082312819.png (199.97 KB, 494x575, FCFiBnB.png)

No. 142333

classic jnigs.
not the first time either.

No. 142334

This post was such an obvious ad.

No. 142335

His excuse is that he promotes shit he likes using his own money,
which is weird since in the comments jessica deleted she said they just started using it and are waiting for results.

No. 142336

These are such obvious lies, it's hard to believe people fall for this shit…

No. 142337

Lol, who buys a $10 shit fucking water bottle? No one. Should've posed less. At less JNig's seems a little more candid.

That water bottle is over the top obvi though.

No. 142338

Thanks guys. I'm a US citizen but I'm still trying to figure out all this legal crap aha…this will help me a lot.

Jessica seems to keep a huge stash of money hidden at her parent's house…are they all in cash? She also still lives with her parents, despite having a boyfriend and enough money to move out on her own.

With all that money, you'd also think that she'd become some kinda Sephora VIP Rogue and spent $$$ on better fake lashes than those cheap dollar ones that she's wearing right now…oh, and also have a Sephora coach teach her how to do make-up for real and take care of her skin, jeez seriously. It's $125 to have the complete private consultation and everything, and a hundred bucks is nothing to her, given that she makes close to a million a year. So I don't get why she cheaps out on certain parts of her spending.

anyway, before I get too off topic, what I'm getting to with this is…has Jnig filed taxes for last year's earning? Or does she sign as 'unemployed' and that all money is gift money? I might be grasping straws here, but I'm trying to see if she has committed tax fraud before ala Sheena Oum.

If Jnig does have a million in cash all kept hidden somewhere in her parent's house, and she doesn't want to deposit any of that (and deny that she got them all from sponsorships and donations) it sounds fishy to me.

I don't know if this is all enough to say something to the IRS though.

No. 142339

File: 1466103823339.png (1.53 MB, 1440x1035, Screenshot_2016-06-16-12-02-36…)

Throwback to show how bad her hairline is

No. 142340

File: 1466103853745.png (1.64 MB, 1440x1039, Screenshot_2016-06-16-12-02-45…)

No. 142341

File: 1466104428368.jpg (106.66 KB, 634x754, 2C3298FB00000578-3231210-image…)

Yeah like seriously, who the hell does a black smokey eye in the day time?

Ugh just every thing about Jnig makes me cringe…even her hairstyle is so dated like in >>142296

Straight, fried, choppy hair in crappy layers? Gurl leave these styles back in the 2000s where they belong.

come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Jnig curl her volumize her hair, ever.

Yeah, not just the make-up but the hair, too. If Jnig can look like this model, she'd look so much better

No. 142342

File: 1466104866002.jpg (44.63 KB, 391x600, 2b20784dd9203147e379c330c395b9…)

I don't know about Arizona as a whole, but I do know that a lot of those 'Bro Hoes' live there, and they reak of this outdated style–and it seems this is what Jnig wants to be sans the Tap Out/SRH/SoCal/bro truck/extreme sports douche-baggery

I don't know if Bro Hoes still do this 2000s style trends as I could care less to catch up on these hoes. But if they updated their style, I'd be relieved (a bit…now they just have to update their intelligence).

No. 142343

File: 1466105684541.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, aVp0zM64.jpg)

Uggh. When I see her younger fans try to emulate her, I just think…why? It's like, kid, are you trying to be like the bitches I knew back in high school? Because that shit was only trendy back then and not now. Teens and early 20-somethings should not emulate this crap. Just no…even Kylie and Kendall Jenner were smart enough to know that shit is terribly dated and that the 'Instagram look' is better for our times lmao

I hate the scene look that Jnig is trying to go for now as well…ugggh, I never liked the whole 'scene-kid' thing, and still don't like it now.

Kids please don't bring scene back, PLEASE

No. 142344

She's only doing it because the side bangs hide her hairline and the raccoon eye makeup hides the fact that her eyes are really far apart. The hair bleaching is probably an arizona thing.

No. 142345

I go to ASU, and no, it's just jnig. No one else looks like they're still stuck in the last decade.

No. 142346

File: 1466106371951.jpg (67.11 KB, 620x659, 108045033_amber-rose-zoom-98ca…)

I think Jnig should just go bald. Her hairline is just inevitable…if you can't fight it, then embrace it!

No. 142347

Yes she needs to shave it off and wear wigs. Kylie Jenner and Gigi do it.

No. 142348

File: 1466118448927.png (2.06 MB, 1440x1795, Screenshot_2016-06-16-16-04-43…)

Imagine if Jess tried to emulate this look. We won't ever be able to see it clearly since it will be filtered to shit like all her other nonheavy make-up looks. She does what she does to hide the premature wrinkles, skin damage, and hair damage. Also this person https://www.reddit.com/user/adastra26 is shitting up all of the fit tea scam threads on r/JessicaNigri2. She reminds me of kellbell kek.

No. 142349


It's either her, a troll, or momokun.

No. 142350

So this guy named Scarce made a video calling her out but Jess threatened to sue so he took her part out of his video.

No. 142351

No. 142352

File: 1466176708784.png (403.33 KB, 1440x1748, nigriBTFO.png)

No. 142353

That only shows how much Jessica is a spoiled brat who will shut down anyone who opposes her.

No. 142354


Candice is so beautiful.

No. 142355

Thank god at least some of her former fans are seeing the light on what a rotten bitch Jessica truly is lol

No. 142356

No. 142357

File: 1466207217738.jpg (242.16 KB, 1280x1924, jane-krakowski-wears-roland-mo…)

No. 142358

Okay, so then explain why Ryan lied about the FitTea being an ad and why you were shilling it in the comments, Jess.

Such a good liar though, I'll give her that.

No. 142359


The comments made me roll my eyes. She could probably punt a baby and people would respond with, "oh, she's such an angel. The baby was probably just jealous of her and a hater. Stay positive Jnigs! <33333 xoxoxoxo"

It's hilarious how she's so insecure about people saying negative things about her that she has to address them. If she ignored the entire FitTea fiasco nobody would have cared and the attention to it would have faded away.

No. 142360


I disagree with you there, this is actually illegal and I think that there were enough angry people that if she just ignored it it would not have gone away.

No. 142361

File: 1466208333051.png (1.13 MB, 1085x1140, jnigger.png)

Her bad contour and lighting made her nose look crooked as shit in this video.

No. 142362


Aww bless a guilt video, how predictable one of these would be made to make her look like a saint as always. I can't wait for her downfall eventually. She won't be missed.

No. 142363

tbh I didn't see the FitTea thing as a scam? It's obvious she was being sponsored by them, but what internet celebrity isn't sponsored? It's how they make their money.

I think the whole donation thing was a troll. Firstly, Why would FitTea give money to Jessica to donate to a charity? It's not like she would say she used that money in the first place. And secondly, if this person works for Jessica or FitTea, they would have lost their job over this and would have posted more proof than some rambling note.

No. 142364

It's endearing how much of a tryhard she is when it comes to IM SUCH A GOOD PERSON GAIZ BELIEVE ME I DONATE SO MUCH OF MY SHEKELS FOR A GOOD CAUSE AND I THROW AWAY SO MUCH MONEY TO PROVE HOW MUCH OF A GOOD PERSON I AM!111!!! yet when it came to talking about the Orlando shooting it just seethed of fakeness.

No. 142365

It's not a scam in the regular sense. But still is technically illegal plus it is deceptive as shit. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have gotten in trouble with the FTC for not indicating a product post is sponsored. Also according to this tumblr Ryan has to keep the post up for a year http://jessicanigrilies.tumblr.com/

No. 142366

File: 1466209527810.jpg (57.53 KB, 928x453, haaaaa.JPG)

No. 142367

Are you supposed to say when a product is sponsored? There are tons of youtubers and insta models who are obviously sponsored and never say shit?

No. 142368

Eh, I think if she didn't try back pedaling and doing damage control it wouldn't have brought so much attention to the issue, legality issue or not. Hasn't she been called out before on lack of transparency over sponsorships? I think it bothers her because this brings her character into question.

No. 142369

To comply with FTC guidelines, if you get PAID, yes. If you just get free product, no. But if money is involved, you are supposed to let people know it is #ad #sponsored or #sponsor..etc.

No. 142370

I'm still convinced this is a troll. No normal person would still have a job after parading around slandering a client and talking like that. Plus in their initial post they said they were working with Jessica, not with FitTea, and now they're saying they work with FitTea?

Not a Nigri fan myself, it just seems super sketchy without actual proof.

No. 142371

I think its a troll too, or at least someone who does have close knowledge to the situation overexagerrating. However, they could have meant that they working with Jessica through FitTea, like setting up the sponsership and shit.

No. 142372

She probably makes just as much money as Franco and she only donated 3k. lol ok bith

No. 142373


Highly doubt it, franc makes a shit tone of money, and it isn't just because of his youtube channel. Dude founded maker studios, and has worked on a variety of other projects. He's just not flaunting it willy nilly like jnig. Did you see videos of his wedding. It was pretty crazy, I'm sure they spent a rediculous amount.

No. 142374

jnig still makes 7 figures a year

No. 142375

From what I understood it's a person working either for FitTea or someone from a consultancy agency arranging the sponsorship, NOT a personal friend of Jessica. So it might as well be true.

If you think about it, niglet got really scared this time despite other rumors about her scams going on before and sometimes even confirmed to be true. It's a clear indicator that at least a major part of this story holds water, otherwise she would've just ignored it like before.

No. 142376

I just re-read the post in >>142290 and yeah, it outright says it's a person arranging sponsorships for Jessica and got tired of all the scams she's been pulling.

No. 142377


Yeah that's total bs

No. 142378

I'm still not convinced unless she posts physical evidence. If she (the woman posting the 'tellall') works with a company that deals with sponsoring talent, they wouldn't tolerate her behaviour. She'd be fired right away for slandering a client and indirectly slandering her own company/companies she works with.

No. 142379

I feel like her negotiating with FitTea for more money is def true, not sure about her keeping money that was suppose to be donated.

No. 142380

File: 1466280186932.png (403.17 KB, 883x527, drergg.png)

Ryan changed his caption on the Fit Tea post, doesn't even describe the item or anything. Good thing FitTea only paid him a shitty $200

No. 142381

It's mind boggling as to why Nigri still lives with her parents with the amount of money she makes. She must be unable to care for herself outside of their safety net.

No. 142382

Someone said it's because she keeps a lot of cash, undeclared, at her parents house. If she lived by herself she'd probably get robbed or some shit. This person posted proof they were friends with Jessica on her personal fb, but still take it with a grain of salt. She's trying to dodge taxes maybe

No. 142383

Apparently she is house shopping for mansions or something. According to her Facebook anyways.

No. 142384

Someone in another thread said her and Ryan live by themselves but that they spend most of their time at her parents house. idk why. seems weird.

No. 142385

Screen caps?

No. 142386


I wouldn't be surprised if she's been trying to dodge taxes. She gets money from endless amounts of sponsors and more along with the earnings from her prints & convention appearances, bet alot of it hasn't been declared with her history of being a fraud.

No. 142387

Her plastic surgeon spoke up? I want caps. …and a website of his work for… Reasons.

No. 142388

He posted either a tweet or install about it a while ago. It might be in a previous thread.

No. 142389

I just looked through the past 2 threads and can't find it.

No. 142390

Here yo go, Anon. Turns out it was a link.

You'll need to to do the archived version since it was removed.

No. 142391

File: 1466314191756.png (476.01 KB, 611x882, jnig.png)

Here's a cap. I'd be asking for royalties if I were the surgeon.

No. 142392

That's fuckin hilarious lmao. And she still denies it after that. I wonder if she blocked him on twitter

No. 142393

File: 1466317765394.gif (460.57 KB, 500x282, 1436492960998.gif)

What a way to promote yourself, props to the surgeon

No. 142394

Oh my fucking God, I'm ROLLING

No. 142395

This is the evidence? Honestly the only way I can read this is that he's just trying to get some weebbux and pulled the first image off of google of a big tiddied cosplayer for a quick advertisement.

No. 142396

He's a plastic surgeon in Southern California. He could have used actual celebrities. God, never underestimate the power of denial here on lolcow.

No. 142397

I'm not denying she had her tits done. The situation is actually still humorous considering an actual surgeon has called her out on having work done. I just highly doubt he's the one who did it. His twitter is riddled with pics of actual celebs and not a single one of an actual client.

No. 142398

this girl has a stunning face tbh

No. 142399

lol are you delusional

No. 142400

There's been an awful lot of people in JNigs threads lately sneaking in subtle compliments of this chick no one cares about. Smells like self post

No. 142401

I know. It's lame. But I think it's because lolcow is full of weeb cosplayers who wanna be JNigger really bad.

No. 144403

File: 1466358276624.jpg (42.01 KB, 640x379, image.jpg)

No. 144410

Lol, humblebragging much? Buying a big house from the money of your neckbeard fans, so proud. :^)

No. 144478

She shills in 23k a month from patreon alone so that's over 280k a year, she makes a lower 6 figures.

No. 144497

Plus her con money is coming to a slow hault. She seems like she's only doing small cons nowadays

No. 144499

She's so tacky jfc. Classy rich people don't brag.

No. 144505

Makes sense to invest in a house. I don't know that it makes sense to invest in a lot of house. After taxes (assuming she's reporting her income) and considering that she's not going to be able to sustain that income long term she's better off buying something modest and investing and saving. It's not like cosplayers get a pension or have a job with matching 401K contributions.

No. 144506

But who knows, maybe she can afford mortgage payments and taxes on a mansion long term if she's smart and has a plan post-cons and cosplaying

No. 144510

Probably not. She doesn't seem like the type of person to think long term and seems to expect things to just go her way. I'm sure she'll continue to bring in some money for a while but 10 year from now there's no way she'll be making 6 figures considering her con appearances are slowing down and she's aging fast. If she saved now she could still live comfortably for the rest of her life, but I'm sure she'll want to take more helicopter rides and whatever dumb shit she blows her money on.

No. 144516

Idk, it sounds more to me like she's just really excited than like she's bragging. She very rarely makes references to how much money she has and buying your first house is a pretty intense milestone.

No. 144527

Okay, you're right. I'm sorry

No. 146066

I mean if she were smart she'd rent out other homes to help sustain her house if she did hypothetically buy a big house, but we're giving JNig too much credit here.

No. 146146

She's so fucking dumb, when her popularity dwindles she won't be able to keep up with her mortgage and she'll end up becoming house poor lel. ME RISH NOW BUY MEGA HAUS!!!1111

No. 146174

Her popularity is already dwindling. She's still making money from fans off her patreon and neckbeards buying her prints, but as far as I can tell she's not doing as many con appearances. Whether she's not getting invited anymore (which I wouldn't be surprised considering her track record of peacing out early) or she doesn't consider it profitable anymore, who knows.

No. 146210

I think a lot of cons don't see the value in paying in for her. All she can is host a q&a about herself or judge a very small basic level masquerade. They'd rather bring in competition winning/high craftsmanship cosplayers who will host panels and judge high level costumes who will be willing to turn up for free as long as their basic costs are covered.

No. 146233


That makes sense. Somebody mentioned previously that she charged at least $10,000 for a con appearance. Is this true and is that a reasonable price? It's not like she's a celebrity so that just seems like a ridiculous price to me.

No. 146245


Yeah. Her fiasco at that Canadian con fucked her over for sure. I remember during PAX East this year she and fucknerdboi were on a stream and someone brought up the con, to which Jnig and Ryan screamed PAX IS 4 LOSERS.

Sounds like they were butt furious about not being invited by anyone for their shit behavior

No. 146283

Yeah, I agree she is declining. Before her prints used to sell out in her online shop but now a lot of them are usually reduced in price and never sell out. There's better looking girls out there and neck beards are starting to look at other options, plus some people are finally wising up to her shitty character and how fake she is and see that she's only in it for the money, not that she gives a fuck about her fans like she claims. I always knew she was a crap person but it seems like her newest fuckboy helped amplify it and let all the blind people see.

She looks like the type of girl with bad hygiene too. Lol

No. 146284

What happened at the Canadian Con ?

No. 146286

She was scheduled for a meet and greet for two or three days of the con and bailed. Said she was feeling sick and never gave the con goers a fair warning. Next thing you know, she's posting and tagging photos of herself at the aquarium hours later.

No. 146288

This doesn't surprised me at all with some of the stories my friend has told me. It seems her bailing out of schedule'd appointments is totally normal.

No. 146365

Was she still paid for the noshow or do they get refunded?

No. 146388

I remember that. Didn't she try to later redeem herself or something by saying she needed some time to relax? I can't remember.

No. 146391

Her butt reminds me of hamster balls and grosses me out whenever i scroll past. It looks like the mass of her ass is inward instead of an even round rump.

No. 146415

Has she ditched any other cons? Just curious

No. 146419

Not that I'm aware of, but then again she can't fuck up anymore. Since that incident she wasn't invited back to any big con.

No. 146420

am I the only one incredibly bored of seeing her cleavage? it looks nice but she is constantly pullin the girls out there and its a little.. tired. plenty of women are sexy in addition to being creative/interesting so i dont get why her fans have such an allegiance to her.

No. 146452

It's the same reason why Sakimichan keeps getting Patreon money even though she mostly draws closeups of characters filling most of the canvas. People like recognizeable compositions and once they're used to something they'll ask for more and more. Some do get tired and abandon the product, but most would actually find it more jarring if JN changed things around a lot in her photos, it would make them less "her thing" that they're used to.

No. 146487

I thought there was another con she dipped out early on, but I could be mistaken.

No. 146518

Not sure about the print stuff to be honest. Her prints are often on sale now because they're more expensive than they were before; having them on sale makes people think they're getting a good deal. Also nowadays she mass buys all her prints so she's less likely to sell out. She literally has an entire room just to store prints.

Her print sales might have gone down but I think she's also got a lot better at managing her print store too.

No. 146531

lol, so I found out today that my bf has a Nigri porn stash…

No. 146534

mine too!!!

No. 146573

wtf is a "nigri porn stash"?
just go to google and type jessica nigri, this isn't 1970

No. 146574

Damn, my ex was a fan of this girl. He'd always be like 'her craftsmanship is really good' and I'd be like 'the craftsmanship of what, her breasts?'
Cue the defensive remarks about how it isn't about her chest at all when it comes to male fans

No. 146586

Okay, you're right. Sorry

No. 146593

Does Jessica cut her own hair? Her hair looks like a choppy burnt crispy mess.

No. 146602

Nah I think her flat iron dissolves her crispy split ends to nothingness. At this point the only thing that'll save her is using her loaded $$$ to invest in some deep conditioning hair treatments and probably a very short haircut, maybe in a pixie cut. But neckbeards don't like girls with pixie cuts and she can't afford to lose that income. She got a terrible orange and silver dye job earlier this year so I just think that this girl has bad taste in hairstyles. A shaved head with a high-quality wig would be an improvement.

No. 146607

Both of these I think. Her fee is very high (over $10k) and a lot of cons just don't feel like paying that for a cosplayer when you can get the next best one for the price of the con flights and accommodation. It could also be that she's getting tired of doing con appearances because it requires you to act nice to neckbeards and retarded fans.

I still like to play with the thought of what would happen to her if Ryan decided to dump her. Nobody would make her complicated armor costumes anymore and she'd be right back to the cheap store-bought bikini cosplays.

No. 146618

I think if Ryan dumped her she'd have a back up cosplay maker ready on the whim. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had a handful of delusioned unfortunates on the back burner just in case. I mean, look at her behavior meeting Mark and how disenchanted he was about her in the picture. She was probably hoping to rope him in.

No. 146619

If Ryan dumps her then he'll probably be bombarded by Nigri lookalikes looking for a quick ride to fame. And its not like Ryan has high standards or anything.

No. 146629

idk Didn't Ryan straight out say that he's only interested in a fwb relationship with Jessica? My guess is that he's involved with her just for the sex and the money, the guy uploads sleazy videos of him groping her boobs for chrissakes. She's just arm candy for him. I also vaguely remember reading about how niglet is doing her all to please Ryan who got jealous of all the neckbeards lusting after her. If Niggy didn't have a nice set of fake tits, tons of fame and lots of money coming in, he wouldn't be there making her costumes. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan was cheating on Nigri, he does seem to have actual standards for a gf and uses her just for her other benefits.

No. 146672

Ryan likes the alternative, tattooed Suicide Girls look. It's why Jessica did that stupid cut on her eyebrow and dyed her hair purple/silver. Oh and that wifi tattoo. But it's just weird cuz her whole shtick is blonde bimbo so not really her style

No. 147163

File: 1466654326372.png (16.82 KB, 592x116, leafyishere.png)

Hey, this guy may go againt everything I preach daily to my fans about loving everyone equally, but he's getting really popular so I gotta start kissing his ass

No. 147165

She's desperate for nerd cred (see: her trying to suck up to Markiplier and him looking disinterested). Her declining popularity must be starting to worry her.

No. 147171

Ryan tried to fuck one of my friends, then proceeded to convince Jessica to get into a threesome with another girl. He's disgusting.

No. 147176

Oh yes, please tell us more anon. I'm sure your story is 100% credible.

No. 147271

The last event I saw her at in the past 5~ months was the Warcraft premiere. Surprised they even shelled any money for her when no one kbnew who the fuck she was.

Also Ryan will never dump her. He is too attached to the image and the title of being her boyfriend.

No. 147277

They got a lot of cosplayers to show up, they had some sort of agenda.

No. 147279

Probably to get some sort of nerd cred. Problem is nerds aren't watching movie premieres.

No. 147281

There was a post on his IG before they started dating. It was some anime picture of a girl and guy playing video games but she was like in his lap or something. Ryan said something like "yeah fwb would be awesome" and Jnig even commented on it like NOOO HAS TO BE RELATIONSHIP XDDDDD

of course Ryan took it down after they started dating

No. 147608

As a cosplayer who's been asked to attend these promo events, it's all just because cosplayers are "flashy" and "great PR" since they attract attention. Basically just huge living advertisements, or if you want to be honest, free/cheap clowns without the trouble of hiring professional actors or costumers. It's really goddamn demeaning but a lot of cosplayers are excited to do stuff like that because ~all that recognition~.

They eyebrow cut was so fucking cringy. And the half-shaved head.

No. 147698


Someone posted earlier how much she makes >>142272

No. 147703

Will Jnig and Ryan ever get married?

No. 147704

wasn't she already engaged twice?

No. 147705

Yeah and she broke up with those guys. I'm just wondering if Jnig will ever get married for real this time. Probably not due to all that undeclared money issue

No. 147717

I actually think they would if for just money/security reasons only

No. 147747

Most likely not. I remember there being a rumor that she was in an open relationship with that Cherry Sauce dude and now with Ryan, but for all we know that may be false. I can only see her getting married for security or money issues as another anon said. She certainly isn't wife material from everything we've seen and know.

No. 147765

Oh my, she posted a photo of a german city called Esslingen which is near Stuttgart which the Comic Con Germany is held.
It's just like 10km away from where I live…

No. 148023

File: 1466889127160.jpg (122.28 KB, 1080x1349, hq2RYBw.jpg)

Jnig porn coming 2016

No. 148095

No Lightning why! You're my favorite cosplayer… Don't associate with her ugh

No. 148098

The girl with the black hood is super cute.

No. 148248


I don't know too much about her other than what was shown on that shitshow heroes of cosplay.

No. 148832

She doesn't seem to have much of a personality based upon her social media. I mean, who the hell knows what she is like behind closed doors, but she sure as hell doesn't show much online. She is kinda cut but incredibly boring.

No. 149005

And the whore still can't be bothered to get her face to match the rest of her skin tone,…

No. 149825

I wondered when this would happen. People like this starting to cosplay:


I think Jnig opened the door to get mainstream people into it as a way to appeal to millenials and increase their fanbase

No. 149829

So? Who cares. At least she takes better care of her skin and doesn't seem annoying

No. 149878

what blatant self advertising

No. 149924

Can someone explain to me why is she kissing h3h3's ass so much? Not only is it cringey as fuck, but she is exactly the type of person they make fun of. I bet she has never watched a single video of their's.

She would have better luck with someone else.

No. 149928

Because she's an attention whore?

No. 149929

The question is why h3h3. She would get more attention from someone who might actually answer her.

No. 149975

Because she's dumb?

No. 150003

Oh yeah

No. 150100

So her subscribers dipped out quite a bit this month due to her not sending out Polaroids in a timely manner. She's now at 1,412 patrons making $20,000 as opposed to the $25,000 last month. Thank God her betas are finally getting some sense

No. 150113

That's just because June just ended.

No. 150141

Her other months were consistent tho

No. 150149

No, they weren't. There's always a drop at the end of the month because some patrons donate for a limited amount of time.

No. 150177

What I've just noticed, because I'm looking for it, is that her patreon isn't on any of her social media sites.
It's not linked on YT, FB, IG, Twitter, and her store.

No. 150179

They were at least consistent drops. Like a grand or two grand. This is a 5k drop

No. 150198


She doesn't put links but she constantly tweets about it and puts it in every youtube video she makes.


It was a 4k drop this time. 3k last month.

No. 150201

Okay then, I'm sorry

No. 150208

Patreon will charge at the beginning of the month, and I know that skeezy people will sign up as someone's Patreon, get the reward for the month then cancel their sub before they're charged. A lot of people on Patreon have had to pay attention to who have at least stuck around one months worth of donating before giving them the reward.

No. 150210

Highly doubt that's the case. While the person I was talking to was wrong about the reasons for the drop, they were right about her not sending out rewards on time. People get their physical rewards long after they were chraged for them.

No. 150212

And I should clarify and say she has been doing this to all patrons, even those who supported her continuously from the start. It's not "checking to see if they actually pay", she just sucks.

No. 150213

Yeah, you're right.
She does talk about it, I just found it weird that she actually doesn't link it. You would think it would be on her FB at least, along with other social media links.

No. 150219

Maybe she's too stupid to use links

No. 150225

She used to report fan Instagram accounts for not linking to her patreon. Weird

No. 150232

She still does

No. 150244

She's so fucking fat now, her thighs are as big as that Mallard the duck bitch

No. 150360

She's a little chunky now but apparently is working on getting a smaller middle. She's never been a ~smol lil pixie~ but you're right, her thighs are huge. Her weight fluctuates a lot, I think it's a mix of genetics (the way she gets flabby easily) and a bad diet (i assume).

No. 150383

Someone make her stop with the h3h3 references. It's so painfully ironic and cringey.

No. 150391

When I met her in 2013 at Anime Revolution she was actually pretty small. Not super skinny but pretty fit. Her waterbaloons also didn't look that massive because she wasnt wearing any pushup bras. She has gained a decent amount since then. Maybe it's comfy weight, like when people get into relationships and they dont care as much.

No. 150403

She looks bigger but healthy and has a good body. If she didn't photoshop her pictures to the extent she does the contrast wouldn't be so stark

No. 150443

Wonder if she'll still kiss their ass after they made a video exposing 2 huge youtubers for doing exactly the same shit she does

No. 150454

Why would she stop? She doesn't even watch their videos

No. 150462

File: 1467615616648.jpg (181.87 KB, 1200x900, wehEHXg.jpg)

Oh Jessica

No. 150464

File: 1467615923576.jpg (284.21 KB, 1458x1944, exzxPMz.jpg)

No. 150465

File: 1467615954284.jpg (400.83 KB, 1360x1813, 8fxyq5Zr.jpg)

No. 150466

File: 1467615989304.jpg (240.04 KB, 1360x1020, URb37BYr.jpg)

No. 150467

Sorry for the dump. Damn Nigri is looking rough. Her boobs are really her best feature lol

No. 150468

File: 1467616428944.jpg (396.93 KB, 1360x1813, YahYcePr.jpg)

No. 150471

Why does FakeCuckBoy has to be such a faggot all the time?

No. 150473


her usual fan, right there kek

No. 150478

>still wearing Osiris
It's like I'm back at Warped Tour with all the enormous scene fags waiting for their Black Veil Brides autographs.

I can really feel what a little bitch his is in every photo. It's astounding.

No. 150491

Jnig is a bitch but holy shit these ana-chans should go back to their containment threads.

No. 150492

Just report the post and move on. It's b8

No. 150501

File: 1467632701150.png (198.85 KB, 500x497, ohgod.png)

No. 150511

There aren't any containment threads for them any more, are there? You can't count Ash's because she's too skinny even for them, she makes them uncomfortable.

(saged for no JNig contribution)

No. 150577

She looks 30

No. 150584

File: 1467651310899.jpeg (23.73 KB, 211x318, image.jpeg)

When you catch your son Liam Jacob throwing out the quinoa you made for him and you're trying to hide your hurt feelings.

No. 150586

File: 1467651495991.jpeg (90.88 KB, 552x635, image.jpeg)

"I'm not like other girlz!!!"

No. 150589

I fucking swear I was thinking excatly the same things when I saw these photos

No. 150594

More like 40+.

No. 150600

File: 1467654960981.jpg (39.23 KB, 272x309, knightkek.jpg)

No. 150603

God I used to think she was cute but now I see why people call her butterface. This right here >>150501

No. 150608

Any news on her mega house? Here in LA a mega house starts at like 10 mill. Or does she think a mega house is just like a two story, 6 bedroom suburb house? Because that's funny as hell

No. 150630

see, i think that this is where her appeal partially comes from. she's not quite bro ho (a type of girl that neckbeards often fantasize about dating, but share no common interests with and could only acquire if they were attractive, themselves) and not quite quirky-alt-scene-girl (a type of girl that will at least not be totally repulsed by your obsession with anime or video games because all that shit has been selling at Hot Topic for years now)
She's accessible enough that it's not a totally ridiculous fantasy like trying to pick up a bro ho would be.

No. 150632

I should also add that those IG girls aren't considered viable fantasies either because they're way too far above your average neckbeard's league.

No. 150940


h3h3productions will call out people doing shady stuff on the youtube/gaming community. He recently helped publisize the whole CS:GO gambling scandal which involved very popular youtubers participating in highly illegal practices.


She thinks if she gets in good with Ethan she'll be safe from his critical eye. She's a complete retard for thinking that… but that's what I think her agenda is.

No. 150974

you end up gaining weight from breast enhancement surgery. It's hard to run/work out when your tiddies get sliced open

No. 150977

No. She started kissing Ethan's ass before the CS:GO controversy. Get you facts straight anon.

No. 150987

Did anyone notice there's a huge Nigri whiteknight who shits all up itt

No. 150989

No. 151030

She's been kissing H3H3, Leafy's, and Scare's ass. Its obvious to see what her objective is. She's trying to kiss their ass so they dont cover her scamming ways

No. 151033

Don't forget her main boytoy Philly D

No. 151045

Somebody gotta expose her already. It'll be entertaining as fuck.

No. 151051

(NSFW obviously) I always seem to find the most bizarre shit when I browse porn sites. Dude /really/ likes Jnig.

No. 151056

Typical jnig fan. Only difference is that he films himself.

No. 151826


Uuuuhhh, he's been exposing people for shady stuff long before she was kissing his ass anon. I was just using his most recent one as an example.

No. 151839

Soflo? The Fine Bros? These are the only ones I could think of. Both of them had nothing to do with what jnig does and both of them were months ago. No reason to start now.

In fact, she has been doing \//\ and shit like that in almost all pics of her in AX, but after the CSGO video was uploaded she stopped. I think it actually scared her.

No. 151844


Did you read the original post? I said he exposes SHADY stuff. Not just sponsorship bullshit. Jfc.

What jnig was doing was shady. Ethan makes videos about shady shit. There's a potential that he could make a video on her shady shit if any hard evidence pops up.

Is that you sp00ny?

No. 151852

Did you read MY post? h3h3 isn't an "expose" channel. The only big youtubers that they ever "exposed" were Soflo, The Fine Bros and Leafy.

Not only do they barely do these types of videos, but Jnig has little to no influence in the youtube community, and I can't think of a single reason they would want to make a video about her.

It was just ass kissing for the sake of ass kissing. Stop being a smartass.

No. 151876

This is the jnig whiteknight I was talking about. This site has gone to shit.

No. 151887

How am I a white knight? I honestly hope she'll be exposed for all the shit she's pulled. I'm just trying to keep it pure facts and not rumors.

The only reason she hasn't been exposed yet is because of idiots like you, who spread stupid rumors that she can easily debunk instead of sticking with the actual facts.

Drink bleach faggot.

No. 151898


Back at it again with the undeclared sponsorships

No. 151905


Yeah like Blizzard will send out random gift packages for being at the Warcraft premiere in cosplay. This is blatant sponsorship. Does she even play any of their games?

No. 151909

File: 1467834722988.jpg (344.82 KB, 915x729, Ss102-hires.jpg)

Her Diablo 3 demon hunter vs what a demon hunter actually looks like. If that's not enough, she showed up as a pokemon to blizzcon 2014.

No. 151925

Wtf that looks nothing like the Demon Hunter and never would have guessed.

No. 151926


I had to Google cosplays of this character and sure enough, I see plenty of women who've done the character justice. Not Nigri though, it covers too much skin, therefore it must be full of tits as usual and changed to something that looks nothing like the original. Also, what the fuck? A Pokemon? Fucking disgrace. Blizzard need to wake up and stop pampering this bitch.

No. 151930

Blizzard doesn't like Overwatch porn but promotes this shit..

No. 151931

Also, I'm the same one who posted the comparison photo, but I'd like to add she was cosplaying as Valla, who wears a red hood and has horns. Still looks nothing like her though.

I only put the pic of the regular demon huinter because she herself she was cosplaying as a demon hunter.

No. 151932

Oh, and you can't see it in this pic, but she was wearing skyrim boots. It was hat bad.

No. 152492

File: 1468005208567.jpg (314.79 KB, 1365x2048, sNS6K7H.jpg)

Look closely.

The more you look at this photo, the more ridiculous it becomes.

No. 152700

Those nails/hands. oh honey.

No. 152726

Why couldn't she just remove the damn chipped to hell nail polish? Her hands look dirty as shit because of it.

No. 152740

She's trying so hard to suck in her stomach

No. 152799

Shit, why wouldn't she clean her nails and get the polish off?! That is so distracting.

No. 152800

rofl, You're golden.

I can't stand her 'i'm so quirky faces'

No. 152899

>tfw the girl asking you for a picture is more attractive and younger than you
Maybe JNig is realizing that she can't photoshop herself in real life and is giving away how old she is. Therefore, she stopped doing cons?

No. 152922

the fuck you talking about nigga she's done like 15 cons just this year. it's the only way she makes money.

i thought that once she has a patreon and a steady income she would focus on more and better cosplays, but instead she just goes to more cons and made the least amout of cosplays shes ever made in her career.

No. 153137

She has a shelf life on her, she's gotta milk it while she still has it (or at least can fake it), then she can live off of savings and not give a fuck. She's gotta hit up all the cons now while they'll still have her for the easy money.

She looks like she's ready for burning man.

No. 153205

how does one get dandruff in a wig?

No. 153243

File: 1468127442512.jpg (86.7 KB, 640x800, 13636093_630014157148340_52850…)

That face when you realize it's time to get those butt implants because you can't photoshop real life

No. 153286

Looks like hairspray

No. 153362

It is clearly raining that day, not dandruff.

No. 153383

File: 1468168748747.png (31.03 KB, 417x625, GGG1DKbl.png)

Unreleased photo. Apologies for low quality.

No. 153389

Is Jnig not as in shape as she thinks she is or is it me?

No. 153414

She's in shape, but not nearly as fit as she used to be

No. 153476


Look at that no booty. I wonder if the official released version will have a shooped butt.

No. 153509

The officialy releaseded version will be just like the booty

No. 153626

It doesnt exist?

No. 153830

It's most likely dried hairspray droplets. I get that too in my wigs sometimes.

No. 153854

It's rain. In the bts video of the shoot it's raining pretty heavily. You can also see in the pic that her costume looks quite damp because of the rain.

No. 154353

Her right hand looks like it missed the photoshop bus and aged to that of a 40-year-old.

No. 155976

What the fuck ever happened to her "monthly charity shoots" it's been July for a while now jniggs

No. 155988

You actually believed that? lmfao it was obvious damage control

No. 156056

There's a possibilty that she might be cosplaying a sexy Totoro.

No. 156455

Uh oh teasers on her IG of a sexy armoured something from our childhoods…not again ><

No. 156456

It's Totoro. Fucking kill me now.

No. 156467

I don't know why you're acting so surprised. She sexualizes characters in every way possible via her balloon tits and smokey eye make up. It's weird but people like it. I love how in every recent shoot she's been doing she flaunts her tiny little butt then in her cosplays or at cons her butt is covered up.

No. 156601

Because you can't photoshop real life

No. 157835

So, Nigri is going to a con as sexy Rick from Rick & Morty.

No. 157839

File: 1469121806160.jpg (85.49 KB, 640x640, 13703060_1215410171811031_1873…)

No. 157845

Ohhhhhhhh no…it looks like a closet cosplay and no effort put into the hair just tops it.

No. 157846

Nobody would even know what she is if it wasn't for meeseeks

No. 157847

Someone needs to tell her that wearing the same color scheme as a character isn't cosplay.

No. 157852

Rick's main feature, his recognisability is the hair. But nuh its not sexy so why bother.

She could have at least used a mildly spiky wig.

No. 157856

How does a professional cosplayer not own a lab coat?

No. 157867

She's a cosplay model, not a cosplayer. She only has revealing clothes.

No. 157871


pick one

No. 157901

Dark lipstick does not look good on her at aaall. She already looks old, and that make up just makes it 100000x worse

No. 157905

When you catch your grandson Morty throwing out the quinoa you made for him and you're trying to hide your hurt feelings.

No. 158033

Oh boy, WhiteRussia. Match made in hell.

No. 158054

File: 1469156225214.gif (3.68 MB, 452x308, ice_cube_wtf.gif)

No. 158059

Am I the only one who thinks her ab contour makes her look fat (when she's not)? Idk like the outline just makes her look like she has a pudgy stomach when she's really quite thin. Everyone on ig is making fun of her ab contor too, lol

No. 158062

I think what kills me about this, is it could have been executed so much better.
The clothes could be slightly sloppier, and her hair could be super sloppy. A lot of times Rick has barf hanging out of his mouth, obviously that might be taking it too far for her, but maybe she could smear her lipstick? Why did she choose dark lipstick in the first place, i guess it's not that bad but it's just doesn't say "Rick"

I didn't even notice the alcohol flask.

No. 158066

How is this makeup even remotely in character? Like at least her clothes are the right color.

No. 158067

File: 1469163858687.jpg (84.41 KB, 312x321, dumb.jpg)

I seriously had no idea what she was supposed to be until I saw the Meeseeks doll.

No. 158072

Jessica fighting in the comments of each and every one of her instagram pics is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Everytime somebody makes a negative comment on her IG she has to either delete it or make a snide remark. She's been doing it for years, yet she still posts weekly on facebook telling everyone that she never lets the "haturzz" get to her lmao

No. 158108

This is…just pathetic. It looks closer to a blue-haired Lara Croft in a white coat than a female Rick Sanchez.
Where's the spiky unkempt hair? Sure, the monobrow, pale haggard skin and puke around his mouth/on his shirt wouldn't be 'sexy' enough for her, but when you have so many inconsistencies or unique things missing, it doesn't even look like the character anymore.
And can't she just go one fucking cosplay without trying to look like a prostitute? Just one. For the sake of accuracy.
This could look so cool if it was done right.

No. 158118

what's so wrong about deleting rude comments?

No. 158121

File: 1469195122666.png (901.23 KB, 690x460, 1445517247394.png)

Thats the dude from Rick and Morty right?
How the fuck can someone who makes $25000 can make something like this? I know she's lazy but at least she should take a lingerie or swimsuit picture weekly to justify the money donated to her.

No. 158123

bandwagon. that's why.

No. 158156

She's not deleting rude comments, she's deleting negative comments.

For example, she'll delete comments like "I don't know, I just don't think this is a very good cosplay :/. I like Jessica though"
but she'll leave comments like "I wanna cum on her tits so bad"

No. 158160


No. 158162

File: 1469204782254.gif (396.96 KB, 400x421, tumblr_static_dacjwbxy09sk0o0s…)

what a dumb ass bitch, there are so many other little side characters that she could have made. Tammy the Narc, the fucking Sex doll Morty had a baby with, Summer, I don't but this bitch chose to do this incredibly stupid looking outfit.

No. 158164


just whyy

No. 158166

File: 1469205478460.jpeg (52.75 KB, 500x500, image.thumb.jpeg.a93683b60c855…)

Here's the Rick cosplay by CommanderHolly to cleanse your eyes

No. 158167

File: 1469205735512.jpg (64.34 KB, 640x799, 13694708_1757855344491423_1805…)


No. 158183

File: 1469210061971.png (14.42 KB, 307x214, cringe.png)

the cringe in the comments

No. 158191

File: 1469211670508.png (100.45 KB, 1440x667, trashy.png)


No. 158197

File: 1469232551335.gif (9.69 MB, 640x360, stop.gif)

….She didn't even try, did she?

Thanks! I actually really like Holly's cosplay here.

No. 158200

Has anyone noticed that shes back to mainly boobie cosplays again? I saw that she credited her boyfriend a few times for props but whats going on, is she losing followers or whatever?

No. 158207


No. 158241

File: 1469245447034.png (4.02 MB, 1440x1672, 20160722_204029.png)

No. 158242

File: 1469245572565.png (176.81 KB, 1440x964, 20160722_204255.png)

No. 158244

File: 1469245876091.png (2.26 MB, 1440x1713, constipated.png)

No. 158251

This is a weird design and isn't reminiscent of Totoro at all.

No. 158255

Is it me or does it seem like her eye makeup is expanding? Maybe trying to cover up them crows feet.

No. 158256

yikes, she got huge

No. 158257

Also, why a necromancer instead of a forest mage or something like that? Totoro is a forest spirit/guardian ffs. And why would a necromancer carry a battle axe and be dressed like a warrior ho covered with war paint? Nothing about this makes sense.

No. 158262

File: 1469253062851.jpeg (21.86 KB, 226x416, image.jpeg)

When your son is in big trouble but you're trying to hold it together because you're in public.

No. 158265

I feel like I've seen her does cosplay a million times in different variations. Another armoured babe. Snooze.

No. 158266

This design makes no fucking sense. Totoro as Necromancer? She needs to fucking watch the damn movie.

No. 158278

Lol anon you're my favorite. Don't ever stop with the quinoa soccer mom posts pls

No. 158410

There's this "edgy" theory that Totoro is the death bringer or something like that.

No. 158411

No. 158504

It's different anons. Can confirm, am one of anons.

No. 158505

Did you see she supported Syndicate on snapchat and twitter?

No. 158520

Is that the rattling of bones I hear?

No. 158544

This theory is so stupid. The only parallels between the Sayama murder and Totoro are that there are two sisters and one goes missing. The girls aren't even the same age as Mei and Satsuki. In the real case, the older daughter is the one who was kidnapped and killed, and the younger kills herself. So why would Mei be the one who goes missing and not Satsuki?
Miyazaki even came out and confirmed that the murder wasn't an inspiration for Totoro, and he's not a death god.

God, I hate retarded fan theories.

No. 158553

No. 158560

It was annoying she's like one of those girls who make a huge deal out of being drunk. But yeah what a scumbag jess is for supporting him not surprising tho

No. 158566

File: 1469296789089.jpg (83.6 KB, 750x629, 13696399_1719976184920923_1562…)

FYI a lot of her fans still think her boobs are real

No. 158568

I was just about to post this. I knew she was going to jump on the OW bandwagon, but I expected her to use the opportunity to be Widowmaker or something.

No. 158569

>sexy rodhog
Why god, why

No. 158573

File: 1469297982338.jpeg (68.98 KB, 640x664, image.jpeg)

No. 158578

File: 1469298453388.png (963.72 KB, 1125x1100, image.png)

She should've been more accurate with the mask.

No. 158580

File: 1469298551583.png (22.95 KB, 256x256, tumblr_inline_nihdt3QzSU1t2gnm…)

>Implying Jessica Nigri gives a shit about accuracy

No. 158582

Because that's all what Zach Fisher does.

No. 158591

No just trying to say she's ugly. At least her make up is. Lol.

No. 158605

File: 1469305435037.jpg (289.62 KB, 900x1200, CoE2JG_UIAAlB62.jpg)

When your fat daughter goes emo and you try to be a bigger part of her life

No. 158629

"Mom that's not what emo is.."
"I'm a cool mom!!!"

No. 159037

So where do we stand these days on Jnigs making her own cosplay? She claims to have made this in 2-3 weeks but I doubt even shitty worbla boob armor cosplay like "Totoro" can be made so quickly. Does her having no concept of how long it takes to make such a complex cosplay prove she still is having them made for her?
I'd love to see her stream or post a video actually painting or sewing.

No. 159038

Ryan makes the bulk of it. Her gifs on ig are just for show.

No. 159059

You realize this is her job right? A set like that is completely feasible for 2-3 weeks when she has this much time to dedicate to it

No. 159069

Now she's jumping on the Overwatch bandwagon, she should cosplay Junkrat. They have the same hairline at least.

No. 159074

I always find it hilarious how she always says she "works so hard" all the time, but somehow also has time for a serious relationship, daily hikes, going on shows like sourcefed and /allchat (unless she considers that "work"), go to raves and parties, hangout with friends, and actually play all of the games and watch all of the movies she cosplays(which I don't even really think is neccesary, but she insists she does).

No. 159076

When she made her boob armor jolteon she made a video making the entire chest plate herself. I don't see why she wouldn't have made the Totoro one too considering they're identical pattern pieces.

No. 159093

This just proves that everyone else works on her cosplays. I'm basically doing that (except the filming shit of course) and it's insanely draining. Unless shes timing everything down to the T she can't be making shit.

No. 159094

Why are people still adamant that she makes nothing? She litreally has videos of her making this shit and yall still wont let it go.

No. 159098

Remember RTX just a few weeks ago? I don't think timing things down to the T is her strong suit..

No. 159130

I thought she worked on a few pieces of her cosplays and others did the rest? Because, >>159074 is right. How would she do all that herself AND have time to be a ~nerdy gamer gurl~ and hunt Pokemon and have a life?

No. 159181

Can we get some links? All I can find is her hot gluing neon shit to a bra and covering carved foam in worbla. Her gifs and photos prove nothing.

No. 159240

Preach. Seriously if she had videos making shit she would stream it or they'd be easily available to look up. Nigri had so many whiteknights itt it's crazy. What do you guys get out of it?

No. 159257

You mean this? It's exactly like her instagram videos. She only puts the easy stuff and then talks about the hard parts. Notice how all of the parts are already ready for her to glue together and paint.

No. 159293

She literally has a video in her FB videos section where she makes her entire Jolteon chest plate. And yes, she also cuts and adjusts the pattern pieces. Go check it out because it's not letting me link it.

And no, I'm not Jess or a whiteknight, I can just admit that she does make some stuff. Making the same worbla chest piece for all her armor costumes is not going to be that hard.

No. 159298

Nigga I know exactly what videos you're talking about. The only "patterns" she makes are a bunch of fucking triangles.

Of course she makes stuff. She's been cosplaying for years now, but she only started with the big builds after she started dating Ryan, and all of them are exactly his style. If you want to believe that he taught her his tricks and she became an armor master in a couple of weeks then there's nothing I can do to help you.

No. 159311

She starts the video with a pattern piece that has clearly come from her having cling filmed and duct taped herself. She's obviously not going to have drawn around herself or cut herself out of it on her own. In the video you see her draw it onto the foam and then make some changes to it so it sits better.

I know we all hate Jess here but being able to make a armored bikini top doesn't make you an armor master. It's a simple armor piece that looks fancy after you stick stuff on top of it.

No. 159322

You can literally see Ryan in the background at around 2 minutes working on it as well.

No. 159371

I don't hate Jess, but I'm also not a Nigri fan. I follow her on Instagram, though. I guess I admire her fame for being in the right place at the right time and knowing how to leech as much $$ possible. I'm jealous of her wealth/success, and that's probably why I keep up with her.

Although hating on her is fun sometimes.

No. 159406

I feel the same. Even if she didn't make her costumes 100% I would still respect her as a cosplayer, business woman and person. But the fact that she claims other peoples' work as her own is abhorrent and makes me so angry with her.

No. 159449


Hi Jess


Respect as a business woman? What business has she done? She's managed by her dad and the only deals she makes are illegal sponsorships with second rate companies.

No. 159645

I'm with you Anon. She clearly makes shit, weather it's small or the whole thing i don't give a shit. I love how other cosplayers like Yaya, Kamui get stuff made for them too and no one gives a shit. If Jess buys her shit from another cosplayer is hell on earth.
I'm not some Jess white knight but ya'll just need to admit that she can make stuff now. I think the videos are more than enough proof.
Ryan had his own cosplay at that convention, most likely was that he was working on.

What the big deal if Ryan helps her? He is her boyfriend you really think hes going to sit in the corner and watch his gf, ofc he'll offer to help…

Can we get back to talking about her Tits or forehead and stop trying to milk shit that is dry.

No. 159718

File: 1469570633840.jpg (53.7 KB, 800x273, 800px-Jessica_Nigri_Sailor_Mar…)

Maybe it has to do with the fact that she is a compulsive liar. People have a hard time believing anything she says. I remember when she talked about working her butt off on her Sailor Mars cosplay (and flat out said she did everything herself) then her friend releases a pic of her and others working on the damn costume for Jess

No. 159726

I knew this example would come up. I could never see Jnigs armour here. She's sat next to the pink armour while going a wig looks like it's for the one who wore the green armour. (forgive my lack of sailor moon knowledge, i never watched the show). The person on the right look to be working on the orange armour. I see no red or purple tbh.

No. 159728

sage for same fag.

I would really like for someone to point out exactly which is Jnigs. Because I really just cant see it.

No. 159744


Jessica took this photo, I believe. (She posted it on her social media, at least.) She is not in the picture. There is a girl in a red shirt sitting next to the television set. The red armor behind her and the wig that she is brushing are Jessica's. Pretty obvious how things are placed around her and hung on the TV set that the girl in the red shirt is the one working on them, not Jessica.

No. 159774

Thing is, the only reason people are nit picking Nigs not making her costumes is because she has lied on multiple occasions of either doing it herself or she conveniently avoids answering those questions. It's the same sort of attitude with the lack of transparency in sponsorships.

Personally, I don't care if someone gets outside help with their costumes, because some people are better at certain things than others. It's the lying and misrepresentations of the build of her costumes that are eye roll worthy.

No. 159775

I'm not Jess

No. 159779


you're in denial bro. Remember when she did the same with her Death Knight? Constantly saying she was doing the whole thing by herself then about 3 of her friends were saying they were working on it for her. Thats when Jessica backpedaled and said her friends helped her make it. Thats why her and Monika Lee aren't friends anymore. She took advantage of Monika's cosplay skills and was taking credit for things Monika was making

No. 159792

No denial. I really don't care if she made them or not, or if she made a bit of it and if someone else made the bulk of the costume. It just gets to me when people say she makes nothing when there is so much proof.
I see JNig as a model more than a cosplayer.

No. 160680

Oh, you're Jess. Either that or someone who knows her. No real person would type "Although hating on her is fun sometimes".

No. 160882

hahahahahahaha no jess dropped monika becajse monika has always been a fame whore. she jumps on whatever popular cosplayer will put up with her and its always been that way. in the atl circles that know her they call her monika leech

No. 160885

Then why was Jessica running around the AZ convention trying to apologize to monika?

No. 160961

And why are they friends again?

No. 161067

lol wben did that happen? literally look at all of monika's cosplay friends through the years and she's always been leeching iver people she can use to further herself but she got too tired of being not as noticed as jessica. idk if ur monika or one of her lil buddies but having known her from when she first started cosplay her MO is pretty obvious

No. 161081

Monika works with a big gaming company now and does not give a fuck about cosplay.
Jessica has tweeted many times about trying to reunite with a lost friend and that she feels sorry for what she did (aka stealing Monika's cosplay work and claiming it was hers). Monika will tolerate her nowadays but will warn people about Jessica. Jessica is a leach, liar, and not a not a good friend. She cant even keep friends (as well as boyfriends). Monika is still good friends with a lot of people in the cosplay community. Jessica is not.

No. 161113

I know, I was agreeing with you. The person to whom I replied said that Jess dropped Monika because Monika is a fame whore.

One thing I have to disagree about is that Monika is actually just just as much of a bitch as Jess. It's actually quite a well known fact. BIrds of a feaher flock together.

No. 161125

I'm an experienced cosplayer and I need to have at least 2 months for an elaborate costume. Making a full armor suit in 2 weeks requires a team of people working on it. You need to pattern that shit which takes forever, cut out the pieces, put them all together, sand it and paint it. Waiting for the glue and the paint to set takes a lot of time. And because Jessica has a life outside of cosplay and does multiple costumes at a time, it's simply not possible that she does everything alone. Her craftsmanship is identical to Ryan as well so I think it's a safe bet to say that he does most of the work, at least the patterning and the paintjobs. Her videos making the costume is just grunt work such as sanding and cutting the pieces which is something any idiot can do with directions. In >>159257 she never shows any patterning work nor detail carving. You can even see other people on some shots and the painting is just her doing some of the base paint layers, not really highlights that require you to pay attention and have experience.

Also this. She lies about everything all the fucking time which is why people don't believe her and except her to be a scammer with anything she does. She lies about her tits and her sponsorship deals, why not about the costumes as well?

No. 161131

Exactly what I was thinking. Everytime I see an interview of a cosplayer with a huge build, they always say it took them months and sometimes even over a year to make. Now I understand that most cosplayers have actual full time jobs, but it still seems odd that she makes her cosplay in such a short time, especially considering what >>159074 said.

Maybe it takes her so little time because she purposely cuts out huge chunks of every big build she makes so it only covers her nipples and crotch?

No. 161142

>but I expected her to use the opportunity to be Widowmaker or something

That would require actually having an ass and wearing more clothes.

No. 161163

I'm also an experienced cosplayer and I tend to speed build all my cosplays.

Jess' armour was not "full armor suit". It was gauntlets, calf pieces, bikini chest piece, totoro mask and pauldrons. You're all acting like she rocked up in a full HALO cosplay and claimed it as her own. She turned up in the same half naked cosplay with recycled pattern pieces but with a different paint job. It's not that hard. Her totoro and her Jolteon have the same chest piece patterns and there's a video on her fb where you see her make the Jolteon chest piece from scratch (pattern altering included). A beginner cosplayer can make a bikini armor chest piece from worbla, I'm sure Jess can manage it too.

Not saying she doesn't get help and hasn't learnt a lot from Ryan but that costume was definitely not outside of her abilities.

The difference between Jess and cosplayers who take months/years on their costumes is that those cosplayers fully 'finish' their costumes. Jess' cosplays look pretty from the front but look on the inside and it looks a mess. We all saw in her Deathwing video where she had hot glued everything. It means you can get a pretty cosplay out quickly but it'll break in a few wears and you'd never be able to compete in it.

No. 161198

at least you have a brain. she litreally shows the inside of her costumes that are a huge mess, not move set ready like Yaya ect. It's easy to make a costume look good on the outside by hot glue and special hiding tricks e.g. big capes etc.

No. 161293

File: 1469732170226.jpg (208.5 KB, 900x1200, CoHTavQUEAA87Ee.jpg)

I'm pretty neutral about jess at this point I just find her controversies entertaining. Anyway, does anyone see that slight implant dent on her lower boob? Or am I high?

No. 161441

her boobs are real

No. 161442

File: 1469768007727.jpg (38.43 KB, 799x431, Jenna-Marbles-100-coats-video.…)

now i know where she gets her inspiration from for her makeup

No. 161443

I'm glad my implants don't look like sand filled balloons. Sheesh(no one cares)

No. 161445

lmfao who the fuck cares

No. 161447

No. 161448

out of all the female characters in overwatch, she chose to do sexy genderswapped roadhog? seriously?

No. 161453

He doesn't wear a shirt, of course she's got to do a sexy genderbent roadhog.

No. 161456

I see what you're talking about and it looks kinda weird.

Not too surprising since her raccoon makeup looks almost exactly like her "How To Make People Think You're Good Looking" video. I don't think JNig know that those uploads are jokes…

No. 161458

Well it's very clear from her videos that she doesn't know what "humor" is

No. 161520

Because every other girl cosplay will be doing the girl characters. So of course she'll pick some less popular character that won't have as much competition. I don't know whether that's brilliant or just sad .

No. 161538

It's kinda brilliant. Although I'm not sure how well it worked out for her. Her roadhog pic got posted on the overwatch subreddit and people were mainly surprised "Jessica Nigri is still a thing" as opposed to the usual muhhdick comments. It's crazy how she's climbing in followers but losing her relevancy in the nerd community. Instagram is basically her last big following and most of those followers probably aren't legit. It's the end of an era guys

No. 161546

Yup. That's why she's kissing ass so hard and making controversial costumes lately. She'll take every bit of publicity she can get, even if it's negative.

No. 161571

I don't understand why she's not milking the shit out of her patreon. So far Jessica has been delaying packages/not updating for weeks and still manages to reel in 20,000 a month. Like she's really adamant about going to small cons she's not even headlining when really she needs to skip a few cons and put out more patreon content. Imagine if she tried it would be 50,000 a month. I mean maybe there's something I'm not understanding about profit/loss on patreon but idk

No. 161577

Because she gets at least 10k to show up to a con, and if she does a couple of these a month she gets not only the same amount of money as patreon, but also a free trip and she doesn't have to work.

No. 161579

Makes sense. Also did anyone catch that sponsored post she just put on ig and quickly took down? I didn't get a chance to cap it. It was another blizzard goodie bag

No. 161603

Dear diary,

No. 161619

She took it down? It's still up for me lol

No. 161631

File: 1469825445805.png (2.27 MB, 1440x1896, ndjdjdnejekkw.png)

She needs to leave her hair alone lol

No. 161640

I honestly imagine its too much work for her. She'd rather go to cons and get asslickers IRL then have to actually do any work for her fans that give her money.

No. 161641

I feel like she's going more and more scene as she gets older, like desperately holding onto her youth.

No. 161643

Her eyebrows are SO BAD!

No. 161675

are they really friends again?

I know that she's supposed to look dirty but her tan doesn't look remotely even at all

No. 161803

Yeah, the fake tattoo doesn't even line up either.

No. 162022

Come the fuck on anon, she's working on multiple costumes at a time and it's simply not possible that she finishes an armor suit in 2 weeks be it a bikini armor or not while putting on another new costume she claims to have made in a week. That Totoro suit is massive and she clearly is busy doing other shit besides working on her cosplays 24/7. I don't get this "Yeah, Ryan does half of her cosplays, so fucking what??" mentality, she's still saying she made the costumes all by herself and never credits anyone else. Even Kamui admits that her husband does the paint jobs of her costumes and everybody knows her cosplays would look shitty without them.

Since JNig works with eva foam you need to prime that shit with multiple layers of glue and that alone takes time to set, not mentioning the time it takes to cut out pieces, sanding armor parts and gluing everything together. Just getting the materials for the costume takes time unless everything is delivered to her doorstep in 2 hours. I could buy a 1 month timespan with just one bikini armor costume but not fucking 2 weeks with 2 costumes. Granted I've never seen her costumes up close so they might be blemished with glue marks and uneven surfaces but even unpolished work takes fucking longer than 2 weeks.

The thought is brilliant for sure, but I don't know about the concept working here. There are tons of bitches making Mei and D.Va which are the fanboy wet dreams, and none of their costumes are revealing enough either. So genderswapping a more obscure character to be a sexy booth babe gains her more attention since both Mei and D.Va are already done to death by more talented cosplayers. This is all in theory though, like >>161538 said it's really not working this time because people are busier fapping over all the kawaii mai waifu Meis and D.Vas instead of a generic tittified genderswap. I guess the beauty idol standards are starting to shift already since the big titty armor is being done to death by every cosplayer emulating JNig.

No. 162028

>I guess the beauty idol standards are starting to shift already since the big titty armor is being done to death by every cosplayer emulating JNig.
Fucking finally. I'm tired of seeing every fame hungry girl doing armored titty cosplays for the past several years. I'd rather see cosplay girls wearing pretty shit like how the Russian ones make ornate ball gowns and concentrate on making their makeup match it.

No. 162041

>I'd rather see cosplay girls wearing pretty shit like how the Russian ones make ornate ball gowns and concentrate on making their makeup match it.
you don't get popular for making good costumes, you get popular by flashing t&a like jnig.

No. 162045

I've crunched out two bikini style armour costumes in a month, so 2 weeks a piece. It's about timing. Yes priming takes a while but while that armour is priming you work on the other, when the other is finished drying you prime the other and move onto paint on the dry one. I did this in a month holiday I had away from work so i'm assuming Jnig also has this much time to do stuff like this considering its her job.
It's all time management. Are people forgetting Ryan has costumes too? Yeah he may or may not help jnig but he has to do it leaving time for himself. You never know they might work on each others costumes together. You don't see Ryan getting shit for jnig helping him which i am almost certain she has done something on his costumes at least once.

Yes jnig is known for bullshitting etc and it's all agreeable. But lately you can see the effort she has put in even if she is just going little pieces like on her deathwing, its something.

And yes, i am not a jnig whitenight just simply observing the thread every now and then, I don't really have that much of an option about jnig tbh.(Not your personal blog, whiteknight.)

No. 162046

Nice theory anon.

You forgot the fact that in addition to making her costumes, she also went to like 4 cons in different countries during the timespan in which she said she made it.

And timing? It's jnig we're talking about. She's the the worst person I have ever seen when it comes to time managment.

And while yes, it's her job, she seems to be spending her time playing pokemon go for hours instead of working: https://twitter.com/OJessicaNigri/status/752658362815291396

So.. yeah. You can deny it all you want, but you are a whiteknight.

No. 162054

Yup. This >>162045 Jnig whiteknight keeps shitting up the thread. Yeah no wonder you know all about crunching out a bikini-style armor cosplay. You're either jnig or one of her delusional wannabe fans. Kek

No. 162067


Yes, >>162054 is right, this is definitely jnig. The poor grammar gives it away.

No. 162111

Not to mention, she says she's been gaming every night (Overwatch & Pokemon Go), working on the Patreon rewards (because she says no one works for her), making armor costumes, and attending 4 cons, running 5 miles a day (a few days she said she went hiking all day as well), etc…

No. 162112

As a runner myself I seriously wonder if she's still able to do much long distance running anymore. Her tits must weigh her down and didn't she get a helicopter bc she was too tired to hike back down? No doubt hiking in the canyons is exhausting but getting a helicopter isn't normal if you're a distance runner. She also makes so many posts lately about being fat and wanting to lose weight. Just speculating here

No. 162129

I'm pretty sure the fat posts were her getting ready to promote FitTea because after that she stopped mentioning it

No. 162151

Uh no she's made posts on ig since then about being fat and also she was on snapchat calling herself fat just a few days ago on ig. I'll post caps later

No. 162188

You're both right. She stopped mentioning the fat thing for like 2-3 weeks after the fit tea fiasco.

No. 162603

Anybody here a cosplayer from the Arizona area? There's a rumor going around that she has some issues with the IRS.. can anybody confirm anything?

No. 162605

Just dm that girl from PULL

No. 162625

I'm not a user on PULL and I'm too lazy to open an account, but if nobody here answers then I'll probably do that

No. 163448

File: 1470452434159.png (475.41 KB, 1440x1850, sotilted.png)

I didn't know she can get so retarded on ig. Hah

No. 163449

File: 1470452523958.png (1.79 MB, 1431x1455, lol.png)

What a dumb bitch. She sounded so smug and clever like Snoozy. Haha I bet she thinks she's so creative and smart for googling a theory and making an entire cosplay of it not even knowing the creator himself says it's not true

No. 163452


God she's foul. "I partied with the guy who made this cartoon therefore it's fine so fuck your opinion" basically.

No. 163463

what the fuck is up with the last comment's font? is it shopped?

No. 163464

Uh no. It's a type of font you can use on ig.

No. 163468

Miyazaki would hate her cosplays so much. The guy is known for creating strong female characters, not fucking bimbos. Especially not gijinka sluts like this abomination of a Totoro cosplay.

No. 163469

We all know he was just being nice. That Rick costume was horrifying.

No. 163471

I just love the swift justice she got served in her comments. She's so stupid

No. 163477

>parties with the creator. he loved it

She's such a goddamn liar.

No. 163478


…Has this bitch never seen Totoro? Like ever?

No. 163489

File: 1470467146599.jpg (137.14 KB, 1080x1920, Vl0VTF1.jpg)

I thought her boob job was flawless because I didn't see any scarring on her Dragon Age Morrigan (sp?) cosplay but damn that huge scar/implant mark is undeniable

No. 163492

did she add fake soot coloring around her boobs?

No. 163493

She most likely never even saw the movie. When I read the death god theory I thought it didn't make sense at all and didn't fit the movie a bit, and even Miyazaki debunked it.

I want deets

No. 163494

File: 1470467769222.jpg (174.17 KB, 1080x1920, 6HSq4vJ.jpg)

Yeah and here she is going to sleep in it. Fucking nigri and her nasty hygiene

No. 163497

It looks like two giant sandbags laying on her chest.

No. 163500

File: 1470469124508.jpg (125.5 KB, 576x1024, bw8grGZ.jpg)

This one is worse. Also slutty cubone incoming

No. 163502

I love the fact that she has to do the peace sign over her forehead cuz it's that massive

No. 163506

what's funny is before it was even public that she was dating Ryan, someone on PULL said she was trying to win over Ryan but he had issues with her hygiene and thought she was gross lol

No. 163536

File: 1470475573626.png (207.56 KB, 750x1334, image.png.9c70d31ffe9363f136c9…)

From pull. She sounds like a tweaked out camwhore

No. 163543

Her wording makes it sound like she does her make up while she's naked

No. 163553

Yes that's what she is saying

No. 163554

There was a discussion on PULL about whether or not she still has nipples. She posted about her nipples on facebook shortly after.

You do the math.

No. 163564

That's hilarious.

No. 163586

Oh god, why would you ever do that?
Your gonna get make up all over your shirt and smear it

No. 163588

Ew does she sleep in her makeup?

No. 163624

Yeah she does even her betas are grossed out by it

No. 163705

File: 1470530089720.png (167.46 KB, 1440x926, tacky.png)

How sad is it that Jess has to ask her neckbeard betas how to dress herself. How is she almost 30? Such a child.

No. 163713

I think it's because she's that out of touch, and has lost her identity by default of pandering to nerds all the time, so she goes straight to them.

Very pathetic for a grown woman.

No. 163716

Yeah. It is pretty pathetic. She's rich, she should just hire a stylist if anything. Or just do some basic research via fashion mags or tumblr etc

No. 163724

I think you're all misinterpreting that. She doesn't give a fuck what the betas think, she's just trying to make them feel special so they keep giving her money and buy her gifts.

No. 163726

OK Jessica.

No. 163735

"OK Jessica"?

I fucking said that she tries to make her neckbeards feel special so they'll give her patreon money, like she's been doing for years, and I'm Jessica now? lmfao fuck off faggot.

No. 163737

Lol yeah except she wasn't even asking for money or trying to promote her patreon. She literally doesn't know how to dress herself. She is an airhead and needs to leach ideas off how to dress well because she's stuck in the 00's. You are seriously reaching

No. 163754

God I hate this cow with a passion but she has an ass it's just small and looks non existent compared to her tits

No. 163763

File: 1470550983650.png (1.89 MB, 1440x1372, 20160806_232015.png)

Um if she didn't tie that thing I wouldn't be able to tell where her thigh ends and butt begins

No. 163774

Not really reaching, it's a common marketing strategy. She makes the whiteknights feel like she cares about them and they're part of her life. She pretty much does this weekly on FB.

No. 163775

I mean post some examples and I'll believe you

No. 163776

Agreed. It's pretty entry level marketing.

No. 163809

File: 1470567334324.jpg (41.59 KB, 480x480, 13880368_10154408003732533_577…)

I didn't think he could get any worse, I was proved wrong once again, this is actually horrible, I think after roadhog underboob is her new thing.
Plus the rest of the pokemon group she was with also looks horrible!

No. 163818

File: 1470569512239.png (58.05 KB, 250x250, 250px-104Cubone.png)

At least roadhog was kinda recognisable.
This is… even worse than usual

No. 163827

Her surgery scars are healing I guess. She looks like just a random cave woman.

No. 163828

File: 1470571372605.jpg (301.46 KB, 503x992, smh.jpg)

Just from last month. Good enough?

No. 163832

why does she look SO dirty? fake tan should not look like dirt, doesn't she realize this?!

No. 163836

I thought she was trying to look dirty on purpose for the costume and didn't realise it was her tan until you posted this and I scrolled back up to look lmao

No. 163837

File: 1470574263594.jpg (29.75 KB, 576x521, 1464984596335.jpg)

>4.2K likes, 508 comments, 46 shares

No. 163847

this looks nothing like cubone
why did she think adding a bunch of bone, bead, and strap detailing would be ok
fricking frick

No. 163925

File: 1470603397512.jpg (134.09 KB, 600x938, gijinka_pokemon_105_marowak_by…)

Pretty sure she based it off this marrowack

And…could she chill with the tribal paint. .

No. 163927

I've noticed that she does go way over with the paint too. Also pretty sure she does the same paint pattern (or super similar) with basically every "tribal"/cave woman/anything she does

No. 163929

She's not even holding a damn bone!

No. 163930

If it was she's got the wrong Pokemon because that states it's "marowak"

No. 163940

Marowak is the evolved form of cubone

No. 163973

Sorry guys, but what is PULL?

No. 163982


No. 164010

God bless u

No. 164401

jesus fucking christ well this is definitely the new 'how can you say you don't have implants' photo. There is no way real ones would be able to stay in that position with gravity.

No. 164405

Eugh, another reason why virgin men (and stupid ass girls) who think her tits are real need to come back down to Earth. I can't imagine those feel good to lay down in. Why the fuck does she take bedtime selfies with all that makeup on?! Gross!

No. 164411

File: 1470773691476.jpg (1.74 MB, 3222x1920, punchingbag.jpg)

No. 164449

File: 1470782353068.png (557.45 KB, 925x383, Untitled.png)

"Original Design?" Is that why it looks so much like >>163925???

No. 164450

She seems like the type to see that picture, add her own "touches" to it and then claim its an original design because she changed a few things.

No. 164452

File: 1470783440899.jpeg (40.34 KB, 540x960, received_1505803609445825.jpeg)

Salt levels rising.
Top kek Jessica, top fucking kek lmao

No. 164454

Lmfao, its just like her flareon that she forgot to give credit to the og cosplayer/design

No. 164458

Can't believe she's only 28 (?), her face looks SO freaking old. Real butterface (her body is nice imho)

No. 164459


No. 164462

It looks nothing like that imo…. except for the boob ribbon/leather

No. 164469

No.. Cubone has been one of my favorites for a long time and she ruined it by making it "sexy". Cubone is busy mourning its dead mother, not trying to appeal to neck beards

No. 164472


But the boob ribbon and the leather is the entire costume. Just because she's not black and added a few details doesn't mean it looks nothing like it. It's nearly identical.

No. 164489

Not really
The ribbon looks like the sailor moon transformation

The only thing they both have similar is the boob part

They have different paint, accessories, bottoms to the outfit. It's just reaching to think she "purposely copied this then didn't credit the artist" tbh

No. 164511

Yeah, the more people post about how much they don't care, the more they care about you thinking they don't care.

No. 164516

The whole pokemon group was a mess like 3/5 were unrecognisable and the costumes just generally looked so wrong for pokemon WHY OUT OF ALL THINGS WOULD YOU SLUT UP POKEMON

No. 164519

You're asking this? About JNig? It's her bread and butter, are you kidding?

No. 164531

Because they're nothing but talentless hoes looking to making a quick buck off neckbeards and teen boys who'll happily fap away to them. There are some amazing Pokemon cosplays out there and yet this is the majority. Slutty barely even costumes that are unrecognisable from a distance.

No. 164532

>costumes that are unrecognisable from any distance

Fixed it for you

No. 164534

File: 1470813477422.png (71.4 KB, 622x330, Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 08.1…)

Anyone else catch that she gave herself pinkeye from not taking off her damn makeup?

No. 164537

Even better tbh, thanks anon.

No. 164540

I don't think she's actually sick. She's been making up like 15 illnesses in the past 2 months but in every photo and video of her she look completely fine. I think it's just an excuse for being lazy and not getting anything done.

No. 164552

holy shit please tell me the smugness is part of the cosplay

No. 164562

Guess who's attending gamescom

No. 164579

The person who posted about it 50 times on social media?

No. 164619

File: 1470849057592.png (45.2 KB, 552x120, i3pr6od8kbex.png)

A true American hero

No. 164623

She would look better with chestnut brown hair.

No. 164625

Stop sleeping in 10 layers of eyeliner Jessica

No. 164626

the mildly adequate saviour we deserve

No. 164635


No. 164666

Eww barfing rn.

Sure Jessica

No. 164669

Yeah so typical of Jesicca to call herself out for lying to her fans and being a lazy piece of shit

No. 164726

Yeah so typical to try to distract the fact that she's actually a disgusting human with 0 hygiene. Given the choice she'd rather be known as a liar than a gross bizznatch

No. 164731

one of her "bestfriends" told me about her deciding to get implants. where does she say she doesnt have them.
thats really gross. if i ever meet her, i will bring her some makeup remover and some aloe…

No. 164732

File: 1470876458457.jpeg (28.43 KB, 889x246, image.jpeg)

She's constantly denying they're fake. Where have you been all these years?

No. 164735

i will save this and bring it up to them,

i don't know her very well but just what i've heard from people in the cosplay community. from everything i've heard she seems to be kind of a shitty friend, very stupid, lies a lot, and all her friends act like shes poor and helpless, but also are sucking her clit.

No. 164740

Any stories you can share anon?

No. 164774

Ok Jessica

No. 164817

That's from 2012 though, 4 years ago. didn't she get the huge watermelons later than that?

Weird, I just saw a video with Philip De Franco and he remarked on Nigri being one of his oldest and best friends.

No. 164842

She had implants before that, they were just smaller. You can't get ginormous ones like what she has now without going up gradually since your skin doesn't stretch to crazy amounts in a month. She debuted her current giant sandbags in her pink angel cosplay in March 2013. https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S6666492#p6667005

No. 164843

Ryan just posted via snapchat they got the house they wanted and are moving in in the next couple days. He said the entire downstairs will be for Jess and her costumes and he'll have his own streaming room upstairs.

I guess we're about to see a visual representation of all the money creepy men have given her.

No. 164853

let's see if i can think of anything that is kind of vague..
i heard about a time jessica and a few others went to a club and she did a bunch of fake mdma thinking it was real.
also one time she pissed off an entire con and a panel for not taking it seriously.

No. 164891

File: 1470939616902.png (66.75 KB, 640x331, Photo Aug 11, 21 15 43.png)

This is the most passive aggressive caption I have ever seen

No. 164903

Who gives a shit

No. 164907

This is a Jessica Nigri thread

No. 164908

I think you're reading too much into it. It's just her usual quirky persona paired with promotion.

No. 164911

Well of course it's promotion, a very passive aggressive promotion.

No. 164967

I had a friend who used to talk like this irl whenever she planned stuff with friends b/c she didnt want to seem pushy. It's not passive aggressive imo it's her trying to sound approachable but using way too many words (maybe she's on a caffeine buzz or smthng)

No. 164979

Sure Jessica

No. 164999

so apparently she works for blizzard now? what?

No. 165006

>Enters Jessica Nigri Thread
>Asks "Who gives a shit" to a post about Jessica Nigri

No. 165007

She's been working for Blizzard for a while

No. 165016

File: 1470980033721.jpg (48.16 KB, 960x492, how-an-accidental-belch-paved-…)

>> sure Jessica

Yus that's me, definitely not a rando, I am Jessica

No. 165044

I think anon was talking about her most recent snapchat story she posted 5 hours ago where she was freaking out in a uber because blizzard had asked to work with her.

No. 165045

Do you really believe that? She's been doing sponsorships for Blizzard for a long time now. The only problem is that they were undisclosed so she pretends like it's the first time they asked her to work with them.

No. 165051

This. She's been posting blizzard promo items on her ig for a while now. Just all undisclosed

No. 165054

Yeah, and she never even does a good job at hiding it. She literally types "You can get all this stuff at gear.blizzard.com!!!" like anyone would casually type that

No. 165066

I think it's more than just sponsorship. Let's be real, Jess wouldn't be 'fake' freaking out in taxi over Blizzard sending her goods that she could buy herself.

I think her working with Blizzard is going to be more related to cosplay. She'll probably be modelling outfits or making a cosplay for Blizzard promotion.

No. 165067

Blizzard are making her a costume

No. 165069

Yep, she even cosplayed at the Warcraft premiere, you know she got paid for doing that.

No. 165086

I love PhillyD but the fact that he is friends with jnig and constantly promotes her is irritating. Thats the only thing that I don't like about him, the fact that he is obsessed with big tittied bimbos in general

Sage for OT

No. 165089

idk what to think of Phil. The fact that he protected her during the Fit Tea fiasco really hurt his integrity as a news reporter in my eyes.

No. 165103

I mean it's not really newsworthy but yeah I agree

Yeah I lost respect for him after those videos he churns out featuring bimbo after bimbo and that he coddles jnig. It's a shame he falls for their shit cuz he seemed like a smart guy.

Definitely agree with this. She's probably going to start cosplaying for them officially or something. I'm interested to see what she does for them. I think jess should look into getting a hairline surgery that Jeffrey Star got. Do you guys think that would fix her 6head?

No. 165106

He doesn't necessarily fall for her shit, it does benefit him to keep in her good books, if she brings him a lot of views.

What has he said about the Fit Tea fiasco, though?

No. 165115

If you don't know what he said during the fit tea scandal, how can you say he doesn't fall for her shit on some level?

No. 165130

It would bring too much attention to her hairline I think. Jeffree was literally wearing wigs for months while he healed and even now the new hairs are really short. It would take too long for the new hair to fit with Jess'.

No. 165140

I was suggesting that what he says to stay in her good books and what he personally believes might be different.

So many youtubers seem to talk shit behind each other's back while singing each other's praises in public, to some level. Think of stuff like what Leavy and H3H3 were saying about each other and the stuff that similar youtubers were found saying on Twitter and Skype and got leaked.

No. 165445

File: 1471138030969.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1303, 33566775554378813t.png)

Random question: did anyone actually buy her stupid ass merch? I've only ever seen her and her bf wear it. But hey if Suzy from GG can do it, why not Jessica.

No. 165485

No. People only buy prints

No. 165543

Most people would be afraid some BLM crazy would attack them if they wore that shirt.

No. 165568

Is that a penis in ginger wig's pants?

No. 165571

these genderbent cosplays are out of control smh

No. 165675

Anyone watch her most recent snapchats about her new house? It's really big.

No. 165682

Nope. Screenshots?

No. 165685

Sorry don't know how to record snapchat videos. They're still up on her snapchat 'jessicanigri'. She said she'll do a house tour vid at some point.

No. 165841

File: 1471267557049.jpg (72.08 KB, 640x1136, 7cow9YV.jpg)

That fucking forehead jesus

No. 165886

File: 1471277172600.jpg (114.84 KB, 1080x1080, 14031508_328246787564777_13868…)

there was a lot of talk on her subreddit about how she always takes photos from her right side so people won't see her fivehead, and now she's taking a lot of selfies from the other side.

so much for not caring about the haters lmfao

No. 165895

File: 1471279662693.jpg (172.28 KB, 675x1200, x1OPbgK.jpg)

tfw your patreon income is slowly decreasing each month so you gotta show more titty than you originally planned

No. 165897

File: 1471280040500.png (47.63 KB, 1842x569, Nigiri.PNG)

Still, it's a load of money, on top of Youtube and cons.

No. 165899

"a load of money" is not enough for greedy people like jnigs. not to mention she just bought a house and she need her betas to pay for it.

No. 165902


Why does she look really different in this picture? Is it a filter? Also, has she stopped tanning due to people said she looked haggard from the damage?

No. 165906

It's just copious filter usage washing the fuck out of her face to hide her horrible leathery skin.

No. 165908

HAHA the pic on the right- she really looks like she's having a stroke.

Damn she really has huge boobs. I wonder what's bigger, her 6head or her boob. Really crazy

No. 165912

File: 1471283297882.jpeg (61.04 KB, 394x500, image.thumb.jpeg.92a454e2509d2…)

Does this answer your question?

No. 165914

Is that red halo a wig cap mark?

No. 165918

I mean she is holding a wig so yes most likely

No. 165921

Hah! I completely blanked it out.

And I only just realised it's supposed to be Nausicaa, I kept thinking the plushie was something out of Inuyasha and the suit reminded me of Hillary's.

No. 166041

Lmfao, I feel like she's gonna strip more now that shes not under daddy's roof.

No. 166050

Absolute nightmare fuel…

No. 166059

I wonder how much she gets taxed on income or if she properly reports her incomes.

No. 166117

Ahe does look a lot less orange than usual, hopefully she does stop tanning she'd look a billion times better without it and she could even possibly still save her skin while shes still somewhat young!!!

No. 166119

Sorry anon but her skin is fucking wrecked. It's not only tanning but just living in Arizona.

No. 166120

It's like an alternate, older, balder, soccer-mom-er version of Elsa who kidnapped a Pokemon.

No. 166123

Holy shit I see it, the eyebrow does it.

No. 166519

File: 1471474469005.jpg (347.13 KB, 1536x2048, CqFqAMnXgAAHTmX.jpg)

This is.. Not very good?

It's not even a complaint to jnig, since she did make it. I'm just not feeling it. Her weapon is a fucking balloon. Blizzard could have done better.

No. 166520

didn't*. typo

No. 166524

File: 1471476028482.jpg (337.74 KB, 1440x2560, PicsArt_08-17-06.19.18.jpg)

Ah, but even the filters aren't enough to hide all that UV damage.

No. 166539

Well at least she doesn't have to sport her scene kid eyeliner lol.


Lmfao yeah its pretty bad blizzard.
Does she like WoW? She claimed to have "grown up" with blizzard games but I've never really heard her talk about any of the games until recently?

No. 166553

white people get freckles. holy shit anon is retarded

No. 166559

That's sun damage. Which can manifest in things that look like freckles, but aren't. I have the same thing on my shoulders from two very bad sunburns I got.

No. 166602

Jnig has a bunch of freckles on her stomach, it's clearly a genetic thing. I have the same and i barely go and get a tan.

No. 166604

Oh my god. Do you hear yourself when you speak?
Yeah, white people get freckles. Freckles are technically sun damage. Hundreds of thousands of people are genetically inclined to have more freckles than others as well. The bitch tans a lot. She has freckles. Derp da derp anon. You're so intelligent, good observation!

No. 166621

Well I'm sorry to interrupt your facinating conversation about white people and their freckles, but did anyone see she wants to start a let's play series on her channel?

No. 166623

Oh shit, will she actually play the game though, or will she do like Suzy and get others to play for her while she just sits there?

No. 166624

Well, she has been accused of doing just this but this tidbit of information came from an ex so who knows if it's true. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it was considering she never exhibited any real knowledge of the games she supposedly played outside from something you can find on the Wikipedia page.

No. 166628

Bitch doesn't even play WoW…

No. 166687

Isn't her dad a huge faggot and nerd? By grow up with WoW she probably means her brothers and dad played it. Kek

No. 166688


No. 166689

As far as I know, her version of the story was that her father was a nerd and she grew up with Metal Gear and Resident Evil. The Blizzard thing is new.

No. 166692

she has said in the past that she never could get into WoW or Starcraft but now that she's claiming she's always played WoW and grew up with it. I know somewhere in this video someone asks her about it and she says she's not into it. Typical Jessica. Such a liar

No. 166907

For anyone who wants, she gets questioned about WoW at 2:55:46 in the hangout

No. 166908

oops wrong video. This is after she met Ryan and was trying to woo him with her terrible eyebrow and playing WoW. Theres another one before this where she says she never got into it.

No. 166909

But anyone find it hilarious that she even says in this video that shes not too into it But now she says grew up playing WoW!

No. 166910


oops I meant not THAT into it. She didnt even know about guilds lol

No. 166937

File: 1471647954487.jpg (669.02 KB, 1920x1080, 49x6eyQ.jpg)

Another one of Jessica's lies….
She said this is her natural skin color. She said she didn't use any fake tan or go tanning for this. Obvious lie unless her natural skin color is ORANGE

No. 166949

Sure, she has some Oompa Loompa heritage, right? You're like, totally being racist right now. Or something.

No. 166955

Stop the discrimination she's naturally orange and beautiful just the way she is!! #OrangeLivesMatter

No. 166964

This is what happens when you let neckbeards touch you with their cheeto dust fingers.

No. 167053

I don't see the problem. She's a known liar and says shit that tumblr SJWs would crucify other people for. So what she wants to be orange. Let her tan her brains out. Her leather skin definitely needs that

No. 167058

I don't think you get it.

It's like that time when she started using "nigri please!" and some other cosplayer called her out saying she's racist, because the original saying is "nigga please". Now, personally, I don't think it's a big deal at all, and whoever calls her a racist for it needs to get a life. The problem is that jnig is the one who feels the need to defend herself everytime she does something like that. As soon as that cosplayer pointed out the origin of the sentence, jnig started acting like she's never heard it before and that the other cosplayer is the racist one because she's making the connection while jnig was completely oblivious "nigga please" was a thing. Obviously, she was lying through her teeth, which is the fucking problem. There is no problem with what she does, but rather the fact that she does shit that is completely ok, but then resorts to defending herself everytime some butthurt sjw fag attacks her. If she knew she couldn't own up to the shit she does, why do it in the first place? Either own up to it or don't do it at all. She's dumb as a stump.

No. 167062

I do get it. It's not that complex of an issue. I'm well aware of her nigri please and creamy Asian shit. The point is why bother when she is above that kinda criticism. She gets so much muhhslut shame that tumblr people let her get away with it.

Jnig is a liar. I mean hello lying about torpedo tits for this long. Still denying it or trying to curtail the subject. Deleting reddit comments about it. The fact that she can't do mail Monday videos anymore because she gets caught up in lies.

I want Jnig to keep up the lyin and stupidity. It makes for great popcorn cuz there are more than enough people ready to call her out. Lolcow is really shit for quality discussion about her because you bitches are lazy and don't screenshot shit. Also so many whiteknights ITT.

No. 167064

>creates a merchandise with the phrase "nigri please"
>"what's this nigga please I never heard about it before duhh!"
Jesus she's a bad liar. I don't think she's racist for adapting that phrase but she's a stupid ho for trying to make such an obvious lie.


No. 167107

File: 1471702119820.png (132.5 KB, 235x393, zdsaaa.png)

Oh shit she's live now on the gamescom stream and she looks horrible lmfao

Not to mention it's cringy as fuck

No. 167164

That's nasty.
Anyone know how Kamui feels about being "replaced" by this?

I think it's her schtick to act oblivious. Some guys like really dumb chicks.

No. 167195


Tbh that's really not her fault though? Blizzard payed some other company to make the costume and do her body paint and shit

No. 167198

that looks so horrible

No. 167199

File: 1471735226100.png (789.88 KB, 628x652, fsd.png)

I've been so disappointed in Blizzard lately. They recently turned down Danielle Beaulieu's costume and wont even allow her to compete in the Blizzcon costume contest. Yet they hire someone like Jessica and have to have her costume made for her and cant even compare to actual fan made cosplays.

No. 167202

Wait, she replaced Kamui? After hearing about Danielle getting rejected I don't know what Blizzard's thinking. Kamui and Danielle can do dumb shit but at least they have wonderful craftsmanship and obviously love WoW.

No. 167203

Blizzard has been making a ton of bad moves lately. I don't know what their deal is.

No. 167230

Why was she rejected and banned from Blizzard's events?

No. 167237

I reckon she isnt. No one gives a shit about Danielle Baloo. Or whatever the fuck her name is.

No. 167266

She wasn't? She just couldn't participate in the costume contest.

Who said it's her fault? Pretty much since the moment we started talking about this costume we said Blizzard did a terrible job.

No. 167302

She wasn't exactly banned. She submitted her cosplay for Blizzcon and was told it wasn't up to par for the contest. SHe said it was the 4th year in a row

No. 167304

Was Kamui ever officially hired by Blizzard? She was always just bitching about how Blizzard never contacts her when making one LoL costume got Riot Games to offer a deal to her. Kamui is a bitch on a completely new level though, her costumes aren't actually that good, her husband does all the paint jobs and Kamui has herself stated that she doesn't know everything she cosplays ("I don't have time for that, I have family and friends wahh!") and she didn't even play that much WoW as people think. Not to derail the thread, but she's had so many public shitfits I'm not surprised Blizzard either never hired her or let her go.

No. 167321

Well, it makes sense not to know every character, if her job is to churn costumes constantly.

No. 167339

What are you talking about? 90% of the people who participate in these contests make costumes that looks way less professional and complex than hers. She didn't get in because she couldn't finish in time.

No. 167340

No, Danielle didn't get in because the contest sign ups were announced at an unexpected and random time this year and she signed up too late. That's it's.

No. 167343


I don't know who's against who anymore

No. 167422

Can you guys stop talking about Danielle or make a Danielle thread. She literally looks like a rat and just wants to be noticed for being a Nigri copycat.

Fuck off Danielle

No. 167438


please piss off, she looks like shit in that cosplay and i'm glad they turned her ass down.

No. 167485

File: 1471827641033.jpg (140.93 KB, 618x1024, 744e7ba4ca03f693707caea305ab85…)


No. Here's Danielle's post talking about being denied:
I've tried for 3 years to get in the Blizzcon costume contest and I still get denied. I come all the way from Boston just to watch my dream from the audience. I practice harder and harder every year to get in with it being my end goal every year. If I can do this now imagine where I'll be when I finally get a chance. It's been my dream for 8 years and man does it suck to be so close the past 3 finally being able to afford the trip. But if Wow taught me anything it's that you must try a hundred times over to defeat the rng gods so I'll try next year. And the year after.

(they denied her last year with this costume too)

No. 167491

Can you make a separate thread or something?

No. 167518

Hope you get banned for this shit, attention whore. No one gives a fuck about you Danielle

No. 167524

> being this mad over something OT

No. 167535

>Caring this much about a rat faced unknown wannabe Jnig coswhore that you posted her disgusting ass face when 2 people have asked you to stop.

Pathetic ass bitch.

No. 167540


Honestly, I've never heard of Danielle before but please just make a separate thread and stop bumping this one and focus on Jnig here

No. 167546

You clearly do not know how the Blizzcon costume contest signup work. All it is is first come first serve. They announced sign ups, first 100 get in. that's. it. She signed up late and was upset she missed out.
Sage for irrelevant but I am right.

No. 167560


I never even knew who she was until this thread but holy fuck stay salty anon

No. 167604


If you feel there is enough milk on this person, go make a separate thread, and stop derailing this one. Please keep on topic, and unless this is somehow relevant to Nigri, don't post it. Thanks guys.

No. 167667

File: 1471895589111.png (858.71 KB, 699x621, 0KGUM8g9XyPxNskxSVkz_Dg1YTnx9a…)

tfw when you tell people to stop spamming the thread with unrelated bullshit but you're basically doing the same thing yourself

No. 167673

Holy sand skin

No. 167679

Is that photoshopped to make her look worse, or is that her real face?

It would almost be good to use with teens with body image issues to show them that a lot of the people that get praised for their looks actually look a lot more shit when you see them up close.

No. 167707

File: 1471906673468.jpg (3.77 MB, 2592x3888, Saboten-Con_Portraits_-_Jessie…)

100% real

No. 167804

Holy nasolabialfolds Batman. That even looks like a studio photo or something. Makes you wonder how people can keep saying she's beautiful even after they meet her in person, or maybe I am alone in favoring the face over the body, within reason.

No. 167809

You know what's even better? This photo is from 2009, 7 years of heavy makeup ago.

No. 167815

>brb applying sunscreen

No. 167817

jesus christ has this bitch never heard of skincare? she doesn't even have to go out and buy La Mer or some shit. they sell basic skincare stuff everywhere now, even at drug stores.

No. 167823


Is >>167667 also that old or is it newer? By the way her lashes look I'd say recent, but I don't remember when she started going Full Raccon™.

No. 167830

File: 1471951141725.png (874.38 KB, 1700x570, Jessinthemiddle.png)

In some of her photos she reminds me of Malcolm. His skin is better though.

No. 167838

holy fucking shit, that shoop looks EXACTLY like her. what the fuck

No. 167839

I had to raise his hairline, though.

No. 167842

It's more recent, not sure from when though.

No. 167856

So she's about 20 in that pic?! Omg, the sun had already beaten the hell out of her!

No. 167857


I wonder why she seems to get her spots consistently on the chin and sides of the mouth area.

The scary thing is that in >>167707 her face reminds me a lot of my mother when she was 40-45, the only thing that's different is the nose. Fuck. I don't think I've seen many women in their 20's with such sharp lines at the sides of their mouth. What sort of photographer doesn't try to conceal at least those spots?

No. 167859

Break outs around the chin area can be attributed to stress. But it probably doesn't help that she has shitty hygiene and doesn't take care of her skin. She probably also believes that tanning makes the break outs go away (it dries them up!…along with the rest of your skin). While she does have deep set lines on her face, she's not doing herself any favors that it looks like she uses shitty makeup and probably no primer so the foundation really sets into those lines.

No. 167861

It's real, anon. Nigri has terrible skin, her eyes are very far apart (which is why she does the raccoon eye makeup to conceal it), she has a lazy eye (visible in photos where she faces the camera), a hook nose, nonexistent lips and a very rectangle-like body type. If she wasn't thin and didn't have her implants, she would literally be nothing. Which is why she's using cosplay to be a "model", she would never have a chance in the mainstream industry in a million years. Cosplay is niche enough to be exploited by average girls who are just willing to take their clothes off. It's fucking aggravating.

No. 167874

I actually never noticed how far apart here eyes are. Cannot unseen now.

No. 167879

It's not so much that she's thin, it's that she exercises and is relatively toned. Not that many female cosplayers can afford to show their midriff as much as she does. Though she's looking more and more haggard, I'm expecting people like ai honey to snatch her place in a matter of a couple of years, really.

No. 167886

> I'm expecting people like ai honey to snatch her place in a matter of a couple of years, really.


No. 167891

Ai-honey is way too skanky and doesn't have a boyfriend making her showy costumes. JNig has Ryan making her those WoW armors and she has a reputation as this ~quirky nerd girl teehee~ waifu so all the neckbeards flock to her only.

No. 167909

File: 1471979820642.png (2.64 MB, 1680x945, deargodhelpus.png)

No. 167912

She looks like a bald drag queen. I can't unsee that.

No. 167918

The lazy eye is very prominent in this one so if anyone wants proof, there you have it.

No. 167925

I knew this bitch has a lazy eye. I mean usually people would never know the difference but since she's always doing her stupid quirky faces it is so visible.

What was that white shit smeared above her lips?

No. 167927

> I'm expecting people like ai honey to snatch her place in a matter of a couple of years, really.

No way, ai honey is older and barely makes cosplays anymore. The ones she does make are shitty more-casual-clothing-than-costume cosplays.

No. 167946

"I can fit into my kid'a clothes I'm a cool mom!"

No. 167950

She doesn't look older, though, and I have seen her blatantly asking for shit on Twitter, I'm sure she can find some costume making minion to do shit for her when Nigri drops the ball.

No. 167959

Dude shut up no one gives a fuck

No. 167970

Savage. If she wasn't such a moron, I'd be impressed with her acumen.

I agree - she certainly makes me feel better about myself.

No. 168053

File: 1472051844123.jpeg (125.21 KB, 640x639, image.jpeg)

That skin is gettin' harder to hide.

No. 168056

I don't really think it's possible to be a "savage" on an anonymous image board, it's kinda contradictory.

Pretty sure she bought that "inside out jacket" just so she has an excuse to open it up and show her tits

No. 168253

>has an excuse to open it up and show her tits

When has she ever needed an excuse? It's her whole bag.

No. 168256

File: 1472094908619.jpg (21.66 KB, 768x432, TheGrinch_Delinquents.jpg)

No. 168271

Never underestimate jnig's insecurity. Even if she's been doing it for years she'll still keep finding excsuses for everything she does.

No. 168426

oh shit, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 168427

Am I the only one who thinks her choice in eye lashes are shit?
She is certainly rich enough to buy nicer looking brands not the shit fake looking ones from the drug store. It drives me up the wall she goes this far with eyeshadow and liner but fucking horrible eyelashes.

No. 168450

But she likes to look cheap anon

No. 168463

It's sad because you can get decent looking lashes at like Target and Walgreens, but they seriously look like the e.l.f. lashes that get sold in a pack of 3.

No. 168470

>Target or Walgreen's
Pick one

No. 168471

I feel the need to wash my face and moisturize. Holyshit.

No. 168495

I'm calling it right now, she's going to jump on the youtube bandwagon and start uploading regularly. She uploaded 3 videos this week and already tweeted 4 times about the same video.

No. 168587

File: 1472186084984.jpeg (49.33 KB, 633x779, image.jpeg)

Baby Jnig looks like a 27 year old woman who's realized that she "only" has 3 years of "youth" left and is desperately trying to hold on to that. But now she is 27 :/

No. 168589

Wait, jnig is only 27? I could have sworn she was in her early 30's by now at least…

No. 168597

Anyone ever meet Jessica in person? I mean any from years ago?

No. 168603

I was there when she came to Puerto Rico this May. She was treated like some movie star and was always hidden behind the curtains. Only the ones who bought the pass could meet her. She later on had a Q&A in a separate room with the people with the passes. The video was posted here.

No. 168699

I met her in person at Vancouver Fan Expo three years ago, maybe four? I remember she barely took pictures with people out of cosplay. I had a friend who bought a pass just to meet her and take a picture with her. Whenever he tried to go up to her booth she would literally hide behind it? Like crouch down and pretend to get something. Sometimes she would just act busy talking to someone. She did this with most of her typical fanboys. She only really took pictures with girls that wore costumes just as revealing as hers.

No. 168716

Wow, that's the complete opposite of what I hear about her nowadays. Now it's she's snooty to female cosplayers and puts on the fake act for the fanboys to get their money.

No. 168800

I met her at Wondercon a few years ago. Her skin looks sooooo bad in person. My friend wanted a pic with her and she said no the first day he asked (when she was Moxxi) then the next day we saw her wandering the floor in a different cosplay. He asked again in which she said no again but then she finally said ok once he threw out that he wanted it for youtube. All of a sudden she started kissing our asses asking how many subs he does and what kind of videos he does. Of course, she commented that I had great boobs and he smelled good. This seems to be her thing though… I dont know how many posts I read on twitter or insta that she complimented a girl on her tits or a guy on how he smelt (or that he had a nice ass) WHEN THEY WERE BUYING SOMETHING FROM HER.

No. 168809

One of my close friends met her at AX 2015 when she was cosplaying as Jibril for No Game No Life. She said she didn't notice it was her at first when she saw her walking to the venue but really likes that anime and said her cosplay was "on point" but when she recognized it was nigri and wanted to take another pic with her that her and her douche lord bf were like no sorry guys we're running late. Basically she doesn't like taking pics with not so good looking fans that don't pay for her prints

No. 168814

Fuck, I can imagine her stupid bf actually doing that. Like, it's easy to picture because that's the kind of person he comes off as. He looks like the type of guy who talks shit about his (actually Nigri's) fans and laughs at them after they walk away. He's as much of a cow as Jess, and even she deserves better despite her shitty personality. Actually they're perfect for each other. I'd love to see them at a con just to see for myself. He seems controlling, if that makes sense.

No. 168827

You realize she was hired and actually could have been late though, right? Lol you're the one choosing to take it personally.

No. 168830

You realize Jessica is known for being late or just plain not showing to cons, right? She would have been late either way, because she's irresponsible.

Get outta here Jess.

No. 168831


> implying I'm Jess

So original lol

I'm just pointing out the fact that the one anon's friend just sounded butthurt that they were told "no" for a picture when someone was on their way somewhere.

No. 168846

I don't know about you but when I take a pic it takes about 2 seconds.

No. 168859


One person sees her stop for a pic, so another person asks, and another person, and before you know it there's a crowd

This happens all the time with people wearing really nice complex costumes, getting stopped by people every 5 seconds. For someone with her sort of following its probably common for her too

No. 168870

They constantly beg people on twitter to approach them and take a pic if they see them wandering around a con.

The argument that Jessica even gives a fuck about showing up on time is fucking stupid in the first place, considering her history.

Just stop.

No. 168900

This, i've heard so many people say this and seen it myself as cons. She's busy/late/whatever, other cosplayers do this too, you ask for a pic and they say no because they know if they stop for one they will have to stop for hundreds.
Either follow the cosplayer to their booth or wherever they are planning to stick around for a while its not hard.

inb4 hi jnig.

No. 168902

>completely ignored the conversation that disproved the point you're trying to make

hi jnig

No. 168934

hello <3

No. 168964

So people say she's gonna do a MeUndies sponsorship in her 1mil subs video. Gonna have to wait and see I guess

No. 168983

Most likely. This is the first time she's posted about shooting/filming anything since asking her fans what to do for 1 millions subs. People were all over her swimming pool lube plus bikini video segment so I can see her doing the same.

Shame really, I quite liked her old milestone vid.

No. 168989

She already posted a pic on Instagram. It's a very cute bra I'll admit (is that part of the line? I'm not sure but it's cute either way) but Nigri is not exactly the right aesthetic for it since she looks old and the market is towards younger people. The line of panties isn't that great in terms of patterns and designs but I guess that's why they need Jess. For the sake of increasing popularity.

No. 168994


Yep, the guy on reddit who blabbed about her FitTea sponsorship says she signed up for more sponsorships. MeUndies & Upbra

No. 169073

File: 1472367114563.png (2.09 MB, 1262x1739, 62891916166180.png)

The swim wear does look cute I guess but its totally off putting with her make up and haggard face.
Theres no need for heavy contour around the boobs tho its so unnecessary

No. 169075

I reaaaaally wish she would learn other ways to do her makeup. I am so tired of the smoky raccoon eye look she uses for EVERYTHING.

No. 169077

You're all welcome to post your suggestions here. We know she lurks.

No. 169078

File: 1472369013861.jpg (74.32 KB, 604x608, 14902378ba799357b6dac9cc65fcc2…)

I really don't want to derail the thread too much though so I won't post too much.

I wish she would throw in some kind of color into her eye makeup routine. She has what appears to be dark hazel eyes, and the color gets lots in all of that dark makeup. Purple, green, or even lighter gold colors would look much better (especially in that pic of her in the mermaid colored swimwear.)

No. 169079

File: 1472369453564.jpg (7.02 KB, 264x191, images (1).jpg)

No. 169085

Just lurks? Please. I'd say 30% of the posts ITT are hers.

But nah. Like the other anon said. Her eyes are really far apart. And the raccoon eye make-up helps mask that. So she shouldn't change it.

No. 169100

I never knew what her eye color is. It's hard to tell under all that makeup and she also wears colored contacts for her cosplay a so its hard to tell. It sounds like she has a cute eye color, but I guess she'll never make them pop.

No. 169143

File: 1472397692405.jpg (120.26 KB, 640x726, image.jpg)

No. 169167

File: 1472400841351.jpg (796.51 KB, 2448x3264, CIeaHIB.jpg)

No. 169170

This is shooped as hell.

No. 169173

why she got glitter stuck in her asshole

No. 169184

it clearly isnt tho lol

No. 169188

She's evolving into a clown stripper

No. 169189

Hi Jessica. Yes it is. That ass crack line is photoshopped

No. 169190

lol not jessica? if it was shopped she'd smooth out her thighs where the socks end and remove the line on her back and fix her bra bludge. possibly the confetti in her ass too. just stating facts. not shopped

No. 169193

Thats not her real ass though. Shes photoshopping one like in the OP pic here. >>142067

No. 169201

angles and stance. it looks pretty small anyway though, but its obvious its not as big as it looks there

No. 169203

Nope its photoshopped

No. 169211

did her and ryan break up or is she just being emo to get attention?

No. 169215

Can we stop replying to the samefag that says Hello Jessica everytime someone disagrees with them?
I'm also assuming that picture is relating to her 1mill subs video, so we'll see if it shooped or not when it comes out. Jeez.

No. 169258

I called it at the beginning of the year…. Jessica has been talking non stop about doing "butt stuff". She's probably been trying to get injections like the Kardashian's do. Her butt still looks flat but give her a few more months to keep getting injections and it'll get bigger.

No. 169341

Nah it'd be too soon because Ryan posted a video helping Jess exercise just three days ago. But then again, we can't be sure and she's probably not going to talk about it soon. Unless, celebrity level publicity stunt? Who knows. Maybe just emo because this is coming from a woman stuck in 2007.

No. 169433

or maybe she's just dumb as fuck and posts random shit without context

No. 169441

I have a feeling it could be about her previous boyfriend who actually was her fiancée

No. 169461


Yup, her ex fiance Vann (who outed her boob job to the public) is moving to Burbank with his girlfriend. Jessica is pouting about it

No. 169674

No I thought it was actually Jason the most recent BF, that is who she was fiancée with.

No. 169680

No, she was engaged to Vann before Jason.
Vann is the one who came up with the Pikachu cosplay and helped her win the Lollipop Chainsaw contest (he was working wit.he Suda 51 in marketing) He basically ran all of Jessica's business and is the vision behind her becoming a cosplayer.

No. 169693

What is this bathing suit. the top doesn't even fit (you can clearly see that the cups are too small for her boob size) and the bottoms look like they belong to a completely different bikini. Doesn't match at all.

No. 169706

The bottoms are underwear from MeUndies, but yeah, they clash either way

No. 169719


No. 169824

She matches like a middle-aged dad.

No. 169840

she looks like a middle aged dad

No. 169860

jessica, shut the fuck up. that's literally how all advertising works.

No. 169861

fuck off, it's not funny anymore.

No. 169865

Stop replying to this samefag. Everyone is Jessica in this thread, don't you get it?

No. 169902

Hi jessica

No. 169909

She's my father.

No. 169934

She said on patreon that she wants to cosplay a sith.. Darth Vader?

No. 170063

File: 1472645947004.png (300.39 KB, 478x884, asdasa.png)

I just saw this on my newsfeed. All those white knights..

Jessica's body though during her crappy Iron Man costume was pretty nice

No. 170299

Haaah. Jnig and her whiteknights are so buttmad over the truth.

No. 170318

She was an Ironette you dip

No. 170335

>Caring this much about a shitty costume by Jessica nigri

No. 170343

its a meme u dip

No. 170346

WOW jessica, you're so random and funny!! Nice memes!!(settle down there, samefag)

No. 170347

Fuck off. Somebody ban this fag already.

New mail monday video. Glitter sponsorship.

No. 170433

I highly suggest that you guys flag Jessica Nigri's youtube videos. If it gets flagged enough, youtube will make it for adult access only and she will not be able to monetize them/make money with them.

Let's be real… with Jessica shaking her titties and wearing bikini's… her videos aren't child friendly and should be flagged as mature/sexual content. The average youtuber that does content like Jessica's, usually gets flagged.
We need to make sure Jessica gets flagged as well.

No. 170437

mods ban this shit, fucking annoying samefag.

No. 170443

Dude so true. Do you think the shit going on with Philly D. will shut down Jessica's channel? I hope so. Off to reporting now. Thanks for the heads up anon

No. 170474

There's no reason it would have any effect. Her channel is not her main source of income. She barely gets views.

No. 170520

Lmao except bitch is clearly trying to get back into YouTube and her videos clear almost a million views. You're delusional

No. 170562

File: 1472749280963.png (167.23 KB, 1254x308, NigriStats.png)

Oh, you're one of those fucking idiots who just shout "delusional" at people without fact checking. Cute.

Here are her stats from socialblade. As you can see, in the last month, in which she uploaded 7 videos, she had about 1.6 million views, and that's a 50% increase from the month before. Now, socialblade stats are never very accurate. Considering the fact that her channel is very unfavorable by the youtube algorithm(short watchtime and unfrequent uploading), she probably makes close to 5k a year from ad revenue.

Other sponsorships she does from products have absolutley nothing to do with the new TOS and therefore it will have no effect on her income. Next time you call someone delusional, do your research, dumb cunt.

No. 170572

Lol. She has uploaded a video everyday this week. She is clearly trying to get back into YouTube AS OF NOW. CUTE STATS YOU GOT FROM SOCIAL BLADE THO. Nice you took the time out of your nonexistent life to dig those old stats up when I'm talking about the present. You're the dumb cunt, dumb cunt.

No. 170576

No. 170586

Yes she doesn't make that much on her YouTube and she most likely knows this.
She has other gigs that get her way more money
But this is just extra cash she's trying to milk even if it's just 5k a year (which to someone like me is a lot for just doing a YouTube video sorry I make no money on YouTube)
Even if she is not as popular on YouTube what she is doing is the grind
She's getting that 5k and praying that she may get even more eventually with her YouTube grind

No. 170594

Her youtube channel is used for her product sponsorships - that's where the big money is. She gets anywhere from 10-20k a video to promote those products.

But, like I said before, this has nothing to do with the new TOS, therefore it has no effect on her.

No. 170629

>Do you think the shit going on with Philly D. will shut down Jessica's channel?

No, because YT's policies have literally not changed at all. They have always had those rules, they're just now increasing the amount of notifications they're sending out which is making YT celebrities clutch their pearls.

No. 170651

Settle down there, kid. Baiting and derailing will get you a time out, and posting evidence of your claims is always recommended.

No. 170655


yeah but the fact that she does not disclose that she is sponsored and lies saying they are from fans will surely piss off the FTC.

I see a lot of bigger YT channels who are not doing that being shut down.

No. 170657

Did anyone notice on her new YouTube video on making the tortoro axe in the title it says 'I make my own costumes omfg what'

No. 170830

File: 1472848706588.jpg (344.07 KB, 1280x720, NigriAtSFCC.jpg)

Here's Nigri at San Francisco Comic Con, she didn't bother getting into costume and asked for Ryan to join the panel. She behaves a bit cringey compared to the others, but most of the fan questions are for her

No. 170838

Cringey as in the same way as she does in her videos?

No. 170843

I don't understand why people even go to these panels. It's always the exact same questions over and over again. If they just wanted to see her they could have just gone to the meet and greet or whatever.

No. 170858

Dunno, never seen any of her interviews or videos.

It depends on the guests and questions, I can attend the same Q&A with certain panelists and be entertained and/or informed in a different manner each time.

No. 170863

File: 1472864088887.jpg (56.12 KB, 508x415, Image3.jpg)

Pic of Jessica today

No. 170866

Well she's got the 40 year old soccer mom look down at least

No. 170873

That poor hair. She needs to chop that shit off or shave it. Isn't that what most cosplayers do anyway because it makes wearing wigs easier?

No. 170906

omg lol there is no way she is only 27 damn

looks beat af

No. 170999

File: 1472919816459.png (3.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-09-03-12-21-51…)

Jessica goes fishing

No. 171021

She goes fishing every weekend

No. 171706

This is fucking pathetic and transparent as fuck.

No. 171824

On PULL someone asked if Jessica smokes cigarettes because of how old she looks. Really wanted to comment that imo it's a mixture of shitty skin regimen, living in AZ, and most of all being a runner. Every single long distance runner I have ever encountered has wrinkles. Like premature wrinkles. So if any pull people are lurking, that's probably more likely the cause than her smoking cigarettes.

No. 172334

Please flag her latest video where she shows her ass at 5:21. If enough people flag, they'll make it so she cant monitize it

No. 172346

I've heard she smokes, but it's hearsay. It wouldn't surprise me, though. Any way you look at it, she isn't taking care of herself.

No. 172403

How many does it take? I'm sure with her fame others have too why hasn't it been demonetized?

No. 172889

anyone friends with her on her personal facebook by chance? i heard me someone posted a picture of her pulling on her eyes pretending to be azn

No. 172891

Where did you hear that? There's a few users on r/JessicaNigri2 who submitted posts from her personal FB during the fit tea drama. Thats when she went on a deleting spree

No. 172895

i know it sounds suspicious, but i have a friend who runs in the same crowds as her and jnig's friends. she heard about it through one of them who is on her private fb and saw the post. was wondering if it legit happened and if anyone has the picture.

No. 172896

I wouldn't put it past her to do that. She has done a lot of racist shit before but she gets away with it. But yeah I would be curious to see that too

No. 173306

I would love to watch another Jnig vs MostFlogged fight.

No. 173400

File: 1473702922311.png (288.9 KB, 494x437, Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 1.54…)

wtf is she talking about

No. 173401

There's an article that has been making its rounds on Facebook that's about the childhood characters JNigs ruined. Wow, she doesn't sound salty at all.

No. 173417

I'm thinking the picture she posted got deleted off of FB due to people reporting it. But it didn't get deleted off of IG, which FB owns. But she doesn't realize that even though Facebook owns IG, if no one reports that picture on IG it won't get deleted. The people who go through and remove posts don't also go through a person's every single social media account to find if they posted said picture anywhere else.

She also seems to be butthurt that there's an article with the same picture getting posted through FB.

No. 173437

Ew isn't that bra from a few years ago. If she's the type of girl who wakes up with eggshells in her panties I can't imagine that bra isn't rank by now. She's just so gross to me guys. Amberlynn Reid bra status. Except Amberlynn's interesting, and Jessica is really boring.

No. 173474

Anon, as much as I dislike her I will say this. You can wash bras. You can keep bras for a few years if you take care of them/don't wear them often. Picking on the fact she's wearing a bra she had a few years ago is silly when there's many other things to point out.

No. 173492

She wakes up with eggshells in her panties. She barely washes her face. I doubt she takes care of her bras and washes them often

No. 173507

What do you mean when you say "she wakes up with eggshells in her panties"? I have never heard a phrase like that before, is it something like the phrase walking on eggshells?

No. 173518

File: 1473734477256.png (114.25 KB, 1440x654, 20160912_193910.png)

inb4 "She's just bein randumb it's a smart business move for her neckbeards to say that hi jessica XD XD" etc

No. 173521

what does this mean?? wtf

No. 173522

Dried up semen?

No. 173647

she did a collab with howtobasic and he fucked her afterwards

No. 173654


No. 173981

File: 1473888147119.jpg (702.9 KB, 2896x2896, cosplay.jpg)

Lol she took down her twitter banner 10 minutes after a thread on her subreddit was making fun of it. Wtf her hair lmao. I can't be the only one who sees the resemblance

No. 173983

That's harsh, anon.
That pupper's locks are well groomed and kept soft. Don't compare it to Jess' 5 straw hairs.

No. 173990

File: 1473889338851.jpg (53.88 KB, 334x500, Character-Promos-Margot-Robbie…)

No disrespect to the cute pomeranian. Jnig's hair looks super poofy the question is why did she tease it. Harley's hair is fine and not crazy like that.

Seeing a normal actress like Margot just makes Jess and her boulders look unhuman.

No. 173999

She probs wanted the teased hair to take attention aware from her chub face

No. 174007

Margot just made the standards too high. And Jnig does not meet them.

No. 174036

I think this is related to vaginal discharge

No. 174130

she did the makeup wrong kek

No. 174485

Anyone see the latest developments from PULL? apparently Ryan used to be a camboy on chaturbate and jack off on camera. Someone even brought proof from Ryan's own twitter lmao

No. 174498

I have grown bored of Jessica but wow that doesn't surprise me at all. I hate Ryan

No. 174988

File: 1474242813385.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

This picture. Makes me want to vomit. One of the many reasons I can't stand her. Repulsive is an understatement. She should just do straight-up porn with this fellow "porn star".

No. 174989

look how edgy and randum an sexxxy i am silly bois

No. 175042

File: 1474256197086.png (25.83 KB, 401x121, aasasas.png)

No. 175044

This is fucking disgusting. They're both trashy as hell.

No. 175046

i'm going to see this proof please.

No. 175047

File: 1474257840194.png (122.27 KB, 923x883, ryancamboy.PNG)

Honestly though it's not that hard to supply a screenshot and save people time from going to a cancerous site to dig up some testimonials.

Apparently he really has been a camboy since the tweets are legit. Not surprised really because he's always been a stupid fuckboy in my eyes.

No. 177162

Ryan's seems to be throwing a fit now that someone got his tshirts taken down. What did he expect? He stole the logo haha

No. 177165

The real question is: What did you expect from him?

No. 177174

What were the logos that he stole? I need to compare for science

No. 177177

File: 1474911694005.jpg (15.97 KB, 291x400, papillon-dog.jpg)

Are y'all ignoring the fact that she is laying down in this photo? That is the only way she can achieve that kind of volume. kek JNiggletits has never been known for an ounce of accuracy (except maybe her Juliet costumes)

>choosing a pom and not a papillion
ya dun goof'd

No. 177192

Oh my God that puppy is too cute to compare to jnig trash

No. 177206

Wu Tang clan logo. Don't have a pic of his shirt because it was taken down, but basically he took their logo and replaced "clan" with "fam". Basically bootleg merch that he tried to pass off as "parody" even though it wasn't prodying anything.

No. 177216

File: 1474923527899.png (696.41 KB, 1440x1674, 20160926_135733.png)

He thought he would get away with it cuz it's parody but it's literally their logo but blue and it has wu in it.

Ryan is such a fuckin whiny little girl. I seriously think he's a sissy. His Twitter is pathetic

No. 177452

He's pathetic and Wu Tang should be insulted.

This is the most vile shit i've seen in a while, but to be expected from Jnigg.

No. 177993

File: 1475183114160.gif (13.84 MB, 1920x1080, CreativeSinfulKingfisher.gif)

Tbh all i really wanna know is, what will her future offspring think of this?

Does her dad/mom watch this as proud parents? I guess so, since they get to wipe their tears with money.

No. 177999

Ew wtf does she actually think that's hot or sexy?

No. 178000

No. 178001


No. 178003

…Ew… I'm the biggest fucking lesbian, but this shit turns me right off. Why is Jnig so gross?

No. 178015

this is the only time jnig would get in the shower

No. 178039

I guess penises are different then because this is hot to me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178067

The highlight on her boobs makes this pretty mesmerizing ngl.

Also looks like she's not growing a uniboob like an anon in a previous thread speculated… or was that the sheena thread..

No. 178144

No, it was this thread.

Reminds me of Aphex Twin.

No. 178149

File: 1475227149310.webm (158.06 KB, 1280x720, DimWanGreatwhiteshark.webm)

No. 178243

File: 1475256073373.png (151.13 KB, 640x773, IMG_6203.PNG)

This girl abuses the airbrush tool so much. She's a couple layers away from Toddlers and Tiara creepy.

No. 178244

File: 1475256195318.jpg (74.21 KB, 600x777, IMG_6205.JPG)

Samefag but pic for reference

No. 178258

She can't show the sagging wrinkly skin on her tatas, her money makers!

It's probably the angle, but her arm looks weird and tiny.

No. 178280

And its still not enough to hide those giant nasolabial folds

Seriously if any nasolabial experts wanna start a thread in /b/, Jess would be the poster girl. Lol.

No. 178372

File: 1475292385999.jpg (87.13 KB, 1024x659, qrqrFHc.jpg)

Don't know what this is.

No. 178377

I'm guessing generic sith or someone from the EU. I don't recognize it but I also don't play the video games and such.

No. 178379


Sith Character with boobs out for no reason

So possibly sexy kylo ren

No. 178381

Just a sith apparently but also a lot of female siths show way more than she is so you cant really call her out on that this time. Look up Lomi Plo

No. 178384


That is true though in this specific case I don't think she would take that time to reseach that character or other female siths

No. 178390

This looks like lingerie for people who are into that kind of foreplay. I'd probably buy it as a joke.

No. 178392

My boyfriend said she turns him off so much. In his words "She looks like a 40 yr old ex stripper". And I'm bi & extremely turned off as well. We've met Jessica in person and she wears so much cakey makeup and her skin looks terrible.

No. 178586

Holy fucking shit! Is this dumbass skank trying to show off how big her not real tits are? That ugly mug she has on her face. That expression alone makes me want to punch her face in. From the look on that face of hers it looks like she's trying with all her might to move those boulders up and down.

No. 178606


She thinks that by making that face, it automatically makes her "not slutty" when shaking her fake tits. In reality, no one falls for that shit. You're just as slutty and camgirl-ish even when you're making a ugly cringe face.

No. 178733

File: 1475429459411.jpg (143.2 KB, 1024x769, IMG_20161002_132949.jpg)

Not sure if it's me or the pic, but this looks bad. Like bad quality bad.

No. 178736

Lomi Plo's head things would have taken more work, though.

No. 178751

It's painful to watch, and I'm a chestlet. Can a farmer who's had breat augmentation confirm whether or not doing this is painful? I know it's damaging and that her fake boobs will start to sag quicker if she keeps doing this shit.

No. 178780

Her lips look so strange on the left. The way she overdrew them made such an unflattering shape.

No. 179231

I've got implants the same size as her…and it can be painful but its not too bad. Also that gif of her is disgusting..she looks like Donald trump. How anyone finds that attractive is beyond me. Seriously she is looking just plain bad.

No. 179232

File: 1475620507408.jpg (62.32 KB, 375x500, IMG_1336.thumb.JPG.0db6bea918e…)

Nightmare fuel.

No. 179237

File: 1475622558041.jpg (24.36 KB, 512x384, Evil_queen_as_old_lady.jpg)

Holy shit, scrolling past looking at the thumbnail all I could think of was this

No. 179239

That makeup makes her look like a Juggalo

No. 180775

Was at NYCC yesterday and saw Ryan yell and threaten to beat a fan up.
The fan was filming Jessica and trying to get low shots (Ryan yelled for the guy to stop filming Jessica's ass). Ryan and the fan got in a shouting match and were both being fools. Jessica stood there and laughed

No. 180782

I mean this is understandable shes not ok with having her ass photographed because its so flat its embarassing

No. 180784

Also sorry for my grammar, sleep deprivation

How did she look in person anon?

No. 180806


Basically Has a 20 yr olds body with a face of a 40 yr old smoker. She looked really old but I don't think the neckbeards even look at her face.

No. 186598

File: 1477088854342.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2130, pornhub.png)

Idk if pornhub is trolling her. But it's about damn time

No. 186626


Can't wait for Ryan to try to report this. He even tried to take down a pic of hers being used to a Philadelphia strip club lol

No. 188233

Can someone please attempt to call her out in the comments on her most recent Instagram post? Every other comment is praising her for doing squats but I'm 99% sure it's Photoshop, especially if you compare the photos to the video she has of the same witch outfit.

No. 188251


Seems more in her favor. They're just funneling their user base (which overlaps pretty heavily with hers) right to her. It's essentially free advertising.

No. 188265

>>178733 this just looks like she gutted a American Apparel leotard and made a skirt then slapped on makeup cause meh

No. 188274

File: 1477421462710.png (1004.08 KB, 1329x545, photos vs vid.png)

id like to see this please

No. 188281

Her back is so arched it looks painful

No. 188485

Pretty sure its shooped unless she got a pythagoras triangle for a spine..