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No. 210035

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and has been majorly struggling to maintain the LARP.

>Began her lolcow run over 5 years ago as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears or acknowledges. She now looks like an overweight clown, and has abandoned j-fashion entirely.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise.
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day smoking weed. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without further medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her major trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill ‘started her own brand’, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything, but planned to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning (and faking) stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics,pretending she can only eat one type of food (and acting like an anachan on one of her twitter accounts). Currently saving up for her autism diagnosis, but it's over $3000
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s a constantly growing number of alters living inside her head with some of them being “fragments”.

>Jerrick: 14-16 year old emo boy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Claims to be sex repulsed and anti- eating disorder, but follows or posts things involving either, signs with a snake emoji
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks with a Brooklyn accent, and types with one too, which is normal. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane/LoL), and Spinel (Steven Universe), which goes against typical DID lore/logic. Is going to get seriously into drag. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 21 years old, has a twitter where she posts tiktoks using the voice of a popular e-bimbo, and retweets twitter sexworkers. Potential onlyfans saga incoming. signs with a flame emoji
>currently unnamed 6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting” (incl. when smoking or drinking), talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Certifiably too old for social media, but his emoji is a club. Last seen
>Flora: just a "fragment" who is not just a carbon copy of cure flora, but is all the positive cures, and is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. Is a cat! Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city.
>piano emoji: ??? Silently added to her tiktok bio.

Stamps from last thread:
>>>/w/203669 Jill's therapist is made aware of Jax
>>>/w/204371 nitpicking moon knight for not being about DID
>>>/w/204604 being an anachan on the jerrick account
>>>/w/204649 being anachan about song lyrics
>>>/w/204745 Jill considers herself "probably autistic, but not yet diagnosed"
>>>/w/204856 Instagram selfie with less clown-like makeup
>>>/w/204981 ‘Jerrick' calls tweeting a stim.
>>>/w/205468 Uses years-old images as proof she's a fashion designer.
>>>/w/205592 video about why there's been nothing about her fashion collection from craft college. using either a filter or fisheye lens to look less obese
>>>/w/205685 summary of fashion collection video
>>>/w/205924 admits to "triggering [her] eating disorder" with youtube videos
>>>/w/206031 claiming to actively have an eating disorder
>>>/w/206064 claiming to be a CSA survivor
>>>/w/206260 smoking weed while co-fronting as the child alter
>>>/w/207061 veronnica gets a twitter account (despite "not understanding social media" in the past?) as a wanna-be chrissy chlapecka
>>>/w/207516 putting a content warning for food on her main
>>>/w/207673 summary of march livestream
>>>/w/207645 summary of april livestream
>>>/w/208012 fashion haul video. she spent at least $140, likely more, depending on sales/coupon, at an overseas brand.
>>>/w/208039 in said haul, shows off a shirt that she already gave pit stains
>>>/w/208138 pretending not to know basic phrases/common metaphors, for her autism larp
>>>/w/208345 OT infighting/derail about a TiF anon that announced themself
>>>/w/208486 retweeting fat twitter sexworkers on the veronica account, that jerrick (“sex repulsed”, “14-16”) follows
>>>/w/208628 jill does some voice over for a precure (japanese children's cartoon) video essay, and inserts herself as important in the community
>>>/w/208835 grody tiktok with fake stimming
>>>/w/208960 >>>/w/209144 OT-ish autism armchairing
>>>/w/208960 OT discussion about if jill should be in /w/ or /snow/ or /pt/ because she isn't any kind of weeb anymore

Last thread >>>/w/203669

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter 3: https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 210037

No. 210076

so i guess /w/ won the poll

No. 210087

File: 1651329674638.jpeg (248.22 KB, 960x802, 8814F7B8-287E-45B5-A5F0-760730…)

Is this how DID works

No. 210093

The original poll poster made a thread in snow even though w obviously won. She was just dead set on having it over there I guess. Thankfully, mods took care of it.

No. 210097

Not to be a bitch but I think there were funnier pictures for an OP in the last thread

No. 210102

She belongs in /w/.

No. 210118

Can we not spend half the thread debating this again please

No. 210122

This OP photo is a little creepy, not gonna lie.

No. 210128

I wonder why she hasn't talked about Moon knight again. Maybe since last episode dealt with the childhood trauma and abuse that broke the characters brain and Jill had the kind of childhood people would die for.

No. 210153

Bitch I thought you had memory gaps from when your OCs are piloting the body, since you can’t be arsed to remember your own plans or drunkenly meowing at your cat, make up your mind. Which one is it?

No. 210167

File: 1651351310340.png (18.34 KB, 662x88, Screenshot 2022-04-30 164048.p…)

jerrica alter intro video coming soon

No. 210174

How convenient she can switch on command to make videos kek

No. 210184

File: 1651364708033.png (875.16 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20220430-182135-625…)

No. 210185

Trying to figure out what the tag says. It's on the checkered button down shirt above where it says twitter.

No. 210188

File: 1651365687007.png (2.43 MB, 1390x1114, Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 8.40…)

"pixie system"

No. 210189

same fag but has to look up Persecutor as far as did went, and found the following, "A persecutory alter is another name for an alter that persecutes the host and/or the system. It is an alter that mistreats, controls, and oppresses a DID system in an effort to create, manipulate, and coerce a desired behavior."

No. 210190

File: 1651365888254.jpeg (552.77 KB, 2500x1667, FRogxJYWUAc3Dzd.jpeg)

ugly new banner

No. 210191

Does she really wear this shit in public jesus christ

No. 210193

I guess it's to remind herself of which character she's playing at the moment. A dog-tag with the alter's "role in the system" on it for all to read. kek

No. 210194

Thank you kind nonnie. This is cosplay at it's finest.

No. 210202

Someone should stitch together a collage of all her alters making that same stupid tongue poking out face.

No. 210204

File: 1651370169653.png (37.48 KB, 1033x169, cocon.png)

Very persecuting.

No. 210212

So cringey and weird to see her complimenting herself role playing as a different person

No. 210216


Her “branding” just keeps looking more and more special needs.

No. 210223

wtf is kawaii about her lifestyle???????

No. 210227

>wtf is kawaii about her lifestyle???????
You mean her collecting mental illnesses and acting like an edgy teenager while drinking and toking in her rainbow dungeon isn't cute? In all seriousness, there is nothing kawaii about her lifestyle. She clings to the title because that's what she was famous for. She needs off the internet, deep clean her house, brush her cats, stop all drug use, follow a schedule, eat balanced meals, and a simple fitness routine. I know it'll never happen. I think it's funnier that she put fashion design on the intro. So how's that wedding dress coming, Jill?

No. 210231


all the dirt and hair stuck in that plasticine… gross

No. 210232

Wow how very transmasc, that makeup really screams emo boy trapped in a woman’s body

No. 210234

Holy shit, she looks like Giula from Ready to Glare here…that's not a compliment.

No. 210235

>The narcissism of complimenting yourself in this manner (like a manager giving you a review or a teacher's assessment?!)
>You literally gave parts of your personality names and are praising them for co-existing

Jill has always been severe, the self-denial here. Even the sweetest person has harsher sides, life isn't like a cartoon where everyone has only one dominant personality trait.

No. 210236

To use a British phrase, she looks like a slapped arse, and wtf with the pixie system label (clothes label like you have at school except for your OCs?)

Imagine being this woman's mother and checking in on her Twitter to see what's she's up to

No. 210239

hard to believe she's only 24. she has the jowls of someone much older. guess that's what happens when you spend all of your time larping mental illness and eating tendies and no time on skincare

No. 210244

god this is so embarrassing

No. 210249


Dre Ronayne vibes here

No. 210252

I’m not a DID expert anon so others may have a better idea but aren’t the persecutor and the protector roles opposites of eachother? How can he be both, that doesn’t make sense. That would surely cancel out and just make him neutral which isn’t the case at all since he is responsible for the ED stuff and the self harm.

No. 210254

>"it's not a phase, mom"

No. 210255

Not if you're Jill, then you get to mix and match cherry picked symptoms freely as you please! Doesn't even matter what disorder you pick from, throw in some autism here and there. She's so special she has a unique form of DID called JID, Jillociative identity disorder. It's like DID, but without all the DID stuff.

No. 210256

I actually love this playdoh aesthetic, again she does nice things sometimes like her intros and shit, but she doesn't pursue that. She's as blind as she can be.

No. 210257

Honestly she looks better than in her rainbow aesthetic, I just wish she didn't pretend this was DID.

No. 210259

I can't believe she's wearing this shit KEK imagine seeing something like this in the wild. Does she have nametags for everyone?

No. 210260

Is this profile picture what Jax looks like because it doesn’t look like the Jerrick art she has shown in the past. Also, I thought she was buying wigs for the alters what happened to that. I like that she had to make it so that Jerrick is into drag because what teenage aro ace trans boy with dysphoria who wears a binder is wearing full beat including liquid lipstick.

No. 210266

>has a unique form of DID called JID, Jillociative identity disorder.

No. 210267

File: 1651413175100.png (1.13 MB, 1184x768, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 9.52…)

It's a picrew of Jerrick, is what I'm getting out of it

No. 210268

Her makeup looks pretty nice here honestly, the dark alt stuff suits her better than the rainbow baby shit. Too bad she had to make a whole different persona to wear it

No. 210273

Imagine claiming to be some kind of amazing mental illness advocate/beacon of knowledge while literally making a costume out of mental illness.

No. 210275

she draws her obese self as an anachan, is that how she sees herself? Is she transskinny now? I wanna see her prove that Jerrick is real, shave off half of your hair Jilleck.

No. 210277


Sorry for double posting, but it really is just so gross how Jill seems unable to deem herself mentally ill enough (or at all) unless she is visibly unwell. She can't be an emaciated ana-chan, and she doesn't visibly self-harm, but she can wear costumes and fake tics and stim on cue.

So much of mental health advocacy involves challenging the idea that a person needs to be visibly unwell in order to be deserving of help of compassion - everything Jill says and does directly challenges what people who actually want to challenge stigma around mental illness want to do. She wants the spectacle of it all - the Hollywood version of DID or BPD of whatever her mental illness flavor-of-the-day is, when if she really had to live with and cope with any of these issues she LARPS, she wouldn't be able to live in her rainby house with her cats and boyfriend.

No. 210295

She could simply dress up like this sometimes randomly or to concerts like every other adult with nostalgia over their emo phase. If she's already happily "co-con" with so little effort it should be a breeze for her to move on to fully realizing this is a normal aspect of her personality and isn't a separate person at all.

No. 210321

>the picrew

No. 210322

>If she's already happily "co-con" with so little effort it should be a breeze for her to move on to fully realizing this is a normal aspect of her personality and isn't a separate person at all.
This. She should just "integrate" already. That's the least she can do to get better. But being a munchie loser is better for her I guess.

No. 210324

I’m late but it looks like she has a slime YouTube channel

No. 210331

What stops male alters from cutting their hair short? Why does only jill and the other female alters get to gatekeep what style they wear? Why can’t jerrick get a fuck you black tattoo like jill can get magical girl shit on their joint body?

No. 210346

fuck, i see it now

No. 210363

jerrica is just edgy she's not ~prosecutor~ enough KEK

No. 210370

>What stops male alters from cutting their hair short? Why does only jill and the other female alters get to gatekeep what style they wear?
B-b-because Jill co-fronts with all alters therefore no mishaps can occur.
In reality she doesn't want to commit on anything permanent (for hair it'd take a while to grow back). The septum piercing can easily close up without any repercussions.
>Why can’t jerrica get a fuck you black tattoo like jill can get magical girl shit on their joint body?
I'll eat my shoe if she gets a real black tattoo with no anime/kawaii/cartoon/MCR type emo music references. Jerrica is based on what Jill thinks an edgy teenager boy would be like.

No. 210380

what's going to happen to this faggy little pretend game when having pretend people stops being cool? will she just pretend to integrate like all the other trendy losers i wonder?

No. 210384

Nah, she'll play the blame game.
>My therapist gave me these false memories!
>He needed me to write his paper!
>It was the alcohol and weed!

No. 210388

>B-b-because Jill co-fronts with all alters therefore no mishaps can occur.
Kek. But I thought she said she started cutting again because jerrick told her to do it or whatever? She said jerrick "fronted" and that's why she cut. That's why he's the "prosecutor" or whatever. The reality is Jerrica is nothing but a charicature of what Jillian originally wanted this OC to be.

No. 210389

>Jerrica is based on what Jill thinks an edgy teenager boy would be like.
This exactly lol.

No. 210403

This is why she gives me a headache. Constantly changes her narrative to fit her dumb fanfiction. Worst RPing ever.

No. 210408

Is that supposed to be like… “stim” putty for autists?

No. 210410

>mental health
wtf about her channel is "mental health"? She isn't giving out any actual advice for mentally ill people, she isn't making any informational videos to disprove harmful stereotypes, she isn't vlogging her road to recovery from BPD or any other mental illness nor does she make any decent videos to spread awareness. She is just half-assedly larping mental illness based on stereotypes and isn't doing anything health-related to it at all.

No. 210414

That's what I'm saying I want her to prove her DID is serious by letting Jerrick shave the side of her head. Even if Jill is co-fronting Jerrick clearly wants it, so why can't he have it if he's trans and gender dysphoric? How can Jill be so selfish and transphobic she doesn't let him do this one non-permanent thing that would help his dysphoria?! She won't do it because she knows she just faking it lol

No. 210422

This kek. She only ever talks about herself.

No. 210425

Or literally just buy a wig or anything, she is so unwilling to commit to this larp monetarily. Steve has said more than once that Jerrick steals his clothes to wear. Jill even crocheted the hat herself so that she didn’t have to buy one. The female alters all get new clothes pretty frequently because it’s all stuff Jillian wants but Jerrick gets nothing. She could literally buy a black and green split wig and cut it to the style he likes but she doesn’t, she used a green wool she likely already had and just bought a black and knocked out a shapeless skullcap looking hat that he gets to wear with the same three items of clothing over and over. The stretched ears Jillian already had and likes and the septum is just an on trend piercing that Jillian wanted because she has to do everything that gets anyone a shred of attention at the time.

No. 210427

Here's the May patreon livestream. I'm 15 minutes in and the only interesting thing she said so far is that the jerrick meet the alter video is coming up this wednesday.

No. 210433

File: 1651495064820.png (1.38 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2022-05-02-07-36-41…)

No. 210434

File: 1651495137860.jpg (321.57 KB, 1024x1034, SmartSelect_20220502-083338_Tw…)

She "masks" on TikTok now. I feel like even if she would drop the money to get tested and end up testing negative for autism, we would never hear about it because that would mean she'd have to explain why she was pretending like this so hard.

No. 210436

File: 1651496084274.gif (1002.16 KB, 500x479, tumblr_91119799a36e986f9231cd8…)

Wow… my whole own anime magic girl team, all living inside my head. Is this….what love feels like?

No. 210437

So by the state of the wip and the confirmation Jerrick is next, I'm betting it'll e Jerrick, veronica, cliff, Jax/flora (since they're fragments i think) and a bit of the kid being mentioned to remind everyone she's "sooo twamatized" but also for them to not bring up her totes real trauma

No. 210439

Why does Jax look like the catch me outside girl but more emo kek

No. 210442

So where's the cat alter Jill??

No. 210443

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 210446

Honestly this is so incredibly insulting to anyone actually suffering from PTSD and other trauma which supposedly causes the mind to split into separate entities, people who actually suffer horrific pain every day from it. How can anyone even begin to pretend this is a legit mental illness in her case? It's beyond fucked up, like others have said she's mentally ill but not in the way she thinks. The fact she's dedicated her life to this larp now just screams privilege and affluence.

No. 210449

File: 1651498555413.jpeg (165.68 KB, 1280x1820, FB4B54DC-23E9-4750-9B7A-0DE7F1…)

Is Cliff a factive of Steve Jobs?

No. 210456

File: 1651500736464.jpg (22.71 KB, 480x240, sasha-velour-1497385444.jpg)

Cliff is a factive of Sasha Velour, but the idea that she'd have a Steve Jobs alter is pretty hilarious.

No. 210457

Ah yes the entire crew
>Lost hobo
>AGP dwarf
>Mentally ill attentionwhore
>Steve Jobs
>Shayna's imagined self

No. 210458

File: 1651501340379.jpeg (212.49 KB, 1242x1242, 245FD6CA-A4AB-4937-9FCF-B0B92F…)

No. 210460

so who's the fat one?

No. 210462

She really is giving white girl who calls herself ghetto. I am glad they all appear to be white but cliffe looks so out of place, I wonder if that’s why we never see or hear of him, he is no fun to play act.

No. 210464

But anon the reason we don't hear of him is because he's an old decrepit 35-year old that doesn't understand modern technology uwu anything above hitting two rocks against each other is too complicated

No. 210466

i like that she gave her slutty alter the same ugly pleasers that kathy/parkbenchpinup just got and then is now trying to sell

No. 210468

I think the fact that she draws herself skinny proves she hates her fat body and that contibuted to her feeling like her body isn't really her own, but belongs to a bunch of alters. I mean she either dislikes her fat body, or doesn't find fat bodies attractive/stylish enough to be drawn, or she's in denial about her large size.

No. 210470

>the 35 year old guy is bald

No. 210471

Why the fuck did she draw "jax" as a chola jesus christ lmao

No. 210472

>masking on tiktok
This is just a word salad kek, who the fuck even does this when it's supposed to be THE cringe platform or whatever. "Oh noooo tiktok is to mean to meeeee" can't believe she's this snowflakey, special and entitled to think anyone cares if she "masks on tiktok".

No. 210473


also she needs to commit and buy a bald cap for cliffarina

No. 210474

If he doesn't know about technology then why is he able to pay taxes lmao

Also wtf would he retweet? Finances? KEK

No. 210475

Because instead of trauma she bases this shit on jealously from actual real human beings. Remember her "iconic" rainbow bangs were also stolen from some other girl.

No. 210477

It’s interesting how she’s now decided all her BPD symptoms are DID. Lack of stable identity is now just DID, intense negative mood swings and self harm is now “Jerrick fronting” because Jill can only be “sunshiney sweet.” Overly sexual behavior is “Veronica.” She’s conveniently given OC names to all the symptoms in the BPD checklist so she can pretend she has zero control or culpability for her negative thoughts and actions.

No. 210478

Finally, the OC lineup. Nice. The anons saying Cliff looks like Steve Jobs have made my morning better bc it’s so accurate and funny.

No. 210479

It’s so funny. 35 isn’t some boomer age, he would literally be a Millenial who grew up with the internet. Idk what Jill’s thing is about people in their 30s not understanding social media. She did that with Veronica too right?

No. 210481

It would be more understandable if she was really young like 13 or something. When I was 13, I thought everyone over 20 was ancient, but Jill let's be real here you are really not that far from your 30s yourself, so how can you think a 35 year old doesn't know how to use social media? lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210484

I was thinking exactly this. She’s incapable of accepting the fact that she had negative emotions, as everyone does. So she cherry picks a disorder to explain it, but then once that’s in place she has to rectify herself to only having the ‘fun happy’ parts of said illness. Her BPD was to blame originally, but then she insisted she didn’t experience ‘the bad parts’, which was then shifted to DID, but once that became her identity she had to find another ‘cause’ of her mood swings and negating behaviors, introducing the autism. Shortly that’ll be cemented and she’ll have to be an advocate for how autistic people aren’t bad and don’t have meltdowns etc, that’ll need to be attributed to something else yet again

No. 210486

ironic cuz you don't know how to use this site leaf

No. 210487

seems like she forgot to draw her fat blobby self

No. 210491

at 17 mins in she shows pictures of her and her cousin and the mock up wedding dress, family is on her dad's side and says they're not close because of 'religious differences' but her cousin is also witchy

At roughly 22 mins in she talks briefly about jax splitting to be a 'sexual and social protector' to help jerrick with his first drag show, which the first song is going to be other friends from steven universe

No. 210494

just leave the thread now please

No. 210506

Why is everyone so colorful except for the 35 year old balding guy?

No. 210507

Once you turn 30 the law states you must have depression and only wear dark colors.

No. 210508

File: 1651512401070.png (20.52 KB, 613x234, jillianshoutout.png)

Is this an lolcow reference kek

No. 210509

>At roughly 22 mins in she talks briefly about jax splitting to be a 'sexual and social protector' to help jerrick with his first drag show, which the first song is going to be other friends from steven universe

This brainrot makes 0 sense.

No. 210510

she's getting bolder with the lolcow references recently

No. 210517

All of them, nonny. They're all the fat one.

No. 210521

File: 1651514423532.png (45.63 KB, 614x400, 12232493479374.png)

She's going to be making a new master list of her ocs soon

No. 210523

Sorry what? She is just inventing alters for events now? Or creating an entire new alter for very specific tasks. When can we get the alter who cleans the cat shit off her walls and whips a vacuum around.

No. 210525

>At roughly 22 mins in she talks briefly about jax splitting to be a 'sexual and social protector' to help jerrick with his first drag show, which the first song is going to be other friends from steven universe
Why the obsession with SU? Is it because of fusing?
Mandatory no fun rule rolls out. You can't show your ankles anymore.

No. 210530

It’s hugely popular in the fake-boy tender queer circles. Other gays clown on Steven universe obsessed gays, it’s a whole established thing. Jill is pretty standard for someone who is a big fan of the show and an adult.

No. 210539

File: 1651520036754.png (631.27 KB, 507x703, jillvessey.png)

Summary anon back again, this is the May livestream summary

>>"yesterdays drag is today's hag"

>>Filmed the Jerrick video, she recorded for 60 minutes. Said she c-con edited it.
>>Hopes to have it up on Wednesday, May 4th
>>Jerricka was worried about filming because of muh dysphoria and dysmorphia
>>Thinks Veronica might go 3rd but "there's no real order"
>>"Jerr is co-host"
>>Showed more of her switching alters blanket. One strip of Jax. "Cliff like took a big snooze"
>>Got a My Violet Easter cardigan for free because she saw it on the directors facebook (they are friends apparently) and commented "Ah!". They asked if she wanted one as PR to just say the word, responded "The word! The word!"
>>Thinks her "witchy" parts are Jillian and Flora
>>Said that she and her brother used to do egg hunts at her parents every year until they moved out
>>Had a fitting for her cousins wedding dress she is making when she visited her family
>>Was surprised it went so well, "wait, I didn't forget everything I learned in college, wait, I'm a fashion designer"
>>Saw her aunt that she hasn't seen in "probably 10 years"
>>Cousin's "mood board" for the dress was like "Elven, ethereal, prismatic, like natural rainbows, rainbows cast from crystals"
>>Doesn't think she's allowed to show the dress yet, she'll show it after the wedding
>>Cousin is very accepting of the DID, "any family that is like extremely accepting I'm like [kissy noises]"
>>One day she wants to drop music
>>"I need to like do EDMR and then start my fashion brand and then become a pop star [laughing]"
>>Said she played guitar, bass, and piano with piano being her main
>>"Piano for like the first, uh, 12 years of my life was like the only that I had to like cling my identity to because it was like the only thing I was really good at, um, and then my identity like obviously blossomed after that but for awhile I was just like this is all I have"
>>Going to have her drag debut during Pride
>>"First Veronica was going to help but then literally Jax split to be a social and sexual protector so we were like hey, there ya go!"
>>First performance will be to "Other Friends" from the SU movie soundtrack
>>Her two "besties" M and B will be helping to choreograph it
>>Wants to make "at least" a jacket for the performance - a cropped, motorcycle styled jacket. Going to be making it out of a green thrifted curtain.
>>Jax split off because Jerr was having a hard time and "was made to feel like he couldn't exist and like he needs to mask all the time" because his "natural social way of being was like offensive"
>>"He's a man of few words but he's not angry"
>>Says the splitting was starting to happen back in late January, described it like someone stabbing a screwdriver into a plank of wood
>>Jax is the most recent split, the last one before that was in 2019. Says this is the first time she's "aware of splitting"
>>Describes Jax as extremely loud and active, "swinging on the monkey bars of our brain" - described her as funny, squeaky but also slightly threatening
>>Jax is not a fragment, she is fully formed. Said she was fully fronting without her knowledge kek also that she has a really strong accent that Jill is embarrassed of but Jax isn't
>>"We already have DID, can we not be talking like Harley Quinn"
>>Still hasn't finished her taxes
>>Wants to get to uploading weekly
>>Said she first started to want to play DnD at 12 but didn't find a group until 20
>>Cliff loves DnD
>>Two new DnD characters are cats, jokes about that sounding like she's a furry. "We are pro furry on this channel"
>>Bought a rosemary plant because she uses fresh rosemary in all her cooking, called herself a rosemary freak
>>Steve's parents gave them a bunch of groceries to go home with because "times are tough"
>>Mentions all the plants from her old planting video are dead now
>>Someone commented that if she can't keep her plants alive she must be killing her cats and she said "jesus christ, what a reach" and "the reaching is so severe"
>>"I know with my whole soul how untruthful it is so it's just funny"
>>Wants to upload a cooking vlog at some point. Has older footage of making stir fry, which is one of her "safe foods" but didn't upload because it was too long. Doesn't know what she'll do yet, maybe baking.

No. 210541

Samefag, sorry for some of the typos but you get what I'm saying lol it always takes forever to summarize this shit, I get so done by the end because I'm sick of her voice

No. 210543

thank you for your service. I'm so sorry but also grateful that you listen to her for our benefit

No. 210548

“Times are tough” this shameless bitch, as if her rich parents don’t subsidise her frivolous lifestyle. The accent is ridiculous, it’s literally a covert disorder, what is covert about a Canadian all of a sudden having a regional American accent. Is she going to do this bullshit every time a show gets popular and she wants attention off that without the effort of making a cosplay.

No. 210549

File: 1651522675519.jpg (70.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 210551

Sounds productive, which like, good for her, but the larp shit continues to be unforgivable. i find it ironic she's doing a drag show about 'other friends' because it makes me think this whole larp started just because she was mad she ruined all her friendships and then got really into steven universe. I really wish I could like her, that she could be just our favorite cringe youtuber like before, but her lack of humility is so infuriating that it's kind of impossible to go back. Probably all of us have a tv show we like to watch when we're in a bad mood but that doesn't make us just split into an entirely different person. For someone all about "feeling your feelings" she sure likes to foot the bill to anyone else. She's just gonna be entirely fucked until she faces a real economic hardship like being cut off from her parents because otherwise, she's never faced a consequence in her entire life.

No. 210556

We appreciate your summaries nonnie. Ty for your hard work.

No. 210571

Why doesn't she just make a carrd like all of the other dumb ass DID kids.

>"Piano for like the first, uh, 12 years of my life was like the only that I had to like cling my identity to because it was like the only thing I was really good at,

Okay, so this shows that Jill doesn't really understand what an identity or a personality is. She thinks things that give her praise are who she is. A narcissist since childhood.

No. 210572

Is that Patches?? kek

No. 210575

File: 1651530055335.png (2.92 MB, 1332x862, fanart.PNG)

Kek at how thin she draws herself compared to her fanart, picrel

No. 210582

Do we know what she actually means when she says she’s ‘doing a drag show’? I assume she either means as a video (kek bring it) or more likely just for her friends? Surely she’s not actually planning on doing anything local in an actual drag scene since she’s literally never even done it before?

No. 210584

So is the drag show going to be Jerrick presenting as a man, or is she actually going to dress up feminine? Like is it """Jerrick doing drag""" or Jill doing drag as Jerrick?
The mental gymnastics on this one. So fucking dumb.

And if I'm trying to go with her logic again why was Jax needed for a drag show if she already has the 35 y/o drag queen collectible to help?

No. 210586

>>Jerricka was worried about filming because of muh dysphoria and dysmorphia

Then why is does she wear makeup while roleplaying as him? Why draw him wearing makeup if he's so worried about it and has such awful dysphoria?

Mental LARP gymnastics is a full-time job, huh Jillian.

No. 210589

>>"We are going to have our drag debut- I'm like 99% sure […] We have a gigaroonie. Um. For literally pride. Um, like this June. And I'm so excited. So it's going to be the Villainy Swells drag debut."

I'm not sure but by the sounds of it, she's making it seem like she got an actual gig for the day of Pride. So if it is just her performing for her friends, it'll be extra pathetic. It is possible she got a gig, though, I was dragged to a drag show once and it was "beginners night" where people who have never done it before could perform. It was awful kek so I expect the same quality from Jill.

No. 210590

Thank you summary anon. I appreciate you so much ♥
>Like is it """Jerrick doing drag""" or Jill doing drag as Jerrick?
The mental gymnastics on this one. So fucking dumb.
Andy Kaufman level of crazy. She'll probably remember half-way through she needs to be Jerrick. I'm expecting jarring moments and weird faces.

No. 210591

I knew she would kill those plants. If you don't have the capacity to check on a living thing and give it water once a week, maybe you shouldn't have two cats after almost killing one.

Not sure if it's different in Canada, but in the US all of June is pride month with a week or weekend of festivities. There is no single pride day. If she gets a gig, I would be shocked if it was at an actual establishment gay adults frequent. It's wild all of the fucking hoops she jumped through just to be a straight woman doing "drag."

No. 210593

Gotcha, thanks nonnie. Likely she is doing a beginners night type deal, where she’ll do one song or whatever. I’m imagining it’ll be a schitzo mix of her MCR tik tok lipsyncing and her anime con performances.

Who wants to place bets on how slutty she’ll act, despite being “”sex repulsed”” Jerrick. I’m guessing that’s what Jax has been invented for, to jump ahead of that

No. 210598

Most cities have a set day, though, for festivities, a parade, events, etc etc. Most people referring to Pride mean the day all the stuff will be happening.

No. 210599

I feel like there's no way we're gonna get the drag performance. Calling it now we will get an excuse like that jerrick wasn't fronting or whatever, and so she couldn't do it.

I do hope it happens and we get some footage of it though. If her tiktoks to the SU music are anything to judge by it should really be something.

No. 210601

>Jerr was […] "was made to feel like he couldn't exist and like he needs to mask all the time" because his "natural social way of being was like offensive"
What is there left to say other than Jill has found the loophole to never have to hold herself accountable for anything. And to think she hasn’t tacked the autism diagnosis on top, she’ll be ‘unstoppable’ then.

No. 210605

what's anthony fantano doing in there

No. 210607

Except it's not? Have you even gone? It's usually a weekend or week of events with a parade on Saturday or Sunday. The parade is less and less of a main event since it's usually a bunch of companies doing rainbow capitalism with employees in matching tshirts. It's not Pride Day you weirdo.

No. 210614

I've gone a good number of times, probably when you were still a kid kek this is how it always has been in my state and in the nearby states. Is it so hard for you to believe different places do it differently? Most places that I've been to have it on a specified day, maybe 2 days, never longer. Sorry you've only been to pride in your hometown kek but it's pretty common. But that's the thing, it clearly depends on the city and we have no idea where exactly she's going for this "gig".

No. 210616

File: 1651558508935.jpg (286.41 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20220503_021122.jpg)


Pride month is the capitalist shitshow you're referring. Pride Day is June 28th, in commemoration of Stonewall riots by the end of the month.

And my bet is our Jillybean/Jerrica will never perform in front of a real audience. Not only because she lacks talent to do a Drag Show (drunkenly dancing on Tiktok isn't a talent), but because of her anxiety and mental issues: She's an attention whore, but only between her safe-spaces were she knows she'll be celebrated (a.k.a. Her munchies club).

BTW found this art piece by one of her fans and I just can't with how old they made her look, specially compared of her own version of herself… Why haven't you liked/shared this masterpiece, Jilly-willy? Why are you neglecting your little army of clowns?

No. 210627

Kek they really captured her jowls. And all of June is Pride but lots of small towns hold the events on one day, not Pride Day, just one day for the fair, parade, etc to happen at once. Usually shut streets down for it so the parade can come through.

No. 210630

I can't speak to how Pride is in her province, but I've been to plenty where there's an open-stage at the actual pride celebration. It's usually outdoors and for all ages. If she does have a "gig" I doubt it's a paid thing at a nightclub, and if it is, that's insulting to the professional drag queens who make a lot of their money during Pride.

If it is a legit gig, I'm surprised she even took it. How does she know Jerrick will be fronting at that exact time? How does she know he'll be 16 and not 14? How will our autistic queen cope in a busy club with bright lights and loud music and crowds?

No. 210634

Also Jerrick has done multiple tik toks. Be honest Jillian the real issue is that you can’t convincingly act for longer than the very short run time of a tik tok. We have only seen cliffe in a tik tok too I’m guessing for the same reason.
I feel like we are all forgetting that she was a theatre kid and then in bands and did open mic nights and cosplay dances. She has and probably will get on stage. I don’t think she will give us the footage though, maybe a brief couple of seconds. Any nonnies local to her and able to get footage? Kek

No. 210635

File: 1651579647480.png (1.9 MB, 1334x750, 0167F866-462D-4069-B39D-C1A9C9…)

This is the pic she shows of her cousin in a mock up of the dress Jill is making, so nonnies don’t have to watch the vid (1)

No. 210636

File: 1651579701964.png (1.8 MB, 1334x750, 38BD44D7-4721-43A0-8FD1-6F9F9F…)


No. 210637

I would kill for local anons to capture the cringe in all it's glory. I really hope we get that milk somehow, whether from a farmer or her obliviously posting it herself.

If Jerrick is a totes real and valid teenage boy then why would it be okay to be in a bar, performing amongst adults? She never actually thinks these things through, she picks and chooses when they are "real people". Bet she gets messy drunk if she does perform at a bar, though kek

No. 210638

Holy fuck that goofy motherfucker gene runs strong in the family

No. 210640

File: 1651581789481.jpeg (228.68 KB, 2000x1325, 1C7DEC79-9469-4E97-9F94-8AC68F…)

>If Jerrick is a totes real and valid teenage boy then why would it be okay to be in a bar, performing amongst adults?
She’ll probably say that drag is for all ages because of kids like Desmond is amazing. Kek

No. 210646


Hilarious how she can't just take a progress photo of her cousin'd mockup… Jill has to be in each of these photos too, like she's a famous designer.

No. 210649

This fucking cunt. I would have KILLED to have piano lessons as a kid. Or have parents that gave af. How can she say something like that and not realize how spoiled and privledged she is. Also I wonder what Steebie's parents are gonna do when he fully troons out. In fact, why isn't he participating in a drag show too?

No. 210650

She has argued before that body age is what matters, she used it to defend why Jerrick drinks and smokes weed. Just recently she was defending that bizzare post about how the little was coming forward when she was getting stoned in the park because there was sounds of ducks nearby. Basically the rule is you can’t be inappropriate towards him because he is a child you creep! But she can do whatever she wants including exposing the child alters to drugs and adult situations.(sage your shit)

No. 210651

I know the word is being over used at the moment but if the alters are real like she claims isn’t she grooming children in her actions especially when she an adult is co con with a child alter and facilitating this adult behaviour. I also wonder about how she argues it’s safe for her to blackout and mentally become an unattended six year old like she posted that stupid message she sent to Steve where she “woke up” after the little had been out so Steve wasn’t at home. If she was legit she would need some kind of care, a real six year old home alone could hurt themselves in all kinds of ways or even decide to just leave the house and be in danger outside. She acts like it’s a given she has a high level of control but if she was legit that wouldn’t be true at all especially not so early in therapy.

No. 210653

We're telling you how things work in Canada. It's not just a single day here it's a weeklong event. Sorry you've never been to a different country.

No. 210655

Kek it’s either a week long or the city cancels it due to cops not allowed to attend.

No. 210659

Why is this thread so bad with people not saging when they don’t have actual milk.

No. 210669

ffs, if you don't know about Pride Week, stop guessing.

In the small town she lives in there is basically a Pride week. The parade day is the big day (which includes an outside stage show), but there are usually events all week (stuff like seminars, art shows, etc. Less of a party).

There are two main bars that do drag shows, and shows usually have around 6 performers doing 2 songs each. They will probably each have at least one drag show on the weekend of Pride Week. I don't think its hard to get into them, talent varies from beginners to 'good'. Who knows if she even contacted an organizer about getting in.

No. 210679

Thought far right had a massive dick and the one next to that looks like she had a bit of ahem leakage

No. 210694

No idea. It's so annoying.

No. 210708

I doubt ""jerrick" aka just Jillian has any kind of disphoria considering she dresses femenine.

No. 210711

I thought this pic was from a mental hospital

No. 210729

i chuckled. sage your shit.

No. 210733

This mock up of the top half is horrible, the design makes her look so bulky and boxy. Also she only has the top half mocked up? How much time does she have left.

No. 210746

File: 1651612343251.png (153.19 KB, 1080x420, Screenshot_20220503-151211-325…)

No. 210748

I really hope she uses a different fabric in the final design, otherwise it’ll look like a burlap sack. That being said, if she has only done the top? The skirt is the hardest part…

No. 210752

That’s just a mock up using muslin, not the actual material. Learn to sage

No. 210759

this is the stupidest thing i've read in a long time.

No. 210761

so she's just going to be able to control switching during her performance? And Jerkicka and Jax are going to perform with hyper-sexual veronica? Way to expose a minor, jill.

No. 210768

knowing jill it'll just be a basic ass circle or rectangle skirt

No. 210773

wheres sandwich the furry

No. 210775

Sandwich got replaced by Jax.
Notice how anons were talking about Jill not having any gigs and all the sudden she has one?

No. 210783

If she only payed attention in class instead of being obnoxious and playing with toys maybe she wouldn't be so inconsistent and learnt how to do shit.

No. 210799

I think sandwich is a Fragment, the art is only of full blown alters and she has said that Jax is fully formed. She has hinted before that she has other fragments aside from sandwich and there is no art of them either.

No. 210800

Isn't Flora a fragment?

No. 210805

iirc, yeah she is.

No. 210807

Wait so there’s another drag persona besides Villainy and Cliffe the Sasha Velour factive? Three drag personas on top of all the alters? I hope she has some kind of spreadsheet to keep track of all these ocs.
Also seconding the anons wondering why the famous drag queen supposedly living in her brain isn’t mentoring Jerk in his baby drag routine. What’s the point of even having Cliffe if she’s not going to use him?

Maybe Sandwich ate too much tinsel and now Jill is hoping everyone forgets about it ever existing.

No. 210811

> Maybe Sandwich ate too much tinsel and now Jill is hoping everyone forgets about it ever existing.
Anon, my fucking sides. Bless you

No. 210814

She's really obsessed with drag queens right now, wow. It's like lolita 2.0 for her, except she can't do shit about it because she isn't male, so she has to larp having a teen guy living inside her head kek. Also, how come her own jillian interests just permeate all her alters? I would think at least one of them wouldn't care for drag queens at all and have their own interests. So far every oc she has share at least one of Jillian's special interests, and deliveratedly so. It's not that she assigns a new past time to an existing alter, she creates those alters to fit her past times lmao. Proof of faking once again.

No. 210815

>more than 3 drag personas
she just wants to be the ultimate drag queen fan.

No. 210818

(user has been raked)

No. 210821

I think she meant Cliffe when she mentioned her "other drag persona".

Still 2 is too much, especially if you consider the fuckfest of 3 alters cocooning a drag show. Not that it ever made any sense, but damn does it really make no sense.

No. 210822

I doubt someone who is actually sick with this stuff would actually be able to perform at all. "3 alters" just means her usual self, Jillian. There's nothing else about this.

No. 210824

It’s so confusing like drag king or drag queen? Veronica and Jax are female but Jerrick is male. If Jerrick has such bad dysphoria and dysmorphia that it’s hard to even make a video then surely he won’t be a drag queen. Also he is aro ace and sex repulsed what kind of collaboration can he have with Veronica who is hyper sexual and would do a slutty performance. I understand that she has concocted it to be this way so she gets the special points of Jerrick being trans and doing drag and Veronica is the work around for anything horny she does but it doesn’t make sense if they were fully fledged solid people. Also as it has been pointed out how on earth can she have the level of control to bust out those three for the performance.

No. 210838

When do we think the jerrick video is coming out today? I'm excited

No. 210839

simple answer: because they're all fake and she's faking it.

No. 210840

File: 1651687181601.png (423.95 KB, 800x450, imagen_2022-05-04_125954800.pn…)

No. 210841

She usually does them at 2pm

No. 210842

File: 1651687636989.png (87.17 KB, 838x474, Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 2.06…)

sweet angel therapist goes bye bye

No. 210844

THANK GOD! maybe she can get some actual help now, i don't see another therapist going along with this bullshit.

No. 210845

BPD frantic abandonment-induced craziness activated

No. 210850

Don't most therapists do virtual sessions nowadays?

No. 210853

Probably scared that other therapists wouldn’t buy into her DID LARP.

No. 210855

File: 1651689612579.jpeg (900.62 KB, 1170x1577, D3684994-D41B-46A4-81C0-981240…)

he cant because he won’t be licensed in her province anymore

No. 210860

File: 1651690219562.jpg (65.67 KB, 770x533, adultMilkConsume-929486568-770…)

LMAO this is the milk we deserve

No. 210861

Therapist fictive when?

No. 210862

Time for another "split" OC to deal with the trauma!

No. 210863

My bet's on Cliffe the geriatric 35 year old who can't computer becoming her new therapist

No. 210864

Do any Canadian nonnies know if that is normal for a therapist who is moving or is he moving because he is losing the license kek.

No. 210865

"Practitioners moving from one province or territory to another must understand and comply with any practice requirements where they are relocating. Practitioners providing virtual inter-jurisdictional services should comply with the practice requirements where both the practitioner and the client are located as best practice. Practitioners must ensure that their professional liability insurance also provides coverage in the province where they are located (as well as the province where their client is located, if different from theirs)."

No. 210866

>>210865 dropped the important part of that link.

No. 210867

kekkkkk is he running away from her now that he got what he wanted?

No. 210869

File: 1651694909410.png (1009.95 KB, 2476x1684, Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.59…)

this picture bothers me so fucking much. everytime it pops up on this thread im so bothered with how jill drew herself it is just truly the WORST understanding of figure drawing ive seen in a while. as an art anon i dont claim to be the best ever but i did go to a real top art college and not a craft college. saging for autism ahead. see picrel.

going off of the placement of the knees and direction of the calves and thighs, you can see how jill understands nothing about figures.

1, if the position of the knees is that one is faced forward and one is pointed inwards, with the angle she has drawn the upper body at, it would mean the figure is leaning back and at an angle. you can see how i drew the black outline to show the hips angled forward.

2, if the knees and calves are 'correct', there is no way , literally physically at all, that the right foot would be sit back than the left foot. the left foot would have to be farther back as the body is angled and its literally farther away AND its front facing, which means it is not as elongated. and since the other leg's knee is bent at an angle, it would have signficantly less weight placed on it, and the foot would naturally pivot inwards to a more rested position. you'd have to really flex your ankle uncomfortably to get it to sit forward as she drew it.

3, because of how far angled the hips are, THERES LITERALLY NO WAY the shoulders can sit where they are as she drew them. it would mean the spine is completely warped into an S shape to meet the pelvic bone and shoulders. not to mention she drew her shoulders insanely close together…do you think you're that skinny jill? you can see from #4 that i drew in grey that the only correct way to get such a small shoulder distance is if the entire body is angled to the left, so the shoulders are foreshortened by the angle. it would be impossible to be forward facing with that hip and shoulder angle unless you had severe scoliosis.

and lastly, 5, jill just literally forgot that necks exist i guess, but any elongated pose where the figure is leaning back so much is going to have an extended neck, even with jill's weight. i've placed the correct placement in grey.

autism rant over. carry on, nonas.(autism)

No. 210873

I'm really dumb but how does a counselor lose their license? Is it something that needs to be constantly renewed in Canada even if they're in active practice or is there something more deeper going on that made him lose his license in that province?

No. 210876

i live in the states but its common. when either a patient moves or the therapist moves states (or provinces i guess) they dont have a license to practice for people who were in the previous state/province depending on what state/province they moved from/moved to. It applies to both the person receiving treatment moving (where the therapist cant work on someone living in x state since the patient moved) or vice versa. (i went through this moving to college and even video visits across state lines are not allowed)

i dont give jil any credibility for anything she says to be honest but this is a very common story for those getting therapy and for once jillybean isnt lying for sympathy and something mildly inconvenient actually happened lol jill telling the truth for once??? i never thought id see the day kek

No. 210877


iirc you have to pay to renew your licence every so often (not sure if annual, or every 3 years or whatever), and each province has their own. So it would be a waste of money to renew your licence in an area you're not practicing in.

No. 210880

It's already past 6pm in her time zone, no? Was she too fucking lazy to get it done today? She can't even keep her own deadlines.

No. 210882

She's currently coping with the twauma of losing here angel thewapist, have some compassion, nonnie!

No. 210883

God I hope the new therapist is way more experienced and can see through this obvious malingering. Can’t wait for her to be anti therapy in a few weeks when that happens

No. 210884

File: 1651702028982.png (67.8 KB, 610x612, 176328276211.png)


No. 210885

File: 1651702202148.png (34.1 KB, 610x288, 1845222323645.png)

He's actually leaving the profession altogether kek

No. 210886

the infantilization of herself is so annoying and sad. you're a grown woman jillian. get over it, your new therapist won't be giving you asspats. if i was a therapist and had a client acting like her, wouldn't you want to y'know, put her in a hospital ward to be stabilized and get on some antipsychotics? the coddling needs to stop, she's not a child.

No. 210888

>He's changing professions (still mental health but not therapy)
Interesting. Wonder what he'll be doing?

No. 210889

File: 1651702800889.png (66.02 KB, 275x267, FAA895A4-8662-4B54-8187-0CB187…)

Lmao dealing with Jill made him quit the business

No. 210890

But she said she was going to "co-con" edit it and even had the thumbnail done already by looking at her Patreon (I'm not a member, though, so don't have anymore info there). All she would have to do is upload it. She already announced it would be uploaded today so that's just her being bad at her one job. She is so lazy.

No. 210892

The "Jill's therapist was just using her to write his doctoral thesis" theory is getting stronger.

No. 210902

Damn did he explain it to all of them in one session? Did she just summon them on demand?

No. 210904

>switches from We to I in her replies

Don't worry Jill, you still have twitter as your therapist to emotionally dump on and cradle your feefees with oven mitts.

No. 210905

Why is she making it sound like she experienced it 7 times? With true DID don’t the personalities exist entirely separately, to the point where some people don’t realize they have the disorder?

No. 210907

>still mental health but not therapy
KEKKKKKK she made him quit, what a jackass. In all seriousness though I'm sure he's quitting therapy to do research instead. He only practiced like a year so it makes sense.

No. 210909

>this is the only one who hasn't been useless or problematic

No. 210910

kek that's some actual yugioh shit

No. 210911

Translation: The only therapist who has enabled her and hasn't called her out on her bullshit. Remember when she bitched about her last therapist actually trying to point out her flaws so she could work on them? Yea totally problematic. She wants someone to yas queen her. She said she got recommendations from this guy so I don't expect any of them to be any better.

No. 210921

This seems so disingenuous since in her anguish, she’s simultaneously hinting at how she is autistic by saying “we’re so so bad at change”. Be sad to lose a therapist you liked, I get that, but don’t push your agenda at the same time. Not everything has to be about proving you’re on the spectrum when you haven’t even been evaluated for ASD

No. 210926

Nonnie you don't have to be autistic to be bad at change. Plenty of people struggle with change. She's bad at change because she's self absorbed and narcissistic and expects the world to cater to her every whim.

No. 210931

nonna, I actually liked this breakdown. I can't draw and would like to learn. I learned from your post.

No. 210934

I also suspect that this is very intentional language said with the classic symptoms of autism in mind

No. 210938

File: 1651726096882.jpg (37.06 KB, 828x814, d2c4c07962af5d5bc8da44dc5d2c06…)

Imagine being a fly on the wall and seeing this play out:
>>troon therapist coddling and explaining to big grown ass rainby clown queen Jill that he's leaving his current practice and will no longer be able to see her or her 7 other personalities as clients.
>>Jill LARPing as a retarded child including a dramatic baby voice, "UwU W-what wou're going bye bye mr thewapist angel. Why??"

No. 210941

he lost his license? this is the funniest shit to ever happen omg. watch her go even crazier in the next few months when she realizes what a dumbass she's been and can't find a new 'sweet bby angel' therapist that sucks up to her

No. 210942

How would autism even work with DID? If every single persona has different diagnosis she could easily collect the whole DSM lol

No. 210944

File: 1651728128519.png (578.64 KB, 2476x1684, 1651694909410~2.png)

Imo it's her right leg that's throwing the whole thing off because she wanted a kawaii knocked knees pose. Flip it and it looks a lot more balanced, but admittedly I'm not a trained artist.

No. 210946

That’s not the point anon is making. Jill pointing out that she’s bad with change fits her pattern of leaving breadcrumbs from autism symptom checklists all over her Twitter. Instead of letting her distress speak for itself she is making sure to explicitly state she is Bad With Change [X] so she can later point back at this tweet and say see? The signs were clear all along!

Anyway does this mean we’re getting a new alter? Moving town caused her to become a cat and the nervousness around her drag debut caused Jarley Quinx to split off so surely the trauma of losing her perfect angel enabler should result in a split too. I’m hoping >>210861 is right and she absorbs his essence into herself. He deserves to be skinwalked by the monster he helped create.

No. 210947

>>210942 sage for OT explination of DID logic
I usually see it treated as "part of the body", that is, something alters can't individually be/not be. If the full person has autism, then so do the individual alters, even if they experience it differently. which makes some sense. a mental splinter that happened to deal with a horrific repeated trauma would deal differently with the 'stresses' of being autistic than ome of the ones that's meant to act normal and get through day to day life. That's what I've seen from the stuff grounded at least somewhat on a believable idea.

No. 210951

The larpers on tiktok tho sometimes give alters disabilities that the "body" doesn't have. Though, I would hope Jill would at least know better than to do that shit. There's been larper who have alters who have a stutter or their legs don't work even though they're totally fine and it's wild.

No. 210955

The redraw on the left is actually quite appealing, someone teach Jill anatomy so her art looks better. She is a decent artist I think, just needs some work.

No. 210956

Maybe her mental health will improve now he's fucking off, there was a very obvious downward trajectory after starting therapy with him.

No. 210957

I just don't see it. She obviously was counselor/therapist shopping. Exactly like >>210911 said
>Remember when she bitched about her last therapist actually trying to point out her flaws so she could work on them? Yea totally problematic. She wants someone to yas queen her.
I think she's going to descent faster into madness. She just lost her sweet validation without having to work hard. Her world took a hit. Ego hits aren't pretty.

No. 210962

She's absolutely trying to hint at at autism. I'm always left speechless by how little she understands about autism while trying to pretend she has it. Unfortunately because she's a non-autistic theatre kid who knows some basic symptoms I think she could fake it enough to get a diagnosis if she wanted to.
It's not hard to fake it for a normie like her at all.

I enjoyed this Authentic Autism(TM) kek

No. 210964

>Be Jill's therapist
>Be so shit at your job she goes from a normalish BPD girl to Multiple personalities (OCs) with Twitter accounts for each one
>Inappropriate relationship where you humor and yas kween her every two weeks for money as her mental health nosedives
>Your fellow therapists and peers start to question you about what's going on with that patient
>Uhh wow I'm now more interested in this adjacent field of mental health care that is not therapy lol
>Tell your patient
>Enormous BPD breakdown where she unconvincingly switches to her child alter to facilitate the meltdown

No. 210967

Exactly, autism like a physical disability is literally how your body is set up there is no some alters and not others, they all share the brain and the brain is autistic. The fakers aren’t smart enough for this. The way that the alters handle it differently would be the levels they are able to mask at so you know ofc the six year old would be less adept at masking than an adult alter. She seems to treat Jerrick as more autistic though and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s because she drinks the ableist coolaid that boys are more autistic than girls.
Exactly and the therapist she shits on all the time wasn’t problematic, the complaints she had was literally the therapist following the normal route for ED treatment. She threw her toys out of the pram because the therapist wanted to talk about the way she dresses when treating her for an image related mental illness. Her narcissism trumps logic every time.

No. 210979

anyone else feel like she's just saying this (true or not) so that in the future she could claim that her new therapist 'fixed' her DID, and that she's 'cured', to end her larp? either that or she tweeted that to avoid posting the jerrica video lol

No. 210980

Jill going from emphasizing memory gaps, to explaining it with split identities, only to end it off with showing how connected she actually is with these alters.
She’s always co-con, has no issue recalling events from when other alters where fronting & even how other alters interact with each other without her presence. She even makes it known how confident she is in her always being present looking at all the drugs/alcohol usage.

No. 210981

I just retraced her drawing's body and then pivoted the right leg to face the other way. She's not fantastic but also not nightmare tier at anatomy.

No. 210983

So, how many new alters do you think will spawn from the trauma of having any new therapist having the audacity to challenge her to work on herself?

No. 210986

I'm guessing that sandwich (the stray cat fragment) will fully form into an alter, since she's feeling abandoned once again. Checks out with the furry comment on her latest livestream. saged for tinfoil

No. 210989

The thing is the level of control she exhibits is as cured as someone with this legit can hope for. It’s not linear with integration being the end goal. Think about it this way, Jillian hasn’t really suffered but for someone legit they are incapable of living a normal life. Jillian claims she no longer has memory gaps, she can control switching and co con and has dialogue and co-operation between alters. She lives a normal independent life beyond what other people can even dream of.

No. 210993

This. It was only months ago that she was claiming extreme dissociation and memory loss, and Jerrica made her cut herself etc. But now she's always co-concious with at least one of them, and Jerrica is just a woobie apparently.

No. 210998

i agree with you nonna. my drawing was creating the figure from the knee position as-is, and you did it from the ribcage position as-is. both overlay doodles are correct, showing just how much jill actually did mess up and how disharmonious the upper and lower body are.

saged for off topic pls no more bans o powerful farmhands

No. 211001

i honestly dont think that integration is her end goal anymore. being "fixed" has never been jill's brand. she's always competing for the thing that will make her the most special and most different. i think she'll take this opportunity to just split further and get worse so people can give her asspats for having an an 'extremely debilitating' condition and still 'carry on with life, so inspiring!! uwu'

No. 211016

Exactly. They call it “functional multiplicity” and that’s technically cured. Some people reach full integration, some people get to functional multiplicity, but both are considered end goal cured. You can’t do that in less than a year

No. 211040

My pregnant ass laughing and reading about Jill needing her "baby" to be calmed and reassured. Jill is old enough to be a parent herself, though I hope never does!
It's honestly wild to me how easy half the farmers here can access and bandy about DID "lore" and terminology thanks to things like twitter and tiktok. I still think it's utterly fake and the product of misdiagnosis even in the "real" cases. Some people out there, Jill's therapist included, are really all-in on buying into it.

No. 211055

Saged for rambling. It’s important to remember that “the real” DID people speak about is completely divorced from what Jillian and others are doing and is incredibly rare. I personally believe that even then media and perceptions have played a part in “the real” version. It’s easier to understand I think if you strip away all of the bullshit and think about how someone suffering an extreme trauma and mental break can go into a fugue state and black out then come around again and not be aware of what they have done or remember it. Often the person will have acted out of character in that time. Dissociative disorders are real and low level dissociation is something most people will experience in their life. Hell even think about post partum depression, how many people turn into someone very different and in extreme cases harm their baby, something they would never do as their normal self. It’s turning that kind of thing into fully formed OC’s who are real people where it starts going off the wall and more into the sci fi realm. The human brain is very complex but we also live in reality not the yugioh universe.

No. 211067

patreonfag bringing you the freshest milk, jerrica's meet the alter video.

No. 211069


No. 211071

As someone who’s seen dissocidid’s meet the alters videos, it’s so so obvious this is just Jill putting on a fake deep voice. With dissocidid you can see a legitimate change in speech pattern, the way they hold themselves and emote. Watching Jerrick feels like I’m just watching one of Jill’s videos, and she can’t stop smiling either.

No. 211072

none of it is real.

No. 211073

God bless you, nona. Somewhere at the start she mentioned settling on the name Jerric because the original name she had in mind was too close to an ex's. And at 9:55 she says she split because she was "A B U S E D, B A D L Y T R A U M A T I Z E D , H U G E L Y […]" in a pivotal point in her life - graduating elementary school and starting middle school. Is that when her relationship with Uma started? At 7:50 she also mentions her role as persecutor/protector and is sex repulsed due to sexual assault.

No. 211075

Even so, Jill can at least try to act.

No. 211077

Part of the problem is Jill can't act for shit. Just because she did some theatre kid stuff as a preteen/teen doesn't mean she's good.
She's getting her dopamine rush and validation. Acting is a second thought not first.

No. 211078

Wouldn't middle school be too late for trauma that could result in a DID diagnosis? I thought that was one of the DID fundamentals - that it had to be extreme, torture-levels of trauma at a very young age.

No. 211079

File: 1651781221475.png (Spoiler Image, 141.54 KB, 417x547, Kim-Noble2.png)

That's what I would assume. Something like pic related, which is a painting from someone who was trafficked and ritually abused as a child. When you put it into perspective, Jill's SUPER HORRIBLE, HUGELY TRAUMATIC TRAUMA ABUSE is nothing, and parading it around and putting on a front and buying these horribly tacky clothes, decorating herself and presenting these ~quirky~ characters in her head like she's an uwu victim is disgusting. She has a comfortable, middle-class, mundane life that just isn't enough for her, for whatever reason. It's a shame.

No. 211080

"I feel . . . AFAB. But trans in some way from that?"

How in the ever-loving-fuck can you possibly know if you feel like these fucking things? This all just seems like Jill's over the top way to be able to finally be just a queer person. GOD this is just sickening. SICKENING.

No. 211081

This was such a let down. Jerrick is just Jill without the annoying screeching (except toward the end) with some "shit" and "fuck" inserted in a few sentences.

No. 211082

"jerrick" does the side smile thing that tiktokfags do kek.

No. 211083

15:30 - "Picrew is DID and trans culture" lmao
15:50 - (talking about her self-given nickname, "Jer-bear") "I'm not happy about it smiles" "…Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not." She can't even decide how she feels about a nick-name she gave herself.
16:37 - Even her coffee mug has to be ~AESTHETIC~ and on-point
Even when presenting as Jer, she can't stop with the stupid tongue faces and (like another anon pointed out) she can't stop smiling either.

No. 211085

"I thought I heard Jerrick in Star Trek or something but recently found out it was Jinx Monsoon's real name"

No. 211087

I dunno how to break this to you, Jill, but

it's normal to have a whole range of emotions. I'm so sorry. You're normal.

No. 211089

Does anyone else feel very uncomfortable about this defamation of Uma that she is going for. If there was no evidence pointing towards who it was then it wouldn’t be as bad but we all know who Uma is, anyone who looks at her old socials can find out exactly who she is saying this stuff about. These are really serious allegations she is alluding to and possibly building up to making, criminal allegations. Allegations that can ruin someone’s life and Jillian is just fine with that, she is completely too far gone.

No. 211091

This whole thing feels like her attempt to pathologize just… liking clashing aesthetics at the same time and experiencing cognitive dissonance. Especially the part where she was talking about Jerrick hating the body and being ED'd, yet Jill being soo body positive. Girl most people are body positive towards others but want to be skinny themselves, you don't need a separate personality for it.

No. 211093

File: 1651783659008.jpeg (168.44 KB, 1200x800, 6FDB2373-CE81-4264-817A-21627F…)

Absolutely pathetic. Her acting is so bad it’s laughable. It’s 90% her normal self and 10% a bad impression of an edgy teenager.

Also, how insanely fucked is it that she says someone in her past (clearly an ex) wasn’t an abuser and she doesn’t hate them and yet they “really, really TRAUMATIZED” her. Going through a breakup isn’t trauma, especially if they did nothing legitimately wrong. What a spoiled brat with a blissful life.

No. 211094

File: 1651783730436.jpg (28.17 KB, 631x199, wake up babe new pixie alter d…)

sage for ot but the fact that this DID artist (if DID is real) calls it a "creative" way to cope kind of rings true for jillians ridiculous need to have artsy aesthetic OCs for every emotion she has, without the "unbearable pain" of course

No. 211098


youre welcome, its from patreon(learn2embed )

No. 211099

So I read about this woman…
>There’s a little boy called Diabalus who only writes in Latin

then why can't he spell Diabolus? I've studied Latin for years and would love to read these "fluent" letters kek

No. 211103

anon, thank you for becoming a patreon user for our sake. what a woman you are.
It's nice to hear Jill's voice when she's not putting on airs, this tone feels so much more natural and mature for her.

No. 211104

The fact that she has all the same voice inflections and mannerisms is bad enough but then the fact that she openly admits "they" decided on Jerricks name?? Come on you can't be seriously trying to pass this off as a full separate person and then say that. Even "actual" DID YouTubers (actual like that's the point of their channel to educate, not actual like it's definitely real) explain that they had to like "find out" their alters names because each alter had a name inherent to them that they identified with as a person. That's at least more believable in the context of your brain developing a totally different "person" due to trauma.

No. 211105

"jerrick" is going to shave off her eyebrows at some point so that Jill has something to cry about, I bet.

No. 211107

Wow what a surprisingly well-spoken 14y/o who uses all the same vernacular and speech patterns as Jill. Gag me with a spoon.

No. 211108

kek if you search memory alpha (the star trek wiki) there is literally not a single result with the name jerrick. On memory beta, which includes novels, comics and other non canon star trek stuff the name jerrick is mentioned in two articles. The character is ‘referenced’ in two of the recently published voyager novellas - meaning he’s not even in any of the scenes. So unless jill is claiming to be a fucking fan of the voyager novels (doubtful) this is just a retarded lie she’s too stupid to have thought through. Sorry jill but some of us actually have autism and know about star trek to a sad level (and if you’re going to check out any of the novellas the TNG ones from the 80s are the better ones)

No. 211110

Don't forget "his" and Jill's memories are "intertwined" even though memory gaps when not fronting is one of the main diagnostic factors for DID over OSDD

No. 211111

you heard it here first, jill is fat-phobic and has created a whole personality to be mean to ppl on the internet

No. 211113

>I don’t relate to this appearance, my REAL appearance is tall and skinny and pretty!

No. 211114

I was annoyed by the same thing, the way she speaks doesn’t sound at all like any 14-17 year old I know

No. 211115

Yeah, the constant co-coning and no memory gap are the biggest tell it's all bullshit.

You know when you watch shows, movies or other medias you tend to identify as the characters/persons - as it's intended. I think that she has so much time on her hand that that all she does is consume media nonstop she now thinks that feeling of identification is being a different person - of course plus the appeal of bonus SpEsHuL cHiLd for being DID.

No. 211116

Can she just accept she can't pull off this larp? Talking about 'dysphoria' but wearing the same feminine makeup but green. Saying how jerrick is so miserable and spending the whole video laughing. The constant voice slipups. She's not even trying to be convincing lmao

No. 211119

I'm also a star trek mega fan and I knew when she said she heard the name jerrick when watching trek that she was lying. Even looking into different spellings (jarek/jerek) nothing came up lul. I just think that everyone has a story about how their parents came up with their name and forgetting/misremembering where your oc's name came from is a dead giveaway

No. 211120

How does one feel AFAB? You can't just feel assigned. Why do some of her alters get to be trans and some get to be intersex or whatever. It makes no sense. This is some advanced fuckery because I don't even think other tiktok larpers claim that some alters are trans and others are cis (i.e. a female with male alters that are somehow cis. That makes no sense how are you gonna be a cis man in a woman's body. what, do you have a ghost dick?)

No. 211121

I smiled when she said tall. Ofc, you know Jerricka has to be tall.

No. 211124

I mean, wasn't the thin with Uma when she was 14? That would be the first year of highschool about. I don't know how that would have anything to do with some kind of early middle school trauma, 12-13ish i think. How do Canadian schools work? I know some places have different classifications of grades, like 5-8 instead of 6-8 or something like that.

No. 211125

Why the fuck do they do this? It's so smug and infuriating

No. 211130

It’s such a stupid lie for that reason - Jillian knows people are sperges who will know straight away that she’s lying, but she has to look like she’s not skin walking the drag queen who’s name she definitely copied. It’s funny that the drag queen nuts in this thread immediately made the connect to where she actually got the name from, and now she’s retroactively trying to say it’s not from a real person, the Star Trek nuts are calling her out just as fast.

No. 211133

Im sorry but
>ate a nibble
kek. Don't downplay your BED jill

No. 211134


Newfag here, hopefully this is saged.

The Jinx from arcane/lol self insert is just way too obv?
It's like one of those oc remakes of a popular character and claiming its yours

No. 211137

Wow, a whole FIVE days in the a psych ward? That's nothing, barely more than an assessment. I know girls who were stuck on wards for months or even years with anorexia

No. 211138

File: 1651793031966.jpeg (439.54 KB, 750x1176, F2BBC5F9-3819-4777-9720-6044EF…)

Not Jill-milk, but I thought this article might be of interest because it outlines each step self-diagnosed TikTok DID posters go through, and why it’s bullshit and damaging.


No. 211139

A psych ward for people in immediate danger (usually failed suicide attempts) only last at max a few weeks, and that's only when you're being transferred to another facility, and they can't find any room. You're probably thinking of residential because 5 days is a normal time to be in the psych ward (from my experience though the more "extreme" cases would be there for 10ish days)

No. 211140


there's Garak in DS9 so maybe she was going for that green and black Cardassian color scheme

No. 211141

Ah, I'm not American/Canadian so maybe it's called that there, but my point stands that she overexaggerates how bad her "breakdown" was

No. 211142

File: 1651793464371.jpg (54.73 KB, 504x572, fdabfb.jpg)

No. 211146

Except for Quebec, secondary school is grade 7 to 12 (12 yo to 18 yo). The concept of middle school like in the US is not something common.

No. 211148

She's far more bearable on the ears here but god, how is she not embarrassed? The acting is so bad. Also she said she was sexually assaulted at one point then immediately makes a joke and laughs. Wtf.

>>Reposting over an hour late
>>"you're welcome"

No. 211149

File: 1651795230400.gif (7.45 MB, 520x293, jillian.gif)

She actually talks and acts like a normal person her age would. There's no "teen" feeling in this. If I had to guess, I would say this is her actual real self and the over the top emotionally stunted kawiwi rainbow persona who acts like a fake tard is the fake. And she actually looks very cute. I wish she actually saw this. She looks so goddamn happy when she isn't clinging to her old pixielocks persona.

No. 211150

>Ideas core to the toxic mental health ideology that kids are absorbing on TikTok include:

>That intense childhood trauma is universal or near-universal, despite the fact that it simply isn’t, and thank god

>That trauma is somehow ennobling, a maker of meaning, a creator of identity, a way to be unique and special, rather than something terrible we should do everything we can to prevent
>Correspondingly, that to be mentally healthy is undesirable, when it’s a condition we should aspire to secure for everyone
>That mental illness is an identity, the most important and central element of someone’s self, rather than an unfortunate detail, and that the right way to have a mental illness is to revel in it, celebrate it, fixate on it completely, act as though there’s nothing else interesting or meaningful about you than your mental illness
>That any critical thinking or questioning of their rhetoric about mental illness is inherently a matter of “stigma” and thus illegitimate, and that the job of doctors and therapists is always to affirm their self-diagnoses, not to act as independent and dispassionate agents
>That anything they feel is valid, that their emotions are a perfect guide to their reality, and that anything that contradicts their intuitions or their desires is by definition the hand of oppression.

It checks, thanks for sharing.

No. 211151

File: 1651795445293.gif (11.83 MB, 520x293, jillian.gif)

samefag, maybe her voice is a bit too low pitched than normal, but idk. Can't she just get better already? this is the least cringe she has been in such a big while, she looks fun.

No. 211155

>she actually looks very cute
How can you look at her massive jowls and say this kek

No. 211161

Middle school does exist in Canada, it is called junior high and it is grades 7-9.

No. 211162

In Atlantic Canada it's just called middle school? Grade 6-8 at most public schools in New Brunswick, PEI, and nova Scotia

No. 211163

>>"Jillian has this wonderful grasp and total acceptance and understanding of body positivity and fat acceptance and stuff like that that I don't fucking get, um, at all. Um and she used to think she was like a fraud or a liar because one day she would be like I love my body, I love how it looks, I love how it moves… Bleh. Like just so- like the most body positive like, I'm posting like art of like women with their rolls out on the beach, like sweet stuff. Um and, that I approve of, I'm not like [pause] I have internalized fatphobia towards myself. Um. And she has taught me all this, like even two years ago I would not even be saying this because I didn't fucking understand. But um yeah I- I struggle with the eating disorder still unfortunately."

Jill, stfu. Just say you regret what you have done to your body and take responsibility for it. This might be the most honest she's been about how she truly feels about becoming fat. She hates it. She always has and we knew this already but she has tried so hard to deny it because she doesn't have the self control to not eat like shit. She has to spread bullshit body positivity because the alternative is actually getting off her ass and doing something about it. She has ample free time at home that people would dream of having, she has no excuse for her weight and she only has herself to blame. So spare me the sob story about muh poor self esteem and dysphoria or whatever.

No. 211166

Literally admitting being body positive was a cope and a show to make herself look like a better person while doing nothing for her health and an excuse to be extremely unhealthy.

She's finally saying shes actually fatphobic and playing the you can't be fatphobic if your fat card

No. 211170

I had to stop at the pretending to badly mispronounce tsundere while saying that's what Jill calls Jerrick, that was too much. Like we are on /w/ for a fucking reason, come on Jillian. Her pronunciation has never been perfect but that was too egregious and obviously intentional.

No. 211172

God she's barely trying. Still has her normal mannerisms like the hand movements and shrugging shoulders, still uses her normal inflection when speaking just toned down a little. Step it up Jill.

No. 211174

kek jill's decided to skinwalk as garak, the gay tailor from star trek

No. 211182

Why would a 14 year old teen boy wear this much makeup?

No. 211183

Jerrick feels afab/trans so Jill decided he loved makeup despite his soul crushing dysphoria. In reality, no. Maybe some kohl liner and painted nails, but can't see a supposed edge lord do more than that.

No. 211184

Or agree to give a shit about fast fashion

No. 211186

wait so now she's claiming that jerricka "hosted" for 3 years consistently? if that was the case, then wouldn't she have no memories from that time period? how long before she makes an addendum to this lore, or says she can remember that time because of her sooper speshul mento illness that she was born with

No. 211187

>>Jerrick, which I learned later is Jinkx Monsoon's real name

A-log worthy alone. This whole video is so rage-inducing. Why can't she just enjoy drag normally

No. 211193

and the sexy alter is just chrissy chlapecka. straight down to the streaky blonde and pink hair

No. 211197

I feel like her whole adolescent to young adult life has been a con. She always gloms on to what she thinks will give her attention. My god her life feels soulless. No wonder she drinks and does weed.

No. 211207

Came to say exactly this. I lf I had to guess, I would assume she talks/acts like this when at home and not ‘on’. She’s pathologized having a low and a high energy self, like everyone does when they’re not around others. Her pixie personality is probably even more over the top because it’s literally a persona that she hightens for the camera.

Someone needs to get this girl an actual therapist who can help her come to terms with normal feelings

No. 211227

i’ve said it before in the threads, jill is banking on getting her autism diagnosis she can shriek about how she “feels everything stronger” than NT people. i have the feeling only when she has her shiny diagnosis will she open up about her twauma because it will be the most mundane shit but she’ll claim it was twaumatizing only because she is sooooooo autistic and can’t deal with the big feelings uwu

No. 211228

She looks calmer here, it really seems like she was so conflicted about changing her style and acting like herself that she had to pretend she has a host of OCs rather than admit it's all her.

No. 211241

I agree, remember the tweet she liked/retweeted about how autists can have childhood trauma caused later in life and by seemingly smaller things because of developmental delays? It's all planned and rehearsed, and it's crazy to me health professionals haven't seen through that.

No. 211243

>it's crazy to me health professionals haven't seen through that.
They probably have but they are well aware that she'll screech at them for being "problematic" until they go away

No. 211246

6:05 "afab person who is extremely masculine" *is wearing winged eyeliner, sparkly eyeshadow, and lipstick"
people don't really call it junior high here, it's just middle school

No. 211249

I mean, with severe EDs (which Jill seems to claim) you'll often be transferred from psych to a regular medical ward where you can remain for weeks to month (I was on the pediatrics floor for a month and that was short compared to other people).

With restrictive eating disorders like anorexia (again, what she claims), even if you are at a normal weight, your body freaks out when you start eating again and it's vital that you be monitored closely by health professionals.

TLDR: Her mom found her suicide note, put her on a psych hold, and she was promptly let go because the eating disorder wasn't seen as a life-threatening issue. Of course we already knew that, but it's annoying how tightly she holds onto the whole "I had SEVERE anorexia!!" thing - you don't have to be the best at every illness Jill.

No. 211250

jfc she's such a bad actor it's hilarious. And she CAN'T stop smiling. She fucking loves this. Batshit.

No. 211252

lmao i dont see u posting the link, also >>211098
sorry for not embedding lol
for me it's when she starts going on a tangent and her old mannerisms come out (like when she held her hands up while explaining something) before she quickly taking them down

No. 211253

Sorry but I can’t watch the video at the moment - is she now claiming to have had anorexia again? A while ago she admitted she’d never been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and instead had an EDNOS diagnosis, which means she had disordered eating but was never severely underweight. Spreadsheets, Jill!

Duper’s Delight.

No. 211258

how is she not freaking out that her patreon subscribers are leaking her videos

No. 211263

>>lmao i dont see u posting the link
Why would I post something that has already been posted, anon? Wouldn't it be smarter to…. read the thread first before posting? Hmm? Kek

Jill said when she was at the psych ward they said she had bulimia AND anorexia which is huge doubt. Skipping a few meals will get you an EDNOS diagnosis. You are right, she wants to be the "best" at every illness, it's gross.

No. 211264

Samefag but here's her direct quote from around 12:40, I don't know if she's ever claimed to have had both before but now she is

>>"I ended up in the psych ward for five days. I was admitted and I was actually in there because of my eating disorder. I was really severely anorexic and bulimic and um I was in there because they were like um please eat."

No. 211269

More evidence that this stuff is always misdiagnosis of things like schizophrenia from predatory therapists who want this particular disorder to exist or it comes from people who need excessive amounts of attention and have watched too much television. The speaking in latin despite "not knowing it" thing is so obviously lifted from the Exorcist.
>>"I look like a chubby girl doing Jerrick cosplay"
It's honestly so sad to go to this effort instead of working out, cutting down on her weed use and just buying some things for all her different aesthetics. She looked actually somewhat miserable talking about her self-image.

No. 211272

I think that's my biggest issue that is a consistent thing among doctors who talk about DID, and any "educational" DID channel's is that if someone else is fronting for any period of time every other part has no memories of that time be it an hour or a year so she's not even sticking to the communities rules

No. 211275

>please eat.
This is some 2010 black&white Skins gifs on tumblr shit.

No. 211276

nah thats the whole point, she claims it but thats why they just chucked her out a few days later, probably bc she couldnt keep up the act kek

No. 211277

Any therapist worth their salt would have recognized that going through extremely different mental phases is normal for adolescents, particularly ones with any mental illness like BPD. Jill desperately needs a new professional to explain to her that half her brain on a day to day basis is “Jerrick” because Jerrick was never a different person at all, and her ideas about how her identity as Jill are too different to be unified with Jerrick are because she’s been forcing herself to act out a fake persona based on aesthetics, internet trends, and SJW virtue signaling.
No shit she ends a day of jumping around screaming and being peppy and claiming to be fat positive and hyperobsessed with only one specific eyeburning aesthetic plastered over everything, and then she sits down and goes “God, I’m tired. This is all so stupid and fake. No, but the OTHER me likes it! So why do I feel sick of it now? Why do I still want to be emo and skinny?!” Like… Jill… That is NORMAL.

No. 211279

why didn’t she make an announcement for her new alter video? why is it private?

No. 211280

This is just a draft she previewed to patrons on her patreon. That why it has incomplete editing. The final version will be uploaded whenever she gets assed to finish the editing.

No. 211283

this is why jillian thinks it's acceptable that her sasha velour factive doesn't know how to use the internet.

No. 211284

did she ever explain that retarded part at the beginning? "can we not?"

No. 211285

What's there to explain? She says her heart is pounding then says "can we not" because she wants to convey "Jerrick" is nervous to shoot the video. It seemed like she was trying to act like her OCs were talking in her head and she's like trying to hush them so she can start. Her acting is just bad, that's all kek at least that's how I read her behaviour anyway

No. 211293

Yeah I haven't watched much dissociaDID but she does the same thing at the start of silver of her alter videos

No. 211294

Sorry for the school sperge, I am from the prairies and they are called junior high here. I looked at PEI's public school board and it says 7-9 schools are called "Intermediate schools" and are very common (at least for public).

Link to website that shows public schools and their grade ranges.


No. 211295

I only lurk sometimes so it just hit me that this grown ass woman is really pretending to be a 14 year old boy for attention and clout, and money. This is all so fucked up. How does she have any fans at all?

No. 211302

This made me want to gouge my eyes out.
“I struggle with so much dysphoria” “I feel afab but trans”
Why does the alter have to be trans and in dysphoric pain if you’re the one who made them up? Literally they could have been a male character. It’s entirely just so she can claim a queer experience that she has no right to, since we all know she is painfully hetero and about as spicy as vanilla pudding.

I hope she chokes on a tendie.

No. 211303

Honestly I've yet to read on believable DID case, that's been publicly broadcast in any media. They're always very fishy people, who obviously love the attention they get from their special condition.

No. 211304

And no one speaks Latin. This is the cringiest thing that 100% always indicates that someone is faking. Unless you work in the Vatican, you do not speak Latin. Serious academics would not claim to speak Latin or ancient Greek or Old Church Slavonic or whatever because we all know they are no longer spoken as living languages. It is possible to recite or have little conversations or write prose/poetry, but none of that is "fluent" in any way.

No. 211305

It's an obvious ass lie that she got diagnosed with bulimia and anorexia. In the DSM 5 there's bulimia nervosa, then anorexia nervosa, which specifies you must be underweight. A doctor diagnosing can opt to diagnose "anorexia with binging/purging behaviour", but it's literally a criteria in diagnosing bulimia that your symptoms don't match up with anorexia.

No. 211307

>>"I ended up in the psych ward for five days. I was admitted and I was actually in there because of my eating disorder. I was really severely anorexic and bulimic and um I was in there because they were like um please eat."

You don't get admitted to psych wards for an ED lol. They'd put you in the ed unit. Which are long term as >>211249 said

No. 211311

>"Ph another DID faker" Because I have eyeliner? Because I'm younger than 25? Because I have colored hair? Like just exhausting… because I have the capacity to make a TikTok? It's really really embarrassing to think that way

How does she still have people who support her? Also "because I'm younger than 25" gave me whiplash, she looks 30+ kek. I'm sure no one who stumbles on her tiktok is going to think she's in her early 20's

No. 211312

Can someone explain to me how you can have anorexia AND bulimia? if anorexia is eating noting and bulimia is binging and purging. It'd be like having anorexia and binge eating at the same time, right? makes no sense

No. 211313

Is Cliffe cis though? She is making this so overly confusing. So Jerrick has some made up past where he was born a girl and it’s not related to the fact that Jill is a girl because then Cliffe would also be the same.

No. 211314

If the cat comment was so out of line and untrue why is she so bothered enough to talk about it lmao. Your cats are fat as shit and there is proof of you being a shit owner over the years jellybean uwu

No. 211317

She's just using the fact that she was diagnosed with EDNOS to push that she had full blown anorexia nervosa. She never reached the criteria for a real diagnosis and she's hoping her audience is dumb enough to take her words at face value. There's so many holes in her stories that anyone who shared the experiences she's had will realize she's fluffing up her stories to make them worse than what they actually are.

No. 211329


sage for not Jill but @/sensoryunicorn2 on TT is the only person with access to SM that seems genuine; and unshockingly they are severely disabled/in a supervised group home/receiving constant therapy. Seeing people like Jill larp like this is pretty disgusting

No. 211330

>search them on tiktok
>immediately greeted with videos of a mid twenties woman pretending to be a teen boy by wearing a black beanie
this is literally what we were dragging jill for doing the last 200 messages anon

No. 211332


No you're prob right anon I just interpret someone who is
>makes obviously autistic content
>would follow SM trends like makeup/clothes to 'signify an altar' because they're literally mentally ill

Compared to Jill who
>is larping DID and shooting for an autism diagnosis for attention
>no history of delayed development/went to college/drives/owns a home
>diagnosed by someone who just so happens to be 'leaving the practice'

don't get me wrong Jill is definitely unstable but everything she does seems to lean BPD/spoiled-child and not at the severity of what you would have if you actually had DID

sorry for the word vomit

No. 211333

She doesn't have both, she has EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified). She is using anorexic/bulimic as adjectives to describe her behaviors rather than her clinical diagnosis.

No. 211338

To sage your sage, the closest person I see to having it on TikTok is sometimesgimena who was regularly groomed/SAed by an uncle throughout her childhood and never actually shows her alters (and instead talks about her therapy and childhood)(sage your shit)

No. 211346

> to sage your sage
> unsaged
sometimesgimena also seems like an attention whore. You don’t have to ~show your alters~ to be one.

No. 211359

I think the point that you are trying to make is that even within the realm of fakers Jillian is very high functioning and stable. Sensory unicorn seems to be low functioning like you say, she is in adult care services so even if she doesn’t have DID she is very unwell and need a lot of care unlike Jillian who lives a full unassisted independent life as an adult. Lest we forget that poor girl who took her own life in the psych ward that Jillian was annoyed she didn’t get to send fan mail to. Whether she had DID or not she was evidently very unwell and Jillians treatment of that situation and her makes it clear she commodifies people who are actually unwell and can’t empathise with them.she really genuinely thinks she is on the same level as these people, whether it’s DID or not these people are actually unwell in some way and suffering on a level Jill never has and will never understand. I mean the fact that she made a young girls suicide about her tells it all really, she is a narcissistic monster who feels no empathy for others, all that matters is that next hit of sweet sweet attention. Legit Narcissists are addicted to the attention, there is no limit to how far they will go, that includes hurting themselves and even attempting, it’s dangerous because they spiral and become more and more extreme over time. A good example of this from Jillian is in an old video she claimed that her ED was cured when Tristan agreed to date her, she stopped the action because she got the attention she wanted then moved on. Jillian will never get better she will only get worse unless she gets legit treatment for clinical narcissism.

No. 211369

File: 1651924294264.png (121.67 KB, 604x298, image_2022-05-07_125033448.png)

At around 7:56 she specifically says that "Jerrick" formed as a result of sexual assault, but also says that "Jerrick" has been around since 13/14ish, she doesn't really know when.

How can you know that you were sexually assaulted but not know when?

No. 211374

Maybe I'm clutching pearls and overreacting, but fuck the way she has been announcing that she is a supposed victim of SA feels so extremely fetishising. I'm not entirely gonna rule out the possibility, because you never know, but her announcing it everywhere lately along with this did larp really feels like she is not understanding the weight of how serious an experience like SA truly is and thus extremely fake.

No. 211380

Sorry if this is too much of an armchair, but the more I read about Jill's bs, the more obnoxiously obvious it is that all of this stems from wanting to be special and not wanting to grow up.

Her issues started around puberty, which is a super common (oh no! Jill with something non-special) trigger for a lot of mental health issues. All of this "feeling transmasc" but also feminine is just feeling like she should still be in a prepubescent (androgynous) body. That, along with alters that allow her to still be a teenager, the fake autism that lets her play with toys in public, all of it is so obvious.

I think what's most annoying is how that one "problematic" therapist who dared to question why Jill presents the way that she does likely saw this pathological need to not grow up and wanted to address it. Unfortunately, Jill is a narc who will probably never accept the kind of treatment that she needs.

No. 211381

Jill doesn't seem to understand that everyone goes through trauma. A baby is born with a full range of emotions and with no experience regulating them. A child will be traumatized from losing a toy because it is their first experience with loss. It's through lived experience and connecting with others you learn to get perspective. I do think she has BPD but don't think she has DID. She has managed to convince herself she has something like DID because she probably thinks it is easier to categorize away parts of her without doing the exhausting work of self-improvement. Her therapist is partially to blame here as well; she should have been assigned a proper mental health team including a doctor, a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Her parents might have even helped her financially during that process.

No. 211384

how come she has no memory loss at all? from the few somewhat reputable cases i've seen, they all don't remember when someone else fronted, for example they don't remember going to the therapist or what they did on that day. seems like jill knows everything all of her fake personalities are up to and interact with each other, it's a terrible cosplay

No. 211389

File: 1651934245488.png (449.09 KB, 752x448, 1626.PNG)

2 days and no one else have done it yet so i took one for the team and tried to transcribe the video for future documentation. It was a bit more bearable to watch than most of her other videos, but about half way through she started to sound more and more like her normal self. I have no insight in DID lore but tried to catch the moments that doesnt seem to add up.

> "i guess i will try to do an introduction video, ive seen jills, ive seen a lot of other peoples and other systems online"

> 00:48 first mention she doesnt like how the body is looking today, "feels like jill doing a cosplay of me" no shit
> 1:10 Says she has been around since 13-14 era "all a blur"
> 1:56 Talking about how she chose her name, had some options but the figured out they were close to the name of someone who traumitized her in the past, not an abuser tho
> 3:20 Talks about her age, how she felt like 14-16 but then due to recent changes in the last months she has aged somehow? claims to have been going through a lot of trauma en the past couple motnhs. So she is now 17-18.
Could this be to get away with drinking and driving whilst "underage"?
> 3:29 mention in video 2019 november that cliff split off, but then in vid has correction that it was 2018 november.
This could be interesting. Might go back in threads and se what traumatic event poor jill was going through at those dates.
> 4:35 Forgets to keep the lower voice, has added text "omg this is jill passive influence here"
> Apparently Jerrickas birthday is april 17th.
> 5:00 And forward some talk about body and gender, she hates herself
> 7:57 "i split off from dealing with sexual assault"
> claims to be EP alter (from my understanding it means emotional part?) but that she can have many feelings. Is very happy for the mcr concert. smiling alot.
> 10:00 Now says she split off at 13. "probably the most clear cut split" of entitre life. "We were abused, badly truamatized graduating elementary/starting middle school. Really clear that i split off right then"
In the beginning of the video she claimed it was all a blur. But now she claims to know exactly when it happened. So if the birthday is april 17th, which ought to be at the end of the school year so it fits with the narrative, and she was 13. That must mean the big twauma happened what april 17th 2010? Or 2011?
> At aboit 11:00 she talks about how Jerrick was the host for 3 years. She has a lot of memories from that time, "going to punk shows and doing roller derby with my mum". Also being sad in her bedroom and drwaing/writing in sketchbooks. Wants to do a video about those sketchbooks when she dares open them, because she hopes there is plenty of proof about her plurality to find there. But also mentions there is pages where she wrote with her own blood.
> Went to the psych ward for her "severe" anorexia and bulimia. After coming back from the psych ward is when jill became host again and the youtube was started. the proof is how her "style changed" and she started to be in musicals
Does this match up in time? If Jerrick was formed at 13 and hosted for 3 years that wouldve meant she was 16 during her precious 5 day visit to a mental hospital. I thought she was younger? But might be me not remembering well.
> 14:30 Talks more about dysphoria. Ahows the picture she drawn again. The mohawk was her proof of her being host earlier. Says picrew is trans and did culture
> 16:26 whatever this is pic
> Has been working on transfering memories from college from jill to jerr?
Holy shit as if she learnt anything in that college.
> 19:00 Around here the acting is really all gone. She acts completely normal for most of the rest of the video.
> Says her fav thing is driving and singing very loudly in the car. Claims to do this if she about to freak out "but in a safe enough way that i can drive"
If jerrick is the alter that comes out when she has terrible breakdown, this really does say a lot about how very severe her mental health issues is that the most emotional and twauma handleing alter still has a coping strategy for mental breakdowns where she is in a good enough state to be able to drive on the high way.
> 24:40 start a q&a from twitter
> jer and steve watch movies together that "jill cant stomach" and plays smash
> 26:05 Claims steve helps her a lot. "Being someone that experiences a lot a lot a lot of traaaauuumaaa constantly" she is thankful for him. Says she deals with a lot a lot of the bordeline issues and anger. Also goes on about how personality disorders work with DID. Says that "the little" doesnt experience any bordeline symptoms, but that she thinks that if the body has a personality disorder then every alter also has it but it expresses in different ways.
> 29:40 More about the eating disorder. Claims that jill thought that it went away from one day to the next after the visit to the mental hospital, but that was just jerrick not being host anymore.
> Is upset about tiktok and did being linked.
> Has a closet in the house that is jerricks area.

No. 211392

>Also goes on about how personality disorders work with DID. Says that "the little" doesnt experience any bordeline symptoms, but that she thinks that if the body has a personality disorder then every alter also has it but it expresses in different ways.
This makes no sense. Child's personality is naturally still in flux and develops all the way into young adulthood. The borderlines symptoms correlate heavily with this state of no solid stable personality, so I don't get her statement. I guess Jill understands self-harm-emo-shit as ''the borderline disorder''.

No. 211401

Thanks for this; since this is the 'draft version' do we think she's going to edit stuff now that someone's called her out on it?

No. 211402


Her suddenly claiming abuse and sexual assault may be the most revolting thing she has ever done.

Coming to terms with abuse or SA can take a long time, so it's not impossible. But with how much oversharing she has done over the years, the idea that not so much of a hint
of anything ever being wrong has ever come up just makes it feel like she took a messy relationship and made it trauma, and then abuse, and now assault. She genuinely sickens me at this point.

No. 211405

This was the point I was making earlier In the thread, they are incredibly serious allegations and we all know exactly who she is talking about. I mean hell even if it’s not Uma and it’s her punk era boyfriend we all know his first name and what school they went to. We could find him. She isn’t making accusations against some non existent person. These are the kind of criminal accusations that fuck up someone’s whole life.

No. 211406

November 2018 would be thread #29 >>>/snow/720365
This is the thread resume taken from #30
In the last thread:
-May possibly be self-diagnosing BPD; has not been seeing any professionals to even get this diagnosis properly
-Was Pizzazz for Halloween; couldn't be assed to do it right
-Officially presents her new boyfriend Stephen in full pastel regalia to the fanbase via Instagram; complete opposite of her prior treatment of ex-gf Alyssa; also states she is "relieved to finally know she is bisexual"
-Stephen and Jill are now living in the apartment together; Stephen traded places with a girl that lived in the basement when Jill previously said she was living alone; said girl now lives with Stephen's former roommate Morgan; they do not share the same bedroom, as Stephen's parents are super religious
-Jill makes a new video admitting she has relapsed into cutting and eating disorder, alongside having anorexic thoughts and depression; she also admits that she has gained weight and has been shooping her pics to remove the new scars despite preaching body positivity
-New tattoo is posted; it's a CCS tattoo despite previously not liking the series
-Buys a new cat, its name is Stickers (of all fucking things)

No. 211410

> On Oct. 17, 2018, cannabis became legal in all provinces and territories for adults 18 and over, making Canada just the second country to legalize recreational use of the drug.
There is some caps in earlier threads from that time with her starting to follow/like weed related media. No mention of a traumatizing event, just an overall decline in her mood with some SH relapse.

No. 211415

File: 1651944229534.png (48.25 KB, 601x300, Screenshot 2022-05-07 121931.p…)

so do y'all think she's going to use this as an excuse to not publicly post any more meet the alter videos?

No. 211417

File: 1651945761637.jpeg (302.96 KB, 1475x495, 64E92781-E9A2-486B-A947-08D6FE…)

For gods sake, the brain rot.

No. 211418

Nah, reads to me like justification of making them when that’s a prevailing opinion against them.

No. 211427

> 29:40 More about the eating disorder. Claims that jill thought that it went away from one day to the next after the visit to the mental hospital, but that was just jerrick not being host anymore.

But if Jerrick hosted for however many years HOW did you know you had an ED Jill??

No. 211430

Full video is out. I wonder how much has been removed/altered from this take

No. 211432

Comments and questions are already being deleted on the video that aren't explicitly positive

No. 211437

File: 1651951072945.png (918.29 KB, 691x691, beforeandafter.PNG)

Does she genuinely believe she, oh sorry, that JILL is still only slightly chubby? Not trying to bonerattle but she hasn't been "slightly chubby" for years now, she's fully into the fat/obese category.

No. 211440

Would she not have also realised that she had DID at that point? Imagine coming around and you have lost three years of your life and you are in a mental hospital and people are saying you were acting in a way that isn’t like you at all and there is pictures and social media written by someone who isn't you . You wouldn’t just blindly accept that would you.

No. 211441

File: 1651951391654.jpg (100.67 KB, 650x300, 1526369477.jpg)

>We've been working to kinda transfer some memory, because I don't have all of the knowledge, that she has from college.
Lmao this is some scifi shit.

No. 211445

I wonder if she just pulled April 17th out of her ass, Jill probably lurks here and Lori's birthday is also April 17th, bit of a coincidence huh

No. 211448

She looks like she was smushed from above between these pictures kek.

No. 211449

Okay after hearing the whole Q&A rant about differences between Jill and Jerr in her mind I feel like the Pixie is like her super-ego. Pixie has gone through therapy, beaten all the issues with eating and become body-positive. She can handle the BPD issues through knowledge and discipline etc. etc. It's the version of herself she wants to be. She wants to be this all loving goody good person, who everyone loves, but in reality she's more like Jerr, where she admits her shortcomings with her mental health and feelings of jelousy and anger.

This is interesting, but still quite sad, that she has to make up this whole story about dissociative indentity to be able to admit her faults.

No. 211454

100% this and the other alters talk up Jillian so much, how great and positive she is. Anything negative or potentially off brand/messy she says or does is attributed to an alter. Jillian is a perfect being who is only a victim never an aggressor.

No. 211455

Surely she would fail academically if three years of schooling was suddenly gone.

No. 211457

Yeah she has this inability to admit, that there are some faults in her core character and has to seperate those faults to these other personas, which have totally different names and personalities than the '''real pixie'''.

I feel like this is like a root of this DID ark she's on.

No. 211458

Thanks, anon, sorry I usually do summaries but have been busy, I'm glad someone else did it lol Her acting is so bad here but I can only imagine how much worse it will be in Veronica's and Cliff's. Imagine all the sexual comments and innuendos will be in the Veronica one, it's going to be so awkward and cringe , god. She needs to put these out faster, why does she have to be so bad at her job. She says she wants to upload once a week but I'm doubtful she will keep up with that at all.

No. 211459

I so can't wait for these two

No. 211460

File: 1651954680000.png (1.11 MB, 968x708, jillianjerricksketches.png)

Kek these are suppose to be "Jerrick's" sketches and handwriting. Looks not very different from her regular stuff, just more rushed and messy.

No. 211461

saging bc med sperging but AN B/P is a subtype of anorexia where you're underweight but also binging and purging and then restricting outside of that (and purging 'well' enough to still lose weight). it's possible but it definitely was not the case for jelly vessel

No. 211462

Is this Jerricks performance outfit on the right? A binder, an open lace cardigan, high waisted leggings and for some reason rollerskates? A binder is underwear, it’s so transparently obvious she just desperately wants people to know she owns and wears one (not a good one either). If it’s not a performance outfit then how is it remotely what a teenage boy with dysphoria would wear.

No. 211464

File: 1651956929993.png (29.76 KB, 1215x146, amnesia.PNG)

No. 211465

Oh hey, she mentioned trichotillomania. Been awhile Jill.

No. 211466

>The little heart
I want to alog so badly.

No. 211467

So she was just forgetful? Also Trich is a compulsive disorder, you don’t notice you are doing it. That’s not some crazy DID thing that’s just how trich works.

No. 211468

>It got better thru therapy
You sure about that?

No. 211469

It really is the whole terminally online shit where people spend too much time on tiktok during the pandemic and actually go insane because they don't understand reality anymore. Normal people cope by zoom calls or mmos but I guess you need friends for that.

No. 211477

Love when she first says
>"Oh, I've been around since when Jill was 13-14 it's all a blur lol"
but then later says
>"I split when we were 13. It was the most obvious and clear cut split"
??? make it make sense

No. 211486

Of course. So tired of youtubers thinking they are free from criticism. Then again, we’ve seen how she replies to people on tiktok and I guess if she took hours to reply to every negative comment on a YT video she wouldn’t be spreading kindness like confetti or whatever she says.

No. 211487

Damn, that first pic must have been after Japan trip right? I remember thinking she was kind of chubby then but now she has really blown up. She just looks uncomfortable and unhealthy now.

No. 211496

Nonna, she changes the rules as pleases. She's fickle because she has to be the bestest.

No. 211498

File: 1651970531882.jpeg (167.28 KB, 1034x1121, 63E77045-7705-4C83-96A9-222759…)

in case anyone missed it, this was in her teeth for the entire video. Jerrick is a true crust punk kek

No. 211499

File: 1651971747097.png (3.02 MB, 828x1792, 198174B0-2BB3-40A3-B961-3F3565…)

Don’t know how to link TikTok’s but Jill is posting one asking about a new therapist since her *~supportive queer angel~* is retiring. It really proves a lot of anons points that she only liked him because he yaasss queen’d her constantly

No. 211500

I think she’ll get worse at the timeframe for videos because she can now use the excuse that the alter she’s filming hasn’t been active so she just can’t do the video uwu

No. 211502

Has she tried any of the referrals her angel therapist gave her? She tweeted he gave her some >>210855

No. 211503

Eating disorders don't just go away one day is she insane? That's like someone saying they're not depressed anymore because they laughed at a joke one time. She has to be the most dramatic person ever.

No. 211504

I don't know, to me this just looks like bad angles. She's in a tight dress on the right which isn't doing her any favors. I mean, is it at all possible that she just got worse at dressing? I feel like that's almost as bad if not worse.

No. 211505


No. 211506

I chose those two since they're from a lookbook so a) they aren't angled, and b) it's a similar outfit, I can make another with baggier outfits but just comparing any video 3+ years ago to now shows how much she's gained.

No. 211513

Because of patreon-chan we made comments about the video being lulzy and she changed it based on our critiques.

No. 211520

Just look at her face anon. She's absolutely gained weight although I agree her style has also gotten worse
I want to alog solely based on the way she pronounces traaaaauma holy shit. Also anyone who has ever experienced a psych hospital stay knows that it's not just a pleasant vacation trip where they tell you nicely to eat more, it's a bunch of blood tests, urine tests, ekg monitors, evaluations by multiple professionals where they grill you about every aspect of your medical history, and you're constantly monitored so that you don't hurt yourself. She could have probably watched youtube videos about being admitted to a psych ward but she is literally too lazy even for that.

No. 211522

I've been to a psych ward and I don't feel like it was that intense, although they wouldn't let me use a spiral notebook because it was "too sharp" and also they basically watch you piss and shower. I've been told if you're there for an ED they force you to eat everything on your plate, but I don't know if that's every place. I would say it's kind of like prison just with more therapy, but I wouldn't know because I've never been to prison.

Anyway, does this bitch think EVERYTHING negative is trauma? Like it's cute or whatever to call daydreaming dissociation but if you're gonna have emotional trauma from like, stubbing your toe, that's a bit much.

No. 211524

I’m guessing that the person who “caused her trauma but isn’t an abuser” is Colin, because he dumped her lol.

No. 211531

>Our amnesia between parts actually got worse in adulthood before it got better thru therapy-
Girl you didn't even do a full year of theraphy after the diagnosis. You're advancing too fast with your DID skit for it to be believable.

No. 211532

ayrt and I was admitted for an ED, and where I was the staff was pretty aggressive about having me eat (they really don't want to have to tube people). I find it hard to believe Jill wouldn't even mention that being so "severely underweight" from an ED and then forced to eat in a hospital setting (disgusting hospital food too) is actually a pretty traumatizing experience for basically everyone that goes through that. She's such an obvious liar it's unbelievable.

No. 211536

I'm from the US so I don't know if maybe the hospitals in Canada are nicer or anything. It's not a practice I agree with, but I wouldn't be surprised if forcing ed patients to eat is a common practice in other countries too.

No. 211538

You'd think she'd be against using tags like that, what with being ~pro-selfdiagnosis~ and all. She's so full of shit.

No. 211540

Sounds like an excuse for not really having learned much in college.
>It’s not that I wasn’t paying attention, it’s just that my other personality was fronting at the time!

They do if the ’disorder’ is 100% under her control and being used to manipulate people around her. When she gets what she wants, poof! Disordered eating gone.

The amnesia is too much of a bother to keep up with so she dropped it as soon as she felt she could get away with it. Watch it come back when she wants to get out of some obligation though.

No. 211542

File: 1651994914837.png (925.24 KB, 1096x815, 439F20C1-18EB-4903-811C-EF4EB4…)

No. 211546

Jillian “fake claiming is soooo abuuuusive and bad boohoo tik tok is full of bullies I am leaving” also Jillian using hashtags like #realdidsystem and #actualdidsystem. As per, a total hypocrite.

No. 211561

her face is like twice the size. How blind can you be

No. 211571

To be fair as long as she has posted online it is obvious she doesnt have a normal/healthy relationship with food. Not puking after stuffing your face is just half of the ED gone. I dont want to give her any ideas, but im really suprised she doesnt milk her being a "picky eater" more in regards to her autism-fishing. But her storyline of having been a super sick ana must be more important to her than being a fat nugget eating tard

No. 211579

The few wards I've been on (UK based) either pressure you into eating by taking away privileges from restrictive ED'd people like giving them no time off the ward or taking away phone time. If you won't eat normal food they do the same 'we take your shit away unless you eat' thing with high-cal high-nutrient special smoothie things. If you get bad enough they tube you. I'm telling everyone now, if she had been 'so severely anorexic uwu' they wouldn't have let her go in a week.(lolcow is not your GP)

No. 211580

Didn’t she claim afrid not long ago

No. 211585

Yeah, she said she's "trying to get a diagnosis", iirc.

No. 211586

Someone please post the Webm.

No. 211592

I don't get why she still claims trich when she's apparently magically cured. People with various compulsions struggle for years and even meds don't make things suddenly better.

No. 211597

the disappearance of the neck says it all here

No. 211600

We all know she’s faking this whole DID thing, but what really annoys me is how little she’s trying. Before DID became such a trendy thing to have, there were plenty of docs of people who ACTUALLY had it, and each of their personas had different vocal tones and MANNERISMS. Good ol Jillybean is only using her own mannerisms and anything she tries differently comes off super forced, so she just reverts back to how she normally acts.

No. 211601

File: 1652038451156.webm (18.4 MB, 540x960, 7094759753078869254_pixie.webm)

No. 211603

surely she's pulling her shoulders up? she can't be THAT chunky… right? but why on earth did she think that was a good look, she looks like big ed's lost lovechild

No. 211605

when she rubbed her eye and the filter eyelashes phased through her finger. lol

No. 211607

It's not "the way you dress" Jill it's the fact that you see dressing up as a performance, and it brings you the attention and love you crave. But you'd rather be mentally ill than even explore the possibility of it.

She really made a dumb move larping DID because she's now claiming/admitting she's been dressing for all of these made up roles this whole time. Even if she honestly and truly believes she really has DID and we play along for a second and say she does, people with DID are still just a single person like everyone else. She's a person who's pretending to be different roles and express them by dressing differently. She's literally putting up a performance whether it's consciously or subconsciously. So they were right, if Jill stops dressing up she's got nothing left because the performance is all she is.

No. 211611

indeed, i've seen studies and examples that show people who might have different toys or books for their personalities but never that the person dresses like a little kid or a sexy seducer or rainbow vomit depending on who is fronting

No. 211625

"Stop dressing weird and you won't be bullied" I mean I feel like even a therapist who was into alt fashion would say this. if you can't deal with attention, dont go out in weird clothes. the emo kids do this shit because they don't care what people think but she cares SO MUCH. Not to armchair but it might literally be that she craves positive attention so bad that she risks negative attention even to the detriment of her own mental health. she's not secure in her identity (obviously) because if she was, she wouldn't care what people thought of how she looks. she's not hideous by any means and if she was, Jill would totally drop thousands on plastic surgery, like she already buys frivolous stuff as it is.

Like, if you are the type of person who is bullied for something you legitimately can't change about yourself, then you would be taught self esteem, but I think Jill knows more than anyone else that she's nothing without alt fashion. She doesn't have an identity because she is so addicted to attention that she doesn't know who she is.

No. 211645

This is such blatant baiting. Trans men don’t tend to show their binders as fashion accessories, they’re supposed to be discreet and draw attention away from the chest area ffs

Like she couldn’t do some shitty doodles without having to remind everyone my oc is trans so that makes me for real queer now

No. 211648

Maybe a nitpick but whoever did her septum fucked her up, it's pierced way too low and that jewelry is making it more obvious

No. 211651

I was right about to comment that she looked prettier than usual with that style of makeup and then the filter flashed over her hand. I should've known.

No. 211664

She's being so dramatic about this. I wouldn't be surprised if she "split" from the trauma of having to find a new therapist. Be honestly we all know she's so upset because her next therapist probably won't enable her like her previous one.

No. 211665

I agree, what I don’t get is why she doesn’t go to one of the therapists her current therapist recommended? Surely some of them will align with his brand of quackery. I also don’t get how he’s moving on to become a psychologist and how she lists this as one of the reasons he no longer can treat her (in addition to the moving away)

No. 211667

>This is something I really don't like to mention here on Tiktok… I have dissociative identity disorder…
Really? You don't like to talk about it publicly?

No. 211677

Her voice breaking, the breathy cry talking… she’s losing it y’all.

No. 211678

If she is so body and look positive why does she use such extreme face altering filters in all of her tik toks.

No. 211681

Genuinely cannot believe how deep into this larp she is. Imagine if she put this much effort into literally anything else in her life, no she's not particularly talented at anything, but you can accomplish a lot with hard work. She's absolutely addicted to attention at this point. Oh well she'll get over this once she starts on that autism diagnosis journey, I'm sure we can expect another cake soon enough.

No. 211682

>I am so mortified
I don't think that word means what she thinks it does

No. 211693

Only thing she's scared of is that she'll get stuck with a therapist who doesn't believe her web of lies about her supposed DID and won't be able to keep her story straight with a new person. Those tears are real.

No. 211701

She literally invested a year of her time into grooming (not the right word, sorta intense persuasion, presenting an image consistently) this therapist, acting out for him, he also oversaw part of her "diagnosis" and now he's runnin'

So that's another year of effort to try and convince another therapist of her bullshit. She wants to maintain connection with a therapist for further diagnosis purposes, I assume, so simply not getting a new one isn't an option.
The best thing to do would be suddenly 'fuse' or whatever shit and give up the LARP, it's so unlikely a new person will fall for/tolerate this. Maybe her angel therapist always planned on dipping, like a scrote who humors and promises a girl whatever she wants when he knows he'll be out of the picture soon.

No. 211702

But she isn't taking any prescribed mediation and doesn't have an official diagnosis. Can't she just fuck off and claim she is done with the abusive medical system and will do her own weed therapy with her queer angels?

No. 211709

This. Imagine if she put any effort into anything else.

No. 211712

I think the things that absolutely make me most irritated about this video is "my heart is pooouuunnnding, can we stop?" and that ugly ass highlighter on her nose that looks like fucking coke

So much secondhand embarrassment

No. 211715

I don’t remember the name it was Cherie something but remember when she had that little Etsy shop and she even sold at a convention one time. That would be so good for her, conventions would let her meet fans and sell to them directly which would incentivise sales even if what she was making wasn’t mindblowingly good. She could sew a few pieces as the more expensive items and then have lower cost items that are more craft focused for sale like those earrings she made for herself and prints. Startup cost would be low because she has a nice machine, a surger, a Cricut and a mountain of supplies just sitting there. She could make vlogs around con prep and the vlog the cons themselves and even stuff like week in the life small business owner stuff. Hell content where she made quirky clothing items even if her skills weren’t perfect she would still get views like Rachel Maksy, she isn’t technically great but it’s pretty engaging content that she could make very on brand. She also already changed up the basement to be a business space if you all recall. If she wanted to keep the DID element even she could have collections for all the alters, I know she shits on them but think about how dollskill sell things for a range of aesthetics and have the sub brands. Cats are a part of her brand, make cute cat toys and collars and whatnot. There is so much she could do, she doesn’t have any physical limitations and she just squanders it because she is spoilt and wants everything for nothing. It’s insulting to disabled and lower income people that she wants to play act like this when she could have all of this in a second if she got off her ass and out a shred of effort in when real disabled and low income people would either have to struggle an extreme amount or could just never.

No. 211720

she could never be a rachel maksy. jill has no problem solving skills lol

No. 211721

Sure, I just meant form the perspective that Rachel isn’t necessarily the most gifted in that stuff but she still makes that content and has fun with it. Jillian doesn’t have a high level of technical skill but she just lets that stop her from doing anything ever. I would have more respect for her if she was making stuff and it was a little wonky over what ever the fuck this is.

No. 211722

you’re completely right, and i think the fact that she hasn’t done any of this is very telling. small businesses within her kawaii/alt fashion community exactly like what she had and you’re describing are a dime a dozen, and most of them have some form of anxiety/depression etc as well and they still manage to at least partly support themselves, and that’s not even taking her massive following into account. i don’t want this to be taken in a “oh she’s too mentally ill to do this” way especially because she lurks, Cluster B recovery is very possible and rewarding but she instead continues making the active decision to stay in her dopamine cycle of getting attention from outrage. wasted potential all around.

No. 211724

I was taking her illness into consideration with the convention bit because that would be a couple of times a year as opposed to having a store that is open all the time. She could slowly and consistently make the stock in the gaps between the conventions with plenty of down time for herself. It doesn’t need to be a full time job because she has the social media stuff and like I say it would create opportunities for content as well.

No. 211734

File: 1652112818365.png (667.14 KB, 1230x669, jillian_tiktok.png)

Tik tok is so toxix until she gets views and attention kek she even has to bring up the infamous cake video ofc

No. 211735

File: 1652113058700.png (762.23 KB, 1216x905, jillian_moonknight.png)

Also she's losing her mind over some fanart of Moonknight that she deems problematic because we all know Jillian has to be the authority for DID

No. 211736

This is exactly what I’ve been thinking, but all that would take effort and time away from scrolling TikTok while high and drunk I guess?

I’d say that on a technical level Jill and Rachel are pretty close, which is kind of embarrassing for Jill since afaik Rachel never had formal training and is purely going by trial and error. Nobody watches Rachel for her sewing skills (at least, I hope not) but for her creativity and personality. Jill has no creativity and her personality is grating and fake, but she already has an established audience and an aesthetic that would make a certain subset of people click on her videos regardless. It’s frustrating how all these opportunities are right there and she’s choosing to waste them.

No. 211737

kek. she's doing the same thing consistently?

No. 211738

>thousands of people with DID
turns out to be just eight people with 500 alters each

No. 211739

Is there an insane amount of QRTs that I am not seeing because post seems to have 100 comments and 1000 retweets total, several being Jill herself being a dick, where are these thousands of people with DID she claims are criticising this art. If anything by being an idiot like this when she has a following she is boosting this piece of art and allowing more people to see it.

No. 211741

Kek “there are literally dozens of us!” Energy.

No. 211742

I don’t know what moon knight is but I can’t imagine those tame fujo drawings are somehow infinitely worse than an entire tv show where the plot is a character having multiple personalities. Like there wasn’t one thing she deemed problematic during its entire run time but these generic drawings are the devil kek

No. 211743

And now she's already done with this I guess because she's posting stuff about Animal Crossing. God she's annoying.

No. 211757

he's literally possessed by demons. the terminally online crowd is just retarded and obsessed with it because they think it's about mental illness and progressive or it's romanticizing mental illness and is bad.

No. 211758

Christ. For someone who claims their major trauma, that caused her mental health issues, was experience of being bullied she sure can bully other people damn well.

What does she even get from this? Is it moral policing? Does she purge her angry thoughts into others, since she can't show feelings because of her angel act.

No. 211759

File: 1652115430711.png (37.85 KB, 601x403, jillian_veronicasuicide.png)

The Veronica twitter is pretty dead, she rarely does anything on there. It's like she forgets about it.

No. 211760

File: 1652115505425.png (101.53 KB, 604x375, jillian_pfptiktok.png)


No. 211761

>her most popular tiktok is just her saying how she doesn't have the heart to correct a dude that it's not princess peach in her tattoo
So much content

No. 211762

underrated comment, omega kek

No. 211763

Jill: LARPs a mental illness associated with serial killers in popular fiction
Also Jill: no no no don't associate it with serial killers! I'm rebranding it as kawaii!

No. 211766

People like Jill project so hard onto media that's not about them they literally attack anyone who doesn't validate their headcanons. Holy shit. Maybe she is nutso after all. Reminds me of the Zamii drawing "skinny Rose" from Steven Universe saga.

No. 211769

of course she's nuts. everything she's ever done has been pointing to her being nuts. that's why it keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 211772

A bunch of the clowns yelling st the artist and being ignored have hundreds or in one case 1k likes on their whining comments. It reads like a bunch of teenagers from tiktok but Jill is way too old for this kind of weird gangstalking over perceived harm.

No. 211781

Can someone who gets it explain what’s wrong with the art because I don’t get it. I do find it fucked though that she’s harassing this artist multiple times instead of just like, blocking them. People who do that are just embarrassing themselves.

No. 211782

i just got my septum pierced and apparently the insides of my nostrils are uneven, so she pierced it lower than she would have liked. same thing might have happened to jill bc mine looks similar to hers. the lady told me i can buy smaller jewelry to make it look less obvious once it's healed. idk how healed jill's is. sorry for blog.

No. 211783

File: 1652118121573.jpg (350.5 KB, 1080x1444, IMG_20220509_194200.jpg)

Apparently because she made an ebil oc alter?

No. 211785

When people complain about this stuff I find it kind of stupid. It’s a show meant for entertainment, not education. Of course people are going to want to see the most dramatic stuff going on for a fictional superhero or whatever or they’d just watch a documentary instead. Hollywood knows sensationalizing mental illness is a draw, it’s why people love characters like the Joker, the craziness and villainous aspects are appealing to some. I understand not wanting bad representation about mental illness but really, most of the bad representation about DID (which is probably ridiculously rarer than people think, if it’s even real) comes from these tiktok kids themselves. The general population doesn’t put much stock into this kind of thing. They watch a show and just move onto the next one, likely with the same preconceived notions about a controversial mental illness that they already had before.

No. 211787

tiktok kids in general are batshit.

No. 211788

Totally agree it’s like social contagion: the app.

No. 211792

how are the drawings any different than the show itself? Or any different than Jill's made up alter egos, the flora one is basically the perfect angel and Jerrick is her edgy baddie ego. She literally adopted the media's way of categorizing mental illness as good vs evil, thats why no one with a brain buys it.

No. 211796

because her and all the tiktots don't understand when they're being hypocritical. their opinions and feelings are facts, even if it contradicts what they actually want to say or mean.

No. 211797


Its so stupid. The character in the show has three personalities, 2/3 of which are murderers.

No. 211799

One thing i find funny is that they're saying that evil alters aren't real. Then how do you explain system prosecutors? Their entire role is to cause harm to the system and body. Isn't that technically an evil alter because they harm the body and sometimes other real people?
All of these kids have massive holes in their brains.

No. 211804

because they just need whatever they're saying to make sense at that moment. they don't think about what they're saying as long as it supports whatever they're trying to convey. everything these people think is in a vacuum.

No. 211806

On top of everything, I notice she's getting reeeeal addicted to TikTok filters. Abusing the ever loving shit out of them.

No. 211822


Love the strong "eye contact" feeling combined with looking specifically off to her left the same way when she's lying.

No. 211824

Typical of insecure has-been fatties

No. 211826

So what is even the problem then? Artist drew them too accurately?

No. 211829

I think evil alters make more sense than baby alters. How the hell does turning into a baby protect you? You'd want to intimidate people not be more vulnerable

No. 211830

Jill literally has an "evil alter" though, KEK

No. 211832

Dontcha know nonnie that the artist is stigmatizing DID by this detective AU they came up with? Poor people with DID are already stigmatized enough! How dare this artist say some of the alters/or alters are serial killers/murders. There are no evil alters!! Only fun, quirky, and wacky ones like a Seinfeld episode.
TLDR: No alter can be evil bullshit. Brain rot at it's finest.
She likes making/changing rules and backtracking. Mental gymnastics champ. Kek.

No. 211834

File: 1652129514952.png (263.81 KB, 1170x562, IMG_5207.png)

No. 211835

Not Creep-P, this is so cringy. Cow meets cow.

No. 211837

>Prepetuating the idea that evil alters are real is wrong unless I'm the one doing it!!

No. 211841

>thousands of people with DID
I know it’s hyperbole, but it’s proof they’re all LARPing imo, I very much doubt people with actual DID are functional enough to be sperging on Twitter about fan art rather than being in intensive therapy.

No. 211876

Wtf kek
Who's creepy p?
I thought DID was super special and rare, so why would thousands have it? Unless they lived through a war or some shit

No. 211877

>The comments you are ignoring
Takes one to know one.

No. 211880

Ugh the privileged little bitch, she has never been close to being marginalised. Why does she feel the need to co-opt every single type of struggle when she’s lived such a spoiled suburban dream life?

At least shes humiliating herself acting like a bratty child and having a hissy fit that the op is ignoring her. Maybe she’ll split a new alter of a pop up ad from the trauma of being ignored kek

No. 211881

I don't think there are thousands of people that have DID, much less thousands that are on Twitter and offended by this person's fanart

No. 211882

>Maybe she’ll split a new alter of a pop up ad from the trauma of being ignored kek
She could have Flo from Progressive as her alter.

No. 211883

File: 1652151894983.jpg (325.35 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220509-200349_Chr…)

No. 211886

File: 1652152007608.jpg (307.95 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220509-200556_Chr…)

No. 211889

can she stop bullying people on main and just mind her own business holy shit ??? she really doesnt realize shes doing more harm than good

No. 211891

Jill thrives off of bullying others into submission. Look what happened in the other communities. She tried bossing people around but they told her off. She hasn't received major backlash yet (the racist Jerricka didn't really blow up like intended). She's so despicable. The only upside is her outside is looking like her inside, nasty to the core. Kek

No. 211894

God the fucking emojis after she was whining to this person multiple times is so gross.

No. 211899

I’ve been subject to similar behavior in the past and honestly if a girl puts enough uwu and anime on her Twitter feed she can harass whoever she wants. Jill definitely knows this and so she posts all the offensive shit she wants but will bully anyone who she sees as slightly out of line.

No. 211901

The cutesy little emojis while subtly not so subtly telling them to delete and reupload the drawing as to not further twaumatize Jillian and other ~vulnerable systems~ KEK. And the way she left several replies… true borderline shit.

No. 211902

She’s such a fucking bitch.

No. 211904

Jillian cries bullying from TikTok but when she doesn't get her way she polices others on what to do. I hate her.

No. 211905

>subtly telling them to delete and reupload the drawing
I hate this shit, who does she think she is to tell someone this?

No. 211906

Damn, I wish the artist hadn’t backed down. Imagine telling someone what to post or not post when it’s something they spent time on like that.

No. 211910

Tinfoil but I'm sure that every time she teases Veronica's presence it's because she's feeling herself and considering an onlyfans or at least having a revealing/"sexy" photo shoot with her "fronting", but chickens out when reality hits. She is extremely inconsistent with all her OCs but it's like she can't decide what to really do with her except forced horny posting.

No. 211912

''It's almost like she's just roleplaying the disorder she claims.''

No. 211917

I didn't claim anything else, nona. Just theorizing about her supposed slutty oc.

No. 211924

bump do not scroll

No. 211929

Fuck you micromanaging bitch, people can upload whatever the fuck art they want to Twitter. Imagine rolling up to a fucking stranger's twitter account who you don't even follow to complain you don't like how they represented a character and she needs to fucking reupload it with the bit you don't like cut out. The entitlement, she really is a caricature of a white Karen.

No. 211932

>it is hot to be sexy
literally just skinwalking chrissy chlapeka but doing it badly kek

No. 211936

it was called pixie et cherie im pretty sure
because she doesn't have to shower or wash her face when she uses filters kek

No. 211937

when will jill make an annoying karen alter?

No. 211938

Even if it was a “valid” complaint, the season finale of MK introduces a calculating and fully capable of committing murder pErSonAliTy which means jill either has to shun the show too or apologize to the artist? The au is even more accurate with the season finale reveal kek

No. 211940

jill is the annoying karen alter lol

No. 211941

Somebody plz edit her illustration so she has a rainbow vomit Karen haircut

No. 211945

>she says she split because she was "A B U S E D, B A D L Y T R A U M A T I Z E D , H U G E L Y […]" in a pivotal point in her life - graduating elementary school and starting middle school

I wonder if this is part of her autism larp, given the research into how school can be traumatic for autistic kids.

>Wouldn't middle school be too late for trauma that could result in a DID diagnosis?

It would be, lmao. The general consensus is that it requires repeated trauma before age 9. I don’t think her “trauma” would even count as causing her BPD.

No. 211948

> She has managed to convince herself she has something like DID because she probably thinks it is easier to categorize away parts of her without doing the exhausting work of self-improvement.

underrated comment

No. 211953

Yeah. She’s said before that she doesn’t experience many of the really negative symptoms of BPD, but now explains it as that it’s just all Jerrick when she’s self-destructive and acts badly. And when she’s hypersexual it’s Veronica because it doesn’t fit her perfect bubbly angel kaweewee persona, and when she throws hysterical childish BPD tantrums (over things, for instance, like her therapist moving—typical BPD attachment tantrum) it’s her four year old fronting. And so on. It’s all narcissistic ways of removing herself from her BPD symptoms and claiming that Jillian is still a perfect angel victim.

No. 211954

Hey Jill, how about YOU crop out all the fake alters on your oc alter art so it's not problematic. Thanks <3

What a cunt.

No. 211956

File: 1652189804201.png (26.61 KB, 512x512, 1f97a.png)

This artist is super talented and Jill could never with her Muppet anatomy. I swear that's half the reason she stalked this person–jealousy.
Classic Jill and her sobbing or pleading emoji when she's secretly narc raging behind the screen.

No. 211959

I just realised this artist's surname is Zhang (uses same name on artstation so I assume their real name) so Jill really did Karen this up by demanding a Chinese-American artist bow to her whims.

No. 211961

Samefag, from looking at the tagged replies (the artist has deleted the post now) it is wall to wall retardation from people calling it ableist despite, from what I can tell, the character killing people in the actual show!! You couldn't make it up. I guess lesson learned from that artist not to make art about DID characters because your mentions will be filled with the dumbest conversations.
So not entirely Jill's doing but she certainly took the opportunity to add to the pile-on for this artist.

No. 211968

And when is not DID it's autism. She's only talks about negative symptoms of bpd when they have crossovers with autism.
Having tantrums about not getting what she wanted and simple comments that lead her to blowing up and sending fans hate messages. Which is all very much bpd in her case but she loves to talk about it in a way that makes people tell her that omg that sounds like autism so that it's other people's idea and definitely not self diegnosed. Which is yet another manipulative symptom of bpd

No. 211973

It's not even a case of 'you portrayed the character badly.' This personality was only introduced during the stinger for a few seconds. They HAVE no personality trait aside from "is a ruthless murderer." Jill is slamming people who are just doing what the show says, because she doesn't want to criticize Moon Knight itself. I guess she wants all show fans to reject what the show presents and come up with a more sympathetic portrayal, or else they're abelist. This is like demanding Hannibal fan artists portray him in a less violent light.

No. 211974

File: 1652198074867.jpeg (893.02 KB, 1449x889, 74CA6DBD-F8E9-4D9F-9149-94E696…)

This might seem a strange nitpick but why has she ever acted like an authority on the game or like a huge fan then proved she hasn’t ever actually played it at any length. This isn’t an achievement that takes a lot especially if you have played most of them like she claims to have. Sperging a little but it’s just another example to me of her acting like she is the biggest fan and an authority on something she in reality has just all of a sudden decided she liked when it became the popular thing.

No. 211981

I would say thats the whole reason for her rainbow vomit garb. She plays up the waif side of personality to her followers or to the people she bullies in order to make them feel bad for questioning her (like the overuse of the sobbing emoji after shes been aggressive).
Whenever she complains to her fans over livestream about comments she gets, its always posed as absurd that she could ever do something wrong, compounded with her childish "gentle flower uwu" mode of speaking, and wearing a big ol' pink moomoo. She needs to swap character outfits to say something truly mean or "immoral" like admitting to hating her body. But it seems as though in the last year or so her uwu waif mask has been slipping up because she thought she could successfully trade it in for perpetually mentally ill victim. I don't think it's working outside her echochamber, I just think she filters her comments heavily.

No. 211984

File: 1652204406516.png (51.63 KB, 709x247, Screenshot_8.png)

No. 211985

noo anon recommend it so its get circulated through youtube, I want to see what normal people have to say about this mess

No. 211987

I am really starting to hate this emoji by now.
Whenever she uses it, it makes me wanna punch something, it's so damn obnoxious because of the nasty undertones.

No. 212001

>She plays up the waif side of personality to her followers or to the people she bullies in order to make them feel bad for questioning her
This is so true, and being a manipulative person is one of her only defining personality traits. Maybe she’s scared the new therapist will take away all of the palatable MH diagnoses she has and just call it like they (and we) sees it: that Jillian is a manipulative attention seeker who has to have the spot light to herself, and that she probably doesn’t even have any mental health problems. That she’s really just a horrible person to the core.

No. 212009

Don’t worry Noni. The algorithm will still promote her since the other farmer answered. Even negative engagement is engagement. If you don’t want something circulated the best thing to do is just quit the video and don’t dislike or comment or give feedback. It won’t get her as much but she’ll still be shown to people to get reactions.

No. 212011

fwiw i didn't submit my answer

No. 212012

File: 1652213373696.jpg (58.83 KB, 396x414, z0ve98akuis81.jpg)

>This personality was only introduced during the stinger for a few seconds. They have no personality trait aside from "is a ruthless murderer."
That's actually hysterical. There's nothing notable about this alter other than being a murderer which the show uses to it's advantage to entice the viewer to watch s2. There is no ground to stand on.
>I guess she wants all show fans to reject what the show presents and come up with a more sympathetic portrayal, or else they're abelist. This is like demanding Hannibal fan artists portray him in a less violent light.
Jill wants to be the spokesman for DID. She craves to be the absolute authority. She likes bullying people which is evident by how many times these threads have shown evidence. I honestly doubt she cares about portrayal. The mental illnesses/neurodivergent are a shield she uses to avoid all criticism. She wants to be untouchable plain and simple.

No. 212013

This is what happens when your mother gives you everything you demand and you grow up thinking the entire world is going to coddle you, she can't take the world not bowing to her like that so she adopts all these vulnerable labels in hopes that people will treat her like a little child who gets anything after a tantrum again

No. 212014

Love how she has been raving about how "seen" the show made her feel- but the second some small art channel shows a (accurate) representation that she doesn't like- it's booly time. Still not the shows fault- just the random Twitter artist. Kay.

No. 212024

I was confused because I don’t watch cape shit and thought that the artist made an ‘alter’ (I hate using did lore terminology but it’s helpful to explain) that didn’t actually exist in the canon of the show, and made him a mean scary murderer, and that what jill was getting angry at. Are you telling me that this is fan art for a genuine character in the programme thag jill just a couple of weeks ago was touting as the most amazing did representation evar!!!! and rather than make vague posts about how the show fucked up, decided to set her audience of twitter retards on some poor chinese woman? Is it a logging to say I hope she catches stevbies getting buttfucked by some random bear so she actually experiences something that would negatively impact her life for once kek

No. 212028

Not only is the artists rendition pretty accurate (in tone at least) but in the comic the 3rd alter Jake is described as a demon possession at times. Which is a far cry from the PC hugbox these new gen larpers have grown to expect/demand.

If stevviekins cheated on her, it would probably be the most traumatic thing to ever happen. Imagine living such a privileged life.

No. 212029

Here's some excerpts from an article from thedirect:
>Based on what is shown so far, Jake is more ruthless and is more than willing to kill, much to the delight of Khonshu. There's a good chance that Marc and Steven will eventually find out about Lockley, considering that they already have hints about this third alter.
>In addition, it also seems that Jake is the dominant alter, mainly because he freely goes around doing Khonshu's bidding without Marc and Steven knowing about it.

No. 212030

>Is it a logging to say I hope she catches stevbies getting buttfucked by some random bear so she actually experiences something that would negatively impact her life for once kek

My prediction is a bunch of poorly passing transwomen will become a polycule with Stevie and…yeah Jill will not be involved at all and will descend into madness for real

No. 212038

i think jury’s still out on whether Steve is hsts or agp, my guess is he still cooms to women being abused and is super creepy

No. 212041

I thought the exact same thing. Does she just not speak to her villagers ever???

No. 212071

An anon compiled a screenshot of his twitter likes a few threads ago, he's definitely AGP

No. 212099

File: 1652242810065.jpg (288.93 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220510-210750_Chr…)

Original post of the MK detective au is gone. Booling worked, Jill. Congrats.

No. 212103

>more people can learn that way
Bullshit, fanart is not supposed to be educational, it’s supposed to be good ol’ fun. These idiots would have some serious aneurysm if they were active on deviantart or tumblr back in their heydays.

No. 212115

This. From what I've seen on Twitter/TikTok etc this type of younger Millennial/gen z full-on woke pro sex "worker"/gender/illness faking psychosis is terrifying. I just think about what THEIR kids are gonna grow up to be like… Fucking bleeeeak

No. 212120

I mean think about it this way, Jill would be a bad parent right and it’s not guaranteed that people like her make good parents. Likely what will happen to a lot of kids is that their parents will be irresponsible and the kids will have to grow up too fast and parent their parents and kids like that don’t grow up to be like Jillian.

No. 212137

These DID laprpers on twitter are so desperate for opression point they think fanart from a disney show is going to make people think they're violent psychopaths. No one thinks you're 14 year old edgy boy alter is violent, Jill.

No. 212141

File: 1652277576718.png (776.62 KB, 720x700, Screenshot_2022-05-11-08-57-11…)

I reckon Jill and people like her will never have or desire children because they're too busy raising their "little" alters kek. But if they did >>212120 is probably right.
Also some fresh Jill and Jerr (Jerrick drawn skinny so of course Jolly retweeted it) fanart. It's from an ftm who apparently made this for her while recovering from top surgery. The jokes really write themselves.

No. 212146

DID really is the lite version of transing. They’re both just covers for narcissism though. If you don’t affirm their delusions that’s violence!!!

No. 212147

Ah yes the two alters, retard girl and wojak

No. 212148

Imagine them when they're old enough to be in office. World is already doomed.
Add this to the list of people she bullied

No. 212149

Actually, someone please add the people she has bullied to the copy pasted OP description. Names included.

No. 212150

I’m hoping their kids will make a swing back to a more normal mindset because they will want to rebel against their parents.

No. 212157

hyper-conservatism as a response to poor parenting by liberals is just as common as hyper-liberalism from poor parenting by fundies/conservatives.

No. 212164

The comment filtering was very obvious on her newest Jerrick intro video. It also looked like she was ctrl+f'ing and then liking any positive tweet re: trans identity, DID, or acceptance from long-time fans. I say ctrl+f because it seems like she was just looking at comment content and not usernames, for example she liked a YT comment from a person with "Gipsey" in the username, although she would normally want to distance herself from someone who uses that slur for the PC points.

No. 212170

To be fair that could actually be the persons name, blog but somebody in my university course was called Gypsy, spelt that on her actual ID and given to her by her parents. Although given jill’s recent actions i’m surprised she didn’t try and bully them into submitting to changing their name because it defended her new traveler alter or something.

No. 212196

Is gypsy even considered a slur in Canada? I thought it was just the US that believed that

No. 212198

I thought this was Shayna thread pic for a sec kek.

No. 212206

Why are people so incapable of having middle of the road opinions? Why must it always be swinging so far to right or left?

No. 212214

File: 1652317199078.png (282.56 KB, 750x1334, 8026610C-C9CA-4503-90F0-CA020C…)

so special

No. 212244

Now she's trying to be a trendsetter in the online DID community…

No. 212251

First she wants to be part of the community
Then she's the biggest fan
And now she's a trendsetter, in less than a year

Just like with lolita, just like with party kei, just like with Precure, it's the same all the fucking time

No. 212256

>We're the only system that-
Imagine wanting to be the most speshul retard in a sea of speshul retards larping a speshul snowflake diagnosis, narcissism

No. 212261

Probably because most DID systems don't say they are co-con since it goes against the prevailing DID logic/lore. Also, why would it matter if Flora is out if Jerrick is the one who is saying the words? What does Flora's presence add to the situation? This is a weird brag.

No. 212263

>We're the only system that does this.
Jill you don't even do that. That's the first time you have and it's only because you know want to make yourself feel special and different.

No. 212276

File: 1652324222904.jpg (636.62 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220511-225434_Twi…)

Acting like she is all rainbow and sunshine and that its Jerrick, not her, whose got all the negative BPD symptoms. Really trying to get away with being a bitch while still having her positivity persona.

No. 212280

File: 1652324718232.jpg (712.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220511-230341_Twi…)

Also wtf is this lmao you mean you changed your behaviour to fit the situations throughout the day? Like a normal fucking person?

No. 212284

so.. not switching when she's emotionally triggered by something from her past, just one to shop and one to water the plants. Much trauma. She really knows who to shoot herself in the foot

No. 212290

>Jillian is a fairy alter
Stop smelling your own farts for 2 seconds please

No. 212291

>Jill for structure and goal guidance
No wonder she never does shit

No. 212292

>3-5 switches a DAY
What the fuck?

No. 212293

>little 2
Did she pop out another kid alter?

No. 212295

Basic mood changes throughout the day? Jill, human beings are complex. You can experience more than one mood at once. I find it hard to believe she's 24 with how low brow her takes are.
I think she means too not two.

No. 212323

Jillian isn’t an alter though? It’s so strange how she does this, Jillian is the host, the real person. He need to make Jillian a character as well really speaks to her unstable sense of self.

No. 212328

DID kei when?

No. 212333

Lmao, why is she treating Cliffe, a 35 year old, like he's a geriatric? Like his entire schtick is that he's too old to use a phone/computer and he does all the taxes and adulting.

No. 212343

>People you follow often like hello kitty cafe roblox game updates's Tweets

No. 212346

It feels like just admitting you're a multi-faceted human being like everyone else just with extra steps

No. 212349

>Basic mood changes throughout the day?
This. What she's describing is not even BPD tier mood changes, she's basically just… Describing chores kek

No. 212350

It's admitting you're a multifaceted individual but actually more speshul and oonique

No. 212351

That's fucking sad for a 35 year old, imagine actually being a 35 year old and the only thing going for you is doing taxes. This is not only boring as hell but this isn't how real life is lmao

No. 212352

>Jillian isn't alter
Hear my theory out nonna:
I think her -kawaii positivity sunshine & rainbows- personality has always been fake as shit and she's been pretending to be like this for years, I think there's evidence for this. She basically got into kawaii jfashion etc as a trend and now the trend is either dead or she shifted it towards other things.

But then, enter "Jerrica": When being "Jerrica", Jillian is actually being true to herself after years and years of hiding how she really feels about things. She speaks her mind, she is rude, she goes to concerts, and she is happy looking. She does fake an accent but kek at least it isn't her usual pretending to be kawiwi voice. All I'm trying to say is, maybe Jerrica is a twisted version of what actual Jillian is, just with extra steps. And the "Jillian" everyone knows was her faking all along.

No. 212354

Usually with DID people aren’t aware of what the other alters do… A woman might have a child but one or two of their alters might not recognise it as theirs. THAT’S how it works

No. 212355

You put it perfectly, anon. I think the same.

Kek I only have a Twitter to follow cows for screenshots/milk so that makes sense

No. 212363

I would say this is somewhat correct. I think her former persona was played up but still part of who she was, and that her being a dick now is more of her natural off-camera self, but she's still playing a role because she doesn't know how to present her self if she doesn't. Her life is just a charade of aestheics; everything has to match because that's how she got her brand, attention and love. Rainbow hair, house, clothes, boyfriend, school desk… and personality. If it didn't match she'd be exposed as a fake poser. She doesn't want to lose it all, but she wants to explore more styles. Just being emo for the aesthetics would make her a loser poser. But she can't reveal her nice persona is played up… so she had to make a new one while still keeping the old one.

No. 212366

This, wasn't she claiming that she blacked out every day or something before? Now she knows exactly what her "alters" do all the time kek

No. 212373

Sure but she isn’t self aware about it which is the main issue. Her sense of self is so poor that instead of embracing that Jerrick is how she is she is doing all of this. She can’t accept that she Jillian isn’t a sunshine and rainbows hyper positive angel all the time (which, no one is, she has unrealistic ideas because of her mother hyping her up as perfect her whole life). She can’t accept that she has any negative BPD traits for the same reason. I think the only way she can really heal is to understand that people are multi faceted, she isn’t some perfect being and that’s fine, having a range of emotions and feeling a bit emo sometimes is totally normal, feeling yourself and wanting to take a sexy picture sometime is completely normal.

No. 212386

He only shows up to prepare food, run necessary errands and generally seems to take on a parental role for the rest of the system. So why is he a drag queen? He doesn’t even seem to do anything drag related. Veronica and Jax are the ones helping Jerrick with his act, not Cliffe. If he was created to be the mature, nurturing, responsible adult who only handles boring chores wouldn’t it make more sense for this persona to be more like an older version of Jill herself (or her mom) instead of a weird bald gay guy? Is being old, boring and technologically inept part of Sasha Velour’s shtick?

I wonder what came first - the decision to have a Sasha Velour factive or the decision to have a separate silent alter to do all the Boring Adult Things. My guess is that she came up with the factive thing first, then realised that LARPing as a gay ‘old man’ who is a real existing person is awkward and weird even by DID standards. So she decided to shelve him and give the drag thing to Jerrick. But then she realised she needed a responsible adult (possibly to balance out the child alter?) and figured she might as well assign that role to the unused Cliffe character rather than come up with yet another alter. It really doesn’t make sense to me otherwise.

The whole thing reminds me of playing The Sims as a kid and making a whole household full of characters, then assigning all the chores to the least interesting one so the others can get on with building rocket ships or whatever.

No. 212389

You don't have DID, Jillian. Just give it the fuck up already. I can't wait for whatever therapist you have next to fuck you up with facts. GROW THE FUCK UP.

No. 212390

This shit makes me so angry. What did she gain from harassing this artist over a fictitious character that DOES kill people? Why would she want this character as her DID rep? It’s so nauseating.

No. 212393

Do you think people in middle school called her a poser when she was going through her punk phase? Maybe that's why now she has to be 100% the best at everything to prove that she's not a fake.

No. 212415

File: 1652391993786.png (31.93 KB, 592x376, jillian_twitter.png)

No. 212420

File: 1652392374348.png (21.88 KB, 594x191, jillian_jerrick.png)

Also what does this imply (dropped image at first, sorry)

No. 212426

What’s the context of the thread she’s responding to?

No. 212427

That's it? That's the OP she's replying to, there's no other context.


No. 212434

It probably means she doesn’t care about Steve’s special pronouns and is still gonna call him bro despite being a they/them

No. 212439

The fact she is so confident to write about herself in third person like this makes me think she's a regular in her own threads here

No. 212440

The soulmate line is weird for the Jerrick account to be making at Steve, no? Was just weird to me.

No. 212441

She's said Jerrick isn't attracted to Stevie iirc so when she's "Jerrick" she drops the girlfriend act and calls him bro, I think that's all that means.

No. 212466

Yeah thiss. It’s like she’s just naming her different emotions, that everyone has, and calls that DID. Lol she’s so dumb it’s just beyond my comprehension.

No. 212480

Talking to herself is so cringe

No. 212487

every one posting in this thread is an alter of jillybean's. im the fat depressed alter who eats ice cream and pizza rolls for dinner.

No. 212504

you front a lot!

No. 212517

When anons write Jerrica instead of Jerrick, is it a typo/autocorrect, or is it on purpose? For some reason this is baffling me

No. 212519

As someone who will be 35 next year, I find her idea of Cliffe incredibly hilarious, she's so out of touch with reality in more ways than one

No. 212523


That’s amazing nonna, did your grandchildren show you how to post on lolcow? (I kid, I kid)

No. 212524

Sorry, anon. Prepare yourself for a life of mundane chores, loss of technology comprehension, and senior citizen discounts at Denny's.

No. 212528

I also don't get this. Thanks for asking. I wondered if it's a combo of "Jerrick" and "Veronica"?. Nonas, help us tards.

No. 212529

I've never understood the Jerrica thing either. Maybe it's to undermine her FTM things she's trying to pull with this character? Jerrick strikes me more as a Kikomi–female to male to female.

No. 212535

>mfw you're supposed to be DID which means you don't remember switching or what happens when you switch but one of your alters can list them all and describe what happened during the switch in detail

Most inconsistent larp ever

No. 212536

Same here nona! Do you want to go to the bingo hall with me later?

No. 212544

I always thought it was some kind of Jem and the Holograms reference. Jill went through a micro phase of being into that show.

No. 212549

Thanks nonna, Nannoo Nannoo

No. 212555

lol yay I'm not the only 34 year old anon. Let's go to bingo and share all the hot gos!

No. 212557

Idk about other anons but I do it on purpose to feminize the name of "transman" alter. It's making fun of it. She's a straight girl who desperately wants to be "queer" so undermining it is funny.

No. 212569

Nonny I was the one who started calling her alter Jerrica kek. My phone autocorrected from Jerrick to Jerrica, but it sounded funny so I left it. It obviously is mockery because she's not actually ftm and Jerrick doesn not exist.
Kek no, Veronica wasn't revealed until very recently.
Basically this. Now back to the discussion please.

No. 212575

File: 1652472572180.jpg (546.87 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20220513-160724_Twi…)

Sometimes shes so close yet so far in terms of self critical reflection

No. 212584

>At least some parts are normal
Jill, stop huffing your own farts. None of your act reads normal. It reads woman went off the rails for admiration and attention.
>Sometimes shes so close yet so far in terms of self critical reflection
You think it eats at her that there are people who don't believe her grade schooler level acting? That's why she doubles down on the dumbest details?

No. 212585

Nobody is going, "Ohhh,she had DID (But like super special Pixie DID™) all along! That explains everything. Jill, you definitely come off as retarded, but not in the way you want.

No. 212586

It’s just regular old narcissism jill. Recognize it. Accept it. Seek help. You’re going to be 35 and alone or surrounded by other abusers if you don’t deal with your shit.

No. 212612

Kinda sad how she hated herself so much that she invented a new personality. Or rather that she spent so much time doing quirky bullshit on youtube that she had to revert to the last time she had a real personality. It all does sound like normal bpd shit so I hope when she gets a real therapist she realizes how much a step backwards this did larp was.

No. 212621

It's not sad, just entertaining. She will never be taken seriously on the internet, or by medical professionals ever again. She's using this as a get out of jail free card to act shitty, and all we can do is watch and laugh as she embarrasses herself online. I hope she never finds another enabler therapist.

No. 212635


Pixielocks whyyy.(learn2embed)

No. 212637


This is such intense cringe. Also, so much for "quitting clowning" kek.

No. 212643

Seeing her in movement like this almost convinces my brain that her and Shayna are becoming the same person. Holy fuck, what makes someone just give up so early?

No. 212645

File: 1652500903799.png (70.8 KB, 643x639, jillian_tiktokcomments.png)

>>vocal stimming

No. 212646

File: 1652501072715.webm (2.69 MB, 576x1024, ssstik_1652500983285.webm)

NTAYRT but here ya go

No. 212648

I swear to god next time learn to download and convert tiktok videos:
damn you beat me up to it kek

No. 212649

>it's not singing, it's stimming!!! I'm so special!!!!

No. 212651

>Validate meeee! I am special!
>Implying no one but her likes to sing songs one likes randomly.

No. 212653

Can Jill stop spreading misinformation for 5 seconds please. I fully wholeheartedly believe Jill has never met a person who actually stims, is autistic or has DID. A most she's met other fakers like herself.

It's like watching an anime where one character is supposed to be a native English speaker, but the one time they give them a line in English it's grammatically incorrect and said with a heavy Japanese accent. It's a bit funny, but it's not believable in the slightest and takes me right out of the show.

No. 212665

OT but what fucking browser does webm even work on. I’m a mobilefag so that’s expected but I have a normie friend who does computer design complaining about them to me the other day.

I stim by typing hate messages to trannies and retards, are you going to tell me i’m wrong and should suppress my stims? That’s the same as genocide!

No. 212667


saged for explanation but I have ADD and I vocally stim, but it's not a full on little jingle where you set up a camera to record you like jillian is doing with this bullshit. you squeak and hum and do random sounds. I also try not to, cause it isn't cute.

jill, just, stop with the shit please you're embarrassing and making people with actual issues look worse

No. 212671

Same nonnie, in reality people usually find it annoying so it’s something I and I imagine you mask and it’s shitty for Jillian to just play act like it’s fun quirky and cute. She does this with so many traits that she clearly thinks are so fun to get attention for and thats not the reality for legit people. Apologies for blog but I wear sleeves that are too long so I can hide my hands in public if I can’t stop stimming, seeing Jillian carry around a giant sack of stim toys she loves to show off just again proves that she doesn’t understand our reality and the stigma we face. We try so hard to be treated like normal adults and she just goes ham acting like a fucking baby who is special and needs coddled, stuff like this actively sets us back and makes people see us in the wrong way. She will never care though, her little narc brain only sees herself and what attention she can gain, she doesn’t care about us or any marginalised people she mimics and never has.

No. 212675

Bingo and a happy 35th party at my place, girls!

Damn wash your hair. I don't know what's more revolting, the makeup or the grease

>That’s the same as genocide!
Bless you nonny

No. 212678


No. 212682

>I wear sleeves that are too long so I can hide my hands in public if I can’t stop stimming
some of you are cows

No. 212684

I’m not interested in infighting with you and this is the last I will say but my point was that real autistic adults aim to be subtle not a public freakshow like Jillian and take measures for that. I was speaking as someone from a group she is actively harming with her larping to attest that it is offensive to neurodivergent people and that I and others like myself don’t buy her self diagnosed bullshit for a second. She acts like a dickhead because she has never really been bullied or faced any adversity because she has never legitimately been a minority once in her life. Not to wish a hate crime on her but if she got bullied for being a retard or gay bashed once maybe it would help her understand reality outside of her bubble where mummy tells her she is amazing every time she breathes.

No. 212685

Did her Arcane phase end? We haven't heard about Jaxy Quinn in a while. You'd think someone who switches 5-6 or whatever times a day would want to give all their oc's their time to shine

No. 212688

I wonder if we just wont see much of Jax (maybe we will get some lip syncing tik toks with no real talking) then after Jerricks drag performance she will magically integrate again because she fulfilled her purpose and totally not because the hype behind the show died off. I want more sandwich the cat, it’s boring that she is claiming rapid switches and many in a day and the milkiest alters aren’t involved magically.

No. 212698


No. 212703

>saged for explanation but I have ADD and I vocally stim, but it's not a full on little jingle where you set up a camera to record you like jillian is doing with this bullshit. you squeak and hum and do random sounds. I also try not to, cause it isn't cute.

Kek, I also have ADHD and can confirm people just do not set up a camera or phone to record themselves like this just to """"""stim"""""""

No. 212705

WEBMs Work fine on my phone kek get a better one nonna.

No. 212706

This is seriously the worst state I've ever seen Jillian in, and I feel like saying this might be like a compliment to her but no, she is starting to look degenerate.

No. 212737

File: 1652555418483.png (46.13 KB, 590x243, may14.png)

I cannot IMAGINE talking about myself like this. And what life goals, Jill? Sitting around the house smoking pot all day isn't a very magical girl thing to be doing, is it?

No. 212738

Basing your morals off cartoons for children is extremely sad

No. 212741

I get the impression she wants to show off her singing and if she gets compliments, she'll jump on the musician dream.

No. 212743

I don't want to nitpick but what is all that yellow shit on her knuckles? Can't figure it out

No. 212744

What the fuck. Also it's extremely narcissistic to call yourself a fairy.

No. 212745

>she's the host she's a magical girl I love that for her
this is fueling her delusions and not letting her grow into herself, because she keeps thinking she needs to be an actual magical girl (like she has been pretending all this time, well kind of). This is going to end in her being more confused and delusional, and since Jerrica is more authentic than her Pixielocks persona, she might end up atually transitioning, because she's dumb.

Also basing her morals on anime is scary.

No. 212749

>Basing morals and life goals off a kid's show
She should have grown out of that. She's stunting herself by pigeonholing into this fantasy. No wonder she's having identity issues. Who holds them self to cartoon standards? Kek.
>This is going to end in her being more confused and delusional, and since Jerrica is more authentic than her Pixielocks persona, she might end up atually transitioning, because she's dumb.
Yet when people try to help, the bad therapist for example, she got enraged. The therapist saw through her and she didn't like that. It'll be interesting to see her next therapist/counselor. Most likely shopping for a perfect one at the moment.

No. 212753

her singing is good but her voice sounds like every "indie" girl of the 2010's.

No. 212765

I believe this. bet you anything "jerrick" formed because mcr became popular again. did fakers are so transparent because they always have alters formed around extremely recent fads.

No. 212774

This. The emo fad being popular on TikTok at the time she started this larp is telling. Jillian just admit you like to hop on trends

No. 212783

Off topic, webmd works on Android. Idk about iOS.

No. 212791

I'm really wondering what her family is thinking of this, if someone I cared for was heavily declining like this I'd be so worried.

No. 212807

Because iOS (iPhone, ipad and Mac) does not support Webms. For newfags: we still have to use it though for lc, so convert the files anyway and post. Or you’ll get banned.

No. 212812

Thiiiis lmao. I'm going to say it again for the newfags in this thread:
You need to post the webm so we can watch it, this is an image board after all. Posting a random link with no context, no real discussion, and no picture or video doesn't count. If you're too dumb to download and convert shit, just upload the screenshot and someone more skilled will help you out.
Here's some tools so you can download and convert:
>For TikTok
>For Twitter
>Convert to webm
>Make a gif from a YouTube video

No. 212822

Vocal stims are absolutely a thing, but Jill is being disingenuous about saying singing "can" be stimming. It's like saying you "can" survive falling down the 10th floor. It's technically true that the possibility exists, but 99.9% of people are gonna die from such a fall so encouraging people to jump from the 10th floor because they "could" survive would be morally reprehensible. And so is her lies about DID and autism and whatever other illness she's trying to fake.

No. 212823

File: 1652619718314.jpeg (374.29 KB, 1475x941, CE0858FD-41F6-4A85-BED3-5BD9F8…)

How drunk does she get on an average night out, sure every now and then you smash a glass but every time? I really wonder how long it will be before she suffers some health issues from her drinking. It’s like she switched drinking too often to just binge drinking. I imagine she gets very sweet and aesthetic drinks so the empty calories won’t help either. Sure drinking on a weekend is normal for someone her age but binge drinking, weed every day, a poor diet and napping every day and generally being sedentary can’t lead anywhere good.

No. 212830

Do we know how they feel about Stevie? I mean, her decline basically lines up with their relationship, doesn't it? Her family must have made that connection by now. They might be spineless enough to play along, but they can't possibly be happy.

No. 212835

If she actually had trauma her therapist should have already told her that drinking is one of the worst things you can do for it. But once again, Jill takes no responsibility: she can’t help it because she gets possessed by the roving spirit of a 21 year old alcoholic, and therefore there’s nothing she can do about it.

No. 212836

unrelated to jillian and her gaggle of brain ocs but for ios nonnies, there’s beagle browser on the app store that you can use to watch webm. it’s kind of janky so i don’t use it to browse threads but if there’s a webm to watch i just grab the link and watch it with that.

No. 212838

She's reaching TwoSoulsOneBod levels of clownery here. Can't wait for her to start having conversations with herself on video.

Definitely grateful that she doesn't have a larger audience though, acting like she's an authority on mental health while acting like this is dangerous.

No. 212846

Also you can't drink and and use most of psych medicines simultaniously, since they can have dangerous side-effects mixed with alcohol.

This leads me to believe Jill isn't medicated for her "super serious mental illnessess", which would need medication for proper rehabilitation.

No. 212864

It sort of depends. Psychs don't expect you to never drink again after getting medicated. I used to take ssris at night but switched to mornings so that i can drink at night if i want. that being said, it doesn't seem like pixie tells her psych (if she even has one) about any of her drug or alcohol addictions. Actually, if she was taking pysch meds, don't you think she would be taking aesthetic pill photos? I know it's a stretch, but it sounds like something she would do.

No. 212869

I was on SSRIs at some point and I still take antidepressants and I was pretty much told not to drink, I thought that was common with everyone who takes meds like that?
This basically, like, leaving the med situation aside, having trauma and using alcohol is extremely risky and you could become an alcoholic in a blink. A lot of people with trauma use alcohol to cope and then use it too much.

No. 212870

Honestly this is either more larping or she is actually drinking and smoking out of her mind. Either way, that's sad.

No. 212873

Has she not admitted in the past to mixing her old meds with booze? Don’t quote me on this but I feel like she said she isn’t on any meds now because she thinks weed is all she needs and it solves all her problems.

No. 212874

Since she's meant to be sprinkling the meet the alter videos between other uploads (I'm betting veronica is next due to her account getting more use) But do we think a vlog or another animal crossing video will be next; also I would love to see a Jax video, even just a tiktok, imagine the milk (her attempt at keeping an accent, the 'america'appropriation' the edgy cosplay fashion)
With her one brain cell being devoted to sandwich the cat; i'm not surprised she hasn't done a "style this fashion piece" for all her alters since it would be a huge reminder of her sustainability and her super special mental illness

No. 212875

I think so too anon. She's also pushing the weed = medication super hard.
How come she didn't tell her kweer angel therapist about her alcohol and weed habits? Or did he tell her that it is a ok?
My theory here is the therapist knew all along he would change provinces and careers after being recently graduated and only 1 year of work experience so he enabled the shit out of her. As a test subject. For a paper. After all she's kind of one of a kind patient tbh with the YouTube shit. Specially where she lives.

No. 212890

>Has she not admitted in the past to mixing her old meds with booze?
Yes, this has come up in lots of Jill threads

No. 212896

File: 1652649439076.png (17.9 KB, 558x99, lesbians.png)

Is ""Veronica"" a lesbian now??? I mean, I guess she already has G and T covered with Cliffe and Jerrick. Might as well complete the acronym.

No. 212899

She literally tweeted about loving to suck dick so I hope not

No. 212902

You forgot about trans-lesbians. So possibly Stevie?

No. 212904

File: 1652651803007.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1770, 4A2F02F4-546C-44A4-AFC8-81C02E…)

she looks so fucking bad. that wig is awful.

No. 212905

is she jutting out her jaw?

No. 212906

What even would you call that. Do we need to invent a sexuality for people who exclusively love dick? Because we know she'd be repulsed by a cis woman. I mean, how is that not the same thing as the "super straight" meme just the opposite lmao

No. 212907

So this is suppose to be representative of a teenage edgy boy who feels """afab/trans""". This just looks like someone needed a last minute Halloween costume and threw shit on that was in their closet. Bizarre larp.
Looks like it.

No. 212910

This is horrible she looks like an awkward fat kid.

No. 212912

is that… a binder? please let this be a joke. everything from the hairline to the lips is horrible.

No. 212913

No. 212914

Ah,yes, just your average everyday teenage boy. Also, fucking kek at the idea of Jill, Oops, I mean "Jerrick" getting into this garbage tier get up, looking in the mirror, and saying "Wow, this is who I really am"

No. 212916

Nayrt but I always do, I bet she means Stevie.
Just from the hairline to the lips? I see all the nice Nonas hang out in this area of lolcow
> head shots for drag promo
> Don't pay attention to the fit or lack of nails this was just a quickie for the photo
Saying she looks ridiculous is an understatement. Wigs are so popular now, there’s no excuse for someone, who’s as terminally online as she is, to use a wig like this. Lastly, what is that ring?

No. 212918

Her lips look like an asshole and what the fuck is that whole face? In what wonderland does she live in where teenage boys arent wearing the nearest shirt and jeans from their floor? They maybe wash their face once a day and shower every other but not clown make up outside halloween. She can't even larp correctly with all that money.

No. 212924

you will never be a lesbian, Jill.

No. 212926

This got me mortified. She looks horrendous. What the hell.

No. 212927

This is seriously so fucking cringe holy shit I'm seriously speechless. This fake drag shit will be the end of me.

No. 212929

File: 1652661464058.png (2.67 MB, 1784x1048, lol.png)

Her prime is seriously over, how will she ever recover. Also
>using a binder as a tanktop
attention whore much?

No. 212939

Okay, let me gets this straight. An ""alter"" that is an edgy teenage boy that feels ""dsyphoria"" about being afab/feeling trans would do a drag show looking more feminine despite having huge hang ups about looking feminine. Seems plausible. Insanity, thy name is Jillian.

No. 212941

this is actually genuinely offensive to look at what the fuck is she doing

No. 212945

File: 1652667392320.gif (5.2 MB, 598x700, lol.gif)

Tried to see how well they aligned

No. 212947

Probably because she’s too large for it to noticeably flatten her chest, so she has to label it in drawings and wear it as visibly as possible so no one forgets she’s a for real queer trans angel baby

She’s such an attention whore it’s seriously cringe and offensive to look at. The fact she dresses Jerricka as a feminine blob shows that she doesn’t want to be a boy, she wants to be “trans” just to add another label.

No. 212956

>she doesn’t want to be a boy, she wants to be “trans” just to add another label.
This kek.

No. 212961

She's trying so hard to look like a male in drag but she just looks like pixyteri pouting like that

No. 212969

>Do we need to invent a sexuality for people who exclusively love dicks?
We already have it, straight women and gay men, Jillian is the former despite how much she wishes she wasn't.

No. 212970

how many labels has she collected by now, actually? someone make the list

No. 212971

it's sad to see she still wants to larp being a lesbian when we all know how that went.

No. 212974

That mouth is giving me butthole vibes.

No. 212979

It might seem like all of her alters just happen to like clown makeup on coincidence, but it's actually part of the jillociative identity disorder, the DSM entry is being worked on rn

No. 212981

She looks disgusting as fuck

No. 212982

We all know Jillian lurks here and there's no way she can look at this and not realize how far down she's fallen. Even if this is supposed to be drag she still looks hideous and you'd have to be blind not to see it

No. 212989

rhe jaw/cheek and mouth area does her absolutely no favourites. did she really look at this and go "ah yes perfect promo material, i hope you don't mind I don't care enough to have a proper outfit or nails on for my promo pictures which i took in a hurry btw because i actually don't care"…

because if she did, i would suggest her next diagnosis target to be a super serious eye disorder that makes her borderline blind.

No. 212995

>all of her alters just happen to like clown makeup on coincidence
Kek thanks for pointing that out. I thought she was supposed to black out and every alter would have their own personality? All of them seem the same to me, tbh.

No. 212996

She tried so hard to make “Jerricks” art look like it was drawn by someone else, she should try and put that effort into the makeup a little. Guess another thing they all have in common is they can’t style a wig for shit.

No. 212997

Instead of pretending to be multiple people, why doesn't she just dress in a different color every other week? It feels like she's kind of trying to assign a color to each alter for extra rainbow points. Inb4 she actually starts doing this and assigns a color to each alter to make a ~rainbow~ or whatever.

No. 212998

It's also fucking funny because there's no consistence to her looks. Even the fucking picrew that she uses as her avatar looks different to her drawing, and so does her outfits. She's so fucking brainless I swear to god.

No. 212999

I mean she's already essentially doing that since she seems to think colors are a good enough substitute for a personality

No. 213001

I just wanna see the reaction on the other drag queens faces when she does her big drag debut. How is she gonna explain to her fellow performers that she’s a disassociated part of a system and a FTM troon alter is dancing and lip syncing in drag that night? It’s gonna be fucking hilarious.

No. 213004

They're gonna tear her ass apart kek. Unless she goes to an ultra-woke club/bar I don't see anyone reacting to this information with anything but confusion, maybe thinking she's mentally handicapped

No. 213018

when it comes to the drag stuff one thing i don’t get is why she wouldn’t do a drag king persona? i know it’d be just as autistic but at least an over exaggerated masculine persona would make sense for her dysphoria ridden jerrick?(sage your shit)

No. 213020

File: 1652709270474.png (315.5 KB, 1202x908, tvKoB39.png)

Does anyone know what happened between her and Jillian or what stream she's talking about?

No. 213022

File: 1652710122379.png (129.47 KB, 506x579, drewmonson.png)

The Drew Monson obsession continues

No. 213023

File: 1652710613234.jpeg (693.21 KB, 1920x1080, 917659B2-552F-482B-88A4-585141…)

Jill probably used the activision diversity chart to make her OCs.

No. 213026

Who is that person?

No. 213034


Publicly/to her face they can't do anything. They know she'd just attack them for being ableist.

I'm sure the crowd will be filled with her friends/fans so I don't think she will get any kickback from the performance. And no one boos for the newbie at drag shows anyway, it just wouldn't be polite. Tons of femboys preform then disappear from the scene.

The place she is (probably) preforming is currently at a high woke level, lots of very young people and an owner who tries too hard to be inclusive.

No. 213036

it's so weird how she replies to people as if they're friends

No. 213038

Vangelina Skov, she’s a commentary youtuber who covers internet drama, she’s done a lot on dissociaDID

No. 213039

This bitch.. it hasn't been google play music in literal years at this point. It switched to YT music before covid. She's not only kissing ass but lying in her creepy tweet.

No. 213043

File: 1652718877017.png (779.37 KB, 1681x2048, Screenshot_20220516-123247~2.p…)

I got bingo! We gotta update this lol.

No. 213071

we need to add stuff like autism breadcrumbs

No. 213080

Because drag kings arent popular and kawiwi enough, and remember: she doesn't want to be male, she wants to have the trans label and be a totes real drag queen like in the ones in her tely vision

No. 213082

If I didn't know who they were I would assume they were super close best friends. Creepy.

No. 213083

What's the name of the place/venue?

No. 213084

Did she upload a video on Jillian or something?

No. 213108

Why did you leave out fupa and gaining weight kek

No. 213109

Has he ever even responded to her? I like to watch his videos occasionally and he pretends to have a little british boy inside of him kek, I'm surprised she's not screeching at him for DID misrepresentation.
A few threads back I remember he also called out people who make their entire online presence about their mental illness.

No. 213121

She discusses her at the end of her last livestream (around 2:16:00) and asked Jill if she would do an interview after Vangelina caught wind of all of her controversies. Jill responded by saying no because Vengelina's viewers just want DID gossip and are a bunch of "forum dwellers".(post the milk)

No. 213123

samefag, Vangelina said Jill used to follow her and keep up with DID drama so it's interesting she would pin her viewers as bullies.

No. 213129

Ok can you newfags can at least learn to link the fucking video so we can see it ourselves? I swear to fucking god.

No. 213130

>Vangelina said Jill used to follow her
So I checked her channel and she usually posts about drama shit. Does that mean Jillian likes drama channels?

No. 213133

as far as I can remember she’s never gotten a response from him which is really funny considering she’s a verified account with a large ish following. It just makes her look like an insane stalker who’s getting ignored on purpose at this point.

No. 213137

>>213129 its a 2 hour twitch stream that doesn’t directly apply to Jill so I capped the important part, thanks for reporting cunt

No. 213138

He did sing her name one time when singing the names of patron supporters I think, but that’s all. The vid has been posted before, a few threads back.

No. 213140

kek are you in the wrong thread shaytard

No. 213144

KEK I was thinking in my head "wow this sounds like shayna" but no, I just meant that the fupa bingo and weight gain bingo should still be crossed out since she does indeed have a fupa and is still gaining.

No. 213149

Yeah the only time he’s mentioned her is because he was financially obligated kek I don’t know how she’s not embarrassed continually replying to him and literally never getting a response. And she knows he sees it, because there’s often not heaps of comments and she’s verified so he’d get notifications. It’s pretty clear he’s probably got her muted. He doesn’t respond to the Jerrick account either.

That’s rich coming from Jill who was lapping up DID content herself prior to her ‘diagnosis’. Vangelina’s videos aren’t even that gossipy as far as drama channels go, she’s fairly unbiased and just talks about things that have happened without being obnoxiously over the top

No. 213150

Do you guys remember that time Jillian was on live with Drew and she kept cooing at him and calling him baby? She’s weird as fuck.

No. 213156

>thanks for reporting cunt
and I will again for infighting and posting the link without a picture!

No. 213159

That's really gross. But I noticed she does that to a lot of content creators that talk openly about their mental health. She undermines them by calling them angel, darling, baby, and various other pet names. Just one of these days i wish that some one she talks to like that straight up tells her that she's being disrespectful.

No. 213160

>she does that to a lot of content creators that talk openly about their mental health. She undermines them by calling them angel, darling, baby, and various other pet names.
Bingo. It also reads as lovebombing to me.

No. 213161

Kek I've thought about this too, like she probably cannot comprehend how he can play around with voices/characters and not call them his "alters".

No. 213167

Uh oh, she's missing out on the ethnicity scale. She better make, I mean discover a black alter or else she's racist.

No. 213178

File: 1652783937078.jpg (39.95 KB, 720x263, kek.jpg)


>Jillian/Pixie: used to identify as bisexual, now just ~kweer~, she/they
>Jerrick: FtM, asexual, drag king/queen(?)
>Cliffe: "cis" gay male
>Veronica: now maybe lesbian???
>Sandwich: ~otherkin/non human~, cat
>The little: 6 yo child

Also I don't remember about which alter it was but at some point she hinted about being intersex too.

Tldr bitch is claiming to be a (gay) cis man, trans man, woman, genderqueer, she/he/they, cat, adult, teen, child, possibly lesbian and intersex. Basically every fucking identity that exists (like homosexual male/female) and doesn't exist (like troon/otherkin).
Shes everything.
Shes God (of narcissists).

No. 213179

File: 1652784864158.jpg (332.21 KB, 1080x1733, 065303.jpg)

No. 213180

Yeah sure Jillian, justify not going to a proper fashion school because it's a "money sucker" and not because you couldn't get in because you have no skill and you're too lazy to learn. At least if she had gone she'd be able to make more than one silhouette.

Vangelina said Jillian thinks her fans are superior, makes sense that she would think she has the most special amazing angel baby fanbase on the internet kek.

Also interesting that she was watching gossip videos about dissociadid. Not like we didn't already know but she was so clearly influenced by did youtubers and she's not even trying to hide it. It's sad that she watched all that content but still can't make her larp believable

No. 213181

100% I mean she used to watch Trisha Paytas un ironically for years, it’s probably one of the reasons she called her out that time, she feels guilty about the bad content she consumes because it doesn’t fit her fake sunshine persona.
She actually never specified which alter is intersex she just said that she has a trans alter (Jerrick) and an intersex alter. Which is vulgar because intersex isn’t a feeling, it’s a physical state of being. Intersex people often have very extreme trauma as well which she could never relate to.

No. 213183

> practical craft skills
She didn’t even finish her final collection, how insulting to suggest she would go to do a masters. It’s so frustrating, she had the platform, the degree and the funds to do something with her interests but instead hones in on the DID influencer path. These threads are so painful because she had so much to build a career/passion from just to piss it away for a couple internet points.

No. 213184

I have no love for Kelly Eden she is a total cow herself but at least she actually paints frequently. How are Jillians skills practical when she never uses them. Her craft college was a waste of money because she still has garbage skills and again never even uses them anyway. Let’s not forget the room in her house packed with crap she bought for college and being a totally real fashion designer that she never uses. The one skill she does use is crochet but recently that’s Jerrick doing that making his ugly hats, not even the Jillian persona.

No. 213185

I wonder if the poor guy mumbles "not this crazy bitch again" whenever he sees her in his replies, you just KNOW he trash talks her with his friends kek

No. 213186

It’s extra annoying because she could even double down on the DID stuff and create pieces in “Jerrick’s style” that people would love. She just has no drive to use her skills that she is very privileged to have learnt. Half of this LARP would be less unbearable if she would at least show she is doing something with her life.

No. 213188

>she was watching gossip videos about dissociadid
Of course she was, she's hypocrital. And I can't believe she did this while interacting with her on twitter kek. Maybe she was trying to figure out what not to do with her own DID faking?

No. 213197

During a mental hospital stay, one of the nurses told me and a group of other patients that a beer here and there is fine while on meds.
Obviously Pixie's drinking is on a different scale, but if it's not giving a person any trouble, the occasional drink while on meds doesn't seem like a big deal at all.

No. 213201

File: 1652800142388.jpg (370.91 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 213204

File: 1652803159000.png (49.32 KB, 597x216, estrogen1.png)

No. 213205

File: 1652803183080.png (334.03 KB, 592x768, estrogen2.png)

The troon in question.

No. 213209

Can you imagine getting so pressed about 'etiquette' or whatever on a freaking gossip board?? (not the original anon, just a bewildered spectator)

No. 213211

why does this thread attract all the newfags. I blame the current farmhands for not implementing hellweek more.

No. 213212

Why is Jill hanging out with an old man?

No. 213214

This is the portion of Vangeline's video where she talks about Jillian. They used to be mutuals, and interacted on twitter.

She also said that Jillian declined going on an interview with her because her audience "consists of gossip forum dwellers". But wouldn't that mean she's one herself if she used to follow her? She checks her thread after all.

No. 213216

Nowhere else on the internet to vent about Jill's descent into madness since she deletes all critical comments. I for one welcome more people seeing through her bullshit. Being sick of what she's become is not the exclusive little club some anons want it to be

No. 213218

I agree, but that doesn't mean anyone is just above the rules.

No. 213221

True but they should learn to integrate. The rules are not hard to follow.

No. 213229

And one of the rules is not derailing. moving on.
I hope Vangelina calls her out in a video anyways since its already publicized drama.

No. 213230

That's very much her true colors, to say something like that. Especially, when in private, so she won't be busted being out of her angel-like character.

No. 213233

>forgetting things means you have multiple personalities

Yeah, or maybe just having a bad memory, or perhaps being a heavy drinker and weed user, who's to know Jill?

Seem a bit heated for a thread about an overweight weeb with OCs, maybe calm down a bit. If there's something important there are ways to save videos, crop and upload as webm but we're supposed to be happy about random description and a timestamp.

No. 213235

Troons are always insufferable, you really had to gender the fact you play chess, huh

Man does not pass at all even when trying to be kawaii. Praying for the day men can just wear makeup without it being part of some shitass "journey" ending in castration.

No. 213240


Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that her friend John who only was important to Jill after every breakup ever?

No. 213241

File: 1652812579118.jpg (133.99 KB, 1080x1264, 20220517_193541.jpg)

>>213240 it is

No. 213244

File: 1652812745584.jpg (392.39 KB, 1080x1856, 20220517_193835.jpg)

A painting of Jill's

No. 213245

Not sure if an unpopular opinion but this is quite good. Its very stylised but there is a lot of artists on Instagram who produce similar styled work and have made careers out of it. I just wish she'd continue posting the things she makes, maybe she'd get the push to actually be productive instead of lounging around collecting mental illnesses.

No. 213246

Yeah this is way nicer than her art that features people. She could totally put this kind of style of artwork on homeware with a little refining and sell it to fans. Why hasn’t she posted this herself, it would do so much for her social media if she posted creative stuff every now and then instead of these awful cringe tik toks. If you want to be a creative Jillian then you need to create.

No. 213247

Yes. Also has she been fucking tranny dick all along….?

No. 213249

How is that derailing but not this?

It's "good" compared to the other shit she does.

No. 213263

probably not as instantly gratifying since it would take more time to timelapse her painting. Shes also a narc to the core and needs her mug validated more than anything else, thats why she never kept up with her fashion brand

No. 213266

I disagree with the other anons, this is middle school tier and kind of cringe that mommy is still putting her work up on the fridge.

No. 213273

Jill really reads what she wants doesn't she? The person is asking specifically about romantic relationship advice and she's explaining it like she would to a stranger.
That's John her "best friend from PEI". IIRC he's younger than her by a year or two.
She can sell stationary sets with her art printed on it. It's kitch enough that grannies with odd tastes would enjoy it.

No. 213275

File: 1652821202653.jpeg (342.7 KB, 828x867, 61125BA6-BDD3-4A53-8956-AA9DB2…)

No. 213284

Getting some weird vibes from these Tweets

No. 213285

we get it, you smoke

No. 213289

Same kek. Nitpick but it sounds so groomy, like a guy talking about how much he respects women during sex or something.

No. 213292

Her tweet reminds me of that creepy reply of Steve's a few months back >>202356

No. 213293

This is so incredibly insulting… People with disorders or meds aren't a monolith. To equate mood disorders and the like with personality traits is the most disgusting take i've seen her make.

No. 213294

Literally every lolcow that uses weed has unlocked their inner schizo. Seeing them and what they’ve become after using makes me never want to try smoking weed.

No. 213302

This reads like she's a groomer, like Steve did too. It's fucking weird. This weed shit is getting out of control

No. 213304

of course, it's retards like her and other pieces of shit all over tiktok and twitter who think having a disorder is a personality.

No. 213305

>come to our rainby heckin safespace to smoke weed and age regress! we wont tell your parents uwu

No. 213308

File: 1652833419053.png (1.32 MB, 1108x1257, collage.png)

To no one's surprise, Jill's friend acts exactly like every other AGP on twitter. How much of an influence do we think he's having on Stevie?

No. 213309

Having a stressful day and
>Women are pretty and I would wuv some kisses, hehehe~~~ xo
next to the photo of him is fucking sending me, thank you nonna.

No. 213310


what's the movie in the fourth pic?

No. 213313

>>She also said that Jillian declined going on an interview with her because her audience "consists of gossip forum dwellers".
This must be what she was talking about in the April livestream
>>Someone reached out to her about doing a video about every reason people hate her and interviewing her but she declined for muh mental health

No. 213315

shanghai express (1932)

No. 213359


What I wouldn't give for him to vague her calling her creepy. It would destroy her, she deserves it.

No. 213360

>inb4 she names her little Daisy

No. 213362

tinfoil, maybe she didn't post it herself because she copied someone elses work and don't wanna get called out for it but it's "good enough" for her unsuspecting mom

No. 213364

It's shitty acrylics on cheap sketch paper with her pencil lines still showing through. It's not good and if she can't even whole ass a painting for her mom, there's no way in hell she can pull it together enough to make content or merch out of it.

This seems more likely.

No. 213365

The way she acts is so cringe like it’s legal there and she is acting like it makes her some crazy edge-lord but at the same it’s magical medicine uwu. It’s no more edgy or crazy than her having a drink. If you are capable of not making it your whole personality then you will be fine, it’s like booze, now and then is nbd but every single day all day is not good. The claiming it’s good for her health is extra bullshit because she has to have lied to all those involved with her DID diagnosis and treatment or she wouldn’t have got it so she is self medicating with it and advertising that to her fan base. It’s also shitty to paint herself as someone who needs weed medically because the people who actually do are using it as pain relief because it’s less harsh on your liver than popping pills at the same rate, she isn’t disabled or dying of cancer she just likes feeling high and vegetating in her house and binge eating.

No. 213366

Didn't she have that hand painting that was tinfoiled to be stolen from an ad that looked exactly the same? Even if this original it's poorly executed, she doesn't have the work ethic for any creative business, and it's extremely pathetic to have her mom posting this kind of shit at her big age. Like it's legit so creepy if feels like she's obliviously playing into her ddlg larp.

No. 213368

Sure, like I said with refinement, I was more talking about the style. This kind of styling on homewares is something you can find elsewhere and is semi popular, she has the means to draw it digitally. If you think about her other art like the get your fat rolls out on the beach fake body posi image she was trying to sell prints of, who wants that? This has way more mass market appeal.
I couldn’t say if it’s a direct copy but you can find things in this style already, it’s a style of art at this point. If you think about those earrings she made to go with her collection there is multiple people making and selling things in that exact style. It’s the kind of lucy and yak, big bud press kind of aesthetic, it’s not unique to Jill and she likes and is clearly inspired by those brands.

No. 213370

>don’t worry if ur anxious or uncomfortable paranoid we’ll go gentle on u uwu~ lower ur boundaries and ignore ur instincts uwu~
Honestly it’s a good thing Jill always wants to be the most special and unique one because otherwise I’d be worried about her grooming vulnerable people in her orbit into thinking they have DID. She’s already halfway doing it to her audience by claiming that mundane shit everyone experiences = different personalities but at least she isn’t targeting anyone in particular.

No one tell him that headband is accentuating his male pattern baldness.

He has called out behaviour like hers before but she acts like it doesn’t apply to her/it’s okay when she does it. For it to truly affect her he’d have to call her out by name.

No. 213371

He likely doesn’t talk or think about her at all

No. 213375

File: 1652871429841.jpg (45.94 KB, 893x603, 1000_F_343366768_AwqE4nxi9Vrmj…)

>Not sure if an unpopular opinion but this is quite good.
>quite good

>the art:

No. 213377

I always knew Jon or whatever his name is gave off weird vibes but this is gag worthy

No. 213381

File: 1652882890618.png (29.69 KB, 597x187, manifesting.png)

No. 213382

File: 1652883066025.jpeg (449.08 KB, 1177x1313, 03E3CC20-B444-45CE-97D7-DDFD9A…)

Besides the awkward old younow livestream I don't know if he's acknowledged her further than this.

No. 213390

Good catch anon. It’s insane to think a fairly neutral person is too much for her. If you aren’t feeding her a constant stream of flattery you are evil. How are you going to make a career out of judging people (if you can call calling people out on twitter a career, I don’t know how she’s making money) but you can’t do a quick zoom call addressing your dirty laundry?

No. 213391

>Someone reached out to her about doing a video about every reason people hate her and interviewing her but she declined for muh mental health
So that's what Jillian said, but Vangeline here:
Said the way Jillian worded it was pretty insulting. So this is yet ANOTHER example on how Jillian spins the narrative to make herself look better.

No. 213392

Can this be added to the OP next time so it doesn't get lost? thank you

No. 213394

So trans, such body dysphoria

No. 213395

ah yes a 16 year old boy would say something so girly like that. She just saw the tweet and decided to retweet it because it's ~~~~so trans~~~~ kek

No. 213398

File: 1652891809224.jpg (2.25 MB, 2993x1921, Netflix 4.jpg)

>She’s already halfway doing it to her audience by claiming that mundane shit everyone experiences = different personalities
Not even halfway, all the way now. She's making other people think that daydreaming is DID and singing is stimming.

>>don’t worry if ur anxious or uncomfortable paranoid we'll go gentle on u uwu

this is exactly how they sound like holy shit

I know exactly what style you're talking about and trust me it's not as good.

No. 213400

>The way she acts is so cringe like it’s legal there and she is acting like it makes her some crazy edge-lord but at the same it’s magical medicine uwu.
This kek. It's just weed Jillian. She wants to be the most speshul and oonique weed user too I guess.

No. 213401

I also think this. It looks copied.

No. 213403

File: 1652892697867.png (554.37 KB, 682x442, uwu.png)

>don’t worry if ur anxious or uncomfortable paranoid we’ll go gentle on u uwu~ lower ur boundaries and ignore ur instincts uwu~

No. 213404

>She's making other people think that daydreaming is DID and singing is stimming.

And forgetting things means you actually SwiTcheD AlterS (meanwhile she coincidentally remembers everything her "alters" do)

No. 213408

I can't believe how much speshul and oonique Jillian thinks she is seriously. She's the most special:
>weed user
>sexy drag queen
>kawaii clown
>DID system
>autism haver
>fashion designer
>precure fan
It's like everyday she remembers one new label that she hasn't talked about in a while and uses it

>And forgetting things means you actually SwiTcheD AlterS (meanwhile she coincidentally remembers everything her "alters" do)

No. 213422

File: 1652900244958.webm (2.56 MB, 540x960, KKUt5Om0HS.webm)

No. 213423

anon you forgot
>survivor of sooper cereal ed of the week
>magical special non-scary bpd
>most traumatized trauma victim to ever be traumatized ALL DAY ERR DAY

No. 213426

File: 1652901451652.png (58.76 KB, 635x278, wicca.png)

No. 213431

She reminds me of soren lately except she's too pussy to make an actual fake trauma story because she knows people will call it out kek.

No. 213433

Because that's what matters during those sessions. Jill, you're not even trying with this larp. Laughable.

No. 213434

File: 1652904813767.png (279.89 KB, 637x725, cliffe.png)

nonas. i had a friend who went to visit her boyfriend's family in frederickton and mentioned to me that they had went to this area where there were a ton of cannabis shops and they were all quaint and stuff. she pulled it up on google maps to show me, and i fully laughed when i saw a street running parallel.

yep, 'cliffe' st. I always thought something about that spelling was super weird to me, like i've met cliffords who go by "cliff" but never seen it with an e at the end. so, jill got cliffe's name from a street in frederickton that's conveniently next to all the weed shops? so original, definitely came straight from the brain, eh?

No. 213435

File: 1652904860740.gif (9.67 MB, 224x400, ewwww.gif)

>doing my eye makeup to got o EMDR so my therapist still knows I am an icon while I get my memories re-processed

No. 213436

>weed store in cliffe street
holy shit anon lmaoooo

No. 213437

imagine being so traumatized (like she says) that you need EMDR and your biggest concern is doing your eye makeup. This is so retarded.
It's soooooooo obvious this is just a fashion accesory to her.

No. 213438

i know anon. i did a total double take. it was almost too good to be true. blessed be the fresh milk

No. 213440

this is actually making me sad because what little i saw of him when jill was still on PEI he seemed like a super normal sassy gay man, very sad that he needs to express his attraction for women by being an AGP i assumed at the very least he would be HSTS and not a total creep

No. 213446

jesus stevie already has that agp smirk locked down

No. 213448

God soren will go down in farmhand history as one of the best cows in history - if jill dies after her rotcock goes septic trying to get ~gender affirming~ surgery for jerrick then i’ll believe in a loving god.

No. 213453

File: 1652914070011.png (Spoiler Image, 200.9 KB, 361x387, imscared.PNG)

Kek, fake death. Not going to derail the thread but Soren was found adding shit to her lists on Depop.
From real opinion on cows thread #4 if you wanted to look
He looks like picrel.

No. 213455

File: 1652914864116.jpeg (966.14 KB, 1170x1472, 6EC027DB-82C8-4849-82D5-F0733D…)

8 mins from her college, probably about the same distance from her house. I can't believe this anon, great find.

No. 213458

File: 1652917950790.png (1.16 MB, 1080x842, Screenshot_2022-05-18-18-48-13…)

Not trying to doxx but it was so easy to find her place after this. She has no imagination.

No. 213467

Sage for retarded dad joke but I can't believe all these weed shops were only like 2 blocks off from being on Highland Ave.

No. 213469


okay but i have been reading for ages and even re read some of the old ones, where'd drew vaguepost about jillybean? im so interested

(sage for asking to be spoonfed im sorry i swear i cant find it in the thread)

No. 213471

What a beautiful house to get ruined by rainbow nightmare paint filth and plastic garbage. Like I'm all for a statement wall or several but jfc they desecrated this adorable starter home, I'm in shock? The amount of work it's going to take to restore this space to be habitable by a sane person is just lol

No. 213472

Wasn't it his recentish video where he talked about being mentally ill for attention (something similar) and Jill even commented on the video as if it didn't apply to her. I think it was pre-DID reveal on the timeline.

No. 213474

Samefag, I'm gonna say it was this video but I can't find her comment on a quick scroll

No. 213476

Why did I unspoil

No. 213477

Yes it was this one.

No. 213485

lol she already said in videos circa 2016 that she was legally blind because of her bad eyesight

No. 213487

File: 1652926643923.png (99.72 KB, 630x436, Screenshot 2022-05-18.png)

No. 213494

> but my partner having relationships or being intimate with my other alters is totally fine with me.
I need to stop reading this thread. Jill, is Stevie having sex with the cat, the minor and the ~*child*~?

No. 213497

its the sandwich

No. 213498

Men will fuck anything. If he closes his eyes he’ll see the old Jill. Lmfao

No. 213503

> i'm so so so monogamous
that'll be a problem once Stevie finally troons, you know how AGPs love their polycules

No. 213506

>Intimacy with my other alters
The little? The 16year old teen boy? The whore? The geriatric man? The cat???

No. 213507

Gross. No wonder they offer people weed and age regression.

No. 213511

Aren't alters supposed to be their own person? Lame larp.

No. 213512

Like ok seriously, I don't understand how she can half-ass everything, not just her entire career but also her DID larp.

No. 213513

New threadpic please

No. 213515

Because she got praise and validation for everything whether she truly tried or not. She doesn't need to put the full work in to get praised so why bother.

No. 213516

Jillian is definitely larping as Veronica and Flora when she fucks Steve kek

No. 213517

How is she doing theraphy, if her therapist retired? Or is the therapist retiring in near future?

No. 213526

Don't forget Cliffe, stewiwie's having True and Honest gay sex with the host/system gendershifting pussy.

No. 213532

Cure flora is 14, she meets the other precure in her season because they all attend the same school. Kind of weird that adult Jillians motivation helper alter is a child.

No. 213542

The therapist didn't retire, he's just moving to a different city. I think he hasn't left yet

No. 213544

She said on her last stream, that her therapist is retiring the therapy work to become a psychologist. This gave a weird vibe, since he only just became a licenced therapist.

No. 213546

>Implying Steebie isn't already in some troon groomer discord or twitter group where he's consuming sissy hypo shit with other AGP men in a harem


No. 213550

I think this is the last straw for me with this thread. She’s so completely unhinged and nasty.

No. 213560

>men will fuck anything
>even a sandwich

No. 213568

File: 1652974350723.png (43.69 KB, 613x218, jerrick.png)

huh?? Is this about her angel therapist again or what?

No. 213571

File: 1652974442596.png (296.89 KB, 517x633, monson.png)

And she's posting about Drew fucking Monson yet again lmaoo

No. 213572

Kek. I hope she puts on a bald cap when she feels like fucking Steve as Cliff.

No. 213578

>it’s not poly in my mind
That’s because you’re in a regular ass hetero relationship you normie

No. 213586

How did we get here as a society..

No. 213591

Don't therapists and psychologists do very similar things? Could anyone explain the difference?

No. 213595

This is why I don't agree with the anon upthread calling her art good kek. Maybe if she tried harder, sure. But as long as she gets asspats for doing the bare minimum, then no.

No. 213601

How is she even larping as a bald 35 year old male kek, with the rainbow hair? She's better larping as Tekashi69 then lmao

No. 213602

This sounds like a different pixie…

No. 213607

He's already working for that Roblox shit as a ""game dev"" so I am sure he already is in those discord groups. Plus the redditbro to troon to groomer pipeline is too strong.

No. 213608

And done. I forgot to screenshot the edit part of the description but it was something along the lines of shes been drinking since she was 14 so she’s not sure how or why she blacked out after 3 or so drinks

No. 213609

Post proof that this person is talking about Jill because this sounds like it's about a completely different retarded mess named Pixie

No. 213611

I’d think so too but she specifically mentioned Harajuku day

No. 213612

>Relapsing on 18 different things
KEK what? So she even knows she's collecting mental illnesses huh lmaoooo. Also putting Drew Monson immediately after is sending me.

No. 213613

this isnt about our gorl… you still have time to delete anon

No. 213614

pretty sure this isn’t about Jillian. the event she’s mentioning is in LA…

No. 213617

>Being kicked out
>Go fundmes
Is this the pixie you think it is?

No. 213619

File: 1652982402937.jpeg (96.71 KB, 622x829, 7CA37384-55B0-41FC-A1A0-8E8CFE…)

Thanks for the heads up guys, seems like pixie is a popular online name that attracts cows

No. 213620

This has to be about a different Pixie. When was Jill kicked out of her house? Is one of the glaring examples this has to be about someone else.
I agree. Perhaps there’s something about the name? Whomever this Pixie is, she sounds milky too.

No. 213621

That's definitely not our Pixie kek

No. 213622

Kek, Nona, keep your ear to the ground as this Pixie sounds milky and we can never have too many cows.

No. 213625

File: 1652982711628.png (45.13 KB, 568x347, Softgirl Angel uwu.png)

Alright, can we stop clogging up the thread now?

Another Jill/troon crossover. I hatehatehate the way this fucker types.

No. 213636

It depends on your country, but generally psychologist is a person, who has a degree in psychology. They can then specialize in the field to do various jobs, like conducting psychological testing, when a patient needs an evaluation. Psychologists aren't doctors and do not possess the ability to prescribe medicine.

You can become a therapist without degree in psychology, since many other degrees suffice. People who've studied social sciences or similar topics are also able to get trained as a professional therapist.

What Jill's therapist is doing is propably moving to some other part of psychology field, having first studied to become therapist. Why they're doing this is unknown.

No. 213639

The fact that he thinks is is what an adult woman talks like is insulting

No. 213682

File: 1653001673202.png (74.21 KB, 633x321, twitter.png)

No. 213684

You can't be fucking serious, we call her out on her not taking her larp seriously and suddenly she's blacking out in Walmart??? Kekkkkk

No. 213685

If this is true, she should give up her license. Now. If she wants us to believe her, she has to play by the rules.

No. 213692

To think this is what weed does to your brain and nobody does something about it.

No. 213694

She greened out. Obviously. She’s so dense. I can’t believe she claims all this stuff is her super special rare mental illness and that she doesn’t experience being high.

No. 213706

Weed doesn't make you get that kind of memory loss, even being "greened out". This is just a larp and never happened.

No. 213717

That's not how any of that works lol good gal also before you had that level of memory loss. The only thing i can think of is walking through the coma too many edibles can do, maybe that could do it and you'd have a spotty memory, but its not like weed

No. 213719

You don't black out from weed, she's just making this shit up to make her supposed DID seem more real and more of a disability

No. 213725

Why isn't her license taken away then? I wonder what'll happen to her now that her career is basically dead.

No. 213726

File: 1653026463129.jpeg (376.82 KB, 828x1173, 260123D1-3287-442C-A08E-CC99F0…)

Let me guess she brought a strap on to peg Stevie with

No. 213742

So the 'little one uwu' is completely aware of other alter's existences and their feelings at the exact time they're experiencing them at 6 years old? So if the 6 year old knew something was wrong, that meant it had to be co-con or else she wouldn't have known something was wrong and 'the others' needed to cope? Just a mess.

No. 213743

a 6yo can buy things at Walmart? Yeah, my parents let me buy stuff at a corner store but I couldn't have found all those things in a big box store at 6yo.

No. 213754

Relapsing on what? Weed, alcohol, cutting yourself, reading through the farms, crack?

No. 213759

genuinely curious how far the larp goes. is it just performing online? insane to imagine her walking down the aisles pretending to be an infant

No. 213764

Eating disorder behaviours and cutting I guess? Go on hill turn all the ugly ass anime children on your thigh into the joker, it’ll be fun.

No. 213766

I wonder if she would ever cut her arms or somewhere visible so that she actually has to live with the consequences of people seeing that. Like obviously cutting at all is fucked up but I would expect the way she talks about it for her to have more scars than she does, her upper thigh she tattooed over wasn't that heavily scarred. Obviously from the scars she did do it and isn’t lying but you would think if it was for the duration and severity she talks about there would be more of them.

No. 213770

Not to blog but I still have noticeable scarring from SH almost 20 years later. I'm just kind of curious as to where this has supposedly been happening because you do kind of run out of room eventually and she tattooed over the worst spot so like…???

Also doing that in and of itself into your 20s is a giant ass fucking red flag off deeper issues and you need to move the fuck back home and do some serious inpatient work. Like I can't imagine having a loving family and long term bf and them just being cool with that kind of behavior continuing for so long without serious intervention because it's kind of a serious issue to cut up your body for years?? So many parts of her larp make no fucking sense.

No. 213771

File: 1653050043904.jpeg (161.31 KB, 1280x720, 64C07E99-FD46-4D8C-9CFA-4BC16C…)

She has a vlog of getting the tattoo that covers them, it’s worth noting that immediately after tattooing over scars they look irritated and more obvious. The scars are white though and don’t look like keloid scars (they become visibly more raised when you get the tattoo then they go back down after a little while). The vlog was four years ago though so that’s her teenage era scars I don’t know if there is any images of the cutting she claims to have done since. I am guessing she isn’t completely truthful about her inpatient time being because she was totally a skelly ana chan I think the cutting is probably related , if you haven’t really gone to town though they won’t hold you long for shallow or more superficial cuts.

No. 213781

Pretty easy to tell who’s never smoked weed before itt. Jill is ridiculous on her own, stop trying to make excuses for her.

No. 213786

Honestly like her actual weed related behaviour is munchies, sleeping during the day and being generally lethargic and lazy and normal non DID low level dissociating she chooses to misrepresent. Maybe she did green out and is again misrepresenting the situation and making it seem way more extreme but that’s just like being too drunk. What’s the law like in places with legal weed in regards to driving while under the influence?

No. 213790

Yeah, she exaggerates it enormously for attention and to try to fit the DID bill, but she probably did get confused for a bit while driving around and go “woah snacks, who bought these? Me?” for a moment because of being high.

No. 213792

File: 1653057632006.png (144.87 KB, 610x753, subtweet.png)

No. 213794

She's so fucking insufferable it's insane. If you don't want people to interact with it then don't tweet it out. This level of attention seeking is nasty

No. 213795

>her beefing with Yukapon over her trying to be friendly
Pretty funny

No. 213796

KEK the cow crossover. I expected her to be subtweeting some rando 14yo not someone known

No. 213799

I can’t remember what video it was, but I think I remember her mentioning scars on her forearm and that was the reason she used to swatch make up on her hand? (I hope I’m not mixing up my cows)
She ended up explaining that and then shows her arms while swatching and had some visible, but very old/faint scars.

She likely just cuts yknow, on her other leg now. At least she’s not that insufferable to be one of those tards that will barely scratch their arms up and show off their ‘cuts’ to the world, she’s self aware enough to know that shit doesn’t fly irl when you’re an adult. Now if only she’d stop acting like a child on Twitter

No. 213801

Was Yukapon making fun of her? Kekkkkkkkk queen shit.

No. 213804

>Don't retweet my posts with relatable memes
Then why the fuck do you post it bitch? I hope more people reply to you like that.

No. 213809

File: 1653063869704.png (79.17 KB, 599x440, part2.png)

No. 213811

This. Write it in a journal.. Does that thought escape this moron that not everything needs to be shared online publicly?

No. 213824

''totes agree and totally not rageing over that tweet''(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213828

of course not kek, what would the point of any of her mento iwwness bullshit be if she couldn't milk it for attention online?

No. 213833

Fuck you Jill

No. 213838

Yukapee > Pixielocks. There I said it.

No. 213851

She would totally go to one of those weird dildo bingos that store advertises, too, I can see it

This is just the truth. And honestly she seems to be faring somewhat better these days, as opposed to Jillian

No. 213862

This reminds me, last night I was watching one of Jills con vlogs and a fan came up to her, so she gave the fan a shoutout. The fan was wearing a really cute jfash outfit and was pretty so I looked her up to see where she is now and she's a model in Japan kek. Even confetti club members have surpassed her at this point.

No. 213867

File: 1653076418944.png (17.48 KB, 566x182, yukapee.PNG)

I think she does that to make fun of people kek.

No. 213870

I don't like her but atleast she owns being a bitch.
Jill wishes she could be that sarcastic.

No. 213874

who? I'm curious, post the screencap where they met
why does she insert herself into the conversation kek
that's even more based then kek

No. 213876

It's in the first 30 seconds of the video, pretty sure this is her channel https://www.youtube.com/c/DarrelynMasson

No. 213878

Here's her featured video if you don't want to click on her channel

No. 213901

This girl is so pretty and is living her dream life. Jill doesn't deserve her fans

No. 213907

The life Jill wishes she had. Kek. This just makes her larp even funnier. Jill you did this to yourself. No one to blame for your decline but yourself.

No. 213909

File: 1653089859761.png (168.43 KB, 828x506, model.PNG)

She had every fucking way to do it too. Despite her looks she could have done it due to her audience; what makes it 10x funnier is that this girl is now emo/goth too, yet she didn't need to make up an entire fake mental illness and alter for it kek.

No. 213914

File: 1653091677983.jpeg (219.67 KB, 1170x730, 0958B08E-8936-451A-9C69-70E111…)

she really treats mental illness as an accessory

No. 213915

File: 1653092519359.png (314.66 KB, 626x529, jill1.png)

No. 213916

File: 1653092618970.png (27.77 KB, 604x123, jill2.png)

No. 213918

She really comes off as one of those people who have deep rooted anger issues and they use cute and things as an unhealthy way to cope.
Take up boxing or something that requires full body movement Jill, you'll feel much better.

No. 213920

Every time I check this thread I have to restrain myself from the urge to alog… I wonder if she'll ever find a therapist willing to partake in her larp, or if she severely burned herself by making up a whole thing that only someone as ~angelic~ as her old one could handle.

No. 213929

>I have mental illness happy face heart
ughhhhhhhh disgusting

No. 213930

>Hi! I'm a walking red flag. Please avoid me!
>She really comes off as one of those people who have deep rooted anger issues and they use cute and things as an unhealthy way to cope.
Agreed. I wonder how bad those tantrums are behind the scene. No wonder she cycles through friends.
>I wonder if she'll ever find a therapist willing to partake in her larp, or if she severely burned herself by making up a whole thing that only someone as ~angelic~ as her old one could handle.
I say severely burned herself out.

No. 213960

File: 1653123482147.jpeg (425.5 KB, 1259x1286, 37974194-6178-4026-A2A1-215805…)

What the fuck is she on. I don’t understand how she gets to just Larp like this but 2soulsonebod was ran off the internet.

No. 213965

Just once again proving that she doesn’t have real mental illness or problems and has never faced any real adversity. Its truly sick to have lived such a privileged life and to not feel empathy when you see people suffering but to feel envy at the attention and sympathy they receive.

No. 213971

I looked up jealous and can't find any precure character with that name??

No. 213988

File: 1653132161013.jpg (170.39 KB, 1080x1239, 20220521_132220.jpg)

No. 214009

She’s always felt bizarrely passive aggressive to me, I feel like lately she’s been outwardly showing more of her pure aggression.

It’s bizarre. She sure has a lot of energy to do all this shit being so ~mentally ill~. There have always been nlogs trying to make mental disorders appear aesthetic, but her take on doing it has always seemed so forced. If DID is real, it’s still hard for me to imagine someone with it could be planning so much and creating all this shit while simultaneously supposedly dealing with severe trauma they experienced.