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No. 1271136

Gabbie Hanna is a washed up youtuber and ex viner who attempted a music career that never really went anywhere. She has been in a lot of drama mostly involving other creators.

>lays claim to ADHD and several other mental issues like having an ED, literally blaims all of her actions on ADHD and other mental issues never taking responsibility

>shit talks literally everyone she used to associate with and doesn't now, refers to all of them as being toxic/manipulative/abusive/narcissistic etc etc
>is on bad terms with very many people

Some past drama includes:

The RiceGum situation:
>RiceGum releases disstrack about Gabbie
>Gabbie runs into Bryan (RiceGum) at party
>snapchats herself asking if he wants to rap battle, he says no, she keeps bothering him and he is visibly uncomfortable and keeps saying no
>she keeps bothering him
>later on she posts on her story saying that he twisted her arm and hit her, took her phone and broke it; he denies it
>he pays her 2000$ for her phone
>no one really knows what happened but they were both really childish about it

Kenza Cosmetics situation:
>Gabbie advertises extremely cheap makeup brushes on her instagram story, saying they are professional grade brushes, but that they are free and you only have to pay for shipping
>it turns out Kenza Cosmetics is a shady company, and the brushes are of very cheap quality
>Gabbie receaves backlash over this
>takes no responsiblity, as usual, telling people to "manage their expectations"

Trisha drama:
>Gabbie "hears rumor" that Trisha has herpes
>tells her friend Jason Nash who is dating Trisha that she has herpes
>Trisha is upset by this, tells Gabbie to mind her own business
>Gabbie goes on her instagram stories saying how she's such a good person and is good to everyone and everyone just hates her for some reason:(
>Trisha and Gabbie make up (sort of) when Trisha goes on Gabbie's podcast, it was really awkward and mostly Gabbie trying to convince Trisha of things that she didn't remember
>but it seemed like they were on good terms for a while so whatever
>someone comments on Gabbie's tiktok saying "she's trying to be Trisha" or something, Gabbie responds by saying "I'm like Trisha if she was talented and happy"
>Trisha gets wind of this and doesn't take kindly to it, there feud starts again

Alx James drama:
>Alx James, ex viner and Gabbie's ex friend, had been being hacked by someone
>Gabbie calls Alx with her voice distorted pretending to be said hacker, says a bunch of fucked up shit like "you don't love yourself, tell me you don't love yourself"
>Alx is very freaked out understandably
>Gabbie calls 10 minutes later admitting it's her
>years later Gabbie refers to Alx as being "a terrible person" on her podcast
>turns out that Alx actually is responsible for Gabbie's vine fame
>Gabbie says she "reached out" to Alx to talk about her calling him a horrible person, says he didn't want to
>shows a screenshot and it's literally someone going "this isn't Alx, you have the wrong number"
>Alx addresses this, saying she has his current number and that if she wanted to apologize she could do it publicly since she made the statement that he was a horrible person publicly

JessiSmiles situation:
>Jessi is raped while unconscious by her ex Curtis Lepore, also a viner
>in 2013, Jessi prosecutes him and TMZ publishes an article about it
>not sure exactly when Jessi and Gabbie's friendship started and ended, but we know that they were friends in 2014 and 2015, and Jessi even let Gabbie live with her for a while
>at one point Gabbie hangs out with Curtis's friends and runs into Curtis, who admits he raped Jessi while she was asleep (this is according to Gabbie)
>Jessi confronts her about this and, according to Jessi, Gabbie says "Jessi, Curtis's friends didn't rape you"
>Gabbie kept changing her story and saying it was actually a phone call, I'm not even sure what happened
>a girl named Deanime on Twitter tweeted about how Gabbie sided with Curtis over her friend Jessi when she was raped
>Gabbie messages this girl to defend herself, talks a bunch of shit about Jessi
>Gabbie the Mental Health advocate acts like Jessi is "crazy" for taking medication
>it's later revealed that the morning of the TMZ article being published, Gabbie tweeted a bunch of tweets like "ooo let me get my popcorn"
>Deanime sided with Gabbie at first and then realized Gabbie was full of shit so she sent Jessi the messages between her and Gabbie, and Jessi makes a video about it
>it turned out that in June 2020 Gabbie and Jessi recorded a 3 hour phonecall between them, Jessi suggests that Gabbie should just sue her and leave the fans out of it
>Gabbie says no and that she wants to bring her fans into it
>Jessi breaks down crying during phone call and Gabbie just casually talks over her, it's painful to watch

Other drama:
>Gabbie is exposed for stealing jokes from everyone including other viners and professional comedians like Louis C.K., admitted they weren't her jokes but didn't own up to stealing them, saying she heard them, forgot she heard them and repeated them thinking they were hers
>made a series of videos having mental breakdowns saying she had been shadowbanned on youtube, usually crying and shaking, people were concerned but it also may have been an act
>was uploading bizarre tiktoks that had people concerned, then said she was just trolling
>tried to spread a rumor that Jen Dent, another viner, had raped a child with ZERO EVIDENCE
>no one believed this and pointed out that if she actually thought that she should go to the police
>is making an ongoing "docuseries" about her past drama incidents, it has mostly backfired so far

This is a bare bones summary of her past, I probably forgot some things, I apologize if so. A lot of these things are very messy, I suggest looking into it yourself if you want to know more.




No. 1271149

Shit, I forgot the Escape the Night kerfuffle

>Joey Graceffa is helping produce some kind of youtube show thing called Escape the Night

>Gabbie is offered a role, signs contract to be in it

according to Gabbie:
>they BEGGED her to be in this (lol)
>they didn't have any healthy food options on set and it triggered her ED
>everyone was mean to her on set
>probably some other shit but I didn't watch her video about it

according to Joey, his boyfriend Daniel Preda (with reciepts):
>is supposed to fill out paperwork at least 3 days before about what kind of food she wants on set; doesn't fill it out til the first day of filming
>just says she wants "really healthy food" without giving specifics
>Daniel goes above and beyond, making really healthy salads for her
>she doesn't eat any of the salads, just eats the junk food on set
>is supposed to attend 3 costume fittings
>only attends 1
>the tailor (who was 9 months pregnant) agreed to meet Gabbie at her music studio
>she (the tailor) drives across town to meet Gabbie there, Gabbie stands her up
>Gabbie complains when the costume doesn't fit
>Gabbie is clashing with everyone on set, everyone is complaining about her
>even tana mongeau is being more professional than her
>girl comes into the room, tells Gabbie filming will begin in 5 minutes. comes back in a minute later and says sorry it's actually going to be 20 minutes
>Gabbie laughs, says to the girl "you're such a stupid cunt", blows up at everyone and then leaves

some links:

Repzion's video summarizing her drama (it's pretty comprehensive but doesn't cover everything because there's so much stuff) https://youtu.be/rN5XnhVR62E

Repzion reacting parts of the phone call https://youtu.be/IMvbFDeCw6U

full call between Gabbie and Jessi https://youtu.be/_zHewgm5-dQ

Alx's video about the prank call of Gabbie pretending to be his hacker https://youtu.be/mow2u3bB3-A

another video of Alx's talking about his experiences with Gabbie https://youtu.be/k8BBex7OrQ4

Joey Graceffa's video about Gabbie https://youtu.be/BGSADZh_gDk

Daniel Preda's video about Gabbie https://youtu.be/Pnod0Qxpt5o

No. 1271153

Great thread OP, what an insufferable bitch

No. 1271154

Was working on a thread too, im gonna just paste what i had in here. was trying to get a bunch of links ready for stuff LOL

Gabbie Hanna is a 30 year old washed up vine star turned into washed up Youtuber turned to failed musical artist who originally started out with the David Dobrik Vlog Squad until she "willingly" stopped hanging out with them, moved onto Shane Dawson’s crew until she ditched him when he started getting cancelled, then moved on to starting drama every second she opens her mouth.

Basic rundown of old milk:

-Joined Vine in 2013. Stole Liza Koshey’s male character's schtick of wearing a baseball cap backwards and drawing on a fake mustache. Somehow got enough followers to actually gain the attention of the Vlog Squad, became a regular in their vines and had them in her vines often.
Majority of times she was in David’s videos, the punchline was that Gabbie was fat, ugly, and a whore.
Compilation here: ( https://twitter.com/defnoodles/status/1375863771600613388 )
Supposedly she was the one who set David and Liza up to date, but there’s also rumors that Gabbie was in love with David herself and her feelings for him were a driving factor in her leaving the group later on.

-Started telling people she was dating Bo Burnham. Got to the point that his wikipedia page was edited to say they were dating. Photoshopped a picture of her together with Bo until she was finally able to meet him, then spread that picture as proof on a fake Bo Burnham profile. Eventually TikTok user @abbeeburke brought it to light: ( https://www.tiktok.com/@abbeeburke/video/6971100457787739397?referer_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kiss.ie%2F&referer_video_id=6971100457787739397&refer=embed )
Some sites then reported on it:
( https://www.sportskeeda.com/pop-culture/news-gabbie-hanna-dragged-allegedly-stalking-bo-burnham-college-fans-call-obsessive-behavior )
( https://www.kiss.ie/gabbie-hanna-has-been-called-out-for-pretending-to-be-dating-bo-burnham/ )

-2014, the first incident with Jessi Smiles (Yes this drama is almost as old as her career!)
In Fall of 2014 Jessi filed a lawsuit against her ex boyfriend and rapist, Curtis Lepore. Curtis had raped Jessi on August 31st. Previously, Gabbie and Jessi were best friends & living together, but by this point they were no longer talking because Gabbie was blaming Jessi for holding her back and preventing her from getting big collabs (this was before she got in good with the VS).
Gabbie continued to hang out with Curtis, his friends, and even publicly defended him on Twitter.

Cutis would in February 2015 proceed to pleading no contest (AKA: admit to the rape) and sign a confession in order to get a plea deal for a smaller charge of MISDEMEANOR assault as long as he served 24 days of community service and a year of counseling.

( https://twitter.com/lily_marston/status/1275084731466395648/photo/1 )
( https://twitter.com/lily_marston/status/1275084738919673856/photo/1 )
( This tweet in particular was 6 days AFTER Curtis was arrested: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJq8BGKU4AAlX7-?format=jpg&name=900x900 )
( Gabbie with Curtis, way after his guilty plea: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EcBxGi5U8AAi08U?format=jpg&name=large )

Jessi learned about this, and even though they weren’t friends anymore was immensely hurt because she didn’t have anything against Gabbie and would never talk to an ex friends rapist. When confronted, Gabbie told Jessi that she can hang out with whoever she wants, and said "Curtis's friends didn't rape you”

-2015 Was caught stealing jokes.
A YouTuber named Doc made a video called “The Gabbie Show Review” that is now privated, but went through her jokes and pointed out she stole jokes from comedians such as Bo Burnham, Mitch Hedberg, John Mulaney, and Louis C.K.
( https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/3xzdke/the_gabbie_show_youtube_comedian_caught_stealing/ )
Gabbie commented on the video and said she is a huge fan of all three comedians, and said she isn’t a comedian she’s just “an internet person”. But denies stealing the Bo Burnham joke
( https://superfame.com/post/the-gabbie-show-joke-stealing-drama/ )
Months later Gabbie actually responded and surprisingly admitted to (one) of the jokes being stolen and apologized.
( https://youtu.be/q6a32yEBmdA )
By a shocking twist of events, Gabbie then filed a takedown on the video calling out her copying and it was never seen again.
Until an interview happened where Gabbie claimed Louis C.K. gave her the go ahead for copying his jokes.
( https://www.reddit.com/r/Standup/comments/3zjfh7/an_interview_with_the_gabbie_show_about_her_joke/ )

-Moved to fully to Youtube in 2016 following Vine shutting down

-In 2017 released a shitty poetry book called "Adultolescence" which was cringey at best and straight up plagiarism from other comedians such as Bo Burnham at worst. She also started her music "career" this year
-Stopped appearing in Vlog Squad content by late 2017. Repeatedly stated her and David were still friends & talked regularly, but she wouldn’t hang out around them when they were recording.
Turns out Gabbie was really just a snake overall (big surprise) and they just didn’t want her around anymore. While on the surface Gabbie told everyone that nothing happened and they drifted apart, the other members were quietly calling her shit out.
( https://www.reddit.com/r/DavidDobrik/comments/d564f3/question_about_gabbie/f0k3mj4/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 )
For example, Gabbie being a shitty friend and mocking Erin getting cheated on and celebrating because people had sent Erin cupcakes.
( https://youtu.be/8VNLHFn1_PI?t=492 )
Here is the video mentioned in the above linked Reddit comment. These girls are from the VS that were “closer” with Gabbie. You can see their face change whenever Gabbie is on screen, and they also liked comments about how something happened between them and Gabbie and that’s why she’s no longer around.
( https://youtu.be/ZUIh6eU5Hs8 )
Gabbie posted a video saying she isn’t in the vlog squad because she didn’t want to be on camera.
After Gabbie’s video, Eren tweets out a gif from Elf, of Will Ferrel saying “You sit on a throne of lies.”
( https://twitter.com/eringilfoy/status/1080344040283885569 )

-March 2017, The Ricegum drama
Ricegum’s side of the story: At a party, a drunk Gabbie would enter a room with her phone out recording and see Ricegum. She would proceed to talk shit about him enough to piss him off and cause him to grab her phone and smash it on the ground.
Romeo Lacoste (yes, the now infamous pedophile that sued Keemstar) corroborated Ricegum’s story and claimed that Ricegum even sent Gabbie $2,000 to pay for the phone

Gabbie would be posting on Snapchat throughout the night, in it you can see Ricegum. She claims he hit her and that people were asking if he hit her and she told them yes, and that he broke her phone. She posts a picture of what honestly look like stretch marks. She also says “Even it was a lie about him hitting me and twisting my arm, he still damaged my property". She later confirms he offered to pay for the phone, but she can’t check because she doesn’t have venmo on her phone (despite sending her boyfriend money 2 days prior)
( https://youtu.be/cxwWDkdTjvM )
(Venmo screenshot: https://twitter.com/GabbieHanna/status/847244552406577154 )

Gabbie would post on Twitter tagging Ricegum the “scratches” from his assault on her. Claims the quality of the photos are bad because her camera broke.
( https://twitter.com/GabbieHanna/status/847214763465515008 )
( https://twitter.com/GabbieHanna/status/847221406400094209 )

Ricegum goes on DramaAlert to say he did not hit Gabbie
( https://youtu.be/pgqPMnD3y0k )
Gabie would eventually upload a video debunking Ricegum’s claims. In the comments she claims she filed a police report.
( https://youtu.be/DMW82a3aTNY )
Gabbie in an 2018 interview with adam22 would later say she never said he punched her, he just wrestled her and slapped her.
( https://youtu.be/P6Pb4psaBTI )
Later in 2019 Ricegum would repeat the same original story he told and Gabbie surprisingly gave no response
( https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/ricegum-opens-up-on-alleged-assault-against-youtuber-gabbie-hanna-275680/ )

-Late 2018, Kenza cosmetics
Gabbie promoted “free” (but really $10) brushes on her channel/Instagram and claimed they were high quality brushes. Of course this turned out to be a scam, the brushes were either not shipped, or arrived broken. For the few that did get them, they were clearly not high quality brushes and many people correctly assumed this was a scam.
Lots of people were calling her out, her fans were angry, and her socials blew up with people asking why she would promote such a scam.
Famously, Gabbie did not handle this well at all and told her fans to “Manage your expectations, a little bit.” She also blamed her management for not looking into the situation better.

-2018 “I am so proud of this community” meme is born from the disastrous 2018 YouTube rewind.

-2019 Trisha Paytas drama.
Trisha comes forward and says that in 2017 Gabbie went to Jason Nash and told Jason that Trisha has herpes. Trisha and Gabbie aren’t friends and don’t talk to each other, so Trisha is upset that Gabbie is speaking on someone else’s health.
( https://youtu.be/foKRVeu99x4 )
Gabbie would go onto Instagram and try to justify herself spreading the rumor. Gabbie asks her fans if she is in the right and tells them she’s wrongfully being painted as a villain. Gabbie tells her fans that she “is SO kind”
Texts would come out between Trisha and Gabbie and Trisha told Gabbie it wasn’t her place to tell anyone about her sexual health especially since it isn’t true, and Gabbie told Trisha that someone Trisha was close with was the one that told her she had herpes and to “be careful who you trust your secrets with”. Gabbie said she was just being a good friend to Jason and ended the conversation by saying “i really do feel for you and will always be an ear if you need someone…i dont hold grudges. Just kno you’re not alone, even when you feel u are”

Trisha would both be featured on Blood Queens & shortly after Gabi Demartino and Gabbie Hanna would work together to try and smear Trisha’s name (as if she needed help with that but w/e)
Gabi claimed that Trisha was blackmailing her into silence about Gabbie and not letting her talk about what Trisha said about Gabbie.
The drama was contrived and came out of nowhere so it’s widely believed Gabbie needed drama to promote her new podcast and jumped on the first thing she could. One of the first instances where Trisha had drama and majority of people were actually on her side.
Summarized here:
( https://dankanator.com/31644/trisha-paytas-gabbie-hanna-gabi-feud-promote-blood-queens/ )

-2019 Jessi Smiles (Round Two)
Gabbie sees a tweet from one of her and Jessi’s fans( https://twitter.com/deanime_/status/1193995943693242376 ) stating that Gabbie chose Jessi’s rapist over Jessi. Gabbie then DMs the fan to “tell her side of the story”. The fan would forward the DMs to Jessi and Jessi would address everything in a 30 minute video.
( https://youtu.be/XbO_X_15lqE )
Important bits:
Gabbie claims she was never friends/collaborated with Cutis, and that there are no photos or videos because “it doesn’t exist, because it didn’t happen. That man is not my friend, has never been my friend. i think i tweeted him at one time before i ever met jessi”
Gabbie claims that when the allegations happened, she and Jessi weren’t friends and after they became friends she never talked to or collabed with Curtis.
Gabbie claims she and Jessi had a falling out and then Jessi and Jen Dent started a hate campaign against her.
Gabbie sent some DMs between her and Jessi to the fan and claims it shows how manipulative Jessi is but it was just a normal conversation.
Deanime (the fan Gabbie DMs) tells Gabbie that she vividly remembers the tweet about Gabbie collaborating with Curtis, and hundreds of others do too. Deanime posts a screenshot of the collaboration between Gabbie and Curtis. Gabbie says that a screenshot is fake. Deanime promises her that the screenshot was real and promises over her dead grandfather’s grave it was real. Gabbie tells her it isn’t real.
Gabbie turned Jen and Jessi against each other and caused them to stop talking to each other for 6 months. Eventually they realized what Gabbie did and they made up.

Gabbie on her podcast tells people to look up her Twitter history because someone told her “I swear there’s a tweet” (about her supporting Cutris) and Gabbie says “Please show me”
Youtuber Lily Marston would take Gabbie’s words to heart and looked through her Twitter, only to find that Gabbie of course lied about everything. (Previously linked thread:
https://twitter.com/lily_marston/status/1275084731466395648/photo/1 )

-November 2019 Alx makes a video about Gabbie
( https://youtu.be/xNsxTlOkiqI )

-May 2020, Gabbie responds to Jessi’s video (& mentions Trisha Paytas, Alx James, & Beyonce)
( https://youtu.be/AiqfmjG_pcE )
I don’t feel like writing highlights other than: Gabbie literally starts this video saying she hates cancel culture. At 2:19 Gabbie says: “I personally don’t feel that making videos about people you have a problem with is the example that we should be setting as the norm”
Also gabbie posts screenshots as proof she tried to reach out to Alx but the texts literally have the person responding saying “You have the wrong number” and “No this is not Alex”

-June 2020 Gabbie Hanna is so important that YouTube shadow banned her
Gabbie claims she has been shadow banned since April 2019 and has proof. She says she’s never been on the trending page, she isn’t getting enough views, she’s not crazy. Gabbie claims she has a whole team working on it and gathering data to prove that Youtube has done this. Gabbie says because her song was so good it should have trended on Youtube and it should have gotten way more views “even from hate”
At the time she made the video complaining about it, her music video had over 300k views. She was mad it didn’t go over 1m despite having “so much interaction” at 51k likes and 9k comments.
Gabbie had actually been on the trending page 4 times within 6 months. But she left that out.
Gabbie cries about being known as a rape apologist & someone who promoted scams and said she wanted to kill herself because she can’t escape these rumors and her music is being suppressed.

Never does talk about it again after saying she will be showing the proof. She quickly disappears online and doesn’t post anything.

-August 2020
Gabbie returns after the shadow ban claims.
( https://youtu.be/xZnsBimp1Fo )
Gabbie claims her relationship with a certain friend group she joined in LA was abusive without naming them directly. She claims the friend group wouldn’t let her make new friends and would warn other people about her when she reached out to them. That the friend group would make fun of her nose and her weight. She switches from saying “friend group” to single terms of “this person” and she claims this person was blackmailing her, abusing her, gaslighting her, bullying her, trapping her.
Gabbie claims she tried to stop the situation privately but was met with “more threats more blackmail” and calls this person toxic. She switches back to “group of people” and says she stood up to them so that she didn’t have to go back to bed with knots in her stomach. She claims there were threats to her career and against her physically.
Gabbie claims she put all these receipts together and was explaining the situation in a video, but then watching it back decided to not to tell “her story” because she didn’t recognize the person in the video. She admits to being obsessed with this person.
She “deleted everything” and then stepped away from social media.
She claims “these people” (note it’s plural again!) joined her patreon under fake names, and joined her Discord. She says that they bullied a girl to almost suicide. They bullied a 10 year old kid in her Discord. Etc etc.
Gabbie says she started a lawsuit against these people. Immediately she decides to not do the lawsuit because “it would take too long :(“
Gabbie claims she wants to be “left the fuck alone” by “these people.” She says “if someone doesn't want you in their life move on anything more than that is harassment”

Gabbie then claims she and Payton (her boyfriend) went home one day and there was a man outside of her house with a laptop and his trunk looked like “fucking spy equipment” and then they went inside fast. They stepped back out and apparently the guy had left. This incident caused Gabbie to be scared for her life.
Gabbie rants about some fan faking suicide and faking an assault on a 13 year old girl
Later she says "I don't care when people make fun of my books or my music. Art is up for conversation. I love that people are having a conversation"

Towards the end of the video, Gabbie says this:
“my fucking album is coming out next month i've been working on that in the music video and it was actually written about trisha paytas for trisha paytas but i'll talk about that and explain that in another video and i know that there's already people eye rolling like wow she came back because she has music and her book coming out and i mean yeah like that's that's why i've always done this” basically admitting she only comes up and stirs the pot whenever she needs promotion

-2020 Gabbie releases her second shitty poetry book called "Dandelion"

-April 2021 Gabbie complains about Youtuber Rachel Oates saying her poetry sucks. Gabbie was the one who sent Rachel the book. Rachel asks to be left out of Gabbie's drama. Gabbie proceeds to rant about Rachel on Twitter for days, calls Rachel: "narcissistic abuser”, "a toxic, manipulative, ugly person", “manipulative, narcissistic, b*tch.”
Summary thread here: ( https://twitter.com/defnoodles/status/1384263299047428096 )

-Feb 2021 Gabbie features Trisha on her show “Burnout”, the two seem to be over whatever drama they were still complaining about and tolerate each other (though this is short lived)
( https://youtu.be/SPOYFpAhXT0 )
Trisha would in March defend Gabbie when David’s treatment of her became viral due to his other allegation going on at the time.
( https://twitter.com/trishapaytas/status/1375864590706171909 )

No. 1271156

Alanis im so sorry

No. 1271157

thank you, yours is actually so much better lol

thanks, it's my first time making a thread on snow, I forgot some stuff like the rachel oates drama but I think >>1271154 has us covered

No. 1271161


no it was a great start!
im currently trying to summarize the whole part 2 fiasco with the tea channels but holy shit this is a doozy

No. 1271163

Fucking props summarizing Gabbie’s attention whoring. I’ve been waiting for this thread kek.

No. 1271167

Holy shit this is the most thorough thread starter I've ever seen, thank you both

No. 1271172

thanks for getting this thread up and running anons.
I'm currently watching the gabbie/trisha burnout podcast episode and it's making me think that trisha is a farmer more and more, and gabbie maybe even moreso (dropping video cause imageboard). trisha saying that she's scoured gabbie's videos for mentions of herself is kind of indicative of how much digging these people actually do. it'd be insane to assume they're not on the farms or at least lurking/have an "assistant" doing it for them

No. 1271174

oh gabbie is 100% the type to selfpost, seriously. that or she'll make a video about lolcow, calling us narcissistic abusive bullies

No. 1271177

ayrt, honestly this. she has a very specific typing pattern and lives online so it'd probably be easy for a "fan" or critic of hers to spot (vid related kek)
hate to sound like a whiny autist but her using ADHD as an excuse really fucking bothers me, I've been struggling with it my whole fucking life and being a spectrumite doesn't mean we're all cunts and it's a get out of accountability free card.

No. 1271178

Alrighty, here we go

In April, Gabbie’s long term boyfriend disappears.Gabbie posts about how she could fuck everyone’s parents if she wanted to.
( https://twitter.com/defnoodles/status/1386563131313250312 )

-Gabbie once again claims Jen Dent sexually assaulted a child. There is no proof of this. Gabbie sent her fans after Jen over this & hacked Jen’s phone.
( https://www.tiktok.com/@maegan_lemons/video/6961482246415043845?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESMgow%2FAF3SySrM%2BGlZhsrJEZMuW2cGETu0IIzecN1sYrAy10l%2FYEDp6vWWSZo6ghgI1jnGgA%3D&language=en&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAq3qvS0NqO088FQb4z7xe_EUzFsEzCCq5pLmWBGyJDix1lR09t6Em5c-YJe0EB-EN&share_app_id=1233&share_item_id=6961482246415043845&share_link_id=B5D91304-7F2F-46B1-9ED4-4A6A713FDFCC&source=h5_m&timestamp=1621032886&tt_from=copy&u_code=d0m77mk6meef3i&user_id=6573738905467404293&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=copy&_r=1 ) (why the fuck are tiktok links so long on desktop? Im not downloading your shitty app)

Gabbie announces she is making her own documentary about how much of a victim she is. Titled “Confessions of a WashedUp YouTube HasBeen”

-Gabbie does an interview with Buzzfeed on June 4th, 2021 bringing up Jessi’s name.

-Jessi on June 7th, in response to the interview, released parts of a 3 hour phone call with Gabbie that they both consented to recording one year prior.
( https://twitter.com/jessismiles__/status/1402029351319736322 )
It turns out this phone call happened on the same day as Gabbie’s famous high school bullies podcast rant
( https://youtu.be/ogFBVXCZFHM )
In the call, Gabbie blames Jessi for everything and tells her that it’s her fault. In the video you see Gabbie retelling Jessi what Curtis told her, as Jessi is in tears and asks to take a break. (Very important!: In the video Gabbie tells Jessi that Curtis confronted HER about what happened with Jessi, but in Gabbie’s documentary she claims SHE asked Curtis about it.)
Gabbie responds to this by pretending to be insane on TikTok.
( https://twitter.com/tea_fan_410/status/1408589829374464000 )
She then makes a post claiming to be a totally epic troll who’s so good people don’t even realize she’s trolling.
( https://twitter.com/RibottoStudios/status/1408618559689805831/photo/1 )

-In one of the promos for her documentary, Gabbie shows in the background a clip of Jessi crying over the part where Gabbie is talking about people who “put a target on her back”.
( https://youtu.be/d4Mm1CLQ-Aw )
This prompted Jessi to once again ask to be left out of the drama Gabbie starts.
( https://twitter.com/jessismiles__/status/1408578026586128394 )

No. 1271179


June 24th Gabbie starts uploading one video a day from her “docuseries”
Note each video except the one where she is “apologizing” is ~40 minutes. Her
Episode 1 is supposedly about Ricegum but most of it is her complaining about other shit. Gabbie announces she had a “clean and loving breakup” with Payton Saxton.
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTQ71-nE9y8 )
I’m not watching it, don’t care. Ricegum and Gabbie both suck.

June 25th, Episode 2
Gabbie starts "dramagedon". Chapter 2: Tea Channels.
( https://youtu.be/5QuFqUlLm4U )
The first half of the video is Gabbie talking about random shit and her talking about how her mental health affects what she does. She doesn’t mention the actual subject matter until 16 minutes in.
Gabbie claims that Kim Devins, the mother of Bianca Devins, is demanding apologies from Tea Channels that “exploited her daughters death.” (Also Gabbie puts the Tweet from Deanime & Jessi’s original thumbnail in the video for some reason? Lol I thought this was about tea channels Gabbie???)

(some recap for context:)
Originally in January 2020 Gabbie uploaded a video about becoming an egirl
( https://youtu.be/LMjvWz7CgDg )
In it Gabbie posted screenshots from an article that mentioned a girl who was murdered. Gabbie and her editor both seemingly missed the part of the article that mentioned the brutal murder part, and so he video went up.
People were pissed. You can read the comments on the video. So, tea channels reported on it. It was a huge thing. They didn’t start it, they just report on an already ongoing drama. Gabbie makes it seem like they started this drama.(Notice Gabbie never edited the description, or annotations, or title…. Or anything…. Again, like her Erica video I will get to later.)

There’s a whole bunch of videos that reported on Gabbie keeping Bianca in her video, but thankfully Gabbie herself made a list of people who “reported” on it if you would like to see their videos. (Some of them didn’t, this is just people Gabbie listed at 30:22 in the chapter 2 video)

Angelika Oles
Justin Dailey
Viewer’s Voice
(Nick Snider)
Anna Oop
Spill Sesh
Tea Spill
Ready to Glare
Ashlye Kyle
Trisha Paytas

Eventually the mother had to step in, and said she doesn’t think anyone should be offended by Gabbie complimenting her shirt, and that Gabbie should be left alone. However it seems she had some misinformation, because she was told by gabbie that the tea channels were spreading images about Bianca’s death and using her name for clout.
( https://youtu.be/-VuhiHpLyWY )
Tea Channels would stop uploading after this video came out. Angelika Oles in particular was actually thanked by Gabbie for her apology. So it’s weird Gabbie does a 180 and attacked her, screaming her name in chapter 2.
( https://twitter.com/Bowblax/status/1410872024130461699 )
(end of old milk recap)

Kim Devins is reached out to by Angelika and Ready to Glare. Kim Devins tells them that she did not know they stopped making content about Bianca. Kim goes and watches their videos, and says she is not offended by their content. Gabbie literally was making shit up. You can see this in Gabbie’s own tweets where she posts Kim’s texts to her, and Kim’s texts had screenshots of her messages to Angelika where she says she didn’t know they weren’t still posting about Bianca. Gabbie lied to Kim and said they were still doing this shit.
Angelika refuses to post their messages except for the one Kim gave permission for, which is where she says she didn’t feel like Angelika hurt her family.
( https://twitter.com/GabbieHanna/status/1410347528466231298 )
( https://twitter.com/angelikaoles/status/1410358620387151881 )
Ready to Glare makes an apology
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riTyNmVsX64 )
( https://twitter.com/ReadytoglareYT/status/1408568651125608457 )
( https://twitter.com/ReadytoglareYT/status/1408594916884762630 )

Commentary channels are taking Gabbie’s side in this situation, saying that Tea Channels took things too far / were unfair to Gabbie. It’s mostly the Keemstar leeches/Goonsquad like Nick The Oreo, Augie, and Turkey Tom.

!!!! BIG NOTE HERE !!!!:
Gabbie is a huge hypocrite. (We already knew it, but here’s more proof!)
In 2017 Gabbie Hanna uploaded a video telling the story about a girl who overdosed at high school. The girl’s name was Erica Million. Gabbie tells the story as if the girl was a druggie and had been a bad kid & lazy student.
( https://youtu.be/fI6hFPZ4PjQ )
This video was originally monetized.
A week later, Gabbie uploaded a second video and apologized. In this video Gabbie admits that the family asked her to fix her mistakes in the video. The family said that the video is not accurate to the daughter, and that it painted her as a bad person when the daughter was anything but.
Gabbie doesn’t edit anything about the last video. She doesn’t take it down. No description changes. No annotations added. She doesn’t even leave a link either in the description or a comment to the apology to clear things up. She leaves the video up as it was. This was only a week after the original upload.
Some people even claim the family asked her to remove the video, but I can’t find proof of that.
( https://youtu.be/k00oTlt9Hks )

No. 1271181

-June 26th Gabbie makes her shortest video yet, addressing “the people’s she’s hurt” but it only addresses her past racism and not anything else she has done. Supposedly her “biggest regret” was some problematic content she made before making fun of black people.
( https://youtu.be/dqNgKGnpePw )
Deleted vine about the baby daddies:
( https://youtu.be/Bb1W0MG4GGc )

-(These next two are listed together because Trisha responded before the other two did)
June 27th, Gabbie posts her Documentary part about Escape the Night. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5TuqunKgrE )
June 28th, Gabbie’s video part in her documentary about Trisha comes out. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPSGjikpmPw )
Mentions on her TikTok that it’s all Trisha’s fault that Joey and Daniel are against her.
( https://twitter.com/defnoodles/status/1409341005782945792 )

Gabbie claims:
They triggered her ED because they didn’t accommodate her food choices.
Her back broke out because of fake jewelry
The costumes they made for her never fit her

Joey and Daniel both make response videos, Gabbie is just making shit up. Some actors come out and support their statements on Twitter/Youtube comments.
(Joey’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGSADZh_gDk )
(Daniel’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnod0Qxpt5o )
( https://twitter.com/AlexWassabi/status/1409308431815643136 )

Basically: Gabbie is 100% full of shit or was the reason that things like her costumes not fitting (she literally went to one out of 3 costume fittings) went south.

Trisha rants for days about Gabbie and how Gabbie lied about her sexual health, stalked her, and pretended they were friends. It’s a whole mess that’s all still up on Trisha’s twitter, I recommend reading through it if you like watching train wrecks hit other train wrecks.
Some highlights:
( https://twitter.com/trishapaytas/status/1409373722562101252 )
( https://twitter.com/trishapaytas/status/1409351347510538243 )

No. 1271182

-July 1st, Gabbie uploads a video finally addressing the Jessi call.
It does not go well.
Disables likes/dislikes
Does not apologize at all
Calls Jessi her abuser
Posts screenshots of their Dms, claiming Jessi was threatening her but if you pause and read them it’s Jessi telling her what she plans to do calmly
Claims that Jessi recorded the call with video instead of just audio so that she could make herself look “better”
Gabbie claims Curtis recorded her phone calls with him and that he cut up the audio and blackmailed her with fake audio where it was spliced to have Gabbie say she believed him
Tries to deflect onto one of Jessi's friends (Alx James) that had originally he tried to be impartial to the rape allegations (despite him apologizing to Jessi and her accepting it, unlike Gabbie)

Gabbie links to an upload of the full call audio. It’s basically an extended version of the one that Jessi posted before, but this time 10 times the gaslighting and way longer. If you’ve been SA’s it can be hard to sit through. (Also Gabbie left it all intact and even added in Jessi’s video clips from Twitter, but she cut out her own "past trauma", because she doesn't want her own trauma out but is fine blasting Jessi's everywhere)
( https://youtu.be/VmUR6zyIghI )

July 2nd, Sarah McGonagall calls out Gabbie Hanna and how she’s claimed 3 different people are the cause of her getting dropped on her record deal.
( https://twitter.com/gothspiderbitch/status/1411046035804372992 )

As of tonight, Jessi Smiles, Alx James, and Nick DeOrio are all planning to make videos about Gabbie and will release them in the near future. (Nick is simping for Gabbie though so don’t expect that one to add anything of value)

No. 1271183


Some great recap vids for those of you that prefer video media:




No. 1271185

>hate to sound like a whiny autist but her using ADHD as an excuse really fucking bothers me, I've been struggling with it my whole fucking life and being a spectrumite doesn't mean we're all cunts and it's a get out of accountability free card.

she blamed all of her behavior on the set of 'escape the night' on her adhd, and joey graceffa (or maybe it was his boyfriend, I don't remember) brought up that almost everyone who starred in it also had adhd and none of them acted like she did


thank you!

No. 1271190

sorry to samefag, but yes it was Joey. his boyfriend/ex boyfriend went more into the food/eating disorder and professionalism side. anon supplied link here for anyone who needs it under "Daniel" and Joey's is the one where he says the cast were also on the spectrum but never used it as an excuse (dropping link for ease of access)
super interesting, and kind of spot on. sorry to blogpost but I've worked on sets and she's literally broken every golden rule. like someone said in Dan's video comments, "she's blacklisting herself from the industry"

No. 1271195

Godbless Joey for responding this so fast and so respectfully with receipts. Honestly never heard of him or Escape the Night until this whole debacle but literally only Gabbie seems like a problem out of the whole cast

No. 1271196

some more milk.

there was a discord server of ex gabbie patrons. someone sent gabbie the link and she went there and threatened to sue everyone in that discord. and most of the people in that discord were kids too. she accused them of bullying and slander. she also claimed that they harassed her current patrons which is completely false.

No. 1271254

File: 1625406459823.jpg (51.57 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Sage for tangential(?) comments.

Re: Rachel Oates
Jimmy Snow, Youtube atheist/drama channel is for some reason siding with Gabbie Hanna despite being "good friends" with Rachel. He asked Rachel to delete her review despite it already being posted. He never read GH's book nor watched Rachel's video but decided that Rachel's video shouldn't exist.

He recently posted a YT on the situation, said he didn't know anything about GH's rape apologism or other drama, said he wouldn't do any research, and believed in GH. Noted "atheist/skeptic" here.

He also deleted all critical comments, turned off like/dislike ratios, and has been banning people from his subreddit for mentioning it. He also turned off the list of subreddit mods, I guess so no one can see that he is one.

It's just bizarre because I don't know how he and Gabbie even became close enough for her to complain about Rachel's vid. Maybe he sided with the person with the most subscribers.

No. 1271266

File: 1625408101420.jpg (363.98 KB, 2215x1440, Screenshot_20210704-215821_You…)

Kinda nitpick but I didn't realise she had jumped on the sausage lips wagon
Girl, pumping your mouth up doesn't make that honker look any less unfortunate

No. 1271267

Jimmy's a typical male feminist who's just as misogynistic as the fundies and conservatives he goes after but hides it better under the guide of progressiveness. Siding with a rape apologist and narc over a supposed "friend", it had to be due to sub count or he just really hated rachel

No. 1271287

Holy shit…her nose is literally a third of her face.

Always fucking hated her. I feel so vindicated right now.

No. 1271304

Gabbie's so unbearably ugly and yet has an ego like she's a supermodel, kek. I'm still not over her cringe tweet in the op.

Thanks anon(s) for this thread; it's an excellent summary and she definitely is a huge cow.

No. 1271332

This is a great thread summary OP good job

No. 1271368

Am I the only one who is convinced she on something these days? Dont get me wrong, she was always a narc cunt, but her rapid weightloss and very weird manic behaviour has me convinced she is dipping in the nose candy. Or maybe she is just abusing her adhd meds that she doesn't actually really need

No. 1271385

doubt it, if she was on drugs we'd know about it because she lacks personal boundaries and treats youtube like free therapy.

her "crazy behaviour" is all just an attention grab, it's so fake and cringey especially given her age.

No. 1271404

File: 1625425208032.png (635.39 KB, 1600x900, gabbie.png)

you've inspired me, anon

No. 1271416

This might be kinda nitpick-y but her pick-me behavior is insane, she's weirdly obsessed with trying to prove to the world she's "fuckable". In her phone call with Jessi she kept bringing up how Jessi's boyfriend apparently wanted to fuck her but that they never actually did but that she COULD'VE if she wanted to because he asked her sooo many times

>"And then I said to him, ‘maybe we should just hook up.’ And he said, ‘yeah, we definitely should. How about tonight?’ And I was like, ‘haha, no.’ And then he hit me up two more times to have sex."

>"If I wanted to fuck him in the three times that he texted me and wanted to have sex with me, I would have had sex with him"
>"I didn't try to have sex with him. I said it just to know that I could"
>"He was talking to me, talking shit about you and he asked me to have sex three times. And it felt good knowing after what you did that I could do that back because you did that to me"

Plus the whole situation that happened with Dominic DeAngelis where she said he dehumanized her after he said that he'd pass her in a game of smash or pass - nothing against her physical appearance, just that "he'd pass" and she went ballistic over it. She just reeks of insecurity, I don't understand how anyone could be around her without getting exhausted.

No. 1271429

File: 1625428065894.png (Spoiler Image, 5.76 MB, 828x1792, A552C702-A1BF-4726-B195-8CC89D…)

Nitpick; but I just thought it was funny that it took 3 days before our self-aware queen realized her nipple was exposed on her Instagram post promoting her (No-nudity!!!) OF

No. 1271472

>told Jessi to leave fans out of it
>proceeds to involved fans into it

No. 1271477

I don’t think I’d want to be aware of myself if I looked like this.

No. 1271486

The bowblax, de oreo dudes have been real quiet after claiming that they would ride for her. They even mentioned streaming after each new video and that hasn't happened.

No. 1271499

File: 1625435295526.png (54.63 KB, 593x561, do more research nick.png)

nah, nick is now anti-jessi, pure trash and doesnt even know the timeline


No. 1271507

It's interesting to see the contrast between how he conducts himself in his commentary videos and the mini-Keem "cool guy" troll persona he flaunts on Twitter.

No. 1271534

Jessi's video is up

No. 1271535

I honestly can't believe Hagggie Hanna somehow managed to get worse every single time i hear her name being mentioned

No. 1271547

File: 1625442753918.jpg (9.61 KB, 250x267, Oreosurprised.jpg)

Leave it to a scrote to say that gh humanizing a rapist isnt rape apologist behavior

No. 1271562

thank you nonny for this thread! she deff deserves one.

watching this vid now >>1271534 and i'm so sad that jessi even had to do this while she's pregnant.
gabbie is a monster and i'm surprised that she even still has supporters during this.

No. 1271578

If Ted Bundy has lots of admires what's stopping her to have some. Kek

No. 1271585

Scarce got fat af

Gabbi is either a malicious bitch or a delusional bitch. The fact that she says all these straight up lies on people is astounding. She likes to say the rest of the world gaslights her but goddamn bitch looks like she's got a fucking degree in gas lighting

No. 1271612

my tinfoil is she managed to get an adderall rx but she doesn’t really have adhd so she’s just hopped up on amphetamines and losing her mind.

No. 1271617

Reminds me of Vicky from /pt/.

No. 1271618

File: 1625452083626.jpg (85.76 KB, 400x400, por-que-no-los-dos.jpg)

>Gabbi is either a malicious bitch or a delusional bitch

No. 1271625

File: 1625453534411.jpg (94.88 KB, 1024x994, 20210512_020710.jpg)

No. 1271649

her and mariah could be twins

No. 1271652

Watched this whole video and I almost cried at some parts near the end. Holy shit.

The fact that Gabbie calls Jessi her "abuser" over and over again… And then says she wanted to hear Curtis's side of the story because "he's a human being". Also not sure why Gabbie would leave that statement up in a video on her own channel, it's so incriminating. I can't with this fucking bitch, i really can't.

And the sheer AMOUNT of times Gabbie contradicts herself. I was gonna list them out but I can't because there's too many times. She claims that Jessi started a "hate campaign" against her, and that she wants to leave it all behind her but Jessi keeps bringing it up (which is the opposite of reality but whatever). Then in the phone call with Jessi, Jessi says "just sue me and leave our fans out of it" and Gabbie says she would rather keep the fans involved. Like????? Can this bitch hear herself?

No. 1271657

Beautiful thread anons

You just know if (when, cause narc who can’t stop looking herself up) Gabbie sees this thread there will be a grade A melt down

No. 1271664

If you're not convinced that Gabbie is completely fucking insane, just watch these clips of her. Especially the one that starts at 4:13.

No. 1271669

I hope in a few months admin will tag all of her posts because you know she's gonna be all over this site if she isn't already

No. 1271670

she already threatened to sue ex patrons for having a discord about her, just imagine when she discovers this thread

No. 1271678

nikocado avocado has done worse tbh.

No. 1271680

She acts like a compilation of every insufferable pseudo intellectual Bo Burnham stan ever jfc she’s unlikeable as hell

No. 1271684

What’s with leBEANese online personalities being massive cows? We got moo, Idubbbz gf, SSsniperwolf and of course Gabbie.

No. 1271687

I mean the common denominator is they’re all extremely insecure. Not sure why, like yeah they’re kind of ugly/unfortunate-looking but so are plenty of people. It doesn’t have to make you literally psychotic.

No. 1271691

SSSniperwolf claimed that her mom is Turkish and her dad is Greek, but then said she spoke Arabic, which wouldn't really make sense if you think about it. Then someone pointed out that her Arabic was spoken in the Iraqi dialect and someone claiming to be her cousin said she was Iraqi. Bu at any rate I don't think she's Lebanese.

And we also have Mia Khalifa who is a bit of cow in her own right

No. 1271714

I briefly watched gabbie a few years ago before quickly realizing she was full of BS, can't believe she hasn't been chased off the internet yet, she is literally insufferable and doesn't even have looks to make up for it. Can't think of single "influencer" that looks worse than her

No. 1271717

>Can't think of single "influencer" that looks worse than her

well there's onionitis and…. yeah that's pretty much it. I used to watch her too, back in like 2016 I think, mostly for her story times because I thought they were entertaining. she always made the people she was talking about sound terrible, like her "psycho" roommate and her ex who was a "pathological liar". knowing what we know now, I REALLY want to hear those people's sides of the stories.

No. 1271720

Iirc the psycho roomate is supposed to be Jessi and the ex is supposed to be andrew, shane's camera man

No. 1271722

honestly anyone who knows lebanese chicks knows this is average lebanese woman behaviour

No. 1271733

I watched her back when she was posting those videos about the ex who she claimed was a pathological liar and someone commented his name. I'm not gonna say it but it's pretty easy to find, it's on gurugossip. obviously not 100% sure it's him but multiple sources claimed it was him. she did date andrew though.

with the roommate though Idk, she said the roommate was in her new beginnings video and you do briefly see a girl for a few seconds but she doesn't look like jessi. I guess it could be another one of her friends though

No. 1271747

This is a gossip forum. What's the point of announcing that you know his name and not telling us?

No. 1271750

because I didn't know if since he's not a public figure if it counts as doxxing or whatever and it's easy-ish to find. but, his name is braxten rutherford

No. 1271782

Doxxing is when you publish someone’s address and personal information not found online.
Public information and/or a name is not doxxing. Go back to gurugossiper

No. 1271786

>“we ordered salads…”
>“I only ate half of mine…”
>disney villain cackle

No. 1271803

File: 1625491262003.png (1.36 MB, 1666x754, Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 8.20…)

>Gabbie does an interview with Buzzed
This reminds me of some of her crazy messages to that Jen woman

>"I’m sorry that your dreams turned up dry, but mine are rapidly coming true before my eyes. I have no doubt that if that’s the path I choose that I’ll succeed. People laughed when I said I’d be a writer for BuzzFeed too"

Like writing for BuzzFeed is a crazy accomplishment

I heard that the director for this video also complained about her behavior

I assume that most LA influencers in their circle dabble in drugs and prescriptions. It's easily accessible and goes hand-in-hand with the party culture. And with the way she whines about her ADHD, I'm sure she has an adderall script

This girl is textbook unlikable: unfunny, untalented, unhappy, and ugly with an inflated ego. She also has that pick-me, jealous energy most girls run away from

No. 1271834

File: 1625494131016.jpg (86.06 KB, 675x1200, DheYKTIW0AAK96I.jpg)

ah ok. Thought he'd be more interesting. Just seems like a closeted gay Mormon.

No. 1271836

Jessi’s video has already surpassed Gabbie’s in views kek

No. 1271846

File: 1625495476342.jpg (7.06 KB, 223x226, gabbie linguine.jpg)

"Curtis is a human being"

No. 1271917

Uncanny kek

So Gabbie’s fans always say that Jessi is a “proven” pathological liar as if it is an undeniable truth. Is that based on anything besides delusion? I know all storytime YouTubers are inherently liars (see: Tana Mongeau) but Jessi seems relatively genuine.

No. 1271938

I have to clear up the timeline for this fat neckbeard Nick because he's going to be spreading misinformation and use it as a defense for Gabbie.

In 2013, Curtis raped Jessi.

In 2014:
Curtis was convicted. He plead guilty. Later on his legal team learned about "no contest" and they plead to that for his plea deal.
No contest is him admitting to the rape, but saying "I'm not guitly" at the same time because our legal system is FUCKED.
-He agrees Jessi was unconscious
-He admits to putting his penis inside of her.
That's rape. End of story. Don't care about the technicalities or your fucking clones saying "legally Jessi wasn't raped." It doesn't matter what he got convicted of. He admitted to raping her. Fuck off scrotes.

Gabbie was posting on twitter defending Curtis. That's the previously linked compilations. These compilations are important because Gabbie claims she NEVER defended Curtis. She "NEVER TOOK HIS SIDE". But this is proof she did take his side. She did defend him. This is why the tweets are important.
( https://twitter.com/lily_marston/status/1275084731466395648/photo/1 )
( https://twitter.com/lily_marston/status/1275084738919673856/photo/1 )
( This tweet in particular was 6 days AFTER Curtis was arrested: <- Not after he was arrested, this was 24 days AFTER THE RAPE. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJq8BGKU4AAlX7-?format=jpg&name=900x900 )

In August of 2014, Gabbie apologizes to Jessi about her tweets. Jessi says Gabbie didn't really know her that well so she accepts the apology. The two become roommates and best friends.

2015: Gabbie and Jessi grow apart. They move out separately. It wasn't an explosive ending, they just didn't really get along anymore and stopped hanging out.
But then Gabbie starts to hang out with Curtis. She has dinners with him. She hangs out with his friends and he "happens to be there". There's the previously linked picture of them together, the blacked out face is Curtis' then at the time girlfriend who didn't want to be associated with him anymore after learning what happened. Gabbie talks with Curtis and either asks for his side of the story, or he offers it to her, who fucking knows. She changes her story every time she tells it.
( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EcBxGi5U8AAi08U?format=jpg&name=large )

Gabbie looks EVEN WORSE with this corrected timeline. She went out of her way to try and discredit Jessi after they stopped being friends because she's a vindictive bitch.

No. 1271951

AFAIK nobody called out Jessi for lying on her storytimes, they did sound a little bit outlandish

No. 1271959

Gabbie has always been a shitty person, but this last year or so she's gone off the deep end. I am almost sure her Adderall is making her narcissist ass act out more as that shit gives you such an ego boost if you don't have ADHD

No. 1271960

sage because it's not new milk but does anybody remember when Andrew broke up with her and then Shane set him up with his internet crush, whom Gabbie promptly hired for a music video and befriended after finding out? That should have been our first hint that she's crazy tbh

No. 1271978

"Jessi Smiles Abuses Herself Over Gabbie Hanna"

sage for cringe take

No. 1272012

>I have to clear up the timeline for this fat neckbeard Nick

Please stop giving this corpulent virginal nonentity attention.

No. 1272024

I've never even used gg other than lurking. in other lc threads in the past ive asked for names and they were like "i can't give that to you here" so i thought it might be against the rules or something. anyway I gave you the name so why are you still bitching?

No. 1272078

This was my hint. Just something about how Gabbie interacts with Christine after someone told Gabbie that Christine finds her intimidating was giving me HUGE red flags. Never looked back after this video.

No. 1272079

Timestamps didn't work, go to around 6:00 min

No. 1272092

christ why does she even have an audience shes always been insufferable

No. 1272115

Her fanbase is 90% lonely girls who get off on the parasocial relationship Gabbie rewards them with in exchange for their loyalty. They think they're friends and Gabbie sees them as her attack dogs, it's a win win.

No. 1272181

Saged because not exactly hole fat milk, but perhaps skim? At least soy?
Jen Dent tweeted out a YouTube video titled “ASMR~ Totally Not Gabbie Sue s and Gas Lights You…” and I’m cackling.

No. 1272183

Great. Another scrote dismissing sa victims. Gabbie's incels are coming out full force to suck her cock online and attack jessi. Already seeing them say that women like jessi shouldn't even be online while pregnant because they're so "illogical and emotional" it causes troubles

No. 1272197

At this point she's skimming the bottom of the barrel in terms of supporters. Most of them are young girls and a handful of scrotes who will cape for anyone who denies sexual assault.
On the bright side, Gabbie is probably blacklisted from a lot of projects, events, collaborations, production companies, etc. She's burned too many bridges with actual influential people (like producers from YouTube) and any album she puts out will flop hard.
Her career was already burning out, she just sped up the process

No. 1272204

File: 1625539905367.gif (185.65 KB, 470x354, ohoho.gif)

Love it, my nonitas.

No. 1272254

I just can’t believe she made Jessie assault story about herself how can any sane person do that
The poor girl has gone through a incredible amount of trauma made to look like a liar by her own friend gabbie and then shit on even more cause gabbie offended and wants to be centre attention
The phone call was shocking

No. 1272274

Not only did she make it all about herself but then has the fucking NERVE to call everyone else narcissists

No. 1272343

File: 1625575975606.jpeg (151.23 KB, 828x384, C346A250-379B-4497-B812-22DC81…)

Not this scrote trying to defend himself

No. 1272345

File: 1625576077333.jpeg (420.41 KB, 894x2048, 50BA74D2-EADF-486A-94AC-38C3FF…)

No. 1272434

>Sexual assault, abuse and/or harassment should not be tolerated.
>Fortunately we live in a time where we can have positive conversations about our human rights to choose what to do with our body.
wtf, maybe he just worded this weirdly but it sounds like he is saying that people have the right to be in abusive or messed up situations.

>He thought Jessi had her eyes closed but was not asleep.

>He thought it was okay because they had a conversation a week prior about waking up to sex.
Not clear whether Jessi was awake or not from his perspective.

>He says he was confused and mortified when he realized that Jessi was asleep throughout the whole ordeal.

>He says he learned that night that consent must be explicit, regardless of previous conversations or relationship status.
>The only reason he admits that what he did was wrong was to give Jessi closure.
>He wanted to fight the charges against him, but none of his friends wanted to stand up for him.
So, he doesn't think he did anything wrong to Jessi.

No. 1272453

The dude is a fucking sex pest, if you look through his Facebook uploads it's literally the same like 10 videos reuploaded again and again over the course of years and 8 of 10 of them are thumbnails of women's ass or tits

Of course he wouldn't know consent even after rapping someone and getting in legal trouble, even after admitting that the girl he stuck his dick in was asleep.

No. 1272496

Do you ever just want to a-log so bad. This is so stupid. I hate men and I hate Gabbie Hanna for emboldening this rapist. He took the plea deal because if he hadn’t he would’ve been found guilty as a felony rapist, so for him to now spin the narrative and say “uwu she manipulated me into saying I raped her :(“ is so beyond twisted. Someone push this man into traffic please.

No. 1272547

kek thank u for this. 4:44 got me good

No. 1272568

>Someone push this man into traffic please
Add gabbie nd any supporters too who want to silence jessi. What a fucking shit show her narc ass caused. Imagine doing all this at 30 because your life is shit, have no career prospects or future employment opportunities.

No. 1272739

>maybe he just worded this weirdly but it sounds like he is saying that people have the right to be in abusive or messed up situations.
What? There's no way he's saying that. He's just referring vaguely to the #metoo movement because he was probably struggling with how to start the statement.

No. 1272910

Also how the hell do you just stick your dick in someone who is lying on a bed, silent and unresponsive? Even IF she was """reciprocating advancements""" during the car ride to the apartment and he really thought he was about to get laid. Who the fuck does this?
Like he would presumably have had to remove her pants and underwear/etc. and he didn't think it was weird that she wasn't reacting? Whoever defends this scrote should be shot.

No. 1272931

I literally cannot fathom how anyone could possibly be on gabbies side right now not an a-log but god I can’t wait for the day I don’t have to hear about this cow

No. 1272947

1. they are scrotes or misogynists.
2. They, like a certain sKePtIc posted earlier in this thread, refuse to even look at what she has done wrong.
3. Both.

No. 1272953

Because they are just like her, it's not rocket science

No. 1272964

Saged for nonmilk; but does anyone know who asked to be killed off in Escape the Night just to avoid working with Gabbie? I’ve never watched the show and don’t feel like sitting through a few hours of annoying LA YouTuber content to find out

No. 1273034

in season 2 or season 4?
for season 4 i know tana was killed off in the same episode but thats because she had to go work on something else
they killed gabbie off the same time as tana because everyone was sick of her shit

No. 1273105

she has a large audience of kids who don't really get what's wrong because they blindly believe GH as long as she puts 'receipts in her videos even if those are contradictory (because they don't read them)

No. 1273111


the problems they defend her on are always against other women too.
jessi? she's gotta be lying. no way gabbie harassed her for years. just manipulative, obviously. even going as far as to say curtis never raped her. actual human scum
tea channels (where 99% are women and then there's like 2 men)? all problematic. should be cancelled. wowie they need to be held accountable and not gabbie! she did nothing wrong!
trisha paytas is a freebie. they're both train wrecks who cause drama all the time.

but watch them not ever talk about her escape the night shit, her harassing alx, her enabling shane & only distancing from him after he got cancelled, her attacking her minor fans in discord threatening to sue them, the mental health professionals who have come out and called her out ( https://youtu.be/fcsXpYokRos ), or even her fight against ricegum (which would be the easiest fucking thing to defend her on).
calling it now.

No. 1273220


No. 1273240

As if Gabbie defending a rapist and calling Jessi an abuser wasn't bad enough, the whole Bianca Devins thing is making me fucking infuriated. No one had talked about it for OVER A YEAR until you brought it up again and had the audacity to fucking LIE on Kim Devins behalf in order to drag drama channels you don't like for something they didn't even do and make yourself look like a victim (which failed).

Then after Angelika made a video about the truth, Gabbie made a video saying Angelika "manipulated a grieving mother" and disabled the comments and likes lmfao. Gabbie you're so full of shit. I wonder how long before Kim Devins disowns Gabbie and Gabbie calls her an abuser/manipulator/gaslighter.

No. 1273242

oh yeah, forgot to mention that Gabbie is also a hypocrite (shocking) because she made a video about a girl at her school who overdosed. that video was monetized and got 10 million views. I heard the family wanted her to take it down but she didn't.

No. 1273414

angelika was setup here. unfortunately by the mother and gabbie. gabbie was allowed to show screenshots but not angelika. it was a way to control the narrative in gabbie's favor. shameful

in general people should just ignore this. let the victim pass peacefully and just focus on positives the mom wants.

No. 1273462

kim devins should be left alone by all of these people, the fact that she even got dragged into this is disgusting

No. 1273492

File: 1625758414434.png (51.25 KB, 583x517, Capture.PNG)

who made this sockpuppet account? lmfao

this person is deranged and has it out for RTG specifically it seems like


No. 1273518

File: 1625762137740.jpeg (205.52 KB, 828x599, 73F97867-DB58-4DB6-81ED-19472E…)

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the vendetta-chan in the RTG thread.

I will never understand people who are all “tea channels are the enemy!!!” and then unironically support/agree with/stand behind Keem. Deplatform all of the tea channels for all I care, just don’t be a hypocrite about it and take the Keems and Augies and DeOrios with them.

No. 1273520

I actually showed the OP pic to my dad and he called her a “fucking munter”. He has no idea who she is.

No. 1273527

peep the vagasil in the background

No. 1273626

Sage for being off topic but Jimmy Snow deserves his own thread or at least a dozen receipts in the youtuber general section. He's milky af

No. 1273638

No one gives a fuck what gross shit your dad has to say about her though, not as a cool as you think.
The few I've seen are fucking insane themselves so, not the best of the best

No. 1273668

So your Dad is shit talking the appearance of a woman he knows nothing about. Sounds like a classy guy.

No. 1273679

He knows she’s the type to write this weird ass caption and that’s enough. Idk why you’re so hung up on the fact that she’s ‘A WoMaN’ she’s absolute narc scum and deserves to be laughed at.

No. 1273685

In fact, I think everyone should show their parents this image and post their reaction.
>inb4 waaaah no!!! Ur shitting up the thread!! This isn’t fucking tiktok!!!!!!
It’s so bizarre she posted that caption, I can’t fathom it. It sounds like a rape threat.

No. 1273702

Anyone wanna take one for the team and join her Patreon?

No. 1273703

No. 1273720

I don't know why I said Patreon; I meant discord server smh. I'm trying to see if she's said anything regarding Jessi's video to her autistic stan army

No. 1273722

i’m fully on board with this trend, especially if it gets going on tik tok. i wanna see parents tearing her apart for even thinking she could fuck them.

No. 1273781

>shit talking the appearance of a woman he knows nothing about
Do you know where you are?

No. 1273833

Nta but it's an understandable reaction with the context of her caption

No. 1273913

if angelika was set up by kim devins and gabbie, then why did kim devins publicly say that RTG's apology was unnecessary after gabbie explicitly said that the family wanted a public apology from RTG? it would seem really weird to 'set up' angelika but not RTG..

also, gabbie said that the channel tea spill made a video about her using bianca's picture in her video…. which they never did. I have so many questions about this situation, but either way gabbie is 100% lying about some (or all) of it, as per usual

No. 1274063

I fucking hate this guy

No. 1274083

Wannabe keemstar who thinks he's better than "tea channels" because he uses "evidence" while they use "receipts" lmfao
Anyone defending Gabbie by tearing down Jessi is a waste of air. Literally pick any different angle.
Nick just wants to be contrarian and has an ego bigger than his fat ass. He's mad that Jen Dent called him an alt righter, he's always kissing Keems ass and Keem is anti Jessi, and his sworn enemy Def Noodles is pro Jessi. He doesn't have a problem with Jessi directly but he'll still try to tear her down just because he thinks he can.

He was supposed to make a Gabbie video about how unfair she's been treated but it keeps getting delayed

No. 1274179

>it keeps getting delayed

Gee I wonder why

No. 1274204

Hopefully because he did more research and learned his Jessi hate won't get him anywhere in an actual defense for Gabbie

Even Keemstar in 2018 backed down against Jessi after seeing the proof from Jen, and Jen even offered to get the court transcripts if he wanted her to.

No. 1274207

Sage for samefag but here's Jen's original video in 2018
Curtis straight up admitted to rape in the police monitored phone call btw
That's why he took a plea deal. Because he knew there was no way out unscathed. :)

No. 1274750


I don't understand how this piggy tard can publicly try to discredit victims of predators and rapists over and over again without stopping for a second to re-evaluate his choices. Like doesn't he have a mom who could tell him he's acting like someone women aren't safe around? Sometimes I wonder if he's got his own rapey skeletons in his closet because lbr what woman would go near him in a consensual situation

No. 1274760

File: 1625968287290.jpg (186.52 KB, 947x2048, 20210710_205050.jpg)

gabbie posted this on her OF (1/2)

No. 1274762

File: 1625968370502.jpg (160.83 KB, 947x2048, 20210710_205051.jpg)

No. 1274766

File: 1625968730478.png (45.7 KB, 564x309, lol.png)

lmfao, so she has no real response to being called out for everything she lied about? cool. business as usual.

im pretty sure he lives with his mommy anon (picrel), but he doesnt need to respect women he makes money online from other incels eating up his bs

No. 1274773

She's using her OF to share her shitty poetry? I guess that's the only way she can get people to pay for it.

No. 1274792

Someone tell the anons in the "mundane things thread" on /ot/, maybe they can also monetize their posts.

No. 1274802

This is even less poetry than her previous attempts, just reads like a stream of consciousness. Which is very on brand for her lately since she's just so chaotic every single second of her existence from her ADHD. Totally doesn't seem like an act or anything a lot of the time.

No. 1274862

imagine paying for someone's OF and getting that… but then again, paying for Gabbie's OF I don't know what they were expecting

No. 1275115


Quick reminder that though everything she writes sounds like a 14 yr old on tumblr trying to sound edgy, gabbie hanna is literally 30 years old

No. 1275583

Well her music is the same edgy 13 yr old mindset.

No. 1275768

im the anon that posted the poetry, i got it from twitter and apparently it's all free on her OF. so it's just attention whoring- nothing new from gabbie.

No. 1278634

Even though i hate GH, i also hate drama channels, and watching them go back and forth is kind of entertaining. Also Angelika was dishonest, in her most recent video about Gabbie she said that when she originally made a video about the egirl situation she just said "gabbie hanna did this thing and people were upset about it" making herself sound unbiased. But actually in her video she called Gabbie a shit person and a terrible human being and stuff like that. Like, i get how Gabbies egirl video could have come off as insensitive or maybe even disrespectful, but make her a terrible person? Really? I thought the same thing too when it happened but that's because i didnt actually see the video.

Also the family wasnt bothered by Gabbies video, but they also dont like it when drama channels use Biancas pictures. I dont really get how that's different from Gabbie using it. But idk

No. 1278714

Gabbie put focus on her outfit and then moved past it, it was a small section of the video, while drama channels used her photo, name and incident front and center.
This is another case of a cow attracting alogs to her

No. 1278724

The only channel that used Bianca’s photos was Turkey Tom and Kim literally said she had no problem with angelika’s content after she sat down and watched it lmao stop drinking the nick oreo juice

No. 1278731

>Kim literally said she had no problem with angelika’s content after she sat down and watched it lmao stop drinking the nick oreo juice

We know. Tayrt didnt say Angelika did that. But Kim did say she had a problem with drama channels using Biancas name and picture for clout. That's what we were talking about. Keep up.

No. 1280129

Wasn't that just because Gabbie told the mother that "drama channels were using her daughter" without specifying which ones or how? Gabbie just went up to her and was dishonest

No. 1280221

she's the reason i decided not to get a filler nosejob

i'd rather have a weird looking nose than that

No. 1280298

Idc if I get a ban for being ot but anon there’s truly no reason for nose job. People bully GH for hers because she’s obnoxious about it and acts like it’s some major statement piece that she doesn’t get it “fixed” which just proves she does align with the very thing she claims to be against. Especially since she had work done anyways. Had she just not cared it would have been dropped by now because that would be an actual statement against stupid beauty standards. Your nose is probably perfectly fine and fits on your face, you just hyper focus on it and it seems worse than it is. If you over focus and take any body part out of it’s context it will look strange. Don’t let social media and bitter people lower your confidence. GH also gets made fun of hers because she puts it where it doesn’t belong. Plus lolcow and social medias enable nitpicking or stupid comments that people don’t really apply in real life.

No. 1280508

So this appears to be Gabbie's new album promotion. She's suicidebaiting and acting unhinged

No. 1280512

girl… i’m embarrassed

No. 1280514

File: 1626740992074.jpg (650.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-202817.jpg)

Description in video 1/5

No. 1280515

File: 1626741027727.jpg (711 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-202824.jpg)


No. 1280519

File: 1626741147784.jpg (723.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-202832.jpg)


No. 1280520

File: 1626741246915.jpg (698.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-202842.jpg)


No. 1280523

File: 1626741367248.jpg (686.98 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-203457.jpg)


No. 1280529

File: 1626742154254.jpeg (168.75 KB, 828x779, 2A5364D4-3EC6-4F6E-B0AD-8F71A6…)

I genuinely don’t mind her music including the chorus of this song but she looks and sounds unhinged. Girl should focus on music production and keep her ugly nose and mediocre voice out of it.

No. 1280530

I can’t believe she actually convinced herself that this is all online drama when all of these people - minus the drama channels and Trisha I guess - are people that she interacted with in real life. She was a raging bitch in person to Joey and Daniel. She hung out in person with Curtis Lepore. She got up in Ricegum’s face in person. She was best friends with Jessi offline, in person. She really convinced herself that this is “all online drama!” when she’s telling her story of how she was a horrible person to people’s faces, completely offline, cameras off. Imagine the delusion.

No. 1280545

honestly when she first announced this series on herself i think we all 100% knew it was a fucking count down for another shitty album

gabbie is literally destroying all relationships she has had and will end up alone and still unhappy even if therapy ever does help her

No. 1280555

There's no way she isn't doctor shopping rn to eventually come out with some spoonie disease

No. 1280638

File: 1626751856369.png (5.09 MB, 1170x2532, 154BBCAC-398B-4DF8-8DB0-F87668…)

Gabbie posts a video in a bubble bath titled “Sorry I’m Late”

This album from 2014, oddly similar

Coincidence? Or stealing from someone with a history of stealing?

Sage since I’m not sure this is all that milky, but had to point out

No. 1280667

Of course it's another fucking album lmfao

She had to do this because nobody wants to be her manager much less PR person, gabbie is blacklisted from the industry and she isn't even a d-list celeb

No. 1280675

In my opinion her voice is her best attribute, her lyric writing has good ideas but is very poorly executed which is why she should work with lyricists, producers etc. Obviously that's never gonna happen though because like the other anon said she's blacklisted and literally no one in their right mind wants to work with her

No. 1280736

i can’t believe she thinks she just has ADHD. she’s like the BPD queen of youtube right now. i’ve never seen anyone with ADHD scream into the camera for three straight seconds and then smile.

or she’s just constantly high on adderall.

No. 1281289

File: 1626838775847.jpeg (804.55 KB, 1003x1642, 2DD966BA-2034-4BDD-8A5E-01AAAE…)

I just want to know how this woman hasn’t been institutionalized at this point. Every single thing she posts just screams that she needs extreme help, especially her obsession with a rape victim. I doubt she’ll stay offline. She’s the type to be terminally online.

No. 1281340

The chorus is catchy ngl. Too bad I will also think of her sperging in a bathtub whenever I remember it.

No. 1281417

She is such a hideous creature.

No. 1281709

Friendly reminder that she is faking all of this, literally just her idea of being "insane in the membrane"

No. 1281719

Because she's not actually "crazy". She's just a narcissistic attention whore who can't handle the fact that she's no longer relevant or as well-liked as she used to be.

No. 1281780

She's not actually in any danger, she is just a narc who got confronted and put in their place. Narcs CANNOT handle not being in their #right", so she has completely lost her social mask and is spazzing out onision style instead. They do this to claim some sort of control over the situation, if I cant be right then haha Im actually just crazy you guys haha you have nothing on me!
Narcs are nothing if not predictable

No. 1282110

Gabbie and Onision collab when?

No. 1282122

she doesnt read like a BPDcow to me at all. BPDcows tend to be their own #1 worst enemy but gabbie can’t shut the fuck up about how she could “fuck anyone’s dad” and doesn’t seem to understand that she’s objectively putrid in the face

No. 1282129

Her meltdowns really remind me of Onision. A lot.

No. 1282154


In my eyes, she's the walking poster child for HPD, not BPD.

No. 1282207

imo she does understand just how ugly she is and that's a big part of the problem. acting like a typical wannabe stacy that tries to convince everyone she made it bc she lost some weight and got lip fillers instead of accepting her role in life lol

No. 1282571


yikes. she almost flashed herself several times through this video. I don't know what I was expecting though.

No. 1282660

im glad she at least censored the saggy granny boobs she has now after losing so much weight
imo she went too far with the weight loss

No. 1282738

She is still fat

No. 1282752

The majority of bpdcows show way more traits of hpd and npd but anons don't know what they are or understand what bpd is. Gabbie is the biggest histrionic I have ever seen.

No. 1283079

aaand she's back already

No. 1283109

god she's so ugly inside and out and she keeps showing it

No. 1283122

where exactly? ive checked all the social medias i care to, unless she deleted something? not surprised. shes just whoring for attention.

No. 1283140

On IG and tiktok. Nothing really special, body checking, being really unfunny and her cats. The usual.

No. 1284111

File: 1627239002808.png (338.02 KB, 1242x2688, 7021A994-964C-464C-A08D-1CCA72…)

No. 1284113

File: 1627239037843.jpeg (127.63 KB, 1242x1757, 11436401-E9FA-40B4-A4E2-B804E1…)

No. 1284114

File: 1627239073127.png (141.5 KB, 1242x2688, 690896AD-05A8-4637-A59D-D58C8F…)

No. 1284193

Dramatic ass….

No. 1284206

Someone tell Gabbie that just because you break your sentences apart and stop using punctuation/capitalization doesn't make it poetry. Poetry is more about the rythem of the words you use, moron.

No. 1284438

File: 1627275505394.jpg (94.27 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20210725_225552.jpg)

This stupid moron using her paypigs to vent about her suicidal ideation as if she can't afford a therapist to sperg at.

(Assuming this is legit and she's not just wanting attention yet again)

No. 1284442

File: 1627275917932.jpeg (174.41 KB, 828x516, 0DB19187-5219-4F41-8F3D-46010F…)

Doesn’t seem like anyone has posted this - Gabbie and her ugly bald bf broke up a few days ago. Probably why she’s suicide baiting.
https://youtube.com/shorts/GTo6xEe2o9c?feature=share link is a short vid of her talking about it - not her channel just some random Youtube short that popped up.
It sucks that she can’t shut the fuck up. I really like some of her music and her art/lyrics aren’t bad but she’s so clearly insufferable, narcissistic & abusive

No. 1284443

Same anon, she claims it was a clean break and they’re still friends. She said she same about the ex she wrote an album about. Why do I have a feeling these dudes just play it cool with her so that she doesn’t go completely psycho victim and expose them as ~toxic narcissistic abusers~

No. 1284450

Is this supposed to be poetry?

No. 1284473

File: 1627283778673.png (542.84 KB, 580x991, 11458.png)

nice suicide bait, your hpd is really showing gabs.

No. 1284477

How hard she's posing to have a thigh gap look at her reflection omfg

No. 1284498

She looks like a lesbian store manager, also check out the stumpy legs on tiptoes in the reflection

Wellness checks are no joke since some people are forced into mental homes against their will. But she got the attention she ordered so it's all good.

No. 1284508

File: 1627290266613.png (1.46 MB, 1526x1048, Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 11.02…)

Definitely taking more inspo from Trish…

No. 1284600

File: 1627299415751.jpg (138.8 KB, 804x1080, terrible-witch-vector-22805481…)

Ugly witch-looking ass…

No. 1284609

Why is there a private sign wtf

No. 1284648

>Answered the door only in my underwear
>and a t-shirt
>"underwear" is clearly shorts that she's hiked up for the photo
Not to PL, but here I am typing this in only my underwear and pants and a shirt and a sweater and socks and slippers. Bitch you answered the door in your pajamas, why are you acting like this is deranged behavior in a Covid world?
I know the prevailing belief is Gabbie "acts crazy for views" but I'm genuinely curious how she got her tweet and her photo to line up in her mind. She's not in her underwear. She's not covered in paint. Probably not actually stoned, anyway isn't she in Cali where weed is legal and doesn't give you edgy cool girl points anymore?

No. 1284802


Not sure if you guys heard about this, but apparently gabbie has some sort of voyeur fetish. She made several tweets alledging to that. It's on her KF thread

No. 1284804

not the tippie toes to make sure her thigh gap is in view lmao

No. 1284806

File: 1627324644804.jpg (450.05 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20210726-123637_Twi…)

Keemstar continues to be a retarded simp over gabbie.

No. 1284817

He will always take the retarded take in everything to seem edgy to his audience. If gabbie was in Jessi's position, he'd go after her too. He's pushing fucking 40 and still acts like this. Feel so bad for his daughter I hope she cuts contact with him when shes old enough to leave

No. 1284850

I'm 1000% too lazy to find it but she said in a vlog once that she fucked up the date the pool boy was coming and was sunbathing naked when he showed up. She sounded kind of proud. So this wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1284857

File: 1627329297727.png (86.16 KB, 764x676, 135432.png)


That was the one of the biggest reasons why I think she has histrionic personality disorder.

No. 1284858

No. 1284952

File: 1627338740891.png (100.15 KB, 302x267, Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 6.31…)

I know this is a thread for Gabbi, but god, Angelika is such a mini-cow in her own way… complains about doing youtube while she buys a Tesla and hops on any opportunity to repeat the lamest drama about gabbi hanna

No. 1284954

Is he this retarded on purpose? Swatting =/= wellness check and wellness checks are warranted because this bitch literally says she’s suicidal once a day between her multiple platforms.

No. 1284976

I was looking at that too. What a weird thing to put on your bathroom door.

No. 1285028

File: 1627348278497.jpg (237.25 KB, 612x833, IMG_20210726_191017.jpg)

This stupid cunt. You're professional clown, your art is worth less than a teenagers warbling.

No. 1285108

File: 1627355446496.png (Spoiler Image, 819.06 KB, 966x1524, c4.png)


shes has cried ED like every other cow, but she never looked spoopy. and now she keeps posting pictures of her abdomen which is pretty flat. but in that underwear pic you can see her butt is huge and shes faking the tight gap. but you see this vid >>1280508 and its obvious shes normal and thin.

im confused cause she has a huge ass but she fakes gaps and tries to seem as skinny as possible. when scotes would be giving her 10000 times more attention if she milked that instead of hiding it like in that bathroom pic. but well shes retarded and cant market herself for shit.

No. 1285129

it's possible to have a thigh gap and huge ass imo. thigh gap is all about the bone structure

No. 1285145

>an artist
>Posted suicide bait on your onlyfans

Ok buddy

No. 1285146

imagine being such a victim that people paying you decent human kindness and ordering a wellness check on you is still an attack and a troll.

No. 1285166

This is genuinely embarrassing

No. 1285188

Looks like she wearing shirts to me

No. 1286266

people who don't actually have adhd but take adderall usually get fucking weird. it can cause hallucinations, rapid weight loss, and very weird, aggressive behavior, just like a meth addiction, cuz it kinda is

when people with adhd take adderall, it calms them down. makes it easier to process emotions. I think your theory is correct

No. 1286269

File: 1627508920495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 310.22 KB, 828x826, 3F8FA414-68CC-47E3-BA1E-C88441…)

If this is real; she’s gross

No. 1286278

File: 1627509667220.jpeg (25.06 KB, 750x543, 61AECE57-B9DA-4C5A-883E-39A929…)

No. 1286279

File: 1627509693194.jpeg (60.17 KB, 750x960, 6542BE01-303F-4F6C-B039-73E24C…)

No. 1286289

File: 1627510478751.jpeg (25.96 KB, 785x560, 2BB50549-A404-43EC-878C-0D3CC9…)

Sorry for the spam; I just never saw any of this brought up before. I believe the one racist tweet could be photoshopped; the rest seem to be real however

No. 1286290

I have always hated drama/"commentary" channels. It's already bad enough that youtubers can make a living making vapid content, but it's even worse that drama channels can also make a living leeching off of other youtubers vapid content all while acting like it makes them somehow morally superior.

I hate Gabbie but dear GOD please let these be fake

No. 1286294

File: 1627510988742.png (1.78 MB, 828x1792, 3AFC4F52-A330-4445-A67D-F2B7C3…)

The pedophilia ones have all been confirmed real; looks like an incident that was brushed over with a halfassed apology. Yikes

No. 1286399

Eight minutes in her new video; looks like it’s for Alx James

No. 1286402

Samefag, its about Jessi again

No. 1286444

Unsaged for the video in question. Gabbie also took down her video about her call with Jessi.

No. 1286466


If anyone wants a recap so they don’t have to give her a view

-first few minutes is her quirky adhd rambling and leads to her talking about bashing on people’s appearances

-around the six minute mark it leads to her talking about Alx James faking a car wreck as an excuse to get a nose job. Despite that he allegedly repeatedly told her to get Lipo and a nose job.

-somehow she uses this as her excuse of why she did nothing wrong because Alx has done worse, proceeds to talk about Alx supporting Curtis in the past etc.

-then moves onto the same shit she’s been spewing about her being Jessi’s victim. Says that she only knew Jessi for a few months and that Jessi decided to create this “false” narrative of Gabbie.

-claims Jessi’s brother told Gabbie he wouldn’t allow her to move in because Jessi has a pattern of creating problems with her friends; thus said friends “disappearing “ shortly after (Gabbie provides no proof this happened but says she doesn’t care anyway)

-reaches for any example possible that Jessi is a projector of everything she claims Gabbie is.

Nothing really new, just her dancing around her support of Curtis yet again. Claiming Jessi reached out to her amidst their drama asking for a job as her editor? (She flashed a screenshot but I’ve been at work and didn’t have time to go back and read it) Jessi is a social climber; Jessi had no friends and Gabbie the generous was her ONLY friend and supporter. If I missed anything let me know; honestly I watched it twice and almost fell asleep each time.

No. 1286472

Ohh, and claims it’s in her right to talk about Jessi’s story; because it’s now part of her story. She also suicide-baits (as expected) says Jessi KNOWS GH is suicidal and “doesn’t care”. At one point she brings up Bianca Devins yet again saying people attacked her for complimenting Biancas shirt and somehow tries to blame that on Alx and Jessi even though they never spoke about it? You’d think she’d know by now the criticism was posting the article about her murder in her video; not complimenting the shirt. But of course Gabbie has to twist things to fit her narrative as per usual

No. 1286484

thank you anon, lord knows I don't wanna give this cretin another view. I can't fucking believe she has audacity to accuse jessi of "not caring" that she's "suicidal" when jessi was the one who was assaulted and had the internet attacking her for it.

I knew she'd take her phone call video down. and I just KNEW she was gonna bring up bianca AGAIN and somehow tie it into jessi. gabbie, we get it, you didn't know bianca was a murder victim, the article was about e-girls and had one small paragraph about bianca and you weren't reading the article just looking at the pictures. everyone had completely forgotten about the whole thing for A YEAR AND A HALF and yet you WILL NOT stop bringing it up. girl, WE GET IT. stop milking a murder victim for clout PLEASE. you're already a rape apologist, you're just making yourself look even worse at this point.

and she still never addressed the fact that she's a massive fucking hypocrite as she made a storytime video about her classmate overdosing, insulted her, made a ton of money off it & left the video up.

No. 1286494

Throughout the whole video she accuses Jessi of milking their drama for clout and not getting over it. Saying Jessi and Jen are obsessed with her and only bring up Gabbie for attention.
>Totally agree on the Bianca situation; nobody was talking about it until Gabbie took it upon herself so she can use Bianca as a shield.

No. 1286502

yeah, wellness checks are a gift if the cops are understanding and actually try to give you help/advocacy, and if not then it usually leads to a hospital evaluation where you’ll be released that day with resources to follow up with. she’s in fucking la, there are so many resources there that you can’t access anywhere else in the country, and she can definitely afford it. it would be pretty cool to see any of these people make a series out of trying different mental health resources, but she’s not capable of the reflection.

high key shitty she’s saying someone is worth of being “hauled away” based on their outfit, especially when that outfit it just a t shirt and what could be seen as shorts because it’s literally the summer during a heat wave. and also playing up the stereotype of cRaZy ArTiSt that if she has paint on her she is mad, problem is if you have legitimate mental illness it makes it kind of difficult to work and even manage the medication. her shirt promotes wellness checks essentially.

also fucking hating how she’s giving jessie smiles so much retraumatization while doing all of this, who is pregnant and has also experienced a couple miscarriages.

No. 1286515

clearly someone's taken pointers from Trisha and has decided to go down the "we barely knew each other" route

No. 1286518

Except its even more retarded because gabbie and jessie used to live w eachother lol

No. 1286604

File: 1627560228442.jpeg (608.63 KB, 828x1696, 394CD488-F1D9-4A5E-8381-596F80…)

No. 1286606

File: 1627560350567.png (1.41 MB, 828x1792, A340FB5D-6CA0-4701-B463-8F5237…)

No. 1286610

Sorry to samefag; forgot to leave a comment. But it’s funny how she can yell on camera about jUsTiCe fOr BiAnCa, while still leaving this video up and ignoring being called out for it numerous times. Also being told by the family how hurtful her video was; and portrayed their daughter as something she wasn’t. While I feel terrible for Kim; I wish she’d just look into the kind of person Gabbie is before “automatically approving” all of Gabbies statements. Gabbies a hypocrite who has no interest in getting justice for Bianca and only brings up her name so she can get revenge on drama channels

No. 1286647

File: 1627566305860.jpg (477.8 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20210729-074238_Twi…)

Alx James responded on Twitter. Idk why Gabbie even brings him up he's the least relevant one in this whole group of has beens.

No. 1286654

Jessi for her wellbeing should just ignore gabbie indefinitely and focus on her growing family at this point

No. 1286661

if Haggie Banana wanted everyone to believe she’s the victim so badly she should’ve dragged David Dobrik, the blog squad and Trisha. She might’ve had people on her side then seeing as there’s plenty of clips of David treating her like trash. Tinfoil: but she probably hasn’t spoken about him as they might have something on her given how problematic she is

No. 1286663

She's using what he had done to Jessie as a way to deflect her own actions because "alx did way worse than i did uwu go after him not me"

No. 1286704

Dumb move considering that no one cares about alx anymore, like why would the heat blow over onto him when no one is checking for him anymore lol

No. 1286712

What makes Gabbie drama so boring is the only people who even go near her anymore are fellow narcs like this guy
who it's impossible to root for. I have no idea who this guy is but the sheer scrotery of saying
>what's wrong with you?
>I didn't hurt you
>you're crazy
>you did this to yourself
>obvious threat
>not threatening you uwu just a random song lyric!
It's all the DARVO steps in a single tweet. I can't believe any of these people get money and fame from their personalities lol, or do they just survive on constant beefs with each other like a narc dogfight ring?

No. 1286757

>I can't believe any of these people get money and fame from their personalities lol

To be fair, people will stan a literal cabbage. The YouTube and h3h3 threads are proof.

No. 1286775

is it funny to anyone else that she’s literally pulling a Trisha and saying “ugh Jessi and I were never close shes so obsessed with me, we knew eachother for a few months get over it already”

No. 1286908

God you can tell she's a nasty person. Making bitchy snarky comments about jessies last name and her bad floppy paper metaphor? the mean girl energy just seeps out of her

No. 1286946

She ain't done yet apparently

No. 1286949

File: 1627597532367.jpg (429.08 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20210729-162358_Twi…)

Samefag her tweet with the video link

No. 1286956

"Fan" yeah ok gabbie

No. 1286957

I have never wanted to beat the shit out of someone any more than I have with Gabbie Hanna. Imagine being 30 rounding up groups of teenagers to harass a pregnant woman going through her RAINBOW PREGNANCY at that. All because why? She can’t admit to being wrong and apologize? Saged for clear a-logging, I’m sorry. but for how she talked to Rachel would’ve gotten her jumped had she been a random like anyone else, I’d pay to see it at this point

No. 1287068

No comments and likes disabled again
Loves to dish it but cant fucking take it

I think gabbie just hates that jessi is pregnant, has a family at this point and wants to ruin it. She has nobody genuinely her side other than retarded kids on twitter and patreon meanwhile jessi has people who love and support her

No. 1287172

if she can apologize for racial jokes why can’t she just apologize for her ignorance about sexual assault, and contributing to trauma she is privileged enough to have not gone through? it’s just not that fucking hard. she did it with the bianca devins situation, how does she think jessie’s family feels about all of this? she is only doubling down on this because in her mind, rape victims don’t deserve as much social support. it’s a fucking bottom feeder take from a woman, and especially one that made their first video on sexism from ricegum. she expects people to get behind a man destroying her property, but not a woman being sexually assaulted and having her humanity violated. she’s a fucking dog.

No. 1287324

She mentioned in her video how she thinks Jessi is jealous of her, because she is a successful music artist and Jessi always wanted to be a performer. I think you’re right though and it’s really Gabbie who is jealous that Jessi has a loving husband and family.

No. 1287358

Kek “successful”

No. 1287494

I think it's funny that Gabbie is talking about how Jessi can't stand successful women, when it was Gabbie who out herself in therapy because she hated Liza Koshy and was extremely jealous of her. Here gones Gabbie once again with pure ~projection~

No. 1287619

And honestly if you've ever heard Jessi sing her voice is much nicer than Gabbie's.

No. 1287647

bcuz no one will defend her racist jokes publicly, that will get them "cancelled" even though the people defending her say slurs in their discord servers regularly (looking at you fatty the oreo)

these moids will defend her fight against jessi because it means they get to side with a pickme and a rapist because enough people wont take victims seriously they can get off scot-free + their fans hate women anyway

No. 1287662

Yeah pretty much. Angelika Oles, Rachel Oates and Jessi Smiles are narcissistic, abusive monsters, but Curtis Lepore, the man who wrote a signed confession of rape and took a plea deal so that he wouldn't be thrown in prison as a rapist is a fellow human who has a voice and deserves to be heard out.

Speaking of, Gabbie said she heard Curtis out to 'defend' Jessi against his lies. But now they were barely friends, this stupid bitch

No. 1287710

>Haggie Banana
i'm slain

No. 1287944

There’s a video going around of her trying to kiss glamandgore after repeatedly being told “no”

No. 1288200

Lol this is old but I remember when it was new and I totally forgot about it. Gabbie clearly does not respect boundaries

No. 1288232

File: 1627762163586.jpg (84.88 KB, 1125x2436, E7poGl3WYAELr8F.jpg)

more lies incoming

No. 1288248

I’ll take one for the team again and watch/summarize this one as well so my fellow anonitas don’t have to give Hagraven Hanna a view

No. 1288258

Thank you non

No. 1288294

what else could there possibly be said ffs

No. 1288336

20 minutes in

-starts video off by crying about how hard her life is and how it’s all Jessie’s fault ofc
> drops some milk on Jen and Hessie bullying someone to the point of a mental breakdown (I haven’t looked into it yet though)
-basically doing a commentary video on Jessie’s “Gabbie Hanna needs to be stopped video; just saying everything is a lie blah blah blah

No. 1288356

It’s basically “no u” for 51 minutes. I defined recommend paying. Attention to the screen if you watch it because of course Gabbie edits things out so the context always fits her own narrative.
-she screams YOU DID THIS a lot truly believing the whole situation is Jessie’s fault.
-shows texts between her and Jessie pointing out she set a boundary saying she wasn’t comfortable talking on the phone yet; only reads the top portion of Jessie’s response saying “I understand I will not pressure you. Last question I will ask-would you like for me to maybe test you the screenshots I have before I present them publicly in my video?”
> conveniently lodes the read the rest of the text which said “I’m not saying I am making a video, I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I do want to give you the opportunity to see them first. We don’t have to discuss them. I can just send them to you so you don’t feel blind sighted?” - Gabbie tuna with the top half of this message and plays victim yet again saying this was an attempt to be blackmailed into having the phone call before she was ready

No. 1288357

Same day in mobile; I meant “leaves out” not “lodes out”

No. 1288363

In the dark, watching a video from a year ago, about drama 6 yrs ago.

She prob does this every night lmfao

No. 1288364

Gabbie keeps saying that Jessi asked her for money and for a job when all Jessi did was say, ‘Hey I edit videos and thumbnails now, if you ever need help hit me up”. She makes it this huge thing and uses against Jessi.

No. 1288378

literally, I picture her googling herself every day and crying to her minor fans in discord all night to attack lmao

No. 1288381

This is all I can find on the "Judy" lady

No. 1288398

File: 1627777945607.jpg (619.85 KB, 810x2043, Screenshot_20210731-183031_Twi…)

Yeah I'm sure you feel great, that's why you keep suicide baiting on your patreon / only fans because you know your career has been butchered by your own fuck ups

No. 1288404

She’s acting like she can just drop a bomb without any backlash, also we know despite her saying she “doesn’t care” she’s still gonna have a full fledged meltdown as soon as this video backfires

No. 1288473

I’m sorry y’all I watched it twice and took a nap because it left me drain. Anyway, a few others things to mention.

-as I said she would only read parts of her texts, she shows a few paragraphs days apart from one another of Jessie asking her if she’s ready for the phone call and uses this to say Jessi harassed her for the call.
-based on the texts, Jessi was actually reaching out to Gabbie because she had been tagged in some posts on gabbies Twitter in reference to jessi. Each time getting ignored by Gabbie rather than Jessi “harassing” Gabbie, she seemed to have wanted some answers as to what was going on over Twitter.
-conveniently skips over Jessi asking Gabbie about her fans calling Jen a rapist (she ignores this subject all together actually)
-Jessi is upset in these texts that Gabbie calls her a predator ion Twitter, Gabbie then acts like it’s not a big deal because she deleted the tweet but yet decides to add it in this video.
-this was a clip where Jessi jokingly said she wanted to take a fan to prom and actually ended up doing it because she “liked the way he asked, and was a sweet kid” she was 21 at the time. She and her friend in the video make a few jokes about going to jail for it, and a few inappropriate jokes of “are we gonna grind or no?, are we gonna make out ? Maybe”
-mentions the kid was shy but did the “knee grind thing” on her pubic bone. Gabbie says none of this would be okay if Jessi was a man. (Which is funny given gabbies past pedo jokes, etc)

This was honestly exhausting, there were a few times you want to believe Gabbie at times and that’s only if you are just listening and not watching the screen, then you actually read her “receipts” and see she’s full of shit

No. 1288918

I've tried to watch this 2 or 3 times now, and all her "quirky" yelling and just spending half a minute to sing etc is just so frustrating. Calling everyone a narcissist, abuser and what not just makes her lose any validity she might've had.
Like other anons said, she's salty Jessie is happy and has a family and she's sitting there being a crazy catlady smoking weed kek.

No. 1288942

both of them are toxic and stupid but its true that jessie continues with weird threats about screenshots and making videos to push gabbie into responding to her bs. theres no tweet showing gabbie supported this curtis dude either. i'm not a fan of either of these people but it looks like they are both washed up dramawhores who keep playing the same record for views

No. 1289002

>jessie continues with weird threats about screenshots and making videos to push gabbie into responding to her bs

Um….. What? No one had talked about the Jessi/Gabbie/Curtis situation in forever until Gabbie came out with that stupid buzzfeed article.

No. 1289019

>jessie continues with weird threats about screenshots and making videos to push gabbie into responding to her bs. theres no tweet showing gabbie supported this curtis

someone hasnt read the thread

No. 1289049

File: 1627849793902.png (3.5 MB, 828x1792, 2790DFA4-1CAC-494B-B1ED-F54FD6…)

This is the text Gabbie only read part of to say Jessie was “threatening her with making a video” when clearly Gabbie just took it out of context to force this narrative

No. 1289061

File: 1627851095359.jpg (2.72 MB, 2400x3300, IMG_20210801_145030.jpg)


Gabbie changed her handle and deleted her tweets but the response of her fans at the time tell the whole story

No. 1289277

Jessi literally never did any of that lmfao. Gabbie couldn't shut the fuck up and re-lighted the whole situation like she always does, only now she remembers less of the lies she told in the first place which is why we ended up with this nonsensical explanation from her this time around
good guy anon

No. 1290069

File: 1628001047321.png (1002.79 KB, 828x1792, BE186B53-60E0-4F98-986C-5A1B07…)

No. 1290310

Lol Gabbie, literally no one gives a shit about your music or art. Stop deluding yourself.

No. 1290400

File: 1628033858199.jpg (154.35 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20210803_173213.jpg)

A Gabbie stan has made a parody Twitter account of Jessi Smiles, posting about miscarrying. If that weren't vile enough, there were photoshopped pictures of ultrasounds that featured monkey babies, and [pictured] one of Gabbies biggest fans (that she follows) has been posting baby monkey pictures in response to the parody account. Its possible Alyssa is behind the account, like in the high 90 percentile.

As Jessi is Cuban and her partner is also a poc, this is really shit behavior, and Gabbie who patted herself on the back for speaking up for BLM has been silent, shocking I know.

No. 1290402

File: 1628033956320.jpg (225.47 KB, 597x429, IMG_20210803_173850.jpg)

Samefag. One of the other gross tweets (that Alyssa retweeted)

No. 1290421

I feel like this must violate some kind of Twitter guidelines. Absolutely fucking horrendous.

No. 1290449

I was gonna say this just FEELS very racist. I hope people like this Stan get doxxed beyond repair. This behavior is gross af, I’d say even worse than anything Gabbie has done

No. 1290450

File: 1628043290493.png (1.73 MB, 828x1792, CF83F0CE-3BC2-4239-AEFD-0E4611…)

Don’t be shy, show their face

No. 1290451

File: 1628043371293.jpeg (335.75 KB, 1284x1373, 01E7B7A6-6454-44A0-920E-E5A53D…)

No. 1290511

What an abhorrent person, jesus.

No. 1290555

File: 1628063007911.png (186.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-03-23-36-18…)

…..and you have nothing better to do than retweet racist memes? Gabbie stans are literally nothing but projection.

No. 1290562

How much y'all wanna bet Gabbie somehow is behind all of this, likely joked about it to her patreon cult and they took it personal. Either way, her silence speaks volumes

No. 1290579

Agreed, and goddamn… What the actual fuck drives a person to be so naturally vindictive?

No. 1290634

“They have been the most targeted as a fan”
They liked and I rethink even retweeted a post about George Floyd that said “happy one year sobriety” or something along those lines in the anniversary of his death. Helloleesh mentioned it in one of her videos, but I don’t feel like going through hours of her Gabbie podcast rants to find it.

No. 1290767

Tana Mongoose revealed on her podcast with Trisha, that about a month ago she got a call from some acquaintance of hers. They basically let her know that Gabbie Hanna contacted them in order to "sell" them a story about Tana hooking up with some adult YouTuber when she was a minor (turns out to be not true)

No. 1291066

Tana has a podcast with Trisha?!

No. 1291083

Honestly it was pretty entertaining to me lol

No. 1291139

I wonder who the acquaintance was

No. 1291190


No. 1291282

My gut feeling says someone on the vlog squad tbh

No. 1291402

If I feel like making my ears bleed, I might actually check it out one day. I somehow find them less repulsive than the wannabe poet.

No. 1291407

But is a “LiGhT dIGeStIbLe rEaD” anon

No. 1291462

It's a 'light digestible read,' but also you need to read deeply into it to discover all the hidden depths of her metaphors because it's all about her traumatic experiences…..


No. 1291532

exactly. she’s not in control of the fan but she should say something, especially after that video she made claiming to apologize for two racist tweets and stanning for some beyoncé song about skin color, should’ve just sang imagine it was so weak. she won’t because it is so clear that all she wants to do is cause damage to jessi, she literally has no argument and jessi has been through enough. these girls are going to grow up with the guilt that they created a fake account to troll about a former rape victim getting a miscarriage with a bonus racist monkey joke, and for what, garbage toucanna?

No. 1292022

>garbage toucanna
>haggie banana
>gaslight hanna

I'm loving these names lol

No. 1292552

'Singing' on the kitchen floor because she's totally not trying to be like Trisha Paytas

No. 1292553

File: 1628290333212.jpg (453.53 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20210806-165007_Twi…)


No. 1292574

Something is still so funny to me about how Gabbie makes ugly faces on purpose in an attempt as some sort of gotcha to people who call her ugly. That and the fact that her lip fillers made her nose look even fuckin bigger lmao

No. 1292595

Someone should tell her that “golden blonde” isn’t her color and she should’ve kept it the platinum color Guy Tang did for her.

No. 1292629

File: 1628301982233.jpeg (672.14 KB, 828x951, 77CDA99A-C6BA-4E20-BB49-BBB4E6…)

The piss yellow hair… gorl…..
She looks much better with darker colors and the bangs just make her nose look worse

No. 1292634

god she was so pretty before all of this. it’s like if internet drama was crystal meth.

No. 1292665

Much like lele pons. It's the insecure girl copeface
she deadass looks actually good in this holy shit looking back on all this must be sad for her.

What do you guys think of her paintings? ngl they are kinda good albeit a little 2edgy

No. 1292979

Ngl I’d love to see Lele get dragged for her rape apologist behavior towards Curtis too

No. 1293557

has literally anyone watched this yet? i just don't give a single shit enough to actually waste my time on this so if anyone could make the sacrifice and give us the rundown that would be great

No. 1293597

Don’t waste your time, it’s her singing queen the whole time and then someone knocks on her door and then the video ends

No. 1293708

File: 1628390084953.jpeg (701.91 KB, 3072x3072, 3A4A4AC6-9125-4CE5-BF3B-DA91CB…)

She looks like a face of meth in comparison to that pic, wtf. I forgot she was actually cute at one point despite the honker.

No. 1294562

Gabbie Hanna “does like drama “

Goes in drama alert to talk about drama .
Fucking rich also the fact that keem is a know rape apologist doesn’t help her case at all .(newfag)

No. 1295758

you know what's funny, she did a video with a blind youtuber and asked her to describe what she "thinks" gabbie looks like and the blind girl was pretty spot on with the nose saying "big from the front but looks normal from the side", and gabbie "corrected" her and said it's actually the opposite way around. So Gabbie looks at her massive nose and somehow thinks it's normal sized

No. 1295831

Weren't some guys going to make a video white knighting Gabbie? Did that ever happen?

No. 1296155

Which guys in particular? Crowsofjudgement white nuggets her in one, and the willymacshow is another thats made a few whitenighting her while attacking Jessi

No. 1296157

I realize I wrote nuggets instead of knight but same thing

No. 1296412


It really shows on this clip she posted from the night of the call singing this song she probably wrote about jessi

No. 1296584

Why is she doing a podcast with literal teenage boys lmao

No. 1296604

Fitting that image really shows her age of 30. She's been having a crisis on getting old for months, why hang out with children that make you look like their mother?

No. 1296728

How come she's making the stupid eye thing one of her personality traits. Lol

Also no way in hell am I gonna ever watch this, and from the looks of things no one else is too

(What happened to you bringing people millions of views gabbie?)

No. 1297739

File: 1628677815781.png (197.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-11-02-27-59…)

Not milk but she's vagueposting on her insta stories again

No. 1297740

File: 1628677844139.png (624.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-11-02-28-03…)

No. 1297741

File: 1628677948666.png (132.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-11-02-28-09…)

No. 1297742

File: 1628678083376.png (382.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-11-02-28-13…)

No. 1297746

suicide baiting via poorly drawn instagram stories is a new low i think

No. 1297748

my god how old is she? , this is something a teen girl who got dumped by her 2 week boyfriend would post

No. 1297962

It’s clearly for her music that absolutely nobody cares about, she posted another three minute singing video last night too

No. 1297964

Alx responded lol

No. 1298829

I don't get good vibes from Alx. Even though I think Gabbie is a shitty person and probably most of what Alx is saying is true, if you watch their old videos he does seem kind of douchey.

I used to actually watch Gabbie and in one of their older videos they did together he kept commenting on her weight and all of the comments were like "Jesus, I would drop my friends if they talked about my weight that much". I can't remember what video it was and lord knows I ain't gonna go back and watch them.

No. 1301046

is it just me or she lost even more weight…? She looks skinny af and unwell…

No. 1301709

File: 1629180632202.jpeg (825.59 KB, 828x1244, AE6D0D0C-66AB-4627-94E6-756338…)

Maybe she’ll go as far to collab with Curtis lupiore ( or how ever you spell his name )

No. 1301732

probably to show the haters who called her fat, but instead of looking hot she just aged her face and looks even more haggard than she naturally does
could also be drug overuse or something tho

No. 1301733

okay frylock

No. 1302215

Waaait, did she really go on keemstar's podcast? The keemstar that harassed Jessi Smiles and told people she was lying about her assault to all his deranged followers even though Curtis Lepore was proven guilty?

Why is Gabbie this way. I just can't for the life of me figure out what's going on insider her head.

No. 1302584

On the other podcast she did with the two guys she called Keemstar the 'nicest' person on YouTube. She is an absolute knob and a total fucking dumbass for not realizing that Keemstar is only nice to her to be a contrarion asshole.

The true irony of it all is, she talks about the ricegum situation as if it was the begining of the end for her, and who was ricegums no. 1 supporter that instigated it all? Keemstar.

Literally what is this ouroboros bullshit?

No. 1303025


I doubt she even knows that. She is just glad to go to the first person who would ever give her the time of day

No. 1303044

I'm just waiting until keem gets hos three strikes kn his channel and gets taken down. You can bet gabbie will just ignore him. But for now, they'll use each other for drama clout. Hilarious that the only ones to bat for her are ugly scrotes like keem and that fatass nicholas though

No. 1303470

File: 1629378783853.jpg (682.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210819-071209_Ins…)

2 edgy 4 me

No. 1303475

top kek this reminds me of my school notebook from when I was 13

No. 1303907

she tries so hard to convince everyone (or herself?) that she hates herself but she is actually so in love with herself and so self obsessed. also she’s nearly skinwalking luna with this shitty “i hate myself and i’m so deep” artwork kek

No. 1304256

where her art is posted? For how much she talks about it I have not seen much of it

No. 1306497

Seriously. She doesn’t hate herself. She hates that everyone else doesn’t love her as much as she loves herself. She hates that everybody hates her.

No. 1308296

Shes planning something….

No. 1308744

File: 1629957111589.jpeg (448.31 KB, 828x561, A9F538A3-F4C8-4214-A844-F340E4…)

She’s going on some sort of podcast press tour of some sort my god .

No. 1308746

Usually the hosts of said podcasts are all men who do 0 research , white knight and coddle Gabbie too much as if she didn’t admit multiple times that she’s trolled with her mental health etc .
Yea totally coddle a 30 year old woman who has called everyone under the sun that disagrees with her a narrsistic abuser etc .
Guess gabbies does want to be left alone since he’s popping on all of the podcast as if she can’t just make a video on her own channel .
Either that or her management ( totally real right ?) has made her do something.like go in these podcast (just a theory of mine idk ,)

No. 1309305

Does she have a personality outside of being a pickle who smokes weed and had adhd

No. 1309306

Samefag, meant to write pick me but pickle is much funnier

No. 1309593

Yeah, Vega (one of the hosts of the Half Baked Podcast) apparently said that, usually, when someone's a freak, they're like that even when the camera's off, but Gabbie "seems like a regular girl" even in private.
But they're all dense if they think she'd actually act all crazy in front of people who are already sympathetic to her.

No. 1311034

She posted a video on Instagram showing of her rings and she was trying so hard to look cool smoking at the beginning she made her self look like a fool as she didn’t even puff right and she just left it to waste away didn’t even can a second puff all the comments were saying how she just trying to be cool and doesn’t know how to smoke.
I think it’s all fake she trying to hard at this point it really is embarrassing

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