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File: 1538196778155.jpg (604.67 KB, 1080x788, gandr-1538196658901.jpg)

No. 23494

Previous Thread:

Since the dual disaster that was the Fitt's campaign followed by the death of "Rea Barbie" on Ariyoshi Hanseikai, Dakota has been using a more realistic and true to life, albeit still majorly age-regressed shoop style after Platinum tried promoting her with her old viral shoops and ended up only highlighting how much she aged and how fake they were/are. She's clinging hard to her AKB connections as it looks ike Platinum may be about to boot her soon.

Updates from last thread:
>Platinum is slowly restricting pics of kooter and have stopped pushing her with her ~7 year old viral shoops as she quietly mooches jobs from her younger, prettier AKB friends, videos of her last runway show are even Japan only
>Fitt's deleted or disabled most of the evidence of greasy, chubby Kota from the campaign, her worst work to date
>Kooter has been buying YouTube views and subs (possibly Instagram likes and followers too) to make herself seem like she's still relevant, in absurdly obvious amounts during periods of silence and inactivity
>as well as paying to place her videos in suggested content to reach new viewers outside of her kawaii alien lunch vlog niche
>and apparently paying multiple Twitter bots to spam her suitcases, her YouTube videos and her latest work (some in Spanish, strangely) to preserve her spot in some Japan Top Model Follower Ranking list
>and trying to revive the old ass Taiko dating rumors, as well as an article pushing a rumor "from management" that she secretly dated the stage actor Mori Kohei from her Last Kiss episode
>She started taking app sponsorships again for the first time since 2016, despite buying a new phone and moving to a new apartment: Saborino avocado face masks in March 2018 and Mercari app again in September 2018.
>She then tweeted about feeling more balanced as she turned 23, despite her plummeting popularity, weight gain and multiple bald spots so perhaps she hatched some new scheme that has yet to reveal itself
>she also removed her 4-year-old Popteen mystery ring before flying home to Florida in July, then came back to Japan to a bump of new jobs and the aforementioned new digs and phone. She's been shopping/eating out/thrifting semiweekly and booking more small time work through friends (instead of Platunim) like ImappoTV since returning from FL.
>Her ~Acute Leukemia~ story blew over completely despitebeing pushed by ModelPress, nobody cared or felt sorry for her at all, turns out people want models to actually be good looking and don't care why when they aren't
>more and more Japanese people are tweeting about Kota's looks going south, saying she looked better circa 2015 and wondering why she looks so ratchet IRL compared to online and that she's still lying about her age. The Japanese started calling her a mackerel because they believe she's much older and lying about her age in addition to her measurements
>Articles are starying to pop up about "the disappearance of Dakota Rose" wondering what happened since 2016 and why she went from being in magazines, on TV and working with big designers to almost nothing for two years
>since January the quality of her jobs is falling too, she went from doing a runway show every other month to doing a gallery show, a talent search, and soon a junior college street fashion event (free) but despite this fact, pics and candids are dwindling as it seems like team Kota is trying to keep all evidence of her "modeling career" from reaching western netizens
>maybe a coincidence, but the weight loss clinic she was getting free laser lipo from started offering their cool sculpting and anti aging facials under a discount campaign for repeat customers, which is perfect for Kota because it means she could get her chub burned off before each job without having to pay full price or post proof pics of her being there for a "posture correction" on social media

Kota is supposedly still with Platinum Productions, though they stopped adding her newer shows to her profile. She may be in transition to a new agency or about to finish out her contract, considering anons from the thread before last figured out she lost Libera in June 2017 right before moving in July 2017, although she didn't do any work beside Fitt's until Ariyoshi Hanseikai through Platinum in October 2017. Kota has a gig through Platinum in October, but after that she might switch to a new agency based on her trend for the last year:

>quietly join new agency

>get new apartment, surge of going out and sending money on new shit
>~6 months of spotty group work with her friends that they try to keep on the down low while Kota posts her shooped versions to social media and buys views/subs/likes/followers
>~6 months of no work while shopping, eating out and going to shop events with friends and generally showing off while not working
>rinse & repeat

It's possible she's staying in Japan on 1-year contracts with a visa through her agencies, which may or may not provide housing/amenites in lieu of larger cash payments since she's a foreigner. She also now relies heavily on handouts and favors from her more successful friends in the form of clothes and business connections.

Agency: http://talent.platinumproduction.jp/dakotarose

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/dakotakoti

Dead Accounts
Website: http://kotirose.com/
Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/
Ameblo: https://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
LINE blog: (deleted)

No. 23495

Kota's timeline of work since leaving Bravo and claiming to have besten Leukemia from last thread:

>Jan 2017 signed with Libera (Rola's agency, BTW) with Kristina Pimenova-esque shooped headshots, went back and reshooped all her more popular pics on her website too
>…after doing the January 2017 Hiromichi Nakano fashion show, probably a residual from Libera
>Jan. to Jun. Fitt's releases hands down the ugliest pics/videos of Dakota seen to date
>March 2017, the Yoko Fuchigami photobook she modeled for in Dec. 2016 (before flying home for the new year) comes out, also heinously unflattering
>April 2017, no work
>May 2017, no work, she says she needs glasses probs due to years of circle lens abuse, farmers kek
>June 2017, quietly dropped from Libera, still no work
>June-October 2017, nothing but selfies, eating out and shopping/getting gifts
>July 2017, no work, moved into a new apartment
>August 2017, Kansai Collection
>September 2017, Girl's Award
>October 2017, Ariyoshi Hanseikai, glorious backlash on Twitter and Girl's Channel, Kota blocks Kierashley and sends mama Cathy after her
>October 2017 was also when one of cab ride videos got deleted and she reuploaded it to IG in English all buttmad about it & claiming it was becuse she looks like a child and not for bought views. This was also when her BFF Hirari first came on the scene in Kota's life and also when she started noticably buying her views
>November 2017, no work, got her first free teeth whitening, more parties and more shopping
>December 2017, no work, Fitt's released and rapidly deleted the English Teacher daydream video with the last of the campaign, and Platinum swaps out Kota's awful headshots with the 2011 shoops they used to shill her for most of 2018

>January 2018, no work, gets another free teeth whitening, also that's when she got those 3 huge bags of clothes from her friends
>February 2018, she did the Fallin' Snow PV, this is also when she claimed she had acute leukemia back in 2016, and also when she got her first laser lipo at DSclinic, more shopping and eating out
>March 2018, no work, but she got gifted that eye backpack and a bunch of other items from that same brand at dinner (from a mystery friend)
>April 2018, Sapporo Collection
>May 2018, Rakuten Girl's Award which she designed the suitcases for, she was a guest and not a model for this show though
>June 2018, all she did this month was a shoot for the suitcases but she went to hella shop events and went out with Hirari a lot this month, like Tokyo Disney Sea
>July 2018, Shibuya Star Fest after she flew home to visit for the 4th, also bought herself 4.5Mil YT views to help boost her popularity
>August 2018, ImappoTV (subbing for Yula) gallery member, I think this is when she moved again
>September 2018, Rakuten Girl's (Award as a guest), got herself a new phone too
>September 2018, Mercari app promo
>October 2018, ToitaFest- she's gonna be at a street fashion collab at some women's junior college

No. 23496

File: 1538198019185.jpg (913.85 KB, 1080x2017, 20180929_011207.jpg)

No. 23497


Wait… What??
This is actually really pretty. They meant that Dakota owns that kimono right? She couldn't possible have designed it in any way. If so, I am actually impressed that she has any modicum of talent.

No. 23498

No, she designed it. The webshop has her name as a category but this kimono is the only thing in that category. I'm not at all surprised, she did so many kimono/yukata shoots for Rakuten before they merged with Girl's Award that I had a hunch she would end up trying her own print.

No. 23499


I mean, it's a standard pattern/print for a furisode, nothing unique, but it's still really pretty, classic and elegant. If someone were to tell me that Dakota was designing a kimono print, I'd think something edgier and uglier. Maybe she has a legit carrer option here.

No. 23500

I highly douby she designed the entire pattern herself, she helped design those suitcases and she promotes them as a Travel walkerXDakota Rose collab. Hell, now that I think about it, I read that she designed the stickers for the suitcases but I never saw anything actually saying she designed the actual luggage. My point is, if she did design this why isn't she flogging it on her twitter? It's beautiful, and her "career" needs all the help she can get.

No. 23501

File: 1538222579831.jpg (879.99 KB, 1080x1971, 20180929_075350.jpg)

No, if she designed it that would explain all the "random" pics of girls in rental kimono tagged #ダコタローズ. They start up around the time she did Takoaka Kimono Fest which might have been how she got her foot in the door.

No. 23502

File: 1538222641939.jpg (922.67 KB, 1080x1665, 20180929_075424.jpg)

No. 23503

File: 1538222685125.jpg (820.93 KB, 1080x1494, 20180929_075548.jpg)

No. 23504

File: 1538222727157.jpg (880.63 KB, 1080x1712, 20180929_075519.jpg)

No. 23505

File: 1538222794800.jpg (1.39 MB, 1080x1857, 20180929_075456.jpg)

last one

No. 23506

File: 1538223075407.jpg (930.27 KB, 1080x1600, 20180929_075602.jpg)

Oh no wait, here's a pic of this one I guess before it was rented.

No. 23507

If you read the tags this just seems like another Kota scam. Wtf does Liz Lisa have to so with these furisode and kimono fabrics.
I can't believe that any anons here believe that Kota has anything to do with this design besides slapping her hashtag all over it. I'm pretty sure that no reputable kimono designer is clamoring to collaborate with a massive talentless weeb like Koots, let alone let her actually design a furisode.

No. 23508

Samefag to add, if there is a connection to her, these are probably Kimono's she modeled for the catalogue.

No. 23509

>stuff tagged incorrectly
>kimono designer

Anon is tripping.

No. 23510

File: 1538224771406.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x2560, 18-09-29-08-39-27-834_deco.jpg)

Nope, confirmed. For a while noq, it seems- this description of her "brand" mentions babyfang (babyfung, kek) which means she's been doing these since 2015(?).

No. 23511

File: 1538224862074.jpg (770.53 KB, 1080x2151, 20180929_084106.jpg)

>a while noq

*Now, derp. Another one she designed

No. 23512

File: 1538224968103.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x2135, 20180929_084257.jpg)

No. 23513

File: 1538225165813.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2132, 20180929_084437.jpg)

Another site offering her kimono.

No. 23514

File: 1538225485503.jpg (664.69 KB, 1080x2140, 20180929_084741.jpg)

Forgot to mention, this one is taking reservations for 2019 ceremony rentals which means she's probably still designing more and making money from it.

Pic related is from the site of a studio you can rent for shoots, which it says Dakota did when she shot and modeled for her kimono brand. All the newer listings on rental sites I'm seeing from 2017-2018 are modeled by Japanese girls or mannequins, which is when she stopped focusing on her modeling.

Anons have been speculating for a while now that modeling is a side hobby for her now, this would make sense.

No. 23515

File: 1538225543089.jpg (869.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180929-083228_Chr…)

Detail shot

No. 23516

File: 1538226541328.jpg (907.81 KB, 2560x2560, 18-09-29-09-07-28-608_deco.jpg)

Last one from me, promise. You can buy her Kimono catalogs from 2017 on Amazon, which meand she was getting work in 2017 outside of Libera/Fitt's

No. 23517

Not confirmed at all you sperg.
These are all from 2015/16 when she was still popular and relevant. A Kimono company used her a model and marketed it as the Dakota Rose line. It doesn't mean she had any hand in designing it. There are also lines for Rola, Aoi, Elli Rose, and Nicorun plus lots of other popular models.
Kooter's stuff is at the end because it's 3 years old. If you go to page 1 you can see Rola's new named line on the first page

The one that is taking reservation is the studio that rents the kimono. They are starting to advertise for 2019's Adult Day celebrations.
Besides the entry that you posted is from 2016.
No it means that they were still renting or selling that line (probably because it wasn't very popular) in 2017. the pictures were the same ones shot initially along with other models. Nakamura Risa isn't a kimono designer.
Also stop trying to prove your point using google translate.

No. 23518

Adding to this. Went back and looked more closely and deal is that she shot the pictures of her dressed in kimono in that studio. It's also used for lots of other events and shoots if you look at the blog. Le Cave Studio is not selling/renting Dakota Rose furisode.

No. 23519

All the sites I found linking her kimono that don't have her modeling them are from 2017/2018, and most of them still have her kimono in their catalog for 2018 rentals. It's not unbelieveable, she's done hella kimono modeling and she's in deep with Rakuten from all the rental kimono modeling she did do in 2016. Idk how you think these two are from her 2016 shoots since she isn't even in them >>23511 >>700160

Plus it says Dakota Rose x Kimono right on the pic. And multiple sites list them under her name as a brand/designer with other Japanese models along side theirs, modeled by girls other than them. Are you saying that Dakota's name is all over these kimono rentap sites for the past 2 years that she isn't even modeling because she used to model them in 2016?

Also, google translate doesn't change dates and none of the translated text is really being used to "prove" anything, Chrome just does it automatically.

No. 23520

>she shot the pictures of her dressed in kimono in that studio. It's also used for lots of other events and shoots if you look at the blog.

Yeah, I said that when I posted it. She booked the place to model her kimono.

>Le Cave Studio is not selling/renting Dakota Rose furisode.

I literally never said or even implied they were.

No. 23521

>The one that is taking reservation is the studio that rents the kimono. They are starting to advertise for 2019's Adult Day celebrations.

Yeah? They're taking reservations for adult ceremony kimono rentals, and under that category they list Dakota Rose by name, yet have no pics of her in kimono on the site. I think you're trying to say "they're taking new rentals for old kimono she modeled in 2016" but if that was the case, she would be in the kimono pics. She didn't model them, so it's possible she designed them, otherwise there's no reason for the site to mention her by name at all.

No. 23522

File: 1538230106522.jpg (272.13 KB, 362x638, DA-4-01.jpg)

Yes I'm saying that those are same furisode that she advertised in 2016.
>>23511 is the same as pic related.
The others that you've posted also match the ones from that she was modeling then. No it is not unbelievable that they are still renting them out for the new season and still advertising them.

My mistake. Sorry.
No that's not what I'm trying to say. I'm saying because the line was called Dakota Rose, they are advertising it as such. They are offering the Dakota Rose line as an option. The model in the picture is not necessarily wearing it. Actually given that it is Katou Nana and she has already "designed" a kimono line herself, it's probably from her line.

No. 23523

If that's the case though, she could still be getting residuals if they're using her name. Either way, she was in a kimono catalog in 2017 when she was pretending to be busy with Fitt's.

No. 23524

Yeah no sorry as someone who’s been following kota since the scene days - there’s literally no fuckin way she’s “designing” kimono and not hollering about it all day every day.
There’s no greater subplot here to be explored or tinfoiled over. If she had a side career that she extremely talented at, we’d be having it shoved down our throats constantly.

No. 23525

this is absolutely not true at all.
Dakota hates herself so much lookswise I couldn't imagine her being a prostitute (especially with that insufferable personality–no, the nips would not throw money at this pig to fuck her as much as you guys want to believe) so she has to be paying for her lifestyle in other ways.

Living in japan and maintaining a visa without a spouse is not easy or cheap. Her family certainly doesn't have the means to funnel her all that money while they're busy changing Kiki's diapers as well. She definitely isn't boinking a manager as much as you wish she was.

Low key jobs like re touching or designing would make a lot of sense for her, and she wouldn't shove that down our throats because she knows we'd dissect it to bits.
Maybe she just wants a lowkey career to herself where she doesn't have to worry about us stepping on the backs of her feet all the time?

Not saying she's a kimono designer but she's obviously doing some kind of regular, unglamourous work on the side.

No. 23526

I don't think Kota is whoring herself out in Japan, nor do I think she has the talent or skill to design Kimono's all on her own, i've seen her art. She might be collabing and by collabing a designer will show her something and Kota might give input like "No it's ugly" or "make it blue"

No. 23527

Exactly lol. Hasn’t anyone seen how design “collaborations” work with actual celebrities? They don’t actually design anything. They provide a little input and their name gets slapped on it.

No. 23528

We dissect her looks to bits, but does that stop her?
She's got no fashion sense and suddenly she'd decking out some pretty kimono designs? Give me a break.

I'm guessing it's a mundane reason for her name being tagged with the kimonos like it's simply because she was at a fashion show wearing a couple of them that now it's almost obligation to tag her especially as a way to throw her a bone (which she desperately needs)

No. 23529

She could have a Specialist in Humanities Visa for modeling


No. 23530


>go on site to look at pretty kimono/yukata

>Buying Price: ¥470,000 ($4,100+)
>Rental Price: ¥235,000 ($2,000+)

Are those normal rental prices?? I knew nice kimono can go for a few hundred bucks, but thousands? It it just because her name is on them and the brand did a bunch of model collabs with actual famous models like Rola, Yula, and Nicole Fujita (AKA all models who have helped her get jobs before) and hers is part of the 'collection'?

No. 23531

They usually go for this much if they're made of good silk and not machine made.

No. 23532

So, despite the arguing ITT, Dakota did design at least this kimono, and it even says "this kimono is part of the Dakota Rose kimono series":



No. 23533

> she could still be getting residuals if they're using her name

Her name doesn't even carry the weight to even make residuals on the initial sales to the companies renting it out kek.

In any case, the "she designed kimono" anon needs to stop. We saw her fail spectacularly at design before. Series does not mean designer.

No. 23534

Legitimate question: why is it impossible to believe she did a few kimono designs? Especially when her more popular model friends (who likely got her those rental kimono modeling jobs) did exactly that? Is the idea that all the other models did designs and Dakota slapped her name on one they gave her more believable than her helping on a kimono design collab? This was all done back in 2015-2016 when she was still popular and on TV a lot, and yet considering all the other special favors she's been given, this one is just somehow impossible?

Does the thought of kooter actually helping design some kimono upset you that much? I don't get it.

Nobody is trying to argue that she is currently a kimono designer. It was a job she got back before she got fat and stopped styling herself and could still get good jobs with bigger name models. And besides, designing some kimomo isn't like her having her own brand or clothing line, it was a one off thing where she probably only did the 3-4(?) ones that were already posted.

I mean really, "they tag her/use her name as the print name but NO WAY she designed it!!"? Come on? I don't mean to stan Kota but she's had bigger, more inexplicable handouts than being grouped into a model kimono design collab. And just what makes it impossible?

No. 23535

When was this? I thought she only did the Girl's Award runway stuff this year.

No. 23536

No. None of the models designed the kimono lines named after them. they lent their face and names to promote them. Stop being deliberately obtuse.

Kimono show was fall 2016.

No. 23537

File: 1538299232282.jpg (92.17 KB, 600x600, sawarabi_10006814.jpg)

I'm guessing you're the OP who sperged a ton of pics and got confused with what gtranslate gave.

>It was a job she got

That's not how any of this works. It wasn't even a collab. She's a foreigner who catalogue modeled a bunch of kimonos for a brand, and the name is used to help sell the combinations. She did not design them nor even collaborated.

Pic related, someone more famous who actually does collabs.

No. 23538

Timelinefag here, I think anons ITT are confusing each other. Let me try.

>iirc kota started modeling kimono around 2015 after quietly leaving Popteen

>2016 she uses her popularity and Popteen connections to get Takoaka Kimono fest, which might have led to the model design kimono collab thing
>ffw some time, 2017 kota stops modeling cute clothes/make up/kimono, joins Libera, gets fat, and drops off on work in general(remember that despite being a year long campaign Fitt's only used kota for 6 months and Libera dropped her while Lotte continued to release content with her in it)
>now she could be getting some small amt of royalties if the ones she designed are really $2-4K+, intermittently, despite the kimono being 2 or more years old- if they cost that much and are real quality silk, they could last years if cared for correctly. she could be getting a small check each time is rented (maybe, idk how rental kimono shit works) in addition to her meager YT ad revenue (if she still draws any at all these days).

The most realistic possibility is that she did design those few when she was grouped in with the other models just as a favor, and to help boost her name post-Popteen.

No. 23539

Except she didn't design it and there's no way she'd be entitled to any residuals, much less from a rental company. Rental stores don't give "checks" to anyone. They already own the kimonos they bought.

If she designed anything, you'd never hear the end of it. She'd be actively trying to promote the designs so she'd get paid. Just like her failed line of taobao items.

No. 23540

Actually upthread anon was trying to argue that it was current so…

She left Popteen in 2016. She modeled yukata/furisode on Tiara Mily before it folded in 2014-15. She modeled kimono for a catalogue in 2016 and did the show with Kumikki (ex-popteen).
She did not design the Kimono line named after her. The same way Nicorun and Nana didn't design the lines with their names. I don't know why this so hard for you to grasp.
Exactly. Also why would any kimono manufacturer collab with a know nothing gaijin like Kota?

No. 23541

File: 1538303163299.jpg (557.57 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20180930-062336_Ins…)

even with a camera filter, you can still see how crepe-y the skin around her eyes is oof

No. 23542

Jeeeez, look at her eyelid wrinkling all the way up to her eyebrow. I've never seen wrinkles like that on a woman under 30 smh.

No. 23543

Designing means that you make a pattern, create a fabric et cetera. If you don't know what I am talking about: watch Project Runway. Designing is a profession but unfortunately the term designer isn't protected like for example lawyer or doctor. You can be sued if you would call yourself a doctor. But every idiot can call themselves ~designer if they want to, although they didn't study it. Celebrities just put their names on clothes and call themselves designers when they don't even know how to hold scissors without cutting themselves. Same goes for actors and artists. Everyone calls themselves an actor or artist because these terms are not protected. Why do you think so many z celebrities/instahoes/famewhores in general call themselves ~designer, ~actor and ~artist??? At most celebrities say what they like and that's it. Everyone else who thinks otherwise is extremely stupid. It's all about money and prestige.

Sorry for rage

I agree, glad to know here are sane people with logical minds.

No. 23544

No she couldn't, you need a degree or 10 years of experience in a relevant field for that visa. Kooter has neither.

She's most likely married (or maybe was until very recently since the ring's gone). There's pretty much no other way she could still be in Japan, she just doesn't work enough to keep getting entertainer visas and I can't see what other type of visa she'd qualify for without a degree. That or she's secretly doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work at her agency, and it makes sense she'd hide it if she was actually an OL the rest of the time.

No. 23545

Actually if you go on Japan travel forums like gaijinpot or japan-guide and do some digging, you'll see it's not that hard to get a specialist in humanities Visa without a degree- for modeling/advertising type jobs would be covered by that visa. The model who wrote the article in the post you quoted even says it's not hard to get that visa for modeling/TV work.

>Getting a “Specialist in Humanities Visa” lets you do work in the advertising field which includes teaching, writing, and modeling. It’s what I have and it’s easy to get.

>The Specialist in Humanities / International Services Visa is one of the broadest and therefore most important of Japan’s work visa categories. It is applicable to applicants ranging from language teachers to those working in investment banks. To an extent, it acts as a catch-all for those whose applications do not fit into a more specific category

I mean really, by the time the average model (not celeb/super model) has 10 years of experience she's usually aged out or is dangerously close to it. And how do you get a degree in modeling? You can't, and yet modeling is still covered by the visa, since this Cynthia woman is able to do it on one. The visa also covers advertising which includes TV.

It's also worth mentioning that this type of visa didn't exist until early 2015, so she could have switched from whatever visa she had through Popteen to a Specialist in Humanities visa right before she started doing all that TV work that year. According to her Platunim page, in 2015 she did 3 commercials and 30 shows, then in 2016 she did only 3 shows (with a 6 month gap in between) and started all the sponsorships, which are also covered by that visa (advertising/marketing; social media). That was also the year she did Babyfang, which visa would allow her to do.

Those visas can last for 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years btw.

No. 23546

She didn't get a visa through Popteen. That's not the kind of company Popteen is.
Bravo was sponsoring her visa if anything. She's probably still on an entertainment visa. As long as her agency is willing to renew it, she's not going to have a problem. Probably, like Taylor, her social media stuff is considered tarento work and counts enough to keep her out of trouble.
Where are all of these totally bogus theories coming from all of a sudden? It's like someone in this thread is desperately trying to legitimize Kota's ~place~ in Japan for some reason.

No. 23547

Anons have been saying for the last 2-3 threads that there's no way she's still on an entertainment visa, and now that a theory that is at least plausible (about the visa anyway) comes along, now suddenly it's okay to claim she has one of the hardest visas to get while barely working and after losing every big name brand she worked under? Not even remotely believable.

>It's like someone in this thread is desperately trying to legitimize Kota's ~place~ in Japan for some reason

Again, the past several threads have had plenty of theories, tinfoil, speculation and "who the hell is she fucking/married to? How is she still there without working after dropping off for so long and getting fat? Isn't she worried about being sent back to Florida?" questions. All I'm doing is checking her old Ameblo, looking up visa requirements and trying to see how it all fits together.

And even if I was? So what? You think that by trying to figure out how she's staying there legally as a fat, aging gremlin with a less than stellar reputation I'm doing her some favor? She's still there either way. It's speculation for the hell of it, yet you act like im over here stanning for her.

No. 23548

Sorry anon. I was actually referring to kimono sperg more than you with the bonus theories thing.

I think it's unlikely that she has a specialist in humanities but I guess it's a possibility.

No. 23549

I have a kinda-maybe-tinfoil about the ring. I'm sure it has everything to do with her going exclusive with Popteen in March 2014, I just don't know what exactly.

Do we know whatever happened to Nao? In early 2013 she was tweeting often about him and even posted a pic, but after her angry pedo fans reee'd about it she never mentioned him again. Nothing about a breakup, and iirc she wrote on her now-deleted Line blog about flying home with a male friend, which could have been him. If she took him to meet the family, that's a requirement for marrying a Japanese national, plus her being underaged her parents would have had to sign off.

She didn't really work in 2013, she did the Candydoll commercial(s) and her photobook that year, but for most of it she just sat in her tiny Bravo apartment making the hair/makeup videos she still buys views for, as well as taking all those weirdly pedobait bed selfies/cosplays with the garters/collars/ribbons. Going by her ameblo posts, she spent about half of 2013 working and half dressing up/blogging until she flew home in December.

In March 2014 her mystery ring appears and she gets Belebel, Tiara Milly, Syrup, My Melody, Ank Rouge, Secret Honey, and of course Popteen. What's interesting is, this is also when she started getting her nails done, eating out, and getting hella brand gifts on a regular basis, and moved into her big 2-bedroom apartment in Shibuya she claimed to live alone in.

In July 2017 she moved from there to the apartment with the tiny bedroom she only stayed in for a year, which must have been provided by Libera. Finally, in May 2018, the ring disappeared after another flight home and (possibly) moving again.

And, this might exolain why kota feels so "balanced" now, despite all this loss:

>Significant Changes in the Permanent Resident Visa Requirements (April 2018)


>The standard rule to qualify for the Permanent Resident visa is to have lived in Japan consecutively for 10 years, but it is now possible to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa if an applicant can show that he/she scores 70 points in this Point Calculation Table at the time of application and that he/she has been doing so at all times during the most recent 3 years of residency leading up to the application, or 80 points in the said Table during the past one year of residency leading up to the application.

>This applies to applicants who currently hold:

>(a) any type of work visa that is listed in one of the Highly Skilled Professional sub-categories (e.g. Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services (cough cough COUGH), Intra-Company Transferee, Business Manager, Researcher, Professor),
>(b) Spouse of Japanese National Visa, or (c) Long Term Resident visa.

She still needs steady work and a guarantor, but thanks to this newer visa type and these conveniently updated permanent residency guidelines it looks like she might have stumbled her way into a PR, either by marrying Nao secretly or by getting that visa. Hell, maybe both.

No. 23550

I agree, anon. I would think she designed it if she actually at the very LEAST designed the patterns to be put on them. But she didn't. And there's no way she could have. Because her art fucking sucks. My mind was so boggled reading this thread last night.

No. 23551

Lemme phrase this better: after her first bump of bravo stuff when she debuted in 2012, she spent half of 2013 working 1-2 jobs and the other half making more "living doll" videos for youtube/ameblo/line (back then she was an "offical blogger" for amebo and Line before she gave up on blogging).
Then she flew home for xmas, and reappeared in March 2014 wearing the ring and that's when she got Popteen and all those other brands she's erased from her portfolios. Aso when she started going out a lot and getting her nails done and getting gifts, despite spending her first 1.5 years there sitting in her room.
After that she shot up again for a while, moved from Popteen to TV and then that's where it could perhaps tie into the specialist in humanities visa.

No. 23552

File: 1538334658472.jpg (524.32 KB, 936x1428, 20180930_151110.jpg)

Visa-sleuth, one last thing and I'm done. I found this old ass archive of one of her first viral articles, it's so old it still says she was fluent in Japanese when landing from watching anime and that she learned kawaii hair and makeup from Japanese fashion magazines. Enjoy the trove of OG viral shoops including some of the ones she's tried to erase herself, pic related. The best boob shoop fail ever.

(We all know kota stole that shit from the weird ass Russian real barbie models she used to obsess over back in Fl)

No. 23553

For fuck's sake, you don't need a degree in modeling. You just need a bachelor's degree. Pretty much all working visas in Japan (other than the entertainer visa) require a bachelor's degree. I'd love to see where you're finding information about getting that visa without a degree or experience?

I'm absolutely not arguing that she's fucking someone important and that's how she's getting work, since all evidence points to her not exactly being rich. I'm just saying that her visa situation makes very little sense unless she's married.

Actually I'm wondering if she got married in 2014 and then got permanent residency last year. If you're married for 3 years, you can apply for permanent residency. Maybe she got approved and then got divorced, hence the ring removal? Sage for total tinfoil but the timeline does fit

No. 23554

The degree has to be relevant to the work being done under the visa. Since there's no degree in modeling, she could use her shit from Valencia (if she managed to actually finish). But you're ungodly salty about all this anon, I'm sorry you're so mad everyone is using your thread wrong.

>Actually I'm wondering if she got married in 2014 and then got permanent residency last year. If you're married for 3 years, you can apply for permanent residency. Maybe she got approved and then got divorced, hence the ring removal? Sage for total tinfoil but the timeline does fit

So you disagree with me, but then go on to paraphrase exactly what I posted? Kek. See >>23549 again, and read the whole post this time.

No. 23555

And by her shit I mean the graphic design shit that taught her how to shoop/use AE.

No. 23556

Hey, maybe I should include the link, hurr.


Was Model Press up her ass before she even got to Japan? wtf. I can't believe they watermarked her shoop, dying.

No. 23557

With a Humanities visa, you could model on the side as supplement to your real job. Full time model is Entertainment visa.

HSP is like for people with Phd, high level engineer, researcher, inventor, CEO, etc. Not part time model.
Most likely she did spouse visa then permanent residence application

No. 23558

2015 was the only time she could have been considered a full time model imho.

That aside, did you miss the article where a full time foreign model models in Tokyo full time on a Humanities visa? >>23529

>With a Humanities visa, you could model on the side as supplement to your real job. Full time model is Entertainment visa.

[citation needed].

Sass aside I think I see the confusion here, guys.

So there's the Specialist in Humanities visa, then sort of a B-side to that one called the Specialist in International Services visa:

>For those applying under Specialist in International Services Visa

>This is applicable where the Applicant will engage in activities that require ways of thinking or sensibilities that have their foundations in a foreign culture.

>The preliminary requirements are as follows:

>The Applicant must plan to engage in activities such as translating, interpreting, language instruction, public services, transactions between Japan and overseas, [b]fashion[/b], interior design, or [b]product development[/b] (collabs/sponsorships maybe?), and

>The Applicant must have at least three years' relevant experience. However, three years’ experience is generally not required of Applicants who have graduated from university and plan to engage in translation, interpretation, or language instruction, and

>The Applicant must receive no less remuneration than would a Japanese national for comparable work.


Her 50Mil. international Youtube views could prequalify her for a visa this broad, especially the way they used to (and still kind of) bring it up every chance they get. And if not, the work she had through bravo under her entertainment visa would count as work experince from a former agency.

No. 23559

How perfectly convenient for koots that they invented this visa kust in time for her to use it to save her dying career, by allowing her to work the types of jobs where she has the most control over her image, and that it only requires 3 years' experience in a relevant field to get (which is how long she was with Bravo before going to TV). So, the year Japan rolled out this visa, all she had to do was apply for it. It's almost like they put in place just for her low rent situation.

No. 23560

>>23559 again, shit I just noticed something-

>Significant Changes in the Permanent Resident Visa Requirements (April 2018)

>May 2018, the very next month, the ring disappeared

>If you have been approved as a Highly Skilled Professional (HSP), you may apply for Permanent Residency after 3 years from the date you were approved as an HSP.

>If you are the spouse of a Japanese national, you can apply for Permanent Residency after 3 years.

Then- >>23549
>March 2014, mystery ring, apartment and surge of good jobs a few months later
>July 2017, after 6 months of shit jobs she takes her ring off, moves, then lays around getting a few small jobs for almost a year
>March 2018, goes to a nice ass dinner with a mystery friend who gifts her a bunch of Malicuous.X brand bags and necklaces. then suddenly has a new agency, new friends and tons of new jobs for 2018. Exactly 4 years after the ring appeared. she got back on her feet with good brands/the AKB girls after taking it off, too.

So maybe she was married between 2014-2018 to get PR. good on her I guess? Her being married and not having to worry about visa status or how many jobs shebwas booking fits now. So, the anons in the old threads speculating she was a bored housewife pretending to be a model to keep up appearances… might have been right.

No. 23561

Also she left and reentered Japan both times, before the ring appeared and after it disappeared. Between those two trips, she didn't leave Japan once.

No. 23562

File: 1538380207755.jpg (Spoiler Image,330.68 KB, 1080x900, 20181001_034742.jpg)

Kota is ITT.

RIGHT before I posted >>23560 I went on her insta to confirm when exactly she went to that dinner:

>March 2018, goes to a nice ass dinner with a mystery friend who gifts her a bunch of Malicuous.X brand bags and necklaces.

And then after I made this post, I went back to cap it since it was a very nice looking traditional restaurant, way out of her price range, and it is fucking gone. I dug back in the older threads to make sure I wasn't imagining the dinner pic, but uh.

Pic related. YAA, bitch!

No. 23563

File: 1538380404241.jpg (914.53 KB, 1080x1439, 20181001_035252.jpg)


the red circle shows where the restaursnt pic was

No. 23564

File: 1538380890539.jpg (Spoiler Image,660.95 KB, 1080x1497, 20181001_040141.jpg)


Looks like kooter got herself a sugar momma.

No. 23565

File: 1538381566032.jpeg (164.78 KB, 1200x848, 1519917704287.jpeg)

full pic

No. 23566

that photo is so awful. she genuinely is pretty imo, and she literally tries to look like gollum. wtf. also, i highly doubt that this is true because of her insane lesbophobia, but if it is, wew, what a crazy turnaround.

No. 23567

Damn, it's been known that the Ostrengas read this thread but considering the timezone and how fast she did this, it's Dakota herself.

No. 23568

Omfg kek she is definitely hiding something if she is so determined to delete this picture. In the end anons could be right about her homophobia being a sign of denial about her sexuality. Plus she is pushing these Taiko rumours too hard. Sooo heterosexual guyyys!!1

No. 23569

File: 1538403555800.jpg (50.3 KB, 430x480, weseeukoots.JPG)

Hmmm. Interesting. She was active and online exactly when anon noticed that pic disappeared.

No. 23570

File: 1538404058535.jpg (74.85 KB, 1080x863, 41974760_1451343211677231_1646…)

Also here is a new picture and the text to go with it.

昨日台風の中で出掛けたら ハロウィンの時期もう始まったね。
When I went out during the typhoon yesterday, Halloween season had just started. I haven't dressed up in costume in long time but this year because my number of friends has increased, I feel like I want to do fun things.

Guess she better thank Hirari. She has literally met all of her new friends through her.

No. 23571

Really though, what even is a plausible explanation for her deleting that? It's not like the visa husband speculation is new. Is there something about the pic that gives away evidence? There is some sort of reflection in the water glass.

No. 23572

Who knows. I assumed it was just a business meeting with the designers from Malicious.x to iron out an online sponsorship deal. They give her free stuff, she gives them free publicity via her Insta/Twitter. They seem to do the same deal with other young female Instagrammers including some members of her social circle.
Actually I always assumed that it was this meeting she as talking about where she was scolded to using 'Ore'.

No. 23573

That was my thinking too. After her ring went away in May suddenly she had all these new female kodel and designer friends, like how suddenly she was up Aya Stella's ass for her fugly shoes. She gets an awful lot of brand handouts for a model who spent the last two years in Japan getting fat and playing games only because she was probably married.

It's a private room at an expensive looking traditional restaurant, and before she deleted it the caption said she had lunch with a friend. Nothing about work or a meeting. Maybe kota is escorting for burando kek.

Also worth mentioning: the teeth whitenings and fat scultping started around this time, too.

No. 23574

Hirari is definitely her new golden ticket. Whoever was pushing her all those years gave up around mid 2017, she was really struggling through the Fitt's job with her weight and looks and took a partial hiatus for like, a year. Only to come back with a new entourage and a truckload of handouts and new jobs. Kota's definitely a hoe. She can't model in her own right and she wouldn't ever admit it, and we know she thinks she deserves to be a model so mich that she would do anything to stay. she can't even lose weight or brush her teeth properly but she still so desperate to be seen as a real model. If not for her mystery ring, she might be working at some dirty vegan restaurant in Orlando while pretending to be in LA with her sister.

Still can't believe Kota pulled a Mira, lolling forever. So much for being an ~ungodly beautufil anime doll~ enough to be a model with just selfies, uwu. I wonder how long it'll take her Japanese audience to piece it together and start talking about it? I don't have the skills to write up a summary this juicy.

No. 23575

>i highly doubt that this is true because of her insane lesbophobia

Tbh her insane lesbophobia is the most telling. Nothing bugs her, except being called a lesbo,even from day one, even when she qas a kid. The Ostrengas seem like the type of people who love RuPaul and sassy OTT gay kween shit, and we know they aren't shy about sex in their family. I think she's bi and prefers girls.

No. 23576

It's kind of unreal how she never has face consequences for any of her myriad bullshit. Still kind of hope karma eventually bites her ass though.

No. 23577

If she were escorting, wouldn't we have known by now? It seems like a lot of farmers keep up with the Japanese escorting scene for whatever reason.

No. 23578

Have you seen her real face lately? It already has. She's also having way more bald spot slips than ever before. The older she gets+the more inexplicable handouts she gets as she ages will burst her bubble sooner rather than later, PR or not.

Are you being serious? In case you are, I'll humor you.

-Farmers keeping up with escorting in Japan doesn't mean any of them give a shit about Dakota just because she's in Japan

-If she is escorting, she's doing it with people in her industry that she met through her high powered Bravo/Popteen connections, so the average weeaboo fucking around to stay in Japan wouldn't be running in the same circles as her at all

-Even if someone knew of her escorting, they would need definite proof, which is kind of hard to get for escorting. Dakota is a hermit, and she's paranoid as hell about people seeing or "finding" things out about heebthat would disagree with her cutesy Cinderella story

No. 23579

I don't get why she would delete it if it were harmless promo. Something isn't adding up. She didn't delete the other malicious X photos. Maybe someone got her this promo, instead of the brand coming to her. The style of the brand is up her alley, and she could have asked for them and the person pulled strings. The caption was something like, dinner with a friend, if it were with the designer, why wouldn't she just say?

Also notice in the past all of the photos of herself out to dinner, or of food, before she had friends. She takes photos of herself out with people now, but before she refused to have whoever she was with in any photos, and she obviously wasn't alone.

I'm looking through her instagram now, she got gifted tons of malicious x shit. Like, tons. More than people usually get for promos?
I don't know, something is weird. I swear she has deleted more than just that one but I could just be imagining it.

No. 23580

I feel like I remember a pic of her from around Halloween 2014-2015 where she's at home wearing skme huge black horn headband and a black top. If it's not just a false memory, it would mean she's been somehow in bed with Malicious.X since back then.

Maybe this has something to do with the way she started dressing in darker, less cute clothes and putting on the guroi-chan persona.

No. 23581

If you look closely at this pic, she's wearing Vivienne Westwood. Funny how she can afford that brand again suddenly after hiding her knockoffs for 3 years.

No. 23582

File: 1538430426042.jpg (47.1 KB, 415x604, YZkAooRJBxg.jpg)

Isn't that an old pic from last year?
That is one of her knockoffs.

No. 23583

Whoa…she looks like the boy from The tin drum.

No. 23584

File: 1538431632214.jpg (41.11 KB, 440x327, QWbsADs_3A8.jpg)

Man that just reminded me of that one anon that existed some threads back that used to insist that Kota could model for Vivienne Westwood if she went back to her old makeup style.
pic related is an actual candid from when she first got to JP. Always a catfish…

No. 23585

>escorting scene
It's not a scene, it's skeevy under the table stuff from men who run "modeling agencies" and their connections who are looking for this kind of service.

Very easy to keep under wraps when you don't have friends, are an unknown IRL due to your fake online face, and won't have passerbys uploading candids by mistake.

Wearing the same knockoffs from china for what seems like a decade now..

No. 23586

I wouldn't be surprised if she offers english classes on the side. >>23570
So before she met her friends all she did was stay inside,and play videogames.

No. 23587

>Are you being serious? In case you are, I'll humor you.
The average person isn't particularly up-to-date on escorting in Japan, anon.
>If she is escorting, she's doing it with people in her industry that she met through her high powered Bravo/Popteen connections, so the average weeaboo fucking around to stay in Japan wouldn't be running in the same circles as her at all
>It's not a scene, it's skeevy under the table stuff from men who run "modeling agencies" and their connections who are looking for this kind of service.
Why would she even be in/stay in these higher circles to begin with, given that these people can see what she actually looks like? Is it a result of the effect where it's more difficult to evaluate the attractiveness of a race you're not exposed to often? They could probably import any given 18-year-old from rural Russia or Ukraine and she'd probably make a better escort in addition to being a better model. Cheaper too.

No. 23588

>Why would she even be in/stay in these higher circles to begin with, given that these people can see what she actually looks like?

Who knows, buy then again why didn't Bravo boot her back to Florida after her big reveal?

But older men aren't as hung up on attractiveness level in younger women, as long as they're energetic and fun and keep them distracted and happy. Usually the fact that they're fucking an 18-23 year old who wouldn't give them the time of day if they didn't need a sponsor/money keeps them happy enough and makes them feel powerful.

No. 23589

> Is it a result of the effect where it's more difficult to evaluate the attractiveness of a race you're not exposed to often?

There are apps for this sort of thing, she could be making money that way. In any case she speaks meager amounts of Japanese, that puts her ahead of the average imported hoes.

No. 23590

This video of one of her TV appearances was uploaded a month ago on the KontraKoti YT channel. Nothing special, but could it mean there might be a return of the KontraKoti truth blog that used to be hella active?

No. 23591

File: 1538730920935.jpg (51.21 KB, 564x696, 4f11908c23cc10fea940a34368cc9c…)

Saged for completely off topic but I'm finally realising why I liked Kota's 2012 shoops so much as opposed to the other "living Barbies" that were popular around that time. Her old shoops used to look like those ball jointed dolls like pic related. Even her makeup and fashion suited the look. There's a reason why those are so popular and expensive and it's because they're aesthetic as fuck. Honestly I wouldn't even mind that it's shooped anymore, I just wish she'd go back to that aesthetic. As jealous as I was, it inspired me to lose weight and take better care of myself. Sorry for blog post

No. 23592

omg her skirt is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo short, like short for even japanese standards jeez, she may as well not be wearing a skirt its so short

No. 23593

everyone is there looking normal and then theres koots lookin like a skank phahaha

No. 23594

this is the closest she got to actually cute and animu IRL though. she's so busted now compared to this. all that makeup has absolutely destroyed her skin, the durries probably dont help either.

No. 23595

uh, no shit?

"living doll" trend was supposed to be emulating bjd shit the whole time.

the only living "barbie" was that crazy slavic bitch. venus and that crazy "i'm an irl animu" girl were also both trying to emulate bjds.

No. 23596

File: 1538751238212.jpeg (187.64 KB, 1200x908, DovtO14VsAEUXnP.jpeg)


No. 23597

File: 1538751262099.jpeg (154.3 KB, 1199x899, DovtQMrVAAAmnt0.jpeg)

No. 23598

File: 1538751277981.jpeg (146.67 KB, 1200x900, Dovtb8qUYAAq2p5.jpeg)

No. 23599

File: 1538751299721.jpeg (182.42 KB, 1199x899, DovtxmdU8AEzqT9.jpeg)

No. 23600

im the same. i know its shooped, but id still love to see the pics because i love the aesthetic. same thing with felice fawn. Le sigh. I miss the old days.

No. 23601

>Lewinでヘッドスパとトリートメントしました!この前自分で切った毛先も整えてもらいました さらさら~

Got a head spa and treatment at Lewin. Also got the ends that I trimmed myself a while back tidied up. Smooth and silky now.

No. 23602

The one thing I feel bad for Koots about (Kiki too) is how thin her hair is. It's hell to be in your twenties and already have hair that thin, what the hell are they going to do when they hit 35 and have their first big shed? There's not that much they can afford to lose.

No. 23603

i want this fuckin bag so bad

No. 23604

Don't need to feel bad. That's karma for all the shit they have done. And if they are bald in their 30s, they could buy themselves a hairsystem like in the video.

No. 23605

you're in luck, they ship overseas

No. 23606

Brace yourselves,the oversized sweater pictures are coming.

No. 23607

i can't believe dakota is eating pussy to pay her rent now. cute how her mommy allows her to take shitty modelling jobs as a little hobby to spend her time. never thought dakota-chan would end up being a ~disgusting lesbo~ lol!

No. 23608

jesus, this is what ruins the Dakota drama. waaaaay overly spiteful anons who hate her so much that if somebody said she was a homeless crack whore, they would jump on it as ~utterly delighted~ as this anon did. i'm sorry, i know this will get me banned, but you sound like an ugly jealous female with too-strong feelings towards her.

No. 23609

project all you want, i'm not ugly or jealous of her. i just think it's funny, the idea of her having a sugar mommy, when she's very hatefully and vehemently insulted lesbians in the past. i'm gay, so this is honestly great to see. sure it's petty of me but guess what, so was dacote when she threw homophobic and racist slurs everywhere.

now she has an asian gf supplying her money? oh man. that's just great.

No. 23610

Horrifying shoop aside, anyone know where she got the sweater?

No. 23611

Kontrakoti's blog is up, but it's invite only: http://kontrakoti.blogspot.com

Kota went viral by combining Russian Barbie makeup, kawaii anime aesthetics and then shooping the resulting pics to look like BJD versions of the Russian girls she was already copying. All she did was combine popular trends and tagwhore them with pedobait tags.

No. 23612

File: 1538834763003.png (501.04 KB, 640x894, 20181006_100039.png)


She also went to a nice dinner at a fancy traditional restaurant in June 2016. This was right before she did Takoaka kimono fest and got Tiara Milly and all those kimono shoots she did that year, alkng with the "Dakota Rose" kimonos.

Every June/July kota is either leaving the country or going to fancy ass dinners…

No. 23613

I think what's more likely is whoever it's from went to koots, gave her some design and color options and she picked the ones she liked.

I highly highly doubt she did any actual design work. Not because I dislike her, but because she simply doesn't have the bg for it. The little art we've seen her do (ugly faces, cats all in very soft pencil) doesn't demonstrate the skills to make a graphic design like this.

No. 23614

Yeah, it makes sense that the kimono thing was a handout, and it fits with >>23612.

Man, we need to put together a complete kotakoti timeline of all the things she's tried to hide or delete.

No. 23615

.. Do you happen to be one of the spergy anons from Taylor's thread?


No. 23616

File: 1538844793287.jpg (702.25 KB, 1065x1431, 20181006_125328.jpg)

>Tiara Milly

Oh god, I remember the shooped on dresses, the visible panty line, her beer gut and her cold sore they never shooped out. Tiara Milly showed Kooter's modeling for what it really is.

No. 23617

She'd been working with Tiara Milly since 2014.
The kimono shoots are likely related to Kimono Fest which she did Kumikky (so another Popteen connection). The Dakota Rose kimono was part of those shoots. She was just a celebrity whose name and face was put on a product. I don't think she had anything to do design or even choosing the fabrics. She just wore the kimono and collected a pay check like all of the other models who have kimono lines named after them.
The fancy dinners were probably with an older dude. It doesn't seem like the kind of place she'd go with one of her model "friends".
That was one of the better Tiara Milly pictures. Her face never looked that soft and cute in real life. They lopped off like half of her chin there. Towards the end they were really shooping her into another person.

No. 23618

File: 1538846760351.jpg (126.88 KB, 800x1052, 1425786189049.jpg)

Her face looks good in this one, it's her gut that makes me kek.

Have some vintage cold sore though.

No. 23619

File: 1538847921528.jpeg (57.41 KB, 600x800, 5DD07A39-A8A1-438D-82AD-61F268…)

This one has to be one of the worst

No. 23620

But…you don't know what she does. So you just look like a weirdo saying this shit.

I don't care if Kooter was a rug muncher or not. We'll never find out anyways so maybe you should calm down.

I agree. There's no "projecting" if the other party really is posting with an uncomfortable amount of spite. It's funny that they said you were projecting when they're the ones who desperately want to believe Dakota is have lesbian sexual relations just because they're gay. Whew lads, we're hitting peak pot and kettle here.

No. 23621

Can you stop with your retarded logic please? We are talking about Dakota, who is homophobic and racist. She lied about having cancer and photoshopped herself into the kawaii modelling world.

Anon >>23609 can have all the schadenfreude in the world but you are the projecting ones because you get so defensive. Why don't you protect her if anons laugh about her fat man catwalk or her balding head? Because you don't care and because other anons are right about that. You just want to stay on a high moral ground with your own set of rules. This is a gossip site and here a salty bitches, deal with it and go to the pull ass lickers. Or go to twitter, you might want to protect trump from the mean salty people because projecting duh

No. 23622

>She lied about having cancer

For what it's worth, while I was looking in her Ameblo blog for >>23612 I read a post about her getting a massive nosebleed and her friends freaking out, circa 2016. Maybe she had some other health scare she just trumped up to acute leukemia for shock value because she thought it would get her pity?

No. 23623

These posts smell fishy. Like an Ostrenga.

No. 23624

Also want to add it’s funny we have a sudden stan rushing to defend her when people start joking or talking about her maybe having a gf. MAYBE she has a sugar mommy. Then bam, no, you guys are such spergs who are jealous and protecting!! Are you from Taylor’s thread? Oh my god she’s not a lesbian!!!!!

No. 23625


No. 23626

We know for a fact that she had/have anemia because she posted photos and talked about it. If you have anemia, you also get nose bleed and gums bleed very easily. 100% she wanted to have as much sympathy as Venus and yes definitely as a shock factor too.

Kek I thought so too

And that's the reason why she is pushing those Taiko rumours so hard. What's bad about homosexuality? 100% it's Cathy or Kiki defending her heterosexuality here

No. 23627

People have been joking about her fucking some old dude for jobs for ages in these threads, but someone being gleeful about the possiblity of her having a sugar mama after all the gross shit she's said about pedo lesbians coming after her is too far? ok.

No. 23628

This reads so much like Kooter's old tumblr/tweets and the way she always tries to use internet slang incorrectly… I just think it's suspicious that she hasn't had any whiteknights for a few threads and then suddenly (when there's proof she was here) someone insists she's on a super special snowflake visa and DEFINITELY not gay

No. 23629

Yeah we definitely hit a nerve. We discussed far more offensive topics in older Kota threads and nobody cared at all. Not that homosexuality is offensive but for the Ostrengas it is.

I remember some anons mentioned the possibility of her being gay in the last thread and then suddenly some whiteknights shut that theory down.
See >>629163
>6 year old statment
>because sexual orientation changes over time, right?
>this is what "grasping at straws" looks like.
>So first you tried to doubt that ~nobody knows~ her sexual orientation by saying that she has never made a statement about it.
>I tell you she has in fact stated she is 100% straight, and you spazz out and call that statement bullshit because of X Y Z made-up reason?
>Do you want her to be a lesbian?
>I can't imagine any other purpose for someone to insist so hard on something and not like the answer you get, unless you only want to hear a different answer.
>Sorry anon, she is straight.
>You can make up fantasies about her being oppressed by her homophobic family and being "weirdly fixated on other women" all you want, but you look crazy asf.

Now that I read it again, that is 100% an Ostrenga. Why are you so fcking homophobic? Nobody cares if you are gay but dementing it so vehemently makes it more suspicious and interesting to us farmers I guess. And everytime we mention something with sugermama and gay some whiteknight appears. Coincidence? Nope.

It would be so interesting to see the IP addresses of those whiteknights. Great chance it's Florida, Orlando.

No. 23630

yeah i feel some ostrenga here for sure. the "weirdo" and "shit" especially, i can imagine her using them in japanese too to seem edgy but really it sounds like she's stuck in a myspace era.

the IPs would be gold im sure. none of them are smart enough to use a proxy…maybe dakota, she's always been at least halfway savvy

No. 23631

Literally the only people who get THIS ANGRY about gays are closeted.

Straight people generally don’t care. They don’t get enraged and offended at the idea of gayness. Kotex is definitely here trying to defend herself and it makes it seem all the more likely that she’s trying to hide the fact she’s been lusting for the pussy her whole life. She never had boyfriends like Kiki… even Kiki wasn’t as homophobic as Dakota. Dakota always got SO MAD when Kiki joked about her being a lesbian.

No. 23632

Now watch this mysterious "She's not gay, you fat ugly projecting weirdo!!1" "anon" in >>23620 slither away now that she's been caught.
Let your weaknesses get the better of you, eh, Dakota?

No. 23633

Indeed! Although Kiki was most of the times the troublemaker, she wasn't as offended as Kota was. She was somewhat cool about the situation. You can see Kiki is more comfortable with herself/ her sexuality. Kota on the other hand not so much. Sure she was a teenager and teenagers are insecure but they never spread so much hatred without a reason. And don't come with "but..but Kota had bad experiences with lesbians"!!1 I think every human being encountered somebody whom they don't find attractive/sexually attractive. I got hit on by a lesbian once but I had to tell her that I am into men. That's ok and I don't spread hatred towards lesbians like Kota; in contrary I felt flattered. That's how normal people deal with it. Her hatred towards lesbians are a projection of herself, because she can't deal with her feelings and loathes herself for that matter.

No. 23634

Thiiiiiis. Kota and Kiki have been accused of being literal whores fucking for their chance at fame and nobody reee'd this hard at those accusations. Plus it was stupid of her to try posting "kota doesn't lurk here, kaka and cathy do, but not kota, nope nope" shit in past threads whenever anons suspected she was lurking.

But guys, what if kota is bisexual? Then her earning potential would be doubled- older men to get her jobs, and female designers for free clothes and dinners!

No. 23635

Not to mention, the same "anon" who always stans kota always says shit like "she's genuinely gorgeous, she just needs to stop/start X/Y/Z!" and also always brings up Taylor. I don't think anyone in the dacote threads cares about Taylor since she moved back to HK and got engaged, yet this anon still had to accuse someone of being from the Taylor thread (which I guess it makes sense for dacote to spend most of her time in, eh? Keeping tabs on taytay anonymously via lolcow) because they made a post accusing kota of eating pussy and having a sugar mommy.


>.. Do you happen to be one of the spergy anons from Taylor's thread?

No. 23636

And how hard the anon in the Taylor thread wanted everyone to believe Taylor & her fiancee are just a sugar daddy/sugar baby-trophy wife due and can't possibly be marrying for love. Also he's totes the reason she got any work at all in Japan and HK!

It warms my cockles to know Dakota, for all her shoop and shit talk, despite looking down her pointy nose at everyone outside Japan is still just another fat, salty, jealous farmer who has to fuck her way through life like the skanks in the camgirls thread.

No. 23637

Well of course, Taylor copied kota, got a rich af Asian fiancé which kaka would kill for (which is funny, having made fun of Asians before) monstrengas must be pissed

No. 23638

Taylor had the rich fiance long before she copied Kota.

No. 23639

File: 1538900969728.jpg (1.21 MB, 1910x2458, 20181007_042850.jpg)

Funny how less than 2 minutes after Kota's newest Twitter pics are posted ITT, an "anon" made a post in the Taylor thread a day after the sugar baby discussion with the "final word" so to speak, saying they must be together for convenience and not for love. Hm. Pic related.

Also notice how kota always posts either between 3AM-8AM or around 11:30-12PM. The "she's a SB" posts in the Taylor thread match her online activity window.

As well as this post, made ITT to get the topic away from kota sugaring while the Taylor thread spun with accusations of her sugaring >>23591

And of course it contains plenty of kota-flattery, mixed with the pseudo-unaware vibe kotastans always try to emulate to make them seem like casual observers to kawaii shit who aren't personally invested in the drama:

>I'm finally realising why I liked Kota's 2012 shoops so much as opposed to the other "living Barbies"

-"kota was best barbie, better than all the rest"
-living barbies" (they were real barbies or living dolls, never saw "living barbies" written anywhere before)

>Honestly I wouldn't even mind that it's shooped anymore, I just wish she'd go back to that aesthetic.

-excusing the fake ass uncanny valley shoops while insisting she goes back to that look even though she would have to 100% erase her face in PS to ever go viral like that again (maybe she secretly wants to? a new shooped viral gimmick to revive her dead career?)

>As jealous as I was, it inspired me to lose weight and take better care of myself.

-admits to being jealous of kota and claims she inspired them to become better, which they obvs never would have without kota and her ungodly beautiful shoops

I wish we could see those IPs…

No. 23640


When did broke ass Kota ever have a rich BF/fiancee? Despite the evidence of her being married for a visa, nothing ever pointed to her being with a rich guy.

No. 23641

Realising is a correct spelling.

No. 23642

Both are right, turns out it's regional. North America/Canada spell it "realizing" while everyone else is "realising".

No. 23643


Calm your autism anon. Half of your argument is nonsense.

>I'm finally realising why I liked Kota's 2012 shoops so much as opposed to the other "living Barbies"

Realising/realizing being correct depends on the english. American english uses "z" and british influence uses "s". I too liked the old Kota shops more than the other wannabe dolls. It's because her's were the most aesthetic ones.

>Honestly I wouldn't even mind that it's shooped anymore, I just wish she'd go back to that aesthetic.

>excusing the fake ass uncanny valley shoops while insisting she goes back to that look even though she would have to 100% erase her face in PS to ever go viral like that again (maybe she secretly wants to? a new shooped viral gimmick to revive her dead career?)

I think that's a shared sentiment on this site, it's obvious she will always shop her photos but at least in the beginning it was well down and aesthetic.

No. 23644

Funny, in every previous thread every time this same post came up, that idea was shot down because she couldn't recreate that look if her life depended on it, shoop or not. If she were able to shoop her current face into a viral beauty again she would have done it.

>At least in the beginning it was well done

Do you not remember the many consecutive threads picking apart her wobbly chin, the swollen boob gif, her hideously fake drawn on clevage (>>701147), her extensions being a different color than her hair, all the blurred/warped backgrounds? They looked good, but they were sloppy as hell, the only reason she got away with lying about them being shooped is because A, she and her whole familh were lying about them being real and unshooped and B, the pedos and weeaboos of the internet didn't care because the pics were pretty even though she looked nothing like that, even once. That's why they pulled her from TV so fast after her Japan news debut.

No. 23645

Really, we need to stop calling them her "shoops", not a single part of them went unedited and she spent weeks on a single pic. In truth they were technically just digital portraits of a Russian-Barbie-inspired-kota BJD based on carefully posed selfies.

No. 23646

Did anyone ever figure out what contacts she wore??? I’ve been wondering for years

No. 23647

the second i saw "whew lads" i figured it was dakota. she always types out old, long-established memes and slang like a fucking grandma. weird how she always screws up the most basic ones.

the obsessive mentioning of taylor pretty much sealed it too. not counting dakota's clear homophobia and hatred of her own gayness. which is becoming MUCH more apparent now that she seems to have a mommy.

No. 23648

check PULL, they have threads on her whole fuckin wardrobe, including lenses and lashes etc. it's all fuckin knockoffs of course but i think her OG circle lenses are easy to find in the threads. she usually stuck to the one brand from what i remember, just cant remember the name sorry anon.

No. 23649

Can you read? I said Taylor, not Kota.

No. 23650

Nah but at least I can sage my shit fam

No. 23651

It's because she probably doesn't get to see or use much western slang in other contexts (outside of lolcow threads kek) except for when she's talking to Kiki or her immature mom who tries to act like a cool kid. She tries to copy and paste memes together like "peak ___" and "pot, meet kettle" and she ends up sounding like a bad chatbot.

No. 23652

File: 1538935223730.jpg (411.43 KB, 976x997, 20181007_135812.jpg)

Around 2015, yeah. I went back in the first /pt/ Dakota thread and found this:

>Kota used to wear the Beaucon Shimmer Blue lenses when she was in America, but now she wears the Princess Mimi Bambi series

No. 23653

File: 1538936482902.jpg (490.67 KB, 1080x1279, 20181007_142043.jpg)

Actually, have the link to the thread because as I scroll through it, I see a lot more lenses being compared and named. Maybe one of those will suit you?


If you read the first thread, most of the "not to defend her, but…" style explanations for her shitty warped shoops and comments like "she's too selfish to marry anyone (for a visa)" fit this same timeline, either hella early in the morning or right around 11-12:30. And that's the first Dakota thread on the whole site, so who knows how long she's been lurking and anonymously stanning herself.

No. 23654

File: 1538937018503.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-07-14-25-16-351_deco.jpg)

Exhibit A

Remember this heinous waist shoop Kota did to prove she wasn't fat and fucked up her elbow? Then someone comes in defending her with a pic of one of her favorite models, who she even used to shoop herself into, in the same pose as the shitty kotashoop. She could have layered her selfie over Gemma's pic to copy her proportions in PS, then warped her waist in afterwards, since the signature for a kotashoop is the anatomically incorrect exaggerated feature od the week (her very breif smol waist phase)

No. 23655

That "whew lads this is peak pot meets kettle" definitely checks out for someone who doesn't read/speak English often.
Kota, the western world has gone very pro-gay in recent years, so if you are you have nothing to hide. It's basically preferable to be gay if you want to be a true original thinker in 2018. If you're straight it means you're oppressed.

No. 23656

One last thing I just thought of: if she has a set window of when she can get on her phone and post, perhaps it means she had a legit day job where she couldn't have unchecked access to the internet or able to play with her phone all day. More credit to the "modeling is her side job/hobby" theory.

No. 23657

Tbh I think trans is the new gay

No. 23658

Oh she has been here for a while. There have been numerous posts over the course of these threads where her presence has been obvious.
That being said, I bet you that she was an active part of the Taylor sperging in 2016. I'm sure that Kiki did the bulk of it but there were other posts in that mess that were more lucid making the same points as Kiki.
If nothing else, she probably sat with Kiki over skype or facetime cackling about it.

No. 23659

File: 1538944978411.jpg (164.33 KB, 963x668, 20181007_163612.jpg)

>>23656 again, sorry

As I continue reading, more posts stanning Kota pop up with a different, more spastic and spergy writing style, posted between 6-9AM and then mid 1-9PM- right in between Kota's stanning window. This first thread really reads like Kota and Kiki (maybe Cathy, someone less well read than Kota) stanning Kota while arguing at each other. Who, but an Ostrenga, has ever compared Kota OR Kiki to a Kardashian? And who used the nickname "kaka" for Kiki while defending her and/or Kota? Sperg-chan, of course.

>I bet you that she was an active part of the Taylor sperging in 2016. I'm sure that Kiki did the bulk of it but there were other posts in that mess that were more lucid making the same points as Kiki.

I'm thinking so, too. When "Kota" stans, she tries to seem like she's appealing to logic, or trying to understand the "nitpick" by trying to seem both authorative and passive/disarming while using a lot of "but" statements where she agrees with X but thinks/disagrees with Y. Kota tries to get everyone on the same page- her page- by pretending the things she sees/says about Kota are correct and everyone who disagrees is just blind/doesn't know about Japan culture, or whatever other "logical" reason.

When "Kiki" stans, it's way edgier and frantic, uses outdated memes and lots of capslock and symbols in the typing style like ~this~ or tHiS, and she shoves words/opinions onto other posters and starts jumping to conclusions, grasping at straws and namecalling when she can tell she isn't swaying the flow of thread. It seems like she gets irate when people don't agree with her, and the more anons disagree (egg her on) the more obvious it is. Meanwhile Kota quietly dips out after trying to state her opinion is actually the norm/fact and "agreeing to disagree".

Maybe her job since acting didn't pan out is to stan her sister on lolcow? She's on disability after all, she could do this all day.

No. 23660

2016 was when dacote barely worked, and Sperg-chan took place in July, which is when she usually goes out to a fancy dinner, then gets a bunch of new handouts.

July 2016 to July 2017 she was without an agency, between Libera and Platinum while Lotte was still releasing Fitts material. No agency, no jobs. She would have had plenty of time to help kaka hate on Taylor for getting engaged to an older Asian man with money (the Ostrenga dream!). Hell, it's even possible she had to go hide back in Florida for a few months, watching Taylor live their dream from shit hole Florida would be enough to make them both foam at the mouth. It would explain her ballooning up so unexpectedly too (eating out with her American family every other day).

No. 23661

Anon your timeline is a bit off.
July 2016, Kooter was still with Bravo.She wasn't doing much but she was with them. It doesn't matter though I still think she was part of the spergathon from July-Sept 2016.
Taylor revealed that she had a bf in June/July 2016. No mention of fiance or what he looked like. No one even knew if he was Asian. People assumed that he was Japanese.
Kota didn't move to Libera until Feb 2017 and was dropped in May or June. It was 2017 that she was without an agency until Platinum picked her up in Sept/Oct.

No. 23662

Hmmm, I'm thinking of hafu-model chan who insists that Kota was very desired in the industry, had a hot Japanese bf, and made lots of money.
Or essay-chan who wrote about beautiful Kota was and how she fit in so well with Japanese market. Plus how she looked the same without photoshop.
There was Taiko sperg who tried to make excuses why they were totally together.
And of course can't forget timeline-sperg who tried really hard to convince anons of the cancer lie by using misleading "symptoms" and incorrectly dated pictures.
All of them vanished into the ether once called out. I'm sure there were more but those stuck out the most in my head.

No. 23663

Libera had her from January to June 2017, the only job listed through them is Fitt's, and she did Ariyoshi Hanseikai in October after she signed to Platinum in July 2017, which got her a new apartment (July 2017), Kansai Collection (Aug 2017) and Girl's Award (Sept 2017), then in October 2017 her BFF Hirari came out of nowhere with the full year of handouts whike Kota started buying views, likes, and subs to keep herself afloat.

Source: >>23495

No. 23664

She didn't appear on the Libera site until April 2017 which makes sense because that would have been when her contract with Bravo would be ending.
She didn't sign onto Platinum until after the shows which Libera got her before they dropped her.
Kota didn't appear on the Platinum site until Nov. 2017.
Btw that "source" has a lot of mistakes.

No. 23665

File: 1538949173276.jpg (408.1 KB, 1080x2148, Screenshot_20181007-174722_Chr…)

They had her since February 2017 though, she was in the Fitt's promo from the beginning before they moved her to the back and slowly phased her out as they went.

>Btw that "source" has a lot of mistakes.

Such as?

No. 23666

She's definitely on here,anons called her out about being friendless,then bam she post a picture with friends.
One of those anons is her,they could never provide proof of their bs claims.

No. 23667

File: 1538957166672.jpg (349.53 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20181007-173200_Gal…)

Like this one? Although, except for the age claim, this post lines up with her marrying and moving in with Nao, who was the older guy she liked thinking he was her age initially.

And I'm sorry, but I just don't believe Bravo kept her until 2017. Nothing supports that theory, her joining Popteen (when she stopped modeling as a "Bravo model" ) lined up exactly with her putting on her ring after flying back to Florida. I think between Bravo and Libera she was living with Nao/whoever in the big 2br apartment for that span of almost exactly 3 years (just long enough to get her Miracard- I mean permanent residence.

It's way too convenient that her mystery ring and apartment swapping line up with her flying home, joining and leaving Popteen, and then Libera. Exactly the way she would need to do it legally to get PR from a marriage visa.

No. 23668

Not to mention, Taylor didn’t get engaged until July of this year so that timeline doesn’t make sense for a variety of reasons.

No. 23669

Well that's one reason, what are the others? Also idk what point you're making, I didn't mean Kota got dropped the same year Taylor made her announcement and caused KeekWeek, just that according to her timeline of sitting on her ass on social media since June 2016, she would have had plenty of time while not working in 2017 to reee with Kiki, and she would even have reason to be personally bitter because when Taylor made the announcement she was still living in Japan and doing YouTube. If Kota had to spend a few months between 07/2016-06/2017 in Florida to renew a visa or finalize a divorce, she would have been extra salty and ready to sperg. Going back over that 6 month span, Kota didn't do or post anything that she couldn't have uploaded from her camera roll while pretending to still be in Tokyo, Kiki style.

No. 23670

When she moved over to Popteen they announced her as a "Popteen exclusive model" so whatever management or representation she had for 2014 to 2015 would have been through them, not Bravo (wasn't it Yula who got her in Popteen by the way? Iirc).

Bravo let her go in 2014, there's just no way they signed her for 3 more years after her 2-year contract ran out, not after the backlash from her Angry Birds shoot, her Korean TV appearance, Milk erasing her whole face on their site, then Tiara Mily, Peach John- every job she got through Bravo, they struggled with her. Thats why she went back to doing kawaii bedroom hair and makeup tutorials with subtitles for a while in 2013: they couldn't find more work for her except the basic runway group shit she still does now, like Girl's Award and Sapporo Collection.

No. 23671

I remember Admin mentioned in the big spergchan reveal that there were no solid evidence of Kota chimping out like Kaka did, but yeah Ostrengas are quite easy to spot in a thread. I would love to see if any of these posts bashing Taylor/asskissing Kota came from a japanese ip.

No. 23672

File: 1538964813247.jpg (704.8 KB, 1029x1608, 20181007_220950.jpg)


It might make sense if Bravo is where she met Nao in the first place- her marrying him for a visa could have hooked her up with a contract if he was a stylist or photographer. It would also explain her learning manly, informal Japanese so quickly without an accent. Plus, the TV jobs she got in 2015 weren't kawaii or glamorous- she ate bugs and bathed with an old man, flashed a studio audience when a giant dinosaur puppet came at her, and then made a cunt of herself giving a bad score to the comedy duo on the game show while laughing at everyone (which was also the last TV gig she got that year, she didn't get on TV again until Fitts 2017).

Maybe if we knew the kanji he used for his name (her fave kanji) we could search and see if he has a connection to Bravo.

No. 23673

I remember that, admin said they IDed Kiki and possibly one other poster using a VPN/Proxy that could have been Cathy/Kooter. Scott is an IT guy and Kota is a daddy's girl, maybe he taught her how to ~hide from da jelly hater stalkers~ or something.

No. 23674

You're right anon, I'm re-reading the threads and there's some possible second poster mentioned.

If anyone's feeling nostalgic:

No. 23675


Not only are there Sperg-chan posts that are very similar to "Kota's" style, but back in the Feb-Aug 2015 Dakota threads there's a hell of a lot of stanning, arguing, name calling (literally one post called another anon a nigger, like who besides Kiki does that unironically in 2015?) and legit 4chan memeing in defense of Kota (and Kiki, I guess bc she couldn't help mentioning herself too?).

No. 23676

Wow she looks good on that picture

No. 23677

Because it's heavily shooped and over exposed to make her look similar to Kristina Pimenova, who was taking over Bravo as Kooter got booted to Libera.

No. 23678

cackling at any pics of her with a man from now on, just knowing that it's a lie. we know for sure now that you prefer girls, dakota, the jig is up.

No. 23679

Just for future timeline purposes Kooter actually was with Bravo through 2016, lolcow first saw the change here >>287935 and this post >>420340 outlines everything. Definitely weird that they held onto her for so long but she did get some variety TV work after Popteen until she fucked that up, like >>23672 said.

I hadn't realized that she was unsigned for like 5 months, there's just no way she wasn't on a spouse visa if she was unemployed for that long. Can't get a work-sponsored visa with no work

No. 23680

I agree with you anon.
So this my rough interpretation of the events. Some of it definitely speculation though I admit.
She was with Bravo from April 2012-April 2017 roughly. I'm guessing she started with an initial year long contract which they almost dropped her from back in 2013 when they made her an away booking. It was during this time she randomly met and moved in with Nao at his parents in Mie of all places. I always assumed that she met him through a world-friends type of app or he might have even nampa-ed her on the street because he looked like a wannabe bandman/host. Also given that she couldn't speak Japanese for shit at the time, I'm guessing he was an English speaking gaijin hunter.
At any rate she may have picked up some Kansai-ben Japanese from him, enough to market herself in Kansai, which is where she was for most of 2013. Then suddenly, Bravo started marketing her in Kansai being super fluent in Japanese even though she could still barely speak it (and also low key as hafu).
Now why did Bravo invest so much time and money to build her flailing career from the ground up? Well, I think that's where good old Hiroshi comes in. He pushed her harder than anyone and for pretty much no reason because at the time she wasn't a proven earner. I honestly think that he did that because he was into her sexually. I want to be clear, I don't think that she slept with him. I just think that she benefited from his attraction.Bravo made her a direct booking, got her Candydoll, and paid for her photobook which was one long propaganda for "Barbie comes to real". Getting Candydoll introduced her Tsubasa who was ex-popteen. Tsubasa was her connection to get in Popteen. After that, her "fame" kind of built itself until she got cocky. Eventually, I'm guessing Hiroshi moved on to another mediocre white model and stopped fighting to keep Kota at Bravo. Meanshile with all of her connections built up in 2015 she was able to secure a place at Libera (big deal considering they repped two of the biggest female talents). Libera dropped her hard and she had to scramble to find something else. She started going to every single exhibition and opening in order to schmooze and make other model acquaintances who could connect her with an agency, which turned out to be Platinum.
I don't know if there is a spouse visa in there or not. I don't know if she got PR. I'm guessing not. But what I wrote is what makes sense to me.

No. 23681

You can stay in Japan for up to 6 months on a regular tourist visa if you apply for an extension at the 3 month mark, she could have done that if she didn't end up secretly sulking back in FL.

No. 23682

File: 1538982382075.jpg (183.49 KB, 909x563, 20181007_234628.jpg)

Do we have an accurate timeline of her 2013 and 2014? I know she had to fly home to renew her original visa for Christmas 2014, but she had her Popteen debut ring on in March of 2014, before she supposedly took Nao home to the family. Also, she did the bulk of her work with Popteen as well as kimono modeling in 2014. Maybe Nao was a Popteen model? Either way, the ring predates Nao iirc.

No. 23683

Pedos were basically her whole audience at the beginning.

I've had this theory for awhile about how Kota managed to go viral.
- Her parents hired an agency or service specializing in "going viral." She had someone tell her what to do with regards to her website.
- Her father took pictures of her, which were then sent to someone with good photoshop skills. He/she was paid to photoshop them into oblivion. (Ever notice how "good" her early shoops were, compared to how everything went rapidly downhill after she went to Japan? If she did all her own shoops, the quality would have remained somewhat consistent.)
- Her family paid the service to promote Dakota's pictures on stupid viral sites. They paid for comments and shares. Most of these early comments and shares were written in Spanish or Middle Eastern languages. Later, Vietnamese and Chinese. She never went viral in Korea or Japan, at least not early on. Those are not the places where comment farming typically happens. It's outsourced to India or Central/South America or the Middle East or certain South Asian countries. China was essentially Step 2.
- This viral strategy enabled her to get signed in Japan. Once something gets shared a lot of times, it has its own momentum. Her shoops eventually made it to slightly more legit (but still trash) websites.
- There are traces of the attempt to make her viral in various forums - no one here would probably ever visit these forums. One was some Vietnamese site about movies with a large population of NEETs. People were probably paid to make posts like "check out this girl". I think I have some of these saved.

I do not think she went viral organically. It was calculated and paid for. If I get the time, I'll put in some work and try to prove it.

No. 23684

File: 1539004305339.jpg (53.44 KB, 540x810, f6780bf7fe7e7a401355ca9de74606…)

samefag, but I know the shoops were never that good. They were "good" compared to the garbage she did on her own in Japan, before she began exclusively using phone apps.

No. 23685

File: 1539004339884.jpg (51.33 KB, 474x711, 42c96a8b7658e2bc339ca73bac0eb4…)

another horrific shoop (the unshooped arm…)

No. 23686

Nope Nao predates Popteen by more than a year. Kota was hanging with him at the end of 2012 into winter 2013 when she was in limbo. He was not Popteen model. You can actually check to see who was and his name doesn't come up. besides he doesn't look like a model for a teen magazine, or a magazine at all really unless maybe Mens Knuckle. He looks like skeevy gaijin hunter or vk bandman. Which doesn't surprise me at all because during that time she was self-posting all over Tanuki trying to connect herself with various famous bandmen.
I think Nao was just a Gaijin hunter who she dated and used to learn basic Japanese.

No. 23687

>she was self-posting all over Tanuki trying to connect herself with various famous bandmen

Whaaaaaaaat? At 17? Wow, I guess kaka isn't the only starfucker slut in the HOestrenga clan. I can't imagine what would have happened if she met up with the absolute unwashed cocks that pussy hunt tanuki…. ughh.

No. 23688

She was. It was annoying and obvious. There were these posts in katakoto Japanese being "x loves Dakota Rose!" Followed up by "Dakota Rose is so cute". I remember that she started a rumor that MiA from Meijibray was obessed with her. That became "MiA is dating Dakota Rose!"
Tanuki being Tanuki shut that down pretty quickly but it kept going through 2013.

No. 23689

hahah awesome!
do you have screenshots?

I also think she found Nao at Tanuki

No. 23690

File: 1539012891596.jpg (215.23 KB, 967x735, 20181008_110638.jpg)

I dug around her portfolios/deleted jobs as best I could, but I can't find any evidence of Kota working between October 2012 and May 2013. I know some stuff is missing, but since all the best of dacote's earliest stuff is gone this is the best I can puzzle with her half assed Ameblo. I'll post it in parts to avoid a massive textwall.

>May 2012, Kota signed to Bravo & Japan debut
>June 2012, Bahamut commercial
>June 2012, Vogue Japan ad
>July 2012, Elle Girl magazine (Japan)
>August 2012, Get It Beauty (S. Korea)
>September 2012, Tokyo Girl's Collection
>September 2012, Reveur x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Shampoo commercial
>September 28th 2012, ViVi magazine
>October 2012, Bossini Angry Birds

According to the /cgl/ archive, she flew back to the states at the end of September, as she was originally on a short term working visa between June-September 2012. Archived posts say she quietly went back to Japan in November 2012, but without her LINE blog+dates I have a huge unknown gap between September 2012 and June 2013 for work. Maybe she was laying low in Japan making videos?


No. 23691

I'll go back and see if I can find some later. They were random so I'm going to have to dig.

No. 23692

File: 1539013452262.jpg (514.03 KB, 920x1728, 20181008_113958.jpg)


>June 2013, Ameblo blog opens
>June 2013, Dakota Rose no Subete (photobook)
>June 14th 2013, Dakota Rose no Subete Shibuya Parco (signing event)
>June 2013, Candydoll Color Stay Lipstick (w/ Tsubasa)
>June 2013, CutiE magazine
>July 2013, Dakota Rose no Subete - Osaka (signing event)
>August 2013, another Candydoll photoshoot (w/ Tsubasa)
August 2013 is also when she got her new iPhone & the blue bicycle
>August 2013, CutiE magazine
August 22, 2013, she went to a 30 Seconds to Mars live with "friends", yet posted that she took her roommate's (mens) leather Westwood wallet, pic related
>August 29, 2013, Chobits hair totorial video
>September 11, 2013 fuwa fuwa french braid ponytail hair tutorial
>October 4, 2013, Candydoll Rose Red Lip w/ Tsubasa
>October 12, 2013, LINE friends event (Osaka)
>November 29, 2013, Candydoll Baseline Renewal commercial shoot w/ Tsubasa (Chiba)
>December 23, 2013, she flies home to Florida for Christmas (with a JP guy, possibly Nao)

She took several trips to Osaka this year, presumably for work, but other than 2 issues of CutiE and the Candydoll/Tsubasa jobs she sat in her room making videos and going out, just like she does now. Maybe Tsuplastic was Kota's OG sugar momma?


No. 23693

File: 1539013751418.jpg (307.38 KB, 1080x867, Screenshot_20181008-111245_Gal…)


The few tweets about Nao left on her twitter are dated from Feb, July, and August of 2013 (pic related). I don't know what Kota was doing between November 2012-June 2013, but when she came back she had both Nao and Tsubasa on her team. It seems his name is Naomi?


No. 23694

She was her OG industry connection thats for sure. But without being put as a direct booking she wouldn't have landed Candydoll or Tsubasa.

No. 23695

No Nao was a random dude she met while she wasn't getting work. I guess they were together for 7-8 months.
Tsubasa created Candydoll which Kota landed after Hiroshi/Bravo began to resuscitate her dying career for ~reasons~.

No. 23696

i only found comments about how ugly she is lol

No. 23697


>January 17, 2014, Ameblo blog post about a "special meeting" and focusing on work + a fancy dinner pic
>February 2014, Candydoll Baseline Renewal CM airs
>February 22, 2014, Sailor Moon hair tutorial video
>February 28, 2014, Popteen Debut on Ameblo blog
>March 1st, 2014, Girl's Blogger style event
March 2014, Kota suddenly starts wearing her mystery ring
>March 11, 2014, Popteen exclusive "living doll" debut (with all the BS face/eye measurements)
>March 20, 2014, she started modeling for Tiara Mily
>April 9th, 2014, models for Liz LisaxMy Melody
>April 9th, 2014, Popteen event (Tokyo)
>April 11, 2014, Joma energy drink YT video (sponsprship?)
>April 12, 2014, Sheepy hair style video
April 13, Kiki & Kota have a Twitter fight and unfollow each other, and Kota sends back the Audrey Kawasaki Kiki got her
>April 17, 2014, some rose placenta soap (sponsorship?)
>April 20, 2014, Popteen x Princess Aurora (makeup? costume? Idk)
>May 25, 2014, Syrup brand shoot (Shinagawa)
June 1st, 2014, got her first Chieko Nakayama nails ever
>June 15th, 2014, new purikura booth shoot in Nara
>June 23rd, Anime cheek makeup tutorial video (where she flips the camera the finger while casually patting blush on her cheek, there's a gif out there somewhere I know)
>July 24, 2014, Ank Rouge shoot
>August 20, 2014, Popteen event
>August 2014, Syrup catalogue
*September 8th, 2014, more new Chieko Nakayama nails
>(!!!)September 16th, 2014, she moved into the 2BR Shibuya apartment + Popteen event (!!!)
>September 23rd, 2014, new Dakota Rose purikura machine (Kyoto)
>October 2014, Tiara Mily Halloween catalog
>October 2014, Popteen special shoot (machine gun+sefuku shoot)
>October 18, 2014, Mix Girl x Dakota Rose purikura
>November 27, 2014, Popteen magazine spread claiming Kota has 13% BMI and never gains weight no matter what or how much she eats (keeeeeek)
>December 2014, models for Liz LisaxMy Melody and Tiara Mily roomwear

This is the year she was in Popteen the most before moving over to TV, but she still didn't get a lot of work aside from the same stuff from the last year. This is also when the outrageous claims about Kota start up (like how she never gains weight).


No. 23698

File: 1539016249954.jpg (358.09 KB, 1036x1334, 20181008_110538.jpg)

>>September 16th, 2014, she moved into the 2BR Shibuya apartment

Highlighting this date for posterity. Maybe she married Nao and moved in with him in that big Shibuya apartment she had for 3 years?

>inb4 Bravo paid for it

Not after half a year of youtube videos and laying around, nope. Her shoebox room with the pink bed she made videos in was her Bravo apartment, and iirc she shared it with some of the Russian Bravo models.

Oh my God, Kota tried to be a bangya? Sweet baby Jesus.

What do you think of this, anon? No idea what Kanto Rengou parties are, but if they have to do with the Yakuza… Man, peak weeaboo Kota probably could have ended up like Sere, damn.

(Also 5/? but I'm tired and need a break)

No. 23699

Maybe these 'parties', if they have yakuza at them, are where she got her manly, rude slang from.


She took several trips to Osaka this year, presumably for work, but other than 2 issues of CutiE and the Candydoll/Tsubasa jobs she sat in her room making videos and going out

And maybe this is why they were trying to push the idea she spoke Kansai-ben?

No. 23700

That would make sense how she could stay so long in Japan and get all those jobs as a direct booking.

For example Rola has also connections to the Yakuza and she was in a 10 year slave like contract with her agency Libera.


No. 23701

I want to buy this but why wouldn't she be bragging about him all the time? This photo exists so why wouldn't there be more? I think there would be way more evidence if she were actually seeing a guy. Even in her insta stories. There hasn't been anything as far as I know, besides those staged photos of her having the same objects as that one guy. She's way too careful at concealing who she has been with that it's suspicious. Which is why the sugar mommy/lesbian tinfoil adds up. Why did the sperging start after this was mentioned? The thread somehow went to her being straight again.

No. 23702

It actually makes a lot of sense that she'd hide a relationship given how Japan works with regards to female idols and relationships. Obviously Kooter isn't an idol but it's the same thing, she would probably want to avoid anything that could be offputting to fans. Especially since her early work was more geared toward male fans (i.e., the photobook). I know some Japanese models are openly in relationships but add the fact that she would've been 19 when she got married (I'm not touching the age debate with a 10ft pole but that's what the public was told so it's beside the point) and it would have definitely hurt her career.

That doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't a sugar baby on the side, who knows how legit the marriage even was. Even if it is/was real, she was clearly pretty broke so maybe it was like a side job?

No. 23703

she has no male fans aside from the old arab and indian men who comment on her insta about kisses

dakota is gaaaaaay

No. 23704

She used to post more, but she took down all her posts about Nao and came back saying "I like older guys!" After she reentered Japan and started getting more jobs. She knew even from the start most of her fans are older men in seedy countries worh low ages of consent, and those types don't enjoy watching their pure waifu fawn over an overshooped qannabe bandoman. I mean really, when is the last time you saw a nobody model get an unfamous boyfriend she plasters all over her spcial media? Never, because models don't make money by flattering their nobody boyfriends

No. 23705

No she didn't. Unless you have the caps of the posts that mysteriously got deleted, I don't believe it.
There were only ever 2 pictures of her with him. Very shooped pictures. She mentioned him offhand a couple of times or referenced him but almost never posted about him on her social media.

No. 23706

>No she didn't
>I don't believe it.

Not my problem, sweets. Also, not your personal army just because you don't remember it. Back when she first posted this pic >>23672 there was a weeaboo flame war arguing over if he was hot or not (despite that pic being like, 98% shoop).

>She mentioned him offhand a couple of times or referenced him

>but almost never posted about him on her social media

Nice conflicting statement. So where did she post/mention him then? Her diary? And if she never mentioned him, why do the pics/tweets in >>23693 exist in the first place?

No. 23707

Ah I've heard of the Japanese idols concealing relationship thing. What is the extent of that? Like lolcow pays so much attention to detail, it's kind of hard to believe she wouldn't slip up somehow. Even just for a fleeting moment of "I want to prove the haters wrong" and hint at some decent looking guy. Cause you know they do that shit. That's what makes me believe it's something embarrassing that would hurt her image, whether old ugly sugar daddy or lesbian.

I wish we could figure it out. I think that's why I always go to this thread. It's a mystery.

No. 23708

Generally it's idols who have this rule. Think Johnny's, AKB, Momusu, and other groups or individuals geared specifically for teenage bf/gf fantasies. And in their cases, it's usually built into their contracts.
In general I think that a lot of JP celebs are more discreet with their relationships but probably has a lot to do with the importance society places on public vs private lives in general.

No. 23709

I mean, her "slip ups" are her taking weeks off between jobs to eat and shop. Even during her peak viral fame, when she first came to Japan, they struggled to book more jobs for her until halfway through the following year. What other underaged, unemployed foreigner can pull that off? I mean, if the options are to go either back to Winter Garden and get a real job or hide a guarantor to keep her in Japan, literally who would choose the former? Kiki fucks guys the day she meets them if she even thinks it'll get her a few followers, hell, she was soo sure Taku (who she knew less than 6 months and met on HelloTalk) was gonna be her visa husbando just because she sucked his face on a ferris wheel and met his parents.

It's hella interesting that she almost faded away completely only to come back with a bang of new jobs, gifts and friends after a fancy dinner twice. That sort of thing happening once is a lucky fluke, but twice is no coincidence.

>Every June/July kota is either leaving the country or going to fancy ass dinners…

And after those fancy dinners she's suddenly popular again. In an hour or so I'll try putting her 2016 timeline together, but I bet it's gonna hella similar to her 2013-2014 timeline.

No. 23710

>I mean, her "slip ups" are her taking weeks off between jobs to eat and shop

And getting noticeably fatter while also being rude to your employers, and refusing to dress or style yourself professionally. There's no other situation where her being there makes sense unless she's married/hoeing.

No. 23711

NTA but "almost never" =/= never. The statements weren't really conflicting. They both conclude that she rarely mentioned him (in posts obviously), not that she NEVER did.

She mentioned him but just not much which is what makes it so sus. I wouldn't rule out her being gay or maybe bi with a preference for women myself tbh

No. 23712

How often is often enough for it to be sus? Not trying to nitpick, but her posting about him more than once outside of both work and her work/social circles really only leaves the option of him being a boyfriend (or at least a gaijin hunter/fuckbuddy)

No. 23713

Sorry, it took longer than I expected, and I couldn't find any jobs for October 2016 to December 2017. January 2017 she got Libera, did another Hiromichi Nakano fashion show and then started doing Fitt's. >>23495

>January 24, 2016: Nippon Terebi (DoraGO!)
>February 2, 2016: LAST KISS TBS
>February 24, 2016: Gothic & Lolita Bible #59 (w/ Yukapee, kek)
>March 18, 2016: Hiromichi Nakano fashion show
mid March 2016 was when she did the Babyfang tea party shoot
>April 1, 2016: Babyfang pop up shop debut
March 28, 2016, anons notice the Babyfang website and social media are all gone
>April 2016, Week Play magazine
>April 16&17, 2016: Joyful(?)x Prism(?) Kimono exhibition 「 ジョイフル恵利×ぷりずむ館合同振袖展示会」
>June 5, 2016: Mercari app YouTube video #1 (sponsorship, shebmade this one private)
>June 6, 2016: Mercari app YouTube video #2 (sponsorship)
>June 18, 2016: Political High School 5th Dimension in Harajuku event
>July 7, 2016: Hiromichi Nakano fashion show
>August 18, 2016: Abema Prime
>September 10, 2016: Tower of Princess event
>October 1, 2016: Takoaka Kimono fest
>October 2016, Aji Hime Pachinko magazine
>October 2016, Simeji IME promo
>???? 2016: SNOW app SNS PR
>???? 2016: Pantene Milk Treatment SNS PR
>December 2016 she went to the Bravo Christmas party as well

No. 23714

File: 1539065209197.jpg (488.26 KB, 1080x788, gandr-1539065175052.jpg)

>I remember that she started a rumor that MiA from Meijibray was obessed with her

I got curious and searched "mejinray mia 2012", I'm not surprised at all she was into this guy. He wears the same tacky jewelry she had fakes of- Chanel, the Westwood armor rings, orb necklaces, and the horns. His contour looks kinda like her viral shoop makeup, maybe she stole some inspiration from him. He looks like a girl, though imo.

No. 23715

Him looking like a girl is a plus since Dakotas a lesbo

No. 23716

Thats not even mia, that's koichi

No. 23717

Ah, so it is. Lol, there are more pics of him (with the pink hair) in the results than the other guy.

No. 23718

from early 2013. MiA's the dude crouching in the middle.

No. 23719

File: 1539095192430.jpg (2.2 MB, 1920x2521, 20181009_102633.jpg)

>I'm looking through her instagram now, she got gifted tons of malicious x shit. Like, tons. More than people usually get for promos?

This was nagging me so I checked her Insta, holy shit she got piles of stuff from them even before that dinner with the designer.

I tried checking the site for prices, but only two of kooter's items from them match ones listed on the site- the pink bag (¥30000) and eye bangle (¥11000), her second haul with all the horns and ears has to be over ¥500000, the eye backpack from the dinner is very similar to a ¥50000 bag, the rest might be custom. No way she's paying for it herself- shit is pricey, and koot goes out way too often and gets way more clothes/accessories than she gets jobs. She always gets new stuff after going to lunch or dinner & a brand exhibit every week or two, and every time the new surge of work loses momentum she starts going out to dinners and exhibits again… like clockwork.

I wonder if she gets the dinners as job interviews, then is turned down when they see her real face is much older and fatter than her Platinum profile shoops?

No. 23720

Derp, I mean the horns, ears, punk bag and eye bangle are the only ones on the site, the rest are all slightly different in various ways.

I'm gonn be autistic and make another timeline bc I'm seeing a pattern that might lend credit to the "escorting" theory.

No. 23721

Nao looked girly too, in fact except for Taiko and Mori Kohei all the guys she's ever hinted at liking have been feminine Asian men.

No. 23722

I'm loving these timelines, it really shows just how little work she's actually getting

No. 23723

She used to also be lowkey obsessed with the lead singer of alice nine. who is around 20 years older than her. I remember her tweeting him a few times as well as following him.

No. 23724

File: 1539138366885.jpg (122.57 KB, 600x900, sachico1.jpg)

I think all the guys Dakota likes look kinda metrosexual and have a boyish aura, even Mori and Taiko. She def likes them soft and feminine looking.
Notice how there are only rumours and no actual proof that she dated any of them except Mori but I think that she actually dated/kissed him for attention and PR.

There's literally no model on malicious.x instagram account who has received as much as Dakota to promote the brand.
Then there was the incident where she deleted one of her malicious.x related posts after anon mentioned it here on lolcow. That's kind of rude on her side since she has got those ugly expensive bags for free to promote on her insta plus that's a breach of contract. She gets free stuff - she shows them on her insta for promotion - that's the deal. She was even invited to eat out at a fancy restaurant. If it was a professional meeting, why would she delete the pic? It all hints to a date night with sugar gifts from her sugar mama. The designer of malicious.x, her name is Sachico btw, looks like Dakotas type to be honest. With her styling she fits perfectly into Meijibray.

No. 23725

What about 2015? You jumped straight to 2016 from 2014.
Not that I'm being unappreciative, great work with the timelines.

No. 23726

No worries. I'm working on it now (also Real Life, you know) it just takes time, because I have to crossref not only her professional profiles like Bravo, Platinum, and Ameblo, I also have to go back in the /snow/ and /pt/ catalogs and ctrl+f literally hundreds of posts for caps of shit the Ostrengas deleted that got crossposted to those boards, not to mention the /cgl/ archive. Also, I didn't make any of the timelines ITT so far in order, rather, I made them in chunks based on what events were being discussed. 2015 is her most documented year because she did so much TV work so it's not quite as intriguing to look into as the other years… buuuuut I'm on bed rest and have fuck else to do, so I'm on it. Slowly.

Plus, I'm making another timeline of all the moments since Lolcow's birth there have been "anons" aggressively stanning Dakota and her family during her quiet periods. I can't wait to finish that one, omfg it's gonna be fucking h i l a r i o u s when I do. Literally the only reason anyone on this site would ever think they don't come here is because they kept coming here to claim they didn't from the beginning.

No. 23727

File: 1539182459392.jpg (59.25 KB, 500x640, Shou-alice-nine-21405866-500-6…)

he, too, looks like a teenage girl

oh dakota, you have a type!

No. 23728

File: 1539185279765.jpg (81.21 KB, 525x720, 2f40c3063198207fd38cb626f0ad48…)

Damn actually come to think of it, Nao looks like a very low-rent version of Shou, with his styling.
So does Shin from ViViD who she also followed on twitter.

No. 23729

>So does Shin from ViViD
Ah. I meant Nao also looked like a a bargain-basement Shin.

No. 23730

Ojisans and grass eaters, kek.

No. 23731

Dakota isnt an idol anon. But I agree with other posters, probably waiting for something more official to announce a relationship. Or shes secretly married like a lot of us has suspected

No. 23732

Timeline anon here. Almost done, but I think I'm burning out & need some help.

I went back through ALL the old Dakota threads in the /snow/ & /pt/ catalogs, but I can't for the life of me find the caps/dates of the Samsung Galaxy S6 commercial where they shooped her hafu (I know for a dact it's in there, but I looked 3 goddamn times and can't find it), I even tried googling every combination of "Dakota Rose Samsung CM Galaxy S6" in English and Japanese but can find no trace of it at all.

I also can't find the posts/dates from when she fucked up on the karaoke show and gave the low score to the comedians, or remember the name of the show. Again, I know they're probably posted in multiple threads but I used all the keywords I could think of and found nothing.

TBQH I'm getting sick of scrolling. I wish those unprofessional fucks at Platinum would put actual dates on the commercials instead of just the year, but I guess I shouldn't expect too much from that catfishing tarento agency by now. Oh, and I found a job on her Bravo page with no date that isn't on her Platinum page, no Idea when it's from, it's (イオンレイクタウンリニューアルイベント).

Also, know it won't have everything because the Ostrengas/her management have deleted so much shit. Please help, farm. I'm so close to being done with this damn thing.

No. 23733

The Samsung Galaxy S6 commercial was in April/May 2015. It's interesting that everything is deleted regarding her work with Samsung. I think several people complained about her homophobic/racist past plus Korea hates her ass.


No. 23734

File: 1539205790168.jpg (53.85 KB, 720x405, getImage.jpg)

Samsung was April 2015
The karaoke show was July 17 2105.

No. 23735

File: 1539207361375.png (68.43 KB, 762x538, 1437166092750.png)

The program was Monomane and the singers were Kumamushi.
And people were pissed. I went back to threads when it happened and collected some screenshots that were posted.

No. 23736

File: 1539207495784.jpg (51.26 KB, 494x459, ostrenga.JPG)

Bonus. If this isn't a lurking Ostrenga (either Koots/Keeks), I'll be really surprised.
There are a couple of other similarly Ostrengish posts all over the early threads.

No. 23737

Thank you anons so much!

AND there was a stan in one of the last couple threads INSISTING that was intentional, scripted (after all the stans insisting shes so fluent she doesn't need scripts for TV) and that it tooks weeks to edit before airing. I'd bet money that was kooter, too.

No. 23738

Ok guys. It's not 100% but I focused on 2015 mostly for this one. I need a little break before I go through 2016 more thoroughly, but there are plenty of odd inconsistencies here already for other curious anons to hunt down.

>May 2012, Kota signed to Bravo & Japan debut
>May 2012, Vogue Japan ad
>June 2012, Bahamut commercial
>June 2012, Numero magazine
>July 2012, Elle Girl magazine (Japan)
>August 2012, GiGi/GJ magazine
>August 2012, Get It Beauty (S. Korea)
>September 1st, Tokyo Girl's Collection (event)
>September 2012, Elle Girl (S. Korea)
>September 2012, Reveur x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Shampoo commercial
>September 28th, ViVi magazine

>June 2013, Ameblo blog opens
>June 2013, Dakota Rose no Subete (photobook)
>June 14th, All About Dakota Rose x Shibuya Parco (signing event)
>June 2013, Candydoll Color Stay Lipstick (w/ Tsubasa)
>June 2013, CutiE magazine
>July 20th, Dakota Rose no Subete - Osaka (signing event)
>August 6/7, new iPhone & new blue bicycle
>August 2013, Candydoll photoshoot (w/ Tsubasa)
>August 2013, CutiE magazine
August 22, 2013, she went to a 30 Seconds to Mars live show with friends, yet took her "roommate"'s men's Westwood wallet
>August 28, soba lunch date with roommate
>August 29, Chobits hair totorial video
>September 11, fuwa fuwa french braid ponytail hair tutorial
>October 1, fancy dinner with "Arisa and Joji/George)
>October 4, Candydoll Rose Red Lip w/ Tsubasa
>October 12, LINE friends event in Osaka
>November 7, YouTube video upload (doesn't say what video)
>November 29, Candydoll Baseline Renewal commercial shoot w/ Tsubasa (Chiba)
>December 23, she flies home to Florida for Christmas (with a male "friend")

January 8, Kota returns to Japan
>January 17, Ameblo post about a "special shoot", focusing on work & a fancy dinner
>February 7, Candydoll Baseline Renewal commercial airs
>February 18, Belebel magazine (cover)
>February 22, Sailor Moon hair tutorial video
February 28, Popteen Debut on Ameblo blog
>March 1st, Girl's Blogger style event
>March 7, traditional dinner with female friend
>March 11, Popteen "living doll" debut
>March 13, Candydoll Basemake line release
>March 20, started modeling for Tiara Mily
>March 23 traditional mustery lunch
>April 6, Purikura shoot (w/Russian model)
>April 9th, models for Liz LisaxMy Melody
>April 9th, Popteen event (Tokyo)
>April 9, mystery friend dinner
>April 11, 2014, Joma energy drink YT video (sponsorship?)
>April 12, Sheepy hair style video
>April 17, some weird rose placenta soap sponsorship
>April 20, Popteen x Princess Aurora (makeup? costume? Idk)
>April 30, Tokyo Disney trip with friends
>May 25, Syrup brand shoot (Shinagawa)
June 1st, got her first Chieko Nakayama nails ever
>June 2, purikura shoot in Nara
>June 15, Rechercher shoot in Osaka
>June 23, Anime cheek makeup video (where she applies blush by flipping off the camera)
>June 23, Popteen x Syrup spread
>July 18 she went to some theme park for a shoot(?)
>July 24, Ank Rouge shoot
>August 20, Popteen event
>August 20, new anime nails done by kota herself (posted to IG May 18, 2016 saying theywere done by Chieko)
>August 24 she posts on Ameblo that she's only been playing Final Fantasy lately, says she "gave up" since January. This is also when she started taking cabs instead of trains
>August 31, shopping date with Yula
>August 2014, Syrup catalogue (cover)
>September 8th, Popteen magazine, Syrup shoot & new Chieko Nakayama Kyubey nails (posted to IG August 31, 2015 and she went back later and added a #tbt tag)
>September 16, Popteen fashion show
September 16, she moves into her bigass Shibuya apartment from her tiny Bravo room
>September 23rd, new Dakota Rose purikura machine (Kyoto)
>October 2014, Tiara Mily Halloween catalog
>October 2014, Popteen special shoot (machine gun+sefuku shoot)
>October 18, 2014, Mix Girl x Dakota Rose purikura
>October 11, Candydoll blush promo
>October 11, her unnamed "friend" buys her an airsoft gun for her birthday
>October 18, Mix Girl Purikura
>October 25, bought a giant Sailor Moon painting and kitchen decor
>November 14, LizMelo shoot
>November 27, 2014, Popteen magazine spread claiming Kota has 13% BMI and never gains weight no matter what or how much she eats (keeeeeek)
>November 29, she blogs about getting an annoying video file removed & feeling lucky
>December 7, Braided FF pigtail tutorial video
>December 12, Popteen purikura shoot with Nicole
>December 13, Tiara Mily roomwear shoot

>January 8, 2015, Ameblo post about not flying home, having a shit year previously and working harder for 2015; also new Chieko Nakayama x Evangelion nails
>January 9, lunch date with Yula
>January 17, blog about meeting with a "scary client" and being told to talk like a girl (and that she can't help the way she talks and won't change)
>January 30th, Popteen shoot
>February 4rd, "interview" with a "scary person"
>February 23, 2015, Popteen shoot
>February 26, new Code Geass Nails (Chieko)
>February 28, mystery shoot (行列のできる法律相談所)(?)
>in March she starts doing TV every few days and posting less about Popteen. Gonna leave it mostly in Moonspeak bc lazy:
>3月1日 「行列のできる法律相談所」日本テレビ
March 5, Ameblo blog titled "変なおじさん" (weird old guy) where she says her office called and told her a weird old guy who likes her wants her to do an underwear shoot, and they want her to as well.
>March 8, went to Punyus (Naomi's clothing line) exhibit
>3月9日 「PON!」日本テレビ
March 12, Ameblo post where she says she might move apartments soon, then another post on March 14 where she says she's been looking at apartments
>March 18, Ameblo post, someone bought her a tofu sandwich and a fancy crystal thing
>March 21, dinner with friends where she bitches that they served her natto (on Ameblo)
>March 29, Ameblo post from Osaka about going to Nara
>April 5, blogged that she's staying with a friend
>4月7日 CRぱちんこ トランスフォーマー イベント (Transformers Pachinko event)
April 12, blogged that she found an apartment and is moving out, also did a yukata shoot & scanned a page of Popteen she was in that she uploaded to IG September12, 2015
>April 16, another visit to the Bravo office
>April 18, Popteen Lalaport event in Chiba
>4月19日 森永乳業 x LINE FRIENDS」コラボ イベント
>2015年 Samsung Galaxy s6 CM (Platinum lists it as a PR)
>April 25, new Samsung Galaxy s6 (after staying with a friend for a few days)
>April 28 she bought the redxblack Final Fantasy PS4 game bundle, claimed she thought it was the regular PS4 (how even??), also says she's preparing to move soon
>May 1 she says she came home to find a shirt she wanted bought for her as a present
>5月7日 「ダウンタウンDX」日本テレビ
>May12, lolita shoot for "BABYS" (BTSSB?)
>5月12日 「今夜比べてみました」日本テレビ (with Naomi Watanabe)
>5月13日 「おじゃマップ」フジテレビ
>5月16日 「メレンゲの気持ち」日本テレビ
May 18, blogged about going to her new apartment to check on renovations. Apparently the new apartment had to be renovated first. Also did another yukata shoot
>5月19日 「ペケポン」フジテレビ
>5月20日 「おじゃマップ」フジテレビ
>May 25, went to Lewin to get her hair cut and new nails
May 27, finally moved into new apartment (but says she doesn't have a couch)
>May 28, flew to Fukuoka for THE HOUSE TVCM shoot
>May 30, shoot with Yula
>May 31, shoot with Kaede, then flew back to Tokyo
>2015年 東宝住宅 THE HOUSE足立の杜TVCM
>June 4, Popteen shoot with Yula
>June 8, blog titled "Adult Circumstances" where she says her condition (health) is bad and tension is rising. She made another post that day saying she made it last minute to the shooting (TV) because of her "adult circumstances" (大人の事情)
>6月9日 「バスドラ」テレ朝
>June 17, went to Lewin again, blogged about how she blogs so much (some days she posts 3 entries) bc she has time off (said more shit about tension again too)
>6月18日 ダイハツ「コペン セロ」イベント
>6月20日 「王様のブランチ」TBS
>6月24日 「ヒルナンデス」日本テレビ
>June 25, Wish Upon A Star event (wedding dress) where she got gifted a necklace from the president of Festaria
>June 26, new bloody Chieko nails, but this is weird bc she had the bloody nails for the Festaria wedding dress shoot the day before (also she posted them to IG on August 24, no way of knowing when she really had them done now I guess)
>June 27, Yuuri took her to Valmuer to introduce her to the owner Christine, who gave her a bag of free clothes from the shop
>June 29, blogs about playing Final Fantasy and mentions "tension" being strange lately
>7月6日 「踊る!さんま御殿!!」日本テレビ
>7月7日Popteen 夏休みイベント渋谷O-EAST
>7月8日 「トリックハンター」日本テレビ
>7月13日「GRIMM」ドラマ イベント
>7月21日 「そうだ旅に行こう」東京テレビ
>July 26, blog post about being inactive on Ameblo for a month bc Twitter
>July 30, finally buys a couch and a 50" TV to complete her living room (but uploads the same pic to IG on August 24)
>July 30, new Tatsumi purikura machine
>August 3,
>8月4日 「そうだ旅に行こう」東京テレビ
August 16 she made her last post on Ameblo saying she made veggie soup and ate it all herself
>8月19日 「ヒルナンデス」日本テレビ
>8月22日 「24時間テレビ 38」
>8月22日 Softbank x NETFLIX イベント
*August 24, she joins Instagram with ~2 month old pic of her in the wedding dress, with the caption saying only "wedding" in katakana (which she later deleted, now it has no caption).*
Note: her IG is all sneaky latergrams and pics of food/toys/nails/job scans, pics with friends and other vague shit until the December 4, 2015 pic of her TV. Perhaps none of the apartments were ever hers and she only lived with friends while hopping back and forth to Japan during the stretches of months when she wasn't getting regular jobs? She worked a lot this year, but it really trailed off hard at the end of the year when she started focusing on Instagram.
>8月29日 Popteen Lalaport イベント
>9月9日 「Naomi's (Watanabe) Closet」BSテレビ
>9月15日 「シンデレラ」映画イベント
>9月16日 「Naomo's (Watanabe) Closet」BSテレビ
>9月27日 東京ガールズコレクション (TGC)
>10月2日 「ダウンタウンDX」日本テレビ
>10月5日 JAPAN GIRLS EXPO 2015 秋 イベント
>10月11日 Popteen Halloween Party
>10月16日 「世界番付秋のヤバすぎ2時間」日本テレビ
>10月24日 Girl's Award
>October 29, LINE blog opens
>10月25日 「ドラGO」日本テレビ
>10月31日 「にじいろジーン」フジテレビ
>10月31日 Japan Women's Expoファッションショー
>11月1日 Japan Women's Expo ファッションショー
>11月1日 Naniwa? Halloween Party イベント
>12月7日2015年 エレメンタルストーリーTVCM (found post date in catalog)

January 10 she uploaded a pic to Insta of her walking for Punyus at a runway but Platinum nor Bravo list a runway show this month
>January 24, Nippon Terebi (DoraGO!)
>February 2, LAST KISS TBS
>February 24, Gothic & Lolita Bible #59 (w/ Yukapee, kek)
>March 18, Hiromichi Nakano fashion show
mid March 2016 was when she did the Babyfang tea party shoot
>April 1, Babyfang pop up shop debut
March 28, anons notice the Babyfang website and social media are all gone
>April 2016, Week Play magazine
>April 16&17, Joyful(?)x Prism(?) Kimono exhibition 「 ジョイフル恵利×ぷりずむ館合同振袖展示会」
June 3 she goes back to the Bravo office to "visit" (and starts getting jobs again)
>June 5, Mercari app YouTube video #1 (sponsorship, she made this one private)
>June 6, Mercari app YouTube video #2 (sponsorship)
>June 18, Political High School 5th Dimension in Harajuku event
>July 7, Hiromichi Nakano fashion show
>August 18, Abema Prime
>September 10, Tower of Princess event
>October 1, Takoaka Kimono fest
>October 17, LINE friends x L'Occitane sponsorship
>October 2016, Aji Hime Pachinko magazine
>October 2016, Simeji IME promo
>November 3, fancy traditional dinner with mystery friend
>???? 2016: SNOW app SNS PR
>???? 2016: Pantene Milk Treatment SNS PR
>December 2016 she went to the Bravo Christmas party as well

No. 23739


…aaaaaand I forgot to add the goddamn karaoke show, ehhh. I'm sorry guys, I suck, I just can't do this shit anymore today!

No. 23740

Anon, thank you for putting this together.
And the Punyus runway was from Girl's Award on 10/24/15.

No. 23741

lmao any reason why they edited her to look asian????

No. 23742

File: 1539215601306.jpg (69.61 KB, 600x800, M9tC3UBrM3g.jpg)

Because at the time she was shooping herself to look that way. At least hafu and clients back then always tried to approximate her shoop style in their edits.

No. 23743

Found the video
Incidentally the video is affiliated with Elemental Story.

No. 23744

To be fair though…literally every male jrock singer even loosely affiliated with Visual Kei, looks super feminine. This shit isn't new and goes pretty far back to the actual inception of the genre.

Interesting sidenote: Shou from Alice nine no longer looks as feminen….and Dakota no longer mentions the band.

No. 23745

Why has Koots never bothered to get plastic surgery? Or really like, any cosmetic procedures. She could really benefit from some fillers in her nasolabial lines at the very very least.

No. 23746

No, not all of them. A decent chunk, like 1/3 of them were too weird/manly looking to pull off crossdressing very well, like Kyo of Dir en grey with his ugly little gremlin ass. In their early days he did crossdress with the rest of them but you could always tell he was a dude. Also, nitpick, but why does every "not to defend her, but-" post forgets to sage?

I guarantee if she could have afforded it by now she would be looking like a busted man-made hafu.

Also that terrible hafu shoop on the Samsung CM might be why they tried to scrub it from her portfolio.

No. 23747

she needs her sledgehammer jowls fixed too

No. 23748

I think maybe she did, her cheeks really started puffing up and looking hard, sorta like Taylor's mega chipmunk cheeksshitty Samsung ad (do they like weird looking white girls or what??).

No. 23749

Nah she just gained a bunch of weight and her face filled out. Where she filled out vs where Taylor's fillers were is totally different.

No. 23750

Yeah, I'm just surprised that she shit-talked Tay's fillers when she could have pretty easily gone out and gotten the same procedures. Fillers aren't even super expensive, she could pretty easily get a new fresh face for under $2500 USD.

No. 23751

She can't afford it she can barely afford weight loss procedure.

No. 23752

She can't afford it she can barely afford weight loss procedure.

No. 23753

She can't afford it she can barely afford weight loss procedure

No. 23754

She can't even afford that, her first two were sponsored until the clinic invented a return customer program for her so she doesn't have to post pics at the clinic on insta anymore.

No. 23755

This looks like a real hafu cosplaying dacote and doing her better than she ever could. Imagine being such a boring, bland model you have to shoop yourself cute and make up lies to keep people looking at you.

No. 23756

Well Dakota is either getting ready for a shooting or she’s getting married. She’s trying on dresses in her story. Lol

No. 23757

>self-posting all over Tanuki trying to connect herself with various famous bandmen
Someone please dig up these posts lmao. She's so gross going after dick cheese.

No. 23758

She's getting fitted for her appearance at the student fashion show thing. I'm guessing because she is going to be the biggest name model there, they are going to let her open and close the show.
I tried digging them up earlier but I guess they are lost to the annals of time because the earliest stuff I could find was from 2015 and I remember her doing it through 2013. And she wasn't exactly going after so much as wanting people to think that she was connected to some of the most popular bandmen at the time.
She posted stuff like.
"Dakota Rose is going out with MiA"
"Isn't Dakota Rose so cute"
"Dakota Rose is Shin's favorite"
"Dakota is the perfect type"
"Dakota Rose and Kiki Kannibal are the most beautiful sisters"
It's hard to explain but in the threads it was obvious and the Tanuki girls sometimes called 自演 (self posting).

No. 23759

>the "biggest name there"
>at a student fashion show

wow, such an honor. dakota sure is killing it as a model, getting all these pity jobs from her sugar mommy and now showing up in amateur student shows!

No. 23760

She could get 1 syringe of something like Juvederm for like $700 USD or less, though. Just that could do wonders for her nasolabial lines

No. 23761

File: 1539274805150.png (6.2 MB, 1242x2208, DDE37ED7-C781-4C88-83A0-EE32C2…)

No. 23762

File: 1539274823522.png (3.5 MB, 1242x2208, CAE5E27A-ED10-4619-8C3D-EDD00F…)

No. 23763

File: 1539274849092.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 0494DC38-45E0-40BE-B450-52F68E…)

What does this mean exactly? Lol

No. 23764

She's getting fitted for the student show on the 27th. Probably for either a wedding runway or the finale.

No. 23765

File: 1539277285886.png (551.03 KB, 593x560, Taylor R taytay_xx •.png)

That's funny… You know who else is posting wedding dress pics these days? Taylor.

No. 23766

Taylor in designer gowns, clear pictures and no filters. Koots in school projects, toasted with filters and shooped but still looks rough.

I bet the Ostrengas are seething.

No. 23767

File: 1539279967878.jpg (1.47 MB, 1080x1350, 41677722_2157357181179455_5626…)

Let's be real Taylor probably still has some filters and minor editing going on but she's light years from where she was. Honestly some of the shots of her in gowns are gorgeous.
OT but When she's done up like this it really reminds me of why she was a model in the first place. She doesn't look that spectacular without styling, but dress her up and put her in front of a camera and she shines. She makes clothes look good.

No. 23768

Yes, kek, look at where her elbow ought to be on her arm and the line cutting into it.

That said, Kota's blurry pictures are hilarious. How much did she pad her chest for those, before using every beauty tool on meitu to shoop herself?

No. 23769

The Ostrengas have been vehemently against any surgery since MySpace. Kiki furiously insulted anyone who might have had work done on her vidoes, with her mother often backing her up. This was regular, unfortunately we no longer have the videos to prove this.
It appears to be a theme in the family: natural > any surgery.

Hence them looking like shit now, even if small adjustments could help.

No. 23770

taylor is cute and her happy attitude always projects, unlike the goblin dakota and her shitty, vindictive attitude tainting everything.

No. 23771

Dakota's face is looking kinda ROUGH in this one.

No. 23772

>the line cutting into it

Uh anon, you mean the bow of her waist tie?

No. 23773

Yeah no shit, she has the mouth of the joker in this wtf it's huge.

No. 23774


I hope there is candids from this event to compare against Taylor's. I just like ruffling Ostrenga feathers.

No. 23775

Idk if it's just the filter andnshit picture quality, but her hair color looks so weird here. She needs to bite the bullet and dye it, whatever color this is just looks like the effect of severe malnourishment, or a shitty dye job washout. It's like… dirty gray.

No. 23776

It's a free event open to the public, Tokyo anons could creep if they wanted to and take pics.

No. 23777

nope, her left arm (our right). Look at the lines in the background

No. 23778

hard to tell if is just a shadow, but her left arm curves strangely in general. like she brought in her waist but it distorted her arm

No. 23779

Dropped your sage, & remember Taylor has her own thread. Don't want admins to reee bc the thread is being bumped with OT shit again.

This is an image board, guys.

No. 23780

the wavy legs in this are funny. they're wavy before the animated flames appear, so it isn't the filter.

No. 23781

……do you mean the shadows on the wall from the blinds? Otherwise I don't see how anyone thinks that pic is "shooped". Dakookoo's pics are always wobbly, stretched to fuck or squished, zoomed way in or from a distance because she's ugly and fat and can't take decent pictures anymore.

No. 23782

File: 1539309367103.jpg (143.45 KB, 991x496, 20181011_215107.jpg)


Interesting, this post was made in a past thread right after the karaoke show catastrophe, right when she got quiet and started focusing on posting old pics to Instagram, almost a full year before kota even did the babyfang shoot or announced it at all.

No. 23783

File: 1539313643180.jpg (33.96 KB, 307x620, babyfang.JPG)

Oh man. Baby Fang was such a flop. A borderline copyright infringing Aliexpress looking flop.

No. 23784

File: 1539314368549.jpg (115.1 KB, 700x820, 4b17e8e6e726f40509ebe49d6654aa…)

even better.

No. 23785

Hmmmmmm why is Dakota doing a student fashion show? We know that those shows don't pay their models. So no paycheck for Kota. Plus Dakota can't take this event in her portfolio since it's a student project. So what's the real deal here? I doubt her agency told her to do free peasants work. Is she helping out a friend? Maybe she is a student herself and studying fashion. That could be the answer to her mysterious visa. I am just curious and tinfoiling btw

No. 23786

>Maybe she is a student herself

That's an interesting idea, if she enrolled in school around the same time she stooped wearing her ring, maybe she switched to a student visa if she couldn't renew a work visa if she ended up not being married/not getting PR. I don't see her doing it as a favor, she's a nobody who looks like a baked potato that got stepped on. The last event she did that was theough her agency was Shibuya star search and they hid her from it.

No. 23787

Pretty sure she's just doing it for the paycheck. There are a bunch of other youtuber/internet popular people there.
They probably contacted her on the social media. Oh and there is popteen model there. Surprise Surprise.
Scroll down for the giant shooped mid 2011 shooped Kota head.

No. 23788

File: 1539318777816.jpg (556.31 KB, 1080x2153, 20181012_003306.jpg)

Y'all kill me with this shit.

Legitimate question: why not just post the screencap?

No. 23789

It's a free event, open to the public at a public junior college. I'd be amazed if she's getting paid for this.

No. 23790

File: 1539319229190.jpg (75.88 KB, 901x626, Kumikky.JPG)

I posted the site so that people could look up all of the information about the event because in addition Kota I mentioned a bunch of other people and I wasn't about to cap all of them.
Kumikky is going to be there. She was the Popteen model. No way she's not getting paid for this

No. 23791

File: 1539319374763.jpg (61.78 KB, 665x606, maenon.JPG)

And Maenon who coincidentally she worked with when she subbed for Yula on that abema internet show a couple months ago.
Same girl.
So basically yet another job Kota is getting through her Popteen connections.

No. 23792

Love how they go on and on about her follower count which we now know she buys.

No. 23793

Only 1-2 who lurk these threads can understand Japanese well enough to "do their own research" though. You could also, idk, post both a cap and the link. Not attacking you, anon.

No. 23794

File: 1539319798598.jpg (337.83 KB, 1080x697, 20181012_005020.jpg)

Which isn't even that impressive considering she got to Japan for her ~50 million youtube views~.

Notice they can't even use that to shill her anymore since youtube took down one of her viral videos and she lost a big chunk of her total view count.

No. 23795

File: 1539320291691.jpg (47.8 KB, 690x378, tsc.JPG)

The event is sponsored by Tokyo Street Collection who does a lot of events and I would assume has the money to pay.

No. 23796


Heh, she won't even be at the full event, they're saving her for the night festival. Guess they don't want to risk her being seen in full daylight anymore?

Also those follower numbers are sad considering all the big names she's worked for. Even Taylor has better numbers than that.

No. 23797

God, her forehead. I can’t believe the Ostrengas ever made fun of anyone else’s.

No. 23798

>Pretty sure she's just doing it for the paycheck.

Looool, you say that like this event is beneath her as a model or something. She wouldn't even be going if her Popteen friends didn't help her get the job in the first place, and they can't use any recent pictures of her because she looks 33 instead of 23.

>Is she helping out a friend?

The way her past employers have erased her from their memory suggests the opposite, anon. Kota isn't in any position to help out a friend since all her friends are better off than her, they wouldn't need her tagging along to book jobs.

No. 23799

What video was taken down?

No. 23800

I'm not sure, but I think it was one of the hair tutorial videos she made in her first apartment. I don't watch her videos or keep up with YT, all I know is one day I checked socialblade and her total views had gone from ~52mil to 40-something. In one of the past threads someone asked why she randomly deleted one of the videos she had been buying views for, well, maybe she didn't. If she doesn't stop buying views while her subs drop they might take more down.

No. 23801

File: 1539330936678.jpg (893.5 KB, 2262x1920, 20181012_035354.jpg)

Found it, that was back in March this year actually. Apparently several were deleted and have been since then if her total views dropped from 47M to 40M.

No. 23802

File: 1539331459304.jpg (347.6 KB, 930x1062, 20181012_040403.jpg)

Here's a list of all her current videos for posterity.

No. 23803

I think she finally got dropped from Platinum.

Her most recent job listed on her page is Girl's Award back in May. Her Japanese Wiki page still lists her agency as Platinum (and downgraded her from a model to a talent, heh) but the Platinum Wiki (last update 20 days ago) doesn't list her at all, even under the "past affiliation" category.



Her getting dropped would explain why she's been listed as a guest model since then. Also, it lines up with her going back to Florida and taking her ring off.

No. 23804

File: 1539342517028.jpg (233.87 KB, 999x1193, 18-10-12-06-05-09-616_deco.jpg)

It looks like she went to the weight loss clinic again and received a facial treatment.

No. 23805

File: 1539342786876.jpg (475.2 KB, 903x1794, 20181012_071319.jpg)

That's from August, anon.

No. 23806

I’m truly baffled by dakotas inability to remain relevant. She had everything lined up for her. All she had to do was remain engaged and active on social media (mainly YouTube) with her English audience. She could make q&as, daily vlogs where she fucking talks and isn’t a boring sack of crap waddling around stores and restaurants in Tokyo, more random aesthetic tutorials, etc. japan loses interest in their celebrities super fast, idk why she thought she’d remain relevant for years to come. It frustrates me how she sabotages everything good that comes her way. Nowadays everything on social media is about “le truth” so if she did something like that about her home life, viral fame and Japan she could possibly become a little more relevant. Idk if anyone cares enough outside of lolcow anymore though. We also know that she can’t be honest about any damn thing so maybe not. Oh well. Sage for pointless opinions about how dakoots can revive her career.

No. 23807

Um Anon, your reasoning here sounds a bit goofy. If she's still listed on Platinum's site, then for the time being (anyway) she hasn't been dropped.
Also model vs talent isn't so much a better vs worse thing. It just depends on the agency. Platinum/Libera are talent agencies so they represent people in all kinds of entertainment including modeling.
>Her most recent job listed on her page is Girl's Award back in May.
Platinum seems to be lazy about updating their talents' pages especially a lower tier one like Koots.
>Her getting dropped would explain why she's been listed as a guest model since then
Huh? That's not how that works.
>Also, it lines up with her going back to Florida and taking her ring off.
Thought the ring came off in 2017.
Dakota doesn't think she should have to put in any effort for people she considers to be below her-which includes non-celebrities. She treated her audience like shit and they left for greener pastures.

No. 23808

>If she's still listed on Platinum's site, then for the time being (anyway) she hasn't been dropped.

Her Bravo page is still up and still pops up in Google results for her, despite her obviously not being with Bravo anymore.

No. 23809

File: 1539366251570.jpg (71.1 KB, 817x612, listed.JPG)

The archive of her bravo page is up but she is no longer listed on their site as a model. Whereas she is still listed on the Platinum page in their directory.
Not listed

No. 23810


>sea of prpfessionally done headshots of beautiful models

>then one darker, heavily photoshopped and wildly inaccurate 7 year old bedroom selfie of a talent they can barely promote without having to censor/delete her candids

I can't believe they aren't ashamed to still be using that ancient, fake ass pic. The older she gets, the harder they make it on themselves, yet they keep using them. Lowkey wonder if they're sabotaging her.

No. 23811

File: 1539369636559.jpg (1017.37 KB, 2426x1899, 20181012_143906.jpg)

Like she has a choice, lol. Libera ditched their original headshots for the Kristina shoops, and Platinum only kept her true to life head and body shot up for barely a month before they switched to those shoops.

No. 23812

File: 1539369803202.jpg (490.74 KB, 1060x1414, 20181012_144348.jpg)

Even during her "peak" in ~2015 she was starting to look rough. This is the candid they used for her on the Popteen website.

No. 23813

File: 1539374367055.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1200x900, DpTm4nWUcAEPru9.jpeg)


No. 23814

File: 1539374437036.jpeg (264.61 KB, 1199x899, DpToTl4U8AE7gUD.jpeg)

also sorry for no translation, i can't read japanese so i'm just copy-pasting her twitter captions


No. 23815

Densefag here, but has she always had that little mole under her eye? I know it's considered attractive to Japanese, I just cannot see it in any of her old pics. Did she cover it with mak up? Or is it a tattoo?

No. 23816

I wonder why she hasn't gotten plastic surgery? That seems like the next logical step to keeping her lies alive

No. 23817

if she takes the time to shoop the shit out of her face like that why cant she shoop some goddamn hair on to her balding head

No. 23818


>i can't enjoy the view without my glasses

>yoyogi park (the park she's in) hasn't been empty like this in 5 years.

No. 23819

It's hard because I have to wear my glasses to enjoy the scenery. :sad laugh:
I think it's been been about five years since I've been to Yoyogi Park in my private time!
She can't afford it and she grew up being told that she was special and didn't need it (same as Kiki)

No. 23820

She can't see the scenery without glasses

Yoyogi park is private for the first time in 5 years (explains why she's out in daylight without a trench coat/tent on)

Read literally any one of the threads and you'll know. JFC, is this the new "she should go back to her 2011-viral-makeup-and-kawaii-style!" shit? Goddamn.

No. 23821

It's much easier to erase flaws than to add texture. Not impossible, but yaknow, of this bitch wasn't so abysmally lazy she wouldn't need to shoop so much to begin with.

No. 23822

It's much easier to erase flaws than to add texture. Not impossible, but yaknow, if this bitch wasn't so abysmally lazy she wouldn't need to shoop so much to begin with.

No. 23823

If she wasn't so abysmally lazy she probably wouldn't need to shoop so much, but eh. That's her gimmick, lazy pera-pera gaijin who went viral almost a decade ago by shoopin and lying. She'll literally never stop.

No. 23824

If she wasn't so abysmally lazy she probably wouldn't need to shoop so much, but eh. That's her gimmick, lazy pera-pera gaijin who went viral almost a decade ago by shoopin and lying. She'll literally never stop.

No. 23825

you two are wrong about the yoyogi park part.
>>23819 is correct.

No. 23826

So, what is this? Either she brings her tripod to the park or her sugar daddy/mama takes these pics. Whenever she is out somewhere alone now and posts photos like this it's obvious she doesn't want anyone to know who she is with. It's comparable to when she is in Orlando with her family. And in contrast to when there are instagram stories and selfies with her actual new "friends" when they are out somewhere together.

No. 23827

File: 1539408244116.png (577.51 KB, 820x292, what.png)

why bother using her like decade-old shoop when it's not even consistent with her current horrible shoops?

also imagine not knowing what dacote actually looks like and then seeing thwomp show up

No. 23828

I wonder if Koots copiesThe Milk Clubs vlogs? Hers have the same boring chill vibe Kooters does.

No. 23829

i bet she wishes she had sofies hair

No. 23830

Because if they tried to use either her real, unedited face or her current shoops she would get even fewer jobs. That ancient shoop that never once looked like her is the only thing keeping her afloat.

I'm legitimately amazed no Japanese people have bothered to tweet a side-by-side to Platinum asking what the fuck they're doing with those pics yet.

No. 23831

Ohai, new mystery ring with an actual gemstone in it. And wtf is going on with the corners of jer mouth? Is that just shoop?

No. 23832

She's got a ring on her wedding ring finger.

No. 23833

gay marriage is allowed in japan isn't it? happy for koots and her mama!

No. 23834

Yeah, that does it for me. I believe she’s married. There’s no other way she’s still there.

No. 23835

no it's not recognised in Japan, anon.

No. 23836

Funny how she shows the back of her bag intentionally. Normally she would flaunt her ugly bags by malicious.x whenever she can. The lesbian rumours got under her skin, so she needs to show her new ring. It's probably an alibi ring btw. I think she was married from 2014 till 2017 and now has a permanent resident visa.

No. 23837

Trigger warning: Taylor's ring was bigger!

No. 23838

She has it on in this pic, too >>23596

I think she's married to someone who knows a lot of designers, someone whose ass needs lots of kissing so she can get plenty of free shit.

No. 23839


Peep her fucked up, scraggly gray nails. Did she fuck up her nail beds or something? She's making a point to hide them, too.

No. 23840

File: 1539480437053.png (325.52 KB, 436x291, Untitled.png)

but anon-chan she's so smol and kawaiiiii
such tiny doll-like features!

No. 23841


its just bad nail polish, anon. surely you knew that.

No. 23842

File: 1539516804643.jpg (1.37 MB, 1860x2446, 20181014_073126.jpg)

Yeah, a thin layer of chipped gray polish, but her nails also look like she's been washing her hands with industrial strength dish soap or something, and she obviously knows it or else she wouldn't be hiding them in her pics. And why keep such ugly, poorly done polish on for over a week when she goes to Chieko Nakayama for her nails so often? Perhaps she was told to let her nail beds breathe for a while, painted them herself and they just look extra shitty because of that, but idk. It looks like she hasn't been trimming/filing them since the last time she had her nails done.

No. 23843

Gross, even if it was fresh, it was applied crooked and her nails aren't filed. It's a metaphor for how she lets herself go though.

Koot's looks like a forever21 ring.

No. 23844

File: 1539534701555.jpg (614.22 KB, 1080x1873, 20181014_122831.jpg)


kooter's ring detail, plus her terrifyingly shitty snow app eyecrepe shoop. that rock is the only thing ~smol~ about her tbh.

No. 23845

If that's a real diamond, it has to be like 0.08/0.07ct; 1/7 or 1/8 carat. That's not a rock, it's a pebble.

No. 23846

Therefore I don't think it's an engagement/marriage ring. It just looks like a fashion item you would buy at H&M and Forever21 like >>23843 said. She just wants everybody to troll and you are all buying it kek. Indeed she was married from 2014-2017, it fits in the timeline and the things she said not long ago that she is relieved that some things have got sorted out or something like that. That was probably a hint to her divorce/permanent resident visa.

No. 23847

File: 1539553373263.png (960.21 KB, 1272x1148, ig.png)

Her latest Instagram stories, looks like she's having problems with her wisdom teeth.

No. 23848

Even if it were a fashion ring, if it's a diamond on a white gold band it would still run around ¥25000-¥40000 depending on the quality of the stone and the brand.

Plus I don't doubt she would remarry after getting PR. Do you honestly think she's gonna be able to support herself indefinitely by catfish guest modeling and doing social media sponsorships? Or that her grown ass friends are gonna let her live with them into her 30s? I can see her marrying whoever got her into Popteen, whoever kept her with Bravo for so long, or even maybe Nao in a panic to stay in Japan and preserve her precious title as a moderu and keep her from failing back to Florida, then divorcing one she gets PR and marrying someone else who can get keep pushing her sacred title and get her free shit. It's obvious Libera didn't care for her despite using shoops on her page, they dropped her hella fast, Platinum seems to be getting tired of her and despite using her old shoops to promote her, that's not the favor some people seem to think it is. It pointed a spotlight on how hard she's aged since then, and they aren't even using them anymore. Her subs and followers are dropping all the time, and the morr she tries to keep non-Japanese speaking netizens from seeing her shit the more she has to buy views. Go on about her ~trolling~ the farm and ~having a laugh~ at us, but the fact is, her only remaining bragging right is her social media following and we know a large chunk of that is us jelly haterz, creepy/cringey men from rapey shithole countries and bot accounts.

No. 23849

Adding to this, compare it to literally all her other jewelry like >>23570, her cheap pewter pentagram, her tarnished fake Westwood, her fake Westwood and Coach watches and bracelets, and even her own shitty Aliexpress jewelry line. She's been gifted real jewelry before like the Coach, the necklace from Wish Upon a Star and some others idr but after she posts them on her accounts, they're never seen again, only her knockoffs and cheap costume jewelry (except for her Malicious.X gear ofc). I personally think she sold all the legit jewelry/brand stuff she got that wasn't clothes.

No. 23850

Don't you have to have a history of making a certain amount of money per month/year and proof of consistent work to get permanent residence? Mira couldn't get hers after dumping Visa-kun 2.0 because she quit her job before her hearing or whatever out of paranoia over anons finding out she worked in a mall.

No. 23851

The setting and size suggests it's a fashion ring.

I think she sells everything she can, including fakes. It's easy to sell used goods on yahoo auctions if you have clear pics. The reason she keeps wearing old taobao things from 10 years ago is they couldn't get sold.

Think of how kaka kept trying to sell her used "fashun" like the backpacks and nobody wanted them.

No. 23852

Good point, that would also explain her wearing giant jackets and trench coats over everything. Selling knockoff jewelry is a big deal in Japan for brands like VW and Coach, isn't it? As for the ring, I can see kota using a fashion ring as a cheap wedding band, but it's still pretty sus that despite being so small, it's the nicest ring she owns, she doesn't wear the other one anymore (thought it was soo sentimental bc it was her grandma's??), and it didn't show up until after she flew to FL, Platinum stopped adding jobs to her CV and her possibly moving, since she took down her Kawasaki painting. I don't think she just took it down to move it and moved her bed for funsies since she won't even handle her basic hygeine like plucking her brows or caring for her nails.

Speaking of kaka selling, I still remember her trying to sell some sleeveless white designer top for like $400 with the tag still on that she had worn for several of her selfie photoshoots. You can buy tagging guns on amazon for cheap, I wonder if she got one and keeps all the tags so they can try to sell her used shit as NWT.

No. 23853

Mira was trying to get citizenship, not permanent residency. If Kooter applied for PR while still married (and she would have had to be married to apply after only 3 years) her work wouldn’t matter. They look at a minimum income per household and it isn’t that high. Once she had PR she was free to get divorced and that visa is good for a long time.

No. 23854

It's so weird to me that that the government relaxed the residency standards so much just in time for lazy ass kooter to get it just for being married and slurping up handouts. They go crazy cracking down on fake marriages, yet make it easier to get PR for almost nothing but being married and physically being there.

No. 23855

>I'm legitimately amazed no Japanese people have bothered to tweet a side-by-side to Platinum asking what the fuck they're doing with those pics yet.

The lengths Japanese people go to to look polite are wild

No. 23856

It's more like, nobody wants to be publicly associated with giving that much of a fuck about a fat, ugly bottomfeeding gaijin, and another foreigner doing it would get ignored because, well, nobody cares what they think. As long as she keeps licking muff and kissing ass, they're gonna let her.

Really, it's not worth caring about, her life isn't glamorous or enviable at all except to weebs who have never had the chance to live away from home. As long as she's there she'll never really be independent, and the only people who think "not having to worry about money" is worth having to hide a spouse or fuck for jobs is a "sweet deal" worth being jealous of are just as lazy, trashy, and delusional as kota and kiki. It's all just a big "internet fantasy game" to make her feel special and unique.

No. 23857

What are you talking about? The law has said that you can apply for permanent residency after being married for three years for a long time. I'm not sure when exactly that was put into place but http://www.niitsu-law.jp/visa%20info.html shows it's at least since 2006. Nothing changed there, Dakota just followed the typical visa procedure if she got married and then got PR. The only changes to permanent residency were the fast track options for highly skilled workers, but that's something completely different that Dakota would never qualify for.

I think there's some confusion about work visas vs. spouse visas vs. permanent residency. You generally need to work a certain amount to get/maintain a work visa, but there are no qualifications for a spouse visa. Once you have a spouse visa you don't need to meet any work requirements for PR. All you need is a guarantor and to pay taxes. And then citizenship is a whole different ballgame.

No. 23858

File: 1539829987152.jpeg (172.67 KB, 1200x800, DptyKjCU0AIx9aK.jpeg)


No. 23859

File: 1539830006796.jpeg (236.12 KB, 1199x1056, DptyJpjU4AEcoRn.jpeg)

No. 23860

File: 1539830075834.jpg (549.08 KB, 1079x840, Screenshot_20181017-223429_Ins…)

No. 23861

File: 1539832736061.jpg (114.7 KB, 388x414, Egg-Shaped_Apostle.jpg)

No. 23862

where is this dress from?

No. 23863

Probably some Bodlyline-tier fetish lolita eshop. Actually try Bodyline, you'll find lots of short, cheap looking lolita dresses there with no bust room.

No. 23864

She’s prematurely aging so fast from her shitty diet and smoking and probably drinking. Won’t be long til she has to really scrape the bottom of the dick-sucking barrrl to get any kind of ~modeling work~ and take all the crappy filler TV show jobs that make fun of her that she can get.

No. 23865

What does it say/ what is the stuff she's advertising? Not everyone here speaks Japanese.

No. 23866

I remember it being discussed here or on cgl. It seems to be a real brand lolita dress or pinafore that she had altered to micromini length.

No. 23867

*salopette, I think
I forgot the term

No. 23868

It's flavored soy milk. Basically just says the vanilla ice cream flavor is her favorite.

No. 23869

I think it’s Angelic Pretty Fruity Cafe cut short

No. 23870

It's not a salopette, it's an OP. Likely AP fruity cafe in white as this anon points out
Almost certainly a replica, too many of the details are off and kota doesn't have the budget for real lolita. Kityphina or whatever that pig nosed clone was called actually bought lolita dresses to modify after this pic, which might be where the confusion comes from.

No. 23871

it is fake. someone found it on taobao iirc. the apron is a dead giveaway as the real apron would be much bigger.

No. 23872

File: 1539889644204.jpg (252.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181018-210557.jpg)

Kittypinas dress is real, Kitas dress is fake

No. 23873

How embarrassing to have a copycat pull off something way better than you did omg.

No. 23874

So I have a friend who I went to university with in Tokyo(Japanese) and shes a model. She probably works less than kooter, but is still out doing stuff and she told me she makes on average 40万 a month which is like $3500. So kooter must be making something above that mark

No. 23875

no those are two different dresses.

No. 23876

>tfw your copycat wears burando while you could only get the shitty Taobao replica

No. 23877

This anon is right though
They're clearly not the same dress, and I'm fairly sure kittyphinas dresses were debunked as fakes as well, she just maintained that she bought brand and altered it. Which is fucking stupid because it just made people mad af.

not sure what dress it's supposed to be - not into sweet, but those plastic cherries scream taobao to me.

No. 23878

This is hilarious, it's not a sponsored post or ad (unless it's undisclosed, which is shady af), Kooter just felt like posing with some milk. She wrote, "I'm so happy I bought them all at once! Out of these, the vanilla ice cream flavored one tastes the best."

She literally just posted pictures of herself smiling with milk. I feel like there's a meta joke to be made there somewhere

No. 23879

Are her eyes okay in these? She looks stoned as fuck and they're incredibly red.


No. 23880

I thought so too anon! She looks like she actually cried…

No. 23881

Maybr she got yelled at by her guarantor or had to do something extra kinky to pay rent this month since she isn't getting any jobs.

No. 23882

Unless your friend only works one job every month and a half, I doubt it anon. Kota has only done a few jobs since she flew back to FL. She hasn't been working enough to support herself since maybe mid 2016.

No. 23883

Why do her eyes always look like they're being swallowed by her fat face?

No. 23884

Oh man… I like to nitpick her too (for example her uncoordinated outfit choices) but that comment is seriously unnecessary…

Every product she has shown on her insta, were never labeled as #ad. See >>677477
I wonder if this is legal in Japan

No. 23885

What kind of boring life must you have to take multiple photos with milk then furiously photoshop your face in all of them for probably hours

No. 23886

Dat hausuwaifu laifu~

She's so quiet lately, Yula just had a birthday, Hirari went to the party but kooter had to stuck to tweeting @ her more famous friends as usual. Funny how she hasn't been hanging out with Hirari since she got that new ring.

No. 23887

She probably dropped her
since she don't need her anymore.

No. 23888

File: 1540277182999.jpg (464.61 KB, 1063x1850, Screenshot_20181023-024037_Ins…)

Someone sent her a picture drawn on wood, and it even resembles her FAS fetus shoops where she spreads her eyes apart! With a late 90's style sideways timestamp for the aesthetic I guess? Still no evidence of any work coming up beside Toitafes or since ImappoTV.

No. 23889

File: 1540317819879.png (642.61 KB, 931x585, Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.03…)

No. 23890

wtf is that white bell pepper

No. 23891

u know what nvm i just realized that's an angel

No. 23892

How sad it must be to scroll through your comments and see that no, you don’t have any legitimate fans, it’s just bots and 50 year old Saudi men.

No. 23893

lmao at the one Japanese commenter trying to teach her to use less masculine Japanese and playing it off as a joke but like… really

No. 23894

File: 1540537975671.jpg (130.73 KB, 1080x838, 20181026_031143.jpg)

It gets better- it's an empty account.

You know you're finally a washed up never-was when even your lolcow thread can't get decent posts.

No. 23895

File: 1540538598127.jpg (390.72 KB, 1080x1080, 20181026_031715.jpg)

It's the same thirsty Shotaro guy who comments on all her tweets, too.

No. 23896

This video is so old but I don't remember seeing it before.
I remember liking her with this haircut better, but this lighting is rough, oof.

Saged for old, curdled milk

No. 23897


Samefag, but here she is talking about man and stuff, like her type or if she prefer Americans or Japanese.
She does say she likes Kazuya Kamenashi, so yeah, she does have a type. (and it's not "old man" as she once claimed)
Maybe she married of a host type dude.

Have another old video that I've never seen, where I think she's genuinely cute, both looks and personality wise. Dakota maddens me with her wasted potential.

No. 23898

File: 1540641249921.jpg (38.33 KB, 293x480, d2f25090-s.jpg)

He is very feminine looking with his plucked eyebrows, long hair and fine facial features. He could also be a lesbian, they look the same

No. 23899

Her hair looks fantastic here because there is actual curl/wave added to it. It masks how thin her hair is.

No. 23900

File: 1540674520519.jpg (571.14 KB, 1080x1544, 20181027_170653.jpg)

They don't even bother to put a spotloght on her aymore, lol. And I can't believe they had her walking with that giant 7 year old shoop on the screen behind her with her name plastered on it.

Also, are we gonna talk about her swaying side to side like a drunken duck? Idk how to save twitter videos.

No. 23901

Anyone know how to save her IG story? She’s got a few vids on there.

No. 23902

Download a screen recording app and watch them.

No. 23903

Google download instagram video. Not hard.

No. 23904

But her type is women

No. 23905

>t's not "old man" as she once claimed

Nitpick, but she only claimed to like older men, when she was a teenager. She hasn't said that since she joined Popteen though. So she likes guys in their early 30s to maybe mid 40s, considering every guy she's liked/flirted with except Taiko was in that age range. Kinda gross though that as a teen she was pandering to ephebophiles trying to get a JaPanese SD. I'm amazed she didn't end up the sex crazed bimbo Kiki was as a teen.

No. 23906


Why are you so sure?

I also think she's kinda cute here, thin as fuck hair and all. She should stick to lolita gigs, it hides her slight overweight.

No. 23907


Nah, she actually says "old man". Vid related, at around 0:53, she says "uncles are my type". Mid 40s is pretty old also, tbh, especially when you think about the slimy salarymen type of Japan.

Nevur forget Kotaro-chan in the ofuro with that old ass dude as well

No. 23908

He doesn't know she talks like a man because she's probably the man in her relationship.

>Nevur forget Kotaro-chan in the ofuro with that old ass dude as well

That one clip always stuck out to me as a sign that she was trying to get older men to contact her.

No. 23909

Maybe she was? She stopped saying she liked old men and stopped doing cringey pedobait shit for weebshit when she got her Popteen ring. Maybe that was her way of looking a sugar/visa daddy

No. 23910


But that TV segment was after she got into popteen, though
I don't know if it was fanservice, a joke, or both. But it was surely weird.

Anyway, on the wedding day video, she does look like she lost a lot of weight, good for her

No. 23911

She looks the same way she's looked for the last 6 months. This s the same weight she was during the spring shows and every other appearance since then.We know she's had several weight loss procedures.

No. 23912

We all know she has a sugar mommy and sperged out here to valiantly defend the fact that she can’t possibly be gay which is only more fuel to the fire really

No. 23913

She always does.

>anons say her Japanese is shit

>"umm Japanese speaker here, she's actually pretty fluent"
>anons call BS on her leukemia claim bc there's no way she was sick enough in 2016 to have severe leukemia
>"she MEANT to say when she was two years old, not two years ago!"
>anons talking shit about kota being a massive weeb
>"no she just jumped on the anime/lolita bandwagon because she moved to Japan and wanted to fit in"
>anons speculate that kota lurks/posts in her threads after her very sister was outed as Sperg-chan
>"she's way too sensitive and delicate to read the things posted here about her, kiki and her mom lurk here but kota definitely doesn't"

I think the only time I've personally seen those types of obvious stanning shut down was when someone pointed out that the only way anyone could be making those definitive statements was if it were kota herself or her family. Come to think of it, since then the kotastanning has been really minimal.

No. 23914

She definitely has a handler, either a visa daddy or a sugar mommy+PR. I honestly don't believe she's booked any of her jobs herself since her TV reveal and her first big slump back in 2012. I don't even wanna think about the kind of shit she probably has to do to get jobs/pay her rent, eugh. It's not like she would marry for love either since she'd be showing off left and right pretending to be a spiled princess.

No. 23915

File: 1540798499100.jpg (626.71 KB, 1080x1920, 20181029_033432.jpg)

I realized as I was typing up this post that the link to Platinum's IG page has been on dacote's profile forever, but I never bothered clicking it from there myself so I thought I'd post it here so everyone can see how smallfy it is, but then there's another one maybe for a scout?


No. 23916

wow just watching this video really shows how kind of rude she is? She's far from what cute girls on Japanese tv act like. How did she get popular in the first place if she had such an unattractive personality?

No. 23917

Being an underaged white weeb with her legs open/clevage out + "I like old men" + Russian model BJD makeup shoops.

For what it's worth, except for her Japan reveal and the hype leading up to it she wasn't a big deal, and her CV is spotty at best and a clusterfuck at worst. Her "popularity" was short lived, since then she's had agencies pushing her online, hiding her from the public and taking down candids of her work. The only reason she made it to Japan and stayed there was because she and her family are such shameless liars who feel fame is owed to them, plus I don't doubt for a second she would pull a Kiki and fuck for personal gain just to get a leg up (kek) on da haterz and keep her spot in Tokyo as "rearu baabii njngyo".

No. 23918

Found a video, finally.

No. 23919

File: 1540817854526.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1849, 20181029_085556.jpg)

She also finally got her nails done again, all thanks to Chieko. I can't believe she wore such cheap looking fake rings to get her nails done, they look so much uglier next to her new ring.

Funny how she modeled wedding dresses both times she got a mysterious ring, eh?

No. 23920

She looks so witch-like.

Even with the shoop you can see how tarnished that old thing is, gross. Seems she shooped her stubby fingers longer and thinner again.

No. 23921


Which video was that? The one with Kotaro in the ofuro

No. 23922

That was actually so weird. Anons tinfoil that she might be sucking the chode of some old dude for money: nothing happens.
Somebody theorizes that she could be involved with a woman, who if I recall correctly we've seen in some pictures and is young and somehow pretty: massive Ostrengasperg.
So they think that fucking a slimy old dude is better than being gay.

No. 23923

As long as he has money, yeah probably. They must be the same type of trash that think sugar babies have it made for fucking old men for cash. "But they're RICH old guys!" Lol not in kota's case they aren't, and it looks like they got sick of her.

1- use sage unless you have new milk, this is an old rule spanning multuple threada which means you and "whoever else" are doing it on purpose. Please stop acting brand new.
2- check the past threads and use the catalog
3- nobody calls her "kotaro", except her cringey Jojo avatar fanboy, and he only does so in Japanese.

No. 23924

File: 1540828133413.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, IMG_20181029_114800.jpg)

Oh look, he added a censored profile pic

No. 23925


>nobody calls her "kotaro"

not that anon, but chill. A lot of nipponese call her like that, I kinda like it because it sounds masculine, just like she talks kek

There you go. Around the 7 minute mark.

No. 23926

'kotaro' is a great nickname because yes it implies she's not feminine at all, she's awkwardly using masculine japanese and being messy. that sort of thing isn't seen as "cute and tomboyish" like it might in the west. it's seen as something to be embarrassed of. lack of social grace.

No. 23927

Can't do it myself because I'm on my phone, but someone should download this video asap in case it gets ostrengastriked

No. 23928

she finally looks ok-ish. What an improvement.

Unfortunately she is still nowhere close to looking like a model lol

No. 23929

She went from being looking pudgy and malnourished to looking average, but I agree she still isn't worth looking at as a model. I guess as long as they refuse to use real, current pics of her to book her she can keep beating that dead horse shoop.

No. 23930

I thought so too, she looks cute and happy in this video. Dakota is very lucky that Japan has no standards regarding to their "models". If people like Himezawa and Dakota can get contracts, then you know Japan isn't serious about the modelling business at all. I think they basically hire any white foreigner because ~exotic. Or simply as a laughing stock for tv appearances like Dakota. I still can't believe that she was willing to bath with that old horny man ew…The only agency in the US which would hire Dakota is Modelmayhem and this is honestly telling because it's basically Craigslist of the modelling/photographer world. She knows that, so she is doing everything what's in her power to stay in Japan.

No. 23931

her arms are somewhat skinny/flaccid and her shoulders are so low, you have such a bad posture kooters

No. 23932

File: 1540998097875.png (466.52 KB, 732x548, Untitled.png)

fucking lmao at the pic behind her when she show up lookin like the joker

she needs to learn how to smile nicely, literally the other girls look fun and bubbly and cute and then koots comes out stiff, awkward, and twitchy

No. 23933

File: 1540999964491.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, C200D940-20DC-41A3-B219-33236B…)

No. 23934

File: 1540999993262.png (6.41 MB, 1242x2208, EEFE9DD1-B2F6-418F-B567-58CC42…)

No. 23935

So her mac got locked or something?

No. 23936

Those facials/masseter botox/whatever it was really were really an improvement though, her jawline looks good

No. 23937

Her face is facing downward. That slims everyone's jawline.

No. 23938

Her face is facing downward. That slims everyone's jawline.

No. 23939

File: 1541115883909.png (982.55 KB, 596x584, baa0cbf613ec7a59c445ce9647f7a8…)

Another deformed edit. No surprise she's losing followers on IG.

No. 23940

File: 1541120089399.png (1.08 MB, 736x1066, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 11.2…)


i laughed so fuckn hard at this one.

No. 23941


New Mac book ? If so maybe she got photoshop again and will start producing better edits, like the ones that got her to Japan in the first place.


Because this shit is terrifying …

What ever happened to her shooping her hair thicker ? or wearing extensions ? Her hair looks so fucking sparse and flat. She also looks like Gollum.

No. 23942

Its for a photoshoot she says. Heads up judging from the styling she might have finally wormed her way back into Larme. Guess all the weight loss procedures and sucking up to relevant models younger than her finally got her what she wants again.

No. 23943

Alst stylist really need to stop trying to fit her into cutesy clothing. Imagine how creepy this going to look on koots with her normal face and joker smile. I hope they planning on a ton of good shoop.

No. 23944

I am losing my mind, she thinks this looks good ? Nobody can save her…

No. 23945

the lighting is really, really bad too.

No. 23946

Her forhead look huge as shit and her photos just get worser than the last one each time.

No. 23947

File: 1541180251688.png (229.69 KB, 408x243, Untitled.png)

not particularly.
and if she didn't shoop herself so terribly it wouldn't be as apparent

No. 23948

File: 1541184548214.jpeg (139.23 KB, 750x734, 9717283D-6946-4651-955C-BA197F…)

Guess she got her hair done again. She removed these instantly from her tags … guess they weren’t edited enough … even though she looks fine in them.

No. 23949

File: 1541184586437.jpeg (118.39 KB, 728x749, E18C0300-A083-4563-A576-CD12EA…)

No. 23950

S-she got bangs… finally

No. 23951


She removed these?? Those are the best looking pictures she uploaded in a long time!
She must be really sick if she thinks this >>23939
looks cute but the pictures with the glasses don't.

No. 23952

File: 1541194228306.png (644.26 KB, 593x583, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 5.30…)

The gollum shooping has returned…

No. 23953

she honestly looks really nice here ngl, dont know what you guys are on

No. 23954

File: 1541196546378.jpg (91.81 KB, 1120x1500, pulltard.jpg)

Thx for the zoom in! I think I'll get nightmares now…

Honestly this is a very bad shoop because her face looks crooked. Why does she want to have a round face and far apart eyes? She looks 1000 times better in these pics >>23948 and >>23949 this is the best hairstyle I have seen in a long time on her.

It's one of her worst shooped pictures I have ever seen. I scrolled through PULL for keks and omg they are all swooning and praising her for this picture! They are insisting this shoop is 'human-looking'. Sure Jan.

Check your eyes and take your meds pulltard. She looks like a normal girl here and that's it. No model material, just like the other girls in the background. Good for her that she lost some chub but she need to work on her posture, her catwalk abilities and her overall appereance. Her smile isn't genuine and very artificial. She scares me to be honest.

No. 23955

not even that anon but Jesus Christ chill out. your hate boner is showing. Kota is a huge cow obviously but to say she looks nice compared to usual doesn’t make someone a pulltard. chill out and stop taking lolcow so seriously

No. 23956

You sound mentally ill jeez yikes. All I said was that she looks nice, and she DOES. I don’t need to be a pulltard to have some level of objectivity about her looks. Dgaf if she’s model material or not, it looks like she
started giving a fuck about her real appearance for once and that’s pleasant to see.

No. 23957

What hate boner? I just said she looks like a normal girl and she should work on her appearance more. I also gave her a compliment that her hair looks good in >>23948 but saying that her shoop is bad makes me a hater kekk. Go to Pull if you can't take reality and lick gollum pussy and ass there

Sage your autism

No. 23958

anon you sound fucking mental. It's okay if someone thinks she looks alright. No need to write a wall of spergy text if you disagree

No. 23959

I think you are mental. So they are entitled to their opinions and I am not? I wrote two rows that I disagree. Soooooooo spergy!!1
Others write something like 'omg she has a fat face and her eyes are being swallowed by her fat' and 'omg gollum' and no one blinks an eye. Btw I was the one who called that anon out >>23884. But constructive critism isn't okay. The most of my text was about her bad shoop and PULL. I am not going to answer any other retarted comment here you hypocrits

No. 23960

nah, she looks stiff and awkward as hell and has one of the ugliest smiles i've ever seen

and she has actual mental issues if she deleted these ones but kept shit like >>23939 . like i'm concerned about her wellbeing if she thinks the latter looks good and the former are ugly enough to instantly delete because she actually looks great in the former, even with those autist glasses.

No. 23961


Her hair dresser tagged her in these on IG ( guess he wasn't willing to post her shoops anymore, maybe people were starting to ask questions about the girl with the ever changing face ) Anyways, when I snagged these they were only up for 13hrs, and she had them already removed from her tagged section on IG. Pity.

I think some anons need to keep in mind that Kota's looks aren't going to change that much. Styling and weight loss can only take a person so far, and what you see in >>23948 is probably the best you're going to get from her. Unless she gets plastic surgery, this is basically it, her best ? Further weight loss will only start to make her facial structure more prominent. ( which isn't desirable in Japan )

No. 23962


She looks really good in these. These are the best candids she’s taken but she removed them?!?! What in the actual fuck is going on in her head that she thinks these look bad?

No. 23963

Those are still shooped. They aren't candids at all. Her natural features are much harsher and sharper. Even in the best lighting like in a couple of the runway pictures from the wedding set. All of her features in this pic are rounded and her jaw is narrowed.
I swear some anons don't know what this chick actually looks like.

No. 23964

I'm honestly shocked, this is the cutest I remember her looking in years. I know from her gollum shooping she clearly has some self-image issues but this is just sad.

No. 23965


Tinfoil, but maybe Kote anything remotely similar to the look she had on her "best era" because something went down that made her traumatized, that's why she started to distance herself from it when she got to Japan with those uggo baby shoops and never went back since, even though it was what got her famous and objectively the best-looking era of hers

No. 23966

Her "best era" never existed. It was always fake, she didn't "change" to babyshoops when shr got to Japan because of some imaginary trauma, her face was wide and chubby af and she figured out how to use purikura and photo apps to make that look work for her in Popteen. She never had a vline jaw, tiny button nose or dorito chin. Her viral shoops were probably less than 35% "real" at best, it honestly amazes me that anyonr ever bought them as harmless selgies and not digital redrawings of what Dakota wished she looked like. As for her kawaio style, she had to drop that in Japan bc all her kawaii clothes were Chinese knockoffs and her regular clothes were basic af. She STILL wears her ugly taobao hall shoes even now that she has YELLO shit to wear and she didn't retire her black suede booties until after anons here noticed she qas blurring the worn spots in her pics.

She can never go back to that look, the closest IRL she could have ever been to that look was her Japan debut, she looked ugly IRL with the makeup bc it was never meant to look good IRL, just in pics. Her "best era" was never real and if not for whatever blind, horny ephebophile at Bravo that lurks YT for underaged girls, she would have never made it out of her bedroom even with her viral fame. It's so easy to forget how many people were laughing at her for the Angry Birds shoot, MILK and Peach John censoring her, and how fast they had to take her real face off TV, but really. She can't go back to her "best look", it was never real, it only looked good on her after she heavily shooped it to, and tbf it wasn't even her look to begin with, she just smashed kawaii, BJDs and russian barbie makeup and shooped herself younger and cuter. Jeeeez, what is it with these fantasies of kota returning to her 2012 look but for some unknown favtor oit of her control unrelated to her getting fat/aging and the favt that she never looked like that? Like, people understand that I hope?? She went viral because of the edits of the pics she took, not because of how she herself looked. And if not for the amount of followers she already had for being Kiki's sidelick who knows if she would have even gotten enough exposure with the shoops to go viral to begin with?

No. 23967

This coordinate looks decent. Too bad her the fabric and color combo on the skirt looks like a dish cloth rag I have in my kitchen loool
No idea what's going on with these clothes. Is that a skirt or a blanket??

No. 23968

dude chill. anon was saying she stopped shooping herself like she did when she got famous because she was traumatised by all the backlash she got when she was outted. koots probably believed she looked like that to some extent cause she's kinda off.

No. 23969


Those pics are totally shooped, she's not that smol and that's not her face.

I think she realized that she didn't shoop something enough, maybe her chin or distance between eyes, and detagged.

No. 23970


Yeah anon, like this >>23968 anon said, I am not an idiot. We all saw the disastrous face reveal kek
I was talking about shooping and make up.
As soon as she learned japanese, she distanced herself from that look, make-up and shoop wise. And even mannerisms wise. I guess the fake voice and ~kawaii~ mannerisms were probably asked/suggested by her agency or manager or such, but the make up sudden change was a bit weird, especially considering how unflattttering it was. And she never came back to it even after the popteen thing, when her persona became something "rougher". I 'unno, it was all too inconsistent. I guess that's why she didn't stick, she never had a true persona that the japanese could latch on. It was just "the gaijin riaru baabi".
Such dumb marketing.

No. 23971


Eh, she still edited like her famous shoops for a little while, or tried to. I remember a lot anons theorized that the famous edits weren't even done by her because her editing never looked as good when she left home. She kept the kawaii look for many many years, at least till like 2015-16ish. Most assumed that she just got to broke to afford makeup and hair extensions at that time of the biggest change.

No. 23972

File: 1541527497979.png (406.14 KB, 807x548, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 12.5…)

Bangs didn't last long, gotta show off that sixhead.

No. 23973

Eh, the only one I dispute here is the one about her being a massive weeb. A lot of people used to say she wasn't really interested in Japan and just hopped on the bandwagon a few years ago, which was always countered with the evidence that she was into jap shit and anime since her scene days, and that Kiki bullied her for it.

No. 23974

I doubt she switches this often, this pic must be from begore she got bangs again. Not every pic someone posts on social media qas taken that day you know.

I mean, she was a weeb to a degree before Japan. She and Kiki did Japan/anime themed shoots, and when kota was doing her alien anachan paintings she tried using kana for the esthetic to say "idol" and fucked it up. She cranked it up to 12 when she went viral, but she was a weeb before that. Otherwise she wouldn't have cold turkey'd everyone who showed interest in her before Japan. She had kawaii pastel sailor moon shit vomited everywhere for a good few years, who cares how "genuine" or "bandwagon" it was, she was obviously into it enough on her own to get the look right for as long as she did. Some weebs have eye-rapingly bad tumblr layouts you can hardly see, but kota's stuff always had a consistent kawaiiness to it that really helped market her as kawaii pera pera gaijin.

No. 23975

i'm loling, because I've said all of those things except the Japanese fluency one. Pls stop with your paranoia.

No. 23976

And you felt the need to reply to this post without sage-ing, why?
Nah I'm pretty sure she just styled her hair differently here and pushed her bangs out of the way. They look the same length as here >>23948.

No. 23977

File: 1542387916820.jpg (56.51 KB, 640x640, 44744359_218822335536862_54864…)

Damn. I did not see this coming at all.
I'll be interested to see it from a different angle.

No. 23978

File: 1542388150814.jpg (24.65 KB, 339x384, lewin.JPG)

She really did it.
It says:
Dako-chan decided to switch to a short style. She was nervous. I'm happy that in the end she was pleased with it.

No. 23979

There's no way she's not at least bi.

No. 23980

Lol. Because of short hair?
There's definitely theories out there as to why she could be, but cutting her hair is a reach.

No. 23981

i think i like it honestly. it goes with the lack of makeup and makes it look more intentional. no makeup with her blunt bangs made her look like a haggard ageplayer or just unfinished. this haircut makes her look a lot closer to the ~fresh faced wholesome effortless~ look that she wants.

i just don't fucking understand why she doesn't just go with minimal eye makeup and no shoop instead of no obvious makeup and alien shooping the difference.

No. 23982

This makes me so happy - finally, she cut her hair. Thin hair needs to be short, it weighs itself down and looks worse when long. This is honestly a big step for her because she would never ever give up her long hair because it seemed to symbolize femininity or something to her. Her long hair + that barely blonde are things she clung way too hard to. I hope she dyes it dark, even though that's pretty unlikely. That would be a huge mental leap for her (which is sad but true). I hope we get more angles of it soon.

No. 23983

Yes, getting the most suburban mom haircut ever is a surefire ticket to pussy

No. 23984

Hey, isn't that the choker from her Pootwen debut video? The one everyone thought was fiktered through AE because the ribbon blurred into the side of her fsce and she had to make a youtube video proving it.

No. 23985


I don't really like it… The shoulder-length cut suited her better than this dike cut. She also hasn't posted anything as of yet about it, making me wonder if she regrets it.

Also, can someone explain to me how modeling works? I thought they had strict contracts stating you can't dramatically change your hair/appearance. ( Albeit her portfolio is a bunch of ancient shoops )Just image wanting that pretty dolly looking girl on the site, and than getting this tired looking soccer mom instead…

No. 23986


I am super shocked, I guess she'll use wigs for her modeling now? (If she still models at all tbh)
But I actually like it, it gives me Nana vibes. Guess she's trying to get a more rockish, adult look? If so, good for her, really. Maybe she'll take better care of it as well.

I am looking forward to her new selfies now haha

No. 23987


Give it 2 weeks and she’ll put hair extensions back in

No. 23988

She needs a cut with layers. I have the same hair type as her (super fine), without any layers it'll be flat asf. Especially since her hair is very thin in general.

No. 23989


It looks like it has one layer, like a tiny mullet at the back, which is common for Japanese hairstyles, but not enough to give it volume.
I am super curious to see other angles.

No. 23990

>I'd like to speak with the manager please.

No. 23991

It looks a lot better than her long limp hair but still needs layering and some side bangs or something.

No. 23992

File: 1542465972671.jpg (26 KB, 388x400, nana-osaki-mic.jpg)

Seems Nana inspired. She should try the rock chick look, would work better than the kawaii shtick for her anyway

No. 23993

Wtf didn't see it coming. Finally something new and different. Since people in Japan aren't interested in her barbie shtick anymore, she probably decided to shock people and go with a rockier style as you all stated above. I hope she also changes her clothing style to match her new hair.

If she wants to continue with modelling, then she would need a new portfolio. She can't use her old pics anymore.

That's a tinfoil theory but usually people change so drastic if something drastic happened in their life.

No. 23994


I feel like she's always hung onto her old emo style/ attitude in some sense. Like even when she was doing the kawaii doll style she still expressed love for horror, gore an nasty things. She even wore occasionally darker styles. I wonder if she's going to slowly revert back to an emo/rock look, and maybe start wearing darker makeup again. The dolly trend just never really fitted her.

But I still wonder if this is going to affect her modeling because I recall Taylor saying she always wanted to change her hair but couldn't because of her agency.

How does Kota get away with so much?

No. 23995

I really don't see this as that kind of cut. Unless you think everyone with a short bob looks like a soccer mom?

Imho soccer mom cuts are longer and more layered and generally inspired by that jon/kate/8 show.

She looks better this way, but it is giving me himezawa vibes

No. 23996


It's not her hair alone that's giving her the soccer mom look, but a mixture of frumpy looking clothes and a tired looking face. I think everyone knows she looks tired/frumpy without filters and editing.

No. 23997

“Frumpy clothes” …anon, it’s a shoulders up shot and she’s swearing a sweater? Keep reaching that hard and you’ll break an arm.

Agree with everyone else saying it gives off very Nana vibes - goodfor her! Maybe this will start something different with her. But I guess we all have to remember it looking that good is totally contingent on her being able to take care of it and style it this way on her own once she leaves the salon

No. 23998

My guess is whoever she is married to now allows her more room to do what she wants compared to her last visa hubby who could only get her jobs that promote her with ancient shoops. If she only models part time on the side through a new agency and her contract has nothing to do with a visa she could have a very loose one. She hasn't been supported by her modeling since maybe mid 2015, she only pretends to still be a relevant model but it's all one giant internet roleplay. IRL she faded out quickly amd keeps getting drug out again like a meme that won't die.

No. 23999

That's not a reach when everything she wears is baggy and ugly, anon. Half her tops are cut like muumuus. "Frumpy housemom who gave up in her teens" is her current look desu.

No. 24000

If we needed any more confirmation her moderu career is over…

No. 24001

Working only one job every 2 months, as a guest or part of a group, booked direct, refuses to wear makeup or fitted clothes… tbqh I feel like her moderu career has been dead since a long time now and her only hobby outside of Netflix is pretending she's still fulltime to trick da haters and keep them from finding out her viral fame was just a JP husband search.

No. 24002

File: 1542513888594.png (728.55 KB, 900x587, Untitled-1.png)

i'm bored and did a really quick shoop job just to see what she might look like with darker makeup

i hate kota but at this point i want her to at least be PRETTY while i hate her, the deformed fetus shoop and autist glasses are just too much. i took some inspo from >>23992 too to see what she'd look like if she went heavy on the makeup and had a dark lip. of course she probably won't do this but she should.

also i erased those eyebags because they are disgusting. kota, you could be cute in an ironic retro-looking way.

No. 24003

I didn't click the pic until I read your comment about the eye bags, but holy shit. Even under the shoop you can see how dark and crepey her eye bags are, so this ugly aegyo shoop must be an attempt to hide it, rather than something she thinks is cute. I think she might be dealing with the damage that comws from wearing aegyo tape every day for pics, because her entire eye area is so aged under the shoop. There's something so weirdly off about them and it makes me think she isn't still shooping them that way because she has a choice.

No. 24004

yeah i didn't notice how gross and inflated the bags looked until i was zoomed in on the pic. it looks infected.

No. 24005

yeah i didn't notice how gross and inflated the bags looked until i was zoomed in on the pic. it looks infected.

No. 24006

yeah i didn't notice how gross and inflated the bags looked until i was zoomed in on the pic. it looks infected.

No. 24007

They remind me of the time Taylor got those eyebag fillers and they looked so hard and gross. Maybe she had something done years ago when she was shooping herself hafu the hardest and doing her makeup to look mixed, and this is the aftermath years later.

No. 24008

Her hair is so sad, she should just embrace wigs

No. 24009

She'd look better with a shoulder cut. This looks weird and bad for some reason like it needs layering or a different style of fringe. She looks like an orange.

No. 24010

File: 1542551382084.jpeg (970.7 KB, 2560x1920, BF19762A-6D12-4080-A354-53FF77…)


Yea, the eye bags are pretty bad. You can actually see from the side that they actually puff out. I gave it an attempt with editing makeup on too, I think contour and blush would benefit her as well as she looks washed out. She needs some colour on her.

No. 24011

A thread or two ago she posted a video where she went around in shops and she wore dark lipstick (even some mascara iirc), and she did look better than usual. She would definitely benefit from darker makeup… or any makeup at all.

Left one is nice

No. 24012

Too much filler

No. 24013

Her harsh chin, nose and sharper features still look dowdy with the haircut. She needs softer hairstyles.

No. 24014

File: 1542592473691.jpeg (59.58 KB, 495x703, ECBAEB5D-5395-46AE-A166-993799…)

Agreed. This cut is a step in the righ direction (mostly because she is getting rid of those extensions that were making her already thin hair even thinner.) But she really needs some softness to balance out her face. I really think this haircut was one of the best she had, imo.

No. 24015

She looks great with blunt bangs and a curly, voluminous bob and not a whole lot else.

I think she could pull off the chin length hair if she teased it a lot and made it really purposely messy and layered.

No. 24016

She should get a short blonde and a short black wig. The blonde Halloween wig and her black Twiggy wig suited her kawaii baby look better than her long hair ever did.

No. 24017

Agree. Her new haircut is gonna end up looking like a shorter hair helmet unless she teases/layers/curls some volume into it. Idk why she keeps flip-flopping between bad and worse style choices for herself. Keep in mind her hair was literally just washed and styled before this pic and it only looks semi cute. Imagine what it will look like in 3~5 days after she lays around all day and decides to post a selfie- it's gonna look so flat and bad she'll aprint back to Lewin for extensions. Plus the way they worded the caption makes it seem like she just wanted another trim/style and the stylist convinced her to cut it (probably bc years of damaging extensions).

No. 24018

File: 1542633522650.png (361.62 KB, 483x598, Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 8.16…)

Well, she finally posted about her hair being cut short. Still feel like deep down she hates it as the last time she cut it, it didn't last long before she got extensions.

No. 24019


I actually like it though to be honest, especially her new picture. I know it's shopped but I generally like it more than anything else she's posted in a long long time.

No. 24020

File: 1542640093422.jpg (235.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181119-160543.jpg)

Can someone please translate? It's a headspa apparently

No. 24021

“Head spa” is just the name for a hairwash with a short head massage thrown in during the process. It’s not a type of establishment.

No. 24022

wtf kind of m night shyamalan-ass pose is this?

No. 24023

She immediately went and got extensions. Fucking called it. Stupid bitch is gonna go bald before 30 if she doesn't stop gluing other people's hair to her head nonstop. And I think it's funny that she went to this new spa and got a private room for extensions. Maybe she was told to cut her hair and let it grow out/heal and she's being a stubborn brat again?

No. 24024

That headspa looks like a pop up salon and their instagram is brand new… I wonder if this is gonna end up being related to a new friends or job soon.

No. 24025

Anon, please don't be this retarded. This is obviously an old picture.

No. 24026

>don't be retarded

It's not "obvious" considering she's done that kind of shit before to throw farmers off or appear more active/social.

No. 24027

Taylor got her hair cut and now Kooter cut her hair, I want to say coincidence but..

No. 24028

It seems like she got a head spa and somebody may told her that her hair is thinning even more through extensions. So she went cutting it to save what's left on her head. I hope she leaves her hair alone and learns how to style it properly.

No. 24029

Nothing is a coincidence when dakota starts copying popular girls. She went viral for shooping herself into her favorite russian models ffs. The only time uncreative kota does anything new is after she sees a prettier and more successful model or vlogger doing it first. She just pretends it's a coincidence as she lives her happy moderu life desu~

No. 24030

I visited Japan and Korea over the summer and all the fashionable looking girls had short hair like this.
She's just following the trend

No. 24031

She needs to follow the trend of actually caring about her appearance and looking good insyead of copying whatever every other pretty girl is doing.

No. 24032

Well that is a shocker. Thought she would stubbornly cling onto having long hair forever. If she keeps it short it'll finally give her scalp a rest.
I would say it's "refreshing" and looks okay but it's still so damn sparse at the top, it's a shame she cant do anything about that.

No. 24033

Nice makeup touches, again she looks great with that classic style of makeup. It actually works in her favor considering she's got bold and sharp features

No. 24034

That sort of makeup looks odd with the punky look she’s going for though. She needs a dark aesthetic to pull it off. Though her hair looks very lifeless right now, could do with coloring and layering. She just looks like she doesn’t know how to style herself with that outfit and plain hair/makeup

No. 24035

I don't think she ever knew how to style herself at all. Every tine she's looked cute qas when she was copying someone else or being tokd what to wear. All the outfit pics she does herself are frumpy and off UNLESS it's schoolgirl inspired and she's using one of her gravure-esque poses.

No. 24036

A lot of anons here want Kota to colour her hair but let's be realistic here: colouring will make her hair even thinner and weaker. She will go bald. What she actually needs is henna. It stimulates hair growth and makes the hair thicker. It's even vegan and natural. Everything she wants and needs. But for henna she needs a lot of patience and she would have to colour her regrowth every month. So in the end… nothing for lazy Kota! Wigs could be a good alternative like >>24016 suggested

No. 24037

File: 1542847582843.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x2560, 18-11-21-19-40-00-300_deco.jpg)

Hey eye bags have me tripping guys. They look so weird and fucked up. Maybe she got aegyo sal fillers during one of her sudden breaks after 2015 before Fitt's and had to wait for them to go down? And now the damage that's visible even under blurry lowres shoop is could be the result. I don't think that much aging and puffiness was caused by applying and taking off heavy makeup every day only.

No. 24038

She has never had fillers, you're looking at shooped pics. She's always been wrinkly and puffy when squinting and her makeup specifically enhanced the bags by using a shadow underneath and highligher on top.

If it was fillers, there would be no wrinkles and it would be uniform.>>24037

No. 24039

File: 1542854525824.jpg (318.19 KB, 1080x1197, 20181121_214119.jpg)

Actually one is a still from her Popteen debut vid. Either way they were never as puffy and wrinkly as they are now. Also I didn't say she had fillers now but that she might have had them (or something else done to her eye area) sometime between her peak of activity in 2015 and her coming back busted for yoko fuchigami in 2016 and fitt's in 2017. Something definitely changed aside from regular aging. Remember her ugly ass Mcauley Caulkin phase? She was doing huge duck lips and that's when her eyes looked the most swollen. Both her original Mercari videos had her with big swollen lips and puffy eyes actually (lulzy video still pic related). Her video shoop was never gpod enough to more than shoop her jaw/eyes and blur shit so I really doubt she was able to shoop her lips bigger while speaking without obviously fucking up.

No. 24040

Remember as well that she didn't work very much around the time she mafe those videos and was doing other sponsorships through instagram. Her hair is crammed with extensions in that pic despite how little work I remember her getting leading up to it- the opposite of her usual pattern of getting work -> extensions+nails & new shit ->frump phase & laying low until new job

No. 24041

File: 1542856036315.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x2560, 18-11-21-22-03-40-642_deco.jpg)


Compare her lips and eyes in her Bravo model video from early 2015:


To the thumbs from the deleted Mercari YT videos. Her lips are way bigger and there's no way it was only AE and overlining. This is also when her eyes started looking puffy/swollen & when she moved and did her apartment tour video (meaning she had money to get fillers and cram in all those extensions in >>24039).

No. 24042

File: 1542859438860.png (309.68 KB, 920x394, Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 11.0…)

What the heck is this? Some sort of shock/vibrate butt lift panties?

No. 24043

>AE edited videos where even her neck completely melted into her body due to distortion effect

She never looked like any of these pics IRL. Lips are the easiest thing to edit with tracking in AE, same for eye size and separating them away from each other.

She and Kiki are vehemently against surgery bc they can't afford it. If she could afford a few rounds of fillers back then, she would have first got a pair of boots that aren't that one black pair she kept wearing.

No. 24044

File: 1542992363198.jpeg (834.41 KB, 1242x1530, DDE4E3D0-1781-4D7A-AA62-6FA4E1…)

She’s in a commercial for a google pixel phone and yes, she looks terrible. The full commercial is on her insta, here’s a quick screenshot.

No. 24045

Sorry for samefagging but I always felt like anons here were exaggerating about how thin they thought her hair was but man, that’s some sad ass hair. She literally has baby hair! No wonder she chopped it all off.

No. 24046

her skin almost looks transparent.

No. 24047


Why is the video so washed out looking? and why did they choose for her to speak English meanwhile everyone else is speaking Japanese.

Like did she add an extra filter over the video to attempt to conceal her features more?

No. 24048


She looks terrible. This commercial would have made sense if she was someone cute that these guys wanted to date or something.

No. 24049

Comments are already disabled.
And it's amazing how much bigger she looks when she isn't controlling her image. I'm not saying she's fat btw because she's objectively not but she must have the most birdlike bone structure because even at a lower weight she sort of looks chubby. weird.
Also, I'm legit wonderingwho got her this job. I mean it's Softbank. Not a small company.

No. 24050

So she comes back to a commercial gig after a trip to FL, a new ring and almost 2 months of no work? I smell a new agency/visa daddy.

No. 24051

She always has the same companies behind her: Girls Award, Rakuten, Model Press, and she's also worked with Softbank in the past- they got her all those LINE and Simeji promos back when she was an "official blogger". What's more interesting is how she keeps popping up in jobs with the same big name companies despite her regular work being so spotty, inconsistent and ugly looking. It's like she knows she'll get jobs from those companies guaranteed and everything else is just to make her look busy in between their shoots. She definitely isn't supporting herself (probably never was tbh) and I for one can't wait until we eventually find out who is supporting her from which company. She won't stop being a model after she's too fat and ugly as we all know, so the older she gets and the worse she starts looking all we'll have to do is look at the nicer jobs she gets and find out which middle aged Japanese guy is affiliated with all her gigs.

No. 24052

>objectively not fat

We havent seen an unshooped, fullbody pic of her that wasnt a day afyer a coolsculpting pricedure so I don't think definitive statwments like that do anything but make the lurking Ostrengas gwel smug. She's not obese but she is fat for her size and body shape. If she wasn't she wouldn't have to hide under her clothes when she can't shoop herself, but she does. In this commercial all you can see is from her waist up and they put her in that muumuu shirt to hide the gut that sticks out as much as her bust.

No. 24053

Maybe one of the Japanese girls in the commercial got the job and she was an addon? I mean, her post just before this one was of her friend's weird underwear commercial. I doubt she would signal boost a friend like that for no reason out of nowhere.

No. 24054


Why on earth did they style her hair like that, why? This is so bad. I feel bad for her. She did got thinner, but this styling (both clothing and hair wise) didn't help her image at all.

Daco, listen to me.
Style your hair like vid related.
Do a video about it, like this girl. A proper video, like you used to do.
Be energetic, people prefer to watch someone energetic rather than just plain cute!
Vlog. Like, really vloging, not just looking at the camera saying nothing. The Magibon trick doesn't work anymore.
If you are energetic enough and style your hair so it doesn't look like flat spagetthi on your head, maybe your appeal will grow again and will be on TV one more time, and you said yourself you liked your TV gigs.

Do it, Kotex.

No. 24055

Comments are disabled on other videos on that channel too. It has nothing to do with her.

No. 24056

Comments are disabled on every single youtube video she's in since Fitt's. It's at least partly her.

No. 24057

Why oh why do we still have posts like this? Why does anyone still support her after the shit she's pulled?
Kota-stans baffle me.

No. 24058

File: 1543000252003.jpg (184.9 KB, 1919x1065, wtf_ugly_clothes.jpg)

Wtf what's up with her clothes? I mean she is nowhere near being skinny but why on earth would they put on her these hideous clothes? She needs clothes which conceals her problem areas. Her boobs look saggy af and her belly is sticking out soo much omg. And in combination with her mousy grey thin hair she legit looks like a grandma.

I think you are all right. She def has a sugar daddy who got her this job but that's probably the reason why the team gave her these clothes. They obviously don't like her kek

No. 24059

Because the Ostrengas can switch IPs infinitely so it's impossible to permaban them. Plus stanning her without sage adds the illusion that she's relevant here.

No. 24060


-That skirt is so tight, I'm dying. It's at her waist and it's still so tight K E K
-her body width compared to her head size is tripping me tf out. No wonder she shoops her head so big!
-that shirt + whatever bra she wore under it are both conspiring to bring her tits down, literally and figuratively

I used to imagine dacote gloating over her big name gigs, but this looks like the same shit her agencies always start doing to her when they're getting sick of her.

No. 24061

Because that's a very larme/popteen style look and they are still trying to sell her to that market. On another girl, maybe one the Larme regular models, the outfit could look cute or at least not hideous. Kota just has kind of an awkward shape not helped by the clothes.

No. 24062

That outfit is hideous but aside from that, she looks so oddly dressed compared to the rest of the group who are in normal clothes. Was the goal for her to be the weirdly dressed kawaii foreigner who doesn't speak Japanese tagging along?

No. 24063

Not in this case. It's just what this channel does. Sorry. That's the truth.

No. 24064

Either way, it's pathetic that fuglykota can't be in any youtube videos since Fitt's without comments being disabled. Otherwise she would get roasted out of meager scraps of what's left of her modeling "career".

No. 24065

File: 1543001482415.jpg (1.66 MB, 2521x1920, 20181123_142856.jpg)

Comparing her shoop to the video still side by side shows you just how much she edits. It's insane.

No. 24066

Pretty certain she can't fit into the regular larme clothes for years now. These clothes are supposed to look oversized on a regular model but on Koots she's squashed in.

No. 24067

Aside from her hair looking thin these comments about the commercial are super nitpicky. She looks fine. The outfit is a bit eccentric but still cute and in line with current Japanese trends.

I hope she quits with the OTT editing because it's doing her no favours. She looks fine irl and if she's still getting jobs and her face is on TV people will see how she actually looks so it makes no sense to do such drastic editing especially when it makes her look worse.

No. 24068

The old edits used to be really flattering but even her regular look is better than alien baby. There must be something wrong in her brain if she really thinks thats an improvement, she looks like a male child with down syndrome sometimes.

No. 24069

>these comments about the commercial are super nitpicky
They're really not. She just doesn't look good here. I mean she's not hideous or anything but she is plain af and doesn't really belong modeling anything or in a commercial. And it's her job. She's making money off of this bad acting and unattractive appearance.
>The outfit is a bit eccentric but still cute and in line with current Japanese trends
Ok, but she looks terrible in it. It's just unbelievably unflattering on her. Which comes back to the previous point. Models are supposed make clothing look good but she doesn't. She's like the opposite. You take potentially cute outfits and put it on her and it looks awful.

No. 24070

god she was really cute here… wonder from which lolita brand is that dress she's wearing?

No. 24071

Sorry for samefagging but I always felt like anons here were exaggerating about how thin they thought her hair was but man, that’s some sad ass hair. She literally has baby hair! No wonder she chopped it all off.

No. 24072

wow that is so sad. I guess Kota can't refuse because she needs any job she can get.

No. 24073

i think it might be baby the stars shine bright

No. 24074

I did the cool sculpting at DS Clinic. It actually takes time to see results, like a month, and it hurts like hell for at least the first couple of days. Same as having a giant bruise. The clinic gives a week of pretty strong pain medication

No. 24075


Does it actually work?


I feel like the filter they used is also doing no favours, as you can see it's melting her eyebrows into her face. She looks like a cancer patient.

No. 24076

File: 1543023712267.png (552.64 KB, 650x689, old_dakota_in_korea.png)

Yeah she does have an unfortunate body shape as well as how it stores fat. "Built like a fridge" seems to be the perfect description I've heard of her.
The only time I thought she had a flattering body was when she was in that pink dress on that Korean show. I wonder what her bmi was at the time but I'm guessing underweight.

No. 24077

I thought that some anon said they use some special camera angles and shoop on that show in general. Maybe I'm wrong but it makes sense because she never looked like that in any of her other appearances. I mean it looks like they gave her a straight up vline there.

No. 24078

Will let you know in a month lol. Just did it yesterday on lower stomach and damn can’t even cough or turn

No. 24079

Coolsculpting gives barely there results. It takes a few sessions to get one area of fat to reduce, and that's if you're working out and keeping a regular diet.

Kotex doesn't work out or eat well, so if she did 3-4 CS sessions over the past year it will come back anyway.

No. 24080

Really? Wouldn't be surprised if they did do that and it would explain why her body looked good only at that time. Man I should've expected that especially with those stupid sparkles appearing

No. 24081

one thing that's the same across all of these is her shit posture, she looks so stiff and awkward

No. 24082

In the version she posted on Instagram it looks like it's supposed to be a group of people from different countries and it's an add for Google Lens/Translate. Ivan uses some Spanish and one of the other girls says something in Chinese. The whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense but it explains why they hired Kooter, they just wanted a white girl to speak English lol

No. 24083

Do you guys think she'll start taling more token-gaijin English speaking jobs now since she let the small wave of momentum she built up after Ariyoshi Hanseikai die off? She waited so long to book this commercial after her last job, and the last thing listed on her Platinum page is the May Girls Award show before the wedding dress show. Come to think of it, that was right bwfore Kota flew home and got her new ring, which makes me think she's with another agency and trying to pretend she's only with Platinum?

No. 24084

Holy dysmorphia

No. 24085


Dakota is lucky af she got signed in Japan because if she thinks were horrible people who nitpick and talk shit about everything she does imagine if she was a Model/web hoe in Korea lmao. They’re ruthless. I wasn’t around to witness the Korea trip at the time but from what I’ve gathered from her threads they were not nice about her cat fishing them and removed everything and sent her on her way?

No. 24086

File: 1543084739991.jpg (36.19 KB, 495x703, ce5b751a69eb6a884d5d9ec2c08253…)


Koreans surely are way less polite than Japanese and will say shit to your face, especially when it's about appearance. Japan's standards for models are super high, but Korea's standards are high for like everyone. Aside from being fat, Japan is way more forgiving when it comes to the avarage joe styling and general appearence.

So yeah, it may have had an influence for her flopping in Korea, but the Korea's bridge burn was actually when Dakota twitted she hated kimchi, of all things. Koreans sperged super hard because it's the ~nation's food~ or some shit and they are very proud of it, and other diplomatic problems in general since she was bigger in Japan anyway.

She never really had a chance in Korea.

No. 24087

I was there for the Korea episode. She tweeted "kimchi kirai" and also kept complaining about not being able to find bras in her size and her hotel room being too cold. The entire time she was in SK she complained on Twitter and didn't act like she was excited or thankful to be there until she got on Get It Beauty (and they laughed in her face). She also tried faking a soft Japanese accent until one of the Korean hosts spoke English to her with an American accent. Her entire Korea trip was a riot from start to finish. This was at the peak of her online popularity so she had tons of interaction on Twitter and she would reply to people often, but after that trip she started ignoring anyine who isn't Japanese. I know she also went to Hong Kong, but aside from a cityscape hotel room pic I never saw any photoshoot pics or anything about that trip, t must have been short as fuck.

No. 24088

to add insult to injury,she tweeted she hated kimchi in japanese no less

No. 24089


I just can't get over how hideous this bitch is. Like I want to punch her face.

A lot of cows look ugly without makeup/shop but at least look sorta pretty with it (Taylor, Venus, Shiena, etc). Kota looks ugly AFTER photoshop and makeup. Why in god's name would anyone hire her for anything. Looking at photos of her gives me the creeps, like it's actively a little uncomfortable to look at her – almost as if she's an evil little girl in a horror movie.

No. 24090

She's been doing that for a 2 years now.
She played a gaijin in the fits commercial too.

No. 24091

She has to play a gaijin. But I get your point, every job she gets is Token White Model tier except for the other names attached.

No. 24092

File: 1543104623351.png (961.82 KB, 718x591, Unbenannt.png.2aabf3e821436c2d…)

Maybe she got this part through Ivan whom she knows from previous jobs and is probably friends with. Sorry if anyone mentioned it already

No. 24093

I only remember the kimchi thing, a heavily shooped photoshoot and the heavily edited tv appearance where her jawline was all over the place and her legs were elongated.

Is there a timeline of her visit?

That person is why I figured she got the job as well. We haven't seen her do anything without a friend other than promote things on IG lately.

No. 24094

I can’t decide if I think Dakota is really smart for cutting off her western audience or really stupid? She could’ve been big in the USA too as an influencer but you know everyone here is a pc fag now and would’ve brought her past up over and over since “exposing” people is the new thing on YouTube.

She also isn’t really doing well in her career in Japan. She’s just scraping by with the work she gets. No one in Japan cares about her, she isn’t a celebrity or famous model. She’s a token gaijin who speaks decent Japanese. She really screwed up her whole career.

If she isn’t married she’s def going to try to stick it out in Japan for the 10 years until she can apply for permanent residence bc I can’t see her having an anchor baby. I can’t even see her having sex lol. If she ends up going back to Florida if she can’t manage to secure a visa when her agency inevitably drops her she will have nothing. I doubt she’ll have any savings to be able to get her own place either so Kiki will be happy to have her only friend back when that happens.

No. 24095

Why do anons always bring up cows and anchor babies in Japan. There’s no such thing as an anchor baby in Japan. Citizenship isn’t granted on just being born in Japan. She’d have to be married, before or after the birth, to the Japanese father and have him acknowledge paternity. Sooo there’d be no point in that, it’d be risky to get preggo and have the guy possibly not acknowledge it or marry you, and if you did get a guy to marry you you could just get a spouse visa rather than a parent of Japanese child visa anyway so a baby is pointless

No. 24096

Who is that girl?

No. 24097

Cutting off her western audience was smart, but having such an ego over her 5 minutes of viral fame to the point where she gained so much weight, was so rude to people and acted like Japan's top white model for so long was what killed her. Every change she got, she put in the bare minimum of effort. There's no way she isn't married, anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant (intentionally or otherwise) or stanning. Both times she wasn't wearing a simple gold ring she barely got work, had to fly back home and hardly ever went out or got gifts. Both times she came back with a ring it was right before a new big name gig, amid a wave of gifts after a day trip to some shop and then restaurant unrelated to work. Dakota's modeling career in Japan probably wasn't ever any more legitimate than Taylor's, but whoever kota snagged the first time had major pull in the business (at least with Modelpress, Girls Award, Rakuten, and Popteen) whereas now she's an ugly extra with one token white girl line in a commercial with former coworkers (screams "favor") and it's starting to look like she might be in transition to a new agency or hiding a new agency. Whoever her new visa husband is he must not have the kind of status Bravo-san had.

No. 24098

Adding to this, there's no way kota wasn't married because there's no way she got an entertainment visa for ~3 years after her viral fame peak wore off and she embarrassed herself all over Korea and those JP variety shows. She also never worked enough to hold an entertainment visa OR afford an apartment of her own.

There is no logical, legal way besides marriage that explains how she's still there. Her family isn't supporting her, and she definitely isn't supporting herself.

No. 24099

File: 1543160395920.jpeg (5 KB, 225x225, Download (1).jpeg)

Her name is Liera Manuel Ivan als known as just Ivan. She is a transgender model working and living in Japan.

No. 24100

We know who he is, it's just weird that kota got a commercial with him after years of never being seen with or mentioning him after the Cinderella event. She always ends up working with the same people she never hangs out with or has any official connection to regardless of work.

No. 24101

The mental illness JUMPED OUT

No. 24102

If I had to guess I'd say she was taking the safe route in cutting off her western audience for damage control much like how she cut off the Korean one which in my opinion was actually smart for her but only in the "charlatans knowing when to fuck off when people don't take your bullshit" way.
I'd say her sister is faring no better here even with her attempts at making new identities so I'm sure she's clinging onto Japan desperately than end up like Kiki.

No. 24103

File: 1543199276506.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, CC96F8CC-9951-4AAB-AF02-2D1D2B…)

Thought you guys would enjoy this pic of dakota lookimg like a divorced 60 year old. Was taken at the yello shoes exhibition that went from the 24-25th this month in aoyama

No. 24104

I actually like this ugly ass outfit tho lol

No. 24105

>ass hanging out, playing oblivious

It's sad that her shooped cleavage and halfass upskirts/legshots are what she has to resort to in her pics now because her face looks so old, mashed and sad that nobody would look twice at her unless she did. The uglier she gets, the shorter her skirts get lmao

No. 24106

Why do these shops bother posting pics of such an unpopular, shit tier model? Tbqh every company or brand that posts her loses some credibility with me, like they care so little about their image that tjey have to throw her a favor shot because of whoever she lives off of.

No. 24107

lmao what a potato face

No. 24108

File: 1543200831806.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.98 KB, 1080x1080, 20181125_215319.jpg)

They tried so hard to shoop her like she does but failed

No. 24109

She looks like granny smith

No. 24110

Okay, this has just crossed the point where her delusions are entertaining. This is some seriously fucked up shit.
>Japan's standards for models are super high
…seriously? Most Japanese models seem average at best when compared to people on the street in other industrialized countries. Particularly when it comes to gaijin; it seems like most of the models range from cave troll to cute. The ethnic group in general is pretty unattractive. The weeb bug has bitten you way too hard, anon.
She looks like an aging hospice resident who's taking a picture for her final Christmas card. This just isn't fun to watch anymore. Whatever's wrong with her seems to be reaching its peak.

No. 24111

The outfit is fine (a bit casual for an event though), but the shoes don't match at all

No. 24112

i kind of get what she means? they have really specific ideals but most of the girls are super plain (probably because japanese men like plain, nonthreatening women. other countries wouldn't hire most of them, but japan also would never hire most of the models from other countries either.

japan is just so weird.

No. 24113

She always manage to mess up a good outfit with ugly ass shoes.

No. 24114

>Whatever's wrong with her seems to be reaching its peak.

At the risk of sounding like Kaka, ahem, karma.

No. 24115

File: 1543234402038.jpg (18.13 KB, 310x349, 9ea4e6839407cf562e0178469c803d…)

More like Andy from Little Britain

No. 24116

oof. I mean I get it, when you have super thin hair you don't wanna cut bangs because you want to keep as much hair as possible and they might look stringy but GIRL. that forehead. its risk vs. reward just suck it up and cut you some.

No. 24117


Sorry, I didn't explain myself properly.

Japan's standard for models are super high body-wise, not so much face wise, especially considering Japan have some weird standards like anon stated (crooked teeth, bow legs to the point where girls forcibly walk pidgeon toed, it's super stupid and cringy when it's not natural), but they are usually very strict for the body they'll hire, like a 60cm waist and stick legs.

The only exceptions are:
1. Catalog models for more "daily" things
2. A celebrity/personality type model or tarento
3. Niche stuff, be it gravure or niche fashion magazines.

Kota would fall on the second item because she went viral, went on TV and stuff. If she was a random Gaijin on Tokyo without any viral stuff to back her up, she would never ever have been scouted, at least not with her current body. MAYBE if she was like this pic >>24076 and probably for smaller, token gaijin roles (kinda like she has to do now, but she's probably only still get those jobs because of her past viral fame and/or daddy)

Sorry for such a long sperg.

No. 24118

Is this shooped? She looks super cute here.

No. 24119

Nah their standards for body aren’t that high since most of them are just skinny fat and short. Most Japanese models would look normal people standing next to models in America.

No. 24120

Probably. The one on the left is for sure. The other one is from Modelpress and they always do a bit of shooping for her. But this is also from 2015 and super blown out plus she's wearing heavy stage makeup.

No. 24121

What happen to that chick hirari her sugarmama? Do kota still hang with her?

No. 24122

What happen to that chick hirari her sugarmama? Do kota still hang with her?

No. 24123

Hirari wasn't her sugar momma, she was probably just a work friend she kept getting auditions with. It was suspected the designer of Malicious.X, Sachico, is/was her sugar momma. But Hirari popped up when kota joined Platinum and she hasn't been seen since Kota's new ring appeared so she clearly doesn't need the AKBcrew she was sponging off of for most of this year to get jobs anymore.

No. 24124


What even in the fuck is this outfit

No. 24125

the one on the right isn't. I honestly think she was cute during that era even if anons sperged about how ugly she was

No. 24126

She looked ok because the picture was taken from far away and it's overexposed. Every potato head would look good. In this phase she started to overdraw her lips which looked really ugly like a moustache in close-ups and only worked well from miles away. But you are right, this makeup style is still better than her no-makeup style she's sporting nowadays. She is not ugly but very plain looking and she desperately needs good makeup.

No. 24127

She was cute from a distance in low res, now she looks like crap no matter what.

No. 24128

If she wasn't so lazy she would've still had a career. Nicorun is everything Kota wish to be and would've been,if she gave more effort.Nicorun book/clothing line is even selling better than Kotas,she should be ashamed of herself.

No. 24129

I mean, maybe? It's easy to forget but the reason she kept dropping off wasn't laziness, it was the same thing it always was- she keeps looking worse IRL and booking less jobs, until she disappears for a while and comes back to start her modeling/posting cycle again. The only time in Japan she was getting steady enough work to not be considered struggling/skating by was when she was on TV every week in 2015, but she fucked that up on the karaoke show by being stupid. Her popularity never recovered from that even though she tried so hard to brush it off, excuse and forget about it

No. 24130

Lowkey holding out hope for this anon to come back and spill tea

No. 24131

Me too. What anon said makes a lot of sense. Back then it was possible to generate a lot of attention artificially without being spotted/blacklisted so easily by Google. You basically could buy your premium spot. Nowadays Google blacklists you if you would try these things too obvious. She's still using these services if you look into her social media. Foreign people writing nonsense, which is what you get if you pay for comments and views. I genuinely think that Magibon went viral organically and it would be interesting to compare these two.

No. 24132

I remember posting in old threads guessing how she did it but every theory I came up with got stanned into oblivion. Looking back on her "career" as a whole, the entire thing reads like it was way bugger online than it ever was IRL for her, and she spent so much time wasted on keeping up with internet gossip that she didn't see the herself going downhill. I was around Tumblr when she first went viral and I remember her tagging her original viral videos with "living doll" and a bunch of other shit in like 5 languages before anyone cared about it. I remember how much hate she always got after jobs, but nowadays the Ostrengas just wait for the events to pass and then queitly erase everything negative. But her entire career is fishy, spotty and shady af.

No. 24133

Unfortunately I wasn't around Tumblr in 2011/2012 when she tried to get famous. It's interesting though that Kiki tried the same in 2011 with her Rolling Stone article. Kota tries to get famous in Asia and Kiki tries to get famous in the US at the same time in 2011. There is no coincidence. It's nice to have parents who buy you views, comments and spots in media outlets. But it didn't work out for Kiki because she was too well known for her homophobic and racist behaviour and Kota just got lucky that no-one looked at her past.

No. 24134

Her past kept getti g dragged up over and over again anon, it's just that between her fakelawyer mom and computer whiz dad they removed basically everything. They used to spend all day scouring the web with translators to copyright claim anything that made them look bad. It was just way easier for kota because she switched languages and because she didn't make a big show abt living with and being in love with her alleged rapist.

No. 24135

File: 1543721312665.jpg (701.88 KB, 1080x1774, 20181201_222452.jpg)

>first high res pic kota posts to her social media in months and it's her bedroom in Florida.

I foresee 2019 being the year Kota tries to move on from modeling/Japan. She's working and posting less and less, and now she's posting shots of her tacky yet barren bedroom in FL saying she wants to go back home next year.

Honestly, part of me feels like she might be there now and is pretending she isn't. Who posts shots of an emtpy bedroom they don't stay in to their social media? And why would her dad send her pics of her room cluttered with art supplies? If her new ring is just a fashion ring, she could be wearing it to trick people into thinking she had a marriage visa.

No. 24136

That's not her bedroom in Florida. Her room was a plain wall color.

No. 24137

>it's not possible to paint a room in 7 years
>one of the pics foes have a plain wall
>kotas bedroom walls were pink anyway

Stop doing these "no it's not bc I say so" posts without sage, shit. Agree that I think she's in Florida though, usually she at least tries to post ugly selfie shoops to keep her insta from going stale.

No. 24138

Tbh I'm surprised Kota isn't more butthurt about Lauren Tsai. She's a successful model in Japan, and is an artist with that creepy, funky style Dakota has. She just got a collaboration with Marc Jacobs

No. 24139

I kinda like the painted cat girl thing.

I wonder who made it? Maybe kiko/kota have some modicum of talent after all (?)

No. 24140

Lauren tsai wanted to go famous with the help of this weird japanese guy on tumblr

No. 24141

I've had a chaotic couple of months, but I still think I may be able to prove this (to an extent) & will come back to do so as soon as I have a free evening to research everything and screenshot whatever I don't have already.

No. 24142


I like this theory but she had more time to shoop when living in USA because she wasn't working yet.

I'd say a huge bulk of her time was in editing videos in AE. I don't think someone did that for her, since she was reading here and cgl when people were exposing the fucked up frames. Then she'd reupload videos with those frames edited out.

Phone apps ended up doing the same thing in less than half the time, and as the apps got more complex and with more options, the more lazy she got.

No. 24143

sage for OT but unless there just happens to be a different Lauren Tsai,she got famous because she was on Terrace House and she's a successful 'American' model in Japan because her heritage is still quite obviously Japanese.

Also the fact that it's hi res makes me think that she's the one who took these.
I could ALMOST see her dad maybe sweeping or vacuuming or generally cleaning and then he goes into kota's room and does the 'oh I can FB this and be all sad that my daughter is off living her dream' bs that parents do and she got them through that but FB doesnt do hi res and most social media will size down larger images so there are very few ways he could just casually send her hi res images and most are not really believable.

No. 24144

File: 1543767672277.jpg (74 KB, 465x599, art_kota.jpg)

I think the room and the paintings look quite inspiring. Good for her if she painted some of them. They are not perfect but at least interesting. I also could see her leaving Japan in 2019 and making up a new persona. Probably the artsy fartsy persona which she tried before her dolly phase with those butt ugly paintings. I hope she goes to an art school and learns some basics because she lacks fundamental artistic knowledge.

No. 24145

I'm honestly not sure how much AE she used. She also may have paid someone to do that too. I mean, she was supposedly in school at the time - how much time did she have to do anything? We did get tweets about her "teachers" so I assume she went to some kind of tutors in order to get her GED or whatever.

That doesn't mean I believe she looked like her videos IRL. A lot can be done with angles, lighting, makeup, and some work by some outside professionals. She might have done the AE later herself but not originally.

No. 24146

oh I don't remember this thing about frames, though. Which videos did she reupload?

No. 24147

Is that one painting cubist tentacle porn?

No. 24148

Lauren isn't Japanese at all. She's half Chinese although online when she was trying to make a name for herself and sucking up to Jrcache, she used to imply she was.

No. 24149

They were homeschooled. She definitely used AE herself on short videos that she converted to GIFs to get tumblr famous then later on highly controlled videos. It's not rocket science to use if you stay in the same position the whole video, which she often did.

There were videos with her chin and eyes flipping or shifting around that got re-uploaded in the early days. She couldn't delete the gifs that had the same issues though, since they were already shared everywhere.

No. 24150

They were homeschooled and then enrolled in Valencia college. Kiki took music and kota took photo and video editing courses. All the expensive studio gear she took her pics with (and probably Kiki's music shit) was probably bought with a Pell grant for those classes, which she would have been allowed to keep and sell after finishing (which they clearly did. They went from trying to crowdfund new laptops and cameras to having all Kiki's music gear, Kota's photog gear, AND her taobao haul shit all in the same year.)

No. 24151

Someone in the beginning looked at the exif data for one of her pics before she learned to remove it and that's how we knew she soent 2+ weeks editing a single pic.

>there are very few ways he could just casually send her hi res images and most are not really believable.

I didn't even consider this but you're right. All her "pics from home" are always huge, high res images which suggests they came from her own camera.

No. 24152

I think she is in Florida. If she isn't married and doesn'thave PR or an entertainment Visa, she would have to go back around now since it's been 6 months since she last left Japan. And in that 6 months she only got 5 jobs and an app promo:

>July, Shibuya Star fest (guest)

>August, Imappo TV (sub for Yula)
>September, Girl's award (guest) & Mercari
>October, Toita fest (guest)
>November, Google Pixel CM

That's not enough work to keep her in the country without a sponsor. Platinum isn't updating her portfolio anymore either, which makes me think they lowkey dropped her and she's keeping them all over her profiles until she finds a new agency. It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't update her profile with big name jobs like Girl's Award and Softbank/Google which makes me think all the TV and runway work that supported most of her career was hooked up by someone outside her agencies. She always goes back to work with the same people when she's in trouble, despite never posting about them or associating with them outside of work which makes me think that while they may be her colleagues, they might not exactly like her.

I think someone with decent Japanese ability and patience could possibly find out who kooter's JPSD is if they could find a way to cross ref people and agencies/brands she's worked with and who her friends like Yula and Ivan work with since she went viral. It's weird to me that dacote got signed to Libera after Popteen/Bravo given the "10-year slave contract" scandal with Yula, but I guess if it was a favor because no other agencies would take her then it could make sense.

No. 24153

Oops, I forgot to finish my point with the Libera thing- it doesn't make sense that she got into Libera at all, even through Yula after never talking to or hanging out with her except occasionally on Twitter AND being such a shittastic model. Libera knew what she looked like when they signed her, they used real candid portfolio shots of her and had to take them down in under a month to replace them with highly shooped portraits. There's no way she got signed for being a model or her viral fame looking like that, it had to be a favor for someone she and Yula know who has clout in the industry. When you think about it, all of kota's modeling was either awkard af or plain shit, her only real success was on variety shows and those weird promo events for movies and pachinko she used to do. She had jobs like that every week, yet even when she was still in Popteen they only shot with her once a month with a group. Nobody in Japan ever liked her as a model, they liked her more as a cute yet weird persona trying to fit into a new culture and TV/promo events where she talked and interacted a lot filled that niche.

No. 24154

The foam ceiling tiles are an odd choice, if I'd only seen the first photo I would have thought it was a public art studio type place.

No. 24155

What was the fuck up on a karaoke show all about? I don’t remember that.

No. 24156

She was on a show as part of a panel of 15-20 judges watching a series of musical acts and scoring them out of a possible 100 points. One of the acts was a comedy duo and dacote gave a really low score and when the hosts all went "EEEEEEH?" she threw her head back cackling like a retard. When asked why she gave a low ass score she gave some insincere, yet pretentious "well, it was good, but I wasn't really moved by it" answer. She went on one or two more programs after that (which were probs both filmed before the game show aired) but after the internet backlash she never got back on TV with the same quality shows or frequency again. Also, someone whitekmighted her hardcore for years after that saying it was scripted/suggested and she was only following orders, and that those shows were filmed weeks, if not months, in advance (they aren't, even if they were she was posting regularly enough on her Ameblo and LINE to track when she filmed the shows, each a week or so before they air). Japanese twitter tore her apart, telling her to die and go back to America. It was brutal, and iirc that was when the trend of disabling comments for every video she's in started.

The Stan never would answer why the management who gave her so much for so little would do such a thing though. But that was really the thing that killed her, she started showing her rude ass on TV too much because she felt secure, and gained so much weight and aged so much after her dropoff that now she has to be this boring, bland generic white bitch because she knows she won't get another chance like that again. Also, the joke is on her in the end because the comedian who she gave the shit score to on the show ended up going viral years later for that pineapple-pen thing. She could have milked the fuck out of that.

No. 24157

It’s some kind of porn and it sure is creepy that ol’ Papa “Takes Sexy Pics Of My Teenagers To Post Online” Ostrenga took a photo and sent it to her

No. 24158


the fact he took pics of them kind of makes me believe he still probably has a decent camera of his own and that taking them and sending them to her isn't too farfetched? idk

No. 24159


See >there are very few ways he could just casually send her hi res images and most are not really believable.

No. 24160


emails tho?

No. 24161

File: 1543841526924.jpg (160.42 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20181203-134843_1.j…)

No. 24162

File: 1543841586256.jpg (215.56 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20181203-134907_1.j…)

Someone got facials and I hope some botox too because she needs it

No. 24163

File: 1543841613767.jpg (169.89 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20181203-134859_1.j…)

No. 24164

could she have picked a less flattering outfit? looks like a trailer park mom from the early 90s.

No. 24165

Bless those hashtags.



Maybe her new career is gonna be just social media modeling for salons and health spas?

No. 24166

She sent shooped facial pics to the place to use as promos..

No. 24167

File: 1543845436902.jpg (752.07 KB, 1071x2017, 20181203_085313.jpg)

I guess she went to multiple locations?

No. 24168

Lord, she looks like a gremlin, it's legit ugly. She needs to stop.

No. 24169

Ugggh Kota… her height is what? 5'2 or maybe 5'1? I know her agency says she is taller but we all know this is a lie since they make every model 3 inches taller. If you're putting on oversized clothes you will look at least 20 pounds heavier. These kind of clothes can only pull off real models who are skinnier and taller like Taylor.

No. 24170

She is 5'3. They have written her down as 5'4 and 5'5 once.

No. 24171

File: 1543852063608.jpg (52 KB, 1080x1350, 45693019_350882109053925_20566…)

This is a nice throwback to her old 2012 style of photography. You can even see the reflection of two softboxes and a reflector in her eyes like she used to. The one thing that jumped out at me is that she's gotten confident with her lip shape, back then she used to re-draw and warp them into totally different shape. One thing she won't let go of though is her eyes, she makes them vvvery far apart. She could have edited this whole thing with just meitu. It has an option for eye distance, jaw thinning, and brightening the photo

No. 24172

File: 1543853470847.jpg (25.63 KB, 600x329, GuVhO7r4Mwk.jpg.18f8729e3a0b10…)

She also alters her eye size and the distance between nose and eyes. Her eyes aren't that low on her face like a toddlers. Plus her face shape is originally oval/rectangular but she edits it rounder and makes her chin smaller.

No. 24173


I would have figured after cutting her hair short it would have had more volume, but no. Still flat and stringy looking. She needs layers and should have cut it shoulder length.

No. 24174

The length is not too bad, but I agree, layers would help, and she should get bangs. I think it looks limp due to the way she's styled it.

No. 24175

File: 1543854947396.jpg (81.56 KB, 500x714, Short-Hair-Styles-For-Mom.jpg)

No. 24176


I dunno. I feel like the super shortness brings to much attention to how girthy her neck is. Even in her shoops you can tell her neck is short and girthy looking. ( Maybe it's the angles some of the pictures are taken at.. idk )

No. 24177

Agree, I always thought bob cuts were supposed to make the face seem rounder and more youthful, which is the opposite of what she needs. This cut makes her neck look thicker and her head&face more round without adding any volume whatsoever. She must have done this to save her scalp from total alopecia but that doesn't mean she had to go with such a blunt cut.

No. 24178

Why does she insist on dressing like a mentally handicapped person? Is this some kind of fashion trend in Japan?

Aside from the depressing thinness of her hair this is a nice picture

No. 24179

File: 1543938624216.png (586.25 KB, 603x602, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.4…)


She already removed these from her tags. Guess she's been doing some cleaning.

Also new pics.

No. 24180

File: 1543938674375.png (551.34 KB, 605x601, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.4…)


Guess she was out with her friend.

No. 24181

Dying her hair darker (or even lighter) would help her out a shit ton. Her real hair color is so mousy

No. 24182

she looks better in this photo than any of the ones she has posted herself recently.
Girl has next level dysmorphia

No. 24183

I knoooooow she hates her chin/jaw but it really does balance pit her face so much and make her look decent. Instead of like a FAS baby.

No. 24184

File: 1543948199495.jpg (85.26 KB, 720x1029, 324567342.jpg)


I knew she reminded me of someone

No. 24185

I agree, she looks cute here. The girl on the right is scary though. It's interesting that both of them have sort of the same hair cut and colour.

No. 24186

every young girl in japan has this haircut right now. it's super trendy. Kooter had to do something to keep up

No. 24187

Yeah cuz her eyes aren't 5 feet apart from each other in it.

No. 24188


She would look really cute with that top middle one. I think she styles it too neat and flat which is why it looks stringy. She needs to mess it up abit and get some volume in there!

No. 24189

I love that she only bothers to follow trends that make her look worse.

No. 24190

Those glasses really do not complement her, something about them makes her nose look super beak-y

No. 24191

The shadows from the bridge(?) and lenses of her glasses carve out her nose to make it look weirdly curved rather than straight.

No. 24192

Exactly anon, it looks like she just left it to dry vs the other girl's blow drying it for volume.

No. 24193

I keep noticing a pattern where every time someone posts ITT with sage, some dumbfuck comes in here to bump the thread needlessly with weirdly definitive statements nobody can prove/disprove, random questions about old shit that has nothing to do with any part of the thread, or "she would look pretty/cute/so much better if…" comments instead of saging their milkless opinion posts. I gotta ask, what is up with that? If you know how to quote a post, you should know how and when to sage. A few threads ago you couldn't make an unsaged OT post without getting warned by a farmhand, whereas now there's a trend where every time the thread grinds to a halt after a few days of saged picking it's suddenly and bumped up again with someone trying to spitball makeover ideas for her next comeback.

I think it's time the Kooter threads were used for containment and cataloging her candids and jobs like the Taylor threads. She's been repeating the same cycle for years now- she works with the same few companies, getting the same few jobs on a loop while spending her free time sitting in her apartment shooping and watching Netflix. She's obviously married so she can stay in Japan after the Great Gaijin Overstay Purge of 2018 without having to work more than one job a month. And call me crazy, but she obviously doesn't give any real fucks about modeling anymore. It feels like she takes the same easy jobs so she can pretend Japan still cares, and so she has something to post on her social media since she has no personality, hobbies, real friends or life at all. And now that she's too old, ugly and irrelevant to keep acting rude and making public mistakes I doubt she's planning some new comeback scheme.

No. 24194

I have to say, that is by far the worst hair cut she has ever gotten, she looks soooooo ugly, she looks like a mom in her 30s who's balding, she really needs a wig, surely people question her age when they see her???? She looks way older

No. 24195


I think the haircut is her way of having an excuse to no longer be able to book as a model, but as a tarento instead.

No. 24196

>She's obviously married so she can stay in Japan after the Great Gaijin Overstay Purge of 2018

Come to think of it, she did quietly ditch her ring suddenly and then fly home for July 4th, all around the same time Sheina was getting nabbed by the police for marriage fraud & Yuka secretly moved back to the states after the illegal overstay crackdowns. When she came back she was in a new apartment, Hirari hasn't been around since the Rakuten show, and since then Kota is back up Yula's ass lately.

Going back in old threads, I see that she had the ring on the day she went to Tokyo Disney Sea (June 8), but the next pic after that is the crop top bellyshirt &skintight jeans selfie in a tiny bathroom on June 17 with no ring. After that her new ring doesn't appear until October 12 at Yoyogi park, a week after she went back to the cat cafe with her shitty gray self painted nails, then she starts getting work again. Also, the lunches she goes on before the ring vanishes she was always dressed much nicer, made up, and took lots of pics. Her no-ring lunches are small af and she wears those cheap looking thrifted outfits, like she's been broke for a while.

Also interesting: her new ring showed up in October IMMEDIATELY after anons here noticed all her Malicious.X swag, and when she deleted the pics of Sachico after they got posted here. Idk why she deleted it but I can't help but think that maybe Kota is no longer associated with her? She got so much expensive shit from them going back to 2014, up until March when she took off her ring- before that she regularly got lunch w/ brand gifts from her, YELLO, Valmuer and the other shops Kota haunts in addition to working some big runway shows. Since October though she's been more boring than ever before. Lowkey, I feel like the rumors of Bravo and Libera being shady and having to do with escorting/prostitution fit really well into Kota's pattern. Escorting would explain a lot more than any other reason for her still being there despite being so obviously unwanted as a model and talent.

I guess 2018 is the year Kota found out the easy handouts & handlers protecting her wouldn't last forever.

No. 24197

She already is. She hasn't been a model since Libera dropped her, that's why she's always a guest model at the shows she used to model for with them. She was at Girl's Award because of the suitcases, and she got Toitafes as a contest winner announcer. Her "runway walk" was just her walking onto the stage to accept the envelope, she wasn't part of the actual show.

No. 24198

Since talent agencies are often connected to the Yakuza, it wouldn't be surprising if she's escorting.

No. 24199

That would also explain why she goes running to Yula every time she starts losing momentum. Yula got her Libera, but apparently she/they are tied to the Yakuza and she was in some 10-year slave contract. Imagine being so desperate to not get a real job and pretend you're a model that you're willing to enter an agency like that, under God only knows what circumstances. I truly don't know what, other than sexual favors, Dakota could possibly have or do for Libera/Yula/anyone that would explain her being downright forced into an agency she's too fat and old to be in (that had to take down her headshots & shoop her like a 12 year old so she wouldn't stick oi5t like a cold sore on rhe model page) just because she used to work with their golden girl ~3 years prior.

No. 24200

They do, she gets called a mackerel all the time on twitter because some people believe she's in her 30's and had PS. I saw a post once claiming she was 35 way back in 2013.

No. 24201

File: 1544028591191.jpg (478.57 KB, 1256x2463, marta.jpg)

agree! Maybe she's been too sucked into the east asian obsession with thin V-shaped jaws, but in northern european countries, her jaw is VERY, very common. Idk why she doesn't take a natural selfie without warping her features. She knows how to use flattering lighting and makeup very professionally, and that's about all you need to look pretty.

No. 24202

I think you are mixing up a number of things. It wasn't Yula who was in this 10 year slave contract. It was Rola in fact. See >>23700
We have no receipts if Yula had the same kind of contract like Rola, but I wouldn't be surprised if this actually was the case. Since it's proven that Libera has Yakuza connections, there's of course a huge possibility that they are doing some shady things. And I agree with you that Kota had to do some favours for the Yakuza in order to be in this big known agency and it wasn't some innocent things. That could have been the reason why she was kicked out/has left Libera after a few months. Either she didn't want to escort anymore or she didn't make enough money for them.

Nearly all talent agencies belong to the Yakuza and this is the explanation why Kota has an agency and a few jobs at all. She has to do what she has to do to stay.


No. 24203

Someone posted in the anti-jrock thread that there are rumors on tanuki and 2ch since way before Dakota about Bravo being a front for upscale escorting/prostitution. I so wish they had more info, I live for that kind of shit.

No. 24204

>Thugs and bullies and yakuza shouldn’t run Japan’s entertainment industry. That’s why the quality is so poor. It’s time for a change. But the courts, the cops, the media—they support the status quo, whether it’s wrong or right. That’s Japan.”

So Dakota fit right in from the start.

No. 24205

But what would the yakuza want with a 16 year old weeb obsessed with Mejibray? Other than maybe sex, but I can't believe even the Ostrenga parents are fucked enough to push her into that just for manufactured efame and modeling…

No. 24206

People have different tastes. There's always someone who likes gaijins like Kota, so I guess she has enough clients.

>>But what would the yakuza want with a 16 year old weeb obsessed with Mejibray?

That's some really fucked up shit. But I think Kota didn't mess with the Yakuza until she was a legal adult. Because after her TV reveal she struggled hard to get jobs and to stay in Japan at all. It went uphill starting in 2014 and suddenly she had all these jobs thanks to a very powerful person. And I bet this person is part of the Yakuza or has connections to them since they run Japans entertainment industry.

No. 24207

Yeah that's right, according to the timeline posts she got Popteen in March 2014 when she was 19. Isn't 20 the "legal adult" age in Japan though? I guess I could see her being married off with her parents' permission just to prove their daughter is pretty enough to make it in the modeling industry. They were gonna go on Dr. Phil to shill Kiki as a bullied, disgraced rape victim defending herself from haters- until they realized they would have beennripped apart on national TV.

Whatever happened or whatever she did to kick off her rise in 2014, she definitely killed with the karaoke show thing, and was super butthurt about it judging by the paragraphs defending her and saying it wasn't her fault.

No. 24208

*married off into the industry, I mean. Like, a less creepy dude is his mid 30s with an age gap fetish and slightly more money than most people.

No. 24209

I also think that she pissed someone off this night. Was it Pikotaro she made fun of? Or was it someone else? I just googled "Pikotaro Yakuza" just for fun and guess what I found: Apparently he dresses like a Yakuza parody-wise. I didn't know that. What did Kota actually say on that show? Now I am really intrigued…

No. 24210


It was DoraGO! in October 2015. She was only on one show after that, came back to TV for a couple more shows at the start of 2016 but nobody wanted her and then she took that big 6 month hiatus. She never apologized so people just kind of wrote her off and forgot about her.

No. 24211

File: 1544055666763.jpg (1.11 MB, 1627x2538, 20181205_173234.jpg)

Have some caps of the Scripted Sabotage Stan, who was totally not an Ostrenga.

No. 24212


It really is remarkable how even the snow app can't make Koter look pretty. I would say she shouldn't take pictures next to a friend who is prettier than she is but tbh i can't think of anyone she could take pictures next to to make herself look better except maybe droopy ass Kanadajin3

No. 24213

Someone once said that the celebrity judges often give 80-99 points in this karaoke show and never below these numbers. She must have been the first one to do this because the backlash was just too big.

IF it was scripted, it was calculated to kick her out. And if she said those things without a script, it was just plain stupid of her. The first option is even worse in my opinion. Why would you give a rude gaijin a script, in which she is directed to offend the participant publicly, knowingly that this would cause a shitstorm and would end her career?
Either way she pissed someone off and they got their revenge in the aftermath because no-one wants her back on TV.

No. 24214

File: 1544060509081.jpg (26.99 KB, 704x396, okada_1.jpg)

To be fair. her friend is legit adorable and uses snow/other apps in the most baffling of ways. Sort of like Kota she makes herself look exponentially worse in her selfies. Unfortunate.

No. 24215

So… she legitimately ruined her career in 2015 by being a rude cunt, after years of ignoring advice from her manager, colleagues AND fans and has probably been escorting to get jobs and staying with work friends/clients since Bravo, and the only reason nobody noticed was because her whole family spends all day scrubbing the web and white knighting her online? That's the life she bought with her qeeks of shooping to get 50 million views?

I almost think Kiki got the better deal, at least she kept trying shit, was bankrolled by her parents and got to have boyfriends. It's hilarious now, remember all the posts saying she was so smart to keep quiet and not post anything but selfies, work friends and gifts during weeks of inactivity.

No. 24216

The yakuza are a vast organization. Surely some old fuck with low standards was happy to take a naive white girl and exchange favors with her even if she was ugly or fat.

Though I still think Kota's riding on a sugar mommy at the moment given how a mysterious anon always comes to vehemently defend against these theories because ~dakota's not gay~

No. 24217

I dug up the show where Kooter gave the low score: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av2589831/

The guy starts singing at ~33:30 and then she starts talking at ~35:45. Just for background, the two people competing are from comedy duos that were huge in 2015. But she doesn't call either group/person by name, she calls the woman from the first group "the 'dame dame' person" (the bit they were known for at the time but still rude af) and then she just calls the man "the second one," which clearly surprises him. Then she says that his singing "didn't warm her heart" and gives him the bad score, and then keeps laughing about it when questioned.

Also just to correct >>24156 this has nothing to do with Pikotaro. Kumamushi was really popular around the time this aired for their "Attakain Dakara" gag/song but that was really just popular within Japan. It's actually possible that Kooter was trying to make a joke about that (attakain basically means warm, and she kept saying that his singing wasn't warm) but it didn't land at all and her manaical laughter makes me think otherwise. Maybe her management meant for her to make it a pun/joke and she completely missed the meaning and took it too far?

No. 24218

God she such a complete cunt.
That shit she pulled there wasn't cute at all. I mean even before this Japanese people basically thought she had a really shitty personality but I'm guessing that that cemented it.
Considering her management was still Bravo(a model agency) at the time I think she came up with that all on her own.
It's also incidences like this and that time when she talked about bullying the person sitting next to her on the Shinkansen, that make me wonder is some of the rumors about her bullying other foreign models on the job was true.
She seems like such a snake.

No. 24219

She doesn't fit into Japanese society which appreciates down-to-earth, hardworking, polite and sincere people. Yakuza is the perfect fit for her in all honesty.

No. 24220

You are right since the Ostrangas have a history of exploiting their children. Dakota probably doesn't know better. I would have loved to see Dr. Phil ripping them apart >>24207

No. 24221

>that time when she talked about bullying the person sitting next to her on the Shinkansen

Whaaa? She was actually stupid enough to brag about bullying a stranger on a train ?

No. 24222

File: 1544121697462.png (254.83 KB, 389x421, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.30…)


Is it actually possible that Kota's hair is actually healthy? and this is just her natural thinness? Anons always talk about her balding but in all honesty, her hair has always been the way it is. I don't think cutting it or to avoid things is going to make it sprout new locks or grow thicker. Like I never found her hair to look dry, split or having what appears to be breakage. She also seems to get it treated and cut regularly.

No. 24223

i'v always considered her hair healthy it just does seems like she is balding, her hair is a lot thiner than it used to be

No. 24224

btw what video is that from?

No. 24225


Eh, not really. She wore a fuck ton of extensions back in the day and when she wasn't you could very much see how thin it is. It's not really any different.



No. 24226

She could have had fuller hair nowadays but due to her myspace era aka bleaching her hair to death for several years and her insanely bad diet (bragging about only eating bread with ketchup and cucumbers with soy sauce), her hair will get even thinner than it is plus she is getting older. The first two points are her fault and the last one she can't stop because it's natural.

No. 24227

i'm a hair stylist and i would love to help koots with her hair problem, i know i could make her hair look a lot thicker and having that bob cut was a bad move, people with very thin hair do not suit a bob, having thickening extenions would be her best bet instead of slapping on long extenions into thin hair

No. 24228

I am sorry but I don't agree with you. You seem like one of the worst hair stylist on planet earth. May Kota never find you or poor girl will be bald for real. Extensions weigh on your natural hair causing breakage, bald spots, dandruffs and matted hair. They are only good for people who have strong hair and are willing to care for their extensions. Kota dosen't have thick and strong hair to hold any extensions, it would just get thinner. Plus short hair is perfect for thin haired girls because it won't look stringy. The styling is important here.

No. 24229

i clearly saod thickening extenions not regular extenions, thickening ones was designed to be very light weight and act differently to regular ones and i have been dealing with a lot of clients with thin hair for years

No. 24230

oh and i also said a bob, i never said all short hair is bad for thin hair

No. 24231

>It's been explained to death

I like how when cows self defend, they reference their previous posts or scant previous posts as ~proof~.

No. 24232

That’s disgusting

No. 24233

How could a sugar momma get her a visa, though? She still doesn't work enough to hold one as a model.

No. 24234


Could she lowkey be participating in language schools to hold a visa?

No. 24235

>>24234 would she even qualify for a language school? doesn't she already know japanese?

No. 24236

You qualify by paying tuition, anon. You think a language school would defer you because you already speak Japanese?

No. 24237

ok i have just discovered that when you go to wayback machine to her website http://kotirose.com/ it comes up with excluded WHICH MEANS she contacted waybackmachine.com to get her website removed, that's the only way you can get an exclusion on it, wonder what she's hiding there

No. 24238

Yeah, she did that with a bunch of her websites. Like >>24215 said, they spend all day scrubbing the web so they can pretend she's still a relevant model. She deleted her LINE blog too.

Isn't that the necklace from the wish upon a star event she did way back when she first made her IG? Either way it's funny how she knows to take off her ugly jewelry for selfies when she isn't working.

What if she's in Florida right now? Without a visa she could stay in Japan up to 6 months at a time.

No. 24239

They even remove relevant results from google. You can request for certain things to be taken down, which is why whenever I google her without a VPN all I get are articles and pics that make her look like a beautiful, successful and popular white girl working in Japan bc she went viral for "being pretty".

No. 24240

File: 1544214921004.jpg (172.88 KB, 1475x131, Dakota_Rose_Kotakoti_Ostrenga_…)

Yes, it's just genetic. I thought everyone was aware that calling them "balding" was just a common insult? she's not literally going bald.

This is from an anon on /cgl/ from 2011, waaaaay before anyone had any clue what she really looked like. Note the
>Her hair is super thin. Like unnaturally thin.

No. 24241

Wasn't somebody going to make a master timeline of all of Dakota's antics? I was looking forwards to that. Would be very interesting

No. 24242

No. 24243

File: 1544255693380.jpg (683.19 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181208_025352.jpg)

Where do you guys see porn?? If you mean the framed pic in tbe bottom right behind the dollar origami book, it looks more like a stylized portrait of a reclining woman than "tentacle porn"? I don't even see any tentacles anywhere tbh.

No. 24244

Out of curiosity, how long have you guys been following her? I get the feeling that everyone started after she got viral. There are very, very few people who have come on here or PULL with accounts of how much of a bitch Kiki used to act like before she went kawaii empath. But i've never seen anyone with accounts of how Dakota used to act/look before she went viral and became silent and distant.

No. 24245

its so ironic how she used to be my favorite scenequeen back in like 2009. i thought she was adorable and dolly since the other ones were getting mostly thotty.

No. 24246

I used to read up on her way back on lolscenequeens and then efagz. dakota was going from being the chubby one to the anorexic one. They were on stickam a lot being insufferable.
I'm old

No. 24247

i followed her on twitter in 2010. Her twitter was full of "offensive" humor, edgelord shit, and a looooot of obvious humble bragging. Like tweets pretending to be oblivious and confused of why certain things happened to her, so that people would respond “it’s because you’re so pretty!”. When she first got a big wave of popularity on tumblr, and people were starting to insult her for the way she spoke on twitter, calling her homophobic, a bitch, and all that was when she started deleting tweets and became much more silent. That played in well to making her look ~mysterious~ to new people, but I think that all the attention and scrutiny just made her more insecure about opening up and being herself. so I don't think the vulgar act is just her gimmick, that's how she really is.

No. 24248

Are you new here

No. 24249

She's actually smart to delete her offensive tweets because oh boy… If she was a model here someone would've dug it up and her career would be over if it wasn't yet.

No. 24250

I think this is was cemented Kiki never being able to be a public figure again. In this day and age with all the hysteria when someone is caught being racist or homophobic, any career they had would have been torn down overnight. Anybody saw the Laura Lee drama? Someone dug up her old racist asian tweets and her career as a youtube guru was over. Kiki has sooooo much worse in her past, she would have never been able to go far in this country.

Kooter got away from that by moving far away. I kinda wonder if she knew that was the only thing that could have saved her future from the way things were going for her

No. 24251

I think this is was cemented Kiki never being able to be a public figure again. In this day and age with all the hysteria when someone is caught being racist or homophobic, any career they had would have been torn down overnight. Anybody saw the Laura Lee drama? Someone dug up her old racist asian tweets and her career as a youtube guru was over. Kiki has sooooo much worse in her past, she would have never been able to go far in this country.

Kooter got away from that by moving far away. I kinda wonder if she knew that was the only thing that could have saved her future from the way things were going for her

No. 24252

Their combined history of being obnoxious, screeching bullies guarantees they'll never be famous. No matter how much they delete, too many people were there and have copies of the videos and posts of them doing and saying unacceptable things just for attention. And, even if "they were young" could be an excuse (it's not), their parents were there, encouraging them. The only reason they had so many fans and so much MySpace fame qas because people were watching them for the reality-TV tier frashfire drama they created for attention. Nobody ever followed Kiki because she was a pretty, stylish trendsetter, she was just one of the youngest scene queens who was allowed to do and say literally anything and post it online.

That attention seeking bullshit has a very short shelf life and once it's over you never get it back again because none of the attention was for a real reason. Stupid racists don't change, and Kiki&Kota never learned that, even when people are looking at you and you have someone pulling strings for you, nobody wants to watch two ignorant, reactionary racists brag about being spoiled attention whores in Japan or LA while fucking for rent and work.

No. 24253

Adding to this now that I think of it, they both got second chances and screwed them up so they're both double fucked. Kota, when she got babyfang but only used it to plaster her face on a bunch of price tags for cheap, lazy shit; and Kiki when she moved to LA with a new name and started getting film gigs and a boyfriend, but couldn't function or produce content for her "real fans" because every time we post about anything she does here she has an aneurism, deletes everything and goes silent.

No. 24254

I found a little video of Dakota with a friend. It's just them talking a little, but at one point the girl holding the camera pans down enough to see how huge Dakota is. Enjoy.

No. 24255


It's so weird seeing her giggle and laugh and actually looking like she's having fun. She usually looks so stiff, uncomfortable and miserable in everything she posts.

No. 24256

She looks so big and bouncy compared to the other girl, wow. I guess she rrally does waddle IRL.

No. 24257

She didn't post it, I found it on twitter under the #ダコタローズ tag. This was from the day she got the unstress facial so it must have been for work.

No. 24258

Wow, they turned the blur filter alllll the way up for this video, it's like it was filmed with a webcam from 2009.

No. 24259

Back then wasn't it Charms who was making the posts on cgl about her smoking and stuff too? I don't remember anyone else who saw them IRL to know what a mess they were.

>shifting face sizes and eye distances
>blur and brightening up so high that night time looks like day
One million filters and apps but she can't hide her size.

No. 24260

>>blur and brightening up so high that night time looks like day

Holy shit, I didn't even notice that, I thought it WAS daytime. Lmaoooo

No. 24261

Charms spilled to /cgl/ about her smoking, drinking, and lying about her brand stuff but that was after she went to Japan. Someone else went on /cgl/ before that (I guess before Charms realized Dakota wasn't gonna message her and rekindle their friendship after she went viral) claiming they lived in the same sub development the Ostrengas live in and that they spent all their time screeching/arguing in their house or screeching/arguing at the pool area nearby.

No. 24262

No this was another random anon who never appeared again. Tbh 90% of what they claimed sounded fake af. I know how houses in Orlando suburbs are and there is zero chance they heard them arguing from inside their house while they were in their own house "down the street" (this was something they claimed). However I can't get over the fact that they were dead-on with the hair. That's not something you can just guess, since it really is unnnaturally thin. I think this was an anon who might have spotted them once irl and made up the rest for attention on cgl.

No. 24263

File: 1544362545648.png (355.11 KB, 806x584, Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 8.33…)

Personally I hate the new hair cut, makes her look like a middle aged step mom

No. 24264

they really look like a lesbian coouple, with dakota being the butch one lol

No. 24265


It's to flat, and just by looking at the video of her concealing it with a hate.. I almost think she hates it.


It's always been speculated that she might be lesbian or bi. She's expressed liking boys but has never dated anyone that we've seen of. She has also only been seen living with other girls/ hanging out.

No. 24266

First it was just fun speculating that she's probably homosexual with a sugar mama who gets her freebies. But now I see it too. The way she looks at her. They look very cute and have a lot of chemistry together. Indeed if I saw them on the street,I would have guessed that they are a lesbian couple and Dakota the butch one. I hope she's happy and will come out soon.

No. 24267

I don't know if Koots is lesbian or not but the girl that's she's with there, Okada Kanna just got married in a luxurious wedding in the Maldives.

No. 24268

Thx for the info. Too bad because they make a very cute couple.

No. 24269

Knowing how homophobic both the Ostrengas are, I imagine Kooter reading these rumors with a sour face. The thing about their homophobia is that I never got the feeling that they were just jokes or ignorant views, you can feel the genuine revulsion and hatred when they were on the topic. Kiki much more so tho.. there were some stickam videos that were never downloaded of her saying lesbians should never make eye contract with her because it grosses her out.

No. 24270

Your entire post is conjecture. "It can't possibly be true because (unprovable bs generalizations)!". It's not impossible that Kiki and Kota have been spotted in the wild in Orlando before they went into their pseudo-celebrity hiding years. They were both hugely popular online and dressed in OTT clothes, and there are plenty of videos of them being cringey and obnoxious in public. Not all housing developments are the same, and google street view of their neighborhood shows the houses are close enough together that some shreiking rednecks could disturb their neighbors. Remember the blog post where a girl said she saw them in an Ulta after Kota went to Japan the first time and claimed she looked greasy and unwashed, and thst she faked a Japanese accent. I guess it's impossible for that to have happened, too?

No. 24271

It's cringey how the people who hate her most in this thread call her by the pet name "Kota" or "Koti". I've always found that weird af

No. 24272

Most people are using those names mockingly, hello dear autism-chan

No. 24273

NAYRT but every "Dakota" I've rver known, male or female, has used "Kota" as a pet name or used by their family/friends.

No. 24274

I hate it too, anon. When I first saw it I thought "good for her!" Turns out it was just the angle that made it look okay. And I agreed with other anons to cut her hair because long hair does weigh thin hair down. I guess there is no hope for her. Her hair is beyond thin.
It's probably too short to even style it right now, too. Not sure why she would go this short unless it was by accident. Even if she tried to get a little lift at her roots, it would look like a bowl cut at that point.

No. 24275


>>I remember that she went to some Halloween party in 2015, and some weird Japanese anon who talked a lot about the yakuza connections of models and idols mentioned that all of the talento in the photos with her had yakuza connections and so did she.

Do you know that the founder of AKB48 is connected with the Yakuza? Her friends Hirari and Okada Kanna are both ex-members of AKB48. Pretty interesting right? Anons were speculating that Hirari got her some jobs and I think they might be right. Now she is hanging out with Kanna.

Here are some articles:



No. 24276

what a cute couple

No. 24277

If Dakota has yakuza connections then they aren't doing her much good anymore. I feel like that might have been part of why she got so cocky in the past eith her attitude, she felt safe enough to do so. But, she can't skate by on being the cute, fluent foreigner who talks rough anymore and I don't think even yakuza connections can save her now. Even they can't force her to be popular if all she does is take ugly selfies and work one embarrasingly unflattering job a month.

No. 24278

Wow, what a read:

>So because you are saying that isn't true, everybody has to change their opinions? Who are you? God? At least I have based my opinion on reports who expose the wrong-doings of agencies and the media. There are several media outlets writing about the same stuff that the enteratinment industry of Japan is under the control of the Yakuza. Do you have proofs that this isn't true? Are you really this blinded? The people who are writing about this stuff are journalists who are educated, have studied journalism and did a lot of research on this topic. And then you, a random farmer comes along and says everything is untrue because you said so. Think about it: Kota isn't in her prime anymore. She is chubby and bald and there are hundreds of young and pretty models in Japan right now. So who gets the job for Google? Logically one of the young and pretty models. But that's not the case at all. Big ol' bald Kota gets the job. There is definetely someone helping her out and this person is very powerful. Probably a person with Yakuza connections.

I feel like it might be Yoshiki? I remember she went on a TV show and took a selfie with some Michael Jackson impersonator, who was on a show that night with Toshi. Yoshiki celebrated his birthday with the CEOs of Rakuten and Girls Award, and the anti-jrock thread shows he loves blonde Russian weebs just like she does so I could see her crawling up his ass for connections, even if he wasn't her type. Plus, I know I remember her saying something about meeting someone who looks like a vampire at a party years ago before she started working a lot again, and he used to do the vampire thing all the time. Now, given how shit her career has been since 2015 I doubt she has anything to do with him lately, but as cute and outgoing as she was between 2013-2015 I could see her working guys over at Bravo parties to find a way to stay in Japan. Everyone and every brand she works with has shady connections.

No. 24279


This was filmed with the snow app. In the beginning it is having a hard time tracking Dakota's chin…lol.

No. 24280

The only problem with your theory anon is that Yoshiki isn't subtle about the girls he's fucking. He doesn't hide that shit at all. If he was really doing anything with Kooter there would be pictures of them together. If it was at the level where he was doing her those kind of favors, he'd be talking about her. He's nothing if not a massive attention whore.

No. 24281

Has Kanna had jaw surgery or is kotas just that huge?

No. 24282

I never said he was fucking her, just that maybe she kissed his ass enough that he helped get her in touch with whoever put her in Popteen and got her on TV so much. You're right, they haven't been seen together at all, but she was on the same set as Toshi (and after my other post I tried to go back and find the pic on her IG of her with the MJ guy, and surprise, it's not there anymore). I think maybe there are one or two degrees of separation between them, but she ends up pretty close to his friends and known associates.

No. 24283

>If it was at the level where he was doing her those kind of favors, he'd be talking about her. He's nothing if not a massive attention whore.

Ahah, maybe between 2012-2015 but not now. Anyone who takes a selfie with her since Fitts is doing her a favor, friend. Besides, lately Yoshiki has to rely on being seen with actual celebrities, associating with koots would only hurt his image now.

No. 24284

I think if she tucked it behind her ears it might be cute. The way its hanging limp around her face just isn't helping at all.

No. 24285

File: 1544426949461.jpg (33.44 KB, 353x512, g4273519.jpg)

It's partially Snow I think. Not sure about surgery. Here she is in AKB. You can decide for yourself.

>I never said he was fucking her
But why would he do her a favor if he wasn't getting anything out of it? Kota isn't that special.

I'm sorry but I'm so confused by your timeline anon. Are you saying that he is helping her(for no good reason) back then or now?
Here's the part of the timeline as I understand it.
-2013 May/June- Candydoll with Tsubasa.
The the most famous former Popteen model, Tsubasa was Koot's gateway into the magazine and probably Cutie too tbh
-2014 April-Popteen begins. Kooter comes on as new model
-2015 March- Kota begins to appear regularly on tv.
-2015 August- Kota makes her first insta post.
Where does Yoshiki fit in here?

No. 24286

Not anymore she isn't, but the combination of her going viral, being in Bravo (huge, shady company with escorting/prostitution and yakuza rumors), and how hard she used to creep on jrockers online?

I think she could have met him through her Bravo connection, andnthen he could have put her in touch with or passed her off to whoever later pushed her into Popteen and got her Candydoll. Sometime during her lull before Popteen when she wasn't really working but still going to Bravo parties before her original contract ran out.

No. 24287

Let me clarify: I'm saying I think it's possible that she met him, annoyed him with her blatant starfucker weebthirst and he swerved her by handing her off to the people she's been mooching off of since she stopped relying solely on Bravo. Kooter wasn't ever on his radar as a model despite her viral fame, but remember she did live with some gorgeous Russian Bravo models for a while at first who could have been, or been friends with models he did fuck with.

No. 24288

Yoshiki isn't dumb enough to risk being seen with koots, besides there are rumors he's been married since 2016 to some HK model. You can go check out the anti-jrock thread.

No. 24289

>The only problem with your theory anon is that Yoshiki isn't subtle about the girls he's fucking. He doesn't hide that shit at all.
I have no idea how you came to that conclusion: a couple years ago he dated a girl and let himself be photographed with her - that's the most "public" he ever went regarding his relationships.

Secretly fucking some young model =/= being married.

It doesn't matter anyways. There's no way he'd be interested in her, he's always only together with tall models - not the short cutesy types Kota shooped herself into.
He's too big for her, he could have any girl he wished for.
Any why would he do her any favours, when there's no sex involved?

(Gackt however might have been dumb enough to fall for her shoops kek, he even followed her on instagram or twitter, can't remember exactly.)

No. 24290

Uuh I think she's just wearing an oversized coat, I can't tell if she's actually fat or not

No. 24291

The designer for h.Naoto follows her on insta.

No. 24292

You can tell when Kanna moves the camera and shows how low her boobs are hanging that she's a porker.

Actually, her boobs got huge compared to how small they were up until… I wanna say fitts? When she started gaining weight noticeably.

No. 24293

These theories are insane. Yes, the yakuza is definitely connected to the entertainment industry and probably to AKB somewhere. But Kooter isn't friends with Akimoto Yasushi or anyone high up, she's friends with Hirari, a girl from Arizona. It makes a lot of sense that she became friends with another American and then made friends with Kanna etc. through her. And maybe Hirari helped her get a few jobs but like >>24283 said, claiming that everyone she's ever seen with is getting her work is nuts (she ran into Ivan twice in like three years but anons are saying Ivan got her work? come on, like homophobic Koots would hang out with a trans girl). These tenuous connections to Yoshiki and whatever sound like a conspiracy theory. Let's be realistic, she's with an agency who's still getting her some work, but there isn't some huge web of people on Kooter's side. If she really did have yakuza and real celebrity connections maybe she wouldn't have such a spotty work history

No. 24294

Yeah I agree that Ivan never got her work. It's just too random. I don't even know who this Yoshiki is. Googled him, he is a musician, alright then. Anons said Kota tweeted him but that's not enough to proof anything. It seems quite random too. Whatever. We will probably never know who helps out Kota. But I'm pretty sure this person is part of the Yakuza and because of that we will never see him in the public eye/instagram/youtube/whatever. Those people are usually behind the scenes. So we can stop the witch hunt and acknowledge that Kota has indeed help from someone with Yakuza connections. This isn't rare at all and pretty common in this industry.

No. 24295

He is pretty low-tier in the fashion world. Nothing to brag about.

No. 24296

File: 1544505881288.jpg (188.37 KB, 1500x667, TwoHoursPastBedtimePAINTING.jp…)

Just wanted to point out that it's a copy of something from Shag, whose work I quite like.

No. 24297

True, but he could maybe help koots out by throwing her a modeling job or two.

No. 24298

But why hasn't she modeled for H.Naoto then?

No. 24299

Maybe because they use ugly models but don't shoop them?

No. 24300

hah, no surprise there. The ostrengas don't have a creative bone in their bodies, after all. Thanks for sharing the art source.

No. 24301

File: 1544641021249.png (486 KB, 772x612, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.51…)


I wonder if Kiki's next move is art/art collector? Something that she isn't using her name for or face for, that way she's not as traceable as all her other artsy attempts were. It'll probably be just as big of a flop as her music was if what this anon >>24296 saying is right. Never will get anywhere stealing other's work. However, some of the art is clearly signed by the original artist and appears to have a green price sticker on it. I take it they're just collecting other people's art for the most part. ( T. Parker ) Who is in Florida, Orlando.

No. 24302

I think it's more likely that these paintings at her parent's house are the result of her interest in "art auctions" from her Platinum profile. I can't see her going to any art auctions in Japan to bid away her rent and cabbage money between her semi-monthly jobs. I get the feeling all her inactivity and quietness this year means she's flying back and forth a lot more than she'd like to admit because she can't work enough to hold a visa?

No. 24303

I mean I definitely heard the words “date” and “girlfriend”. Whether jokingly or not..

And hold on are we talking about /the/ Yoshiki? X-Japan recently did a song with Hyde Yoshiki? No way.
(Where is this anti-jrock thread? Clearly I’m missing out)

No. 24304

Where, though? All I saw were posts saying she might have kissed his ass and tried to be associated with people in his circle. I know I read one saying he wouldn't go for her even in her prime.

Anti-jrock thread is here: >>>/ot/234968

No. 24305

God bless you.
To be clear - I meant the words date and girlfriend I heard in the video posted slightly upthread with her and another girl.

After catching myself up on the Yoshiki thing I stand by my original “no way”. Even in her prime she never fit his ideal basic white young Russian girl mold.
Which is just hilariously ironic considering that’s the type of girl she originally wanted to copy.

No. 24306

Yeah, Kanna says they went to see the Christmas lights and Dakota says "it's a date," then Kanna says, "she's my girlfriend" and Dakota says, "I'm her girlfriend" and then a second later says "that's embarrassing."

It's super common for girls in Japan to jokingly call it a "date" when they meet up with a female friend, it's not a big deal or weird at all and then Kanna was clearly joking about being girlfriends. Still, apparently Kooter can't even joke about dating a girl without letting people know that would be "embarrassing"

No. 24307

Kanna is out of Dakota's league anyway, even if she wasn't recently married.

No. 24308

Dakota is such a massive closet case.

No. 24309

She was never able to make or take jokes about herself, even in the stickam days. Nice to know that 12 years later, Dakota still can't let anyone even joke she's into girls without her saying something.

No. 24310

Every celebrity, especially models since they don’t have any talent to keep the public occupied aside from being eyecandy, gets its downfall. She did great though and I’m sure she earned a lot of money, but bitch probably wasted it all.

No. 24311

The fact that she has more chemistry with girls than boys speaks volumes. And with her new haircut she can't hide her inner butch anymore. If she isn't a lesbian, why was she never seen with boys she dated. She's 23 years old and she never dated officially, meaning that she never showed the internet her boyfriends. Kiki always brags and shows them. We only know about a rumour that Kota probably dated a Japanese actor and she fabricated that rumour herself. There were also no further than those creepy stalkerish photo evidence of her wearing his allegedly clothes.

No. 24312

>She did great

Not really, every decent chance she got to make something of herself other than "real barbie" got dropped on the floor. She was rude, lazy, arrogant and refused to ever admit fault, apologize or take care of herself. All she got from going viral was a bunch of publicity and mid-tier modeling gigs. If she isn't married now, she will be soon. Dakota Rose will never let herself be sent back to Florida with Kiki.

No. 24313

Can’t forget the frothing anon who was here insisting Kooter can’t have a sugar mama and that she’s straight back when we were theorizing she had one.

No. 24314

And how the thread suddenly fucking died immediately after she deleted the pic of the MaliciousX woman from her IG and it was pointed out here. I wonder how many of the past threads kept moving so fast because of her selfposting…

No. 24315


My fav moment is when she/or some sperg ranted about how she totally wasn't buying views on IG. Was it IG that is coming out with something that's going to stop people from botting/buying follows? I recall reading somewhere that newly boughten bots will be deleted, and accounts may be taken down if using. I believe old boughten ones will still be intact though. If I'm correct that means her account will slowly purge and she won't be able to replenish it. Would be hilarious to watch her account dip below 100k after spending so much to get to where she is.

No. 24316

I thought it was particularly funny that the debate about her special snowflake visa also IMMEDIATELY stopped. Like it was pretty clear beforehand that it was an Ostrenga arguing that she was secretly an amazing artist and magically on a entertainer/humanities visa without any education whatsoever (who else would be delusional enough?) but having it basically confirmed was gold

No. 24317

So I guess this is is for kooter? One modeling job every 6 weeks and ugly selfies forever while she fucks for rent and flies home to reset her visa? How delicious considering what hot shit she used to think she was.

No. 24318

Yep she’s boring. I keep checking this thread to see if she gets a great makeover or actually has cute shoops again, but she’s fucked herself over. Too lazy to get real jobs, being uncouth and ruining her reputation, letting herself get overweight, destroying her hair and balding herself.

No. 24319

It's funny, just by being a Japanese-speaking white girl who went viral for her kawaii shoops she coukd have done so much more in Japan as a tarento and designer, but instead she wasted all her time trying to pretend she was one of those bitchy Russian models with a rich daddy who can act like shit and still be coddled, and between deleting 3/4 of her modeling career and being so aporadically active for so long as she gets fatter and older… yeah, I think this might be one of the last Dakota Rose threads.

No. 24320

She hasn't updated her insta for almost 2 weeks. Wonder what's going on.

No. 24321

Not everyone post their boyfriends online,pretty sure tweens only do that. Who got the time to be deleting all those pics, if it don't work out. In Dakota's case she seems just gay.

No. 24322

No she didn't…
She did worser than I though she would. She should've been on the same level as Nicorun. Both had a fashion line handed to them,Popteen, and variety shows. One is still getting a multitude of jobs, while the other is hardly getting any.

No. 24323

I bet she had to fly back home until 2019 and is hiding it. If she isn't married for a visa then she definitely isn't gonna be able to stay in Japan. Even her ugly apartment selfies are better than radio silence, as far as her "career" is concerned.

And I know there's no proof, but I do really think Platinum either dropped her around the middle of the year or just stopped booking her jobs until her contract runs out. If her lunch dates with work friends were auditions, that means all those times she went out looking decent she was still only scoring low end group jobs once every 6 weeks, and aside from the Google commercial she hasn't worked since the Platinum jobs she booked months before she did them.

No. 24324

Have you guys seen this information site/interview? I can't speak any Japanese, so if anyone can translate it pls? Google translate is a lil bit off but I tried my best…


It's from February 2018 and they asked her if she's married and she answered that she isn't married because she's just 22 years old and therefore she doesn't think about marriage. But there is apparently a rumour that she's dating Kohei Mori.

No. 24325

It's just a random gossip collection site. The google translation is off because in Japanese, the subject of the sentence is often dropped; it's actually not an interview with Dakota talking about herself, it's the author of the page writing his/her thoughts. So in the part you're referring to, the author says that Dakota isn't married and that since she's only 22, she probably hasn't thought about it yet (although this isn't proof of anything, it wouldn't be the first time a Japanese "celebrity" was secretly married). The author goes on to say that there are rumors of her having a boyfriend and the rumors might be from her being on Last Kiss and going on a date with Mori Kohei. There's info on that in previous threads, they were just on a TV show together, there's absolutely no evidence that they were ever actually dating.

Overall it's just general old news about Kooter, nothing new.

No. 24326

Oh shit just notice that. She's either sick, went back home or something happened to her.

No. 24327

File: 1545649751518.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, D68942B2-F8C2-4A74-9761-701791…)

Another hideous Yello shoes Instagram story lmao

No. 24328


Wait, she's still in Japan?

I mean it's possible she is just quiet because it's Christmas, and most people are generally busy with holiday-related things.

No. 24329


Heh. Even without working, she could stay in Japan up to 6 consecutive months as a tourist while she begs for a new contract and apartment. Of the new shoes and backpack are any clue, this Aya Stella designer might be her new sugar momma.

No. 24330


Are you sure she owns the shoes and isn't just modelling them/trying them on? Seems kinda crazy to give every low tier model that appears a free pair of shoes. ( Maybe a discount? )

No. 24331

The event is to try on the product and take a pic with santa. I went to the first on in Aoyama last month.

No. 24332

I don’t want to admit it but I feel like that may be the truth. I’ve been following her threads and internet drama since it started years ago, and it’s really slowing down, without a happy ending for her. She’s just slowly fading into the abyss. It’s been a good run though,

No. 24333

excuse my ignorance…. but without a working visa, she can stay 6 months as a tourist? then how long would be have to go back home before coming back?

also, would she even be able to rent an apartment as a tourist?

No. 24334

This is months ago. See >>24103
She is 100% at home and posting old stuff from her phone and thinking about her next move.

Also: not everyone who is giving Kota free samples is her sugarmama. The other designer was just suspicious because they went to an expensive dinner and Kota got bags worth of thousands of dollars. Afterwards she deleted every picture relating this date dinner on her insta. Yello is thursting after every influencer they can get. Just check their hashtags. Lots of low tier fame whores willing to do PR in exchange for some ugly ass shoes.

No. 24335

There's no clearly defined amount of time per se, it could technically be as short as a day to SK to reset your visa, but the longer the better between visa resets. It's been a couple weeks since she posted a Japan-specific selfie. The video with Kanna could have been recorded well over a week or two ago. And we know Yello latergrams her too. She can't hold an apartment without a visa (not that she can afford one with the work she does) so I doubt any of her living arrangements since the Bravo apartment were in her name or paid for by her, they were probably friends she lived with under the table.

I bet money she's been home since after the wedding dress runway thing. Rhose weird, random pics of the art in the cluttered room are too random and pointless for her to post from Japan. I bet she thought she was clever trying to post a pic "from home" while saying she'd like to go back home.

No. 24336

Just for timeline purposes, the video with Kanna was definitely recent since they specifically went to go see Christmas lights. That said given the lack of pics I would guess something's up? Usually she still posts pics when she's in Florida so the total lack of pictures is weird.

This is nitpicky but her whole outfit here is so bad. For someone who is supposed to be a model, Kooter seriously does not understand fashion. The shoes are cute though at least

No. 24337

File: 1545776145077.jpg (642.81 KB, 1080x1565, 20181225_171103.jpg)

No telling when she deleted it but here's a cap of one of the pics she had up there until recently. Ahe had one where she took a selfie witb the Michael Jackson on her IG too.

No. 24338

She only posts pics from Florida when she's supposed to be in Florida, we know she flew home secretly at least twice years before while only posting apartment selfies. If she's been in Florida since December for Christmas and is staying until after New Years to reset a visa then that would explain her quietness. She can't even post a lot of apartment selfies this time because she's hiding the fact that she hasn't been in the same apartment barely longer than a year since she was living in that big Shibuya apartment.

No. 24339


Maybe Koters got married, the lack of updates and these two tweets from Dec 16th (right after she did the ugly haircut) and from Dec 25th (today) are kinda weird…
She speaks of 'been in he place she's looking for' and having a 'different way of life' , it could be a married life one? Idk cause i've used auto translator so it's not that accurate.

No. 24340


Maybe Koters got married, the lack of updates and these two tweets from Dec 16th (right after she did the ugly haircut) and from Dec 25th (today) are kinda weird…
She speaks of 'been in he place she's looking for' and having a 'different way of life' , it could be a married life one? Idk cause i've used auto translator so it's not that accurate.

No. 24341

If she is married, then all she has to show for it is a visa to keep her in Japan. But personally I highly doubt it, her apartment selfie backgrounds have been too varied this year, her work has been spottier than ever before, and if she were married since she got back from Florida then she would be showing off or working more like usual.

I think she's in Florida, after a living/work arrangement fell through after her last visit home. Her being home for the holidays is definitely different enough to warrant a tweet, and "being where she wants to be" could still mean home with her family. I don't see her wrapping up her worst year in Japan yet by going radio silent and being vaguely upbeat- the Ostrenga way is to show off immediately. If she got a spouse visa she would be posting random apartment shit to prove she still had one to pose in, but this time she isn't.

No. 24342

Adding to this, if she had some kind of arrangement with Sachico that she had to end once farmers noticed, that could have thrown a wtench into her plans. She never scrambled to obviously delete anything that fast before, so I think maybe she has to pretend to be busy and happy in case we catch on again. It's too convenient that once this thread started picking up steam with uncovering her shady ways that she decided to suddenly lay low and pretend she's happily busy.