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File: 1611809340410.png (3.74 MB, 2021x1489, femboy collage.png)

No. 1144047

(and their chasers)

>What is a femboy?

They are he/him trannies, basically. Some are regular anorexic twinks but most inject estrogen or T-blockers in an attempt to look like women, and sometimes they will even get tranny-related surgeries.

>What makes them cow material?

In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

Femboys created tired-out memes like Femboy Hooters and the "Doomer Boy" Wojak which they all worship and strive to be. For some reason they really like Ikea sharks.

Tell a femboy he is no different from a MTF troon and prepare for autistic screeching. They hold a sense of superiority over regular trannies because they don't call themselves women, but they still share the fetishistic (read: AGP) creepiness of the average troon.

Closeted gay and bisexual scrotes all across the web are obsessed with these freaks, frequently screaming that it's not gay to fuck a man just because he has soft skin and gynecomastia.

NOTE: this thread is for [male] femboys only. If it's a girl/TIF larping as one or if you suspect a femboy might be biologically female, post about them in the fakeboi thread instead of here: >>>/snow/1137677
Feminine gay men like Jeffree Star or James Charles who don't call themselves femboys don't count, please post them in their respective threads: >>>/pt/790714 >>>/snow/1086649
Trannies identifying as women belong in the MTF thread unless they're involved in femboy drama: >>>/snow/1131745

>Some examples of e-famous femboys:

Dimitri Monroe
https://twitter.com/TheSMonroeShow (gone)


RosieKawaii (NSFW)

Elf Slut (NSFW)


This is a trial thread so let's see how it goes.

No. 1144055

File: 1611810117080.jpg (33.97 KB, 484x325, misogynybeef.JPG)

No. 1144064

File: 1611810914901.png (464.58 KB, 968x480, no.png)

No. 1144071

this is a very much needed thread, i was wondering how long they would be able to scrape by being misogynistic as fuck online before people started to catch on

No. 1144074

File: 1611811589023.jpg (208.41 KB, 720x960, 0447dfc30323e2c02e8b57248e618e…)

Why do they all dress like Chris-chan?

No. 1144081

File: 1611812834837.png (47.48 KB, 378x362, 1606972745505.png)

Interesting thread OP but you got one small detail wrong, The Doomer boy image wasn't created by femboys, it was originally just another rendition the doomer wojak, originally it was something like "the 14 year old doomer" made to mock edgy 14 year old twitter users who had given up on life, the blushes were added later on

No. 1144082

I've heard a lot of different things, including people speculating that the artist is a TIF and it's supposed to be transboy wojak.

Anyway regardless I'm tired of seeing people sperg over this stupid fucking MS Paint-tier drawing on every website, especially the swede version.

No. 1144087

which is sorta weird cause when I went to Sweden a couple years ago all the men were all like 6 feet tall hairy bears
sage for bp

No. 1144093

>all the men were all like 6 feet tall hairy bears
Right? I'm from the American Midwest and see Swedish descendants everywhere and none of them over the age of 15 or 16 are delicate little twinks. They tend to be tall, big-boned, furry, and have Crimson chin jaws.

No. 1144119

>all my closest friends are cis women
>post people tell me I’m a polite and helpful person
>not even a racist ironically
Yeah, it’s definitely not a me problem. I bet everyone excludes you in school so that’s why you’re this way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144120

>im one of da gud ones

no one cares, scrote

No. 1144124

I don't know about the rest of anons but I do love feminine and beautiful man, I just hate self described "traps" who act like retraded fags and I hate the dumb ass male coomers who enable them
feminine men should only be with women and no one else

sage for rant

No. 1144125

Interesting subject, never bothered to look into femboys but seen them reffed on the MtF thread. It’s still weird sex stuff masquerading as identity, and still requiring public participation so it’s not good, but I will grant them at least not being fully delusional…just deviant. Why do these sexual deviants identify so much with nazi ideology? Most of the crazy sex shit they say about various nazis was allied propaganda. Generally most of them were very traditionally masculine men with traditional wives, those were thr values they tried to uphold. Broad shouldered farmer types. This brand of sexual decadence was way more Weimar, if anything. Hazarding a guess these femboys just want to be dommed by alt right tough guys, prison gay style, because it’s their only option. They’re too proud to join an MtF polycule, and to misogynistic to date a woman, and terminally online so…incels are their final solution for butthole pair bonding . How “wholesome”

No. 1144127

I deleted my post because it was attracting seething idiots like >>1144119

>feminine men should only be with women and no one else

Hard pass unless they can stop pandering to /pol/cels.

No. 1144150

i think most of the sexual deviants are into nazis or even communism because their deviancy is all about extremes and shock value. they get off on being traps bc it’s a twist or a surprise and how much more surprising would it be if a cutesy femme boy in a schoolgirl’s outfit is a nazi?

it’s the same thing with bronies. yeah, a lot of them were just straight up furries but some got off on animated ponies because lol how crazy and edgy would that be?

No. 1144152

I wasn't referring to dumbass Traps or femboys, it was about feminine men in General

No. 1144157

File: 1611827021313.jpg (64.71 KB, 810x534, 44380c66ac00bd1969a75124a1a2e3…)

Entire feed seething about women kek. It's interesting how much women live rent-free in men's heads.

I'd like to see an explanation for the far-right connection as well. I can understand why the online far-right would embrace them, since it kind of falls in line with the 4chan-type of far-right sense of humour (trolling, use of anime aesthetics, etc etc) but I don't know why so many of these men would be attracted to nazism. I guess maybe they feel alienated from society and feel most accepted there and because of what >>1144150 said. Also tons of actual nazis back then were into crossdressing too, so it's not a new phenomenon.

No. 1144166

File: 1611827870447.jpg (1.78 MB, 2048x1747, 1611827294223.jpg)

They keep making images like this to shit on women and feel superior, even though you know they would give anything to be women themselves.

Like yes, I can agree the boy on the right looks cute, but they cherrypicked an unflattering candid photo of an obese woman who is easily a decade older than him and struggling to carry her weight down the street as "proof" all British women are ugly in comparison to their men.

Compare the boy on the right to British women like Rosie Huntington Whitley or Kate Moss who look ten thousand times better and watch how they'll stutter and be like "w-well, they've got icky vaginas!" or something similarly misogynistic.
Fucking pathetic.

No. 1144176

bro its just a meme pic

come visit us more often tho :D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144178

I mean I have seen some girls who were from woc background doing Nazi salutes white while wearing Che Guevara T-shirts just to get people's attention
the majority of "Nazis" soldiers were just conscripts who didn't have any choice in the matter, I mean the pic you posted seems more like a Hazing ritual more then anything

No. 1144185

i don't see cute, even the filter can't hide the man face, there's nothing wrong with the actual woman.

No. 1144187

and they both are chubby even if the dude was a woman he'd not be a beauty queen, in fact he'd probably have a thread pointing out his man face and shapeless body.

No. 1144188

File: 1611829693265.jpg (22.44 KB, 400x363, 3.jpg)

The Nazi and cross dressing history is quite well documented. There are loads of photos. The SS and other Nazi idealogues were into it too. I also wouldn't give conscripts too much of a pass since some of them were willing to (and did) be imprisoned or killed rather than torture and kill innocent people but that's another tangent entirely. The Wehrmacht was also full of enthusiastic Nazis. Most of the German population was very pro Hitler.

No. 1144190

File: 1611829866648.jpg (376.73 KB, 2000x1000, download.jpg)

>there's nothing wrong with the actual woman.
Agree. Anyone remember when Adele lost weight? She's beautiful, more so than any larping man who injects horse piss could hope to be. The cope with these people.

No. 1144193

File: 1611830114338.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.96 KB, 512x264, unnamed.jpg)

Most of the rural Germans who the Nazis wanted to use as the Ideal of the Aryans refused to serve, reminds me of this meme /pol/tards and Palestinian nationalist online
basically when you have a large male young adult conscripts you'll find them fucking about it for the hell of it

No. 1144196

unrelated but couldn't the piss/shit stains on the pants just be from sitting on wet grass or something?

No. 1144202

File: 1611831281045.jpg (27.79 KB, 400x300, 11.jpg)

Dude, this really isn't the thread for this but the vast historical consensus is that German resistance was small and disorganized (often motivated by a personal dislike for Hitler's leadership style and not necessarily Nazi racism or imperialism), sometimes from people of non-German ethnic origin in Germany. Your claim is very very spurious and verging on straight up Nazi apolgia. Overall the German population was extremely cooperative, hence the whole genocide going so well. The Nazis executed about 77,000 Germans out of a population of approx 69,600,000. God bless the Germans, both soldier and civilian who resisted but they were few. Anyways the Nazis had psychosexual issues. German artist Martin Dammann catalogued a lot of the pictures.

No. 1144207

No wonder I keep hearing about these faggots one hundred years after the fact where other movements pretty much died out or are obscured in history. They supported the GBT agenda, of course.

No. 1144208

I always thought Nazism was related to faggotry and affeminancy in some way so this proves what I felt all along. Thanks anon

No. 1144214

File: 1611832767738.jpeg (144.22 KB, 700x950, 3759ED9A-FE0D-40DB-ABD1-86AA61…)

they also were furries.

No. 1144218

still all these pics don't have a fetishtic vibe, I mean they seem like guys just fucking about and doing dumbassshit for the fun of it

No. 1144219

File: 1611833518813.jpg (426.53 KB, 1528x2395, a487640e-0001-0004-0000-000001…)

They were famously fucked up sexually. One of Hitler's buddies- Ernst Röhm was a known gay man and helped Hitler found the openly anti-gay party but Hitler felt threatened by him and had him offed during the Night of the Long Knives. There were a bunch of closeted gays in the party after that. And the crossdressing stuff. Meanwhile they were tossing gay citizens in concentration camps and brutalizing and executing them. The Nazis also created an SS unit called the Dirlewanger brigade named after Oskar Dirlewanger, it's leader, a sadistic pedophile, consisting of a band of convicted criminals. To hunt down and torture and kill civilian resistance fighters. They liked to herd people into barns and burn them alive, gunning down any escapees.

No. 1144223


when do men pose with their ass out and be half naked without getting a sexual rush from it ? lol

No. 1144224

I think it's the fact that they were doing incredibly heinous and violent shit alongside it that gives it a disturbing vibe. In some cases shooting women, children, and the elderly into mass graves. Or even condemning gay people to death while simultaneously prancing around in drag.

No. 1144229

Major case of hentai brain.

No. 1144230

I thought you TERFs ostensibly didn't have a problem with gender non-conforming men.

Us femboys aren't calling ourselves women, we're not trying to force ourselves into women's locker rooms or women's sports, and yet you still hate us.

Why? Why claim to want to abolish gender roles when you are literally hating on men for being feminine and dating other men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144232


>In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

No. 1144233

>Why? Why claim to want to abolish gender roles when you are literally hating on men for being feminine and dating other men.
NO ONE is doing that. The thread is meant to talk about dumbass shit coming from a certain subculture of GNC gay men, not implying every GNC man in existence is terrible. See >>1144232

Also stop coming here to defend yourselves, you're just going to get banned and make yourself look like a fool in the process.

No. 1144235

None of that applies to me. I'm just a normal homosexual guy who values a feminine aesthetic in myself.

Saying that we are all "racists and sexists" just seems like a roundabout way of justifying pre-existing hatred of GNC men.

Rosie, for instance, is neither a racist nor a sexist, but you feel justified in attacking him and including him in your OP post.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144236

File: 1611836280662.jpg (2.8 MB, 2963x1876, 1606706325071.jpg)

The Whole Nazi Leadership had some contradictions, the funniest imo is very unaryan the leaders of the Nazi Party actually were, despite the idealization of the Aryan male, who was tall, broad shouldered, blonde haired and blue eyed, the actual leaders were way far off,
Hiter, Goering, Himmer and Goebbels were all dark haired rather and short by German standards, Himmer and Goebbels especially had both very weak bodies and Goering was a glutton

I remember one case I read on tumblr some time back where when during when Nazi party was power they discovered a perfect "Aryan" village where majority of the people fit the Nazi Aryan ideal and wanted to study them and use them as examples to show off their superiority but those people were simple country farmers who didn't know or care about that bullshit, they were religious people who believed that everyone was created equal and told the Nazis to basically fuck off

No. 1144239

not milk, but why does nearly all femboy art portrays them with child bearing hips?

No. 1144240

>Rosie, for instance, is neither a racist nor a sexist, but you feel justified in attacking him and including him in your OP post.

You know you could simply point out that this person doesn't deserve to be in the thread without blogging about your own sexuality, right?


No. 1144241

File: 1611836527383.png (710.65 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_2021-01-28-06-15-24…)

Nobody really talks about anime induced body dsymorphia and they should.

No. 1144242

The thread topic is devolving into a history lesson. At least post milk on actual cows.

No. 1144244

File: 1611836970259.png (Spoiler Image, 568.34 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_2021-01-28-06-24-15…)

It's the hentai. It appears that these people have rotted their brains on near constant consumption of femboy/tomgirl hentai. That's how the characters are depicted, a freakish amalgamation of male and female body parts. Reality be damned. They are determined to ignore the fact that they have literally no hips to speak of. Most of these accounts on twitter are just porn.

No. 1144245

Anons here are right, it seems most males who become AGP Troons do so after consuming massive amounts of IRL Tranny/Sissy porn, however femboys seem to be come as a result after consuming Trap Doujins for years

No. 1144248

the crying emoji after "22"…jesus christ, get help.

No. 1144249

File: 1611837467205.jpeg (184.99 KB, 1080x1549, 1595957577747.jpeg)

This is just an unfunny joke post you'd expect from an autistic weeaboo.

Unrelated but I remember seeing this person get posted a few fakeboi threads ago when somebody stupid thought they were biologically female, here's the picture. I don't know what the fuck these people think when they walk outside like this. Is it supposed to be cute? Even most gay men dress better than this, but something is off about femboys specifically when it comes to personal appearance.

No. 1144252

How is it a joke when he walks outside dressed like a 12 year old little sister character from an anime? He has serious self perception and judgement issues, clearly.

No. 1144255

It’s autism. Literally

No. 1144257

> when somebody stupid thought they were biologically female
That person needs their eyes checked Jesus Christ, they’re both obviously ugly boys

No. 1144263

tbf if someone told me that these were two tifs that had taken testosterone I would believe it

No. 1144267

Left one looks like a biological male on estrogen. You can see the softness of the skin here >>1144241 but in this photo >>1144249 the blocky male body and big skull. Right one looks blatantly like a skinny unhygienic male, the face is far too long and chiseled to be female.

No. 1144331

why do they always go for long hair and basically try to look like a woman as much as possible? they would look much better if they had a short fluffy haircut. they look like troons

No. 1144396

the one on the right is ok but the outfit on the left is autistic. a mishmash of "cool" things (top with a drawing with half sleeves that don't even match properly) but also "sexy" things (shorts and lingerie thigh highs). how can you dress like this and not be 13?

No. 1144421

how do we know these (at least some of them) aren't just fakebois with great genetics that overcompensate behaviorally by racism and shit

i remember seeing ftms who looked exactly like male femboys but had pussy pics so it's not physically impossible

No. 1144431

It's not that being femboy drives you to become a right-winger, but rather being on the right is why you would start calling yourself a femboy.
If they were more left-wing they'd simply insist on being trans womxn with pronouns in their bios.

No. 1144503

Those generic black thigh highs are seriously a fuckboy crossdresser dogwhistle to me now

No. 1144567

this one is sad because he is really good looking seriously I don't get why he turned to these things as he could be a normal, attractive man if he wasn't terminally online busy posting pictures in cheap lingerie. obviously his brain is destroyed by porn as mentioned earlier but damn it's sad, I get it when it's ugly incels because obviously they can't do better and creating a catgirl internet persona is their last and only resort

No. 1144643

Cause most (all) of them have dick pics around. Plus ftms just don't look like males even when they're on t for ages, unless they started very early in puberty and ftms just don't act like femboys even when they try to act edgy, different vibe.

No. 1144672

>Plus ftms just don't look like males even when they're on t for ages,
yeah but like im saying ive seen nudes of femboys that did but had vaginas with huge clits so even if its a small percentile they must exist

No. 1144779

File: 1611881385350.jpg (35.88 KB, 475x632, m.JPG)

People used to think meowriza was a fakeboi because he has a very womanly shape naturally until someone uploaded a naked dick pick of his that was high definition and very real looking. It's rare but sometimes it's impossible to tell until you see their nudes, unfortunately. Androgynous and intersex people exist.

No. 1144783

because they are severly autistic, duh

No. 1144813

I’m sorry but does this just look like very blatant photoshop to anyone else?

No. 1144860

Definitely. The mirror gives too much away, the curvatures on the butt lines are too janky unless he had the highest butt crack in the world and the curtain in the reflection is completely straight compared to the real one in the photo

No. 1145012

And even without photoshop, leaning that far forward while pigeon toed in a high cut swimsuit is going to give anyone the illusion of at least some hips. There are pear shaped men in the world, they're usually quite unfortunate looking because they're not trying to look like women, but it isn't impossible. I don't deny that somewhere in this world there is a man who could pass as a woman, just not many of them…and none of them would be half as attractive as an above average girl. But if they're not nazis, not gross deviants on Twitter or any other non-pornographic platforms, and they don't try to convince the world they have ladybrains and were born in the wrong body? I don't have a problem with femboys as a concept. I do think it's funny that they seem to be trying to troll women or at least "get our goat", the one who came in here to defend himself was all like "hmmm guess we can never win with you girls!!" it's like the ultimate MGTOW or something.

No. 1145231

sage for blogpost but femboys really creep me out. i don't have an issue with guys dressing feminine at all (I'm actually pretty into andro/ femme guys myself). it's the specific kind of femininity that these super online "femboys" are into. adult men specifically styling themselves like young/ teenage looking girls as a sexual thing is just so gross (I mean its also weird when adult women do it, but them being dudes just adds an extra layer of skeeviness, bc it's not like they ever had to deal with being an underaged girl treated like a sexual object). plus the fact that they tend to run in circles where misogyny is so rife, it feels like just trying to take all the cute, fun parts of femininity without any of the "icky women". especially the way that so many of them play up being flat-chested and not having any hips, and shame women for being fuller-figured, it all feels very pedo-y.

like none of this stuff is actually endemic to being a "femboy", I'm sure there are some of them who just like cute wigs and dresses and that's fine, it's just the attitude that's sprung up around it in online communities, even the parts that aren't racist still feel disgustingly misogynistic and noncey. >>1144166 i feel like its basically summed up by this meme and the way its shaming women for looking normal and not like jailbaity-hentai characters. apologies for sperg but I just had to get that off my chest lol

No. 1145248


its hilarious to see these dudes talking about how femboys are better than women, when even the best-looking femboy barely looks better than your average cute girl

No. 1146251

he's pretty cute, i like him

No. 1146299

There's even the famous joke from that time that the perfect aryan is Blone like Hitler, tall like Goebbels, slim like Göring. (Blond wie Hitler, groß wie Goebbels, schlank wie Göring)

No. 1169151

Dimitri ban evading lusting for lolis

https://twitter.com/RedoOfKazuma/status/1364315551653269507?s=19(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 1179063

File: 1615201219468.jpg (138.45 KB, 1337x963, F1nn.jpg)

Ah yes, F1nn has 414K subscribers. Wish I had screenshotted it, but he was in the dank brigade discord (the discord of Count Dankula, the one with the nazi pug) and probably has said some overtly racist shit.

No. 1202057

i think you misunderstood the meme, i think it was made by a none british person to insult britain in jest
its not that deep

No. 1202085

Despite the nazi pug meme, Dankula is not based or redpilled. He is just a leftist cuck who wants to bang trannies even tho he has a wife and kids.

No. 1202329

Nothing wrong with femboys unless they're /pol/yps or victims of the incel to troon pipeline. That being said, even if they hate women I'll take them over stunning trans wamyn lesbians. They stay in their lane.

No. 1227273

>feminine men are all autogynephilic fetishists!
>why do they hate us!?

No. 1227275

Feminists want freedom from gender roles for women and restrictive gender roles for men. Especially the FDS types here.

No. 1227410

>Needing to twist words this hard to fit your already predetermined narrative

No. 1227414

Okay nonnies, pack it up, anon discovered the hivemind’s nucleus, i repeat, we have been discovered by this anon.
Fuck off, retard.

No. 1227429

actually most retarded shit ive seen someone say about feminism on this site. go back to pickmeing on incel boards nonnie

No. 1227592

No. 1227731

You have only yourself to blame for the rise of transgenderism then.

No. 1227749

No. 1227900

Being a femboy is a cope for dysphorics who know that becoming a woman is impossible

No. 1227901

>the rise of transgenderism
trannies are going to end up killing themselves anyways

No. 1227906

>cherrypicking that one reply
Why do you want to be persecuted so bad?

No. 1227927

The amount of porn addicted self proclaimed femboy moids in this thread is both hilarious and sickening. Pull the trigger, kneesock kuns

No. 1227930

my ex was friends with this ugly fat trap who went by Cube and he was a faggot who hated women and swore this guy at his job was gay and wanted him too but he thought "im gonna be a good boy and not give into my gay feelings" yet this ugly fat fag still posted unasked for chubby body pics that he thought made him look feminine when he just looked like a downie with klinefelters'. the funny part was is all his friends made fun of this behind his back and he thought he was uber based for hating women when his straight friends could tell he was just literally a homo.

No. 1232765

>Dimitri finally in a /snow/ thread
This is gonna be great, spergs out over the dumbest shit

No. 1232782

Because the male body looks horrendous in femenine clothes, it's not made for a shapeless triangle body, it just make them looks more manlish. I just want cute boys dressing as cute boys but all i can find is ayydens.

No. 1232808

File: 1621355148520.png (407.66 KB, 598x719, 65218761c428d4f1c849db41488b9d…)

No. 1232811

Yeah I wish more would realize this. No girl ever dresses like they do so I don't know what they're talking about when they say they are dressing like girls. That and they will look much "prettier" if they dress for the body they have. They don't have to wear suits or whatever. Dress for the body you have… unless they're delusional and think they're an anime trap.
No honey, you are not "passing" just because you grew your hair out.

No. 1232813

that profile pic tells another story lmao

No. 1232844

I bet pedos love this shit. The hormones and clothes just makes these guys look really young. Disgusting.

Men need to be rehabed from their porn sickness, and let's bring back cool old-school androgyny!

No. 1232845

I love how they all have grumpy 4 year old girls' faces

It's been said again and again but interesting how confident a fugly moid can be

No. 1232856

>you think i'm a degenerate faggot? w-well you're stinky!!

No. 1232890

File: 1621362016894.jpeg (286.4 KB, 2048x946, E0AVpt-XMAMjpS4.jpeg)

>>1232808 his girlfriend, my sides are out in the orbit

No. 1233112

File: 1621379283375.gif (905.81 KB, 320x190, C582D8BE-F987-4F58-AF5B-F4C55C…)

> bisexual

No. 1233724

They are filtered to shit too, so who knows how they look irl.

No. 1233773

Are they 12 or something? Wth are they wearing

No. 1233774

Now turn the filter off.

No. 1234663

Jeez you people are sad(no1curr)

No. 1234690

Go to coomer rehab.

No. 1234716

File: 1621542141035.gif (315.52 KB, 500x281, B69FFB05-8FC5-4F35-81FE-D6CD2B…)

No. 1235420


Do they think that pretending to be bi will get them closer to straight men ? It's fucked as hell dude i'm just noticing the parallels now.

mini blogpost about the "bisexual" femboy who hated my guts for no reason and tried to steal my bf by acting like a cool guy in front of him ? Ended up rearranging his face myself though that was for different reasons. Twinks cant even fight women lol

No. 1237166

Radfems: We're against gender norms
Also Radfems: Men being gender nonconforming is fetishism(ok retard)

No. 1237167

how do you retards keep finding this website

No. 1237172

>implying everyone here is a radfem
Ok retard.

No. 1237227

yikes that's an uninformed retarded take, nonnü

No. 1237245

This comment (especially addressed at someone who doesn't identify as a woman and isn't a Nazi) shows the real agenda behind radical feminist hatred of femboys and trans women, it's not to do with Nazis, women's bathrooms or sports, or hitting on lesbians or any of that stuff, it's just plain hatred of male gender nonconformity.

No. 1237258

>its just plain hatred of males
Fixed it for you. Dont worry though, you were so close!

No. 1237265

File: 1621906381152.jpeg (828.32 KB, 1387x1944, 1032FE5C-AE97-4C60-A281-D75EFE…)

fuck off autist, they’re only nonconforming insofar as it gets them off. they’re coomers.

and please stop bumping the thread, there’s been no milk for weeks, just let it get buried if it triggers you so much.

No. 1237295

Seeing as some retard posted us on twitter I think we can expect an influx of mentally impaired coomers desperate to lick the greasy assholes of that fugly degenerate faggot Kyuun and his fugly tranny “girlfriend”.

No. 1237297

Back to twitter with you, faggot. You don’t have to be a radfem to hate these degenerates

No. 1237298

Hyperkyun is a greasy faggot who gets off on wearing women's clothing

No. 1237315

is this the troon who tried to get attention in the mtf thread yesterday ban evading?

No. 1237520

The irony of this basement dwelling incest baby calling other people stinky, he looks like he reeks of cat piss and shit combined with stale BO and hot dog water. Imagine the stench being in the same room as him and his pet troon
LMAO no, we just hate misogynistic degenerates

No. 1237554

>hatred of male gender nonconformity

They aren't really noncomforming in their behaviour.
How about you guys stop conforming to the stereotype of porn and fetish-obsessed scrote?

No. 1237578

File: 1621951457804.jpeg (158.86 KB, 1024x768, 73C69485-116B-463E-A6BB-9F02C5…)

Right? Tell me how this looks like anything other than a moid who lives with his parents

No. 1237581

File: 1621951578673.jpeg (135.63 KB, 828x533, B540C9BB-F825-451F-A60C-488A71…)

No. 1237590

File: 1621952218558.jpeg (449.84 KB, 828x1052, 278E54ED-39DD-4027-A632-B22167…)

>I pass as female
My fucking sides, how is this loser so fucking delusional?

No. 1237601

Men really think anything with long hair "passes as female" just because they got autism and face blindness. You don't pass, Scrotey McMoid. You got bushy manbrows and a 5 o clock shadow.

Maybe you can fool some other autistic scrotes, but behind your filtered and carefully curated selfies you look like a man, move like a man and sound like a man.

No. 1237614

He should conform to society's standard of shampoo.

No. 1237622

I'd also like to know why femboys are so insistent on "not being troons". I have seen it from several who get offended when you call them trans, but where is the difference except the label? They still take estrogen, they still try to pass as female, their entire identity is their fetish. It is absolutely no different from trannies (you might say they keep their dick, but so do a lot of trans women).

It's the same thing under a different name, mostly because they realize that coomer chasers prefer it when they keep the dick and Tranime has made men in schoolgirl skirts popular. In the end you still try to be perceived as a woman and fail miserably.

No. 1237672

I think it’s just pickme behavior for gay twinks vying to fuck closeted “straight” men. “I’m not like all these other degenerates IM SPECIAL” .

No. 1237679

File: 1621959244812.jpeg (579.78 KB, 828x1255, 49FC88FA-B097-4E25-B362-3BEF9A…)

His twitter account is a goldmine of degenerate cringe, on what planet does this beta tranny chasing scrotelet resemble a woman?

No. 1237684

File: 1621959736212.jpeg (362.54 KB, 828x700, 7751E1E2-8C4E-4EA8-8F54-13A79F…)

lmao this is so embarrassing, the asspats in the replies have me wheezing, all the retards who orbit these faggots are fucking delusional degenerates

No. 1237686

File: 1621959769009.jpeg (465.76 KB, 828x1381, 9CC3DAB3-3B60-477C-8BC7-9CF773…)

No. 1237690

The ugly eyebrows and greasy hair checks out. Autistic coomers are the worst I swear.

No. 1237700

He looks like his parents are siblings

No. 1237703

They all seem to want to bang conservative guys who hate them as well. I guess because those are seen as more masculine, plus troons all hate themselves. Their ultimate fantasy in the end is being treated like a woman and fucking a straight man.

Too bad they will never ever fuck straight men, cause fucking traps (aka men) is gay and therefore the man was never straight to begin with.

No. 1237708

And to make it all the more cringe Kyuunt seems to legitimately believe he can pass for female, the cope is real

No. 1237717

Fucking a straight man or a lesbian, aka people who don't want them by definition. 100% of their sexuality revolves around being VaLiDaTeD.

No. 1237720

He looks like a boy with long hair. How can he call himself a trap? He wouldn't trap a blind guy kek. I just want to a log oh my godddd

No. 1237742

They don't care, they just want a masculine man to validate their "woman but better" narrative.

They remind me of those autistic chicks who think themselves special for having any kind of masculine interest or for "understanding" the male psyche and who try to force the one of the boys act. They think they have the best of both worlds but they're just isolated and miserable and lmao

No. 1237744

Was replying to >>1237703

No. 1237749

god DAMN this dude is fucking ugly and looks like he stinks

No. 1237774

Dead fish eyes.

No. 1238467

Looks like a legendary overbite. Nice stubble, too.

No. 1242071

File: 1622383312105.png (725.55 KB, 586x943, greasy_male.png)

I enjoy how all of them have greasy bangs that they use to hide their receeding hairlines?

Just like an anime gurl UwU! Shampoo? wat is that? nyaahh~

No. 1242076

File: 1622383589323.png (46.04 KB, 734x345, male.png)

>mix of gender features
Once again men think that being bad at being a man means you are womanly. I don't know why society tells people that. Being a low-testosterone faggot with a weak chin who grows out his hair is in no way female. Sorry, no female gender features found in this male and you will grow up to be an ugly moid like everyone else once you hit your 30s.

Femboys don't get old.

No. 1242084

File: 1622383908575.png (900.8 KB, 1186x972, can_you_tell_the_difference.pn…)


No. 1242103

File: 1622386220991.jpeg (266.53 KB, 828x1033, C381BB71-3B02-49E3-B407-9D245E…)

God these ugly fucking losers are such cringey degenerate faggots

No. 1242148

File: 1622390602861.jpg (27.37 KB, 400x300, centipede_MAIN.jpg)

No. 1242161

Funny that they all interact with each other and probably date each other too cause normal people don't want to be associated with this mental illness.

Legit would like to know if these people just decide to go full troon eventually or decide to just be normal gay men and then just regret that they shrunk their testicles to be empty and infertile and gave themselves cardivascular disease before even hitting 35.

No. 1242216

Why do troons and femboys always have terrible hair

No. 1242416

File: 1622410587185.jpg (66.13 KB, 523x720, 68C472~1.JPG)

No. 1242417

kek he/himmler

No. 1242422

File: 1622411205181.jpg (116 KB, 850x1024, disgusting.jpg)

just a reminder

No. 1242557

>when men are more autistic than women about gender
These faggots need to a get a grip

No. 1242708

File: 1622457284437.png (1.56 MB, 1790x1004, cafeman.png)

That's not even the worst of it. He is literally just a redditor soyboy who fell into the tranny-hole, missing his porn addiction in the timeline tho.

No. 1242709

File: 1622457545249.png (3.84 MB, 1532x1956, cafeman2.png)

Literally a perfect example of what too much internet does to a young homosexual male who has never gotten attention in his life.

No. 1242710

File: 1622457970366.png (982.37 KB, 1502x666, cafeman3.png)

Honestly amazing what 3 years of porn addiction and falling for 4chan memes can do for you! If you believe the tranny shitposts about turning into the anime girl, you too can become an impotent suicidal man whose parents are disappointed in him!

No. 1242711

>alt right
Christ this ugly faggot is an actual retard.
And they wonder why we call them Nazis. Hyperkyuun seems like less of a /pol/tard than this degenerate and like he might have a legit intellectual disability but this faggot is a straight up piece of shit. He was fugly as a soyboy and he is fugly as a “trap” (let’s be real, no one with functioning retinas will never mistake this degenerate for a woman)

No. 1242714

>taking care of yourself
Worms in the brain confirmed. I love how all these faggots have recessed/weak chins, they’re literal mouth breathers

No. 1242715

The funniest thing is that the Nazis would have immediately executed him for his faggotry, cause you know they expected men to be men and produce aryan children for the masterrace instead of turning themselves into imporent drains on society. I get that he's only trying to be edgy because "UwU alt-right fascist want to bang my bussy" but nobody who is an actual conservative or alt-right wants anything to do with transexuals, cause they can't make babies.

I'd like to know what he looks like without 6 layers of vaseline smeared on his camera lense and the UwU filters.

No. 1242719

File: 1622458521284.jpeg (321.66 KB, 828x1074, 1B03698D-CB1C-4799-BA5B-1966F4…)

lmao this tranny cunt, the site is designed to make it unusable for speds with an IQ in the double digits like you, faggot. For people raised on 4chan they’re fucking imageboard illiterate

No. 1242720

File: 1622458534541.png (541.66 KB, 730x892, tranny.png)

I-I-I am not l-like the other t-trannies! I swear! I don't even want to be a gross woman!

No. 1242722

Hyperkyuun is a kike (he has been posting in hebrew and calling it “his language” and retweeting his brain dead troon “girlfriend”s sperg tweets about israel) so he definitely would have been sent to the ovens regardless. Cafebeef looks like his parents were siblings so they probably would have done experiments on him(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1242723

File: 1622459058891.jpg (7.68 MB, 3752x2048, moidbeef.jpg)

The receeding hairline, fleeing chin and lack of upper lip with a longer philthrum than even Shoe0nWho and rabbit teeth are truly unfortunate genetics for both a male and a female.

Blind as a bat too judging from the mole-glasses he never takes off because it's the only way to make his eyes look big like an anime gurl.

No. 1242724

The filters can't even hide his 5 o clock shadow. He did have good beard genetics judging from the pretransition pics and he could have just been an average homosexual male with a bald head and big bushy beard.

Like >>1242161 said I wonder what these people's plans for the future is because "femboy" is something you can only be up until your mid 20s, no matter how much you delay your puberty with blockers, you will eventually look like a grown ass man. What do femboys do when they turn 30?

No. 1242725

File: 1622459263454.jpeg (198.71 KB, 828x570, A60C7399-B148-4B94-97BF-6E63A5…)

Holy fuck he is hideous. Looks like we’re gonna have to move him to the MTF thread in the foreseeable future, he is either going to troon out or scam people under the guise of trooning out

No. 1242727

What the fuck is that hair? If you’re going to LARP as a woman at least put some effort in

No. 1242730

File: 1622459531810.jpeg (146.87 KB, 773x428, D2D1ACF8-9F28-4F20-8CEE-00B245…)

topkek, cry harder faggot

No. 1242732

File: 1622459681165.jpeg (317.64 KB, 828x939, CECD0E6A-7C6D-4CD2-90E4-1AB07F…)

3edgy5u not like other trannies

No. 1242736

File: 1622460000869.jpeg (366.97 KB, 828x1391, 4571FC43-4524-4CC3-A6EF-8E69B0…)

I hate these degenerates so much

No. 1242737

>What do femboys do when they turn 30?
an hero, hopefully

No. 1242739

File: 1622460707607.png (1016.1 KB, 1557x959, cafeman4.png)

Probably only likes how he looks in pictures because they are filtered and flattering but then catches a glimpse of his actual face in the mirror or a store window and wants to cry, kek.

I made an attempt to get an idea of what cafeman looks like without his eye-enlargening animu glasses. Man I would want to scream too if I saw this in the mirror.

No. 1242740

File: 1622460729159.jpeg (128 KB, 811x308, 009AB85E-001E-431C-970C-CF1831…)

No. 1242750

>those before pics
No wonder he hates women lmaoooo

No. 1242758

you shouldn't give this nobody attention like this, it's probably what he wants

No. 1242769

File: 1622465611193.png (198.52 KB, 1000x652, cafebeef.png)

No. 1242778

He probably hates feminine women because they remind him that he'll never be able to look like that naturally KEK.

No. 1242793

File: 1622467972052.png (871.14 KB, 2464x1606, alternateBeef.png)

Alternate version with the filters applied UwU

No. 1242813

File: 1622470596603.png (872.39 KB, 1492x2612, moid_take.png)

Moidbeef is upset about being called an ugly man.

REEEE women are so catty! Unlike gay men like me, who are never catty and never makes catty comments about how ugly TERFs are.

>Nooooo you can't call me ugly even tho I call people ugly all the time!

>NOOOO you can't talk about me but I have literally thousands of tweets shitting on TERFs and other women!

No. 1242821

File: 1622472078781.png (249.2 KB, 1496x1228, femboy_surgery.png)

So let me get this right.. this "totally not a troon" wants the UK government to pay for his facial FEMINIZATION surgery to look more like a woman because he has "UwU disphoria" so they tell him "ok you gotta say you are officially a troon then because troon surgeries are only free for troons" and he goes REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am not a troon! How dare you! I just want surgery to look like a woman while being a man! It's totally different!

Literally the level of cope. Absolutely astonishing.

No. 1242831

File: 1622472837488.png (24.34 KB, 738x170, femboy_surgery2.png)

>The government should pay for whatever unnecessary cosmetic surgery I WANT!
>The taxpayers MUST pay for me to live my fetishistic livestyle!
>They have no right to force me to identify as a woman to get female to male sexual reassignment surgeries!

Rofl the entitlement only a mentall ill troon can exhibit.

No. 1242834

File: 1622473108067.png (49.37 KB, 738x340, libertarian.png)

>The government MUST pay for me to get cosmetic surgery!

I don't think that's what libertarianism is all about.

No. 1242848

They do the same shit that cringe lefties do with communism.

Why must these exceptionals involve politics into their fetish?

No. 1242853

Cause all of these troons are either /pol/tards or commie trannies who think that under communism they will be allowed to sit at home all day while someone else pays for them to buy funkopops and Onlyfans subscriptions.

Cafebeef is not a libertarian, he's just a normal liberal who thinks he's edgy by wearing a nazi uniform.

A lot of political twitter accounts also follow these troons because honestly most of them are just big LARPers who vote for whatever lets them keep masturbating to lolicon and cut their dicks off.

No. 1242882

In case you were wondering 0xCAFEBEEF is a reference to ye olde computer science so he's also a programmer tranny.

No. 1242891

File: 1622480072662.png (235.42 KB, 1000x709, hyper_kuun.png)

Feel inspired today

No. 1242904

File: 1622481598950.png (752.91 KB, 1194x1142, hyper_kuun_troongf.png)

and his "femboy inclusive lesbian" troon gf

Why can't you homosexual males just be gay?

No. 1242924

Would love to see how small and beady his eyes are without the coke bottle glasses.

No. 1242926

File: 1622483957575.png (206.74 KB, 742x576, hrt_femboy_bf.png)

So they agree that they are just troons in denial? Finally some self awareness!

No. 1242973

File: 1622486122631.jpeg (27.82 KB, 292x282, 32C59075-3BE7-4D29-B692-B44DF7…)

I’ve been trying to figure out who Kyuun and his ugly boyfriend remind me of, and I finally realized it’s Steely Dan

Total androgynous icons, you guys. Much wow.

No. 1243073

File: 1622489528921.png (921.39 KB, 2300x1035, femboy_squad.png)

FEMBOY SQUAD assemble and set out to destroy the ugly TERFs! How long can they go without taking a break to coom?! Do they have other thoughts then "put penis in bum"? We will find out soon, maybe.

No. 1243114

My hot take is being gay doesn’t fulfill their pornrot.

Must. Be. Degenerate. In. Order. To. COOM.

No. 1243118

a master piece

No. 1243120

But in the end they are still just fucking other men in the ass, pretty degenerate already if you ask me.

I think it has more to do with being jealous of women, which most gay men are because they want to bang straight men, but straight men want women and are attracted to femininity and not to moids.

No. 1243146

Spot on, anon.

No. 1243154

This is great.

No. 1243342

File: 1622514771100.jpeg (102 KB, 828x461, 214C0D68-C43A-41A9-AB57-2D5496…)

lmao now he is suicide baiting, all the comments are licking his crusty asshole except this one

No. 1243344

This is amazing anon, I’m cackling
He is such a dumb cunt. He is clearly lurking here and we’re clearly getting to him, kek

No. 1243368

he looks like a down syndrome george costanza

No. 1243383

File: 1622519715132.jpg (845.52 KB, 1784x3968, E2u7C_xWQAYGtI2.jpg)

I'd kill myself too if I got this haircut

No. 1243403

KEK anon you are amazing. Holy fuck

No. 1243445


No. 1243459

I will never cease to kek my ass off over these degenerate incest babies thinking they look better than actual women, imagine living your life being this bitter. It’s such a cope for being ugly as sin. Keep seething, faggots

No. 1243473

File: 1622534580536.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 520.03 KB, 1465x1516, 79B80401-F2AF-4FA6-85F4-EF8C34…)


No. 1243480

File: 1622535408497.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 229.89 KB, 828x731, 02AD0817-DC21-4FF2-BC3F-A23916…)

Holy shit, the degeneracy of this RosieKawaii moid (unspoiler at your own peril because NOT SAFE FOR LIFE)

No. 1243482

File: 1622535552749.jpg (134.24 KB, 683x1024, old_femboy.jpg)

Real women just can't compare to receeding hairlines in their early 20s and beard stubble on a box-body with no waist. Eternally BTFO! How will we ever recover?

Heck even ugly and balding women are prefered by men as partners because having sex with us doesn't stink like shit and can give them children. In the end these abominations have absolutely nothing to look forward to in their life past the age of 30, no families, no husbands, not even a working erection. The chasers on their twitter will move on to a younger twink and leave them old, broken and alone. Completely destroying yourself in your 20s because of pornrotten brains, tragic.

No. 1243484

File: 1622535733507.jpeg (245.79 KB, 1251x2048, 83632689-9941-4E57-A6CC-5E7815…)

LMAO what the fresh fucking faggot is this, he has 250k followers, the absolute state of coomers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1243485

No need to selfpost your porn here, women aren't going to follow a faggot.

No. 1243493

File: 1622536167612.jpeg (329.33 KB, 828x609, 1580E01A-9219-4F32-AFC2-954535…)

Of course his boyfriend is a furry. Of fucking course.

No. 1243497

Don't reply to self-advertisers, just report and move on.

No. 1243592

Cafebeef is better than you bitter legbeards will ever be, kys misandrist scum.

No. 1243594

>drawing beard shadow and an adams apple on people who clearly don't have them
>haha i owned the moids
lmao you people are retards. Then again you're feminists so that goes without saying.

No. 1243596

well except for the third one but she doesn't identify as a femboy

No. 1243604

HRT femboy here, no intention of an heroing any time soon, cry more feminist scum. Also since I'm on HRT, I'll age like a woman and not a man.(scrote)

No. 1243607

File: 1622557784152.png (33.16 KB, 744x314, cafemoid.png)

We won't kill ourselves cause we're not mentally ill genderfucks, but I don't think telling people to commit suicide is something a good person would do. I rate this 0/10 UwU's.

No. 1243610

File: 1622557869101.png (1.36 MB, 1766x796, manly_moon_face.png)

lovely 5 o clock shadow on his manly moon-face

No. 1243611

>not mentally ill
lol that's a good one(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1243612

File: 1622558161805.jpg (38.74 KB, 756x780, femboy.jpg)

Femboys when the Instagram filter slips off.

No. 1243615

File: 1622558353985.jpg (207.75 KB, 644x997, the seethe.JPG)

There's a thread up on /lgbt/ about this right now. I looked up the file in the archive and there's two pages worth of people spamming a screenshot of the OP everywhere, all different filenames so it's multiple people. I've been on this site for almost a year and don't think I've quite seen so much seethe over one thread until this one popped up.

(polite sage for no milk)

No. 1243618

File: 1622558408369.png (163.05 KB, 866x658, d7gidtt-18b09999-6623-4375-82e…)

No. 1243620

This is one of the ugliest motherfuckers I’ve ever seen kek. Much fem.

No. 1243621

Literally only know about any of these people because they screech on twitter about the evil TERFs so much lel. Cafebeef especially is constantly seething about TERFs being ugly.

Gay men have always hated women, TERF or not, because they want to fuck straight men and know they can't compete with women on the sexual market. Women control the sexual market-place, men never will, even if they put on a dress. Sorry fellas.

Ofc TERFs treat trannies and femboys with the same disgust, you are literally the same thing with a different label, the delusion lel.

No. 1243622

File: 1622558841612.png (13.45 KB, 988x158, misogyny.png)

point in case

>hate women cause straight men want to fuck them and not me

No. 1243631

File: 1622559507744.png (40.49 KB, 1884x284, tripfag.png)

imagine tripfagging on 4chan, cringe

I knew all of them are 4chan tards, that's how young incel NEETs turn into trannies and degenerate homosexual coomers in the first place. Such an echo chamber of coomers where every threadpic is porn and grooming memes telling them "just put on the socks, your life will be better".

Their parents honestly deserve having these disappointments as kids because they gave them unlimited internet access.

No. 1243637

These people really do live inside their own heads wow. No one is knocking you because you’re feminine, they’re doing it because you’re delusional degenerate coomers with shit attitudes.

No. 1243657

Yeah I doubt anyone here even cares strongly enough about femboys to "hate" them, we are just making fun of you for being balding bearded men who think they pass as women, kek.

Also the confusion over my beautiful drawing, it's called a caricature and it probably looks closer to what you actually look like than your filtered selfies.

I understand the confusion tho cause their entire identity evolves around their fetish so they think TERFs must feel the same about being TERFs? Being a TERF is not an identity, hons. I know you literally spend all day rubbing your girly penises to men in skirts, while we don't really spend a lot of time thinking about being women, we just are.

No. 1243663

kek exactly, I’m sure a lot of the girls posting here are attracted to effeminate men who wear skirts (eg Harry Styles, Damiano David, Cody Fern, etc), we just hate misogynist faggot degenerate coomer /pol/tards. The fact that these losers are literal mouth breathers who look like their parents are banjo strumming siblings makes their tranny cope all the more hilarious.

No. 1243667

File: 1622562228816.jpg (899.51 KB, 1784x3968, cafeman5.jpg)

I mean caveman literally looks like a teenage boy without hiding behind filters/phone/hair, kek.

No. 1243668

He looks like he rides the short bus. Setting aside the mockery of these delusional fags LARPing as women for a moment, this moid seriously looks like he is retarded

No. 1243672

Holy fuck this is one of the most retarded takes I’ve seen/heard. The mental gymnastics and seething of these speds is topkek. Just face it boys, you’ll forever be ugly and jealous of women, no amount of surgery or hormones will change that

No. 1243676

File: 1622563307019.png (629.59 KB, 1494x1328, seethe.png)

caveman: TERFs are all misandrists! All they do is hate on men!

also caveman: literally seething about women for just existing all day every day

No. 1243682

Bro that thing you do with your lips doesn't make your mouth look like an uwu cat girl, it makes you look like a man who is missing several chromosomes. Fuck me this guy is so incredibly ugly, he repulses me on a deep, visceral level.

No. 1243683

> women are so desperate for attention that they’ll say all this rather than just accept that they’re normal
Has this retard read his own profile or seen what mtf troons do

No. 1243689

He's not normal tho, he is a mentally ill tranny in denial.

All these dudes are really just "not like other troons" trannies. They know that trannies are universally despised and associated with the most ugly men like Yaniv so they want to make their own club, but in the end they still want to be women because they got brainrot from porn, just like every other troon.

They can screech and yell that "it's not a fetish" all day but literally their entire twitter timelines are "sex, fetish-shit, porn, OnlyFans, cum, cum sex, cum, cum in butt, I am but a bussy hole, cum cum" it's the exact same thing as any other tranner.

No. 1243695

File: 1622564703976.png (22.71 KB, 728x190, cringe.png)

>tfw never gonna have a conservative bf because they want tradwife virgins who bear them many children and not mentally ill men in drag

so tragic really uwu

Hey maybe you can find a fat incel NEET who LARPS on /pol/ about defending the whuite race while cooming to BLACKED porn, I guess that's about as close as you will get to your dream-man.

No. 1243698

i would love to find out where cafebeef works…england has loads of hate crime laws etc. would be nice to watch him lose his mind after getting fired(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1243699

You think he works? Optimistic.

No. 1243704

Making fun of him on a gossip forum is one thing, but like, calling up an internet rando's workplace to try and actually ruin his life just because he said some edgy shit online is taking it a step too far. Relax and cool off, anon.

No. 1243706

Anon is probably just a troon saying shit to make TERFs look bad tbh so they can say "LOOK THEY ARE TRYING TO GET HIM FIRED!"

No. 1243713

File: 1622566145284.png (13.81 KB, 1236x136, cope.png)

Lel, once again proof that they really get their entire self-worth from other men wanting to have sex with them.

You can have the gay chasers, we don't want them. Even the most average looking woman can fire up Tinder and have 100 chads line up to fuck her at any given time cause men are so thirsty.

Imagine thinking men wanting to fuck you is an achievement, when it is just a given part of being born female, sad.

No. 1243716

Like we are not even in the same dating pool. The men who want to bang femboys are gay, the men who want to bang women are straight. There is literally nothing to be jealous of as a woman when two gay men have sex, kek.

No. 1243721

File: 1622567553877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.47 KB, 1080x720, twink.jpg)

Never delved into /LGBT/ before but after looking into a different thread I don't think I ever want to.

Spoiler cause horrifying.

No. 1243728

File: 1622568686510.gif (1.25 MB, 400x298, db4630d474b260bfa1eac6a3ddd2df…)

>I hate women immensely as a gay bottom
Die alone fag

No. 1243846

Yeah - because the LAST thing we want is for dude to have more free time to obsess over his hatred of us.

No. 1243957

What ppl do here i just discovered this site right now its all soo confusing

No. 1243958

File: 1622591198300.jpeg (208.48 KB, 828x734, 5CCD3976-97CA-4A3B-A6D8-E6D1FF…)

lmao, imagine being almost 30 and behaving like this misogynistic piece of shit

No. 1243962

File: 1622591497525.jpeg (346.14 KB, 828x659, AF75BB11-B38F-47B4-AF35-07C766…)

Fucking kek, he and his racist tranny boyfriend really drew the short straw when it came to looks (and everything else tbh)

No. 1243968

ffs would it kill any of them to learn how to do eyeliner correctly? It's floating so far above the lashline, ontop of that they didn't even put on mascara. Fucking obnoxious

No. 1243971

Not gonna lie i really wish i could understand what is happening here

No. 1243981

This is so bleak

No. 1244001

lmao imagine being male, I’d be seething too

No. 1244023

File: 1622597710448.jpeg (117.52 KB, 1061x509, 8FD757E8-AD19-4CDF-8F6E-01ECEA…)

lmao these faggots are so proud of being fugly coomers

No. 1244042

>self hating scrotes browsing this site and posting it to other websites attracting more scrotes
Here we go again

No. 1244066

File: 1622603213244.jpeg (145.48 KB, 828x455, AE047A75-E09B-40D9-8F19-FC8FF0…)

Not just an ugly scrote but a fatty too

No. 1244068

File: 1622603290548.jpeg (330.42 KB, 828x1082, A6271523-7606-4B0F-A82B-51B8E9…)

This is what mental illness looks like

No. 1244079

All this thread is a sad pile of hate hidden behind a layer of "humor"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1244083

imagine choosing a life where you only have an expiry of 12 years due to porn brain-rot.

No. 1244086

Quite better than being a male for 60 years more it is what is is

No. 1244096

Why did he look 35 at 17?

No. 1244101

They kind of do that to themselves, so they’re the only ones at fault for acting like retards, let’s only hope that these idiots go away without disturbing anyone.

No. 1244108

File: 1622609797970.jpeg (463.67 KB, 828x1135, 834EDDD6-4BB4-4D62-91E2-63CC6A…)

This absolute piece of shit

No. 1244117

The ones that only seem to have had one "good" day are so obvious lol, dude had a good hair day and he's going to ride that shit on Twitter until he dies. Non-frizzy hair ALMOST distracts from his recessive chin, messily applied makeup and hawk nose. Imagine a girl who only took like three good pictures in her life and thinking that made her hot. The half life on XYs is so short, it's truly tragic.

No. 1244149

File: 1622620777392.jpg (38.41 KB, 630x849, dont be fooled.jpg)

I have stumbled upon this guy at least 4 times in the internet by accident. He used to have a PH account too and posted some lewd stuff on his twitter but now he's gone. Anyother of you suckers has seen him too?

No. 1244155

I am so confused as to why they think that TERFs are all "manly" and hate femininity? Or that we are troons ourselves, either FtM or MtF? Are they confusing TERFs with tumblr Aidens? It must just be cope, cause I don't know a single TERF who isn't just a completely normal woman and most are married and have children.

The SJW dangerhair Aidens are actually the only women who support this troonery. LGBTQP+ women are on your side, guys! Normal women, conservative women and traditional feminine women hate degenerate coomers because we don't want you anywhere near children and you are a direct thread to family values. You are all pedophilic loli fetishists on top of representing a degenerate miserable lifestyle that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I embrace femininity, for women. Not for men. You should try to pick up a job and contribute something useful to society, since men's value is mostly labor and you do none of that when you sit at home getting HRT paid for by the government.(derailing )

No. 1244157

These people are literally a net-negative for all of society.

They waste tax-payer money to get surgery and medication only to later kill themselves when they realize they are still unhappy. A lot of them don't work because they are NEETs because of their mental illness. If they have a job it's in sex-work which negatively affects all of society. They have weird fantasies about being housewives despite being unable to bear and rear children. And on top of that they groom young incels into their cult on Discord and 4chan all day long to make more useless degenerates.

You don't even have to be a TERF to think these people are completely uselss pieces of shit that the world would be better off without.

No. 1244159

It’s a combination of cultural illiteracy and being basement dwellers with no social interaction outside the mustiest corners of the internet. To your point, all my female friends are radfems/TERFs and we’re all feminine vain bitches, no legbeard femcels like /pol/tards insist is the norm for anyone who identifies as feminist. These faggots take everything they read on tumblr/twitter/4chan at face value because it suits their misogyny. There’s nothing wrong with men embracing femininity in that way that rock musicians have been doing for the best part of a century, what we’re objecting to is them LARPing as women (or rather what they think women look like, as per several other posts itt none of these degenerates look remotely feminine, they’re all very obviously ugly men with long greasy hair, receding hairlines, non-existent lips and receding mouth breather chins) and trying to occupy female spaces while screeching violent misogynist vitriol

No. 1244161

I mean they are not even "embracing feminism", it is literally just their fetish or a cope for being loser males. For some reason men always think that failing at being a man makes you feminine by default. Literally their behavior is the furthest thing from feminine.

I agree that they probably just don't know any women in real life so they don't know that women have a wide spectrum of personalities. Literally try walking up to any normal woman on the street while being dressed in a maid dress or schoolgirl shirt and thigh-highs while clearly male and see them be disgusted by you. It's just a natural impulse for women to be disgusted by men that are clearly non-reproductive losers. It's simple biology to find them repulsive because they are sick, twisted ill individuals and a crude carricature of a human being.

No. 1244165

>better than being a male
But you are a male either way, honey. Your choice is between being a normal gay man and being a fetishistic degenerate, but you can not chose to be a woman.

No. 1244166

File: 1622626938297.png (1.24 MB, 1578x1196, hekkin-chonker.png)

He's a hekkin chonker indeed. That android fat distribution, tho. So feminine.

No. 1244172

That’s exactly it, they have no point of reference for femininity beyond anime cat girl lolicon uwu pedo baiting degeneracy. They’re basing their femininity on a depraved fetish. No one who is of sound mind is attracted to that. They claim the feminists are mad because men want to fuck these “traps” rather than biological women, which is beyond delusional. No woman wants to fuck a man who is attracted to this trash, it’s all one giant cope for being an ugly, mentally ill faggot

No. 1244173

lmao those thighs could cause an earthquake

No. 1244190

I actually support all mtfs going around sexually assaulting regular scrotes in the bathroom kek

No. 1244295

I just don’t get why he’s so confident he passes as female?? He is clearly a dude, even at a glance. That caveman brow…,

No. 1244313

this. he looks like a metalhead who used an eyebrow pencil kek

No. 1244444

File: 1622668090862.jpg (47.04 KB, 632x632, 1948462805.jpg)

>all my female friends are radfems/TERFs and we’re all feminine vain bitches
>yfw you actually read radical feminist theory and realize that it's critical of femininity and beauty standards
Hating men and troons does not make you radfem. This is exactly what admin said when she called you dumbasses TELFs.

No. 1244481

>using a moid reaction image

No. 1244503

File: 1622674486359.jpeg (311.93 KB, 828x1096, DA30B12F-4A74-4529-8D17-15858D…)

>tfw you perpetuate negative stereotypes of feminists and validate the moids who believe feminists are an ugly, hairy monolith

uwu I need validation give me validation

No. 1244509

File: 1622675982446.jpeg (379.24 KB, 779x654, 366C90FD-45FF-4BF5-B1C3-183225…)

This is so unfortunate

No. 1244595

I wish at the least they could get over their woman issues long enough to watch a damn Tati video

No. 1244610

Usually I complain about when trannies don't tightline their upper waterline but this is barely even on the lashline. Makeup tutorials are free, how can they be this retarded?

No. 1244618

this pic is giving me serious amanda baggs vibes

No. 1244620

Keep coping because you got caught not knowing shit about radical feminism kek. Who even gives a fuck about what moids think.

No. 1244829

because like all men they assume innate knowledge on all subjects, including how to apply eyeliner. The autism also prevents them from being able to notice that they look any 'different' than normal women, to this guy it's just all the same, his eyeliner looks like a celebrity's!

No. 1244884

Autistic men have some kind of face-blindness where they literally can't tell apart women and men except for "has long hair and wears a skirt" and "has a beard and wears pants". Famously known for this is tranny Kevin Gibes.

I know an autistic man who literally thinks that 6'4 drag queens in rainbow wigs are women, because they wear women's clothes.

Combine that with the fact that all these people lie to each other constantly to boost each others egos. "Yeah hunny you totally pass! Can't even see your 5 o clock shadow baby!"

I absolutely believe that Hyper_Kyuun truly believes that he passes, even tho every woman to ever take a glance at him can tell.

No. 1244958

File: 1622720305749.jpeg (687.73 KB, 828x1229, D189A1A0-8F6C-41D3-80D3-F29185…)

I agree with this 100%

No. 1244961

File: 1622720513720.jpeg (40.38 KB, 411x468, 73D0D4C7-6DFF-45BD-BE4C-4DBC3F…)

This is what he looked like at the age of 23 when he claims he was a “soy boy”. Motherfucker looks like a fucking middle aged nonce who hangs around playgrounds in a plastic anorak. Also nice beard for someone with muh gender dysphoria

No. 1244963

File: 1622720550333.jpeg (32.08 KB, 739x415, 75DE2082-4A3D-4329-8ED1-2B93C0…)

No. 1244994

I see he chose to crank up the filter to 11 to hide the beard stubble… poorly.

No. 1245004

File: 1622724276434.jpeg (389.44 KB, 741x579, 4B796E66-7797-4BED-9814-B74197…)


No. 1245007

File: 1622724399221.jpeg (33.99 KB, 476x644, 31D29C7D-3B18-4EB8-B70C-80A244…)

The way all these faggots abuse filters is hysterical. This stupid cat girl paper cut mouth thing triggers me

No. 1245262

KEK the beard doing all the heavy lifting and concealing a chunk of his face. His bare face looks repulsive but that’s not really a shocker.

A permanently stunted incel who fags out and still can’t cope with being a social reject. Of course he’s insanely obsessed with women too, no such thing as too cliched.

No. 1245271

File: 1622746970245.png (30.13 KB, 741x292, cafe_cringe.png)

Cafebeef is desperate for clout from a more popular tranny and also would like to remind us for the 100th time that he is such an UwU smoll bean!

No. 1245350

File: 1622752840891.jpg (507.35 KB, 2112x1568, combover.jpg)

Dang look at this cute feminine combover and mustache stubble, real women could never!

No. 1245351

but his hair is long and he's posing in front of plushies! he's sooooo kawaii

No. 1245352

He looks as if a creepy fat old man found filters.

No. 1245358

I'm sorry, but is he doing something to his lip? Facetune? He has the STRANGEST fucking mouth

No. 1245362

>inflates cheeks to look totem cagüaii
It always makes them look like balloon heads, specially with that huge ass forehead, his head has probably one of the most unfortunate shapes I’ve ever seen.

No. 1245365

Needs more combover.

No. 1245374

File: 1622754329637.png (1001.24 KB, 952x1122, trotsky.png)


Sorry you are correct, fixed

No. 1245387

I don't even think he's doing that, his fat ugly sped face is literally just a perfect circle. And as we all know, circles are very feminine uwu.

No. 1245431

Damn you, anon - I laughed and dribbled Cherry Coke Zero out of my nose! Burns like a motherfucker.

No. 1245444

Good god that combover fringe looks so tragic. It's absolutely bizarre how he looks like a man nearing his 30s even with all those filters.

No. 1245479

So smol and feminine uwu, women must be jealous

No. 1245494

Hyper Kyuun for God sake you look like Kim Jong Un, you moon faced fuck

Either fill your eyebrows in or shave them into anine triangle brows, they look spastic mate

No. 1245511

He needs to get a whole new skull so he can even look decent.

No. 1245518

It's the moonface plus bushbaby visage that just kills me with this guy. What a mess.

No. 1245590

File: 1622771147918.jpg (23.79 KB, 457x344, file.JPG)

Blow a wet brap in my direction, ladies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1245615

Good Lord… Sometimes I wonder if “testosterone poisoning” is a real thing because all these white dudes wanting to be cute anime girls always have hyper masculine features and premature balding.

I don’t understand. Why not cover that dome with bangs and groom his eyebrows at the very least? It would help him substantially. These Western “traps” are so ridiculously low effort compared to the average Asian cross dresser. Even regular gay dudes have better sense of fashion and makeup. Looking as busted as the ghouls that haunt the HER app, with an equal aversion to moisturizer.

No. 1245739

File: 1622793733530.jpeg (8.27 KB, 300x168, images (2).jpeg)

>bushbaby visage
lmao anon. same thinking except I had a slow loris in mind.

No. 1245759

File: 1622798030185.jpeg (142.49 KB, 828x381, BFEA0B9B-25B3-4F94-BE1D-C57853…)

This is some onision shit, he is so embarrassing

No. 1245760

Hyper Kyuun looks like someone photoshopped mackerel eyes onto the giant baby from Spirited Away

No. 1245768

File: 1622799413163.png (112.5 KB, 449x364, B0FB91E7-38D9-41FB-BF65-EA2C1B…)

All I see when I look at him is this

No. 1245842

File: 1622809670064.jpeg (495.33 KB, 781x1224, 8008F86E-DD35-49E8-9458-601658…)

This miserable, racist cunt, jfc

No. 1245843

Pretty sure that is just his desperate attempt to find the conservative nazi boyfriend of his dreams. A weird fantasy a lot of trannies have out of self hatred.

"b-b-ut /pol/tard-senpai I am one of the good ones! I totally hate the blacks! See I have a swastika tattoo on my bussy! Kawaii-nazi-desu!"

Just incel things.

No. 1245846

Hyper Kyuun really is cock eyed. If you spoke to him on the street he could have one eye on you and one eye watching a bus around the corner

No. 1245888

It's so fucking weird that troons and troon adjacent "femboy" homos are so attracted to men who absolutely think they're degenerate abominations. Like ive never heard of a black girl thirsting over white supremacists or anything of the sort, it's just trannies who specifically want to date people who look down on them. Just goes to show that their idea of womanhood/femininity hinges on being degraded.

No. 1245914

He's not gonna suck your dick, simp.

No. 1245932

Being this tryhard and your joke still doesn't make sense? Proof men aren't funny.

No. 1245937

File: 1622824114463.jpg (31.42 KB, 768x540, Brian-Peppers.jpg)

Holy shit i had no idea Brian Peppers is trans now!

No. 1245965

I love you anon. I was not expecting anyone to reference Brian Peppers in this current year. Kek.

No. 1245966

I hate these nazi loving faggots, nazis would have killed them on sight for not being a normal man

No. 1245975

File: 1622828395926.png (1.34 MB, 1100x1704, 1622208138470.png)

Anon, idk if you've ever visited the TERF thread in Crystal Cafe, but the Nazis were notoriously sexually deranged and often expressed this through cross dressing. All moids are still broken and ugly no matter what beliefs they have

No. 1245997

>tens of millions of males were consociated, someone of them happened to be crossdressing fetishes
I mean its not really an accurate judgement for the Third Reich, cause the average German didn't even understand what Nazism fully was, with the exception of the SS the German soldiers can't be called Nazis in any sense, they were just conscript German soldiers

No. 1246008

samefag, don't take this the wrong way, this in one way it meant as a defense for Nazism which I consider a disgusting ideology
Its just something I dislike where people correlate average Germans and German soldiers as being Nazis, even the cross dressing pervert conscripts were better then Nazis imo

No. 1246009

I mean what did you expect from a bunch of crackers doing insane amounts of crank and being around a bunch of other moids?

No. 1246020

Holy shit he looks eerily similar to one girl I went to high school with. She was bullied for her looks for the longest time, she also had these mousy messy hair with side bangs, unkempt face and clothes, even similar glasses. It's crazy how low the bar is for them, what's called ugly in woman is enough to have a social media attention and a huuge ego when it's a man. Bar is so low for them.

No. 1246075

File: 1622838705946.png (50.63 KB, 740x494, beefman.png)


No. 1246144

No. 1246148

File: 1622843997366.jpeg (150.36 KB, 828x503, ABD499B5-2999-4DB8-9DB1-A0E4A4…)

When fugly nazi edgelord cows collide

No. 1246149

LMAO, this faggot looked 45 when he was 20 due to his malding, now he has bangs that start at the back of his head in a poor attempt to cover up that hairline, no amount of hormones will fix that

No. 1246351

Oh yeah its worth noting that most of the German soldiers were literally on drugs, that made them more effective soldiers but also insane
they were basically on a stronger version of crystal meth that gave them more stamina and resistance to pain

No. 1246574

Count Dankula is a chaser. He follows and likes/retweets a bunch of tranny/femboy porn accounts. Which is especially disgusting when you know he is married with a newborn.

No. 1246586

File: 1622875762284.png (33.38 KB, 732x266, coomer.png)

They're all such disgusting coomers. It's totally not a fetish tho.

No. 1246587

File: 1622875801211.png (187.9 KB, 726x526, transbians.png)

Two men pretending to be women calling each other "girlfriend". How is this different from transbians again? Oh yeah, it's not.

No. 1246611

He has a tranny porn channel in his server, his wife has her own wholesome server, because she doesn't want to spend any time in his

No. 1246622

I really don't understand why she is with him. I get that she's british and doesn't have a choice of quality man, but I would never date a chaser who is just a repressed homosexual and will probably troon out himself in the near future. She must have no self-worth at all.

No. 1246658

>racist egirl
I love how they’re all such shameless bigots but will probably try to pass it off as le ironique when confronted

No. 1246659

The fact that they’re misogynistic pieces of shit LARPing as lesbians grinds my gears extra hard. If porn and 4chan hadn’t rotted what pitiful excuse they have for a brain they’d just be regular faggots but instead they live this miserable existence as degenerate coomers

No. 1246664

They will get their Karma in the end when they realize chasing the coom does not lead to a fulfilled life and that they will literally never live up to their porn-ideals and the trajectory of their lives will lead to them dying alone of necking themselves.

I'd say maybe they will grow out of it, but all these people are way too old already to still behave like this.

No. 1246697

well her dog went viral with the nazi pug thing, so that probably also hurts her chances and she doesn't have the option to go trad.
All the femboy and troon paypigs also bring in money so, maybe she just puts up with it for that? But they even came to her wedding lmfao

No. 1246714

The troons came to their wedding??? Proof?

No. 1246723

lmao seriously? which ones?

No. 1246742

File: 1622898088216.png (44.17 KB, 1357x466, dankbrigadelyra.png)

I can't quickly find exact evidence that troons and femboys went (unicornriot isn't easy to navigate), but a lot of people from the discord server did go and there are femboys/troons in the inner circle. In the second screenshot you see two women talking about people from the server going to the wedding (but coattails is an enbie lol) If you search for 'wedding', the big wedding they are talking about is Dankula's wedding. They used to have an entire wiki about the drama going on in the server, including some sort of femboy/trans wars thing? I wish I had more evidence than practically resorting to 'dude trust me'. Someone more autistic than me can probably provide more milk.
I can't recall if Lyra/Aryl really didn't go, but that is an alcoholic troon/femboy from the inner circle who constantly suicide baits.

No. 1247377

File: 1622951839327.jpeg (98.5 KB, 828x332, B0F47CE8-5ED4-4480-A944-EB6FC6…)

As if this ugly faggot has any business giving out advice

No. 1247379

File: 1622951968506.jpeg (354.79 KB, 804x665, 72DD09D2-CEE5-4409-BD8B-0DB631…)

Please kill me

No. 1247386

can he lurk any fucking harder? Jesus Christ. Thought you hated us, ugly.

No. 1247428

Add to that: Don't try to get an anime haircut when you are a 3D person. And stop being desperate for attention faggots.

I thought he wasn't going to post any more pictures cause he's such a hekkin chonker?

I see he went to the Cafebeef school of hiding your ugly mug behind your phone.

No. 1247429

File: 1622961581365.png (539.56 KB, 728x1336, twinks.png)

No. 1247434

File: 1622962364029.png (78.89 KB, 742x696, flat.png)

Tragic. Still balding, still ugly, still flat, still look entirely like a man, despite making the taxpayer pay for expensive hormone therapy that is detrimental to your health.

But he totally doesn't even want to be a woman and is totally happy being a manly man, right? Kek, cope harder caveman, you will never look remotely female. Your friends are all lying to you, just like you are lying to them.

No. 1247440

Most twinks are cute, this fugly cunt just looks like an inbred moid on hormones.

No. 1247444

kek yes, imagining this guy actually presenting himself as a twink to gay men. He'd just be a generic gay nerd, what's he thinking? Anyway, moids will fuck anything so I'm sure he'd still get dick. What a weird empty life these freaks lead. Imagine larping as one tiny aspect of the female experience (being sexually desired) and thinking it means anything at all?

No. 1247446

File: 1622964877943.png (437.57 KB, 748x742, delusion.png)

They live in a twitter echo-chamber where all their friends are either chasers or mentally ill like them and they all constantly reinforce each others delusions. Just like any other group of trannies.

Btw when I saw him post this I thought he had become self-aware for a second, but I think it's supposed to be a joke and he thinks he actually looks better than those "hons". This is exactly what him and his group of friends look like tho to an outside observer.

No. 1247480

KEK this is exactly what cavebarf and hyperkunt look like, imagine being this delusional

No. 1247485

File: 1622970294903.jpeg (43.4 KB, 602x236, 3A8E518B-9531-411E-828A-F87CA8…)

Keep coping you repugnant subhuman faggot

No. 1247488

then why the fuck he takes estrogen and dresses in his mom clothes? that's not androgyny, that's mental illness

No. 1247491

File: 1622970876235.jpeg (70.14 KB, 828x228, 7FC6DEA9-B761-4582-9D2C-DF6A9E…)

On top of suffering from generalized retardation this hideous loser also has a humiliation fetish. You can bet he is furiously refreshing this page while simultaneously crying and jerking whatever sorry excuse for genitalia he has

No. 1247494

File: 1622971057214.jpeg (236.91 KB, 828x1082, 5F94FE8D-DACE-4A00-A6D8-F18376…)

kek lurking as we speak

No. 1247495

No. 1247496

File: 1622971263642.jpeg (34.97 KB, 480x639, E69FB80D-05E8-428B-A604-2F96CF…)

I would hate myself too if I was unlucky enough to look like this

No. 1247500

File: 1622971470300.png (128.75 KB, 1194x740, Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 5.22…)

$100 this slob has never been called anorexic in his life. A real woman, or even an actual gay man, fishes for compliments way more effectively.

No. 1247501

the glasses and hair make him look so deformed. i can only imagine what he looks like without filters lmao

No. 1247503

I love that the blur filter is working overtime yet still can’t disguise that 5 o’clock shadow. He really has the most unfortunate genetics, no wonder he is so bitter

No. 1247505

He is balding basement dwelling bigot who probably subsists on nothing besides tendies and Doritos, he looks so grimy the stench permeates through the screen, the most exercise he gets is furiously typing misogynistic garbage with his greasy fingers

No. 1247506

He was whining about not having tits literally a few tweets ago. Pure cope.

But that's literally you tho. I honestly find it so hilarious that he doesn't realize he is a tranny like all the other trannies. Just because you are too much of a coward to go all the way and ask your mom to call you Eva, while all your friends already call you by a female name, doesn't mean you're not a troon.

No. 1247508

File: 1622972022371.jpeg (380.29 KB, 828x1457, F169D7B0-CC6B-4B68-9EE9-2D6D09…)

No. 1247509

Don't you know he is an ana-chan queen who only eats jell-o cups and drinks soylent in the hope of developing some titties (like a real man)?

Imagine being such a misogynistic man who is totally ok with being a man, but subtweeting the ebil TERFs who make fun of him all day and crying on 4chan that we are all mean old manhaters. How is cyberbullying real lol, just don't open lolcow.farm bro.

No. 1247513

File: 1622972732054.jpeg (50.9 KB, 480x640, 43EC9E8D-BC94-4D08-885F-0B91A4…)

so androgynous, nothing like those ebil foids!

No. 1247514

This is what a man who doesnt want to be a yucky woman looks like. Kek.

No. 1247516

File: 1622973168935.png (2.05 MB, 1590x1170, cafebeef.png)

I like how his lips always look like he can barely keep them closed because his natural state is an always-open mouth with rabbit teeth peeking out. Literal mouthbreather.

The fleeing chin and thick neck is peak feminine beauty.

No. 1247518

The greasy bangs plastered to his eighthead in an attempt to conceal that baldness never fails to send me. He was repulsively hirsute before he started taking estrogen, now what’s left of his eyebrows look like they’re trying to escape from his face. All that combined with the non-existent top lip that can’t conceal his Bucky English butter teeth is so fucking unfortunate, and it’s nothing but exactly what he deserves for being a disgusting piece of shit

No. 1247520

File: 1622973590280.png (3.96 MB, 2316x1772, kek.png)

Thick ass neck, shoulders way wider than the hips, no waist, no chin, gross bulge.

Yeah man, I can barely even tell this is a man. kek.

No. 1247521

I bet this dude is terrified of windy days. That's probably why he wears a cap in a lot of pictures. Don't want those bangs swept out of the way to reveal the hairline that starts in the back of his head.

No. 1247523

I love how his bangs literally start at the back of his head, as if that’s going to stop people from noticing that he is balding badly lmao

No. 1247524

File: 1622973970784.jpg (161.27 KB, 900x1200, 0xcafebeef.jpg)

This ugly balding man could have grown up to be just an average homosexual male once he went through a full puberty and maybe gained some muscle mass, he could have pulled a Neville Longbottom, but he decided he wanted to be a freak instead.

No. 1247527

That potato nose though, he obviously edits his pics to buggery now, you’d think he’d do something about the paper cut mouth and eyes that still look beady even when magnified by those awful glasses

No. 1247555

He went from an uninteresting ugly male to an uninteresting ugly female. He's the invisible mousy type.
I feel quite sorry for him, he's under average in both genders even though he tries so hard. And this is his carefully staged photo, it must be even sadder irl.

No. 1247560

>He went from an uninteresting ugly male to an uninteresting ugly male with longer hair
Fixed that for you

No. 1247615

File: 1622987325908.jpeg (138.64 KB, 828x407, 21376897-184F-4F23-93CB-7A2A4E…)

>I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 1247634

Is the comb+over also a joke? Heck we have been epically trolled, he is only injecting himself with estrogen and wearing womens clothes in a 4D chess move to troll the TERFS! What dumdums we are!

No. 1247754

Cool, another cow who talks us via their tweets

No. 1247856

Total dude-face defeats all filters!

No. 1248011

Radfems dont fight for men and men arent oppressed for trying to look like women you fucking failure. Femboys should be raped and killed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1248014

Of course hes autistic. autistic males are always failures

No. 1248017

What the fuck is this? Looks like the hunchback from notre dame kek

No. 1248018

Dont feel bad anon theyll all raise the male suicide rate soon enough.
Its clear they also have mommy and daddy issues because no parents could love such ugly worthless beings kek

No. 1248062

File: 1623021930518.jpeg (419.31 KB, 828x1492, A785B6B7-7624-40EA-AF67-F49A0C…)

my sides

No. 1248065

File: 1623021955860.jpeg (348.63 KB, 828x1075, B1B20941-F348-4CBA-BFD3-D28A1C…)

No. 1248120

"Femboys should be raped and killed" you sound like a deranged scrote

No. 1248365

Pretty pathetic attempt at blending in as a radfem tbh, women don't threaten people with rape. I rate this 0/10 UwU's

No. 1248403

File: 1623056497810.png (1.58 MB, 1956x812, cope.png)

Pretty hilarious how they lie to each other and then call it "BDD" when you don't agree with your friends fake compliments.

I think most women learn in their teenage years that the compliments your friends give you are to make you feel good about yourself, not a reflection of reality, but autistic males take them at face value.

Honestly that dude has way better proportions than our cafebeef, because he has unusually narrow shoulders, while cafebeef has the typical male V shaped body with very wide shoulders that will always identify him as a man. Dude on the left is also way skinnier. The huge manhands are hilarious tho.

No. 1248419

File: 1623059892974.png (533.77 KB, 782x493, seethe.png)

Manbeef probably hates women so much because we remind him how much he just doesn't pass and will never pass. Just standing next to a real woman will kill all illusion he manages to create with angles and filters.

Sure you can get all kinds of plastic surgeries or get fat-transferts to the hips, but you will always have big manhands, wide shoulders and a giant skull. You move in an unnatural way, you walk like a man, your voice immediately clocks you even if you put on your best shmork-smurf impression.

I would seethe too if I was him.

No. 1248422

File: 1623060279241.png (457.63 KB, 518x628, comparison.png)

Just look at the difference in the size of the hands and the shoulders, kek.

(not me, just a random girl off google)

No. 1248428

File: 1623060860965.jpeg (372.58 KB, 828x1433, 294FC2AC-9EF7-48D8-AABC-5E6250…)

The degeneracy

No. 1248434

As a wide-shouldered tall girl, I would never in a million years do poses like that or pretend to be uwu smol. It makes it so much worse. How do troons not understand this?

No. 1248435

Men that try to look like women? You mean.. trannies? The mental gymnastics at work here, kek.

No. 1248437

Why do they want to be uwu small girls if they hate women anyway? It's anime loli brainrot isn't it? Like AGP lite.

No. 1248439

File: 1623062260547.jpg (47.98 KB, 750x1077, 670e61b788ba457a6261866f065c13…)

Women with wide shoulders still look unmistakably female tho, kek.

No. 1248452

lol cuz it is a scrote. moids pretending to be RFs/women are always hilariously bad at it

No. 1248455

Somehow they never notice that radfems don't want them to be "raped and killed" and are actually against rape and violence, because they're so stuck in their moid fantasies.

No. 1248615

wursties always outing themselves by salivating about rape somewhere because all of their rage is incel in nature. meanwhile women find the idea of wanting to fuck something you hate and/or supposedly want dead inconceivable

No. 1248621

I pray to god 'wursties' catches on

No. 1248727

File: 1623087693566.png (64.9 KB, 735x607, whinge.png)

Even his friends are annoyed by his constant compliment-fishing and self-deprecating whining.

A new identity crisis every day but he's not gonna do anything but whine about it on twitter for asspats. Tell it to a therapist, moron.

No. 1248729

it's always fucking hilarious how phalloids can't pass even ANONYMOUSLY via TEXT, so how could they ever hope to pass when people can actually see them? there are convincing FTMs indistinguishable from scrotes both in looks and behavior, but men's inability to be women never fails to send me. guess you can easily downgrade, but not upgrade kek

No. 1248754

>guess you can easily downgrade, but not upgrade kek

Pretty good summary as to why the wursties fail to appear feminine.

No. 1248793

"It did nothing but make me look younger uwu" sounds like humble bragging

No. 1248834

I think he is under the illusion it stopped his premature balding, when he is just combing the hair from the back of his head forward now. But trannies are all very delusional about the effects of HRT. He looks much younger in this pic >>1247524 than he does now if you imagine him without the beard. If anything he looks older now because he lost all his baby fat and is now more angular looking.

No. 1248841

File: 1623094795973.png (163.11 KB, 788x1350, bdd.png)

Through his years of whining and fishing for compliments he has built up quite an impressive amount of ass-kissers.

>you need someone to beat or fuck the BDD out of you

Fucking sex obsessed coombrains.

He is right tho, none of his friends knows what he really looks like cause he only uploads carefully angled and filtered pictures. I'm sure he himself knows that he doesn't look like a girl irl. It's not BDD when you are a man and you're aware that you look like a man.

No. 1248846

sorry for the incoming OT sperg but i swear, shit like this is why the male suicide rate is so high. women listen to and support our friends when we're in pain for the most part, but what do men do? invalidate each other's feelings and say they need to get laid then leave it at that. they want to blame women for their depression but it really all stems from the fact that they have zero empathy for each other (almost as little as they have for women). they only want their bros around if it's fun for them. no emotional depth to their friendships whatsoever.

cafebeef is obviously a retarded misogynist and I don't have any sympathy for him but its just striking to me that his friends have none either. that's what he gets for surrounding himself with narcissistic degenerates I guess.

No. 1248853

Anon male suicide is higher because they choose more violent methods (they also own more guns, checks out). Women attempt suicide three times more, they also suffer from depression more. Men have it good because society coddles them, don't fall for the 'poor suicide victims bc men are lonely' meme.
Also sorry for ot.

No. 1248854

I'm ftm but I pass and fem can I still post here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1248857

Yup. Men always whine about not being allowed to cry or show their feelings like women do, but the reason for that is OTHER MEN. They are not willing to do emotional labour for their friends like women do, which is why a lot of then want mommy gfs who dote on them, they have no other support in their life other than their mother and their partner.

Lots of fucking talk about how epic bromances are, but when it comes to actually talking about your feelings they are complete failures because they are so egocentric. Plus these coombrains think every problem in their life can be fixed by sex. Which is why they turn themselves into freakshows to begin with, cause they are incels who think that once they are sexually desirable like women they won't have any more problems. Then they realize that's not true and rope.

No. 1248863

this is a board for women only so I'm not sure why you'd want to be here if you think you're a man inside

No. 1248884

if men had to live like women their suicide rate would be 20x

No. 1248887

"bromances" are nothing but cope performances for the wammins, they're entirely hollow and useless for anything besides ganging up on Stacy to pull her pigtails

No. 1248954

Most people here would still consider you a woman so yeah

No. 1249111

>but I pass.
No you bloody well do not.

No. 1249401

File: 1623139235708.png (479.67 KB, 948x432, toitle.png)

No. 1249489

File: 1623153583637.png (17.8 KB, 735x140, male.png)

Incels complaining about women having it so easy will never not be funny to me.

No. 1249491

This cunt is so aggressively ugly holy fuck, not even his parents could love a deformed degenerate of this caliber

No. 1249497

File: 1623153918713.jpeg (318.74 KB, 828x779, 9B760A7D-8BD9-42A4-AAC5-E9B914…)

>resident failed transitioner
he changed his bio to this kek

No. 1249498

Yeah he admitted earlier that he tried to transition and gave up. The whole "I am not like other tranners, I am totally fine being a man who just takes estrogen" is total cope.

No. 1249501

There’s no cure for being an ugly coombrain, he’ll be seething and coping for the rest of his mortal days

No. 1249508

hopefully his time is coming to a close somewhat soon

No. 1249610

Calm down.

He could just get therapy and be a normal gay man, but I think he prefers to wallow in self-pity. Not sure if you can fix the coombrain tho, homosexual males are all hedonistic and since they can't reproduce their entire goal in life is usually to chase after dick. Pretty sad and unfulfilling future either way.

No. 1249623

File: 1623164916211.png (616.15 KB, 586x931, blair.png)

The term "boymoder" is probably the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. Literally just a male.

Also lol that he thinks these filtered pictures of Blair with full face of foundation is "without make-up". Peak male to think natural make-up = bare face.

No. 1249666

File: 1623167053067.png (2.04 MB, 2320x1260, comb-over-parade.png)

Welcome to the comb-over parade! We got greasy bangs a plenty, every last hair from the back of your head gets combed to the front! HRT is magic yeah!

No. 1249668

File: 1623167196372.png (380.18 KB, 740x612, pedo.png)

I always thought the term "femboy" for adult men was kind of icky, but apparently pedophilia is just part of the deal. Judging from twitter interactions they are all friends and talk to each other on discord. Probably share their illustrated CP there as well.

Is any moid using 4chan not a pedo?

No. 1249695

>is any moid using 4chan not a pedo?

No. 1249706

god this tranny tries so hard to be different from the rest of em lol

No. 1249716

he reminds me of a Gamergate femboy troon who went by @chobitcoin, same /lgbt/ "i hate women anti woke not like the other troons" shtick. then he posted some blog about how his radical feminist stepmom wouldn't let him crossdress which was very oppressing kek

No. 1249785

anti woke troons are honestly a hilarious paradox

You know they are all anti-SJW fedora incels who reject feminism and sperg about evil femoids all day, but they just can't fight their pornsickness so they give in to their coombrains eventually and become everything they claim to hate

woke-ism and SJWs is why people like these are even allowed to exist in the first place and not bullied to suicide on the daily, very ungrateful troons

No. 1250003

That's what I hate about these edgy 4chan culture trannies, they act like they're better than the average woke lib tranny but they're the same thing but with more degeneracy

No. 1250132

I could kill women with one strike. It's amazing how much better men are than women.(scrote)

No. 1250137

based mommy

No. 1250173

go jack off to 0xcatheterbag faggot

No. 1250219

And i can kill a man. With my gun. Fuck off scrote.

No. 1250242

File: 1623203467101.jpg (427.68 KB, 1639x2048, licensed-image.jpg)

I know were "she" stole the look from….

No. 1250265

Don’t take the faggot bait ladies, let them seethe in their degeneracy knowing that they’ll never be one of us

No. 1250364

I will never be over the faces this guy makes. How… does it translate to anime waifu in his head? I just don't understand.

No. 1250437

File: 1623221107389.jpg (261.52 KB, 1200x900, CYd57jUWAAAxTYf.jpg)

honestly my dude, your best bet is accepting yourself for what you are. David Bowie was a beautiful man, and he was handsome too.
Striving for an unattainable goal is mental illness. People say that women have an expiration but that's a shitty way of looking at things. In my opinion men and women were made for each other, they're meant to be more than sex objects. And at the end of the day that's all a femboy is, a homosexual escapade turned identity. If your struggling with your identity try finding a productive outlet instead of playing with your asshole for hours at a time.

No. 1250439

File: 1623221201015.png (449.57 KB, 640x555, 1620783100723.png)

>can't be a woman no matter how much he tries

No. 1250443

File: 1623221830368.jpg (14.81 KB, 450x300, 55306515-fresh-and-raw-bratwur…)

lmao it's hilarious because when moids hit 28 they immediately look like melted garden gnomes. you can never recognize their past 20 year old selves in whatever balding blobs they become, especially if the man used to be a truly beautiful heartthrob type. just look at zac efron or leo dicaprio. honestly understandable why the bussifolx decide to troon out, even if they never had a lot of androgynous beauty to lose in the first place.

the notion that something that's designed for a shorter lifespan would somehow age better is probably a #1 moid cope, they all have MAJOR issues with mortality kek

No. 1250457

not to derail. but back in the day growing old together use to be a goal for couples, it was sweet and wholesome in a way. Because their love and personalities shone through the gray and wrinkles.
A lot of this gender stuff reminds me of how in the late 70's punks had a culture of "live fast die young".
I'd love to ask one of these people "where do you see yourself at 45?" just to see the look on their faces…

No. 1250459

>dainty ladyboi uwu
lmfao so which is it, ugly ass man

No. 1250488

Based post, but giving incels life advice is absolutely futile. They have convinced themselves that nothing withh ever get better and they revel in their victimhood. Blaming women/society/their mom for all their issues means they never have to try to self-improve and overcome their issues.

I think old people can be attractive when they own their age and especially: when they have accomplished something. Men like to say that "men age like wine" but that's only because older men usually have things that make them attractive other than their old wrinkly face, like a stable income, a family that loves them, a list of impressive accomplishments and a refined personality. Neither men nor women can rely on their looks forever (but moids are more shallow so old women kind of get dunked on a lot more). These ladyboys will end up with absolutely nothing to show for at the end of the day, kind of like the average aging camwhore. If your worth is only how fuckable you are to others, you will not be worth much for long cause younger more fuckable people are constantly showing up.

I think they are honestly too short-sighted to think about the future. Hedonistic people like this only chase the next coom and nothing else, which is why their life usually ends up in ruins with absolutely nobody who wants to be around them.

No. 1250503

File: 1623230870147.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 2038x1630, femboys.png)

Femboys sending each other pissing videos and talking about "cunny" which is another pedophile term for… well you can imagine. This one also posts pics of himself with pacifiers and plushies.

Honestly none of these people should be allowed to walk around in our society. They are dangerous to children not only because they are predators, but also because they will groom kids in discord to become degenerates like themselves by sending them porn and telling them "oh girls your age don't like you? haha i think you would be so cute if you just put on the socks"

Honestly fucking harrowing to think about raising kids in todays world and trying to protect them form people like this.

(spoilered image for cuts)

No. 1250505

File: 1623230998853.png (2.37 MB, 2104x1692, femboys2.png)

this ones brain seems to be completely fried

No. 1250553

Blog but this shit makes me antinatalist if anything. If I can't count on society to protect my children from this, why should I have them?

No. 1250566


yeah same this shit makes me not want kids

No. 1250583

based and antinatalistpilled

No. 1250608

Is it really a cope?
I would think being a tranny and calling yourself a woman is a bigger cope, at least he can admit he is just a coomer.

No. 1250636

That's a quitter mindset. Humans are meant to reproduce and especially women regret not having kids later in life. They are your legacy and they take care of us when we are old and frail. If responsible people give up on having kids then we will end up with a society of trashy people who have 6 kids they can't afford and you end up paying child support either way (through taxes) with getting none of the reward of having kids.

These degenerates will not breed so hopefully they will sort themselves out (unless we let them groom our children and spread like vampires). It should make you want to protect kids and bring change to the world, not give up.

No. 1250640

He still wants to be a woman, he goes by the name "Eva" online and he takes hormones and plans to get surgery to look more like a woman. Yet he doesn't want to be "one of those troons" even tho he ALREADY IS ONE.

It is just delusion and yes, cope.

No. 1250654

File: 1623243933250.png (429.27 KB, 588x949, frens.png)

Cafebeef's friends are tired of his constant self-deprecating bullshit and fishing for attention.

Relatable, your friends aren't there to constantly try to build up your ego and kiss your ass. "NOOO YOU ARE NOT UGLY! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFULY!" Even if Cafebeef were a 10/10 Stacy that shit is exhausting, but lying to an ugly moid about how girls and pretty he is must feel even more futile.

No. 1250690

>especially women regret not having kids later in life.

No. 1251110

File: 1623274323822.jpg (518.67 KB, 1080x1075, 1623234253252.jpg)

Cafebeef friends Willow aka Brainwormsgirl. Not sure if he is a "femboy" or full out tranny, but HRT sure makes you age backwards!

No. 1251267

File: 1623286290266.jpeg (372.49 KB, 828x1265, 4E57F194-24C0-4AD4-887F-DECB78…)

The schizoid posting, delectable irony, complete lack of anything that remotely resembles self awareness and degenerate tranny cope seething in this faggot’s tweets really keeps my TERF fires eternally stoked

No. 1251268

Indeed. The sheer delusion of these moids

No. 1251420

Did that sped just imply that he looks like David Bowie? Pretty sure Ziggy Stardust never wore retarded cat ears or maid dresses like you, pervert-kun. Bowie crossdressed as an artistic statement, you faggots do it because it makes your micropeens hard.

Trannies and traps are cancer because they're misogynistic incels playing dress-up. When we say we want more people "like Bowie," we're saying we want feminine men who aren't creepy autistic incels. Crossdressing is fine so long as it isn't motivated by misogyny or fetishism– it's not rocket science.

No. 1251433

Wait, this Juno is FTM. That actually makes this more pathetic. So these guys couldn’t find real life anime traps because their entirety friend circle is going bald, so they role play with a mentally ill woman?

No. 1251441

Exactly, and they tell themselves that the reason we don’t like them is because we don’t like feminine men. As another anon said earlier, women love men like Harry Styles, Damiano David, Cody Fern, all of whom wear dresses and makeup but are still straight men. Troons/traps/femboys are ugly, mentally ill, worthless degenerates who simultaneously hate women and are jealous of them, and we hate them because they’re violent, misogynistic incels who wish harm upon us. These faggots tell themselves we’re bitter, legbeard femcels because it helps them sleep at night but we all know they’re seething to death because no sane person wants anything to do with them, much less wants to fuck them

No. 1251489

Statistically, women's interest in older men diminishes as women's earning opportunity increases, and most men will never be in the income bracket where they can simpbux their way out of hitting the wall. No man looks better at 40 than he did at 20, it's a stone cold fact that women are raised to feel bad about.

No. 1251512

File: 1623311138250.png (231.86 KB, 740x1576, nick_fuentes.png)

I mean a conservative LARPer /pol/tard who doesn't practise what he preaches and is really a closeted homosexual degenerate is probably the best our Cafebeef can hope for.

Nick Fuentes might be aiming a bit high tho, he likes fit twinks like Kami who have a full head of hair and a chiseled jaw.

But maybe one of his orbiters will try to safe the whuite race with you by having gay sex.

I don't like them because they are represent everything that is wrong with our current society and because I think they are actual predators that pray on children through discords by indoctrinating them into their mental illness. None of these people would have gotten the idea to wear cat-ears and take HRT without other degenerates like that on 4chan talking about how great it is and egging each other on.

No. 1251515

File: 1623311845151.png (2.4 MB, 2226x1616, femboy_tradwife.png)

This is so mentally ill.

No. 1251520

>implying that cafebarf isn’t a woman hating racist degenerate
Christ this makes me want to a-log so hard. Why do several of these faggots have “kitty onahole” in their bio? Is this a bestiality fetish thing?
Yep, all that too. Their whole aesthetic, in spite of receding hairlines and other unfortunate moid genetics, is uwu animu girl pedo pandering

No. 1251544

I don't want kids but I feel like the obvious answer is to abort if it's a male. If you have a daughter and she troons out then at least she isn't as likely to hurt anyone but herself.
Oh my god did these smegmoids really not have a thread before this? I can't believe the worst degen behavior would go unnoticed

No. 1251554

>the obvious answer is to abort if it's a male. If you have a daughter and she troons out then at least she isn't as likely to hurt anyone but herself

You know you can just raise your kids well.. These people probably all have parents who let them have unrestricted internet access to keep the kid quiet and occupied so they didn't have to do any actual parenting.

There are ways to raise your boys to not turn out like this.

No. 1251645

what the hell is wrong with you?
>abort it if it's a male
OR you could actually raise him to be a decent human being.

No. 1251709

Nta but if you find a way to raise a boy without all external influence I'll have one. You can be the best parent possible and still end up with a school shooter or fascist troon

No. 1251739

An abused moid becomes John Wayne Gacy, a spoiled moid becomes Luka Magnotta. You cannot love their inherently bad nature out of them.

No. 1251746

this is such bullshit, do you really believe this anon?

No. 1251753

Why do they call themselves femboys/traps instead of trans people? I might be retarded but aren't they all the same thing? What is the distinction?

No. 1251759

Femboys believe they look like women. Trannies believe they are women. Both are delusional.

No. 1251804

ntayrt but she's completely right. are you a boymom?

No. 1251806

Everything in that post is the exact opposite of how things actually are, it's remarkable

No. 1251809

Hell yeah they're delusional but it's so weird that they're deviants in the exact same way except for that one detail.

Nonny, every human has the right to live and be loved, but you can't tell me anon is wrong for saying that moids are going to be a cancer no matter what way they're raised. It's in their nature to act that way

No. 1251830

File: 1623347420789.png (Spoiler Image, 108.52 KB, 680x467, fea.png)

No. 1251839

- what every rapist's mom thought

No. 1251849

How far does the delusion go, do you think?

Like when they compliment eachother do you think they see everyone but themself as an ugly wannabe anime girl or has the delusion grown to include everyone else in this weird reverse dysmorphia?

No. 1251868

Why do we have to pretend it's a boymom anon? Ik jannies are annoying with not disciplining scroteposters and then banning farmers for trying to do cleanup with "hi scrote" but let's be real, you know it isn't. Phalloids are so obvious. Hell that might even be one of the 'femboy' failures themselves kek.
Why are men so obsessed with us? Go back to reddit or whatever smegmoid hivemind you came from.
You're unironically making me want to get pregnant with a moid fetus just so I can abort it and gloat about it while men REE about misandry and male genocide like millions of female fetuses haven't been aborted for years. At least we have reason to abort your kind seeing as you make up 90%+ violent crime including rape, murder, and assault.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1251875

*aborted for centuries, I mean
It's about time we aborted moids for being moids and started practicing eugenics or just genociding men like these altogether

No. 1251900

File: 1623350994136.jpeg (482.85 KB, 3200x2129, _original.jpeg)

somebody is a widdle too wiled up

No. 1251945

No. 1252037

File: 1623356279778.png (55.5 KB, 744x654, degenerates.png)

Report and disregard schizo derailment.

Cafebeef pretending he is not a degenerate like the other femboys is pretty funny when we have a post ITT where he asks advice of cleaning cum stains off a nazi uniform.

I think reading the mean TERFs calling him and his pornsick freak friends coomers is getting to him cause he knows it's true when he looks at his timeline and everything is anime and tranny porn and people talking about pissing and shitting on each other. Almost as if all of it is just a fetish and not an identity.

No. 1252093

>You're unironically making me want to get pregnant with a moid fetus just so I can abort it

I love you

No. 1252115

File: 1623359127852.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.58 KB, 1080x1997, Screenshot_20210610-160058__01…)

obese femboy that speaks like an uwu retard, don't go to his page unless you're prepared to see videos of him pulling his repulsive dick from under his fupa while he begs people for retweets

No. 1252149

I love you nonny. PREACH the TRUTH(learn 2 sage)

No. 1252825

File: 1623402982623.png (4.35 MB, 1271x2016, 1623299654309.png)

More of this degenerate scrote. Each time I see Astolfo on the internet I puke a little.

No. 1252828

The awkward body of a 14 year old boy who just went through a huge growth spurt. So UwU lmao. I bet he walks like a newborn deer with his arms swinging around like a monkey or maybe he does the naruto run to the fridge to get his tendies.

I guess if you are a pedophile like most of them are then that's attractive to you.

No. 1252874

File: 1623411523142.png (71.6 KB, 740x588, castration.png)

Finally some good fucking news.

No. 1252880

Why does he think it's feminine to be castrated? Castration can only be done to men. Women have our own complex genitals. No logic only coomer thoughts.

No. 1252881

File: 1623412200151.png (29.63 KB, 746x280, nonbinary.png)

I think stalking this thread gave him an identity crisis.

No. 1252905

interesting how troons both reduce women to only their reproductive organs, have pregnancy kinks and yet are so excited to be castrated. if brain gymnastics was an Olympic sport these retards would be unbeatable.

No. 1252908

It's a submission/humiliation fetish isn't it. That is what it always boils down to with these moids into crossdressing, sissyfication etc.

No. 1252912

Pretty much. Because they see women as worthless sex objects, being a woman is the most humiliating thing they can imagine.

No. 1252913

GOOD. Let him seethe.

No. 1252921

Saged, but does the word amount of racism contribute to the fetish because people look on it unfavourably or are they all just autistic?

No. 1252930

Yes misogyny is the base of sissy fetishes. If they saw women as people with status they wouldn't feel humiliated by wearing women's clothing.
What do you mean anon?

No. 1253111

File: 1623434322143.png (471.36 KB, 756x1596, nasty.png)

Always obsessing with men in straight relationships with real women. Nasty.

Dankula probably does or will cheat with a tranner tho, he is a repressed homosexual chaser.

Also Cafebeef acting like hes not constantly trying to get Dankulas attention

No. 1253146

I know he's a mentally ill faggot, but how does one person manage to be such a fucking downer about every single thing

No. 1253220

I think a lot of it is meant to rile people up to get him attention. He is like that annoying kid in class who thinks hes a clown and randomly blurts out unfunny shit like "HEIL HITLER!" during a class about the holocaust and then is happy when everyone stares at him in confusion. Just online.

I am sure he is also genuinely retarded and the "haha its all just jokes guys" is just to avoid any responsibility for his dumb shit takes.

No. 1253223

I mean that I've noticed a lot of femboys are openly into things like /pol/ or state that they're some form of alt right in their bios. Is that another way to humiliate themselves, or are they all retarded?(sage)

No. 1253234

They never grew out of their edgy teenager phase and they are genuine retards who were brainwashed by other genuine retards on /pol/.

Basically if you are a moid who is below average in every single way and you feel miserable about yourself looking at Chad and Stacy having a good time and then you go on the internet and you're told "You know what, actually you are a superior human being just because you are white!" then you suddenly have an identity and something that makes you feel better than others, despite still being a sad lonely loser who will never have kids to continue the white race and will never contribute anything to society. You also got someone to blame for all of your problems (blacks, jews, etc) and that absolves you from all your personal failures.

Other than that it is a domination fetish I think, like they imagine themselves being dominated sexually by a Nazi who would hate them and send them to the gas chamber immediately in reality. In the end it probably makes their dicks hard because that is literally all their identity revolves around.

No. 1253277

Saged, but what is the milk on Dankula? I must have missed something since I've seen him mentioned in the troon threads too, what happened?

No. 1253282

He is a chaser who likes and retweets a lot of tranny and femboy pornography and interacts with a lot of tranny porn accounts in general. He recently got married and has a newborn baby with a real woman.

Some people were thinking he'd stop openly thirsting after troons once his baby is born but he did not. Honestly probably only a matter of time till he makes his wife a trans-widow or wants to open their relationship to satisfy his lust for cock (if it's not open already).

They are anglos and she is a tatted up dangerhair so maybe she is fine with it, but it is really degenerate and sad that his baby has to grow up with a dad like that.

No. 1253287

Fascists worship masculinity and malehood to a comical degree and utterly loathe women (yes, even the kowtowing tradwives). The alt-right consists of terminally online scrotes blasted with misogyny and porn sickness. Like OP notes they hit the same notes as troons, but they explicitly advertise as to their lot as "you don't need a nasty evil woman, a conservative man dressing like a woman is superior". Enter one of the more blatant examples that misogyny is hardly foreign or unknown to gay or bi men.

No. 1253301

Fuck, I thought all those trap jokes he used to do was just ironic humor. Jesus christ I wonder what kind of "woman" that fat smelly ginger ape reckons he can make out of himself

No. 1253336

This is entirely based. I'm a pinkpilled man hater and I'm 101% pro men only being allowed to parasitize on other men. There is literally nothing wrong with /pol/up incels being forced to satisfy their degenerate lust with femboys only.

No. 1253568

Kill yourself.

No. 1253576

I think it has something to do with stunted development, like the other anon said they're stuck in the edgy teen phase. The way they express their political views feels like how teenagers who just discovered different political ideologies behave. There are still adults who are alt-right but they don't act so garish about it.

No. 1253720

Except they don't just keep it to themselves and spread this bullshit lifestyle to young vulnerable children that they try to groom into their cult by showing them fucked up gay/trap/anime porn. They also make the taxpayer pay for all their dumb cosmetic surgeries and HRT that they are deluding themselves will make them look more feminine and like an anime character.

They incite vitriolic hate and misogyny against women every day and young high school aged men who are socially awkward will buy into this shit and ruin all their prospects of growing out of their awkward phase and becoming normal. They consume copious amounts of porn and keep an industry in business that exploits women. These people are a detriment to society in every way.

No. 1253722

File: 1623490538910.png (19.99 KB, 754x558, good.png)

good riddance

No. 1253737

Did he delete his account recently?

No. 1253810

File: 1623502819107.png (2.99 MB, 1901x1534, horrific.png)

This is what Count Dankula, a totally straight male, jerks off to.

What a horrific abomination.

No. 1253815

File: 1623503371822.png (540.19 KB, 430x770, capture1.png)

He looks so ridiculous in this photo, it's hilarious

No. 1253816

File: 1623503450829.png (3.03 MB, 1614x1354, barista.png)

Only posting this one cause of the eye make-up. The eyeshadow hidden under the potruding man-brow combined with the crayola-eyeliner just cracks me up.

None of these people are feminine in any way.

No. 1253818

File: 1623503850538.png (485.77 KB, 732x676, slope.png)

I honestly think "femboy" is just a step while tumbling down the stairs into troondom.

>be shy skinny nerd

>no gf
>addiction to pornography
>groomed on discord
>become "femboy"
>enjoy sexual attention for the first time
>the more feminine you act the more praise you get
>full on troon

No. 1253840

He looks like a kidnap victim in the most recent pic, the pain in those eyes.

No. 1253995

For the love of god why do they all wear the same cheap aliexpress clothing. If these dudes really cared about how they present themselves they'd invest in something higher quality.

No. 1254062

Why are males so obsessed with those striped socks?

No. 1254149

The state of men dressing like 2012 tumblr girls. No you don't look like a woman in whatever wholesale jfashion bullshit you got from shein.
>womb tattoo

No. 1254198

>womb tattoo
I didn't even fucking notice that one at first. Why do these pornsick men think womb tattos are even gonna look good on them? (assuming they look good in the first place, which is already a pretty ridiculous claim to start with.)

No. 1254249

File: 1623533489044.jpg (42.9 KB, 478x488, 1623532381637.jpg)

oh no

No. 1254260

>bitches about looking like a malnourished man with porn addiction
>still won't comb his fried hair
K e k

No. 1254399

At least the faggot is self aware

No. 1254401

He’ll probably just 41% anyways so waste of money

No. 1254593

>m-men are brainwashed into misogyny because they're young and socially awkward!

Good meme

No. 1254594

Proper psychiatric care/pharmacotherapy would be much cheaper and he wouldn't have to carve up his skeleton and 41 within the next decade, but here we are

No. 1254827

File: 1623567477899.png (48.41 KB, 924x560, D82F695C-9C11-4DEA-8B88-B7836F…)

>one of the cases i read on tumblr

No. 1254885

File: 1623574327112.png (811.03 KB, 1484x1764, cringe.png)

> £30.000
> chasers already gave £1.3k
You need therapy, dude. This is so fucking cringe and I can't believe people are paying for this shit.
The absolute level of cope and delusion in this man that is supported by a whole community of disgusting chasers and brainrotten coomers. You will never look like a woman, even if you get a chin implant.

Who wants to bet that the 1k donor was top chaser Dankula himself?

No. 1254916

Dude you're gonna age and it's gonna look terrible. Your body will age like a man's body and it's gonna look uncanny and botched. Not a good idea.

No. 1254931

He should just gain some weight to look more feminine since fat is feminizing and will get rid of all the mannish angular features.
Or just go to therapy and figure out why he is so mentally ill that he wants to be a woman. If he lifted some weights and dressed like a normal person he could just be an average gay man. Hopeless tho, these people are too deep into their fetish, it's the only thing that matters to them. He's not the first incel who thinks getting facial surgery will fix all his problems, in fact it is quite common among incels.

No. 1255009

he publicly displays how miserable his mental illness makes him but coomers, trannies and other TRA retards made him buy into the whole "surgery is treatment for gender dysphoria" meme.
he'll feel so cunty with the bandages around his nose and jaw, only for everything to settle and he'll go back to crying every time he catches a glimpse of his appearance.

No. 1255021

Dude 41%ing is right there

No. 1255106

Here's to hoping the doctor has a sense of humor and leaves him looking like the usual busted troon. Most of the time I swear doctors are just riffing it on trannies cause they don't care. Even if the doc does a great job, he will always look like child molesting scrote in girls clothes.

No. 1255145

File: 1623599267605.jpg (93.85 KB, 670x535, charlotte-mc3-1.jpg)

I looked at some before and afters of FFS and some of them turn out a definite improvement, but almost all of them cheat by having the before picture be without make-up and the after with make-up. I am sure Cafebeef couldn't tell tho looking at them.

The biggest difference seems to be jaw shaving and brow lifts.

No. 1255175

They look better but only marginally, mostly due to makeup. Still clockable from miles away. Also fagbeef is going to need a lot more than some FFS to look even remotely femme.

No. 1255810

This scrote probably had someone do his makeup and hair. The lighting in the after photo is also better than the before.

No. 1256074

File: 1623662860649.png (65.98 KB, 752x510, anal_leakage.png)

Apparently taking HRT gives you anal leakage and diarrhea. On top of the leakage you already have from the frequent anal sex and horse dildos up your butt.

Being a femboy/tranny really is superior to being a woman!

No. 1256104

>spend 30k to go from twink to 45 year old agp face

No. 1256121

Shouldn’t this particular case need something like fillers for the cheeks? At least the dude had a decent looking face at first.
Shitbeef needs to get his whole face reconstructed if he wants to looks like a human, because right now he looks like a an ugly balloon made of skin.

No. 1256123

He’s going to be the only ffs to add a chin

No. 1256148

Not to rain on your parade anon but I've taken injectable medication before and I think they're talking about how when you inject, some of the medication (estrogen in their situation) drips out of the injection site.

No. 1256211

File: 1623680472346.png (50.21 KB, 744x360, incel.png)

Kek wonder who this could be refering to…

Incel is a mindset. It's not about being a virgin, a lot of them pay for hookers and still remain incels. Incels are constantly seething about women and think that the only reason they are unhappy is because of the evil femoids and because they don't have a chad jaw. Remind you of anyone, Cafebeef?

Act like an incel, get called an incel.

No. 1256216

does he not realize he is the epitome of a porn sick incel with a AGP/sissy fetish? KEK

No. 1256258

He also seems to think that we are "woke circles" around here. Everyone here hates woke twitterfags, I don't think this dude has any idea about the culture on lolcow or that there are different feminist movements other than "liberal feminist" who want to word police everyone. This site is the furthest thing from PC culture and "woke".

Scrotes are so lost. Liberal feminists and wokesters don't have a problem with people like him, hell they are the only reason he is allowed to exist and doesn't get bullied every day. All his friends are woke faggots even if they larp as Nazis or edgelords. Only far left liberals accept trannies and degenerates.

No. 1256912

File: 1623722277667.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3464x3464, A5BC3208-97D8-462A-BED2-948E10…)

funny that troons get those tattoos cause that style of tattoo with that placement are strongly associated with trashy male celebrities

can’t even get the tattoos for the girls they skin walk right

No. 1257246

womb tattoos are a hentai thing, they are all coomers so they get anime porn tattoos (might be just a temporary one tho).

No. 1257731

Oh Lord anon, I swear it was Bam Margera who made me stop liking HIM so much because he was so cringe.

No. 1257932

File: 1623836971246.png (2.53 MB, 2238x1572, femboys.png)

When wearing skirts and thigh high socks cause it makes your dick hard is your only identity.

There are so many of these "Femboy XY" accounts. Imagine if they just put "Gay man Down Syndrome" "Gay man Plumber" "Gay man Sexual Predator". Now that doesn't quite have the same ring to it I guess.

No. 1257948

people do already kind of do this though with the word gay though, but way less common than femboys doing it

No. 1257957

Most of these are 18 and under,I’ll be hard pressed to believe there isn’t some grooming happening.I fucking worry.

No. 1258116

File: 1623864749623.jpg (184.05 KB, 1864x1256, 1620965605760.jpg)


No. 1258481

There is no improvement here. I can't believe he looks like he's 19 in one then 40 in the other picture.
Men just don't have the soft, natural plumpness in their faces like women do. He can shave his brow, nose, and jaw all he wants but without that softness, it ages him decades.

No. 1260344

My expectations for this website were low, but holy shit.
Apparently you can't be male and same-sex attracted without being a misogynist >>1144166 and a pedophile >>1145231 >>1232844

(That said, some of you gave some pretty good criticisms of "femboy culture" and the shitty behavior and attitudes of its members, so thanks for that.)(unsaged newfaggotry)

No. 1260352

if you act retarded people will comment on your retardation.

No. 1260427

File: 1624137950243.png (84.47 KB, 736x710, cafebeef.png)

Back to seething about the evil feminists featuring a completely original take that is totally not a strawman that has been used against women for the last 50 years.

No. 1260508

This is so funny bc it's literally the exact opposite. Men still expect women to be the full time bangmaids they were in the 50s (doing all housework, childrearing, and cooking) except now they ALSO want to split bills 50/50. And more often than not, women do it. These men are such fucking gaslighters lol. I fucking WISH the average woman was as entitled and demanding as they believe, scrotes get away with too much shit.

No. 1260604

Does it really matter? I've seen the numbers marriage is the lowest it has ever been in history, sure celebs and high status people do get married, but around me almost no one gets married.
It's almost impossible to survive on one salary, that's a big factor as well.
So don't worry about it, entitled/demanding or not, most of them will never step on the altar anyways. Just look at Japan… we're not that far away from that.(no1curr, sage)

No. 1260619

i'm so done with this guy and his hatred of women
just accept that you're a man who fetishizes femininity
go to therapy and stfu even his friends are fed up from his constant bitching

No. 1260659

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Men expect you to wagecuck AND bangmaid, or to "submit" to them without being buxxed. Likewise, I'm free to want a paypig while having my own money. Seethe, moid.

No. 1260724

Yeah when men say "Women still want men to do everything for them!" they either mean the kind of women who aren't feminists in the first place or they mean that women still want their partner to be romantic (hold open door, buy her flowers etc) which is just part of a normal relationship and men expect blowjobs in return usually.

I can not name a single couple in my circle where the man does more at home than the woman. At best they do like 20% of the chores while the woman does almost everything and also does most of the parenting, all while working a full-time job as well. Keep in mind that Cafebeef most likely still lives with his parents, doesn't work and has his mom bring him tendies and tell him what a special little boy he is while he rants about the evil femoids on the internet all day.

No. 1260727

File: 1624185489738.png (592.97 KB, 731x664, gross.png)


Even if one of these ugly balding manlets hat a chance of passing physically as a woman (they don't), but in a pretend world where you can change your male skeleton to a female one… they would still never pass socially. Their male socialization and jealousy of women shines through in all of them. Being obsessed with porn and sex, being misogynistic, being autistic as fuck and not having a shred of emotional intelligence or self awareness is just so entirely and obviously male.
Their entire idea of how women act is a projection of male desires, basically immitating pornography which is made to please men and have absolutely zero to do with what women want or how women act. They don't have female friends, they hate their mothers and they feel a deep seated jealousy of this perception of an "easy road life" that they think women have that is entirely made up by incels. They will never in their life experience what it is like to be a woman.

No. 1260728

File: 1624185622026.png (332.3 KB, 729x575, vile.png)

No. 1260729

File: 1624186374255.png (349.41 KB, 744x592, british.png)

The comb-over, the rat-face, the british teeth, the square shoulders and those man-hands. Unfortunate.

No. 1260730

File: 1624186398270.png (1.57 MB, 1718x967, british2.png)

No. 1260733

saw this on the main page and thought this was the spoop thread.

No. 1260740

> shit
Fucking horrific. For most women that do anal, that’s embarrassing, not a point of pride.
Topkek so ugly no wonder he wants to die about it

No. 1260752

Such a punchable face. Whenever I get annoyed by seeing him I almost immediately calm down by remembering that he has to look like THAT

No. 1260782

Just think about it - one of these disgusting coomers being your fucking son, you let them stay in your box room and they leave their "shit cum blood snot dirt and feet water" towels on the floor then tweet about it for the chasers

No. 1260880

lmao i mean let's not gatekeep anal here. they can honestly have it.

No. 1260909

Damn that haircut fucked him up, wonder if he's still suicidal about it

No. 1260926

File: 1624213699286.jpg (18.99 KB, 400x400, 56XBx20r_400x400.jpg)

No. 1260927

Overbite is so obvious. At least when he was fatter and had a beard his face looked less convex. British rat face.

No. 1260930

Noticed the femboys and their chasers all talk the exact same. It's fucking creepy and i can't go on any online space now without seeing the cutesy baby talk everywhere

They are the bronies of 2021

No. 1260975

File: 1624220301993.jpg (14.63 KB, 338x450, 41PGg8qCaPL._SY450_.jpg)

No. 1261345

Yep - that there is a face I’d TOTALLY mistake for a genetic female, boy howdy!

No. 1261385

File: 1624292424981.jpeg (107.68 KB, 640x648, 00DE66CA-909C-4C32-94AB-BD2E2D…)

Well, at least you’re self aware! Wondered if his Adam Apple bobbles when he’s ranting

No. 1261390

ive never been arrested but do they let u have ur phone while ur arrested in a cop car?! that seems unlikely

No. 1261397

no, they take your phone. i think it’s a joke because he’s from the UK and the police there would never arrest for you arguing with a security guard

No. 1261401

oh lmao im fucking dumb thnks bb

No. 1261462

Okay take the mask and glasses off, comb your hair back so we can see your moid balding rat face in all of its glory.

No. 1261599

Definitely happened rat boy

No. 1261807

File: 1624333724780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 376.78 KB, 640x830, 2B97E746-9224-4057-A550-D24459…)

it’s not… now film yourself brushing your bang back so we can all laugh at your male pattern baldness via the greasy bangs tat start at the back of your cranium

No. 1261811

File: 1624333951647.jpeg (222.11 KB, 640x640, 5145C1FE-C5AD-488A-9C9E-69586A…)

these Twitter trans cucks have such a warped perception of women that they think muscle neck cafebeef looks like one…

No. 1261916

I genuinely look forward to seeing his surgery results. He isnt a great candidate for FFS because he barely has a jawline or good bone structure.

He has no hips and is skinny as fuck. He really did himself a disservice by taking estrogen and not gaining weight. Surgeons who do BBLs on trannies have to add hip implants so that the fat transferred can be in held in place because moids have extremely narrow hip bones.

And to do a BBL you need body fat. If he gains weight it will just go straight to his abdomen and upper body like all moids and any fat transfer to his hips would just disappear over time which means the hip implants would be all thats left and it would look hilarious.

There is an expensive shoulder reduction surgery and its mostly surgeons profiting off the troon wishful thinking. The results are comical.

His only options are back alley illegal silicone injections, also known as butt shots. Thats how the black and Latino “curvy” trannies get their hips.

Imagine this skinny faggot with bolt on silicone bags lmao. His torso is huge and he needs to get like 600-800 cc implants for it to be noticeable, whereas regular women that are his weight get 200-300 cc and it looks big on them.

Jfc no wonder why these trannies are so mentally ill and cope and seethe everyday because they will always be a parody of natures perfection.(unsaged redditfag)

No. 1261958

It's part that they all lie to each other because they have to re-enforce their own delusions and part that they have autism and face blindness and literally can't tell apart men and women. Kevin Gibes, another tranny, has admitted in the past that he can only tell apart men and women because women have long hair and wear dresses and men have short hair and beards. I have personally experienced autistic men be genuinely surprised that drag queens are not real women. They only see the surface-level performance of femininity and that's enough for them to assume "yup, woman".

Most men without autism and women are of course not fooled by them in any way and can pick up on all the obvious tells. Even if a tranny can take a perfect catfish picture, they will never pass irl when you meet them. They don't move like women. They don't sound like women. Everything about them signals "male male male male".

No. 1261990

File: 1624364713318.jpg (81.97 KB, 634x634, 44438241-9704807-image-a-34_16…)

Biology is fucking based. Every moid has the Y chromosome, inherited by their father, in every cell. They can't escape it.

Jazz is the earliest documented transition at 6 years old and I always lmao at this pic. Even after pumping this boy with blockers and estrogen, and genitals mutilated, he still packs on the weight like your average moid, note the beer belly and huge midsection and lack of extra fat stored in thighs and hips.

No. 1262005

File: 1624367796152.jpg (27.85 KB, 600x450, fatty-thumbnail-320x180-70_qMY…)

I don't know anon, lots of obese women look just the same, just pear and hourglass shaped women store fat in their thighs and hips and thats only a small-ish parcel of women.

Sage for OT-ish

No. 1262024

You're wrong, most women have gynoid obesity type which means they store fat in tights and lower stomach area. Most men have android obesity type, which is also hormonally more active and is located around the stomach area.(derailing)

No. 1262044

Beer bellies are rock hard & can appear on dudes where the rest of their limbs look normal. jazz is literally just fat af, that's why his stomach hangs & his cheeks are too heavy that the effort of just trying to smile is a strain for him

No. 1262051

holy fuck his stretch marks. guess he was taking quarantine seriously and doing nothing but stuffing his face for the past year+

No. 1262056

isn’t that poor guy who was an experiment after a botched circumcision technically the first transition? and that guy killed himself at like 23.

No. 1262068

h i d e o u sssssssssssssssssssssssss
insectoid(obnoxious typing)

No. 1262080

File: 1624376816292.png (2.22 MB, 1304x2048, Screenshot_20210622-084429.png)

wow he can look like pic rel and still get laid? I want to see the victim in question

No. 1262087

He admits to having as binge eating disorder and he had multiple SRS revisions in the last year. Major surgery can cause you to put on weight fast because your body is using so many resources to heal

No. 1262163


This is the boyfriend - >>1232890 ; he’s even uglier.

No. 1262190

File: 1624390579813.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1325, willow.png)

lmfao at the wispy bangs unable to hide the receeding hairline

also someone's mom has been hitting the bottle during pregnancy

No. 1262204

File: 1624391664385.jpeg (88.45 KB, 980x986, 70B83E2F-6B06-4039-AF92-9739AB…)

Absolutely disgusting vile looking male, I can smell the piss through my screen

No. 1262338

Dammit anon I will never find my sides again.

But you're right, how is this smelly moonfaced bastard having sex when he has the same lower face as Kim Jong Un? Men really will fuck anything even if they have a dinner plate as a face

No. 1262399

scrunching up his pebble chin uwu

No. 1262401

lol what even is the point if you just end up jowled? a "cis" women who looked like right would want a chin implant to lift the waddle

No. 1262436

If i have to see one of you unfunny dullards post your FAS tinfoiling picture all snarky like you're the smartest little bitch on this website ONE more time i will rip your eyeballs out and grate them over my pasta and livestream it for charity for all the poor little retarded children with FAS because they do not deserve to be compared to every e-whore on the internet

No. 1262638

File: 1624456206276.jpeg (29.15 KB, 334x500, CAE581F1-5675-4051-99E1-52B9C7…)

asa butterfield-looking mf. no that’s not a compliment

No. 1262641

in what world is this not a compliment? work on your insults, nonnie

No. 1262690

File: 1624463676078.jpeg (201.95 KB, 750x1083, 159214E7-03F8-4184-B67B-88488C…)

are cafebeef’s mates turning against him?

No. 1262696

File: 1624464488820.png (301.71 KB, 542x420, Bez tytułu.png)

No. 1262698

Of course the faggots are fighting for pretty princess money. Only one of them can be the supreme with believable jawline and fat distribution.

No. 1262700

File: 1624465162710.jpg (316.18 KB, 1366x2048, MV5BMTYwMzY5NDQ3Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Oh my god, Martin Starr. I loved you in Silicon Valley, wow.

No. 1262705

File: 1624465793097.jpeg (518.02 KB, 750x1096, D60C131B-53A3-4819-AD8A-F20610…)

the tweet is from the 21st

No. 1262729

>Dimitri mentioned in thread

Is he really that bad? I've only ever seen his videos and they seemed decent enough but I have never seen his streams before. In one of his videos he said that he got banned off of Twitch but he didn't really go into the specifics of why.

No. 1262801

Why is Cafebeef the most popular mentally ill sperg? Is it because he hasn't done porn yet and the chasers are holding out for his anus pics?
Maybe he is just really really persistent because he fights for the attention of all the z-list e-celebs that chase tranny dick and tweets 100 times a day. It can't be his sense of humor because it's dreadful (british) and it can't be his looks (british). Truly boogles the mind.

No. 1262807

File: 1624478656641.png (2.3 MB, 3112x1372, OCsMKypvmB0.png)

Some of these femboy XY accounts have their own good ol classic grooming discord server.

No. 1262810

To the surprise of nobody the gay degenerates are grooming kids. Shocking. I guess they have to reproduce somehow.

No. 1263243

No, he's fine

No. 1263262

File: 1624548829637.png (19 KB, 735x141, catty.png)

Another retarded Cafebeef take. The cattiest people on earth are gay men, not women.

No. 1263265

File: 1624549246259.png (380.06 KB, 728x990, brainlet.png)

God what a fucking brainlet. Shitty modern art is nothing but a money laundering scam that only the most retarded people fall for when they look at a canvas with some squares on it and think they sound smart when they say pretentious shit about it. Cringe my ass off every time I see someone pull out this shitty take.

>ah yes, this shitty canvas with a bunch of squares on it really shows the duality of man and the inner emotional turmoil of the artist during a time of need… mhhh BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP sniff sniff quite an exquisite composition yes, I will pay 1 million dollarinos for it of course so other people know that I am very smart

No. 1263272

you sound like a nazi lol

No. 1263273

Is calling out that modern art is used for money laundering antisemitic now?

No. 1263274

tbf everyone in this screenshot is retarded

No. 1263282

you sound like a retard

No. 1263285

didn't say anything about just antisemitism but maybe you should look up degenerate art and see how much your views align with nazis

No. 1263288

File: 1624553416270.png (78.45 KB, 1075x715, art.png)

Hating shit art doesn't make you a nazi, fartsniffer.

No. 1263294

well yeah you can hate shit art but don't pretend degenerate art hasn't been shat upon post-nazi era cuz it's seen as ~degenerate~

i hate damien hirst too, doesn't mean i think modern art is fartsniffing shit

No. 1263295

You're entitled to your wrong opinion.

No. 1263302

keep being a nazi then <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1263321

So are you one of the femboys? Calling people a nazi is a common retard response so I'm curious

No. 1263323

Did you really type this out thinking it was a good take? Or are you just trying to shit up the terminal faggot thread in an attempt to get it taken down? Whatever the case, get the fuck out.

No. 1263378

>you sound like a nazi lol
>didn't say anything about just antisemitism
What did anon mean by this

No. 1263813

File: 1624614340659.png (340 KB, 742x692, HAHAHAHAHA.png)

Can you fucking imagine these dudes trying to sound like anime girls from the hentai they obsess over while butt-buggering each other?

You're looking down on this dude's hairy ass, his narrow male hips, you can see his bald spot on the back of his head and he's going "NYAAAHHH SENPAII!" in his best trannime impression as the room starts getting filled with the smell of shit. What a fucking nightmare.

No. 1263814

File: 1624614686097.webm (1.84 MB, 384x848, BtPbJsHw-SdZZgH4.webm)

Their male-ass voices for reference. With israeli accents as well.

No. 1263816

File: 1624614915292.png (476.34 KB, 742x724, ew.png)


No. 1263859

Classical art is also used for money laundering. But most of it is just used as a tax free invenstment device (you can lend your pieces to museums for tax exceptions).

While I don't personally like most modern art either. I don't really see how talking about the deep meaning of a blank canvas is any more pretentious than talking about the deep meaning behind the skull in The Ambassadors or something.

Also what's wrong about liking simple paintings? Does having more detail somehow imbue a painting with more worth? Trying to justify liking Newman paintings by imagining some deep meaning is pretty cringe ofc. But in my experience most people who like modern art aren't like this at all.

No. 1263863

One takes skill, the other doesn't. Learning about perspective, lighting, proportions, composition, etc. is a craft, a skill. Which is why a house designed by an architect and built by a carpenter is worth more than some sticks with tarp over them.

It's pretentious because you are looking at something that took some troll 3 minutes to slap together and you're trying to read meaning into it where there is none. I don't even have anything against successful troll artist who manage to scam people out of their money for literal shit on a canvas, but I will never have respect for those who pay for it.

No. 1263872

what is with racist femboys and listening to rap music

No. 1263892

>labour = value
Ah so you're just retarded. This would explain why you've decided to sperg about modern art in a thread about femboys.

No. 1263907

Skill =/= labour. The person laying the brick doesn't know anything about architecture. You are paying for skill. Imagine buying sticks with a tarp when you can just make your own sticks with a tarp. Of course you pay for someone elses skill and talent. That is literally how the market works. If you're going to give someone money for something that took them no effort to create, why the fuck don't you just do it yourself? Buy a canvas and take a shit on it yourself. Oh, you don't? Because you value only the name of the artist on it and nothing else, because you're pretentious and believe fart sniffers when they tell you "ah yes, this is very good! So much thought has gone into this shit on a cavas, trust me bro! It really is worth the billions!"

Everyone had already moved on from the art sperging until you continued it.

No. 1263983

you sound like you don't know anything… just like the femboys you're complaining about(learn to sage)

No. 1264015

Can we please stop with the modern art sperg and focus on femboys?

No. 1264182

omegaverse vibes

No. 1264200

File: 1624655235567.jpg (153.1 KB, 742x1312, ass.jpg)

God what an unlikable faggot.

No. 1264232

Faggots can only dream. Women only, sorry.

No. 1264379

Fuckers literally always sound like shmorky when they try to do "girl voice"

>tfw we live in a time where men are now also into mpreg

No. 1264383

the fact that he's a self confessed failed transwoman and so bitter about it he refers to blaire with male pronons is kinda hilarious.

tbh the level of resentment must be sky high since blaire is apparently everything cafequeef aspires to be but isn't: relatively passing, with money for surgeries, a "straight" conservative boyfriend and an army of tireless ass-patters

No. 1264447

This is why I keep coming back to this guy. He hates women because he wants to be them, and he hates troons because they're delusional enough to believe they are women. He's simply too self aware, it's really sad. His entire existence is cope.

No. 1264676

File: 1624707619057.jpg (405.98 KB, 1508x1528, femboyvr.jpg)

Another grooming victim. This person has an OnlyFans and a Pornhub account where he uploads videos using a virtual reality avatar despite being underaged. It's called femBOYS for a reason. These people are targeting children to drag them into their deranged fetish.

No. 1264700

File: 1624710035473.jpg (90.95 KB, 657x623, pedos.jpg)

"A lot of us are underaged" yeah no shit. A fetish that is centered about boyhood and is shared mostly in grooming discords? I am so shocked that pedophilia runs rampant in these circles.

No. 1264857

>grooming victim
He's just a mini cumbrain. These dudes aren't victims just because they're 16-17.

No. 1264878

What exactly about him is "femboy"? Just looks like an average teenage boy to me. Anyways, this "community" really should not be encouraging the presence of children, looks very bad to outsiders.

No. 1264906

He wears skirts and anime socks like the rest of them, I mean they are all just men playing dress-up and some take HRT. I didn't chose to post those pictures because he is underaged.

Where do you think they get the idea that they should take estrogen and put on the tranny socks and prostitute themselves? Is that a normal thing 15 year old buys just do normally because all men are inherently coomers? No. They are insecure teenagers without friends that girls aren't interested in, they have autism and autistic hobbies so they go on the internet, join discords and meet older trannies, chasers and groomers who tell them "you would be so cute if you put on the socks and cat-ears and showed me your bussy". Adult sexual predators are recruiting kids into their cult.

No. 1264924

File: 1624736008049.jpeg (275.18 KB, 750x804, 6F74D794-D247-495D-AC63-BF2EEF…)

No. 1264928

Is it not enough for Count Dankula to only ruin his own child's life?

No. 1265351

>The massive stash of mountain dew, weird al collection and a non-ironed trans flag in the background
God every time they take photos where you can see their rooms it's exactly like that one meme drawing of a tranny's basement.

>lol why would we ban minors from this discord server dedicated to a fucking sexual fetish? how is that going to fix pedophilia and grooming issues hmmmm???
>Ummm if a 13-year old talks about being gay of COURSE you can talk about having sex with them it's natural!! you're the weird one for bringing up how creepy it is smh
Discord troons strike again. Whenever I see literal 15-year old boys who suffer of severe cumbrainitus I can't help but feel sorry for them, it's so obvious a 28-year old Lily deadname Stephen groomed them into sending nudes and taking unprescribed horse piss estrogen.

No. 1267319

it's kinda funny bc in the sh0e threads ppl were saying she should be salty about Dank and his wife getting married and having a kid while she was stuck in a perpetual engagement. guess at the end of the day all those internet dudes are the same lol, better to be embrassingly broken up with than end up forever tied to a man who invites femboys to your wedding lol

No. 1268948

File: 1625150725504.png (3.52 MB, 2112x1568, ew2.png)

bloated oily moonface and a truly tragic hairline, vile

No. 1268949

File: 1625150753359.png (474.04 KB, 746x656, ew.png)

No. 1268950

I can’t believe how ugly he is for not having a literal disfigurement. It’s shocking.

No. 1268967

File: 1625153199493.jpeg (74.21 KB, 1300x1206, 7AEEF2D6-346D-4D51-85FE-5B5540…)

It’s honestly amazing how he takes pictures of himself when his face looks like a fucking dumpling, he needs like four bichectomies to look like a normal person.

No. 1268988

This is the type of content I come to this website for. The dirty background with piss particles everywhere. The bushy unkempt eyebrows and nappy ass hair. The razor burn on his upper lip. Topped off by adderall induced mania, can't wait for this fucker to come here and tard rage like it's a career.

No. 1268997

File: 1625155707742.jpg (18.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

No. 1269003

File: 1625156000111.gif (992.55 KB, 480x360, 1515698161_conducter1.gif)

sick fucking burn

No. 1269018

it looks like there's a dead roach just chilling on the floor to the right of him. ugh.

No. 1269148

Anime has truly ruined American and our youth

No. 1269185

those cheap glasses he bought from shein (like his other uwu clothing) look so small on his moon face. does he know the asian sizes are for petite asian girls?

No. 1269212

File: 1625172341396.png (1.45 MB, 1244x923, 1625172945993.png)

Melon headed fuck

No. 1269266

File: 1625174203498.jpg (15.28 KB, 354x360, Dm3UuZkXcAAaDmW.jpg)

lmao now every time he does this stupid face >>1268948 i won't be able to unsee it

No. 1269295

Boys seek out and watch porn since age 5, then act it out. There are cases of little boys anally raping little girls, something that was unheard of in the pre-online age. I'm tired of the "this coomlet is a victim actually" meme.(terminal autism)

No. 1269346

>blaming toddlers instead of the porn industry
Wow. This is advanced retardation. Terminal case of the dumbs. You are not gonna make it.

No. 1269374

>blaming the abstract "porn industry" instead of the vile coomsoomer who makes it thrive in the first place

Back to whatever nofap discord you're from.

No. 1269637

>everyone who doesn't agree that men are born as evil rapists is a man
Back to your femcel discord. Holy shit. You yourself said that "it was unheard of in the pre-online age" so WHAT CHANGED? Little boys coincidentally became more evil the second that they has early and constant access to porn? No. Porn is created with the sole purpose of releasing dopamine in a man's brain. The same way that a McDonalds hamburger is perfectly engineered in a lab to better than any natural food. People also weren't as morbidly obese as they are now 100 years ago. People are animals and they respond to pleasurable stimuli and a lot of them are too dumb to realize they are frying their brains by over-consuming food, porn, social media or watching cute videos of puppies. It all gives you the happy feelings at one click and you don't need to work for it anymore. You don't need to go out into the real world anymore to make yourself happy.

The "porn industry" is not fucking abstract at all. It is evil and it's controlled by a group of people whose purpose is to turn men into completely usless coomer cattle. Docile consoomers that will NEVER rise up against the government because they have their xbox and they have their Overwatch porn and they have their hamburgers. They are comfortable and they will eat the governments shit all day long and buy all their products. The average person is a retard and doesn't realize any of these things.

We can go deeper into this but I don't think any of you are ready for this.

No. 1269642

File: 1625220315296.webm (3.58 MB, 852x480, femboy.webm)

Anyways. Back to the femboys. This video sums up the average lifespan of a "femboy".

No. 1269660

The one on the right looks like a character from final fantasy 13 what are you on about

No. 1269663

The music is jarring. I almost feel bad for femboys seeing this because they actually think they're going to be anime girls forever but they're going to end up being thrown out and rejected like trash when they age even slightly. Crazy thing is that they'll only be about 23 when this happens lol

No. 1269664

File: 1625223939074.png (898.51 KB, 1082x716, my precious.png)

nice cosplay

No. 1269682

Damn, even the people they pander to don't like them. Apparently women hit the wall at 30 but they only have until 26 according to them.

No. 1269685

It happens to everyone who bases their entire personality and value around how "fuckable" and "youthful" they are. See Shoe0nhead as well. Once you hit 30 your value is gone and you have absolutely nothing left cause everyone around you just liked you for being "a cute trap" or whatever. In anime the only older women are busty MILFs… the first word of that being "mother", something a man will never ever be, no matter how much they dream about ass-birthing. They have no future.

No. 1269689

They barely look like anime girls kek. They RP online, scam men into fucking them (haha femoids, men fuck me in my ass i'm a better female than you uwu), they are terminally online, never go outside, buy whatever retarded weeb shit, spam their assholes on twitter and 4chan, go through their "she's literally me"/ cope/ seethe/ dilate routine because pretty women exist. All while biology takes its course making them bald and old. They keep the charade up until the they realize he has become a bald ghoul with erectile dysfunction and taking all those horse piss pills weren't enough to counter the Chad Y chromosome (inherited by their father)that is controlling every cell in their body.

No. 1269703

File: 1625228069935.png (1.02 MB, 2212x1618, delusional.png)

Cafebeef is still delusional. I think he has too many chasers who tell him he is "one of the good ones". Bro, your entire identity is a disgusting, degenerate fetish. You ain't better than any of the others constantly posting about pissing and shitting. I think you forgot that you posted the same disgusting shit until you found out we were making fun of you on here.

(there are a million more tweets about cum that I couldn't include cause it's just too much)

No. 1269721

File: 1625230111280.png (250.38 KB, 1452x1176, uwu.png)

UwU smoll bean problems… guys did I remind everyone yet that I have the body of a CHILD?

I-I am totally not aging and balding at rapid speed! I am a teeny tiny baby twink forever!

No. 1269749

Wtf? What a crazy take. I’ve never heard of a 5 yo boy seeking out porn or anally raping a little girl, have you ever spent time around 5 yos? They’re babies. If I ever saw one acting that way I’d assume a sexually abusive adult was behind it.

No. 1269779

Is cafe beef also an anachan?

No. 1269805

I think this is just normal twink behavior. Femboys also cater to pedophiles (hence femBOYS and not femMEN), so a childlike figure is considered desirable in their circles.

No. 1269855

>I get happy when I watch jailbait ass to mouth painal incest gangbangs with trafficked women, it's not MY fault I am designed to love evil stuff!

Concave brain nofap moid who had 0 problems with the exploitation in "de porn industry" until he got erectile dysfunction at age 20. Frankly, you deserve even worse than being coomditioned into castrating yourself.

No. 1269909

Nta but I’m so sorry you can’t read, it’s tragic really

No. 1269917

Men literally age faster.

No. 1269956

I'm sorry you can't read. Porn and its vile tropes wouldn't be designed to fry a man's dopamine system if men weren't responsive to it in the first place.

>I am designed to find pleasure in increasing degradation of women

>I am not inherently defective/evil

Pick one. If your nature is to put cooms before ethics or empathy, you deserve to perish from the consequences. This is not "just like eating a cheemsburger dur hur", and the fact that you have the gall to play victim and whine about being exploited right after gleefully fapping to human exploitation only makes your vileness more apparent.

Tl;dr cope, seethe, coom, repeat.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1270017

Im not a scrote and I truly feel sorry for you cause I assume you were like super-mega molested and have a reason to hate men this much, but saying that they are born evil and toddlers are born to rape is fucking lunacy and you should probably get some help.

No. 1270026

How can people who join the military murder people? Wow I guess they must just all be born evil murderers. No. You get exposed to a stimuli too many times and it changes your brain. How do you explain that this phenomenon that you think is real (rapist toddlers) is a recent thing that happened with availability of porn if men are born evil? Wouldn't they just come out of the womb and start raping their mothers since they are born that way? Why do they need porn to begin with?

The truth is that their brains get numbed to stimuli over time so they seek out more and more extreme things to get the same effect. Just how a drug addict needs to take larger and larger amount of drugs. Just how a person in the military becomes a trained killer and doesn't feel the same emotions when bombing people after 20 years than they did on their first day. Nobody is born evil, people become that way through environmental factors. I am not even denying that the porn industry normalizes the abuse of women, it definitely does. But that means we need to stop the porn industry and stop people form consuming it, not murder all men. You are obviously very damaged and bitter, go to therapy.

No. 1270062

Yes. His fridges are full of nothing but low calorie jello cups and white monster energy. I don't feel bad for men who meme themselves into EDs though.

No. 1270072

You realize you’re not talking to men right now, right? Save the retarded sperging for people who actually need to see it, you sound deranged to people who agree with you

No. 1270090

I figured as much. The way he talks about fitting into childrens clothes is very typical anachan shit.

"Oh no, poor me, I have to wear childrens clothes because I'm a skinni bean owo oh no it's just tiny waist uwu 10 year olds jeans ungggghhhh pokemon on the shirt for extra self infantilising"

No. 1270096

Lmao, leave it to a pickme to throw passive aggressive jabs at molestation while lamenting the "grooming" of poor widdle coomer toddlers, but you missed the mark. Sorry to disappoint.

Regardless, I'm sorry you found your little semen demon browsing r/DegradingHoles and huffing your used panties, I think I too would be this demented from all the cognitive dissonance.

>How can people who join the military murder people? Wow I guess they must just all be born evil murderers.
Literal hollow cranium take.
1.Very few soldiers actually enjoy what they had do, and many develop PTSD from observing and perpetrating wartime murder.
2. This is a great opportunity to bring up wartime rape, which is by all measures excessive. Why not just kill, why also fuck what you're going to kill too? Who the fuck gets a boner while standing amongst corpses? That, my intellectually disabled friend, has been happening long before porn. Very interesting, isn't it? Why don't women do it too?
3. How many soldiers and murderers are there vs the number of hardcore porn users? All men who have internet access use porn.
4. If you ever try to defend genocidal murderers by blaming "muh industry", or make the same fucking extra chromosome tier "muh ice cream is just too tasty that's why I'm fat, this fridge is where I keep muh dopamine" argument, most people will rightfully think you're a tard. This sort of tard cope is only acceptable with porn for some reason. Nobody denies that humans are hardwired to find some things appealing, but if you are willing to hurt others for minute pleasures, you are rightfully reviled as something little more than a beast. It's one thing to shoot heroin and ruin yourself, and another to murder your parents just to pawn their shit and get another fix. Porn doesn't just "hurt" (lmao) the coomer, and coomers don't care.

>this phenomenon that you think is real (rapist toddlers)

COCSA is well documented, sped.
>Why do they need porn to begin with?
Yeah, why do they respond to it to the point of funding "de pown industwy"? Why does it work on them and not women, or any other normal people who simply aren't turned on by these "increasingly extreme stimuli" that for some reason always default to diabolical misogyny? Your retarded cope argument is literally "men aren't born this way, but they are born this way". I'm really sorry you found his stash/are mad because you know you'll always end up breaking the nofap, but it's what you deserve.

But to ruin your day a little more here: do you know that there is a study that's shows that men's prior condemnation of sexual assault rapidly evaporates as they become more sexually aroused? Their humanity is entirely contingent on how horny they are. If you think that you'll ever stop an industry that was made to make them happy by catering to their innate hatred of women, you're either male or have another learning disability.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1270100

Gross I thought twinks were just supposed to be petite pretty moids (James Charles), I didn't think they were supposed to look like kids. Cafe Beef is actually so mentally ill that it borders on not even being funny sometimes

Sage for this, but anon you should post this over on the pink pill thread on Crystal Cafe. Anons are more than happy to see stuff like this and discuss it thoroughly. But this thread is about femboys, not really the place for this

No. 1270109

So, basically a 173 cm balding skelly in TERF island. He should go on those British tv shows where they have weird food habits, like only eating brown sauce, and they always got teeth full of cavities.

No. 1270114

> coomer toddlers
Close the tab queen

No. 1270125

>In anime the only older women are busty MILFs… the first word of that being "mother", something a man will never ever be, no matter how much they dream about ass-birthing. They have no future.

There's one MTF (a 6' ginger man) who wanted to become an anime cowgirl and tired to do it by getting H cup breast implants along with a bunch of other surgeries including "shoulder narrowing" lol. Their twitter was a mixture horny hentai posting and how they would get "mommy milkers". The moid chasers in his mentions were all optimistic and horny. Finally, a mommy trap.

Long story short, the moid ended up killing himslef because…of course. How can a 6' man turn into a cute anime girl with huge breasts? Even the F cups looked small on him. They have a thread on here Remilia- first female League player (yes very female ugh).

Anyway, it's pretty interesting looking into the psychology of these men. How they cope and seethe at real women, idolizing anime girls which depicts exaggerated features of women (huge breasts, very wide hips, big ass, tiny waist etc etc). Sorry for the long post.

No. 1270155

Remilia or something like that? Yeah I remember them. One of those "first women in professional e-sports" trannies.

You're mentally ill.

No. 1270156

Quit falling for shitty bait. Just report the sperg.

No. 1270162

This stuff is pretty self evident anyone who isn't retarded understands that porn doesn't turn men insto anything they aren't already, or compares literally every man with internet to a murderer/drug addict. We're just having a kiwifarms containment breach with its zealous beckies who can't accept that their limpdicked coomer soyfriends/autistic sons are beyond repair, or nofap coomcels seething at being reminded that they'll never quit porn. Many such cases!
Porn is blamed every time a 6 year old diddles his sister. It's toothless nuthuggers like you saying this, kween.

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/09/number-child-on-child-sexual-assaults-almost-doubles/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1270247

Yeah, plus I'm 100% sure they actually do make clothes for men his size. Skinny 5'7 120-125lb men are not a rarity, don't know why he thinks hes so special. Can't even anachan correctly.

No. 1270253

based, you sound sxc as hell anonita(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1270263

>dae dopamine, i bet you never heard of it
>you can't choose not to eat fast food
>(((they))) make porn and create Tracer ass so men don't overthrow the gubmint
>you mentally ill radfem femcel lesbians are not ready for more of my truths! none of you are ready!

Wow schizo queen, please tell me how (((they))) are causing a white genocide via femboy hypnosis

No. 1270273

Don't tell me let me guess, it's (((da ebil jooz))) forcing all the poor sensitive coomers to coom, right? You conspiracy tards are all the same kek

No. 1270522

You’re based as fuck and all of the bitches in this thread disagreeing need to go outside more or are european or something because American men are exactly how you describe. Be my friend please.

No. 1270597

Why do femcels have to ruin every thread about male lolcows? Hide the thread if seeing a male triggers you so much that you need to go on a 3 day spergfest where you ban-evade multiple times. You need fucking help.

No. 1270600

File: 1625311746334.png (1.31 MB, 1504x1920, cafeman.png)

>whine all day about being a mentally ill sperg
>your mental illness makes you want to get surgery to look like the opposite sex
>friends tell you to go to therapy
>NOoooOOOoo I can't go to therapy, they will find out I only want to chop up my body because of my mentall illness
Honestly he deserves what he fucking gets in the end. He has every support in the world to just go to therapy and sort himself out. He has thousands of dollars from his fundraiser, but whines all day about how miserable he is. He is very obviously a self-hating tranny in a deep identity crisis but he still CHOSES to just ruin his life instead of getting help. Godspeed on your way to join the 41%.

No. 1270632

this dude will 41 in the next 5 years if he doesnt leave twitter and this stupid femboy shit behind, jesus

No. 1270760

why do reddit pickmes get so triggered whenever they see one passing comment they perceive as "man hating"? you dumb whores derailed it first with your cooomer caping dissertation over here >>1269637, just hide the comment if muhsandtry on a laotian cave painting forum in a male cow thread of all places makes you chimp so much lmfao(ban evading sperg)

No. 1270880

File: 1625348169981.png (32.13 KB, 732x286, no_womb_no_eggs.png)

i-it's not like I am upset that I will never be a mother or anything

kek. seethe.

No. 1270883

File: 1625348398127.jpeg (106.5 KB, 750x538, A15F296D-8724-4292-87CF-95631B…)

Funny how he is so insistent on not being a tranny, yet gets triggered by TERFs. He clearly has a lot of self-hatred left over from his /pol/tard days.
And the woman in the pic isn’t even a TERF, it’s just some random old lady he decided to bully for some reason

No. 1270884

>better representation of LGBT people in anime
>okama trope

No. 1270885

He is a gay man, a tranny and an incel so he's got the trifecta of misogyny. Hates women because he views them as "competition" (kek we don't want chasers and gays). Hates women because he doesn't pass. Hates women because he perceives our lives as "easy mode". Hates women because he will never have our sexual market value.

No. 1270888

File: 1625349060265.jpeg (55.92 KB, 750x402, B17F7974-1E10-4D3A-8E89-27AC4C…)

He’s always saying he’s not a tranny. I’ve noticed that /pol/tards hate on trannies for being minorities (there are valid reasons to hate trannies, but the reasons /pol/ hates them are not) but fetishize femboys. I think he’s trying to appeal to 4chan types. If he admitted to being a tranny, his audience would disown him immediately. Methinks the lady doth protest too much….

No. 1270889

Femboys and trannies are the same thing with a different label. They are coping so hard about this fact it's hilarious. Also the people on 4chan who push the whole "femboys will join our nazi revolution, Hitler would marry a trap UwU" are all.. well.. gay femboys who fetishize Nazis. So they are really doing a LARP for themselves and think that it's some strong aryan chads on the other side, when it's just another gay coomer like them. Everyone on 4chan has terminal coombrain, I don't think there is a single straight man on the entire site.

No. 1270891

I thought the distinction was that femboys admit it's a fetish and generally identify as a male

No. 1270892

They take HRT, they dress like women, they try to pass as women, they get face feminization surgery, they do voice-training. He/him trannies, whatever. It's the same thing.

No. 1270906

>"femboys will join our nazi revolution, Hitler would marry a trap UwU"
The curious part about their delusion is that the nazis only allowed heterosexual transvestites (modern day transbians) in their society, they even got a special certificate (Transvestitenschein), so long they were not homo.
All femboys ITT would be sent to the camps.

No. 1271353

its a chestplate nonny

No. 1271356

File: 1625419362645.jpeg (227.5 KB, 2048x1840, E5aLWv1XEAIeEN9.jpeg)

ahh deleted becasue I just realised he "put on" the breasts. Here's the pic anyway.

Where do they buy these? It's creepy as shit. Reminds me of Chinese authorities cracking down on moids who wear female body suits and masks to scam men online


No. 1271369

They only make sense if they’re being used for a play or movie, It’s shitty how men had to ruin a prop and turn it into not only a sexual thing but also a scam tactic.

No. 1271382

There used to be a word for that: twinks. Femboys are just another flavour of tranny. The only thing that's different is their politics.

No. 1272126

He is not bad looking

No. 1272137

Learn to sage troon.

No. 1272167

File: 1625532819741.jpg (340.89 KB, 1322x1736, femboy.jpg)

What about FemboyPaganism?

No. 1272200

I'm sure a radfem of all people would be DEVASTATED over missing out on the kind of jailhouse incel that would rail you, cafebeef.

No. 1272296

what about him? post milk, being a degen scrote isn't milk in and of itself

No. 1272319

Don't give the selfposters attention.

No. 1272360

File: 1625579239125.png (59.35 KB, 742x828, cafeman.png)

Cafebeef still can't shut the fuck up about the pedobait shit.

No. 1272389

I love that he thinks it's something to brag about like he doesn't just look like a pedophile larping in kids clothes with a comb over. I know he thinks it's cute on him and akin to when pretty women wear children's or juniors, but he forgot that he's a troglodyte.

No. 1272438

This shit reminds me so much of Ang3lthigh and her (his?) obsession with buying kids clothes to wear mixed with degenerate strappy lacy stuff. But in the case of Cafe Beef it's hard to tell if this is partially an anachan thing or not. You know it's bad when people find it difficult to identify what kind of fucked up your being at any one time.

No. 1272470

File: 1625594213558.jpg (11.15 KB, 258x293, FB_IMG_1625425342466.jpg)

Imagine what he looks like fresh out of the shower with his hair combed back. jfc.

No. 1272474

>? Okay.
Lmfao that reply

No. 1272475

I've been staring at this picture for like 5 minutes. The skater skirt sitting too high up and it's too short for his height. Yikes. This just shows that female clothing isn't designed for moid bodies.

No. 1272481

we don't know who this is, you need to give us some cow worthy material before we milk.

No. 1272871

I asked a fucking question

No. 1272920

File: 1625659901512.png (106.97 KB, 742x922, annoying_cafeman.png)

It's someone selfposting, shut the fuck up about them already and don't give them attention. Holy shit.

Anyways Cafebeef keeps alienating all his tranny friends with his self-hating trans posts. Does anyone on this planet like this dude other than the chasers who are paying for the private bussy streams?

No. 1272921

File: 1625660187535.png (184.95 KB, 732x1520, not_like_other_trannies.png)

The most female thing about Cafebeef is his not-like-other-trannies syndrome that reminds me a lot of women with internalized misogyny who keep talking all day about how much they hate women and how much better men are to get male approval. Cafeman instead talks about how much he hates trannies all day while being a tranny for TERF approval. SAD!

psst, those women have no female friends and you will end up having no friends as well cause this behavior is fucking obnoxious

No. 1272946

The only troon I've ever seen that admits these fuckers don't pass as cis women and is willing to speak about 41% outside of a pity pandering context. He might be a crazy delusional fuck in some ways, but at least hes not blind enough to think trans people look like actual women

No. 1272949

He thinks that only about people who transition as adults. Since he constantly goes on about how he looks like a 12 year old I assume he thinks he will still look like a woman after his surgery that he is crowdfunding.

Stop thinking that there are "based troons" and "one of the GOOD ones". They don't exist. It's all a fucking front to make himself look superior to other troons while still being a disgusting fetishistic troon.

No. 1272977

seeing how many times he says he passes as female this just screams "I'm better than most trannies." There is no self awareness in this one, and for whatever reason he thinks femboys are better than trans people even though femboys only exist in anime.

No. 1273156

File: 1625693541874.png (898.04 KB, 1530x1147, troon suicide attempts.png)

It's at 50% as of 2018. Kek.

No. 1273224

Interesting how the suicide rate grows as trans people become more accepted. Curious!

No. 1273428

>51 percent of transgender male adolescents reported at least one suicide attempt, with 30 percent of transgender female adolescents reporting the same
Wouldn't that make the total average still 41%, rounding up?

No. 1273437

File: 1625745137026.png (27.85 KB, 537x286, beef.png)

No. 1273456

He posts the same shit every day. We get it, you're having an identity crisis. Get help instead of whining on twitter every day.

No. 1273486

Does cafe beef post on /lgbt/? Surely if he did, we could have some more interesting milk than him self hating on his twat feed. He could talk more like a looney and get away with it in /lgbt/

No. 1273489

File: 1625757526127.png (1.01 MB, 895x1283, 1625758130568.png)

Whoever asked Hyperkyuun about having a girl body should gave gone to Specsavers

No. 1273500

Sorry but that's not what this is about. This video critisize groomers/chasers and relatonships based only on looks. It's not against femboys, but scrotes seeing them as property.

No. 1273503

That nigga lying. out here built like an F150 nobody said he's small except for himself. What's with pedophiles trying to seem small and dainty nigga you're 26 in a weeb store wearing panty hose cmon son.

No. 1273517

Hmm, not sure./lgbt/ is where all overconfident twitter trannies go to cope, seethe and dilate about how they will never be women.

No. 1273542

Yes, but that is who they appeal to and the destiny that they chose. If your entire personality is built on being an UwU young looking cute femboy, then don't be surprised when the chaser who picks you up because he's attracted to that dumps you once you grow into an adult man.

No. 1273543

Yes, he's a tripfag on there. I'm not willing to go there to dig up dirt tho, too much tranny and gay porn that I don't want to look at.

No. 1273544

Hoping a brave anon will go farming in /lgbt/ for Cafe Beef because his Twitter isn't milk. Not me though because I'm not ready to lose my innocence in that cesspit

No. 1273769

File: 1625790639290.jpg (121.96 KB, 851x1262, poor mom.jpg)

He took pictures of his mom crying and posted on Twitter for sympathy points

No. 1273787

Fuck this guy, how selfish do you have to be to publicly humiliate your mother like that. Her life IS ruined.

No. 1273790

men lack self-awareness and empathy and it's just maximized in these coomers

No. 1273801

I hope she throws him out into the street. What a piece of shit

No. 1273819

Imagine losing your son to porn. Him killing off the boy you raised and becoming a walking zombie whose only goal is to coom. It's like rabies.

No. 1273821

It looks like he deleted his tweet but still.. To put your own mom on blast like that because she doesn’t like your agp pornsick lifestyle is just so fucking low. Scumbag son.

No. 1273822

She should write his miserable ass off of her will, since she’s so terrible for not wanting a degenerate for a son.

No. 1273851

So basically, >imagine having a son

No. 1273905

File: 1625819519312.png (92.42 KB, 1331x369, the y.png)

There's an episode of The Simpsons where Homer's family are retarded just like him and the women from Marge's side are all successful and sane. There has to be truth to that. The Y chromosome is passed down from grandfather to son to grandson after all, unchanged. Men are retarded. Sadly many mothers idealize their sons, ignoring their daughter(s) until shit hits the fan. I bet she's thinking why she didn't have a daughter instead. I hope this degenerate dies from ulcerative colitis from shoving huge dildos up his ass.

No. 1273916

File: 1625822594380.png (698.3 KB, 738x732, british.png)

That's why you raise your kids on limited internet access and teach them about these topics so they can avoid becoming like this. I know it's probably hard in this day and age to raise children but there must be a way.. I think probably moving out of the cities and actually parenting your kids instead of letting the ipad to the job is probably a good first step.

Are we really going to do this again? Same could be said about a picture of a mom crying because she found her daughters OnlyFans account. Zoomers raised on the internet with no parental supervision are all degenerates.

I have also noticed a trend with these femboys. They are all either from Israel or from England.

No. 1273917

File: 1625822848790.png (25.9 KB, 746x298, no_dad.png)

It also seems like his father is not involved in his life, which would also explain a lot.

No. 1273920

File: 1625823798863.png (2.08 MB, 3688x1732, mum.png)

He tweets A LOT about his mom. I am sure a lot of this shit is just completely made up for pity-points (like the Mii thing) but his mom sounds pretty based. She's probably overwhelmed having to do the work of two parents with a son who is mentally damaged from having no dad and being terminally online. Also british.

No. 1273937

File: 1625829673132.png (190.08 KB, 1497x811, b2kjnskfjdnksjdf.png)

He's so fucking pathetic even the other troons can't stand him wallowing in his own pity. At least he had the sense to not reply to the person lying their ass off to him and saying he passes irl.

No. 1273945

His issue is that he knows that men can never pass as women, but he still can't let go of the fantasy and the fetish. He realizes that he will forever look, move and sound like a man and it will only get worse when youth isn't on his side anymore, but he refuses to get therapy and just accept living life as a man. Nobody can help this dude, he loves to be miserable and just whine all day. I assume it's because he literally doesn't know who he is as a person outside of "based femboy" and "one of the good ones but still degen with thigh high socks UwU". He spent the last years of his life trying to chase this dream thinking it will fix his underlying issue of just being a sad lonely loser with nothing going for him and he's realizing that underneath the awful bangs and the girly clothes he's still the same guy he was before and that all the validation he gets is absolutely worthless cause it's just troons and chasers lying to him about reality like they lie to themselves and each other constantly. He is definitely a candidate for 41%.

No. 1273948

He’s right though, that’s all he will ever be. A thin, weird, ugly, maladaptive weak man with a Mickey Mouse voice. He will rope long before he turns 30.

No. 1273951

>blaming your degeneracy on being raised by a single mom
Plenty of people who were raised by single moms and they turned out just fine.
Mothers usually put their sons on a pedestal. She probably cried and that’s it. A daughter who has an only fans would probably get kicked out of the house, called a whore, etc. This guy probably fucks horse dildoes, wears his moms lingerie and wants his mom catching him.

No. 1274007

File: 1625846406611.png (37.68 KB, 736x353, pov.png)

No. 1274012

Kind of funny that troons acknowledge the 41% suicide rate but still get vocally pissed off when one of their degenerate herd starts making cries for help lmao who wants to bet those same accounts are going to be posting about how everyone is selfish for not listening to his dysphoria woes

No. 1274030

>I'm not having fun
You mean you're not being blindly validated even by the psycho AGPs you surround yourself with? So shocking!

No. 1274041

Having an onlyfans isn't anywhere near as common as watching porn lmfao

No. 1274059

The best possible outcome, everyone will be free from his whiny tweets.

No. 1274060

She wasnt upset cause he's watching porn, she's upset he is trooning out.

No. 1274066

She's probably a "my son is my king, I can raise him to respect wamen" type.

No. 1274069

This is 100% chobitcoin and his coolstory fapfics about his "evil radfem stepmom".

No. 1274071

Yeah, I'm entirely sure that a male parent would be much more receptive to the idea of having a degenerate fag son. Or is he implying that being homeless or dead is better than having his mii edited?

No. 1274777

All I can say is that his tweet def show this individual is not a man neither can call itself a woman… One of the most heartless things I saw on a while and I've been around… You're a fucking monster.

No. 1274842

>Be a 28 year old man.
>Taking horse piss pills and blood thinners everyday. >Limp dick.
>Failing endocrine system and liver working overtime.
>Publicly e-begging for tranny surgeries.
>Hopes and dreams of becoming a troon tradwife.
>Spent YEARS coping and seething because women exist.
>Spent YEARS shit posting and spamming pics on 4chan to trick racist incels.
>Gen Z femboys getting tired of the whining.
>Shill "I wear 12 year old's sizes uwu" cringe posts. Pedo chasers still ignore. Younger fembois have saturated the market.

Even if he does have a somewhat sane view of trannies and passing, he has to participate in the tranny hugbox. There are far younger and better looking femboys now than when he started. Can't act like a holier than thou tranny when you look like Cafebeef, kek.

No. 1275097

>but his mom sounds pretty based.
Ah yes, by refusing to communicate with her son, resorting to petty shame tactics to undermine (what little) self-confidence he has, and denying any control he has over his own life. Are you fucking retarded, or can you genuinely not see how this negative upbringing is perfectly contingent with his nihilistic femboy twitterfag persona?
>>blaming your degeneracy on being raised by a single mom
>Plenty of people who were raised by single moms and they turned out just fine.
Children raised in single-mother households are prone to a myriad of neurotic disorders and are statistically far more likely to become murderers, rapists, drug addicts etc. Spouting garbage like this undermines the issue this single mother epidemic poses on young men.

Not defending him btw, but I can guarantee his Mom is absolutely in the wrong too, no matter how much you seethe.

No. 1275161

You’re absolutely retarded. Are you seriously saying you believe all of the shit he’s posting? It’s not his mother (who pays for everything, houses and has raised him btw) who is in the wrong. She is working hard to house her idiot son who can only think about himself. Fucking think.

No. 1275235

this is 100% the coomer defending tard from the spergout earlier in the thread

No. 1275272

>not defending him btw uwu
begone faggot!

No. 1275361

No. 1275375

File: 1626098709764.png (1.04 MB, 1790x748, hyper_kyuun.png)

You can be gay and have a girlfriend.. cause your girlfriend is a man! Clownworld weee!

No. 1275377

File: 1626098842007.jpg (373.27 KB, 2112x1568, E51tJ0lX0AADp0Q.jpg)

No. 1275378

File: 1626099009126.jpg (446.92 KB, 1809x2048, E51tKl2XMAIBbfh.jpg)

Seriously, why does he always make this stupid face? Is that some anime thing?

No. 1275392

Kind of yes. He's pushing out his top lip in an attempt to show he isn't a lipless wonder. He's also puffing out his cheeks because chubby cheeks are suppose to be cute.
Too bad nothing he does work, being ugly in both genders standards doesn't make him a femboy or passing. Guess why he hates women and better looking trans/femboys, there's no fixing that mug.

No. 1275395

wait are they both israelis? the blonde one looks like the kind of person who gets really mad when you make jokes about blondes not being jewish. have we all not considered this could be a long con to dodge the idf or something?

No. 1275396

Seriously the ugliest thing I have ever seen. That moon face and those bulging sociopath eyes really work together to make you deeply uncomfortable.

No. 1275422

Yes thea are israeli living in Tel Aviv.

No. 1275431

>undermines the issue this single mother epidemic poses on young men.
scrote hands typed this.

No. 1275536

No lie detected tho. Men without father figures are neurotic as fuck and start listening to people like Jordan Peterson. You don't need to be a scrote to acknowledge this. It's not blaming the single mother either it's the fault of deadbeat dads who don't want to be in their children's lives. Men need fathers.

No. 1275579

>m-menz can never fail, they can only be failed
>m-muh single moms

back to kiwiddit

If it's not a kiwifag, I bet this thread is mostly moid on moid vendetta with some failed aged out femboi backstabbing his former twitter frens. The instant butthurt textwall outbursts at anyone who isn't cupping balls gently enough is a tell tale sign of having some skin in the game.

No. 1275624

Still bitter about your ban, huh? Can you not just hide this thread and move the fuck on you sperg? You really have to derail this thread with your manhate every day?

No. 1275630

>initiates unsaged whining about muh destruction of young men
>shrieks for janny cummies when farmers don't buy it

kek, exhibit A

No. 1275860

>Children raised in single-mother households are prone to a myriad of neurotic disorders and are statistically far more likely to become murderers, rapists, drug addicts etc.

The issue is not single mothers, per se, but single parents in general. Children of single fathers face the same risks that children of single mothers do.

Now of course, most single parents are most definitely mothers. And if you weren't a retarded scrote set on blaming everything on mothers because your mommy was mean to you one time, you'd realize the quickest solution to fixing the single mother epidemic is having fathers actually do their fucking jobs at raising their children.

No. 1275887

that messy ass eyeliner ffs just go bare-faced until you've figured out how to do makeup

No. 1276631

File: 1626296656885.png (21.77 KB, 730x226, pedopandering.png)

Sir, you are 5'8 and balding.

No. 1276644

pedobeef's mating call

No. 1276665

Sir, you are almost 30, you do not look like a child. You have a receding hairline and a head like a skateboard in a wig

No. 1276710

i can't get over how fucking hideous this kid is, does he not look at these ugly pictures before he posts them??

No. 1276915

File: 1626323759595.jpg (22.48 KB, 360x360, 323921.jpg)

No. 1276916

Identical lmao

No. 1277727

File: 1626426415120.png (369.51 KB, 740x726, coombrain.png)

Coombrains think about porn literally 24/7. Don't Cafebeef's friends know that he is a totally baste and redpilled whuite supremacist nazi /pol/tard desu? He would never "burn the coal", as a britbong he craves to be dominated by a white man with good teeth and without a silly accent. Sadly for him this illustrated scenario is more likely in England.

No. 1277729

File: 1626426622185.png (38.19 KB, 740x326, coombrain2.png)

>grow up with unrestricted internet access
>become addicted to porn
>become 4chan retard
>troon out

tale as old as time

No. 1277740

whY are you like this?! my fucking sides are gone
Tweeted in the same day. All troons are coomers, Cafe. You can't escape yourself.

No. 1277750

I really enjoy how he pretends to not be a coomer when you can literally search his twitter and find 1.000 tweets about cumming >>1269703 see here. Like how do you think you turned into a "femboy" tranny? Autogynephilia is entirely cause by overconsumption of pornography. Pornsickness is the cause of all TIMs.

No. 1277767

That really sounds like he's getting abused tbh. With mother like that it's hard to be normal.

No. 1277809

How does he think he looks like a literal child uwu, that’s the face and build of a 50 year old crack hag

No. 1277868

i feel like the mother abuse came after the trooning.. with a cumbrained degenerate child, wouldnt you give up and get frustrated instead?

No. 1277901

No, don't do my boy Hifumi like that.

No. 1279484

File: 1626617253163.png (29.87 KB, 734x322, tomboys.png)

A tomboy is a young girl (child-age) who wears overalls and plays with trucks instead of barbies. There are no adult tomboys and men's obsession with "tomboys" is fucking creepy and pedophilic as fuck. Adult women with short hair are not "tomboys" they are just adult women who have short hair you pathetic coomer.

Also if the "tomboy" has a penis then it's just a regular boy. I honestly can't with this coombrained idiot. It's like he has a compulsion to tweet the dumbest word-vomit he can come up with every day.

No. 1279485

File: 1626617400315.png (26.95 KB, 738x188, seethe.png)

He's also still seething about having no ass or hips and not fitting into women's jeans. Women can't wear men's jeans because we have different proportions than men. You can wear men's jeans because you are a man.

No. 1279486

Tomboy isn't just for little girls. Everyone uses it to describe 'sporty, boyish' girls and women.
I think he's making fun of troons with that tweet anyway.

No. 1279489

No. Coomers use it to describe women that way. Tomboy is originally a word that only refered to children. Now it is a porn category because of socially maladjusted men who fetishize women who are "basically like men but with a vagina".

No. 1279496

NTA but anon I have no idea where you grew up where tomboy was only in reference to literal children. It's been used for woman, teens, and kids since the at least the late 90s/early 2000s.

No. 1279502

Gonna back up anon here >>1279496 tomboy was always used to describe any woman, be it adult or child, who had male interests, dressed in a masculine way but not a butch lesbian etc.

No. 1279504

These dudes were never hot, but boy! They are aging like milk in the desert sun!

No. 1279525

Just because some people use it that way doesn't mean it's correct. It is a term for children. It is also a term that is completely unnecessary since it enforced gender roles. Tomboys are girls they are not boys "tom-" or other. The term "girl" describes both girly-girls and "tomboys". Just because they have interests or wear clothes that society things are reserved for men doesn't make them any less of a girl. The reason that we now have fakeboys is because women are called manish or boyish for not fulfilling gendertypical roles of girlhood. Making them believe they are not girls and somehow "other" is harmful. Nowadays it is also fetishistic because men fetishize women that they feel are more like them and "not like other girls" simply because they are afraid of the expectations that they think a feminine woman will have of them like treating her with respect instead of like "one of the boys". The same reason trannies like Cafebeef think they are superior to women is because of misogynistic men who think feminine = bad/scary/whorish and manly behavior is somehow superior. Stop enabling this bullshit fetish lingo.

No. 1279527

>shut up cis bitches, what about your shitty jeans? Fuck you for looking good in clothes designed for female proportions, no you'd rather make me look at your biologically female body instead of buying pants with pockets

I am HOWLING at this.

No. 1279528

Aww, he's so mad he can't fill out his dream women's low-rise skinny jeans. So sad. The few times I do wear men's jeans I can't really walk normally and the jeans are way too tight around the thighs. So, yeah hard agree. It's basically impossible to be comfortable, have a good fit AND look good in men's jeans when you're, y'know, a woman.

No. 1279640

the cope is so ridiculous, they're designed to /fit/ women's bodies, not "show them off". mostt popular styles of jeans (mom, boyfriend, bootcut etc.) aren't even particularly tight

No. 1279652

File: 1626634270661.jpeg (181.24 KB, 750x485, 942FADD6-5247-4F7B-A7F6-B817D3…)

Excuse me if I’m misreading this but is beefy boi literally saying that if he got FFS he would start to fully identify as a trans woman? Maybe that’s why he’s been so extra bitter lately, since it doesn’t seem like his GFM will ever be funded (it’s raised less than 10% of £30k since June)

No. 1279658

he doesn't want to commit to trans label unless he could successfully transform into a hot girl. he mistakenly thinks FFS is his magic incel-to-stacey surgery

No. 1279699

wow so true king! and if I want a dress with pockets I can just get a men's dress!

No. 1279751

File: 1626641558392.png (113.35 KB, 180x350, 1623060279241.png)

Alt-emo-goth men wear skinny jeans all the time, but they are proud to be guys and don't pose like they are about to piss themselves.

No. 1279797

You're fucking retarded. No one should change shit just cause coomers sexualize regular everyday shit/terms. Get the fuck outta here with that.

No. 1280068

Can’t wait until he gets ffs and then kills himself shortly after in utter despair kek

No. 1280070

He looks so much like Florence Pugh here

No. 1280104

He already has a receding jawline. What is there to feminize? He has horrible bone structure.

No. 1280136

File: 1626702194238.jpg (396.29 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20210719-012056_Ins…)

accidentally stumbled down a femboy meme/theme page rabbit hole on Instagram earlier. it's extremely shocking that most of the accounts I saw claimed to be between 14-18 years old.

No. 1280305

They are really obsessed with "breeding". It must be because they know that they can shave their jawbones, get breast and butt implants and turn their dicks inside out, but a uterus is something they will literally never ever posess. Tragic.

No. 1280307

File: 1626723429633.png (26.2 KB, 742x286, ew.png)

Do britbongs really have to pay taxes for trannies to get laser hair removal? Do they know that women also grow pubes? Probably not since they only know women from porn..

No. 1280332

Taxes only pay for pills and genital mutilation. trannies self fund everything else

No. 1280654

Posting about how much he hates women every day yet he can't even look in the mirror without crying

No. 1281118

File: 1626817191167.jpg (219.59 KB, 2048x1151, belly.jpg)

Beef posted belly

No. 1281138

File: 1626819338441.jpg (625.27 KB, 2525x3890, Hitler_as_young_man.jpg)

Hitler had blue eyes and didn't look too bad in his 20s and early 30s. Most pictures used in history books are from when his health was already declining. American newspapers fawned over the "charming dictator" prior to WWII. You're right abut Himmler and Goebbels though. Pretty much the opposite of what they were propagating.

Saged for OT.

No. 1281365

He look pretty fugly to me dawg

No. 1281401

File: 1626860113703.png (134.44 KB, 600x601, 317.png)

No. 1281415

File: 1626862867371.png (580.73 KB, 797x655, 556879h8hgff8754.png)

I can never get over how fucking ugly this retard looks

No. 1281418

Seems like the jeans for 12 year old kids are too tight on him afterall. Look at those fucking indents. Also idk what it is about male stomaches but they look really different from female ones. Might be the lack of hips or the gigantic ribcage or just the way the muscles are shaped differently. Pretty cringe tho that he is thirst-baiting when he is coomer-shaming all his friends.

Hope he sees this bro.

No. 1281419

Also sage this shit and clean up your bathroom.

No. 1281540

seriously cannot get over this orb headed spherical ass dude

No. 1281660

its weird that FFS is the thing that beefy thinks is worth saving up for when I would say his face looks way more feminine than his body. not that that's saying much, but if you quickly scrolled past one of his selfies he could pass, but there's literally no mistaking that torso as anything but a mans. i wonder why he's choosing face surgery over tits or bbl? maybe he's worried about not being able to fit into jeans for 12 year olds lol

No. 1282454

File: 1626979638237.jpg (228.21 KB, 732x1558, blulululu.jpg)

Must be really exhausting to be friends with this retard.

No. 1282455

File: 1626979846230.jpg (122.99 KB, 920x589, 1565866668614.jpg)

this is your brain on gender fluid

No. 1282457

File: 1626979933631.jpg (23.52 KB, 468x242, cafebeef.jpg)

Men really out here tryna get credit for admitting they are men and not women. Are we supposed to clap?

Why are people actually giving this retard money for surgeries again?

No. 1282458

File: 1626980110243.jpg (69.49 KB, 736x502, incels.jpg)

This dude really is a fucking brainlet. Being an incel is a mindset, it's more than just being a virgin, even the incels themselves will tell you that. Otherwise they would let women into their club as well since women can be virgins.

No. 1282465

Do you think anon is cafebeef?

No. 1282484

He's confirmed for stalking his thread, so maybe. It is a weird thing to post unsaged as if it's news that he posted his manbod.

No. 1282489

I like how even when he's pity baiting he's hyping himself up. There's this constant through line of "I want to be a normal man but I'm just too uwu cute and fem."

Like bro, get a haircut and you're john doe. You're not an eldritch abomination of secondary sex characteristics, you're a manlet with a weak chin. Hormones didn't even give you bitch tits and that's 90% of what they do, the remaining 10% is emotional dysregulation so at least we know they're working.

No. 1282498

Who is even following him at this point, who wants to read this every day on their feed? Does he post a lot of selfies?

No. 1282517

Yeah I don't really understand what feature of his is supposed to be feminine. The hair? Bro we know you got a receeding male hairline under your bangs. Being skinny? Lots of men are skinny. You got no fucking hips, no boobs, no ass. He's not even short since he says he is 5'8. Where is the femininity? Like this dude only looks at himself through his weird filtered selfies and with his UwU big eyeglasses on. There's absolutely nothing about him that sets him apart from other males his age if he gets a haircut. Like you're 28, which is still young. Lots of men still have a babyface at that age, it's not a feminine trait caused by hormones.

And yeah he is being really transparent with his "self-depricating" posts that are still fucking humblebrags. "I hate that I have to wear pants for little boys cause I am so smoll and UwU" "I am a man but I totally can not be one because I look too feminine!" Bitch, please.

No. 1282528

File: 1626988152129.png (216.31 KB, 590x886, cafebeef.png)

Just cut your hair and you will look just like this, Cafebeef. I could go into any computer science lecture and find 10 young men that look like this and nobody thinks they look like girls.

No. 1282530

this thread is pretty redundant, we already have a mtf thread. my tinfoil is that this was started by some femboy who discovered lolcow through /tttt/ so he could shittalk his frens but, like, without terfs triggering him

No. 1282532

They have the same mental illness/coombrain as trannies but they see themselves as a different group.

No. 1282673

File: 1627008950755.jpeg (279.27 KB, 1170x815, CC054844-77B8-4ED8-8AE5-AC9E6A…)

hyper-fags boyfriend apparently doesn’t believe in climate change kek. claims to have a bachelors in ecology

No. 1282696

holy shit what a fucking prick


No. 1282703

Of course beef defends incels. Incels are entirely beyond just involuntary virgins at this point and anyone with a brain can tell you that. But his brain is so rotted by misogyny he needs to find a way to stick up for a group of men even run of the mill misogynists will be repulsed by.

No. 1282767

File: 1627025671489.jpg (203.98 KB, 740x1202, fetish.jpg)

Just had a horrible realization. What if Cafeman's fetish is people telling him how much he doesn't pass? That's why he keeps going on about this and is upset when his friends lie to him that he does pass. And he probably furiously masturbates his limp noodle to this thread. Men tend to make their insecurities into their fetish like those guys who want you to make fun of their small penises.

No. 1282788

i would bet he at least has some kind of humiliation fetish because of the amount of whining he does. it wouldn't surprise me if he types his self-pitying tweets with one hand because he gets off on how pathetic he is

No. 1282792

My hatred stems from his head. He just is a melon head. You could replace his body, keep all his actions and personality the exact same, and I wouldn't feel the same hate that I do for him. He just insists on carrying a moon in his neck, and now I'm stuck hating him

No. 1282813

Yeah now that I think about it this seems really plausible. He does it several times a day too and often repeats the same phrases over and over again. It has to just be whenever he gets off he tweets out some humiliating shit "uwu oh no… I totally.. don't pass? I look like.. a little boy? aaahhh uhhhh oh no how embarassing that I am wearing these… little boy pants…"

I want to vomit.

No. 1282846

At this point I'd call him she if he stopped whining, jesus.

No. 1282865

I wonder what's behind the nipple covering. Must be some thick animu nipples.

No. 1282886

He doesn't want the other /pol/tards to see that his nipples are brown and not pink cause then they'd know he's not a true and honest white nazi boi.

No. 1282896

It was confirmed created by Terje, a TiF tripfag from /lgbt/. So yeah, pretty much.

No. 1282948

i like having a separate thread for the femboys because of the nazi larps/alt right pandering and the delusion that they’re not like troons. they’re their own exceptional breed

it’s even funnier if one of them started it in the first place really

No. 1282961

lmao deets pls

No. 1282995

that fucking chad jawline though lol

No. 1283040

File: 1627071283329.png (204.28 KB, 1177x798, arab.png)

lmao thanks for clearing that up. I thought Brits were pale as fuck, considering half the population are gingers. I wonder if Cafeman is a Jew or has Jewish ancestry. He kind of looks like he does.

Moonface is Arabic. LOL at him saying he's from <<Middle East Asia>>.

No. 1283105

File: 1627080591554.png (460.89 KB, 800x780, 556uz.png)

He's (secular) Jewish-Israeli.

No. 1283128

>without terfs triggering him
this place is female-dominated and filled with TERFs

No. 1283146

At least Cafebeef can take comfort in the fact that he’s more attractive/feminine looking than this flabby faced faggo.

No. 1283155

Idk, he can probably lose weight and stop drinking and taking drugs and slim down his face, Cafebeef can't grow a chin. Both hideous creatures.

No. 1283192

and this thread is filled with seething newfag scrotes clutching their anal beads over all the terfs and manhate bc they legit thought that they could minimod a thread just because they made it kek

No. 1283299

File: 1627118782321.png (27.06 KB, 743x259, 78yhjhbj8888b.png)

this makes me actually nauseous to think about

No. 1283340

File: 1627125534503.webm (825.75 KB, 576x1024, 50f51daa3fc423597416165668bdcf…)

Saw this and thought it was Cafebeef at first. The resemblance is uncanny. I guess it's because of all the inbreeding they do over there on that horrific island.

No. 1283488

If by “smell” you mean “take a flamethrower to”, then I’m down - especially if your round-headed fat ass is still in ‘em!

No. 1283585

File: 1627155669393.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

No. 1283876

You're really onto something nonny. The fact that the male couldn't just be in normal clothing but specifically schoolgirl clothes is so suspect.

No. 1283896

File: 1627208355765.png (28.92 KB, 740x298, tranny.png)

typical trannypost
>estrogen make me so weak and smoll, I am just like a woman now that I can't even pick up a pencil UwU

No. 1283897

File: 1627208490899.png (72.22 KB, 736x744, gay.png)

also apparently cafeman has found a britbong boyfriend to have anal procreation with, just girlythings

No. 1283917

I assume the one in the relationship who take estrogen is immediately the bottom because they all got limp dick syndrome?

No. 1283918

>decreased libido
Troons and femboys certainly don't act like it. Their entire life revolves around their fetishes.

No. 1283925

You don't need to be horny to be a nutjob with sexual components

No. 1283968

This is going to sound insane but if you look at cows who are aged sex deviants (example: pansy gronski) who are literally 60 something years old and living the fetish lifestyle since forever they actually reach a point where it's not enough to get them off and it's just that they dont know a way of life outside of their insane degeneracy. These were people who started as teenagers and had to hide their shit or their life was ruined.

Now we have people who START as full on cross dressers and are exposed to extreme porn every second of the day and constantly surrounded by other people who do the same thing. They lose the thrill and become desensitized. I fully believe some of these fuckers have burned out years younger than they used to and are already just walking empty husks who chase the thrill and off themselves at 35 because they feel nothing

No. 1283971

Samefag, but theres a huge difference between moids who were fucked up in secret and make it to about 50 before they gradually start being weird sissies behind closed doors and a moid who has been "ironically" dressing as a neko maid and watching hentai since it was a teen and scrambled its brain with the sheer volume and speed at which it consumed constant degeneracy. I actually think it's the same reason why a lot of troons nerf themself around 35 as well.

Their life loses reason (sexual thrill) and theres just no point after that for them

No. 1283982

File: 1627224931457.png (320.81 KB, 1112x2893, homosexual_facts.png)

This is not insane, it is a fact that people who live degenerate and destructive lifestyles (homosexual men) die younger, have more diseases, commit suicide more often and have more addiction issues. Homosexual men die at a median age of 42 while straight married men die at a median age of 75. People have been saying this literally forever but it has always been put off as "oh that's homophobia and your homophobia is causing this! If they were allowed to be openly gay they would be so much happier and healthier!" Yeah.. no. Now that degeneracy is widely accepted in our society we got porn addicted teenage moids in maid costumes being groomed by older homosexual men on discord and that's alright with everyone I guess. Slippery slope has always been real.

No. 1283995

I can't believe people don't seek help for sexual obsession. If this was part of sex education, like in the area of sexual safety (dont fuck without contraception, avoid porn addiction so you dont kill yourself, be sensible about STDs, etc) and actually show people how shameful/sad this is like they do with drug addicts then maybe we would see the number of coomtards get smaller.

Maybe. I'm imagining this as a glass-half-full person. But education could absolutely help prevent this even just a tiny bit so I dont understand why it's not something people are warned about in sex ed

No. 1284008

All men are degenerate, don’t pin this solely on the gays.

No. 1284012

This makes a lot of sense. It's been their entire sad life so they just can't stop.
Exactly. Remember that most of troon are straight men. ("lesbians")

No. 1284027

Gay men are the most degenerate because they don't have women to keep them in check. It's just a fucking fact. Women regulating the sexual market is the only thing that encourages men to act somewhat decent, because otherwise they don't get to have sex at all. Gay men have none of these incentive, they have sex with each other all the time, with strangers, unprotected. They are the biggest coomers and the biggest degenerates and also more likely to be pedophiles than straight men. They all lose their virginity at a very young age and have thousands of sexual partners. Straight men can't even fucking compare, not in any universe.

Who do you think is grooming all these young men on discord telling them they would be so cute if they took estrogen and put on the programming socks? It's not straight men, that's for sure.(derailing)

No. 1284058

hierarchy of male deviancy (imo) and life expectancy are related (best to worst)

1. Straight men in healthy straight relationships.
2. Gay men in healthy gay relationships.
3. Straight men with porn and sex addictio, in unhealthy relationships, who buys prostitutes.
4. Bisexual/Gay men with porn addiction (honestly, there is no bisexual guy who isnt a coomer) who will fuck anything and anyone.
5. Troons (it's a paraphilia, not an identity).
6. Troons with more than 1 paraphilia e.g. pedophila, voyerism etc. This is more common than (5) becasue if a man has 1 then it's very likely he develops multiple paraphilias. They engage in predatory behaviour.
7. Homeless troon prostitutes who validate their fetish by having sex with strangers/ coercing strangers for sex becasue it's a higher change of getting yeeted out of existence by their own.

Basically. All men are deviants by nature but trannies are a special kind of degenerate. They are so far gone even Blanchard says they are unrehabilitatable. That's why you should leave as soon as your bf or husband shows any sign of troonerism.

No. 1284154

Do you honestly think heterosexual males are any less degenerate? The heterosexual males beating it to stepdaughter milf cage porn? It has nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with being male. I hate when you stupid hetfags start with the homosexual conspiracy theories.

No. 1284170

Men are deviant by nature. Doesn't matter their orientation. I lived w gay men who would have sex w strangers in public restrooms so I have to second what anon said about there being no women to gatekeep sex= fuck ton of diseases. The gay couple I lived with probably fucked and suck hundreds of dudes But refused to get tested because they were scared smfh. While gay and bi men got higher std rates and pretty much no self control straight men (and some bi dudes) are still out here raping women and girls. Its quite easy to avoid gay men if u really find them that disgusting

Also lol @ anon wking gay dudes do u know how these fools talk about us? Most men (gay bi straight) are misogynistic. Until I see gay men supporting female victims of abuse instead of punching down on us (and fetishizing our oppression and fetishizing shit like pregnancy) I'm done speaking up for them. They're men. Most of them hate us. Gay men will never defend women like we do them (not even lesbians). They'll call us bitches whores cunts make fun of our bodies but we're supposed to put our capes on Everytime those fags catch heat? Nah. All men are the same

No. 1284188

A problem with those I've encountered who say that gay men are the most degenerate is that the seem to hate homosexuality in general. I get the vibe that they think gay pedos are worse than straight ones because it's worse when boys are victims. Ignoring the majority of victims of male sexual grooming, harassment and rape: Girls and women.

No. 1284211

gay men only seem more degen because there's no containment factor (women) in their relationships. a straight male might need to compromise to avoid repelling a woman, a gay man simply doesn't need to do that. a gay man doesn't make another man wait x dates to fuck, etc. ironically this is what coping jailhousecels tell themselves when they claim to be into fembois kek

No. 1284215

being with a man reduces your life expectancy, whereas being with a woman increases it. homosexual men reduce each other's lifespan and i honestly think it's the optimal existence for a male.

No. 1284262

You'll be surprised, but the notion that men can be coomditioned is this untouchable elephant in the room that nobody is allowed to even study, but it's shared between moids as some sort of folk knowledge. There's one study I've seen that has a passing mention of the fact that men can be coom-memed into fetishes they didn't previously have and women can't, but oddly enough I can't find it anymore.

I highly doubt there's a conspiracy, but rather a primordial fear shared by all straight men. They don't like being reminded vigorously and conclusively that they're subhumans fully at the mercy of their ballsacks. Truthfully, most homophobia likely stems from the visceral fear of cooming from prostate stimulation and becoming permanently addicted. I can only imagine the absolute chimpocalypse that would occur if someone actually made a credible study or conducted an experiment on this, and I bet it wouldn't be because of the obvious ethics issues.

No. 1284267

Anons who say this are probably straight women coping, yes. Even when they agree that all men are the same, they make sure to leave some room to imply that if women just git gud at tard wrangling something that's inherently defective, their personal relationships become exempt and male participation in society is thus adverse but justified. Same goes for all the "men are victims of jew porn actually" cows, but those have terminal brainworms.

That being said, unless you are gay/asexual and/or devoid of male children, you will never get women to be rational on this. Moids are aware, hence why this absurd theater of tolerance continues.

No. 1284334

File: 1627260199367.gif (1.53 MB, 270x152, tenor.gif)

Gay men, real homos, don't want to be little "uWu princess" they like d*ck.
Some of them find some interest in female related things? Sure, but this is outright a fetishist movement. I have known happy gay men, with functional lives, they will never involve themselves in this crap.

No. 1284424

he isn't. I hate that orb headed weirdo and don't find him passable in the least but comparatively cafebeef looks like orb head's creepy older coomer brother

No. 1284468

I mean technically you’re not wrong. The gay community has a HUGE grooming problem.

No. 1284481

Switch gay men and heterosexual men. A heterosexual man in a straight relationship is saddling a woman with his scrotery, gay men are doing the best possible thing a male could ever do and fucking off to leave women alone.

Women are meant to be with women and men are meant to be with men tbh. Any other way is degenerate.

No. 1284583

I already said all men are deviants but we have to differentiate between them, like there's a difference between a coomer straight guy and someone who isnt addicted to porn, they are rare though.

No. 1284591

>I highly doubt there's a conspiracy, but rather a primordial fear shared by all straight men. They don't like being reminded vigorously and conclusively that they're subhumans fully at the mercy of their ballsacks.
Kek, nice post anonita. I have a terf burner account where I make fun of coomers and troons and some anti-coomer moids follow me and all they post is how no-fap and lifting will somehow erase their sexual deviancy. Sorry, if you have one paraphilia it's over moids. Accessible internet porn and the probability of becoming a coomer is connected. I think in 10 years the only men who aren't coomers will be from native isolated populations with no internet access.

No. 1284629

the curious things about coomditioning is that it can't be undone, it can only be made worse. nofapcels are doomed and i literally haven't seen ONE who succeeded

No. 1285168

You can groom a man into killing himself via asphyxiation just by hyping up how much better strangling yourself with a belt while you masterbate is at creating orgasms. Is it true? Probably not, most definitely not, but thousands of men still risk it & die because they're just coombrains

No. 1285312

You absolutely can. You can also groom a man into castrating himself. There are (amateur, with real men self posting) porn subreddits for all of that kek, research at your own risk

No. 1285424

File: 1627409625514.png (42.14 KB, 736x448, rofl.png)

Cafe-queef would like to remind everyone once again that he is an UwU CHILD SIZED!!! smoll bean!!!!
Maybe he thinks skinwalking Shoe0nhead will make him appear more feminine?

>grass is meant to be blue and biology doesn't exist
You're fucking retarded

No. 1285431

Rofl. Gay men are absolutely unable to be monogamous and they all have sexual diseases. Keep coping. Glad your gay friends manage to not be open about it infront of you but they still have gang-bangs on the weekend and AIDS.

Gay men are pests. I have nothing against lesbians so stop coming at me with your "muh homophobia" that society trained you to believe exists. It's natural to hate people who are doing things that are unhealthy and unnatural, just how you see someone cut off their hands willingly and your instinct is to go "wow that person is fucked in the head" you have the same instinct when you see two men fucking each other up the ass. We have to actively brainwash children into being politically correct and accepting of gay people because they are born with an instinct that tells them it is wrong. Sorry this conditioning doesn't work on everyone to the same degree it worked on you. Lesbians caping for gay men are absolutely delusional, you're handmaidens to men who couldn't give less of a fuck about your rights. All they care about is their ability to be openly degenerate and to groom children.

>gay men are doing the best possible thing a male could ever do and fucking off to leave women alone
Wrong. Straight men have a purpose at least because they make children. Gay men serve no purpose other than to give little girls anorexia with their fashion magazines and to groom more kids into becoming gay like them. Maybe you don't give a shit about kids being molested as long as they are boys and not girls, some of you are fucked in the head like that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285436

If you're gonna talk biology, then you must acknowledge that heterosexual, lifelong monogamous human pair bonding isn't "natural". While males and females are meant to fuck, whether they're really meant to be with each other is debatable.

No. 1285443

File: 1627411858409.png (103.82 KB, 740x824, advice.png)

Cafebeef has been whining about men's fashion and is now blocking people giving him actual advice. Don't you know he doesn't want advice? He just wants to complain!

It is natural to produce off-spring, raise said off-spring and to try to ensure the best future for them. For humans this is through monogamous relationships between a man and a woman. Kids need both a mother and a father, else they turn out fucked up like all the fatherless men ITT.

No. 1285444

lmao calm down, not all gay men are bad

No. 1285446

If you said #notallmen in any other context on this site you would be laughed at for days, but because of MUH GAYS it's ok to defend these disgusting degenerates. You really need to undo your shitty brainwashing. The rainbow flag folx can't hurt you here.

No. 1285449

can you shut up

No. 1285450

Jfc go eat a snickers

No. 1285456

>For humans this is through monogamous relationships between a man and a woman

Or a village of women mutually assisting each other in raising kids that have no clear awareness of paternity. Or one man and his 10 slave-wives. Or two brothers raising kids with one woman. Or raising the offspring resulting from whoring your wife out to a stranger to prove hospitality. These are all traditions from all around the world, with the first one being prevalent before agriculture and industrialization.

You're welcome to explain which one of these arrangements is the most "natural" and the least socially conditioned, and why in your mind the most monkey brain one is "forever marriage with white picket fence 2 kids and a dog".

No. 1285459

God he's such a whiny little bitch, I can't wait for him to end up alone and miserable with his mutilated body and uwu little boy clothes

No. 1285462

Can we get back to talking about cafebeef I don't care about how much you guys hate the homos.

No. 1285466

does cafebeef even have a bf (or friends)?
Hes's always alone in his pictures and I don't remember ever mentioning a love in his tweets. That means that his "transitioning" (or becoming a femboy, whatever) is purely something to fuel his own agp and ego and not even to increase his dating pool

No. 1285467

Humans have *~*naturally*~* evolved to find the best way to raise healthy offspring in todays *~*natural*~*conditions and it is a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman. You can seethe about it all day if you want, faggot.

Also funny how none of the f