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File: 1619555287889.jpg (144.78 KB, 676x1142, ugly cheating whore.jpg)

No. 1218068

Last time on "The Boundaries are Back in Stock" Edition

>Holly kicked off 2021 with an incredible week-long sperg marathon, melting down on Twitter almost every day >>1133560

>decides to become a V-tuber, blames the internet for her insecurities >>1126174
>Several obsessive white knights are still going strong on Twitter >>1126870
>Jared's anti-cancel-culture stance only seems to apply to himself >>1126845, >>1126853
>Holly also celebrates Trump getting suspended on Twitter. Some of her wks are shocked Pikachu >>1126928, >>1126952
>Holly admits she's been blocked by most of the pro DnD community >>1127615
>Also admits that Wizards of the Coast "ghosted her emails" >>1127679
>Jared begs for handouts for fans, implying that he needs to replace games that Heidi "took" from him (that belonged to her) >>1127949
>Holly publicly whines about negative comments on YouTube >>1128813
>much stan fighting on both sides, it's boring
>Holly claims to be a "marginalized creator" which is why big bad Cancel Culture totally affected her the worst, unlike privileged people >>1130455
>the general public laughs hard at this statement >>1130478, >>1130955, >>1130973, >>1130997
>Holly goes private on Twitter in response to the humiliation >>1130502, >>1130545
>Self-flagellates by telling people to "Call me an ugly cheating whore" >>113058, >>1130654
>Holly "tests" lolcow AGAIN to see how long it takes for screenshots of her whining to appear here >>1130639
>Tries to cleanse her followers by randomly blocking people, hoping to kick the lolcow anons. Gives us the charming phrase "You're the topkek" >>1130781
>simultaneous to Holly's meltdown, Jared is ignoring her and tweeting at other girls >>1130814
>Holly has essentially made no progress in the last year >>1131050
>Jared takes vague potshots at Heidi with seemingly no provocation. So much for "her mental health and privacy" being his top priority >>1131426
>Holly does research to make sure she's really marginalized! >>1131496
>unprivates Twitter when she realizes that the moo is coming from inside the house >>1131542, 1132065
>Holly immediately goes after TWC on tumblr, desperate for a target to blame >>1131845, >>1131884, >>1132831, >>1133156
>Seemingly embarrassed, Holly shifts to blaming her current meltdown on her narcissistic parent(s) >>1133450
>Addendum after lolcow calls her out: it's her fault after all >>1133976
>Holly stans repeatedly bait the lolcow thread to try to prove that everyone is biased towards Heidi and shitting on Holly for no reason
>Holly's "Cancelled" shirt is worn by actual canceled rapist Max Landis. Holly, who absolutely hates him, is silent on this >>1150868
>Jared repeatedly hints at starting an OnlyFans >>1152444, >>1153814
>Adam Koebel, another sex pest that Holly publicly defended, loses the last of his supporters with several new callout posts >>1173875
>Bluejay, Adam's ex, comes out against him and bemoans people judging her for her public behavior >>1174559, >>1174559
>Jared whines about Heidi in an interview, still trying to change the narrative years after the fact. He also brings up Ross AGAIN, insisting that Ross approved of his wife leaving him for a Jared, no problem! >>1187920
>Jared still insists that collecting nudes from fans was just a coping mechanism, making it Heidi's fault >>1188144
>Dan of the Game Grumps gets more grooming allegations, but nothing seems to come of it >>1189774
>Holly subtweets the Grumps, saying that she knows what skeletons are in their closets like a veiled threat to expose them >>1189968
>But don't worry, she's not Cancelling them, just walking away and living her life >>1189995, >>1190008, >>1190033, >>1190424
>While Holly is vaguely threatening to expose the Grumps, Jared is simultaneously supporting Dan against "false allegations". What's the truth? Whatever serves each of them best >>1190840

Social links:
>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:

>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


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Our last thread devolved into nonstop infighting, bait, and garbage as white knights infiltrated.

For the quality of future threads:
-IGNORE BAIT. Anons who post random milkless potshots at Heidi or Ross are trying to spark infighting. Ignore and report.
-STOP posting stans on either side. They aren't milky and it shits up the thread.
-Common interests between Holly and Heidi are not milk. Two people liking popular things is not proof of copying on either side. Bringing it up causes infighting.
-STOP nitpicking Holly. It adds fuel to her claims that she's being bullied for no reason when people bend over backwards to try to find things to nitpick at. She has given us plenty of milk on her own. Let it flow.

No. 1218086

File: 1619555916574.jpg (662.76 KB, 1080x3858, Ross mom.jpg)

We didn't have a thread when this happened, but Ross' mom passed away from brain cancer. Holly was silent on the matter and people speculated that she didn't care.

To be fair, she might have reached out privately. But TWC brought up some good points regarding her track record.

No. 1218155

Honestly not too surprised she didn't say anything. It's been a few years since their divorce now, and I doubt she keeps in contact with his family especially since the time zones are way different. She also hasn't really posted about Ross by name for a while now, so her not publicly saying anything is probably for the best.

No. 1218213

Could also be possible Ross wasn't really down to hear from her either.

No. 1218482

Thank you so much for the thread, OP!

No. 1218680

omg welcome back my darling

No. 1218802

File: 1619625635215.png (54.65 KB, 726x381, boohoo.png)

can't wait to see how many ways she can say "heidi bad, me good" if she actually does it

No. 1218997


I love how she speaks as if it's over lmfao, we haven't gone anywhere, don't worry.

No. 1219658


Thanks for the update and while the old threads were fun during the milkfest Jared sexpest scandal, it became bloated and unnecessary. Thanks for the clean over haul!

Jared gets divorced -> I'm here for you!!
Ex-husband's mother dies of cancer -> NOTHING

No. 1221094

I feel so sorry for Ross losing his mom in such a terrible way.

No. 1221864


>"What matters is how you see it & how you learn from it. Not why."

Despite all the shit she did/said, this does look more like a step-up for Holly. The public self-flogging & pity parties were definitely not helping her in the long run. Introspection is a good thing.

No. 1226766

File: 1620599120243.jpg (296.87 KB, 536x1142, Screenshot_20210509-182257_Twi…)

Imagining writing a dramatic self praising post about overcome adversity on the 2 year anniversary of being outed as being a manipulative, suicide baiting cheater

How many years in a row is she gonna tweet these self pitying posts? Neither Jared or Heidi did (unless anyone here has Heidi's priv and can prove otherwise), but of COURSE Holly had to lmao

No. 1227140

I wonder what her career and mental health would look like right now if she'd just kept her mouth shut from day one.

No. 1227165

Publicly memorializing the anniversary of getting dragged to hell and back on Twitter… does she know she could have kept her mouth shut? From the beginning?

Incredible that she thinks this whole thing was about her. The two people who actually got divorced are silent and moving on. Meanwhile here's Holly with remember when I made someone else's breakup all about me? I'm sooo strong for not offing myself

No. 1227220

File: 1620665407109.png (630.66 KB, 750x1334, 029B909D-2289-4878-9CAC-15FA60…)


From a few weeks ago, but yeah, she’s salty

No. 1227235


holly comparing her level of fame to jake or logan paul? top kek delusion.

if the logan brother who posted a dead body had the same level of fame as she did with her controversy (barely any) than he would also be branded for life.

the reason she got so quickly swept under the rug is because she was a niche minor celebrity in a small community where everyone knows eachother. there is no comparison.

No. 1227287


She would gain my respect if she just was like "yup we cheated it was wrong and we regret it but we did" instead of this constant saying it is fake news. I'm sorry but if your boyfriends wife doesnt know about you and he has to sneak around seeing you and hide your messages on an entirely different phone how is that not cheating? She is never gonna move on if she lives in denial imo

No. 1227288

Does she not realize the Paul brothers whole shtick is them being awful, loud, annoying dude bros? They are "branded for life" it's their literal brand?

No. 1227290

people did give a shit though? my god this woman refuses to just take the L and move on. Do you want to be on wrestlemania too, Holly? What is the issue?

No. 1227295


Right like that was a HUGE story and he got SO much hate from everyone in the community and still gets hate for it till this day. The only difference between that situation and Holly's is that Logan took time away and came back with a serious apology in which he acknowledged that what he did was wrong- even if he didnt mean it, atleast he owned up to it, unlike holly who till this day insists she didnt cheat or gaslight anyone

No. 1227333

That's hilarious. Literally nobody knows who she is outside of old Game Grumps fans.

No. 1227404

This reminds me of when she said she was as well known as Kanye. But remember guys, she thinks she could be a narcissist which means she isn't one, according to her

No. 1227702

Does…does she not remember that quite literally EVERYONE called out the filming of the dead body??


That’s some top kek shit on her part

No. 1227800


shes not saying they didnt get called out/shamed, she’s pissy because they moved passed their controversy and are still have fans/opportunities where she thinks she will never get back the “success” she had prior to the scandal soley because she is a woman.

she really thinks she was once as popular as the logan brothers. and that its everyone elses fault her life took a downturn she has get to escape from.

No. 1227801

File: 1620745781048.jpg (402.96 KB, 1364x2048, yeehoe.jpg)

In her new pfp she looks miserable, her bangs and mullet look fucking horrible, the outfit doesn't suit her at all…crisis material

No. 1227803

with her cosplay making skills i dont get why she cant just shut the fuck up, and go to work and be happy. she is desperate for validation from the people that hate her. kind of gives you and eye into how she probably perceived comments prior to the cheating scandal. obviously someone who determined their worth off youtube comments and now cannot get passed not being seen as she once was

No. 1227836

File: 1620749387921.jpeg (201.08 KB, 827x934, 846001B4-B46A-4CBD-A63B-D2680F…)

Sweet, new thread!!!

Anyway, yes Holly, it’s all just internet fanfiction and not just the consequences of your shitty actions. /s

No. 1227918

I'd say therapy would help her but we all know she's so narcissistic she would disregard any critiques of her character and tell her therapist everything said about her were 'lies', and now 'internet fanfiction' kek

No. 1227924

File: 1620755694395.png (178.01 KB, 989x801, twoyearsago.png)

Thanks for the new thread! I missed it!

Don't know if anyone else caught this post, it was made shortly after >>1226766 and deleted minutes later, thankfully I got the screenshot before she did. Maybe Holly is copying Heidi's private twitter idea and meant to post this on that? It's pretty blatant, even by Holly's "standards".

No. 1227979

File: 1620759816065.jpg (628.56 KB, 1059x1290, 234.jpg)

In her latest pictures she's looked physically unwell to me. Usually she brightens her photos into oblivion, but in this one she didn't and you can see how bad the circles under her eyes are.

She's talked about being "afraid" to be on camera, but I think something is up with her health and she's using that as an excuse to hide her appearance lately.

No. 1227982


Just. Stop. Talking. About. It. Holly.

Man, she has the biggest victim complex I have ever seen.

No. 1228001


i think she looks fine; she's just approaching middle age and has dark circles.

No. 1228005


Wow. That's amazingly bold of her to directly sling accusations at Heidi but acting like not saying Heidi by name clears her of wrongdoing. I wonder if she deleted the tweet because people called her out for trying to send a hate brigade at Heidi after all this time. I wouldn't put that past her, she's shown that she sees Heidi as the villain and her fans as her defenders.

No. 1228032

Pretty sure this is faked, I have notifs on and didn't have any after 1pm on Sunday. Can't find any replies to a deleted tweet from that day either. And she's left most of her mistakes up long enough for comments to roll in in the past.

No. 1228056


Could be twitter didn't send it or your phone didn't receive it. Twitter sometimes eats notifs, and there's only three likes so she probably didn't have it up long enough for Twitter to recognize it and send the notif for it.

No. 1228062

Posted 2 days later and anon is the only person here who saw it? Doesn't make sense to me. This is premium material and you can keep a tweet up after it's deleted if you have it open.

Just doesn't track to me.

No. 1228065

You forget that this thread was dead for a long time, a lot of the old frequenters don’t know it’s back yet. Hoelly has insisted on making herself the victim and with her recent posts about wanting to write about it? This behavior is on par.

No. 1228067

Well now that nonsage anon showed up, I imagine the thread bump will bring more eyes to it then. Her behavior with deleted tweets is consistent: no less than an hour or two of people telling her she's fucking stupid before she deletes.

Suddenly she's smart enough to delete instantly for this one tweet?

No. 1228082


I mean, >>1227924 starts out with "thanks for the new thread" so I assume they just now found it.

No. 1228085

Previous threads have had trolls posting bait. Maybe anon can show the screenshot's metadata if that's available.

Like I wouldn't put it past Hoelly to post this shit, even a day after basically the same tweet but slightly different. I just don't believe she'd be smart enough to keep it to one tweet and delete it without it being up long enough for some replies. It's out of character in that way and doesn't talk about her uwu mental health so it's out of character in that way too.

No. 1228118

Not saying this tweet is real or fake, but Holly has immediately deleted tweets before (most recently the one where she said she was afraid of the Game Grumps, that only lasted a minute or two)

No. 1228133


It's funny that you assume this is fake because Twitter ate your notification and you think she deleted it too quick for you personally to see it. This is literally Holly's MO, the question isn't "why would she write this" it's "why are you surprised she would write this".

No. 1228165

So why is her @ all lowercase in this and not in literally any other tweet?

I just now noticed that, something was off but I couldn't put my finger on it until now.

No. 1228169


Probably some addon to their browser that changes font. Is this your first time on the internet?

No. 1228170

So… an addon that only changes the caps in the @ and nothing else? Same font, same kerning. Seems to me it's far more likely anon there made a mistake generating their fake tweet.

No. 1228176

File: 1620774033465.png (31.95 KB, 480x290, How hard is it to fake.png)

Took me a few minutes. also a .png, and I made a similar mistake on purpose.

No. 1228202


This is what happens when we don't sage, the Hoelly whiteknights come in to defend their precious. If the tweet is fake, who cares, she's said that almost word for word in the past, I wouldn't be shocked if it's just the browser (not an addon, some browsers have fucked up displays) that made that part lowercase. It's not that far of a stretch, but this anon wants to have a heart attack over it maybe being "fake". Just because it can be fake doesn't mean it is fake, dumbass.

No. 1228207

No one has to like Holly to see how cringe it is to fake tweets from her and then defend it with "but she's totally said this before". Just fucking stop.

No. 1228216


I'm not saying if it is or isn't fake, I'm saying if it is fake nobody should care, just ignore it. But now we have anons in here about to pop blood vessels over one screenshot. And they came in after nonsaged anon posted, so it's probably a Hoelly defender trying to start up infighting by going all out at a single post.

No. 1228244

The thing she needs to understand is that her fanbase isn't made up of the same demographic as the Paul brothers and she would quickly drive that type of fanbase away with all her incessant whining. Of course the Paul brothers fans don't give a fuck, they're all garbage people, they like when the brothers do shit like that. Like, who does Holly really think she is pulling in with her pigeon posting and stale witch aesthetic bs?

New aesthetic incoming or what? She went from the cutesy pink commander holly phase to edgy trash witch strix, now it's yeehaw holly? kek

No. 1228246


Holly is incapable of having a hobby and not making it her entire personality. She was super into Fem!Shep and Star Trek with Ross, moved on to D&D and witchy shit with Jared, and now she's on to this Yeehaw shit.

No. 1228372


Damn. Holly still out there spreading these lies. I wonder if she can tell the truth from her lies anymore?

No. 1228440

Is it related to some game or other franchise? More importantly, does this franchise have a male romantic interest that she can ship her self-insert with? I don’t know about other anons but I’m ready for Chapter 3 of this saga.

No. 1228589

File: 1620834229632.jpeg (183.21 KB, 827x1169, 61E756FE-FB73-431D-AECA-7CD2CC…)

So basically you or Jared, okay we get it Holly, you’re both narcissists.

No. 1228643

>a narcissist will try to get to everyone first to tell their version of the story
So that’s why Heidi blocked Jared on Twitter before making a public statement about the divorce that sounded like it was posted with his consent even though he knew nothing about it!
…oh, wait.

She just insists on repeatedly shooting herself in the foot, doesn’t she? All of this would have blown over so much earlier if she didn’t insist on raking it back up all the time.

No. 1228846


i am begging holly to stop being a lifelong victim. we get it, your life sucked and your parents were abusers, but that also describes at least half of the entire population.

i refuse to believe she's seeing a competent therapist or is honest with them; i r e f u s e. no one competent is going to tell her to keep hanging on to same event into perpetuity and broadcasting her feelings to strangers on the internet as a reminder of how vulnerable and affected she still is. she keeps arguing that it's no one's business, but she keeps making it everyone's business.

i've never seen someone so insistent to damage themselves in confusion without end. just stop talking about it; pick up the pieces, move on, and turn off comments if you have to. if you get affected by what someone has to say, tell it to your therapist, not people you've never met and never will.

No. 1228872

Two years later and still whining on about this. Meanwhile Heidi has happily moved on with her life. Like, who really is the one desperate to control the narrative here, Holly? She's still obsessed with it.

No. 1229456

It makes you wonder if she gets that needing to constantly be the vicitm and everyone else the badguy is typical narc behavior. Like, most people aren't afraid to admit when they're wrong and they sure as shit don't bring up drama TWO YEARS later because godforbid one corner of the internet still thinks they're an adulterous whore.

No. 1229753

I only paid attention for the beginning of the cheating scandal and now reading through this is like GOD DAMN it's only spiraled. ew.

No. 1230912


It’s because it’s all she’s got left. The only thing somewhat interesting about her is the ~drama~ and she tries to cling onto that little boost of support/shop purchases/Patreon cash grab whenever she can by bringing it up. Otherwise she’ll just fall into complete internet mediocrity, not even being able to hang onto her status of b-list internet celeb. Without the drama and with all the bridges she’s burned her whole life, she’s got nothing.

No. 1231813

It's an easy excuse for why she's done absolutely fuck all since the drama too.

No. 1234458

File: 1621519084943.png (115.31 KB, 1001x603, heidithebadguy.png)

Even after all this time and the mountain of evidence against him, people are still bending over backwards to slander Heidi and rewrite history in the name of their gamer perv. Heidi never said Jared shouldn't make videos, in fact since Jared and Holly started openly attacking Heidi whenever they had a half chance, perfect examples recently are >>1227924 and >>1228589 Heidi has been screamed into silence by SOM and his propeen defense brigade. Looks like Holly is trying to convince her newer followers who would have no idea what she's done that she's a victim of that evil narcissist Heidi. And with Heidi now being too uncomfortable to speak out against Holly's lies, Holly gets to spread whatever bullshit she wants and now more people are running to her defense like in this tweet.

No. 1234956


It's fucked up because this hurts Heidi's livelihood. Even though Holly doesn't say Heidi's name, SOM, Ingram, and the rest of the obsessed Hored stans are more than willing to fill in the blanks for anyone who doesn't know the real story. So anyone who could have been a customer of Heidi's shop will see these lies being spread by Holly/SOM/HOF/Ingram/etc and refuse to buy from someone they're convinced is a "narcissistic abuser". Who's the manipulator here?

No. 1235082


I think the thing that’s most disturbing is that your average Twitter user just believes what people like SOM, Ingram, etc say at face value. They spread these horrible lies with no facts to back them up, and people just believe that what they say is true. It’s disgusting. And no, that old Tumblr blog that keeps getting brought up doesn’t count. Jared doesn’t even have to get his hands dirty when he has so many suckups who are willing to do it for him.

No. 1235125

Come on anon, you know very well that anyone seeing this either doesn't know about Heidi in the first place or already knows and has an opinion about what happened.

No. 1235372


I mean, it's obvious Holly/Jared/SOM/etc. are mad Heidi was able to make money even when they tried to ruin her. I would be totally not surprised if they're turning tactics into more subtle ways to funnel at least some of Heidi's customers or potential customers to buy from Holly instead. She's obviously desperate for money right now, and people have said they were supporting Heidi until Holly told them she's abusive and a BPD narcissist, so it makes sense that she's trying to underhand Heidi's business.

No. 1235386

The world only has so much tin foil anon, stop wasting it.

No. 1235571

That's some intense tinfoiling, Anon. I have no doubt that they're pissed that Heidi's not floundering like Holly, but I don't think any of them are bright enough to worry about funneling it to benefit Hoebag.

No. 1235972

File: 1621722321581.jpeg (361.69 KB, 827x1472, FB777825-88B3-4164-864C-CED32E…)

Hmm, looks like Jared’s #1 butthole licker is on Holly’s birthday camping trip with them. Not surprising considering how much cash he tosses at Jared’s streams in gifted subs. They probably have to take him along.

No. 1236085


Tinfoil but SOM is never with or interacting with his wife anymore. Are they about to have their own divorce over SOM's obsession with Hored? Imagine how much of her money he's thrown at Jared sub's for everyone, that can't be good for marriage stability.

No. 1236102

and that's exactly it, because IIRC, SOM was/is? unemployed. Gift subs ain't cheap, neather is living in the PNW. Dude is sinking a few hundred dollars into gift subs on a regular basis.

No. 1236113


Imagine idolizing your favorite youtuber so hard you throw your own marriage away to be just like him.

No. 1236186


That's really fucked up, actually. SOM destroying his own marriage because he's so obsessed with his "famous friends" that he's taking his wife's money to keep that friendship, even if his wife/breadwinner leaves him for it. That goes beyond being a supporter and straight into addiction to them. And no point are Jared or Holly, two people who also lost marriages over being obsessed with another person (each other lol) giving SOM a talk and saying they learned the hard way this is a bad idea? Says a lot about them too.

No. 1236237

Good fucking lord anons, that's his wife behind him in the photo.

The wild guesses here are getting out of hand.

No. 1236255

File: 1621783435274.png (809.48 KB, 534x561, Screenshot_282.png)

Unless she dyed her hair darker and managed to grow it out 6-8 inches in less than a year (which is pretty hard to do), no, it's not. This was a pic of them all together 10 months back.

No. 1236297


… that's not his wife. His wife still interacts with Holly all the time on twitter and is just as obsessed with Hored as he is you clowns. We had this whole discussion already when that picture came out; she is just a different friend of Holly's.

No. 1236470

File: 1621806375269.png (2.75 MB, 1213x2048, Screenshot_20210523-144202.png)

She is literally fishing with Jared, suppose I shouldn't be surprised. It's just crazy considering she cries at sushi and posted about saving chickens and not eating them a few days ago

No. 1236475

This, thank you. SOMs wife is also obsessed with Hored and is not the person pictured in the photo.

Anons, at least be able to identify the people you're talking about before writing fanfiction about them.

No. 1236597

File: 1621821179706.jpeg (230.21 KB, 1078x1884, 04ACA5B6-4C9A-4DE5-B4AF-8A4EC9…)

When you’re supposed to be on vacation and can’t stop with the self pity for even a few days

No. 1236691


Yeah, they both interact with hored, it's just weird that a supposed happily married couple never interacts with each other anymore, never in photos together, nothing to say they're still together. They can be splitting but still hold up their beloved striath ship.


>before writing fanfiction about them.

Hi Holly.

No. 1236706

If it isn't on social media it doesn't exist.

No need to be desperate, they clearly never really posted any of that kind of thing in the first place or those photos would have hit the boards.

Some people just don't post their every moment.

No. 1236714

File: 1621836260468.png (53.47 KB, 239x775, 87200434-A631-4FBE-8145-E94319…)

slight OT but his side profile’s resemblance to corpse husband’s shadow is fucking uncanny. How the hell does anyone find him attractive? Even if you looked like holly you should have higher standards.

No. 1236759

Now I'm Holly for calling out anons who concoct these easily disproven tinfoil speculations about people they can't even identity? Come on. We all want milk, but certain anons get really annoying when the milk runs dry and they tinfoil over everything. Taking a picture of SOM and twisting that into a story of how his wife is leaving him is stupid. Just wait for real milk to come and stop forcing things.

No. 1236761

File: 1621853902415.jpg (694.9 KB, 1033x805, Som.jpg)


here is a photo of Som and his wife on the camping trip together this weekend

No. 1236762

So, is it too soon to point out that SOM's wife is "Single White Female"-ing Hoebag?

No. 1237474

I can't help but feel this is a selfpost, kek

No. 1238259

This is sending me holy shit

No. 1242869

File: 1622477362127.jpeg (254.53 KB, 827x1446, 5939FB56-AB62-48AB-83EB-01EC8C…)

This picture of Hoebag and Pedodick seems to sum up their relationship perfectly: Holly chasing Jared and Jared just looking away.

No. 1243933


Makes you wonder why Prodick even bothered leaving Heidi. He doesn't want Hoelly's clingy disgusting face around, he at least appeared to be happy with Heidi. Could have kept his dick out of that trash heap, stayed married to someone who actually supported him and didn't use him to make his problems about herself, in fact he wouldn't have problems to worry about if he just kept away from Hoelly. Dude's got a lot of regrets throwing out the good life he had over a literal hoebag.

No. 1244403

File: 1622665126853.png (291.51 KB, 949x1138, narcissistholly.png)

From TWCs blog, this describes Holly perfectly. She has everything she wants except she had to face the truth that Heidi didn't see her as a shining example of perfection, so now she spends her days throwing endless narcissistic tantrums because she's realized she can't force someone to like her. And that's all she'll be remembered for lol.

No. 1244427


I don't think she cares if Heidi likes her. Once she had the excuse of Heidi being "abusive" she was able to write her off as Bad Person. Anything Bad Person feels, says, or does doesn't matter because they are Bad.

Bad Person doesn't want you to fuck her husband? Doesn't matter. Bad Person wants you to tell your husband about your affair with her's? Doesn't Matter, because she (Holly) is Good Person. If Good Person makes a mistake like using someone's suicide to garner sympathy or diagnosing other's with mental health disorders that's just an honest mistake; Good Person is only human after all! Good Person can learn and grow, Good Person can have a redemption arc. Bad Person, on the other hand, is Bad; they don't deserve forgiveness or development.

Holly doesn't give a fuck if Heidi doesn't like her; she gives a fuck if the public doesn't. It kills her inside that if someone googles her they will see what she did. If someone goes to her page they will see replies that reveal her crimes. She cares that the story she crafted to tell her friends to justify cheating only convinced 90% of the internet that she is innocent and perfect. The fact that there is a small amount of people who dared believe the wrong she of this she-said she-said kills her inside.

She is just a manipulative bitch who cant stand the fact that a small minority saw through her lies. She is all "believe victims" until a victim points the finger, and then she does anything she can to discredit them. She has time and time again been an abuser and supported abusers while simultaneously waving the flag of SJW Witch UwU

Fuck her, I dont feel even a little bit bad for her that the world found out about how awful she was to someone she considered a friend. I dont feel bad that her boyfriend is mooching off of her and spends more time jerking off to E-girls than thinking about her. I dont feel bad for her that her cringey ass DnD game is cancelled and that her annoying witch OC is gone. Maybe if she took 30 mins to stop cyber stalking her boyfriends ex she could focus on actually doing something with Strix/her channel instead of peddling ugly clothes and tweeting about anniversaries of her own affair

No. 1245028

File: 1622726390824.png (235.76 KB, 911x1247, projectionsom.png)

SOM projecting like a pro lol. Someone called him out for constantly being on heidiohateblog, and he straight face lies that he's "not on that much". I guess he's not aware that anybody can see all the times he likes and comments at HOF, and he's there almost every day. And then he accuses all of lolcow of "doctoring" screenshots and making things up? I wonder why that sounds familiar! Guy basically made a career out of lying and twisting evidence to make Heidi and Ross into an evil abusers while making Holly and Jared into the poor, innocent victims if the entire internet. But no, apparently we're the ones "making things up" and doing crazy things like "posting evidence", something SOM could never comprehend.

No. 1245162


I wanna say that him publicly posting his opinions on Heidi's tweets in the comments every time HeidiOFans posts them is fucking weird and will lead to him losing his friendships with Holly and Jared but like we all know Holly is in this thread, so she knows how he is a HeidiOFans replygirl and still hasn't asked him to stop or anything. Idk why I'm suprised; the whole friendship is just her and Jared having someone to hero worship them/stroke their egos

No. 1245561


Eh, it looks like Holly is just gonna be Heidi 2.0 for him. The only thing he'll do differently is forgo marriage.

No. 1245565

Reminds me of that old, what was it, a travel vlog? Heidi made and her and Jared are sitting in a bus or a train and she looks lovingly at him and all he does is give her a quick fake smile before turning away again.

Exact. Same. Energy in this pic.

I'd feel bad for Holly if it wasn't for the whole Etika thing and then the whole defending other sex pest Adam Koebel thing oh and also the constant slander and pity parties.

No. 1245609


lmao, SOM is really just making shit up here. Which isn’t different from what he does every day, hiding behind alts and anons in order to convince people of the lies that he’s twisted into the truth. And for what? To blindly defend someone who used his fanbase as jerk off material. Gross. He’s on that HOF blog all the damn time, liking every one of their posts ASAP, he’s such a liar when he claims he’s not on much.

No. 1245849


SOM just can't quit, can he? Nobody here is "doctoring" any fucking screenshots, dipshit. He really wants everyone to think we're super desperate for Holly milk so we're faking evidence? Why doctor screenshots when Holly's giving genuine ones freely? Talk about manipulating the narrative lol. Or maybe he's been lying so long he's believed his own made up stories? He sure is projecting that onto this thread, so I don't know. He's definitely all over HOF's blog on the regular, either liking every post right after its posted (I swear he must have HOF's page open 24/7, refreshing it every few seconds) or posting some manipulative bullshit. HOF not giving SOM the time to reply means even HOF doesn't want him around either, which is hilarious to think of.

No. 1245969

Lol, nobody has shown that suspicious tweet that only one anon saw is legitimate. I've never seen a browser or plugin which would do that, and there have been baits posted here before.

No. 1251290

File: 1623288805840.jpeg (152.79 KB, 827x979, 0624EA6F-F38E-4C42-8BE2-F16482…)

I guess he should be thankful that people are back to dogging on his appearance rather than his failed marriage or him using his fanbase as his personal porn stash? He really showed that stream viewer though. eyeroll

No. 1251946

Yeah, because he had no actual power, Jared.

Unlike you when you ran your nudes blogs.

No. 1259858

File: 1624066311374.jpeg (101.2 KB, 827x1187, E2C8ABC1-A8F3-440F-AE72-4F3023…)

Hmm, maybe it wasn’t that you overcommitted to your hobby and monetized it, but more that you chose to get involved in a scandal to where you were the other woman and the company decided to end it because of the bad press. Doesn’t help that the guy was involved in his own scandal where he was using his fanbase as spank material and sending his dick to everyone whether they wanted to see it or not.

No. 1260629

At least it's progress in that she's blaming "hustle burnout" instead of "cancel culture uwu"?

No. 1261086


Haha, I guess that is a true point.

No. 1269337

File: 1625178840479.jpeg (198.28 KB, 826x1117, 1CD9DFBA-9BE1-44C6-B35E-F8B06F…)

When Holly has to keep justifying her relationship with ProDick by posting things like this to her Insta all the time, it makes you think that everything’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

No. 1269419

File: 1625188467072.jpeg (55.14 KB, 1021x383, 2D5E38FB-58CB-4E59-AB72-5EB9F0…)


No. 1269512

Shocked the relationship has lasted that long, but then again he is an absolute weasel and likely just content slumming it in her basement while sneaking out to cheat again.

Wow way to diss one of the tools instrumental to your redemption arc, PervJerd.

No. 1270187

I hate that Holly thinks she's "branded for life" just because some people hate her for a specific thing.

The cheating scandal thing probably will "brand" her, I guess, but if she renounced Pro "She SAID she was 18" Jared and said that her perspective on that was messed up, I would honestly consider looking back into her creative works.

(although I agree that she is an unrepentant mental abuse manipulator, that's not really my business, and I don't see why she should care)

No. 1270501

>Shocked the relationship has lasted that long
Lucky for Holly the pandemic happened. It won't be much longer till he'll be sneaking around again or trying to "open" their relationship. Holly is too insecure to handle it and we'll see blow out if wormdick ever did manage to find someone desperate enough to have him.

No. 1270724


I wonder if it bothers him that Holly is/was 'friends' with Keem…

No. 1270808


Such empty words, knowing how she was with her ex.

No. 1270846

File: 1625344081348.png (58.37 KB, 572x646, twc-disc.png)

I checked in on TWC & this post… sounds about right.

No. 1271403


I'd say when things start imploding she'll get onto Keem and feed him bullshit first to cement her status as top victim

No. 1271584


Wait, that's really a thing? Is it in the rules that you have to praise Jared or do you only find out after saying "meh, that joke was alright I guess" and get kicked? I don't know how he has any followers outside of his mods and unhealthily obsessive fans with that sort of rule in place!

No. 1271969

Btw why the pride flag? Pls tell me he came out as bi or pan or non-binary, that would be hilarious

No. 1272153

Well he did try to excuse his sex-pestness and protest her requests he stop by claiming his promiscuousness was like a gender identity…
But in this case it's probably more of a show of allyship.

No. 1272217


Not to mention that his mid ScarletMoth admitted to having sexted him and exchanged nudes. Seems like a good way to keep your mods loyal- any means necessary

No. 1273168

File: 1625694729254.jpg (157.87 KB, 720x999, Screenshot_20210707-220839_Ins…)

Ladies lock up your daughters

No. 1273170

How is he still so skeletal at his age

No. 1273174

is the bisexual lighting coloring he added supposed to be him coming out or did he not know what those colors mean

No. 1273175

would make sense as to why he is so thin, and why he can't seem to enjoy the company of women he chooses to be with

closet cases are the only men i know who stay that thin into their 30s

No. 1273213


How many dark/grey shirts does this dude own? New my ass, they all look about the same.

No. 1273216

Those aren't the same shades as the bisexual flag you autist

No. 1273229

File: 1625701588307.jpg (1021.53 KB, 1440x1987, Instagram.jpg)

Get over yourself LOL it's not the first time he's used bi colors

No. 1273236

It looks like his head, torso and legs are all pasted from differently sized people.

No. 1273258


That's…actually an abuse of power. Having his mods kick anyone for the crime of giving honest feedback? Sounds to me like he's trying to make sure the only people in his discord are obsessive fans who won't question him when he pulls some sex/nude stunt again. And of course SOM, his closest and most obsessed mod, sees nothing wrong with that.


>he can't seem to enjoy the company of women he chooses to be with

I thought his deal was getting a harem of women? He told Heidi that he "needs" tons of women crawling over his dick, what changed? Does Holly look too much like a guy and now he needs to justify fucking her?

No. 1273310


Considering how he abused his internet fame with the nudes blog, it’s not surprising at all that he’s found other ways to abuse what little power he has. I’ve seen how fast his defenders try to shut down any negativity about the discord when it leaks out into the Twitter world.

And just wait, he may not be fucking around Holly’s back yet, but we all know it’s coming.

No. 1273361

It's like looking at a scarecrow that raided fellow sex pest Vic Mignogna's wardrobe.

No. 1273484

Wtf his legs are so short his proportions are horrendous

No. 1273565

He looks like a tall midget.

No. 1273591


When the scandal about his nude Tumblr and Snapchat dropped people shared screenshots of him being passive aggressive about getting mostly dick pics from strangers.

I doubt he's a closet case. He's your prototypical straight white man who needs women to dress him.

No. 1273611

It's been months since I've been on this thread, but holy god he's STILL at it with his weird cringe 'modeling' pics? lmfao

No. 1273690


omg you’re right, how could I have missed that? His legs do look really short. How are his proportions so freakishly weird?


Yep, he’s still at it lmao. I wonder if his “sponsors” know about his shitty past? I don’t think I’d want a sex pest modeling my clothing.

No. 1273730

Oh, these aren't sponsored, I don't think.
He just thinks he's some sort of fashion icon now.

No. 1273777


Now the question is, who told him that he’s any sort of fashion icon? His Big Bird looking ass is always wearing shit that looks the same.

No. 1273832


I wouldn't be surprised if Holly ends up getting bored of him & moving on to an exciting new 'soulmate' in about a 1-3 yrs

No. 1273852

>bi colors
Fucking tumblr.
Since she was the one with the weird fixation and zeroed in on him while he was happy to fuck anything that moved, I doubt it. I think it's a lot more likely going to be him that dumps her. Then she'll find her next target.

No. 1273864


If anyone tells you that you have shitty taste in anything, remember that Holly looked at this gangly ass, bird nosed, disproportionate literal freak of nature and said "I want that".

No. 1274068


Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past him to try and play the polyamory card again. It worked the first time!


Seriously though.

No. 1274163

If Holly’s friend group somehow manages to grow and she finds a new guy who shares her newest obsession on I guarantee she’ll leave Jared.

She got with Ross because he loved Mass Effect and wore a Garrus cosplay for her which suited her Commander Shepard kin phase. Jared might have been the one pushing to divorce Heidi but he seems too lazy to actually take charge with a break up, especially since he’s squatting at Holly’s. She’s going to be stuck with him until she finds a new target and can’t make poly with another guy work with him.

No. 1274192


I'm surprised his mom didn't look at that distorted and disgusting body and mercy kill him at birth lol. How Holly finds that even remotely appealing enough to live with is outside the realm of sane logic.

No. 1274273

lmao I love you, anon.

Agreed about his apathy. I was more thinking he'd just go back to trawling until she gets sick of it, then gaslight her on his way out like he did with Heidi.

No. 1274453


I’m still convinced that because he looks bird-like, she took him in just like all of her other stray birds.


Yeah, that sounds about right. He’s comfy right now because he’s able to live in her house rent-free and store his game collection in his basement, but he’ll likely pull the same shit again eventually.

No. 1274981

File: 1626023728931.jpeg (322.6 KB, 827x1463, 62E50E5C-D31C-4F16-B2E6-9AA9FF…)

I kind of feel bad for Holly. Okay, not really, lmao. But she posts these kinds of pictures where she’s all ‘uwu I’m so in love with Jared’ and he’s always looking away from her, looking in the camera. Just like he did in past pictures with Heidi. Like, he’s doing the exact same thing to her that he did to his ex, and she’s too dumb to realize it. All he cares about is clout and e-fame, even if he can skim some off of her slowly dwindling followers. Just wait until Holly tells him he can’t go fuck the world like Heidi did and he’ll drop her ass too.

Also, that thinning and receding hair, good god.

No. 1275041


If my photos with my partner started looking like that I'd be asking serious questions

No. 1275098


I thought he was looking at the camera because he's the one taking the picture? I see a lot of group selfies where the person taking the pic is doing that same looking at the camera to get a good shot while also trying to have their face turned to the group.

No. 1275103


I get the whole "Fine I'll take the damn couple photo " Vibe

He never really shares photos of himself and Hoelly on any of his socials it's always her posting them.

No. 1275109

File: 1626041502521.png (844.5 KB, 1080x1074, thatawkwardface.png)


He makes the same look when taking solo pics, too. It's pretty common to have that awkward face when you're trying to do a "natural" pose while also making sure the camera is pointing right at their face instead of getting a pic of one eye. I'm not saying he's enjoying life with Holly, I'm just saying an awkward selfie face isn't proof of him being miserable with her.

No. 1275111

Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way he doesn't look particularly happy around her.

No. 1275208


Yep, exactly. He’ll like and comment on stuff but he doesn’t usually go further than that. It’s always her posting and sharing, never him. Probably doesn’t want to drive away any potential fuckbuddies among his fanbase.

No. 1275321

He doesn't have his arm around her or even hanging at his side - it's between them. Also who the fuck can't take pictures without staring at their phone in 2021?

No. 1275323

the only speculation i'm getting from these photos is the fact he's so vain

No. 1275331

vain AND shit at taking selfies. the narc nerd paradox

No. 1275341


I'd say he's got a really punchable face, but let's be real, punching his face in a few times would actually improve his appearance.

No. 1275507


It’s amazing to me that someone so ugly is so vain. I’m assuming that Holly’s got a mirror in that house there somewhere, right?

No. 1275592

It's just like that moment from Heidi's video where they're riding on a train together and she looks up at him with an adoring smile, and he looks over, gives her a half-hearted grimace/smile and looks away. Yikes.

No. 1275740


She obviously doesn't. I don't know how he could look in a mirror with a face like that and still want to live.

No. 1275756


That’s exactly the same vibe I got as well. He’s vain, he’s a narcissist and he just gives the bare minimum required. It all bleeds through in his pictures.

No. 1277971

File: 1626458501550.jpeg (294.66 KB, 827x1161, C3DACD0E-8499-4156-8196-A5C3FC…)

I don’t think I want to understand choosing a life where you cheat on your husband, help the guy you’re cheating with cheat on his wife, and oh yeah, the same guy also sexted with his fanbase and used them as spank material. You can keep all that life to yourself Holly, no one wants that.

No. 1278101


Someone needs to beat some sense into that ugly wench, then she'll have something worth whining about, even if it's her own fault nobody likes her.(a-logging)

No. 1278355


She really needs to get off the internet, get a regular job, and stop flapping her arms around trying to stay relevant online. McDonald's doesn't care about the sex scandal you were in 2 years ago, sweetie.


You alright, anon? I know she's annoying and desperate to keep her online platform, but violence isn't the answer.

No. 1279285


What? The hippie-dippy 'free-love' lifestyle?
Lots of people live like that. Most of them don't have to cheat to achieve it though.

No. 1280858

File: 1626794406700.jpg (246.02 KB, 648x827, Screenshot_20210720-161904_Twi…)

Jared is verified on Twitter again

No. 1280864

his pfp is so fucking ugly he looks like a mole rat

No. 1280883

He wasn't verified before.

No. 1280893


If I remember correctly he was before all the drama

No. 1280897

You remember incorrectly, people did claim his verification was taken away but he never had it in the first place.

No. 1280936

People with that dumbass font as default should be too ashamed to share screenshots on the internet.

No. 1280970

File: 1626803421008.jpeg (91.35 KB, 827x528, 95FA2F1D-1ACB-42E8-8F75-28B2E7…)


Here’s the proof. He wasn’t verified before. Now I do feel like there was some bitching and moaning about the verification process and I wouldn’t put it past him to blame him being “cancelled” as to why it took him so long.

No. 1281262


How should we complain to twitter to let them know they wrongly verified a known sexual predator? I can't believe they would really verify someone with his history, it must be some new person not checking the people they verify, they should reverse his verification and learn to do a simple google search on people before they verify worse people.

No. 1281267

Well, he IS a verified creeper. Guess that's enough for them.

No. 1281278

File: 1626837030869.png (630.41 KB, 1202x1666, Sexpest.png)

No. 1281653


It’s not wrong though!!

No. 1281748


I mean, look at how many awful people are/remain 'verified' on twitter…

No. 1281901

File: 1626906049227.png (132.79 KB, 970x530, how2doit.png)

Take notes, Hoelly. This is how to talk about having a "bad brain day". Don't throw a whiny tantrum and don't beg and demand sympathy from everyone. Just say you had a bad day and move on with your life. But Hoelly can't do something that simple can she? She's gotta be the center of attention.

No. 1283462

File: 1627143954298.jpeg (113.6 KB, 827x1107, 31DB858D-1987-4D43-B5A5-FC7A72…)

Hmm, sure Jared. Maybe start by reducing the bragging posts/IG stories about obtaining hard-to-get consoles and do something more generous instead. It’s these kinds of posts that show that this guy so blatantly believes that his shit doesn’t stink.

No. 1285606

File: 1627427359386.jpeg (282.38 KB, 827x1112, E43BB40E-A53A-47D0-89AD-6130C4…)

He looks like a gremlin.

No. 1307506

File: 1629816185719.jpg (230.16 KB, 720x604, BitterMuch.jpg)

Checked on our special worm for the first time in a while and I can't decide what is more pathetic; the fact that this Ingrim (Oops I mean SOM) is still sperging or the fact that Jared likes his tweets. Also, his likes pretty much consist of either hot cosplay twitch girls or posts about forgiveness and cancel culture lmfao

No. 1307512

File: 1629816752797.jpg (508.12 KB, 720x1032, WorldsHappiest.jpg)

Every picture she posts of the two of them looks like a hostage situation

No. 1307806


Ingram Idiot is still slandering Heidi and defending that POS Jared? Not shocking, considering we all know it’s SOM in disguise. And not shocking that Jared is liking his tweets, he’ll likely play victim in all of this until the day he dies.


It sure fucking does, anon. The only time Jared ever looks legitimately pleased is when he gets new video game shit.

No. 1307991

I swear Holly looks more and more like a 54-year old crossdresser trying really hard to look 28.

No. 1308087


Ashamed to admit I'd still bang him.

No. 1308094

love yourself a little more, anon

No. 1308095

File: 1629891159829.jpeg (19.13 KB, 220x230, 178FDC76-2C0A-4B67-A3B0-137F56…)

You should be anon.

No. 1308119

I cant believe this is still going. Has anyone happened at all? Or are all parties just vibing minding their own business?

No. 1308174

He looks like her loser 30 year old discord groomer gamer son who is embarrassed to be seen with his hippie pigeon-hoarding crunchy Facebook mama.

No. 1308222


Was she always this yellow? I used to watch her back on GG and she never looked so jaundiced before. Maybe it's her makeup?

No. 1308228

File: 1629902762238.jpg (793.01 KB, 1357x2048, FurryTrash.jpg)

I'm suprised she went to a fair not dressed as a witch/Strix. Furry Era?

No. 1308247

Thought this was the MtF thread just from the pose, outfit and hair. WTF.

No. 1308259


Its hard not to consider her a Heidi Skinwalker when she dresses like this imo. This literally just looks like a dirtier version of the outfits Heidi wears. I mean from since she started her affair she has become obsessed with forests, mushrooms, cottagecore, foraging, etc.

Her current persona is just a mixture between Strix and Heidi

No. 1308273


Holy fuck what a mess. You can smell the uncleanness from this one photo

No. 1308284

Yup. This is definitely cottagecore inspired and not the type of clothes Holly usually wears. Heidi's recently been doing a lot of lace repurposed clothing. She's layering mori style with earthy boots. Sometimes Heidi's outfits don't really work, but they're cohesive and and themed. This is not only a mess, but ugly and dirty looking.

No. 1308288


Not to mention the whole raccoon thing. It's like she literally just thought "oh, Heidi is a bunny girl now? Then I'll be a raccoon, the trash version, jared will like it!"

No. 1308334

Why does Holly look like Jared if he got FFS? Do narcs just naturally seek out their twin?

No. 1308345


You hit the nail on the head with that description, anon.

No. 1308365


Is this what Stockholm Syndrome looks like

No. 1308421


Really leaning into the Tranny-Granny aesthetic

No. 1308488

File: 1629928034807.jpeg (106.85 KB, 827x425, EF9EFEE3-259A-4DFE-84CF-F9904C…)


I wouldn’t say just vibing and minding their own business. Both Jared and Holly retweeted this, cementing that they still both believe they’re eternal victims. If Jared and Holly both want to heal for real, they need to admit they did some slimy shit, apologize for it, and then move on. For real this time, none of the lame pseudo apologies like, “I admit that there was a power imbalance” that so many of Jared’s defenders have let him slide on. The dude still fucked fans at cons and used his fanbase as a spank bank. Ew.

No. 1309293

I assume she overcorrected the photo in an attempt to make Jared look less like an earthworm

No. 1309330

No, she's been this horrifyingly jaundiced for a while now.

No. 1309958

File: 1630108117127.jpeg (188 KB, 827x1139, 3C8AA82F-1CA8-4C31-89AE-40A60E…)

Sooooo, Jared?

No. 1310364

File: 1630161278088.jpeg (199.07 KB, 827x1239, 3C3C0514-A4FC-4529-AFD6-F329BE…)

We all knew this. As much as there was so much denial.

No. 1310617

File: 1630183767126.jpeg (478.66 KB, 2048x2048, BD4DFCD3-EEF4-4CA4-AE27-98ED93…)

It’s not exactly a ‘hot take’ if it’s true Holly.

No. 1310625

File: 1630184278108.jpeg (207.3 KB, 826x1348, DD59AAA1-52B0-44CD-85DC-851DC2…)


Just realized there’s more to this story. Not shocking though considering this is Holly we’re talking about.

No. 1310626

File: 1630184315506.jpeg (197.14 KB, 826x1018, E7A43EAC-9890-4FDC-B244-80EFC3…)

No. 1310670


We have all the proof we need to know it was cheating. A) Heidi said it was. Bam end story if some scrote is hooking up with his mistress and the wife says she didn't OK it then it's clearly cheating. BUT heidi is an evil liar whore devil woman, but good thing we have B) which is literally Holly writing in text to Heidi that she hadn't even told Ross yet and that he had only ever said it was ok for her to hook up with women

Like she literally admitted it herself lmfao, not to mention how sloppy they were when multiple fans like this twitter account said they saw them acting really sus at cons and in public. When the fans of your DnD show start to speculate that you're having an affair behind the scenes you arent as sneaky as you think

Also its Jared's birthday, time for the annual post of Holly's on every platform gushing over him and going all out for him when he gives her nothing lmao

No. 1310678

File: 1630188264504.jpg (496.61 KB, 720x1404, JustAnUnfortunateLookingMan.jp…)

What a handsome birthday boy! God is she lucky, right ladies???

Also she has some bullshit on her story about trauma bonded relationships. I bet that 100% is what she weaponizes against him now that she cant sui-bait over Heidi. "You NEED me, we are bonded!!!!"

No. 1310835


Yep. She and Jared can keep on denying it, but they were both cheating. There were too many eyewitnesses and I’m glad that more of them are speaking out. This is the only thing that the Jared stans have to defend Jared on, claiming that he didn’t cheat, but clearly that was a shabby defense too.


Oh you know Holly holds shit like that over him, it’s likely why he always looks like an abduction victim in all his pictures with her.

No. 1310846


Someone is mad that her lolcow thread is acting up again lol

I wonder if she understands just how weird it is that not only her but also her friends check this thread every day. Like, for her I understand the curiosity, but I would be MORTIFIED if my besties were reading about all the awful shit I am up to

No. 1311083


Late but wtf is she doing at a fair, surrounded by who knows how many people, in the middle of a pandemic? I doubt everyone there was vaxxed, and who knows how many people might have been affected there, especially with Hoelly prancing about spreading it around even more. Mask or no mask, being at an event like that with yet a new wave of covid cases is a poor choice, but we all know how good Hoelly is when it comes to making smart choices.

No. 1311144


It’s even more weird that her friends are checking these threads every day and also checking Twitter and using alt accounts to try and change the narrative over anything that goes against the excuses and story they’ve been trying to push. It’s just so fucking weird. Like, do her friends have absolutely nothing else to do in their own lives?


I guess the only credit I’ll give her is that at least the event is outside, which is safer than being inside around a bunch of unknown people. But yeah, with Delta spreading like wildfire, I’d pass on big events like that.

No. 1311229

File: 1630255878816.jpg (190.38 KB, 1003x517, ingramlies.jpg)

POV: You're so obsessed with and jealous of Heidi's success so you have to constantly post obvious lies about her to convince yourself that you're not a pathetic loser wanting to suck Jared's rancid dick.


TBH even being an outside event, the Delta varient means she should be keeping her ass home and not mingling with a large crowd of people in what's probably a small space. I'm not there but the area for fairs like this aren't that big. That's why there's still so many infections and deaths, because of people like Holly acting like COVID isn't a big deal and putting herself in high-risk area.

No. 1311336

And I'm sure Ingram has available proof of this?
Funny that.

No. 1311349


Ingram Idiot never has proof. He lies just as much as Holly and Jared do, and it seems like it’s starting to get harder for him to keep track of all of his lies.


That’s a good point, especially if the area isn’t that large. I know I wouldn’t be out there with a bunch of random people while cases and hospitalizations keep going up. But we all know how good Holly is at making smart decisions.

No. 1311356

I'm sure you go to the grocery store anon, how is this any different? Can we stop concern trolling them going to a public event? The organizers are the ones responsible for following guidelines.

No. 1311459

We can say a lot about these two but at least they are very much in 'each other's league'. If they ever procreated their kids would be hideous.

No. 1311510

If you think that's bad she actually bought a table for Pax West to sell her trash witch buttons and Boundaries Tee shirts. Guess money is more important than safety eh?

No. 1311681


When was the last time you spent hours on end at a grocery store? It’s usually 15-20 minutes on average for me, and it’s likely that they spent much longer than that at this fair. Exposure time means a lot, and the event can only do so much, people have got to take responsibility for their own health and safety as well.


I saw that too, a con is definitely not a place I’d be going to anytime soon. And if Jared goes with her, how will she be able to keep him from fucking fans while she’s manning her table?

No. 1311721

Oh, so you only go to the grocery store once every few months then, huh?

They're following cdc guidelines and wearing masks. They practically self quarantine.

If you're upset about events happening, that's the event organizers and State/local governments fault. Best get to calling if you feel there's an actual danger.

No. 1312115

File: 1630362120015.jpg (283.93 KB, 720x675, Oof.jpg)

Ah yes, surely this time it will work

No. 1312141


When did I say I was upset about events happening? Or that I go to the grocery store every few months? This is a retarded attempt at an argument, and blaming the event organizers for having an event that people want to go to is fucking stupid. But you do you I guess.


So does Holly want attention or not? I haven’t quite figured it out yet. But yes, this will surely work this time, lmao.

No. 1312147

Almost as retarded as blaming people for attending that event. You can pay a little extra to have someone do your shopping list for you, anon. If you're so concerned about COVID you shouldn't be stepping foot in the grocery store.

Basically: This is a stupid thing to claim they're bad for when there's plenty already on the table.

No. 1312427

File: 1630396713244.jpeg (296.68 KB, 1170x794, B88AEE82-0E24-4B3B-9539-76DADA…)

Unsure if milk but another D&D creator has been outed as a creep. The duo have been silent but Ross has tweeted his support of the victims affected.

Here’s a tweet compiling everyone’s stories regarding the Arcadum fella if anyone’s interested: https://twitter.com/naomioop/status/1432545846625816580?s=21

No. 1312487

File: 1630408937269.jpeg (236.86 KB, 827x1134, 61041D4B-9835-45EC-845A-1B6FDB…)


You sure keep a close eye on this thread to be responding right away, SOM. We all know this is you, who else would know personally that Hored is following CDC guidelines? Fuck off.


This is so on-brand for Holly to steal someone else’s graphic.


Not shocking that more DND’ers are coming out as creepers and predators, Jared got away with a slap on the wrist so they figure they can do the same.

No. 1312948

File: 1630454862170.png (54.56 KB, 470x624, 3yrslater.png)


Ah, so according to Ingram, Unogirl is liar too.

Jared will never live this shit down & people like Ingram are to blame for it.

No. 1313218


At least the other guy is putting Ingram in his place. Makes me smile to see someone that can put up with Ingram's lies and harassment long enough to tell him what a Hored obsessed idiot he is.

No. 1314483

File: 1630643602727.jpg (220.61 KB, 1008x679, cosplaygoal.jpg)

Heidi having a cosplay goal of getting an outfit to wear "the day the divorce is final" makes me think it hadn't been finalized even after all this time. Propeen still dragging his feet over signing the final paperwork? I thought the story Hored fans love to push is he wanted the divorce, but he refuses to cut the final string keeping them legally together? That's typical of narcissists to keep their victim bound to them in some way but make it sound like he just "never got around to taking care of thay" and play innocent.

No. 1314532

File: 1630648954922.png (786.32 KB, 583x794, 2021-09-03_01h59_35.png)

I'm no divorce expert but since Heidi signed her final divorce papers over a year ago it seems unlikely Jared wouldn't have as well.
He's also spoken of his divorce in the past tense previously, but he's a gross liar so who knows for sure…

No. 1314540


I mean, just because Heidi signed her end of the divorce doesn't mean Jared did. Remember how hard he tried to hold on to Heidi's games and nobody knew until Heidi brought it up, it's totally possible that Jared's finding excuses to stop the divorce from being final and we just don't know because nobody is speaking up and Jared's lying about it as usual.

No. 1314819

File: 1630688190251.jpg (74.63 KB, 720x487, 20210903_125220.jpg)

IIRC this is exactly what Jared did to fans when they would message him anything besides nudes on tumblr. Like when the drama broke multiple girls were like "yeah I would message him about Final Fantasy and he would say send nudes"

No. 1315049


Jared signing the final divorce papers means he has to start paying alimony. Even if it's not a power trip, he would have financial reasons for wanting to drag out the official split for as long as he possibly can.

No. 1315091

File: 1630708595061.jpeg (236.75 KB, 827x1277, 11DC23D4-4194-4C57-A64F-740582…)

So, do we think that he’s going to find some fans to fuck at Pax?


That’s exactly what he did. I remember he explicitly pushed that lesbian fan, using Heidi as bait to possibly have sex with her. But yeah, someone would want to talk about games or DnD and he’d always go right to sex or nudes.

No. 1315094


No. 1315133


What makes them look filthy? Yeah they have scummy personalities but saying schoolyard insults reflects more on you than it does them. Just saying.

No. 1315161

>what makes them look filthy
nayrt, but the visible dirt on their clothes and holly’s arm is what makes them look filthy

No. 1315177

Those are tatoos and clothing distress markings anon, lol.

No. 1315178


I thought those were tattoos on Holly's arm, and I don't see any visible dirt on their clothes, maybe the lighting is casting weird shadows that look like dirt? Not tryin to start a fight I just don't see the pic the same way as you.

No. 1315206


She knows better than to let him out of sight at a con, god knows he would pounce on the first fangirl in sight regardless of age

No. 1315227

I bet Holly's paranoid as fuck. I'm surprised she doesn't have him on a literal leash. Or maybe since she's not like his "ebil ex wife!" she'll be fine with Propeen fucking fans.

No. 1315247

File: 1630720918799.jpg (283.39 KB, 704x835, Screenshot_20210903-220002_Twi…)

I'm suprised she still does Strix stuff without Jared, both because she is obsessed with Striath/Diath and because he seems like he would guilt trip the fuuuuuuuck out of her

Oh wait, I get the compromise now: she gets to play pro dnd without him, he gets to fuck barely legal girls in their hotel bed while she plays. Win win.

No. 1315265

Omggg I saw a Rick cosplayer today when I was driving. Must have been PAX.

Rick and Morty. Rick and morty. Rick and morty.
Too bad I didn’t see her today. Shout out to all my PNW bitches. This one goes out to you.
Rick and Morty rick and morty
Rick and morty

No. 1315284

well, maybe it’s shadows or whatever, but it looks like dirt in the photo, so that’s probably why the other person said they look filthy

No. 1315303

In that case he has signed the final ones because Heidi has established she's getting alimony from him.

No. 1315613


Yeah I think other anons are reading too far into it, she just said cosplay goals because Nicole Kidman looks so happy to be divorced (iconic) just like Heidi felt, it's not that deep

No. 1315946

File: 1630799750145.jpeg (195.94 KB, 827x1041, D84ADFC2-5896-4CAE-AFED-374FC7…)

The one thing that’s cracking me up in this picture is all of the stuff in the right part of the background above the guy’s head. You’d think they would have shopped it out before posting this official-ish picture.

No. 1315996


I cant be the only one who thinks she tries SO hard when dressed like Strix. I genuinely think that is the only time she ever has self confidence

No. 1316012

Look at all these scumbags that are totally okay with her not standing up for one but TWO unrepentant sex pests!
A pox on all their houses.

No. 1316057

File: 1630810647031.jpeg (376.82 KB, 827x1467, 9F8DBE8B-477C-4962-A6E2-F10A5B…)


She’s definitely trying too hard. But I guess this is the only thing she has that can potentially get her a semi-regular cash flow with minimum effort. She’s also put out some sort of site to sell Strix plushies.


Seriously though. Jared solicited nudes from his fans and all of these folks just shrugged. And Holly’s banging the wormdick. Disgusting.

No. 1316122


Love how this guy contradicts himself every time he talks. "I don't care how many men Heidi was fucking! But let's talk about how many men Heidi was fucking!"


She supported Jared fucking barely legals when the drama first broke and she was all for Jared's polyamory, she probably approves of him fucking girls and probably wants in on the action herself.

No. 1316583

File: 1630875560605.jpeg (286.35 KB, 827x1079, 2F05539D-5FA2-497A-B0BB-B6C9BC…)

Jared’s probably giving him tips on how to build up a fanbase in order to prey on them for nudes and sex, and then act like he’s done nothing wrong.

No. 1316627

Are we supposed to know who that is?

No. 1316675


He’s apparently some low tier photographer that somehow got sucked into their circle. I guess he’s okay with Jared taking advantage of his fans too.

No. 1316848


Imagine willingly associating with a known sex predator and his side bitch who encourages him. Dude ruined his entire photographer career before anyone even knew his name, and he can only blame himself for it.

No. 1316908

This contradicts her identifying as demisexual.
She probably thinks this is all behind them because now Jared is with her and not with that abuser Heidi.

No. 1317147

And right before you hand the pie back and tell everyone that there is an ugly cave troll in town.

No. 1321661

Holly was much more stable with Ross. All I can say is that Ross and Holly were the ideal long distance couple before it went sour

No. 1321703

When were they ever a long distance couple??

No. 1321712

The thing I've never been able to wrap my head around, is what's the appeal of the Strix character? It's an ugly garbage troll witch with a screechy voice. Who on earth wants to see or listen to that?

No. 1321789

It's the "I'm too quirky random" personality a lot of older millennials cling too. it appeals to that specific group, old costhots like Nigri and Kamui do it too. I think in Holly's case it's just what she wishes her depressed ass could be combined with anon said money flow.

No. 1322073


I wondered this as well. I don’t see the appeal in that sort of character at all.

No. 1322148


You know that thing where people make really goofy/ugly faces in pictures because if they look intentionally bad then nobody can actually notice anything they're insecure about? Strix is like the roleplay equivalent of that

No. 1322928

Her apparently

No. 1323326

he's a mordetwi shipper, actually

No. 1323913

Didn't Heidi once imply that Jared seemed to think that polyamory was a sexual orientation instead of a relationship structure?

Has Holly always stood like those kids who fake autism on TikTok for clout, or is this a new thing she's trying out?

No. 1324046

File: 1631642911722.jpeg (170.35 KB, 827x720, 6EEB8297-F621-47FC-899F-54B1BF…)

Kind of find it skeezy that Jared retweeted this and the picture is porn.

No. 1324057

Is the expanded image actually porn? Or is it like a clipped image that isn't actually NSFW?

No. 1324099

File: 1631646848750.png (559.16 KB, 924x634, Screenshot (89).png)

looks to be cropped nsfw

No. 1324169


Looks like one of those "gotcha" images where you think it's porn but when you see the full image it turns out to be something innocent.

No. 1324238


It’s actual porn.


Sadly, it’s not a gotcha image, it’s porn. If you go to the comments someone posted the link.

No. 1324889


I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s also claimed that he’s pansexual but from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s more that he’s just into vagina no matter what gender someone may identify as.

No. 1325261

Yes, and it's less what he thought and more the excuse he used to keep doing it after Heidi revoked consent.

No. 1325348

I think she's just posing in a vaguely anime paw pose, but she's always been awkward she just has no idea how to pose herself outside of "Im so quirky"

No. 1325545

File: 1631796658171.png (355.56 KB, 1819x1342, hollytwitter.PNG)

I wonder who was messaged?

No. 1325789


"Cult behaviour is when you warn people that someone in their social circle is shitty."

No. 1325829


So, she’s against cult behavior, but then you have people like Jared cultivating an echo chamber on his Discord, or SOM pretending to be a good guy and trying to convince people of Jared’s innocence, or Ingram Idiot busting into Twitter threads to slander Heidi’s name because he’s convinced that Jared did nothing wrong. Interesting. Maybe she needs to look at the cult behavior within her own circles before calling out others. But Holly being hypocritical is nothing new.

No. 1326124


If someone is actually taking the time out of their day to go messaging warnings to Holly's twitter following, maybe there's a good reason for them to spend the effort. Troll tweets to the public are one thing, but nobody's going to go through the trouble of messaging individual people unless they think it's something critical. But typical Holly, she never stops to think if she's the problem that's causing this trend.

No. 1326489


Here is what (probably) happened

- someone reached out to Holly's mutual and told them all the fucked up stuff she has done and questioned why they follow her

- shocked, they messaged Holly about it, calling her out/questioning her

- Holly immediately went into gaslighting mode and convinced them it's all lies that Heidi made up because she is a fat ugly slut, evil, the usual

- She then tweets this to try to stop it from happening again

No. 1326577

What probably actually happened:

- someone sperged and thought some other content creators who follow her were blind and deaf in 2019

- they thought "surely they haven't heard of the thing everyone knows about, it's not like she literally talks about it all the time"

- sperg break

- decide "I should message a complete stranger and act as if I'm doing them a favor"

- sperg some more

- say things like "I expect better from you" as if they have any say in how the person lives their life.

- rinse and repeat

You'd have to be a complete moron to think somebody who follows her still doesn't know about it.

So trying to paint it as some noble pursuit rather than retarded lack of social grace makes me think it's you or something you would also do, anon.

No. 1326698

Here's what probably actually really happened:

- Holly namesearched herself and found a tweet where someone asked why people would willingly follow her

- she made up the rest for pity points

No. 1326721


Ha ha! This is probably legit what happened. And then Holly tweeting about it to stir up drama, despite her past whining about how she doesn’t want to be known for drama, or that she lost her career over drama.

No. 1327168


It's funny b/c now that she said that people will read it and be inspired to actually do this. I'm not gonna be surprised if now her followers really do get private messages telling them the true story about Holly and not the twisted one she tells where she's the innocent victim of Heidi & the evil internet. That's what happens when you keep crying wolf, you cause the wolf to show up and now nobody will believe you because of all the past lies.

No. 1328016

File: 1632036371830.png (231.65 KB, 1055x1062, stillsimpin.png)

Imagine hating someone just because they hate an abusive predator..

No. 1328021

Any milk on Chris /oney 's ex gf Veronicaandjelly?

No. 1328202


“His proven innocence.” I don’t remember PJ proving that he never preyed on his fanbase. These Jared stans are really delusional.

No. 1328623

File: 1632097032144.png (332.56 KB, 979x1026, absolutelydelusional.png)


These people really are delusional. What about anything akumizu here says is actually true? This entire post is made up lies, and is one of several people (including our favorite simp ingram) dogpiling onto one person who wanted to tweet about not liking proabuser. They say we're brigading Holly and Jared's fans to get them to leave but these hored hangers go after anyone and anyone that has anything not nice to say about them. Personally I won't be surprised if it turns out that Holly's story about people private messaging people to get them to leave turns out to actually be her fans messaging Heidi's followers to get them to unfollow her and Holly pulled a darvo to cover her ass.

No. 1328644


I’m honestly surprised that people believe Holly and Jared at all. They’ve both lied about so much shit, so to take them at their word is just… dumb. If anyone’s brigading, it’s them and their delusional followers.

No. 1328651

His very first statement on the divorce was nothing but lies so I don't see why I should take anything else he'd ever follow up on at face value.

No. 1329460

File: 1632177571467.png (123.19 KB, 1781x479, holly.PNG)

Someone's feeling sorry for themselves

No. 1329464

File: 1632177637503.png (58.64 KB, 953x335, hollyig.PNG)

No. 1329556


Cry us a river, Holly. I wonder if the DnD games that she’s been taking part in aren’t getting as many views or as popular as she hoped they would be? But of course, she’s blaming the community rather than looking at herself and what she’s done in the past. Classic Holly.

No. 1329574


>"…Culture of purity, cruelty, and unforgiveness."

Can't help but feel like someone very close to Holly cut ties with her, b/c it's the only reason I can see someone continuing to lament stuff like this.

tbh, I wish Angerlimit would just stop posting, because it's obviously only attracting Ingram & his sockpupp-… I mean 'friends'.

No. 1329595


How can people forgive her for something she won't even fully own up to?

Has she considered that maybe people are fucking sick of Strix who is extremely annoying?

No. 1329599


It's not just Dnd. She's not as popular across all platforms. She hardly gets any engagement on her tweets and IG posts these days. Her lolcow thread is slowing down because there's only so many times people can hear her victimize herself before they tune her out. Her career is dead, but of course it's everyone else's fault.

No. 1329708


That too.
Since the beginning of this debacle, I've seen her claim that she's:
>1. Being blamed for something she didn't even do
>2. Got dragged into the situation against her will
>3. Had no control over anything that happened

If ANY of that is true, then what even is there to forgive?

No. 1329714

Wait is this true? I thought she didn’t fuck any actual men.

No. 1329732


I really don't mind angerlimit's posts. Just seeing someone on twitter willing to stand up against propredator & his hordes of rabid/delusional fans lying for him is a breath of fresh air.

No. 1329764

Gods if only, but apparently she still has simps a'plenty. Between her personal patreon and her "spooky scouts" patreon she's pulling 1500$ a month, plus whatever she gets off Twitch subs and her Etsy shop…
Not to mention the shitweasels at Penny Arcade are perfectly happy to keep platforming her on their Acquisitions Inc live games and allowing her to have a booth at PAX…

No. 1329962


Same though. It gets tiring seeing Jared and Holly’s defenders trying to run people off of the internet, so it’s great seeing someone stand up to them.


Yeah, the fact that PA keeps giving Holly a platform for her crap really makes me not have any respect for them as an organization.

No. 1330214

File: 1632245792225.png (280.35 KB, 1786x1184, 3425.PNG)

There are hardly any comments and they weren't bad at all? I don't know what she's talking about

No. 1330232

B. Dave Walters supporting Holly Conrad? Well that's disappointing.

No. 1330262


What comments is she going on about? All of the comments on her original tweet are asspats, and there was like one comment on that guy’s subtweet that basically said that there are reasons to not support Holly. Wow, one comment out of 100. Clearly cancel culture is still keeping her down!!!!

No. 1330263

Most likely subtweets.

No. 1330272

File: 1632249257327.png (137.38 KB, 1080x591, 1632249119188.png)


nta but she might have been talking about replies like this.

No. 1330300

So he's okay with ProJared and Adam Koebel's predatory behaviors too, then?

No. 1330311

This is pretty mild as far as public replies go. I don't understand why she doesn't just manage who can reply to her tweets, twitter has had that option for a while now and that way she could just curate her experience to only talk to her friends

No. 1330322

Seems to be the implication, yeah

But then how would people know how much of a victim of cancel culture she is?

No. 1330324

That'd also require her to stop aggressively namesearching herself. Fat chance of that happening.

No. 1330541


This is pretty much the only negative reply I’ve seen and it’s mild, to say the least.


True, we’ll never forget that cancel culture ruined her life and career if she’s not there to remind us every single day.

No. 1330845

File: 1632275922686.jpeg (102.9 KB, 827x492, 885BF6CA-BF92-40F5-8C8F-15898E…)

This guy gets it.

No. 1330900


Azumiku's in his replies saying the same thing he says to everyone else who tweets about Jared or Holly.

Who do you think namesearches Holly more, Azumiku or Holly herself?

No. 1330901

And then she did 2 again for Koebel.

No. 1330979

File: 1632288633071.jpg (386.35 KB, 720x943, Screenshot_20210922-012907_Twi…)

Did these two ever come forward with their affair/relationship? Posting this because Holly replied and it reminded me that those two did the same exact thing Hoelly and Jared did lmao

No. 1330982


Pretty sure they haven't admitted to anything, but they were also less messy about it (plus they had the advantage of no minor-leaked dick pics) so nobody really cared about their cheating

No. 1331000

Aside from one minor outburst from Nate's ex, there really wasn't much there. No nudes blog, no victim blaming, no nothing.
Which kind of proves how little of the backlash against Holly is actually about the affair and how much of it was about the attempt at gaslighting, the soliciting of nudes (and Holly's being okay with it), the defense of ProJared, the warped contradictory narratives about abuse, the Etika tweets, the pity parties, the defense of Adam Koebel, etc.

No. 1331399


Exactly. No one cares about the actual cheating, it’s all the other gross stuff that went along with it. But the PJ and Holly defenders keep claiming it’s about the cheating.

No. 1331425

Lol… this thread focuses on the cheating and subsequent excuses/justifications, at least like 80% of the time. Most of the time she actually gets a troll they talk about the cheating.

The only other thing people mention here and in other places is that she supports abuser(s) in Jared (and others), which wouldn't be noteworthy without her being known for the cheating thing. Jared abused Heidi because he was gaslighting her in regards to the cheating.

She's not wrong that it all ties back to the cheating, she's just a sperg for not realizing her best course of action is to accept that some people are just going to hate her over it, stop whining, and focus on what's actually important.

No. 1331482

The cheating scandal skyrocketed her to infamy. Her inability to shut the fuck up and not be a shitty person has cemented her there.

No. 1331575

Does this whiny bitch ever say anything positive? People may be fleeing at the speed of light from you Holly because all you ever talk about is negative shit. Nobody wants to hear that shit all the time. Move the fuck on, god damn.

>Has she considered that maybe people are fucking sick of Strix who is extremely annoying?
This too. She goes out of her way to be an annoying bastard.

No. 1331663

File: 1632349019344.jpeg (152.71 KB, 827x1242, 5E36644E-CD89-456E-8AF9-EED089…)

So what the fuck does she actually want? She cries about losing her career and popularity but apparently all her friendships are all that she needs? She needs to make up her damn mind.

No. 1331668

She's a narcissist.

She wants to fame and the adoration but definitely none of the dark side of being famous.

No. 1331688

Funny how she never posted stuff like this when she was popular kek

What's even better is Ross has been skyrocketing in popularity lately. His content is great and so are his numbers. I wonder if she keeps up with him and has noticed.

No. 1331693

Speaking of Koebel, Holly refollowed him on Instagram after the Bluejay stuff. So much for having her friend's back…

No. 1331834

Well you see, Bluejay didn't suffer REAL abuse, not like what Holly suffered. So what does Bluejay REALLY know? Holly is the one true arbiter of what is and isn't abuse, you know.

No. 1331930

File: 1632366978325.jpeg (135.38 KB, 827x762, 13503A6F-31B4-44BE-9533-C78F80…)

Jared and Holly, perpetually victims of cancel culture forever. With how much they post shit like this, I guess they’re perfect for each other, gag.

No. 1331933

You're still making money on YouTube despite how one of the fans you sexted (was it one of the underaged ones? I forget) leaked pics of your Lil' Knobenbauer, Jared. Unfortunately, I think you're pretty "safe".

No. 1332015

The leaked screencap was from someone who said they were in their 20s.

No. 1332108


Yes, but there have been other people who have come forward who are of age now, but we’re under 18 when they were trading nudes with PedoDick. As much as he likes to pretend that none of the people he sent nudes to/received nudes from were all legal adults, it just isn’t so.

No. 1332184

god damn its been what 2 or 3 years already? no one cares, or the people that did care completely forgot about it until they keep bringing it up that they were "cancelled"

No. 1332253

No, there weren't. Unless you've got screenshots of something nobody has shown before.

No. 1332519


There sure were, there have been Twitter screenshots posted in a past thread of people saying that they were underage when they were chatting and sharing pictures with Jared, but it ain’t my job to go fish them out for you. As much as he tried to push the narrative of him asking ages of people before he sent nudes to them, he sure as fuck did not.

No. 1332527

Lol, "it ain't my job". It's not mine to prove you wrong either, You want me to believe you, you go ahead and find it. But I sure as shit don't remember others.

Not sure why you have to have other minors, he's scum either way.

No. 1332679

I remember seeing a few threads from minors on Twitter saying they'd exchanged nudes with him, but I feel like it was one of those situations where the minors had lied about their ages and Jared took it at face value. It's not something that would hold up under judicial scrutiny, but it's a bit more acceptable to some than him not asking at all.

Personally, I'm just wondering what he was expecting to happen when he set out for fan nudes on Tumblr in the first place.

No. 1332894


The threads that I specifically saw, they said that there was no attempt from Jared to age verify. So he was even lying about doing the bare minimum, which like anon says above, wouldn’t hold up in court anyway.

No. 1332931

File: 1632483618024.jpeg (297.09 KB, 827x1411, 3A0C272A-D9FD-4612-830A-314565…)

Does this guy have anything in his wardrobe that’s not white, grey or black? He’s really here thinking that he’s serving looks with one extra layer.

No. 1333101


Wait, is his expert fashion advice… make sure your shirt's hood isn't tucked under your top layer?

The outfit clashes, the picture is amateurish, and the caption assumes that the reader doesn't know how to put on clothes.

No. 1333598


"Remember guys! I'm Johnny Depp & my whore of an ex wife is literally Amber Heard!"

No. 1333609

that is classic Halloween Spirit employee who’s hoping to get hired on at Hot
Topic for the holiday rush style right there

No. 1334210

File: 1632607211966.jpeg (221.53 KB, 826x1167, CB8FAC31-25B4-4B8A-BE3A-6B4ACF…)

So… she means Jared right? He was the one who posted about the divorce on Twitter and blocked Heidi so that she couldn’t respond to it. It never ceases to amaze me that these things Holly posts don’t exactly support or help her case.

No. 1334308


Holly, cut the shit.
You got caught being two-faced. You're lucky that you managed to 'win' back one of the two people that caught your toxic behavior, but it's clear that you've been trying to convince yourself that you did the 'right' thing.
You made some bad decisions. Everyone does.

No. 1334439

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like she got by just fine responding to it.

No. 1334446


She couldn't see it or respond to it directly because he blocked her before posting it.

No. 1334489


Her Ex literally didnt say a WORD about her, or atleast a negative one

Her obsession with Heidi years after the fact is fucking bizarre. For the most part (not completely ofc) she was the one that spoke ill of Heidi and controlled the narrative. Someone should rewrite that post to say "sometimes in a breakup your ex's mistress will seize control of the narrative"

No. 1334497


why tf did jared blocked heidi if not to control the narrative? he wanted all the sympathy and cover up how he physically and emotionally abused her.

No. 1334512


>"sometimes in a breakup your ex's mistress will seize control of the narrative"

"Sometimes in a breakup your ex's mistress will still try to convince herself that she made a good decision."

Seriously though Holly, this is more of a 'comes with the territory' kind of situation. Staying with Jared means attracting the ire of those who dislike him. Several people even dislike him for completely different reasons that have nothing to do with what happened in 2019. It's simple as that.

No. 1334518

Hey Holly, remember "I'm so sorry. I'm here for you if you need me."?

No. 1334779

Physically? I have not heard of him laying hands on her. The emotional abuse is bad enough, we don’t need to pretend he was hitting her.

No. 1335009


ntayrt but I sorta remember a twitter thread early on in the drama where someone said they witnessed him shoving her for some reason? I'll try to find the thread again or at least a screenshot someone might've archived.

No. 1335762

File: 1632766841114.jpeg (179.58 KB, 827x1318, 4542E411-3D3B-471F-AA74-99DD5F…)

This was another one that I saw that made me eyeroll. Maybe if she owned up to her shit and took some accountability, she’d be able to get past all this? But nah, both her and Jared just perpetually bitch and moan about cancel culture and whine that the world is against them.

No. 1335811

"You can't get closure" I mean, have you tried though?

No. 1335830


I'm just gonna guess this is unrelated to the whole 2019 situation, because if it is, then it just raises more questions.

No. 1336220

Maybe "closure" with WOTC?
Since she previously bitched about being ghosted by them?

No. 1337794

File: 1632961432171.jpeg (237.94 KB, 826x1312, 994DC2D2-2FDB-4B66-9351-160832…)

Someone sure got sensitive over something on Twitter, lmao.

No. 1338751

Shoulda gone with a mushroom dick reference to fit the Mario theme.

No. 1356497

File: 1635298309940.jpeg (229.1 KB, 827x1283, 51E5AB18-15DB-4D6B-A2C4-CF9170…)

No. 1356498

File: 1635298428722.jpeg (331.88 KB, 827x1407, 3C48D7A9-D4F7-46B0-9BD4-26D2FF…)

No. 1356500

File: 1635298562402.jpeg (232.9 KB, 825x1029, 41297B14-78F2-4419-A0D3-1E9283…)

No. 1356501

File: 1635298659381.jpeg (113.51 KB, 827x559, C626F369-FDAC-4C13-861B-4F0881…)

No. 1356502

Holy shit holly just get off of the internet. Permanently.

No. 1356506


Once again, Holly doing what she does best, blaming everyone else for her bad decisions and being unable to handle the consequences of her actions. No Holly, it’s not that the murder hornets of the internet decided to swarm and attack you randomly, it’s that you cheated on your husband, helped your new man cheat on his own wife, completely ignored that your new man was abusing his z-list efame to take advantage of his fanbase, and acted like you were friends with his wife while you fucked him behind her back. Maybe if you took accountability for your shitty actions for once, you’d be able to get past all this eventually, but instead it continues to haunt you as you continually cry that you’re such a victim. You made your bed.

No. 1356532

If it were as she says, we'd give just as much shit to Anna Prosser and Nate whatzhisface.
But they don't have the prior baggage of shittiness.
They didn't "I'm so sorry you're going through this" while being complicit, or lock down their twitter when the truth came.
They didn't pull a massive case of DARVO to try and justify their shittiness.
They didn't try to milk Etika's tragic death for sympathy points.
They don't constantly bring up the drama.
They don't make excuses for the gross sex pest.
They don't make excuses for the OTHER gross sex pest.

That's all you, Holly. All you.

No. 1356828

jesus christ she's not honestly still playing the victim card, is she?

No. 1356858


Oh she sure is. That’s always been her MO, even before all the drama with her and Jared and Heidi. Perpetually a victim, oh woe is she.

No. 1357999

File: 1635504485368.png (206.91 KB, 1020x1285, keepobsessing.png)


Not only is she still blaming others for her own fuckups, she's now subsidizing the shit talk about Heidi to her fans. She couldn't be bothered with the bare minimum of asking this obsessed twat to move on from Heidi, I wouldn't be surprised if she asked this simp to vaguetweet a bunch of lies about Heidi just to keep her little fantasy story going.

No. 1358018


I hate this shit so much. There's a big difference between "Let's have a poly relationship" and "Let me fuck my sidepiece in the public arena while you're here to smile and look pretty"

No. 1358037

File: 1635512488365.png (143.58 KB, 623x707, twitnofollow.png)


Account from last year (while the drama was still somewhat relevant), not following anyone, not even Hoelly. If this isn't Hoelly's alt it's either one of her friends alts or someone she paid off to maintain a throwaway account to back her up when she needs to throw shade at Heidi without taking any heat for it.

No. 1358055

A reverse image search of the pfp should give you a good idea if it's a real person or not.

No. 1358155


Yep. And Heidi had the right to want to stop it. But Jared and Holly were still fucking behind her back after she told them no more. So it wasn’t a claim of cheating, it was cheating, full stop.


Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past her to do shit like this.

No. 1358586

File: 1635609246385.jpeg (79.02 KB, 827x457, 89DF8E55-3C66-47DD-9DFB-04E59F…)

It’s pretty rare of Jared to retweet anything of Holly’s, I wonder if he felt compelled to because her “mental health was bad” the other day.

She only sold 356. Not bad, but not great considering most limited edition runs of items are usually somewhere around 750-1000 pieces. I wonder if that had something to do with her breakdown, maybe she finally realized that her character doesn’t have the huge following she seems to think it does? That and the plush itself is quite ugly.

No. 1358629


Probably not Holly, but definitely a troll account. Apparently they're a Southpaw Rights Activist.

No. 1358691

File: 1635624632136.jpg (44.08 KB, 828x188, makeship.jpg)

Makeship makes the exact number ordered. It's not hard to find this on their website. The doll, as ugly as it is, ended up 178% funded. Her costs are covered and then some even if she expected to sell more.

No. 1358844

Ugh, over 50 people wanted a plug of that shitty character?

No. 1359171


>That and the plush itself is quite ugly.

Meh, it's not my taste, but I can see how that kinda ragdoll look would appeal to some people. Let's be real, as much as you or I personally don't like Holly or the shit she did and got away consequence-free for doing, she still needs to make a living, and there's a clear market for merch of her character.

No. 1359179


That's part of the problem though. If she's not really doing anything new with Strix, the fanbase will eventually get bored and move on. It's not really a money well that will last forever and her podcast is more of two friends bullshitting than a viable income source.

She's either going to have to start doing something new, or maybe actually be a grown up and get a legit job. Grandpappy's disney money/Ross's divorce money ain't going to last forever.

No. 1359217


You can tell she REALLY thinks she is doing something here. But her writing comes across as self righteous and unoriginal. God knows when she inevitably writes her victim pov book that no publisher will want it if it is written anything like this 2013 tumblr poem

No. 1359242

File: 1635721244178.png (217.28 KB, 664x576, Screenshot_35.png)


itd be hilarious if Hoelly actually wrote it like that on purpose

No. 1359296


I mean, if people still want to buy shit with the character, I can't blame her for giving her fans something they want. It's not like it's the only thing she sells. If people lose interest she'll make her money on the rest of the stuff she's selling. So long as she's not doing anything morally corrupt to get sales, I couldn't care less how she pays her bills or if her followers still cling onto Strix until the world ends.

No. 1359712


Haha, it would be. I’m guessing it’s more that the woods are her idyllic “safe space” despite the fact that there are things that live in there that can and will eat you if given the chance. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, bears are a threat, so I was pretty damn careful whenever I was near the woods. There’s more to worry about than the murder hornets, lol.

No. 1359784

Anon, I'm worried for you, do you not understand metaphor? Especially this extremely obvious one

No. 1359994

File: 1635817135648.jpg (78.11 KB, 768x1024, 20211101_213706.jpg)

I cant be the only one who thinks this costume is trash

Halloween isnt as fun without your professionally trained seamstress wife making you costumes, huh, jared??

Holly tweeted that she tried to get him to match her costume but he refused. Shoooooocking.

No. 1360015

Too broke to afford a bald cap, Jerd?

No. 1360017

This is the definition of a Gen X trying too hard to assimilate with the "cool kids" but ProDick picked a meme that was so old that most people have already mostly forgotten about it.

No. 1360023

he is so fucking ugly

No. 1360079

>with thousands of order for each campaign
>sold 356

Judging by his hairline, he's working on it.

No. 1360135

Is this really what this thread has devolved to? A bunch of petty-ass nitpicking on a costume and some doll? I thought the thread was bumped because something important actually happened, not some useless whining about nothing of consequence. Y'all sound desperate to keep this shit relevant when anything worth talking about died at least a year ago.

No. 1360140

hide the thread, report unsaged non-milk, etc. You know the drill nonny.

No. 1360281


Had a chuckle recently on one of his videos. His sponsor was some hair loss prevention product

No. 1360334

Hate to break it to you anon but it's not like this thread has been RIFE with no bs for awhile. Also, considering an anon submitted to TWC last night mentioning this exact scenario, it really feels you're out here trying to cowtip and that ain't cool.

No. 1360561


>Also, considering an anon submitted to TWC last night mentioning this exact scenario,

ntayrt but what anon are you mentioning? Last one I see is somebody saying this thread was brigaded by Holly's fans, >>1360135 sounds like somebody just getting pissy at the thread being bumped without any real milk.

No. 1360572


You don't find it ironic someone brings up the "They're brigading the thread" when they weren't only for someone to magically come in and start bitching about people unfairly nitpicking Hoebag and PedoWorm's costumes/dolls?

No. 1360598

I forgot about them "going for a walk" and assumed it was about her "wanting to live in a state with trees"

No. 1361104


tbf though the thread was recently bumped by anons not saging. Bumping the thread is going to bring different people reading it than who had been following the thread normally. It doesn't necessarily mean it's related to TWC's anon. Besides, anons had been trying to drum up fake claims on TWC for a while, like when someone tried to say Jared destroyed Heidi's things or his server bans people that don't kiss his ass 24/7. It wouldn't surprise me if this was another anon trying to start a rumor about Holly's fans and it just happened to be posted right before the thread was bumped.

No. 1361164


That’s pretty hilarious. And ironic.


The costume is so him though. He keeps hopping in on the trend of Bitcoin, stonks, etc. Jared is trying to hard to stay relevent, it’s just sad.


His server does ban people that don’t kiss his ass though, that shit’s not made up.

No. 1361306


>His server does ban people that don’t kiss his ass though, that shit’s not made up.

That was proven? Not trying to argue, I just never saw any proof this was happening, I only heard it as a rumor someone was spreading.

No. 1362934

File: 1636201490174.jpeg (565.68 KB, 640x726, F78E15CA-AE54-4B23-9138-184925…)

Our favorite fashionista at it again

No. 1362945

"if you're looking for some flare for fall, add a scarf. you can wrap the scarf around your neck for a different look" kek im sorry but i cant stop thinking about his mansplaining cardigan post

No. 1363017

that’s some Hot Topic realness there
Bill from Accounting kicking it at a My Chemical Romance cover band gig

No. 1363242

This man has intense dyke energy and I don’t know why

No. 1363253

You're wrong and you still have time to delete this.

No. 1363290

Kristen Stewart would wear that outfit, anon.

No. 1363305

Kristen Stewart is bi and Jared is a moid.

No. 1363336

In that pose and with that scarf he looks like he has a really fucking long neck. Is that just me or has his neck just been unusually long this whole time?

No. 1363340

Can we talk about those shoes? Not only are they ugly but are they fucking velcro??

No. 1363456

File: 1636261566160.png (1.63 MB, 948x1088, ksttew.png)

You must be straight and confused nonny. He's literally dressed like your average gangly gamer teen who occasionally shops at hot topic.

She hardly dresses like a dyke unless her stylists get ahold of her. Otherwise she just dresses like a gas station crackhead tbh.

Nah dudes always looked like earthworm jim

No. 1363853


Once again, we have stans ruining any chance of potential personal growth for Holly. What a shame.

No. 1363917

File: 1636320092860.png (26.56 KB, 498x472, HoFHolly'sActions.png)

Here's a rather surprising post from HoF:

>"No one can be outside a relationship between two people and define what is and isn’t cheating within that relationship."

Trying to be the 'main character' in the situation was Holly's biggest mistake, imo. She could have still given her account of events without making any broad accusations & conceded that maybe she didn't know everything & was just trying to be there for a friend, but instead, we got all this savior-complex inspired white-knighting & then lamenting about the backlash she was receiving from her white-knighting & retaliatory claims.

No. 1363958

File: 1636322718351.png (11.95 KB, 412x152, IKNOWALLPARTIES.png)

Old milk, but here's a funny post of SoM immediately contradicting himself to HoF:

>" I know exactly what happened between all parties."

>"I have discussed it at length with Jared and Holly multiple times"

You know exactly what happened between ALL parties, yet you refuse to listen to one of them?

No. 1364090


I like how he even says "before any PHYSICAL relationship"

Nudes, sexting, sexual RP, emotional confessions of love, threatening suicide if one does not leave their wife? Yeah, that happened. BUT THEY DIDNT BANG, SO ITS OK!

Also it's been said a million times but how embarrassing for Hored that they have this stalker stan who thinks they are besties being a reply girl to drama accounts about them almost 3 years later

No. 1364852

>"I have discussed it at length with Jared and Holly multiple times"

Then no, you don't know what happened between all parties because you only discussed it with two of the three, and it was the 2 that have the biggest reason to be lying scumbags at that.

No. 1365090


I still wonder who told this guy that he’s fashionable in any way. It cracks me up that to him, adding one accessory makes him some sort of fashionista.


Yep. Also that he conveniently befriended them after the drama broke. He’s always been one side the whole time, no matter what his lying ass tries to say.

No. 1365663

You mean two of the four.

No. 1365695

True enough but ross has asked to be left alone. The last thing he needs is SadOldDouche badgering him for answers of what was apparently a pretty bad time in his life.

No. 1367189

File: 1636671059349.jpeg (176.45 KB, 827x1261, 2FB96838-E992-44B9-B08C-ACE767…)

Interesting that Holly is lecturing about claiming responsibility here when she’s never taken responsibility for anything as of yet.

No. 1367193

File: 1636671192518.jpeg (149.32 KB, 827x1252, 4B320869-3CC0-410B-B46D-A6773F…)


And she’s never had respect for any boundaries either. Doubtful that she’s doing any of this stuff behind the scenes either, lol.

No. 1367275

"Not for the consumption of strangers on the internet"

And yet she had no problem releasing everything else to strangers on the internet, including explicit texts between her fuck buddy and his wife that weren't even hers to share.

No. 1367318

That's kind of the point. It's reinforcing the mentality that she did no wrong.

No. 1369368

File: 1636995333479.png (37.68 KB, 586x280, thinkofme.png)


Old milk, but I can't believe she STILL has this thread up!

No. 1369373

File: 1636995862440.png (162.71 KB, 446x626, revengeporn.png)


> including explicit texts between her fuck buddy and his wife that weren't even hers to share.

…And it's ALL still there, if any of you want to read:


No. 1369441


I think she thinks it makes her look like the good guy or something.

No. 1369554


Or she likely has no idea how close to legal charges she came because IIRC, Washington is a two party consent state. Even if Jared gave her permission to release those texts, Heidi sure as shit wouldn't have. Heidi was at least a party in the texts she released between herself and Hoebag.

No. 1369665


This tweet always makes me so sad… like how am I supposed to read this and NOT feel bad for Heidi? Holly is such a fucking narcissist

No. 1369672


I still don't get how Hoelly thought this painted her in a good light - like of course Heidi wants her husband to be thinking of her while fucking, not his "I'm not really fucking her except I totes am" side piece.

No. 1369940


But remember, according to the fans, that Heidi forced Jared to get with Holly!

No. 1369941


Exactly. It blows my mind that Holly thinks she’s the victim in all of this.

No. 1370281


If anything, that "I want him to think of me!" that Hoebag released is just proof that they're full of shit when they insist that Heidi pushed them together.

Why would someone say "For sure keep on banging" and then scream "I want him to think of me, not you!"

No. 1370444


I think the reason this call made her so mad was that Heidi did it from Jared's phone, probably because she wouldn't answer from her own. She answered expecting some gross DnD phone sex and instead got confronted, which to her is the equivalent to assault

No. 1370586


Because Heidi is an irrational cartoon villain, remember?

No. 1370589


>just proof that they're full of shit when they insist that Heidi pushed them together.

It's also proof that the claim that "Jared & Heidi's relationship was pretty much over anyway!" was probably not entirely true.

No. 1370642

People whose relationship is a sinking ship still have sex, anon.

No. 1370806

File: 1637206047019.jpeg (214.1 KB, 827x1488, 170FF59A-5618-40F6-A9BC-EED1BE…)

I hope the others at the tournament have been warned that a sex pest will be among them.

No. 1370938


I wonder has Hoelly gone with or is she back at the swamp freaking out.(sage)

No. 1370993

File: 1637245458772.jpeg (156.53 KB, 1908x1146, 748CA14C-FEDA-404D-8354-23D3AE…)

She can hide under her “I’m a fragile sensitive birbmom who just wants everyone to get along” persona all she wants but this is just peak smugness. She probably loved the whole I’m hot shit fucking your man schtick. Reminds me a bit of the Stephanie Lazarus case.

No. 1370994

i cannot understand how this image is supposed to be a win for Holly when it shows a woman being ghosted by HER HUSBAND. Heidi is bad cus she slutshamed Holly, but Holly slutshaming her for wanting a threesome is of course ok.
I will never get over this milk, even if it's rotten old at this point lol

No. 1370996

oh man, this makes me so sad for Heidi. Why would she post this? Heidi wasn't some love-sick fan, she was his fucking wife. She's being so nice and even trying to talk sexually to him just to get her own damn husband to respond to her. What a win, Holly. When he does this shit to you, if he's not already, it's going to be funny as shit. June got her karma in the end, it's only a matter of time here too.

No. 1370999

The fact that Heidi was this desperate to keep this >>1362934 I'll never know. His personality is disgusting too, but I don't know him irl so who knows I guess. Holly, I could understand if she didn't have a semi-cute nerdy husband. There was that anon who was sexting him or whatever like a tard because she has a fetish for ugly dudes.

No. 1371003

File: 1637247906787.jpg (112.54 KB, 960x960, download_20190719_222706.jpg)


Slim dudes nonette.
And honestly he ain't ugly

No. 1371007

Please raise your standards, he looks like gollum.

No. 1371011

Not ugly? Anon he's one of the ugliest men I've ever seen in my life lol. He's actually hideous.

No. 1371012

File: 1637248994542.jpg (40.61 KB, 720x405, eye-optometrist-near.jpg)

Anon, there's help for your condition.

No. 1371036

Poor Heidi. This just shows how badly she wanted attention from him and they fucking lived together at the time

No. 1371045

there's no milk anymore, the only milk was the fall out of the divorce.

Rubberninja and Holly's marriage was the perfect example of e-dating or a ldr gone right, but it went to shit.(sage your shit )

No. 1371049


Judging by the way people said ross was genuinely upset after the divorce, I'd say it "went to shit" because Holly couldn't keep her adulterous self from fucking other people's husbands while doing her damndest to avoid fucking her own.

No. 1371054

File: 1637254973138.png (28.54 KB, 275x221, 1610332415133.png)

>I'm not a gynecologist but I will take a look

No. 1371125


Is this SOM’s wife? We all know she wants to bang Jared since she loves “unconventionally attractive” men.

No. 1371262

No. 1371328


I wonder this too. I sure as hell wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, especially out in LV.

No. 1371459

Is wormdick plucking his eyebrows now too? Troon phase when?

I honestly can't find a single appealing thing about Jared, slim dude or not. He's a 2/10 at best even if you're into the gangly types.

No. 1371464


DUDE, dude. I LOVE skinny guys and Jared repulses me. Dude has the face of a sewer mutant.

No. 1371529


For real though, his face and personality are literal curdled milk and trash. I sometimes wonder what Heidi or Holly see in him. Even a shit pile like Holly could do better.

No. 1371592


Take the looks out of it. Dude has about as much personality as curdled milk.

No. 1371854


I see no lies here. Looks and personality, he drew the short straw on all of it.

No. 1372314

File: 1637418213438.jpeg (202.57 KB, 827x1319, 3CC117BC-32DB-4E6D-A07F-D20FAE…)

Wow, a t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt and jeans. Someone call Paris because we’ve got a fashion savant over here.

No. 1372435


He looks so alive… probably because he is away from Holly. Or because he is on his way to a 20 year old fan's room, either or really

No. 1372445

File: 1637434087400.jpg (271.82 KB, 648x902, Screenshot_20211120-184703_Ins…)

Another one nonnies

No. 1372454

he really thinks he’s doing something there
the mismatched black vest and black jeans is certainly a look

No. 1372456


No. 1372459

Are you lost retard?

No. 1372482


You’re definitely onto something here. Despite his lackluster attempt at fashion, he’s looking much more alive. Or yeah, it could be him fucking fans again.

No. 1372561

>it could be him fucking fans again
Would be putting money on this being the case

No. 1372631

File: 1637447836157.jpeg (255.44 KB, 827x1195, 026768ED-8720-4489-A719-C0E60A…)


Holly posted this and it’s a local place in her area, so yep, looks like Holly didn’t go with Jared to LV. The freedom (to fuck fans) has definitely changed the way Jared appears in his photos.

No. 1372637

File: 1637448545660.png (111.87 KB, 321x168, Not seeing it.png)

I'm not really seeing a difference, anons.

No. 1372647

turn your fucking location on

No. 1372649

he looks like lorde here.

No. 1372708


Maybe it’s just because he’s not in a picture with Holly and looking away from her, he’s actively looking at the camera in these ones, lol.

No. 1372753

just passing by, but he truly looks better and younger in the left one

No. 1372931

especially since this is one of the first times he's travelled to a con in awhile, and it's not looking like hoebag went with him.

His first time away from her in roughly two years? You KNOW he's finding a fan to warm his bed tonight.

No. 1373160

File: 1637521811642.jpeg (248.83 KB, 827x1414, 0B7E0332-7E3B-47C0-BCCA-E417D0…)

Best dressed? He wishes.

No. 1373222

is he trooning out?

No. 1373248

He looks like a middle school horse girl from the early 2000's in this outfit

No. 1373409

Nice to hear he tanked at the tourney.

Someone should inform him he's also tanking in fashion. Everyone could be dreased in sweatpants and he'd still be one of the worst dressed.

No. 1373543

i guess you could say that "90's middle school art teacher who's constantly high" is the best look among the avarage MTG player, sure

No. 1373566


well, the middle school age range does seem to be the age range he tends to lean towards these days….

No. 1373984

has he actually lost his teeny weeny mind?
he looks like a lesbian at Lilith Faire ca. 1998 in that getup

No. 1375640

Is he trying to emulate Matt Mercer with these waistcoat things?(sage)

No. 1375655

lmao i cant with this guy, any way you know he's ignoring Holly's texts to get his fuck on. Hope that karma stings!

No. 1375695

I'll never get over how tiny and narrow his shoulders are and how massive his head is.

No. 1375705

this little bird chested freak cuts the sleeves off some cardigans girls wore back in the early 2000's and thinks he's miranda priestly.

No. 1377030

File: 1638028025293.png (284.85 KB, 599x547, farewell.png)

Not milk, but just some Heidi updates:

>She is currently living in an apartment

>She is adopting a kitty through a local rescue facility
>She was a judge for a costume contest in Saboten Con two months ago
>She is opening an office/workshop
>Her online store's Twitter has more followers (9,926) than Holly's (3,721) lol

No. 1377084


She had been talking about getting an actual storefront for a few months now so that the business side of things wasn't completely taking over her home and private space.

No. 1377112


Ugh he looks like an uglier, less funny Tom Green with 0 personality.(sage)

No. 1377201

File: 1638054803738.jpeg (174.88 KB, 827x759, C2C4A55F-968F-45BB-BE85-F76B02…)

I wonder if this place Jared’s doing ads for has noticed their business decreasing… I wouldn’t want my brand associated with a sex pest.

No. 1377289

>best dressed
>literally wearing the same unwashed pair of dumpy too large jeans all weekend

No. 1377306


They either A- don't know or B- don't care. As far as the internet is concerned these days, sinjared never happened and the entire drama was just a messy divorce with his bitter money sucking ex wife that tried to destroy him for cutting off her free cash flow.

No. 1377335

Except Heidi's the only one with a legit cash flow these days. Jared's trying (and mostly failing) to ride his past achievements and Hoebag is too busy reliving her past as a victim of cancel culture to ever restore her livelihood.

No. 1377349


nta but all three seem to have their own legit cash flow. Jared's got his streams and sponsorships, and both Holly and Heidi have merch shops and kofi/patreon pages that get a decent amount of cash from their respective fans. Heidi might be doing better off but that's not saying Jared/Holly aren't still able to get their own living.

No. 1377354

>Her online store's Twitter has more followers (9,926) than Holly's (3,721) lol
Amazing what you can do when you market a specific aesthetic and brand instead of just "whatever Holly felt like doing at the time".

No. 1377359


tbf though, Heidi occasionally hosts giveaways where one of the rules for entry is to follow her store's twitter. One was literally this month. Follower count doesn't always mean sales, and Heidi probably got a boost in followers from people who aren't interested in buying anything and just wanted free stuff and then forgot about it after following.

No. 1378167

i dunno man, the dude's pretty active on twitch and when you join the chat is somewhat active and gives donations. the man found his audience and sticks with it with his head mostly low, but i wouldnt be surprised to find out he still makes good bank

No. 1378301

File: 1638213140471.jpeg (171.8 KB, 827x893, D67BAC9C-BC94-4AFA-B2CF-4012F6…)

It still cracks me up how much this Australian chick looks so similar to Heidi. If Jared could fly over there without Holly knowing, he probably would.

No. 1378697

File: 1638251966181.png (439.11 KB, 584x591, 2021-11-30_00h57_33.png)

Look at all these people, popular names in the TTRPG sphere, who are 100% okay with gaming with a known abuse enabler and abuser apologist.

No. 1378705

So is Holly looking for another "abuse victim" to fuck?

No. 1378709

Fuck if I know. Between Jared and Adam Koebel she's more of the "defending the abuser" type than anything else.

No. 1379077

Gary Gygax's son? Really??? How disappointing.

Of course not! She's Jaredsexual, remember?

No. 1379170


If anything, this is just evidence of how detached he is from any semblance of reality.


If you look at Ross's Twitter page, it's full of collabs with his girlfriend. Jared's twitter shows zero indication that he's even in a relationship. This is pretty much exactly what I expected several years in. Him ignoring Holly except for the occasional breadcrumbs he throws out to avoid getting kicked out, all the while chasing hot/vulnerable gamer girls in an attempt to get validation from as many people as possible.

Also, considering how he views himself as a fashion savant, he probably also thinks he's in the same league as these female streamers. When in reality, he's so lucky to have Holly take care of him.(sage )

No. 1379710

Luke Gygax is a lolcow on a couple of fronts. First, his constant dustups with his brother Ernest Gary Jr. are kek, and then there’s his involvement in this lolsuit: https://buffalonews.com/business/local/salacious-accusations-prompt-servotronics-to-put-ceo-on-leave/article_d42774ee-ced5-11eb-b2f8-7382d0ef7194.html

No. 1380459


can u take pity of a europe fag and tell me what the lawsuit is about? it's region locked

No. 1380487

I think you meant: https://www.geeknative.com/73131/second-gygax-will-brings-the-family-to-court-as-a-dd-legacy-battle-brews/
>Gary Gygax, the co-creator of D&D, has a legacy that’s touched us all. It hasn’t been straightforward for his family, though. One of his sons has just filed a second Will from his father, bringing the family to court.
>In 2016, Luke and Ernie Gygax, two of Gary’s three sons, withdrew their support of the Gygax Magazine after a trademark dispute, and it had to close. In other words; someone else objected to the use of the name Gygax.
>Gary Gygax’s “other Will” may replace the one Gail has been using to date. There’s a legal battle brewing for control of the Gygax legacy.

>Kenneth D. Trbovich sexually harassed employees and used his company expense account to pay for trips with women
>Trbovich forced male employees to visit brothels and strip clubs and “engage” with prostitutes while on business trips
>Trbovich forced Pirrone to attend a pagan “bonding ceremony” between Trbovich and a woman during a business trip
…It has nothing to do with Luke Gygax.

No. 1380538

Gygax was on the board and supported Trbovich
Trbovich threw a lot of company money into Gygax projects

No. 1382244


I always thought the funniest was that he's lusting after an australian chick when Hoebag's ex-husband that she left for him was also australian. Coincidence, but a funny one.

No. 1382744

File: 1638482022958.jpeg (233.38 KB, 827x1174, 13CC23E7-083B-48CE-B622-9A7B59…)

Sure you do Holly, which is why you’re always posting stuff in your IG stories about how you’re perpetually a victim.

No. 1382946

>"what I want and not what other people want"
Honey, you were doing that already when you were trying to break Jared and Heidi up to have that wormdick all to yourself.

No. 1382973

>"Just being stable enough to not care if people don't like me"

Is that why she went after TWC back in January? Because telling someone to essentially shut their blog down because they aren't kissing your ass doesn't sound like someone who "doesn't care if people like me"

No. 1382974


this also gives vibes of someone who thinks that if they say they're happy enough times, that they'll actually BE happy - not that they already are.

No. 1383116

File: 1638501583247.jpeg (174.33 KB, 827x1190, D82365D5-4CFE-4B4E-B3FA-8C7A4E…)

Ah yes, this sounds exactly like someone who doesn’t care about what people think anymore.

No. 1383117


She really pulled the "I've moved on! I don't care!" card and waited less than 24 hours to revictimize herself, didn't she?

No. 1383159

Is the "too many followers" thing a dig at Keem? Because he was on your side, ho.

No. 1383212

More likely at Heidi

No. 1383234


nah it just feels like another attempt at trying to gaslight the entire internet into thinking that Heidi is the one who struck first, not Jared with his faux "I care about my ex's mental health, we're divorcing and it's amicable" bullshit.

No. 1383237


I mean, Heidi did strike first. Jared might've spoke up first to play it off like it was mutual, but if he wanted to attack Heidi first he would've brought up the whole "Heidi was fucking a ton of dudes" accusation right at the start, not wait until Heidi spent 2+ days wrecking him to make a "followup announcement".

No. 1383360

Heidi isn't a stranger.

No. 1383529

Y'all do realize that this is a statement from someone else so it's not gonna be tailored to her specific 'situation' right?

No. 1383811


Agreed. This just seems like one of those 'We live in a Society' type quotes that people post all the time, hence why it's incredibly vague.

No. 1383996


Yes, but when does Holly not make everything about her?

No. 1384029


Isn't that any content creator though? And given this is a thing she personally experienced, it makes sense she'd want to say what she feels about something she experienced first-hand.

No. 1384588


lmao, who let the Hoebag sympathizers in here?

No. 1384657


It's an open forum, anon. Nobody is required to agree with you.

No. 1384911

Hoebag doesn't get to "woe is me" when she's the one who put herself in the front row seat to the drama within less than six minutes of Jared's initial announcement with the "I'm here if you need me" tweet.

No. 1385048


It’s an open forum but SOM and his buddies sure love to come in and try to reduce the shit talking for whatever Jared is giving him in return. Maybe fucking his wife for example.

No. 1385075

Absolutely, but that doesn't mean H&J constantly need at least one person being devil's advocate for them, every time the thread is active

No. 1385082

it’s also always so fucking boring
the nerve of Holly complaining about people’s followers stalking anyone, given SOM and that other dude who will necro months-old Tweets demanding to debate people

No. 1385141

So the whole time she was living with and married to Ross she felt unsafe? Bull.

No. 1385214

This just confuses me altogether. Is she saying that in 24 years, it's pedodick that made her finally feel safe? it's really something to hear her say she finally feels safe for the first time in the middle of a global pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people are dying.

No. 1385308


Anxiety does some shit to you. You can be in the safest place in the world but still feel like you're in some type of danger. Doesn't excuse what she did but it would explain it.

No. 1386001

File: 1638751001761.png (66.82 KB, 594x624, ghdcujvhg.PNG)

"bad situations"

No. 1386017

She can't go one post without dropping the "MY MOMMY WAS ABUSIVE!" pony, can she? We get it, Hoebag, but a lot of people's mom's were abusive. We don't all fuck other women's husbands and stomp our feet when they won't let us fuck them freely because of it, though.

No. 1386018

>"having a supportive and kind partner"

Yeah, Heidi thought he was supportive and kind too. Look how that worked out…

No. 1386081


Considering the alternative was Heidi still being stuck in a miserable marriage with Jared, I'd say Holly did Heidi a huge favor by convincing Jared to divorce her.

No. 1386842

"bad situations">>1386001

that's certainly one way of saying "left my husband and moved across the country chasing after someone else", yikes(sage)

No. 1388028


"Supportive and kind partner"

Righttttttttt, because when I think of Ross, those two things are the furthest from my mind???

No. 1388205

Because you know what kind of partner someone is based on their public persona?

No. 1388207


Exactly. Nobody knew what kind of people Jared and Holly were until they got called out, who's to say Ross isn't also a trash human behind the scenes and he just hasn't been outed for it yet?

No. 1388312


>"Ross isn't also a trash human behind the scenes and he just hasn't been outed for it yet?"

With all of the people who've worked with Ross and some of the big names in the industry that he has worked with, SOMEONE would have surely spilled the beans by now. As it is, the only one trying to say Ross was bad are the Hoebag defenders - even Holly and Jared point out that he was allegedly supportive of them.

No. 1388316

This depends on all the rest of those people not being shit.

After all, none of them had anything all that bad to say about Hoelly or Worm.

No. 1388321

If you think Hoebag and the PedoWorm had nearly as many fans or industry contacts as Ross, you're mistaken. Also, look at Hoebag's history of supporting Dirtbags - That's all she apparently likes to surround herself with IMO

No. 1388323

…She supported Ross, so that isn't much of a dunk.

And if you think any of them are good people, you might be interested in a bridge.

No. 1388335


Wow, one nice person! I mean, let's forget that she supported a dude who forced a sexual assault survivor to relive her trauma in front of a live audience - She supported someone nice! /s

No. 1388346

Which is more likely anon, that she supported 'one nice person' and that happened to be Ross, or that Ross, like most people who seek out fame like that, is also kinda shitty?

No. 1388360


Yes, what reason could someone who has been proven to have lied several times - including to her legal husband - have to lie about said husband being shitty? Could it be to justify her adulterous relationship?

Nah, he must secretly be a horrible, abusive, shitty dude - and Hoebag is within her rights to have lied to him while fucking a different married man!

Please. Spare me the Hoebag defense.

No. 1388371


>If you think Hoebag and the PedoWorm had nearly as many fans or industry contacts as Ross, you're mistaken

That's actually part of the problem, anon. Holly & Jared had way smaller audiences than Ross, so it didn't take much for them to get on everyone's shit list once their actions were exposed. Even if a group of people came forward with solid evidence of Ross being abusive/inappropriate with them/whatever they would be eviscerated by a much larger fanbase that's hard convinced that Ross can never do wrong. It's incredibly possible that Ross has been a shithead to alot of people but nobody's speaking up out of fear of retaliation from his fans.

No. 1388380

Lol - Not being a Ross simp is not a Hoebag defense. This isn't a forum for your simping.

No. 1389066


I noticed that Adam's ex bluejay is no longer interacting with Holly on twitter, which is weird since Holly and bluejay were really close. After bluejay came out against Adam, she and Holly seemed to just stop talking.

No. 1389070

I think that shouldn't be that surprising. Holly has a very "you're either with me or against me" mentality so I imagine it wasn't too difficult for her to stop interacting with bluejay online. They might still be friends and just not tweet at eachother anymore, but I have my doubts.

No. 1389168

Holly seems to have some animosity for costhots, sex workers or any traditionally attractive woman in her vicinity. I suspect they were only friends because they met before bluejay started posting nudes. She was probably glad to have a reason to cut her loose.You just KNOW Jared was looking at bluejay’s nudes on the regular with Holly still in the room.

No. 1389237

Holly definitely has self esteem issues, which obviously sucks, but hating on other women who just happen more attractive isn't doing anything for her. I don't think she's horribly ugly, it more that she doesn't take proper care of herself. I get her whole personality revolves around her being "not like most girls", but if she just took an extra step into presenting herself, she'd like much better.

It absolutely doesn't help that she's with a guy who pays little to no attention to her and would rather watch the pretty streamers instead. I used to think that maybe Jared was more present with her offline, but since he went to that dnd con ALONE and Holly made no mention that he's attending the con I'm starting to have my suspicions

No. 1389245


I wouldn't be - SadOldDouche's wife posted pictures on insta less than a couple of weeks ago of Jared and Hoebag joining the two of them at a get-together.

No. 1389279

"Supportive and KIND partner"…lol. To the anon who said "Ross is too powerful!" is such bullshit because Dan is way bigger and his sexpest garbage came out eventually. He's too popular to suffer repercussions, but if Ross was a dick, there'd be someone to out him. Everyone loves gossip and it spreads like wild fire. It's not really simping for Ross, it's that there's nothing to say he's a bad guy, so stop assuming because there's a possibility. Ross, as far as anyone knows, is just a guy who got cheated on by a scumbag person. We DO know Holly is trash.

And I love how insecure Holly is, complementing Jared, but knowing his sexual orientation is "poly-amorous" or whatever you call it. There's no way Jared doesn't prove to be fucking with her mental health.

1. He fucks other women. I believe most of Heidi's claims. Disagree, but Jared needs to fuck other women. I also believed anon who was sexting Jared last year.
2. Holly hates women prettier than her and Jared loves em.
3. Jared stone walls. Once again, Heidi reads texts and realized Jared treated Holly the same as her. I also believe this because it creates sympathy for Holly despite her slandering Heidi more than Jared had back during the peak of the drama.
4. Holly lost respect, her image, and most of her career.

Not saying she can't be doing better because of therapy and meds, but it definitely isn't Jared. Other than she "won" him from a prettier woman.

No. 1389346


>complementing Jared, but knowing his sexual orientation is "poly-amorous" or whatever you call it

This is based entirely off Heidi saying that's his orientation. Jared only persued two people to fuck, Holly and that one fan, two separate incidents which Heidi initially gave her blessing for. Jared continuing to fuck Holly on the side while regularly "breaking up" with Heidi (based on Heidi's texts to friends and her therapist) and ghosting the fan isn't him being polyamorous, it's changing his mind on who he wants to be with. Still fucked up on his part for not putting their breakup on paper (divorce) before banging Holly daily, but it sounds like Heidi is blaming polyamory for the split and not Jared being unhappy in their marriage enough to repeatedly tell her that he wants to break it off.

And no, networking with "pretty" youtubers/streamers isn't him trying to fuck them. He just has a network of content creators that's not exclusively a dude's club.

No. 1389370

You don’t blend in, Jared defender. Those are just the people he’s fucked and strung along that have come forward and self confirmed. We don’t know the real number. Let us not forget his sexting and trading nudes with fans including holly’s friends like scarlet moth. That is not monogamy and it’s gross.

No. 1389399

>"Jared only persued two people to fuck"

and the countless people who submitted nudes to SinJared and then came forward, detailing the graphic sext messages from Jared (or are we just back to pretending the sex pest wasn't a known sex pest?)

>"Heidi is blaming polyamory for the split"

Nah, I'm pretty sure Heidi was blaming PedoWorm's inability to keep his dick out of his coworker and random fans.

No. 1389467


Heidi knew about the nude blog, encouraged it, and even gave Jared high fives when his fans sent him pics. Heidi admitted to this herself. Just because she approved of him using his fans for nudes at first and then changed her mind doesn't remove the fact that she loved the idea too at first.

>Those are just the people he’s fucked and strung along that have come forward and self confirmed. We don’t know the real number.

You're assuming there's more. If there is, I'll change my mind. But you're judging him as fucking every woman he sees based on him fucking only two, which again, Heidi knew about and approved of originally.

No. 1389472

>and even gave Jared high fives when his fans sent him pics
Have you always been sarcasm-blind or is this a selective disorder?

No. 1389481

File: 1639111610052.png (125.44 KB, 917x1156, high5.png)


So she said at the time it's great, but then conveniently changed it to "oh no I actually hated it" when she could use it as ammo against her ex, now we're gonna rewrite history and say "she was sarcastic when she said that" to fit your narrative? If she wasn't okay with it back then she could have ignored questions about it, she made an active point of telling her tumblr followers she high fived Jared for getting nudes, and even when she blasted him on twitter she admitted she approved of it originally.

No. 1389492

I ask again, are you sarcasm-blind or is this a selective disorder?

No. 1389493

>"Doesn't remove the fact that she loved the idea too at first"

This gives off rapey vibes, my guy. People are allowed to say "Yeah, cool beans" and then see that their PedoWorm husband is losing control and say "Y'know what? Not so cool after all"

No. 1389495


Also, there's a big difference between "I'm okay with my husband getting nudes" and "I'm okay with him having sexually explicit conversations with those same people, except only the ones he finds attractive".

No. 1389497

Soooooo weird that these weak-ass but very specific arguments are being tossed around at the same time the Jared simp appears!
>Heidi loved that he sexted other women
>We have no proof Ross ISN’T a douchebag so he probably is too! Poor Holly….
Couldn’t be more obvious that you’re one of ProHoebag’s 3 collective friends.

No. 1389500


Except the only reason she stopped saying "cool beans" is because Jared filed for divorce and she knew she can't use it against him if she encouraging it with high fives. And saying "this sounds rapey" whenever someone on the internet disagrees with you isn't a good look, anon. It's just deflecting because you're mad at someone for not giving you the validation you want by mindlessly agreeing with you.

No. 1389503

The question on the Tumblr is more about the "Send Nudes" joke than Sinjared. This is why the question is "are you bothered IF people do actually send him nudes".

In that context, the "high five" reply? It is a joke. A thing for comedy.

>Except the only reason she stopped saying "cool beans" is because Jared filed for divorce

Wow NOW who's making shit up wholecloth?

No. 1389505


>"And saying "this sounds rapey" whenever someone on the internet disagrees with you isn't a good look, anon"

Neither is essentially saying that because Heidi consented/condoned something at one point in the past, she can't revoke consent and change her mind later - and yet here we are.

No. 1389508


Again, convenient this is now "just a joke" when it would make Heidi look bad if she wasn't okay with it. And if you read Heidi's reply again, she said Jared shows her the nudes. This isn't an "if they send nudes", she knew they were.

No. 1389510


I can't get over the way you're pretty much (somehow) holding Heidi responsible for the abuse of power that was the nude blog and not the grown man who was both sending and receiving nudes from his fans which is a gross abuse of power, regardless of if his then-wife approved or not. And yet we're supposed to think you're NOT a PJ stan making their weekly "gotta defend the sex pest" rounds.

No. 1389512

It's called "reading comprehension". Q was a hypothetical. A was a joke.
Why would the reply openly admit to it when a mere hypothetical was posed, and why would it be framed in such a comedic manner?

No. 1389521


Nobody said Jared's not at fault. I'm saying Heidi was a part of it too.


>"He shows them to me and we high five about it"

Not "if he did I would high five about it" it's her saying he was actually showing them to her. I think you're the one lacking reading comprehension here, anon.

No. 1389532

You're way too literal-minded. Can you even function in normal society?

No. 1389556


>I don't have a counter argument so I'm just gonna deflect to an accusation that the other person is mentally deficient and can't function in society so I feel better about myself.

-An anon that headcanons a statement into a "joke" because it doesn't fit their version of reality

No. 1390134


>Even if a group of people came forward with solid evidence of Ross being abusive/inappropriate with them/whatever they would be eviscerated by a much larger fanbase that's hard convinced that Ross can never do wrong.

Holy shit! Ross actually was abusive? That's a pretty BIG deal! You better show us this evidence right now Anon!

No. 1390183


You sound disturbingly upset at the mere idea that Ross MIGHT have done something not cool. It's okay if your fave isn't the perfect uwu angel you imagine him to be, anon.

No. 1390233

I dont think anyone is thinking or implying that Ross is an 'uwu angel'. The world isnt either 'perfect angel never done a bad thing ever' or 'abuser shit person' Several people bigger than Ross is or especially was have gotten fairly 'big' call out posts but Ross hasnt (Arin, Danny, Jon, Markiplier, jacksepticeye etc) so the claim that people are 'scared' to come out about it is also not a sound argument. Maybe he's just a normal guy who stays in his own lane for good and bad? Unsurprisingly the world isnt black and white as to say that he's either an angel or an abuser, There is an in-between.

Pulling shit out of your ass because Holly of all people implied that Jared is better is delusional.

No. 1390312


This started with >>1388207 saying it was possible for Ross to have done something wrong maybe and everyone losing their shit over that vague suggestion, don't get me started on how hard this thread simps over poor Ross suffering because of an equally vague suggestion of Holly being abusive. I find it hard to believe anyone in here wouldn't literally shit themselves if it turned out Ross did anything even slightly "bad".

>Pulling shit out of your ass because Holly of all people implied that Jared is better is delusional.

This entire thread is anons pulling shit out of their asses because they imagined really hard that Jared or Holly are up to something, I guess we're all delusional in here.


And you didn't catch my sarcasm in reply. But since you can't make an actual argument and can only post grade school insults to give you the false sense of "I win", I can only assume you are literally a spoiled child. It's no wonder you can't comprehend adult conversations where someone might disagree with you.

No. 1390348

Watch out guys, the guy who thinks Heidi was high-fiving Jared over every single nude all the way up to the day he served her the divorce papers THINKS you have some headcanon going on!

No. 1390370

File: 1639226831166.png (185.56 KB, 1030x1068, iapprovedonthatbasis.png)


Except she admitted that she was aware of the nudes at the time the blog was happening and approved of it initially, so you can drop the "it was a hypothetical question she was just joking about actually knowing about it" excuse. She just dropped the high five bit on twitter because she was putting her ex on blast at that point so of course she's not gonna admit to the part that looks bad on her end.

No. 1390467

Heidi has admitted fault. She's not innocent in this and definitely tried being the "cool girlfriend." She's no saint, but Holly is beyond the pale pathetic and wants to pretend like she was. She acts like a victim, vilified Heidi and does fake apologies such as "I did nothing wrong, except if you think so I might as well apologize! I'm sorry!!!"

Jared fucking used a body positivity blog to jack off to pretty girls. He manipulated his wife and fans because his intent was for sexual gratification. It was more naive during the tumblr days because of the teens that flocked there. Jared would fish for pretty girls then get a nude from a girl that he wasn't attracted to and say "good job." Jared is a sex pest. He is outed. There is proof. He sure as hell has a pattern of manipulating fans and that doesn't usually disappear when it's sex related with accusations.

And stop acting like Ross could have been abusive without a single shred of evidence. That's why anons have a problem. You can't just throw out a theory without evidence. >>1390233 Anon is describing it perfectly, but you're too low IQ to understand the argument. No accusations, no proof, no indication of him doing anything wrong means you don't pretend like there's some dark secret floating there to make Holly seem like a better person.

No. 1390536

Differen anon.
Thing is, im 100% behind the theory that ross has some skeleton in his closet too, but with no proof imma keep my mouth shut.
Anom defending jared, if you have hard proof just share it. We're all bored and you clearly like the attention, be the hero we all know you can be lol

No. 1390635


Actually I was just telling Anon to show evidence or stfu

No. 1390761


ntayrt but tbf, we don't have actual evidence of Jared currently fucking fans again/trying to fuck other youtube creators or that he & Holly are miserable in their relationship. We just have a theory based on J/H's relationship being more private(let's be real here, after it was made into a spectacle I don't blame them) and Jared fucking one fan while he & Heidi were still poly. Pushing a theory based on possibly misinterpreted evidence & acting like it's true isn't that much better than someone posting a vague hypothetical of Ross maybe being a jerk to somebody & we never heard about it.

No. 1390834


Nah, even if it's thin there is at least evidence for this. Jared liking other women's Twitter posts while ignoring Holly, Jared going to conventions without Holly, Jared doing game streams with other attractive female streamers without Holly, the other anon who came forward saying they were sexting him after the drama ended, etc.

There is no evidence whatsoever about Ross being abusive to Holly. Not even a shred.

The evidence we have actually seems to point to Holly being the abusive one - Ross's post on Twitter about being emotionally abused, Heidi's recollection of Holly saying she knows about abuse because she used to be abusive, Holly's suicide baiting on Twitter when she couldn't be with Jared right after she moved to Washington, Holly suicide baiting after the drama broke, Holly saying her friends helped her become a better person when she was still in LA (before she left and never talked to any of them again). It's clear Holly has inherited some maladaptive behaviors from her childhood that involve projecting her own mistakes onto other people. If the only evidence that Ross is abusive is coming from her, then I would take it with a massive heap of salt.

No. 1390877


>Jared liking other women's Twitter posts while ignoring Holly,

They live together, don't they? Just because he's not talking to her on Twitter doesn't mean he's not talking to her in private. He talks to her during his Twitch streams on the reg, BTW.

>Jared going to conventions without Holly,

They're not Siamese twins, anon, they can do things separately from each other sometimes. Maybe Holly had her own obligations we don't know about so she stayed home?

>Jared doing game streams with other attractive female streamers without Holly,

He does streams with a lot of other gamers. There are women streaming games that are in his immediate social network, are you saying he should just stream with the dudes and/or have a strict "no hot chicks" policy?

>the other anon who came forward saying they were sexting him after the drama ended, etc.

With no evidence, funny that.

My point is we're taking these thin reasonings of something maybe going down with Jared and Holly and declaring them as facts when there are other explanations. We're not in their lives, the bits and pieces we see will never give us the full picture. Yes there could be something happening, but it would be just as likely that we're looking so hard for proof that we're seeing problems that don't actually exist.

No. 1390927

saw the thread was active, wondered if there was milk but nah. Just sad old fag doing the bait thing and retards falling for it. The As an intellectual, I am so above it all thing is pretty cute though. Like it's fucking lolcow, cry moar about being called retarded.

Are you new? This is how things go here usually, it's not special to this thread. And it's all tinfoil, no-one is saying hard facts.

No. 1390947


You can post tinfoil, others can disagree with you. Cry moar about your echo chamber getting disrupted.

No. 1391014


I personally think the "over the anger limit" Twitter account is Heidi's alt. All of the posts there are shittalking Jared while kissing Heidi's ass, it also uses a bunny as a profile pic, the main animal Heidi draws and has a dedicated section of her shop for bunny merch. The account used the bunny pic before Heidi was ever posting bunny art, so it's not like anger limit started using the pic because of that.

This is just tin foil, though. I'm not saying hard facts.

No. 1391102


Who let SadOldSimp in here again?

No. 1391140


>They live together, don't they? Just because he's not talking to her on Twitter doesn't mean he's not talking to her in private.

If you look at Jared's twitter page, you wouldn't know he even had a girlfriend he was living with. If you go to Ross's Twitter page, you can see him including his girlfriend in his life - even though they live together and she's not a streamer. No one is saying he can't stream with women, but when he EXCLUSIVELY streams with attractive women and leaves his girlfriend out of the streams, it seems like a red flag. Ross streams with hot girls but also guys and always includes his girlfriend.

>Jared going to conventions without Holly

Sure, this could be the case, but given that Jared has a history of coming up with excuses for why he needs to go to conversions alone (so he could sleep with fans or Holly) while Heidi stayed home, it's not out of the realm of possibility he's doing the exact same thing to Holly.

>With no evidence, funny that.

Their 'evidence' was sharing their experience, which very much aligned with previous actions by Jared. Your 'evidence' of Ross being abusive is "well we haven't seen anything to say he's not". Don't equate the two.

>My point is we're taking these thin reasonings of something maybe going down with Jared and Holly and declaring them as facts when there are other explanations. We're not in their lives, the bits and pieces we see will never give us the full picture.

That's the whole point of these threads. Literally no one is saying any of this is fact. It's all speculation, but it's speculation built upon evidence.

No. 1391216

Damn, that twitter is deranged. I don't know what is sadder, a delusional stan publicly obsessing over a 2 year old drama or Heidi slowly losing her mind and making this alt. I don't know what to hope for, i guess the first one but it'd be incredibly creepy for heidi to have such a simp like that and not having blocked it already… Mmmh….

No. 1391269


>Their 'evidence' was sharing their experience, which very much aligned with previous actions by Jared. Your 'evidence' of Ross being abusive is "well we haven't seen anything to say he's not". Don't equate the two

tbf the anon @ >>1390877 didn't equate anything to Ross, they just said there was no hard evidence of sexting, like a screenshot or something.

No. 1391472


I wouldn't be surprised if 'overtheangerlimit' was just a sockpuppet of Ingram Vermillion, considering they're' usually the only one who responds to them.

No. 1391489


I doubt it's actually Heidi. Their tweets seem a lot more like bait; always nasty towards Jared, while almost always putting Heidi's @ right in there - directing any/all anger directly towards her.

>"…not having blocked it already…"

Is there a way to find out if one user has blocked another on Twitter?

No. 1391501

File: 1639363384831.png (54.76 KB, 598x460, angerlimit.png)


I see, Heidi must be one of those "0 followers"

No. 1391595


That doesn't explain why the account has a bunny as a pfp. That's a very specific animal to use, the exact specific animal she's regularly drawing and making merch of. It would be one thing if they used it after Heidi started drawing them, but they've been using that same pic since the account started, way before Heidi was making that art. Could be an unlikely coincidence, but it's just enough of a matchup to make we wonder.


I doubt she would tell people to follow her secret Jared bashing Twitter account, it's not that surprising it doesn't have followers.

No. 1391599

She started posting bunny art in Sept 2020 after saying she's liked bunnies for years. She even cosplayed one of those bunny dolls for Halloween 2020. Angerlimit was created in Dec 2020.

You can't follow someone who blocked you but she still could've muted the account if she's seen it.

No. 1391625


ntayrt but I don't find it hard to believe Heidi got on a bunny kick in Sept, decided to start the angerlimit account three months later, and used the bunny pic because she had bunny on the brain. Not saying it is her, but this happened not long after she was getting called out for still talking shit about Jared on main.

No. 1391651


At the beginning of the drama, there was an account that popped up defending Heidi, kept getting suspended & kept creating new accounts that were often named variations of 'sword/shied of Heidi' (Probably from Pokemon Sword+Shield I'm guessing)

No. 1391792


That account gave up on that once the drama died, though. Seems weird for them to suddenly reappear with a totally different name scheme and different M.O. for tweets. And like >>1391625 pointed out this is right after people were asking Heidi to chill out with tearing into Jared every few weeks.

No. 1391828

If it was actually Heidi, she'd have no reason to follow her own account and tag herself. The writing style is different, too. Seems more likely it's one of the pro Heidi tumblr bloggers making some alt.

No. 1391882


I wouldn’t put it past them either. Seems like another basement dweller with nothing else better to do than try to stir stuff up so that they can defend Hored.

No. 1392048


>she'd have no reason to follow her own account and tag herself

If Heidi made that account, she probably would've deactivated it after seeing that it receives 0 support & only riles up the usual reply-guy(s) in Jared's fanbase.

The only reason I can see anyone making a sockpuppet account like this is to farm responses/DMs from 'haters' that you plan to show your followers when you feel like throwing a pity-party or something. While I've seen Heidi quote-tweet someone giving her shit, I've never seen her post screencaps of other people talking shit about her or of any mean-spirited DMs she's received.

No. 1392172


>If Heidi made that account, she probably would've deactivated it after seeing that it receives 0 support & only riles up the usual reply-guy(s) in Jared's fanbase.

So you're saying Heidi would make a dedicated Jared bashing account if it got her more attention?

No. 1392273

File: 1639441004993.jpeg (194.04 KB, 827x1247, 01DEDA3D-58DB-4CB3-A068-2DF5F6…)

Well, she is dating Jared.

No. 1392294

she needs to get over this already.. I've been messed with by narcs too but she's really going overboard keeping this up for years on end. Heidi and even Jared seem to have moved on by now.

No. 1392305


Heidi's codependency was what attracted Jared too, iirc

No. 1392431


Holly really does live rent free in your heads, doesn't she? It takes a special kind of creeper to continue hate follow all of someone's socials nearly 3 years since the milk dried up on them just to complain about everything they post. You're just as bad at letting the drama go as Holly is.

No. 1392493

i mean, yeah, why would anyone come to lolcow otherwise lol

No. 1392841


Are you new here anon?

No. 1393080

It's actually maybe a good thing she's with Jared. Their separate flavors of narcissism balance each other out, and this way there are two fewer narcs in the dating pool for everyone else. Toxic people ending up with each other is the best outcome in these cases.

No. 1393243


Been here long enough to see you're more obsessed with this than that Ingram dipshit.

No. 1393302


Can’t argue with that.

No. 1393557


Honestly, this. If Hoelly can keep ProDick from resuming his predatory sex pest ways, then she can say she’s finally contributed something positive to society.

No. 1394380

You think they aint poly? How can one be truly woke and lgbt if not by rejecting the abusive and oppressive shackles of monogamy

No. 1395085


Didn't Holly say she wanted to be exclusively with Jared? That's why she bailed on Ross and got Jared to leave Heidi.

No. 1395434


Right but Jared's sexual identity is being polygamous; Holly denying that would be horribly bigoted and abusive, just like it was when Heidi did

No. 1395972


That's what's funny, Heidi was all on board for being poly until Holly and Jared went on that walk without telling her. All they had to do was take a second to tell Heidi "Hey we're going out for a bit don't worry we're not fucking without your say so" and they could have still had their happy poly arrangement with Heidi and there never would have been any drama to start because the trust would have still been between them. Holly/Jared decided to fuck up the good thing they had.

No. 1395976

Except for the part where Holly decided she wanted to be exclusive with Jared.

No. 1396108


Ding ding. Heidi was down for Poly in the sense that Jared only romantically loved her and had purely sexual flings flings others. I can't blame her for shutting it down when one of the people Jared is hooking up with is calling him crying every night that she is in love with him and wants to be with him instead of her own husband

No. 1396365


But in the texts with Heidi, Holly/Heidi were regularly discussing the poly relationship with each other. Holly was all in for the poly stuff, but she was an idiot for not clearing it with Ross first. Holly totally wanted in on that poly action with Heidi's blessing, but she handled it like chicken shit.

No. 1398350

File: 1640073946838.jpg (311.92 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20211221-030422_Twi…)

How often do you bet her and Jared email WotC begging for DCA to return?

No. 1398717


Probably every week. WoTC would be wise to keep Jared at arm’s length.

No. 1398954

Wonder if she's extra-salty today because the new season of Nate and Anna's show is premiering.

No. 1405304

File: 1640909192863.jpeg (176.86 KB, 827x737, 9DEDF3BE-901B-4304-B32E-7CE95A…)

Did that Disney money finally dry up?

No. 1405355

didn't she get her whole flock of chickens the past couple years? It can't have been that hard financially

No. 1405436

Pets don't cost much, source: all the poor people with 8 dogs

No. 1405512


This is… actually kinda positive? "I had problems but now I'm doing better and I'm gonna focus on my content" isn't a bad message imo. Late progress is still progress.

No. 1405782


Yeah, she’s a major bird hoarder, so no wonder she’s been having some financial struggles. Sounds like whatever it is that her and Jared actually do isn’t that lucrative.

No. 1405892


Bird hoarder would mean she can't take care of them. Whatever financial struggle she had she's obviously meeting all the needs for them.

No. 1406269


She literally hoards birds SOM. No matter what positive spin your brown nosing Hored’s ass tries to put on it. How much do they pay you for your internet white knighting again?

No. 1406638


Funny how you need to deflect to "this must be SOM getting paid to disagree" instead of actually making your own point. Cope harder, anon, SOM isn't the only one who's noticed how obsessively delusional you are to follow Holly looking for reasons to be mad. She's clearly taking care of her birds, being a bird hoarder would mean she's taking in more birds weekly or letting them breed constantly and she wouldn't have the means to care for them all. As much as you screech "bird hoarder" it's not the case.

No. 1406705


>"Remember what happened to me in 2019 guys!"

No. 1406715


SOM is the big bad boogyman to these anons. Anyone that even slightly disagrees with them must be SOM whiteknighting. They're projecting their own obsession with Holly onto SOM, also if they admit to more than one person making a valid counterargument they might have to admit to the possibility of being wrong.

No. 1406734

this is really what it is. I swear she's said this exact same thing every New Year since 2019.

No. 1406885


imo som is the perfect scapegoat in this thread. since he knows j&h personally the anons here can blame him trying to gain some social points with them (tho why would he need that if he's already besties with them?) every time someone points out where they're wrong or how they're acting like obsessive stalkers so they never have to think about how much of an obsessed hate boner they still have 3 years after the actual milk dried up.

No. 1411985

File: 1641662715228.jpg (141.34 KB, 720x666, Screenshot_20220108-172139_Twi…)

Projared fanart coming through at least this artist didn't try and make him look super hot

No. 1412023


No. 1412630

I dunno, they definitely downplayed his increasingly receding hairline.

No. 1438232

File: 1644362130190.jpeg (172.77 KB, 827x1116, E7BAB8D0-93EB-4D47-AAF2-293C98…)

But Jared, both you and Hoelly literally do this, lmao.

No. 1438496


Holly more so. Maybe he's trying to suggest something here…

No. 1439940

File: 1644522645913.jpg (80.23 KB, 720x712, Screenshot_20220131-164117_Ins…)


He's been posting quite a bit of this junk to his stories lately sometimes I think Hoelly hijacks his account or He's seriously soaking up her brand of crazy.

No. 1458532

File: 1646495294819.jpg (201.57 KB, 971x748, Screenshot_20220305-104707_Twi…)

Did we miss something? Or just her typical whining

No. 1458639

It's been years and she STILL hasn't accepted she killed her career. Wow…her post is actually pretty pathetic. Even lolcow has forgotten about you, girl. There's no coming back from what happened. She should get off of twitter and get a real job and move the hell on, but we all know that'll never happen.

No. 1462585

Yeah everyone has largely moved on. Her WOTC show got cancelled but her sexpest boyfriend isn't even banned from WOTC events (he attended an MTG tourney a few months ago) and her own shop got a shoutout in Dragon Magazine a while back and she's still invited to participate in Acquisitions Inc live shows.
Best I can figure she just can't get over not having everyone adore her.

No. 1467989


I'm still of the belief that someone very particular who meant a lot to her must've cut ties after 'the drama' & she hasn't gotten over it.

No. 1468732

File: 1647360093903.jpg (1.06 MB, 960x1952, Screenshot_20220315-115848_Twi…)

Exciting news for fans of annoying, screeching, not-as-unique-as-they-think-they-are DnD characters everywhere

No. 1468805

Heidi was her best friend and now they're enemies. She'll never accept that she couldn't just fuck her best friend's husband with no consequences. She also lost her entire Grump "family"

No. 1468823

Sorry nonnas but I followed the drama initially and I still don't understand why ppl hate her? Like Projared is a nasty scrote I could never stand to even watch a video with his ugly mug in it but what did she do that was bad other than enter an open relationship and then feel stuck with the dirty scrote guy and then crack under the pressure of being brigaded against on the internet? Not trying to WK but tbh am I missing something? She should just accept that her career is over cause of it and go away tho

No. 1468868

It's not an open relationship when the woman married to the scrote doesn't agree to her specifically being the side piece. Fucking your friend's husband when you know she doesn't want that is a trash person move. Like it's not hard.

No. 1468895

Mistresses are never popular, especially ones who take their best friend's husband. Heidi was either a libfem idiot or had extremely low self esteem for not walking early on, but that doesn't make Holly any better.

No. 1469034


People hate her for more than just being a creeper's side piece (even though sticking with and defending his gross ass is enough for me). You forgot to mention she also cheated on her very beloved ex-husband, she is a scammer, abuser, animal hoarder, etc. … just read the last 20+ threads? Lmao

No. 1469266

File: 1647387731269.png (99.75 KB, 589x741, 2022-03-15_19h42_00.png)

I went looking and it turns out, a tiny handful of people left mean comments in her recent YouTube uploads, and she got very upset about it.

That's it. YouTube comments.

No. 1469292

I somehow missed they were best friends and that Holly's previous husband wasn't aware. Now it makes sense. Even if Heidi gave the go ahead…it's like uhhhh..no

No. 1469551


>"Even lolcow has forgotten about you, girl."

>Anon continues coming back and posting to a previously unbumped thread everyone "forgot about"


>"Yeah everyone has largely moved on."

>Has been keeping tabs on a person everyone moved on from and can name everything of even minor significance happening to her

Keep letting her live rent free in your heads, anons.(infighting)

No. 1469765

As opposed to you?

No. 1472329


Basically she stepped in & made the situation 10x worse by drawing even more attention to it.

No. 1485835

File: 1648555468036.jpg (744.66 KB, 971x2044, Screenshot_20220329-080050_Twi…)

"My partner" gag

Looked at her Twitter for the first time in a hot minute; just ads for her ugly ass brand and her simping for Jared. Jared's Twitter is the same it always has been- him being a reply girl to sexy usually streamers and not giving off even a hint of a vibe that he is in a relationship. And why would he? How prejudice of us to not accept his sexuality of adulterer

No. 1487582


I don't think he likes showing off his relationships, seeing as he prefers 'secrecy'. Whenever he brought up Heidi, or now, Holly, he seems to do so blandly & reluctantly.

No. 1487593

When he was together with Heidi he showed her off on social media all the time. He'd post pictures of her, talk about what they did together, tag her in photos and have her on his streams, etc. He seems to pretty much not interact with Holly on twitter at all.

No. 1487600


…Maybe he considers Holly to be bad luck? lol

No. 1488859

Showing off his beautiful cosplaying wife was good for business. Reminding people of his mistress turned girlfriend is not.

No. 1489667


I mean to be fair, publicly bashing his beautiful cosplaying wife was also good for business.

No. 1503115

Gamer scrotes love having a reason to degrade conventionally attractive women. The same type that they could never get with.


Saging for necromancy and the absolute dry teat of this cow, but the year this went down was so fucking milky. I even made new threads which I never do. Anon, it's hard to let go. I only came back here to check if there's anything interesting and of course it's dead. It was a good milkening while it happened.

I like Heidi's shop style a lot so I follow her and purchase a thing or two every now and again. I haven't found one tweet mentioning the drama and her personal tweets are about her cats. I'm really surprised to see that Holly is still posting about this stuff. I forgot all about Jared and Holly even though I see Heidi's posts all the time. Holly just needs to delete negative posts and ignore them. She never learned that her most hated attribute is how much she loves to play victim. Sure, the show was cancelled and she doesn't have access to mainstream D&D, but she has other channels, a small fan base and sells merch for a niche audience that will most likely be loyal. She has her own home and a "partner" that still gets plenty of monetization.

No. 1508586

File: 1650613803512.png (633.49 KB, 950x656, prosser.png)

there was a "D&D Direct" in the style of Nintendo directs about upcoming D&D shit recently. Anna Prosser (the other cheater from the game Jared and Holly were in) was hosting it. I bet Holly was beyond pissed

No. 1508950


Honest question: Why didn't Anna and Nate get the same amount of fire that Holly did? Everyone was going at her long before she came back from her "mental retreat" to openly defend herself/Jared and attack Heidi, so at the start all we knew was she was "the other woman". Not saying she shouldn't have been called out at all(she should be), I just think it's weird that when all we knew was that all of them cheated on their respective spouses, only half of them were put on blast while the others got a shrug and no consequence.

No. 1509712


Anna & Nate didn't respond by going on the offense like Holly did.

No. 1510025

Yeah, and also Nate was never openly solliciting his fanbase for nudes, and Anna never had her friends run "truth blogs" to try and warp the narrative.

I wish Jared still caught the most fire because he's the absolute grossest of them all but sadly he's not the one still bringing up the drama for pity points every other month.

No. 1510390

Neither one of them has ever openly solicited fans for nudes either

No. 1519255

File: 1651665002717.jpg (87.4 KB, 611x611, 275600879_727652615308441_2841…)

Christ this tattoo is nasty. Wonder if it kills Jareds boner

No. 1519330

what body part even is this? why are the chickens standing on two skinny curlicue dicks

No. 1519353

Fairly sure it's her chest (you can see her neck folds at the top), and if it is, this is placed horribly off center.

No. 1519399

File: 1651679119387.jpeg (578.34 KB, 827x2363, 2A8F85B1-68C1-4F6E-9721-3FA807…)

It is her chest. She got this 2 months ago

No. 1519548

insane how she can be thin, yet have fat girl neck folds and jowls. terrible genetics

No. 1519672

File: 1651697154501.jpg (25.22 KB, 150x182, jowlline.jpg)


All 3 of them have that, anon. They're all near 40 years old, so it's not surprising they're all showing signs of aging at this point in their lives.

No. 1522285

40 is the new 80 on lolcow apparently. plenty of women don't have any lines in their 30s and 40s especially if they wear sunscreen.

it's still unusual how busted Holly looks for her age.

No. 1523465

I know this thread is incredibly one sided and the last anon's comment that Heidi & Holly wear too much makeup was cringe, but now mods are deleting posts that say they don't like either? Damn y'all really keeping the tight grip on the narrative around here. How many other posts were deleted because they're not huffing Heidi's farts? But I guess this post is going to get deleted too since I don't like either one, I'm just here to see Holly's side of the constant trainwreck.

No. 1524370

So is she done with pigeons and not marketing herself as the chicken lady?

No. 1525449

File: 1652240677052.jpeg (104.04 KB, 827x1238, 9AE020DF-A39A-402A-91C5-6BCB27…)

If I had to see this, so does everyone else. Ew.

No. 1525653

at least he had the decency to place some distracting toothpaste splatter-style filter on the picture so we have something else to look at

No. 1525689


Amazing Reviewbrah cosplay

No. 1525697

No. 1525874

kek he looks like those tumblr wannabe doms who swing around their belts and move their hands around weirdly

No. 1525917

Anon staaahp, I'm still trying to get those accursed Tumblr dom gifs out of my head

No. 1525987

oh gross you just know that's EXACTLY what he does.

No. 1526623


I'd let him(sage your shit)

No. 1526636


Say what?

No. 1526656

File: 1652360274690.jpg (220.17 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20220512-083338_Twi…)

The men she associates with are fucking laughable; Jesus christ, BOOGIE?!? She is so hellbent on being NLOG that she saddles up to dudes who use fame to fuck cosplay fangirls, role-play the rape of a coworker live, and now Boogie? Yikes

No. 1526677

Lmao haven’t other female creators told him to fuck off because he tends to be overly familiar with them and act like they’re bffs even though they’ve only had briefs interactions at most? Guess Holly the creep protector need to protect him from all the other eViL women because he’s just ~misunderstood~

No. 1526699

Look at how deranged her profile pic and history looks. Are we really surprised?

No. 1538198

File: 1653379312990.jpg (249.57 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20220524-034812_Twi…)

Another year of Holly doing the most for Jared's birthday and him doing the bare minimum. Dude couldn't even be bothered to even LIKE her post thanking him for her ugly ass cake

Seriously. Dude has the accounts of a single man, clearly he wants potential teenage girls to think he is free

My theory is that he excuses his lack of interest in her as "trauma" from Heidi, so anytime some boyfriend responsibility comes up he can skirt it and scroll through cosplay porn instead

No. 1557776


I sure as hell wouldn’t put it past him. He’ll never learn, since he never had to take any accountability for fucking fans and taking advantage of his fanbase.

No. 1557784

File: 1654993041672.jpeg (148.91 KB, 827x708, DE73188E-8D2C-456D-B3D8-CB9676…)

I mean, the scandal has been what, over two years ago by now? And she’s still crying about being cancelled or people being mean to her? If she was truly cancelled we wouldn’t hear from her or her rat turd boyfriend ever again.

No. 1557996


She's talking about herself.
I think she knew she was in deep shit the moment that she & Jared got into each other's pants, (Jared didn't care, but she obviously did) so she just stuck with him for the sake of not going through the fallout alone.

No. 1558309

File: 1655054116879.jpg (437.52 KB, 1920x1080, StonePhoenixWeddingFlyerProgra…)


she might be referring to the Jamison Stone and Satine Phoenix drama, since that's the current "scandal" and they have a mockable appearance.

there's no tl;dr, but this guy's collecting receipts: https://twitter.com/RobertGReeve/status/1534581626272890880

>Two leading figures in the tabletop industry wanted tattoos from an artist who did work for Post Malone.

>They berated him over a disagreement about the contract: “Be happy I am not punishing you for your lack of experience”

>In another instance, Jamison Stone put a writer he hired for his $300,000 tabletop RPG Kickstarter on a blacklist, simply because she asked for clarification on a late invoice.

>Cosplay models @Bunny_Bii and @snowyspidey are preparing videos about their experience with Jamison Stone. They describe a “cult” in addition to unpaid convention costs.

>Mass resignations from @GildingLight, Satine Phoenix's “Los Angeles Studio for Collaborative Art,” a network of community of streaming shows.

No. 1558457

Of COURSE she's going to go "don't cancel them uwu", jesus christ, both these people are awful and were holding a lot of clout, they SHOULD be chased out of prominent spots in our hobby, not just "unfollow them", god dammit Holly you still refuse to grow or learn.

No. 1558647

File: 1655077567552.jpg (141.92 KB, 1080x821, 45589053_360082854767373_30057…)

>don't cancel my friends uwu

No. 1561187

File: 1655274330620.jpg (804.16 KB, 971x2937, Screenshot_20220615-022506_Twi…)

Will forever entertain me that she acts more like a victim than Jared when he (deservedly) had it way worse than her

No. 1561982


>Holly you still refuse to grow or learn.

Can't teach an old ho new tricks!

No. 1565700

Not surprised Jared relates to a scrote addict who abused his much more attractive, less famous wife into submission until she snapped. Did you like the messages where he talks about murdering her, burning, and raping her corpse Jared? You sick fuck.

No. 1565720

File: 1655650800224.jpg (16.03 KB, 481x126, holly.JPG)

They are still trying to play victim to this day. Their fans talking in the comments saying its good to always have receipts. Clearly they think this is some proof for them and think they won or something.(namefagging)

No. 1565741

Oh wow that's a photo just full of terrible people

No. 1565919

actually 3 years ago. Most people, including me, forgot this drama even happened for a while. These people need to move on with their lives already.

No. 1566018

File: 1655668066201.jpeg (42.2 KB, 320x313, 842C2110-31D7-40BB-B96C-468E06…)

Where’s the scrotes that got mad at Heidi for being so “obsessed” about this ancient drama??? Look who’s still butthurt and yakking 3 YEARS later.

No. 1566128

File: 1655674950493.jpeg (627.42 KB, 1125x1402, 80351D51-5E10-43E6-8A7F-B3663D…)

You just know Jared is malding over this joke.

No. 1566157

Wait, when did Holly become full vegan? I always thought she was an annoying ass vegetarian and nothing more?


No. 1566186

It's probably vegan specifically so that it doesn't use eggs from chickens that Holly didn't raise herself. Factory-farmed chickens and meat is pretty awful, but indoor chickens is also too far in my opinion. It's livestock. Give it sunlight, room to run around, natural food, dispatch it quickly, and don't torture it before you eat it.

No. 1566280

matt couldn't last 22 seconds against 'dad' but i know for a fact he could beat the absolute fuck out of jared

No. 1566504


IMO if anyone should be able to still talk about that 3 years later it's Heidi. Considering Jared & Holly to this day still encourage their obsessed fanbase to harass Heidi, twist the narrative so she's the abusive evil one, and try to ruin her career as an independent store owner…Heidi still goes through shit because of what Jared/Holly did 3 years ago but everyone tells her to suck it up and move on no matter what her ex still does to her.

No. 1566684

I'm still laughing at this absolute kek

No. 1567068


Of course the replies are full of Hored simps trying to convince everyone how Jared is 1000% innocent and "everything is that slut Heidi's fault". Funny they keep telling everyone to move on while they spend every day searching for posts about Hored so they can fill the replies with proven lies, but since Hored said "this is reality" they jump right in to spreading whatever lies they're saying.

No. 1567540

File: 1655798104403.jpg (796.09 KB, 971x2440, WhatDidIMiss.jpg)

Pleaseseee tell me someone caught whatever tantrum she threw over Matt's tweet before she deleted it

No. 1567544

File: 1655798656748.jpg (316.59 KB, 1080x1837, PoorHolly&Jared.jpg)


How dare a friend who was there to comfort the man you cheated on and left have a negative opinion of you or your sex pest boytoy, Holly. After all you did for him!!!!!!

No. 1567605

this bitch is absolutely insane, i can't believe she's still going on about this shit. bless you nonnies who are keeping an eye on her. she may not give milk like she used to but it's still delicious.

No. 1568235

If she wasn't such a shitty person I'd almost feel bad for her.
Imagine voluntarily ruining the only friendships you have, declaring your "TRUE LOVE, OWNING THE HATERS" all over the internet, burning all bridges and trashing your entire public image to simp for Earthworm Jim. Then 2 years later, you just get an ugly cake with emoji fingers and baby talk on it, and no public mention from the wormdick. Bleak.

No. 1568238

It's hilarious that MATT WATSON is making her this mad. A joke tweet. She's such a cow.

No. 1568252

When and where have you seen this? We need to get this stuff reported

No. 1568269


Like you're not one of the people harassing her, som. Go back to your heidiofans blog and kick up another hate mob to jump on Heidi's every move, we know that's what you're thinking of doing.

No. 1568343


Came to check his page for the first time in ages, saw this, and was 100% not surprised he's supporting Johnny Depp. Both abusive man children who pretend to be 'soft, sensitive' boys and do a lot of virtue signaling and DARVO. Maybe someday we'll live in a society where people can see through this kind of BS.

No. 1568397


Apparently a few people told Jared to unblock Matt and now Holly's crying harassment as if 1: her and Jared don't send harassment at people themselves all the fucking time and 2: Jared's gonna see that small handful of "unblock Matt" tweets over the hundreds of tweets he gets kissing the ground he walks on. Maybe if she and Jared stopped sending hate at people they don't like while crying about getting hate someone outside of the striath groupies would take her seriously. MAYBE.

No. 1568451


I love the implication that we don't know what that group of friends did to her…

Like yes holly, your ex's friends chose him over you and probably weren't happy with you when he told them that you were sexting a married man, telling him you wish you were together, and moving across the country to harass him into leaving his wife for you. SHOCKING your old group didn't approve

No. 1568503


Equally unsuprised Holly supports him too. Her whole thing now seems to be being the protector of gross sex-pest abusers. A whole new level of pick me when you constantly go out of your way to simp for creeps but hey, it gets her male attention soooo who can blame her, amiright, ladies?

No. 1568795

She’s acting like Matt didn’t rip on ProJared all the time BEFORE she fucked him, too. Not everything is about you, Holly.

No. 1568954

File: 1655919788576.png (145.87 KB, 1204x620, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 10.4…)

I'm over here thinking this was 2 years ago but it was ACTUALLY 3, kek. I can't believe Holly is still reeing and pretending to be the victim over 3 years later.

Never forget, lol

No. 1568957

MEGA KEK. Heidi was keeping it professional with this one because I would have mentioned Holly's retarded eyebrows lmfao.

No. 1568982

Heidi was too nice with this one. Glad she knows not to bring it up 3 years later unlike others. Kek

No. 1569052

Insecurity is a core part of her brand, as evidenced by the stupid cake:

No. 1569172

Heidi actually had to take a Twitter break recently because the harassment from Hored stans got to be too much for her and it got too stressful for her. Too bad Hored are terminally online and can't find it in them to take a permanent Twitter break.

No. 1569223

I can't find where she said this, where are you getting that information?

No. 1569255

Heidi posted an entire tweet thread about it a week or so ago. I forget the exact wording but she mentioned at one point dealing with harassment for the past few years. It didn't mention Jared or Holly by name but if you know about the divorce drama it's not hard to make a connection to who was doing the harassing. It was deleted later that night, not sure why other than trying to preserve some dignity and probably tired of being compared to Holly tweeting sad shit for attention.

No. 1569257

File: 1655943705135.png (21.38 KB, 597x124, Break.PNG)

So different from this one that was about a week ago and talks about a break? Sucks nobody thought to archive it, she probably took it down because of their stans harassing her more.

No. 1569326

File: 1655951094477.png (127.41 KB, 1080x465, Screenshot_20220622-222349_Twi…)

I wonder if she finally caught Jared cheating on her

No. 1569340

This dropping while the thread was getting active? That's beautiful timing, I wonder if it really is that.

No. 1569352

Holly saying she's taking a break from twitter not only exactly when the thread gets active, but right when we're talking about Heidi taking a break from twitter due to harassment? Not a coincidence, Holly's copying Heidi to the letter! Only difference is only one of them is actually getting harassed, the other starts drama and calls the drama she herself called "harassment".

No. 1569353

Boy, wouldn't that be rich. You lose them how you get them.

No. 1569398

I don't think this is true at all. I'm pretty sure she was talking about stress from her shop and making enough money to survive. She just said she didn't have enough time to think about dating or doing anything besides working. I got the impression her shop may have been struggling or something.

No. 1569500

ntayrt but >>1569255 said the tweet referring to harassment was deleted. There hasn't been a need to archive Heidi's tweets because she's trying to move on from the drama, so maybe nobody got the screenshot before it was gone?

Jared and Holly have a pretty large group of people dedicated to going out of the way to pushing the "Heidi is an abusive slut" to anyone that even breathes Jared or Holly's names, even making alts to get around being blocked by people that don't want to hear it, maybe they're using those alts to privately message harassment at Heidi? Sage for tinfoil but when you think about how rabidly obsessed the Jared/Holly/Striath fans are, it wouldn't be surprising if they were sending hate to Heidi in private and pretending like it's not happening because it's not being publicly seen.

No. 1569664

she probably saw that this thread was active again and that is the "really fucking terrible" thing.

No. 1569665

File: 1655981118363.png (1.76 MB, 991x1903, Screenshot_20220623-063655~3.p…)

From Holly's Instagram

No. 1569669

File: 1655981487763.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20220623-063715~2.p…)

No. 1569706

So she lost her faith in humanity because… someone didnt want to fund her or is planning to do so at a later date? That's kind of a leap

No. 1569707


Goddddddd Holly why would you decide to get messy on Twitter so close to this important thing lmfao

QUEEN of self sabotage

No. 1569742

File: 1655992992331.jpg (54.14 KB, 1080x1920, ieXG5NLE0Q.jpg)

"5:44 am" ahahaha love that for her

No. 1569925

The animal pics for extra sympathy are just the icing on this pity party cake.

No. 1570059

Ryan Magee and Matt Watson have been having sex for a few months now. Ryan is deeply in the closet, Matt is about to come out.

No. 1570172

Why would we care?

No. 1570338

Since you apparently care about things matt has to say about Jared. He’s just trying to get in on the drama anyways. Supermega wishes their fans were as die hard as Jared’s are.

No. 1570340

No. 1570380

are you retarded?

No. 1570400

matt already tweeted about being some version of bi sometime around last pride month. it wouldn't surprise me if they were fucking though tbh

No. 1570419

Ah yes, nothing says "trying to get in on the drama" like waiting 3 years to make a solitary joke about PervJerd.

No. 1570441

I mean, "ProDick" is still a joke 3 years later, maybe he's not jumping in on the drama, but definitely jumping in on an easy joke.

No. 1570558

Definitelt take this to the youtuber thread or something. I would not be surprised as there is videos of Ryan hanging out with a Troon and holding its hand

No. 1570608

File: 1656066829398.jpg (67.73 KB, 750x557, squawk uwu squawk.jpg)

No. 1570642


Is Jared's fans' new tactic against the haters to just call them gay? Real classy folks

No. 1570756

File: 1656084527765.png (3.05 MB, 1057x1819, 123.png)

Who wore it better

No. 1570825

One would think an animal lover would avoid looking like Cruela De Vil.

No. 1571583

She's so weird looking, like if you only saw pictures of her face you'd think she was very overweight or perhaps an alcoholic.

No. 1572550

I agree she has an awkward looking face but how does that translate to "very overweight" or "alcoholic"? Are you getting that desperate to find new insults that you'll say anything regardless of whether or not it makes sense? Calling her ugly works just as well now as it did in 2019.

No. 1573694

File: 1656350041906.jpg (216.32 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_20220627-181025_Chr…)

Snagged from Kiwi Farms

No. 1573696

File: 1656350099864.jpg (132.55 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_20220627-181032_Chr…)

No. 1573698

File: 1656350122983.jpg (169.05 KB, 720x1069, Screenshot_20220627-181049_Chr…)

No. 1573703

Because of her overly puffy eyes and cheeks? I obviously wasn't alone in this thinking because it seemed like a lot of people wwre shocked seeing her in revealing photos to actually have a thinner body. When you have a fat face and thin body, I can't help but think either steroid medication or alcohol might be to blame. kek

No. 1573765

If this tweet picks up anywhere else on twitter beyond her followers she's going to get way more blowback than even she's used to. Many people are extremely invested in keeping kids away from this stuff right now and a lot of eyes are on these topics on social media.

No. 1573767

Her eyes are especially bad when you see her without filters. I always thought it was the mix of drugs, alcohol, and terrible sleep patterns

No. 1573872

Sorry nonnas, Holly looks like shit but I love big glasses, does anyone know where these are from?

No. 1573956

Damn anon, running out of aluminum foil?

No. 1574052

You saying the same guy publicly running a "body positivity" nude blog and didn't care if kids found it wouldn't think it's ok for people to run around nude in public without caring if kids see it?

No. 1574054

I'm saying that he doesn't need to jump onto someone else's account to "make it seem more acceptable", especially one which has a worse reputation than his

No. 1574085

If it's to save his own ass from the fire he knows he would get for saying that himself, yes he absolutely would take the opportunity of getting access to someone else's account to spit that "controversial but so brave hot take" he thinks he has. Especially if the account he gets access to has a running record for saying extremely dumb shit in the past, it's more likely going to be written off as another stupid thing she said instead of his actual thought. He gets to say whatever he wants and she's the one thrown under the bus for it.

No. 1574089

All right, anon, enjoy your fanfic I guess

No. 1574508

It's probably more likely that he has influenced her to become more degen over time. That isn't exactly uncommon for couples.

No. 1574547


My fellow anons, please, it's clearly because she found his side-peice's nudes on his phone

No. 1574762


I really wonder when her inner circle of overly nice people with codependent tendencies fighting for her will read books on narcissism and learn about flying monkeys. The irony of her having a witchy aesthetic and them being flying monkeys is also pretty apt. (Though she's also Jared's flying monkey. So there's a whole monkey chain. I guess she's kind of like the middle manager monkey?)

No. 1576448

File: 1656590147714.jpg (120.88 KB, 1080x1368, birthdaycake.jpg)

No. 1577088

She's still seething that she was the ugly mistress and got compared to a much more attractive woman.

No. 1577389

KEK Supermega added a dig at Prodick in their new video, who wants to bet they are going to have a shit fit about this too.
comes up at 9:04

No. 1577802


The fact that these two are rather close with Holly's ex & they do not let up definitely causes me to doubt whenever Holly and/or Jared insists that Holly's ex was 100% on-board & unbothered by the whole thing…

No. 1578019

Or they're just assholes knowing they have an easy target. Jared's known by the public at large as a sex-crazed predator, they can take as many cheap shots at him as they like and get no blowback for it. And if Jared (or Holly) do anything in response, that can also be turned into a joke for their benefit and their fans will eat it all up because pointless YouTuber drama is it's own entertainment these days.

No. 1578452

Poor ProPedo, it must be hard to be living with the consequences of his actions. Although if he really got what he deserved, he would be in prison for child pornography.

No. 1578540

Thanks for proving my point, anon.

No. 1578654

I am pretty sure Jared doesn't care. He is too busy fucking his new side piece.

No. 1579374

Between his face, personality,and past, who would actually want to fuck propeen? Even Holly seems to be losing interest in him, she almost never mentions him anymore unless he buys her a cake or does something that benefits her somehow. He doesn't even show up in her pics anymore, makes me wonder if they even live in the same house now.

No. 1579880


ProDick ain’t going anywhere, he’s taken up permanent residence in Hoelly’s basement and real estate is expensive in Seattle. I think there’s a lot of sunken cost fallacy going on here, it was so explosive and cost them so much when the drama happened, now they’re stuck with each other because they both lost a lot when they got together.

But wow, Hoelly really does a good job at self-sabatoging, doesn’t she? She’s about to announce some huge project, but then she can’t shut up on Twitter and then suddenly that opportunity flies away when the money backs out. Damn, she really does do all of this to herself.

No. 1581177


>>sunken cost fallacy

This 100%

No. 1581333

File: 1657063008621.png (529.26 KB, 1080x1073, mattwatson.png)

Love that Matt changed his entire Twitter profile to a ProDick dig, from the blue shirt clone to playing with a joystick and saying he's from the Mushroom Kingdom to reference Jared getting caught diddling his own mushroom joystick. You just know good ol' ProPeen is seething right now at being nothing more than a dick joke to everyone and he has nobody to blame but himself for that!

No. 1581397

I think it's more a parody of angry video game reviewers in general? The banner logo and the first line of the bio are both references to James Rolfe's Angry Video Game Nerd.

Oh yeah. With the alimony he still has to pay Heidi there's no way he could have a game room and a streaming rig in the PNW on just his Youtube/Twitch earnings now without little miss frumpy heiress's money and already-purchased house.

No. 1582114


Serves him right to still be paying her. He forced her out of their shared home for her own safety with no money or way of earning money until the divorce was final and they forced him to pay alimony. Heidi still suffers financially because he left her in a negative financial situation and expected her to just deal with it and she's been scrambling to get her store off the ground ever since. He's probably legally required to pay her alimony for a few more years because he purposely tried to financially ruin her and the court realized what an abusive dick he is.

No. 1582273

Lol, she had a business, she had to ramp it up to support herself, but she didn't have "no money"

No. 1583225

Guaranteed prodick tried weaseling out of paying alimony by lying and saying Heidi tried to ruin his career when in reality it was the other way around. He did a lot to stop her from earning money, including sending his drooling simps to go mass report Heidi's store and ebay page. Probably still tries to weasel his way out of paying alimony to this day with his darvo shit.

No. 1598430

File: 1658874255067.png (2.5 MB, 828x1792, 61EA88FC-20C8-4B88-B866-F56D50…)

Holly kicked ProDick out of the basement?

No. 1598431

File: 1658874300327.png (2.56 MB, 828x1792, 8F4A3A80-892E-4B6F-A227-008216…)

No. 1598612

File: 1658886820161.png (208.88 KB, 1080x954, somreddit.png)

Also SOM is trying to get full and unstoppable control of the original subreddit of Jared. I can guarantee Jared ordered him to make sure nobody could get the truth out by making sure his fuckbuddies control the narrative.

No. 1598937


>I cannot remove him, he is above me

Wow, som, a little power hungry, aren't we? Imagine being this guy crying to Reddit admins because he can't be in charge of all things Jared. And his cheap excuse for it is "the real mod said mean things about my bff!" Pathetic.

No. 1599040

File: 1658928256549.jpg (661.86 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_20220727-091418_Twi…)

Please be true?

There's no reason he would move out besides a breakup, unless he just got an office space for his set (sick of the cat and bird pee maybe?)

He just yesterday retweeted an ad for her store which I interpreted as him trying to get his Sugar mommy more money for his toys but now I wonder if this is the beginning of a "we broke up but still are friends ha ha :)" announcement, heck they both are experts on those by now

If it's true I WISH Heidi was still messy on Twitter, would kiiiilllll to see her reaction. Shocking that a relationship founded on a now-ended DnD game and adultery wasn't endgame

No. 1599322


>If it's true I WISH Heidi was still messy on Twitter, would kiiiilllll to see her reaction

Honestly hope Heidi does go off on the two of them. With the amount of lies and harassment Hored sent at her and manipulating fans to spread more lies and hate to her (looking right at the SOM/HOF/Ingram trio of harassment campaigners), it would be wonderful justice to have Heidi finally get a little validation for standing up for herself by divorcing him.

No. 1599652

Whoa, is shit about to go down but they want to be sure to have as much control over the narrative as possible?

No. 1599685


Prodick's been doing that from the start. Remember how his divorce announcement was full of lies saying the divorce was a mutual decision and how much he cared about Heidi's wellbeing? And how once Heidi came forward to tell us that no, she had to divorce him because he abused her, Jared tried to flip it to "nah, she abused me, believe me, I'm the youtube man!" He's been trying to keep the story in his favor the entire time, and uses his fans as ammo to control the narrative and look like he's not really getting involved.

No. 1600873


Just waiting now for Holly's inevitable meltdown.

No. 1601027

If it actually happened, I hope Heidi just pulls a Ross & says "Please don't bring up my ex & the past drama involving him. I've since moved on & am in a better place now."

She's better off staying removed from this situation, just in case he come crawling in for a 'round 2'.

No. 1601090

File: 1659074084111.jpg (376.52 KB, 1114x901, hoelly's little boy cosplay.jp…)

Either they are splitting or he's getting a seperate place for affair reasons. Holly shaving part of her head and dressing like a fuckboy is getting me. Of course shes responding to fans flirting with her to cope.

No. 1601093

Huh, I guess the Striath part of the relationship is over and dead with so she got rid of that ratty nest of matted black hair.

No. 1601501


Wait, isn't Geraldo SOM's girlfriend? Did they also break up over Jared's bullshit? I mean, with how much SOM is bending over backwards to do Jared's bidding so much that he's neglecting Geraldo, I don't blame her for wanting SOM gone. Though it's funny for her to leave SOM for Holly of all people.

No. 1601528


>>black hair

Oh, I just realized that too.
Lighter hair always seemed to suit her better, tbf.
I know people here like to give her shit, but she's much better off without him in her life, tbh. She may have welcomed the destruction that he caused with open arms, but she can always wash her hands of him. That's the one good thing about being the 'side-piece' over the spouse, imo.

No. 1604685

File: 1659392829797.jpeg (609.85 KB, 828x1447, C7F9D9FB-5189-4C47-81CD-4B1AE2…)

Jared’s recent stories are filled with moving boxes, a new AC unit, and him in an apartment complex? Meanwhile Holly’s friend ippiki tagged her on IG and no Jared in sight. SOM was there, though.

No. 1604812

KEK Jared looks like a bitter divorced dad who had to get a studio apartment and constantly bitches about the alimony he has to pay for thinking with his dick

No. 1605055

File: 1659444215794.jpg (88.02 KB, 720x924, Screenshot_20220802-132429_Ins…)

No. 1605056

File: 1659444239095.jpg (152.79 KB, 720x848, Screenshot_20220802-132443_Ins…)

No. 1605090

Still looking like an anorexic dyke with shitty fashion sense

No. 1605093

He used a soap opera camera filter on this and still looks horrible.

No. 1605110

Oh my god what a fucking loser lmao, how pathetic.

No. 1605116


Imagine being so narcissistic you start your birthday celebratory posts a month out. Yikes.

His tags will never fail to Crack me up, like are you an established internet personality or some 15 year old promoting there music? Nobody is finding you in the men's fashion tag for Christ's sake

Dudes like shit she kicked me out I have to actually make an income now

No. 1605210

File: 1659458350806.jpg (224.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220802-123854_Ins…)

I think its real, they unfollowed eachother on Instagram

No. 1605212

File: 1659458377388.jpg (220.71 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220802-123913_Ins…)

No. 1605219

Hooray! Honestly, despite over Holly being a nutcase, i really hope she was the one who broke up with him and is going to heal. In this whole drama, both of them were in the wrong, but most of the blame still should go to ProJared, after all he is a cheating, porn sick idiot that convinced a pickmesha that she is "the one" for him, manipulating and lying both to her and Heidi. Holly should get off social media and get your shit together.I am sure there is a cure for women like her. Hopefully she will apologize both to her ex and Heidi and admit her wrongs.
He looks like a rat, and sounds like a coping incel.

No. 1605225

Finally. I'm happy for Holly having cut this scum out of her life. The worst thing she did was to shield this creep from the consequences of his actions during the drama. She housed him in her basement and financially supported him, attacked anyone who criticized him, and threw away a very promising dnd career for him.
I hope she realizes she did wayyyy too much to protect him by sacrificing her own life and learns to have healthier relationships in the future. Love yourself girl.

No. 1605231

Yep. Completely agree with you nonnies. A lot of us were incredibly hard on Holly because we knew what a disgusting, vile scrote Jared is and we were disappointed by how ridiculous her actions were during all of this. She always had way more potential and draw than him but she threw it away to be a pick me to a worm dick sex pest. She would have most likely found some sort of semi-prominent role in the DND scene without him, especially with COVID and how many new people began to play. I hope she can reflect on her poor choices and some day apologize to Heidi and other victims of Jared and grow from this.

He most likely used her up until she had nothing else left and probably peaced out at her lowest point. I doubt she dumped him, unfortunately.

No. 1605237

>The worst thing she did was to shield this creep from the consequences of his actions during the drama
It wasn't cheating on her husband with her friend's husband? Or encouraging her fans to draw porn of her and wormdicks dnd characters? Or being a total cunt to other cosplayers? Sorry just scrolling past but iirc she had a lot of dirt herself, it wasn't just proximity to Jared.

No. 1605238

It's happening! I'm still fully in the Holly sucks camp so this amazing. She deserves to get dumped by this pervert after chasing his ugly ass for so long

No. 1605244


He picked Holly because she she was entirely new to his little 'game' while Heidi wasn't & had already had enough of the bullshit a while before they divorced.
Hopefully he doesn't try to worm his way back into Holly's life/home/wallet later on…

>>She would have most likely found some sort of semi-prominent role in the DND scene without him

I definitely think that this is one of the reasons that he left.

No. 1605246

I hope she apologizes to the minors whom she betrayed for Jared. She will always be trash for that

No. 1605247


They're still following each other on Twitter though…

No. 1605252




>>He just yesterday retweeted an ad for her store

>>"we broke up but still are friends ha ha :)"

I guarantee they are going to be playing this angle for a while before one or both of them finally breaks down & spills everything.

No. 1605273

It will be interesting to see, because the "oh, we're going our separate ways but it's amicable and we're still friends!" approach is the same one Holly and Ross took when they announced their divorce. But of course we know now what actually happened and that things weren't as amicable as Holly wanted them to seem. If they truly have broken up, I wonder who's going to crack first.

No. 1605287

Holly is pretty dumb but I could totally see her trying to kiss Prodicks ass after he dumped her ass and him acting all friendly for now. I bet you the moment he finds a new girl Holly is going to flip shit. I've seen plenty of dudes use the ugly duck to break it off with their existing partner just to leave the rebound because "I need to find myself" more like I need to find new pussy.

I'm sure she also knows if she doesnt kiss his ass it's going to be an announcement that it's over so public humiliation telling Holly what a dumb bitch she is.

No. 1605291

She looks better in my opinion. Black hair is harsh on her pale skin and plain looks. Plus you do not have non-natural black hair with eyebrows like that.

No. 1605294

File: 1659466528209.png (626.34 KB, 750x1334, 0AE6C459-C736-43D0-88EB-3BA82C…)

No. 1605296


>>"Privacy for each party"

Looks like a certain someone caught him in the act, lol.

No. 1605300

File: 1659467036634.png (2.03 MB, 968x1609, holly.PNG)

Meanwhile, Holly's posting this

No. 1605302


Ah yes, the stonewalling. I remember when Heidi mentioned that.

No. 1605315

This is such shitty behavior and I would feel bad for any other woman dealing with this shit, but she was warned kek. You reap what you sow.

No. 1605321


>>"narcissistic behaviors"

The absolute SHADE! lmao!

No. 1605332

Imagine trading in your career and reputation to be on Twitter all day publicly defending this dude, only for him to subtly call you a narcissistic abuser in his likes a few years later. I almost feel bad for her, cause damn. Jared is a real piece of shit.

No. 1605381

so they're done?
hope it was all worth it lmao

No. 1605389

Bets on either one going to Heidi about how the other "lied to me"

No. 1605394

My money is on Holly doing this and I hope Heidi tells her to fuck off

No. 1605396


Nah. They're never gonna admit to being wrong about her.

No. 1605397


I don't think Holly will say anything, at least not right away. It's too embarrassing for her to admit she was THIS wrong

No. 1605448

Precisely, Holly is way too proud to admit she was wrong and also went way too hard publicly dragging Heidi and insisting she was a narcissistic abusive monster to ever try and walk all that back now. No way Heidi would even give her the time of day if she tried after everything Holly did to her either.

No. 1605483

Agree, Holly will probably be huffing copium about it forever. She's just someone who can't ever admit to being in the wrong, she's consistently been that way in every situation that has gone south for her. Unless whatever happened between her and Prodick motivated her to change in a big way and get actual help that isn't a hugbox, I don't see her ever owning up to either Heidi or her ex husband about anything she did wrong

No. 1605507


>Holly is way too proud to admit she was wrong and also went way too hard publicly dragging Heidi and insisting she was a narcissistic abusive monster

Waiting for her to do another non apology like what she did about calling Heidi unfixable. Hope Heidi calls her out on her bullshit again just like before since we all know Holly's currently surrounded by ass-kissers to agree with whatever she says.


> I bet you the moment he finds a new girl Holly is going to flip shit.

I don't know, anon, Holly didn't have a problem with Jared fucking fans and any female streamer giving him the time of day. He probably has her convinced that he needs other women fawning over him and his dick and it's abuse to deny him that. Holly's stupid enough to fall for it back then, I'm sure she just as stupid now.


Living for the idea that Jared causes any relationship in his radius to fail because of him. Not only his own, but also his resident bootlickers like SOM lose girlfriends over ProJackoff.

No. 1605528

I honestly can't wait for this shit to finally blow up, after holly tried to suicide bait ross during their marriage, sleep with a married man, defend his pedo disgusting ass, and projared being his waste of air moid self, these two really really deserved this. Toxic people don't change, their patterns just get more sneaky. I know we all wish heidi would say something but she'd honestly be smart to say nothing at all tbf, holly/projared stans are vile and she deserves better.

No. 1605562


tbf Jared stans blame everything going slightly wrong in Jared's pathetic life on Heidi, they're going to go apeshit on her once this gets out. I think Heidi should say her piece about it before Jared and his obsessive rabid fans use her silence about it as an excuse to twist everything to look like it's Heidi's fault and make it an excuse to harass her and the followers she has. They did it when she divorced Jared and they'll do it now too. Jared stans are unhinged and will stop at nothing to drag Heidi for anything involving their fave gamer boy.

No. 1605563


>> I think Heidi should say her piece about it

She doesn't have to say a damn thing. Hell, the less said from her end, the better.

No. 1605574

Heidi doesn't need to say shit. She is out living her life, running her shop, and seems to finally be making friends and doing cosplay stuff once again. She won just by not being with that ugly ass narrow shouldered worm dick scrote.

No. 1605581


You seem real determined to silence Heidi. Typical every time the thread has a nonsaged post, suddenly there's people bitching about how Heidi needs to shut her mouth and keep her head down while Jared gets away consequence free from his new round of shit. And we already know Jared will blame Heidi instead of admitting to doing anything wrong. But people like you want Heidi to be quiet like a good little ex wife while Jared, SOM, HOF, and all his other shiteaters convince Heidi's friends and followers that she's an evil manipulating bitch. And when she loses money because Jared's lies cause Heidi to lose sales in her shop, you'll sit there and say "Heidi's doing good by not saying anything". Sounds like you're learning how to silence people straight from Jared himself.

No. 1605586


It's simple. Jared is not her problem anymore.

No. 1605587

not those anons but I'm pretty sure they arent meaning it in a silencing kind of way but rather that it's her prerogative to say something or not, no one should 'expect' her to say or do anything, it's HER trauma and she deserves the agency to say something or not. And also that her saying something will probably result with her being harassed again by retards and she really doesn't deserve that.

No. 1605597

Yep, basically this. She doesn't benefit at all from saying anything. If anything his weird fanboys would accuse her of being obsessed and not moving on. They'd use it as further "proof" of her supposed abuse. The fact that she hasn't mentioned it in so long while Jared and Holly continued to implode, fail, and fall further into irrelavancy really says it all.

No. 1605612


Until Jared blames her for Holly not wanting him. Jared will make himself Heidi's problem, even though she's clearly trying to move on. Just look at all the past threads here where he blamed Heidi for losing fans, getting "harassed" (aka "called out"), and all the times he made up "abuse" Heidi allegedly did to him with no proof. How he went to some other Youtuber interview to blame Heidi for him taking advantage of fans for sex and nudes. Every time his fans ate it up and believed Heidi's silence was her admitting to it. He's blamed Heidi and sent harassment at her before, he'll do it again at the drop of a hat if it distracts everyone from his behavior, and uses her silence as an excuse to keep doing it and his fans will defend him and attack her to the end based on that. Past behavior is an indicator of future behavior, and this is just another part of his pattern.


It's such a pattern for Jared stans to jump in and say they want Heidi to shut up it's not surprising if it it happened now too.


The only reason we know what happened at all is because Heidi spoke up. Once Heidi stopped calling out Jared's behavior, he and his stans used that silence to change the story while saying Heidi needs to shut the fuck up. Now look at how many people are convinced Heidi lied. Jared has his fans start as many social media accounts to dedicate to bashing Heidi while knowing she's been silenced by people telling her to "just move on lol". You don't get to say "She doesn't benefit from saying anything" while knowing full well that Jared's fanbase revels in her keeping quiet so he can blame her for his problems.

No. 1605619

no doubt, it's def annoying hearing their asshole stans trying to silence her, but you gotta remember that it's her life and her choice, and to expect or force a comment out of her is really unfair. If she chooses to say something great! If not, leave her alone you know? Don't harass her for an answer.

No. 1605638


If Heidi chooses by her own free will to not comment, that's fine. But there's a difference between Heidi chosing to not comment and Jared's fans forcing her into silence so they can manipulate the facts to benefit Jared and then pointing at Heidi not speaking up and saying "She's not saying anything because she knows this is the truth". It's her choice in the end but I'm sick and tired of people demanding silence from Heidi while telling everyone she chose to be silent. It's not a choice to be silent if the choice was forced on her.

No. 1605641


She can't even win if she did speak up. Remember when Jared's stans accused her of "changing the story a million times!" & "Lying by omission!" when she tried to clarify a few things?

No. 1605656


So he's doing the EXACT same thing he did with Heidi?? They broke up and now he's going to pretend she never existed in the first place? AND he's throwing shade at her, hinting she's the one who with narcissistic and controlling behaviors ???

I can't even imagine what Holly must be thinking right now, after throwing away everything she had for him, because that's -exactly- what Heidi warned her and everyone else about.

What a way to find out you have a negative IQ. I hope she moves on and finds a few brain cells along the way.

No. 1605668


Diff anon but I remember when people were accusing Heidi of changing her story and all that, Heidi explained herself with facts to back it up. Jared/his fans were called out as liars because Heidi was still calling out the lies. It wasn't until people told her to stop talking about it that Jared fans really started pushing the "changed her story"/"lied by omission" bs, but since Heidi wasn't defending herself anymore, alot of people took her lack of speaking up against it as knowing it's a fact and not wanting to admit to it (even tho that's a load of shit). Not saying Heidi's required to say anything and I'm not gonna demand she does, but staying quiet might not be the best course of action, especially since Jared and/or his fans might take the opportunity to swing first and get control of the narrative before Heidi even knows what happened and loses the chance to speak the truth.

No. 1605687

Jared is irrelevant and his career is dead. He is another forgotten YouTuber who has nothing to show for himself other than a pile of plastic he'll have to sell to pay his rent eventually. He has a handful of weird orbiters left but when most people hear his name nowadays they still think he is a pedo or cheater. I'm pretty sure most of his old sycophants have moved on besides SoM who is desperately clinging to have any use to them still. Maybe I'm overly optimistic but I really doubt anyone is going to bother Heidi too much.

I am amused how most of his videos can't even crack 50k views and he averages like 300 viewers when he streams. He'll never see growth again.

No. 1605688


In regards to Heidi I don't think she will publicly speak out, or if she does it will be more like a vague "I guess Karma is real" thing. But personally, being selfish, I want her to pop the fuck off, ESPCIALLY when one or both of them crawl into her DMs, because I want the entertainment and Heidi always had such a way with words when she was angry with them lmao

Jared literally sucked Holly dry of her money, her career, her social life, her home. I almost feel bad for her in the sense that he absolutely manipulated the shit out of her, but she was all too willing to be led astray and to burn any bridges she could, not to mention accuse a woman of mental illnesses and evil because she…. was sad her husband cheated.

I think the reason for the breakup is boredom. Before they had this big DnD game they could fantasize with, plus all the excitement of sneaking around and having an affair. Then they had the phase where they could finally make it public and not hide anymore, plus ride the victim wave together. Now the scandal is way in the past, the DnD game is LONG dead and dead forever, and Jared's starting to realize he isn't a fan of the smell of bird piss

I bet she will never play as Strix again

Would kill to know how the finances worked. How do you just end a relationship with a guy after giving him everything you have? Fucking crazy, maybe he is done with alimony payments so he doesn't need her anymore

For Holly's sake I hope she goes on a redemption tour. The best thing she could do is publicly disavow Jared, apologize to his victims and her own, and step away from the internet. Pretending everything is okay and you're besties still is gonna kill her inside.

Who keeps SOM in the divorce? His wife is still tweeting Holly often, but his whole life is being a mod for Jared's socials/streams

SHOCKED that a relationship between someone who is very open about being asexual and with someone who is a porn sick sex pest didn't work out

So now he has caused two different women to pick up their lives and move to Seattle for no reason lmao

Him retweeting her store makes me think they still have some sort of financial arrangement, maybe he is demanding a cut because he "helped"

No. 1605690

>I am amused how most of his videos can't even crack 50k views
Seems to just be his recent "This day in the 90s" videos though.
The regular PervJerd content still breaks the 100K mark and beyond, sadly.

>SHOCKED that a relationship between someone who is very open about being asexual and with someone who is a porn sick sex pest didn't work out
Didn't Holly say something along the lines of her becoming "demisexual" or something through him?

No. 1605694

File: 1659503334141.png (57.17 KB, 902x805, jaredsocialblade.png)

Diff anon here, I agree 100% with this but still, he can do some damage with his weird misogynistic fans against Heidi.

I am not sure if I want Heidi to comment on this but either way, she won this war, and I am glad Holly has to deal with the consequences of her actions (even if she doesn't learn anything) and Jared is so isolated no one went to help him move.

Even if his videos break 100k views, his channel/stream is not a reliable source of income for him anymore. He has almost 900k subs but all his videos barely hit 60k views a day. Meaning that people are not watching his news videos PLUS people are not watching his older videos either. He's still losing subscribers and becoming more and more irrelevant by the day, thankfully.

No. 1605697

Yeah well Youtube isn't really a viable platform on its own anymore unless your subs are in the millions and your views are in the high six-figures and beyond… He probably makes way more money off his Twitch subs.

No. 1605698


>Who keeps SOM in the divorce? His wife is still tweeting Holly often, but his whole life is being a mod for Jared's socials/streams

Honestly looks like SOM and his wife also split, probably over this. Imagine being SOM getting so hooked on getting personal attention from a youtube personality that he'll leave his own wife for him. I hope it's worth it, dude, it's all you'll ever be known for.

No. 1605702

Maybe Heidi and Holly can get together now

How long till a new nude collection blog begins? Or maybe tiktok now since that's where the teens are, right jared?

No. 1605706

File: 1659504519322.png (49.74 KB, 1169x486, jaredtwitchstats.png)

Yeah, even if 1% of his followers subscribe to him he's probably making a few thousand per month.

On the other hand, he has been streaming constantly since August 2019, and his total followers is the same since August 2020. Basically 2 years of no growth whatsoever.

No. 1605715

According to Twitchstats, he has 348 subs.

He probably also makes something off Youtube sponsorships if he still gets those.

No. 1605740

You just know Holly is reading this thread right now STEAMING because Jared made it obvious what went down before they were able to make a joint announcement…. huh… sounds familiar

No. 1605773


A month out, when you're over the age of 30 at that. He is perpetually stuck in his horny teenage phase.

No. 1605775


Hoebag has a track record of being unable to keep her mouth shut for long. I mean, jesus christ, it's been 3+ YEARS and she's still screaming about how she was unfairly cancelled.

No. 1605790

File: 1659523438881.png (114.32 KB, 1080x443, Screenshot_20220803-062944.png)

Look who suddenly cares about their income and career again. The mental health guru returns.

No. 1605791


Ah, the return of the mental health guru who regularly melts down on twitter and then deletes said tweets when the mania passes.

No. 1605800


Man, I can't wait to see her loyal ass kissers agreeing with whatever bullshit she spews! Can't believe there's still people wanting to watch her streams for her "advice". They probably don't even know what she did because that's the only way she could get that much blind support as a fake mental health streamer.

No. 1605916


That's not fair, nonnie. What if someone needs advice for handling a breakup? She is pretty experienced

No. 1606131

and when heidi said this is EXACTLY what he did to her, holly denied it and said he communicated to her and heidi was just in denial and vERBaLLY AbuSiVE!!11

he hasn't changed, and holly was stupid enough to think she was different. i have zero sympathy for women who deny the experiences of other women.

worst part about all of this? Holly will still think her situation is different from Heidi's (if this is all true)

No. 1606160

File: 1659556157491.jpg (378.81 KB, 1080x2195, Screenshot_20220803-154913_Chr…)

This man is spiraling

No. 1606166

jesus christ what's wrong with him

No. 1606179

WTF are those creepy fucking eyes. I've always thought he has something legit wrong with him. An issue with dissociation or he's just not all there because I've never seen someone with such an empty, dead eyed stare in every single photo they take.

No. 1606182

what I wouldn't give to go through life with the self confidence and delusion of an ugly skinny man

No. 1606188


He hasn't announced his breakup with Holly…so when did allll these girls show up in his DMs? Is he admitting he was cheating on her the entire time they were together?

No. 1606198

iirc, they've always been semi-open? i mean holly couldn't dare demand monogamy after the big stink they made with heidi. even though it's clear holly's self esteem could never handle that.

which I can only assume is why jared is subliking these tweets >>1605294 , she wanted more alone time/attention, and he couldn't handle that.

No. 1606218

See this is why it makes me sad to see women think they're genuinely the most unlovable ghoul in the world because they have cellulite and an ethnic nose. Like are you seeing this? This genetic deadend scrote can post shit like this with 0 shame and 0 consequences

No. 1606245

God, I was sure that this was fake and someone just posting bait, but it's not. The dude has no shame. Also you are going to be 36 years old. You shouldn't be looking for girls or talking to girls.

The only women contacting him are probably mentally ill fans so he clearly hasn't learned his lesson. Can't wait until someone tricks him and leaks his DMs again.

No. 1606251

Maybe the guy who's still not recovered from being outed as a sex pest should avoid these kinds of creeper posts? He really can't help himself…

He's 36 now (born 1985). He's about to turn 37.
I just hope the inevitable mid-life crisis is entertaining for us to behold.

No. 1606264

Holly and Jared just re-followed each other on Instagram, probably to stave off this speculation. Yesterday he was at 36 followers and today it's 37. They both appear as the top (most recent) follower for the other respectively.

No. 1606274


"See? We're still very good friends! It's just an amicable split! Just like before!"

No. 1606295


the knee jerk reactions to this thread crack me up, it comes across as an obvious bid to deny the theories here, but it just ends up confirming what a lot of us here already think

No. 1606336



Jared is annoyed and is trying to post troll shit to trigger us and Holly is screaming and shitting and crying over the phone asking him to follow her on insta

I hope those e girls (not women) are able to comfort him from all the abuse he has suffered:(((( that's the new angle, right? Liking shit about abusers and stuff. Dude is just inspired by Depp, being a male victim is so in right now

No. 1606348

Fucking just going to post this. Being a white male accused by an oppressed group is soooooooooooo traumatic. Imagine the world not thinking you're amazing for a short amount of time. Imagine being held responsible for being an abusive drunk junkie. Yeah Amber Heard was far from the perfect victim and engaged too much to get a lot of empathy from me, but Johnny Moid dated a woman half his age and abused the shit out of her. She may have reciprocated but he sure as hell played his part. Jared is way worse, but his fans ate it up on the same premise. Women/minors were sexually exploited and Jared suffer monetary damage. Oh no! Poor Jared. He lost money. Of course his simps relate to that. They want to live in their coddled bubble where they'll never understand how walking alone too late at night meant you deserved to get raped, tortured and murdered.

I'll never forget when Heidi, a normal human being, said she had a bit empathy for Holly because reading texts between them, she knew he was doing the same gaslighting and manipulation he did to her.

Blonde hair, mental health mondays. Is her DnD romance larp finally lost it's appeal? It was never real. Do I root for Holly. Meh. But whatever she did was never as bad as Pedo jared.

No. 1606423

He gets that e-girls are typically those who are half his age or younger, right? This is not helping with the pedo accusations from his days of the body positivity blog.

No. 1606426

The whole liking-unliking spiel is Holly's MO; She was doing it in the early days of the drama over on twitter when someone would say something vaguely mean, only to refollow them a day or two later when she felt they had adequately grovelled.

No. 1606474


Ew, WTF is wrong with him?? egirls are way too young for him and no one’s going to want his hair thinning, sex pest ass.

After all has been said and done, I do feel bad for Holly since she got duped by him. Some of the shit that he did to Heidi, it’s not a shocker that he did the same to her.

It does crack me up that SoM’s thirst for ProDick’s efame has seemingly caused his marriage to fail as well. It’s what he deserves.

No. 1606512

heidi also mentioned that prior to the drama breaking holly followed/unfollowed her repeatedly.

i don't think it's for the same reasons this time though, i think as much as they've grown to hate each other (esp jared hating holly) they both still hate heidi and the "haters" (aka people who hold them, especially jared, accountable) more. still stuck in the 'us against the world' mentality, because even post break up they're all the other has.

was the SOM guac divorce confirmed?

No. 1606526

Where did the SOM divorce rumor even come from? Both SOM and his wife are in the group pic with Holly from last week. As funny as it would be if they broke up at the same time as Jared/Holly, I highly doubt it's true.

No. 1606527

>was the SOM guac divorce confirmed?
Doubtful, they seem to still be interacting with one another on Twitter on the regular. I think people are just reading too much into it.

Remember, as much as they think they're the besterest friends ever with Hored, they're ultimately just goons to them.
So they won't be privy to all the mayhem behind the scenes, they'll get fed the same "amicable breakup" nonsense as everyone else'll eventually get.

No. 1606651

I don't agree with you on the Amber Heard shit, 25 year olds are not children and I am sick of the infantilization of women as well as people acting like they cannot be abusers. Amber has a pattern of abusing others; Tasya,her sister, Kate James, and even Elon musk had a black eye while with her. She lied through her teeth the whole time, even just putting both her depositions side by side shows she is the shitiest liar at that. It says everything that her main defense is "Everyone is lying except me" and her evidence can't prove he beat her with rings on but had hours of her admitting being abusive and being emotionally abusive.

I've also noticed a lot of Holly simping in the thread. It's crazy how well that " I'm just a smol birb" bullshit wins people over and makes them forget that she is an extreme pick me twat who felt the need to destroy 2 marriages and then put all the blame on the woman she and worm dick decided to abuse together. She is just as bad as Jared, I can almost guarantee you that Jared isn't nearly as obsessed with Heidi as Holly is, given how many of those shady "narcissim is__" posts are from her and her deciding to be the one to have the loudest voice against Heidi. A lot of shitty people get away with abysmal behavior by playing that " but im such a tiny quiet wholesome person, I'm just here for peace and love, lol look at my animals." If you're a dramatic bitch I woud much rather someone who's able to own their faults than someone who is constantly trying to act like they are perfect and can do no wrong.

No. 1606733

No one is simping for Holly or Amber Heard. Women are forced to carry the bigger burden and share of blame in situations where it's often just as much, or likely more the scrote's fault. Holly is not a friend to women and perpetuates that awful shit but I'm still going to acknowledge she had a ton more potential than Jared and threw it all away.

Johnny Depp is a terrible piece of shit who also has a history of violence, severe addiction, is best friends with a rapist. He's also seen as someone who is charming and funny and who has played a ton of beloved characters. People fall all over themselves when a moid shows any little bit of vulnerability, but when a woman does she is accused of lying or using it as a weapon. I'm gonna stop derailing but the way Johnny Depp has been able to somehow recover his image despite his disgusting behavior being on display…that opportunity would never be afforded to a woman.

No. 1606795

The amber wasn't a "perfect victim" shit is so annoying. it's so clear people who make this argument didn't watch the trial that poked holes in her stories with evidence. Ambers a fucking wife beater. And Johnny's a gross celeb scrote. Amber will continue to choose gross rich scrotes and will continue to be an angry violent junkie. Let's not forget she's diagnosed histrionic and bpd kek. Anyways, maybe I'm a bit dumb but I'm kind of hopeful that Holly will pull herself out of this somehow. Maybe some old friends or connections that will have some empathy for her and she will be able to do her dnd crap again or something else, who knows. Really funny how Jared just discarded her so casually

No. 1606796

>"I'm kind of hopeful that Holly will pull herself out of this somehow"

Doubtful. For the last couple of years, Holly has spent the vast majority of her time playing the victim. It's hard to believe that she'd give that up NOW rather than (if it's true) allowing this break-up to freshen up her victimhood.

No. 1606823

So satisfying seeing this finally come around full circle. He's doing to Holly exactly what he did to heidi, except heidi was smart enough to get alimony at the very least. Holly is left stonewalled, drained, and being called a narc all for… worrying about a cheater being a cheater?

Like you just know he was trying to set up hotel meet-ups with any girl who would take him. pathetic. l m a o

Kek, so he's making min wage off Youtube? love to see it. It's been a real delight seeing scumbags go the onision route and downsize and downsize until they've got nothing.

No. 1606860

File: 1659609616879.png (101.42 KB, 355x597, projared.png)

Does anyone know what happened to Jared's Tiktok?

No. 1606869

There's still a ProJaredTok, if that's him.

No. 1606933

File: 1659620645999.jpg (212.64 KB, 989x989, holly.jpg)

Does Holly have a mullet now?

No. 1607363

BAHAHAHA. This is absolutely glorious. I can hear fireworks and bottles popping.

No. 1607574


She’s trying to become one with her chicken. But yeah, definitely very mullet-ish.

No. 1607774

Are Nate and Anna still together? Imagine if 4 years ago you told Holly she would give up everything including DCA and her career for Jared just for him to leave her ass

Shocked that couples founded on DnD affair show didn't last

No. 1607794

File: 1659682501681.jpeg (272.67 KB, 826x1486, 41B99A5C-2B28-4517-B33A-72DFD6…)

ProDick is probably hoping that throngs of egirls will be sliding into his DM’s with this picture of him obviously in his bed. Ick.


It’s what he deserves after using his fanbase for sexual shit.

No. 1607798

480 average viewers won't amount to that much tbh. Likely more than YT, but unless they're all gifting subs and bits, a lot of them are likely freeloaders like with any channel. I can't imagine Jared's dull personality gets people very fired up for things like "giftsub trains" or anything of the like either.

It's literally only downhill more from here. His legacy is going to be the meme'd pic of him flashing his ugly wormy dick in that bad sailor mercury cosplay. Well deserved really.

No. 1607958

>Imagine if 4 years ago you told Holly she would give up everything including DCA and her career for Jared just for him to leave her ass

Doubt Jared left her, more likely Holly got tired of his egirl chasing shit. He still needed her money and free house to live in, Twitch/Youtube won't pay for an apartment in Seattle, especially if he's still paying alimony to Heidi. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he uses this as an excuse to not pay up. "Hey, my bitch ex girlfriend kicked me out of the house, can you wait a few months for the next payment? I just need time to manipulate another sucker to give me free living again."

No. 1607964

God I know it’s been said 1 million times by now, but how does a human look so much like a rat? The fact that two remotely attractive women fought over this thing is honestly baffling.

No. 1608327

These two used to come into my work (don't work there anymore) and Jared was always awkward and shy during our interactions and also he's very short and looked like a undercooked noodle kek, my interactions were usually with Holly though. Weirdest looking couple kek

No. 1608402


Sorry anons but I don't believe that Holly would ever be the one to end it. Girl was OBSESSED with Jared, their relationship was always super one sided.

My guess is that he saved up enough not having to pay anything to move out

No. 1608438

Hard to say. Jared keeps vaguely sharing things that imply he lived under her thumb and that she is a narc. Sounds like Holly was paranoid about him sneaking around again and Jared got mad she kept cockblocking him from whatever weird clout scavenger fangirls that were still in his DMs.

No. 1608442

Of course Jared is going to share shit like that. This is the same dude who claimed his ex-wife was abusive for telling him not to stick his dick in his coworker/current/ex-gf.

No. 1608473


Also she bailed on Ross the moment she lost interest in him, makes sense that after getting in other TTRPGs that aren't DCA, she got bored of having IRL Diath around and tossed him out with the rest of the trash.

Which is the best justice I can hope for, ProDick thought he could milk the Striath shit to keep Holly under his thumb, only for her to get bored of that toy and move on to the next thing. Now he's lost his free ride and he's got to cough up what meager earnings he gets to Heidi for alimony, and he's all alone. What goes around comes around, bitch!

No. 1608496

File: 1659751675374.jpeg (385.08 KB, 827x1477, 8FD95CB1-B9DD-4918-A994-B357D4…)

I’m getting 80’s vibes from this pic. So I’m guessing PedoDick wouldn’t love her because she wouldn’t let him stick his dick in any egirl that slid into his DM’s? Sounds familiar…

No. 1608499

Eh, this comes off more as a dig at her "haters" than at Jared. We already know she peruses LC from time to time

No. 1608960


I’m surprised that he’s short, just because he looks gangly. Undercooked noodle perfectly describes how he looks lmao. I still don’t get why anyone would be interested in this choade.

No. 1609233

File: 1659837253034.jpeg (365.11 KB, 828x1445, AB53A4A5-0945-4626-A1C9-699B51…)

We called it.