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No. 88208

Previous Thread: >>>/w/33300
Earlier Thread (s): >>>/snow/354019, >>>/w/4

Formerly known as the "Irrelevant Uggo Cosplayer" thread
A thread about your favorite Twitch thots, shoop waists and, overall, obnoxious personalities trying to get Patreon bux riding that cosplay and anime gravy train. This thread is not exclusive to females, as there are male ones too!

Please redirect Hall of Shame costhots at their respective threads here:
Momokun/Mariah Mallad - >>>/pt/766091, her calves - >>>/w/5855
Belle Delphine/Mary-Belle Kirschner/tinkersmell - >>>/w/2640
NicoleEeveeDavis/leoeevee - >>>/w/82304
Sarah SpaceMan - >>>/w/79174

Popular contenders:
>Jessica Nigri

>Meg Turney


>Jenna Lynn Meowri






>Adriana Alencar/dri.cosplay


No. 88209

File: 1586322690074.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1429x2000, DA8685A6-4A32-4F5B-B1EB-A78D12…)

Can we talk about all the costhots trying to capitalize off the pandemic? Imagine actively hoarding toilet paper…

No. 88916

File: 1586969999597.jpeg (487.85 KB, 750x1111, FF7C63F6-760D-498A-9CEB-5BE686…)

Bep Cosplay begging for money to get a breast augmentation. https://www.gofundme.com/f/bep-cosplays-breast-augmentation

The longer I look the worse it gets. The nasty chapped lips covered in lipstick, the dirty ass floor and the nasty texture of her legs. I can’t ever imagine the lowest of the low guys she must be trying to pander to even liking this. She looks like an old man.

No. 88940

File: 1586981539866.jpg (33.17 KB, 270x442, 90705469_593991677864383_52558…)

I have a truck load

No. 88941

File: 1586981572729.jpg (22.76 KB, 270x371, 84447639_213119629894710_18207…)

No. 88942

File: 1586981675093.jpg (24.34 KB, 270x370, 90019259_1277083452494030_3363…)

No. 88943

File: 1586981732858.jpg (34.27 KB, 270x439, 90068871_296156374686160_18622…)

Acting like the wig is what compelled her to cosplay this?

No. 88944

File: 1586981787899.jpg (29.27 KB, 270x437, 1.jpg)

Just so we don't forget more context

No. 88945

File: 1586981865117.png (251.66 KB, 973x589, sss.png)

Her reply about it.

No. 88946

File: 1586981983890.png (315.35 KB, 659x511, fearformoney.png)

The caption basically fearmongering people to think this epidemic calls for the requirement of guns.

No. 88947

File: 1586982067817.png (70.35 KB, 653x599, fellowylellow.png)

No. 88948

File: 1586982158554.jpg (161.72 KB, 1079x1777, 5.jpg)

No. 88949

Meant to caption:

This is a white ass fucking girl.

No. 88951

Who’s hand is that? What’s going on here? What am I looking at

No. 88953

>fellow yellows

There are actual asians disgusted with this shit and also dealing with massive racism and hate crime and she really wants to go on like 'LOL IT'S JUST A JOKE' ? I hate this bitch.

No. 88962

Damn what did she do to fucking hurt you lmao

No. 88964

She says no one is obligated to support and she's been wanting this since 9th grade.She looks flat as a board so makes sense at her age to feel fed up.

No. 88965

Okay but why are you mad. Girl wants boobs and people ask for money for that all the time. Seems personal to me. Did she turn you down or something.

No. 88966

I think you quoted the wrong anon. I didn't say anything about why she shouldn't get one. Literally everyone gets one.

No. 88967

Ur a fuckin loser yourself bro. I can only assume involuntary virgin. Everyone knows you’ve been making different emails to harass her for years now. Can’t wait to see the great things you do in life

No. 88968

I get she sent you guys from Twitter, but you make it a lot worse when you come into the threads and try to whiteknight. We know the poster is a vendetta poster, so just let our moderators handle it. There's been an influx of vendetta posting lately. Just report it if you know how.

No. 88971

Hi Bep(hi cow)

No. 88976

Not her lol

No. 88981

Its what she does. Its why no one will call her out because she plays victim every time. The sending of twitter followers was just a small taste.

No. 88982

Then you call her out if you’re so mad about it man

No. 88984

Dang. What crawled up your butt to be so upset over some who just wants to improve themselves. Sounds like you have a personal issue with her and not just a dislike. You COULD be an adult and just talk to her if you have such a problem on how she does things. Doesn’t seem so hard.

No. 88985

Just from the way you’re talking, it sounds like you have a personal issue with her and are too scared to actually approach her yourself because you don’t want to be outed. It’s really childish of you to hide behind anon instead of reaching out to her.

No. 88990

This is painful lmao. She's been talked about on here for a while, it's not like it's one person whose feefees got hurt. This is LC, not an armchair forum. You're not gonna convince people to "reach out" to a cow.

No. 88991

You know the last time she was brought up was for the loosest of reaches possible in the other thread, right? And it was confirmed an anon has a vendetta against her, even making bullshit Instagram accounts with 'milk' that had no hold on anything they were spewing, right? The stuff about Bep has been vendetta the same as Nicole's post have been and the way the anon posts is the same MO with nothing to hold aside from making it clear they seem like a jealous.

No. 88992

Hi, different Anon. I'm one who has talked with her. She gaslights people. The type of person who will get upset if you say anything negative and will turn. She's had a while vendetta against a cosplayer when the cosplayer borrowed a scarf from her and Facebook didn't tag her cosplay page correctly. Has stolen art concepts and then sent people after the artist when the artist does a similar concept for someone else. Has trashed someone who bought a cosplay from her because they threatened a dispute when she didn't ship it for months.
She's bullied people into hospitals. Copied people's every cosplay idea as soon as they announce it, just to be mean.
I hope she gets her implants, and I hope they are everything they want. Then she will finally figure out that it's not her boobs that make her insecure and mean. There is a reason why she's burned so many bridges in GA.
She needs help, not anonymous help but actual help. Posting about what she's begging for next isn't going to do that.
I hope she gets what she needs because too many young people look up to her on the internet and I'd hate for any of them to end up on her bad side.

No I'm not posting screenshots. I run the risk of exposing several people she's hurt if I do.

No. 88993

You're giving no names to anything, actually making this whole post make no sense because you keep saying 'cosplayer' 'people' 'person' 'they' 'she'. Say fucking names because it's all mushed together and this smells so bad of 'I'm sensitive and have nothing to back any of this up so I won't post caps'.

Get out of here. We already talked about how you are obsessed with Bep last thread and that your whole harassment ordeal is vendetta based of you just wanting a cosplay. If she has 'hurt' these people you need to post shit. Otherwise stop posting random crap about her wanting a boob job as if that makes her a shittiest person in the world in the cosplay scene. You sound so insecure.

No. 88994

>I hope she gets what she needs because too many young people look up to her on the internet

Just to add, this right here says it all. She has a small following as far as social media goes and especially as far as cosplay goes. She's not a big name and actually makes good work. I haven't seen any credible posts about any of the behavior you talked about in this thread or the other thread and we went through that Instagram last thread as well and multiple anons agreed nothing on it shows begging or copying.

No. 89001

You know she owned up to all of the stuff you just posted right? That was 2 years ago and she made multiple posts about how she was wrong for not crediting someone and now appears to go above and beyond crediting everyone she needs to. You must’ve been apart of that drama and can’t let go so now you have it out for her, but it’s sad.

No. 89011

Do you have a link to the other thread? Interested to see how angry the op is

No. 89014

God she looks like a man playing dress up

No. 89027

You’ve literally just outed who you might be from your story. The stories your talking about are from two years ago. Allegations she’s owned up to and apologized for to the actual people and to her fan base. The fact that you brought that up shows you’re still holding a grudge and can’t let anything go which also shows you’re maturity level. LET IT GO MAN.

No. 89034

Wait this is all based on old milk, AGAIN? Wtf is up with all the vendetta posting the last 2 months?

No. 89037

Yeah all of this is years old drama they’re bringing up to try and bash a girl for wanting some implants. Drama the girl they’re attacking has apologized for publicly to her following and to the people involved. Quarantine making people crazy smh

No. 89062

I don’t know who this girl is, I’m not in the cosplay community, this isn’t vendetta. But anyone who does a gofuckme for a tit job is cringe and deserving of being posted here. It’s not a necessity, save up or finance it like everyone else does. These thots think a couple of cup sizes are all that stand between them and Nigri levels of fame, their motivation is always obvious no matter how much they bawww about “muh insecurities.” Every girl with a flat chest, myself included, has been insecure about it but we don’t think we are entitled to have the internet pay for bolt-ons. Regardless of other stuff she’s done - and it sounds like there IS milk that you guys are trying to gloss over as “it’s in the paaaaaaaaast,” this is worthy of being discussed.

No. 89063

The girl has already come out to say she’s been saving for the procedure on her own. Regardless of it being “elective” it doesn’t hurt ANYONE to make a GFM for something. People make them all the time for surgeries. Whether she wants to get ahead in the cosplay world with them or if she just wants tits, seems hardly lolcow worthy. Especially since 80% of popular female cosplayers get boob jobs and don’t get shamed for it. And we haven’t been given any proof of the accusations continuously brought up so why keep talking about milk that’s not even real

No. 89066


Why do you guys insist on bringing up old milk, that you just admitted to doing, just do you have something to gossip and teehee over. It's not new and like all the other anons said, she's not even BEGGING, and tit jobs that she says she's helping pay for, she just wants extra help to see if it can get done sooner makes no sense to complain about. You have got to have a lot of time on your hands anon to be this hell bent on trying to bring up old shit she's owned up to because you're this bored. Can a mod confirm this is the IPfag who keeps bringing up old milk on all these fucking people?

No. 89101

File: 1587097069550.png (648.95 KB, 866x607, gross.png)

No. 89102

File: 1587097162993.png (231.84 KB, 367x528, rude 1.png)

No. 89105

unfortunately she is correct. people have gotten accused of blackface by wearing mud masks. it doesn't matter though, she's still dumbass.

No. 89106

This was posted a few days after her Corona-chan issue. She's a complete dumbass. lol.

No. 89125

File: 1587139735747.jpg (565.19 KB, 1079x1451, Screenshot_20200417-120626_Ins…)

What is even happening with this girl's chin/waist?

No. 89187

holy shit her entire account is wild. She photoshops an entirely different face on herself

No. 89438

Has anyone heard of Steff Von Schweetz I keep seeing her on my feed?

She’s like 40 but looks 12, kind of creepy. She also gives off a real bitch vibe.

No. 89482

Just looked her up and it is immediately obvious in her face that she's over 30. Why do you think she looks 12?

No. 89486

If you are only coming here to ask if someone who hasn't been mentioned before has any milk or if anyone has heard of her and your next info about her is nitpicking her face and age, then shut the fuck up. Steff has extraordinarily old 4chan archive milk. Check there before they started banning nitpicking threads through /cgl/.

No. 89549

File: 1587565965280.jpg (213.65 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200422_102638~2.jpg)

Random CosThot throwing a fit someone doesn't want their business associated with her. Currently sending her friends and followers to harass the business owner for "stalking" her. (By stalking she means taking a brief glance at her own public IG I guess?)

Claims she doesn't lewd minors but has topless Misty pics and lewd underage Homestuck (ew) on her page and more hidden behind a paywall.

C'mon at least be proud of what you do instead of throwing a tantrum when someone calls it what it is.

No. 89568

Imagine getting mad over lewding Misty. Damn 4chan has turned into Tumblr.

No. 89577

The retards who really think underage characters have thoughts and feelings as 2D and honestly think a grown ass adult dressed in something a child in a cartoon wore, makes pedophiles suddenly want to start molesting kids because an ADULT they ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO because they are PEDOPHILES for a reason made their urges too strong from dressing as a 2D fictional fucking kid.

I am so tired of this god damn argument. People are absolutely right that others will take any ambiguous high ground necessary to make themselves 'woke' and caring for a cause that does not exist and backing makes no sense to actual attraction pedophiles have. An outfit doesn't make a pedophile. They are instead roleplaying DD/LG if people want to stretch this argument even the slightest to compare a cosplayer as Misty equaling problematic.

No. 89583

oh look, the ddlg defender is back.

No. 89594

It may not be problematic but plenty of people find lewding ten year olds to be tasteless. If a cosplayer wants to do it then they need to deal with the consequences and the fact that everyone isnt going to pay their ass about it. Personally I scroll past that garbage and if someone doesn't want to be associated with you because of your posts, that's not a bad take.

No. 89598

this reeks of vendetta posting

No. 89616

Yeah I looked further, the company she's attacking primarily makes their money doing Disney costume commissions. I can totally see not wanting their brand associated with some girl who was definitely going to lewd it. It's just good optics for them.

Not mad at her lewding you weirdos but she's screaming it's false accusations that she's lewding minors when…she is. It's right there on her page, you don't even have to scroll to find it.

Like do you they're fictional, but own that shit. Don't cry that you don't do it and yell about false accusations and whine about someone not wanting their costumes to be associated with you.

No. 89633

this person is friends with strayosama who's been posted here before. The two of them did a video with her lapdancing on him dressed as the Lorax. And of course strayosama is the onceler. I'll find screencaps and post them.

No. 89634

File: 1587608062850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.54 KB, 750x920, EF3EDE30-268D-431F-8D34-B24540…)

Samefag, here’s a screen cap. I can’t figure out how to post the video but it’s on his page. This happened at a panel.

No. 89636

Wasn't it a yaoi panel? These are all the same and this looks just like all the other ones. It's cringey, but honestly getting mad over it is autistic.

No. 89648

Who said anyone was mad about it? I’m just sharing costhots, which is the whole point of this thread.

No. 89656

Are you people new here or just friends with these cosplayers? This thread is for posting general costhot drama. Responding to every minor thing with "why so mad" is stupid. Go back to cgl if lolcow is too much for you.

No. 89711

Seriously. This isn’t a thread nomination place, The whole point of the thread is costhots who are laughable but not exciting enough. Anon dropped some of her sad begging last thread, and the begging has escalated.

No. 89723

Yeah, and quite frankly a CosThot melting down because a commissioner doesn't want to sell to her is pretty classic drama.

How do drama boards work?

No. 89741

My expierence with Bep was awful. She's not a nice person, no originality, a bully that talks a ton of shit and Ill ignore the copying claims for now cause I actually can produce caps for that. She uses her "friends", photographers and paypigs as weapons against other cosplayers, admittedly I believed her at one point and was one of those that defended her. Of course she wants to crowd fund her tits in the middle of a pandemic, talk about tone deaf. She has no grasp on reality. If any of you defending her are cosplayers- you need to critically rethink your choices.
She manufactures conflict and you'd be a fool if you think @bep.cosplays won't step on you to be the next Nigri. There are plenty of cosplayers that feel this way but she comes hard for people so most don't want to deal with it.
She cries for people to "tell her to her face" but if any of us did our words would be twisted and we would get dragged. We've seen her do it before, dragging everyone around her into the Tina warz for years. She claimed it was over but continued trying to burn multiple peoples reputation for just associating with someone she didnt like. ( I have a theory shes obsessed with Tina.) Thats why we don't. No one wants to deal with that. Also her shoops are starting to land in the uncanny valley. Finding evidence of her manipulation isn't hard. I agree with the other anon, she has talent in crafting and I also hope she realizes the problem is within herself, not her chest.
I know she reads this stuff. I wish she'd listen instead of furthering her victim narrative. The boob job shit its just some other level of pathetic. Sick people are being denied care because hospitals and doctors have to prioritize the virus but my god her twitter is bitching about her onlyfans rank, begging for a boob job and I guess its nice of her to make masks? No vendetta was needed for her to qualify for this thread, but there are plenty of people with a personal expierence and dislike for this person so its not a suprise she would eventually get a vendetta response. No shit.(post proof, otherwise no1curr)

No. 89750

File: 1587689336483.jpeg (274.38 KB, 1076x1899, 56DD2737-8677-4229-9574-DCAC73…)

Is anyone else following this drama?

No. 89751

File: 1587689364951.jpeg (84.04 KB, 443x960, A3C508C5-3173-4C27-84A3-CD342F…)

>I-it’s for awareness, bro.

No. 89754

You need to back this with something. Since you have receipts, post them. Otherwise you sound just mad at her for personal reasons and stillnot adding proof or caps to your complaints about bep. You are really hung up on a boob job gfm.

No. 89764

File: 1587707337774.png (67.72 KB, 603x514, sakythia.PNG)

Anyone else following the vulpinebones crew vs sakythia? Apparently it's over accusing the latter for manipulation and molestation

No. 89765

File: 1587707386640.png (62.89 KB, 598x466, sakythia2.PNG)

No. 89766

not taking anyone's side here, but please don't spread misinformation, anon. molestation was never claimed or implied.

No. 89767

Sorry, I guess I just misrepresented what was said.

No. 89790

This seems weirdly personal and isn’t exactly helping. But you’re not wrong about how tone deaf and gross it is to be crowd funding a boob job when there’s something like 28 million people who applied for unemployment in the US this month. Not to mention literal trucks of bodies in New York. Does she not consider everyone else waiting for medical care…? There’s people who literally can’t get cancer detecting biopsies and other potentially life saving preventative medicine as well who are suffering in this, but gotta whine about my tits and beg for “support” in the middle of all of this. She’s pretending it’s haters holding her down when she refuses to acknowledge that this should have waited, especially if she’s already got the down payment money. Why does she have to beg right now if that’s already handled? Why can’t the e-begging wait a little?

Anyway I’m trying to find the details on when she stole a design from someone. She commissioned an artist for a female Bakugo design, didn’t pay them, and took all the credit. It’s one of the reasons she switched her name from gunplalady.. I think she had her tiny “fan base” pressure the artist in to backing off because she said she’d change the design. Unfortunately it was a god awful middle school looking pencil scribble so I’m having trouble finding it.

No. 89791

The actual accusation was sakythia pressuring vulpinebones into sex, still not great but you're correct. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about it since both parties claim gaslighting but when VB says sak pressured them into sex and sak says VB led her on I feel like one's clearly worse than the other. I wish 'gaslighting' wasn't misused constantly by people who mean 'lying' though. I do think VB's 'receipts' are too cropped and out of context to make for good evidence, I don't necessarily think they're lying about their experiences, I just can't really tell if sak was actively pressuring them into anything or if VB didn't communicate their discomfort and sak didn't realize.

No. 89798

Sage and post the images of the milk pls. No one cares about your personal feelings about her.

No. 89804

It just reads as two bratty people mad about a relationship expectation and experience neither was able to really enjoy and now the high school bs with hot topic keywords to get the other 'destroyed' because both are mad. This happens so often now. These people cant keep shit off social media. These relationship circus games on twitter are so embarrassing to watch.

No. 89805

To add, do these idiots honestly think victims come forward as often as this? They dont. I dont believe either person and they both just want attention for something that went nowhere.

No. 89806

This whole callout post did not need to happen. It was clearly a bad experience that a small group of people had. This isn't a sexual predator.

No. 89838

I'm glad they were called out on it. fucking lack of common sense and idiocy. Of course it doesnt affect him, since he isnt a victim of the asian hate crimes rising from all this.

No. 89868

File: 1587790263790.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1441, AC32CC2C-DCF9-48D5-B81E-CF0134…)

>when there’s mandated isolation in your county but you and your photog nEeD new content for instagram

No. 89877

Yeah my favorite arc in fruits basket is the one where Tohru becomes a crack smoking fatty with hoe makeup and her ass hanging out, this really nails that 10/10

No. 89969

Nah she paid the commissioner for 2 designs that were never finished and had a friend post an explanation for her with receipts of her paying and telling the commissioner to keep the money even after the big call out post was made. The commissioner also waited over a year to confront Bep about not crediting for the design that was already a knock off of StellaChuu’s Bakugou design. Waited for Bep to get 10K followers and then cried on the internet about how it could’ve furthered their career. The artist sent people to harass Bep and send her supposed death threats (never saw proof so can’t confirm) but the artist apparently never privately replied to Bep when she reached out to resolve the issue. Idk what the Tina Kinz stuff is other than people claiming Bep copies her but after looking at their accounts, there’s literally nothing in common with what they make or post so that seems like some bs. Idk the girl posted about boobs and people are mad, but there’s people posting the same shit now so I can’t see why that’s such an issue. She doesn’t seem to post about it often either and I guess is working to afford it herself if you guys say she paid a deposit so can we stop shaming someone for not even excessively asking for money?

No. 89990

Every type of style is quirky and unique to cosplayers and in turn they all look like the same pastel scene girl or goth version of a scene girl with less early 2000s over the top hair and moreso the colors. Everyone is copying everyone including mainstream cosplays. I'm so tired of these gamer girls and that's and cosplayers saying everyone is copying everyone. They all buy the same fast fashion visual k/anime bullshit too. None of them are unique lol Cosplayers are so defensive in themselves when they aren't snowflakes when they are all snowflakes.

No. 90014

It’s not smart to defend your friends here so blatantly. If she’s paid the deposit then she doesn’t need any more money in the near future, she’s already paid to secure her cheap bolt ons and the rest of payment isn’t due until a month before - so she should shut up with the pathetic self centred begging until maybe less people are desperately asking for unemployment checks and less dead bodies stacked up in trucks like NY is currently struggling with.

No one here gives a shit about who she is or the fact that she’s e-begging, all of the costhots stoop that low. It’s the incredibly tone deaf timing when something so devastating is hitting the world. If there’s someone else doing it right now by all means, please post them because they deserve equal shame.

No. 90151

Le tme make this clear because you can't read but keep saying you have receipts of some bullshit. Either show these or shut the fuck up about bepcosplays scamming and harassing and all this stuff. You are literally talking out your ass and multiple people have called you out on it, so show some milk or leave the topic because you are coming off like you have a huge vendetta against this chick.

No. 90153

What country because how do you guys expect freelance, not just thots, to make money right now?

No. 90160

Anon I hope you realize you are replying to multiple different people. And you seem to have the stick up your ass the most about it. Just drop it and it will probably stop.

No. 90166

Anon has been coming here for days saying they have receipts, they have them, they totally do, and then leaves paragraphs defending why Bep is a shit person but ever drops these so called receipts. This sounds like something personal.

No. 90182

The US. Both thot-chan and photographer-san have wfh day jobs and are still employed; money isn't an issue for either of them.

No. 91422

File: 1588772194223.jpeg (128.24 KB, 1080x1351, A955BD93-37C4-40A4-93C8-7FA097…)

Any info on @sandykuroneko on IG? She’s a cosplayer. www.instagram.com/sandykuroneko
She’s super cute and I love her as Toga, but she recently posted a story link to her amazon wishlist saying it was because her birthday is coming up soon. Is that a thing cosplayers do? Do they want people to buy them figurines and stuff because of their birthday? The wishlist included things like a nintendo switch and non-cosplay related presents

No. 91423

yes, it’s super common among girls with any type of following especially Instagram and Twitter Thots

No. 91441

lol promoting your instagram on lolcow so people will buy stuff off your amazon wishlist

No. 91480

>costhot e-begging
What a shock. Never seen that before.

No. 91499

are you blind? or perhaps selfposting
if so, put some effort into your thotting besides slutty santa getup + cosplay wig

No. 91573

Linking to your Amazon Wishlist is extremely common. I even see non-thot cosplayers doing it.

One step beyond that is opening up a PO Box and asking people to send you big ticket gifts. Riss/A Smile and a Song is the biggest one that comes to mind here because they'll spend a couple days spamming stories about an item they want until a follower mails it to them.

No. 91767

You really have a hate boner for SaaS. Nothing about that chick is milk. I don't know why you keep bringing her up every chance you get? Agreed wishlists are basic female social media bait now. The thing is that guys will simp for it every time, especially clothing items or suggestive items, unless they buy the big buck items hoping to get pussy.

No. 91821

she’s not the only anon her talking about Riss anon, she DOES bait like this. She does it with every thing. She posts items constantly for a week or so before/during their release talking about how she ~uwu cannot afford this and wishes she could have it soooo bad until someone buys it for her. It’s not hard to see

No. 92028

Are you trying to defend gratuitous e-begging? That's absolutely low level milk and belongs in the general/thot thread.

No. 92611

File: 1589167359863.png (89.67 KB, 1142x278, Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.21…)

anyone know who bunny is subtweeting with this stuff?

No. 92612

File: 1589167385108.png (1.02 MB, 1174x906, Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.21…)

No. 92768

lets be real, she's probably copying someone and is posting shit like this so if people find that person they'll assume they're the one copying her.

No. 93461

File: 1589525012798.jpeg (727.13 KB, 828x890, 1F8E5A8B-2361-4995-820D-EF920B…)

This girl seems really sus to me. She goes by the name Yuri (Yurinaoto on instagram) and posts harajuku fashion style pictures of herself and her outfits. I’m very curious to find out what her age is, but she says “for privacy reasons” she won’t tell anyone her age, which is weird imo. She also constantly mentions her bf in every story/post, but blurs out and covers his face with stickers in pictures together unless they have a filter on his face. I get wanting to be private, but she mentions him every chance she gets.
It’s also unclear what her job is, but she seems to have a really expensive gaming setup and a bunch of figurines/collectables.
Not much milk on her yet tho, except details about her seem sus.
She claims she spends ~$0-80 every month on clothes but every post is a new outfit, too

No. 93470

So let me get this straight, anon. You have no milk on her, she's not even a costhot, and yet here we are. No one cares about your vendetta/self-post.

No. 93475

File: 1589529253206.jpeg (705.09 KB, 828x1027, E297D582-87D4-48BF-B04C-C3FA40…)

I’d consider her a cosplayer, recent post is her cosplaying as someone’s art. She cosplayed as her AC character too.
Not self-post or vendetta, I just don’t understand why these women over 24/25 hide their age and claim it’s for privacy reasons. Her face+location is all tagged in her pictures, yet revealing her age would be too private?

No. 93476

Why does it matter how old she is? You being so hell bent on it is probably why she and other thots keep their age out of their bios. All people do is nitpick their age vs what they think is appropriate that they should do. It's stupid.

No. 93478

Can you read? Blatantly asking if anyone else has milk on this girl
>Over 300k followers, posting for years, I’ve never heard of her once until now
Possible ana chan too

No. 93480

Samefag, but the same three costhots being mentioned with stale milk is really fucking boring. Also, why is it that when a new person is mentioned anons jump at the chance to call it a self-post? No sane or reasonable influencer would want to be mentioned here, this is the last place thots would go to promote their stuff.

No. 93483

File: 1589539018657.jpeg (931.78 KB, 828x1457, 375A50A5-DFA7-441A-B40D-A922FB…)

>Text written on cleavage so you’re forced to look at thot boobs
I hate it when you follow a wholesome cosplayer and their posts progressively get more slutty and more people starting OF accounts

No. 93490

This, people start nitpicking everyone who's over 20 being grainy grannies who shouldn't be putting on a cosplay wig, it's perfectly understandable that people don't want to put their age on display. But even then people become obsessed with finding out how old they are just so they can weaponize the information against them (i.e. This old ass bitch almost 26 and still using meitu filters lmaoooo!!!!!!). On the other hand I fucking hate that things have to be this way but then again I wish more 25+ users had their age out so people would learn to accept that women don't hit the wall after turning 23.

You're supposed to come to the thread to bring milk, not to ask to be spoonfed gossip from some camwhore e-thot you're jealous of. Either shitty vendetta or a selfpost. Leave.

No. 93499

Anon this sounds like projecting insecurities about age. Idgaf if she’s a legal adult, but she posts lewd and suggestive pictures and that normally doesn’t sit well with me, she could be 17 or 25. Like violetverdandi type situation

No. 93504

Every post is a new outfit bc she literally gets sponsored by all the kawiwi insta stores lmao
She has no milk

No. 93539

File: 1589560018760.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 305.41 KB, 617x500, 99713523-E3E8-4E3E-AAC0-B784C2…)

Erin eevee/pink fox goes on and on about being natural and never photoshopping. Here’s her lovely insta photo vs a video screen cap posted on the same day

No. 93541

File: 1589560264421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.56 KB, 414x500, 447F54B6-776A-4A06-A479-1DFAF2…)

Jenna Lynn constantly talking about how she has the thiccest ass ever. Why she wearing butt pads then?

No. 93576

If you post a new person, you are supposed to provide milk/receipts. Your lack of board etiquette is really telling, at least learn how to sage. kek.

No. 93588

Am I the only person who doesn’t care if someone photoshops their cosplay? When a person is cosplaying they aren’t even trying to look like themselves in the first place. Editing, makeup, and filters are something I don’t mind when looking at a cosplay. It’s only annoying/milk if they claim they’re natural or deny any editing, then they’re just being delusional lmao

No. 93590

Do bodysuits flatten curves? That could be why she went to extra measures, I’ve heard that about latex suits but idk about any regular body suit
Also samefag

No. 93594

sage your blogposting at least, most people don't give a shit if someone edits or touches up their photos and is transparent about it, it's the lengths that some will go to to lie and say "no this is me I really look like this!" and are dishonest that makes certain costhots cow-worthy. jenna Lynn meowri is especially a good example of this. Saying this here of all places is really redundant

they typically don't, no, if anything they accentuate. Jenna just flatout has no ass (pun intended) and has to fake it in any way she can, then lie about it being how she really is thicc ofc

No. 93600

The newfag anon came into the thread with absolutely no milk on this random e-girl asking for anyone to drop the dirty laundry on her while trying to make a big deal about her hiding her age or boyfriend. I think it's fair to assume that anon was trying to start a whole "this 25yo pussy with cobwebs" or "bitch got an ugly man" thing because there's nothing else there. It happens so often it's tiring, when some random target of a retarded personal vendetta doesn't have anything else than being a basic bitch on her then salty anons try to come up with whatever desperate measure they want to cultivate some PULL-like culture of pointless nitpicking and spergery. And I don't want that shit here.

No. 93601

File: 1589583250069.jpeg (236.71 KB, 658x500, 497D2FD1-88F8-467C-8D82-AD8D8F…)

These girls photoshop when their out of cosplay as well and constantly post how they’re all natural. It they just shut up about it, most people wouldn’t give a shit. It’s the constant lying that gets people annoyed

No. 93602

This. Every time some basic ass thot sees something just as basic that they want to do or were going to do they start subtweeting about being copied.

Who even is this person? Is she even a cosplayer?

No. 93603

File: 1589583457390.jpeg (186.32 KB, 401x500, 7C0D63B0-CEA3-4CAF-8D4E-6062BA…)

When Jenna Lynn meowri wore a cross dressing breast plate for her earth Chan cosplay people didn’t care but she then went to write numerous tweets and Instagram comments about her natural big breasts and how they were juggling so hard in her costume. Why do these thots lie? You lie, you’ll get called out. Just shut the fuck up and post your cosplays

No. 93604

File: 1589583645792.jpeg (188.01 KB, 567x500, 5EE1A8ED-9BC3-454D-ABE3-71D8F2…)

Yeah her name is erin eevee/ pink fox cosplay. She calls herself the “curviest girl in cosplay.” Idiot men fall for it lol

No. 93607

That’s the exact same thing that happened with Nicole Davis, people kept saying she was a sweet girl with no possible milk or drama, and now she has her own thread with over 900 posts.

No. 93619

Even that girl's thread (which has only been up for 3 months) has posts all throughout it which have been redtexted for samefagging, nitpicking, infighting, even multiple instances of ban evasion just to post unfunny low-effort remarks with zoomed-in pictures of her face. The behavior of the anons in the thread caught the attention of farmhands and the admin after a poster accused all of the farmhands and the admin of being "rampant nicolefags"… despite nobody on this website outside of that thread knowing who she is. It's safe to say that thread is the same 5 people posting at any giving time, probably a few of them being jealous former classmates or wishing they looked like her.

No. 93636

It must be depressing to look at your real self after tediously editing your photos to look like the left image. Like the exact opposite of body positivity.

No. 93638

Samefag, I recommend visiting her Insta erin.eevee for some comedy, all the images look like they were taken in a funhouse mirror.

No. 93640

File: 1589596534631.png (2.47 MB, 1440x1805, ch6547.png)

This is my fav, still from a video where her bizarrely narrow boobs+waist jiggle """sexily"""

No. 93653

File: 1589602963502.png (823.06 KB, 656x488, bboba.png)

this candid shot is from 3 years ago but the way she warps her body/breast size now is ridiculous

No. 93654

oops, I meant that the left pic is a new photo she just put up vs the right pic: a candid pic from 3 years ago

No. 93655

File: 1589603187021.png (307.41 KB, 402x500, Screenshot_2017-05-17_17.00.44…)

she obviously has major body issues. This was her when she was skinny

No. 93656

File: 1589604186364.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-16-14-38-07-880_deco.jpg)

I'm surprised this girl hasn't been mentioned yet. She's not too milky apart from being very precious about people calling out her shoop, and her supiority complex over girls with onlyfans when she produces nudes on patreon. But here you go, the proportions in the first pic always make me kek a little.

No. 93661

>she’s not too milky
That’s why she hasn’t been mentioned yet.

No. 93663

Nobody knows who she is out of that thread? Anon, she has over 400k followers. I don’t agree with the nitpicking of her face but for the most part people are just trying to make sense of her multiple stalker situations and restraining order, her car break-in, heart condition, and how these tie into asking for donations via ko-fi and Patreon. Coming from a neutral standpoint, that whole situation seems bizarre

No. 93664

What’s her account name? I swear she’ has been mentioned multiple times on /snow/ threads

No. 93673


that's skye.supply (formerly aniejoyyy). She's been mentioned on the cosplay thread on PULL and been discussed there for a while.

No. 93690

I’ve noticed a few cosplayers getting plastic surgery during this corona virus epidemic and it’s come off sus to me

No. 93693

You can take photos from well over 6 feet away…………

No. 93722

File: 1589635014692.jpg (232.39 KB, 1265x2048, 20200516_060421.jpg)

Do all these people just go to the same guy and say "Let me get the blow up doll special"

No. 93791

Stephanie Michelle (middle) looks even more fucking ridiculous now. She's actually part of the Kelly Eden calves thread here >>29145

They have before and after pics of her there too and it's fucking sad.

"Cosplay" is so stupid now. It's just a bunch of ugly bimbo cunts getting as much plastic surgery as they can to morph themselves into the same Macy's Day Parade balloons. No originality anymore.

No. 93792

Good lord that's sad and desperate. Imagine having to photoshop yourself to look like some bimbofication fetish creature to feel whole as a person.

Yeah and that thread is full of samefagging vendetta spergs who think her shitty edited selfies are milk and tinfoil about her faking monolids because she's squinting her eyes in a sunny photo. Next.

>Those lips and the Michael Jackson nose on the one at the center
You just know these girls are the ones who end up looking like that Brasilian human Ken doll when they're 50.
>blow up doll special
I seriously wouldn't be surprised if that's what it was called on the procedure list because it's exactly what it looks like.

No. 93795

Midna has the worst tit job out of all these girls with very visible scarring she didn't take care off. The next would be Stephanie, but she actually asked for what she got, so it's hard to say if it is bad or good because that's actually how she wanted them.

Bishoujo on the other hand literally just got a boob job last year. She has yet to come out about it, keeps trying to pass them off as her normal big titties, but they suddenly don't move as much and are constantly up at her neck. She refuses to admit it and blocked a few people who have questioned it.

No. 93805

File: 1589649667927.jpeg (500.74 KB, 750x931, 7B1949D4-65A3-4890-B8A5-EF794B…)

Juliet is so cringe to me. I will never forget when she was posting (pic related) her strawberry set and was talking about how she showed it to her mom and how it was her “art” and how her mom was proud of her or whatever. She does not live in reality what so ever. That plus her admitting on a podcast a while back that the original Starbucks mermaid pic was taken when she was only 16. If you look back at her old stuff she’s been posting lewd content since way before she was an adult. The second she turned 18 she dived right into this shit. Gross.

Not very milky either, I don’t know if it’s true but I heard Juliet isn’t even her real name. I know it’s common with costhots to use fake names, it just seems odd to me.

No. 93808

Her ass might be fake as well without telling people just like her boobs. She seems to like pretending things are all-natural, but she's gotten lipo twice that she has admitted to, but thinks everything else that magically got enhanced in 2 months is all due to working out after being MIA for those 2 months. She had some bullshit skin condition last year and it kept her from posting for a while and she didn't show her body at all during that time and suddenly she had these balls on her chest that didn't move.

No. 93831

File: 1589656222130.jpg (238.97 KB, 1366x2048, 20200516_120816.jpg)

She touts that her curves are all natural, but her ass looks like two medium watermelons that have 0 bounce in the videos she posts.

No. 93832

File: 1589656519145.jpg (332.71 KB, 2048x1668, 20200516_120738.jpg)

Those "curves" though.

No. 93834

File: 1589656937998.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.34 KB, 800x1200, CmRWStBUEAA0ozD.jpg)

What her boobs used to look like. Pretty sure her lipo was under her ass and on her lower stomach to get rid of her fat girl fupa. Add in coolsculpting on her butt and torso and then the boob job. I still think she has butt implants because it's elongated and even workingout doesn't make that weird shape.

No. 93835

File: 1589656980737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.58 KB, 531x826, 159229a.jpg)

No. 93838

File: 1589657193761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.83 KB, 300x300, claims 30lbs ago.jpg)

Here's a 30lbs heavier butt shot.

No. 93839

File: 1589657347825.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.81 KB, 1000x1000, 20200516_120705.jpg)

Her body shape is crazy, it looks like a carving rather than an actual normal body.

No. 93923

File: 1589688901368.jpeg (36.36 KB, 460x680, DC539C0B-AD1B-49D0-BB84-1AC44E…)

This bitch not only lies about her surgery, she now says she’s 21 when in reality she’s almost 40

No. 93924

what's with her age being so mysterious? isnt her name bishoujomom? she looks like a mother of 3. i dont believe for a minute she's under 35.

No. 93931

I kind of find her mom cartoon cosplays kind of creepy, idk what is about it. They are also super lazy.

No. 93933

File: 1589696477226.jpg (63.26 KB, 720x720, 20200516_232116.jpg)

So damn creative…

No. 93942

File: 1589699164653.png (271.17 KB, 375x500, 6C7986B9-1FA1-4494-887E-994B91…)

All natural and only 21 years old now. Lol

No. 93945

Soz anon I've never seen her discussed here except for on PULL much alike this bitch >>93942

No. 93969

I have no idea which degree of cumbrain you need to be in order to believe her curves are "all natural" when she looks like this. Those blow-up doll lips freak me the fuck out, she honestly looks like a fetish drawing.

No. 94021

File: 1589734065295.jpeg (272.58 KB, 546x500, F8852C84-BD09-4A81-8429-05508C…)

This was more of her natural body. She had large saggy tits with one boob a few cup sizes bigger than the other and a bigger stomach. No ass and hardly any curviness. Pretty sure she got a breast lift/implants, lipo, Brazilian butt lift, etc.

No. 94024

Anon no she's not. You sound fucking stupid.

No. 94025

Its because she's focused on the mommy kink incels. It sells well even though she's been spamming other thots for weeks now on Instagram begging to get over 400k followers and degrading people who are annoyed as fuck about it who are her fans because its her account and she can do what she wants.

She's become a huge bitch since she blew up.

No. 94032

For the PULLfags here "almost 40" means "28-32 year old" lol

No. 94034

Anon wrote it in such a shitty way they made it come off that she was pretending she wasn't almost 40.

No. 94041

She had to have had work done. Whether it’s her face or her body, she’s fake as fuck.

No. 94066

File: 1589739765183.png (225.02 KB, 382x500, IMG_1642_(1).thumb.png.3285df2…)

you can search up her real name. She's 38. Turning 39 this year. So yes, almost 40.
If you are stupid enough to believe she's as young as she says then in the picture I attached… she's 15/16 years here at a bar with other thots

No. 94069

File: 1589740005297.png (298.51 KB, 377x526, asddsa.png)

She literally wrote she was 18 in the Catwoman picture she took 2 years ago and in a comment said she just turned 21.
Bitch is 38 years old. She looks 40+ with all the plastic surgery she's gotten. She's a compulsive liar constantly going on about how she's all natural. She's fake as fuck>>94034

No. 94071

File: 1589740154791.jpg (107.75 KB, 305x500, Screenshot_20200516-202250_Fac…)

Jenna Lynn Meowri being shown all over facebook for forgetting to photoshop her other tit. Embarassing lol

No. 94072

She did her catwoman serval times anon.She's not almost 40 and definitely not over 40. She's not comparing her 21 self to her 11 year old self and just because she posted it 2 years ago doesn't make it not a repost.She's fake body wise, but her age isn't. That Catwoman specifically was taken in 2016.

No. 94073

Link it anon.

No. 94075

File: 1589740500968.png (320.44 KB, 503x500, IMG_1643.thumb.png.b4c393aa3d8…)

Its funny that she was supposedly 11 years old in the pic above but she's 13 years old here according to her timeline…lol…

No. 94077

No. 94078

you can find the catwoman picture on flickr. Was uploaded in 2018 and gives the date it was taken. She's claiming she's 18 in the pic and has said she is now 21. She obviously isn't 21. Look up her real name. She's 38 years old and looks like it.

No. 94079

Can you post something not zoomed in and with a date or timestamp? You can't even tell if this is her.

No. 94081

File: 1589740937784.png (454.99 KB, 386x603, bish.png)

Anon those can be uploaded at any time. It doesn't mean it was uploaded when it was taken. This was in 2017. She would've been almost 19. It makes sense anon and she looks her age here before she lost weight and got all the bimbofitcation surgery.

No. 94082

File: 1589740941023.jpg (104.28 KB, 636x960, 10609622_726680384094490_42663…)

thats the pic she posted. Here's one of her at 15 years old (according to her fake timeline) lol

No. 94083

File: 1589741095220.jpg (153.35 KB, 717x682, Ce79-u7WAAAsZFw.jpg)

It must be rough to only be 14 years old here and look 30. Compulsive Liar Juliette Michele. Anyone with fucking eyes can see the bitch is in her 30s.

No. 94087

More like she always dressed like a slut and could sell it at 18.

No. 94096

File: 1589744122590.png (459.07 KB, 964x696, j.png)

She can keep pretending her rough ass is 21. Anyone with eyeballs can see she's almost 40. She doesnt look young. She looks like an old plastic surgery ho

No. 94100

File: 1589746228316.jpg (134.41 KB, 1267x852, instagramreality.jpg)

Cumbrains really believe Hana Bunny looks like a plastic Asian sex doll even after seeing her irl. They don't care as long as they can fap to it.

No. 94105

File: 1589747001709.png (541.32 KB, 815x557, j.thumb.png.dd8e5897a44fb87a70…)

Nigri looks like a bloated mess these days

No. 94106

She looks the same as ever tbh. She's looked like a 42-year old soccer mom ever since she was 21.

No. 94109

i didn't know bitch looked that rough jesus

No. 94128

Hannahbunny is a known Catfish like Misa Chang. She was exposed for lying about being Japanese and catfishing in the previous costhot threads.

No. 94144

Post these with time stamps, not with what you want them to say. She did Bakugo's mom last year.

No. 94150

File: 1589755399044.jpg (400.51 KB, 1536x2048, 26220480_765320540325413_91005…)

I used that pic because its the face I make when this bitch claims shes 21. I was not saying that was a old pic.
I'll post links but you know she's reading this and will try to delete all her shit quickly.

Instagram (other posts state about them drinking at a bar. At 16 years old apparently. lol): https://www.instagram.com/p/6nP482rQ1n/

Facebook pics (posted 2014 which would make her 15 according to her timeline: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CosplayWaifus/photos/?tab=album&album_id=726680374094491

19 year old Juliette (says last updated in 2018): https://www.storenvy.com/Bishoujo_Mom/stores

I'm not gonna link her whitepages that says she's 38 because it has her home address on it.

No. 94151

there is no way shes 38, let alone even in her 30s, have you ever seen a 40 year old woman? i fully believe shes the age she says. shes aged from makeup/plastics/drinking, maybe drug use too who knows, not from natural aging.

No. 94154

File: 1589755672254.png (1.18 MB, 570x938, asdasd.png)

Im sure if you held a poll, most would disagree. She looks 38. Theres no way she's 21 like she claims. Her body is also botched and not natural like she claims. She looks horrible

No. 94158

File: 1589755960438.png (363.7 KB, 414x510, asdsadads.png)

She looks late 30s.

No. 94164

Anon no one cares how old you think she looks. She is the age she says and your timeline crap makes no sense and there is tons of stuff to argue against it. She already admitting to doing lewd and sexual cosplays before she was 18 but started capitalizing on it officially the second she turned.

No. 94165

File: 1589757583672.jpg (657.8 KB, 1536x2048, EHcpKjPXUAADY5p.jpg)


lol Eh whatever! Obviously you're either her or a friend.This bitch was out at bars with other cosplayers at New York Comic Con in 2015. If you believe her, then maybe you should get all her friends arrested for groping and providing drinks to an underaged girl (as seen in the 2015 pics)? lol Just face it, She looks like an old wrench and her whitepages info says she's 38 years old. Theres no way she just turned 21 like she said. Also She's majorly botched from surgery and not all natural like her lying ass says

No. 94166

File: 1589758046372.png (2.3 MB, 2290x900, 122.png.08c04149453a86a1578ed1…)

Hanabunny is one of the worst cases of photoshop

No. 94174

File: 1589759753728.jpg (739.07 KB, 1730x1440, 3YYvZvt.jpg)

Yeah I know because I'm the one who posted about her pretending to be Japanese when she's actually Viet and her last name is Dinh. She's local to my area and everyone knows she's a lying drama whore. She wants to have a group of elite costhot friends super bad but stirs shit with every group that she comes into contact with so most people drop her from their group super quickly.

No. 94179

I almost feel sorry for her if she really is the age she says. Imagine being so young and looking nearly twice your age, that really isn't a good thing to most people. Not to mention looking so botched at a young age too, that shits gonna get worse with time. And if she really was posting lewds underage then that's disgusting.

No. 94182

Yeah, it would be sad IF she was actually only 21. That means she was out drinking and partying with these cosplay girls (who she still hangs with) when she was underage. This would also mean she was posting her lewds as young as 12 years old.
I honestly do believe she's 38 though. Not only does she look that age, other evidence proves it.

No. 94183

File: 1589761509109.png (286.58 KB, 346x336, dsasadsda.png)

According to her, she'd be 13-14 here. lol

No. 94184

File: 1589761778156.jpg (120.65 KB, 960x960, 1069360_629886380368736_141404…)

If she's actually 21 then she's 11-12 years old here.
Ok I'll stop now. Its just ridiculous to lie like that.

No. 94202

ayrt here, yeah I agree. I don't buy that she's 21 for a minute, same with Jenna Lynn meowri, both have botched middle aged woman faces (though Jenna isnt over 30 she definitely lies about her age among everything else) and think they're passable as 21 year olds, probably because they're worried their fanbase wouldn't find them as attractive if they were older (which especially in bishoujomom's case is weird since she cosplays, well, fictional moms kek)
I'm sure they also realize that their following are a bunch of retarded coomers who don't care about what's a lie and what's real.

No. 94208

the lack of milk on most of these people + bitchy comments make all of you look so desperately jealous of these girls lmao. shit thread

No. 94223

rofl. So which girl are you that is mentioned on this thread?
I don't think anyone is jealous of overly photoshopped, botched plastic surgery, lying chicks. We're calling them out! If you need milk on a certain girl, please ask. Which ones are you saying that don't have it? I'll gladly post the milk you're looking for.>>94208

No. 94230

Sorry you were posted lol

No. 94232

if you're saying you'll post milk then… why aren't you just posting it already? lying about your age and shooping are standard for cosplay.

i'm not seeing any real cows here, just girls who are mad that THEY aren't also manipulating men for their betabucks.

No. 94240

File: 1589775931861.jpg (11.39 KB, 254x254, b8edcfd6dd79720249b61853c178e8…)

>lying about age and lying about editing is standard for cosplay
>don't see any cows, just people who are jealous

You sound like one of said cancerous thots but whatever helps you feel better about your degeneracy!

No. 94241

If it's a shit thread then hide it you sped

No. 94281

Lol Juliette Michele go back to lying about your old ass and get some more plastic surgery to ruin your body.(hi cow)

No. 94288

There is milk on these girls being mentioned, just not enough for their own entire thread, hence why they’re being mentioned here.
Imo lying about your age is pretty milky, because if someone is willing to lie about something as minor as how old they are, they’re probably lying about almost everything about them.
I’m the anon that mentioned yurinaoto and how she’s hiding her age, and some other anon took it the wrong way that I’d judge her for being older than 23. Fuck no. I think she looks below the legal age and she posts lewds/fan service-y type pics lmao

No. 94290

meant >>94208

No. 94314

You know you can click the post # and it’ll automatically fill >>post # in the reply box, right?

No. 94318

Looks like a 13 or 14 year old Abby Brown.

No. 94340

File: 1589821759678.png (377.79 KB, 1072x454, j.png)

I dont think the online picture looks like her real 11 year old picture.

No. 94342

Anon, unless you have a birth certificate at this point, stfu about how old she is. You sound retarded as fuck to keep demanding she's 40 years old. She is from Texas. Do you realize how hypersexualized TX girls are, not to mention the crowd she ran with all look like thots since middle school. You put 2 and 2 together as to why she looks like such a whore at a young age.

No. 94344

Anon, she looks 40 years old and when you do a people search online it says she's 38 years old so its obvious she's an old bitch pretending to be 21. Her old ass aint tricking anyone. We all know she's lying.

No. 94345

File: 1589822964951.png (1.71 MB, 2438x824, stetchmarks.png)

Jenna lynn meowri tweeting she has stretchmarks from having a large ass….lol…. Those dont look like stretchmarks to me.

No. 94349

Where does it say she is legally 38 online?

No. 94351

LMAO is this bitch serious?? Please tell me she's joking

No. 94352

Up top towards her torso but thats it. How does she expect people to believe that laying on blanket indentations are stretch marks unless she's trying to be low-key fatphobic and she feels left out that she doesn't have real stretchmarks since so many cosplayers have been trying to normalize them in photos lately. She's a completely augmented Barbie doll because her mom is a plastic surgeon.

No. 94355

File: 1589824583944.jpg (186.1 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200518-195531_Sam…)

This is literally the first result when searching 'juliette michele age', it says she's 32 though.

No. 94359

LOL Anon you are a fucking retard. That is NOT proof. Do you realize how many kids fake their age to create an account when they are underage. She would've been 10 when Insatgram was created and if she was posted around this time she had to lie about her age to be able to post.

No. 94362

Proof has been posted numerous times of Juliette lying about her age. Drop it. We dont want to talk about her anymore. She's obviously a compulsive liar.

No. 94363

Posting images and saying she is a certain age doesn't magically make her 38, anon.

No. 94369

File: 1589827174991.png (61.94 KB, 546x282, jul.png)

Pictures and links to old profiles have been posted.
Her face is even enough proof she's not 21 lol
Pictures of her at a bar with other cosplayers in 2015 while getting groped is proof (she would have been 16) . Stop pretending you are 21 Juliette. We all know you're a liar.
Since you're here reading the posts, I highly suggest removing your old stuff in which you like to use the N-word :)(:))

No. 94370

You can't base someones age on just how they look. Is that why you are so mad about how she looks anon and you know cosplayers book hotels with bars in them right and you can go in to a majority of them underage, but they will not serve you unless you had a good fake ID at the time. Nothing you keep pointing out says she's faking her age. She dressed as a slut as a kid when she was fat as hell and now she sells it. That's the extent of it.

No. 94383

She’s lied numerous times about her plastic surgery and other things. She’s a known compulsive liar. what makes you think she’s being truthful about her age now? Lol

No. 94386

She's been honest about her lipo though. She's just riding the high road of 'what I do to my body is none of your business' now since her boobs.

No. 94388

File: 1589830907337.jpeg (68.18 KB, 750x216, B17BDE7E-5E4B-4A17-8C88-41482E…)

Where has she posted this? All I’ve seen is posts about how she’s all natural and never got anything done. She has said this multiple times. Better hurry up and edit an old post for me Juliette to say “I got lipo” and reply because I’ve never seen you ever say that

No. 94395

File: 1589832362709.png (40.84 KB, 619x395, lipoo.png)

Can you learn how to tag posts your are replying to? You shit up so much of the thread by not doing that and sage your replies.

No. 94398

File: 1589832442876.png (64.86 KB, 614x523, juicew.png)

No. 94399

File: 1589832535500.png (29.3 KB, 621x293, ins.png)

No. 94400

File: 1589832644634.png (33.63 KB, 1182x382, discuss.png)

Even on E-hentai they talk about it

No. 94402

File: 1589833161649.jpg (377.63 KB, 1341x1954, dsf.jpg)

(Im not the person above) I've known Juliette for awhile now and honestly she cant keep her lies straight. She talks about being all natural (no surgery) often then the next moment she talks about getting lipo? Does she not consider lipo as surgery? She also obviously got something done to her tits and ass as well. lol Her tits were looking deflated and saggy at one point and now they look like bolt ons. No one cares if she's in her 30s and got surgery. No need to lie.

No. 94405

I follow her stories. She gets her lips done and wants to look like a blow up doll. She got her chest done after her Disenchantment cosplay, believe this is the same time she got her lipo.

No. 94418

You guys.. do know that most models use stage names right?? She's probably in her early 20s and is just guilty of lying about the extensive work she's had done. When you vomit fake milk like this it ruins the flavor of the real milk.

No. 94419

And it's just clogging up the thread. It's not her real name and she's joked about people coming up to her and talking to her at cons as if that is her real name and they know her on a creepy personal level. Just like Stephanie Michelle isn't her real last name and people are idiots and think it is.

No. 94430

In closing, Juliette Michele is a liar and lies about her age and surgery. Case closed.
Lets move on to someone else

No. 94436

haruhi's book came out 2003, anime in 2006. its currently 2020. so assuming she cosplayed it in 2006, when it would've been popular…

you're saying shes 38. that means she would've been fucking 24 in the haruhi photo? or even 21 if she somehow knew about the book when it was released.

alternatively, if she was 11 in the photo and DID cosplay haruhi when it came out as an anime, it would make her about 25 right now. which is far more likely. >>94340

No. 94475

“Cares about my cosplay”

Sure you do. When most of your cosplays are edited clothes and selfies

No. 95354

You know she's saying she had no surgery by the time she was 18, showing a photo of her in a corset with a shit ton of makeup so its not really a brag, NOT saying she hasn't had any surgery now?
and she is now in her 20s (or not i'm not gunna start the debate again, either way she older now) and HAS had plastic surgery. Thats not exactly lying thts just us looking at 2 photos out of context

No. 95357

Her animal crossing stuff was drawn on but what other clothes has she photoshopped? I hate this trend too. Its not a cosplay when you don't even finish the cosplay and photoshop shit on. It's so lazy and I get so mad when these woke bitches think supporting laziness like this trumps over someone actually working hours on end to finish something. I don't even care if the finished product is good or not. It's been than these lazy cosplayers do this. This shouldn't be supported.

No. 95742

File: 1590356815903.jpg (489.55 KB, 2048x2048, ERlb7Q3XkAEfuRW.jpg)

Obviously she intended it to be confusing and for people believe she was natural. It says "IVE NEVER HAD ANY SURGERY". It doesn't say "This was before I had surgery." She's a liar and hid her surgery for quite awhile. Also no one knows her true age but its been proven multiple times that she's over 21 years old (the age she claims she is). Most of her cartoon-ish cosplay is photoshopped. And its sad these thots decide to botch their bodies with plastic surgery. It looks ridiculous.

No. 95789

File: 1590369872944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 5.57 MB, 5304x6075, 63A91DE6-B20D-4622-9CF2-57841F…)

She’s had Lipo, fat transfer to her ass, called S curve or some shit, giant implants clearly, literally nothing of her is the same, one of her first sets with Sabrina years ago clearly shows how much she’s changed- it’s clear as day she’s completely fake

No. 95792

This is not cute and kind of unsettling. Cumbrains will really fap to anything with photoshopped curves.

No. 95819

File: 1590383524719.jpg (474.19 KB, 1873x1001, email.jpg)

Looks like Jenna Lynn Meowri buys her instagram followers. A foreign bot company sent me this. They also have a picture of her on their website. lol

No. 95837

Why the hell would you believe some foreign company that would gain illegal access to these profile accounts? you are fucking stupid, anon. The AIs for these social medias are so quick to stamp out spam and bot accounts within less than 24 hours now. You see it instantly in follow declines en masse. Malware emails like these also use big names to sound important and legit. They aren't SONY lol Why the fuck else would this be real after that alone?

No. 95846

you're a fool if you don't realize that many "influencers" buy their followers. Look at lillie jean on instagram. Everything is fake. Jenna has a high amount of blank indian followers. You can look at the way she gains them as well (1000 in 1 hour, none the next 10 hours then 1000 again). She's obviously buying them.

No. 95847

Also you have a lot to learn if you think they have to gain access to the accounts. You just give them money and they add fake profiles/followers to whatever account you say.

No. 95848

And youre an idiot for not realizing how bot accounts are managed now. Social medias don't fuck around and haven't since Facebook got called out years ago for allowing Instagram, before the merger, to deal in bot buying. Twitter had long since fixed their 3 years ago. Bot buying is a scam now.

No. 95850

hahaha. No its not. I literally just bought followers and links for my etsy business on instagram to go viral. Thats why they're advertising to me again. I can give you mean legit sites where they can deliever likes and followers for cheap. This particular site that mentioned Jenna only charges $1 per 1000 followers and they stick. How do you think LIllie Jean did her account?

No. 95851

1 million followers- 99% purchased/fake followers: https://www.instagram.com/lilleejean/?hl=en
Its easily done and for super cheap. Jenna does it on twitter too. Her videos will often get more likes than views at the start. Just pay attention more

No. 96062

NTA but likes are more easily tracked on twitter than views. Views only count if you watch the video all the way through and I've done the 'click like before i actually watch a video because I like the person's content'before. It would only be suspicious if it stayed with more likes than views.

Companies like this love to lie about who they've worked with and just list random names of people in a way they dont think they'll get caught.

They're also blatantly fake because they're claiming to viewbot for LetsPlay when if they did they would say that they viewbot for rooster teeth because LetsPlay is a Rooster Teeth subsidiary channel.

Also if you're gonna obsess so hard please learn to sage.

I dont think her following is totally real but this means nothing.

No. 96152

You can take one look at jenna Lynn meowri’s followers and easily see she bought a lot of them.

No. 96159

File: 1590511169326.jpeg (32.07 KB, 281x500, 9664E393-C1AC-4C7C-862B-885C4D…)

Seems like Sabrina Nichole lied about being raped: https://linktr.ee/raekayn.
also sick of this chick going on and on about her boobs being too big that she has to get a reduction. They’re saggy as fuck because you shake them like you’re having a seizure in every video. I know she claims she’s never had a surgery before but I always see some weird indents in her lower stomach area. Could it be from lipo? And she always has nasty ass scabs all over body. She’s only in her early 20s and looks so haggard

No. 96161

do you not know what a natural woman’s body looks like anon?

No. 96162

>talking about lying about being raped
>normal boobs are saggy1!!!1
>doesn't know how a woman's lower stomach looks
it's all coming together

No. 96165

Breasts do not sag from being shaken, you are an idiot. Lipo does not cause “indents” in the stomach like that, it’s simply from how fat is distributed when you hike your pants up to your belly button.

No. 96166

Careful, she comes here so she’ll probably defend herself. Besides that, she was a playboy model so I’m not sure if she is all natural considering she did work for them.

No. 96170

She’s a stick straight up and down, with saggy breasts. Where in the world do any of you see that she had any work done? Do you even know what lipo stomach actually looks like?

No. 96171

File: 1590512679374.jpeg (288.57 KB, 1152x2048, F3EA2A80-BBCB-4A57-B487-4C2EA4…)

working for playboy doesn’t mean you’re plastic. For devils advocate, Sabrina’s photos are usually fairly unedited (excluding playboy but especially her selfie sets) for a costhot. you can literally see freckles, stretch marks, and blemishes. I don’t see any marks that indicate lipo

No. 96172

god she's sexy

No. 96173

File: 1590513448267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.9 KB, 815x510, Image7.thumb.jpg.9317b536c74d1…)

I'm sorry but Im gonna agree. Going from semi-perky breasts to saggy deflated tits in 3 years is not normal. I'm not gonna sugarcoat things just because she comes here but her breasts were beautiful and now they are a saggy ass mess.

No. 96174

it’s almost like…..she realizes weight gain and aging changed her boobs/shape and she wants to get a lift and reduction….funny how that works huh?

No. 96175

File: 1590513938035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.35 KB, 815x501, Image6.thumb.jpg.fd39880caa6a5…)

oh I agree. She needs a major lift. Remove all that saggy skin and make them perky again. But lets not ignore the fact that she's totally baiting her followers into commenting "PLEASE DONT!" every single time. lol I do not believe she'll actually ever get it done even though she majorly needs it. 3 years ago her tits were beautiful (see the video screencap). Now they look terrible.

No. 96176

The more important issue is Sabrina Nichole claimed to have been raped by Rae (another cosplayer) yet he has sound clips of her claiming otherwise and begging for sex. Hmm… thats strange

No. 96177

lets all kiss Sabrina's ass because she comes here. Please dont speak the truth. We can't let her know she has let herself go. She totally looks like a young 20 year old. ROFL

No. 96180

>young 20 year old

is there any proof this audio is even her? I’m not trying to not throw her under the bus but you could say this is a clip of anyone talking to anybody

No. 96182

She is possibly one of the most natural thots, anon, and with a good figure. Natural boosb are saggy. Are you expecting them to be up at your neck when they are a size DDD at the age of 14? You're an idiot and that's exactly what a normal stomach on a woman looks like. Compare her to >>95789 and tell me who fucked up with their body.

No. 96183

Not even a dude, but she is and aside from the rape thing and coming here during all of Moo's harassment to try and cause more, she doesn't have much else. She also seemed to stop working with others, but I think that's because she got called out for posting on lolcow and they banished her.

No. 96185

Also no one cares about a jealous fatty. If guys didn't care about boobs being a certain why, why does she have so many subs or are you going to tinfoil about her buying followers too? You're nitpicking and it's embarrassing.

No. 96186

It’s more likely just some ugly fat dude who stumbled on this site to complain. Especially because of the saggy breast sperg. Of course an overweight almost 30 year old woman is going to have breast sag

No. 96187

She says her breasts didn't grow until she was out of high school. So no, she was not a DDD at age 14. To go from age 22 to 25 with perky to bad saggy tits… theres something wrong there. Her tits were perky in her videos with playboy (age 22) and now they are down to her knees (age 25).

No. 96188

File: 1590517479295.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.15 KB, 429x550, thotss.jpg)

Nah, it's cross board that anons complain about anything that isn't natural, but they want to see them with the perkiness of fake boobs. I think it comes down to them not liking that dudes want to pay to see these natural boobs when 'saggy ew!' is all they see. Most guys I've asked, they like the look of fake boobs, but the feel of real boobs and even they know you can't have both and girls with those genetics are lucky as hell.

Speaking of thots and boobs, Rocksylight had to get a boob job because people wouldn't stop alluding to her being a child. She doesn't pedo-pander and is legal. She tried publishing gravure books and kept getting rejected by publishers thinking she was trying to sell child porn. She went to Korea and got a boob job and she honestly really needed it. Rather have saggy boobs or no boobs as an adult.

She even made a story about it. https://twitter.com/rocksylight/status/1123563636839075840

No. 96189

File: 1590517551685.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.4 KB, 1280x1920, hoku3krwx2531.jpg)

Stop taking everything so literally. That's how bodies work, anon. Why so pressed? And no they weren't. They had sag back then too. What do you think perky means?

No. 96190

Her boob job was well done but the face surgery she's had now is terrible. It was a botch job. She didn't need to get face surgery

No. 96191

File: 1590517626500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.65 KB, 512x341, unnamed.jpg)

Which one is perky, anon?

No. 96192

File: 1590517648663.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.6 KB, 1200x1800, sabrina-nichole-nude-lathered-…)

No. 96193

File: 1590517789929.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.67 KB, 365x504, Image7.thumb.jpg.9317b536c74d1…)

lets see… here's a recent pic.

No. 96194

File: 1590517845218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.31 KB, 183x275, download.jpg)

her breasts look the same

No. 96195

oh shit. she went from totally hot in playboy to trailer trash. what happened?

No. 96196

File: 1590517928514.png (688.73 KB, 633x650, makeup.png)

She needed it. Her nose is cuter now and she actually looks like an adult compared to a few years ago. Where is the botched part? She isn't Momokun. This was May 22nd, this year. What exactly facial stuff did she have done?

No. 96197

It’s due to weight gain

No. 96199

File: 1590518041228.jpg (178.89 KB, 450x500, 20200327_090924_169.thumb.jpg.…)

here's a recent video screencap. She didn't need to mess with her face.

No. 96200


She's mid talking, sperg.

No. 96201

File: 1590518135756.png (1 MB, 831x977, asdsadsad.png)

Video screencap from 2015. Looks way better

No. 96202

She needed that nose job. It's not even close to botched. >>96201 to >>96196

No. 96203

File: 1590518284516.jpg (191.65 KB, 500x500, 20200123_222218_152.thumb.jpg.…)

No she didn't. She botched herself up badly with all the face surgeries. She looks like jigsaw now

No. 96204

File: 1590518352327.png (878.52 KB, 618x595, anonis a retard.png)

you're a retard, anon.

No. 96205

How about people stop posting screencaps to videos where they can choose the worst parts to post and just post the entire video to prove your point?

No. 96206

That was a picture she posted on her own. lol

No. 96207

File: 1590518653586.jpg (959.66 KB, 1660x1106, 201910299097735570980660015.jp…)

She didn't need all the other surgeries. The cheek implants, the chin implant, the terrible veneers. she looks like a horror film character now. Another pic she posted…

No. 96208

File: 1590518674435.jpg (157.6 KB, 1080x1080, teeth.jpg)

She also had messed up teeth and had her jaw fixed.

No. 96209

she had a jaw implant as well. It was a comestic surgery. Didn't need that to have the jaw fix. You're a idiot, anon. lol

No. 96211

File: 1590518827238.jpg (122.65 KB, 675x1200, EQrXVG5WkAAB5Eh.jpg)

lol. Totally not botched now

No. 96212

File: 1590518946242.jpg (5.64 MB, 3264x3264, RocksyLive.jpg.1aae275b42f0172…)

Confirmed mid talking and that's just her cheek bones. Even before all this surgery she had obvious cheek bones when she would smile. She did have her jaw shaved down, but she's never mentioned cheek or chin implants. You have to be stupid to not see she doesn't have those.

No. 96213

File: 1590518974510.jpg (171.49 KB, 1080x1080, 81438438_680228572381802_64818…)

Jaw shaved. No implants anywhere but her boobs.

No. 96214

She's also stick thin, so her features are more obvious.

No. 96216

File: 1590519271599.jpg (85.86 KB, 512x500, Screenshot_20200401_144425.thu…)

Her chin was fine before. No cosmetic surgery was needed. (this is her before & after THAT SHE POSTED)

No. 96217

If this was after she got her teeth veneers, they look too big before they shaved them down to fit her mouth better. Hilary Duff had the horse cheek look before she fixed her too. I'm surprised people still get full sets.

No. 96218

Her jaw changed, not her chin. That's why it looks so different. Are you okay, anon?

No. 96219

Samefag, but looking at it more she cant even comfortably close her mouth and is overstretching her top lip. I think this is exactly the case. She has full rabbit syndrome with braces.

No. 96220

Are you okay? She says she spent over $200,000 on plastic surgery. She didn't need it.
Your the samefag that said Sabrina Nichole didn't need to fix her saggy ass titties and saggy ass body but Rocksy needs to fix her round jaw? lol

No. 96222

No one cares if you think she needed it or not anon. Its the fact that you think it's botched and keep saying she has facial implants when it's just jaw surgery. You're obsessed about it and derailing.

No. 96225

>everyone who thinks me sperging about S-SAGGY BODIES like a moid is embarrassing must be one single samefag

No. 96226

Rocksylight : basic looking bitch and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look even more basic. She should have stopped after the nose surgery

No. 96228

Sabrina Nichole: saggy tit girl who can’t take care of herself. She’ll look 60 by the time she’s 30. Should get a breast lift and start Taking care of her skin but never will. Did I sum her up good?

No. 96229

Juliette Michele: pretends to be 21 even though she looks much older and is obviously 30+. Used to lie about all her surgeries but found out people can easily tell so she’s coming clean about that. Had a history of posting racist comments

Jenna Lynn meowri: compulsive liar who buys her followers and photoshops her pics

Ok now that we got that out of the way let’s move on to some better topics

No. 96230

sage and keep your advanced autism to one post if you’re going to complain. better topics? bring one up

No. 96231

I knew it was all the same sperg.

No. 96232

Hahahaha bless your heart Anon. Does that make you feel better to believe that?

No. 96233

I’m not suggesting Juliette isn’t a cow and I do think Sabrina is generally unproblematic personally but the sudden influx of posts about them alllllllllllllmooooooost makes me wonder if it’s related. They haven’t really interacted in awhile although it is a lockdown and everything.

It might not be them actually posting but low key did they make someone mad recently? is someone just being extra spergy?

No. 96234

nah there's just a load of ban evading spergs/moids on here today, board got posted somewhere, we've had a farmhand come in and speak about it earlier

No. 96235

I didn't say none of them are cows. I'm addressing that they all have the same reee to them and when you don't agree they freak out more. Maybe it's different anons, but the way they post and not sage is the same with the commentary to match.

No. 96240

It’s obvious it’s the same anon that’s saying rocksy needed plastic surgery / anon who says Sabrina needs to get plastic surgery. Anon is obsessed with plastic surgery. Rocksy looked great before all the shit she got done and Sabrina looks fine natural. Stop pushing surgery onto these women

No. 96246

File: 1590528204822.png (37.07 KB, 761x643, liar.png)

How about anon shuts the fuck up and we get real milk instead of nitpicking from a scrote.

Mikomi Hokina didn't like the pusback she got and is not going after people for reposting her publicly posted tweets after her callout. Claiming the original images came from Patreon only and they are redistributed without authorization. She posted these photos.

No. 96247

File: 1590528471444.jpg (105.87 KB, 1079x1752, 100806959_250173159641554_4779…)

No. 96248

File: 1590528591916.png (161.01 KB, 603x455, 2.png)

No. 96249

File: 1590528702079.png (181.56 KB, 596x609, pussy.png)

No. 96256

Sabrina has what plastic surgeon doctors would call "severe sagging". She would very much benefit having a breast lift done. If she wants to get it fixed (like her numerous tweets mention), she should. She would look fantastic with a lift. She's the perfect candidate for one. I feel her pain having large saggy breasts (been there, done that). Getting a lift was the best thing I've ever done. So much more comfortable and looks better.(ban evasion)

No. 96380

I think Her nose looked better before.(ban evasion)

No. 96445

So cool watching the cosplayers on here have everyone do everything for them and buy their outfits. Really working hard and inspiring.

No. 96466

Idk what anons are arguing over. I honestly thought it was clear she looks fucked now, this is like California PS addict tier. Not because her new features are perceivably worse, in fact in still images they're a conventional improvement. But because in motion she doesn't even look human anymore, none of her features are able to move fluidly with the rest, thus you get this >>96212 where she looks autistic in nearly all expressions she makes. Maybe it's just perception, but to me her teeth look excruciatingly fake, and like 2x bigger than necessary too. Personally, I'd take old Rocksy even though she wasn't exactly conventionally attractive. I'd rather be considered ugs than be incapable of expressing myself without making people feel genuinely uncomfortable, but maybe that's just me.

No. 97313

File: 1591012537045.png (381.56 KB, 584x779, chiro.PNG)

>Pro-BLM cosplay twitter spends the weekend looking for anyone not "doing enough" for a good old fashioned cancellation
>Leon Chiro, fuckboy and idiot, gets on Twitch and says all the protests are "drama"

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy

No. 97417

Stella chu & yaya Han are getting hit, too. For 3 big cosplayer’s who represent the entire community in a business sense you’d think they’d be smarter than to say stupid ass shit publically, regardless of their views. It’s fun watching these idiots burn their online presence alive just bc they’re too stupid to manage to write a half decent awareness post & donate a few hundred bucks.

No. 97422


Yaya's drama started when she donated 1000$ so she's not really comparable to Stella and Leon's dumb shit. People are just looking for someone to point fingers at.

No. 97425

Pro-BLM Twitter is the final boss, this guy's fucked.

Kek at the implication people should be bullied into "activism". Personally, I wouldn't touch it with a 10ft poll because they'll just turn around and call it performative. You're damned if you do and damned don't kek.

No. 97462

Leon isn't even fucking American. I mean he's a huge fucking thot and a manslut but why the fuck would an Italian be required to be all into American politics? The amount of entitlement these people hold is astronomical.

No. 97482

The protests have reached an international stage with people protesting in the EU and in Japan. I don't look towards cosplayers as people on the forefront of a political movement though, especially costhots since people really just look at them to fap to. We don't expect pornstars to be on the front line, so why should we expect costhots to?

No. 97529

File: 1591048570831.jpg (444.88 KB, 1940x2048, EZSclloXsAcX0mE.jpg)

Certain cosplay thots such as Jenna Lynn Meowri are begging (on twitter and twitch streams) for people to DONATE TO THEM so they can donate under their names. Someone mentioned this is so they can get a tax write off. Is this true?

No. 97534

Nobody would have cares if he'd stayed silent, but by shoving his foot in his mouth people are using it as a jumping off point to call him on the shit he's been doing for years. The only reason people continue to shrug off his blackfacing, manchild drama, and sexual harassment accusations are because he's a hot cis male and his fans like to cite that he gets a pass for all of this because Italians are 'just like that's and don't know better.

No. 97537

Lisa Lou Who has a hate boner for Leon tho. I'd take anything she says with a grain of salt. She saw an opportunity to attack like always using a social justice platform to do it.

No. 97538

No that's not how tax write-offs work although she probably thinks it is. She's going to have to pay income taxes out of pocket for that unless they send her the money under the table.

It's probably so that she can brag about how much she donated or point to how much she's helping without actually paying anything herself.

No. 97547

>Nobody would have cares if he'd stayed silent
But LLW literally called him out for "purposefully staying silent". She's just another costhot on par with him who wants to start shit for clout.

No. 97587

For self employed people, they get to write off 100% of charity donations so she'll be paying less in taxes if she donates a high amount. You still have to pay 35% taxes or so on the amount sent to you via twitch/pay. Since onlyfans girls make such a high amount, they probably dont have much write offs so the donations will help her write off more.

No. 97589


yeah but she's also not wrong - there's more documented accusations of sexual harassment and assault than Momokun did and that lead to her downfall. The blackfacing shit is in photos.

they're both trash.

No. 97590


it doesn't work like that anymore since the new tax regulations came in to play. you have to donate something like 30k a year before it makes deductible status. she probably just wants to have a giant donation screenshot to post and doesn't want to pay for it herself

No. 97618

Leon can be a cunt, but that livestream was absolutely taken out of context. it was even streamed before his birthday so LLW is full of shit. Sounds like just another costhot chasing for justice clout tbqh and things went out of hand.

No. 97625

i know we're supposed to hate everyone on lc but god damn is it refreshing to see a sexy woman with natural blemishes/marks on her body. jesus christ i love this picture. idk who she is but she's beautiful

No. 97640

Completely agree w "Damned if you do, damned if you don't"

Tbh the girls who called out Stella and got retweeted got exactly what they asked for- attention. Stella is a passive-aggressive bitch who knows what she's doing. Those nobodies wanted a bigger cosplayer's platform and they got it and everything that comes with it. As soon as they got the slightest bit of criticism they went running back to their own hugboxes and totally failed to see the hypocrisy.

No. 97667

I've got SJW brain, but the idea is that if you have a large platform you should use it to boost and encourage support

No. 97708

She was also the one who led the charge on that because she has a massive hate boner for him for some reason.

She purposely misconstrued his live because she knew she could "cancel" him if she did.

Leon was talking about something not even related to BLM, but without the full context (and no one's gonna go look for it) she could say he was if she just took a tiny little clip.

No. 97718

And if you don't an angry mob should publically destroy you because they totally care about activism and not the opportunity to give themselves asspats for harrassment

No. 97721

If he doesn't want to be involved in American politics he's free to shut the fuck up about them, but if he's going to mention them he's going to be judged on how he talks about them. Plus it's not like Europe doesn't have its share of racism and police brutality.

No. 97722

This is honestly more of a case of the straw breaking the camel's back, he wouldn't be in such hot water if he hadn't been sexually harassing women, ignoring black fans over white fans, lying about game companies hiring him and acting like racism is an american invention for years.

No. 97723

Then call him out for that bullshit, when you make up exaggerated stuff that hurts the cause and nobody ends up taking you seriously. If there's enough crap to fling at him then do that instead of straight out lying. I really hate this trend of coming up with woke accusations to take someone down instead of using the actual, credible ammunition that really exist.

No. 97725

Second this.

No. 97726

What happened with yaya?

No. 97727

AFAIK She donated $1000 to NAACP and people are sperging out that she should've donated to some other fund (for paying the bail money for arrested protesters?), Yaya threw a fit that had a tone of "just be happy that you're getting anything from me" but deleted that tweet shortly after.

No. 97735

Wasn't she accused of clout chasing cuz she announced her donation on her social media?

No. 97738

Except the hot take earlier last week that any cosplayer who didn't post enough or donate enough was a complicit sheep who hates black people.

But if you do post what you're doing, you're just doing it for attention.

The only solution is to smash the reblog button on as many meaningless posts as possible to "do your part.". Armchair activism means more to these idiots than a $1000 donation.

No. 97743

I honestly feel bad for her. It's the select few who come after people who donate that make the rest look bad.

No. 97747

Except the comments from the "select few" always get retard boosted with likes and end up being the top comments.

No. 100955

File: 1592298094150.jpeg (775.84 KB, 828x1006, 74DCFB67-D37F-44F2-8921-C6BEA5…)

Not sure if I should post her here since she runs with the California Asian costhot crowd or in the general cosplay thread, but Zekia is looking mighty skelly here. I know she went full anachan after she started getting more famous, but it’s still jarring to see how thin she is between her “weight loss” and shoop.

No. 100956

File: 1592298142341.jpeg (629.66 KB, 828x1023, A1085B62-CD15-42D2-A33E-6B07D4…)

No. 101073


She's clearly skinny and small, but doesn't help she clearly shops herself to be tiny. Especially in that first pic. She edited her head much smaller than the other girl. Catty thing to do

No. 102089

File: 1592940955182.jpeg (396.52 KB, 1242x1401, EA89B92F-C42B-43D0-AC50-AA3B6E…)

No. 102090

File: 1592940994253.jpeg (387.68 KB, 1242x1517, 642D174A-E016-4BB6-95DD-B8805E…)

Person defending themselves of making lewd content of children and teenagers because it’s ~fiction~

No. 102100

I dunno, but maybe sexualizing Junko from Danganronpa feels totally different than Misty from Pokemon, who is 10?? Some characters feel off as hell to lewd. This is the Kanon from Dragon's maid argument all over. 17 vs a 10 year old.

No. 102130

Ugh, this person is a transtrender mom who doesn’t safeguard her 18+ content. There are obvious children all over her Instagram and tiktok that comment on her posts and she makes no attempt to stop their engagement. She’s been outed on twitter and Facebook for this multiple times. There was also some drama surrounding her because a year ago her friend committed suicide and she got into cosplay and lipsynched a sad song on tiktok. Pretty interesting character there.

No. 102147

This is why social media sex workers are cancer. They can't be fucked not subjecting children to their aids, OR find it empowering because they're demented.

No. 102164

This cosplayer also got in trouble a few years ago because they asked people’s thoughts on them doing an sexy indian costume for a thanksgiving set. when told this was a bad idea they fought tons of people on the comments

No. 102165

Complaining about someone "sexualizing a character that's a minor" is cringy as fuck and shows you spend way too much time online as any normal person wouldn't give a shit. You have an adult body, it's not child porn. Almost all the worry for muh fictional kids is disingenuous as well as it's always used by hypocritical thots to take competition down by hitting someone with the pedo card.

No. 102184

I mean, a normal person wouldn't know the source material. If you were a grown ass adult cosplaying Jojo siwa and doing lewds, or like Bob's burger characters or something, most normies would find that creepy or distasteful. To me it has nothing to do with the feelings of fictional characters and everything to do with someone being so up their own ass and obsessed with being edgy that they are intentionally appealing to the worst possible crowd.

No. 102185


most normies don't give a shit about cartoons, let alone "omg pedoz". all the jojo characters are drawn like full fucking adults anyway.

you're one of those shrill morons on twitter screaming about height differences being problematic and "minor-coded adults", aren't you

No. 102192

File: 1593007026601.jpg (155.59 KB, 1200x681, xm7rzz7bzq911.jpg)


>"hurr durr you're a fucking moron"

>Is illiterate

The anon you're replying to was talking about Jojo Siwa, not JJBA. Get off your high horse you retard.

No. 102197

I really doubt that. If you showed a "lewd Misty" cosplay done by a real life adult woman to a normie they would go "Wow that's hot, it's that chick from pokemon right lmao I remember her". Not "oh my god don't you know she's a MINOR and only 10 years old get off my face you pdo chld rpst". As long as the person cosplaying the character is an obvious adult then sperging about muh sexualization is fucking retarded and shows you have no life outside of woke twitter cancelers.

No. 102201

I don’t think so tho? Like doing lewd content from a teenager is just not ok. It’s the same as doing it with a “real” fictional character. One that isn’t a cartoon. It’s just normalizing the behavior that “hey it’s fiction so who cares”. I don’t it’s ok to ignore the actual concerns people have about this that people have. I know many teenagers who cosplay as adults and for others to normalize sexualizing underage people is going to normalize sexualizing those teenagers dressed up. “Just because it’s fictional”. I think it is something to mention and actually talk about.

No. 102202

My issue with stuff like Jojo Siwa/kid's media being sexualized is the exposure risk to the actual kids the original content (not the NSFW/fan content) was aimed at, like kids who watch Jojo's show on Disney finding a Jojo lookalike porno or nudes.

No. 102203

>It’s just normalizing the behavior that “hey it’s fiction so who cares”.
Okay. Let's ban every illegal thing from fiction then because autist zoomers can't differentiate it from reality.
> I know many teenagers who cosplay as adults and for others to normalize sexualizing underage people is going to normalize sexualizing those teenagers dressed up. “Just because it’s fictional”.
That's a huge leap in logic, anon. They're not fictional people. They're real teenagers in real life dressed up as characters. Most people know the difference and can't be hypnotized by a cartoon to think it's okay to harass teenagers, and the ones who already think it is don't need cartoons to justify their shitty behavior.

No. 102207


I understand your point. I wouldn't want my children to look up characters from their favorite game or cartoon directed at their age group and be confronted by half-naked women. The best child restriction program can't filter that stuff out. Adults doing NSFW content in spaces dedicated for children/minors is in itself super creepy and predatory in an indirect way, especially when posting it publicly under the same exact tag.

I remember back in the days when Steven Universe was up and coming that people on tumblr were BEGGING other users to use an alternative tag for NSFW content and never use the real one to protect minors from being exposed to that type of content. God, do whatever the fuck you want online but it pisses me off that cosplayers are so inconsiderate and clout thirsty that they would invade spaces meant for children (or everyone) just to over-sexualize the most innocent things.

No. 102208

And you bring up a good point. But as someone who has worked with people who have been abused as children a lot of people who sexualize The children will find loopholes to try to either defend themselves or to defend their actions. It is a common pattern ,my point that I’m trying to make is maybe just don’t do lewd cosplays of under age characters. I just don’t know why anyone would want to have a lewd photo shoot of a under age child. We arent going to pretend that these people like having these photo sets of Lewd cosplayers because they look pretty… iso why have some of underage characters?

No. 102224


>people with disgusting mental disorders will use loopholes to justify it

so instead of calling those people out for the gross crazies they are, you want to use the slippery slope to ban all content? if you ban lewd cosplay, actual, RL pedos are going to use other excuses, just like they did for hundreds of years before cosplay was invented. it's no difference from men who abuse their wives and make up whatever dumb excuse they can. you can't good wife your way out of being abused and you can't content police away pedophiles


content should be tagged and locked, but if you look at the anti movement on twitter and elsewhere, they deliberately lie about their ages to get into 18+ content platforms and then dox and harass artists for being "gross pedo freaks".

No. 102356

>actual, RL pedos are going to use other excuses, just like they did for hundreds of years before cosplay was invented.
This. I know it's comforting for people to think that they can prevent pedos from existing or spot them based on their interests but it doesn't work that way. They will always exist and they don't need brainwashing cosplays to harass kids. A lot of outed predators in the fandom circles have been completely normal with no dubious interests and often even aggressively hated on "pedo" content and took part in content policing.

As much as I hate e-thots and wish the sexualization of cosplay would go away crying pedo isn't the way to take care of it. Nobody's going to be brainwashed into thinking that harassing teenagers or children is okay because some 25-year old woman made a "sexy Wednesday Addams" cosplay or some stupid shit like that.

No. 102363

Why are you caping so hard for the right to sexualize underage characters? That's more creepy than anything. People make legitimate points about minors finding content or why they find it distasteful and you're like UHHHH ACTUALLY people jerking off to other people dressed up as fictional children is extremely normal and fine and healthy!!

I don't think pedos are generally checking for grown adult women cosplayers, and a lot of anime has high school aged characters that are regularly cosplayed by adults. But cosplaying someone who is supposed to be a middle schooler or younger and making it sexy? Like why? Who does that serve?

No. 102394


I find the whole "sexy chuckie from rugrats" cosplays to be distasteful as fuck, but when people roll in and drop the Pedo bomb, all it does is shut down any ability to actually solve the problem. People who like the content tune out and it turns into a circlejerk of virtue signaling when nobody REALLY thinks the simps ACTUALLY are pedos.

We can talk about how thots need to age lock and the problem with untagged nsfw on twitter and the pressure on teenagers to provide lewds, but you can't do that when you're branding the entire thing with what used to be the worst possible accusation you could level against somebody.

plus it makes the word meaningless and then when you have actual predators like vic and co preying on actual teen girls, nobody believes it, because 22 year olds who consider themselves minors have diluted the word beyond all meaning.

No. 102414

Reading braindead posts like this makes me wish that people like you will at some point find an adult-passing 16-17-year old cartoon character attractive without knowing their canonical age and then get cancelled over it by the same fandom police crowd they helped to create lmfao.

Yep. Now whenever someone is accused of being a "pedo" you'll have to first check if they're talking about someone actually molesting kids or them liking a shirtless Bakugo drawing or cosplayed an aged up, sexy version of adult Chibi Moon or something. Doesn't even have to be kid characters, I remember that 19-year old girl being cancelled for stanning a 21-year old babyfaced k-pop singer and being called a pedo for it.

No. 102433

Y’all, I don’t see why people are trying so hard to defend creating lewd content of underage characters. It’s seriously like not ok? Like yeah sure use the excuse “being creative”. But why? Seriously what is the purpose of it. Like another person said here, people don’t buy these lewd pics of cosplayer because they look “pretty”. It is usually to yank one off on them. Just seems extreme uncomfortable to do with while they are dressed like underage characters.

No. 102480

Because the outfits can be cute in a sexy way on an adult? Misty is a good example. She wears a croptop & short-shorts with straps. She's also redheaded which is a nice excuse for a ginger wig or whatever. Frankly most e-thots aren't such goddamn nerds that they have the canonical ages of popular characters memorized.

There is true pendopandering garbage out there, I think DDLG stuff is pretty disgusting more or less, but an adult woman dressed in the same outfit as a popular underage anime character and "lewding" it is real low on that list to me. People aren't jacking off because a 25 year old is dressed like a cartoon 10 year old, they're jacking off because a woman they think is hot is in revealing clothing that makes her seem "relatable" to them as nerd simps. If Misty was supposed to be 25 just as many sexy cosplays of her would exist, and just as many nostalgic cumbrained manchildren would jack off to them.

No. 102625

File: 1593182626562.jpg (74.6 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1593182399848.jpg)

Did anyone see this from official Kobra? It's all been deleted now because they claimed that people were being racist to them after they posted this.

No. 102629

Bold of them to post this, I see why it's gone now. Until this post I thought my race could take a joke, I guess I was wrong kek. I see what they're getting at but at this point I feel they might as well be screaming into a void.

No. 102639

File: 1593190878040.jpeg (407.03 KB, 815x629, B3815D72-1169-430A-9E3F-A9EBD6…)

The “I never photoshop. I just have a tiny waist” girl. Insta pic vs video screencap

No. 102652

To be fair I can see the boning in her corset on the left and not the right. So I feel like she isn’t wearing one on the right or at least is wearing it less tightened. But there’s still no way the left isn’t shopped.

No. 102673

File: 1593201619326.jpeg (995.19 KB, 1760x1116, E0AB8879-CF96-49F3-9A66-602771…)

In the video you can see still boning when she’s moving around so she is wearing it on the video also

She constantly photoshops everything and talks about it being natural. It’s sad because she looks fine in real life

No. 102695

that warped arm where she dragged her tit out. tsk. sloppy

No. 103806

She issued DMCAs for these photos. Someone is afraid that her jokes towards black people right now and black face will surface.

No. 104092

ah yes, the good old "mocking the oppressor is completely the same as mocking the systemically oppressed" false equivalency.

man i love internet straw men.

No. 104186

Ah, the old 'treating people differently based upon their skin color'. Definitely not racism thinly veiled as saviorism.

No. 104465

File: 1594259216702.jpg (36.66 KB, 373x500, Jessica-Nigri-jessica-nigri-34…)

nigri used to use NIGRI PLEASE as part of her branding awhile back. She would constantly yell "NIGRI PLEASE" at her booth to be funny and had a lot of racist facebook posts about the slogan (saying she hopes the slogan attracts non-white guys because she only has white guys that come to her booth) but has since deleted it all and wont even acknowledge it at all. I know its not a huge deal but I always found it distasteful.

No. 104473

File: 1594265179677.gif (862.14 KB, 498x278, knitta.gif)

Distasteful but there was a lot of that humor everywhere. Can't really blame her, but her refusing to acknowledge it is the shit thing

No. 104476

So to summarize, so far in 2020 post-Corona outbreak:
>some thot(s) make coronavirus inspired cosplays and people get outraged
>no cons make everyone and their mom open an onlyfans and their legs
>an online con is suddenly racist for forgetting to invite the same token special twitter black guests everyone knows (and it's also the algorithm's fault)
>suddenly America is the center of the world with BLM
>Leon Chiro gets dunked on by Lisa Lou Literally Who on his birthday AGAIN and outed as a retard and a serial basic costhot chaser like 90% male cosplayers
>Momokun still tries to act like a cosplayer, trembles in fear and deletes all her twitch streams in fear at the same time (while now adopting an ebonics accent)
>JNig deletes and sweeps all her past mistakes under the rug and preaches YASSSSS BLACK QUEEEENS SLAYYY to sell her plastic-filled titties
>Yaya Han selling her overpriced masks somehow gets shit for donating to BLM causes
>Every costhot promises to sell their chocolate starfish for chocolate skinned people for values they don't believe in
>Costhots bitch and whine who's more OPPREZED n WOKE, multiple friendships are wounded
>All of this when 0 cons and events have happened and almost no one has interacted in person.
Never change.

No. 104487

The cosplay community is the most toxic out there. It’s a whole bunch of ugly whores who overly photoshop their pics to sell to sad fat men who are blind and can’t spot photoshop. Let’s face it…. slutty cosplay chicks are what street whores once were. None of these girls are pretty in real life and have no chance becoming real models so they have to sell their bodies online for $1.(no1curr)

No. 104520

Post facebook posts or dont say they used to exist and Nigri Please could also be a play on, based on her age, Amanda Please.

No. 104547

This but also… its literally her name and it's the family name too so it's not like it's special points first name or a nickname or stage name. Also I find these claims of her saying vaguely racist things with no receipts dubious because people (myself included) called her out for EVERYTHING she did so there would 100% be receipts online or in an older thread or forum of something.

No. 104549

Great summary anon, but you forgot
>BLM autists perpetuate second wave because their virtue signalling can overcome any virus

No. 104564

Stats literally said the protests didn't cause a spike. If you look 90% of the protesters were wearing masks. The spike was from idiots going to restaurants, stores and parties not wearing masks.
Nice try tho.

No. 104590

It’s obvious that she used “Nigri please” as an alternative to “n-word please” but she was smart to clear the internet of it all. Is there a way to do the way back machine on old Facebook posts?

No. 104602

Source? They are reporting anyone who takes the test and tests positive, ‘no shows’ are counted positive. More people are taking the tests. The meaning of the numbers aren’t bring presented upfront to begin with so it’s moot.

No. 104607

LOL not where I live. Most of them didn't wear masks.

No. 104615

That's why directly afterwards the spike occurred, kek. It's simple, you can count on people to obscure important information with the intention retain the popular opinion.
>Nice try though
Clearly we've encountered an autist who thought international protests were appropriate during and global pandemic.

No. 104626

>Lisa Lou Literally Who
Holy shit I busted my sides cracking up at this, ouch anon

I feel like the lockdown causing everything to move online has made everyone to be frustrated, super catty and loud all year, especially when it comes to politics. People are so mad they can't control nature (the virus) and the feel-good "we're in this together, stay safe! uwu" pieces went out of fashion as the pandemic just didn't go away after a few weeks of staying inside. So they vent out their frustration on things they can get practical results from, i.e. performative wokeness. Since there are no cons you don't get chances to show off your costumes so nobody is really working on anything, they have to gather the clout by other means. And what would be better than aggressive politics and trying to cancel each other over innocuous slip-ups. During the peak you'd get cancelled for posting casual cosplay content instead of BLM spergouts, even if you're not American.

Honestly, I'm afraid of returning back to cosplay after the lockdown ends because everyone is so on the edge and so terrified of being attacked they're rushing to jump through as many woke hoops as they can in order to secure their asses. Will this continue post-reopening too? Will everyone finally just forget about cosplay to begin with and focus on identity politics? Or will everyone be burnt out by the constant discourse and start caring more about the core craft instead? I can't imagine people willingly keeping this up for long because even Yaya was attacked for donating "incorrectly" so the cancel crowd's thirst is never satiated. The best way to win the game is to not play it at all.

No. 104638


Once cons start up, the performative crowd will switch to shaming people who are going, even if there's a vaccine / numbers go down. We'll see which side ends up winning.

No. 104669

File: 1594413395723.jpg (83.09 KB, 270x500, erin.jpg)

If you go to her tiktok and Twitter, these are real screenshots from the videos. I am not sayin that she’s perfect and doesn’t photoshop, I believe she does just like other models do. And maybe she’s made mistakes in the past who knows. I just don’t like to see blatant lies being spread about ppl, she looks curvy in the videos and a lot of “screenshots” r fake to make her look bad. I saw this on lolcow first and checked for myself.

No. 104670

I was thinking the same too to be honest. But look. Let's be real. On the internet everyone is 10 times edgier and amped up more than they actually are. In real life nobody's going to have guts to cancel anybody when cons start back up, whether that's in a few months or in 2 years. Everyone returns to their passive-agressive two-faced friendliness and thottery as usual.

Hell, when I was scrolling through Chiro drama on twitter I saw plenty of them wishing they punched him or promising they would do it but really? What uwu-zoomer is going to get kicked out and ruin their con experience to fling their fist at some meaty fuckboy con guest? For what? Do they really expect to get a Justice Warrior badge and for the entire con to start clapping?
The reality in these situations is that everyone chickens out and instead merely aggressively stare at eachother from a distance and whisper to their hugbox friends, talk shit on internet, and that's it.
And if someone DOES punch someone, they're kicked out, money they spent to go to their precious con is wasted, people get hurt, nobody learns anything valuable, and it's not fun or satisfying for anybody. Speaking from experience.

No. 104671

File: 1594416735669.png (307.37 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20200710-172535~2.p…)

>an online con is suddenly racist for forgetting to invite the same token special twitter black guests everyone knows (and it's also the algorithm's fault)

Zenithkon, the online spite con created by the warriors who took down Craftchella, canceled this week due to "creative differences" and "lack of volunteers"

Probably worth pointing out too that Craftchella wasn't a con so the whole thing is even stupider. It was a bunch of people who volunteered to stream together.

No. 104672

File: 1594416828696.png (305.56 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20200710-173310~2.p…)

No. 104673

Anon, you do know that tiktok and instagram do have new filters that you can use to photoshop not just your face, but your waistline as well? A lot of famous tiktokers are using it. The girl is built like a fridge, and her shops are extremely obvious. If she were to just admit it, nobody would be giving her grief at all. The reason people make fun of her is because she denies it so vehemently, and her white knights do too because they're too stupid to realize it.

No. 104674

Literally nobody believes that these pussies would punch anyone, they would have a demobilizing panic attack if you ever approached them IRL. But what's actually real and harmful is the cancelling itself, it's hugely traumatizing to experience people being hateful against you even if it was just online trash talking. I know "cyberbullying" is a meme but nowadays our everyday lives are so strongly intertwined with out online presence that it's hard to escape it, those people might as well be in the same room yelling insults and made up drama at you. Nobody wants to associate with you if it means they'll be canceled as well, you'll be left alone. I personally know of few cases where these internet weirdos have contacted someone's employer to complain about what they've posted on twitter too. You don't even have to say anything incriminating, just being a teensy bit critical of PC spergs and their tactics will send your ass to cancel town.

A woke virtue signaling con got canceled due to the "creative differences" ouroboros curse and lack of interested people? Say it ain't so!

No. 104675

File: 1594421205163.jpg (173.16 KB, 559x490, imageerin.jpg)

Erin Eevee is even photoshopping her fucking screenshots. lol Anyone can go to tiktok and see what she truly looks like (spicyfoxlady is her username).

No. 104694

File: 1594441506784.jpg (326.21 KB, 1080x1417, IMG_20200711_051836.jpg)

Gotta love how Ms. Totally-Not-Suggar-Daddyed-Self-Made Alythuh's skintone keeps changing for those brownie (no pun intended) points on her cosplays yet nobody calls her out on muh blackface.
>inb4 she's mixed
Yes, I know, but dumbasses definitely don't give a fuck about nor understand that concept when trying to cancel people. Cosplayers have been accused of blackface for so much less. But in this case you'd be drowned out by her WKs.
It's amazing you can't find a single critique against her on twitter.

No. 104701

dumb nitpicks I know but god her attempts for more anime clout with these lazy cosplays is embarrassing. she couldn't even be bothered to get an accurate wig instead of that lacefront she always wears, and her accessories being flipped and backwards like she couldn't be bothered to even check. like at least pretend to care

No. 104759

File: 1594493155587.png (159.63 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-34-19…)

This guy kinda weirds me out. He dropped a story today that he was catfished and "almost raped"

No. 104760

File: 1594493188419.png (386.37 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-34-22…)

No. 104761

File: 1594493351233.png (309.4 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-34-14…)

No. 104762

File: 1594493521025.png (423.12 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-35-18…)

No. 104763

File: 1594493607327.png (234.41 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-35-48…)

No. 104764

File: 1594493780486.png (305.05 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-35-57…)

No. 104765

File: 1594493956746.png (370.7 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-07-11-11-36-06…)

No. 104780

Not sure why you think this is thot-ish behavior, unless your problem is with him using dating apps for hookups.

No. 104784

That's frightening, I'm glad he's okay. I'm not sure why "rape" is in quotation marks though? I mean I could name more than a few murders that occurred because of dudes using Grindr…

No. 104803

File: 1594549151400.jpg (138.27 KB, 1080x571, IMG_20200711_120234.jpg)

>cries she loses attention outside of drama and flashing tits for cumbrains

No. 104804

I hate people like this. Shut up sounding so needy, they're only likes and of you actually enjoyed it (and not just a serotonin boost you get from the attention) you wouldn't post shit like this. And honestly, if you do care about the likes this much, try being aloof. You might find people prefer to like things that don't smell of desperation. Typical costhot logic kek.

No. 104839

She really thought her caping for the movement and attempting to cancel others for the slightest infraction was gonna translate to views for herself.

Wow. She seems like she totally definitely not doing it for All The Wrong Reasons at allllllll.

No. 104876

File: 1594615372138.jpg (41.02 KB, 458x468, IMG_20200712_123202.thumb.JPG.…)

When you claim you don't photoshop but you put up a glitched pic like this (fe galvao)

No. 104880

I like her new one nostril look, perhaps I'll take this image to a surgeon kek.

No. 105279

File: 1594849836260.png (532.3 KB, 593x525, mRnVmjIE.png)

She claims what?

Silly anon, her right nostril is right there. Her nose is just turned this > way.

No. 105312

File: 1594861434214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 303.48 KB, 1338x1800, 5C7F4E0C-0789-4CC8-AC9C-93B01B…)


No. 105348

Kek, I like your level of commitment to the character anon.

No. 105349

I…I genuinely cannot tell if this is an anon having a laugh or one of her wk's, only because her whiteknights are actually this dumb. Gotta love that wonky photoshop though, god eevee we've all seen your candid and know you're built like a brick lol

No. 105351

If you know she is mixed then you know she can tan easily to get darker. She is also in the shade. Looking through her other photos, she varies a lot naturally. Nothing she does is blackface.

No. 105353

File: 1594883747130.jpg (1.3 MB, 2250x2250, pt2020_07_16_17_13_35.jpg)

Idk man, I don't think her profile is turned enough to explain The Great Caper Of The Missing Nostril. Looks like she fucked up editing to me. God knows what that nostril shaped mark is next to her solitary nose slit kek.

Ngl though a quick google search shows all her shops look like this now. Here's some shitty quality old shots for comparison.

No. 105393

Has she done anything milky lately? Probably throw her to the photoshop thread >>>/snow/1005098 instead of spamming and nitpicking it here and just pooling the thread up with nothing useful.

No. 105396

Exactly my point.
She's not blackfacing or whatever the fuck, but if she wasn't a dolly girl with an army of simps and WKs behind her marketing her body and her WoKeNeSs, she absolutely would be accused of it. Don't say she wouldn't in the cosplay world of 2020 when other cosplayers have too for so much less.

For comparison l, I'll never forget a year-ish ago when cosplay twitter and insta jumped on some european girl I can't recall for "blackfacing" to the point of her melting down and quitting. Turns out she was mixed and had problems accepting her natural skin due to years of harrassment even from her pics circulating amongst channers or something (then when she finally decides to accept it she gets harrassed again for blackfishing apparently lol).
I can tell you though if she was a costhot with 100k+ followers showing off her body with an army of WKs behind her acting like a superior holier-than-thou cunt and feeding sexual harrasment anitwitter culture for her own benefit like Alythuh (and every costhot) she wouldn't be subjected to any of it or any other cancel culture bullshit.(no1curr)

No. 105397

You mean the one who literally put black makeup on her face to cosplay a character from The Walking Dead? That WAS blackface. Nothing this girl is doing is balckface. Having the ability to naturally tan darker and then getting mad at it when she isn't appropriating anything makes no sense and smells of jealous vendetta. You can't even sage right.

No. 105398

She is also the same color as the character. What's the issue here? The character is also mixed lol >>104694 Both of the girls are the same color as the characters. She even had to stand farther in the shadows and behind to get it. She isn't trying to be black. Shes mixed the same as the character is mixed.

No. 105402

File: 1594927310646.jpg (971.17 KB, 2560x1440, butt.jpg)

Noticed in Fe Galvao's latest video she has weird marks on her ass. Could this be from BBL or filler? Im not familiar with those procedures so I wasnt sure. I know she claims she's completely natural though. Or is it just butt acne? (video darkened to see better)

No. 105409

I don't think they are, just because I think bbl are done at the crease. It looks like gross butt acne.

No. 105690

File: 1595120149883.png (305.71 KB, 456x462, feg.png)

Of course it doesn't, I was just joking because it looks like she copypasted the nose from a completely different angle. Pic related

No. 105781

Soz anon, I'm a self proclaimed autist who can't read sarcasm over the internet

No. 106077

File: 1595357293637.jpg (420.62 KB, 793x707, erin.jpg)

Aren't these thots embarrassed to go to public events/cons when they don't look like their shopped pictures?

No. 106079

I never saw this before but here's the stream where Jenna Lynn Meowri claimed twitch streamer Mizchif was harassing her and got him banned for 3 weeks off of twitch for sexual harassment. Even threatened to sue him.

No. 106089


Imagine using photos that are over 5 years old go try to degrade someone…. +____+ yikes( +____+ )

No. 106090

File: 1595360550695.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 182.43 KB, 1242x919, C626D55C-5077-4869-B95B-319B7D…)

Can we talk about Bishoujomom's/Juliette’s fake disgusting ass? Her photoshop is so bad and she denies plastic surgery! She looks so scary and gross

No. 106103

Bishoujomom recently admitted she got lipo, BBL, and butt fillers. Its obvious she's got a shit load of other things done as well. She took her natural jiggly tits and put silicone in them. They are stiff and ugly now. And god…her face…. Its sad because she claims she's early 20s and looks like Jigsaw

No. 106107

File: 1595366184719.png (13.48 MB, 3832x3868, erinee.png)


oh no need for that. she's gotten waaaay worse with photoshop now

No. 106113

These have been posted 3 times now. Lurk the thread you pull-fag.

No. 106114

Get out of here with you shitty "she's 40" conspiracy bullshit again.

No. 106115

i never said she was 40. i only commented that its sad she'd ruin her young face like that. she looks like jigsaw

No. 106125

File: 1595371823224.jpeg (83.51 KB, 720x720, 128D9351-78FD-4AD9-95F2-D00675…)

I just went to her tiktok. Her waist is not that big stop milking the thread and posting fake pictures for attention.

No. 106127

NTA, but she photoshops the thumbnails that she uses for the Tiktoks. That image intends to show the contrast between the thumbnail and the actual video (It's been posted in a different thread.)

No. 106139

File: 1595378867674.png (980.7 KB, 532x952, er.png)

I also dont know any program other than paint and tried to resize the screencaps to be the same size as her twitter pics. Resizing may have fucked up the ratio but here's a direct screencap and anyone can go to her tiktok and see with their own eyes. She also photoshops the screencaps to be curvy and post it on her social media so be careful of that. You gotta watch her in motion to see her non-photoshopped ship (she still uses meitu app to film her vids so they might even altered as well)

No. 106510

File: 1595562894789.jpeg (897.63 KB, 828x1792, 4D6AC6D8-8857-4B1E-BFBA-FC75DC…)

No milk but J-List on Twitter were reminiscing about past comic-cons and posted this Pre-op J-Nig. It’s shocking how she doesn’t even look like this anymore.

No. 106535

File: 1595573736276.jpg (111.74 KB, 414x500, jenna.thumb.jpg.36f95e7a10974f…)

Jenna Lynn Meowri calls herself a thicc goddess yet you can see the butt pads she wears lol

No. 106536

File: 1595573904893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.5 MB, 3296x5086, ga.jpg)

Remember when cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean claimed she was gay but then married a guy who's obviously a flamboyant gay as well and they do cosplay porn together….lol…

No. 106578

she's pansexual and he's bi? Are you basjng your claim he's full on gay because of how he looks because thats massively retarded

No. 106583

There’s a lot of fake sexuality baiting in anime comms but imo most bisexuals go thru a point of thinking they’re 100% in one direction or the other. I don’t think it was a “give me attention” susu and bunny stint but I also don’t follow her now so if she or her ex said anything shitty to allude to it being fake that might be some milk

No. 106607


You already posted this twice…We all know she wears fake boobs and ass bc she has none. Why do you keep trying to start on conversation up on jenna anyway? She's boring asf and hasn't done anything milky in months.

Take your vendetta elsewhere.

No. 106622

(not the op but..)
Jenna literally has milk every week. lol From the non-stop lying, attacking people for BLM, the photoshopping, etc…. Its never ending.(samefagging)

No. 106651

She has her own fucking thread. Get out.

No. 106654


>Non stop lying

Thats not milk, We already know she lies a fuck ton. What cow doesn't?

>The photoshoping

Again, thats not milk. There's a whole thread dedicated to talking about cows and their bad photoshop.
Go post about it there.

>Attacking people for blm

Virtue signaling…not milk.

Like i said: she hasn't done anything milky in months and most of what op is mentioning is shit that everyone already knows. Constantly posting old photos with old information reeks of vendetta, take that shit somewhere else.

No. 106657

Gonna go ahead and guess the Jenna posting is PULL refugees

No. 106658

Same for the photoshop thread in /snow/. Most of them are just posts that should be in the general instathot hate thread.

No. 106666

File: 1595647781332.png (Spoiler Image, 302.39 KB, 534x714, sa.png)

I was told to post Sabrina Nichole here.
Is she still claiming she was raped yet doing fantasy rape sets for her OF?

No. 106667

Can you stop spamming this everywhere? You've been cross-posting your vendettas for days now. >>>/snow/1012339

I'll repeat it here:
>Consensual non-consent is a thing, anon and you even posted her disclaimer about it all being fantasy. Many females also have rape fantasies, you know.
>This is a hentai set you dumbass based on source material lol Imagine being this retarded and she is of age. Way of age

No. 106669

Didn’t this saggy tit bitch lie about being raped by another cosplayer as well?

No. 106670

It's all true. You are talking about Momokuma. https://twitter.com/Sabrinanichol/status/1093989167011385344

Lurk old threads. Jesus christ.

No. 106675


Forgot to add, Momokun also lied about Nate.

No. 106752


No. 106756

>>106669 you are thinking about Rae Kay.
It wasn't false, and he's done it to multiple partners of his, many who came forward when Sabrina did. So leave your vendetta somewhere else and find a new buff asian boy to stan.

No. 106777

I know you’re yelling but I agree someone has 100% vendetta posting her in like three different threads all week. also funny how they have the exact same points as the last sperg who comes in bursts

No. 106779

you fucking cow. have you ever seen tits before? Sabrina's is not close to being saggy(whiteknighting)

No. 106786

Her tits are 100% saggy and are only going to get saggier with time. Also I think the only thing bring attention to Sabrina in this thread at this point is whoever keeps sperging over people talking about her. If they stfu people would move on. Also learn to Sage your posts if it's not milk

No. 106790

File: 1595726961506.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 757x938, 1.png)


The Jenna vendetta posts just weird, I said her lips didn't even look that different compared to the old photo from like 5 years ago and they went for me

but it's just makeup in the pic, the old lips are still there, she must have forgot to photoshop this

the boob thing, idk if she used fake boobs under her costumes before, she must have had a boob job since, her onlyfans is free and you can see 100s of photos of her there if you want more proof of this

No. 106791

File: 1595727589426.jpg (3.49 MB, 1937x1853, jj.jpg.86f67a0fc231c7fcd015d9b…)

you said her face/lips looked the same as this picture. Do you have vision issues?

No. 106809

Lol are you fucking blind anon

No. 106814


>seems like a bit of a reach tho, her mouth doesn't look that different in both pictures

I said mouth, where did I say face? You're the one who can't read.

It's not even slightly hard to see that it's the same person in both pictures just with different makeup and the picture shows why her lips look bigger, photoshop and a ton of makeup.

Why do I even fucking bother?

No. 106818

File: 1595741232246.png (535.24 KB, 434x561, jj.png)

yeah she totally has the same mouth lol its botched as can be

No. 106819

Are you fucking retarded anon
Or are you one of her dipshit cumbrain followers
She's had SURGERY, it's obvious in videos and pictures, she's had a nosejob and lip injections among other shit

No. 106820

Anon I for real think you're not even looking at the same pictures because >>106791 and >>106790 look absolutely fucking nothing alike. If she is 23 I feel fucking horrible for her because her botched surgery literally aged her 10 years.

No. 106823

I did a little digging, this is her, anon, but like I mentioned upthread, she has her own thread. I'll post the stuff in there.

No. 106824

File: 1595742855848.jpeg (36.81 KB, 451x680, images_-_2020-04-19T035751.144…)

nvm it's locked. Anyways here is some more before and inbetween

No. 106825

File: 1595742896922.jpg (42.01 KB, 680x368, z6jgp46euii31.jpg)

[I think she should've stopped here]

No. 106826

File: 1595742996180.png (641.18 KB, 896x331, Untitled.png.e66890b4f861dd982…)

No. 106827

File: 1595743029261.jpg (209.88 KB, 717x953, fff.jpg.7a1903ceb349d50ab9aa1b…)

No. 106828

File: 1595743129854.jpg (103.2 KB, 815x584, 1517376950481.thumb.jpg.8a2f67…)

No. 106829

File: 1595743234201.jpg (39.5 KB, 490x500, Image7.thumb.jpg.3558b70a47456…)

No. 106830

File: 1595743269947.jpg (31.71 KB, 666x500, FB_IMG_1533960515925.thumb.jpg…)

I'll end it here. This is just what I got off Google.

No. 106832

So, figured out who has been spamming this thread and crossposting in the /snow/ one and want to assure you anons they are both from PULL. The Erin one and the Sabrina one are two separate anons and their posts are identical to PULL posts.

No. 106834

If this is Jenna then this is genuinely depressing. She was so cute before, now she's such a bimbo. At least she's as ugly and botched on the outside as she is on the inside I suppose.

No. 106836

File: 1595744896697.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1270x943, 2.png)

I love how I suggested she had plastic surgery in the previous post and you're pulling out the white knight shit and insulting me? fuck off, I'm seriously bored.

Okay I had no idea about these other photos and have no knowledge about her other than what I looked up.
Closer up it looks like to me and I guess only me that her real lips end way before the makeup does and she's pouting but fuck me I guess

No. 106837

Yeah sorry for not keeping track of each of your specific posts on an anon board you tard.

No. 106838

Samefag but if you're going to redo your post at least delete the previous one, PULL refugee

No. 106840

I already deleted it by the time you posted it genius

I'm really sorry your vendetta topic got locked, boo hoo PULLtard

No. 106843

Probably thotocus. >>>/ot/590431
A mod will handle it, just report the posts, but for any other anons who have lurked these threads for months, years depending on the thread number, kek, you will probably see a pattern between some of these posts and the users. Especially going through the PULL archive. It's not cosplay, but they comment on thot cosplay, so seems fitting to mention it

No. 106844

If you're saying thotocus is me I don't know who that is

No. 106853

she edits her lips in pics but they are overfilled and botched nowadays. When you see pics from cons, her lips are lumpy and nasty

No. 106894

The jenna vendetta posts are annoying asf. If you pulltards want to discuss her so badly, make a fucking thread about her and get out.

No. 106920

(not the op) but honestly Jenna's one of the few that I find interesting. I started a thread for her.

No. 106921

Jenna thread: >>>/snow/1013063

No. 106940

File: 1595799220869.jpg (72.83 KB, 640x796, hgjnvy231.jpg)

For a 40 year old, Angie Griffin sure loves to cosplay minor characters

No. 106941

File: 1595799639014.jpg (470.13 KB, 1600x2400, SECLUDED MOUNTAIN RIVER AND FI…)

some were speculating if Nigri was preggo's now.

No. 106956

File: 1595808361100.png (1.14 MB, 976x599, jessica.png)

Just give it 20 more years….

No. 106963

She’s 40 and still looks this nice? Hey if you’ve got it flaunt it. I don’t see how this is milky.

No. 106964

She's not 40, she's 30 kek

No. 106966

she's closer to 40

No. 106996

Why? She could be but this dress just has an empire waist, it's not showing a baby bump

No. 107019

are you the same person posting their hateboner for j-nig? has she even DONE anything milky in the last few years besides being a costhot?

No. 107069

and still looks good, okay?

No. 107084

File: 1595887915642.jpeg (132.36 KB, 372x500, 3F7EBA1A-17D1-4774-9EC6-BA0EC5…)

Jessica hasn’t done much other than being an old ass costhot. About 6 months ago she still claimed her bowling ball refund gap tits were natural but not worth talking about

No. 107085


Yeah this >>106996, that cut of dress is pretty unflattering on most girls. Especially if you've got bigger boobs.(nitpick)

No. 107087

please spoiler this nightmare stuff…

No. 107089

Her tits look like they had a divorce.

No. 107094

Its a joke at this point. Shes admitted years ago they were fuck but scrotes and vendetta-chan fags like you need public acknowledgement for some reason. They are obviously fake. Always have been.

No. 107112

File: 1595909248166.png (1.47 MB, 1468x1076, Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 9.02…)

Does anyone else find it worrisome (and kind of creepy) that being a costhot stage mom is starting to become a thing? Several costhots, including pic related, Jenna Lynn, and Hayden Hazard, already have stage moms backing them and pushing them to be thottier for internet points.

No. 107115

The whole mom and dad thing has been around for years, anon. Nothing creepy about it. It's a meme and something stupid people do. Cosplay doesn't have actual show moms lol It's like the people who think Bishoujomom is a real mom. It's not specifically for clout, but also a lot of guys and girls are into the mommmy/daddy trope and outside of cosplay people call each other mommy/daddy too to even their S/O. You're reading into it too much and sound new to the internet

No. 107116

Just to add, multiple cosplayers call themselves daddy and mommy to their fans. It's not different from people being in on the joke and calling people their follow mom/dad. Stage moms do not exist in cosplay.

No. 107122

The cosplayer in the pic is @feisty_vee. @cos_mom is her actual mom's account that she uses to shill Vee and post bts photos of her thot photoshoots.

No. 107123

Love a family that supports. Why's that creepy because of thottery? What if her mom was a past thot? Nothing creepy is going on here. It's not uncalled for parents to support sex worker kids.

No. 107124

lmao no it's beyond fucking weird for a parent to be this invested in their child whoring it up.
If you're going to pull the "sex work is valid it's so sweet that this mom supports her kid showing her ass for strange men to jerk off to!" then maybe a designated costhot thread on lolcow is not the place you wanna do it, just saying

No. 107126

Why can't a parent support a sex worker kid?

No. 107127

>Stage moms do not exist in cosplay.
Wasn't Jenna Lynn Meowri's mom the one who pushed her to get fillers and surgery? Before that, Jnig's dad was heavily involved in her "career" and was her manager.

Telling your kid that you respect their career choice is entirely different from taking a photo of their ass to post on your Instagram to promote their thottery.

No. 107128

There's being supportive and shilling them like you're their pimp/outright calling yourself their fucking "handler". That shit is weird and if you still don't get it you're a lost cause. And I literally just answered your question in my last post. Again if you're moralfagging about this why are you even here? Must be another PULL refugee kek

No. 107129

If you're telling your kid that being a sex worker is a valid replacement for a stable career where your shelf life drops off at fucking 30 or sometimes earlier unless you load up on plastic surgery then I'm sorry but you've failed as a parent. Yes there's a lot of issues with other career choices but none have quite the…unique problems that come with SW

No. 107134

Yes it’s weird for a parent to proudly post their daughters soft core porn (sometimes full on porn) pictures online. Yes It’s weird for a parent to give their underage daughter lip fillers and Botox (like Jenna Lynn Meowri’s mom), etc. Yes it’s weird for a mother or father to take lewd pictures of their daughter for their “career”. This should not be accepted behavior. It’s creepy and in some cases could be considered abuse.

Now A parent could accept and support their child’s (as long as they are an adult) sex work career but they shouldn’t be involved and participating in it.

No. 107144

The same reason it's fucked up for parents to encourage their kids to join gangs or sell drugs? PULLtards are really fucking stupid.

No. 107145

If your child ends up as a sexworker you failed as a parent and should be ashamed, not supportive. You should try to get them out of it and into a proper career, show them the love and attention they clearly haven't gotten from you as a child instead of supporting a path to self-destruction.

No. 107151

Eww No normal healthy person would want their parents posting their sexy pictures. Wouldn’t you freak out if one of your parents posted your lingerie/nude selfies on their facebook?

I remember there was a video of Nigri’s dad going through Jessica’s lewd prints and commenting on them. And he had a public facebook/insta where you can see he followed lots of lewd cosplay girls and porn star pages. Hide that shit!

No. 107165

Learn to sage and how to quote when you're responding to something ffs

No. 107178

its so crazy how a lot of thots enjoy thottery and sw. You get to dress up all the time. I dont see the issue, but pearl clutchers already bought that string.

Sensitive PULLfag, no one cares about your vendettas. Most farmers dont gaf about sex work and want a thread with milk, not you being upset at a soccer mom. Lol

No. 107180

Are you the same anon that was saying Meowri looked the same to the other anon? I don't know how to tell you this or if it will matter since you probably are busy eating glue but if someone calls you a pulltard, saying "no YOU'RE the pulltard!!" doesn't work, newfag.

No. 107183

>being a thot is fine actually
>most anons on lolcow don't care about SW
imagine being this wrong

sage for slight sperg but god why did PULL have to close down, now we have to deal with the aftermath of people like this shitting up a thread literally making fun of cos-THOTS with "muh pearl clutching" like its normal/eMpOwErInG for moms to pimp out their daughters for simpbux

No. 107191

Yeah right.. like they actually enjoy it. We all know these costhots become sex workers because they don’t have any talent or intelligence. They have to sell their mediocre body because it’s either that or nothing. The ones with the moms/dads pimping them out is the scariest.(derailing)

No. 107193

>Yeah right.. like they actually enjoy it. We all know these costhots become sex workers because they don’t have any talent or intelligence. They have to sell their mediocre body because it’s either that or nothing.
It's another round of our beloved game: "Was that said by a self-proclaimed 'radical feminist' or an openly sexist man?"

No. 107197

Time for a round of ….. which untalented costhot are you?

No. 107904

File: 1596472339517.jpeg (564.68 KB, 2048x2048, 7462E090-6053-4A65-A214-CA11EF…)

I’m not sure how much of it is shoop and how much of it is injections and surgery but Kat moonfox has really messed up her natural beauty.

No. 107923

Classic filler face. Sad because it ages her hugely and makes her face look very unremarkable, not that she's not still pretty, just now in a run of the mill instathot way.

No. 107929

the worst thing is that not only does she look less like a real person, she looks way less like Tifa. Kind of emblematic of the "costhot" scene when you think about it

No. 108006

>its so crazy how a lot of thots enjoy thottery and sw. You get to dress up all the time. I dont see the issue, but pearl clutchers already bought that string.

That's cause they're usually dumb as rocks and have absolutely zero ability to make long-term plans for their life. Sex work is the worst "career" you can go into because once you turn 30 you are pretty much out and replaced by younger models. The only ones who can use their money years (18-25) to make enough money to be set for life are people like Belle and they are super rare.

The rest just have to escalate to do more and more depraved stuff, start of as cosplayers and slip into porn (like Momokun) and then hit a dead-end eventually where nobody is interested in them anymore because another girl with fake eyelashes and cat-ears just turned 18 and replaced them.

Being jerk-off material for men is only "fulfilling" to them because they have daddy issues and crave the validation of men who don't give a shit about them. It's truly sad and pathetic.(derailing)

No. 108010

File: 1596545953514.jpg (412.36 KB, 1192x2048, EbgdQkGf.jpg)

Post a more recent photo, the one you posted of Tifa still has her normal-looking. This is after she went to Japan and had her jaw shaved down and a bunch of surgery.

No. 108011

I used to follow her until she went overboard on plastic surgery. She was such a natural beauty and now she's just uncanny valley.

No. 108018

Jaw shaves should be illegal. this always looks so awful. wtf dorito chin

No. 108028

The Tifa was 2013 vs 2020

No. 108029

its bc she has a long horse face to begin with. Shaving down makes it worst.

No. 108067

File: 1596584238123.jpg (1002.92 KB, 1349x2384, IMG_20200805_003335.jpg)

This absolute jewel popped up in my recommendations and honestly, after >>97313 happened, seeing him just desperately putting less and less effort reusing old shit and posting thirstbait pics, after years of
>i-i'm a REAL cosplayurr unlike those other lingerie wahman!!!
is one of the most ironic and hilarious things I've seen this year. Poor guy had it coming so long.

This is almost Moo-levels of crashing and burning.
>complains about other cosplayers being low effort lying thots
>claims to never reach those levels
>gets called out for x things
>loses jobs, income, friends, fiancé and fans
>sells self out gradually more and more

No. 108070

And isn't he trying to become a "wrestler" now?? Seems like he realized he's super boring and is trying to get into "unique" things.

No. 108083

>professional cosplayer
He's gross and cringe. His upper body looks so deformed too.

No. 108101

He is ageing fast, no amount of photoshop and badly applied/creepy style of makeup is going to help.

No. 108103

He has the same smile as vic lasagna and it’s always unnerved me

No. 108110

He got fired from promoting for ubisoft recently and replaced by another Italian muscled cosplayer, because of Leon's blackface and sexual assault allegations. You love to see it, imagine how salty he is now that he can't spread more lies about being an official game
character model

No. 108112

Is there proof he got fired or that Ubisoft will no longer work with him? Or has Maul Cosplay become the better company hired European cosplayer so Leon is no longer needed.

No. 108113

Maul has hired by the Canada/American team. The international offices do their own thing. Uk, France, Nordic, Italy generally hire their own people. Taryn cosplay has been hired by the Italia team to replace leon

No. 108114

looked this Taryn guy up and his abs look less off then leons. good choice ubisoft

No. 108133


Love seeing all these smug talentless hacks hitting their expiration date and falling into irrelevance. He could have squeezed out a few more years on the con circuit doing judging and guesting, but cons hate dealing with him and he has zero content to offer besides his shitty abs.

No. 108187

Yeah he's a Leon wannabe but I've met him a few times and he's a nice enough guy, way kinder than Leon. And yknow, bonus of not groping female cosplay judges

No. 108194

File: 1596717000706.gif (435.3 KB, 620x824, somuchshop.gif)

While we're talking about aussie costhots, check out that jessicaluna chick she also tried to do a corona-chan. I tried to set up a shoot with her at Madfest this year but after seeing her in person I aborted that mission thankfully.

No. 108202

post proof ,screencaps? This is an imageboard after all. Glad he was fired at least

No. 108204

Are you editing an edit here? I wish anons would stop posting basically fan edits of what unediting might look like. It doesnt prove how they actually look.

No. 108212

So you're a shitty photographer who can't understand the difference between edited photos and how someone can look IRL. This looks like basic thot editing, it's not that dramatic from the 'unedited' version. In fact, people could argue angle here too, not just photoshop. She isn't fat my any means either, so what was the proble with shooting her? As a photographer you should understand how post and reality works. I wouldn't even call this a ridiculous shop either.

No. 108230

if you look at the timestamps, leon posted about being hired to represent eivor for ubi italia, then a load of accusations of sexual assault at ubi came out on twitter, including people talking about leon. Some of the marketing team responded to it saying they'd deal with it, and then suddenly taryn cosplay makes a big announcement saying hes been hired to represent eivor for ubi italia, and leon hasn't said a word about the game since

No. 108235

Not to defend vic and moo ass-kissing Leon, but Taryn is none the better AFAIK. He's literally a Leon Chiro skinwalker (the extent of it is creepy tbh) that operates the exact same.

Stop falling for male costhots doing the "nice dumb big boi himbo uwu" upfront when they're sexual predating lying creeps with a personality of a blanket in reality. Your naivety only helps them multiply so fast in the first place.

fucking kek
Isn't that the second time he's fucked while working with Ubi? First for blackfacing then for some BLM shit and sexual harrassment

No way Ubi (or any company, really) will touch him with a ten foot pole ever again. So much for "professional" cosplayer.

No. 108249

>thinking this is dramatic thotshoop when fegalvo and hanabunny exist

No. 108269

Not sure why anons are applying the logic "well she's not as bad as some cosplayers so it's not considered crappy editing". She looks like a blow-up doll in the edit kek.

No. 108305

When he did the blackfacing the Canadian team said they wouldn't work with him again but they left the Italian office to do what they want and put a statement out saying they don't work together on everything, but then a couple of months ago when the sexual assault accusations arose the devs were saying they were gonna blacklist him from the company. Ironically the dude that was in charge of doing that then got outed as a rapist instead and has since been fired.

No. 108318

>nice dumb big boi himbo uwu

Speaking of, whatever happened with Kevin/@WeebKing666?

No. 108326

Moo's calves thread

No. 108388

File: 1596842662431.jpg (361.59 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20200808_002437.jpg)

Oof not again…

No. 108475

File: 1596909039579.jpg (261.11 KB, 594x863, x2BvufL.jpg)

I don't really recall Nigri doing pasty sets in the past Is she trying to keep up with the younger thots now that micro bikinis are tame as hell. Also would it kill thots to JUST buy 80s inspired underwear instead of hiking up panties to imply they have an ass.

No. 108478

File: 1596911606534.png (669.15 KB, 925x543, feb 2019.png)

As far as I can tell, at least with the public posts on how stingy Instagram is, she's been doing it as far back as Feb. 2019. I don't doubt she's used pasties in past sets prior too, but you can't really tease about it much until recently since now everyone is doing it. She tends to wait stuff out to see how Instagram will handle posts bc she doesn't want to get flagged.

No. 108620

Her ass looks so photoshopped in this picture and yet it's still small. She's a cake faced joke.

No. 108623

File: 1597026361030.jpeg (118.09 KB, 1080x1248, 4648DDAF-FB30-49BC-AD4E-B0EFD0…)

herrrrrpaaaaDURRRRR HEY GUIZZZZ LOOK HOW QUIRKY I AM WITH MY NECK ROLLS AND STUPID FACE SO RELETABLEEEEE GIVE ME UR MONEIEZ. How cringy and gross. Did she really think this was a flattering Picture?(herrrrrpaaaaDURRRRR autism)

No. 108627

Of course she knows it’s not flattering

what stupid question is that

No. 108629

Why is she doing it then smart ass? She just turned 30 and is still acting like a little ass snotty kid.

No. 108642

You couldn't sage this braindead nitpick?

No. 108643

Anon, acting dumb like you don't understand that thots do dumb faces to be "quirky and relatable" for marketing value instead of genuinely trying to be "little ass snotty kid" tells a lot more about your brattiness than hers. At least address things as they are.

No. 108645

File: 1597046889199.jpeg (625.31 KB, 828x1326, 692B9024-B005-4688-83F3-4471AA…)

No. 108647

She's cosplaying as both Belle Delphine and Corona-chan. I didn't know double-layered cosplays were a thing.

No. 108649

When are the Belle wannabes going to end? Surely it's been long enough, no?

No. 108704

They're multiplying because they either idolise her (but deny it) or they get addicted to the attention they get from retarded men. It's usually both though.

No. 108723

why is it always the russians doing this kinda shit???

No. 108735

>even bought the same camera as Belle
there's copying Belle and there's this

No. 108762

I’ve been told by a cosplay thot that doing quirky and dumb faces sets you apart from porn stars because “porn stars are gross skanks who take it serious”

No. 108786

File: 1597150431401.jpeg (641.11 KB, 1536x2030, CD1301D2-2C44-45D6-9F4F-1323A0…)

Was browsing twitter today and found this creepy sexdoll looking thot. 135k followers on twit and about as many on ig and all her shoops are just as bad if not worse than this one


No. 108787


Jnig always does retarded faces, this isn’t new.

No. 108810

File: 1597166737636.png (1.25 MB, 924x1076, Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.2…)

This photo is hilarious for some reason. I'm not surprised she limited comments on every single one of her posts

No. 109005

That would've been such a good idea though to use a real doll and take photos of it to pimp out and rake in money.

No. 109056

True. Honestly, with how unrealisticly fabricated and retarded people's (cumbrains) standards are getting and the unability to detect shoop, you might as well buy a hyperrealistic sex doll and make an account pretending to be a real person. Then call it a social experiment and bail out

Let's do it farmers

No. 109920

File: 1598120768372.jpg (320.12 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20200822-121141_Ins…)

Sorry if she's come up before but does anyone know who this person is? Seems to be a normal thot/weeb e girl but the following combined with their haggard or shooped face and try hard attempts at everything don't even seem cute to people who like that uwu girl thing. Sorry again if she is a nobody, I just didn't want to assume "bought following" if there was info on her.

No. 109930

File: 1598124616410.jpeg (458.15 KB, 828x928, 32ADD66E-F431-490A-AE63-F1F5E5…)

Oh damn you’re right. She looks rough as fuck.
Her following seems to be legit if you compare her likes/views to the number of followers she has. I looked through her followers and almost all of the accounts I looked at are legit too. She’s probably just one of those people who got extremely lucky and the algorithm loves her or something like that.

No. 109959

File: 1598142662660.jpg (205.02 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20200822-182442_Ins…)

Then this is happening in other pics. I have to assume the algorithm blessed her like you mentioned since everything she does seems like a sad and pathetic attempt at what other egirls do.

No. 110078

You also have to take into the account her audience. Latin or Mexican cosplayers tend to have massive followings for some reason.

No. 110107

Wasn't going to say anything because inb4 racism but as a jajaja/huehue myself I can confirm. Latino, Hispanic, Brazilian fans are like the Indian facebook men of weeaboos.

Why do you think costhots always resort going to Mexican, Argentinian, Brazilian, Spanish, etc conventions even when they're exposed as scum? It's because the fanbase is much more guillible, smoothbrained, obnoxious and usually has no English skills or information to learn about cosplayers bullshit. So they profit.

No. 112132

File: 1599954269641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 529.14 KB, 1080x1822, IMG_20200913_002149.jpg)

>posts some religion """cosplay""" because "I love yoga"
>twitter spergs about it and points out inaccuracies
>goes on a rant about muh haters
>limits comments
>cries she is not selling sex like the other thots, her cosplays are ART
>husband/boyfriend/whatever Dan runs to defend her on twitter as well
>makes situation ten times worse telling "brown sjws to go home" and something about racism
>present day
>posted cosplay AGAIN (now with extra stolen google images art with no credit)
>made it her pfp
Truly we keep evolving

>well MY indian fans love it!!!
>it's all "show bob and vagene" old indian men
>even they have to give her tips on what to change when praising her

No. 112135

Yeah, it's on a whole other level. I think a huge part of it is skin color because even more mediocre local costhots or plain ethots get worshipped here if they're white or visibly of asian descent, which is "rare", most girls have somewhat dark skin.

No. 112169

damn shame she's legit retarded cause the cosplay is sick, kali is a legit weapon.
what's the deal with this chick does she do this on the regular or was this just a bad move? curious

No. 112259

Seems she's a legit pickme retard overall. iirc she used to rant about other women doing nude or sensual patreon cosplays while doing it herself a few years back. The difference is always her cosplay is "art".

No. 113550

File: 1600913520329.png (3.03 MB, 1802x1303, a.png)

Theres this cosplayer named Madikat/Madison Kate. Her sister is
Alyson Tabbitha.
Madikat recently got a major nose job/boob job but is claiming in comment replies that it was natural change. The nose job is extremely obvious, it changed her appearance. I dont know why she insists on claiming she didn't get surgery but its sad to see another costhot go that route. Especially one that had potential to be decent like her sister

No. 113558

Her real nose is ugly as fuck. Good. Let her get a nose job.

No. 113606

Her old nose was cute and made her stand out. The new nose makes her look basic and to lie about it when it changed her whole appearance is stupid.

No. 113609

File: 1600959739267.jpg (89.42 KB, 740x1043, 740full-madison-kate.jpg)

her old nose was cute as fuck

No. 113610

File: 1600960006162.png (856.21 KB, 691x676, n.png)

new nose might still be swollen. nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. her new tits look great. its the denying thats annoying.

No. 113630

What's with everyone who gets a nose job over-shaving the bridge, noses with an actual shape look much more interesting than these generic-thot low bridges.

No. 113653

No one cares if her fans think her old nose had personality. people get this stuff done for them most of the time. Especially now since it's so normalized. Arguing about which was better is retarded and not thot thread worthy at all. Who the fuck even is she?

No. 113658

File: 1600972951388.png (940.92 KB, 1200x630, 59edcee79b543.png)


I didn't post her because she got plastic surgery. I posted her because she claims her nose changed from "getting older". Typical lying costhot. Her name is Madikat. Her sister is cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha who actually does decent shit. Madison tried cosplay for a bit but then went into softcore porn cosplay on Onlyfans

No. 113659

So she is denying it. What do you want us to do about that? We get it but its also not their business anyway, so she doesn't even owe a reply. It's just being catty to be catty on both parts.

No. 113664

this whole thread is about costhot liars so she's being added to the thread.

No. 113826

So where is the caption of her telling the fan that it's all weight loss in her nose? You're just showing side by side photos. getting a nose job isn't lying and neither is getting tits. 'Concerned for the kids new to cosplay' is such a shitty precident for trying to make yourself look better by forcing someone to out their own personal surgeries. If you see it is obvious, why even ask?

No. 113938

File: 1601150191698.jpg (562.85 KB, 1059x1737, Screenshot_20200708-175614.jpg)


No. 113943

I mean for pushing 60 she doesn't look too bad, anon!

No. 113952

jesus christ, it got to the point where i actually feel sorry for her. Shes looks like an extra from I am Legend

No. 113953

Good god, she looks like she's having an allergic reaction or her face got stung by bees. How can you think this looks good?

No. 113956

File: 1601159081341.jpeg (585.14 KB, 750x1112, F8B333DF-B062-4979-A828-C9672E…)

Posted for that last sentence. She had two friends unfortunately end their lives yet she posts this under a cosplay photo and advertised her onlyfans at the very end.

No. 113963

Don't feel sorry for her, she's an awful person and her face looking like old melted plastic matches her rotten shitty personality.

No. 117947

File: 1603738480446.jpg (976.07 KB, 1798x1200, AON_1260.jpg)

surprised no one has talked about Poisonneus

No. 117952

who?? spill the tea or stop the selfposting

No. 118054

no one cares about your nasty no dick cosplay lewds. either bring the milk or get lost.

No. 118121

Take the vendetta elsewhere if you have no actual milk.

No. 118153

File: 1603802198367.jpg (223.54 KB, 1080x1323, 20201027_052423.jpg)


For Poisonneus milk, see >>78754
She's a huge asshole.

Pic related is her publicly bullying Blackout Cosplay because he couldn't make a photoshoot that she planned. Sorry, but have you ever tried to do a cosplay group at a con? Shit happens.

Publicly harassing the person who dropped your group MONTHS later to bring random fans into your vendetta is wild. Then she posts pic related as though any sane person would stay following her after getting targeted like that. Sweaty, you didn't "win" by trying to start shit and getting unfollowed. You just look really dumb.

No. 118233

File: 1603854313821.jpeg (321.83 KB, 1536x2048, 96534B3E-EA31-4E10-B9E5-DE76EE…)

I can’t believe i followed her, this is a hot mess, kek.

No. 118235

Because she doesn't have stapled on tits and your main complaint is most likely 'saggy old lady boobs'? Get out of here. Bring milk to the table, not low effort vendetta posting.

No. 118238

Oh god ew a woman with real boobs, how disgusting! What a fucking trainwreck! Sick!

No. 118245


you've really been holding onto these fucking screenshots for 9 months trying to act like you're the sane one here. drop the vendetta posting and stop simping for an ugly white dude who edits his photos to look like he's melting.

No. 118277

The only thing wrong with that image is the room, her boobs are fine though

I hope we aren’t body shaming natural bodies here cause that’s lame asf anon(samefagging)

No. 118320

Wish more women looked that that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118395

Anon didn't even mention her boobs?

No. 118438

Anon didn't mention any milk and called the photo a hot mess. Objectively she looks fine, so honestly the only thing that anons know is the complaint is natural tits because it is always the only complaint when it comes to girls in outfits like these with no milk follow-up. They didn't even include who she was.

No. 118538

wow who goes around and gossips to somebody’s ex just because they can’t do a photoshoot? That’s a new level of narcissism

No. 119330

File: 1604603655401.png (6.73 MB, 2000x3000, DolitaCollage.png)

I've been waiting for the day someone calls this bitch out, she has a lot of horny male followers who are that stupid to not notice her pictures are obviously edited
Meanwhile I'll post her here

This is Dolita, a costhot from my area
She started cosplaying for attention
Her social media instagram/ tiktok is dolitasama

> She inconsistently edits herself to hell and back, usually making her nose, chin and waist smaller and her boobs and eyes bigger, she usually covers her face in Instagram stories or uses tons of filters

> Gets mad when asked if she shoops herself and claims it's only makeup while her candids reveal everything
> Is a basic bitch who not so long ago hopped on the "I love anime/I'm a gamer" trend and doesn't play any games besides Call of Duty Mobile
> Doesn't even know or like most of the characters she cosplay
> She tries to copy cosplay ideas from most of all the other local costhots
> Uses baby-voice audios on TikTok, fakes her voice to sound like a "cute animu loli uwu" and it gets worse everytime, and pedobaits in general
> Begs for money online, has a wishlist asking for tons of stupid shit, from gaming gear to curtains and a clothing iron
> Doesn't have a personality, thinks that being short, liking food, being a toxic girlfriend, and such are personality traits
> Claims she is a perfectionist but her shoops are so bad, she takes pictures with incomplete or half-assed cheap cosplays with her chipped nails and wrapped background from her bad edits
> Tends to avoid questions about favorite games, favorite characters, and so
> Recently made a Patreon where she offers shitty content, being 10 USD the lowest tier and 100 USD the highest one

Here's a collage of some of her Instagram pictures vs candids or old photos

No. 119331

File: 1604604882382.jpg (165.76 KB, 1920x1080, LifhEUB.jpg)

Oh baby, that Rem wig…
Is she trolling?

No. 119335

She's not, she's delusional
Her cosplays are shit quality
She doesn't even bother removing her ugly chipped nail polish, she won't bother getting her stuff right

No. 119353

her Asuka is shameful

No. 119360

File: 1604611681057.png (1.08 MB, 608x999, bigtiddymonster.png)

what the hell

No. 119365

File: 1604612826534.jpg (60.18 KB, 995x1000, 3dc42002ce960e5c30355862b34451…)

i've seen some shit but this is just egregious.

No. 119366

File: 1604613277764.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x2560, 20-11-05-15-51-56-985_deco.jpg)

No. 120021

File: 1605100746243.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.53 KB, 1567x2048, F774A34D-2BFC-4D2B-BAD8-F9F531…)

I’m kinda shock no one talk about OMGcosplay. She does a lot of pedo bate material with her cosplays and appearance, and acts all “I’m just a quirky girl who’s not like all the other cosplayers” while spread eagle showing her half expose pussy and asshole(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120075

File: 1605131715508.jpg (486.04 KB, 828x818, megu.jpg)

does it count as milk that this person constantly complains that she doesn't get brand collabs, guest invitations to cons, or shares on cosplay pages when her content… is this?

No. 120093

Megu and a lot of people in the black cosplay community are like this. They think that they don’t get opportunities because they are black when in reality their cosplays are just not that good. It gets super annoying after a while and this is coming from a black cosplayer.

No. 120109


I keep seeing her RT-ed on my Twitter feed and its ALWAYS complaining. Maybe you're not getting those things because your costumes look like shit?

No. 120116

She doesn't actually reveal anything, so she keeps it tasteful. She's naturally cute, you're bringing no milk to the table, and you sound just straight salty her following is massive when she honestly doesn't go crazy over the top with her editing usually. Constantly showing unedited posts with her massive amounts of stretchmarks. Anon, people do have quirky personalities and honestly everyone has been more open about how lame they act alone and bringing it to the front of their socials. Moo pretends to be quirky. This ain't it.

No. 120117


Who and show their posts?

No. 120124

I just checked to see if she has Instagram and she’s at around 5k there, which is way under what any reputable brand will sponsor, and no one is looking to send free shit based on Twitter followers. Even her 13k on Twitter is under what most cons will consider for a guest.
Her IG bio says she’s an “award-winning cosplayer,” does anyone know what award/s she says she’s won?

No. 120130

even with 13k on twitter her posts get an average of 30 likes so there's literally nothing in it for any company to sponsor her when no one gives a shit about her content.

sage for no real contribution but I also wanna know what awards she's claimed to have won since her cosplay construction is garbage

No. 120133

I bet a lot of people probably muted her but kept following her because all she does is whine and instead of unfollowing and having her go on a tirade about how people unfollowing because she's black or some other reason, she just loses out on engagement.

No. 120137

File: 1605168666392.jpg (535.53 KB, 2048x1536, 20201112_000855.jpg)

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this. It also seems like she is unaware/unwilling to come to terms that she still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to crafting. I do however enjoy some of the threads & discussions she makes on Twitter

No. 120192

File: 1605195589959.png (3.88 MB, 828x5459, 45674287987942985.png)

It's hard to pick out one of her arguments to show bc she makes valid points but then relates all of them back to herself. (i.e: "conventions should have more dark skinned and plus size cosplay guests! And have them as judges at the contest!" yes. good point. then: "Which is why they should invite me!" No.)

No. 120197

I can't stand seeing her stuff on my feed, it's always so sloppy looking. Any low level sort of cosplay person is always like this. They get some more followers and act like a spokesperson when none of their work is even good. I wish half of these people would take the time to actually learn how to sew or improve their craft.

No. 120198

this is exactly what happens when the cosplay community lift people up based only on their skin tone and not actual talent.
Cons would probs still invite her/ sponsor her if she was a talented crafter/seamstress. I've seen people with less than 500 followers be invited to judge etc base purely on talent/skill and not followers.
If she was good she would be getting opportunities regardless, god complex is strong with this one.

No. 120201

Thank you for the compilation.
God, all her seams bother me. Everything looks so lumpy, her Yumeko is the only one that looks somewhat decent since she probably used a pattern. All her awards are runner-up or honorable mention at smaller conventions, the reason she’s in Journeyman is probably because she’s placed in Novice before at enough cons that they bumped her up. Sorry for craftsmanship sperging, but she could use fabric fuse tape for those edges before top stitching if she doesn’t want all her trims to bunch up like that, they even have a water-soluble type that washes away. Sewing around a curve isn’t hard, just go slowly and clip them afterwards, then press. Her wigs would also look so much better if she trimmed the bangs, you’re not supposed to wear it straight out of the bag, they come styled longer because you’re supposed to trim them yourself.
You don’t have to have flawless craftsmanship if you’re just cosplaying for fun, but she has a long way to go if she wants to be a guest or judge others’ work.

No. 120205

poop brooch 2.0

No. 120236

What really pisses me off is that I've seen extremely talented black cosplayers go unnoticed while attention whores riding the woke wave are hogging tens of thousands of RTs with asherbee tier work like this >>120137 and they don't even promote other black cosplayers despite demanding everyone else to do so.

That's how they all work though. Every time you see someone screeching about how we need more black/hispanic/asian/insert ethnicity here judges they always have the "hire me" motive behind them. That's why that one salty bitch didn't shut up about that online crafting event, when she accused them of racism what she meant was "you should've invited me".

No. 120244

A lot of cosplayers will put in the bare minimum effort then wonder why they’re not famous yet when they bring nothing new to the table.
If we’re talking about the same event, what’s worse is the panelists were all volunteers- the application was right there, and all the people reee-ing about racism didn’t even sign up. They even had several POC cosplayers already on the roster, but I guess they weren’t dark enough. Totally worth sending people threats over, good work guys.

No. 120247

File: 1605228372975.jpg (145.19 KB, 1080x485, Screenshot_20201112-164442_Ins…)

Tinfoil, but this person sounds just like the anon who keeps insisting bep.cosplays begs constantly. This is clearly a sockpuppet. How pathetic do you have to be to hide behind a throwaway and not be bold enough to use your own account?

No. 120249

You mean the digital con?

No. 120251

A crumb of context, please.

No. 120260

File: 1605231573145.jpeg (902.41 KB, 2048x1246, B50740B1-908C-4CF0-94CA-10C7E2…)

Pretty sure they are taking about craftchella that cowbuttcrunches hosted in April. A lot of people from the black cosplay community dragged them for not having enough POC instead of them actually just volunteering. Megu was definitely one of the people publicly trashing them.

No. 120263

File: 1605232691236.jpg (128.21 KB, 1024x1530, Au2Ch4T.jpg)

Makes me think of this crispy mess of a Yugioh cosplay that was added into a cosplay book. Ass pats for existing rather than any actual skill.

No. 120270

File: 1605237549259.jpg (850.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201112-191747_Ins…)

This person is obviously the anon. She bring up that this random user mentions her car even. The soerg in here keeps bringing it up and even then bep never begged. Its a fucking loser anon with a vendetta. Honestly,this is kind of nice because it bring us closer to exposing this dumbass lol

No. 120271

She does constantly beg and whine though kek, her Twitter and stories are all vagueposting.

Not to blog but I’m not far from where she is and no one in the community likes her, she never seems to keep friends for long and people say she’s obnoxious.

No. 120275

that is the worst wig i've ever seen. Holyfuck. That's some 2002 level skills right there

No. 120276

> Honestly,this is kind of nice because it bring us closer to exposing this dumbass lol

Not your personal army.

No. 120280

The anon gives themself away. No one is asking you guys to hunt them down? Relax, anon. Wtf

No. 120281

>>89754 anon you never bring these begging reciepts.

No. 120282

More examples of anons calling out the anons vendetta for months.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120284

I’m >>120271 and I hadn’t seen the earlier anons posts from months ago, I was just saying what I heard.
But these anons are right that you need to either post milk or leave, I think Atlanta cosplayers in general could have their own thread because it’s such a fucking mess down there.

No. 120289

she literally begs nonstop and then whines about when she has to pay for things herself. she posted how she just bought like 10 new rare starbucks tumblers (which go for like 50 bucks each online) and then the next breath talked about unexpected bills. anyone with eyes notices this shit and it's why they don't donate to her kofi that changes it's goals every other day when no one gives her shit

No. 120291

OMG is tasteful my ass. She just comes off like ever other thot cosplayer out there with less photoshop.

No. 120292

File: 1605247630699.jpeg (659.11 KB, 828x1173, DB75C5EA-F247-498A-B518-D4EA82…)

And you call this tasteful?(newfaggotry)

No. 120299

Compared to a lot of thots, yes. You've got some hard vendetta, anon. She's catering but she's always been this way personality wise on her socials. Bring milk, not your jealousy lol

No. 120343

File: 1605277822030.jpg (211.38 KB, 1200x674, EUsHCsaXgAIXthk.jpg)

>when she accused them of racism what she meant was "you should've invited me".

It's always this. When craftchella kicked out the original organizers and replaced them with pic related, those same people crying racism including Megu didn't promote the black cosplayers in the event. They weren't interested if they weren't participating, or if they couldn't get viral likes from RTing callouts.

No. 120347

driveby comment, idk who this is but this is very cringey. And a free onlyfans? Also a scab (person who undermines what other workers are doing by working for less/accepting worse terms)

No. 120349

How the fuck did that person write a comment 16 seconds ago and she already replied and screencapped 2 seconds ago? Is she trolling herself?

No. 120352

Bep could have gotten a notification about the comment and banged out a reply in 14 seconds I guess. Seems fast but I'm more suspicious about how a cap of that comment ended up being posted here within 7 minutes of it being made >>120247 I have a hard time believing anyone except Bep herself is both closely monitoring her comments and also mad enough about haters to immediately post here.

No. 120356

She doesnt? If you know nothing about her, then why comment? She has a paid OF too you retard.

No. 120357

I'm not her, but okay?

No. 120359

Is this what anons claim she's begging for? Posting links isnt begging.

No. 120382

So they kicked Yaya Han and others for a bunch of half assed but appropriate skin tone cosplayers and wonder why people tend to shit on them more often then not. Yaya's a cow herself but at least she makes her shit and actually made it into a money maker. I dearly want Heroes of Cosplay to come back and just follow these types around it'd be even more milky than the 'pros' they snagged the first time around.

No. 120398

They volunteered to step down bc of it. They wrerent kicked out.

No. 120405

forced to step down because people are being a lynch mob over the most first world problem possible is being kicked out anon.

No. 120413

That's the thing though. They weren't kicked out. They were forced to leave by no one even connected with the con. They all could have refused, showed up what fucking pussy ass bitches these cos-enablers are and to just deal with the fact that no one applied. Giving in to it is so dumb.

No. 120422

>Giving in to it is so dumb.
No, it's a survival tactic. Imagine the shitstorm coming your way if you said "No, I'm not going to hand over my position that I applied and worked for to some thot half assing it just because she's darker than I am and whined loudly enough". You'd be cancelled forever for nazi grade racism. You can talk about how dumb it is to give in all you want, which granted it is, but it doesn't change the fact that in case you want to have a career or any sort of a positive reputation it's the only way to go. Fucking Yaya got smacked for donating $1000 to BLM because it was "the wrong charity". It's much easier to just nope out and keep your mouth shut.

No. 120427

Exactly even small lesser know cosplayers can be lynch mobbed for not agreeing it's easier just to grin and bear it. Is there racism in cosplay? Yes always has been but more often than not they just want ass pats for having dark tones in a luxury first world hobby. I remember there was a landwhale that got a bit popular by crying how many people attacked her for being fat and black. I looked around and never found shit of anyone insulting her. But she made shit from bed sheets and it looked trashy as all hell. But you can be damn sure no one said shit about it.

No. 120428

IIRC this wasn't even an online con. It was a bunch of craftspeople who volunteered to stream together at the start of the pandemic. But people saw Yaya's name in the lineup next to sub-1k white cosplayers and flipped out. The people who left basically walked away from the stream they themselves organized.

No. 120438

the worst tbh they didn't even make anything they made their partner do it for them so they could whine online

No. 120441

File: 1605326633014.jpg (135.78 KB, 500x667, 5EBgfdm.jpg)

The irony of whining about how hard it is to be fat and black in cosplay when you make your fat white gf do all the work

No. 120459

I dont think they've heard of this IRON-y you speak of.
And to think they get contest judging/guest spots with this level of work.

No. 120513

Nicely done, nonny, very punny.

No. 120583


worse - the people who organized it stepped down from doing streams but still ended up running all the twitch streams / organizing. so they got shit on endlessly for racism but then did a weekend of programming with no recognition.

No. 120591

They also tried to do a POC craft con online and nothing happened

No. 120614

Because actually organizing an event is much harder than screaming how hard it is to be dark skinned in cosplay. It's just a repeat of that group that went ape shit when colossal con didn't accept the poc in cosplay panel. Like no one goes to colossal to actually go to panels they go to swim get drunk and show off swim suit cosplay.

No. 120679

If I may add to this - I was one of the people involved in the first round of the event, before shit went down, and I can absolutely confirm all the shit that happened was way blown out of proportion to what it started off as originally. Plus we got so much fudging hate from the POC cosplay community ragging on us and planning to organize their 'own con' and exclude everyone who wasn't POC, and it never eventuated, so they were just being catty as heck.

TBF I'm glad it's over because it was a huge stress on all of us and it's something I personally never wanna be involved with again.

No. 120685


Because the two black girls running it dumped all the organization off on volunteers who all quit when one of the organizers retweeted a bunch of antisemitic statements. So they had to cancel because nobody was doing the organizing work any more.

No. 120789

I was wondering what was the real story behind that. The organizer emailed everyone who wanted to do panels with some weird explanation that wasn't really an explanation. I figured they just bit off more than they could chew thinking they could stick it to the "man"

No. 120794

If anything Bep shouldn't have to struggle to pay for anything. She's almost 30 and lives with her mother and works as a barista. The only spending she does is cosplay and her tits.
She did beg a lot in the past but not sure if she still does.
Seems a little bit of a reach for whoever this account to talk about her not having food since her mother will feed her.
she probably got that because storyteller is always posting her. Got to follow the trend.

The only milk real on Bep is she keeps losing friends over and over again and nobody likes her because she stabs everyone in the back. See Kendal B and the daberry twins.

Atlanta is a mess at this point and should have its own thread.

No. 120795

File: 1605490146437.jpg (29.68 KB, 225x225, download (3).jpg)

The con's twitter, FB, and IG are deleted, but they claimed it folded because of "issues beyond our control." The irony of admitting that a call-out con crashed and burned because of bigoted tweets probably would have been too much.

The antisemetic posts from Tisheriffic (the main organizer and shit stirrer) is gone too, same as her entire twitter. I don't know if it's because of the Zenithkon fallout or if she was involved in other drama.

No. 120825

OMGCOsplay used to send out her patreon pics/videos titled "Meitu.jpg" (the app used for photoshop). She claims she does no photoshop though and speaks out about it. Just because she lets her stretchmarks stay and she doesn't whitten her yellow teeth… doesn't hide the fact that she still photoshops and is a liar. You can see the edit on her face sometimes and she'll edit her waist.

No. 120834

File: 1605498489919.png (8.5 MB, 1656x1471, IMG_7672.PNG)

>takes photos with no masks on
>"safety first, guys! we wore masks!"
what is the point of making a big deal about how you wore masks in between shots if you posted preview photos of you standing next to your friend?

No. 120844

>3 people arent friends with her anymore
>wont post caps about it

No. 120845

Can we stop nitpicking photoshoots? They arent going to be wearing them during shooting. That doesn't mean the camera usnt wearing one, the rigger, the other help. Especially if people are isolating.

No. 120848

Show proof of your talk anon? Youre nitpicking. Take this to ridiculous photoshoppers if she photoshops the extent you say. Bep and omg are not milky.

No. 120851

BEWARE Sabrina and OMG lurk these forums. They will harass you and get super upset if you mention them. I suggest not talking about them.(autism)

No. 120852

lol without receipts you just sound bitter. pony up or shut up

No. 120853

It’s not so much as they’re not wearing masks as it is that she’s making a big deal about how they totally wore masks to stay safe!!1!!1 but the photos show otherwise. Like why even lie about it? It’s not that big of a deal if you don’t wear a mask while shooting since it’s normal to not wear one.

No. 120854

ok alex jones I'll keep that in mind

No. 120856

She did a gofundme for her boobs though?

No. 120858

>half the photos in mask

Omfg, you sound so fucking stupid. Shut up. Is this the same girl who did the Tohru cosplay anons nitpicked about? It's a photoshoot.

No. 120860

That's not milk and she made up the rest of the cost herself. She took this down early because the anon in here keeps making sockpuppets to harass her in DMs. She's made mention of it before and it's ridiculous and a gofundme for boobs isn't a big deal and she didn't post and beg for money either. She specifically mentioned that people don't have to donate, but anon with their vendetta didn't like it and posted it here immediately after attacking her. She's discussed all of this before. Almost all their posts about Bep get redtext. Same with Sabrina and OMG.

No. 120861


Even anons have called out their sockpuppet vendetta crap >>88967.

No. 120862

Anon do you really not get it? Lol

It’s the irony of them saying “safety!” With a mask and then posting a photo without a mask literally right next to it. Anon doesn’t care that the photoshoot happened, it’s just ironic.

No. 120864

who tf cares

No. 120867

I wish I had all the screenshots myself but there’s a few already in this thread, she asked for $4,000 on the gofundme saying she had already been saving for her surgery and then suddenly came up with $2,000 on her own when she got hate for it.

The gofundmes goal suddenly dropping 2k when no one donated just showed she was trying to milk her followers for money to pay for her entire surgery because when she posted her surgeon at cgcosmetic (that’s still tagged in her stories) they literally posted that they had a half off deal where their boob jobs were $3,000.

So not only was she trying to scam her followers out of paying for the whole thing when she obviously had at least $2k saved already, she was asking for over $1k more than what her surgery was even going to cost.

So defend her all you want, but she literally tried to get her followers to pay for her entire surgery with lies because she thinks they’re dumb enough not to notice.

No. 120869

She dropped half of the cost because of harassment. She even mentioned that she covered was planning on covering the other part. Why do you fucking care? None of this would've been a scam and wasn't.

>$2k on own

>was making masks and doing onlyfans at the time

uh huh.

No. 120884

Jesus fucking christ for the past 6 months people continuously force "oh my god they're not wearing masks for a photoshoot" as "milk". Get your stale ass vendetta out of here, you're embarrassing yourselves. You do know that people can take their masks off for photos and the virus situation isn't as dire everywhere?

No. 120930

I already said it’s not that she’s not wearing a mask, it’s that she doesn’t see the irony in saying “omg we stayed safe by wearing masks!”. There’s not much difference between wearing a mask for 2-3 mins between photos and not wearing one, so why make such a big deal about having worn one for a few mins and have mask photos as part of your shoot because “omg safety first!”? I don’t give a fuck that people are doing photoshoots since they can self-monitor their health afterwards.
As for your point of places not being that serious, where those costhots live is going back into quarantine because cases are spiking and there’s a problem with antimaskers (not her, but people who go to crowded malls and stuff without masks). She can do photoshoots, her body, her choice or whatever, but saying that covid isn’t serious where she is isn’t true.

No. 120946

No one cares if they said they do wear masks. You sound retarded. They clearly wore them when needed, we arent going to attack anyone doing shoots without masks. Its not like they went to an influencer party and even then thats stale milk too and just points out who is a dick.

No. 120947

Cases are spiking globally again, anon. Its not a costhot alone issue.

No. 121028

>>120860 lurker here. Idk asking for other people to fund your boob job back when tons of people were losing their jobs does seem kinda milky to me. Other anons might be blowing this out of proportion with their vendettas, but she does seem like she has milk

No. 121047

Watch the fake posters get upset about any mention of Sabrina's saggy lunch meat looking body. She lurks and constantly posts her trying to defend herself and call out other costhots

No. 121117

File: 1605637113068.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.9 KB, 640x526, Yr0X2LP4ec-WoorjBEsXgcIDLEMj9u…)

Sabrina used to be so hot. What happened?

No. 121120

Is she milky or do you just not like her body….?

No. 121134

File: 1605649162849.jpg (39.62 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Even black/poc despise the black cosplay twitter snowflakes. I recall seeing a twt thread of people discussing how it's become ironically humiliating and frustrating it is for themselves and all based on color, caricatures, clout, etc. more than cosplay.

Everytime there's something big, you're sure to see "megu" or the other ones making it about themselves down your feed. It's her or
>the disabled yuna with ten disabilities (reminder she has ten disabilities guys)
>sailor jupiter with redundant commentary jumping in for extra points
>lisa lou literally who
>some more hundreds of bland rude PROFESHUNAL costhots with no personality other than being poc, overweight, disabled, gay, religious, war veteran and tweeting about it everyday (aside from their own ads)
Bonus points everytime they have some japanese name attached.

No. 121140

Her playboy shoots are so plastic.

No. 121159

File: 1605667205833.jpeg (316.82 KB, 1125x1457, C46D3440-2DFB-4089-9D01-6C0AD4…)


shes graduated to 12+ chronic illnesses uwu

No. 121166

>I am a disabled minority (in America)
>Here is how you can give me money

No. 121174

kek, she's Canadian. Don't they have healthcare over there?

No. 121192

I'm surprised Bibi isn't posted here more, with the amount of callouts and drama she starts. She's part of a loud circle who will exclude other bipoc cosplayers who aren't dark enough or who disagree with them. But if you're both black and disabled, then you're oppressed enough and deserve a guest spot. I'm sure that has nothing to do with Bibi and her 12 disabilities.

No. 121193

File: 1605679100171.jpeg (157.94 KB, 720x973, D522D0B6-94F4-4C2F-BF37-6F5815…)

The Black cosplay community is honestly a drama filled mess. Everyone has that stupid “pick-me” mentality, especially during 28 days of black cosplay. Anytime someone gets a racist comment, the entire community finds it to be an opportunity to promote themselves and put their two cents in. There are few crafters in the community that get overshadowed by people like >>121159 . Everyone is too afraid to call out these twitter thots because they don’t want to be Called a racist.
>yakfrost making a black book of people they thought were racist on twitter

No. 121223

I don't know a lot of the details personally but she's got a reputation in the Alberta community for being a genuinely awful person. Of course she frames it as "uwu Alberta is full of racist rednecks so that's why they hate me" and people eat it up. But from what I've heard from a lot of her former friends is she's a horrible narcissist who takes advantage of people's goodwill and then as soon as they're of no use to her she'll drag their names through the mud. Which sounds about right, based on how I've seen her act on Twitter.

No. 121224

File: 1605716656977.jpg (527.84 KB, 1907x1894, ElYmZ-qUYAApAyT.jpg)

Her 3d printed/resin stuff ranges from okay to really ugly, it's insane how she makes sales from this stuff

No. 121227

Sabrina has settled down some and keeps mostly quiet. She used to be best friends with moo and get involved with everything. Speaking out about photoshop (while doing it herself), lying about rape, harassing other cosplayers. She at least knows to shut up about it all now and stay away from drama

No. 121274

She used to hang around with and leech off of Momokun and was caught shit talking people in one of the previous Momo's calves/costhot threads. If I recall correctly she was the one who spilled the beans about Momo's lipo either accidentally or intentionally when she was whiteknighting her.

No. 121314

out of curiosity, I just remembered. isn't this the one who complained about a convention "calling her an angry black woman" when they replied to her "we completely understand your anger" or something towards her complaints?

I have a vague memory of seeing this recently but I can't find it. Might be my imagination.

Either way sorry for OT derail rambling. Just a sideline.

No. 121324

Yes, this is her. I remember that being the incident that finally made me mute her on twitter because every single hour she was complaining about something. No matter how the con responded to her, she kept escalating it as oh they hate disabled people. She's obnoxious.

No. 121332

File: 1605765653290.png (646.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201118-215104.png)

Anyone know what happened here? From the thread it sounds like the photog drove 6 hours and the cosplayer didn't pay the photog after that? But I can't find any more details

No. 121335

Yup. She wouldn't drop it unless they apologized to her in the EXACT manner she wanted, even though they issued about 5 different apologies (including the convention head personally reaching out). She also doxxed one of their board members and sicced her followers on someone who called her out for it.

No. 121340

The basic story that I got is that the photographer drove 6 hours to the photoshoot and took the pictures. One of the cosplayers didn't have enough money to pay the full thing and complained about the price. Then they managed to negotiate a lower price and still complained about it. The price the photographer was charging was 70 dollars for the shoot. I'm assuming that there was more to it, but people are being a little vague about who the cosplayer is exactly.

No. 121373


The black crafters getting buried under the oppressed pickmes make the whole craftchella thing even stupider. The people bitching they weren't picked weren't even crafters, what did they expect to have to offer? Maybe lift up small crafters instead of using your platform for selfishness. I only follow crafters and every time a big thread of YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW BLACK COSPLAYERS comes up there's 200 names and three of them make their own shit.

No. 121391

Saged for OT sperg but fucking yeah. Half the cosplayers now are failed influencers that slap crafter on their half assed cloest cosplays, which would be fine if they owned it instead of whining about it and turn any criticisms into "muh bullying"

No. 121408

I fucking love the fucking screaming about 'brownfacing' I'm hispanic but live in a 4 season state. So pale the fuck out in winter. I loved when the usual cows scream I'm brownfacing in summer. Only to backpedal as hard as they could when I'd respond "I'm hispanic sorry you're racist as fuck." I seriously don't get the appeal. If someone tans and goes for a tan character who the fuck cares.

No. 121411

I just saw a post say "black cosplayers still don't get respect!" and their pinned tweet was their viral cosplay crediting other people for all the work. Lazy and entitled.

No. 121429

File: 1605826293691.png (93.36 KB, 316x650, Screenshot_20201114-171739.png)

I dont know how anyone can support Vera Bambi. She has such a nasty attitude and is untalented. She went on a twitter rant about people not deserving help and that minimum wage people need to just "work harder" like she did. Some mentioned that mentally ill people need help and her response was "Im mentally ill and I did it".

No. 121434

I can't say this on twitter or publicly because people will flip their shit but she does know that she's a sex worker, right, and that her work is neither essential nor demanding enough as a lot of minimum wage jobs.

She makes mediocre content for an oversaturated and frivolous market. A minimum wage burger flipper at McD's is, practically speaking, more necessary than she is.

No. 121491

Twitter hoes have some vendetta against people with regular jobs and like to look down on them because it makes them feel better. They really think some dudes paying for nudes means they’re professional businesswomen and everyone else just doesn’t know better.

No. 121496

File: 1605853635107.jpeg (206.51 KB, 750x579, E5503400-EE1F-40E0-ADA4-7A1801…)

Now there’s context for the situation.

No. 121497

File: 1605853661742.jpeg (256.52 KB, 750x1474, B7804255-D170-4E02-9AAE-08A80C…)


No. 121498

File: 1605853779868.jpeg (149 KB, 750x483, 5F3C9AB1-AD03-45EF-B002-55E2A5…)

No. 121499

File: 1605853802203.jpeg (155.33 KB, 750x517, C5D60E28-8868-49A3-B005-639E42…)

No. 121500

File: 1605854007337.png (725.31 KB, 750x1624, 1617007C-72FA-4C2A-8217-FE57A8…)

Sorry for the spam, but there’s a lot to the situation it seems.

No. 121507

No. 121573

What is with people lately thinking ghosting is the answer to everything. Everything is timestamped and most even alert when opened. All it does is show you as a immature brat. Like I seriously don't get it.

No. 121584

File: 1605903454095.jpeg (192.71 KB, 750x1283, 46BD7843-285F-4742-90F6-CC59CB…)

Because she is a brat.

No. 121585

File: 1605903481153.jpeg (114.22 KB, 750x1350, F29C3838-8208-4C39-9208-673959…)


No. 121587

And this entire thing is over 50 bucks?

No. 121592

Yeah. Originally the shoot was $70, but Laura asked for it to be $50 (because that’s all she could afford) and he said okay. She then went off on him saying she won’t use the photos and that he’s unprofessional, stating that she had to do everything therefore she doesn’t have to pay him. And all this other bullshit. It’s interesting to see the black cosplay community rally behind him though.

No. 121600

File: 1605909314520.jpeg (471.94 KB, 1800x1696, 70E79D8D-47E3-4179-8F18-0462FD…)

I guess the costhots are cannibalizing each other. This is extremely funny and entertaining to watch though.

No. 121608

Bep recently made an insta story post asking for donations for moving expenses even though she doesn’t have a place she is moving to or any real moving plans set. When she does move she will probably make monthly posts begging for money to pay rent and utilities. She has such a bad reputation too she probably won’t find any roommates and will have to stay with her mother.

No. 121609

The whole brownfacing thing wasnt even an issue in cosplay until 2010 or something. It's so stupid. Let people tan. Who the fuck cares.

I follow cosplayers who actually make their shit and i love seeing the progress. I feel sad that is such a rarity now a days.

No. 121610

Feels sad that a photographer has to beg for $50. How broke are these bitches? Imagine of these photographers charged model shoot prices… $50 is a good price for photographer driving up to you during a pandemic. Shouldn't even be doing cosplay shoots tbh

No. 121627

Like if costhots are that broke why bother. just facetune and post

No. 121632

File: 1605919855960.jpeg (15.91 KB, 183x275, 69E8A055-2EF9-4DC9-BADB-7D4178…)

Ri Care is a idiot. She had lewded a lot of underaged characters and her body looks naturally “underaged” so for her to speak out about it is a joke

No. 121653

File: 1605927148602.png (1.45 MB, 1250x760, instastorybep.cosplays.PNG)

screenshot it. These are the only stories she's posted. Nobody is going to believe you if you don't have screen shots. I don't like her either, but at least back it up.

No. 121661

That anon said "recently", that doesn't necessarily mean in the last 24 hours. Don't be dense.

No. 121668

This is extra funny if you look at the comments on her kofi to see all the different things she has been begging for lately
>sorry your day was so awful. ily and hope this helps, even if only a little <3
>I hope you can get your ears. 😊 I enjoy all your work.
>I’m sorry about the Covid Tests. Fuck them for getting rid of Free testing for uninsured.
>Shouldnt cost more than $20. Put the change towards a new laptop. Just relax. Itll be okay.

No. 121672

File: 1605932490144.jpg (224.14 KB, 996x2047, EnPEhJXW8AE0XKZ.jpg)

Quote from the Twitter thread screenshots:
>I feel like I was lured into a trap into paying for these photos

Lured into a trap into paying for a service which someone provided for you. He never said it was free, he said pay what you can.

No. 121673

File: 1605932842122.jpg (189.09 KB, 996x2047, EnPEw1hXIAIBf4j.jpg)

People are such assholes these days, another cap from the thread. He drove 4 hours and she wanted it all for free.

No. 121674

File: 1605933006017.jpg (207.39 KB, 996x2047, EnPExShXEAYhSK3.jpg)

>I wouldn't have shot with you if I knew you were gonna pull this kinda scam

Asking for payment is a scam now?

No. 121677

File: 1605933120402.jpeg (8.14 KB, 215x234, images (4).jpeg)

What you're saying might be true, I wouldn't know. But holy fuck you chose the absolute height of nitpicks for your example.
>her body looks naturally “underaged”
Firstly you come off as deranged because that's obviously a grown woman in a swimsuit, and secondly, are you from twitter or pull?

No. 121698

Read what I was replying to. The girl in the photo was ranting that NO ONE SHOULD LEWD UNDERAGED CHARACTERS and I said its funny she said that because she does lewds as underaged characters. I don't give a fuck on who she cosplays tbh. Just pointing out that she's just a hypocrite thot

No. 121782

She didn't 'recently' either. She doesn't beg for money. She 'recently' posted that someone was harassing her and claiming she is begging for money. Anon is trying to twist her posts to make them relevant to the thread, when it's all just bs to make bep look really bad. Anon has been at this for months.

You realize she has possible contact with someone who wound up testing positive, right? She talked about the cost of the test and people donated to her kofi because of it. She didn't beg for money for the test, she had the money for the test. She mostly talked about how she was worried about her health and how it was effecting her emotionally even though no symptoms had shown yet. COVID is scary. Let her be scared, anon.

No. 121783

No one cares. You keep saying characters, so you agree they aren't real.

No. 121784

Ri is such a pick-me. She edits her face smoll because she hates her long chin and tries to copy the round gravure face look that Japan's idols edit their faces to be in shoots. She's old and she knows it and wants to cosplay teen characters to try to compete with younger cosplayers. This looks so bad on her part.

No. 121790

>edits her face smoll because she hates her long chin
Not whiteknighting but I thought her thing was that she badly shooped her chin pointy while she actually has a square face (i.e. a blunt chin/jaw) IRL.
Anyway, I've never liked her. Her change from kawaii jfashion + cosplay blog pimping out sponsored reviews to generic Patreon costhot always seemed so random and disingenuous, like she only wanted to hop on whatever was making the most $$$.

No. 121812

Ri looks like trailer trash. She has that "I love to visit Walmart in my pajamas and eat cheetos." look to her

No. 121814

>asking for full price
I wish these bitches had any clue how much a normal photoshoot costs. Almost every cosplay photographer is charging dirt cheap prices. Asking $70 is basically nothing for a shoot especially considering he drove 6 hours round trip. That money probably would’ve just covered gas and maybe a meal

No. 121819

I'm talking length wise, not size wise. She shortens it.

No. 121834

A lotta whiteknighting about a nobody cow, but go off I guess.

No. 121837

Seriously and usually they're doing group shoots and everyone chips in so they're really losing out labor/equipment/cost to them wise. It's 70$ fucking dollars just pay the person and be done with it. Even a low quality bought cosplays range around 50$ not including wig. So it's not as if she doesn't have it lying around. And even if not maybe don't cosplay in the first place. Too many thots forget this hobby is about as luxury and first world as it gets. sage for rambling.

No. 121850

inb4 "hi cow" bep you're really fucking bad at trying to pretend this isn't you posting and wking yourself

No. 121872

You guys havent posted any proof aside from "She posted this, but I don't have caps, so believe what I say".

No. 122058

lol the guilt when >>121834 never even said it was a self-post.

No. 122229

File: 1606166071476.jpg (598.04 KB, 1080x1721, SmartSelect_20201123-160142_Sa…)

So apparently a cosplayer is going after an mua ytuber on Danny Phantom. What a reach…

No. 122230

My bad just another mua, not a cosplayer.

No. 122240

Trying to leverage race when it's just another case of photo copying, lame. This board is full of white cows skinwalking other white cows, copying people's shit has nothing to do with race.

No. 122241

File: 1606170693864.png (372.01 KB, 1440x1157, 86523.png)

When you get called out and suddenly decide your public thread on twitter.com is only for selected eyes

No. 122245

I saw this too but wasn’t sure if this was the right thread to post it in. I guess it technically counts as cosplay drama since they’re both dressing up.

I have no idea who the MUAs are but these look completely different to me. The pose is already something the character does in the show, and the caption is the character’s catchphrase. Nothing else looks the same.

No. 122250

>No talent? No worries! Go viral by blowing a minor thing out of proportion and claim your lack of notes is due to racism.

Works for the cosplay community, so why not MUAs too?

No. 122265

I normally don't care for beauty community drama but a lot of black cosplayers were retweeting/responding and mostly against the OP which I found kinda funny.

No. 122268

> “a simple “inspired by” was all it took”
> also fails to mention what character his look was inspired by in his original post or any credit to the show/character designers

People online beg too much for credit all the time because they can’t get popular off their own backs or someone else does it better. Every look has been done before, no one cares, have we all got to credit MannyMUA every time we do a smokey copper eye and a nude lip lel

No. 122282

Lmfao what a joke, the "look" doesn't even look the same. Yeah they're posed similarly but that's literally the Danny Phantom pose so like…what?? Every person who ever does a look inspired by a CHARACTER has to give credit to some random who did it before them? And of course people eat it up because "oMg iTs RaCiSt stop StEaLiNg FrOm BlAcK pEoPlE!"
People like this are why I despise twitter

No. 122338


The funniest thing is this just comes off as "I'm mad the pretty twink looking white boy got more likes then my insecure black ass." Like if you're really that upset maybe do flattering make up on yourself in the future? He looks like one of those 1930s racist cartoons in his profile pic. Exaggerated drag make up doesn't work for a lot and he's certainly one of them.

No. 122564

File: 1606418318596.jpeg (447.99 KB, 750x1329, 0BE78063-B576-4232-9E41-8C5173…)

>it was originally $700 :)
You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m all for supporting artists and their work but suggesting that this rats nest is worth $700 is a joke.

No. 122575

If you add up labor, looks like 3 wigs, plus extensions to give the bulkiness. If I remember right she made the dreads from scratch, not prebought dreads. I can be worth that price.

No. 122761

It’s not that weird, depending on the quality of the wig, and whatever hours of labor was put into it. If she had a lot of money when she bought it too she might’ve just splurged on a “high end” wig stylist or something as well, to ensure she got a good product. Keep in mind a lot of people who cosplay the character also do it as a job (“princess parties”) so a wig stylist might charge extra given that fact as well.

No. 122891

Yeah, one time someone asked to be credited if they so much as helped cut out some fabric for someone or something. Like… It's not that deep.

No. 123141

File: 1606637310138.jpg (143.85 KB, 1242x2688, 128360361_417204846306578_3150…)

Since you guys are still in this Zenithkon shit and want to talk smack constantly about me and the con after everything that’s happened, let me tell you the real truth why it closed…

Yes I was vague in the statement about the con closing down, but I’ll tell you the truth but without any names.

I did not retweet it or make any antisemetic statements, that was a lie.

This was brought to my attention in the Discord server where a couple of volunteers in major positions who helped develop the con with me, posted screenshots of my co-chair accidentally retweeting antisemetic statements from their fellow cosplay friend. They said they felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Which I understood. I was also disturbed by this news and did not condone these tweets. We let the co-chair be held accountable for this. She said she did not realize the replies to the first tweet in the thread was antisemetic. The cosplayer was being vague at first about her tweet about landlords, but then got real messed up and mentioned Jewish people. Because of this, we ultimately we felt it was best that she step down and she agreed to. I posted screenshots for evidence of all this.

Because of the stress and pressure I was feeling around this time, with the con, school, breaking up with a toxic ex, and depression from the quarantine mixed with those, working on Zenithkon became more difficult than I expected. The volunteer crew was very resourceful and we were off on a great start, however without their help and complications of my personal life. It just didn’t seem likely to continue. I hated to try to delay the con any further and reach out to people to join. So I decided it best to cancel. I know it sounds silly to me to be in charge of an online con, that I’m inexperienced in and wouldn’t dare or encourage anyone to run an event without knowing the full extent of what they will be getting into.

This incident has lead me to leave the cosplay community for good. You guys are a bunch of cowards who hide on here and can’t tell your peers what you feel to your face, covering up your racist and prejudice asses. Looking back, I do regret calling out Craftchella like that, I did have a heart to heart with a few of team about the callout. I wished them the best and I did the same. They even gave me a lot of advice for Zenithkon.

However, I had very good intentions and wanted this to be a success, evolving beyond the callout, and didn’t want the con to be an ‘’in your face’’ to Craftchella like it seemed. I don’t regret speaking out and acknowledging overall how many of cosplayers or people in the nerd community in general do not like seeing black cosplayers gain attention (regardless of our skill levels). Most of you only want to applaud the ones that seem “talented enough” or are silent when it comes to racial and political issues. You can follow who you like, but we have a right to promote and stand up for ourselves, no matter what. Yes I did not make my own cosplays, but I was still a cosplayer. It’s a hobby for me, not a career. Anyway, though I wish I had the opportunity for the con to happen and make you naysayers not revel in our failure, I’m glad it happened. It made me release how ugly and sneaky most people in the community are. During this crazy time I have much more to do in life than to let something unimportant like this and won’t get me go forward in life distract from bettering myself and working on making my true ambitions come to life.

God bless you all and take care.

No. 123142

File: 1606637502224.jpg (206.92 KB, 1242x2688, 128578718_676082533086589_8182…)

No. 123143

File: 1606637537375.jpg (186.27 KB, 1242x2688, 128814312_292992798721872_4119…)

No. 123144

File: 1606637568662.jpg (198.24 KB, 1242x2688, 128593676_849557802487656_7712…)

No. 123145

File: 1606637618078.jpg (201.74 KB, 1242x2688, 128486157_435462594271141_1377…)

No. 123146

File: 1606637730892.jpg (201.14 KB, 1242x2688, 128792930_294328918593456_6926…)

No. 123147

File: 1606637795452.jpg (187.91 KB, 1242x2688, 128559225_415066489876911_2892…)

No. 123181

Yes, hi. As one of the people who was directly involved in Craftchella, who knows who you are (but at least have the decency to not post caps), I'd like to extend a very thorough and emphatic 'get bent'.

In my opinion, Zenithkon was ABSOLUTELY organized SPECIFICALLY with the intention of being an 'in your face' to Craftchella and the people who had put it together. What started out as a small group of friends who decided to livestream their current projects and work in progresses to have some fun got blown way out of proportion, and you know what? I was there reading ALL those tweets calling Craftchella all sorts of nasty names, and I can attest to the fact that maybe you weren't directly involved in calling our group nasty names, but nobody stepped in to say 'woah hey, wait a minute, let's take the foot off the gas and try to figure out what's going on'.

The Black and POC cosplay community came down on us HARD. People started trashing our volunteers, harassing them, saying 'oh she's not dark enough to be a POC' and so on when all we planned on doing was a casual hangout that somehow snowballed into an 'online convention' somehow. The general idea of Zenithkon was 'Fuck you Craftchella, we'll have our OWN con and NOBODY WHITE IS INVITED'.

You can believe what you want to, or not, but EVERYONE who applied to volunteer off CBC's Instagram story got in. Just because Yaya was involved, people thought it was a 'popular kids only' group when, in actuality, the majority of the people involved had very small followings and made cosplays for the joy of it, not to grow a following and make money.

This shit you're posting? It's absolutely deflection, trying to move the attention away from the real problem that you, your followers and your shitty friends harassed a small group of friends out of a FREE, VOLUNTEER event to raise morale and just have a fun online hangout. But you guys had to make it into a political arm's race.

So, to reiterate.

'God bless' my ass. Get bent.

No. 123188

>Most of you only want to applaud the ones that seem “talented enough”
>Yes I did not make my own cosplays, but I was still a cosplayer.

This is what I don't understand. IIRC craftchella was a crafting stream so why would you expect to be involved in that or invited real convention panels if you don't make your cosplays? What are you bringing to the table?

No. 123190

Craftchella was a crafting stream. Those of us who didn't have anything going on in the moment (or didn't feel like physically working on something) planned to host a panel. Well, I say 'panel' but it was more something along the lines of 'here's what technique I did for X in my past costume, let me show you how I did it!'

It was so bizarre that Craftchella started getting so much hatred all over Twitter for just being a casual crafting stream. Nobody was making any money, advertising their pages or trying to shill products. It was just a bunch of us who planned to be in our pajamas or sweatpants basically doing a 24-hour Twitch stream marathon.

CBC got slammed because according to Twitter assholes, they didn't extend the invite to nearly enough people (never mind that IG stories only last 24 hours), and there wasn't enough 'representation'. But you know what I found? Black cosplay Twitter is enormously exclusive. The community seemed to try and represent the idea of 'we'll carve our own space out in this hobby, but we don't want anyone else who isn't Black here'.

CBC and the rest of us were put into such a difficult position, because if we tried to include more POC into the streams, it'd be seen as 'inclusion for the sake of inclusivity', and we'd get another barrage of hate tweets. Never mind that 90% of the people who were throwing those temper tantrums of 'WHY WASN'T I PICKED?! RACISTS!!' were just cosplay thots who threw on cheap lingerie and a badly cut wig and shilled themselves to OF.

No. 123195

I want a refund for the time I spent reading All This Shit. Take some motherfucking responsibility and don't come here to whine months after it happened. You fucked up by letting your dumbass ego take over and that's that, no need to call other cosplayers "cowards" when you bailed out like a pussy and now hiding behind racism accusations.


No. 123198

slightly off topic but
>Fuck you Craftchella, we'll have our OWN con and NOBODY WHITE IS INVITED'.

let POC cosplayers have their own con centered around craftsmanship and talent. Itll be a laughing stock, bc all of the poc qweens have zero talent and are lifted up by the community out of white guilt. While actual talented poc crafters get next to no attention.

No. 123206

>implying these Zenithcon people give a shit about talented POC crafters or making shit instead of just making a "fuck you" event that's all about identity politics panels and patting each other on the back for being POC onlyfans thots

No. 123225

So basically Craftcella was very open in their volunteer selection process, letting everyone and anyone in except, obviously, people who didn't craft their own cosplays/Open onlyfans whores who planned on crocheting with their ass cheeks or something, black twitter thinks they have a right to get angry even though almost none of them volunteered or stepped forward to be involved, they create their own "con" for the sake of inclusivity while not at all being inclusive, and then one of the Zenithcon creators takes a massive, steaming dump on Jewish people.

Am I on the right track here?

No. 123228

Holy deflection Batman! It's poc cosplayers like you and Zenithkon that give the rest of the poc cosplaying community a bad name. You guys literally created a nonissue with Cratchella for what? For not seeing your photo on the line up? Are y'all THAT insecure and entitled? Seriously, what exactly did you want them to do? Add a cosplayer who doesn't craft? Talk about a special breed of stupid. Why on earth should CBC have to reach out to y'all when it was announced for everyone? Why couldn't the poc cosplay community apply and check it out themselves? Can you please tell me why?

Bless your heart and go screw yourself.

No. 123243

You guys still won't take any flack for the fact that actual, talented, and well versed in the convention setup and organization, was killed off because of your racist convention, right? I wholeheartedly understand wanting more diverse people in panels and con staff, but when you fail as fuck like this and then before you did it you blamed Craftchella for everything you never even did! I get POC don't get representation in cospaly as much, but you realize that's also because you guys only reblog yourselves. You honestly DONT reach out to already versed cosplayers and then complain that they don't support you. You HAVE to reach out for support first. Why the fuck would your numbers be high if you don't want to support people. It's not people always willingly not wanting to support POC cosplayers, its because you guys act like this all the time. Why the fuck do people want to work with you when you literally come at them like a missle if they don't do everything you want them to do 24/7? Cosplay is NOT a coddle box and you have to work hard. Sorry society sucks and it's whitewashed, but you think bashing people because they didn't see your profile and you say they are racist because they never share cosplayers? Most of the people on your panel were shitty. They aren't pro people. Pros get reblogs, people who look good get reblogs, people who actually have good work get reblogs. No one wants to reblog some shitty costest cosplayer with a shitty phone photo. Sorry, but not sorry. You are so entitled and it's irritating.

No. 123248

Considering how they came at this, I think I understand now why a lot of conventions say no to POC panels because the people who try to host them are aggressive like this. Like why the fuck do I want to sit and listen to someone who I know has been an asshole online because they didn't get attention from the get-go. Con chairs probably go through your twitter and see you are racist as fuck. No one wants a panel from POCs like that or anyone involved in the Zenithcon thing. They are all horrible people from the sounds of it who get mad that their mediocrity doesn't get noticed.

No. 123253

File: 1606676055457.jpg (77.83 KB, 960x640, bad cosplay.jpg)

So from the screencaps, I can see @xgabbynu @magumausagi @chibithot (the racist one who made a comment about jews) @tisherrific (photo attached to see their great amazing quality on the left) @deicosart

No. 123254

Just a quick bit on this, but I am tired of supporting cosplayers to just be nice. If you make good quality, you get attention. I don't think we as a community, regardless of race, should be giving attention to bad work. They should learn how to be better and as they progress, then get those views they like. Throwing tantrums in the community is so childish when these people are 25+. Come on. You don't own the hobby and at this point, let younger people who call you out on your bs take your place because at least they know that you are full of crap. Supporting people as they grow is awesome, but pretending their work is amazing and reblogging it with the same energy you do as someone like CBC compared to her work? That's just stupid. You cannot compare the two and at one point you need to bow out until you get to that level of craftmanship. It's okay to suck for now, but being mad because you aren't giving attention even though you 'try' is ridiculous.

No. 123261

Kek this is exactly like when some people tried to start a "black comiccon" and it was organized exclusively by scammers and idiots, but no one wanted to speak up because muh poc creators

No. 123264

Wow…no. I'm with the other anon, you can get fucked tbh. I was one of the people that went and called trish and a few of the others out in the thread about calling the people running Craftchella racist and I told that I didn't know enough about the black experience to say anything (despite being a black cosplayer) and attacked constantly by followers to the point where I felt like I was going to get dogpiled on and cancelled for thinking and believing different.

I am not surprised at all that the chair leads acted this way and I really wasn't sad at all when it failed. Things done out of spite usually tends to.

No. 123314

>Are y'all THAT insecure and entitled?
Yes. Yes they are.

No. 123332

Craftchella anon here, wow, things really blew up since I went to work.

All I know is that Craftchella got blown so much more out of proportion than it really was that the organisers had to scramble non-stop to get the whole mess cleared up. But no matter what CBC did, they got put on blast in the Twitter community. Some examples of shit that went down:

* One of the POC panelists had her armor build as her display photo because it was the work she was most proud of. When people said there were no POCs (because according to them, Asian people and mixed 'don't count') she changed her image to a less-liked build to show her face, but then Craftchella got hate because of THAT, since people thought they only changed one image to 'pander'.

* Multiple plus-sized people were involved, but because the photos on the banner were small, all you could see was their faces, so people got up in arms about the fact there were no plus-sized cosplayers. When one of them spoke up and said she was plus-sized, she was harassed and sent threatening DMs, because apparently she was a 'small fat' and that didn't count either.

* When people who were in Craftchella started dropping out to give their spots to others who wanted in (eg reaching out to more Black and POC content creators) they got slammed AGAIN because they were only choosing them because they were Black and POC. (IIRC one tweet said it was 'too little too late). Never mind that the original even was volunteer-only, and now they had to seek out talent.

An added bit of snide, I went through the Black cosplay Twitter to try and recommend some crafters, and you know what? There wasn't a single person I could find that wasn't shilling lewds and nudes in cheap bought cosplay shit, which we couldn't invite because it had to be an ALL AGES EVENT. They cried racism and favoritism but meanwhile all their accounts had were bad naked room selfies with garbage-tier 'cosplays' in an event that was supposed to be focused on crafting.

No. 123333

An addendum - EVERYONE who replied to CBC's Instagram story got in. EVERYONE. Even if people weren't fantastic at crafting, they still planned panels about con-related stuff, like 'how to write a skit' or 'how to keep in good health' etc. Everyone, regardless of skill level, had something to offer, and that's what made the original idea of Craftchella so fun - that we were all just a bunch of goofy friends having a chill time.

One of the biggest whines on Twitter was that people DID see the post from CBC, but justified their hatred of the event by saying 'I didn't apply because they don't know me personally/they wouldn't have taken me in anyway/they don't like POC so why even bother', then get fkn buttmad when, surprise and shock, they weren't picked for the event. When CBC reiterated that they accepted everyone and opened up volunteering for another day, they STILL didn't apply because they were all 'oh now they're just PANDERING and trying to fix their mistakes!'

tl;dr they made their own shitty decisions and cried when faced with the consequences of their non-actions.

No. 123335

Sorry, not sorry, but the POC cosplay community is pretty fucking racist as hell. I don't follow the whole "you can't be racist to white people", but you can discriminate against anyone who isn't POC and isn't obese 300+? It's so pretty and disgusting and I honestly hate associating with a lot of tese cosplayers because their numbers a lot of the time don't come from talent, it's from tearing people like the ones in Craftchella a new one because they want to be GIVEN EVERYTHING. None of them actually work except for @phalafelcosplay. Saying anyone who isn't black isn't POC enough is so shitty. I'm tired of this black vs asian thing too. The biggest issue in the cospaly community are the people who demand they get invites and handed everything just because of their skin color.

No. 123340

Black Twitter/poc cosplay community is a fucking joke. All it is is black cosplayers complaining nonstop about "muh representation", and when they get representation it's "not good enough" and they always have some excuse for it. And when they're not screeching about not being represented in fucking JAPANESE cartoons they're tearing down any poc who's not black, especially Asian girls for some fucking reason, or shitting on a white cosplayer who didn't do anything. I'll never understand it and I feel horrible for the Craftcella organizers.

No. 123341

How can they not see how blatantly racist and discriminatory their actions are? They complain about it all the time, champion against it, and yet that's all they want to do. It's as bad as the mainstream idiots who wanted to bandwagon on 'racism' and 'stealing from black creators all the time' during the Danny Phantom make-up thing. I can't wrap my mind around the thinking because it isn't logical.

No. 123348

I'm pretty friendly, but I have gotten so fed up with how selfish a lot of them are. They'll say you're a bigot if you don't praise them up and down but none of them share in return.

No. 123373

Absolutely mindboggling. An open event anyone could apply to and already featured people with varying ethnicities and body sizes yet it wasn't ~good enough~ because it didn't feature people from this petty, fame hungry pool. Seeing how hard their own event went to shit working with them would probably been a nightmare and they probably would have had nothing to offer in terms of crafting.

Yep, bitches out there measuring skulls to see who's a "real POC". Light skinned black people, arabs and Asians are immediately singled out because they're "too white". Even skinny dark black girls would be insufficient because they're lacking ~body type diversity~. They should just go and say that what they mean is that they themselves should be invited to whatever they want, at least they'd be honest about their intentions. But even then they'd just decline on grounds of "you're only inviting me for pandering!!!!!", like what the fuck do you even want?

No. 123407

They just want to be coddled and babied and the non-blacks who follow this are doing it for clout because they think it makes them look good. The whole circle is pathetic and honestly dampens and makes people not want to support these cosplayers. No one wants to support bad work. No one cares about your lingerie with added cosplay pieces. you're not suddenly a craft because you only make bracers and a chest plate. We are talking actual crafting here, full armor, props, seamstresses. Sorry you might be poor and dont have those skills and materials, it sucks, damn you society, but begging and demeaning people just so you can get attention is not how to go about it. You work hard like everyone else. Get better as cosplay and crafting. Wanting everything handed to you because of your skin color is annoying as hell in a hobby that is like this. It's a HOBBY.

No. 123408

So this video does a good job of condensing the ridiculousness that was Twitter last week. I'm so tired of these fake woke people. A lot of cosplayers like >>121332 >>121159 >>121134
went after this poor girl. Like other races can have and do have afro texture hair. These people really come off as extremely racist. I can't stand them and am very close to unfollowing them all because I don't want to support such aggressive segregationists.

No. 123410

File: 1606758590292.jpg (167.45 KB, 724x724, 20201130_124943.jpg)

Really loved this point that was made.

No. 123414

All sides of this are stupid. Anyone can put their hair in buns. Anyone. It's not some magical cultural thing unless you make it. It's just putting two balled up ponytails on your head.

No. 123415

To add, why do they always ask for proof, but then yell at anyone not black to do their own research?

No. 123424

I think the point the woman in the pic was trying to make was that it's ridiculous that black women keep trying to "own" a hairstyle and suggest that it's entirely black culture when in reality, most of, if not all of the hairstyles in black culture were directly taken (or stolen, as they would say) from other cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, etc. If black twitter gave such a shit about "culture vultures" they wouldn't wear their fucking precious hairstyles. It's the dumbest shit

No. 123426

I don't even think it is that. People need to stop claiming a style in general. None of these cultural things aside from the religious aspects are actually stand alone ideas that people wouldn't or couldn't have come up with themselves. Some types of clothing and hairstyles just aren't that original and they do and can pop up in other countries without even other cultures have been there. Hair most of all, almost everyone has hair. They will play with it and make styles. A culture claiming a style is stupid as hell.

No. 123447

File: 1606768764333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 865.59 KB, 1000x1500, 1000x1500_4c077f72e3df4e54cb35…)

How do we feel about Kalinka Fox who is a grown ass plastic surgery botched woman who PHOTOSHOPS herself like child characters and writes pedo descriptions like "My favorite pixar character is about to be taken advantage of". She did the same with Hermione.

No. 123457

The thing with the child characters is forced and boring af, she looks nothing like a child just some cringy pornstar badly edited like in those old school porn magazines. Other than that any true milk?

No. 123463

File: 1606771491997.jpg (114.97 KB, 640x832, 4785h1vze9061.jpg)

Cosplaying underaged characters happens. I just find it disturbing to photoshop yourself younger and write pedo pandering descriptions and offer porn where you photoshop yourself to look younger. She's an old ass woman who normally looks old.

No. 123464

File: 1606771575299.png (904.58 KB, 830x802, VIDEO.png)

Video screencap of Kalinka Fox. I honestly tried to get a flattering screencap but she was talking the whole time

No. 123465

>big tits
>shaped waist, hips and legs
>heavy makeup
How does this look like a "literal child" to you anon? Get this stale fucking "thot lewded an underage character" shit out of here, it literally looks like self posting for clout.

No. 123467

File: 1606771887063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 596.17 KB, 1596x1902, her.jpg)

"Lil Hermione needs a wand"
Just weird to do this shit as a older woman

No. 123468

I only posted that one because she had the description talking about the young character being taken advantage of. Many of her other pics is photoshopped as a younger girl when the bitch actually looks 30+

No. 123470

Yeah it’s cringy but I don’t think she tries to look particularly child like just whatever she thinks she should look like for each character (but still mature because she doesn’t even try a young looking styling) and I think all thots try to look younger anyway to a degree. In this one looks like she made a deep fake of Emma Watson, and those underarm boobs are the most funny part tbh

No. 123564

Its apps, anon. They arent trying to look like actual kids. Youre retarded. Im so over this argument. The people buying these know the models are 18+. Fucking dumbass

No. 123580

At this point this underage character cosplay lewds shit should be banned from these threads and just moved to some ot talk or some other category because it is one of those stupid debates where it turns into a sperg fest with neverending pro and con opinions

No. 123742

Kalinka fox seriously looks 40 in real life. Don’t know her real age though

No. 123789

I agree. Women should be able to dress up as young characters and lewd them. They are of age even if they photoshop themselves to look like kids. Like Kalinka Fox. Even when she gives underage descriptions she Is still over 18 do it doesn’t matter. I think people who have issues with it are just jealous.

No. 123795

I agree that its gross to advertise it as being an underaged character and try to look like a minor, especially with editing, but I dont think that most people do that.

No. 123798

The people buying know shes 18+. Keep being salty.

No. 123800

keep eating that salt.
Kalinka can do whatever she wants. She's 18+. She can literally photoshop herself as a toddler and she's still 18+ and people know she's 18+. So keep being salty anon

No. 123801

why so salty?

No. 123802

can a mod ban this anon?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 123812

bitch plz u salty. jealous much of kalinka?

No. 123845

No. 123861

I'm a different anon. A lot of anons, even in other threads, are tired of this retarded nitpick. Even the newly 18 girls still look young. Being salty over genetics and editing are so low brow nitpicks at this point.

No. 123862

Nobody is salty over a grown woman with the face of a botox bloated 45 year old, trust me.

No. 123903

>says the sperging anon

No. 123921

You obviously salty about kalinka anon

No. 123924

splurg sounds like you salty as fuck. stop posting about kalinka. her stuff is great.

No. 123947

>stop posting about kalinka. her stuff is great.

At last the truth reveals itself

No. 123975

Salt is something that goes on food. Stop being salty

No. 124098

it must hurt to be not as pretty and talented as Kalinka. Go and do something instead of hating on someone who's better than you. The salt is real.

No. 124129

she’s not gonna fuck you

No. 124189

File: 1607094190762.jpeg (510.49 KB, 1800x1678, 4FD0174D-670D-468F-A0F2-6BD9BA…)

Sheesh there’s so much fucking cosplay drama on Twitter..

No. 124190

File: 1607094243079.jpeg (199.46 KB, 1080x1218, 20881D84-74DA-4D9F-B45D-8E08EB…)

Samefag for callout post, these are the people she’s calling out…

No. 124207

File: 1607102368382.jpg (185.05 KB, 1080x1218, 20201204_091339.jpg)

Why are people going to a con right now? There's no way this con doesn't get cancelled last minute right?

No. 124210

texas dont give a f, even dallas coronafaggot

No. 124234

File: 1607113036334.jpeg (89.88 KB, 828x859, F67292CF-F4AE-4BC0-81F9-8AE22B…)

No. 124239

This really needs to go in a general convention or cosplay thread, not the costhot thread. Regardless of all those only fans guests.

No. 124337

>Literally who are any of these "guests"

Considering the con is in Texas, I'd bet.the locals on that list at best aren't taking Covid seriously, or at worst think it's a hoax.

No. 124341

So this judges line up includes
>2 actual crafters
>2 costhots
>AliExpress cosplayer

This is probably all they could get since no one wants be around gross weebs. I just wish cosplayers weren’t cowards and would stop subtweeting and just call them out.

No. 124386

File: 1607192770851.png (93.96 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20201204-102811~2.p…)

Looks like all but 2 cosplayera have dropped now. How does this chick not see a shred of irony in her going

No. 124394

I’m not male and I’m not gay. Many of us think kalinka is the most talented and best looking cosplayer out there. She doesn’t Even photoshop. She uses makeup and is talented with it. The girls that hate are just probably ugly and jealpus(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 124396

Imagine being this much of a loser defending some ethot on some random image board hahaha. Alright whatever helps you sleep at night simp.

No. 124399

>Many of us think kalinka is the most talented

My sides. Sure they do.

Talent implies she makes any part of her cosplay and doesn't just hang her asscheeks out in an aliexpress dress for ebux. This isn't cosplay, it's just porn.

No. 124401

File: 1607200130973.jpeg (268.64 KB, 828x1319, F05BBA55-295F-480E-88A3-D4DC0A…)

I promise you no one on this board gives a shit. Stop bringing her up and clogging up the thread.

How desperate for attention do you have to still go to a con in the middle of a pandemic when everyone else has pulled out. There are barely any attendees and almost no vendors so it’s not even worth going to.

No. 124415

I'm betting this "simp" is just Kalinka making excuses for her bad photoshop

No. 124455

I guess cosplay cringe could be necro'd but I agree we really do need a con general thread. We've clogged costhot on a few times with just general stuff.

No. 124481

A general thread for gossip and drama is a good idea. Sometimes there's community drama to post even when the cosplayers involved aren't cows or thots.

No. 124487

File: 1607271696084.png (1010.3 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20201206-081847~2.p…)

This chick is definitely a thot though
Seems like a potential cow tbh

No. 124498

Tbh, photos from the event look tame. Even without the con, retards still havecon parties, ect. Dallas is dumb to host this, but the overall venue is 10x less worse than inside a fucking Target from the looks. Conventions and events do need to figure out how to stay afloat, but during spikes in the virus is insane. The con shouldve been canceled, but again I appreciate it looks less crowded than even a gas station for fill-ups.

No. 124534

Popular lazy eyed cosplayer, they/them princess @purrblind and their SW room mate @empty_deity flew to the US to visit their significant other.

The Canada thread on /cgl/ is full of angry people gossiping about the two. Anyone got any stories to tell here?(imageboard)

No. 124545

CGL will ban the page and delete the comments. Post milk. This is an imageboard, not fucking cgl.

No. 124547

File: 1607313071590.jpg (573.34 KB, 1080x1978, Screenshot_20201206-195053_Twi…)

Idiot hicks

No. 124548

File: 1607313102758.jpg (313.14 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20201206-195105_Twi…)

No. 124554

She's right in a sense that other cosplayers are being so vocal about it for clout/wokeness. Half these cosplayers are still going to photoshoots and hanging out with their friends.

No. 124556

>46 Quote tweets

Is she an idiot? She right about the community publicly shaming others for going to cons, but this bitch thinks people are cancelling cosplays and plans because of woke points? Someone is salty about not getting attention for their mediocre cosplays. At this rate, I’m just waiting for black cosplay twitter to drag her.

No. 124557

Not in a crowd of 250, with mutiple high contact areas, and attendees actively setting up smoke and drink parties where they are going to bum everything. At least in a shot or the 4 people get together, which everyone still does no matter what, is not comparable to a convention that didn't need to happen. Calling it out is no different from calling out the trump rallies. You rednecks are dumb.

No. 124558

>You rednecks are dumb

?? I disagree with her, I think this con is a shit idea. I'm in no way comparing a 5 person photoshoot to a convention, I'm simply saying that half of the cosplayers speaking out on this are hypocrites.

No. 124560

If it's not comparable how are they hypocrites when its completely different? How many of these girls got sick from safe shooting or the 5 man cosplay gatherings? I haven't seen a single person who called this out be actively going out unlike cosplayers like Moo who isnt calling it out obviously.

No. 124561

Are you mad because you were in a group photoshoot or something? Why are you being so aggressive.

There's no need for group cosplay photoshoots during a pandemic, just like there's no need for a convention. Point blank.

No. 124583

File: 1607339511746.png (977.65 KB, 1026x753, miisch.PNG)


I wasn't sure where to post this girl cosplay or photoshop thread but she scares me. This post came to me and the caption "school" and everything. She's dating a 24 year old man though. Didn't put her own age on her profiles.

No. 124585

File: 1607341951039.jpeg (639.97 KB, 828x1016, 0D0A2B0F-7F4C-4AB3-96AE-37892B…)

I never heard of her but her tagged photos give her real face away. Why do people still fall for these over edited cosplays.



No. 124587

Girls in 2010-2015: undisclosed circle lenses to enlargen eyes
2015-2020: circle lenses, plus editing eyes 4 times larger than reality to enlargen eyes

No. 124589

I feel like the girl on the left is internally laughing at how different this girl looks to her photos. This is with a filter on too, the reality is worse than this.

No. 124591

File: 1607343413421.png (3.1 MB, 1440x1781, chinless.png)

People maybe are subbing for the cute but obviously fake photos, but warping like this is just a little creepy:

No. 124595


Look at this girl's twitter, between chasing those boogaloo dollars through kofi she also retweets a bunch of ayran tradwife crap. Trash human making dollars and clout off cosplay like all thots.

No. 124599

>clearly an adult
>this MAN doesn't disclose his ReAl 24 YeaR AgE

No. 124602

People in their 20's can still go to school anon…

No. 124609

She's German, anon. Vocational training requires us to visit a vocational school regardless of age.

No. 124622

Put the vodka down anon, that's not what their post said at all

No. 124623

File: 1607360859504.jpeg (751.96 KB, 828x1051, 74EBC9E2-C72B-4BF0-A9DC-4A21FE…)

They look about the same age so that’s not really milky.
>tagged photos
Why doesn’t she manage her tagged photos when she looks completely different. The difference is drastic.

No. 124627

File: 1607362653577.png (11.25 MB, 3200x2044, 48599F77-E9E0-4C8E-A3C8-E53B4F…)

Her shoop reminds me of xiao rou seeu

No. 124638

File: 1607369751532.png (1.36 MB, 752x757, miisch.PNG)

Yeah I wasn't so much concerned about how old she actually is rather that she shops herself to look scarily like a child, using vague language like school instead of college/uni and don't put her age anywhere. Arguably not terrible but still gives me the creeps.

No. 124656

You anons really read this completely wrong. I was making fun of the anon complaining about age vs looking pedo-bait when its clearly an adult again. Jfc you retards

No. 124657

This needs to be banned. You are complaining about the age. Thots editing themselves uwu smol like anime character designs is not the same as actually trying to look like a kid.

No. 124658

Not to mention why should they put their age? If some people are cool with personal information on their profiles, that's cool, but age isn't your concern. Even 18+ pages don't have to disclose the thot is 28. That's abad argument because you hate she edits herself like Chinese cosplayers.

No. 124659

Who cares

No. 124662


Damn you seem very bothered about this. People are free to discuss whatever and if it's not interesting than we move on. No need to make 3 consecutive posts ranting. Most of us saged and everything. Maybe let the mods decide what should be banned. This overreaction seems weird to me.

No. 124668

Other anons have called out how milk based on thots being older than 18, but ooooh nooo she's editing herself uwu, is fucking stupid. Your opinion isnt milk, dumbass.(infighting)

No. 124670

Saging doesn't mean you get a free pass to post whatever regardless of rules, anon. Nitpicking has always been off the table. Go back to CGL

No. 124672

luckofthelion absolutely is a potential cow.
the total shitfit she's been throwing on her ig stories over AD lately has been amazing. can't believe she wants to be a reputable cosplayer yet acts like a child cause she got called out kek.

No. 124675

File: 1607381664626.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, 2C50D0C5-0A08-4498-856C-E02E3B…)

Oh so you are also watching her meltdown? It looks like she is still trying to defend her self for going to that shitty con. She had to have known that she was going to get massive backlash for going to that con, no matter how small it was.

No. 124686

i was really hoping someone would screenshot this and post it here. christ, what a cunt.

No. 124688

and now she's trying to cover her ass since word got out the convention founder was exposed to covid.

No. 124689

File: 1607387074982.png (767.81 KB, 608x1196, 3243565768765100.png)

my bad. dropped pic.

No. 124701

Wait luckofthelion posted that?? So she conveniently sees the error of her ways as soon as she was done enjoying the con? She blocked me after I blocked her, probably has one of the follower-monitoring aps? so I appreciate the updates anons

No. 124730

File: 1607406172007.jpeg (441.36 KB, 1080x1420, 92EB556C-C7F7-4854-9548-B7ECB7…)

Noura and TKD still went to Anime Dallas. Don’t let them taking down their Instagram lineups fool you.

No. 124731

Wtf what is going on with the girl on the right ahh is her body looking so lumpy and deformed

No. 124742

Who fucking knows. She’s super old looking though.
I also laugh because she posted she was doing Blackfire and that’s obviously Starfire. I didn’t grab a screen cap before she deleted it.

No. 124822

File: 1607455136043.jpeg (465.03 KB, 828x1127, A7097603-54DD-42E0-A450-69F044…)

She is still trying to defend herself on twitter and still getting dragged for it. She still trying to justify herself because she is “supporting small businesses.”

No. 124824

File: 1607455241392.jpeg (404.6 KB, 828x805, 573AB442-8BD9-4987-94DA-792F99…)

Pic related

No. 124840

How are they supposed to use the hand sanitizer if they can’t step past the line

No. 124845

File: 1607463138681.jpeg (656.18 KB, 828x1410, 28EA1E83-FCD5-470E-BFA6-D15B95…)

Who thinks like this

No. 124929

File: 1607495029594.jpg (412.65 KB, 1080x1898, 20201208_222146.jpg)

Considering it's obvious she got implants, this is really horrible to peddle to your fans. Being body positive doesn't mean outright lying. Just ignore the question. Braless my ass. They were saggy in the cake eating shoot with Sabrina and way smaller. She had fat girl boobs. Going braless do not lift already saggy skin and the myth about pushups to work pecs is also not going to fly. This is just petty on her part and I just lost a whole lot of respect for her.

No. 125069

File: 1607536132917.jpeg (141.18 KB, 640x760, 9BB623C5-1745-400E-8BD5-817906…)


Juliette Michele is now claiming all she got was stomach lipo. No implants. No bbl. just stomach lipo. Bitch warped her body with plastic surgery and looks ridiculous. Did she think we’d believe her? Lol

No. 125071

Considering how the entire right hand side of the kitchen is being magnetically drawn to her midriff, it's not just plastic surgery doing the work here. Also note the colourlessness/pitch black sofa conveniently located behind the extra-curvy butt. Lotta shoop here.

No. 125097

"I hope this will be just a little breath of air" is perhaps not the best phrasing given the context

No. 125101

File: 1607550861454.png (45.92 KB, 588x414, 1607549397832.png)

Anyone have any dirt on Purrblind or their gf Peachieteas? Apparently Peachieteas was transphobic and gaslit her previous partner. Purrblind is calling it slander but Peachieteas won't acknowledge it at all.

No. 125107

She has injections, not a BBL. Her as isnt up high like a BBL. It still sits low but she has hip injections because she naturally has hipdips. She rounded herself out.

No. 125158

She definitely got BBL. She has said it herself in a story about a year and a half ago. I’m so tired of these women lying. Why lie? Just be honest.

No. 125247

I've followed her for years and she's never said that. Moohas said that, but Bishoujo says her hiking and training alone. She definitely had at least injections. A BBL LIFTS the butt anon. Her ass hangs low and injections rounded it all out.

No. 125248

you can get a bbl done and have it go to your hips and not your lats. If you look at lats vs hips you can see.

Most bbls include lipo so she might be trying to skirt around the full truth by just saying lipo.

No. 125255

She doesn't have any of the scars. Even in moving videos. There are no injection points.

No. 125257

File: 1607632234956.jpg (1.6 MB, 1874x1544, JU.jpg)

juliette michele is a known complusive liar. She lies about her age too. Don't believe a think she says. She's obviously gotten major surgery. She went from a refrigerator bod to a warped fucked up body. NO HIKING DID THIS! lol And this much injections would literally cost thousands to keep up. Its def a BBL

No. 125258

No matter what caused it, her pelvic/thigh fat is unnaturally high up and it looks bizarre. Nobody has that much mass between their hip bone and upper thigh.

No. 125265

She doesn't lie about her age. We went over how retarded that reach was.

No. 125268

I assume you were the one idiot that denied it. There was tons of proof including old profiles, an old insta post ofher out at a bar drinking years ago, etc. BITCH CLAIMS SHE'S 21…. JUST LIKE SHE CLAIMS SHE'S NATURAL…LOL She's just a compulsive liar. She's a 38 year old plastic surgery thot. GO AWAY JULIETTE!(calm down)

No. 125272

The proof of the age stuff fell short last time too and more than one anon laughed at how your timeline made no sense. She's the age she is, anon.

No. 125273

And fake IDs exist and you won't get thrown out of a bar in a hotel just because youre not 21.

No. 125285

Anyone with eyesight can look at Juliette and easily see she’s not 21. If her timeline is correct, her profiles date back to when she was 10 years old and bitch is wearing tons of makeup and looks 20 in those pics

No. 125355

File: 1607678518155.jpg (90.32 KB, 675x1200, lolcow.jpg)

"not pedo pander" sure anon

No. 125380

This bitch is finish?

No. 125388

Rocky looks like an adult. Infantalizing adults because of their lack of curves is pretty low and all thots have worn that gym outfit.

No. 125401

I think you tagged the wrong post, kek.

She's Russian as far as I know.

No. 125403

but why does this >>96207 Finnish text on it

No. 125426

That's a visa finnish people get to go to russia, no doubt.