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No. 88208

Previous Thread: >>>/w/33300
Earlier Thread (s): >>>/snow/354019, >>>/w/4

Formerly known as the "Irrelevant Uggo Cosplayer" thread
A thread about your favorite Twitch thots, shoop waists and, overall, obnoxious personalities trying to get Patreon bux riding that cosplay and anime gravy train. This thread is not exclusive to females, as there are male ones too!

Please redirect Hall of Shame costhots at their respective threads here:
Momokun/Mariah Mallad - >>>/pt/766091, her calves - >>>/w/5855
Belle Delphine/Mary-Belle Kirschner/tinkersmell - >>>/w/2640
NicoleEeveeDavis/leoeevee - >>>/w/82304
Sarah SpaceMan - >>>/w/79174

Popular contenders:
>Jessica Nigri

>Meg Turney


>Jenna Lynn Meowri






>Adriana Alencar/dri.cosplay


No. 88209

File: 1586322690074.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1429x2000, DA8685A6-4A32-4F5B-B1EB-A78D12…)

Can we talk about all the costhots trying to capitalize off the pandemic? Imagine actively hoarding toilet paper…

No. 88916

File: 1586969999597.jpeg (487.85 KB, 750x1111, FF7C63F6-760D-498A-9CEB-5BE686…)

Bep Cosplay begging for money to get a breast augmentation. https://www.gofundme.com/f/bep-cosplays-breast-augmentation

The longer I look the worse it gets. The nasty chapped lips covered in lipstick, the dirty ass floor and the nasty texture of her legs. I can’t ever imagine the lowest of the low guys she must be trying to pander to even liking this. She looks like an old man.

No. 88940

File: 1586981539866.jpg (33.17 KB, 270x442, 90705469_593991677864383_52558…)

I have a truck load

No. 88941

File: 1586981572729.jpg (22.76 KB, 270x371, 84447639_213119629894710_18207…)

No. 88942

File: 1586981675093.jpg (24.34 KB, 270x370, 90019259_1277083452494030_3363…)

No. 88943

File: 1586981732858.jpg (34.27 KB, 270x439, 90068871_296156374686160_18622…)

Acting like the wig is what compelled her to cosplay this?

No. 88944

File: 1586981787899.jpg (29.27 KB, 270x437, 1.jpg)

Just so we don't forget more context

No. 88945

File: 1586981865117.png (251.66 KB, 973x589, sss.png)

Her reply about it.

No. 88946

File: 1586981983890.png (315.35 KB, 659x511, fearformoney.png)

The caption basically fearmongering people to think this epidemic calls for the requirement of guns.

No. 88947

File: 1586982067817.png (70.35 KB, 653x599, fellowylellow.png)

No. 88948

File: 1586982158554.jpg (161.72 KB, 1079x1777, 5.jpg)

No. 88949

Meant to caption:

This is a white ass fucking girl.

No. 88951

Who’s hand is that? What’s going on here? What am I looking at

No. 88953

>fellow yellows

There are actual asians disgusted with this shit and also dealing with massive racism and hate crime and she really wants to go on like 'LOL IT'S JUST A JOKE' ? I hate this bitch.

No. 88962

Damn what did she do to fucking hurt you lmao

No. 88964

She says no one is obligated to support and she's been wanting this since 9th grade.She looks flat as a board so makes sense at her age to feel fed up.

No. 88965

Okay but why are you mad. Girl wants boobs and people ask for money for that all the time. Seems personal to me. Did she turn you down or something.

No. 88966

I think you quoted the wrong anon. I didn't say anything about why she shouldn't get one. Literally everyone gets one.

No. 88967

Ur a fuckin loser yourself bro. I can only assume involuntary virgin. Everyone knows you’ve been making different emails to harass her for years now. Can’t wait to see the great things you do in life

No. 88968

I get she sent you guys from Twitter, but you make it a lot worse when you come into the threads and try to whiteknight. We know the poster is a vendetta poster, so just let our moderators handle it. There's been an influx of vendetta posting lately. Just report it if you know how.

No. 88971

Hi Bep(hi cow)

No. 88976

Not her lol

No. 88981

Its what she does. Its why no one will call her out because she plays victim every time. The sending of twitter followers was just a small taste.

No. 88982

Then you call her out if you’re so mad about it man

No. 88984

Dang. What crawled up your butt to be so upset over some who just wants to improve themselves. Sounds like you have a personal issue with her and not just a dislike. You COULD be an adult and just talk to her if you have such a problem on how she does things. Doesn’t seem so hard.

No. 88985

Just from the way you’re talking, it sounds like you have a personal issue with her and are too scared to actually approach her yourself because you don’t want to be outed. It’s really childish of you to hide behind anon instead of reaching out to her.

No. 88990

This is painful lmao. She's been talked about on here for a while, it's not like it's one person whose feefees got hurt. This is LC, not an armchair forum. You're not gonna convince people to "reach out" to a cow.

No. 88991

You know the last time she was brought up was for the loosest of reaches possible in the other thread, right? And it was confirmed an anon has a vendetta against her, even making bullshit Instagram accounts with 'milk' that had no hold on anything they were spewing, right? The stuff about Bep has been vendetta the same as Nicole's post have been and the way the anon posts is the same MO with nothing to hold aside from making it clear they seem like a jealous.

No. 88992

Hi, different Anon. I'm one who has talked with her. She gaslights people. The type of person who will get upset if you say anything negative and will turn. She's had a while vendetta against a cosplayer when the cosplayer borrowed a scarf from her and Facebook didn't tag her cosplay page correctly. Has stolen art concepts and then sent people after the artist when the artist does a similar concept for someone else. Has trashed someone who bought a cosplay from her because they threatened a dispute when she didn't ship it for months.
She's bullied people into hospitals. Copied people's every cosplay idea as soon as they announce it, just to be mean.
I hope she gets her implants, and I hope they are everything they want. Then she will finally figure out that it's not her boobs that make her insecure and mean. There is a reason why she's burned so many bridges in GA.
She needs help, not anonymous help but actual help. Posting about what she's begging for next isn't going to do that.
I hope she gets what she needs because too many young people look up to her on the internet and I'd hate for any of them to end up on her bad side.

No I'm not posting screenshots. I run the risk of exposing several people she's hurt if I do.

No. 88993

You're giving no names to anything, actually making this whole post make no sense because you keep saying 'cosplayer' 'people' 'person' 'they' 'she'. Say fucking names because it's all mushed together and this smells so bad of 'I'm sensitive and have nothing to back any of this up so I won't post caps'.

Get out of here. We already talked about how you are obsessed with Bep last thread and that your whole harassment ordeal is vendetta based of you just wanting a cosplay. If she has 'hurt' these people you need to post shit. Otherwise stop posting random crap about her wanting a boob job as if that makes her a shittiest person in the world in the cosplay scene. You sound so insecure.

No. 88994

>I hope she gets what she needs because too many young people look up to her on the internet

Just to add, this right here says it all. She has a small following as far as social media goes and especially as far as cosplay goes. She's not a big name and actually makes good work. I haven't seen any credible posts about any of the behavior you talked about in this thread or the other thread and we went through that Instagram last thread as well and multiple anons agreed nothing on it shows begging or copying.

No. 89001

You know she owned up to all of the stuff you just posted right? That was 2 years ago and she made multiple posts about how she was wrong for not crediting someone and now appears to go above and beyond crediting everyone she needs to. You must’ve been apart of that drama and can’t let go so now you have it out for her, but it’s sad.

No. 89011

Do you have a link to the other thread? Interested to see how angry the op is

No. 89014

God she looks like a man playing dress up

No. 89027

You’ve literally just outed who you might be from your story. The stories your talking about are from two years ago. Allegations she’s owned up to and apologized for to the actual people and to her fan base. The fact that you brought that up shows you’re still holding a grudge and can’t let anything go which also shows you’re maturity level. LET IT GO MAN.

No. 89034

Wait this is all based on old milk, AGAIN? Wtf is up with all the vendetta posting the last 2 months?

No. 89037

Yeah all of this is years old drama they’re bringing up to try and bash a girl for wanting some implants. Drama the girl they’re attacking has apologized for publicly to her following and to the people involved. Quarantine making people crazy smh

No. 89062

I don’t know who this girl is, I’m not in the cosplay community, this isn’t vendetta. But anyone who does a gofuckme for a tit job is cringe and deserving of being posted here. It’s not a necessity, save up or finance it like everyone else does. These thots think a couple of cup sizes are all that stand between them and Nigri levels of fame, their motivation is always obvious no matter how much they bawww about “muh insecurities.” Every girl with a flat chest, myself included, has been insecure about it but we don’t think we are entitled to have the internet pay for bolt-ons. Regardless of other stuff she’s done - and it sounds like there IS milk that you guys are trying to gloss over as “it’s in the paaaaaaaaast,” this is worthy of being discussed.

No. 89063

The girl has already come out to say she’s been saving for the procedure on her own. Regardless of it being “elective” it doesn’t hurt ANYONE to make a GFM for something. People make them all the time for surgeries. Whether she wants to get ahead in the cosplay world with them or if she just wants tits, seems hardly lolcow worthy. Especially since 80% of popular female cosplayers get boob jobs and don’t get shamed for it. And we haven’t been given any proof of the accusations continuously brought up so why keep talking about milk that’s not even real

No. 89066


Why do you guys insist on bringing up old milk, that you just admitted to doing, just do you have something to gossip and teehee over. It's not new and like all the other anons said, she's not even BEGGING, and tit jobs that she says she's helping pay for, she just wants extra help to see if it can get done sooner makes no sense to complain about. You have got to have a lot of time on your hands anon to be this hell bent on trying to bring up old shit she's owned up to because you're this bored. Can a mod confirm this is the IPfag who keeps bringing up old milk on all these fucking people?

No. 89101

File: 1587097069550.png (648.95 KB, 866x607, gross.png)

No. 89102

File: 1587097162993.png (231.84 KB, 367x528, rude 1.png)

No. 89105

unfortunately she is correct. people have gotten accused of blackface by wearing mud masks. it doesn't matter though, she's still dumbass.

No. 89106

This was posted a few days after her Corona-chan issue. She's a complete dumbass. lol.

No. 89125

File: 1587139735747.jpg (565.19 KB, 1079x1451, Screenshot_20200417-120626_Ins…)

What is even happening with this girl's chin/waist?

No. 89187

holy shit her entire account is wild. She photoshops an entirely different face on herself

No. 89438

Has anyone heard of Steff Von Schweetz I keep seeing her on my feed?

She’s like 40 but looks 12, kind of creepy. She also gives off a real bitch vibe.

No. 89482

Just looked her up and it is immediately obvious in her face that she's over 30. Why do you think she looks 12?

No. 89486

If you are only coming here to ask if someone who hasn't been mentioned before has any milk or if anyone has heard of her and your next info about her is nitpicking her face and age, then shut the fuck up. Steff has extraordinarily old 4chan archive milk. Check there before they started banning nitpicking threads through /cgl/.

No. 89549

File: 1587565965280.jpg (213.65 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200422_102638~2.jpg)

Random CosThot throwing a fit someone doesn't want their business associated with her. Currently sending her friends and followers to harass the business owner for "stalking" her. (By stalking she means taking a brief glance at her own public IG I guess?)

Claims she doesn't lewd minors but has topless Misty pics and lewd underage Homestuck (ew) on her page and more hidden behind a paywall.

C'mon at least be proud of what you do instead of throwing a tantrum when someone calls it what it is.

No. 89568

Imagine getting mad over lewding Misty. Damn 4chan has turned into Tumblr.

No. 89577

The retards who really think underage characters have thoughts and feelings as 2D and honestly think a grown ass adult dressed in something a child in a cartoon wore, makes pedophiles suddenly want to start molesting kids because an ADULT they ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO because they are PEDOPHILES for a reason made their urges too strong from dressing as a 2D fictional fucking kid.

I am so tired of this god damn argument. People are absolutely right that others will take any ambiguous high ground necessary to make themselves 'woke' and caring for a cause that does not exist and backing makes no sense to actual attraction pedophiles have. An outfit doesn't make a pedophile. They are instead roleplaying DD/LG if people want to stretch this argument even the slightest to compare a cosplayer as Misty equaling problematic.

No. 89583

oh look, the ddlg defender is back.

No. 89594

It may not be problematic but plenty of people find lewding ten year olds to be tasteless. If a cosplayer wants to do it then they need to deal with the consequences and the fact that everyone isnt going to pay their ass about it. Personally I scroll past that garbage and if someone doesn't want to be associated with you because of your posts, that's not a bad take.

No. 89598

this reeks of vendetta posting

No. 89616

Yeah I looked further, the company she's attacking primarily makes their money doing Disney costume commissions. I can totally see not wanting their brand associated with some girl who was definitely going to lewd it. It's just good optics for them.

Not mad at her lewding you weirdos but she's screaming it's false accusations that she's lewding minors when…she is. It's right there on her page, you don't even have to scroll to find it.

Like do you they're fictional, but own that shit. Don't cry that you don't do it and yell about false accusations and whine about someone not wanting their costumes to be associated with you.

No. 89633

this person is friends with strayosama who's been posted here before. The two of them did a video with her lapdancing on him dressed as the Lorax. And of course strayosama is the onceler. I'll find screencaps and post them.

No. 89634

File: 1587608062850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.54 KB, 750x920, EF3EDE30-268D-431F-8D34-B24540…)

Samefag, here’s a screen cap. I can’t figure out how to post the video but it’s on his page. This happened at a panel.

No. 89636

Wasn't it a yaoi panel? These are all the same and this looks just like all the other ones. It's cringey, but honestly getting mad over it is autistic.

No. 89648

Who said anyone was mad about it? I’m just sharing costhots, which is the whole point of this thread.

No. 89656

Are you people new here or just friends with these cosplayers? This thread is for posting general costhot drama. Responding to every minor thing with "why so mad" is stupid. Go back to cgl if lolcow is too much for you.

No. 89711

Seriously. This isn’t a thread nomination place, The whole point of the thread is costhots who are laughable but not exciting enough. Anon dropped some of her sad begging last thread, and the begging has escalated.

No. 89723

Yeah, and quite frankly a CosThot melting down because a commissioner doesn't want to sell to her is pretty classic drama.

How do drama boards work?

No. 89741

My expierence with Bep was awful. She's not a nice person, no originality, a bully that talks a ton of shit and Ill ignore the copying claims for now cause I actually can produce caps for that. She uses her "friends", photographers and paypigs as weapons against other cosplayers, admittedly I believed her at one point and was one of those that defended her. Of course she wants to crowd fund her tits in the middle of a pandemic, talk about tone deaf. She has no grasp on reality. If any of you defending her are cosplayers- you need to critically rethink your choices.
She manufactures conflict and you'd be a fool if you think @bep.cosplays won't step on you to be the next Nigri. There are plenty of cosplayers that feel this way but she comes hard for people so most don't want to deal with it.
She cries for people to "tell her to her face" but if any of us did our words would be twisted and we would get dragged. We've seen her do it before, dragging everyone around her into the Tina warz for years. She claimed it was over but continued trying to burn multiple peoples reputation for just associating with someone she didnt like. ( I have a theory shes obsessed with Tina.) Thats why we don't. No one wants to deal with that. Also her shoops are starting to land in the uncanny valley. Finding evidence of her manipulation isn't hard. I agree with the other anon, she has talent in crafting and I also hope she realizes the problem is within herself, not her chest.
I know she reads this stuff. I wish she'd listen instead of furthering her victim narrative. The boob job shit its just some other level of pathetic. Sick people are being denied care because hospitals and doctors have to prioritize the virus but my god her twitter is bitching about her onlyfans rank, begging for a boob job and I guess its nice of her to make masks? No vendetta was needed for her to qualify for this thread, but there are plenty of people with a personal expierence and dislike for this person so its not a suprise she would eventually get a vendetta response. No shit.(post proof, otherwise no1curr)

No. 89750

File: 1587689336483.jpeg (274.38 KB, 1076x1899, 56DD2737-8677-4229-9574-DCAC73…)

Is anyone else following this drama?

No. 89751

File: 1587689364951.jpeg (84.04 KB, 443x960, A3C508C5-3173-4C27-84A3-CD342F…)

>I-it’s for awareness, bro.

No. 89754

You need to back this with something. Since you have receipts, post them. Otherwise you sound just mad at her for personal reasons and stillnot adding proof or caps to your complaints about bep. You are really hung up on a boob job gfm.

No. 89764

File: 1587707337774.png (67.72 KB, 603x514, sakythia.PNG)

Anyone else following the vulpinebones crew vs sakythia? Apparently it's over accusing the latter for manipulation and molestation

No. 89765

File: 1587707386640.png (62.89 KB, 598x466, sakythia2.PNG)

No. 89766

not taking anyone's side here, but please don't spread misinformation, anon. molestation was never claimed or implied.

No. 89767

Sorry, I guess I just misrepresented what was said.

No. 89790

This seems weirdly personal and isn’t exactly helping. But you’re not wrong about how tone deaf and gross it is to be crowd funding a boob job when there’s something like 28 million people who applied for unemployment in the US this month. Not to mention literal trucks of bodies in New York. Does she not consider everyone else waiting for medical care…? There’s people who literally can’t get cancer detecting biopsies and other potentially life saving preventative medicine as well who are suffering in this, but gotta whine about my tits and beg for “support” in the middle of all of this. She’s pretending it’s haters holding her down when she refuses to acknowledge that this should have waited, especially if she’s already got the down payment money. Why does she have to beg right now if that’s already handled? Why can’t the e-begging wait a little?

Anyway I’m trying to find the details on when she stole a design from someone. She commissioned an artist for a female Bakugo design, didn’t pay them, and took all the credit. It’s one of the reasons she switched her name from gunplalady.. I think she had her tiny “fan base” pressure the artist in to backing off because she said she’d change the design. Unfortunately it was a god awful middle school looking pencil scribble so I’m having trouble finding it.

No. 89791

The actual accusation was sakythia pressuring vulpinebones into sex, still not great but you're correct. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about it since both parties claim gaslighting but when VB says sak pressured them into sex and sak says VB led her on I feel like one's clearly worse than the other. I wish 'gaslighting' wasn't misused constantly by people who mean 'lying' though. I do think VB's 'receipts' are too cropped and out of context to make for good evidence, I don't necessarily think they're lying about their experiences, I just can't really tell if sak was actively pressuring them into anything or if VB didn't communicate their discomfort and sak didn't realize.

No. 89798

Sage and post the images of the milk pls. No one cares about your personal feelings about her.

No. 89804

It just reads as two bratty people mad about a relationship expectation and experience neither was able to really enjoy and now the high school bs with hot topic keywords to get the other 'destroyed' because both are mad. This happens so often now. These people cant keep shit off social media. These relationship circus games on twitter are so embarrassing to watch.

No. 89805

To add, do these idiots honestly think victims come forward as often as this? They dont. I dont believe either person and they both just want attention for something that went nowhere.

No. 89806

This whole callout post did not need to happen. It was clearly a bad experience that a small group of people had. This isn't a sexual predator.

No. 89838

I'm glad they were called out on it. fucking lack of common sense and idiocy. Of course it doesnt affect him, since he isnt a victim of the asian hate crimes rising from all this.

No. 89868

File: 1587790263790.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1441, AC32CC2C-DCF9-48D5-B81E-CF0134…)

>when there’s mandated isolation in your county but you and your photog nEeD new content for instagram

No. 89877

Yeah my favorite arc in fruits basket is the one where Tohru becomes a crack smoking fatty with hoe makeup and her ass hanging out, this really nails that 10/10

No. 89969

Nah she paid the commissioner for 2 designs that were never finished and had a friend post an explanation for her with receipts of her paying and telling the commissioner to keep the money even after the big call out post was made. The commissioner also waited over a year to confront Bep about not crediting for the design that was already a knock off of StellaChuu’s Bakugou design. Waited for Bep to get 10K followers and then cried on the internet about how it could’ve furthered their career. The artist sent people to harass Bep and send her supposed death threats (never saw proof so can’t confirm) but the artist apparently never privately replied to Bep when she reached out to resolve the issue. Idk what the Tina Kinz stuff is other than people claiming Bep copies her but after looking at their accounts, there’s literally nothing in common with what they make or post so that seems like some bs. Idk the girl posted about boobs and people are mad, but there’s people posting the same shit now so I can’t see why that’s such an issue. She doesn’t seem to post about it often either and I guess is working to afford it herself if you guys say she paid a deposit so can we stop shaming someone for not even excessively asking for money?

No. 89990

Every type of style is quirky and unique to cosplayers and in turn they all look like the same pastel scene girl or goth version of a scene girl with less early 2000s over the top hair and moreso the colors. Everyone is copying everyone including mainstream cosplays. I'm so tired of these gamer girls and that's and cosplayers saying everyone is copying everyone. They all buy the same fast fashion visual k/anime bullshit too. None of them are unique lol Cosplayers are so defensive in themselves when they aren't snowflakes when they are all snowflakes.

No. 90014

It’s not smart to defend your friends here so blatantly. If she’s paid the deposit then she doesn’t need any more money in the near future, she’s already paid to secure her cheap bolt ons and the rest of payment isn’t due until a month before - so she should shut up with the pathetic self centred begging until maybe less people are desperately asking for unemployment checks and less dead bodies stacked up in trucks like NY is currently struggling with.

No one here gives a shit about who she is or the fact that she’s e-begging, all of the costhots stoop that low. It’s the incredibly tone deaf timing when something so devastating is hitting the world. If there’s someone else doing it right now by all means, please post them because they deserve equal shame.

No. 90151

Le tme make this clear because you can't read but keep saying you have receipts of some bullshit. Either show these or shut the fuck up about bepcosplays scamming and harassing and all this stuff. You are literally talking out your ass and multiple people have called you out on it, so show some milk or leave the topic because you are coming off like you have a huge vendetta against this chick.

No. 90153

What country because how do you guys expect freelance, not just thots, to make money right now?

No. 90160

Anon I hope you realize you are replying to multiple different people. And you seem to have the stick up your ass the most about it. Just drop it and it will probably stop.

No. 90166

Anon has been coming here for days saying they have receipts, they have them, they totally do, and then leaves paragraphs defending why Bep is a shit person but ever drops these so called receipts. This sounds like something personal.

No. 90182

The US. Both thot-chan and photographer-san have wfh day jobs and are still employed; money isn't an issue for either of them.

No. 91422

File: 1588772194223.jpeg (128.24 KB, 1080x1351, A955BD93-37C4-40A4-93C8-7FA097…)

Any info on @sandykuroneko on IG? She’s a cosplayer. www.instagram.com/sandykuroneko
She’s super cute and I love her as Toga, but she recently posted a story link to her amazon wishlist saying it was because her birthday is coming up soon. Is that a thing cosplayers do? Do they want people to buy them figurines and stuff because of their birthday? The wishlist included things like a nintendo switch and non-cosplay related presents

No. 91423

yes, it’s super common among girls with any type of following especially Instagram and Twitter Thots

No. 91441

lol promoting your instagram on lolcow so people will buy stuff off your amazon wishlist

No. 91480

>costhot e-begging
What a shock. Never seen that before.

No. 91499

are you blind? or perhaps selfposting
if so, put some effort into your thotting besides slutty santa getup + cosplay wig

No. 91573

Linking to your Amazon Wishlist is extremely common. I even see non-thot cosplayers doing it.

One step beyond that is opening up a PO Box and asking people to send you big ticket gifts. Riss/A Smile and a Song is the biggest one that comes to mind here because they'll spend a couple days spamming stories about an item they want until a follower mails it to them.

No. 91767

You really have a hate boner for SaaS. Nothing about that chick is milk. I don't know why you keep bringing her up every chance you get? Agreed wishlists are basic female social media bait now. The thing is that guys will simp for it every time, especially clothing items or suggestive items, unless they buy the big buck items hoping to get pussy.

No. 91821

she’s not the only anon her talking about Riss anon, she DOES bait like this. She does it with every thing. She posts items constantly for a week or so before/during their release talking about how she ~uwu cannot afford this and wishes she could have it soooo bad until someone buys it for her. It’s not hard to see

No. 92028

Are you trying to defend gratuitous e-begging? That's absolutely low level milk and belongs in the general/thot thread.

No. 92611

File: 1589167359863.png (89.67 KB, 1142x278, Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.21…)

anyone know who bunny is subtweeting with this stuff?

No. 92612

File: 1589167385108.png (1.02 MB, 1174x906, Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.21…)

No. 92768

lets be real, she's probably copying someone and is posting shit like this so if people find that person they'll assume they're the one copying her.

No. 93461

File: 1589525012798.jpeg (727.13 KB, 828x890, 1F8E5A8B-2361-4995-820D-EF920B…)

This girl seems really sus to me. She goes by the name Yuri (Yurinaoto on instagram) and posts harajuku fashion style pictures of herself and her outfits. I’m very curious to find out what her age is, but she says “for privacy reasons” she won’t tell anyone her age, which is weird imo. She also constantly mentions her bf in every story/post, but blurs out and covers his face with stickers in pictures together unless they have a filter on his face. I get wanting to be private, but she mentions him every chance she gets.
It’s also unclear what her job is, but she seems to have a really expensive gaming setup and a bunch of figurines/collectables.
Not much milk on her yet tho, except details about her seem sus.
She claims she spends ~$0-80 every month on clothes but every post is a new outfit, too

No. 93470

So let me get this straight, anon. You have no milk on her, she's not even a costhot, and yet here we are. No one cares about your vendetta/self-post.

No. 93475

File: 1589529253206.jpeg (705.09 KB, 828x1027, E297D582-87D4-48BF-B04C-C3FA40…)

I’d consider her a cosplayer, recent post is her cosplaying as someone’s art. She cosplayed as her AC character too.
Not self-post or vendetta, I just don’t understand why these women over 24/25 hide their age and claim it’s for privacy reasons. Her face+location is all tagged in her pictures, yet revealing her age would be too private?

No. 93476

Why does it matter how old she is? You being so hell bent on it is probably why she and other thots keep their age out of their bios. All people do is nitpick their age vs what they think is appropriate that they should do. It's stupid.

No. 93478

Can you read? Blatantly asking if anyone else has milk on this girl
>Over 300k followers, posting for years, I’ve never heard of her once until now
Possible ana chan too

No. 93480

Samefag, but the same three costhots being mentioned with stale milk is really fucking boring. Also, why is it that when a new person is mentioned anons jump at the chance to call it a self-post? No sane or reasonable influencer would want to be mentioned here, this is the last place thots would go to promote their stuff.

No. 93483

File: 1589539018657.jpeg (931.78 KB, 828x1457, 375A50A5-DFA7-441A-B40D-A922FB…)

>Text written on cleavage so you’re forced to look at thot boobs
I hate it when you follow a wholesome cosplayer and their posts progressively get more slutty and more people starting OF accounts

No. 93490

This, people start nitpicking everyone who's over 20 being grainy grannies who shouldn't be putting on a cosplay wig, it's perfectly understandable that people don't want to put their age on display. But even then people become obsessed with finding out how old they are just so they can weaponize the information against them (i.e. This old ass bitch almost 26 and still using meitu filters lmaoooo!!!!!!). On the other hand I fucking hate that things have to be this way but then again I wish more 25+ users had their age out so people would learn to accept that women don't hit the wall after turning 23.

You're supposed to come to the thread to bring milk, not to ask to be spoonfed gossip from some camwhore e-thot you're jealous of. Either shitty vendetta or a selfpost. Leave.

No. 93499

Anon this sounds like projecting insecurities about age. Idgaf if she’s a legal adult, but she posts lewd and suggestive pictures and that normally doesn’t sit well with me, she could be 17 or 25. Like violetverdandi type situation

No. 93504

Every post is a new outfit bc she literally gets sponsored by all the kawiwi insta stores lmao
She has no milk

No. 93539

File: 1589560018760.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 305.41 KB, 617x500, 99713523-E3E8-4E3E-AAC0-B784C2…)

Erin eevee/pink fox goes on and on about being natural and never photoshopping. Here’s her lovely insta photo vs a video screen cap posted on the same day

No. 93541

File: 1589560264421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.56 KB, 414x500, 447F54B6-776A-4A06-A479-1DFAF2…)

Jenna Lynn constantly talking about how she has the thiccest ass ever. Why she wearing butt pads then?

No. 93576

If you post a new person, you are supposed to provide milk/receipts. Your lack of board etiquette is really telling, at least learn how to sage. kek.

No. 93588

Am I the only person who doesn’t care if someone photoshops their cosplay? When a person is cosplaying they aren’t even trying to look like themselves in the first place. Editing, makeup, and filters are something I don’t mind when looking at a cosplay. It’s only annoying/milk if they claim they’re natural or deny any editing, then they’re just being delusional lmao

No. 93590

Do bodysuits flatten curves? That could be why she went to extra measures, I’ve heard that about latex suits but idk about any regular body suit
Also samefag

No. 93594

sage your blogposting at least, most people don't give a shit if someone edits or touches up their photos and is transparent about it, it's the lengths that some will go to to lie and say "no this is me I really look like this!" and are dishonest that makes certain costhots cow-worthy. jenna Lynn meowri is especially a good example of this. Saying this here of all places is really redundant

they typically don't, no, if anything they accentuate. Jenna just flatout has no ass (pun intended) and has to fake it in any way she can, then lie about it being how she really is thicc ofc

No. 93600

The newfag anon came into the thread with absolutely no milk on this random e-girl asking for anyone to drop the dirty laundry on her while trying to make a big deal about her hiding her age or boyfriend. I think it's fair to assume that anon was trying to start a whole "this 25yo pussy with cobwebs" or "bitch got an ugly man" thing because there's nothing else there. It happens so often it's tiring, when some random target of a retarded personal vendetta doesn't have anything else than being a basic bitch on her then salty anons try to come up with whatever desperate measure they want to cultivate some PULL-like culture of pointless nitpicking and spergery. And I don't want that shit here.

No. 93601

File: 1589583250069.jpeg (236.71 KB, 658x500, 497D2FD1-88F8-467C-8D82-AD8D8F…)

These girls photoshop when their out of cosplay as well and constantly post how they’re all natural. It they just shut up about it, most people wouldn’t give a shit. It’s the constant lying that gets people annoyed

No. 93602

This. Every time some basic ass thot sees something just as basic that they want to do or were going to do they start subtweeting about being copied.

Who even is this person? Is she even a cosplayer?

No. 93603

File: 1589583457390.jpeg (186.32 KB, 401x500, 7C0D63B0-CEA3-4CAF-8D4E-6062BA…)

When Jenna Lynn meowri wore a cross dressing breast plate for her earth Chan cosplay people didn’t care but she then went to write numerous tweets and Instagram comments about her natural big breasts and how they were juggling so hard in her costume. Why do these thots lie? You lie, you’ll get called out. Just shut the fuck up and post your cosplays

No. 93604

File: 1589583645792.jpeg (188.01 KB, 567x500, 5EE1A8ED-9BC3-454D-ABE3-71D8F2…)

Yeah her name is erin eevee/ pink fox cosplay. She calls herself the “curviest girl in cosplay.” Idiot men fall for it lol

No. 93607

That’s the exact same thing that happened with Nicole Davis, people kept saying she was a sweet girl with no possible milk or drama, and now she has her own thread with over 900 posts.

No. 93619

Even that girl's thread (which has only been up for 3 months) has posts all throughout it which have been redtexted for samefagging, nitpicking, infighting, even multiple instances of ban evasion just to post unfunny low-effort remarks with zoomed-in pictures of her face. The behavior of the anons in the thread caught the attention of farmhands and the admin after a poster accused all of the farmhands and the admin of being "rampant nicolefags"… despite nobody on this website outside of that thread knowing who she is. It's safe to say that thread is the same 5 people posting at any giving time, probably a few of them being jealous former classmates or wishing they looked like her.

No. 93636

It must be depressing to look at your real self after tediously editing your photos to look like the left image. Like the exact opposite of body positivity.

No. 93638

Samefag, I recommend visiting her Insta erin.eevee for some comedy, all the images look like they were taken in a funhouse mirror.

No. 93640

File: 1589596534631.png (2.47 MB, 1440x1805, ch6547.png)

This is my fav, still from a video where her bizarrely narrow boobs+waist jiggle """sexily"""

No. 93653

File: 1589602963502.png (823.06 KB, 656x488, bboba.png)

this candid shot is from 3 years ago but the way she warps her body/breast size now is ridiculous

No. 93654

oops, I meant that the left pic is a new photo she just put up vs the right pic: a candid pic from 3 years ago

No. 93655

File: 1589603187021.png (307.41 KB, 402x500, Screenshot_2017-05-17_17.00.44…)

she obviously has major body issues. This was her when she was skinny

No. 93656

File: 1589604186364.jpg (2.09 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-16-14-38-07-880_deco.jpg)

I'm surprised this girl hasn't been mentioned yet. She's not too milky apart from being very precious about people calling out her shoop, and her supiority complex over girls with onlyfans when she produces nudes on patreon. But here you go, the proportions in the first pic always make me kek a little.

No. 93661

>she’s not too milky
That’s why she hasn’t been mentioned yet.

No. 93663

Nobody knows who she is out of that thread? Anon, she has over 400k followers. I don’t agree with the nitpicking of her face but for the most part people are just trying to make sense of her multiple stalker situations and restraining order, her car break-in, heart condition, and how these tie into asking for donations via ko-fi and Patreon. Coming from a neutral standpoint, that whole situation seems bizarre

No. 93664

What’s her account name? I swear she’ has been mentioned multiple times on /snow/ threads

No. 93673


that's skye.supply (formerly aniejoyyy). She's been mentioned on the cosplay thread on PULL and been discussed there for a while.

No. 93690

I’ve noticed a few cosplayers getting plastic surgery during this corona virus epidemic and it’s come off sus to me

No. 93693

You can take photos from well over 6 feet away…………

No. 93722

File: 1589635014692.jpg (232.39 KB, 1265x2048, 20200516_060421.jpg)

Do all these people just go to the same guy and say "Let me get the blow up doll special"

No. 93791

Stephanie Michelle (middle) looks even more fucking ridiculous now. She's actually part of the Kelly Eden calves thread here >>29145

They have before and after pics of her there too and it's fucking sad.

"Cosplay" is so stupid now. It's just a bunch of ugly bimbo cunts getting as much plastic surgery as they can to morph themselves into the same Macy's Day Parade balloons. No originality anymore.

No. 93792

Good lord that's sad and desperate. Imagine having to photoshop yourself to look like some bimbofication fetish creature to feel whole as a person.

Yeah and that thread is full of samefagging vendetta spergs who think her shitty edited selfies are milk and tinfoil about her faking monolids because she's squinting her eyes in a sunny photo. Next.

>Those lips and the Michael Jackson nose on the one at the center
You just know these girls are the ones who end up looking like that Brasilian human Ken doll when they're 50.
>blow up doll special
I seriously wouldn't be surprised if that's what it was called on the procedure list because it's exactly what it looks like.

No. 93795

Midna has the worst tit job out of all these girls with very visible scarring she didn't take care off. The next would be Stephanie, but she actually asked for what she got, so it's hard to say if it is bad or good because that's actually how she wanted them.

Bishoujo on the other hand literally just got a boob job last year. She has yet to come out about it, keeps trying to pass them off as her normal big titties, but they suddenly don't move as much and are constantly up at her neck. She refuses to admit it and blocked a few people who have questioned it.

No. 93805

File: 1589649667927.jpeg (500.74 KB, 750x931, 7B1949D4-65A3-4890-B8A5-EF794B…)

Juliet is so cringe to me. I will never forget when she was posting (pic related) her strawberry set and was talking about how she showed it to her mom and how it was her “art” and how her mom was proud of her or whatever. She does not live in reality what so ever. That plus her admitting on a podcast a while back that the original Starbucks mermaid pic was taken when she was only 16. If you look back at her old stuff she’s been posting lewd content since way before she was an adult. The second she turned 18 she dived right into this shit. Gross.

Not very milky either, I don’t know if it’s true but I heard Juliet isn’t even her real name. I know it’s common with costhots to use fake names, it just seems odd to me.

No. 93808

Her ass might be fake as well without telling people just like her boobs. She seems to like pretending things are all-natural, but she's gotten lipo twice that she has admitted to, but thinks everything else that magically got enhanced in 2 months is all due to working out after being MIA for those 2 months. She had some bullshit skin condition last year and it kept her from posting for a while and she didn't show her body at all during that time and suddenly she had these balls on her chest that didn't move.

No. 93831

File: 1589656222130.jpg (238.97 KB, 1366x2048, 20200516_120816.jpg)

She touts that her curves are all natural, but her ass looks like two medium watermelons that have 0 bounce in the videos she posts.

No. 93832

File: 1589656519145.jpg (332.71 KB, 2048x1668, 20200516_120738.jpg)

Those "curves" though.

No. 93834

File: 1589656937998.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.34 KB, 800x1200, CmRWStBUEAA0ozD.jpg)

What her boobs used to look like. Pretty sure her lipo was under her ass and on her lower stomach to get rid of her fat girl fupa. Add in coolsculpting on her butt and torso and then the boob job. I still think she has butt implants because it's elongated and even workingout doesn't make that weird shape.

No. 93835

File: 1589656980737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.58 KB, 531x826, 159229a.jpg)

No. 93838

File: 1589657193761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.83 KB, 300x300, claims 30lbs ago.jpg)

Here's a 30lbs heavier butt shot.

No. 93839

File: 1589657347825.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.81 KB, 1000x1000, 20200516_120705.jpg)

Her body shape is crazy, it looks like a carving rather than an actual normal body.

No. 93923

File: 1589688901368.jpeg (36.36 KB, 460x680, DC539C0B-AD1B-49D0-BB84-1AC44E…)

This bitch not only lies about her surgery, she now says she’s 21 when in reality she’s almost 40

No. 93924

what's with her age being so mysterious? isnt her name bishoujomom? she looks like a mother of 3. i dont believe for a minute she's under 35.

No. 93931

I kind of find her mom cartoon cosplays kind of creepy, idk what is about it. They are also super lazy.

No. 93933

File: 1589696477226.jpg (63.26 KB, 720x720, 20200516_232116.jpg)

So damn creative…

No. 93942

File: 1589699164653.png (271.17 KB, 375x500, 6C7986B9-1FA1-4494-887E-994B91…)

All natural and only 21 years old now. Lol

No. 93945

Soz anon I've never seen her discussed here except for on PULL much alike this bitch >>93942

No. 93969

I have no idea which degree of cumbrain you need to be in order to believe her curves are "all natural" when she looks like this. Those blow-up doll lips freak me the fuck out, she honestly looks like a fetish drawing.

No. 94021

File: 1589734065295.jpeg (272.58 KB, 546x500, F8852C84-BD09-4A81-8429-05508C…)

This was more of her natural body. She had large saggy tits with one boob a few cup sizes bigger than the other and a bigger stomach. No ass and hardly any curviness. Pretty sure she got a breast lift/implants, lipo, Brazilian butt lift, etc.

No. 94024

Anon no she's not. You sound fucking stupid.

No. 94025

Its because she's focused on the mommy kink incels. It sells well even though she's been spamming other thots for weeks now on Instagram begging to get over 400k followers and degrading people who are annoyed as fuck about it who are her fans because its her account and she can do what she wants.

She's become a huge bitch since she blew up.

No. 94032

For the PULLfags here "almost 40" means "28-32 year old" lol

No. 94034

Anon wrote it in such a shitty way they made it come off that she was pretending she wasn't almost 40.

No. 94041

She had to have had work done. Whether it’s her face or her body, she’s fake as fuck.

No. 94066

File: 1589739765183.png (225.02 KB, 382x500, IMG_1642_(1).thumb.png.3285df2…)

you can search up her real name. She's 38. Turning 39 this year. So yes, almost 40.
If you are stupid enough to believe she's as young as she says then in the picture I attached… she's 15/16 years here at a bar with other thots

No. 94069

File: 1589740005297.png (298.51 KB, 377x526, asddsa.png)

She literally wrote she was 18 in the Catwoman picture she took 2 years ago and in a comment said she just turned 21.
Bitch is 38 years old. She looks 40+ with all the plastic surgery she's gotten. She's a compulsive liar constantly going on about how she's all natural. She's fake as fuck>>94034

No. 94071

File: 1589740154791.jpg (107.75 KB, 305x500, Screenshot_20200516-202250_Fac…)

Jenna Lynn Meowri being shown all over facebook for forgetting to photoshop her other tit. Embarassing lol

No. 94072

She did her catwoman serval times anon.She's not almost 40 and definitely not over 40. She's not comparing her 21 self to her 11 year old self and just because she posted it 2 years ago doesn't make it not a repost.She's fake body wise, but her age isn't. That Catwoman specifically was taken in 2016.

No. 94073

Link it anon.

No. 94075

File: 1589740500968.png (320.44 KB, 503x500, IMG_1643.thumb.png.b4c393aa3d8…)

Its funny that she was supposedly 11 years old in the pic above but she's 13 years old here according to her timeline…lol…

No. 94077

No. 94078

you can find the catwoman picture on flickr. Was uploaded in 2018 and gives the date it was taken. She's claiming she's 18 in the pic and has said she is now 21. She obviously isn't 21. Look up her real name. She's 38 years old and looks like it.

No. 94079

Can you post something not zoomed in and with a date or timestamp? You can't even tell if this is her.

No. 94081

File: 1589740937784.png (454.99 KB, 386x603, bish.png)

Anon those can be uploaded at any time. It doesn't mean it was uploaded when it was taken. This was in 2017. She would've been almost 19. It makes sense anon and she looks her age here before she lost weight and got all the bimbofitcation surgery.

No. 94082

File: 1589740941023.jpg (104.28 KB, 636x960, 10609622_726680384094490_42663…)

thats the pic she posted. Here's one of her at 15 years old (according to her fake timeline) lol

No. 94083

File: 1589741095220.jpg (153.35 KB, 717x682, Ce79-u7WAAAsZFw.jpg)

It must be rough to only be 14 years old here and look 30. Compulsive Liar Juliette Michele. Anyone with fucking eyes can see the bitch is in her 30s.

No. 94087

More like she always dressed like a slut and could sell it at 18.

No. 94096

File: 1589744122590.png (459.07 KB, 964x696, j.png)

She can keep pretending her rough ass is 21. Anyone with eyeballs can see she's almost 40. She doesnt look young. She looks like an old plastic surgery ho

No. 94100

File: 1589746228316.jpg (134.41 KB, 1267x852, instagramreality.jpg)

Cumbrains really believe Hana Bunny looks like a plastic Asian sex doll even after seeing her irl. They don't care as long as they can fap to it.

No. 94105

File: 1589747001709.png (541.32 KB, 815x557, j.thumb.png.dd8e5897a44fb87a70…)

Nigri looks like a bloated mess these days

No. 94106

She looks the same as ever tbh. She's looked like a 42-year old soccer mom ever since she was 21.

No. 94109

i didn't know bitch looked that rough jesus

No. 94128

Hannahbunny is a known Catfish like Misa Chang. She was exposed for lying about being Japanese and catfishing in the previous costhot threads.

No. 94144

Post these with time stamps, not with what you want them to say. She did Bakugo's mom last year.

No. 94150

File: 1589755399044.jpg (400.51 KB, 1536x2048, 26220480_765320540325413_91005…)

I used that pic because its the face I make when this bitch claims shes 21. I was not saying that was a old pic.
I'll post links but you know she's reading this and will try to delete all her shit quickly.

Instagram (other posts state about them drinking at a bar. At 16 years old apparently. lol): https://www.instagram.com/p/6nP482rQ1n/

Facebook pics (posted 2014 which would make her 15 according to her timeline: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CosplayWaifus/photos/?tab=album&album_id=726680374094491

19 year old Juliette (says last updated in 2018): https://www.storenvy.com/Bishoujo_Mom/stores

I'm not gonna link her whitepages that says she's 38 because it has her home address on it.

No. 94151

there is no way shes 38, let alone even in her 30s, have you ever seen a 40 year old woman? i fully believe shes the age she says. shes aged from makeup/plastics/drinking, maybe drug use too who knows, not from natural aging.

No. 94154

File: 1589755672254.png (1.18 MB, 570x938, asdasd.png)

Im sure if you held a poll, most would disagree. She looks 38. Theres no way she's 21 like she claims. Her body is also botched and not natural like she claims. She looks horrible

No. 94158

File: 1589755960438.png (363.7 KB, 414x510, asdsadads.png)

She looks late 30s.

No. 94164

Anon no one cares how old you think she looks. She is the age she says and your timeline crap makes no sense and there is tons of stuff to argue against it. She already admitting to doing lewd and sexual cosplays before she was 18 but started capitalizing on it officially the second she turned.

No. 94165

File: 1589757583672.jpg (657.8 KB, 1536x2048, EHcpKjPXUAADY5p.jpg)


lol Eh whatever! Obviously you're either her or a friend.This bitch was out at bars with other cosplayers at New York Comic Con in 2015. If you believe her, then maybe you should get all her friends arrested for groping and providing drinks to an underaged girl (as seen in the 2015 pics)? lol Just face it, She looks like an old wrench and her whitepages info says she's 38 years old. Theres no way she just turned 21 like she said. Also She's majorly botched from surgery and not all natural like her lying ass says

No. 94166

File: 1589758046372.png (2.3 MB, 2290x900, 122.png.08c04149453a86a1578ed1…)

Hanabunny is one of the worst cases of photoshop

No. 94174

File: 1589759753728.jpg (739.07 KB, 1730x1440, 3YYvZvt.jpg)

Yeah I know because I'm the one who posted about her pretending to be Japanese when she's actually Viet and her last name is Dinh. She's local to my area and everyone knows she's a lying drama whore. She wants to have a group of elite costhot friends super bad but stirs shit with every group that she comes into contact with so most people drop her from their group super quickly.

No. 94179

I almost feel sorry for her if she really is the age she says. Imagine being so young and looking nearly twice your age, that really isn't a good thing to most people. Not to mention looking so botched at a young age too, that shits gonna get worse with time. And if she really was posting lewds underage then that's disgusting.

No. 94182

Yeah, it would be sad IF she was actually only 21. That means she was out drinking and partying with these cosplay girls (who she still hangs with) when she was underage. This would also mean she was posting her lewds as young as 12 years old.
I honestly do believe she's 38 though. Not only does she look that age, other evidence proves it.

No. 94183

File: 1589761509109.png (286.58 KB, 346x336, dsasadsda.png)

According to her, she'd be 13-14 here. lol

No. 94184

File: 1589761778156.jpg (120.65 KB, 960x960, 1069360_629886380368736_141404…)

If she's actually 21 then she's 11-12 years old here.
Ok I'll stop now. Its just ridiculous to lie like that.

No. 94202

ayrt here, yeah I agree. I don't buy that she's 21 for a minute, same with Jenna Lynn meowri, both have botched middle aged woman faces (though Jenna isnt over 30 she definitely lies about her age among everything else) and think they're passable as 21 year olds, probably because they're worried their fanbase wouldn't find them as attractive if they were older (which especially in bishoujomom's case is weird since she cosplays, well, fictional moms kek)
I'm sure they also realize that their following are a bunch of retarded coomers who don't care about what's a lie and what's real.

No. 94208

the lack of milk on most of these people + bitchy comments make all of you look so desperately jealous of these girls lmao. shit thread

No. 94223

rofl. So which girl are you that is mentioned on this thread?
I don't think anyone is jealous of overly photoshopped, botched plastic surgery, lying chicks. We're calling them out! If you need milk on a certain girl, please ask. Which ones are you saying that don't have it? I'll gladly post the milk you're looking for.>>94208

No. 94230

Sorry you were posted lol

No. 94232

if you're saying you'll post milk then… why aren't you just posting it already? lying about your age and shooping are standard for cosplay.

i'm not seeing any real cows here, just girls who are mad that THEY aren't also manipulating men for their betabucks.

No. 94240

File: 1589775931861.jpg (11.39 KB, 254x254, b8edcfd6dd79720249b61853c178e8…)

>lying about age and lying about editing is standard for cosplay
>don't see any cows, just people who are jealous

You sound like one of said cancerous thots but whatever helps you feel better about your degeneracy!

No. 94241

If it's a shit thread then hide it you sped

No. 94281

Lol Juliette Michele go back to lying about your old ass and get some more plastic surgery to ruin your body.(hi cow)

No. 94288

There is milk on these girls being mentioned, just not enough for their own entire thread, hence why they’re being mentioned here.
Imo lying about your age is pretty milky, because if someone is willing to lie about something as minor as how old they are, they’re probably lying about almost everything about them.
I’m the anon that mentioned yurinaoto and how she’s hiding her age, and some other anon took it the wrong way that I’d judge her for being older than 23. Fuck no. I think she looks below the legal age and she posts lewds/fan service-y type pics lmao

No. 94290

meant >>94208

No. 94314

You know you can click the post # and it’ll automatically fill >>post # in the reply box, right?

No. 94318

Looks like a 13 or 14 year old Abby Brown.

No. 94340

File: 1589821759678.png (377.79 KB, 1072x454, j.png)

I dont think the online picture looks like her real 11 year old picture.

No. 94342

Anon, unless you have a birth certificate at this point, stfu about how old she is. You sound retarded as fuck to keep demanding she's 40 years old. She is from Texas. Do you realize how hypersexualized TX girls are, not to mention the crowd she ran with all look like thots since middle school. You put 2 and 2 together as to why she looks like such a whore at a young age.

No. 94344

Anon, she looks 40 years old and when you do a people search online it says she's 38 years old so its obvious she's an old bitch pretending to be 21. Her old ass aint tricking anyone. We all know she's lying.

No. 94345

File: 1589822964951.png (1.71 MB, 2438x824, stetchmarks.png)

Jenna lynn meowri tweeting she has stretchmarks from having a large ass….lol…. Those dont look like stretchmarks to me.

No. 94349

Where does it say she is legally 38 online?

No. 94351

LMAO is this bitch serious?? Please tell me she's joking

No. 94352

Up top towards her torso but thats it. How does she expect people to believe that laying on blanket indentations are stretch marks unless she's trying to be low-key fatphobic and she feels left out that she doesn't have real stretchmarks since so many cosplayers have been trying to normalize them in photos lately. She's a completely augmented Barbie doll because her mom is a plastic surgeon.

No. 94355

File: 1589824583944.jpg (186.1 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200518-195531_Sam…)

This is literally the first result when searching 'juliette michele age', it says she's 32 though.

No. 94359

LOL Anon you are a fucking retard. That is NOT proof. Do you realize how many kids fake their age to create an account when they are underage. She would've been 10 when Insatgram was created and if she was posted around this time she had to lie about her age to be able to post.

No. 94362

Proof has been posted numerous times of Juliette lying about her age. Drop it. We dont want to talk about her anymore. She's obviously a compulsive liar.

No. 94363

Posting images and saying she is a certain age doesn't magically make her 38, anon.

No. 94369

File: 1589827174991.png (61.94 KB, 546x282, jul.png)

Pictures and links to old profiles have been posted.
Her face is even enough proof she's not 21 lol
Pictures of her at a bar with other cosplayers in 2015 while getting groped is proof (she would have been 16) . Stop pretending you are 21 Juliette. We all know you're a liar.
Since you're here reading the posts, I highly suggest removing your old stuff in which you like to use the N-word :)(:))

No. 94370

You can't base someones age on just how they look. Is that why you are so mad about how she looks anon and you know cosplayers book hotels with bars in them right and you can go in to a majority of them underage, but they will not serve you unless you had a good fake ID at the time. Nothing you keep pointing out says she's faking her age. She dressed as a slut as a kid when she was fat as hell and now she sells it. That's the extent of it.

No. 94383

She’s lied numerous times about her plastic surgery and other things. She’s a known compulsive liar. what makes you think she’s being truthful about her age now? Lol

No. 94386

She's been honest about her lipo though. She's just riding the high road of 'what I do to my body is none of your business' now since her boobs.

No. 94388

File: 1589830907337.jpeg (68.18 KB, 750x216, B17BDE7E-5E4B-4A17-8C88-41482E…)

Where has she posted this? All I’ve seen is posts about how she’s all natural and never got anything done. She has said this multiple times. Better hurry up and edit an old post for me Juliette to say “I got lipo” and reply because I’ve never seen you ever say that

No. 94395

File: 1589832362709.png (40.84 KB, 619x395, lipoo.png)

Can you learn how to tag posts your are replying to? You shit up so much of the thread by not doing that and sage your replies.

No. 94398

File: 1589832442876.png (64.86 KB, 614x523, juicew.png)

No. 94399

File: 1589832535500.png (29.3 KB, 621x293, ins.png)

No. 94400

File: 1589832644634.png (33.63 KB, 1182x382, discuss.png)

Even on E-hentai they talk about it

No. 94402

File: 1589833161649.jpg (377.63 KB, 1341x1954, dsf.jpg)

(Im not the person above) I've known Juliette for awhile now and honestly she cant keep her lies straight. She talks about being all natural (no surgery) often then the next moment she talks about getting lipo? Does she not consider lipo as surgery? She also obviously got something done to her tits and ass as well. lol Her tits were looking deflated and saggy at one point and now they look like bolt ons. No one cares if she's in her 30s and got surgery. No need to lie.

No. 94405

I follow her stories. She gets her lips done and wants to look like a blow up doll. She got her chest done after her Disenchantment cosplay, believe this is the same time she got her lipo.

No. 94418

You guys.. do know that most models use stage names right?? She's probably in her early 20s and is just guilty of lying about the extensive work she's had done. When you vomit fake milk like this it ruins the flavor of the real milk.

No. 94419

And it's just clogging up the thread. It's not her real name and she's joked about people coming up to her and talking to her at cons as if that is her real name and they know her on a creepy personal level. Just like Stephanie Michelle isn't her real last name and people are idiots and think it is.

No. 94430

In closing, Juliette Michele is a liar and lies about her age and surgery. Case closed.
Lets move on to someone else

No. 94436

haruhi's book came out 2003, anime in 2006. its currently 2020. so assuming she cosplayed it in 2006, when it would've been popular…

you're saying shes 38. that means she would've been fucking 24 in the haruhi photo? or even 21 if she somehow knew about the book when it was released.

alternatively, if she was 11 in the photo and DID cosplay haruhi when it came out as an anime, it would make her about 25 right now. which is far more likely. >>94340

No. 94439

Juliette's a liar. We'll never know her real age because she's always lying about it. Move on. Who cares.

No. 94475

“Cares about my cosplay”

Sure you do. When most of your cosplays are edited clothes and selfies

No. 95354

You know she's saying she had no surgery by the time she was 18, showing a photo of her in a corset with a shit ton of makeup so its not really a brag, NOT saying she hasn't had any surgery now?
and she is now in her 20s (or not i'm not gunna start the debate again, either way she older now) and HAS had plastic surgery. Thats not exactly lying thts just us looking at 2 photos out of context

No. 95357

Her animal crossing stuff was drawn on but what other clothes has she photoshopped? I hate this trend too. Its not a cosplay when you don't even finish the cosplay and photoshop shit on. It's so lazy and I get so mad when these woke bitches think supporting laziness like this trumps over someone actually working hours on end to finish something. I don't even care if the finished product is good or not. It's been than these lazy cosplayers do this. This shouldn't be supported.

No. 95742

File: 1590356815903.jpg (489.55 KB, 2048x2048, ERlb7Q3XkAEfuRW.jpg)

Obviously she intended it to be confusing and for people believe she was natural. It says "IVE NEVER HAD ANY SURGERY". It doesn't say "This was before I had surgery." She's a liar and hid her surgery for quite awhile. Also no one knows her true age but its been proven multiple times that she's over 21 years old (the age she claims she is). Most of her cartoon-ish cosplay is photoshopped. And its sad these thots decide to botch their bodies with plastic surgery. It looks ridiculous.

No. 95789

File: 1590369872944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 5.57 MB, 5304x6075, 63A91DE6-B20D-4622-9CF2-57841F…)

She’s had Lipo, fat transfer to her ass, called S curve or some shit, giant implants clearly, literally nothing of her is the same, one of her first sets with Sabrina years ago clearly shows how much she’s changed- it’s clear as day she’s completely fake

No. 95792

This is not cute and kind of unsettling. Cumbrains will really fap to anything with photoshopped curves.

No. 95819

File: 1590383524719.jpg (474.19 KB, 1873x1001, email.jpg)

Looks like Jenna Lynn Meowri buys her instagram followers. A foreign bot company sent me this. They also have a picture of her on their website. lol

No. 95837

Why the hell would you believe some foreign company that would gain illegal access to these profile accounts? you are fucking stupid, anon. The AIs for these social medias are so quick to stamp out spam and bot accounts within less than 24 hours now. You see it instantly in follow declines en masse. Malware emails like these also use big names to sound important and legit. They aren't SONY lol Why the fuck else would this be real after that alone?

No. 95846

you're a fool if you don't realize that many "influencers" buy their followers. Look at lillie jean on instagram. Everything is fake. Jenna has a high amount of blank indian followers. You can look at the way she gains them as well (1000 in 1 hour, none the next 10 hours then 1000 again). She's obviously buying them.

No. 95847

Also you have a lot to learn if you think they have to gain access to the accounts. You just give them money and they add fake profiles/followers to whatever account you say.

No. 95848

And youre an idiot for not realizing how bot accounts are managed now. Social medias don't fuck around and haven't since Facebook got called out years ago for allowing Instagram, before the merger, to deal in bot buying. Twitter had long since fixed their 3 years ago. Bot buying is a scam now.

No. 95850

hahaha. No its not. I literally just bought followers and links for my etsy business on instagram to go viral. Thats why they're advertising to me again. I can give you mean legit sites where they can deliever likes and followers for cheap. This particular site that mentioned Jenna only charges $1 per 1000 followers and they stick. How do you think LIllie Jean did her account?

No. 95851

1 million followers- 99% purchased/fake followers: https://www.instagram.com/lilleejean/?hl=en
Its easily done and for super cheap. Jenna does it on twitter too. Her videos will often get more likes than views at the start. Just pay attention more

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