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No. 555948

The more secrets you feed the farm, the stronger the farm gets. Lay yourselves bare before the farm gods.

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No. 555951

In elementary school, my friends and I sneaked onto the roof after the janitor forgot to lock the door. We threw stones at the other children in the playground and then ran away without getting caught.

No. 555953

Back in 2016 I did weed, xanax and cocaine and I was also very into that "cool druggy aesthetic" but now I regret everything and cringe whenever I remember it

Thank fucking god I didn't end up as an addict

No. 555954

When I was working retail, it was just a part time job in a big clothing store that's well known in my country for attracting the weirdest customers ever. I had a mentally disabled coworker I just couldn't stand, I don't know what was up with him exactly and it's not like I get his diagnosis or whatever but he was basically acting like an overgrown child who never showered because for some reason he always smelled like saliva, shit was foul. Since we were understaffed it felt like I was basically babysitting an actual, literal retard while working for two people at once and being insulted or harassed by customers all day long. No way in hell I'm ever working with a retard ever again. I'm sure the company just wanted to reach their quota of disabled workers by hiring him.

No. 555961

>I did weed, xanax and cocaine
>I did weed
>Thank fucking god I didn't end up as an addict


No. 555963

I took my own virginity

No. 555965

>>555963 what do you mean?

No. 555968

If you mean with your fingers/a toy, I did that too. Didn't want a dick hurting me

No. 555970

I knew a cunt like you was about to gatekeep a bunch of drugs lmfao. Should've said that I did it more than once and there were times where I was just completely high out of my mind nearly every day uwu

No. 555972

"you'll cowards dont even smoke crack" is a great look, tweaker-chan

No. 555973

jesus anon, shut up. just shut up. i'm so tired of this ahahahah you haven't even done hard drugs? how does it feel to have doing shitty substances that destroy your body be your only achievement?

No. 555976

i'm the laziest fuck on the planet and if i had the opportunity to be a NEET i'd scoop up that opportunity in a millisecond.

No. 555980

I wish [redacted] gets the virus and dies already.

No. 555983

I grew up in a house where my dad was like "Well you're 18 now, time to move out!" I'm grateful tbh. I was depressed and would've gone NEET if my parents enabled it.

No. 555984

NTA but I think they greentexted the "I did weed" part next to "Thank fucking god I didn't end up as an addict" because it's commonly understood that there is no physical component that makes weed addictive. I don't think anon was saying that coke and xannies aren't bad, just that one of those things is not like the others. It's just a meme that 'weed addiction' sounds silly.

No. 555985

Nta but who tf didnt

No. 555987

Most of my friends didn't and had to deal with a painful first time. I bought an average sized dildo because I wanted to get it done myself.

No. 555988

I wish this on my ex's ex who constantly interfered with my relationship and attempted to manipulated my boyfriend at the time against me. Really hope she just drops dead

No. 555995

weed dependency is so bad though idc i was a xanfag for a minute so glass houses but people who depend on weed are generally leading terrible lives like shayna

No. 555996

same i was fuckin myself for years b4 i lost it and the guy i lost it to didnt even believe it was my first time like why? just because it's my first time doesn't make me completely innocent at all it just so happened to be the first time i had had sex with another person. it's all so stupid do they think women aren't aware of sex

No. 556029

Similar here, it took quite a few attempts to manage my first toy because the pain was so intense. I continued to have sharp pain and some bleeding the first dozen or so times that I fucked toys. I'm generally good with pain but my hymen was a bitch to stretch.

Years later when I eventually had sex with a guy I only told him it was my first time afterwards.. he didn't believe me so I explained that I had used toys for years. He seemed so disappointed! I hate that men have this thing about 'popping it' as if our pain is their accomplishment. I'm glad I dealt with it my own way.

No. 556032

honestly! and what was left of my hymen didnt even break the first time i had sex it happened another time they're all just so dumb

No. 556048

the only sex i genuinely was enthusiastic about and felt was passionate was with my recent ex. i think about him constantly and can only get off to thoughts of him. i love him fully, wholly and completely. hes the only guy who got me off, ive never been so deeply in love with anyone and never will again.

we broke up and it's difficult for me cos his ex gf is still his best friend but is still obsessed with him and hated me for dating him. he also moved to another country to be with me, so they dont see each other. he denies the extent of her infatuation with him and dismisses obvious flirting (eg sexy selfies, disparaging me) as 'friendliness'.

i tried to be friends with her, but when we broke up she wrote a callout post about how toxic uwu i am, even though she supposedly abused/raped him in the past. the only reason she hates me is because im dating someone shes hung up over, i really wish she gave me a genuine chance and i feel sad that the progress i made with her was lost that day.

i just want to get back together, but this time just make peace with her obsession and ignore it.

its been a year and he moved transatlantically to be with me, they see each other barely once a year. so why is she so delusional and unable to move on?

her friends should tell her: let him go, he let you go a long time ago.

No. 556066

i think i learned to be more cautious, no one really teaches you that that kinda stuff happens

No. 556076

I watched an old program from the UK recently, it showed someone following men who were on the sex offenders register to see how they deal with issues like employment and living restrictions after leaving prison. One guy was 'into cameras and recording things as a hobby' and he had a camera pointed out of his window. They asked him to show the recordings and it was little girls from his road doing handstands while wearing dresses… all very innocent. He just loved photography! Pretty pathetic

No. 556081

I'm kinda wary of bisexual women who are in relationships with men and can't stop claiming how bi they are, especially when making comments about random women's attractiveness, it feels like they are overcompensating or feeling bad about dating a guy. Also, extremely unpopular opinion among bi people, but I think we get some sort of straight passing privilege if we date a member of the opposite sex.

No. 556083

sometimes I want to be a Christian again

No. 556090

i believe him! good point sir. i heard that excuse recently but i forget where.
i looked up my grandma's house on the registry and there were 3 on her street, but not the house i was scared about. but it did say 1 offender not registered? in a town of >1000 kinda spooky to think.

No. 556091

>extremely unpopular opinion among bi people
is it really

No. 556093

I once took a really huge shit right outside our house's main door because I couldn't get the key in in time. I was 13.
And later my mom was cursing whoever took the shit there while cleaning it and I think that is why my life has gone to shit.

No. 556095

lmfaoo. when i was in 6th-ish grade, i dropped my back pack the second i got off the school bus and booked it home. i ended up shitting my pants (i wore boxers to make matters worse) as i opened the door and left my fucking caked underwear in the bathroom for some reason. i know my mom cleaned up but it hasn't been brought up again. i don't even know what the hallway looked like i just changed and went back outside to get my backpack

No. 556101

I shit myself the other day. we only have 1 bathroom and my mom loves to take 45+ minutes every time she uses the bathroom. I couldn't get in in time and the poop just forced itself out. had to trash a pair of underwear, wash my pants and wipe of my belt (yes, it got on my belt).

No. 556102

I don't love my mom. If I had it my way, I would not be in contact with her at all. She's extremely clingy and abusive and I have to walk on eggshells with her constantly. The only reason I haven't cut her off completely is that I'm afraid she'll get really depressed or even suicidal. She used to say subtly manipulative shit to me all the time when I was growing up, like "I would have killed myself long ago if it weren't for you kids." It really fucked me up and I still feel somewhat responsible for her happiness even at almost 30.

No. 556103

I pissed myself twice; six years ago at the mall while trying to run to the nearest bathroom which I never made on time and last year while outside at my university campus while taking the stairs in front of anyone nearby.

The first time, I bought a pair of tights and nobody really noticed while I stood there, frightened as piss was running down my legs but the second time I had a feeling people saw as I was wearing bright blue jeans so I tied my big ass parka around my waist and strolled away.

No. 556105

Same except I actually love my mom and cannot bare living without her. I have a feeling we’re codependent of each other

No. 556106

school bus anon here. only time will take the embarrassment away..mostly

you know what, i actually did shart in front of my girlfriend a few months ago. she'd literally been trying to get me to do it because she thought it would be funny. then it happened and all she could was laugh her ass off while i was yelling at her to help me because this was her doing

No. 556108

File: 1590005628713.jpg (16.19 KB, 716x724, 1418940653001-1.jpg)

No. 556110

Do you guys actually have things in common? I sometimes wonder if I'd feel any inclination whatsoever to stay in contact with mine if we did.

No. 556118

weird hill to die on

No. 556132

Our looks…? And some personality traits I believe

We have some interests in common and do have heart-to-heart convos bu t we never really talked about nor gone over the past and current toxicity of our family life, I don’t think either of us want to tbh.

I remember back in 2011 when we were waiting for our ride for my sister’s quinceñera, we were completely alone and it felt so awkward while talking about bracelets.

2018 that awkwardness wasn’t really bad when I had to spend the nights with her at the hospital during her ankle surgery. I was comfortable being by her side and happy being away from my stepfather but sometimes I got the feeling she didn’t want me around much and was asking for my sister (see above) or my stepdad to spend the other nights, I didn’t felt wanted and it still hurts to this day despite trying to mend the relationship.

No. 556174

Idk why people are shitting on you. Weed addiction can be a thing. Sometimes you’re not addicted to the substance itself but the lifestyle, the friends and the rituals around it.

Kinda in the same boat at the moment because all of my mates take one thing or the other and every get together or party I join there’s drugs. I have no self control and the only thing that doesn’t tempt me in the slightest is crack or heroin.

I’m almost tempted to start dealing because I lost my job to Corona and everyone around me is too dumb to figure out how to buy shit online so they just buy it overpriced on the streets. I could make hundreds every weekend with just a few grams.

Sometimes I’m tempted to leave the country and start over somewhere else to get away from it all but now all borders are closed until at least next year.

No. 556180

I feel the same way about my dad. Even told me the same spiel about killing himself. I think he's dumb enough where he doesn't even realize just how insanely manipulative that is even if it is true. Good times.

Don't let her drag you down. You deserved better anon.

No. 556181

It could be anon. I knew a person working in an asylum and she’d have all kind of people, ranging from depressed but sane to pyromaniacs. Those people often can’t hold a job and she’d work hard to place them in shops and stores. Sorry you had to deal with that, we tend to think of slow or disabled people as sweet people but sometimes they’re straight up nasty and assholes that add onto your workload.

I feel a bit bad because I’m leading on several guys and part of me feels that it’s wrong but the other part just thinks that I never specified anything and it’s their own fault for falling for me when I never made any promises.
In reality, I don’t mind hooking up with men but romantically I only fall for women.

I have this bad habit of “flirting” and hyping up people when I’m tipsy and they fall for it every time.
So if any anon is out there trying to figure out how to flirt with straight dudes, just find a legit thing about them that is nice, look at them straight in the eyes and say crap like “I think it’s amazing that you did X! I’m really impressed”. Or just say shit like “You’re absolutely right” when they say something. That’s all they need really.

No. 556184

File: 1590023665695.jpeg (18.71 KB, 164x250, 4CA1159A-E615-4C40-B2FA-C7C2CE…)

My son is three months old; I’m breastfeeding. (Attached to baby 24/7) So like my body’s fully healed and such. I can only have sex with my fiancé when we’re both not tired and it has to be all quick. I love my son but I want some nasty stinky monkey sweaty, naked SEX. All I can think of all day.

No. 556235

What? Is it a fetish or did you really just not make it?

No. 556238

Yeah that's what I suspected at first, but then I remember how many other disabled workers there were who had physical disabilities and who did their job just fine but were pressured to do impossible shit by managers and made to feel guilty for stupid shit and it pisses me off even more. I remember one of my former coworkers with type 1 diabetes who felt like she was going to pass out all of a sudden (most likely hypoglycemia but I don't know much about type 1 diabetes to guess for sure) and I told her to go to the locker room asap so she could get her insuline injection and I was reprimanded by a manager for that because I didn't call him before letting her leave. Even though I wasn't even trained properly in the first place so I had no idea I was supposed to call him. My former coworker is considered a disabled worker by law in my country and there are a bunch of disabled people who can hold jobs just fine AND feel quotas but companies hire adults who act like super stressed 5 years old kids and who don't do anything valuable.

No. 556252

I love my bf but I will always regret that he's poor and without a family just like me so we'll always struggle and have no one to rely on. He's also even less street smart than me so we're really fucked and it stresses me.

No. 556256

I can't stand my bf but I love what I've done to the balcony so it would be hard to leave, especially with summer around the corner.

No. 556257

what the fuck, can you elaborate

No. 556259

This is personal drama I dream about. Fuck you but not really.

No. 556260


Elaborate in what way?

Bf bad
Balcony good

And before you ask, yes, I am 100% lacking in empathy. What benefits me and material wealth always matters more to me than other people. I've come to accept it even if I'd never confess to it irl.

No. 556271

Balcony pics?

No. 556279

i can get off to memories with my ex, and quickly. he is extremely hot, ive never had this with anyone before. he is the epitome of sexy to me. i would do literally anything for him back.

No. 556281

Hahahahaha I have the exact dilemma rn except I’m inlove with my room, I think if we broke up he would be the one to leave but I’m not sure as his name is signed for the apt
Good luck anon

No. 556282

> I've come to accept it even if I'd never confess to it irl
>I’ve come to accept it
Yeah, because with all the empathy you lack, it just eats you up inside.

No. 556286


I just hate the thought of people seeing right through me so I can't leech off of them anymore.
I live rent free in the nicest apartment building in town, you can't just throw that away

No. 556306

lmao you’re a psychopathic cunt. Be single, for everyone else’s sake. And stop mooching

No. 556316

Lmao what's so great about a fucking apartment balcony and a room that you'd stick around to perform and put up with a guy you dislike. You're a couple of weirdos trying to play up the cold unfeeling sociopath act because in reality you're either too incapable or too cowardly to start over yourselves. No one here above the age of 25 thinks you're cool haha it's pathetic.

No. 556328


Obviously jealous of my balcony

No. 556363

I couldn’t make it on time and these events are separated by five years, except the third time at the mall which happened again either before or after the uni event

No. 556378

You sound like a bitch, should probably stick to eating pussy

What if he decides to leave you instead? Are you gonna Ted Bundy his ass just so you can keep your precious apartment?

Nobody is jealous of your stupid balcony, you stupid cunt.

No. 556380

lmao. i like you anon

No. 556388

are you having a bad day, nonny

>What benefits me and material wealth always matters more to me than other people
fucking queen

No. 556403

File: 1590078669897.jpg (45.58 KB, 750x500, perro-cara-hinchada-por-comer-…)

Late response but I did it with a dildo. Tbh I was kinda embarrassed of still being a virgin at 21 and also didn't want a man to take it so I just did it. Feels good knowing other girls did the same because I was feeling like such a weirdo. My friend's bf kept pressuring her while we were at a school trip and it went really bad, she ended up crying and he was actually mad at her after. It gave me a big impression at the time

No. 556407

you're staying with a guy you don't like over a fucking balcony or whatever? whole new level of pathetic.

No. 556434

File: 1590082407805.jpg (63.75 KB, 681x388, Bonyboi.jpg)

I attract anorexic men and I'm not sure why because I'm quite fat and love food. Is it because I'm into the brooding boi music scene types?

The new man I'm dating is over 6' but is only 140 pounds when wet, he's pretty skelly(like even more than far left of pic related). I feel ashamed to eat or mention food around him because he only eats once a day and is a picky eater. Like he doesn't eat junk food-which is good-but he also doesn't like a lot of normal foods either. Sometimes when I smoke weed and we'll be talking on the phone I'll be like "Awwwwwh yeah doesn't _____ sound great to eat right now?!" and he'll reply that he isn't hungry kek. I hate being fatter than my boyfriends but idk maybe I'm like thinspo to them or something. Which doesn't make sense because they're romantic and are sexually attracted to my body. They never ask me to perform fat fetish-specific activities like face sitting or belly squashing plus the sex is always fairly vanilla so I'm not sure if it's sexually motivated either.
>inb4 I'm exaggerating
I did legit date a diagnosed anorexic male like several years ago but back then I wrote it off cause he did have a phobia of becoming obese after a brain tumor had caused his obesity, so I didn't think that had anything to do with me.

I tried googling "fat women with skinny men" but all I get are articles talking about skinny women dating obese dudes, or a bunch of people shitting themselves because a 400 pound woman said she only wants to bang skinny dudes. I'm not terribly insecure about it cause I am making better dieting choices as of late and am losing, but I was just curious about the psychology.

No. 556438

I can't help at all anon, but I am basically like you and.. now I don't feel alone anymore. (Being overweight and dating underweight/ twinkish guys is my Tradermark for years.)

No. 556442

Maybe I'm thinking about it too deeply, but I wonder if it's because being underweight seems like the male social equivalent of women being chubby? Like, they're both viewed as "why don't you get up and do something to fit into the standard of beauty??" but it's either too difficult or they just don't want to. Being big/chubby for men is acceptable and masculine, while being super unhealthy thin is acceptable as "feminine" for women, so skinny men and fat women are on opposite ends of the same thing. Am I making sense?

I feel like this experience potentially makes skelly dudes have more open-minded ideas about beauty and attraction. I also date skinny dudes and I feel like they're less stuck up about what women should look like. Idk, this is interesting, thanks for listening to my podcast

No. 556443

Scrotes mad

No. 556447

i'm thinking of using a dildo too down the line but god i hope this isn't me

No. 556462

>What benefits me and material wealth always matters more to me than other people. I've come to accept it even if I'd never confess to it irl.

Anon please stop embarrassing yourself. You're literally just afraid of intimacy and fixate on the fleeting joys that material possessions bring you as a cope. There are no less than 50 million other people on this planet who also do this. Nobody who lacks empathy to the point of being an actual danger to others goes around subtly bragging about it for edge points.

People who larp as sociopaths internet are harmless to the point of being pathetic.

No. 556470

Aw you’re deflecting, how cute!

Why don’t you go find a sugar daddy if you like material wealth, or are you too much of a pussy to go through the ordeal of sacrificing whatever dignity you may have?

I’m sure rich old men are okay with you mooching off them if you give them what they want, know what I mean?

No. 556475

I just heard there was a covid spike in maryland where my ex lives. lowkey hoping he gets it.

No. 556479

I think you are overthinking it, they're actually unable to gain weight due to low appetite and forgetting to eat.
There is probably more things about you to like than your excess weight, to assume that they are into you because they're chubby fetishists would be quite a stretch, i think, they most likely wouldn't mind if you dropped some weight, they might be self-conscious over not being enable them to perform some more advanced gymnastics in bed due to being skellies themselves.

No. 556480

Not OP keep seething brokefag scrotoid

No. 556500

My husband wanted a prenup when we first got married, a few months later I wanted a divorce but didn't want to be in the streets so I asked if we could vacation to Japan because I know like a typical male he would cheat, now I get 1200 in alimony

No. 556502

same, anon. when he first got together one of the things I liked about him was how well put-together he seemed: he had a stable job, nice friends and cool hobbies. A year later and I´ve gradually found out that he constantly calls in sick because "I couldn't sleep last night" because he stayed up playing cod with his friends. He spends money on things he never uses and has to call his parents at the end of each month to get help. And a lot more. I feel tricked and dumb and completely embarrassed to be his gf. I can't stand him and I want the break-up to really sting and I´m working on my speech to reach maximum impact. Not really proud of my maturity level

No. 556505

kek I know I am! And this is a confession thread, I don't get why people get sandy pussies over this

No. 556507

No. 556521

I’m in Maryland and my ex lives in the city that’s still on lockdown and I’m BIG hoping he gets it, he’s one of those boys who get a cold and calls out of work for a weekend but expected me to still give him head when I had mono. I’ll pray for your ex & mine <3(<3)

No. 556522

Aww u mad?

My point still stand, go find a sugar daddy you whore :)(go back to kiwifarms)

No. 556529

File: 1590094042617.jpg (28.97 KB, 480x420, 7a3ea51f194d6f386dd8966e02c559…)

I would like to see your balcony anon, i'm sure it's lovely!

No. 556592

I'm jealous of her balcony. I want pics, anon. What did you do with it?

No. 556609

Why do I feel like these posts are the actual mad scrotes, trying to get the balcony pics so they can dox OP and out her..("hi scrote")

No. 556615

u look like u have dirt neck

No. 556618

Pretty sure it is kek

No. 556624


No. 556631

is doxing a serious concern people have on here? who cares. just don't post your actual face or exact city and you shouldn't worry

No. 556638

I didn't ask but I'd be curious to see the balcony anon was making herself miserable over.

No. 556652

I never posted this with the intention of her ever posting her balcony. It was mainly because I thought it was funny the scrote was crying over a balcony. Anon hyped up the balcony so much I can't help and be curious as to what she did with it.

No. 556654

Calm down, paranoia-chan. I just wanted to see flowers and herbs and shit.

No. 556681

Sure jumped to defend yourself quick lol(continuous "hi scrote")

No. 556821

I like my face and my body, but I don't like seeing pictures of me, I am tall, I have a strong jawline and bony shoulders, I really look troonish on many of them.

No. 556825

worry not anon. you're not troonish. women vary so much. there are so many different kinds, we're not all petite with t&a to boot. i'm like 5'11 and stocky myself and masculine but it's okay. we're still women. no wrong way to be a woman!

No. 556827

Pictures aren't accurate most of the time, selfies almost always look fucked up because of the lenses, and if someone else takes a picture of you from far enough there's still chances they captured you when you were in an awkward position or in the middle of moving. I hate pictures of myself too because my face always looks deformed in them (either I have a baby face or I look like an emaciated zombie, no in-between), but I also dislike being filmed because I hate my voice.

No. 556847

Haha, I know, I really like my androgynous features, I think they compliment me really well, I'm just frustrated that I don't have any decent pic of me. It doesn't help that I never know how to pose and smile, so I tend to look like an autistic agp, especially next to other women.

No. 556897

This guy I'm friends with gave me chlamydia and I'm so embarrassed and mad about it.

No. 556940

i'm in love with invadervie's voice and mannerisms

No. 556942

I thought she was cute, she’s just a bit sanctimonious and sometimes tries too hard to play “nerdy elf waifu” thing. I lurked some of her streams way before the whole retarded crusade against her even happened. People really use her age and personal style as talking points, undeserved and comes of as incel MRA shit to me.

No. 556971

Ew did you talk to him? If it was me he'd hear it

No. 556972

Yet another reason hookup sex is gross.

No. 556976

Yeah I did. He was the one that suggested that I go get tested but he made it seem like he wanted us to both get tested to make sure we we're clean before having sex again bc he does have multiple partners. But he never told me that he came back for anything and I'm pissed he wasn't up front with me about it.

He said he was scared to tell me bc he didn't want it to ruin our friendship (we have a long history and have know each other since middle school and only have sex in the occasion).
So while I'm mad at him, there's not much he can do but say sorry. He didn't know he had it when we had sex and I should've been more responsible for myself and asked about how many partners he had, if they were using protection and probably should've used protection myself.

No. 556983

Anon, you need to love yourself. It sounds like you were literally letting this guy use you as ass on demand. Also, he's a horrible "friend" if he lies to you about something that serious. Cut him off.

No. 557001

I'm so afraid that I'm going to end up killing myself. I am a deeply broken person and I get virtually no joy out of life anymore. I'm afraid if this goes on for much longer that I'm not going to have a choice.

No. 557013

My chiropractor is a 32 year old Chad.

I want to sit on his face.
Why do I do this to myself. Now my face gets red whenever he looks directly into it EW I’m like an awkward 10 year old save me

No. 557026

I don't get this? do you want him to eat you out or do you have want to just sit on his face(like how the fuck does that have give any sexual pleasure)

No. 557030

i rly liked the movie glass.

No. 557036

…Are you underage?

No. 557038

no I'm just not a degenerate, I'm sorry I don't understand the nuances of face sitting

No. 557042

Face sitting implies being eaten out, yeah.

No. 557048

eww. i thought everyone that shit is a bullshit new age pseudoscience that gives you arthritis when you get old.

No. 557071

I know I might get called selfposting for this, but I really think Brittany Venti is pretty, and I'm envious of her looks and hair.

No. 557072

are you that ugly

No. 557075

I'm sorry what???

No. 557088

she looks like a raggy meth head who was blessed with a pair of decent boobs

No. 557096

She looks like Splice (2009) in a wig

No. 557104

Sorry but selfpost, kek.

No. 557107

Tbh, I have little to no confidence, and I do consider myself ugly, however I also have a low expectations rate.
Understandable, a lot of people call her ugly and she has been caught reading and posting here

No. 557116

I agree w/this. Her personality makes her ugly.

No. 557132

File: 1590213180960.gif (1.7 MB, 320x294, 1590011706341.gif)

When I was 11 years old, the most hated girl in my school called me a nigger and told me I was going to hell because I wasn't a Christian. I sat behind her in class so I had fun sticking messages on her back with another girl I didn't like. During recess, we would throw water on her and trip her up. I also pretended to forgive her and be her friend in order to talk to her and thus push her to say ridiculous things to make my friends and I laugh, which was easy because she was socially inept. The teachers noticed us but didn't say anything most of the time, which is funny because I used to get yelled at when I was behaving/being bullied before. I feel a bit bad for the girl now, she was poorly dressed and clearly from a poor family. Even the younger kids made fun of her.

No. 557155

I'm developing a dumb platonic crush on a friend's boyfriends. I'm almost sure this is all because we are getting closer thru chat because of the quarantine. I know this feeling is very one sided since I'm happy in a relationship and probably this all going to pass when the lockdown is over but still.

No. 557168

I danced alone to the new 1975 album in my room last night like a fucking crazed fool and today I woke up with severe body cramps and stiffness in my neck. Like can't get out of bed type of pain.

No. 557194

File: 1590234095972.jpeg (523.18 KB, 750x1117, C5291A60-E408-4254-8D34-51ADF9…)

Fbeing tall. Everytime I see a girl complain about being short I wanna fucking die. bitch what is it, you’re so feminine? You’re seen as such a womanly woman. Must be so difficult also you can just wear heels what can tall girls do to erase their stature? I wanna be like 5’3” and cute. I feel giant and intimidating, my shoulders are broad and rib cage is way wider than my hips. I feel attacked when farmers talk about trannies cause all that literally applies to me and I was born a biological female

No. 557203

How tall are you anon?
I'm on the taller side and wouldn't mind being a little more taller, being tall is the fucking best imo

No. 557206

I'm very short and wish I was taller tbh. It's so intimidating to be around guys because they look like fucking giants next to me.

No. 557207

Become a badass warrior princess.

No. 557214

wish i could have some of your height anon. being short is hell when your stature is chubby or fat by default.

No. 557218

i just dont go online through my phone that much since my friend keeps talking about the things she likes and i'd always indulge her with her interest but whenever i talk about mine she sometimes go offline and waited for a few hours until the hype of the conversation dies down so she can talk again or just give generic or short responses. I only realize this since last month when quarantine order took effect. I love her but… at least pretend or just bullshit a three sentence paragraph or smth, that's what i do.

For a few months or years, i had endured her ramble about kpop, her kpop shippings, bias and the group she loves to the point of death. Now, it's thai or chinese bl. I regret recommending her a series (even though i dont watch or like but only know due to popularity) that is now her obsession atm.

No. 557219

You’re not alone, this is literally the same situation I have with my sister down to the kpop. It sucks

No. 557221

i really wish i could voice out my opinion in the situation but then i realize she can be a bit stubborn or "blind." she literally thought this two actors in a thai bl drama are dating but when i tried to be realistic and told her that it could be publicity stunt with the gestures and other things they do with each other. she denied until one of the actors in the series stated that they were anything but lovers. it really broke her heart. now, she jokes about the 'delulu' fans when that was her before.

god, the kpop shipping was worse though but good thing she stopped talking about it when the group is currently on a hiatus.

she might not see our friendship the way i do and i don't want to fight with her considering she and i have been friends for almost a decade now.

anon, if you have the chance please talk to your sister. you're killing your ears and eyes off if it continues like that.

No. 557231

183cm / 6'0 tall anon here.
i understand how you feel. i refuse to wear heels because i hate looking even more down on people while i talk and standing out.
however, i hope you come to accept your height and your body. it's tough sometimes, but i've grown to like my height - we can't do anything about it so why stress over it?

No. 557238

First of all, tall woman =/= tranny. Being "small and cute" is overrated and imo, not that meaningful among adult women.
Personally, I like tall women a lot. I'm sure you look good.

No. 557255

tall women are the best and femininity itself is underrated. 5'11 anon with broad shoulders too here, you can become alienated from beauty standards simply by being outside of the norm but genius is never appreciated in its time lmao! i don't personally understand the appeal of shorter/slimmer women, but that's the beauty of people. we're all so wonderfully different

No. 557257

samefag, *overrated!

No. 557391

I miss going to the library

No. 557410

File: 1590265326639.jpg (26.47 KB, 500x314, 08298648f4cd94f81787b470771d67…)

Try being 5'3 yet still having broad and mannish features WITH the added bonus of looking like shit if you gain five pounds who no one takes seriously because you're child height.
That's life as a 5'3. Seriously, you don't have it so bad. I've been called 'tranny' by incels too at this height. People who are calling biological women trannies don't give a shit how tall or short you are, they're saying it to hurt you.
>all women in pic related weigh 150

No. 557512

It's socially unacceptable for anyone. For anyone young at least.

No. 557521

I hope to kill myself within the next 3-5 years, if I can stand it that long, simply because I am not pretty enough for my own liking. Probably the most disgusting part is that I know I am objectively not that bad, maybe even beautiful for some tastes, but it's not good enough for me. I hate my face and cry over it daily, which makes me feel worse because it's so vain and stupid. I'm so ashamed and I'm sick of feeling ugly and I'm going to kill myself before I turn 30, I'm set on it. This is retarded

No. 557522

File: 1590277742636.gif (1.64 KB, 26x25, 0Hs9zTRBM.gif)

at least you know how retarded you're being rn

No. 557527

Well you'll just be another one for the statistics.

No. 557536

That's like killing yourself because you're middle class rather than a millionaire, or just smart instead of a genius. There is more to life than looks, and feeling sorry for yourself for not being 10/10 is pure greed.

No. 557565

What if you're reborn as an ugly person? There's plenty of things you can do to make yourself more beautiful anon, don't give up yet.

No. 557570

you're not going to kill yourself if you're posting it on lolcow but you're clearly at a certain level of distress so i understand. look, who gives a fuck about being ugly? seriously, you're brainwashed. you don't have to look pretty just because you're a woman. we're all just evolved animals and you don't deserve anything negative to happen to you just because you don't think your genetic features align with some standard people thought up and a standard which varies widely across the globe. anon, watch a documentary on women in india who have survived acid attacks. some of them don't even have a face but they're still alive and they are trying every day. it's cold for me to just call you retarded because it's been instilled in you from a young age that if you're not pretty, you're not good at being a woman but fuck that. seriously. you do not have to look like anything. just be a decent human being

No. 557583

Ugly people absolutely deserve to die. Appreciation for aesthetics is what sets people apart from (other) animals so if you're ugly, how different are you from an animal?

No. 557590

Nta but get help

No. 557595

Have thought about all of this and come to the conclusion that since my specific face is what bothers me, 1.) I think I would be fine with a different ugly face, if reborn 2.) I hate any other form of vanity and consumerism/materialism and I think it's fine to be "ugly", I genuinely don't find anyone other than myself ugly 3) I don't feel sorry for myself because I know I'm being a dumbass, I'm just very exhausted

Thank you. I know you're absolutely right and when I think about women in the world who actually suffer injustice and real strife, I feel ashamed of myself for feeling this way. That's why I posted it here. You're right, I probably won't kms. I'll try to focus on being a good person.

No. 557602


No. 557637

Sometimes I kind of wanna be a cow

No. 557640

Anon, you already are
Jokes aside, is it the attention? People checking up on you? Being followed and commented on?

No. 557651

I don't really know. The attention I guess and making people laugh

No. 557665

For the first time in my life I'm proud of something I’m accomplishing and not in the healthiest way but part of my motivation comes from wanting to prove the people who questioned me wrong.
It may sound dumb but I get so much satisfaction day by day and even when they try to demotivate me by snarky remarks, it only adds fuel to my goals.

No. 557703

living well is the best revenge keep it up anon!

No. 557740

I started a twitch just for the hell of it and I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone but my boyfriend. It's only been a week but it's fun even though no one watches me.

No. 557747

my attention span is so bad that I will watch 2 youtube videos at once, one on my computer and one on my phone

No. 557767

i always wanted to try being a fakeboi or a transtrender because I envy the "freedom" they get and this camaraderie they have with one another.

No. 557773

Don't, the freedom is an illusion because they are the ones to set up barriers about what are men and women, no place for being gender non conforming. Also, the camaraderie is fake and only for the camera, deep down they all hate each other, it's a competition to see who is the most trans of them all, and there's a huge crabs in the bucket mentality, once somebody leaves the cult, they are branded excommunicate.

No. 557777

i see. i kinda notice from a group of fakebois that i follow on instagram that they stopped talking to their friends who left the trans scene and became girls again. idk why, i always thought that the girls were living somewhere far and couldn't communicate with them longer but there was one who came back from university but only have few pictures from one location and it's because their fans were demanding for a reunion.

maybe i was seeing things from the shallow point of view. especially since i'm in a place where being a tomboy meant you're a lesbian, and also a disappointment, and not just someone who likes things far from the norm. it took years for my mom to realize i could never be like her. thanks, anon.

No. 557779

I love my mom but when she cooks anything but Mexican food it is the most bland unseasoned food.

No. 557881

File: 1590336369415.jpg (182.33 KB, 740x551, lol.jpg)

I use space e-mail still to this day. It used to be a huge part of my Tumblr phase back in 2013-2016 and I still haven't grown tired of using it. It's nice to say whatever I want on there and send it. Most e-mails are from so many years ago though, I wonder what happened to the people in them.

Pic attached is a random email I just got from someone who's kin with Jean SNK and writing this to Marco aka their "kin mate" and it made me laugh. It's very cringe but I kinda find it endearing, because it's just so crazy to me how it's from 2013 and back then the SNK fandom was peaking so hard.

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic and sad right now, because I miss those times so much even though I used to be a genderspecial fakeboy back then. At least I had a lot of friends, was popular on there and had the time of my life with my blog aesthetic and fandoms I participated in. Nowadays you don't even have anything like that anymore.

No. 557884

hey, me too! that's crazy! it sucks how all the emails are from 2013-2016 though, there are new ones but the sheer volume of space emails from back then means you never get to see em.the joke/kin ones can be kind of annoying but one in every 50 emails is really, really good

No. 557901


if you want to try to do it, do it. if being a fakeboi means cutting your hair short and changing your clothes or name, do it. those things aren't permanent and you might even find out something about who you are and how you express yourself.

sorry to sperg but ill even share my own related confession. despite the fearmongering and clearly biased attitudes and perspectives you'll get here, I know quite a few trans elders and older trans folks, including transmen at all stages of transition, and talking with gender nonconforming or trans people provided me with a perspective I never thought I would've had if I continued to browse boards like gc and other sites. depending where you're located, you either have a lot of barriers to go through, or you may have it easier than others when it comes to transitioning (socially or physically). but there really is a sense when having a deep philosophical conversation with an ACTUAL trans person (and not an internet persona or strawman) that they have a more free and open understanding of themselves and others. Just seeing the dedication some of the trans ppl I've met have gone through just to be able to physically transition or discover who they are is impressive regardless of someone's own personal thoughts towards troons. definitely educate yourself and open yourself up to new perspectives, actually transitioning takes a lot of dedication, time, and self discovery. even if you turn out to not actually be trans, if you're not making irreversible decisions like medical transitioning, you can still learn a lot about yourself. I've met de-transitioners who de-transitioned/no longer identify as trans but still appreciate the journey they went through to realize who they are. of course not everyone is able to say that, but if you really believe you have gender dysphoria or euphoria, I'd definitely talk to a gender therapist or reach out to a local LGBT+ center that may have educational resources.

No. 557928

agreed..i didn't know this was such a divisive opinion

No. 557930

At least you’re honest about being trans is as easy as changing hair and clothes and name kek nothing permanent, just like trying on a costume.
Can you tell me more about these deep philosophical conversations? genuinely curious.

No. 557933

i'm in the same boat except he's not dating anyone, just a long time friend. if we hung out irl, i wouldn't be feeling this maybe. actually, i think it the platonic crush started right before the virus hit the US then quar escalated my feelings. i have a gf and she's the same way with him. it's caused some issues

don't think suicidal people care

could it just be really bad dysmorphia?

i understand the need for camraderie, but they easily cast people out for a slight differing opinion, etc.

No. 557939

Doja Cat could be revealed to be Hitler himself and I would happily continue to be her most loyal simpette because I am so fucking insanely attracted to her

No. 557943

late reply but this made me remember that i pissed myself a few weeks ago at an airport! it was a two hour drive and i was drinking water as well as a large ice coffee from dunkin donuts. about half way there it hit me and i had to pee SO BAD like it hurt thats how bad i had to go but i didnt want to pull over at a gas station or anything bc i was worried it would make me late for my flight (i was already cutting it pretty close) anyway as soon as i got to the airport i ran to the br. i made it into the stall but i couldnt pulll my pants down in time and ended up pissing myself lmao. i just couldnt hold it in anymore and i couldnt stop the pee flow omg. luckily i had clothes in my carry on bag so i changed and no one knew haha

No. 557950

I still use space email too! I've been waiting for that update for.ever. An app would be amazing.

No. 558013

I get really anxious going to Asian restaurants (really any restaurants honestly but Asian ones moreso) to pick up food, so usually I send my mom to get it.

Apparently the place I sent her to didn't have the order I put in so now I'm worried that she's going to yell at them because she called me and said she didn't understand them.

I'm sorry to the Korean woman that is dealing with my mom right now. If anything this makes me want to get over this weird anxiety more.

No. 558019

Update, mom did not yell at them. They got along, bless.

No. 558085

I wouldnt mind being a bang maid for a cute guy. I wouldnt mind him playing video games all day and being a man child who needs me to cook and clean. As long as he has a job and helps with the Bill's.

If he isnt cheating and hes giving me attention at the end of the night I'm fine with it

No. 558086

Said no woman ever.

No. 558088

I'm sure most women would be happy to have a cute, faithful guy who pays the bills and all he expects you to do in exchange is cook and clean. That's easy mode. Too bad reality is he probably wouldn't be attractive or faithful, he'd resent you for not making money/use finances to control you, and eventually expect you to have his kids. Then you'd be stuck with one manchild + actual children, with 10x the work and stress and zero help.

No. 558092

could you do that for me

No. 558098

Eh I've been there and it became exhausting after a while. I always thought I would love to be a mommy gf to some sad ass robot neet, until I dated an older software developer and let him waste my time for 3 years. Manchildren have insane expectations for you and will gaslight you if you don't comply perfectly, most of them are emotionally fucked and irrational/delusional especially if their actual mother coddled them.

No. 558099

I have a weird crush on Hozier and it feels bad.
Wish I could spend my time doing something productive instead of daydreaming about love with unattainable men and fixating on but I’ve been this way literally since I was a child.
All my fantasies revolve around meeting someone and living happily ever after. It’s truly sickening.
I can’t handle the reality of life and certainly not the reality of dating to find the imaginary One.
I’m hopelessly obsessed with love and I don’t want to be.
Could use a hug.

No. 558102

This Bill typo just made me picture a room full of guys named Bill

No. 558113

>manchild who plays video games all day, never helps with household
>but somehow has job, pay bills, is attentive and faithful
Kek bitch you want a fish that don’t drink and a dog that don’t shit as well?

No. 558127

i think i peaked in high school. i have a clinical doctorate degree in a very practical med-related field that i have no interest in. whenever i think back on my greatest accomplishment, it's getting a "very well written…" on a creative writing assignment from my english class in junior year, when i had a very challenging teacher. i basically soared through college (minus physics, which i didn't give a shit about lol). i haven't cared about anything but writing, which i gave up as soon as i went to college.

the sad thing is that i know my future career is much better, much more stable, and will give me good research and teaching opportunities in the future. i just hate it

No. 558135

I literally live this life and it's not too bad. (If you find the right guy, that is. It's easy to be abused by these type of people.) It's only frustrating when I leave town and come back to a filthy-ass house.

No. 558139

fuck you

at least you can become a model if you really wanted to

I will never have that chance.

No. 558141

My issue with being 5'4 (which I realize is petite and not that short) is that I weigh 120 yet still have thick thighs that make me look even shorter. It's like there isn't enough me to spread that weight around evenly. It could just be my frame (pear shaped). My other issue is that I am in my 20's and still get mistaken for a freshman in high school. I work in a very professional field so it's annoying to be undermined/not taken seriously because I'm smaller.

No. 558143

This freaked me out to read because I swear I could've written it exactly. Been maladaptive daydreaming my entire life. I can't remember a time where I didn't do it. And unfortunately, a lot of my daydream scenarios are embarrassing romance fantasies usually centered around a celebrity or someone otherwise unattainable. And sure enough…Hozier has been one of the latest ones. He's just such a beautiful singer/lyricist and seems like a really nice, genuine person - operative word being seems.
I can reason out why I do this all day long. I know I'm just projecting qualities I like or desire in a person onto someone who appears to embody them, but I can't seem to stop myself. I feel pathetic even typing this out.
Hopefully you can at least take some comfort in the knowledge that there's another person out there doing the exact same shit

No. 558144

do any other tall yet clearly conventially unattractive anons get a little weirded out by comments that "you could be a model"? i know this is such a silly thing to say but it's so weird when someone says that when i clearly have self harm/trashy tats all over me and am just generally strange looking. i get that it's being nice but it always makes me feel bad because no, i couldn't and i very obviously couldn't so why say it? can anyone relate or am i stupid

No. 558145

it's not pathetic to have romantic daydreams lmao

No. 558147

my boyfriends long quarantine hair and mustache are not attractive to me and it's making it difficult for me to kiss and be intimate with him :( idk how to talk about this without making him feel sad bcuz he loves his mustache but I hate it

No. 558151

lmao anon i feel like i can relate in some way; i'm not hot enough to be a model but i'm also 5'8 and had a pixie cut for awhile, so i got a lot of "lmao u look like a man" or "lol ur so brave…" comments

i'm not particularly feminine, i'm just tall and skinny with an average face. people don't respect me more for my height, which isn't even out of the ordinary but is still somehow too tall

No. 558152

gently caress his mustache for a second to distract him before ripping it off in one go

No. 558153

I feel like I have them way more often than is normal or healthy. That's why it makes me feel pathetic.

No. 558165

Don't be a dickhead about it but you should definitely just be honest and tell him you are turned off to the point of not wanting to be intimate. I doubt he cares more about his stache than his penis.

No. 558170

I kinda want my old job back. I’m too lazy and keep procrastinating about updating my resume and LinkedIn account as I haven’t fully accepted the fact that I got fired yet.

I wish they call back and say “anon, we have new projects and we would like to give you your job back, do you accept?” after the quarantine is over, but I doubt it.

No. 558183

He definitely seems that way…god knows we would probably be let down. Never meet your heroes.
Daydreaming like this makes real life hit so much harder. Everything and everyone seems so bland and disappointing in comparison to what I think about. Even/especially myself.
I just feel stunted and dumb.
Anyway thank you. Let’s pray for our little maladaptive hearts.

No. 558187

Yes. I’m 5’10 and muscular. If I lose weight you can see my bones and I look like a manly Gollum. I’ve had the model comments since I was a tall child but I’ve always been weird looking so it’s patronizing as hell.

No. 558204

Maladaptive daydreaming anon here too.
I think the gist of mine are centered around romance and someone with a status (usually actor or singer) to show off.

I guess I kinda hate how “bland” I am compared to talented people, even though I’m neither stupid nor untalented, I always want to be an extreme something (Really smart, really good at something, wowing people with it or becoming extremely rich) or being associated with someone with those traits.
Kinda lame I guess but I’ll never let it out outside of an anon board.

No. 558205

my maladaptive daydreaming is out of control and always has been. At this point I'm not even aware I'm doing it until hours have past and I realized I didn't even finish one episode out of an entire season I planned on finishing by the end of the day. The problem with mine is that I have multiple worlds going on at once. There's one that I've had since I was 12 , and there's one that keeps changing with age. They're both realistic. Like another poster said, I also become fixated on a new concept or person and implement it . I literally hate that I'm admitting this but instead of hozier like the other poster said, I've been fixated on joji. I THOUGHT HE WAS UGLY LAST WEEK. Now he's all I can think about and it's wild to wrap my head around.

No. 558208

I feel you so much. It's not like I want to be super sm0l, I just want to be a normal woman. There doesn't pass a day without me dreaming about being shorter and thus more feminine. All the anons saying that this is "overrated" and that we should be proud strong warrior amazons are so delusional. This is the real world, who gives af about having slightly higher chances of becoming a model (sorry I'm no 15yo poor siberian girl about to be sold to sex trafficking) when it means having a shit social life in exchange?
As a child I was never allowed to be a typical kid, I was always held to much higher standards than others because everybody assumed I'm much older, as a teen I got bullied and starved myself to appear smaller while other girls started getting boyfriends and now as an adult I still! get rude comments. And it's not like men respect me more either, on the contrary, they might treat a smaller woman better because they thinks she's cute, no need to be nice to somebody you find disgusting.

>I’m 5’10 and muscular. If I lose weight you can see my bones and I look like a manly Gollum.
Same, gain weight and look like a massive monster, lose weight and look bony and manish as hell.

It's not just general height, it's everything. Your hands, your feet, your head, even your knee caps, everything is different, bigger and uglier than of a woman of average height, there are like a billion tiny things that keep making me self conscious that I wouldn't even have to think about if I was normal.

No. 558211

>shit social life
>got bullied
kek anon, it was never really about your height

No. 558213

>giant baby
Hm what could they have meant by saying that…(don't post about yourself in third person)

No. 558214

File: 1590392903003.gif (406.55 KB, 498x474, tenor (2).gif)

you said it yourself anon, third one down

No. 558215

The world is shitty and shallow and it has rubbed off on you. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll grow up and accept yourself and find a way to exist in this world as yourself. You have no choice. You're the delusional one. Stop trying to be someone else. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Other people's opinions WILL stop hurting if you do the work.

No. 558217

File: 1590393579813.gif (559.03 KB, 236x179, b23e552dc8c860417587f7106f7796…)

>It's not just general height, it's everything. Your hands, your feet, your head, even your knee caps, everything is different, bigger and uglier than of a woman of average height
Anon my sides

No. 558237

Same except 5'2 and 115 lbs. I feel like a gnome most of the time. Trying to get over my fear of gaining weight and make booty gains

No. 558243

i stare at cute guys irl so much, they probably notice too. i'm an awful creep or i feel like one

No. 558244

People can get bullied over anything though. Even average sized women get called mannish if their boobs aren't big enough/have wide shoulders/a wide jaw/waist etc.

No. 558246

What makes a person write that they are going to kill themselves? When I kill myself I have this strong urge for attention for some reason?

I won't see any responses to this by tomorrow.

No. 558255

it's a terrifying thought that is distressing. when you feel distressed, you usually talk about it. don't pretend like you haven't done it yourself anon, come on now

No. 558257

And others don't get bullied at all, even if they have unattractive traits. I definitely remember some 'popular girls' from school who were tall, broad or chubby but fun and likeable so nobody was mean to them, and they certainly got boyfriends.

imo personality and bad luck is what gets you bullied, mostly if you're quiet or awkward or weird and happen to be around particularly nasty people. Appearance is just low hanging fruit when it comes to insults.

No. 558260

You usually don't want to/can't talk about it elsewhere and you just want to let it out/for someone to know even if its in anon

No. 558261

If it’s really out of control, ie negatively impacting your life then yeah it’s time to look for therapy or self train yourself to snap out of it?

I usually keep it in check by “allowing myself” to zone out in places like the bus, shower, walking somewhere, cleaning around or right before going to sleep.

I usually have dumb scenarios going on and “scenes” that I like to elaborate on and replay in my head until they’re perfect. I also often do that with my exes until a new obsession arises. Which is kinda funny because it actually helps me stop thinking about them (by replacing them with someone else kek) but since it’s not rare for some of them to message me out of the blue, I wonder if they do the same thing.

No. 558265

Feeling suicidal doesn't mean you're actually going to kill yourself, it means you're at the limit and you need a change or help quickly or you can't function properly.

No. 558269

I also have maladaptive fantasies, but they're of becoming extremely rich and randomly running into everyone who has hurt me and flaunting my success as I blow them off.

No. 558295

I'v homewrecked at least 3 families by slutting around

No. 558297

Some of my classmates (boys) acted like I was ugly and weird only because I had short hair and resting bitch face. Also probably because I looked older, not sure about it though. At the same time I was getting a lot of positive attention from other men, in their 20's and older (that's why I think that maybe I really didn't look like a teen). Surely there were other reasons why some of my classmates didn't like me - I was introverted, listened to 'weird music', and so on. But the thing is, I wasn't ugly at all.

Bullies at school are mostly conformists and would always look at you through the prism of current beauty standards in their most primitive form. I was in high school around the end of 00's. The most popular girls were glamorous tanning salon habitues with dyed blond hair.
Sometimes it's not even about standards, an insecure person will taunt you just about anything that makes you stand out in any way to feel better about themselves.
Sometimes it's being done because their own self-esteem is threatened by something that you have and they don't. For example, you're smarter or more individualistic. They realize that they won't really accomplish anything after school and it makes them jealous of someone who most probably will.

TL;DR school sucks, bullies are losers

No. 558302

Not meant to be race-bait but I honestly don't care if I'm an affirmative action success at this point. I would feel terrible about it when Asian or White people talked about how it gave me an advantage in applications.

I finally just learned that to some people I'm always going an affirmative action hire or student, so I might as well prove that I deserve to be where I got regardless.

Legit some guy in highschool implied I would get into my choice college only because I was Latino and a woman.

I think affirmative action can be unfair and I acknowledge that, but when I'm assumed to be only that it's hard for me to give a fuck.

No. 558304

>Legit some guy in highschool implied I would get into my choice college only because I was Latino and a woman.

That's disgusting of him, the next time someone speaks to you should reel off the disparity in education that you would have received just a few decades ago or even the solve rate of murders of Latino women in recent history. So what if the odds are in your favor in college applications? Thousands of women before you lived an incredibly unjust reality, the world owes it to make up for that.
I'm really angry for you anon. It's inspiring that you're dedicated to becoming a good student to show these awful people that you deserve your place, but rich kids whose parents buy their way into college don't make that effort, so don't put too much pressure on yourself for the benefit of others.

No. 558310

This is gross but back in my freshman year of college my first ever bf gave me chlamydia because he cheated and after we broke up I unknowingly gave it to my best friend and he's kind of a slut so it spread around and within a month it was such a big deal the school was organizing std seminars lol

No. 558324

I also do this but with fictional characters, lol. It's been a coping method for me when I go through tough times since I was a kid I and didn't even stop once I got a boyfriend. I used to waste entire days dedicated to my daydreams. These days, it's a little easier to keep in check but it feels really comforting to have my own world to come back to anytime.

No. 558329

> I'm not even aware I'm doing it until hours have past and I realized I didn't even finish one episode out of an entire season I planned on finishing by the end of the day
Nta but same! I watch youtube vids and zone out so much that I can't remember anything from the vids. Weirdly enough Joji has been one of my daydream crushes too in the last few months. No idea why I'm even into him.

No. 558375

regardless of how you or anyone feels about affirmative action, he fact is that it exists and you would be a fool not to take advantage of it.
just work hard and don't doubt yourself.

No. 558376

File: 1590429055484.jpeg (7.57 KB, 192x192, pensivewario.jpeg)

i think i have fuckboy tendencies (due to my attachment/mommy issues). i stay away from romantic relationships because they give me anxiety, but i always end up in some sort of weird gray zone with guys…

>i meet guy/guy dms me

>we start chatting (online)
>both are attracted to each other
>are friendly but eventually start flirting
>develop some sort of emotional relationship
>i lose interest
>guy gets needy
>we fall out

it has become a pattern and while i try to avoid it, it seems to happen somewhat regularly. maybe a side of me seeks it out to feel fulfilled somehow?

therapy is helping a bit, but it's so hard for me to develop deep & strong bonds with people i like, especially if i like them romantically. at some point i find some kind of a flaw and lose all interest and feelings i had for them. it's terrible, because i genuinely stop giving a fuck about them and their feelings.

i know it's a defence mechanism but i feel like i should feel bad for treating people this way, but i don't. this happens with friends too, i push people away, stop caring about them and move on.

No. 558393

I have this bad habit of picking my lips until they're seriously throbbing from the pain and bleeding and biting my nails ever since I was a kid. Tried growing them out so many times but it never works. At least they're not bitten down to the core where there is no proper nail anymore

No. 558405

same anon kek. I like the chase, as soon as I know he is into me I loose interest n drop him. Basically all my sexual attraction goes to 0 once we are fucking lmao

No. 558407

My period was late so I ended up taking a pregnancy test this morning and it came back negative and I started my period too. I know I should be glad since I'm only 20, single and don't really have the money or space for a baby. I'm thankful that I'm not, but part of me can't help but be disappointed. I want nothing more than to have a baby.
I've helped my sister take care of her kids since they were born and I want that for myself one day

No. 558416

What strangers are you sleeping with during COVID? Yikes.

No. 558421

nta but we all have our needs

No. 558425


that's not really an excuse to break quarantine tho lol

No. 558427

Not a stranger, long time fwb
Just because you're single doesn't mean the only people you're sleeping with are strangers/people that you hardly know.

The area I'm at is already opened back up and never had a mandatory lockdown. You can even go in to restaurants and eat.

No. 558433

File: 1590440063642.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, 1517329818296.png)

I recently thought about the value of life and how could things like Holocaust happen. Then I pondered how much should I be paid for me to kill a random person in the world Death Note style. I came up with an answer, 4 000€. Then I thought to myself, "What if instead of 1 random person I'd kill 60 000 000. If I put 60 million to death I could get away with something like 0.1€ per life.

Killing someone for a mere ten cents is just cruel but six million dollars would really change my life. Does it really matter if I kill ten or twenty? I'd feel just as bad for one as I'd do for sixty million.
>But what if you waste it, can imagine the guilt?
That's no reason to let an opportunity pass by.

I can't be the only one who thinks like this? It might seem psychopathic but I'm quite sane. It's just a hypothetical question

No. 558435

The point still stands that your fwb could be going out and fucking anybody, you have no idea what he's got and under normal circumstances you'd still have to worry about STDs and unwanted pregnancies. You're being a fool.

No. 558437

go back to the fds thread with this shit pls

No. 558440

i constantly tease my male friends and then indulge in sexual fantasies including them

No. 558443

god me i get off to bullying male friends so badly

No. 558444

Lmao you sound like a prudish sex ed teacher
Adults have casual sex. You dont have to be in love with someone to have sex with them sometimes you just want to get off

No. 558448

are you 12? anon is saying that fwb is somewhat dangerous normally because you have to be more trusting of the other person than in a relationship.

No. 558450

Clearly you suck at casual sex of you're worried that you're pregnant. I am NOT a prude btw, you just sound like a stupid girl who's going to fuck up her life and bring down an innocent baby into your downward spiral.

No. 558452

I got really into pink pill feminism right before my baby girl was born and it's made me feel guilty AF for bringing her into the world because idk how to protect her from moids

No. 558455

>you suck at casual sex if you're worried that you're pregnant
Lmao, what? You know the only way to guaranteed not to get pregnant is abstinence. No form of contraception is %100, both condoms and birth control fail sometimes. And if you're having sex with the same person, there's a chance you might not use a condom every time, even if it is slightly reckless.
But yes, me having sex with a fwb is me going in a downward spiral.

No. 558458

There IS a form of contraception better than tubal ligation, the arm implant, and I'd highly recommend it if you're gonna fuck around during covid. Because whatever you're using is clearly so ineffectual that you're getting scares. Stop trying to justify your retardation.

No. 558465

go back to fds seriously! some of us live in the real world we go out and get fucked! lmao

No. 558467

Wow, sure showed me! Clearly I recommend strong birth control cause I have no experience fucking whatsoever! #gotem

No. 558470

the hashtag…

No. 558477

The chuuni is strong here

No. 558479

>the joke
>your head

No. 558481

alright anon no need to take your birth control mood swings out on me

No. 558487

sheesh, that baby fever is making you passive aggressive as all hell.

No. 558489

>not being infertile

No. 558505

I'm not a chuuni, I'm serious.

No. 558520

That applies for literally any sexual relationship ever anon. You never know who is cheating and who's not. I'm against FWB but that's a stupid justification. A real reason why anons shouldn't have fuck buddies is because it makes men try less, a lot of dudes with FWB are lazy, slightly misogynistic and think they're too good to put any work in for a relationship even though they live in shitty apartments and work at retail and it's why so many men treat women awfully and expect women to be mommy sex slaves

No. 558530

I feel so bad for saying this but I haven't missed seeing anyone, including close family, during quarantine, tbh I was hoping it was going to last longer. Am I broken? I'm just going through the motions saying I miss people but I really don't. It's not that I don't care, I message to check that they're all ok everyday, i'm not a monster.

No. 558575

Ah! Same but with several people at once. I just want to be able to sleep or hang with them once in a while with no attachement (I know it’s not ideal for them, sure) but they tend to develop feelings and get in their head that we’re going for a committed relationship.

I don’t know, should I just say straight up to someone new “Look, don’t take it seriously with me”? Because sometimes I do fall in love and then accept a committed relationship, where I don’t fuck around. I actually have never cheated in my life. I just feel like it’s in bad form to talk about the other people you’re seeing even if you’re in a fwb relationship.

I also tend to get bored of things and people real fast unless I fall in love. And in my experience, when I don’t give them a lot of attention like not texting them for several days, it just makes them needier? I legit had one person told me once that what they liked about me was the chase.

No. 558624

Might be a sign that I shouldn't procreate, but I am really scared of having a kid with any type of mental or physical disability. Like if my kid turned out autistic or had down syndrome I would literally lose my shit. I have a lot of that in my immediate and extended family and although I love all of the people in my life who has some abnormality, I couldn't handle raising a kid with one.

No. 558628

I saw a pic of an actor I find way too attractive for my own good when I was drunk, where he was straddling his legs… and now I can't get the photo out of my mind. Why am I like this eugh

No. 558650

I live in an apartment building. Someone above me smokes, and sometimes they drop their cigarrette butts. They occasionally fall onto my balcony and very rarely there's one a few drags left, so I'll smoke the rest. I've never been a smoker and my bf is highly against smoking so it's a secret guilty pleasure. Obviously pathetic and gross, but this is the confessions thread after all.

No. 558659

well now I wanna know who and what photo

No. 558664

get some help. seek therapy. this is actually a mental problem.

No. 558668

ever since i started wearing braces, got them taken out and now have retainers. teeth has been a part of my attraction to someone, idc if he's handsome or she's pretty, the moment they open their mouth and see crooked teeth, rotten teeth, large gums, or really yellow teeth i immediately get turned off. i know not everyone can afford dental but at least take care of it, brush your teeth, floss or use mouthwash.

there was an incident that made me put teeth in my criteria. when a classmate talked for a few seconds with my group and left. his breath really bothered the heck out of everyone. His breath smells like an actual sewer, it also suck since some of his teeth were rotten, with cavities.

it's also frustrating to watch a baby sleeping while the nipple of the bottle they were drinking still on their mouth, since, to me, that's a first sign of dental neglect from the parents. fortunately, my mom doesn't do that to me but i end up having two of my baby tooth taken out at a young age due to my large intakes of sweet.

No. 558693

Enjoy covid anon.

No. 558695

sorry anon that's me

No. 558696

samefag but i was stuck for fags for like honestly a month during quarantine and i did the same. just dont suck from the filter that's gross but if you gut a few half-finished cigs and make it into a rollie i don't see how you'd get covid-19

No. 558702

A former best friend cut me off by ghosting without any explanation. They then preemptively dmed our mutual friends to tell them that they have to contact them outside of the circle (then passively air out how much they hate me). Some of them later cut me off to support my friend, but a good chunk of them are disgusted by him. The ones who are friends with both of us still are confused. Hes willing to talk about why but Im still in the dark about what happen.

Apparently, my former friend doesn't have a lot of friends now and is severely depressed. I used to care so much about them and was a wreck during all of this. But… This is fucked up of me to say but I cant help but feel like karma hit him off his ass. If you dont want to be friends with me, that's fine. But ghosting me then going behind my back to talk about how much you hate me, it's pathetic.

No. 558729

agree as well, i don't believe she would have an audience if she was actually ugly

No. 558735

Tons of ugly people have audiences you retard.

No. 558738

I dont like my bf anymore at all. He repulses me so badly and I can't find any good qualities about him anymore. Im only staying so that the damage will be bigger

No. 558739

Not when you're a woman who's trying to amass a simp army.

No. 558740

Sorry but simps aren't turbo Chads who are all that picky when it comes to looks, all they require is a self-hating woman who makes them feel good about hating other women as a baseline.
If you want to compliment Venti then just out with it, no need to create a false world around your feelings about her.

No. 558771

I don't think you're wrong for feeling that way, people have different needs for socialisation and you might just be someone who prefers being alone. You are still getting news from them, if everybody's fine, there's no need to worry.
Tbh, I'm the same, I greatly enjoy solitude, I spent quarantine with my folks but I know I would not have minded being alone for two months.

No. 558797


or you could not be morally repulsive and just end things now so you can avoid wasting seconds of someone else's limited time on this planet?

No. 558799

>morally repulsive
anon come on, she liked him once upon a time, it's hard to break up w someone especially in the middle of quarantine

No. 558808

>Im only staying so that the damage will be bigger

No. 558810

kek it's still not morally repulsive. who cares?

No. 558824


she provided no context for why she's breaking up with him other than her not liking him and him repulsing her badly. if it's that bad to where she can't find any good qualities in him, not only is she wasting her time, but she's being morally repugnant by purposefully wasting this guys time and stringing him along for a relationship with someone she is only staying with to purposefully hurt.

"who cares"
people with a basic moral compass. clearly you lack one. good luck in life with that

No. 558825

>turbo Chads
Kek that one hit me anon

No. 558826

he's a man anon

No. 558849

File: 1590513330223.png (292.18 KB, 450x652, simp.png)

But seriously her simps look like pic related. All unaccomplished losers from 4chan just like her.

No. 558889

I swear to god I'm not male and I hate myself for being fucking gross but I went to check Venus's thread out because it was discussed in another thread and legitimately found her onlyfans pics hot. Tfw no cute weeb e-thot gf

No. 558891

>i swear to god i'm not male
it's cool anon, this board legit accuses every dyke of being male just because they're expressing attraction to a woman and it's kind of hilarious

No. 558894

No they don't.

No. 558895

yeah they do anon. every time you say a girl is sexy you get a veiled if not outright hi scrote. they think anything outside of s-she's so priddy and sofd uwu must be a moid.

No. 558914


you're not wrong lmao


where have you been? this has happened on multiple threads in just the past week lol

No. 558922

File: 1590521611700.jpg (12.37 KB, 212x275, 1547239338496.jpg)

I have no social media so it would be impossible to be one, but sometimes I want to be a cow (under a pseudonym lol) Not for the attention, but because sometimes lolcow is a personal trainer, make up guru, stylist, and skincare professional all in one go. Like as shitty as it would be to be ~boolied~ I'm aghast at how many cows get extreamly good advice and never follow it. Fuck, I wish I had a large amount of people deeply analyzing me and telling me what eyebrow shape is best for my face, what my body shape is and what styles of clothing would suit it best, how to lose weight without going to the gym, what hair color I look best with, what undertones in my skin, what eyeliner style is best for my eyeshape etc etc.

No. 558923

sometimes i want to be a cow so i could find more people like me, there's a specific brand of weird girl that can only be found on the outskirts of tumblr and lolcow and i'd like to feel more understood like how luna has her wks

No. 558937

same tbh

No. 558938

What'd he do? You're not wrong but I'm curious.

No. 558945

Same. I know exactly what kind of girl you're talking about. I feel like most of them probably browse here.

No. 558977

the first time i masturbated, i thought i invented it lol

No. 558979

this gave me a good hearty kek anon, brilliant stuff

No. 558981


What kind of person?

No. 558986

Love it. The first time I orgasmed I thought I was having a spiritual experience, no joke.

No. 558987

No. 558989

man the first time i orgasmed it was so weak i was mad i felt so cheated but it has only gotten better

also anyone else only able to cum on their own? a guy could be doing everything perfect but i just can't bring myself to do it in front of someone else like it feels too private

No. 559001

i remember masturbating knowing absolutely nothing about sex or genitals and just thinking about the person i liked

No. 559005

I'm jealous lol wish my first experience was so wholesome and exciting.
Instead it was a damn journey. I tried multiple times and I just couldn't experience the out of body experience google was describing to me. The fake possessed demon porn "demonstrations" didn't help.
One afternoon, I sat down and decided that, bitch, I am gonna unlock this achievement TODAY. I wasn't even horny. A hour and a very sore hand later, I did it. Then it was like learning to ride a bike.
>also anyone else only able to cum on their own?
Only most women I think. It's hard to completely be IN yourself when someone else is present.

No. 559017

So you're retarded enough to make thirsty comments in the gossip boards?

No. 559040

I have screenshot proof of my ex admitted not only to having emotionally abused me for the entirety of our relationship, but that he also intentionally seeks out women with "daddy issues" who have self-esteem/abandonment issues, because he gets off on controlling and abusing them, and adding to their trauma.

We share a lot of the same friends and the only reason I've never shown it to any of them is that I don't want to be accused of starting drama. My ex and I aren't in contact anymore, but what he did to me was so disgusting and unjustified that I'm still dealing with the effects of it years after the fact. It pisses me off that he's able to just keep going on with his life and having this huge circle of friends without consequence. I still oscillate between wanting to make him suffer and just wanting not to think about him ever again for the rest of my life.

I also worry that he has fuel to retaliate against me with if I ever tried this, too. I said a lot of terrible things to him towards the end of things because I was so fed up with him treating me like shit. I think I was justified in my anger during these exchanges, but taken out of context, it might make me look like the abuser rather than him.

No. 559104

when i was 10-12 i used to pick up butts off the ground to smoke lol. gross

No. 559196


what're you referring to??

No. 559332

I'm envious of those Sims 4 mod creators who literally earn around $8.000 a month by just simply creating mods and animations where the 3D characters are having sex

No. 559336

He believes that he's a very talented and valuable person, when in reality he's lazy, can't manage his money and has bad work ethic. He's also childish and an overshared, which sucks because he's not interesting at all. And sex to him lasts at best three minutes. I could go on, but I won't. Im dating a 12 year old who refuses to work on himself or his life and expects everything to fall into his lap. Thanks for asking, though.

No. 559361

Instead of biting my nails, I've been biting the skin on my fingers and I havent been able to stop since I was 12. I also rip at it with my nails. It seems like a form of my anxiety but when I'm really stressed, my fingers are all chewed up and bleed a lot. It really hurts at that point but even then I cant stop. I also keep pulling my eyelashes out and I end up having empty patches. Its embarassing but eyeliner usually hides it thankfully. I might have trichotillomania or something like that but I never felt bothered to figure it out. It just feels good to bite or pull when I'm on edge.

No. 559365

I do the nail thing too, always have. But idk how is that a secret when anyone can see the bloody mess on my fingers lol.

No. 559367

I'm going to finally stop after 20 years, I'm really tired of always hiding my hands. It's a severe case so I hope my hands will look as normal as they can be.

No. 559369

even the corn pics?

No. 559428

oh god anon, all that and he can't even slang it? why didn't you dump him if the sex was so awful?

No. 559654

i have a lot of cow traits. being self aware about it doesn't make them go away, but it's slowly improving

No. 559693

me too, i'm a cow saved only by the fact i have an extremely minimal social media presence

No. 559706


same here anon. you're not alone. there's actually a group on facebook for folks who have nail picking problems, so maybe that could be a support network for you? it helped me to not feel so alone and disgusting with how fucked my hands are. I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember (so probably since around the age of 7 or 8). i'm hoping to stop within the next year or so.

it's definitely a part of an anxiety disorder or possibly OCD, but considering you also are pulling out eyelashes, I'd definitely recommend therapy if that's an option for you since it does sound like trich. good luck.

No. 559882

The milk is coming from inside the farms at this point, there's shameful levels of taking bait and infighting and /ot/ is milkier than /pt/ at this point

No. 559893

I’m really in need of money due to some recent events that pretty much left me flat broke and depending on my parents again and i’ve been heavily considering starting to do nsfw art because my regular art barely gets any attention, but I honestly have no idea where to start or where to post it or how to promote it, but i’m very desperate and I feel like i’m missing out on money I could be making.

No. 559895

Maybe try art salt? i'm pretty sure that's an artist general now, i saw them talking about art careers and shit earlier so i'm sure they won't mind if you ask them respectfully over there. good luck anon

No. 559896

What do you expect? many of the people who come here come to dunk here on people that are not really any better than themselves, or atleast they almost headed the same direction as the cow. I would also imagine socialising with scrotes would fuck you in the head as well.

No. 559898

File: 1590635864764.jpg (36.55 KB, 480x480, 1583251933455.jpg)

On the contrary anon, scrotes give you money if you suck their dick which is fun and I like to use the money to buy myself cat ears.

No. 559901

you already used this one b4. are you out of sassy reaction pics, femcel?

No. 559903

Have you not been to snow?

No. 559906

Read the room anon, >>559901 is a samefagging "radfem" femcel who has been derailing every thread for at least an hour

No. 559908

>"radfem" femcel
dude you're the one sperging out in the stupid questions thread because some anon wants to sell her nudes and now you're losing your shit in this thread too. get your shit together m8

No. 559909

Nice samefag terf

No. 559910

are you implying that i'm you? and just report if you think i'm samefagging instead of tinfoiling like a complete retard

No. 559911

It's no big deal, it's just the same radfem/pickme derailing that has been happening on and off ever since the containment thread was removed

No. 559976

I have legitimate nightmares about never finding love in life. Like it makes my stomach churn. I didn't feel like this until I turned 23

No. 559980

same anon, the more I think about my age the more skeptical I feel that I'm ever gonna find love. I'm not kissless but I'm a virgin at almost 24 and I'm mortified. I know I'm not ugly or completely antisocial, so I ponder what the fuck has to be wrong with me to end up like this. I've seen people who are married and have finished college at my age, and I'm a fucking loser who started college late, trying to escape my abusive family's house. Do I even have the time or capacity for love right now? I crave it so fucking bad I assume I have to, but what kind of person could take on my baggage?

No. 559986

i'd look into furaffinity/furry art and see how those commisioners usually operate. have you built a following? definitely try to do more fanart to grow an audience.

No. 559998

I had an incest fetish. It was strong when I was young but now after starving it for years it seems to have almost completely vanished.

No. 560009

AYRT, the thing is furry art is probably the one thing I could never do. I have but on a platform that doesn’t really transfer to other platforms. Like I have somewhat of a following there but the people from there don’t really follow my other socials. I do mostly fan art at the moment and it’s the only thing that gets attention, my original art barely does.

No. 560061

The thought of gaining enough weight to get on My 600lb Life, doing the show, and then keeping the weight off is comforting because I would love for Dr. Now to praise me. I recently learned he has a Cameo account and I just might drop the $$$….

No. 560083

My parents are first cousins and so are my dads parents and I'm really starting to question if that's the reason I'm so fucked up mentally. I always chucked it up to the way I was raised but I actually feel like my brain is chemically doomed.

No. 560085

It's not your fault and I know it's legal but fucking your cousin is just bizarre. Hope you get better anon

No. 560108

not really the same here but my parents are distant relatives and my mom thinks marrying relatives is way better than "finding a stranger and it turns out he's a rapist/junkie/abuser". there are so many fucked up incest things in our family it makes me ashamed lol

No. 560198

If you're looking for a word for it I believe it's dermatillomania. I've had it all my life, I remember starting it in the pram. Mine was really bad and I'd basically remove the ends of my fingers and it spread to my toes/heels but since I was 15 the pressure of needing my fingers for things while keeping it hidden seemed to make it go away. Now my case is very mild but it's flared up again being stuck indoors due to the pandemic, go figure.

No. 560217

My parents had sex exactly right next to me as a kid in broad daylight and it influenced me so much as a kid, I started masturbating when I was in Kindergarten and grew up to be obsessed with porn. I exactly remember still to this day in what position they were and how they looked. We used to be poor and lived in this shitty apartment where everyone slept in the living room. They did it right there, on the floor and I was sitting right next to them. I remember them yelling at me to watch the TV and not look at them doing it, because I was so confused and kept staring.I still have so many questions regarding the matter, why they even choose to do it right next to me in that room and not in another, why they couldn't wait until I was gone or asleep, why they had to do it right there right then with me in the same room? I know they don't think I remember anything because I was a kid but I really fucking do. I remember it so vividly. All of it.

Anyway, I'm still kinda addicted to masturbating and don't really know how to stop, because 1) the sexual urges are always there all the fucking time 2) I'm a virgin and too anxious to hook up with someone 3) my imagination doesn't really work. I don't really like porn either and think it's disgusting from all the stories I read and documentaries I watched about former porn actresses, but I cannot get off without anything else and at least try to look for videos where it seems like the women are "willingly" into it and "enjoying" themselves.

The guilt is really massive and real though. I've cried before because I feel like I'm contributing to rape culture for watching these videos and getting off to them. Sure, in this one video I found it seems like the woman is enjoying herself, but how can I even be sure that it's the truth? That she's not being forced to do this or high off her mind while getting possibly raped/assaulted? I'm such a garbage person for this and a huge hypocrite too, because I claim to dislike porn but I still watch it. I really have an issue.

No. 560220

did you already post this or does this often happen

No. 560223

I was listening to a podcast lately and it was covering the topic of fetishes and how they develop. The psychologist was saying that up until the last hundred/couple hundred years or so it was seen as normal for kids to see parents in the act. It was a mixture of either society deeming it as healthy or large families all living in a one room house. They claimed the rise in fetish and kink interest comes from us not being exposed to 'regular married sex' from a young age. Didn't quite know what to make of that theory but coming from a poor background myself I shared a room with my parents and remember seeing sex. I've never thought much about it.

No. 560231

I posted a lot of things on LC before but I genuinely don't remember ever posting the incident with my parents. If I did, then whoops.

>or does this often happen

I don't understand this part.

I just think it's disgusting to expose your children to something like that. It doesn't matter if it's healthy or helps children explore their kinks/fetishes or whatever, no minor deserves to be exploited in a way like that because two grown ass adults were too horny to hide it and do it sometime later.

I'm curious about the podcast though, could you please link it?

No. 560237

Nta but damn it started early for you. I have the hair pulling version of this, trichotillomania. It started at about ten years old and it's been a daily struggle to fight the compulsion. I heard lately about strong links between sexual abuse and these disorders and I don't even know what to think started it for me. I've also heard about being genetically more likely to have it. My brother had a brief hair pulling habit as a kid but seemed to stop whereas I didn't.

Have you ever looked into what triggered it for you that young?

No. 560243

I feel okay after witnessing my parents as a kid. I was young enough that I'm surprised I remember it but I'm not disturbed by it personally. I sure wouldn't do it but I have the luxury of a separate marital bed, my parents never had that.

No. 560262

>I don't understand this part.
i remember an anon saying this exact part:
>My parents had sex exactly right next to me as a kid in broad daylight and it influenced me so much as a kid, I started masturbating when I was in Kindergarten and grew up to be obsessed with porn.
and i can't believe that it happened to another person as well but i guess i'm just sheltered

No. 560265

Nta but having been here for a long time I've noticed weird increase in the amount of posts about childhood masturbation lately.. don't know what to put that down to or whether I'm reading into it too much

No. 560295

lmaooo sorry I may have been the one to start it though to be fair mine was about how I thought I invented masturbation and almost went out and told my whole family my discovery. Not dark like OP's story

No. 560330

I remember your post and it was funny tbh

Not so much the post from today but some of the darker posts lately that go into detail about childhood abuse seem off to me sometimes. I don't doubt that there are genuine posts too but I have my own experiences and I know it's common to keep the gory details to yourself, you always fear that someone will hear the details and either somehow enjoy it or picture it in thier minds and judge you. Again I could be paranoid, so I guess I'm confesssing to that.

I remember telling my (now ex) husband the actual details of my abuse and it felt so insanely vulnerable to let that info leave the guarded confines of my brain and enter reality. I see posts on here like 'i was sucking dicks at 8 years old' and.. even on an anon board it comes off as nonchalant. I'd never directly question those posts in case they're real so when I see them I usually just wonder to myself.

No. 560331

This is a success story. Good job anon.

No. 560335

I need to do this with my own embarrassing kink. Well done anon! I know that shit takes effort.

No. 560340

Ah, I'm so sorry that 8-year-old anon was me. I was going through an absolute episode and my boyfriend still isn't talking to me. I am an avid oversharer, honestly. I think it is because I used to talk to this one dude, who used to ask me every single detail, I think he just got off to it. So it got kinda normalized in my brain. I am trying not to overshare past year or so. Definitely failing. :/

No. 560341


It really works anon, it has been 4 years since I last watched any sort of pornographic material and I am like, a basic vanilla ass bitch now. I used to like ddlg bs

No. 560342

Not the anon that referenced you but I doubt they're upset you overshared. I think they're implying that outside of your post, there's some weird shit being posted here recently regarding children and sexual undertones and that it seems like people are posting false stories with pedophilic/fetishey (If you could even call it that) intentions.

No. 560362

I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, still watching for what kind stuff gonna crop up the next few weeks. I’ve typed out things I did as kid as like a DAE? but deleted because lurking scrote is likely gonna fap to that.

No. 560363

I've been using nationstates for a while now because of AI-chan

No. 560408

A few years ago I was going through a rough time. I was struggling with my sexuality, my mom had just died and my husband walked out on me. I was grieving and questioning who I am. I was sent for therapy in a place that specifically sees people after suicide attempts and several weeks into therapy I randomly told the therapist that I felt male. This was nearly ten years ago, trans was definitely less of a thing back then and I don't know where the fuck that even came from. In my isolation I ended up watching a lot of ftm youtubers and looking back I became really influenced by one in particular.

It was a vulnerable time and looking back I wish I hadn't found those vids. I got on hormones and off them again within a year so no major damage was done. I've since heard of other detrans women who were specifically influenced by the vids of that same transguy. I came across his vids again today and all he does now is review sex toys. He's super effeminate and so odd looking to me now. It just felt strange to revisit those memories.

No. 560426


kek are you referring to uppercasechase

he's the posterboy for aydens

No. 560433

Yeah I remember the early days of him starting hormones, I'm now down the rabbit hole of finding other ftms I followed and testosterone was cruel to em

No. 560435

I can understand hormones to a certain point, just to get your voice a bit lower/encourage hair growth and I briefly trooned out and have dysphoria so I really do get it but staying on T is a joke. They should get on it for as little time as possible to pass and get off it and take the body fat redistribution that happens when their hormones go back to normal but syringe goes woosh and before they know it they look like their father. Women's bodies are not meant to run on T and it's like labratting yourself. The goal should be to pass without T but that's not always possible

No. 560437

Sounds like a retarded theory to me, as if people havn't had odd fetishes for all of history, it's just now we have the internet to overshare them on, sell porn of them on and build cringy communities about them on.

No. 560439

I mean I agree, 'I don't know what to make of that' is essentially my nice way of saying something is bullshit lol

No. 560455

My mom told me one of the reasons she divorced my dad was because he has a femdom fetish and kept trying to groom her into punishing him…and that it probably stemmed from him being molested by a babysitter when he was a child. I've kept this secret for years because I think it would break his heart if I ever asked him about it, but when we're having arguments I always find myself tempted to really sock it to him with this ammo. I really wish my mom had never told me, it damaged my relationship with my dad there for a while when he was giving me nothing but support and love while going through a divorce and financial troubles.

No. 560457

Kind of fucked up of your mom to even say that to you, nobody wants to hear about what their parents are into. Do you think she said it secretly hoping you'd bring it up to humiliate him - his daughter thinks he's a pervert?

No. 560461

I've confided in a partner about abuse like that and we ended up divorcing later. I might off myself if I ever found out he'd mocked me over it.

No. 560472


you know, to be honest I think she might have. She brought it up after I had an argument with me dad about some feminist topic and I was like "man why does dad seem like he hates women so much?" and then bam, oversharing. Then again, she left my dad for an emotionally abusive/manipulative ex from her younger days who started bringing out the bad side of her in the worst ways (i.e. she started openly mocking overweight people, when she never used to before…my dad was overweight + I was also getting pretty fat from eating my feelings)

No. 560478

I wish I could eat myself out.

No. 560483

I like to relish in the smell of my own farts and after taking a shit.

Everyone else’s ass smells gross to me.

No. 560484

But why is it so shameful tho, idgi? It's your mom who sounds like a bitch in this situation. Also I'd never hurt my dad talking about his past abuse

This is funny

No. 560485

No. 560503

Don't we all?

No. 560514


I agree with all of your points. Two things though: 1.) My mom told me she was not willing to do so but he repeatedly persisted in trying to upset her through some genuinely bad tactics to get her to "hurt" him. and 2.) my dad has some really bizarre social anxieties + outrage at certain feminist topics that I have to fight a mean reflex to ask "oh, is this because you were molested by a woman?" I fucking haaaaaaaaaate knowing it and I'm more worried about someday making my dad sad tbh.

No. 560516

Ur the kinda friend I’d fart on

No. 560522

>thinking terf is a valid insult on lolcow


No. 560525

I'm the anon, you're here like a day after the fact, it was a femcelish pseudoradfem who was shitting up multiple threads and "terf" is equiv of them using "pickme" for any woman who isn't a pp sperg

No. 560529

You're the anon who's calling sw pick-mes but you're also calling them TERFs? How did you become this way?

No. 560533

oh sorry didn't know it wasn't allowed to respond to a post made 23 hours ago

No. 560534

What? Where in my post did i say i referred to any woman as a pickme? I'm gencrit, I just said "terf" to rile up a genuinely autistic radfem who derailed completely unrelated post in stupid questions

No. 560535

Did you make this post? >>559898

No. 560537

No, there were multiple anons responding at the time

No. 560538

So you're an anti-radfem infighting with one of yours? It's nice to see you eat your own

No. 560540

Again, what the hell are you talking about? "One of yours"? What am I? I have a feeling you're tinfoiling about some other post being mine/not reading obvious sarcasm or just retarded at this point. I'm not going to outline my politics to you or why I made the posts I did. If you have a problem with them, feel free to report them but the ridiculous grasping for a gotcha thing has to stop.

No. 560541

It was a nice try, anon, I'll give you that.

No. 560542

Love that the Great Bait Debate is still going on. Will the femcels™ and radfems™ just agree to disagree because most people regardless of opinion are tired of seeing you guys fling the exact same arguments at each other over and over.(instigating)

No. 560543

File: 1590722488430.png (27.9 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Circle_-_black_simple.s…)

Anon here's a venn diagram of femcels and radfems
It's funny, people are just bored in quarantine, I don't think anyone seriously cares at this point and if they do then they deserve to be baited

No. 560545

>Will the femcels™ and radfems™ just agree to disagree
Aren't they the same thing

No. 560547

Yeah i get how if you don't find it entertaining it must be incredibly annoying since it's unavoidable, it's the same people all the time but tbh with farmhands going walkabout at the minute I'd prefer a "call is coming from inside the house" situation as opposed to a genuine raid

No. 560549

I kekd. I meant to say radfems/femcels & pickmes
I get boredom but, damn, if it isn't leaking into literally every single thread.

No. 560550

File: 1590722879843.png (240.45 KB, 500x379, dale sigh.png)

>Implying that the only reason women are feminists is because they don't get enough cock

No. 560553

That's exactly what I, a lesbian, am saying. Nobody would rag on you here if you didn't deliberately misinterpret literally every single post in order to victimise yourselves. Hilarious how you whine about men hating women (which they do but ruminating on it so much will tank your mental health) but go on to hate women as well

No. 560842

I've been snitching on a coworker whenever he takes too long at his lunch break, when he makes a mistake, when he takes an impromptu pause, when he doesn't follow the planning… I usually never do that, but everybody hates this guy as he is fucking dumb, he makes a mess constantly and he never does what he is asked to do, plus he is a creep. I feel like my coworkers are way too permissive with him, I have zero guilt when snitching to the managers. I hope he gets fired someday in the near future.

No. 560844

I'm proud of you for this, keep it up. Creeps deserve harder lives and I love seeing people follow the rules

No. 560850

i want radfem/non radfem talk off my damn thread you stupid hoes

anyway, i stole my friends ds games as a kid and when i was about to get caught, i flushed down the cartridges in the toilet and i regret nothing

No. 560851

Every time I hang out with a friend, I go home extremely depressed and I don't know why.

No. 560874

Holy fuck anon, same.
I hung out with friends a grand total of two times last year and I felt awful both times.
Maybe it is the low after the high.

No. 560880


In the same boat as you, anon. I have a good number of friends who I love dearly and yet no amount of socializing seems to fill the void. I'm a BPDfag so that probably explains some of it. These days, I only feel alive when I'm around other people I care about.

No. 560889

File: 1590781632812.jpg (56.01 KB, 500x500, filename.jpg)

Perhaps your friends complain nonstop about their problems to you, bitches how shitty their parents and childhood was and you're just soaking it all up like some free therapist? If so then get better friends.

No. 560896

That's definitely part of it (They don't seem to care about my problems and I feel like I'm always fixing theirs) but I think it's also because I feel like I put more effort into conversations and conversations come up that make me question myself and where I"m at in life. Like they'll complain about something and I'll think "Wow I wish I had that problem". At the end of the day I have a lot of fun , but I think it's the "reflection period" on the drive home that makes me look at everything negatively. Even after writing all that out I feel like there's more to it but I can't articulate it.

No. 560995

As autistic as this sounds, I love Billie Eilish's music.

No. 561005

She is literally one of the most popular musicians on earth at the moment, enjoying her music is not autistic but thinking there's a problem with that is

No. 561013

I have so much anger and resentment towards my sister for being weird. She's always been extremely fucking weird and off and can't even make proper eye contact or hold a conversation. My whole life she couldn't sense sarcasm or take a joke and won't get super sensitive super fast and would tell on me all the time. If relatives cracked a joke she would literally cry in front of them and they would ask me what they did wrong and I'll have to apologize on her behalf, that would be at the age of like 16. She always gets a million and one excuses from my family and whenever she would be overly emotional on a certain day people for some reason used to think I did something mean to her when in reality I would literally be nice to her or I wouldn't have even been anywhere near her during that incident. I eventually got sick of being the villain for no reason.She's never been someone I can bond with and it's formed itself into extreme anger towards her and annoyance of every little normal thing she does. I will yell at her for making too much noise in the kitchen at this point because .. I don't know why. She was tested for autism when she was younger and was told there's nothing wrong with her. I fucking hate being around her and I hate myself for feeling this way..

No. 561018

>I will yell at her for making too much noise in the kitchen at this point because .. I don't know why.
kek you're turning into your sister

No. 561022

I'm the sister. Nothing makes sense and it feels like I always get everything wrong. I have a very hard time understanding what's happening and it seems like an excuse to not fess up for my behavior but it's the truth. This terrible feeling of not being able to connect with anyone makes me miserable. I was tested for autism late in life and I was told that I did show signs when I was young but that it's "not relevant" now and there's "nothing they can do". If I were male, they'd try to help me more. That's the best way I can describe it. She's really not doing this to hurt anyone. She is autistic, anon

No. 561023

Your sister is exactly like my brother. I have given up on him a long time ago.

No. 561026

It does sound like ASD, it's under diagnosed in girls since being shy and quiet is more socially acceptable and girls are usually exposed to more complex peer socialising younger.

No. 561028

I kinda know how you feel. I have a sister who plays the victim a lot and acts awkward/cranky around other people and it drives me nuts. She's just introverted with low self esteem and has convinced herself that nobody likes her because of that, so she doesn't really try to connect with people. I get really exhausted having to tell her over and over again that nobody is against her, and that SHE is the one actually pushing people away.

Your sister sounds like she may actually be on the spectrum though. I think you/your family should encourage her to seek a second opinion. I'm no expert on autism, but to my understanding, it often goes undiagnosed in women. It sounds like not getting a proper diagnosis has become a burden on all of you.

No. 561032

Sorry. I left it out because it seemed irrelevant considering this is a confession thread, but I still care and love her and have actively tried to help her and stop myself from feeling this way. She doesn't know I feel this way either if that helps. There are a lot of things our family/I have gone through that have just made not having a sister who I can be close to that much more frustrating. The thing is, I really don't think she's autistic. I work with autistic kids both high functioning and low functioning and nothing of what they do parallels her behavior, and I think that's why her behavior is so much more annoying because nothing points to her having an actual issue that deserves compassion, patience (though I should give it anyway).I just think she's extremely sensitive and anti-social, that or some other similar disorderlike high functioning aspergers.

No. 561038

that's okay, anon. i was worried that it was really one-sided and i'm happy to hear about your work! it can be very frustrating to hear about behaviour parallels and things like that, because it feels like (for me personally) i get all of the downsides of being somewhere on the spectrum as in people pick me up on it a lot and it feels terrible but professionally, i don't tick a lot of boxes and i'd hate to think your sister is stuck in that terrible gray area where you're not quite right and are slipping through nets all the time. she does seem sensitive and that seems to be the best way to describe it. i'm sorry you felt alone when you shouldn't have.

No. 561057

I see some of us are talking about shitty friends. I am dealing with a bit of this. Once coronavirus hit and everyone was getting extra cranky from quarantine my last straw broke with a friend group I have… they’re so negative and cynical about everything all the time. I used to vent with them just because, but I can’t be assed to do that anymore and have been pulling away. Some of them have said they miss me and ask what’s up, I tell them that I can’t really handle socializing right now but the truth is that I just don’t want to socialize with THEM. I’m hanging out with more positive people who don’t stress me out.

I think I’m gonna pull away entirely. I feel better NOT talking to them though I’m still feeling guilt since I’ve known most of them for a long time. And it’s not like I didn’t participate in constant bitching and venting as well. I’m just tired of it.

No. 561060

sometimes it takes adverse times like this to finally rip the bandaid from an already bad friendship. if you have outgrown them, you have outgrown them. don't be petty and childish and gloat about cutting them off but if they're unpleasant to be around, you leave, regardless of sunk cost fallacy of you having been friends for so many years

No. 561061

I weigh 280lbs and I know I should lose weight but I'm ugly as fuck and tall yet still dumpy af looking, I know I'll never be attractive so I don't see the point of losing weight

No. 561064

Yeah, I would never do that. It’s actually more sad than anything to me. Because I still do care about them as people, we’ve had great times together. But I just can’t handle it right now and being away from them has made me realize exactly what you said. We have outgrown each other.

I recently read some quote like, “it’s more difficult to walk away from the idealized past than the current reality” as far as relationships go. I think that’s why I feel guilty. Like I’m abandoning them because I’m going to purposely pull back. But I have to be honest with myself.

No. 561071

Do it for yourself. Even if you don't care about the weight loss aspect, eating a healthy diet and exercising will make you feel so much better.

No. 561073

seconded, it's like quitting smoking, you can continue smoking for the rest of your life because you don't care and nobody's really going to tell you to stop but you need to realise yourself that the longer you stay like this, the worse it is for your health. no moral judgement at all anon, but it'll be easier to shift the weight now and the longer you stay like this the harder it will be to get out and you will not want to be like this forever

No. 561080

ADHD can also make people more sensitive. But whatever the case is, even people who are "high-functioning" need support. Does she see a counselor?

>She's never been someone I can bond with

I'm sorry that your sister can't understand you. Please remember that you aren't responsible for her emotions, and not all siblings are super close. It sounds like your family babies her and your frustrations (understandable) partly lie with them.

>it's formed itself into extreme anger towards her and annoyance of every little normal thing she does.

This is unhealthy and feeling ambivalent towards family is exhausting. I hope you enforce the boundaries you need.

No. 561092

sometimes i find myself admiring some of the qualities of the cows on here

yeah they're lolcows & bad people but some of them show surprising creativity or confidence or an interesting style. i think bc I see myself as a really boring and uncreative person i can admire that they're putting themselves out there, even though mostly it just ends up as cringy. i wish i had that kind of confidence

No. 561108

Me too and i suspect it's the same for others but we don't say it

No. 561133

Chiming in to agree. I don't post that often because I can't really talk too much shit

No. 561134

Kek, I post frequently and am often hypocritical. We're anon after all

No. 561137

File: 1590810448326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.48 KB, 640x360, 1f9396e73a9db7c9af51b72b8400aa…)

Somewhat with you anon. I'm short and weigh 250, I was almost 270 a few months ago but I got super spooked and decided to change up my diet, covid's been helping to reduce my temptation to go out and buy food and I'm more conscious about my stress levels and drinking calories. I'm changing for myself like other anons mentioned only because I don't want to risk developing major health conditions in my 30s, but I will always have a deformed body without extreme plastic surgery.
Pic related is the procedure I would have to get, since I had hormonal weight gain in my lower abdomen. I have a giant pannus/fupa. Even if I managed to deflate the pannus the extra fat cells and skin will always remain.
Five years ago I went from 240 down to 150 and all it did to the pannus was make it less saggy. Tbh it took everything in me from overexercising to starving and I remember hating myself so fucking much. I dunno if I have that self-hate fire in me anymore to force it to work, which is probably why it didn't last.

Not only would I need the work on my abdomen, but also the bingo wings on my upper arms which look massive. I joke with my friends that I'd be a 'flying squirrel' if I ever lost the weight cause of all the excess skin. I'll probably pursue plastic surgery once I get past childbearing age. Granted I could get a non-loser male to see past my uggo body to start a family with me lelelelel. It's really depressing, I've had this pannus belly ever since I was 12, I only remember a few brief years in my childhood when I was normal and not worrying about weight issues.

No. 561141

About once a week or sometimes more i purposely over eat till I throw up. I don’t know why I do it, I don’t really think I have an eating disorder outside of this I eat normally and maintain a normal weight. I’ve been doing this for a while now and see it as a sort of ritual. I just buy too much fast food and stuff my face till I throw up.

No. 561142

Interesting, anon. Is it the feeling of "purging" i hate that term but getting everything out after being so full? Almost like you're cleansing yourself? Also, how much do you have to eat to be sick? I can eat so fucking much and have never felt sick and I thought it was a meme.

No. 561147

That could be it maybe. I never really tried to explain it, it just happened one night and i kept doing it. To be very specific the one that really does it is any mcdonald’s combo w any iced coffee drink or milkshake. Generally I only do it with junk food and not normal food so wouldn’t know if the amount changes depending.

No. 561152

Deep down I can relate to fakebois, but the difference is that I don't want to be a male, or human for the most part? I want to be a drawing and not exist in human form. Lmfao. I wonder if anyone relates

No. 561154

Wow anon I relate to this so much, I literally would do anything to not exist in the real world or just this plane of existence.

No. 561158

I'm going to a protest tomorrow. I don't think it'll turn violent but I've heard multiple police departments in my state have already used tear gas. I do want to go out of morbid curiosity (never been to a large protest) but mainly because I find the circumstances of what's going on right now to be disgusting. Luckily I'm going with ppl who've been to protests before and I have multiple guides as to what to do if gassed

No. 561160

I'm sure you know what to do, cover the face, nothing identifiable but tbh if you're not black they're not going to try and hurt you specifically.

No. 561167

yeah I'm white but someone in my group (small 3-4 people) is black so I'm hoping they'll be ok too

No. 561168

Good luck and stay safe!

No. 561194

Best of luck anon! Please stay safe like other anons have mentioned protect your face and also bring water in case of tear gas or mace. The situation right now is very scary but it was bound to happen.

No. 561235

At first I thought I was becoming asexual but now I'm realizing I might be a ephebophile. I only get those feelings of love and attraction when I look at attractive guys who are teens/young adults or older guys who look in that age group. Its gross but that's just how I'm feeling and I'm learning to cope with it by not being in denial.

No. 561264

I mean as long as your aware your a pedo and don't act on you actions, you don't have to cope. You still have a chance at being normal. Maybe once lockdown is over, you can get therapy or something?

No. 561265

That's not what anon said.

No. 561267

She said teens and yound adults though, that can be like 19 and shit but therapy might do good for any of us.

No. 561287

I know ephebophile and pedophile are different, but they're both terms for people who are attracted to minors. I don't really care about making a distinction between them.

That's true, but wouldn't 18-19 be a young adult? Technically they're teenagers, but usually people refer to 18/19 year olds as young adults, so I thought anon meant 17 and under when referring to teens.

No. 561289

>uhm akshually it’s called EPHEBOPHILE

No. 561295

i wasn't even going down the UH ACTUALLY route it's just that that's literally not what anon said

No. 561307

Its natural for women to prefer young, nubile men with their healthy sperm. No woman really wants an old geezer with autism jizz.

No. 561380

Stood in the attic of our apartment building today with a tied knot in my hand, glaring at the old wooden beams above me realizing slowly that they probably wouldn't hold the weight and result in failure.

Big part of me wanted to go through with it anyway just in case I would be lucky enough to succeed, but the fear of something breaking, being discovered and suffering potential brain damage or injury completely overwhelmed me.

I broke down crying and looked through all the contacts in my phone, just trying to gather the courage to call one of them. Figured it would make things worse, so I tried to look up some suicide hotlines, but I'm living in another country with my partners and they probably don't speak english.

Untied the knot and put the rope back in the storage, went downstairs back to my apartment and told my partner I just had a nice walk outside since it's a sunny day.

It's so dumb, all of it. If I told anyone about what I did today they would probably make a huge deal about it. It's been years since last time I was contemplating suicide, and no one knows about that time either. I climbed over the railing of a bridge in the middle of the night only to cowardly crawl back to safety because I was afraid the drop wasn't high enough. Literally nothing else stopped me. Just the fear of potentially surviving the fall.

I'm so useless I can't even research and go through with a proper method to kill myself.

No. 561395

I find myself in those situations about once a year. Tbh it's good that you have that reason to stop. I've met people who survived things like overdose but with a permanent disability and it's a good thing to cling to, to keep you here. Wish I had better advice beyond that.

> I'm so useless I can't even research and go through with a proper method to kill myself

You don't want this. I confided to an ex once and his response was to tell me how to to do it easily with a low fail rate.. you're better off staying ignorant to all the eleborate ways to do it.

No. 561398

I wish I knew the method you are talking about. Is it charcoal, helium exit bag, nembutal or oldschool hanging?

No. 561400

> autism jizz
Nta but yeah I love how men brag about being able to reproduce at any age, reality is if they're over 40 your childs chance of being autistic multiplies by 4. Then the older they get the more it multiplies. Not just 'high functioning autism' either but that life-long struggle autism where your kid will never be independant. That and more. Nature really should've given men a fertility cut off point too.

No. 561404

None of those methods. Tbh he was the kind of asshole that thought every single time a woman cried it was all just an act for sympathy so no wonder he was telling me how to end it.

No. 561408

Not that anon but I considered charcoal and a helium exit bag.
Charcoal is the best way I think. I heard that to helium tanks they add oxygen now (not sure tho), so it's gonna be harder to die successfully.
Hanging is also good, but last choice.
If you ever consider suicide, never do that without planning. Chances that you gonna fuck up are way higher. Always do research and plan carefully. Also, because planning can take you months, you can get/feel better and decide not to do it.

No. 561412

he should be put on the electric chair ❤

No. 561419

I'm sorry you find yourself in those situations, they really do suck ass.

But I am really thankful for your reply, it gave me some comfort enough to get up and make myself something to eat.

I second him being put in an eletric chair v

No. 561458

if i didn't have parents i would become a porn star

No. 561460

No. 561489

Don't most women in porn shoot lots of scenes in their first 6 to 12 months and then dissapear again? Very few blow up to a degree where they'd be found out by family. Most also regret it though.

No. 561538

My worse fear is a man pulling my wig off during a makeout session. I'm black and I mess around with a lot of white men and they're always trying to play with a bitches head. As soon as they start going for my hair I have to redirect their attention some where else, a few days ago a man actually did almost pull my wig off lol

No. 561682

I really can’t defend the theory of the creation of the universe without god being at the start of it. I agree with all the scientific information on the origin of the universe, I guess I just believe god allowed it to take place? I’m not even religious and my belief in god has actually brought me a lot of pain (as in wondering why he made my life so shit) so my view isn’t blinded by feelings of love and faith.

No. 561713

I settled with the idea that we simply cannot understand certain things. Science is pretty much all we have.

No. 561758

I really wanna get my ass eaten just to know what it feels like.

No. 561759

this confession following the one right before is gold

No. 561762

File: 1590893539834.gif (3.23 MB, 426x320, fuk.gif)

No. 561763

>a few days ago
You know we're in a pandemic? Stay safe anon, no dick is worth death

No. 561772

Not only is paternal age a bigger factor in autistic kids than maternal age, it's exacerbated by age gaps over 10 yrs and teenage mothers. So old men who think they can get away with impregnating 18 yr old girls are absolutely delusional.

No. 561802

Just like the average straight dude my ass is off limits. I really hope I never get pressured into doing that by a bf

No. 561829

dudes only want anal because, as louis ck put it, they like that it makes us uncomfortable. As soon as I let him hit it unabashedly and not squealing like the pornos, he was like "meh" and never requested it again

No. 561857

File: 1590904147925.png (173.13 KB, 500x374, 5ee17419a824234bb0267b29f7ff47…)

It's stupid, believe me.

>allow ex to eat my butt

>mfw he proceeds to try to makeout with me and I can smell and taste my own butthole

And no it didn't feel good at all. Anon, just lick your thumb and stick the slimy thing in your ass it's no different.

No. 561860

anon. what did your ass taste like.

No. 561862

Like tangy off-shit zing lmao.

No. 561865

lol, thanks nonny.

No. 561890

When I receive a new package from a small business or a person, I like to check where they live on Google Street view out of curiosity.

No. 561892

oh god I have never been the type to gag at the shit I read online but this did it

No. 561894

File: 1590914252407.jpg (132.79 KB, 1300x824, AAAAAAH.jpg)

Anon… ANON…

No. 561896

i was going to post this in the "post about yourself as a cow" thread but it's more of a long form confession about myself in elementary and middle school
>white trash drug addict mom with many signs of an actual legitimate developmental disability / retardation
>mom exhibits narcissistic traits as an extension of her retardation and drug addiction (narcissistic traits =/= NPD)
>raised to believe i was an exceptional wunderkind prodigy from a young age, due to my mom not realizing she was "slow"
>doted on and showered with affection and praise by the entire family since birth, due to being the first born of the new generation in our family
>lays the groundwork for a persistent dunning-kruger effect later in life, and a tendency towards histrionics
>towards the end of elementary school i discover anime, manga, catfishing as scene boys from page 2 of google images, repo! the genetic opera, edward scissorhands, crude late night adult comedy cartoons
>this makes me feel like a god among uncultured brats, fuels my unwarranted superiority complex to the max, i am insecure and desperate to be liked
>immediately set out posturing at school and introducing everyone to this shit to show off how edgy and mature i am, believe i am enlightening my peers, actually just corrupting them while being a total sperg
>my more well adjusted peers begin to ostracize and bully me somewhat, which is honestly understandable, as i am being an inappropriate and cringy weirdo
>small gaggle of impressionable and misfit classmates tolerate my behaviour, i put a few of them onto naruto and death note
>fast forward a while, teachers and staff at school have been kind of picking up on the fact that something is fucked up with me (my home life, but they're not properly trained or equipped to recognize or handle this)
>they humiliate me various times in front of my peers for some behaviour which was admittedly pretty fucked up on my part
>tried to steal some sharp implements from an art project and got caught, made to hand them over in a dramatic moment in front of my entire class to teach me a lesson (was planning to take them home to self harm with later, i guess they probably thought i was going to hurt a classmate or something)
>came up with an imaginary boyfriend to overcompensate for having barely any friends and feeling profoundly undesirable even though i was a tween. imaginary bf's name was tyler
>some girl plays along trying to be nice to me, things get carried away in the heat of the moment, apparently my imaginary boyfriend cheated on me. i use this storyline as inspiration for a terrible drawing of his face being ripped off, with the caption "DIE TYLER YOU EMO FUCK" (he had emo hair in my drawing because i thought emo boys were cute)
>teacher goes through my desk at school and finds the drawing, it gets sent to the office and they show it to the school counsellor
>school counsellor kind of grills me about it, trying to determine if tyler was a student at the school, whether i legitimately wanted to hurt him, she kept asking me what "emo" meant
>whole thing was incredibly surreal because he was a fictional character i made up, i refused to say anything because it would be even more humiliating to admit i made up an imaginary emo boyfriend, decided to have him cheat on me, and drew bic ballpoint pen torture fanart about it on a sheet of looseleaf
>after a while i stopped giving a shit entirely because of how i kept getting humiliated and owned by peers and staff (i deserved it though)
>later that year i stole my mom's cheap drug store perfume bottle and lighter and brought it to school, turned it into a mini flamethrower in the girls bathroom (sounds like absolute horseshit but it happened, i got in a lot of trouble over it, which is completely understandable)
>my mom also used to yell at me and shame me for eating too much food (i ate normal amounts, but she was a weird retarded druggie)
>this led me to legitimately binge eat in secret out of shame and fear rather than eat normal amounts throughout the day out in the open
>used to eat entire family sized loaves of garlic bread raw/uncooked off the counter and gnaw the foil packaging and toss it on the kitchen floor so it would look like our dogs ate it
>had to pee on the garage floor a few times because i didn't have a key to my own house and didn't want neighbours to see me peeing in the yard
this barely scratches the surface of the kind of stuff i used to get up to, i'm still a cow but a bit better at compartmentalization and repression now. fairly certain i inherited my mom's retard genes

No. 561953

Anon I like you, what country are you from

No. 562007

Eww, what the fuck? I'll let my bf do it if he allows me to put a dildo on his ass too

No. 562541

There are some really nasty sides of my personality that have been inching themselves out since quarantine and its scaring me honestly. I wish I had the discipline to distract myself from these feelings and not dwell but I just don’t. I really don’t wanna become bad person, but its becoming harder and harder for me to try to be good.

No. 562560

I keep seeing this confession periodically in the confession threads, do a lot women really feel this way?? It seems fake

No. 562583

tbh if you could smell and taste it you probably didn't wash enough

No. 562588

ignore the local retard

No. 562618

File: 1590984137935.jpg (35.34 KB, 310x350, 1344741782001.jpg)

everyone loves the smell of their own brand

No. 562620

fuckin kek'd

also I don't get the hype about getting one's ass ate at all. both my ex and current bf constantly wanted to it and it feels so fucking weird. i don't get any pleasure from it at all and just end up cracking up because it tickles.

No. 562642

i always thought of it as not being actively repulsed by my own nastiness, not actually liking it

No. 562644

I just want to know, why do you guys agree to it if it's not pleasurable?

No. 562652

You know why anon…

No. 562675

Give someone's washed butthole a lick and then report back to us with your findings!

No. 562723

I lost my shit last night in a crazed frenzy triggered by some stupid bullshit. I was inconsolable, I was pulling out my hair, I was screaming. I cannot even imagine how my boyfriend was feeling. He was trying to grab my arms to stop my from hurting myself and I started clawing at him instead. He slapped me. Like really fucking hard. It definitely de-escalated everything since we both just stopped everything that was happening. I've never experienced losing my shit like that. My boyfriend has never been violent under any circumstance around me. I made an appointment to see someone later this week since I don't feel like an immediate threat to myself anymore. I feel so deeply ashamed. My boyfriend is shaken up by my actions and his actions. I really fucked up.

No. 562749

My friend was recently raped and I am no longer going to be friends with her.

I’m using social distancing as a way to slowly drop her. She is a sweet person generally, however she has very dangerous habits that she wants to drag me into. The only thing she ever wants to do is hang out at dive bars.
She likes for us to get picked up at 10 pm and pay $15+ each way to lyft to parts of LA. She wears the shortest tightest dresses she can find and twerks where you can see her cheeks falling out. She refuses to leave the bars til closing time. i could take my own lyft home and leave her there alone but I’d feel guilty. I told her I think what she does is unsafe and her reply was “I’ve been raped twice and I’m not afraid. You can’t let fear stop you from doing what you want”
She had a bad date on New Years where the man tried to pull of her underwear. 2 months later she has a date witH a different guy and I tell her “make sure you have your own ride and go somewhere public”
the guy showed up drunk. She stuck around anyway. Then he told her to go to his car to talk and SHE DID. he put his hand on her thigh told her all he wanted to do was fuck her, tried to kiss her. She pushed him away and jumped out his car. Called me and met up with me to cry about it. So I consoled her agreed hes an asshole She then claimed to be sooooo afraid of men. Gets ANOTHER date. Tells me she’s soooo scared and nervous. I tell her the same thing. Do not get in his car and go somewhere public. BUT her excuse is social distancing closed everything and the guy has roommates. She basically pretends she’s going to be careful. Next day she calls me crying that she got raped. She tells me that she DID get in his car and WAS alone with him. The guy lives 45 minutes away and she had him pick her up. She was wearing a teenie mini dress with a super deep v neck. They both drank a ton of wine. She wanted to make out with him but said she didn’t want to sleep with him. Of course he didn’t listen. She also admit that before the date he had said “i forgot how fuckin hot you are. I’m so horny” but she said he apologized and said “I respect that” when she told him she doesn’t want to sleep with him on the first date. Which the apology tooootally means he really respects her right,? SMH. SO she says she doesn’t want to press charges bc she doesn’t want “drama” and she doesn’t even want to tell her mom. I tell her this rapist now thinks he can get away with his crimes and will hurt other women. She says “no…he only wanted to hurt ME!” she throws away the dress she wore and the garbage truck comes by so I can’t even tell her to salvage it. She finally confesses to her mom what happened but she is still refusing to press charges. She never pressed charges on her 2 previous rapists bc she “wants to avoid drama” who calls. RAPE drama???
I have told her many times before this incident that she has risky behaviors and hangs out in toxic areas that are full of her abusive exes.
She gets very offended and if I ever invite her to do something that doesn’t involve getting shit faced in some stinky dive she puts on this snarky little princess tone “oh no. You guys go and do your little thing. I’m just going to lyft and head to the bar alone. It’s ok it’s fine Im used to being alone”
I used to feel bad because she acts and sounds pretty nice and she would tell me girls are so mean an catty and no one wants to ever hang out with her but I see why.
I I understand where she is coming from that women shouldn’t have to be afraid of doing what they want. But the sad reality is there are monsters out there preying on us. I absolutely think the man should have stopped when she said no. I absolutely believe he should be behind bars. But there’s not much I can do to get her to report him. She threw away the evidence and she will not testify in court. This happened to her 2 weeks ago and just yesterday she starts talking about how she’s excited that restaurants are opening so she will be able to go out and get drunk soon.
Her mother is trying to convince her to go to therapy. I’ve talked to her about things before. If she doesn’t go to therapy and start growing up, I’m going to have to distance myself and drop her because I am not going to follow her footsteps

No. 562765

I’m so sorry that happened anon. I know how it feels to be overtaken by raw emotion, to the point where you want to hurt yourself, are writhing in distress, basically where you are completely unable to function. I know how you feel and I hope you are doing okay. hug

No. 562771

I'm sorry anon, distancing yourself from destructive friends is not easy but ultimately we all have to be selfish and think about our wellbeing first.
I agree with you on everything you said and i realize it's an unpopular opinion.
Yes we all wish women could go in shady alleys with revealing clothing without conseguences but sadly that's not how the world works, and doing that is just going to bring harm on them and will not help change

No. 562775

i’m glad ur self aware, that was a ride

No. 562788

File: 1591004695591.jpeg (759.23 KB, 1242x1723, C473E2C1-36E5-49DE-B95A-0268B0…)

I’ve just been broken up with in the most painful way imaginable. I loved him more than anything else on earth, and he posted a detailed exposé about how I was an abusive BPD psychopath, and claimed that he dated me out of ‘confusion’ and that he never liked me, and even alluded that i might have raped him (I didn’t).

He also made a post saying that I was jealous and obsessed with his ex girlfriend (Their friendship bordered on an affair: she sent him nudes and kept trying to convince him to break up with me, which i rightfully voiced concern over).

i want to kill myself but i’m scared it will hurt and i’m too fucking cowardly.

this is just one of the posts he made.

How can someone i loved so much hurt and betray me in the worst way imaginable. I was very submissive and did everything I could to save this relationship, I waited on him hand and foot and took him out to do anything he wanted.

No. 562798

>did everything I could to save this relationship, I waited on him hand and foot
I was like this too in a relationship that just ended (he initiated the breakup). I truly put so much effort, care, and love into a relationship, and I feel my love was never fully reciprocated. Being broken up with while you’re still in love is so unimaginably painful. I can’t imagine also being harrassed by him online. I care, anon.
What is he saying you lied about?

No. 562802

Block him on every platform. Cut all ties. What does reading this do for you except make you want to kill yourself? You can’t argue with him or change how he’s acting toward you, so remove him entirely. I know it’s difficult dealing with a breakup but you won’t ever feel better unless you block him. Stop reading his posts, stop seeing his name, it’s over and it’s time to purge him from your life for yourself.

No. 562804

I am becoming obsessed with losing weight. I'm already skinny (But I still have curves/thick thighs) and don't want to be any skinnier (I think I look better this way). I don't starve myself whatsoever, I just eat less than I used to and work out often. I feel a sense of accomplishment seeing the scale go down and my face get slimmer. What even is this? Is this considered an eating disorder or some form of ocd?

No. 562810

Oh my god, anon, I'm so sorry. What a horrible person he is. I don't know what you might have done or not but he's definitely wrong to post it to social media. Please, for your own sake, just block him everywhere and move on. It will get better, I promise.

No. 562815

He said I lied about cooking for him, caring for him, cleaning for him, even though i did literally all of those things for him. He said i lied about the relationship being good, because once a month i used to post selfies about what we were up to etc.

he’s basically saying he was never happy and never enjoyed our relationship, even though it was such an incredibly close, rare and special bond we shared.

it’s just awful, i’m fucking pathetic and will probably end up bribing him to hang out with me. i am disgusted by the thought of having to spend time with anyone else except for him. he is the only one for me.

he’s a NEET and has no friends IRL so i’m hoping he’s bound to see me again at some point after some time has passed.

No. 562817

Thank you, anon. i’m crying everyday and wondering how i should kill myself. i really just want to fucking do it

No. 562821

this is exactly why women need to be hypergamous and have a couple of males on the burner so when they break up they have someone else.
Women please marry for interest or for money because if you marry for love and do this stupid struggle love bullshit with a neet loser then shit like this happens.

No. 562823

This will pass. Living your best life is the best revenge. Find a hot guy who takes care of YOU. This ex is a loser neet. You can do much better.

No. 562826

i have a fucking bedwetting problem though it's not TOO frequent. i haven't told the doctor or… anyone really, i don't know if it can be fixed. dreading the day when i share a bed with my partner and subconsciously mark my territory.

No. 562827

File: 1591011692211.png (445.86 KB, 800x667, E1388907-2B42-4E65-B288-00BA4D…)

>will probably end up bribing him to hang out with me
No. He doesn’t deserve you. I know exactly how you feel about losing a special bond and never wanting to love another person again… I’m going through that right now and was also thinking of killing myself. But do you really want to be with a person who defames you online? You seem like such a loving, loyal, and caring person. You deserve someone who loved and appreciates you. You’re going to be okay anon.

No. 562828

He's just wrote it out in black and white that he didn't appreciate you. And he's posted it for his friends and family to see. You deserve better anon. Breaking up sucks and it sucks harder because of this pandemic. I just got out of a long term relationship with a man that took me for granted and this fucking pandemic has made it harder for us to both move on because we're not able to put ourselves out there and meet anyone else really. (I know people are still using tinder etc but I'm over dating apps) Please don't look forward to him contacting you, you broke up for a reason. I've let my ex talk to me a few times cause I've been lonely and he's still an asshole and actually still hasn't apologised for any of his behavior but still holding a grudge with me. That's what your ex will do. If he takes you back he will not change and that shit he wrote on his fb will be bouncing around his head. He's wrote out what he feels. He's not worth it

No. 562829

Ok so… I get you're heartbroken and feeling betrayed (Who wouldn't be), but this is one of those instances where, on the outside looking in, I really really advise you to not give a fuck. People who air their personal issues on facebook/sm are actual degenerates. They don't realize they're not a reality star and that people don't give a shit what your SO did to you. He's literally trying to tell on you like a 5 year old. His ex gf was sending him nudes? The only people who are going to feel bad for him and take his side are just as much of a shut in and socially stunted. Pleaseeeee don't look at this type of behavior and think that normal every day people would pull this shit. You can literally find better people than this on tinder.

No. 562831

If it helps you at all, I found a really understanding person who doesn't care that I have bladder problems. He's never embarrassed, calms me down and helps clean. He's never thrown it around during an argument or acts like his life is any harder by it. I piss myself just walking around sometimes and it's mortifying, but he makes it kinda funny. And he replaced the winter boots I ruined lmfao. So don't overstress about it, but do get it checked out. It might be an easy fix!

No. 562832

Sorry if i'm being harsh but take the blinders off for a minute.
He acted very shitty and proved to you what kind of person he is. He lied and manipulated his way into the victim.
Either he knew that acting like this was going to hurt you and absolutely disregarded it and did not care, or he lacked the empathy and he's so egocentric that it didn't even cross his mind.
Both are equally bad. This is the kind of shitty person he is, why would you still want to spend time with this person? You can and should do better.
There are so many people in the world.
People ain't shit.
Better stay alone that having people like that around. Love yourvelves anons.

No. 562835

Go to the fucking doctor, if it's really interfering with your life anon. Do you go a lot during the day? Could be a case of the overractive bladder. I'ts common and can be solved by taking regularly some Tolterodine.

No. 562845

I might use the protests near me (I'm not from the US) as an excuse to break a bunch of shit and steal. Everyone is chimping out and I want to exploit their efforts to take whatever isn't nailed down or heavily guarded

No. 562848

Same honestly.

No. 562850

Thanks, I just had to vent because I feel like I’m being a shitty friend for basically abandoning her.
The fact she has now been raped THREE times and has been assaulted I don’t even know how many times makes me feel she makes risky life choices. she’s always trying to pressure me into copying her behavior too.
I’m still going to see if she will go through with getting therapy. hopefully she will be able to stop running from her traumas and be able to let go of her toxic behaviors and toxic places she is incredibly attached to.

No. 562867

Honestly, cutting ties with her and explaining why might be one of the last thing you can do to wake her up and get some fucking help.

Be safe, anon.

No. 563338

I truly think the world has gone insane and I'm so tired from it all

No. 563397

I genuinely cannot draw for shit so I use the dress up games in /m/ to create my ocs. The worst part is when the colors I want and need for my character isn't available in every game

No. 563420

Same, I'd love the chance to enjoy something in my life

No. 563565

I use the LifeRPG app to trick my autistic ass into self improvement, the embarrassing part is that it works better than anything I've tried just because I can half pretend I'm living in a video game and raise my stats by doing normie shit like socializing, working out, doing chores and taking care of myself and my appearance.

No. 563625

File: 1591099147201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.1 KB, 1280x720, yummyMilk.jpg)

I still don't understand the sage culture on this website and beside the rare time I post on /snow/ or post something clearly off-topic where I always sage, I randomly sage everywhere else like I would toss a coin

No. 563627

I don’t think i could ever be in a serious relationship with someone who takes astrology and myer briggs shit seriously. I hardly tolerate them as friends.

No. 563631

Same, I always hold off rolling my eyes when my friends state an astrology fact like "me and my bf are both Virgo, things might not work out", I think even as a hobby it might be harmful as you begin stereotyping people according to their sign.

No. 563635

Exactly. In my experience people always use it as an excuse to be shitty, and judgmental. You especially see that shit with people under Aries and Scorpio. Love to pretend theyre tough shit because some fucking stars said so, but will cry like a bitch when confronted in any way.

No. 563638

>Love to pretend theyre tough shit because some fucking stars said so, but will cry like a bitch when confronted in any way.

Why would you call me out like that?

No. 563640

I get pretty jelly whenever I see suspected underagers post here, or even relatively younger anons because I would have given anything at that age to have had an anonymous girl gossip forum to visit in order to receive honest and solid advice from. Or otherwise seeing what's acceptable/unacceptable on how to look and act.
Growing up I had a friend who I always suspected was hiding such interwebz places from me because she always seemed excessively in the know and manipulative than someone her age should have been. Although her secret weapon was probably male child groomers she met online in yahoo chat rooms who she could talk to and give her advice, since afaik no place like lolcow existed in the mid 2000s and especially for girl audiences.
I wonder how different my life would have been if I had an anonymous forum to post my feelings to and have gotten insights? Would I have had to suffer and learn as many harsh lessons as I did? I grew from them no doubt, but I also can't help but to feel I took on needless damage too.

No. 563649

Scorpios are the worst because they legitimately see themselves as the second coming of christ and believe they have magical powers.

No. 563659

Lol you think thats why so many scorpios are such tryhard edgelords?

No. 563662

I know nothing about horoscopes but I live with a Scorpio and they are the opposite of an edgelord. Astrology is such crap, I try to be patient when m friends talk about it but the idea that everyone born in one month is the same is such shit, it's embarrassing to see it come back into fashion with women because it makes us all looks stupid

No. 563665

I agree. I also live with 2 Scorpios and they’re some of the most passive people i know. That was exactly my point originally too. Notice how different someone acts when they know nothing about astrology versus someone who reads it religiously. Placebo to the fullest.

No. 563668

Sorry I didn't read the start of the discussion, quick tell me which magical space animal trope I can use as an excuse for my stupidity!

No. 563672

Obviously someone who isn't into astrology isn't going to be going around acting like their marz powerz are an excuse to act like edgelord tryhards.

No. 563682

I find myself enjoying the controversy surrounding the George Floyd protests and particularly the violent discord. Just like the recent HK protests/riots, I like to fire up footage of the events while pouring myself a glass of wine as I giggle at the carnage like a dumb bitch. It's not that I don't care about the issue, it is a tragedy. I just like it when normal, everyday people lose themselves, turn violent and start fighting amongst themselves like feral animals.

No. 563688

Anon you're a crazy bitch, but I can kind of relate. You may or may not murder someone tho

No. 563695

File: 1591105508857.jpg (37.72 KB, 612x408, gettyimages.jpg)

I like watching drama, that's why I'm a farmer.

No. 563704

I love smutty self insert fanfic. I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

No. 563752

I invent myself a life everytime I go to my sweetheart stacy hairdresser not to scare her off.

>>yeah, quarantine sure is hard, it's so loong

>> Yep, I work a normie job, not some internet nonsense
>> Yeah, I know, the hair is so long, I wanted to see how it would look like, it's totally not that I'm a lazy bum who comes in once a year when I'm starting to look like an amish girl
>>Yeah, I do the color myself, ahah, I like it. (Please don't sell me a color, I'm good with just doing my root myself every month, idc the color il all over the place)
>> A kid? Ahah, NOT YET! But I'm sure my imaginary 2 yo niece will be very surprised by the change!

I even make the effort to not just stand frozen and looking into the void like a robot for an hour for her. It's a loot but she's nice and she gets my hair right.

No. 563818

File: 1591117650254.gif (2.88 MB, 536x586, db6064k-a0fecb8e-bad7-43eb-bfd…)

That's because we are objectively the best sign

No. 563828

nah. wash my ass.

No. 563907

File: 1591122968206.jpeg (170.26 KB, 828x330, 4D0CD882-BB95-4507-AAB3-33A704…)

I hate people like this with a passion. That's it.

No. 563911

Just unfollow them.

No. 563922

I genuinely do not believe that Kanye West and Donald Trump are real human beings. They're AIs. They aren't real.

No. 563925

Oy vey!

No. 563927

Kanye definitely went funny (funnier) after the speech where he was hospitalized directly after

No. 563929

huh??? does thinking trannies aren't real woman make me racist lol

No. 563955

I liked this site until a few weeks ago, now it's unbearable and all discussions have been replaced by shitposting. I'll stop using imageboards and move on to normal forums.

No. 563964

You’re making the right decision.

No. 564040

Glad you haven't become trapped here eternally like the rest of us

No. 564130

I wish I was a normie

No. 564206

I can’t really stand them, but Scorpios are usually very attractive. Like wtf.

No. 564208

I was friends with this girl on and off for years. She was a huge bitch and like emotionally tormented me throughout middle school. Ninth grade I told a few people that she used to make her dog eat her out. Not true obviously. Later we got close junior year in high school, spent every moment together. One night when she was drunk she confided in me that one time she made her dog eat her out. She was like, "There was a rumor going around about me doing that, I don't know how anyone found out." So I guess I technically wasn't lying? Anyway we stopped being friends a few years ago and now she's fat and she deserves it.

No. 564223

i love how anonymous this website is but sometimes i wish we could all be friends. i know that's stupid but i'm on this site all the time and i can relate to so many people and sometimes i feel like i'm friends with people in the threads. so lame lol

No. 564225

same but you just know it'd be awkward as shit and it takes away the magic from it. a connection on here like oh my god you also do this really obscure thing! is fantastic but it doesn't mean you should be friends. it's like trying to track down who sent a letter in a bottle or a missed connection

No. 564324

my roommate just found a cockroach in her towel when getting out of the shower. it's the first one she's seen in the house, though she saw one outside within the last few days. i really don't want to have to get pest control out here. i hate living in the south.

No. 564436

I'm gonna sign a guy up for a free scientology membership because he is a sex pest.

No. 564465

I don't wanna post anything on social media

No. 564531

File: 1591178602639.jpg (33.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

We'll be friends in one thread and infighting for days in another, that's the magic of lolcow.

No. 564540

I've never had protected sex. I was in an abusive relationship with a man who was trying to get me pregnant. I think I may have killed a tiny little cell or whatever that was forming when I drank ethanol not long after. I think about this often.

No. 564624

You sound so underaged here, get therapy and call somewhere geez

No. 564626

I just never really got sex education so I'm not sure how it all works.

No. 564630

Girl, you're already online, that's like half the work. They have sex education websites everywhere

No. 564633

Yeah but i find it really hard to understand. It's just difficult to know how it works, i've watched hours of those fucking videos, it's unfair how we're treated like idiots for not understanding something so specialised. Am I seriously wrong if i think that a zygote can be killed by the ingestion of ethanol which is basically poison? Why was that stupid?

No. 564667

I like Taylor Swift unironically.

No. 564768

It's not unfair if people think you're stupid for not understanding your own goddamn body.

No. 564817

All the racism against random white people is making me not give a shit about other groups

No. 564836

I picture someone leaning back, putting their boots on the table the computer is on and saying "Heh. That'll get 'em" every time someone says "you have to be over 18 to post here"

No. 564844

I'm the one who paid Luna to make the video where she called her dad. I'm not the one who posted it.I usually like humiliation but it was too personal.

No. 564847

That's pretty fucked up and gross, anon.

No. 564852

I know. I've tried to get off to it but I actually can't. If it was anyone else, it'd be fine. I can't help but feel it damaged her.

No. 564867

Anon, that's gross.

No. 564882

jesus christ. you people who egg on sex work cows are disgusting. the bitch is close to OD'ing at any time and you just wanted to get off to her painful relationship with her dad. i hope you're ashamed and stop cowtipping like a retard.

No. 564883

Gross. If you're being serious, maybe consider that you may have damaged other people with your kinks.

No. 564894

It wasn't cowtipping. I paid a sex worker to do her thing. Cowtipping is showing or otherwise alerting a cow to their thread. I bought the video and shared it with the wrong person and it got out but I never cowtipped. She wanted to be paid to do sexual acts and she did it.

No. 564898

I cling to small random things to have the occassion to let some built up anger out. From the outside it looks like I care about small things but I don't give a shit about it, all these "issues" are just tools

No. 564901

Cowtipping is contacting a cow in any way. You sound like a crappy person regardless of if you're trolling right now. Shitty thing to do, shitty thing to joke about doing. I don't even follow that thread but trying to humiliate people is shitty any way you turn it.

No. 564903

That's just false.
>4. Do not harass or brigade against any subjects posted. (cowtipping)
>5. Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).
I didn't harass or brigade her and didn't mention the farm. Just accept the fact that you can consider it a shitty thing to do but she offered a service for money, I accepted the service and interacting with a cow alone is not cowtipping.

No. 564909

I think I've been "bullied" more as an adult than I ever was as a kid (I wasn't even bullied)…. It sounds stupid, but the shit people in my life say to me regularly under the guise of a joke is downright fucked up and has messed my self-esteem up big time.

No. 564911

>5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.
I know you know I know you saw that in the rules and I know you know I know that we know that it's in there so why are you trying it with this rn

No. 564913

whether or not the terminology is correct, people get constantly banned for messaging cows and posting about it like it's milk. the problem isn't the bragging part it's the interacting with cows instead of letting them graze.
if you feel so guilty then shut the fuck up, stop justifying your gross kink and never interact with any cows ever again.

No. 564923

Where was I bragging? It was in the confession thread and I felt bad about it. I think that's a stupid rule and people post their DMs with cows all the time, they speak about their relationship with Luna in high school, they talk about seeing Lurch on public transport. It's not enforced like that and you're being dumb now just so you can moralfag about what I did.
I never justified my gross kink, I simply posted in the confession thread about feeling bad about it and discussing the ramifications about it but my bad for ever thinking that you can have a discussion here without it devolving into Y-YOU COWTIPPED!

No. 564928

i cannot tell if this is legit or a troll
could you post a screencap of your chat with her?

No. 564929

Screencaps were shared on kiwifarms I believe, you go from one minute "you're a degenerate cowtipper" to now demandng proof? All it was was a stupid confession and I shouldn't have brought the girl up by name, I see the errors of my ways. This was a while ago and I've been trying to get rid of my degenerate fetishes since and I have buried it and kept away from her and her thread but I saw it bumped and it resurfaced. I barely even want to talk about it but I felt like defending myself because anons were being ridiculous and pretending like they care about an unenforced rule to moralfag at me. I know it was fucked up, it made me realise a lot of shit (my money went directly for drugs to an addict who would not have done it if she wasn't desperate for drugs) and made me realise how vulnerable addicts with no money actually are. I understand why she scammed so blatantly and constantly a lot better now and I stopped seeing her and other addicts as slim pickings and made me realise that my behavior was part of the problem. It's all a complicated fucking issue and I can't believe any of it was real sometimes.

No. 564930

perhaps i should've put "nta" because literally all i said was that lol i'm not the other anon or whatever

No. 564952

Well, it's good that you articulated exactly why what you did was horrible, but you shouldn't get so defensive over people calling it "cowtipping." Just move on.

No. 564972

I went off grid and pretty much don't speak to anyone i know and it's amazing. being this depressed is a ride but lucky i enjoy my own company. i got books to read fools, i don't have time for your bullshit

No. 564987

You’re a cowtiper and an attentionwhore, you have posted about doing this shit to Luna several times on different threads. I think you do get off to it and even enjoy bringing attention to it u fuckin degenerate. KYS. I guess you’re a scrote, why aren’t you banned

No. 564988

NTA but women can be pornsick and be into degenerate shit, why do you think we have so many sw cows? Scrote rule applies if they announce the fact they have a dick but anon didn't do that

No. 564989

Acting scrote-like revokes your woman card sorry

No. 564990

File: 1591231753350.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, kek.gif)

Kek. So you're a woman as long as you act like one? You're so far into rad politics that you've come out the other end and now sound like a troon. Well done anon.

No. 564992

4th night without alcohol. Literally the longest I have gone in over 2 years. I feel embarrassed to even admit that. I am about to demolish a plate of enchiladas without having to worry about budgeting around alcohol calories though and that's cool.

No. 564993

Did you experience any Wd’s?

No. 564999

Damn anon, that’s impressive. As someone with a drinking problem, that’s pretty inspiring. Keep up the good work!

No. 565027

I want a cop, army or navy bf, Idk why I find men in uniform so irresistible and they are always so kind whenever I had to deal with one.

No. 565030

Interesting timing anon

No. 565032

military/police uniforms are so hot to me i'd probably start cumming in a heartbeat if i was in the protests

No. 565034

First two nights I was sweating profusely and my anxiety was really bad. Couldn't sleep at all. I got my hands on some weed and that has been helping. It feels like a mental/emotional withdrawal more than anything atm.

Ty anon. I really hope I can stick with it and get my shit back on track.

No. 565090

First, congrats! I’m finishing my 20th day sober from alcohol and it’s definitely more emotional than physical for me too. The first week sucked but it really really did get easier. I’ll crave a drink but want to stick it out to prove something. Most of the time I feel great now! No more sweaty, anxious waking in the middle of the night. Good luck, anon! Keep it up!

No. 565101

My city is known for “chop n screw” and the hip hop scene but I honestly don’t give a single fuck about it. I don’t give a fuck about livin’ dat gangsta life, chuggin’ da purple drank nor listening to music that almost sounds more demonic than black metal. There’s also too many niggas, wiggas and cholos but it’s nice to work and study in the downtown area so I don’t see any of them.

I wish it wasn’t so popular and we should appreciate our innovations, engineering and medical expertise which are very underrated imo. Oh yeah and alternative scene is almost non-existent so… thanks a lot, assholes!

No. 565102

Why don't you move to somewhere more white then?

No. 565105

chug da purple drank anon, you'll never like living somewhere if you don't integrate. you're making yourself hate it because you're too white pride to realise that if you're in a city literally known for its hip hop scene it's not going to change just because you showed up and are white kek

No. 565113

I’m not white, maybe white-washed but not white. I don’t mind my local townspeople but… I don’t have anything nice to say so I’ll leave it at that.

No. 565127

File: 1591254221578.jpeg (51.32 KB, 750x421, 07840124-939D-445D-91BA-C0ABAD…)

Honestly, the feeling of taking a really good shit (the kind where your eyes tear up) is probably the closest feeling I will ever get to having an orgasm.

t. virgin who basically has never had a libido and probably has anorgasmia

No. 565130

File: 1591254763433.jpg (139.99 KB, 1300x956, woman-taking-off-red-shoes-on-…)

this absolutely sent me. i remember the frustration too anon, it took me legit years but once you coom you can't uncoom so maybe it's better to never know. sometimes when i'm walking back with a face full of mascara and a ludicrously short skirt the morning after being obviously fuck and chucked i wish i was one of those olden time women who lived and died not knowing about anything that goes on down there.
>ywn be blissfully unaware of your own sexuality

No. 565133

>it took me legit years
How long anon..? I feel like most people my age have already coomed.

No. 565134

I was at it from a very young age so the timeframe is fucked. I coomed at a normal time but in relation to when my shenanigans started it took me a good 4 years tbh. Was also convinced i had anorgasmia. Just found some material that wasn't generic/catered to my tastes and focused on not what the guide said but what my anatomy actually looks like and how it works. Circular motions are key

No. 565148

I think most women underestimate how much work it takes to learn to orgasm and think they can't. For me it took several months and I prob spent more than an hour the first time I managed to come.

No. 565153

Anons, once I cracked the code, i decided i'd keep a lifetime tally of the amount of times i had coomed in my notebook to look back on fondly like my end-of-game stats. Imagine my surprise when I lost count a few days in

No. 565154

Yes! Same with me. I actually first orgasmed when I was 16 and home alone and very bored. I looked up some guides for orgasming and the motions to use and kept at it for an hour and no less. Keep going and going till I finally orgasmed. And after realizing what just happened, I cried a lot lol. I was also afraid it was just a one time thing. But now I can orgasm in like 20 mins easy, once a month-ish.

No. 565169

wait does it really anons a lot of effort to orgasm? i usually just rub the tip of my clit from side to side and in like 4 minutes i'm good. although i've had a few where i just couldnt and it took me almost a half hour to come.

No. 565171

Depends, if it's using a toy and clit stim at the same time, it takes no time at all but if i'm lazy yeah it takes time

No. 565191

I just masturbated and timed myself, totally dry to orgasm with just my fingers in 6 minutes??? I swear it felt like at least ten…

No. 565194

Lolcow orgasm speedrunning event when?

No. 565201

File: 1591264638428.jpeg (1020.63 KB, 1242x1226, D5413A7B-9534-428E-B4E2-CB8F19…)

No. 565205

100 scrotes have joined the chat

No. 565209

y-you mean 100 men will be watching me?
shayna could never

No. 565212

I mean if you read my post I talked about learning, not that it takes me hours every time now….

No. 565215

Why are women built so weirdly literally why did we collectively have to put so much work into learning how our own bodies function and why is it so complicated? I long to be a clueless just-left-of-pretty white guy who makes stupid tiktoks and wears beanies and gets called sexy for it. I literally have Freudian levels of penis envy

No. 565241

I go to the Ana Chan threads and compare my body to what is closest to mine to try and get an honest idea of what I might look like, and sometimes steal ~ideas~ from anas because I want to be even smaller.
I need therapy. Bad.

No. 565245

Ana chan threads are so, so pathetic. You can do better. They're all 15 year old british girls there who think men give a flying fuck about whether they're a pound or two off their ugw and it's the ultimate form of narcissism like nobody gives a shit, don't be selfish just eat enough that people aren't worried about your health and get on with it lmao morals have nothing to do with it just get your head out of your ass and stop sticking your teeth out to look like Cassie it's not a good look on any of you

No. 565246

Not gonna argue against the ana threads being pathetic but most women and girls with body image issues and disordered behaviour give very little fucks what men think of their body. We live in 2020 now so being ana-skinny hasn't even been "in" culturally for a long time.

No. 565248

File: 1591275080017.jpg (155.97 KB, 939x498, dayum.jpg)

My favorite part in cow threads is when anons post pictures of their living accommodations, particularly if they're filthy or disorganized. It could be because I'm nosy. I find these pictures fascinating, like I'm looking into a secret on how someone else lives. The worst part is that it's not like anons are playing paparazzi, these cows seriously see nothing unusual about how they live and self-post these pictures freely and publicly. Tbh some cows live so shamefully it makes me feel better that my biggest sins are that I hate hanging up my folded laundry and sometimes leave an unwashed dish or two in the sink for the entire day.

Sometimes I like to look at cow rooms and spot things like merch or trinkets that I can identify. I get excited if at any point in my life I bought or owned the same products that they have, like a game of I Spy.
Yes, I also enjoy the show Hoarders.

No. 565252

Wow, thanks for curing my disordered eating. I’m fixed now.
I imagine Taylor Nicole Deans room smells so bad. I actually want to die anytime I think about it. She had 3 cats with one litter box. Reptiles galore, and mice/hedgies.
And she is constantly eating French fries in bed without showering.
I want to die. I hate cows.

No. 565254

I wish shitposting was allowed on this site a little more. Some random anon in /m/ started a thread asking for Venus feet pics and it made me snort laugh.

No. 565262

H-town? I know the struggle sis, I had to moved from that hellhole. It’s almost impossible to get a level headed guy with an okay job and no prison history or baby mama drama.

No. 565266

Are you the bitch that won't let Luna die? Stop getting off to her filthy, filthy walls
Just do it, i wish thirst was allowed here more, it's weird how for a site filled with a lot of gay women thirstposting is fucking illegal

No. 565287

Ngl I see it frequently. Mostly anons ignore it if they believe you're a genuine female and not a scrote. I haven't done it myself so I didn't know you got bans for that kind of thing.

No. 565290

I didn't get b& kek

No. 565296

Er, no anon I don't comment in Luna's thread at all. I just appreciate the anons documenting her filth among other lolcows.

No. 565298

It's annoying, mostly because no one really gives a fuck who you find attractive so it comes off as whiteknight and stanning. We do have shameful crush threads on the /g/ board if you want to talk about your clitboners there, so yeah definitely not illegal.

No. 565305

I'd fuck you anon and i'm not bothered to go all the way to /g/ about it

No. 565309

I don't necessarily disagree, I actually thought it was accepted due to the frequency I see it. Someone in the Venus thread is apparently "female and appreciates her nudes". I really can't be fucked deconstructing everything wrong with that statement.

For me it's situation based on whether the anon is bothersome. But imo it's a bit of a double standard banning coomers for the same offence.

Ntayrt but my fucking sides

No. 565310

>female and appreciates her nudes
>everything wrong
Found the self-hating lesbian

No. 565312

File: 1591284039908.jpg (6.94 KB, 225x224, dl.jpg)

I'm so sex-starved from covid I just might let you do it too.

No. 565316

File: 1591284861023.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1242x1593, 1591274063338.jpeg)

I love myself just enough to not find disabled chaku ero attractive, but I enjoy the irony of your post.

No. 565317

Again, I'd fuck.

No. 565318

You can't reason with insanity so I'll stop trying. Enjoy anon.

No. 565341

Not that anon but Venus looks super cute there, I would cuddle/kiss her lol
(Im a girl please no scroteposting)

No. 565347

She looks like an adult woman larping as an autistic child. But each to their own kek

No. 565352

I'm 20 and i legit never even masturbated. On one side i feel like i'm scared of sexuality and if i did it i'm scared i would want to do it again and it's a waste of time, on the other side i'm not a very sexual person and i don't care about it. >>565127 don't even remember the last time i took a good shit, i've always been constipated. Maybe that's why i'm chronically depressed lol i miss out on the pleasures of life

No. 565356

File: 1591293151829.jpg (55.6 KB, 460x574, ayX73Vp_460s.jpg)

There's this first person shooter game I love to play with some friends. I know I'll be called a scrote for this but all the girls I encounter in this game really suck. I feel great about being better than them but at the same time also wish they were better to break the stereotypes about gamer girls (hate that term). Some of them are very entitled and whiny too, a girl just left our gaming group cuz a guy killed her and they got into an argument. Just learn to lose like a champ, girl.

No. 565360

I've been making stuffed animals for 17 years now and sometimes reflecting on that makes me feel embarrassed, imagine all that time invested in learning a language or giving back to society? Would have been nice!

No. 565369

as someone who speaks 4 languages to various degrees: i'd respect the fuck out of someone who can make plushies. that's a very cool and unique skill to have! i want to get into sewing but time/money/etc are a bit of an issue rn. don't feel bad!!

No. 565370

If you produce decent quality toys you could sell them and donate some profits. That or donate the toys themselves to childrens charities. In my country every winter I buy a bunch of soft toys to donate to a charity appeal. Kids in poorer countries get them as part of a xmas box.

No. 565379

My linguistic skills won't keep me comfortable and warm in bed, own this shit anon!!

No. 565380

>giving back to society
Could you not donate these plushies to charities?
>I didn't learn anything
Pretty sure stitching and sewing is still a skill.

Don't be so self-pitying just cause you're not gonna cure cancer.

No. 565382

Pseudo neet-chans on this site seem to signal about giving back to society a lot and see it as right, whereas male neets/robots see it as other people's fault and drag their heels.

No. 565385

Don't get me wrong I think it's nice that women tend to be more introspective than selfish men in the same situation, yet it's sad that someone would view their life as less worthy just because they didn't contribute some huge invention or achievement when statistically that's going to be the case for the majority of people. There's more in life to value than being useful to another person.

No. 565386

I wish a lack of high ambition wasn't seen as such a loser trait. We literally cannot all shoot for the stars and imo it can be childish to see someone as unambitious when they're simply realistic about their goals, what they can achieve in life with their financial situation and how to do it in a short space of time.

No. 565388

File: 1591296464580.jpeg (28.04 KB, 567x567, 1591254242196.jpeg)

There's a group of not more than 5 complete newfags in the net idol dance thread over in /w/ and I have been pretending to be various girls I know wking themselves/vendettaing others I know nothing about for days. I have been accused of being both Caroline and Gabby and I hope I get a third, it's like collecting little white girls

No. 565389

i don't relate to any of them, i think that working to reach perfection is pretty much why you're put on earth? i don't really care about giving back to society, maybe i relate to males after all

No. 565396

>why we're put on this earth
A male put his sperm into your mother's vagina and that's why you're here. Purpose is what you make of it, not intrinsic.

No. 565417

yeah males all care so much about working to be perfect kek

No. 565466

kek, that thread is a mess

No. 565476

>working to reach perfection is pretty much why you're put on earth
Not really. By being born with consciousness you’ve already perfected being carbon based life form, on earth. That’s most males greatest accomplishment kek

No. 565490

I would have sex with a guy on youtube who I've never met. he's the only one and I'm not naming him, just gotta confess, because I'm not about casual sex but he is the exception

No. 565500

My ex classmate was fine and fun at school but after I followed her on ig for a while, like in a few months time I started noticing she always posted some weirdly right wing bullshit. Our school and field was very idk liberal you could say and I just feel not only grossed out but amused. This closet racist shit never had the guts to say that shit to us nor our black classmates, lame ass. Unfollowed er after this week, her posts were just getting crazy levels of your drunk uncle at a family gathering kinda racist.

No. 565503

Anon, you're teasing us. Is it JonTron?

No. 565504

It's not him but it's someone from a small dead channel and I'm not saying anything more. I just…. hnnng

No. 565520

is it Chills with his sexy ass voice

No. 565533

This bitch bout to have relations ith tobuscus

No. 565557


Just name him, it's not like any of us are gonna snipe him

No. 565561

Didn't he like unironically beat his girlfriend?

No. 565564

Samefag, why did I imply you can ironically beat your girlfriend?

No. 565570

ngl i snorted at the unironic but yea as far as i know + he is a huge asshole with a drug habbit

No. 565654

Without bothering to google him, he has the demeanor of someone who would have a coke habit to me

No. 565737

Making stuffed animals yourself is pretty impressive. I've tried long ago once with friends who love to sew and I was shit at it. You could potentially sell some of them, donate or make great gifts to friends and family so if you're worried about it not being a "productive" hobby like learning foreign languages there's no need to. You could even post about it online on a blog or on social media and try to make friends with similar hobbies.

No. 565746

After hearing about the Amberlynn situation, I am now scared. I’ve never been to see the gyno nor had a Pap smear - I thought I didn’t need to because I was and am a virgin.

I’m currently 28…

No. 565752

Scrotes are being nasty in response to her video, as usual.
>you can just get your uterus removed, it's totally survivable!
Yeah guys, not like cancer can be metastatic and spread elsewhere. Sure, removing the uterus from a young woman so early totally won't throw her into early menopause and force her to be on hormones.

They sound more mad that she might die from cancer and not the glorious artery heart clog from her orange chicken and rice that they wish upon her so much. They're such assholes, this is why the concern trolling about her weight was such bullshit. They want her to die for their amusement and ego.

No. 565753

i'm 29, same situation here.

No. 565792

Anon, cancer doesn't care how healthy, wealthy, important, or sexually active a person is. Get a check up every few years damn.

No. 565797

Obesity increases the likelihood of cancer, so technically, they are getting what they want.
I've always to wanted to see her finally lose weight, but I guess if she isn't lying about having cancer and it gets worse, she will under undesirable means.

No. 565863

About 2 years ago I was dumped twice by the same guy. Since then he has become my personal lolcow and I still check his Twitter daily. It's all pretentious crap about his novel or details from his sexlife.

For example he just got chlamydia and when you Google his full name the account shows up second. His first novel is also published under that name so good luck with that career.

It's innocent fun for me but if my current partner found out about this I'd be mortified.

No. 565882

I feel this way about David Dobrik. I would let him annihilate me.

No. 565885

Don't think he's into girls.

No. 565886

I want to come back to france so bad but I don't think my bf comprenhend my patriotic need to be there.

No. 565892

>my patriotic need to be there.
I'm guessing your "patriotic need" is the food? Because if that's the case then same. I miss eating normal bread so much.

No. 565897

Me too, and I'm not even a French native.
I was a refugee as a kid so we've been moving around lots. Where I live now is nice but people here are super cold and asocial, everyone who's different is treated like some sort of weirdo and people are always uncomfortable around you. I have like 2 friends I can hang out with regularly.
In France everyone was so friendly and nice to me and I made so many friends, I wanna go back. People actually make small talk and ask you about your life instead of just being quiet and awkward all the time.

No. 565901

Eh, I don't even really like bread, it hurts my gums. I just want to be back to my country.
I used to mock homesick people but I guess I'm just one of them now.
J'ai juste envie d'avoir neuf ans, d'être à l'arrière de la voiture de mes parents et de jouer à la gameboy à la lueur des lampadaire alors que le jour décline et qu'on revient de chez papi et mamie.
I miss that feeling so bad.

No. 565905

He fucked Liza Koshy’s brains out. In an alternate reality, he’s doing that to me too. I am full on cum brained, simp nation for that man.

No. 565912

I like Margo's new "song"

No. 565922

File: 1591367373866.jpg (35.24 KB, 500x375, ghjkl.jpg)

>everyone who's different is treated like some sort of weirdo and people are always uncomfortable around you.
>In France everyone was so friendly and nice to me and I made so many friends
It's kinda funny to me because I'm French but not of French origin and I always felt like I was treated like a turbo retard or a weirdo until people got to know me better, and then I get the typical "wow anon, you're not like the other [insert ethnic group's name here]" Now that I spent some time abroad I don't want to go back to that, especially during job hunting.

I know that feel too. Too bad you didn't have that super cool high-tech shit though.

No. 565926

I used to be a bit of a Francophile when I was younger. It was the first language I ever studied formally. I went to France briefly, a little while ago, and I honestly never want to go back there.

No. 565931

File: 1591368421583.jpg (23.99 KB, 450x400, e105283.001.jpg)

I had that motherfucker but he did nothing with it's two little shitty lights in the sides.
C'était mieux de se mettre contre le carreau et d'attraper la lumière qui passait.

No. 565934

lel I had the same experience. Maybe it was my fault for just going to the major cities but I didn't get the french vibe despite my stay being longer than 2 weeks. It was 3rd world like in many places and I felt a lot safer in 2nd world countries than there.

No. 565935

I still don't have my drivers permit at 30 but I'm gearing to it. Because I want those road-trip feels again (http://www.bouletcorp.com/2013/10/08/notre-toyota-etait-fantastique/)

No. 565936

I'm not even a Francophile but I'm surprised how even after running your words through google translate they still sound so poetic. I guess the meme of french being romantic is true kek
I was curious about your conversation because those photos have so much nostalgia for me, I also spent a lot of time alone at night waiting in a car. I thought the official light screen worked pretty well but as the batteries slowly drained you would be left staring into the increasingly dimming light.

No. 565938

It wasn't that bad I guess. I can't remember it so vividly now but I try.
Je peux presque sentir le poids de la vieille game boy grise dans les mains, posée sur mes genoux ramenés sous mon menton parce que le vieux chauffage de voiture n'est pas très efficace. Je peux encore entendre ma mère me dire :"Mets un gilet !".

With some luck, I'll be moving back in 6 month.

No. 565943

Im French too and starting to be homesick as well. Hopefully the feeling goes away and doesn’t get worse. I get way better pay and quality of life here than I would back home. But some things you just don’t stop missing.

No. 565959

third world? damn, that bad? i live in baguette-land and while i know the cities are the best nor the safest, did it really feel that awful?

No. 565963

My ex bf recently broke up with him. I'm still obsessed with him and probably always will be. The relationship was toxic, but we had a horrific, catastrophic ending, and he's pretty mad at me.

He publicly accused me of abuse and posted humiliating posts about our relationship problems.

I'm so in love with him, and am completely unable to enjoy my life. I will never love anyone else like this, in my life.

No. 565969

File: 1591374734414.gif (3.38 MB, 700x285, 1579187824470.gif)

Which cities did you go to and what happened? I'm curious.

>vieille gameboy grise
>pas la gameboy color
>incompatible avec pokémon cristal
mdr, clocharde

No. 565971

Omg me too lol I was a total frenchaboo, always dreamed of traveling there, studied french so diligently and then went to paris for a school trip and it was the only vacation that ever disappointed me. All other places I ever went to always exceeded my expectations by far. Everything was so dirty and smelly, it's as if nobody takes care of the city, which is weird because isn't it one of the most popular and thus profitable tourist destinations in the world? It's such a pity because the facades of the buildings would be so beautiful - if it wasn't for them being neglected, the many graffitis, the rubbish on the street (or pee or a used condom…)
Since we went there as kids we obviously knew that we couldn't afford going to restaurants so we planned on just surviving on baguette and other bread, but that was so hard to find? Bakeries seemed to be rare and so overpriced and in supermarkets they mainly sold gross american-type sandwiches with way too much butter and toppings, I lost so much weight during that week lol Now I forgot any french I ever learned, no idea if I ever want to go back.
My friends and I were definitely sheltered due to living in a very small town, but nevertheless the many redlight places (sex shop, sex museum, porn cinema, and so on) and even witnessing a robbery were rather shocking to us.

>I felt a lot safer in 2nd world countries than there.

Not sure if this can be classified as 2nd world (it's definitely seen as "less" than france) but the place I felt the safest was budapest. It was also super clean (which is extremely important for me lol), so quiet/not busy and extremely beautiful… Cheaper too, you can get buns for less than 1 cent there. No idea why it's so underrated but it's just as beautiful as other more famous european cities and imo you could feel comfortable traveling there alone or with just female friends.

No. 565974

ntayrt but i'm french and only like paris for the culture (shows, food, international shit, architecture) but it fucking reeks. your romanced view of paris definitely made it worse for you, but god damn it hasn't deserved it's title as the romance capital of the world in decades.
but for some reason my foreign mother think it's absolutely amazing and the city she feels most comfortable in. i also met japanese people who said paris was cleaner and better than tokyo, and that french people are nice…after i had just seen a bus driver yell at an old lady for being too slow and walked through the stinky subway.

No. 565976

>i also met japanese people who said paris was cleaner and better than tokyo
They must have been high as hell when they told you that.

No. 565977

File: 1591377210489.jpeg (571.06 KB, 750x979, C4F0E076-D054-4974-89E8-D5A04B…)

I’ve been to Paris once, I definitely preferred the big Italian cities to Paris! but I can’t believe you’ve met Japanese people who think it’s better than Tokyo, Japanese people are so disappointed by Paris they start PUKING kek

No. 565981

I'm so tired of my friends humor it's just sarcasm, puns, and elementary level clap backs. If it was more witty or thought out I wouldn't mind but it's also every single day.

I love anons talking about their countries or surrounding countries. Feels like an insider look on where they live rather than the superficial facts about those places. Example is anons calling Australia a country filled with npcs and others agreeing.

No. 565982

paris syndrome is mostly japanese terebi sensationalism, but it seems to be a thing for a lot of people across the world.
the japanese people in question had been in france/europe for a couple of months by then, and loved it. they were so genuine. and sober.
they admitted that finding french people extremely kind might be caused by their lacking french language skills but they swore that tokyo was nasty. i'm convinced parisian pipes poisoned their water.

No. 565987

oué oué gamine, on se calme et on respecte les aînés, là.

No. 566018

When I visited Paris a few years ago, I stepped in human shit on the sidewalk. Buildings were pretty though.

No. 566031

File: 1591385847697.jpg (34.83 KB, 563x389, obsession.jpg)

I guess it's time for me to admit that I'm obsessed with my ex. My feelings for him change every day and sometimes I don't care about him at all, for a long periods of time even. But then it's like I'm going through all the stages of grief over and over again. I also was acting like a creepy stalker recently (just on the internet) and found out that he might have a little daughter, so he probably married someone or lives with a woman… Don't want to go into details and explain what exactly made me think that. Just a few clues that I could've misinterpreted. I shouldn't care about his personal life. I can even say that I'm happy for him if he really has a family and is happy himself. It feels like a punch to the gut at the same time though. I know it's better for me just to forget and don't try to find some 'strong evidence' because it'll most probably hurt me really bad, but the process of seeking makes me excited and I hate myself for it. It's masochistic in a way.

No. 566042

Unpopular opinion but you unironically should have trapped him kek

No. 566083

i'm 10 years younger than you but yeah i feel like a clown not even having my fucking learners permit… one day..

No. 566094

how much did you pay?

No. 566151

I want to accuse my boyfriend of cheating on me and then break up with him because he always sneaks around on me.

No. 566164

I hate rich people! I hate them! I hate that I hate them but I do. The ones I've met are so unwilling to acknowledge the good cards dealt to them in life and have the nerve to tell us poor plebs how to manage our money. I told my friend I wanted to go to grad school but that I would have to take out loans and she had the nerve to tell me that was a horrible idea and that I shouldn't because I'm "already drowning in them". Meanwhile she got her undergrad covered completely by her parents as well as graduate school. Am I supposed to be both broke and unaccomplished? Am I supposed to stop living my life because I come from a lower middle class family?

No. 566168

I hate my current state of being. To move out of my boyfriend's house, I can't bring my cats with me. Pathetically enough, that's what's keeping me around.

No. 566171

I genuinely respect the self made ones even if they have an extreme "choice" mentality and I think they're right to some extent.
I don't respect the ones who are proud of how they were born and pull the nachural order card to say I'm meant to here, you're meant to kiss my ass. Trump is an example of that.

No. 566172

I'm from a lower middle class background too. I have no suggestions on how to pay for grad school unfortunately. I would ask her though, how she suggests you go about grad school or life even..
Call it a chip but I can't be friends with rich people.

No. 566178

your friend sounds annoying. but if you don't need grad school for a better job or are really interested in academia look into getting a job and not going into more debt. for some careers getting more than bachelor's doesn't do much and in the job hunt experience trumps everything.

No. 566200

>Call it a chip but I can't be friends with rich people.
Same, my parents really wanted to be middle class so I grew up around people that spoke "properly" and all that but now as an adult I get treated like shit by those kinds of people in my job and I see how different our lives really are I can't be nice to rich people anymore. It was cute believing that I would get a mythical great job to help me afford keeping up with those childhood friends but our realities are so different now that we don't understand each other at all. It's shit being the token poor friend anyway.

No. 566209

girl same. somehow i've been friends with a couple wealthy people (family $$$) and i had to cut it off because they were so out of touch. my biggest pet peeve was them claiming "not to care about money"–bitch it's really easy not to care about money when you're swimming in it. they saw themselves as righteous protagonists that the universe revolved around. maybe i'm just bitter because middle class immigrant family, but they could seriously use some humble pie

No. 566233

I want female friendship so bad.
I get girl crushes all the time and really try to bond but I'm broken.

When I was 12/14 yo, I got a string of horrible friends that used the fact that I was a people pleaser and told all my teenager secrets to other people.

I have been wounded by this all this time and now have a very hard time telling people about my private life. I can talk about hobbies, gossip, work and shit but the moment I try to force myself talking about my family, husband, exs or anything related, I get that deep sense that I did something wrong, told too much and an impen
ding doom feeling.

My last girl crush was at work. She was nice and we actually were getting along until another girl arrived and they were instant friend in a way that showed thet, yeah, we were realy work accointances.

It crushed me. I'll never have real girl friend because I come off as very cold and take ages to open up. It's my own fault and it won't go away no matters how much I try.

No. 566275

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.

I have a few male ‘friends’ that I used to see pretty regularly. Since we don’t anymore (mostly due to jobs, focusing on more important stuff like college etc) I only text with each of them like once every few weeks or months.
I have never been attracted to any of them. However, I have this huge urge to make our conversations sexual. The vague idea of having sex with them, turns me on.

With one guy in particular it’s very … weird.
We used to work together and we talked a lot about sexual stuff. We’re both into the same shit and he’s really into me. But he’s really obese. So the actual fantasy about having sex with him grosses me out. However, as I said, the vague idea of it really turns me on. Which is so confusing and upsetting. Because I do want to sext with him and all that shit. Even the thought of being fucked by him turns me on if I leave out the lower half of his body. Because realistically thinking about actually sleeping with him - like with his whole body in mind - makes me gag.
And it’s like that with other guys too. I’m not attracted to them, but for some insane reason I want to fuck them. But then again I don’t.

I just… why

No. 566276

Women do speak about men in the same way men do about women.

No. 566295

I would love to janitor and get more involved in boards life in general but I'm too afraid admin and janitors will have a look at all the dumbass shit I post constantly.

No. 566296

Applications are easy anon, you literally just have to suck the confirmed tranny janny off and you're pretty much in for life. There's nothing to worry about concerning post history

No. 566468

I get such satisfaction popping ingrown crotch hairs. I can't believe how much pus comes out. Also seeing the hair that caused the issue, it's like… It's not trapped anymore, now I won't be in pain. Freedom.

No. 566469

No. 566471

Ew, that's disgusting.

No. 566477

My family's getting my dad a father's day present after like 19 years. He was an abusive asshole growing up and he still has his verbally abusive moments but he's changed a lot. It makes me want to puke out of anxiousness but I'm happy to get him one.

No. 566507

fuck up the board more so I'll finally want to leave

No. 566521

I admit that Im just a difficult person to live with. I don’t like having other people in my living space 24/7 and so I can be a complete bitch when Im forced to deal with the people I live with and their bullshit. I wish I had money to move out on my own, cuz Im really not interested trying to change this about myself. I just want to live alone.

No. 566525

Watching amberlynn reid go through her cancer discovery and seeing all the comments under her vids where women also battled uterine cancer in their twenties is making me realise I need to get to a doctor.

I had pre-cancer on my cervix a few years ago and went to lots of appointments monitoring it. Then I got into an abusive relationship and lost all self esteem and the will to look after myself. Penetration has been uncomfortable for years now, roughly half the time it makes me bleed afterwards. I have other symptoms like fatigue, pelvic pain all month long, shooting hip pain and fevers that hit me some evenings and last a few hours without an obvious cause. At this point I'd feel stupid visiting my doctor and listing off that many symptoms/admitting I've ignored shit for so long.

No. 566527

File: 1591475207846.jpg (14.73 KB, 299x400, Get-Well-Soon-Feel-Better-Card…)

Dude, this is some scary shit.

No. 566533

I love how me and my best friend know each other so well and just get it to the point where we literally say "maybe i'm tinfoiling but" before getting into it for ages and sharing interest in our stupid theories that probably will not make sense to anybody else but who cares because we got to talk it out together again. Christ, i feel like i've completely adapted to having someone who understands me inside and out and the thought of not having her around to masterfully shoot the shit with is foreign but quite scary. I'm so glad i've been able to find this girl who gets it without it needing to be said but we say it anyway because it can be so funny. I love her dearly and maybe she'll read this at some point and if she does, you're the greatest and if not here i am shilling my right hand bitch bitch to you all because she's fantastic and we will make masterful and insightful older women together kek

No. 566541

Damn I started going through this too. Two of my closest friends are men, I think they look fine but they are not at all my type. We've been talking extensively about sex, as in past experiences and what we think of different practices. I found out that they find my attractive, one admitted he had a sex dream about me, and now I also feel the urge to sext him. I've been fantasizing about him too, but the idea of seriously following through with even kissing him is fucking bizarre and turns me off.

No. 566544

Lurk more shayna kek

No. 566549


I hope things are not too bad anon.

I also wanted to get me checked because on friday I came across so many people who discovered that they have cancer. The most shocking one for me was the one of a co-worker who I saw for the last time two weeks ago and now is in hospital because he got the news that he has leukemia. Stuff like that makes my healthy anxiety explode. I also never followed the amber thread but as soon as I read about cancer I had to check it and idk in moments like that I feel like I have it all ugh and this shit won't let me sleep at night for weeks.

No. 566551

Be careful around these 'friends' because what you're doing will be definitely be considered 'leading them on' in their heads

I'd never talk about sex that openly with my male friends, it'd give them an opening to flirt with me

No. 566562

im jealous

No. 566614

i'm pretty much the same, but these dudes i've never met IRL just hung around online for 2+ years. the other night, we were all ironically sending each other R34 and bad celeb porn shoops. they usually bring up something about my bf to playfully make me jealous, like having sex with him or texting or having a sleepover, or pretend they heard my bf say something about our sex life, like one of them said "anon's boyfriend said her pussy tastes like french fries… that's based actually." it's the weirdest part of our friendship and i am sure the ones saying these things are straight. one of them is in a 5+ year relationship with a woman, he brings up my boyfriend more than anyone else. i honestly don't understand it but i think it's fucking hilarious these dudes are roleplaying their sexual urges towards someone they've never actually met.

No. 566622

>sending your orbiters porn

No. 566624

I'm just so glad we met irl through pure luck and we've been so solid for years. She's amazing. Not to derail my own confession with sperging about my black and white thinking but she was a victim of that in the very beginning but it's so past that now it's not even funny. She is a blessing, a reminder that i'm not doomed to be bpdfag or crazy woman ruining shit because she's just a solid 'god i appreciate this woman in a non-weird way' for so long. Not to paint her as my 'ol reliable, The One That Will Never Leave, because that's not it at all. She is an enigma of a woman and so, so smart and anything will happen, anything in the world and I'll speak to her about it and it's genuine agreement and same hat between us despite our outside differences. I love manually typing out a url of a fucking post from lolcow or any bit of writing or cowlike behavior that i've seen just to get her take. We were armchairing about our personal cows before I knew of this place kek. It's so hard to do her justice in a comment box but whoever she ends up with, if our queen deems anyone worthy of her time, will be so lucky.

No. 566687

Tbf some of it was Nikocado Avocados onlyfans pics, is that considered porn? LMAO

No. 566702

Look i get it but many of us have been there with the group of orbiters who hint they want to fuck you but this was fun back in high school

No. 566745

I agree with J.K Rowling

No. 566751

Me too.

No. 566757

I'm an ungrateful hypocrite, lazy, and bad daughter. I avoid my family because the dysfunction makes me lash out and act like them. My dad and sister bully my mom because she is stupid, and I join in. But then I also take my frustration with my father out on her as well. Fuck quarantine and get me out of this hellhole. I don't know if it's hormones but I can't control my temper and keep slamming walls.

I think we have a bug problem (again) but this time I want to stop being a pussy and look into hiring an exterminator. God I'm so scared my dad's going to scream at me for being an obnoxious cunt. God forbid I don't want to live in squalor. I'm already mentally prepared to whine like a little bitch and don't see the point in actual conversation. If I'm here for the next 3 months I don't want to live in a bug infested shithole because my dad's a fat fuck who just watches TV all day and is too blind to notice shit. He always says "I never see bugs!" Bitch it's because I know you're a pig who doesn't care about anything except facebook and screaming at your wife. I have so much learned helpnessness and feel trapped and just want to go back to wasting away online.

I'm a hypocrite who doesn't do shit around this house because I just want to avoid my family and think it's pointless to interact with them. I've never cleaned a bathroom. I live in lazy retard mode and don't want to do anything because I feel self-conscious around my family but I also resent them. I'm a waste of fucking space and too stupid (or lazy) to assert myself.

I'm also taling advantage of the kindness of a Black professor. I'm procrastinating an assignment he gave me an extension on but I just don't care anymore, I hate being around my family. Being in this house makes me feel like a frog being slowly boiled alive, though objectively it's not that bad. I can't tell how bad things are vs. me being shit.

No. 566764

Anyone with a brain should.

No. 566766

Based JK Rowling, the balls to say all this while being a Karen-aged white woman. I hope she reaches some of the normies who aren't completely lost to leftistism.

No. 566776

what's the context? What did she say?

No. 566777

Anon i'm fucking hooting and hollering it was dramatic and my eyes darted from superlative to superlative and i was taking it in until you just randomly mentioned the professor being not black but Black no context nothing just letting us know not that it matters

No. 566778

TERFing on main lmao just look at her twitter

No. 566779

she was always terfing on main but let me see here

No. 566780


No. 566781

File: 1591518948334.png (250.75 KB, 598x751, tweetcyborg.png)

Our woman kek

No. 566787

All my friends dragging her just because the qweer one brainwashed them to bash on terfs without them even knowing the context… Meanwhile I'm just sitting here because speaking would be a social suicide. I hate it here.

No. 566814

Dunno why but this shitty incel song really makes me bop my head and I feel listening to it again and again.
Maybe it's the garage band aestetics and the pure degeneracy of the lyrics.

No. 566818

I kept scrolling through the replies yesterday and the fact that the vast majority (that I could see) was enraged made me so mad I almost didn't get any sleep

No. 566822


No. 566826

File: 1591533455949.gif (4.71 MB, 480x270, ahhh.gif)

My bf brought this up yesterday, I don't have twitter so I often find out the happenings secondhand or through lolcow. We both had a good agreement that Rowling is right.

Honestly there's no better person than her to voice against them. Canceling her would mean canceling precious Harry Potter, and we all know how the tranny-sucking turbo left consoomers love their HP fandom and merch. It'll never happen, because these people would never give up something they personally love for some trannies who've never have and never will do jackshit for other people. It's perfect.

No. 566828

You know what makes all that even tastier? When you remember how many of these people have Harry Potter tattoos engraved on their skin

No. 566829

It is catchy tho and somehow I always come back to it too. I honestly wish there were more songs like it.

No. 566838

that's not really an epic win the way you think it is lol. people have been tired of the kween of terfs making everyone non-white or gay for meaningless internet points for a while.
the only people who'd die for harry potter rn are those who barely pay attention to canon and just wanna make fan content, and normies who binge-watch the movies. they never cared for JK in the first place.

btw both JK and HP are retarded kek

No. 566846

>the only people who'd die for harry potter rn are those who barely pay attention to canon and just wanna make fan content, and normies who binge-watch the movies

This is a giant amount of people and mainstream media, lmao. It's a pretty big deal. But time will tell!

No. 566847

File: 1591538111407.jpg (316.22 KB, 1079x1490, Screenshot_20200607-094659_Twi…)

i usually assume a b-list celebrity soapboxing a luke warm opinion is just an attempt to piss off the masses and bring back lost traffic. its a little embarassing that she wrote one of the most popular childrens book series, but cant find something more rewarding to do with her time now besides poking the twitter bear. i do have to ask though, what the fuck was she trying to say here? am i just retarded?

No. 566852

I kept sleeping with my ex for almost a year after we broke up, almost weekly. He was my first relationship and lured me into a poly relationship that I was not willing to have, at the time I loved him and I wanted to have a boyfriend (I was only 18 and really insecure). Ended up leaving me for another woman because I was too clingy and it was a toxic relationship for me (so I'm glad he dumped me). The breakup at the time was hell, I had suicidal thoughts daily, stopped going to college. I kept sleeping with him because I thought I was making her jealous, I thought that I was still valuable to him and it was obviously so toxic and wrong. I regret it so much, I think this has fucked me up.

I met my current bf two years ago and it's killing me that I had sex with my ex while I had feelings for him (only once tho). It was purely a FwB relationship at this point so I don't know why I did it but I feel like I've cheated on him even though it was a month prior to us going out. I don't feel like confessing it to him at this point because it was obviously not cheating, we hadn't expressed interest in each other yet and I would never ever cheat on him now, the thought disgusts me.

long story short my first relationship fucked me up emotionally/sexually and I wish I would have realized sooner I'm 100% monogamous and vanilla and that it was not something you could adapt to. I think I should go to therapy but I'm going to move out to a new city soon…… i keep making excuses

No. 566858

When I was younger (like 12?)I would masturbate with a back massager while watching tv with my mom. For hours. She never said anything about it.

I did also leave the pencils I used to make myself throw up with (retarded choice btw) on the bathroom floor, so maybe she was just not very observient.

No. 566878

It's not like she hasn't been harassment on every single tweet since the first situation. It's not as if a few weeks ago someone said, "She's not safe to be around childern", people are saying she's obsessed but since she made the first mistake people have been harassing her & anything to do with her.
Pink News is hounding her like a dog, I don't like JK but people have NOT been leaving her alone, people are always waiting and tweeting nasty shit to her. I think thats why it's on her mind.

No. 566880

>making everyone non-white or gay for meaningless internet points
The way I see it, she realized you always lose pandering to leftist SJWs and said fuck it
They’re having a hard time coping with the fact that HP will always be GLOBAL cultural icon, how many other female writers achieved that? JKaren Rowling has already immortalized herself while the cancelling party will be forgotten by history.
>what the fuck was she trying to say here?
Rowling tweeted about an article referring to women as “people who menstruate”. So that Twitterfag was like why, to which Rowling pointed out that the twitterfag still uses the word woman and not Wonder Person who Menstruates. Emily-chan went on to call this cyberbullying kek

No. 566901

>The way I see it, she realized you always lose pandering to leftist SJWs and said fuck it
I don't doubt this at all. J.K. was forced to use her initials as a writer because she was told people wouldn't buy books written by women and had a shithead of a husband who ruined her and drove her to clinical depression while she was struggling to make ends meet as a dirt poor single mother. Imagine leading a life like that and most likely going through things she's not even mentioned, becoming a feminist icon through all her struggles and then cancelled just because you believe that you had to suffer because of your biological sex. I used to laugh at her woke pandering gay Dumbledore and black Hermione takes but if she's willing to go head first against the politically correct opinion and speak her mind even at the risk of losing her reputation and work competely then it can't be all simple virtue signaling. I honestly wish more famous people would be this brave.

No. 566902

Kek just fucking say it, how do you hold your tongue this hard better to be on your own than surrounded by friends who'd walk if you didn't manage to keep your terven ways shrouded
>engraved in their skin
this isn't how tats work but yes. there are so many people with massive fuck ugly harry potter tattoos

No. 566912

I don't understand this either, she was so pro lgbt before and then just kind of suddently switched?

No. 566915

You can be pro-LGB but gendercritical anon. Trannies have nothing to do with LGB to begin with as they can be straight as a nail. And even in the case of JK she's mad about denying absolute scientific biology, not trans people per se.

No. 566926

What? Here she is advocating for lesbians in a way they actually need, 'lesbians are ok!' is retarded, she's linking an article about the discrimination of honest-to-god only likes females lesbians even within gay spaces and she's right to do so but people are stupid to think of her as revolutionary or a terf icon because of it. It's common sense yet here we are

No. 566928

You misunderstood me anons sorry for not being more clear. I know she's pro lgb and just genrcritical, i just meant she used to be pro transgender and pander to them too and then suddently switched

No. 566933

I'd argue she's still pandering, she peppers her biological fact around "i totally have no problem with actual trans people! it's so fine! just that they're not female!" she's still dancing around it all

No. 566939

>just fucking say it
But anon I'm an uwu shy baby who can't articulate her thoughts! No but like discussions with these people can drawn out for hours. We had one regarding prostitution and porn that was great because those against it could actually have a debate with the libfems while I was just… cheering them on. So yeah being against those were tolerated but I can't just say "hello guys I believe in the fact that women get oppressed due to their sex" and them not obviously thinking "that's terf rhetoric reee", imo. At the end, I don't want to be alone.

No. 566941

i'm trying to get it but don't drag out an argument with someone who doesn't want to have their opinion changed for literal hours. like oh we don't agree? ok kek idk why people take on the political educator role just bc they're a gc woman/radfem

No. 566945

??? I have never actually had an argument with someone about it. I'm the furthest thing from a political educator, I just disagree with them in silence.

No. 566971

She's still pro-LGB. She's just had it with trannies shoving themselves into womens spaces, and trying to convince lesbians to suck "girldick".

No. 567034

Someone I went to school with is using BLM for his own gain, but I can't say anything about it.

This effeminate gay guy trooned out and identifies as a "trans enby" and has used the movement to form a group providing "self care resources" to trans people. There's no information about how they're going to do that, but somehow they're already selling expensive shirts with their logo.
When someone called him out for previously being unprofessional, he said that they were being racist, even though everyone at our school knows that he was called into a staff meeting because he was so difficult to work with. I get that it's not the best time to call out a Black person, but now it's just being dismissed.
He also has a history of being rude and dismissive to LGBT people before trooning out, and has never apologized.

People are sucking up to him and trying to forget all the shit he's done. I really feel like he's being used for tokenism by people who won't admit it.
He's just not a good person and is using "BLM" and "transphobia" to deflect any valid criticism.

No. 567070

lmao I specified since the protests may be weighing heavily on their mind. there's so much violence it's fucked.

No. 567072

I lowkey want to be venus

No. 567076

It's usually the libfems who will drag it out trying to argue that men can be women if you do bring it up or say you disagree. The friend I lost over it couldn't get over the fact we had differing opinions. Anon just doesnt want to go through hours of argument that will lead no where but a dead friendship or drawn out night.

No. 567082

She's not that pretty at all anon, she's not ugly but she obviously relies heavy con filters you can aim higher on who you wish to look like

No. 567084

Even now? She's a depressing hot mess, I recently looked in her thread for the first time in months and was shocked and appalled tbh. I used to think she was pretty, had cute clothes, got to just be a weeb for a living, a bit of a mess but still worth a bit of envy. Now though… She's just sad.

No. 567091

LMAO in what aspect anon? Her lewks, her notoriety? Being mentally ill weeb in japan?

No. 567106

Her easy life in general. It's odd to have such an easy life

No. 567111

In what way is her life easy? She's virtually homeless and has resorted to stripping for money because she will never have the education or skills to make her own. You wanna have your life at the mercy of men, then you can wind up like the anons who come here venting after their abusers isolated and moved them to a foreign country where they can't work, drive, or do shit.

No. 567113

>after their abusers isolated and moved them to a foreign country where they can't work, drive, or do shit
kek i wish

No. 567116

don't let your memes be dreams!

No. 567118

I did this but he tried to get me pregnant which crossed the line

No. 567137

As someone who never cared about dating, men or sex in general quarantine made me change.
I want to have sex, badly, I'd fuck my ugly friend (at least he's tall), I'd fuck my friend who's already taken (he'd cheat if I gave in).
God I just need someone who's not an obese fuck and I'd be willing to. Idk what happened

No. 567143

You must have switched to emergency repopulate the earth mode. men are in this mode constantly which is why they're so crazy.

Or you're just very, very bored. Don't shag your friends.

No. 567150

I can't be bothered to formulate my own thoughts about the latest JK Rowling thing so I want to see some anons duke it out, but that can't happen anymore because of the changes to this board
I normally don't care about the board changes but today I miss the old freedoms

No. 567155

Go to asherahs garden then. Is that so hard?
JK did nothing wrong but I doubt most people would disagree with that. Maybe we have bigger things to worry about or don't care.

No. 567157

Asherah's garden is so dead there's like 2 posts on /ot/

No. 567165

same, ag is fine but it's really slow and the tone is a lot more serious and less fun than the threads here were. there's very little bitching and shitposting and i miss that. there isn't really anywhere else in the gc sphere that fills that niche.

No. 567166

I hate that I was a weird teenager. I wasn't weird on the outside whatsoever (besides being socially awkward at times), I was weird moreso in the shit I spent my free time doing and how my brain worked. I spent way too much time worrying what people thought of me while simultaneously doing nothing to better myself. I used to make fake accounts on dating sites and spend an embarrassingly lengthy amount of time each day keeping them up, I watched unhealthy amounts of porn, and too many youtube videos. I guess that's what happens when your parents never let you go out and see the world or check up to see what you're doing on the internet.

No. 567167

I have a crush on this game developer who hangs out in the Discord for the game and I’m really embarrassed… he’s part of a team but I really love the game, we’re into a lot of the same things, have chatted directly a bit, he’s cute. But he also lives nowhere near me and also I realize I’m kind of a creepy dumbass for ~having a crush~ as an adult on some person I don’t even know. Still, it’s the highlight of my romantic endeavors in quarantine times I guess; pining after some dude I’ll never meet.

No. 567168

Anon your dream of becoming Yandev's new mommy is more achievable than you think

No. 567170

I know you’re joking but if you have advice on how to flirt with shy and awkward video game dudes please let me know

I’m very blunt and can be aggressive and it usually scares the shit out of them

No. 567172

Ayrt, i'm also blunt and aggressive. Shy and awkward anime video game dudes tend to like that kek and also not to "don't change yourself for a man!!!" but like… don't

No. 567173

Ok, my experience with them is primarily at conventions. I guess every guy is different too. This one in particular seems really careful about what he says and is definitely reserved, but fuck I just want to DM him and be like “yo do you wanna cam”

Have a feeling he wouldn’t reply though lol

No. 567174

Blunt and aggressive is what you need with these dudes. You'll get nowhere being passive, they're oblivious af.

No. 567175

kek i read that as yo do you wanna cum, send that

No. 567176

Anon I’m so bored and horny I WOULD but idk I don’t want to risk it backfiring somehow lol

I’m gonna try to get to know him better first I guess

No. 567177

i'm horny too, i feel like he definitely is and honestly i personally would just for the meme, like how many people send "hey!" kek it'll peter off into nothing

No. 567179

My main concern is being kicked out of the server for offending him or some shit I don’t know, I’ve made some friends in there so I’ll play it cool for now but I’ll be taking your advice and will try to apply it.

No. 567181

Time feels like it's fleeting and it's scaring the shit out of me. How a I turning 24 in a few months. I was 13 at one point, and now I'm here. My high school years felt like they took ages to be over, yet the past 4 years of college flew by. I don't care about aging, I care about how it feels like each year feels like it's being taken away at twice the speed. I don't feel like I've done enough in these past few years to make them meaningful either.

No. 567190

Sam Hyde tried to fuck me. He’s into weird shit. Ghosted him.

No. 567196

I wouldn't fuck a serial mass shooter

He keeps getting away with it

No. 567225

I'm scared too, anon. I'm turning 25 this year and it feels like the past 5 years just flew by. I couldn't wait for the school year to be over 10 years ago, it felt like it never ended. Now it feels like it takes 2 minutes for a year to pass.

I'm also freaking out about aging though. I still feel like a fucking kid inside, how can I already be 25?

No. 567231

Since having a baby my bf makes me feel like a shit parent all the time and is constantly second guessing everything I do

The baby loves him and is much more attached to him though and no matter how many times I'm the one who stays awake with them, change them, and play with them. It's all him, and I'm miserable.

Sorry if this flows weird, I'm exhausted

No. 567235

Feels like some post-partum depression, have you talked to your doctor about these feelings?
Please, get yourself checked out.

No. 567237

he may be projecting his own anxieties onto you. but like the other anon says, please get checked for post-partum depression.
it's incredibly common, and the earlier you deal with it the better it is. please don't wait much longer.
keep an open dialogue with your boyfriend too.

No. 567248

Yeah, most libfem friends of mine will literally send someone who doesn't agree with them a novel saying how hurt they are. Basically, you can't get out of the convo without saying sorry and how you'll educate yourself on the "right" opinion.

No. 567249

Kek, never say sorry to these people manipulating you into trying to feel responsible for how suicidal they are about your wrongthink

No. 567280

I sometimes wonder if I actually have a personality, or that I'm just a empty husk that mimics other people's behavior, characters on TV shows and I regurgitate memes & old Simpsons quotes to project to others that I have humour.

Or maybe I'm just ugly.

No. 567283

Who the hell doesn't mimic other's behavior? It's not like it's a completely, ridiculously natural thing to do, african women stretch out their lips to fit in and mirror their mothers and grandmothers and the other girls and you're a husk because you regurgitate memes?

No. 567288

That's fucking weird, before I opened this thread I was literally just having an imaginary conversation in my head about how I realized I don't have much of a personality, I just adjust to the person I'm around most.
I don't think it's bad to be agreeable, people like us make good caretakers and can reduce conflict, but codependency means we often just waste our lives following other people. Personally, I need to find less boring people to follow.

I don't get what this has to do with being ugly though. You might just be depressed.

No. 567326

Here we go and i'm not fielding questions on it. This is the ultimate i am engaging in thought distortion political opinion but marriage is, considering its history and how it has literally always imprisoned women, the only form of ultimate trust a woman can put in a man. It is literally the magdalene laundry. We can all get fucked occasionally and it's fine, you leave right after or as soon as he starts getting annoying but it's crossing the line by betraying your fellow women by marrying any man who does not literally provide for you in every single way and always has from the get go. That is the only justification of letting a man literally ideologically humiliate you and your fellow women like that. How could you humiliate yourself by engaging in the systemic "my father is handing me to the new man, my Husband, who will manage and control me from now on". Do not tel me im thinking about this too deeply kek, think about why marriage was ever a thing. It was always i am now taking this woman off the market, she is mine and will give me my family. I will always want to be on the market, this would be going back on everything i've ever said. I don't care how much women say about sex outside of serious commitment. It is fine, is ideal, feels good and it is not devaluing myself to engage a little in the biological Man Sexy meme but it would be to tell him that him and men in general doing the bare fucking minimum makes him set for life and worthy of that degree of fucking shameful turning your back and blinding yourself to history. Marriage is the ultimate pickme behavior and is allowing men to continue acting fucking awfully in a way sleeping with them never will because you are allowing them to reach endgame while doing nothing for it. "Settle down" why settle? Why 'settle' with any man who doesn't provide with you for more than like a month before letting him go like the captured and examined wild animal that he is?

No. 567330

This was so much fun to read. Amen, my sister, I share your rage

No. 567333

There are scientific studies that have found married men are usually happier than their unmarried peers, and married women are usually unhappier than their unmarried peers.

Having a wife you live with = accomplishment for man. He has succeeded in “being a man”. He can now sit back and feel good about himself as he works on the house he considers his “territory” with his female property.

Having a husband you live with = new child for woman, often literally beyond just the man she now has to clean up after. Women are still culturally expected to do the majority of chores and most married men want to plant their seed in her and make a child. More work. More labor. Woman slaves away cleaning, cooking, caring for baby, keeping track of schedules and important dates and this is all either while working or staying home. Man does bare minimum and gets a pat on the back. Man takes baby out by himself one day and gets commended by society. Woman is simply expected to do all physical, emotional, and mental labor. Man does task like fix a broken pipe and feels great about himself. Man ignores pile of dishes in the sink. Man becomes angry when woman “nags” him about chores, because he’s not used to taking on that mental labor. It is, after all, the job of his wife.

I am of course oversimplifying this but its so prevalent.

No. 567334

Giving sex for free to different guys is in no way better than giving sex and other various labor for free to one man as part of a contract

We just need to require a significant conversion of finances before giving away any labor to men.

No. 567338

sometimes i like the site but then i see these posts and remember i share it with brain damaged anons who actually think this. thanks for actively choosing to not fix anything! at least you won't breed…

No. 567339

I said i wouldn't field questions but anon, I am horny. Blue balling myself my whole life because of how much i hate men is not something i can do to myself. I feel it's silly to deny myself one of life's greatest pleasures. It's natural, but what's not natural is literally drawing up a contract, ownership papers, to dictate that she is yours now. Marriage is societal, they made it up to control women, sex is very biological and natural. "Sex for free" it is free. Sex should always be free and freeing.

No. 567353

File: 1591620685281.jpeg (12.8 KB, 300x168, 87B0ED85-BBB1-4F06-919C-3E2108…)

>for a few months I would repost sex workers’ content/selfies on /s/ because bored
>currently lying about some parts of my life to my bf because I feel the need to protect myself
>have told lots of lies to people
>the only time I have been 100% honest to others is on imageboards
>I feel guilty
That felt good to let out.

No. 567366

Anyone who chooses to have a baby in these times is a selfish fucking idiot if you ask me. I’m also aware it’s not the case for everyone. As I said. My mother’s husband takes it upon himself to do all the chores because he wants them done a certain way. Of course there are exceptions. But these are cultural.

You sound like a scrote.

No. 567367

based, based, based
>hi scrote
come on

No. 567370

Are you vetting these guys to prioritize your needs or just bedding fuckbois? Most people who have done it agree that sleeping with random dudes is unsatisfying, none give a shit about your pleasure. However if you have some process to remove the jerks, please share. Generally sleeping around is a mark of low self esteem. All you get from it is the assurance you are sexually attractive.

No. 567378

Fantasizing about murder is honestly so cathartic

No. 567380

please elaborate.

No. 567382

I still follow people I no longer like because I want to avoid drama/in case they try talking to me about it, but it’s messing with my mental health because simply muting them is not enough. I wish I wasn’t such a pussy when it comes to unfollowing/cutting out mutual friends from my life

No. 567384

I really need to stop browsing fucking lolcow, you all make me question reality and why things are the way they are and I don't know what to think anymore

No. 567387

I'm in the same situation over here. It feels like yesterday that I turned 20, now I'm 25. The fuck

No. 567388

Isn't that a good thing anon? That's the appeal of imageboards. If you want a curated, echo chamber you could always browse Reddit or Twitter.

No. 567400

just go to asherahs garden alright, also I do think that being in healthy happy relationship with one person whom I trust and knows how to pleasure me is better then going through random fuck boys and live life without any meaning

No. 567407

Not any of those anons but not everyone gets 'meaning' or a sense of purpose from romantic relationships. Some people are self-driven instead of relationship-driven.

No. 567411

That's what I don't get with anons like these. Isn't it better to live life together with a good friend who you know and trust, who knows what you like sexually, is always there to help you through thick and thin, rather than spending your life pretty much alone and fucking random people who don't give a shit about you and who don't deserve it?

No. 567413

These anons are just kinda bitter. It's hard to find this kind of relationship with a man in the first place and it's still hard work to maintain it after you get together.
I understand feeling like it's too much if the guy you end up with is not that great and why someone would be tired of trying.

No. 567417

OP of the marriage is a sham shitpost. I'm not sleeping with random men and i don't know why everyone likes to draw this conclusion when i say i've enjoyed the sex with the literally 2 men i've done it with outside of a relationship. No, i am not fucking strangers.
It was genuine belief mixed with a peppering of humor, extreme ideas taking it from more of a serious post to a story and it was never a blackpill, just my honest to god view which is why i love to browse here. It's okay, it wasn't in full sincerity but in that lovely gray area that makes me love imageboard culture.
There is so much meaning and yet so little meaning in my life, as in anyone's. Yes, i do look at the dead board but i prefer to hear a more varied opinion. I don't like how life not aiming for marriage made you think of no meaning. See above, they're not 'random' men and we need to stop assuming letting literal strangers fuck your ass when we hear sex outside of commitment. Please don't subscribe to the meme.
I have an amazing best friend who i'd happily die for. She is a woman. I will, thank god, not spend my life pretty much alone. Again, PLEASE stop drawing the conclusion that because i'm not going for marriage for endgame that i'm letting random men fuck me who don't give a shit about me. This is moralfagging that you're not recognising.
>These anons are just kind of bitter.
Yes. I appreciate the understanding and reasoning in the rest of your post in a laid back manner.

No. 567426

File: 1591627901986.jpg (109.32 KB, 1039x1536, ah.jpg)

anon i think you're really cool, keep on keeping on

No. 567429

There is a third option in between marriage and casual sex, which is a relationship. It sounds like you maybe are doing fwb and trying to justify it to yourself. Fwb is kinda worse than a relationship, since you do all the same things but get no social status from it.

No. 567431

No, not fwb, these were once or twice-off encounters with men who run in my social circle, i had curated a fantasy about and decided to go for it. It's fun but i don't have huge interest in pursuing any sort of commitment, even if it's fwb. Even that is a commitment to men I'm not comfortable with. I'm not that sexually active, I really enjoy my once-offs that show me more about a man i'm already very interested in, but i don't need to see any more after i've quite literally seen it all. The third option is definitely true but isn't the whole thing of formally making it a relationship and 'hanging out' with him on on one regularly outside of doing the nasty kind of ugh? You'll fall into performing emotional labor for him but without even being the girlfriend which I believe is a trap. Thanks for your ideas, and bringing something new up. That was cool.

No. 567434

i really agree with you sis. After years of providing free heavy emotional labor for scrotes being their girlfriend and being told to get therapy when I dared complain about anything (the last one had the audacity to tell me he was going to ask me to marry him when I broke up with him - after years of telling me he never had the intention to get married) I decided to never get into that shit again.
I do have a fwb-like relationship with someone but we trust each other a lot and honestly he's been a great emotional support ever since we met. We just don't want to formalize it because we have past relationships trauma and I have commitment issues because of my asshole ex. And this is fine, if one of us walks away we promised there will be no hard feelings, I have my life and he's got his own life as well. I don't need anyone to provide for me and he doesn't need a maid.

No. 567440

A healthy marriage provides the security and love both parties are looking for. It's a union of resources and accountability.

No. 567458

i secretly enjoy when american anons all wake up and start shitposting, it makes me feel less alone being this much of an insomniac

No. 567467

I blew the whistle on a friend who was:
>cheating on her husband with multiple men
>going on double dates w her husband and said men & their wives
>trying to befriend the wives of the men
>all while not wearing condoms w any of them

I told her husband, and I told the wives of the cheating husbands, and I don’t feel bad at all. She admitted it all to her husband, and they’re still together. That was 3 years ago, and I want to know what her life is like sooooo badly.

Is there an awkward silence when they’re watching a movie together and a character cheats? Have the other couples run into them at the grocery store? What does she tell people? Do his friends know?

Mostly I forget about her existence, but when she does enter my head, those questions kill me.

No. 567474

When I hear other women talk about their experiences with men (including online) I wonder if I'm autistic or lesbian without realizing it, or just cold or something. I have literally never put enough weight on a fucking male, of all things, to let myself get worked up about them. I'm not judging girls who get upset or are traumatized, it's just, men are so stupid and ugly…why would I bother letting their retarded behavior affect my life and how I view my existence in relation to theirs? I've had all sorts of experiences (I don't just mean sexual encounters) with men, some that I should probably be traumatized from, I neither seek out nor shut down relationships with them, and in the end I feel that I should simply exist and not spend an ounce of energy worrying about them. Somehow this always attracts the right kind of relationship for me, and when it stops working I have no trouble letting go.

I do believe in romance and true love and all but I'm going to live my life and if a guy ends up sticking around forever that's nice, if not, fine. I don't get why it can't be that easy for everyone else. I don't express this irl because I know I sound all high horse-y and people will just assume I have some sort of external advantages that blessed me with good dating luck (I don't)

No. 567477

Man, rona is bringing out the hikki out of everyone. We're over populated anyway.

No. 567485

lol how did all of them involved react to the news
I’d feel like a clown if I was you because they stayed together

No. 567507

Therapy in a few days but I can't wait I need to say this. Im scared I'm a pedophile. I was raped and molested as a very young child and taught to masturbate to cp and loli shit very young, I have dreams about my own abuse and what I've seen and wake up so turned on I have to get off. Why??? I don't understand this. I'm not attracted to children, but the memory of my own abuse makes me aroused and afraid at the same time. Sometimes when I can't take it I look at loli shit to picture myself and my abuser in new ways and after I cum I have a panic attack. I'm so afraid of my own mind. I hate pedophiles so bad but I feel like they infected me and made me one

No. 567510

>they stayed together 3 years on
Holy shit, see this is why I don't bother if the cheating is egregiously obvious because clearly these women and men who degrade themselves by staying in infidelity clearly allow it and probably even like it. Fuck that!

No. 567511

Sounds like they had some sort of agreement if they’re still together 3 years later

No. 567517

Im not going to tell you what's wrong bc I´m not a therapist but I do know that what you're experiencing is, sadly, common. I´m glad you're in therapy, anon, and the fact that you want to discuss it in your next session is a good thing. Also I don't think you're a pedo

No. 567541

Oh, idc if they’re still together, that’s their choice- I just didn’t need that shit on my conscience. I explicitly told her if she fucked around, I wanted to remain ignorant about it.
The husband reacted hurt and upset; but later yelled at me because I told the wives of the other dudes too. I didn’t bother responding, it was too pitiful lol
….The wives were extremely thankful and kind, I hope for their sake they ditched.

Cheating happens, but setting up situations to purposefully have them interact, as well as befriending the wives is… lol wtf man

Maybe they do now, but he was definitely unaware and upset at the start. The whole thing was like some kind of incel fanfic

No. 567556

People who stay with someone who cheats literally have zero respect for themselves. The man is a simp

No. 567557

glad you're talking about it with a professional, anon.
the fact that you are afraid of this pattern and want to steer away as far as possible from anything related to pedophilia is already making a world of difference between you and pedophiles.
i hope you can be free from this someday.

No. 567579

I'm so glad I grew up in an age where social medias were not as prevalent as they are now, epecially Tumblr and Instagram, I would have probably called myself nonbinary or even trans in middle school. I hit puberty super late compared to my peers, and being an awkaward nerd uninterested in performing feminity among all the normies was hell. I see the pressure put on kids with all the pics and the videos and I feel so bad for them, being a weirdo was always hard, but not as much as now.
(also I'm glad I never came across porn until I was 19)

No. 567590

I used to go naked on omegle when I was like, 13. Never showed my face or really talked to anyone much. I have just recently started to feel gross and nasty about it, bc there was really no reason for it. I was not sexually abused, but I did start watching hc porn and reading erotica at a very young age.

I guess I sort of self-victimized myself for whatever reason.

No. 567637

I'm a fellow CSA survivor and I had this same problem come up last year with intrusive thoughts. It's is way more common than you think, it's just such a shameful subject, people are scared to talk about it, for obvious reasons. One ofIthe many things i learned is, while it feels horrible at the time, the fact that this reaction repulses you enough to send you into a panic attack is a good thing, believe it or not. An actual pedo would be comfortable in those fucked up thoughts. I confessed this shit to my mom, who is also a CSA survivor. And she told me she's had those same insane thoughts before. It's disturbing, but rape/molestation seriously fucks up every part of your being.

I'm glad you're taking steps to talk about it, anon. It's horrifying keeping such thoughts to yourself. I hope you manage to work through it. Also, I don't think you're a pedo, if that counts for anything.

No. 567646

Thanks you guys, I felt a lot better after talking about it even anonymously. Thank you.

No. 567647

I'm scared that my personal development has been delayed by narcissistic family that put me down since I was a child. I couldn't be myself around them and I think it took away from my ability to form a healthy ego. My therapist won't directly discuss stuff like that, but she knows my whole life story so I assume it's for the best not to fixate on the past damage and move forward? I'm an adult who's afraid of trying things and I'm scared of backlash everywhere. I've recently felt more self acceptance but I'm still struggling at times. I'm terrified that I'll be a broken adult baby thing for life

No. 567720

Anon, you cannot thrive in an environment that broke you. You need to make a plan to leave your family's house if you haven't already. Imo, the best way to jumpstart your independence is to learn a trade at a community college or join the military so you can learn life skills and move forward. You got this

No. 567731

unless you're a 90 year old posting on lolcow, you have a lot of time to (re)build yourself anon. even just one year of thriving in a good community can make a world of difference in your mindset.
it's never too late. you got this!

No. 567754

Sometimes i’m very fearful that the man that is convicted of domestic violence, left the mother of his kids (not the one he is convicted of abusing but another fucking family) because he was ‘so afraid he would kill her’ and generally is violent, has nothing to live for and never 'got revenge’ for me fucking him over by choosing to cut him out of my life via having sex with somebody else on Valentine’s day will kill me. I won’t hear cheating because you can’t cheat in what isn’t even a relationship but is simply a cycle of abuse. It’s not every day but sometimes i really do sit down and feel reasonable fear because he has the profile of a killer, I fucked him over and betrayed him, he never got revenge for it and has nothing to live for so it’s not unreasonable for him to think he’d want to carry out that revenge on me and symbolically every relationship he’s ever had with a woman that he sees himself as having held his tongue over. The only thing I can console myself with is that we weren’t together that long and that I’m bigger than him and can lift him up. I know I’m mentally ill and my perceptions can be very skewed but I really don’t think it’s unreasonable to worry about this shit sometimes. I can’t wait until he eventually dies so this will leave the back of my mind.
Also, sometimes I wish the confession thread was truly no-commentary and I could just read a stream of other people's 'secrets'. I feel the allowing of replies would incentivise someone to make a reply for nothing other than to elicit reaction, but it also allows others to sympathise. It has both its perks and its drawbacks.

No. 567757

I did this and remember encountering a post on tumblr in the tens of thousands about 'damn remember when you used to literally show yourself online to predators'. We were victimised, definitely. Groomed by thoughts, ideas and the internet. We knew but we didn't truly know. It's an uncomfortable and upsetting gray area. I also did that with the erotic material. We're on the flip side of men that think about doing that - women that think about it happening to them. I don't think it's anywhere near the same thing, even though it revolves around the same materials and ideas.

No. 567787

I have been wearing the same underwear from 5 days ago and it's getting crusty and hard yet I have no will to change. Just feeling absolutely lonely and awful.

No. 567788


I'm sorry anon. Don't you have anywhere around? If you can, try to take a shower and put some nice clean clothes on. It may cheer you up a little. Sending you love from another anon feeling very lonely in these times.

No. 567793

Always change your undies anon, I know you don't feel worth it but it's probably contributing to a hell of a lot of you feeling gross/awful rn.

No. 567812

Thank you guys, I actually changed my undies and took a very long shower after reading these responses. I haven't washed the dirty underwear though, will get to it tomorrow. I'm just proud I could manage this much.

No. 567821

That's something anon

No. 567827

I am in a long term committed relationship and I really love my boyfriend but I have an big crush on a coworker.
I found out he is into me a few months back and since then I’ve been incredibly attracted to him. I haven’t had a crush like that since I was a teenager/very early 20s (I’m 24 now). I find myself daydreaming and fantasising about him and even masturbated thinking about him. I feel guilty and even typing this feels so wrong but it’s also exciting. We haven’t even talked that much so I know nothing would happen and I don’t even know him as a person. I would be devastated if I found out my so has a crush like this.

No. 567863

If that happens to you regularly maybe pantyliners could help, minimal effort to change them

No. 567870

I'm a repressed 20+ virgin and I just got addicted to sexting guys. I can't even sleep anymore cos Icant stop messasging any guy and teynna sext with them.

No. 567879

80% of the time sexting > real sex

No. 567886

that’s so depressing jesus

No. 567897

what? How? It sucks, truly, for me.

No. 567899

I feel so bad for my younger self that she grew up to be me lmao. My younger self had nothing, low self-esteem, no one who paid attention to her, and deserved a better life. None of those things have changed and have only gotten worse.

No. 567909

Same, I look at my upbringing and I can see exactly why I turned out the way I did

No. 567914

File: 1591727421509.jpeg (116.56 KB, 1080x1080, C6C7A5DD-B5FD-429F-8022-119EEE…)

this girl is dead, and I would feel very insensitive skinwalking her, but I like the hair and want to try it. god I feel so gross

No. 567916

it's just hair, why not? nothing massive. we all have hair and we all have the same haircuts so i don't think it's a big issue and neither should you. go for it anon

No. 567919

My boyfriend developing a feet and fart fetish was the nail in the coffin for me finding him attractive

No. 567920

the only weird thing about this is posting a dead local girl's image on an imageboard.

No. 567921

thank you anon. i do legit think she's gorgeous and i know that hairstyle isn't exclusive to her, but it felt morally dubious

No. 567932

I get kind of jealous when I hear my bf on a call with the people he supervises telling them he's impressed by or proud of them. Working from home is truly making me lose it

No. 567935

I feel like such a horrible cunt for noticing physical features of my gf that others would find unattractive. I love her and I find her cute but I know that some others wouldn't and knowing that/thinking about that makes me feel like a monster

No. 567946


This happened to me last year! I shall confess, too. I know now it was just because I missed the feeling of the butterflies when seeing someone, this guy was attractive and also wanted me, so there was a mutual spark. For a good 6 months I had a huge crush and would phantasize about him, but deep down I knew he was not who I was projecting anyway, it was just for fun. We would get coffee together and I would get a bit flirty and giggly. I started feeling guilty about it, so I made a point to only have conversations about work with him. It worked until eventually he left (we were both interns). We got drunk at a party and all I did was to give him a big hug and kiss goodbye in the cheek. I still think about him from time to time. But I know I was just bored… anyway, if you can keep it in the realm on phantasy should be okay, or else try to distance yourself a bit from him.

No. 567947

I seriously look down on anyone who only listens to k-pop, k-hiphop, or k-rnb

No. 567949

When i was younger my friends' dad's friend would drive us around and pay for things and offer us rides on his helicopter for no reason at all..he just wanted to be around young girls. i messaged him on signal today bc i saw he got the app. im gonna confront him

No. 567954

I don’t understand, why are you gonna confront him? Are you saying he’s a pedo or something?

No. 567955

No. 567957

File: 1591738854047.jpg (63.9 KB, 684x1030, 417e3b35fcf3afa94f8eb881241ee7…)

I miss Behind the Bows. I was surprised to see it is still going, but 2 secrets a week… Sad.

No. 567966

Keep us updated. Also, Be very fucking careful. I knew someone like that and it turns out he lost his daughter . People cope in weird ways .

No. 567969

this, i had the same sort of deal with an old man i at first was nervous was an attempted predator lol. tread carefully op

No. 567990

I'm triggered by my mom asking for help doing basic computer tasks, and treat her like shit when assisting her. I chimp out when trying to teach her (infinitely lengthening the process but I like to pretend it's possible), while being pissed that she's completely retarded and doesn't know how to send a fucking email, even though she needs to for her job.

God I'm such a retarded piece of shit. The way I act in situations that are only annoying like this makes me wish I was never fucking born because I fucking hate this world and my pathetic ass. I hate being home but I'm too retarded to move out because I'm scared of hurting my parents feelings and that they'll chimp out as well.

Also I hate how it's probably obvious which rants I wrote because I just reee for three paragraphs in every post

No. 567995

No. 568005

Idk sometimes if I have delusions like my life is a truman show or can't tell the difference between constant coincidences because everyone is bombarbeded with the same media but then I feel like I'm odd and have a lot of different interests so then when something comes up related to it I can't figure out what made the coincidence come up. I feel like everything I do no matter if its done in private gets remarked upon.

No. 568020

I like reading book reviews just as, if not more than actual books.

No. 568048

same, but I prefer to watch reviews on youtube.

No. 568058

I still have a crush on a former coworker who never gave two shits about me… I want off this ride!

No. 568081

I'm hairy and it makes me feel like I can't do anything without being stared at. I feel like it makes me manly. I go to so many lengths to remove hair and I just want electrolysis. I feel abnormal and loathe myself. To make myself feel better, I have to remind myself Ariana Grande has hairy face too. If she can be hairy and still be generally seen as "cute"/"sexy"/feminine, why can't I?

No. 568084

I still like playing with slime and watching slime videos.

No. 568086

I'm not particularly hairy but have quite a bit on my arms and have never bothered to remove it since legs and armpits are enough to me.
I remember a guy I know pointed out how I had hairier arms than him and I was just like kinda confused. I didn't say anything about it to him directly but not having much body hair as a man can sometimes be a sign of having low testosterone so it wasn't really anything to brag about on his part.

No. 568089

My sister is a gigastacy and has a fuzzy face, she just laughs about it and occasionally gets her upper lip waxed. It's not gonna look manly on someone who is otherwise conventionally attractive.

No. 568113

I haven't shaved at all since quarantine forced me to stop visiting my boyfriend. I'm a NEET and I wear pants so often that when I shower I forget how hairy my legs are, lol. Summer is here and I'm already dreading having to shave since I know it's going to take a lot of work.

Speaking of body hair, I have peach fuzz on my back and some in other odd places like my neck and shoulders. Wtf. Is waxing worth it?

Hmm you sound like me but when I was in my mid-teens. You'll get bored eventually.

No. 568121

Waxing peach fuzz does not seem worth adding to the list if you (understandably) find shaving legs a hassle. It's just peach fuzz after all.

No. 568133

File: 1591782155163.jpg (2.01 MB, 1552x2232, Billie_Eilish_2019_by_Glenn_Fr…)

I'm so jealous of her. Not of her good looks or her career, but of her family…
They seem to love and support her so much. I remember being her age and feeling completely lost and alone in the world, my parents couldn't be fucked to take care of me or help an imperfect child, guess they thought I would raise myself and things would fix themselves on their own? Now they're very obviously embarassed of how delayed I am compared to my peers, but they could've avoided it if only they gave me the help I needed ten years ago.

No. 568146

I think I might be in love with my best friend but i’m not really sure. I’ve known her since we were like 9 and have been really close since then. She and I are inseparable even though we live in different parts of the country now due to uni, but we constantly visit each other and plan trips together. I had a massive crush on her around the time we first met which I brushed off because I hadn’t come to terms with the fact I liked women and I didn’t find myself attracted to any woman besides her plus I was a literal child. My friend is openly gay but i’m not but I think she knows i’m not fully straight. We constantly joke about running off together and getting married and adopting a bunch of kids and being soulmates and honestly every time we do I can’t imagine myself being happy with anyone else or any other way. I don’t know if these are really strong friendship feelings or if I might genuinely be in love with her and it’s all really confusing. I’m very not her type when it comes to dating so i’m sure nothing could ever happen between us and we have very different plans for the future and she’s planning to go grad school even further from me than she currently is and seeing each other would be a lot harder so the thought of not being able see her and be close to her is honestly horrifying, she’s the only person who isn’t family that I genuinely love. But I also have a hard time imagining myself dating a woman for some reason even though I know i’m attracted to them and have these feelings towards her.

No. 568179

OMG at least try before it's too late. Being in love with your best friend and she's gay is a feeling I'll never know, anon please do this for me lol

No. 568195

you don't know if her family is not fucked, anon. I would be not surprised with the lyrics her brother writes for her and how she is their cashcow

No. 568198

I definitely get how you feel, because it seems like most people who become the most successful in life have incredibly supportive families while the ones who grow up with dysfunction or lack of direction struggle. I had to experience it too.

No. 568200

her brother seems like a creep 0/10 would choose different family with competent parents to reincarnate into

No. 568202

how can you say this when you know 0 about what's going on in their family behind closed doors. If anything I feel sorry for her, she's probably going to be fucked up like so many young stars.

No. 568211

Im the same- I love Read With Cindy, and Caleb Joseph/insaneReader I can’t find anyone else that’s comparable.

Give me suggestions!!

No. 568214

I currently have a crush on my ex's ex gf and I don't know how to feel about that

No. 568286

I pick out flavs in people when I’m in public. Not because I feel superior to them, moreso to stay grounded in the reality that no one is perfect.

No. 568287

Are you bi or a lesbian?

No. 568312

I cheated on my boyfriend by sending nudes to a random internet guy. I told him I did it but I lied about how many times it happened. I think 3. I feel pretty disgusted with myself for not telling the whole truth.

No. 568314

I’m really glad I found /cgl/ when I was a teen which lead me to PULL and lolcow. Honestly I’d probably be a cow if I didn’t. The only difference between me and the cows here is my brain is able to tell me to shut up. I think I’m super fucking special and unique even though I’m average in every way. My fav cow is Victoria Bella Morte because I see so much of myself in her and if I didn’t have her as a negative example, I’d be just as bad.

No. 568321

i started going to church because i wanted to fuck this christian guy i liked. then i stopped after a few weeks because i fucking hated church lol

No. 568380

Why did you tell him anon? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it is a good idea. I get that you feel guilty, but now he's going to probably be resentful and will not trust you. And your guilt is still not gone.

I'd say just be honest with yourself about why you did it. I bet it has nothing to do with your bf, so it can be solved within yourself. Did you need the validation, were you feeling needy, what or who does this guy represent to you? Analyse why you did it so you won't do it again, understand and face your own shame and promise to never do it again. Everybody makes mistakes anon, I believe we should try to learn from them but not by making the situation worse. Anyway, I hope your relationship is going to be okay, just give him some time.

No. 568384

I've cheated in the same way. I only did it at the point where I could tell my relationship had an expiration date, it was dying already and I was miserable so I got attention from some guy online.

No. 568387


You're not alone with this, anon. I just got off the phone with mine and I told her there's some things I want to talk about but I'm scared to say it. If you're open to it, can you tell me how it went?

It's so humiliating and the idea of that being written down anywhere makes me want to die. But I don't think I'll ever be able to love myself if I don't talk to someone about it, and I do trust her.

I hope you get better.

No. 568396

i tend to cyberstalk people i wish i was friends with cuz im paranoid about putting myself out there on the internet. i really wish i had more irl friends whom i could talk to consistently

No. 568413

I dont care for my extended family outside 1 cousin and 1 aunt I have. They never cared that much for us growing up, pretending we didnt exist, or sent like 1 letter a year. My grandparents bordered on abusive growing up and only sent presents specifically to my dad. My sibling wants me to contact them more but I dont see why I should give a damn now as an adult when they didnt care for me as a kid. The aunt I love did more for us yearly than my grandparents did my whole childhood. They also have this weird complex that the only kids they really care about are the boys who can carry on the name. So all of us granddaughters were just extra scraps.

No. 568421

I’m sorry to hear that anon, but like I said i’m really not her type since she’s into tall/muscular butch women and i’m short and femme. And I really don’t want to try anything and ruin our friendship or make it awkward.

No. 568426

No. 568441

Meth ruins lives. Nowadays I have a rule that if you've never done it before you aint doing it with me. I had a very good friend, I knew her husband, I knew her kids. The kids were so small at the time. i smoked her out, I got her high and later she started buying it from me here and there. About seven months later she gives the kids to her mom and becomes a sexworker. She quit her job, left her husband and sleeps with men or at Supers. She was a real honest to god mom but because of meth and because I introduced her to it she gave all that up.

I cant handle seeing her anymore and the kids pretty much hate me. I know people say god forgives you and time heals all and shit but I know I have to answer for this one. If there's hell I know I'll be in one.

No. 568460

My boyfriend grew a nasty ass beard and I hate it. I haven't seen him in 3 months and we're seeing each other in a few days but damn does that beard hinder my excitement… I'm not bold enough to tell him to shave it tho. It's not even a good beard it looks whack. Praying to the gods above that he shaves it.

No. 568463

that's funny because men don't hesitate to tell women what they like/don't like about them and what to change

No. 568468

Damn, anon. That's a tough one. It's not all on you though. Something was probably brewing under the surface in her mind to throw away her family for meth so easily. Even as addictive as it can be, she might've went looking for a way out even if you hadn't introduced her to it. I hope you stay by the lesson you learned from this though. Don't beat yourself up too much, it's not gonna fix anything after all.

No. 568477

Yeah just like anon said, something must have been wrong for her to toss her family and friends aside that easily

No. 568499

Are you me anon? I feel like I'm diseased living with her, and the only cure is to get as far the hell away as possible. I'm in a sad mood because of something crappy that happened recently and she's pestering me to do things with her. I asked her if I'm allowed to just be sad for a while and she said no and laughed.

No. 568515

I love my mom, but I don't think she loves me. She has never said she loves me ever, and one time when I said it to her (took a lot of buildup and self-talk) she said it back but paused for like 5 seconds beforehand. I sent a text to her saying I was feeling severely depressed and she didn't respond, and when she saw me in person she didn't bring it up at all. Yet, she feels the need to know everything going on in my life to the point where when I was a teenager, she would make me text her when me and my friends would leave school and get to the place we were eating at, text her when we were leaving, and text her when we got back to school or one of my friend's houses. I wasn't even allowed to drive until I was like 20 because she had a fear that I would get into a life-threatening accident. My dad says these are examples of how she cares and loves me and doesn't need to say it out loud, yet to me it seems selfish.

No. 568528

Does she ever say that she loves anyone else? What's her nationality? Did she have a good relationship with her own parents?
These things can really change the whole situation. But if she's just your usual American middle aged lady who says she loves everybody else, then I don't know hat to say.

No. 568535

If she's like my mother she probably just has a stick up her ass and loves you but is shit at expressing it. My siblings and I have to ask her if she loves us and she's like "yeah of course I do now gtfo", and she only started talking kind of like a normal loving parent once I got my own place far away and we couldn't see each other on a daily basis.

No. 568550

I don't know anything about Blaire White other than the fact that a thread exists on here but…today I watched a video of hers (inb4 reee he him him he he he) and oddly enjoyed it. I thought she was pretty and entertaining even if I felt startled by some of the edgy humor. I can't tell if I should feel icky or not

No. 568555

Nah, the most fervent haters of her on here just seem to be really gender-critical which like.. fine, whatever. Blaire isn't too bad honestly unless you're on the extreme end of the left. I guess she could rile you up in that case since she's conservative or whatever. The state of her thread kinda proves my point. One of the most boring threads on snow 90% of the time.
Related rant but I am so tired of the trans-debate at this point in 2020, I don't care what you identify as or if you could be defined by some as a "TERF", this whole gender identity debate should've been mostly left behind in the 2010's. But no, J.K. Rowling says some shit and everybody loses their minds.

No. 568564

I was a huge germaphobe in middle school it was fucking insane,when it was the last week of school, I began throwing away everything I took to school (backpack,binders etc)because the school I went to was gross and old but the worse part was this;I threw away my silver $200 Jordan shoes to the garbage because I deemed them too filthy
(Im still fucked up but not as before I'm glad those days are over but I feel terrible my mother's own money wasted,why just why)
I owe her a lot & I'm surprised she doesn't hate me for that

No. 568565

I think blairs videos in trans matters are the only videos of any value on their channel. I just can't shake the "i'm not like the other trannies!" vibe i get from her and can't tell if it's all virtue signalling towards a group if people who mainly hate people like her. Kind of reminds me if shuwu but less cringey and pathetic.

No. 568567

I mean you might get that vibe because she sort of isn't like other trans people. She has more conservative views which seems more rare amongst trans/gay people. However it's probably not actually as rare as one might think, some are just scared to voice their different opinions since it could be social suicide.

No. 568575

I feel like I don’t know who I am

No. 568578

same. I have this idea of who I am in my head but it gets ruined the second someone mentions how they view me. For example, the other day I mentioned I was listening to J cole and someone flat out was like "what, … I can't picture you listening to rap. You're too innocent" What? Literally why not. I don't think anything I say or do screams innocent in any way. Do people think I listen to church music or some shit?

No. 568602

Hey hey, in my mind I'm always the biggest crackhead but before quarantine, my classmate said "our entire class has such crackhead energy, except from (my name) she's the only normal person here"

So honestly there's no point trying to allign how others perceive you, how you perceive yourself, and how you want to be perceived. Those are completely separate things…As long as you want to be "kind" in all those 3 criteria, you're good to go…Don't worry whether other people think you're softer than you are.

No. 568603

This is so cliche but christ I wish I could get back with my ex. I'll be leaving our apartment soon but I just don't want to. Each day that goes by is better than the last, our dynamic is so much elss toxic than it was when we were together. He was just crying about how he'll miss me. He broke up with me at random (so, due to a buildup of resentment) and I was blindsided.

But I've been keeping to heart that saying; "it's not that he didn't know better, he just didn't care", and he hadn't improved through the whole relationship. Once I could see clearer I was shocked at my lack of self respect that I would single handedly try keep the relationship when I was the one being stonewalled and gaslit when I tried to express myself due to him being an ass. I'm sure most of us have been there, where you sat there and explained to your partner why they were being an asshole, instead of just…expecting better.

Nowadays if he does something dickish he'll call himself out, he's improved in so many ways. And it makes me feel bitter and sad that it's too damn late, because I haven't stopped loving him, but I have to learn to love myself more. If I got back with him I wouldn't be able to get over the years of unresolved disregard and disrespect. Given what he's said and done since I think he'd be happy to date again but I've made it clear I won't.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that having self respect and self love is hard when you don't actually have it. It doesn't feel good to deprive myself of something I want so much.

No. 568609

A lot of HSTS trannies share her opinion and hate all the new wave straight troons who shit up the place with their identity politics and talks about cotton ceiling and whatever. I'm very gendercritical but honestly homosexual trans women (i.e. gay men) are probably the only type I can actually stand because despite sometimes being petty and catty towards women they still mostly mind their own business and recognize that they're just gay men trying to make their life more bearable in a homophobic environment. They're more tragic than enraging. The same goes for oldschool FTMs who are trying to escape their lesbianism and focus on trying to pass the best they can, they just make me sad instead of wanting to rip my hair out like all the neogender nonbinary transmasculine types.

No. 568610

I want a boyfriend so bad. My religion doesn't allow me to have one, and I'm at the age where girls tend to start looking for husbands, but I honestly just want a boyfriend and nothing that fucking serious. I'm horny and lonely anons, and I thrive off of male attention unfortunately.

No. 568611

Quit the religion while you're still horny af, carefree and have your young body.
You're going to regret it later.

No. 568615

I don't think it's that simple for anon, she's probably stuck in that religion because that's her family's religion and if they knew she would get in trouble.

No. 568616

File: 1591861686992.jpg (118.4 KB, 1148x770, Giovanna_Garzoni_-_Canina_con_…)

Eh, family can't keep hounding you about religion if you move out and are too far to give you shit for it.
I know, I did it.
I know it's easier said than done but welp.

No. 568617

No I actually practice and believe in the religion by choice lmao, that's the issue I'm struggling with. I was raised into it, but I could easily sneak around and be a hoe if I wanted to.

No. 568622

File: 1591861992076.jpg (185.41 KB, 1000x1414, C7S7HhfXUAIGIzQ.jpg)

Kek, well. If you're voluntarily going to eat the religious bread yourself, nothing much we can do to help.
Just stop being a horny bitch and keep praying the jesus (or whoever the fuck), I guess.

No. 568625

I wish i knew more about my genes, my mother was adopted and i have no idea what the women of that family look like apart from her. i won't grow to look like my nana, i'll grow to look like my mother's biological mother, yet i don't know what she looks like. i know nothing about where she was adopted from or why she was given away. i'd love to get those genetic tests done one day to see what's going on.

No. 568632

From my personal experience they could, depends on many circumstances though. Since I was a kid I had my parents' friends and my uncles and aunts snitch on everything me, my siblings and cousins do. If you're surrounded by hardcore gossip hens and you move out but stay in the same city or even region you're done for.

Good luck then, I hope you'll somehow manage to find mister perfect so you can marry him with no second thoughts and you can fuck him all day everyday.

No. 568634

what religion doesn't allow you to have a bf?

No. 568641

Islam is like that. Although, no one I know really follows the 'no relationships without nikkah'-rule and everyone has bfs/gfs. But it is a thing. Like can't hold hands or look at the opposite sex. So a lot of the seriously religious people don't date, or date in a very 'halaal' way. I don't know what religion anon is from though.

No. 568710

File: 1591880115986.jpg (49.18 KB, 640x684, bringles.jpg)

i wish i had a female friend who wanted to do spa days with me where we exfoliate, do hair treatments and face masks etc

No. 568750

Sounds comfy anon. I’d like to be your spa pal

No. 568754

When I was a kid I was playing with my dog, holding her on the balcony, and I accidentally dropped her off the balcony. I'm never going to forgive myself or be able to tell my family what I did and I think there's no redemption for hurting her like that.

No. 568908

When I was unpacking my bf's things the other day I found a box of items related to his ex, like photos and artwork. I looked through all of them and read some notes they had written and I cried over it. Then I put everything back and gave it to my bf like "oh I found this box idk what's inside" and it was the first time I ever lied to him.

The real confession is that I've posted about my bf's ex at least three times on previous confession threads. I'm pathetic and obsessed

Was the dog okay??

No. 568914

>I think there's no redemption for hurting her like that.

You were a child with an underdeveloped brain incapable of overseeing consequences. I don't think you need redemption.

No. 568915

Ok but it's kind of weird that he has a whole ass box with his ex's stuff laying around. I'm not saying there is something suspicious going on, but it's completely normal to be weirded out and worried because of it. You should really talk to him about it since it's bothering you.

No. 568989

Why is every facet of life a competition? Here's my confession, I can't be friends with people different than me. I feel like they secretly look down on me and will pull the criticism card at some point when they're in a bad mood, which they probably are, because they look at my flaws and think, we might be friends but uhh I need to humiliate you a bit. So yeah, I only befriend people who fit in a specific bubble. We stay in our own bubble and it's comfy.

No. 568996

Despite being an autist myself, i dont think i can befriend anymore autist. The lack of empathy and self centeredness is exhausting to deal with. This has made me really self reflect and want to adjust my behavior cuz i really dont want to be anything like that.

No. 568998

I wish my emotional issues didn't come and go because as soon as I talk to my GP or a counselor to try and deal with these things, I don't have any genuine feelings to share. My anger is gone, my sadness is toned down, I'm good, maybe numb, not sure, and I can't recall much shit. But later I'm yelling at customers at work, crying at everything, extremely confrontational. But it just fucking comes and goes over long stretches of time, so I lose the motivation to deal with it once the intensity calms down.

No. 569004

All my previously happily single friends are finding partners and I’m still just… here

I don’t know what it is about me. I’m attractive (or so I’ve heard many times over the years), I’m in shape, I have plenty of hobbies. I like to think I’m a great friend and good person overall. I have my own place and a good-paying job. Yet I remain unable to secure a long-term relationship. Something is wrong with me but I don’t know what it is.

No. 569007

I don't really care to have friends or family. I hate having to adjust my behaviour to make others happy. All people do is make me miserably because all they want to do is control my thoughts and behaviour. There are times where i think about being a mother and having friends, but in reality, it's not viably in any shape or form without causing extreme stress and feeling like my freedom is being violated.

No. 569010

I've been dealing with that for far too many years. If you can make actual notes of what on your phone or in a notebook triggers those emotions and reactions, when and for how long, it's much better than ending up before a professional with nothing but a deep breath and an "Uh…". The numbness is great to make you feel like there's not really an issue anymore when really it's hiding the problem.

No. 569017

It just means that you have high standarts and is not willing to take shit from anyone, anon. Don’t worry about it, there is nothing wrong with you.

No. 569026

Seconding anon. Don't rush it. You could be attracting shitty men, who are often intimidated by a woman they can't control/influence. Tbf anon you sound like a catch so just do your thing and have patience!

No. 569033

I’d try human meat if given a chance tbh like well it’s already there

No. 569039

Please do not you could get brain rotting kuru disease

No. 569040

isn't that only if you eat the brain?

i'd eat the buttcheek. the meat apparently slaps.

No. 569048

I think you get that from eating uncooked brain?

No. 569138

File: 1591964322022.jpg (25.39 KB, 340x440, 9535846.jpg)

When I was younger I used to send anon hate to my mutuals on tumblr and then send them nice messages as myself about it so that they would like me.

No. 569139

Thank you guys… I just feel lonely, perhaps extra so because of the quarantine, and one of my friends announced she’s going to move overseas to live with her BF she met a year ago and is madly in love with and I just felt so pettily jealous. I wish I felt that way for someone and they felt that way for me. Of course I love my friends but I really want a partner.

I guess it could be overly high standards as no date I’ve been on in recent years was a person I wanted to see again, though.

No. 569142

Strong slytherine strat

No. 569147

i think i am gonna do this on my mutuals now

No. 569152

Who didn't? kek

No. 569167

I was going to purge for the first time in probably a year but remembered last second I took a bunch of THC oil before I ate. I feel like that saved me from potentially falling back into old habits. Thanks, weed.

No. 569179

Every timeI try to leave my boyfriend, he cries so much about being alone and having nobody (he legitimately has no family due to deaths and only has work friends) and my family is so diverse and loves him so much. It sucks, I wish he were just one of my cousins or family friend or something. I just feel nothing except pity towards him and he can feel it, because I'm being lovebombed.
I feel pathetic. He's being so nice and it feels annoying

No. 569181

Somehow I'm sad no friend was ever obsessive enough about me to do that to me

No. 569182

I had one just the same, I tried to be his best friend for a year because he guilt tripped me so bad about how nobody cared about him except from me but one day he managed to find another girl to cling to in the exact same way and never bothered me again.
You know what you need to do, you're not his mother.

No. 569366

this site is the closest thing I have to having friends

No. 569404

I donate money to both left and right extremist groups in America because I despise the two party system and want it to hurry up and collapse already

No. 569409

I'm probably an alcoholic w/e but whenever I get drunk I go on /mu/ and ask for blackout drunk recs. I've been gradually building an incredible playlist out of them over the past few years

No. 569424

lmao give us the playlist anon i wanna listen

No. 569447

lol u the clown anon, giving groups you hate your coin

lmao that’s some psycho shit

Post it

No. 569453

This is why I love you crazy bitches

No. 569458

I hope you can find people IRL that you can relate to, that you can grow with someday. Until then, we're here to talk shit and cry with u!

My confession of the day is: sometimes I go on the "retarded crush" thread and read posts to see if someone posted about me.

No. 569472

My friend attracts drama like no other and all her relationships end as burning trash fires. I feel horrible about this, but I get kind of excited when she starts dating someone new because the inevitable fallout entertains me to watch. She broadcasts everything all over social media and usually shittalks her ex and it’s always a mess.

No. 569476

I just want a kiss that’s all. never been kissed and would just like to have one or some….

No. 569501

I love being super confrontational with people irl.

No. 569516

Seeing csa posts on here make me really nauseous, sad, and ashamed for being angry at my childhood considering I never had to deal with something so disgusting and sad.

No. 569521

holy shit anon, are you me? i've had this thought so many times with some of my more dramatic friends but didn't know if anyone else had those same feelings. i guess watching the relationships crumble is a kind of catharsis. i feel validated rn

No. 569526

I've made like tons of posts here about my csa because it has really been the first time I've been able to talk about it but anon you shouldn't feel ashamed of being angry at your childhood, for whatever reason. You're allowed to have feelings on your past. Of course, sometimes reading things about what had gone in other people's lives makes us feel like we're just making a big deal out of something insignificant when others have gone through worse but childhood is such an important part of every person's lives that just because there are people who may have gone through a lot doesn't mean you aren't supposed to reflect and feel anger at your own experiences.

No. 569557

Idc about my girlfriend's love life but I love it when my male friends break up or get dumped and come whine about it, it's entertaining af.

No. 569558

everytime i listen to music on my phone i have to make sure my bluetooth and location are turned off. i'm always paranoid that somehow my phone will connect to someone else's phone from across the street or something and start blasting my music. i also get insecure about the music i'm listening to because i feel like god? or my dead family members are watching and listening to the music i'm listening to and are judging me. so i always end up skipping songs that i think are too embarrassing for someone to know i like. i have no idea why i'm like this, but i've been like this since at least middle school.

No. 569565

I like the smell of my period blood

No. 569586

Me too anon and I'm not ashamed

No. 569587

File: 1592056450965.jpg (32.5 KB, 500x429, tumblr_c6df0a92e7efb65e4f70f9f…)

this you?

No. 569639

I never got caught though, I was even worried about my writing style and if someone could see my IP-adress.

No. 569673

my boyfriend gained a bit of weight during the week he spent back home and i'm absolutely crazy for it. he was always chubby but now his tummy has more roundness to it and it's so cute…and…dare i say…sexy?
actual feeder shit would be awkward but the thought of him eating a big meal and getting a full round tummy is arousing to me.
he knows i love "thick" and chubby body types but i'd never admit the eating aspect of it. i really don't want to act out on it irl so i don't see the point aside from humiliation and looking like a weird chaser.

No. 569704

I find momo's face so interesting and pleasing to look at. I looked at it for 12 minutes straight, just examining it

No. 569730

I have a friend like this and would feel the exact same way if she weren't pushing 40. She actually wants a serious relationship and to have kids, and it's looking more and more like that won't ever happen for her. It's still a little entertaining, but I mostly feel sorry for her and wish she could get her shit together in this area.

No. 569796

I wish bad things upon people who post zit-free skin to skincare forums and ask for help with barely-noticeable blackheads or pores or something on their face. I’ve had hormonal acne my whole life and considered suicide. I feel legitimately violent toward these people.

No. 569797

File: 1592085786609.jpg (75.81 KB, 1000x707, v7YTTBs.jpg)

I have a soft spot for this kind of art. I didn't know Meyoco until a few anons on the artist salt thread began to point out how Instagram artist copy her, but I really enjoyed the pictures they posted.

Not gonna lie, a few of them are really samey and even Meyoko herself has a few wonky and repetitive drawings, but I find them charming most of the time.

I've been thinking on buying Meyoco's merch for a while. It also came through my mind the idea of try that style by myself, I have this comic idea with a sort of weird symbolic aesthetic going on, something like Oyasumi punpun, but I feel like if people will start to call me basic or a Meyoco's copy; I suck at pastel colors and my stuff is not really popular, in fact I am a nobody, so I believe if I ever get posted into the art salt thread it would be seen as a vendetta or selfposting, but I am still intimidated.

No. 569804