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File: 1564782637576.jpeg (136.08 KB, 819x1024, BEEE957B-1D71-4F8A-B6C5-A1CFF3…)

No. 60883

Extremely insane "gyaru", quite infamous on 4chan, to the point of being somewhat known on other sites, has professionally diagnosed BPD, HPD, Bipolar, and PTSD

>Raped as a child, was a prostitute allegedly at 16, greatly factors into her actions

Her crazy antics include, but are not limited to

>Shitposting on 4chan for several years, all in the same types of threads

>Was (possibly still is) addicted to hard drugs, was a prostitute for crack, xanax, and opiates, constantly posted while high

>Spammed threads at the very mention of lolicon, or anything she dislikes

>Faked getting pregnant from another shitposter, made a whole discord for an "AMA", filled with people legitimately concerned people as she pretended to drink heavily with the baby (Was actually drunk, just not pregnant obviously)
>Extreme self harmed, posted images of her gored arms, down to the fat layer, drew art in her blood
>Commissioned art of her getting fucked by a horse, as a way to "win back" the man she faked pregnancy with after he lost interest
>Still ban evades to obsessively post, usually banned on sight
>Now still gets into drama, publicly fights with anyone
>Will friend people just to get dirt on them
>Has boyfriend, but still takes provocative images and responds to any attention from men
Twitter: Gigameki
Instagram: Same as above
Searching her name on any 4chan archive brings up posts, /a/ "ghost" archive on desuarchive as well, as she spent a lot of time there.

No. 60887

Sounds like she has huge potential.
She also runs the GyaruOfTheDay account on Twitter that is quite popular.

Some of her batshit insane chatlogs from the period where she was faking her pregnancy:
Anyone got any more?

No. 60888

AFAIK, those are the only logs people got, things like her gore, nudes, and general craziness aside from things on /ghost/ are available, but obviously won't be posted, linked if people really, really want.

No. 60889

Is the horse sex commission posted or just something shes talked about? That part of the story sounds comically insane

No. 60892

It's..pretty disgusting

No. 60894

That was even more disgusting than I imagined, despite the artwork being extremely high quality. I'd post it here under a spoiler for archive purposes but I don't want to save it.

No. 60928

I've seen the gyaru of the day account on my twitter feed a few times, never would've guessed it was run by someone like this.

Her twitter about page thing says that she loathes sexualization of minors (understandable to be fair). Does she only hate loli and shota shit or does she chimp out when people make horny art of 17 year old gyaru anime girls as well?

No. 60933

Anything of minors I believe, to be fair she's a CSA victim who was apparently groomed by lolicons, so it makes sense she'd be sensitive.

No. 60934

File: 1564813459877.png (256.26 KB, 1267x1807, bla.png)

This is from the pregnancy thread in /g/ >>>/g/49996#59110
I hope I'm not wrong but I'm pretty sure this was her.

No. 60936

Yep. That's her taking faking the pregnancy to the next level

No. 60944

Uh… who is this person? You made a new thread without ever putting her name and no one has mentioned it since.

No. 60945

Oh, wow.
Some people are homeless, and some other people are paying actual money for drawings of themselves being fucked by horses. Wild.

No. 60948

Her name is Poyo/Rinafag/Ann, she posts in the gyaru facebook group with the name Miranda Pedaci and her Twitter handle is in the OP.

No. 60951

File: 1564841584664.png (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 1527x1080, ccqhw6.png)

Posting the beastiality porn she commissioned for archive purposes. NSFL.

I want to know how much she spent on this and if it won her orbiter back. I love this cow already, she reminds me of a mix of Mystery, Nemu and brat-grrrrl.

No. 60955

Honestly she did a few lolcow-tier things but I checked her twitter and I wonder if she really needs a thread. She just posts about anime, she's not in a major community except that gyaru group I suppose but it doesn't seem that active.

No. 60958

Shes an infamous tripfag, mystery had a thread here too for very similar reasons/origins. Even to this day she's providing milk.

No. 60965

She's not actually into beastiality, it was all the guy she shitposter with's idea, apparently at least

No. 60967

I must kek that this thread dead af even though there was supposedly “so much interest” in the Gyaru thread. You have try harder to be infamous anywhere. kys on cam or go home(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 60971

File: 1564853332384.jpg (112.46 KB, 720x960, 67396932_10213601149407402_423…)

She claims to be a full time gyaru and so knowledgeable on the topic but her attempts look like cheap cosplay

No. 60975

File: 1564855385306.jpeg (60.4 KB, 550x467, 1BD5871C-3DD4-41FA-9AC6-3D0696…)

did she actually buy this cosplay?

No. 60984

File: 1564862496358.jpeg (182.96 KB, 743x838, F5A0DA4D-37FA-448D-9197-2E5E4B…)

Read the post… it's for a con. She's posted actual outfits before.

Either way I don't think she should have a thread, she's severely mentally ill and in recovery, all milk is over a year old. She doesn't even post on 4chan anymore.

No. 60986

Is that not just kogal? With the cardigan on it'd be better IMO, but it's hot.

No. 60988

Honestly I feel bad for anyone whose been fucked up psychologically by pedos and her behavior just makes me feel sad for her.
I hope she's recovering and doing better mentally.

No. 60990

File: 1564865046166.png (23.49 KB, 928x553, shindol.png)

You do realise she's a compulsive liar? Shes obsessed with being a "real life shindol character", the guy who makes really fucked up hentai about rape and pregnancy. She uses these things as excuses, they might not even be true with her history and you're falling for it. Looks like a regular 4chan attention whore to me.

No. 60991

She's stated that this was all a shitposting scheme and the guy involved blackmailed her with nudes, along with her being drunk every night.
I think she lies about a lot, like the pregnancy shit, but she's genuinely fucked up by the hands of someone. Nobody goes this far just because they want attention

No. 60992

File: 1564865304811.png (2.22 MB, 1759x1039, 15551880676550.png)

>muh famous on 4ch
she isnt ,stop being a newfag

No. 60994

If she didn't just want the attention she could stop posting but shes been at this for years. She's still posting on 4chan with her trip to brag about having sex for sexual attention.
She selfposted on lolcow >>60934 about the pregnancy larp, I doubt the guy even blackmailed her to post here about it. She even used a shindol picture from a doujin featuring rape, pregnancy, abuse, drugs and blackmail, the same things shes obsessed with portraying her life as. She constantly would post degenerate gyaru hentai and shes obviously not some poor innocent who isn't into this and embellishing her story for kicks.

No. 60995

Is this the pedo sperg constantly shitting up /ot/ with retarded pedo accusations and obsessively screeching about loli/shota?

No. 60996

That's not what I'm saying, she's showing signs of extreme attention seeking, she apparently has HPD which she ticks off every symptom, its usually causes by abuse as a kid. She's still not a great person at all, but the one thing I do believe is that she was truly abused and is mental due to that, unlike say, Mickey who's diagnosis changes every time to excuse something, she's talked about being like this ever since her start. She's apparently medicated better according to her twitter, thus why she's not off the rails anymore

No. 61000

You guys realize she's not even 21 and all this shit was when she was 18-19 right?

No. 61005

Haven't been on /ot/ in a while but its nice to hear there's vehemently anti pedophilia people around these parts.

No. 61008

File: 1564874421340.jpg (97.79 KB, 720x960, 56571136_10212933211229365_839…)

She said it was for an event and that it was kogal. Even in her more gal outfits she still isn't good at gal except the nails

No. 61010

File: 1564874785697.jpg (100.93 KB, 720x960, 56407463_10212933211429370_681…)

Her only passable outfit but her makeup and body are strange, the thread used a flattering picture. She looks like someones auntie on a night out trying to relive her youth

No. 61011

She's a recovering anorexic, makes sense her body would be wonky rn

No. 61023

This entire thread so far is full of the same weird unsaged WKing that goes on in the gyaru thread when she's mentioned.
>she's really really fucked up and crazy u guiseee leave her alone :'(
I wouldn't be surprised if she really does have HPD (or is at least messed up enough) to do all that shit but it seems like she also enjoys portraying herself like some aboozed trashy hypersexual little gal who's just had it so rough in life (not at all related to her gyarufication fetish and her love of that one doujinshi, Emergence) and coincidentally all these posts reinstate that.

No. 61027

She's grown out of a lot of that stuff, at least according to her Twitter. She's 19 in those logs, 21? now, she clearly was using the wrong things for an identity because people encouraged it.
At least that's what I think, as she talks about being groomed from a teen and enabled until now.

No. 61031

Dude I know nothing about gyaru and thus have the gyaru thread minimized
Some people just feel compassionate for women like this. Its okay for people to disagree with you idk.

No. 61034

I feel bad for her the same way I feel bad for, say, child stars who are now deep in the bins of drug abuse, sexualization, etc. Seems truly like the works of lots of sexual abuse, years of unmedicated illness, and no compassion.

No. 61036

I'm not a gal either but the gyaru thread was brought up because that's where she was most relevant and thus most likely to self-post or direct her friends because of similar patterns to posts here.
I personally don't even think she should have a dedicated thread just because she's pretty boring now but the seeming wking was worth pointing out given her history.

No. 61047

It doesn't look like shes grown out of it at all judging by her recent posts on /ghost/. We have countless mentally ill cows and with abuse in their past, she isn't special or exempt from criticism on her crazy ass behaviour.

No. 61052


No. 61056

File: 1564926232675.png (71.54 KB, 1366x690, po.png)

Some samples of her recent constant sexual attention seeking to 4chan incels, she is obsessed with portraying herself as some gyaru doujin character and looks like she is into beastiality from the knot comment

No. 61057

File: 1564926271529.png (50.91 KB, 1366x604, p.png)

She also brags and then complains about this thread not sucking up to her enough, wouldnt be suprising if shes whiteknighting herself in here

No. 61059

Oh I remember her! Was in a discord with her.

The first I heard of her she was known as Kirinofag on 4chan's weekend waifu drawthreads. Then she started making more provoking posts to troll people and create drama for the laughs. For example, she "swapped" waifus to Rina from Cinderella Girls.

The guy she supposedly got pregnant with was known as lolyfag, a controversial shitposter, kinda fucked in the head incel obsessed with bloodborne.

Is archive.moe still alive? That archive had /ghost/ where people from the drawthreads came to trashtalk behind each others backs.

No. 61060

File: 1564928246046.jpg (193.68 KB, 838x607, Screenshot_20190804-161656_Sam…)

She introduced me to lolcow 2 years ago, so I wouldn't be surprised there are people defending her here.
>Spammed threads at the very mention of lolicon, or anything she dislikes
Ironic because she was into a character that fetishizes lolicon and incest.


No. 61062

(forget the last part, I realized it's now or was then? desuarchive)

No. 61063

File: 1564929270759.jpg (755.26 KB, 2100x3000, 1489100709107.jpg)

Got any more info? Apparently this is her getting beaten up by Kirino.

No. 61065

God this is so cringey… I used to participate in these waifu threads and even drew Kirino for her lol. Makes me feel a bit bad for her even though everything she posts is cringe as fuck.

No. 61066

File: 1564929972131.jpg (73.51 KB, 720x1280, EAMPXOoUcAASUpX.jpeg.jpg)

This is a pic of her in high school. Sincerely doubt the anorexia lies.

Can confirm that this is fanart of her, but I don't know if she requested/comissioned it or it was somebody trolling her.

No. 61068

File: 1564930980243.png (155.39 KB, 874x778, f03725737506d51ce957abbe08c3e2…)

No. 61069

This is sad, theres a lot of cute artwork. Talents wasted on drawing a literal whore with her incest anime fantasy waifu.

No. 61070

Okay I was one of the posters in the gyaru thread saying this wasn't worth a thread and I take it back wholly- fucking gold. Good thread OP.

No. 61071

File: 1564932946178.jpg (56.89 KB, 996x154, Screenshot_20190804-173439_Sam…)

And today I discovered I'm the queen of England, my sides.

No. 61077

27 inch waist, shes delusional. Her waist comes out further than her hips.

No. 61078

File: 1564938627758.jpg (214.02 KB, 1024x1024, 1491513445010.jpg)

Her art supposedly made in her own blood

No. 61089

File: 1564947912055.png (65.97 KB, 1050x250, Capture.PNG)

Something about her is just so unattractively plain, especially in this picture. To think she was drunkenly posting on /vg/ only a month ago about being so hot. She probably would've been bullied if she wasn't homeschooled.

No. 61097

I know personally she was admitted to a residential therapy unit for it, that was before she was more unhealthy, her nudes show her skinnier

No. 61098

why the fuck do you guys care about some girl who's worst was years ago and now just talks to herself? this doesn't deserve it's own thread

No. 61100

>April 2017
She's either underage or barely 18 here, come on.

No. 61101

>more defense posts right when she posts on /ghost/

No. 61105

She's said her birthday is August 5, 1998 so she would've been 18 going on 19.

I was just casually tinfoiling before but now I absolutely believe she's sending a combo of gyaru/whore or Twitter friends and orbiters here to whiteknight. What regular farmers post (all unsaged until it was pointed out, interesting) in a thread they think should die? Embarrassing tbh.

No. 61107

Both posts coincidentally mention that she "didn't do shit" and they aren't even buying it on there despite her orbiters being around

No. 61110

I remember her being one of the people jumping on the getting high off benadryl train for a while, she was high on it every day.
What's most shocking is she seems to have a boyfriend and a good relationship.

No. 61111

Anyone who would be in a relationship with her must be just as crazy.

No. 61120

File: 1564965771385.jpg (558.42 KB, 1080x1531, 20190804_194216.jpg)

Her boyfriend looks like the neets she always complains about lmfao

No. 61121

Maybe she isn't shallow and cares about more than looks?

No. 61122

I know shes ugly and a whore who still flirts with orbiters while shes taken so shes lucky to have any partner but I still wasnt expecting an old looking fat neckbeard. This is the guy she brags about having sex with?

No. 61123

IMO discussion should be kept to her, not her bf who she's likely roped in with being bpd

No. 61124

Can mods investigate into all of these white knights? It's plaguing this thread worse than any other, its either one orbiter/friend of hers or Poyo herself who admits she posts here and has seen the thread. She was all for this thread until people started actually calling her out, kek

No. 61125

If you're not going to post screens then don't complain when everyone says there's no milk. Are you too used to browsing /ghost/ that you forgot how to post pictures on imageboards or something?

No. 61127

File: 1564968498795.png (34.33 KB, 717x271, p.png)

No. 61128

I really don't get the point of having a thread when she's a literal attention whore, is probably posting here, and any real milk is years old.

Forgot to sage

No. 61129

An attention whore on my lolcow? no! It can't be!

I haven't contributed to this thread until now, but the white knighting has gotta stop. This person seems worthy of a thread.

No. 61133

File: 1564970594230.jpg (114.91 KB, 640x854, xjhit8.jpg)

Her pregnancy test proof. They only backed out of it after people called Lolyfag stupid for falling for the baby lies and he backtracked to say that it was fake and he was the mastermind. Shes a compulsive liar but she may have been pregnant.

No. 61134

More logs from during the pregnancy episode, fucked up even if it was all a lie


No. 61139

Her tumblr is Rinafujimoto, not much milk but you get to see her "aesthetic" more

No. 61156

I get such a strong feeling that she’s the one posting her own milk

No. 61159

File: 1564991384196.png (2.77 MB, 2221x1531, weebass motherfuckers.png)

I posted some milk from her 4chan days and mods know I'm on a different continent, but the whiteknighting topic isn't my job.

I feel bad for her being a mentally ill young girl, but I'm posting milk for fun because she's one of those woke/qweer twitter users that was saying for years she's a lesbian and hates all men- except her boyfriend.

The sad thing is that there was a discord of actually nice autismos on 4chan that advised her to get help asap and put up with her drama queening but then she leaked stuff about people for fun (I wish I had caps, the last thing I remember was a guy awkwardly confessing to a young artist girl and the situation turning into bullying).

No. 61172

Anon who posted that milk, I've just been digging through the /ghost/ archives, it's all posted there. Shes actually been complaining about this thread and shes probably the ones who keep saying it shouldnt be here and defending herself >>61057 >>61127

Any more info from her Discord days? Was she constantly like the logs shown?

No. 61177

No, sometimes the drugs wore off

No. 61178

File: 1565009020010.png (2.14 MB, 1789x9580, ann and her orbiter bully an a…)

Dunno if I should talk about old milk, but it seems like some 4chan people on /ghost/ still hate her for some "inner circle" drama. I wasn't close to her, but she would talk normally and we talked once about anime recommendations. She puts on the "crazy gyaru whore" act when she's shitposting or triggered.

Pic related saga is:
>poyo's orbiter is an incel nutjob
>he's known as lolyfag, after loly from bleach who he first posted about
>he had a "waifu" from the jitsu wa series, green haired vampire girl
>karen is another girl from the series
>lolyfag had an autistic obsession with people who would waifu characters from his waifus series and would try to commission bestiality of the girls and harass the posters
Moving on to how Poyo gets involved in the story:
>she starts talking to him over /ghost/ and then discord
>no one knows they "work together"
>she spergs every time he is mentioned and shitpost spams /ghost/ with yuri and gyaru when he posts bestiality
>anyway, he uses her to get dirt on people and reveal it to everyone
That was pic related example
>then come the pregnancy rumors
>then she commissions bestiality of herself to win that orbiter back?

Well, that was a boring tl;dr so saged.

No. 61179

Forgot to add that pic related compilation and the text commentary are by lolyfag who revealed this "grand drama" to the thread. I only did the red arrow and censored the bestiality drawing. If you search for "ayanobro" in the archives you will find posts how they confirmed Poyo befriended people just for bullying them lol

No. 61183

sorry what the fuck? is this genuine drama over fictional characters, with subterfuge and shit? jesus fucking christ

No. 61185

File: 1565011745778.png (284.76 KB, 654x677, c55a11199e6851fd60ca9ad99ee610…)

Yes, short context of 4chan's waifu threads where she started shitposting:
>every poster considers themselves married to the character, so it's a grave sin to swap waifus or have somebody irl, then you're a poser normalfag and banished
>it was a lucrative place for artists because people would cash out hundreds of dollars for a personalized drawing of themselves with their waifu
>thousands if the drawing is fetish shit
>many people also used it to advertise themselves and sometimes to play into drama to cause jealousy so their art becomes more desirable
>drama included comissioning gore and bestiality of other people's waifus and posting it in the threads for everyone to see
>one girl's house burned down accidentally so the drawfags did charity commissions for her
>incels obsessing over female posters

I'm not going off topic anymore, but you can see how this formed Poyo's online persona, from being surrounded with guys obsessed with loyality and purity to gyaru, but also the shindol and general toxic 4chan shit.

Here's Poyo's art btw

No. 61186

File: 1565012874661.png (1.21 MB, 1663x1871, po.png)

How she draws herself
vs how she actually looks like >>61008

No. 61195

File: 1565026787332.png (Spoiler Image, 73.8 KB, 1102x546, po.png)

Poyo saying she wanted to commission dog beastiality art too

No. 61197

This is clearly an act. I don't think we should trust anything she says, at all, as almost all of these are said for attention, even the horse was Lolyfag's idea because he likes beast shit, and she just played along, he apparently even paid for it for her

No. 61212

All that bragging about being sexy and having perfect measurements and she looks like a barrel stuffed into a tiny skirt and too small top.

No. 61214

I honestly think it's a super unflattering pose, she had a pic on instagram where she was fat in the thighs still but not that bad. I dunno, weight is the one thing I feel bad getting on her for considering she's in recovery for it.(moralfag)

No. 61215

Anon… you can't call a standing straight forward shot unflattering. Thats just what she looks like.

No. 61216

Not her angle, the mirror itself, it looks like it's an upwards pointing halfbody, thus the midget look.

No. 61218

That still doesn't explain why her size clearly doesn't match the measurements she gave. Shes not even got a fridge shaped body, its barrel shaped, not the sexysexy hot gyaru body she brags about having.

No. 61219

Jfc. Everything she says is for attention, I don't think even she believes anything she says. Everything she does lines up to Histrionic, starting fires, too promiscuous, anything for attention even blatant lies. You're all feeding her(moralfag)

No. 61221

File: 1565045764611.jpeg (666.55 KB, 1532x2043, C6FDFAB3-A036-42DC-B9C6-C7B779…)

Oh, I knew saving this would come in handy. From a tweet she made talking about getting thrown out the mall for her outfit.

No. 61222

The white knighting is getting ridiculous. It has to be Poyo or one of her friends or orbiters.
She looks like a fridge and like shes sucking in this picture so its not that much of an upgrade. Why this pressed?

No. 61223

>getting thrown out the mall for her outfit
That's some Himeka tier lying lmao.

No. 61225

Tbh some malls are prudes. If one soccer mom complains, they have to comply.

No. 61226

File: 1565047409594.jpeg (276.81 KB, 728x1115, CDA190B2-FCD0-421D-9EA7-886E64…)

Her body is weird, her legs look like sticks here.

No. 61227

I'd imagine nowhere Ohio malls might be more lax but I can see (and even understand) why some moms wouldn't want their kids exposed to someone with all their blubber hanging out.
Side note: was this when she was allegedly anorexic? Even in this angle, she looks kind of chubby at best. Weird choice for someone "in recovery" if not.

I think she's just an unfortunate apple shape which you have to be relatively skinny to look decent with or else you look like a popsicle.

No. 61228

Her body reminds me of a crossdresser wearing fake breasts

No. 61230

This was a recent pic, like, last week. She has no pics from her anorexia phase, they got purged (haha) when her private vent account got deleted

No. 61232

No wonder she makes so many posts calling herself a hot "alpha bitch" on imageboards and is obsessed with being an IRL version of a character in some "slutty mindbreak gyaru" manga. It's all she has.
What is it with unfortunate-looking western girls and gyaru, anyway? Her, Delandra, and half the girls in the "Gaijin gyaru" thread.
You'd think people who aren't conventionally attractive would veer far away from a fashion that seems to be about looking like the most stereotypical, OTT caricature of a "Stacy" ever (but with an added weeb flavor, especially in the case of styles like kogyaru). I'd see it a bit differently if they were all just having fun and making a parody of beauty standards, but so many of them are extremely catty to each other about looking bad (even though most of the shit-stirrers tend to look just as bad, if not even worse), and bitter on top of it all. I just don't understand.
Is this just what happens when maladjusted weeby girls start trying to LARP as "Stacy"?

No. 61233

Funny that she brags about being a hot popular bitch who everyone wants to fuck while she walks around looking like a lumpy tranny and has sex with her neckbeard looking bf. No wonder she seeks that validation online

No. 61234

To be fair, she is showered in compliments and 4channers actually wanting to fuck her, she has big tits so retards will drool over her. Tie that it with Histrionic and child abuse making her crave the worst, it makes sense she'd think that

No. 61235

Having a bunch of incels want to fuck you based on your tits, attention whoring and nothing else is a sad reason to have an inflated ego

No. 61236

File: 1565049936185.jpeg (144.74 KB, 750x1334, B168F6EA-5622-4F38-854F-AA1FAD…)

No. 61237

Wasn't saying it was, just that attention like that, when you're young and fucked up, makes sense she'd think it makes her popular. She talks about also being mentally stunted and stuck in her teens from the abuse she faced(moralfag)

No. 61238

I really don't think her tits are even as huge as she brags about, pictures like this and OP look like mostly padding. Where they meet in the middle looks forced, not like natural big cleavage where the tits just sit together.

No. 61239

Why does she just look like she smells musty… Like she lets the water from the shower run over her without any soap or body wash.

No. 61240

File: 1565052770706.png (5.98 KB, 614x88, p.png)

Poyo doing everything she can to try and stop people from posting on this thread. Yeah sure Poyo you love being called ugly and fat, youre definitely not posting here just to defend yourself. You said you wanted this thread to die and now youre trying to reverse psychology your way out of it. You are so transparent.

Since she is admitting to posting here, can mods do anything about it? She's posted here before so her posts might be traceable

No. 61241

no clue if it's really her or not, but someone claiming to be her posted a while back in the animecore thread

No. 61242

File: 1565055454167.jpg (19.38 KB, 300x300, U5.jpg)

Is she really only 21? Girl needs to take better care of her skin

No. 61244

File: 1565055927859.png (19.52 KB, 1819x142, Capture.PNG)

For all her bragging about WANTING a lolcow thread, she seem to have thought it would consist of anons pearl-clutching about what a “whore” she is and how she’s crazy or damaged for her dumb stunts (and also validating whatever trauma she may actually have, barring the obvious Emergence/Metamorphosis/whatever mindbreak gyarufication porn LARPing). That seems like the type of attention she mostly gets from 4chan incels so she probably thought this would be an amped up version.

No. 61269

This pic shows what her real size is >>61010 and some others

She seems really fixated on big boobs, probably because incels will ignore the rest of her body as long as they see huge tits and then she gets compliments.

No. 61270

If you look at the time of that pic, it was somewhat old, if anything these are more indications of her size atm

No. 61286

Shes removed the post now after being torn apart here kek but >>61010 was posted within the last few months on the gyaru group and she posted it like she just wore it, not old at all.

No. 61305

Can somebody explain to me where her knees are in this picture? I'm confused as fuck what's going on there.

No. 61310

I can't see them either. Another question is where are her 41" hips, I can't see any hips at all. Not even pushing her boobs out on display is giving her any kind of definition.

No. 61311

File: 1565106538330.png (857.15 KB, 944x672, matchmadeinheaven.png)

Her next cosplay plan is worst im@s girl.

The character is made for her:
>There's nothing good about me…My boobs are just kinda big…
>i wike idows with cute faces uwu
>Don't bash me online!!

No. 61328

She probably measures it at her ass, and has a fat ass

No. 61346

There's bits of her I do feel bad for, she apparently can't even hear/read the word "rape" without disassociating, was molested by her cousin too, and lolicon played a huge part in online grooming.
Of course, this could all be lies, but she seems genuinely fucked up.

No. 61350

She had some tweets regarding idol drama how it's not the same to sexualize a 17 year old girl and a 19 year old, the latter is an adult (drawn with the same style) so it's perfectly fine. I don't think she sees herself and girls of her age group as still vulnerable, but most college age kids think they're adults now that know everything about the world.

No. 61351

I do remember that. I think she genuinely has very skewed perception of sexualization and the likes, she talked about using unhealthy coping mechanisms, using her abuse in an unhealthy way, which would explain her liking anime with incest themes if she really was abused by a family member (apparently cousin.)
I really don't mean to defend her or WK, it's just sad to see how far down the rabbit hole she goes. She seems to hate most sexualization in general though, going on about how porn is awful and every man is a horny demon.

No. 61353

All she does is post about and share porn on /ghost/, pretty funny for someone who hates and gets triggered about it.

No. 61354

She shares pictures of the imas girl nude, afaik, unless there's older posts, navigating that site is hell. I think she's fine with everything until men are involved, or obviously underage stuff, which shouldn't be something to shit on her for.

No. 61355

Also, I don't think porn is triggering for her, she just dislikes it. Her specific triggers seem to be just rape/sexual abuse, pedoshit, and incest. Which people should be against anyway, just not to her obsessive level (spamming threads when it's mentioned)

No. 61356

She posts a lot of gyaru porn with men involved

No. 61358

Pretty clear she's got the hypersexual part of HPD/Childhood trauma while also having some kind of disgust with it at the same time, I think she tries to hide the former for a better image on social media tbh

No. 61366

normally i believe people who open up about abuse but are people itt forgetting that she has hpd? and that histrionics are willing to go to horrific extents to get attention and that includes lying about trauma? she certainly wouldn't be the first cow on here to have done it either. everything she says and does screams that she's just looking for either sympathy or shock value, imo

No. 61368

Considering her obsession with the doujin Emergence which features a high school girl going through rape, incest, drug addiction, prostitution, pregnancy, gyarufication and the entire thing is fetishised I agree with this anon. Her story is at least partially made up to fit this image she pushes of herself for attention based on her hentai fantasy version of herself.

No. 61371

I'd agree but on the other hand, HPD is caused by abuse. I think she's willing to do a lot for attention but that part seems real. It would explain too how she talks about being mentally stunted and regresses a lot.
I never saw this obsession people talk about, only tweets from her saying she hates the series, its creator, because she resonates with it so much. It isn't uncommon for victims to sexualize their abuse and call it a coping mechanism.

I think she's genuinely a VERY fucked up girl with a history of abuse, who refused help for drugs and seeking attention. She needs help.

No. 61372

Knowing her SJW self, rape and incest feels like the one thing she wouldn't lie about. Everything else is a show that she's acted up, but I think that's real. She's talked about her PTSD therapy and the medications she's on for it, apparently a shitton of antipsychotics to sleep

No. 61373

Proof on the medication thing.
She acts like a completely different person on twitter vs 4chan, I can't tell which is "real", if either are

No. 61374

I mean… if you have a personality disorder, especially HPD, any level of 'SJW'ism isn't going to stop you, especially if it gets the attention or pity of people you want it from. She knows it's rewarding to lie because idiots on 4chan (and I'm assuming Twitter) enable it.
I think a lot of people ITT don't really understand how far histrionics or compulsive liars can go, regardless of apparent morals.

No. 61375

She doesn't seem to get any sympathy from it, really, just people trying to "trigger" her, the only times she mentions it on Twitter is talking about things being triggering.
I'm curious what her boyfriend knows, if she's lying to him or not.

No. 61376

Shes trying to appeal to incels that find these things attractive because theyre all pornsick, like the beast guy she was talking to. Shes also trying to get SJW points on Twitter and Tumblr where its trendy. Its not hard to understand why she acts like two different people depending on who her audience is.

No. 61377

As someone who's talked to her back in the Weekend Waifu Drawthreads, she seems genuine about all her illnesses, and trauma, and actually tried to help other people who spoke out about mental illness. She used to be very vocal, and nice in the main Discord we had, after talking to Lolyfag shit went south.
Pregnancy, abortion, and anything surrounding that spectacle was lies, along with faking friendships with some members to get "dirt" on them, like >>61178

IMO, Lolyfag used her, she was apparently just 18 during the pregnancy shit. I think she has twofaced qualities, and there's a definite split of the truth and lies in her "history". I just hope she's getting the therapy she needs. She was incredibly obsessed with Lolyfag and admitted to obsessing over people who were cruel to her.

No. 61379

File: 1565136819764.jpeg (95.07 KB, 640x424, C9F46A76-8B8F-4F95-8590-A2F852…)

No. 61380

That's why she still shitposts on /ghost/.

No. 61381

At least she's not on 4chan anymore.

No. 61398

There's a lot of things I consider fake about her story, like whoring herself out for xanax. Xanax (alprazolam) is infamous because it can cause addiction if you misuse it, but all it will do us give you a constipation and make you sleepy, and if you don't take it while addicted you show some symptoms of serotinin syndrome.

Look at the thread, she still posts there and even worse, on /ghost/.

Of fucking course, she's a huge hypocrite. She ranted how men are disgusting for sexualizing riamu but is fine with doing it herself or retweeting art by men.

No. 61400

File: 1565153787411.png (214.12 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20190807-065423.png)

>Stop posting about me!
why does every cow on here try this strategy when it doesn't work and just shows how much they're obsessed

She has tweeted about the thread several timesand stopped posting in ghost because people were capping her retarded posts

No. 61402

File: 1565154192204.jpg (492.54 KB, 1933x998, Screenshot_20190807-070121.jpg)

Anyone got anything from her NSFW twitter?

No. 61404

>Living rent free in people's minds
Is this a common saying? I can think of only one other retard that has said this kek

No. 61408

She whored herself for crack and opiates mostly, not xans

No. 61409

Which would also explain her bad skin, also alcohol addiction

No. 61410

Didn't Reina say it in a cap in the gyaru thread?

No. 61413

cow telepathy? i think shayna's said that exact phrase before
i hadn't heard of her having an nsfw twitter, but i'm pretty sure her nudes are floating around the /vg/ archives

No. 61414

yes it's a common saying.

No. 61415

File: 1565164817872.png (183.1 KB, 807x512, g.png)

lmao, look who i found while browsing /g/
how long until it's revealed poyo herself made this thread, it would explain all the wking and samefagging going on

No. 61416

I already reported one of the most obvious selfposts and asked the farmhands to see if it matched with OP, but no response yet.

No. 61425

I don't think that shes OP, OP was hesitant to make the thread in the gyaru thread and when she posted about it she seemed excited because someone else had done it. Until it turned into horror because she wasn't getting exactly what she wanted, and now shes trying to shut it down.

The anons who keep sperging out about her age and how shes "gotten better" and posting pictures that are supposed to be more flattering however are likely to be her. Particularly this one >>61098

See >>61101

No. 61434

Don't forget that people have already claimed several times that either she's OP or posting her own milk in an attempt to shut the thread down. Or that she's too boring to have a thread.

I don't get why somebody with barely 300 followers would have wks.

No. 61502

File: 1565221159437.jpg (217.87 KB, 600x800, 1af01e0898c33ce771d4fe2a05220d…)

No. 61504

How tall is she? I get that a 27 inch waist can look wide on someone who isn't tall, but that is definitely not what a 27 waist looks like next to 41 hips.

No. 61505

5'2 apparently so you're right about the waist measurement but yeah, she definitely does not have that waist:hip ratio let alone a perfect hourglass.

No. 61506

Anon this is gold. What a delusional cow, not an hourglass at all she has a broad apple shaped body.

No. 61507

A 28 or 29" waist would seem right tbh

No. 61508

I could believe 29 or 30 inch waist on a short person, but that hip to waist ratio is extremely off. How embarrassing that she bragged about it so much while posting pictures of her box body.

No. 61509

Her waist looks smaller here, definitely not 27" but I can believe 29-28" with a somewhat similar hip to what she said

No. 61510

Anon are you blind or just white knighting? Her waist looks bigger or at best equal to her hips in that picture.

No. 61511

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't hip sizes show weird in front facing images? She probably has a fat saggy ass that takes up the measurement.

No. 61513

File: 1565227837948.jpg (118.79 KB, 768x1024, ffaab1c21d6bcffcfa073d03f91234…)

googling her username brings up an amino page with more cringe. she has to either be completely delusional or know she looks like shit dressed like this

No. 61517

She looks like a middle aged street prostitute wearing her daughters hat and keychain. That top doesnt fit her either

No. 61519

File: 1565228323097.jpg (73.8 KB, 539x960, 47324578_10212217797184461_581…)

Another full body shot

No. 61522

kinda looks like a tranny here

No. 61523

She looks like a tranny in all of the body pics. >>61513 I've only seen this body type with the wide waist and flat hips on MtF transexuals.

No. 61526

why is her leg covered in bruises???

No. 61527

She said that her boyfriend punched her in the nose while she was giving him a blowjob, its either her or him

No. 61533

It's the hairline, low wig skills

No. 61570

I don't think thats a wig, looks too fried. Shes just balding.

No. 61571

Huh, you're right, explains why she crops her forehead from some pics like OP or covers it.

No. 61602

I've seen this girl on twitter multiple times and on /vg/ on the idolmaster threads, its fascinating how long she's kept her woke kweer faux personality in contrast to how she acts on 4chan. HPD is one hell of a fucking drug.
Saged for no contribution

No. 61614

I'm curious which one is more of the real her, it feels more like Twitter Poyo is the more genuine, and 4chan Poyo is her going manic for attention, mostly going by how a lot of her 4chan self lines up with Twitter, just with an extra splash of crazy, it'd make sense that she goes and crazyposts whenever her disorders spike rather than keeping it to twitter

No. 61626

I think that neither is real. The real Poyo is just desperate for attention and lacking in any real personality, so she tries to do whatever works where she goes to. Twitter laps up the SJW 'I hate men and porn' stuff and sucks up to her mental issues, 4chan incels go crazy over her posting porn and painting herself as some sex goddess/easy slut with huge tits and mental issues.

No. 61644

her twitter persona isn't even doing her any favors because she only has a few hundred followers. that's why she still has to seek attention on /ghost/, she doesn't have the personality, talent, looks, or intelligence to make a name for herself anywhere other than there

No. 61646

That's what makes me believes that the Twitter persona is real, there's no reason to act that way if she's not "entertaining" random people, otherwise she'd be going more over the top there, making callout posts for anyone, typical twitter behaviors to receive more interest. She throws herself into the depths of 4chan and /ghost/, creating a clear attention-seeking personality, to get the shit she craves.

Like how someone who seems normal in daily life might use some sort of escapism, who they are in their destructive "coping mechanisms" is just an amalgamation of every bad trait.

No. 61680

Offtopic/personal rant but I fucking hate these women who scream about how gay they are constantly while in a LTR with a man. You're not gay, you're not even a committed misandrist, piss off you thirsty dick gremlin.

No. 61682

Anon, if you think you need to be a misandrist to be gay/lesbian woman….I feel deeply sorry for you.

No. 61687

If she was truly abused by men it makes sense

No. 61689

it's not entirely ot, anon. she's a textbook example of a het woman who wants to be seen as woke with minimal effort, just with an added layer of desperation for male approval. the only time you hear about her "bisexuality" is when she talks about wanting to fuck anime girls as a way to appeal to incels on 4chan

No. 61697

You missed the point- she carries on like she's some man-hating super dyke, but she's neither of those things.

No. 61714

She's apparently had girlfriends in the past.

No. 61717

anyone can lie on the internet, especially if they want incels to fap to their fake life story

No. 61718

Her last relationship with a girl was real, as she had a twitter and they regularly talked/played games together and shit.

No. 61719

+ It was what really set her reputation in waifu threads aflame, as she "left her waifu for 3D"

No. 61720

Wasn't that a "man" (trans)?

No. 61721

Went back and forth, identified as a girl a lot, by the end of their relationship I think she referred to it as her girlfriend

No. 61722

File: 1565380105012.jpg (353.26 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190809_144636.jpg)

wow she makes poor Hilda look like a troon

No. 61725

that was an online relationship iirc. any straight girl can pretend to be attracted to someone of the same sex online because you don't actually have to touch them, which is why it's so convenient for these tumblr/twitter kweer girls

No. 61732

How hard is it to make a token effort to match your makeup to the character and brush a damn wig?

No. 61733

Agreed on the wig but what's wrong with the makeup?

No. 61734

Looks like she locked her twitter account cause "we were calling her fat".

No. 61735

Do you follow her?

No. 61736

Yes I do, on a throwaway account.
She's lurking now, she just deleted that tweet specifying why she locked.

No. 61737

File: 1565384836180.png (8.76 KB, 337x110, 839203.png)

No. 61755

File: 1565392743043.png (172.75 KB, 728x443, 332566.PNG)

Her ratio was almost exactly 1:1 earlier so I guess she blocked everyone she considered suspicious.

No. 61756

Tbh I'd do the same? I can't blame her for not wanting people to see.

No. 61757

Did >>61736 get blocked?

No. 61776

Oh, the horror. Maybe she should wear something that fits her shape instead of "gyaru". She also claimed on ghost that she works out but it doesn't look like it at all.

No. 61779

There's too many unsaged defensive posts in this thread that keep bumping it when there's no milk.

No. 61780

This. Real milk is old, anything else can be posted in the gaijin gyaru thread, now that she's locked

No. 61782

i noticed that too, it's probably one of her twitterfag orbiters who don't know how to post.
exactly, she has an unfortunate face and body type and her "fashion" isn't doing her any favors

No. 61783

I don't even know if anything would flatter her, honestly. I think she's doomed to look bad in any fashion.

No. 61784

File: 1565417384175.jpg (418.04 KB, 1199x916, Screenshot_20190810-080746_Sam…)

Her whiteknight circlejerk made her lock her twitter it seems

Imagine posting in a ghost thread with extreme beastfag cuckolds and saying a lolcow thread is disturbing.

No. 61786

I mean, any sane person would lock their twitter, but yeah.
I thought a Histrionic would want any attention.

No. 61787

>anons attempt to 'trigger' her or make jokes about her alleged trauma on /ghost/ regularly
>lolcow thread calls her fat
>"just s-stay safe, ok queen?"

No. 61788

Honestly, I think it's just the Lolyfag dude who does that. Otherwise she seems pretty unhated there.

No. 61798

Fuck off Miranda, we're not here to teach you makeup

No. 61799

You guys are dealing with some actually deranged people, not just your typical 4ch deranged either.

Poyo is bad but this guy here named Lolyfag
he is worse.

No. 61805

Post milk if you have it, fuck off if you don't. Vagueposting should be an instaban.

No. 61837

You're going to have to provide more info, anon

No. 61859

It's probably him selfposting or those ghost cucks, lolyfag is just a braindead incel into bestiality.

No. 61995

File: 1565644684535.png (51.03 KB, 626x844, po.png)

Poyo sperging about underage characters and then agreeing to draw one in a gangbang for the clout earlier a few months ago.

No. 62000

Man who fucking cares. A hypocrite being a hypocrite for some incel attention doesn't deserve a thread. Let this die.

No. 62001

Not taking either side but the people going through /ghost/ all seem like obsessive waifufags too. These things seem to only affect that weird circle, save threads for people who have over 300 followers and have affected more than 4chan.

No. 62003

t. Poyo and/or orbiters

No. 62004

t. someone who clearly uses /ghost/ as well
Nobody knows about that place really, other than people familiar.
This thread just reeks of waifufags who wanted to complain about her from when she was relevant years ago.

No. 62005

Interest for this thread started in the gyaru thread

No. 62007

From people who recognized her from 4chan.
Her gyaru "milk" is barely anything, most of SnG has awful makeup and fat bodies.

No. 62008

Only people who have been on 4chan use the term "waifufag" like you're saying.
It's funny how I've never seen you and Poyo post in the same room…

No. 62009

Are you serious? Go into any of the husbando or similar threads here, it's thrown around like crazy.

No. 62010

These unsaged replies are worse than white knights.

No. 62016

Not even white knights.

>>60955 >>60988 >>60991 >>61008 >>61011 >>61034 >>61097 >>61121 >>61214 >>61371

All or most of these are Poyo herself trying not to say she's Poyo.
Especially >>61097, how are you going to say you say you know her personally as though you're friends with her but also say you've seen and are familiar with her nudes?

No. 62017

This thread should just get closed honestly. It's going to be full of her posting, you can't expect more from a Histrionic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 62020

>Y-Yeah, guys! We should, like, totes close the thread, am I right?

No. 62021

That would be giving her exactly what she spammed the thread for, mods should mark her posts like they did for mystery if a ban doesn't work.

No. 62029

I strongly agree with >>62021. What benefit would there be to locking instead of banning her or marking her posts, other than Poyo getting what she wants? She is evidently uncomfortable with the thread >>61734 and even tried to reverse psychology her way out. >>61240
It's been ages since I've seen such repetitive sperging about a subject not deserving a thread. There is no way absolutely all the whiteknights in this thread are innocent passerby farmers, who just so conveniently lack the wisdom to let a thread die organically instead of shitting it up and fuelling the fire she's self-posting or sending WKs here. The closest I can think of would be some newfag gyarus who feel some kind of pity or kinship because they believe her sob stories.

No. 62048

If you look on /ghost/ she did the same there, "stop talking about poyo! Why do you think about her so much?". She's on heavy defense mode because she hates there's a thread that archives how she actually looks and what hypocrite she is.

No. 62074

The funniest part is that she wanted a thread, what did she expect it to contain?

No. 62613

File: 1566024377479.jpg (445.4 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_8382.JPG)

She reminds me on NuYukapon/"Natchan" here. Both channeling the "old men please give me attention" egirl/"y2k" busted druggie look

No. 62629

I don't ever want to go to bat for Yukapon, but anon, where? This girl looks like every fat harley quinn wannabe on the internet. She doesn't look anything like the potato nose pee princess minus maybe wearing pink here? It's a reach.

No. 62693

Yukapon has some sense of style, this is just hideous. The makeup is so uneven and badly applied and the tshirt is so tight its even squeezing her arms. Classic fat girl angle with the arms and stomach just out of shot and the boobs in focus.

No. 63775

File: 1566509737270.jpg (187.83 KB, 255x360, IMG_20190822_233426.jpg)

So that gyaru of the day twitter came up in my recommended today and I'm kind of appalled how little she actually knows about gyaru, for someone who makes a huge deal of how 'totezzz lifestyle gyaru' she is. She's just posting random anime girls with nothing gyaru about them at all, like pic related. No wonder she looks like shit if she can't even id gyaru characters.

No. 63784

That character's whole personality is supposed to be her being an age old being, but instead changes her personality to be a gyaru teenager.
She doesn't look like it, but she is.

No. 63787

She also literally says in the tweet that she doesn't look like a gyaru but presents herself as such.

No. 63908

gyaru fashion is a joke and probably the least milky thing about this girl imo trash style suits a trash person lol

No. 63912

I don't know why people are focusing on her "style" and not her insane antics and how she's probably still whoring around despite having a boyfriend.

No. 64122

There's more evidence of the former and its entertaining milk when she bigs herself up as a gYaRoo kWeEn to incels on /a/.

No. 64364

Do we have more proof of her sperging on lolcow? Except the ones already posted

No. 64398

Her constant tweets and pics showing off how many kids toys she buys and kids shows she watches gives off major DDLG vibes, especially knowing what her BF looks like now.

No. 64497

You still have access to her twitter? Post pics

No. 64498

File: 1566870283937.jpeg (732.62 KB, 1920x2560, D3A61F68-A57B-4518-9C9E-8A63B3…)

It's unlocked.
I don't feel like making a collage of all the tweets but here's two recent ones.

No. 64524

File: 1566889079887.png (395.38 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20190827-085456.png)

Another woke trans activist that loves ironical sluttyness and woman hating. Pottery.

No. 64525

File: 1566889126936.jpg (329.24 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190827_085237.jpg)


No. 64527

what's going on in her cleavage? Self harm scars?

No. 64560

That makeup is nasty. Is it makeup smudged all over her cheek/under eye or she just dirty? Looks like she doesnt bathe, nice moustache too

No. 64600

Yeah. Her arms are really bad, but she also has her chest riddled with them. Kinda sad. IIRC she said she cuts her chest because she didn't want to be attractive to men, after teenage prostituting.

No. 64606

File: 1566934805181.jpeg (132.93 KB, 750x1000, 3E6603CE-ABF5-4852-9B84-4302E2…)

Found a pic of her from around this time last year. I can't tell if she looks better or worse.

No. 64608

File: 1566935056154.jpeg (332.03 KB, 955x1274, 2B26CA05-CE30-4B63-B57A-871D1B…)

No. 64610

File: 1566935338621.jpeg (336.55 KB, 960x1280, 94AEEBD5-CFD8-4963-A51A-4A43EC…)

And that's about all I've been able to find. /vg/ not having a proper archive anymore makes it hard.

No. 64630

Shes really abusing filters when her skin looks like this >>61242

No. 64632

That image where she's blonde according to her FB, is from 2016. Though her skin isn't great now either

No. 64633

She might have cleared her skin but the saggy jowls eyebags and wrinkles from drug abuse wont go away that easily, its not looking good for her age

No. 64634

Oh, definitely. I just wanted to point out that the one picture was pretty old now. I wonder how she'd look if she didn't spend most of her life on drugs, I know PTSD and similar disorders can fuck with your appearance too as the stress takes a toll.

No. 64635

Forgot to add if she really did have an ED, especially bulimia, that explains the cheeks, most people with bulimia get saggy chipmunk cheeks.

No. 64638

This was her before the drugs >>61066
she could look older but not the street prostitute mom look she has now, plain but better. A less ugly haircut and makeup might have helped her back then but shes past help

No. 65428

she didn't fake her pregnancy, she gave birth to a stillborn baby.. as I can remember

No. 65451

Sad if true, tbh

No. 65458

File: 1567662354946.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20190905-074619.png)

Doesn't seem like anybody's mentioned it yet, but she uses her popular gyaru of the day twitter account to retweet her selfies every time and of course they get no attention.

No. 65459

File: 1567662406227.png (397.37 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20190905-074051.png)

Not to mention the classical self sent asks she keeps getting with that amount of likes on her posts.

No. 65460

I mean, yeah, but she also RTs any gyaru's pics she sees. I've seen some of her selfies rack up around 50 likes from it, assuming.

No. 65462

I feel like this thread is kept alive by maybe two people, this bitch has barely any followers unlike other "gaijin gyaru"

No. 65544

Any proof? I believe it but all the old posts say she faked it. It seemed like a coverup when they suddenly started claiming it was a fake epic troll plot.

No. 72243

I found this place by accident and am having a giggle. It's amazing how people still thought I would never have come up with the fake pregnancy and stuff. Anyways most of the stuff about me is disinfo mixed with bad interpretations of the scenario. tbh I stopped caring a single bit about her once she denied me titty pics.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 72272

Can this thread just get deleted, before this retard keeps going. If he's a shitposter from 4chan he's going to evade.

No. 72277

File: 1573348997089.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x483, goawayscrote.jpg)


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