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File: 1590100827006.jpeg (37.86 KB, 480x480, nicole.jpeg)

No. 95156

Previous thread: >>82304

Nicoleeeveedavis, your average lying Ethot with more faces than the happy mask salesman. Earlier she had a band of White knights that shot down anything related to Nicole, and heavily monitored the first thread. They’ve been hush hush after a new wave of evidence of her skinwalking of Leda, flakery and cheating with Myspace fag, Destery came to light. She’s obsessed with being Leda and a IRL elf.

>UwU Victim 4lyfe

>Constantly photoshops the ever loving shit out of herself til she looks like a different person, and insists she looks like this IRL by photoshopping videos to use as proof.
>Lied about working 3 jobs and doing 70 hours a week
>Lying about having multiple illnesses and having people break into her car and losing fake jobs to garner sympathy and donations
>Thirst baiting and complaining about getting thirsty ass comments
>Advocates against bullying and stalking, then starts harassing and stalking a girl named Addi for “skinwalking” her when it’s not true
>Constantly accusing others of skinwalking when her whole look, personality, hobbies, and appearance was stolen from Leda
>Took a plane to where ever the fuck Destery lives to cheat on her bf Dennis and shamelessly posted pics and videos
>Single baits despite having a boyfriend
>Shameless Ebegging
>Crying about having no money while spending every dime on toys and nerd crap
>Lied about being homeless and going through extreme poverty while living with parents
>Huge AdultChild and Narcissist
>Always promising followers new projects and content, while failing to deliver anything

Stalker Saga:
Was briefly stalked by a Black guy who she egged on, he created Nicoleeeveedavis.com to chronicle his ramblings
Claimed to have been stalked by Addi when there was no proof
Got a cake to celebrate the end of being stalked and being granted a restraining order when it didn’t even happen
Talks about finally being able to move on and leave the stalked saga behind but can’t stop bitching and crying about Addi and being stalked. Constantly Tweeting about Addi and trying to get people to attack her to the point where her own drones told her to STFU and finally move on

>She had bad plastic surgery
>Nicole was the one who posted and created her own fan accounts and fan content on Facebook, IG and Reddit. Shortly after a Anon suggested the possibility of sock puppets, most of the Reddit posts of her disappeared. On FB and IG all of the accounts all said the same things about her (I love you queen, she’s perfect, she loves us, she saved me, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world) and all suspiciously stopped posting at the same time.
>Lying about being Bisexual to thirst bait

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/NicoleEeveeDavis/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleEeveeD
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/NicoleEeveeDavis

No. 95160

File: 1590102381314.jpeg (389.2 KB, 828x955, 0FC6B7EB-26F4-42CE-B4FA-141F66…)

Accurate description of the stalker bs. The milk for Addi skinwalking Nicole was so shit it can’t even be called skinwalking. Nicole would go on long-winded rants about Addi copying her memes or the same memes she retweets, that’s barely the wearing of her skin she made it out to be. As mentally unstable as Addi seems to be, she’s not the danger or threat Nicole described.

She seems to stalk her stalker so much, she even knows who she dated and their accounts. Like, she’s a public figure with thousands of followers but notices the second someone in Addi’s life follows her. Fuckn creepy

No. 95164

>Was briefly stalked by a Black guy who she egged on, he created Nicoleeeveedavis.com to chronicle his ramblings

Brandon wasn't egged on. He had this twisted idea that she was in love with him even though she had a boyfriend and wasn't interested. He got creepy and created a fake interest with edited fake photoshop jobs as if he had access to all these before photos to try and drag her compared to the photos she posted.

He is not just some guy who got 'egged on'. Nicole IS a victim in that stalking situation. We already discussed how much of a fucking creep he was. People were even posted his edited before and afters as if they were real in the other thread.

>Claimed to have been stalked by Addi when there was no proof

We also posted proof, while the thread was even still active, of Addi deliberately reposting and even edited herself in a post Nicole reposted that she found from Facebook. Addi is also a skinwalker.

If you're going to make a new thread at least be honest with your OP so anons know the full story on certain subjects involving Nicole.

No. 95165

Why was tinfoil included in the OP when tinfoil is only allowed if there is probable proof? The only thing that maybe counts is the nose job since we have photos, but the rest doesn't even make sense and has nothing to back it up.

No. 95176

that's why it's under speculation

No. 95177

Which means tinfoil. The having all the accounts thing still doesn't even make sense. She stopped being relevant and got old and so did her fan base that cared about her during the time of everything posted. She went MIA for several months. Who the hell would want to keep reblogging and keep fan accounts up to date. Some still posts, but months apart because her relevancy is just not there.

No. 95178

By the way, the fan account on insta called “eeveefc” is by one of Nicole’s admirers/‘friends’, her username is yunozatti on insta. That’s probably the one fan account I can 100% say isn’t made by Nicole herself. But it also has an interesting story to it
In one of her 2017 streams, Nicole mentioned that someone was using her photos to catfish a guy and try to be in a relationship with him, except he was already in one and had a son with his girlfriend. Nicole said she actually ended up meeting them and their child (weird story) and that the mother was worried her boyfriend would leave her. I figured it was that yunozatti girl because she has a son and actually ended up breaking up with him because he cheated on her
Every story surrounding Nicole’s life is just so weird lmao

No. 95179

Can you find the stream it was? That's interesting.

No. 95182

File: 1590107009698.jpeg (192.11 KB, 828x766, 9C0AA965-93D8-4F5E-B2B8-7A86D3…)

Looking for it rn, the stream is 8 hours long so it may take a bit
Also found these comments where Nicole empathizes for her

No. 95186

File: 1590109781779.jpeg (407.16 KB, 828x636, D06BF914-8A10-4E07-AAEA-8E9D9E…)

Found it, she went in much more depth than what I explained, link with exact time she talks about that story is: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/172909914?t=13349s
Time is at 3:42:29 and onward

No. 95216

File: 1590136314313.jpg (183.98 KB, 1044x1080, 1589697213437.jpg)

I'm offended this gem wasn't used for thread pic comparison

No. 95218

Soz for samefag but second this anon. She may have provoked her male stalker I don't personally know, but he's so demented nearly anything would have. And yes, he definitely has a strange fantasy of Nicole being in love with him. It's the fact she screeches about Addi being her stalker to this day when all she's done is skinwalk and potentially make some jealous comments… Brandon is the real physical threat, who has even made websites about her.

Addi on the other hand used to emulate Nicole, her posts, interests and photos in a somewhat more aggressive way than that Sarah Alice girl briefly mentioned here. I remember personally seeing numerous nasty comments (most of which pointing out her shoop) all coming from sock accounts Nicole claimed to be Addi at the time (maybe two years ago). The issue with this situation is after Nicole named and shamed her multiple times (despite reaffirming almost constantly she wouldn't stoop to that), Addi went into hiding because of Nicole's orbiters.

I lost Addi during this period but from what I've seen since she's long resurfaced is she's no longer skinwalking Nicole, at least not to a noticeable extent. Her continued dragging of Addi to this day for money, coupled with Nicole being a Leda skinwalker herself equals a big awks from me.

No. 95231

File: 1590148951316.jpeg (1020.38 KB, 828x1636, 84138E09-B188-451E-A286-E85092…)

She finally addresses being single

No. 95233

Safe to assume Dennis is the one that dumped her, the way she worded all her sad posting on snapchat was saying things like “I will never leave me, even if others do” and worded it like she got dumped. Good for him.

No. 95236

That's gotta be a record, I would've thought Destrey's misshapen man-child wizard sleeve would be enough to make anyone cry

No. 95245

File: 1590161971709.jpeg (850.76 KB, 828x1338, 4BA1BB78-00AA-4ACE-B409-B10ECE…)

lol at least other costhots know to filter Nicole’s face too

No. 95247

Then she most likely f*cked with Destery as a sad, sad rebound, as he drowned her in attention anyways and in the end got his will. Nicole posts about how she spends her former Anniversary single for the first time in 10 years - instead spending it with the guy she cheated with which likely caused her original boyfriend to break up with her in the first place (so no anniversary), and that cheater being the same manipulative, ugly lowlife who already lied to her and HIS former girlfriend, treated her like shit and she then condemned online, but now flies out during a pandemic just to spend a night with him after all that bullshit. This is the most pathetic story I've heard in a long time.

No. 95249

I don't get why she doesn't get a nosejob if she shops her nose this much.

No. 95250

Anon how old are you if you are censoring your typing? Sage your posts too. You keep bumping the thread and we know it's samefag so stop declaring that too.

I thought we decided she did.


This looks like all they did was throw a filter over her here. What the hell is happened to the other thot though? That's awful.

No. 95251

Even with the snow filter it still doesn't look like her uploads

No. 95253

It's about time Dennis left, she clearly does not respect him at all. I would've laughed and called him a fucking loser for staying with someone who openly cheats on you.

No. 95254

File: 1590163795327.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1350, nicole dennis.jpg)

She should take notes from her friend, at least they have the decency to shop her as well, while Nicole won't shop the other person in her pic, example with her ex

No. 95255

File: 1590163941766.png (6.46 MB, 1800x1800, 1857BEB9-5CAA-4316-8F3E-0F992F…)

Dunno who decided that but I sure as hell don’t believe for one second she got a nose job. A nose job would at least be better because then she would look the same irl.

I compiled some unshooped and shooped photos for comparison that show she never got a nose job through the years:
Top row (unshooped) 2018 -> 2017 -> 2016/15
Bottom row (shooped) 2018 -> 2017 -> 2016

No. 95256

He looks shopped though. Dark circles cleared, skin smoothed, but not overly done. She likes her stuff to be as if she walked into a selfie machine in Japan and glows like the sun. But you are dumb to not notice his shops she added in.

No. 95257

Dennis did leave >>95231

No. 95258

Why do you guys always only compile old photos? Make a normal timeline like people do with cosplayers who turn thot. Thought we were comparing her nose now to her nose then not her nose then to nose then.

No. 95259

What would a normal timeline look like?
The photo comparisons just show her shooped nose always looks the same through the years, but it’s not a nose she has and a nose she got through surgery. Every year she she still has unedited videos and candids showing she has her hook/beak nose, so a nose job would make no sense.

No. 95260

Very well could afford botox into the nose bridge to even everything out and round the tip to make everything for symmetrical. It doesn't completely fix it and it deteriorates over time which would explain the weird endless shapes.

No. 95261

Learn to read. I said it's about time he LEFT.

No. 95262

File: 1590164495571.jpeg (324.38 KB, 707x841, 0B0B5129-0356-4C86-8375-67A285…)

Taken a few months ago, her nose still has the bump.

No. 95263

Oof what a retarded thing to be rude over, my condolences for whatever's happening in your life anon

No. 95264

>posts photo of straight line nose

Uh huh.

No. 95265

File: 1590164747756.jpeg (724.1 KB, 828x1454, DAD7BD26-EF22-441A-979D-988446…)

Sage for not being milk, but am I the only one who gets repulsed when she sticks her tongue out like that? She does it in nearly every video and it’s something a toddler would do, I don’t find it cute

No. 95266

I mean it's definitely not on the same trajectory as her shops. There's no swoop and if anything it leans to pointing downwards. Idk how much I see a bump though?

No. 95267

Its a thot thing, not a nicole thing. Its supposed to be quirky and egirl.

No. 95268

its the first time i contributed to this thread, so how samefag?

She just moved into the LA area not long ago, she will get fillers or surgery eventually.

No. 95269

Ngl her nose looks broken in this one though, but that may just be the filter

No. 95270

well, she's been transitioning from kawaii uwu girl to thot lately, almost every video she posts is a form of tongue out or wink or cheek squish.

No. 95271

Looks like the highlight she put on her bridge is just too might for the lights. It's casting shadows and highlights all weird

No. 95272

File: 1590165030695.jpeg (557.78 KB, 828x929, F6ADDC55-013E-40EB-B86B-1E5543…)

Then she probably did get a nose job. I just don’t know why she didn’t get a good one or at least one that looks like what she shoops hers to be. She has the money for it lmao

She claims the difference in nose shape is just how she contours, but there’s no amount of contour that could fix what it used to look like

No. 95273

Her nose was wide and slightly hooked. from her facebook.

No. 95274

That's the thing with Ethots, they can't decide to be a uwu anime girl or a full blown hoe.

No. 95275

File: 1590165808528.gif (1023.14 KB, 245x131, tumblr_mb1qcap05i1qii70fo3_250…)

Probably, although I can't understand why she wouldn't just get her mole removed. It seems like she tries to hide it more than her nose. It's better than it vanishing from pic to pic, or always jumping around in shape/colour.

No. 95278

File: 1590166629181.jpeg (854.56 KB, 828x1395, EFCE7367-C031-463A-89D5-8496D8…)

I found a Destery fan account that reposted his stories. That is Nicole’s hand and her bracelet, a romantic-looking pic next to his hand when she was still with Dennis.
A literal thot

No. 95279

File: 1590167167443.jpeg (590.91 KB, 828x1365, A0E85340-BA66-4F3B-8A73-485504…)

Even around that same time she was still posting videos where you could see Dennis in the background (sitting on the chair)

No. 95284

Ok, even if you did prove that Addi was a "skinwalker", you didn't prove how she was stalking Nicole.

No. 95285

She reposted the same items immediately after her more than once, it even happened while the thread was active and spergfest anon got pissed and yelled at everyone to stop whiteknighting because they called Addi out. I always mess up links, so just go back to the other thread and it's not far from the top where you see back to backs of the reblogs. She even edited Nicole out of a scene meme she found on Facebook and Nicole reblogged and self inserted herself in it before reblogging on Twitter. Addi is a little troll gremlin and apparently no one can call her out on it without an anon flipping out and saying it's just talk to deviate from Nicole. It's a fucking mess.

No. 95286

That's still 0 proof of her alleged stalking
She never followed Nicole around irl or tried getting her address, You know, actual stalker stuff. In what world does trolling equate to stalking?
That doesn't count as stalking.
>Addi is a troll gremlin
She did all that to piss off Nicole and it worked, Nicole won't stop crying about her.

No. 95287

File: 1590169968179.jpeg (281.74 KB, 1180x1773, 66BB3FA3-EEA1-43EF-8748-7E0172…)

Nicole photoshopping would be a lot less milky if she didn’t try to convince people it’s only a filter, and she totally doesn’t retouch it afterwards

No. 95291

Hate comments can be seen throughout Nicole’s older posts going “Leave Addi/Kaitlyn alone” and apparently addressing herself in third person. Addi was definitely harassing her online on a daily basis but Nicole exaggerated the story to make it seem life-threatening. Addi never expressed any intent to do her physical harm but of course Nicole still milked the story for extra sympathy points

No. 95293

You don't have to meet someone IRL to me a stalker. Look at Brandon. Most of his harassment was online as well. No one is saying Addi was stalker, put her in jail, that extreme, but she has stalker tendencies.

>She did all that to piss off Nicole and it worked, Nicole won't stop crying about her.

She never mentioned this anywhere, anon. If that's the case, then she is absolutely obsessed with her enough to do that as bad as Brandon as to edit fake before photos for being mad that Nicole didn't want him.

No. 95294

I second this, Addi (whose account name is now peachieleo) seemed jealous/wanted to be her but eventually moved on, probably to another costhot.
Btw Brandon literally drove by Nicole’s neighborhood trying to figure out where she lived based on the background of pictures she took in her yard. Yikes. Along with threatening to rape her and other women.

No. 95295

Addi actually seemed to stop after being called out for being a xan-addict and when she copied her during the thread starting. She hasn't done much since with following Nicole and Nicole hasn't mentioned it much since either.

No. 95303

File: 1590182323919.png (42.77 KB, 1200x1200, emoji.png)

Who cares about Addi? Can we move on?

No. 95304

File: 1590182946851.jpeg (231.57 KB, 1000x750, 232FA11E-86B4-4B69-A0F4-E1A635…)

I’ve never seen candids of Nicole before these threads were made and I’m still confused how she can edit her face/nose that much.
How was she even able to give her nose that upturned look without completely warping that left eye? That’s some professional level shit

No. 95305

File: 1590183353538.png (3.55 MB, 828x1792, 3A084848-F09A-4AA4-9155-82C722…)

Most of the candids I do find of Nicole are from that pinterest vendetta page, so it’s hard to know what’s real or not
I’m 99% sure this is real

No. 95307

it looks like she still used the eye enlarge tool for a pic like that

No. 95308

File: 1590185107562.jpeg (391.88 KB, 1800x1368, 60704D14-BB86-4A19-A42D-7507F3…)

Something I hate that costhots/influencers do is upload flawless looking before and after makeup pictures to try and show they’re flawless before putting anything on.

Like we get it Nicole, you’re ~effortlessly flawless~ only except you look like the right.
If costhots were more upfront about not looking like goddesses naturally that would make them a lot more tolerable

No. 95314

Notice how her ear is pointed in her "natural" no makeup selfie? She's also trying to show minna she's "naturally" elf-like too. Nicole has a big thing for coming off like an uwu Elf. She cycles through multiple phases, right now it's the "I'M NATURALLY STRAWBERRY BLONDE" phase.

No. 95318

File: 1590197520975.jpeg (640.87 KB, 828x1346, F9D9664D-5D10-4C0C-87C4-BBA4B5…)

Is Nicole san for real? She already went on a rant in March about coworkers and people she was hanging out with accidentally calling her Nicole instead of Eevee/Evie, now she’s saying she sometimes ignores people if they refer to her by “Nicole.”
This bitch seems like such a high maintenance person to have in anyone’s life, I’m really not surprised people around her probably get drained and cut her out of their life

No. 95319

She's relevant to the thread, anon. OP even made sure to put her in the bio of the last thread and just refuses to say her name in this one or Brandon's name too and draw him out to be not the bad guy in Nicole's situation, no nah. Everyone who is fucked up here gets called it. Even Xanny Addi.

No. 95321

The thing is anon, Brandon went in and edited photos as fake before and edited even photos that weren't from shoots to make it appear that Nicole edits more than she does. He even placed images together to adjust her eyes in photos and you could see in the before the different images compiled to edit the eyes and skin and nose and face. Dude was fucking crazy. I wouldn't post anything from that Pinterest, anon >>95305

No. 95322

I wouldn't call a hair color a phase, but the elven thing is, but that just might be her obsession just like all these thots want to be catgirls so much because reality is uwu cuter.

No. 95323

If she purposely, even if her middle name is spelled wrong, but pronounced the same, asks people to call her that and they want to be dicks about it and not call her by her middle name even if the spelling is different, is shitty. People want to be called nicknames, so being a douche about it and not calling someone that because you think it's 'dumb' or something is just really disrespectful.

No. 95324

File: 1590198070211.png (2.25 MB, 1800x1800, 1C925852-89A7-4D83-B09A-2F0832…)

She’s so unhealthily obsessed with being a redhead she even answers the same question twice in the same q&a story just to emphasize how much of a true redhead she is
This is such bs because last year she kept saying how her father is a redhead and the red hair “skipped a generation” meaning her and her siblings didn’t get the red hair. But of course her stories are never consistent throughout the years so she needs to lie about something as minuscule as hair color to seem like an otherworldly elf goddess

No. 95325

People are dumb too and will ask people with dirty blond or brown hair if they are naturally redheads. I think because she has real freckles that she wishes were Disney freckles that she sees more red and orange in her hair because of the skin tone she actually has? I know that is what makes people think gingers are gingers when they aren't. They just have freckles and dirty blonde hair.

No. 95326

But she’s been calling herself Nicole for years, up until this month her name on insta was “Nicole eevee davis” and she changed it to just “eevee.” It’s a new demand people need time adjusting to.

No. 95327

I’ve never seen her with natural freckles that weren’t a filter or drawn on with makeup. Any pics of her natural frecks?

No. 95328

I mean anyone can want to be called by something else at any point. It's not outlandish and its as petty as people misgendering to prove a point when they find out someone is trans. Just don't be a dick about a nickname?

No. 95329

File: 1590198917230.jpeg (281.58 KB, 828x455, 91EAA78E-A3BB-4918-A81E-E5AB41…)

She doesn’t have blonde or red hair naturally, looks common brown to me

No. 95330

Not a wk but you sound like the type of person to hate on furries just for liking something different to you and having interests so shame. They already get enough hate as it is

No. 95331

She doesn't have freckles, she starting using filters for them. She just likes the aesthetic cuz she wants to look ~different~ and it also pushes her ~natural redhead~ lie.

No. 95334

File: 1590201291829.jpeg (636.05 KB, 828x617, 67596EFE-0BE2-4D07-ADDA-9E12B8…)

Thought so. Unsure why a wk started coming in here claiming she has natural freckles and that she’s also a dirty blonde.
The only instances she’s ever had freckles on her face were drawn on because natural frecks wouldn’t be visible through many layers of of foundation

Also this is the only post she’s ever removed from her instagram, I’m not sure why but could it possibly be because of the over editing?

No. 95336

If I had to guess, she had it removed because the shop was obvious in that pic. Her whole face is dis-proportioned, and there wasn't enough editing on her nose bridge to cover the hump she has. She looks like a literal alien in that pic.

No. 95344

She wouldn't have people calling her Eevee if Pokemon wasn't popular, she just wants to be associated with something that is widely known and liked.
There are pics of her as a kid in the other thread that showed her having Brown hair, so now she wants everyone to believe she ~suddenly~ grew out red hair? That's not how genetics work Nicole.
>Faggot Furry detected.

No. 95345

File: 1590203504875.jpeg (843.27 KB, 828x1403, 51ADBB3C-CB0C-47CE-AC27-5068C6…)

Most likely actually >>95336
Another ig post that got removed was one of her tattoo posts but probably got taken down by Addi or a troll, it was about self harm, she posted a pic of her scar before covering it with the tat

No. 95349

File: 1590204490349.jpeg (309.43 KB, 828x635, D5B604B5-FF50-4FD0-90B1-8907A3…)

Curious how one of her videos got nearly a million views when the post itself has < 50k likes

No. 95350

Go back to Tumblr, sane people don't have to subscribe to whatever non-reality autists spew on a month to month basis

No. 95351

Samefag but who is this fucking sperg invading the thread? No one gives a fuck about your subjective moral opinions

No. 95353


Is this your screengrab?

No. 95355

Its what happens when people only promote one photo out of their gallery to gain traction. That photo ends up as an ad but most people don't visit the page on top of it and just like the promoted photo they see in story inbetweens or when normally scrolling/promoted page

No. 95356

Also when videos are uploaded you never, ever, ever get the same amount of views compared to likes because it counts repeat views too.

No. 95358

>view insights
>Nicole user icon

Maybe she posted it in a story at some point? It would be bizarre for the thread topic to highlight their own unusual stats.


>Calls herself Nicole Eevee Davis on all accounts for years

>Don't call me Nicole

Is this some weird attempt to distance herself from this thread or past events? The username will still show up all over Google. idgi.

No. 95370

Dunno, maybe you bought an ad space from Instagram to promote your post??
I love the fake humble ass pat she gives herself. She tries to make herself seem super popular when in reality, she walks outside and 100% of the people who walks past her don't know who the fuck she is.

No. 95391

File: 1590225730103.jpeg (425.4 KB, 828x1178, F39DE38D-14BB-4ACD-A1C4-10FFAE…)

Somehow comparing people with gender dysphoria and real struggles with their identity to a bitch that just wants to be an irl Pokémon trainer girl lmao (not trans but shit comparison anon, she isn’t even consistent with her own preferred nickname/username)
Besides, her rants are that even her manager(s) call her by her real name instead of her middle/Pokémon name, she’s been talking about legally changing her name to Eevee Nicole Davis for years but hasn’t done anything about it.

No. 95392

File: 1590226025614.png (5.87 MB, 1800x1800, D353DD7E-B9D7-470C-A3E0-B0BF7D…)

How does she look like complete ana chan in one picture and chunkier in a candid? These were taken near the same period

No. 95395

In which of these pictures does she look like an ana-chan?

No. 95396

File: 1590227050777.jpg (460.47 KB, 1920x2144, 20-05-23-19-40-00-664_deco__01…)

That anon encapsulates everything wrong with the userbase. I think they wondered onto the wrong site… Pic related.

It's gotta be shoop. I know the first image of Nicole compared to the ones she uploaded are definitely slimmed down extensively.

I think anon means she looks significantly smaller in frame in the second photo, compared with the first.

No. 95429

Anyone have a screencap of Nicole making fun of Addi’s appearance in the comment section? I remember long time ago Addi was harassing Nicole in the comments and she actually retaliated back and insulted her lol, and her followers were wking calling Addi fat and Nicole was liking all those comments. Trying to find a screenshot if it wasn’t deleted already. I remember this shit because it was right before I unfollowed her

No. 95435

File: 1590246929482.jpeg (528.29 KB, 828x1313, 61D3D946-5EFE-4DE0-B9A9-A1FE5E…)

Kek at “loving myself with my clothes on”
Addi is a crazy thot and Nicole is just a thot

No. 95437

File: 1590247977184.jpeg (371.57 KB, 1285x1800, BC29099A-AE3F-4ACA-BB2E-F657EA…)

Also putting this out here when Nicole gets plastic surgery (or even more, if she has already)

No. 95438

Who let the Tumblr SJW faggot out of the closet?

No. 95441

I can confirm the Addi fake account spergs and Nicole agressively replying but I never capped them unfortunately. Interested to see Nicole liking comments about Addi being fat if anyone's got any evidence.
Imo most e sexworkers are trashy and borderline insane but even I can't stand her ~holier than thou~ attitude. Kek, my sides at the "clothes on" comment.

No. 95453

File: 1590251262725.jpeg (328.36 KB, 828x655, AA106AF6-7E29-42F2-A7F4-4BCABF…)

Apparently you’re automatically a dick according to the sjw anon for saying Nicole, despite her closest friends (Doon and Destery) introducing her as Nicole, even in his vids

No. 95459

I forgot how insane sjws are lol.

No. 95462

File: 1590254382095.jpeg (914.65 KB, 828x1390, 8E0F5D16-D0DE-413F-9EA4-D0F4AE…)

Probably the worst photo of herself she’s put out to this day lmao(retarded nitpick)

No. 95463

Kek, nice evidence anon. Glad WK-Chan can finally untwist her panties
Ntayrt but I'm surprised, they're everywhere on this site. Just read a 20 post long argument about aces apparently being LGBTQ123

No. 95465

File: 1590255152936.jpeg (197.91 KB, 828x756, EFD9ED47-14B9-4D51-A839-E8AAB8…)

>”What class would you be”
>Lists a couple of elven races

watch out, we got ourselves a gamer Egirl~

No. 95480

Nicole is one of those girls who knows nothing about games but pretends she does all while making fun of the ~other gamer gurls~

No. 95483

I think she just misread that like an idiot though.

No. 95486


I thought anons were discussing asking to be called not Nicole recently though? Why are you posting almost 3.5 year old posts announcing her as Nicole? It's not even about being a SJW. You just sound stupid.

No. 95487

Addi is offically allowed to be talked about if people are going to be bringing Xany-Addi up constantly.

No. 95493

This is Nicole's thread though? I don't understand why yall are so obsessed with Addi like Nicole, lul.

No. 95495

Because she is in the OP for fucks sake. So why not talk about her? It's not like a fleeting person was introduced. Xanny Addi was added in the first thread and has posts on posts, dozens, about her. She doesn't suddenly become irrelevant because anons don't want to talk about her anymore. It is Nicole's thread, but it also involves her more than just 'this person said..'. With proof we have she stalked her, not like Brandon, but online obsessive reblogging, harassing her on throw away accounts.. Addi is absolutely a talkabe subject. There isn't a reason to make another thread to talk about people involving Nicole, so they all have to condensed here. You don't control what can be talked about anon just because you don't think Addi is something to be talked about. It's like when anons kept bringing up Leda, but the second people called Leda's actions in life to focus as well "NO DONT TALK ABOUT LEDA".

No. 95496

File: 1590263090351.png (5.69 MB, 1800x1800, 7F4A4E0E-E346-4E55-B6DD-FCC7AC…)


No. 95497

Because it's bit Addi or Leda's thread, dumbstruck. If you want to talk about them, make a thread for them instead of throwing a tantrum when you get called out for obviously being off topic. Just because they have a slight relation to the Nicole drama doesn't mean you get to instantly derail into talking only about them.

No. 95498

I only wish a thread on Nicole was made sooner, then we’d have a lot more info on Addi back when she still had an ig account that wasn’t taken down.
I’m interested in the Addi topic because apparently Addi was claiming someone was making accounts pretending to be her, while Nicole was saying all the sock puppet hate accounts had the same IP address but she didn’t even check Addi’s IP. They could have been Addi, they could have been Brandon shitting on Nicole’s ig pretending to be Addi. This story has so many holes and the fact that Nicole never got a finalized restraining order shows that.

No. 95501

There isn't enough to make a thread about them yet. Stop being pissed about people want to talk about everything related to the thread topic considering other anons keep bringing up other people related to Nicole too. Especially considering Addi has way more in relation to Nicole than Leda had with Nicole if all it is is skinwalking. Addi definitely did stalking on her own and again, we have proof of it. It was laid to rest until >>95303 wanted to complain about giving more context to Addi and Brandon in the OP.

No. 95503

>Wish a thread about Nicole was made sooner
I don't think it was possible during that time because her WKs were on high alert, someone would always jump to her defense when she was lightly mentioned in the instagramers thread and some other thread. It was also speculated that Nicole was/is a farmer since she was following a large amount of snowflakes that were being talked about here.

No. 95504

Anon who was posting kept have spergouts though about defending why she was a cow without as much stuff as we have now. Even other anons called out the nitpicking because of the lack of milk at the time. Sperg anon even egged on the mods to ban them.

No. 95510

File: 1590270438901.jpeg (184.79 KB, 828x528, E5AFB986-39CF-487A-8487-A1470F…)

I thought nicole started dating dennis when she was 14-15 but apparently has an even older ex. dunno why it would be awkward briefly seeing an ex you briefly dated as a kid unless she dated him during a rough patch she had with dennis through the 10 year relationship

No. 95512

When did she supposedly break up with Dennis?

No. 95515

>When did she break up?
How about you read the damn threads?

No. 95517

Except no one knows for sure, so I am trying to see if anyone else might think this was when she really broke up with Dennis and has been playing it off. Just like how anons thought they were still together because of unupdated Facebook bios. I think I found sperg-anon.

No. 95518

File: 1590271532555.jpeg (159.46 KB, 828x693, 5178E0F4-06B8-41D9-AC45-DB12BF…)

It’s unclear. Nicole only officially announced being single on her snapchat on their anniversary May 21st
Dennis and Nicole unfollowed each other on Twitter but he was still liking her tweets in May although also tweets like this
His twitter: https://twitter.com/everstonetcg

No. 95519

Can people not act like children and post about it like this when they are well over the age of 20? It looks so stupid and plays out like early 2000s AOL away messages. I think the breakup might be mutual from the reads of things. She's saying how she is trying not to cry and he posted this. Maybe they both felt it was time?

No. 95525

>Can people stop acting like children when they are well over the age of 20?
We're talking about Nicole and her circle here :laughcry: there are no adults in that crowd.

No. 95526

probably. Ive noticed a lot of ethot breakups this year but most of them were probably due to starting OF accounts, but that’s not too relevant to this.
their breakup seemed like it was a gradual and slow progress so it’s unlikely to be just one reason/huge fight

No. 95528

They were together since teens and regardless of cheating, that's a long time to spend with someone. It would be way more obvious with how much of a big fallout it would've been considering how much they put out in the open for people.

No. 95547

File: 1590279095400.jpeg (221.08 KB, 828x554, 42CE1FB9-BA72-407F-A3AF-9551C8…)

The break up is probably for the best. she says she prefers women over men kek
weird thing to have said in a hetero relationship but you do you nicole

No. 95551

Says she prefers women but had an 8 year relationship with a guy, never had a girlfriend, and as soon as she broke up she flew to the bed of Destery, another male

No. 95553

File: 1590283147719.jpeg (202.69 KB, 930x1798, 053B3BA2-04DD-4E55-A064-492068…)

i know the sock puppet accounts posting to reddit were already discussed, but two different reddit users with similar usernames (both with ass/booty in it) post nicole’s pics in multiple different subreddits “i love big asses” “bliss booty” dafuck

No. 95554

File: 1590283281600.jpeg (380.85 KB, 828x1593, FE75CC95-693A-43DE-99C9-190B13…)

at least the neckbeards of those subreddits can criticize a poorly put together cosplay
>pink hair
>elf ears
>”Dark magician cosplay”

No. 95555

Nicole: i lIkE wOmEn!

No. 95556

>Big booty n tits
Funny how Nicole has none of those traits without the help of photoshop and heavy padding.
I hope more evidence comes out for the sockpuppet stuff. You should've seen the now deleted Reddit accounts that ONLY posted pics of her, it was the same exact thing as the puppet accounts you posted.

No. 95560

File: 1590283958826.png (266.95 KB, 953x785, ned reddit.png)

One poster kept spamming her pics on r sexy hair. Her posts are tagged under dyed except the one where she's wearing a obvious red wig. Adding to Nicole's delusion of being a natural redhead.

No. 95561

File: 1590284046968.jpg (125.75 KB, 1080x810, ned reddit 2.jpg)

The pic in the post
>wearing red wig

No. 95563

File: 1590284153980.jpeg (112.74 KB, 828x404, D77A051F-5374-4DEE-A519-DAFD22…)

She even speaks about herself like an ally of lgbt, she doesnt have to “prove” anything but her words contradict herself

also to the wks going “shE was in a relationship how could she experiment with liking women?!?” lmfao, that sure as hell didnt stop her from lusting after other men while with dennis

No. 95564

File: 1590284248898.jpeg (674.8 KB, 828x1356, 8BEDD2E9-04B8-4A00-961B-3B5F54…)

don’t forget how she edits her boobs to be bigger, especially in older pics
>dresser next to tit magically slants

No. 95565

I don't get what you're saying but I think
Is the key word here

No. 95567

Its called cross posting and it is exactly what is happening here. Usually accounts will spam post a photo in any credit sub that fits.

No. 95568

File: 1590285096301.jpeg (230.04 KB, 625x1393, D80C3D8E-F9B3-497A-B33A-CF6F0C…)

i knew leda muir was popular in the scene community but i had no idea she was this famous
>nicole egging her stans to tweet at leda san and convince them to follow her
>”i dont want to bother or creep her out uwu”

No. 95571

File: 1590286502568.jpeg (311.17 KB, 828x1455, 4B5A59DC-715A-45F9-831F-08897E…)

You mean these deleted accounts? Funny how they’re all during the same time and linking several of her social media accounts. sad.

No. 95573

File: 1590287888656.jpg (25.86 KB, 321x247, ned.jpg)

Anyone notice how her right iris is wonky in this picture? It looks like her color contacts was slipping out to the side and she edited over them to make it look natural. Your eyes don't do tricks like this.

No. 95574

File: 1590288356619.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1518, E61FCBFA-27DE-44CA-9546-84610F…)

If you go to pinterest (and ignore the creepy shopped pics Brandon warped n posted) there are hundreds of Nicole’s snapchat posts that just scream self post to me

No. 95575

File: 1590288378325.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1636, A955BCD9-0778-4D65-8FA4-21200B…)

No. 95576

File: 1590288406654.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1391, AD9A2CA7-987E-45F1-B007-214971…)

No. 95577

I didn't think Nicole was this try hard for Efame

No. 95578

File: 1590289063952.png (4.93 MB, 1800x1800, 18A085B7-9C48-47C4-BF19-BDC177…)

She edits her eye color a lot. She just posted her emilia cosplay with purple eyes contacts but in videos she just has her regular blue eyes

No. 95580

File: 1590289508972.jpeg (394.66 KB, 1631x1243, 4D46CBC4-4960-4524-950C-4FA536…)

The sockpuppet account that mysteriously deleted after the first thread talked about it was the source of this gif
Then she reposts it on twitter as though a fan turned it into a gif

No. 95581

I'm laughing at the wks from the other thread insisting her eyes were 100% natural

No. 95584

File: 1590290557668.jpeg (696.21 KB, 828x1370, F5AA6285-E457-4463-9A79-F78BAA…)

it couldnt be more obvious it’s edited
she likes to use picsart overlays to change her eye color and smooth everything except her eyes

No. 95591

You know snow enhances your eyes like this, right? Pretty sure she only uses that. Not to mention all the filters are either SNOW or snapchat.

No. 95592

The editing on her nose is hilarious

No. 95596

File: 1590294295416.jpeg (406.9 KB, 828x878, E81D1F70-6E4B-4E30-8D6F-EF5997…)

>‘I stayed with dawn while things were hard’
>Also claims she was homeless on many occasions

No. 95597

I doubt she was ever homeless. She wanted to seem like she struggled so hard so she can be relatable to people who were actually homeless or struggled to pay their rent, which isn’t a good thing to do? At all? Being homeless or close to it is terrifying.

No. 95599

The filter does that. It's a floppy bunny. It turns the nose up.

No. 95601

File: 1590296242503.jpeg (842.75 KB, 828x1469, 26AB236B-5772-4119-9833-691F54…)

The end of this walking in the forest vid caught me off guard when she turned for half a second

No. 95691

File: 1590337669577.jpeg (396.35 KB, 1012x1800, EC46D23C-15B0-45D5-ADB8-225EC8…)

I’m confident addi wasnt harassing nicole all on her own, there was this girl that had nearly 100k or so that went by the username jesakii on insta (you can’t find her anymore because she deactivated right after nicole’s restraining order post) but if you search her name she has dozens of fan accounts reposting her photos
This is the only pic I found before she deactivated but she was very active during the time nicole was getting hate comments, iirc she was also naming her cats the same stuff nicole named hers. i normally ignore carbon copy ~kawaii~ egirls but this one striked me as more of a hater/envier than an admirer? she appeared to have nicole blocked
until she resurfaces and activates her account i cant confirm much else tho. my guess is she deactivated so the police or Nicole couldn’t trace the IP of the hate comments back to her

No. 95706

How do you know she has Nicole blocked?

No. 95707

People used to tag nicole in her pics but i dont think she’d see it, she may not have tho
I just thought it was weird that she started posting around the time nicole was getting spam hate and then her account was gone when she started talking about getting police involved

No. 95708

The plot thickens. The format and captions of these inexplicable fan accounts for this nobody follow the exact format of the fake Nicole ones. Fan accounts are usually more personal, and with more effort than this.

No. 95709

File: 1590342133066.jpeg (897.48 KB, 828x1458, 1CDD403E-B486-400F-95B3-DF399A…)

Nicole’s stay safe story highlight on addi talks about a post she made in 2017 where addi was stealing her photos, captions and putting eevee in her name. if addi was the one spamming hate comments why did it start a year after that post and not back when she was first imitating her? it doesn’t add up.
it just seemed this whole time like addi was copying her for monetary shit (same sob stories for money, copying patreon, asking money for tattoos and a car)
Idk, the whole story makes no sense because she didn’t get an actual restraining order
I was waiting for jesakii /jess to activate her account before mentioning this but it seems like nicole’s police investigation/IP tracing scared her off for good.

No. 95717

File: 1590348055812.jpeg (302.25 KB, 828x812, DDC84230-0BEB-4E67-8B89-5431DD…)

Nicole is an irl big-eyed button nose Disney girl even Frozen fans want to take pics with her

No. 95718

File: 1590348372568.jpeg (60.03 KB, 500x281, FBEE5896-7087-491E-A9C7-8893A4…)

Reminds me of Stefany Lauren kek

No. 95720

Thats because unlike Brandon, Addi didn't try to stalk and obsessively try to find where she lives outside of online. Police don't give a shit about anything that actually takes place online. That's why you have so many suicides from nine bullying, harassment, stalking, and the police after 20 years still just say whatever. She never would've been able to get a restraining order on addi and Brandon probably still stalks Nicole on puppets. If anything he's the one who kept up all those fan pages and when he got called out and an IRL restraining order happened, that also makes sense why all those fan pages just stopped.

No. 95723

File: 1590349712437.png (3.06 MB, 1800x1800, 895B5411-26F4-4069-9DF5-6E434B…)

So do you think she said addi was the one harassing her daily as a diversion away from brandon? she was never harassed once in 2017 and that’s when addi started copying her, which is why i was skeptical.

Also the more i look at these “fan pages” the more i notice they seem like pictures only nicole would have. the pinterest uploads of all her snaps look like self posts too because doesnt it show the username in the top corner if you screenshot from someone else on snap?

No. 95725

No one said either stalker was a diversion. What wormhole tinfoil are you trying to string together? There is nothing to back Nicole having these pages and wouldn't make sense. She's also posted all the photos publicly that have been reposted to the fan pages. She's had other names too and for someone who people in this thread keep claiming is a nobody and why would people post about her, you guys have a massive catalog of stuff from her actually being popular. Even before the thot stuff and was on YouTube. Where is the idea she doesn't have fans who run these accounts and make these posts? These could be 40 year old men trying to get karma on credit by posting scene girls, photoshop or not. If you're going to insist these are her then at least bring some solid proof instead of spamming why you think it's her instead for the second thread in a row.

No. 95726

>only nicole could have access too
>snapchat photos

No. 95727

That's so bs, she's far from looking like the IRL Anna. This story would be believable if she was cosplaying as Anna. Retards like Nicole love making up crazy stories of how people were so amazed at their beauty or how much they look like a character. Dakota and Sayathefox does this kind of shit too.

No. 95729

Kids do this all the time though and mostly when they are excited about new Disney things. Cosplayers do so many ooc cosplay that I think it's mainstream now to think someone looks like a Disney princess to a kid because they see this stuff all the time. Look at WiR normalizing they don't wear dresses all the time. If her hair was braided, I could see them doing this. It's kids.

No. 95731

well, nicole jumped from 379000 followers to 404000 in a matter of days, after having this stagnating number for months, and you think she doesnt buy followers? her popularity is fake and she bought them now because she knows of this thread as is scared to hell to lose her image now. if you want proof check her social blade and audith for instagram.

No. 95734

File: 1590354920075.jpeg (663.99 KB, 828x1460, B98923F0-C22A-4581-9D2B-904D9E…)

she compares herself to many anime/cartoon characters whenever she changes her hair color

No. 95735

File: 1590355013879.jpeg (95.55 KB, 680x680, DD5A239A-43AB-4D42-AA4D-285F73…)

another pic related

No. 95738

>Kids do this all the time
Oh so kids always runs to random strangers and say they look like some cartoon they watch because they have the same hair color? It doesn't make sense for them to say she looks like Anna only cuz she has dyed red hair. Like I said, this situation would only make sense if she was DRESSED like Anna. It's very hard to believe a dumb story like that just because of her hair color. Nicole just wants to convince everyone she looks like a Disney Princess ~naturally~

No. 95747

Don't mistake all the time as in 24/7, anon. You're over exaggerating, but kids do often point out people looking like cartoon characters. Same way they point out differences. They honestly have no idea it's cringey or rude in cases. During conventions you really, really notice it. If she works somewhere near a theater I think it's plausible at least. If she hasn't made posts like this frequently then I wouldn't nitpick a one time incident.

No. 95757

File: 1590360116557.jpeg (322.32 KB, 828x1123, 5FC0D24C-C23B-4BF1-A4D8-362EE2…)

she does it a lot tho

No. 95764


No. 95773

File: 1590364299103.jpeg (126.68 KB, 828x428, 0FC6E0BC-DB95-4387-A738-278D37…)

.. is this what it means to be “unique”? rare conditions and genetics

She dyed her hair copper red a week after this tweet

No. 95778

Love how these Anons keep trying to defend her blatant bs

No. 95795

File: 1590372431630.png (288.04 KB, 391x669, 5242119431.png)

She's really pushing the I LOVE GIRLS card now

No. 95797

File: 1590372638862.png (285.37 KB, 374x670, ned b.png)

She looks like a stupid bimbo whenever she sticks her tongue out and winks like Belle

No. 95806

Yeah, it's full on autistic and they can't even smell their own shit. A beyond average weeb, in normal clothing, is not going to get referred to as a Disney princess KEK. Or WKs never left, they're just trying to be ~subtle~

No. 95807

File: 1590374622673.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200524-225320.jpg)

*our. Samefag but holy shit this looks nothing like her. I know she's using a filter, but the difference is so stark.

No. 95810

File: 1590378500032.jpeg (282.69 KB, 828x692, 308227A8-5ED3-4981-A294-F08756…)

>nobody said either stalker was a diversion
read the threads. This was mentioned in the previous thread of her

No. 95811

I'm pretty sure some of the wks are still hanging on to this thread, there's some low key wking.

No. 95812

I’m surprised they are still wks after reading this thread

No. 95814

Agreed. If it's not Nicole herself, there's no helping her orbiters at this point.

No. 95820

File: 1590384722742.jpeg (295.64 KB, 1152x2048, B6A2FFC9-DF9A-4A40-9DB6-BB362C…)

Anyone else feel like nicole uses meme humor/satire when posting lewds to justify or excuse it? this was discussed in the previous thread with her dmg cosplay and malone “melon” bikini shoot, but she does it for every sexual picture
i just imagine her sitting there trying to think of a witty caption to go with her tit and/or ass pics because she doesn’t want to be labelled as a SWer/nsfw

No. 95821


Thots do it to be quirky. Nicole isn't special about it.

No. 95828

File: 1590386097702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.49 KB, 828x497, D48695CD-8330-4B5A-9FAF-04A337…)

>explain how someone can photoshop features in a video
kek it seemed like her and her stalker were in a constant tug of war of ‘you don’t look like this!’ ‘yes i do!’

No. 95829

samefag, i accidentally made it a spoiler ignore that

No. 95836

>hehehe it's just a uwu joke~! I'm not actually a Ehot! Don't forget to sub for more pics

Her Wks from the first thread kept defending her Whore pics by saying ITSA JOKE, really makes me wonder if the WKS telepathically know what Nicole wants them to say or if it's actually Nicole herself.

No. 95981

File: 1590433300933.jpeg (759.71 KB, 828x1582, 8A239FA5-DD0B-455A-B9D8-B845DD…)

Looking nicole up on google comes up with the weirdest searches

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