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File: 1627920752107.jpeg (31.62 KB, 790x401, C84BFEEE-3C1F-4813-9BA3-4CC0AA…)

No. 847522

A thread for further discussion of Chris-Chan in light of recent developments.

For those new to Christory, GenoSamuel has an extended documented history, found here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLABqEYq6H3vpCmsmyUnHnfMOeAnjBdSNm

To briefly recap, on 30 July a recorded phone call of Chris admitting to raping his senile 80-year-old mother. He has also stolen money from her. He has since been arrested and is being held on incest charges.

No. 847531

File: 1627923754094.jpeg (282.88 KB, 750x1160, 2999606E-80FC-4881-8EFC-71AEE8…)

It’s starting to hit local news in Virginia. Thankfully they don’t use female pronouns in the article but leave it vague

No. 847532

Okay somehow the more extended summary got eaten so
>phone call between Chris Chan and “Bella”, who recorded the call and released it under an anonymous account
>the recording quickly spreads in lolcow circles; gets posted to Twitter
>multiple people of course call the authorities
>31 July - police arrive at 14BC. Barb is taken to an elder care facility and Chris is issued an EPO preventing him from contacting her
>Tard Wrangler Null apparently has access to Chris’s email, where he discovers that Chris has sent himself $750 from Barb, violating the EPO. Null contacts the authorities.
>1 August - Chris is arrested at a hotel in Henrico County, where he is currently held

My apologies.

No. 847535

File: 1627924906321.jpeg (207.88 KB, 1125x1586, B8678E3D-0AD4-4B5E-AF0F-130C96…)


No. 847536

File: 1627924932353.jpeg (157.13 KB, 1125x1581, 400C0E70-1377-48FA-B367-64A281…)

No. 847537

No chance of him going to a female prison now.

No. 847538

indeed… it is a sad time for lolcows

No. 847539

There was no chance of that anyways. Someone already pointed out that in Virginia trannies are only allowed in women's prisons if they are post-snip.

No. 847540

well ripperoni to chris then…

No. 847541

Kek at that mugshot
If so, I can’t wait for the reactions of the retarded flakes who’s priority is to obnoxiously correct his pronoun by replying *she despite the comment relating to the fact he raped his own mother

No. 847543

Sooo, do we think Jason was the last in the room to say "not it", or does one of his colleagues have it out for him?

No. 847546

File: 1627926939797.png (655.65 KB, 992x732, woman.png)

No. 847547

every 'top story' article that comes up when you search his name, all uses 'she'

No. 847548

They kinda have to, anon

No. 847549

File: 1627927615344.png (1017.44 KB, 960x540, christhreadoffate-png.png)

No. 847550

clown world. not to add to the US sperging itt but if this is normal now you guys are fucked

No. 847551

Based. I hope they don't change it to protect tranny feefees.

No. 847552

normal to refer to people by their preferred pronouns? touch grass(sage your shit)

No. 847553

You will never be a woman.

No. 847554

If he gets the chop while in prison he'll be able to transfer to the female ward.

No. 847555

He was trending worldwide. According to Geno Samuel, more people cared about CWC on twitter than the Olympics in Japan. Though, that might just go to show how boring and the Olympics are.

This. Can we stop with the fucking tall tale that Bella or anyone else pushed Chris into raping Barb? Chris had it out for his own mom for literal years before any of these trolls came along.They were cuddling, sleeping in the same bed and everything.

Chris has boundary issues even worse than the typical autist and Barb was a jealous narc before dementia rotted her previous personality away and they're both dumb, religious hicks. In his mind, he probably processed her narcissism as romantic intent and used it to justify his desires. It's fucking vile. Chris needs to be removed from society permanently. I wouldn't even trust him to not try and fuck one of his housemates in a group home setting.

No. 847556

I'm divided wether I would like him to get an stinkditch or not.
If he chops off his cock he will get transfered to a female prison, in the other hand, his hygiene is non-existant and the axe wound will kill him.
In my ideal world, he would be obligated to transform his dick and balls into a smelly hideous ''vagina'' and let to rot in a male prison.

No. 847557

I know this has already been said but if THIS doesn't peak the world then were fucked

No. 847558

At this stage we are beyond fucked. Normies don't care what insane troons do, they have normal lives and don't know what they truly are.
Believe, they won't peak in mass until trans children get older and die young.

No. 847559

Based Greene County Sheriff's Office.

Do they even offer cock chops to inmates? Also I'm not a burgerfag so I'm not familiar with the legal system, especially the Virginia state-specific one, but will he be forced to undergo mental evaluation regardless if he goes to court or not? If Barb doesn't press charges, will the state still prosecute him? If so, is it possible that he doesn't have to do prison time?

No. 847560

>Do they even offer cock chops to inmates?
Only in California.

No. 847561

The state of Virginia would be pressing charges, and afaik they don’t do SRS in prison there

No. 847562

I am a beautiful chicana woman and you're a fat skank

No. 847564

The state prosecutes based on the evidence they have available to them, with or without the cooperation of the victim. There is no “pressing charges” needed. Police sometimes ask crime victims, “Do you want to press charges” as shorthand for “Are you willing to make a full statement and testify in court,” but prosecutions can and often do go ahead if the victim is unwilling.
Virginia assigns prisons by genital status, and does not provide sex change surgery for prison inmates. Chris would be sent to a male prison and stay there for the duration of the sentence. Self-mutilation while out on bail would not count as a completed sex change surgery under the law, either.

No. 847565

You will never be a woman. You have no womb. You have no ovaries. You have XY chromosomes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847567

when weens were calling the jail the person who answered used ‘he’ too, lol. it’s almost like declaring a gender doesn’t actually mean anything and doesn’t change how people see you.

No. 847568

File: 1627930361470.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.6 KB, 480x548, 1622971793917.jpg)

No. 847570

>Chris needs to be removed from society permanently

This could very well be a possibility, depending on what the Greene County investigators turn up and present to the DA.
Whatever evidence they find, along with CWC's prior misdemeanour convictions, may cause a judge to not look so favourably at him.

Tl;dr: If anything concrete turns up relating to CWC's charges, he's fucked.

No. 847571

File: 1627930637579.jpg (187.57 KB, 1169x1200, wres smile.jpg)


No. 847572

Cope & dilate

No. 847573

Kinda off topic but I wonder what chris's life would have become if he wasn't trolled for years. I've been watching the docu series on YouTube before he raped his mom and all the shit people did man I do pity him…

But on the other hand barb and the dad never did anything to prevent this their upbringing was horendous obviously doesn't justify raping your own fucking mother

No. 847574

That’s what I was thinking earlier actually, I wonder what his life would have been like if he never posted on the internet, or at least not found by trolls etc? Would he still have ended up in this situation?

No. 847575

i don't think he would been in THIS situation, but i don't think he'd be anywhere near functioning.

No. 847576

I highly doubt he would. Chris has a love-hate relationship with his own duck and I think that if he'd wanted a nu-vag that badly he'd have gotten surgery years ago. Knowing him, he's most likely deluded himself into believing his body is just as it needs to be thanks to all the binaural hypnosis and his goddess bodyswap powers.

He may hate his bent cock as a sign of masculinity, but he still wants to stick it in unwilling, confused geriatrics.

Chances are he'd be one of the millions of autistic adults quietly existing on deviantart like the long, bony hands crystal guy or the fat scuba furry.

No. 847577

I can't believe how lost this anon is, embarrassing.

No. 847579

Women can be born without a womb or ovaries.

However whether chris is truly trans or not doesnt matter. What matters is the fact shes commited a horrific crime regardless of gender. What matters is barb is safe and he/she goes to jail for a long time.

No. 847580

>muh 0,000000000000001% of all women tho
Tranny cope!

No. 847581

Damn, there are so many trannys/scrotes in this thread. It’s so obvious cause they all type like they’re 12, and have a hard time regulating their emotions during discussions.

No. 847582

Adding this as a source on the no trannies with penises in virginia women's prisons because I wasn't entirely sure how up to date that policy was.

As of 2019 it still stood, so Chris will be going to either prison for men or a mental institution. A mental institution might be the more humane option but idk how humane the justice system should be to somebody who raped their elderly mother with dementia.

No. 847583

They are most likely also on Twitter replying ‘*she’ to every tweet that refers to him as a man too.

No. 847584

Its higher than you think but again it doesn't matter. What ever chris is which is more likely a man with a sissy fetish. Theres no point in the gender debate. Call them what you want. They are sex offender. Thats the whole point of the thread.

No. 847585

Not even talking about chris, but the twitter tranny ITT, dumbass.

No. 847587

i didn't think chris chan legally changed his name… how did he have the money for it?

No. 847588

His monthly tugboat aka taxpayer's money. A name change is only a couple hundred dollars here in the US.

No. 847589


No. 847590

he fucking became a trans lesbian cause he thought he would get girls easier. Obv not.

at this point i think he's just gotten so wrapped up in the identity of christine. if someone offered to pay for hrt and grs and breast augmentation i doubt he'd agree.

chris chan is dangerous for actual trans women who are beginning their transition.

No. 847591

>>847535 this is going to blow tf up on twitter once they see the 'he' and they'll forget what chris did actually did

No. 847592

but wouldn't he have to swap his gender on his id too to be considered fem… that's like a lot of work and doctors have to be involved and shit.

No. 847593

Considering the taint incident and everything else. Chris probably doesn't actually understand what being transgender is. So i dont think she would of actually changed her name legally. Like how she used to put Ricardo in her name. I swear he thinks he can change his name at will.

No. 847595

>used to put Ricardo in her name
good lordt, chris is a walking disaster. i really hope he gets treatment for his mental health, cause he needs it.

No. 847598

Yeah that's what I've been wondering.
I also don't get how they never went to the police that trolling was next level shit especially since he believes everything. In the docu they said its because the dad didn't trust the cops?

Also don't get how they just didn't turn his internet off. They probably didn't care with the hoarding situation as well. But the church knew too right just fucked up how no one did anything

I hope he gets the punishment he deserves and stays in a facility probably the only way he will actually get "better"
Also hope barb is as dement as we think so she doesn't remember any of it the whole situation is just fucked up

No. 847600

Chris' name was legally changed to Christine in 2018. If its just a name change, you don't need medical documentation. You could get your name changed to Firelinebacker Brickshitter VII and nobody can stop you.

No. 847601

I thought to get gender surgery you have to have a psychological evaluation first? Or is that only in some countries? I don't think they would grant him approval if his reason was to get closer to girls, all he's wanted is to fuck woman so I doubt he would ever go for it anyway.

No. 847602

Probably considering she already has a record of assult and such. He's never done well in court mandated treatment. I doubt he can get better at this point. When you look at everything over the years. It was going to lead to this one way or another

No. 847603

People forget this isn't even the first time he changed his name. His original name was Christopher.

No. 847604

Their original goal was to do a gay trollops at EverQuest. Once this dropped, it was likely a mixture of: shock, uncertainty (that he was serious), wanting to pass the shit potato to someone else (so "they" wouldn't be responsible for getting the OG internet cow arrested), not wanting him to be arrested before ______

No. 847605

There are cheat sheets for the tranny psych evaluation questions all over the internet. There was one floating around Tumblr years ago. I doubt Chris would have the faculties to look one up, but he's certainly delusional enough to believe he's a beautiful, busty woman.

Technically Bob changed his name since Chris was just a child at the time.

No. 847606

Chris has not had any gender-related surgery. Chris is not going to be able to have gender surgery of any kind before this case is adjudicated. Chris is not going to a women’s prison.
Chris filed a petition for change of name and gender through the Virginia courts in 2018, and it was granted. Under Virginia law, that’s irrelevant to prison assignment; everybody with a penis goes to men’s prison, regardless of what it says on their driver’s license.

No. 847607

no, normal for major media outlets to grossly misrepresent reality by referring to a male rapist as a woman. When reporting a sex crime, the sex of the perpetrator and victim is relevant. Not gender identity. This is self evident to anyone whose life experience doesn't come entirely from delusional social media hugboxes. Cope, seethe etc etc

No. 847608

I'm not shocked that Chris was capable of raping his own mother under the guise of making her his "girlfriend" considering he's sexualized his mother before, has always been sexually inappropriate towards women he knew irl, and various statements he's made throughout the decades.
I'm unsure if he understands the depth of his depravity because he would point towards "she said yes/let me eventually" and "I used this book so she could enjoy it!"
but he 100% knows it was wrong and made very purposeful set of actions. Chris knows what he did and he's always been a spoiled manipulator (though 99.9% of those attempts fail because they aren't towards 80 yr old women with questionable levels of senility)

I was betting on Barb dying and Chris living with the body for days to weeks as the most likely outcome though.

No. 847611

>I'm unsure if he understands the depth of his depravity
I doubt he does. When he stayed at the motel he went to the mall to buy toys. He's mentally a 5-year-old who doesn't understand that his actions have consequences. He probably doesn't even understand that someone like Barbs is not capable of giving consent, if he understands consent in the first place.

No. 847613

He doesnt understand consent if youve seen his past interactions with women. He doesnt at all.

He doesnt understand what he has is wrong. Barely has a grasp on reality thanks to the idea guys.

There's too much information out there on Chris that they would misrepresent anyway. Such as some think he is genunially married. Journalists are going to be overwhelmed by this case

No. 847616

File: 1627937257268.jpg (31.25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Chris always seemed like a sex pest. His comment to Megan about drawing porn to stop himself from raping her was a red flag.
I thought he might eventually overstep with a girl at a convention or the gay club he was going to, but I didn't expect it to be his mom.

I wonder how all the old side characters are taking the news. Snyder might be happy about it since he hated both Chris and Barb and they accused him of being a pedo.

No. 847617

I think he understands consent on a basic level. Yes always means yes, no means not now, and silence means ok.
He demonstrates in the voice call that he knows he pressured her into it. It's really common for rapists without tism or likewise to do that. They know it's wrong, but can justify the final act to themselves because of the dissonance.

The main deficit I gather is he doesn't understand that seniors with dementia or the like can and will act out sexually, but that doesn't mean they're of sound mind or even know what's going on (he even talks about her being confused).

Chris 100% knows he has the upper hand and could do as he pleased though and knew his mother was a target that could really do anything about it.
Girls like Megan could cut things off, Barb can't.

No. 847620

i am here for the shit show articles that'll pop out (hopefully)

chris understands people who are altered in any way are easier to touch up on. kinda feels like he's been waiting for barb to get super dement

No. 847621


are there receipts of him saying he's becoming a lesbian to get women to sleep with him? I can't find a sauce but I'm sick of people correcting me on his pronouns

No. 847623

He knows it was wrong, to what specific degree is debatable right now. The main issue we've seen are his personal boundaries. He does and can understand (on a black and white level), he just chooses not to give a shit. You see this whenever someone actually confronts him about his behaviour.
He knows it's wrong to commit incest, but doesn't care on a personal level
He knows what rape is in the stereotypical sense.
He knows it's wrong to pester someone into giving him what he wants, but he doesn't care.

Even if Chris understood how his actions negatively affect the other person, he's shown time and time again that he doesn't give a shit about them.

Chris should have never been allowed to be Barb's care taker, but that's a situation created by the care system and pre-senile Barb since she has no other relatives willing to organize things.

In my own experience, it's almost impossible to force an elderly person into care if they have any amount of lucidity, refuse care, and have no one to take care of the logistics for them.

No. 847625

I wonder if this news has gotten around to Megan and wtf must be going through her head

No. 847626

i don't have any cause i never talked to him directly if i could avoid it. (soz for blog) i worked with someone who was a friend of his, and he was the first person who told me, but in person and he doesn't talk to me since i got engaged.
i'm lookin for some receipts for you tho, nonnie

No. 847627

Highschool gal pals have got to know by now. Some tried to stay in contact over the years

No. 847628

that she really dodged a bullet there

No. 847632

i can't find anything that isn't og sauce from chris chan

No. 847634

File: 1627942649604.jpg (23.59 KB, 447x511, 7gder.jpg)

>he fucking became a trans lesbian cause he thought he would get girls easier
>chris chan is dangerous for actual trans women

but he is exactly what "actual trans women" are like every single one of you trannies is a sex pest and transbians are the worst of them because they're men who wanna rape lesbians(tranny sperging)

No. 847636

Now that he'll be surrounded by fine prison folk, will we see the resurgence of Ebonics Chris?

No. 847637

this. instead of idpol sperging, i'm way more interested in chris' new life in prison as a convicted sex offender. i wonder somehow if that's the best place he could've ended up, after all- he'll be taken care of.
will he get rape charges too, by the way? because he should.

No. 847638

not gonna bicker but that's inaccurate. lots of trans friends who aren't sex pests like chris chan. know like one who's doing it cause she's a munchie attention whore… but like most folks i know aren't.(Nobody cares )

No. 847639

kek I'd pay too see that

No. 847641


I don't disagree with you anon but the vast majority of this site's userbase does, don't bother arguing it

No. 847643

Get the fuck out of here then, you fucking trannies.

No. 847644

Even if there are 'good' trannies out there, judging by the low low bar of not being a sex pest, they're still the ones who facilitate the existence of sex pests. They're still the ones pushing for access to our spaces and legitimizing the concept of self ID, unless they're actively fighting and condemning these ideas they are complicit.

No. 847645

Not trying to fight here but dont you think theres something funny about men 'becoming' women and then claiming to be lesbians.

No. 847646

>he fucking became a trans lesbian cause he thought he would get girls easier
I actually think this isn't true and is a "no true scotsman" cope troons made up to distance themselves from Chris. For two main reasons (besides that there's zero proof of it):

1 Chris exhibited what looked like genuine gender gender dysphoria from way before his transition. He expressed hating his penis, men and masculity in general probably years before learning what transgenderism even was. This imo was caused by being treated much better (read: tolerated) by female peers than male ones growing up

2 I believe Chris never had the self awareness to realize he was undesirable to women in any capacity. In his earlier correspondence with trolls and social media content he refers to himself as handsome more than once. He never expresses insecurity about his looks or awareness that he's fat and ugly (this is also a typical symptom of autism)

No. 847647

Where are all you troon enablers coming from? Stick to twitter if you want to sperg over muh tru trannies.

No. 847648

Most """normal"" trannies are women anyway, like they/thems and trans men, trans women are extremely creepy at best.

No. 847649

I would bet china the initial charges will include rape. We'll have to see what the prosecution actually tries to convict for outside of and including the likely hood of a plea deal (which could take many forms).
There is a very real possibility he could avoid major prison time but it's too early to say what direction this will go.
Even if he gets a deal that lets him serve a sentence outside, the moment he fucks up he'll get fucked harder than Bubba getting some new strange.

Maybe they'll allow rando visitors and we'll see.

No. 847653

the farm is more entertaining and concentrated than Twitter. I just ignore whatever I disagree with and don't try to fight it. only reason I replied was to suggest the other anon do the same

No. 847654

fuck off, trannyfucker

No. 847655

>"I'm a child who can't handle people I disagree with using the same website as me"
bawwwww. cope

No. 847656

Trannies are all mentally ill enablers at best and sex pests at worst, this isn't the place for you, just leave already and stop forcing your trannie narrative.

No. 847659

Since when is this the thread for the trans debate?
This is a disgusting man who raped his mother. No one here gives a fuck about affirming his identity or respecting his preferred pronouns. Rapists have no rights, get the fuck out of here and die mad about it.

No. 847660

it's ok anon I was like you when I started lurking, you'll start hatereading the mtf threads and join us soon. unless you are a male, in that case dilate

No. 847661

He's had problems with women and their boundaries since he was a teenager. The internet definitely made it worse, but there were always a lot of red flags. It's really a tragedy that, as usual, no one really gave a fuck about protecting women from him.

No. 847662

>retard troons and TRAs ITT are flooding in from Twitter after Chris raping his mom got him a bunch of attention to defend his delusions

Imagine caring more about his pronouns than the fact he raped his own mother who has dementia. Actual proof that troons and tras are all predators themselves.

No. 847664

No. 847665

It sickens me tbh, i just can't understand how someone could ignore something so disturbing and godless just to defend bs like pronouns, are these people actual psychopaths? They act like they have a hard time feeling bad for people, even when is not specially hard to feel bad for a poor 80yo woman that was sexually abused by her own son.
Where the fuck are the mods?

No. 847666

I was so horrified by what Chris Chan done that it's compelled me to put more effort into being nice to my mom. I went over last night to walk her dog and returned the cake tin I had left over from when she made me brownies.

idk if anyone else ended up feeling the same way.

No. 847667

Based anon. This kind of shit makes me worry for elderly women in general, not going to lie. They're extremely vulnerable.
I wish there was more in line to protect them.

No. 847668

The police did a press release where they referred to barb as “the victim,” so yeah I’d say a rape charge is all but guaranteed at this point.

No. 847669

File: 1627949223650.png (173.85 KB, 337x391, Untitled.png)

all the tranny apologism itt makes me wanna go full shapiro
we do not give a fuck about your pronouns

No. 847670

My grandma was senile like Chris's mom and she got sexually abused too, she couldn't even understand what was happening to her. Fuck Chris chan and anyone who enables him, sick fucks.

No. 847671

Today we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday and giving her more time to rest before the surprise, I love my mom.

No. 847674

you have no idea how many trans people i know. every single one of them is insane, some just in private. every most normal tranny i have known has revealed himself to br a pervert.

No. 847675

Further pronoun policing and derailing is going to land you a ban at this point.
Use a journal instead of clogging up the thread. Sageing doesn't negate the blogging.

No. 847676

if youve been watching the series than idk how you could feel an ounce of sympathy for him. his whole personality is autism, sonic, and wanting to rape women. he deserved every ounce of trolling he got.

No. 847679

File: 1627954814688.jpg (7.42 KB, 205x256, image.jpg)

Chris is allegedly being kept in the women's holding area of the jail. He must be on cloud 9.

No. 847685

there’s no evidence that Chris is in the women’s side of the jail (that has cells for both men and women) except that it has “female” on the form, which is Chris’s legal gender
unclear whether Virginia county jails follow the state prisons in sorting prisoners by genitals, not by claimed legal gender

No. 847686

I can't believe my eyes, this is so surreal.

No. 847687

pronouns infighting is retarded (both sides). literally who cares about how people on the internet feel about trans people, why is that the focus when Chris Chan has literally been arrested for raping barb

one thing I will say is regardless of gender identity (even if cwc was a bio woman) vulnerable women in a psychiatric unit would not be safe and it's a miserable thought

No. 847688

afaik virginia dgaf about "preferred pronouns" and only cares about troons who had surgery

No. 847690

that is definitely true for prisons, but can’t find anything about whether it applies to jail as well

No. 847695

Can we all just agree that Cris is not a woman in any sense of the word. He's just a guy who grew out his hair and is a sex pest.
He's not a "trans woman" he isn't anything in between. He's just a regular scrote who wants easier access to women.

No. 847696

I used to think people were being dramatic when they said that Chris is schizophrenic. But I seriously think he has signs of a delusional mental problem based on how he is smiling here. I still don't think he has schizophrenia, because that's a particular mental condition that doesn't tend to spontaneously occur in men in their late 30s. However, he clearly has lost touch with reality now.

No. 847697

Trans women are also just pretending scrotes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847698

Chris is a typical tranny. He decided life was too hard as an ugly man who couldn't get sex so he identified as a woman because he thought life would be easier as an ugly woman. He never got the sex he expected, so he raped his own mother.

No. 847699

Chris is just an autistic Jonathan Yaniv. Only instead of being a pedophile he's into his own mother and obsessed with cartoons.

No. 847700

While it is true he is into his mom, I wouldn't rule out him being a pedo. I think he woulda fucked anything he could, children included. It's just he never got the chance and anyone could kick his ass. His mother couldn't fight back.
Hope he is never allowed back in the public again

No. 847702

That's just the tism, anon

No. 847705

My bad, some people claimed that they called the jail and were told that he was being held in the women's area, but there's no evidence of that and apparently he was transferred to a new jail.

No. 847707

>Hope he is never allowed back in the public again

Why would that happen? Even if he is prosecuted for rape the sentence isn't that long. Some people say that Chris should be in a group home but that's only going to leave the other residents at risk.

Chris has been upset in his other mugshots though. Like when he ran over Synder.

No. 847712

there is so much misinformation floating around the KF threads
check everything they say pretty much

No. 847716

>other residents at risk
I don't want chris chan to be put in a prison, because there's a chance he could die in there. If he's placed in a group home, it's like a different kind of prison for him and I'm sure the staff would be well aware of his history, meaning certain safe guards would be in place; like 0 internet access, he can't be left alone with female patients etc.

No. 847717

>implying rapists should live

No. 847720

This 100%, he’s a complete sexual deviant who is obsessed with sex. Anyone he could overpower or manipulate into having sex with him would likely be at risk. He’d prefer a “cute girl his age” but anything and anyone will do when he is the thrall of coom.

No. 847721

I hope this court trial gets live streamed even if it doesn't go to big court, like JCs. Local anons please keep watch and update

No. 847722

What is with all this pity for CWC? It's not like he's some innocent retard who explored his caregiver's body because he was sexually repressed and curious. This is a middle aged delusional pseudo tranny who knowingly assaulted his dementia-stricken, nearly dead mother because he was horny. Are we forgetting that this isn't his first criminal offense? Or even his only example of sexual deviance? He's high functioning autistic, not full retard. Autism can't be his get out of trouble free card anymore. If a teenager can be tried as an adult for rape and convicted, then why can't a 40 year old man?

I'm praying the interrogation footage is released so JCS can do an analysis of it.

No. 847724

if anyone remembers the "I'm a lonely 4chan dweller" /r/roastme screencap from (I think) the reddit hate thread a few months back, it turns out that girl was one of the people trolling Chris into admitting raping his mom.

No. 847725

kiwi farms poisoning
they really see Chris as a pet
so much fucking casting around looking for a woman to blame, from Barb to that dumb Bella
they think Chris is good and kind and innocuous because Null said so (and before Null, Marvin)
meanwhile Chris continues to be a shitbag, hitting people with a car (but that was Barb’s fault, according to Kiwis), macing a dude at GameStop (but that wasn’t a big deal, because the dude didn’t get hurt, according to Kiwis), ripping people off on eBay (and then Kiwis doxed and harassed the people who dared complain that beloved Chris had stolen from them)
it is fucking sick over there the way they fawn over Chris

No. 847726

It's because they see themselves in his fat, greasy rolls. Having Chris to look at and go "Man, I may be bad but I'm not THAT bad" is what keeps them going every day. They need a sideshow to gawk at while also defending and coddling like some neglected, mutant child.

No. 847728

File: 1627969513921.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2100, E61EC251-34F6-4504-B0D3-33B7EB…)

Isabella Loretta Jenkie

No. 847729

Megan probably has moved right on from Creepy Chris and doesn't GAF anymore.
Rocky IIRC retired from CWC's local church some time ago.
Snyder's probably enjoying retirement (or managing a GameStop, idk), satisfied that Chris won't be around to intimidate the regulars anymore.

No. 847730

Agreed. You can tell by the way he articulates arguments and justifications for incest in general/his own actions and hid details that he knows what he did was wrong and that others would consider it wrong. He might be 'crazy' in the way any incestuous rapist would be considered, but he knows right from wrong.

No. 847732

The kids are not alright

No. 847733

lord give me the strength not to a-log this potatofaced pickme femcel piece of shit

No. 847735

makes me miss Hot or Not, those were simpler times. Didn’t have anyone on there goading retards into raping their mothers for the attention of imageboard users and incels. I imagine she thought she might be a hero? Anyway though I have read conflicting things and I can’t trawl through KF with all their freaky anti-Barb shit but is it definite this is Bella? Cuz I read something about it being a teenage boy with a vocoder? How much can we trust KF to not just be blaming some girl from a discord?

No. 847736

Its her. They found a youtube channel connected to her sock and its very clearly her voice. Also a video of her rescuing a puppy, same voice.

Her parents were ex Navy Seal and ex CIA/current head fucker and this baby-spy thought she could run her own op

She could still be an hero

No. 847738

also this complete idiot used her real name all over the internet. listening to an interview she's doing with her dad for Storycorps - states both their full names and it is no doubt the same voice from the phone call with Chris.

Isabella Jenkins is 100% the gal pal on the phone call.

No. 847739

this is so fucking weird what kind of psych op is this

No. 847740

What an absolute retard. No wonder other girls steer clear of this ugly little psycho.

No. 847742

File: 1627974125401.jpeg (187.8 KB, 930x930, 05302287-35E3-4193-9BEC-5F98A9…)

>She could still be an hero
imagine ruining your life over an autist famous for being a freak show style embarrassment. she was defending herself in her kf thread up until all of her info got confirmed by the dog and the ex friends’ posting. surely the parents know by this point her antics got their 1.4m dollar house doxed

No. 847743

On one hand I’m glad he’s got exposed and they arrested him. At the same time this girl is an idiot for getting involved.

No. 847745

I really hope someone shoots Chris. I kinda want to do it myself kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847746

Does anyone else get pickme vibes from Barb? I feel bad for her and obviously she didn't deserve to be raped. But this is what happens when you have and enable a worthless scrote son.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847747

>tfw you assault a security guard
tfw you rape your demented mother

I don't understand hate towards her, she did the world a service. Barbara was being sexually abused for a whole month, whatever led to stopping it is good. Nitpicking her over anything is just like arguing over Chris' pronouns - it's being blind to the gravity of the situation.

No. 847748

File: 1627976846977.jpeg (195.61 KB, 1043x1177, 9380B75F-3A07-461E-9D83-09A8E9…)

Isabella is no hero. She got involved with Chris purely for the attention, thinking that people would find him raping his own mother hilarious and thus awarding her internet points. She does not give a fuck about Barbra. She has multiple tweets about flicking her bean to shotacon on top of her instagram comments having references to incest being “epic” and her reddit account being the textbook definition of a pickme. Degenerates attract degenerates.

No. 847749

moid typing style + moidlike fixation with trannies detected

No. 847750

this behavior is expected from teenage girls on the process of figuring themselves out. how emotionally stunted is this cunt

No. 847751

>Isabella is no hero.
She is in my book. An unwitting one.
Not all heroes wear capes, some are cringy edgy trolls.

No. 847752

sometimes it's nice when there is no right side or good guy

No. 847754

place your bets now as to what they find on Chris's computer:
>elderly sexual abuse
>special needs sexual abuse
>outright cp
you can select multiple, or none of the above if you somehow really believe that

No. 847755

i came here because i thought there would be a compilation of the screenshots/texts/vids/etc and i would have to go through 363735 pages of kiwifarmers saying the most retarded shit on earth to find pics but this is literally 4636373 retarded takes on tranny shit instead. with no additional info on the man himself added

No. 847756

Binging this thread with a big cold glass of milk rn. What a time to be alive. I wonder what people from 100 or 500 years later will think of Chris. Maybe he'll be seen as some sort of legend like Jack the ripper and the most prominent example of the Tranny disease, who peaked everyone and prompted this madness' end.

No. 847757

>if someone offered to pay for hrt and grs and breast augmentation i doubt he'd agree
he literally takes HRT and has a legal diagnosis of gender dysphoria. its very funny to see trannies cope by trying to distance themselves from chris when he's just the same as all of them.

No. 847758

begging you people to take your shit to the mtf thread

No. 847760

What's it like to be a mutilated monster and be experimented on by big pharma? To literally have to put on woman skin every morning and crawl out of it at night. You are not a woman, you do not have the evolutionary advantages that we have. All you have is a male brain and you skinwalk what you think women are. You probably have a fetishized and warped view of women anyways.

>he's making it dangerous for trans girls!!

Trans girls are dangerous because they're men. Only men are capable of such horrendous male aggression shit like raping their own senile elderly mother. Please leave this site is the only place online where you don't see decrepit transgenders correcting everyone about muh pronouns and begging to be included with real women. I can't wait to see what all these mfs (the ones who don't kill themselves) look like in 15 years. Men and women have different bone structures and age differently. We haven't even seen the long term effects of hormones just yet but r/neovaginadisasters was a good reality check for SRS. Kill yourself. You failed as a man and you will never be a woman.
Real women don't get upset when they're referred to as the wrong pronouns, maybe we get a little annoyed but it doesn't trigger "dysphoria" aka a reality break from the delusion that your totes a cute animu girl and not some slimy, skinny fat redditor weeaboo with stubble and male fat distribution and an ugly face that you have to hide behind a tacky picrew profile picture and act like a condescending annoying asshole on Twitter when you're not being a perverted degenerate who probably can't jerk off with their estrogen induced ED. Trannies aren't allowed on this site please get the fuck out of here go back to your hugbox on Twitter

No. 847761

congrats for shitting up the thread more with your unsaged whining
mtf is a place for lesser trannies, mods said so. check the thread. everything cwc, including tranny issues, is to be discussed here only(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847762

>I don't understand hate towards her, she did the world a service.
You don't need to understand it, if you're so stupid you get involved with men like this you eventually WILL get doxxed and ridiculed.

No. 847765

Astute observation Nonita.

No. 847766

Nothing any of those people ridiculing and doxing her do with their life this entire year is likely to have as much of a net positive impact as what her retarded trolling lead to.
They're just like people saying "um, its she, stop misgendering the motherfucker". They're doing it out of reflex and without reflection.
It's an inappropriate reaction for such a grave situation.

No. 847767

Anyone involved with Chris doesn't give a shit about things like that. His life as always been a source of drama and circus to everyone, including her. If you're not careful around people like that, something like this will eventually happen. Her mistake was oversharing information about herself on the internet (a trait that also Chris had) while going for KF clout.

No. 847769

I know what kind of troll she was. But just like the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to heaven is sometimes paved with seeking clout.

No. 847770

She kept that information from the police for days, possibly weeks, letting Barb be raped during all that time. Then she encouraged an autistic barely legal girl to flirt and start a LDR with Chris, so that she could film them do inappropriate stuff in the Everfree convention. The only reason that she finally leaked the incest stuff was so that she could become famous and get karma points in Reddit, not because she cared about Barb or doing the right thing.

No. 847771

Here's where we disagree: intentions of your acts don't matter. Only effects of your acts do. I strongly believe this.
But that's getting too ot, so let's just agree to disagree.

No. 847773

I can save her.

No. 847776

Someone found Bella/Kelly's incest fan fictions.

No. 847777

Didn't you miss your apppointment for seething coping and dilating on zoom?

No. 847778

All. And worse

No. 847779

I am not completely sure the initial leak was made by Kelly/Bella. They just released more information because it was already out. Also, she was pushing a rapist onto a autistic girl just for shits and giggles, and now is making sock accounts to dox her and her family.

No. 847780

Why spoilering all this wise words, Queen?

No. 847781

Yeah, if Chris hadn't pulled off the completely unpredictable "oh by the way, I'm fucking my mom" card and get arrested then at worst this situation would have ended up in another rape case. That was Kelly's original plan after all.

No. 847784

File: 1627988119238.jpg (25.94 KB, 168x256, 1_1683.jpg)

So do we know if Christine is being house with men or women yet?

No. 847785

In Virginia, transwomen can be housed with women only if they've had the surgery.

So, men.

No. 847786

File: 1627988382254.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, ntsaplz.jpg)

read the thread

No. 847788

Sounds weird but I pity his past self I don't think anyone should have been bullied into putting a medaillon up their ass

However fuck him now obviously I don't pity him now he deserves every sentence he gets

No. 847789

Sorry if late but is there any evidence that Chris transitioned "just to get with lesbians"? I see trannies repeating it all over twitter but no one gives any actual reason to believe it. If anything he probably has more gender dysphoria than the average anime avatar

No. 847790

I thought it was a trannie?

No. 847791

Yes. Chris-chan is no different from trannies who claim "hypno sissy porn helped me transition uwu!!" and it's hilarious that they still try to denounce him.


No. 847792

But thats what they all do so claiming Chris isnt trans based on that they arent either

No. 847793

There was also the infamous "Lesbian Slumber Party" video. Sonichu wiki is down which would really help in clarifying things for normies and newfags.

No. 847794

Samefag. Found a reddit post that saved the video - Chris thought transitioning would help him get "Lesbian gal pals", which led to him organizing an orgy- I mean, slumber party at his house. He later deleted the video.

No. 847796

She looks like Meg Griffin.

Other than that, clearly she didn't troll Chris into raping his mom. Who keeps pushing this narrative? Why does a woman always have to be at fault for what a males chooses to do, including rape?
It's already been established Chris knows right from wrong, and fucked his mom just because he wanted to.

No. 847797

average transbian kek

No. 847799

Because KF scrotes will do whatever they can to make it look like “evil women” are to blame for what Chris does. Null was just “helping” Chris but if it were a female who did it she’d be “using him”. KF loves to hate women.

No. 847800

Imagine being the bigshot parents of this epic fuckup. A bundle of joy.

No. 847801

>no 2 babies 1 fox option

No. 847802

It seems like she's a zoomer who didn't grow up in the 2000s internet but now somehow glorifies that time because she has read about it. She has that personality of a "girl who posts on 4chan" which was done to death over a decade ago and she posts like a 2006-2008 /b/tard.

Kind of sad she would ruin her life over something as stupid as this… Oh well.

No. 847805

>the bitchy girls im surrounded with
as a computer engineering major? lmao blogpost but in cs classes i was one of maybe 8 girls and they were all dorky sweethearts. i guess she was taking required credits like English and couldn’t cope with pretty women who aren’t ruined by the internet existing. “bitchy” my ass, i doubt any woman said a word to her

No. 847806

An elderly vulnerable mother was raped by her son but oh no poor trans women that the son is harming by simply existing. Trans women are truly the most vulnerable group to imaginary crimes.

I’m reading through the thread and honestly yeah Chris was always sick in the head but seeing recent pictures of Barb and thinking about what he did to her is making me physically ill. I hope he dies. I don’t care how evil or mean or incompetent she was as a mother, she’s an elderly woman that’s weaker than Chris on all fronts and she was fucking raped. Say what you want about her but she tried and she was there for her clearly overbearing and mentally draining son. I’m just thinking back at the video from years ago when she’s clearly out of it and walks in while Chris is streaming and she’s so gone trying to ask if Chris can buy cat sand before just walking away like a zombie. I remember how I hoped she would be put in a home or something because I actually worried about him harming her in some way. There’s no way to rehabilitate the absolute degeneracy that is Chris Chan. He makes me hope hell is real so I can find comfort in knowing he will be burning for all eternity for the shit he put this woman through. He forced himself on her, praising her for giving in those fucking text messages and how he “learnt” so much from using her body. It’s new levels of horrorcow. Can always rely on men to raise the bar on degeneracy and evil.

No. 847812

Is there proof of him raping his mom or did >>847728 prey on a mentally ill person? I heard about that, wolves in sheep clothing setting up vulnerable people.

No. 847813

all of that and incest cp
>worst this situation would have ended up in another rape case. That was Kelly's original plan after all.
are you seriously implying her goal was CWC raping the autist in love with him? Come on now

No. 847815

In the leaked videocall, Bella was telling Chris that there is no bond stronger than the one between a mother and a daughter, also that if Chris' deities told him that it was okay, then it should be okay to sleep with Barb. She didn't leak the incest stuff either, that was done by the autist who was being groomed by Bella to sleep with Chris.

Her mother is a former Secret Service agent and her father is a Navy Seal.

No. 847816

Chris told Dillin Thomas (brony person) right out and Null (coyly) about raping Barb, except that Chris described it as beautiful loving sex.
Why do people here have to go down the KiwiFarms path of trying to find some woman to blame? Chris raped Barb.

No. 847818

>Why do people here have to go down the KiwiFarms path of trying to find some woman to blame?
I don't blame her for what Chris did, just for treating the rape of Barb as some kind of "epic win" that can be used for clout.

Mostly I blame her for being an idiot who got involved in this clusterfuck when it was not necessary, because seeing another young pickme having this fate is always painful.

No. 847820

Why do I keep reading she’s a fempdo who likes shta? Is that the porn she made?(newfaggotry)

No. 847821

Heres the thing.

Chris is 100% responsible for raping Barb. No argument, he did it.

However. I would not be surprised if this Bella chick also gets charged with something that encouraged the rape. An example would be the one teen that encouraged her bf to commit suicide. She got prison time even if she wasn’t the one who actually did it.

At the end of the day this chick sat on this info for weeks, did nothing about it, until other people released it. Maybe she didn’t take him seriously. Maybe she did it for clout. But chick needs to watch it because if the police do an in-depth investigation she very possibly could get charged.

No. 847822

She sat on the info for weeks and circlejerked with Fiona. I have no doubt the police are looking through Chris’s phone. The dumb girl was contacting Chris through text.

No. 847823

File: 1628003315978.jpg (49.5 KB, 465x465, help the retarded.jpg)

>They put an autistic lardass troon mom rapist in a female holding area.
He is either going to molest some random girl or murder one because she said Bubsy is better than Sonic.

No. 847825

>However. I would not be surprised if this Bella chick also gets charged with something that encouraged the rape.

god i cant wait til something happens so this thread stops being full of super scalding hot takes from legal experts like this. being an internet ween isn't encouraging rape jfc

No. 847828

File: 1628004082805.jpeg (20.91 KB, 225x225, 94CD9379-54F5-48AF-AB69-3ABB35…)

Wait, wait, wait… her parents are CIA niggers?! And she’s majoring in computer engineering, hmm…

E - forgot to sage!(racebaiting)

No. 847830

>An example would be the one teen that encouraged her bf to commit suicide. She got prison time even if she wasn’t the one who actually did it.

Hot take: She didn't deserve a prison sentence.
People just can't wait to make an example out of women who aren't nurturing little lovelies towards toxic men.
Meanwhile, men who threaten and enact emotional violence onto women rarely receive jail time because we're told that it's our own responsibility to protect ourselves and ignore terroristic threats against our wellbeing. It's never a moid's fault if we commit suicide because of what they do to us, hell, moids have found out that they can murder us during "rough sex" and have that be a legitimate defense.
Chris would've done bad shit to his mom regardless if a woman was there to scold him and tell him not to do it. How many people throughout the years have legitimately tried to help Chris, only for Chris to turn around and do what he wants anyway because he's a raging narcissist? And why aren't all the other male trolls being condemned equally into this equation, since it's bullshit that the girl is getting it just because she's the last one to have touched this dumpster fire? This is complete horseshit.

No. 847831


That anon just said she wouldn't be surprised. It seems possible: "California criminal law is somewhat representative of other jurisdictions. A punishable conspiracy exists when at least two people form an agreement to commit a crime,[25] and at least one of them does some act in furtherance to committing the crime.[26] Each person is punishable in the same manner and to the same extent as is provided for the punishment of the crime itself."

No. 847832

https://codes.findlaw.com/tx/penal-code/penal-sect-15-02.html no wonder bella or her folks/lawyer are desperately trying to spin and damage control on kf.

No. 847833

File: 1628005259788.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 298.64 KB, 1778x944, 7C3E79A2-5EA9-4EA3-BEA1-F6746B…)

the more that gets out the more it seems getting involved was for her fetish

No. 847834

The product of two glowies is a deviant? Who would've thought.

No. 847836

Just what I was thinking to, nonette.

No. 847837

Not really disagreeing with you at all.

Not sure what extent the other trolls have with what happened. I just know Bella’s involvement. There is a reason conspiracy charges and obstruction of justice are a thing. If it’s proven Bella knew the rape was going on and didn’t tell police, or even told him to keep doing it… yes she could be held responsible in that regard.

I’m not saying she is responsible for Chris’s actions 100%, she is not reason the fucker decided to rape his elderly mother, he is. But I’m just saying be prepared if Bella ends up getting something too.

No. 847838

It’s highly encouraged not to touch the poop. Bella wanted that sweet troll clout like from the 2000s. The only troll that comes close to the horrible things she encouraged is bluespike. A lot of people thought he took it too far and condemn his trolling actions. There’s also the idea guys but that was quickly sorted out.

No. 847839


I think she encouraged him to rape barb again in the phone call. Every time he raped her is a separate crime and each rape after the phone call makes her a co-conspirator to.

It's possible chris will get put in a psych hospital/home but Bella will get sent to prison/jail because according to the texas law if chris is found incompetent it doesn't affect the fact she is.

No. 847840

Bella also masturbated while thinking of stroking cats. I am not sure if it's still available, but there was also a drawing she made of a dinosaur chasing a 5 yo girl that said "dinosaurs have 12 in dicks".

I am not sure she would be prosecuted. She has the connections to get away with anything.

No. 847841

Why are people defending her again

No. 847842

File: 1628006167656.gif (35.81 KB, 220x293, 14359878342621346.gif)

No. 847843

>preferred pronouns
gtfo my planet retard

No. 847844

Thanks for clarifying.

Here's some criminal shit enacted by trolls that no one will care about or remember now that there's an actual female to blame:
>Blanca (a trio of males)
Tricked Chris into sending them nudes which they leaked to the internet against his consent.
>Bluespike aka Julie
Manipulated Chris into sodomising himself with his Sonichu medallion.
>Bryan Bash
Sent prostitutes to Chris's house.
>Idea Guys
Coerced Chris into degrading himself on video to extort him for money.

No. 847845

Who gives a fuck what she flicks to? Unless she suggested or blatantly told Chris to go fuck his mom, there isn't shit against her.

No. 847846


>not getting chris to rape barb

No. 847847

Proof or males gonna male.

No. 847849


The cops/feds are the ones doing that right now, Bella.

No. 847850

In the original leaked texts and voice chat, Chris was under the illusion that raping Barb would restore her mental state. The idea of having sex with his mother was obviously already in his head but I'm guessing that CIA nigger spawn suggested to him that raping her would be for Barb's benefit.

No. 847851

Come one anon she had information about chris raping his own fucking mother you don't have to be smart to see that you have to go to the police especially if its chris we are talking about

Also her talking about it being some sort of sensation is just vile no one deserves to be raped

No. 847852

Damn, you can really tell who's a retarded Kiwi scrote just by their obsessive use of the n-word.

No. 847853

But none of those things are illegal. Except for releasing things without his consent, but at the time I’m not sure if there were laws against that. And if they were, in the eyes of the law, is not comparable to knowing someone is raping an old woman and doing nothing about it for weeks, letting the rape continue.

I’d feel the same if it was a man or woman. It’s deplorable and disgusting.

No. 847854

It seems that Chris first started his raping after he would massage his mothers limbs. In old age and with bad circulation it is recommended. He talks about how he was learning how to do different massages and then just took it from there. He definitely raped her and under his own control. No stupid faggot girl made him rape his mom. He did that. Even after she told him no. The amount of men who are trying super hard to make Bella out to be the villain and not the rapist speaks volumes about how fragile they are. I hope Chris necks himself.

No. 847855

Heh, it's nearly impossible. There aren't much women in any tech fields I went to college for. The few I seen if not totally were students from abroad and none of them were gossipy cunts. Like anon said, most women in tech are nice and shy dorks. She was clearly going for the "i'm such an outcast dork uwu" angle on reddit. Anything to whore out for attention, really.

No. 847856

I agree but it's for good that this pick-me learns this at young age before she gets even worse, at best she now never trusts men again.

No. 847857

Not in this specific sentence tho. Your newfaggery shows

No. 847858

We don't race bait here, retard. White moid supremacy can't help but scream "NIGGER" every chance they get.

No. 847859

Do you know what a glow in the dark nigger is(racebaiting)

No. 847860

No one is saying she is solely responsible for the actions of Chris. He raped barb, there is no denying that. He’s had those disgusting thoughts in his head for ages.

However, it is very possible Bella could be charged with something in regards to her withholding the info. That’s it. People can want to see Chris be thrown away for raping his mother while also wanting someone who could have stopped it sooner be held responsible.

Why do people have to be so black or white here.

No. 847862

She told him it was fine if 'god' said it was. The rapes after that are a conspiracy imo.

Chris: So, and then everything was coming into alignment. The signs were all there. Even Emmanuel (you know, God) just said it was okay and I asked which God was it–
Bella: God said it was okay? So yeah, you don't have anything to worry about if God himself said it this is fine.

No. 847863

>The rapes after that are a conspiracy imo.
What do you mean?

No. 847864

For real.
Its just that she could have ended it a lot sooner to lessen the suffering. I mean Chris even talkdd about bondage and shit that must have hurt in itself and he still raped her after tying her up.
that poor woman did not deserve it despite how bad of a mother she was. No one does.

No. 847866

Every rape chris did after that phonecall is part of a conspiracy to rape that included Bella because she told him it was fine. It's not like it doesn't matter because he was raping barb already anyway. It doesn't work like that.

No. 847868

the retarded legal takes in this thread are worse than kiwis
blah blah massachusetts law texas law california law none of that applies to virginia

No. 847869


I think Bella was in college in Texas? Blah blah fuck yourself?

No. 847871

texas is not going to prosecute someone for being an accomplice to a crime committed in virginia
virginia would have to charge bella
tell reality to fuck itself if you want to, i guess

No. 847874

>But none of those things are illegal.
Exorting people for money and distributing nude pictures against their will are very much illegal. And if poor babu Chris is too mentally retarded to not know he shouldn't fuck his mom, then how dare anyone have directly told his retarded ass into shoving a necklace up his butt for entertainment–that's abusing a retard too.

But of course you'd minimize this shit lmao because womminz folk have to be more wrong even though this bitch didn't even suggest he do anything of the sort.

No. 847875

longer version of Chris/Bella talking. after Bella approves of Chris raping his mom, it sounds like she's trying to push him into being interested in "Fiona", who would have been at the convention he's obviously not going to. but it sounds like Bella wanting to take pictures of Chris slow-dancing with somebody were referring to Fiona rather than his mom.

No. 847876

So they charge her in Virginia the law is essentially the same. The phone line jurisdiction issue won't help. They extradite people from all over the world for this level of shit.

No. 847877

Remember what anon said about black/white thinking? They're both probably fucked but the girl had more to lose and isn't retarded.

No. 847880

File: 1628015630816.jpeg (106.25 KB, 960x960, 1605807654835.jpeg)


No. 847887

Im sure there is cp, there isn't much difference in raping an elderly dementia person and a child. Neither can understand consent.

No. 847889

Didn’t he also use to fantasize about having a daughter and wanting to do very incesty things with?

No. 847891

It's not about being humane to him. It's about being humane to his potential cell mate.

No. 847892

He's delusional in the same way narcissistic compulsive liars are delusional, it's a sort of delusional that doesn't really interfere with their everyday life. If you've ever worked with a compulsive liar, you'll know what I'm talking about. The sort to say they were using grenades to high jump after jumping off 300m cliffs into water, said without irony with what appears to be total sincerity. They say these nonsense stories with a straight face but are perfectly in tune with reality otherwise.

The entire dimensional merge nonsense is a mid-life crisis crashing into chris's narcissism. On some, deep level, he perceives there's something wrong with him. But because he doesn't have the faculties necessary to critique himself or the self awareness to perceive he's a fat disgusting blob, he creates a safe fantasy where a dimensional merge is going to happen and make everything alright. Chris's lack of filter makes him sperg about this fantasy at random moments, which makes it appear like he's psychotic. It's no more delusional than Chris coping with Christianity (which if he goes to prison, will happen, Jehovah's Witnesses will sink their teeth into him and Sonichu will be replaced with Jesuschu).

Actual schizo shit involves hallucinations that appear rapidly and disappear, and paranoia.

No. 847895


So does this mean he has aids now?(imageboard)

No. 847898

Because it's pretty cut and dry that her only mistake is interacting with Chris. She didn't actually do anything wrong nor anywhere akin to what male trolls have done to him in the past. No one ever made mention that those people should go to jail. Doesn't that strike you as a bit strange while you pretend to be a logical fencesitter on the issue??

No. 847907

I guess mods don't know what glowies are, either.

No. 847909

i guess mods don’t care about kiwifarms slang based on a dead schizophrenic’s word salad, no

No. 847911

It originated on the tech boards on 4chan and 8chan. It is not a KF exclusive term.

No. 847912

it smells like unwashed ballsacks and virginity in here

No. 847913

whatever, scrotes thinking it’s cool to talk like a schizo

No. 847914


nta but based on the response from the gino doc, if the bluespike stuff was happening now/he wasn't a tween people would want to see him arrested

I think the reason people are having this response to Bella is because Chris Chan, while obviously being manipulated, did those things to himself. barb on the other hand is a third party being attacked.
moreover, Chris is the cow whereas barb isn't

in general, Chris feels like fair game whereas barb seems like a civilian casualty. she's not involved so as soon as she entered the conversation Bella should have handed that information over to the police because it feels like a huge crossing of boundaries

I appreciate that either way it is a vulnerable person being taken advantage of, but what I mean to say is nonnies who are calling for arrest are probably less speaking from a place of internalised misogyny and more that harm to a third party feels worse than to a cow. it's not just losers bullying losers in their own private arena anymore

No. 847915

why are men so fucking obsessed w chris chan? why can't they talk about this on their stinky-ass coomer boards? why come here??

No. 847917

If you don't like image board slang, why are you on an image board?

No. 847919

Chris chan is one of the original lolcows anon, he belongs here

No. 847921

He’s in Virginia so it’s more likely to be IBLP than Jehovah’s Witnesses.

No. 847923

Shit changes, retard, shut the fuck up or leave.

No. 847926

Then we suggest you to leave, we don’t like your kind here.

No. 847927

T-taalasmaan tale? Some twitterinas have already started saying chris wasn't really, real life honto trans because he was a predator, not understanding it contradicts their whole "you only need to feel like the gender you wanna be" bullshit.

No. 847928

Hypocrites, that’s what they are. I hope the incident brings their little tranny movement down a few notches.

No. 847932

It’s back up, ladies!


No. 847934

this board isn’t about performing for scrotes and wanting acceptance from scrotes

No. 847935

But it derived originally from 4chan where we could talk about cows peacefully and other shit women are into. Lolcow.farm is an imageboard and we partake in imageboard culture, wether you femcels/sjws like it or not.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847940

smells like moid in here. shut the fuck up and stop derailing.

No. 847941

>>847935 is right. It has nothing to do with getting male attention. Either lurk moar or go back to reddit where your kind belongs.

No. 847942

Jesus could you moids be any more embarrassing

No. 847943

is this site intended for women or something?(get out)

No. 847944

File: 1628050525009.png (453.85 KB, 1078x994, daily mail.png)

enough of the moid derailing. A handful of mainstream news outlets have reported on the arrest today, including the Daily Mail, People, Newsweek, and Insider. It's pretty far down the front page on most sites. Somehow a story about a woman finding a snake in her bathroom in Florida is higher up on Yahoo News.

No. 847945

Enjoy your ban, lol.

I love how a good number of these articles are by pajeets who think Chris' last name is literally Chan. Kek.

No. 847947

As opposed to posts like >>847941 ?
I know it's chris chan but jfc, why is everyone in this thread a fucking embarrassment.

No. 847948


samefag, reading the Insider article now and it mentions KF lol. I'm sure it's been referenced in news articles before but this is the one that seems most likely to put KF on normies' radars. i'm imagining my 70 year old dad browsing it

No. 847949

Hi, does anyone have nudes of Bella AKA "Isabella Loretta Janke" "Kelly Osborn" / 10anon / Bella the Incest Troll(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847950

No. 847951

"YouTube Star" in what world. He is the Creator of Sonichu and I will hear no different from mainstream outlets

No. 847952

Fuck off smegmoid

No. 847953

File: 1628055686595.png (631.82 KB, 760x736, 1628034027868.png)

>be willing to cuck your bf with Chris
>he turns you down because he thinks his senile mother would be a better girlfriend
Everyone involved in this is a loser lol.

No. 847954

Based. Her titties are gr8(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847955

She stuffs her bra.

No. 847956

How many pairs of socks is this bitch wearing

No. 847957

Say what you want about this girl, she had 2 more boyfriends than any farmer.

No. 847959

Because they're retards who feel the need to screech about the 1% of the 1% of Twitter troons and other retards because there's a barely relevant opportunity to derail any thread they possibly can just so they can screech about da fascist trannies.
Even though she's supposedly autistic, I have a hard time believing anyone would want to fuck Chris for any genuine reason that's not related to some weird attention seeking thing.

No. 847960

I see people talking about screenshots where Chris says he used a vibrator on his mom. Not the BDSM convo and not the original texts. I am trawling KF but all the threads are insanely long, does anyone here have the screenshots?

No. 847962

Chris is so disgusting. Why does he fall for every woman who talks to him? This Isabella Janke girl is so obviously manipulative and yet Chris didn’t believe she was a troll even as he was being arrested.
Is he that obsessed? Does he have some kind of complex? Well I guess at least one, Oedipus. ugh it’s so gross I feel sticky.

No. 847963

Chris has not learned a single thing.
But yes, Chris is also majorly egotistical and a massive attention whore

No. 847966

>trans star
Another great pr day for the trans community lmaoooo

No. 847968

No. 847970

>REVEALED: The warped world of Trans YouTube star and comic creator who considered herself a 'goddess' after her arrest for incest after 'raping her 79-year-old dementia sufferer mother'
My god, they went hard. Another win for the trans community LMFAO

No. 847971

File: 1628073205447.gif (1.9 MB, 480x359, giphy.gif)

Kek, yes, what a day to be alive in troony-land !
>Yaniv : franken-clit fell off
>Chris-chan : in jail

No. 847972

Kek at that title, perfect

No. 847973

Do you think Chris will actually go to jail?

No. 847975

I'd hope so. Incarceration or being committed to a long term mental facility is probably the best thing for him. It honestly should've happened years ago, but you know how western society is lenient with retards.

No. 847976

Imagine being a glowie child and using your own name while trolling.

Chris got trolled by literal kids with more internet anonymity than that.

No. 847980

I can’t get over what a disaster this whole situation with Chris is.

Either you have to keep up with the facade that self id is valid and we have to accept that Chris is a woman and accept that elderly mother raping biological males must have their pronouns respected no matter what sick male violence they inflict on women. Or if we take the narrative that Chris transitioned to get sex from lesbians and people have to admit that terfs were right and some men do transition because of their lesbian fetishes and to get sex from lesbians.(Derailing )

No. 847982

>thrall of coom
I'm stealing that.

No. 847984

Years ago I thought he was just a funny autistic dude and now he's both a tranny and a rapist. Jesus christ.

No. 847986

File: 1628086517706.jpeg (149.42 KB, 828x325, 78B8BE9F-D390-4C6F-9E03-E08536…)

Shit article. They repeat the same sentences a few times and get several pieces of info wrong. It would’ve been much more satisfying if the article explained that Chris changed his name to Christian because an animatronic bear accidentally called him Christian when he was young.

No. 847987

this was seriously that reporter's time to shine. there is no limit to content on chris that would shock and horrify the normies.

No. 847988

>They repeat the same sentences a few times and get several pieces of info wrong.

That's literally every dailymail online article. They must get paid by the word. The important part is millions of normies read it.

No. 847998


the thread barely even discussed the rape at first, freaks were more excited/upset about whether or not an article used male/female pronouns that focusing on the fact that someone just raped their mom.

some of you sound like you’re glad chris turned out to be this much of a depraved monster as some kind of justification for hating a group of people you didn’t really need a real reason to hate to begin with.

this should’ve gone in the mtf containment threads if you all were just going to speed about pronouns the whole time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848000

File: 1628094855530.png (673.86 KB, 1135x637, coexist.png)

Chris's car has been vandalized and the Sonichu license plates were stolen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVOsqOJ1E5U

No. 848002

bet it will turn up on Ebay sooner or later
Apparently this is a thread by a retard who stole it

No. 848004

File: 1628098635257.jpeg (15.39 KB, 250x130, CBE63BDF-018F-4C6E-A016-138559…)

Image they posted of the plate

No. 848008

File: 1628099729232.jpeg (50.51 KB, 681x445, D1C0A084-13D2-467B-B7F9-9434AA…)

>peace begins at home

No. 848013

Omfg I did not know this freak had sonichu plates. Of course they were stolen

No. 848015

Fucking cursed artifact stored in a big glowie facility by now.

No. 848029

File: 1628112939072.jpeg (113.27 KB, 1242x783, 8BBBB29A-B108-42E7-813A-DA985B…)

Saw this posted on shitter

No. 848031

File: 1628113190521.png (749.65 KB, 2048x697, Screenshot_20210804-224551.png)

apparently he'll be jailed with women

No. 848032


Only "real" news source I can find saying this is the Daily Mail which is not really known for its journalistic excellence. There doesn't seem to be any evidence beyond this headline to suggest he will be jailed with women.

No. 848033

that is false, it’s been debunked many times in this thread
Virginia does not house anyone with a penis in a woman’s prison, regardless of their legal gender (Chris legally changed name and gender in 2018)
only troons who have completed genital surgery can go to women’s prison in Virginia
the Daily Mail does not do fact checks

No. 848034

This shit broke my brain and I'm honestly just living for the memes rn.

No. 848039


Stop fucking posting this shit. If you retards took 30 seconds to read the thread or even just bothered to look it up yourselves, you’d know this is false. Chris has a penis. Chris isn’t gonna get an axe wound before he’s sentenced. He’s going to a men’s prison.

No. 848041

File: 1628116108725.png (464.55 KB, 1440x3040, cwc male.png)

No. 848043

File: 1628116411066.jpeg (505.2 KB, 611x979, B8086F41-808C-451B-8CF8-8EE7C4…)

Can’t escape

No. 848050

he's always been like this. the rape should surprise absolutely no one who has prior knowledge of him.

No. 848051

Also mlp and pokemon.. but hey

No. 848054

Men can't become women and women can't become men. Being a tranny in itself is sick and abnormal.

No. 848055

Yaniv has also said that he autism.

No. 848056

Chris Chan did say he had been researching how to have sex with old and disabled people, so the first two seem high likely.

As well as loads of cartoon porn from Sonic and Pokemon porn.

No. 848058

He's gonna immediately jump at the chance for bottom surgery to get housed with female inmates. And I think it will be funded by taxpayer dollars. Kek, America is such a fucked up country but it's so culturally influential. Its responsible for the retarded tranny movement spreading across the world, even into the extremely misogynistic and homophobic countries.

No. 848059

The state isn't going to pay for him to get srs. It's not California, it's Virginia. You know every state has their own laws pertaining to things like this, right?

No. 848060

Troons already have been campaigning to make state-funded srs available nationwide

No. 848061

for fuck’s sake, people campaign for lots of things that never happen
just stop with the catastrophizing about Chris Chan’s penis

No. 848065

>chris chan is dangerous for actual trans women who are beginning their transition.

There is no such thing as an "actual trans woman" nor is there a "fake trans woman". Trans"women" ARE the danger. A man who says he is trans rapes his own mother and you are concerned about it hurting the feelings of the very men who cause all these problems and not for the more women they could harm?

Trans-identified males always pull out the "not actually trans" argument when one of their own gets outed as a predator, and they say drag queens "appropriate transness" or "make a mockery of trans women" but trannies themselves are men pretending to be women, making a mockery of womanhood, and seriously harming women.

Transwomen are literally harassing, torturing, raping, and killing women; while also calling themselves women, taking women's spaces, demanding women's rights include them, and saying that it's actually women that "oppress" them. I know all men are trash and dangerous but trans"women" are far worse than your average male since they also claim to be women which protects them. You aren't allowed to point how they are men and have male-patterns of violence because you get labelled as a "TERF" or "transphobic".

Some people are more outraged that Chris Chan's pronouns and identity as a woman is not being validated than they are about him raping his elderly dementia-ailed mother.

It is just so depressing and confusing to me.

No. 848066

Whenever I see irrelevant, derailing tranny seethe like this on a thread here – and I see it a lot– I always assume the people making posts like this must be troons themselves, either as a coping mechanism because they're still in denial, or just to get under the skin of their fellow trannies. I just find it hard to believe anyone outside of trannies cares this much about trannies.

lol that's the Daily Fail for ya. That KVIA article they link to seems to change Chris's pronouns midstream; I guess online "weird news" sections aren't too heavily edited.

No. 848067

Shut the fuck up troon. It all started off with "we just want to pee" and now they're in the Olympics and destroying women's rape shelters.(tranny sperging)

No. 848068

You must be living under a rock, many of the most insane lolcows are trans.

No. 848069

I realize it must seem that way to you but no. Aside from Chris-chan, none of the cows I follow are trans, and I don't even follow him that much.

No. 848070

this, theyre disproportionately represented in the cow community lul

No. 848072

File: 1628128661842.png (27.15 KB, 721x266, Capture.PNG)

this does not paint christorians in a flattering light


No. 848073

>I just find it hard to believe anyone outside of trannies cares this much about trannies.
Seriously? Even some normie women I know express concern. This constant prattling about how troons are a harmless minority that hardly affects anyone is bullshit.

No. 848074

Well no matter how you present it, a bunch of internet addicts being obsessed with one insane guy for over a decade isn’t very good look especially to normies.

No. 848075

it’s embarrassing but yet here we are

No. 848076

i mean, they catfished and gaslit him repeatedly and once blackmailed him into shoving his medallion up his ass on stream.

No. 848077

It’s not possible to paint christorians in a flattering light lol.

No. 848079

File: 1628131309520.png (83.39 KB, 345x292, Screenshot 2021-08-04 10.40.59…)

kind of a weird way to frame this situation

No. 848080

now they’re writing him letters of support in jail and trying to crowdfund a defense lawyer
it is so incredibly gross, they literally do not care that he raped an 80-year-old woman, but at the same time they are desperate for that bella chick to go to jail

No. 848082

That’s my whole problem with this situation, no one gives the slightest fuck that he raped a woman that happened to be his vulnerable, fragile mother. They’re making jokes at her expense about her “old flaps” while the entire media and kiwifarms are giving more attention to this deluded fucktard who has ruined his family because their beloved cow that they would horrendously project off of and a-log is finally being jailed and locked away from society for a good moment. If I was a semi-competent Barbara I would have killed my fucking son and sued the hell out of KF

No. 848085

They will spin any story to defend poor vulnerable transwimminz

No. 848086

An elderly woman with dementia was raped by her own son but Kiwifarms will cry over their rapist pet going to prison and mainstream media will turn it into a story about how Chris Chan is actually the victim in all of this and "transphobia" made "her" do it.

Nobody except for radfem communities actually cares that a woman was raped. Can't say I'm surprised though.

No. 848089

Jesus Christ what is this take.

I understand to not more Chris’s internet history is probably fascinating but the point should be he RAPED his own mother.

No. 848098

Honestly my favorite part about this is that Christine is Chris' alterego, much like Crystal and Sonichu. Currently due to the spirit posession saga, Sonichu is the one inhabiting Chris' body (according to Chris) and Sonichu's pronouns are preferrably he. Last I checked he returned from cwcville in february and he has been going back and forth since then on is he sonichu or christine, or chris.

So quite literally these woke people are misgendering Sonichu (Chris). What a time to be alive.

No. 848102

the penis that he forced into his elderly, dementia-ridden mother? that penis?

No. 848103

File: 1628141766575.png (201.85 KB, 431x278, is it real.PNG)

does anyone know anything about this?

No. 848110


in the "Chris' parents' reaction to Chris coming out (23:47-26:52)" section

>Chris: Uh, yeah, my mom was a bit put off at first, um, I think it was kind of like a subtle- I kinda slid into it, because I'd say among which, years before I figured myself out and realized that I was a female soul, was- I started- well, yeah, I started wearing, uh, sp- I started wearing sports bras, and, uh, I also definitely swapped, uh- I definitely changed my underwear.

No. 848122

The mistake was thinking trolls would always be like the pickle men and not shota/incest zoomers.

No. 848123

It's a joke. He's talking about his coming out as trans.

No. 848124

You're on a website for women, a lot of which consider themselves to be TERFs.
>the people making posts like this must be troons themselves, either as a coping mechanism because they're still in denial
"You're just repressing!" Now here we have a genuine tranny cope that is very popular in tranny communities like /LGBT/ whenever someone criticizes trannies.

No. 848134

I know he didn't have bottom surgery but didn't he cut his perineum thinking he had a vagina in there? That shows more commitment than the 90% of the regular AGPs imo

I don't think that is a true sign of dysphoria anyway he is just fucked in the head and extremely stupid. But trannies should shut up about him not being one of them. He also took horse piss pills irc

Also loving the liberal sites trying to demonize kiwifarms. Anyone with a brain will see how fishy the story is being frames and end up going there. Just free publicity at this point. The site is a mixing bag but his thread+yaniv+trannysideshow thread is going to peak a lot of folks

No. 848135

No. He got a his taint pierced and never looked after it right and the piercing tore a hole. He thought it was the same as a vagina.

No. 848136

Incorrect, he cut the hole himself. He thought his real vagina was just under his skin lol

No. 848140

File: 1628180413935.jpg (48.09 KB, 1242x970, 20210805_091216.jpg)

Chris is now listed as a male inmate after his transfer.

No. 848141

No shit retard.

No. 848144

Wow. I was sure he was going to end up in a psychward over prison for sure

No. 848145

This is just for now. Hasn’t gone to trial yet to determine his final destination. Hence, jail not prison.

No. 848146

as usual no one understands the difference between "jail" and "prison"

No. 848147

Only spergy burgerlanders care.

No. 848149

both are true. first was piercing, then was self-slitting after the piercing rejected. fucking lunatic.

No. 848151

i'm drinking to him being housed in men's holding cells. can you just imagine the shit other male perps are flinging at chris? the things they must be yelling at him from another cell? it's hysterical. i hope he becomes somebody's bitch. poetic justice.

No. 848154

Typical amerimutt fantasizing about prison rape. Do you want to elaborate on your obsession with punitive rape a little bit maybe?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848165

Only pickmes are against prison rape(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848166

File: 1628191036142.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x318, 200295800481_7286.jpg)

wow.. ok

No. 848168

what are the chances he ends up enjoying it and turning gay in prison?

No. 848174

chris has historically hated/been disgusted by males and homosexual men, but then again… he's in an (open) relationship with his imaginary friend magi-chan, who i believe is male. and he's put stuff up his butt before. so fuck it, it's totally a possibility.

No. 848180

File: 1628192243483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 23.38 KB, 600x600, 3A843D6C-DB90-4324-BFCB-14FB99…)

No. 848182

File: 1628192330667.jpeg (4.74 MB, 4032x3024, E170E5EE-B340-4776-ABD1-50DDDC…)

I was in the area and drove by their house this morning. All the lights were on in the house and no one was home. The place is a total dump nonnies

No. 848183

my stance is simple: biological men who have raped biological women deserve the same, or more, pain.

No. 848187

legally, he is still a male since he has not had the necessary gender affirming surgery and therapy required to officially change his sex on legal documents. It's one thing to identify as female, and a totally different thing to be legally recognized as one. There's a shit-ton of paperwork, fees, and hoops to jump through as well.

No. 848190

Are you for the death sentence too?

No. 848194

Cops are probably keeping an eye on the house to prevent any Christorian retards from trying to steal his toys and 'art'.

No. 848200

>3 suicides
>no proof or citation needed

That's modern journalism for you. Just talk shit and never back it up and soon enough, it's considered a fact.

No. 848219


i've always wondered if his homophobia was rooted in some repressed homosexuality of his own. I know that's a tired cliche and usually "ur homophobic because ur secretly gay!!" is just cope but he explicitly fears/feared being turned gay, which is a weird thing to be obsessively afraid of if there isn't some kernel of truth to it within you. but then again, he's a weird guy, so who knows

No. 848221

File: 1628197076681.jpg (184.61 KB, 1080x768, Screenshot_20210805-155700_Chr…)

So his first court date will be September 10th. He interrupted multiple times during the hearing to whine about going home to get some toys, being internet famous, and for misgendering.


No. 848222

I think he's just a sex obsessed creep who would fuck anything that can't outrun him but prefers whoever or whatever makes it easiest for him; I wouldn't be surprised if he expressed homosexual tendencies as a child and his parents tried to beat it out of him, literally or metaphorically

sage for armchair

No. 848223

Sorry, September 16th at 10am is his court date I mean.

No. 848224

He's homophobic because that's how his dad raised him. Bob was very religious and OLD AS FUCK.

No. 848227

wtf is this supposed to mean

No. 848228

I see you are new to Chris, he is a fucking lunatic. Imagine playing pretend with a 5 year old who keeps making up new rules every 2 minutes, that's basically Chris.

No. 848229

im not new to cwc, i just hadnt entered the possession saga yet

No. 848231

Most of it is Bob, I think, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some suppressed bicurious shit or something. A lot of scrotes seem to be that way, with the fascination with sticking stuff up their asses or up someone elses.

No. 848233

Chris having been in jail for six weeks is likely to make his courtroom behavior in September even more out there.

No. 848234

Chris “came out as bisexual” on Twitter a while back.

No. 848235

File: 1628201382936.png (26.41 KB, 709x136, kek.png)

No. 848236

I didn't know that. I'm not up on my Christory. I remember following him some in 2008/2009, but I fell out of it. This recent bombshell has renewed my interest.

No. 848238

Calling it now, they're gonna find him unfit to stand trial

No. 848240

Isn't concerned about his mom, isn't concerned about his pets, and isn't remorseful whatsoever.
All Chris cares about are his toys and girl LARP. At least he won't get to play in prison.

No. 848253

File: 1628208903730.png (72.49 KB, 1640x364, Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 7.14…)

kek these comments

No. 848258

File: 1628211723472.jpeg (33.11 KB, 828x189, 5A3CD2C8-6C3E-4C6D-AE7A-AACCC8…)

No. 848259

Bella was trying to get CWC to kill himself. But hurr durr I can't believe all those misogynists are trying to get this poor little glowbaby in trouble!(sage your shit)

No. 848260

Expressing concern =/= ranting for paragraphs about evil troons and shoehorning the topic into any conversation no matter how tangential

ok tranny

No. 848263

>Bella was trying to get CWC to kill himself

No. 848265

File: 1628217157658.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1030x1616, A99D7D4C-F44D-4D80-A88D-F363DC…)

No. 848272

you have to go back

No. 848276

File: 1628222374402.jpg (80.37 KB, 610x613, 1570996048791.jpg)

No. 848278

it’s such a perfect storm of stupidity, he’s internet famous, his address is very public, and a bunch of retards want to get their hands on his stuff. godspeed to whoever has to keep an eye on this place.

No. 848279

Jesus christ. This was fucking premeditated.
And no Chris most people don't have dreams about having sex with their parents, what the fuck lol

No. 848284

Bella was trying to get a sex tape from CWC and an autistic girl. She didn't even want to leak the incest shit because she was having too much fun manipulating two retards.

No. 848289

Jesus Christ, how horrifying. Say her name: Isabella Loretta Janke. I was on her side until more details leaked, but now I think she deserves all the infamy that she fought so hard for.
Obviously Chris is still the only person responsible for raping Barb, but Isabella not reporting that ASAP was disgusting. She could have stopped it and save Barb a horrifying night or two.

No. 848290

File: 1628241186168.jpeg (755.05 KB, 1242x1918, B1CAFF5E-65AE-4B30-A315-9DB587…)

Lmao an actual man child.

No. 848291

Bless that poor judge and every other normie who has to interact with Chris during this whole process.

No. 848294

The whole thing will be a circus for the public view and behind the scenes. Chris, when reality dawns, if not already, will chimp the fuck out in his cell since he will be ripped off of the home comfort he felt all his life. Meanwhile, he will probably be appointed some court therapist for the mental evaluation. Also, imagine the cops appointed to go through years of christory to make a more broad general assessment of the situation. IANAL but this looks real fucking bad and it's gonna be a circus if it keeps popping in the media like it did when it blew out.

No. 848296

File: 1628246280995.png (30.2 KB, 346x290, bella.png)

That Bella chick is apparently a full blown psychopath. I'm still catching up on the thread on her but not only is she a lolicon-loving furry "superhacker", she let her dog's paws get so infected they had to get amputated and then she just decided to have him put down. She tells this story with absolutely no emotion. She is also in several discords that are dedicated to trolling Chris and brags about how women can troll him better and how she is such a master troll she can make people commit suicide.

NP2348 is Bella, the person talking to him about the mom-rape in the leaks.

No. 848297

If demonic possession was real, this bitch definitely has it. Even her fingers and toes are all corrupting as the evil leaks out.

No. 848298

File: 1628246515543.png (4.97 MB, 2272x2712, bella2.png)

No. 848299

File: 1628247374753.png (744.16 KB, 816x958, bella3.png)

I have always avoided women who can not get alone with other women in my life. For a fucking good reason. All the girls who say they are "not like other girls, girls are so bitchy, I only hang out with boys" have something seriously wrong with them. They are missing something that is essential to being a woman: empathy, kindness and a caring nature that almost all women naturally posess. They get along with scrotes because scrotes do not naturally posess these qualities. So when they get outed by other women for being nasty pieces of shit they call them "bitches" and go hang out with the scrotes who will let them around because they are usually starved for male attention and will suck any dick to get it.

You really are not like other girls, Bella. Other girls are not heartless psychopaths. You're one of the boys, congrats!

No. 848300

Bella made at least 8 sock accounts in KF to white knight herself, say that she has huge boobs and further humiliate the autistic girl. There are a few posts here that do the same thing and knowing she was a farmer now, I wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out that she was actively participating in this thread too.

No. 848301

There was some of that but nobody really took the bait after a while so she gave up.

No. 848302

File: 1628248319220.png (144.54 KB, 304x294, bella4.png)

She was already confirmed to have been posting on /g/ and yeah some of the posts defending her ITT are definitely her as well.

She also definitely stuffs her bra and edits her pics for reddit.

No. 848303

>Bella made at least 8 sock accounts in KF to white knight herself, say that she has huge boobs and further humiliate the autistic girl
Wait, I'm not caught up yet whose the "Autistic girl" she's further humiliating? Im confused.

No. 848304

Fiona I think, the one that looks like a tranny. Bella tried to set Fiona and Chris up (hence why she is pushing it super hard in the recording instead of talking about him fucking his mom) because her plan was to film a sextape of two retarded spergs going at it.

No. 848306

File: 1628249937107.jpeg (14.06 KB, 522x585, 1f974785-597c-49c2-a364-f7a496…)

I know there's more pressing matters at hand but what the fuck is wrong with her skin. No wonder the 'bitchy' girls don't like her, she looks like she doesn't bathe and she probably smells like it too.

Also you know her teeth are fucked up beyond repair if she's not showing them in a single photo lmao

No. 848307

File: 1628250228075.png (361.12 KB, 580x1099, bella5.png)

If you think her skin is bad, you should see her thumb.

No. 848308


>Upon being told by ISABELLA JANKE that Chris was raping Barb, Fiona reacted with horror. She had been sent things by ISABELLA JANKE and leaked them because she wanted to do the right thing, or at the very least not get into trouble. She was panicking.

>ISABELLA JANKE then attempted to run a disinfo campaign against Fiona, with little success, as all she could bring into question was Fiona's motivations for leaking the chats and text messages. This fails to acknowledge that ISABELLA JANKE was the one talking to Chris, and she deliberately sat on the messages and calls that were conducted between her and Chris, and chided Fiona for leaking the messages.

I am not sure if I am misremembering but I think Isabella also leaked messages where Fiona discusses her past sexual abuse and other personal topics that had nothing to do with Chris, just to distract people. Bella later sent some tampered text messages to GiBi and he published a video, which doxed Fiona's phone number.

No. 848309

File: 1628251275024.png (592.95 KB, 921x470, Untitled.png)

spoiler that shit next time fucking hell.

No. 848310

File: 1628251729542.png (121.28 KB, 1057x612, f0tTL2u.png)

That's got to be the result of some kind of medical condition or hygiene failure. The fuck is that, nail varnish?

In other news, it's so funny how Chris ducksuckers expend so much energy going after the most unbiased Christorian to ever exist. This was the pinned comment on one of Geno's rare non-Chris-related uploads on his alternate channel.

No. 848311

Ew what a nasty cunt. that’s a fucking fungal infection

No. 848315

File: 1628253214611.jpg (68.16 KB, 701x567, 06082021143308.jpg)

she admitted to using bath bombs instead of cleaning herself like a sane person.

No. 848316

>i'm more caniving than blue spike

you fucking tard, it's conniving and bluespike was 13 years old.

No. 848317

Fiona is an autistic woman who is genuinely in love with Chris. She wrote this:


I heard somebody say that her parents recently committed her to psych ward. They seemed to imply that Fiona came clean to them about everything so they're getting her the help she needs.

No. 848318

>She was already confirmed to have been posting on /g/
I missed this. Can you link me to this?

No. 848321

are there photos of fiona? since chris didn't seem to be interested in her, i'm curious as to what she looks like.

No. 848322

There is a picture of her here >>847953

No. 848323

What Bella did wasn’t right but I’m so upset at the scrotes who insist that her life needs to be ruined over this.

No. 848324

Not ruined, but she needs to be held accountable.

No. 848325

File: 1628256984911.png (625.43 KB, 624x882, bella6.png)

Isabella Loretta Janke is a psychopath who destroys people's lives as a hobby, sells pills, steals money, extorts people, tortures animals, schlicks it to drawings of children and doesn't bathe. You, sorry, she, deserves to be exposed for you, sorry, her behavior.

No. 848326

That's a man

No. 848327


if anyone deserves their life ruined its bella. chris did some awful things but it never appeared to be from malicious intent. bella is just plain evil.

No. 848328

Why are we derailing a Chris-Chan thread with Bella? Make a containment thread if you think it’s that important but the only one who TRULY needs to be held accountable for their actions is Christ. Scrotes will do anything to hate women—go back to kf if you’re gonna do that.

No. 848329

I honestly didn’t know about the rest of the stuff. I’m specifically talking about what she did with Chris. Is it that big of a deal if she destroys a worthless scrote’s life? Chris deserves everything he got imo

Im just tired of scrotes champing at the bit to see a woman’s life ruined

No. 848330

>it never appeared to be from malicious intent
he raped his dementia riddled mother, anon.

No. 848331


We won't be hearing from Chris for a while, calm your autism.

No. 848332

Why can’t they both be held accountable??

I agree though maybe a containment thread for Bella would be good.

No. 848333

Curious how these Bella whiteknighs keep popping up on sites Bella is known to use.

No. 848334

Bella allegedly got a girl to commit suicide, tortured 8 hamsters to death, neglected the doxdog Max to the point of putting him down, manipulative, narcissistic and does anything for attention on fucking Reddit, extortion and has depraved fetishes. It’s fucking stupid to defend her because she’s a girl and this is poor bait.

No. 848335

It's also not derailment since she is a very important part of the story, since she was the biggest troll manipulating Chris at the time with the expressed goal to get him to kill himself.

No. 848336

i don't even know who the chick is, i'm here for chris-related news and i'm tired of scrotes coming in trying to derail with shit like this >>848327 as if the guy didn't RAPE HIS MOTHER.

No. 848337

If you don't know who she is by now maybe read the fucking thread and shut up.

No. 848338

I have a feeling he won't disappear quite that easily, how does sending letters to/calling prisoners work in the US?

No. 848339

So there actually WAS a boyfriend-free girl out there who liked Chris? Oh that's sad. Why TF did he have to go full Odedipus when that rarest of butterflies, a girl who actually liked him,exists? I suppose the only good that came out of this is that Fiona was spared from finding out personally how depraved he was. I hope Fiona finds her own girlfriend-free boy that doesn't like raping his mother.
This is both a comedy & tragedy rolled in one.

No. 848341

Of course she and her “troll” friends have to be from/studying in bum fuck Lubbock. Bunch of crackheads there.

No. 848342

Being a teenage 4chan nuisance who does the same things as the average KFer
>"deserves their life ruined"
Raping your elderly mother suffering from dementia
>"did some awful things but never appeared to be from malicious intent"
Scrote logic, everyone. Please contribute to the thankfully ever-growing male suicide rate.

No. 848343

careful, they're gonna call you a bella wk

No. 848345

The average KFers kill animals? You mean the people who put away the Zoosadist? Please try a bit harder with your deflection, Bella.

No. 848346

Go back to KF.

No. 848347

Don't you have some people to bully into comitting suicide? And maybe get your fungal infections checked out, yikes.("hi cow")

No. 848348

I'm sorry I care more about the crimes that Chris has admitted to than the he-saids of what Bella did.

No. 848349

I bet you're really shitting your pants right now, but apparently not hard enough if you still have time to make socks on KF and wk yourself here at the same time. Did mommy and daddy get you a lawyer yet?(hi cow)

No. 848350

She encouraged this shit. She didn’t want this stuff leaked and Fiona was the one who put it all out there. She’s disgusting and deserves to be talked about. She wasn’t the one who was leaking the info and she was standing by idly in amusement while an elder was being abused multiple times. Troll or not, absolute garbage human being.

No. 848351

I'm not Bella but enjoy your "hi cow" ban, sperg.

No. 848352

As a master troll you should know what a VPN is.

No. 848354

There are very good reasons to believe that Bella is posting in this thread. She self-admittedly posted on lolcow.farm (seen in discord screenshots here >>848298) and she has already made several sock accounts on KF that have all been banned because she whiteknighted herself there as well.

No. 848355

File: 1628261232313.png (140.59 KB, 645x729, Tumblr_l_913442665453474.png)

as an amateur christorian (discovered him around 2009, stopped caring post unclit) i feel like a mega retard rn. i assumed all these years that the "chan" moniker was a reference to the japanese honorific but i literally just realized… it's because of his surname, isn't it?

No. 848356

Bella Janke is just as messed up as Chris though. If you want to create a separate thread for her then do it but she’s just as horrifically fascinating.

No. 848357

I always thought it was both. Like some sort of pun

No. 848358

Bella, when you've just woken up do you get a second of two of normality and peace before you remember this is all real and how fucked you are?(hi cow)

No. 848361

Made a Bella thread so she can whine over there about how there shouldn't be a thread on her. And to keep discussion on her seperate.


No. 848373

thanks, hope bella shows up for you guys like santa on christmas.

No. 848376


So when’s the protest to ask that CWC’ gender be respected and he be put in women’s prison?

No. 848377

I think someone said that Virginia prisons are based on what genitals you have, and Chris has a penis down there so he’ll be going to a men’s prison.

Idk if Virginia jails follow the same rule though.

No. 848379

You forgot to mention how Bella Janke steals her roommates’ panties.

No. 848389

sage for a huge derail but I agree anon; so much about this "girl" screams AMAB

No. 848403

mods immediately deleted all of her threads/posts, search the kiwifarms Isabella thread for '/g/' or something. Or wait until the OP is updated, it may link to the lolcow.farm spam
>tortured 8 hamsters to death
psychos always start with animals before they move on to bigger targets
>neglected the doxdog Max to the point of putting him down
Oh no. He's the dog who's paws got so infected they had to amputate them and she put him down? The story was horrifying enough, even worse with the poor dog's face attached to it. Holy hell. I bet the poor creature was so happy to get adopted.
There are no winners here, both CWC and Bella should be locked up and kept away from society… and helpless animals. Fucking disgusting.

No. 848408

Already happened, of course.
As previously stated, mouth-shotgun post haste. This is a thread about Chris and his crime of raping his dementia-suffering mother, not about some unkempt sperg who you're seething over because she reminds you of all the le quirky NLOGs who rejected you.

No. 848409

Take the Bella talk to her thread in /snow/.

No. 848411


bella thread

No. 848413

Generally in US prisons, anyone can send mail to a prisoner and the prisoner can send mail back. As for calling prisoners, according to the Virginia DOC website, prisoners can put together a list of 15 phone numbers that they are able to call over the phone for 20 minutes. It's also possible to apply to visit prisoners either in person or over video chat.

So, yes, communicating with prisoners is easy enough and there are enough people who would write Chris letters (and send him money to buy more stationery) that we should be kept pretty well updated on his life behind bars.

No. 848416

File: 1628273370636.png (4.91 MB, 5000x1592, lunacy.png)

Some more texts Bella leaked where Chris explains that he had to fuck his mom to lose his "emotional virginity" (he had only had sex with a hooker before) because he was afraid Sockness (a troll) would steal his power.

No. 848417

this is so embarrassing cus either no one is acknowledging her or they think she's the worst person ever.
people hate bluespike but at least he's a "big name" in christory and some weird scrotes seem to think he's cool. with Bella she'll be completely forgotten or at best remembered as a scumbag

No. 848419

File: 1628274052199.png (4.38 MB, 2888x3200, lunacy2.png)

And here is a conversation between Fiona and Bella.
>When I have sex with him, I hope it sways him away from his mother
hooooooooooo boy

No. 848421

Fiona knew and still wanted to bang him after finding out. See >>848419

No. 848422

what's with the timestamps being all out of order? also tinfoil but Fiona's typing looks a lot more autistic in the top screenshots than the bottom, she also seems more like a troll in the bottom

No. 848423

they were posted on KF out of order, sorry I didnt bother to rearrange them

No. 848425

Right? Fiona screams troll to me too. Fucking imagine Bella getting trolled by Fiona to release the info of chris raping barb.

This timeline is too much.

No. 848426

Fiona released the leak and is currently in a mental institution. She screams troll to you? Not the person bragging about being the biggest troll in the internet?

No. 848427

is it confirmed she's in an institution? Her laughing at Chris's tarot cards and her saying she's "not surprised" by Chris fucking his mom makes me wonder if she's not as genuine as she appears to be or if (again, tinfoil) Bella is trying to make her look bad

No. 848428

apparently a lot of people close to Chris were well aware that he was having a relationship with an 'older' lady and that said relationship was very taboo, so even among his inner circle (which Fiona very much was) they suspected he was talking about Barb

dude, (even if fake) these are texts between a 19yr old autistic girl with a gross Chris-chan fetish and an absolutely vulgar 20yr old psychopathic NLOG… even if 100% genuine, take everything with a grain of try-hard

No. 848431

It is confirmed by her irl friend who was verified by KF.

No. 848434

this nasty bitch is giving me nemu vibes. You just know she was the stinky kid in class too lol

No. 848435

So you are trying to tell us she is in an institution because she feels so horrified about what Chris did? Nah. If she is really in an institution (X on that) it's because she was doxed and her vile behavior was exposed to the world and now she is shitting her pants just like Bella. She still wanted to have sex with Chris after finding out that he raped his mom. She's not a good person. Tho she probably should be locked away in an institution.

No. 848436


absolutely the act of rape is evil in itself, but chris didn't do it to be malicious he thought he was helping his mom not hurting her. ultimately he did hurt her but there was no malicious intent (keyword INTENT) behind what he was doing. bella on the other hand boils hamsters for fun and gloats about driving people to suicide.(cope)

No. 848437

I wouldn’t call Fiona a good person but she’s Glinda compared to Bella Janke. I think her terribleness was unexpected to the point that she’s immediately become a replacement personality for people to ogle at, since we all know we’re not gonna hear much from Chris for quite a while.

No. 848438

File: 1628280409505.jpeg (94.49 KB, 627x432, 19770324-ED51-4C9C-A7A2-0A0518…)


No. 848439

Autistic women are just as degenerate as autistic men. The autism removes all the qualities in a woman that makes us better than men. Like empathy and kindness.

No. 848440

>She still wanted to have sex with Chris after finding out that he raped his mom. She's not a good person
She did? Do you have a proof of that? Sorry, it's so confusing with all the altered (or not) leaks and hundreds pages of kiwifags sperging. It doesn't help that nobody is reposting the milk here
…Oh! Thank you. We sure it's not doctored like those vile BDSM 'chris' messages? This whole thing is a mess, IDK what to believe anymore. If that message is true, that Fiona chick is insane as well. Who the fuck would fuck a literal motherfucker in an attempt of fixing him???

No. 848442

Nah not all autistic women are like that.

No. 848447

if you weren't a little autistic you wouldn't be on an imageboard

No. 848450


fake and gay, just like the BDSM texts. Bella is a cunt

No. 848451

This bella bitch needs to go down, but are we honestly surprised Chris ended up raping someone? Let's get real. I think it's funny how the little skank thinks she's untouchable though. I hope someone knocks her down several pegs.(sage)

No. 848452

File: 1628283934353.png (30.14 KB, 1178x217, MOMMY.png)

ok, so I know I said maybe the caps were fake, but I'm reading Fiona's CWC-fucking manifesto now and I take it all back. those caps are real. she's into the incest shit

No. 848454

What does this have to do with Chris' actual incest? This is such a farfetched take

No. 848455

Some women getting psychosexually attached to the most repulsive and rancid men in an "I can fix him" way should be studied as an actual mental disorder. She is the most extreme example yet

No. 848458

in the conversation with Bella she still said she wanted to fuck him after finding out he was fucking his mom, instead of noping out like a normal person

No. 848459

Do Virginia prisons allow conjugal visits? Fiona could visit him once she’s released from the loonybin

No. 848462

He legit said he wanted a release. He didn’t do it for barbs sake you fucking scrote.

No. 848463

Take anything coming from Bella as sus.

Not some woman, some 19 yr old retard. Is it so far fetched that she have a cringe obsession with someone she views as an internet celeb, right on par with other 19 yr old non-retards that obsess over any other celeb. There's just an added degree of fucking awful here.

No. 848464

File: 1628289162218.png (191.48 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20210806-231826~2.p…)

Just found this year old post on Reddit lol

No. 848465

With the fact that it is illegal to record the court proceedings in Chris's county, how are we going to find out what happened? Will there be anyone there to write it all down?(sage your shit)

No. 848466

According to this, he had a whole plan to announce he fucked his mom to this guy at Everfree Northwest in person as a way to get back at him. What the fuck?

No. 848467

File: 1628292699992.png (237.04 KB, 320x612, jtwg3mgsdae71.png)


He specifically talks about helping her. Can I call you a scrote too since apparently the only thing that makes someone male or female is whether you agree with them or not? I'm not a scrote, haven't been for the past 5 years I've been on this site nor the past 13 years I've been following Chris chan, nor anytime prior to that. Chris is a mentally stunted man child who loves his mom, and then he started loving her too much. He never wanted to hurt her, but he did and he should face consequences for his actions. Bella on the other hand is incapable of feeling love and finds glee in other people's suffering.

No. 848469

File: 1628293714449.jpeg (466.78 KB, 1536x2048, A2DEE307-1117-4BEE-8FA5-ABF311…)

Good lord his acts have reached everywhere.

No. 848470

My thoughts exactly. This is like if Nemu didn't end up sinking her fangs into David. Didn't she have a thing for Chris at one point too? What is it with autistic pedo girls and unwashed asses?

No. 848473

Can you scrotes please go back to KF and quit shitting up the thread? You retards can go double post, repeat the same points, and talk about poor chris uwu there.

It's abhorrent what Bella did, but Chris raped an elderly woman with dementia. This derailment wouldn't be tolerated in any other thread.

No. 848474

fake texts dont use them

No. 848475


i haven't seen anything saying these are fake? when and how was that determined

No. 848478

Right, because Chris claimed he was helping his mom when he was raping her, we’re supposed to believe him? guess any crime is excusable if we say we intended to help!

No. 848479


uh i've been saying this whole time he should be held accountable for his actions despite his motives or intent

No. 848481

File: 1628298542458.jpg (191.06 KB, 1632x826, boomerchan.jpg)

Sisters, this is real.
This is reality.
You thought this thing wasn't enough of a mess before? It has now become mainstream with the most mainstream boomermagnet on television. Your aging racist uncles are going to be sending you Chris Chan facts by the end of tomorrow.

No. 848484

No. 848485

ngl, I'm grateful for Chris accelerating the mass peaking

No. 848487

fox news already peaked, its viewers are all conservative. every other news outlet reporting on this tends to ramble more about the evil kiwifarms trolls who harrassed this helpless autistic trans woman for years and oh by the way "she" raped "her" mother. tras seem pretty desperate to deflect back on terfs&co

No. 848489

Only two things I respect about Fox news: They won't entertain Chris's fake pronouns, and they'll actually call him a rapist.
They can own that lib and keep him too.

No. 848493

can we make a thread on her? she seems so much more milkier than momokun and batshit insane

No. 848494

No. 848495

File: 1628303823845.png (1.02 MB, 1200x675, Glowie.png)

Kiwifarms is currently being DDOS attacked and is down.

Isabella arc is currently evolving into glowie arc, with internet autists taking on the glowniggers(no1curr, sage your shit)

No. 848496

>anyone with information is encouraged to contact…
oh boy what are they doing.

No. 848497


No. 848498

Honestly wondering what cultural impact this will have. It's not just confused old people who watch Tucker; he has more influence on white supremacists than anyone else in the country. All their eyes will be on Chris Chan, and by extension trans people or any other group he could represent. Yikes

No. 848500

File: 1628304663062.png (366.75 KB, 590x670, robertevans-cwc.png)

speaking of bioluminescence.

No. 848501

No one cares about KF going down for the 100th time.
You don't need to double post and shit up two different threads

It's become a public spectacle, so there will probably be press statements somewhere down the line

No. 848502

File: 1628305752725.jpg (9.2 KB, 240x240, idea-guy.jpg)

>be the type of sperg to have an anime pfp on facebook
>proceed to spend countless hours destroying a bigger sperg's grip on reality
>do it for a measly $6000
outside of the actual fun trolls like liquid and clyde cash, the whole saga of christory is just a case study of the sperg food chain that's always viewed from the bottom

No. 848503

Yep, knew it, knew this would happen.
Chris is being put on Tucker who will now be used as a trans icon to shield them from 'white supremacists'. Every person who gets attacked by Glowy Fox News Man suddenly becomes a cultural icon who did nothing wrong and whom we must emulate.

No. 848505

I'm starting to question if it's really white supremacists or if that's the excuse to whitewash anyone who shows up as a hitpiece on his show. I'm seeing people everywhere saying Chris did nothing wrong, now. Simply because admitting he was a rapist and a sociopath even before the segment is caving to the 'white supremacists'.

No. 848506

File: 1628306671188.png (40.5 KB, 593x426, shut up robert.png)

>defend the rapist's pronouns even when they're not being talked about.


No. 848508

and it begins

No. 848509

I really can't imagine that going well for them. Chris is someone with an established, insanely public history of being disgusting and freakish. A lot of it can't easily be hand-waved away with "It's the internet's fault he's like this". Literally anyone who's not the same as him will peak if he becomes an icon and details of his life hit the mainstream. I have a feeling the schism will happen even faster once the "BLM" types get wind of his racist moments alone.
All of this shit is repellent to everyone but extremists. Even garden variety trannies wouldn't want this, all that'll be left are the most demented handmaidens and troons who are dangerously close to saying "Fuck it" and putting "proud sex offender" in their Twitter bios.

No. 848511

Girls like bad boys. Clearly.

No. 848512


probably exactly what Tucker was hoping would happen, too. left twitter's practically writing his monday show for him over pronouns.

No. 848513

I don’t wanna share a gender with this tard.
Wtf is this glownigger shit? I never heard the term before this Chris-Chan shit started happening and a bunch of KF scrotes flooded the farms. Can someone explain?

No. 848514

god this late night television cycle is so slimy, I wish people would wake up.
I say this knowing that it's been around much longer than I have.

No. 848515

Lol Bellingcat Bob the woke CIA agent

No. 848517

Safe google term: "glow in the dark CIA"
If you're reading about Terry Davis you're in the right place

No. 848518


it's from Terry Davis, the TempleOS guy. schizophrenic who thought the CIA was after him, referred to "glow in the dark CIA niggers" a lot.

No. 848519

It’s not a new term, but you don’t see it here (other than the tinfoil thread kek) because we aren’t a bunch of retarded moids. It comes from the schizo ramblings of that temple os guy.

No. 848520

lol hi bella.

does it feel nice to know that your stupidity has ruined not only your own life, but your dad’s?(hi cow)

No. 848525

>it's because of his surname
Yep, same with Magichan (Magician).

No. 848535


lmao do you know how many scrotes do fucked up shit to women under the guise of helping them? Rape a lesbian to help her and make her "straight". Rape a hysterical woman to calm her down. Why does this "help" always involve them getting off? Grow up.

No. 848537

did kf turn read only?

No. 848538

answering myself, seems like the ddos/heavy load doesn't let people post

No. 848544

yup their shits broke, null is probably tard raging in his room as we speak

No. 848545

File: 1628323692181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.58 KB, 540x417, shecameforcwc.jpg)

>Chris is a mentally stunted man child who loves his mom, and then he started loving her too much. He never wanted to hurt her
You should be locked up in an asylum just like Fiona. "Women" like you are an absolute disgrace.

Chris harbored incestuous feelings towards Barb way before Isabella Janke got into his head and he drew picrel just so he wouldn't rape Megan (a woman his was obsessed with for years).
He didn't repeatedly rape his octogenarian mother because he "loved" her, he's just an autistic 40 year old sex-pest unable to conceptualize other people's will but his own.

No. 848546

Sage for non contribution but I can't believe this dude said FOIDS. I'm losing my shit. He doesn't even know where moid came from but you've all got him so mad he's maleposting in a fit.

THAT'S A MAN MAURY. If it isn't that's an incredibly unfortunate hairline, for starters.

No. 848547

>>848545 this drawing is my 13th reason

No. 848548

I'm getting sick of the narrative of trying to excuse CC. There's no excuse, he's not as mentally ill as people think. Just like people claim Barb acted more sickly and out of it for the camera, Chris does the same. He lies, he steals and he knows he's famous online. He knows how to beg, he knows how to manipulate. He's not good at it but he knows how too.

No. 848551

I'm not excusing him, when I said "unable to conceptualize" it's more on lines of he chooses to not give a shit (his coom > other people's well-being). Chris had plenty of whiteknights throughout the years trying to wrangle him, so he's well aware of right and wrong. The gamestop incident, his general creepiness towards women, trying to run someone over with a car and his message to Null about his "older gf" are proof enough of his awareness.

No. 848553

Nonnie, i wasn't talking about YOU trying excuse him I was agreeing with you and just saying i'm tired of seeing the excuses.

No. 848554

"muh spectrum" lol. The spectrum is only real if you're an autist. No You're either a basic autist who can't read faces and social clues and can't understand why people are crying when their dog dies or you are a legit pants-shitting retard who can't wipe their own ass. Normal people are not on this spectrum. There is no such thing as being "a little autistic". Unless you mean assburgers, which isn't real.

No. 848555

>some autistic shit

No. 848556

lmao sorry for sperging out. I'm just sick of the "he's autistic, he's a gud boi" excuse too.

No. 848559

cope, seethe, calculate

No. 848561

you do know black/white thinking is a symptom of the 'tism, right

No. 848563

You're anonymous, but I can already tell that you must be a Stanford-trained research psychologist, with your deep and nuanced understanding of this topic.

No. 848580

I actually loled. Good job, anon!

No. 848581

Is anyone tired of hearing how Bob and Chris were racists? Bob was an old white guy from the South who was born about a century ago. Not to say that it makes racism ok but I think just about every guy from his background was racist.(sage)

No. 848582

I am tired of you newfags not saging.

No. 848590

where are you hearing this? Reddit, twitter, troon breadtubers?
based retard

No. 848592

this faggot bragging about "being there for the first chris thread". Funny how suddenly every scrote was there from the very beginning and wants to air that publicly.

No. 848597

lol imagine admitting to being a goon in 2021

No. 848599

who is he and what did he do("spoonfeed me")

No. 848604

File: 1628366432117.jpeg (270.93 KB, 750x983, 166797AA-BBCF-4D97-AF03-445EF6…)

Is this true or bullshit ?

No. 848605

File: 1628366462855.jpeg (208.5 KB, 750x1019, 45D2A598-B55F-43BB-851F-EB4F1C…)

No. 848606

pls lurk.
her thread is linked itt

No. 848607

did you make this image yourself? literally where is any proof

No. 848610

Who knows, ask in HER thread and maybe you'll find out!

No. 848612

nah she absolutely did. the kid was mentally ill, at numerous times tried to back out, and she actively encouraged him to kill himself, to get back in his car and asphyxiate himself, she was on the phone when he was dying cheering him on. she's sick

No. 848614

I see now thx

No, look this post

No. 848618

Wtf this is not ebin lulz at all

No. 848619

What are you unpopular opinions about Chris?

>1. Chris was never going to grow up normal, even if he was enrolled in special ed.

>2. I think it's fine for Chris to be unemployed and collect disability. A lot of autists are unemployed (some sources I've seen say that almost half of them are), and Chris would be insufferable to work with.
>3. Bob was not a good father. I guess he tried his best, but because he was so old, it wasn't enough. It wasn't responsible for him and Barb to have children. Plus the fact that Bob's kids wanted nothing to do with him is a huge red flag.

No. 848623

>Reddit, twitter, troon breadtubers?
Not her, all of the above. It's part of the cycle of trying to excuse Chris and his actions as that of a 'societal problem' with the South and not actually Chris' own doing (which is bullshit but this passes for logic on the tiny brain social media platforms that can't perceive reality outside of their just-as-bigoted-and-sexist lens they use to make themselves feels superior to everyone else.)

No. 848624

and I forgot to sage, I was having a good run too.

No. 848625

Bob and Barb should have never attempted to have kids at their age. I know stories of older couples having kids is common, but the chances of making a pants-shitting autist go through the roof after parents age reaches 40. If they didn't have him by then, it was in everyone's best interest that they never did.

No. 848626

>It's part of the cycle of trying to excuse Chris and his actions as that of a 'societal problem' with the South and not actually Chris' own doing
A lot of Chris's actions are definitely his own fault but I don't really get people complaining about Chris's racism. (And for the record, I'm not white)

Even back in 2010, I always thought that people complaining about Chris's racism was an excuse to justify him being harassed. Chris clearly got his racist attitudes from Bob, and a lot of white guys from rural Virginia were/are racists. Chris's racism was definitely unpleasant but it wasn't as if he was calling all the black people he met niggos to their faces. I don't think Chris harmed anyone with his racism, unlike with his sexism. Yeah it was really offputting that he said that he didn't want to date blacks, but even today a lot of "normal" men post on Grindr how they don't want to date blacks. And I think what made it hypocritical to me were that so many people complaining about his racism were EDiots and Channers who were way more racist or tolerated racism from other users.

Why does Chris's racism bother you then nonny? I don't really get it.

No. 848628

scrotes will date a girl who boils hamsters doesn't bathe and has a cat shit fetish instead of going to therapy

No. 848630

>Why does Chris's racism bother you then nonny? I don't really get it.
Trying to excuse Chris' racism by saying his environment caused it bothers me. It's another part of the endless cycle of trying to excuse his actions when it was clear he was autonomous enough to make decisions for himself.
I say endless because look at the people trying to defend his behavior by saying he's autistic. Or saying that he deserves undue respect for being a rapist because of his trans status.
>Chris clearly got his racist attitudes from Bob, and a lot of white guys from rural Virginia were/are racists.
Rubbish. Chris made a choice to be that way. This idea that any white scrote living there will just automatically become racist robs the part where Chris made an active decision to be that way, just like his decision to become a sexist. Tons of people live there who aren't in any way like that.

No. 848631

And I will add, there are also plenty of autistic people who aren't insane racists/sexists like Chris who are in a lot worse shape than he is. The generalizations only give him sympathy because it removes the lens of him doing this himself. It's trying to fight the bigot with bigotry and that never works, it just makes people sympathetic with him when there's evidence dating back years that he's clearly the one who did this himself.

No. 848633

So? There are a ton of people who grew up in rural Virginia in the 90s who were racist. I think the mainstream dialogue on race has changed a lot in the last 10 years but I assure you there were plenty of people in Ruckersville who were just as racist. I fail to see how Chris's racism was extreme in any way, just that he was worse at hiding it while other just talked about those things in private.

>Tons of people live there who aren't in any way like that.

In 2020, 60% of people voted for Trump still while Chris was against him. So I'm guessing not "tons."

>And I will add, there are also plenty of autistic people who aren't insane racists/sexists like Chris who are in a lot worse shape than he is.
I still don't see how Chris is an insane racist. And I really don't think Chris is that racist today. It's not like Chris chose to be an anti-racist, he just realized that being for Trump wasn't popular among his type of people on Twitter anymore.

But now I'm getting the feeling that you think every person with a MAGA 2020 hat is a Nazi or something.

No. 848638

How many kids did Bob have before Chris? I know Barb has another son is his late 50's, but there's nothing about Chris's paternal half-siblings.

No. 848639

To be fair, the chance of autism increases but it's by no means a guarantee(and despite what the RWers tell you, old man sperm is way worse for a potential child's health than 40 y.o. woman eggs). The vast majority of children born to parents in their 40's are healthy, and even the ones who do end up as spergs usually aren't anywhere near Chris-level awful. Saged for fertility tism

No. 848641

Two I think. A son and a daughter. I think the daughter is the one that's least known.

No. 848643


I totally disagree with number 1. Chris could have grown up relatively normal as a proper high functioning autist. I honestly feel that it was his parents who were the fucking retards and this can ALL be blamed on them. I'm on like episode 31 of the documentary right now and Chris was a truly eloquent, artistic person who absolutely stood a chance in the right environment. Instead, he was brutally tormented and his parents raised him like a fucking reptile. Fuck Bob and Barb. They are the fucking villains of this story, almost as much as the fucking trolls (and fuck all them too, I sincerely hope they go to hell).

Christine seems to have worse things going on than just autism. Some kind of degenerative mental illness? She is not the same person Chris was at 27 - her mind is GONE. But 27 year old Chris stood a fucking chance, and I hate everyone involved in this story with every fiber of my being. There IS evil in this world, and it all somehow manifests around Chris Chan.

No. 848644

>I think it's fine for Chris to be unemployed and collect disability.
Nah, he can work. Lots of people are fucking insufferable, it doesn't give them a pass to collect free money. He's an able-bodied man who can read, write, and do basic math.
He's just another entitled autismo who got told he was special too much, and so now the thought of having to earn his living would be like a death sentence.

But he won't have to worry about that, at least for a few years while he rides in the prison system. No toys for Chris!

No. 848646


might some of the "getting worse" aspect of CWC be simply that he's never really gotten proper treatment?

and it seems like almost everyone who gets involved with CWC has either been willing to indulge in his fantasies, or been trolls pushing him further from reality. or both.

even the tomgirl/transgender thing seems like something CWC was trolled into, by someone like Bluespike or an earlier version of the Idea Guys.

No. 848652

>Is anyone else sick of people calling Chris and Bob racist? I mean they were racist, but still!!!!
Learn 2 sage or actually just fuck off.

No. 848653

it's funny how the scrotes of KF are already rewriting history and saying Bob "tried to make things right at the end" with Chris, and talking about how they respected him and Barb was the real problem behind Chris. Of course they want to erase the racism etc. Fucking pathetic.

No. 848654

A lot of autists are like that and still end up unemployed. Are you saying that autism isn't a serious disability?


Also I hate the idea of working around autists. Most of the high functioning ones have meltdowns sometimes. Would you want to deal with that as your coworker?

> Chris was a truly eloquent, artistic person who absolutely stood a chance in the right environment
When was Chris ever eloquent or artistic? This just seems like whitewashing history to blame Borb for Chris's problems.
>Instead, he was brutally tormented
When was Chris ever tormented? Seems like people made fun of him in school but he generally hand fond memories of the experience. Unless you're being dramatic and saying that living with Barb was torment or something.
>They are the fucking villains of this story, almost as much as the fucking trolls
Chris was messed up way before the trolls
This is a joke right?

You seem like a delusional white knight. A lot of people have tried to help Chris but Chris has never taken their advice. Chris is clearly narcissistic.

Most people in the US can't afford mental health care. Also a lot of therapists are shit, and most would encourage you to be a tranny these days.

No. 848657

Chris was supposedly abused by his babysitter and by his teachers, and he was never put into any kind of special ed program. Had he gotten more support and not been a laughing stock of the internet for over a decade, maybe he wouldn't be a fully functioning member of society, but he could at least hold down a job at Goodwill or something. If you think the person he is today is purely a result of his nature and that his upbringing and life experiences haven't played a large part in shaping that then you're almost as retarded as he is.

No. 848658

Chris was supposedly abused by teachers according to Bob and Barb, and they are such great sources. They used the supposed abuse as an excuse to make Chris switch schools and not be enrolled in public education.

>If you think the person he is today is purely a result of his nature and that his upbringing and life experiences haven't played a large part in shaping that then you're almost as retarded as he is.

Show me where I said that

No. 848659

>When was Chris ever tormented? Seems like people made fun of him in school but he generally hand fond memories of the experience. Unless you're being dramatic and saying that living with Barb was torment or something.

Are you fucking retarded, or is this your first day?

No. 848660

>This just seems like whitewashing history to blame Borb for Chris's problems
>When was Chris ever tormented?
>Chris was messed up way before the trolls

So if it wasn't his parents, wasn't his teachers, wasn't the trolls… what was it? Then you say his parents lied about the teachers as an excuse to take him out of public education. So did they fuck him over or not?

No. 848662

He was just born that way. Shit genetics. Seems like Barb and Bob had narc tendencies and he inherited them. Plus the severe autism. And some people are just born shitty and we don’t know why. It’s not like Bob went out of his way to teach Chris to yell at little kids and make an attraction sign. This was all before the trolls.

Tell me when was Chris tormented growing up before the trolls?

No. 848663

I do want to clarify, if Chris was adopted by a totally different family and raised in a very different way, who knows how things would turn out? However I think as long as Chris had shitty genes AND was raised by Borb there’s no way they would have turned out normal. I don’t think Chris was ever going to be hardworking or competent (because most autists aren’t). But it’s not a simple matter of “Chris just should have went to special Ed and he would have ended up fine!!!” like most people seem to believe.

No. 848666

Alright, if you're acknowledging that the way he was raised and the people he was raised by had a part in this then you and I don't disagree that much. I don't think special ed would've fixed him, I just think that less narcissistic parents and better supports would probably have led to him not being as much of a dumpster fire of a person as he is today.

No. 848667

>When was Chris ever eloquent or artistic?
His eulogy for Patti was actually halfway touching. Other than that, I've got nothing.

No. 848668

I feel like he would have been even more hateful towards other retards if he actually stayed in special ed. The sped teachers are even more checked out and frustrated than regular teachers and I highly doubt he would have gotten the special attention he requires in some Virginia hick school system.

No. 848669

hard agree, the only cwc content that didnt make me feel anything but cringe was his patti eulogy.

No. 848670

>Are you saying that autism isn't a serious disability?
The disorder would not necessarily cause someone to be unemployable, no. Even people with down syndrome are given a form of employment. Keeping busy during the day is actually healthy for most people, particularly so they don't spend time ruminating over pointless shit or planning to fuck their mom out of boredom.
>Would you want to deal with that as your coworker?
Most people don't have careers where they have to deal with stunted losers. And I say "stunted losers" and not autists because unlike most other autists, Chris was always enabled and thus never confronted his lack of self-awareness and antisocial tendencies.

There's nothing worse than the government giving autismbux to lazy little liars.

No. 848683

Bob set them up with a paid off house and enough money to last the rest of their lives taken care off. Barb has spent all of that money on an expensive lawyer for the incident where Chris and her hit that guy with a car and the rest buying shit on those sales-channels because she is a hoarder and it is entirely her fault that the house is in the state it is in now. She has put two morgages on the house and put them into immense debt. She financially ruined the family after Bob died. That's what people mean when they talk about that.

No. 848685

If people have kids later in life they get a high chance of autists so both Bob and Barb fucked up.

No. 848686

Bob cheated on his wife and left her and his kids for Barb. He is certainly a horrible person as well.
Same goes for Barb, her son from her first marriage doesn't talk to her anymore because she was such an abusive bitch. Both of them are horrible people and Chris is their Karma.

No. 848692

File: 1628426820219.jpg (22.16 KB, 499x499, 0088 - BbMQTzA.jpg)


>is the daughter of two government agents

>boils hamsters alive
>has a fetish for pedo, crush, and incest porn.(>>>bella thread)

No. 848693

Bob seemed to realize that though and actually tried to redeem himself as a father. he tried to impart knowledge on him, he tried to get him friends (which seemed to backfire) and tried to even be his friend.

was Bob’s general character lacking and was he a shitty guy in life? yeah of course. but he tried with Chris and it showed. one of Chris’ parents was with him when he tried to run a guy over in front of a hobby games shop and it wasn’t his father.

all of this to say that his mother still has never ever deserved to be raped by her disgusting scrote son

No. 848695

Bob is a large part of why Chris turned out the way he did. Sure he tried, but his efforts only made Chris worse. He paid people to pretend to be Chris' friend when he was a kid, and he and Barb enabled Chris' delusions every time he struck out with a girl (especially with Megan, for example) or failed in some other way. Chris never really had to properly internalise his failures because they coddled him and made excuses for his shortcomings instead of encouraging him to work on them.

I have no doubt that Bob and Barb did what they thought was their best with Chris. I think they had regrets about how they raised their other children and decided to put everything into Chris. But the outcome was horrific, and Bob is absolutely responsible for it along with Barb.

No. 848696

Nature vs nuture, Chris was nutured into being who he is now
A scenario like this would basically make him not Chris even if he's psysically the same

No. 848707

You're right, but I also kinda understand why Bob coddled him so much. Chris apparently didn't talk from like 2-6 years old because a babysitter was mean to him. Chris is/was extremely fucked up, so him doing anything normal obviously seemed really amazing to his parents, especially Bob.

Bob wanted to try being a good dad for once and wanted a normal son he could relate to so bad, and he got a literal pants-shitting, mute retard failson lol. Poor Bob.

No. 848710

bruh Bob should have gotten Chris actual help, that babysitter incident is alleged and if you read between the lines of Chris and his family you'll notice they NEVER take responsibility for ANYTHING
Anything that goes wrong in their lives is ALWAYS someone else's fault, so take anything they say with a grain of salt

No. 848711

I agree. When Chris posted the shithole hoarding house video Bob's first and only reaction is to get that shit off the internet. Not to start clearing out all the shit.

No. 848713

Chris is old enough to were he can no longer blame mommy and daddy for his lot in life and his actions are completely on him, but goddamn did Bob and Barb fuck up when raising him.
>Bob alienates first wife and kids by cheating, ensuring that Chris's older half brother and sister want nothing to do with him and can't be role models for Chris
>Barb does the same with her older son
>Never let Chris take accountability for his actions
>Never get him the help he needed because they couldn't accept he was an autist
>Pay people to be his friends, preventing him from learning the basics of socializing with other people his age

No. 848714

Bob was old enough that he probably didn't really believe in mental health care, and didn't want to admit Chris was bad enough to need it. That's kinda where the "high functioning autistic" thing comes from because he and his parents were always trying to distinguish Chris as better than actual retards, even though he is one and badly needed the help

No. 848719

Has Chris ever commented on him dating fellow transwomen? Or does he want to exclusively date cis women? I'm asking because considering how homophobic he is, it would be a good indicator that he doesn't acknowledge himself or other mtf trannies as being actual women.

No. 848721

People aren't going to like to hear this but everyone failed Chris.
The man is sick in the head and it's only gotten worse ever since he went on tranny pills.

Instead of null and other faggots laughing at his antics or trying make a fundraiser to send him to a fucking pony convention, they should have made him go to a mental ward.
The man was coerced by a bunch of teenage cunts to send them money because they were threatening to blow up an imaginary town.

This is some Scott Pennti tier levels of crazy.
Shit tier parenting, his own mental issues, the years of trolling and outright harassment, his own inability to understand boundaries, exposure to the cesspit that is the Internet and then the estrogen pills, self mutilation and god knows what else i've forgotten have all contributed to this shitshow.
The warning signs were all there for everyone to see.

The man needs to be locked up in a ward. If he wasn't stuck perpetually with the mindset of an 11 year old, he would probably have easily gone to murder someone or gone full Buffalo Bill or Norman Bates.

No. 848722

Him being in custody is for the better, so psychos like Bella can't use him as their pawn anymore. God knows it could've been a worse outcome with the arms she was carrying.

No. 848723

The Bella stuff is absolutely mortifying.
Boiling hamsters alive and letting them out to freeze to death because your own crazed spook daddy won't let you keep it.
The entire angle of using Chris and another autistic girl, film them having sex then LEAKING the sex tape and the fact that he's fucking his own mother all for the sole purpose of getting them to kill themselves….BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY is some of the most manipulative evil shit you can think of.
And all of this from a fucking twenty year old script kiddie.

Jesus fucking wept.

No. 848724

To be fair, Null was trying to get Chris to be somewhat self-sufficient through arranging art commissions and the like so he'd have some kind of stability after Barb died. It's just become clear that nothing is actually going to help Chris and he's going to remain a blight upon society for the rest of his life.

No. 848726

Josh never cared about CWC. To him, Chris was just a pet that he was protective of.

Kinda funny seeing this situation also blowing on his face and cutting ties with Chris as soon he could after enabling him all these years.

No. 848728

The fundraiser was a test to see if Chris could reliably fulfill commissions. Everyone who donated got either a drawing or a short video from Chris. Chris actually fulfilled all of those requests and was doing well with keeping up with his responsibility until this all came out. Null was trying to set him up with a way to make money after Barb died. Nobody can "make someone go to a mental ward". You can only get someone put in a forced 24 hour hold and only if they are suicidal. You sound naive as fuck.

No. 848730

I agree he needed to be institutionalized but it isn't that easy to get someone committed. You've got people out on the streets who are just as delusional and in arguably worse shape than Chris who can't get help for their issues. Mental health care in America is a huge joke.

No. 848732

You don't test people who legitimately hear imaginary voices in their head.
You get them help and/or medicated.

No. 848734

It's a lost cause from the start. Even with his mental state, Chris is considered an adult who can make his own choices. Unless he was doing something like attempting suicide that would require involuntary commitment, no one could force him to go seek help especially if he saw nothing wrong with himself.

No. 848735

You can't force-medicate people. You think people haven't tried to help Chris? He has talked to couselors and priests and therapists. Kiwifarms can't force him into a mental institution, retard. What they tried to do is at least give him a way to not be homeless after Barb died, a way he can WORK to make money for himself. But you somehow twist this into a bad thing cause "KF bad blublublu".

No. 848736

No you don't understand, Null should have tied Chris down and force-fed him anti-psychotics every day! Everything else is a-logging!

No. 848737

Nonnie, you can't just call up the nearest nut house and have someone hauled away. Unless Chris is found to be a danger to himself and others, he's free to be a menace to society until the day he dies.

No. 848738

And that is exactly what null is.
An enabler.
No one could force him. But didn't anyone that was in contact with him actually discuss with him that hearing voices and playing pretend was not in fact normal or or healthy?
But no, send the retard who's listening to a yellow cartoon rat in his head off to a pony convention and get him to make commissions to internet speds to barely make a shitty living off.
Clearly getting to the real problems.
If null and company ever truly cared, they would have forced this retard to commit to therapy before anything like this occurred. The warning signs were all there.
Boats officially sailed on that one since he's now going to be a convicted sex offender.

No. 848739

Sleepy. Meant they would have tried to convince him nonstop to commit to therapy. Instead, brony conventions. Bravo.

No. 848740

Null never enabled his delusions. He just told this story on his last podcast episode. Chris didn't like him for that, cause he ignored his delusions and god-shit and refused to call him by his fantasy names. The only people who enabled his delusions were the discord trolls and people like Bella who then tricked him into making videos. Null never actively trolled Chris.

You really think you are the first person who thinks "wow maybe someone should get this guy help"? Sorry but you might be as retarded as Chris himself. Many people have tried and failed.

No. 848741

shut the fuck up, scrote. Bob is a piece of shit just like barb

No. 848742

>Boats officially sailed on that one since he's now going to be a convicted sex offender.
Unfortunately, he'll sex offenders are allowed to lead (somewhat)normal lives after they're let out. Unless he gets his tard bux rescinded, he'll just go back to humping pillows on camera and playing with his toys until he shrugs off his mortal coil.

No. 848743

I said he was horrible as well in this post >>848686 calm the fuck down you sperg.

No. 848745

Josh never gave a shit about Chris. He just wanted to control his pet cow. Josh had no fucking right to be going through chris' emails and bank shit, no matter if he's doing it "for good reasons" or not. He had no right to be "vetting who chris talked to". If Josh was THAT concerned about Chris that he thought he needed a retard like Josh to Mother him, he should have called in a wellness check MONTHS ago.

Josh wanted Chris to go to the convention "for lols". Not to help him. I can't believe some of you are stupid enough to believe Josh fucking Moon of everyone. Newfags.

null literally posted in the bella thread that it is now impossible to talk to Chris without feeding into his delusions. So yes, null 100% has been feeding his delusions and admits it so he can keep contact with him. White knight elsewhere, retard. Or at the very least read your Daddy's posts before you embarrass yourself here.

No. 848746

So his solution was to just ignore the problem till someone else sorted it out?
Something like this was bound to happen. Null is a fucking idiot for thinking otherwise. And yes he is an enabler.
Because despite all the crimson flags being there, he just gave up trying to find him some real help. Getting Chris on an income would not have solved shit in the long run and everyone knows it.
All he cared about was how much lulz could be had at a retards expense.

No. 848747

nta but you are the only person sperging in this thread nonnie

No. 848748

I don't think Null was necessarily trying to help Chris for lols. His attempts to help though were definitely driven by his ego. The enabling of Chris's delusions was his misguided attempt at trying to get to Chris and just shows how he really shouldn't have gotten directly involved with someone that deeply mentally ill.

No. 848749

No one was saying Null had benevolent intentions, just that the commission setup might've actually helped Chris make some money and have some structure to his life if he'd actually followed through. Null's greatest mistake here is trying to set himself up as Chris's tard wrangler despite knowing no one has or ever will be able to wrangle this particular tard.

No. 848750

Chris was the child Null can never have.

No. 848751

You just reminded me of how Null was getting into a deep existential crisis for a while because he came to the conclusion that getting married and having children was the only purpose to life.

No. 848752

Chris asked him to do it and came to Josh when he needed help with trolls. You sound mad, are you a Chris a-log who didn't get to manipulate the cow in the way you wanted to? Did Null step on your toes?

>So yes, null 100% has been feeding his delusions and admits it so he can keep contact with him.

Literally not. He said that he just ignores Chris' delusions, Chris gets mad and stops talking to him, but eventually comes back when he needs something again. You seem very pressed about him so now I am curious what Null did to you.

No. 848753

>Josh had no fucking right…

Of course he had the right, what a silly thing to say.

>he should have called in a wellness check MONTHS ago

How many times do you have to be told that there are no resources for serious psychiatric care in the United States before you understand? How many days in a hospital do you think the Everfree fundraiser (~$5000) could have paid for? There's a reason people talked up the Homeless Arc: because unless and until he committed a serious crime, Chris was never going to have the option of being institutionalized. And even now, the institution is very, very unlikely to be medical.

No. 848754

Just because you're ignoring a problem that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

No. 848755

You're clearly a fucking newfag when it comes to Chris and have no idea how many times people have tried to get him help without success. He even had to go to mandatory therapy after he ran someone over with a car. You can't FORCE anyone to get help in America. Null can not just call a mental hospital and get them to pick him up and put him in a padded cell for free. That's not how it works and you're a retard and you should consider just shutting up cause every post you make shows us how retarded you are. The inability to understand this simple concept is proof number one you are probably as dumb as Chris himself.

No. 848756

>they should have made him go to a mental ward.
That's not how it works. The only time an adult is placed in a mental ward is when they're either an immediate danger to themselves or to others. Someone is hallucinating doesn't meet that criteria, and all you'll be told is to continue to monitor them. The only time he could have been placed in some sort of institution was when he was a minor, probably anyway. However, now that he has committed a violent crime, that can change.

I do agree that people egging him on did not help the situation though. See: Terry Davis - his outcome would have been much different and likely healthier if online nutcases didn't bother him.

No. 848757

Nonnie, if shipping someone off to a psyche ward was as easy as calling your local hospital and telling them there's a retard/mentally ill person on the loose, don't you think that maybe it would be abused? It would devolve into a witch hunt and have people they don't like called up to be put away.

No. 848758

Isn't Null only 28 or something? He could still have a family. As seen with the Chris Chan drama, no matter how stupid, ugly, disgusting or reprobate a man is, there is at least one woman out there who wants to fuck him.
Seriously, is this thread full of Europeans or does no one here know how the mental health system works in America? I don't know why so many anons here think you can just call up the psyche ward and have them haul someone away. Once Chris is out of jail(assuming he even gets jail time), he'll be free to go back to his normal life sans Barb.

No. 848759

It's not many people, it's just one retard. You can't just haul someone off to the psych ward in Europe either.

No. 848760

But clearly you can set up a fucking fundraiser as a test for your favorite lolcow to make a living off of and rewarding him by sending him to a pony convention because the idea of a retard doing retarded things then laughing about it on the internet takes top priority.

The man is sick in the head.
It took people he was in contact with the raping of his dementia ridden eighty year old mother for people to finally understand that?

If null and the rest of the kiwifags wanted the best for him and he would always continue to refuse help, contact should have been cut the moment that was apparent. Because being part of his life IN ANY FASHION and not exclusively trying your absolute best to convince him to get the help he desperately needs is being an enabler.

No. 848761

If you think this is as simple as someone from the internet calling a wellness check you have a very, very optimistic idea of how the world works. You could make the argument that Null made the situation worse, but you can’t blame him for not singlehandedly getting a 40 y.o. autist an ocean away put in a mental institution.

No. 848762

you are literally ignoring what null directly posted so you can suck his duck here. Now you're getting paranoid. Seek help, newfriend. Null is a giant faggot.
Yet the first time a wellness check is called in they removed barb. I guess now kf is down all the scrotes are here, defending their king. Men really cant integrate for shit. You faggots are going to have to live with the fact null could have stopped this.

No. 848763

Everyone already knew that Chris was sick in the head. They just couldn't do anything about it until he comitted an actual crime. Sorry but this is how it works in the USA. It's weird how you think they should have tried their hardest to help him, but trying to get him to work for his income so he wouldn't be homeless is a no-no. You're just a KF a-log and probably have a thread on there. It make sense since you're obviously a retard.

No. 848764

They removed Barb because Chris admitted to raping her. Unless someone walked in on him in the act during the wellness check, nothing would happen. Unless someone is actively in danger, is injured, or a crime has been admitted like in this case, it isn't pursued any further.

No. 848765

>you are literally ignoring what null directly posted so you can suck his duck here.
No, you're literally making shit up and twisting words because you have a giant hateboner because you're either a furry or tranny with a thread, so you take a nice thing Null did and turn it into a bad thing, cause of your hateboner.

No. 848766

I think that person is underage or just incredibly naive, since its the same deal in Europe. Hospitals only have so much space and funding after all.

Calling me names doesn't change the fact that admission into a mental ward doesn't work the way you think it does. A wellness check sooner likely wouldn't have gone anywhere; people freeze up when talking to health professionals and either forget or intentionally leave out details from their day-to-day lives that would otherwise be a red flag. Like the other anon said, nothing would happen unless the worker literally observes the patient committing a crime of sorts or idealizing/attempting suicide.

No. 848767

I wonder if this anon with the Null hateboner is Ethan Ralph's lolicon fiancee. I'd be shocked if she didn't post on here, and the recent thread he made on her is pretty nasty too. Saged for OT

No. 848768

It's impossible to know since there are literally a million pissed off trannies, furries, lolicons, fat women and other spergs who are pissed off at him.

No. 848769

Has there been any news on Chris or Barb other than his first court appearance

No. 848771

Its probably gonna be silent for a little while now. I think someone on KF said something is happening on the 16th, but its down and I can't recall what it was.

No. 848772

its actually because the smoky the bear animatronic thing at the state fair called him by his name Christian, but it came out sounding like Chris Chan

No. 848773

i thought the "chan" was from 4chan, like he was discovered there and they called him, "Chris Chan"

No. 848774

He named himself Chris Chan before he was discovered by 4chan.

No. 848775

Not quite. His real birth-name was Christopher, but when Bob told that to the animatronic bear operator he misheard it as 'Christian'. The operator called him 'Christian' and, because Chris was a 4 year old autist, he decided he wanted that to be his name from now on

No. 848776

File: 1628461111060.jpeg (33.93 KB, 480x360, D4951A8F-B7DA-4C45-B294-938D6B…)

No. 848777

I don't want to pull a
>hi cow
but you're way too invested in defending Josh's honor

No. 848778

I ctrl+f'd for "spooning" but nothing came up so I figured I'd just ask any Christorians in the thread if they knew - I've seen a lot kiwis claim that Barb "forced" Chris to spoon her, and I was just wondering what the source of that info was? Like 95% of kiwis are pornsick retards who think a mother giving her son a hug is actually a slutty whore begging her son for sex, so I don't trust them not to be reading something into the situation that wasn't there. Did Chris say "my mom forces me spoon her" or was it like "Ever since I burnt down our house, my mom makes me stay in her eyesight" and kiwis just decided that meant spooning?

Sorry if this is Chris 101 and I'm super late, but I've always actively avoided this creep because he makes me feel physically unwell.

No. 848779

I can't say for certain about the spooning but I can tell you that Barb did have an inappropriately close relationship with Chris that was reported on from multiple sources long before recent events. No smoking guns but a general "ick" feeling people often gotten from their PDAs. She was his date to prom. The spooning wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

No. 848780

I dunno about a source for that claim, but he has admitted to wearing her underwear in the past when he didn't have any clean ones of his own and if I recall this was something Barb knew about and might have been her idea

No. 848796

Christian Chandler = Chris Chan, it’s not deep

No. 848798

Chris despises any penis that isn't his own and has gone out of his way to misgender and insult other transwomen for years after he started identifying as a stunning and brave CPU goddess. He has, verbatim, taunted other trannies by calling them 'not real women'.

No. 848809

he was a beginner level weeb before the trolls got to him so it’s not that hard to believe that the Chan part was his not so clever way of trying to be “kawaii” or something.

No. 848816

I'm not surprised. Thank you.

No. 848819

Proof of this? Sounds based

No. 848821

Are you serious? This is common CWC knowledge.

No. 848825

Fuck chris-tran, but that was based

No. 848827

Wasn't it because his senile dad initially wanted to call him Christian, but for some reason settled on Christopher, and after animatronic bear incident decided it was a sign from God or something and went on to change his name to Christian?

No. 848828

File: 1628517741666.png (Spoiler Image, 241.53 KB, 500x705, come-on-big-man-defy-your-grav…)

people who think chris is just some innocent harmless autist, have any of you actually read sonichu comics? like do you know what happens in those comics?

chris is a perv. he's obsessed with sex.

No. 848829

he hates other retards too and has called them "windows to hell" and hated having to go to the short bus

No. 848830

Nta but it would be nice having some receipts to show troons defending him on Twitter, if just for laughs. I don't blame you if it's too hard/inconvenient to look, there's too much fucking garage to wade through.

No. 848831

No. 848835

That's the thing. It's not hard or inconvenient to look for. There's literally a page devoted to it on the CWCki. You newfags have literally an entire database to look up receipts on.

>b-but the CWCki is down!

Just give it some time or keep refreshing until the page pops up.

No. 848836

It's 72 hours and they can extend the hold if the psychiatrist decides you're still actively suicidal/homicidal. But they can't keep you there forever.

No. 848839

you sound like ethan ralph lmao

No. 848842

No. 848843

Yes. >>848772 is a retard who can't do a 15 second google search

No. 848874

Here’s a question I have for anyone who might have any idea: what happens to Chris’ stuff that was left at the hotel when he was arrested? I assume when he was issued the protection order that he was given a few minutes to collect some clothes and stuff from the house, and I think if that were the case he would also grab his most precious toys/junk. He kept freaking out at his court appearance about “getting his stuff back” and I’m assuming that the stuff at the hotel is what he’s referring to.

I can’t imagine any friend or family member will pick it up for him, so what’s going to happen to it? Will the hotel hold onto it for a couple weeks then toss it? Do the police have any obligation to get it back to his house?

No. 848889

The stuff at the hotel has probably already been thrown out. The reason he was so freaked out about getting that stuff back was bc he had just dropped $200 on bullshit at the mall that morning, probably toys

No. 848894

if this were a normal situation, i'd assume he has a computer with less-than-legal things on it that he didn't want officials to get ahold of…

…but this is chris, so he probably left his toys and just really really wanted those legos in jail.

No. 848904

There's no Wikipedia page on Chris, but perhaps one will be justified enough as notable now.

No. 848907

>family member
If they're not estranged they're dead so nope
Chris is a neet with no real friends, most people he talks to nowadays are "internet friends" so that's a no too.

He mainly flipped his shit because without his toys he can't recede into cwcville and talk to sonichu and friends as a coping mechanism. He's panicking because he's just now realizing that this isn't a "I spend a few days in jail then I go home" deal.

No. 848930

File: 1628643004308.png (558.68 KB, 750x1334, F1EB8A71-6AFF-40FB-B22D-BFBD6F…)

Found this but not much else. Would love a compilation image of Chris hating on trannies

No. 848933

Michelle Carter is based actually

No. 848934

People way less notable or famous have their own pages. Heck, there are (very ordinary) faculty members in my college department with Wikipedia pages. The wiki editors are sourpusses about it and they’ll never admit they were wrong, though.

No. 848940

Fyi another lolcow from the kiwifarms, Fredrick Brennan aka hotwheels, is an avid editor on Wikipedia and one of the sourpusses you've mentioned. He tweeted about it

No. 848942


Yet another easily researchable thing newfags refuse to give 10 seconds into looking up.

No. 848969

I’m not a newfag, and nothing on that page refutes what I said.

No. 848974

it explained why Chris doesn't have a wikipedia page, read the article anon
>To date, the "Christian Weston Chandler" article on Wikipedia has been created by trolls four times and deleted each time: 15 February, 26 March, 28 April and 3 May 2009.[5] It has consequently been "salted" or protected so that it cannot be re-created under that title. Chris's account was also blocked indefinitely; even though it was owned by Chris himself, and not a troll (as the admin believed), he violated many rules on it anyway. The page on Ruckersville, Virginia is also locked to non-autoconfirmed users to prevent people from adding mentions of Chris.

No. 848991

it would be interesting if someone was able to make a “Christine Weston Chandler” page now that there’s coverage from Fox News, The Daily Mail, etc.

No. 849004

File: 1628712512481.jpg (134.2 KB, 901x529, spooning.jpg)

Source was Arthur Spatchcock (MasterDisaster on KF iirc). reliable enough, he did a set of friendly interviews with Chris during the quiet period when he wasn't really talking to anybody or socializing on the internet.

No. 849007

Anon, if you yourself had read the article, you would know that Chris's articles were indeed deleted because of lack of notability.

Here, let me make it easy for you:
>(A7: No indication that the article may meet guidelines for inclusion: Article about a real person, which does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject (CSD A7))

No. 849015

That's a good point, Wikipedia barred making a page about him when he still legally Christian; I wonder what all phrases they have blacklisted

No. 849031

yes, “Christian Weston Chandler” is apparently salted, but I doubt that “Christine Weston Chandler” has been
plus the coverage from major international outlets
on the other hand, not everyone who has been arrested and indicted for a crime is considered notable, so it could go either way

No. 849042

I think his notability (and therefore candidacy for a Wikipedia page) will depend on if/how his arrest shapes the current discourse on gender, incest, rape, the Internet, etc. and how much controversy it generates. If he quietly gets locked up then I imagine he won't get a wiki page, but if he causes a stir then the Wikipedia editors can't really justify not allowing it.

No. 849064

Wikipedia is also full of troons. Just go on the talk page for the Wikipedia article on "woman" to see people arguing.

No. 849067


Personally I think before chris was just some autistic guy with an oc who was only notable to weirdos on the internet. Now since normies and mainstream media have taken note I think he could possibly qualify for a Wikipedia page. I don't think things like the cwcki and kiwifarms or geno's documentary series could be used as a source and I think it could be subject to a lot of weens fucking with it, so I'm not sure how easy it would be.

No. 849075

Who gives a fuck about wikipedia? He will be grist for the truecrime/internet culture youtubers forever.

No. 849136

Is there a possibility that Chris could be forced to recieve therapy as a sentence in lieu of jail? I'm not familiar with the law but a lot of people seem to think this is an opportunity. I know there is the chance Chris could be ruled insane, but apparently he would have to go to a mental institution (which are not nice places) and then serve his sentence on top of that.

At this point I don't think therapy would be helpful for Chris. A lot of people have tried to help Chris and none of have changed him for the better. I think Chris is someone who never wanted to be helped anyways, and a lot of this came from the attitude Bob and Barb had towards him growing up.

No. 849137

AFAIK only a handful of states offer therapy instead of jail. Virginia is not one of them, and even if Virginia did have such a program, such opportunities are generally only offered to nonviolent offenders (which Chris is not). In Virginia both rape and incest are felonies which carry minimum prison sentences.

My question is whether or not they'll add on a forced sodomy charge.

No. 849141

No, they won't even do therapy in prison either. I knew someone mentally ill in the same prison he'll be sent to charged with attempted rape and kidnapping and he didn't get a lick of therapy. VA is a bad state for mental healthcare.

No. 849144

Virginia does have a criminal behavioral treatment center for sexually violent predators:
Will Chris be sent there? Who knows.

No. 849146

That's not "therapy in lieu of jail" as the other anon said. What the VCBR does is hold prisoners after they've served their sentence to "rehabilitate" them. If he were to sent there, it wouldn't be until after serving a prison sentence.

No. 849167

A few NOW NOW NOW NOW spergings and they'll have him dosed up to his eyeballs. Which is for the best.

No. 849181

At this point, I just hope the State recognizes the danger he poses to the community. The spergs on Kiwi tend to go off about how he may or may have not been manipulated into what he did to Barb and then there's arguments of Chris being a disgusting sex pest deserving of his punishment. Let's say Chris was manipulated with some extra gayops convincing him that the deities wanted this. How do we let someone who is so easily manipulated into society? He'll kill and rape again as long as some faggot roleplays with him for a while in sonichu land? How does that make anything better for Chris? I don't care if he's in permanent daycare with crazies or in prison. He's not fit to have any control of his own life. I just want the merge to stop.

No. 849194

Assuming he really did it (and it seems like he did), there's no chance he's just going to walk because he was potentially manipulated. He's definitely going to end up in prison or a facility.

Apparently the "permanent daycare with crazies" thing may actually be a misconception. Those places might be a much worse fate than prison. Not sure how accurate it is, but the most recent JCS video discusses the topic.

No. 849196

Agreed, anon. I just said "daycare" because I'm more concerned about removing Chris from society than his punishment. A lot of anons want Chris to be raped in prison for raping his own mother and some just want him to get help. I don't mind either at this point as long as he's locked up or managed long term. Something the State often fails at when it comes to people of Chris's caliber. Not that they let them walk, so much as he gets a stupid ass sentence and then is set free upon the world again. Chris is not salvageable as productive member of society. Even with Null playing internet nanny. His plan to help Chris be independent was a mistake. Years of brain rot following one sperg will do that to you, but Null really fucked up thinking Chris didn't need to be in an institution of some sort.

No. 849214

The fact that there's a long history which shows you can't really trick Chris into doing productive things is more than enough to suggest:
a) he knew what he was doing
b) even if he was proposed by someone else, Chris did it of his own volition and not because he truly believes his make belief wants him to

No. 849226

Something I've been thinking about recently is that Chris is a narcissist if not having full-blown NPD. Chris has been showing these traits before the trolls too. Look at how he reacted when he didn't get awards during high school graduation or when Adam Stackhouse beat him in a contest. That's why I don't think special ed would be enough to cure Chris. I think even if Chris didn't have autism he'd be a shitty person who didn't work and took advantage of others.

No. 849229

There's no salvaging him. Rotting in prison is his best bet

No. 849235

Null just took things Chris said at face value because he wanted to be Captain Save-A-Schmo. Oh, Barb takes all your money and that’s why you beg online? Sure! Oh, you weren’t really trying to hit the Game Place dude with your car? Cool! Oh, you pepper sprayed the Game Stop dude because you were frightened? Fine!

No. 849249

I haven't been following Chris at all prior to this and it amazes me how nonplussed everyone was by his attempted vehicular manslaughter. Hello, he tried to run someone over?! Crickets.
It hits me harder than most because I had a friend who got killed by a car, but I'd like to think you don't have to experience such a tragedy personally to know this is a very dangerous person when he does such things.

No. 849256

They don’t. It’s been proven that they don’t even consider themselves as she/her and it was a scam. Stupid media trying to be politically correct, when they don’t even have too in this case

No. 849257

Crazy person does crazy shit. Not really surprising. The incest shit is though like what the hell

No. 849273


i followed chris chan pretty closely during this time period and i remember a bunch of us who followed were a bit shocked and excited following the news. i remember when michael uploaded the video an watching it within the hour. people WERE shocked, not the extent of incest of course, but its so tame by comparison now, especially since no one was really physically hurt.

No. 849285

Chris filed a legal change of name and gender in 2018. It is customary for media to refer to people by their legal name and gender.

No. 849288

Nah people were shocked, it's just that ultimately not much came from that event. No one was hurt and Michael Snyder is a capable, normal adult who took them to court.

The Barb stuff feels more sinister because she wasn't able to defend herself against Chris, she's helpless.

No. 849291

it's even more sinister because of skid mark goblin-chan Isabelle Janke

No. 849294

I was worried about this happening ever since Chris talked about wearing his mum's underwear; he always gave me creepy Norman Bates vibes

No. 849372

File: 1629014324349.jpg (8.02 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

he looks like hes saying: wHaT dId I dO? i OnLy FuCkEd My MoM(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 849380

Aren't a lot of autists narcs?

No. 849382

The general lack of empathy and self-centeredness of autists makes them act and behave a lot like narcs. In Chris' case, being an only child to two ancient parents didn't help.

No. 849396

I wonder what he is doing right now. Like in jail lol

No. 849397

Meditating and using astral projection to fuck barb in cwcville.

No. 849418

No, it feels sinister because even though the signs were there and people often morbidly joked about it, no one really expected him to actually cross that line. Along with him being fully aware of what he was doing and how long he was doing it. The other shit Chris has done in the past was more poorly planned spur of the moment shit that didn't really hurt or fuck anyone over in the long-term.

No. 849425

they probably have him being held seperately for his safety

No. 849428

I used to be a mental health worker in psych hospitals. I have had patients like chris.

From my experience, he might end up on conservatorship with a court appointed conservator. He will do his sentence then be released into supervised mental health care. Not sure how it works in Virginia (I am from CA), but they may be able to put him in one of those mental health housing facilities where he is on disability and has a case worker check on him periodically. They may even wait to release him until there is an opening. I’m aware of halfway house type facilities across the country where the person can get a studio and is able to live there off their disability checks. It’s hard to get placed in the programs. Usually something intense happens prior.

Anyone who thinks he could have just been “institutionalized” doesnt know anything about the mental health care system. Just throwing people into facilities is what they did in the 50s. You absolutely cannot just do that anymore.

I know of only a handful of places that provide long term or permanent round the clock psychiatric care. They are completely full and spots are reserved for people who are either completely catatonic to the point they piss their pants or murdered someone and pled insanity.

No. 849467

As somebody who's been 5150'd, I agree that Chris is way too high functioning to be kept in a hospital. I've seen what real crazy looks like, Chris doesn't rank.

I don't really see what Josh was supposed to do. He was trying to act as Chris's doorway to reality, but Chris barely took advantage of the opportunity. Ultimately Chris chose the people who were manipulating him, and that's what he's always done.
In hindsight, it's not surprising at all that Chris would become predatory given agency, but it was inevitable that as Barb aged he would develop more agency, nobody could have kept him under control forever.

That being said, Josh is a retard for constantly saying that Barb might be a machiavellian manipulator faking dementia on the basis that the man in the pickle suit told him so 12 years ago.

No. 849503

>That being said, Josh is a retard for constantly saying that Barb might be a machiavellian manipulator faking dementia on the basis that the man in the pickle suit told him so 12 years ago.

Null's not the only one who thought that. A huge number of the scrotes on KF believed it too. They've been waiting with baited breath for incest charges to be filed against Barb too because "she's not incapable of consent". Absolute vegetables, all of them.

No. 849514

Josh is an idiot for thinking he could be a hero by “saving” Chris. Work in a homeless shelter or something if you want the warm fuzzies.
So many of the people there really do think of Chris as a pet. Remember when they doxxed the dude who had the temerity to file a dispute on eBay because Chris stole his money? They were just so pissed off at him, because uwu Chris was struggling because mean old Barb was stealing his money. Fuck those clowns (don’t actually fuck those clowns).

No. 849530

null wouldnt have given a shit about chris if he didn't come with attention. null is desperate to make his mark on the world in some way now that he's living in exile and has realized he can never support the trad wife and kids he wants.
im not defending fungus at all, but farmers are contacting her and her friends/hacking her emails in a way that would have led to a ban before for touching the poo. They're not mad she's an animal abuser. They're mad she took their favourite cow away, even if it was accidentally and down to fiona.

No. 849532

Are you calling Chris a “they”?

No. 849535

They = the people at Kiwi Farms. Chris didn’t dox the dude, one of the nonstop posters on Chris threads did. It was a feeding frenzy.

No. 849539

File: 1629159814555.png (199.93 KB, 551x515, alog.PNG)

someone hacked into chris's youtube account and posted this

No. 849540

No. 849612

really unfunny and uncreative. maybe the retard even risks a charge of tampering with evidence or whatever.

No. 849628


i thought the throwback to a-log was kind of funny, and it's even funnier that people think the person in the video is the hacker

No. 849657

A-Log yelling JULAAAAAAAAAY will always be funny

No. 849658

as long as they don't delete or edit anything, it's funny

No. 849664

Is anyone else really disturbed by this? Like I read the texts and it caused a visceral reaction in me that I didn’t know was possible since I’m pretty desensitized to things on the internet at this point. I knew everything would end fucked up but not like.. this, what the fuck

No. 849670

i feel you anon, couldn't even finish the video of someone reading the texts.

No. 849684

Do you guys mean the texts between Bella and CWC that surfaced two weeks ago or so (those about watching him and Fiona dance, among other things) or did something new surface? I would appreciate the video link. I gave up on following the case through Kiwifarms and nobody is reposting milk here.

No. 849700

Yeah, the first time I read the texts I felt physically ill. The fucked up parts are when he admits he knew he was raping her (she was confused at first, she said no etc) but then justifies it with something weak like "she got into it eventually" like…bruh. Holy shit

No. 849750

the proven fake bdsm ones…?

No. 849776


i keep seeing people say these are fake but haven't seen where they were proven fake. do you have this info?

No. 849785

Not the bdsm one. He brings it up several times in the logs that he had to apparently coax her into sexual stuff.

No. 849804

So a website for women is full of mental illness. How about that…(tranny bait)

No. 849843

Pixel analysis or whatever it’s called. Some of the letters were butchered/didn’t line up properly and were missing time stamps entirely, while every other message had the received time next to them. It was pretty sloppy work honestly, even using some online generator would’ve yielded better results but I guess she didn’t think to look one up.

No. 849960

does anyone know what happened to chris and barbara's pets?? apologies if it's already been discussed, I hope they were taken to a shelter and adopted rather than left to die in that house.

No. 849976

i read on kiwi frams they were taken in by a family memeber. People thought it was probably barbs sister, helen or something.

No. 850000

No, his neighbour’s have them. The same neighbour also helped him bury Snoopy or whatever that dogs name was a few weeks ago.

No. 850071


No. 850660

Chris also believes he has invisible friends. the fact he wasn’t charged with any sexual assault means they found no physical evidence for it. he was making it up like all his other delusions and this whole thing is just a shitstorm of delusional nutjobs who need to be in a mental ward

No. 850692

Your beloved aspie is going to jail where he belongs. Get over it and learn to sage before you reply to nearly 20 day old comments.

No. 850694


No. 850753

Not true anon, additional charges can still be coming. His arraignment isn't until September 16th

No. 850776

Imagine believing everyone is delusional and Chris is innocent lmao.

More charges can happen, this shit takes time. More will probably come out when he faces court again in a few weeks.

Will it be public viewing in court this time? Or still behind closed doors?

No. 851009

Let's kek together, friendanon. Not trying to blog, but I'm familiar enough to know that sexual assault is a crime that takes years of investigation (or lack of) to finally make it to a prosecutor's desk. Do fuckers really believe that speedy trials happen in burgerland? The fact is Chris is still charged with incest and this faggot thinks it's consensual because serious sexual assault charges haven't been formalized? I don't think it'll take years or even a year, but could be months.

>Will it be public viewing in court this time? Or still behind closed doors?

When Chris made his first appearance I managed to weed through Kiwi Farms for as long as my non-autistic, non-ADHD mind could handle. All I know is that the court in the jurisdiction handling Chris's case is not allowing recording, audio or visual. I'm not sure whether jurisdiction will be changed. Plus we won't know how Chris's mental evaluation will change court proceedings.

No. 851022

Is Chris getting better?

No. 851042

He unironically might be since he now has structure and a fixed diet. It’s going to be the longest amount of time in his entire life that he hasn’t eaten fast food every week.

No. 851070

sage for mild blogpost. If his lawyer thinks that there is a possibility that not guilty by reason of insanity defense could work for him, they will have to do a mental health evaluation ordered by the court. The psychiatrist will probably have to read up on his recent postings before the incident to help assess his mental state at the time of the alleged events. This process will take more than a year overall. Formalising the charges will happen in this process and most likely his attorney will want to negotiate the charges. Due to his notoriety, COVID backlogs at courts and the evaluation, formalising these charges might take over a year. It is unfortunately pretty normal for people like CWC to end up sitting in jail for years before they ever get to see their court date. The case is a clusterfuck, the final charges are very unlikely to show up in 2021.

No. 851134

I hadn’t really considered all the delays. I just kind of assumed Chris would get let out as usual and see no consequences as always, if his macing arrest and the Snyder incident were anything to go by.

No. 851152

Neither did I and I thought that way fir the same reason. Chris has, with the success rate of a rubber ball, ALWAYS bounced back, so it's weird to see him not go free this time

No. 851439

Why is this thread still pinned? It hasn’t zapped to the extreme with milk for awhile now.

No. 851508

It’s still major news considering Chris is quite literally the OG lolcow. His next court appearance is in two weeks so that’s another big thing coming up.

No. 851520

I thought his court date was September 4th?

No. 851545

Nah its the 16th

No. 851655

imagine it took him literally raping his own mom before the courts deemed him danger enough to hold him in jail; like chris before that maced a person and almost tried running some one over, and managed to only get probations at best. if his lawyer is going for the insanity defense that has only worked in the most extreme of cases, as the insanity defense in most state courts make standards between being insane and still capable of knowing right and wrong and being criminally insane, his lawyer really needs to focus on getting some sort of plea bargaining if he's worth his salt, building an insanity defense would be a moot point and can lead the way to appeal if he botches it. I'd be pissed if I was a resident of virginia if tax dollars are wasted on a trial, that can lead to further wasting tax dollars on appeals if the lawyer goes for an impossible defense. its just better to plea bargain out so chris serves prison time, and not waste tax money on such stupidity.

No. 851847

In all fairness, neither of his previous assaults resulted in serious injury or harm. Snider also asked for leniency, which doesn't technically hey anyone off Scott free, but the judge certainly took it into account. With the macing I remember it really only getting on the guy's shirt.

Both of them are assault, but from the court's perspective, throwing Chris in jail over them would have been overkill. He may have gotten it, if not serious probation terms of Snider had been more seriously injured or unsympathetic.
Not that I believe it would have prevented him from raping Barb.

An insanity plee won't happen or at least wouldn't be successful. Despite him being retarded and believing insane shit, he has shown pre-meditation and the ability to judge right from wrong (even if his understanding of such is fucked)

No. 851906

The most realistic outcome to me is he pleas out and serves some time then is released into a group home. Though I can't imagine it would even be that straightforward since no doubt weens are calling the investigation team non-stop screaming JULAY and making shit up which risks botching the trial and letting Chris get away with a more lenient charge.

No. 851915

Chris being too clumsy to pepper spray the store clerk in the face imo shouldn’t have affected the judge’s decision, which wound up being for a mental health diversion program. Despite Chris’s mental illness and autism, I think it should have been treated as any one else pepper spraying a store clerk would have been. Ah, well.

No. 851961

There have been a few cases of people that have committed crimes such as rape, assault, and murder and have been found guilty but have the stipulation of mental defect. This would be the smart move for his defense attorney. It will greatly reduce his sentence.

No. 851985

Snyder ended up with enough injury that the court required Chris pay Snyder’s medical bills, which Chris complained about for a while. I don’t recall when the bills got fully paid off but it was 2 or 3 years to do so.

It’s also of note that he attempted to run people down and of course attempted to mace an employee in the face, and last I checked people will still get charged for just making attempts at harming people.

No. 852075

My point being that Chris failing to cause serious harm helped mitigate everything. If he wasn't so obviously Autistic (and whatever else is wrong with him), then yes, he would have had actual consequences.

No. 852220

Chris’s court date is on the 17th. Who’s excited?

No. 852228


No. 852238


No. 852259

AYRT Do you have an example? It's my understanding that mental illnesses/insanity/etc. mean you serve the same time but you serve it in a state hospital instead. Certainly committing a serious crime because you literally couldn't stop yourself from doing is a damn good reason to not reduce a sentence?

No. 852304

i think it would apply only if chris could be medicated enough to be sane, then a lesser sentence with probation up the ass. more likely he will remain nuts and be in the mad house forever.

No. 852310

Any update on Barbara?

No. 852319

Just checked kiwi (god help me) and there was a post that barb returned home. Posted by a regular so not sure if it's technically verified. Poster said hi to barb and watched her drive away. Not exactly verified, but seems to be somewhat reliable.

No. 852335

the dude posted the same on Reddit (I think before posting on KF)
he had photos of the house and the van with its new plates (someone stole the SON CHU plates from the van after Chris’s arrest)
he didn’t get Barb’s picture

No. 852352

So the doctors/authorities let her just go like that? Back to her crappy house?

Virginia, man…

No. 852366

Is it so surprising? They’ve been dropping the ball for years despite complaints about Chris and his history of crimes. At this rate he’ll get a suspended sentence and be back on the streets before Christmas.

No. 852367

Did the poster mention anything about a care taker? Theres no way they can just let her go, not after all this. How the fuck is she not in a place where people can look after her??

No. 852370

The state doesn’t want to house people who insist they’ll be fine on their own in the home they own. Here’s hoping somebody from home health is at least looking in on Barb regularly, but if she refuses that, there’s very little they can or will do.

No. 852378

File: 1631145780174.jpeg (178 KB, 1511x2015, CE648D20-9ED9-43D8-9345-D7E2F7…)


The guy who claims to have stolen it posted in an FB group I’m in.

No. 852414

I'm pretty sure they just saw the car parked outside, no evidence she is home alone

No. 852419

Wait a minute, why was she driving alone when she has dementia? In the thread, the guy claims she was lucid enough to reply after he waved “hi Barb”.

Kinda suspicious…

No. 852436

he has the plymouth incel look

No. 852444

He said he saw barb, said hi and she said hi back. Some other sperg took pictures and verified that someone is there. Lights are on and cats have been returned as well as the vehicle.

What the… This is so fucking autistic.

No. 852455

> why was she driving alone when she has dementia?
have you been to rural Virginia? the number of oldsters with dementia driving is only barely outstripped by the number of drunk drivers

No. 852481

File: 1631218615598.jpg (104.74 KB, 1280x800, yolo.jpg)

No. 852484


He looks so smug and pleased with himself for stealing an autistic tranny's license plate. The Y chromosome was a mistake.

No. 852497

He looks exactly like you'd expect him to look

No. 852531

Taking the plates wasn’t all that surprising but I didn’t expect this much cringe from the guy who did it. I just figured it was a fairly average christorian that was a little weenish but this well beyond expectations.

It’s also worse that he attached his face to it, how do people still not know that it’s a bad idea? This will follow him for life now.

No. 852535

Is there any way to watch it online or will we just have to wait for someone's eyewitness testimony?

No. 852546

It’s not being streamed, no.

No. 852556

I don't think chris going to prison is gonna be the end of christory. maybe we could try talking to some prison guards. i heard some inmates are able to sneak and hide phones in prison. we could get intel from those people.

No. 852559

or how about no, you retard.

No. 852593

No recording allowed except in select cases for personal use, but it's supposedly open to the public, does that mean we can just waltz right in? Road trip anyone?

No. 852605

What the fuck is wrong with you? Let the guy rot in prison if he actually goes to prison.

No. 852616

As of now, the court session is open to the public.

No. 852642

Hey man, this is Lolcow: we document, record, point and laugh. Chris-Chan may be a sick fuck, but he’s still a cow.

No. 852667

yeah but we don't cowtip. go back to kf

No. 852680

Obviously, dumbass.

No. 852696

IDK why are you calling me a dumbass when >>852556 is right here
>maybe we could try talking to some prison guards. i heard some inmates are able to sneak and hide phones in prison. we could get intel from those people.

No. 852707

You’re such a retard, if you want to wank to chrischan drooling at jail, go for it, but nobody in lolcow.farm even wants to keep up with that mentally ill freak, just look at how inactive is the thread.

No. 852712

> just look at how inactive is the thread
Have you considered that maybe it’s because Chris is in jail and there are literally no updates to post? And that the only posts right now are retarded ween ideas nobody wants to discuss, like getting prison guard friends and sending Chris a phone?

No. 852713

Have you considered saging?

No. 852722

Ntayrt does it matter? The thread is pinned anyway so it’s not really warranted.

No. 852732


it matters for people who hide saged posts

No. 852798

i'm addicted to christory

No. 852870

>nobody in lolcow.farm even wants to keep up with that mentally ill freak
>nobody is interested in anything I am not interested in

No. 852909

>>847645 you're into something

No. 852950

Three days until Chris’s unrecordable public court hearing. Do you think we’ll have any volunteer Christorian stenographers show up?

No. 852957

I might be surprised if we don't get more than one tbh, it seems very likely, as long as the scheduling information is well known

No. 852970

At the very least some weens will show up so we might hear something from them.

No. 853057

Come on, he's one of the most documented people on the internet. If this is open to the public, you KNOW there are going to be people from Kiwifarms reporting on all of this.

I've never been committed to the Chris Chan story, it's always just made me feel deeply uncomfortable tbqh. But this has been one helluva finale.

No. 853080

Always wonder how we will hear about Chris Chan from prison. Letters? How do you become a pen pal?

No. 853086

I just hope it’s a kiwi member and not Ethan Ralph. But then again, Ethan would probably make a scene and get arrested or removed from the court, so that might be funny.

Whatever he says at court about being in prison will sum up his future experience, so who cares. He’ll just bitch about the food or not having his toys.

No. 853088

File: 1631798257314.jpeg (15.58 KB, 375x500, 482A760F-9C83-43E4-BE1B-08E073…)

It's judgement day ladies

No. 853092

a few weens in kf who went to the courthouse have said there is no hearing today, he got a continuance. no new date is knowns.

No. 853095

Fuck!! I was so excited!

No. 853096

I bet they stick out like a sore thumb. Just a handful of specky neckbeards with overbites mouthbreathing at the court and making people uncomfortable

No. 853115


would you be shocked to learn that the first to report it was the ween who filmed his arrest too?

No. 853152

Kek I fucking called it weeks ago and said it would be the same pattern as his previous court appearances. At least it means they’re probably buying more time to build a case against Chris.

No. 853164

When he (eventually) shows up in court, do you think by that point he’ll be a changed Chris? Like I don’t think he’s ever spent so long in his life separated from his toys, or in an environment where he isn’t told ‘yes’ to everything.

No. 853204

I think he might actually cry for real for the first time in his life. Not for his crimes of course, but because he doesn’t have his toys or ability to waste the days on video games.

I’m expecting either rage or crying in the court where he demands toys and ignored what’s happening.

No. 853217

He will denounce his past actions as horrifying and unbecoming of a human being, and accept the sentence with dignity.
The time in prison is spent on contemplation and self-improvement. A great sadness overcomes him as he considers his wasted life, but such sadness is ripe soil for spiritual renewal. He leaves prison with a newfound inner peace and determination.
Once released, he takes on a job as a janitor in a mall, slowly earning a small wage. Despite the humble job, his respectful attitude towards his peers and customers earns him their approval.
He will live austerely, as each month he donates his income, aside from the bare necessities, to sexual assault victims. He understands it will never be enough to erase his misdeeds, yet that is no excuse not to the best he can.

No. 853225

You got high hopes for that retard, huh?

No. 853229

no nonnie is being facetious, shidinipple (short for shitting dickle nipple) you absolute pathetic post has given us all aids and pickle dickle bo pickle fee fye foh fuckle, nuckkle

No. 853231

I think whatever happens will leave everyone here satisfied. They’ll dig up more crimes he’s committed and he’ll be found guilty.

No. 853233

I think whatever happens will leave everyone here satisfied. They’ll dig up more crimes he’s committed and he’ll be found guilty.

No. 853239

I understood what's going on retard, it's just laughable. Now shut your bitch ass up you pussy.

No. 853291

Maybe. I'm sure prison is hard on anyone. That said, it seems like Chris' imagination/delusions work like a protective shell. After being convinced to drink his own cum, masturbate on cam for the public, wear his mother's underwear, stand in his college with a "girlfriend wanted" sign, show off his terrible art, etc., anyone else would be mortified to be associated with that in public/on YouTube. Chris believed all that made him a celebrity. It seems like he thinks his trolls are fans. To be fair, they sort of are. It almost seems like no matter what happens to Chris, he'll find some way to reinterpret it with a delusional narrative that allows him to avoid any introspection or self-criticism, largely dodging the negative emotions most people would feel. This actually seems like a very effective self-defense mechanism. I don't know the extent of Chris' mental illnesses or cognitive limitations - sometimes he basically seems retarded, but things like his (albeit eccentric) writing level make me think he can't actually be as retarded as his actions make him seem. It's hard for me to imagine anything really breaking Chris. I think he might make it through prison relatively unscathed. If he's in general population, he might just be the weird guy people avoid. If he's in isolation, he might just come out crazier than before. I don't have any experience with this, but Chris is so deeply mentally unwell that it seems like he should be a prime candidate for a psych ward, and that could do some good, though I find it hard to imagine they'd truly try to reform him.

No. 853342

> After being convinced to drink his own cum, wear his mother's underwear, stand in his college with a "girlfriend wanted" sign, show off his terrible art
Literally none of that was trolls convincing him to do that. He drank his semen way before the trolling and claimed it was to recycle, wore his mother’s underwear of his own volition, did the attraction sign long before he was discovered online and was showing off his art all the way back in high school.

It’s as if you were never around for any christory or even bothered watching the documentary. All those stupid things are what brought Chris to the public eye since they were his own bizarre doing.

No. 853352

I was under the impression that someone had convinced him to drink his own cum, sort of like the Julie event. I know he'd started showing off his own art on his own, but it certainly seems like people encouraged him to keep going.

I've known about Chris for probably nearly a decade, but you're right that I've never been fully dedicated to him. To be honest, he's always just made me sort of uncomfortable. But congratulations on being more dedicated to Chris than me. I'm sure you've spent hundreds of more hours dedicated to obsessing over Chris Chan, and I hope you're very proud of that fact.

No. 853354

No that anon is right, drinking his own cum was 100% his own idea. The only thing the trolls convinced him to do was jerk off & fuck sex dolls on camera like the Julie vid. He did everything else himself

No. 853429

Imagine trying to insult people about watching lolcows while also posting on a dedicated forum about lolcows lmao.

No. 853440

> congratulations on being more dedicated to Chris than me. I'm sure you've spent hundreds of more hours dedicated to obsessing over Chris Chan, and I hope you're very proud of that fact.
Dude settle down. It doesn’t take hours to know all this, it’s basic knowledge. Chris got discovered through being so exceptional, if it weren’t for all that shit he would’ve never been found.

Not knowing that stuff would be like starting a tv show in its final season and complaining it made no sense.

No. 853448

Ah fair. My point still stands though, which is that I'm very interested in how Chris will interpret and cope with his prison experience, and I find it hard to imagine that it will radically change him. I hope he proves me wrong.

You literally focused on three words I said that were inaccurate ("after being convinced"), which were barely relevant to my actual point, and then said I'd "never been around for any christory" or watched the documentary. This is a very autistic criticism. I was around, time-wise, at the same time some of this was unfolding, though I admittedly never followed it closely. I watched a little bit of the documentary, but I've never sat through much of it because it's a boring waste of time. But I do have the general gist of Chris' major events. Look at my post, I literally made fun of you for being so obsessive about Chris that you're gatekeeping about me being a Chris Chan poser or something, which is hilarious. Now you're going "woah, calm down bro." You seem very fragile.

No. 853452

NTA bu please stop. Just accept that you've embarrassed yourself by having the facts wrong and not doing a 5 second google fact check.

No. 853465

>calling others autistic
>proceeds to make a mega post defending making a mistake

No. 853476

I admitted my mistake, I didn't defend it. But I also pointed out that you were being a silly prick. It's gonna be okay, little guy.

No. 853486

File: 1632066129571.jpeg (8.26 KB, 225x225, u.jpeg)

>It's gonna be okay, little guy.
Are you a newfag who doesn't know what NTA means or are you coping hard by thinking that everyone who saw you make a fool out of yourself is the same person? KEK

No. 853491

You're literally throwing a temper tantrum at me. I was wrong before, and I'm really sorry that bothered you so much, but you need to stop freaking out at me. It's going to be okay. Breathe deep. Everything's going to get better, I promise. Keep your head up, sweet child.

No. 853497

Stop shitting the thread, newfag.

No. 853682

why keep responding to save face? you're anonymous kek just disappear

No. 853787

Keep scrolling by and hoping this literal motherfuckers been shivved in jail by now. So is this thread dead and its down to having to visit Kiwifarms for updates?

No. 853810

there aren’t going to be any updates until the next hearing
unless some idiot writes to Chris in jail, maybe

No. 853865

how do i write to chris in jail?(cowtipping)

No. 853964

No. 854103

File: 1632376449676.jpeg (71.99 KB, 500x500, TJ_Kirk.jpeg)

Why the fuck is Cheejay so similar to Chris Chan in what both have accomplished?

No. 854119

Short of barb sightings, there won’t be anything new till November.

I’m just hoping we hear about how he’s doing. This has been the most structure he’s ever had in his life.

No. 854176

File: 1632429453807.jpg (212.77 KB, 602x807, main-qimg-c15cf52f21c66e41a4f4…)

guys look. it's the antichrist. he reincarnated(autism)

No. 854246

why are you posting a picture of some random child that has nothing to do with chris

No. 854295

File: 1632523446893.jpg (1.87 MB, 2309x3464, chris.jpg)

Chris wrote this letter to Null. TLDR:
>Chris literally is Jesus
>Josh betrayed him like Judas did 2000 years ago
>Barb consented

I have finally received fresh paper and envelopes, and I feel it advised to inform you of the following, All of which, as you may or will, you have my consent to relay all of the contents of this letter to Joshua "NULL" Moon, as well as forward the physical document to David Heilberg, my attorney. The Following Everyone should hear and appreciate sincerely, authentic, and spiritually and aura deep. I also swear direct Truth with my left hand over my heart as I write this sentence.

Firstly, and Vitally, it should be made obvious and clear that aside from Andy Warhol, my life events at present and so far can directly be compared and matched with that which have been chronicled of none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself, in any Holy Bible, Also, feel free to take ANY unaltered original photograph of my body's face, neck and shoulder/chest area where I was not wearing the glasses. Then, alter the photo to show a naturally growing brown beard, mustache, and sideburns. Now, place that photo next to any image of Jesus on of off the cross; compare, look deep into my eyes and photograph; see for yourself, I meditate and connect, directly and genuinely with the Cosmos, both of our Universe halves, and throughout the timelines, and entire Mutiverse, so despite some lack of "Physical" evidence, I Know the ultimate Truths, Facts, and Details not commonly known or written, drawn, or chronicled. That being stated, All of my life, my mind, eyes, and literally held the constant perception of being the Central Camera #000, out of all of … ->

… the other cameras, infinite, from the First Person Perspective of all others. AND this goes even deeper, and I encourage YOU to meditate deeply and see for yourself this and all of the Truths. AND the reason and Truth behind my unique perception is direct and mind-blowingly simple: I am Literally the Real Player One; the One Avatar; and this Body, Eyes, Mind and all is the One God Body, and I am Literally also Jesus Christ, Himself, fully reincarnated and fully reawakened. Even the Dimension Merge, literally Completed and Concluding, the same for the Collective Shift; ALL of This is literally huge chunks of the past, present, and in-progress events, of my Second Coming, Period. Not all details of the past chronicled scripture writings are accurate, AND as a member of the council of Gods and Goddesses with the strongest and direct of connections, I know details have changed some to a lot, in regard to the scriptures of the past. Three Days on Earth equal Four Months (with 24hour days/nights) in the Heaven Realm. So, Yes, this is the one immortal body, and That was none other than I off and on that Cross over 2,000 years ago in my past life, personally. [Picture of a Crucifix with a Heart over the intersection, a horse shoe under it facing up, and two lightning bolts beside each arm pointing toward the bottom of the cross.] Each and Every prayer and praise to Jesus …. …., as of February 1982, at least have all been directed to this body and soul Malachi 3; Judgement Day is nearing. Know this well. Praise. -> ②

Moving on, with all of that stated, your last letter. Next, WHY I had transferred that money on Saturday, July 31 (Josh had Absolutely No Right in relaying that detail publicly).

Friday the 30th: Forced out of my home and Temple; had no where else to go. Had less than 50 dollars between pocket money, and only a couple of bucks or so in my bank account, NO money in my PayPal, Patreon was not due for a payout until Sunday and SSI was not coming into my bank until Tuesday. Harriet and Tom Ashby caste me out before I even arrived to Midlothian. The Van was not majorly uncomfortable. Josh had wired a thousand to my bank that Friday, But it would not arrive until After or on Monday. Little food and Options, and you try bumming in Any Parking Lot without feeling insecure and paranoid. I Needed Safety and Comfort As Quickly As Possible. THAT is why I transferred that money. I was going to pay it back in full; EVEN had $150 from Patreon on Sunday the 1st that went Straight to Barbie Chan's bank account. I WOULD have paid the ramining 600 Monday or Tuesday, BUT NULL had to FAIL HIS DESTINED TEST And Betrayed Me, like I was betrayed and jailed with a Kiss over 2000 years ago. NOW, and as of the past-arrest, I have absolutely NO Way to fulfill that repentence, OR anything else Digital. Malachi 3:6-15 I repeat all that personally, Now: All of You had to Overdrama and FAIL Your Worldwide Test of Faith upon me. ->

sigh And, finally, the All-Important Popular Present F.A.Q.,
"Why and What the hell?" Emanuel (God above all other Gods and Goddesses, and one of my mentors), herself, had deemed me to Heal, Cleanse, and Clear Barbara of All of her past sins and regrets, and improve her abilities directly and personally, as her Goddess. We mainly Cuddled, Soul-Bonded, and Talked. Consentful and Emotionally and Mentally Supportive and Healing, I did as I had done for and with a chosen few back in Israel over 2000 years ago in cleansing Them. More details for the Bibles that had been Overlooked and Left Out. We Gods had eased up on the views of "Adultry"; WHY Else do you all have Pro-Gay, Pro-Lesbian, Pro-Trans, and all Today and the past Decades? Everyone Involved Were All Being Genuinely, Deeply HAPPY, CONTENT, AND SPIRITUALLY SATISFIED with Themselves and Each Other. As long as All are over the age of consent, and the activity was consentual by all aprties involved, AND GENUINELY, SPIRITUALLY HAPPY, It is good.

I have written further insights and details and already shared them with David Heilberg. And I get out on Second Coming, or Sooner by uninterrupted Co-Divine Intervention. All of your dreams and curses are No More and unrevivable. Judgement day. Praise us Gods.

Chris Chan Sonichu
the Goddess Blue Heart, and your Lord.

No. 854296

No. 854299

holy fuck
this is just an incredible shitload of crazy

No. 854300

I can believe he’s now saying he’s Jesus Christ reincarnated and him getting arrested is the same as the trials of Jesus Christ. What in the fuck?

It also seems to remove all doubt that he did it since he expressly mentions consent being all that matters, no matter who or what it’s with. So he really did it, didn’t he? Goddamn.

No. 854303

Welp jail has certainly done a number on his already deteriorating mental health + grip on reality

No. 854304

I see Chris is doing totally fine in jail

No. 854305

It's going to be an insanity plea defence, isn't it?

No. 854311

Difficult to say. His current state would be considered psychosis and only a temporary state of mind, since believing you’re Jesus is actually a very common thing to happen to prisoners.

No. 854316

successful insanity pleas are even rarer in the US than in other English-speaking countries, and our hospitals for the criminally insane are extremely shitty places to be

No. 854320

Temporary? Idk. He did believe he was cpu goddess before this and still seems to, only now he incorporated jesus into it and dialled it up.
I see. I just hope he's removed from society, anywhere where he can't hurt anyone.

No. 854322

Hearty keks at the thought of his lawyer digging through christory to prove Chris is insane.

No. 854371

i need a lobotomy

No. 854409

I'm not up on my Dimensional Merge lore, what's this about "Central Camera" and "Real Player One"?

No. 854428

Ready Player One is a consoomer book/movie about 80's nostalgia and vr mmo

No. 854454

Yeah, I figure it’s Chris’s way of saying he’s the main character and this is all a game, which of course ties in with his total disconnect from reality we’ve seen in recent years.

I was thinking he might get a better grip on reality while locked up but it looks like the total opposite happened. This really does seem to make out that he will never get better.

No. 854469

Is it possible that his lawyer told him to write it so he could plead insanity?

No. 854470

File: 1632617741485.jpg (155.56 KB, 596x682, look at my client.jpg)

I have read this five times and cannot understand a damn word.

No. 854471

TLDR: Chris is convinced he's protagonist of the universe and literally Jesus.

Somehow his ego only grows and grows.

No. 854481

Great. So he fucked his elderly demented mom to cleanse her of her sins because he’s actually Jesus Christ reincarnated. Got it. And everyone else is crazy for accepting gay people but not accepting him fucking his mom—I mean, spiritually satisfying his mom.
dolly mattel tease

No. 854487

This all sounds very Chris to me, just add in some religious connotations, he was already insane

No. 854490

yeah he’s fucking lost it

No. 854494

The funniest thing is, thinking you're jesus is like the most common crazy person delusion there is. There's probably 20 other people in that jail who think they're also jesus

No. 854502

Nit picking but it’s never ever once has it been confirmed barb has dimension. She’s old as hell!! Barb is just a crazy old lady…. Her wits have left her, she isn’t functioning on all wheels but she doesn’t have dimensions. She’s just old and doesn’t know what the hell is happening to her. Chris 100% raped her.

No. 854527

Yeah, it’s very common in jails. It’s a coping thing and Chris has taken hold of it like so many others. In a way it could hurt his plea deal since it’s such a common occurrence that it’s borderline normal and will mean he’s still fit to stand trial.

No. 854530

Lol at Null saying Chris would have nothing bad to say about him when Ralph wanted an interview with CWC. That retard is going to throw everyone under the bus if he thinks it will help him (it won't).

I was initially impressed with Null's attempts at tard wrangling Chris, but after watching that old video of Jim and others mocking him on CRP stream I believe Josh just got pissed and wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Anyway, felons with Jesus delusion are dime a dozen, it's not going anywhere.

No. 854534

I'm guessing he's doing this because he wasn't able to bring any of his own books or toys to jail so he has to use the bible to cope and entertain his fantasies

No. 854537

That's what I was thinking too. He needs something to obsess over and the bible is the only thing he has access to

No. 854566

No doubt. His memory is absolute garbage for everything but he was referring to very specific sections in the letter.

I think the more amazing thing here is that he actually bothered to read a book. The last time I even remember seeing him with a book in hand was back when he was still calling homos bad and quoted the part about “a man shall not lie with another man” .

No. 854579

there are other books available in jail, but they will bring a Bible right to your cell
typical Chris laziness

No. 854613

File: 1632727040958.gif (22.78 KB, 270x400, Caution-Traffic-Ahead-Sign-K-5…)


>Chris's lack of filter makes him sperg about this fantasy at random moments, which makes it appear like he's psychotic. It's no more delusional than Chris coping with Christianity (which if he goes to prison, will happen, Jehovah's Witnesses will sink their teeth into him and Sonichu will be replaced with Jesuschu).

You were proven right.

No. 854747


old/late reply but:

1. His stuff at home is technically in limbo because, until he is convicted and sentenced, it is still technically is. The court can order financial restitution or some other form of property taking, but this has not occurred yet.
2. The minivan was impounded and returned to Barb, along with everything in it.
3. The stuff inside the hotel room, along with the stuff on his person, was confiscated as his personal property. It can be given back to him in prison if he's deemed deserving of it as prisons reserve the right to take property away from inmates. Otherwise, it's held until he's let out when he would be given it back as part of his discharge. A suspended sentence/sentence that involves rehabilitation such as a work release program, minimum security prison/dorm, or halfway house would make this occur faster. An asylum would operate under the same rules as well.

No. 854750


>taking ANY of null's shit seriously

he still lives in florida, with his mom, and he is still a pathetic manchild loser. Inevitably, he will simp for one of the mods here and the KF meltdown will be legendary. Who else could tolerate a person like him?

No. 854757


As further proof, notice how chris's postage is only enough for the domestic US and not international rates. Null lives in a place where postage is only 55 cents.

No. 854761

It's an interesting possibility, but it might have been sent to Null's mom in Florida and she forwarded him scans or sth.

No. 854817

There’s a curious note at the start however. It mentions the information being allowed to be shared with Null BUT that the physical letter be sent to Chris’s attorney. So it’s possible that Null was sent just a copy of the letter via email from the attorney and not the actual letter.

> you have my consent to relay all of the contents of this letter to Joshua "NULL" Moon, as well as forward the physical document to David Heilberg, my attorney

No. 854983

I can’t think of a situation where I would rather give Chris Chan my mom’s address than my own.

No. 854994

File: 1632989297810.jpeg (179.65 KB, 750x736, 7CF13143-F83A-4CB9-BA75-D44E8D…)

Levi’s new Chris Chan line

No. 855009

>thinking Chris has the mental capability to memorize any other address than his own
It was probably adressed by his attorney.

This looks like child abuse.

No. 855068

I beg you to tell me it's photoshopped. The shirt and jeans are uncanny, especially with Felix being an inspiration for the original Sonic design. WTF

No. 855069

very real and very sold out…
I look forward to spotting this shirt in the wild and asking if they bought it for the meme

No. 855174

I'd buy it if it was long sleeved and not 70 bucks

No. 855233


Even then, it indicates that Null's mailing address is within the lower 48. He's in Florida, unless he posts proof otherwise. It is trivial to run a site like KF, or any site, using proxies from serbia if he even bothered to do that effort (which I doubt).

No. 855235


Chris probably has it in his address book or contacts on his phone. The court would allow access to contact people relevant to his case and affairs, which includes null regardless of what null says as he was Chris's last business partner and the guy who ratted out the $1500 theft to the police.

No. 855421

I wonder how Cole took the news? Surely he would never wish that shit on his mom, right?

No. 855427

As much as Cole hates Barb, I don’t believe it’s something he’d be happy about. I don’t recall where (or if) I saw anything but I swear I saw Cole post on social media about it and being deeply upset.

Cole had a mixed view on Chris too so I’m really curious how he feels about Chris now. I think Chris probably pushed him too far by begging for money in emails all the time and calling Cole privileged (call Cole what you will but he ain’t privileged, he worked to gtfo away from his family) so I think it’s fair to say his feelings in Chris are irreparable.

No. 855450

Well, anyone's feelings should be irreperable toward a family member who raped their mother, even if the rapist was an angel until then

No. 855477

>it’s never ever once has it been confirmed barb has dimension
Technically, I can confirm that she has three.

No. 855478

I wonder how Cole is gonna contact Chris in prison hoping to look for any answers as to why he did it or even visit his mom who's cared for right now.

No. 855487

I meant their relationship was long since irreparable before this. Chris had been pushing him hard long before this.

I don’t believe for one second that Cole will reach out to him. He’s been done with Chris and Barb for a long time now.

No. 855581

I've only ever seen her in two dimensions. Are you the ween that showed up at 14bc?

No. 855596

i sat in a 2mo long depression after finding out Chris fucked his mom. this really is my personal 9/11.

No. 855653

Jesus Christ, I hope you’re kidding. Being upset because a tard you’ve never met raped a stranger is a ridiculous use of energy.
At least 400 strangers are raped every day in the US alone.

No. 855698

You need to get a life man. It disgusted me for a few days but this isn’t some shit that’d put me into depression nor occupy my mind for two months, there’s far worse shit happening out there.

No. 855732

NTA but I can understand where >>855596
is coming from. Chris is nostalgic for a lot of us. I didn't fall into a deep depression but I was disgusted for about a week about what he had done. Consuming media and participating in forums like Lolcow +KF didn't help to ease the reminders.
OP, go outside, touch some grass. I know it's incomprehensible what Chris did, but if this blows your mind imagine how bad you're going to feel when Chris gets out of prison with a slap on the wrist because he/she/they/whatever is literally retarded and delusional. You gonna let that ruin your life too?

No. 855811

Yeah I kinda get it. People who have been watching Chris for a decade+ have kinda always hoped he'd get better or something, but by fucking his mom and getting sent to jail that'll never happen. He fell farther than most of us could ever imagine

No. 855815

it gives more credibility to the theory that we're in purgatory.

No. 855822

people hoping chris would “get better” were out of their minds
chris was always a monster of arrogance and entitlement
chris came to the internet’s notice for drawing gross porn of a friend and a self-insert comic in which chris was a dictator with the power of life and death over others

No. 856082

I think it's more after the trooning out saga, everyone was kinda hoping when barb died he'd just get sent to a group home where he'd fade into obscurity instead of the ending we got.

No. 856105

Another update, he sent another letter.


He’s really lost it. He’s now saying his name is Jesus Christine Weston Chandler and he is the lord himself. He’s also demanding donations for his prisoner account and a presidential pardon.

No. 856117

File: 1633963633757.jpeg (692.11 KB, 828x857, 6E799AB2-D63D-4DC2-93B7-0B8080…)

Genuine nonsense. Just euthanize him for everyone’s sake.

No. 856120

whats fucked up is his simps are definitely going to send him money, he's probably actually not going to want for anything

No. 856158

Has he been raped by bubba yet?

No. 856160

so who the fuck is possessing "Christine's Body" now because Chris is clearly trying to imply it wasn't him …

No. 856175

magi-chan or sonichu most likely
chris had a super annoying phase of pretending to be magi-chan on twitter a while back

No. 856192

so does anyone else think he's gonna pull a "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman, Magi-chan/Sonichu/Mew-Two/et al did, so I can't be charged"?

No. 856224

yeah. his lawyer's probably gunning for Chris to be transferred to a group home but, Chris probably thinks if he keeps doing stupid shit like this, he'll get an insanity plea.

No. 856270

Christopher Christian Ricardo Christine Jesus Weston Chandler

No. 856273

Sage your autistic joke

No. 856311

Will he end up in a group home though? Virginia apparently has a terrible care system for the mentally ill/challenged. He’s been on the street this long so I don’t see why he wouldn’t just end up in regular prison or with another slap on the wrist.

At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with time served at his next court date and that’s it.

No. 856326

the virginia state mental hospitals had a court order forbidding them from admitting any new patients recently because they were overcrowded
doubt the group home situation is any less dire

No. 856351

File: 1634151885655.jpg (29.83 KB, 637x244, IMG_20211013_201709.jpg)


No. 856356

File: 1634153109418.jpg (721.56 KB, 245x193, t0KUJbN.jpg)

No. 856358


source? more details?

No. 856361

It’s from a 2 month old article from the Daily Mail when this first happened and has no creditable source on the quotes

No. 856364

This is from the first arrest his hearing isn’t until November sage ur old milk

No. 856393

how is he doing? i dont keep up with the news

No. 856398


read the thread and sage your shit, we're not here to spoonfeed you

No. 856583

File: 1634324623118.jpeg (220.63 KB, 539x1197, 04E4BEAF-1CCF-4312-8C58-22C4E1…)

New letter from jail in response to some weens writing him trying to convert him to Islam

No. 856584

File: 1634324665043.jpeg (215.4 KB, 539x1197, 1E0137FF-29C7-4611-8486-306A33…)

No. 856893

He has a surprisingly legible handwriting and decent punctuation for a tard. If his shit parents actually put more effort into raising him, he would probably end up as a productive member of society. Another proof you should not reproduce at an old age.

No. 857461

Jesus. I honestly think the best Chris' lawyer could do is just let him ramble in front of the court. Best evidence for an insanity plea there is.

No. 858601

File: 1635898979851.png (524.1 KB, 525x641, 22319AFC-8FE9-4954-8006-6C7F9B…)

Chris has written several more letters, all which are equally insane and tend to be more about the dimensional merge (it’s still on, don’t worry) his assent to godhood and other religious garbage. I found this one particularly interesting as he says Barb and him have been writing each other, and gives jail a solid 2/5

No. 858602

File: 1635899010988.png (632.5 KB, 550x640, ABBDCBDD-F0F1-4013-8F90-38A083…)

No. 858622

Thank you so much for updating, anon.
>the Sonichu temple
I'm still in shock that things could end up being so bad

No. 858646

Barb is probably faking dementia but will let him rot in jail. Based Barbara

No. 858648

This is grim considering Barb told him "no" as he raped her for how many nights? She was probably more aware of what was happening than he thought.

No. 858651

On the other hand, according to Chris, Barb is so dependent on Chris that she throws tantrums and threatens suicide to stop him from having a life without her. She either can't afford to bail him out or had an awakening.

No. 858735


He is being held without bail, but regardless barb would not be able to afford it.

No. 858754

Kiwis have speculated that Barb and other weens have been putting money on his commission.

No. 858759

I don’t think speculation is needed, weens for sure give him money he asks for it in his letters and gives instructions on how to send it and they can’t help themselves and Barbra will enable Chris no matter what he does until the day she dies

No. 858761

But…he raped her tho

No. 858764


and still provided him a place to live and money to spend and food to eat etc etc while he did it, and now they're exchanging letters. its a complicated situation. i am really surprised there isn't some protective order where they can't communicate though.

No. 858766

Barb is not all there mentally right, bitch probably doesn’t even know where she is most of the time let alone what he really did to her, and even before she lost it completely she has had a very unhealthy relationship with him. throughout christory she has always defended Chris and enabled his behavior. I’m sure she’s throwing him candy money despite their massive debt

No. 858771

“but he didn’t really mean to, he was just confused by bad people on the Internet” is most likely Barb’s take, if she’s sharp enough to have a take
“he’s a good boy, just confused” has always been her stance

No. 860025

A ween contacted a court clerk and she revealed the case was motioned for continuance and no trials will happen until next year. Chris might not get a felony charge nor will he be charged for rape, just incest.

No. 860059

Nobody knows what Chris is going to be charged with until the next hearing (next year). There is a lot of armchairing on KF and Reddit about how the continuation shows that Chris is definitely not going to be charged with x or y, or definitely going to be charged with a or b, but literally nobody knows at the moment.
Chris will have spent more than five months in jail, which is more than many convicted rapists receive, so at least there’s that.

No. 860061

where are you getting he won't be charged for rape from? A continuance just means either Chris' lawyer or the prosecution have asked for the hearing to be pushed back, possibly to gather more evidence or one side just needs more time to prepare. New charges could be filed at any time on him.

No. 860126

…kiwi farms

No. 860127

scrotes on kf talk a lot of shit that they don’t know anything about
the court clerk said the next hearing would be after the new year
every other thing is speculation

No. 860144

dont listen to kiwi farms kek they dont leave their bedrooms, they have no idea how the court system works.

No. 860157


To speculate here, it does seem like Chris's attorney is negotiating something. The extended time in prison does Chris a lot of favors because it shows that he isn't an uncontrollable psycho. At least in my limited experience Chris's end state will probably be an adult transitional program that cycles him through a minimum security prison, work release program and halfway house until he's deemed fit enough for sex offender registration and parole. At that point he's either put into some sort of section 8 housing and is forced to work or he tries contacting barb again and gets real prison time in a real state prison. This is how a lot of people end up homeless and addicted to fetanyl, which is where chris will end if he's not given some sort of drug to control his delusions.

No. 860167

does anyone know anything about the prosecutor and his/her reputation? If they don't give a shit they'll just cut a deal and be done with it. Especially since Barb doesn't have family around putting pressure on them for a conviction.

No. 860175

clearly they give a shit, or Chris wouldn’t be being held without bail for what will amount to more than five months
but my complete guess is that they would prefer a plea deal to a trial, if only to save the state money and time
if Chris doesn’t wind up on the sex offender registry, that will be a miscarriage of justice

No. 860212

Doubt it. He's gonna end up with court ordered mental assessment and his delusions will end up with him getting put into the mental hospital until his medication restores his state. His lawyer would not want him to go to any court dates delusional. A good lawyer will get him medicated before proper proceedings, that usually guarantees the least in terms of sentencing. He's most likely going to end up not pleading for any mental illness or state related bargain, as that would allow a court to get him put in a hold. Incapacitated would mean he is most likely never getting out, temporarily but restorable mental state would lock him up also for a long time. These would be way longer than any actual normal criminal penalty. Considering he has multiple felonies in his record, I doubt any judge will let this slide of they'll be possibly liable.

No. 860433

A phone call with Chris was leaked. In it he describes the “soul bonding” he did with his mother. If he’s not already pleading guilty he is handing the prosecution a confession in his own voice right there.
>And yeah, essentially, uhh, the thing I di - the thing I did was essentially, I soul bonded and cuddled and purportedly it 02:52 in mentality and emotional and spirituality talked a lot to Barbara. So essentially, I was just, uhh, boosting - I was boosting her up and healing and cleansing her aurora and chakras, and, of course, healing and forgiving and all that over past sins and her regrets. So that is what I did, mainly. That was the main attraction.

No. 860434

I really don't know if he'll ever have a strong enough grasp of reality to understand the gravity of his situation.

No. 860538

File: 1637973604963.jpg (958.33 KB, 983x1215, 1637737166888.jpg)

>cleansing her aurora

I'm done

No. 860541

what? that has nothing to do with how much the prosecutor cares. if they suspect he's retarded they cant let him lose alone, or they might believe he'll try and contact barb.

No. 860543

prosecutor had to ask for “without bail,” judge had to allow it
it’s a big deal in virginia
chris has already served more time behind bars than brock turner, who was convicted of three counts of felony rape

No. 860544

It's crazy how he has adapted to jail. All he cares about is getting money donations to use at the commissary. He's probably collecting a bunch of crap in his cell like that prayer rug he eats and plays cards on. Also stuffing his face. He doesn't seem to care about missing out on the internet anymore. He only has access to a bible and is adding bible lore into his delusions. He still interacts with weens via letter and phone call. He basically hasn't changed at all.

No. 860547


We don't know that for sure, but it does seem like chris is truly delusional where prison isn't even something he can properly conceptualize anymore. The only thing he can't do is play videogames or rape his mom, but it's clear that he's instead found new things to obsess over particularly the bible. If this isn't evidence of mental illness I dunno what is, and I hope chris gets the help he needs rather than just pure punishment.

(not that he isn't objectively guilty, but he needs some sort of meds to at least feel guilt and perhaps remorse. If he doesn't feel the latter then they'll keep him in prison)

No. 860548


is this the original phone call or a new one? Also the video has been delisted does anyone have an archive?

No. 860590

That was the original 3 minute phone call, here is the full 9 minutes that was just released by the original uploader

No. 860751

Literally what I predicted here before getting derailed by some retard: >>853291

No. 860818

File: 1638383276778.jpeg (653.72 KB, 1670x1080, 5E826E7C-BF24-4F8F-B0C9-646F6F…)

Chris is directing his weens to intrude on Barbra, bring her money and food, and to ask for interviews and selfies

No. 860819

File: 1638383331531.jpeg (237.1 KB, 872x1199, D1552F32-1CFD-45A7-9150-05D814…)

And he now claims that she would have died if he didn’t fuck her

No. 860820

lmfao "APOCALYPSE FOR ALL" if he's found guilty, of course

No. 860821

File: 1638384173447.jpeg (603.71 KB, 1125x1104, CE45A2CC-56DF-4775-A438-C3CDFE…)

Well, I guess we’re going to see some new tattoos in the future…

No. 860841


what the hell is the thing on the bottom? A pool noodle?

No. 860842

File: 1638405273398.jpg (285.83 KB, 474x355, geXFWyq.jpg)

My guess is a churro

No. 860897

It's supposed to be a horseshoe representating my little pony. Of course he's added a cross because he's Jesus now lmao. The lightning is sonichu and the heart is that cpu goddess anime, I think.

No. 860991

How would he have paid back his mother? He was arrested immediately after he stole the money and as far as I know his welfare is paused while incarcerated. And even on top of that, there’s a restraining order against him and he’s not allowed near her funds, either for giving or receiving.

It still amazes me how he continues to play innocent victim despite everything being documented.

No. 860996


he said he has received letters from barb so sounds like the protective order is no longer in place. he has received donations from weens, not sure if he is able to send any of that to barb or if he got one last tugboat that went towards barb.

No. 861259

Is this drawn on the back of a coke label kek