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File: 1619732633430.jpg (819.21 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210429_144239.jpg)

No. 833714

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.

Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behavior. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 20 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as antisemitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake pr
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick color (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modeled for Covergirl.

Last time on the Lillee Jean show…

>Lillee posts a recap of her own weak rebuttals to legitimate criticism, as though she really did something >>825870

>Lillee publicly suicide baits, causing someone to report her to her local police department for a wellness check. Lillee claims that the "entire department" showed up on her doorstep and called it "swatting" >>825871
>After years of insisting that nothing is wrong with her baby shark teeth, Lillee gets invisalign! >>825933, >>827211, >>827488
>Lillee introduces us to Elaine Gertler-Miller, another internet nobody from her engagement pod. Elaine quickly earns her own thread in /snow >>826003, >>826024, >>826075, >>826197
>Lillee continues to issue false copyright strikes on Youtube >>826290, >>827110, >>827265, >>827696, >>833388
>Launches a new Youtube channel, Lillee Jean Beauty >>826571
>More bad makeup >>826648
>Still repeating lies about collaborating with Bite Beauty >>826708
>Lillee posts an extremely unsettling live where she tries to be sexy as Baby Yoda >>826755, >>826982
>Everyone is antisemitic, everyone is Diane >>826832
>Laur draws attention to her sister's murder on the 26th anniversary of the event. As sad as it is that she lost her sister, she whips this out as a "gotcha" anytime she needs sympathy >>826918
>Lillee gets another sponsorship with "zbeautyoffical" >>827010
>posts a video on "How to stay out of internet drama" >>827103
>begins shilling extremely shoddy merchandise >>827104
>creates another new Youtube channel, Lillee Jean Receipts, to try to refute more criticism >>827720, >>827864
>Laur inadvertently exposes Lillee for actually playing with dolls, not just collecting them >>827888
>Having no understanding of the concept of fair use, Lillee believes that people need to actually contact her for permission >>828011, >>830717
>LJ and Laur still viciously attack anyone who mentions her in a negative light >>828229
>LJ teaches how you can have your own greasy, unkempt ponytail >>828252
>still desperate for bottom-of-the-barrel coomer attention >>829002
>Invisalign updates >>830414
>Literally using a teething ring >>830474
>Recap of everything LJ and Laur have bullied others for during their anti-bullying campaign >>830653
>For years now, Lillee has posted tons of gifs of herself to giphy. >>830754 Evidently she plans to copyright strike anyone she doesn't like for using her gifs. >>833455
>LJ buys another shallow pay-to-play article to boost her SEO >>831762. It gets taken down >>832408, reposted elsewhere >>832439, and replaced >>832622 like they're playing whack-a-mole
>LJ hosts another live with random guests, including one who shows his dick to her audience >>832220
>Finally chops her disgusting ratty hair >>832370
>Is cosplaying anime cultural appropriation? >>833041
>braces Q&A >>833351

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857

No. 833717

File: 1619733821960.jpeg (544.09 KB, 1170x1151, BC0544AF-E27B-4BAA-8F91-1DC198…)

They’re using this guy’s information on their latest copyright claims. He runs a business offering brand management courses over zoom.


No. 833723

File: 1619741371463.jpg (306.5 KB, 720x1394, 20210430_011646.jpg)

Following LJ in Pinterest has unleashed a sea of badly done merch in my feed. This one is called Brave Archer Girl and they couldn't be arsed including the bow, the item most important to the subject of "archer".

I genuinely need this bag to bring to the beach this summer

No. 833726

File: 1619744891688.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2038, 51CE0773-59D6-4188-95B5-117D4C…)

No. 833734

Was wondering when we where gonna get a pic of pheepy

No. 833738

She looks so much better like this

No. 833740

I know I’m replying to last thread, but I’ve been busy. Forgive me
I’m on urban’s PR list and so is another girl I know and we received this palette almost exactly a month ago.

No. 833770

File: 1619780230167.jpeg (1010.24 KB, 1161x2059, 9D2D8E54-6D89-421D-99C7-44565D…)

still can’t properly put on shoes

No. 833771

She has saggy grandma ass kek

No. 833773

I wish Willam Belli would use one of her videos in Beatdown.

No. 833788

File: 1619789791327.jpg (13.27 KB, 300x194, Mikey2.jpg)

Cute "The Oblongs" cosplay, Lillee.

No. 833792

Even with new clothes she still looks like an 80s teen bc her haircut looks like shit and she’s got granny glasses on

No. 833793

Damn has she been packing on the pounds lately or what? She got a bootydo- her stomach sticks out more than her saggy booty do.

No. 833796

> Her unkempt, never brushed, brassy hair.
> Her glasses that do nothing for her face. Ugly glasses girl, get glasses that frame your face.
> Top that doesn’t fit properly.
> Jeans that again, do nothing for her.
> She doesn’t know how to cuff her jeans. That’s a fairly simple task. It can be cute, but this is an abomination.
> Not correctly putting on your wedge shoe for a photoshoot. Embarrassing.
> Pose that looks unnatural and creepy. Not sure what she’s going for here.
> Drawing attention to your saggy ass and tagging the brand like they are going to be excited about this mess.

Her decision making skills are very strange. Not sure what goes through her mind and if she’s full on delusional or if she’s looking for pity and the yikes, poor girl reaction.

No. 833797

THIS IS UNFORTUNATE. LJ does have an ass, but the jeans don't fit and make it look saggy and creepy. I think it's photoshop because her thighs blend into her ass and it looks like she might have tried to show a distinction? I'm not good with spotting PS.

Pretty much this. She needs clothes that fit.

No. 833799

>Not correctly putting on your wedge shoe for a photoshoot.
Anon, her ankles are twice the size of normal ankles, her body doesn't follow human anatomy standard.
She can't fasten the damn shoes.

No. 833802

File: 1619801994384.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1981, 0972D2E6-C968-4926-8F87-1CD5A8…)

Mackenzie Westmore’s Instagram account has been suspended (not hacked kek). Probably for buying followers and participating in Lillee’s engagement pod. Maybe Lillee will be next.

No. 833805

File: 1619804430127.jpeg (386.71 KB, 1170x1384, 1623D4EC-3334-4C5E-BA70-28FF18…)

It still makes me laugh when Lillee forgets to switch accounts and talks to herself

No. 833806

serving People of Walmart

No. 833807

File: 1619807361485.jpeg (161.62 KB, 750x525, D934FF74-5277-4090-B307-A5B85C…)

She’s a millionaire y’all

No. 833812

Her cankles too big to buckle her shoes anymore kek

Hey at least she's wearing clothes for the first time since the fall, though. Did the victoria's secret nightie finally disintegrate in disgust?

No. 833839

yiiikes…. she makes so much noise about wokingly fixing her pre-diabetic childhood body, yet doesn't seem concerned with her weight now. is this what the "asian cultivated" and "asian-influenced" foods are doing to her?

No. 833846

by "asian influenced" she meant panda express.

No. 833858

She's upgrading to a ForeverKailyn bod.

Gonna look so hot for Pheep in a stained and sweaty Walmart XXXL sweatsuit with that saggy ass, babe.

How much longer, until she gets fatter than Laur, is the question?

No. 833860

I really think she’s too far gone.
A lost cause

She would have to be separated from laur for any chance of her redemption.

No. 833875

File: 1619872852890.jpeg (339.24 KB, 1242x1867, 34DA98F5-5E3D-45D7-8E76-E345D4…)

Found this on reddit

No. 833878

Ancestry anons have been saying this since great grandma and her mutilated face were first mentioned. Lillee’s timeline has always been suspicious. Great grandma was bayoneted in the face by a Tzars’ men in 1921.The last Russian tzar was killed in 1918.The photos of great grandma have no scars on her face. As soon as ancestry anons brought up great great grandma Jean being a dude, Lillee stopped doing her ancestry YouTube series. Laur’s parents were practicing Jews. I think Laur embellished stories about their family’s persecution and Lillee was repeating it. Neither had any idea how easy this stuff can be fact checked. It’s especially a problem when you start telling PoC to shut the fuck up about slavery because they’ve never met their relatives, unlike Lillee and Laur. Only Lillee and Laur had no relatives involved with the Holocaust because great grandma Scarface was already living a nice life in NYC. It’s fucked and while it’s not as interesting as buying followers or harassing minority content creators, it’s the most fucked up thing they’re saying and doing right now.

No. 833884

File: 1619879832545.jpeg (235.48 KB, 2048x2048, C4ED4079-AF03-46B3-9B1E-67F4A5…)

These are ggmas photos from Lillee’s video. No scars.

I also find it odd Lillee uses antisemitic talking points when discussing her Jewish heritage, like Jewish people being involved in slave trade.

No. 833889

Sorry I'm late. Had to watch the video completely because I thought there was a misinterpretation there somewhere but no. She kept spewing nonsense and I can see why we and her subscribers (the two of them) are confused.

>Talks about moving the jaw forward.

It's not really possible past puberty to move jaws with just bracers. Adult orthodontics usually include jaw surgeries to do that.

>Someone asks why she didn't just get brackets and she goes on about teeth eroding.

I have no idea what the erosion part is a conclusion to, but she is right that the canine needs to be pulled in line with a gold chain and you can't attach the end of the chain on an invisalign tray. The plastic isn't stable enough for that.

>Says she is not the one to give orthodontic advice.


>"I don't have bands."

She doesn't but the person asking probably wanted to know about the big metal bands (usually on lower first molars) instead of rubber ones.

>American ideals in dentistry.

Yeah sure blocky white veneers are a look but we're more concerned about her hygiene.

>Hearing issues.

Tinnitus is permanent.

>TMJ and clicking

Most people have tempomandibular joints so I have no idea what she's on about. Her tmj probably just pops and Laur is an arse about it. It's not uncommon and isn't fixed with ortho.

>Talks about her ortho being very capable and told her just by touching her gums that she's missing teeth.

We all can see that without actually feeling her gums.

>Talks about her ortho doing it faster because she's a "Diamond Provider".

This type of ortho is quite fast and I would be worried if it wasn't fast. What I think she's on about is fixed ortho which takes a bit longer.

>Froyo tangent.

Nothing of interest here. Probably eats stuff with hidden sugars and carbs in it. (The "sugarbug fodder".)

>Eyeloss, hearing loss.

I still have no clue what she's on about. I have never heard of such thing that you'd need orthodontics in order to keep an eye or hearing. (I mean if she means sepsis due pulp caries/insane pericoronitis/idk pick one then sure but it's wrong to threaten your daughter/anyone else with that.)

>Root canal treatment.

I have no clue what she's on about. RCT-ing impacted canines is not a correct way to treat them. (I would like to remind that RCT is an good-but-not-great option for tooth ache when all else has been tried, but not for orthodontic treatment.)

Made me think if she had rotten deciduous canines (only roots left) and they wanted to RCT them in order to build new crowns instead of ortho. Still not an adequate option.

>Talks about trays and not using the upper set because of brackets.

Makes me wonder if she's been duped…

>Baby toothbrush.

Yeah this is a legit thing. Medium or hard brushes can wear down enamel and gum (causes permanent tooth sensitivity) and it's always recommended to use the softest brush imaginable. Or an electric one which tells when you press too hard.

>Spacing versus crowding.

Yeah it's true in a way that spacing is better than crowding when it comes to keeping up good oral hygiene.

There I sat thinking this: she refers to her peg teeth as chicklet teeth. When she talks about "baby teeth" is she actually referring to the peg tooth/teeth? As in they are tiny and baby-like.

So, in short I still stand behind the idea that she's just getting it done because it got to Laur. Maybe the company offered her free treatment for advertising, hence it wouldn't be on insurance and hence this reads as an advertisement for the company. She keeps underlining certain things too much during a simple Q&A.

Reposted after fixing a brain fart.

No. 833895

>It's not really possible past puberty to move jaws with just bracers

A girl I knew in my late teens had tiny teeth. Idk what the problem was, but she had extensive surgery to try to correct her problem. At one point she had her jaw wired shut for a few months. Then she had metal braces for years. She was in her late teens also, so when I read about how the goblin thinks braces alone are going to give her a glowing smile…no.

No. 833902

This is hilarious anon. Did LJ read that and that's why she stopped rambling about her ancestors?

No. 833903

File: 1619889656511.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.85 KB, 500x323, comparison.jpg)

I must add to this that like the other anon said earlier, that she most likely has microdontia and thus probably no actual baby (primary, deciduous) dentition. They are most likely extracting a permanent premolar in order to make room for her canines and probably putting a crown/crowns on the smaller peg tooth/teeth.

It's correct that by this point if she had any baby teeth, they'd be pulled. Because they aren't durable. No ortho in their righteous mind would save a baby tooth in a treatment of this scale because it'd most likely pull it out which would render the whole process void and would probably be malpractice and would likely get sued for that.

However in cases where the primary tooth would be present it'd still be visibly smaller than the permanent teeth roots are.

Yeah, like a third of the deal is about teeth and the rest is about the occlusion aka how the teeth bite together and how the jaws align. Lillee's treatment plan is common and kinda lame in professional world but she does make it seem like something unusual. She's kinda lucky in a way that it'll only require this much work.

No. 833911

File: 1619896211914.png (719.55 KB, 1010x751, 1562722336891.png)

Went all the way back to thread #1 for this, but here's the first instance of Lillee talking about her grandma. >>834612

No. 833913

It isn’t really an ass when she’s uniformly fat and bloated everywhere. Of course if she’s obese, the ass is going to look like a lumpy sack of potatoes much like her stomach, flabby fat arms and candles so fucking thick she can’t even fasten her shoes.
Lillee if you’re reading this, lose some damn weight.

No. 833914

File: 1619897918621.png (891.88 KB, 1966x1270, Bad liars get laughed at.png)


Sage for old milk but this is one of my favorite LJ lore tangents and I can't resist. Credit to Ancestry anon from a few threads ago.

That 1922 arrival sure is inconvenient for the goblin victim story.

A history lesson for Attic Academy alumni:
1917: Tzar abdicated throne
1918: Tzar is killed with immediate family by Bolsheviks.
1922: Hitler arrested for treason by German gov after failed drunken putsch. A powerless lil edgelord in a Bavarian jailcell.
1933: Hitler appointed chancellor - comes to power.

It seems Grandpa Jean left at the perfect time to avoid the tsar and the nazis! They should've picked the Bolshevik/evil commie make-your-own adventure option. Maybe next time, goblins!

Also, look at all those holocaust survivors that immigrated before the third reich came into power.

No. 833915

File: 1619898784831.jpeg (354.58 KB, 640x891, D0DB4DD8-07CA-421B-B0AB-6C6A42…)

Noo don’t look up all the retarded lies i’ve said losers. So obsessed with me

No. 833960

File: 1619918503800.jpeg (253.46 KB, 1280x1920, E3970B90-AF92-4854-B792-FB0C05…)

Just got done being used as a perch for birds

No. 833964

Her hair, I……..

No. 833969

Her face is so fucking light and gray in comparison to the rest of her body omg
What is this stupid ancient obsession with paleness?? Whose gonna tell her fat Ukrainian middle aged farmer’s wife looking ass that’s far from the beauty standard these days

No. 833970

File: 1619924181507.jpg (234.56 KB, 1209x1837, IMG_0352.jpg)

LJ used the Yoda filter a few days ago on a live. It looks more goblin-like than ever. Especially with the metal in her mouth.

Did anyone get a screenshot of her story about the PR she got from the exercise startup? It's weird they're sending shit to a chubby goblin. Maybe they're hoping for a glow up for their marketing materials.

No. 833974

File: 1619927120544.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x2082, 1F368966-EFD6-40BE-B308-3DD872…)

Gummee Jean arrives next week.

No. 834009

File: 1619962756991.jpeg (408.62 KB, 846x1299, 357F8DFA-18A9-4635-8CE7-47A857…)

Lillee told Mackenzie it would be a good idea to buy a million followers and Instagram yeeted her account kek

No. 834010

File: 1619962852946.jpeg (524.62 KB, 1170x1927, DD2A5E2A-7074-40D9-9DC0-8B5375…)

Lillee has a friend or is she fighting with Laur?

No. 834012

probably talking about her dolls play or something kek

No. 834014

Sounds like LJ was talking to her imaginary friend Mario.

No. 834016

File: 1619966159011.jpg (79.19 KB, 765x554, tiktokstats.jpg)

Totally not sus stats for Tiktok.

Would love to hear an insta rep about this, LJ got away but not McKenzie. Why?

No. 834019

McKenzie might be pissed her Instagram account was suspended for doing the same shit Lillee does while Lillee faces zero repercussions. She’s an actual actress who hosted a television show and has a brand. Bitch is probably salty.

No. 834020

This is just making it painfully apparent that LJ has never had an actual, adult friendship. Most adults disagree with their friends about things; that's sometimes what keeps discussions interesting. She doesn't understand that people don't throw away friendships at the first disagreement. She's so stunted by Laur.

No. 834023

She could have been hacked because she was buying followers and her account was suspended. Depending on the bot farm, these idiots have to give permissions to their accounts. McKenzie’s account was verified and would resell high. Iirc, the exact same thing happened to LJ a few months ago with her followers fluctuating 900k within a day or two. The bot farm probably took over McKenzie’s account, added a million followers and were planning on selling the account but Instagram suspended it first.

No. 834048

I just searched the 5 most recent Lillee Jean threads and couldn't find any mention of this McKenzie person. How is she related to Lillee? What makes this Lillee's fault?

No. 834050

McKenzie Westmore is a former actress (she was Sheridan Crane on the soap Passions) and she has a QVC makeup brand. I suspect her and Lillee met in the same engagement pod and they did a live together. It’s a very strange pairing.

No. 834056

Live from December 15, 2020. I skimmed it. LJ tries to bring bullying into the conversation whenever she can. Pretty standard boring LJ live.

No. 834075

Okay thanks anons! This is a really weird pairing for sure.

No. 834079

what is "PA"? Poland?

No. 834080

gotta be Pennsylvania

No. 834081

File: 1620000071934.jpeg (339.66 KB, 1170x870, 6C1B93AD-E9D3-4494-8EED-1BD0A5…)

It’s Pennsylvania.

Earl’s relatives were the first people in Pennsylvania according to Lillee’s everpedia.

No. 834084

kek, they would have been a century too early for any other Europeans to be in Pennsylvania, but go off, Laur

No. 834087

File: 1620003036803.jpeg (82.46 KB, 640x1136, E28A2AF2-6699-4C77-BA3D-521AE3…)

Nice spot to put he the watermark lillee……

I’m starting to think she has a humiliation fetish

No. 834088

I'm cackling

No. 834091

File: 1620004774413.jpeg (351.93 KB, 828x1124, 1D7CEE7E-24CD-4759-858B-F478A8…)

G8 article to add to your official website

No. 834102

okay thanks i was confused because the others say "US" which is obviously america. americans forgetting nobody else in the world knows their acronyms will never not be annoying.

No. 834133

LJ is so obsessed with her origins,
yet can't get along with her few family members living nearby keks.

No. 834134


Her whole ancestry ordeal identically mirrors a middle schooler that has no personality traits, so she exaggerates stories or straight up lies about her family to seem cool, because that is literally her only talking point.

No. 834139

I honestly forget that LJ has no friends. Idk why, but as I'm scrolling through I'm not really thinking about it. But then I see something like this and I get reminded. I geniunely can't imagine a life where you only speak to your parents. Like I can't even wrap my head around it.

No. 834141

File: 1620041967803.jpeg (78.01 KB, 828x342, BC24E2C5-FD9B-4D2C-9A5E-733879…)

No. 834160

>his real name
>it is of jewish and lutheran religious origin
>he has

how do you mess up with the pronouns so bad you end up calling her an "it"

No. 834161

File: 1620064867395.jpeg (708.49 KB, 1170x1319, A5D2F126-CFBF-43DC-8611-1E6B2E…)

Lillee was using a brand consultant’s information on her copyright strikes. The guy finally responded and said he had no idea it was happening.

No. 834163

I am a bit of a grammar nazi, this hurt my soul.

No. 834164

File: 1620067047035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.91 KB, 718x581, Turnersyndrome.jpg)

She has several of the common symptoms of Turner Syndrome. I'm guessing Laur never had this diagnosed or treated, hence LJ didn't get growth hormones. She is only 4'9 at age 20. She also has the thick neck issue now, the teeth, the chest plate issue, and more. Laur never took her to a doctor - it's so wrong.

No. 834165

people whose native language doesn’t have pronouns often have a hard time with English pronouns
this is why you don’t outsource your PR on Fiverr

No. 834167


Girls with Turner syndrome typically need hormone therapy to force puberty and we know Laur never takes her to the fucking doctor so that’s probably a negative. She’s just short and ugly it’s not that complicated.

No. 834195

the 'it' is referring to her name

No. 834204

She clearly doesn’t have that anon, she’s just been unlucky with genes and has been brought up by a complete idiot.

No. 834209

lol no she's just ugly

No. 834224

Laur is very short as well. Lillee is just a result of neglect and poor parenting

No. 834233

Lauren Elyse, the MUA that Lillee and Laur bullied and got suspended off twitter, announced a collab on an eyeshadow palette with Drench Cosmetics.

Damn POCs stealing Lillee's jobs again

No. 834237

File: 1620144120668.png (2 MB, 1284x2778, 0E6F9B78-E771-4BB9-9DA0-592D55…)

Which member of her engagement pod will we meet next?

No. 834240

I doubt that she will choose randomly after the time she let a callout on her live. She saves the lives for pod people and bot farms.

No. 834242

File: 1620145080622.jpeg (555.53 KB, 1170x1442, 0E09C9CC-A21E-4519-BE78-CE2F56…)

Lillee’s newest article confirms tinfoil she wasn’t diagnosed pre-diabetic by a physician and Laur never followed up with professionals.

No. 834243

Shows how under represented white women are in the make up industry

No. 834245

>8 years old

In her fat shaming video she says she was 11.

No. 834247


Why does this need to be in anybody's 'about' section???

No. 834253

Because it's literally all she has to be proud of.

Most people's interests "come to light" by 7 years old. It's not an accomplishment to be interested in art etc, you have to actually DO something with it that impresses people. Lillee's entire life is a participation trophy created by Laur to reward her for existing and liking things.

Lillee liked art as a child? She must inherently be a prodigy! She learned how to use a computer? Incredible, she's a genius! Managed to avoid childhood diabetes, like the vast majority of the world's population? Amazing, add it to the bio!

No. 834256

A restrictive diet/disordered eating at 8 could be the reason she has dental problems and why she’s 4’9

No. 834269

Lol i bet she’s so annoying when she goes to her orthodontist.

ILOVE MY TEETH and blah blah bullying

No. 834274

How long before she is an expert on dentistry? I firmly believe she and the mother goblin believe that if you work in proximity, slightly experience or Google something it makes you an expert.

No. 834278

Holy shit. I can Imagine she's like a little kid flapping her gums about herself to medical professionals trying to do their job. Anyone who has ever taken a child to an appointment can picture exactly what she must be like. I wonder if she brings a doll to show the nurses

No. 834308

Sorry for this 5 day old autism but what in the Bram Stoker’s Dracula is this shit?!

No. 834309

Has anyone watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen nightmares? The Amy’s baking company. Amy and her husband Sammy legit remind me of Laur and Lillee

No. 834333

i think amy and sammy remind me more of Lori and her stockholm syndrome boyfriend over in /w/

in my opinion lilee is like if gypsy rose and honey boo boo were combined.

No. 834345

Comparing that fat retarded child to Honey Boo Boo is an odd choice.

Honey Boo Boo had the basic level of charisma necessary to build a career which is honestly a lot more than can be said for Lillee Jean.

That, and Honey Boo Boo was actually good at what she did and had a bunch of awards to show for it, which is WAAAY more than Lillee had acheived.

No. 834346

File: 1620215300252.jpeg (928.87 KB, 1170x2054, 06DA4D4A-BA0D-4538-BC70-512A03…)

No. 834352

So, teens have to wear braces for years and don't have teeth nearly as bad as LJ, but all LJ's teeth problems can be fixed within a month?
How can canines emerge so fast?
Could it be an infection? kek

No. 834368

It’s really sad that it took this long for Laur to fix Lillee’s teeth. Tinfoil but she probably knew the extent of the work that needed to be done 7 years ago (last time Lillee was at a dentist) and decided to wait and see if it would fix itself somehow. Laur is such a shitty mother, it’s disgusting.

No. 834375

With the extent of Laur and Earl's financial troubles, it's likely they couldn't afford to fix her dental issues. I wouldn't doubt they pooled their 1400 stimulus checks to pay for it because she was having jaw pain, googled TMJ and flipped out.

And what Lillee wants, Queen Lillee gets.

No. 834397

All narcs are the same

No. 834415

File: 1620243054045.jpg (791.34 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210505-202735_Ins…)

Can anyone make sense of this?

No. 834416

File: 1620243157513.jpg (557.79 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210505-202652_Ins…)

Another shot for her foot fetish fans.

No. 834421

Im sure there’s a fetish for her stubby dwarf legs.

Why does she never talk about how she’s legally a midget. Wouldnt that feed in to how special LJ is.

“Dwarfism is generally defined as an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) or less” i got this excerpt off of mayo clinic

No. 834425

File: 1620247577848.png (68.99 KB, 1154x284, drgoblinscam.png)

>my ortho is a goddess
actual review of ortho in pic related (https://www.zocdoc.com/dentist/laura-danoff-dmd-285822)

No. 834426

File: 1620247784601.png (61.49 KB, 1426x300, 00000000.png)

No. 834427

I suspect she gives out discounts to anyone who leaves her a 5-star review on google/fb/yelp. Either that or she buys them. All those 5 stars seem mighty sus

No. 834436

i think she's trying to say that because her first and second teeth have moved, the impacted canines have also moved and are causing pain?
it seems she thinks that the canines made her front teeth move though which isn't true… they put a chain on the two front teeth before to bring them together smh.
also, agree with >>834352 in that it's crazy her ortho is trying to get all of this done so quickly… i can't imagine how much pain she's in from this super rushed process.

No. 834453

File: 1620264284826.jpeg (980.02 KB, 1242x1631, 71DCDB52-5E8A-4D71-8F3E-B68263…)


No. 834454

File: 1620264336582.jpeg (193.87 KB, 827x1466, 5286A57A-62C2-4F3E-8946-440D46…)

No. 834455

File: 1620264387646.jpeg (197.73 KB, 827x1480, 8951277C-756E-406E-84F1-75A166…)

No. 834457

Ass looking like a sack of potatoes

No. 834459

Mind you, they share their house and this is the common entrance.

No. 834461

That's the dumpiest ass I've ever seem on someone so young, wtf

No. 834462

Thats a diaper full LMAO I CANT

No. 834464

jesus christ. why would she post this. keep in mind laur is taking these pics of her daughter’s saggy ass.

No. 834466

God but she's deformed. Your legs shouldn't be that small proportional to your torso. It's so uncanny valley

No. 834471

Her legs look like actual baby legs. They're so short and fat, she has the build of a toddler. Seeing her try to sexy pose with them is seriously unsettling.

No. 834476

Lmao she’s so cringeworthy with that stretched out shirt, granny undies and dumpy, cellulite ridden legs.

No. 834480

Wtf her ass looks like a diaper. Also, I can smell this picture.

No. 834481

Oof, imagine having your ass sag even when your leg is bent in front of you.

I thought the photo with her jeans on just made her ass look horrible because of the size/fit of the jeans but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a saggier butt than this on someone so young or who hasn’t gone through extreme weight loss.

No. 834483

Jesus fuck can we please knock it off with the bodyshaming post and actually contribute??? It's getting really unsettling how many body shaming posts there are being made lately and barely any note worthy contribution. Yes we know she is 'abnormally' looking. This has been discussed to death. Get over it.

No. 834485

LMAO why the fuck would she post this?? It’s not flattering in the slightest.
LJ OnlyFans next??

No. 834500

File: 1620297500941.jpg (19.47 KB, 718x117, interiorcontest.jpg)

I don't know if it a murican thing, but ortho advertising on insta and paying for an engagement pod, would be a massive red flag for anyone with a functioning brain.

The positive reviews she gets are even more telling, keks at this guys who talks about the comfy chairs and the nice looking office.
Like is this some interior design competition?
Lillee and laur attract scammers, but no one should risk their health and teeth for some discount.

The pictures are objectively so bad and embarrassing, I'm beginning to think she has an humiliation fetish just like the other anon said.
She looks worse than the Carters in the Bidens photoshoot.

No. 834504

Yeah all of these reviews are sketch central. I wouldn't be surprised if this person didn't even have a license.
The Truemans are broke. Lillee was no doubt having excrutiating pain from her teeth and Laur was forced to finally do something. This person is probably very cheap or maybe even free if Lillee convinced them that her 1mil followers were real and she could advertise them for free services. Lillee and Laur are not smart in the slightest, but I'm sure they sought out the cheapest option they could, and probably realized how scammy these people were and could take advantage of it. That, or they were desperate and this sketchy ass dentist was the cheapest they could find in general.

No. 834537

Is it fucked to think Lillee might be the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen??

No. 834555

She’d definitely be less ugly if she wasn’t such a massive cunt

No. 834562

Lillee is a nasty, unclean, and awful person with zero redeeming qualities. She also happens to look like a dumpy Polish 45 year old potato farmer and prostitute.
She posts unflattering pictures of her disgusting midget body and flirts with horny, foreign men. She is a perfect cow to document & shame.
If you don't like body shaming go back to the Twitter or Discord and gtfo off of the farms with your retarded pearl clutching and faux concern. Ma'am this is a lolcowfarm. We are here to laugh & make fun of a goblin, Karen.

No. 834570

Doesn't ortho work take time though? Or is it possible to rush the work? Because this just seems a bit out of the realm of possibility for orthodontic work to be rushed without severely damaging teeth.

No. 834578

Her tiny teeth might have tiny roots, even if they're not officially "baby teeth". That would explain why they're moving so quickly.

No. 834581

She’s an ugly bitter filled racist midget goblin and deserves to get rekt to the fullest.

She CAN change anyone can change. She chooses to tear down others, she chooses to be ignorant, she chooses to spew the lies she does. Sure she was raised as a coddled baby narcissist but she’s been given opportunities to learn from her ignorance and mistakes. Instead she constantly doubles down.

No. 834583


Anon you can't just ignore this ass. It's freakish. I was the one who said "at least she has an ass and her jeans are too tight or might be ps." I was wrong. This looks like a botched butt lift. Lolcow is not your safe space. It's petty as fuck.

No. 834601

definitely does take time, and she shouldn't be having appointments so often.
bit of a blog, but my teeth were FUCKED and i also had to have teeth pulled (but not bc of impacted teeth) and i had braces for a total of a year and a half with appointments every 6-8 weeks.
even doing work that fast is not really common, most teens have braces for 2+ years. it's super important to move the teeth but then let them settle instead of moving teeth as fast as she is. she's going to end up with loose teeth if they keep up with this speed.

No. 834603

She’ll have to wear a retainer for the rest of her life or her peg teeth will move back

They really didn’t have to get Invisalign in her case. It still baffles me that they didn’t fully go the metal braces route

No. 834608

It is well known that Invisalign isn't recommended to treat bite problems like traditional braces are. I had a minor bite problem (nothing compared to lillees shit show of a mouth) which took 2 yrs of braces and jaw surgery to correct. her bite is mightily fucked up, everything about her treatment is sketchy. was also an extremely expensive process which makes me wonder how these goblins can afford any of it. doesn't really add up

No. 834612

Our goblin heard our concerns and is now exercising 24 seconds a day


No. 834613

What are the chances that she exercises regularly but has a shit diet?

I can totally see her being too dumb to realise that nutrition is a huge part of exercise actually doing something to your appearance so she just blames it on her metabolism

No. 834615

She gets out of breath really fast and she doesn’t know how to exercise. All of her fitness videos had the most atrocious form

No. 834621

It’s so strange to me that she works out without her hair pulled back, no socks and or sneakers and no top. Just because you work out doesn’t mean you have to just wear a sports bra and no shirt.

No. 834624

What is happening with her legs when she’s doing push-ups?

No. 834625

ngl she is thinner than i thought she would be, yet somehow also flabbier..?

No. 834630

It's possible if she lost muscle mass as well as fat. Jesus, I wouldn't put it past her if she thought exercising with no protein was going to make her lean and skinny

No. 834633

File: 1620357951775.jpg (56.42 KB, 320x245, 1-s2.0-S2395921517300648-gr8.j…)

My ortho and two different dentists refused to do half metal traditional and half invisalign. My top teeth were not very bad at all, just a minor space between the two front teeth. My bottom teeth were crowded with a slight cross-bite. I was told no reputable doctor would do half-and-half and that doing so would screw up the entire process and potentially add additional time to the treatment. It took me about 2.5 years to fully correct my teeth, and my ortho is a Diamond provider. Her doctor sounds like a money hungry quack. Picrel, my bottom teeth were similar to this, but not quite as severe.

No. 834644

She's doing "girl or doggystyle" push-ups. She's on her knees. It makes push-ups MUCH easier because you are only lifting the upper part of your body. Her form is terrible, she's arching her back like she should be getting railed from the back.

No. 834657

Goddamn a good first step would be to wear exercising gear her size. Her dumpy stomach is sticking out so badly and the elastic bands are too tight to be comfortable at all. Loser can’t even buy clothes that fit bc it’ll destroy her size 2 fantasy. Mommy lied to you lilz…you’re a size 12 not 2

No. 834668

Sage for no contribution, but I've never seen someone with so much fat on her back.

That. Best way to add back issues to her endless health troubles.

No. 834687

File: 1620395687415.jpg (33.68 KB, 355x631, botanic_affair.jpg)

How long before they drop Lillee?

No. 834688

That's exactly what I was thinking. Recently, the goblins have really pissed off the more outgoing callouts. Those people are out to destroy what little "career" LJ has and have probably already begun a social media blasting campaign. Brands really should do more investigative work before stepping into a hive of angry bees.

No. 834691

File: 1620397173297.jpeg (421.12 KB, 828x1031, 66E4D967-8192-477B-868E-344962…)

Holy shit

No. 834699

File: 1620398662665.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.04 KB, 1379x937, whales2.jpg)

Close enough

No. 834700

Those look like high compression leggings. That's why she doesn't look like the inflated lard of the live where she was "dancing."But the fat trying to escape the top of the leggings is very telling.

Chunky bunny feedie Onlyfans is coming at this rate.

No. 834717

They won't.
Lillee is teaming up with a suspicious crooked business again.
The company is blocking anyone on insta leaving a comment about this collab.
They also own their own 1change4change """charity""" called 1% for the planet.
Insta: 1percentftp

I couldn't find any registration for this company (California).
How unexpected.

No. 834723

i honestly feel like her diet is her biggest problem. she is in such denial and claims to prefer natural, healthy meals to fast food, but her definition of healthy is microwave meals, "salad galore" from doordash (which has to be at least 600 calories per portion), and currently "asian-cultivated" foods because of invisalign. i doubt that laur or earl cook her steamed seaweed and pho, so she is gorging on panda express or fried msg from a local chinese place.
i believe that the bare minimum of exercise she gets from tiktok dances and half assed sets is enough to keep her in okay shape, but she clearly eats like crap.

No. 834731

She’s shown a salad twice. I don’t know why everyone thinks this is what she eats exclusively. Most of the time she shows pictures of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, bagels & drinks fruit juice. None of these things are ‘healthy’.

No. 834743

I'm 100% sure that what food she shares with us is in her opinion, the "healthiest" shit she's putting in her gullet. It's sad to think so but she probably things McDonald's salads and Subway sandwiches are healthy because she was raised by two disgusting fatasses who themselves know shit about eating healthy. What we aren't seeing is likely disgusting GrubHub trash.

No. 834745

File: 1620424028645.jpeg (489.16 KB, 828x1456, AE6495FF-DF6E-4CD5-B204-DF59B8…)

No. 834746

I feel bad for anyone who's ESL and trying to understand Lillee, because she's unintelligible even to native English speakers

No. 834753

Most people don’t think going 3-4 days without showering is normal. If she had normal friends close to her age, she’d know this.

No. 834770

File: 1620434748181.gif (555.9 KB, 500x275, CA7143D4-F7C6-4278-84F3-A5B503…)

No. 834794

3 to 4 days? Even with a skin condition that's fucking disgusting. I bet this smelly bitch is mistaking her utis with her made up special tight vaginal wall disease because she doesnt wash her crumb or fanny

No. 834797

Wtfffff I’m sorry but I’ve heard the washing your hair 3-4 times a week is fine whatever but not showering EVERYDAY is DISGUSTING !!!

No. 834820


Showering/bathing every single day is only the standard in a few places and is universally considered unnecessary unless you're in physical/manual labor jobs or extremely sweaty/grimy or live in a hot climate.

Every other day is the norm for most of the world. Americans shower daily because they're fucking stupid and wasteful. Not only does showering/bathing daily worsen your skin considerably by every known metric, it's literally unnecessary. The idea that the human body just becomes a cesspool in only one day is hilariously misguided and incorrect.

No. 834821

Not that anon, but yes, you do not have to shower every day if you're not doing manual labor. You still need to wash your face, armpits and nether regions, tho. I doubt LJ does that. She might only wash her face and that is because of makeup.

But something tells me LJ does not realize you can shower without washing your hair at the same time. Like she only showers when she feels like that she needs to wash her hair. Her hair is also always very greasy looking because she does not know how to use hair products. She's just nasty. I also think she does not shower because she is always wearing the same clothes. Why would you wash yourself and put back on dirty clothes?

No. 834827

In the UK, older builds only have a bathtub. New build flats only have a shower because they're tiny. It's not convenient to bathe every morning or evening. Whatever, LJ has a permanent grimy look. Her living space is borderline hoarder territory. I doubt she even bothers with an all over wash at her sink every day. I can imagine her face paints are removed with a single wet wipe.

No. 834828

>luxuriously showering every day in my $800/month apartment

No. 834833

File: 1620479640210.jpeg (16.81 KB, 300x300, images (10).jpeg)

Late to the party but I've finally realised why her teeth appear so creepy. It's partially due to the fact she's missing lateral incisors (the smaller two teeth that sandwich the larger main two). This is probably old news but I feel like I've had an epiphany.

No. 834838

Soz for samefag but just read the prior thread and apparently it's an impacted canine, ignore my sperging I can't delete pls.

No. 834841

Americans are stupid for showering everyday? Bathing daily is unnecessary? Did I get that statement correct?

I’m going to politely disagree and give that a hard pass.

No. 834842

Regardless of how often people are bathing, be it every day, every other day, or twice a day; we can ALL agree that washing every three to four days is gross at best.
And Lillie should really get off her high horse considering these threads (and her entire social media presence really) are proof her hygiene is fucking abysmal.

No. 834843


Facts. Showering daily is horrible for your microbiom and actively discouraged by dermatologists. But no one thinks LG doesn’t smell like a musty old sock

No. 834844

Her tight vag problems are likely from constant irritation and infection. She probably doesn’t shower regularly during her moon days either.

No. 834850

I mean, we can all agree, that LJ is AMERICAN and regardless of what's technically better for you, 3-4 days of not showering in American culture is going to gross out people she interacts with. Plus, how insane is it that she's putting oil in her hair. Most of those treatments are made with the idea that you're washing your hair at least every other day.

No. 834851

File: 1620496119572.jpeg (496.78 KB, 1259x1489, 3BB57652-2D99-454C-BEE3-2EA3BA…)

The hair fucking kills me.

No. 834852

Those bathtubs nearly always have a shower over them. What are you on about

No. 834854

File: 1620499302833.jpeg (242.52 KB, 827x1482, D6B80E13-BB3E-4173-987E-7B3CE0…)

No. 834855

she’s not racist because she’s obese kek

No. 834856

You are what you eat. And Lillee looks more and more like a chinese dumpling every day. Guess this was the "asian cultivated food"

No. 834894

File: 1620527424374.jpeg (342.56 KB, 828x1175, C8720AB3-F7F5-44A1-81DB-B20C42…)

No. 834912

I dont think I have ever done a workout where my armpits hurt.

Does she mean her under arms? Is she trying to get rid of the bingo lady arm flap?

No. 834917

>to keep active
Never leaves the house.

Pick one Lillee.

No. 834921

File: 1620558095185.jpg (51.43 KB, 719x430, director writer.jpg)

No. 834925

File: 1620566736742.png (2.4 MB, 828x3444, 8E73BF02-D99B-4A6E-81D9-C68F62…)

No. 834927

Everyone who has braces should wear a retainer for life (at night). and that's false, they put build ups on peg teeth to make them normal sized. If they didn't the teeth would just shift back to their original position.

No. 834978

File: 1620591746649.png (193.4 KB, 727x567, ud.png)

Kudos to whoever put this on Urban Dictionary a few days ago…of course LJ has already had it removed.

No. 834994

I didn't realize that LJ had every UD entry for her name taken down. I guess NEET goblins have a lot of time on their hands.

No. 835001

How do they keep managing to get anything taken down from most sites? Becajse from what we’ve her reports just say “this person is using my face/name illegally and has been harassing me I’ve had these stalkers stalking me since 2019”.

No. 835015

My personal theory is because theyre so persistent to the point of annoyance.

No. 835054

I think they rely on it being bots doing the checks and not a person reviewing anything or the person who posted not challenging them. This seems to be evidenced in the fact that most of the content they claim gets reinstated. So they keep flagging it in the attempt that it will somehow go in their favour or get the person their attacking's account suspended for to many complaints.

My favourite thing is them complaining about people doing this to them while doing the exact same or worse.

No. 835075

File: 1620671392853.jpeg (117.2 KB, 1080x1474, 9729D057-EF55-41C5-A107-508D73…)

Why are her favorite movies over a decade old?

No. 835077

You’re reaching Lillee levels of retard here anon

No. 835086

I mean… that wouldn't be that weird in general, but we are talking Lillee here. All of her favorite movies are 10 years old AND for teens. So even her film taste shows that she's stunted…

No. 835091

lol yeah, and for teens barely into puberty. Like I don't know that aquamarine movie but even back then Hannah Montan/Amanda Bynes/Lohan's movies were for teens in the 10-13 old range or even for younger kids. It's time to grow into Twilight or Harry Potter phases goblin

No. 835092

Twilight is too sexual for our goblin

No. 835093

If Lillee broke away from that girly doll princess look just once and did a moody Twilight inspired look it would be good for her. She has no versatility. I'm surprised she didn't hop on Twilight looks when Midnight Sun got released to take advantage of the TwiHype

No. 835099

Twilight is too popular for her like animal crossing.

She likes what authentically catches her eyes, not whats “populaurized” or however she spelled it.

No. 835101

File: 1620687877299.jpeg (324.21 KB, 828x1029, AB893AC8-358A-4FB2-987D-0EE752…)

It seems like one of the callout accounts posted a photo of their computer with Lillee as the wallpaper and she copyright struck it lol

No. 835116

File: 1620702399384.gif (956.11 KB, 480x302, BECA3D93-F284-40EF-BE49-95C46E…)

No. 835146

this is obviously retarded of Lillee but having a picture of her as a wallpaper is also weird as fuck

No. 835157

File: 1620747170974.jpeg (331.2 KB, 678x779, 08D72668-AA15-454F-BFD1-0E4635…)

OnTropolis received mail from the goblins. It’s probably another deranged C&D

No. 835162

Cows attract cows.

No. 835163

File: 1620753576912.jpeg (237.04 KB, 827x1605, D855AD90-13AC-4D41-A77E-72D69B…)

No. 835172

Laur sent yet another fake cease and desist letter

No. 835174

File: 1620763766541.jpg (355.81 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20210511-210742_Sam…)

Who is going to tell them. 3 likes is about it. Her followers are paid to like her posts not theirs.

No. 835187

File: 1620768597691.jpg (190.65 KB, 1080x780, IMG_20210511_162654.jpg)


Already gone from their IG but lillee apparently didn't realize

No. 835195

@lilleejean isn’t her twitter account kek

No. 835204

File: 1620780202029.jpeg (564.13 KB, 828x1141, BFDB6F1A-301E-44EE-A719-CCE25F…)

They dropped her lol

No. 835208

They only took it down because HFTT commented on it. There is still a post of Lillee’s in their Instagram story highlights. If they really cared, they would take it down.

No. 835209

File: 1620783045583.jpeg (749.56 KB, 1284x1558, 4F2B39C1-4B30-4F3B-800A-0DA12E…)

LJ says she was sponsored!

No. 835211

LJ went live for a few minutes and talked about being beating being prediabetic because she’s #aries, said hello to every single bot in chat and said that Israel and Palestine just need to come together


No. 835215

god she's such a self righteous retard. the fact that you can tell she thinks she's saying something meaningful is what makes it the most irritating. in reality she's a fucking moron who can't articulate herself or even spell.

No. 835216

I can’t wait to see her have a classic franzia freak out when she realizes that company dropped her faster than Laur dropped her as a baby

No. 835219

They sent her the makeup in PR. It just released this morning and she’s had it for at least a day. Hipdot is trying to wash the attic stench of their brand but they aren’t being completely honest.

No. 835220

kek she claims laur is fluent in hebrew in the full live

when asked if she is vegan she starts listing off vegan foods she likes and pronounces quinoa "kwin-o-ah"

No. 835222

PR is not sponsorship. They didn't pay Lillee to do the look, she did it herself and they reposted it.

No. 835223

She did have a freakout but she went live to pretend that she’s not bothered. She’s done this before

No. 835224

File: 1620788703717.jpeg (320 KB, 828x680, D415E041-EE21-4F0C-9C72-2283DA…)

Her front teeth look even more crooked now

No. 835228

i don't think half the brands she says she's sponsored by have actually sponsored her.
she just thinks that getting PR means it's a sponsorship, and/or wants to make it seem like she's "in" with all these big brands.

No. 835234

Evidence of her ortho's quackery probs

No. 835239

File: 1620795734425.jpg (362.15 KB, 1080x1629, sq15g3.jpg)

Lilz is already playing victim. Pulling old ass screenshots because no one's publicly given a shit about her beyond fucking with her by using her gifs.

No. 835240

File: 1620796279203.jpeg (269.14 KB, 640x907, 6C31F501-B033-41B0-ADCF-857BEE…)

She made a youtube community post also.

No. 835247


Lol watch lj catch a real C&D for libel

No. 835248

I know she’s stupid, but this is really stupid. Influencers like what she wants to be rely on sponsors and brand deals, real brands will see this and not want to run the risk. Like at least learn the practices of your fake ass “profession” you idiot, don’t cry and bitch about it.

No. 835250

Imagine ruining your entire reputation before the age of 20

She's going to have to change her name if she ever needs to get a job (i.e. when Earl is discovered in the freezer and Laur is hauled off to the clink, leaving Lillee to fend for herself)

No. 835251

Lol I’m trying to come up with a name our attic goblin would change it to.
My brain keeps saying ruby phoenix jean for some reason.

No. 835255

>How dare them.

No. 835256

Sponsor them? What is she on about. She received free PR then claimed they were Sponsoring her on her video. Now she's making out she is Sponsoring them by what? A basic look shown to fake followers?

No. 835258

File: 1620811761602.jpeg (170.05 KB, 316x2048, E1KislmXIAIGnCh.jpeg)

Full community post from Twitter callouts.

No. 835260

File: 1620812392818.jpeg (794.53 KB, 1272x1222, 7034831F-1E0A-47AA-B4DF-A6D23D…)

Meltdown incoming

No. 835261


Whoosh did you see that? The absolute irony going over her head.

No. 835266

LJ's domain: A cramped, shitty two bedroom Queens apartment with her obese parents.
LJ's empire: some bots and creepy pajeets that demand fat feet pics.
LJ's adversaries: Some farmers and Twitter callouts here for some old fashioned cow entertainment. (Moral crusade clearly optional.)

Fuck. This is just like an old episode of GoT.

No. 835267

kek, if phillipe is any indication, she’s more likely to end up as ruby pheonix

No. 835269

This tweet reads exactly like one of womb wizard Sapphire Crimson Claw’s demonic summoning spells

No. 835273

Lillee used to lash out at brands who dropped her with their sock accounts. Since they’ve all been suspended & I suspect they can’t make new ones, she’s having to use her own account. It’s unprofessional and a terrible look. Any brand momentarily fooled by their sob story will run after seeing this shit.

No. 835274

File: 1620821375459.jpeg (59.26 KB, 929x580, 60C93F98-EDDB-47CD-90B9-D651DB…)

Lillee shared part of the PR email from hipdot asking her to post an unboxing video as proof she was ‘sponsored’

No. 835275

File: 1620822719219.jpeg (731.47 KB, 1242x1847, 56EAE1F7-0ABA-4C59-8823-7DF17A…)

She was trying to dox a rando on twitter last night but she’s deleted these tweets now

No. 835276

File: 1620822824319.jpg (53.81 KB, 676x659, lol.jpg)

No. 835277

File: 1620823059242.jpeg (310.35 KB, 1170x1140, 6E275F28-EB27-4690-B64C-249792…)

>antisemites and children

No. 835280

It’s not the first. Makeup Geek sent her a C&D and before that someone who claimed they worked for a brand said Lillee called them crying after they sent her a C&D. It was assumed the brand was revlon because Lillee was publicly defaming them.

No. 835281

File: 1620824194529.jpeg (333.38 KB, 828x983, EACE7715-2427-4921-911D-0F60E3…)

I guess Pheepy isn’t into spanking

No. 835290

I don't understand what she means. Like anime promotes slapping of women's asses without their consent???

No. 835291

Ooooo! Someone tell Laur, sounds like precious innocent Lillee stumbled onto hentai.

No. 835292

Ofcourse she’s ok with sexualization of minors in anime tho. /Fuck off lolicons idc

No. 835293

we’ve evolved once more
>josh moon
>old ladies

No. 835294

Youre missing witches and demons

No. 835313

OT but what kind of edition is that?
Clueless was a 1996 movie for teens. Anyone who liked the movie then, should be 30-40 now.
The brand should send PR to much older (real) influencers.

No. 835321

Usually Laur will step in and do the dirty work of throwing out random insults and badmouthing brands. I wonder if Lillee is realizing that they can no longer salvage the scam?

No. 835323

Anyone who isn't stupid would vanish for a while and then make a come back either having bettered themselves or at least know how to pretend to be a decent human being. Sadly these two are about as bright as a blackout.

No. 835326

File: 1620848135630.jpeg (363.93 KB, 828x2020, FD386CDD-4C7C-4A9C-BEA9-5FFB26…)

No. 835327

She sounds fucking manic kek

No. 835328

Is it Laur answering from Lillee's account?
Anyway, and >qualify for Paramount
Like Lillee would get a role for this look or something?
Can someone translate?

No. 835329

File: 1620849150907.jpg (248.73 KB, 1079x1574, wkmae5.jpg)

Ah yes. A conspiracy between HFTT and hipdot, that claim is definitely not going to bite you in the ass.

No. 835330

I think she means that the video had to be approved by Paramount because they own the rights to Clueless.

No. 835331

She wasn’t even paid at all, just sent a product and now she’s trying to call out the brand for supporting cyberbullying/anti-semitism just because they dropped her after discovering her racist past and disgusting “relationship” she promoted. I just wanna know when they will stop trying to make Lillee jean happen because even after wiping google clean, people still expose her a lot on Twitter / YouTube vids . She either needs to actually put effort in her repeat half ass looks or ride unemployment wave like laur

No. 835332

File: 1620850062337.jpg (53.67 KB, 885x577, horrorshow.jpg)

Thanks Anon. Her video is the usual shittiest shit quality tho.

I can't believe anyone would approve that and I had to stop watching after some seconds because she ruins the movie lines.
Screen encl.

No. 835333

Fucking hell. It's like Voicemail Anon from years ago. (That one time when someone sent a mild message explaining how LJ could improve her skills and the goblins tracked down the person's employer. Laur left autistic messages at every company number she could find sperging about "muh social media celebrity client has been boolied by the Reddit Illuminati." This person should inform their employer that a crazy person is now stalking them.

No. 835334


>may the freezing frost encompass

What the hell is happening

No. 835348

God, I can’t wait for other big companies to see her loosing her shit, you’re gonna lose your totally real following Lillee, seeing her rage makes me wonder if she’s not even bothering to at least pass for a beauty guru anymore

No. 835359

Holy hell they look even worse then before…a scammy ortho for two scammers I see

No. 835378

File: 1620858885846.jpg (1.85 MB, 4096x2730, CollageMaker_20210512_18342585…)

Wow, I'm stoned and looking at her Instagram just radiates loneliness. If you scroll past the verified pod, past the bots/pradips, you get to lillee logging into each account she can still using and leaving five comments each. Starting with lillerjeanfashion, James, eyeballqueen, alwayslooking4talent, lilleejeanbeauty, diamondtiques… All just in a row. Her life is so depressing but I have to admit I'd gobble up a journalist getting the truth. She should look into selling her idiot story, I could see a great movie being made of it kek.

Also, it looks like she's buying promo from fiverr and attic pidgen makes everyone look like they have a great grasp of the English language.

No. 835379

I’m cracking up at her using her former account bc all her racist fake fan accounts have been suspended.

No. 835381


and they literally have no excuse to be this dumb about it!

like it sucks that Laur was so shit at parenting that she didn't take liliee to the ortho as a kid but now lilee is an ADULT who should at least do some quick googling to see reviews

smh, they even keep close eyes of this thread where actual dentist/experienced anons are giving sound advice, free of charge

No. 835392

File: 1620860651420.jpeg (614.63 KB, 828x1138, C241D8C2-3F9B-45AC-B6B6-B21F1D…)

No. 835394

File: 1620861125103.jpeg (225.51 KB, 828x578, 835AC52D-FC06-4CA2-94C2-637D80…)

No. 835399

File: 1620861902887.jpeg (372.25 KB, 828x1015, 104B4D24-DAE0-4116-9263-D87B25…)

No. 835400

Of course Laur is doxxing people using info from their counterclaims again.

No. 835403

File: 1620862675641.jpeg (267.73 KB, 828x1190, 1DBB8757-81AA-4154-AE41-B1B250…)

“LJs publicist” ok laur

No. 835407

File: 1620863762670.png (1.71 MB, 1080x3776, BAAE3AF9-DC1F-46EF-A443-060E3D…)

More deleted tweets from the same thread

No. 835409

“People with degenerate disorders” wtf? Does she not realize that she just used an extremely ableist and offensive term?

No. 835417

File: 1620865519603.jpg (697.54 KB, 1080x2081, IMG_20210512_192420.jpg)

Oh no laurs going to contact Gaia online.

She mentions a publicist, wonder if this new one knows they don't like to pay? Wasn't the last publicist just Laur on a sock account with a pfp of a porn actress?

No. 835428

When did LJ say anything to do with minors in anime? Fuck off back to twitter.
Fucking kek, Laur and Lillee spend so much time online they think other people will care if you contact silly online games. Not everyone lives their entire life online, Laur.
I've noticed they only claim other women are the ones that are crazy or on pills. Lots of internalized misogyny and projecting in this family.

No. 835439

>big boy panties on twitter
Kek, what? This has to be Laur writing on LJ’s account.

No. 835441

i was thinking the same thing. even lj wouldn't dare say half of these things on twitter

No. 835448

File: 1620873099587.png (1.2 MB, 1610x1460, asmr.png)

asmr recorded on an iphone of her blow drying her hair… that is going to be absolute ear rape. does this bitch even know what asmr is supposed to be? how is she bad at absolutely everything?

No. 835547

nta but while she meant degenerative, she wrote "degenerate" which - in noun form - is an actual word meaning "an immoral or corrupt person." kek

No. 835548

File: 1620903654025.jpeg (180.04 KB, 750x1280, A8CFF59A-A421-4BF6-ACFE-0C8102…)

KF people found out an app was using LJ's pictures for quizzes.
The quality is so bad they may have stolen it. Unless the goblin is selling herself pics to Perksy?

No. 835550

File: 1620906170612.jpeg (615.54 KB, 1170x1535, 8C5CB21B-1C7C-4B2D-A201-9DF87C…)

Laur’s doxxing Sake Kitty again. She’s also blaming her for Hipdot firing their PR manager.

No. 835553

They probably got it from giphy tbh

No. 835554

>Bowout video
>brushes hair in wrong direction for a blowout

Never change goblin.

No. 835556

Wait, she's claiming she got HipDot's PR manager fired? What the actual fuck? That makes no god damn sense

No. 835557

if the person was fired, it’s not the fault of the customers who complained. The fault lies with Lillee for purposefully deceiving the person into working with her. People are losing their jobs for accidentally (all the negative google results have been removed after copyright complaints filed by Lillee) working with Lillee and Laur still thinks there’s a chance for her adult toddler’s influencer career.

No. 835560

I’m not fluent in attic pidgin but this reads as Laur saying she got the pr mgr fired.

No. 835565

It's ironic that Laur posts about people hiding behind locked accounts or blocking them but does the exact same thing.

Also saging for what might be old milk. But I 2as looking at older pictures they had posted and you can see they used to look pretty normal but now both look completely unhinged with bulging crazy eye's.

No. 835568

how tf would Laur know the pr manager was fired? Hipdot isn’t giving human resource info to Laur.

No. 835576

Also why would they fire their PR manager? The only reason I can see is because they signed LJ in the first place, which did damage to the brand. So why is Laur bragging? Unless she got the PR manager fired for dropping them, but that makes no sense either because they're STILL DROPPED

No. 835578

if she’s supposed to be vetting influencers and didn’t notice the purchased engagement & pod use on LJ’s accounts, perhaps it wasn’t a good position for her.

No. 835593

I think Laur means Sake got the PR manager fired ("because I'm a selfish child") presumably as punishment for… sending LJ PR? It's likely all made up nonsense, Laur's a lunatic. The way she's continually editing her Twitter name and bio just makes her appear more and more unhinged, and the random link to her manifesto doesn't help matters any. I'm not saying Laur is schizo, but she's coming across like a lot of schizos I see on the internet (eg writing a word salad and assuming everyone 100% understands what they're talking about)

No. 835617

File: 1620922378476.jpeg (335.24 KB, 1170x838, 2474CC15-91ED-460F-BAB9-4FEB71…)

she changed it back and removed the stuff about the pr manager. probably realized it wasn’t a win

No. 835621

Wtf does "Houston, Texas First Stop" mean on Laur's Twitter location on the old screenshot? First stop? Is this an American term or goblin speak?

Funny that Laur mocks people for living with their parents when her cunt dropping lives with her rent free and job free. But I'm sure "LJ is working on her career and will have her breakthrough momentarily."

No. 835625

She’s do disgusting wow
Even more than i thought she could be

No. 835632

File: 1620925829862.jpeg (353.35 KB, 640x900, 16D8F522-42E0-4A27-B261-C5C63B…)


No. 835641

Lol. "Trash finds you." YOU WANT TO BE FAMOUS, LJ.

Thanks, anon. I thought Laur might be saying that LJ was the PR manager for a minute.

You know, maybe the PR manager was fired. It's pretty lazy to be scammed by LJ and Laur. It's not like their shit needs a deep dive or there's an interpretation to saying "stfu black people." Any article on them is about they buy followers and seeing the comments and engagement are also obvious. Plus, this brand had to pay for licensing rights to Clueless, which is pretty expensive for a start up. I'd be pissed investing in that money and getting a bad name because some ugly, racist nobody is trying to be the face of your brand.

No. 835646

"colloidal" - oh so when microscopically dispersed insoluble particles are suspended throughout another substance, that's a WASTE OF LAUR'S TIME.

No. 835647

funny enough I know what words mean, I’m just saying that calling her ‘ableist and offensive!!’ for being too dumb to use the right word form is really dramatic

No. 835648

File: 1620927704804.jpeg (107.87 KB, 828x1792, E41C866F-715E-457E-97E4-C49FAB…)

Wonder if ‘Kat’ even knows she’s Lillee’s new ‘publicist’

No. 835649

File: 1620927745539.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2121, 18D6321F-9B51-4153-B9BF-0F598A…)

kek this chick looks as scammy Lilz & Laur

No. 835650

According to her latest live, it's oral surgery day today. The genesis of Gummee Jean is upon us

No. 835651

I used to like McKenzie literal years ago when I was into the show she hosted. what a weirdo.

No. 835661

File: 1620929982005.jpeg (185.43 KB, 828x506, 55F181A9-48B2-4343-83A8-2F0B28…)

No. 835663

File: 1620930110804.jpeg (244.5 KB, 828x721, CF23E935-5050-4675-9D89-8EAEED…)

Guy who interviewed Lillee is a tax evader

No. 835666

File: 1620930338054.jpg (181.57 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20210513-192319_Sam…)

Can't wait to learn how to have greasy hair and how to do the exact same look in multiple colours.

No. 835668

Is she paying a “publicist” for articles published on Medium?

No. 835671

File: 1620930782351.jpg (84.35 KB, 632x617, mckenzie myfanpark 6$.jpg)

Seems things are not going well for McKenzie. What kind of loser has a myfanpark?
Lillee of course has a page there too.
Did Laur payed McKenzie to answer Lillee on insta and twitter? kek.
6.25$ that's quite affordable even for the goblins.

No. 835672

File: 1620930974353.jpg (416.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210513-193510_Sam…)

No. 835676

That's literally the Guardian's projects. Except they don't have the has been actor (don't remember his name) to have his last fans funding the kickstarter.

No. 835679

She's into public relation, but has 5 like 0 comment on most posts.
All good here.

Is crazy unhinged sour resentful 100% of the time.

>>835334 , >>835260
>may the freezing frost encompass
Next thread quote please.

No. 835680

If LJ could still fit into her Party City Elsa costume,she'd have created a Frozen themed anti-bulling video to go with her "freezing frost" post.

No. 835682

File: 1620932283961.jpeg (437.34 KB, 2048x2048, D73FD20E-EFA9-425E-B107-0B620A…)

Why is mixed martial arts magazine interviewing Lillee?

No. 835685

kek the burner ig account i use to easily watch lillee's stories and lives has been blocked. i've never commented, replied, or interacted with her at all, just viewed her stories. imagine having "1 million jeaniez" but still being so paranoid and having low enough engagement to even notice a blank account. she tells on herself by doing stupid shit like that.

No. 835686

Going out on a limb and guessing the idiot linked the wrong magazine. So into media she can't link the right people.

No. 835688

Hope Lillee will do Kung-fu pictures/video and give advice just like she did with ballet.
"Plié, demi-plié"
Still laughing at it.

No. 835696

File: 1620935601864.jpeg (439.13 KB, 1170x976, 4FBF1769-D734-47CC-BD64-12E2F5…)

Indeed. She tagged the wrong Authority Magazine. She’s physically incapable of doing anything right.

No. 835707

she has done that so many times now that i am beginning to tinfoil that she is doing it on purpose so the people who ''worked'' with her cant see her abysmal engagement.

No. 835711

Nah she’s just retarded

No. 835718

File: 1620944257624.jpeg (123.18 KB, 828x304, 3325ED84-3BC1-4CB1-96E2-71087D…)

No. 835719

File: 1620944766037.png (795.59 KB, 552x924, wtff.png)

What the fuck is the point of putting pictures like this on your IG story

No. 835720

Serving some troon realness here with those pathetic tits massive shoulders and "strong" jaw lines.

No. 835722

File: 1620945066899.jpeg (261.77 KB, 827x1469, 5531FEE1-A5B8-443B-B4C5-C9FB6C…)

No. 835726

File: 1620945299514.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 641.84 KB, 1170x1075, E4E7A4E0-F8FB-4C6F-B8BA-CDE7CA…)

The bloody gauze are making my stomach turn.

No. 835729

She’s serving some serious “Carrie” vibes, she’s already disgusting but this is a whole new level of vile

No. 835732

File: 1620947181899.jpeg (718.73 KB, 828x1388, D4814B8E-386B-4B31-BE2F-4F068C…)

Okay, was she seriously not wearing a shirt to her surgery?

No. 835735

Does anyone know what cut & bruise on her chin are from?

No. 835738

>>835707 Sage because no1curr but same thing happened to me twice already. Her level of paranoia is unreal, especially for someone with 1M (totally real and human) followers

No. 835743


how god damn unfortunate to be SO young and have this dumpy down syndrome middle aged body

she needs to spend less time pretending to be famous and more time working out and figuring out how to do keto, jesus christ what a trainwreck

No. 835747

from Pheepy. where else?

No. 835749

File: 1620965647552.png (98.63 KB, 1200x568, fsds.png)

Diane has a new fun poll. Which answer will make the goblins angriest? Hmm.

No. 835767

Don't say you "sage" if you don't, retarded-Noob-Anon.

No. 835771

File: 1620996828831.jpeg (260.29 KB, 1170x1747, D6360351-38BA-46CA-B7FA-379DA6…)

from LJ’s pre-surgery Facebook live

No. 835773

File: 1620997318618.jpg (432.11 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20210514-135933_Sam…)

Someone has posted what will become everyone's sleep paralysis demon. Can't wait for mommy goblin to go mental over it.

No. 835777

New video with receipts

No. 835782

File: 1621006057129.jpeg (758.13 KB, 828x1470, 8CAD38BE-00FC-4C31-A529-F6A4A5…)

No. 835783

What the hell is going on with her back molars (or lack thereof?) Maybe the APS "teeth rotting out of her mouth" story has some truth behind it. Ew.

No. 835785

Her palate doesn't look normal. It looks she has teeth stuck in it keks.

No. 835787

They are there, rotated slightly outwards. She doesn't seem to have upper wisdom teeth but otherwise I counted the average number.

I can't tell whether she has fillings or if they are really that eroded because that filter makes them look weird.

Looks perfectly average and normal tbh. No two palates are alike.

I only find it lulzy that she needed that much extra stuff with the extraction. Here kids (elementary schoolers or teenagers) usually just get this done with just local anesthesia.

We'll probably hear complaining about the pain soonish.

No. 835788

Going to samefag because mnyeah if you look at timelapses usually they might be slightly crooked before everything that's needed is in place. Also idk if she's going to get gingivectomy to finish the whole treatment… so. We'll see.

No. 835804

It looks like it might be dried blood. I had a cyst removed from my throat and had the same thing. They don't clean you up with that stuff and we all know Laur wouldn't do it.

No. 835805

File: 1621018304630.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2073, 4A786D3E-11BE-4F5C-B205-FFDB08…)

Pretending Pheepy bought her “jewels”. The ring not fitting her chubby finger is perfect.

No. 835811

File: 1621022472899.jpeg (606.69 KB, 2732x2048, C3A8CEB7-5D45-4B5A-A380-B44101…)

Sorry guys was in a car for an hour and got bored.

And lol that justice jewelry

No. 835812

Could have brought her a new pair of glasses instead

No. 835813

LJ's surgery vlog was just released.

No. 835817

Between the grotty cat hair covered pants being specifically pointed out by her, the sad Guess purse, and her going "this is my tit and this is my other tit" while zooming in on her tuberous flapjacks…I'm just gobsmacked. Do they really not see how low-rent they read? Who would believe someone with that many subscribers would live such a sad slovenly poor person's life??

No. 835818

>butterfly ana

Am I retarded or does this have another meaning that isnt to do with 2008 anorexia?

No. 835819

File: 1621028017798.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.02 KB, 1581x880, grosslilleejen.jpg)

This is a close up of Lillee's mouth after surgery.

No. 835820

I think she meant anesthesia

No. 835822

1:03 in her surgery blog and she shows her teeth that she hasn’t even brushed yet
fucking disgusting

No. 835823

File: 1621028715311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.67 KB, 1661x932, lilleejeanjeep.jpg)

Offtopic. For a second in the vlog. You can see the floor mat says "Jeep" Not even sure how they can afford a used jeep let alone 3k for oral surgery.

No. 835825

god I hate when non-medfags try to throw medical jargon around and give unnecessary details, I guess it impresses idiots though.

No. 835827

Her teeth are so horribly discoloured. It just shows how much they have neglected her oral care (not to mention that there is no reason that she should have been left with baby teeth until adulthood). This is one of the few times I pity her as it’s clear she was not well taken care of as a child.

Yes - the whole cat hair pants, mentioning that she didn’t brush her teeth and talking about how she smelled like an armpit was weird. Why would you post a video showing and admitting to your poor hygiene habits?

No. 835828

Kek at Laur telling lj her workouts are paying off when she's a bigger bag of mashed potatoes than normal

No. 835829

Same fag but I have a question for any dental anons - I assumed that people were exaggerating about Laurs negligence but it really wasn't normal that they waited so long to do this huh? It's truly beyond that laur just let this shit ride, and even moreso that they're doing it so publicly and aren't humiliated by what trash they are. Also I love that laur of course drops the exact dollar amount this cost in the vlog. Disgusting people.

No. 835839

File: 1621036098263.jpg (291.25 KB, 2256x1079, Screenshot_20210514-184549_You…)

Trigger warning
Mashed potatoes.lol.

No. 835843

File: 1621038854711.jpeg (113.4 KB, 828x671, EFF61271-5175-4289-B9DF-9B0A5E…)

Have I missed something, who’s Nico?

No. 835845


Nico is sake kitty, the cosplayer. Laur has a hate boner for her bc she warned the cosplay community about LJ. Now Laur blames sake for everything that goes wrong and drops bits of her doxx every chance she gets.

No. 835847

I've always thought that the goblins' inability or limited ability to feel shame was the most fascinating aspect of their tale. That type of arrogance is a hell of a drug. It's astounding that people who have absolutely nothing to fucking recommend them are so confident. Laur's brainwashing skills surely rival that of the government of North Korea. In the latest vlog LJ feels embarrassed that she forgot to take a bath and Laur tells her she doesn't have to feel bad. LJ quickly agrees. Gag. The poor surgical staff. And LJ comments about how she's covered in cat hair and Laur tells her "fur is the trend" and she's setting trends with her attire.

We get a brief glance at Laur in the vlog. Maybe I've forgotten because we haven't seen her in months but her hairline is fucking horrific. It's like her hair hates her so much that her hairline is racing to get away.

No. 835853

File: 1621042945287.jpg (81.73 KB, 607x1080, Screenshot_20210514-184037_You…)

so lj is clearly eating takeout for dinner. can laur not even make some mashed potatoes? no wonder they're all obese

No. 835859

The first 3 minutes of the video are dedicated to LJ worrying about their parking spot being taken and Laur wishing she could’ve parked closer to the front so they wouldn’t have to walk any farther than they absolutely have to kek

No. 835864

This confuses me too. LJ has been actively trying to be famous for years now, but the only real interaction she gets is from people calling out her ridiculous lies. I can’t imagine getting caught pretending to be various fake friends and lying about a fake boyfriend (among other things) and still not having the least bit of shame. Isn’t it a little embarrassing to have everyone see how easily you make up stories for clout? Why even bother to lie at all if they don’t care what anyone thinks? It’s really bizarre to me.

No. 835874

File: 1621057696566.png (67.29 KB, 686x449, Screenshot 2021-05-14 11.45.16…)

I know it gets said often but she really is still such a child emotionally and mentally. Everything about the parking spot conversation and the way she said "I told you so" when the spot ending up being taken. Not to mention, she really was way too fucking dramatic about the whole thing for an adult.

No. 835879

This definitely should have been done when she was like 13. Based off the screenshot her the grooves of her teeth are stained but that’s pretty normal. It’s sort of difficult to assess the condition of her gums due to all the ortho and surgery but she has recession at her molars. Worried about how quickly they are moving her teeth tbh.

Either she is lying about her BP or mistaken because she would be dead if that were the case. No dentist is going to perform elective surgery or even see a patient in a hypertensive crisis, they would be sent to the hospital.

No. 835882

But that's the thing. She didn't have any baby teeth in there. They removed permanent premolars in order to make room for her canines to come down. The point is that they can't stimulate her upper jaw to grow to accommodate all her teeth because she's well past puberty. (This is why it's easier to do this as a child/teenager.) The tiny teeth are permanent adult teeth.

Well in all fairness I've seen plenty of cases worse than lj's. Kids with only roots left in their mouth due severe negligence. People barely in their twenties with complete dentures.

I can't really blame laur for not having this looked at earlier though. (Underlining that she's nuts regardless and having this done now doesn't remove that.) It costs a lot of money. She's probably had the bare minimum done and didn't want it earlier and you can't treat anyone against their will really.

Impacted teeth can be left alone if they are symptom free. A significant portion of the population actually has impacted teeth (usually wisdom teeth) and it's quite alright if they are painless. It's just lolcow where everyone has a stroke over discoloration.

No. 835883

Laur and Lillee genuinely think that what they're doing is how every notable influencer gets famous. Laur thinks she's cracked the code on fame

No. 835884

File: 1621076587601.jpg (433.81 KB, 2087x1717, horrorshow.jpg)

I watched to vlog and … Holy shit.
LJ acts like 100000% retarded and is hysterically nervously laughing most of the time, can't wear her ugly big mask correctly.
>Laur: "get out of my house"
>LJ replies "you're in my house, get out".
>LJ says she should embrace her armpit smell and grossly snorts several times.

>Her shoes and pants (she clumsily turned the pant's bottom over bc she's too short) are old and dirty. Her teeth are yellow/green, she's literally covered in cat's fur and dust (so hygienic for an oral surgery…)

>LJ puts her dirty finger in her mouth right after the surgery (end of the video).

She's so repellent, I can't imagine the dumbest pradip would go after her if they saw that.

>She says it lasted 2H instead of 45 min, Laur says the teeth were

more impacted than what they saw in the x-ray.

How can they not notice something that was x-rayed?
Isn't it weird she got so much anesthesia, twice anti-nausea?

No. 835885

I'm thinking it took so long because she wanted go overboard with the sedation. And idk 60min per one seems like an okay deal considering it's a small surgery. "Even more impacted" could refer to them being in deeper or slightly off than in the xray. It's a 2d image of a 3d object. Or that laur is frightened at it all. Most likely.

No. 835886

File: 1621081985271.jpg (273.38 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20210515-073009_You…)

Looks like it was Laur's version of the events, which means it was super exaggerated and ofcourse Laur had to step in and be the hero. He little lies like this help keep Lillee under her thumb.

No. 835887

File: 1621082538927.jpg (24.54 KB, 661x267, infection.jpg)

>LJ puts her dirty finger in her mouth right after the surgery

Gum Infection Edition forthcoming.

No. 835888

She said several times that they had to remove baby canines to make room for adult canines to come down

No. 835892

this video is a gem because it truly showcases how retarded she is. From about 10:40-onward she just continually looks into her phone camera at a potato angle and whines/groans while trying to make sad-baby eyes like a literal retard. It was horrifying and infuriating at the same time. Laur also described the events of LJ's surgery while LJ just stared into the camera, whined, and looked horrified. She acts as if she underwent some super rare, painful surgery. What an autist.

No. 835901

Wtf are you talking about anon? She very clearly has all of her maxillary premolars.

No. 835915

File: 1621097411034.jpg (41.32 KB, 527x900, 20210515_114914.jpg)

Lol they're using fake emails and numbers in their DMCA claims.

No. 835923

This video had Lillee pointing the camera in a POV angle at her breasts going "That's my tit. And that's also my tit." with Laur right next to her. Laur was also calling Lillee beautiful and pretty the whole time. They have such a weird relationship with each other.

The way Lilee was moaning and whining about this minor surgery is pathetic. She was also panting like a dog right before surgery started. It's obviously normal to be slightly nervous but she looked like she was on the verge of having a panic attack kek she's so dramatic

No. 835927


not every short person has turner syndrome. there are plenty of women who are under 5' or 5'1 and they're just petite.

stop medfagging when you have no idea what you're talking about

No. 835928


Laur and LJ remind me of those people who go to the doctor and argue with them about diagnoses because they read one article on WebMD and now think they know more than a doctor who went through YEARS of medical school.

No. 835930

> “you really though mommy would allow somebody to do that to you?” I feel like by the age of 20, most parents don’t speak this way to their adult kids.
> I’m really thankful as a pre-teen my parents taught me to start thinking about and taking care of important things myself. Like, before dentist appointments, brush your teeth. When seeing a doctor, wear clean clothes and be presentable and hygienic. Take a bath before going out in public.

Normal things that you should do. At the time I thought it was annoying, but now I see it’s super sad when someone isn’t taught these things.
> If you have cats, put a lint roller in the car. It isn’t that hard. When I had dogs, I’d be mortified to go out in public covered from top to bottom in animal hair. It just wouldn’t happen.
> Basic things we all do.

It’s truly sad to watch. Also, half her chest is always exposed in public. She enjoys showing off her non-existent cleavage. Ew.

No. 835932

lol yeah this is stage 3 hypertension. No way they'd do any surgery with that BP. This is 100% Laur making shit up.

No. 835933

On the day of surgery attire:

It gets more horrifying. She had to take off that stretched out clearance Old Navy hoodie to get IVed during surgery.

The staff had to be around her greasy, unwashed body clothed in only a tube top/bra and unkept sweatpants for over two hours. Horror.

No. 835935


Her BP wasn't that high, she'd be having a seizure.

No. 835936


i wonder if she takes care of her hygiene for her own sake instead of just doing these things before she is around other people. probably not.

No. 835946

File: 1621110630832.jpeg (848.17 KB, 1170x1520, 746BE67F-5F88-47DD-B427-F1E75F…)

Still claiming callout accounts got the Hipdot pr person fired.

No. 835951

Maybe they dont have a full bathroom in their corner of the house they rent? I wonder if they have to do bucket baths. That would explain the lack of hygiene.

No. 835954

She just seems like she was never taught proper hygiene. A good mother would have instilled it in her that when you go to the doctor you should make sure your body, teeth and clothes are clean and you dont reek.

No. 835960

Imo this recent video has illustrated THE MOST out of all her videos the little things laur says and does to make lillee so dependent on her.

No. 835961

anon why are you greentexting like you're quoting the video this was so confusing to read

i can't believe she things acting like a helpless child makes her cute when really it comes off so disturbing and weird since she's a grown ass adult. literally making puppy eyes and whining into the camera as laur explains what happened in the surgery and wipes up her bloody drool with a towel. these two are so fucking creepy.

No. 835983

is there any way to add #18 to the title? I couldn't find this thread and just randomly stumbled on it.

No. 835984


why would you want this bag for the summer? are you trying to keep everyone 6 feet away from you at all times?

No. 835985


LJ definitely has microdontia. It's possible for adults to have one or two baby teeth but a whole set of baby teeth? Given her lack of hygiene (she barely showers…I doubt she's brushing her teeth properly every morning & night), if she had a full set of baby teeth, they would be decayed/falling out.

No. 835986


yeah, she can't claim she has a "big ass" when she has big everything. it's like obese people talking about how big their tits are. yeah of course you have big tits, you have big everything.

No. 835987


i don't understand. does LJ actually think the yoda filter is flattering on her? so many people already call her a goblin…wouldn't she want to stay away from filters that literally turn her skin green and make her huge face wider than it already is?

No. 835988


how does she take these pictures, throw a filter on, edit them, and write a caption without realizing how unfucking flattering these pictures are? the delusion is real with this one.

No. 835990


no. i'm pretty liberal about how other women look given i went through an "ugly duckling" phase and was bullied to hell. but whenever i see her pictures with her crazy baby teeth and bugged out eyes…yeah i think she might be the ugliest girl i've ever seen.

doesn't help that her personality is also absolute shit.

No. 835991


ortho work does take time, otherwise there's a possibility that the teeth will just fall out. that's true for both braces and invisalign.

but since her ortho is likely some shady invisalign farm, i doubt they care. it's not like LJ losing a molar is going to make her uglier than she already is.

No. 835992


omfg look at her bulging stomach. it's more than lovehandles…it's straight up a fat kangaroo pouch circling her entire body. how does she take pictures like this and think it's flattering???????

No. 835995


"my most requested look"

bitch who? your bots? your indian followers who literally only join your live to pracice their english? your dolls?

No. 835996


yeah, i mean they got permabanned from uber of all companies…i've never heard of uber permabanning someone from using their service (other than people literally caught on camera stealing from an uber driver/harassing them) and i'm sure plenty of other companies have also banned them because of their shit attitude. i mean bite beauty literally sent her a cease & desist and i'm pretty sure she's not welcome there anymore either.

No. 835998


yeah, LJ 100% buys all her own PR packages weeks after the makeup is released. Or, if the PR package costs more than $40, she just buys a used makeup palette and pretends she got it in PR.

No. 835999


yeah, i mean what brand wants to:

(a) be associated with a goblin that doesn't know even the basics of applying makeup;

(b) has a horrible reputation;

(c) has been asked not to associate herself with other brands (bite beauty);

(d) has no actual following;

and (e) has a nasty attitude toward everyone, including the brands who blindly send her PR.

No. 836001


"colloidal"? does she mean colossal? attic academy strikes again

No. 836002


honestly doubt that was intentional. laur misues/makes up words all the time

No. 836003


do you remember the title of that video? i'm deathly curious to see fat goblin LJ try to be a graceful ballerina

No. 836004


jesus christ for ONCE lj wear a fucking bra and proper shirt without pushing it down your shoulders. you're not a disney princess, you're a fucking goblin

No. 836005


oh my god, have some fucking self-awareness LJ. you're already a contender for ugliest human girl on the planet, at least try to post somewhat flattering pictures of yourself.

No. 836006


used jeeps, especially older models, can be really affordable.

No. 836007

Can you stop your sperging and just make one large post instead of 300 separate ones to respond to days-old milk? Jesus Christ.

No. 836014


i'm sorry, didn't realize i had to respond to milk the same day it was posted.

(1) not all of those posts are mine;

(2) i was suspended in the past for combining multiple replies in one comment because it was too "identifying." since then, i've posted single comments. i'm fine with putting everything in one comment as long as the mods are. didn't realize you were a mod, but no need to be nasty about it. per your polite request, i've combined my comments and will do so in the future, again, as long as the mods don't think it's too identifying.


that's assuming laur is a proper mother. i doubt laur even takes care of her own personal hygeine. i can smell her stink through pictures of herself.


she puts her dirty finger in her mouth right after surgery and during a global pandemic. you know LJ and laur haven't gotten vaccinated and based on her mask pictures, she can't even be bothered to wear a mask properly. her levels of stupidity are reaching critical mass.

No. 836022


No. 836039

File: 1621164114461.jpg (58.24 KB, 1133x257, goblinworkout.jpg)

Was it that one?
Gosh she's out of breath really fast.
+ Bonus comment.

No. 836041

Isn't that the Jeep that was involved in the """car accident""" that got Laur forever banned from GEICO?

No. 836042

File: 1621167450996.jpeg (529.5 KB, 1080x2466, 8517DBCC-185F-4781-A208-706B66…)

>cause vs affect

No. 836045

if you were making so many replies in one post it identified you, maybe just resist the urge to post every thought that pops into your head

No. 836046

File: 1621173619349.jpeg (355.52 KB, 1170x1100, 8E9A14A9-9B48-4C38-8620-C0F4D6…)

The top part of her skull?

No. 836052

That empty cavity where her brain is supposed to be, I assume

No. 836054

Ugh that was the worst workout video I ever watched.

No. 836057

File: 1621186919070.jpg (151.83 KB, 892x1200, 20210516_124100.jpg)

They cut out her palate now. She's really exaggerating to milk all the sympathy from her dipshit orbiters who are just as stupid as she is.

No. 836058

File: 1621187012001.jpeg (326.54 KB, 1088x1553, 79C81E39-801D-4AE5-8B92-62088A…)

UM?? Also she looks huge.

No. 836059

Samefag, misread it as cut out, but her palate wasn't completely cut. She seems to forget she took photos and video of her mouth. >>835819

No. 836064

File: 1621187978601.jpeg (168.29 KB, 1078x1274, 709ADD4E-A223-405E-8B64-0C7E5C…)

Doesn’t Laur regularly insult people on public assistance?

No. 836066


Laur regularly insults anyone gainfully employed. She was sighted posting GOP talking pointing all summer (her ALM meltdown being prominent) but now she's back to pretending to be a democrat.shes so fickle she'll bend to which every way the wind blows.

No. 836067

Haven't the Truemans been on wellfare and social assistance programs for years kek? Laur was complaining months ago about the NYC COVID assistance program ending a few months ago and sperging on Twitter that her COVID unemployment check hadn't come.

I thought she was "employed" as the CEO of Jeaniez Management, Inc.! The way she insults everyone else's employment while haven't an inactive resume for fucking years is comical.

No. 836071

Yeah if you check Lillee’s Facebook, she openly posted about being on welfare and her parents “skipping meals” so Lillee could eat

No. 836075

File: 1621192487092.jpg (323.81 KB, 1080x991, IMG_20210516_141344.jpg)

Laur is back to boomer posting with camera photos of screens on her sock accounts.

No. 836077

File: 1621193376780.jpeg (158.04 KB, 828x443, 3EC4A824-3B73-40DD-9707-C4FFD0…)

No. 836078

Pretty sure it's a reference to the callout that gave Laur the $10 she bragged about donating back. I haven't noticed any of the callouts making any posts about being in need lately.

No. 836079

Damn. She's upset y'all said she should have taken LJ to the dentist 10 years ago.

No. 836080

The callouts funded the replacement of a switch, that an abusive ex broke, quietly. They didn't really broadcast it like Laur seems to think they should have. More than likely they probably just sent money directly to the person without making a spectacle of it.

No. 836081

Laur is incapable of understanding that you don't have to shout every moment you act like a good person from the rooftops to be liked.

She, and by extension Lillee Jean, are literally such shit people that they a. believe in Karma, and b. believe Karma is harvested from public displays. Those two would brag about leaving a 15% tip if they actually ever tipped.

No. 836083

It amazes me that Laur still thinks that all the callout accounts know each other. I am willing to bet she thinks they all meet in one place to talk about them. She also clearly thinks she is some threatening presence but clearly cannot handle any consequences of her own actions. Why else would she be hiding behind a locked account.

No. 836085

Not to WK Laur of all people but they do have a discord with all the callouts to meet in one place, kek.

No. 836086

kek no one in that house has ever skipped a meal

No. 836088

Can i join lol

No. 836089

File: 1621200800142.jpeg (336.95 KB, 1170x728, 1112C7AB-0408-4B03-A4C6-9CAED2…)

The callouts raised funds for the single mom Laur was berating to leave an abusive relationship. She thanked them a few months ago.

No. 836096


no…i was identifiable because i would quote the green text and respond to each comment.

if you have no idea what you're talking about, it's best to quit while you're behind.

No. 836103

you can keep your sleuthing secrets to yourself, anon it's not like anyone can replicate your skills

No. 836107

File: 1621214843369.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, 345C0259-A26F-4C95-A3B9-AD4A02…)

Lillee has somehow got the other two removed. I guess she hasn’t noticed this one yet

No. 836110

File: 1621216562784.jpeg (397.72 KB, 1170x1278, A888AE95-7709-4749-BDF0-004911…)

>fun and inclusive idea

Something tells this isn’t a real person and Laur’s pretending to be another PoC

No. 836114

LJ has another MLP-inspired makeup look out today, and she's once again wearing a very, uh, daring top to show off her tubular breasts at the end of the video. She even shimmies for all the Pradips out there.

Bonus: from about 15:30-45 on, she graces us all with her beautiful voice by singing the theme song.

You were also identifiable because you made a million posts in the span of ~20 minutes to add your comments. Just take the L and move on; maybe take that other anon's advice and don't post every single boring thought that crosses your mind? It's really not that hard to not be identifiable on an imageboard.

No. 836117

>holding the eyeshadow primer in light so bad that you can barely tell that the words are upside down

Professional. MUA. Just the apex predator of cosmetics

No. 836119

well the mods did. are you calling them stupid?

they asked me to separate my comments so i did so. are you a mod? are you asking me to disregard what a mod told me to do?


nah, i was identifiable because i would accumulate all my comments into one big comment and use green text to quote the person i was responding to. that made it easy for mods and other users to discern my posts.

i'd hardly call less than 10 posts over the course of an hour a million in 20 minutes but go off.

i have no idea why someone replying to "days old" milk and accusing me of being responsible for other peoples comments is such a big deal to you, but you're approaching LJ levels of crazy

No. 836124


no need to be nasty :) i don't "post every thought that crosses my mind" and if you think making wild accusations and exaggerating the truth is giving me the L…then maybe you're the problem.

who honestly gives a shit? a mod told me to separate my posts, so i did. some random user assumed multiple comments were mine and then proceeded to very politely instruct me not to do that – "can you stop sperging and just make one large post instead of 300 separate ones to respond to days-old* milk" – so I did.

Not sure why you're exaggerating, making assumptions, and turning this into a way bigger deal than it needs to be. the first comment I made after so kindly being asked to put all my comments together – against what the mods told me to do – I did just so. Literally the comment underneath is a large post citing to different comments. really don't understand why you're still dragging this out, but just take the L babe. I'm here to talk about LJ, not listen to the unsubstantiated ramblings of a person who takes lolcow wayyyyy too seriously.(:))

No. 836125

Eh, considering how much money the military industrial complex has spent in the past 20 years, people living off PUA doesn't bother me. I like to think some money could be spent towards getting a new job/trade on government dime. But would Laur invest in LJ doing something with her life? Naaawh.

But if she's doing SO WELL as she says here >>836077 , she's reporting her income. Laur probably thinks she's slick, using LJ's name
on any type of AdSense revenue. However, her name is attached to whatever LLC/INC/I-don't-know, as seen here >>835157 , she could have to explain to the NY unemployment office that she's larping as a successful businesswoman for her daughter, and really isn't profiting off anything. Misrepresenting any income, even a dollar, could get her kicked from benefit's and having to pay back money to the government.

No. 836126

newfags: learn to assimilate or gtfo

No. 836131

File: 1621222618257.png (118.49 KB, 714x388, Screenshot_23.png)

Had to find what you were talking about.
>my mom would pass her meals or even skip a meal so my dad and I could eat
If this is true, the fuck is Earl getting the food for? Is he so old and frail that Laur's meals go to him?

No. 836132

File: 1621223190828.png (55.88 KB, 585x418, SAYNOTOBULLYING REDDIT.png)

And a throwback to 2017 I found!

No. 836134

The FBI…that escalated quickly. I’m so thankful I have parents that didn’t call the FBI on everyone who made me feel sad in middle school.

I’m so glad my ego never inflated so big like LJ’s because of all the unnecessary coddling. No wonder she thinks people want her face on a tote bag. Mommy told her so.

No. 836138

File: 1621226342309.png (253.97 KB, 511x543, Screenshot 2021-05-17 003541.p…)

Out of curiousity from the above comments, I decided to browse the reactions on LJ's FB posts. Laur logged into "Earl's" FB to react (doubting it was ever his to begin with). I find it odd because Laur doesn't use her account to react, so it's not like she's using it as one extra engagement. Weird.

No. 836139

Can a dental anon pull me up to speed: are her teeth moving so quick because they're baby teeth? I noticed upthread people claiming her teeth are moving very fast, and I noticed too because I had braces (albeit over a decade ago), and don't remember my teeth moving this fast.

No. 836155

They are not baby teeth. She does not have a single baby tooth in her mouth rn.

No. 836161

the surgeon only cuts into the palate around the impacted canines cutting the "palate completely" would be hazardous to the nasal passage plus if she just had the surgery and it was as far back as she says, it would take her up to two-three weeks to completely heal and multiple months for them to make space for them to come through and fit properly

No. 836164

Laur: The surgery was $3000.
Laur: Did you hear it was $3000?
Laur: I paid $3000 for this surgery.
Laur: I want to make it as explicitly clear as I can that the surgery was $3000.

No. 836166


Jesus that's a bit pathetic and doesn't help their case when moaning about the goblins.

Anyone can anyone clarify about the whole palete being cut. As I know someone who had extra teeth which required hers being essential broken to get the teeth out but this required being put to sleep. I am assuming she means the soft palete and is exaggerating a bit about what the issue is.

No. 836171

They go on discord and privated the server bc laur is a fucking psycho trying to censor every post on other places.

No. 836183

Is it the one posted in r/realLilleeJean

I think I read before the nazi that harasses LJ was in there which is why they privated to keep them out(emoji)

No. 836193

File: 1621273642110.jpeg (143.91 KB, 828x593, 42997486-8C53-400B-B2E7-9EBA7B…)

No. 836206

File: 1621275705668.jpg (293.9 KB, 1080x1946, Screenshot_20210517-192009_Ins…)

Massive week of interviews. You mean one?

No. 836209

The post is on medium
My fav quotes:
>When I was around 15, I decided to start a small side-business, while I went to school, doing people’s makeup for events.

>My parents never dreamed this would become my career path. They figured I would graduate High School and then move on to College. (I encourage all my fans to go to College, for me it was just a natural path at the moment to put College on the back burner, while I pursued this career).

>My love of fashion and beauty brought me so much joy, I decided to keep working on my skills, taking looks up a notch each time, while becoming more interactive within the beauty community, as well as becoming more engaging with my fans.

> One of the things I learned from this experience, is to be more careful with the things that I had, and not carelessly leave them around, without care.

Yes we all remember this pic >>827898

>Most people don’t realize that my evolution to where I am right now started when I was 9, so I have been doing this for 11 years.

>I started to take off, pretty much when I was 16, thus as you can see patience is the most important thing in a business that a lot of people want to get involved in, but also are too afraid to take the plunge.

>you always engage, nobody is beneath me, nobody is too small

Sure she always answer in such a nice way.

> I have had a lot of times where I felt or was made to feel isolated.

From the one who never goes out.

>For someone who has been severely cyberbullied on the internet

>but when I hit 15 (that is when the cyberbullying started)
>I am already involved with a movement to stop cyberbullying in a meaningful way.
>I am working on creating a non-profit organization that will be comprised of legal experts, and volunteer law school students, willing to take on cyberbullying in a meaningful way, as well as helping the person being cyberbullied to feel that they are not isolated and alone.
LOL She stole the guardian project just like this anon said >>835676

>it would have to be Kim Kardashian hands down (…) Kim wears it all in style. Instead of a brunch, Kim and I would have a spa day. It is so relaxing.

No. 836213

>I am working on creating a non-profit organization that will be comprised of legal experts
Kickstarter scam in 3…2…

No. 836214

File: 1621280711511.jpeg (67.41 KB, 410x680, 87065717-D931-4AD0-9B58-8F1548…)

threatening people’s jobs again

No. 836215

I must say, the medium author did a nice job translating the attic pidgin out of her responses because she (or Laur) sounds coherent for a change. Lillee Jean, Inc. needs to hire this guy full time!

No. 836219

I see she has unlocked her account how long before a full meltdown or she locks it again because she's been reported.

No. 836222

So does Medium pay by the comma, or…?

No. 836223

kek how many times has Laur said "this is the last time"? Clearly it's not because her empty threats have done nothing

No. 836227

Laur’s panicking right now because she dumped all her pandemic unemployment into fixing Lillee’s teeth and Lillee’s still a pariah. Hipdot’s tweet had 50+ negative comments on it before it was deleted. They weren’t all from callout accounts/‘fake’accounts. Laur still holds out hope there’s a small group of haterz when in reality 8.5mil people have seen Primink’s video. Most people aren’t vocal in their dislike of Lillee but if they see a legit brand promoting her, they’ll leave a comment. Unless Lillee changes her name and takes a long break, it’s going to continue happening. No amount of threats from Laur will change this because the people commenting on these brand posts don’t follow Laur.

No. 836236

Hipdot was probably their golden goose. They're probably the only non scam brand that's mentioned her since the call outs made her more note worthy.

LJ's only goal is to become a brand and not do anything. She thinks Kim K is obtainable. Paris Hilton, Kardasian were already rich socialites. Poor people need talent or a hook. LJ is too autistic.

No. 836239

She not only needs a talent or hook, she needs a better overall personality. She needs to pretty much rewrite herself completely to be able to make it. If she wants to get into makeup, she needs to become WAY better at it, and even that's not a guarantee because I've seen stunning makeup looks from people with only 5k followers on Instagram. It's incredibly hard to grow in such a saturated market. But she's also mean, awkward, isolated, and generally very unlikable as a person. Her personality never developed past middle school, it's why she's constantly bringing up her experiences from school, it's all she has. She has no worldly experience with literally anything at all, she's stuck inside a box all day with no friends. She has no outside interaction, making her stick out like a sore thumb when she actually goes into public (her newest vlog as a perfect example). I'm preaching to the choir, but she has a whole lot more she needs than just a talent or a hook. She's ticking off every single wrong thing that you can do to try and become famous.

No. 836242

File: 1621296633508.jpeg (68.92 KB, 630x651, 556FAAA0-E7B7-43F5-B992-8B49A9…)

it’s hard to believe she can’t get brand deals after producing g8 content like this

No. 836249

The chest area to shirt ratio with zero cleavage

No. 836258

new video. LJ once again refuses to wear a bra; she looks huge and her tits look, as always, unfortunate. She piles product after product into her hair and blowdries it into a frizzy mess.

No. 836259

That was terrible.

No. 836260

Lillee wearing different clothes and washing her hair for once, is there hope for her after all?

No. 836261


There is absolutely nothing about this that is ASMR.

No. 836262

File: 1621308210454.png (174.89 KB, 380x627, Screenshot_28.png)

This is obviously copyright infringement LJ, they didn't get your permission!

No. 836263


kek even at the end she still looks like that kid in middle school who didn't bathe and smelled like old fish. she literally has the hair texture of an old hag.

No. 836277

Ironically, LJ reminds me of kids cartoons villains that are made to be dunked on. Like irrationally fond of themselves yet ugly, fake princess-y attitude, no humble bone in their body, detestable entourage / yes men yet always unsuccessful in the end.

I think what piss me off the most about LJ is how she went ahead and named her fan base despite it being non existent. Not only is Jeanies retarded but this bitch couldn’t pick a name that wasn’t directly related to her own?

Her fake nice and sweet voice and attitude are exhausting. Nothing about her is genuine and people can smell it a mile away. Even being butt ugly, she could have had a minor following if she had a nicer personality like Raw Kristy Beauty.

No. 836279

Yeah that's why I didn't bring up her looks at all in my comment, because looks have a lot smaller of an impact on someone's following if the person is actually really entertaining. Makeup itself is about beauty, but you can still make it even if you aren't drop dead model gorgeous. In my opinion, when she does her hair and makeup and wears decent clothes, she looks average. Like if I saw her in public, she wouldn't catch my eye as someone so ugly I'd have to just gawk in disbelief, she'd just be another person in public. But her personality and way she carries herself takes her attractiveness level down several notches, where I do truly find her ugly now when I probably wouldn't have before if I didn't know who she was.

No. 836284

I agree that she needs to vanish for a while. Maybe actually work on looks that are different or go to college/cosmetology school. Something that might actually develop her skills or expose her to other people so she can actually develop life skills and realise mommy isn't always right.

No. 836285

I really wonder about her future. I leave these threads for a while and then come back to see where she's at. Unsurprisingly, unchanged. Which would be normal for most people who are successful, if you've got something good going, not a lot of change happens. But she's living such a sad, unsuccessful life, it's really mind-boggling that she holds onto it so tightly. I mean even being under Laur's foot all day still doesn't hide her fake stats and engagement. She's aware she's a loser. I can't imagine how she ends up.

No. 836287


My guess is because it's easier for her. College takes a lot of effort. So does working toward real engagement and followers. It's a lot easier to just buy your way into things. She also doesn't have to do any chores or cook for herself. She doesn't have to actually do anything right now, so I can understand why she stays put.

No. 836289

There is going to come a point where buying their way and working with scammers is going to blow up in their face even more than it already has. It's such a waste of money that could have been spent on something to actually improve themselves and get a real following and have actual brands work with them instead of being sent c&design.

No. 836299

I just watched her PERFECT hair blowout
Damn does this bitch ever close her mouth
I just cant stop cringe watching her.

The way she acts is a huge proponent in how ugly she appears.
Even if I didn’t know who she was, I still wouldn’t of found her attractive not that my opinion matters, but I wouldn’t of found her so hideous.
She could of capitalized on her quirks and found a niche group of followers, but she is too retarded to do anything now.

I think she’s fucked, she is too far removed from reality. I hate to see it.

No. 836300

File: 1621333976521.jpg (44.54 KB, 845x570, authoritahmagkeks.jpg)

>Post in Medium

Their mag is as real as Pheepy

No. 836302

File: 1621334992365.jpeg (264.09 KB, 2048x2048, A615CE01-B82B-41DE-88AB-D3240E…)

>top stories about Invisalign on Medium

She’s bragging about her blogpost but the photo shows it’s sorted by archive, not top stories.


No. 836304

>8.5mil people have seen Primink’s video
It still amazes me she couldn't turn not even 1% of it into fans.

No. 836306

At first glance, it seems like she’s special needs and being exploited by an overbearing parent. People are sympathetic to that. But anyone who listens to Lillee’s repeated lies about her following being legitimate and not saying racist things (even though there’s recordings of her podcast and she’s apologized) realizes Lillee is a massive cunt. There’s nothing likable about her so the few sympathizers she managed to gain quickly left.

No. 836308

She does remind me of the queen bee girl from powderpuff girls, except not wealthy

No. 836311

File: 1621339407847.png (255.45 KB, 500x379, e2fd8cde012128be77ab1d484148c0…)


There is no queen bee girl in Powerpuff girls. Do you mean princess morbucks? LJ only wishes she was that rich

No. 836312

Sometimes I try and imagine what it would be like to live a lie like she has for this many years, and it's actually crazy to think about. I do wonder at this point whether to some extent she has deluded herself into thinking that she has found success or that she does still have a chance. It probably doesn't help that the internet is full of stories of people being cyber bullied or 'cancelled' unfairly and she can just live in a fantasy world where that applies to her story.

As she starts to rocket through her twenties, and she no longer has the pandemic as an excuse for why she never does anything or leaves the house, shit is gonna get even sadder than it already is. That's if she or her mom don't eventually crack in some way.

No. 836316

fucking kek holy shit

This is why LJ is one of my favorite cows. Because her mom is so deluded, she has almost certainly brainwashed LJ into also feeling that she can be a famous beauty guru. I don't think that Lillee knows the extent of how hopeless her YouTube career is; I think she honestly feels that her makeup is good and overlooked by the rest of the beauty community, and she's just waiting for her "big break." This is mostly fueled by Laur, I think. LJ is also to blame, but let's be honest: she was absolutely doomed from the start because of her mom. Even if Lillee wanted to be a NASA physicist, both she and her mom would constantly be lying on the internet and deluding themselves about how much of a mathematical prodigy LJ is.

Watching Lillee's interactions with her mom is really fascinating. They both have no friends; they only have each other and spend their time isolated from the real world. Unfortunately, Lillee will probably spend the rest of her life LARPing as something she's not, because coming to terms with reality seems almost harder than the LARP at this point.

No. 836319

At the rate she is going her future is looking bleak. Am talking 40 still living with mommy and having no social skills and being lost when she no longer has an overbearing mother controlling her life.

It's just so strange she doesn't have any collaborations with people in person (before the pandemic included). I'm not counting the the video call pod people. She never posts about doing anything outside of her house or "work" events which is just sad. It makes me pity her even though I know what she is like.

No. 836323

File: 1621344104467.png (1.43 MB, 1412x1080, EF7A50FE-A085-46B1-9C2D-F5FA40…)

Yes, my bad thats her. It’s been a while since I watched ppg. I remembered the black and yellow motif and ran with it.

Lol can we get lj to do a princess morbucks look, she’s done blossom twice for some reason.

No. 836326

Her hair tutorials just fucking tickles me.
There is no saving her.
The hair tutorials are proof
Your hair looks like shit lillee take a shower.

No. 836330

She’ll be blaming the pandemic for at least another year because she won’t get vaccinated

No. 836334


changing her name won't do anything. the combination of her goblin stature, terrible attitude, and nightmare-inducing smile makes her too recognizable

No. 836338

Most of the east coast has lifted restrictions, resuming normal life. A lot of Lillee’s resistance to the vaccine and admitting the pandemic is somewhat controlled in her area is this pandemic was the best thing to happen to her. When the pandemic ends, Lillee has no more unemployment benefits and no excuse for being locked indoors months at a time. If Lillee has an autoimmune disease, she would have been eligible for early vaccination. Both Laur & Earl should be vaccinated by now with their laundry list of pre-existing conditions.

No. 836340


normally people look better when they smile, but the combination of her stretching her mouth as wide as it can get and her bugged out eyes literally make her look like a psychopath

god "jeaniez" is also such a stupid name, even for her non-existent fans. it reminds me of jake paul calling his fans "jake paulers." but she probably thinks it's such a cool and ~quirky~ name for her huge, totally existent fan base and she'll never admit she's wrong so "jeaniez" it is.


it's sad that her changing her top and taking a shower is progress for her.

No. 836343

she's completely self-delusional/in denial about everything. she literally looks at herself in a recording and thinks she's as pretty, pale, and good at singing as a disney princess. that level of self-delusion definitely makes it feasible that she's also deluding herself about having a jeaniez fan base.

yeah, she's no venus angelic. she knows exactly what's going on and actively participates in perpetuating her lies. every so often she drops her fake internet persona when she gets angry and it's clear that she's an ugly person inside and out.

remember her wearing a literal tiara and saying "this is what LILLEE JEAN wants! you understand?" yeah…even if she had good makeup skills it doesn't fix her fucked up face and even worse attitude.

No. 836346

She stopped going out more than one year BEFORE lockdown. She can't blame pandemic for her non-existent social interaction now but guess she still try. I wonder why she stopped going to events, it's not like it was all expensive.
What's sad, is that she always seems hysterically happy the few times she goes out: see her vlogs.
How can't she connect the dots?

Above the delusion, she seems convinced that everyone here wants to be a "beauty-guru".
She always answers like: "oh you didn't like the makeup, what have YOU done as iNfLuEnCeR??? What are YOUR makeup skills??? My channel is successful I'm winning!!!"
When you hit 20 and if you are a healthy young adult, you want to go out a lot, travel, have hobbies, have real friends, experience, and carefully chose your study field/career in order to secure an easy to hire real legit job with decent salary, especially now.
Oh an also, not to make such a fool of yourself online where things can remains forever.
How can she thinks she's "winning"?

No. 836348

>I wonder why she stopped going to events

She stopped getting invited, anon

No. 836351

She stopped getting invites, even to brands that had worked with her in the past. Can you imagine being Wander Beauty and have Lillee and Laur come into your business and hump and flash their way around your business, acting like a couple of tweens that never been to the mall without their parents before? AFAIK, They never published the video she shot, and she was removed from the PR list. The owner/PR person liked the stuff that she tagged them in/occasionally replied with the Generic "Love you" when Lillee directly tagged the owner, but that only lasted a few months and they have distanced themselves since.

Now, she chooses to claim she can't go to events because of her stalkers, and that she will have to have bodyguards to go to them. They are going to shell out money to go to a event with a bodyguard for someone literally no one wants to even interact with, much less harrass. With Lillee and Laur's weird understanding of what is socially appropriate and what personal space is, I foresee her hanging all over the body guard and pretending to hide behind him the entire time, while pretending that everyone is looking at her in jealousy, rather than the WTF that it will be. No one talks to her at the events unless it's their job, and they look like they want to shoot themselves the entire time.

No. 836352

You would think she would capatilize on any trends or challenges. You know to actually grow her social media as people will wonder onto pages through similar posts. But she seems to non stops post things that aren't all the popular under the guise of being different.

You think maybe an musician/group that has a large following inspired look Or one of the tiktok trends.

No. 836354

>>836346, Samefag.

I don't know Anons, in the dance-plant video she didn't seem invited. It was a store opening event and the staff didn't welcome her as guest.
At the fashion desfilé, Laur had to pay outrageous amount to be in the front-line, so I guess this kind of event became too expensive for them.
She did say it was about the ""stalkers"" and she "needed bodyguards", however, is she really believing that? Nothing ever happened at those events. And maybe that's why she doesn't want to go bc no one is paying attention to her?
There was also the Queen NYC Anon living nearby who walked the dog on her street, and nothing happened bc no one care much about where she lives.

But maybe she got kicked of most events or people made fun of her and is now embarrassed to go?

She lives in NYC, like how difficult is it to find a nice relaxed fashion/beauty related event.
Keks, but no it's sad.

No. 836357

newfriend(s), if you don’t have milk to add please write ‘sage’ in the email field

No. 836358

> I foresee her hanging all over the body guard and pretending to hide behind him the entire time

That bodyguard would need to be twice the size of a professional wrestler so Laur and Lillee could hide behind.

No. 836361

Isn't this what happened at that event where the big guy picked her up? I can almost guarantee that wasn't his idea, it was weird.

No. 836362

Hiring a bodyguard is actually not that expensive if it's for few hours during an event.
There are apps for it and you don't even need to be famous.
But can you imagine Laur calling one? It would be fun to watch though.

No. 836367

it was definitely Laur’s idea to show how teeny tiny her goblin is

No. 836369

It was apparently to recreate another photo he had done? I remember one of the goblins saying something like that. I just imagine the last girl was probably a size 2 model instead of lunk of chunk, and he choice to do it instead of being goaded by an overly pushy hag and her way too affectionate troll daughter.

No. 836370

File: 1621357319968.jpg (602.43 KB, 1077x1730, Screenshot_20210518-120133_Chr…)

Same fag, found the reference photo. He picked up Lady Gaga, they were recreating that picture.

No. 836371

File: 1621357469928.jpg (745.62 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20210518-120358_Ins…)

Photo being discussed

( Sorry for the multiple posts, too much coffee this morning)

No. 836373

File: 1621357660916.jpg (9.22 KB, 183x275, images (14).jpg)

He does that with everyone.
He's a director/producer, not a body guard.

No. 836374

Lol I forgot all about the FNL tv shit show that never materialized.
What a wild saga.they literally mentioned it for like a week and have never brought it up again.

No. 836375

Does he wear a sign that says "Free Gropes from a guy who wears too much cologne here!"?

No. 836376

He's lucky he didn't had to pick Laur up.

No. 836377

I hope she showered that day

No. 836379

I am in awe that she never leaves the house and when she has a big dental appointment she ends smelling like arm pit.

No. 836385

File: 1621363635465.jpg (311.29 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_2021-05-18-20-44-38…)

Looks like the little goblin got a collobration with this clothing line.

Not gonna lie her makeup and hair looks more decent here compared to her daily shitty videos.

No. 836386

imagine being so sheltered and boring that you have to tell the same exact story every time you get featured. embarrassing.

No. 836390


Let's see how long they can hold onto this clothing company. I did a little research on this company and looks like it is Netherlands based. It surprises me 'cause I always had the impression that Europeans were more politically correct compared to USA so how come this brand supports racist, homophobic Lillee and her monster mom who tries to get people fired?

No. 836391

Imagine being so sheltered and boring that you peak at 9 years old

No. 836397

File: 1621366516695.jpg (105.13 KB, 972x634, cuissesdebaleine.jpg)

>her makeup and hair looks more decent here compared to her daily shitty videos
I kindly disagree.

No. 836399

the comments on the house of hart's post are starting to resemble the hipdot comments section.

how many hours until this mild mannered dutch company scrubs all traces of goblin from their page and begs LJ to burn the shirt?

No. 836401


They've apparently deleted all comments. I think this company's actually protecting her…

No. 836402

How does she manage to have her hair look like this when she’s always dumping oils in it? Such a frizzy/dry mess… she needs to stop relaying on Laur’s opinion when it comes to beauty and fashion jc

No. 836403

She looks like drunk trailer trash

They usually delete negative comments until it gets too overwhelming, they delete the entire post and add an ‘ooopsie our brand is inclusive’ story post. It’s like clockwork with these indie brands. I almost feel sorry for them.

No. 836404

The community manager is such an idiot!! BTW it's 22H now in Netherlands, maybe the CM is an unpaid intern?

No. 836406

She has naturally curly hair but she ruined with whatever she puts on

No. 836407

called it, posts deleted now

No. 836409


Already taken down

No. 836411


Wow this was fast. Now it's time to watch the goblins' tantrum.

No. 836413

she was just threatening people with losses if LJ lost another brand. It happened, Laur. You still can’t do shit to anyone.

No. 836414

File: 1621369120048.png (1.03 MB, 1200x836, zipped.png)

LJ hasn't deleted her House of Harts Twitter post yet. Also, I'm trying to figure out what she's asking. If people zip their jeans? Why is she drawing attention to the fact that her jeans struggle to contain her flab?

No. 836416


It's gone from her insta stories

No. 836417


her hair looks like a dolls hair that got all messed up and combed out. it does not look good at all.

No. 836418

Both this shirt company & hipdots’ posts had been up for a good amount of time before LJ shared them on her IG stories and they got inundated with negative comments. You would think she would learn not to share them but I guess her ego can’t stand it. She has to show the haters she’s ‘successful’.

I’m secretly hoping for another unhinged yoda livestream in retaliation for her being dropped.

No. 836420

Her hair always bothers me. First, because she’s convinced she’s a blonde when she clearly isn’t. Second, because it’s never really curly and it’s never really straight. The texture is horrible - like it’s having an identity crisis. Not ripping on anyone with this hair. I have wavy hair. Before going out, I either curl it, straighten it or put it back. I don’t let it take over, and I usually carry a brush with me. Something she clearly doesn’t do. Does she have a mirror?

No. 836421

Laur has unlocked her Twitter. No tweets on House of Harts yet. Maybe after she finishes her boxed wine.

No. 836422


her hair reminds me of a barbie doll that got flat ironed. it has this frizzy/melted plastic look especially when she teases it to fuck and back to make it poofy.

No. 836423

she could probably jump on the "i just realized i have naturally curly hair and ive been brushing it out my whole life" trend on tiktok. although i suppose that might ruin her "im a pale white, blonde, disney princess" delusion

No. 836425

Anyone cap of the negative comments? I missed em.

No. 836429

even when LJ was invited, she & Laur stuck out like sore thumbs. I remember to one event LJ wore a floor length pink gown more fitting for prom than for a makeup launch. Then there was Laur, dressed like she was 18 with her boob fat hanging out over the sides of her shirt and jeans that were 3 sizes too small. If they had a shred of self-respect, they'd be embarrassed but we're talking about LJ and Laur here so of course not.

why the hell would LJ and Laur need a body guard? It's not like they're popular with hundreds of fans ambushing them the once a year they leave the attic.

it's called hella photoshop and facetune and even then she still looks like a bridge troll.

I legitimately don't understand how LJ & Laur manage to trick companies into sponsorship deals. All a company needs to do is look at her instagram or google her name to figure out she's a complete goblin fraud.

No. 836433

Unzipped jean style can be kind of … I guess models did that in the 2000s or 90s?

But the most important observation is tard LJ is trying to sell the shirts/hoodies and not her $25 jeans. What a wreck.

No. 836436

File: 1621374460191.jpeg (229.51 KB, 827x1264, B9E8FB33-9C60-41BC-9FB6-B72DC2…)

I didn’t get all of the comments since they kept deleting them so fast, but here’s this one

No. 836437

Your icon is visible anon

No. 836442

The problem is that her jeans are not coming undone because of a fashion statement. It's cause she packed 50 pounds of lard in a 5 pound sack. That zipper is Spiderman trying to hold the barge together.

No. 836448

These aren't "companies." They might as well be on etsy. Just cheap start ups trying to sell a logo. They're desperate and don't do research. The more established brands are easily fooled because they're trying to share randos with followings.

No. 836449

File: 1621375838392.png (602.04 KB, 1170x2532, 5243ED0E-7EE1-4BAE-82A8-7EDCE8…)

Didn’t you know? They’ve moved onto bigger and better things! Next on the list….Netflix!!

No. 836457

Some should create a dramatic Netflix trailer with LJ videos

No. 836460

File: 1621378443432.jpg (414.65 KB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20210518-175307_You…)

Pheepy's got some competition lol. This guy is all over her media.

No. 836464

So what's the latest on the House of Harts, I can't find posts anywhere now!(newfag)

No. 836465


not suspicious at all

No. 836467

File: 1621381580593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1170x2054, F492AE95-2924-41BB-AB7B-2A95B8…)

gummee jean update

No. 836473

File: 1621383361051.jpeg (644.58 KB, 828x1313, D320CDFC-1D2D-44B7-8B76-A3CEC9…)

lillee gushes over all his selfies, pheepy better step up and send some more claires jewelry

No. 836474

She's already jerked off with him over facetime probably. That unzippered jean post? The goblin's in heat again.

No. 836475

Oh no, not #cyebrbullying

No. 836477

File: 1621384620765.png (803.79 KB, 1196x838, 413421705.png)

It seems a bit premature to thank them.

No. 836479

File: 1621385093442.jpeg (148.88 KB, 1170x585, 7A1F7588-A4F1-446C-B5E2-2B5540…)

She just realized it was removed kek

No. 836481

Get your popcorn anons, looks like the Franzia freak out is coming

No. 836486

Who does the gremlin follow on youtube? Does she ever interact with other beauty youtubers?

No. 836490

What evil, diabolical plot will our third-rate cartoon villain choose this time? Because really, she's about as effective at getting revenge for her little troll as Acme products in a Road Runner episode.

No. 836493

Netflix adaptation of Lolita but it's just Lillee and Prince Jafar

No. 836495


still hoping for a 90 day fiance saga with some lackluster Indian dude

since they're the only type of men who interact with her, I feel like LJ will end up with a fetish kek

No. 836502

She's freaky enough that she probably could get cast on 90df (if Laur was aware of any current year media, that is)

No. 836503

how long was it even up?

No. 836504

It was only up for like 30 or 40 minutes, not nearly as long as the hipdot one

No. 836506


What does this even mean? Lmao I love how Laur's threats look so desperate at this point.

No. 836510

She is basically threatening people's jobs, social media etc . So people can expect their places of work to be called or emailed. Their social media to be bombarded with false claims/spammed. Wouldn't surprise me if she went after peoples families jobs and landlords to get them thrown out. If we loose something you loose something.

No. 836514

ArchLuminous is a self proclaimed Genius Hacker, 10/10 Laur asks her to hack lolcow owned by Null wink-wink, with our IPs, adresses and everything.

No. 836517

This part is the most bizarre thing about Lillee to me. I've known weird people, insufferable people, homeschooled kids when I was in college, even people who were more inclined to isolate themselves. All of these people I knew had at least one friend. I don't think I've known anyone quite like Lillee, where she's wrapped her entire world around her mom and shut everyone else out. Which I'm aware that if someone was like that, it's fair to say I probably wouldn't know them because they shut everyone out, but still. She barely showed up to middle school and then went entirely online for high school and never went to college. She skipped out on everything that would socialize her. I shouldn't be so shocked that she doesn't have even one friend, but it still is very weird to me that on every single social media platform she has, she isn't pictured with anyone else but her mom. Not even another family member. That is something I truly can't get past since I've followed this in 2019.

No. 836518

This is honestly terrifying how much this looks like her.

No. 836520


Usually when a company that collabed with her deletes all of the hate comments, it's to protect themselves, not her. They probably find it too much of a hassle to break away immediately and do a whole post dedicated to them distancing themselves.
What gets me though is why she keeps trying to collab with these companies so soon after her previous one dropped her because of the callouts. I mean she has to know they're going to go after every company, right?

No. 836522

How retarded are you anon?
I don't care about your icon but next time hide the callouts name, don't make laur's job easier.
FFS you're reaching lillee levels of retard.

No. 836526

nayrt it’s not anons job to protect people calling them out. with everything already out there about these two, you’re an idiot for not using an anon account to talk about them.

No. 836529

File: 1621428805733.jpeg (124.26 KB, 843x563, 96866586-4447-4C0E-A170-F460FA…)

Laur’s scrubbing her twitter account

No. 836536


This reminded me that Elaine girl who said that she was getting the FBI to arrest everybody on lolcow starting with Null. They are so sadly alike. Let's see if this genius hacker friend of Laur's can hack the whole lolcow and kiwifarms. Get your hands ready for the handcuffs fellows LoL.

No. 836540

Where did Estella say any of this? Just checked her twitter and she’s replied to Laur once in the last few months.

Not sure if your trying to derail the tread for the attic goblin’s benefit or you have a weird hard-on for Estella but give it up. No one cares about her in this thread.

No. 836544

File: 1621433788448.jpeg (380.27 KB, 1170x728, 200D4D04-C667-4C4F-B3CB-7D537F…)

Estella/Linden Carney is the only WK still talking to Laur. She’s relevant to this thread. She did say she was a hacker and no one could find her identity. Forgetting she used her real name in Diane/Chatbot’s livestream. For anyone not following along with Lin, she was ousted from the guardian group & blocked by Mark Pellegrino a few weeks ago for being a “bully”. Now she’s saying Mark told her to die in private messages and she’s suing everyone for stealing her bully brigade idea. Also a fake suicide attempt in which she tweeted, pretending to be her teenage daughter, she had found her mom’s body and all her twitter friends were murderers. And probably some stolen valor going on since none of combat stories line up. She’s just as batshit as Laur.

No. 836545

I hope Estella will merge will Laur and Lillee to create a massive cow.

NAYRT most/all callouts accounts are burner account, but still.

No. 836546

I hope they create a guardian-like project for Lillee Jean kek

No. 836547

Where does one get their "ethical hacker" certification anyway? Does the local community college offer it?

No. 836550

Going through all this it appears while lilleejean is not completely blameless. Laur is the person causing most damage to their reputation due to her inability to stfu or take any kind of responsibility.

You just know she was the kid at school who called people a narc when they called her out on her bullshit or told someone about it. Because that's what cowards who are terrified of the consequences of their own actions do. That or they try and turn the tables while screeching boolie !

No. 836551

File: 1621435428417.jpeg (681.55 KB, 1170x1678, CCD11B60-5D53-4DE2-AC3C-18CE5D…)

Estella fought a bear too

No. 836552


Anon this entry said "Elaine" not Estella. I think you don't remember Elaine Gertler, the cow LJ created by going on one IG live together.

But no, Elaine and Estella are totally related to this thread and totally related to LJ drama so drop the delusion that people are trying to derail the topic in favor of LJ.

No. 836553

Has there ever been a momager that has not been absolutely batshit insane? Every momager i can recall off the top of my head is batshit insane and abusive

No. 836558

Elaine at least knew when to give up and STFU/fade into obscurity. Estella/Linden Carney not so much

No. 836560

At least Laur and Lillee are together forever whereas Margaret had hers run away. In before Margaret does her monthly Lolcow check and slips Laur her business card.

No. 836572

Laur's Twitter is still locked up. I assumed with that ominous one liner we'd have a show.

No. 836575


she's probably trying to decide which callout to blame first. then she'll google the callout's fake name and change her twitter bio to what ever info she gets from the first linkedin search result.

i feel sorry for whoever has to answer the phone at whatever random accounting firm she finds.

No. 836576

Goblin ancestry series has been updates.

I'm sorry, German anons. It was your turn.

No. 836579

German anons will be pleased to hear her first sentence:
religious persecution = Germany.
Yeah, because Germany in only about Hitler and jews.

No. 836581

Let's just take the rich and storied history of a country and ignore it in favour of rehashing the most awful time in its existence

Germans in 2021 detest Nazism in all its forms but ok go off LJ

No. 836582

Seven foot tall Rabbi? God, Laur's lies are just insane

No. 836583


not only the jews, anon. she goes on and on about how, on her dad's side, her lutheran ancestors were fleeing religious persecution in germany at the same time that her 7-ft tall rabbi grandfather on her mom's side was also fleeing. she spends a lot of time wondering if they all took the same boat together.

No. 836584

Is she saying her great grandpa was a rabbi now?

She is wondering why mankind never learns and repeat history, well Lillee, this is top keks 1M level of irony.

She is ranting like crazy. The video is 100% nonsense. Any greentext Anon will be appreciated, this is wild.

No. 836585

Lutherans had to flee Germany? What??? Also she calls Lutherans "renegade catholics" so uh

No. 836587

File: 1621446029424.jpeg (237.51 KB, 828x1157, 0ACC71B7-4016-406F-8BFE-573754…)

From her blog

No. 836588

Kek, history for the insane

No. 836591

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a legitimate certification in the Cybersecurity/IT field. I work at a respected university with a substantial cyber/IT program and we offer a class geared towards this certification but the teenagers/early 20s can pass it so she shouldn’t be bragging so much kek

No. 836594

Oh damn. Martin Luther is having a sperg fit in his grave kek.

No. 836601

Ah, TIL. Thanks anon. I take it she's not actually a genius though?

No. 836604

Ok, time for historical facts:
*Lillee never opened a book in her whole pathetic empty life.
She is talking about the prussian war without naming it, as she's too dumb to remember the name.*
So starting in 1870:

1/France was the attacker.
Germans can't be the "bad guys" if France was the attacker.
Germany was attacked by the french and Germany won -because of Bismarck who was a smart sneaky bitch & Napoleon III who was an arrogant idiot.
The narrative of the "mean germans attacking poor french people" isn't true and was the exact opposite. Her stupidity is incredible.

2/It had Nothing to do with jews and the "bad german-nazis".
Lillee claims now her family were chased because being lutheran keks. The war wasn't about religion, the war was about Prussia.
Germany wouldn't attack/chase the lutherans as it was a very important religious order of the GERMAN Empire.
Lillee wants SO MUCH to be a big fat crying victim from a family of big fat victims fleeing europe in a stinky nightgown.

3/Alsace was historically german, part of the Holy Roman Empire, then was lost as result of the 30 years war with France. French people attacked Alsace many times before that.
Germans didn't "INVADE" nor "stole" it from France, they just try to take it back, then France tried to take it back too. Hence the several languages and dialects spoken there.

We know she reads here all day and yet she's unable to put her dumb lies together. The delusion is so thick she's rewriting history. Get your life together goblin.

No. 836605

i see she's still bragging about grandma john kek. she knows that its impossible for a french woman to have the name Jean and yet brags about how French she is

No. 836606

ITT: proof Lillee never passed a history class in her life

No. 836607

The Eurofags getting heated on this one!

No. 836611

Omg thx that there is no Poland in her family Treene She made me rly happy.

No. 836612

“The Church of Rome … has become the most lawless den of thieves, the most shameless of all brothels, the very kingdom of sin, death and hell; so that not even antichrist ,if he were to come, could devise any addition to its wickedness.” - Martin Luther, founder of Lutheranism

In other words, Lutheranism is Catholicism 2.0. They're basically best friends! "Renegade Catholics" kek

No. 836619

at one point she said that her great grandmother was jewish. i don't remember her mentioning anything about any grandfathers.

plus, to be jewish it needs to come from the maternal side of the family, not the paternal. so even if she had a great grandpa that was a rabbi it doesn't mean shit for her.

god she's embarrassing

No. 836657

I don't really understand what you're saying. Like, I don't doubt that Lillee is full of shit, but she never claimed the Rabbi was on her father's side. And presumably the Rabbi's wife/her great grandmother was Jewish also.

No. 836664

File: 1621480694649.jpeg (170.92 KB, 1170x853, CE6AC75C-8241-4FEC-BC90-1E85F4…)

totally normal interaction

No. 836685

Yumna was clearly having a dig at how pale lillee is

That is, if Yumna isn't Laur

No. 836691

File: 1621505439860.jpg (513.83 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20210520-110754_Sam…)

Change of tact?

No. 836701

File: 1621509103887.jpg (144.42 KB, 755x861, pytbeauty.jpg)

Next brand collab. It's probably from her engagement pod.
Their stats are dubious: 22K followers and barely 100 likes.

Nazi guy is bitter he got kicked out the LJ discord group. He just wants the attention, ignore him.

No. 836708

File: 1621511017696.jpeg (765.08 KB, 1170x2142, 7F00012C-A905-4461-BDD0-252D96…)

they bought likes and retweets for her tweets. a majority of these accounts are already restricted kek

No. 836709

File: 1621512175051.jpeg (155.29 KB, 840x603, 436E1A48-2602-4BC0-A24C-43B95E…)

Twitter has removed hundreds of bot followers from her account recently. This is a very stupid move. She’s already on their radar. They don’t do shit for harassment etc but the one thing Twitter does take serious is platform manipulation.

No. 836711

File: 1621512784768.jpeg (435.34 KB, 1170x1083, E260C1EC-B80E-497B-97BD-902D76…)

Laur’s mad at ancestor anons

No. 836712

it must be exhausting being this angry all the time. this is one twisted, unhappy cunt

No. 836714

Fuck you Laur, you're not a European. You're a white American who is in a country where white people have lost individual cultural identities because it's a crockpot of people. It's not a bad thing but you choose to do the classic American behaviour of larping as European. To be honest I'm impressed that you didn't immediately pull the Irish card like most Americans I've met

No. 836715

how is it a dox when Lillee provided all the information through videos & blog posts? make it make sense

No. 836716

It's the same as the time she screamed they had been doxxed when they themselves had put their home address on their website.

No. 836717

This is what happens when you're so used to putting out information to nothing but bots. The moment anyone actually responds and comprehends the bullshit for what it is, they're shocked pikachu face over it.

No. 836721

Can someone explain to me what she is actually on about? As there doesn't seem to be anything posted about she's raving about. They vet their posts so it's not like anyone would see the comments.

Also how the fuck do you dox a dead person? Release their grave location?

No. 836723

The implications are Lillee finding out that Laur’s family legends are a bunch of bullshit kek

No. 836725

File: 1621516843942.jpeg (329.32 KB, 1170x1110, 67B5D23B-C8C0-4399-8339-A7E20C…)

She’s pissed a Jewish callout account called bullshit on their relatives fleeing the Holocaust by showing their family tree and her grandparents living in the US before the 1940s.

No. 836728

File: 1621517246832.jpeg (316.01 KB, 1170x866, C539392C-121B-4FB4-A805-2911FD…)

They’re moving because someone put up a family tree and not because the eviction moratorium in NYC is up in June.

No. 836729

Am Starting to think some of the callouts are actually laur. So they can play victim.

No. 836730

They are now quoting batman and claiming someone else made the family tree to dox them. They will be doing this legally. Really what about your doxxing laur? That's out there for everyone to see. Clearly been speaking to someone whose full of shit when speaking about doxxing.

No. 836732

File: 1621518553093.jpeg (333.39 KB, 1170x650, 993B4ECB-2410-4D09-A9D4-469F66…)

Lillee is Batman

No. 836733

Lillee bought at least 500 twitter followers this morning

No. 836734

File: 1621518765569.jpg (48.97 KB, 644x478, laurlagrossevictime.jpg)

I don't get it. I thought they were winning.

Everytime they get evicted for not paying the rent, Laur claims they have been doxxed. Funny bc we know Lillee's adress for months, as she stupidly used it for her "company".
I wonder how long before they get banned from every rental agencies in their area?

No. 836736

File: 1621519347101.jpeg (421.95 KB, 828x1351, CADA9CEE-7E2F-4B86-AF0B-7691E8…)

No. 836738

Lillee’s gained 600 twitter followers in the last hour

No. 836739

Well that’s some sympathy baiting. Why comment that on a post asking for Netflix recommendations? Laur just lives to draw attention to their supposed victim hood.

No. 836740

holy cringe

No. 836741

June or 31th of August?

Still has 0 like, 0 retweet, 0 answer…

No. 836742

File: 1621520917203.jpeg (197.15 KB, 826x1340, ACA63C72-5EA4-4094-864E-7E6F70…)

No. 836743

Laur will blame the eviction on Lillee’s expensive medical bills.

No. 836744

"@tooth monster:pinkies out. we do this legally"
these people think their life is a bad hollywood movie don't they

No. 836745

File: 1621521194468.jpeg (78.23 KB, 828x497, 68869A18-3AF0-4872-94EE-EAF46B…)

It’s still going up

No. 836748

File: 1621522411109.jpg (310.39 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20210520-155316_Sam…)

No. 836749

She’s almost off the chart kek

No. 836751

Grounds for a ban if only twitter would get its shit together

No. 836753

Lol keep an eye on her follower count bc bought followers are usually purged almost as quickly as they show up

No. 836754

File: 1621524097963.jpg (158.29 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20210520-162125_Sam…)

It's still going up

No. 836755

She has also been retweeting a whole load of crap to cover it but no likes on her posts.

No. 836756

You would think that if they need to move the would spend less time posting and buying followers and get packing and save that cash. Or is her purse still pouncing?

No. 836758

>my beautiful home
Top keks.

Any anons in NY real estate/rental?
Why are the agencies unable to check their infos, incomes, last places they rented?
They have no income and been bankrupt at least 3 times already. It's a google search away.
Even if they use someone else's name for deposit or something, this doesn't look good at all.

If I was a landlord renting through an acency, I would be furious they didn't check the basic minimum on the tenants.

No. 836759

File: 1621526589008.jpg (516.77 KB, 1080x1744, IMG_20210520_110121.jpg)

No one's been in the property you loon

No. 836760

i think she's getting more unhinged every day

No. 836761

The tree was done wrong?

You mean the tree that you posted on your own website, Lilz?

No. 836762

Is she not talking to someone who made up a pack of lies about some actor for attention and makes up excuses as to why they can't provide proof? Looks like a perfect pair. Also it was maybe someone who went to the wrong address/side of the duplex.

No. 836763

i can totally see LJ and Laur covering all the windows in their attic with blankets and peaking out the corner all day, calling the FBI anytime someone walks by.

Their neighbours probably just had a package delivered or something and Laur saw the delivery person walking away

No. 836767

Laur is shameless. It's a shared house, it isn't her home that she loves so much. She's such a fraudster and scammer. She just skips out on rent. No one is employed and then blames it on bullying.

No. 836774

what they share with random people? yikes

No. 836775

File: 1621531171999.jpg (188.28 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20210520-181838_Sam…)

Total not suspicious leap in followers at all.

No. 836776

They don't share their apartment. They live in a house that's been divided up into 3 separate units. Anon means there are other people that live in her building in separate units

No. 836777


No. 836778

I have a feeling they won’t be lucky finding somewhere this time. Homeless Lillee saga?

No. 836781

File: 1621532619765.jpeg (466.07 KB, 828x1474, 2B54FB41-1E1B-4708-A56B-081EB9…)

Model indeed

No. 836783

>"Hewo weanies, i am report live from Beijing"

No. 836785

Though I would love to see that, they always find ways to rent houses way above their financial means.
Why would this time be different?

No. 836791

File: 1621535072340.jpeg (421.21 KB, 1284x2230, 43F0DE2E-0891-4B6A-9812-CD402A…)

LJ apparently is getting vaccinated this week.

No. 836795

File: 1621535934678.jpg (126.51 KB, 960x794, t7y8.jpg)


Well, it's obvious that The Attic has not come into any unexpected money. They are just using all the IG bot money to fund this new surge in "support" on twitter.

No. 836803

Lillee: I’d never want to do something to offend the asian community! that’s why i so ~asian inspired~ looks
also lillee: poses by pulling her eyes

No. 836805

File: 1621537138829.jpg (101.19 KB, 1020x445, alwayslooking4money.jpg)


Laur reposted it anyway keks

No. 836807

Didn‘t she yap about „stop anti-asian hate“ and then srsly proceeds to do the fox eye challenge? Not only is she painfully late on a shit trend, most of the Asian community perceive it as hateful and mocking of their eyes

God her virtual-signaling fake activism is so incredibly retarded …

No. 836810

Considering Laur is doing family trees, does she ever wonder why living people don't have their names or other identifying information on these sites compared to dead folks? That's because you can't dox a dead person. Fuck, HIPAA doesn't even apply once your body assumes room temperature, so having a dead person's name. God, Laur is dumb as fuck.

Looking at the dates of Lilee's grandparents/great-grandparents, I am kind of surprised that none of them served in the military during the world wars. Two great grandparents would have been 18 when the US entered WWI. And the fact Oma Jean was probably German makes for a far more interesting story than Grandmere Jean. The military took almost anyone with a pulse, so the fact that none of her ancestors served is quite telling.

No. 836812

File: 1621538255403.jpg (430.34 KB, 1927x1190, dope.jpg)

This is wild.

No. 836813

File: 1621538275161.gif (18.18 MB, 600x1065, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

She's uploaded new stories showing off her size 2 body (kek) in some horrendous… Jumpsuit? Dress? I didn't listen with sound and honestly I have no clue.

No. 836814

File: 1621538534762.gif (5.88 MB, 600x1065, ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif)

And another unflattering video of her attempting to take it off.

Forgot to point it out but she also emphasizes her feet in the previous video because… She's disgusting I guess.

No. 836815

dear god

No. 836816


Okay, sorry for newfagging and uploading gifs instead of videos (mp4 wasn't accepted for some reason?).

Anyway, listened with sound and she's talking about how getting naked is the best part of being done with filming, starts singing "get nude", talks about how her booty looks good, and "hello legs those are like… oh my god"

Not sure what was worse. The delusions about her body looking good, the singing, or her thinking that outfit is in any way fashionable or "glamorous" as she called it.

No. 836817

as a thirty year old always horny male i can safely say she would have to pay me to even touch her(bye scrote)

No. 836818

File: 1621540461562.png (6.12 MB, 1125x2001, 17FF8C15-992B-4410-83BD-B44899…)

lol liiz makes an effort to show her jumpsuit is from fashion nova as if she doesn’t wear second hand clothes

No. 836819



Here’s a screen recording of her story. At one point you can see the romper is from fashionnova and is a size small kek no wonder she can’t wait to take it off, the sleeves were probably cutting off circulation

No. 836822

Fashion nova is a joke of a site. Similar to the likes of pretty little thing and boohoo. Shilling cheap crappy clothes. That are hit or miss with quality. Not sure how she's a size small. She looks bigger than myself and a small isn't fitting me.

No. 836824

she looks like a toddlers in tiaras contestant

No. 836825

File: 1621542381585.png (1.05 MB, 2031x1425, fashionnovaromper.png)


I think this is the romper in question: https://www.fashionnova.com/products/brunch-days-romper-fuchsia

It's supposed to look like pic related

No. 836827


That would be an ugly and unfashionable romper on pretty much everyone, even if the photos look a bit better than it looks on LJ.

She truly has no idea on what to wear or what's currently in style.

No. 836829

File: 1621542594397.png (4.11 MB, 828x1792, AA7321F4-7C65-418C-BF77-9153B0…)

her hair literally looks like she slept in it like that. an absolute rats nest, as usual

No. 836830

File: 1621542813181.png (1.09 MB, 964x928, Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 4.33…)

kek she looks like a baby wearing its first swimsuit

No. 836831

She looks exactly like a grubby toddler who got into mummy’s makeup and is in desperate need of a romper in the next age range.

No. 836833

are her arms too flabby to fit in the sleeves or does she just not understand how to wear clothes?

No. 836834

The bigger question is why does she have pool noodles? Her apartment doesn't have a pool and I doubt they'd be going out to a public pool considering Lillee's both unvaxxed and terrified of covid

No. 836836

Not pool noodles, those are rolled up backgrounds

No. 836838

File: 1621545309729.png (3.96 MB, 828x1792, B295F203-586E-43B3-AA70-E80ECC…)

She really wants us to know she’s a petite little size 4

No. 836840

File: 1621546373355.jpeg (337.92 KB, 1170x673, E722F1EF-950F-4D79-A364-D3A5BE…)

Express jeans are notoriously big. They’re vanity sized. 4 in Express is a 6-8 in other brands.

No. 836841

I found the size chart for Express. It looks like they utilize American vanity sizing to make fatass Americans like LJ feel better about their expanding bodies. Using the measurements from Express, she's probably a European size 38. Which is ridiculous for someone who is several inches away from five feet and clearly has a much smaller skeleton. There's a lot of fat sitting on that carcass.

No. 836843


A European size 38 at 4'8" or whatever she is, is really big.

I'm a couple inches taller and a 38 was too big for me when I was only slightly overweight… And at a healthy weight, I easily fit into a 32 or 34.

No. 836845

These are also 2nd hand jeans, or atleast worn to hell, so with the amount of pressure those jeans are under, they are couple sizes larger. That ass is not a size 4 or a size 6 in any of Wanda's realities

No. 836846

File: 1621549005232.jpeg (550.12 KB, 1170x5611, 61F8E3BC-59D8-43D4-B819-0D2E2A…)


who the fuck goes by hip measurements? fucking eurofags, jfc

if anyone was wondering, a size 4 in express is a size 27/28. i think at her height of 4’9” she should be a 25, but a 27/28 isn’t “really big” kek

i’m including a list of different popular places to get jeans, express is first. i dunno, they seem to do average sizing.

not that it matters though because:
1) LJ is practically bursting out of her jeans and could manage to go a size or 2 up
2) they could be thrifted and maybe a size 4 in 2010 at express was a 31 or something
4) or thrifted and really worn out
5) just because she posted a picture of the jeans doesn’t mean she can currently fit into them
6) they could be a stretchy “jegging” material

No. 836847

The size small sleeves probably don’t fit her humongous fat arms. The shorts part of it are also gathering around her unfortunate FUPA because she’s so damn fat and it doesn’t fit. Why would she post this

No. 836849

File: 1621549595395.jpeg (307.56 KB, 2048x2048, 505E1597-386E-4CA1-87A2-7EBF7E…)

Fits perfect. I bet Fashion Nova is knocking down the attic door to sponsor LJ.

No. 836854

File: 1621552164214.jpeg (624.38 KB, 1242x1488, 20E86520-D641-41FA-AC8F-3B8A6A…)

Look at it riding all up her butt crack. Gross bitch can’t even wear an underwear. To think she’s probably going to return it after a couple uses yuck

No. 836855

This is supposed to be a “loose” fit but it looks like a 2 size too small swimsuit… oof

No. 836863

I'm sure Laur was in her ear telling her she looked just like an old fashioned pinup girl with her lusshhhh curves and that her followers would love her authentic thunder thighs.

Her body give off Downs Syndrome vibes in these pictures. Of course it's not Downs but I'd be fucking shocked if she had 46 unbutchered chromosomes.

No. 836865

she looks like a 2 year old with a soiled diaper

No. 836867

Such a dumpy ass

No. 836876

How does she see herself and think she looks good? Laur really is gonna rot in hell for hyping her up when she looks like humpty dumpty

No. 836879

She can't even zip up the back, good lord. She's definitely a size large if that's how a small looks on her. She looks like a sausage bursting out of its casing

No. 836883

File: 1621566994727.jpeg (809.85 KB, 1170x1439, 55C836E3-8B00-4CCB-B396-497B10…)

what’s going on with the zipper in the back?

No. 836891

Its not zipped all the way cuz of her back meat. Attic bred slam pig lewks.

No. 836895

It's begging for death. I can't imagine a worse fate for a piece of clothing. Imagine being on LJ's unwashed, greasy, fat body.

No. 836910

File: 1621577616916.png (3.59 MB, 1242x2208, F10A7174-6DA7-4B30-BA18-D60A19…)

While everyone has been focusing on Twitter bots, LJ has been buying likes for her Tik tok as well. No comments, a sharp increase from her usual 1-10 likes, and shit no one in there right mind would like

No. 836912

File: 1621577679498.jpeg (927.04 KB, 1242x2148, F476C0B8-110D-4546-B709-916DA1…)

Bought a bunch of followers as well. Where is this money coming from??? Considering they are moving again bc of a possible eviction, how tf do they have this sort of money??

No. 836916

File: 1621580771360.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.62 KB, 828x900, F6CBDAF8-E683-47B6-B9B3-8A00E0…)

she’s like half a centimeter away from a nip slip, and that sleeve looks painfully tight. Fashionnova even has a curve section, why can’t she just get clothes that fit

No. 836929

Has anyone else noticed that she has stopped using the lilleejean hashtag. Wonder if it's because if anyone clicks on it the can see all the callouts. They have also been issuing dcmas for people posting their racist podcast.

Am also wondering if they are trying to get caught on certain platforms using bots. So they can spin it as the boolies got our accounts taken away with their lies. Which would be perfect for their narrative.

No. 836934

File: 1621595936224.jpg (348.18 KB, 1937x1080, Screenshot_20210521-061843_You…)

Compare that trash moment with how she was actually wearing it in the video.

No. 836935

in Laur's delusional mind, does she actually think her daughter is such a hot commodity that no one can know where she lives? The information is public and no one's bothered to even do the pizza prank on her. Literally NO ONE CARES LAUR.


i mean they're practically already at that point, plus living in a hoarding home. Who puts their cat litter 2 feet away from their refrigerator? Disgusting.

Wait my understanding was that the interview went well, conducted by an oblivious interviwer. That was less than a week ago.Is the brand already disowning her?

No. 836936

she's always so tone-deaf. There's thie example, and then the time Meghan Markle went on Oprah and and admitted to racism within the palace – specifically about the baby's potential skin color.

LJ turms around and makes a makeup tutorial like 1-3 days after this interview. Her inability to read the room is just astounding.

No. 836937


Likely the most recent stimulus check which was $1400 per adult snd there are 3 adults. Possibly also got a tax return somehow

No. 836938

File: 1621596451387.jpeg (314.64 KB, 2048x2048, A0C7FEBF-EFB4-4958-8233-571782…)

cow crossover with shanny?!?!

No. 836944

>stopped using the lilleejean hashtag
Insta shadowbanned this hashtag anon.
I don't think they would risk losing a main account just to blame the bOOlies. They've bought followers for so long, they think they'll forever get away with that.

No. 836945

>Her inability to read the room is just astounding.
She also made her makeup-russian heritage jabbering on russian beautiful makeup just right when russia was on fire due to Navalny arrest…

You mean the interiew on medium from authoritahmag that doesn't have a mag?
The brand is another thing, they erased the post 3 days ago and laur reposted it the day later.

No. 836951

because she's a ~perfect size small uwu~

I see she managed to cram her lunchlady arms into the sleeves to show us boolies that she can. Clearly she's been lurking here…

No. 836952

"CEO of my life"

What kind of goblinese…

No. 836953

I don't know who is telling her these cuts of clothing look good on her but they need to stop. If she is going to wear off the shoulder she should try a sweartheart neckline so fake some shape/cleavage. She should also wear clothes in her actual size. This would actually make her look less short and less like an over stuffed sausage. There's plenty of people who are bigger but know how to dress themselves.

No. 836965

It can be hard for a short and chubby person to find flattering clothes that fit well; finding them cheap and buying them online (so they can't be tried on) makes it even more difficult and that multiplies even more when you're not just short, but dwarf short like LJ. But the fact that she willingly films herself wearing a romper that looks like an undersized old-lady swimsuit when squeezed onto her body makes me think she has the same type of body dysmorphia Pixy Teri has (or had)

I believe a lot of the deathfats, like AmberLynn and Chantal, also have this… they look at themselves in a mirror or video and see themselves 100lbs lighter than they actually are.

No. 836970

Lillee definitely has some sort of body dysmorphia. Look at how she chimps out when you suggest she's a brunette or ginger. When she looks in the mirror she sees a tiny uwu petite blonde bombshell

No. 836972

File: 1621613287659.jpg (43.53 KB, 238x400, tumblr_m66i8pIkPG1qalqi6o1_250…)

Guarantee picrel is what LJ sees in the mirror

No. 836974

File: 1621613453878.jpg (103.02 KB, 960x652, wjX0HIQEUbiEpzogdi-fTR8_VE0cxC…)

LJ is much closer to the girl on the far left's body type. Judging from this, I'd say she's got to be at least 70 kilo's. Not rly size 2 there

No. 836977

Is it possible she's shorter than 145cm? Her legs are so shorts.
For example, if I try this pose, my hand is reaching my knee and I'm not tall at all.

No. 836981

Nikki's a fucking liar

No. 836982

Thanks for the cackle, anon.

No. 836989

She’s 4’9” which is just under 145cm

No. 836990

When lolcow bans you for a day and gives no reason, am I wrong to assume Laur reported something?(newfag, no1curr)

No. 836991

File: 1621619073138.png (1.05 MB, 660x1284, EBDB72FB-7DA9-49A5-BD8C-B65A2F…)

Sumo wrestler looking bitch

No. 836998

Im not understanding why she does this post so much. The looking up arms straight out? It looks retarded and she looks retarded

No. 837003

it's probably because her arms look way bigger when they're against her side. Lillee needs people to think that she's a small, delicate woman. It's one of the things she bases her personality off of.

No. 837006

File: 1621632907751.jpeg (196.32 KB, 826x1462, D94ED8CE-CBDD-4644-8C49-3F75BD…)

Goblin got PR from Urban Decay

No. 837014

Or she bought it herself and claimed it was PR

No. 837015

File: 1621637226277.jpeg (85.88 KB, 828x395, 668140A5-F2BE-4DB9-836D-5E10CD…)

The collection isn’t out yet

No. 837016

She def didnt buy it as it's not out yet but it looks like she's just regramming something of theirs to make it look like she did. That doesn't look like a photo she took

No. 837018

Whelp looks like UD is about to get a loooot of angry insta comments…Incoming drop in 3…2…

No. 837031

Just in time for a Friday Franzia Freak-out! I love these cows and watching Lillee Jean and Laur have the doors slammed into their attic pig faces everytime they attempt anything beyond buying followers and teasing Pradips.

No. 837032

I think she's trying to make it look like she has a neck.

No. 837040

She’s trying to make her collarbones show kek

No. 837045

File: 1621653919341.jpeg (292.95 KB, 1088x1451, 6E08F67F-F0AE-42C4-BEAA-FDBEA4…)

She captioned this with:

“Do I wanna know, Nah I already do.”

What is she referring to ?

No. 837046

File: 1621654167727.jpeg (304.2 KB, 828x842, 5ED4F881-C9A7-4E3B-9F4C-2393DE…)

No. 837047

File: 1621654232380.jpeg (358.75 KB, 828x834, 79BA0E55-63E4-484C-A54D-CA0407…)

No. 837048

File: 1621654237186.jpeg (464.87 KB, 2048x2048, DD32E7DD-C735-48BA-8E68-9B2441…)

from her newest skincare video

No. 837051


I'm still not over that she bought a size small. In what world

No. 837056

Next thread pic please

No. 837063

kek she totally used a slimming app. Look at her hips next to the banister

No. 837069

where is her gay fashion designer bff when she needs him? he needs to tell her "guurrrllll, pass!"

She hashtagged the brand on Twitter. Are they having an obese midget social media campaign? How is she not ashamed. I'm ashamed on her behalf. Those legs and arms gag

No. 837081

Imagine having to take all the pix in the shared staircase because their rooms are too trashy.
I seriously feel bad for the cleaning staff who'll have to put the appartment back to what it looked from the malvie shoot last october.
Laur never got the deposit back in her whole life.

No. 837085

this bitch built like a chinese finger trap

No. 837086

This photo is terrible. It’s so awkward even when you don’t know the context. How do you manage to have one long ass arm on the left and a short stubby one with the other? Incredible

No. 837088


Really brings out the green tone in her hair

No. 837089

i don’t think she has, honestly
there’s no distortion unless i’m missing something?

No. 837090

File: 1621677352041.jpeg (277.56 KB, 750x774, 7682B19B-00EF-4416-B861-C5E8B8…)

I'm scared

No. 837091

File: 1621678956062.jpg (490.76 KB, 2188x1451, 1621653919341EDIT.jpg)

NAYRT but there's indeed a distortion in the whole left picture.
I slightly edited the perspective so that the balustades are realistically straighter and slightly lowered the whites tones.

See what happens?

No. 837093

File: 1621687941959.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1536x2048, 830095AC-AB22-498C-8CC0-5A054A…)

She pulled in her waist a bit which distorted the molding too.

No. 837095

Lillee doesn’t consider it photoshopping because she uses the facetune app. If it was any other influencer, it’s not terrible or gratuitous editing. It’s hypocritical coming from Lillee though with her constant barrage of faux body positivity.

No. 837097

There are a ton of great outdoor locations around Queens that they could do their silly little photoshoots at rather than shot after shot after shot in the creepy stairwell

No. 837100

File: 1621693593102.jpg (113.16 KB, 1042x1152, nightmarefuel.jpg)


Who the hell in the whole universe removes the makeup like that??
There's also a cut at 2'05 from shrek face to clean.
It must have taken her so long to remove the mess she made that she had to cut this part.
And ffs she can't blow her nose.
She's so gross it's appaling.

No. 837104

she looks like the results of Shrek having a late-term abortion in a back alley behind a chinese restaurant

No. 837108

Is that big ass boogers in her nose?

No. 837111

Wait that’s her makeup and not a charcoal face mask? I’ve never thought to take off heavy eye makeup so it spreads all over my face first. What in the hell!

No. 837113

I'm afraid so.

No. 837114

I thought it was a mask too, anon! What kind of utter psychopath removes makeup like that???

No. 837118

I really wish she'd stop with the off-the-shoulder shit. It doesn't compliment her body at all, let alone make her look like a disney princess uwu

No. 837119


Anon, please read the previous threads (and sage).

She measured herself a few threads ago and her real height was revealed. Someone else will know exactly, but she's like 4 foot 8.

No. 837120

the last 2 pictures literally look like she got bukkaked on the face by her pheepy/her new lover jafar

No. 837121

"I ate all of my cyberboolies' livers with a nice chianti and some fava beans"

No. 837125


I am seriously messed up. What is this level of autism? Why is she rubbing eye make up all over her ultra sensitive skin?! I gotta watch this travesty.

No. 837127

She has linebacker shoulders.

No. 837134

File: 1621704653214.jpg (250.59 KB, 1059x1759, bootykween.jpg)

She has been doing that in several "makeup removal" videos.
But this one is probably the worst.

No. 837135

Maybe nitpick but in the 2nd picture her pink shirt looks exactly like the new fashion nova romper >>837090
What is the point to buy two items so identical??

No. 837139

File: 1621708497312.jpeg (315.86 KB, 828x806, FBFDEA06-C6E1-4737-9DF7-06A8E1…)

No. 837140

File: 1621708743644.jpeg (450.17 KB, 828x1433, 9C33971F-D62A-4D3F-BC87-6C97BE…)

No. 837141

File: 1621708876207.jpeg (432.63 KB, 828x1423, BF36FC07-6876-4DB2-9EC7-7D6C40…)

No. 837145

File: 1621712462912.png (39.94 KB, 480x196, Screenshot_20210522-124100_1.p…)

Pulled this screenshot from KF but Annie didn't get the context and I don't have an account there.
The only reason Laur came off private was to make the comment about The Creature from the Black Lagoon because just yesterday Tati responded to a tweet asking about what movie monster was associated with Florida and that was her answer. Just like her name changes for Sake Kitty, she is using her Twitter account to try to intimidate as she stalks profiles she is blocked from.

No. 837146

File: 1621713337104.jpg (112.67 KB, 1129x942, verygenerous.jpg)

Is it that ring?
It's on Kbeads, but it must be all over amazon for twice less than 8$.

No. 837148

File: 1621713961393.png (996.21 KB, 1886x1310, ring.png)

i think this could be the amazon listing.

No. 837173

Lillee posted an ig story where Laur puts her extracted canines in a baby book


No. 837176

"Who's your wittle baby gurllll? Who's your wittle cuteee?"

Laur babytalking LJ is unsurprisingly horrifying.

No. 837180

File: 1621731975241.png (1.38 MB, 828x3005, 57A72457-3BC5-4EA1-9332-EEEB40…)

Lillee is being horny on main

No. 837181

File: 1621732428725.jpeg (303.09 KB, 828x1051, 89603153-2EB0-4E6C-9261-AB3900…)

No. 837200

She’s spam posting on twitter to hide the call outs

No. 837208

ducking shit

this is the worst thing i’ve ever seen

No. 837216

she's about 10 years too late for the hiddleston cringe. even her crushes are basic and outdated

No. 837223

File: 1621771996511.jpeg (416.36 KB, 1170x1038, 1E0AFE8F-0FB6-4CB7-A356-A7D469…)

Lillee hates Pepsi


No. 837224

File: 1621772039145.jpeg (490.96 KB, 1170x1125, F698DFBE-CE84-4114-BFB4-2DCB85…)

No. 837226

If she's implying it looks like a vagina then I shudder to think what hers must look like. Go see a gyno.

No. 837227

She's been sperging on twitter. If Pepsi would contact her for a collab she'll be thrilled.

No. 837228

She's losing the ability to be coherent
Either that or Laur got into the Franzia and logged into Lillee's account

No. 837230

File: 1621778871025.jpeg (87.71 KB, 828x1021, ED1A2992-DCD7-4488-8173-E98002…)

was she high on pain meds?

No. 837231

File: 1621779727559.jpeg (196 KB, 1170x495, 3FBE7119-6291-41D4-9E09-AF7038…)

definitely Laur using Lillee’s account

No. 837234

Looks like laur on lillees account. Spamming away maybe hoping for a twitter callout for it.

No. 837248

The thing is - it’s only burying the “Lillee Jean” tweets, not the ones who use lilleejean as one word or the hashtag. The only way she can try to hide all of the callout comments is by adding her hashtag (and even then it’s not really hidden). It’s a good thing she has no friends and all the time in the world to do this nonsense.

No. 837255

Laur confirmed. Lillee is nearsighted (so glasses wouldnt do anything for her ability to read small text) + wears glasses all the time anyway

No. 837257

File: 1621796148818.jpeg (46.09 KB, 464x462, 8F2097FC-9440-4059-8416-54ABF0…)

Guys, she’s a professional make up artist though (from that Prince collection she was sent)

No. 837260

Jesus H Christ. She is so unfortunate looking.

No. 837265

Her cheeks are getting so chubby they're obscuring her vision.

How does she look in the mirror and thing "yeah, this looks good enough to post to beautube"

No. 837267

Six million years of human evolution and somehow our species is still churning out specimens that look like this. So many genetic fuckups here

No. 837270

File: 1621803313515.jpg (528.96 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20210523-215319_Ins…)

Token donation to try and pretend she isn't racist.

No. 837273

File: 1621804553615.png (89.25 KB, 1340x456, 3056656E-B7FA-45EB-AC63-5B100A…)

No. 837274


This is very on-brand for Lillee >>781173

No. 837276


What? How does a major white-owned corporation capitalizing off of the name of a dead black musician who would have definitely said no to having his likeness used in this way "elevating black voices?" This is literally the exact opposite of that.

Meanwhile, Lillee still refuses to buy products from or show support for any black-owned beauty brands because she thinks that's offensive somehow. >>779382

No. 837278

File: 1621806036128.jpeg (47.49 KB, 828x210, B7D64489-1DC7-4501-BE3E-96B19B…)

No. 837288

That donation for black women health is so old, did she seriously repost that again? What’s funny is she never even donated anything, she had a YouTube fundraiser and raised a whopping 0$. Obviously her fake followers aren’t donating shit

No. 837290


I can't imagine tweeting 188 times in a day. Almost all of it is her spamming one word or vague nonsense in the replies of Marvel-related posts. What is she doing?

No. 837298

She’s trying to bury negative tweets about by spamming replies. Which is the definition of platform manipulation. With the buying likes/retweets, followers and now spamming replies, Lillee’s twitter account will be suspended in a few days. They need to knock it off.

No. 837302

I can’t believe the spamming on Twitter isn’t going to get her account banned

No. 837304

File: 1621823095571.jpeg (141.28 KB, 1170x616, CC23F390-4C29-40B5-97BF-0DF7F5…)

Try not to make it obvious, Lilz

No. 837306

Did she mean to search herself and she tweeted instead….

No. 837323


This is how we know Lillee is legitimately low IQ. Even if she does manage to post enough to push all the callouts out of view in the search results, she's just going to highlight the fact that she has no fans. No one is talking to her, no one is posting love or support of her, no one is arguing with the cyberboolies to defend her, no one is retweeting her.

I don't understand why she's trying so hard on twitter all of a sudden. She's been ignoring the steady loss of fake followers for years, and then out of nowhere she bought ~1000 new ones and and ~100 likes for her pathetic pinned Malvie tweet? It's like she's scrambling to make her social media look nicer in a hurry.

No. 837326

I think it's like anon said in a previous thread: she sees this all as an elaborate extension of her make-believe dollie world

No. 837327

I have followed the thread since the first, I don't think Lillee is special needs, nor is she some master manipulator. She comes across as average IQ, but has been stunted intellectually, emotionally, and socially by her days at Attic Academy. She is incredibly spoiled, selfish, and has recieved no consequences for her actions due to her momager. I use the term momager loosely because, she has a pretend career inflated by a purchased following and pseudo controversy. She isn't naive, she just thinks this is how you get famous. (Fake it till you make it). She is aware of it all. The fake followers, the created friends, Pheepy, but believes thos is how it is done. Laur told her this is how it is done and Lillee is too spoiled and lazy to look up how much of a crapshoot this route is.
How is she still getting PR even though she is awful at makeup? If you do the numbers of all "influencers" that get pr.. it's kind of staggering. Companies used to send freebies in the mail to generate business. Well, they can cut those costs by sending less to influencers that will reach a wider audience. Good or bad, they get the word out thise way. Lillee is one of thousands.
Her parents are hemorrhaging money into a pit that offers no return on the investment.
Her future? I honestly couldn't tell. Not internet fame, not being a beauty guru for sure. I guess married to some blue collar guy and writing blogs about her infertility issues while being on disability for being a fatass.

No. 837332

File: 1621855020855.jpeg (442.46 KB, 828x1430, CC4AA830-3AD7-445A-B2F3-BF0C4F…)

She’s now buying replies to her Malvie tweet

No. 837334

I'd like to thank you all for existing because you really made my day.
Sometimes i stop following her sheninanigans for a few days and i start to feel sorry for her seeing the damn crying video on her youtube… but then a new evil thing she did will appear. Man she is a spiteful midget. Anyway have a throwback video i did maybe it will bring a laugh.(namefag)

No. 837338

But aren't both "summer" and "today" just the same message or am I not getting something? I mean that text above today says November 2020.

No. 837341

I think she is trying to pass it off as a new donation. As part of her speil on her post about uplifting others. I've yet to see her uplift a actual creator who isn't like her using engagement pods or someone who is actually successful whose backside she's trying to crawl up.

No. 837366

File: 1621871019900.jpg (36.23 KB, 638x383, kpopnow.jpg)

She tweeted several time with #BTS.
Forever ago an anon predicted she would feign interest in Kpop in order to attract Kpop fans.
Well that's it.
So authentic.
Hope she'll get sasaeng instead.

No. 837375

File: 1621874781380.jpeg (467.11 KB, 828x1457, 8CF6DD37-6B4A-4CFF-97D3-3FD58A…)

No. 837378

>extensively learn…

No. 837379

rich coming from the woman who told PoC to shut the fuck up about their history.

No. 837380

She will want to be careful and trying the kpop angle. Those fans can be brutal to Those who fake interest or use idols for their own gain.

No. 837386

How long before she trys pretending she likes drag race? Alot of the queen's on that show have makeup lines. Would be quiet amusing as she would be dragged for her life.

No. 837395

She is trying the gamer angle too. She did the stupid Mario&Luigi look and she is playing a targeted 3yo, Disney Princess video game on her stories.
The gaming community is far less friendly than the Beauty, ASMR or Cosplay one.

No. 837396

File: 1621886890701.jpeg (249.35 KB, 1198x1280, 6AD3BABF-8278-459A-8054-43DE78…)

Wtf… why does one eye look so much lower

No. 837403

and here I thought I already see the worst of her

No. 837406


Don't let them catch wind of the fact that Lillee thinks Korean culture and Chinese culture are interchangeable and that East Asian women aren't "regular women."

(pertinent video timestamp 3:19)

No. 837414

anyone else feel that lj was a lot more normal a year and a half ago? watching this video made me feel like i was listening to an average high schooler vlog about their haul. extremely sheltered but average. today her voice is much more shrill and she rambles excessively.

kek at regular women

No. 837416

File: 1621896691910.jpeg (179.36 KB, 828x1231, 4B312260-0845-4069-B518-961BC1…)

She picks “none” do the work, yet she couldn’t even do the work of gaining a real fan base and bought fake bots for everything. Even funnier is how she could say this with a straight face after gaining 100 pounds each month . Lose some weight Lillee before you end up like your mom, genes don’t lie like you

No. 837429

That arrogant goblin brush off comment kek.

Her real answer is red. She'd do anything for a fairy godmother to wave a magical wand and make her a 5'7" Lily James Cinderella princess with a tiny waist that will never gain an ounch of fat no matter how many gallons of ice cream and buckets of greasy takeout she eats.

She can't do the work because she's a lazy, fat goblin. Just like her mother.

No. 837440

I welcome the kpop fanbase reactions. Let the milk flow

No. 837441

File: 1621908144113.jpeg (480.97 KB, 1170x1348, FC5026F4-1F90-44E6-92CA-D5743E…)

I don’t know which part is funnier…the laziness of cut & pasting a reply and not even removing the original person’s name or Lillee thinking Urban Decay is making Prince’s “black voice” heard again by releasing shitty makeup.

No. 837446

File: 1621910670542.png (1004.52 KB, 918x936, hullow jeaniez!!.png)

back to her stretched out nightie. i thought she was going to wear real clothes in her videos after her recent clothing turn around.

No. 837448

File: 1621911323898.jpeg (238.81 KB, 1170x614, 4603A57C-746B-414F-A7A7-8F5F6D…)

G8 product presentation from her Malibu Barbie video

No. 837466

What a slob. How can she be so arrogant to think that she's a ~super famous beauty guru uwu~ when she can't even be bothered to put on clothes? Nothing screams effort like a cat pee stained nightie you've been sweating in for 4 days

No. 837485

kpop stans are too woke, if they get a whiff of her they will attack her immediately

No. 837492

This girl looks like Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

No. 837493

File: 1621950222996.jpeg (729.39 KB, 1170x2142, 03440A9C-1A69-4F1D-A206-D760F7…)

She turned off the public like count on her botanic affair giveaway post. Attic finances must be tight.

No. 837496

It's so no-one can see the fake or no engagement on the post. Wonder which fake account will win? That's if she announces a winner this time. Or will she use a generator to pick a winner on live to try and show everyone.

No. 837500

File: 1621952677377.png (2.84 MB, 826x2932, 06B4139A-46CF-423D-8921-CA37BB…)

She got her first shot of Moderna this morning

No. 837501

File: 1621952949516.jpeg (49.27 KB, 515x452, 4B548968-1A3C-4F79-85E2-12FBCC…)

Is this bad shooping? I’ve never seen a buttcheek stuffed into the leg of a pant before.

No. 837502


Whoa hot take anon

No. 837503

she looks like a small child that shit themselves

maybe its because theyre old pants and some parts have more give than others. this is probably the best the queens goodwill has to offer. the pants are just trying to distribute the fat however they can.

and of fucking course she cant get her goodwill pants hemmed like a normal person. or even cuff her pants in a way that doesn't scream "sped dressed by mother". her inability to properly do something as basic as cuff her pants just shows how much effort she exerts in everything she does.

No. 837504

Can't believe she takes such unflattering pix of herself.
Her clothes are 3 sizes too small.

No. 837509

It's very clear the pants are far to long for her. But you can get tape that takes seconds to use if you can't sew. Or she could get them altered like a normal person. Cuffing them isn't exactly hard either.

No. 837510

She’s sucking in aggressively to hide she’s not that uwu size 2, but her thighs expanding to that size while sitting fails that perception.

No. 837511

Are these her size 4 pants holding on for dear life?

No. 837513

God damn those poor jeans. Just go a couple sizes up girl it’s not that hard.

No. 837514

They look like super stretchy jeggings too, so you know if they're barely holding onto their seams they really don't fit.

Does she only own the one pair of pants?

No. 837515

Seems pretty clear that she gained 30 lbs over quarantine and laur hasn't bothered to buy her bigger clothes

No. 837516

>implying she ever bought the right size in the first place

She's always been a chonker who insists on buying size 2 clothing, anon

No. 837518

File: 1621960089500.jpeg (49.72 KB, 437x405, 277655D2-7287-4EC6-8FB7-B329B6…)

Everyone’s so focused on her pants they completely missed the shoes. It’s like she wants to show off as much feet as possible that she purposely wears shoes too small.

No. 837519

File: 1621960209358.jpg (278.93 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20210525-172910_Sam…)

No. 837520

I’ve seen this in those cheap life hack videos: tuck the pants/dress into the underpants/under the buttcheeks to create the illusion of a rounder butt. Very discrete and natural looking lmao

No. 837524

OT, sorry, but really? I'm far more invested in the gaming community than I am the makeup community, and I generally notice a lot more helpful or kind people. Obviously not the 13-yos screaming on live chat, but older individuals seem kind. Although, I haven't been a person that's faked playing games for gain or whatever the hell Lillee is trying to do.

No. 837526

File: 1621965349213.jpeg (489.96 KB, 1170x2119, C74BC348-3D8F-48C3-AAD4-593AD6…)

farmers are threatening to kill Lillee?

No. 837527

File: 1621965508296.png (1.52 MB, 588x3652, A8DCAA3C-E194-4E47-B431-47D761…)

No. 837528

Omg my sides. Leave it up to Lillee to sound completely unhinged and desperate, and then expect anyone reading the claim to take it seriously.

No. 837531

File: 1621965691460.jpeg (149.18 KB, 1242x356, 4E53206B-9AC2-4336-BEB9-4E62B9…)

Illiterate Jean showing that attic education once again. How will it get in her thick head that unless she gets specifically paid IN CASH to post something it’s not a sponsorship or ad. It is her doing free promo on exchange for a product with no financial relationship.

No. 837533

File: 1621965902557.jpeg (139.59 KB, 1345x503, 0AAD6352-0E38-4565-8CE3-AAFE22…)

>most ridiculous and laughter inducing item of the year

sure Laur

No. 837534


Don't like taking her side, but that description isn't hers. It's in the original (?) ad shown in the photo, so she did not actually write it's a ridiculous item.

No. 837535


Tempted to buy these so I can burn them. What would possess them to bring this much negative attention to themselves?? Oh wait…..

No. 837536

all her shops got shut down or became insolvent because she doesnt send products and takes the money and runs. there are details of her career of scamming in older threads.

tldr: dont buy from goblins.

No. 837539

Things she still doesn't know.
1. She doxxed herself
2. No-one here has threatened to kill her
3. What copyright is.

Feel free to add

No. 837543

>black website

Whoever reads this is going to get to that line, assume she's just an unhinged racist, and hit delete kek. Sorry Laur/Lilz, no one outside the attic speaks goblinese and knows that you mean "dark web" (which is obviously also incorrect as we're very much on the surface web rn)

No. 837544

OT but yeah, you said it yourself, you're a real gamer, not someone faking interest. I hope LJ makes a twitch account keks.

No. 837545

>3 women have killed themselves

once again failing to understand the difference between lolcow and kiwi

also KF isn't responsible for anyone's deaths, there just happened to be threads on people who later committed suicide because of other reasons (personal events, mental illness) not related to KF

No. 837547

File: 1621971440772.png (314.68 KB, 402x516, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.34…)

copyright do not steal

No. 837551

File: 1621971949996.jpg (44.38 KB, 436x655, topmodel.jpg)

This one is from her press page, so I'm assuming everyone can use it.

No. 837552

File: 1621972419303.png (830.61 KB, 1122x732, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.53…)

>copyright do not steal

No. 837554

File: 1621974327691.png (2.1 MB, 975x1486, E2PcvjBX0AUovLk.png)

copyrighted image do not steal

No. 837555

Audible kek, anon
Next thread pic?

No. 837558

File: 1621976651366.jpeg (309.48 KB, 1242x777, 04AFB1BE-08B4-4729-BCAF-CC88AC…)

Her bra is so small and tight that it left marks in her fat kek

No. 837562

Is she really gonna go through 18 threads and copyright takedown everything? shows what such a busy famous influencer she is

No. 837564

I really feel like the majority of people in this thread have never seen a girl irl. Clothes leave marks. I bet your jeans leave marks after you’ve been in them all day. Socks leave marks at the seams for fucks sake.
The playsuit a few days ago was worth the slander, but a girls fucking bra mark isn’t it.

No. 837567

Most people buy clothing in the correct size and doesn’t leave huge red marks after 15 minutes of wear. I am a woman. I wear clothes. My clothes do not leave marks like this.

No. 837570



I feel like there's also a difference between things like jeans (not everyone's stomach stays the exact same throughout a day of drinking, eating, etc) and a bra. Your ribcage doesn't magically swell. Whereas a stomach can be bloated for a variety of reasons.

Like, if your bra leaves marks like that you're not wearing the right size or you need to adjust the bands.

Socks are also kinda a dumb example because 1) I've rarely had that happen honestly, and 2) sock sizes tend to accommodate a range of sizes so it's harder to get a perfect match, especially across brands. Unlike a bra, you don't really get the chance to try on socks either.

No. 837571

I mean, a bra tends to leave big red marks on anyone with breasts since most people don’t wear the correct size as they’ve never been fitted by a professional before

No. 837572

who tries on bras(emoji)

No. 837573


Uh… Most women?? Jfc are some of you really walking around with skin-tight bras digging into your backs instead of just trying them on? Lingerie shops literally have fitting rooms for that reason…

No. 837580

OP here. I’m a woman too and clothes shouldn’t leave such deep red marks. These are deep set and her straps are sinking into her fat really badly. If you wear clothes that fit, this doesn’t happen

No. 837583

File: 1621984927491.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 690.74 KB, 828x940, C33177CE-9919-4A75-B7B0-85C379…)


Just thigh flab, a la the photo attached

No. 837585

lol anon just rearranged the letters from the "i got vaccinated" post

No. 837589

This is so cringey. She didn't even try to make herself not sound insane

No. 837614

File: 1622013513975.jpeg (500.77 KB, 828x1160, 02BE94D3-3CCC-4CA4-BA70-946097…)

No. 837615

File: 1622013594303.jpeg (232.61 KB, 828x1441, 8ECC00E5-94EC-434D-8957-8C05B0…)

The botanic_affair Instagram page is gone

No. 837616

File: 1622015939277.jpeg (391.03 KB, 1125x1139, 60153BE7-BEF6-40A9-9CC2-F6258C…)

It’s there for me

No. 837617


Did you message them? Apparently they are blocking anyone that contacts them about LJ. There is a Reddit thread covering this from May 7th

No. 837618

I would agree with the multiple personality theory if it wasn't obvious that it's clearly Laur and Lillee posting on the same accounts. I am Starting to think one is trying to end the whole thing and the other is trying to keep it going. Mainly because it seems like they are actively trying to get their accounts suspended but doing damage limitation at the same time.

No. 837620

File: 1622018962770.jpg (376.12 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210526-094652_Sam…)

Links on her site don't work. Only mention is on a story. Am guessing it's been taken down as a scam give away.

No. 837621

File: 1622022828338.jpg (54.39 KB, 714x488, hilaur.jpg)


She deleted the botanical affair insta post today keks.
It was way too obvious she has no real engagement.
She might giveaway to luvid retard now, as she's the only real person talking to LJ.
Laur used her sock account to boost Botanical followers numbers. The giveaway didn't even stay 24H on LJ insta.
Imagine failing so miserably at faking success.

No. 837622


I could get more engagement on a post about what I had for lunch.

No. 837623

Could you link the the thread? I'm confused as to if LJ perpetrated this scam (as in it never existed in the first place) or it was a colab give away and her toxic online persona made them delete it.

No. 837625

File: 1622030085297.jpg (263.59 KB, 1080x1595, IMG_20210526_134853.jpg)

Just a random, totally natural comment under LJ's botanic affairs reels video…

>Many people discredit her

>She uses "neutral pronouns"
>don't gossip guys, just look everything up before you talk about LJ

Damn this girl ….. At this point I am sure she has some kind of mental problem - how can she be this confident about herself after all the shit show of her being sexist, racist and transphobic in general.

No. 837627

File: 1622030925148.jpg (447.05 KB, 1080x1713, IMG_20210526_140756.jpg)


Oh god… I watched her reels video just now and at the beginning she mispells the company name BONTAIC AFFAIRS. Such professionalism lmao

No. 837628

Isn’t that illegal though? Changing the way the contest is run partway through? I don’t know US contest laws but it doesn’t sound legal.

No. 837632

I think its technically not but they would only enforce that with bigger corporate sweepstakes type things. No one would care about LJ's lil IG giveaway

No. 837633

Look at her mother. Laur is such a racist, phobic, and hateful person she can't even pretend to be "good". Lillee grew up with her primary role model constantly spewing hateful comments and stereotypes as jokes and funny stories. Laur made a bunch of random accounts to prove how diverse her daughter was, and they were so offensive it's one of the main things Lillee is known for.

Lillee could have learned her lesson, but that would have meant denouncing her mom. She doesn't have anyone else that's going to let her sit in her oil baths and fight her battles for her while she plays pretend with her dolls. At some point, Lillee was just a product of a poor upbringing. Now? She's just a spoiled brat with an over inflated sense of entitlement and an inability to take responsibility for her actions.

No. 837637

File: 1622038295143.jpeg (298.78 KB, 1170x890, 7E8A6B85-E332-4933-BD1C-775DDC…)

Lillee DMCA’d a bunch of tweets on Minzy’s account overnight incl Minzy’s own artwork and socialblade charts. Minzy tweeted she has a lawyer and they will pursue it.

No. 837638

Late for the party but it's not the clothing. She has some weird fat located there

No. 837639

and other…
What is truly hilarious is that she announced the partnership 19 DAYS AGO! Much event, such wow!

No. 837640

inb4 laur gets the PR manager from Botanic Affair fired

No. 837641

Pretty this callout account lives in NYC as well. She better hurry before Laur & Lillee get evicted and can’t be served.

No. 837644

File: 1622040137586.jpg (360.54 KB, 1080x1653, IMG_20210526_164101.jpg)

Prince Jaffar (LJ's creepy fan) poster a picture tagging LJ. 6 hours and not even one single like. So LJ tag does not get you even a single like but of fucking course she has legit 1M followers.

No. 837646


In all fairness, does anyone like random selfies just because the person tagged a celeb? You'd have to specifically go to "tagged photos" since it wouldn't show up in searches or anything, and I think the people who look at that tab generally look for like… candid photos of their fave celebrity, and not random dudes.

No. 837648

I wonder how they feel now. They didn't care about the callouts reporting Lillee's behavior, but they might care they gave her products for nothing hence with a negative return on investment.

No. 837649

NAYRT but he's not a random dude. He's her only real fan.

No. 837650

File: 1622044698667.jpeg (548.99 KB, 1242x1731, 397397D5-CEEA-4246-9775-B57F59…)

Lillee CEO jean is literally BEGGING her pod people to join the giveaway. It’s still up on her IG and there’s at least 50-60 comments from her that say this exact same thing. She currently has no entries

No. 837651

File: 1622045110041.jpeg (54.29 KB, 828x282, CE3501F7-5ECF-4ECC-84C2-D2C14C…)

I scrolled through the entire comments section and there’s only one entry

No. 837654

A majority of her pod people followers aren’t in the US. They can’t enter.

No. 837655

File: 1622046448595.png (223.76 KB, 828x699, 4E72AD12-B349-4231-AB9C-FB4839…)

She tagged the wrong accounts lol

No. 837656

File: 1622048330116.jpg (279.4 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20210526-175855_Sam…)

No. 837658

Laur making out that noone is joining the giveaway as people are saying its over…..sure Laur

No. 837659

she doesn't English very well.

No. 837660

File: 1622049948540.jpg (229.46 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20210526-182524_Sam…)

No. 837666

>organic games uplift skincare products

normally i'm a pretty good goblinese-english translator but this one got me. Laur's been hitting the sauce a little early

No. 837669

it's not that deep anon, they're just retarded

No. 837674

OK so LJ just ended one of her saddest IG lives ever and guess what - just before the viewers dropped from 368 to 1 LJ told that she needed to check her battery and one second later she said the IG app was not working she needed to update it and ended the live.

She also begged people to talk/comment about the donation and botanic affair giveaway but all she got weird Indian dudes and bot accounts leaving random emojis.

One girl joined the live and she talked about how much she like LJ and that she is graduating highschool and asked LJ for advice about going to collage. Like LJ ever went to collage ffs. The girl seemed like a member of LJ and Laur's engagement pod by the way. Anyways, Our retarded goblin replied asking the girl what her zodiac sign is. She just rambled about zodiac signs etc.

That was just sad.

No. 837688

File: 1622069852135.jpeg (373.11 KB, 1278x1655, E67FE52D-FC46-4A85-9F4B-1A859A…)

Deep thoughts from the mind of lj

No. 837691

We'd have a more lucrative world? Tell me, Lillee, how is a lack of boolies going to result in profit for all?

No. 837692

I only started keeping up with all of this around half a year ago and honestly? her energy in this video is actually quite nice
If she hadn't bought all those followers, didn't go batshit and kept that energy I honestly believe she could have gained a genuine, positive following.
What a shame.

No. 837697

I'd think this was a misuse of the Attic Academy Thesaurus, but it isn't. In Lillee's tiny, pathetic attic world, if there were no boolies/call outs, then her scam would be more lucrative and since she has no sense of the outside world, what is good for Attic Goblins is good for the non-goblin gander.

I cannot shake my absolute disgust for the way she looks. Like ugly people exist, but Lillee is an absolute abortion.

No. 837699

i agree. she was easy to watch and there were only a few condescending moments. if she acted like that more and dropped the condescending "i'm a famous influencer and so sassy snaps fingers go educate yourself" ploy she might have a chance at getting a genuine following. she'll never have 1 million jeaniez but she could have been a small micro influencer with a few thousand people who liked her girl next door vibe.

i don't recall her ever trying at all with a giveaway. she seems to be more dedicated to being a genuine influencer in the past week.

No. 837707

The brand probably told her they’d need to gain x amount of followers to continue the partnership and now Lillee’s scrambling. I also wonder how delusional LJ really is. Maybe she doesn’t understand she only has around 4 followers who fit the criteria of being an actual human, over 18, in the US and not a farmer. This might be a wake up call or she’ll just do her regular thing and say Instagram was glitching.

I’m interested in seeing how Botanic Affair reacts after gaining less than 20 followers (and definitely blocking more than 20 accounts for calling LJ out & messaging them). They’ve defended Lillee’s behavior thinking they’d at least see some return. Now they’re being labeled racist supporters and they only have 20 new followers to show for it.

No. 837710

File: 1622088849965.jpeg (449.75 KB, 2048x2048, 28DF8DEE-A0C9-496D-BE42-B4E873…)

the giveaway post has been up for 2 days and she still hasn’t corrected tagging the wrong brand accounts kek

No. 837713

She's mistagging them on purpose so weens won't brigade the real accounts asking them to drop her goblin ass

No. 837716

File: 1622096715945.jpeg (770.64 KB, 1125x1890, 327107CE-34FC-48CD-B99C-35C953…)

No. 837719

I think its so the brands botanic affair are giving away don't find out their useless and do giveaways with people who won't Bring in any money and dump cause a chain reaction of dumping.

No. 837722

File: 1622110870213.gif (1003.96 KB, 500x250, tommy.gif)

lmao she called teleportation as unique
also picrel

No. 837727

File: 1622113169022.jpg (353.49 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210526-183808_Ins…)

Totally normal follower list. You know everyone uses the same name with a digit different or the same picture

No. 837735

OT but I just want to say Tommy Wiseau is billion times more talented than LJ.

No. 837736

>it's ok to be selfish, the world is

Holy passive aggression to someone who (is at least masquerading as) a fan. God, Lillee is literally incapable of not being a cunt

No. 837737

your profile pic is visible, anon

No. 837738


Looks like LJ is now buying a lot of Turkish low quality bots, even some of the user names can be translated as "i created this account for giveaways" etc. Goblin has moved from Indian, Iranian bots to Turkish bots now, great.

No. 837740

File: 1622121628307.jpg (520.74 KB, 1080x1738, IMG_20210527_151535.jpg)

Lmao her Indian followers are cursing during the live stream, look at the comments. "Chup re randi" basically means "shut up whore". LJ shared this screenshot in her stories.

Even her paid bot accounts don't like her, that's just so sad.

No. 837743

>0 donations

No. 837744

File: 1622122184831.png (139.6 KB, 463x456, Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 3.28…)

At some point while applying lipstick she goes "mmm, cherries" and looks like she's about to eat the thing. Maybe nitpick but I felt deeply unsettled

No. 837745

When will she realize that this shade of red is much more flattering than her piss green hair? I know she has a filter on, but she should just commit to auburn/deep red. But I can't expect anything else from Lillee except self-sabotage from being obsessed with blonde hair.

No. 837746

File: 1622122508913.jpeg (416.66 KB, 1170x2043, 3D223160-D670-45F6-98E7-CC8DE2…)

According to hypeauditor, they’re buying Brazilian bots.

No. 837747

It's going to be great when this brand realizes how big of a scam Lillee is when they don't receive any followers and notice there are less than 10 entries. Unless Lillee hides the true stats and lies to them and says there were actually thousands kek. But even if she lied, they'll be able to see they got no followers or engagements on their own posts. Doubt they'll work with her ever again.

No. 837749

I think the brand itself may also be a scam. The language and grammar on their site gives me vibes. Fake attracts fake.

No. 837753

File: 1622124455945.png (15.2 KB, 1041x88, Screenshot 2021-05-27 100141.p…)


Yeah, check out their "return policy". Your item must be unopened, unused, and in perfect/original condition. They say if you're not satisfied with your order they're happy to take a return, but how the hell are you supposed to know if you like your order if you can't use it?? Some legitimate companies have this policy too, but I'm wary of any brand with this type of return policy. Also, they just straight up mention that they plan to resell it: "if items are non-saleable" (which I don't think is a word?). This also sounds like they won't refund you if it arrives damaged, considering they only give you money back if they can resell it. Fucking shady as hell.

No. 837754

There are multiple red flags with Botanic Affair. They’re not even a brand with original products. They’re a distributor. A bunch of the brands they’re distributing are sketchy af too.

Beauti started in 2016 and only has 2 products. One being a $160 face oil they claim Kate Middleton uses. If you google this claim, you get astroturfing articles which quote no source. Kate did say she used a cheap rose hip oil but nothing about this brand.

Most of the brands Botanic Affair distributes have limited product lines - one or two things. They all have very similar online aesthetics. All created and owned by women. None of these brands have any paper trails. It’s almost as if one person/company is creating “women owned boutique” brands to sell $160 jars of coconut oil.

No. 837755

File: 1622125285583.jpeg (677.59 KB, 1170x1554, D2AA1BC0-41C6-46F1-8843-FEE107…)

I forgot to add they’re using the same web hosting service. It could be a coincidence but like I said above…so many red flags

No. 837761

File: 1622126166894.png (472.5 KB, 1004x650, 927431.png)

Where did you find Beauti's $160 oil? The only oil they have is the £47 ($70) one.

No. 837762

Same for lilleejean.com and Truetiques.com (deleted).
Laur created countless websites for Truetiques, her scams, Brenda (at least 3 different websites in .com) and for Lillee.
Do you think she has deal with those companies?

No. 837763

File: 1622126560469.png (89.01 KB, 1383x820, ba.png)

Botanic Affair has only existed as a company for 6 months


Running a search of the brand name on youtube yields LJ's video giveaway and a bunch of completely unrelated vids not about skincare. A search on twitter yields LJ's tweets about the giveaway and then the callouts talking about her scamming. A search on IG show's LJ's giveaway post, a single post each from two other IG influencers with small-to-medium following, and the rest from the Botanic Affair official IG page.

Basically, the owner is sticking by Lillee because she has literally no other option right now.

No. 837765

No. 837767

Oh wow that's super sketchy. They look like they paid any website to host an article about it with pretty much no claims.

No. 837771

Lillee’s going to announce her skincare line with only one product: a long lasting cocooonut oil primer, for those who want their makeup to stay on between their weekly showers and it’s going to be sold exclusively by Botanic Affair.

No. 837772

File: 1622127956375.jpg (36.98 KB, 940x245, masespigol llc.jpg)

They are linked with another business. Same adress.

No. 837773

File: 1622128543752.jpg (58.63 KB, 716x629, wastewords.jpg)

>The language and grammar on their site gives me vibes. Fake attracts fake.

They hired a copywriter top KEKS.

No. 837774

She really went all in trying to copy the arrogant J* gay man vibe. Her thirst to be greedy is what really fucked her and Laur.

I think LJ could have totally sold her "skin condition" as a great angle. Hell, There's that one influencer that has severe cystic acne that does a great job in both covering it up with great looks and suggesting skin care.

LJ obviously has those red patches that turn bright red when she puts anything on it. She's bragging about how wonderful a product is on her sensitive skin while it turns bright red. It's a big peeve of mine. If she tried skincare that ACTUALLY had zero irritants and that was geared toward problematic skin she would earn a good following. Instead she just wants free, popular make up and claims it's amazing for her skin because it has coconut oil. I mean Laur and LJ are absolute morons and terrible people, so she could never succeed, but she did have wasted opportunities.

Definitely one of those repackaging brands that has so little to lose.

No. 837780

I think Lillee is more vengeful than J* though. If you listen to the vlogs she did for underdog collective and when she talks about middle school, she brings up that she was bullied, lost a bunch of weight, but the girls STILL didn't like her. She swapped her instagram and dropped out of school, posted thirst pics and started buying bots to be more popular than "those" bullies. Now it is about taking down this new set of bullies. Lillee's entire personality is making herself a victim and beating other people. I don't think she cares that much about real success. It's just about making herself feel that people are jealous of her. Even when the Reddit post came out, she latched on to the idea that people were jealous that she got PR. She repeated it constantly and still does. If everyone stopped talking about her tomorrow, she will stir up trouble somewhere else ( I would guess her instagram would get super sexual) and immediately go back to the same narrative. No one outside of a relatively tiny portion of the beauty industry know or care about her. The only things that ever come up about her are people talking about what a fake/liar/scammer she and her mom are, and articles that lillee wrote (or answered generic templates on) about how people talk about her being fake/lair/scammer.

No. 837788

True. They mention a collaboration and being the next Kim K, so I always think their major goal is success. I think maybe this is where Laur and LJ are at odds with each other. LJ wants to brag and make others jealous while Laur wants money. LJ was never bullied and was never in school long enough to be bullied. This was confirmed by class mates who said she wasn't liked or disliked. Her spergs were more normal for her age so it wasn't as cringy as it is now.

No. 837789

More like cuckoo-nut

No. 837790

File: 1622133106939.png (1.27 MB, 1335x810, theolivierlove.png)


The Olivier Love was registered at the beginning of December. One month later, Lillee pops up as one of only three people commenting on their IG post (pretty sure @lali.est.p is Laila Esteban, the brand owner.)

There is definitely some kind of engagement pod scammery going on, but the fact that Lillee seems to be more than typically entwined with this brand, with the owner doubling down instead of distancing her company name from Lillee's bad reputation after getting backlash, makes me wonder if this is Runway Rogue all over again. Maybe Laur has sold herself as an expert brand manager/beauty industry veteran and horned her way into this woman's "business" behind the scenes.

No. 837791


samefag. That should have read 1 month ago, not 1 month later.

No. 837792

You must be French, anon