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File: 1611445751545.png (958.1 KB, 1170x1200, 1611325908360.png)

No. 1140533

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous drama includes:

>Callmecarson allegedly being outed as a groomer exchaged nudes over snapchat with a 17 year old girl turns out he'd told some of his friends and one of them reported him to the FBI

>Doctor Mike making an apology video after encouraging people to stay inside because of the pandemic but being caught out after having a huge party on a yacht in Miami posts said video on his second channel

>Trisha Paytas getting engaged to Ethan of H3H3's brother whilst constantly talking about how desperate she is to get pregnant and possibly physically abusing Ethans brother

>A Corpse husband stan getting a tattoo of a clip of him breathing he posted on twitter

>Dreamsmp getting Doxed by team rooted and putting out a statement in response that his Ex he cheated on was involved

>Thenarratorhere A youtuber who made a video calling out Callmecarson after the grooming allegations came to light having a googledoc dropped about them that exposes them as a groomer themselves

>glitterforever17 having an onlyfans and posting schizophrenic rants promoting it on her twitter

>Anons find and analyse pictures of CorpseHusband revealing him being overweight

>Dreamsmp making a statement to his fans after they drew cp of a 16-17 year old twitter user who runs an account exposing people in the MCYT fandom for their weird fetish/gore porn asking them to stop drawing porn of minors complains that it's not his fault even though he encouraged his stans weird behaviour on twitter previously

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1125581

No. 1140659

Kudos to OP, thread looks good!

No. 1140673


I don't think Mumkey raped Lou, the girl is a degenerate pedophile and a pathological liar, Mumkey for all his faults admits them

No. 1140767

iLiu never claimed it was rape and never called him out for the video. I think this whole discussion is completely unnecessary. Mumkey isn’t going to be jailed over this. Liu never sought any attention or sympathy from it. It’s in the past. Move on.

No. 1140804

(Saged for 'tism.) Okay, beating a dead, rotting horse but it's literally rape. He did her while unconscious; it doesn't matter if Liu thinks it is or not and if there are no charges pressed, rape is still rape. Just because shit people have shit things done to them doesn't mean said shit things aren't bad. Being robbed and not pressing charges doesn't make a robbery not a robbery. What, you gonna say they borrowed your possessions forever? Don't be such a scrote. Now, next?

No. 1140846

she had written on her F-list she had a rape fetish. If a person consents beforehand about degenerate sex play, you can argue semantics all you want, the partner is not at fault for playing along with her degenerate shit.

No. 1140856

F-list =/ actual consent. Unless she said, "You can fuck me when I pass out," there is no consent. It's like saying I don't like sweets and somebody decides to take my sweets. Just because I like or don't like something doesn't mean they get to do it to me. But again, it's up in the air. Mumkey is probably a rapist, she's a pedophile, and they're both horrible imo

No. 1140874

>the girl is a degenerate pedophile and a pathological liar
She never claimed it was raped. People watched the video of her getting raped and said "uuhh.. you were raped" and she was like "oh"

Yes it is completely unnecessary. Because there is literally video evidence of the act. There needs to be no discussion, the victim doesn't need to press charges for it to become a true fact. Mumkey is a rapist, we can all agree to that and move on and not fangirl for him ever again, yes?

Women with a rape fetish don't actually want to be raped you mongloid. The fetish is about having spontaneous, rough sex that you actually want to have but pretend not to. A lot of women have this fetish, none of them deserved to be raped for real.

I swear to god this thread is invested with scrotes and fangirls, jump off a bridge if you think you need to defend literal rapists and groomers.

No. 1140993

have you seen that video, she's the one riding him and doing the work, I mean he's not doing much of anything

She probably was fantasizing about 15 year old boy when doing so

No. 1141006


That's a different video, anon.

No. 1141012

yeah, you’re clearly confused about literally everything about this. the video in question was linked last thread and it shows Liu wasn’t an active participant in the sex tape at all. she’s lying on her back completely fucked up.

No. 1141022

There's at least 3 videos and I am talking about this one https://kiwifarms.net/threads/mumkey-jones-tyler-millard-simian-jimmy-vincenthatesgod-ashley-simonetti-liu-the-kitty.56795/post-5240402

She later said that she didn't even remember this cause she was passed out on drugs.

No. 1141249


>Trisha Paytas getting engaged to Ethan of H3H3's brother whilst constantly talking about how desperate she is to get pregnant and possibly physically abusing Ethans brother.

Trisha got engaged to Ethans wife's (Hila) brother.

No. 1141375

Maybe I’m just being a sperg but there are a couple other inaccuracies too.
Dream’s Minecraft server is called dream smp, he himself goes by Dream or dreamwastaken. Although he cheated his speedrun, team rooted themselves came out and said her claims, including the cheating, were proven false ( >>1126969 ). If we’re going off her word for it, it should probably mention that she also accused him of rape and of beating her so hard she was declared missing for four days ( >>1125581 ).
Callmecarson was talking to multiple girls below 18, not just one ( >>1122543 ) and it also turned out he manufactured that cheating drama with Kate, who he was never actually dating in the first place ( >>1123279 )
Not necessarily inaccurate but I’m pretty sure the insane corpse stan has more than just the breathing audio file tattooed. She’s also the one who got the strand of hair he posted tattooed ( >>1131180 ) and I’m 99% sure she also has his username and various quotes of his tattooed but I don’t remember where they were posted.
Probably could have mentioned the Mykie drama ( >>1092756 ) or the pyrocynical accusations ( >>1103598 ) or Apollo legend posting his suicide note and actually killing himself ( >>1118624 ) or even the back and forth tinfoiling that critikal’s girlfriend is abusive or that he’s abusing her and whether or not he’s addicted to opening card packs (started >>1096468 but went on forever.
but also if I wanted a different op I should have made it myself so thank you current op for your effort regardless

No. 1141425

>>1141375 i can't believe someone has that amount of body with tattoos of him…i don't have words…

No. 1141436

File: 1611541491305.png (199.75 KB, 255x469, Screenshot_5.png)

Now obssesed, fetishist and psychopatic fans are having alters of him. Corpse needs to say something about all of this, this is turning out of control…

No. 1141452

Not a corpse fan but tbf those did/kinnie/plural kids are fucking crazy, it's hardly his fault that the parents let their autistic daughters be raised by the internet

No. 1141580

I’m dying

No. 1141686

File: 1611578360716.jpeg (183.1 KB, 1114x595, 88C87E77-30FD-4FC5-912E-7668FB…)

Confirmation Corpse Husband has been sliding into stans’ DM for years, holy shit!


Anons here were right to question the sudden disappearance of Corpse Husband’s snapchat account. He has been talking to random girls online a lot during his relationships, me thinks. Speaking from experience I’d guess the gf found out and bitchslaps the guy outta her life.

No. 1141705


aren't most his Stans like 15-17, Also this most likely was back in the day where he mostly read "true scary stories" so from what I remember the majority of his fans back then were creepypasta fan girls

No. 1141707

and if he's 23 now, then he'd have 15-17 back then so, so it's not like he was grooming underage girls

No. 1141712

yeah the question is what he's been doing in the past 3 years. i mean unless he was doing foul shit as a teen it's not milk.

No. 1141713

has corpse husband actually done anything milky besides making bad music? like i don't get the obsession with him in this thread

No. 1141718

i was about at ask the same thing it seems his fan base/following age ranges from 13-20??? i hope nobody older than 20 is listening to some washed up faceless youtuber it’s annoying hearing about him

No. 1141722

His fans are what's milky, not him

No. 1141723

sage for blogpost by sister-in-law's really into him, she's the only person I know IRL whose even heard of him, she's 27 as of now

No. 1141728

Definitely not about grooming. It’s about cheating via parasocial simps. Corpse said he was in two long relationships of 4 years and 2 1/2 years, why would anyone in a relationship go out and chat with stans unless it’s validation seeking? He seems to be the kind to wander a lot. Not necessarily sticking his dong in another bun, but the kind that talks way too much to other women than his girlfriend to be dismissed as just friendly with them.

He has been encouraging them to do stupid shit, like the cunt with the hair tattoo and the voice tattoo. At this point normal people would have stopped the stan and give them the recommendation to see a therapist. Not him, he keeps egging them on to do more crazy things to get his attention. It’s like a hive mind of mental illness running wild.

No. 1141800

Why he had a Snpahcat and now is gone? That has no sense. Something is weird here. His Instagram, mail and Twitter are the same and didn't changed but why only that?

No. 1141816

File: 1611595965435.jpeg (459.82 KB, 1255x1170, 35F65DA3-9E3C-4129-9A96-BF7046…)

Because Corpse is a paranoid individual, he definitely did something on Snapchat, deleting the account = scrubbing the evidence.

No. 1141895

I mean, how long ago was his snapchat active? during the whole ProJared thing? or the RoosterTeeth thing? Or Cryoatic? If he’s smart, he deleted his snapchat immediately after seeing his fellow youtubers inevitably fall from grace and get outed as gross perverts.

No. 1141913

There was a lot happening in the last thread so I feel for the op, it was really confusing.

No. 1141917

there is no coincidence between people enabling their crazed fans and being outed as sex pests

pewdiepie played into it some but when he did it was very obviously a joke at fans expense, while cryaotic would like post weird shit on twitter and comments about the fans and what they want and "what we did that one time". ryan haywood was the same, though less with shipping, and more with getting off on fans drawing weird bloody fanart with him in like crowns and shit, so he pretended to be that character any time he was recorded, and likely off camera.

No. 1142062

Literally don't see how this man Corpse posts his binge-drinking related lyrics and "MISS YOU." "<3" headass twitter persona and people don't think the guy's got problems that'll burst soon. Jesus if the guy's an alkie of course he's gonna just want what he doesn't have ALL the time.

No. 1142068

There's something he did in Snapchat that we doesn't know. If he's into BDSM and all his fans are teenagers, i see him doing shit with them and deleting the proof after.

No. 1142079

yeah, I'm surprised no one says anything about a man with GERD and a drinking problem. How come no one brings up him probably continuing to drink worsening his GERD to get his "signature" voice.

No. 1142127

ive wanted to bring this up in other non-lolcow settings but it results in rabid whiteknights and men who feel personally attacked by the comments melting down, i would assume thats why this blatant shit gets missed

No. 1142149

May not be grooming but man, YouTubers talking to their fans on any sort of platform beyond 'hi' is fucking weird, and alarm bells should be ringing of all sorts.

No. 1142156

I think i have sperged about his gerd and alcoholism too much here kek, that shit will not end well. Bitch will probably get at least precancer.

No. 1142166

heather sparkles is always posting that e-girl song in her ~sexy~ instagram stories and she's like early 30s

No. 1142191

You have no idea how much money I'm banking on the anon that said he'll start saying "stomach troubles" because he's puking blood.

Amen. I knew he would be the type to wander like someone else said. My guess is it's no surprise he was tryna hit up Mykie, he seems like the dude who'd try to fuck your girl and say that they were just "talking".

No. 1142222

i’m especially suspicious when they have a discord they talk to their fans on. that just seems like trouble.

No. 1142325

Boogie2988 will be the next to troon out.

No. 1142350

I think I remember hearing it was over people sending him really bizarre shit, but I’m not sure where tbh. It would make sense with the kinds of stans he’s egged on.

No. 1142517

I think even he knows it won't be a convincing transition, memes aside.

No. 1142519

File: 1611673088144.png (624.77 KB, 936x600, 4cd55b89-6b5c-5924-bf9f-b341d8…)

didn't stop Jim Sterling

No. 1142525

he's never acted faggy or like too much of a sexual deviant so i seriously doubt it.

No. 1142563

File: 1611680445773.jpeg (6.79 KB, 193x192, pewdiepie.jpeg)

Pewdiepie saw hbomberguy grow a beard and thought "hmm yes definitely not a terrible idea."

No. 1142564

he looks like one of those white guys that turns to islam and then becomes a terrorist bomber kek

No. 1142565

I was thinking about Markiplier, how much do you think his earlier days of trying to be super nice and "tumblry" is a cope for all the time he spent on 4chan? He said he used to go there. I've attached an unus annus mirror, though I'm sure he's mentioned on the main channel at least once

No. 1142566

…did he gain a couple pounds?

No. 1142570

>he looks like one of those white guys that turns to islam and then becomes a terrorist bomber kek
well he's British and thinks Islamophbia is a real thing, so wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility

No. 1142571

File: 1611681186523.png (1.22 MB, 1594x912, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 12.0…)

Correction anon, he still looks like this. That was apparently a "face reveal meme" that his fans made.

No. 1142572

File: 1611681261485.png (783.63 KB, 1202x900, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 12.1…)

Samefag. Forgot to mention he's a vtuber now, I guess.

No. 1142578

sage for blogpost but he's starting to look way too much like my bf and it's making me uncomfortable(no1curr)

No. 1142587


How embarrassing. Losing relevance so he needs to attention whore in a way that’s popular but only if you’re genuinely charming. lol

No. 1142590

i was talking about felix in the picture that was posted, relax

No. 1142645

he's trolling retards. his reddit was spammed with memes of him doing a face reveal, so he decided to become faceless as a joke.

No. 1142649

lmao what? he used to host a porn website. he was absolutely disgusting on that site. Boogie is absolutely a sexual deviant and he’s always been a spineless little fence sitting bitch. If Boogie could lift his arms high enough to put a wig on his head, i have no doubt he’d troon out for views.

No. 1142778


Still fucking retarded.

No. 1142800

File: 1611695083175.png (16.18 KB, 1000x115, 1611590959574.png)

imagine typing this

No. 1142883

File: 1611699647977.jpeg (833.71 KB, 1242x1390, 963CA3EC-B28D-42F1-83D1-D752E8…)

I hate corpse stans

No. 1142890

the term locals is so boring, stan twitter is the worst

No. 1142892

You think pewdiepie is british? Kek

No. 1142910

that wouldn't surprise me. ch has liked tweets of BDSM photography

>emotional cheating
>randomly damages property

What's not to love anon?

No. 1142917

He was talking about hbomberguy.

No. 1142926

Corpse stans preparing for war against their own batch of antis like they're about to fight for their country makes me laugh.

No. 1142934

File: 1611703313731.png (269.51 KB, 1210x1314, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 6.20…)

Btw some context, Corpse has shared that he had gotten some disheartening news about his nerve function.

No tangible evidence of this yet, since all of the prominent e-celebs are ass- patting him, but I guess we'll see.

No. 1142950

If you didn't see the name, you'd assume this cap came from the munchausen thread.

No. 1142953

sounds like rheumatoid arthritis

No. 1142955

> I don't really know what to do
Well they have support groups for a reason. Surely others who are struggling with FIV can provide more insight than your average 13 year old fan.

No. 1142961

Yeah dude idk, maybe lay off the booze. Might help.

No. 1142962

He? Pound the scrote alarm

No. 1142989

That sounds like something a local would say. I take stan/gay Twitter over local Twitter anyday even though they both are cancerous.
I don’t give a fuck about this scrote’s health problems he’s annoying I want to a-log so bad, I’m tired of him trending.

No. 1143035

FIV, as in cat AIDS?

No. 1143101

what are the odds this baiting fucker has carpal tunnel?

No. 1143228

But I almost feel bad for ch.
Sure, he's probably trash irl but he's clearly had a rough past. Imagine being through shit, dropping out of middle school or whatever, dealing with the fact you'll be nobody, your mom getting cancer, health issues, anger issues, whatever the fuck else that made him this way, etc and when you finally get your shot at life your body decides to nope out on you.
assuming he's telling the truth

No. 1143252

Corpse definitely needs to lay off the alcohol. I’m not going to pity him for a second as long as the asshole keeps flexing his booze habits on stream. Fuck off man, you are doing this to yourself.

Every single refugee in this world had a rough past and they don’t get handouts and asspats from celebrities left and right. He is being pampered a lot, it’s not anyone’s job to make him feel better if he doesn’t work on it by himself.

No. 1143276

He can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't show his face. Post/livestream once a month? He can do that.

I wouldn't be surprised if the whole nerve thing is fake or exaggerated so he can start taking breaks seeing as he seemed to be planning to quit semi-soon.

No. 1143429

What's even the vibe with him quitting? Like I've heard a few people give reasons here and there but what reason is he trying to give?

The last creator I saw go on a "break" was Cryaotic and then he came back with all his bullshit. It wouldn't surprise me if Corpse followed a similar path.

No. 1143434

I think it's easy to feel bad for him with the story he spins, I mean he convinced enough people already. But I never take YouTuber stories with anything but a grain of salt lol.

I'm with what >>1143252 said, as long as he keeps up his own self-destructive habits for his 'uwu knife boy xxx' persona, it's hard for me to feel truly sorry for him.

No. 1143440

Sorry for my retardation, but what is this about?

No. 1143445

>corpse posts about bad results at hospital
>stans stan
>makes it trending on twitter

I swear this motherfucker trends 3 out of 7 days a week and other 4 are mcyt stans

No. 1143463

Sorry for OT, but what do they mean by locals then? Is it a Twitter term?

No. 1143473

I had to google it and apparently it’s a term for normies on Twitter, specifically suburban teens who use Twitter the way people used to use Facebook. Posting about homework and relationship stuff and how much they like pizza, etc. I have no idea why they’d be expected to “come after” corpse stans.

No. 1143527

I'm pretty sure "he" was in reference to PewDiePie.

No. 1143549

I assumed it was a term that corpse or mcyt stans use to refer to anyone outside their camp, like commentary youtube.

Seriously these guys. I know they're most likely all teenage girls and they'll grow out of this behavior but at some point you realize that 'stan culture' is no culture at all. It's the same retarded memes and keywords and caution against what they think applies as 'ableism' or some shit. It makes twitter an even bigger hellhole than it already is.

No. 1143572

Pewds isn’t British kek

No. 1143646

No. 1143914

Yes, such a hard life, growing up in the affluent suburbs of San Diego and Murrieta California

No. 1144320

File: 1611846511585.png (150.47 KB, 1206x688, Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.0…)

I feel like some people already know what went on with wall street yesterday, but in case you don't know.

Some time ago, a big hedge fund named Melvin Capital Management put a lucrative 55M+ against GameStop, a dying business. Sure bet right?

Enter r/wallstreetbets, the most degenerate and hilarious group of semi-capitalists you'll ever encounter.

wsb figures out that if they buy up GME (GameStop) stocks and demand higher prices they can fuck over this hedge.

Lo and behold, throughout the day the price of GME soared. Which meant that now the hedge fund had to pay so much money that they ended up declaring bankruptcy and are being bailed out as I am posting this.

So basically class warfare.

Now every e-celeb grifter, from ShoeOnHead, to Vaush, to Xanderhal to fucking AlternateHistoryHub of all people, to even Elon Musk are telling their followers to snatch up GME and AMC (referring to AMC Theaters, another company that's doing poorly in the age of the pandemic) stock in order to get a few thousand easy bucks and as a symbolic "fuck you" to Wall Street.

This morning Keemstar quote tweeted this guy who said that the Precious Metals market will be fucked if they're forced to cover for GME shares. Idk if this is a sign that the bubble will burst soon but either way this is a fun watch. (1/2)

No. 1144321

File: 1611846576151.png (1.07 MB, 930x1478, Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 9.00…)

A more detailed explanation.

No. 1144324

I’m fucking living for this. It’s been fun to watch, and I hope it continues. Thanks for the explanation anon

No. 1144334

File: 1611848159627.gif (506.89 KB, 500x361, retardalert.gif)

Thats not how it works. God I hate reddit so much. The big funds have already covered their positions. There were only so many calls that were bought and closing this friday. the big funds closed their calls or reshorted it with a bigger timeframe. There were plenty of big funds that owned gamestop shares and are now getting rid of them, because these redditors are buying the shares. but you know what happens after friday ? the pumped up gamestop stock wont rise forever. every single one of those redditors will be forced back to reality as they get REKT by the liquidity of the stock disappearing.

All the funds are now aware of whats going on and covered their own margins and have ensured that they have enough cash in their trading accounts, so literally nothing will happen to them unless they lose their backers (which I highly doubt). This will end with hundreds if not thousands of fedora tipping redditor faggots crying as they learn the hard way that what goes up, must come down. A sea of redditor faggot tears and all those who have seen this as le epic win against wall street showing their back on the way out and pretending they never said shit.

Fuck all of these people and their retardation. The major funds dont give a fuck when their general is worth 13billion and theyll take a 20 million hit on one trade. It's called tuesday for them.

No. 1144344

While it was fun to see Wall Street fatcats get theirs I feel like you have a point. It's fucking gamestop, there's no way they'll be able to cover, even an amateur can see that. In any case, people are going to sell hard once they realize the shares are essentially worthless.

I predict a major crash by Friday afternoon, maybe early Saturday if GME can cover their asses long enough to pull the illusion that the shares are still going TO THE MOON.

The Gnome is a retard but he's probably right, in the same thing happens to the valuable metals market, better sell.



When the fuck did Cody get into stocks. Kek.

No. 1144362

File: 1611850460984.png (861.27 KB, 1204x1430, Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 11.1…)

Fucking KEK

No. 1144363

The funds lost 10 billion in one day over this anon. Its not some petty 20mil play. They're fully taking these funds out and its glorious

No. 1144368

File: 1611850877573.png (14.67 KB, 667x410, closed.png)

It has started. You may keep on coping pretending this was a big le epic for the win. If you really think Melvin capital was a "fat cat" and not an obscure fund. If you think the funds got 3-4 billion injections from other funds meant that they were doubling down on losing… well you are about to get hit hard.

No. 1144382

what does mctwytt even stand for ?

No. 1144383

Minecraft youtuber twitter. It's abbreviated to shit.

No. 1144386

File: 1611851839620.png (8.83 KB, 598x91, Screenshot_2021-01-28 sha thee…)

OT, looked at her tiwtter cause she seemed funny
>she's literally simping for random white tiktok guys on twitter
God why do these women always project

No. 1144404

File: 1611853206132.png (106.37 KB, 1816x1324, unknown.png)

The photo used for last thread isn't a reference to a youtuber, is it?
Looks a lot like JoblessGarrett who's a super kid-friendly channel.

No. 1144406

It's Ryan Haywood from Achievement Hunter (hence the hat).

No. 1144408

It's Ryan Haywood

No. 1144419

> This will end with hundreds if not thousands of fedora tipping redditor faggots crying as they learn the hard way that what goes up, must come down. A sea of redditor faggot tears and all those who have seen this as le epic win against wall street showing their back on the way out and pretending they never said shit.
As an economist I am so pumped, I love seeing retards who claim to know so much about the economy get fucked by it, especially scrotes and reddit scrotes in particular.
Why would anyone take investment advice from these people, sans Elon Musk although he's retarded and questionable in his own way? YT is a community of people who spend their riches at best on homes (for the luxury though, not the investment) and then depreciating assets which is why they can never 'leave' youtube and are stuck making videos years later with 5-10k views/video. Anyone who takes Keemstar's advice in particular deserves to have their money taken away.

No. 1144462

File: 1611858787058.png (38.05 KB, 652x423, milkmaybe.PNG)

Bro if someone wants to stir some shit about this guy why don't we just do what Twitter already does?

Take the most minor fucking thing and blow it out of context til it utterly prolapses.

For instance, Corpse follows Cryaotic the groomer, and I think in one of his old Q/A's he mentioned looking up to him.

Fluffy yeah, and not crazy milky, but I know SOME stans would lose their shit over it, and it'd be fun just to razz Twitter.

No. 1144464

In the same Q/A, at least I'm pretty sure, he mentions talking to Cry. He's even considered him a friend.

If someone can find this I'd be dying. Imagining these two talking makes you realize just where Corpse gets a lot of his little quirks from.

They're honestly scarily alike, with their little "owo" softboy-dom act for their fans.

Cry looked like a whole ass Discord mod when he got doxxed, what are the odds that Corpse isn't much better?

No. 1144467

I'm just waiting to everyone cancelling him because an exposing account with proof of him grooming and supporting another groomers. We only need to wait. There are people that know what he was doing on Snapchat.

No. 1144470

I guarantee there's gotta be an ex out there that's boiling for this kind of shit. I feel like if anyone's going to come forward about Corpse, it'll end up being someone from his personal life. Him and Cry both seem like the type of guy to prey on people who don't have the self-esteem or the 2 brain cells to fight back. Especially when confronted with their massive stan armies.

No. 1144485

They also had collab vids on corpse channel. Did he private them or sth since you didnt mention?

No. 1144508

I don't know how this slipped my mind.


No. 1144513


Literally just take all of these and make some typical ass cancel tweet.

"Corpse Husband still supports Cryaotic: a thread" or some dumb shit like that.

No. 1144523

was cry's face ever leaked? i only remember the pic of the fat guy with glasses, was that actually him?

No. 1144531


Honestly why the fuck would he still be following him and still have those colabs up after what happened? it's not like he conveniently forgot about Cry, that shit was big news multiple videos made and trending on twitter not to mention I've seen serval people in his replies mention it before so It's not like he doesn't know

Guarantee if he gets called out for it he'll pretend he forgot

No. 1144573

If I recall, a mod on his Discord confirmed it. And a few other people.

No. 1144577

Lmao that's why I'm saying.

This is why people need to spam the fuck out of this, because antis will run with it. I can absolutely see this being the first little crack in Corpse's armor.

No. 1144579

also *what I'm saying

No. 1144582

As much as I dislike corpse, we aren't running a gay op are we?

No. 1144586

Here's my tin foil condom theory: Corpse still talks to Cry, or at least did for a while. The only reason I believe this is based off the times Corpse referred to Cry as a friend. The idea that they had a silent friendship might track. If you wanna go deeper then think about this, Cry and Pewdiepie's last real collab is around 2014-ish. Cry and Corpse Husband collab is in 2016. Maybe Cry saw someone who could feed his god complex. Maybe they had similar tastes behind the scenes. When asked if he liked Pewdiepie on live stream, Corpse strongly responded "NO." and left it at that. Maybe they don't like each other because Pewdiepie knows Corpse still talks to Cry? Who knows? It's never just surface-level with YouTubers.

No. 1144588

Bahaha I know I'm not, at least. But it's fun to think about.

No. 1144674

It's painfully clear that this will be another moment of the already rich/well off getting richer (or losing money they can afford to lose) while the poor/middle class who went in for the memes will lose out. It's not a class war at all.

Seeing these YouTubers and other influential people jump on it is just sad

No. 1144756

Sorry, but when did he say he didn't like Pewdiepie? I've seen it mentioned in the previous thread, without anyone actually linking a stream or anything.

No. 1145197

File: 1611935157350.png (338.51 KB, 1196x1104, Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.4…)

It's happening, people are spamming "HOLD THE LINE" but that's what happens when you invest in failing shares.

Redditards lose again.

No. 1145235

File: 1611938572146.jpeg (547.09 KB, 1427x883, 948CB0B0-56D1-48F7-ADAF-D2DF2E…)

U sure u know how it works? Because this guy is still holding and has been in the game for 2 years. He cashed out 2 millions, the rest is yolo autism to go all in at this point. I think if the short squeeze works out it’s going to be pay day for everyone.

No. 1145241


for those following the GME drama:

GME shorts have not begun to close their positions in substantial numbers.

the situation (1/29 10 AM ET):

short interest: 75.54% of float by Ortex, 113.31% of float by S3 Shortsight
short share public availability: 0
Shorts are exiting their positions, but an amount of shares equal or almost equal to float is still shorted.
robinhood and other brokerages didn't have the capital to place buy orders at times yesterday. Robinhood is apparently going so far as to liquidate GME shares in accounts that are not using margin trading(!) If you're still on robinhood, you should find a new broker ASAP. Retail brokers who didn't blow up completely yesterday include:
td ameritrade


OK, listen up, you late-to-the-party, crayon-eating homunculus, here's what's going on:

Over the past year, hedge fund supervillains have made money by selling shares of Gamestop they don't actually own - they've just borrowed them. Short selling. If they sell enough they can drive the price down so far that when they eventually need to return the shares they borrowed, they can get them cheap. It's free money. They throw a couple hundred mil at this, chill in their offices watching live video feeds of homeless people being exsanguinated on the hoods of their vintage sports cars, write up an investor report, and call it a fiscal year.

They borrowed and sold a record amount - they sold more shares, in fact, than are actually traded, far more than Gamestop's float. This shouldn't have been allowed to happen and probably means they were selling shares they never even bothered to borrow - naked shorts. (Where were you on that one, SEC?) Essentially, they were simultaneously betting on Gamestop going bankrupt and doing their best to drive them into bankruptcy. It's a good tactic when you need to find a way to pay for your old wife's alimony and your new wife's poolboy.

But it presents an opportunity for the savvy degenerate gambler. Because these shares eventually need to be returned - after all, it does cost these funds money to borrow a share. And the higher the price goes, the more unstable it becomes, the more it costs to borrow. This means that at some point, they need to buy back those borrowed shares they sold.

All 140% of them.

So our visionary gambler, if they were to invest in Gamestop, would have a guaranteed buyer for their shares. And if millions of fellow degenerates were to ask their mother for an advance on their allowance so that they could buy Gamestop, too -

And then, if a famous e-commerce CEO were to buy a ton of Gamestop shares, join the board, and announce they're going to be a big company again by doing internet things and esports and radical new stuff -

And then, if a truly insane amount of call option buying - don't worry about it if you don't know - were to force market makers to rapidly buy up a ton of shares to fulfill all those options they sold in a wild phenomenon called a gamma squeeze that's basically the stock equivalent of an atmospheric microburst, suddenly spiking Gamestop's price to unheard-of levels -

- hang on, I need a new pair of pants -

Well then you'd have the perfect conditions for a short squeeze. The price is insanely high. There's a whole street of funds with deep pockets who absolutely must find a way to buy all those insanely expensive shares. And by buying them - 140% of the amount traded! - they're going to drive up the price even more. So one day, a fund will run out of money paying interest on their borrowed shares, and they'll have to drive GME's price through the roof buying enough shares to give them back. And as the price climbs, other short holders are going to be required to cover their borrowed shares by buying them. It's a runaway reaction where the more it happens, the more it happens. You know, one of those cute little phenomena like virus spread. Or nuclear bombs.

So who are they buying from? That's right. At what price are they buying? Well, that depends.

Hedge fund managers holding GME shorts would really, really like to convince GME stock holders to sell them some shares right now, before it climbs any higher, so that they can return the shares they borrowed and get out before they get steamrolled into bankrupcy. And they've got lots of tools at their disposal to do this: they can pump up other stocks to create FOMO, causing GME holders to sell their shares to go chase some shiny new meme. They can hire PR companies to astroturf these stocks on Elon Musk fan clubs and gambling forums. They can buy up shares and then, after trading hours are over, sell them in progressively cheaper tranches to drive down the stock price. They can wipe the hobo blood off their wattle and go cry on television about how they're being bullied. They can call up their investors, like Citadel, the company who processes all your orders, and tell them to stop letting people buy Gamestop while they try to drive the price down. They have, in fact, tried all of these things. But it hasn't worked - GME's price is higher than ever. It's out of control, now - there are too many people involved. There are other institutions involved, trying to extract maximum profit out of the shorts. The meme has reached critical mass.

Now it's a classic million-player prisoner's dilemma: every GME holder has visions of selling their shares for unlimited chicken tendies and cocaine dipping sauce. Maybe they think they alone can sell, while everyone else can continue to drive the price up by holding. But if every degenerate gambler thought this way, and sold their shares, very quickly the short squeeze wouldn't happen. Short holders would buy up all the shares being sold at a painful but manageable loss, they would cover their position, and the nuke would never be detonated.

What's a prisoner in this dilemma to do? At last, the point arrives. To avoid selling too early, the savvy degenerate gambler would wait until short interest - the amount of shares shorted out there - started to decline substantially. As long as nobody was defecting, nobody selling early, that decline in shares shorted would come with a spike in the price of the stock, as the few shares available are bought at astronomical prices. And this decline in shares shorted would distinguish this spike from gamma squeezes or regular old stock run-ups.

Then and only then, as the nuke goes off, the stock price ascends past Alpha Centauri, and the short interest finally starts declining, the short squeeze has begun. And then it's every gambler for themself.

No. 1145249

Jesus. Well done anon.

That being said, don't ever take your advice from e-celeb grifters.

No. 1145253

ayrt didn't write that kek it's copy and pasted

No. 1145259

Don’t take advice if you aren’t diligent enough to make your own research to verify what you’ve been told.

I am under the impression that many hedge funds were forced to sell their long positions to cover for their gamestop short gone wrong, in order to keep up liquidity. It might be a good spot to join in as a retail investor even without touching gme since they will cause some dips you can buy along the way.

Not financial advice obviously lol

No. 1145269

The advice I would've given is to buy GME, make a few thousand easy bucks, and sell low early. The retards who are screeching HOLD THE LINE are pretending that their big dub over Wall Street will last forever and GME won't provide because it's a failing company. At this point, I can't imagine it being more than symbolic.

Anyways, back to youtube drama.

No. 1145385

Can someone explain to my slow retard ass why buying stocks in GameStop is a bad idea? Every Reddit faggot is saying it will make you rich

No. 1145391

If the short squeeze doesn’t happen as it should (several reasons for that, can be intervention from the government, people selling too early or too fast because they don’t have balls to pull through), you end up overpaying for the stock. Gamestop is overvalued as fuck, also if you sell after the squeeze because you were sleeping during the show down you might end up with worthless stocks which are way lower priced than what you paid for during the hype. The squeeze should be like 5 days long as the numbers of shares available now suggest, but since the US government is willing to intervene the trading might be halted to prevent the price race to the moon and beyond.
If you don’t understand the basics, don’t do it. Only use money you can afford to lose 100% without crying afterwards.

No. 1145448

Too late to join in this now and make any noticeable profit anyway.

The people shouting to hold either:
A. Can afford to lose money
B. Are in this for some stupid class-war that doesn't even exist, the people who got in early have money to throw at this and are hardly 'poor'
C. Your average Joe who has no clue what they're doing

Personally, my big problem with this is that the class war bs is baiting random people with no experience or money to throw away join under some imagined idea that they will be swimming in millions at the end

No. 1145460

DeepFuckingValue was at 48 million USD with his YOLO, if he is sitting this one out, everyone else will.

No. 1145469

File: 1611955258175.png (1.88 MB, 1668x2224, TheKingwithDiamondHands.png)

Who the Fuck is DeepFuckingValue FYI

No. 1145484

File: 1611956296936.jpeg (459.1 KB, 1574x789, 4692ECFE-CD49-4F52-8DF3-672ACB…)

Still at 46 million after the shorts tried to bring it down, lmao

No. 1145504

And if you have eyes then you can see that he paid $754,991.37 for 50,500 shares of a highly volatile equity. Just because a handful of people with a lot of money to begin with did it doesn't mean that you with no background in financial markets should follow. I highly recommend not glamorizing this type of risk because the majority of the time you will incur huge losses if you invest like this.
As another anon said, GME as of right now is not something to gamble your money over. It never was truthfully unless you have a ton of money to throw away. The share price has skyrocketed so it's too late to hop on for any worthy profit. Eventually when these retards have to sell to reap a profit it's going to be every man for himself as >>1145241 said and that's when shit will really hit the fan.
If you have money to invest, invest in ETFs. They can be traded whenever, are highly diversified, and they are generally fool-proof with good ROI, especially for people who do not understand finance or financial markets. Putting all your eggs into one basket to wait for a share price to soar rarely works out unless you have some industry information to support your hypothesis but that kind of information is usually only known by industry titans/veterans. Don't be stupid, leave that to the moids.

No. 1145721

yeah but the issue is most casuals hopping onto this bandwagon are probably using their actual savings. These people prob don't even invest in their retirement. Shits fucked next week

No. 1145761

If he is smart enough, which he is, he will be selling bit by bit before it all goes to shit.

Also, CNN (I think? or some other American news media) has mentioned/discussed that most of the stock is owned by companies - wsb and the like make up about 15-16% of the stocks, with other big businesses making up 63% of it.

All of those people will know when to jump out and will still make profit from it. The average people wsb is now targeting with their hype and the like won't be making much, if at all at the end of this.

Also lol at people complaining that Apple/Google are removing reviews. Of course they are, it's basically a brigade and it's very likely against their policies.

No. 1145889

File: 1612017108868.png (87.76 KB, 1204x302, Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 9.30…)

Apparently Logan Paul said something about h3 and Keemstar needing to get harassed or something. Can't find anything on twitter. Did he hyper delete it once people got mad or…

No. 1145892

Nonsense, just invest in gourd futures. It's foolproof.

No. 1145895

File: 1612018004042.jpeg (244.01 KB, 1242x872, 4DB4B742-6330-413A-BFD7-128EE9…)

No. 1145897

ETFs are for people who like to slave away their whole life and chip in some money over 30 years. The wsb subreddit made a bunch of people millionaires in a matter of days or weeks, if you want to go big this is the way. No risk no fun.

No. 1145898

File: 1612018424421.jpeg (313.06 KB, 1113x1389, 5492EEF5-E768-4EA3-806C-E6797A…)

No. 1145905

Yeah, but it also made people lose their life savings due to sheer idiocy. Many of those people were married with kids and gambling away not only their own lives, but their family's.

Whilst I normally prefer risky investments myself, it's too late to invest now. I bought and sold some shares for a modest profit on Wednesday and Thursday before the big dip, but the only people goading others to buy are the ones who either lost too much to it and can't back out or the ones who made a fortune off of it in the first place.

The problem with investing is that it's inherently rigged against the retail investor. The fees are high and you don't have the tools, bots and countless insider information these people do, the trading platform you use could take days to handle your buy/sell offer and you won't know what happens until the next business day. You also take a lot more risk with your personal savings compared to some suit gambling away other people's money. A lot of these people are pissed at hedge funds precisely because they pissed away their savings and college funds in 2008 only to be bailed out, and because the rigging is now being increasingly exposed.

A lot of people are doing it as a statement which is fine, but to think you'll make big buckaroos off of it is silly.

No. 1145908

Investing in individual stocks only work if you follow finance world closely and are actually at least a little bit educated. Reddit brains are none of those.
>made bunch of people millionaires
Yet you are not talking about people who lost everything. This is just like bitcoin - 1% wins big time, the rest lose their life savings

No. 1145911

Oh god, he is openly advertising his alcoholism right now? Someone here ready to take one for the team and screenshot his drunk ramblings?

Lol gourd gang made it to lolcow.

No. 1145955

How much do wanna bet we're gonna get a Pewdiepie moment here? ;)(;))

No. 1145960

Logan said it in his podcast with a former WSB mod and called them scum of the earth.

Either way, Logan posted a dead guy on youtube and put him in his thumbnail for clicks. Not exactly the person to be taking about scum.

No. 1145964

Am I really gonna disagree with Logan though.

I mean don't get me wrong, Logan is a shit head, but h3 is an embittered hypocrite who's in complete denial about his career being in it's twilight days, Keemstar's entire business model runs on other people's suffering. "Scum of the earth" is a bit dramatic but still.

No. 1145970

Honestly Logan Paul really has grown up since the whole Suicide tree indecent, and even at his worst he wasn't as bad as keem or how bad Ethan is becoming so I agree with him

No. 1145973

Saying they should have been harassed is pretty shitty. Ethan mentioned being doxxed and harassed by neo Nazis, keemstar has been harassed as well. If you have grown as a person, why wish that on anyone who isn't a complete piece of shit. Keemstar and Ethan aren't exactly great people but they don't deserve harassment.

No. 1145986

you need a touch up on the history of logan paul kek

No. 1145994

Ntayrt but I can't decide if I think Logan has actually matured or if he has just got better at hiding the shittier aspects of himself.
He has been socialising regulary despite the pandemic, even when people have told him they got covid after hanging out with him (jake and the dad don't think covid is real so wouldn't be surprised if logan also thought the same)

No. 1145996

stop talking about the stocks shit ffs

No. 1146306

you either have chosen to pay zero attention to him by means of avoiding any and all news involving influencers (which is a fucking miracle), or you have brain rot

last year he was caught looting during a riot, he threw a massive house party despite quarantine restrictions, and his house was raided, which involved the removal of at least 5 long guns

No. 1146366

I think you're talking about Jake, Logan's little brother.

No. 1147651

Lmao. I didn't see him as the type to become trans tbh.

No. 1147661

I saw that from a mile away. That skin is way too smooth to not be on E.

No. 1147664

File: 1612138559901.jpg (615.71 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20210201_001303_com…)

I mean I did always think he looked like a trans woman without the beard but I didn't think he'd ever transition, he was too much like the Englishman stereotype I had.

No. 1147705

That voice he made in the video really made me cringe, I have no idea how he keeps it up, he was talking so slow and he comes off like a knock off contrapoints.

It was just creepy to be honest.

No. 1147711

I saw someone on /lgbt/ say he was obviously trans, and I was like "Huh. Let's find out and see". I guess they were right.

No. 1147716

Every time someone brings up all of Corpse's "health issues" it sounds like the most fake, attention-seeking shit ever. Has he ever shown any proof for any of it?

No. 1147729

Jesus Christ what is up people Simping for him recently, I'm seeing it on Tumnblr, youtube and now lolcow, anons unironically simping for Logan Paul cause he's "woke" now or whatever

No. 1147736

You mean you can't tell how much suffering he endures from his voice?
It does seem very Munchie General.

No. 1147963

File: 1612184081784.png (18.69 KB, 672x164, Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 7.54…)

Holy shit, did it finally happen?

I mean, the Kiwis have been predicting this for a while but I always thought they were being paranoid.

Then the red flags became too big to ignore. I saw his Amy Comey Barret video earlier and there was literally a comment that said "His locks are sending me into bisexual shock lol".

No. 1147970

File: 1612184817942.png (22.34 KB, 704x172, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 8.07…)

You'll never guess how this has something to do with corpse husband.

No. 1147971

OT as fuck but how does Corpse and associated acts not get tired of playing among us 24/7? Dunkey has been making parody videos about playing this game and I thought it was just to be silly, but now I see that there are content creators who actually life off among us and nothing else

No. 1147980


It’s that and minecraft the most normie tier games, probably helps that these games can be ran on almost any computer or laptop performance wise

Also minecraft Yters/Streamers have a pre-existing fandom like the weird Dream type and Among us blew up completely popularity wise

both games don’t require much focus so you can interact a lot more with your audience/people you’re playing with so I think the selling point is the stramers/yters interacting

Both games are pretty fucking boring to watch people play for more that 30 minutes in my opinion unless you really simp/give a shit about who’s playing it

TLDR: easy to run, easy to play, based in player interaction, existing fandoms and popular right now

No. 1148005

File: 1612190851612.png (1020.97 KB, 986x1368, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 9.47…)

So I was on KF's Dream thread earlier and I learn that Dream apparently has this room pretty much dedicated to himself and his online persona. If he isn't outed as a groomer this year then I'm assuming he's paying some serious hush money.

No. 1148017

trooning out makes him look a lot older than what he is

No. 1148018

File: 1612191820265.png (249.65 KB, 597x768, cheatingB.png)


Don't forget Anon he's already been caught Talking to multiple women at once already including fans of his not sure why that hasn't been brought up here yet but It was in the kiwi threads

No. 1148020

File: 1612191883782.png (98.23 KB, 586x605, cheating4.png)

No. 1148029

File: 1612192234341.png (279.45 KB, 610x1345, Screenshot_2021-01-02 g ♡ on T…)


Before his Ex girlfriend and the Fan he was dating got together and realised he was lying to them both the were arguing on twitter, he literally tweeted out that he didn't have a girlfriend at the time

I would not be surprised in the slightest if he was either Grooming fans of his or solictating nudes the two in the screenshot's weren't the only one's he was talking to, the other people involved didn't want to be named

No. 1148039

all this over some lame minecraft youtuber? love yourselves, girlies

No. 1148220

tbf he's like really fucking good at minecraft and these girls are zoomers, the most retarded generation in history

No. 1148237

File: 1612206639442.png (3.73 MB, 2174x1484, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 2.10…)

>Stocks shit

To those of you who still care. This is the most rational take I've seen on the situation, and it perfectly describes the Reddit hivemind.

No. 1148254

File: 1612207127008.jpg (39.3 KB, 480x360, dream stans.jpg)

anon, your reply prompted me to edit this

No. 1148270

File: 1612207932190.jpg (874.83 KB, 1802x2460, 1612199414632.jpg)

people on /lgbt/ are saying that philosophytube has been a creep to cotrapoint. I don't know them enough to know if it's totally dumb or not ?!

No. 1148327

File: 1612210247171.jpeg (5.59 KB, 220x229, oh god no.jpeg)

How could we have been so blind.

No. 1148338

The breadtube deeplore definitely paints PTs coming out in a sinister light. Even if PT didn’t assault Contra they undeniably had some sort of relationship in the past that didn’t work out. I can’t imagine how contra feels being so obviously skinwalked lmao.

No. 1148355

apparently contra trooned out to skinwalk someone else so it looks like it's karma

No. 1148356

File: 1612211564510.jpg (26.01 KB, 300x300, lord english 2.jpg)

>Breadtube deeplore

This is the first thing I thought of for some reason.

No. 1148362

Source: dude trust me

No. 1148385

it was talked about on his thread on here also sage your shit sperg

No. 1148398

Who was contra's skinwalkee?

No. 1148428

File: 1612214711949.jpg (42.71 KB, 478x430, 1530269381259.jpg)

unironically Steve nicks and Natalie portman. he went on a rant about how he saw androgynous women especially ones in the 80's as the peak of feminity and how he wanted to be just like them and how he pretty much looks like Natalie portman even before he fully transitioned and now he will look young and 20 forever.

No. 1148436

Logan sucks just as much as Jake, he's just better at hiding it.

No. 1148452

Vaush would make a better Lord English.

Shaun just seems like the kind of guy who's too disgusted to touch his own dick.

No. 1148524

Qanon tier tinfoil

No. 1148542

The dates underlined in the caps of Contra coming out as a lesbian and PT having a 'mental breakdown' did it for me lol.

These caps just show how unoriginal and obsessed PT is with trying to get Contra's attention.

We know Contra doesn't like PT. PT is definitely obsessed with her and definitely rips her cringe wankathon philosophies off a lot. This is nothing new. Whatever happened between them will spill eventually, when either one of them starts losing relevancy or another breadtuber spills it.

No. 1148564

I guess it's contra's fame and the fact he's a man with a dick, because I cannot think of any reason why PT would become this obessed with someone so obviously mentally fucked and not really attractive.
He could've easily bagged a woman that looks better and acts better, but I assume he's a chaser and so far gone that a "Woman" without a dick isn't what he wants.

No. 1148581

They had a friendly stream in April of lasy year, so whatever it is, it couldn't have been been before then.

No. 1148599

Shaun had some weird falling out with his girlfriend but other than the fact that he hides his face, he seems cleaner than the average breadtuber.

No. 1148681

File: 1612226311180.jpeg (92.98 KB, 720x720, 11076EDC-04F3-4761-88DE-3623A7…)

I'm laughing way to hard at this
>just like natalie portmen

No. 1148697

In all fairness to Contra and PT, at least they tried? Jim Sterling just put on a wig and called it a day.

No. 1148724

File: 1612228866443.jpeg (292.28 KB, 1242x589, 4494ADA9-9B5D-46C1-82EE-7C10FB…)

“Half Mexican”
Nah he probably got his DNA tested and saw he was 1% native to Mexico. I doubt he was raised in a Mexican household. I fucking hate this obese neckbeard

No. 1148738

why do they think that just because someone has chronic pain and anxiety and are mexican (apparently) they can't be a piece of shit? jesus christ, twitter is braindead.

No. 1148739

File: 1612229769414.jpeg (168.54 KB, 750x660, A83445FF-F1A0-4CF6-B90C-9C345E…)

I think this is the tweet that started the hashtag, but I only just saw it trending and see it’s mostly fans flooding it with asinine shit. Corpse is known to quickly delete things he tweets so it doesn’t help his case even if it’s fake lol

No. 1148740

Actually it’s probably not lol but apparently fans and antis are just going at it

No. 1148745

I hope he finally gets cancelled. Fuck this incel weirdo.

No. 1148773

Hell, he probably isnt any kind of sick. Its just to fit the /a e s t h e t I c/, I'll bet. I just dont believe these youtube narcs because it's anything for attention. Fibromyalgia my ass. And GERD is common and treatable. Just another narc that thinks they're too good for a normal job and makes up lies for their tragic backstory to get them youtube shekels. Enjoy the 15 minutes.

No. 1148781

so dude claims to have gerd but does alcohol livestreams? same with fibro, too much drinking only intensifies the symptoms. even if he did have these things it means he's a fucking moron for making things worse for himself, but we all know he's really just an alcoholic

No. 1148927

The only thing that’s making him sick is whatever means he’s using to lower his voice unnaturally—whatever male-maxxing forum he’s found where desperate men talk about how they can lower their voice using whatever means. Drinking, chain smoking, taking certain kinds of pills, altering his hormones—whatever he’s doing is what is hurting him. Fucking retard.

No. 1149005

Do people unironically believe this? I know most youtubers are creeps but this is so photoshopped.

No. 1149032

> bullying a half-half Mexican
Jesus christ twitter is past redemption wtf does being Mexican have to do with anything

No. 1149046

people pointed out contra saying his "MeToo" assaulter was a "prominent figure in lefty politics" probably means it's a real activist and not a """content creator"""…but now i'm thinking maybe he was trying to make it as vague as possible so people wouldn't start @ing random youtubers.

this is what i hate about the way CH talks about his illnesses… he's not just talking about them, he words everything in a way that'll make his stans pity him.

No. 1149047

File: 1612255179517.jpg (68.02 KB, 640x761, ab814b9ebbf88876cb5d2b1fa10e41…)

Twitter is a silly place where they've drank woke kool and and present themselves as woke 24/7 but don't deep down actually don't believe in it, so If a guy is white and does something "problematic" then he's immediately cancelled but if he's somehow classified as a POC in anyway then he can get varying degrees of leeway, this thinking applies towards stans as well, you can't just like a guy whose a straight white male, he has to have some minority quality, whatever it maybe and as flimsy as it maybe to justify to the rest of the twitter crowd why you like him, Its very stupid overall

No. 1149053

It's weird how they claim his Mexican side when most California mexicans are white as sin. He's mentioned multiple times that he's native american i don't know why they don't latch on to that since the whole BIPOC is all the rage on which groups in america need to be protected by the woke circle.

I just can't wait till it's revealed that he's just another basic ass white boy that did a 23&me kit so he can give percentages of how much he's not white.

No. 1149060

late but it's because that dude D'Angelo Wallace made a positive video essay about how much hes changed

No. 1149083

The thing is I don't think he even brings it up as much as his Stans, his Stans probably know deep down that he's a white guy, they probably think he's skinny as well but that's a whole another thing
that said regarding his ancestry I do think that he likely has some native ancestry but he's been perceived as white his whole life and didn't seem to have any idea about it before the test, so it's not a really a factor of who he is

either way I don't think there's anything wrong with Americans talking ancestry tests to learn about their origins and heritage

No. 1149107

…? He’s white as paper.

No. 1149127

Interesting choice of place to whiteknight an obese degenerate moid, anon

No. 1149170

File: 1612268701833.png (24.75 KB, 698x178, Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 7.20…)

Ya'll are something else lmao

No. 1149196

Anon I swear I’m not trying to infight, but please say sike. There are white-looking Mexicans in Mexico that doesn’t necessarily make him Caucasian. I don’t like Corpse Husband but the tinfoiling hate boner is killing me.

No. 1149218

He’s Caucasian.

No. 1149234

>no bully him he's mexican!

as if mexican people can't be pieces of shit. anglofags are so weird and stupid about foreign nationalities and ethnicities it's not even funny.

No. 1149271

Technical question- how does one check deleted tweets? I mean how do we know something is photoshop and not actually a screenshot of a deleted tweet?

No. 1149277

Anon use your brain. Why would he ever tweet this, even if he does love grooming children?

No. 1149311

There's no way to check deleted tweets unless you happen to be on the person's page or you follow them and your Twitter is being a little funky and hasn't completely refreshed- you'll be able to click on that tweet and see that it says "This tweet has been deleted" underneath. Otherwise they're just plain deleted. There is a twitter called @CORPSEdeleted that keeps track of the tweets he deletes though kek (but that screenshot is not one of them).

No. 1149399

As a Whitexican myself, I thought being white Mexican makes us literally Caucasian? Mexican is a nationality not an ethnicity, just like American (sorry for OT race sperging)

No. 1149510

He can't even speak Spanish. He streamed with Quackity (a Mexican streamer) and claimed he was Mexican too. When Quackity started speaking Spanish he didn't know any at all. Even the German girl they were with knew more Spanish than him. It was kinda awkward.

No. 1149599

Because drunkards do stupid shit when drunk?

So… actually nobody knows if the grooming tweet is legit or not. Oh my.

No. 1149611

Yeah being mexican doesn't automatically mean you're ethnically mexican. i think he claims he's like a quarter native which is the indigenous mexican 'look' people normally think of when they think of mexican as a race, but like…. i'm a quarter native too (and afrolatino) and my cousins and i are some of the most white passing people i know. even if he isn't exaggerating his like 23 and me dna or whatever, i'm still willing to bet he looks white af. if cameron diaz or bella thorne were getting clowned on twitter you would NEVER see ppl being like "leave her alone she's cuban ):" so idk why his dumbass stans think it gives him a pass from ever being talked about negatively lol

No. 1149673

after he embarrassed himself he started to learn spanish, then he to say a bunch of spanish stuff to the other popular streamers on twitch. i swear corpse husband is such a tryhard lol, look at me i know six spanish words and i‘m mexican, pls believe me! lmao

No. 1149684

If he's even partially Mexican he should be able to name at least 15 Mexican states.

No. 1149704

File: 1612305105778.jpg (76.12 KB, 716x1024, olé.jpg)

Even Mexico enthusiast Drake Julio Esteban Núñez Cabeza de Vaca Campana can name at least one.

No. 1149708

File: 1612305185880.jpg (201.78 KB, 2000x1333, gremlin.jpg)

> ethnically mexican
I think what you mean is being native. But anyway, its like saying just because you are American, doesn't mean that you are Native American. Mexicans come in all colors and many are mixed. It seems like corpse is trying to latch on to any "exotic" things to make him not be a generic fat white man. I remember that he said he was mistaken for being lil xan and he's a white Mexican. Also, DNA can be tricky. I've seen people who look really white and have 80% of their DNA as being native and I've also seen those with lower percentages and they look full native. But I still think corpse is retarded for latching onto a culture that he doesn't even know about, it's just as pathetic as those white Americans that take a DNA test and now identify themselves by saying all their various percentages of European ancestry.

Corpse has a song where he "speaks Spanish" and he has such a heavy American accent. its hilarious how he claims being Mexican yet he probably never grew up with the culture. It's even more hilarious that his fans are praising his shitty Spanish as if he didn't just google translate it.

No. 1149709

You must be retarded if you believe the CH “I love grooming children” tweet is real. People just want milk and drama from this guy. This whole whether he is Mexican or not is dry and nitpicking as hell too.

No. 1149741

The state of Mexico, Mexico. Meh, most people can name Sinaloa or Quintana Roo, since that's where Cancun is.

Hang on, is Drake Bell gonna vote in the next election? Lol.

No. 1149777

I don't get the corpse husband love neither but this parasocial hate for him is going a tad bit too far. Just mute the guy's social media profiles if he bothers you so much. Why are you hoping he victimized someone just to have him cancelled. He'll just fall out of relevancy naturally

No. 1149828

>the hate for him is going too far
do you know where you are? serious question.

No. 1149923

I know this site well. I know petty hate comments are the ordinary here. But this "I hope he molested a minor or something so he gets cancelled" is retarded a-logging(posting just to whiteknight)

No. 1149950

The love that he gets for being a bland faceless youtuber irks me to the point where I loathe him. His fans are even more cringe than K-pop fans. At least k-pop fans stan people who have talent. All this incel does is make shitty music with is deep voice and talks about “e-girls” and how they’re ruining his life. Which is creepy cause most of his fans are underaged and make sexual tiktoks with that song in the background. His voice isn’t even attractive?? He’s just an overall parasite and should just cease to exist

No. 1149966

Not just the underage fans, there was also a mother with her toddler dancing to his “music” in his instagram stories. She looked like the teenage pregnancy type where you don’t know which of the guys she banged is the father. IDK how his stans manage to come off this trashy.

No. 1149974

Corpse Husband likes Convolk, he copied the other musician’s habit to incorporate Japanese and his alleged heritage language in songs. Convolk used a lot of Russian.

No. 1150015

File: 1612317193817.jpg (200.85 KB, 1000x562, drealcorpsehuandplsdontshare.j…)

Anon, even if you stan and white knight him he wont let you choke him like you hate him unfortunately

No. 1150048

The last stupid American who got this much attention on social media became the US president and cucked the whole country. Big no on waiting for stupid fuckers to die off on their own.
I still wait for pewdiepie to fall out of relevancy naturally, not gonna happen since Gen Z is braindead.

No. 1150056

I don't follow Corpse and have him muted
I got a push notification today from the digital creator topic that was a tweet he made
You cannot escape this man and it's becoming unbearable. I don't hate him but I don't like seeing shit from anybody I don't care about

No. 1150070

I hate him because the way he leans into his creepy, faceless presence is suspect and disingenuous. It’s very obvious he goes out of his way to try to sound “sexy.” The voice tweet where he breathes even, he was trying so hard to make it deep and sexual when people with deep voices don’t have fucking bass-deep inhales and exhales of air. Disturbed shut in pussy faggot.

No. 1150088

File: 1612319561598.gif (334.64 KB, 220x260, FEA38079-2808-460B-A548-CB5367…)

Hahahaha it’s the funny anon again! Keep going.

No. 1150115

Yeah look I find him pretty easy to avoid outside of lolcow, which ironically means the a-loggers are forcing me to hear about him way more than his fans do, but some of the roasts are pretty entertaining. I say let it continue.

I think some of these anons are mad at themselves for being aroused by his voice or they wouldn't go on about it so much without actual milk, but that in itself is entertainment.

No. 1150164

someone shoop lil xan fat and we'll know what corpse really looks like.

No. 1150222

Kek “Y…you just don’t like him because you think his voice is sexy!” What kind of high school mentality is this shit? Are you young or a scrote?

No. 1150280

>the a-loggers
Girl shut up. You aren’t going to make people stop discussing him by crying about him being discussed.

No. 1150321

>smells like piss
Oh god I didn't think of this, every alkie man I know has pissed himself at least once…

No. 1150535

His voice sounds really embarrassing to me because it sounds like he's burping every word out. I just can't shake the mental image of that every time I hear him.

He's an obvious Cry copycat and even still follows Cry after he was outed as groomer. So the tinfoils about him didn't appear from vacuum.

No. 1150546

Also it's weird to do anything 'sexy' when your fanbase is basically a bunch of kids

No. 1150560

How you can think anyone above 14 can be aroused by his fake burping "deep" voice is beyond me. Aren't you the one aroused anon?

No. 1150563

Exactly. He puts way too much effort into his voice, nothing about it is casual or natural. There are so many obviously suspicious things about him that go ignored, and then his WKs tell people to stop sexualizing him—he obviously wants to be sexualized. He’s so creepy.

Also suddenly, he’s began sprinkling tagalog and Spanish into the things he says. He claimed he has a lot of Filipino friends, but he doesn’t leave the house and has literally made songs about how paranoid he is to be seen. Why be that paranoid unless you have something to hide? He’s obviously ridiculously ugly and probably lying about a multitude of things. He also claims none of his friends know he’s corpsehusband—how could they not recognize your voice? Either that, or they’re too old to know who you are and you’re lying about your age too.

No. 1150708

LOL okay that is funny! hahaha and truthful, I bet he doesn't even shower since he is in "so much pain" all the time.(bait)

No. 1150783

The thing about Corpse that gets me is when his face/identity are inevitably leaked or revealed, his fans will disregard the multitude of lies he has described himself with in 2 seconds and go about being stans.

No. 1150865

>He also claims none of his friends know he’s corpsehusband—how could they not recognize your voice?
he's hannah montana

No. 1150975

this literally happened with cry when that cryexposed tumblr came out posting his pictures many years ago.
most of his stans were like "so what if he isn't a model, i think he's really cute!!"

god i wish i was smart enough to archive all of that dumpster fire back then

No. 1151126

File: 1612385113417.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2000x1333, 2815E104-CE11-427D-81D8-D3F79B…)

How can you NOT fuck him?

No. 1151381

god tier photoshop, pls add this face to his chubby body from last thread, it‘s perfection then!

No. 1151640

File: 1612419266470.png (1.32 MB, 1202x820, a.png)

So apparently dream's releasing music now?

No. 1151657

Oh no, more shitty music from faceless neets. Are they all the same incel hivemind? Corpse was crying on twitter the other day because he thinks spotify owes him promotion in their editorial playlists. Pretty delusional for someone who is a crossbreed of a ghostmane clone and some convolk/harlow.

No. 1151780

Call me Carson hasn't posted anything since January 4 kek

No. 1151788

Kek the shame is real

No. 1151859

What happened?

No. 1151873

Got accused of being a groomer.

Well, technically he was trying to harvest nudes from a seventeen year old fan. No bueno.

No. 1151879

If the man can listen to 4 corpse songs ing a row without blowing his head off, then he can tolerate making his own shitty music.

Has any real music critic (I don't care if it's anthony fantano) come out and bashed corpse's music already. If so, link me the article or the video.

No. 1151887

The same 17 year old fan was 2 month-ish away from being 18 which is a kek

Who would even talk to this guy anyway, really? What was he popular for? The only thing I can recall is that he would always shitpost under Pokimanes tweets and then the "my gf dated with 3-4 people while dating me" drama.

No. 1152138

He had his own gaming streams before all that, mostly Minecraft from the look of it.
By now, you know that anyone on Twitch with an audience of over 30 viewers will have thirsty stans for some reason.

No. 1152340

Lurk more. It was multiple fans and he admitted to his friends that he was technically in possession of child pornography. One of them reported him to the FBI for what he told them, that’s probably why he’s been quiet.

No. 1153219


The fact that the song sounds like a bad heatwaves ripoff…the amount of pandering and uncreativity.

No. 1153260

Vocal king Dream

No. 1153304

okay whats with youtubers making music? seriously? do they think they will become "famous" musicians overnight or what? they trying to pull a fuck boy joji

No. 1153382

>fuck boy joji

No. 1154890

File: 1612712694062.jpg (127.17 KB, 1200x900, DgRlCerUEAAUeBP.jpg)

i was reading the old threads. found out about quinton reviews sending DMs to breadtube youtubers. and said youtubers being uncomfortable. ive binged quinton reviews videos. i remember vividly him talking about the lindsay ellis situation! not mentioning her name ofc. and i swear to god ive been looking for the vid for days and cant fucking find it. he must have deleted after the controversy. but the video was there and i remember it.

he goes on a woes me rant. says he went on a trip to some city with a lot of youtubers. he gets really depressed cause he was a neet and had no friends there. the idiot planned a long vacation to this other state when he didnt know anyone there. he says in the video that he texted a bunch of youtubers on twitter. and that he thought they were friends. but when he asked them to hang out, they all ghosted him and he felt like shit. this makes the whole thing miserable for him cause he thought he was going to meet up with a bunch of cool youtubers but the youtubers dont want to hang out with him. he mentions that there were only two youtubers that did say yes. comment etiquette and a girl i dont remember. i love comment etiquette, its nice he felt sorry for him. quinton says hes the only one that he really talked to during his time in that city.

in the screenshots Lindsay shows, you can see Quinton is asking her to meet up. and she says she thought it was weird. but he didnt DM her only, from what he said in the video he DM multiple youtubers. he sounded pathetic in the DMs yes, but he wasnt stalking Lindsay. he did it to all the youtubers that lived in the area. she said it as if quinton was stalking her. and the DMs are AWKWARD as all fuck. but quinton in his video is very open about sending DM to all the youtubers he liked. which was stupid. but it wasnt about Lindsay at all. he literally just wanted to meet any breadtube crumb and didnt care who it was.

so tl;dr quinton sent lindsay a message to meetup and she posted it on twitter. as if he was harassing her. but quinton had said in an old video he DM a bunch of youtubers to meetup. it wasnt about her at all. hes just an awkward idiot that was in the area and thought breadtube liked him. everyone including lindsay ghosted him and only comment etiquette responded to his messages.

so yeah he was just very delusional but he wasnt trying to fuck lindsay or something as she paints it. still very weird of him. i just wanted to share why he did it. i have a love hate relationship with him but i really dont think it was cancel worthy.

No. 1155180

File: 1612731689750.jpeg (259.56 KB, 1235x1319, 91A0B1B7-AF3F-4220-BE47-EFA7C0…)

internet celebrity worship and parasocial relationships must die.

No. 1155616

I hate these type of accounts like “santa decides” or that goddamn “a turtle” or whoever the fuck acting like this terrible vessel for shitty opinions is cool or laudable. I hate it and seethe any time I see it because it’s just so annoying. What is the mindset when they make these accounts and make these kind of posts? They insert themselves everywhere. I hate that I get so mad about this, sorry for the explosion, but what’s wrong with these people? I think it gets me so mad because it reminds me of 30 year old redditors or something.

>Imagine receiving hate from a crowd of people due to something you’re really proud of
Why does gargling gravel make him exempt from this? It’s such a tame thing, who are they trying to convince?

No. 1155672

It’s reminding me of the really early Onision days, just the obsession over some low grade dick from idiots on youtube, who will inevitably turn into straight trash from all the attention. The only difference is, now, you can’t make fun of these dumbasses directly anymore.

No. 1156016

God the thought of CH turning into a second onion boy is actually scaring me for some reason. As much as I dislike him, the world doesn't need a second onion boy.

No. 1156051

#corpsetwtselfieday on twitter is fucking funny. I don't want to make fun of them but it's exactly what I expected

No. 1156064

File: 1612809614424.png (260.25 KB, 1208x786, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 1.40…)


No. 1156070

Damn twitter cropped it out. The picture was show that #dreamfell was not only trending above #StopKidnappingUgandans, but was even given it's own description over the other one. Cancer.

No. 1156241

so inane

No. 1156262

>dream stans getting defensive in the replies
holy shit with their sheer teenage trending power they could’ve actually called attention to the problem instead of defending their daddy dream, jesus

No. 1156300

I honestly don't think they try to trend it on purpose. Its just because dream and all of them have so many fans so it trends a lot since twitter doesn't fix their algorithm for trending. This was a big thing back then with bts fans where its would always be trending but twitter fixed their algorithm to basically exclude bts. anyways not even milk. don't know why you guys focus on that.

No. 1156309

if something is bad it's gonna get criticized no matter how uwu the creator, wtf are these kids smoking?

No. 1156338

The news tab on Twitter would probably summarise the Uganda stuff, or whatever it is.

On another note, the whole trending topic specifically, it's funny when stans make stuff trend with a bad #. The corspe being an abuser or whatever a while ago is a good example, just go trend something that paints the dude in a good light instead.

No. 1156786

File: 1612866070757.png (292.83 KB, 617x488, 7826823623687.png)

sorry for autistic nitpicking but this just makes me laugh, like just because they oddly look like you and your friends doesnt mean the directors purposely put you and your autistic friends in Ososan LMAOOOOOO

No. 1156943

Well of course he is gonna say that he is not stalking anyone.
You don't know how he's acted towards her, it's kinda he says she says at this point.

No. 1156967

Idk anon im pretty sure that is Sykkuno

No. 1157027

Yeah this is a weird nitpick, absolutely loathe this faggot but he’s obviously joking?

No. 1158314

I don't like him at all but I believe him when he says he didn't want anything malicious/sexual from her. He is obsessed with numbers, and being a part of the ""right side"", which is supposed to be breadtube, but breadtubers are incredibly vapid, and he got hit by the crude reality like a brick. Before chasing the closed circle, he cut off friendships with youtubers who actually believed in him. I can understand, say, cutting off turkey tom, but why he'd get rid of The Right Opinion and Internet Historian is beyond me

No. 1158761

as someone from corpsestan twt I am fully ready to leave this parasocial attachment I have to him. how do i….do det

No. 1159039

Corpse Husband again:
> The YouTuber also revealed that he continues to struggle with self-harm, claiming in one answer that he was, at one time, “cutting my face with razor blades like, ten minutes before going live” for broadcasts.

Mental parasocial stans gonna cut their face to feel close to him. Damn, don’t glorify self-harm you stupid fuck!


No. 1159042

Go to the last thread, print out his candid fat ass photo and stare at his gut all day. You can do it.

No. 1159050

Talking about struggling with self-harm isn’t glorifying it, anon.

No. 1159055

File: 1613067175183.jpeg (137.21 KB, 508x610, BEB27084-75B6-4821-AB4F-8AD745…)


remember that he hides his face for a reason, anon

No. 1159070

Nta but cutting your face with razor blades is a different type of unhinged and disgusting. Absolutely a huge glaring fucking red flag. That sort of self harm is deliberate, and claiming he was doing it ten minutes before lives is an obvious cry for attention and sympathy. Fuck this narc.

No. 1159088

How much do you want to bet he’s never cut his face before and is using that as some sort of leverage so the day he gets exposed he can say that’s not me, I have cuts on my face

No. 1159094

If he wasn’t glorifying it why would he mention how much his eye hurt he had to wear a eyepatch to pander to the underage alt girls? He literally said he wore eyeliner under the eyepatch, lol. It’s all for attention and narc points, grifters have to keep the pity donations coming.

No. 1159099

You know he’s lying too. And if he’s mutilating his face, there’s something much deeper going on here and nobody should go anywhere near him. There are a few headbangers in the wannorexic thread, but actually cutting your face open is a whole other ballpark. That isn’t an act of impulsive self harm, that is something he’s using as means for attention. He thinks it will make him look cool or distract from how ugly he is, if he’s actually doing it at all. Either way, both answers are a loss: he’s either a manipulative narc or a pathological liar. He’s probably both.

No. 1159106


That’s him? Where’s that from holy shit he’s actually fat

No. 1159114

File: 1613070472915.jpeg (118.75 KB, 508x610, 4580387B-6931-4205-98CC-196501…)

Last thread. There’s another pic where you can see on his right hand he’s wearing all of his tacky goth rings too.

No. 1159130

he's not talking about struggling with it, he's borderline bragging about it

No. 1159192

Third round of circlejerk about Corpse’s chubby body, still someone gets hit by the revelation, lmao.

Dollar store stuff from Wish or Aliexpress. Tacky af.

No. 1159207

I think people just pass by this thread and likely don’t pay much attention.
You’re using that word incorrectly

No. 1159287

that entire Q & A he did on instagram was so incredibly cringy and try-hard deep my lord

No. 1159310

Ewwww it immediately creeped me out within the first second, he tries so hard to make his voice breathy and sexual and it’s fucking gross. Cannot wait until he an heros honestly.

No. 1159316

Any thoughts here on Anna Akana? I think she's talented and I do think she's been through a lot, but her emotional exhibitionism is really over the top. Newest video - her speaking about being at the wedding of someone she's in love with. I really have no respect for someone who fucks with someone's marriage like this; she knows this video is going to get a lot of clicks and get this message to those its about. If you knew it would be an awful experience for you, why not stay away? and why let the whole world know, making the bride and groom feel extremely weirded out?

No. 1159330

YIKES go to therapy girl

No. 1159334

Don't know who she is, but kinda confused how she has 2.7 mil followers but averages between 100k-300k views per video. Seems kinda low.

No. 1159353

What is that distortion? Does he just have a crappy mic or is the quality of the video all fucked up?

No. 1159362


She's been on the platform for awhile, she was in a long-time relationship w/ og Ray Johnson Williams (=3 channel)

she got a major bump when they broke up (he went to have a lackluster career in "real" entertainment) + there's a lot of people who subbed to her back then

She was cool but ik i stopped watching her when she got a little boring. She hustles but her youtube is trite

No. 1159363

All I know about her is that she was friends with Mars Argo until she starred in a really tacky short movie that fictionalized the whole Mars/Poppy/Titanic situation. She seems like a hardcore attention whore to do that about her own friend's abuse, especially since Mars is so private.

No. 1159375

“I never wanted a normal life, I dropped out at age 12 and promised myself if I’m not successful by age 21 I’d kill myself”

I’m rolling my eyes so much I twisted my nerves, I need an eye patch rn. The guy is so cringy and tryhard.

No. 1159388

Lowkey feel like this could have been Corpse's actual voice for a moment

Thing is, it sounds far better than whatever breathy and deep shit he puts on

No. 1159399

She always seemed annoying to me. Vid related rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1159418

File: 1613086768832.jpeg (186.1 KB, 828x573, 77A8CFBB-818D-40D0-A5F0-91FA8D…)

Hasn’t he said he’s from California? Isn’t that illegal?

No. 1159537

>How many times have you thought about disappearing from social media?
>"Every single day I think about just never getting on again"
Then do it. People will find a new person to stan anyways once they get bored of you.

No. 1159640

Wait is that actually how he sounds in his videos? All this talk about his stupid fake-deep voice and I haven't actually heard it til this clip. It sounds like he's simultaneously holding in weed and pushing out a shit

No. 1159648

Sorry for blogposting but not sure how it works in America but I'm from Europe and i was hiki as well when underage and they don't give a fuck lol, the school might call a few times but they forget about you quickly.

No. 1159666

here in most places, they’ll do what they can to make kids return to school. sometimes, that involves threatening the parents and holding them responsible for their child’s truancy or other things.

No. 1159756

I actually am subbed to her but as another anon said, her content is trite even though well produced. I get her main thing is talking about mental stuff and what she goes through, but I've started getting the feeling it's a bit too much. I didn't watch this video till I saw it here and damn this was some dramatic shit. I've considered unsubbing lately

Also, she has promoted betterhelp both in the past and in a recent video.For someone who is so pro-mental health, isn't this kinda scammy? Betterhelp definitely was scammy in the past and I even though I haven't seem much from them in a while,I'm sure they are still scammy now and how they keep promoting themselves

No. 1159796

All I know is at some point she dated that guy Ray William Johnson back in early 2010's if I remember correctly

No. 1159816

She seemed cool but has lost all of her credibility by starring in a film sensationalizing Mars Argo’s abuse and then blocking anyone who criticized her, what a dickhead move to pull. Mars is an extremely quiet person and her fanbase is small so Anna will probably never own up to it.

No. 1159818

having any sort of "love" relationship with this wide eyed incel is embarrassing anon

No. 1159848

Because even an openly gay Brit, and a New Zealander weren't left wing enough for him.

He also fucked over TRO when he could still be considered a heavy hitter in the community, so it was more TRO that cut him off.

No. 1159856

It’s completely different in America, they threaten parents with legal action. An old family friend got arrested for not taking her daughter to school about a decade ago, I’ve known of people who went to court over that as well. CPS gets involved too more often than not.

I think he puts the microphone super close to his mouth so his voice sounds deeper as well. It has a creepy effect rather than sexy IMO.

No. 1159917

File: 1613143419621.png (914.55 KB, 1988x1462, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 10.1…)

Destiny and Kraut were right. Breadtube loses once more.

No. 1160075

Sorry for blogposting but I just wanted to say that when I dropped out at 16 the school did everything they could to stop it. They took my mom and I to court multiple times and threatened me with juvie. They put me in the mental ward for a week. I tried homeschool and a work study program and stopped attending both. I never passed their drug tests. Eventually they realized that I was a lost cause and just gave up lol

TLDR; if a kid is difficult enough the american schools/courts will give up on them

No. 1160143

It really supports the theory that he’s a pathological liar. I’ve seen several people bring that into question because it’s pretty well known among like any American families that have actually encountered truancy that it’s very serious and they wouldn’t allow a 12 year old to drop out. That would be considered child abuse nowadays. I think it brings a more eerie question to the surface—why is he lying about that? On top of that, he must be so naive that he’s never actually encountered legal problems from neglect because then he would know it makes his story an obvious lie. It makes me question his entire thing—I don’t believe he was abused, I don’t believe he dropped out, and I don’t believe he cuts his ugly face with razor blades. He’s obviously larping because he can’t even make his story factual—full of holes. A kid who was actually abused and didn’t go to school would know the seriousness of it, that he would encounter social workers and would not be allowed to stay at home. I would argue that truancy is taken far more seriously than even physical child abuse at that age. 12 years old is much different from a 16 year old. The only way they would allow a 12 year old to forgo education is if they were so harmful they had to be put in an institution or juvenile detention. It’s just not possible or legal.

No. 1160445

File: 1613194217154.jpeg (476.84 KB, 1242x1425, 552CD484-2ADA-4112-945C-0EE1D5…)

I can’t stand this dude

No. 1160453

Honestly we need a new breadtube thread, the one on /ot/ got locked for whatever moronic reason, I mean there's so much milk in the commmunity
>Like that one guy who pretends to be southern
>Philosophy Tube Trooning out
>So much glorious woke infighting
>And literally everything to do with Vaush (he's probably the biggest cow in that community)

No. 1160496

I’m questioning his dropout narrative too, for the same reason. Corpse husband’s story is always the same four sentences, like a witness who is lying because they made it up. People who were actually present at an event can narrate the whole thing in different wordings without contradicting themselves. Liars can’t keep up with wording and story at the same time.

No. 1160586

She always gave me massive pick-me “not like other girls” vibes and the fact that she made this makes sense

No. 1160622

i don't know who this is but wow that is so pathetic. this woman has no self respect.

No. 1160655

I watched a video, it might have been during one of his streams, where he mentions that he did actually attend highschool. For whatever reason he was enrolled in two highschools and had friends at two high schools (I think both might have kicked him out for one reason or another at different times, so they believed he was at another school and not their problem). He said he would basically break in/sneak into one of the high schools during their lunch breaks to hang out with his friends all the time and the teachers wouldn't give him any trouble because they recognized him. If true, it might explain why his family never got in trouble for letting him drop out, but then it also means he didn't actually drop out in middle school since he says he continued onto highschool.

No. 1160670

Lmao I remember one of his fans saying how deep the song is so I went and read the lyrics expecting it to be some paranoid shit again.
It's not, it's literally just him being horny. His fans are honestly delusional.

Also, isn't it a bit weird to be marketing very sexual songs to a bunch of kids who sexualise you, especially when you apparently don't like it?
I get a comparison could be made with literally any other artist, but they know that the majority of their audience are of a reasonable age, and they don't have this weird relationship with them

No. 1160703

one of the worst takes I've seen

No. 1160705

What specifically, The comment its self or the pic attached

No. 1160707

the pic is cringe but I meant the comment

No. 1160729

File: 1613236475530.jpg (857.96 KB, 1080x1978, 20210213_121142.jpg)

Some women is accusing leafyishere to be a gr00mer. Liked a comment confirming it was him. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe8f6vgN/

No. 1160745

i have trouble believing the words of someone who is obviously faking a deep voice for attention yet doesn't even have the balls to show their face on the internet.

No. 1160758

Why though ? Stans try to make their idols more "spicier" and not some boring straight white person

No. 1160764

>she/they in bio
>no proof


No. 1160781

File: 1613240995319.jpg (654.32 KB, 1080x1771, 20210213_132947.jpg)

> says that she was 13 at that time so she didn't get any proof
> thought that he was a 14 year old black boy

No. 1160786

Why is it always these rando girls on TikTok who present their accusations like shitty skits?

No. 1160789

Pathological liar confirmed. Again, this isn’t even possible. It just isn’t possible at all. It sounds like he just lives in delusions, no surprise there.

No. 1160801

This dude lies like a 2 year old. Are his fans really this fucking dense?

No. 1160806

File: 1613243651613.jpg (178.09 KB, 1080x1003, 20210213_211404.jpg)

No. 1160809

Maybe so if someone brings out a yearbook photo then he can say that it isn't him bc he dropped out when he was 12? Kek this is my only guess aside from the explanation of him just trying to be edgy

No. 1160817

That’s what I was thinking of. Or he could mention the ‘scars’ he apparently has from ~cutting himself before streaming~. Cant believe his stans believe that horseshit.

No. 1160847

This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Both are fake alibis. “You can’t find me in a yearbook because I dropped out at 12” “That isn’t me in that public creep shot because I have scars on my face.”

I think because a lot of them are underage they buy it, that’s the only reason because anyone with half a brain can call bullshit. Also his hands look mature to me. I’m wondering if he’s older than he lets on as well.

No. 1160917


Continuing to what an anon from the previous thread brought up. Ch lies about basic information about himself like education, ethnicity, health problems, and more. I wouldn't be surprised if he was lying about his age either.

Just as >>1160143 said, not even the baddest kids I knew growing up (the kids who brought drugs to school or assaulted others) dropped out at 12. Corpse can't even keep his story straight. He's said "I didn't go to high school" and then other times he said "I took some classes because they tried to put me through high school."

About his health problems, his lies about this one are something else. GERD is a condition that AT MOST makes your voice hoarse, not deep. I knew a man who died of esophageal cancer that started as GERD. Stomach acid's effect on the vocal cords produces a rough-sounding voice that sounds like someone has been talking for a long time without rest. The only way for a voice to deepen is vocal cords getting thicker and larynx development. Ch's voice is too silky and the guy speaks in vocal fry, none of which are a result of GERD. Any GERD that he has because he's alcoholic who never get sun exposure.

As far as his ethnicity goes, someone in the previous thread pointed out that ch has claimed multiple nationalities.

I remember going through his twitter and seeing him nostalgia fag over Boxxy, myspace emo phase, and motorola razor phone. My opinion, people who are late 20s (like younger millenials) feel closer to those things than zoomers. This is just me tinfoiling though.

Any ch stans/simps lurking in here, realize that you cannot take people at their word. Talk is cheap and being credulous towards men is how a lot of women find themselves in horrible situations.

No. 1160923

File: 1613252873221.jpeg (140.36 KB, 828x867, E36D3158-D8E8-4BA1-B878-A4AEB8…)

Randomly googled that dude today and apparently he was accused of being a pedo and groomer


No. 1160928

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Ladies, any guy older than 17 that still maintains an edgy/emo aesthetic is usually a massive creep. We got Romeo Lacoste, Onision, Social Repose, Corpse Husband, and now this guy. But there are many others that I can't think of atm.

No. 1160950

Shane Dawson is on that list too

No. 1160957

At 23 he wouldn’t know anything about those things. I’d argue the cutoff for that is at best 25, beyond that they were too young. 25 is even on the younger end of MySpace/razr nostalgia. The only exception I can think of is if he had an older sibling he wanted to emulate who thrived in that era OR his parents were wealthy and he was allowed to indulge in the internet and own a razr phone. If he was as poor as he claims, he couldn’t have afforded internet because this was when it was still really expensive and people had “computer rooms”. Cell phones weren’t cheap either. He’s full of shit.

No. 1161120

File: 1613266037044.jpg (490 KB, 800x800, capndesdes.jpg)

Yeah this guy is a total creep. I bet Nathan Owens is also a creep, he & Leda had a weird age difference when they dated.

No. 1161128

People looking this fucking unfortunate and still having stans.

No. 1161162

You’re right. I’m an older millennial and those things were part of my generation as a teenager. Zoomers weren’t around for early 4chan and Boxxxy and the Razr phone was popular when I was in high school in the 2000s.
He comes off as at least late 20s to me.

No. 1161179

You aren’t tinfoiling at all. Imo Corpse Husband gives me vibes of a man in his 30s who refused to grow out of his 2000s emo phase. Gen Z doesn’t talk about Myspace because they weren’t there.

No. 1161193

I know a lesbian who looks just like this lmao

No. 1161198

Bad take anon, mid 2000's was the rise of cell phones becoming easy access thus "cheaper" for the average consumer to have, internet was becoming a household staple in the US around that time too. I'm the "age" corpse claims to be and had a myspace. He lies a lot but him being around during the myspace era while actually being 23 isn't that much of a stretch, if any thing he's most likely lying about his familial status (both financial and how involved they were with his life) for the edgy emo points.

The guy that only really gained notoriety because he worked with Shane Dawson got outed as a creep? color me surprised.

No. 1161211

Yes, cheaper for people in the middle/upper middle class.

The fact that:

1) he publicly flirts with women over age 25+ women(mykie, eden, loey, bunny) and is friends with lots of older folks (boyinaband, anthony padilla, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie)
2) His hands and what we've seen of his body seem more like that of a man older than 23
3) he's nostalgic about pre-2010 internet culture

all add credibility to speculations that ch is older than he claims to be. In addition to the many other things he lies about.

No. 1161227

such a nobody that this is the only news source

No. 1161231

iirc i think this dude used to post a news segment every saturday on one of shane dawson’s channels. not sure what happened to their partnership though.

No. 1161257

She seems like the overly emotional type to me

No. 1161265

File: 1613285385062.jpg (15.85 KB, 218x300, s-l300.jpg)

On one hand I do not doubt he is lying and am inclined to not believe anything he says (if anything I think him lying is likely, considering he wishes to stay anonymous. I'd probably lie too if I were him) but I also think these are all pretty weak reasons. I'm 23 and had a myspace, didn't have a razr but everybody saw those damned tv spots or ads like picrel. You don't have to be accurately partaking in a trend or owning the hot tech of an era to get nostalgic about it, especially considering the pervasiveness of advertising.

No. 1161270

Not shocked, this dude had a channel with some faggy friend of his before he ended up on Shane's channel. Fans were all teen girls of course. Anyone with easy as shit access to young people is suspect.

No. 1161303

samefag hours after the fact but I meant actively partaking, not accurately.

No. 1161315

The other stuff Corpse Husband lies about include his forever alone shtick. He claims not to have any friends irl, at the same time he said in past interviews he had to shut his youtube room during parties at his place, so people don’t find out his internet persona. Sure jen, people without friends throw parties so big that you can’t keep track of everyone, in a place so huge you won’t notice if someone wanders off in your super secret room.

No. 1161318

>Also his hands look mature to me. I’m wondering if he’s older than he lets on as well.
I definitely know men his age with the same busted ugly hands

No. 1161346

File: 1613298275611.png (2.51 MB, 1080x1709, attentionwhore.png)

James Charles needs attention again

No. 1161347

File: 1613298307566.png (168.62 KB, 491x269, heysisters.png)

No. 1161350

Is that Photoshop or a moonbump?

No. 1161354

No. 1161359

The bump is the least photoshopped part of him, wtf? Slimmed down everywhere but his ass, shaved his jaw, changed his face, etc.

No. 1161360

Isn’t he bald now too?

No. 1161363

Blogpost but I'm only 20 and I'm fairly aware of all these things because it's part of internet culture.

Assuming he grew up introverted, and watched a bunch of YouTubers it's not a far stretch that he is aware of that culture, maybe experienced parts of that culture. Stuff like being emo is still very much a phase for many teenagers too.

No. 1161369

anons apparently can't read. Young millennials (people born before 1995) feel closer to things like Boxxy, myspace, the razr than zoomers because they were teenagers during this era. Most zoomers weren't teenagers until the 2010s. Never did I say that zoomers have no knowledge of those things.

No. 1161438

No, he photoshopped a bald cap to look real

No. 1161441

No. 1161442

You’re taking it too literally and not taking other factors into consideration. You had a myspace at 10 years old, good for you. Corpse claims he lived in miserable poverty with horrible parents. For a poor kid supposedly stranded with his parents with nothing, he sure did have access to technology that no matter what angle you look at simply wasn’t as accessible as it is now.

But anon no one is using this as their only argument. It would be one thing if there was no room for reasonable suspicion and this was a strawb we were all grasping at—but every single thing CH says is contradictory, suspect, and full of holes. If he’s lying about everything else, why tell the truth about his age? Even if he’s fudging by just a couple years (which he most likely is because he’s less easy to dox without his birth year) I’d believe a 25 year old would be more likely to beat the zomg rawr emo dead horse. Being aware of something isn’t the same as actively participating in it. There’s too many red flags.

No. 1161449

Considering the fact that he seems to lowkey hate his new-found popularity (though his actions speak otherwise), and the general YouTube space is very much ruled by influencers and family vloggers, I can see why he would be 'nostalgic' of the edgy internet days. His own channel would probably fit those years really well, and chances are he is better able to connect to that. Plus, if his channel actually fit the expected 'trends' he would, presumably, be more popular.

I honestly think the stronger ground for the argument is the fact that he is associated with slightly older people. Granted, I don't think there's THAT much difference between 23 and 25 when they all seem to be within the same 'profession' (used very loosely here).

That being said, I wouldn't at all be surprised if he is lying about his age. But I do wonder if his 'friends' are aware of it? Sort of slimy to be allowing someone with huge influence over a dumb fanbase to be lying like that. I assume they're not too aware of all the other shit he is potentially lying about, but if he is then that reflects on them as much as him imo

No. 1161512

what is this supposed to be

No. 1161518

He absolutely is lying about GERD causing his voice to deepen. Pity seeking. Not to blogpost but I've had it my whole life and I sound like a 12 year old girl. It's not his real voice, just like how girls will talk an octave higher to sound cute, a la Nyanners. Corpse is lying for sympathy points. I see the fangirls like oh no, poor baby, he has a disuhbility, when really it's extremely easy to manage with medication and not eating like shit. It can cause hoarseness and weakening of the voice, as in being quieter or raspier, but claiming it to cause his voice to be as deep as it is, is just flat out not true.

No. 1161531

Irc it's cocomelon 'disstrack'.

I like how the video looks like.

No. 1161549

lmao what do you mean? It is a disstrack for coco melon which is a kids channel that is coming up behind him in subs. He also looked really handsome in this video.

No. 1161554

I only know about GERD from h3 who has it and he coughs and stuff but he doesn’t have a deep voice. So I kinda agree.

No. 1161562

There’s too many lies to factor in. I mean it’s a given he’s seriously ugly but that can’t be the only thing he’s guarding, he acts way too paranoid and afraid for it to just be that he’s ugly. He’s made enough money that he could get the whole incel makeover a la Elliot Rogers. I’m wondering what else is at play here. I stumbled across a video of his from 2015 and the difference in his voice is astonishing, but he didn’t sound like a teenage boy then either. Idk. I think way too many people are giving him the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like we’re hyperfixating on one aspect of his presence and amplifying it, there are way too many red flags present.

No. 1161581

I think CH should have his own thread. There are so many replies itt. But then there isn’t really any actual milk, it’s more nitpicking and speculating. However like all these beloved YouTubers they rise, fall and get cancelled into oblivion so we may as well make one now

No. 1161592

agreed. it ruined this thread

No. 1161597

It sounds like you have a pretty skewed view of poor people. Growing up in a financially unstable household doesn’t mean someone can’t have access to technology or the internet. In fact the opposite is often true, poor parents tend to splurge on stuff to make their kids happy even if they’re struggling to pay rent and bills. The same can be said about abusive parents. Not saying that CH lying about his age is out of the question, but him being nostalgic about Myspace is not the most fertile ground for speculation.

t. europoor with shitty parents who is CH’s age and still remembers motorola razrs(derailing; infighting)

No. 1161600

it sounds like you don't know people have different experiences. i grew up poor in latinamerica and my parents could not afford anything that wasnt food or bills.

agreed as well, but not sure if it's possible cause of no actual milk, though i hope we do get some.(derailing; infighting)

No. 1161602

yes, its deserved at this point. hard agree.

No. 1161669

>I bet Nathan Owens is also a creep
Maybe, he did make some tiktoks about Desnate and bringing light to the situation. He stopped being friends with Des because he was a cheater pretty much. What was the age gap between Leda and Nathan?

No. 1161684

Dumb ass I’m referring specifically to CHs contradictions. This is the man who claimed he suffered extremely with not a damn thing growing up AND dropped out at 12 years old. Sorry you don’t have a good gauge on what America has been like.(infighting)

No. 1161695

He wishes

No. 1161707

A diss to Cocomelon with a hint to 6ix9ine being a pedo and a snitch. Is not that hard to understand.

No. 1161717

honestly thought that was Matt Smith in the thumbnail, how unfortunate for pewds.

No. 1161769

Literally never seen a bigger cuck than Nostalgia Critic.

No. 1161828

File: 1613348826832.png (32.59 KB, 487x196, cringe.png)

omg is he going to be this autistic about it
any time another youtube channel surpasses him? After the t series thing I'm sure half of his subscribers aren't even real kek so what's the point. Also it gives me second hand embarassment how he tries to virtue signal in these disses (picrel), he did the same in Congratulations and it was cringe

No. 1161830

Obviously people have different experiences. Sorry that you were born in a mud hut with glass bones and paper skin or whatever. I’m just saying that him claiming he grew up poor and him saying he remembers old flip phones is not contradictory in the least.

Again…you can grow up without a damn thing and still know what Myspace is kek. CH is pretty cringe on his own, we don’t have to reach this hard to prove he’s lying. I’m sure he’ll eventually say something stupid enough that reveals he’s actually in his late 20s/early 30s, but being nostalgic about old tech isn’t proof of anything.(derailing; infighting)

No. 1161852

As has been pointed out to you multiple times, nobody is singling in on that just because of the nostalgia aspect. Nobody would be questioning that or using that to aid their suspicions if he wasn’t a compulsive liar. You’re just being pedantic at this point, you’re not pointing anything out to anyone.(derailing; infighting)

No. 1161855

He could be lying about ~feeling nostalgic~. Kind of like how some people barely born in the '90s (born in 98/99) tried to call themselves 90s kids lol. Now that the Y2K trend is in full swing, I wouldn't be surprised if that same cohort tries to pretend that they totes had a MySpace account with a pink Motorola razr in the 2000s despite being in the single digits throughout most of the decade. Not to sperg about this topic even further, but I remember CH from his spooky story days and afaik there are not any inconsistencies with his age.

No. 1161878


Idk anything abt Corpse Husband except that GraveyardGirl talked abt his channel for a good while. I'm guessing he's probably in her age frame (early 30s).

No. 1161920

Hey, Corpse Husband said he used to live in a room with nothing else than a mattress on the ground and black walls. Prolly one of his 3edge5me lies, but people who are this poor don’t have access to computers back then. Keep dreaming. You have never been really piss poor.(derailing; infighting)

No. 1162035

>afaik there are not any inconsistencies with his age
Unless he’s always been lying about his age… like he lies about literally everything else? I don’t understand why he’s being defended when he’s been dishonest from the start

Exactly. These theories aren’t being pulled out of our ass—they’re coming directly from the glaring inconsistencies in um idk every single thing he’s ever said.

No. 1162062

File: 1613376699467.png (128.83 KB, 325x281, anongivemeabreak.png)

> i'm so poor i have only mettress and computer in my room

No. 1162080

It’s all satire and entertainment. Why are you so pressed lol

No. 1162088

I know you're trying to defend your boy but entertainment is a big stretch.

No. 1162101

Not sure about his subs now but a huge portion of his subs used to be children and very young teens (before he started pandering to /pol/ and neckbeards). So I think it's pretty hypocritical to speak about how wrong it's to produce content for children when that's what made him number one in the first place.

No. 1162104

I have nothing against Pewdiepie but he's not handsome and I can't tell why everyone likes so say that he is. Because he's swedish and has blue eyes and blonde hair? Also he looked worse tha usual in this video, almost sickly.

No. 1162107

Personal tastes, ever heard of that?

No. 1162111

> retard alert

No. 1162119

What’s wrong with finding blue eyes and blonde hair attractive? He is a good looking guy regardless of his hair or eye color

It’s very strange how you point that out specifically as if it matters…

No. 1162121

He's not my type either, but he is objectively handsome. How come some people can't differentiate between what is considered attractive to most of society and their personal taste?

Also yes, him being swedish and sometimes fucking up his english is a big part of his success and a lot of people find that endearing.

No. 1162131

idk what the anons are smoking but the whole pity party he's pulling whenever another channel surpasses him is annoying and seems disingenuous. Last time he tried to out-do t-series even though it was clear he was going to lose; t-series was growing quickly while he plateaued. it felt like he tried to rake in as many subscribers as possible before losing to them

who cares if kids watch stupid shit on youtube? before they watched stupid shit on youtube they watched stupid shit on the tv
i get that to some it's entertaining but producing a song and a music video for so little feels like ricegum tier autism

he is kinda good looking though, i'll give you that

No. 1162139

You're taking it too seriously. I think it was a joke. I would say it's pathetic he's desperately looking for jokes his fans can milk and be unfunny for ages, but that's it.

I agree; kids are kids, they will watch what YT or parents play. He's doomed to loose subs war anyway tho, so making fun of it is the only thing he can do.
don't really care about all that.

No. 1162142

I know it's entertainment lol, I'm saying it's bad, you're the one pressed that I'm talking about a youtuber in the youtuber thread

No. 1162144

>objectively handsome

He looks like he has cognitive difficulties.

No. 1162145


No. 1162146

Anon-chan, you are taking things too seriously. It was and is nothing but a joke. I don't care about what this guy does, but it's literally a joke. There's nothing milky about it.

No. 1162157

fucking kek

No. 1162161

Don't overthink it, anon was probably referring to the fact that blue eyes and blonde hair are rare traits and otherwise underwhelming people with those traits get "bumped up" in a lot of peoples' eyes, it happens with women too.

No. 1162165

sorry nonnies i don't know why i felt the need to write a whole paragraph sperging about that, i don't even watch/care about pewdiepie that much

No. 1162217

He brings out the sperg in people.

No. 1162219

does anyone have anything on carmen king? she says the most cow shit in her vids, like when she mentioned she has two millionaires in her dms
also, she used to beg corpse for attention on twitter it was so cringe
but now she just vaguetweets about how lonely she is

No. 1162226

Happens to everyone, as long as you realised that! A lot of things are not worth spregging about. Twitter will do all the work for you anyway.

Ngl I laugh a lot from all the CH info there. At first i thought this guy is just a normie animefan edgelord, but I didn't know he is that bad: making up stories and is a muh mental illness advocate. The way Corpse acts is really weird, truly makes you think that he is trying to hide something.

No. 1162248

if she got those millionaires she should get a fucking nose job

No. 1162252

she did

No. 1162267

nta but kek he really does, for me I think it triggers me that he's so big he's basically untouchable and every other creator kisses his ass because of it. But yeah he's really not that bad or milky

No. 1162269

It's actually unrelated but funny that those weirdos (Cryatoic aka child groomer and CH) got popular because of him

No. 1162276

people are either overly defensive for him because he's friend with their favorite youtubers, or overly aggressive because he's untouchably successful, and like james charles, it's easy to resent that success. It's weird people are still obsessed with his "offensive" oopsies like memeing ben shapiro and saying the n word, when the time he promoted an iranian scam should have been much worse.

No. 1162316

I know I am probably sperging but I have been a fan of pdp for many years so this makes me feel weirdly protective and loyal idk. In response to the last couple of posts, he isn't milky right now unless you have the mindset of a twitter tard and think he is a raging racist nazi.(nobody cares)

No. 1162349

But he’s insufferably classist. Actually, just insufferable in general.

No. 1162355

it will be good for you to read some criticism of him them, no one is perfect especially not influencers and you should never put them on a pedestal

No. 1162361

I do read criticism and know all of his controversies, I know he has some stupid stuff and is far from perfect but I don't think he is the bad person the media and twitter paint him as, hence why I still watch.

No. 1162374

why the fuck are you blogposting about this as though anybody asked? nobody here gives a fuck that you choose to simp for some unwashed bland ass white right winger, i promise

No. 1162379

The dude makes dumb meme videos and screams while playing minecraft where do people like you get the impression that he’s “right wing”? You sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

No. 1162380

What did he say?

No. 1162381

lol its just a discussion about a YouTuber, which is what this thread is for dumbass

No. 1162382

>right winger
go back to twitter

No. 1162398

nta but he is actually, that's not a bad thing necessarily if you're not a twitterfag but there's plenty of evidence of him following prominent right wing figures etc out there. Personally I think he's center right and the rest is just (retarded) edgy memeing because I find it hard to believe that someone so rich would be a political extremist of any kind

No. 1162400

He made a song calling out a pedo that is still on youtube and all you got from that is that he's ugly and right winger?

No. 1162407

File: 1613423063700.jpg (34.87 KB, 531x611, IMG_20210215_220449.jpg)

No. 1162419

Who cares if he is right leaning or left leaning? he hardly talks about this shit in his videos hell he hardly talks about any discussion about politics at all and why does his politics determine whether he is a bad person or not?

With other cows they're horrible lying scamming personalities are discussed and rightfully so but when it comes to pewdiepie it's always "he is white" or "he is right wing" as if these shit points explain why he might be a bad person in an attempt to accuse him of being a bigot you end up sounding a bit bigoted yourselves ironically enough…

No. 1162427

Where itt did someone call him a bad person for being white? Calm down. People aren’t bigots for not liking your fave, and he doesn’t need you to defend his honor.

No. 1162452

File: 1613426630215.jpeg (151.16 KB, 1124x955, BE050866-8E6E-438D-A279-6B124D…)

>posts pewdiepie vid on lolcow thread
>worst mistake of my life

No. 1162457

Who knew a swedish guy who has the word pie in his username would cause this much panty twisting lmao

No. 1162458

are you the same anon who got triggered because someone said blue eyes and blonde hair don't make someone attractive? calm down with that persecution complex, no one besides that one twitterfag cares that he's right wing or white

No. 1162466

The fact that you have to ask if anyone has anything on her is your answer. She just makes sims vids and tweets about her dog, maybe she's just not your type of content

No. 1162483

Sorry I didn’t mean to come across that way it’s just that a lot of people believe that liking blue eyes and blonde hair is “racist” I’ve seen it on reddit and twitter and I assumed that’s where that conversation was going

Plus that one anon said pewdiepie is some bland ass white right winger as if him being bland ass white is a crime? Lol the people here are so weird

No. 1162488

>people here are so weird!!!
>spends hours obsessively whiteknighting a bland unfunny scrote on an anonymous forum
he’s not going to see this and send you a dm to personally thank you for defending him against the nasty anons pointing out the fact he is literally a caucasian man. go back to twitter if you want an echo chamber to circlejerk in

No. 1162494

Anon, saying the n word isn’t an “offensive” oopsy, it’s called a heated gamer moment
Stop projecting your issues onto everyone else, all they said was that having those features sometimes makes people think you’re more attractive than they would otherwise. Calling him a bland white right winger isn’t a personal attack, it’s just true. The attack was against you for coming onto lolcow and whining when women weren’t worshipping him.

No. 1162498

there's no thread rules that demand you post negative stuff only.

No. 1162499

Wasn’t necessarily trying to defend him just trying to make a point how weirdly obsessive people are with race and politics

I honestly wasn’t expecting people to get this triggered over my comments anyway this conversation is going to keep going on the more I mention it so let’s just agree to disagree.

No. 1162507

It seems like those anons aren't the obsessive triggered ones.

No. 1162534

> this anon never read previous threads or any other thread where someone mentioned pdp

All this random pewdiepie talk is pointless because this guy is boring as hell, when there are tons of other actually milky people out there.

No. 1162540

Methinks pewdiepie has a bit of japanese fetish. I know his gf is a bit of a weeb and the samurai outfit. Also, I didn't expect so many anons to cape for him. What exactly sets him apart from any other degen scrote youtubers? He's a fucking gamer. Do better ladies.

No. 1162683

I can only assume it's unshakeable nostalgia
>has a bit of japanese fetish
>a bit

No. 1162703

I don't care that much about pewdiepie but he does look so fine in his new music video. He pulls off the cocky thing well imo.

No. 1162752

How did this thread turn from shitting on Corpse Husband to shitting on Pewdiepie lmao? Pdp is just an average scandi scorte, no need to lick his balls here ladies.

No. 1162796

Jesus you het bitches need help

No. 1162805

He have always been a massive weeb.

No. 1162819

He's a huge weeb. Also, I'm not in love with him, but I think twitter pussies need to calm down about him and not piss and moan every he's brought up.

No. 1162829

I like him too, but I would never sperg in this thread trying to defend him since he's little piece of shit sometimes.
Wtf happened anons

No. 1162835

Tinfoiling but I really do agree with a lot of what this anon is saying so bear with me:

CH’s face is out there, and not in a way he wants any of us to see it. Possibly in a way that would make him out to be the the creep, after all. Mugshot wouldn’t even be that bad as long as it wasn’t a crazy crime, half of his stans dream of fucking criminals. So it has to be something more than that. How much would you be willing to bet that somewhere lurking is a post with an unassuming CH face and something big. Also going back to the voice crack video pointed earlier, unless he was having a nice long stretch, that’s crazy. He could be hiding his voice behind that fake tone just so whoever he wants doesn’t remember him.

No. 1162838

You got me thinking anon. In Poland we had that popular child Youtuber who always had bag on his head. It turned out he's convicted criminal (abuser, teen groomer) who coudn't use his image to make money. I'm not saying CH is a criminal, but maybe it's true he's trying hide his face for other reason than that he's ugly.
The fact that his friends supposedly don't know it's him is helping him, since noone can ''betray him''.

No. 1162872

Why is it that pewdiepie stans cant sage?

Im 99% sure he just hides his face because he's ugly, i doubt he is a criminal. He will eventually do a face reveal when his popularity drops, so we might need to wait a while kek

No. 1162892

I just thought looked similiar, but I agree with you and it seems to make 100% sense. Tho i think if he looked any good he would show his face long time ago. I'm not sure if face reveal save his career whe he looks like toe.

No. 1163149

He may do a face reveal after facial reconstructive surgery.

Idk anon. He’s too paranoid. He claims he cuts his face with razorblades. There’s something at play here.

No. 1163158

Does Maxmoefo have dentures? at 1:06 why the fuck does he take his teeth out like that?

No. 1163159

He has apparently recently said that his face reveal is inevitable and probably won't be his choice. And how people have this unrealistic idea of him and how he probably looks. The whole razor stuff could be an easy way to discount any image of him, as another anon mentioned.

I genuinely could see a lot of his ex-irl-friends (assuming he has any) popping up and selling that sort of info to tabloids or just releasing it to Twitter. Also, stuff like school pictures.

Also, did some Twitter searching to see if anyone has any suspicion of his age. His stans seem to think that Corpse has a fan account for himself to interact with his fans (?????) and some were discussing the possibility that he is using a fake age on that. Assuming it's even true, how odd to have a fan account for yourself.

No. 1163162

During cancer crew days I remember he mentioned how had half front tooth or a chipped tooth for ages due to a childhood accident and had to have it capped or something. Maybe it is related to that?

No. 1163165

I think he simply hides his face as people have been obsessing over his voice and revealing his face would ruin the mystery and aesthetic of everything or whatever lol. I don’t think it’s that deep. He is likely just unfortunate looking like he says.

No. 1163179

>>1163158 hes got an Invisalign. He said it in a recent cold ones video.

No. 1163185

No. 1163286

I think he’s genuinely fucked up looking like the kind of ugly that can’t be salvaged without extreme intervention. Otherwise he wouldn’t be claiming he cuts his face open with razors, ugly ass weirdo.

No. 1163337

So, how long do you guys think Trisha and Moses will last? Is this the one? I would like to see her happy but I feel like she’s rushing into shit again; they bought a house recently and that’s a huge move for even normal couples.

No. 1163338

File: 1613522735732.jpeg (736.29 KB, 828x1351, 7BE1C70E-C57C-4832-892A-15223E…)

No. 1163341

Probably won’t last long. Buying a house together when you haven’t been dating long is a huge red flag.

No. 1163349

about as long as she lasted with Jason. maybe a year or two more. if she manages to trap him with a baby, I imagine they’ll go Eminem/Kim and just go on and off for years. trisha definitely seems like the kind of woman to try and trap a dude with a baby.

No. 1163366

She’s only doing this because Jeffrey shaded her for not owning a house, Jesus Christ.

No. 1163367

I know she's said in the past that she can't/probably can't have kids, but idk if she was telling the truth

No. 1163387

Weirdly I think they'll last a while. She's said that she's actually in therapy and working with a diagnosis now so that might stop her freakouts. Plus I think she's oddly attached to Ethan and Hila so she'll cling to Moses even if he's the one that has a freakout.

No. 1163487

I hate Trisha for a multitude of reasons but I find Ethan and Hila are very good at dealing with her. She needs to be around people that aren’t on some yaaas slay mawma tea gorl shit, and that treat her a little more like a person. She’s a cow through and through and I guarantee she’ll find a way to hurt them as she does everyone else, but so far I think they’re a better alternative to the other lot.

No. 1163682

Anon she hits him why do you root for her lol, he's obviously a freak since he seems to enjoy (that's the vibe he gave me watching some of the frenemies podcasts) some of the overall toxicity (trisha's intensive mood swing, recklessness and clinginess) but still

No. 1163696

you guys heard about this Dream vs John Swan story? I don't like dream but I'm with him on this one. John is an insufferable attention whore

No. 1163821

John Swan is a literal boychild who talks big and impulsively spews his edgelord shit all over the place and then flips the fuck out if he gets backlash. It's very telling that he usually picks boomers or autists to pick on, he has an overinflated ego but nothing to show for it. It's embarrassing.

No. 1163937

File: 1613588409723.png (370.38 KB, 1353x791, coomer.png)

Raz0rfist's girlfriend deleted his twitter cause she discovered he's a coomer.

Based. Hope she throws all his shit out the window as well.

No. 1163940

Ok, so I'm being solely informed of vlog squad shit through the H3 podcasts, and I just needed to say that the whole Jason Nash kissing prank is so fucking dumb and overblown. It just seems like Seth doesn't wanna be perceived as gay, like it's such a huge threat to his manhood. Idk, agreeing to make out on camera with a friend/whatever that girl was to him, in front of a bunch of other people (including king fuckhead himself, david), is already weird as fuck. He was desperate to make out with this girl, they swap her out with an old dude, and that's what he gets for being thirsty.
Plus, that sasquatch prank legitimately made me think he was retarded.
It's some pussy shit to complain about compared to the racism and it annoys me that the H3 crew (besides AB) seem to be so offended by it.
also to compare this to the jake paul vs dad kissing video, she wasn't full on making out with anyone in the video, even when jake's dad tried to kiss more, she refused. Seth was practically creaming in his pants to make out with that one girl, and then later a literal stranger in a sasquatch suit. Shit's weird…

No. 1163944

Why do women believe men who say they don’t watch porn? Anyone with two brain cells knows they are lying.

No. 1163957

Probably because they want to believe it. Most women want a man who doesn't watch porn (even tho such a man does not exist.)

No. 1163960

Good thing she deleted that because I could see "woke" people shitting on her for being mad he watches porn and calling her a "Swerf" or some dumb shit.
Hope she dumps him tbh.
Some men do lie about watching porn, but for him to lie and then go as far as leaving their bedroom (i'm assuming they don't sleep in different rooms) feels like he has a addiction.

No. 1163963

Feel exactly the same. I don't like dream but he doesn't have to just believe this hacking story he's being told.

I mean I love how John Swan hangs around with a crowd that insists any woman accusing a man of something must show the most perfect proof to ever exist in order to be believed. Then Swan gets to say 'oh yeah I was hacked' and that should be case closed? Love their logic.

No. 1163965

Seems like his youtube account is now also gone. kek

No. 1164044

Asexual men probably don't watch porn.

No. 1164052

I actually talked to an asexual dude and he admitted watching porn and wanking simply as a ‘stress release’ lol idek anymore

No. 1164055

She had undiagnosed chlamydia for so long that she said the doctor told her that she probably has too much scar tissue to get pregnant.

Also she had sex with a ton of people in LA during that time when she hadn't been tested and joked about probably spreading it around town.


No. 1164064

Asexual men don't exist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164080

Jesus, too, was crucified for spreading the gospel. RIP valiant anon.(not a contribution)

No. 1164120


She mentioned in one frenemies podcast that that was what she planned to do, but says she's changed her mind now. Still seem to be trying with Moses so shrug

No. 1164125

Yeah I agree and iirc that guy actually had a bet with David to see if he could get tricked into making out with Jason a second time call it coercion or whatever but how dumb and weak willed do you have to be to agree and then cry assault when it was just a kiss that you bet on. Also honestly how retarded to you have to be to fall for that with a camera shoved in your face, the racism and the way he treated Trish was was worse and they’re hurting their case by spending so much of their energy calling a dumbass getting tricked into making out with an old guy assault. He’s really just worried about how gay he looks for wanting to make out with a Sasquatch what a fucking loser.

No. 1164168

I remember her saying that during her peak troll era…I honestly don't know how much of what she says is true because it's more likely she doesn't want to have kids at all more than she can't have them.

Idk anon lmao, I have followed Trisha over the years on and off and I just want this bitch to get her shit together I guess. I know she's a piece of shit and probably won't but like a teeny part of me hopes she won't end up on the kitchen floor again having another meltdown.

No. 1164543

File: 1613653434377.png (128.92 KB, 1202x318, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 8.02…)

Dear lord and heavens. People were waiting on their toes to like this shit. (1/2)

No. 1164544

File: 1613653461338.png (130.28 KB, 1198x278, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 8.04…)


No. 1164560

im sorry if this breaks a rule or if its cringey, i dont really use this forum.

but dream pulled a mumkey jones and dated a groomer knowingly


No. 1164574

Goddamn it, how he gonna defined himself

No. 1164577

i dont know, but more people need to see that.

No. 1164579

To impact this further, he's like 36 or something and shes 19.

No. 1164588


Gross. Huge age gap = highly likely a coomer and possibly a groomer.

No. 1164600

literally who

No. 1164617

I can't view on mobile, would you mind posting screenshots or summarizing?

No. 1164627

dream used to date this girl. 4 separate children come forward saying she groomed them.

dream knew about it and instead of helping the children he sided with the woman.

according to florida law he could face up to 5 years in jail for not reporting her to the authorities.

Is there any way of spreading this? I dont care about clout, but im very worried about dream's underage fans.

No. 1164633

File: 1613665700024.png (471.45 KB, 1024x768, dream.001.png)

made a small image for easier access with archive links
i used your TLDR, hope that's okay

No. 1164635

its perfectly fine. i only have 1 twitter account and i dont want to get it suspended, is there any other platform i can post this?

No. 1164639

would make fake accounts post on reddit / twit under callouts or DM the callout account on IG

No. 1164642

sounds like a good idea, but i need a phone number for twitter, and i only have 1 that isnt banned.

No. 1164644

You don't need a phone number for Twitter.

No. 1164645

really? since when? wait, mayeb we should talk through discord or something else and plan(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164798

Yes you do a lot of the time, especially if they think you’re making multiple accounts or if you’re using a vpn. They’ll flag you until you add a number.

No. 1164804

I'm so confused by the reddit post, who is/was his gf?

No. 1164835

some random egirl called Glqmorous / Thot / lilbvnny
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4gH8jXROUk this is one of the victims talking about her

yeah, i've been banned from twitter more times than i can count. so even if i wanted to use my phone number it'd get the account banned immediately.


i've posted the info to tumblr and i've already gotten 2 angry anonymous messages lmao. it hasnt even been a day.

if anyone has tumblr i'd appreciate you reblogging it or making the post on other websites.

No. 1164838

also holy shit, i think the account got flagged for spam.

so it might get taken down soon.

No. 1164855

File: 1613683302222.png (84.47 KB, 1018x562, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 4.20…)

Notice how Critikal isn't in the lobby anymore. Looks like he lost the favor of Daddy Dream for daring to criticize him.

No. 1164862

When did he do that? Genuinely curious. Can't find anything on his twitter or youtube.

No. 1164866

Is anyone really surprised a man would date a female groomer? I think that is all of them. They think older woman and underaged guy is hot.

Literally no guy will find an issue with this and the fangirls drawing him as a chair won't either.

No. 1164869

It's fairly minute compared to the other shit Critikal has bashed people over but it's still a far cry from how other e-celebs have been asspatting him.

No. 1164871

i think they were about the same age?
its because dream has a fat wallet and any video they make with him will get millions of views

No. 1164874

File: 1613684770450.png (Spoiler Image,47.62 KB, 1308x228, Null.PNG)

holy shit Null kiwifarms himself posted about dream's ex being a groomer on kiwifarms.

No. 1164880

No. 1164883

idk, i think its good news that slowly more and more people are paying attention to that.

No. 1164884

Destiny is also a pretty good example of someone who criticizes Dream against his peers wishes.

However unlike Critikal he has the balls to out and say it.

No. 1165260

destiny is shit and people who watch him are worse shit, yikes anon

No. 1165279

destiny is another leftie who argues about the morality of CP, btw. I don't know why being a political debater instantly means we gotta put CP on the table of discussion.

No. 1165294

I think you're referring to Vaush anon.

Unless there's a clip I'm not aware of?

No. 1165312

The clip of Destiny defending a banned streamer for hitting his pregnant wife and his spergout that got him unpartnered make me think he’s just another manlet with a chip on his shoulder.
I’m sure he just said those things about Dream to be a contrarian. If everyone else was shitting on Dream he would have played the devil’s advocate. He just loves ~debating~.

No. 1165322

File: 1613744919521.jpg (315.34 KB, 1080x1009, 20210219_152330.jpg)

Lets stop fighting and look at this. Ok now you can continue

No. 1165323

parasocial relationships be making anyone think that their fav e-celeb is scrumptious looking

No. 1165572

File: 1613762369310.png (35.15 KB, 720x488, fsdsdfdfs.PNG)

discovered the "ash_on_lol" chick in this line-up during the rust streams because her annoying ass fake anime voice stood out and after some light digging found a random twt user trying to spread this clip of her calling someone a 'fucking faggot' over discord (https://twitter.com/Autistic__Dog/status/1346361764322144256), since then its gained a little more traction and she's been blocking people who call her out on it then posted this twt longer apology which surprisingly her sjw stans ate up

love to see these wannabe innocent internet personalities show their true colours

No. 1165887

I can’t bring myself to watch Destiny, but if he’s attacking Dream then lol. The manlet defends CP, he should shut the fuck up.

No. 1166170

I mean… does it really matter tho?

No. 1166921

As shitty as it is to hear your ex may be grooming teens on the Internet, I don’t think they’ll be able to press charges against him if they admit to not showing him the proof they had. I doubt you could get arrested for not believing/reporting every twitter person who accuses a public figure of grooming though it might make twitter more bearable lol

No. 1166937

Samefag, sorry, meant to say as shitty as it is to hear your ex may be grooming teens on the Internet and not do anything about it

No. 1166958

thank you very much!

No. 1167454

no anon, I am referring to Destiny. He argued that CP that already exists causes no harm, and that having pedophile thoughts is not wrong per se. I can't find the cut anymore (probably taken down) so if you want to hear it from himself you'll have to look into Brittany Venti's video on him. She's unbereable I know, but it says a lot that she's the only one who openly called him out for it.

No. 1167507

whats up with these coomers/tra types always trying to defend porn?

No. 1167569

from memory I think they were also arguing whether “ethically made” CP is possible (think lolicon) as a deterrent for pedos who would otherwise seek real-world victims.

No. 1167604

File: 1613945412445.png (397.2 KB, 583x766, why.png)

Not sure how many of you are familiar with the asmr youtubers, but I saw this post by a popular "artist" and it came off…a bit petty. Some people called her privileged for assuming that everyone could drop what they're doing and just start a youtube channel, and she got pretty defensive. Apparently she made this response off of somewhat harmless comments/trolls who said they wish they could do this for a living.

Don't know much about the asmr group itself, but it seems like some of them could be potential cows based off of how they act on social media.

No. 1167606

Not trying to white knight Gibi but she's not totally wrong. I watch ASMR occasionally and the majority of bigger accounts use really good mic equipment and put a lot of effort into the planning of their videos. There's some who do like roleplaying but that doesn't really matter bc I prefer the low effort ones like Q&As.
Actually I'm surprised there wasn't anything about gender mentioned because most successful ASMR youtubers are women, I could see a lot of incel types seething over that.

No. 1167608

Who cares? How is this cowish?

No. 1167768

File: 1613962990594.png (163.06 KB, 736x841, kek.png)

Minecraft Youtuber stans making omegle trend on Twitter because they're trying to make "friends" who also like mcyt and getting harassed instead is hilarious

No. 1168003

TehMimi can be really fucking annoying in her videos but she made a video about this situation.

No. 1168188

File: 1614026180317.png (284.37 KB, 1204x976, Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.32…)

So a couple days ago Critikal made a video about this faggot named MaximilianMus. Basically this shit troll who makes shitty COD troll videos and is actually a really creepy guy behind the scenes. Guy lost 40k subs the first two days the video was out.

Woke up to learn Max deleted his channel. Lmao. Nothing of value was lost, as Hypocrite3Hypocrite3 would say.

No. 1168191

File: 1614026389272.png (53.5 KB, 1204x188, Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 3.39…)

Heard he got doxed too. Damn.

No. 1168262

>She's unbereable I know
i wonder when this meme will die out on lolcow

shes been the only one to continuously inform people on all these shitty e-characters and very early on was apart of the cancel porn thing

but ya unbearable cuz her shitty ex was bonkers and she abused coomers for 2 years

No. 1168416

The real cow of ASMR is Karuna Satori tbh

No. 1168504


does anyone have a video for the coco diss pewds ?

No. 1168610



and apparently he abused this ex when she'd go out?

No. 1168618

this is an imageboard, learn to post caps

No. 1168676

didn't this loser had a space on shane's channel back in the day? lol how surprising (/s) seriously all youtube guys are fucking creeps, it wouldn't surprise me if markapplier or jackseptic eye had shit as well but they hide it well or something. Scrote youtubers are the worst

No. 1168677

lol same fag but he did!! here in case anyone wants to know…

No. 1168713

File: 1614097280655.jpg (116.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>Will Sonbuchner (age 37) alias, Sonny Side
>lost a crap ton of weight
>afterwards, started the Best Ever Food Review Show on YT, food and travel show, white man trying crazy foods shtick
>videos became insanely popular in short amount of time
>kept his real identity a secret until only a few months ago
>used to have a girlfriend in his videos but she went away with 0 mention of a breakup
>almost aalways with an attractive girl "guide" in every travel video
I don't care if this is paranoid, I think this guy has something shady going on to use an alias to begin with and to be so secret with his identity for almost 3 years. I bet he has bastard children all across Asia that think their dad's name is Sonny kek. anyone know more?

No. 1168718

I actually had that in my recommendation and watched it. Not to blog, but the guy is a creep, my friends and I were big fans in middle school. He had our snaps and wanted us to go to his unofficial meet and greet in portland, when he moved to my state. My mom said hell no bc we were like 12-14 year olds and he was in his mid-20s. I just find it so creepy (now I’m not a retarded child) that he thought it was okay to have conversations with middle schoolers, mind you he mostly only snaps at night time.

No. 1168733

Look at him. You know he has a felony.

No. 1168783

Contrarianism, no matter how illogical it may be, is part of their brand.

tw// f slur
Never change, Twitter. lol

You reap what you sow.

No, she's still an unbearable pickme and attention whore. Just because she's called out the right people a few times over her career doesn't detract from the rest of her retarded behaviour.

No. 1168786

since bald got outed as a redpiller i'm wary of any moid doing travel vlogs in developing countries. literally no good comes out of it

No. 1168790

This. I don't care if "nonono she's just pretending to be retarded", she's still a batshit pickme.

No. 1168793

He was in the same group as h3, frank, idubbbz, howtobasic and all those other retards in the same shit content genre. Since pyro was also exposed as a degenerate earlier I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least a handful more.

No. 1168806

He stopped playing Among Us months ago since he claimed it was getting stale.

No. 1168843

File: 1614111611411.png (659.96 KB, 1200x1246, Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 3.18…)

Apparently, Kavos is preparing some kind of assault on some "satire" Commentary YouTuber named Def Noodles. Something about Def Noodles slandering him or something.

No. 1168845

Ever since Leafy used the term 'satire', it's been ruined forever.

No. 1168849

Isn't MaximilianMus the guy that started the whole "Oh yeah yeah" thing.

Lmao good riddance.

No. 1168953

kavos can’t form a sentence without launching a metric fuckton of spittle at the camera and working himself up into a blind rage over the most minor shit. why on earth would anyone watch him “expose” someone in 2021? i’ll just catch the rundown on twitter without feeling the need to instinctually wipe off my screen

No. 1168976

File: 1614121711859.jpeg (385.78 KB, 1010x1656, E5C907B9-35C7-4AA6-9679-ECDCE3…)

I was wondering of anything came out of this, looks like he’s sticking with the hacking story and making a video. I’m kind of confused though still, I thought he said it was done by a family friend’s kid first, but I’ve also heard it was his cousin or friend or little brother.

No. 1168987

i find def noodles to be super annoying so i'm curious about this lol

No. 1168990

thats what I love about this scrote, he goes on this tard rage and not gonna lie he is kinda hot, Id love to make him my angry lil retard scrote sex slave.

No. 1169087

He is unwatchable. A grown man who makes drama videos while wearing fucking cat ears

No. 1169388

If he treats this anything like his hate boner for imallexx it'll be never ending. His attitude with alex was that he'd 'never let anyone forget his wrongdoings' and last time I checked his own viewers were begging him to move the fuck on.

Congrats Def you're about to get harrassed by this lispy fucker for at least the next 3 years.

No. 1169394

I'm not a fan and I see his reaction to criticism is always to dig for shit that twitter users will cancel you for..that being said, every commentary youtuber criticising him right now happens to be one I already dislike so I wouldn't mind some of their shit being dug up.

No. 1169404

anon i need you to know i lost my shit at this at 3 am and still can’t stop thinking about it. your mind is a beautiful but twisted place and i love that

No. 1169466

I feel like his ego is way too delicate for him to explore any possible sub side anon lol

Remember he used to grab his own crotch (in front of his kid audience) and scream
> BIg English Balls!
Then makes merch around that same catchphrase.. knowing it's 12 year old boys buying it. Tells them not to let their moms know what the abbreviation BEB means.. Totally not gay and creepy

No. 1169554

File: 1614190229843.jpg (92.27 KB, 800x450, death (1).jpg)

I found this scaling the last thread and it made me chuckle a little bit.

Who is this guy's next victim?

No. 1169581

He has an arrogant vibe about him that I really don't like, although he toned down his brazen ignorance and jokes since his PR team told him to once he started getting millions of views and would have offended a larger audience.

It's always some bland white dude × attractive and young foreign woman in these videos. I've presumed these dudes are taking advantage of them on the side, like they talk up their game and try to impress the local women.

No. 1169605

Ethan Klein. He's already been on the receiving end of a lot of hate, but him and his wife have pretty much fought back. They are considered the "underdogs" of the internet because they fought a huge case against fair use, etc.

No. 1169615

who are these people

No. 1169664

It's been a long time since Ethan Klein's been considered an underdog anon.

No. 1169688

File: 1614203524589.png (125.38 KB, 1212x744, Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 4.47…)


Massive, spergy, post below, but important context to the meme above.

The ghoul is EmpLemon. He used to make YTPs before 2016 but he had a massive sperg out after the cancerous legions of YTP fans kept egging him on to make content they wanted him to. After that he transitioned to commentary and found great success there. He's currently at about 690k subscribers.

Left to right is Behind the Meme, Quinton Reviews and MattsWhatItIs/Matt Watson.

Behind the Meme was a pretty popular channel back in 2017. His channel was basically in the same vein as Lessons in Meme Culture, where he'd explain the origins of popular memes and what the joke means basically. The problem was, his videos were pretty shit. EmpLemon comes in and makes a half hour long Content Cop bootleg about how shit Behind the Meme was and, more infamously, came up with this crackpot theory about how Behind the Meme was accelerating the death of the memes he covered by overexposing them to his audience of "Normies". I'd go as far to say Emp's video popularized the term normie. After that a raging herd of autists declared jihad on Behind the Meme and kept disliking his videos until the algorithm basically rejected them or until enough people realized his videos were terrible. Eventually, Behind the Meme just left for 4 months, and after he returned he pulled this gimmick where he pretended to be suicidal and pulled the typical cow maneuver of "I was just trying to demonstrate how insults over the internet hurt people guys! Don't pay attention to the fact that I caused thousands of people to worry over me!" That pretty much killed his career and after a couple of cringy comedy skits he just left the internet and he hasn't been back since.

Quinton Reviews is a much longer story. But the jist of it was when Mumkey Jones got terminated (remember, this was when Mumkey was still a respected member of the community), Quinton made the grave mistake of celebrating his demise, all for Mumkey Jones calling him a cuck. That resulted in EmpLemon putting Quinton on full blast on his twitter, and them later humiliating him on Emp's podcast. Much of Quinton's downfall is of his own doing, but Emp definitely played a part, and now Q spends his days trying to get in on the Breadtube grift, although he hasn't found much success. There are a lot of other important details but KF has an interesting thread on him.

Matt Watson was the sperg who started the whole #WakeUpYoTube thing, where he tried to get advertisers to boycott YouTube. A year after his odyssey, Emp made a video about him where he came up with another theory about how Matt Watson was actually a corporate plant who was used by ad networks to renegotiate their contracts with Big Sister herself. He treated it as just a theory but he had supplied just enough circumstantial evidence for people to go wild.

Point is that Emp was the driving force behind the downfall of BTM and Quinton. And on December he made this tweet indicating he might make a video on h3. Personally, I don't know how Emp will deal some finishing blow to h3 since the Beanie Lord's reputation has been tarnished to the point where any other video on him would have little effect, but either way, it would be interesting to see h3 sperg out.

Oh, his content is like Quinton Reviews, but done right, and with actual entertainment value, which explains why he has respect in the community.

No. 1169776

I’m pretty sure there’s a video of him reacting to that video essay about H3 which kept getting taken down, so if he did he would definitely go for the angle of “used his connections to remove content”.

No. 1170120

Yeah, Emp has always had some subtle hate boner for h3. No one else pointed out the whole "Don't give him any platform to defend himself" thing before him. As someone who watches his videos it would be incredibly cathartic to finally see him go toe to toe with h3.

No. 1170122

File: 1614260280517.jpg (130.71 KB, 1095x1200, my god.jpg)

>Behind the Meme

I just realized how long it's been since I've heard that name holy shit.

No. 1170150

File: 1614266746639.png (54.24 KB, 1206x212, Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 10.2…)

KSI stirred the bee's hive today.

No. 1170153

File: 1614267014558.png (839.45 KB, 1206x1090, Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 10.2…)

He even prompted a response from Dream capo Karl Jacobs.

No. 1170172

is he still one? I thought needing to get hospitalized in belarus for covid would've knocked it out of him somewhat.

No. 1170180

This brat's desperation reeks

No. 1170193

File: 1614269781465.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210222-100132.png)

Wtf happened to the Lesbian sex-ed girl

is she trying to fuck trad girls or some shit?

No. 1170194


samefag, it's Arielle Scarcella, didn't realize her name wasn't under her thumbnails

No. 1170196

Sage for retardation idk anything about the mc community but why is it so big/has blown up again in the past year or 2? i swear it died down a bit a few years back, and like, what do they even stream to get so many viewers, just a bunch of them playing mc and screaming down the mics? and why do so many people have crushes on these average/below average looking guys for playing it? although i must admit tommy is a qt tbh (i'm 2 years older than him i can think this)

No. 1170197

CallMeCarson revived the game back in 2019 as a response to Fornite getting popular at it all went down hill ever since.

No. 1170230

wait.. that's not a transbian?

No. 1170242

she disagrees with the left on trans stuff so she went full pro trump conservative. It's really unfortunate
nice bait

No. 1170307

File: 1614280487557.jpg (217.07 KB, 720x774, 20210225_131149.jpg)

Animation YouTuber and groomer scrote Cosmodore is still trying to make a comeback. The amount of people caping for him in the comments is disappointing.

No. 1170333

Again? Didn't he already make an apology? (that most people ate up for some reason)

Get this creep off the platform.

No. 1170350

Wait, wait, wait he was a child groomer too? I remember a couple of years ago I binged his videos and then forgot about him kek

No. 1170381

File: 1614285317274.png (344.89 KB, 1024x576, Troontier.png)


Ntayrt but I fully thought this youtuber


was a troon, you can't sit there and tell me this doesn't look like a man in a wig


so he basically tinfoils in videos with some facts sprinkled in and it ends people careers?

No. 1170399

Oh damn me too anon. You really can't trust anyone these days. When and how was he outed?

No. 1170476

Looking through videos it seems it was last year?
This video sums it up well
Well, I guess you can't expect more from cartoon loving adult males I guess, he never came across as too creepy or anything but that doesn't mean shit nowadays.

No. 1170486

File: 1614290971931.png (44.77 KB, 639x574, gigi (2).PNG)

Nathan's gf telling victims they're wrong about being groomed. Even though Georgina said they specifically went public with their relationship when she turned 18.

No. 1170487

His argument is so fucking pathetic, claiming that it's normal in europe to date and send porn to a 15 year old when you're 19 just makes him look creepier. It's just not true.

No. 1170495

I don't know anything about this situation but in some countries it is, namely mine. I knew a 19 year old in a relationship with a 15 year old when I was in hs, he was a compelete retard and I thought it was creepy as fuck, it's not common by any means but it is socially acceptable (unfortunately)

No. 1170738

anon i think you’re thinking of maxmoefoe?

No. 1170749

He bares an unsettling resemblance to Big Joel holy shit.

No. 1171341

File: 1614373658304.webm (2.89 MB, 360x720, uoB56UhE0H0FpCHi.webm)

Someone has exposed James Charles for being a groomer, attached is part one of the video. Link to his twitter for better quality https://twitter.com/Isaiyah13

I think James is a huge creep for this (and a pedo if this is true) and something like this could even qualify as sexual harassment. The boy in the video says that he told James that he is 16 years old (James is 22), but James excused it and said "Well you haven't shown me your body yet". I hate to have doubt when it comes to something like this, but the boy doesn't actually show what he sent to James. All he shows is snapchats that James sent to him but not the messages they exchanged. It's possible he could have been flirting back but is now pretending that he was rejecting James' advances. I think it is weird that James was just adding people on what I assume is a private snapchat, though. Where did he find this boy and did he know that he was underage before? Sorry if this fits in the beauty youtuber thread btw. It hasn't been updated in a while so I didn't want to necro

No. 1171342

File: 1614373766118.webm (16.49 MB, 444x960, qdJ7GisisXgDUw4F.webm)

Part two

No. 1171349

He should of shown evidence of where he claims he said his age. Also I'm curious what he sent initially.

No. 1171356

James has had multiple false allegations against him plus from what I've seen it seems like he's been insanely careful with all his interactions since dramageddon, and people are constantly looking for excuses to cancel him, so I'd take this with a grain of salt. He's 21 not 22 btw (not that that changes anything if the accusations are true)

No. 1171362

Isnt that the same kid who lied about it, and then later James had to show that this kid lied about his age (but kid himself didnt mention doing that)? These "exposers" always look the same

No. 1171375

Goddamn this James fag is never gonna lose his virginity at this point

No. 1171389

File: 1614376416029.jpg (211.99 KB, 1238x830, 20210226_165257.jpg)

James's notes app response. He tweeted it, I can screenshot the tweet itself but figured the full note was more important

No. 1171396

>now I will ask to see the ID or passport of every guy I have a conversation with
that's so fucking depressing omg
lmaoo about that though, last time I saw James was last month on someone else's jackbox stream where he was constantly joking about gay sex, it was obnoxious as hell and out of character for him, strong "I finally had sex and need everyone to know about it" vibes

No. 1171398

to be fair he has a really weird definition of virginity

No. 1171400

Didn't Tati and Jeffree Star say the same thing about JC like a year ago?

No. 1171403

>after false allegations like this in the past, i would never knowingly engage with anyone underage

anyone else thinks this is weirdly put?

No. 1171406

It's cause of the stuff that went down during dramageddon

No. 1171412

this is like the third time he's gotten in trouble while trying to get with a guy. he's annoying but is it really that hard to get a boyfriend at his level?

No. 1171415

I feel bad for this guy tbh. Its not the first time he keeps getting fucked over people that want to get famous by stalking him off social medias or Tinder. I remember there were 2 men who were straight but would play-pretend that they are gay on tinder for him just to get muh popularity.

JC is very stupid and naive, I was hoping he would learn instead of still being so desperate. He really needs to grow up instead of screaming YASS QUEEN.

No. 1171416

I'm still waiting for somebody to show the actual full messages. Maybe it's cause he lives in California so he can't show messages without the other person's consent though. I honestly believe James just because he's had this happen before.

No. 1171423

On one hand I feel for James because people keep trying to fuck him over

BUT on the other hand, with the power dynamic he wields? He should'nt interract with fans in this way, no matter the age. He's old enough to know better at this point.

No. 1171484

he wants a basic normal cis-het like man but only gay for James. It's tragic

No. 1171508

there aren’t laws about screenshots lol. you’re thinking of two party consent for audio/video.

No. 1171522

guys who were fat will always retain that incel bitterness

No. 1171827

Yes, it’s hard because he’s not physically attractive by any definition so most gay men are repulsed by him sexually. He is loaded and they probably think they can get clout and ransom him for money. Much like with Jeffrey, you’d have to be a particular type of hot and depressed to put up with him for the long haul.

No. 1171859

i never understood how he could look so leathery and have such deep set wrinkles. guess the fat filled in the lines.

No. 1171863

i'm sorry but you're retarded if you believe all the accusations against him are false. He's in his 20s but keeps accidentally talking to minors? The 16-year-old he was talking to LOOKS like a child. He could so easily talk to men in their 20s but he keeps searching out young looking teens. He admits he goes looking for these boys on Instagram explore pages and shit. Why does he need to do that with all his power and influence? He could get on grindr and fuck men his own age all day, but instead he CONTINUES, again and again, to message boys he finds on tiktok etc.

The man is a predator but people keep letting him off because he cries it's homophobia every time someone tells him to keep his ugly ass away from minors.

No. 1171864

also people need to fuck right off with that "he's dumb and naive!" bullshit. So, he's savvy enough to become a millionaire and famous at 21 as he likes to remind people quite often, but too dumb and naive to not keep fucking around with minors. Fucking pick one.

No. 1171871

File: 1614421138786.jpg (427.38 KB, 1080x2675, EvOPYWkVoAIkRtP.jpg)

John Swan admitted to lying about Dream kek

No. 1171878

when else did he talk to minors? This is the first time as far as I know

No. 1171885

File: 1614427888729.jpg (88.3 KB, 564x1022, 3171ebe7ea130a5d1d99efecdaf70d…)

When else has this happened? I'm pretty sure when Jeffree (or Tati? or was it both of them) accused him of this during dramageddon there was no actual proof or even a victim. I agree that James is dumb for not verifying that the men he talks to are of age, but it has not been proven that he's done this before. Also keep in mind we still have not seen what that boy sent to James, he could have been lying about his age. Again, that is James' fault for not verifying his partners, but we don't know how long he has known about his actual age.
>He could get on grindr and fuck men his own age all day
Why would an "influencer" with 25 million subscribers be on grindr
>Why does he need to do that with all his power and influence?
I'm pretty sure it's just because James is thirsty as hell and wants some kind of male-model instagram influencer bf not a regular man. He has been doing this forever, pic rel.

No. 1171886

Homosexual scrote turns out to be a sexual deviant and possibly predator. I am SHOCKED I tell you.

No. 1171903

>The 16-year-old he was talking to LOOKS like a child

It doesn't even matter how he looks. The kid had his age in his bios.

No. 1171906

File: 1614431980064.jpg (70.18 KB, 828x1792, EvL65jfWYAEB-Ol.jpg)

This instagram story shows a picture of his tiktok bio, but this is an 11 week old story he added to his highlights and the highlights could have been made recently. James only started talking to him a week ago from instagram and it only has his age on his tiktok page. James could have definitely went on his tiktok at some point though

He should check if James viewed the story. Isaiyah has not said if James ever followed him on tiktok or mentioned his tiktok account at all

No. 1171908

>Adds a known fan
>Is fine with "unsolicited" nudes
>Finds out he's a minor
>Doesn't immediately unfriend after apologising
>Sticks around because the child "insisted on continuing talking"
>Only unfriends because the kid is upset with him and not because it was a relationship with a minor that started off very inappropriately and needed to be ended

ok jimbo

No. 1171917

Emp just released another video but it's not about h3. looks like the holy war will have to wait.

I'm still waiting for the full messages. That's where the receipts are and that's where I'll base off on whether James is innocent or not.

Fucking called it kek.

No. 1171919

> if you're triggered by james charles

No. 1171943

im kekking he's never gonna catch a break what a tard

No. 1172086

File: 1614456314861.jpg (220.41 KB, 545x532, 1516250810553.jpg)

i watched her in my woke phase 5 years ago when she coined the term vaginasexual and other classics… what the hell is going on.
then again no surprise, sex ed youtubers have a quick experation date. good for her honestly. maybe she lurks lolcow.

No. 1172117

File: 1614459987553.jpg (65.68 KB, 531x923, 778de044059f6e6774029ee01def4d…)

James is annoying and immature as fuck, and I actively dislike him… but I really don't understand the outrage here. It's clear the kid was looking for clout and lied about his age in order to get incriminating screenshots.

Obviously James is a retarded scrote who's willing to flirt with his fans which shows typical coomer energy and an extreme lack of common sense, but I fail to see how any of this means he's a child predator. There is no proof that he knew of the kid's age and honestly I highly doubt he'd risk another dramageddon by knowingly sexting a 16 year old. Yes, he needs to find people to date outside of instagram; and yes, he unrionically does need to require irrefutable proof of being 18+ from every potential sexual partner. But… being an abject retard =/= being a predator.

jfc I can't believe I'm defending fucking James Charles but this gen-z tiktok cancel culture is so exhausting.

unrelated but the way James facetunes his nose in his ig pics makes me cringe every time. Reposted for clarity.

No. 1172118

No. 1172128

He's always been creepy when it comes to seeking partners, like how he admits he sets his profile as female on dating apps because he wants a straight boy. I think the fact he continued on the conversation with the minor even after discovering his age (albeit in a nonsexual way) was creepy too. He should have said it was a mistake and put an end to it and then blocked him, not given him the opportunity for further discussion. If a minor had essentially sent you child porn out of the blue right after you "met", the normal thing would be to put a stop to communications in case they did it again.

Though I gotta say, I don't know how he made it far enough in the youtuber world where he'd even need cancelling. A beauty guru that can't do makeup, match foundation or customise makeup looks to fit other features and faces and complains about tried and true professional techniques because they don't fit in with his trend hopping? How has he made it this far?

He and Jeff Skittles only made it this far because they're men in makeup.

No. 1172132

funny you mention Star because he too has an obsession with straight men
I don't get why, is it a power fetish? There's plenty of good looking gay dudes

No. 1172133

But have you ever thought to yourself that someone with as much connections and friends that James had he would be able to find someone around his own age? It just doesn’t make any sense why he would go for a fan instead of using the benefits of being rich and semi-influential to get a legal partner.

No. 1172138

It’s an insecure, misogynistic fetish thing. They want to prove how much better they are than women by seducing a ‘straight’ guy.

No. 1172141

I feel like it's more the idea of being so hot and desirable even a straight guy wants to be with you

No. 1172142

I do agree that he should have blocked the boy immediately; the fact that he didn't is incredibly suspicious but not indicative of guilt. However, I can see how he would maybe be afraid of blocking because blocking in and of itself could be twisted into seeming like he was guilty. I don't have a good response to you on this one other than, yeah, he should've blocked the kid once it was clear that he was a child.

I also agree that his whole "dating straight guys" thing is creepy and predatory. 100%. I am just saying I don't think he is a child predator, to be specific.

I'm not trying to shitpost or anything but I would imagine that online dating provides him with the largest pool of attractive men to potentially date, kek. He can't exactly go out rn during a pandemic without getting cancelled for that, too. I do think dating a fan is a severe imbalance of power and he should never do it… but again, he's clearly a coomer so he probably isn't even thinking of much other than getting his dick sucked.

Ultimately, JC strikes me as someone who is a huge fucking prude and knows nothing about dating. Every time he talks about it he comes across like Lillee Jean: completely virginal, awkward, and inexperienced. So to me, it seems like his creepiness stems from his social ineptitude, not a place of predation.

If more solid evidence comes out though I 100% will admit that I'm wrong. Both of you totally make valid points and I appreciate the discussion.

No. 1172144

Wouldn't he lose access to the messages if he blocked him? If so maybe that was why

No. 1172165

he could have screenshotted/recorded and unfriended if he was concerned. tbh he probably didn't have access to most of the messages anyway. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and say he will have deleted cp and sexts after finding out the age of the sender. I don't think he intentionally sets out to trap minors but I do think he's stupid and irresponsible

No. 1172168

It's strangely never the guys that he meets on dating apps that say this about him, it's always instagram influencers or tiktokers. I don't think he actually dates in the way that most people do. I think he joined dating apps because a lot of people are on them but I don't think that's actually how he wants to meet someone.

The pandemic never held him back, he was partying and going on vacations, so he could easily have met someone off of tinder or grindr with only minimal additional backlash. It would have been a lot easier to keep under the radar than a party.

I think you're right in that he really knows nothing about dating. I genuinely think that's why he goes for straight guys and that's why he picks people from social media to flirt with. I think he avoids the expectations of meeting on a dating app and goes for people who expect nothing from him. Chasing a straight guy or just linking up with people on instagram means that nobody goes into it with genuine intention to get together.

No. 1172173

>during a pandemic
james has been going out every night to parties and clubs… he clearly doesn’t have a problem with that.
i think that my issue is that even if the kid didn’t directly say his age, why is james constantly trying to date/have sex with fans? the power dynamic is so creepy, he’s a millionaire celeb and chooses to go after instagram teen adults that have no following. it’s gross. he doesn’t need to “start asking for passports” he needs to start dating people that are in similar situations instead of picking out 18/19yos that don’t have any life experience.

No. 1172176

You're projecting.
Besides, most of James' best friends are female.

>Ultimately, JC strikes me as someone who is a huge fucking prude and knows nothing about dating. Every time he talks about it he comes across like Lillee Jean: completely virginal, awkward, and inexperienced. So to me, it seems like his creepiness stems from his social ineptitude, not a place of predation.

Didn't he straight-up admit to being a virgin during the whole Dramageddon thing, come to think of it?
Not to say he couldn't have been lying, but I can definitely believe it. And - let's face it - most gay guys are into actually masculine men, whereas James couldn't be the further thing from masculinity.

No. 1172177

he's had sexual experiences but considers himself a virgin because he's never done anal. I feel like it was slightly disingenuous the way he portrayed it in the Dramageddon video.

No. 1172200

Adam Mcintyre is a bit…much but, for context, this is him talking about how James defended Colleen when she sent lingerie to Adam when he was 13. TO give you the full picture, it allegedly wasn't a sexual thing at all, but it's still inappropriate as fuck.

One of his tweets defending her was "he begged her for panties for YEARS". Bearing in mind he was 13/14 when he received them, that would mean she was interacting with him when he was even younger. He also became her unpaid intern so this wasn't a one-sided relationship, she knew him.

James defending sending the lingerie because a kid asked for them kind of shows how easy it is for him to justify shitty behaviour.

No. 1172265

Influencers/celebrities/etc. shouldn’t even be trying to hook up with stans. It’s asking for trouble.

No. 1172269

I agree but that guy was clearly not actually a james charles stan

No. 1172291

I don't think he was even a fan? James said he found him on his instagram explore page. I mean it's wrong but, idk if he was a fan.

No. 1172320

I hate the way “grooming” is just used for everything now. Even if the exchange had gone exactly how the guy described and James had of actually solicited pictures from him it would obviously still be wrong but it wouldn’t be grooming.

No. 1172493

oh boo-hoo the the public figure who goes on to dating sites like tinder posing as a woman when he's a gay man has to be better at vetting possible sexual partners. He should just not use his personal social media to try to hook up with guys and instead use one of the many dating apps made for celebrities.

that's a slippery slope since the guy basically posted revenge porn, even if it was censored James never consented to his nudes being leaked. So even if he did leak DMs I feel like it's not as bad as posting someone's nude body.

Yes this! He has admitted multiple times he goes after dudes with baby faces. Which in of it's self is a red flag that people brush of because he's still pretty young.

I think one of the best arguments to make is that this is similar to the projared situation. Yes, he's not actively asking his audience for nudes but he's still dumb enough to send nudes back and forth with people who claim to be fans of his. It's the power dynamic that's the issue not really the fact that the minors are baiting him, He as a creator should know better than to sext a fan especially since this isn't his first time dealing with this type of controversy.

No. 1172579

did you even watch those videos? He said he was a fan

No. 1172626

>most of James' best friends are female
Wtf are you talking about? Those people aren’t his real friends, they’re props for his videos. He is consistently only surrounded by common gays, 24/7.

No. 1172728

Yeah it’s so odd how he only goes after people that look like minors or barley legal. Like why not go after someone your own age in college. Why does it always have to be highschoolers or just got out of high school.

No. 1172731

Hahaha clearly they didn’t. It’s funny how people just like to pull shit out there ass.

No. 1172830

Probably because people his age don't like his immature unfunny plastic ass. His audience is mainly kids and he refuses to just grow up and act like an adult. We are talking about the guy who recently thought he was so empowering by faking having a bald head.

No. 1172988

Why does that not still count as virginity?
If a girl's given 10 blowjobs before but has never taken a dick, she's still a virgin.

And you have proof of that how?
He's friends with the D'Amelio sisters, for example. Of course, it's not a good look given that one of them is underage, but still…

No. 1173013

>If a girl's given 10 blowjobs before but has never taken a dick, she's still a virgin.

So lesbians are just virgins forever?

No. 1173019

You clearly don’t pay attention. He’s not friends with those girls, he just occasionally facetimes them to put in his yt videos. His entire posse consists of gay boys. His whole group that stays at his house 24/7 are a gaggle of yass queen gays.

No. 1173022

not claiming its a maleposter but that is such a male mindset on virginity, next we'll be talking about hymens

sorry for completely OT

No. 1173024

A gay stan probably

No. 1173061

i mean you’re right about most of his friends being twinks but he is sort of friends with the girls. he went on vacation with them, went out to an expensive dinner with them and their family, and attended huge parties with them (with no masks). i don’t believe the friendship is truly genuine, it kind of gives me clout-parasite vibes, but they are together a lot.

No. 1173076

They’re literally only together when it can be milked for views. I don’t understand what you think you’re proving by claiming all his friends are women when that isn’t true. His actual friends are all men.

No. 1173082

my first sentence was literally agreeing with you. i never said all his friends are women. why are you being such a tight ass about this?

No. 1173136


I'm not the same anon but i would say their friendship is mostly for business only. Nothing genuine or really friendly about them.James always hangs out with whoever is up and coming, gets what he can from them (clout, views) then just goes to simply following them but never hangs out with or publicly mentions them again…its a common social climbing tactic.


Probably because he is a very unfortunate looking individual, even with the excessive facetuning.

There's also the fact that he's incredibly obnoxious, pretentious and arrogant. He also comes off as really needy, whiney, high maintenance and the type to go level 5 clinger on you after you sleep with him, regardless if the sex was good or not. To deal with him, you'd have to be like j*'s "ex" nate, high as a kite and a zombified yes man.

No. 1173247

Girl you were the one continually replying to me defending James fucking Charles

No. 1173335

she doesnt look like one at all… look how tiny her shoulders are

No. 1174172

sad to see how even in scrote-free spaces coomer standards still kick in. She's just aging.
You see women like her every day

No. 1175628

In this weeks frenemies episode Trisha and Ethan talk about aggressive texts Ethan got from someone but they wouldn’t say who, any ideas on who it might be? Starts around 56 minutes

No. 1175630

Philip defranco, they talked about how fat he looked in some candid picture a while ago.

No. 1175641

I was thinking Patrick Starr or whatever his name is, who I think is way more likely to say ugly shit behind the scenes than Phil would be. they talked about him going to Nikita dragun's stupid parties and swapping spit with tana mongeau

No. 1175647

File: 1614822710395.png (186.66 KB, 1952x666, Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 7.50…)

there's a lot more proof on the subreddit but this comment sums it up. it's absolutely Phil

No. 1175651

oh shit! I stand corrected, you are definitely right. I don't give a shit what philip defranco does so I just bought into his above-it-all demeanor he seems to give off

No. 1175657

Are we just going to pretend the Justin Timberlake ramen noodles on Ethan's head are fine or

No. 1175693

it's part of the costume, don't give him attention for it

No. 1175725

pervert, coomer Joe Goes CaMe OuT as a chranny. he was always a creep to women he interviewed and was obsessed with porn. "when I saw other women I burned with envy"

No. 1175741

Don't Philly D and Trisha have a past? His wife now but girlfriend then not liking her? But Trisha apologising by saying "maybe you're not as fat as I remember" sent me.

No. 1175762

Man Trisha and h3h3 are the most unlikeable people ever. Why go after someone for their weight when you’ve been self documenting your hysterical breakdowns about being fat for years? It’s absolute projection from trisha/h3h3.

I hope advertisers pull the plug with this new podcast, they are awful

No. 1175781

maybe he carries it well, but philly d doesn't seem fat at all to me. he's just an average sized guy.

No. 1175790

i used to hate the both of them separately but for some reason i can't help but stan frenemies so fucking hard geez what is wrong with me. Trish makes me lol on the regular. i can't help but respect that degree of trolling. just the level of bitchiness from both of them reminds me of PULL and Lolcow

No. 1175796

same here anon I get it, there is something about the two of them together that just clicks. I could give a shit about Philip DeFranco, I always thought that aw shucks hokey shit was creepy, and I think people who just cover Youtube "news" are the worst. Never entertaining.

No. 1175797

File: 1614838870226.jpg (54.03 KB, 1280x720, phil.jpg)

that's the wonders angles can do. on non-news videos you see he looks fatter

No. 1175798

is simply calling someone fat "going after" them? because if you watch the video, what she says is hardly "fat shaming" and ethan does defend phil and tries to get her to stop talking about it.
also phil took ethan's side when he made that video fat shaming a bunch of women, vid related.
phil's reaction was unhinged and he clearly just dislikes trisha.

No. 1175800

File: 1614838977685.png (171.17 KB, 760x805, tweets.png)

yeah, here's a tweet from his wife

No. 1175804

he just seems average to me still here. not big enough that people like trisha and ethan can call him out for his size, they aren't exactly fitness gurus.

No. 1175839

I totally forgot about this lol. H3h3 has said meaner shit about trisha’s appearance than this. Did she just forget?

I guess when it comes down to it, the biggest issue is they are raging hypocrites who ride a moral high horse without reason.

No. 1175841

I mean Trisha was a Hollywood escort, why’s she getting offended

No. 1175857

I’ve been thinking what Trisha says about hating popular old male standing YouTubers like JacksFilms and whoever in the Vlogsquad because they treated her like shit. I think it’s true, imagine being a white, well off male who back in the early 2010’s met with a faked tanned, chubby, big tit blonde woman? I can totally see them snubbing her or being rude because the way she looks / acts as a woman. Hopefully more of it comes to light. This podcast is like watching the rise and fall of Ethan.

No. 1175862

whats with you retards thinking that calling someone fat is the peak insult kek if anyone can call people fat its these two obeseses

No. 1175907

same anon, I do actually love Frenemies so much that I look forward to Tuesdays… I love the gossiping and sibling relationship a lot

No. 1175917

sage for blog/having to trust me but I’ve experienced this in the past when I used to date someone involved in social media. talking to these ego tripped males who must automatically assume you’re a clout chasing thot = asking questions and responding directly and being looked through like a window. instead they’d talk to my then-bf, so I got the sense they felt girls weren’t funny enough to be involved in their stoner bro viner humor. I’m talking like “hello, nice to meet you” and getting nothing. I suppose it could have been my +1 status in hindsight but I’m feeling Trish on this one

No. 1175976

File: 1614869352083.png (713.01 KB, 1039x497, Skärmavbild 2021-03-04 kl. 15…)

He's fat. Not average. It's a fact, I don't get why he got so angry.

No. 1175979

doubleposting but I'd like to add that while Ethan did not agree with Trisha about Defranco being fat he did call Defranco a coward multiple times. Ethan was mad that he didn't do a video about the David Dobrik sexual assault allegations. (He has now though, which proves that he's watching/keeping an eye on frenemies)

No. 1176273

Wow. Ethan "Turncoat" Klien burns another bridge. Does this really surprise anyone?

No. 1176290

They both look like literal pigs here. Jesus.

No. 1176298

File: 1614892557758.png (338.52 KB, 1208x880, Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 4.14…)

Dream sperging out about his merch.

No. 1176299

File: 1614892679662.png (161.18 KB, 1212x890, Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 4.14…)

My guy bragging about good working conditions bruh everyone knows your merch is made by underpaid child workers in Sri Lanka.

No. 1176300

At least those are recognizable brands rather than some off brand internet guy who plays fucking minecraft

No. 1176301

Like not even to sound like a consoomer but would I really want to pay for a retarded smiley face that looks like an Autism Speaks mascot?

No. 1176302

File: 1614892860846.png (102.48 KB, 1202x372, Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 4.20…)


No. 1176307

is it a-logging if i say that i want these useless youtubers to get gulag'd six feet under? i know zoomers and the like are off-the-charts entitled and think literally any of their ventures is SOOOOO HAAAAARD U GUISE D: I'M WORKING SOoOOoOo HARD MAKING ALL THIS MONEY FEEL SOOOOOWWWWY FOR ME!!!!, but this is unprecedented entitlement.

No. 1176311

File: 1614893352889.png (38.88 KB, 702x172, Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 4.24…)

After that scuffle with John Swan boosted his ego he's really starting to push the whole "My fanbase is the greatest and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it and anyone who points out obvious problems with it is a HATUR". It's an obvious grift and I can't wait until he pisses off some YouTuber with a more mature audience and with more credibility.

No. 1176313

she definitely fucked eminem

No. 1176322

File: 1614894344293.jpg (113.38 KB, 828x1574, 20210304_221835.jpg)

50$ for this?

No. 1176323

Yes, but say it anyway cause you're right

No. 1176324

isn't dream that pedo youtuber or am I getting him mixed up with some other faceless clown??

No. 1176325


No. 1176326


No. 1176387

Maybe he went to a trooncon and someone spiked his drink with estrogen instead of GHB. What a weird fucking turn he took. Didn't see it coming. Kinda still feels like a bit with how OTT he is in the new vid.

No. 1176412

people are just pointing out the insanity of 2 overweight fucks having the audacity to call others fat

No. 1176439

that's cryaotic. but i wouldnt be suprised if it turned out he diddles kids too

No. 1176474

File: 1614913520747.png (804.39 KB, 1113x627, Screenshot_2021-03-05 The Cost…)

Its just the typical shit you would expect, 3 years of being inactive just to upload a video being a tranny.

No. 1176572

am I wrong in thinking this dude is in his 30s lol sad

No. 1176584

the comments are so painful

No. 1176671

>average-sized guy
only in America kek but Ethan and Trish are disgusting gluttons as well

No. 1176673

File: 1614933580235.png (189.88 KB, 1096x1335, Screenshot_20210305-093721~2.p…)

Loving this energy tho

No. 1176674

File: 1614933604824.png (530.97 KB, 1096x2560, Screenshot_20210305-093730.png)

No. 1176838

insinuating teespring has high quality lol
fuck dreams merch but teespring's shirts are like youve ironed on the design yourself with those shitty 5 dollar printer sheets. why is this cringy youtuber trying to flex on dream by making shitty merch to give teesprings free money?

No. 1176849

Are you a dream stan? It’s very obvious that he’s trolling and he’s (supposedly) giving the money to charity anyways. I thought it was just some random dude, didn’t realize he’s a YTer too.

No. 1176853

I hate this whole
>lol I’m the mostestestest ironic shit videos creator with the mostest le ironic merch lol
I hope the people buying those shit t-shirts and hoodies get shamed by everyone around them.

No. 1176875

Sorry to hear abour your lack of humor, anon. It's a joke

why doesn't he just have a contest among all the fans who draw fanart of him all day long and then put the best designs on his shirts? Instead of this lazy smiley face bullshit.

I vote for the one where someone turned him into a chair.

No. 1176922

File: 1614964108184.png (309.53 KB, 1277x671, Dream speedruns being a groome…)

>minecraft NEET doesn't know how cheap & convenient brands work
who would of guessed
not (yet)
judging by the shit he posts, and how bloated his ego & invincible he feels, I'll give it two years until someone leaks DMs of him creeping on underage fans.

No. 1176932

>isn't dream that pedo youtuber or am I getting him mixed up with some other faceless clown??

The fact that youtubers grooming their fans is so common now that everyone is confused as to who has been caught doing it and who hasn't (yet) is sad but hilarious

No. 1177024


he already got involved with fans he cheated on his ex with a fan of his and told the fan he was single whilst apparently speaking to multiple fans

No. 1177059

File: 1614974943230.png (101.99 KB, 1208x434, Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 3.08…)

GODDAMN this motherfucker is arrogant. He gives Keemstar and h3 a run for their money.

No. 1177074

File: 1614976104169.jpeg (103.69 KB, 601x508, DCB87DC1-4F1E-4CF0-8C95-5524FE…)

>it makes me laugh
>they have no idea what they’re talking about
Overdose on copeium already, faggot. Every YouTuber who’s ever said this is picrel.

No. 1177091

>>almost aalways with an attractive girl "guide" in every travel video

He doesn't? He has pretty much an even mix of male and female guides?

No. 1179967

I came here to post about this, I'm fucking shocked. I really thought it was going to be some long-con troll or something like the gingers have souls kid turned out to be

No. 1179982

Who the actual fuck buys this? You could literally buy a 8$ white hoodie from HM and draw that ugly smiley on with a sharpie and it’ll look the same.

No. 1180002

I think that’s the joke.

No. 1180083

I think it stops being a joke when people actually waste $40+ on it though

No. 1181306

The jacksfilms hate is just dumb. Trisha made controversial content during those years and jacksfilms… didn't. Maybe he should have been more polite, but are youtubers not allowed to dislike each other? I think Trisha would have made me physically uncomfortable back then. Is he misogynistic because he doesn't like her or her content? What exactly did Trisha even want from him? It's wrong if he pretended not to know her, but not wanting to hang out or collab is not a sin.

Jack had a pretty wholesome channel with nerdy humor. Trisha was there with her tits out doing her makeup and "trolling" by pretending(?) to be dumb. It was very much en vogue to act like a bimbo, but not liking that act/content doesn't make anyone a misogynist. She was a stripper and escort - did she really expect to get featured on channels with a largely underage audience?

mild blog:
I was a jacksfilms fan when I was young. As a shy and socially anxious person, I was inspired that he was experimenting with film and music on youtube while attending classes like a normal student. Maybe that's stupid, but I liked seeing his channel grow. Some part of his awkwardness and nerdiness felt real, so it was uplifting to see him just putting it out there, mistakes and all. I liked that he wasn't involved in drama and that there wasn't too much sex stuff.

The channel had some bad times (PMS as an acronym? no.) and some better ones (that Tay Zonday MV collab is just perfect, idc if every single person in it gets cancelled, I'll still play it). He's less funny now. I hope he has stayed pretty clean.

No. 1181308

late but it only shows who viewed it in the last 24 hours

also who tf is dream im so lost. another corpse figure?

No. 1181674

Yep, but with the caveat that he's way more arrogant and he plays Minecraft.

No. 1181739

File: 1615473903300.png (363.91 KB, 1206x1234, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 9.43…)

Noah Hugbox is preparing some kind of unholy crusade against stan twitter. He's even consulting Average Mcyt.

No. 1181758

File: 1615475971527.png (872.87 KB, 1154x1260, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10.1…)

Anon, nothing they send him will ever match up to this, the one that started it all.

No. 1181763

File: 1615476176641.png (161.37 KB, 1202x526, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10.2…)

The memories…

No. 1181969

Dream and his kittens (ew) are going to love this

No. 1182561

File: 1615540096781.jpg (408.38 KB, 1278x1404, daywalker.jpg)

CH having a private account would not surprise me at all. I know he has a public "alt" but that's definitely to farm interaction lol.

Anyways, are we not gonna talk about the MGK track he just did? Stans are gonna blast it like there's no tomorrow, since this thing is so trite and teen levels of "edgy" I'm laughing.

Some lyrical "highlights":

*CH: Put a gun up to my face, so I'll fucking catch a case
When I find this mothеrfucker and I'll lay him in his grave
* CH: I bit the fucking apple, I'm surrounded by some snakes (CORPSE)
* [Bridge: CORPSE]
Stay up, blade
Stay up
* I chipped my tooth and then I found a piece inside my pants
He talkin' shit, when he wake up, I go do that again
* CH: I'm on borrowed time, can't shake it, uh, blackout when I'm ragin', uh
Me and all these pills be on a fuckin' first name basis, uh
* If I get angry, I'm goin' to start up a riot with people on Capitol Hill

No. 1182738

MGK really fell far since that Eminem beef.

No. 1182757

File: 1615560140191.png (505.72 KB, 1204x1090, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 9.38…)

My man Dream straight up ripping designs off the internet lmao

No. 1182774

I know this might be a unpopular opinion but I do love the fact that Trish is going after Defranco seriously the guy is a douchebag and thinks of himself as high and mighty and a vision of of righteousness, fuck that guy, GET HIM TRISHA!

No. 1182790

This woman just keeps getting worse and worse with halfassed crafts lately. In this video, she bought two fake sewing machines that twist felt together, instead of just taking the time to learn to use a sewing machine. Bonus video of her failing to reroot a MLP, and kid-level wings for a customized pre-made plush, I assume.

It shows everything that sucks about craft YouTube. Almost nobody who gets big will slow down and do quality crafts. It's all about making a weekly video, even if the craft sucks.

No. 1182838

Hahahaha what the fuck, this is grade A larp by someone who grew up with gangsta rappers and laid in their bed awake at night trying to come up with badass rhymes

No. 1182841

> If I get angry, I'm goin' to start up a riot with people on Capitol Hill

lol..ok corpse.

No. 1182857

where is this picture of corpse from? i cant find the video. also this song really was over hyped for no fucking reason.

No. 1182992

TBF Jackie's whole thing is that she tests craft kits more like a toy reviewer rather than an actual crafter. But that doesn't mean that her skill level shouldn't get better, she stagnated at the skill level of a 12 year old.

No. 1183447

File: 1615637238539.png (763.27 KB, 1692x1132, Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 7.07…)

JayStation was banned from YouTube.

Lmao good riddance.

No. 1183453

Any time someone is kicked off of youtube they make out like their human rights are being violated. I'm just interested to see which commentators will try and defend him

No. 1183519

pulling a jake paul I see
to be fair, he might have hired some random illustrator who did this without him knowing. Tons of ""designers"", both cheap and supposed professionals, steal from the internet. It's an issue of the sector at large

No. 1183678

File: 1615658338276.jpg (88.95 KB, 947x760, dream.jpg)

i mean you can try to blame someone else but when he posts stuff about how much time and effort and love and care goes into putting out these shitty uninspired screen prints, totally not made with sweatshop labor for $50, how much blame can he really put on someone else? not gonna say it's whiteknighty just to suggest that it could be someone elses fault (somehow?) but he definitely doesn't need anyone to defend him.

No. 1183693

File: 1615659828377.jpeg (416.51 KB, 1080x1440, 6E2AA824-922C-469E-8AFC-6148C7…)

I wish this motherfucker gets the Shane Dawson treatment, it’s so fucking annoying how other Youtubers like SomeOrdinaryGamer crying about cancel culture when this little fucker used his now ex-gf in his thumbnail for more views because she was also popular, made documented videos of saying the n-word AROUND black people and boasting how he didn’t get his ass beat because those black people didnt manage to hear him say it, and lots of problematic videos and it’s clearly he still holds his beliefs. Cancel culture isn’t ridiculous because how do you know someone has truly changed? Sometimes people can’t change through simple compassion or understanding, people only change when what they value (which in David’s case, losing his sweet sweet clout, views, fans) are on the absolute line. Scrotes are never reprimanded for the stupid shit they do but a woman fucking up? Someone ship that asshole back to his racist eastern european dump.

No. 1183694


FOR REAL!!! Him and Jeffers Stankburst and James the predator Cloutchaser

No. 1183782

I hate him and his stupid friends and I hope the single brain cell that they share dies off soon. They're just a bunch of idiots that got rich from children who were too young to realise how uneducated and backwards their idols are.

No. 1183832

Who is this and why did reverse searching this bring up Anne Hatheway.

No. 1183854


david dobrik

No. 1183919

kinda surprised gabbie hannah hasn't said anything about this situation yet

No. 1183973

Fans of the frenemies podcast, does anyone know which episode she talks about how bad idubbbz girlfriend’s onlyfans is?

Idubbbz girlfriend is crying about it because she’s a big fan of Trisha and felt attacked

No. 1184135

Fuck I remember rewatching it recently but I don’t remember exactly which one. In case anyone is wondering she just criticized because she bought it and realized anisa doesn’t show graphic nudity so it’s boring and not as good as hers where she shows her whole gaping asshole. Trisha does seem to hate idubbbz for being a hypocrite though so I think she’s just projecting that onto his girlfriend because I don’t see why that would matter, onlyfans is for more than just porn and plenty of girls have non nude and lewd accounts.

No. 1184746

also can i just say that his whole lottery puzzle thing he put out is the most blatant cash grab from a youtuber i’ve ever seen. those puzzles probably cost 50 cents to manufacture, he sold them at a jacked up price and clearly misled people as to how much money you could win or how to even enter his lottery. and everyone loved it bc he’s giving his money away guys! he’s not one of those bad millionaires, he’s a millennial like us!

No. 1185727

sage cuz this is a spergy af but fucking hell I just searched for birdie out of curiosity and I cannot believe people are still making rant videos on her

Link is just for proof, I didn't actually watch it (I have a life)

No. 1186404

anyone watch this shit? i can’t bother

No. 1186447

haven't finished it yet, just a heads up they animated the entirety of Corpse's body and face, like hot anime boy vtuber style, except its shitty

No. 1186453

you said the animation was shitty but I didn't expect it to actually be as shitty as it is. also his legs in the animation look way skinnier than they did in Anthony's other video kek

No. 1186456

all this dude makes me want to do is clear my throat lmao, legit so unpleasant listening to him speak

No. 1186458

Why'd you post it if you haven't even skimmed it for potential milk? Stg you Corpse and Dream faggots need to go back to Twitter, lolcow doesn't exist for your dopamine rush of potentially saying something non-worshipful about some fat fuck who plays Minecraft

No. 1186460

I watched the whole video and it was pretty much just Corpse bitching about haters and woe is me shit, and Anthony was just sucking his dick. Corpse is also still claiming that he was cutting his face with razor blades before Among Us streams. And he claims that he went to the doctor and got diagnosed with something related to his arms but he wouldn't even say what it was.

No. 1186462

>>1186404 i just clicked onto the video to have a glance at the art and god it gives me such creeps. eceleb who sings juvenile pandery songs having himself edited into a drawing of an emo hotboy (that kind of aesthetic that is really only attractive to teens). i seriously feel this guy is gonna pull a Cry. he activates my fight or flight response. and hell i grew up watching pewdiepie and cry and in retrospect cry was always trying to act like a ~sexy cool thirst trap~ in his videos, whereas pewdiepie felt way more genuine and acted like the goofy gaming youtuber he was supposed to be. point being, now that i've recognised that tryhard softboy hottie persona in cry i'm absolutely feeling it from this guy too.

maybe that is jumping the gun but eh, even just faking a deep voice and singing horndog songs while refusing to show your actual face, trying to hide your chubby body, and using a hotboi avatar instead, all the while having a massive fandom full of obsessive minors, is really odd behavior that is obviously going to make people feel uneasy. also i definitely reckon he may be a compulsive liar considering how fucking bizarre and melodramatic most of his stories are. this past while he's been stepping foot into munchie territory tbh

No. 1186491


No. 1186605

He cheated for his only actual accomplishment, of course sending a few e-mails to a clothes producing company seems like a monumental effort to him.

The fact he even has fans to buy this shitty overpriced merch after his speedrun scandal is the worst part.

No. 1186665

David Dobrik's "apology"(?)

No. 1186718

He’s so fucking ugly. Can shitty drama channels make constant call out videos on him already like they did for jafar and catfucker? I’m looking at d’angelo wallace and the other commentarytards.

No. 1186722

He couldn't even make this one remotely convincing, sitting there with unkempt hair sounding like a pissed off dial up modem.

No. 1186837

You know, the dude expects his face to be leaked and is still giving his fans these weird emo boy wet dreams.

Dude just make the damn drawing look like you and get them used to the idea that you're fat

No. 1186856

There's no remorse in his voice and he's also shifting the blame…I swear most of the Youtubers today are sociopaths

No. 1186881

So Dom was accused of rape and David was allegedly there and filmed it for a threesome plot of his video

No. 1186888

This is the video in question. So the guys convinced some of the girls to participate in the thing by buying them alcohol

No. 1186898

File: 1616014044859.jpg (117.22 KB, 828x1792, 4xtby0ktiin61.jpg)

No. 1186905

Funny thing is he can easily suppress his acid reflux problems, anything from anti-acids to a proper diet, which means him dropping shit like alcohol, fizzy drinks, spicy foods or whatever else could cause the acid to reflux in the first place. Though seeing as he does all this retarded getting drunk shit, he's probably not even trying to get better, just there to cry about it and say how hard it is on him.

No. 1186910

File: 1616015264448.jpg (24.21 KB, 1068x113, Screenshot_11.jpg)

this is bad

No. 1186915

This is fucking disgusting. I hope David Dobrik and his lakeys go to jail for this.

No. 1186926

>i tend to reply to criticism… BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY
That's what he sounds like, in 4 lines of text he instantly contradicted himself with everything he's said. If you really don't care, you won't reply. You don't HAVE to reply to criticism in order to consider it for the future, you can just read it, and if you agree that maybe you should change some things, you will.

No. 1186931

Phil DeFranco just covered this, there are more (sickening) details. Dom physically blocked the exit and prevented one of the girls from leaving. They ended up having sex, and when girl 2 noticed that girl 1 lost consciousness while Dom was having sex with her, she got his attention and finished him off instead to get him away from girl 1. Vile.

No. 1186934

dae know how to read this article without having to pay?

No. 1186941

What the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1186945

H3H3 reads the whole article on their podcast but you have to deal with their commentary as well. Starts at around 18:33

No. 1186946

I always hated this trashy ass bitch, I just knew something is off with him!!

No. 1186947

damn troll or not, trisha was right all along

xy chromosomes

No. 1186956

the poor reverse search engine only noticed they’re both totally cockeyed kek

No. 1186961

he sounds like a little bitch focusing on the wrong part of the problem. instead of crying like a baby about buying alcohol he could shift the attention to the victims and how he could be better. jfc i hate these people

No. 1186962

holy shit this whole concept was cringey–and for what to keep up this fantasy?? can his fame die already jfc..

No. 1187102

Of course they animated him into some hxXxcore red-eyed badass. Why won’t he specify what’s wrong with his arms? Why is he still insisting on saying something as pitiful, uncomfortable, and attention-seeking as “I cut my face with razor blades”?

Actually, anons theory was pretty justified. Get over it.

No. 1187306

I think someone last thread said it was supposed to be fibromyalgia but I’ve only heard of women getting fibro, so…

No. 1187362

he used to just refer to it as his mystery diagnosis. he used to talk about it A LOT before his shitty music blew up and he stopped needing the attention so this is the first i’ve seen him mention it in like a year

No. 1187436

Lolll Anthony really is chasing that Corpse bag, with the double sponsors even. I’ll respect that but the rest of this time Anthony’s really just playing him up as best as he can.

What’s stopping Corpse from just straight up saying what’s with his arm anyways? You’re telling me he’s apparently incredibly in debt over something he doesn’t even have a name for?

How much you wanna bet he pulled this shit up because he’s raw about a few bad things being said about his MGK track.

Why does he try to pass it as being “trendy” to hate him? Like bro maybe people don’t like you for their own reasons lmao he it’s like he can’t comprehend someone not swooning over his voice

No. 1187452

He's gonna 100% pull an onision. I mean, he already kinda is with his uwu emo boi persona and thirsting for alt girls.

No. 1187511

when did he say he's in debt?

No. 1187514

Has trisha ever really lied? I mean about any of these men on youtube the past few years. All of the big male youtubers she’s called out for negative reasons, she ended up being right about.

No. 1187530

No i don't think she ever lied, but nobody believed her because she was so emotional.

No. 1187566

A big reason a lot of people didn't/don't believe her is because she used to be a huge troll, which she's admitted. (mitt romney stuff, do dogs have brains?, Etc)

No. 1187581

People don't believe her because she's seen as "crazy". Reminds me a bit of Courtney Love in this clip.

No. 1187593

I don't think anything is actually wrong with him, and if there is it's probably not as severe as he's saying. Tinfoily, but notice he said he used to be really physically active and how he couldn't be anymore due to this. Also he said people expect him to look his best but he can't because of his health issues. He is probably fat and ugly and when his physical appearance is finally leaked he will be able to say "I'm disabled and you are shaming me!" I'm sure abusing alcohol is very good for your scary arm problems, Corpse.

No. 1187623

All of the woke people also hate her because she did ganguro makeup and they're still adamant it's blackface to this day. I've never really been a fan of her, but it annoys me that they purposefully misunderstand that years later.
And yeah, she's a huge troll. You think some of the commentary channels would get a clue that half of the stuff she does is fake, but some don't get it

No. 1187749

File: 1616105663875.jpeg (316.38 KB, 750x848, B17B5616-0FA9-4782-8109-BEFC7E…)

David Dobrik attempts to make a response video to his controversy and calls it “Let’s Talk” while ironically turning off the likes and dislikes and the comments in order to control the narrative

Lol ok scrote

No. 1187759

when will people realize turning off the likes/dislikes and comments makes them look more guilty

No. 1187767

This. And also, he's just re-directing the mob towards his other platforms and videos. Why not just take the heat on this one instead of having all his other content filled with upset people.

No. 1187775

With how many failed youtuber apologies there are you would imagine his PR and legal team would study all the bad ones so they could write up a more convincing video. He doesn't care about any of the situations, the SA against Seth, the SA that happened to the girl, the dubious consent when one of his friends was dating a minor when he was 25, Jason Nash's whole existence online.

He made it clear that he sees his friends and fans as disposable, just a bunch of characters for his vlog. So why didn't his legal team write a better apology for the little sociopath?

No. 1187776

"Let's talk" … God I hate when men do this shit. They just can't ever admit they're bad.

No. 1187781

I knew it I always had an off feeling about him. I thought he was a dickhead and he always annoyed me

No. 1187793

Valkyrae filled in for Corpse for the music video for Daywalker since he doesnt want to be filmed. She released a "making of" vlog for it and apparently Corpse notified her last minute and she got her own costume and manicure but when to turned up to set there wasnt a hair and makeup person so she had to do that herself as well…

No. 1187862


honestly she looked so uncomfortable. it seems like she was told she'd be doing this minor role and then they overworked her for nothing.

No. 1187999

He’s mentioned multiple times that his fans are the reason he’s able to pay debt on his mom’s side and his own, allegedly. He’s said he was in debt even til recently, usually brings it up when thanking/pandering to his fans to try and remind them of how hard he had it.

No. 1188003

the more i look at what went into this song the more I wonder

also kek they were absolutely trying to animate Corpse to look bigger and taller than he did in the first interview

No. 1188010

he’s been extremely online since he was allegedly a teen, but he’s also claimed he lived in severe poverty and only had a mattress on the floor (xXx in a room with black walls xXx), dropped out at 12 (not legal in usa) to “help his family”, etc. he’s obviously just a pathological liar trying to skate on a grift as long as possible. he enjoys living in a fantasy where he gets positive attention because girls don’t know he looks like frankenstein’s monster

No. 1188014


Learn to sage and then go make a Corpsefag thread in /ot/ because none of this is milk

No. 1188019

Who cares, this fat moid isn’t milky and won’t be milky until he reveals his face and all his retarded stans sperg about how he deceived them into thinking he is an uwu cute eboy when in reality he is an ugly neckbeard

No. 1188087

Will one of you just make a CH thread?

No. 1188244


No. 1188303

Trisha made a response video about David's apology and her part the night those girls showed up at the apartment. Everyone is praising her for talking about it and supporting the victims, but she did nothing in that moment to help those girls. Her excuse was that the girls wanted to be in David's vlog and nothing she would say would stop them. It's such a poor excuse in opinion and I can't understand why no one is questioning her.

No. 1188333

I mean it isn’t her fault those girls got raped, no one at that whole party did anything to help those girls. Her excuse was weak though, but she didn’t buy the alcohol, she didn’t rape them. So many other people at that party should have stepped in at any time to stop what was happening. Like the people who literally looked in and saw her being raped and did nothing.

No. 1188348

You do have a valid point that it should have been anyone at that apartment to stop it. What bothers me is she's getting praise for speaking up for these girls now, but no one is holding her accountable when she was there that night.

No. 1188381

Trisha brilliantly trolling sexual assault YouTube. Besides eating a salad, is there anything she can't do?

No. 1188465

I'm more baffled at the entire degeneracy of it all. Excessive alcohol, strangers fucking strangers right in front of their friends, why are rich people so disgusting?

No. 1188693

it’s not like it’s just rich people
gathering of the juggalos and the sturgis bike rally also exist
there are just a lot of disgusting people in the world

No. 1188827

I feel like David and his squad is gonna get away with it. I mean so far nothing really happened. A few sponsors dropped them, but that's all
Trisha wasn't in the bedroom, she didn't know what was going on

No. 1188902

Imagine blaming Trisha for the rapes when there are rapists to be blamed.

No. 1189028

File: 1616264119928.png (240.99 KB, 1214x1244, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 2.15…)

Dream being retarded again. (1/2)

No. 1189029

File: 1616264227421.png (180.39 KB, 1212x648, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 2.17…)

Markiplier didn't act this dismissive when people were making porn of him. What's this faceless retard's excuse? (2/2)

No. 1189031

File: 1616264547128.png (156.33 KB, 1212x658, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 2.21…)

Jawsh and Noah Hugbox chortling in the background. I bet Dream's "You're an idiot" comeback is aging really well now.

No. 1189032

File: 1616264605316.png (739.62 KB, 1198x808, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 2.23…)

This guy too.

No. 1189074

File: 1616268417476.jpg (52.93 KB, 1300x731, 1616265922438.jpg)

https://vocaroo.com/1lEVql6v8QLK(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1189118

In the beginning I gave him the benefit of the doubt bc I was like "oh he didn't grow up in cringe youtube fandoms like us, he doesn't know how deranged teenage fans can be, bless his heart" but like can he really still be this oblivious? If so many people are complaining about "dream stans" maybe there's some problematic elements to the fandom that should be addressed, he acts like condemning the toxic fringes of his fanbase would be the same "canceling" everyone in it

No. 1189149

File: 1616275012960.jpg (74.14 KB, 884x702, Ew6fMS2VoAI_0qN.jpg)

it's necessary for him to stay where he is. it's symbiotic. he wouldn't have fans if he didn't constantly defend and enable this behavior. the lightest criticism would break the hearts of thousands of 14 year olds girls who think they're in love with him due to the gay porn constantly rolling in on their twitter feed making some pasty edgelord seem palatable. he needs them, and he knows they "need" him. he'll keep pulling these excuses out of his ass until someone either a. breaks into his house and he can't blame it on haters (like he did when he was doxxed a few months ago) or b. he's without a doubt outed as a grooming coomer like his predecessor and idol, cryoatic, and completely run off the internet.

No. 1189375


the sheer amount of fake softboy predator vibes I get from Corpse makes me feel sick, we've all had exes that fit the red flags there, it's disgusting. I particularly find it sickly when he overpraises girls on stream like Rae and others and commissions cat ears for them because I honestly think he's up his ass and he just gives me soft groomer vibes. His stories don't match up and he talks in his QA's like someone who'd be abusive in a relationship. Just endless uncomfortable vibes from this guy.

No. 1189392

nice meme. but he's the last person to cry about this whole thing. he's probably the ugliest, smuggest, crusty looking, white douche behind that mask. makes me hate him even more.

No. 1189511

femcel moment

For good reason. She's almost as malicious as many of the men she accuses.
Remember that shit she pulled with Gabbie Hanna last year? She lies plenty about other women.

She's still complicit. She knew what was going to happen, but instead of staying there to try and protect the girl, she just bailed and kept silent about the whole matter until now.

No. 1189527

How far does personal responsibility go tho? And thats not me claiming the girls deserved any of the horrible things that happened that night. Trisha claimed she tried to convince the girls to leave, and that they refused. Up until it got bad, the girls allegedly wanted to stay. Trisha couldnt kidnap them or force them out if the house. I think she chose the coward way and left instead of phoning the police. Then again if she had called the police for underage drinking, the girls would have gotten in trouble. I think she did the a rare responsible thing and that was to voice her dissent and leave the situation. Then to be vocal about the fuckedupness of the situation while still protecting the girls identities. The real villains was everyone in that house who chose to remain and witness underage girls taken advantage of.

No. 1189552

Ok make a thread, one of you, please.

No. 1189554

early 20s, nostalgia fagging is cool and epic to zoomies.

No. 1189710

I mean calling the police because you have a bunch of drunk girls who probably can't consent to anything sexual was the right thing to do

Doesn't matter if they get in trouble for underage drinking or whatever, she would have 'saved' them from being taken advantage of/borderline raped - not familiar with what actually happened beyond what has been mentioned here, and if alcohol was involved it's a very quick way to 'could they actually consent to this stuff?' and it sounds like they didn't fully consent.
I also doubt the girls' identities would be revealed if she took that action, and even if they were the benefits would outweigh the negatives anyway

No. 1189730

Trisha was with Jason at the time, which meant they were inevitably tied up in their own exhausting bullshit fight, especially considering Trish said she had to convince Jason to leave and to not buy the drinks for the girls. Yeah, Trish and everyone else involved could have done more, but it’s stupid to actually blame her for not doing more.

No. 1189776

File: 1616361302895.png (89.78 KB, 930x588, grumps.png)

No. 1189779

File: 1616361513755.png (313.93 KB, 764x1704, grumps2.png)

No. 1189780

I wonder how many anons clicked this, hoping it'd turn out to be Corpse so that he'd finally be over.

No. 1189783

I believe this

No. 1189787

I know I did kek.

Felt like an open secret. These claims have been around for a while now. Needless to say I’m glad it’s finally getting attention, Dan always came across as a creep.

No. 1189805

Game Grumps is trending on twitter for this. it's been an open secret for years, I hope this time it sticks

No. 1189818

tbh I never followed Game Grumps that closely so I didn't know about the open secret, but at the same time I'm not surprised. Dan seems like the kinda guy who would do that, he just gives off weird vibes.

No. 1189839

What the fuck is it with yt gamers and grooming? Seriously jfc

No. 1189869

They have a lot of young fans that are easy to manipulate, many men are just unable to say no to the opportunity I guess…

No. 1189876

This small but I wanted to talk about this somewhere. Does anyone else find it weird that James Charles did this video asking pretty much entirely men that he knows do not use make up, to recommend products? If he's all about 'diversity', why not give a platform to and more awareness to female gamers? There's a lot of them that never get any recognition, and they're on camera for a long ass time expected to look perfect. They would have had interesting picks and it would've been cool to hear their experiences and see his platform shared with them so girls watching his channel might feel more included in that community idk. He seems to only include women when it comes to diversity inclusion, or like "it's ok I'm simulating pregnancy because here's a female friend cosigning".

No. 1189877

shut-ins who are good at games solely because they have no friends or healthy hobbies seem like the perfect people to become groomers on youtube. some of these let’s players are normal people but they’re all youtubers who want money and attention for doing something an 8 yr old korean kid is already better than them at.

No. 1189882

>criticizing dobrick the shit-stain of a toilet platform
>"femcel moment"
go home

No. 1189885

It’s like a hive mind of dudes thinking with their dicks

No. 1189889

I think for this video he's just only using those names for clout to be honest. But you do have a point anon.

No. 1189930

This dude is in his 40s, this is not only gross but also pathetic. Of course men defend him because he didn't do anything illegal and he "waited until they were 18 to fuck them"

No. 1189940

The people excusing this are ~

Dude is apparently an idol for a bunch of people and there's a huge power imbalance. It's fucking weird.

No. 1189962

This. The fact that he waited for it to be technically legal means the intent was always there, and he waited that long to get into her pants so he wouldn’t be getting into trouble with the law in the first place. It’s blatantly obvious he knows what he’s doing, and he’s more than likely been doing it for a long time.

No. 1189964

File: 1616376982608.jpeg (992.34 KB, 1221x1963, AB843DA9-DC85-4946-9E9B-183129…)

Ricky Berwick being fucking pathetic. He’s gross because hes constantly his own disability as the fucking punchline and won’t try to be funny any other way.

No. 1189970

How dare a cripple goblin man make fun of himself being a cripple goblin.

No. 1189994

Being a cripple isn’t an excuse for being a disgusting misogynist, I wish people would stop humoring this piece of shit for shit that would get anyone who isn’t handicapped “cancelled”

No. 1189999

You know Suzy has a thread here right?

No. 1190021

Yeah, sorry for not being clear, I meant in general, not towards her specifically

No. 1190073

Only little kids care about Youtubers so basically it’a kiddie demographic but without responsible adults since these men are still manchildren themselves

No. 1190090

lmfao at these people being good at games

No. 1190115

On it.

No. 1190138

Blessed anon taking on the burden

No. 1190143

Was she wrong though? Also love when one of these creepasses just isn't technically doing anything illegal and scrotes jump to defend him as if ethics are ONLY defined by a country's laws.

No. 1190175

Honestly not surprised at all. I wonder if PewDiePie will ever get accused at one point. I can't imagine him not being a creep and I also read a blind item a while back about him using his fans

No. 1190177

No. 1190205

His entire shtick is being disgusting and gross, his comedy is entirely body-horror. He tries to be as disgusting and gross as he can, then complains when someone calls him disgusting and gross?

Fuck people who use their disability like this, honestly. I am sure people with the same disability as him fucking hate that guy.

No. 1190222

I don't activelly follow PewDiePie but if I had to bet on one famous internet person not being a creep it would probably actually be him, he seems aware of himself enough to not need to boost his ego by manipulating little girls, unlike other shut in ugly guys.

No. 1190223

Cannot imagine anything huge coming out about pewdiepie honestly, he doesn't use social media and he treats his fans like children. I think I've also read that blind item about him if you're talking about the CDAN one, it's from like 2016 and it's pretty outlandish, something would have come out by now if he's raped several people and is receiving tons of videos from women and uploading them places.

No. 1190234

i was surprised because i thought david dobrik was a kids/teens channel. i didn't know he included gross after sex bedroom shots in his vlogs.

No. 1190298

Trisha released a music video lmao

No. 1190303

File: 1616419874352.jpg (153.58 KB, 723x581, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Yep, that's the one. it's just hard for me to imagine that a male Youtuber with his popularity didn't abuse his fans at one point

No. 1190310

I remember him back from the Maxmoefoe and Idubbbz era, he's always been a clout chasing attention whore. Nonstop tweeting gross and insulting shit at verified users. I don't get why he gets a pass just because he's disabled. He's always been nasty and malicious.

No. 1190311

I wonder if Liza Koshi is going to address the David Dobrik thing at all

No. 1190325

Remember Logan paul had an army of 12 year olds buying his maverick merch while regularly talking about his sexual escapades. Pretty sure one of his disrespectful japan vlogs (before the infamous one) was him at a shrine shouting that he prays he'll continue to bang lots of bitches. Stuff like that has been passing as kids content for years.

Only ever gets recognised when something else puts a spotlight on them. That's the annoying thing.

No. 1190391

Nta sounds like a shitty fanfic

No. 1190395

honestly I disagree. One of the few good things I can say about pewdiepie is that he does seem to be a genuinely faithful partner to Marzia

No. 1190474

This is OT but YouTube is disgusting for promoting this crap to kids, and I’m not saying that because I’m pearl clutching but the way they treat sex and literal dead corpses is awful, as if everything is meaningless and a fleeting moment meant to be vlogged and joked about. And the “marked for children” system YouTube has now is so broken, random songs that I look up will be marked for children despite it just being a song which means I can’t save it to a playlist, and on the opposite side I’ve seen liveleak type videos get marked for kids.

No. 1190479

He’s so gross. His entire ‘comedy’ shtick is replying to women with videos of him flicking his tongue around and being disgusting. I fail to see how Suzy was wrong here.

No. 1190483

Yeah honestly he never gave me those vibes. With Cry and the rest there were warning signs (basement dwelling mentally ill man children that actively encourage tween fans to simp over them) but Felix always seemed like he was really in love with Marzia and had a "normal" life outside of youtube. If he is a creep he's hiding it better than most.

No. 1190490

i found this schizo tranny while looking for something else, he makes 5 minute clickbait videos about other youtubers and always puts (FULL CLIP) in the title despite never including anything other than his man face. all of his videos have comments disabled and get disliked bombed. just thought it was funny

No. 1190499

She was never "vocal about the fuckedupness of the situation" until years later, though, which is why I find her complicit and her motivations sus.

I mean, his stage name is literally "Danny Sexbang" and his band is called "Ninja Sex Party". lol

How is he a "misogynist"?
You're just as bad as the retards who throw around the terms "grooming" and "gaslighting" without knowing what it means.

You can't tell when someone's clearly making a joke?

No. 1190503

i mean his only fuck up moment was saying the n word. and considering half of all youtubers can be shown either saying it or tweeting it in a malicious way, i think he honestly gets a pass. at least he wasn't like j*, crying about how he's the least racist person you'll ever meet and everything he did wasn't the person he is.

felix's apology video is literally just him saying he did it because he was stupid and he regrets it.

also he called alinity a thot so felix is like the number one yt gamer in my book.

No. 1190507

File: 1616440178512.jpg (79.95 KB, 1216x663, moses.JPG)

ok, I have to admit that it was a fun watch, I wasn't prepared for that Hebrew verse lmao

No. 1190515

I thought you were calling Tana a tranny until I clicked on the video and saw manface mcman

No. 1190518

lol say what you want about her but she is fucking hilarious, she really doesn't know how funny she is. Despite of all the craziness I really love Trisha Paytas

No. 1190525

File: 1616442392383.png (977.22 KB, 1084x781, tana-mongeau-youtube-153445370…)

lmao i thought tana was a tranny for the longest time. she has the ugliest man jaw

No. 1190542

Same. She has the featured of a tranny who went on HRT young and the voice too. I know she's a woman, but she's a really unfortunate mouthbreather.

No. 1190550

Same, I love her so much, she is so unintentionally hilarious

No. 1190562

>man jaw

Kpop has fried your brain

No. 1190582

File: 1616446936933.jpeg (80.98 KB, 631x351, DB7FD0FD-8882-40E8-A7E5-3FC7AE…)

lmao ok so we’re gonna ignore the fact she has a man face she tries to hide with photoshop??

No. 1190592

please dont start with this autism.

No. 1190611

NTA but no, she looks like a woman with a big jaw

No. 1190619

calling women you don't find attractive trannies only validates the trannies that think they can look anywhere close to a real woman. stop

No. 1190673

funny how people are like "wah ablelist, how mean" when this fucker literally stuck a cookie up his ass and then ate it.

Suzy may be many things but she's right on this, he's fucking gross

No. 1190680

she's just ugly, anon

No. 1190707

Kalel Cullen totally ruined her face. She looks completely different. She needs to go to therapy already and sort out all her problems.

No. 1190737

Holy shit she's unrecognizable. Also, what an awkward video.

No. 1190746

>she's studying Korean
I instantly knew from her eye makeup
>constantly cracks up when answering questions, clearly thinks it's cute and quirky because she edits it in on purpose
>very drunk (and open about it), constantly complaining about how bad the wine is yet keeps chugging it
>lives back at home with her parents because she hasn't worked

btw her real name is Kristin Smith.

No. 1190749

Also known by her nickname "Guest". I think the reason she is so fixated on her appearance is because she's still a NEET at 30 and has nothing else going on in her life to worry about. She said she tried to go back to college but had to quit when the pandemic started because Zoom gives her anxiety. I think she's quit college 3 times so far in her life. She is very lost in life. I really want to know how she was able to live in expensive LA apartments this entire time as a NEET, since making a video once every 6 months can't cut it.

No. 1190760

I remember the Guest era and how much of an aloof idiot she came across as in the breakup video. This new vid instantly reminded me of how callous and ready to laugh everything off she was.

No. 1190762

Is she half Asian?
I think she's really pretty before and after, but she def looks more Asian now. Completely agree with the therapy thing!

She must have a really great support system to have her stay afloat in LA.

No. 1190766

No she isn't. I don't remember which video it was, but back when she was still with Anthony Padilla in one of their videos she addressed the questions about if she was Asian and she's just white.

No. 1190768

yeah she must have must have gotten work done in korea for sure.

No. 1190778

Kalel has her own thread.
-she only made videos for sponsorships and she gets at least 10k per plug
-all her surgeries have been done in America: nose job twice, vaneers, lip fillers, buccal removal

No. 1190793

The only thing bordering on sexual “deviancy” I can think of for pewdiepie is that he had been caught with “teen” porn tabs open. This was during his racist nazi slur retard period, not including the “un pc” jokes he would make before then relating to rape and similar topics.

I doubt he’s “clean” regardless if accusations with substancial evidence ever come out, at the end of the day he’s a pos man who makes a living broadcasting his degeneracy on the internet. Time and time again they have proved they aren’t above anything.

No. 1190801

Her hair is kind of cute but that's it, everything else is an absolute trainwreck/nightmare. The barbie skin and MJ nose are a real mind trip, I've never understood her everchanging personas and this video was just a whole lot of nothing.

Her thread has been dead for over a year now. There's no point in necroing them if she's not consistently producing milk.

No. 1190802

holy shit she's back. Also she looks completely different but can't put my finger on what changed. Nosejob?

No. 1190807

File: 1616463109231.jpg (33 KB, 672x487, Screenshot_7.jpg)

samefag. Seriously, she looks creepy

No. 1190828

Holy shit her face

She peaked some time around her vegan phase i think but what even is this new phase supposed to be, midwest wine aunt with a loyalty card for cheek fillers?

No. 1190849

What a trainwreck. Jeff was on the Frenemies podcast. He barely remembers that night when the girl was assaulted, says was there for like 20 minutes, even though Ethan pulls up an image of him with a timestamp that proves he was there for much longer than 20 minutes. He constantly mentions the journalist being a fraud then it turns out he didn't even read the fucking article

No. 1190852

its not really trishas fault, men are disgusting but like..the girls wanted clout and fuck some famous rich people or at leas tbe around them. I've seen so many times where people warn others of the dangers of someone in their social group and then they dont listen and then bad stuff happens. like this happens all the fucking time, so i cant blame her for not even bothering especially worse in a social setting like that.

No. 1190870

Looks like one of those kpop BTS boys who get too much face procedures and end up looking like a scream mask. And why is she so oily

No. 1190873

The girls responded to a invite for a threesome.

They showed up on their own accord and unfortunately one of them was too drunk and all of this unfolded.

Whilst I think Dom is gross, Jeff & others really aren’t at fault.
Ethan is only bandwagoning this for $ and Trisha is doing this to seek revenge on David & Co for Jason.

No. 1190887

File: 1616471525784.png (430.82 KB, 883x1120, bait.PNG)

Kaceytron is going on a crusade against the Minecraft stans.

Don't know if this goes in the YT general or Twitch general, they're "debating" on her stream right now. There's something funny about Dream saying "say it to my face" when he hides behind a stick figure persona. All of this over Minecraft, kek.

No. 1190920

>Ethan is only bandwagoning this for $ and Trisha is doing this to seek revenge on David & Co for Jason.

Seconding this. Trisha doesn’t a rat’s ass about anyone but herself. She bitches about David and Jason every other week, she just finally found some dirt to exploit.

No. 1190923

Yeah TBF Trisha was one of those clout chasing girls so she knows that once they set their mind to playing a stupid game she can't convince them that there's only a stupid prize wai