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File: 1613500552308.jpg (81.14 KB, 453x563, Screenshot_5.jpg)

No. 1163078

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1141996

Any further mention of celebrity weight gain without providing actual milk will warrant a 3 day ban. Nitpicking song lyrics because you have no milk will also warrant a ban. Unless someone is actually botched, save the comments for yourself.

Previous thread highlights:

>Kourtney K and Travis Baker are confirmed to be dating >>1141997

>Kpop star Iron found dead >>1141996
>"Elliot Page" divorces wife after 3 years of marriage and 2 months of coming out as trans >>1142589
>Effie decides she won't kill herself because the other victims ""need her"" >>1142520 (Effie thread >>1155983 )
>Kellyanne Conway posts CP of her daughter online >>1142916
>Halsey has trailer trash photoshoot to announce her pregnancy >>1143457
>Grimes posts cringy poetry on twitter >>1144349 .Trad anons go batshit about how she's not spending more time with her word salad-name child. She's planning on "returning to the digital realm" soon >>1144541
>Rita Ora organizes superspreader event with 20 people >>1145067
>Something something Lana del Rey >>1141996
>Music producer Sophie dies >>1145787 . Anons believe it's 41% while the label called it an accident >>1145829
>Rapper Silento straight up fucking kills his cousin >>1148800
>Rebel Wilson breaks up with her boyfriend >>1149639
>Adam Driver gets physically abusive on set >>1150289
>Azaelia Banks sleeps with Grimes' Miss Anthropocene graphic designer >>1150853
>Chrissy Teigen tries to be #relatable while talking about how she bought a 13k dollars wine bottle >>1151201 . Twitter cancels her and she pulls the muh miscarriage card >>1151348
>Lil Uzi channels his inner sailor scout by stoning a diamond to his forehead. It's now bleeding >>1151730
>Politics derail about AOC (Please don't do this again, this thread isn't about politics)
>Hilaria Baldwin returns >>1153517
>Armie Hammer is dropped by his agency >>1153981
>Gina Carano no longer in the Mandolorian because she compared the political climate of the US with Nazi Germany >>1159024 she's now collabing with Ben Shapiro >>1160215
>The Pokemon Company hosts bizzare virtual concert with Post Malone >>1159072
>AH is accused of being a serial killer >>1159089 cops are denying the allegations >>1159357
>Kendall Jenner looking like frog legs >>1160476

No. 1163082

File: 1613500770427.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 890x862, kiss kiss fall in love.png)

Sage for samefag, this is my first time making a thread and it was nerve-wracking, hope everything is alright
I skipped over some of the AH drama, sorry but I didn't keep up with it and I really don't care that much about it

Anyway I wanted to post this picture of Shawn Mendes which I will spoil because feet

No. 1163103

OP you're valid thank you

No. 1163106

His album sales might be in the toilet but at least he has Camila's foot.

No. 1163174

I just saw the Ryder Ripps/Azalia banks relationship milk. There is no way this relationship is real and not Bank's attempt to to suck up some free production work. Ryder is a whole entire cow herd onto himself but his heyday of embarrassing himself on social media is over at this point and most of his milk is just old and nostalgic. I don't see how they can get along for longer then 5 minutes unless he just shuts up and nods to everything she says.

No. 1163193

You did great, OP. I've created a few of the Celebricows threads before and I'm always wondering if I'm just rambling on in the intro.

No. 1163220

> I skipped over some of the AH drama, sorry but I didn't keep up with it and I really don't care that much about it
and that’s why I appreciate you

No. 1163231

Excellent new thread, OP anon. You did fantastic.

No. 1163238

I've created quite a few OPs for celebricows and I always felt like mine were too long, so bravo to the last few OPs who've condensed theirs so well

No. 1163248

File: 1613513437814.jpg (233.05 KB, 1125x2436, qvkceu9v5g361.jpg)

Kind of old news (from 2 months ago), but I haven't seen it mentioned. Just found out that Ethan Kath's child bride Au Vyst has finally broken with him and confirmed everything Alice said.
More receipts on her tumblr
Would repost, but IDK if anyone cares beyond me.

>are you the real auvyst? ethan’s gf? are y’all still together

>No I was with him for years and years and left him last year. He knows what he did to me and what he did to other girls. I am not ready to go into detail out of fear of him and his minions. I’d like to apologize to Alice because much of her statement was very much similar to how he treated me. I’m allowed to express that I was mistreated, controlled, abused emotionally, psychologically and on occasion physically as well as sexually by that paranoid coward of a weak little sneaky man. Thankfully I have had a year away from him. I started my life over from nothing. I had $100 to my name and a suitcase and moved to New York and got my first job and bank account and am finally living a normal happy healthy life. The first time I’ve been independent of him in my entire adult life and have realized how brainwashed and fucked up my life had been. I had no life experience, came from a broken/unstable home and looked up to and trusted this man and all he did was take advantage of me and manipulate me. I’d like to publicly apologize to Alice. I am so sorry. Evil is real and it preys on naivety and trusting people. I wish Ethan Kath aka Claudio Palmieri was the person many of his fans and myself as well as many others wish he was but he isn’t. He’s the one controlling the mods on reddit he has dozens of fake user profiles online he uses to defend himself with. He’s pathetic and it’s sad someone so talented is equally a monster. He’s been harassing my friends and family for months and that’s a line he should never have crossed. Being with him was like living in a cult. All information fed to me was filtered through him. I was isolated and forced to move away from my friends. I was dealing with his paranoid delusions on a daily basis trying to be a good girlfriend to him. Anytime I’d try to leave him the grip would tighten. I was like a trained dog of a girl. He manipulated me for years and even manipulated my family into trusting him. He began speaking to me online when I was 16. When I began dating him I ran away from home and moved constantly for years from motel to squatting at one point to being held up in his parents home. I don’t have enough time or words to even explain. When I began dating him he was in a relationship with a 16 year old british girl. She’s one of the girls in the daily beast article. He pitted me against all other girls to test loyalty and that’s my biggest regret. If he’s going to try to sue me or send me cease and desists like he did to Alice and other girls then so be it. He took years of my life I can never get back. I’m so happy now to be rid of his evil being in my life. He’s a miserable desperate weak man. Good men don’t prey on minors and girls 20 years younger than them.

>is it true you wrote some amnesty lyrics?

>Yes many of the lyrics were directly from my diary written in a basement or sleeping on a floor while I was suicidal. Char is about how I felt in my life. Scared of having to protect him devoutly whilst knowing he thought of me as replaceable garbage and how I felt like a stray dog happy to have a home but taken in by an abusive owner. Claudio always took credit and made fun of my work and never acknowledged how important writing was to me. Even though he would use it. He’s the reason I stopped writing and making videos entirely. My spirit was broken. He shoved me to the ground and told me my work was futile and berated me when that was all I had. Everytime I want to make something I remember how humiliating and degraded i felt by even attempting to create. I have notebooks upon notebooks of my ~lyrics~ but feel embarrassed and disgusting anytime i tryto write now because of how my work was stolen from me and then called trash by him and how much I wanted to just die

No. 1163254

Good for her and fuck Ethan! I never doubted Alice’s story. Hopefully everyone who’s been harmed by this man can find healing.

No. 1163273

Thank god I thought I was the only one not caring about Armie hammer because I have no fucking idea who he is

No. 1163291

oh man i never saw this and it's a conclusion i've been waiting for for years. good on her for getting away. whatever happened to edith? has she ever said anything?

No. 1163292

Damn. I liked Crystal Castles when I was a teen. Didn't know one of the members was a pedo.

No. 1163314

the worst part about quarantine is seeing all the men who let their hair just go to absolute shit. no man should be wearing a manbun or be walking around looking like fabio in 2021.

No. 1163370

all I know atm is what Autumn (Au Vyst) wrote on her blog:

>hey do u know something about edith? :(

>When I left Claudio he moved her into his million dollar house in Canada that he was trying to get me to move into and have a family w him in…and they’ve been in a romantic relationship, which I guess started while I was still with him. Idk if she’s okay but I know she’s with him and pretending to be in the states but is definitely brainwashed by him too :/ they both lie endlessly and she mods the Reddit too deleting posts unfortunately. They both always laughed at fans and called them sheep they used to make money. It’s all a cash grab. Claudio would always talk mad shit on Margo too saying she’s dumb and he was just using her to replace Alice and he’d make fun of her quite a lot saying she’s weak and gullible and a druggie with meth face. It’s a mess all around. He tells her what to wear and think just like he did to Alice and I. She’s addicted to the taste of fame though so idk if she’ll ever leave as long as they believe they could ever return as a band. Delusional narcissistic types. They didn’t meet at a negative approach show or couch surfing. Clau was auditioning multiple people as new singers and specifically chose her because he thought she looked like Alice. I lived w both of them and it was a nightmare. Margos a sycophantic diva and Claudio is the puppet master. I would purposefully choose to not go on tour with them because of her constant tantrums and his psychopathy. She stalked me online for years I guess when I had thought she was just living in LA after Claudio forced me to move to another state away from my friends. He was paying for her to have a secret apartment the entire time I guess tho. Idk either she needs help or they are a perfect match for one another. Both lie about their age and wiling to step on anyone or use anyone to get ahead. Also it’s funny cuz even after I’d left Claudio and have moved on he was begging me back and apologizing for how he treated me even tho he was already w Margo. I’m sure she doesn’t know that. Then he started asking if he could be cuck to my boyfriend lmfao and date me even tho I’m in a relationship and wanted nothing to do with him. We had separate bedrooms for years because I wasn’t interested in him anymore but he wouldn’t let me leave him.

I wonder if Edith drops his sorry ass too once she cannot get any clout from being a CC singer.

No. 1163414

File: 1613531087994.jpg (69.5 KB, 720x640, ab00166337s1.jpg)

god i wish we could get a 90 day fiancé type reality show about their whirlwind romance. kanye could throw some money at it.

No. 1163476

Good for her! Thanks for sharing anon, because I totally missed this too. Ethan is a complete scumbag.

No. 1163552

Can you imagine dating Azealia? A fucking nightmare holy shit. You have to be a cow yourself. No logical, stable, self respecting person would get near that. Some tea was spilt on one of her previous relationships. Apparently the sister of the man said she was physically abusive and just an all round insane narcissist. (we all knew that one).

No. 1163558

File: 1613547522786.webm (1.88 MB, 320x568, AGk1xb-__iF7bVwy.webm)

Yesterday during Megan Thee Stallions birthday, one of her friends was on Instagram live and caught (allegedly) Pardison Fontaine, who is apparently her new boyfriend, breaking open the bathroom door while Megan and her friend were in it.

Neither of them have said anything, but she honestly seems to have bad luck with men. Also, this is funny because Pardison Fontaine is one of those men who preach about feminism. He literally has a huge "feminist" tattoo.


No. 1163562

File: 1613547624448.png (26.94 KB, 561x233, snow.PNG)

Megan tweeted this a couple hours before the live saying her man was mad at her. I should've also added that the we know it's Megan in that livestream because the person who started the live is one of her close friends. https://www.instagram.com/ibeen_cognacking/

No. 1163565

what even are men, that guy looks like literally nothing. do people get attracted to stuff like that? tell me how

No. 1163582

Azealia is a neckless schizophrenic crackhead, this is fine.

No. 1163593

Why do these skinny bitches obsessed with other girls being skinny always date men fatter than them? The male physique is meant to be athletic but you suddenly cant handle a thin dude?

No. 1163597

Bruh all of these rap girls are so low IQ. Its a fucking shame the only highish IQ rap girl is an insane faggot culture appropriating bpd narc. Throw the whole misogynistic and ghetto lifestyle glorifying genre away

No. 1163598

>highish IQ rap girl is an insane faggot culture appropriating bpd narc
Who? Azealia? I hate to say this anon but, Azealia is not "high iq"

No. 1163599

Which is why i said highish and she only has somewhat enough intellect to call out obvious patterns that her other peers outright disregard. Its all ruined by the fact most of her opinions are obviously from browsing the internet and she lacks total self awareness

No. 1163602

File: 1613551822288.png (Spoiler Image,290.35 KB, 358x536, 333.PNG)

So Trey Songz leaked his sex tape a few weeks ago, and of course people forgot all the shit he's been accused of (sexual abuse allegations, what he did to Keke Palmer and him in general being a disgusting dude IMO) because, "Big dick!!!"
Now he has a bunch of women who I guess are making videos for him to put on his onlyfans??
Like okay nice dick, but like Tyga's, the men these dicks are attached to are disgusting.

No. 1163604

His dick is huge but all that hair is gross.

No. 1163606

He does need to shave, looks like he was musty down there, probably had big lint balls in his Pubic hair.

No. 1163609

Damn what a fucking narcissiste sexual deviant. Never liked his fake rnb

No. 1163612

File: 1613553172993.jpg (149.72 KB, 1118x1055, EuZrmz-XMAYn1Dl.jpg)

Samefag, speaking of men with unkempt hair, pic is a recent photo of Tory Lanez. This is just what he deserves.

No. 1163620

File: 1613554083820.png (Spoiler Image,214.24 KB, 378x249, Capture.PNG)

Here's the type of girls he's around. No wonder so many of them become tranny chasers and are always caught up in gay rumors, normal looking women probably don't get them off anymore.
They have to go for the extreme until they find themselves literally sucking dick.

No. 1163621

File: 1613554117585.png (Spoiler Image,448.98 KB, 358x469, 2.PNG)

No. 1163640

Those bolt-ons are so painful to look at. I mean, they seem to start at her armpit? No wonder she has such anachan twink upper arms, she probably can't move them enough to support any muscle health.

No. 1163641

Is she wearing nude leggings or something? Why does her ass look like that

No. 1163644

her ass is severely deformed from the surgeries she got on it so she has to airbrush tf out of it to make it look acceptable. very normal tactic for women with overly big fake asses.

No. 1163646

File: 1613558655328.jpeg (64.8 KB, 890x534, E59BDCE0-47D8-4183-B55A-924D3D…)


Meghan is expecting a second kid and they're going in Oprah next month

For people so concerned about their uwu privacy we sure keep hearing about them all thz time

No. 1163651

I give them 5 more years tops and maybe a third kid.
Would Harry even be allowed to return to royalty if he divorced her?

No. 1163652

>Would Harry even be allowed to return to royalty

Hope not.

No. 1163655

No. 1163659

Ah you used the screencap that I posted in the infight club thread as the thread pic! It's an honor haha

No. 1163681

Well the other royal is getting away from being a peado so yes I think he would

No. 1163748

what's this dude stressing about? lmao

No. 1163765

Is she walking around bare assed wtf

No. 1163886

File: 1613583705271.png (49.51 KB, 580x317, xeabrrrrrrrrr.png)

I don't get this. Does Grimes live with Muskrat? If not why isn't he helping her and leaving her and his tiny baby in such a precarious situation?

No. 1163949

He looks so awkward lol

No. 1163954

Makes them look skinner by comparison, also they give the guy all their leftover food lol.

No. 1163959


No. 1163961

While Harry and Meghan have cow like qualities, the people who sperg about them in this thread are more insufferable tbh.

No. 1163986

Am I the only one who likes Kendall Jenner’s body? She does the best job amongst other rich kids at maintaining a supermodel body.

No. 1163988

I’m pretty sure most people’s favourite Kardashian from an aesthetic view is Kendall.

No. 1163998

File: 1613592703006.jpeg (577.97 KB, 828x1039, 324AF50C-A49E-46C0-A1AA-2F1296…)

To draw on that topic because it was brought up in the last thread right before it was locked, it’s kind of a shock to me because Kendall looks nothing like the photos people find inspirational. I’m not nitpicking her weight, but it shows that being thin really isn’t always the ideal. She abuses photoshop just as much as her sisters, there’s nothing interesting about her outside of the tweaking. It makes a huge difference to her face and figure.

No. 1164000

File: 1613592737974.jpeg (624.97 KB, 828x1009, 731B9EC0-43CA-4EAF-A88A-84A2ED…)

No. 1164010


I'd actually be willing to bet both photos are real. Super flabby skinnyfat asses and thighs spread in really unflattering ways when you sit, like a plastic bag filled with liquid.

No. 1164015

Anon, I want to be nice but you have to be a complete idiot to think the photos on the right aren’t retouched to high hell

No. 1164020

File: 1613593448829.png (47.72 KB, 616x575, bynes.PNG)

Amanda Bynes has been posting again on her not so secret account. Even though I feel terrible for her, I also don't think she's capable of looking after herself or making her own decisions right now. Especially with a baby on the way.

No. 1164024


Ryder Ripps is a like a STEM dumber, less wealthy Martin Shkreli IRL. Still I feel sorry for him. He must truly alone in life and desperate for a relationship, any relationship, this bitch has more red flags then the Red Army at the Battle of Berlin

No. 1164028

I don't think Kendall looks like her ig pictures in real life, but that left photo looks ps'd

No. 1164086

It isn’t, she’s just moving.

No. 1164097

Don't feel too bad for him, if this lasts two weeks or more he has months of fuel for his shitty warp filter art exhibits.

No. 1164167

this is a dumb take. her midsection is wider in the non-retouched image where she is standing. if "skinnyfat" spreads in an unflattering way when you sit, her abdomen would look wider in the pic on the right but it doesn't because it's shopped.

No. 1164170

she's not pregnant. her lawyer debunked that notion.

No. 1164204

look at that cavernous belly button though. women have no standards anymore when it comes to men do they?

No. 1164210

People here are relatively nice about Meg and Harry compared to some other places I have seen.

No. 1164282

how the fuck do you manage to be a multi millionaire and have glutes that bad, 2 gym sessions a week would sort that out.

No. 1164316

I'm wondering how they got so bad at all? Like she's only 25 and she's never been fat, why does it look like her collagen packed its bags and left the building?

No. 1164323

Because Kendall Jenner is rewarded mediocrity personified

No. 1164370

File: 1613625326537.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.76 KB, 658x960, kendall-jenner-in-bikini-in-ma…)

The cellulite pic is photoshopped. People will believe anything nowadays.

No. 1164373

It wasn’t photoshopped, she was just hopping around.
>people will believe anything
Never thought I’d see people caping for bland piece of great value bread Kendall Jenner but here we are

No. 1164380

kek agreed. The Kardashians and the Jenners are shitty people with bad photoshop histories

A world of difference that photoshop makes kek

No. 1164386

Anyone follow the Jackass crew? Bam posted this live recently where he got kicked off the new movie. He throws up in the middle and asks people to Venmo him.

No. 1164388

File: 1613627765799.jpeg (27.35 KB, 600x510, FF193B35-FE75-4917-B827-ABEAC4…)

No. 1164395

Holy shit. He’s finished his transformation into Papa Margera

No. 1164421

he was kicked off for not following the one rule he was given: stay sober. considering everyone else is 100% sober and the moment he was kicked he start whining about ryan dunn and milking his death which was a big reason they all got sober. hes been in and out of a relapse again. his profile is barely coherent when he rants, he will end up back in a inpatient facility and then back out to spiral in a 6 months to year again after this.

No. 1164431

I promise I'm straight, but this is nice? Looks like a greasy turd, appears to be growing from a fupa and covered by beer belly, hair everywhere? It's not even the same color as the rest of him.

No. 1164437

Why is it so much funnier that he puked knowing he was a bulimic for a long time

No. 1164463

He's back on it tho, last I heard.

Holy fuck he definitely looks exactly like his dad now, even his voice. And to think I used to have a crush on him (esp when he had long hair)

No. 1164488

So Demi Lovato has really committed to making her entore career revolve around the fact she's an addict, yet another documentary. Surely any mental health professional would be telling her this is a really stupid thing to do and damaging to staying sober?

No. 1164502

Lmao holy shit, Ryder Ripps is the Elon Musk of graphic designin. He used to do memey png and gif shit that spawned the seapunk aesthetic, now he's responsible for the CIA rebranding.

No. 1164518

She really is the famous version of Luna Slater

No. 1164605

cos she trapped him with the kid, he wouldn’t be dealing with grimes at this point if it weren’t for the baby. he does the barely minimum not to be perceived as the heartless psycho he is.

No. 1164661

The CIA stuff was a joke

No. 1164715

File: 1613671761348.jpg (34.83 KB, 1024x576, iwasonlypretendingtoberetarded…)

It's funny because Bam really is a jackass, in every sense of the word. He is a liability and only has himself to blame for being kicked off the movie. He wants to drink himself to death.

I grew up when Jackass was at its peak, and imo Steve-O is the only one who has done anything meaningful with their fame. Knoxville's movies are shit (picrel) and the rest don't deserve careers just because they thought getting hit in the balls is the pinnacle of comedy.

No. 1165125

File: 1613707349380.jpeg (379.66 KB, 1636x2048, 81A49442-899B-455B-8103-4D0E3A…)

Kinda late, but FKA twigs is covering ELLE this month and the interview she did (largely about Shia) is rather harrowing.

twigs also did an interview on CBS This Morning about Shia as well.

No. 1165126

It’s funny that it’s also an ad for clothing. Like it names what she’s wearing loll

No. 1165130

Most fashion magazine editorials list what the models are wearing. It's not really an advertisement.

No. 1165160

It’s a fashion magazine.

No. 1165165

Agree that they don't suit her but imo she still looks ethereal as fuck and gorgeous. She has such cool features.

No. 1165182

i don't think she's crazy enough to warrant being forcibly institutionalized and put into a conservatorship. her parents are stealing all her money right out from under her just like britney's parents did. people on twitter post way more psychotic stuff than "I want drake to murder my vagina." free amanda!

No. 1165209

this might be nit picky but i can't stand how no matter what the context, she types like a fucking retarded teenager. makes it really hard for me to believe she's actually worried for anyone or anything

No. 1165214

File: 1613727442194.jpg (60.08 KB, 640x640, good life choices.jpg)

Looking at the current state of Amanda Bynes, I wouldn't be taking her at her word about finances or much of anything. This isn't a Britney Spears situation.

No. 1165224

is that the dude who reviews movies? Brad something? he has a deep voice

No. 1165233

>burzum shirt
why does it all make sense?

No. 1165234

No, it's some unemployed dude named Paul Michael who she met in rehab. They're engaged.

No. 1165257

File: 1613735271483.png (844.73 KB, 470x1022, 1.PNG)

Damn, that was difficult to watch. I idolized him when I was younger.

The caption (picrel) is interesting. Looks like the reason he's asking for Venmo money is because he wants to makes some kind of movie to spite Jackass? (But possibly give Jeff Tremaine 20% of what the movie makes?) The plans seem vague, though, and I doubt he typed this in a sober frame of mind. It's a hot mess of rambling, where he says Jackass or Novak had the police sent to his home for a wellness check, and refers to his wife as "my hot wife with 6 pussy rings in her tackle box".

(Apologies for the low quality, the post itself is deleted so I had to screenshot it from the video and upscale it.)

No. 1165264

I do feel bad for Bam because i’m 100% sure that if he were to die today, his brain would look like swiss cheese from all the concussions and brain injuries he got over the years. probably has a worse case of CTE than Chris Benoit to be honest.

but it’s also clear that the drugs are making shit worse for him. and if he doesn’t want to be sober and would rather get resentful at his friends who did get sober, what else can be done? just really sad.

No. 1165637

She was on Louis Theroux's podcast and spoke about Shia recently, as well

No. 1165642

File: 1613770084215.png (593.32 KB, 800x621, kim.png)

No. 1165654

File: 1613771016121.jpg (79.89 KB, 1280x720, fishdicks.jpg)

finally kanye is free to live proudly and openly as a gay fish

No. 1165663

>my hot wife with 6 pussy rings in her tackle box

Holy shit this whole thing was a depressing read but I can’t believe an actual woman would stay with this bloated junkie toddler. My fucking sides

No. 1165677

Christ he should be in damn rehab again. At this rate I give it 3 months before he's dead.

No. 1165680

Being married to Bam Margera must be a slightly bigger budget of the whole Jonny Craig/Syd saga. Sure he was famous once upon a time but that tiny crumb of clout is all you're getting.

No. 1165711

I'm legitimately so fucking confused as to what exactly happened to Amanda Bynes. Her whole situation fascinates me. Obviously she's mentally ill, but it's like, she just went completely bonkers one day and has never acted like a real person since. She's a shell of her former self. I feel like there's no way she didn't go through some immensely fucked up trauma and is now suffering from the fallout. I also wouldn't be surprised if these claims about her parents trying to run her life are 100% true. It really does seem like she's being controlled by something/someone, even if it manifests for her as a schizo-esque fears like aliens put a chip in her brain, or w/e.

No. 1165717

It wasn't all that sudden, she had been acting erratic for at least a few years before it all blew up on her but I would like to see her get similar coverage to britney is rn, interesting as shit. Also sad.

No. 1165719

Well she started going crazy in her twenties and that’s typically when schizophrenia fully sets in

No. 1165722

Ive said this before in the last thread we had gone over this, its not that deep anon. Dan Shnieder stole her childhood. The dyed hair, piercings, and tattoos is her trying to relive a childhood she never had. And her being engaged to this yack from rehab is prolly just another form of rebellion.

No. 1165725

She was left in the hands of creeps for her childhood and teen years and then had drug and alcohol problems before being diagnosed with mental illness. It was actually a pretty slow decline but it seemed sudden because the media only ran with it after the drake tweets really.

No. 1165727

I thought it was officially confirmed her diagnosis was bipolar?

No. 1165737

I think so. The mean age for bipolar onset is 18 and for schizophrenia I think it’s early to mid 20s.

No. 1165743

Okay but schizophrenia, or whatever her diagnosis is, is obviously not the full story.

Sounds like you anons know more about her background than I do. Are there any big write ups anywhere about her that you know of? I'm genuinely curious to know how her parents are involved in all of this. Like, did they know this was happening and encourage it rather than help her? I might be tinfoiling but I have a strong hunch that her situation has parallels to that of Britney Spears'

No. 1165753

This is what I remember from articles at the time but I think her parents were made conservators after her NYC court case and hospitalization. She had thrown a glass bong out of her 14th floor window and was generally incoherent at the time.
She ended up living with them in some California suburb, somehow doused her small dog in gasoline while trying to set their driveway on fire, gradually got a little better, went back to fashion school. When she was able to live on her own around the time of the Paper Magazine "broke the internet" interview is where the troubles started again.

No. 1165770

File: 1613778807338.jpg (475.73 KB, 2048x2669, going down.jpg)

belated samefag but I think Amanda's parents stepped away from the conservatorship and now all that and her finances are managed by the state. This happened when she got worse after the Paper era, they sold their house and moved to Arizona or wtf.

No. 1165800

I always thought she was so cute and lanky. Skinny legend.

No. 1165902

God, I had such high hopes for her when I first read that article. Still have a soft spot for her and hope she gets better.

No. 1166329

chris delia is back?

No. 1166598

Trailer of Demi Lovato's documentary on YT. She mentions that she experienced brain damage after her overdose, which was also followed by three strokes and one heart attack.

No. 1166628

couldn't get halfway through it, don't need to hear about another losers totally encompassing sex addiction. kinda wish he stayed gone

No. 1166664

Oh, shit. This is actually huge. I remember she had in her IG bio "If you want to be happy, just listen to your husband". I'm glad she got out of that shitty situation, now I wonder about "Edith Frances".

No. 1166702

She's just a talented person who unfortunately developed a serious mental illness. Idk if anything very traumatic needed to happen to make her this way. Sometimes it just happens. It's sad and unfortunate when mental illness takes over a person, even sadder when they had so much going for them. This isn't a Britney spears situation. Britney's mental problems were largely situational. A this point, Britney is fine to be able to live independently. Amanda is a whole other story. She will need serious help for the rest of her life.

No. 1166726

>I'm genuinely curious to know how her parents are involved in all of this
She started off as a child comedian, very young. What makes you think they aren't?

No. 1166732

I think anon meant to what extent are Amanda's parents involved in the situation, not if they were involved.

No. 1166906

Can someone summarize this in a TL;DW for me, I don’t feel like watching this dude

No. 1166908

everyone complains about cancel culture but literally only bill cosby, harvey weinstein, kathy griffin, and the dixie chicks were successfully canceled

No. 1166914

>my dick controlled my life I cheated on my fiancée who is my dream girl I'm sorry I'm getting help for my dick

All with that beady-eyed serial killer glare he always features.

No. 1166924

It's because rampant twitter hordes are aids until they actually attack someone worthy of cancellation

No. 1166940


am i the only one who is seriously looking forward to the premiere of this? her original doc had phil mcintyre (her old manager) in it saying that they were helping her with her illnesses and addiction. demi revealed recently that they were making things worse by controlling every facet of her life like checking her starbucks orders and not allowing her to have birthday cake on her birthday (she is bulimic).

her current manager is scooter braun of >>428536 drama. she has good things to say about him so i'm also interested in hearing about that.

No. 1166976

Sorry, but schizophrenia would explain all her behaviour and then some.

No. 1167002

I want to be indifferent towards her but she has so many problems. Problems either she causes or someone else does, doesn’t matter. She shouldn’t be famous for her own sake.

No. 1167058

chris d’elia should be canceled and so should louis ck
yet here we are

No. 1167078

she's a broken victim of both shitty abusive parents and dan schneider

No. 1167092

fuck these people are so unimportant this isn't even real milk but martin shkreli and ryder ripps went to the same burnout kid high school

No. 1167176

File: 1613893624331.jpeg (155.28 KB, 750x639, BE6D2E5E-C0E6-44B0-A296-D2FB8B…)

A retarded anon posted this in the e-girl thread with no caps so I’ve come here to do it properly. A photographer who took and filed copyright of a photo of Miles Davis is now suing Kat Von D for tattooing it without permission.

No. 1167237

Some caps explaining it from the Altcows thread


No. 1167269

The way he looks fucking guilty even in the thumbnail

No. 1167274

oh no wonder eminem likes him so much

No. 1167287

cancel culture clearly depends on scrotes to be the final decision. Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, Woody Allen, Louis CK, Dr Luke. none of them have had any consequences for their actions (Tyson may have convicted of actual rape but he clearly doesn’t get any flack for it) but god forbid the dixie chicks protest a pointless war only started for profit.

No. 1167413

Bipolar disorder can cause psychotic episodes and hallucinations that are very similar to schizophrenia and the symptoms often overlap.

No. 1167462

He looks like a fucking raccoon in the headlights of an oncoming semi kek. Good. >>1167287
It's so weird to hear the word cancelled used to describe what happened to the Dixie Chicks, it's such a new word. You also reminded me of Roman Polanski, who's currently enjoying a fine career in France, and of Kim Petras who works with Dr Luke and received zero backlash from woke stans for it. Louis CK's stand up 'film' from 2020 has 80% on rotten tomatoes and 96% on google. Seriously, nothing of substance actually happens to these men except for a few days of mean tweets for their PR agent to field.

No. 1167476

File: 1613935851248.jpeg (64.47 KB, 461x628, B9FBA51F-0655-47A6-95C2-70A087…)

So the rumors where right Kim Kardashian and Kanye getting a divorce

No. 1167480

old news. this was posted 2 days ago >>1165642

No. 1167487

Woops my bad I swear I checked before

No. 1167538

>Roman Polanski, who's currently enjoying a fine career in France
It’s a pedophile’s haven, after all.

Wonder how fast Kim will shack up with some basketball player or something.

No. 1167557

I hate the fucking french. Ban the burqua cos it’s oppressive but don’t assume guilt about someone who “has sex” with an eleven year old. That would go against justice.

No. 1167690

he reminds me exactly of that one pedi who reviewed cuties on youtube, that same glassy eyed yet somehow focused stare. his "dream girl" (not woman?) is going to age even more. didn't he play a man who creeped on underage girls in that show you? i loathe that hiding in plain sight thing they try to do because they're not going to do jack shit to keep girls safe and don't care too. he's whining about wanting to do his podcast "like nothing happened", i'm sure those literal children would love to go back to their innocence. i can't believe his wife stayed with him.

No. 1167798

Damn. I have never heard of a tattoo artist who actually gets license to make tattoos of copyrighted images, does that ever happen? I know it's frowned upon within the community to copy the work of other tattoo artists, but tattoos of photographs, celebrities, fictional characters etc? So many artists could be sued for this. I kind of love it though cus I don't like Kat von D

No. 1167834

I've never heard of this either. Fuck kvd, but I feel like this is a pretty bullshit suit

No. 1167857

File: 1613976620297.jpg (137.6 KB, 828x1792, 1jzw1cq37zi61.jpg)

No. 1167863

Is it wrong for me to laugh? Kek

No. 1167874

The crusty alt-right white male fans she's always pandering to won't be happy about this.

No. 1167876

Haven't they been together for only a few months? Place your best anons.

No. 1167881

this made my night

No. 1167897

I Give it a week. She'll be posting a 500 long insta story of her cussing and dragging the shit out of him, in a minute. Bet. The milk will be flowing.

No. 1167925

OT but jesus fuck those hands are haggard

No. 1167973

You'd think she could afford moisturizer…

No. 1167978

I'd say Michael Jackson was cancelled as well to an extent, despite never actually being convicted.

Both are wrong.

No. 1167982

A bunch of old decrepit Parisian pedo-defenders don't represent the French and there was quite a fuss when his last movie came out. I can assure you that common people, especially from younger generations don't condone these type of shit. Also there are many scandals involving them that keep gaining traction these days, ending their careers and social lives so no, France isn't Pedo-heaven anymore.

No. 1167990

come on lol "sorry babe, we have to break up. your body repulses me because your belly button is too big"

No. 1167992

maybe she really is a witch, she has the hands for it

No. 1168002

She looks like she's about to shed her skin.
Excuse me while I'll go apply some handcream.

No. 1168013

File: 1614006538469.jpg (63.23 KB, 1002x653, sad.JPG)

No. 1168014

No. 1168017


Well, they’ve been working together for a really long time. Tbh, I’m surprised it didn’t happen soon. Too bad though, I really enjoyed their music growing up.

No. 1168018

File: 1614007788181.jpg (60.42 KB, 864x1390, chicken-foot-with-ring-C826FD.…)

No. 1168019

What a bummer… they're probably old now and want to chill tho. i respect that

No. 1168022

they haven't been doing much in the past few years so i'm not particularly surprised, but good for them to split with an announcement for some extra radio play and sales.

No. 1168027

All their music is good and they've built a legacy. Had they kept going further who knows what would have happened they coulda turned into a husk of their old selves.

No. 1168028

Discovery and Random Access Memories are two of my favorite albums of all time. I'm beyond sad to hear this because I hoped they would release more music; but I hope that the decision was the right one for them. Damn. I normally don't give a shit what celebrities/artists do, but this one hurts a little.

No. 1168040

Shit she’s gonna turn into Trisha Paytas pretending to be Jewish, isn’t she? Oy gevalt

No. 1168044

It hasn’t even been 8 months. Why can’t these men at least pretend they were “reflecting” for longer than a year.

No. 1168058


No. 1168086

this ruined my morning!

No. 1168090

Oh my god, thank you for saying this anon

No. 1168105

I didn’t know the full allegations so I looked them up and jesus christ, I can’t believe this guy is actually trying a comeback so soon after the shit he pulled. to get into a woman’s car and start to masturbate in front of her like it’s perfectly normal… i’m sorry but his wife is fucking stupid. men like this never change. all that’s different now is that he knows he has to be sneaky.

No. 1168140

He was also in an episode of Workaholics playing as a pedo. Disgusting.

No. 1168223

yo wtf azealia. i did not see that coming sis

No. 1168248

the burqa should be banned though

No. 1168296

File: 1614040109738.jpg (985.85 KB, 2800x1415, tila-tequila-mental-breakdown-…)

Has she already been discussed here? I wonder if the overdose she talked about in one of her unhinged "testimonies" is what finally fried her brain.

That and her fiancee dying of diabetes

No. 1168301

Not to tinfoil, but twice makes it seem like a dogwhistle. Like seeking out conversations with other men in the industry who engage in the same lifestyle.

No. 1168331

I give it about 3 weeks until she gets bored and goes back to being a witch.

No. 1168332

She has her own thread

No. 1168379

This reminds me to binge watch her reality show again bc Im trash

No. 1168410

It might be tinfoil, but it seems pretty apparent that it is a dogwhistle with everything that’s come out now. What a fucking creep. I’ve no idea how his wife was able to accept that shit. Interesting to note that you can no longer watch that episode on streaming services too.

No. 1168505

Sometimes for no reason I remember the "HEY GIRL HEY!" contestant from season 2 who seemed like she signed up for a sorority booze cruise instead of a trashy dating show.

No. 1168544

Azelia seems to be happy to have been finally enlisted to the CIA next to her idol Grimes

No. 1168547

Samefagging, lmao no it most def isn't a joke that ryder is connected to the agency

No. 1168549

I’m so sad about this. Was a dream of mine to see them live, their concerts seemed so fucking cool and fun. But like other anons pointed out they have a good legacy and iconic sound that really influenced several music genres and it’s nice to see them let it be with grace. Many iconic artists have gone down so hard and released soulless garbage and collaborated with young and “fresh” artists to suck out some relevance and it all just came of sad and pathetic.

No. 1168599

Same anon, just 2 days ago I was thinking if we ever get to go to concerts again I want to see Daft Punk.

No. 1168686

i think it's fucking hilarious these people connected to the CIA used to be big with internet art in the early 2010s; Grimes and Ryder Ripps were buddies back then as well. Another close connection they have are the Red Scare girls via Leia Jospe, Anna's roommate.

No. 1168805

Once you sell out to Disney it's the only thing left to do.

No. 1168889

File: 1614116154398.jpeg (714.33 KB, 2224x1562, 35171E81-2767-4487-BA64-1644B2…)

Tavi Gevinson wrote some article about Britney Spears’ documentary and in it she named someone she dated at 18 as an abuser and rapist. People are speculating it’s Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend fame. Yikes.


No. 1168899

Some anon starts insulting the French and then this shit happens.

At least we still have the Russian interior ministry's ensemble.

No. 1168968

Dasha of Red Scare in a very old episode once mentioned she had a bf who was admin of an instagram meme page and his dad worked in the intelligence community. If i remember correctly she said that the meme page at one point really hit it off after they broke up and she had always been convinced there has been CIA involvement but that she doesn't get the reasons for it

No. 1168974

In what sense is Leia Jospe a connection?

No. 1169053

File: 1614130401060.jpeg (78.53 KB, 500x503, 8A7DA67B-FCA4-4D2C-8754-5EB410…)


I recall back when I was a fan of Vampire Weekend, an diary from Tavi that described somebody like Ezra.

In this photo is Amandla Stenberg, Willow Smith and Tavi and was taken around the same time as said diary entry.

No. 1169136

I remember reading her whole diary thing years ago. It's a lot of words just to say "I was pumped and dumped by someone I wanted more with now I feel some type of way".

No. 1169152

Ah, the Taylor Swift experience.

No. 1169287

File: 1614161890024.jpg (247.85 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20210224-110927_Ins…)

Jonathan Bennett (Aaron from Mean Girls) posted his dick on instagram.

No. 1169288

Gay man posting reflection of his fat cock. Big news.

No. 1169302

Ugly but I’m not surprised

No. 1169303


No. 1169308

Really? She must have changed her story, cause that doesn't sound anything like >>1168889

No. 1169330

I still say "hey girl heyyy" because of that but I totally forgot where it came from, thanks lmao

No. 1169381

File: 1614175163591.jpeg (400.73 KB, 750x1193, EAA64AC5-E524-4EF3-9668-C8809A…)

I remember reading the entries a while back and the whole thing just felt so bizarre (picrel) so this really doesn’t surprise me. I know that 18 year olds do stupid shit all the time, so this isn’t a judgement on her, but Ezra clearly had more red flags than communist Russia.

No. 1169403

File: 1614177518311.jpeg (436.15 KB, 828x1263, 0DB23BA1-B645-4BF3-B4D3-16E7E4…)

Alexander Wang has been accused of assault by several men.


> Keaton Bullen, 21, a student at New York's Parsons School of Design, has alleged to BBC News he was assaulted by Mr Wang at a club in the city in 2019.

It comes as the high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom says she is now representing 11 men with misconduct allegations against Mr Wang.
Mr Wang robustly denies all the claims made against him.

No. 1169470


wasn't it an open secret type deal about him being a rapist? I could of sworn this had been known for years

No. 1169471

File: 1614183548866.jpeg (327.1 KB, 1242x1594, 9F5E883A-D0EC-491F-8E2A-2770ED…)

He’s known her since she was 14 years old. Gag.(not a kpop thread)

No. 1169480

File: 1614184179375.jpg (447.55 KB, 1080x1163, SmartSelect_20210224-112729_Ch…)

I had no idea that Sia was this close to Maddie Ziegler… it's incredibly strange. Ever since the autism "blackface" thing, Twitter users are more cognizant of Sia's actions. It's strange.

Sia also follows ONLY Maddie on Instagram and has follower-only comments turned on… THIS IS INCREDIBLY CREEPY.

No. 1169481

File: 1614184195910.jpg (159.53 KB, 1064x749, SmartSelect_20210224-112917_In…)

No. 1169482

Sia really does seem to have some weird groomer-tier obsession with Maddie.

No. 1169484

Doesn't surprise me, SIA's way too obsessed with Maddie that you just know something creepy is going on. She needs to get away from that girl, I'm afraid she'll start wearing her skin some day.

No. 1169487

and maddie's parents were totally okay with this…?

>Tavi Gevinson
Oh wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I remember religiously reading her fashion blog back in 2010. I know she did some acting and had a online magazine going, but after that she kind of vanished off my radar. What is she doing these days?

kek, very true.

No. 1169489

wasnt there that music video of underage maddie as her proxy in a nude leotard pantomiming sex with shia lebeouf, who sia was fucking at the time?

No. 1169490

>they're like sisters, i love how they snuggle together
no. just no

No. 1169492

i mean people let their kids sleep over at michael jacksons house too…

No. 1169494

true that, I already forgot about that tho ugh

No. 1169507

File: 1614186360040.jpg (27.1 KB, 634x306, 30290380-0-image-a-5_159364413…)

And Sia was so quick to call Michael Jackson a pedo when she's out here doing the same thing. Her relationship with Maddie is just weird. Does Sia not have any friends her own age? lol

No. 1169527

This has been around for years and spread avidly the last year or two.

No. 1169532

Around 2:30 in this video they talk about maddie and sia. At some point it is being mentioned that sia feels like a mother to meddie that needds to protect her all the time. Maddie also said once that she would like to move to sia and her husband to be closer to her. Maddie also wears a "Sia <3 Maddie" necklace and so on wtf???

No. 1169541

Part of me just wonders if Sia has obsessive attachments and since she doesn’t have children latched on to Maddie and thought it was her responsibility to “guide” her. I don’t necessarily buy that she has a sexual motive but regardless it’s still weird. I think she just wants to be Maddie.

No. 1169551

I think she does have children? I remember an anon mentioning she adopted two boys

No. 1169552

Think Tavi is a regular on the new Gossip Girl

No. 1169553

I meant that she’s never given birth to a child. It explains her attachment to kids since she’s never had her own, she’s perhaps too autistic to see how odd the behavior is because in her mind Maddie is like family. She lacks the proper boundaries and doesn’t have the basic instinct to see her behavior is creepy.

No. 1169603

i feel like people are reaching. i’m sure maggies had a lot of weird experiences considering how young she was when she got famous but sia’s her mentor so i’m sure she feels attached to her

No. 1169608

never mind guys, i spoke too soon. ignore that im so dumb

No. 1169609

File: 1614195023155.png (773.84 KB, 892x1802, screenshot.png)

surprised no one has posted about her "transphobic rant" that everyone on twitter and tumblr are raging about kek

No. 1169611

Shes insufferable but when she does stuff like this I wanna stan her. She has no fucks to give and its hard not to admire that, I hope she never caves like so many before her have.

No. 1169616

probably because she does it every other day

No. 1169617

It actually surprises me that people on here think she's a cow.

She is lolcow condensed into a person and I personally admire the cojones on her to say all this in public kek


No. 1169621

Ngl she can be so fucking based.

No. 1169630


"it's Art"

No. 1169637

These celebrity "accidental" dick pic leaks would be a lot less annoying if they were good pictures. At least pose or something if you're gonna do some shit like that, stop making them look uglier than they already are.
Melissa has been a shitty stage mom since Dance Moms and if/when Maddie has a mental breakdown it's going to be her fault for letting all this happen.
Unpopular opinion but I'm so tired of her transphobic rants. It's her go-to comeback for everything and sometimes it doesn't even make sense. "you chop your cock and say you're a girl, but I can't catch the Jewish nut and be Jewish?" No, chopping your dick doesn't make you biologically female, and having sex with a Jewish man also doesn't make you religiously/ethnically Jewish. We get it, you hate trans people, anything else?

No. 1169662

this isn't even transphobic kek she's gone in way harder on both individuals and groups of people before. i really wish twitterfags would stop expecting her to be a sanitized woke kween uwu like every other musical artist out there.

No. 1169663

azealia is so fucking boring at this point. it's the same 'white women kill yourselves, trannies kill yourselves, i love white men, i hope grimes dies' shit over and over and over again, and retards will sit there drooling and pretend she's 'iconic' despite not releasing anything other than soap for half a decade now. she can't even get collabs with irrelevant rupaul's drag race contestants because even they can't stand her faghaggy ass. such a fucking snoozefest.

No. 1169665

she's objectively pretty funny, at least the way people react to her is

No. 1169692

She hasn't been a musical artist for a while.

No. 1169713

She’s funny and it’s entertaining to see someone affiliated with other celebrities in various ways talk shit about them and her own fans, I don’t see why she’d need to release new music to remain relevant. Relax. I’m sure she hates white men too, belligerently caping for a handful doesn’t erase how many times she’s expressed hating them as a whole.

No. 1169765

She has a way with words, gotta admit. She’s absolutely right to some degree, if we bend over backwards and pretend trans women are exactly the same, even on a biological degree, to women, than why can’t she bend religion as she wishes? Is religion now immutable but science is?

My only complain is because it comes from such a crazy source, its hard for people to agree with AB even when she’s right cause she’ll turn around, simp white dudes and Stan republicans for no reason.

No. 1169882

If lolcow is schizophrenic then maybe. Azealia is the kind of person you shouldn’t be proud to be compared to. Her courage comes from her cocaine addiction. This is an ashy, pathetic woman that peddled soap for years because she couldn’t make it in the industry. She refuses to act like a regular person, no ability to mingle with people or socialize. She has the self control of a rabid Rottweiler. It’s just like anons who gush over Grimes, neither of these women are worth looking up to.

No. 1169926

who the hell is gushing over Grimes lmao

No. 1170014

Maybe we need to give azealia her own thread so we dont need to listen to you triggered anons bitching about how apparently boring she is.

No. 1170022

File: 1614240695426.jpg (1.35 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210213-092017_Ins…)

Azealia is a cow. A Horrorcow tbh. She's a genuinely scary person.

But yeah azealia is basically lolcow condensed into a person.

Also Azealia definitely has an account on lipstick alley kek. I haven't seen any users post this but its a running joke that they all know she's on there. This gives credence to anons thinking azealia is also on here.

No. 1170023

You must be knew. Tons of anons relate to her and think she’s a secret terf and assign all these avant-garde qualities to her and dismiss her stupidity as performance art. You can literally see these types of defenses in the last thread even.

No. 1170031

The last thread was awful with that, lmao. I genuinely feel like she's here and sometimes defends herself. It'd explain two of her past collabs if she was a farmer.

No. 1170048

This is based, but we all know shes just gonna do something that massively contradicts what she said because shes obviously bpd and not bipolar.
Azealia acts more like a LSAer than a farmer, tbh. Self pitying, constantly bringing up identity politics to hide behind unPC views, narcissism, borderline disorder like traits, black and white thinking, very internet based form opinions obviously made by certain websites…
Sure, like LSA users, Azealia can be based and funny. However often times they are batshit insane unreliable people with personality disorders

No. 1170057

this CIA tinfoil connection is laughable and it is straight out of the steve bannon playbook to hype retards up as evil villain masterminds for more clout and attention. "subscribe to my podcast, i get thiel money!" when it's just the individuals in question putting their own money in the patreon to boost their subscriber count and estimated profit. getting conveniently shadowbanned to generate interest, "i'm being censored!!" but also explain away the likes the individual is tired of paying for. it is all manufactured by the cows themselves who think they are being savvy.

No. 1170058

you don't need a cia connection to boost a meme account or anything online, you can buy likes and followers just like an influencer to get the buzz going.

No. 1170060

sia is so cringe and her fixation on MZ is weird but you can't compare this to pedophilic male sexpestery.

No. 1170082

> TIL females can't be paedophiles

No. 1170115

where was this said?

No. 1170138

I remember someone asking azealia about lolcow on one of her many suspended twitter accounts, she responded and claimed not to know what lolcow is. kek.

No. 1170162

it's not that deep anon, i think it's funny they like to relentlessly dunk on AOC and other politicians when they are essentially not very far away from government officials.

No. 1170205

>Tons of anons relate to her and think she’s a secret terf
Kek fucking hell that was some time ago anon before she got with elon and started gushing over hentai. You been living under a rock since then?

No. 1170220

File: 1614273658027.jpeg (184.89 KB, 827x551, 1C179C6E-507E-43BE-9DFE-732963…)

Last night someone shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker and stole her two French Bulldogs. The guy is in the hospital and she’s giving a 500k reward to whoever can give information about the dogs whereabouts.

No. 1170221

Oh my goodness, is the dog walker alive?

No. 1170232

File: 1614274355784.jpg (58.43 KB, 640x525, emma.JPG)

>Emma Watson seems to be taking a break from the silver screen.The “Harry Potter” star, 30, is retiring from acting, the Daily Mail reported. Watson’s agent told the outlet that she is “dormant” from her career and won’t be taking on any new projects for the foreseeable future.

>She also reportedly looking to spend more time with rumored fiancé Leo Robinton. The couple have reportedly been dating since 2019.


And I always thought that celebs walk their own dog …

No. 1170233

You also believe Kayne West is

Ryder Ripps has no skills viable to CIA, he is not special or particularly intelligent in any way, he doesn't even know how to code. His graphic Design career is a joke compared to people who design shit for Apple and whatnot, those are the top tier talent that govt agencies kiss ass to not the dude who designed the solyent packaging and made some shitty paintings of e-thots that again, he didn't even paint himself. His entire life was based on being young kid growing up in soho and kissing ass to people who gave him money to produce all his ideas, he himself has no skills outside of basic photoshop, web design and media editing. Also, he has severe daddy issues.

No. 1170234

Yeah he’s alive and gave a description of the guy to police. Gaga is currently in Italy so eventually we’ll hear something from her soon and not just her rep.

No. 1170236

ngl this is good. shes been boring af since harry potter and seems to play the same person every time, her milquetoast self. now she can totally focus on activism or whatever with her degree from brown

No. 1170239

Yeah, her star faded as soon as the HP franchise ended, her last biggest role was Belle in the Beauty and the Beast but a lot people thought she wasn't the best option.
Apparently she wants to start a family in private but I genuinely wonder if she'll be able to. Even if she retires, can the paparazzi follow her, for example?

No. 1170241

I follow a lot of dog people and it seems robbing peoples pets, especially dogs like frenchies is a big thing. Isn’t microchipping mandatory? Fucked up to shoot someone for a dog.

No. 1170266

This. Lets hope she never comes back and gets a job shes actually good at and likes.

No. 1170276

Anon this is the best news I’ve had all year. Thank you

No. 1170279

what a weird fucking crime

No. 1170280

I can't even name a movie she's been in other than harry potter

No. 1170283

it is a big thing, yeah. microchipping should be more common but a lot of people think that it would never happen to them because they live in X neighbourhood or whatever. even total normies who have their designer or pure-breed dogs stolen don’t seem to realise that the people stealing their pets don’t give a shit about them, they only care about the potential profits from the $5000 dog they’ve spotted. it’s such a weird crime, though, and sadly a lot of the time it’s really really difficult to get your pets back.

No. 1170284

Feel like she should also be giving a reward for the men who shot him, no?

No. 1170295

Is anyone surprised? Actors who peaked as kids aren't real actors and were passable since they were kids but they when they have to compete with real actors with degrees and years of experience they fail hard, Emma had zero charisma and talent and yet she was better than the other two, the best actors in the HP movies were always the adults

No. 1170301

File: 1614280327748.jpeg (62.58 KB, 750x831, 8A542E10-B885-42D9-B6CD-B3271D…)

5000$??? For a Frenchie? Where i live they’re like 2-3k what the fuck

No. 1170325

People who shill out on designer dogs are a different breed of stupid

No. 1170327

this is the most random thing i could imagine happening to a celebrity. wtf is the motive or plan?

No. 1170328

Good. What a terrible actress. Thank you for this blessed news.

No. 1170331

The dogs are her property, the employee is not.

No. 1170335

File: 1614282464780.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2528, Screenshot_20210225-134332~2.p…)

No. 1170339

>thinking anything that isn’t about you is transphobic
cope harder troons

No. 1170340

aaaand I just realize who posted this kek

No. 1170349

Sage for possibly stupid question but what am I looking at? What's the picture on the background of? Is she eating coal and cheddar cheese?

No. 1170352

idk I think I see seaweed and shredded carrots

No. 1170356

I thought it was spinach molded into a duck with a carrot beak.

No. 1170363

Okay but why?
Probably to sell the dogs or get a ransom.

No. 1170365

She has her own thread, which has been pointed out too many times for you retards to still clog this one every time she opens Instagram.

No. 1170368

I swear to god it’s either purebred dogs or horses people love to snatch, can’t have anything in this world lmao.

No. 1170382

she’s got a point.

No. 1170387

Pure bred dogs get stolen all the time because they're worth a lot of money, these ones may even be more valuable than usual because they're Lady Gaga's and I'm sure some creep is definitely into stealing or buying (illegally) a celebrity's property. What's sad is that they're probably being shipped in shitty stucks headed who knows where and it'll be hard to find them again.

No. 1170388

Lmao no she doesn't, the fuck is she on

No. 1170456

Which celebrities do you anons think are most likely to be secret terfs? I think K-Stew.

No. 1170469

Kim Kardashian

No. 1170477

In light of recent events, I think Miley Cyrus. If not, I believe she's close to peaking after being called a transphobe for liking boobs

No. 1170490

I know that even celebrities have to send in audition tapes but Emma Watson gives one the vibes of "Directors come to her." She probably hasn't had to audition for roles after Harry Potter and maybe Directors aren't looking to hire her anymore.

She doesn't offer anything besides her name, "Hermoine from harry potter! Remember that one, Millennials!???"

No. 1170506

Kendall Jenner

No. 1170510

I watched the bling ring movie a few days ago and couldn’t help noticing how awful she was in the role, she stood out as by far the worst among the rest of the cast. It was so distracting. I’m sure she’ll be fine with her millions of dollars and fame, good riddance. More of these boring privileged celebrities need to just fuck off and let others get a chance.

No. 1170513

File: 1614293757241.png (117.01 KB, 680x528, 6LYEwzm.png)

No. 1170514

she was notably shit in little women too. her performance was flat out embarrassing compared to quite literally every single other actor, but especially when compared to laura dern/saoirse ronan/florence pugh. i’m surprised she hasn’t decided to ‘retire sooner’ tbh

No. 1170528

I disagree that Emma was better than both. Daniel has had some roles in small movies like Swiss Army Man. Sure they’re not big Hollywood films but he seems committed to being an actor.

No. 1170532

A lot of people have been having their dogs stolen lately due to the price of puppies skyrocketing when everyone suddenly decided to buy them during covid. French Bulldogs are one of the trendiest breeds to have right now despite being extremely unhealthy. I really hope the dog walker and dogs are okay, though.

No. 1170543

miley’s brain is too fried for her to think critically about anything.

i guarantee that mariah carey absolutely hates fags and troons though. she just will never admit it bc they’re the ones who buy her music.

No. 1170559

great, she's a fucking terrible actress. Literally unsufferable in Bling Ring as another anon mentioned. I feel like she is always playing herself aka some variation of an annoying know it all with an inflated sense of selfimportance

No. 1170580

It happens a lot in California, frenchies get stolen sometimes by gunpoint. Either for a quick sell since they’re popular or for a ransom. There’s one lady in San Fran offering 8k for the return of her frenchie.

No. 1170596

Milk on these recent events? I haven't heard of anything

No. 1170606

She said boobs are prettier than balls when talking about sexuality or something.

No. 1170607

Where I'm from dog napping is so big you hear from it on a daily basis even on non-dog related pages. It is so scary, we're advised to walk in groups and people have knocked on doors just to see if a dog lives there. Frenchies are one of the biggest targets, her dog walker shouldve been with someone.

No. 1170612

Are you in the UK? I hear about it nonstop.

No. 1170623

anyone know if Adèle Haenel has expressed explicit radfemmy views? shes a dyke and has been pretty openly feminist

No. 1170625

File: 1614301532243.jpg (122.66 KB, 1080x1350, 71b510f2fb826f55b027dc2843c87a…)

oh jeez have this pic of her as an apology for my forgetting to sage

No. 1170634

But did she lie?

No. 1170648

File: 1614302462869.png (1.2 MB, 1188x988, l6ZlE0u.png)

false alarm

No. 1170653

>pay for this needless sex surgery that is not essential to living
Or maybe she could help out her poor and homeless fans struggling during the pandemic who bought her music and merch during better times. Because that's actually a matter of life or death. Or like someone terminally ill.
Why troons? Why does she have to pay to have someone castrated or to create a pseudo penis? Jfc.

No. 1170662


No. 1170665

Yep, in one of the worst places for it unfortunately. Can't even trust a knock on the door because people have pretended to be RSPCA to seize dogs. Have to check my back garden gate constantly, it's gotten so so bad.

No. 1170670

why are you shit idiots incapable of looking at the name on the story

No. 1170672

>implying she doesn't post it precisely to kick up shit because people actually agree with it

No. 1170689

Update to the story: TMZ now has video of when it happened, someone gave their home security footage to the cops. He was walking her three dogs when they pulled up to him and pointed the gun at him. The video has full sound which includes him screaming and pleading for his life, so don’t follow the link if you’re uncomfortable with that kinda thing.


No. 1170697

File: 1614305271177.jpg (186.35 KB, 750x1334, 20210225_200710.jpg)


No. 1170703

azealia will give her entire life savings for lady gaga’s dogs anyone wanna take the search?

No. 1170707

>bring me the dogs

Idgaf how crazy this bitch is, she’s hilarious

No. 1170709

We all know she just threw a random higher number out there. Bussy soaps don't sell like they used to.

No. 1170718

lmaoooo please gawd let azealia sacrifice lady gaga’s dogs in her closet to resurrect her career

No. 1170722

bring me the dogs made me cackle

No. 1170741

File: 1614308316633.jpeg (258.31 KB, 743x921, 13AC6471-8547-4A01-9853-A4C305…)

me too queen me too

No. 1170748

And through it all, she remains relatable.

No. 1170793

If you rounded up the entire snow catalog, they would not be as insufferable as the few retards in this thread wetting their grannypants over every brainfart this druggie lunatic posts. This thread needs a Thanos snap.

No. 1170801

lmfao no shit, were those really compared i'm positive women who are straight as fuck would say the same thing, even asexual people. gay men obviously not but they still fucking love boobs too. that makes no sense because trans people can just buy them, can men stop being pressed their bodies are ugly and no one wants to lie to them about it or should be threatened too. fuck

No. 1170901

tbh I think most of them, because I think most women in general have at least some level of secret terfdom. Not trying to racebait but I think most black female celebs (and black women in general) are pretty woke to trans retardation, that might be one of the reasons that black trans celebrities talk so much shit about how THEY need to tell black men that it's okay to fuck trans.

No. 1170902

Not necessarily. It’s likely someone/a group of people that have stalked LG and know it’s hers. They’re taking it for ransom. Shooting the dog walker is a way to make it seem more dangerous, enabling them to get a higher $. At least in their minds.

No. 1170905

It’s always the most basic bitches alive that are obsessed with A Banks for going on cocaine rants.

No. 1170918

Im hoping its not what im assuming it is, I know she cuts off chicken's heads for her brujeria bullshit but it looks like a decapitated burnt chicken head to me

No. 1170921

It's happening here in the LA area too (with non-celebrities). Last week someone in my area had a dog literally grabbed out of their hands by some crackheads who said it was 'their dog' and apparently this has been happening a lot because they're reselling them. It's fucking awful.

No. 1170922

I really don't like AB but damn, when she's right she's right

No. 1170936

Anon, have you ever visited a government website? Shit has Windows 95 ass UI. Only recently are they starting to look more Windows Vista-y.

No. 1170978

The addicts are getting a little too desperate this pandemmy.

No. 1170979

i feel so bad for laughing but his screams are just so funny to me

No. 1170980

she's fucking gross

No. 1170994

File: 1614340712684.jpg (64.7 KB, 750x916, 49ip1u6d1t661.jpg)

the yakko warner archtype, a woman of culture.

No. 1170996

can we hear more on ryder's daddy issues?

No. 1171032

File: 1614347958505.jpg (92.54 KB, 719x292, Screenshot_4.jpg)

CDAN wrote this about Emma, obviously take it with a grain of salt. The movie where she was harassed is guessed to be This is the end with James Franco and Seth Rogen

No. 1171091

Found the horse girls.

No. 1171095

What a silly derail, the second reply was mine and I’m not even a cauc. So sorry not everyone is instantly delighted by everything your favorite mascot monkey says.

What, did Seth Rogan try to get her to smoke weed and it just tore her to pieces? Jesus.

No. 1171222

File: 1614362728042.jpg (207 KB, 1000x453, Lolcow.jpg)

Azealia Bank stans are retarded, sure she occasionally makes a point but you have to wade through the manic shit she posts to even see that

she's like a Ranting homeless person who says something correct once per day

No. 1171224

She may be insane, but you have to admit she's entertaining, in a train crash kind of way

No. 1171230


Saged for no real milk but I went to school with Emma Watson and saw her dance dressed in a bin bag to Thriller back in 2005: good times.

No. 1171284

I thought you were a monster till I watched the vid lol he does have funny screams. Must have been absolutely terrifying though, poor guy.

No. 1171289

Headington? Is it true that people got in trouble for talking to her?

No. 1171301

How so?

No. 1171305


Yes, and I wasn’t in her year so I don’t know. But I think it was generally understood not to pester. I didn’t read or watch Harry Potter til I left there so it was all lost on me. I knew enough about the zeitgeist to gather that it was a Big Deal to catch her mincing about in a bin bag though.

No. 1171409


Cant comment on her mental illness, but it is HIGHLY speculated that Dan Schneider had a sexual relationship with in which she had to have an abortion. She’s mentioned how what happened to her during that time may make it so she can “never have kids again”. She’s also confirmed Dan used to take tons and tons of feet pics of her in private.

Again, nothing is proven and the man has never been charged. But I really believe this is a case of abuse triggering severe mental illness

No. 1171432

lmao I've read other articles quoting her and she did not make it sound this bad. whoever wrote this has a hate boner for this is the end crew

No. 1171443

Hhy are you complaining about people who like her shitposts? Who tf cares?

No. 1171488

lmfao, thank you anon

No. 1171570

that happened to her sister, the one who had a baby underaged. she didn't have an abortion and it's still speculated to be his. unless britney went through the same thing but had an abortion, and i wouldn't put it past dan.

those guys are notoriously scummy.

No. 1171574

Lol she’s my favorite cow. Used to loathe her but she cracks me up now

No. 1171647

File: 1614400621967.jpg (990.84 KB, 2483x3464, 7AF507E3-6056-435D-8008-B02D12…)

Doggies r safe.

No. 1171651

Ayrt was talking about Amanda bynes, not britney

No. 1171710

… the warner brothers and warner sister aren't celebrities. wat

No. 1171711

Good but holy shit I hope they catch the people who were willing to murder someone over some dog kidnapping. Her walker almost died that shit is traumatic, hope recovery is quick.

No. 1171713

Lame and unfunny. I love ab and would consider my younger self a spergy horse girl.

No. 1171716

File: 1614403300430.jpg (141.33 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20210227-002138_Ins…)

A decade y'all

No. 1171725

Nobody cares what you consider yourself anon

What happened between them? Isn’t this fire over something completely retarded and clothes related?

No. 1171730

File: 1614403883112.jpeg (245.05 KB, 827x1023, 23209DF7-4F17-43DF-A5B2-230D94…)

james charles has been accused of sexting a minor . here is his twitter response

imo as a celebrity you should not be sexting your fans and if you want to anyway getting proof of age should be the first thing you do

No. 1171732

ciara said something negative about rihanna when she was supposed to be rihs opener for a series or tour, not sure if it was clothes related

No. 1171761

This was posted in the youtuber thread

No. 1171822

>thinking James Charles is a celebrity

No. 1171923

is that poem or new song
actually that sounds like tumblr blog description they type after preferred pronouns kek Azealia is starting to become my favourite here
idk what's better, this or the thread photo

No. 1171963

File: 1614441814251.jpeg (757.02 KB, 828x1377, 2CAC8367-3BA9-46D6-B551-A85B75…)

demi lovato being annoying again, this time sharing some retarded shit from alokvmenon about gender reveals


No. 1171995

Gender reveals are stupid for a lot of reasons but transphobic? Puh-lease.
Isn’t the trans community all about celebrating their new gender? I’ve even seen ridiculous “gender reveals” for people coming out as trans.

Seems like everything is transphobic these days. I can’t wait for this shit to stop.

No. 1172021


Gender reveal parties have a growing bodycount but sadly these don't qualify for Darwin Awards.

No. 1172031

>why enjoying anything, anything at all, when you're cis like the vast majority of people is transphobic and how you can prioritize the feelings of narcissistic men on the internet, because ftms aren't doing this shit, and substitute a soulless celebrities drug addiction with a social media dopamine addiction

No. 1172077

Eww not Alok "women are a concept made up by white people" Vaid-Menon

No. 1172089

File: 1614456833797.png (652.46 KB, 664x1942, crazy frog man.png)

Saging this because Im not sure if this is the right thread as hes well known but not a celebrity

No. 1172125

What's sad is that if any of these permavictims actually looked into it, they'd see that gender reveal parties were popularised by women who had multiple miscarriages and were actually celebrating the fact they had made it past the "danger zone" and were now at the point where they could not only reasonably hope to carry the baby to term but also able to determine gender - something which a lot of women who suffer from multiple miscarriages never actually get to experience.

No. 1172199

File: 1614468860080.jpg (61.41 KB, 1241x1241, 20210227_041818.jpg)

She should worry about her hair

No. 1172218

>daddy dom lovato

No. 1172341

she looks like abby brown lmao.

No. 1172357

Thanks anon now I can’t unsee it lol

No. 1172399

ewww i hate Alok V Menon, he's such a disgusting tryhard loser. I'm South Asian and we were in a private South Asian Facebook group years ago and he said some cringey things about pedophilia, similar things to what Milo Yiannopolis got cancelled for. he is a CREEP and thinks that kids having sex should be encouraged to help them "discover" their sexuality or something. I loathe him and other Desi SJW liberals. He's such a fag and needs to be cancelled now. and Demi is a desperate tryhard cunt, too.

No. 1172462

This alok dude sounds like a cow himself

No. 1172484

someone mentioned tiger woods never getting successfully cancelled but he got severely injured in a recent car accident so there's that

No. 1172545

File: 1614504490569.jpg (136.11 KB, 480x670, Alok little girls are kinky.jp…)

He's been discussed on the tranny thread and in the old GC threads a lot. Here's the infamous creepy quote.

No. 1172719

File: 1614528747722.jpg (574.96 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20210228-100657_Ins…)

Do the Duggars fit in here? One of their barely legal (like literally turned 18 in November) sons had a super-spreader wedding this weekend

No. 1172735

His wife looks old enough to be his mom wtf

No. 1172740

Countdown til she comes out as trans or nonbinary

No. 1172746

I would die for a fundie lolcows thread

No. 1172749

lol he is such a whitewashed faggot. I'm sorry but growing up as a South Asian girl with many Desi friends, I can tell you that we were very shy and self-conscious about our bodies and we sure as hell didn't have sex and we were not allowed to date and sex was a huge taboo, none of us sure as fuck "experimented" or tried to be "radical." This dude is so fucking fake as shit and has no fucking idea what REAL Desi girls were going through. sorry rant over. back to celebricows.

No. 1172753

domi lovato

No. 1172756

An entire pedophile

No. 1172773

She just turned 20 the day after the wedding

No. 1172778

Dude definitely grew up in a rich neighborhood.

No. 1172783

I'd really like to document the quiverfull/fundie/lds cows but those people would make me feel ragey and depressed.

No. 1172826

I see a she/they in her bios soon

No. 1172847

Gotta do anything to stay relevant, heaven forbid she just make a half decent album.

No. 1172903

the coke completely deteriorated her brain

No. 1172961

I would definitely love to see one as well.
It's so weird, she's the last person I'd expect to give a shit.

No. 1172984

She’s going the Tila Tequila overdose-brain-rot route but in the complete opposite direction.

No. 1173124

didn't someone point out in a previous thread that she temporarily put "she/they" in her Twitter bio? never saw it myself so can't confirm but I'd believe it

if demi talks about trooning out I hope it's just all talk and no actual hrt, sort of like when miley claimed to be "genderfluid" and nothing came of it

No. 1173220

File: 1614596882803.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210301-164953.png)

Is anyone looking forward to the Oprah - Meghan and Harry special? I don't know why anons, I never used to follow this crap, but I've been fantasizing about it being a dramatic smackdown of the royals and a bunch of stuffy old ladies getting their panties in a twist.

No. 1173225

I can't help but eyeroll whenever there are some "news" about them. They are so annoying. I remember just few months ago they were saying they would step out of public and stop attention whoring, and recently tried ~ quitting social media ~.

It's going to be nothing but a bait as always

No. 1173226

I'm obsessed with the Duggars as well! The whole family is fascinating from a psychological viewpoint. Jana feels like the most normal member, I hope she gets out from that hellhhole. I also liked to see Jill's transformation, you can tell she's much happier now

No. 1173235

>a bunch of stuffy old ladies getting their panties in a twist.

it's really weird people act like harry/meghan supporters are somehow better than royalists? Both sides are annoying as fuck and a drain on the public. Harry and Meghan are absolute fame whores.

No. 1173252

Lame. Prince William and Kate and much more liked over here anyway. Nobody likes MM.

No. 1173292


The Harry and Meghan divorce should be announced on a Jerry Springer show special.

No. 1173298

File: 1614608329540.jpg (528.81 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ne9gbjQAuP1r3r797o1_128…)


I know someone who knew him many years ago said one of the first times they hung out he spent most of the time complaining about his parents on and off (This was many years ago so maybe he's cool with them now). I guess his father (Rodney Ripps, abstract painter turned real estate agent had some sort of a mutual hatred for one another because the kind of art he makes rubbed his father the wrong way or something which spiraled into some kind of existential rift, I don't remember anymore. Dad remarried and also had another son after Ryder that is like 10+ years younger and I think that created a weird dynamic too.

No. 1173300

There is now a fundie general thread >>1172792

No. 1173314

Meghan truly got to have her cake and eat it too. she got the fancy royal wedding, broadcast around the entire world, and she gets to keep her title of "duchess" with none of the responsibilities that come along with it. she went from a D-list actress to an A-lister overnight when she linked up with Harry. now she can talk shit about the queen and the royal family to Oprah without any consequence. she isolated Harry from his old life, separated him from his family and friends, and dragged him to California to seek "privacy"…

Harry is a complete dolt, giving interviews to James Corden and Oprah about leaving the royal family to escape the media. when he said "it's what any good father would do" to James Corden he was clearly throwing shade at William and implying that he's a bad parent for staying with the royal family. they're both insufferable narcissists who lack even a modicum of self-awareness.

No. 1173346

Royals has that hereditary attention whore genes

No. 1173359

the whole family needs to be thrown away. one of the queen’s sons is a pedophile and the other is a man whore who married a woman 13 years younger than him.

No. 1173372

Uh, and? How are they any worse than their family? That ugly old cunt had Diana killed, fuck the whole lot.

No. 1173383

"little girls are also kinky" what the actual fuck

No. 1173399

good for her.

No. 1173410

This picture gets shared every month I’m sick of looking at this degenerate

No. 1173412

Documentary on Armie Hammers Dad owning one of the biggest fraudulent art galleries in the world, selling fake Rothkos and Pollocks https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2021/film/reviews/made-you-look-review-barry-avrich-1234913471/amp/

No. 1173494

lol diana truthers are so embarassing, i hope they take away your internet licence

No. 1173499

File: 1614629142120.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 3A5455F9-DC39-4762-BBAB-7DE214…)

Eight days later. Can’t say I’m surprised.

No. 1173505

Jfc why does she have to post this in her story and TAG him lmao she must be trolling right?

No. 1173512

File: 1614629734029.png (463.22 KB, 722x642, TI.png)

TI and his wife have been accused by 30 women of "forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation"

No. 1173517


He made his account private and Azealia deleted all pictures of him/their engagement. I think she’s for real.

No. 1173518

Holy fuck I had these bad feelings about him ever since he talked about checking his daughters vagina to make sure she’s still a virgin every year.

No. 1173531


Harry is a thicko. They had to lean on his A-level art teacher to get him a pass. I mean I don't have A-level art either but it's probably just as well he wasn't really in charge of anything in Iraq.

No. 1173549

Holy shit, nasty. How is this not already huge news, trending on Twitter or whatever? I definitely feel like when it is black women being raped there is so much less press. Imagine if 30 women came out and said Harry Styles held them at gunpoint, forced them to take drugs, whatever, et cetera. Even R Kelly with the documentary and everything, I feel like nobody talks about it anymore and yet Weinstein chasing starlets around with his mushroom dick gets referenced a lot still.

No. 1173554

Didn't know Alison Rapp got re-married

No. 1173587

Somehow, I'm not surprised. The "virgin-checking" thing gave me the creeps.
I hope his ass gets thrown under the jail. You already know some rap-obsessed scrotes are defending him and howling about how #MeToo is a feminist psyop to destroy men as we speak. Cancerous.
I honestly believe many male celebrities are running their own little harems/cults. NXIVM, Armie Hammer, R Kelly, Weinstein, Marilyn Manson, this shit. Like, it's too many. Drake is probably next to be exposed.

No. 1173599

What the fuck? Is this what they were doing when they weren’t filming their shitty show?

No. 1173601

File: 1614636167915.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, BC4FE55B-AA97-4EA0-A49E-9F52D0…)


Troll or not this confirms my tinfoil that he’s completely alone in life and willing to be degraded and publicly humiliated by banks for any relationship after years of failing with different women

No. 1173611

Something tells me this burnout doesn't even realize he's being humiliated and degraded.

No. 1173637

you’re naïve if you don’t think he does the same shit right back to her, just behind closed doors. never pity a scrote.

No. 1173643

Hilary Baldwin had another kid… this one is assumed to be through a surrogate. How many kids is that? Seven. Jesus Christ.

No. 1173645

God please tell me she specifically chose a hispanic surrogate. It would be so good.

No. 1173649

Rather catch covid tbh desu.

No. 1173651

lmao, embarrassed for you.
she was 5 months pregnant, found out it was a boy, and implanted a surrogate with an embryo. That means she had them ready to go. Hilary Baldwin is mentally ill and using kids to try and fill the void.

No. 1173652

lmao that is a fine way of putting it

I lowkey wonder if any other actors are going to have latent babies to try and salvage their careers with younger women. someone said leo but idk if I can see him settling

No. 1173653

File: 1614640398887.png (946.17 KB, 862x594, 429f361c1f1e86fe5eda8a79427310…)

No. 1173685

They're all narcissists living tax-free with ill-gotten wealth. One of them was literally rocking with Epstein and will never face consequences, but everyone wants to sperg about irrelevant, bland "I just want to be rich and famous like other women do (but I actually pulled it off)" Meghan instead? Fuck off, kek. I still remember that Blackamoor/slave pendant shit that one racist mountain hag tried, too. They're all like that.
It's good if that family gets scammed and their shit gets fucked up. It's long overdue, honestly. Hopefully, it'll keep happening.

No. 1173701

technically not 30. 30 women have accused TI, Tiny, and their friends. 11 women of that 30 have come forward to specifically accuse TI and Tiny. as with the Manson thing, a lawyer is acting on behalf of the victims.

No. 1173729

Reeks of narcissism.

No. 1173792

Lmao megan chose to be part of that family and had no issue with the royals many scandals before she married harry.

No. 1173804

at least Andrew had the sense to disappear from the public eye after his disastrous interview on the BBC. nobody talks about him because he hasn't provided fresh milk in a while.

meanwhile Meg and Haz are out here whining to Oprah about how being part of the royal family was nearly "unsurvivable". Meg's living it up in California, dripping in diamonds, and wearing a dress that could pay someone's rent for months. Harry's going on about the press killing his mother when the real cause of her death was not wearing a seatbelt as the passenger of an intoxicated driver.

they need to read the room. we're in the middle of a pandemic. people are dying and losing their jobs and getting evicted and these two bozos can't shut up about how hard life is for them and how mean people are. they bitch and moan about the press… to the press itself. the irony is palpable.

No. 1173874

On one hand, they're sex pests, but on the other hand, CDAN is a massive crock of bullshit that peels gossip from other sources and intermixes it with pizzagatesque fear-mongering.
You should dig up the posts and share them somewhere j/s

No. 1173891

Not defending her, I just think having a pedo in your family and doing literally nothing about it is like 1000000x worse, sorry kek.

>disappear from the public eye
Nope, he should go to jail lmao.
I just really don't care about the glorified IG chick turned housewife. As I said, she's fucking boring. Most of the people seething about her are just mad they couldn't do what she did, and they can't piece together that the more attention they give her, the more she gets what she wants.
All those complaining that she went on Oprah to attention whore again will also be the first to tune in and make that appearance important/viral, just like the people permanently angry about the Kardashians. The biggest "fans" are literally haters.

No. 1173916

File: 1614657024268.jpg (951.93 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210301-214740_Sam…)

Armie moved out of his house in the middle of the night, and apparently left a mannequin tied up in rope in the trashcan.

No. 1173929

I'm not sure that was his sense as he seems to have none, there was allegedly a palace ban on further media or public appearances after Andrew shit the bed so badly.
Wonder if he'll have to use the back door at his father's funeral.

No. 1173946

you sure keep talking about Meghan a lot for someone who doesn't really care about her and thinks she's "fucking boring"

No. 1173950

Yes, in response to the anon who insisted on talking about her like she's important. Your post is such an immature cope, lmao. My initial post was about the royal family.

No. 1174053

I don't care what your personal views on Meghan and Harry are, the point is the Oprah interview has potential to be incredibly milky. U didn't get to live through Diana crapping on the royals on talkshows, so I am keen to be a part of that now.

No. 1174062

Anon, are you for real comparing attention whoring to a literal pedo rapist? Are you so ready to a-log Meghan and Harry you’re somehow managing to defend Andrew? “Oh at least he got out of the public eye” yeah because he’s a pedo rapists wtf are you on about. Your priorities and feelings are very off and you might want to rethink why Meghan makes you that mad. I take any shallow Hollywood attention whoring instead of a disgusting scrote who has probably ruined the lives of so many women and children. Doesn’t even change the fact that another royal scrote was found assaulting women. They can all rot, the precious pompous queen hag and her sex pest family. And all you defending William for being better than Harry, oh he’s so much better, just like his daddy that he follows in the foot steps so closely he even also cheated on his wife. I’m embarrassed at the amount of internalized misogyny and scrote defending in this thread. You don’t like Harry and Meghan getting attention, then don’t watch them! You’re literally the problem you cry about.

No. 1174070

Totally agree, feel like even the topic of Megan people start to froth at the mouth for no good reason.

No. 1174071

Agreed. Should be pretty obvious by now, I’ve no idea how anyone could defend them.

No. 1174078

Thank you, exactly what I meant. Meghan anons are on a different planet, I swear.

No. 1174230

English people are obsessed with hating on Meghan and Harry, it’s so funny

No. 1174276

> are you for real comparing attention whoring to a literal pedo rapist?

my original post never mentioned Andrew or invited comparison at all >>1173314. it was this sperg (i.e. probably you) who made the initial comparison >>1173685. Meghan doesn't make me mad. I find her antics amusing and I enjoy the milk that she provides. the point I made about Andrew leaving the public eye is that if someone doesn't want publicity, it can be avoided. clearly Meghan and Harry crave the publicity (despite claiming the opposite) and people are allowed to find them distasteful and hypocritical. it doesn't mean we condone pedophilia or stan the monarchy. learn what a straw man is you fallacious fuck.

> you don't like them, then don't watch them!

same goes for you nonnies. if you don't like my opinion, you don't have to respond to it.

kek I'm not English

No. 1174550

File: 1614719287072.jpg (81.75 KB, 1204x892, EvZyQvRXYAI_rD3.jpg)

No. 1174554

I hate tswift and idk the context of the comment, but she's kinda not wrong…?

No. 1174556

I hate her SJW ass

No. 1174560

So netflix with all of their sjw original characters and their Taylor Swift documentary (heavily themed on double standards on the music industry) didn't have a single supervisor that said "hey, this joke is lame and the fans will come for us"?

No. 1174563

i actually like her but this is obnoxious and oversensitive as hell. she's 31 and worth half a billion, why is she concerned with an overused one-liner on a show nobody cares about otherwise?

No. 1174564

NTA, but it's even sadder that you're not British and still have her on your mind like this.
Anyway, pedophilia is and always will be worse than craving publicity.

No. 1174565

I get her point but wow that's an overreaction if I ever saw one

No. 1174568

>hysterically overreacting to an innocuous joke
yeah that'll definitely help fight sexist stereotypes lmao

No. 1174572


Why is this "deeply sexist"? Because they're joking about a woman? If the dialogue referenced a male performer who had over 10 high-profile relationships with other famous people, would that be sexist too? It's a very tame joke, idk

No. 1174625

She shouldn't have pursued celebrity if she can't handle basic jokes about her public persona; she has enough money that if this truly bothered her she could retire and never work again, but she has to constantly play the victim so dorky 15 year old horse girls will lick her ass. And Anna and Dasha were right that she looked better skinny.

No. 1174626

People who enter a new "relationship" every other month are repulsive, female or not.

No. 1174756

File: 1614735661967.png (301.59 KB, 730x711, icky.png)

Chris D’Elia is getting sued

>"Half of the photos and videos were allegedly taken when Doe was 17 years old, according to the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in federal district court for the Central District of California and reviewed by The Times. Doe had reached out to D’Elia in September 2014 via Instagram, never expecting a reply. The comic was on his “Under No Influence” tour at the time. They later communicated via Snapchat, the suit alleges."

some gross quotes from his "apology" also posted by LaTimes

>"D’Elia said comedy fame meant that “having sex got a lot easier, for lack of better words.” It also meant that he cheated on all of his relationships, including fiancée Kristin Taylor."

>"“I was headed for — you know what, I was headed for this,” he said, referring to the scandal and career meltdown. “And this needed to happen. Because I wouldn’t have stopped cheating. I wouldn’t have stopped using sex.”

No. 1174779

How absolutely pathetic. She should be honored that she has the status of a fucking cultural icon (I don't like her, it's just true) who gets referenced in this manner. TV shows make offhanded jokes at celebrities expense all the time. Most of them have the dignity to ignore it and accept that it comes with the territory. And frankly I think Swift somewhat Streisand-effected the notion that she used to go through relationships quickly BY MAKING A WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM THEMED AROUND THE MEDIA ATTENTION SHE'S GOTTEN.

I'm probably too salty about this but it just blows my mind that someone could be so massively successful and not be too embarrassed to pointlessly victimize themselves in public. But this is nothing new from her.

Also is every line of dialogue in every Netflix show supposed to be the official stance of Netflix now? It's literally the utterance of a 15yo fictional character. Maybe the writers were trying to demonstrate the character's ~internalized misogyny~.

No. 1174878


its not an offhand joke, its perpetuating a known double standard that people would not shut up about 10 years ago. There were/are plenty of male artists who write songs about their lovers or ex lovers but Taylor Swift's love life and the subjects of her songs were the only ones that got scrutinized. She is absolutely right that its a sexism issue, and I believe she became the biggest punching bag because she writes/cowrites all of her songs. She is a white libfem in a lot of ways but she has always been justified to call this shit out and I applaud her for it. Women get accused of being "more emotional" than men all the time when its untrue. the issue has always been how society applauds men for being independent/outspoken/aggressive but women are called bitchy/moody/emotional exhibiting the same behaviors.

>I think Swift somewhat Streisand-effected the notion that she used to go through relationships quickly BY MAKING A WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM THEMED AROUND THE MEDIA ATTENTION SHE'S GOTTEN.

not really, the quips, memes and articles that made timelines about her boyfriend were never ending at the time. something like 5 romances in the span of 2 years isn't anything to write about but it was blown up as this horrible shameful thing.

No. 1174885

oh, he’s going the sex addiction escape route. spend some time in a luxury rehab or retreat then claim you’re cured and absolved of all your actions.

No. 1174908

File: 1614749827377.png (134.32 KB, 720x837, Screenshot_20210303-102146.png)

What a great tweet for women's history month, I hate her so much

No. 1174910

The word she's looking for is sex not gender…why do you hate her?

No. 1174911

Why is gender identity a feminist thing Jesus fucking almighty there’s bigger issues facing women than this trans trend shit. Most of if just reinforces gender stereotypes anyway. Virtue signaling celebrities are so brain dead, Twitter is awful.

No. 1174914


> She should be honored that she has the status of a fucking cultural icon (I don't like her, it's just true) who gets referenced in this manner.

Should she be honored that in her late teens and early 20s she got harassed by countless shock jocks and radio hosts about who she was dating, what song was about who, and if they were feeling especially respectful they'd pester her about her ex's?

Take video related where Ellen had a slideshow of Taylor's ex's including some pictures of men she obviously didn't date (because if it seems like a joke it's a-OK!) and instructed her to ring it if the subject was a man she had dated. Ellen had the decency to put John Mayer on there who was 15 years her senior when she publicly dated him at 19.

> Dear John, I see it all now that you're gone

> Don't you think I was too young to be messed with?
> The girl in the dress cried the whole way home
> I shoulda known


No. 1174917

what is this word salad, it's like she fed feminist twitter to an AI

No. 1174931

I mean, didn't she capitalize off of that same controversy to boost her own fame/popularity?
She played along with Ellen's whole skit there.

No. 1174951

probably because not doing so would make ellen super snarky and bitchy and she'd look like a poor sport and would probably get bothered even more about it.

No. 1174956

Why doesn't anyone ever just walk out on Ellen? Even before people came out with the stories, she was obviously an asshole.

No. 1174968

at one time it had very high ratings and a publicist would have to fight and call in favors to get a client on the show, so maybe some people felt obligated to sit there and swallow Ellen's bullshit.

No. 1174978


she was on there to promote her new album and up until very recently ellen's show was really well regarded. there are dozens of compilations where guests on ellen's show are clearly uncomfortable with her rudeness but they play along as well as they can because acting out would be social suicide. taylor obviously gets super uncomfortable once a picture of john appears.

the best (worst) example i can think of is where she forced mariah carey to reveal her pregnancy before the second trimester, and mariah ended up misscarrying shortly afterwards.

No. 1174979

File: 1614759840508.jpeg (24.1 KB, 678x452, images - 2021-03-03T191719.553…)

samefag but i also just want to add onto how bad saying the "wrong" thing in an interview can be.


katherine heigl got fucked over when she said that knocked up was a sexist movie due to their portrayal of men and women. this led to her being blacklisted as "difficult" to work with. another example is megan fox who criticized michael bay. these are only two examples, but there are countless other women who have experienced similar shit.

No. 1174980

She was also hard to work with on Grey's. Not a good example.

No. 1174992

Somebody please post her forehead

No. 1174993

I think this has more to do with the fact that Kathrine Heigl is a giant bitch. Most of her dialogue in Knocked Up was improv. She had a reputation of being a flighty asshole anyways but she was talented so it was put on the back burner. She backpeddled even in #metoo era because it really was on her.

No. 1174998


no she wasn't. the only thing that made people consider her 'hard to work with' was due to how blunt and self-critical she was, which materialized into that infamous quote following her withdrawing from the emmys.

then it just spiralled out of control from there - with that false story about her attempting to negotiate ridiculous salaries, which her publicist again did nothing to counteract. so katherine fires her and gets a new publicist while her mental health is declining due to her failing career, which results in the new one dropping katherine.

there have been public stories and blind items about Judd Apatow's shitty behavior towards people who arent white guys in the past. he was able to destroy her career by making sure her poor comments were never forgotten when her career was building the most momentum

No. 1174999

> Most of her dialogue in Knocked Up was improv.

where did you hear this? im aware that most of the male dialogue was improvised, but ive never heard this about heigl's character.

No. 1175046

File: 1614768994722.png (335.39 KB, 769x730, TjURLKa.png)

>Actually, no one has said that she was hard to work with on Grey's

There's two people who are known to have hated her on Grey's, one being Shonda Rhimes. Shonda is a talented writer but I've always speculated that she's a control freak and unpleasant to work with hence why so many actors seem to suddenly drop out. T.R. Knight was also suspiciously slowly written out after coming out and then there was some "communication" issue between him and Shonda so he leaves. There was also a "communication" issue with Katherine since she had no idea that she was invited to finalize Izzie's storyline.

The other is Isaiah Washington who was butthurt that Heigl went after him when he called T.R. Knight a faggot.

Other than those two exceptions, she always seemed to have been on good terms with everyone. A lot of the cast went to her wedding, she went to TR Knight's wedding, she seems to be close with Ellen Pompeo, etc. I'm glad that she seems to be bouncing back after being blacklisted, she is a talented actress.

No. 1175053

the only surprising thing about this is that it wasn't an actual human torso

No. 1175056

I think it was more of her publicist pushing her to go along with it.

No. 1175060

>10 years ago
Can you go stan for your mediocre libfem queen elsewhere?

No. 1175070

It’s been said by Rogan and other crew members and you can literally find that on google. That’s why she got in deep shit—she backpeddled extremely hard when everyone found out her dialogue was improv.

No. 1175093

christ, I know milk has been dry on some cows lately, but “5 relationships in 2 years” is not fucking “top tier milk”

No. 1175142

anon-chan, at least half of them were the most obvious PR moves (see - Tom Hiddleston, the most obvious one). At least three of so-called relationships were with popular (at that time) singers and lasted only for 4 months at best, which really tells you something.

No. 1175156

File: 1614781683071.jpeg (Spoiler Image,472.62 KB, 767x1049, BBB54435-05CB-43D8-9079-EA7C06…)

Em Rata continues posting pregnancy fetish tier pictures and promotes her book titled “my body”. I get that her body has probably been her biggest asset her whole life and it literally made her rich and famous but she keeps acting like that’s all she has to offer, even when pregnant.

No. 1175165

File: 1614782806010.png (616.66 KB, 1356x592, silenced.png)

funny how William and Kate have never been accused of bullying their staff. funny how Meg claims to have been "silenced" by the royal family, yet the staffers she bullied literally can't speak out against her due to the NDAs they signed. funny how Meg considers herself to be a feminist when multiple sources have told stories about her tearing down other women who worked for her.

> pedophilia is and always will be worse than craving publicity
obviously. nobody has claimed otherwise, strawmanon.

No. 1175170

Nobody cares summerfag

No. 1175171

Not even a TS fan but I spent a minute or two googling her relationships out of curiousity just to see this. It's not milk, if you know something else about her that is actually milk worthy, go ahead.

No. 1175177


No. 1175179

isaiah lost all credibility to talk about how she “treated him on set” when it came out how insanely homophobic and aggressive he was to other cast members. i’m no katherine stan but in interviews for her new movie she talks about how her mental health collapsed post-greys and how she had to learn how to take care of herself. i feel bad for how quickly the public turned on her.

No. 1175192

are you retarded? Have you followed this shit at all?
it's so funny she's fine with being on a show were her co-hosts make jokes about women deserving to die because they take yoga and "it's annoying" but she's like this on twitter. She hates women.
lol Islah is a fucking cow that hates women and gays. glad she made him cry

No. 1175196

This reads like "biological women are incompetent. Good thing troons came and showed them how it's done"

No. 1175200

>anna and dasha were right, she looked better skinny

look up to better people, hun

No. 1175206

File: 1614786591594.jpg (57.13 KB, 634x865, 4C4FABA300000578-0-image-m-22_…)

Its been pointed out many times but its still super funny to me that despite all her wokeness and fake stories, IRL she is a very boring and uninteresting human being
She's only had male partners despite claiming to be queer, her long term boyfriend is the most generic looking boring straight White man in history(honestly fitting) and I remember one anon posted some sex article about her where she basically admitted she only liked missionary Sex

Now there's nothing wrong these things but the fact that she's constructed this whole identity based solely on twitter wokeness which goes against who she is IRL is almost like a Tragicomedy

No. 1175208

File: 1614786816311.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1623, 4CE2FBE2-F08B-41EB-8B97-BC31AA…)

Oh yes her narcissism has gone off the rails

No. 1175226

i 100% buy into the tinfoil that she has been wearing the same wig for near on a decade

No. 1175227

he thinks he’s paul spector lol

No. 1175239

Taylor swift larping as an ultra leftwing sjw for the L.A exec shekels never fails to make me kek.

No. 1175240

I just find it HILARIOUS that this motherfucker played his exact life on the show You. Why the fuck would he agree to that role? I just don't understand.

No. 1175247

I really want to like her but she's annoying af and won't stfu and she's cringey as shit. She sounds like a typical annoying whitewashed feminist. Pakistani celebrities in the West aren't that common and I really want to support her… but nah.

No. 1175260

If It makes you feel any better she basically comes from a Sindhi Wadera(fudal landlord) family

No. 1175266

I feel like she's been pregnant for 3,000,000 years.

No. 1175268

Jesus those lips look like sausages, she couldn't get any more filler in there if she tried

No. 1175293

You are a pest and nobody cares about Meghan.

Fucking feels like it lol. Wonder when that hellspawn is gonna pop out

No. 1175313

>she forced mariah carey to reveal her pregnancy before the second trimester
fucking what the fuck

No. 1175319

File: 1614793831422.jpg (114.35 KB, 759x1000, 759full-sam-taylor--johnson.jp…)

So does anyone have any milk on Samantha Taylor-Johnson, wife of Aaron Taylor-Johnson(MCUs quicksilver)
Apparently they met when he was only 17 years and she was 41 directing him in a feature film, he got her pregnant at age 18 and they marrried some time later and they have been together for 12 years now

Kinda fucking weird, she was 24 years old when he was born

No. 1175320


No. 1175335

No, no child needed to be sexually abused for you to realize cheating is bad.

No. 1175339

she’s a creepy predator, there’s not much more to it really

No. 1175347

probably so he could say "people are crazy and just getting his real life and performances mixed up", and like that other poster said, to send out some signal because hes frequently in those roles

No. 1175396

Kinda additional milk, she met him first when he was 7 years old and actually had worked with him for various years before they started their relationship, at age 19 he became a step dad to her 14 year old

No. 1175413

I always thought the age gap was weird but I figured “You know, good for her”, given that half of the time we have 50 year old men in show business dating 20 year olds.
I had no idea they met when he was a kid though, that makes it weird

No. 1175416

She didnt get along well with her Roswell costars either.

No. 1175480

she's a gross predator that preyed on a teen boy she was directing in a movie and had power over. Libfems spin it as empowerment because they think women should just act as gross as men do for some reason.

No. 1175482

a woman with a younger husband is not milky at all. obviously you girls just have a severe vendetta because she hit the jackpot and settled with a young (and not even a minor) hollywood heartthrob. literally every male celeb is a pedo and yet they aren't all discussed in this thread. real sexual predators will fuck a teenager then replace them with a new one after a couple years or less. this couple have been married with kids since forever. for the love of god get your sheltered asses outside. or at least provide actual milk.

never gave a fuck about this bitch but damn she's insufferable. way worse than chrissy teigen imo.

slight tinfoil but is it just me who thinks many of these bizarre tabloids are staged by armie? like he's trying to get more publicity by setting up these creepy and shocking happenings like the mannequin. he never seemed to be acting like this before the bdsm scandal came to light. but maybe it just wasn't relevant to paparazzi if it happened previously.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1175491


Her kid is going to have developmental and birth defects, I refuse to be believe a woman can have a healthy baby being this thin throughout the whole pregnancy. Her and Anna K are both going bring their kids to same special ed specialists

No. 1175492

women erasing actual women for fucking trannies with dicks. fucking kek. Another typical Desi sjw retard.

No. 1175499

He said in an interview that he reads books on knots on set and he used to like bondage pics on Twitter. Anyways the Effie chick is gone because she was exposed as a fraud, allegedly lol.

No. 1175510

>at least Andrew had the sense to disappear from the public eye after his disastrous interview on the BBC.
If Andrew had any "sense", he wouldn't have done that car-crash interview in the first place.
Also, I doubt it was his decision to disappear from the public eye. He was likely told to do so by the Queen or some other higher-up Royal, because he's a PR nightmare.

>"Trans people (esp women)"
Yeah, fuck the trans men, amirite?
Christ, this just makes her virtue-signaling all the more transparent.

Calm down; this isn't Infinity War.

No. 1175511

No. 1175518

They clearly used a surrogate since they just got another child 6 months ago, but… what even for? They have so many kids, getting yet another one through surrogate is unsettling.

No. 1175526

File: 1614809624136.jpg (1.14 MB, 3000x2000, knnkjj.jpg)

Meh, guys like MILFs.
She kind of gives "I know you're young and want to sow your wild oats, feel free to play around. I just want to be the person you come home to, let me guide you and help your career/life. I've been around a while and I see something special in you uwu" vibes, and he probably likes that. I guess it's more stable than most Hollywood relationships, and definitely less fucked up than if the genders were switched. Also, they literally look the same age with the same drug/alcohol habits lmao.

No. 1175539

Honestly wondering, why is "this thin", too thin already?
Judging from her arms and legs, she doesn't seem unhealthy, I would say average actually?

No. 1175548

saw someone tinfoil it's a kid conceived through an Alec affair and not a surrogate's kid, and Hilary is raising the illegitimate kid. people are too much I swear

No. 1175555

File: 1614813478383.jpg (136.34 KB, 720x606, 20210303_201705.jpg)

Age gap and (former) power dynamics aside, I'm surprised by how head over heels he seems. She claims he made the first move, told her they were going to get married even before they started dating (kinda weird and shameless ngl), he has a "Sam" tattoo on his chest, always made clear he wanted a family with her and got her last name (Taylor), talked publicly about how important it was for him and how he wanted his movie posters to say "Taylor-Johnson". I wonder if he truly admired her to these lengths when she was, basically, his boss or what. I think both of them are weird but his public manifestations of his love are super sweet

No. 1175562

She met him when he was literally 7 years old and she was already a 31 year old woman, like I'm struggling to understand
Like imagine seeing a random 7 year boy as a very grown ass adult woman and then having a sexual relationship with him when he's 17 and then proceeding to have 2 kids with him

No. 1175571

File: 1614814842160.jpeg (486.44 KB, 828x426, A719058F-83D3-4E10-BE8B-DC3D70…)

take with a grain of salt since its entyshit but I really hope this isn't true, specially considering anons were commenting on how kstew would never troon out

No. 1175600

>A-list actress
>everyone knows who she is
>a lot of work. high-paying work

lmao what

No. 1175604

Couple of pedo apologists. Women can be sickos too. Its not just about older woman/younger man. He was 7, a child, while she was a grown ass woman already when they first met. & then she's knocked up by him by the time he's 18? Yeah no, thats a groomer for sure.

No. 1175620

kek used to kinda know her daughter and I always wondered how she felt having a stepdad maybe 6 years older than her

No. 1175629

He was 17, not 7, don't make it worse than it already is by spreading misinformation. They met on the set of Nowhere Boy

No. 1175632

tbh i'm excited for this shitshow, there's gonna be shit-flinging from both sides and nobody will come out looking good

No. 1175663

They met well before she made Nowhere Boy, it's why she ended up casting him as her obsession.

No. 1175713

File: 1614827458980.png (345.58 KB, 720x445, Screenshot_20210304-081029.png)

How would it feel knowing a really young hot guy that your friends probably crush over is piping your old skinny corpse mom

This is what he looked like when he was just 17 and he only got hotter

No. 1175776

Haven't heard this tinfoil, but I was about to ask if she's wearing a wig kek

No. 1175779

Proof? All that comes up is them meeting for the movie

No. 1175793

File: 1614838434441.jpg (31.46 KB, 480x720, gettyimages-1179037145.jpg)

Yeah, I know some anons really want this to be like a "bad both ways" example, but it definitely seems like this is what he wanted.
You can basically see the discomfort and coercion in all these male-female celebrity age gap relationships, but in the rare cases where it's female-male, it seems like it's just not there for whatever reason.
Rick Owens and Michele Lamy are another one.

No. 1175809

Slight difference with those two, Owens was already nearly 30 when they met. So even though it is a big age gap he was already an adult.

No. 1175810

Its not just one brief period of happy sex, she was 40 years old and again he was 17 and they have been together for over 13 years Now
Would you really be willing to spend the rest of your life with some random hot 17 year old

No. 1175812

>old skinny corpse mom
What the fuck, she isn’t that fucking old, reign in the misogyny a bit, damn.

No. 1175820

lol she's not a pedo, moid/libfem

No. 1175825

Nayrt, but do you seriously think that's normal? She obviously groomed him when he was a horny teenager. He was 17 and she was 41, hello…

No. 1175828

I'm a radfem and I find it creepy as fuck, any age difference is fucking creepy

No. 1175834

It just seems like some mentor thing he turned romantic, and she just went with it. Maybe to make him happy, maybe to feel young, who knows. Either way, it doesn't seem like he regrets it or that he's stuck with her.

No. 1175840

>He was 17 and she was 41, hello…
It's even worse cause apparently he may have actually been 7 when they met lmao. The relationship would still be weird even if they met while he was 17 though, why the hell would any 41 year old want to date a 17 year old
Didn't they met in the 90s? Rick would have already been well into adult hood.
>Yeah, I know some anons really want this to be like a "bad both ways" example, but it definitely seems like this is what he wanted.
It doesn't need to be compared to older male/younger female relationships to be bad in my opinion, but "he wanted it" is a very bad defense for obvious reasons.

No. 1175842

do you know where/how they met? aaron didn't even start acting until he was 10 so 7 seems weird

grooming a 17-year-old is still gross to me but this would make it even worse

No. 1175848

>why the hell would any 41 year old want to date a 17 year old
Don't wanna comment on the morality of the relationship but are you seriously asking why a woman would be attracted to an attractive young man with abs who waw wearing clothing like this >>1175713 in production of the film

No. 1175849

The wife is the one that got the eye colour implants right? She'll probably go blind soon

Not the same at all dumbass

No. 1175852

File: 1614844391352.png (573.99 KB, 725x438, Screen-Shot-2015-01-18-at-12.3…)

The daughter (NOT the one T.I was hymen checking) also got the same implants. They both got them removed though I think? It happened a while ago, so their eyes might be ok tbh

No. 1175854

I hope you realize physical attraction isn't the only form of attraction. Still though, I feel like the simple knowledge that he is 17 would be enough to gross a lot of adults who are attracted to him out though. Sure it's "close enough" to 18, but that's still a "baby".

No. 1175855

I agree it's weird, but like…idk. He's a grown ass man, probably has tons of sexual and romantic options, and she doesn't seem to have Weinstein-tier powers to cancel him if he walks. The whole "telling her they would get married before they dated" thing makes me strongly doubt she groomed him, but OTOH, if they really did first meet when he was 7, that's a bit of a red flag. I haven't seen any proof of the latter being true, though.
I do kind of wonder what her life and relationships were like before him. Her last husband was some art dealer guy who was a couple of years older than her.

No. 1175909

Yeah it’s creepy and weird but I don’t think it qualifies as grooming.

No. 1175912

God I hate MM, I am so glad she has moved back to the US or wherever they’ve gone. I can totally see the claims of her being a bully to staff and others to be true. I think she imagined the UK would treat her like Princess Diana if she put on this overly caring feminist act. She lacks everything Princess Diana was, Kate too in fact. I think a part of it is because she is American too though.

No. 1175913

Imagine having so little dignity that you're taking PT pose nudes while heavily pregnant. Truly an empowered woman.
Teenagers aren't sexy to normal adults.

No. 1175939

This is happening because British people hate foreigners. Doesn't matter that she speaks fluent English, it is 100% because she is American, black and no ties to English royalty.

No. 1175941

Yes even if she was fully white she wouldn't have faced any better, Also I do not understand why people precive her as black
She's lighter then most southern Europeans

No. 1175950

> inb4 perma banned
But the radfems ITT really justifying a 40 yo woman fucking and grooming a 17 year old boy when you all REEE over age gaps when it's the other way around is an absolute joke.

No. 1175951

are you the same fucking idiots that have been bumping this thread with this constant 'meghan bad and ugly' 'british people are racist' 'all british people hate foreigners' 'british people hate americans' shit for like five days now because you're too stupid to understand how to sage? we get it, meghan bad, britbong bad, actually meghan beautiful brave black and amazing. you and the other dipshits on this thread don't have to keep parroting it over and over to each other like a pack of fucking retards.

No. 1175953

eh we don't like her because she's a typical Hollyweird diva with a goddess complex, there's kids starving in this country no one wants to hear her bs. She isn't fucking black either.(racebait)

No. 1175958

my thoughts exactly. no need to be obese to have a healthy pregnany - quite the contrary tbh. She's annoying af (i could do without the semi-pornographic preggo pics) but THAT's not one of my concerns…

No. 1175960

Are you fucking stupid??? ‘We don’t like her because she’s hollywood’ how do you think the royals act? Jfc the lack of self awareness when people try to put down Meghan over a bunch of inbred / Nazi royals.

No. 1175968

cry about radfems moar

No. 1175984

tell that to the anon who kept calling meghan an attention whore and kept going on about how annoying she was for several posts while not being aware how annoying she was itt.

No. 1175990

File: 1614871621460.jpeg (374.17 KB, 1200x1085, 3024EAC1-98CB-4308-ADFB-0BF89C…)

Tbf Kate also got her fair share of attacks from the press, they even dubbed her “waity Katie” because William kept dumping and cheating on her.
They just moved onto someone new

No. 1175992

File: 1614871795908.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1854, D056C324-B45D-486A-BB13-4337D2…)

She’s now posting her disgustingly tacky Versace pram, celebs really live on another planet don’t they

No. 1175994

tiny looks like pennywise and the contacts made it worse

No. 1176001

that's sad. but she 'won' in the end

No. 1176006

British people (mainly white English folks) are fucking trash. I was born in the UK, grew up in both the UK and USA and I have no problem saying that British people are worse, despite looking down at Americans and thinking they're so more classy and educated. Lol. British people are the Americans of Europe.

No. 1176009

yep, her mummy trained her and Pippa their whole lives to get the princes. Why do you think Kate enrolled at St Andrews right away when it was announced that Wills was going there? Apparently Kate was gonna study somewhere else but when the news broke, she immediately signed up to study at St Andrews. Homegirl has always been thirsty for the crown and she finally got it, only to be cheated on and humiliated, lollll. She won't be the Queen Consort. I can't wait for the British monarchy to crash and burn after Queen Lizzy Cunt dies.

No. 1176015

ok nigger(racebait)

No. 1176030

i'm not a nigger, but nice try, you fucking worthless inbred white trailer trash cunt.

No. 1176033

Unironically I have never met a nice british woman… makes me feel bad for uk, why do they hate other women so much

No. 1176038

People perceive her as Black because she’s part fucking Black, dumbass.

No. 1176041

brigitte macron shit

No. 1176048

I love how upset British people get when you insult them. I’ve never seen anyone get as upset as British people. Even fat people have a better sense of humor.

No. 1176049

Ok pedo.

No. 1176050

Fuck off yankee fag

No. 1176052

kek, no they don't. Everyone I knew including myself thought she was Latina until she started using her blackness for woke points.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176096

lol she is half black, you fucking retard. Her mother Doria Ragland is African American. She was at their wedding, too. Fucking typical British retard. Fuck you and fuck your queen and her paedophile cousin.

No. 1176100

you are literally the most fucking retarded cunt on lolcow today. nobody ever thought she was Latina. everyone knew from the start that she's half black. even the Daily Mail implied she was "ghetto" because she grew up in Compton (a part of L.A that's heavily black). are you one of those idiots who think that people cannot be two races? Dumbass cunt. Go back to your trailer park and fuck your daddy in the ass and suck your brother's dick.(calm down)

No. 1176116

File: 1614879069178.jpg (77.58 KB, 728x1051, meghan-markle-surprised.jpg)

Yup totes look like a black woman, I mean just look at her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176117

Nta but she's half Black and identifies as Black, therefore she is Black. You sound like you got lost on the way to Lipstick Alley.

No. 1176124

>i don't hate MM out of racism because… because um… she's not even black!

No. 1176131

looks like a typical quadroon to me

MM is definitely a fame-hungry cunt. That's why she made her husband abandon his family so she could try to get famous in Hollywood.

I don't know why he didn't just marry a nice inbred british woman. Their baby is ugly too.(racebait)

No. 1176136

i think meghan and the royals are giant retards but you sound bitter as fuck.

No. 1176157

Yeah, she "made" Harry abandon his family. I really don't get why the bongs simp for royals to the extent that they can do no wrong. At least he isn't trapped in a loveless marriage in order to appease public image like his brother.

No. 1176158

File: 1614881682853.png (118.84 KB, 704x276, ok.png)

No. 1176167

File: 1614882348357.jpeg (58.97 KB, 488x487, D6679779-468C-4480-9744-7BDE51…)

She’s biracial with light skin and straightened hair. Doesn’t mean she’s not black. This is such a pointless debate.

No. 1176198

Why does lolcow get so spergy when it comes to biracial celebs? I swear, everytime somebody like MM or Zendaya gets brought up some retard always has to pop up and say “They don’t even look black! They just look Mediterranean!” Sage for race sperging

No. 1176213

I know right? As if Mediterraneans even look biracial, they don’t lmao.

No. 1176215

Americans…simple as that.

No. 1176224

lolcow is where nuance goes to die

No. 1176225

yeah she went from model skinny to regular size while pregnant, actually more weight gain than most celebs let themselves have.

No. 1176228

exactly, pretty sure it's fine for a 30 year old to date a 50 year old if he wants. that's just not the same thing as a 17 year old sleeping with his 41 year old boss.

No. 1176231

she don't look back at all(racebait)

No. 1176238

Ok thanks

No. 1176241

File: 1614888569533.jpg (19.97 KB, 720x339, 23hka0.jpg)

Ah yes, because clearly all of the retarded comments in this thread are from Americans. Non-Amerifags who don't shut the fuck up about how much better they are than anyone from Burgerland are so insufferable. You guys shit up every thread; no one cares where you're from.

Serious response: I think sometimes it's black anons who recognize that people like MM and Zendaya don't receive quite the same level of racial animosity IRL because they are more "white-passing" than dark-skinned black women. I really don't know why anyone else would care, though. It's been something I've wondered a lot myself.

No. 1176245

File: 1614888945658.jpeg (250.38 KB, 1125x1297, 7E0A7E7E-C8EB-4C71-A154-DB9F29…)

new blind who dis

No. 1176248

Is this from that one instagram account? Can't remember the name, but I'm pretty sure they just post anyone who sends them a dm

No. 1176250

No. 1176254

Is it really Americans doing this tho? As an ameritard I feel like it's extremely common for biracial people to be labelled as black even if it's not what they call themselves. Like, Obama is biracial. I think this is partly because there are a lot of fully black light skinned people and it can be impossible to distinguish, but also because of a very deep rooted cultural conception that anyone who is not 100% white gets put completely in the "other" category.

I definitely get why this may bother people for the reasons >>1176241 said but I don't understand why people act like it's so absurd she gets labelled black, it's a dumb nitpick.(stop derailing)

No. 1176256

Jim Carrey?? His ex Cathriona was a makeup artist.
It's deuxmoi, I think they claimed to not post just everyone.

No. 1176272

I heard they ask for proof of some sort

I've seen guesses for Jim, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, David Spade, Matthew McConaughey (for some reason)

No. 1176283

IMO, it doesn't make sense for Zendaya and Doja Cat and co to be blocked from identifying or being considered white women because they're only half-white, but then equated to black women even though they're only half-black.
Either they're both, or neither. Can't pick and choose.(no1curr)

No. 1176285

Nah, Jim Carrey's a notorious asshole who pushed one woman to suicide IIRC.

No. 1176338

there's also rumors he's two faced manic-depressive and constantly on drugs and has no real personality because he's that fucked so who knows if he fluctuates between two extremes

No. 1176346

Bill Hader?

No. 1176400

File: 1614902463144.png (805.41 KB, 992x880, grimez.png)

No. 1176403

Damn, big if true.

No. 1176405

deuxmoi absolutely doesn’t ask for proof and a lot of the blinds are either PR plants or trolls

No. 1176415

This is a dumb nitpick but it looks like she still dyes her own hair from all the pics I've seen in the last few years, and i just can't find it cute tbh. she made 5.8 mil in 20 minutes and she's married to the richest man alive. Like you want us to believe you're down to earth and punk?

No. 1176418

they used an old as f pic too cos she is sorta bald atm

No. 1176419

that art was terrible. I don’t know who would buy that shit and I honestly think it was Elon using different accounts or their weird circlejerk buddies. Also she looks beautiful in this pic

No. 1176420

File: 1614905286368.jpeg (181.7 KB, 1035x455, 34358922-6B34-4D25-989B-21CE37…)


might not apply since she moved to texas apparently but when she was in LA she said she had turned over dyeing her hair to a professional for a while (pic related from around that time) but recent evidence kinda suggests that is no longer the case

No. 1176451

Sage for Keanu.

No. 1176453

Steve Carrel? He's probably rolling in Office rerun money and has had some dramatic roles recently.

No. 1176477

He's been married to his wife for ~30 years and is a known introvert, this doesn't sound like him at all

No. 1176505

The only thing punk grimes has ever done is keep her mustache. Behind the scenes she's just an adderall addicted basic larping as her press persona. I really doubt a lot of her stories that make it appear she has punk cred

No. 1176510

Adam Sandler

No. 1176557

plus he's not a drug user or known pot smoker

No. 1176558

can you even be addicted to adderall? how is it fun to take? i have a presecription for XR 25 and i fail to see the recreational value

No. 1176570

It does have recreational value, extended release versions are made to avoid high speed absorption and therefore likeness to abuse but you can try chewing them and see for yourself lol

No. 1176574

If you don't medically need them, they can sometimes hit like the urge and energy to do everything you've been putting off for weeks.

No. 1176577

yeah i've done all that, they just make me able to go to class without getting up and wandering around every 20 minutes. i guess that's fun though, getting good grades is fun

No. 1176607

agree that art is shit. grimes never had punk cred, if anything it was tumblr indie girl cred, but she lost whatever cred and artistic appeal she had the moment she associated herself with elon musk, lol. Elon is enough to make ppl repulsed but quality of her "art" suffers in general since she started making concept albums about tesla and self insert fan fiction as the goddess of global warming kek

No. 1176616

i wonder if it's Woody Harrelson

No. 1176621

This is the Epitome of Trash.
With those Amounts of Money you could commission such luxurious Things if you want to flex, but instead they buy shit like that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176716

For you and the people in the back;
He just knocked her up that’s it

No. 1176723

Finding out you have ADHD while trying to get high with your friends off adderall is a tale as old as time…

No. 1176780

I wonder if they split 50/50 if they go out on a date lmao

No. 1177023

File: 1614972510110.jpg (37.86 KB, 640x479, 9zd14q5t39l61.jpg)

No. 1177027

Uh does she know how miscarriages work

No. 1177037

things happen in this world that aren’t about you, chrissy

No. 1177046

She could just like get out of the public eye if her and her baby's health are at risk. So tired of these parasites acting like they didn't choose this life.

No. 1177051

I honestly love Megan Markle for coming into the Royal Family and fucking up their shit. It's karma for what happened with happened with Princess Diana.

No. 1177072

same here. I hate the British monarchy and I don't understand why it's still around. I see a lot of talk online that the monarchy will likely collapse after Queen Lizzy dies. I really wish Prince Harry would stop excusing the Royal Family and Kensington Palace though, he keeps trying to excuse the Queen and blame the British media, but both the Queen and KP are just as much to blame as the media. They both feed and encourage the bullying campaign against Meghan.

also, with all this talk about Scotland leaving the UK to form its own country, I would be interested to see what happens to Charles and the rest when the Queen dies.

No. 1177083

> and everyone stopped because chrissy tweeted about it

No. 1177116

yet when you say this, seething brit girls start spewing about how much they hate ‘Diana truthers’ kek

No. 1177130

would you like to share exactly how your retarded blogposting is tea with the rest of the class, or are you just specifically trying to get upset in five minutes time when somebody baits you by calling you the n word?

No. 1177134

Lmao bold of Chrissy when not that long ago she was tweeting nasty shit at 16-year-old Courtney Stodden just for existing

No. 1177232

Kek. Although it's probably bullshit, it's fun to think of Meghan being an actual chaos agent.

No. 1177237

kek anon

No. 1177348

What are you talking about you schizophrenic?

No. 1177411

File: 1615008040474.png (540.37 KB, 721x559, nic.png)

No. 1177438

Is anyone under the illusion that Cage isn't a creep? He's a living meme at this point. I'm not defending him at all, but I don't think anyone who's seen Wicker Man would be shocked by this

No. 1177439

Ugh gross.. if this is true, then I lost all respect for this person.

No. 1177487

lmao seriously anon…? This is like the 3rd young asian girl he's married. How did you have any respect to begin with?

No. 1177514

I only know him from that one treasure hunting movie? I have respect for everyone until they show me they don't deserve it.

No. 1177553

File: 1615014544240.jpeg (112.84 KB, 750x508, 95F2A953-11FD-4077-9F9C-7F05D3…)

Anon he got a drunk domestic charge a couple years ago

No. 1177558

I guess I didn't care enough to be informed about some rando actor. are we done.

No. 1177580

I didn't know about this weird behavior either. I think you have to read those tabloid magazines to follow some boomer actors life.
I did know he had a weird elvis obsession.

No. 1177607

I’m sorry telling you that nic cage is a freak hurt you so badly.

No. 1177608

why's everyone losing their shit at the singular anon who was surprised to learn nic cage was a piece of shit

like, I too am surprised bc I thought he was one of those weirdly wholesome irl people, I never kept up with him or anything but I just thought he was one of those guys on that sort of list. Didn't know he was married 5x let alone to women that young. disgusting. and the domestic abuse charges.

No. 1177617

Nobody is losing their shit? But the phrasing 'I lost all respect for this person' is a pretty strong statement that implies you actively respected/admired them previously. It doesn't usually refer to the basic polite respect you have for people you barely know, so when I responded with >>1177487 I assumed she was a fan who should know better.

Obviously it's no problem if someone doesn't keep up to date with Nicolas Cage, he's an old irrelevant creep lmao.

No. 1177618

Thank you, queen

No. 1177630

he's also said to collect atomic bomb test footage and snuff films, so take with that what you will

sucks because I enjoyed a lot of his films but scrotes being scrotes is nothing new. majority of the unmarried actors in their 40s-50s who cant keep relationships are fucking creeps

No. 1177631

It wasn't "everyone", it was one or two people.

No. 1177661


Is fucking Roseanne Barr posting on lolcow these days? I THOUGHT.. THE BITCH.. WAS WHITE

No. 1177663

americans dont care about royals tho, this thread is ripe with salty brits. whoever said brits are the americans of europe hit it right on the fuckin’ nose

No. 1177664

Get over it.

No. 1177667

>nic cage collects snuff films

topkek anon… are you sure you arent just confusing his real life with the movie 8mm that he did?

take everythings anons say here with a grain a salt people… anon probably wasnt even born when that film was released

No. 1177668

get over what? im making fun of anons who try to pretend megan markel looks white when she’s clearly black. chill out.

No. 1177672

lmao anon reading this unlocked my memory of her saying this, could hear it and everything

No. 1177759

Idk why people like William and Kate so much they're literally cousins fam. Doesn't matter if it's distant or not it's still fucking gross.

No. 1177762

Jonah hill? he's been in a few dramas and trying to steer away from his comedy shit

No. 1177767

I'm sure if someone digs deeps enough they'll find out some of your partners are your fifteenth cousins too but no one cares, this is literally nothing.

No. 1177780

He really has a type.

No. 1177793

Inbreeding is literally their culture. Try to understand, anon.

No. 1177818

The queen and her man are cousins too. Inbreeding needs to stop.

No. 1177829

>saying this while in the Celebricows thread

No. 1177852

Exactly, stop being anglophobic, anon! It is a small island!

No. 1177908

File: 1615061047936.png (291.9 KB, 1262x940, Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 3.03…)

lol are all americans this dumb or just the famous ones?(stale milk)

No. 1177910

File: 1615061084642.png (99.24 KB, 1226x388, Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 3.03…)

and kek @ her bio. embarassing

No. 1177912

i agree with whoever said woody harrelson

No. 1177919

This is ancient milk. We get it, you hate Americans. No one cares.

No. 1177937

Yes, this has already been discussed ad nauseam, you retard.

I have no idea why the non-americans on this website like to somehow flex on an anonymous imageboard that they live somewhere else. Congrats. No one fucking cares. Just like Boris Johnson doesn't represent all Britfags, Lana Del Rey doesn't represent all burgerfags. Exhausting.

No. 1177946

it's a Walt Whitman quote

No. 1177975

very smart, much intellectual lana

No. 1178025

yeah, surely you are

No. 1178098

lmao didn’t he cancel an AMA on reddit bc some guy was like “hey why did you crash a high school party and fuck a teenage girl?”

No. 1178105


Isn't he the rampart guy?

No. 1178135

Yes, to both of you lol.

No. 1178153

The shit she did to Courtney is so fucked up. I don't think it was ever mentioned here and I'd be happy to post the caps, they were on Courtney's instagram. She straight up told a kid to kill herself.

No. 1178210

Please post caps

No. 1178257

File: 1615106236403.png (511.45 KB, 1190x788, american psycho 3.png)

>>1178210 nta but I think this is what they're referring to. There are so many, Chrissy was borderline obsessed with this kid.

No. 1178258

File: 1615106288115.jpeg (494.7 KB, 1242x1293, 3DFC84EA-E8FC-49AF-85A2-EA436E…)

Not the Courtney caps but remember when she went after a little girl? Literally WHY. I swear she is one of the nastiest, narcissistic POS in Hollywood. The 2nd reply is amazing.

No. 1178502

Please don't be Keanu, please don't be Keanu…

No. 1178505

File: 1615137863926.jpeg (83.58 KB, 720x693, C0527477-D47C-4E95-A76D-C95BAB…)

>screwing a gay man with no hairline

No. 1178564

anyone know if amphetamines are addictive ?? anon maybe you should try googling the things youre prescribed?(derailing)

No. 1178574

I hope you’re trolling. Whether or not you find it addictive, dextroamphetamine is addictive enough,
lmao. It’s not a matter of character quality/being prone to addiction—it’s a drug.(derailing)

No. 1178575

so let me get this straight.

this girl signed up for an acting workshop by a 50 year old dude, got groomed by him for six months, and then her parents approved of them marrying so she got married to this old guy.

and Chrissy Teigen, 25 at the time, told the girl to die online. what the fuck?

No. 1178578

anon should watch requiem for a dream if they wanna see what amphetamines can do to you.

No. 1178957

Megain is bullying herself. Nobody believes her when she says she never looked up her husband and didn‘t know what royal life was like. The interview was a nightmare to watch, it‘s malignant narcissist 101. If she wants privacy, stop airing dirty laundry and gtfo of LA.

No. 1178959

File: 1615181332955.png (1.42 MB, 1461x2048, Screenshot_20210307-222724.png)

Inb4 britfags start seething about Megan Markle and Prince Harry's
Oprah interview.
Annnd too late

No. 1178962

Wait isn't their son like pale as shit though

No. 1178964

It was when they first started dating and Megan heard about it when she was pregnant.

No. 1178981

I don’t really care about Meghan, but I can’t believe she gets more hate than the literal pedo Prince Andrew. Like what the fuck lol. People would rather speculate about Harry’s wife maybe being a bitch/attention whore than talk about how Andrew was a part of a underage sex trafficking ring. Meghan/Harry bullshit is always on my newsfeed; Andrew got like a few stories after that “I can’t sweat” interview and then nobody cared. Insane how a story about a woman maybe not being nice is more interesting to people than literal pedo rapist prince.

No. 1179001

Speaking of pedos anyone else seen this, Allen V Farrow
Its a 4 part documentary series about the sexual abuse allegations against Woody Allen by his step daughter Dylan Farrow

No. 1179004

Samefag, Also how likely is that Ronan Farrow isn't actually Woody Allen's son ?

No. 1179006

File: 1615186928181.jpeg (152.86 KB, 1200x992, OT6BNTWMMQWOEBS7Y23KUSE7NM.jpe…)

>>1179004 i mean, do people have eyes? My guess is that he is sinatra's kid

No. 1179036

Seconded. No man gets anywhere near the same amount of vitriol as Meghan has constantly been getting since her engagement was announced. Even Harry doesn’t get 1/10th of the shit she gets even though they’re taking/announcing all their decisions together.

No. 1179038

Haven't watched it but Mia Farrow is a fucking nutcase and a half. Maybe Woody Allen is a pedophile, I don't know, but it's hard to take her word for it tbh. Look into how she absolutely fucked up Dorothy Previn's life. The story of woody allen's abuse also, what do you know, pretty closely matches one of Dory Previn's songs. I'll post that one below. This one is about how Mia Farrow pretended to be Dory Previn's friend as she plotted to steal her husband.

No. 1179039

samefag as mentioned, here is the song that might've inspired Mia Farrow's abuse claims. Just saying, Woody Allen may be a pedophile, but I have to side eye Mia Farrow because of the Previn situation + many other instances of her acting insane. Check out how many of her adopted kids hate her. and Woody Allen WAS investigated at the time, and has not faced any allegations from anyone other than Mia Farrow and her kids.

No. 1179041

File: 1615194506514.png (350.75 KB, 1164x820, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 4.06…)

samefagging more but here is an article about Mia Farrow's adopted children and how many of their lives are fucked up, they ended up dead, they hate her, including the ones she adopted after Allen was out of her life. She is a weird person, any interview with her should also show that.


for the record I don't defend Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, or any of the other popular #MeToo cancellations because the allegations against them made sense. Woody Allen sexually abused one seven year old in his entire life, even though child molestation is pathologic, and never ever encountered such allegations before or after? And again, unlike Roman Polanski, Woody Allen was investigated and they found no evidence supported Farrow's claims.

No. 1179144

File: 1615212578755.webm (7.25 MB, 828x448, 6FsV2nIyyYH0eMXq.webm)

I find it easy to believe that anglo royalty is upset about their mixed grand-son, but her face in this interview and how much she is blinking are all telltale signs of a liar.(armchair)

No. 1179152

Really doubt Harry would be okay with her going on TV and flat out lying about this. Isn't it more likely she is nervous because the blowback she knows she is going to get?

No. 1179159

File: 1615213919201.jpg (546.63 KB, 1362x1499, 1434262832520.jpg)

>maybe woody allen is a pedophile

No. 1179162

He was ok with moving to Hollywood and renouncing his family just so she could try to have a career as an actress. He also gave up all of his guns for her cause she doesn't like guns.

I don't think he gets to have an opinion in their relationship.

No. 1179164

It’s almost like two people can come to conclusions together. I’m not really sure what compromise there could be on guns; you either own them or you don’t.

Additionally, Harry said in the interview that he was “trapped” in the royal family and wanted to get out. Him and his father aren’t even on speaking terms anymore, and he told his family repeatedly before it was officially released that he’d be leaving. Certainly didn’t seem like a one-sided thing.

Of course, rabid, British Meghan haters ITT will just claim everything positive Harry says about her is a lie.

No. 1179170

File: 1615215026232.jpg (20.76 KB, 462x430, 1615191907108.jpg)

Why are you so obsessed

No. 1179172

Woddy Allen is undoubtebly a creep but the documentary is way too biased in Mia's favor. They mentionned Moses Farrow denouncing Allen when he was a child but ignore this letter he wrote as an adult denouncing Mia Farrow's abuse. She treated all of her non-white children like shit.

No. 1179175

I'm not british, please don't insult me so. I hold no love for either amerimutt Meghan or the inbred britbong royals.

I just find it hilarious to watch Harry cuck to someone who is so obviously only trying to get famous and starting drama to get into the spotlight and the royals not being able to hide how much they hate that their son is dating a woman who is not white and making quadroon babies.(racebait)

No. 1179177

I agree. Its been 30yrs since Diana interview happened and she suddenly decided to do it now.

I still remember that pathetic video where Harry tried begging Disney to take her by the wing LOL. Girl never had any major roles, and they barely lasted a minute.

No. 1179180

NTA, but good try because you have no actual argument, kek.

Fair enough. It is pretty clear that Meghan did whatever she could to garner fame; I can't argue with that.

No. 1179181

Royal family can get fucked. Pedo protecting high horse riding cunts.

No. 1179184

it's bizarre how people think that meghan is some evil witch who cast a spell over harry that made him have zero free will and forces him to do whatever she wants when harry has clearly wanted out of the family for a while now… from what he says, meghan (and later their baby) gave him the final push he needed to leave. i mean god his mom died because of the paparazzi, it's not difficult to see why he wanted out regardless of meghan's intentions. and from what harry said in the interview, the royal family is obviously not the close, loving family that some seem to think

i think there's plenty to criticize meghan on, like how weirdly naive she allegedly was going into this (like she thought the queen would be just like any other grandmother??), and I feel like she may have been unintentionally misled by harry as to how well she would be received by his family (he was/is incredibly out of touch with reality and race relations). but i think this narrative that meghan has forced him into all of this against his will is a weird fantasy

No. 1179190

It's pretty much down to the british tabloids, they never want to admit the royal family is at fault so they lose out on the latest scoop from them so everything is Meghan's fault, public went with it.

No. 1179192

I think it's crazy how anons are so quick to shit on her because a lot of it seems rooted in misogyny (inb4 go back to Tumblr). Tbh I don't really know how race plays into this at all, so I'll just focus on sex: why is it that Harry is helpless and Meghan is the evil witch, as you put it? I don't understand why Harry apparently doesn't have free will but Meghan does.

We've seen this play out time and time again: a woman is vilified when the man is let off relatively light. Why? Why isn't Harry also complicit in all of this? Meghan is a fame whore for sure, but wasn't it Harry who called Disney? Why does Meghan get 100% of the blame?

idk. Frankly the royals can get fucked because they're pedo-protectors as >>1179181 said, kek. For that, I guess I'm happy they got out.

No. 1179193

>Woody Allen WAS investigated at the time, and has not faced any allegations from anyone other than Mia Farrow and her kids.
And Roman Polanski still isn't in jail and doesn't have allegations from anyone else, despite the fact that we all know he's a pedophile and that one girl couldn't have been his only victim. Big fucking deal.
The songs don't prove shit, and her kids hating her doesn't mean her ex-husband isn't also a shitty person (who married one of his adoptive daughters, by the way). He's a nonce, end of.

No. 1179199

Meghan spergs justify it with "Oh but Andrew dropped out of the public eye".
So many people would really rather be angry over a woman existing in the public eye than an entire pedophilic scrote. It's insane.

No. 1179201

I would believe this if they had moved somewhere like Michigan or Idaho to have a quaint life with their kids. But she wanted to go to California. To become famous. That is why people blame her for it. She obviously wants to be a famous actress while he seems to have no interest in that himself, but he begs people to let her have movie roles for her. It is just pathetic.

I think Meghan knows exactly what she is doing. She is going to get her cake and eat it too. Not only does she get the prestige of dating a prince (as opposed to just any other american man she could have dated) she doesn't even have to live in shitty England and cuck to the royals and act like a proper lady like the other women marrying into the family.

All while looking like a victim who is being bullied for being brown and being a lowly commoner just like Diana. Please.

No. 1179207

And I thought Azealia spergs were the worst.

No. 1179219

They were cut off, what you think Harry is going to go work at home depot? Like it or not they will need an income.

No. 1179220

File: 1615218611002.jpg (141.9 KB, 1200x630, bbc-danny-baker-racist-tweet-m…)

who the fuck wants to move to michigan or idaho? california is one of like, three decent places (max) to live in america lmao and also they initially wanted to live in canada iirc until the tabloids basically doxxed their house there and their security was cut off, and tyler perry offered his house + security in CA

it's so so so strange that people write this fanfic about how she is an evil mastermind orchestrating some sinister scheme, I hope she manages to pull it off just to make you all seethe harder kek

yeah I think people focus on the racism (which is an issue for sure, pic related), but the sexism is even worse and the basis for all of the stupi criticisms against her

it seems like the british tabloids have plenty of dirt on the royal family that they keep in their back pockets and many royals would be afraid to speak out against them (judging by what harry said in the interview)

No. 1179221

Royal family is a bunch of huge fuck-ups, sure, but it's not like as if Meghan is not an innocent person. Her and Harry are really trying to milk anything that is related to royals or them being ex-royals.

Both parties are retards, why are people idolizing Meghan? Is that because only now people found out that she is mixed?

No. 1179233

File: 1615219778036.jpg (38.48 KB, 645x729, thisisyou.jpg)

> california is one of like, three decent places (max) to live in america lmao


Los Angeles is literally a complete shithole full of drug addicts, homeless people and of course mega rich child molesters in Hollywood. It is absolutely fucking degenerate and probably the only place on earth (in the western world) that is worse than England.

Imagining simping for a woman who is this desperate to get famous despite having no talent, just because her skin is brown.

No. 1179265

File: 1615222926654.jpg (200.96 KB, 1440x1080, 20210308_095855.jpg)

I think Meghan and Harry deserve to defend themselves in a Oprah interview. The British tabloids are writing false claims left n right and are really spinning it out of control. This might even be their last interview for a while.

They left for a fucking reason and honestly the title and money isn't worth it. Now her and Harry have to find work because they're living off Diana's money she saved for them. They're no longer being paid by the royal family which gave 500k annually.

No. 1179266

Polanski has had other accusations though. Woody Allen is weird for marrying the adopted daughter of his former partner, but it doesn’t make him a pedophile

No. 1179271

>Woody Allen is weird for marrying the adopted daughter of his former partner, but it doesn’t make him a pedophile

No. 1179273

100000% I mean just look at the pics that other anon posted. Is the documentary worth watching?

No. 1179274

Will Megan be the last nail in the coffin for BRF? I stan her for that.

No. 1179278

File: 1615223923122.jpg (232.01 KB, 1024x811, 52c7c79f6c543e7bb1c50189624d29…)

michiganfag detected

lol but srsly everywhere in the United States is a complete shithole if you're poor. if you work in acting/entertainment you basically have to live in california anyway, and I dont see what other work they could even do for work. retail? banking?

and i never even paid attention to them before i watched the interview last night and honestly thought poorly of her before i realized it was just tabloids ruining her character with baseless claims. its psychotic how much people hate her for no actual reason. I mean you guys act like she's been drowning kittens in the river or something with the level of hatred

but ya michigan is so much nicer than a gated community in santa barbara I cant believe they didnt want to live there. who could pass this up?

No. 1179291

She was 9 or 10 when she first met Allen and 2 years after she was adopted, Allen made a movie about a man in his 40s falling in love with a teenager (Manhattan). It's more than strange. Also in all of the clips I found of them their interactions has a father-daughter quality to it. Also you can tell Allen is a massive narcissists

No. 1179315

>Woody Allen is weird for marrying the adopted daughter of his former partner
If by weird you mean morally reprehensible, yes.

No. 1179321

File: 1615226384543.jpeg (472.57 KB, 1100x4385, C73371F2-7C7C-4203-91D5-4A5651…)

Much to think about.

No. 1179322

BRF literally protected and aided Prince Pedophile to avoid police investigations. Let's be real, Meghan might be a huge bitch and an utter cunt to deal with, but there's not a single bitchy trait that could even slightly compare to the horridness of Prince Andrew being an actual pedophile involved in human trafficking and the bestie of Epstein and STILL getting protected by the royal family.

How do you even justify this shit? It is not about sympathy towards her. It is about how fucked up it is that the BRF are so eager to pretend they're some fancy and amazing thing, when they have congenital defects from inbreeding, a pedophile prince, Philip been cheating on Elizabeth since day 1 of marriage, Kate literally been known in university for having made a plan to snag William and how she will never let go of her prize.

There's not a single thing Meghan could realistically do to bring down the value of the BRF. They do quite fine by themselves in that department. On top of that, Charles publicly going out of his way lying he paid for their security when it was Tyler Perry. Charles setup fund sand actually invented cushy job with insane pays on his estates for tampon horses kids and has been more affectionate to them than his actual biological kids.

No. 1179326

Sorry but I can't have sympathy with someone that marries into that family then plays the victim. It's WELL known Andrew is paedophile, it's not like we only found out last year because of Epsteins "suicide"… Frankly they can all get to fuck.

No. 1179327

"and you're not going to tell who had the conversation" what the fuck? didn't know oprah was such a shitty and unprofessional interviewer

No. 1179337

I'm not even american, but even I know that Los Angeles is the worst place in the US you can move to. Literally only braindead vapid fame-seekers go there. Childrape and sexual abuse in Hollywood are seen as normal.

I have no sympathy for anyone who choses that life when they could live comfortable anywhere else. I am sure both Harry and Meghan could get real jobs or just own properly, stocks or whatever else rich people do. If their income is going to depend on Meghans acting career they are going to starve to death.

I'd rather live on a farm in a flyover state then next to Epsteins, Weinsteins and other pedophiles.

Keep whiteknighting for a vapid famewhore tho.

No. 1179339

>how much she is blinking are all telltale signs of a liar.
How little are you blinking that this is weird for you? Especially when you're outside with some kind of light directed at you?

No. 1179341

The The royals really got all the commoners caring about them again I guess, kek.

No. 1179348


Diana's ghost?

No. 1179349

File: 1615227543491.png (972.22 KB, 1421x430, skinwalker.png)

How do the Markle stans ITT defend her literally skinwalking her husbands mother?

Sorry but this bitch is calculated as fuck.

No. 1179352

File: 1615227613204.webm (228.01 KB, 320x568, thatsthetruth.webm)

Idk but I don't blink 7 times in one second when I am telling the truth

No. 1179356

oh wow. this is pretty creepy

No. 1179365

File: 1615228324532.jpg (383.44 KB, 1820x1024, Kate-Diana-Outfits.jpg)

Kate does the exact same, I'm pretty sure their stylists do that on purpose, it's not like they both go like "I'm gonna impersonate my husband's dead mother today for the n-th time"

No. 1179367

File: 1615228357255.jpg (46.48 KB, 640x426, 01-Times-Kate-Middleton-and-Pr…)

No. 1179371

Most people didn’t know until Epstein.

No. 1179372

File: 1615228586840.gif (422.41 KB, 245x175, miranda.gif)

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

No. 1179374


They are both creepy, calculated and fame-hungry. Kate is just a lot smarter and less obvious about it.

No. 1179379


She doesn’t even live in Los Angeles. California is not LA. You are both retarded.

No. 1179381

Ok sorry, they live 10 minutes outside of LA, very big difference.

No. 1179385

It's weird but I question how much input these people have over their personal styling decisions, especially for public events. The institution has a lot of control over the image of working royal family members down to the tiniest details.

I was waiting for someone to bring this up lol. Independently of this interview, Oprah has been a schlock journalist for most of her career. Hate her vapid interviewing style. It's kind of bizarre that she's held in such high esteem.

No. 1179390

Everyone has strong opinions of America, because you shove your Amerimutt dicks down everyones throat constantly. Sorry to hear that you live in California. At least in my tiny european village I don't get raped by jews and trannies.(no1curr)

No. 1179391

The britfags are SEETHING. Also Jewish dick is the best and they have money.

No. 1179392

Except they won't rape you, only your children. But it's worth it because they will be movie-stars. Anglos are also subhuman.

No. 1179393

So you really believe Meghan didn't know? Ok, sure anon.

No. 1179394


No. 1179395

obviously, prince andrew never tried really hard to disguise his friendship with epstein. he just believed that epstein and his associates would shield him and that no one would ever rat the whole organization out.

No. 1179397

oh god PLEASE can people not compare MM to Princess Diana. She isn't even close

No. 1179398

I agree. MM is better.

No. 1179399

Are you trolling or simply retarded

No. 1179402

No. 1179408

>10 minutes
Okay now I know you really are retarded.

No. 1179409

getting raped by inbred peasants is obviously so much better(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1179410

I said before that I am not british. If you asked me to chose between living in LA or in England I would rather shoot myself in the face.

But of course Amerimutts don't know that any other countries exist in this world that have internet connection.

No. 1179416

Then why should you care about the Royals if you're not from a Commonwealth country or American? Makes no sense tbh. Eurofags seething over something that has nothing to do with them.

No. 1179419

See my post above >>1179390 you can not exist in this world without having to hear about what is happening in America and England every day.

And why not? It is funny. It is an entertaining trashfire to watch. Sorry your small amerimutt brain can not comprehend someone who is not English could think Meghan is a cunt.

Californians literally can not think further than "she is brown so she must be an innocent victim" because of how brainwashed you are. It is funny indeed.(infighting)

No. 1179423

I'm Commonwealth, dipshit. There's more than just America. Take your sperging to twitter because you're acting like a cunt.

No. 1179426

America/Britain obsessed anon, how bout you start your own thread and stop detailing this thread?

No. 1179427

Some of you Meghan spergs need to fuck off back to /pol/. The twitter spergs seem to have left, it's your turn now.

No. 1179432

Imagine fighting this hard over inbred royals. I miss Hammer milk

No. 1179438

File: 1615232062715.png (108.98 KB, 235x276, meghan.png)

mfw I defended my based brown princess. Literally better than Diana.(ban evasion)

No. 1179439

Cope harder, euroshit.

No. 1179441

This thread devolved into pure retardation

No. 1179452

File: 1615232688190.png (90.96 KB, 235x276, okiwillstop.png)

No redtext on this huh?(ban evasion)

No. 1179453

Yeah his family treated his mother like shit, got her killed and didn't show an ounce of sadness, and his uncle is a pedo, ofc he hates them and doesn't want to associate with them. Probably scared they will molesy his children and murder his wife

No. 1179466

Shouldn't a royal family/nobles thread be made? since people keep sperging about it here

No. 1179473

Meghan is the worst. she is so calculated, idk how some of you can defend her.

video related is apparently the day she told harry she had "suicidal thoughts" and wanted to die.. right

No. 1179478

There needs to be a separate thread for Royalsperging.

No. 1179480

File: 1615234047216.png (170.59 KB, 540x785, BA48EA14-EC65-441A-8FD5-473274…)

woody allen is definitely a creep but mia is certifiably insane. watching the documentary and her weird mannerisms and way of speaking even back when she was confronting him was unsettling.
pic not related, but it was the only thing i could think of while watching.

No. 1179482


Made a thread for Markleposting cause anons are whining in /meta/

No. 1179532

What about that video is proof she wasn’t suicidal? She’s literally an actress. I don’t even care about Megan markle or the royals but this take is just stupid. You can’t read her thoughts.

No. 1179535

>banned for autism

Anyway, why is Harry trying to pimp his pregnant wife to the CEO of Disney?

No. 1179537

If you’re not visibly wallowing in anguish, your suffering is clearly not real and you’re a big faker. /s

No. 1179540

>screenshot of Google search 'mia farrow and her black children'
>photo looks like mug shot
>happy birthday

What the fuck. I believe that she's twisted

No. 1179546

File: 1615238996958.jpg (23.53 KB, 700x394, kek.jpg)

nice ban, retard. fucking kek

Agreed with you anons. I don't know if everyone has felt suicidal before, but I'd bet that we've all had to put on our "happy face" and take care of obligations while we're feeling down. I don't think it's possible to know if MM is lying about that.

Because she's desperate for that A-list fame. I am not trying to sperg and needlessly shit on her, but it's pretty clear that she's been trying to make it as an A-lister for a long time. I know "Suits" was apparently a pretty decent and popular show (though I've never seen it tbh), but she clearly would like her career to move to movies rather than television.

In one sense, I don't really blame her, I guess; it's more luxurious to be a movie actress than some random on a TV show, so I understand her desire, but all of the weird networking does seem very try-hard.

No. 1179557

For real. Chrissy’s a mean girl who would talk shit behind your back and then call you “sweetie” and refers to herself a feminist warrior on social media

No. 1179560

No. 1179572

This screenshot cracks me up but it just seems like old people and technology to me, not malicious. She probably doesn’t know how to crop. Having weird mannerisms isn’t on the same level as raping your daughter and grooming your step-daughter into marriage.

No. 1179580

if she's "literally an actress" why do you believe her Oprah act then? literally makes no sense. how could she tell harry she was soooo suicidal earlier that day and then go and do that? she's not some Oscar winning actress

No. 1179593

bruh she didn't even have an pics of her daughter or have anyone to asl for pics, she had to google "mia farrow black children" or whatever to get a decent pic. how is that not weird to you

No. 1179604

not to WK her but she's old as fuck (even older than my Boomer parents), do you really think she uses Twitter? She's famous, A-list, well known, and she has assistants, she hardly has the time to sit and tweet. Her assistant probably tweeted that after Mia asked her to.

No. 1179606

I just feel bad for those kids, growing up with Elderly Absent Dad (Previn) then Creepy Rape Dad (Allen) and Neglectful Narcissist Mom (Farrow) throughout. What a clusterfuck of a childhood. And even though Farrow focuses on her bio kids, is that really good for them, either?

No. 1179647

I can't wait for Azealia's take on the royal family drama

No. 1179649

Oh boy.. but I think she’ll be too preoccupied by her engagement no?

No. 1179652

Maybe if Harry is really struggling for money she can make another audio sex tape with him

No. 1179653

They broke up already, anon

No. 1179661

it clearly shows she doesn't give a damn about that poor kid

No. 1179669


Disnt they get back together?

No. 1179670


whirlwind i know but she took him back like 20 minutes later; see >>1173601

No. 1179723

Well thats what I get for being a smart ass, sorry

No. 1179734

i’m not saying they’re on the same level lol, just saying the MIA FARROW AND HER BLACK CHILDREN kept popping up in my mind while watching. she’s nuts. watch the series yourself and prepare for some cringe, doesn’t mean i’m saying she’s on par with her creepy groomer ex.

No. 1179742

Uh okay but anon you're forgetting she searched "black children", not the kid's name. I think that makes it way worse than having to google a pic, it's like she doesn't even remember her kid's name.

No. 1179754

I see you guys already discussed the Meghan-Harry-Oprah interview.

I just wanted to add that it's no surprise that royals are fuckng racists. So is Harry with his Nazi costume and his love for racial slurs. He did this as a 20-something year old and not as a dumb teen fyi. Every other celeb would have been canceled and labeled as a racist rightfully so but dearest funny sexy smexy lovely Harry can get away with everything. Oh and the racial slurs were against Asians and not black people, so it's okay for Meghan I guess. Same with the Nazi costume, it's against Jews and not black people. Such hyprocrites.

Btw I hope the video goes viral.

No. 1179756

File: 1615254934382.jpg (74.82 KB, 900x506, disgusting_racist_harry.jpg)

No. 1179758

Apparently Meghan wore Diana's favorite perfume when they first met.

But yeah no, she totally didn't google him or know anything about his life!

No. 1179780

So do you think Azelia Banks is a bedwench ?

No. 1179782

File: 1615257501633.jpeg (160.52 KB, 828x668, 5844C562-900F-4AE2-87BB-DD5452…)

No. 1179790

At least she's a musician again.

No. 1179828

File: 1615261561111.jpeg (130.79 KB, 640x545, 036C2E7A-A340-4AD0-BE64-7E7F18…)

Alexander wang “apologised” to his victims and they’re apparently dropping the issue, interesting thought that in his first statement he denied anything happened and that the accusations were false but in his new “apology” he basically admits to it

Very strange, to add to that one of the lawyers involved defended Harvey Weinstein

No. 1179830

File: 1615261638795.jpeg (207.65 KB, 640x632, 5BD3A672-31B0-4B6B-9922-4CE412…)


First statement

No. 1179831

File: 1615261698652.jpeg (101.84 KB, 636x626, 992CFD75-327F-4288-9334-093F0C…)


Second statement

No. 1179931

yeah clearly a man who denies serious allegations against him only to cave in and admit to it later on is a trustworthy person. he’s definitely learned his lesson and is not gonna do it again.

No. 1179934

being canceled for being racist is very hit or miss. the PM of Canada did blackface and he’s still in office. all those beauty youtubers with racist tweets or photos still have millions of followers. it took like 10 years for any criticism towards shane dawson to gain traction. and jeffree star wasn’t even canceled for his many racist tirades, he got canceled for trying to sabotage another youtuber.

but i do agree that harry’s looks definitely factor in how much leeway he’s given for any slightly controversial thing he does.

No. 1179939

Eh. Not trying to defend him but people can change. It was over a decade ago after all.

No. 1179940

It took a serious enough court threat that he hired the Weinstein lawyer just to get him to listen to these people, openly disagree with the details of his behaviors, and merely said he "regret acting in a way that caused them pain". Likely over zoom, so he's far more disconnected, then he can log off and go right back to that behavior. Do you think they got paid off to agree to the mediation solution, or they were just willing to take any apology that most survivors never get? There were so many of them, they would've had a really solid trial.

No. 1179946

Meghan can be a huge cunt for all I know and I think she likes playing the victim a bit too much but the BRF and their dynamics really seem high school like and it’s obvious that the British tabloids kiss their ass and enable their shit. I don’t blame Meghan for not wanting to deal with that mess.
Idk about Woody (he’s definitely a creep though) but Mia seems like a textbook narc parent.

No. 1179956

I really hate these contrived non-apology apologies, they’re so insincere. It’s a press statement crafted by lawyers and PR people. Not even a simple “I’m sorry.”

No. 1179958

it makes me so angry when these losers have the audacity to be like “well they feel like i hurt them and i’m sorry if they feel that way.” it’s not an apology and it shouldn’t be acceptable as a public statement.

No. 1180014

This. I think both of them are narcissists, with Ronan being the Golden child. I only watched the first episode but there were so many red flags for both of them. What kind of person would want 10+ kids and believe that she, alone can take care, raise provide for all of them??? Mia's clearly irrational. Also, on Woody's part it was super shitbaggy to want to have fun with the kids, but not want to have the responsibility of them. Great father figure. And how on earth would a woman be okay with a setup like this? The whole thing was just so strange. Also, if I saw my husband touching one of the kids inappropriately, I would ditch his ass that second and wouldn't just let things continue until I 'felt like policewoman every time I entered the room, waiting for something inappropriate to happen' (not the exact quote, but whatever). Ugh

No. 1180018

>“well they feel like i hurt them and i’m sorry if they feel that way.” it’s not an apology and it shouldn’t be acceptable
>Eugenia Cooney left the chat

No. 1180021

File: 1615294432800.png (1.86 MB, 885x981, GX8mfg2.png)

New photo of Lana. She looks so much happier and healthier than before.

No. 1180023

Wow she really did gain weight. It seems it’s been over a not so long amount of time too.

No. 1180024

I just randomly remembered that Manson called her 'Lasagna del Rey' kek
She looks overweight to me tbh

No. 1180029

At least she has a real mask on.

No. 1180037

It’s because she’s standing closer to the camera. Yeah, that’s totally it…

This is like textbook shitty modern century apology. The dollskill and the likecrime creators said the same shit.

No. 1180045

i first saw this pic thinking this was some girl i went to high school with, then i noticed it was the celebricows thread. is that a superfan with her? she looks unrecognizable with the mask on.

No. 1180061

healthier?? are you blind? she's fat!! look at the size of her thighs, she ain't chubby.

No. 1180082

A black woman you don't like dating a white man (he's actually a jew) doesn't make her a bedwench.(ban evasion)

No. 1180088

Is this photoshopped? It can’t be real. She’s enormous how did this happen?

No. 1180096

Food and anti depressants would be my guess

No. 1180114

Girl that fupa??

No. 1180115

File: 1615306557657.jpg (130.87 KB, 640x800, 745nz82f9xl61.jpg)

nta but found another pics from that day

No. 1180116

File: 1615306619086.jpg (162.59 KB, 640x853, hpq0r82f9xl61.jpg)

No. 1180123

Maybe it's just me, but this looks ps'd in comparison to these photos >>1180115

No. 1180164

it's not PS'd, she just is actually standing straight and front-on so you can see the width of her hips. in the other two pics, she's leaning forward and popping her hips up/back to make them look smaller and let the baggy sweater camouflage more. it's more accurate that >>1180021 is just a less flattering angle.

No. 1180167

Looks photoshopped. She doesn’t look nearly as heavy in the other photos. There’s weird blurring around her hips , ie that chain.

No. 1180182

Well, good for her for going on antidepressants if that’s the case. Despite the weight gain, she dose look pretty happy.

No. 1180197

File: 1615314578622.png (100.01 KB, 831x447, weird hill.png)

it's the only result for that image on google, coming from imgur, so if this is edited, it's been edited since it was originally posted. like damn how have you been on this website so long and can't catch what's PS and what's posing? why are there two of you determined to insist larda delfry aint a tubbo now?

No. 1180218

>why are there two of you determined to insist larda delfry aint a tubbo now?
One of those anons here, I really don't care if Lana is gaining or losing weight and I didn't even say that she isn't chubby, I just thought the size difference in that photo was ridiculous so it looked psd to me. I don't know why you are so mad about that. Also, why would the photo have been originally posted on imgur instead of some kind of social media page? Who takes a photo with a celeb and is like, "let me post this to my imgur!". Google reverse search also says this was posted on LSA.

No. 1180224

damn it's incredible that your reading comprehension is worse than your ability to spot photoshop or not.

No. 1180226

File: 1615316317248.jpg (245.83 KB, 819x1024, 51017276248_bbcb5e0230_b.jpg)

And someone on LSA linked the unedited pic

No. 1180245

File: 1615317244811.jpg (180.8 KB, 1242x1218, EwAHiFTXIAE-whq.jpg)

A funnily enough, reverse searching this picture is bringing up a couple results from fanpages that reposted it. Obviously she is still overweight, but idk why calling out photoshop was such a sore spot. I don't even really get why anyone felt the need to shoop the photo, anons would have still made the same comments if the photos weren't ps'd

No. 1180276

antipsychotics make you gain weight like crazy, my guess would be those since ever female celebrity these days seems to be coerced onto them to be more controlled. It would explain why she's lost passion, that medication makes you numb as hell and you can't think straight, which would explain her bizarre statements lately.

No. 1180282

She already looks unfortunate in that original pic, I don't understand why someone even Photoshopped her.

No. 1180341

It's because the British public have infantilised William and Harry since Diana died. I am born and bred here and they are very possessive over the men (people still call them boys, ffs), so I guess they think they can't think for themselves despite being adults with children. I don't know why it's so surprising that he'd leave the UK to protect his family after what happened to his mother.

Many BAME Brits like myself are unsurprised. Please don't take this as racebait, but I would wager that the majority of people who feel as if the racism allegations are either untrue or not as upsetting as Meghan's implying it to be are White British. Not really unsurprising given that they're the majority here, but this definitely feels like it stems from being unable to fully understand or empathise in this regard.

No. 1180364

I mean Mia Farrow is 5 years younger than Nancy Sinatra and was married to Frank for 2 years… just going on that she probably has a pretty big tolerance for what she'd permit in a partner and what constitutes an acceptable setup

No. 1180380

This doesn't really matter, but afaik Imgur is used to host images for Reddit so that might be why

No. 1180417

I appreciate the conspiracy angle but Lana is fully in control of everything at this stage. This explains the general mess of her personal life and music.

No. 1180527

Idk if insane or not but i checked mia’s age. She’s fucking 76 years old. Give yourself and her a break. Her daughter looks so beautiful in that photo.

No. 1180531

I just wonder why her management would let her destroy her body/image? She's not doing any fat and glamorous type shit, she's just becoming the worst American stereotype. If she didn't go back to brunette she would look horrendous. Her outfits make her look drugged up, but idk. Maybe she really is just off of adderal and went wild in quarantine.

No. 1180532

>which would explain her bizarre statements lately.
She was always stupid.

No. 1180537

I’m the other anon you think is determined to prove Lana isn’t fat. First, don’t care. My first time commenting on a Lana photo(I think). Second, I can tell when something is photoshopped
Case in point. Seethe.

No. 1180540

i guess being 76 makes you forgt your beloved child's name

No. 1180544

>her outfits make her look drugged up
She’s wearing a fucking hoodie and shorts. What do you wear to run errands?

No. 1180575

Not the fucking Lana weight gain spergs again jesus fucking hell

No. 1180595

Frank Sinatra was one of Mia’s dad’s best friends. She was never taught appropriate boundaries and she’s as crazy as a box of frogs. Poor kids, having two shitty lunatics for parents.

No. 1180609

File: 1615350630974.jpg (576.24 KB, 819x1024, 1615316317248_mr1615350379171.…)

Stop saying Lana is fat! She is SKINNY!!! This is the original photo. Case closed! No more discussing her body please ladies you aremakeing me sad(fan art)

No. 1180617

Lana and Adele are switching bodies

No. 1180647

LDR weight gain is boring and not milk. She’s only consistent in being boring.

No. 1180685

Okay, morally reprehensible, yeah. Not a good guy, not somebody I'd want to marry, but is he a pedophile based off of that and some accusation from noted insane woman Mia Farrow and the white children she favored? He COULD be but all I'm trying to say is that it isn't slam dunk, open and shut. It's easy to get swept up in the "pfft hypocrite hollyweird all over again" drama with Woody Allen, but he was investigated pretty seriously at the time, and they found nothing.

No. 1180707

and if you're super rich and famous, can't you just say "i was wrong, i'm sorry, i resign" and then go enjoy being super rich? if you retire from being famous you're still rich, your life won't suck

No. 1180718

NTA but the wool over your eyes is three inches thick. It’s almost impressive

No. 1180733

please prove Woody Allen is a pedophile, not just a creep, and not just using movies he's made as "proof"

No. 1180745

Imagine defending a nonce so aggressively. Anyone who is familiar with the history he has with his now wife can see it's obviously very predatory and involved grooming.

No. 1180755

Google Dylan Farrow Woody Allen abuse. You’ll find a library of information. I can’t be fucked to spoon feed the wilfully ignorant. He sexually abused Dylan Farrow when she was eight, and latermet his future wife when she was adopted by him and she was about the same age.

No. 1180756

>>trying to discredit the sexual assault accusations of children because they’re white

No. 1180776

Hi Azealia(hi cow)

No. 1181140

File: 1615411946042.jpg (236.51 KB, 1280x853, jameela-jamil-piers-morgan.jpg)


Lmao. It's been a while since we talked about good ol' Jamila.

No. 1181148

What kid, Ronan? He seems to be doing great. Apparently, he willingly spends weeks at his crazy mother's house despite the pandemic being the perfect excuse to not visit her in bumfuck nowhere.

No. 1181169

It reminds me of someone on /cgl/ who would post similar shoops in the ita thread. Maybe they just lack confidence other people will agree the originals look bad.

No. 1181175

omg she's insufferable

No. 1181184


she really is that bitch who sees something happening and goes "how can I make this about me?"

No. 1181188

Is her hair a wig or is that just a meme? I swore at least the fucking bangs had to be clip in when she was on that sitcom. Her hair was so distractingly fake

No. 1181196

she claims she's had cancer like three times so she prob does wear a wig bc shes a munchie like that

No. 1181202

She might just have one of those creepily small foreheads
I thought have cancer claims were more than likely false?

No. 1181284

File: 1615422349870.jpeg (44.26 KB, 420x512, 2051B3D1-15A0-4B87-BE5B-A50CC3…)

Latefag but this is Mia farrows father, John farrow. He, Sinatra, and Ronan all have the type of face, I think he looks more like John farrow then Sinatra. He could easily be woody’s son and just hit all the looks genes on his mother’s side of the family.

No. 1181291

File: 1615422758799.png (154.3 KB, 602x334, 5D2B24A6-F2C5-43D9-BF67-D42DCF…)

Samefag, someone made a collage of them side by side. He def looks similiar to Sinatra but Sinatra never had those fleshy features, heavy cheeks and large lips. Neither did Mia. Also I think he was truly not woody Allen’s son Mia’s crackhead ass would have done a DNA test by now and figured out some way to prove it, even a 23 and me would show he was 50% Italian ancestry vs Jewish.

No. 1181338

doesn't every female celebrity wear a wig now though

No. 1181376

Gotta say catching up on this thread and seeing it flip flop from defending an obvious female groomer to condemning a male groomer was rancid
>cope i guess

No. 1181482

Here’s the leak of Lana Del Rey’s new album. There’s 2 or 3 good songs and the rest are shit. Failed Stevie Nicks tribute honestly.

No. 1181487

Wait who are you even referring to

No. 1181489

It was really brave of Lana to include the worst recorded vocal take of her entire career to date on the very first song.

No. 1181497

I guess that marvel silverwhatever wanda's brother actor and his older wife?

No. 1181549

Several people condemned the woman and called her creepy and there’s someone here defending the man as well, though. I know you want to believe this thread is all “female pedo good, male pedo bad” but to reach that conclusion you’d have to ignore a whole bunch of posts.

No. 1181654

I scrolled back up and saw maybe two anons trying to brush off her being a groomer/predator because he was "of age" when they got together despite meeting him at 17. I've googled it and sources seem to be saying he was 18 at the time of them meeting, but I'll agree that it's still predatory for a 42yo to pursue a teen, legal or not.

Meanwhile we have someone defending Woody who has actual child molestation allegations against him via his own daughter and married a woman who was basically his step daughter. Who he had absolutely met while she was underage, and who he began having an affair with while still in a relationship with her mother.

The lady is obviously predatory to some extent too, but the details of Woody's behavior is arguably more unsettling.

No. 1181676

File: 1615466682576.jpg (427.97 KB, 1080x1367, IMG_20210311_134117.jpg)

Is Selena going the Lana route?

No. 1181678

The other day she said that she is going to most likely give up on music after her next album release.

No. 1181684

damn you weren't exaggerating. I would assume this is a comic hoax, if the rest of the tracks weren't so predictable. This isn't a studio leak, like, omitting all the bass tracks from the mix?

No. 1181691

File: 1615468890660.jpg (93.65 KB, 1280x720, ronan-farrow-eye-color.jpg)

Ronan's brother Moses said that Ronan has had several cosmetic surgeries, including a nosejob, and a leg-lengthening surgery to be taller. I looked at some of his photos and he also used to wear blue eye contacts…I feel like he's Woody's son but because he's ashamed of it and enjoys attention he made himself look like Sinatra

No. 1181693

File: 1615469143563.jpg (164.23 KB, 1080x1080, DjFuPmOV4AEhBzs.jpg)

not related to the Sinatra debate, but the leg lengthening surgery. Really shows you that the whole family is insane:
>After Ronan finished law school, Mia had him undergo cosmetic surgery to extend his legs and gain a few inches in height.
>Moses added, 'I told her I couldn’t imagine putting someone through the ordeal for cosmetic reasons. My mother’s response was simple, ‘You need to be tall to have a career in politics.’

No. 1181695

The only song I liked was the Jesus song. All the other songs I would only listen if I wanted to fall asleep fast

No. 1181703

Stans will defend it, kek.

No. 1181711

This would explain why he walks like he has severe arthritis.

No. 1181732

File: 1615473053105.jpeg (21.09 KB, 320x320, 8F5E93D1-DDC5-4322-8FD8-A6BC3E…)

I dunno, in a few before pics I saw as a teenager he actually looks more like Frank Sinatra than now, minus the eye color I guess. And tbf Mia Farrow was married to him, it’s not like a complete impossibility.

No. 1181737

File: 1615473635755.jpeg (89.58 KB, 750x938, DDB36345-31C8-4930-9C44-1D82C2…)

>leg lengthening
dem little man proportions kek

No. 1181747

It took me a while to find a video of him walking, but yeah, it's pretty weird, as if his legs don't bend at where his knee should be

No. 1181761

link to video?

No. 1181781

No. 1181784

What is the 'white hot forever' line supposed to mean in the Tulsa Jesus Freak song?

No. 1181787

Flame heat by color?

No. 1181870

he kinda looks like steve buscemi and david spade had a baby

No. 1181915

Surgeries aside, this is very men age like milk like how the fuck is he 27 on the right. He looks in his 30s.

No. 1181922

This is quite similar to how Frank looked if you watch his old movies e.g The Tender Trap, I'm not seeing any Woody Allen at all in any of the pics.

No. 1181946

File: 1615492188840.jpeg (690.77 KB, 750x1270, B37A4DFC-E948-4933-9EA6-C9680B…)


Anecdotal my friend had this leg lengthening surgery done on one leg when she was 14 for medical reasons and the scars are very deep and noticeable. I went thru 51 pages of Getty images and could not find a single photo of Ronan farrow wearing shorts. Also he has obvious, recently done hair plugs and other obvious work done, his face doesn’t move at all anymore. He probably looks like a handsome mannequin in person, kek. All because his fruitcake mom has apparently never heard of short fugly politicians like Napoleon, Hitler, Putin or Bloomberg.

No. 1181955

He has a tiny role in the recentish Kimmy Schmidt series and he does indeed look like a handsome mannequin.

No. 1181985

File: 1615494010099.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x3200, GL-DL-01.jpg)


Gordon Ramsay's voice "Oh fuck off"

Watch her still exclusively date dudes after this kek

No. 1181991

Man, I had no idea Ronan was this milky. He seemed somewhat normal to me, well as normal as a golden child who heavily enables their narc mom's bullshit could be, I guess.

No. 1182021


In this photo you can tell he's wearing contacts, his eyes have that obvious white circle around his iris that all contact wearers have

No. 1182027

Never Knew he wore contacts, not that i know that much about him but it's always fun to notice

No. 1182032

File: 1615496448834.jpeg (18.37 KB, 236x300, DB5EEA4C-CCD7-4493-9489-DA11ED…)


I forgot to mention in his teen photos before the plugs he has the exact same wonky hairline as woody Allen were there’s a bald peak on one side and the hair naturally parts there. Coincidence?….

No. 1182035

File: 1615496561618.jpeg (232.1 KB, 1065x1500, 67A6DB96-1737-4DC1-970A-704596…)

1/2 Sinatra basically had a ideal square hairline, no weird bald spots anywhere.

No. 1182036

File: 1615496737243.jpg (835.63 KB, 1800x1200, sinatra.jpg)

sinatra eventually wore a toupee

No. 1182054

If Woody Allen was my dad, I'd probably pretend Frank Sinatra was my dad instead tbh. Can't blame him for that.

No. 1182060

I would just claim to be a new form of a tube baby

No. 1182063

>. He def looks similiar to Sinatra but Sinatra never had those fleshy features, heavy cheeks and large lips. Neither did Mia

With that logic he could also be the son of Frank Sinatra. Because he looks like a mixture of FS and his grandfather.
By best will, I can't see any Woody Allen in him.

No. 1182067

The strange gait and absence of short pics could also be related to an actual bone infection and the follow-up on this. But idk what the truth is.

No. 1182069

She really doesn't get how irrelevant she is now. Nobody cares, Demi

No. 1182085

Nah, no way. There’s too much proof of leg lengthening. I’m apt to believe the adopted son.

No. 1182090

she's been openly bi for a while, though? that's what her song cool for the summer is about.

No. 1182096

whaaat he's the same age as me? i thought he was past 40

No. 1182142

It’s not so much that she’s bi for me but more of “I’m totes kqweer/I don’t want to date cis men” she sprouts.

No. 1182149

>sjw hair
makes sense

No. 1182229

File: 1615510932003.png (598.02 KB, 1200x800, ronanfarrow1019.png)

Why would she keep it secret though?

Holy shit, the guy is insufferable. I occasionally listen to his fiancé's (former Obama speech writer Jon Lovett) podcast and Farrow always seems so full of himself when he makes his occasional appearance. Congrats on making it into Cambridge and landing a gig at the New Yorker when you're the closest thing to Hollywood royalty. Getting exclusive interviews with actresses must have been super tough as a Farrow.

Their relationship dynamic seems super unhealthy, too.

No. 1182230

They center like the entire second half of her first YouTube documentary on her being bisexual despite not dating women and looking really uncomfortable while she says it. They literally show her dating and texting different dudes that she's excited about but they treat her like shit. I don't want to doubt it, but also like everyone is bisexual now no one cares why make it an announcement just so you can have glamour shots posted in news for boomers.

No. 1182354

>Their relationship dynamic seems super unhealthy, too.
Any more details on this?

No. 1182368

File: 1615519347151.jpeg (175.59 KB, 1125x696, 98CBD2FC-B464-42DD-8555-C91A85…)

emrata is already posting nursing pics immediately the day after her son is born

No. 1182418

Kek. Didn’t she say she was gonna raise her baby genderless or some shit. Poor kid. I can see her trying to sleep with his friends once he becomes a teenager.

No. 1182493

you KNOW she's going to be such an insufferable "breast is best" type of woman, probably going to nurse that kid far longer than necessary.

No. 1182498

samefag but damn he walks like a guy who's pelvic floor has completely given out, Ronan Farrow shits himself confirmed?

No. 1182544

>Their relationship dynamic seems super unhealthy, too
Could you elaborate on this? I mean, Ronan seems like a control freak to me, but it's just a hunch, I can't back it up with anything

No. 1182571

she’ll be breastfeeding Saudi princes on a yacht in no time

No. 1182634

"fan art" kek are the mods okay

No. 1182722

File: 1615558125687.jpeg (548.36 KB, 1242x1092, 82121E0C-04F7-4079-A1EF-368397…)

kek—she’s going to troon out by summer. anything to get that attention, huh?

No. 1182727

I guess a heart attack and strokes suddenly turns you into a desperate attention whore, kek

No. 1182730

Nah anon she's just going to get with Elliot Page

No. 1182731

That’s what these retarded edits are called, anon

No. 1182770

I bet it’ll be til age 3 or 4.

No. 1182869

Does she ever wear clothes at all? I wish I could insert a roll eye emoji right now.

No. 1182871

File: 1615575530205.jpg (100.64 KB, 1280x720, wat.jpg)

>"too queer" to date a cis man

No. 1182877

She probs going to date some 'nonbinary queer bisexual' man (that conveniently looks like an average hollywood man) next and talk about how revolutionary her straight relationship is just like Miley did with her ex husband

No. 1182902

reminds me of Jill aka pxielocks for some reasons

No. 1183107

She's still less annoying about this stuff than people like Halsey. ngl though I do wonder how many of these queer celebs actually bang other women.

No. 1183121

the only “bi” female celeb who seems to actually bang other females is cara d. i’d also like to point out that miley has tried this same bullshit and tried saying that after breaking up with liam (the first time kek) she was a dyke or bi or whatever and what she kissed like one chick on camera? and then ended up admitting she likes dick.

No. 1183146


cara d and kristen stewart.

No. 1183147

I thought cara was full lesbo. Also Lindsay Lohan has banged chicks

No. 1183176

There used to be a rumour that Demi and Selena had something sexual going on and it ended messily which is part of the reason they stopped speaking. Probably not true though, what a shame

No. 1183183

Kinda ot but does anyone remember those YouTube videos Selena and Demi used to make in like 2008? I remember they were talking shit about Miley Cyrus in one of them. They stopped being friends shortly after that period I think.

No. 1183205

Holy shit yes! Miley started doing videos with a friend of hers trying to compete with Selena and Demi's videos. They were never as popular though (the videos) It fizzled out really quickly when the careers began to take off. iirc Miley and her friend even began shit talking Selena and Demi back. Obviously they never outright said who it was about but it was pretty obvious.

on both sides the videos were really lame low quality bullshit. Just teenage girls going "Uhm…YEAH!" and dribbled on about nonsense. Basically having a little free reign before the handlers stepped in to control almost every aspect of their lives while the careers took off.

No. 1183226

I remember it. Miley and her friend Mandy made parody videos if Demi and Selena’s vids and made fun of them (particularly Demi), because Miley was going through a rough time because of Nick and JB. Nick was also interested in Selena at this time, to add fuel to the fire. What’s gross about this though is that Demi, Selena, and Miley were all young teenagers but Mandy was an adult groupie who hung around Miley and encouraged the bullying.

Iirc it was rumored Miley had been drinking (Maybe as an excuse? But this was around the “start” of her Bad Girl phase) and Demi was known to be depressed around this time, so it effected her significantly. iirc Demi has stated she was self harming at that time.

No. 1183260

File: 1615610251556.jpeg (315.96 KB, 1125x1217, 27DC8076-1031-4517-999D-D506F4…)

I don’t really know much about either of these two, but this is definitely a turn of events.

No. 1183267

this chick provided context to the videos.

No. 1183288

File: 1615610984511.png (646.24 KB, 1438x879, Screenshot (149).png)

Still trying to be relevant through politics

No. 1183342

She's already been married three times. Not shocked she can't keep a relationship. I'm surprised it's only been 4 years tbh. Feel like I've been hearing about these two has-beens for much longer.

No. 1183362

Well she was one of Miley’s background dancers, not just some random adult groupie

No. 1183365

This woman is possibly the biggest catfish of any celebrity. Like looks like a totally different person in normal pics

No. 1183385

Do y'all think she got the herp from him? he's one of the well-known Hollywood spreaders. Supposedly he gave it to Jessica alba too. He's like a male Paris Hilton.

No. 1183386

File: 1615625853757.jpg (77.89 KB, 503x694, emilyratatat.jpg)

I could never tell whether she's constantly pursing her lips because she thinks it looks good or because she lost feeling in her lips because of all the fillers

No. 1183387

Don’t forget Amber Heard

No. 1183391

File: 1615627120678.jpg (67.78 KB, 1163x180, emilyratatouille.jpg)

I found this old blind item about her and I want this to be true so bad kek

No. 1183410

She's just an ascended insta model; she's really lucky she was in the Blurred Lines video.

No. 1183439

lmao I hope this is legit