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File: 1527060197035.jpg (105.05 KB, 1352x873, owOwhatdisfatty.jpg)

No. 522088

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>518603

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay

Twitter: N/A, banned x2

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off

>Remembers she's lipstick lesbians with Vamplettes and is milking it
>Antares continues to create shit costumes for her
>Is GoInG 2 BlIzZcOn MuH DuDes!!!
>Went to jiu jitsu to try and get some Overtflow dick
>She is changing her Patreon goals to make her stats change
>Being too fat for a generic weeaboo neko bikini and stretching it out is kawaii!
>Dresses up as Francis Drake, goes to historical boat museum, starts shooting her shitty sets and gets kicked out since !surprise! you need permission to do that! Butthurt the worker at the museum was "cold" to her
>Goes to visit Nicoletters. Later that night, tries to deadlift Nicoletters, but drops her. Her new slave even made Chi-Chi for her! How sweet!
>Organizing a Angel Mort Cafe group for Anime Expo
>posts to a Cosplay Commission group that she needs Tamamo Ears, won't commission the person who made the ears in the pictures she snatched from instagram??

No. 522094

I honestly dont understand why she thought the figurine chichi would be more flattering on her. It just makes her look so wide with tiny stub feet

No. 522095

File: 1527061676047.png (273.21 KB, 346x654, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 12.48…)

No. 522099

File: 1527063309063.png (634.25 KB, 931x594, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 1.15.…)

No. 522100

calling it now, she's not going to adjust the ponytail height

No. 522110

File: 1527066713379.png (1.33 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-05-23-02-11-31…)

No. 522111

I know it's still in the sewing stages but you can already tell the sleeves are going to be way too small for momokun's donkey kong arms, I can't wait to see this disaster.

No. 522112


Also the shoulder width seems…implausible.

No. 522113


I get the feeling that might not be for Moomoo but if it is. Oh boy it's going to be a dumpster fire

No. 522125

File: 1527074916722.jpeg (135.32 KB, 675x960, kobayashi.jpeg)

It's for Tohru, Moo is doing Lucoa

No. 522134

Wait wait wait…. is she using a regular hair brush? Everyone knows that you don't use ballended brushes on wigs, you use wide tooth combs because it'll fuck with the plastic. This is probably why her wigs always look messed up.

No. 522135

this thread opener is fucking terrible, OP.

No. 522137

From the previous thread >>522050
, I can't get over that she sewed on the bias tape for chichi at least 3 times now and it's still rippling.

I don't understand why Vamp's isn't just making this herself. This is within her skill range and her skill is equal to, if not better then Antares. I guess the excuse is time, but still.

No. 522140

the pic is hilarious though

No. 522142


Baseless guessing but maybe Vamp doesn't care enough about this group cosplay so she'd rather have someone else do it. At least the person doing it looks competent rather than moo making it and having it looking like cowshit

No. 522143

File: 1527086676617.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180522-080859.png)

No. 522144

File: 1527086698834.png (647.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-080907.png)

No. 522145

Why is she in a fucking tub?

No. 522146

Should have used the majin pic because it was digusting and hilarious and didnt need a bad edit.

No. 522148

agree. the current one doesn't even make any sense.

No. 522149

yall shoulda made the thread then huh

No. 522150

File: 1527088579309.jpeg (247.94 KB, 1242x1213, 90D401AA-8366-49A9-97B4-F708BC…)

Looks like she’s back to buying pledges - she was at 600 at the start of the month and is at 734 now, that’s her biggest jump in months. There’s absolutely no way those shitty Majin “previews” brought in 135 people - her goal also hasn’t gone up THAT much which makes me think she can only afford to buy herself 1$ patrons right now

No. 522157

Maybe she will now that you posted this, I remember she used to tweet shit people were talking about in the past while acting like it's a coincidence

No. 522158

Love the op picture. Saw it on my phone thought she was cosplaying Kirby. Or the sta puffed marshmallow man.

No. 522165

File: 1527093835546.png (1.15 MB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2018-05-23-09-43-16…)

No. 522166

It's her latest fucked up borderline ddlg foot fetish shit that's raking in the money. I would like to think she is being a fake and buying pledges herself, but Moo's fans are the lowest of degenerates and would pay anything to see her produce more trashy content.

No. 522169

File: 1527094527535.jpeg (55.1 KB, 345x653, 068C09E1-737B-4235-A365-642E18…)

If she is such a bug self proclaimed dbz fan why is she making a totally non-canon version of chichi’s outfit based on an oversexualized figurine series that many fans dislike for how out of character the outfits are for the women? She boasted about liking “strong female characters” in that shitty pannel she did a while back about female cosplayers/gamers yet she always reduces every strong female to an OOC sex object.
Also why didnt she go to the dragon ball con in texas she was talking about a while back? She flew all the way to texas to shoot with those two nobodies bishojo mom and momoakuma but can’t go for the con of a series she has a tattoo of?

No. 522171

File: 1527094737411.jpeg (70.09 KB, 750x348, 668990DC-CC5D-40ED-9E71-225440…)

Reminder that even her female followers believe everything she tells them.

No. 522173

Moo hasn't gone to any Dragonball focused cons this year at all it seems. Probably too chicken to show her face amongst actual dedicated fans or thinks she should have been invited as a guest instead as she's such a super fan as she claims when we all know that's a massive lie.

No. 522178

Nah fam. She jumped 66 patrons between yesterday and today. Her foot fetish stuff only got her a gain of 45 patrons and that was over the span of 5 days. She had actually dropped 3 patrons yesterday after droppin. (source: graphtreon)

Also today I noticed that she finally updated that her discord is closed and edited some of the reward information. I'm fairly certain she changed it yesterday because it was still there when I was lurking the majin posts. If people were backing from the foot fetish shoot then she would have gone up a lot more percentage wise since that set is a minimum of a $10 tier so that would have to be a minimum of $600 even after the patreon fees and her percentage didnt go up that much. Unless someone big shared her patreon yesterday and we've all missed it there's no way she would randomly get a jump of 66 people in a single day.

No. 522187


Didnt she mention she was gonna do to that DBZ con that passed? The one Susu and Bunny attended.

No. 522190

I don't think so

No. 522191

Because even dim witted Moo knows her entire value to her neckbeards is as a fat thot. She was desperately seeking a ripped Goku to shoot with her at the con, she's absolutely planning some degenerate lewd shoot for that shitty dress.

No. 522194

File: 1527098360767.png (183.84 KB, 472x581, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 10.59…)

repost since it was already here but scuba fabric?

No. 522197

It's a heavy-weight (heh) stretch material. Not really wetsuit material. It also covers up underwear lines pretty well, so I can bet forest-kun will be put to good use.

No. 522198

then make the pants, moo.

No. 522199

by cartooony she meant simplistic which means lazy

like how crunch = procrastinating till the last minute

No. 522201

Kinpatsu uses scuba for most of her sewing, might be where she got the idea from?

No. 522202

Moo has been cribbing a lot from her lately, not to mention sucking up to her in general. Looking for a new Mommy perhaps? Or simply trying to get back into Jessica's good graces by licking the ass of one of her friends?

No. 522211

Probably won't so she can use it for Sango as well as Chichi
She didn't even need a ponytail wig, its a low ponytail so she could have just used her Rin wig without the slips or another black bangs wig she has

No. 522212


No. 522213

Actually the panel was about "strong female characters" and Moo thought it was supposed to be about "female cosplayers/gamers" which is why she only talked about herself and cosplays she has done.
Sorry for no real contribution but you got it backwards and it just goes to show how self centered she is and how she doesn't actually give a shit about female characters

No. 522214

Yes, it’s called kamehameha-con. Moo posted about it on her twitter and made a big deal about it a while back. Probably wanted to try to leech a guest spot.

No. 522215

I take it she’s not going to colossalcon this year? I’m staying with some of our mutuals and have never actually gotten to meet moo in real life yet. Was really hoping I’d finally get to tbh

No. 522217

??? this isn't 16k you idiot. it's around 6k if that.

No. 522219

The $$$ is REALLY off on graphtreon, don’t trust it. It’s estimating using numbers from when her dollar amount was visible and she was really successful. She has more patrons now but lost SO many of her big dollar patrons. But graphtreon estimates like she still has tons of neck beards in her 500$ tier

No. 522220

She's not actually earning 16k a month anon. Number of followers doesnt automatically equal amount made. She's been losing a lot of her $50 and up tiers because she hasn't been actually fulfilling those rewards (looking through the comments on her patreon kinda prove that. So it's more likely that she's earning quite a ways below 10k at this point since most of her patrons will be between $10 and $35

Lots of her $50 patrons backed down because that was the discord tier and there are still going to be a lot of $1 tiers no matter who the creator is. No matter what she's earning below $10k because we know her calendar tier was originally $10k and even still since then there was pretty much proof of her lowering the amount for that tier because her percentage toward the goal jumped up without any change in patron numbers.

No. 522221

A bunch of costhots like Nigri are considering hitting up Colossalcon East instead since it is now trendy to lament just how crowded the original con has become. We're thinking Moo is going to follow suit, as she has her Peruvian Misadventure lined up for next month.

No. 522226

Her body looks like play doh. What the fuck filter is she using? Or is it the lighting? Regardless, she looks like a weird lump of plasticine.

No. 522231

Nice ham hock arms. Jesus Christ, she’s approaching Tess Holliday levels so delusion.

No. 522241

File: 1527109966222.png (151.33 KB, 720x695, Screenshot_20180523-170857.png)

No. 522243

And I'm sure they wish you would have told them in advance.

No. 522244

File: 1527110104818.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180524-001414.png)

"liftint" again. her deadlifts are okay, but deadlifts are easy. she's still squatting like a noob.

No. 522245

File: 1527110122064.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180524-001424.png)

No. 522246

Why would she do a back view like this? She looks like a wide midget with a peanut head.

No. 522248

She was literally paying muh dudes. Why shouldn't she have the freedom to run around a historic ship with her tits hanging out and using it as her personal space for however long she chooses. There is not a more self entitled bitch on the planet than momo. She's in Vegas right? Don't they still have that pirate ship in front of one of the casinos? Why didn't she try her bullshit there? Because she knows better that's why. What a dumbass.

No. 522249

And it's all thighs, no ass.

No. 522250

Not an experienced weight lifter but her feet do NOT look far enough apart. My knees hurt looking at this.

No. 522255

>I'm literally PAYING
for private admission, moo. What you were trying to do was hold a commercial photography event without the necessary permits or reservations. No wonder the staff were "rude". They even have a linked section on their site if you could have been assed to read it.


No. 522257

Someone can check, but places like that normally charge a fee if you want to sell your prints since it's considered commercial photography, normally why you need to speak to a coordinator or park manager for photoshoots, especially in open to the public parks. She can get into legal trouble if there is.

No. 522259

Just like the My Oppa thing, she couldn't be assed to read or scroll through the website cause she's an absolute dumbass.

No. 522260


Yeah, they have to charge more because it affects their insurance too. But Moo is dumb as shit and self-absorbed, so of course she only thinks about how it affects her, and not the business she's shooting at. She's such a professional.

No. 522261

She contradicted herself. When she got kicked off the ship(still laughing my ass off over that) she said that she didn't know that you had to reserve a spot. Now she's saying that she paid.

You can't even keep up with the lies you tell within a five day span, Moo.

No. 522263

she thought that because she paid the 18bux for general admission (and everyone else omg!!!!1!) she didn't have to go through the entire process for reserving it since in her mind "cosplay photoshoot =/= commercial photography"?

No. 522264

moo's a professional alright. a professional bitch. that's probably what her double major is about. she's majoring in being a bitch and a cunt.

No. 522268

she's trying to use paying as an excuse now cause she realized she looks dumb. she never mentioned it before as a defense. anyway, lucky for us this place doesn't give a shit about nobodies like moo, and will set her straight if she complains. even if she claims the staffer was rude, this kind of place makes money off of tourist visits and moo would have had to pay for the reservation separately. they're basically going to tell her tough shit and to reserve next time.

No. 522271

almost wish I could have been there to see them get kicked off. it must've been so embarrassing

No. 522272

File: 1527114083630.jpg (116.5 KB, 1080x1350, 32135599_2380779025481672_8580…)

wtf is she doing?

and whats with her earlier bs talk: "less lewds". she gave up really fast on that

No. 522274

Nice pic for ramadan eh totes muslim girl? This is haram on so many levels I can't even count them all.

No. 522277

File: 1527115227285.jpeg (Spoiler Image,732.78 KB, 959x1521, 312273BF-5B52-4AE7-8F3C-D60821…)


looks like she can’t hide her handles.

No. 522278

Jesus how is she so just so, dumb? Just because you paid an entry fee onto the ship does not automatically make it YOUR SET. There were probably other guests there and all her ~professional equipment and entourage~ was most likely ruining their experience that they paid for as well. Its not rocket science to book something like this ahead of time, why is that so hard for her to get? Is she that stuck up her own butt where she thinks she can go anywhere and people have to drop everything for her?

No. 522280


No. 522288


The world revolves around Moo. Everyone must stop for the cosplay queen my dudes.

No. 522293

Jesus she looks like a old saggy grandma here. Also did she smear the frosting all over her and was like "Yea that looks great!"

No. 522294

File: 1527116829449.jpeg (672.94 KB, 750x1103, 1526596695276.jpeg)

>the guy was rude

I thought they were the most amazing crew, you lying sack of shit.

No. 522297

I think she meant “crew” as in her photog and whoever else was present

No. 522298

File: 1527117075360.png (73.68 KB, 720x491, 1526624399419.png)

>I paid for everyone to get on

Do you really expect for anyone to believe that, Saint Mariah? It doesn't even look like you brought a wallet and if it was just one person on the ship and they weren't having any of your shit, who did you give the money to? Where was your receipt if you did it online? Trying to get on for free is exactly what you would do.

On another note, she said no one was was there but as you see in the screenshot, the lying idiot said that an event was going on.

She makes it so damn easy to catch her in her lies. All you have to do is use her own replies against her.

No. 522304

seems like there's a toll booth at the front of the pier where all the ships are docked

it does not seem like they had any event going on unless it was a private affair…like someone else actually going through the proper channels and reserving the boats

No. 522310

File: 1527119052831.jpeg (76.33 KB, 600x811, E9A98488-7F13-402D-85B1-CAE0FD…)

>sitting with hunched forward posture, her sagging, pendulous udders resting atop her bloated thighs

No. 522319

>they asked us to leave but I paid admission!!
>we didn't reserve it and an event was going on

Those lies, Moomoo. They always bite you in the flabby ass.

No. 522322

tfw youre confused as of if this picture was edited by an anon or she put it online like this

No. 522326


No. 522331


Can someone PLEASE already call her out on using uncredited fanart for lineup pictures?
Some people would say she's done worse shit than this and I agree but I've seen SO many artists on twitter do PSAs like "please don't use fanart for your cosplay lineups without permission or credit" and many cosplayers got shit for it but not her? Why is she always going by unharmed?!


Just a fat midget with gorilla arms any tiny stump legs, nothing else to see here. (Why in GOD'S name would ANYONE EVER post a pic like this of themselves in public?!)


To end this on a positive note, I think her body paint of this cosplay looks really good (I was expecting 2011 Homestuck cosplay-tier bodypaint, really). Too bad that's not even her doing. Oh well!

No. 522338

File: 1527124674270.png (135.25 KB, 720x793, Screenshot_2018-05-23-18-16-30…)

What the fuck

No. 522339

File: 1527124692379.png (126.07 KB, 720x857, Screenshot_2018-05-23-18-17-00…)

No. 522342

File: 1527125838606.jpg (69.5 KB, 870x1072, mitsuki cringe.jpg)

wew, these are some fans you got here Moo

No. 522343

Out of all the cosplayer fan bases I see, Moo's fans are the worst and just vile. They just have no shame in anything they post and have this rabid dog mentality if you speak up against her. She addresses none of it either, cause you know it's just a part of life to openingly talk about how you bust a nut over some fucked up fantasy involving her. She thinks it's hilarious and feeds into it all the time. Moo you're just disgusting. Don't whine about how you want to be taken seriously as a professional when you are the purest of filth.

No. 522352

A total lack of self awareness is not the same thing as confidence. Neither is stupid attention whoring. It's becoming pretty obvious that moo just isn't very smart at all. But on the plus side she will have no problem at all transitioning into porn. You do you right moomoo?

No. 522366

File: 1527132374518.png (292.59 KB, 347x653, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 8.26.…)

So why couldnt she ask Vamp to make her ears?

No. 522367

About time you started covering that witch nose, Vamp.

No. 522379

Right?? That's Moo's cosplay room after all isn't it?

No. 522380

File: 1527139055203.png (10 KB, 285x100, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 10.17…)

Where she'll be hiding

No. 522381

I wanna see the tragedy that is that dress in HD anons

No. 522382

Because these are hideous

No. 522388

Still, Vamp is a pretty willing slave. Why not just tell her to make them and then avoid the drama of her stealing designs.

No. 522395

File: 1527141999994.png (254.45 KB, 346x650, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 11.06…)

No. 522396

Who's ready to not pay for a badge

No. 522398

Please stop coming to my state

No. 522401

File: 1527144039406.png (275.02 KB, 350x654, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 11.40…)

No. 522402

File: 1527144102533.png (286.01 KB, 351x651, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 11.41…)

buying monster as she waits for Vamp

No. 522404

Moo drink water ffs! No wonder your skin is such shit! You are going to sacrifice all of your young skin elasticity to the Monster gods…ugh.

No. 522405

I was wondering what was so off about her and her cheeks are just…so droopy now, for someone as young as she is that's so pitiful.

No. 522410


Linguistics major, everyone.

No. 522417

The combination of drinking next to no water, and taping the sides of her face up for hours and hours at a time… of course it's going to give you hideous jowls.

No. 522418


And does wonders for anxiety too

No. 522419

I think this may be the first time seeing her wearing makeup outside of cosplay…ever…

No. 522422

We mentioned it in the last thread and now she finally does it.

No. 522426

Unsurprisingly it barely helps any, but hey lol.

No. 522428

In awe at the size of this lad

No. 522430

Holy shit this was like an optical illusion I seriously thought her legs were backwards or something cause of how much of a blob she is

No. 522431

Cause even moo knows they're ugly

No. 522432

>Drinking monster at 11pm


No. 522441

>Company’s use of the Property … boarding one or more of Owner’s vessels, Company shall obtain $5,000,000.00 of Commercial General Liability Coverage insurance. This policy shall cover both dockside use and offshore use … provide Owner with a copy of said policy 48 hours before the commencement of the Agreement.
She was never ever going to be permitted to do this.

No. 522448

File: 1527163106278.jpg (337.3 KB, 1018x681, 1527132451583.jpg)

Moo shoulda held off on swimsuit Drake for two weeks; the canon one would have let her wear forest-kun.

No. 522450

Has Moo said if she's going to Colossalcon next week? Need to warn my friends to avoid her.

No. 522453


And she could have hid her gut.

No. 522456

What's the point of doing fem Haida if she could've just done Fenneko? I guess they really wanna push the whole ~gf~ thing.

No. 522458

I… Isn't that what wearing forest-kun means?

EW what the ever loving fuck?!?! This is disgusting, what the fuck is wrong with her? Last I checked Buu didn't eat like a pig with food shit all over his body.

No. 522462

You left out the part where she reffers to herself as “the best girlfriend ever.” Seems anons comments about her being perpetually single got to her lol

No. 522463

File: 1527172454753.jpeg (292.99 KB, 877x530, 8D95E1F7-8468-4C82-A559-2862D8…)

That’s some major denial there Mariah.

No. 522467

She keeps forgetting she's supposed to be dating Vamp but whines and cries about being single. Vamp doesn't count as a real lover because she's a chick

No. 522468

I’d really respect that if it were true in the slightest.

No. 522471

>going to

that ship has sailed anon (but moo PAID to be on it! her skin is so rude)

No. 522472

Good, she needs it to hide how horribly hideous she looks. Now she just looks horrible

No. 522477

File: 1527183020867.png (333.07 KB, 812x591, Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 10.30…)

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow LOOK AT THAT BELLY THO

No. 522480

She’s … arching her back to try to appear thinner but she’s dangerously close to looking like Arin Hanson doing that neck roll thing

No. 522481

File: 1527183305881.png (195.6 KB, 352x653, Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 10.33…)

Sorry anon she was with Overtflow so she wore makeup

No. 522482

File: 1527183317847.png (297.63 KB, 346x656, Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 10.34…)

No. 522483

File: 1527183330898.png (124.88 KB, 343x652, Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 10.33…)

No. 522484

Are these the shorts from her Cindy cosplay? Lmao

No. 522485

No. 522486

lol this photo shop is shit

the colours are kinda nice tho.

No. 522490

File: 1527184383097.jpg (80.45 KB, 812x591, shorts1718.jpg)

No. 522491

she looks waaaay bigger now wtf

No. 522493

Yeah, just check her head-shoulders ratio, she's fucked beyond repair

No. 522498

At least last year she was able to close those shorts. Knowing how bad she looked in them from non shopped photos I really hope someone snaps a candid.

No. 522500

The whole neck is gone, lads

No. 522501

Yep, they're fucking. How does it feel to be a piece of meat to pork on the side and never know actual love, Moo?

No. 522503

I'm the one who posted the comparison. I literally only looked it up to see if she buttoned them.

I think it's also telling how much fat is smoothed out or whatever. It's obvious by where her belly button is

No. 522504

lol what a fucking loser. (both of them. him more literally - fucking a loser)

No. 522507

File: 1527185540743.gif (145.03 KB, 475x548, overlay.gif)

poorly made gif comparision

No. 522511

Damn. And we thought this Cindy cosplay was bad. I didn't think her thighs could get bigger. The cow keeps outdoing herself!

No. 522548

File: 1527189141896.jpeg (83.42 KB, 750x719, A621542F-4DC4-4246-97FC-6AB780…)

When you see it …

No. 522551

File: 1527189308214.png (1.08 MB, 1168x831, mariah cat.png)

every time i saw op i couldn't help but want to draw her dumb face

No. 522553

File: 1527189764526.jpg (103.67 KB, 1200x900, CsLygN8UsAAtIHg.jpg)


I know she loves H3H3 but the tribute wasn't worth losing her chin for.

No. 522565

File: 1527190590674.png (1.38 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-05-24-12-35-51…)

No. 522568

Time for Black Bra-chan to make her 500th public appearance this year! Gambatte yo, you poor, abused garment!

No. 522572

I know that many anons have complained about the drawing anons in the past but I actually enjoy them once on a while (there was a time when everyone did it thatnwas annoying)

No. 522580

File: 1527195139698.png (1013.82 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-24-13-51-42…)

No. 522581

Cosplaying a middle aged walmart greeter? Best OC she has ever done by far!

No. 522591

Can she stop pretending these are her legit glasses ffs
Additionally, the shape does her no favors. She should go for something more angular to counterbalance her already round face. Or is this just part of her "irl Mei" schtick?

No. 522592

lol I can't wait to see this 'fitted' on her

No. 522594

inb4 she tries to claim this wasnt shooped. Her skin has been so blurred you have to squint to see her forced 3bra cleavage.

No. 522599

Fake glasses-chan has replaced flannel-chan.

No. 522606

No she wore Flannel-chan earlier in the week. Fake glasses-chan has always been a go to when she doesn't want to put effort in. Remember she wore them constantly when she did the Granny Ombre hair.

No. 522619

Let's not forget the ever present stink-chan.

No. 522623

The mustache was a nice touch anon

No. 522640

Disgusting lack of awareness on this neckbeard's part, disgusting that she leaves it up there and is taking it as some sort of sick compliment.

No. 522642

File: 1527204071878.png (982.84 KB, 1024x768, 826CC467-85DD-4E97-B354-410937…)

She has a wide-set vagina

No. 522652

Any attention is a good thing to dumbass. Why do you think she lurks here so much?

No. 522657

File: 1527209963350.png (1.12 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-05-24-17-59-05…)

No. 522658

is this retard for real?

No. 522660

She's about as Muslim as Miranda.

No. 522663

god, i fucking thought it was her. its sabrina or whatever, isnt it?

No. 522665

What even is she doing? Being edgy at some Restaurant's alter?

No. 522671

That's our Moo. Note the shitty hair and unwashed teal sweater
She acts like a 15 year old

No. 522672

ok, saying 'as miranda' threw me off
because im very tired and thought that was her name

sorry for my stupidity

i think shes doing that stupid fat man squat prayer meme she loves

No. 522673

She looks like bodyposipanda’s autistic sister here

No. 522674

Ahh ok, I wasn't sure since that's suppose to be in reference to either asscrack or booty be good

No. 522676

It's not enough for her to insult her own supposed religion. She has to make an ass of herself and insult someone elses too.

No. 522679

welp, I already know what I want thread 62's OP image to be

No. 522682

>"Jeebus blease get me more stupid neckbe- I mean loyal patrons so I can afford more lipo and a blepharoplasty thank you amen"

No. 522686

I hope dumbass did this before ordering. Her meal was probably seasoned with copious amounts of rat droppings.

No. 522692

She’s def high off her ass atm (that’s a wax pen not a nicotine vape) so gif anon might be worth saving this before she sobers up and deletes it

No. 522697

She even says in the clip that she’s “praying before she smokes the devils lettuce”

No. 522700

I'm sure she'll deny it as soon as she can, or "Just kidding my dudes!!!" "I'm tots straight and narrow!"

No. 522744

Man, the amount of shoop to make her smooth is kinda mind blowing.

No. 522746

Wow, she can't even button up those shorts anymore. They even had a few inches of room before. I've been noticing that she has been gaining weight slowly over the last few months, but coudln't really tell due to all of the shopping, but this confirms it.

No. 522751

Rip Moo's neck

No. 522752

This takes my disdain for her up a level. I wish someone would finally put her in her fucking place about the religion bullshit. Why is everyone so fucking scared of her? Lovely way to be spending Ramadan you idiot bitch.

No. 522753


I have tried lol, I’m Muslim and I’ve put her in her place. She blocked me in return.

No. 522761

I'll be at Fanime this weekend; I'll see if I can check her costumes out in person. I'm dying to see Forest-kun in the flesh!

No. 522801

File: 1527248120215.jpeg (645.75 KB, 1346x1571, 11FEF8FE-692A-4FF8-B457-8D58AE…)

First part is kind of cringe but basically sums up moo’s shit life in the second blog post he writes.

No. 522806


It's good advice but she won't listen - its not like its anything that hasn't been written here a hundred times before. Like all lolcows, she thinks she special and different and that she is going to be the exception (I haven't heard "princess syndrome" before, but it seems to apply).

Everyone does dumb things, but lolcows never learn from their mistakes and that's what makes them lolcows.

No. 522827

This whole thing is cringe and no one is going to listen to him
Most of this felt like a self jerk to make themselves look better tbh.

No. 522832

>>522827 Even if it is cringe, he isn't wrong in the last part of it at least. It's crazy to think she's only 22 years old and she won't be relying on this forever, yet acts like she will be. 22 is nothing in the eyes of the real world, I am waiting popcorn in hand for her to have to face reality one day and try to merge back into society when this whole thing flops for her.I'll also be waiting for when/if she chooses to do porn. But based on how she reacts to people just staring at her on the beach in shorts and a tank top, I can't imagine her being comfortable with a stranger waving his dick in her face.

No. 522839

She'll never do "actual" porn, as in with a company. Thats actually work believe it or not. No, she'll sucker in one of her cosplay soyboys and try to go the Kardashian route. Or camming. Or manyvids. Whatever she can do to NOT have to get up at normal hours or put down her damn phone

No. 522845

Literally never.

No. 522855

This. and of the content they produce a
'reputable' porn company wouldn't touch Moo with a 50 foot pole. She's far too much of a liability. They do have rules, and don't really go for scandals. Her being high/drunk/manic 90% of the time would be a instant no for any company. Amateur probably wouldn't care, but like said. If she's freaking about people looking at her on a beach. She'll be even worse with a room full of cameras/random dude dick. Moo if anything will go for camming. Doesn't she follow cam girls already?

No. 522859

moo likely was just pretending she cared about people at the beach to seem relatable.

No. 522862

Just because you follow a certain person with a particular job doesn't mean you can easily transition into that job. Yeah, it's probably a easy move from cosplay """lewds""" to porn but she won't upkeep her userbase. There is something about Patreon where their purchases are more concealed than a camming site or a straight up porn hosting site. Plus her rates might go UP because some sites are still split rate. Who knows, she might get sick of it all and get an actual job?

No. 522864

I sometimes cant tell when her "LOL SO RANDUM" moments are do to her being high or just being annoying/craving for attention.

Like when she spit water all over herself or just runs around like an idiot in people's snap stories.

No. 522872

Am I the only one confused why she’s wearinf Tamamo to AX instead of the ball gown she just got? Why wouldn’t you wear something more impressive to such a big con. There’s going to be a million other Tamamos there, doesn’t she want to stand out?

No. 522874

Because she wants to make it a competition.

No. 522876

She's probably doing it because someone on her long list of 'cosplayers who are better than me but I'm going to cosplay this anyway because then I can claim THEY'RE the ones who are being spiteful behind the scenes' is/was planning her. Also she's losing money every day anon how is she going to afford the luggage for that gown???

No. 522879

she can just shove it in a suitcase like she does everything else, kek

No. 522893

Both AX and Fanime are in Cali, it’s no difference she doesn’t even need a suit case when she can throw it in the back of a car.

No. 522914

Everything she does is for attention. And did you ever notice that she really has no sense of humor? So she doesn't know how to be funny. She thinks that being loud and destructive in public is funny. She thinks that running around like a child and shrieking is funny. It's not.

No. 522919

Her only frames of reference are memes, anime, and randum Youtubers like H3H3, it is really sad and highlights how horrible she is to be around unless you're high off of your ass.

No. 522922

File: 1527283388549.jpeg (583.7 KB, 750x1107, A9FFF948-B86B-43C4-8EEF-467F3E…)

No. 522923

holy shit forest kun ganbatte

No. 522924

File: 1527283549997.png (460 KB, 985x540, 1512155781188.png)

What the actual fuck is going on with Moo's eye holy shit

No. 522925

she's wearing two different contact colours… i think?

No. 522926

How can she breathe!

No. 522928

Corset Chan returns

No. 522929

she is, and one of them is a 'cat eye' model because lucoa has different eyes and all that shit. they look awful

No. 522931

File: 1527284259423.jpg (110.52 KB, 697x1034, yzma.jpg)

Yzma, is that you?

No. 522935

Honest question for anons that know more about corsets than I do: how the fuck is it physically possible for her to cinch her waist in like that? How does she make like 15 inches disappear off her waist? Wouldn't she be in severe pain and unable to breathe?

No. 522937

lmao now if only she could look like that through idk diet and exercise…i wonder how many of her furiously masturbating fans will think she really looks like this from lifting a couple weights

yeah doesn't it um crush your organs

No. 522938

Gremlette and Sausagekun at your service!

The gremlin on the left is getting a little on the wide side like her friend. There's so much wrong with Moo in this that it's gonna be a long ass list.

>Her right eye(our left) is out of control

>Has a double dorito chin
>Abusing that corset and you can see the imprint of it through the dress
>Probably didn't shower but gonna wear a mini-dress anyway to repel sniper photographers with her stank
>Channeling her inner Michael Jackson with that nose
>Straight up looks like a sausage that got put in the microwave and ready to burst

No. 522941

in my opinion that photo is edited. i do tl and even when i push the hardest i can cinch SO BADLY. like she lost 1/3 of her middle part thats absurd.

No. 522943

Looks like Roxy taught Moo the secret of the dorito chin! Much like another anon pointed out though, lol, this bitch is so big, she has a family sized bag's worth of it.

No. 522944

File: 1527285183424.gif (1.2 MB, 337x600, DB32325A-4FD0-41E2-B139-6CF9F8…)

god her body. ass has to be hanging out right?

No. 522947

If she truly cinched that tight that's not safe. There's a reason there's corset training. Especially if that's steel boned. Which I'm guessing it is. And knowing Moo she's too stupid not to stuff her face with food while wearing.

No. 522948

what ass are you speaking of?

No. 522950

holy shit she is actually cinched that much. bitch will faint or worse.

No. 522952

Should we start a Moo fainting countdown?

No. 522953

It would be pretty fucking ironic considering what happened at AX last year. I think Moo will get out of this costume in a hurry once she's done making her rounds of begging for photos.

No. 522956

if she does i hope that ex friend has a laugh, but moo will just m i l k i t

No. 522957

Good, can't wait for that to happen. After abandoning her friend who binded too tightly, it would be her just deserts.

Let the idiot fool people at her own expense. Her body's already very lumpy, this will just make it worse haha.

No. 522958

Don't insult Yzma like that.

No. 522959

File: 1527286326053.png (767.69 KB, 737x497, waste.png)


her waist is smaller than vamp's in this pic. who is she trying to fool?

No. 522963

Yes. Unable to breathe, sit, or bend. She is only doing this tight lacing for a few minutes at a time. This could also be shooped.

No. 522964

That's gonna ride up so bad and I can't even imagine how much back fat is splilling out. She'll be in her sweats in like an hour

No. 522968

she is doing the maid one anon

No. 522978

Looking at this makes me feel like I'm suffocating Jesus Christ

No. 522984

Did she try contouring her chin? It looks like there's a brown line on the side of her face.

No. 522988

That's her double dorito chin.

No. 522992


contour & tape is making her face look all kinds of weird

No. 522995

Damn vamp. Get a freaking nose job already. That beak of yours is only going to look worse as you get older.

No. 523005

File: 1527289097830.png (1.09 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-05-25-15-34-09…)

No. 523006

File: 1527289118732.png (950.21 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-05-25-15-35-03…)

No. 523007

File: 1527289143529.png (873.36 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-25-15-34-26…)

No. 523008

Corsets only go as far as your body allows. Fat shifts and relocates i.e her horrible back boobs. Her NATURAL waist is thin because her body should be naturally thin, it literally just shows you how fat she is. overtime corsets can alter your ribs too but thats not the case. Its hard to breathe because you can't expand your rib cage if your corset is too tight. You can't bend your body because the metal in the corsets don't allow you too.

No. 523010

If Vamp's top wasn't purposefully made too small, it would look better. Honestly, Vamps top should be longer and bigger so she couldve made her breast look larger but nope. Gotta make Moo look good right Vamp?

No. 523011

She looks mentally challenged here.

No. 523012

is she ALREADY out of cosplay or is this before?

No. 523013

File: 1527289385824.png (670.24 KB, 720x865, Screenshot_2018-05-25-15-59-55…)

No. 523014


No. 523017

I've gotten silhouettes that extreme before but only for photos, never for longer than say, 45 mins. You can't breathe with your diaphragm when you're pulled in that tight, you can't sit comfortably for long and if she's running around a con, she's probably going to faint. Her ig post is edited tho, her waist is bigger than vamps in her story, even with forest-chan

No. 523018

Holy shit nightmare fuel, spoiler this shit omfg. Her lashes are atrocious, did she use layers of lashes like some drag queens?

Is she having a stroke?

No. 523019

this is frightening up close, what on earth

No. 523033

File: 1527290876918.gif (1.74 MB, 337x600, 9873D6EB-8E7A-4DE1-A6CF-196D1E…)

cool mom in motion

No. 523034

Her make up makes her look like a corpse

No. 523035

File: 1527291175714.jpg (22.57 KB, 450x467, amanda-bynes-dui-mug-shot__oPt…)


she looks like amanda bynes with her coke bloat

No. 523037

When will she learn to wear a lip color?? a subtle purple/pink would have been fine but her lips are literally the same color as the rest of her…

Also she's so famous there's no one anywhere near her despite her being in a group and people knowing what she was planning on wearing when.

No. 523039

And she was laughing at a random girl for having "dip-dye" hair……..

No. 523055

is she a guido again what the fuck is going on

and holy shit she looks mentally disabled. AGAIN.

No. 523058

stache still on point i see

No. 523065

I get that anime characters almost never have any lips at all even, so it sort of makes sense, but her concealer lips just look so disgusting and really highlight her mustache…

No. 523072

Her reputation proceeds her. Lots of whispering and pointing in her direction I would imagine.

No. 523075

Found Moo out front. I couldn't get a photo since she's literally surrounded by her calves. Elizabeth looks amazing. Shr, however, is wearing her corset soooo tight that her handlebars and merged down into her hips causing really gross discoloration and dimpling on her already mashed potatoes thighs.

No. 523082

>discoloration on thighs
holy fuck

No. 523084

…her nose looks like a pig snout

No. 523085


precedes, not proceeds

No. 523086

>coke bloat
doesn’t exist?

No. 523087


not the point?

No. 523092

don’t see why you would blame the bloating on something that wouldn’t cause it and has never been known to cause it. Alcohol is much more likely to be the culprit or moomoo just being a fat fuck

No. 523093

No. 523097

why this so so so random comment about elizabeth tho

No. 523099


i wasn't blaming moos bloat on coke. i was saying that moo looks like amanda bynes at her fattest and worst

No. 523108

she was saying amanda bynes has coke bloat in the pic she posted not that moo does.

No. 523109

File: 1527297043721.png (1.1 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-05-25-18-09-11…)

No. 523111

File: 1527297099985.png (1.16 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-05-25-18-09-28…)

The shadow makes it look like she ripped her sleeve

No. 523119

few things bother me as much as when people use saccharine pet names to appear more personal when talking to people they've never met.

fuck off with this "my love" shit, moo. you aren't a nice person. that shit turns my stomach.

No. 523121

Proving us wrong about not being able to sit in Forest-kun when you're that tightlaced, eh Moo? Enjoy your bruises tonight!

No. 523122

She looks like she's dying from trying to sit
Also somehow those horns are worse. At least the previous ones were the right color. These are so fat and grey.
Kinda like Moo

No. 523123

she is CLEARLY not breathing in this photo, anon

No. 523125

this wig could have looked so nice if moo didn't fuck up the gradient

No. 523131

File: 1527299245623.png (85.18 KB, 275x173, 1471572819824[1].png)


the profile of her face looks a bit like suzy in this shot

No. 523133

File: 1527299671707.png (1012.72 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-05-25-18-53-17…)

True bro nicoletters

No. 523134

File: 1527299693902.png (939.22 KB, 720x1148, Screenshot_2018-05-25-18-52-56…)

No. 523135


She looks like a bull on steroids

No. 523136

>at a con
>see this barreling towards you
>what do

No. 523140

File: 1527300074435.png (1.01 MB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2018-05-25-19-00-13…)

Looks faint

No. 523141

File: 1527300094310.png (1.11 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-25-19-00-30…)

No. 523143

File: 1527300635864.gif (1.77 MB, 337x600, F1979E70-56EC-4CD8-81E6-91B225…)

No. 523144

she looks like she needs to take a shit lmao

No. 523146

>in a crowded area
>not a single person trying to get pictures of her

and yet we'll still get a 'omg you guys were so amazing so many people weh weh weh' bullshit post on sunday or monday

No. 523147

She looks like a fat man dressed as a waitress.

She looks like a young mama June in the right photo.

Sometimes I wonder if Nicoletters is getting close to Moo so she can spill a ton of milk for the inevitable fallout.

No. 523148

Is it just me but does she seem to be hunched over since her selfie in the hotel with Vamp? The cinching pain has to be getting to her pretty hard.

No. 523156


Donkey Kong

No. 523158

I think its just her natural posture plus cincher but she looks in pain yeah

No. 523160

jfc, why are her fans so disgusting?! and she encourages their behavior.

Wow, those donkey kong shoulders are wild.

No. 523161

She's at a con but still lurking lolcow to prove her haturz wrong, she's going to overexert herself and faint with an earth shattering thump.

No. 523162

File: 1527302467329.png (611.5 KB, 720x495, Screenshot_2018-05-25-19-40-34…)

No. 523163

It's probably the sheer force of the corset draggin her down

She literally has an hourglass figure cus her shoulders are so broad. The cinched in waist really doesn't work when you emphasise your linebacker body

No. 523164

Jesus she looks awful. She looks 4 seconds from keeling over. And yea def hunching slightly. Good luck wearing any other cosplays after this.

No. 523170

It's her posture. Reminder as casual Saber with her backpack she was still hunched over like an old grandma.

No. 523171

File: 1527303709743.png (332.68 KB, 398x354, Lunchladyarms.png)

No. 523172

File: 1527303855202.jpeg (198.74 KB, 657x1135, 21B3B05D-0BEF-489A-B26B-7DDF1C…)

No. 523176

But… she wears a corset in casual saber as well?? She's never this hunched over when she's not wearing them. Yes her normal posture is very slouched but she's still mostly vertical Her body is at a full on angle whenever she wears a corset.

No. 523178

File: 1527304998993.jpg (14.34 KB, 320x320, 31150224_1895319370530586_6170…)

She was? I can't keep track. Yikes.

No. 523181

The first time she wore it you could see her back muffin topping through the blouse. Also it's the only way she can get near that 'skinny'. It's just not as flattering as the waitress costume cause the baggy top that still hugs her hammy figure just makes her arms look bigger whereas the baggy shorter sleeves makes her arms look thinner by comparison

No. 523188

>give my soul to the lord and await certain death via being crushed

No. 523190

Ugh her wig looks like it just LOST all of it's color towards the end. Like it just faded out. How can you fuck up something so simple as a gradient, moo?

No. 523204

Roll for initiative and hope for the best.

No. 523205

Man shes roleplaying a gelatinous cube? Ugh.

No. 523207

The difference between the two is that before she was in a non supportive sports bra and now she's in a super tight push up bra. Trust me at her weight&size bras like that can also affect breathing, she's fucking miserable while her clothes morph her body into the one she wishes for& tries to push with all the editing, tricks, and obvious brags

No. 523209

Like everything she does she has to always go too far. She has not done any waist training, her corset is not custom fitted, probably laced wrong, and is most likely not good quality. Made for show more than function. For her to be laced down this far she has to be in agony. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

No. 523212

i think her corset is from CC

No. 523216

cunt corset only really knows how to make shitty playboy bunny type corsets. she doesn't make real ones at all.

No. 523218

just seeing the top part of it in >>522959 it looks like a typical amazon one

No. 523221

seriously? with how much mariah brags about CC's prices i thought she did real ones

No. 523225

File: 1527313367561.jpeg (583.82 KB, 750x745, 54F5BF8F-6E00-4A7F-B8F7-CF283F…)

I want to see a video of her walking in this lmao, she had to be waddling

No. 523227

File: 1527313579583.jpeg (309.69 KB, 430x731, 36AD79AF-F127-4B18-BC39-A7D8E7…)

No. 523228

File: 1527313594004.jpeg (643.53 KB, 750x743, 979B4097-62A1-4489-A171-2FB640…)

No. 523229

File: 1527313612276.jpeg (503.07 KB, 750x731, CCBB52EE-00A6-403F-AC50-715027…)

No. 523234

Nah, I have one, they are steel boned and will cinch you in if you buy one of her higher end ones. There's no way moo could cinch down anywhere near what she did in an amazon corset. I'm pretty amazed that she was able to at all. It looks freaking unnatural. She'll probably crack a rib or something.

No. 523236

File: 1527314044020.png (617.67 KB, 843x591, Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 10.54…)

No. 523242

its so unnatural that looks like a bad shop. i think she will end up at the hospital.

No. 523247

Totttallllyy covering her tattoo for her cosplay, huh

No. 523251

File: 1527316275501.png (273.07 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 11.31…)

No. 523252

"I'm sleepy so I'm gonna drink some Monster and alcohol"

No. 523254

see this way she can smash the bulk of her tits into the center for cleavage and use her massive girth to make her boobs look bigger.

No. 523257

And to keep that skirt from riding up (which, it's already dangerously close to full ass and vagina exposure) she has to be walking with her legs together. The thigh chafe must be unreal.

No. 523272

It's probably already bad from her being obese.

No. 523274

how tf is she keeping her thigh highs up?

No. 523277

Probably glue. She's dumb enough to wear two pairs of contacts at one time and a tight fucking corset to keep up a lie, she's probably dumb enough to superglue thigh highs to her skin.

No. 523281

Either sock glue or, another common trick, is wearing flesh colored dance tights to make your “bare” legs look smooth, and the socks will stay up against them bc friction.

No. 523290

Completely wearing tights. Her thighs are extremely lumpy IE look at Cindy or her recent Drake

No. 523295

The one person in this photo who doesn't look comfortable makes this whole thing uncomfortable.

No. 523297

Everyone is forming a circle around her, must've been photog security

No. 523334

She wasnt wearing tights. I hovered for a long while. shes lumpy and discolored one her upper thighs.

No. 523348

I’m really sorry for OT, but who is the girl in the purple wig?

No. 523377

File: 1527334219548.jpg (546.92 KB, 750x743, momofixed.jpg)

Hi Momo,

If you need a photoshopper, holla me up. Just reply or email lolcow or something. I know you're technically supposed to actually lose physically weight, but I can give you extra time w that until the next time you're at a con.

I work for tendies and cash.(stop)

No. 523420

She's not in their group. I think she's Lilith from dark stalkers

Is that what you were asking?

No. 523421

If you mean on the right, they're cosplaying Lilith from Darkstalkers.

No. 523425

this isn't funny or good, anon. stop and leave.

No. 523433

No. 523438

I just want to point out that she still hasn’t entered the actual con again, that’s the lobby that everyone can hang out in. Everything is on the second floor and that requires a badge.

No. 523453

File: 1527351702741.png (1.83 MB, 1148x680, peace.png)

she at least HAD a badge, as shown in >>523225, not sure if she's sharing it with people.

also i know it's been said a lot but she really needs to switch up her poses a bit more. between the same pose and the corset she's looking extra stiff

No. 523489

lol can she even breathe

No. 523506

its like over stuffing a sausage, forest-chan is gonna pop n she's gonna melt

No. 523510

Does all she know how to do for a pose is make a peace sign? It’s almost as bad as
her “holding her hat” pose.

No. 523517

Tbh I want to know what kind of corsett she is using because dang that has to be some high quality stuff to hold that together

No. 523518

TBF I think in this case she probably can barely remember to pose. The pain she must be in lol. What's her cosplay for today anyway? If she managed to get dressed at all.

No. 523520

She could have used the platter prop she had for her other waitress. She could have at least looked somewhat on character then
I don't think Lucoa has ever done a peace sign, so she just looks overstuffed, hunched and out of character

No. 523522

Apparently Semiramis

No. 523523

she “didn’t have time” to make the waitress tray the first time so she borrowed someone else’s for that….she’s super busy anon

No. 523526

Shadae Akemii or whatever. Just a minor costhot who looks like a man in the face. She knows what Moo has done and still tries to kiss up to her because she wants to ride on their "fame"

No. 523566

Awesome, can't wait to see Moo's epic back tiddies in her new too-tight corset today! Beauty is pain, Moo!

No. 523576

close. her name is shae (queenakemii on instagram). went to lurk to see if there was any candids of moomoo but i don’t think she knows her. it looks like she’s friends with YJ though and if that’s the case i doubt she’d be friends with moo.

No. 523580

File: 1527364417479.png (362.38 KB, 256x740, Screenshot_2018-05-26-12-50-04…)

w i d e bloat

No. 523581

She cinched her waist to he the same size as her thigh.

No. 523584

Tbh this looks better than her other recent cosplays. Ain’t mad at it, her corset is working double shifts tho

No. 523586

File: 1527365116706.png (1.65 MB, 1280x1809, Lucoa_Stitched_Cap_(Miss_Kobay…)

her body matches lucoa's really well in this cosplay, too bad shes killing her ribs for the look though

No. 523607

Are those the thigh highs she cut the feet out of for her Mei bee cum cosplay?

No. 523611

Shae is her nickname from Shadae. She comments and lurks on Momokun and Vamps posts, and they're not friends. Shae made a post when Momokun unfriended her tho. And she also made a post saying "I know momokun has done alot of shit but please don't talk bad about her on my facebook" etc. Not friends, just a fangirl

No. 523612

She would be a close match if she had tiny shoulders, arms, and thighs. So basically the only thing she got right was the cinched stomach and forcing her boobs to look bigger

No. 523618

I like how she squished all her fat as tits so she has no torso

No. 523619

She looks like a flight attendant tho

No. 523620

Is our bloated cupcake on the floor

No. 523621

Of course not, it’s only 2pm. She’s still asleep.

No. 523626

File: 1527369330641.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-231501.png)

She and Moochlette are up as it seems

No. 523627

File: 1527369368766.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-231624.png)

No. 523633

really just surprised by how much forest-kun must be holding in holy shit.

or maybe she got another quick round of lip and is wearing a corset to work double time as a compression garment

No. 523636

Why does she keep doing that retarded four fingered hand pose. It looks dumb, Moo. Enough.

Meanwhile her left hand looks hammy as fuck.

No. 523637

File: 1527370416470.png (5.62 MB, 1242x2208, 77C29383-DFD6-4F19-B565-DEF450…)

Her upper lip highlight has me cackling

No. 523638


Is forest-kun opened at the front?

No. 523640

It looks like it’s either not tied tight enough to close or it’s missing the panel piece that some corsets come with.

Or it could be a bad design element.

No. 523643

File: 1527371834695.png (275.45 KB, 512x724, Portrait_Servant_199_1[1].png)


lmao those bangs and chicken feathers are tragic. this whole outfit is tragic. moo bb wut is u doin

No. 523644

Raise your hand if you're surprised that she fucked up the bangs again.

It doesn't even look like feathers on the character herself, it looks like fur.

No. 523650

File: 1527373274664.png (9.4 MB, 1242x2208, 4A0278D7-2CD3-42F8-A0BD-948608…)

No. 523651

jesus anon, why is this 9.4MB?

No. 523654


omg the backrolls are eating the dress

No. 523655

File: 1527373514859.png (8.46 MB, 1242x2208, DE1730C9-5F09-459B-84ED-435DEF…)

Idk just capping on an iPhone and directly uploading.

Check those horrible eye bags

No. 523660

File: 1527373700782.jpg (30.03 KB, 421x463, 71kYO-HnkjL._SY463_[1].jpg)


mariah what was the point in making the shoes with the flowers and the sculpting foam if you're just going to have the dress go to the floor. did you even look at the character you are cosplaying

No. 523661

The original character's outfit is pretty complicated and i just dont see it in Moo's version. Who made this crap for her? Antares again?

No. 523662

File: 1527373728588.png (111.35 KB, 219x275, 1526591713337.png)

Jfc I didn't even noticed the damn hand

No. 523663

Why am I not surprised the bangs are cut wrong and she didn't even style the sides of the wig to do the little flip? Lazy, as usual.

No. 523665

The downward facing ears makes her look like dobby instead of some kind of magnificent elf girl thing

No. 523667

File: 1527374456836.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 308BBD6C-C8B8-4259-AFC9-1D96A1…)

More back rolls

No. 523675

Holy fuck is the detailing on the corset actually that uneven or are my eyes somehow fucking with me? It's not even close to being even??

No. 523679


So the dress is actually dark brown and the ends of her hair and dress and shoes are black?

Moomoo needs actual glasses

No. 523680

omfg, that spillage

No. 523681

this might be a nit pick but why does she have her phone in every fucking picture, it looks so pathetic and trashy. i think it kinda ruins a cosplay

No. 523683

Isn't that Castle Corsetry's fault? Unless Mariah specifically told her to make it floor-length.

No. 523686


was cc the one who made it? i can't find it credited anywhere.
in any case if i asked for someone to make this >>523660 and received this >>523667 i would be unhappy

No. 523687

File: 1527376131043.jpeg (466.75 KB, 2048x2048, A1CE97A5-9A07-4D94-8807-C10FAA…)

Ok but why did she pay 2k for everything of this cosplay to be inaccurate? I get artistic freedom and whatnot but literally the cut of the corset, the gold detailing on it and the neck/chest accessories look completely different from the original. Its a semiramis-inspired outfit at best.

No. 523695

Her face is melting holy shit

No. 523696

File: 1527377299980.png (712 KB, 720x846, Screenshot_2018-05-26-16-27-12…)

No. 523698

linguistics major right there bby.

also she has more back titty than real titty even in this corset.

No. 523699

File: 1527377484545.png (41.74 KB, 161x132, hunchback.png)

No. 523700

no CUNT corsetry made it

wow they seem like they're having a TON of fun….

No. 523708

if I saw a photo of myself like this i would be MORTIFIED… god damn moomoo… lose some fucking weight

No. 523713

true, but i also agree this one is one that she looks better and its all because of forest kun

No. 523717

forest kun doesn't open at the front jesus. this dress has his own corset which she is pushing for dear life

No. 523721

She looks like fucking Raven here kek

No. 523728

File: 1527383128673.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1470, EEAFC557-BFFF-43F7-8F40-5534FA…)

Also she's not wearing Retsuko because both of the wigs she bought are shit and she bought the wrong size shirt.
Wow it's almost like you had months to prep for this and decided to do it all at the last possible moment

No. 523729

File: 1527383264942.png (741.83 KB, 750x1334, BDD1E31D-54BB-4CC1-8F69-CEBB96…)

Suuuure, a MEDIUM didn’t fit your fatass solely because of your tits. Not like she buttons up the tit part anyway, black bra chan is always on display.
I hope she wastes money on a “good” wig then fucks it up with her shitty styling

No. 523732

File: 1527383845982.png (1.25 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-05-26-18-15-28…)

No. 523734

File: 1527383872072.png (855.05 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-05-26-18-15-39…)

No. 523735

File: 1527383893972.png (1.15 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-05-26-18-15-55…)

No. 523737

god you can really see how small and saggy her breasts actually are in this. embarrassing.

No. 523738

File: 1527384100842.jpg (44.18 KB, 600x600, image[1].jpg)


she looks like an overweight goth/evil woomy

No. 523748

i'm actually impressed she can wear this today. i thought bitch would be in so much pain from yesterday… but hey this isn't a con she is a guest so she can't slack of like she did in mexico!

No. 523752

A medium won't fit her linebacker shoulders. Let alone the fat

No. 523754


I really gotta know why she chose these particular ears though. Semiramis's ears are regular, long elf ears. Moo's curve downwards, and it bothers me a lot more than it should. It honestly makes her look like a pig or a goblin. Something you'd see as a villain muppet in a Jim henson movie

No. 523755

It's pretty off-putting that she's putting so much more effort into a "for fun" con than she did a con she was literally paid to be at

No. 523758

File: 1527386923041.png (1.11 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-05-26-19-06-17…)

No. 523759

Are these her elf ears from the prior set?

No. 523761

File: 1527387900241.jpg (103.04 KB, 720x960, momokun elf.jpg)

No, the elf ears she had before stood straight up. Even if arent accurate either, they would have been better than the pig ears she has now

No. 523763

File: 1527387940555.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1540, B40958D3-8AB0-4C0D-8A39-C5DAAB…)

I thought so too and figured she reused them because $$$ but they aren't?? The elf ears would have actually been more accurate omg

No. 523765

oh wow pork belly how healthy!

No. 523769

What the fuck did she expect from 12 dollar amazon wigs? Professional cosplayer y’all.

No. 523776

Call me an idiot, but why do people refer to her corset as forest-kun? I missed where that reference came in, these threads move so fast.

No. 523777

It was a autocorrect she made and never corrected. She meant "corset" but printed "forest"

No. 523779

Made more than once iirc

No. 523781

I thought she was gonna cover up her tattoo for cosplay

No. 523783

chill out, my dude! its just a cheat day!

No. 523784

File: 1527391662964.png (299.99 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 8.27.…)

No. 523786

File: 1527391832504.png (189.34 KB, 347x648, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 8.30.…)

thanks for censoring this crusty bitch vamp

No. 523787

File: 1527391945849.png (198.98 KB, 352x656, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 8.32.…)

gif anon plz

No. 523790

File: 1527392279253.gif (402.59 KB, 275x214, 1495760907412.gif)

She looks like a manly troll doll.

Sad that even when most of her face is covered, you can still see her eyes going in two different directions.

No. 523791

File: 1527392568887.gif (1.35 MB, 337x600, E101E8AC-8E41-4C71-AD72-459431…)

you see this running towards you, what do you do?

No. 523793

fall over due to the vibrations she causes obv

No. 523796

File: 1527393626172.jpg (51.14 KB, 720x548, 651b687.jpg)

Ok who made this? I found this scrolling though reddit. Lol

No. 523798

File: 1527394312263.png (294.88 KB, 351x654, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 9.12.…)

No. 523800

She's going to injure herself one of these days. Her body always seems to be screaming with corsets, the compression clothes and the face tape. No wonder she deflates when it all comes off

No. 523801

Who is that Aggretsuko cosplayer?

No. 523804

I love how she does her super exaggerated 'curves' and then wanders around the con like this thinking people cant tell the difference.

No. 523812

No. 523825

File: 1527395498579.png (277.04 KB, 471x667, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 9.31.…)

No. 523830

moo's rockin that lumberjack kei.

No. 523831

cheat year**

No. 523847

File: 1527397510556.png (210.08 KB, 349x657, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 10.05…)

stepping on weebking's hand as he tried to do pushups

No. 523849

File: 1527397564657.png (203.63 KB, 348x647, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 10.06…)

rubbing a guy's nipple

No. 523852

File: 1527397789616.png (669.04 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_20180527-010108.png)

I'm pretty certain that Momo and Vamp were trying to do a, "look at us we're totes gf!!! Couples that cosplay together are fov3ver!" thing this weekend.

No. 523853

So she responded to lolcow's complaints of her bringing Tamamo instead of Semiramis and actually brought the Semiramis cosplay, and it's as big of a mess as we have imagined, A 2k dress that isn't even accurate, layered by Moo's backfat tits and hammy arms, and the pig ears are the cherry on top. Glorious, absolutely glorious.

Those broccoli that you probably would pick out and not eat doesn't make the pork adobo any healthier Moo.

No. 523855

So she has the bobblehead look while Moo has the opposite issue which is the donkey kong with a peanut head look.

I hope someone steps on her bitch ass next time she's on the ground.

No. 523861

No. 523864

as someone who follows a lot of cosplayers, games and artist (who always draws popular character's) i have literally never seen this character before?? Especially since she's from fate

No. 523865

Until recently, she hasn't been a character in the forefront. The anime and FGO Japan server just released her image recently to a more public audience.

No. 523875

File: 1527399705600.png (198.42 KB, 350x653, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 10.40…)

No. 523877

File: 1527399728973.png (245.53 KB, 342x649, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 10.41…)

jumped onto the bed

No. 523878

File: 1527399778065.png (181.39 KB, 339x652, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 10.41…)

pretty sure she ruinedthe wall (kicked it)

No. 523881

File: 1527400045288.png (249.31 KB, 935x595, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 10.47…)

No. 523883

Translation: I just want to touch all over this man that I will never have.

No. 523886

File: 1527401481369.png (192.19 KB, 349x653, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 11.10…)

He hit her back but prior, she slammed the door open thinking he was behind it and soccer punched him in the hip

No. 523892

I swear to god her ears are just upside down that’s why they look so fucking stupid

No. 523906

File: 1527404088837.gif (2.4 MB, 320x320, 269F3C75-5334-4265-A32B-DDCD99…)

No. 523907

File: 1527404118933.gif (2.39 MB, 320x320, EEF32BE6-0D57-44B2-8A3B-269084…)

No. 523908

mooriah smash

No. 523912

Can you imagine just chillin' after a busy day and some annoying fat cunt makes you regret inviting her at all. You brought it upon yourself, nicoletters.

No. 523934

Ok but why the fuck are her ears dropping?
It's like she put them on wrong. They are supposed to go up.

No. 523935

Is that an air mattress? I'm surprised Moo didn't pop it.

No. 523936

File: 1527410909649.jpg (31 KB, 310x400, aZ1en5r.jpg)

No. 523939


Opens the door regrets it and the guy in the forefront just looks like hes "ohgawd her again" imo nobody looks happy that she showed up. Thus her bid for hyper attention.

No. 523941

File: 1527413167715.png (234.09 KB, 356x653, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.24.…)

lifting a bunch of people again

No. 523942

File: 1527413179751.png (266.82 KB, 346x652, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.25.…)

No. 523943

File: 1527413494036.png (221.45 KB, 346x654, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.31.…)

No. 523944

File: 1527413705545.png (199.03 KB, 344x649, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.32.…)

No. 523945

File: 1527413717210.png (196.23 KB, 347x653, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.33.…)

No. 523946

File: 1527413731096.png (149.15 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.33.…)

No. 523947

File: 1527413751210.png (183.5 KB, 353x656, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.34.…)

guess nomisphotos is her asian slave again

No. 523948

In the clip he was hiding behind the door to scare her and didn't want her to see him but then jumps out, that's why he's making that face.
Not trying to defend this stupid cow but if you're going to talk about a photo at least know the backstory to it.

No. 523950

File: 1527414674965.png (364.8 KB, 813x596, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 2.51.…)

No. 523951

The anon wasn't stating it like it was a fact. It looked more like a joke, chill out.

No. 523957

She finally has her dream of getting tag teamed by two Asian fuckboys come true and all she can do is stare off into the distance and pander to the camera

Even the fucking dude that got a lap dance from those guys looked more natural than she did

No. 523970

How can anyone stand to be around her? She is insufferable in just these screenshots alone. She's probably one of those assholes who never shuts up, even at 2am when everyone else in the hotel room is trying to sleep.

>I'm so funny, right guys?? So random and quirky

No. 523972

It's interesting that Mooriah is really such a sad, hollow, shell of a person that she must share every single aspect of her life with the internet or else she feels invalidated somehow.

Imagine being with someone who has to vlog or snapchat or ig story everything all the time. That dude on the phone looks annoyed >>523941

No. 523980

this is what happens when someone her age does this. this is the only way she can get any attention since she's so ridiculously average looking and overweight irl. and wouldn't you need constant validation too if you failed at literally everything?

No. 523983

File: 1527427960265.png (8.01 MB, 1242x2208, 6A58BBA9-7CD0-4524-8FE0-FBA954…)

No. 523989

File: 1527429070103.jpeg (81.23 KB, 640x1094, E29B861A-6E39-4336-BA65-2F9861…)

I zoomed in and i cant stop laughing
It looks like her pupils are trying to escape into opposite directions

No. 523990

File: 1527429246102.jpeg (135.3 KB, 1010x568, image.jpeg)

No. 523999

Serving major Rita repulsa vibes in this pic

No. 524003

underrated post

No. 524017

File: 1527441668489.png (97.29 KB, 300x285, DonkeyTF.png)

No. 524020

File: 1527443997142.png (268.53 KB, 470x602, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.00…)

No. 524021

File: 1527444017148.jpg (61.06 KB, 640x960, 33609037_1329672787177667_1999…)

No. 524022

Of course she has to note that they are asian. Full blown yellow fever.

No. 524023

File: 1527444042222.jpg (85.14 KB, 640x960, 33577619_1329672790511000_3443…)

No. 524025

File: 1527446144837.jpg (37.67 KB, 640x420, tumblr_p2nwdgRiqF1wgdp08o1_128…)

No. 524026

File: 1527446210719.png (229.05 KB, 1025x421, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.36…)

new etsy list additions

No. 524027


she's the only one who can't cross her legs

No. 524034

They're at varying levels of constipation, Moo being the most constipated of all. This photo is uncomfortable to look at,

No. 524038

We have the Wicked Witch on the left, someone's asian granny in the middle and The Blob in it's final form on the right.

These are some ugly bitches, man.

No. 524044

I feel sorry for my them (then again if they are fuckboys I guess it’s their own fault)

No. 524046

They look like three moms taking a break at their diner job

No. 524049

File: 1527451975202.png (1.01 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-27-13-10-16…)

I dare not disrespect our queen but this is Pixyteri levels

No. 524050

File: 1527452005398.png (960.09 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-27-13-10-08…)

No. 524052

Are those deodorant stains? Lord.

No. 524053

File: 1527452197178.jpeg (6.7 KB, 210x240, 72DF5C76-4D10-488C-8EE0-4BFDFA…)

No. 524055

File: 1527452258344.png (803.4 KB, 720x731, Screenshot_2018-05-27-13-15-42…)

I also just noticed her arm braces are from a sweater…most likely Fakku sweater-kun?

No. 524057

mustache on point~

good eye anon

No. 524058

File: 1527452430510.gif (2.36 MB, 337x600, EDD6940D-A7EE-41AA-B1EF-E9CA1D…)

chichi in motion complete with the highlight/whatever that looks like a milk mustache and the totally canon deorderant stains

No. 524059

…why the hell is she doing that to her lip? What is she trying to do…???

No. 524060

People with a turtle mouth like hers should not highlight their Cupid's bow.

No. 524063

I wanna see her choose/bang this "nerdy asian" over Brad Pitt

No. 524064

Oh lord her nose and mouth are even more terrible and her costume is already dirty. This looks nothing like Chichi at all, it's gonna be a great laugh!

No. 524068

Her tits are saggy again. Sports bra?

No. 524089

is that filthy frank

No. 524104

Seeing her try to be cute is nauseating.

No. 524105

The fuck are those white stains?

No. 524106


No. 524113

why would you pair frosted pink lipstick with such an intense highlight lmao

No. 524115


end result of this: >>522095
she should not be anywhere near a wig, she just butchers them.
i'm definitely getting pt vibes from this outfit too

No. 524120

Why must she cover those chimp lips of her's in foundation? Why?

No. 524121


the wig looks like greasy hair, why?

No. 524122

File: 1527460960897.jpeg (112.37 KB, 354x370, 8C12E80D-90C1-421B-BF09-277FAD…)

always looking rough

No. 524124

File: 1527461114096.jpeg (180.14 KB, 390x630, 40622C3C-DBC4-467B-82D8-EEB9C0…)

that arm fat as well..

No. 524126

Don't say this haha

No. 524129

File: 1527462025894.jpg (27.99 KB, 426x568, dzzum85.jpg)

It's a straight cut…?? How do you mess that up?

No. 524131

File: 1527462168684.jpeg (664.47 KB, 750x910, CBF8E308-A863-4C28-A7AA-EAA3E3…)

look who’s coming out to play!

No. 524132

oh my god is she not wearing underwear? Cause she certainly doesnt look like she's wearing tights.

No. 524133

that's straight embarrassing

No. 524134

there is not a big enough yikes to describe how i feel viewing this image. if she is wearing underwear, they're covering next to nothing. how many unfortunate people are gonna have to glimpse labia-kun today

No. 524136

we were all so proud of her wearing tights two days ago, little did we know the horrors that would come on the sabbath.

No. 524138

One! Two!! Three!!! -Three! Three washed up, used-up harpies!! AH! AH! AHHH!

No. 524145

Can you imagine that tiny little Hank Hill ass peeking out all day, jesus

No. 524146


No. 524147

This is probably one of the most unattractive candids I've seen of her recently (at least concerning her body shape)
It doesn't even look like she has a figure anymore (where's her forest? or is her arm fat just covering her artificial "slim" waist??)
she's just…round.
Not even just her, Vamp and the other person as well. I'd sue the fuck out of the person who posted that photo lol (then again, it's their fault for being absolutely unattractive without meitu filter,
I guess!)

No. 524148

There's absolutely no reason for Moo to not be wearing tights except to be as disgustingly exhibitionist as possible.

No. 524155

This is such an embarrassing photo. Why isn't this bitch wearing panties knowing damn well that obese people get stanky real quick on a hot day? I can just imagine how many people laughed at her or got a rank smell just walking by her.

Vamp looks like one of those little kids who's parents let them pick out their own outfit.

No. 524159

did she forget to set her beauty app to sliming

No. 524160

File: 1527466272248.jpeg (326.67 KB, 1241x1810, 264F5139-7673-4309-A834-9D78A5…)

Busted! She’s got two badges in her hand right outside the dealers hall area. She’s ghosting in, where you have two badges and two people go in, and one person comes out with both badges to hand off to someone else.

No. 524161

File: 1527466371326.jpg (277.41 KB, 800x800, FIG-KM048.jpg)

moo will always find a way


No. 524162

Why is Roseanne dressed up as Great Value Chichi.

No. 524168

File: 1527467467378.png (468.11 KB, 588x595, 11 months ago.png)


Not quite the same angle but closest I could find for comparison

No. 524171

She looks like she has a milk mustache.

No. 524173

She fucked up the whole thing so it's Moo's inaccuracy at work.

No. 524175

holy shit to go from her way too tight cinched waist to this… baby what is you doing

No. 524176

jesus that moose knuckle looks painful

No. 524178

Oh god no…. please tell me she’s wearing SOMETHING under there.

No. 524180

File: 1527468658669.png (734.02 KB, 726x525, oof.png)

No. 524181

File: 1527468768020.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1242x2029, 435DC928-C7EB-48E1-AAB6-099010…)

No. 524183

What is this hand pose she always does, like she's trying to summon fire
Take some modeling classes Moo this is your job

No. 524184

It makes me sad and mad how bored she looks taking pictures with her fans. Sad for the fan who had false hope that Mariah was even worth meeting, and mad that Mariah is such a rude cunt.

No. 524185


Especially if that fan is a smaller asian girl

No. 524186

File: 1527469297615.png (1.16 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2018-05-27-17-59-37…)

No. 524187

File: 1527469378939.png (1.2 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-27-17-58-20…)

No. 524188

File: 1527469566562.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, spides.jpg)

No. 524192

File: 1527470205399.jpg (83.74 KB, 720x1081, FB_IMG_1527470013683.jpg)

No. 524193

You can really tell all her fat is being pushed down to her thighs in this.

No. 524194

she has surpassed donkey kong in this one

No. 524200

File: 1527470992254.jpg (185.69 KB, 994x722, 3453455.jpg)

Just a little side by side comparison of our girl this weekend

No. 524201

Jesus fucking Christ moo get some fitted bras.

No. 524203

Still too unattractive. She gained so much weight it changed the shape of her face and aged her very hard. She probably thinks she playfully has chubby cheeks. No, her face just gained weight all around and lost definition. Makes her wigs look too small and flat in comparison-not that her wigs are good at all either.

Poses still bad. She never does in-character poses which defeats the purpose of cosplaying. You're supposed to be the character, not yourself in the characters costume-that's what Halloween is for.
What a waste. Again, she brings nothing to cosplay. Only the middle one was half salvageable but the immersion is ruined by her bad wig and same-face that she does in all shots.

No. 524204

why didn't she wear that industrial-strength corset from day 1 on day 3? did it snap? did her rib snap? she doesn't even look like the same person!

No. 524206

File: 1527471720605.jpeg (496.66 KB, 1156x2058, 2746E673-6EC8-45ED-945F-7AEBA5…)

No. 524209

Good god, her poor feet look like they were stuffed into those shoes.

No. 524210

Well, who made that for her? There’s no way she worked on any of it.

No. 524211

This is so bad, Christ….

No. 524212

Her face is completely surrounded by lard. She’s giant.

No. 524214

With how crap her costumes look anyway I don't understand why she doesn't get this stuff from China on eBay for a fraction of the cost.

No. 524215

In a thread of neverending unflattering pics, this is the most unflattering of all. Her tits and body at her age is just mind boggling. I can’t believe there are men that pay money for this.

No. 524216

maybe shes trying to summon the invisible hat

also i love how moo ruins the whole picture

No. 524218

>that's what Halloween is for.

Well, makes sense, she only wears Halloween costumes.

No. 524221

She's too big to even try to squish herself in to Asian sizing anymore.

Also, I bet people with her sizing blackmail her to commission more.

No. 524224

It's so funny seeing her waist and breasts deflate in the third photo.

No. 524225

she can stick her nipples into her belly button without bending over omg i’m puking

No. 524229

I am wheezing over that sagging sad pancake

No. 524232

It looks like she drooled on herself near fupachan. Also she looks like a white dad in drag for halloween

No. 524234

File: 1527473892006.gif (1.81 MB, 500x218, tumblr_njhhb9TRMA1sawtizo1_500…)

No. 524237

Did she really change into sneakers lmao

No. 524238

File: 1527474485605.jpeg (665.9 KB, 1241x2205, AB165CD1-1C42-443F-849B-96147B…)

Same fag, but nikes?? I understand the pain of heels after a long time of wear, but why doesn’t she use dem neckbeard bux to buy a pair red flats?

No. 524240

File: 1527474595463.png (946.17 KB, 630x602, jfc.png)

No. 524243

File: 1527474993855.png (769.07 KB, 603x533, nice shoes.png)

No. 524246

File: 1527475079899.png (387.05 KB, 417x493, Capture.PNG)

The gap of death.

No. 524248

File: 1527475447436.gif (1.37 MB, 320x320, 68D4C136-F684-48D3-A940-D53D75…)

No. 524251

She looks so bad here ugh her face is like a few shades darker than the rest of her body, her eyes are sinking into her head and ffs couldn't she have found some shapewear or something to try and hide that gut

I would be so concerned that someone let their special needs kid dress like this

No. 524253

she bought one "new" nike outfit, these are obv a part (apart) of it

No. 524257

Not trying to be rude,but I am just curious. Why do you guys say she pretends to workout. When she posts pictures of her lifting? Sorry about the grammar.

No. 524259

anon who said she wouldn't bother adjusting her wigs ponytail to match chichi's was right. not that i'm surprised.

No. 524260

She post pictures prove that she actually does go to the gym and lift weights, in order to give the impression that she's a full-fledged gym bunny who's always working out when in reality, only the times she's posting at the gym is when she actually goes. we also know she doesn't work out often because if she did, she would be a least a bit smaller than she is now. By pretending, we mean she's pretending to exercise much more than she actually does

No. 524262

You've seen her body right

No. 524263

In the past she lied about working out as her method of losing weight (and we all know she got lipo by now), never showing her workouts.

Now, she DOES show them, but people have told her that her form is bad, despite her claiming she was a tournament lifter back in high school. That kinda learning, you dont suddenly forget about. That and she barely goes, but she wants people to think she's consistent and healthy.

No. 524265

is the dude in the back covering his ears because she's screeching?

No. 524267

why… why did she add dark eyeshadow under her eyes? why would she want to accentuate the dark circles under her eyes? WHY?

No. 524271


To piggyback on what the other anons are saying, lifting, solely lifting, is not really working out. Girl needs cardio and we obviously haven't seen any proof of that.

No. 524275

File: 1527479009052.png (526.26 KB, 467x626, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 8.43.…)

No. 524278

Lmao she looks like she has no legs

No. 524285

She’s trying to look more Asian I guess?? Like that aeygo-sal (sp?) thing some cosplayers do to make their eyes look “sharper” cause it looks like she’s squinting her eyes too

No. 524287

Doesn't even look like someone who's famous in the community, she just looks like average person who paid for a costume they thought looked cool. Waste of money. It's a little cringeworthy how amateur she came off with her lack of presence. Doesn't have the charming it factor that makes people turn heads in the room at all unlike the other cosplayers that do better than her

No. 524288

But anon, DDRing once a week is TOTES enough cardio my dude!

No. 524289


This. It’s a wannabe asian thing.

No. 524290

>literally no one is looking
>floppy pancake titty

k e k

No. 524291

This cannot be healthy. Not that she is healthy to begin with but I hope she did not wear this all day. If you don’t wear corcet on a regular basis this long exposure is dangerous

No. 524302

The guy in the background looks like he is about to throw up

No. 524304

I’m no fate fan, but I know this character because coming across just the basic art of her was eye catching. She’s a really visually interesting character but this… I wouldn’t even look twice. She just looks like some fat weeb who went all out with mom and dad’s money and ordered one of the more elaborate yet still shitty and inaccurate cosplays online and she’s just got… no charisma or energy. Nothing.

No. 524311

underrated post

No. 524313

File: 1527483574166.jpg (7.43 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

No. 524317

Its because she ruined the proportions of the costume.

Semiramis looks cool because it's not 'just another floor length gown'

Moo ruined the general proportions becayse she has no idea what she's doing. The dress ruffles are way too small , the triangular flaps are are too small too, As well as the red barely showing which broke up the costume more before and the hair missing the ornaments which added more interest near the bottom of the costume. the pattern on the top being absolutely incorrect also doesnt help and the only eyecatching part of the bodice is the middle which is very visually boring. But… the fact that the dress is only supposed to be ankle length is the main issue that makes her version look so damn boring.

I'll give her that you wont want a wig dragging on the ground at a con but she could have added a train or long cape

tl;dr she just looks like she took a shitty random black wedding dress that she added random shit on to do a lazy cosplay. Not like she's wearing a $2000 costume that she had custom made for her.

No. 524319

Every time she got lipo she would pretend to go to the gym. She would take photos of herself inside the gym but would never work out. After her friend outed her lipo and she had no choice but to admit to it, she started posting photos of herself "working out". But anyone with a brain and who does genuinely work out knows that she was just bullshitting, especially when you see all that she eats and drinks(Cause she shows it like an idiot) and her current weight. She also got caught by constantly lying.

No. 524320

Lifting is fine too but she doesn't lift nearly enough for it to make a difference. She could definitely use some cardio though or she's gonna end up with some health issues real quick.

No. 524321

File: 1527484583291.png (9.66 MB, 1242x2208, ABF3B4E5-3801-45DF-8572-6F5798…)

Really? REALLY? Jesus Christ ..

No. 524329

It is why Moo's shoots are getting trashier and trashier, she's completely fucking worthless as a cosplayer now and her neckbeards are just there for the nip and labia slips. In another four months she'll bawwwwwwww again about not being taken seriously as a cosplayer even though she has THE PASSION, my dudes, and the cycle will repeat forevermore.

I noticed she didn't get the Goku armcandy she was begging for, what a huge fucking surprise that this thicccccccccccccc goddess didn't get the nerd boi of her dreams for this con!

No. 524331

File: 1527487722108.png (842.49 KB, 599x599, lazymoo.png)

How long was she even in her cosplay for? Doesn't seem like long… I feel bad for the con guests who had to see her sad hank hill ass slipping out of that dress.

No. 524334

File: 1527488719744.jpg (35.01 KB, 273x275, 1508976479437.jpg)

The days are getting hotter, why is she wearing swears and shit. And why does she always wear the same ol' outfit to every con? I don't even know why I'm asking, it's not like she changes her clothes like a normal person.

It looks like she's wearing shoulderpads but we know it's just her shoulders.

No. 524336

If that was today (Sunday) then I saw her sat night in the same clothes running out of the fairmont.

No. 524337


Bruh everyone is out here in summer clothes and this bitch is wearing a sweater. Also if you got such a nice ass, why are you constantly wearing flannel-kun to cover it

No. 524338

Corpse makeup again, she looks like a goddamn monster

No. 524340

File: 1527489510200.png (263.92 KB, 347x652, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.34…)

she has been fighting with weebking all weekend

No. 524341

File: 1527489568135.png (284.59 KB, 343x648, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 11.37…)

nicoletters is seperating them. it's obviously her way of play fighting but you can see the crowd behind her and they're fighting infront of them

No. 524342

File: 1527489659575.png (81.6 KB, 204x214, nastyaf.png)

No. 524345

Will someone put that fat hobbit back into the hole that she crawled out of.

No. 524346

File: 1527489770441.jpeg (270.84 KB, 750x706, 8FD6AFF5-4CAD-44E3-8AC7-8ED5C5…)

No. 524347

File: 1527489787284.jpeg (118.29 KB, 750x790, 6BF411A0-21CC-438E-9572-D4A9FF…)

No. 524348

Idek if I've ever seen her wear anything but hoodies/sweatshirts when she's dressed casually. Like, not even a regular ass t-shirt or tank top. There's no way that sweaty bitch isn't baking like a ham.

No. 524349

File: 1527490085653.jpg (33.24 KB, 720x706, 1516825208007.jpg)

The horror…

No. 524356

Do you think she uses flannel-kun to hide how flat and shapeless her ass is and so no one can take a picture of it?

No. 524364

>giving out fake passes
this could be some real milk. Gonna need deets on this somehow.

No. 524366

it'd explain why she was holding two passes in this photo >>524160

No. 524367

People ghost cons all the time and we know moo does this frequently anyway, but actually making and distributing fake passes seems a lot more serious. Obviously Fanime doesn't give a fuck about ghosting because of their relatively lax security but distribution is something entirely different.

No. 524368

File: 1527492114804.png (323.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180528-022104.png)

I found the original and this, none of the replies have any info btw

No. 524369

Well, according to the Katsucon story where she confirmed security talked to her twice about her weapons, I doubt she even cares about convention spaces, let alone security grunts that run it. I wouldn't doubt if these allegations are true.

No. 524371

File: 1527492416127.png (186.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180528-022632.png)

From the no underwear post

No. 524373

Judging by a lot of stories, she seems really disrespectful when she goes to cons. Rubbing her flat ass against people and groping them without consent, selling fake badges, bringing weapons and waddling away from security, kicking and breaking props, yelling at them while accusing them of taking sniper photos and these are just what I can remember, many of them being recent. I hope her fat ass gets blacklisted.

And this is just nasty, especially because unbathed people smell like shit even more in crowded spaces.

No. 524391

File: 1527493775156.png (207.59 KB, 346x649, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.49…)

No. 524392

File: 1527493807528.png (210.77 KB, 350x653, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.49…)

she hardly jumped. fatass.

No. 524398

File: 1527494272958.png (419.66 KB, 809x592, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.58…)

No. 524402

>those careful angles hiding lack of underwear

No. 524406

File: 1527494946212.png (811.12 KB, 600x600, hammyaf.png)

When her arm is wider than her head. Tragic.

No. 524409

File: 1527495489869.png (505.01 KB, 594x593, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.18.…)

No. 524411

She looks like a mom with her daughter.

No. 524412

File: 1527495671619.png (521.74 KB, 494x597, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.21.…)

No. 524413

File: 1527495691397.png (523.52 KB, 491x594, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 1.21.…)

No. 524424

File: 1527496743821.gif (1.37 MB, 320x320, B7A4666F-9EED-4ED3-B5D3-C47679…)

I tried including the girl before her to compare how high she went up versus moo but couldn’t fit in the gif, but this was hilarious to see

No. 524429

If this is real then holy shit, she wants to fake badges so badly that she's taking others down with her just to prove to others that she doesn't ghost. I hope Fanime bans her lard ass and/or make a public statement about this.

No. 524432

>bringing an air mattress to a con
At this con we are 17 and attending on our parents' money.

Seriously, though, even with her diminishing patreonbux she could afford a suite instead of room-stuffing. Are these idiots just that cheap? Do they not have jobs or something?

No. 524435

File: 1527497378109.png (147.9 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2018-05-28-01-47-50…)

No. 524438

File: 1527497472831.png (45.94 KB, 720x294, Screenshot_2018-05-28-01-48-09…)

No. 524445

Lol that didn’t make any sense to me.

No. 524446

She's so dumb. Just because someone drew Chichi half-naked as a child, doesn't make it okay. I don't know why she always goes with that lame excuse. And how is it spot on? It's 90% wrong all she got right were the colors.

No. 524448

File: 1527499348581.png (227.97 KB, 680x1175, 4d79d0e4fd6ad17739399e294660e8…)


…is this what she's talking about? is she trying to say it's ok that she didn't wear panties or pants while dressed as chichi is because chi chi wore a "very revealing" outfit as a child that looks nothing like the outfit moo was cosplaying?

No. 524449

Moo seems like one of those girls who would "playfully" punch guys too hard in high school as a way of flirting.
It's never cute but it's especially not cute when you're an adult.

She absolutely does, because she only wears leggings. When she's not at cons and goes out with people, in her stories she hardly ever wears the flannel to cover herself up. But every time she's at a con it's always this outfit.
I just don't know why she's so uncomfortable with her ass in leggings but not with having it out bare.

>why are you dressed like a whore
>"excuse me, haven't you seen what she wore when she was a literal child? THAT'S when she looked like a whore"
You'd think after the Kanna ordeal she'd have learned to be a little more careful with how she talks about little girls. Really not helping your case here, Mariah.

No. 524451

What is with her and sexualizing little girls? Does she have a loli kink or something?

No. 524452

File: 1527500282355.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1536, BC9388AD-244D-41D2-B64D-C4C582…)


No. 524453

she really should have just responded that she was cosplaying a figurine of chichis design instead of trying to be all high and mighty about how revealing the child outfit was compared to hers

No. 524454

She was clearly trying to follow the figurine and it is an official release so the person couldn't even direct all their anger at her but of course not, she's doubling down as if it were her idea in the first place.

No. 524457

the PT vibes are so strong with this cosplay. Hell, PT had better technical ability in terms of constructing costumes.

No. 524467


This peeves me so much. Ghosting is one thing but fake badges and passing them around is another. At least bigger cons are upgrading to RDIF chips so maybe it’s time Fanime looks into it. You can’t fake badge that shit when you have to get your badge scanned at checkpoints.

No. 524472


If you look at >>524131 and >>524181 it definitely looks like she's not wearing anything.

Even if she were wearing a tiny skin colored thong or something that's still too much to be showing off in public because it would have to be absolutely tiny not to be shown from those angles.

No. 524477

File: 1527508466519.jpeg (102.62 KB, 1000x1000, A26A5488-CACA-465F-BF25-7BA43E…)

At the MOST she's wearing one of those strapless panty things, but I'm doubtful seeing as she wears underwear to literal shreds before she buys a new pair. I just don't understand why she wore tights and a visible CK thong for Chun Li and now forgoes both, just to look even worse.

No. 524486

This is just such a weird and specific story and I really want to believe but there's no proof or people corroborating? Who even is this person?

No. 524487

Someone claimed they could “see everything” though. Unless they were lying, our cow isn’t wearing anything at all.

No. 524489

It's not the first time she's not worn underwear for cosplay (elf photoshoot and others)

No. 524494

what the fuck, please no

No. 524495

File: 1527516481909.png (181.65 KB, 605x1320, E3B8FB12-9F28-4BB8-9E0C-A27DD5…)

>that's actually spot on
the fuck it is

No. 524499



No. 524513

I don't get why the people at the con don't grab security if they could see her genitals hanging out? Are people too scared to do it? Or did Momo waddle away from security? Because I'm pretty sure public nudity is not only against the rules, but illegal

No. 524514

she means she didn't make the manga/anime

No. 524520

She outright ran from security when they tried to get her for having live steel at a con recently when she wore her sluthog.

No. 524528

The manga also showed a lot of child nudity, what's her point anyway? She chooses a figure not many people know about when in most images Chi Chi is wearing pants.

But that isn't the point. The real reason behind this hot mess is because she was hoping for an asian muscle-bound Goku to hang off of. Probably why she decided to not wear any panties to try to be more sexy.

The way she's "fighting" with weebking also screams desperate. I'm surprised she didn't start dry humping him. Moo bitches about wanting respect but she's only in it for the male attention and getting fucked

No. 524529

She's probably trying to attract fuckboys by being slutty. Problem for her is that there's likely at least a dozen more attractive total thots hanging around for them to pick up.

No. 524531

File: 1527524765001.jpg (16.87 KB, 382x480, 41U4dTPgTiL_large.jpg)

Thing is she's still inaccurate because the idiot didn't bother using shiny fabric for her cosplay. Not that we should be surprised, this is Moo.

No. 524533

i hope moo (and you guys tbh) realize that figures don't count as official. just because she's cosplaying a figure doesn't mean she isn't mischaracterizing the source

No. 524534

also I'm pretty sure this figure is wearing undies …

No. 524538

Rather than it being 'official' or not. It still stands as something 'valid' to cosplay compared to just slutting up a costume like moo usually does. The general consensus is usually:
Series Canon > Official Art > Figure > Fan Art > Random BS idea

Of course it depends on the end product of course but either way the fandom seems to generally hate this set of figures because the style is off and the anatomy isnt even nice since they all have weird orb balloon tits. But as said by other anons: Even if she wanted to cosplay this figure she pretty much got everything about it wrong and half of her pictures are wearing those ugly ass tennis shoes.

No. 524540

some figures are in fact just random bs ideas. moo and her wks are defending the shit cosplay as canon simply because there is a figure, which is incorrect.

No. 524541

I didn't even know the figure was suppose to be Chichi, just some random sexy animu girl

No. 524547

She also ran away from security when she was Sabre too if I recall correctly.

>I'm surprised she didn't start dry humping him.
She also acts like this in front of the guy's girlfriend. Nicoletters is as much as a doormat as Bitchlette. If someone's touching all over your man and it's clear that they want him, fucking kick her ass don't invite her around more.

No. 524548

This reminds me of the stories of her "accidentally" rubbing her ass on guys. She probably does it like this.

No. 524551

Yup. She grabs guys crotches and asses then runs off laughing thinking it's funny

No. 524552

Honestly though, I want my friends and my boyfriend to get along but there's absolutely no reason why any girl should be touching my boyfriend more than I am. If some chunkster kept finding excuses to wrap herself around my SO I'd be more than a little annoyed, and bugged that my partner hadn't told her to cut it out. I don't know why they all tolerate her shitty behavior. Moochlette and Cuckletters, the ultimate calves.

No. 524554

by random bs ideas I meant 'random bs ideas of the cosplayer' like Moo's usual lingerie sets or the one piece Samus cosplay she made back in the day or her wearing the Kame uniform swimsuit with Android 21 .

It still stands that the figure is an item for sale that is licensed which gives it more validity. Even if it's shit fap bait pandering it's still an 'okayed' product compared to moo's usual ideas.

She's still retarded for comparing it to child chichi rather than just saying 'this is based off of an existing figure' even if she did a shit job at it.

No. 524557

This tweet was removed from their page&is not visible in any retweets about it. Lots of "oh so that's why security got suddenly strict etc." &"not surprised" and mentions of a curse on the con (original tweet from an Alex the Racheal account had commented on the 1st and made their own tweets about it)

No. 524558

stop being such an autist, no one here is defending this shit saying its just less of a stretch than usual for her

No. 524559

File: 1527530152290.jpg (163.25 KB, 1600x1991, aaec01a9bcbd4d88ba35902d814b08…)

Yeah, real fans hate this shit. Mariah just sees dollar signs.

No. 524562

Can ya'll take the figure hate boner to /ot/? Some fans actually like the figures, a few dont, all that said, Mariah did a poor job at making the outfit. Let's move on.

No. 524564

File: 1527532509698.png (2.25 MB, 1900x1200, IMG_0607.PNG)

I drew our cow.

No. 524566

Im never going to sleep after this now thanks

No. 524567

i love this and you.
next thread pic, please

No. 524573

File: 1527534686796.png (988.67 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-28-12-09-08…)

No. 524574

pedo mariah is back

No. 524577

File: 1527535328168.png (259.94 KB, 330x466, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.22…)

No. 524579

File: 1527536997822.png (645.65 KB, 595x594, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 12.50…)

they really give 2 shits about character accuracy huh

No. 524580

Alternatively even if she is wearing one of these, she is so fat her vagina probably just sucked it up. Come on, we've all seen how much she fucking eats shorts up there to the point it probably hurts, one tiny piece of fabric would VANISH

No. 524582

Its not even cut the right length or width. The draping part in the middle doesn't even drape on her cosplay, its just a big stiff square

No. 524584

She even made her Android 18 cosplay based off the figure which is what her excuse is for having her tits out for no reason

No. 524585

Next thread pic but also holy shit Anon this reminded me of DIO and made me think about her "JoJo" phase that lasted like a month

No. 524592

Such an honor for Sexualobster to join us on the Momokun hate train!

No. 524595

Like what you did, Moo?

No. 524600

File: 1527540544760.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1233, 24857456-1DEB-4AEC-BE95-FB2E54…)


No. 524601

matching eye bags

No. 524602

battle of the vagina eyes: who does it better

No. 524603

i feel like this confirms some that nicoletters is a farmer so we can see the cow in action with "friends"

No. 524609

Anyone know who Vamp is supposed to be? Some weird version of Ishtar with the wrong colored wig?
They just look like a couple of hot messes. Guess moo goes to show that even if you spend a ton of money, you can still look terrible.

No. 524611

She's Ereshkigal, it's Rin possessed by another goddess

No. 524615

Lame hand pose twins!

No. 524620

why does moo keep turning her hands to do that pose when the whole point of having the long fabric piece attached is so she can pose like the art?

No. 524621

i'm not? i was agreeing and pointing out that moo's fans are trying to justify it cause she picked a lewd figure.

No. 524656

I still think dark hair will always be the cutest look for her

No. 524668

Dark hair looks the healthiest on her, but she wants to be so special that she destroys her hair into a pink, fried mess

No. 524678

If Momokun is so insistent on Vamp being in her pics, at least pay for the poor girl's plastic surgery. It's investment for her future.

No. 524684

Says the cow who was sporting a loli hoodie recently.
Sure Jan.

No. 524686

Did she really not learn anything? You'd think after the extreme amount of backlash she got for cosplaying Kanna, she'd be a little more careful with statements like these

No. 524688

the idea is vamps nose ("she tries so hard, bless her) makes mariahs look better

No. 524693

Oh Vamp…
She looks awful in pigtails, they age her by an extra 15 years. Honestly she actually looks like a transvestite. Noses come in all shapes and sizes and usually I'm very forgiving of them, but hers is just too hooked downward. She looks like when you're creating an MMO character and slide the nose slider all the way dramatically downward for comedic effect. They make enough money, just go get it done already. Absolutely no one will blame her or take issue with her for it, that's how bad it looks

No. 524696

Not even loli

No. 524697

Im surprised moomoo hasnt hopped on the vegas knights dickriding bandwagon yet considering theyre about to play the stanley cup final. Wish i could sage but i really hope she says something and a million people just call her the fuck out lol

No. 524702

seriously what is wrong with moo's mind. small tits = loli but girl with 8 year old maturity = not???

No. 524704

File: 1527554545560.png (330.73 KB, 512x724, JeanneAlterSanta1-3.png)

To be fair, in the story she's reacting to a pillowcase of this character, who's canonically a young girl.

No. 524708

is it that version? JA isn't a young girl, just the santa one. the picture she used isn't even of the santa/christmas version.

No. 524709


This isn't even the same servant as in >>524573
Can the off topic stop

No. 524714

File: 1527556218470.jpeg (Spoiler Image,478.88 KB, 2048x2048, 63F2839B-4F8D-4A33-A04A-66E0A8…)

Not to get argumentative, but this is what she was reacting to. She browsed through two other pillows going "mmm, yes, cute cute" and then went "NO" to this one. Pleadw watch her story before accusing me of being off topic lol.

No. 524715

>watch the story

and give it hits? nah

No. 524719


And that's what the archive's for.

This is all entirely missing the point, that's she's contradictory - she goes back and forth.
>those thighs aren't innocent
>muh adult version
>i'll lewd everything you love
>chichi was drawn like a slut
>don't lewd lolis though guise!!!!

No. 524720

File: 1527556495134.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1719, 7195EDEB-C216-4174-A2F1-4E0155…)

No. 524721

File: 1527556619553.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1648, 38AC7B4A-141B-4B67-A046-ECB592…)

No. 524723

vamp should get her nose fixed, gain 200 pounds and then she'll get that sweet $$$

No. 524724

GOD can someone please tell this greasy bitch to wash her fucking hair

No. 524731

File: 1527557696488.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180528-183420.png)


No. 524733

File: 1527557791908.png (265.12 KB, 399x293, omg.PNG)

No. 524735

File: 1527557883375.png (152.69 KB, 474x468, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 6.38.…)

just download the pic lmao

No. 524736

File: 1527557905238.jpg (74.09 KB, 640x960, 33802493_1330745923737020_7542…)

No. 524744

File: 1527558844910.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x2025, B100252C-7B7F-495C-8E56-EBCB8D…)

Confirmed for no badge/fake badge. This guy posted this pic implying he gave them his badge, I commented asking if he bought them a badge or gave them one and he blocked me and deleted the comment. Something tells me moo and vamp ran to make sure he didn’t answer me.

No. 524745

File: 1527559044730.jpeg (797.61 KB, 1242x1324, 5D3F7731-FA59-42C4-8E21-C8E434…)

And here’s my comment trying to bait him for info on her badge situation. It’s gone now and I’m blocked

No. 524749

now compare the likes to a pic with her in a bikini or one with her vag out

I love how her idea of modelling is just open eyes and mouth real wide

No. 524750

I wonder how she's gonna ghost AX with their new RFID system. I just got my AX badges in the mail and it came with a bunch of instructions to prevent Ghosting.

No. 524751

again, she has her hands upside down so that cloth piece is hanging off and you can see the elastic. it looks so much cheaper this way.

No. 524752

he could've just answered with a simple yes or smth and people would be none the wiser, but no, he exposed them instead by deleting the comment– just goes to show how smart momokun's asslickers are tbh

No. 524753

I mean just compare the straps in this cap:

There is way too big of a difference between the two, Moo's font is way too small and doesn't have the Adobe logo on it

No. 524755

faking the lanyard is super dumb because most cons will give you a new one if you ask, you don't even have to use the con's most times AA sells custom ones that people buy and change out.

No. 524758

Unless Fanime has rules about lanyards she could of just brought this from a previous year? I have a con lanyard I use because the ones I attend have been opting for the cheap ones as of late.

No. 524759

it's possible. another tinfoil i had is that she's using her badge from last year and just shuffling along past busy staffers.

No. 524761

It doesn't explain why she had two passes in that one hallshot

No. 524767

Like someone said my guess would be she was badge passing - my guess is her and Vamp didn't buy them and just borrowed their friends', and snuck badges in and out to get them all into the dealer's room. This guy's photo was probably taken after that, and he gave them his old badge.

No. 524768

Going in to the AA before it closed, we were stopped because the man checking badges said they had a string of people trying to use 2017 badges to get in so maybe there's something to that idk.

No. 524770

Question but does Blizzcon do high security to prevent ghosting with their badges as well? Could explain why Moo was not able to go stalk Nigri the whole time

No. 524780


Nigri was outside for a good portion of Blizzcon. Mariah was in the group that a lot of her friends were in. Mariah though was VERY late to that stupid punk group she was in with them and no one knows why. She was in Beekeeper Mei again that day (why two days in a row with a cosplay she’s worn numerous times before too)

No. 524781

I just don’t understand what the point of this is. Why would you pay all that money for flights and a hotel to go to a convention and then not spend money on literally the cheapest part? What’s the point of stressing out borrowing or faking badges and stuff all weekend when you can literally just buy a single pass for yourself and be done with it? I know she has the money for it

No. 524782

See, it'd make sense to people who do not make as much money as she apparently does but alas… she is not exactly the smartest. She does not care about nerdy conventions that elevated her fat ass to fame. "Giving back to the community" means ghosting.

No. 524783

She didnt go near nigri because next to Nigri ,who is both older and did all that tanning when she was would, Grandma Moomoo would still look older and more busted.

No. 524785

It's because she feels as if she deserves to go to conventions for free. She doesn't feel like she needs to pay for them, even if they were a dollar.

No. 524791

I reaalllyy doubt almost anyone, especially Momokun, would go through the effort of faking Fanime badges. They're full plastic badges, not just the paper-in-a-sleeve badges that are easy to replicate; card makers are expensive as hell. Fanime doesn't sell out and the prices aren't outrageous, so there's little audience. Plus, we know how damn lazy she is.

Way more likely they're just badge passing. Saw her and Vamp run into the artist alley in the last hour trying to frantically grab things.

No. 524793

No. 524794

Wow Baystar? That guy got outed as a predator twice in the past few months. Flock together I suppose.

No. 524795

In the three Blizzcons I’ve been to badge check is honestly insanely lazy. It’s always done by some security company that doesn’t want to be there. They barely even half assedly check your badge, but now and then I got a person that actually asked me to flip my badge or move my character badge so they could see the con badge.

Sorry for offtopic.

No. 524798

because she just wants to do shots with asian boys in hotel rooms, not actually attend the con outside of having her picture taken

No. 524799

even when she got paid/compensated to go she didnt show up doing her "job"

No. 524804

File: 1527568329740.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 6600E813-A990-448E-A608-8AAF93…)

Continues to make it blatantly obvious that she’s constantly lurking here

No. 524806

Why is there a black bar on the bottom left of it though?

No. 524808

Her name would be on the front of the pass, right?

No. 524809

That’s what I was wondering as well. It almost looks like she taped over the name to hide that the badge was actually someone else’s

No. 524811

I don't know why she's even bothering, we already know that her badge belongs to someone else.

No. 524812

Nvm I goofed. It is a part of the badge her name should be the smallest part above the weekend print

No. 524815

No. 524816

File: 1527569200585.png (258.25 KB, 508x341, Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 9.46.…)

To accompany, for the anon asking about the adobe logo on the lanyard, it appears they were a sponsor

No. 524818

Mariah please that man asked you to send his badge back to him ~

No. 524820

tbh this looks laminated unlike >>524816

No. 524824

maybe she dug through the trash for one kek

No. 524835

Is anyone gonna call out her upside down ears?? They look so awful in every shot.

No. 524837

Anon, if they haven't done it now it'll never happen. Sometimes I think the people around her take delight in seeing a trainwreck upclose

No. 524852

As a normal Fanime attendee this year I didn't get the Adobe lanyard, it might have been for staff/con photographers instead.

No. 524853

Well that guy is supposedly a photographer

No. 524861

At the very end of a convention, usually during ceremonies, they’ll put out boxes of badges for anyone to take since they’re useless at that point and people like the art.
Although I’m assuming her photographer friend let her have it at the end since he seemed to have a few.
Also I’d love to see this “rack” of badges.

No. 524910

>Also I’d love to see this “rack” of badges.
You can't, it's private information like her uni schedule.

No. 524914

I’ve been going to cons for over a decade and I’ve literally never seen a convention do this.

No. 524924


Same. I’ve been to all the SoCal ones too. None of them do this man.

No. 524926

Unless they mean when the con let you get the “swag bags” for free cause they put out boxes of overstock for anyone to take
So anon is probably mixing it up with that?
Anyways moo is fucking stupid for spending the money on the hotel and the trip up there but can’t even fucking buy a badge
She bought her AX badge last year right?? AX’s badges are so fucking expensive too

No. 524928

Seriously needs to learn how to pose her face better. She's been looking cock-eye'd for the past solid year it looks like

No. 524942

Tbh I think she got the pass for vamps, she probably had her own but hustled that guy into letting her and her ~waifu~ borrow his pass to get in and buy shit
Makes sense why vamps was the one thanking him as well, and her budget would be much tighter than moo’s, so

No. 524952

nah. that doesn't explain why moo didn't take any proof photos till after the con was over, when the badges were worthless and could have been anyone's.

No. 524963

How could you go out in public like that? With fucking children running around having to witness your fupa

No. 524965

Hi mooriah. Not buying it.

No. 524967

Moo is just lewd like that muh dude, tee hee tee hee! The totally in-character panties didn't arrive in time so she just had to wing it! You've got to roll with the punches when the cosplay you've been planning for years fails to come together during your ~CON CRUNCH~ where you put everything off until the very last second for a con you've been planning on attending for a year!

I'm glad that people outside of the lolcow mocking circles are finally seeing what a total shitshow she is and are calling her out on the blatant ghosting and her lack of common sense.

No. 524969

imagine working 5 days a month and still being such a depressed piece of shit you can't be bothered to fucking buy stuff. moo's life is so pathetic and cringy.

No. 524993

Doesn't vamp cosplay that character?

No. 524995

Vamp cosplays the original character, Jeanne d'Arc, who's an actual adult. The Christmas version is from the mobile game and became a child through magic bs for loli reasons lmao

No. 524996

i'm surprised more games don't pull that hyperdimensional neptunia shit (look it up) it pulls in more $$ when both pedos and titty fetishists like the same character.

No. 525010

She looks like a bootleg edition of Yaya Han with her fancy attention seeking costume buy and actually looks older than her too. Loosen up on the face tape Moo we all know how shit you actually look without it.

No. 525017

i mean she's always tried doing this tbh but she's too stupid to break out properly. she doesn't realize that yaya was a flatchested serious cosplayer who was just too insecure cause of anime and got fake tits thinking she wouldn't be seen as meat if she put them out on display. yaya started out serious, then got sexy but she was already well established and did super intricate stuff the entire time and barely did shitty bikini shoots at all.

same even with jnig, she started out slutty but immediately used her fame to cosplay super intricate WoW and LoL shit.

moo just wanted $$ and then decided to pretend to be serious after all the backlash.

even with shit that she claims to be a huge fan of like higurashi and umineko, she's constantly mischaracterizing her "favorite" characters because she doesn't know much about them and assumes they're edgy because she is.

No. 525032

>Not buying it
That's okay anon, neither did she.

No. 525104

File: 1527626548999.png (127.18 KB, 343x657, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 1.42.…)

No. 525105

File: 1527626563477.png (207.69 KB, 352x649, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 1.42.…)

No. 525114

File: 1527627947393.png (217.07 KB, 350x651, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.05.…)

Release Drake, Majin 21 and re-released Hermoine

No. 525115

File: 1527627991093.png (468.09 KB, 810x594, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.06.…)

No. 525116

Totally cover that tattoo I see. Good job moo.

No. 525118

File: 1527628715606.jpeg (143.83 KB, 1080x1081, F881A4E8-923B-47DC-AB15-2C2F88…)

No. 525119

What an awkward fucking pose, like she's aiming a fart behind her

No. 525128

File: 1527629495839.png (127.97 KB, 244x244, oh kek here we go.png)

not that anon, but well played regardless

No. 525129

she literally looks like a corpse…her makeup looks so dry i’m feeling the pain myself and those concealer lips….god

No. 525131


Ahh, feels good to be able to call out her bad habits before they happen

literally the easiest thing to do moo, and you fucked up.

No. 525136

>I see you… Different, Gym?

Nah man, just more shoop than usual, plus the miracle of sucking in + contorting her body to extreme levels.

No. 525150

File: 1527631224135.jpg (42.96 KB, 720x405, 33773980_1949294015291241_5633…)

Oh man, someone in a closed Dark Souls shitposting group on FB made moo's shitty stolen OC into a skin for the most corpulent boss in the series.

No. 525151

File: 1527631291940.jpg (43.35 KB, 720x405, 33901250_1949294051957904_4375…)

A back view

No. 525158

Nothing like a big con to show what a nobody moomoo is.

No. 525172

lol at that right awkward leg movement so he can shop her legs thin separately

No. 525174

File: 1527634005439.png (873.61 KB, 750x1334, B17DF0A2-879D-4847-BC99-626A1C…)

throwing in my tinfoil, possibly about momo and the whole badge situation/things in general?

No. 525181

I thought the same thing honestly, really funny coming from the guy who literally posted his own tweet shitting on her here a few months ago

No. 525183

Probably, and if so, they're making themselves look bad by defending shit like selling and using counterfeit badges. They are making themselves look stupid.

No. 525199

I posted a few weeks ago about how I emailed Fanime saying to not let her in with a bunch of receipts. Might’ve worked? They didn’t really say much except “I let the rovers know, please tell us if you have any more updates”.
I hope she’s banned forever. That would tickle me pink.(cowtipping)

No. 525200

What's worst is with how shooped this is it would probably have taken 30 seconds to edit it out.

No. 525202

File: 1527635885558.jpeg (200.95 KB, 750x834, 17C051EB-8740-49D4-8582-FDDB5C…)

Is this person calling her out for having fake badges for fanime or is this some reference to fate? Not a fate fan so if it’s a reference to something it went over my head

No. 525204

File: 1527636303550.jpeg (588.21 KB, 1242x1344, 78398210-A3B0-4B15-A7E5-15312C…)

No, that guy is the one who made her that god awful “lifting belt” or whatever the fuck it was. They’re sperging on twitter too, this happens every single time moo gets a new friends circle - she forces them to defend her like this en mass, that’s three of her new calves at once screaming about the badges on her behalf.

No. 525205

Oooooooohhhh ok so they were being sarcastic when they said that, got it. Thanks for explaining

No. 525208

File: 1527636813067.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 3929B390-1644-48E8-824F-5E66AE…)

Assuming this is probably also about Momokun and the fake badges

No. 525210

Just as predicted. Moo does this EVERY TIME - she forces her calves to make these super cringe worthy posts saying “you don’t know the REAL story”

No. 525213

Literally cringing every time they call her “famous”

No. 525229

Riding moo’s fat flat ass this hard can’t possibly be comfortable.

No. 525235

idk why anyone is surprised. nicolette was riding mica burton's ass when she was still at RT and has a history of riding any even vaguely popular person's ass. She probably thinks since she's more attractive than moo she'll get a huge fame boost bust she's just ruining her already shit reputation

No. 525238

>more attractive than moo

It's weird to see the words "more attractive" and nicolette in the same sentence

don't think I'd go that far, anon…

No. 525248

omg I vote next thread pic

No. 525252

actual genius

No. 525261

Her chapped lips are actually triggering me

No. 525269

Seriously, not even like a year ago these two were shit talking moo on twitter before they became “friends” with her and the fact they have to insert “famous cosplayer” is cringeworthy but I guess they outed themselves for the only reason why they associate with her, a terrible couple friends with a terrible person
But seriously they claim the people saying moo faked badges have no receipts but neither do they to prove otherwise? So it’s just them yelling at the void
Still it’s a trip to see people justify moo’s behavior and not question why rumors like this start about her all the time during cons

No. 525278

File: 1527643174286.png (271.44 KB, 345x654, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 6.19.…)

No. 525282

and how many are bought
and the rest are just dudes who wont buy your photo sets

No. 525283


i like how she chose this profile as if the tragic wig and doofy face didn't make her look like simple jack with downs syndrome

No. 525287

File: 1527643986778.jpeg (144.03 KB, 391x389, 2D10A5CC-FA10-40FD-83A5-2FBAFD…)

No, they just give out the badges.
Every con I’ve been to does this at the very end of closing ceremonies.
I’d upload more examples but I don’t want to clog up the thread.

No. 525289

File: 1527644805532.png (251.15 KB, 342x509, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 6.47.…)

No. 525290

File: 1527644940219.png (218.9 KB, 329x577, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 6.49.…)

No. 525291

that doesn't make sense anon, they print the badges out when you buy them…

No. 525296

File: 1527645378205.png (515.54 KB, 495x585, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 6.56.…)

I'm confused. She never used this?

No. 525299

File: 1527645464486.png (6.57 KB, 485x65, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 6.58.…)


No. 525302

File: 1527645899203.png (290.2 KB, 344x654, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 7.05.…)

No. 525308

They black out what days the badge is for. So if it's full weekend, it's completely blacked out, but if it's a single day pass then only some parts are blacked out.

No. 525309

File: 1527646820888.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180529-191827.png)

No. 525310

File: 1527646841764.png (197.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180529-191815.png)

No. 525313

>Slave Leia
Don't disrespect Carrie Fisher please

No. 525314

depends on the con

Some are pre printed blank, and the printer just adds on the name+info

other cons print the entire thing right there(but it takes a long time)

No. 525315

What happened to Retsuko that was supposed to be in May moomoo? Can you at least give people what you promised them before continuing with more bullshit that you wont finish?

I guess since the show isnt getting as much hype you gave up on it.

No. 525316

How much you wanna bet her ChiChi lewd set will be with Castle Cuck-play?

No. 525317

This isn't a "personal army" board.

This never happens.

No. 525319

it's gonna be the ugliest imitation yet

where have your abs gone hm? her stumby little fat legs are awful

No. 525326

Oh boy, she's done a mega milk shoot a few years ago when she was actually thick and curvy. I can only imagine what it's going to look like now…

No. 525328

File: 1527647783266.jpeg (14.28 MB, 4000x6000, D761D80D-20C9-4801-BA9E-0F89AC…)

No. 525330

File: 1527647855316.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.01 KB, 1280x899, tumblr_p2nwh7IkSk1wgdp08o3_r1_…)

No. 525331

File: 1527648004980.png (616.56 KB, 480x689, bff6277e609cf5eebc8dac55e85fe7…)

My prediction for what the milk set is going to look like

No. 525333

The saddest part is this will look so much better compared to whatever the new set will look. Like, it's going to be even worse now with how haggard and more beasty she's gotten. Who'd have thunk back then she'd get THIS bad? WHO??

No. 525335

100% accurate.

No. 525336

with strawberry and chocolate milk! maybe they'll both get in a kiddie pool with the milk or it'll be like a shower oh shit don't wanna give her ideas

No. 525339

What's terrible is this quick shoop looks better than the original shoot…

No. 525341

File: 1527649506342.jpg (583.26 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180529-200405_Ins…)

Man she looks so beat
I know was posted in her story a while ago but damn. Her skin is so bad for being what 22? Yikes.

No. 525342

That screenshot is from December tho.

No. 525343

that was posted in december and she already has it.

No. 525344

Posts in previous thread that she didn't do Leia for Star Wars day
next announcement involves Leia

Okay, we get it Moo, you lurk

No. 525345

Didn't she just go on a rant about not cosplaying things you're not actually a fan of?
I have never seen her mention anything Star Wars until today, this is such a desperate attempt to get more fans jfc.
Also inb4 she decides to suddenly know everything wiki can provide on SW.

No. 525346

i think she ranted a ton when whatever the rey movie was came out, but has been basically silent since

idk i only saw the old original ones, i have a very passive interest in the franchise

No. 525347

she can be jabba and her hook nosed friend could be salacious crumb

No. 525348

File: 1527649987497.jpeg (80.79 KB, 1128x505, CCB2B525-3356-416F-8B49-62ED05…)

Last example because I don’t want to derail but a lot of cons do this. At least in my state and 2 surrounding states. Because every closing ceremony I’ve been to has had it.
It’s one of the few reasons to stay that long at a con.

That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reason Moo never shows her badge until AFTER the con is over.

No. 525349


there's a bunch of info about her fake stars nerdery in this thread >>>/pt/475963

No. 525350


fake star WARS nerdery

No. 525353

fanime doesn't do it. also those boxes have programmes in them not badges.

No. 525354

I was at this convention. They were badges.
They give all out all the different weekend ones, but not staff or exhibitor for obvious reasons.

No. 525355

>not staff or exhibitor for obvious reasons.

there's no obvious reasons. idk what flyover state you live in but most cons don't do this.

No. 525357

hey instead of in-fighting about con shit, can we discuss how absolutely appalling her sexy leia will be?

why does she keep choosing outfits with long split skirts/bottoms? she thinks her over stuffed, hammy thighs are hips? she has no ass whatsoever, which is laughable at her size. and her pantiless chichi made her look horrible. unhygenic pussy flopping in the wind isn't sexy at all.

No. 525358

stop arguing with them holy fuck who cares

No. 525365

She's been threatening to do this well over a year now, she had the bikini saved in her etsy wishlist for quite some time. The fact that the cow is finally moving on it is really laughable, but that's our Moo! Planning shit months in advance and doing absolutely nothing until the last second.

No. 525366

samefagging but forgot to add

she was very very self conscious about her chichi that she was QUICK to change. she won't leia irl. Just for pics

No. 525368

honestly she'd have been better off doing the clichéest cosplay possible a year ago when she wasn't pushing 290- she wants real nerd cred, she should cosplay the guards who cared for the rancor.

No. 525369

she couldnt have bought it, cause if she had
she wouldnt fit it and wouldnt still be doing it kek

No. 525370

You underestimate her determination to fit into too-small clothes because muh hentai gurls.

No. 525384

imagine if she had the willpower to actually fit her costumes tho

No. 525395

File: 1527656549568.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180529-215049.png)

No. 525396

File: 1527656570784.png (618.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180529-215035.png)

No. 525397

>she was very very self conscious about her chichi that she was QUICK to change.

yea cause she had no panties!

No. 525401

File: 1527656993821.png (457.98 KB, 928x591, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 10.10…)

No. 525404

someone make an accurate one now

No. 525407

they'd both just be this >>523787

No. 525412

i think they meant call out in the thread anon

No. 525414

you actually can you piece of lard, nobody chooses your cosplays except for you

No. 525416

nicoletters and theweebking_ are just lame-o ass hypocrites lol. it’s so embarrassing how they’re trying to defend moo now as if they haven’t shittalked n posted abt her here. they’re both so fugly. like mariah lol.

No. 525419

shit begets shit, anon.

No. 525429

what the fuck am I looking at?

No. 525445

Lewd chichi? Chichi is a child???

No. 525446

File: 1527669260648.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, ewwmoo.png)

No. 525448

When they got no more true friends, who else are they gonna hang out with? Kevin is a fuck boi, nicoletters is a mooch. No wonder they hang around Mariah.

No. 525476

I thought this was one of those L shaped couches that someone put her panties over or something at a party lmao didn't realise it was legs, she looks overstuffed here

No. 525484

File: 1527680549116.png (259.65 KB, 350x707, w4TY4CB.png)


It was covered in a much earlier thread around the time of the initial, "I worked out guys, I lost all that weight through hard work*!" lipo 1.0 phase she also tried piggybacking on GRRRL Clothing (all-sizes body-positive fitness clothing brand) like she was a sponsored athlete. As the brand is against photo-shopping, her, "sponsorship," seemed very suspect. There was a facebook post about her on their brand page in the usual, "Look at our customer repping us!" kind of thing and she was not well-received in the comments however the mods and owner told people that that kind of attitude is not what the brand is about as it's entirely antithetical to the brand's message, etc. The post was removed pretty quickly and no mention of her has been made since. The brand has since denied that she was ever sponsored by them or represented them in any way. I'm relatively new to lolcow and it's killing me now that I didn't get a screenshot at the time.

I started working out due to being sick and tired of my auto-immune problems and physical injuries holding me back and have dropped almost 10% bodyfat in the past 20 months. I often skip social functions and log everything I consume to maintain my fitness. I can assure you, she talks a good talk, but as everyone has pointed out, she cannot squat the squat (I mean seriously, that shit is atrocious and she's headed for a real injury). She's just doing enough to try to save face that she's, "totally into fitness, my dad's a bodybuilder!" while not ACTUALLY engaging in any form of self-improvement.

No. 525492

Stealing art again eh

No. 525502

Why do the Chi chi figure version and not the officially one?? she's such a 'fan'

No. 525509

Moo went so far to act like they were sponsoring her, she has literally 1 of each pant and shorts that grrrl had in inventory at the time and to this day she never wears any of those pants or shorts to the gym.

No. 525515


Because it has huge unnatural looking tits, and it gives her an excuse to make chichi look like a whore in shitty "lewd" shoots of her. I hate when girls like moo try to make characters like chichi sexualized. Good thing she looks nothing like her and just a fat, slobby knock off in a party city wig.

No. 525579

Awwww, I guess since the Retsuko hype died down a bit she realized she can't be the Netflix Sanrio adult mascot desu! Just like with many other flavor of the months she promised but wouldn't do once they aren't popular anymore! What a poser lol.

No. 525580

That and the outfit she sewed together to prove to us that she MAKES HER OWN COSTUMES GAIS!!!! looked like babby's first sewing project. It looks worse than her shitty Majin 21 costume and Chi-Chi dress even.

No. 525591


Yup, so "convenient" that the one costume that this famous professional cosplayer had any hand in making wasn't able to make an appearance.

No. 525621

well ofc it looks worse she didn’t make her Maijin costume and dumbass nicoletters basically made her Chichi dress

No. 525645

File: 1527706539165.png (224.27 KB, 345x652, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 11.55…)

including friends

No. 525647

you forgot about fat!
…oh, wait

No. 525648

Like cosplay talent? Oh wait you never had any in the first place.

No. 525649

like the respect you once had in the cosplay community before you ruined it with your shitty personality, actions, and stealing?

No. 525651

I like how she had one of the bigger costumes at Fanime and there's only 5 pictures of her taken by people outside of her clique lmao

No. 525654

It really goes to show how hated she is in the community and how much her paranoia stunts her growth as a figure in said community.
My friends are hobby cosplayers but I see pics of them all over. Why? Because they let people take pics without an ocular pat down from their goons.
In all the Vids and pics of Moo at cons, she's in the middle of her calves' protective circle. No one wants to come up and ask to take a pic when they see that coming. No matter how "good" the cosplay is

No. 525655

that's still not why. it wouldn't matter if moo is alone or had real bodyguards. she's simply not important.

No. 525656

And if someone were to ask for a photo, she'd act like she did with the D.VA cosplayer, all snobby then talk shit about how they "interrupted an important convo with her friends"

No. 525658

Not to mention cosplayers who use shapewear aren't self conscious cause they aren't shopped to death outside of con pics to elude to a smaller frame. A candid probably isn't gonna chap them too much.

No. 525702

She made the Majin one, just look at the shitty top and armbands to confirm that Moo had her hoof in their construction.

No. 525713

https://streamable.com/kf23w Showing off her badge and her clump of badges, also she’s live on insta in the gym if anyone wants to watch

No. 525719

And there's no way this was bought last minute sunday by a thirsty fan

No. 525723

Gods, i can't stand the way she talks. it's also massively obvious she was lurking here recently. kek

No. 525726

There’s also been a massive amount of cow tipping - she honestly doesn’t even NEED to lurk here anymore people just rush to her Instagram comments and run their mouth

No. 525728

File: 1527718364059.png (6.15 MB, 1242x2208, 8272DD38-86CD-4BA5-AB21-4F2CCF…)

She really did sperg and show off her badges

No. 525729

File: 1527718388876.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, F4C0DB09-6D2F-4C8C-8131-52FED3…)

No. 525731

Nice to know we trigger her so much

No. 525732

So why did she buy her badge the Thursday of the con when she was already in LA at that point?

Still proves that she's a lazy cunt. She probably only bought it since we were saying she was going to ghost the con

No. 525733

Agreed, and if they had a cap she'd be fucked. She'll spend 2k on a wildly inaccurate dress. But balks at paying for a badge?

No. 525734

Good catch anon. I know Famine isn't one of those cons that sells out super fast, but why would you plan these cosplays, spend all that money, just to buy your badge the day before the con? Its a con she goes to every single year too, so even if she didn't know what she was going to wear she knew she was going.

Her ghosting cons has been a thing for well over a year now, and yet this is the only con she's gone through so much trouble to prove the haters wrong. Hmmmmmmm

No. 525735

I like that she's posting all the pictures with her ~fans~ now after anon mentioned that no one wanted to get a picture with us.
You really are sad, Mooriah.

No. 525749

What I want is a ~confirmation~ of the fact that Nicoletters and theweebking_ making fun of her a year ago for having a lewd patreon and posting here doesn’t faze her lol or that it wasn’t abt her even though it literally was

No. 525750

Okay now how about those totally real diplomas that you got from your two majors, Moo? Gonna show proof of that?

No. 525751

Wow she answered my request.
You really can’t stop reading here, can you moo?
How insecure can she get that she has to prove herself this much to us.

What else should we request? Since it’s apparent she constantly lurks here

No. 525754

I requested the nicoletter/weebking true uwu defending friends confirmation.

No. 525758



If you can find all of these badges so easily

Why couldn't you find your merch to go to your supposedly 'totes legit' booth that you got?

You can lose shit like your KEYS in your house because it's SUCH A MESS but you had time to dedicate to finding your badges but you give auch a minimal amount of a fuck to being an actual business woman that you fucking dont even know where your fucking merch is? How's that business major going again???

This is what pisses me off most of all: If she was such a business woman EVEN IF she couldnt find her merch because of legitimate reasons like if she had actually moved? She could have gone to an office depot or kinkos to print out a few last minute prints to sell. If she got even 5 of each print she's ever made that would only take about an hour max. But no that would be too much effort.

But digging through her house to find any badge she has lying around? yeah she can do that. She puts effort into only proving the things no one REALLY cares about wrong rather than proving shit like 'why do all of your friends ditch you moo?' or 'if you're such close friends with Jessica why has she NEVER hung out with you?' (no you tagging along doesnt count. You and her have never had a one-on-one hangout time.

No. 525762

I absolutely love how much of a nobody mariah is. Theres another cow on this site that went to fanime who ISNT a cosplayer and she had people taking pictures with her left and right it was insane.

People only care for mariah when she's being a cum dumpster and showing her hairy snatch. Her sfw cosplays don't get attention, so she has to show tits to get easy likes.

No. 525766

She’s so desperate to prove everyone wrong when she can, unfortunately for her it’s only on a tiny thing which doesn’t even make a dent in what a pile of shit she is.

No. 525768

She can find every badge shes ever had. But can't find her unlv tassel or her books. Or the business school on campus or her keys her merchandise. All of which is hilarious since she doesn't have any furniture until we mention she has no furniture. Dont worry moo i got ya covered- your multiple diplomas you just earned are under your clean underwear in your dresser. Which is in Narnia lol

No. 525769

She's only flipping out this time because people pointed out her ghosting on social media. So now our dear Moomoo is scrambling to prove the h8trz wrong as her calves mooing is not enough anymore to sway things into her favor.

Looking forward to you ghosting Blizzcon, lardo!

No. 525770

I'm pretty sure Narnia banned all abominations, anon.

Are any of these within the last year or two Moo or are they like your textbooks and from your first year?

No. 525774

I hate to say it, but for all the milk moomoo has provided over the last couple of years I am really starting to get bored with her. The constant lies and fake life she claims to live is just so phony and sad that it's all just rinse repeat at this point. She is sliding downhill so quick that I guess I just want to fast forward to the end to see how badly it all turns out.

No. 525776

Things Greg does =/= industry standard
I do like 15-20 conventions a year and the only other time I've ever seen that happen outside of AZ was once in Texas.

No. 525778

On top of that there’s a call out post on twitter right now about it. Not viral but YJ retweeted it and was talking about how she usually harassed her way into badges.

No. 525780

If kiwifarms got shut down tomorrow moomoo would be devastated. It's the only place anyone is really paying attention to her. Pathetic. Let's start a reverse moomoo. Name things about her online persona that are actually true. Other than the fact that she lives in vegas, is 22 years old, and is named mariah mallad there isn't a whole lot to work with is there?

No. 525781


College dropout failed starbucks worker ebeggar and narcissist.

No. 525786

narcissistic overweight binge drinker

No. 525788

she's a cringy pothead who thinks she's funny but is really embarrassing.

No. 525795

File: 1527729452582.png (901.74 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-13-23…)

She said people need to set priorities and mind their own business HMMMMMMMM

No. 525797

File: 1527729521811.png (1.25 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-14-24…)

No. 525800

File: 1527729609122.png (1.3 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-14-29…)

I miss you being triggered as FUCK Mariah where you post 30 instastories saying how totes not bothered and not alone you are

No. 525801

File: 1527729638919.png (687.63 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-14-20…)

No. 525802

File: 1527729667998.png (519.38 KB, 709x1175, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-15-15…)

No. 525804

File: 1527729803856.png (874.3 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-22-19…)

No. 525805

File: 1527729841162.png (909.79 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-22-31…)

No. 525806

File: 1527730226271.png (621.27 KB, 1074x720, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-29-30…)

No. 525808

Holy shit they are so saggy

No. 525810


it doesn't fit mariah

No. 525813

File: 1527731740073.png (571.25 KB, 720x726, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-53-23…)

No. 525815

File: 1527731861230.png (377.91 KB, 293x739, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-56-49…)

No. 525821

She's leaning like a cholo

No. 525822

I think I speak for all of your fans when I say tl;dr show us your tits.

No. 525823

Medium, Small, XXXL

No. 525826

two number 9s and a number 9 largw

No. 525828

I skipped thru some of her gym stream today and it was fucking unbearable. Her form is so fucking god awful. I’m not a pro lifter by any means but even an amateur like me can tell how wobbly and awful her form is jfc. We all start somewhere but her form is SO BAD for how little weight she’s lifting. It’s honestly really sad.

No. 525841

is it me or is her fucking heel leaning??

No. 525842

ain't no one be caring hun
most people probably thought this was some weird pig woman in a ballgown

No. 525845

Her 'thank you cosplay fam. I love everyone!!' speech is right as scheduled.

No. 525858


Why did she blur her cleavage like that she looks like she got a uniboob.

No. 525860

The pixels are all deformed because there stretched out too much…

No. 525862

she was trying to say itwas a good fit lol

No. 525866

File: 1527737461044.png (806.02 KB, 2499x2049, look at that body.png)

week in review

No. 525876

File: 1527738912621.png (237.84 KB, 631x503, Capture.PNG)

Whenever she puts on contacts she fucks them up some how and ends up like

No. 525878

I couldn't bear to watch the whole livestream. I'm a certified PT and when IG thots pretend to know shit at the gym it just pisses me off.
Her deadlift form is okay, but that's because deadlifts are known as "big girl" lifts - bc they're easiest and you can lift the most weight with them. It's just lifting a dead weight from the ground, and with how much she weighs, she should be lifting much, much more.
Her power cleans aren't power cleans at all, just her picking a bar up from the ground, i won't have her disrespecting powerlifting this way
and her squats… just… yikes. I won't say any more tho, bc that's probably more coaching than Moo's ever gotten.

No. 525885

File: 1527740063130.jpg (8.42 KB, 192x211, 86.jpg)

eugh, that ain't sexy

No. 525891

I don't mind the tipping because sometimes it clears a lot of things up, in her favor or not, something gets proved. A lot of posts here and elsewhere are often a combination of tinfoiling, misunderstandings, and hear say. Her responses, lies or not, give some form of receipt for all the bullshit

No. 525895

kek thank you anon, I can’t get over the deadlift one

No. 525902

Hard to ware? Bitch most cosplayers say shit like "Hard to make" not "hard to ware"

No. 525903

what contacts did she use for the yellow side of her Quetzacoatl cosplay? The green one looked pretty fucked, but the yellow one was alright. Asking as I'm interested in getting something similar. Sorry for offtopic, I mostly lurk.

No. 525904

File: 1527743235525.png (169.11 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 10.06…)

No. 525905

File: 1527743248572.png (223.87 KB, 345x653, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 10.07…)

No. 525906

File: 1527743260636.png (194.79 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 10.07…)

No. 525907

What is her need to share how disgusting she lives? Also meaning she left those poor cats there?

No. 525914

She has the money, why not hire a cleaner every Saturday or Sunday to clean ugh.

Be an adult please.

No. 525915

Clean your fucking room, jfc

No. 525916

more like she has the time lmao her ass doesn’t do anything get to work bitch

No. 525917

There's another CPA beach meetup, do you think she'll go?

No. 525919

She is a spoiled immature child who has never had to clean up after herself.

No. 525922

File: 1527745693763.png (557.3 KB, 810x593, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 10.48…)

Because this is totally in character

No. 525923

She even looks the oldest out of all of them. Big yikes

No. 525926

I like how she covered the QR code so no one could scan it. It was probably only a one day badge lmao

No. 525928

File: 1527746847989.jpg (467.61 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oystog836w1wgdp08o1_128…)


pick literally one


No. 525933

She's not even looking at them she's looking at the camera
either that or her lazy eye has gone into overdrive

No. 525934

this is just so unflattering for all of them. vamp looks beaky and doughy, the middle one looks like she's gonna pop off her horn and start cleaning hotel rooms, and momo is inflation fetish art brought to life.

No. 525935

What the FUCK has she done to her body? I almost feel bad for her. Her body is so deformed and unnatural looking and it will obviously never look normal ever again. Too much lipo, shitty diet, taking zero care of herself, and rapid weight fluctuations have literally destroyed any hope of her body returning to normal, even if she stayed at like a healthy chubby weight. Her thighs are fucking MASSIVE. Every time I see her post another instastory wearing leggings and a crop hoodie and I see how fucking wide she is I cringe. For someone who “goes to the gym” as much as she does, her body is getting more and more disgusting by the day, honestly. She’s like a walking anti-lipo ad

Sorry for the rant, I’m just absolutely astounded at how gross her body is becoming and even more astounded at the fact that she somehow thinks she’s sexy?????? And other people think that as well????????

No. 525936

File: 1527748522650.png (137.74 KB, 157x489, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 11.35…)

No. 525937

File: 1527748534727.png (182.37 KB, 202x568, Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 11.35…)

No. 525938

Looks like Moo told photographer who lent her badges to delete his post on instagram

No. 525963

Wow, subtle. Good job showing us you have nothing to hide regarding those badges, Mariah.

She covers her tracks like a 12 years old wtf.

No. 525966

this picture compared to the newest cat lingerie set… it really puts it into perspective how absolutely fucked up her body is now

No. 525969

File: 1527766479501.png (702.26 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2018-05-31-04-33-19…)

No. 525971

File: 1527766522683.png (782.6 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-05-31-04-32-36…)

You don't need that corn

No. 525972

File: 1527766551575.png (1.3 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-05-31-04-32-44…)

No. 525976

how… is she 22 years old…? her skin looks like it’s going to crumble at any second

No. 525978

22 is the new 42

No. 525981

I wonder if her face ever peeled

No. 525988

I don't think that's even a Francis Drake quote? And has nothing to do with her character or story whatsoever?

No. 525989

I don't think that's even a Francis Drake quote? And has nothing to do with her character or story whatsoever?

No. 525991

I don't think that's even a Francis Drake quote? And has nothing to do with her character or story whatsoever?

No. 526000

File: 1527774578864.png (7.48 MB, 1242x2208, 8A7B073B-AD43-456F-80AD-CEE783…)

I tried to endure her livestream but it was terrible. She looked like a disgusting mess and you can tell her trainer wants to kill himself every time she opens her mouth. I also don’t think he knew she was live-streaming… she kept mumbling quietly right in to the microphone every time she moved her phone, and she kept trying to act super buddy buddy with him but all his replies are one word answers and she keeps trying. She keeps trying to talk like they’re long time old friends and he’s not having it lolllll she can’t even pay men to want to be around her.

There’s also one point when she’s about to bench press that she starts bragging to him about how much bobba she drank and bragging that she ate 3 coconut curry plates. And then has to explain to him how much sugar is in bobba..

No. 526017

eeeeeeeew, that skin is so disgusting. Why doesn't she bother to put on a little make-up when she does her instastories. It would look way better than this abomination

No. 526019

She looks like a fucking troll doing a squat with a leg of ham in her pocket

No. 526023

File: 1527779792923.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180531-081415.png)

No. 526024

File: 1527779816223.png (280.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180531-081421.png)

No. 526025

File: 1527779838367.png (282.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180531-081426.png)

No. 526026

>bragging about how much shit she ate

so healthy my dude

No. 526027

memorizing text lol yeah lie to yourself all you want hun

No. 526035


This “hiatus from school” for a year is just “I got tired of having to keep up the lie so now you guys won’t keep asking me about it anymore.

No. 526036

Hiatus from school? But didn't she say she "graduated"?

No. 526038

Yea wasnt this your final semester there moocow? Not even your neckbeards believe that shit. And her team worked so hard? Lol if this embarrassing shitshow is them working hard I'd hate to see them slacking. It would look like a toddler with paint open.

No. 526039

Wasn't it supposed to be her final year and she'll graduate soon? At least keep up with your lies lmao. And "sobbing in a corner", bitch when? You've sobbed on IG so many times, like the consecutive stories of you crying and screeching about a cat anime, and none of them are about finals, you've also never attempted to work hard on "cosplu", stop with these posts no1currs.

No. 526043

let me get this straight. she's claiming she did really well, also claimed before this was either her last or her 2nd to last year, but is now claiming she decided to take a break? why? does she realize anyone else with ""double majors"" would already be looking for internships or looking into masters schools to apply for next year? what a lying shit.

No. 526048

File: 1527782951503.jpeg (402.02 KB, 2048x2048, 92CCD9D1-2366-40C3-98D0-51360A…)

Agreed it was very hard to watch her trying to interact with the guy. All she did was talk about food and second guess her form. Here’s a small collage from the workout.

No. 526051

i mean she's right to second guess her form, like wtf is that last thing?

No. 526052

>taking a year off
>tired of keeping up this bullshit lie so I’ll just put it on break for a year and hope everyone forgets by then

No. 526055

When all this school stuff came up she claimed the last classes she needs are on campus classes and she didn’t want to do it over the summer because it would be during con season. Which makes no sense, because why not just take them in the fall? Why do they have to be in the summer??

Jfc no wonder she got kicked off the boat if that’s the kind of posing she was doing. How can she blame the employees if she’s sitting spread fuckibg eagle at a museum?!

No. 526058

i mean, apart from the fact that schools don't do that, we already know her school doesn't offer the courses she claimed online in the first place.

literally no one cares about her or her future and it's pathetic she needs to lie to act like she's better than she is. even with fans and likes, she's a nobody. she'll be a nobody when she starts camming. it's pathetic best chance she has at a life outside of moving back in with parents is bagging a man and getting pregnant. but she's too arrogant and she thinks that's beneath her.

No. 526062

>extra wig wefts sewn in by me

What a dumb thing to credit yourself with,

:/ but I supposed when you literally did nothing you’ll take whatever you can get.

No. 526071

>a year hiatus from school. Maybe a 1 year and half.
>mini break

Uhhh, taking 2-3 semesters off school is not a mini break. Taking a semester off is–but even then, she's in a position now where every semester counts and as another anon said, she should really be looking into internship positions at this point, or especially some sort of summer program to boost her resume for after school.

Just stating the obvious here, but she's obviously not in school at all and finally found a good cover up for it. I can't wait to see her quality in work continue to decline, even though she is supposedly less busy and has more time for whatever meaningless bullshit photoshoot she comes up with.

No. 526078

She's been preparing that lie for awhile now, now she's doubling down on it again after she got shit for the Fanime badge incident. Gotta make herself look cool and good, my dudes!

No. 526080

File: 1527787993516.png (317.96 KB, 473x658, Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 10.32…)

prepare for this gold cuz w h e w

No. 526081

File: 1527788026714.jpg (50.59 KB, 640x960, 33994749_1332126480265631_3508…)

No. 526082

File: 1527788057452.jpg (54.83 KB, 640x960, 34046273_1332126500265629_4091…)

No. 526083

File: 1527788083845.jpg (59.09 KB, 960x640, 34075974_1332126486932297_3727…)

No. 526084

File: 1527788130073.jpg (60.68 KB, 960x640, 34142084_1332126493598963_5109…)

god this cincher makes her fupa more apparent

No. 526091


This wig looks so flat and awful. Why would you brag about the additional work you did on it?

No. 526092


Her head is so tiny compared to her body it’s so weird

No. 526094

Just lookit those lacing. My legs are hurting just seeing it

No. 526105

She looks like she's in pain, and she's stretching her pants (leggings?) out so much that we can see her dark coloured underwear, ew. Also nitpick but Francis Drake is from the 1500's but she didn't bother to edit out the American flag in the background, muh eye for detail my dude.

No. 526126

Is nobody going to comment on how all of the scars are inverted?

No. 526134

Because 'She liked it better that way' same reason why her wig is the wrong color and the coat is the wrong color and her bra is showing and her coat is too short and the boots are completely wrong.

No. 526135

why even cosplay at all lol

No. 526136


I'm not into cosplaying or cons or whatever; I mostly read this thread just because its on the main page BUT…

Why the hell doesn't she wear a body shaper? I know we like to nitpick the way she looks, but honestly with a shaper she wouldn't look -as- bad. Is that not something people at cons do, or just not something she's willing to do? Sorry for not being super familiar, just visiting from another thread.

No. 526137


she wears a body shaper because she's trying to sell the whole "SLIM THICC" shtick without actually working out and eating well. it holds her fat into place and she can pretend she has a tiny waist.

No. 526139

She is wearing a corset because she's too fat for most bodyshapers

No. 526140


I don't think she's wearing one. They usually cover the entire torso, she looks to be wearing a corset but I'm not super familiar with her.

Just saying, having something to hold in that fupa and slim out her rolls would be better than cinching her wait super tight, at least in my opinion.

No. 526141

there are different types of body shapers anon…

No. 526144

Let's play a game for cosplay thots called "How many bras can you wear?" Because this cow would win.

No. 526147

more like "guess what cosplayer is wearing more than one bra". only idiots like moo don't know how to stack bras properly. but moo won't even wear the correct bra size in the first place so she was a lost cause from the beginning.

No. 526148


Fair! My apologies anon, I never considered a corset to be 'body shaping' as much as like, one of those entire torso smoothers, but it makes sense. To be able to define those hips through all that flab, that corset has to be shaping a metric fuckton of fat.

No. 526153

>>526080 she is so incompetent and desparate to take credit for literally anything since she doesn’t make actual cosplay. I painted something made by someone else and sewed in a bunch of stray pubes I found lying around. I doubt she made those boots…they look like Pleasers with an extra strap glued on but that’s her version of making something by hand

No. 526155

Pretty sure a few threads back it was already shown she wreaked a cheaply made expensive pair of boots

No. 526180

I don't think they think she is sexy, I think they are attached to bare flesh. Mariah is just the middleman for them to see it.

No. 526181

>look at this humblebrag on the money i spent for YOU GUYS

No. 526183

i can see between her legs but i have no idea what im looking at tbh

blob girl for sure

No. 526186

to be fair, it's already been brought up.

to earn money and an excuse to travel and get wasted my dude

No. 526188

Yes, I think Vamp posted them or something. They were over 100$ iirc, and she added an extra tongue because….?

No. 526192

Her calves are too massive less special ordered she's not fitting in any normal sized anything over ankle boots.

No. 526194


As if any of her paying neckbeards care about this vanity project. Anyone who pays for her content wants to see her lewds, and that's it.

No. 526201

Dude….her arm in the lower left photo is terrifying. What even is that shape?

Like many people have said before when professionals are around her, she always tries to show how much of an expert she is on a subject that they are an expert on and this is why no one wants to help her with shit. Shut your fucking mouth for once and learn a few things, Mariah Mallad.

No. 526217


That’s what makes her completely insufferable. She wants to feel like she belongs at the table and that her opinion actually matters and that she isn’t just some useless cum dumpster, so she’ll try to condescendingly lecture experts on their own profession as if she knows everything and that the actual professional is just hopelessly inept and doesn’t know what they are doing. All the while spouting out completely false information with no attempt to correct herself.

And when she realizes she can’t win and that she has made a complete dipshit of herself and tries to back out the conversation, she’ll continue to be a smug asshole and say “I’m just glad we were able to have this conversation”, trying to act as if she is the mature adult and only engages in mature conversations when literally with anyone else she will either ignore them, try to laugh them off with stale memes, or make some snide, condescending remark to try to roast them.

No. 526232

PAX West tickets went on sale today, and there is no mention of purchasing them from our Moo, as far as I can see. Last year she made such a big deal about getting tickets

No. 526236

She will now that you've reminded her.

No. 526239

See, this is the shit people hate you doing. Wait till it's sold out or cut off date ffs.

No. 526240

Not sure why you tagged me but I agree.

No. 526241

I did because you're exactly right. Someone always goes why don't x, and we have to remind them that she will now that it was posted.

No. 526242

File: 1527806689497.png (1009.64 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_2018-05-31-15-41-10…)

No. 526243

File: 1527806733293.png (721.32 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-05-31-15-41-14…)

No. 526246

Another great white background for easy shopping

No. 526248

The "best" feedback you'll get is that your tits look good, but it will be disguised as people calling you a thick goddess or whatever the fuck.

No. 526250

File: 1527806917914.png (740.6 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-05-31-15-46-48…)

No. 526253

File: 1527807020156.png (635.43 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_2018-05-31-15-47-06…)

No. 526255

Doubtful. This is PAX West, not Fanime. She can’t be lazy and buy her badges the day before.

No. 526256

>shoes and spikes by me

You can't even fucking see the shoes. You know you're desperate when you take credit for things that aren't even shown.

It happens nearly every time, though.

No. 526258

why is everything covered with text except for those sad saggy udders

No. 526261

invisible fire hands on point

No. 526262

No. 526265

Maybe if she spends some insane amount on scalped tickets; most, if not all of the tickets are gone already.

If anything she’ll just stand outside the con, like she seems to do at all of them. It’s not like she actually plays any video games or has any genuine interest in them, so it’s a waste of her time to actually go into the con and pretend to be interested in any of it.

No. 526267

8+ sets of the same shit over and over again. What is that, 15 pictures? Seems shes more desperate for patreons of late. Not to start a shit ton of tinfoiling but i wonder just how bad her patreon really is now.

No. 526270

I'm guessing things are pretty bad with her Patreon. She's offering things that her patrons thought that they were already getting but she lied her ass off about it.

No. 526290

File: 1527815100996.gif (1.52 MB, 337x600, C2273CF9-5AD0-403F-A6E1-89AA04…)

>my skin sucks
>rub face??
>rub face.

No. 526299

THIS IS SO ANNOYING if your skin is in bad shape why the FUCK are you rubbing your greasy ass hands all over it?! I swear she’s honestly doing it just to piss us off cuz we’ve mentioned it so many times

No. 526301

Yes Moo stretch those jowls.

No. 526304

File: 1527816841960.png (38.98 KB, 456x342, Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 6.34.…)

>If you like Loli's

No. 526308

I dunno about you but there's something perversely satisfying about the fact that she'll do anything that she thinks will annoy us, even at the cost of her own well-being.

I think I've read moral degeneration manga like this

No. 526309

im just glad she covered her face vaginas with the text

No. 526310

>dice deeper

No. 526312

She's wearing Semiramis at Anime Expo, apparently.

No. 526313

Literally NO MENTION to play the visual novels. What a T R U E fan.

No. 526315

File: 1527818137530.png (540.25 KB, 932x593, Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 6.55.…)

No. 526321

File: 1527818495469.png (385.46 KB, 1023x428, Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 7.01.…)

shes going to lewd red vs blue next

No. 526322

master queef

No. 526324

Literally all you have to do is stop eating greasy shit and cut out sugar. No face peel can fix that sweetie.

No. 526325

Great. What is she not going to ruin? I hope roosterteeth doesn't have to see that nasty cow all lubed up into a Spartan suit.

No. 526327

nice tastes anon-chan

No. 526337

I misread the text as FAT/EXTRA and thought "Yeahp that's what you are."

No. 526347

File: 1527820965962.jpeg (482.4 KB, 1214x1792, 5FF119FA-EA06-49F1-8C0C-256AC1…)

Mooriah wanted to become a meme
Well. . . . Here ya go found ya in a shitposting page

No. 526348


Her house looks like it smells like stale farts and cat piss.

She probably carries that smell on her wherever she goes and cakes a nice layer of B.O. to top it off…

No. 526352

Eddy is so desperate for that recognition lol. Wants a nice threesome with those three saggy old hags!

No. 526362

>if you like lolis

So, she is constantly promoting underaged characters, huh? What's that shit about? It goes as far back as dragon maid.

She has the skin of a woman who has smoked for 25 years.

No. 526368

Her heel is leaning on her left leg

No. 526370

File: 1527822780207.png (230.34 KB, 343x651, Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 8.12.…)

No. 526371

File: 1527822810263.png (203.08 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 8.13.…)

jiu jitsu again

No. 526375

>This absolutely pathetic attempt at an itabag

I'm completely disgusted

No. 526377

Just realized that momo post an update/video almost every single day. She truly lives off the internet and wouldn't know what to do without it. We know she's super lonely and has no real friends. It's pretty sad tbh. Do other cosplayers usually post/upload this much? Many others seem to have a hobby or something else outside of cosplay, but momo literally has….nothing.