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File: 1619894186061.png (300.11 KB, 496x530, poot.png)

No. 796519

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1208650

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No. 796520

Hi anons its my first thread so please don't rage too much, made it because the old one was locked for a while.

No. 796521

kek love the thread pic, thanks for the new thread anon

No. 796522

Thanks for the thread! Anons really managed to shit up the last one when there was few posts left

No. 796523

KEK at thread pic, thanks anon, I laughed, I loved the poot meme era

No. 796524

Do you guys think Ellidiot Page is going to de-transition or will she an hero?

No. 796525

Definitely sudoku, the level of hatred she'd get if she de-transitioned would be truly unbearable so there's not really any other way out now. I wonder if realising this is one part of why she's so clearly depressed now.

No. 796526

Probably sudoku. Sad because she was one of the few open lesbian actors in hollywood, but this is the path she chose

No. 796527

Definitely going to play kingdom hearts in heaven very soon

No. 796528

I think you mean seppuku. You almost certainly don't mean sudoku.

No. 796529

How new are you to the internet my friend?

No. 796530


No. 796531

i might honestly pity you too much to laugh at you kek

No. 796532

No. 796533

Someone banner this

No. 796534

I wanted to post this in the previous thread about another industry plant who just released a single as of yesterday.

>Brief history:

As some of the metalhead farmers may know; her dad was kicked out of Metallica for being a violent insufferable drunk and to this day he still talks (whines) about them. He then started his own band as an act of revenge against them and made millions from it.

Now, his daughter Electra is trying to pursue a music career for the second or third time and has moved to a commercial pop direction from her previous country roots. IMO its shit.

No. 796535

just a random question: do you anons have any favorite celebs to discuss in terms of drama?

No. 796536

Anon pls

No. 796537

I miss the Ariana Grande shit from a few years ago, she’s such a cow

No. 796538

File: 1619912959121.jpeg (193.66 KB, 408x587, 4F984A94-3BEC-46FC-8364-B2D05F…)

anons: omg doja has a beautiful stunning gorgeous body, it’s so natural and goddess-like

the doja in question:

No. 796539

she looks good/healthy? imo she would look great with some muscle tone in her arms

No. 796540

Am I missing something? I don’t like her or her music but there’s no denying her body is banging
I would literally stab someone to have a big wagon ass like she does

No. 796541

Her body is banging tho don't be jealous

No. 796542

she's annoying as shit

>"I like dicks and I also like, um, I like people that I can have sex with. You can kind of have sex with anybody, right?"

No. 796543

epic fail anon. doja's body is unremarkable.

No. 796544

Demi is that you?

No. 796545

i've got nothing to say about her body but she is the ultimate pickme and I can't be convinced otherwise. Those cam recordings of her weren't offensive, they were downright pathetic.

No. 796546

the only annoying thing about doja is her shitty "so quirky and silly" act

No. 796547

File: 1619914351454.jpeg (273.69 KB, 381x571, EDBBFB1F-73A6-4B11-8666-9B84FA…)


don’t listen to her music, but there is something so creepy and uncanny when you see her naturally and then see the capitalist pop/rap doll persona she created for herself when she puts on her musical artist face, like picrel. i wonder if she’s alright honestly, there is no way this can healthy for any woman. plus the anons calling her body hot and smoking are entitled to their dumbass opinions but I pay no mind to it because it’s just their insecurities and coomer brains who can’t see the difference between corporate music doja and regular doja

No. 796548

yes i am poot

No. 796549

Nta, but what? Is her body supposed to look different depending on whether on not she has her artist persona on?

No. 796550

respectfully are you fucking bonkers or what

No. 796551

Thinking she has a good/healthy body is not being a coomer, what?? You want her to be fat like Lizzo?

No. 796552

She could tone up.

No. 796553

No. 796554

I’m really wondering what kind of body does anon have to think Doja’s isn’t a great body.
Her face and hair on the other hand looks rough in that photo, which is why I find it strange you focus on her obviously great body when there’s so many other obvious flaws.

No. 796555

Nta but she probably means the ass obsession.

No. 796556

Dead eyes and slight open mouth a la Ariana grande

No. 796557

it's disgusting when people leave the toilet seat up and let poo particles spray all over the room when they flush. her mirror is filthy. she looks like a crackhead here.

> she is the ultimate pickme
agreed. she slummed around with racist incels and her explanation was just plain idiotic. nas was right when he called her the opposite of unapologetically black.

No. 796558

>nas was right when he called her the opposite of unapologetically black.
This guy? Friends with James Charles, too.
Also, Doja is a biracial woman. Why are people insisting she be "unapologetically black", lmao?
The seat is down in that picture, too (last time). Anon, wtf?

No. 796559

File: 1619920308511.jpeg (44.92 KB, 1024x622, 1617089825649.jpeg)

Dropped my picture after messing this post up like twice already, FML.

No. 796560

Cope harder

No. 796561

Going straight to insulting her body instead of her cringy ass persona was definitely a choice kek

No. 796562

Lmao, I love you anon

No. 796563

no the og Nas, not Lil Nas X, the non gay legendary Nas.

No. 796564

I just want to see more men outed as shitheads and not just in enty blind items that never turn out to be true or spiral out into anything, that's why I'm here

No. 796565

she looks fine lol

No. 796566

> thinking nas = lil nas x
kek. just when I thought a post couldn't be dumber than >>796528. also I meant the lid, not the seat, as if that wasn't obvious.

cope with what? the fact that Doja is a pickme? sounds like you're the one who should cope harder, Doja-stan

No. 796567

does doja cat exist outside of lolcow and twitter? i have never heard a song by her, heard any mention of her anywhere, ever, until i came to the farms, and don't even know how to pronounce her name kek. i watch tv all the time and have never seen her on it, is she real, please help

No. 796568

This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day KEK. Thanks for the laugh newfag

No. 796569

She got a lot of popularity from having a song get picked up by the younger crowd on tiktok, she had some fame on twitter before though.

No. 796570

anon… she was nominated for 3 grammy's this year kek. that's pretty fucking mainstream.

No. 796571

Well, this thread is off to a good start!

No. 796572

you absolute autist

this thread is an absolute dumpster fire, christ

No. 796573

the grammys ratings this year were the lowest of all time. not the best indication of popularity.

No. 796574

you made this thread so much better with your comment. what an invaluable and unique perspective.

No. 796575

just saying she’s not some underground artist kek move on

No. 796576

Her body is ok but she has such an ugly plebeian face, when you look at >>796547 the difference is amazing.

No. 796577

i think doja’s body is fine, she’s slimmed down compared to 2019 but her unedited bare face…..i mean wow. it’s not a revelation that makeup changes your looks but she looks rough as hell and legitimately looks like a 40 year old without it. i guess i like her confidence in going live on instagram like that several times. the quirky persona is overbearing tho

No. 796578

Her tits are saggy as fuck. How does it get this bad at only 22?

No. 796579

I love hearing about Azealia's bullshit. She's crazy in a way I've never seen before with celebrities but I also can't hate her. The thing about Doja Cat being a total nerd and hanging out with white guys in chat rooms and making some random black guy jealous to the point of accusing her of being a racist incel was pretty funny too.

No. 796581

>calls others dumb
>unironically mistakes a toilet seat for a lid
Lmao, the irony. Keep seething, though

No. 796587

proving my point by replying, lmao. thank god the thread moved, it never belonged in snow

No. 796593

File: 1619944545572.png (381.58 KB, 641x653, jm.png)

Doth mine eyes deceive me? Celebricows thread back in /ot/?

Contribution so this comment isn't useless: Janet Mock had a meltdown at the Pose season premiere the other night, giving a speech in which:
>he complained about being only paid $40,000 an episode
>admitted to cheating on his boyfriend with someone in the Pose crew, and publicly pled him not to leave him
>when some of his troon co-stars shouted encouragements like "We love you", he mocked them onstage ("My sisters, right? What did they say when I almost fell down just now?”)


No. 796595

Holy shit celebricows is back to /ot/
i don't think the thread will return to its former glory though, the damage is done

No. 796598

File: 1619945285049.jpg (63.36 KB, 656x569, fail.JPG)

Didn't the mustaines move to nashville to get her country music going, but failed? lol it ain't happening for her, she sounds like a more annoying version of miley. Only a bunch of deth fans will listen to this out of pity and then she will be forgotten again.

reminds me when the sons of Slash, Scott Weiland and Robert Trujillo made a band together, just to go nowhere and as it looks like, disband without any note bc it seems like they deleted all their band socials lol prob forgot about the soundclout



also welmcome back in /ot !

No. 796599

> And now, thanks to Mock, it’s ushering in a new conversation. Yes, Pose gave the trans community in Hollywood a voice. Now what happens when they use it to speak the truth?

yes what will the fraction of faghags who actually watch Pose do when they hear Janet Mock's garbled & hysterical truth?

No. 796602

>>he complained about being only paid $40,000 an episode
So many people don't even earn that a year, are we supposed to pity that guy? I never watched Pose and never will but I keep hearing about another tranny actor being an asshole as well, he'd be complaining about terfs but he dates a literal rapist. What's his name again? Is anyone normal working on this show?

No. 796614

I honestly just dislike the type of music marketing she pioneered basically, where she releases early teasers, waits for kids to invent a popular tiktok meme of it, and then just uses that as a video concept and teens praise her for being "with the times" when she's basically making these kids her creative and marketing team unpaid. Women in music making their bodies the central selling point is a whole other can of worms that isn't a problem with Doja.

No. 796627

Well certainly it does fit better in /ot/, but I'm still pissed because you always need to look on page 6 for the thread, as anons are shitting up the other threads - which is fine as it's off topic, but I just hate the catalog kek

No. 796630

I'm pretty sure it's just because she has big breasts. It's not like she's going to defy the laws of physics just to her breasts will stop looking saggy. She doesn't seem to be wearing a bra in this picture. She needs to clean her mirror though wtf.

No. 796632

File: 1619951306228.gif (1.8 MB, 254x196, E0B32282-3ABD-4C2E-874A-4D4627…)

>now, his daughter Electra
>his daughter Electra
Jung’s face when

No. 796645

You sound like a creepy scrote obsessed with black women. Hope you get banned soon.

No. 796648

Sage but anon do you seriously think that’s a scrote? Stop being surprised wen you see racism on here, a lot of the anons are fine with saying the n-word when they probably aren’t black and a lot of them spew garbage conservative rhetoric. Just ignore

No. 796651

Even if it's not a scrote, it's a scrotelike obsession. How many pictures of black women's tits do you think that "anon" has saved to give us the little bit of "knowledge" in >>796625? "From a young age", too? Yeah, it's just not sitting right with me.
Tired of the freaks and nonces shitting up this place. Ignoring them makes them think they're in good company.

No. 796657

File: 1619954629507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16.31 KB, 300x450, jkn.jpeg)

Sorry but those still both look much better than this.
I’m Asian btw, lol bye

No. 796661

File: 1619954838652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.52 KB, 2000x1353, ew.jpeg)

Keep coping. There's lots of these and they all look awful

No. 796664

File: 1619955020034.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.02 KB, 1000x1388, 570_1000.jpg)

Sure it is. Also, Oprah's richer than you lol

No. 796667

? You picked a bad example. She looks hot and has nice breasts, unlike the pic you responded to. Unless you're scared of pubic hair or something. You really contradicted your own point. Anyway I'm done looking at ugly people on Google, hope you get therapy for your meth addiction soon xoxo

No. 796669

Stop falling for retarded scrote tier bait ffs

No. 796674

But anon it's Sunday. We should be allowed to shit on scrotes every once in a while, especially the /pol/ racebait and coomer ones

No. 796675

It's fucking Sunday, we all should be at church praying for XY extinction, not humoring their shitty racist fetish

No. 796685

You didn't have to do them like that lol

No. 796690

>that filename
This post was made by a 220lb, 43 year old white tranny from KF named Steph. He has a GILF fetish, is into AB/DL and has been haunting multiple parts of the internet.
I still remember the diaper posts and IRC screencaps of you talking about your mother and niece's underwear. Fuck out of here already, you nasty fuck.

No. 796691


You retarded and unloveable white american scrotes show your race obsessed insanity every time you go on your pathetic incel tangents on women. How many of you white American faggots obsessed with hating black women troon out and end up killing yourselves? Spamming child porn and shock pics because this websites rightfully hate troons and scrotes like you wont make you not kill yourself sooner

No. 796692

LAWL most of the white american faggots obsessed with hating black women are future troons or troons in the making hence why so many troons whose incel past is unknown despise black women. Why white american men who are the most fucked, beta, mentally ill white men of any part of the world think they're a catch is beyond me. Nothing is manly or sexy about loathing a group of women so much you make insane theories about them and get off on humiliating them via anonymity. The master slave dynamics race bait rot legacy of amerimutt males is shameful to witness(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 796695

Do not engage.

No. 796729

File: 1619961558906.jpg (102.12 KB, 770x830, c38da7dc33fbe45229140f4801b72d…)

OMG, I don't listen to her or anything but some time ago I saw gifs from Say So and thought she has such cute face, like a doll… and THIS is how she looks like IRL? I'm shocked.
>inb4 gtfo scrote
I never wear make-up except for shitty eyeliner, so I don't know how it works in detail

No. 796734

She looks cute irl, I don't know what you're on about

No. 796740

Kek are you mentally disabled?

No. 796751

File: 1619964011201.jpg (45.5 KB, 634x359, 30027962-0-image-m-46_15930468…)

She looks very plain and as >>796547 noticed, different than her media image. Her bare face is average as hell. I'm aware that make-up can seriously change how someone looks, yet I'm still kinda surprised (I have zero interest in this skill, don't watch MUA etc so I'm clueless). Damn I would feel awful if I had her face and saw myself in the mirror after I removed all the cosmetics from my face. Good thing she's a celebrity.(nitpicking)

No. 796753

post your pic

No. 796756

>different than her media image
Not shit. Groundbreaking.

No. 796781

shut up the fuck you sound like a twitter tra

No. 796782

she looks fine imo

No. 796786

File: 1619967431003.jpg (41.12 KB, 460x506, aqK4jVQ_460s.jpg)

>reeee person looks normal

lmao you don't have to have her face to feel awful about your life nona

No. 796828

File: 1619971494555.jpg (81.28 KB, 554x1200, Dlo0ZrNUcAAmKip.jpg)

She doesn't give a fuck about that shit anon. It's not uncommon that she goes bare-faced on ig live. zoomers prob appreciate that since it's relateable.

No. 796831

File: 1619971655430.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1242x1700, 60F8055D-7214-4B18-B77D-F6CAA9…)

So her whole “baggy clothes” reason was fake…. as soon as she turns 18 she decides to wear less clothes

No. 796833

File: 1619971705771.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1553, 239E3705-DA16-49F2-9486-C009E5…)

I like Billie but this seems forced and not authenticity

No. 796835

she should lose weight

No. 796836

Ah man, I had hoped she would be the one to start a trend for future female celebs to not sexualize themselves so much.

No. 796837

kek she's in the healthy weight range nonny, but u probably need to though with ur self-projection

No. 796838

>seems forced and not authentic
So like her whole career? kek anon she's an industry plant there's no nothing authentic about her

No. 796841

>Illustrating "feeling good" with an uncomfortable outfit two sizes too small for her


No. 796842

Thought this was Lady Gaga at first. The more I look at it the weirder it gets, like of course it's photoshopped af but the whole outfit looks like something a sexy grandma would wear, just doesn't look right.

No. 796844

kek anon

No. 796845

I hate this. The clothes look fucking ugly, especially those nude-colored plastic gloves/skirt. Just another "whatever makes you feel good, especially if it objectifies you" positioning. And riiight as soon as she turns 18 she poses in this. The world disgusts me.

I'm sure she doesn't get to decide most of her PR image, she likely has managers and agents telling her the economically viable thing to do is do a 'saucy' photoshoot. But who knows, maybe it is her decision, but i certainly wouldn't bet any money on it.

go away bone rattler

No. 796846

>grandma would wear
That's ~vintage~ anon

No. 796848

Stockings on backwards, top looks like shapewear? Hate it. The baggy clothes were at least something new, this really is just sub Ariana Grande mixed with sub Gaga.

No. 796849

Something looks wrong about this pic but I can't put my finger on why

No. 796850

What thr fuck are those shoes

No. 796852

This particular photo, it's just so uncomfortable to look at. Her try-hard smoulder and pose screams juvenile. Wish this culture would stop the praising of sexualized young women.

No. 796853

Her head looks photoshopped into this photo. Anyway, this styling isn't necessarily bad but it's too mature for her, imo.
She looks fine, she just has big breasts.

No. 796854

ngl this is disappointing as hell

No. 796855

It's photoshopped to oblivion and your brain puts it in uncanny valley

No. 796858

lmao anyone that thought any part of billie eilish’s style/career was “authentic” is delusional as fuck to the music industry. she’s basically a puppet with a marketing team behind her.

No. 796859

What is the idea here? Like what is gonna be her image now. I don't understand if this is just a one-off photo session or a nod to her new style

No. 796860

She's just being Miley

No. 796861

She looks 40 honestly wtf and her eyes are in different heights in her face? If it makes sense

No. 796862

This. Her entire persona and image is designed to give her consumers an illusion of some exclusively candid understanding of deep shit, because even a smoos brain marketing beginner tier wiz knows that galaxy brain feelings equals big dopamine moment, especially to teenaged audience.
Getting mad at this reality is redundant at this point. Googoo gaga she is dora the explorer for goffick zoomers.

No. 796863

She’s dropping black culture and influence because she doesn’t need it anymore, like every other white girl pop star

No. 796864

I know that she is an industry plant but I still liked her and still do just wish she would own up to the fact her parents bought her career

No. 796865

Fatty. It looks like she's trying to copy the Kardashians but even they look better than her.

No. 796866

you’ll hear it from her as soon as you hear it from ariana grande and 90% of other famous people/music stars (spoiler alert: it’s never)

No. 796867

How long until she starts identifying as they/them and say she doesn't want to be sexualized like a woman

No. 796868

Billie is giving me major grandma vibes. The whole outfit is weird and doesn’t match. Like why is she wearing shape wear and lingerie? I just think it’s so hypocritical to say you’re more comfortable in baggy clothes but strip as soon as your legal to give gross scrotes material ….

No. 796870

she’s a teenager being fed interview sound bytes by her management

No. 796871

Embarrassing reach

Ironic that she will be praised for sexualizing herself (wearing tight clothes and singing about being taken advantage of) when she was previously praised for “not” sexualizing herself (wearing baggy clothes and singing about fucking dads)

Ironic of her to release a song about being taken advantage of by an older man as she is dating an even older man

No. 796872

File: 1619973776917.jpeg (117.74 KB, 730x1101, 1553048E-3636-4BE7-81BA-43202D…)

She’s not fat just picked out ugly colors and clothes that doesn’t fit properly but she did try the nude Skims- Kim K vibes and it flopped

No. 796873

File: 1619973846594.jpeg (71.44 KB, 532x960, 6F76C615-B930-4A95-8279-01AD42…)

I feel like these pictures are a response to the trashing she got for her “wine mom” body (though I don’t personally think there was anything wrong with her)

No. 796875

Nah she shouldn't. She's at a healthy weight. I don't like saying something needs rEpReSenTaTiOn but healthy, normal weights literally need more representation in the media and entertainment industry, especially for women. It's always extremes; extremely thin or extremely fat. If a teenage girl sees this and feels good about her body because Billie isn't underweight, perfectly trained off or thiccckkkk either then that's great. I don't love the cover styling-wise but her body is fine.

No. 796877

Ah an explanation for the shape wear

No. 796879

Those colors and outfit just weren’t that cute but it was during a pandemic and I can’t judge because I looked like a crackhead 85% of the time kek. But yeah. I only liked the yeezys but I’ll probably get hated on for liking Kanye shoes

No. 796880

This looks so wrong. It looks like something Dita von Teese would wear, like, a mature, sexy older woman. Not an edgy teenager who is known for wearing baggy clothes and singing about fucking your dad. Who tf came up with this concept?? I get it that they want to get as far from her established image as possible, but yeah, this is not it

No. 796881

The only move for girls who aren’t fat enough to be “body positive warriors” and aren’t skinny enough to be fashionable is vintage/pinup

No. 796882

yeah she's at a healthy weight but she'd look much better if she was thinner. she's got unfortunate proportions.

No. 796883

Definitely true. Still an appalingly bad cover though, whoever did her styling needs to be fired.

No. 796884

File: 1619974150866.jpg (520.23 KB, 1280x1920, 20200827_012228.jpg)

Dollarstore Electra Heart

No. 796885

Agreed. She is apple shaped and clearly doesn’t exercise so her stomach and boobs make her look post-menopausal.

No. 796886

how is your retarded post any different than a scrote commenting on any woman's appearance? some of you anons are cattier than irl incels, so much for being "feminists". doja looks fine.

No. 796887

File: 1619974249388.jpeg (42.51 KB, 442x553, A7DCAD37-4779-43D2-AD1E-67DCE9…)

This outfit is better because it’s black but I still don’t like it at all

No. 796888

Which was dollar store old Hollywood already

No. 796890

It’s literally like they put her head on someone else’s body . The photoshop is not done well

No. 796891

NTA but I used to think doja wasn’t that cute and I didn’t get the “hype” but I told myself to stop being insecure and just admit she is hot and her music is good and it’s not quirky to not like it just because it’s popular with retarded zoomers

No. 796892

So the whole photoshoot has an asphyxiation by shape wear concept?
I admit this one is slightly better tho

No. 796893

Marina did it better

No. 796894

File: 1619974438432.jpeg (129.57 KB, 720x633, FA0523B6-8493-48AD-9B36-285ED7…)

Did she lose arm weight or did Vogue shoop her ?

No. 796897

Her arm fat is behind her (squished backward not forward) by pressing her arm forward-against instead of backward-against

But also yes it’s shopped

No. 796898

The photoshop isn't even consistent in any of the pictures

No. 796899

File: 1619974528986.jpeg (92.37 KB, 622x751, B19A52FE-05DF-4F63-A2ED-7404DB…)

Walking contradiction
I agree but she isn’t authentic which is why I have a problem with her saying this

No. 796900

This is also more in line with her dark, edgy persona. There's no excuse for the other outfit though

No. 796901

They gave her fake skinny arms how sad

No. 796902


Like Bhad Bhabie I’m not surprised that Hollywood was waiting for her to be 18 to further sexualized her without seeming creepy (it still is). I feel like female artists are told by Hollywood that they either sexualize theirselves or they can kiss their careers goodbye

No. 796903

Her “dark edgy persona” they constructed to sell boring, whispery easy-listening

No. 796904

File: 1619974610331.jpeg (212.85 KB, 1170x1411, 2C9F89D1-C251-4D9F-B4B5-718947…)

No. 796905

What a disappointing yet not surprising take

No. 796906

Literally the opposite of what she said before. I doubt it’s growth and this just confirms to me that she was wearing huge clothes because she felt fat lol

No. 796907

File: 1619974746539.jpeg (826.57 KB, 1242x1319, 88560765-D71D-424E-AA87-FC7381…)

I don’t get why her marketing team or mangers- whatever made her wear that tacky 80s lingerie. It’s not “relatable” to the average 14/15 year old which is billies main audience. She should have stuck with the edgy jaded persona

No. 796908

She's very young so not surprising but let's not all kid ourselves thinking this isn't what she was instructed to say

No. 796909

File: 1619974864152.jpg (319.97 KB, 1080x1528, 20210502_185749.jpg)

Well, looks like a shitty dragon tattoo

No. 796910

From fake inauthentic to even faker inauthentic lol

No. 796911

This 100%. Such a weird choice - it's not in line with her persona, it's not relatable to her target demographic…the only reason I can think of why they did this is what other anons have said before me - that as soon as a girl turns 18, the entertainment industry pressures them to portay themselves in a sexual light

No. 796912

girl looks uncomfortable af in those pictures. Could pass out in any minute because those clothes look too tight

No. 796913

IMHO it's best to treat celebrities like weeb virtual idols, or fictional characters. There is no point debating if current Billie's look is more or less authentic than her previous one, since all of this may be artificial. We don't know Billie The Person. However it's okay to point out that the lingerie session is completely out of character for what she was marketed as until now (edgy tomboy, I guess).
The way she went from 'danger lolita about to fuck your dad' (barf) to a 'strong and sexy victim of a predatory men (#traumacore)' is downright disturbing.

No. 796914

what the hell? he used to be so much less crazy and was trying to style himself as an academic type, now he's a fuckin TV cow? should have kept up the nerd image, looks like an idiot now

No. 796916

haha wow it doesn't even have their names in the headline, just who their parents are. what embarassing boys

No. 796919

you are correct, anon. janet's not a-list, hasn't been around that long, and hasn't fucking been IN anything. 40k per episode is excellent pay for a nobody.

No. 796920

who is that and why

No. 796921

left style suits her face/expression more. that expression with the latex and corsets are giving disassociated trafficking victim

No. 796922

what the fuck that's such a bad picture. why do they have to edit the shit out of fashion editorials til they look like CG now? how do people feel any attraction to women, even very beautiful ones, once they've been shooped to look like fuckin action figures? just shoot it on film and do some colour correction, fuck

No. 796923

i don't care about her music but she makes me feel better about having huge mom tits even though i'm only 20

No. 796924

The weird pigeon-toed pose makes her look like a toddler trying on mom's heels.
I think her handlers are screwing her over by changing up her style so much, her music does not match her look anymore. Like can you imagine this person making "bad guy"? I hope if everyone loses interest she doesn't have a public breakdown, she seems nice.

No. 796930

Legit everything I mentioned before about her whole thing being orchestrated. They're not even trying to hide it, kek.
Again, she was never into hiding her body, it's actually the opposite. She doesn't give a shit, and there's a reason her music is mostly boring as fuck. It's all very soulless.

No. 796931

So I'm guessing the twitter crowd isn't pleased either?

No. 796934

Her perfectly okay arm fat is hid or shooped in some of the pics

I predict that alone will set someone off because people look up to her for bodyposi validation

No. 796938

She went from 17 and grumpy to 40 and frumpy.

No. 796939

Is she trying to skin walk Scarlett Johansson?

No. 796942

Who is this being marketed at? I don't think there's a lot of crossover between her fans and the thirty somethings who still worship Born To Die. It seems like the image change is designed to shock because it's so drastic but I cannot see her edgy teenage fans being into this. I don't think this was a wise choice at all. It's too soon for her to outgrow her edgy goth teen image because her fans haven't yet.

No. 796947

>Who is this being marketed at?

No. 796950

Since when do men buy copies of Vogue?

No. 796953

File: 1619977984285.png (373.36 KB, 828x1227, CftzMRc.png)

i know it's been said but it bears repeating, how can one woman be so based

No. 796960


No. 796961

Honestly the only people apart from teenage girls I've heard listen to her music are retards on coke and they like the simplistic lyrics and repetitive beats. As another anon mentioned, thick people like to feel smarter than they are so since Billie has been shilled as something intelligent people will listen and gas up her shit. When it is literal shit.

No. 796962

I know right, she could’ve just changed her style slowly and in the course of a few months or a year she could’ve reached that same style in those pictures of vogue.

No. 796965

Not to be a bitch but this is lolcow, if I saw someone looking like this at the shops I'd think some pretty judgemental thoughts. She looks like a tramp.

No. 796967

the not-exercising is what really fucks her i think. her legs are so skinny in that tank top/paparazzi photo. in RL, not super retouched vogue shit, she's got almost atrophied-looking legs. she doesn't need to lose weight at all, just get some more muscle

No. 796983

Right? Lmao she looks awful

No. 796988

Eh. If she's gonna be sexy, I at least appreciate waiting until she's 18/19 to do so. Remember the late 90s where Britney Spears had a bunch of racy photoshoots despite being a minor? Yeah..

No. 796995

what does this mean?

No. 797001

i can never look at her the same after those tinychat videos. there was one of her suggesting the guys she was talking to put a funnel in her ass and pour liquid into it (she was wearing pink in that one) and one of her with a red wig, just lying around moaning and sucking on her fingers for attention.

No. 797003

Some ftm in snow called Soren that died earlier this year, they were a fan of that game.

No. 797004

File: 1619981785881.gif (2.36 MB, 250x297, tumblr_7814c1438fdf7d5b8d72606…)

she's got thick legs but she has a nice figure.

No. 797006

File: 1619981875400.gif (1.26 MB, 250x293, tumblr_a82edd7bf9f68dca44cb925…)

she ain't got a wagon ass

No. 797008

>>796567 she's grammy nominated and performs on every major music awards show. do you live in the woods or something?

No. 797010

No. 797011

>>796593 you missed out the part where this troon told his boyfriend to STAND UP in front of a room of people before announcing cheating on himd.

No. 797012

Sorry to hear that anon, since nothing about her is ever authentic.

>she doesn't get to decide her PR image
True, but her PR team could also do better to not make their shit so blatantly hypocritical and logically inconsistent.

And fair enough, a lot of other pop artists' personas are fabricated by the label with the obnoxious inconsistent 'eras' and such, after all it is music business. But that doesn't always have to overshadow whatever else the artist has to offer to the world on their own accord. Like, if you shed the manufactured facade, they still are sometimes good singers and/or songwriters and/or performers. Billie Eilish is none of those things, unfortunately. The only thing she has to offer is her stuck up annoying personality.

Absolutely. The should've held it off a little.

No. 797013

I heard say so when it was doing the tracks. The Grammys and magazines like vogue aren't really prestigious anymore. They cater to marketers more than talent which is why you've had plastic people such as the kardashians on front covers and the Grammys haven't been of importance in years. You can buy the awards. Has about as much standing as John Legend and his wife's accolades of hottest people ever.

Say so was over played but a standout for the beginning of the tiktok music era and how marketers and music execs will exploit the shit out of that now like how fashion companies jump on influencers and people with a big network.

Doja should win a Grammy for being a meme it's the same thing.

No. 797014

The least she could have done is not worn the ugliest looks known to man. These are awful

No. 797015

The times have changed, that shit wouldn't fly nowadays. Especially since her audience are zoomers obsessed with their minor status and looking for pedos everywhere (based until they put shit like "21 years old minor"). It's just a safe marketing strategy, not something to really praise Billie for. I wonder how her stans feel abput the Vogue session. I imagine a lot of teenage girls were happy to have an idol that wasn't trying to be sexy.

No. 797019

billie's been 19 since december but i agree. this is still a teenage girl (that millions of other teenage girls look up to) in lingerie on the front of a magazine.

No. 797020

This is a really good video on Billie and her come-up and how manufactured and fake everything about her is

No. 797023

Her ass actually looks normal in the second gif (and yeah she's conventionally attractive). I'd believe she hasn't had surgery.

No. 797029

she's wearing a corset though so this doesn't even really represent a normal figure.

No. 797030

yeah ngl those gifs are hot

No. 797031

Let's get impowered by posing for and appealing to thousands of horny men who want to fuck you as soon as you turn 18 and wearing clothes that are clearly uncomfortable. What a boring ass message, always the same shit over and over. Couldn't even come up with something more clever to say. And yeah, she looks bad in those outfits, just a bunch of vintage pieces that don't look good together.

No. 797032

she regurgitated twitter braindead talking points.

No. 797033

that black outfit is a look but she makes the same face in every photo. the only way she changes it up is looking to the side or tilting her head.

No. 797036

>>Me and all the girls are hoes, and fuck it, y'know? Let's turn around and be empowered in that.
the libfem jumped out

No. 797040

of course the article is titled in reference the "breaking the internet" - if your body is purely a source of shock, how is that empowerment?

No. 797042

i know she's young but i was a radfem when i was her age. where is the critical thinking? women should think about WHY they wanna get surgery and wear corsets. women should think about WHY they get called hoes for being sexual. think about WHY you find "empowerment" in spending money changing yourself and calling yourself and other women misogynistic slurs that you've ~reclaimed

No. 797043

It's empowerment if you're obsessed with attention, which is what most celebrities are, and what women and girls are told to be.

No. 797044

Shut up, ugly tranny scrote, go clean the 41% of your room or something.

No. 797047

This is very badly photoshopped. I can't believe this is real??
Look at how the belts on the pink top cut off right at the waist, they just cut them right off without painting something new in.

No. 797048

She's too busy dating old dudes and feeling grown, she doesn't have time to do some critical thinking.

No. 797049

a lot of young women genuinely believe this shit unfortunately but it probably is also marketing.

No. 797051

File: 1619984680533.png (308.61 KB, 606x836, tattoo.png)

>>796909 it does

No. 797054

no one watches those though

No. 797057

It looks like fucking hair

No. 797058

of all the people that didn't have to fall for that pressure, though, was billie eilish who was known for not showing her body, being outspoken, "voice of a generation" teen idol. she could've helped to set a new standard and show girls don't have to objectify themselves to get ahead.

No. 797059

Imagine calling someone a tranny all because you can’t admit black women are unlovable freaks. More black women should commit seppuk they’re just loud and gross(global rule #7)

No. 797060

kek gives me some margo (peenus angelic's mom) vibes. Same trashy tattoo.

No. 797063

White american men are just ugly and undesirable. Get over it.

No. 797069

File: 1619985646043.png (995.52 KB, 927x600, 18 year old britney.png)

at least billie's styling isn't as blatantly pedophilic as britney's was. i'd rather billie look "40" than this.

No. 797070

Just because we think ONE black woman has saggy tits doesn’t give you an excuse to spam like a deranged /pol scrote. Shut the fuck up.

Also Doja got breast implants but when she showed her tits to the rednecks they looked saggy as fuck. She is pretty thtough.

No. 797072

I like Billie’s music but it’s clear she just moves onto trends like every other pop girl. She was deff hopping onto the streetwear/e-girl hype. I wouldn’t be surprised if she rebranded after each album, like Katy and Miley.

No. 797076

File: 1619985859391.jpeg (16.28 KB, 208x243, 1618270798554.jpeg)

It's been a full day and you're still spamming your fap folder and racebaiting. Not sure why jannies haven't deleted it, but stop.
Reposting because I replied to the wrong anon the first time. Either way, please drink a Clorox smoothie and boost that one statistic you already know.

No. 797077

Different times, not comparable.

No. 797079

It’s not my fap folder, it’s my appetite suppressant folder. You fat fucks could take a cue and use those pics to stop eating(ban evasion.)

No. 797080

it's from the Best Friend music video with saweetie. i'm surprised no one posted the performance they did where doja forgot the words and saweetie danced so bad that she's now says she's in an artist bootcamp kek

No. 797082

lmfaoooo ur so bothered

No. 797085

You can really see how traumatized Britney is today from this kind of shit, I don't know what the "different times!!" anon is on about. It makes me sad.
Natalie Portman also talked about how after starring in Leon, she got disgusting letters from old men, and a bunch of scrotes made a "countdown" for when she turned 18. Nothing ever seems to change.

No. 797086

you're projecting up the ass
this tranny scrote anon is boring & annoying

No. 797088


Asian American men make more money than White American men and have less sick attitudes with less hideous faces and non morbidly obese bodies with ED from jacking off to anal prolapse porn every day. White American men are also the only men in the entire planet that get excited over the thought of an outside group fucking their women hence your documented and pathological obsession with BBC cuck porn. Most of you are ugly, vile, retarded looking and acting failed abortions that no sane woman would be able to get aroused around. Even a Pakistani in a third world shit hole who cant wipe the shit off his ass is more sexually attractive than you(global rule #7)

No. 797091

Being a child star is just ~glamorized child trafficking ~ parents who put their children in beauty pageants and into showbiz at a young age around a bunch of pedophiles are disgusting and it should be considered child abuse

No. 797093

did she really get implants? she knows people say they're saggy but they still look natural to me (hence the sagging cause real breasts don't sit up bolted to your chest like ((SOME)) fake ones)

No. 797095

the projection is strong

No. 797098

Yeah, that's another thing. it doesn't make sense to me that she'd get surgery on her ass, but not her tits.

He's not even spoilering his porn anymore, he really wants people too see it. Why do the mods want this thread to suffer so much? I don't get it.

No. 797099

if an 18 year old holding a teletubby toy while in her underwear and photographed from behind wearing hotpants that say "BABY" on them don't bother you, that's fine. but i never said her body was young, i said "STYLING". go back to reading comprehension class.

No. 797100

Britney is still better than Billie and wasn’t blatantly obvious about being “sexy” for her music career. Britney didn’t say dumb hypocritical shit about how empowering it was. Billie needs to stop before her career goes downhill

No. 797101

You're acting like either of them had/have full control of their image. It's all manufactured, they tell Billie to talk about these things because it's popular. It obviously wasn't popular in Britney's day, so she didn't.

No. 797102

how is it not comparable? britney was 18 here and billie is around the same age. they were/are both teen idols who were sexualised while they were underage. it's gross whether it's 1999 or the 2020s.

No. 797103

Honestly prefer this rather than some perfectly crafted PR move like >>796833
that has appeased her oddly horny young fanbase. Her outfit looks incredibly tacky and tone-death when it comes to her entertainer personality, but the numbers of likes and followers she has on her social media tells you otherwise that it has truly worked. It’s not about authenticity and never has been for pop stars especially to the business that they are in that always exclusively recognize the huge quantity of numbers and influence, all of which equal into big cash. Some weird paparazzi that took a candid photo of her not looking like a dolled up gorilla is a hundred times better, this is what in actuality should be promoted instead but the reason on why you will never seen these candid photos posted and celebrated by even herself should already speak volumes.

No. 797104

lol at you grouping yourself with asians when youre most similar to arabs

No. 797106

If this is in reference to >>797015, I didn't mean it like "back then it was ok to sexualize an underage girl", just that it was somehow socially acceptable for media to shamelessly do it. I cannot imagine underage Billie being constantly pestered about her virginity. The acceptable media discourse has changed. That doesn't mean that no girls/women are harmed, but it's made less blatant.
I cannot express it properly, but if you watch old Britney interviews or The Framing of Britney Spears, you will see a difference. Nowadays predators have to hide now under the guise of feminism instead of being blatant.

No. 797110

File: 1619987222126.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2599x3858, 73DE907E-7E0A-4ACC-89C2-8E37A2…)

That photo is from last year. Here is a more recent photo. She has lost weight, her body isn’t that photoshopped.

No. 797112

Yeah exactly this

No. 797113

britney's music and image have been very sexual, what are you talking about?

No. 797115

Not you, I was referring to >>797077. I agree it was more "acceptable" back then. What I mean is that it was still damaging, so it's comparable.

No. 797118

You’re the type of person to be dead for 7 years in their cat piss stinking bedsit welfare apartment and be undiscovered and when they finally break down your door to repo your shit for unpaid bills they will find you lying in your mangy unchanged period stained bedsheets, phone in hand staring into the abyss, halfway through typing “you dirty unwashed saggy NIGG-

No. 797120

Didn’t you label that anon a troon? Now they get a period? Stop replying to them, you are sounding even more unhinged atp

No. 797124

I mean I guess but she was sexualize by other people (the media and Justin Timberdouche)

No. 797125

NTA but I think multiple people have replied to the person at this point.

No. 797126

Confirming the super baggy clothes persona was because she felt fat and insecure

No. 797129

she doesn't look super muscular so maybe when her implants settled they kept going further than they would have on an athletic woman or someone with stronger underarm(?) muscles/tendon

No. 797130

katy perry is such a weird one, to me, because she was 27 when she first broke and was marketed to&consumed by teens, and also marketed AS a teen for a really long time

No. 797131

Doja is really hot, looks really natural you can see texture on her thighs

& all celebs are stupid af who cares about their personality or life, they are only entertainment

No. 797134

Do you also like dua lipa by any chance?

No. 797135

Why don’t you just accept that you bring no value to the discussion and shut the fuck up?(ban evasion)

No. 797137

>you can see texture on her thighs
A woman of taste, that's by far the hottest part of the gif

No. 797141

Britney was a product of the times. She came up after the spice girls and the pig tails was popularised by baby spice (go nuts on her name being baby if you want). She also looked like a teenager and didn't drastically go from being alt to a pop princess. Billie seems to want to go from teen angst to idk Wtf

No. 797144

File: 1619989209810.gif (1.15 MB, 429x544, DkOidWWjSK.gif)

AYRT, exactly.

I even like Lana who says the dumbest things every time she opens her mouth!

No. 797146

Well she's got a nice torso, I'm jelly

No. 797147

What? Katy Perry was like 23/24 when she first got popular during the i kissed a girl era and she wasn’t marketed as a teenager

No. 797148

Ever since some anons pointed out her strong man face it's all I can see kek. Her body is banging tho and love her cringy dancing and lack of energy idc.

No. 797150

The true generation gap is people thinking Katy Perry's Teenage Dreams album was her first and not One of the Boys which had classic songs of the times like Ur So Gay

No. 797151

Hideous just like emrata(ban evasion)

No. 797152

Same I know she’s technically pretty but she just looks exactly like James Charles so it ruins it for me

No. 797153

that and she was also a failed christian artist before that at like 17

No. 797154

Katy Hudson lol. She's a good song writer, she really did take a massive fall from grace when she cut her hair.

No. 797155

>she just looks exactly like James Charles
Fuck nonita you just made it worse kek

No. 797158

You can have the celebricows thread back on /ot/ without emrata anon. I've been expecting you.

No. 797159

>She also looked like a teenager
That's actually worst, they were sexualizing her while she looked 16yo. There's always a fucking anon defending Britney's pedo-bait era and it's honestly so weird. Britney was abused and her sexy lolita styling was not appropriate, Billie and Britney aren't not comparable because her her case is far worse than Billie's.

No. 797160

>Billie and Britney aren't not comparable because her case is far worse than Billie's.
Well yes, you got the point.

No. 797163

Stans (yes they do exist) fight you if you say it, but it's the truth, she ruined her career with that awful haircut.

No. 797164

Right on. They both have that uncanny tranny look to them

No. 797165

Yes too bad about the saggy tits and the “head too small for body” thing she has going on

No. 797166

It obviously fucked Britney up I mean we all live in the present, but at the time there wasn't the same attitude and she was wearing crop tops it's hardly to the level it is today when teenagers are getting cosmetic surgeries before their bodies have even finished fucking developing.

Billie just looks a mess. Especially funny since she seemed to be against sexualisation but I guess her bedroom beats aren't enough.

No. 797168

This makes me feel better because I'm white and my ass and thighs look like this and I've always hated them.

No. 797169

> it's hardly to the level it is today when teenagers are getting cosmetic surgeries before their bodies have even finished fucking developing.
it’s always been like that in celebrity land, they just used to lie about it a lot more

No. 797171

Maybe since everyone pretended to be blind when Kylie Jenner got a new face and Khloe can get super injunction on a candid of her real face it's fair game now. No wonder celebrities are dying, normies are going to look hotter as we age than all these mannequins.

No. 797173

Don't worry you're a hottie

No. 797178

i made the mistake of searching billie name on reddit and is full of dudes jacking off to her, hell i even found a subreddit with 32k members dedicate to her being over 18, disgusting

No. 797183

Scrotes gonna scrote

No. 797188

Billish canot pull off the sexy vintage pinup look to save her life. Her face looks unbearably white trash. Which worked for the ghostly soundclout hood rat thing she was going for. That doughy face does her no favors. She looks like a bloated corpse some necro pedophile dressed up and posed.

No. 797195

Yep. And no one would've ever had an issue with her baggy clothes pilgrimage bs, if when asked about it, she'd just say 'it's just my style. I like baggy clothes' period.
But no, she / her team felt the need to make it deeper than what it really is for cheap 'wokeness' points, and painted this whole bodyposi / edgy asexual / safe space philosophy around it, that they aren't even capable to stick to themselves.

No. 797198

File: 1619992706384.jpg (18.56 KB, 720x513, ok.jpg)

>Her face looks unbearably white trash
>doughy face
>She looks like a bloated corpse some necro pedophile dressed up

No. 797203

god, i hate this. not only does it just look uncomfortable on her, she still looks like a child to me… i really hate looking at it, it feels so forced and not her at all. whoever tf is styling her needs to be fired.

No. 797204

I'm also a white girl with big thighs and an ass and I find the popularity of bodies like dojas to be more validating, even though I am unfortunately more pear and less hourglassy. If you're naturally more bottom heavy even when you're normal to slim weight there's nothing wrong with that at all

No. 797224

might seduce your grandad

No. 797225

I hate those thick talons by themselves but over the gloves especially. She looks constricted and uncomfortable, it's like a straitjacket crossed with lingerie tied together with PVC tubing and grandma's nightie. I feel like I'm looking at a fully realized cut and pasted collage done by a serial killer of her teen photos and a victoria's secret catalog. I'm seriously disgusted by the 'arc' her persona or whatever is going through, it's so transparent and puts a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not even the target demographic and I feel pandered to, it's so skeezy.

No. 797231

>I feel like I'm looking at a fully realized cut and pasted collage done by a serial killer of her teen photos and a victoria's secret catalog.
Literally how it feels, lmao. It's so…scrote-made.

No. 797232

File: 1619995739342.jpg (2.45 MB, 2000x2000, empowerment.jpg)

Anon does have a point though.
Esp considering how this article is meant to be about the empowerment of wearing what you want to wear and showing your skin. She doesn't look like she's feeling empowered in any of those promos.
More like "my mom made me do it" and "can I go home now".

No. 797233

>I feel like I'm looking at a fully realized cut and pasted collage done by a serial killer of her teen photos and a victoria's secret catalog.

No. 797236

File: 1619996052496.jpg (241.16 KB, 527x950, knjn.jpg)

She almost looks like she's trying to channel the vacant stares in Mark Ryden's paintings, but the photos and styling just don't have the edge or vibe.
Honestly, it would've been kind of cool if she had played around with the idea of her media transitioning in the eye of the public because of her age, but since we know her PR people aren't really that creative or artistic, it's this instead.

No. 797237

Scrote-made for scrotes' delight.
There's only so much money you can rake in from teens' parents' credit cards. Gotta broaden the horizons.

No. 797239

File: 1619996235420.jpg (135.42 KB, 1000x950, bkbh.jpg)

Samefagging, another example. Like…this is her expression, dead-on (pls ignore swastikas). Her stare is very glassy and detached, and it could easily be made to mean something, but instead it just looks awkward in the shoot.

No. 797241

I really don't get how her and her team and praised constantly for being so creative. The amount of people that feel the need to mention she made her album in her brothers bedroom. Sounds like it, yeah. Oh wow she's mixed being scene with cyber goth clothing. Amazing. Never seen that done.

No. 797245

is her new thing wanting to look like a heavily medicated pornstar? what is going on.
i am really sick of everyone saying anything in the music industry is illuminati related but this shit feels so viscerally wrong i have no idea what else to say about this

No. 797248

Imo, she doesn't look sad. She just looks like she's trying to look more mature/serious.

No. 797258

She doesn't look sad, but she doesn't look empowered either.

No. 797273

I know pop culture is cyclical but how many times is this haphazard retro pastiche pinup ~aesthetic going to be shilled by the industry? It was maybe notable back in Under The Cherry Moon or Madonna's Vogue music video but what, does every "generation" need to be "empowered" in the same way?

The above aside it seems so unnatural for her, like the middle pic looks like young Steve Buscemi in a blonde wig

Thought this was gonna be the MTF thread from the front page kek

No. 797274

she's also a braindead 18 year old

No. 797294

is bottom right shoop or did this kid's shitty parents really let her get fillers under age 18

No. 797303

anon is that really that surprising? they’re already whoring her out to the music industry, might as well get fillers while they’re at it.

No. 797306

I feel like she is the millie bobby brown of the music industry. So sick of seeing "prodigy" kids sold to degenerates this way and no one bats an eye

No. 797307

To beat off to

No. 797308

What tf does looking empowered even look like

No. 797309

what is this? 1992?

No. 797310


No. 797312

they don't even need to buy it, the photos are free online

No. 797313

like you're not being forced to do something. you'd think if billie feels so good about this photoshoot then her facial expressions wouldn't look like that.

No. 797314

File: 1620004403819.jpg (114.82 KB, 1280x720, googleisathing.jpg)

what do you think?

No. 797317

i used to think she was pretty but god damn whoever did this makeover on her really went out their way to highlight all her bad features. She doesn't look good as a blonde at all.

Also if she wants to spread positivity and feeling good she should stop with the photoshop. This is a ridiculous amount. Just lose weight if you're this insecure.
her face here is just yikes. She's fucking 19 she doesn't need this much photoshop and styling. They made her look like a man.
she's def had work done. Her parents were thirsty for her to be famous. They let her date a near 30 year old at 16 so idk why anyone would think surgery would be out of the question

No. 797318

File: 1620004868385.png (6.27 MB, 3264x3264, 1616058546006.png)

She looks the same when she smiles. Pic from a previous thread

No. 797319

these pics are from when she already had her ep out.

No. 797322

Ok? People's lips get thinner when they smile, so >>797314 should compare photos of her when she's doing the same pose.

No. 797326

Not to blog but my lips were super thin when I was twelve and then filled out over time. Def don't look the same when I look at old pics. Maybe the same thing happened to Billie? Although the possibility of fillers shouldn't be out ruled considering what industry she's in. Ofc would never be made public bc of her oh-so-relatable tombot persona.

No. 797328

Samefag. I meant tomboy, but makes sense considering she's a music industry bot cultivated for the masses

No. 797329

Even without auto-tune, she can’t sing for shit. She doesn’t have to be a metal singer like her dad but her shitty music choices aren’t helping her either kek

No. 797333

tinfoil autism. lana got fat so they are making billie replace her because she is sorta less fat i guess.

No. 797336

i don’t disagree with you that they might be trying to peddle her as the new lana, but i don’t think it has to do with her weight, moreso that lana’s facade has already crumbled

No. 797337

Lana is also old and they can't seem to reign her in from saying dumb shit and releasing musical Ambien. Aren't they both signed to Interscope? I don't think this is tinfoil at all.

All these new pop bitches are xeroxes of Lana and/or Lorde. The industry can't seem to find something new to push.

No. 797338

>wasn’t blatantly obvious about being “sexy” for her music career
? Have you ever heard a Britney song besides oops! or toxic? or remember anything about her antics from 2001-2010s at all kek

No. 797349

Is this meant to fall in line with the "happier than ever" line? The sexed up 50's starlet who's suffering more than you'll ever know? I can imagine she's going to drop this in a month and tout the abuse/lust over this as a gotcha, a "see how you treated me for this?" kind of thing.

She'll probably go the way of Jewel who also did an ironic sexed up image no one liked and was subsequently dropped for.

No. 797356

Her makeup is nice. I need the products. What lipstick is she using?

No. 797367

File: 1620009407234.jpg (127.67 KB, 828x822, d255164c5617da45e4c70ee375de92…)

again, google is a thing. people's lips also get thinner when the filler wears off, which is why it needs to be touched up semi-regularly.

No. 797371

File: 1620009626781.jpeg (30.77 KB, 626x490, images (2).jpeg)

Is this sarcasm?

There's a lot of parallels between designer potato sack Billie transitioning to this Vogue shoot, and openly virgin Britney transitioning to Slave 4 U, at least if you ignore her school girl uniform in the former case and the fact that talking about being a virgin paradoxically sexualised her in the media.

No. 797373

Her best work, but not her only work.

No. 797375

nta but I'm in a scrote group chat and they post rips of these sorts of magazines alongside their hentai so it's possible. Just look at reddit

No. 797376

This explains why the single posted above uses that annoying Tones and I voice.

No. 797378

File: 1620010000083.jpeg (3.82 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

>I'm in a scrote group chat

No. 797379

She looks so much better on the left wtf, eyes so much less droopy.

No. 797382

She looks good imo. It’s an odd choice for her at her age but I don’t think she looks bad. I would just prefer she be in her mid to late twenties before going for such a mature look considering how she was marketed not too long ago. It’s not authentic, but I’m not gonna lie and say she doesn’t look hot.

No. 797383

Please believe me, I'm just there to study. I don't know any men other than them and want to see what the degeneracy du jour is to properly rip on them >>797378

No. 797389

she was like 13 in that pic

No. 797390

File: 1620011546047.gif (2.99 MB, 268x345, britneycomeup.gif)

Yeah, "my loneliness is killing me… give me a sign – hit me baby one more time". She was 17 at the time, or more like turning 17.

And it was marketed as something along the lines of 'girls just feeling sexy' or 'girls exploring that side of life around their crushes (like other teens), not like scrotes sexualising teens – ew, why would you think that', but sure Jan.
Though they did tone it down a notch with the subsequent releases, until they went full ham during the I'm a Slave 4 U era, like Anon mentioned.

No. 797391

don't forget christina with "genie in a bottle"
>gotta rub me the right way
when she was 19

No. 797392

she'll probably try to spin this shoot as "muh exploitation/i was pressured into it" in a few months

No. 797397

Back then my dumbass didn't understand the meaning of the song kek.
My gay ass was too busy crushing on her.

No. 797399

Wait no wait wait so they physically buy these magazines and rip out the pages and take a picture and send it to a group chat next to like sexy cartoons fucking? These are men you know personally? Do you owe them money and this is what they make you witness? Couldn’t they just look up like actual porn on the phones they are accessing the group chat with? What and why, hard why

No. 797406

Yep, the classics
>I feel like I've been locked up tight… for a century of lonely nights
>hormones racing at the speed of light
>gotta rub me the right way
>come. come. come and let me out
It's just an innocent song about Aladdin, what were you guys thinking kek

I think a lot of us being kids didn't think much of it straight away or disregarded it as some charade. But that's probably part of the point - it wasn't intended for us to get the memo, it's wasn't just 'teens signing to other teens'

No. 797407

Her body was insane

No. 797410

I may just be esl here as I meant digital rips, like compilations of any women celebs showing skin from photoshoots and magazines. Yes they are next to the sexy cartoons fucking. It's the ritual of men sharing jerkoff fodder for their friends to also jerk off to. I am a hostage there. Help

No. 797412

Jesus christ she actually looks like a normal person on the left, how did her eyes get so weird? I cant even put my finger in what makes them weird but they creep me out

No. 797418

Electra is so pretty. I wish she’d do some death metal or play the guitar in a metal band. I feel bad cause she’ll always live in her father’s shadow.

No. 797430

She can sing imo but the style and tone she’s emulating make her sound pitchy and uncontrolled.
That being said I don’t get these nepotism bands. I’m sure that these kids had access to great instructors for vocals and instruments but can they actually write notable songs?

No. 797435

in the Vogue interview she talks about girls who transplant a personality based on the men they are with. If you compare the aesthetics of her current BF and ex (and how she is now VS then), it is clear that is what she is doing. This retro Hollywood glam look feels inauthentic because her current [creepy] BF is an actor obsessed with films. Every girl on his Instagram has a similar clothing style as to how Billie dresses now. Watch when they break up her entire style will change again.

No. 797439

Kid actors didn't even have to be in sexualised roles like Portman was to get the creeps onto them. I recall something Mara Wilson (Matilda) said about how it was cute when 10 year old boys wrote to her saying they wanted to be her boyfriend, but she'd also get middle aged men writing the same. When she was TEN.

No. 797448

She looks perpetually stoned. Maybe it's that, or other drugs/meds.

No. 797459

I really think a lot of the anons in this thread are reading too much into it. I don’t know how much control Billie has over her image, but I’d bet most of her photoshoots are not decided or styled by her. She’s just a celeb who has a lot of people cultivating her “image.” I kinda doubt her baggy style was even entirely her idea.

No. 797467

File: 1620020729180.jpeg (611.3 KB, 750x908, 7AB4ABCB-E3AB-4EA0-8862-16FF1F…)

Two cows in a cute little dung pile. I hate this timeline

No. 797469

Who even are these people? Azealia Banks and Miley Cyrus?

No. 797470

Looks like Dasha from the lefthots thread

No. 797471

File: 1620021291007.png (731.3 KB, 778x585, ab.PNG)

I checked, and I guess that is her. I'm not very familiar with Dasha's face lol.

No. 797472

That looks like Macauley Culkin in a wig

No. 797474

babe it literally says dash_cam which is a tell-tale giveaway that it’s white trash dasha from leftcow

No. 797477


No. 797480

Probs azealia self posting to flex the cow crossover on us.

No. 797485

This easily could have gone on anyone's 2021 bingo card. You can mark it off now, nonnies.

No. 797517

Thanks for reminding me this song exists

No. 797569

>Lana is too fat and old at thirty-something to make music
Incel take, even though I agree Billie seems to be following in her footsteps

No. 797579

No. 797589

imo she's playing up the depressed/xanny look because it's in, go to any alt teens instagram and they're doing the same male or female
they love the bedroom eyes/sanpaku eyes shit on tiktok

No. 797629

dasha confuses me so much. in theory she should be very attractive but in practice she looks like a voodoo doll carved out of cashews and her massively askew chin repulses me

No. 797639

Doesn't everyone know how to spot filler lips. There's a gap in the corner of their smile where the top and bottom lips meet. You see it on every bitch that has fillers its why they try to conceal the corner of their mouths but it highlights it more imo. I think it's why they also do those weird smiles when they try to stretch their lips to minimise the gap thing. It's like finding the reset button on an android. It's what gives them away as being fake af.

No. 797642

Sage for autism but could you give an example anon? Nothing really comes up on Google and I'm curious kek

No. 797649

File: 1620049188242.jpeg (247.27 KB, 750x644, 29E67D8E-26EE-4BA0-990F-5E6F33…)

i think they mean picrel, but that happens when filler migrates. if you’re only getting a small amount it isn’t pronounced like this.

No. 797660

Sort of like that but just look at doja lips itt and billie's, you'll see a dimpling around the lips. It's not natural. Once you notice it look up women with known filler vs women without. It becomes pretty easy to spot.

No. 797665

I've been staring at photos and know idk if my method is solid. It makes the dimpling around the mount more pronounced for sure but I'm noticing it on before and after photos on websites lol. My new method is now just intuition and not being blind.

No. 797757

File: 1620058439533.jpg (33.13 KB, 700x700, 211856291f082e99508f4d80b658e4…)

>Famous female to incel Shiji Ikari- I mean Elliot Page told Oprah how the incident reflected "every experience you've had since you were a toddler, people saying, 'The way you're sitting is not ladylike, you're walking like a boy. The music you're listening to as a teenager.' Obviously, the way you dress."

Nonitas does your taste in music makes you dysphoric?

No. 797764

>I do not fit arbitrary standards about what's ladylike according to other people, therefore I am really a man
Come on now, seriously? If she grew up in an extremely conservative environment I could somewhat understand, but this is modern day 'having unfeminine mannerisms and interests makes you a cool girl' Hollywood we're talking about. She's always had naturally very feminine looks and was obviously succesful with her tomboyish girl next door type.

No. 797777

Uh oh, guess I'm a bloke and there's been too many times to count when I've been told I'm unlady like. Guess I should get surgery on my reproductive organs and embrace manhood.

No. 797779

why are the examples they give always relating to the most surface-level shit?

No. 797783

>Nonitas does your taste in music makes you dysphoric?

Ask every ftm nu-boi if they've had an Arctic Monkeys phase and they'll say yes. I think it's more of the look of the artists and what they sing about

No. 797789

File: 1620060998790.png (44.73 KB, 865x332, page.png)

Ellen Page:
>“There are pervasive stereotypes about masculinity and femininity that define how we’re all supposed to act, dress and speak,” Page went on. “And they serve no one.”
Also Ellen Page:
>Except if you hate being constantly sexualized and like short hair, then you're obviously a boy.

No. 797807


If she's trying to go for the sultry look, fine, but she needs to ditch the retard expression.

No. 797815

Holy fuck, that's what it reminds me of! Anisa the Pearhead! That sentence you wrote could have been about her. Same retarded expression, going for sultry serious, but turning up looking lifeless and mentally challenged.

No. 797865

>gender is fake
>i must reinforce it
Being a nonbinary blob is literally fashionable right now. If you really think gender is a construct then you can just choose to be NB and not mutilate yourself with hormones and surgery. I'm so tired.

No. 797873

As a person with lip filler, you are a retard

No. 797892

some people have tht dimpling without fillers

No. 797908

Az's skin is so pretty and smooth, IDC I unironically think she's sexy, even when she looks busted I find her pretty & sexy.

No. 797917

With this modern day troonaton narrative, it turns out that the majority of us have actually been men all along and had no clue. KEK

No. 797925

Some of us are AFAB trans girls that want to be AMAB girls, nonnie.

No. 797926

File: 1620073694117.jpg (60.32 KB, 600x750, 02f89b2be51d4e2c7a85074e8951bd…)

this makes me sad. I agree she seems like an industry plant since the start, and this image switch may have been part of the plan. start her out modest, then when she's of age … bimbofy her. this is all for the creepy men who want young girls to be exploited as young as they can. anyway, can't say I didn't see it coming but, sucks.
this is 100% planned though, trying to "break the internet" with a 19-year-old's bimbofication (I really suspect that plays into it).
>It's all about what makes you feel good
nobody needed to say this, it's what all our hedonist media is saying all the time anymore. sorry to morality sperg but it's bleak how predictable this all is.

No. 797935

>If she grew up in an extremely conservative environment I could somewhat understand
Come on anon, even in the MOST conservative of environments, she'd be just considered a 'manly woman', or 'bad woman', 'inferior woman', 'weird woman', 'woman that has something wrong with her', 'woman that needs to fix her shit', 'mad woman', kek 'possessed woman', 'undesirable woman' etc. But still a woman, not a man.

It was never a thing, never in history, nor when the 'sex vs gender / performative gender' texts were released during the 3rd wave feminism (which are entirely misinterpreted by these troons to mean a completely different thing), and nor is this applicable now. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. And your posture, your interests, the way you dress, none of that shit has nothing to do anything with that.

I know you said 'somewhat', but stop giving these retards the benefit of the doubt. Sage for sperg

No. 797964

>she'd be just considered a 'manly woman', or 'bad woman', 'inferior woman'
Yeah but if it were viewed that negatively that would at least explain why she'd want to not be a woman at all. Like wimpy scrotes who convince themselves they'd rather be women because they aren't manly chads.
I agree with what you're saying but basically trannies can happen for a bunch of reasons, including feeling inadequate and somehow thinking trooning out will be an easy fix for that. It's not a valid reason, or even a reason that makes sense, but then again that's the case for most reasons behind unfortunate life choices.

No. 797973

Still not an excuse to ruin your own life and health really, gurl should get some therapy instead of using your own wife as one.

I feel bad for her wife, didn't Ellen try pushing her into trooning out too?

No. 797993

Everybody is free to ruin their own life and health as they wish, no excuse needed.

No. 798009

File: 1620077160663.png (144.86 KB, 736x468, gates.png)

18 year old chinese girlfriend in 3…2…1…

No. 798028

I think you're insecure with your lips, I've always been able to notice who has it.

No. 798033

File: 1620078774440.jpg (156.43 KB, 899x552, Screenshot_20210503-165240.jpg)

No. 798037

What does this prove though? Genuinely asking because I don't know what some of the columns mean.

No. 798039

Bezos and now Gates. Now we have to wait for the finale with the inevitable Musk and Grimes divorce.

No. 798041

Are you retarded? The column clearly says dates and starts off with Feb and then shortly after that you see March.
The column that anon is referring to is a date column, nothing more.

No. 798042

Imagine all the delicious shitposts Azealia Banks is going to do

No. 798044

they’ll have to get married first

No. 798045

I said some, I can gather airplane models, dates, arrivals and departures but forgive me anon for not know what any of that fucking means in the context of this photo when half the words aren't legible. What the shits going on in the last column? Please tell me uwu(emote)

No. 798047

They’re flights.

No. 798049

Didn't know Einstein walked amongst us.

No. 798051

This. As long as she doesn't hurt others who cares about someone else making decisions you wouldn't make? As far as I'm concerned she can bog her face into oblivion and transplant five different legmeat neodicks onto her groin. I don't need to be the one living in that body so eh.

No. 798054

Tranny mental illness does hurt others. Most patients that got through with the surgeries end up offing themselves or living extremely depressing existences. Mental illness should not be treated by surgeries. Also it just creates a very shallow and shit society. Oh you're unhappy? Maybe you should get plastic surgery and make yourself sexually attractive to the group you want to fuck, that'll solve it for sure.

No. 798061

Nta but I get what they're saying; they're not a threat to men when they try to be included in men's spaces, they usually aren't grooming children, and who gives a shit if they compete in men's sport. Everyone is allowed to fuck themselves up how they like as long as they don't start making rape victims at a shelter feel unsafe.

On the other hand, it's a bit weird to just shrug and have no opinion about whether it's a wise thing to do. You don't have to ban trooning out to think it's going to end badly for that person, and you're allowed to care even if it only affects that person.

No. 798063

People argue that abortion hurts others too.
Don't police other people's bodies if you don't want to be policed too.

No. 798064

>As long as she doesn't hurt others
So you really think she isn't causing harm by saying your taste in things like music and clothes can dictate your gender?
You really don't see a problem with giving a platform to this backwards ideology?
Anon, i'm sorry, but what a retarded take.

No. 798066

Yeah totally the same thing!1!1

No. 798067

Are you fucking lost?

No. 798068

Nah, humans fucked up when they decided they're so egotistical and special that nature can be wrong and humans can be born into the wrong bodies that need corrected through COSMETIC surgery. It's completely insane that in the year 2021 there's still discussions about your personality type and if you could actually be the opposite gender you were just born wrong.

No. 798075


Get a reality check.

No. 798076

I've never seen a haircut that needed sideburns so badly.

No. 798078

She has to wait on a facial hair graft most likely.

No. 798080

The nature is never wrong argument is pretty weak but otherwise you'll find I wasn't disagreeing with you. I know reading is hard.

No. 798083

> 798061
Is the second paragraph I wrote invisible? Did moving this thread back to ot actually make it worse?

No. 798089

Disorders and disease exist yes, but it's extremely unhealthy to treat a mental illness in which you imagine mutilating your body so it can look like and not even function as the other sex for social reasons.

No. 798099

Yeah. I know.

No. 798132

The tranny suicide rate is 41% according to fabricated TRA statistics. All I’m saying is, I think they could be putting up better numbers. Women need to start being better at bullying

No. 798136

It's hard to bully the men that invade your spaces, they can beat us up.

No. 798163

this is why women invented the internet. We can bully scrotes to suicide without being in striking distance or having to marry them.

No. 798180

Not that this makes a strong case for him but there were women in their early 20’s on the island. One of them was in the Epstein doc and specifically says she was like 23 at the time. I think some people just vacationed there too and didn’t even realize how young some of the girls were. It’s not like a 15 year old looks much different than a legal 19 year old

No. 798186

File: 1620090499762.jpg (91.34 KB, 488x476, Screenshot_20210504-110710_Chr…)

>It’s not like a 15 year old looks much different than a legal 19 year old
Redditor detected

No. 798188

I’m sorry did you age drastically from 15 to 19? Maybe put down the meth pipe

No. 798208

File: 1620092448778.jpeg (68.86 KB, 828x149, 6D262512-7D86-4B2D-B93F-29EE71…)

kek entys already tinfoiling that she's on drugs, what a bastard

although tbh at this point I'd take her "I'm an edgy girl who doesn't do drugs" narrative over whatever she's trying to pedal now

No. 798209

If you were still allowed to go within 100m of a high school, you'd be able to see that there's actually a fairly noticeable difference across cohorts.

But yes, if we back away from suspicious blanket statements about all 15 and 19 year olds, the girls selected for the island individually may have had their age made ambiguous to onlookers, especially how they were made to dress, who also wouldn't have wanted to look too hard at their patron's other guests.

No. 798212

Give it a rest pedochan

No. 798215

File: 1620093858856.jpg (279.22 KB, 1908x1146, 42524678-0-image-a-3_162006330…)

kek this bitch has gotta be trolling

No. 798218

File: 1620094003973.png (92.21 KB, 1192x326, WHAT.png)

whoever diagnosed her with this needs to have their license revoked

No. 798220

her thread on kiwifarms is one of the few i read regularly. she's so entertaining. too bad she's ruining her youngest kid's life

No. 798221

god she has such a pretty face and it all went to waste

No. 798223

yeah moralfagging but anorexia fucking kills people. i saw some girls who had it really bad at the mental hospital and it's like an addiction, and almost no one actually gets better. tess has never been in danger of starving to death or having heart failure due to horribly low body weight, this is really rude of her

No. 798225

ikr?! what she's claiming is outrageous and offensive. when I was in the psych ward, I met a little boy who looked like he was on the verge of death and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair because he was so frail. she's such an attention-seeking cow this is actually pissing me off so much lmao

No. 798226

File: 1620094866143.jpg (72.96 KB, 733x670, EEMAGEENMOISHOK.jpg)


so you're telling me that the body positive movement did nothing for her since she still has (or developed) anorexia???


No. 798228

Well she got you to talk about her again. You think she doesn't know what she's doing when a morbidly obese woman claims she had anorexia at some point? Lol.

No. 798229

Fuck this lmao. Fat people can be anorexic but they aren't dying from it. The way she's so proud of it too. Ugh disgusting

No. 798230

Brave warrior

No. 798233

> fat people can be anorexic
yeah, they can have atypical anorexia. but she's claiming to have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa which requires a significantly low weight according to the DSM.

No. 798239

THis is… confusing to say the least.
I know that people of any size can be anorexic. But if she was, wouldn't she have dropped a significant amount of weight very quickly? From what I've read, the bigger you are, the faster it starts coming off when you eat at a deficit. I may be wrong though.
If she said she had bulimia I would believe it no questions, but anorexia I'm not so sure about.

No. 798240

maybe she can hang out with demi

No. 798245

She’s saying she’s recovered though, I think she’s saying it in the way addicts say they’re “always going to be an addict” and refer to themselves as an addict even if they’re not currently using/haven’t used for many years. Maybe she was underweight at some point in the past? Idk I don’t know much about her.

No. 798246

I guess all it takes to get an anorexia diagnosis is skipping a few meals

No. 798264

I agree, I think she’s beautiful.

No. 798270

Anorexia nervosa means you're underweight, which Tess obviously isn't. Atypical anorexia means you have lost a large amount of weight (which doesn't seem apparent either) alongside other anorexia symptoms, but still are at or above a normal weight.

Anyone can claim they're anorexic because they feel like they've been restricting too much, and Tess could've feasibly claimed almost any other eating disorder, but anorexia nervosa just happens to be the one with very clear boundaries when it comes to weight and health, which she clearly doesn't fit.

Even then it would be stupid. I used to have AN and I get the 'it always stays with you' kind of sentiment. But if I, at a normal weight, slip for a week and restrict way too much and maybe lose a couple pounds, it would be ridiculous for me to say I have anorexia nervosa again. It's so disrespectful towards people actively suffering from it.
It's like having some drinks with friends for a couple nights on end and then stumbling into an AA meeting convinced that you know how they're feeling.

No. 798281

File: 1620099026622.jpg (224.52 KB, 512x794, Screenshot_20210504-132957_Chr…)

Psych ward anons are the worst blog posters.

She has always said she was fat from a young age. She claimed to be bullied from primary school on and no, it never caused her to get to a low body weight. She says it made her eat more.

This is just tess reading that fat people can have atypical anorexia then getting her wires crossed and thinking it's the same as anorexia nervosa, which means she is flat out lying about getting a diagnosis.

No. 798287

this anon is correct about everything

No. 798289

she looks cute here. she might have actually kept up a career if she stayed being a li'l 5'2" chubster with a sweet face but she cowed out in every possible way.

No. 798294

I mean, Tess Holliday is in daily danger of having her heart give out on her… but not from being too THIN.

No. 798303

This is such a banger.

No. 798309

I thought the left was Lana now that she's also a hambeast.

No. 798319

jesus christ you must really have a hateboner for lana. lana isn't even obese, just a bit overweight

No. 798322

> Psych ward anons are the worst blog posters
good thing blogposting isn't against the rules in /ot/ you snide cunt

No. 798334

>tfw you identify as an anorexic

No. 798364

File: 1620106933751.jpg (195.13 KB, 1080x1349, 570587f5e8444d50b282d5e637a7de…)

[tw: eating disorders, self harm]
>be me, Tess Holliday, famous model
>wake up and stumble to the kitchen
>feel a bit more bloated than usual
>instead of the usual box of 5 donuts decide to only eat 2 for breakfast
>not even the ones with icing
>do an endurance walk to my desk to start work
>after checking social media extensively look at the clock and see it's already way past 2
>oh no, I must be starving after skipping second breakfast
>grease into car and head for mcdonalds drivethrough
>look at menu but suddenly feel extra anorexic
>just take some mcnuggets and a coke to eat in the parking lot
>get home, stomach rumbling
>instead of getting the usual burrito leftovers just eat some of the cookies in the tin on my desk
>it's 5 pm
>feel weak from starvation
>decide to make ana friendly meal, celery chicken salad with ranch dressing
>only have two bottles of ranch in the fridge but am restricting anyway
>slip into nap after hungrily consuming the ranch soup
>body truly cannot go on from starvation but my eating disorder wins
>wake up, 8 am
>only snack I dare myself to eat during cocktail hour is plain low carb pork rinds
>fall asleep from pure bodily exhaustion at 11, vow to never sink this low again
I'm Tess Holliday and this is my day in the life of anorexia nervosa. I know this account might be shocking, but I think spreading awareness about this deadly eating disorder is the most important thing.
Donate to my GoFundMe to support my recovery, link in the description below. #tesswantstolive #fightinginnerdemons #tessrealrecovery

No. 798365

Ok retard. Seeing pics of me and my friends from my mid teens to early 20s we really didn’t look much different. This isn’t fucking rocket science, you’re just stupid. Id literally show you pics and have you guess the ages just to prove you wrong but I’m not doxing myself

No. 798368

Now I’m a pedo for just making life observations lol. Look at the girl from tiktok Addison Rae. She’s 20 and all these people think she’s 15. Hardly anyone can tell the fucking aesthetic difference between a 15 year old and a 20 year old, you just think you can because you’re stupid and overly confident

No. 798372

No one fucking cares, learn to take a joke and move the fuck on.

No. 798375

True, lots of her younger pics are cute. If she was just a fat chick that liked to model plus size clothes there'd be no story to her. It's the need to make it a triumphant story about body positivity and health at any size or now anorexia nervosa at any size.

No. 798387

It’s not just that, she’s a fucking horrible person. If she was just another fatty uwu body positive “model” no one would care nearly as much as they do since she was outed multiple times for being a raging cunt. She’s a full blown cow.

No. 798426

That wasn’t a joke. Stupid bitch

No. 798429

Now tell me girl. Why is it me a black beauty can’t find a whole dedicated man? But Tess Holliday can? Is it my blackness?

No. 798430

Girl looking like a whole bag of potato chips. But me a black beauty can’t get no man to love her. 280 pounds of love and no man ain’t want it all

No. 798432

Girl now tell me. Why is it fat Lana can get man after man. But my black ass ain’t get anything? Is it because I’m black? I’m bbw. 300. Loud as a whistle in the sheets. Why girl?

No. 798463

She'd be so pretty if she wasn't fat, and she has everything she needs to lose weight. Very dumb of her

No. 798474

>Is it because I’m black?

No. 798479

The whike goal of Billie and plants like her is to train teen girls to whore out at 18 and "focus on what feels good" by doing a bunch of uncomfortable, awkward shit for the male gaze while vehemently insisting it's what YOU want to do for YOURSELF as a woman… Even though everything you do ultimately is for male validation at the expense of your comfort, reputation and future. She's a fat, dumpy female mouthpiece for pandering to older men at the expense of her own image, which isn't surprising at all considering she has no talent or looks to speak of andnshe only got famous for hanging out with middle aged rappers when she was still a minor.

No. 798524

what is it with white men & pretending to be black online?

No. 798556

this is great except for the mention of a desk. i doubt tess has a desk

No. 798557

samefag–or a job, for that matter

No. 798559

the story of what happened with her kids is horrifying. dumped the older one with an ex boyfriend, doesn't know who his dad is. hasn't toilet trained the 5 year old yet or taught him to read or said anything about school. tried to dump him on her disabled senior citizen mother who said no (obviously)

No. 798560

Crowder coomers.

No. 798627

What the fuck, I had no idea about any of this, what a giant (literally) piece of shit. Fuck this disgusting greasy wheezing ham planet, I hope she gets bullied off the internet for this foolery.

No. 798665

File: 1620142299357.jpg (45.82 KB, 460x671, a5R2A5g_460s.jpg)


as someone who used to like her, yeah, this is an absolute fact. she rebranded her style a lot. one of the boys isnt super poppy the way TD is. but they gave her I kissed a girl because "sexy" was still the standard for a pop girl. it worked. but ur so gay or thinking of you are so unlike it imo. the hot girl think stuck the other didnt, they kept that. teenage dream came out after everyone wanted to be lady gaga. so katy started dressing in "quirky" costumes and colorful wigs. she was sexy in the new pop shtick. prism, shes lost. dark horse was a hit because it followed the trap trend. but most singles flopped. she was still sexy but her type was going out of style. witness ruined her. she did "woke" music because prism showed her, pop like "birthday" or "this is how we do" didnt work anymore. new image made it 20 times worse, because the music didnt fit her, and new edgier look didnt fit her. people stopped giving a shit because she wasnt traditionally hot girl. she followed trends and the moment she couldnt do it she was over.

my lesbian ass used to adore her looks. i dont think shes ugly now, but im not attracted to her anymore tbh. she used to know how to use sexy for her advantage in music, and when she lost that formula, she lost all her relevancy. poor girl.

No. 798673

I'm just so sick and tired of young female celebs sexualising themselves the minute they turn 18 under the lie of "empowerment", like no you're being forced into these overly sexual outfits and behaviours because the industry expects it from you. I hate this assumption that only if you start stripping and talking about sex you can be empowered, and it's the ONLY way to show that you're mature and grown up, I just hate how this keeps getting encouraged over and over with these female celebs doing photoshoots like Billie's recent one. I knew she wasn't safe, even when she said she wore baggy clothes so guys couldn't ogle at her body and I thought just wait, the music industry is gonna start sexualising her soon. It definitely wasn't her choice either, she's got a team of managers and marketers behind her planning her every move and word, and this is her own "sexy mature era" every female pop star goes through. "This is the real me, look how grown up I am". Even worse, she's got such a young fanbase looking up to her and making her their role model, and she's talking about wanting to be called a hoe. I'm so exhausted. Throw the whole industry away and start again.

No. 798678

>She'll probably go the way of Jewel who also did an ironic sexed up image no one liked and was subsequently dropped for.
When did it happen with Jewel? All I know is that her debut album is considered a cult classic to some. Never heard about this

No. 798681

I think theyre referring to 0304,and this music video

No. 798685

File: 1620144175273.png (3.82 MB, 2048x1800, Screenshot_20210504-094717.png)

I feel bad for Jesy Nelson who left Little Mix. She ruined her face because people kept making fun of her looks. 2014 should have been the year to stop with the injections/plastic.

No. 798687

2014 was the best

No. 798688

File: 1620144563312.jpg (115.54 KB, 1128x790, Conozca-la-verdadera-razon-por…)


Oh yeah, i agree. i was never a little mix fan, i dont think ive heard even a song from them. BUT, i remember seeing memes of this girl in tumblr making fun of her faces and stuff. i thought it was funny, actually didnt know she was a "celebrity" till much later, thought she was an internet person and that was it. i feel bad for laughing at those memes about her looks now though. i had no idea it was that bad the jokes people made about her. it was stupid looking back at it. i just again didnt know anything about her, text i thought she was doing silly faces in purpose actually and thats where the memes came from… damn

just looked her up on google and shes racially ambiguous insta thot now. eh. kinda late to the trend but whatever

No. 798701

is anyone else getting tired of chloe’s (from chloexhalle) half-naked, singing videos? i really liked ungodly hour & think she’s a lovely singer but these videos suck lol. she doesn’t sound good solo

No. 798709

Chloe is a good producer and is talented at singing. However Halle is the best vocalist out of the two.

No. 798718

I remember back when she was posting all those twerking videos a few months ago. All these women coming out of the woodwork to tell everyone to stop shaming her for enjoying her body meanwhile every comment on these videos were dudes talking about how bad they want to fuck her. Somehow slut shaming girls made her cry on ig live but not the crude sexual comments. People talk about sex, negative or positive, when you post sexual videos. What ideological realm do these people exist in?

No. 798721

Maybe it's because I don't know what she looks like outside of these pictures but she doesn't necessarily better in the earlier pictures to me, just different. Very puffy face in the upper row especially. I get what you're saying about the 2014 pic but that's also clearly the most filtered pic of all.

No. 798734

Yes! So thirsty and embarrassing. Its like chill out, we get it. Hopefully in the not too distant future she'll look at this phase of her life and cringe, but i doubt it. Seems like she lives for male validation.

No. 798751

She looked alright to me in her older pic, don't think she needed surgeries in the first place. It's the heavy makeup and big hair that ruined her look imo

No. 798759

Yeah I just realized that too. I'd say after she got a little bit of lip filler was her best look. Not that she wasn't pretty before.

No. 798782

her on and off ftm "best friend" stays in her 5 year old son's room when in LA. the kid has to call every new boyfriend or friend "dad" and can barely even speak english because of how neglectful tess is

No. 798784

samefag. the 13 year old hasn't lived with her for years and she only sees him when she needs him to be in a picture. she knows nothing about his life and never talks to him

No. 798787

yeah she has that heart shaped face type where big hair looks bad. like tila tequila in 2005 kind of? you want a flat bob or a tight ponytail with that kind of head. ariana grande kind of has it too

No. 798789

oh after seeing this pic, she was definitely bulimic. she has the swollen glands and weird premature aging that would have gone away if she stopped purging.

No. 798805

She's talented and beautiful, but I saw a lot of blue checks who never gave her any attention suddenly caring because she was crying about the comments she got for being half naked and sexual suddenly.
Chloe has an amazing body, the type of body that rappers/instagram models are botching themselves to get. I feel like she's becoming known for being the thick sister. Even Saweetie made a lyric about how her face is like Hailey's and her body is like Chloe. It's like people only started to take notice when she started being sexy and scrotes took notice.

No. 798827

never forget

No. 798961

Only Americans would call this chubby, kek.

No. 798998

idea: can we move discussion of tess/tess's fupa/tess's chest-butt/tess's reverse knees to the deathfats thread so as not to validate her delusions of being a celebrity?

No. 799068

she proved with her first album that she didn't have to show her body to be successful. taylor swift has released many albums with no sexual lyrics that proved women don't have to sing about sex to be successful. i wish these female popstars would see that and realise they don't have to objectify themselves. nothing wrong with singing about sex but it's the self objectification is played out.

No. 799070

it's so pathetic and attention-seeking. she's too talented to be degrading herself online the way she does. i'm tired of seeing her to that "slamming your ass on the ground" twerk move

No. 799071

jesy's mentioned starving herself in the documentary she did but idk if she's ever talked about purging

No. 799072

They are called amerifats for a reason

No. 799089


No. 799094

Do you not think there’s some cognitive dissonance in pointing out both that she would know from her first album’s success that she doesn’t have to show her body to be successful but also being unable to fathom her doing it for any other reason than feeling like she “has to”

No. 799123

no. nothing wrong with being sexual once you're an adult but we all know women are pressured (in general but especially in the music industry) to hypersexualise and objectify ourselves. maybe she doesn't feel like she "HAS TO" and maybe this vogue photoshoot is a one-off sexy photoshoot this era so people will see her in a new light (from moody teenager to blonde bombshell kek). but she's clearly an individualistic libfem judging by the interview. women are socialised to do a bunch of shit that isn't good for us but it's framed as feel-good empowerment by men and libfems.

No. 799129

But you could just as easily make the argument that women are punished for being sexual and pressured to be virginal and innocent in general but especially in the music industry. A male rapper would never get the criticism Megan for example got for rapping about sex. You say there’s nothing wrong with being sexual but seem to view it as inherently objectifying and degrading. Men also consistently try to frame being chaste and modest and “traditional” as feel good empowerment and as what will “truly make women happy” or whatever. You’re way of looking at it just seems very surface level.

No. 799131

*your, sorry

No. 799141

I think you’re just upset she has better tits than you

No. 799144

All these bitches are just mad Billie has nice boobs and isn’t lizzo fat. Very sad state of lolcow(samefagging)

No. 799149

>Most anons are outraged a barely adult Billie is already being sexualized for fame
>Lmao silly women are just jealous she has nice tits1!1!1!
Nice take

No. 799151

File: 1620176175179.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1130x1508, C52C4196-48A7-4463-91A2-E21112…)

This photoshoot was trash idk why twitterfags are hyping it up
The clothes didn’t suit her and she looked uncomfortable

No. 799154

File: 1620176204663.jpeg (838.98 KB, 1242x878, 1037B6A8-FF16-4105-8D4E-F94048…)

This looks so uncomfortable I hate it

No. 799155

>I hate this assumption that only if you start stripping and talking about sex you can be empowered
I do get this sentiment but I feel like people who keep saying this are like living in an alternate universe or just failing to see the bigger picture. If anything female performers singing about sex or “stripping” is something that is weaponised against them and used to demean them and undermine their talent and success. I feel like if anything there is an idea that the only way to be respected is for women to cover up and never talk about sex hence why people talk about Adele and Taylor Swift as if they are more worthy of respect for doing so, and probably why Mariah was forced to portray herself the way she did in her early career by her managers.
>I knew she wasn't safe, even when she said she wore baggy clothes so guys couldn't ogle at her body and I thought just wait, the music industry is gonna start sexualising her soon.
Billie didn’t just start getting sexualised when she started showing skin. Taking someone like Taylor as an example who many people feel didn’t really show skin or “sexualise herself”, what she did still didn’t save her from being sexualised. She still ended up with a naked wax doll of herself in a a Kanye west video. This is such a simplistic view of sexualisation and how it actually works.

No. 799156

File: 1620176230174.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1525, 021B9EDD-4AF8-4837-BC30-C4CBE0…)

she looks like a grandma(nitpicking)

No. 799159

Just because she isn’t Lizzo fat doesn’t mean she isn’t fat

No. 799160

The only people this will appeal to is her older male fanbase. Online male friends I made in punk communities are even hyping up this inauthentic twat, they also spoke far too often about mollie bobbie brown in stranger things, I'm starting to think men just like them young.

No. 799162

Yet if they put an obese black 18 year old on the cover, no one here would bat an eye.
“REEEE THEY ARE SEXUALIZING HER TOO MUCH REE” seethe harder, you’re just mad because you’re either fat or have no tits

No. 799163

You can tell she was forced

No. 799165

Forced to what? Show 20% of her boobs in a photo shoot? Omg she’s being sex trafficked GO GET EERR

No. 799166

How many jealous black women are in this thread?

No. 799167

Shes an adult multi millionaire? She probably has more agency in her decisions than like 99% of the world population.

No. 799168

Go back to twitter with these hot takes

No. 799169

>Industry plans
>Has agency
Pick one

No. 799170

It’s so obvious this thread is full of jealous bitches who will never be as hot as her. Either because they’re fat, black, or just white bitches with no tits. Lol

No. 799171

the actual fuck is this? She could look so good with the right styling but instead we get this?
i know your thing is being dense and same-fagging in this thread, but billie's thing was she didn't want to be sexualized. Then bam she's in agent provocateur on the front page of vogue as soon as her next era strt and she's of legal age? Suddenly she wants to be sexualized because it's ~~empowering~~ and no ones meant to question where this new take of hers suddenly came from? Bear in mind she just disclosed she was dating a fully grown adult at 16.

but ok just black women being jealous.

No. 799172

You’re right. This disingenuous concern trolling “sexualisation” discourse only ever happens with a specific kind of celebrity (rich white pop stars who’s parents bought their career). It’s so transparent how desperate they are to infantilise certain people and portray them as inherent victims based of nothing.

No. 799174

All pop stars are “industry plants” in some sense I don’t think she is anymore than others but yes even with that she still has access to resources most will never have and the financial ability never work again that most people will never have access to.

No. 799175

Taylor Swift gets massive hate for her lambesting her exes in immature cliche songs.

Her baggy clothes was to bring the zoomers in and make her alternative, now that's she's mainstream they're going to make her more appealing to the masses. That was probably their plan. Like there's images of Billie before she became "Billie Eilish" and she acted like a horny little dweeb for Justin Bieber and had no issue being a camera whore in the emo sense and not wearing baggy outfits.

There were performances or things she's done that pretty much hinted that once she was 'legal' she wasnt going to be wearing baggy stuff anymore.

Also I haven't listened to her first album but wasn't she singing songs about sex anyway or insinuating it?

There's so many female independent artists that stay true to themselves, if artists weren't so greed hungry they could style themselves and release whatever type of music they want.

No. 799177

I stand on the side where I roll my eyes at this fabricated storyline where she grows up and starts to sexualize herself. It's obvious it's all a media ploy, Brittney had it worse and at an earlier age. Billie is 18 at this point and isn't being forced into this. Her parents gave her a career because she wanted one, being a soundclout star wouldn't cut it and she had the money to skip the line. I think some pop stars like Ariana Grande also decide that the pros of this industry outweighs the cons. Why do you think some child stars fade into obscurity once they grow up?

No. 799178

You're on a forum full of girls saying we must all be flat chested and seething because some bitch that looks like she has learning difficulties was dressed in ill-fitting clothes?

No. 799179

the outfit is objectively shit but honestly what aggravates me the most are her eyebrows–especially on the cover. They're so jarring and with the way her fringe is styled makes her right one look photoshopped over her hair unless I expand the photo.

No. 799180

File: 1620177211990.jpeg (896.98 KB, 3263x1870, EC0C0864-DAB2-4929-9CAC-457EE8…)

Not your typical celeb drama and it’s kind of pointless but stranger things actress millie bobby brown posted a selfie on the right with a really funny and tone-death captionshe. don’t know if she’s doing it to reference the fake homophobic snapchat memes people were making of her or is very oblivious but it makes me wonder, but I guess she received a good amount of backlash and attention which lead her to disabling the comments on that post kek. Anyone remember when the media was commenting on the weird friendship this young girl had with Drake as well?

No. 799181

Yep. Probably lots of flat bitches and fat black women in here mad that their onlyfans never took off(racebait)

No. 799182

Is that why you're here?

No. 799183

Are you sure it's real and not an edit?

No. 799184

Why's it so hard to believe she's just pulling a Miley and wants to be recognized for her sexuality now that she's legally allowed to? Most 18 year olds want to be recognized as adults and taken seriously. That being sexual is a surefire way to grab that sort of attention, or so they think.

I don't think anyone is forcing her to do anything. She's capitalizing on an image she's purposefully curating. That said: It's REALLY not her look.

No. 799185

It’s very real anon, you can search her name on instagram and find the post

No. 799187

> Billie is 18
she's 19, actually, turning 20 in December

No. 799189

Point proven still, my bad. I just don't get why anons constantly treat grown women like literal children.

No. 799190

Miley went extreme coming off of Disney channel and being Hannah Montana for children. Like Billie first lead single was Bad Guy it's not like she had to denounce this cookie cutter image she developed.

If she wanted to be taken seriously she could just wear glasses.

No. 799191

Everyone is here because they like gossip. But the walls of text whining about an 18 year old showing cleavage on a magazine cover are getting tiresome

No. 799192

I dunno, it's arguable her image was reminiscent of broody child 2deep4u.

No. 799193

"walls of text" does reading not very long paragraphs exhaust you anon would you prefer more racist conjecture?

No. 799194

NTA but why do you think some people can’t tell the difference between a 15 year old and a 20 year old? You can blame that on the push of early sexualization with teenage girls, they’re the most profitable group when it comes to makeup and fashion that is more geared towards college-aged adult women. If a 15 year old were to finally give the peer pressure a rest and dress age-appropriately, you can definitely fucking tell its a minor, and you can absolutely tell with their behavior because their brain hasn’t even fully developed enough to process their decisions. Get the fuck out of here please, you literally disgust me.

No. 799195

anon this is the calm before the storm, before you know it when you start to comment on something impactful about an 18 year old sexualizing themselves too quickly you’ll just be called a twitterfag

No. 799196

Oh no, not getting called a twitterfag, I'll kms!!!!

No. 799199

Shut the fuck up. Not being able to tell the difference between a 15 year old and a 20 year old gin a photo or video online does not make someone a pedophile. Fucking idiot

No. 799201

then there should be higher standards for what is considered sexually attractive from men like they should be expected to be more sexual and performative to be viewed as sexually attractive. Currently they just need to stand there and look constipated but do you think those kpop stans don’t want to see bts twerking on stage?

No. 799204

It’s all the same whining about her being sexualized over and over.

How many of you guys are under 20 with an onlyfans?

No. 799205

Aw be more aggressive, I kind of like it <3

No. 799210

Why are you looking to make a purchase?

No. 799212

I don't see how this is offensive. The fake MBB homophobic captions/posts were just that. So if she posts a car selfie, she should take the blame and backlash for triggering a bunch of weirdo gay men from Twitter's 100% self-inflicted meme trauma? I don't get it.

No. 799221

good god whoever is styling her needs to be fired. she's very pretty but this new "aesthetic" is not doing her any favors

No. 799232

Exactly and I’m pretty sure she said how much she hated the memes. I think she probably just wasn’t even thinking about it, I highly doubt she’s deliberately referencing it.

No. 799233

this looks like some ed gein level shit, those gloves especially

No. 799239

It’s “tone-deaf”.

Surprised no one corrected you the first time.

No. 799245

the taylor swift hate is weird because every male rockstar, rapper, or pop singer since the beginning of time sings about his exes and most #1 hits are about love/breakup/ an ex. it's what everyone sings about in popular music, i don't get how taylor swift is notable for doing it

No. 799246

derail but drake is so fucking ugly. he looks like a 7th-grader who sits behind you in math class, smells of tide and apple juice, wears white grandma sneakers, and laughs like "HUHHUHHUH-HUHHUH"

No. 799248

drake recently broke up some girls engagement and i don't know why women would sacrifice their relationship to have an affair with his armpit sweat stain looking ass either


No. 799254

I agree the hate is dumb, I think it’s partly because in her case it would be obviously about specific people instead of just generally an ex and also she used to talk about it constantly when she was younger so I think people started to find it gimmicky and corny

No. 799266

Yeah, I don't remember rock stars buying dolls of their exes and making videos directly about them. Or stepping out and having publicity parazzi shoots to show her new man to hearald in a new album she's written about him.

No. 799268

Drake is so cringe I can't stand to hear any of his songs and it seems racist when he says nigguh. He's a soyboy.

No. 799276

File: 1620187002297.png (774.81 KB, 802x802, Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 11.5…)

this is who she left

No. 799281

Because he’s rich and famous? And they think there’s a chance he might commit to them.

No. 799289

She has a type for gay men.

No. 799300

Ex-fan here, it's because she marketed the shit out of her relationships with other celebrities. I'm talking clues in the liner notes of her albums, references to public photos, like she very much used it as a marketing strategy and it worked for a long time. Then she got called out for it (not entirely unreasonably) and she cried sexism and said everyone was invasive for prying into her personal life. I think she's probably a total cow behind closed doors but she has a very good team working to keep everything about her that conflicts with the image she wants to tell locked up tight.

No. 799301

White men (men in general) are so fucking retarded kek go assemble furniture or lift something heavy and make yourself useful moid >>799191(Hi scrote)

No. 799312

Didn't he kiss or grope an underage girl once?

No. 799316

File: 1620190595465.png (526.38 KB, 556x389, babymother.PNG)

My friend had the biggest crush on drake, nothing you could tell her could stop her love for him. Then when she found out about his baby mother she said she didn't like him anymore or his music.
She never even explained why. Anyway, yeah Drake is ugly.

No. 799318

>Drake is ugly
Where? Nope, can't see it.

No. 799322

it's amazing how that kid looks absolutely nothing like either one of his parents

No. 799323

to me he is, maybe it's his personality or lack of personality or all the bullshit over the years that makes everything I find unattractive become "ugly' to me.
Looks are subjective though.

No. 799325

He has drakes eyeshape…I think and his mom chin, I think.

No. 799331

Drake and the mom have both had work done

No. 799333

Lucky for the kid. I do think it's kind of funny that he has blue eyes when they both have brown, though. Like I wonder how some kinds of people would make sense of it.

No. 799335

File: 1620191712112.png (415.1 KB, 550x308, w.PNG)

so I was going to look up both their mothers, but I saw drakes mom and the baby looks like her.

No. 799339

Momokun nails.

No. 799346

She has such a mom body she looks to me like Madonna taking sexy pictures for vogue or some shit

No. 799348

>his personality
Ah, he's ugly there. Ok then

No. 799365

I'm curious anon, why are you an ex fan of her?

No. 799381

What I don't get is why they had to put her in this ugly granny lingerie? She's only 18, if you're going to do a sexy photoshoot at least put her in sexy, youthful lingerie/outfits instead of this trash?

No. 799399

Agreed, I think the colour palette is horrible too. The neutral tones and low saturation make it even more matronly. There are more interesting ways of referencing the 1950s if they wanted to take the shoot in that direction, clearly the goal was just to diverge from her established image as much as possible for the shock value. She's not pulling it off, her expression and body language look so awkward.

No. 799414

File: 1620203658247.jpeg (40.12 KB, 640x797, DmqQHP_WwAAEhsb.jpeg)

Nta but I've always thought Billie is a few years older than her/her record company portrays. There's not much to go on except for a tweet she made back in 2015 where her age doesn't match up, but I can see why lying about her age would be appealing. Particularly given the fan base her music appeals to. Not sure how controversial this post will be with other anons but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility, especially for such a curated celebrity.

No. 799419

Most of us have always known that, kek.

No. 799431

They could’ve easily made it into a blend of modern and vintage by straightening her hair and giving her extensions like 2000 Paris Hilton. It would’ve elevated the look but it just looks crotchety overall

No. 799436

She must be happy about all the child support coming her way

No. 799438

No wonder she always worse clothes five sizes bigger with those wideass man shoulders. Poor girl

No. 799439

I haven't heard about this before but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. Celebs lie about their age and birth date all the time, more than most people think

No. 799463

At least she’s not wide shouldered AND black. That would just be too ugly for me to handle(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 799471

Also, isn't he a pedo?

No. 799473

Without fame, nobody would look twice at Billie. She has a droopy face and eyes and the body of a babushka, she's boring, fake woke and fake deep like every other recluse gen Z teen with neglectful narc parents, and if her parents hadn't pedo'd her into music nobody would have ever given a shit about her ugly-baggy-clothes-to-preserve-my-fake-modesty gimmick, and I can absolutely see her being the kind of girl posted herr in outfit threads beibg ripped apart for her looks. Celebrity double standards are fucking wild smfh .

No. 799474

Yeah I feel that way about so many celebrities but especially recently. Like they seem to have no real charm or anything special about them, but then again I guess maybe that’s point bc the more boring and inoffensive they are the less people they’ll alienate and the blander they are the easier for people to project onto them.

No. 799478

It kills me because without the fame and clout, Billie is the same exact rtpe of girl that gets posted here. I mean, look at this pile of shit compared to how some relative nobody cows get picked at for their appearances (>>796873). Her whole career was fucked out of middle aged creeps, she's not a musician, she's just another lazy, chubby average with a complex because her parents let her get groomed by ephebophiles for personal gain who is cashing in her payment so she never has to be a normal, just below average girl most people wouldn't look twice at.

No. 799479


I just fucking hate how young female "musicians" are all generic shit by bland averages with gimmicks, only because they were the next <18 girls willing to fuck a bunch of washed up middle aged musicians for a sham career as an artist until they age out and the cycle repeats. Stanning Bland Billie does nothing but enable Hollywood to churn out more """relatable""" dumpy girls willing to fuck for medicore temporary fame just so they can feel special and skip putting any real work or time into a real career in music.

No. 799481

But I feel like the male popstars are the same. They’re literally all just so bland and essentially indistinguishable from one another. I think it’s just what sells, by being offensive to no one they have more mainstream appeal. It’s the same with the most popular movies and TV shows tbh.

No. 799484

It's not the same because those guys didn't have to obviously fuck their careers out of other musicians semi-publicly like Billie did. Nobody knew shit about Billie until she was randomly hanging out with creepy ass Drake at 16, and I guarantee that was the only reason behind her "i don't wanna be sexualized" baggy clothes thing- it was a deflection. If Billie had a lifelong love of music and passion for it, where's the years of evidence of that prior to her blowup?

Male sham musicians are obvious because they always either represent a guy's idea of a female fantasy or a scrote self-insert guy who you can't really see being a musician. Hell, these days being an "artist" just means you get to play pretend so you can get paid to play on social media and skip having to ever really work or create content. It's like the new career for people who don't want to grow up or do anything.

No. 799485

Oh I get what you’re saying, I do think there’s a lot of sexual abuse with male child stars though, and sexual exploitation is probably more common with women from poor backgrounds trying to enter the industry as they don’t have those connections and protection like the ones with insanely rich parents buying their career. I’m personally more inclined to believe the baggy clothes thing was just a gimmick that had been extensively planned out and set up for a big rebranding than a sign of sexual abuse necessarily but who knows. It wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 799487

why do you guys just pull shit out of your ass kek. she has never even fucking been seen anywhere with drake, she mentioned texting him ONCE along with dozens of other celebrities on instagram when she was 17 and you retards think that amounts to her having a fling with him. and she has always talked about how her whole family encouraged her and her brother in music and the other arts. im not denying the plant evidence but you’re just making shit up lol, she blew up with one of her worst songs, bad guy. and male artists definitely get fucked

No. 799490

Idk if I’m alone in feeling this way but to me a lot of people, anons in this thread but also many people in general on the internet and irl, the way they talk about sexual abuse of child stars is somewhat odd. It’s like they are a little to excited about and it almost seems sometimes like they want it to be true. A lot of the time it seems like they just love the drama and “scandal” of it but don’t really care at all about the person being abused, like they would be dissapointed if it turned out they weren’t.

No. 799507

you're completely right anon. they don't even bother checking the simple ass facts. like why were people sooooo excited to act like billie and drake had sex bc of ONE instagram interaction that she mentioned almost 2 years ago??? its disturbing. i constantly see retards like that anon fantasizing over the thought of child stars getting molested, or even making it out to be a joke or a meme, like do you care about victims or not.

felt like i was losing my mind when the twitter sperging over drake ~grooming~ her was trending

No. 799519

Drake and Billie were photographed together though. Drake sniffs around young girls constantly. It's probably so he feels less emasculated and gay.

No. 799529

File: 1620219902961.jpg (143.37 KB, 690x510, Screenshot_9.jpg)

>Drake sniffs around young girls constantly

No. 799530

File: 1620219997416.jpg (23.2 KB, 706x114, Screenshot_10.jpg)

No. 799531

CDAN should be contained to the tinfoil thread

No. 799533

tbf there's a video from one of the old threads of him making out or groping (forgot which) a teenager on stage

No. 799535

Oh no don’t get me wrong I think he’s a creep just not for these reasons and I do think cdan fits more with the tinfoil thread

No. 799536

File: 1620220825836.jpg (56.79 KB, 640x640, cf61c566de3bf86e6a20b9443adaaa…)

he's disgusting

No. 799551

File: 1620223138509.jpg (372.2 KB, 1080x1718, IMG_20210505_154704.jpg)

Didn't Drake also get in a controversy for being a bit too close with Millie Bobby Brown when she was 14? I'm not eager to jump into the "Billie and Drake hooked up when she was underage!!1" bandwagon either, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out Drake didn't have good intentions when texting her.

No. 799552

I've heard about this too, don't have receipts, but I believe it, she does look older and it's way more impressive to be a teen pop sensation than a 20 something, plus way more relatable to teens. I think she is actually the age her brother claims to be (22-23) and he's 2-3 years older.

No. 799571

File: 1620225985231.jpg (42.25 KB, 657x472, Give it away give it away give…)


>According to Rolling Stone, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS are are selling their publishing rights to Hipgnosis Songs Fund for around $140 million.

>One of the most successful acts in rock history, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, which is singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist John Frusciante, have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multi-platinum LPs, and won six Grammy Awards, including "Best Rock Album" for "Stadium Arcadium", "Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group" for "Dani California", "Best Rock Song" for "Scar Tissue" and "Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocal" for "Give It Away". The band was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in April 2012.

No. 799577


No. 799582

What's that actually mean?

No. 799583

most recently a lot of well known music acts are selling their music rights to companies for a good amount of $$$. This means that the company can do whatever they want with the music now (also getting all the money from using it for ads and such things). For example Bob Dylan sold his entire music catalogue for 300$ million and I guess at some point most of the music we listen to will be owned by two music companies.

No. 799584

>I don't remember rock stars buying dolls of their exes
What? Taylor Swift did that? WTF

No. 799594

Is it just me or is it not a lit of money

No. 799642

The biggest realization I had was that only a narcissist could flourish in the entertainment industry. Literally. As much as I like Tom Hanks this applies to him and other "clean" celebrities as well.
Take a second and put yourself in their shoes. Think of how much criticism, attention, and prying you get as a celebrity. Not to mention how much you have to 'fight' for it to become famous, though sometimes it just happens by other's doings and whatnot (Britney Spears, her parents). Once you've gained the attention of the media it's ruthless–no normal person with average to lower self esteem would survive it. In fact the paranoia and eventual mental breakdown of Britney Spears is how I figure most non-cluster B people would end up. I don't know how much I believe the bipolar diagnosis or any other diagnosis trying to put blame on her; I see those things as potentially paid for or manipulated so that her dad would have more of a leg to stand on in court.
The actual secret to celebrities' success is that they're narcissists with a heart to survive and navigate through the industry. If they're ugly they can get surgery (every celebrity has a nose job for instance, even Jake Gyllenhaal) and if they're untalented then that can be fixed or it can be pushed aside with some smoke and mirrors courtesy of a marketing team.
It's disgusting, just like the commentary on her body. There are some things you can't change even with weight loss like shoulders and your body shape, so nitpicking shit like that is just pointless. Part of me is thinking that part of the reason she might be trying to be "sexy" is to prove something to the people who were calling her fat and unsexy. Even if she's seeking male approval like Chloe Bailey, she probably still cares more for the non-male degeneracy comments that are saying she has a fridge body similar to how Chloe acts in her ig lives >>798718. Even when women are technically acting out to be desirable (makeup, sexualization) I think we care more for other women's opinions because deep down we know men will fuck anything.

No. 799643

kek someone wanted it? chili peppers, the offspring, etc. are all in a genre i like to call "rape rock" and i'm glad the 90s is over

No. 799644

i can't find it now but someone more autistic than me had a timeline in a discord channel "proving" she's turning 24 this year and i'm incined to believe it.

No. 799645

File: 1620233141305.jpg (36.57 KB, 300x300, unnamed.jpg)


billie and miley arent really alike? miley was always the "wild" disney girl. she was always super attention whore-y and sexual. disney never forced selena or demi into the type of things or skimpy clothes miley liked. maybe it was her father maybe her who knows. but miley was aaaalways critiqued for dressing "sexy" while underage and the other disney girls werent. miley even did a song called "i cant be tamed" specifically because tabloids were saying she dressed raunchy, she took pics kissing a girl, got caught smoking weed, the entire song was about how she didnt give a fuck, and was dancing sexually inside a cage, which was also taken apart by the media. because she was underage and the whole cage thing looked bad and sexual and she was obviously trying to be shocking and edgy on purpose. no selena gomez and the scene video like that.

she did a vma performance on top of a "ice cream" thing, but it was just straight up pole dancing on the vmas while underage and the disney moms seethed for months. shes was always the disney girl who didnt give a fuck. yes, once she was not part of disney anymore she cut off her hair and doubled down on the sex thing. but she was sexualized, wether it was her father or whoever making her do it, she did raunchy things underaged while selena and demi didnt ((publicly)).

billie went from "i dont want to be sexualized" to "i am sex goddess now" in one take. miley was always "i dont give a fuck" attitude, even when she was supposed to be for kids. i remember all these drama very clearly, cause it was constant, she was consantly doing "inappropriate" things for a underaged disney singer. the whole bangerz era was a straight up fuck you to all of that people. billie isnt doing a fuck you to anyone. god, id never think id be saying miley is more organic than someone but yeah, i can buy her shtick more than billies. theyre just edgy industry plants. but their stories are different.

No. 799648

I'm just shocked how we all lived through teenage years and yet expect anything different of Disney kids. Her scandalous behavior (kek) should have been expected. A teenage girl curses and will probably want to hang out with friends who will drink, smoke weed, etc. Teenagers always want to seem older which results in them doing over sexualized stuff like the pictures you mentioned.
Looking back at how rebellious and cynical I was at that age I think I would have legit wanted to kill myself if I had to pretend to be a family friendly kid for little kids to look up to instead of living my own life without people spying on me like my friends are doing. Am I alone in thinking this?

No. 799658

huh. that would make her older than many of us here.

No. 799723

File: 1620239771124.jpg (637.91 KB, 1080x1351, 20210505_203503.jpg)

Did MBB get some work done or am I being paranoid?

No. 799724

Are there really that many 18/19 here? That explains some things, kek

No. 799731

what is math

No. 799736

glad im not the only one who thinks this. maybe it's an instagram filter, i dont know. i hope it's just that.

No. 799737

i blame her shitty nutjob stage parents. she got eyes and lips done for sure which fuckin sucks because i thought she was very pretty and it was nice to see a young actor with a natural look

No. 799740

She has a heavy ass filter on in this picture, anon.

No. 799751

Yeah, she straight up filtered herself into Bella Hadid in this one but I still can't shake the feeling she's got lip fillers, since it's such a basic thing to do these days.
I really hope I'm wrong but looking at her recent instagram pictures I'm afraid she's slowly starting to thot it up a'la Billie Eilish.

No. 799754

File: 1620242299326.jpg (132.03 KB, 1080x1250, 7c377566f5766926ccc0424b0fa403…)

>she has never even fucking been seen anywhere with drake

I'm not saying the anons are right about the tinfoil ,but you could at least google

No. 799765

kek, thats a fanedit but i can’t find the real picture so it looks like i’m lying rn, fuck

No. 799768

nah you right homie, I see it my bad.

It was used in an article so thats why I was fooled.

No. 799787

Because Reputation and Lover were shit, and then I got back on board with Folklore but she scammed the Grammys into fraudulently giving her boyfriend a Grammy for the album.

No. 799799

>she scammed the Grammys into fraudulently giving her boyfriend a Grammy for the album


No. 799807

Grammys can be bought it's pretty established. Also Taylor Swift is a shite musician. To think if her dad didn't buy out her first record she'd be out of sight out mind. Although I barely see mention of her anymore, the taytards don't seem as numerous.

No. 799855

Lmao damn “rape rock” is a little much don’t you think? It’s just shitty, shitty very shitty suburban white dad rock.

No. 799861

After Folklore won a Grammy, Taylor added her boyfriend as a producer on several songs. Thus belatedly giving him a Grammy.

No. 799927

“Dumpy” lol let me guess you think anorexic trannies are the pinnacle of female beauty. Men want to fuck Billie, get over it

No. 799929

If anything her brother was the one who got her famous. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to believe it happened organically. They were just home schooled kids that had a lot of time to hone their skills. Brother writes all of her songs, he’s the one making the songs “good” and catchy while she just sings on it

No. 799958

go look at pictures of the members of those bands then come back and tell me if it's a little much

No. 799995

if an album wins a grammy you have to have written on X numebr of songs to be one of the people to get the grammy. Jack Antof and Taylor got one, Taylor's bf didn't because he obly wrote on 2-3 songs.
Suddenly he has writing credit on a bunch more songs, including the only song on the album Taylor wrote alone. It's shitty.

No. 800002

Lol no way. Her brother had industry connections and she had a whole team and everything before her first song (ocean eyes)

No. 800028

Oh god I hated her eyebrows in the vogue shoot but they were always that bad?


They are so goddamn ugly.

No. 800076

I think you guys might be underestimating how rare it is for an artist to be plucked from obscurity with no connections to the music industry. Most artists tend to know someone who'll help them get started out.

No. 800118

This x1000. It's always the case with mediocre nepotism stars that they want to make it seem like they're where they are because of raw talent and special snowflakiness, which is always a lie since the industry now is so calculated and fixed. The recipe now is to hand too much fame and attention to whoever is young and dumb enough to do anything for it and then pretend they have godly talent while their handlers slowly crawl out of the woodwork for their recognition later as "friends" or "colleagues". Talentless losers with no ambition make great artists because they let you control them for money and fame, unlike serious musicians who care about their image and music and want control over it and fight for it.

No. 800128

This looks shoped as hell

No. 800140

Real question is whether there are women men don't want to fuck

No. 800142

Anthony Kiedis repeatedly raped a 14-year old girl when he was 23, so "rape rock" is pretty fitting for RHCP.

No. 800144

exactly anon. not even just the case with billie, if mainstream talent was actually picked through merit, we'd see a lot more musicians with a bunch of unreleased music from soundcloud brought into the limelight kek

No. 800222

File: 1620306230620.png (95.36 KB, 719x531, wahwah.png)

No. 800228

Sage for vent and sperg, but all these Stan twitter originated memes and jokes are so fucking funny that it hurts, like I can't understand the dumbass zoomers who even find these jokes funny, I mean "lol sia is locked in beyonces basement" "lol Shawn gay bottom" "lol millie bobby brown hates gays" have been jokes among these fag and faghags for six years now and nothings changed
Even underage shit smearing mongoloid straight scrotes who unironically post on r/dankmemes are funnier then these losers

No. 800235

Speaking of industry plants…her music is Rebecca Black-tier bad.

No. 800245

I feel like it isn’t labelled unfairly like her personality really does give me second hand embarrassment and I never feel that way about people. She just comes off as extremely calculated and very try hard. Anyway she’s had a following long enough that she should know going on twitter to be like “guys please stop saying that I’m cringe!!” Isn’t a good idea.

No. 800249

I agree

No. 800255

File: 1620309518370.jpeg (172.75 KB, 1242x436, 484462D4-775B-4D4A-AB15-5A4D97…)

Maybe don’t release stuff like this then kek

No. 800305

Nta but 19 or 24, I still felt ancient reading that kek

No. 800310

she looks fucking dead what even is there to discuss

No. 800319

nah, he’s gonna be a tranny too

No. 800325

File: 1620315743421.jpg (53.75 KB, 500x705, bb692d44a15ec32d9a954f65575169…)

Lmfao, it's giving Namio Harukawa. This ain't it.

No. 800326

File: 1620315792533.jpg (248.06 KB, 878x1016, billie.jpg)

This. Texting with Drake is one but what's more weird is her playing for Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio "some years before they were signed". Jared Leto has been accused of sleeping with underage girls. I'm not saying Billie slept with him or anything, but it's another one that shows Billie and Finneas had some links and help from the start. People love to say O'Connell parents were some unimportant Z listers and that's why they 100% didn't have possibilities to plug Billie… like, really? Sometimes all it takes is one person to push someone further. Not sure if Leto did anything significant to help her but he might as well have told the right people about Billie and that's how it went.

No. 800345

add bloodhound gang into that genre too, the backup singer for sure fucked his share of passed-out chicks. i am basing this on how his face looks.

No. 800347

begone scrote

No. 800393

This is the first time I see someone criticize Taylor swift without getting autistic kek.
Didn't know she did that, it definitely comes off as shitty and makes you question her integrity. Come to think of it, Beyonce also inserted her autistically named daughter to make her the youngest grammy winner so I guess it's just celebs inflating their egos and success again why am I surprised.

No. 800394

Drake is so fucking ugly. Why do people say he's hot? He's also gotten fat recently kek.

No. 800395

am i the only one who thinks billie's cover while not the most memorable was actually tasteful? Look I understand being extremely wary of hollywood and how predatory it is. But we also have to take into consideration that a LOT of women in their late teens and early 20s start to grow into their bodies and start liking what they see for the first time so they want to show it off. Is there more that can be said about why women do this and how its probably most definitely rooted in misogyny? of course! but we also need to be honest with ourselves and realize that when most young women (whether you want to admit it or not) start to like how they look they go through a phase of dressing in more figure hugging things. I also personally didnt think she was trying to be "sexy" in these photos it just seemed to me like a girl who is growing into her looks and decided to experiment with a more feminine look. Idk i think she looks tasteful and i didnt get any baby lolita vibes from the shoot. No matter what she wore that wasn't a burlap sack her tits would take center stage and people would call her out on it regardless of if she did it now at 19 or at 21. It just sucks that men are disgusting and will sexualize a fucking teen because they have big boobs. But anyway i have no dog in this fight i just found it weird the shock and disgust by this. They arent horrible but they aint that bad.

No. 800403

Nothing is tasteful when you look like a fridge, she has shown a lack of common sense by exposing her ugly fat body to the world.

No. 800405

Yes same. I don’t think the styling is that flattering but I really don’t think by any reasonable metric you could call that shoot “hypersexual”, it was pretty tame and tasteful.

No. 800409

i feel bad for madison (i know how can you feel bad for a rich conventionally attractive white girl) but i can't help it! I truly believe most of the hate comes from pure jealousy of bitter beliebers and tumblrinas from yesteryear.I saw her vogue grwm or whatever tf on youtube and she literally seems so sweet to me. Everything she does is heavily scrutinized and compared to someone. WHich i can kinda get because she is styled to look like an ariana clone. I honestly hope she makes more pop sounding music and less of that blaccent type of music ariana does. It doesnt help her voice and its probably why people call her cringe. I also hated her debut music video i think where she was dressed so scantily it disturbed me because i've heard about her since she was a teen but never seen her content until now. She is beautiful as fuck and always has been and its like not even the achievable type of beauty. I think because of this its actually working against her. I cant explain it. She is basically megan fox of gen z where everyone bullies her because she is pretty and maybe had some random scandals as a teen and then in 10 yrs she is gonna be on everyone's list of girls that were bullied for no reason other than being hot.

No. 800414

She probably keeps getting made fun of because of those staged BLM photos, and that video where she says "It get exhausting when people keep saying 'You're so pretty'."

No. 800415

Stan behavior is so embarrassing.

No. 800422

File: 1620321985457.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.54 KB, 800x1003, daphnegroeneveldvoguekorea.jpg)

Agree tbh. Compare her shoot with Daphne Groeneveld's shoot for Korean Vogue back in 2012 - similar aesthetic but Daphne's is obviously more sexualised and "lolita"-ish. Billie's is quite subtle really, it's grown on me, she looks pretty and I like the subdued colour palette.

No. 800428


im too old to be a stan for a teeny bopper i just was curious for the hate and it seemed like it stemmed from jealousy. seethe beloved.

No. 800437

File: 1620323477259.jpg (64.11 KB, 750x507, mcchicken.jpg)

nta but it's pretty well known that men will stick their dick in literally anything

No. 800438

tbh im happy that i dont care about musicians enough to follow their social medias, because i can enjoy her voice in peace, imo she is the best Evelyn for K/DA project

No. 800448

i hate this attitude because it just makes ugly girls who can't get laid feel even worse. i know when i was an unattractive teen/early 20s person i hated hearing "hurr hurr women don't have to try and get laid men will fuck a sack of potatoes" because great, i guess i'm uglier than a sack of potatoes.
how many uglyanons have heard a male friend say that women can get sex when ever they want, said "ok then, have sex with me" and seen the scrote rapidly backtrack?>>800437

No. 800462

>how many uglyanons have heard a male friend say that women can get sex when ever they want, said "ok then, have sex with me" and seen the scrote rapidly backtrack?
This is legitimately painful to read

No. 800469

this is a stacy zone

No. 800472

You probably didn't try.

No. 800474

facts, hottie vibes only here.

No. 800476

you just have to try harder men literally WILL put their dick in anything, no matter how hideous, smelly, annoying, you may be men dgaf

No. 800480

>how many uglyanons have heard a male friend say that women can get sex when ever they want, said "ok then, have sex with me" and seen the scrote rapidly backtrack?
fucking zero hopefully? Please tell me you've never done that. I'm sure you look fine, there are other reasons people won't fuck you.

No. 800483


No. 800556

lmao i'm so sorry, anon

No. 800572

She is basically megan fox of gen z where everyone bullies her because she is pretty and maybe had some random scandals as a teen and then in 10 yrs she is gonna be on everyone's list of girls that were bullied for no reason other than being hot.

This exactly. She reminds me so much of Megan.


When did she pretend to self harm? The rest idrgaf about, but that would make me dislike her. She says she has BPD and it's under control, however faking self harm would be textbook borderline.

No. 800573

Shit forgot to greentext soz

No. 800582

From what I recall when she leaked the audio about her boyfriend she was pretending to be extremely sad about it but she had sent it to fans to get them to leak it and pretend she was hacked, when it came out that this is what she did, she then told fans to post this statement she gave them which asked them to include things like "Madison is very depressed. Madison has now begun self harming."

>She says she has BPD and it's under control

She claims she has bipolar

No. 800620

Shit, she hung out with Leto?? He's a creep, I hope he didn't try to do anything with her

No. 800626

She looks crusty asf

No. 800658

megan fox has also always been like, nice to everyone? yeah she's a pentecostal christian and goes to one of those churches where you have to speak in tongues but she keeps it to herself which is about the best you can hope for from religious people these days. the dumbest thing i can remember her doing is complaining that directors made her stuff her bra/only cared about her looks, then she fucked off once she had enough money to raise a bunch of kids

No. 800676

File: 1620338917179.jpg (149.96 KB, 1484x1978, foxy.jpg)

the dumbest thing that I remember her doing is trying to prove that she doesn't get botox with this obviously photoshopped pic. her brows are completely relaxed, and nobody's facial muscles are structured in a way that could possibly produce such an effect.

No. 800685

yeah i don't know why she's denied how much work she's had done. all of it just made her look worse so i don't even know why she got PS in the first place

No. 800699

I mean you have a point, especially if your guy friend was used to being with more beautiful women. It’s mainly the really low value men who will fuck anything

No. 800707

this looks like larping gear what is this one

No. 800711

She’s obviously had work done now but I don’t think those photos where photoshopped

No. 800718

I mean that’s the whole thing though. Unattractive women have to put in actual effort to get laid with a halfway attractive man. There are scrotes who think even unattractive women get hit on all the time even by hot men, it’s honestly so weird and delusional

No. 800719

Think the earliest movie I saw of Megan Fox was Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with Lindsay Lohan and its evident Megan has had a wealth of work done to her face since then. Even when she appeared in New Girl she looked jarring af next to the actors that hadn't injected low levels of toxins into their faces. She did not look attractive at all unless the specifically framed her to be only on screen. No wonder she settled for Machine Gun Kelly

No. 800730

You need a boob job

No. 800737

I don’t know I think she settled for machine gun because they both have corny fuckboy personalities, not because of her looks

No. 800774

The looks and the personalities go hand in hand

No. 800795

I agree that she's cringey bc she's tryhard af but I'm here for songs calling out moid behavior as opposed to another pickme anthem for ~struggle love!~ blegh
Are there any other celebrities with lesser known instances of paid-for careers? I'm talking recent ones aside from those already mentioned (Billie Taylor) or extremely obvious ones like Noah Cyrus or Zoe Kravitz.
There's actually a surprising amount of older Hollywood actors that I didn't expect to be recipients of nepotism because it seems like they built their careers on genuine talent kek. Some of these I already knew but others were surprising, like Drew Barrymore being from an acting dynasty, which I hate to sound like a nitpicky farmer on /snow/ but she's got a weird face.
Most people in the list have parents who are entertainers with wikipedia pages aside from a few who have parents that are screenwriters or producers.

- Kate Hudson
- Angelina Jolie
- Gwyneth Paltrow
- Drew Barrymore
- Nicolas Cage
- Matthew Broderick
- Bryce Dallas Howard
- Chris Pine
- Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal
- Zoey and Emily Deschanel
- Abby Elliot
- Maya Rudolph
- Rashida Jones
- Dakota Johnson
- Ashley Judd
- Benedict Cumberbatch (this explains everything)
- Liv Tyler
- Ben Stiller
- Michael Douglas
- George Clooney
- Jamie Lee Curtis
- Daniel Day-Lewis
- Sean Penn
- Mark Harmon
- Timothy Hutton
- Spike Lee
- Natasha Richardson
- Martin and Charlie Sheen
- Bryan Singer
- Alexander Skarsgard
- Robin and Alan Thicke
- Troian Bellisario
- Rachel Bilson
- Katie Cassidy
- Tom Holland (again, this explains everything)
- Amber Tamblyn
- Lilly Collins
- Kaia Gerber

My main source:

No. 800800

oh wow I've never seen this. I feel like her/her team have scrubbed all evidence of her pre-surgery looks from the internet, because if you search "madison beer plastic surgery" she looks the same in all of the "before" pics. that's pretty much unheard of for a celebrity

No. 800808

she looks so much worse after, can she even blink

No. 800812

> She says she has BPD and it's under control
> She claims she has bipolar
This dumb gorgeous bitch needs a PR team or at least a better manager who approves her posts to social media. Her brand should have been the hot girl who is untouchable, not trying to be relatable and quirky to the point of trying to give your pussy to David Dobrik.
She's not much worse than a lot of internet personalities but most internet personalities do not have that face. Why didn't she try to go into acting? She's ruining literally any chance of being taken seriously by saying such dumb bullshit and it pisses me off not as a fan but as an antisocial young woman who is not as hot and never will be but also is outraged that a woman this hot has everything in front of her for a decent career and is screwing herself over with her lack of a brain or management with one.

No. 800822

She looks like your average attractive jewish girl. I was shocked that she is actually jewish, she basically erased her ethnicity by going for the biracial thot look

No. 800832

I think that was her original plan, like early on in her career she was notorious for calling the paparazzi on herself and "leaking" things and I think she was trying to create a sense of intrigue around her in a way that seemed organic and as if she was unbothered by it but it didn't work since she had all this drama from the leak and there was little interest in her music so she got dropped from her label. She seems to have re-emerged in the past 18 months with this relatable quirkerino mental health advocate rebrand and the new way she's being marketed is way more music focused, she's been really hammering in the 'passionate about music' thing and seems to have got vocal training.

Madison is a paid for career but I'm not sure if she's considered 'extremely obvious'

No. 800895

File: 1620360507729.jpeg (84.59 KB, 662x993, 148B36A7-E9EB-4EB7-976F-D73DAF…)

She should get her ears pinned so she can wear her hair up without looking like a damn monkey

No. 800982

maybe your personality is just bad? idk girl i saw a guy fuck a hot pocket on twitter once.
ive only heard about madison beer twice, and both times she was crying about being bullied online kek deactivte your insta or something

No. 800983

Her ears are fine, lmao

No. 800989

kek those are not wrinkles but magnetic field lines


I wonder why everybody in Hollywood denies ps when it's pretty obvious they had it. Same with Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Yeah puberty is the answer kek

No. 800997

NTA, but I think it might be her hairline that's making her head look weird here.

No. 801000

File: 1620375262300.png (5.89 MB, 2015x1239, unknown.png)

the point of it is that men are dogs and you shouldn't base your self worth on how fuckable you are to them.

No. 801002

Fine isn’t going to cut it if shes trying to be some mega famous pop star she needs to look better than that sorry

No. 801003

File: 1620375466762.jpg (48.88 KB, 750x500, mb.jpg)

> claims she never had plastic surgery

where's the lie

No. 801006

File: 1620375727795.jpeg (90.93 KB, 736x726, A2E203E8-AFC2-43FF-83A7-8339DE…)

Nose job, lip fillers, eyebrow lift. at the very least. Think she might have gotten small implants too like Kate Hudson did but I’m not sure

No. 801008

I don’t think she’s had surgery at all either, probably fillers or something.

No. 801020

It always amused me how people say she didn't have procedures done. You can literally see that her nosebridge is noticeably thinner in the last pic. The shape of her eye also looks different, among other things

No. 801023

she may have gotten some work done but she was still naturally pretty

No. 801041

Except no one cares about her ears but you.

No. 801073


the before photos are misleading with poor lighting, her smiling (flared nostrils)

the top right photo is taken at an angle which makes it look like she's had a brow lift. she contours her nose which makes it look narrower and she doesn't smile as much. you can see her face in motion in the vogue video and you can see her brows are still the same as >>801003 except thicker.

her nose has looked the same since she was 14. the only difference is she contours.

all she's had done are lip fillers.

No. 801141

Madison isn't crusty, she looks better after surgery IMO and billie is overweight but still attractive in that photoshoot (not the infamous wine mom photo, oh god no)
The jealousy is palpable in this thread especially when Madison is brought up, I dislike her too but come one, compare anons' reactions to when that retard was trying to insult doja kek. Everyone jumped in and called her hot and normal looking (which is true)
All bitches here blame men not being attracted to their greasy asses for their low self-esteem while nitpicking gorgeous women's bodies. Yes men would fuck anything, it's only femcels like you who are fixated on setting high beauty standards with your nitpicking to cope with your ugliness. You made your bed now lie in it.

No. 801166

Can we all just admit Billie is as average as any Josie from Arkansas? I guarantee any anon here as seen a more attractive person on the street than how she presents herself as an artist. I can at least say Doja tries. Billies not ugly but there’s nothing special here besides her eyes. Beer was cute enough to get spotted by pedowood but you’d have to be a blind ass Arianator to say she’s had no work done besides fillers. It’s almost disgraceful to compare her to Megan fox. At least Meg had an actual career and prescience. Madison is another ig nobody trying to keep some level of relevancy.

No. 801176

her face shape and chin are still very similar to her baby photos, the changes are just a product of her growing older.

have you never seen a naturally pretty person anon?

No. 801185

File: 1620399548218.png (65.42 KB, 310x798, screencapture-tumblr-search-bi…)

this is your brain on libfem

No. 801186

Never saw such deep lines and crow feet on a 19 years old.

No. 801187

Sad how these people can't see the obvious how the second it's legal for her she decides to pander to scrotes. How is that empowering and embracing her "imperfect body" when she's wearing restraining, body shaping lingerie just to have her silhouette as close to conventionally attractive as possible? Also "random teenager" kek
tumblr in polish though? are you feral?

No. 801210

>tumblr in polish though? are you feral?
The fuck you mean? Has feral become a new amerifag slang?

No. 801218

I think the lines can easily be chalked to wearing foundation. Makeup always creates lines or makes any unnoticeable lines very noticeable.

No. 801233

>tumblr in polish, are you feral?
other countries exist, burgerfag

No. 801248

Alright nonnas sorry for joking, I could have guessed it won't come off as a joke in writing. To explain I'm ESL, also polish actually, it's always weird for me when people mix two languages, as in using mostly english website with another language's interface and so on. I didn't mean to offend, can we have peace now?

No. 801350

EXACTLY Madison may be problematic but its like what a jealous 14 yr old would count as problematic.
Im telling you the reason people are so disgusted by her in this thread is because they are intimidated by her beauty. Thats why an anon mentioned her fucking ears and another mentioned her hairline which are both fine.
Its literally megan fox thumbgate all over again lmao. Society never changes it just gets better at masking jealousy and hatred.

No. 801353

i sound like a stan but i swear im not it's literally just so obvious.
But what i can say is Madison seems like she has crippling low self esteem and she probably does get bullied and harassed for being too pretty. Women have been murdered for being too pretty so i can believe her as shallow as it may sound lol. I mean your self esteem has to be low if your lusting after ugly ass david dobrick. the dude looks like a 45 yr old man.

No. 801354

Megan Fox was way more attractive and interesting though. I've never heard of this madison girl until reading this thread.

No. 801356

>intimidated by her beauty.
Kek she's pretty but you see girls like her in literally any mall or college campus in pretty much in large metropolitan area. I mean, she's young and has a good figure, hardly one of a kind.

No. 801365

I think she’s beautiful and don’t even think she’s had surgery other than fillers and the nitpicking is stupid, but I still think she’s a try hard and often acts in an embarrassing way to the point that it would also be discussed if she was less attractive. Someone being pretty doesn’t mean that anyone saying anything bad about them ever is solely out of jealousy. I get what you’re saying, people can definitely be overly critical on beautiful women but I feel like sometimes with these women like her and Megan Fox the reverse also happens where anything less than like complete idolisation and adoration is framed as some huge injustice. Like look at how people interact with Megan, it’s always either extreme idealisation or extreme hatred.

No. 801377

>it's always weird for me when people mix two languages, as in using mostly english website with another language's interface and so on
it's what you get while browsing tumblr in incognito, unlogged and without VPN

No. 801378

>Being a Madison Beer stan
You might say you aren't one but going so hard for her on a lolcow thread is pretty telling, and most importantly, pretty useless. You're only making anons want to talk badly about her to upset the stans.

No. 801382

This idea that you must be jealous if you criticize pretty people is so dumb

No. 801388

No 1 cares Billie has better tits and prettier eyes
She’s not as naturally hot as Megan, Megan was very beautiful even before surgery. This fake Jewish bitch isn’t even good for David dobrik, just another plastic tryhard among a sea of Kylie Jenner wannabe hoes

No. 801389

I think anon is referring to the 14 yr old stans as being jealous. People who give real criticism are obviously not jealous

No. 801392

It’s not nitpicking to say someone has had multiple plastic surgery procedures pls stfu

No. 801393

i feel like if a more unconventionally attractive celeb like billie acted the exact same way madison does people would probably find it endearing
you can criticize pretty people without being jealous but you can't tell me that anons like >>800895 aren't seething with jealousy

No. 801400

There are anons who nitpick in all threads, even with cows who aren't particularly attractive. I don't think everyone who nitpicks is jealous. Also, Billie is not unconventionally attractive.

No. 801401

She has that tacky plastic surgery look that makes you look like an older woman trying to look young. Such a rare natural beauty though

No. 801406

I was talking about the posts about her hairline/ears

No. 801407

Hate to break it to you but any woman with blue eyes and huge tits is conventionally attractive to men. The women who are freaking out over her being fat are the same ones who only think runway models are hot

No. 801419

Ok? Imo, Billie would still be conventionally attractive even if she didn't have big boobs and blue eyes. I didn't even call her fat.

No. 801428

I must have responded to the wrong anon, I was talking about the ones saying Billie is “unconventionally attractive” and fat, they’re either sheltered or have never had a straight guy be honest with them. Like it or not straight men are the ones who decide what’s conventionally attractive in women, not gay men and women in the fashion industry

No. 801432

i wasn't only referring to this thread & site, madison gets her appearance and behavior nitpicked all the time by insecure teenagers on social media more than anybody else on her level of fame does. i wouldn't say it's as bad as how megan fox was treated but people are much harder on her than they need to be

No. 801433

Are you really sheltered or just 13? Women in Arkansas look much worse than her. Watch a docuseries or two, you guys are so naive

No. 801434

Only a few anons here knew anything about Madison before she was brought up though. So why would you expect people to know what happens on her social media

No. 801436

Megan Fox was stalked by paparazzi, Madison calls them on herself. Two very different people

No. 801470

Not to defend Madison but I recall watching some videos from Shallon Lester (ik she's often disliked) but as a former editor of Star Magazine she says that celebrities always are calling paps on themselves and very few are actually followed except for the ones that are in some huge scandal or are extremely A+ list (like Britney and Justin Bieber back at their peaks). Are you sure she was stalked by them or is it that her management team was setting it up to make you feel bad for her or think that at the very least she's being harassed/stalked by paps?

No. 801493

They would literally stalk her when she went on vacation to Hawaii so much that her husband got into a fight with one. She is and was much more famous (and frankly more beautiful ) than Madison beer

No. 801540

Idk why this thread and Twitter kisses the ass of Megan Fox. She was cuter when she was younger but looks WAY too plastic now.

No. 801587

agreed. every celebrity is beginning to look the same because they all get the same work done. nose jobs, veneers, filler in lips and cheeks, fake tits. it's boring and sad.

No. 801594

File: 1620442152913.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1350, w4wPhfU.png)

sebastian stan and lily james as pam & tommy for a hulu series. speaking of fake tits lol

No. 801628

wooow, she's def mid-20s at least. I'm genuinely shocked.

What really separates teens from 'young adults' is usually skin integrity. Teens to early 20s make faces and it won't wrinkle badly bc supple collagen baby skin. Then mid-20s come, you lose some babyfat and your skin looks different and responds a little different to movement. Just pay attention to people's faces and it's easy to pick up a good estimate of their age. ofc your bone structure can make you wrinkle ugly too, RIP to those.

I think this is also a reason why teens are usually preferred when it comes to modelling. It's easier dealing with their skin, less wrinkling less make-up looking fucked. Just a better canvas.

No. 801632

nah i've seen teens with wrinkles like that. i had them since i was 12

No. 801638

lmao stans are so funny. your favs will never give a shit about you
she's a singer not a model you complete retard. If men decided who became popstars Adele would never have happened.

No. 801646

wow that's Lily James???

No. 801647

File: 1620455403285.png (941.97 KB, 1169x1282, Q2hl4Ih.png)

yeah, here's another. pretty incredible work by the makeup artist tbh

No. 801731

File: 1620475958575.png (455.98 KB, 370x650, img.png)

I follow her insta stories closely and she seems genuinely very invested in having a healthy plant-rich diet and taking supplements and other health practices. I love her recipe insta stories, wish I archived more of them. This was from this past Christmas.

No. 801756

File: 1620478054334.png (57.21 KB, 140x186, Yuck.png)

No. 801870

she's also a burger and for some reason the white ones always look ten years older than they are. i do think she's 23/24 but she does look like a lot of 19 year olds

No. 802000

i think this was just posted by her brother, who writes all the songs. and that she is actually 19. she was a very believable teenager in those vanity fair interviews idk

No. 802016

exactly, that age thing has been debunked. she is an idiotic teenager and i refuse to believe a 24 y/o has been behaving in such a childish way for all these years. i mean i know it happens but if that’s the case she’s a great actress

No. 802040

Those are just nasolabial folds if you’re young you can improve them by just adjusting water intake and gentle exfoliating + moisturizing daily. Sorry to sperg but y’all testing my patience

No. 802041


No. 802042

i already do those things though

No. 802045

Might just be genetic then, either way they are not technically wrinkles, they’re just light creases in your face aka fine lines. Idk man I feel like this younger generation is fucked and all have body dysmorphia

No. 802063

idk, the whole billie eilish is 20-something year old theory might be true. it's interesting. i kinda agree she behaves too much like a stupid teenager to fake it but remember she's surrounded by yes sayers 24/7 and besides that stupidity/childishness isn't exclusive to teens only. but at the same time wouldn't someone come out already and tell if it was true, like childhood friends, neighbours etc.? was billie hanging out with her creepy family only?

No. 802069

Yeah, I personally don't believe the theory but I feel like a huge amount of celebrities act extremely immature regardless of age. I think a lot of them seem stunted at around 18/19 for their whole lives.

No. 802077

celebrities mature slower than others and you forget that she's homeschooled and as >>802063 said surrounded by yes-men who only think in terms of likes and clicks

No. 802112

File: 1620522866613.jpeg (78.46 KB, 1166x447, B42EDA10-C625-478A-9C99-835B95…)

I think CupcakKe keeps dick riding Nicki because she wants a feature and it’s irritating to me because she’ll constantly talk about “rap being boring” and stuff

No. 802124

right, the homeschooled thing. remember when she claimed people who won't homeschool their children are just lazy? she has no idea how the real world works. Btw all that homeschool and she constantly asked "is that a real word?" randomly during interviews, so irritating. hope she stopped doing that.
i think ever since they noticed she has a nice voice (probably early childhood), the parents started shaping her in a way, planning the future etc. and trying different art things, whatever fits. wasn't she also a dancer once? she had some old video doing silk/aerial thing.
i've seen theories that they originally started pushing finneas but failed, so they decided songs for gen z made by teen girl will sell better than hit and miss targeting millenials. she wouldn't be so famous without her egdy emo soundclout tomboy phase, look matters

No. 802125

Nah, not the folds, those actually depend more on your bone structure than anything else. The crow's feet and eye wrinkles are def not normal for someone her age. Even 26year old Lana never had those. But she botoxes up and I don't believe Billie doesn't botox up. She fillered up and had a nose job and a nose job so young will have bad consequences for the face but she looks just fine.

BUT I've just gotten flashbacks to those 19/20s year olds who broke quarantine for springbreak and they all looked rough as shit. So teens aging bad in america might be normal idk

Her behavior is a moot point tho bc when has a celeb ever behaved mature to begin with. Lana del rey, the old Billie Eilish, is 35 and behaves like a toddler. and most of them are trained to do the 'teehee little girl' act just like Lana was in her BTD era. I remember watching some of her interviews and it was so strange seeing her act like a little girl bc she's tall and kinda broad so it just looked Odd

damn. so what did you do in a past life to be gifted with such shit genetics

No. 802129

You should be more skeptical of a former editor exaggerating the prevalence of that to justify her work. Bjork wasn't quite Britney tier and was stalked by one "reporter" for days even as she travelled countries. It definitely happens.

People talking up her looks now her face is botched are definitely going too far but she is definitely likeable for non-aesthetic reasons. Her pissing off Spielberg and Bay earnt my respect.

No. 802131

All this fucking ass kissing and the lighting is making me nauseous. I hate the vintage hair on her and the piss blonde with no dimension is so bad. Maybe she did come up with this look for herself because I can't believe any professional stylist would do something like this.

No. 802136

Did everyone forget about her caping for a rapist

No. 802157

>Btw all that homeschool and she constantly asked "is that a real word?" randomly during interviews, so irritating.
Jesus Christ what a fucking retard

No. 802165

File: 1620528862004.jpeg (150.76 KB, 736x1593, F11B0B19-A219-4C36-9584-5486B8…)

The girl from euphoria got called ugly and now she’s crying

No. 802170

I am literally so tired of these thin skinned ass celebrities like girl… GET A GRIP

No. 802173

I saw a conspiracy theory somewhere online that if you’re crying on live, your viewers boost dramatically. Probably fake or it’s because people are way more interested in crying people than boring lives

No. 802182

no it's cause men jack off to it

No. 802185

>The crow's feet and eye wrinkles are def not normal for someone her age. Even 26year old Lana never had those.

Cameras have gotten more hd since then though and the lighting in the Billie video is weird. It’s not like normal glamor lighting they usually use, probably because of the tv in front of her

No. 802186

File: 1620533503631.jpeg (184.63 KB, 1125x1896, E05FaZBWQAEbciZ.jpeg)

No. 802188

christ has she never like, been alive? if you have a vagina and put your picture on the internet, every single day you get messages saying you're too ugly to fuck with a borrowed crowbar. even christina hendricks and angelina jolie get scrotes saying "2/10 woud not bang."
this woman is a baby.

No. 802190

samefag meant to reply to

No. 802197

She looks average. I get that some people would LARP that she's a 10/10 because of her hair/eye color, but no need to lie that she's ugly either.
Why do internet people never know middle grounds?

No. 802202

Agreed, pretty much every celebrity has gotten way worse. I didn't even know who this actress was until this, so I guess the thing about exposure from crying on live is a little bit true.

No. 802204

the twitterfag is obviously coping, you can tell sydney's still very pretty even though the lighting in the pic is unflattering
that being said she can't act for shit and crying on live is the wrong answer, people are only going to hate on her more now because they know she'll react to it

No. 802205

Same, the picture looks fine, she'd be a pretty cute girl in a high school anywhere in the USA - probably why she's an actress in the first place? Agreed also she's a bad actress compared to the rest of the cast, she brings the show down a bit.

No. 802206

samefag but am I the only one who doesn't understand why they cast someone who looks so unlike Pamela Anderson (and for that matter a guy who looks nothing like Tommy Lee) to play her for some stupid Hulu show? The makeup artist does an amazing job at transforming her but surely they could've chosen someone that would've required less changing? I don't know. Is it stunt casting? I don't know much about Lily James.

No. 802207

She looks fine in this photo. It’s cute. Why would you go live on IG to cry about some random “ur ugly” comment. I get that it can be hurtful but jfc don’t go the cry baby route. You’re just asking to be torn apart.

No. 802210

I always figured teen girls this generation look so prematurely aged is because even what’s considered “everyday” makeup application has gotten so damn elaborate. The million step routine being sold right now means they’re constantly rubbing at their faces over and over to apply stuff. Yeah yeah you can say that if you use the right tools it won’t make you look this withered or whatever but do you really think teenage girls are going to actually go get the right applicators when they could be spending that money on another $80 eyeshadow palette?

No. 802216

I was thinking the exact same thing. Idk much about her work but I know she was married to Matt Smith and was caught having an affair with Domonic West (who was also married at the time). She starred in a remake of Rebecca with Armie Hammer that tanked, I read somewhere that they were also really intimate while shooting.

No. 802223

File: 1620541598471.jpg (179.99 KB, 2048x1139, 20210509_002643.jpg)

SNL had Elon and Grimes.

No. 802230

I think she might be aging poorly because of her vegan diet and shitty sleep schedule, just like other teen e-celebs in her age group who got their first taste of fame on Vine and YouTube like Quenlin Blackwell and Emma Chamberlain. It's not just the lighting and makeup.

It's true that fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are great for the skin, but if you cut major sources of protein from your diet like eggs, dairy, fish, and meat for years on end like she claims to have done in the Vogue Q&A, your hair and skin are going to suffer. She also seems like she's lost a little weight since she was photographed in a tank top and shorts last year. Her legs look noticeably thinner and it's not just editing or posing. A lot of the time, when these girls go on strict plant-based diets, it's a way to passively starve themselves.

Here she is in another interview from earlier this year talking about her issues with sleep. There's likely a beauty filter on this video since her forehead and cheeks look extremely blurry in contrast to the rest of her face.

No. 802233

elon came out as having aspergers which makes a lot of sense. I wonder if grimes has it too.

No. 802243

That tweet reminds me of this thread with all the black women jealous of big titty white girls

No. 802266

File: 1620552361635.jpg (62.63 KB, 636x382, 4601F31800000578-0-image-a-78_…)

Reminds me of this lol, was on Daily Mail

No. 802268

is that a block of tofu? screaming

No. 802271

Not sure if I believe it. Could be faking his diagnosis for woke points and to seem like a savant straight out of Rain Man. Hell, he could probably buy whatever diagnosis he needs lmfao

No. 802274

anon you are fully retarded and don't know the first thing about a healthy diet. Billie is a junk food vegan, that's why she looks like shit. It's got nothing to do with her "not eating fish" you absolute moron.

No. 802278

File: 1620554163902.gif (730.98 KB, 245x200, 155C3B84-6CF5-4EFC-9D00-153874…)

She’s beautiful and her body is banging (defo not size 16/18) and that woman is jealous and Insane but that dress? No. It gives her backrolls. She needs a size up.

No. 802281

Bitch looks like pepe the frog, why are we all supposed to pretend to like her looks?

No. 802316

i don’t think it’s a lack of fish but idk i definitely think her diet is clearly attributing to her face looking so much older. her mother is like this super vegan that is always randomly inserting veganism into everything, she has this vegan charity she runs and does weekly instagram lives cooking vegan meals which is pretty ironic bc billie sometimes shows herself eating non vegan food and of course wears real leather alot. she eats too much junk food and doesn’t work out

sometimes i get the feeling that billie just sneaks around eating meat and shit when her parents aren’t there kek

No. 802335

All the scrotes in this thread are fucking disgusting. What woman would ever talk nasty about another woman like >>802230 ???

You will never be a woman like Billie, tranny!

No. 802366

>What woman would ever talk nasty about another woman
ma'am have you experienced female socialisation?

No. 802371

it's a /meta/ sperg ignore them

No. 802379

Scrotes get so mad when you point out they are scrotes. Hilarious every time.

KYS moid!

No. 802411

The "vegans can't protein" meme is still alive? Look, she clearly hasn't been starving herself for years. If someone in her position and size has fucked up a vegan diet that bad, she was going to fuck up any diet.

No one wants to accept that most of how your skin looks comes down to genetics so I'll just point out that even drinking a smoothie of steak blended in with whey protein everyday wouldn't be enough to stop 20 odd years of Californian sun doing its thing on pale unprotected anglo-celtic skin. Even with just sporadic exposure.

The sleep thing is a likely culprit too.


Stop encouraging them with your attention, dumb ass.

No. 802447

No. 802465

girl they are trying to sell you a facial

No. 802474

I'm shovelling delicious animal products into my mouth right now so I'm not sure this marketing thinly veiled as low quality journalism will be much use but thanks for thinking of me?

No. 802492

Yeah I agree with this. I'm also assuming he paid to star on SNL this week. The show has been unfunny and redundant for years and I only caught a few of the sketches from this episode but it was so fucking terrible it made me physically cringe. It seemed like there were a lot of awkward silences, esp during the sketch that featured Grimes. Elon is really unpleasant to look at and to no one's surprise he can't act for shit.

No. 802519

Someone hasn’t heard of lipstick alley

No. 802538

File: 1620571688510.jpeg (181.18 KB, 1200x676, Lily-James-Sebastian-Stan-Pam-…)

No. 802546

File: 1620572553166.jpg (43.57 KB, 640x480, Lily-James-Pamela-Anderson.jpg)

Lol the make up and hair team had their work cutout for them but they really pulled it off

No. 802549

they are like old boomers nobody cares about trying to be relevant in the worst way imaginable. they should know nobody fucking cares about snl anymore, or maybe they thought it would be ironic?

either way, my dad wouldnt even do snl, grimes come get ur weird stepdad please he is acting weird again (i know he is her fiance or whatever)

No. 802559

Yeah the show just comes off as lazy and unimaginative most of the time. A lot of sketches are based on cheap stereotypes about gen z/zillenials and trends from tiktok. I assume most of the viewers are people aged 45+ so these references are going to be lost on them.

No. 802620

File: 1620577886112.png (1.17 MB, 1351x2048, Screenshot_20210509-102952.png)

I wonder if anything will come from it?

No. 802643

first time they've been in a room together since their kid was born

No. 802644

they don't see her back on tv, probably wears it because it looks good on camera at the specific angle&shot they use for her segment

No. 802679

At least seeing Elon as Wario is amusing enough.

Also Twitter getting their panties over the Gen Z skit kek.

No. 802686

Haha, it's not like it was the CIA who killed him, I'm sure there's something we don't know yet, haha

No. 802692

Ot but I just googled her, and wow she's beautiful. Her body is great.

No. 802701

them having their panties in a twist is funny
b-but mUHHH aAVE
>implying that twitter "aave" hasn't seeped into mainstream gen z culture at this point

No. 802714

it's unfortunate that she's an awful/boring actor though. idk about sebastian stan i've never seen him in anything

No. 802731

what the fuck was with that vax live shit? why didn't they just put all that money into healthcare initiatives. i thought we all knew benefit concerts were retarded now, what fucking year do they think it is

No. 802753

They’re probably thinking that it worked with Elvis back in the day

No. 802790


I can't help but think what's the point? He's long dead, nobody has seriously speculated there was foul play, so why?

No. 802803

Isn’t they’re a bunch of conspiracies that claim that Courtney Love killed him or something?

I don’t even like Courtney but it’s pretty shitty to accuse someone of killing her husband due to rather murky details.

No. 802829

File: 1620592777702.jpeg (601.06 KB, 1242x1147, 1A4192ED-CE33-404D-820A-118B99…)

Twitterfags are getting triggered and race baiting over a retarded snl sketch god I hate this generation

No. 802853


this relationship always baffled me. not only is she ancient shes not even hot. there are hot 50 year old women, she is not one of them

No. 802856


Yeah this seems like a huge exercise in missing the point… gen z white kids (mis-)use African American vernacular, so that’s what they did in this skit. I mean, it was deeply unfunny either way but it’s not as ‘problematic’ as twitter’s trying to make it out to be.

No. 802864

If that's the case, wouldn't the punchline be a character coming in to check the "gen z" actors and ask them why they're misusing the vocabulary? Old people watching the show aren't going to know they're doing it. They just think it's a skit about a concept they have no context for.

No. 802890

Why is it progressive to want language to be segregated by race?? Wtf

No. 802903

I'm going to get dragged for this but idc. I was raised vegetarian and have been vegan for four years now and I look alot younger than everyone I know that eats meat kek, but go off sis. Most people just eat crap and have zero idea about nutrition, it's clearly not a vegan issue. Billie eats too much junk food like most zoomers.

No. 802912

Imagine seeing white teens get the credit for words like bestie, sus, big facts, and deadass :( the injustice..
Do you believe that everyone who thinks "misusing AAVE" is a non-issue are scrotes?(:()

No. 802933

>but go off sis!!!!1!!
back to twitter sperg

No. 802959

I don't know, I don't really know about the details. Wasnt their relationship framed as tumultuous and that's why it was easier to blame her at the time?

Modern SNL is very hit or miss. Seems like a lot of the show's writers are out of touch with what's funny. Then again, comedy as a genre has been struggling for a few years. With the more offensive people perceive everything to be what is even "correct" anymore? The art of comedy is based in self deprecation and making fun of things often as a form of commentary, but it's been getting less and less funny because people are too pussy to stomach dark or ironic humor

No. 802967

File: 1620603783998.jpeg (94.09 KB, 696x1024, C981E035-A8FF-4744-AF46-47600B…)

The gag is Billie isn’t even actually vegan AND she eats like shit. Poor diet and stress will age you like it’s nobody’s business

No. 802968

you're so young you don't know anything of kurt/courtney yet are also trying to pontificate prescriptively on the state of comedy as a whole? fuck i hope i wasn't this un-self-aware as a 15 year old but i know i definitely was.

No. 802970

i'm MOTI because i'm sure each individual part of her outfit cost at least $400 and i wish i could afford expensive clothes too

No. 802976

I get what they're saying but this instance is just a symptom of a bigger problem. The majority of American pop culture was stolen from trends within black culture, attributed to someone else, and so the original black creators are not given the appropriate credit nor the representation. Picking this ONE sketch out and focusing on it solely with typical twitter wordage does not convey the issue properly. But notice how these people also never want to get a solution underway because they just want to complain. The real solution is to put black culture in our history books where it belongs. Give black people the credit that they deserve. Fgs if only these idiots would do something about the bigger issue and stop whining about it on Twitter.
Old SNL was legendary. SNL comedians now are so unfunny that they managed to fail at a literal parody of Love Island which is arguably one of the easiest shows to clown on. The skits on older SNL episodes would never fly today knowing how much backlash they'd get for stuff like this (vidrel).

No. 802986

i didn't know love island was a show, i kept seeing the hashtag and thought it said "Love Is Land"

No. 802993

kek this is hilariously adorable and also somewhat poetic. in a world that is mostly water, love is land. solid ground. stability. a place for rest and refuge. sounds like rupi kaur's next hit poem.

No. 803074

You're right about the AAVE thing anon. I don't think those twitter users are completely wrong in what they're saying, but they're saying it and going about it the wrong way.

No. 803080

File: 1620621454368.jpg (82.4 KB, 1280x720, donut.jpg)

a vegan diet is significantly worse at getting adequate sources of protein tho? protein from plants is significantly less bio-available and higher in fiber. as a junkfood vegan it's significantly harder for her to get enough protein, especially if she's eating mostly carbs.

a lot of vegans seem to learn they're intolerant to soy a few years down the line. it's normally discovered when they develop IBS from eating so much of it. once your digestion is fucked, you normally have to eat meat again since legumes, pulses, etc. are common triggers for ibs.

source: happened to me after 3 years vegan. there's a reason why all of the big vegan youtubers from a few years ago had to come off the diet.

saged 4 blogpost and sperg

billie's at the age where her bad diet won't affect her unless she has a very severe allergy. i'd imagine her appearance is more likely due to her genetics + not sleeping enough.

she's probably not 100% vegan already or she's not going to stay completely vegan. remember that time vegan queen ariana ate and licked those non vegan donuts?

No. 803086

i fuckin love that donut video unironically, it's like an eric andre bit

No. 803127

Big youtubers quit veganism when the fad died down. Your theory about Billie's premature ageing being linked to plant-based protein deficiency has been noted, can we fucking move on now?

No. 803147


nonnie they said that billie's appearance most likely isn't from her diet. sounds like you need to move on.

No. 803212

File: 1620634632706.jpg (461.38 KB, 1078x985, Screenshot_20210510-181043_Chr…)

Either way, boring af and not worth the big long posts.

There's more talk about Epstein being a factor in the Gates divorce. The fact that it was bad enough for the woman who OK'd her husband spending a weekend a year with his ex to draw the line at that, suggests it didn't just look bad.

I hope the divorce gets bitter enough for her to spill but she's probably just gonna get paid off.

No. 803213

No. 803216

News corp is owned by Murdoch. He’s an incredibly rotten old man. Wouldn’t trust anything that he touches.

If Bill is guilty of anything, then I hope it comes to light.

No. 803257

He also stopped international efforts to open source the vax .. deliberately doing so that pharma would make a killing off a global pandemic… He's a bastard. I dont use this source but there is wide reporting
Bill enters the article mid-page
>senior people in the Gates organization very clearly sent out the message: Pooling was unnecessary and counterproductive. They dampened early enthusiasm by saying that I.P. (intellectual property) is not an access barrier in vaccines. That’s just demonstratively false. - dude from docs w/o borders

No. 803263

He was always a bastard.
I hate how the internet fell for the PR shilling and starting lauding him as "one of the good guys".

No. 803268

cOurTnEY dID iT!!!!!! reeeeee
Joking aside, no, I don't think anything will come from it

No. 803273

It's a coincidence this came up now since I've been thinking about the whole case yesterday. Idk about anyone else but I've always thought Courtney Love absolutely has something do with Kurt's death

No. 803285

I pray it comes to light. I fully believe he was doing shady shit on that island.

No. 803286

This belongs to conspiracy thread but: David Geffen.

Same with MJ.

No. 803295

I think snl only goal these days is to go viral on social media since its so shit.

No. 803297

Courtney Love was implicated in Kurt's suicide because apparently the note read as a I'm leaving letter and then there was other handwriting scrawled that insinuated suicide.

No. 803366

I know her old food finsta, she's not vegan for a long while now.

No. 803392

so what’s the account name then

No. 803437

File: 1620659509225.jpg (337.82 KB, 1050x1292, Shinji Ikari.jpg)

>Elliot Page is back on set of Umbrella Academy to film season three of the popular Netflix show.
>The 34-year-old actor shared a mirror selfie to Instagram from what appeared to be a dressing room trailer, with a note featuring the show's umbrella logo.

How is this going to fit into the show? I never watched it but I'm a assuming her character was a full ass woman so the characters's going to transition out of the blue or what?

No. 803456


i like the umbrella academy, it can get silly but its fun. i feel like theyre probably going to put a cheap wig on her and its going to look stupid as fuck, they dont have the best budget imo. its still a fun watch to me, but i know they're going to give her some party city shit or maybe even spoonfed the tranny shit which has nothing to do with the comic. i fear its going to hurt the series a lot. small detail but you never know, look at katy perry kek

No. 803458

ot but I kek'd at the filename

No. 803460

no source but i think it was decided that vanya would still be a woman

No. 803466

File: 1620662045016.png (5.73 MB, 828x1792, 2C579606-4FDC-45D9-A688-8807D4…)

apparently they were at an after party until 6 am lol. grimes pupils look suspicious..

No. 803469

File: 1620662090302.png (559.75 KB, 961x691, Grimes.png)

Grimes looks like she's had more work done in this awful sketch

No. 803487

Money suddenly makes you forget about gender dysphoria I see

No. 803499

Maybe in the same vein of Patton Oswalt's wife who suicided herself. I'm not a Kurt Cobain expert by any stretch, but from what I've read and watched, it just seemed like your standard co-dependent shitty relationship. There's no "reliable" source but I know people who grew up or knew Kurt personally said he was an asshole, despite what his art and interviews would lead you to believe. It's easier for fans to tear Courtney's asshole apart because she's never hid what a piece of work she is. Kurt had the pleasure of all his fans creating this martyr image that they were more than willing to defend and accuse over. Similar shit with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Always easier to blame the batshit woman than consider your male god might be equally as batshit and stupid.

No. 803507

File: 1620663432642.jpg (77.26 KB, 640x560, 420d7bdbcd89d692d73c74e869b032…)

getting your kids a baby sitter then staying out til 10am doing coke is a proud canadian tradition. justin trudeau's mom did it all the time and he turned out fine. i'll thank you not to insult our culture in this manner

No. 803509

uwu i'm gwimes your nlog waifu

No. 803514

Drugs are the only reason Grimes and Elon even hang out.

No. 803516

holy fuuuuck go back to kiwi farms you fucking oswalt conspiracist. her american doctor put her on conflicting meds and she was a woman in her 40s with a sedentary lifestyle. she was on a shitload of prescription pills that her fat american ass and her husband's fat american ass thought was normal, and they made her sick and she died.

No. 803528

omg but wouldn't it trigger Elliot Rodger's dysphoria? This is transphobic! #TheUmbrellaAcademyisoverparty
Courtney was abusive as fuck and this is the only way she killed Kurt. BTW a lot of people (including Courtney's shitty father) were profitting from the murder conspiracy. Some people say that it was in Courtney's interest for the conspiracy to live (no such thing as bad publicity, not to mention it made her a feminist martyr). If you google around, you will find information on it. On another note that most of Nirvana books have been asskissing her too, and she has a tendency to tell lies about Kurt, especially of sexual nature (the first of top of my head: all the different stories of her and Kurt's first meeting).
I find both of them fascinating in different ways and I love Courtney as an artist and even actress, but she is a major psycho tbh

No. 803538

Kek it happens so often even if they're not rich. There's so many people I know that still do that.

No. 803539

Ok it's 2girls1palate, it's followed by two of her friends. But I'm only sharing because it was posted before here >>>/ot/285807

No. 803557

her nose looks huge. I'm surprised Elon hasn't made her get a nose job yet, since he's been morphing her into his type for a while now.

No. 803562

are you in toronto? i swear everyone at the after hours has an elementary-school aged kid

No. 803564

Lol idk all i remember about Kurt being mean is him calling these two women who wanted to write a shit biography on him and recording messages in which he threatened to kill them etc. I remember these women came out like 10 years later and said they understand him now because someone else tried to write a slander book about them so now they get it

As for conspiracy, the lack of fingerprints on the gun, plus additionally he had 3 times lethal dose of heroin in his blood which technically wouldn't allow him to even pull the trigger cause he'd be unconscious before he could put away all syringes stuff neatly back into the box and shoot himself. The writing indicating suicide wish was apparently written by someone else and writing practice sheets were found in Courtney's backpack. Also some guy came out and said she offered him 50 thousand to kill Kurt.
That's why people think Courtney killed him, idk remember much else but there's more. i like Courtney (at least her old works) and don't think she killed him. Investigation wasn't treated very seriously though.

As for abuse, idk it stems maybe from the fact Courtney really craved fame and sometimes treated him more like a mascot, pushing him etc (there was even a video) idk it didn't put her in the light spot. She once yelled at him he must look good for the video shoot (Heart Shaped Box) and he put out a cigarette on his forehead to piss her off (you can see on the video they glued his hair to forehead to cover it). A lot of that stuff is probably exaggeration but yeah, she can be massive bitch to others

No. 803569

Kurt and Courtney were literally two junkies. If they didn't have moeny and status they'd literally be any other tramp duo you'd see wandering the streets. I can believe the histrionics of him putting a cigarette our in his head and her acting unhinged. They're junkies. If Kurt was alive today he'd be swanning around LA with the kardashians. He wasn't a tortured soul he was a fruit

No. 803572

>If they didn't have moeny and status they'd literally be any other tramp duo you'd see wandering the streets.
You mean exactly like Luna and Lurch

No. 803583

Kurt Cobain lost his virginity to a developmentally disabled girl when they were in high school

No. 803584

Nta but I used to live in TO and encountered exactly this situation at so many parties and afters as well lol.

People seem to have mostly panned this skit, good to see I'm not the only one that found it painfully unfunny.

No. 803585

as a canuck, i kek'd so hard at this

No. 803586

This pic deserves a "moments in Canadian heritage" spot

No. 803594

No. the whole disabled girl story was shown dramatically in montage of heck without a single commentary, but Nirvana fans knew this was a fake story he wrote in his journal and later read it out loud out of boredom and recorded on one of his cassette tapes he recorded back when he wasn't famous and sat at home jobless. The film shown it as if it was truth but it was just one of his shit stories he made for keks. A guy who went to school with him confirmed it was bullshit, cause if it was true, then everyone in Aberdeen would have known and he confirmed there was no such thing.
This is confirmed bullshit story. He just liked to make up false rock n roll stories or just stories. He could as well write it from some random teen perspective.

No. 803602

>You mean exactly like Luna and Lurch
Since when are they hot couple with music talent and a lot on their minds? Lurch is nowhere near the Chad Kurt was, and that's just talking looks (yeah I know he's older than Cobain was when he died, but it's clear he never looked as good as Kurt)

No. 803803

the story was also included in the biography Heavier than Heaven. the biography does not mention anyone disputing the veracity of the story. from the biography:
> He sat on the girl's lap and touched her breasts. She went into her bedroom and got undressed in front of him, but he found himself disgusted both with himself and with her. "I tried to fuck her, but I didn't know how," he wrote. "I got grossed out very heavily with how her vagina smelled and her sweat reeked, so I left." Though Kurt retreated, the shame would stick with him for the rest of his life. He hated himself for taking advantage of her, yet he also hated himself for not seeing the scenario through to intercourse, an almost greater shame to a virginal boy of sixteen. The girl's father protested to the school that his daughter had been molested, and Kurt was mentioned as a suspect. He wrote in his journal that only a bit of serendipity saved him from prosecution: "They came with a yearbook and were going to have her pick me out, but she couldn't because I didn't show up for pictures that year." He claimed he was taken to the Montesano Police station and interrogated but escaped conviction because the girl was over eighteen, and "not mentally retarded" by legal statutes.

it sure doesn't sound like a story made "for keks". who in their right mind would make this up about themselves? as though it's funny or boast-worthy to hook up with a fat girl who has a developmental disability and a smelly vagina? regardless of whether it happened or not, it shows that he was pretty fucked in the head to write about it in his journal and record himself talking about it. there's a line between being edgy and being mentally deranged and he crossed it. there's no need for you to stan so hard.

No. 803812

Reposted from a previous anon in the rock stars thread, David Ellefson from Megadeth sent dick pics to a minor whom he’s been talking to when she was 17. Not gonna post what they look like because I don’t want that shit on my phone, let alone this link:


No. 803827

File: 1620684019377.jpeg (54.66 KB, 500x737, 3e95aa99b9ae78bcb2221114da1ef5…)

Her IG is private so there's no way to double-check, but the girl involved apparently said she wasn't underage and it was all consensual.
Either way, wish I never saw that shit. Damn, the wall hit him hard.

No. 803834

This reminds me of the anon who got angry at people here saying she looked bad with the surgery, insisting she's just being herself and men actually love it or something.
She just looks so ugly. Not as ugly as Elon, but god.

No. 803849

First, i'm not saying writing such stories is not fucked up. He was neither glorified angel like people say nor a completely bad guy. I thought it's obvious he was fucked up. People write a lot of fucked up stories, not everything reflects your own history ffs. I can't speak for him why he did that. Second, Heavier Than Heaven is the worst biography to cite from, cause it's been proven to have seriously misguided, madeup shit and a lot of people involved said it got even the most stupid shit wrong. For example this biography stated Kurt liked killing kittens, which was untrue. This same biography also tells he lost virginity with some other girl. The author made a lot of mistakes and straight up made up stories, especially to make Courtney seem better.
I'm not saying this story is so cool we stan. But according to his story the whole school laughed at him and other people talked and Aberdeen people told no such thing happened. It was one of the stories he recorded on tape. Notice it wasn't interview. Second, Heavier Than Heaven, just like Montage of Heck, was written strictly cooperating with Courtney Love. For some reason she decided the tape was true. Before you say she was his wife so he would tell her, Courtney is known for making up bullshit stories about Kurt in general. Courtney is cool but not a reliable source. It was always bielieved to be jsut a recorded story. Also… in the story it was said that teachers and adults were notified about the whole drama? And Montesano police? Except nothing came out of that. Teachers would confirm. People from his town would confirm. And he was only arrested for spraypainting some cringe graffiti once. But idk, believe what you want.
Here's article:

No. 803883

lmao stop coping deathbreath

No. 803890

So apparently, Elon Musk has Aspergers


No. 803894

Fucking thank you

No. 803901

File: 1620692193365.png (1.48 MB, 1125x2436, 2ACA40F8-A6B9-4140-8C2B-60C453…)

Unfortunately, her statement was proven fake

No. 803904

I'm confused. How did this leak? Did the girl pretend not to know after exposing him the first time, or did she have her account hacked, or did the girl show it to her friend(s), who're now leaking everything?

No. 803919

File: 1620694719665.png (2.55 MB, 1125x2436, 15554FE1-97E7-46C5-8736-2342D6…)

She showed it to her friends first. She bragged about the relationship and her friends got worried for her so they decided to leak his shit.

Apparently she’s not the first fan he sexted and according to the comments on David’s Instagram, he has done this to other fans as well and irl would invite them to his hotel room while on tour. He also follows questionable pages and hashtags as well which I can confirm because two years ago, I saw them myself but turned a blind eye due to “muh faith” as well as being a Megadeth fan and thought nothing of it other than Junior was just a boomer who didn’t know any better. Looking back, I feel bad now…

No. 803927

File: 1620695975699.jpeg (353.31 KB, 1125x972, CF760399-3BE6-4B74-B2DF-E26FA2…)

No. 803930

I have a hard time believing he is even faithful to her, he won’t marry her while with his ex Tallulah he was pushing her to marry him. He could easily be cheating with blonde escorts that are more his type and paying them off

No. 803931

File: 1620696273984.png (312.66 KB, 649x657, mulaney.png)

John Mulaney and his wife are getting divorced after he got out of rehab. She made a statement that she was "heartbroken that he decided to end our marriage," so it sounds like it wasn't mutual.

No. 803932

File: 1620696395452.jpg (269.94 KB, 750x925, 1620530174895.jpg)


No. 803934

Ben Affleck is a known gross sex addict pest, dude used to cheat on Jennifer garner with blonde escorts. An escort back in the day wrote a book and name dropped him

No. 803936

Oh welcome back Ben you milky cow

No. 803947

File: 1620697580183.png (33.15 KB, 395x284, combine_images.png)

Damn, I wouldn't have expected it to be him who was dumping her.

Apparently he has his first show since leaving rehab tonight? And this news comes out today when he apparently initiated it 3 months ago? I wonder if they both agreed to this or his wife went rogue? Will he address it in his act?

No. 803967

Isn't he with Ana de Armas?

No. 803969

Maybe he wanted to make divorce jokes like John Cleese on tour, and needed people to get their "aw so sad" reactions out of the way.

No. 804001

They broke up a few months ago. There was a photo in one of the previous threads of someone throwing a life-sized cutout of Ana into the trash outside Ben's home after the breakup. Dude's a creepy fuck.

No. 804006

File: 1620706194739.png (282.26 KB, 650x1000, 93688edf8b05ed31bce20473e0879e…)

Just watched some random Netflix doco about Dr Dre and the reverence with how Geffen was introduced was just creepy. Something along the lines of "you don't say Cher's last name, you don't say Madonna's and you certainly don't say David's".

No. 804007

File: 1620706228306.png (266.89 KB, 650x1000, 28e1486347cace0cb9a679d7c00b3d…)

No. 804028

apparently he and Jennifer Lopez recently spent several days together in Montana

No. 804030

there's a rockstar celeb thread. maybe you should post there instead of clogging up this one with irrelevant ramblings about a heroin-addicted retard-fucker who's been dead for almost 30 years now.

No. 804049

This was my only two posts on the topic that was being discussed at length… I'm genuinely concerned who hurt you anon?

No. 804056

sage for vegan sperging but this video adresses all the problem with ex vegan youtuber really well

No. 804063

Don’t know if this goes here, but since John Mulaney went to rehab I keep seeing a lot of fans go “uwu im glad he has good friends like Pete Davidson in his life”

Fuck Pete Davidson, he’s probably the reason John got hooked on drugs again. Pete did not hide his sobriety or drug use at all, they went on tour together and I can’t imagine John staying sober during all of that. Pete wasn’t even at his intervention, what does that say about him?

No. 804068

i don't disagree with most of your post but iirc, John relapsed during the only truly locked-down time of the quarantine because he was incredibly lonely and attention-starved in his narcissist mind (John has said he's a narcissist, not my judgement.) he previously stated that when he was drunk and/or high he could always find himself funny and entertaining. i don't have a specific source, it was definitely discussed on a bunch of insular comedy podcasts after the rehab news came out and while i suppose it's possible, i don't think stand-up guys really give a fuck about hurting pete's feelings or covering for him.

No. 804095

So, on a scale from one to ten: how sure are we Ariana is a narcissistic bpd mess in secret?

No. 804220

File: 1620747638127.jpeg (739.04 KB, 1125x1683, C9B95696-181D-46CB-BA6B-9A6C2C…)

Chrissy Teigen is currently under fire for past public & private harassment of Courtney Stodden

No. 804221

File: 1620747761525.jpeg (53.42 KB, 610x457, A7293BD5-E461-404E-B8F1-398B77…)

No. 804222

File: 1620747893325.jpg (54.09 KB, 779x659, E0W60cGVUAI4FUV.jpg)

A Twitter account dig up Machine Gun Kelly's tweets from 2010 in which he is kinda pedo
Saged for resurfaced old milk

No. 804223

all straight men cheat. look at all the "side chick" shit that people say on twitter. the ones who don't just got turned down by the women they tried to cheat with.

No. 804236

Both suck, I won't side with either of them.

No. 804237

there is alos an interview of him talking about how he wants to bang kendall jenner when she was 17 and he was 23 and saying "we are both celebrities age doesnt matter im only 23" or some shit. hes an ugly drug addicted creep.

No. 804244

holy fuck, i hate comedians so much. they are the most annoying, degenerate people ever. they proudly fuck up time and time again and will just announce to the world how mentally ill they are, as if anybody fucking cares. i cant imagine actually giving a shit about one of these people. i say, let 'em burn.

i feel like she is stoned in this vid lol

No. 804248

idk who the courtney girl is but how old was chrissy when she was tweeting this weird stuff at a 16 year old? what a freak, you'd expect to see this shit from goofy 13 year old kpop stans. i get that it was a decade ago but she's still such a cow there's no way she's changed in any meaningful way

No. 804253

Courtney was 16, and Chrissy was 25 at the time. You’re right, once a cow always a cow. It’s hard to “things were just different back then!” away telling a teenager to take “dirt nap” as a grown adult

No. 804282

i fucking hate comedians. anyone who calls themselves a comedian is gross and some type of sex pest. just say you're an actor or a writer. the ones that refer to themselves as that tend to be okay.

No. 804288

Chrissy is a prime example of someone who can dish it but can't take it. she deactivated her twitter this year because she couldn't handle how toxic it is, but came back three weeks later because she's addicted to attention. she's insufferable.

No. 804298

File: 1620757265493.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2210, 72BDAB74-2867-4251-BB81-B4475A…)

She’s always been like this too. She used to really lean into this edgy persona on twitter and constantly try and pick fights with people and like tell people to kill themselves but would be extremely thin skinned. I remember on her old blog she wrote this post about how she was obsessed with reading blogs about herself and how it makes her want to kill herself. You would think after all these years in the of exposure you wouldn’t care anymore or would learn to just not put yourself out there so much but she seems to be even more desperate for attention now and worse at being able to handle people making fun of her.

No. 804335

Drake’s face reminds me of a butt. I don’t know why.

No. 804408

No. 804412

File: 1620767330107.jpg (133.28 KB, 914x766, Screenshot_7.jpg)

I hope other people are going to drop Franco's ass from their projects as well and he will be unable to find a job. I might be naive though

No. 804418

Soren died? I shouldn’t be surprised but jesus what a pitiful existence

No. 804419

I never got any of the hype around this guy, he's ugly and talentless. I fart better raps in my sleep.

No. 804421

Lmao @ Chrissy "I'm leaving Twitter due to mean cyberbullies uwu" Tiegen DMing a child famous for getting groomed by a pedo to kill herself.

No. 804431

Chrissy is a freak there's a point in your 20s that you should feel shame if you ever target or harass a teenager about their behaviour. It's like picking on a kid.

No. 804433

so he is a g*y!

No. 804455

post some, i'll buy your album!

No. 804530

I know men get too much praise for doing the bare minimum of human decency, but ngl, it's really refreshing to hear him call Franco out on his shit and admit he's made mistakes too.

No. 804532

He didn’t tho. Other women started calling Rogen an enabler and shitting on him for associating with Franco. I’m sure they’re still BeStiEs behind closed doors and some PR firm told Rogen to do this or risk being dropped from projects.

Rogen’s only saving grace here is his relatable uwu stoner with a dad bod persona. Both of them are revolting

No. 804552

Why are non American anons so obsessed with Americans? Sage for going off topic

No. 804575

i can't believe this woman gave elon a whole child. and he didn't even marry her. and she was texting Azelia talkin about "i don't ask him for money." what in the actual fuck. disturbing. elon viscerally disgusts me, I pray for the day Grimes wakes up and gets the fuck out with her son

No. 804607

File: 1620790646812.gif (1.61 MB, 190x188, durrrrr.gif)

nta but modern American culture and politics is the trashiest, most ridiculously absurd zeitgeist that ever existed. I wouldn't say that the rest of the world is obsessed with America, but it's definitely a source of pride for many people to not be American at this point in time.

No. 804624

all you people do is swallow painkillers and shoot each other in the head until you forget how to read

No. 804807

free entertainment

No. 804842

as a burgeranon im crying at the accuracy. DRAG US WE DESERVE!!!

No. 804854

i cant believe she agreed to have a child that she knew would be sex-selected to be male just like elons other 20 sons. must have a lot of internalize misogyny

No. 805166

her being a bpdfag would be one of the least surprising revelations in the industry, look at her childhood for gods sake

No. 805264

lmao I remember this! and she said “I don’t want to be like the other women”, referring to his exes. She’s such a pickme.

And then in a thread on LSA everyone said she was stupid and that she should have at least secured the bag first

No. 805309

File: 1620863026641.png (21.01 KB, 288x306, beautiful_e.png)

she's self aware too

No. 805377

File: 1620870266391.jpeg (276.36 KB, 945x1700, 2BA906F7-9252-4F35-9928-F40A6C…)

Chrissy Teigen publicly apologized to Courtney Stodden in a series of tweets today…. too bad Chrissy still has Courtney blocked on Twitter

No. 805380

No. 805382

kek, considering she's marrying some guy just a year into their relationship, yes

No. 805385

she's just good at faking genuine PR smiles

No. 805424

Good. She was hateful and not nearly as funny as she thought she was.

No. 805525

seriously what is this chicks]s issue? What did that girl who was a VICTIM of a PREDATOR do to her? Sometimes the accusations that people make against her start to make some sense.
I just can't understand why she has a issue with the vitcim and have all this hate. Then didn't she call a actress who was underaged a "Cunt" because she'd correct people when they mis-pronounced her name?
Sometimes I wonder if CT is a troon, because the anger she has towards women is fucking weird. Women who never did anything to her ugly ass.
Her issue with CS didn't even come off as trolling, she really seemed to have a deep dislike for her. Pieface is crazy.

No. 805533

File: 1620890092092.jpg (14.85 KB, 300x297, christine1.jpg)

SA, i googled and the onion called the actress (Who was 9 at the time) a cunt but Chrissy tweeted this-
WTF is/was she so fucking aggressive and angry? She's so fucking weird about kids? I guess the kid who was nominated for a oscar and they weren't acting like Chrissy wanted them to. She's a weirdo.

No. 805555

She was just a very weird, hostile troll for years. I think part of it came from her desperation to seem “real” so it manifested in her being extremely antagonistic. Tbh I’m surprised she hasn’t got more flack for it than she has because that kind of thing is literally all she used to tweet before her woke rebrand in like 2015 but I don’t think enough people followed her back then for that many to really remember it and all her old tweets are deleted. She literally used to act like Trisha Paytas or Gabbie Hanna almost all day every day on twitter for years.

No. 805585

I mean let's see….she got engaged to her boyfriend after less than a year of dating, before that she got engaged to her boyfriend after 2 WEEKS of dating then broke up with him after less than half a year. It's also been proven that she was cheating on Mac Miller with Pete. I also read blind items according to which she fucked Pete's best friend MGK. She also allegedly fucked Jim Carrey vomit and did drugs with him. So yeah, without a doubt there are problems there. I also heard she got her own show on Nickelodeon because her mom encouraged her to sleep with the producer of the show, but who knows

No. 805586

His (ex) wife was Jewish. We all know he’s a goy

No. 805587

KEK anon

No. 805643

Chrissy is obviously very insecure. She hates CS because Chrissy herself is a whore and that was her come up. She's probably angry at this 9 year old because she has genuine talent and credentials, whereas Chrissy has the bought accolade of People's Best Tabloid Fodder. If her own kids can sing like their Dad she'd probably spend their youth eroding their confidence.

No. 805664

Was never a fan so I never gave a shit to confirm it.. but damn she really does come off as a huge bitch. Esp the 'society.. just SHUT UP'.

No. 805673

ha ha ha. are you serious

No. 805677

And stupid too.

No. 805745

we do live in a society though

No. 805804

File: 1620923011869.jpg (135.09 KB, 1821x519, KYQ9oS6.jpg)

kek they used a cis male voice to overdub Cox… literal violence

No. 805814

File: 1620923517398.jpeg (69.24 KB, 640x639, 8B351491-4CAA-4313-AD69-799487…)

Chrissy is a vapid narcissist who projects her insecurities onto children because she has no talent, no redeemable qualities and fading looks. It’s evident how dead end her marriage is, every photo is carefully staged to show how much she’s living her “best life” (apart from when she milks her miscarriage to excuse her bad behaviour). All she does these days is shill cleaning products and cook books yet she lives under the delusion that her shitty takes are so important

No. 805817

ben and jlo got back together lol what is this

No. 805818

File: 1620923739084.png (1.92 MB, 1310x2048, Screenshot_20210513-103518.png)

Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. are engaged. I love them both and had no idea they were even dating.

No. 805833

Imo she didn't come off as a bitch at all but definitely stupid.

No. 805837


I totally believe it because the relationship with Pete began, peaked and ended so quickly, but spill the proof I completely missed it!

All I could remember were some comments about it and her being pissed off to respond to some instagram users

No. 805839

Sage for obvious…
>all straight men cheat
And Men wonder why women read romance and erotica and cling to fictional dudes or outright want to kill all scrotes.

>I also heard she got her own show on Nickelodeon because her mom encouraged her to sleep with the producer of the show, but who knows

forget the source on this but back in the day (like the 00s) Nick producers (also Disney ones), so Dan hold her tighter Schneider would host pool parties for the child actors. Many would try and get the producers attention by acting crazy, silly, whatever it was so the producer could like them and get them a role on a show. Hillary duff and Megan Fox attended these parties as teens.

Random as hell. Good for them.

No. 805845

File: 1620925845889.png (552 KB, 719x1116, monke.png)

No. 805891

a publicity stunt

No. 805892

i wish they would marry me

No. 805903

Pretty tame for Hollyweird anon, kek.

No. 805914

She looks like a chow chow dog. Why is she famous? I don't remember John Legend being a big enough deal in music to justify her fame either

No. 805930

I listened to her on a podcast in 2012 where she was on demand queefing(?) into a microphone. I'll never forget that.