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File: 1619090237681.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, slutcasino.png)

No. 1214080

Ruby Mae and Maeve Ethridge are two wannabe edgy/creepy instagram/tiktok/twitch celebrities.

> the walmart version of matieresfecales sans any contracts, fashion design, originality and/or general success (aka just fucking gross and cringy)

> Clearly want to be the next creepychans
> Seem a bit mentally unhinged, definitely want to come off that way
> Codependency through the roof
> Live in general squalor, act like it's "aesthetic" and not just disgusting
> example: Ruby pissed on Maeve's floor and uploaded maeve's video of it to her own instagram highlights like it's a funny normal thing to do
> Maeve is a ballet dancer, used to post mainly dancing clips and pictures of her rehearsing alone, in class or with friends (before ca 2019-2020) but in the past year or two, has posted about one or two dance videos total (not included: her jumping up and down or squirming with FREINDS to shitty music)
> Maeve is apparently also an artist trying real hard to be gorecore
> Ruby meanwhile seems to have no personality outside trying to be edgy on the internet
> Maeve generally seems like she was decently normal (for an AESTHETIC girl) before she got together with Ruby
> Ruby also posts a lot of pictures and videos of Maeve in sexual positions, naked or mostly naked, tied up in bondage, sometimes locks her up in a dog cage etc (fun fact: maeve turned 18 thirteen days ago)

Past potentially milky events:

> Alluded to doing meth in a tiktok comment (someone claiming to be Maeve on Reddit said "I've had some I guess pretty intense mental health stuff but I'm not on drugs and I'm perfectly safe" as well as denied the rumour that Ruby allegedly raped someone, saying "I know it firsthand")

> Ruby cut her name into Maeve's thigh

> Went on an instalive where they talked about not liking obese people, some quotes:

> Ruby: "We don't think we're better than anyone, but I think I'm better than an obese person. I look better than all obese people."
> Maeve: "I really hate my body so much, so I feel like I can make fun of fat people because of that"
> Got put on blast for FATSHAMING, Ruby deleted her tiktok and Maeve also deleted, but is now back with a different username
> After this (summary from >>>/pt/817311 ), "Maeve decided to post her anachan body check on her personal after saying that people were just jealous of her body and mad she has a better body than them. then edited the caption to basically just “stop calling me obese you hypocrites.”" (This IG account is now private)

> (The following is summarised by anon bc it was an insta-live and afaik not saved anywhere)

> thread pic is from an insta live about them going off their meds, summary from >>>/pt/810992 : "Both went on insta live talking about going off their meds because they “like being under the water” and want “each other to be one person again”. It seems Ruby is manipulating Maeve. Maeve had a mental break down on live while Ruby says nothing and just stares at her friend dripping snot and rubbing makeup all over her face. After 2 minutes of them staring at each other, Ruby says they both should go off their meds. Maeve starts blubbering some more while followers encourage her not to. Ruby gets pissed and tells Maeve that no one understands them and that they are “two bodies inside one person”. Maeve then starts throwing out some of her medication while Ruby smiles on."

A lot of the shit they've done has gone down in the last two weeks, so hopefully there's more milk to come.

Social media links
Link to the "fatshaming" clip, saved on some randos tiktok:

Public instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slutcasino/
Private instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisandabump/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slutcasino?lang=en
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/missrubyusa

Public Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badnewstown/
Private Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gingertowngirl/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@badnewstowns?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMK9Yw5DY8RkIT4v2MObhOQ/videos
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/badnewstown/
Reddit (allegedly): https://www.reddit.com/user/Badnewstown/

Some weird "internet jail" probably-a-joke thing I can't make sense of called "internet lockdown" ft. maeve, someone who looks like ruby and some normal-looking girl named sydney. included bc it's got maeve's last name and who the fuck is sydney: https://www.instagram.com/internetlockdown/

(Will try to post all relevant screencaps asap, but due to flood limit it might take a while, so here's an imgur album in the meantime. NSFW warning): https://imgur.com/a/HBSUhlX

No. 1214081

File: 1619090387290.png (1.29 MB, 818x1380, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.02…)

Ruby pissing on maeve's floor

No. 1214082

File: 1619090419758.png (1.73 MB, 834x1374, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.03…)

ruby being a general redneck

No. 1214083

File: 1619090445096.png (1.16 MB, 1862x892, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.58…)

ruby being a redneck pt. 2

No. 1214084

File: 1619090502431.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1860x900, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.58…)

ruby being pissed that her softcore lesbo porn ft. at least one minor gets reported and deleted off instagram

No. 1214085

File: 1619090531594.png (1.58 MB, 970x1220, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.59…)

Posted by ruby on Maeve's 18th birthday, full caption:
It’s 18 today and this is very underrated photo that I need everyone to pay attention to and then you may swipe to see the train tracks and the free tay k and that one stupid tiktok anyways I love you very much it’s you and me forever and I can never not see you looking back at me wherever I look and you’re always talking to me I hear you I hear you I FUCKING HEAR YOU CAN YOU HEAR ME I know you can. We always are one thing two things buy one get one free happy birthday little tiny girl always inside the sun and always in my closet whispering things. I love you always and you are everything all around dust flying around our heads every time we sit and look and your face turns into my face and the whole room is a white tv with only your eyes right in the middle and then I can’t hear anything but what youre thinking right then and I don’t know how to make it stop but I don’t have to because everything is fine because I know the other one sees it too and that’s all I have to have for the rest of my life. As long as the other one knows about it then there’s absolutely nothing left to know about and it’s all laid out right there. Sit. Wait. Comes together big round circle. We sit on curb and look at those pink curtains in the top of that trailer and have a cigarette as a treat and say nothing but hear everything and then we get up and go back. All there ever has to be we can sit and suck it up and get used to it because maybe there can be nice things without the awful fucking flesh hanging off of your walls in your hole basement. There doesn’t ever have to be another hole unless we want one and then we can dig one real nice for us. Anything we ever want is all there like a little town map of truck and going around little tasks. I think it’s what we were looking down at when we were sitting on the bathtub like that. We didn’t know it or see it but now its there everything is for us. We have everything we’ve ever wanted and I love you so fucking much

No. 1214086

File: 1619090565781.png (1.27 MB, 1200x806, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.16…)

Maeve living in general squalor 1/2 (sexy dog cage in the background)

No. 1214087

File: 1619090587198.png (1.34 MB, 1202x810, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.17…)

Maeve living in general squalor 2/2

No. 1214088

File: 1619090614472.png (1.37 MB, 956x1198, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.18…)

Maeve in 2018

No. 1214091

File: 1619090829412.png (695.92 KB, 966x1204, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 12.54…)

Maeve in 2019

No. 1214093

File: 1619090871549.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1200x1196, pJ4jvDO.png)

Maeve 5 days ago

No. 1214094

File: 1619090897588.png (Spoiler Image, 4.4 MB, 750x1334, 2V8ugu5.png)

Ruby's name cut into Maeve's thigh

No. 1214095

File: 1619090940338.png (Spoiler Image, 686 KB, 750x1099, 4iS9IU2.png)

The pic ruby uploaded after the whole "fatshaming" debacle on her now-private instagram, allegedly the caption is now different

No. 1214096

File: 1619091056517.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1980x1158, Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 13.04…)

that "internet jail" ig page with maeve's full name (she's tagged in the photo and googling her name brings up dancing credits)

I'm curious to see if other people think it's ruby to the left, and also why the fuck this sydney person is there (the usernames on her pieces of paper lead to error pages)

No. 1214099

I don't want to pull out the "damn bitch, you live like this" meme…but damn bitch, you live like this??

No. 1214122

Going to be perfectly honest, I'm already horrified by these two with what little information is presented here. I feel like there's definitely some really disturbing content between them.

No. 1214133

theyre like a dirtier version of Nika and Jaelle and i’m absolutely hyped about it since I missed the peak of their drama

No. 1214209

Just when I was reading comments about how filthy Shay is these two show up….

No. 1214213

File: 1619108253100.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, 1B850C49-60BD-4688-9FC8-6AEB73…)

Maeve appears to be schizophrenic

No. 1214216

appears to be schizophrenic or wants to appear to be schizophrenic is the million dollar question. isn't schizo the great-grandfather of mental illnesses creepy/gorethots always wish they had?

besides, if you truly believe the world is out to get you and gaslight you into thinking it's not real, would you post about it on a public instagram and leave it up for 20 weeks? lol

No. 1214220

It’s actually Ruby that’s Schizophrenic as she admitted to in previous insta posts and on a live. Maeve is just stupidity co-dependent that she has absorbed parts of Ruby’s personality or lack of.

No. 1214221

Kek Anon you forgot Maeve’s batshit meth riddled comments to Ruby. These heifers seem to be in love. Well more so Maeve being groomed and developing Stockholm Syndrome.

No. 1214222

File: 1619109376445.png (453.08 KB, 750x1334, 4BB4EC98-2495-4DE9-80DB-34DD7E…)

Same fag/new fag. I forgot to post the screenshots.

No. 1214244

File: 1619114095354.jpeg (158.47 KB, 750x1103, EE346EF0-1F74-4BFD-9BA6-8A7128…)

Found some receipts of Ruby’s supposed stalker. They accused her of being a rapist. Apparently the account was made by some guy named Lenny not sure how they are affiliated.

No. 1214304

Are there any ~aesthetic~ insta girls who AREN'T in bizarre codependent drug fueled relationships? This is the third I've seen on the farms now (Maeve even resembles vivadrag. Maybe phrenologists had a point kek)

No. 1214316

File: 1619121025652.jpeg (151.52 KB, 750x1294, 25DDC2E6-B1FF-42FF-A2DD-1710D7…)

I found Maeve’s depop account. She only has a few items listed but they aren’t her typical prostitution squatter aesthetic which is interesting.

No. 1214328

when I saw the thread pic I thought maeve was simplykenna having a mental breakdown lmfao

No. 1214341

for real though this is making me question how many disgusting duos like this exist out there

No. 1214344

KEK simplykenna in a crackhouse living with her dyke girlfriend.

No. 1214362

File: 1619124833886.jpeg (101.28 KB, 750x1100, BD7FC838-A7F1-45A1-B25C-629E4A…)

Are we just going to ignore these two grimy crack whores grinding around in a dirty ass puddle. Video is up on Maeve’s Instagram and Ruby is tagged in several other versions. Probably a nitpick but I love how everyone is cheering for Maeve leaving Ruby out kek

No. 1214444

File: 1619132453572.jpg (30.84 KB, 415x312, mae dog cage photo.jpg)

i do wanna say warning: on maeve's account like ruby's there is in gen some soft core porn CP. beware if you lurk along with a video of her from behind p much.
(inb4 imageboard i know but not going to put the exact images)

No. 1214513

File: 1619139956146.gif (914.21 KB, 439x247, BmZebue.gif)

im confused what age are these people? their aesthetics are so disconnected i hate it, nothing about them is pleasant or coherent in anyway. they'll be boring normies in 2 years i bet.

they're so tryhard and retarded it's going to be fun to watch. thanks for the thread anon!

No. 1214515

Maeve is 18 as of Ruby I’m not sure either 17-18.

No. 1214527

File: 1619141456973.jpeg (210.35 KB, 750x1124, 96A1EC65-6803-4A60-8E4F-765FB6…)

New fag but Ruby posted nudes of both her and Maeve when she was 16-17 and is obviously grooming Maeve. Also Maeve went on live yesterday and ranted about her friend Olivia telling her that Ruby is a awful person and is manipulating her. Maeve just brushes it off and calls her jealous. I looked at Instagram older posts and there is a blue haired girl named Olivia but they both unfollowed each other. Also in the live Maeve talked about being in a open sexual relationship with Ruby however Ruby is dating Maeve’s ex bf Jonah (pic attached) and is “collecting people while she’s young because she’ll have Maeve forever”. I screen recorded the live and if there’s a site I can upload these clips anonymously let me know and I will.

No. 1214533

File: 1619142149569.jpeg (79.41 KB, 750x550, 2C2BE0A7-9239-4C27-8EFE-2FE2B6…)

Samefag! I did some digging on this Sydney person on the internetlockdown account and both her and Maeve are just ballet friends. They went to the same school and were in a Christmas show together.

No. 1214542

God that's bleak.

I fully expect this to go the Nika/Jaelle route and then the whole lot of them ending up like Luna tbh. None of these girls have the ability to shake the drugs once they start them for the ~aesthetic~.

No. 1214544

File: 1619143358015.png (Spoiler Image, 4.93 MB, 750x1334, 9F1F8573-8D5A-4010-8918-683FF6…)

Why are these grown ass men hanging around literal children? This is predatory shit! At the time these were taken Maeve was 17. Not to mention Ruby follows some cracked out pedo named Spike and has story highlights on her instagram.

No. 1214547

File: 1619143706699.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 304.98 KB, 750x1224, 85C3FE66-D6B7-4E48-829E-E06531…)

This picture makes me nauseous. It’s sad seeing how Maeve used to have normal friends and now she’s hanging around men 5x her age who are obviously grooming her. I just want to know where the fuck her mother is? There’s no way she’s fucking clueless in this mess.

No. 1214583

After going on Maeve’s YouTube I decided to look up SlutCasino and discovered that Ruby has a YouTube channel as well. I haven’t seen all her videos because I don’t care to watch two half wits do stupid shit for extended periods of time. However one of the videos is with her and Maeve doing an “asmr” video if you can call it that. At the 1:20 mark Ruby starts smacking the shit outta Maeve which causes Maeve’s eyes to start watering. After 30 seconds the video ends. Is this supposed to be some fake deep hipster shit because I don’t get it.

No. 1214586

ohhhhhhh my god this is all so sloppy and they're not even 21+ yet
absolutely fucking wild

No. 1214588

Ruby has straight up softcore torture porn on her Instagram. I actually felt sick and had to log off. Not going to post for obvious reasons but basically she made an "artistic" video where someone was hunting her like a rabbit. she got on her hands and knees in the dirt and ate a cake while in lingerie for some reason, and then got attacked, bound with rope, dragged away, and thrown in a room and was choked. the final frame was a man zipping up their pants. what the actual fuck has to happen to a child for them to think this is okay. Number one horror cow of all time and it's their first fucking thread.

No. 1214589

File: 1619149490786.gif (1.09 MB, 336x252, injesusnameamen.gif)

They look like/remind me of that "I Feel Fantastic" video that used to be popular on "Deep Youtube."

No. 1214594

That definitely needs to be reported and taken off IG as soon as possible.

No. 1214595

File: 1619150937615.png (161.7 KB, 506x864, hhhjkhkj.png)

you can literally see maeve's whole bare chest in this video… i'm not about to screen cap her bare chest but you can see from this screenie that she's topless.

No. 1214602

File: 1619151661853.jpeg (140.29 KB, 750x1039, B837F60D-3338-437C-B7CE-6CD3E2…)

Maeve also went on a insta live with one of her friends and talked about wishing she was a virgin and said she was going to be a “born again virgin”. On the same live she admitted to having sex with over 20 people (idk if this is true or satire). On her tik tok she has a video of her violently hitting herself, and saying “she wants to be a virgin forever”. Something obviously traumatic happened to this girl and Ruby is taking advantage of her and exposing her to predators and involving her in previous sexual encounters some examples Ruby posting nudes of them when they are both underage, in bondage, and walking around in public while wearing lingerie.


I know exactly what video you’re talking about anon. Ruby uploads grossly weird bondage videos of her and Maeve both tied to each other and squirming around on Maeve’s nasty bedroom floor. Can you image being Maeve’s sister and walking downstairs to see your sister tied to her friend and squirming all over the floor.

No. 1214605

File: 1619151899936.png (Spoiler Image, 3.86 MB, 750x1334, 72DD61D7-82B6-413E-B2B2-A27AD6…)

This shit is fucking vulgar! Comparing her old content of when Maeve was first posting pictures of her friends and dancing compared to now is terrifying.

No. 1214606

File: 1619152322209.jpeg (135.71 KB, 750x1334, 801F4232-4D04-475A-A61B-2734AB…)

Ruby and Maeve are live on Instagram. Maybe potential milk.

No. 1214615

Please don't tell me they go outside like this…

No. 1214620

Allegedly they've both been diagnosed with schizophrenia by doctors, but don't believe they actually have schizophrenia

No. 1214629

File: 1619156447050.jpeg (155.8 KB, 750x1334, 3FD30579-6554-4D54-9917-A52278…)

At the beginning of the live Maeve asks Ruby what she should do with her bangs to make her not have “dyke face” and Ruby tries to pretend she doesn’t know what Maeve it talking about. Maeve says that they “used to talk about people having dyke face all the time”. Ruby keeps pretending she has no idea what Maeve is talking about which makes Maeve confused. Maybe Ruby is aware she has her own thread here and is trying to not have a controversy? Idk why she’s so scared of being cancelled for calling someone dykeface when they both been in a sexual relationship before KEK!
(Idk what happened after because I got bored and left)
I came back to Ruby and Maeve telling their followers to ask them questions and someone asked how long they’ve been friends for and Ruby said they’ve been friends for a year and a half. Which is very disconcerting that they’re so attached to the hip in such a short timeframe. They also met at a mutual friends place. Another follower asked what their favorite food was and Maeve stares wide eyed into the camera and just doesn’t answer. Ruby asks Maeve what her favorite food several times which Maeve gets upset and says “she doesn’t sit in the pantry all day”. So basically Maeve is anachan confirmed.

No. 1214635

File: 1619157234720.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 8DE61809-765C-4D3E-ADE8-99091B…)

Saw another anon talking about Ruby’s torture/rape fetish and went to investigate and oh did they fucking deliver.
If the link doesn’t work it’s an IGTV on slutcasino.

No. 1214638

File: 1619157553078.jpeg (223.29 KB, 750x1195, 6D25DE5D-9284-4D23-BA55-A80F09…)

Bullshit she “doesn’t sit in a pantry” . That’s all she used to do by the looks of this. KEK she thinks she’s better than fatties when she used to be a fucking fatty.

No. 1214639

How can they even post stuff like this on Instagram without getting banned?

No. 1214643

this is early for a thread to get this juicy

No. 1214647

File: 1619159465453.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 634020CD-D3AF-4593-9E8D-B954AF…)

Because Instagram doesn’t give a rat’s ass if users straight up post snuff films.

There’s a story highlight of Ruby pulling a fucking knife on Maeve and choking her. Ruby may have a abuse and/or humiliation fetish. She likes to dominant Maeve and intimidate her. Every other post is her depicting her in a violent light as she overpowers Maeve. There’s another video on Ruby’s Instagram of both her and Maeve running through the woods in their fucking bra and underwear. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CK4k0BSgut3/?igshid=8gq90j90u5tw

I watched the ASMR video of Ruby fucking smacking the freckles off Maeve which is another example of Ruby’s humiliation and abuse fetish. Also Ruby has her bare chest on display in one of her YouTube thumbnails. I didn’t watch it because I’m not about to be put on an fbi watchlist. But I did reported it.

No. 1214653

File: 1619160804527.png (744.48 KB, 744x896, Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 2.50…)

The big one looks like Courtney Love. Are they both teenagers?

No. 1214655

Where were their parents when they started doing this cringy shit?

No. 1214679

File: 1619168072792.jpeg (6.29 KB, 200x160, images (3).jpeg)

Theres a lot animal abuse,gore and pedo accounts on instagram. But they only ban someone when they say bad words

No. 1214682

remember when bianca devins was murdered, and the pic of her dead with a cut throat circulated Instagram, and they didn’t even remove it right away. They put CW over them instead of outright removing it. When I found that out I deleted my account and never went back. They are absolute scum. Yet you get banned for saying “tranny” “nigger” or even “snow roach”

No. 1214685

I got banned for saying "fag" word for 48 days. But theres countless crush video accounts in instagram. I tried to report it, but they're not deleting.

No. 1214687

Crush videos? Of animals being harmed and killed?
Violence and gore, and even porn are agains their rules yet they just look the other way, they know that kind of grotesque shit brings more users to the site, and then they can ban anyone using a bad word as a form of empty virtue signalling. Hate them. Twitter is even worse.

No. 1214689

Yes. even fucking 8CHAN, know this agaisnt the law.
Remember that Twitter refused to take down widely shared pornographic images and videos of a teenage sex trafficking victim because an investigation “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies,"???

No. 1214696

I never heard about that, but I’m not surprised,
Facebook is also currently being sued for facilitating sex trafficking.
Not posting an image bc it’s unrelated to the thread.

No. 1214701

Wonder if they taked down. Facebook hardly takes down cp and gore

No. 1214728

Lol the YouTube video where she's shirtless is a sequel to her incoherent apology video where she basically admits to abusing her cat because "everyone has bad days". I don't get how that has managed to stay up on YouTube.

No. 1214831

The ugly one probably loves controlling the ginger because shes better looking.

No. 1214856

File: 1619191465758.png (318.18 KB, 1011x751, 810992.png)

>Maybe Ruby is aware she has her own thread here
When she was originally posted to thread requests many anons accused the op of being a selfpost, so it's likely.

How long till we see Ruby active in this thread using it to further humiliate and control Maeve tho? >>1214638

No. 1214917

File: 1619196228838.jpeg (136.81 KB, 750x1113, 852D37ED-D7F3-4956-81D3-ABBFE0…)

Maeve’s mother follows her on Instagram so she’s well aware of what her daughter posts. Also her mother frequently tags her in pictures so you can imagine the reaction of her coworkers or family friends who decide to follow Maeve. Maeve’s mother is also aware that Maeve posts nudities, torture/abuse/rape snuff films, just overall junkie behavior, also walking around in public like a prostitute. I guess that type of shit is socially acceptable when you’re from Portland Oregon.
Also her mother allows her daughter hangout with men we’ll into their 50’s (at the time Maeve was 16-17).

No. 1214923

File: 1619196432577.jpeg (128.71 KB, 750x1098, C7E40933-3D53-40A5-834F-6AC88B…)

Ya’ll need to learn how to fucking sage
Also found this on Maeve’s account with her middle finger down her throat. It’s clear that she has an eating disorder since she went from a heifer to a rail. Also just ballet doesn’t do that to you. As Maeve said she was doing ballet since she was little.

No. 1214930

File: 1619196611829.jpg (128.18 KB, 320x386, 6a0133ec87bd6d970b01b7c8ca8c3f…)

are you blind? maeve looks like a fucking troll doll, bad hair and dressing in rags doesn't help either.

No. 1214934

File: 1619196920586.jpeg (234.4 KB, 750x1098, 7843AA6E-F09D-4419-BFAF-5416CB…)

I don’t know how people live in pig styes. It’s not that hard to clean your fucking room Ruby. It’s not like you have anything to do all day other than make torture porn and take nudes. Also Ruby has a mannequin that probably serves as her sex/torture buddy when Maeve’s not around. The mannequin has more personality than both the psychosis twins combined.

No. 1214944

File: 1619197235327.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 7A9B3357-23AF-4AEF-B4CA-21AE6C…)

New fag but went into Ruby’s insta highlights and saw this monstrosity. Also a previous anon mentioned that Ruby’s current scrawny and grimy boyfriend used to date Maeve KEK!

No. 1214958

File: 1619199415904.jpeg (114.93 KB, 750x768, 4D16E3AE-AE01-45B8-BFF8-22AA72…)

Maeve has a history of abusing/neglecting her cats. She told Ruby on insta live yesterday that she threw one of her big stripper heels at one of her cats for pissing on her bedroom floor. The cat is probably being abused or trying to mark it’s territory since they live in a crackhouse and it doesn’t have it’s own space. Also Maeve let smelly grimy ass Ruby to piss all over her floor without pelting with her fugly stripper heels? I used to feel bad for Maeve but animal abuse is fucking disgusting and she’s just as bad as Ruby. Look at her dirty fucking crackhouse room that she has her cats locked in for hours.

No. 1214965

This video of Ruby squatting over a paper plate and pelting eggs onto it and then eating it reminds me of the Alantutorial videos.

No. 1214967

File: 1619200683868.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, FA350A48-F203-40C4-95E3-A1AA68…)

Same fag, here’s another photo of Maeve’s piss riddled room for reference. Love how Maeve acts like she has all these valuable and precious dresses but everything is thrown all over the fucking room to get stained and absorb both human and cat piss fumes.

No. 1215025

Nta, but in comparison to Ruby, that anon is right. Maeve at least used to be cute in a few of the pre-Ruby pics as a teen.

Maeve gives me baby Luna vibes tbh. But with more mental illness and instead of Lurch, she's got Ruby's psychotic ass. Not sure which is worse. Wonder what drugs these two are on and how long before they end up on the heavier shit.

No. 1215027

File: 1619205094565.jpeg (185.09 KB, 749x1111, 670E53E5-2D38-4C63-AE7F-0B40FF…)

It can’t get any worse from this anon.

No. 1215040

Jesus, it must really stink of piss in there. How can she spend her entire life in that…Bedsit? It doesn’t look like a full apartment.

No. 1215068

>Are they both teenagers?

No. 1215083

Maeve turned 18 a few weeks ago and Ruby is 17. But they’re both stunted mentally and have the emotional intelligence of a 12 year old.

No. 1215084

Maeve’s father actually bought the place it’s meant to house 7-8 people. A bunch of people used to live there. I guess the dad was renting half the place out or something. But everyone moved out besides Maeve and her mom.

No. 1215104

Yes. Mental illness and Ruby have ruined her. Let me say it again, "used to be cute in a few of the pre-Ruby pics as a teen". Are you a Ruby stan or something? Why do you feel so desperate to argue that Ruby is the better looking of the two?

No. 1215110

How are they posted here if one is still a child and all the content posted here is from when they were children?

No. 1215121

Yeah, this thread should be removed tbh

No. 1215129

I'm glad you've learned how to sage newfag, but read the rules. 16+ is the age limit for having a thread, you must be 18 to post here.

No. 1215132

well either way, they're teenagers
really explains the edge

No. 1215133

to be fair nta, I think they mean the borderline cp

No. 1215148

Read the fucking rules newfags. Cows have to be 16+ to have a thread. Also no one in the thread posted their nauseating nudes. If anything we’re trying to get their torture porn and nudes taken down. Seeing as Maeve’s mother is well aware that her daughter posts nudity she can get in a run with the cops.

No. 1215156

Anon you must be confused. I’m not a Ruby or Maeve stan. They’re both equally terrible. Ruby abuses Maeve physically, emotionally and mentally as well as posts torture/rape fetish shit online. Maeve abuses and neglects her cats, fat shames, and lives like a overall pig. I don’t know how you jumped to that conclusion kek

No. 1215158

That and the fact that they’re children who are making a lot of very serious mistakes they deserve to recover from, not be exploited for whatever reason this thread is here for. It just drives more attention to them and no one is there to help or protect them. They are kids and shouldn’t even have been exposed to any of the abuse they’re mirroring. I question why this thread was made and if someone did it just to have a place to safely hate them or to get other women to tear them down, instead of caring that no matter how they’re acting they are still children being taken advantage of. Abusers do shit like this to women to convince them that “women don’t care about them either”, or these girls are continuing to self post because one may be a sociopath. There’s proof that old men are having intercourse with them yet the focus is on who is prettier or was fat at one point. If that’s not a wake up call I don’t know what is.

No. 1215162

File: 1619214931725.jpeg (138.55 KB, 750x784, EC48D84F-DDC0-44B9-9A07-708C3C…)

Tried to report Slutcasino and instagram is a load of shit. I reported Ruby not even 20 minutes ago and just got this. Do they not see the rape fantasy videos or nudity?(cowtipping)

No. 1215175

Take that up with OP I believe they thought Ruby was the same age at Maeve when this was created. I did some digging and this thread was created a few weeks after Maeve’s birthday. Also I found Ruby was born a few weeks after Maeve (idk when she said her birthday was. But on insta live Ruby said that she was a Gemini and then a follower asked when her birthday was and Ruby said a few weeks after Maeve’s)

No. 1215193

I think if you go through Facebook and getting through to any kind of email, or emailing the help center directly, you’re at least able to deal with a live person and have a record that they failed to do anything. There are organizations that help with child exploitation, it’s worth googling and I’ll have a look myself. You can also call the police in her area, or notify a social work group nearby.

Then call the cops on her mother instead of acting just like her by contributing to their abuse and the permanent record of their exploitation online. Whoever wrote those rules doesn’t own you or have the power to make you complicit in literal child abuse. Even if they weren’t children they’re very obviously not coherent and have been groomed, and you all know that because between your own bullshit fat shaming is a record of their drug abuse and sexual abuse. Just say you don’t give a shit about other women and stop trying to say this is “to help” or “they deserve it” while recreating the environment that made children think acting like this is ok.

No. 1215196


Neither Facebook nor instagram have anything for anything in terms of help. Everything is an absolute stab in the dark and automated. Can't say bitch but you can post CP. Love this for us.

No. 1215197

I get what you’re saying anon but understand this, both Maeve and Ruby have a history of doing horrible shit. We can sit here and debate how old Ruby is all damn day. But first of all that’s get this straight no one on this thread is posting nudes of them. 2. Maeve isn’t a minor she’s 18. 3. Maeve and Ruby are horrible people. Maeve beats and neglects her cats. And even locks them in her bedroom where they piss on the floor. 3. There’s videos of Ruby punching and smacking Maeve and mentally/emotionally abusing her. 4. Both her and Maeve are fatphobic and went on insta live body checking while saying they’d rather kill themselves than be fat and that they are better than fat people in general. 5. Ruby and Maeve went on tik tok making fun of trans/gay people. As well as calling people “dykeface” on Instagram live. (Yes I know this is lolcow and not twitter, but these are just a few examples that these two are not helpless or innocent). 6. Someone on Instagram as well as someone on reddit posted several weeks before this thread was made and told redditors that Ruby has a history of being a horrible/abusive person and was accused of RAPING someone. This person claimed to know Ruby personally and said that Ruby is banned from going to underground parties because of her reputation (when you check Ruby’s/Maeve’s accounts they used to post about going to parties but not anymore). I don’t know where you stand on rape anon but Ruby isn’t a person to be sympathized with. Especially when two people come out saying she fucking raped someone.

No. 1215198


I agree anon. It's just extremely grim they're both so unhinged before even hitting 20. I think this forum has handled things well given how sensitive some of their content is.

No. 1215251

This is just sad. Those two men must be how they get drugs or something. Both of them not even being out of their teens yet makes me feel depressed.

No. 1215321

File: 1619229613704.jpeg (136.65 KB, 747x1069, B637A703-B463-48CA-A2E2-D759DC…)

Maeve posted on her instagram that her parents walked in while she did meth and fucking spray painted half her face. How did she manage to explain to her parents what was going on with aerosol fumes radiating her bedroom all while she was twitching and spazzing out in the process.

No. 1215325

File: 1619229954574.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.05 KB, 750x1075, F5C50F11-59B9-41DE-BE96-F2DE44…)

Same fag! Also when Maeve isn’t doing meth or spray painting her face she enjoys jabbing big ass needles into herself.

No. 1215328

File: 1619230281495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.66 KB, 750x1099, 537159AD-9793-47E0-8B8A-B29A1D…)

>>1215325 The aftermath of the needles being removed. So uh gore/blood warning I guess kek!

No. 1215332

File: 1619230768004.jpeg (169.42 KB, 750x1067, 7C02E87A-578C-4795-BEC1-525A92…)

Maeve the Methhead confirmed!

No. 1215370

File: 1619235094727.jpeg (145.21 KB, 750x867, 7521F344-BAB8-49CC-AB06-969505…)

Maeve fantasizing about becoming the next Ted Bundy.

No. 1215397

This is child neglect

No. 1215407

Good thing she’s not a child then

No. 1215410

Which one is the underaged one?

No. 1215430

Are you the sociopath from before or is this thread just full of them?

No. 1215432

She basically is not to mention being clearly mentally stunted, still lives with and dependent on her parents, brain not fully developed and yet lives in squalor spraying spray paint on her face and posting torture porn of herself and an underage friend? Something is seriously wrong with her parents for letting any of this reach this point.

No. 1215435

What the fuck are you talking about? Have you read the thread? I’m not going to sit here and spoon feed you.

No. 1215437

The only sociopaths here anon are the cows in this thread that torture animals and get outed for raping/sexual assault by two people. Read the damn thread for fucks sake.

No. 1215442

Full of them because linking to cp is somehow perfectly fine and not the same thing as posting it, as if men don’t frequently lurk, that’s not how the men who raped them found them, surely Instagram will take it down, and once it’s off social media all problems are solved! so people here can debate who is the fatter and uglier child, because “they deserve it”, while one beats and sexually abuses the other, mirroring the torture porn they were exposed to as children, which they were mere weeks ago. They’re high on meth and not taking medication, so they can’t consent even if they weren’t children in all of this sexual content, and somehow it’s being posted to a female based gossip forum… hmm…

No. 1215451

Sage. And no one is defending their behavior by reminding you they are children. One is a clear sociopath and the other has no identity, they need very serious help not a stupid fucking lolcow thread. It’s not funny, it’s not entertaining, and no one wants to see children doing meth and being sexually abused. No one wants to read the mother fucking thread because we aren’t desensitized to shit like this.

No. 1215462

>New fag here!
>I checked the rules
>Unsaged post

No. 1215468

Ruby (blonde) is 17

No. 1215469

File: 1619241456862.jpeg (196.36 KB, 750x971, 2131482D-8247-4E7C-A9DD-48BCA1…)

New fag. But how are other ppl on here that are same age as these two are allowed to be dragged for mental illness, drugs, weight and all, but these two are an exception? The rules state “Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16”. I re-read this thread several times and I don’t see where anons linked cp. The person who created the thread did linked Instagram accounts and YouTube channels but that’s it. The one ginger girl is 18 and I’m not sure about the blonde as I can’t find any confirmation about her age just what other anons said. Also the blonde girl has several people accusing her of raping someone.

No. 1215474

All this content is of children. No woman would want to post this shit, and you sound like a man who has to check his state laws to see if he can technically legally have sex with a child. Or this is one of these two girls trying to get attention since they self post and the shock of children doing meth while abusing each other lost its thrill online and doesn’t draw in the rapists like it used to. Or maybe this is one of their parents given they fucking loathe their kids and would be the type to refuse to sage while trying to lob insults about integration.

Call their authorities on the parents or whichever one for distributing their own cp. Stop posting it here no one wants to watch kids do this.

No. 1215482

Shut the fuck up. 17 and 18 are not children and what they’re posting is not “cp” it’s literally disgusting edgy pictures of girls in their late teens. You’re completely diminishing the severity of actual cp by just barking the word at any thread you want removed. Grow up. Plus threads are allowed on anyone over 16

No. 1215517

Who is saying they deserve it? Stop shitting up the thread with your tirades.

No. 1215538

Curb your savior complex. Cowtipping is against the rules. The shit they’re in is not your or the internet’s responsibility.

No. 1215539

Bitch YOU call the fucking cops. Tf. We don’t want to deal with that shit over a fucking 17 year old who’s prob turning 18 in a few months when we get actual fucking child porn posted to this website by scrotes. Some of us have had to deal with the cyberpolice over stumbling on cp before so just fuck off and die. Not even joking, fucking kill yourself, you’re throwing your toys out the pram over this but HAVE YOU CALLED THE FUCKING COPS??? Why don’t you deal with the embarrassment of “hello cyber police/fbi? A 17 year old is taking pics of herself scantily clad and posting them to Instagram! This is child porn!” You sound like one of those zoomers who’s like “so and so is a paedophile! He groomed me when I was 17 and he was 20!” Yes call the cops on her mother for child buse when she had probably tried everything to get her crackhead daughter to behave. You’re a complete cunt.

No. 1215540

You sound like some retard who is severely mistaken or just has shit for brains. This isn’t fucking tumblr where everyone is coddled. Cows have to be 16+ to have a thread dipshit. Learn how to read before you come on here spamming the absolute fuck out of the thread. Stop pretending you give a shit about kids being abused. These two cows aren’t helpless little children being held against their will in some dungeon. They’re two dumbasses willingly/knowingly posting edgy rape and torture snuff films while beating the absolute fuck outta of each other, abusing/neglecting their pets, and raping someone at a party to the point where they’re both blacklisted and anyone with half a damn brain cell knows well enough to stay far away from them. Don’t cheapen or lessen the severity of child abuse on these two fucktards. Not when there are actual children being starved or getting their shit kicked in at home. Go volunteer at your local child abuse prevention center or abuse hotline. Don’t fucking come on here and spew your fake charity bullshit.

No. 1215548

Is there anymore info on the rape allegations besides this? >>1215469 I don't think it is impossible but tbh no matter how edgy a 17 year old girl is I kinda have a hard time believing she's out there raping multiple people.

No. 1215551

Ruby didn’t rape multiple people. Two people (one on reddit and another on Instagram) said Ruby raped one of her exes.

Screenshot of someone on insta claiming that Ruby is a rapist.

No. 1215552

Thanks, gotcha. These two are so ~edgy~ I wondered if they were spreading the rape rumor themselves. I don't know what the fuck teenage edgelord girls get up to these days, because everything on their instagram is definitely beyond my understanding. They're super icky, horrorcows from the jump.

No. 1215557

No problem anon! And although these two are idiots, I don’t think they would spread rape rumors of themselves. Especially if it means being outcasted by friends and shadowbanned from parties. It could be a vengeful ex or it could just be Ruby is a sick fuck. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Also maybe tin-foiling here but there’s a mention of some girl named Olivia warning Maeve about Ruby. She could well be the person on reddit accusing and/or exposing Ruby of rape? But it’s just a hunch. >>1214527

No. 1215563

File: 1619254245491.jpeg (186.28 KB, 750x1089, 7095C49C-06B2-4728-A9F9-711D94…)

This Olivia person exists and used to be friends with Maeve. Confirmed by old pics on Maeve’s Instagram account and a hand written list. Not sure if she is the reddit user tho.

No. 1215564

File: 1619254409427.jpeg (153.06 KB, 750x1030, F9599C79-AED8-4782-84C3-6501B0…)

Also found some weird torture/murder poetry about Jesus??

No. 1215790

File: 1619288861302.jpeg (373.09 KB, 750x1108, 0335B91A-DB8E-4B82-8BBA-8A5AAD…)

Is this the same fucking piss stain Ruby left and they just never cleaned it up?

No. 1215886

17 is a child no matter how much you hate her, it's cp

No. 1215922

Seriously and who tf wants to look at shit like >>1215027

Telling someone to die over a few comments because you want to make fun of a high schooler you think you’re morally superior to is hilarious, finally a good joke. You clearly know you’re wrong otherwise you wouldn’t jump to calling me a cunt. If you’re old enough to use zoomer as an insult you shouldn’t be posting children, you’re the one who needs to calm down and grow up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1216073

File: 1619325804743.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, 8F80A821-B05B-4836-B962-90901F…)

No one is fucking posting cp you dumbass. What are you babbling on about? Also which one of ya’ll fucking cowtipped to Ruby?

No. 1216077

Saw bits of Ruby’s live and I believe that she was aware of this thread before people tipped her off. As she mentioned that she was getting some heat lately for body checking.

No. 1216096

Again. Anons were calling selfpost early on. >>1214856 Are we really shocked Ruby knows of this thread? kek

No. 1216114

17 is old enough to sexually assault an adult, which is what she did.
Body checks are not cp no matter how many mental gymnastics you perform. You’re a fucking retard, cunt and you should kill yourself for trying to make us feel guilty to reposting public information. Idc if you’re a pweciousss innocent lil high schooler you are like 2 or 3 years younger than me and I don’t give a shit I don’t owe it to you to coddle your tetarded behaviour and I don’t owe it to ruby either. Cry to your mother or school nurse bitch.

No. 1216121

I’m sick of this thread being spammed by the same fucking retard over and over again. Fucking ban them already for derailing, cowtipping and spamming. Holy fuck!

Ruby isn’t in highschool you asshat and there’s no cp here, as others have pointed it out to you several fucking times. Again anyone can have a thread about them as long as they’re 16+. Do everyone a favor and slit your wrists you absolute waste of space.

No. 1216126

There’s more than two people telling you you’re wrong, now you’re acting psychotic. This has to be them.

No. 1216128

File: 1619339905362.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, A46537B8-8D34-471A-8B4E-A4CFED…)

Anyway peep Maeve getting all suicidal over a damn drawing. As if some rando would waste their time/energy drawing her ugly freckled mug. She probably drew it herself and posted it so her followers tell her how skinny she is.

No. 1216129

Ok, there’s more than several people telling you you’re wrong, so you’re more psychotic. Please yeet yourself off a fucking building.

No. 1216133

Nope, anon posted both their comments a few minutes apart. Not psychotic just fed up that people don’t know how to read the community guidelines and diminish the severity of child abuse. As well as cowtipping and derailing. Now go cry on tumblr about how unfair and cruel the world is.

No. 1216136

I literally scrolled the entire thread and found not one nude picture of ruby. Or even Maeve. If you’re regarding the links posted, take that up with Instagram/whatever PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA SITE they’re posted on. What is SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT? Please EXPLAIN WHERE THE CP IS? PLEASE EXPLAIN. LINK ME TO THE CP THAT IS POSTED TO THE THREAD. IF ITS SIMPLY A LINK TO ONE OF THEIR OTHER PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIAS, THEN REPORT IT ON THERE.

No. 1216187

Hey fellow Eurofag.

No. 1216635

it was mentioned that this was maeve's bedroom but it looks like a kitchen imo? like there appears to be a kitchen sink and a microwave and a refrigerator on the left, and i've never seen a counter like that in a bedroom before. idk, what do you guys think? there are also all those cleaning supplies on the counter in the first pic. i'm very curious about the layout of this house bc it seems like a studio just based on the pictures i've seen but she lives with her mom and lets her girlfriend piss on her floor so like… what's up with that lmao

also jfc where did these moralfag anons come from? we roasted tf out of abby brown and she was just legitimately mentally ill, the worst she did was being cringe and dropping the gamer word but she had hella threads. we have ongoing threads just clowning on girls with eating disorders for being assholes, do you think we should get rid of those threads too? they post underage bodychecks all the time and treat people like shit, just like these girls, so why aren't you sperging about those threads the same way? everyone with a thread here has done something egregious enough to warrant talking about. i don't know why y'all are here, the whole point is to make fun of people doing cringy/shitty things and if you've convinced yourself otherwise i cannot fathom what your endgame is here. it feels like when the twitterfags came to the onision thread and started sperging out acting like they were familiar with chan culture except it was so obvious that they weren't integrating at all. i imagine the same sort of people who think that telling someone to drink bleach is anything other than an ancient meme lmao

No. 1216686

I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out anon! Nice catch! Looking back Maeve’s room is very strange. I think the basement got renovated and it became her room maybe? And there just happened to be a kitchen there from previously? Idk I checked her Instagram and she half-assed painted the kitchen area blue. And I don’t think her mom would let her sloppily paint the actual kitchen kitchen kek!

No. 1218059

File: 1619554949978.png (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 750x1334, E70FE8B6-4D82-4E00-B2E3-B007C6…)

Lol whatever you say Maeve.

No. 1218419

baby teeth i hope…. (i hope)
anons up thread mentioned that her dad bought a huge ass house so i always thoguht it was like a finished basement w/ a kitchen that they just exiled her to so she wouldnt ruin the whole house lol

No. 1219813

File: 1619726616203.jpeg (125.54 KB, 750x885, 10BA2456-3A94-4593-8946-DF0CB6…)

I can see why she was banished to the basement. Just imagine the smell lol.

No. 1219819

File: 1619726860283.jpeg (189.17 KB, 750x737, 6C65F701-07C7-4E53-9A8C-363F9A…)

(Same fag)
How are her parents allowing her to destroy the house? There’s no way they’re not aware of her graffitiing up the walls and ceiling.

No. 1219863

looks like wisdom teeth imo, deep roots

No. 1219886

As shitty as it looks, graffiti doesn't destroy a house. Painting walls is cheap and easy.

No. 1219888


Just because they're currently 17-18 doesn't mean they weren't groomed, neglected, and perpetuate pedo culture through what they post. Any civilized society ought to prevent Maeve and Ruby from posting this shit in places where children can easily see it and be profoundly effected by it

No. 1220102

Yeah the graffiti is the least of the problems. I'd be more concerned with them pissing on the floors and potential pests like cockroaches moving in due to the general filth of the place.

No. 1220154

File: 1619761686448.jpeg (285.38 KB, 750x1027, AEF9772E-B47E-40E8-BA7B-71D8DB…)

I’ll never understand why people intentionally damage/ruin their own stuff. Graffiti can be painted over. However, the carpet has been through some shit. (Besides all the urine who knows what other mystery stains have been absorbed into it)

No. 1220263

File: 1619780516041.jpeg (411.85 KB, 1125x1902, 89911010-57D3-440F-9B5C-8D6E12…)

seems like maeve got kicked out of school. any milk on why?

No. 1220271

Im guessing low attendance

No. 1220506

Maybe she’s talking about dance school? She mentioned on a live that both her and Ruby were struggling in highschool but graduated last year. Maeve recently started dancing again so it would make sense that she was kicked out from her previous dance school and transferred to another one?

No. 1221283

People are cowtipping on Ruby's live now

No. 1221330

File: 1619914640511.jpeg (378.68 KB, 750x1107, 78BA2AF0-3BB2-4B1B-89E7-8E3E40…)

This post reeks of attention whoring. I can’t tell if Ruby is actually mentally ill or just trying to come off as 4dgy.

Also what were the cowtippers saying anon? I wonder if Ruby will now stalk this thread. Hell she’ll probably love the extra attention.

No. 1221338

I watched part of the stream before getting bored (didn't personally see any cowtipping comments) but Ruby was saying she was doxxed and is having her phone number, address, and dead grandparents being aired out online. She said she was afraid now and was going to be locking her doors at night and seeing if she could get this thread reported but she doubted it. She denies any claims of sexual abuse towards Maeve saying they've never had sex but a couple weeks ago in a stream they both already admitted to fucking multiple times saying it was all mostly terrible except for one instance. She definitely reads these threads and encouraged viewers to look up "slutcasino cancelled" on Google but was very adamant that she hates the attention and does not want to be cancelled and she does not have the mental energy to deal with being watched like this. She also admitted to the threads being juicy and said she'd like to see a deep dive YouTube video on herself but this was probably a joke since half the livestream was her just saying she hated farmers and the attention and whoever leaked stuff from personal account

No. 1221346

File: 1619917263872.png (10.5 MB, 1242x2208, B1597612-8910-4185-AAFF-FA46E2…)

She's live again crying, saying she can't handle people gossiping about her

No. 1221347

Thank you for the recap anon! It’s clear that Ruby is aware of this thread now. Btw the only person that doxxed Ruby is herself. On a previous live Ruby mentioned that she doxxed herself by giving out her phone number. Also as if anyone would consider making a YouTube video on her. The main reason being she’s a nobody and has no personality.

No. 1221351

Haven’t seen anything doxxing Ruby, and nobody here would have had info on her dead grandparents or whatever or address besides either her or someone close to her. Either she’s lying to her more sympathy points and distract from the genuine criticism here, or somethings going on behind that scenes that she’s not being completely honest about and is trying to pin it on “internet meanies”

No. 1221359

Samefag but she is now live with Maeve and they're having a schizo sesh, talking about the "big one" and how the hospital workers are trying to "make them have static brains". Peak entertainment

No. 1221365

If y’all cared about them so much, y’all wouldn’t be doing this right now.(namefagging)

No. 1221369

File: 1619920053184.jpeg (152.38 KB, 750x1334, DDF22F89-3DA4-4FE9-A36C-9B0BEA…)

Jonah learn how to fucking sage. Also go tell your narcissistic attention whore girlfriend to get off live and go see a therapist.

No. 1221482


god this whole "we have ScHIzO UwQ" schtick is the cringiest thing i have ever seen in my whole life. imagine building an online persona around pretending and wishing you had a mental illness that would entirely alienate you from all of humanity if it was truly untreated.

it's so fucking disgusting. larping having a mental disorder because of an aesthetic. cunts.

No. 1221494

They are actually diagnosed it’s not some shtick. That’s extremely insensitive and disrespectful towards two underage girls with a serious mental disorder that has ruined most of their lives. It’s pretty obvious that it’s real they constantly talk in weird phrases and shit and they are really involved….. not very in touch with reality or society tbh. You can tell they never really leave the house and they’re pretty distressed in general the majority of the time they’re livestreaming. If you pay attention you can really tell they’re not all the way there. They’re pretty off in a way that couldn’t be faked. I know they’re diagnosed as a fact. And on top of that they refuse to believe they have schizophrenia. They say they don’t and there’s nothing wrong with them they just “know everything”.(namefag)

No. 1221496


Right. Because talking about your eyes wanting to eat things is impossible for someone who's not diagnosed to say.

The words just cannot form without a diagnosis. I can't believe I even managed to type it up in the previous sentence. Wow. Maybe I'm schizo too? How very dare you bully me, a schizo.

Besides, like I said in >>1214216, how many people with paranoid delusions do YOU think post about them on an open instagram for the world to see?

As a recently confirmed schizo, I can tell you I'd never do that, because the whole point of paranoia is that you believe it's real and if you talk about it to everyone, you're just letting Them know that you know They know.

Now I gotta go, the crowns of my teeth are screaming at me that the bloated skins of my radiators are about to burst and ripple until my vibrating eyeballs burst out of my head. (i wrote that myself, and a non-schizo could never)

No. 1221497

How do you “know for a fact” two girls’ diagnoses? Are they saying they’re schizophrenic or are they denying it? You guys are saying conflicting things.

No. 1221500

They say they’re diagnosed but they don’t believe it because “the doctors are just trying to make them stupid”. I don’t know if they’re schizophrenic but they definitely have something wrong with them where they think they genuinely see the secrets of the universe and are afraid people are going to take that away from them. That seems pretty schizo to me or maybe just generally crazy/psychotic

No. 1221502

They seem to be paranoid that people are going to take away whatever special abilities they think they have. And just because they talk about it publicly doesn’t make it invalid

No. 1221503


or, how about this: sometimes people… on the internet… lie for attention

No. 1221508

I don’t know about this one…. I’ve been following them since before they gained a following. They definitely have a history since way back of talking about they’re issues before even the alleged diagnosis. Ruby was talking about how she tried to kill her mom when she was 12 because nobody believed her that she was going through a psychotic episode. Plus both of them did a shit ton of acid together and everything kind of went down hill from there. Been following them since before that happened.

No. 1221509

They’re also very avid about the fact that meeting eachother was a 1 in a million miracle because they felt they knew eachother in a past life. Figures they’re so joined at the hip after only being friends for a year

No. 1221511

Probably the reason why they’re so f*ing codependent on eachother. They think they’re all they have because everyone else is out to get them

No. 1221512


mhm… seems suspicious. it's not like people… on the internet… can lie for attention… for a long time.

calling it now: lillee jean has actually been a celebrity all these years

tnd has been sober for months and months

momo never made porn

margaret's daughter was STOLEN

i mean, it's not like anyone would ever LIE on the INTERNET for YEARS to get ATTENTION. impossible!!!

No. 1221513

Lol you’re fucking delusional. Anyone can say random nonsense online, that doesn’t mean they’re schizophrenic. Stop downplaying metal illness. Especially when both Ruby and Maeve tell people that they’re fucking stupid and aren’t on their same level because “tHeyRe UnDer tHe WAtEr” and everyone else is above the water. They just want attention that’s all it is.

No. 1221514


kek i'm actually having a good time with this retard being like "no but they did it after i started following them!!!!!!!!" lmaoooooo is that the proof? i thought you knew for a fact kekekekekekek

No. 1221515

Either way. If they have schizophrenia or not it’s not cool to assume they don’t and are just doing it for attention. If something really was wrong with them and they read this they could go into a psychotic break or some shit. It’s just not healthy or kind or respectful. Mental illness is real and if they’re faking it then they’re fucked. But innocent until proven guilty bud. Cut them some slack they are people in the end.

No. 1221516


what do you mean? i thought you had irrefutable proof?

and yeah, if they don't have it, that does actually make them fucking horrible people. Pretending to have a very fucking serious mental illness in order to gather followers online is fucking disgusting behaviour. Carving your name into someone's body is disgusting behaviour. Posting graphically sexual images of someone underage is disgusting behaviour.

Besides, all we do here is laugh at the shit they themselves have made public. If it's so triggering to see other people call them out, maybe they shouldn't be posting this shit in the first place lmao

anyway, have fun whiteknighting these two dumbos, go lick your wounds from the mean internet people not defending two trash bags

No. 1221517

They show a shit ton of symptoms and ruby’s mom has asked her about her psychosis and if she felt okay that day on a live stream before and ruby said shh I’m on live right now. And Maeve is has a couple giant scars on her wrists and carved ruby’s name in her leg and freaks out almost every day on livestream and cries. Diagnosis or not. Something is seriously wrong with them

No. 1221518


oh they have a diagnosis alright. it's called attentionwhoring and it claims thousands of cows yearly

No. 1221519

And whatever is causing them to be clearly miserable deserves sympathy

No. 1221520

How the f do you explain her mom LITERALLY SAYING IT

No. 1221521


what, their own pathetic longing for online notoriety? they clearly wanna be famous, we're just giving it to them. if anything you should be thanking us for playing into their act and giving them the online following they so clearly deserve lol

No. 1221522

Oh you’re not giving them the fame?? What is this then kekekek

No. 1221523


it's possible… for kids… to lie… to their parents

also lmao at the idea that a parent concerned about their child's well-being, knowing they have schizophrenia and fully understanding what that meant, would just pop their head in and be like "hi sweetie how's the psychosis? oh you're on that instagram where you and your friend constantly reinfoce each other's massive, harmful and dangerous delusions? alright i'll come back later, have a good time online honey"

fucking kek

No. 1221524


> if anything you should be thanking us for playing into their act and giving them the online following they so clearly deserve

learn to read, newfag

No. 1221525

You’re a fucking idiot and an awful person. Learn to kys.


No. 1221526


lmao you went south from the "be kind and respectful :'''(" real fast when you didn't get support lmao

anyway we're both gonna get banned for infighting at this point, i had a good kek (good on u for learning that word, gold star to u (you still don't know how to sage tho you fucking moron, good attempt at integrating)) to go along with my morning coffee.

Anyway, as a collective we need to get on recording their ig lives, i'm so sad i've missed every one of them so far. thank u to the recap anons, you're doing the lord's work!

No. 1221528

Holy shit learn how to fucking sage newfag

Lol right? I followed them so it must be true! The proof is: please believe me guys!

You can go back to Maeve’s older posts and see that they were tame compared to when she met Ruby. It’s clear Maeve has an eating disorder, is severely codependent, and possibly a narc. But I highly fucking doubt she is schizophrenic. As someone who has family members with schizophrenia, they would never publicly post half the shit Ruby and Maeve do. Because they’re suffering from extreme paranoia/delusions and it wouldn’t make any god damn sense to let the person that’s “out to get you/going to hurt you” that you are aware of them. Posting about people coming to get you would actually make their paranoia worse so again why the fuck would someone suffering with schizophrenia constantly post about their delusions/paranoia? Oh right for attention.

No. 1221534

I feel like if a child got a schizophrenia diagnosis, by law they would have to tell the parent. And wouldn’t her mom be the one picking up the prescriptions? Wasn’t at least one of them hospitalized? Her mom is fucking clueless and if she watches her daughter’s Instagram like that’s just e~xpression, she really would just pop in to ask about psychosis lol. Based on their behavior I can believe it.

No. 1221538

> one intense "WHAT IS SAGE LOLCOW" googling later

look, this is getting tiring. i get you've dug yourself into a fucking hole here and you feel like the only way to go is to continue down, but you look retarded and you're not gonna change anybody's mind because you're obviously just wk'ing two morons because you've decided that supporting two kids who larp being mentally ill for followers is what you wanna do with your life.

They're not fucking ill. And to just refute one last point: If her mom is that stupid regarding how mental illness works, like you just described perfectly, why would she not be fooled by her obviously manipulative kid?

Bc I just saw you deleted this part:

> Not sure why so many people/one person is gatekeeping “real mental illness” and “real abuse” so much.

Because pretending to have schizo to fit your aesthetic is fucking disgusting. I've said that a few times now. Schizo isn't a joke, it's not fashion, it's not cool, it's not something to basically, as much as i hate the word, appropriate because you wanna be famous and unique. It's disrespectful, shits on every life that has been ruined by these things, creates and reinforces already existing stigmas (jesus christ, the struggles actually schizo people go through to stop being labelled as "freaky and dangerous crazies" that these two just shit all over for likes) and basically just look schizo people in the eye, hear about all their struggles, and spit them right in the fucking face.

Is that enough of an sjw answer for you, you soggy pissrag of ruby's?

No. 1221539

I’m literally a completely different anon

No. 1221540

woops, i didn't realise we had two people on the "these two have schizo" train in the thread. Apologies!

No. 1221543

Yes both of them have been hospitalized ruby went live one time when she was in the hospital searching for Maeve. And they take antipsychotics but don’t want to be on them because they feel like it’s brain washing them. And yeah moms are dumb and totally would just walk in to check up on their daughter like that. These anons are idiots for trying to throw this shit down on these girls

No. 1221544

Receipts or it didn’t happen. This is an image board and you’re a random anon. How do we know you’re not pulling shit outta your ass?

No. 1221546

Well said anon! Thank you! It’s hilarious seeing Ruby send her lil followers onto this thread. She’s just making herself look worse.

No. 1221547

calling it now, ruby and/or maeve are gonna post about being bullied online

one much more fun option is that they go full elaine and start posting about how we're the devils who are coming after them lmfao. it's been a while since we were blamed for causing someone to be SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL

No. 1221549

I deleted it and took it out to avoid an argument but that clearly blew up in my face.
I hear you and agree it’s possible they could be larping. Again, because they were underage during diagnosis the mom would know, and someone would be having to buy their medications. That’s it, those are solid points to have questions about. That literally does not mean I think they are schizophrenic or not, it’s equally believable they’re lying based on everything, but that everything is how delusional they are. That’s why people are just looking at what could potentially be empirical. It also doesn’t effect my opinion of them whatsoever, regardless of diagnosis they should be committed until they have a better life plan and their parents aren’t the densest mfers on the planet. If they are schizophrenic they should be on medication, so we can all agree on that.

You can’t go live on social media in a psych ward fuck off. Affirming my points without adding any of the insight you claim to have just makes you sound less believable. Also to be fair anti psychotics are given so easily, and you can have psychotic features requiring them without having full blown schizophrenia.

No. 1221553


Fair, sorry for assuming you were the same person as the non-saging newfag!

The thing is tho, we have no proof of any of this, nothing of that has been posted in the thread. Literally the only source is mcmoron up there going "i've followed them for a long time" for proof. Like >>1221544 said, receipts or it didn't happen. I'm gonna remain sceptical until we have something to go off other than "they clearly post cRaZY things so they must be schizo!!!" and a bunch of "i saw this thing that i have no proof of once!!!"

No. 1221558

Here comes a third. While you may or may not think it is schizophrenia, they still deal mental illness. They both go to therapy and take antipsychotics & mood stabilizers. They just believe that things are better when they’re untreated. Going on SSRIs or other medications make you more stable but not necessarily more happy (static in the brain, over the water). They want what they once had in their friendship, which was chaos and seeing the same things (becoming one person, being under the water). I’m not saying that this is good or bad, but it would be idiotic to simplify it all to “lying”. It is obvious and without refutation that they want attention; they host lives instead of simply calling each other, they stay online & give attention to people even if they say they don’t want it… But lying isn’t how they garner their attention, it’s by publicly posting an unconventional lifestyle online.

No. 1221561


So, do you think they have schizo or not? Because that's what they're pretending to have and what I have an issue with. Going on/off SSRI's is a far thing from claiming to have schizo-fucking-phrenia.

I don't have an issue with saying they clearly have a lot of attention-seeking behaviour to the point of it being an illness, I think that's a fair assessment. But if you really think they have schizo (which you're contradicting yourself on so i don't really get where you stand on that) which they very clearly WANT people to think bc it plays into their whole schtick, I got some bad news for you buddy.

Regardless of how big of their Thing having schizo is, they're still larping that illness pretty fucking hard. most illnessfakers and munchies do other shit than ONLY talk about the diagnosis they pretend to have, that doesn't mean their faking isn't a fucking issue.

And yeah, most people who pretend to have an illness to this degree are actually sick in some way, but treating them with kiddie gloves and pretending this behaviour is ok (which you're not really doing, I'm mostly talking about the person who started this thing) is gonna do absolutely nothing except allow them to continue.

No. 1221566

What proof can they reasonably provide? If they did post proof, would you just dismiss that as attention seeking? Do mentally ill girls owe you that power over them, to publicly post their diagnosis just because you demand it or you will bully them? Should their respective psychiatrists address the letter confirming their diagnosis to LolCow? Would you feel comfortable knowing you pressured someone only 18 years old into sharing something like that in a permanent image form that can’t easily be removed online, knowing even more people will target them and they will face a lifetime of stigma therefore less likely to reach out for help?
Sure they admitted it in lives or in ephemeral ways, that’s the safest given their condition and things slip when you’re not lucid. It was mentioned one of them stopped their mom from talking about the psychosis, so at least some of the time they’re coherent enough to care. They’re obviously mentally ill, their frontal lobes are barely formed, and they’re part of a generation even more enmeshed with social media. It’s all very unhealthy and you don’t need to pressure them into doing something like that just because you want to scream about them being liars for some reason.

No. 1221567

I definitely think either one of them or both do have schizophrenia but put it at a front to garner attention, as they make posts about it and talk about it all the time like it is something desirable. That is an issue that I’m not denying.

So I don’t think they’re lying, but I do think they’re glorifying their mental issues which isn’t any better.

No. 1221578

schizophrenia usually presents in the early 20s for males and late 20s for females. It is rare for people under the age of 18 to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Not to say these girls aren’t mentally ill but I find it extremely unlikely that both of them would have schizophrenia diagnosis.

No. 1221582


:eyeroll: so what, it's okay for their pwecious mewtal healf to openly play out these "delusions" on instagram in a way a) no schizo person would ever be okay with (again, if you were paranoid, why in the fuck would you outline it in public to let the people who are "after you" know you're onto them) and b) that clearly only reaffirms said delusions in a dangerously unhealthy way are they real - we're not even touching on the other stuff - and for you to come in here and sperg about it, but it's outrageously evil for people to go "do you actually have these illnesses you're claiming to have?"

Like mentioned in >>1221538, this behaviour of theirs - regardless of if they actually have shcizo or not - is reaffirming negative stigmas and stereotypes that people with this diagnose have been trying to get out of the public image for decades and decades. They're playing the schizo card as a way to reinforce the aesthetic of two CrAzY BrOKeN CrEePy gIrLS and in doing so, they do fucking owe it to the people trying desperatelky to not get branded by society for an illness to prove that they're not just talking out of their asses in order to get coolpoints on the internet.

They're not just ruining their own life, again may i add by themselves putting this stuff online, they're destroying the work of advocates who for decades have been trying to combat this stigma ruby and maeve now larp into.

Yeah, it's fucking fair to ask if they actually have the illness when they do all this shit, because it's fucking disgusting if they don't.

If I were to start an instagram claiming to have an eating disorder, be paraplegic, have autism, have cerebral palsy or any other fucking illness, and i made that account ONLY full of negative stereotypes reinforcing stigmas against people with these diagnosises, would you be here supporting me from the evil bullies saying it's a bit weird to be posting shit no actual person with this illness would post, and people called me out wanting to know if i truly DO need to be in a wheelchair - would you be there defending me from the EEEVIL BOOLIES RUINING MAH LYFE then too?

Calling someone out on their fucking bullshit is not demanding power over a few pwecious wittle giwls on the iwtewnet. Go to TND's thread and scream at the anons there not calling her sober, then. Go to Luna's thread and do the same. Go to the fucking fakeboitherottengirl thread and scream at people for calling out someone defending cp, because THEIR MENTUL HEALF. I'm waiting. You can't cherrypick which garbage people you support and which you don't. For fuck's sake, why haven't you started a campaign to clean up soren hayes' name??? He might have been through all the shit he claimed to have been!!! who are these people DARING to ask for proof and power over his life!!!!!!!!

I don't know why in the fucking world this thread is full of so many people desperate to whiteknight these two dipshits. Seriously, do you hope they're gonna fuck you or something? do you wanna get a piece of their clout out of gratitude? Why are THESE TWO the people you decide to support? Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1221583

I did find this:
“If the disease is diagnosed prior to the age of 18 this is called early-onset schizophrenia (EOS). EOS is rare with an estimated prevalence of 0.23%”

I don’t think both of them have it, if either theoretically, and there’s a lot of other issues with psychotic features that can be given the same medication. Regardless, their mother is watching them do meth knowing there’s a history of psychosis so what the fuck.

No. 1221588


b–but anon, they post weird shit on their insta that nobody not having schizo would!!! also according to someone, ruby's mom said "how's your psychosis" during an ig live!

No. 1221589

File: 1619952287949.png (1.58 MB, 1884x902, Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 12.43…)

okay, i'm gonna stop feeding the trolls now. sorry for my part in shitting up the thread, i've just fucking had it with these wk'in idiots.

To get the thread back on topic: ruby posted this pic of her mom, seems like all is not well with her either.

No. 1221590

File: 1619952369401.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1202x894, Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 12.44…)

There was also this, which… I don't even know where to start lmfao, what's with the creepy stare at the camera while being photographed naked in the bath with your kid on your tit? it's no news ruby's a fucking redneck, but golly

No. 1221597

maybe if they didn't want there to be a permanent record of them having schizo on the internet, they shouldn't claim to have schizo on the internet.

if they don't want people to have opinions on the illnesses they claim to have on the internet, they shouldn't claim to have those illnesses on the internet.

you sit here talking about them doing meth and then say I'm the person trying to ruin their lives for calling them out on the mental illnesses they publicly, openly and frankly claim to have? give me a fucking break. cannot wait for the "lolcow ruined our lives" saga.

No. 1221598


well, anon deleted their post, but here's what it said;

> Well no, you did not ask “do you actually have these illnesses you're claiming to have?", you’ve been actually sperging and claimed they did not have them until multiple people brought up having reasonable questions, then you calmed down for like three posts lol. No one is defending them or necessarily disagreeing with you, you’re just asking for unreasonable things and getting emotional over nothing. How would you like them to prove their diagnosis then? You didn’t actually answer and they lurk, so maybe they will do as you ask. Who knows. But if you claim to care about advocating for mental health, pressuring two girls online for permanent proof when you know they at least take antipsychotics and their mother knows is kind of messed up. But do you idk just please calm down, some of us just want to have a discussion and aren’t that invested.
> I don’t see how you think everyone else is “screaming” when you write things with multiple forms of emphasis and exclamation. No one else is doing that, just you. I can assure you schizophrenic people do enough disturbing things that two gen z internet randos are not going to besmirch literally any kind of work, those movements are in generalities to avoid judging individuals for reasons you’re proving. They’re also doing meth and not taking medication so they’ll probably be full blown schizo soon enough.

(btw, on the topic of not answering, you didn't answer whether you'd support me pretending to be in a wheelchair either. and how about all the other potential fakers on this site? where's their defence?)

No. 1221726

the only thing shitting up the thread more than the wks is your reddit spacing

No. 1221820

That just looks like a sentimental family photo. The only milk in this post is coming from her boobies

No. 1221871

I don’t understand the moralfagging and white knighting of these two just because they have mental illness, nobodies picking fun at them for having mental illness, it’s their disgusting behavior and also their harm to animals and people that have them discussed here.
Having mental illness doesn’t make you safe from consequences.
Also, your defense does nothing but fuel this thread. The more you defend them the more you bump this thread, which means the more anons that see this will read and know who they are and help keep this thread alive, the more you speak about this thread the more people will come here to see your disgusting behavior, even those fangirls and boys that’ll pay your back on live won’t resist revealing more dirt on you all when they realize they can do so without consequence and giggle with the rest of us on here, it’s the constant cycle and in the end we only want the milk.

No. 1221890

I deleted it so this stupid fucking bullshit would end. No one is disagreeing with you, you’re just obsessed with them. No one is defending their behavior, literally no one. If they have the mental illnesses they do how do you expect them to make coherent, intelligent, and informed decisions? No one is saying you can’t do what you’re doing they’re just asking you questions and you fucking lose your mind. No one wants to deal with that enjoy your thread

No. 1221992

What did these two do that was particularly wrong??? They apologized for the fat shaming thing so don’t mention that (not excusing it btw)

No. 1222001

Uh they’re psycho bitches that piss in their house and get kicked out of their local scen for rape (accusations) those being the most interesting to me and maybe read the op?(if we could get some more info on the accusations I’d love that btw) it’s entertaining. Don’t like it? Hide the fucking thread.

No. 1222005

The thread gargoyle emerges

No. 1222008

So what they did wrong is “being psycho bitches”……. Lmao. Anyways I have some information on the rape allegations. Ruby called out her ex for hitting her and touching her amd just being a creep and he freaked out and turned it around on her now telling everyone that she raped him. He is a very tall heavy set older boy and she was a 15 year old girl and he was her first boyfriend. She has friends that have said they knew what was happening when it was happening and warn people not to believe the guy. Also people have came forward to ruby with their stories of how he was a creep toward them. You can ask her for screenshots. It’s an already busted myth. Old news.

No. 1222009

And it’s also not true that they got kicked out of anywhere. They’re welcome at shows and there’s nowhere that has ever kicked them out.

No. 1222010

Why don’t you leave the potential victims out of it instead of digging up their personal information for them to relive? If measures have been taken to keep the victims safe, don’t turn it into something that could backfire on them or their lives. You don’t have to like these people, but if someone besides these girls were sexually abused, at least care about them enough to let them try to live lives separately. This shit isn’t “just gossip” and whoever was sexually assaulted isn’t a pawn. You’re just as sociopathic and should idk maybe hide the thread yourself.

No. 1222011

My money is on it being the ex who made this thread. Who is he?

No. 1222012

File: 1620007258972.jpeg (200.82 KB, 746x1062, CE99F4D7-4F4F-4C15-85FE-A79B48…)

Maeve neglects/abuses her cats. They both fat shamed on multiple/ very recent occasions, so it seems they were not very sincere with their apology. Maeve admitted that her and Ruby call people “dykeface”. As well as being homophobic altogether. And using mental illness as an aesthetic.

No. 1222013

This is a fact? There’s evidence? Maybe don’t go around saying someone raped somebody when they didn’t. You’re fucked up yo

No. 1222014

They aren’t homophobic Maeve is a lesbian. And they did apologize for fat shaming and it only happened once. And Maeve has anger issues and I don’t fuck with the cats thing you right on that

No. 1222015

YALL NEED TO CHILL WITH THE “they’re using mental illness as an aesthetic”. YALL DONT KNOW THESE GIRLS AT ALL!!!! What do you want them to do…. post their diagnosis doctors slip on their Instagram story?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1222017

No no I’m so sorry anon, I was responding to the likely ex before your posts came up clarifying. I didn’t want them digging up what I thought would be another underage girl in case it would put her in danger too. Your posts obviously change everything and it makes sense that this has been a man trying to fit in with lolcow the whole fucking time. I fucking called it too and he went off.

No. 1222018

Not sure his name but if you hit up ruby I’m pretty sure she’ll lyk and also she’s got pictures of bruises and shit that are available to anyone who asks.

No. 1222019

Doesn’t matter if they apologized because they did it again and it clearly wasn’t sincere. Read the damn thread. And Maeve denied being a lesbian during a q&a when people asked her if she was dating Ruby. Maeve and Ruby are shitty people. Stop trying to white knight them. The shit they do is inexcusable.

No. 1222020

I’m not comfortable asking and hate that she has to relive this or keep things like that up because of that subhuman. No wonder they act like this.

No. 1222021

People call everyone here fat and wow 18 year old girls experiment with sexuality and labels

No. 1222022

Oh sorry. And yeah exactly. Ruby also had a good friend who she cut off because the friend was just being weird and wouldn’t leave ruby alone and got upset when ruby couldn’t hang out. That friend got super vengeful and has been spreading rumors that ruby is a rapist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, etc etc pretty much anything anyone could do wrong that’s what she says ruby does. That girl also followed ruby around and attacked her and hit her while ruby was downtown hanging out with friends on Christmas eve. The girl has also said she was going to come kill her family and has showed up to her house multiple times. Ruby is in the process of getting a restraining order. Most to every single one of the rumors on these girls were started by her.

No. 1222023

What the fuck are you talking about? Maeve and Ruby admitted to calling people who they don’t like dykeface how is that experimenting with their sexuality?

No. 1222024

Maeve has pretty bad internalized homophobia. Ruby seems to just go along with it because she doesn’t know what else to do. Ruby’s mom is a lesbian and they’re extremely close. Ruby doesn’t seem to ever talk about things like that unless Maeve brings them up and then ruby looks uncomfortable with it. Maeve just hates herself and litho is she can act like a peice of shit because of it that’s the conclusion

No. 1222026

What does that have to do with anything?

No. 1222027

Screenshots on here show otherwise. Also the person accusing Ruby of rape is a guy named Lenny not some girl. See here >>1214244 Idk where you’re getting your information anon. Also learn to sage your shit.

No. 1222028

When they were talking about dykeface ruby was like no you look cute stop saying that we’re gonna get cancelled and she was trying to explain that she appreciated lesbians and dykeface didn’t exist. And Maeve just kind of went off being a bitch and kept being homophobic. Everyone here is saying ruby is the manipulative one but it’s pretty clear it’s the other way around. Maeve is obviously in love with ruby and ruby doesn’t reciprocate. Maeve is a bitch to her all time and makes ruby visibly uncomfortable a lot because Maeve will say self deprecating things 24/7 only to make ruby say they’re not true and it’s clear that ruby is tired of being used like that

No. 1222029

Side note… I sense their friendship coming to an end pretty soon. Ruby is uncomfortable with a lot of shit Maeve is saying that could get them in trouble and ruby knows it. She’s just dragging ruby into it I feel bad for her. There’s some subtle pushback happening between them and I can tell shit is about to go down.

No. 1222034

I understand what you mean anon. However both of these girls are extremely messy and that’s why they have a thread. Ruby posts torture/rape videos, pissed on Maeve’s floor and has a YouTube video of her smacking the shit out of Maeve for laughs. Maeve on the other hand is fatphobic, homophobic and abuses her pets. Idk if the allegations of Ruby are true or not. All there is on here about that is a reddit post and a single screenshot of Ruby and another user discussing the allegations. Everything else they did so far is fair game for criticism.

No. 1222037

Yeah I get that. They’re strange people for sure. Over all I think they are just edgy little freaks who don’t know how to clean their room. Probably mentally ill. And probably innocent to most of their allegations, besides the ones where they were just being stupid insecure teenagers and said some dumb shit. Harmless id say. And definitely don’t deserve the amount of hate they’re receiving. Seems to me that they’re trying to do there best to get better from the bad place they were in a while ago, seeing as they’re sober now and talk about being “good girls” all the time and constantly talking about how much they want to be happy and calm. I honestly feel that they just bit off more than they could chew (drugs, parties, controversies, encouraging eachother’s awful mental health) and fucked themselves over for a long time, only recently beginning to understand what happened and trying to recover

No. 1222052

File: 1620011038036.jpg (137.9 KB, 634x813, 2455694900000578-2891685-Filli…)

Maeve used to be pretty cute… now she looks like a flesh suit. Like a serial killer peeled someones face off and stuck it on another person. Also kind of like those kinky old guys that dress up in rubber skin suits

No. 1222057

File: 1620011767791.jpeg (398.11 KB, 828x824, D139FBB1-48FD-4CFA-B6C9-0F2AEE…)

You’re so right Jesus Christ. She’s like a burn victim. She scratches herself constantly until she bleeds and it scars, probably because she never showers. Her coochie probably stank like a motherfucker.

No. 1222060

For someone who’s trying to be “good” and swears to never have sex with anyone again and vows not to be slutty anymore, Maeve sure does post a lot of provocative shit. She just can’t handle not getting sexual attention. Imagine being so insecure and ugly that you physically can’t stop yourself from posting your tits because you need validation. She’s just a horny fuck but she won’t admit it because she hates herself. Bitch really needs to learn some self respect.

No. 1222063

I think Maeve is trying to sabotage ruby and her boyfriends relationship? I mean Maeve is obviously in love with ruby right. And every time ruby’s boyfriend is around Maeve will make snarky comments and laugh at him to make him pissed and leave. And she’ll be all lovey dovey towards the obviously uncomfortable ruby and then jonah will get mad at ruby??? It’s all a big plan for Maeve to make jonah jealous of them and ruby is stuck in the middle. Maeve is the real scumbag in this whole story. Someone take her phone away she needs a time out.

No. 1222068

I noticed the same thing! Maeve treats ruby like shit but everyone just looks past it because ruby has more followers and is kind of the leader of them both, meaning that Maeve follows her around like a puppy and copies every single thing she does. Shine some more light on this pig, she gets none of it and deserves all of it.

No. 1222069

She may not have control of her own mind but she clearly owns yours

No. 1222070

Ruby is pretty sweet when she’s on her own. Maeve brings something bad out in her that I don’t think she wants. They’re both cunts but I believe Maeve is the power source to most of their evil doing. Sucks that everyone is saying Ruby is the one doing things to Maeve just because Maeve acts all innocent and childlike. She’s a psycho.

No. 1222071

File: 1620013451327.jpeg (382.35 KB, 828x825, ED02808B-C611-4CCE-9BFB-CA78FE…)

Ruby posted body checks on her private Instagram. Fucking disgusting. They’re probably both pro ana that’s some nasty shit.

No. 1222072

File: 1620013503202.jpeg (613.41 KB, 828x1425, C081C953-7651-4050-BF8E-79F109…)

Someone commented “albino hotdog” kekekekek

No. 1222074

Okay I take back saying they did anything “wrong” there’s a reason threads on theses types of girls exist they post almost everything for attention online and it’s fucking entertaining. It’s clear half the anime don’t understand the culture and are wks here’s reply to my op post as an example. >>1222010
No one with any sense would do anything to “”””””trigger””””””” the victims. We want the milk, and a reason for this thread to be active.

No. 1222085

Maeve and Ruby are both shitty people. All these fucking Ruby stans in this thread is exhausting. Stop trying to justify her actions and use Maeve as a scapegoat when they both enable each other.

No. 1222087

No shit they’re both awful people who are only making everything worse for eachother, but is it really equal? Think about it.

No. 1222098


Did ya’ll forget that it was Ruby manipulating Maeve to stop taking her medications. And trying to get Maeve to cancel her doctor’s appointment because Ruby couldn’t go with her? KEK you’re either Ruby trying to throw Maeve under the bus or you’re Jonah white knighting. No random ass anon is this determined to ever make a cow look good. Maeve isn’t the genius mastermind you’re trying to make her out to be.

No. 1222099

They both wanted to stop taking medications??? And Maeve was the one who wanted ruby to come with her she said she didn’t want to go if ruby wasn’t coming with her

No. 1222114

File: 1620017013645.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 2893970A-B2A5-42B3-A2FC-197982…)

Anon, it was Ruby’s idea about going off the medications. Ruby threw a tantrum and started attacking followers on live because people were telling Maeve to not go off her medications. Maeve started crying and said she wasn’t sure about going off her meds because she “doesn’t want to be stupid and happy. But also doesn’t want to be miserable either”. Are you going to make an excuse for Ruby carving her name into Maeve’s thigh too? They both manipulate the shit out of each other. Hell, they’re perfect for each other.

No. 1222122

Ok fine. But Maeves carved ruby’s name into her own thigh ruby had nothing to do with that don’t flip that one around

No. 1222125

So you’re telling me Maeve carved Ruby’s name into her own leg then had Ruby come and take pictures of her, for Ruby to post the pictures on her own story highlights? Also how do you know it was Maeve? Again Ruby took the picture and posted it on her own account. Also I just went onto Ruby’s page and the photo was suddenly removed from her story highlights but here’s a screenshot >>1214094

No. 1222128

Maeve did it on a livestream. Ask her. It’s just the truth ruby didn’t do that. Ruby probably didn’t mind and posted a picture because they’re both stupidly sadistic. That’s a whole other thing though. Anyways, Maeve did it herself because she’s in love with ruby and wanted to show her how devoted she was. I don’t know how ruby feels about it since all she did was post a picture and not say anything but still. Creepy.

No. 1222133

And ruby’s boyfriend was complaining to ruby while she was live-streaming (alone) and was talking about how it was disgusting of her to do that because she’s not ruby’s girlfriend and she’s acting like she is. He clearly has terrible jealousy problems since half the time his face is shown in a live he’s upset about the two of them. But he was really pissed that Maeve did that and he got a tattoo of ruby’s name on his ring finger. Him and Maeve are in competition. My favorite thing to do is watch both of them make their plays back and forth. Super entertaining.

No. 1222134

Ruby’s boyfriend also cuts ruby. Just kinky shit but it’s hella weird that he’s 20 and she’s 17. All three of them are psychopaths. Plus they’ve all had sex with eachother. WTFFFF

No. 1222138

File: 1620019709486.jpeg (731.06 KB, 828x1093, CA99A7CF-4159-4EA8-A741-82B5A6…)

These look like old cuts, not very deep. I’ve seen her on her story with some pretty gnarly ones on her chest but I don’t have screenshots.

No. 1222139

Anyone know her boyfriends name or ig handle?

No. 1222141

Interesting… Do you happen to have any screenshots or anything of that live? Maeve always seemed codependent but I had no idea she was batshit crazy obsessive. The relationship with Jonah and Ruby always seemed predatory as well but I have no proof of that, as Jonah never posts anything and Ruby only posts incriminating shit on her private Instagram.

No. 1222150

File: 1620020328908.jpeg (67.72 KB, 744x612, 067ABFAA-3DBF-411B-A596-6A8979…)

His Instagram is “3fghi”. He got scared and purged all his ugly photos of Ruby n shit. There wasn’t anything interesting there to begin with.

No. 1222152

File: 1620020726261.jpeg (96.13 KB, 750x665, DBAC02C2-237B-4A50-9530-67678D…)

You forgot to mention that Maeve used to date Jonah then broke up and he started dating Ruby. Which would make sense of how they all know each other and why Maeve sorta dislikes Jonah as a well as obsessed with Ruby.

No. 1222165

Maeve also has kept a lock of ruby’s hair from when she was cutting her hair at Maeves house. She’s kept ruby’s fingernails, has some of her teeth, and so many of her clothes and says she smells them at night when she’s going to bed and cries.

When ruby left Maeves house (she was living there) to go be with Jonah Maeve attempted suicide and was in the hospital for the entire summer. Maeve attempted suicide again a few months after she got out because ruby got mad at her and said they needed some space because Maeve was getting shit faced every night and crying all time and lying about it to ruby. Maeve has talked a lot about how she would kill herself if ruby ever left her, and yup what do you know, she actually tried.

Jonah has hit ruby really hard and screamed at her on a live stream before. He didn’t know she was on live. She was yelling at him not to touch her and he was shoving her around while she was crying. He’s slapped her a few times during other livestreams or yanks her hair when she says something that upsets him. There was a tik tok of ruby saying he makes her sleep in a dog cage too. He also cuts her up and apparently there’s a whole “daddy” thing happening with them too.

Ruby has said she never met her dad and has a lot of issues around that. Probably why she’s letting this happen. Jonah is much older and aside from being a seemingly abusive pedo, he also has a job and buys her cigarettes and food and whatever she wants while she just sits at home waiting for him.

Ruby is unemotional and let’s Maeve self destruct. She will say to Maeve that she shouldn’t do those things and that she cares but doesn’t take any real action towards putting a stop to it, resulting in Maeve feeling encouraged and validated in her actions.

Ruby has also talked about how badly jonah was treating her in the past, but continued to stay with him and would refuse to listen to anybodies advice or leave his house. She basically just sits and let’s everything happen and doesn’t care about what the reality of either parties.

These three need some damn therapy.

No. 1222169

Maeve and Jonah used to be fwb a long time ago. They were over before ruby ever even met them but they were still friends. And then Maeve and ruby were kind of a thing and Maeve introduced ruby to jonah and they fell in love and kind of left Maeve in the dust

No. 1222180

Jfc this thread is fucking wild, and I have no doubt the self posting is very, very real kek.

No. 1222186

It's gets wilder with every post you read, this is why teenagers need parental guidance and education.

No. 1222189

Either these two have whole ass stalkers or they’re just sitting on their ass self posting all day yikes

No. 1222190


yup. the way it switches from issue to issue lmao, first it was "you're being disrespectful," then straight to the kys and then a bunch of ranting about how holding people accountable is traumatising the victims

it feels like a defence kevin spacey would pull back when he "came out as gay" to avoid pedophilia accusations kek. "don't look into it! you're traumatising my soft gay heart! waaaaaaaaaaah"

Anyway, yeah I'm pretty sure whoever greentext moron and the other wk's are, they either ARE mave and ruby or they know them pretty well. No one outside of those two categories would be this upset over people calling them the fuck out.

Sidenote: Can we please stop taking these dipshits' words as absolute truth? "I know this happened!" "how?" "saw it! uh… Livestream!!!" isn't the same as something being true jfc. I could make a whole list of baseless shit newfag over here has claimed with absolutely no proof

No. 1222194

Yeah them and their little 15 cult followers are having a whole fucking party in this thread. Everyone needs to just drop this they need to become irrelevant again. Just some dumb teenagers everyone’s pressed about. This is all they wanted in the first place they know what they’re doing. Ugh

No. 1222199

Anyone else feel like maybe there’s something more to this story than what anyone has said? Look closely at the background of the room in their photos and notice all the dark stains and ropes they have on the floor. They could totally be trying to throw everyone off and make them think the issue is them being attention whores but something is so so so off about the whole thing. They could be hurting people. Was anyone else there when they kept saying “collecting people” the other night? Something isn’t right and I really hope someone else is on my side about this. Idk maybe I’m dumb or just trying to manifest drama.

No. 1222205


I mean, if you're suggesting that they're serial killers or something, I highly doubt that. I think they're two edgelords who wanna appear more dangerous than they are, who probably follow every "alternative art" account on instagram (matieresfecales, bakeneko designs, mothmeister, the list goes on) and want desperately to be included in all of that. Except that, regardless of what you think of those freakshows, they actually have some artistic merit. These two do not.

Their worst crimes, as far as I'm concerned, is ruining each others' lives for an aesthetic. And I don't give a shit if other people are involved in that or not, these two are still doing that. I'm all for including boyfriends and exes and friends in this thread, but ruby having a jackass bf doesn't excuse her from having her own thread.

The whole 'we're so schizo and psychotic isn't that scaaaary' thing is probably just another part of this.

anyway, it'd be milk of the year if we found two murderers, but i don't think you need to worry, anon.

No. 1222218

I don’t see where their aesthetic is schizo??none of their captions say anything about that there’s no stories either. Do they even talk about how crazy they are or do they just look/sound crazy to you. There’s a difference. I’m just not seeing where everyone is getting this from. Livestreams where 6 people watch? y’all are on some goofy shit

No. 1222220

Why are people saying schizophrenic people can’t dress like they do or else they’re just faking it because they’re edgy. Ok miss gate keeping mental illnesses I see you

No. 1222223

The whole "collecting people," "my eyeballs want to eat," maeve's entire highlight reel where she talks about what seems like paranoid delusions, everything is hinting at the kinds of things you see from someone with schizophrenia. Besides, multiple people on both sides of this argument have stated that both maeve and ruby have claimed to be schizo in the past, and since that's the only thing they agree on whereas they're completely on the opposite sides re: everything else, I'm inclined to believe it.

No. 1222224


oh not you again, are you here to bump the thread a hundred times with your selfposting again

No. 1222225

samefag: to be clear, I don't think they have schizo. I think they're very heavily leaning into that image because it makes them seem cool.

No. 1222227

I’m a different anon

No. 1222229

Then why the fuck are you not saging your shit? go back to watching rupaul's dragrace, your shitty attempts at being zingy is fucking cringy

No. 1222230

I don’t think so either but there are holes like her mom mentioning it so idk. It could honestly go either way but it’s not my place to tell them what or what’s not wrong with them you feel

No. 1222231

Right, because all we do here at lolcow is take people at their word respectfully to not trigger anyone

No. 1222233

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. What did I do to you? I’m just stations my opinion here like everyone else. That is exactly what we do here.

No. 1222236

Pardon me for not giving you the benefit of the doubt after everything that went down in the thread yesterday. With so many people calling oppression on anyone not taking everything these two take at face value and treating them like mentally ill little princesses, I'm a bit sceptical when more people arrive to complain about "gatekeeping mental illnesses, sis"

besides, weren't you the one just implying they're murderers or something? that's a much more fun conspiracy than them being schizophrenic

(forgot to sage, sorry)

No. 1222237

No tf… and I’m not here to protect them. Learn how to read anon. I said I didn’t think they were schizo either but I wasn’t 100% sure. If you have ever been in one of their streams or checked their comments it’s very obvious that they have a small cult following. Those people are ride or die for them no matter what goes down. Can’t expect those people to not give push back on this. And no. I am not at all one of those people. Just simply curious like the 30 people lurking here right this minute.

No. 1222287

This is hilarious, even the white knights are giving milk and making these girls cases worse. Continue on please! Give us more of these detailed accounts that only close friends or the girls theirselves would know, continue to expose their whole dynamic!

No. 1222340

i don't know how to say this without sounding fake but i can definitely tell where these girls live. I don't wanna say where cause I live there too holy shit

No. 1222396

Whew. I didn't expect Jonah to be a 10, but jfc. The man is the furthest thing from attractive. Neanderthal looking ass. Imagine allowing this mongoloid to abuse you, lmao.

No. 1222468

Portland Oregon

No. 1222499

theyre in a very different area than i am from what i can tell but yes
been trying to figure out what gas station ruby is always at

No. 1222525

File: 1620065696123.jpeg (61.53 KB, 750x643, 8EB97FCA-B262-4762-A129-A1023C…)

Went to lurk on Jonah’s Instagram and he deleted/archived everything. Lol he’s not even the primary focus here. You’d think Maeve and Ruby would be the ones scrambling around trying to delete everything.

No. 1222594


maybe he's not dumb as bricks and is trying to draw back from this mess lol

No. 1222598

you think it's because he's almost 21 and dating a minor? maybe he's worried he'll get into trouble for cutting up his underage girlfriend kek

No. 1222602

The gas station theyre at in the videos is a shell on 28th and holgate in upper se Portland >>1222499

No. 1222640

This is what I find most amusing about edgy people. They'll talk the talk and pretend to be these badass sociopaths, but as soon something messes with their delicate feefees uwu, they run for the hills. Talk about having tiny dick energy. And he still has the audacity to beat up a defenseless retard

No. 1222654

> And he still has the audacity to beat up a defenseless retard
Wait, what?

No. 1222656

Dude he’s raping children so he is doing fucked up things, he’s just a little fucking bitch who does them to mentally ill children with attachment issues who hate themselves.

If what that other anon said is true, that he was hooking up with the other one before the girls had met, then this is just a pattern of behavior and he’s done it to even younger children. Before anyone attacks me I’m not calling them “mentally ill princesses” or whatever tf, I hate this guy and I want to do so in peace. This is a grown ass man fucking and stabbing children and yeah idk I think that should be taken seriously regardless of whatever they’re larping/not larping. How the fuck are their parents just watching this happen in their own basement? If they had to buy their children antipsychotics, wouldn’t they maybe care more about their conditions, support system, etc? Did their parents not get any fucking attention so they think anyone paying attention to their children (for them) must mean they’re cool? Is Portland just like this

No. 1222780

Probably shouldn’t dox two underage girls. No matter how disgusting they are they don’t deserve to be put in danger over some damn milk

No. 1222833

As far as I know they don’t live at the gas station It’s not a dox also Maeve isn’t a minor

No. 1222843

curious, are you local and you know them?

No. 1222845

“Almost 21?” You can’t convince me this wizened looking creature is a day under 45.

No. 1222850

They’re talking about Ruby. He wants to abuse an underage girl with mental health problems, but he doesn’t want to be exposed for abusing an underage girl with mental health problems. Fucking cowardly scrote.

No. 1222859

File: 1620086743169.jpeg (634.48 KB, 828x1245, 8494C3C2-1332-4992-A423-2C6903…)

The American flag hat… it’s confirmed ruby and Jonah are white power Republicans yes?

No. 1222861

File: 1620086873753.png (3.46 MB, 828x1792, F24E4D59-1BE8-459A-8CD1-DDAF05…)

What a redneck fuckin hillbilly. This is the definition of a groomer. He buys her hundreds of cigarettes and whatever the fuck she wants so he can keep her around so he can beat on her and have sex with her. Pathetic

No. 1222887

Why do people who believe they’re the “master race” always the most degenerate troglodytes? Fucking kek

No. 1222902

maybe I'm just retarded but how does an american flag hat mean that he's a white power republican?

saged for general retardation

No. 1222911

No definitely not. Flags don’t represent anything but the country. The real retards are the ones saying flags = conservatives smh

No. 1222913

Heck- even being a republican doesnt mean you’re white power :/

No. 1222928

yeah I think they just like the white trash americano aesthetic, they've never shown any indications of being racist.

No. 1222930

File: 1620094203199.jpeg (180.39 KB, 750x1117, 8BEEAC50-561B-46FE-A10E-5D2568…)

Okay but why does Ruby look like Jeffree Star from his early MySpace days?

No. 1222939

File: 1620094498881.jpeg (130.18 KB, 750x1017, 95D7FA07-9FB3-410C-A59A-3E30BE…)

Also Maeve looks like the fucking mutants from the Hills Have Eyes.

No. 1222944

I'm not the same person but they live in my city and there's nothing that special about them, they're just weird, edgy white girls and that's like half of the Portland population. They're not special. I've never even seen Ruby irl, but Maeve I saw once BEFORE her and Ruby were friends and all I remember was that she was kind of rude for no reason.

No. 1222948

i'm local too and i feel like i have definitely seen ruby in public before.. there are so many intense alt teenagers here that cause a scene that i was not surprised to see someone from here on lolcow. really glad i moved out of SE lmao

No. 1222957

Yes I’ve seen them in public a few times but I don’t know em personally

No. 1222989

I’ve seen them here too. I hung out with them downtown a couple times and they seemed really sweet, kind of anti social tho and didn’t really interact outside of eachother

No. 1222995

Maeve is really secluded she hides behind ruby in public and will walk away from the group in the middle of a conversation and ruby will have to run and go get her. She’s really rude but I don’t think she knows it. Maybe autism? Not sure

No. 1222999

File: 1620097648877.png (651.55 KB, 1076x1012, PicsArt_05-03-08.04.59.png)


Is she trying to go for the deformed hillbilly aesthetic? If yes, she's doing great. It's a bit sad because she was once your average teen, but she was cute and now… yikes.

No. 1223012

She's just rude. Doubt she's Autistic tbh. She just doesn't like anyone that's not Ruby and is incredibly rude to random people and judge mental for things like peoples weight, gender identity/ expression, how "lesbian" they look, etc. Shes just really rude tbh. It's not like she's not self aware that she's rude or doesn't get social cues like Autistic people do, because she's said several times that she's knows what she's saying/ doing is rude and basically doesn't care.

No. 1223042

I am cackling

No. 1225034

File: 1620342401158.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 116.56 KB, 750x886, 278D7A3F-5BA2-4BAC-9256-4B0AC8…)

Does anyone follow Ruby’s private insta? I follow Maeve’s and all she posts is her contorting her anachan body. Seeing as they haven’t posted in a few days, they’re probably taking a break and will be back shitposting soon.

No. 1225041

File: 1620342770746.jpeg (61.39 KB, 750x701, 5562B153-EA22-4435-B82E-87DEF4…)

Also Jonah joined a band apparently. He changed his bio and posted sound clips on his story.

No. 1227006

That’s so gross. When I hung out with them I really couldn’t tell what was wrong with her I just didn’t like it. Guess she’s just a bitch. Ruby was nice to me but was acting like she was Maeves mom. She was like telling Maeve to be nice and shit and giving her “stop being a cunt” looks and kept apologizing to me about Maeve acting like that. Really strange. I don’t know why she hangs out with her it must be really draining

No. 1229015

Yeah, never met Ruby just seen Meave and from what I've seen Ruby seems just like a teenage white girl, she seems pretty nice but very obviously is disconnected from certain things and makes mistakes. But Meave is just a mean person in general and knows what she's does is wrong, admits it, continues it and just doesn't care about feelings that aren't hers in the ends. Her "mistakes" aren't really mistakes they're just her purposely being mean and not apologizing unless it benefits her in the end to.

No. 1231415

File: 1621194268424.png (406.95 KB, 927x446, Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 3.44…)

Why did the cows get dry as soon as we started a thread

No. 1232395

File: 1621305292497.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 869828B1-84DD-442F-A55E-46D395…)

They haven’t posted any milk lately because they stalk the thread now.
Only milk I found is Ruby’s neanderthal boyfriend joined a band and Maeve posts body checks. Best bet is to join their Instagram lives.

No. 1232419

File: 1621307160703.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, B4496770-E93A-4DB2-8F84-0C119E…)

They are being careful with what they post on their public accounts. The only potential milk is when they go live. Maeve told Ruby that wants to get pregnant but doesn’t want to have a father in the kid’s life because she believes the kid will be better off with just her. Tbh Maeve would be that parent who dumps their kid with her mother and runs away to be a crack whore or ends up murdering the baby because it keeps her up all night. It’s terrifying to think this nutcase wants to start breeding.

No. 1234086

File: 1621467894224.png (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 750x1334, D8CEF514-8067-472A-A596-213C7A…)

Cursed image

No. 1234093


Very spoopy

No. 1234100

LMAO that’s putting it lightly

No. 1234114

I feel so bad for spoops who still have chubby faces.

No. 1234279

Is Maeve crying in this ss? Why does her face always look so puffy

No. 1234287

Probably crying, drinking, and maybe purging idk.

No. 1234320

she's ugly. it's been discussed.

No. 1234430

So I noticed something, Ruby is followed by one of Nicole Dollangangers skin walkers that makes frequent appearances in the Dollanganger Calves thread, and was suspected of being an active reader of lolcow..

No. 1234439

File: 1621515332332.jpeg (117.11 KB, 828x522, C96406BA-1352-4914-A217-25332C…)

No. 1234447

Does that surprise you though? I mean part of the Dollanganger style is to romanticise things like mental illness and abuse. Two lesbians high off their tits fucking guys and constantly on the verge of pulling a Thelma and Louise is about as close as it gets to being a real life version if a Nicole Dollanganger love song

No. 1234449

I think they're implying that this person is likely active in the thread

No. 1234484

Tbf a huge amount of lolcow is mentally ill too so that's equally unsurprising

No. 1234607

File: 1621533873024.jpeg (149.27 KB, 750x1061, 6D44AB87-588C-4854-9286-C68DB6…)

KEK why does her hip look like that?! I know they’re both anachan but that looks poorly shooped. They really love to publicly post body checks and thinspo. Definitely for attention from their followers.

No. 1234621

A combination of being ugly and doing meth See: >>1215321

No. 1234630

It clearly says that’s some random girl she’s comparing herself to this is so dumb

No. 1234639

Anon didn’t say that was Maeve/Ruby. Ruby and Maeve post a lot of thinspo/body checks and comment about how they wish they were skinny while clearly suffering from an eating disorder

No. 1239502

File: 1622076063333.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 87D0A73E-34C1-42D0-A9B3-A11542…)

Does a shitty haircut count as milk? Because Maeve finally cut her fizzy ass bowl cut and now looks like a Karen. Wonder if Ruby will do the same considering they both had the same fugly haircut since they first met.

Also what is this about Ruby’s bf creating a band? I saw some of her “art” she lazily photoshopped but that’s about it.

No. 1241350

Jonah and Ruby did a twitch stream last night, it was fairly milky if not incredibly disturbing. I caught some of it but it was pretty uncomfortable, Ruby had taken too many narcotics (oxy I think it was) and was visibly fucked up and Jonah kept yelling at her and freaking out because it was making him look bad as he was the one who gave her the pills.

He also kept preaching about how she was underage to the chat who was trolling for nudes, but considering he's 20 and banging her and expressed he wanted her to start an onlyfans and sell her nudes when she turned 18 I don't think he has any room to talk kek.

The stream ended after Ruby said "Don't insult us in the chat because it makes Jonah mad and he takes it out on me. If you say anything mean he's going to get mad at me not you." to which Jonah freaked out and said "Are you serious, Ruby? You make it sound like I fucking hit you!" before storming out and throwing a big tantrum and slamming doors.

I didn't screen record anything because my phone is fucked up but her twitch is missrubyusa and Jonahs is 3fghi. Ruby talked about how she was planning on doing another twitch stream today with Maeve but I don't what time they're planning on doing it.

No. 1241481

Ah geez I saw that too

No. 1241485

She looked like she was on heroin. She was dozing off and jonah was just pissed at her the whole time and yelling at her. Really sad to see. He should’ve been taking care of her she seemed on the brink of oding

No. 1241487

He’s the one who gave her the narcotics too and he was mad at HER for other people being mad at him for giving them to her??? Someone get this girl tf out of that relationship

No. 1241489

File: 1622324296455.png (342.98 KB, 750x1334, B14FF36B-043C-4329-A1C8-DD86E0…)

That’s beyond fucked up! Idk why he’d say that shit on a live stream while being fully aware of this thread. I know Ruby and Maeve don’t go live insta as much. So best bet for milk is the twitch streams. Also today’s stream was cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow.

No. 1241491

Same fag! I didn’t see the twitch stream but in a previous insta live Ruby mentioned that Jonah buys her drugs and that he is abusive towards her. When asked why she’s still with him she said she doesn’t want to leave him because “he buys her cigarettes and stuff”.

No. 1241513

She was live on Insta for a minute this morning and said she be live on twitch soon

No. 1241590

It felt especially sad to me because at the beginning of the stream Jonah was in the bathroom throwing up everywhere and Ruby was obviously distressed and trying to help, bringing him water and leaving the stream to go make sure he was okay and helping him run a bath. Then a couple hours later the tables turned and Ruby was fucked up and passing out and he just kept snapping at her to stop messing up his stream (which only had one viewer) and making him look like a creep. I think they're both dysfunctional in their own right but it's hard seeing a 17 year old girl get treated like that.

No. 1241618

Damn ruby off the perc and jonah off the douche bag

No. 1241619

At one point later in the stream ruby started throwing up in a cup and Jonah yelled at her to go do it in the bathroom because she was “ruining his livestream”. She ran into the bathroom and was puking and crying and not once did he go in there and check on her. People started joining her stream and Jonah yelled at her to “get off his platform” and told her she wasn’t allowed to livestream on twitch because that was “his thing” even tho ruby has been live-streaming almost every day since before they knew eachother. He said it wasn’t fair that she was getting more viewers than him and said she was only getting views because of her tits and he was actually working for his views. He legit said “people go to your stream to jerk off and people come to my stream to see actual good content” and ruby almost started crying

No. 1241620

And he was blaming ruby for being fucked up because she asked for the pills since her back was hurting. He chose to give her 5 of them though….

No. 1241631

I honestly don’t know how people can sit there and watch a mentally ill young girl being abused on livestream, that’s not even milky that’s just sick.

No. 1241812

His stream was the most cringe worthy shit too. He had made a list of topics to help ease the flow of conversation but was too inarticulate and straight up retarded to give any valuable information. The first topic was mask to which he basically said "I don't want to wear them anymore but I don't know the science, I guess I should of researched it more." to some bullshit about Portlands land. Halfway through his mediocre school presentation he was interrupted by Ruby who was pulling on his sleeve and asking him for something which caused him to totally sperg out because "You made me lose my place, are you serious Ruby!?" and kept crying about how she ruined his stream, ignoring that 30 minutes prior he had been begging her to help him make his stream more engaging with hopes of donations. Imagine being a 20 year old man and trying to use a 17 year old girl as clout kek. talk about pathetic.

No. 1241819

It was honestly really disturbing. I couldn't help but fear that the reason she was insist on streaming for so long was because she was in a vulnerable state and felt safer knowing there were people watching and he wouldn't go too far. I've seen her post snippets of Jonah being abusive on instagram before and it's hard not to assume it's a cry for help.

No. 1241902

“It wasn’t fair” says the talentless white man leeching off a child

And wait, one is 17?? I thought anons said they’re both 18

No. 1241946

I can’t imagine what goes on behind the scenes of her live streams. He’s hit her on a stream before and cps has been called on them multiple times because of very believable rumors of him beating her.

No. 1241948

She went live on tik tok once and Jonah didn’t know she was live and there were over 200 people watching a black screen while he was screaming at her in the background and she was yelling at him to stop touching her and get off of her. Definitely a cry for help. She’s obviously terrified of him but feels stuck for some reason. It’s the pattern of abuse it goes up and down and makes it really hard for girls to leave. I feel awful for her

No. 1241949

Ruby turns 18 today

No. 1241950

No doubt that’s why she was staying on stream. She was in a helpless state and needed supervision because she was alone with someone who was going to hurt her

No. 1241952

Yes she’s gone live a bunch of times while he’s doing things to her. Seems like she’s using it as a safety net in case he does something she wants evidence. This definitely means he’s hurting her while she’s not on live because she wouldnt be this scared if she had no reason to

No. 1241958

Happy birthday, horrorcow. Here's hoping you get some serious help and leave your abusive relationship.

No. 1242035

Jonah and ruby just did a twitch stream and ruby was fucked up again Jonah was a little bit high too but not nearly as much as her. She was pretty much dozing off and shaking a lot and her eyes were rolling back in her head she’s definitely on a shit ton of pills. Her mascara was running like she was crying earlier. Hopefully this jonah feeding her narcotics thing doesn’t become a daily situation. This is so fucked up I wonder if he’s doing it on purpose to do some creepy perv shit to her while she’s drugged out or he’s making her take them against her will. This is going to lead to him shooting up heroin into her just watch. I’m praying for that girl

No. 1242130

No one cares Ruby.

No. 1243369

File: 1622518690605.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, 37236D80-1917-4D3D-B783-D387BF…)

Shits abut to get real milky

No. 1243371

File: 1622518799444.png (1.44 MB, 828x1792, 2BEF53CE-2702-4D19-97DB-E4530F…)

I’m going to post what jonah just put on his story one by one

No. 1243372

File: 1622518858761.png (2.24 MB, 828x1792, DFEFCB91-9A76-48A3-8F96-F7A60A…)

No. 1243374

File: 1622518937785.png (2.5 MB, 828x1792, 70D4C604-2B19-4F13-A3D4-509D72…)

No. 1243375

File: 1622518962871.png (1.55 MB, 828x1792, 2180455E-9534-4D3E-90CA-85F069…)

No. 1243376

File: 1622519002753.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, 8C9DF7F1-4EB7-42FF-A738-F7FEE2…)

No. 1243377

File: 1622519028146.png (1.84 MB, 828x1792, 4158AEFB-AF67-46ED-B051-321B95…)

No. 1243379

File: 1622519080328.png (1.99 MB, 828x1792, 93C2B43D-2CAE-4A19-8A4C-4B5C69…)

We called it, boys.

No. 1245802

Tbh that’s fucked up might fuck around and report him

No. 1245848

While there is likely archives of him being abusive to ruby, it’s in a way cowtipping and likely a safety issue for her if someone not involved like here or IG randos do so. her being a cow aside.

No. 1245906

does anyone else think that the no cowtipping rule should be put aside in this situation? i feel like since there's documentation of him admitting to being mentally and physically abusive, someone should contact the police… milk is fun but a young woman could seriously be in danger. not to moralfag, but idk how to feel about all this.

No. 1246124

I agree. Situations that could cause or are already causing someone to be in real danger deserve to be reported, it’s not necessarily getting involved because the police are going to be the ones handling it but it’s important to let someone know. Although Ruby is just another cow being a dumbass she’s still an underage girl being physically abused by a man and I think scenarios like this we should put this site aside and reach out to someone or even her. Usually the victims in this kinda thing are stuck and can’t call for help because they’re afraid or for whatever reason. But yeah, not a moralcow either but this could really help someone.

Also, we’re probably the only people who are actually viewing Jonahs stories since he has no followers so we would be somewhat responsible if we didn’t do something about this and she got seriously hurt

No. 1246133

The way that he apologizes to the community and gets all crybaby about not being able to play shows anymore…. as a response to someone calling him out as an abusive boyfriend… what a dick someone make a thread on just him he’s got more milk than Maeve and ruby combined

No. 1246464

She's not underage. She's 18.

No. 1246469

Ok and? Shes still a young girl being hurt

No. 1246549

Ok. I was just saying don't pull the "she's just a little underage girl card", yeah she's being hurt but you don't need to act like she's a little girl to care about her. You can say she's a grown woman and not infantilize her because she's a little aesthetic white girl

No. 1246552

She just turned 18. Her boyfriend is 3 years older than her. She is young and still helpless I’m not using that as a “it’s more important than someone older” but kek it is

No. 1246553

And learn how to sage :)(Integrate )

No. 1246837

I can’t find the twitch video. Did anyone record it?

No. 1247453

Which one?

No. 1247454

Ruby was live on Instagram just now and Jonah was on the phone with his friend in the background and said “yeah trump is awesome….. oh shit ruby are you live rn can they hear me?”


No. 1247545


Bless you for having faith in the system. Unless there's active violence taking place at the time of a call, nothing will happen at the police level. The best she can do is get a restraining order in this situation which of course requires 100 other things to happen first.
Unless I'm wrong and things have changed.
I've tried to report assault at the police before empty handed and they told me good luck basically.
It is definitely possible she has evidence which make it a case worth pursuing.
Absolutely unfortunate though. Nobody deserves that.

No. 1247892

She has screen shots and videos and he admitted to it on ig so maybe that’s proof enough? Also she’s talked about having a cps case on it that’s open currently bc multiple people (neighbors and livestream watchers) have reported them but that’s just what I’ve heard idk if it’s actually still open

No. 1248232

this dude looks like the ultimate faggot

No. 1255406

File: 1623619394186.jpeg (178.2 KB, 738x868, 2B5CE9DC-926A-4237-BF3D-C6594C…)

Imagine dating this greasy retard. Poor girl probably hates herself kek.

No. 1258112

He kinda cute in like a ugly way idkkkk LMAO

No. 1263381

Ruby and Jonah broke up

No. 1263386

Oooo, milky (but you should post screenshots and stuff as proof)

No. 1263455

She said it on a livestream yesterday but unfortunately I didn’t get any screenshots. She broke up with him because he hit her on her birthday and because “he’s a piece of shit fuck that guy”. Proud of her lol

No. 1263456

She also is hinting a lot that she’s happier than she’s ever been and pretty relieved. Maybe she won’t be such a cringe ass horrorcow anymore idk

No. 1268653

i was watching rubys livestream and she started to pull maeves hair out it (ruby did ask her first and maeve said yes) but then maeve started to push her away and they kept kicking the camera over and al i could hear was slapping and one or the other says nooo stop! and then laughing and kissing they were drinking too but it was just sooooo weird

No. 1268658

File: 1625104845900.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 9C32AC74-1B5E-43E5-9E8F-844349…)

her ripping maeves hair out with her teeth

No. 1268662

File: 1625104976408.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 408B376A-19FC-4FDE-B51F-5A2FA9…)

No. 1268722

>anons proud of her for getting out of a shit relationship with some low iq moid
>completely forget about her codependant relationship with maeve

No. 1269194

File: 1625171791319.jpeg (485.96 KB, 828x1015, 21E952E3-35EC-44D3-8FAC-7AF1A7…)

The guy on the left is Rowan olsen and he also dated an underage girl and was arrested for lighting a court house on fire

No. 1269214

I was thinking the exact same thing. They are boring in comparison with nika and jaelle, though.

No. 1269406

File: 1625187056914.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, A1478879-3599-4FE0-8297-22AB8B…)

They’ve added someone new to their group, his username is @sugar.zipp

It’s rumored ruby is dating someone new and this is probably him. Anyone know who he is? The guy in the picture isn’t him it’s just on his story but I’ll add some screenshots from his Instagram

No. 1269407

File: 1625187100537.jpeg (640.61 KB, 828x1216, 1B557B53-D50D-45DC-8AE9-544266…)

No good face pictures really

No. 1269408

File: 1625187126297.jpeg (408.89 KB, 714x822, AB9FF905-D6E1-416D-A754-B1FF4C…)

No. 1269443

His tiktok is @limerancee i think his name is cedar

No. 1269528


Sometimes Portland outdoes itself.

No. 1270139

File: 1625258062994.jpeg (548.41 KB, 828x1557, E81A3BB0-ED74-414B-BBDD-CB7FCA…)

Body checking? Gross.

No. 1270144

File: 1625258098458.jpeg (601.59 KB, 828x1549, 4FE05A9E-5A1F-4709-9673-F1A7D0…)

No. 1270268

They look like they’re doing drugs again

No. 1271113

File: 1625375347300.jpeg (1.25 MB, 828x1651, C6103A02-0EEF-4CEA-B2BA-93BAA0…)

Yup here he is on her story today

No. 1271115

i feel like you guys are grasping for the most irrelevant things just to keep this thread going kek

No. 1272233

File: 1625544477893.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, C5126620-89A4-4C42-93FE-3120A1…)

her older friend complaining about how ruby owns them money for cigarettes

No. 1272368

Is nicotine considered “str8edge” now? And imagine lending these raging crackheads $120 for cigarettes and thinking you’ll ever get reimbursed kekekek

No. 1272512

its so weird how much theyd talk about not doing drugs anymore just smoking packs and packs of cigarettes and now theyre drinking everyday and doing pills again

No. 1272532

i think this is almost entirely selfposting inspired by nika and jaelle’s success. nothing they do is really very milky and it’s strange this is bumped so frequently with inane boring updates for these nobodies. i’m thoroughly convinced it’s all just them. who the fuck cares who they’re dating and breaking up with?

No. 1272541

no ones even talking about that rn and it was pretty damn important at the time ruby was literally being abused and why r u even here reading this thread if u find it so irrelevant lol(y u type liek dis)

No. 1272570

yeah your unsaged post where you didnt even reply to me (do you know how?) sure showed me. at least learn to integrate before you selfpost.

No. 1272582

They're fascinating people to observe simply because it's fun to watch a dumpster fire. These arent cows for people who like exciting drama. You either come here to watch them slowly fall apart or you stfu and go to another thread

No. 1272675

damn u really defensive 4 no reason i honestly think ur selfposting now lol im here for milk not to bash the thread(y u type liek dis)

No. 1272687

Anons not defensive. You need to integrate and sage. If you don’t know what that means read the rules or you’ll be the death of your beloved thread.

No. 1272729

Exactly and honestly there's some actual somewhat milky thingsI catch in posts or lives but I don't get screenshots and people are posting about their boyfriends and dating LMAO.

No. 1272753

Right?? Anyone see the last thing she posted with the vomit? There’s so much shit and all they care about is the dumbest driest stuff

No. 1272754

This isn’t even milk anymore just let this thread die

No. 1272759

I don’t even think they do any drugs they just smoke like they always have. But they have been drinking which they didn’t used to do so who knows

No. 1272785

im not sure its selfposting i think it might be a vendetta or someone who found out about them from reddit

No. 1272801

File: 1625632289055.png (Spoiler Image, 3.95 MB, 750x1334, A8BD4A3B-2727-4AD0-B0ED-99B878…)

Spoiler warning because of vomit kek.
Ruby posted a video of her eating cake and then sticks her fingers down her throat to spew vomit everywhere.

No. 1272809

Although Ruby and Maeve are aware of this thread I highly doubt it’s them. Both horror cows got really boring after they found the thread. It’s most likely new anons coming from their Instagrams to clog up the thread with dumb shit because they don’t know how to integrate.

No. 1272816

Yeah, I saw that and then Meave went live with a random dude and Ruby joined the live, Meave complained about Ruby doing the cake video without her because she seems to not be able to do anything without Ruby and doesn't understand that Ruby is her own person, as usual. That's a small example, but seriously Ruby can't seem to do ANYTHING by herself without Meave being bothered. It's weird.

No. 1272817

Yes!! Ruby was live the other day hanging out with someone else and Maeve was going on and on about how she can’t be alone and she was making fun of the other person and being a bitch probably trying to scare them off so she can have ruby to herself

No. 1272878

Off her tits on pills in a wedding gown vomiting by her front door in black n' white. She outdid Nicole Dollangangers entire career with this one video

No. 1272880

Where are y’all getting this pill shit? That doesn’t seem like drugs she’s just being edgy

No. 1273128

Probably because they had went live off of pills several times and admitted (I think). Ruby was going live for days off of pills so it's not a crazy assumption to assume they're still doing pills.

No. 1273248

But that was because her ex was giving them to her right

No. 1273249

What kind of pills

No. 1273354

I dont know. Probably Xans, Oxys, Percs or Addies tbh

No. 1273355

He did before but her ex isn't like the evil person that's forcing drugs down their throats, they were super into drugs before Covid happened.

No. 1287159

i wish i could screenshot from their snapchat stories but maeve posted a pic of a huge quarter sized burn on her leg saying she was documenting it and it was from ruby

No. 1287200

wow, what the fuck? Somebody has to know how to get an image of that

No. 1287256

File: 1627652414995.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1080x1612, IMG_20210730_143901.png)

Is this it?

No. 1287394

I don't have Instagram, but did she mention anything about Maeve doing it in her comments? Is she documenting this as abuse or something else?

No. 1287432

There's an unanswered comment asking what happened to her leg, no ref to Ruby doing it to her. From the shapes you can see it looks like they were done with a hot lighter. Childish smiley style burns

No. 1287575

Shit I didn't even realise they were smiley faces. Does anyone have the snapchat screenshot?

No. 1288225

File: 1627761302277.jpeg (552.47 KB, 698x1149, 2010D32F-A6AB-4DF5-BEA5-36ED02…)

Let’s play a game. What drugs are they on today?

No. 1288227

Learn to sage, but my guess is that it's a lot of drugs

No. 1288246

Whatever drugs make your eyes point in different directions

No. 1288263

so mdma

No. 1288354

File: 1627772214778.jpeg (554.39 KB, 720x1202, 00C7F725-C096-4C69-B64D-CC35F5…)

Check these out hahaha

No. 1288355

File: 1627772240062.jpeg (148.36 KB, 828x1458, A5546905-89E1-4EDB-B28E-ABD873…)

No. 1288384

I wonder if these girls will wake up and realise their aesthetic and behaviour are beyond ridiculous before either of them OD's and dies. I've started to pity Maeve, she used to look almost normal and have decent interests before Ruby and the drugs

No. 1288801

File: 1627833564461.png (767.86 KB, 1080x1585, IMG_20210801_165612.png)

Hi Maeve

No. 1289249

Didn’t get a screenshot, but ruby went live and was snorting something probably coke with Maeve. They were really fucked up, no coherent sentences.

No. 1289293

On a downward spiral

No. 1289391

Isn’t that a theme you have to select and not the default? Who chooses a theme for a website they don’t visit, but doesn’t have time to crop a photo? Sounds like someone is self posting or participating in other threads. Watch it be Luna’s. Kek

No. 1289623

It’s that color for me too. I didn’t choose it

No. 1289648

They obviously do visit it
They’ve mentioned they read it before so it would make sense that they would maybe do that

No. 1289705

I took that screenshot from one of Maeve's Instagram accounts, she clearly lurks on here

No. 1302331

File: 1629245183215.png (1.09 MB, 750x1330, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 8.05…)

Ruby is back on tiktok, she popped up on my fyp. Didn't see a new thread so…


No. 1302368

Let the thread die. Nobody cares.

No. 1302453

I'm kinda interested in updates as a lurker, (I haven't posted in here)

The blonde one is like me in a bizarre redneck alternate reality, it's like a look into an alternate dimension where everything went wrong

No. 1302457

The second upload has 1 million views, tiktok's algorithm is absurd. Third upload is a horrifying angle on her scrote and his new tattoo, which appears to be located mere inches from his peen.

No. 1305017


No. 1318899

File: 1631116699885.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 53E57422-0662-4D67-99EF-00EEE3…)

Maeve moved out from living in a squalor in her mom’s basement. I can’t wait to see where this goes. She’s already pissing in odd places like the kitchen sink. She certainly has a talent in decreasing the property value wherever she goes.

No. 1318989

It's infuriating that a borderline psycho living off other peoples money is ruining a home when there's good people without housing, she's just going to destroy the place in a histrionic rage and kill herself most likely. Hope she ends up on the street, it fits her aesthetic better anyway.

No. 1319069

Who is paying for this place?

No. 1319080

I think her and Ruby are

No. 1319472

File: 1631166526763.jpeg (653.58 KB, 828x1136, 3DF6CE87-4B02-42DE-8E18-022840…)

I thought ruby moved in with her boyfriend?

No. 1319481

File: 1631168990915.jpeg (97.27 KB, 750x780, FEDB1159-0901-4756-BF82-BCE643…)

Maeve said her and Ruby moved in together. I wonder how long it will be until they get evicted kek

No. 1319486

File: 1631169442730.jpeg (202.62 KB, 750x1091, B44EE458-49B9-4406-AF25-7D9DFD…)

Ruby probably ditched her bf to live with Maeve since they’re both obsessed with each other. Typically when friends move in together it doesn’t end well. Seeing as these two are beyond vile it’s only a matter of time before they’re either kicked out or kill each other.

No. 1319619

with what money

No. 1319669

They're just Jaelle and Nika lmao.

No. 1320195

Imagine somehow stumbling upon this image as the next tenant of wherever this is. Why the sink, girl? It's more effort to do that than sit on a normal toilet, these girls try to hard to be MenTally Ill and special

No. 1320414

They both have jobs

No. 1321065


Does anyone know where they work?

No. 1321708

Maeve is live on Instagram, she said she works at a Starbucks. Not one of the corporate stores but the smaller sort of Starbucks you'd find in an airport.

No. 1322142


That’s good to know they have jobs at least, they were pretty inactive this summer.

No. 1327782

File: 1632008227160.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, maeve.png)

Maeve might've lost her job already.

No. 1329152


Welp that’s sad lmfao

No. 1331988

File: 1632373935930.png (Spoiler Image, 327.78 KB, 524x810, kGsfpM.png)

Maeve has started posting nudes and videos of herself self-harming. Screenshot from one of her most recent vids. Not sure if I should post the nudes, go see for yourself if you're curious I guess.

No. 1331992

Oh no, that's grim.

No. 1332007

File: 1632375987891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.82 KB, 552x836, mave shit.jpg)

Already deleted the other vids and posted a more "aesthetically pleasing" one.

No. 1332011

Currently on IG live in a park at night with a bleeding leg, missed most of it. Repeating things a million times and babbling about how her life is awful right now and her body remembers everything. She mentioned how she's seeing a girl who follows her, but won't reveal who it is and doesn't know if she likes her because she doesn't know what it's supposed to feel like and she might like someone else. She doesn't live with Ruby apparently, Ruby lives with her boyfriend and her boyfriend doesn't want Maeve around when he's there. Maeve seems to be living on her own, no idea who's paying for it. She's complaining about how she's on her phone too much and needs to start working out every day, get her IUD taken out, and get furniture for her house in order to be happy. Her dad is moving to Washington and she's sad about it, and talking about how much he loves her even though he ignores her and he's a dick. Not watching the rest of the live, she's doing a house tour now and it's a pigsty as usual, boring as fuck.

No. 1332375

I'd have thought that they were close enough not to let a moid come between them. Then again, snake behaviour towards friends is typical cow behaviour, so I guess I should have expected one to chop the other off like a gangrene limb

No. 1332386

I see why he wouldn’t want her around though

No. 1332571

What is it with all of Ruby's boyfriends always hating her so much, I definitely think she might still be trying to get with Ruby. There's something Maeve is doing that no one is talking about, there's no way these guys just hate her for absolutely no reason. It's so obvious Meave is still trying to fuck Ruby constantly and wants to be with her and when she talks about any attraction to anyone she is very obviously hinting at Ruby. Surprised no one that watches her lives and stuff bring this up much.

No. 1332573

Adding on to that, did anyone else see the lives a long time ago when Ruby and Jonah would break up and then Meave and her would hang out, then Maeve would cry to Ruby about how bad she wants Ruby to want to fuck her while Ruby is obviously uncomfortable and kept rejecting her???

No. 1332578

They already said something about knowing they had eachother forever and are just with guys for fun. I know that doesn't exactly establish a relationship between them but to some degree I think there is some kind of romantic relationship. Maybe it's just obsession

No. 1332603

i keep scrolling up and i literally can’t figure out who is who. the blonde one abuses the red hair one right? they’re both insane but the boyfriends all never liked her because they’re nasty older abusive tweakers and competed with her for control, which the girl needs to take over herself.

No. 1332607

My guess is that she's just so unhinged that it makes people uncomfortable.

Ruby, the blonde, abuses Maeve the redhead. It's Ruby's boyfriends who don't want Maeve around.

No. 1332678

I feel like Maeve abused Ruby more than the other way around. Ruby is just more outgoing and physically a bigger person so it seems that way, but the more you look into it Maeve is way more abusive

No. 1332714

What did Maeve ever do to Ruby?

No. 1332754

Maeve did say she was seeing that new girl, maybe she's finally trying to get over her obsession with Ruby? She did say in the live that she's been really lonely and needs someone, said she always tries to hang out with Ruby even when her bf leaves the house for just 45 mins. I wonder if Ruby has been distancing herself on purpose, it sounds like they haven't been spending much time together.

No. 1332765

Does Ruby have a new bf or is it the same inbred looking scrote as before? I think it's just the scrote throwing his weight around like this anon said >>1332603
If it's the same guy he is just as, if not considerably more of a toxic cow than Maeve, so separating them is just him trying to maintain control. I feel bad for Maeve in this situation.

No. 1332766

Pretty sure his name is Cedar, the one with the squashed-looking face.

No. 1335489

Yes it’s a different guy

No. 1357125

i just watched rubys live on her spam account. She spilled some shit about cedar and jonah. Shes not dating cedar apparently but she lives with him :-? seems a little sus and recently shes been going over to jonahs house to drink with him. even though he beat her lmao(necro)

No. 1359201

She is dating cedar, she just wants to move out

No. 1365111

Why does she want to move out? Also why the fuck is she talking to Jonah….

No. 1368294

She was looking for roommates on ig and already has a few people she plans on moving in with. Wonder who it's gonna be. Wouldn't be surprised if Maeve is coming back into the picture, they've been on their weird soulmate best friend shit again and Maeve already talked about how Cedar doesn't want her coming over. Maybe Ruby finally got sick of him and is running back to Maeve again.

No. 1368514

She said Maeve isn’t moving in and her new roomates are her friends vivian cece and ryver. Idk who the first 2 are but I know Ryver is @nonamewhxre on ig and she’s a proana homeless heroin addict

No. 1368562

File: 1636872092624.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20211113-223809_Ins…)

No. 1368572

im sure your drug addiction has nothing to do with this. its just normal ghost fetus sex. totally not related to the fact you're a fucking loser junkie… sure. COPE.

No. 1368583


No. 1368588

This is a really bad look for her, both the talk of babyfucking and the dark hair and piercings.

No. 1368619

Is she a drug addict?

No. 1368623

What does her dark hair and piercings have to do with anything? Just curious I don’t understand

No. 1368671

It's a play on words dear, a bad look (babyfucker) and a literal bad look (bad aesthetic choices)

Blonde hair suits her a lot better, and the piercings don't suit her face features at all.

No. 1370871

Ruby seems to have completely lost it

No. 1372220

She just went live and said she broke up with Cedar bc he cheated on her and then she peed on the floor and then broke a bunch of glass and threw all his shit out the window. I support it tbh.

No. 1372256

did anyone happen to screen record that live?

No. 1372368

wow i had no idea she pissed and threw his stuff, i just saw the part where she was crying and talking about how horrible of a boyfriend he is.. sounds like she likes horrible men or something

No. 1372613

Yeah she found out he cheated right after the live where she was crying and saying he didn’t love her anymore and was afraid to lose him

No. 1372615

And then she went live again a couple hours later and she said he drove out of the state yesterday and cheated on her with his ex in that state

No. 1372616

She has the most fucking awful taste in men

No. 1372681

AYRT here
honestly lol i think its kind of funny she ruined his stuff and pissed in his house if he cheated and is a terrible asshole whether she has bad taste or not

No. 1372752

Yeah she’s valid

No. 1373482

That’s horrible wtf. Last time I went on her live she was talking about moving out. She was saying that they were still together & that they just needed space since they didn’t know each other so well. Damn. He’s a fucking douche.

No. 1374999

Anyone notice that Ruby and Maeve unfollowed each other on all their accounts and Maeve deleted her main account?

No. 1375018

Ruby went live and said she blocked Maeve. She said Maeve ruined her life and is mean to all her friends because she doesn’t want ruby to have friends and encouraged her do drugs and drop out of school and have an eating disorder. And she said last night Maeve wouldn’t stop saying she’s disgusting and fat and that ruby hates her and crying and rubys friends were there and really uncomfortable and begging her to stop and she wouldn’t. She also said Maeve was an alcoholic and constantly drinking. Maeve also said to ruby that it wasn’t fair that she could have only ruby in her life and ruby couldn’t only have her and screaming on a live that there’s something horrible wrong with her because ruby can’t exclusively belong to her.

No. 1375047

>Ruby also posts a lot of pictures and videos of Maeve in sexual positions, naked or mostly naked, tied up in bondage, sometimes locks her up in a dog cage
>Ruby cut her name into Maeve's thigh
>want “each other to be one person again”
>Ruby says they both should go off their meds. Maeve starts blubbering some more while followers encourage her not to. Ruby gets pissed and tells Maeve that no one understands them and that they are “two bodies inside one person”. Maeve then starts throwing out some of her medication while Ruby smiles on."
It was pretty clear from the start, I think, that Ruby was obsessively controlling of Maeve. It never seemed to go both ways

No. 1375237

Have you guys ever thought that Maeve manipulated Ruby into this? Maeve has always been mean, she even admitted to it several times how mean she was when they started to be friends and how she was "working on it." Everything from the beginning seemed off and weird and manipulative from Maeve's side in my opinion. Also Maeve has ALWAYS been really off compared to Ruby- someone who's "known" who they were before they even blew up.

No. 1375248

See, it's tricky to measure these things. Maeve has shown instances of being the manipulator (her telling Ruby that she would kill herself if Ruby left and then actually going through with a suicide attempt is a HUGE piece of evidence for this) but you gotta remember that the most likely case here is that two mentally ill people were mutually obsessed, both embracing the others possessiveness, and then when one broke away the other reacted like an obsessed mentally ill person. This could very easily just be a two way thing

No. 1375311

It's too ways but Maeve is way worse, and overall just a rude person in general. I just think the demonization of Ruby but the infantilization of Maeve is weird and so insensitive to Ruby and what she's done to Ruby and others.

No. 1375363

File: 1637790478089.png (466.71 KB, 469x673, cock.png)

No. 1375396

I think that people put lots of blame on ruby just because she’s the taller bigger person with more followers who’s kind of in control of the friendship and they just see Maeve as a helpless baby being thrown around by her just because Maeve is a cry baby and reliant on ruby more than ruby is reliant on her

No. 1375420

Ok so I tried to look up some more stuff about them, and why do these two literally have names identical to characters from a show called Sex Education? Apparently there is even a scrote that dates both of them like lmao it's just too ironic

No. 1375453

Exactly. Neither of them are amazing people but Maeve is the master manipulator here and she's way worse and meaner and grosser than Ruby and always has been, you can even see it with her posts before she met Ruby. Something with her was always off even before this.

No. 1375481

> Insensitive to Ruby
Are you lost, anon?

No. 1375730

People but blame on Ruby because she used to involve Maeve in softcore porn for aesthetic purposes while she was still a minor, encouraged Maeve to develop an eating disorder, and brought Maeve to men a lot older than they were. It's two ways for sure, but there's definitely a reason why Ruby is considered the one most at fault. Maeve is a bit rude and had a suicide attempt, but she was also a very normal girl and successful dancer until she came under the influence of Ruby

No. 1375743

-Maeve already had an ED before Ruby and it's apparent in her old spam posts.
-Maeve already surrounded herself by older men once again can be seen in her old spam posts
-Maeve admitted to wanted to be involved in the softcore stuff SO MANY times on lives before
-Maeve is literally older than Ruby so I don't know why you're actually like Ruby was 18 and grooming a 16 year old Maeve into anything.

No. 1375823

I don't know why this is even a debate when they're clearly both equally fucked up and have both been unhealthy for each other from the start. They were both feeding into it and enabling each other, Ruby just happened to come to her senses and get out of it first. Nobody is the mastermind manipulator here, they're just two young and naive girls who don't understand the consequences of their actions.

No. 1375866

Yes. Maeve fucked hundreds of old men when she was 13-16 and ruby helped her out and told her it was okay to be a lesbian and she doesn’t have to do that anymore if she doesn’t want to. Also let’s not forget Maeve cut ruby’s name into her leg without ruby’s consent.

No. 1375867

Maeve never shuts up about her eating disorder and ruby is ALWAYS very seriously telling her that it’s not healthy and her body is beautiful. Maeve is encouraging ruby to have an eating disorder.

No. 1382984

Ruby’s posting Cedar again

No. 1383076

I’m pretty sure they’re back together. She’s so bad at break ups it’s embarrassing.

No. 1388568

guess whos on live talking about how awful cedar is and how much she misses maeve ….

No. 1388840

What did she say about Maeve? Did you get any screenshots

No. 1389131

she was just saying she missed maeve a lot and that cedar doesnt care because he doesn't like her at all. which is pretty obvious lol

No. 1389243

Ruby looking anorexic again good for her

No. 1392332

shes looked like that for months
also she took her piercings out for anyone who cares i think she looks quite pretty i mean the lip piercing was fine but i dont really think a bridge fits her face i hope she gets therapy soon lol

No. 1392399

Shes looked like what for months?

No. 1393169


No. 1393234

I don’t see it she looks normal to me. Anyone else agree?

No. 1393727

No. 1393831

Seriously I’ve been confused since the beginning when people called them pro ana and body checking. They’re normal on the skinny side but not really

No. 1394124

Extra LOLL. You can't be serious or you seriously haven't seen most of their lives or looked at some of their posts or heard what they've said or you don't know shit about EDs. LOL

No. 1395050

I get the shit about what they said and stuff but I don’t think they’re skinny. That’s all.

No. 1395130


No. 1395131

You sound like Maeve. "I don't think Im skinny" Shows incredibly skinny bone-poking-out disgusting thinspo body checking video

No. 1395514

anon its okay dont respond to the dumbasses anyone with eyes knows that they both have issues also if youve seen any of their meals they post You Know

No. 1395978

File: 1639808972213.jpeg (625.72 KB, 828x933, E27D9AB3-CF0C-40DF-B4BC-0D744B…)

Literally ruby’s most recent picture is of her ribs dumbass

No. 1397457

Oh, god the meals. Especially Maeve's. They're some of the worst ED meals I've seen.

No. 1397821

Can you describe? I missed them

No. 1400459

it's like coffee or tea cigarettes and maybe a couple blueberries like literally the bare minimum ill try to find pics

No. 1400470

File: 1640306740793.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, D9D2C8F7-C689-441B-8C6C-A491D9…)

Apparently Ruby is being evicted and is ebegging to her followers to pay for her rent and food. Not that she eats anyway kek

No. 1400475

File: 1640307139871.png (473.01 KB, 750x1334, 31D01DE6-F80A-4192-A805-28DD48…)

I don’t know how she put down first months rent along with a security deposit. Probably mommy or Maeve helped her out. Also didn’t she just move a month or two ago? I don’t really keep up with these idiots anymore.

No. 1400485

I’m confused by this because in the past on her lives it seemed like her and mom had a really close/loving relationship and her mom seemed stable and nice - I can’t imagine she’d let her daughter be homeless and starving to death like Ruby’s claiming?

No. 1400487

I believe she’s close with her mother however her mother isn’t mentally stable. On some insta lives her mother seems to be mentallly ill with her sometimes mumbling to herself and overall not being coherent. Also her mom’s house is a squalor so I understand why Ruby wanted to move out as soon as she turned 18.

No. 1400490

really?? I remember watching her lives last year before they moved and their house looked fairly “hip” and Portland-y but maybe that changed. One thing for certain is that Maeve seems to have a way better relationship with her mom/overall family situation.

No. 1400503

File: 1640310058090.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, A29575A6-296C-4B1B-8014-B083E6…)

Does anyone know what this “internet lockdown” page is? It was active about a month ago. Saged because idk if it’s relevant towards Ruby/Maeve but I found the same photo on Ruby’s account along with the code.

No. 1400615

Her mom's house was nice until ruby and Maeve and their friends pissed all over it. Her moms a pushover, I don't believe that she's not going to help her.

No. 1401197

File: 1640386297853.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, 6DBB202F-B5A8-48C5-B361-45B6AF…)

Speaking of Maeve pissing all over the place. Imagine looking outside and seeing your methhead neighbor pissing on her front porch. What a grimy bitch lol!

No. 1401541

Why are they obsessed with peeing. Like is it a fetish at this point ?

No. 1401551

File: 1640452177774.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, 4B0D7EC1-1E35-477D-9C69-F65CD8…)

Possibly. Or that both their minds are so grotesque/warped that they think it’s some quirky/edgy personality trait. I don’t know which one is worse. Maeve pisses everywhere but Ruby will drink spoiled milk or drink out of her clogged kitchen sink.

No. 1404709

File: 1640837616522.jpeg (680.08 KB, 828x1294, 6A619137-420A-4E82-9A9E-551E0C…)

Is she dating him now? His @ is i3ags he’s known for being an asshole heroin addict. I’ve been following him for a while he deserves a whole thread of his own

No. 1404710

Ruby hopped on the heroin train again I guess. Doesn’t she feel a little…. Silly?

No. 1404800

i would hope shes not doing drugs with him but i guess all that gfm money is just gonna go down the drain now

No. 1407567

i hope u have fun devoting your precious time to being in the business of young girls. this helps nothing. this is a waste of energy. im sorry your life is so stale u start a forum like this(newfaggotry)

No. 1407577

children aren't allowed to post here. go back, faggot

No. 1407590

okay ruby/maeve/anyone of their friends lol(hi cow)

No. 1408665

Man can't even keep his eyes open, strong pictures you can smell vibes from his Instagram

No. 1408987

She’s definitely doing heroin with him you can tell in all the pictures she posts on her story with him. So long sober ruby :)(:))

No. 1409053

File: 1641361646820.jpeg (169.52 KB, 828x1448, BFD442C9-FE5D-433E-8186-58BE41…)

Him passed out on her floor next to a bunch of pills. On her story.

No. 1409208

I wonder what kind of pills those were. I've never seen that kind of blister packet before. Tried to reverse image search, but it's too blurry for a good result.

No. 1409507

Did some research and theyre pills that they give you after you get released from detox/rehab. Probably suboxone and diarrhea stuff and other shit like that. Suboxone is an opioid pill for heroin withdrawals, you can get high on them.

No. 1409513

Also, Ruby and Julian were live streaming last night and Julian mentioned he was going to steal someone’s oxy for ruby.

No. 1409520

Opioids are the absolute worst. I do honestly hope they can both recover and get sober again and stop romanticizing their little heroin love story before they die. They’re cute together at least, but they need to get their shit together. I’m not even hating, I genuinely feel bad for them and hope they get the support and help they need.

No. 1409880

ok but y’all not gonna talk about the time they set up lennie for drugs and she got sexually assaulted..?(y'all need to sage)

No. 1409893

They were sober at that time, and telling Lennie not to grind on the homeless man. Not their fault at all. Everyone who knows lennie knows she’s crazy. She told everyone my friend raped someone who they never even met, let alone even lived in the same state as.

No. 1410133

its sad y'all don't know the truth and y'all gonna listen to ruby lennie is crazy but she means well y'all weren't there behind the scenes and how she treated her calling her fat degrading her manipulating her she's like everyone else if someones going to be disrespectful she does it ten times harder u guys know nothing bout the situation and you are brain washed they were not sober and they encouraged it mind you she was doin the same

No. 1410137

but y'all gonna believe a bunch of white girls mmk y'all don't listen unless they are white and shed a tear her friends are sick too I swear they in a cult

No. 1410140

did she tell you the time she got high and drank two white claws with Elijah Hanson and they were cuddling and then made an accusation saying he raped her she cries rape for everything that doesn't go her way

No. 1410142

or the time leave was having a mental breakdown at the justice center and ruby was so heartless about helping her out all because she didn't tell ruby she drank

No. 1410143

did she tell you that she has stolen 100 dollars or more from my friends and stole makeup from my friends mom?

No. 1410146

did she tell you that she would body shame lennie because she's a plus size?

No. 1410147

at the end of the day y'all don't know shit about the situation and all obsessed and brainwashed when you could open your eyes and see all the fucked up shit she's doing(stop)

No. 1410148

y'all be glorifying the eating disorders, the rape play and the child porno and wanna be like slayyyyyy queen fuck it up bad bitch like tf do you even hear yourself WAKE THE FUCK UP

No. 1410150

and the people donating her drug money because she's still living in her house eating in peace she's fucking scaming and y'all are stupid enough to buy it because she's white and has a few followers fucking retards

No. 1410161

integrate better twitterfag

No. 1410170

hers her number REDACTED(do not post a cows number)

No. 1410176

learn2sage stop sperging

No. 1410177

that's so petty lmfaoo

No. 1410180

this is too funny y'all are fucking white and deprived no wonder black people don't fw yt people(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1410186

Who tf is Lennie?

No. 1410188

probably one of ruby or maeve's imaginary meth brain friends that they see when they're twacked. this is obvious self-posting because the thread necro'd

No. 1410203

We are literally criticising all those things. You look retarded

No. 1410232

File: 1641495839660.jpeg (550.55 KB, 828x1427, E18AE350-42E8-4B1C-A134-4441F1…)

found this thread today and honestly shocked to see such horrorcows from my city (or at least closeby)…the oregon redneck/punk wannabe subculture crossover is so haggard and disgusting. Evident by the current state of ruby and her association with another decaying lilxan wannabe.

No. 1410266

they really thought they ate

No. 1410350

she was one of their friends they had a falling out summer of 2020 i think? and at one point she saw them downtown and started following and screaming at them they called the cops and i think might have actually gotten a restraining order against her bc she apparently tried to assault them honestly i dont care “whos in the right” because theyre all crazy also i find it pretty funny that one time lennie freaked out on me for posting a picture of myself because she thought i was underage and it was inappropriate and wouldn’t believe me when i said i was over 18 but was just fine being friends with ruby and maeve

No. 1410352

who the fuck cares about your blogpost? literally none of that was necessary, sped.

No. 1410410

Lennie is 17 lol. They lie about their age.

No. 1410515

i guarantee you no one asked for this dumbass wall of text lenny

No. 1410559

this 100% lennie tryin not to be lmao and its obvious u didnt read any of this page(hi cow)

No. 1410615

You haven't been here long, have you? Lennie used to be friends with Maeve and Ruby. Before deleted posts, you could see them in several of their posts around summer 2020. I don't know if anything Lennie says is true at all but they are definitely a real person and used to be friends with them.

No. 1410625

>you haven’t been here long
doesn’t sage
try again newfag. also lennie wasn’t mentioned in the thread for the first time until 12 hours ago. this is an obvious self-post.

No. 1410627

samefag from the last comment but it wasn’t 12 hours ago now - the first mention was actually only 20 hours ago after this thread has existed for 8 months and you claim you’ve been friends with them since 2020…if you’re not interesting enough to get your own thread, maybe feel grateful instead of attention seeking over it.

No. 1410639

Ruby’s high on suboxone and nodding off on her livestream right now

No. 1410642

File: 1641523259570.png (3.28 MB, 828x1792, F2E3BA6F-C635-422D-9A80-8DB11A…)

instagram must’ve sniped the live but i saw this on maeve’s story? what does she mean new face?

No. 1410657

File: 1641524496227.jpeg (477.87 KB, 828x1557, 91463055-6DDC-44F4-A8E4-73DD50…)

Did some more digging and noticed how even though ruby regularly claims “homelessness” (the way many oregon people love to do) but is tagged in photos in front of University District apartments. She’s either in student housing right now or at least living very close by based off the background, it looks like (it definitely is) the area barely on the outside of downtown. She could also just know people from around there and be staying there, but she’s tagged nearby it in several photos and the people tagging her definitely live in the same area. Not very surprising that she’s panhandling on gofundme instead of on Burnside with the rest of the methheads.

No. 1410687

She’s not homeless lol? She never said she was. She lives in her own apartment she’s just broke and needed food because her job hadn’t paid her yet

No. 1410709

yeah my whole post says she isn’t homeless…but besides that there’s more than one account of her claiming being on the verge of homelessness/already being houseless - that’s why she still has the gofundme in her bio begging for rent and food money.

No. 1411609

File: 1641614933630.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 52600005-61B6-412B-B95F-072483…)

@ i3ags just posted this on his story

No. 1411634

Wow SO surprising, I am just totally shocked kek

No. 1411731

she said she was gonna be evicted on january 5th… >>1400475

No. 1411788

File: 1641637803827.png (4.51 MB, 828x1792, 378FFBA5-25E7-4BDC-960B-3211E8…)

Punched my friend in the face and gave her a swollen lip..

No. 1411789

What an amazing human being(don't use emojis )

No. 1411866

Hang out with shitty people, win shitty prizes. Sorry BiMbOcUm.

No. 1411977

Did she overdose?

No. 1412002

Honestly I hope she did..

No. 1412007

So I just got information on what happened apparently ruby accused bimbocum of stealing 10 dollar perfume and the she said for that your getting blocked bitch to slutcasino and she followed bimbocum and pulled her wig off and said don’t call me a bitch and proceeded to assault her then her ugly boyfriend Julian kicked her and defended herself she kick him in the nuts I think my favorite part is when bimbocum broke a pot on slutcasino a head Lmfaooo anyway that’s why ruby is in the hospital

No. 1412010

Not the only black female she’s fucked over I can tell she hates black people and her boyfriend has the audacity to assault females naw fam

No. 1412011

Why are people friends with her…(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1412031

Thanks for the milk, but please read the rules before you post here.

No. 1412032


unsaged quadruple post, nice

No. 1412107

Ruby’s in the hospital because bimbocum snapped her finger in half and dislocated her hand and her head is cracked lol.

No. 1412109

I was told that she apparently has to get reconstructive surgery next week too

No. 1412388


No. 1412413

Oh no~ what a shame Ruby couldn't act like a mad cow and not have any repercussions

No. 1412429

yeah i’m sure everyone feels so bad for “bimbocum” who was punched by “slutcasino”. Get out of the gutter and maybe things won’t be so tough for you

No. 1412431

Bimbocum got a swollen lip :((( Aw poor baby. She hit ruby first tho not even gonna lie(:((()

No. 1412432

that’s so humiliating. she could’ve just grabbed her wig, thrown it, and ran. now she’s gonna make a whole other gofundme for “hospital fees!1!1” and probably do a livestream or post some stupid caption claiming that bimbocum got violent first and try to make herself look like a little victim. they both look stupid as hell.

No. 1412434

File: 1641693849968.jpeg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, A49CF7A6-22F0-4597-8CE1-C71819…)

No. 1412436

File: 1641693882895.jpeg (3.4 MB, 4032x3024, F513230C-36EB-4311-A5E1-7F7B6F…)

No. 1412437

sage cause bad quality but just some post updates(lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1412488

instagram doesnt tell someone when you take a screenshot jsyk

No. 1412513

File: 1641700542348.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, FE79A798-A7C5-4FA1-A199-6A9D81…)

I’m assuming this retard who doesn’t know how to sage is bimbocum. This thread was dying until you and Ruby fought to the death over $10 perfume or whatever the fuck. Also keeping it classy with posting her phone number too. It’s funny how you came on here to talk shit about Ruby when you and Maeve are following each other and are friends? Especially since both Ruby and Maeve are/were obsessed with each other. Could this be a cry for attention or a shitty attempt for revenge? I’m honestly surprised Maeve let you rock Ruby’s shit, then post about it.
Also taking into consideration that Maeve later posted on her story of Ruby mentioning “to not talk about Ruby’s face” >>1410642

In conclusion, you’re a retard for leaking Ruby’s phone number (which is doxxing) and even a bigger retard for not knowing how to sage and same fagging.

No. 1412633

>username Bimbocum
>story titled "slutification"
She's a retard in general. Everyone in that circle is complete trash, jesus

No. 1412897

I was out downtown yesterday I can’t believe I somehow missed getting this in real time

No. 1413610

bruh stfu and let ruby take the L this was gonna happen to her eventually bc of her behaviorshe messed with wrong people and got what she deserved I told that bitch to stop playin cuz someone who aint the one gonna fuck you up one day bimboslut did gods work and for that she gets a gold star(sage)

No. 1413615

Can you guys just text each other

No. 1413623

this thread is a lot cheaper than paying t-mobile

No. 1422201

Saged bc somewhat irrelevant but Ryver and Ruby unfollowed eachother and Ryver posted something along the lines of "If you support i3ags block me he is a disgusting human being." I wonder what kind of shady shit he pulled behind the scenes.

Ryver died last night though so I guess we'll never know.

No. 1422636

Ryver was dating i3ags and ruby told her she could move in with her while secretly talking to i3ags and then he broke up with ryver right as she was packing her stuff to go to ruby’s then i3ags snuck out and took a train to ruby’s house before Ryver could

No. 1422638

This is what heroin addicts do for a living lol

No. 1423080

File: 1642769195308.jpg (242.43 KB, 1080x2124, IMG_20220121_134120.jpg)


Both of them were making fun of Ryver after they died too, I mean come on.

No. 1423821

File: 1642842537662.jpeg (302.45 KB, 1124x1446, 53EC3DF7-0DA0-415D-BFC1-52BC7C…)

for some god forbidden reason she came up on my FYP because she now has “FILTHY FRANK” tattoo

No. 1424770

That’s not ruby lol

No. 1429837

This is so fucked up… No human decency.

No. 1429838

What’s Ryver’s @ ??

No. 1430553

lol she lives in my town. she is disgusting but she has nothing to do with this thread

No. 1431038

@ nonamewhxre

No. 1431262

Does anyone know what Ryver did to Ruby that made Ruby call them a bad person and make fun of them?

No. 1431283

lol why don't you go ask your twitter friends newfag

No. 1432793

After reading the whole thread all I get, all I've ever got is friends from Ruby's side and obsession from Maeve.

There's no evidence they've ever kissed, they've denied being in any kind of 'sexual relationship', denied having sex at all.

All the bullshittery about ~ we're together forever is just teenage girl soulmatey bs, there's nothing concrete at all, and now they're not even friends.

Prove me wrong.(sage your shit)

No. 1432808

…okay? You’re allowed to think that. No one is going to waste their time or energy “proving you wrong”, especially as this thread is basically dead.

No. 1433612

Ruby’s new boyfriend disgusts me so much. What’s the deal with her jumping from shitbag to shitbag? She starts posting gross HD closeup videos 3 days after meeting them. How did she find Cedar within a week after the Jona breakup, then this dude not even a month after the Cedar situation?????

No. 1434222

She went on live a while ago saying she knows she’s a shitty person and what she does is bad but doesn’t stop because she doesn’t want to be alone, she also said on the live she was only keeping julian around until her and cedar got back together but I guess that’s over.

No. 1434241

She went on live yesterday saying she loves Julian and their relationship got a lot better and cedar isn’t in her life

No. 1434320

Welp we’ll see how long that lasts!

No. 1442995

File: 1644863118766.jpeg (567.32 KB, 828x622, 26B75845-6135-4664-A908-5AC2DD…)

I know this thread is dead asf but I wanted to put Rubys latest post here holyyyy

No. 1443427

So fucking gross.

No. 1450699

guys she had a picture on her story for literally 5 seconds and then deleted it but it was a picture of her holding up her iud. So excited to see i3ags and ruby’s ugly ass baby!!!

No. 1451338

LMAO I saw this. Both of them are repulsive

No. 1452873

Did ruby delete her instagram? Not seeing it.(sage your shit)

No. 1453037

her nuts are hanging out of her shorts

No. 1453058

Goddamn she moves on so fast idk how she does it. It takes one day and it’s like her last boyfriend never even existed

No. 1453059

I’ve never seen this girl single even for a day in the 3 years I’ve been following her

No. 1453260

Ruby and Maeve unfollowed each other again

No. 1458511

File: 1646493089611.jpeg (861.16 KB, 828x1517, B8E90CC0-F87B-4A2D-8971-93D808…)

She’s so gross

No. 1458513

File: 1646493131491.jpeg (145.58 KB, 828x294, 5178A4A4-4150-4984-B447-E5D27F…)

Like it makes it any better

No. 1458515

File: 1646493244279.jpeg (794.81 KB, 828x1521, 395FC3AC-126F-4809-AF50-3271F1…)

“Other girl” being maeve

No. 1459173

i genuinely feel like everyone on here knows ruby or maeve personally an either are genuinely concerned or just jealous, they are super annoying and problematic but its insane to fantasize and gossip about teenagers unless u urself are teenagers or you have personal grudges towards them. i dont like them at all but i have met them in person multiple times as well as their "enemies" and they are very plastic boring regular girls that thrive from drama and attention. if this thread was deleted maeve and ruby would be heartbroken. im sure ill get deleted or saged but l dont think that is necessary. i have a lot to share about these too.

No. 1459174

these girls are not celebrities even in their hometown i know them personally and they are just common portland oregon people

No. 1460615

can someone just delete this shit we are literally the most irrelevant I don’t even look at this and I don’t like getting shown it’s we are so boring and I just don’t need this on the internet coming up if someone googles me I hate that this exist and I personally really do not think it’s some kind of flex And no one else needs this on the internet either we are beyond irrelevant Idk how to use this website sorry can someone just delete it -Maeve

No. 1460639

No, but it will fade into obscurity eventually if you two stop being retarded on the internet, this thread is mostly dead anyways. And don’t do things like bumping your thread like you just did (pro-tip type “sage” in the email area if you don’t want to bring your thread back to the front page.)

No. 1460646

File: 1646691650657.jpeg (141.13 KB, 896x641, 4F88BD39-3B07-4147-84D0-8492EC…)

I deleted this trying to report this whole thing I’m just really freaked out that this continues to be a thing for no no no reason we obviously aren’t entitled to having it taken down but come on it just upsets me and scares me that all my worst moments are compiled and not hard to find and yes we have public instagrams but so does every teenage girl and we don’t have any followers idk

No. 1460648

What you post on the internet lives on forever. So will this thread. You posted it all for people to look at publicly. Maybe go private or something idk. 0% chance this is getting deleted. Your thread is honestly dead anyways, good job bringing it to the top though

No. 1460652

Also, other girls aren’t publicly doing the weird shit you do. You’re a trainwreck and ppl like to watch that, like I said go private or something

No. 1460664

Oh my god wtf Sorry should I have kept my mouth shut made it worse never mind i can just deactivate or private my shit I’m so done

No. 1460696

I mean Ruby is on Tiktok posting about all the drugs she does and posting pictures of you, so she's the one you should go to about this, this thread is unlikely to do any damage and is mostly ignored.
If you don't want shit on the internet then don't post it yourself and ask Ruby to stop posting pictures of you too.

No. 1460741

So this thread has turned into infighting between people who know each other in real life? Can't you guys do this over text message?

No. 1461049

Lolcow is unforgiving, might as well change your name now.

No. 1462454

File: 1646868189634.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3035, 5D340FC2-BC61-43B8-82D6-5E2FC6…)

Ruby posted a tiktok showing off the rotting drinks infested with fucking bugs on her bedside table, actually revolting. How do you let it get this bad? Like I’m depressed too but goddamn.


No. 1462463

as much as I dislike Ruby and co., those aren't bugs, they are "fruit flies" and it only takes 2 days in a warm room to get that many. They are harmless and have more intelligence and are cleaner than Ruby.

No. 1465934

this should be just a ruby page maeve is not nearly as problematic

No. 1466576

Ok Maeve
please no hi cow ban considering she has literally been itt as recently as a week ago

No. 1467044

Hi Maeve !!

No. 1471717

Did Ruby delete all her TikTok videos?

No. 1471718

File: 1647541237427.jpg (103.46 KB, 1080x2043, Screenshot_20220317-142013_Tik…)

No. 1472705

It says she went private for me, you might have been blocked.

No. 1474182

File: 1647718344155.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 1EB12EAF-1B11-4C3B-A0A1-D43666…)

lmaooo Maeve doing her edges. Does she not realize how stupid she looks? Girl please stop you are embarrassing yourself

No. 1476343

? She just slicked down her hair, she looks fine you sound bitter.

No. 1485752

exactly what they said ^
from what i have seen maeve has actually been doing really well for herself and is seemingly trying to be better. this is hateful for no reason. yu sound like someone who knows her irl and is jealous.
Ruby on the other hand seems to just get worse. ((I only ever lurk on here and never comment .. idk what sage means so sorry if this is that?)))
but yea i been watching them both for some time and from what i have seen maeve has actually been taking care of herself whereas ruby has been showing off her bug infested bedroom and making tiktoks abt smoking meth. if anyone is embarrassing themselves its ruby.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1485770

you didnt sage but just put sage in email field next time

No. 1486690

Then why would ruby stop talking to her

No. 1486691

I think she had some serious bpd going on idk

No. 1487970

why would they sage when they are adding to a thread? this is all drama and opinions. what the fck qualifies as old news to sage? and yes just put me out the pasture cuz i just cant reload the page and post again lmao i love maeve, ruby will get fkd up if i ever find her chipotle location(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1487974

Well this is clearly the same person because you've just posted your sperg without saging

No. 1487979

learn to read dumbass, they asked if they saged properly. Stop being a cunt.

No. 1488131

you need to be 18 to post here. gtfo teenage twitterfags

No. 1488310

my face when ruby walks right past me at couch park while i’m smoking right now as i’m typing this

No. 1488311

samefag but it’s for sure her she’s wearing the open space dance sweater

No. 1488317

wait wrong cow i always think ruby is the ginger one but maeve is hobbling around the dog park smoking a cigarette

No. 1488436

Did you not think to take a picture?

No. 1488527

File: 1648769926498.jpeg (3.12 MB, 4032x3024, F2607D7F-B0A6-4B3B-89C1-4F5B91…)

nope i did i was just waiting for someone to ask for them. there’s the first one

No. 1488529

File: 1648769992491.jpeg (2.26 MB, 4032x3024, 0904295A-CEC7-4C57-97B3-716800…)

todays runway look open space dance sweater and cheetah print pajama bottoms

No. 1488592

This is kinda scary and stalkerish ngl

No. 1488677

This looks like Maeve took these pictures lol. Thinking she’s a celebrity and wants people to take pictures of her out in public

No. 1488680

It rlly is kek

No. 1489131


No. 1489228

Dude, one thing is making fun of what people choose to post on the internet, another is posting content 100% without their permission for it to exist in the first place. Just talk about it if you've seen her but don't fucking take pictures of people like that. Everyone deserves privacy in real life and the right to choose what they want to post on it and what they don't.

No. 1489514

Honestly a lil creepy ngl

No. 1489525


Jesus christ anon, don't do this, this is not a fucking stalking thread. Unhinged behavior.

No. 1489669

kek I was thinking the same thing

No. 1495083

this is majorly creepy.. i live here too and i would never take a photo of them if i saw them
you seem like a moid taking photos of her like that

No. 1500140

i know this thread is pretty much dead and someones being creepy butttt rubys live on tiktok high as fuck on Klonopin talking about how shes getting evicted from her nasty apartment(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1500148

what’s her tiktok it’s not linked

No. 1500162

hmmmmmwiwjej is her tiktok username shes still live

No. 1500171

File: 1649827011926.png (8.23 MB, 1170x2532, E74E1710-386B-4B8B-8899-441627…)

she sperged about needing to buy a house on a chipotle employee wage, went through her closet bed trash pile love nest that she shares with julian, went on and on about the bimbocum apartment fight and then started talking about how she had julian “rip her IUD out of her cervix” because she wanted to get pregnant “for like 3 days”…and then one of her friends joined the live and she begged her to let her live with her because she’s being evicted now apparently

No. 1500319

Wonder if her being evicted has anything to do with how disgusting she's let her home become all in the name of aesthetics and pure junky laziness

No. 1500418

oh nona she described so many incidents that just make her look like the worst tenant ever. her landlord apparently had to let himself into her landfill apartment because she wasn’t waking up to have their maintenance man come turn the gas on, they smoke in their apartment (this is against the law in portland already, but especially for ruby because she isn’t 21), admitted to getting several noise complaints weekly because her roommates and friends are always running up and down the halls screaming that they’re going to kill themselves. it’s a mess

No. 1510053

Nobody’s going to believe me about this but I was in downtown Portland and I saw Ruby walk out of multnomah county detention center today with no laces in her shoes and blood on her face. Kek. I knew she was insane but I didn’t expect prison level insane.

No. 1510194

Yeah nobody believes you lmao

No. 1510742

shes "talking" about it live on her tiktok right now

No. 1510805


No. 1510854

She didn’t say anything at all except that she’s stressed out I was there the whole time. Could be anything. I know she didn’t go to jail lol

No. 1510937

she was being super annoying and said she couldnt talk about it someone asked if she bailed julian out of jail and she was like i cant talk about it something definitely happened

No. 1511058

Yeah she just seemed really sad and anxious something obviously happened. She definitely looked kind of beaten up and sickly like she was in jail for a cold minute. And I guess Julian was locked up too right? Wonder what they did…

No. 1511059

She never mentioned they went to jail but after anon said they saw her come out it became pretty apparent if you looked a little closer

No. 1511061

She def looked like she was in there a while that’s for sure lol

No. 1514503

File: 1651185755718.png (6.22 MB, 1170x2532, 3F07BFF3-4051-44CC-8B48-514AB3…)

yep they’re going to jail. kek i can’t even imagine what they did

No. 1514506

I apologize for the incoming spam but here’s the booking deets for Ruby and Julian

No. 1514507

File: 1651186152350.png (523.06 KB, 1170x2532, 33875464-B7E6-4951-9B36-DA0550…)

No. 1514509

File: 1651186201007.png (372.31 KB, 1170x2532, B98A41F8-B890-423F-B4A3-BE318B…)

No. 1514510

File: 1651186281710.png (543.5 KB, 1170x2532, 2374FF2C-6706-496F-8AF6-231196…)

not gonna post it twice but they were charged with the same thing, harassment it looks like. tinfoil obviously but i wonder if they were stalking maeve or something. i wouldn’t put it past either of them

No. 1514556

lmao this is amazing

No. 1514568

Hi this is ruby I would like everyone to know that we are not going to jail and the charges were dismissed it was just because of a noise complaint. And that tiktok means that I am not gonna be on social media for a while because it’s ugly and boring. Thanks. No jail for us we did nothing

No. 1514570

It says harassment DV!!! Which means domestic violence because our neighbors thought our argument was too loud literally we did nothing

No. 1514571

So please stop with your investment and investigation because nothing is actually going on

No. 1514594

hold up a photo of your face with your name and todays date on it if this is true. you could be another farmer for all we know

No. 1514604

Lmao what like who else would I be

No. 1514629

you saged your post instead of putting your actual name as ruby in the name field and proving that it’s you kek…most cows who lurk their own threads usually know the rule to make themselves known and prove that it’s them and not a farmer. either prove its the rube or stop clogging up the thread nona

No. 1514631

Ur crazy

No. 1514633

if this is ruby then she’s got a lot of gall to be calling other people crazy when this entire thread is a saga of her being far beyond just crazy

No. 1514635

Learn to lurk if you’re going to be a retard

No. 1514644

What are we even fighting about I literally just explained that I’m not in jail and told you why we got arrested in the first place. What is there to argue about

No. 1514647

Believe me or don’t but I just want to make it clear that nothing happened and they took us in for just being loud and then let us go. Why would anyone know that except me like what’s the point in anyone else saying this

No. 1514648

no one’s arguing with you nonnie. we told you that if you’re ruby then you’d prove it by just posting a photo of your face and you holding up a paper with your name and todays date on it. if you can’t do that then, again - stop clogging up the thread or learn to lurk quietly.

No. 1514651

Why would I put my name on the paper that I’m holding up next to my face explain that part pls

No. 1514653

I’ll be honest i’ve lived in portland my whole life and I’ve never heard of someone getting fully booked for being a nuisance, so it just sounds like there’s holes in the story that’s all

No. 1514654

to prove that it’s you…

No. 1514655

I was in there for like 5 minutes I wasn’t “fully booked”

No. 1514658

Think what y’all want. What I said is what happened but I’m done with this I’m not gonna try and prove myself to you guys who want to start shit over nothing

No. 1514663

hope you enjoyed your 25 minutes of attention nonnie kek

No. 1514665

Dude this is a gossip form, explaining yourself isn’t going to do anything. Most people you know would be put off by this website so why does it even matter what we say. Just ignore and better yourself so you don’t have to deal with this. Smarten up.

No. 1514667

Nona why would she put her name when you know what her face looks like

No. 1514672

i remember that when luka went into the nika and jaelle thread to provide milk he had to prove his existence by holding up a photo with his name and that days date on it, because anyone could have just a random photo of their face with no proof that it’s current or proof that it’s the cow self poasting

No. 1515415

I know this may shock you but if you show up in your counties booking records, that means you were fully booked.

No. 1516086

cwhy >>1514507
can we talk about how theyre booked with the exact same height and weight?? is that not weird to anyone else?

No. 1516087

It's unlikely she's 140lb, so looks like someone was being lazy and just put the guy's stats down twice

No. 1516088

also how is rubys anorexic ass 140 pounds!?! like yeah shes tall but she has no weight

No. 1516116

Very strange how "Ruby" appears and refuses to prove it's her around the same time "Nadine" shows up in the Shayna thread. Me thinks a farmer is trying to stir the pot in boring threads, saged for tin foil

No. 1516249

And I really don’t believe Ruby would date someone the same height as her

No. 1516363

.. what a weird thing to say. Do you know her personally and her preferences?

No. 1516648

No it just seems like something she would do out of insecurity. And there were TikTok’s and there’s pictures of him on his Instagram standing up he looks pretty tall def not under 5’11

No. 1516649

He’s not that skinny either he can’t be 140lbs

No. 1516650

What do I know. I’m just assuming from what I’ve seen. If anyone knows then please tell… I’m curious

No. 1517298

that’s definitely what it is nona, i feel stupid for not catching that kek

No. 1534551

Ruby deleted her insta

No. 1537376

File: 1653339103498.jpeg (271.6 KB, 1170x1992, 8A8AD68B-3A08-4D0C-8F7D-B8ADC9…)

Not sure how true this is but weird thing to post nonetheless

No. 1538527

Why is that weird

No. 1538677

Not gonna spoon feed you read the caption and decipher for yourself

No. 1539301

Also her and Ruby fucked a 14 y/o and really messed with her head mentally. They both make me feel horrible for ever wanting to be around them, especially Ruby.

No. 1539330

What 14 year old did that fuck lol

No. 1539332

you short anon? it’s possible for 5’9” women to look underweight at 140, depends on frame & muscle/fat composition.
sage for tallposting

No. 1539424

There is just no way she’s 140… sorry to break it to you. Even at her height she would look fatter than she is.

No. 1539438

File: 1653493916230.jpeg (453.77 KB, 828x1514, 0EF3EFD6-3446-4FD0-A518-ED095F…)

This is not what 140 looks like sweetie.

No. 1539484

Anons stop focusing on her weight and maybe focus on getting receipts for the “she fucked a child” claim

No. 1539548

Earlier itt there was brief speculation that Ruby had taken Maeve to some older men. Was this girl in a similar situation with them?

No. 1539564

Taken Maeve to some men?? Tf is that supposed to mean

No. 1539567

You guys are really reaching with this one

No. 1539788

Ntayrt, but what the fuck do you think it means?

No. 1539803

Ayrt. I'm not spoon feeding you, go back through the thread and you'll find a handful of posts speculating whether of not Ruby had taken Maeve to men (as in old creeps supplying girls with drink/drugs for "reasons")

No. 1539811

It might be a reach but
seems an awful lot like teens hanging out and getting drunk with weird old men, and weird old men don't just give alcohol away to women without expecting something in return. Especially not old middle aged junkies hanging around with two crack head teenagers

No. 1539851

But where does the part where it’s Ruby taking Maeve to them? Why don’t you think they’re just going together? Maeve isn’t a dumb toy that just does whatever Ruby wants her to do and lives to serve Ruby. This is so stupid. They were best friends and they were doing that together like most dumb crackhead teenage girls do. One of them is not the owner of the other. Look up “best friends”. Or please provide ANY proof that Ruby took Maeve to them instead of them just going together.

No. 1539855

And you think it’s Ruby’s fault bc you see how Maeve was before she met Ruby. The first record of Ruby on the internet is a picture of them together. You don’t know Ruby. I’m sure she wasn’t always like this and just brought Maeve with her.

No. 1539861

And none of those pictures have even 1 hint that it’s Ruby dragging Maeve into it or then fucking a child.

No. 1539867

Show me 1 thing about them fucking a child that’s not somebody saying “they fucked a child”. Nobody knows said child, only one person accused it and everyone just assumed it was true or wanted it to be true so they could have some drama to talk about. We need receipts. It’s annoying watching people just throw random things out trying to make this thread milkier than it is. It’s not entertaining when it’s obviously just people juicing it to death trying to scrape up anything they can from the barrel but the barrel is pretty empty and has been for a while.

No. 1543350

This thread is dead, theyre both changing their life around and seem to be okay. Let this thread die, making up random shit to get it hype again is just weird(emailfag )

No. 1543415

Literally neither of them are changing their behavior or seem “okay” based off their posts, but based off who Maeve is following and how she herself interacts with cows who provide more consistent milk it’s very likely that this thread could’ve been one big self poast that she now regrets. I’ll let it slide, because she’s a kid, but Ruby having sex with kids sounds inexcusable (if it is factual).

No. 1543542

Agreed about the self-posting. The only people who are posting are mainly those within their circle of influence and Maeve and Ruby themselves. These posts >>1539424
seem especially suspicious.

No. 1554274

I think ruby and julian broke up they unfollowed eachother on ig

No. 1554567

It looks also kind of like Ruby at least is starting to cut back on the cow behavior, at least online. In public however I’m not gonna comment on how she acts kek. Maeve sometimes still does some attention seeking shit on her spam but at least she’s not walking around downtown on a leash anymore. Both of them seem to be talking again, or at least cordial.

No. 1554835

File: 1654802156099.png (6.98 MB, 1170x2532, 168557F2-3F41-4646-B12B-21BBC8…)

Rubys live on ig

No. 1554842

She just said she’s still with Julian and her being cheated on was a “hoax” kek

No. 1554843

omg im on that live rn

No. 1554856

Ruby and julian moved to LA

No. 1554863

I just had to leave because the rooster is so fucking annoying but she said she left Portland and likes L.A. better I wonder where her mom is

No. 1578058

ruby is supposedly pregnant now

No. 1578060

File: 1656713136749.jpeg (605.71 KB, 828x1394, E797FCC3-BE13-413F-BD18-1B68D3…)

No. 1578062

File: 1656713177592.jpeg (755.6 KB, 828x1396, FB8B476B-0CB7-48EB-AEB0-072527…)

No. 1578205

Good for them

No. 1578346

Her captions are always weird and cryptic I don’t think she actually means anything by that. Probably not pregnant.

No. 1578391

She’s been posting word salads for years I guarantee they mean nothing

No. 1580056

I think she really is pregnant. there was a photo of a pregnancy test she posted (or maeve) i can’t remember who posted it exactly but it was clear that it was rubys test and there is also a video of ruby on the phone asking about abortion right now. she always posts word salads but i feel like for her to consistently make vague posts of being pregnant over the last week or so, it definitely seems real

No. 1580321

Maeve posted a video of Ruby on the phone with Planned Parenthood and getting hung up on last night. Obviously they could just be milking a joke or trying to make some retarded commentary on Roe v Wade, for some reason I feel like she’s not pregnant. It’s probably wishful thinking kek. Also lolcow needs to up its storage or something because it said that the video is too large to upload even though I decreased the bitrate like 4 times…

No. 1580360

So Ruby and Maeve are friends again? This should be interesting. I kind of miss their antics, milk has been in terribly short supply lately.

No. 1596028

Are ruby and Julian still together?

No. 1596029

Are ruby and Julian still together?

No. 1597098

They broke up and she aborted his baby bc he gave her some black eyes now she’s going back to la to save him while he’s in a hotel shooting up lmfao

No. 1597346

how do you know this? lol(sage your shit)

No. 1602361

File: 1659208402379.jpeg (232.7 KB, 1242x1488, 975D2B38-0855-47B1-9B19-789C35…)

They look likes they’re friends again. Or just naked and high as fuck somewhere in the middle of the night.

No. 1602362

Kek this looks fun

No. 1606597

File: 1659585834160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 815.48 KB, 828x1382, F06796A2-FCFA-4A96-B87D-22810F…)

More proana cow behavior, courtesy of Ruby.

No. 1606601

Posting your body isn’t being proana trust me neither of them are anorexic they post their meals and their palates are comparable to some fat motherfucker like Elvis kek it’s so gross

No. 1606954

Shes literally doing one of the most well known pro ana thinspo poses ever with the very clear and specific intent to body check as indicated in her caption, nonnie

No. 1606983

Even if they are anorexic that doesn’t mean they’re proana

No. 1607188

She legit says herself in the caption that she's body checking though. And she's clearly underweight so do the maths nonnie it's clearly pro

No. 1607199

I think clearly saying she’s body checking is clearly a joke and she is body checking but make it ironic. You wouldn’t get it.

No. 1607201

She’s making fun of people saying she’s body checking

No. 1619740

Have yall seen Maeve & her boyfriend im genuinely happy for them so cute

No. 1627609

File: 1661639399640.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1987, 6FA10F73-845B-4F86-A64F-B42945…)

Maeve’s boyfriend got a drawing of her tattooed on him kek I honestly think it’s pretty sweet

No. 1627612

A tattoo of the fat, oversized tubbalumpkins baby is not milk. Is she over her lesbian junkie phase with ruby now? I don't think there is any progress or milk until this bitch gets a degree or job and owns her own place with her OWN money. she obviously is not making enough income to live on her own kek.

No. 1627614

Don't follow these cows but this is pretty embarrassing not to be an asshole kek.

No. 1627615

I didn’t know there were rules as to what does and doesn’t qualify as worthy milk, your highness. Should I do 10 hail mary’s and lash myself with a cat o’nine tails as a penance? Shut the fuck up.

No. 1627616

It really is a poorly done tattoo but I guess when they break up he’ll always be able to get it removed kek

No. 1627692

NTA but oh lord I did KEK

No. 1632244

Does anyone know if Ruby is sober still

No. 1632960

Probably not. I saw some girl post about ruby a few days ago but I was dumb and didn’t screenshot. She said ruby made a gofundme and pretended to be pregnant so people would send her money and she would spend the money on fentanyl that she apparently shoots. She said she knows ruby and knows it firsthand. Im not positive that this is true but…

No. 1638379

she got an abortion and there’s no chance in hell that she shoots fent she’s not even a drug addict like a lot of you think she used to do some drugs randomly but she’s not an addict she just smokes cigarettes

No. 1638439

Ruby is a heavy cocaine, meth, and fentanyl addict. I know her. And yes….. she has recently gotten sober again around 2 weeks ago.

No. 1638480

We used to be really close and hang out everyday and get high together in Portland but she stopped talking to me because she owes me money and left for Los Angeles to escape the rest of her debts. She uses drugs everyday and I have seen her shoot up fent, smoke meth, snort 3 8balls of cocaine in one night, and much more with my own eyes. She was pregnant though….. this is true. She immediately relapsed after she got a abortion. This girl is sad, sad, sad. She’s lied and stolen from me many times. Give it another week and she will be back on the streets in no time.

No. 1638482

Many of you do not know the reality of her, or who she really is. This is one thing she will keep private from her social medias. But it is the truth ~

No. 1638648

Saying “it is the truth ~” means literally nothing.

No. 1639718

“i know her” yeah so do i. she’s not an addict i dont know where y’all come up with this shit. literally where is the proof??

No. 1640316

She did drugs randomly for a while. It was after her abortion that it went bad.

No. 1643052

File: 1662689931846.jpeg (566.96 KB, 1242x1834, 2172F03A-E0F8-4B6B-8FE8-0590BD…)

No. 1643073

Is this a self-post? They’re both extremely obvious junkies. Or if they’re not, they’re doing a spot-on impersonation of junkies which is even weirder.

No. 1643077

even before drugs they were like that they think it’s cool to act fucked up all the time

No. 1643079

File: 1662692526338.jpeg (447.11 KB, 750x1214, DE6636D3-0C7B-4D90-90EF-92FBBB…)

So cute, he literally punched her in the face kek. That’s love!

No. 1643749

File: 1662751577580.jpg (319.06 KB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_20220909-152537_Ins…)

Uh oh

No. 1644441

the fact that these average portland kids have this whole page of trash talk is truly insane and disgusting to think this thread started when they were both minors. i know maeve and ruby personally they have theyre faults as anyone would but i can tell the exact 3 or 4 people who post on this page u think ur slick but portland is smaller than u think. these girls have their own lives to deal with
, and truly every1 obsession on here makes me so sick they don’t deserve this. i never expected such slander towards such innocent peaceful ppl.(unsaged wk)

No. 1644464

no one cares and people from all over the world read about these two cows

No. 1644467

kek they have had only one thread in over a year. hardly an obsession from anons. this thread hardly gets replies. look at someone like shayna or moo with over 100 threads.

No. 1644530

The proximity of this post to the pic directly above where one of them suggests opening an OF, yeah if you are a messy attentionseeker you will get attention, kinda how that works. And this is a very slow thread as >>1644467 said

No. 1644675

Everyone has an OF though. Y’all focusing in on nothing. Ohhhhh Maeve got a dog how scandalous!! Ruby’s cousin works at Fred Meyers! What a CRAZY *

No. 1644703

Go back.

No. 1644746

Yeah but what is there anymore

No. 1645305

No, not everyone has an OF. Holy crap that is the most terminally online sad thing I've read in a while. I genuinely pity you if you're surrounded by attention whoring pro ana drug addicts like Maeve/Ruby to the point where this is all normal to you

No. 1646712

No. 1659941

Rubys on live right now talking about Jonah, she said he sent her $50 after she told him she was “cracked out” and needed a lighter so I think that confirms the her being a crackhead rumors

No. 1659955

Hey not to piss on you or anything but this is an imageboard so for the love of God will you fucking record or screenshot shit, thank you

No. 1660002

actually: someone asked if she was still with Jonah and she said she’s with Julian and she didn’t talk to him anymore and the last interaction they had was him sending her $50 while she was homeless.

No. 1660151

Ok but she did say she was cracked out and needed a lighter, I just left out the homeless part.

No. 1660656

no she didn’t say she was cracked out lol i was watching it

No. 1660804

As someone from Portland, this isn’t “average portland kid behavior”, also neither of these adults are kids, and Ruby is from Los Angeles. I know you’re trying to defend some e-girls you don’t know and have never met but seriously you just sound retarded. Go take a nap.

No. 1660805

There’s no evidence so, this didn’t happen and now you look like a sperg who has an obsession with making up facts to necro a dead thread

No. 1661493

As someone from Los Angeles, everyone from Portland is a freak retard sheltered boring idiot. You know nothing. Maeve and Ruby are literally fine they just act a little cray cray for the camera and it’s obviously working.

No. 1664448

kek someone’s upset that they selfpoasted and now people actually post about them…

No. 1665188

What’s the self post?

No. 1666879

ruby is not from LA and everyone on here is fully aware they are NOW adults. this thread STARTED when they were kids. check ur facts u sound very dumb lmao

No. 1729776

File: 1671325660924.jpeg (618.2 KB, 1170x1536, F8AF55DC-DC7B-4BCF-AE01-84C4AC…)

Lots of photos incoming, get ready for some very upsetting content that Maeve posted today. I wouldn’t consider this “milk” because it’s not at all juicy or interesting it’s a very horrific internet sexual abuse story, and I think this is actually all a very interesting allegory to what it is like to be sexually exploited/abused in this late internet era. This might take a while to post sorry

No. 1729777

File: 1671325771862.jpeg (589.64 KB, 1170x1674, 77C4CB30-A27B-450E-8B42-6F9DDA…)

I don’t really understand the part where she willingly gives the other girl access to her instagram but this also isn’t a story for me to understand, and it’s way too egregiously detailed and absurd for me to think that it’s all imagined or fake or that any parts are embellished so really I have no fucking idea what to think of all this

No. 1729779

File: 1671325861841.jpeg (580.96 KB, 1170x1501, 0A8014A9-F789-4CA7-ACA9-BC91D9…)

And I guess this story is the context behind the “internet jail” account and this photo included in it? That wouldn’t make sense as to why Ruby and that other blonde girl were posted on it, but I guess this is why that exists it was probably just kids milking out the joke for as long as they could

No. 1729780

File: 1671325967129.jpeg (458.81 KB, 1170x1699, FB6E2D67-4957-4C43-9EA5-78263E…)

Now this is just me but I can’t understand how her parents just sat idly by. That doesn’t make any sense. If photos of your 12 year olds spread eagled vagina are posted on instagram dot com for all of her classmates and constituents to see, you try to actually help her. Fucking major shame on her shrimpy aspie parents for doing her like this. No wonder she turned out so sexually aggressive and attention seeking.

No. 1729783

File: 1671326211042.jpeg (375.63 KB, 1170x1689, 03146FF2-7955-41FB-A3E2-E27950…)

This is where it starts to get a little confusing. I can understand feeling anxiety around kids her age and feeling like she has issues with being able to assert/protect herself, but why are you purposefully sending nudes that you know you don’t want to and shouldn’t be sending to people in the first place because you’re a child? I can understand that she is a victim in this situation because she was a literal baby (like 14) but…why continually victimize yourself if you know you don’t have to do this and shouldn’t be? It’s a real snake eating it’s own ass and no this isn’t even the last slide

No. 1729790

File: 1671326423696.jpeg (474.96 KB, 1170x1666, D5EB3F2C-BF91-407A-BC80-BEE60C…)

And this is the last one. This is where it starts to become a lot more coherent and easier to understand, because I too have had experience as a young child, putting myself in unsafe situations that resulted in demolished mental health and an inability to completely understand just how major the decision you’re making is when you agree to have any kind of sexual encounter with anyone, ever. Especially at such a young age. I don’t know Maeve and I never will but reading this about any woman breaks my fucking heart, whether or not I agree with her advertised behaviors. I truly hope she can find peace and health.

No. 1729803

She “willingly” sent this stuff because she was a child, and children are mentally undeveloped and vulnerable to peer pressure. If true this is absolutely disgusting, I can’t blame her for anything that happened there. Her parents & teachers are the real pieces of shit for doing nothing to protect her. It’s too bad she was unable to fully heal and still seems to have low self-esteem and let people treat her like dirt.

No. 1729805

File: 1671328086096.png (7.91 MB, 1170x2532, F8F77E22-4516-49EF-8670-D625DF…)

And this is what Ruby posted immediately after Maeve’s post, and now Maeve’s letter is deleted…

No. 1729810

She seems like such a piece of shit to Maeve, probably everyone. She’d be the type of girl to do that to her if it wasn’t her during high school- idk how long they’ve known each other.

No. 1729865

The photos Ruby used to post of Maeve naked, tied up, in sexual positions etc. become so much more heartbreaking in the context of Maeve’s post.

No. 1729903

I remember first seeing their pictures together and feeling deeply unsettled. It has always been clear to some extent that she is vulnerable and Ruby is a predator. Now with this backstory to Maeve's life, the public display and descent with Ruby is less milky and more tragic.

No. 1729927

i feel like shes trying to look like maeve with the red hair and its so freaky. it really is heartbreaking that it seemed that ruby (most likely purposefully) retraumatized maeve and really did prey on her. glad to have seen this thread die down and i hope its locked one day and that maeve can find peace. that ruby girl can rot though, they remind me of ashley and maddie but i think ruby is much worse than ashley.

No. 1729952

I believe all of this, young women are easily manipulated and led astray due to how we are brought up and expected to be demure, unassuming, agreeable, people pleasing, and sexual/attractive. We've seen this on a large scale with onlyfans grooming and recruiting young women. I also understand nobody wanting to talk about it because it is cp and she obviously looks like a child based on her photo from the same time >>1729779
Ruby is not a friend to her since she kept doing the same thing. I'm sure the original girls who egged Maeve on were also victims of sexual abuse, (which does not excuse it) all these things tend to be connected. The worst part of this is knowing pedo adults have her photos saved from those times, since she said everyone she knew followed the accounts
This reaction from Ruby is shit, she is guilty too of taking advantage of Maeve >>1729805

No. 1730119

Same, it’s incredibly disturbing to go back to the beginning of the thread with the additional context and see all the images of Ruby physically & sexually abusing Maeve and pimping her out to pedo moids. Maeve needs a heap of therapy because it’s sooo obvious her “relationship” with Ruby is just re-enacting what her middle school bullies put her through. I’m not sure if Ruby is redeemable though, she seems legit psychopathic.

No. 1730121

Holt shit this completely changes the context of the pictures Maeve and Ruby took together. That was waaay more fucked up than edgy larp white trash aesthetic pictures, those had to be a control thing over this poor girl

No. 1731986

Saged for necro’ing, but just gone through this entire thread and holy shit it concerns me that these girls are only 18. this just feels like a prime example of what being terminally online does. also maeve’s story makes complete sense looking back and fuck ruby for taking advantage of a clearly traumatised girl

No. 1755123

they still seem like best friends but julian is completely whipped from rubys pages i dont know if he still has instagram or not though honestly(necro)

No. 1757005

File: 1675130976489.jpeg (369.91 KB, 1170x1427, 6F87E948-6772-4523-89AF-74B908…)

I guess that guy who got a tattoo of her must’ve died too

No. 1757111

Absolute cow behavior to keep hanging with ruby

No. 1757146

nta but I could fix her.

No. 1759529

No. 1776859

File: 1677374213599.jpeg (155.5 KB, 1170x543, EA58D96B-C7B4-4C65-ADF0-55F8F4…)

Looks like Maeve and Julien fucked around and that’s why that guy disappeared and Ruby is no longer speaking to him but is still hanging with Maeve

No. 1777691

>go have a field day with that

Imagine doing stupid filthy shit publicly for literal years and still not understanding why people are laughing at you everytime you do something funny kek(learn to sage)

No. 1807676

File: 1681335719588.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.6 KB, 1078x1369, 20230413_003200.jpg)

So Maeve is 20 now. What is it with these two? They bring out the worst in each other. If you want to see something more disturbing, look at the slide show in Maeve's insta. She posted pics of herself ages 13-18. I won't post it here because not sure if cp.

No. 1808259

It’s her birthday and they are literally playing in the water and spending time in nature. What’s disturbing about this at all?

No. 1808260

They’re smiling and look like they’re having a good time doing something perfectly normal lol. Get a life

No. 1808664

Yes. Being naked in some puddle is perfectly normal and posting it on Instagram is even more normal.

No. 1808743

Definitely a reach

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