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File: 1591056816261.jpg (50.49 KB, 716x380, wow.jpg)

No. 982148

Repzion is one of the loudest of the anti-o mouth pieces, and recently has drawn enough drama to himself with pure blatant hypocrisy that I thought it may warrant a thread.

Events to note:
>accuses a 16 year old of spreading child porn of his girlfriend when really she was 19 and it was a public image from a cam site catalog
>"edgy" humor including transphobia, nazi shit, bestiality
>opened communication with current GF at age 12 before meeting her at 19
>GF cheated with him with a sugar daddy, got pregnant, aborted it
>releases a cancel culture is bad!!! video while being cancelled
>doubles down on all his claims in a lame response video looking like a karen in a midlife crisis
>defends his batshit girlfriend, writes her an insane twitter apology, then makes her private all her accounts

I cannot even begin with his girlfriend, the milk there is intense, everything from doxxing and leaking nudes, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and general retardation, all public alongside her face and nudes.

His response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFHqGHmItr4

A badly made google doc chronicling the beginning of the dead grandpa onision shit fest, also showing repzion to be a massive cuck:

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRepzion
ASMRepzion - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5IC4WOXrV0MZZ58MCQ2iXQ
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ddsulzbach
Twitter - https://twitter.com/DDsulzbach
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MrRepzionOfficial
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/mrrepzion
Tumblr - https://mrrepzion.tumblr.com/
Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/MrRepzion/
PornHub - https://www.pornhub.com/users/mrrepzion(shit thread)

No. 982149

File: 1591056875153.jpg (14.62 KB, 957x201, whitepeople.jpg)

starting off with a couple of my favorite quotes from the happy couple and seeing if the thread gains interest

No. 982151

File: 1591056956536.jpg (24.67 KB, 828x338, beastiality.jpg)

No. 982152

File: 1591057035253.jpg (16.37 KB, 1500x500, afewimages.jpg)

be prepared that any leaked convo or public tweet of his girlfriend is absolutely hilarious

No. 982154

File: 1591057231676.png (84.97 KB, 724x613, saveas.PNG)

Mayas twitter apology, likely written by repzion himself, if not a more literate person. full version:

No. 982155

File: 1591057368529.png (91.09 KB, 368x434, revengeporn.PNG)

Maya having no idea what making a deal means, accidentally ends up confirming no child porn was leaked, only "revenge porn" that looks near identical to her public sex camming portfolio

No. 982156

I’ve literally never heard of his gf, what are her socials?

No. 982157

the call out video that led repzion to respond:


contains a bulk of the current drama, repzion says in his response only "small channels with nothing better to do" are calling him out, still decides to make a whole video REE'ing about the fake news.

the 16 year old involved:
main argument against this kids video is that he involved a medical document that maya herself sent to him, this and the fact he posted her already public nudes.

everyone in this scenario is stupid.

No. 982158

File: 1591057983360.jpeg (343.11 KB, 750x697, 69939BB0-5F5A-4629-AB40-61402F…)

I’m interested…

No. 982159

her twitter been privated recently name changed multiple times and deleted (probably at the insistence of rep). hopefully shes back soon. it was great back when it was public and you could see her demean repzion and start random scraps with anyone who called her out.


No. 982164

File: 1591059341575.png (267.56 KB, 587x404, nazitits.PNG)

just a bit of sharing nudes between friends, from a fan of unspecified age! but don't spread my girlfriends, thats illegal!

No. 982165

File: 1591059719488.jpg (61.52 KB, 858x1023, Rape Encouragement .jpg)

leaving off on this, will update as things progress

No. 982168



No. 982170

I only knew of a drama involving his gf where she said some nazi shit on discord but wow, she's batshit crazy that's hilarious

No. 982176

i know right? it gets me everytime. the abusive folder in that google doc with the leaked texts about either repzion pays for everything or she has to fuck an old guy reads like a meme, but its way too sincere. BPD is a trip guys stay in therapy

No. 982210

>humor including transphobia
Wow, I love Repzion now!

No. 982225

Why do we keep getting Twitterfags making threads on people who they idealogically disagree with, then calling it milk? Some of these posts are obviously sarcasm. That being said the girlfriend seems legitimately insane and I'd be a whole lot more interested if spam OP was capable of embedding videos.

No. 982227

Isn't this one of several repzion threads that got closed due to being obvious vendettas? Thread should eb locked

No. 982234

Same thoughts reading through this, especially the OP. Reeks of twitterfag.
Most of the "milk" here is about his girlfriend, not him.
>cheated on him and got an abortion
kek and also where even

A lot of the claims aren't backed up.

No. 982249

>Reeks of twitterfag.
It could also be the tranny janny, but it’s probably just a new twitterfag since it’s summertime.

No. 982257

You looked at the drive, right? This is not a random twitterfag, this person has tons of facebook DM's, emails and discord screenshots. They must've been pretty close to Repzion and his gf or know someone who was. There's also evidence of Repzion spending the money he got from his fans for an attorney on other things. There's enough milk in the drive.
This person is not a lolcow native, sure, other wise they would know we don't care about 'transphobia'. The OP sucks, they should've included the pocketing fan donations and attacking fans, because that's the actual milk. It's there, but you have to look for it in the drive.

No. 982259

File: 1591077044376.png (196.11 KB, 395x673, Repzion1.png)


No. 982260

Ntayrt, I believe you but I have no explanation/context as the wtf I'm looking at so I can't exactly discern wtf is and isn't milk. A vast majority of what I looked at aren't full screenshots either, so how much of it should we really trust?

No. 982262

File: 1591077138225.png (144.08 KB, 922x225, repzion2.png)

No idea, I am posting some of the stuff I find in there that seems interesting.

No. 982263

Context please? The only comment I've got for the cap is the way he talks about welding sounds like he's lying about doing it for a living kek.

No. 982264

Soz I didn't realise you weren't op, and thanks. And oof that's incriminating if it's real…

No. 982268

File: 1591077654608.png (206.91 KB, 412x851, Repzion3.png)

>>982263 He received 20k of donations to afford a lawyer against Onision. Remember, that case that was thrown out? He kept the rest of the 20k and is spending it on other things now, instead of saving it for when he needs a lawyer again. He's always begging for money.

They have Twitter drama like Onision and Lainey (Kai)

No. 982269

File: 1591077705503.png (246.19 KB, 417x857, Repzion4.png)

No. 982270

File: 1591077758127.png (241.48 KB, 413x850, Repzion5.png)

No. 982271

File: 1591077797680.png (208.73 KB, 413x851, Repzion6.png)

No. 982272

File: 1591077951247.png (327.16 KB, 1216x848, RepzionGF1.png)

Most of the stuff in the drive is indeed on his gf, but it is still related, because Repzion is covering her ass.

No. 982273

Oh I remember, and holy shit why are these 30 year-olds airing their relationship drama? Onision and Kai was a good comparison.

>I'm queen of abusive relationships

I wonder if that's more telling about her behaviour rather than the men she's with? Kek, sure is a weird thing to say.

No. 982276

File: 1591078455359.png (221.65 KB, 417x851, RepzionGF2.png)

No. 982278

File: 1591078576666.png (300.64 KB, 411x850, RepzionGF3.png)

No. 982279

File: 1591078613601.png (223.67 KB, 413x852, RepzionGF4.png)

No. 982280

File: 1591078719906.png (272.05 KB, 417x850, What the actual fuck.png)

No. 982281

File: 1591078870896.png (290.27 KB, 411x851, Why would you share this onlin…)

(I'm still not OP btw) I am trying to find the screenshot that shows he started talking to Maya when she was like 13 and he was an adult. Whoever made the drive, thanks, but that's the kind of stuff that should be easy to find.

No. 982282

File: 1591078971756.png (252.2 KB, 407x848, Okay found something.png)

Getting close

No. 982283

File: 1591079108029.png (208.17 KB, 411x851, RepzionGF5.png)

She didn't grow up in Israel, she just spent a few years in total there, but most of her life she lived in the US. I think the evidence of those were discord screencaps in another place in the drive ugh

No. 982285

File: 1591079392871.png (371.07 KB, 637x842, before 2014 in US.png)

There are several screenshots showing she only went to Israel in 2014, I think they got in contact in 2013 or something, will try to find the evidence.

No. 982286

File: 1591079491627.png (305.81 KB, 412x852, her admitting she did spend ti…)

No. 982287

File: 1591079621150.png (362.9 KB, 547x847, uh ok.png)

No. 982288

File: 1591079671434.png (281.88 KB, 417x850, FOUND IT.png)

No. 982289

File: 1591079762693.png (247.23 KB, 415x852, LOOK HERE.png)

>Maya was in the US before 2014
>She found Daniel in 2012 and they started talking, because she was one of his first subscribers
>They started dating when she became legal

No. 982293

Her discord name being Dan’s Girlfriend is so sad

No. 982309

She is from Israel, you're either retarded or a Twitterfag. None of this is hard to lookup.

No. 982316

Again, I am not OP, these are not my screenshots, I am just posting stuff from the drive that was linked. I came from /cgl/ years ago and I don't even have a twitter. It's getting a bit old to call everyone who you disagree with a Twitterfag. Almost as annoying as 'hi Cow'. OP is indeed not a lolcow native. If they were they would understand, considering it's an imageboard, that you have to post the actual images and not just link to it.

To respond to your other point: she's not from Israel, she was an American who lived in Israel for a while, because of her fathers job. After that she visited Israel again a few times. Considering nobody seems to be interested, I'm not going to bother continuing to go through the drive, since it's a mess. If you care, you can look for it yourself. Or OP could come back to share the highlights, since they did a shoddy job showcasing the milk. Just wanted to help, jeez. Sorry that I think it's milky that Repzion is doing the exact things he criticized Onision for. Or that his gf is an antisemitic neonazi. Maybe this doesn't deserve its own thread and should be posted in the anti-O thread, but there is milk.

No. 982317

>They had to call in the special Christian police
I'm sorry but that's so retarded it's hilarious, probably poor taste but it made me laugh none the less.

Also EW if this is legit big hypocrisy. Like a pedophilic Michael J Fox

No. 982318

Nuuuu come back kind anon, I appreciate you

No. 982322

They really give diagnosis like nothing in America, huh

No. 982352

I don't have anything to contribute, just wanted to say how this self-righteous prick always rubbed me the wrong way for acting like he cared so much about the women Onision abused while his entire youtube existence and way of living is only thanks to monetizing his reactions towards Onision's bullshit. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Honestly this girlfriend stuff is pretty creepy, but I think OP only scratches at the surface. This guy is a hypocrite through and through, and with only a bit more feed to his ego he would probably turn into an Onision himself.

No. 982454

OP here, first thread sorry. I didn't make any of the drives nor do I care much for the transphobia aspect, just thought it was worth adding because its getting him into more shit. Yes, the girlfriend is the main source of milk but its only her attachment to repzion keeping her in public eye, its very funny to see her get him into trouble

No. 982455

Well op kill yourself this is like the 7th time you've tried to make a repzion thread

No. 982456

I was in contact with this girl before she met rep, she lived in america until her late teens before moving to Israel for 2-3 years, which she uses as a coverup for her edgy nazi quotes, she was not born in israel and lived there 3 years tops.

this is my first time making a thread, contrary to popular belief there are multiple people who dislike repzion and his GF, a lot of them have a vendetta because she leaks their dox and personal shit. its certainty a shitshow

No. 982460

File: 1591120666619.png (61.77 KB, 595x324, Capture.PNG)

he links to the apology he wrote himself

No. 982462

File: 1591120791918.png (33.7 KB, 586x275, hmmm.PNG)

doubling down on race shit at the worst possible time, picking on a smaller channel for daring to make a video on him

No. 982761

Oh no funny accents, definitely what the protestors should be focusing on. That being said poor timing but he's got ever right to express his opinion however retarded

No. 982791

I don't understand this manchild, he goes out of his way to insult the existence of every living creature (while his gf dox them) but get super butthurt when people hit him with the same attitude he dishes out
What a snowflake

No. 983581

Thank fucking God its all coming to the light. I knew from the moment I saw that video of him almost in actual tears about how Onision treated Shiloh so badly(old old video btw) that this guy was the biggest pussy ever. Not shocked he's being cucked by his whore girlfriend (who is the actual piece of shit in the whole ordeal but he is JUST as guilty for allowing it to happen and defending the little skank). I had the biggest red flag go off when I saw that. I was like… This guy's a fucking weirdo. I feel it. Later comes out he's selling foot pics to gay men and has a sugar daddy that gives him money for sexual favors of some kind(not sure how far it's gone but I do know it's purely a sexual relationship) and calls himself a twink… So fucking YIKES. I just knew by that squeaky little voice and the spastic way he has about him that he was a weirdo. But I knew as soon as he climbed onto that high horse and sat atop it with pride and false moral high ground… That's when I knew there was some shit he was hiding in his own life and I am shocked it's taken this long to come out. Nobody wanted to disparage him since he was the leader of the anti-o movement and people hate onison so much they will over look all the fuckery the anti-o people do themselves! I just know there's gonna be a lot of sick shit come out about him STILL. He's always just rubbed me the completely wrong way. Got under my skin with his chipmunk voice and better than thou attitude. But that girlfriend… Whag a sick cunt. She needs to be locked in a cage and sterilized. She's a fucking low life. A lot of people are saying they LIED and had someone impersonate a police officer and call this 16 yo's school. That there's no police report filed.. That's A HUGE CRIME btw if it's true. It's just what I've heard, havent looked any farther into it so take it as you will. He's such a complete pussy boy to allow this girl to just laugh in his face about getting pregnant with another man's baby, getting it aborted(he still thinks it was his child after she flat out said NO ITS NOT YOURS IT WAS MY OTHER BOYFRIENDS LOL)… It's too much lol she was a cam whore not too long ago and she even has him believing she was 11-16 years old when she did it… The video is very easy to find she's not underage.. She's just embarrassed as she should be and he's such a SIMP he believed that load of shit lol!! He's such a beta that he will tell himself anything to just not admit that another girlfriend has cheated on him(that makes hmmm let's see… Every girlfriend he'd had. Can't blame them, he gives such beta energy you can't help but run all over him I'm sure, he allows it and apparently likes it). These two are actual pieces of shit. I've been keeping up with this story very closely and there's so much shit these two have done. Mostly her but the bitch co-sign her fuckery every time. Sorry for the novel, just been waiting so long for people to see what this dude is about. Glad to have somewhere to vent.

No. 983584

w-who hurt you, anon

No. 983586

>I've been keeping up with this story very closely

No. 983600

Not reading all that but yeah that vid of him prerending to get emotional was dumb. I like how he says all the time yt isn't his job because of his oh so lucrative welding career but he still needed to sponsor his videos discussing onion grooming teen girls. It rubs me wrong to see "today I'm discussing abuse, brought to you by raid shadow legends"
Idk I'm surprised he's straight ngl

No. 983604

File: 1591343238243.jpg (38.97 KB, 473x1024, IMG_20191209_230637.jpg)

repzions girlfriend
please anon next time make your sperg more succinct
hes definitely getting pegged, disgusting image related

on the note of this CP image, i did see the original post from the kid. i can confirm she had bleached hair and the same background (messy bedroom) IIRC she didn't ever bleach her hair until age 18, modelling page photos will confirm. not that we all didn't know that claim was BS. what gets me is that after his GF comes out and says "we'll drop the CP and just say its revenge porn" he makes a whole video explaining how you can gasp… CHANGE file names!! as if anyone would go through the effort just so they could post this chicks CP when she has hundreds of nudes publicly available.

No. 983626

I got to where the 2nd paragraph should have been a gave up ngl. I've never seen a post on this website be so long there's been a "see more" option…

No. 983627

Fuck the sperg haters, this was one for the books, the genuine vitriol combined with notes of newfaggotry like this isn't a frustrated overinvested anon this is a specific type of hatred that has been dying to overflow and nearly came itself when it saw a repzion thread and i'd tinfoil that this was the original person making all those threads trying to get hate for him going. Not even being ironic this was a fucking masterpiece, the progression in their detail about their hatred for repzion and repeating over and over that they KNEW is literally too much. this is arguably one of the best posts on the site

No. 983635

Anon this paragraph has brought me continuous laughter, you have nothing but my respect, take this as a gift

No. 983638

Hohohohohohohohoooo hello there irishfag I recognise your voice. This thread is really bringing the laughs today

No. 983645

File: 1591353610045.jpeg (183.74 KB, 1152x2048, EY0Bxu7WsAAwH1U.jpeg)

So this is what I don't get, first it was a cp… then a math error… now it's back to cp?

No. 983662

I read it based on your critique, and I'm gonna have to agree. This is a classic.

No. 984929

All I know is that John Swan and Nicholas DeOrio has his back.

No. 985101

I swear this has to be lauren or someone else maya has leaked nudes of and doxxed
god speed anon, you tell that fucking beta cuck. you KNEW.
most people have his back because he has subs and they wanna capitalize on the profits. sad isn't it repzion? first your girlfriend, now all your youtube friends. lets hope they don't cuck you as well and blame the abortion on you.

No. 985245

Wtf is this post and why is my post tagged in it? Who the fuck is Lauren/Maya and why are you speaking like Repzion can hear you? It's fucking cringey as shit and reeks of vendetta.

No. 985411

fuckin relax

No. 1004694

Maya insinuated she hopes the daughter of the youtuber Drama and Opinions she hopes her daughter gets raped for reporting on this story. Repzion made a video reading D&O texts with him in a "comical" Jamaican accent much like the one D&O has. The racism runs strong with this bunch. Can't say repzion isn't right there Co signing the racist shit she does.

No. 1004696

Also… Mistakes were GIVEN. This dude is SO illiterate it's not even funny. That's not dyslexia, it's low IQ.

No. 1004731

This has always bothered me. His misuse of basic vocab and weird pronunciation is like nails on a chalkboard

No. 1004948


He's so sloppy and inaccurate in his non-welding work I see a few more bridge (or whatever) collapses in 20 years.

No. 1005057

Fuck same, it's way too jarring for me to ever have been able to properly listen to his awful content. Is that a dyslexia thing?? He'll be reading from a script and pronounce something entirely wrong or stumble over his words really badly or have just made up words or switch words around somehow, idgi it's always so annoying especially combined with his shrill voice

No. 1005091

File: 1594385613801.png (520.52 KB, 1502x883, maya sent pics of dead grandpa…)

His girlfriend is fucking crazy beyond belief, and comes off as extremely fucking stupid. I think Rep's one of those socially retarded, nerdy guys that gets excited and latches on to the first girl that shows him attention.

Here's a Google drive of a bunch of crazy shit this girl has done:

His crazy gf cheated on him, got an abortion, and pretended it was Repzion's the whole time. Then, he finds out about it and gets angry at the friends who informed him.

Rep purposely blurs out the part of the screenshot in his Dead Grandpa video that talks about how his girlfriend cheated on him and got pregnant.

That way he is able to paint the picture of how the friend in the conversation is the only one in the wrong.

He claims the friend in that conversation exposed pics of his dead grandpa to Onion, but what that friend was actually trying to show Onion boy was that his /girlfriend/ sent that picture of his dead grandpa to the friend because she thought it was funny.

No. 1005094

File: 1594385654815.png (23.59 KB, 337x171, rep gf.png)

Also, I'll just leave this here. I feel like this sum's up his gf pretty well, kek.

No. 1006709

sometimes i really think about how much a bullet i dodged with that kid. jesus fucking christ. maya swooped in at a good time to make sure we didn't get involved further. crazy loves crazy

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