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File: 1560003303010.png (Spoiler Image, 211.63 KB, 749x469, Capture3.PNG)

No. 419669

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are white or TIM.

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is leftism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other tubers exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

- HBomberGuy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClt01z1wHHT7c5lKcU8pxRQ)
Defended his rapist script writer because they were trans and made an entire google plug in the block anti-SJW videos from appearing in ones feed.

-Philosophy Tube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PA-AKmVpU6NKCGtZq_rKQ)
Can’t find any drama on him.

-Contrapoints (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA)
Anti-SJW college dropout turned communist troon. Hates capitalist exploitation, but blows hundreds of patreon dollars on buying fancy clothes made from exploitative labor.

-Peter Coffin (https://www.youtube.com/user/petercoffin)
Faked a girlfriend once. He also didn't do anything about Laurelai Bailey, a serial rapist, who ran his discord server. Peter Coffin also went so far as in to say he didn't believe one of the victims.

Wants to reclaim the skull form the anti-SJW’s. Is dry as bread.

>Leftist sphere: places where leftist congregate. Only ones big enough to stir drama are listed.

They only believe the original Marxist definition of class, poor vs. rich, effects oppression so they usually scare off the crazy SJW types. They focus on class so much, it’s just poor vs. rich to them, that they can’t see a POC having a different form of oppression or a rich women being oppressed.

Most milky because the sub gets all it’s communist ideas from memes, it’s become so bad the mods are making a book club for reading Marxist works (you can still join). They are just radical liberals RP as communists.

It’s just Chapolight.

The incels of the communist movement. They spend all there time browsing and posting about how capitalism has ruined everything, but refuse to fix their situation because it’s to late or they’re vote doesn't matter. Latestagecel

It’s just latestagecel light.

- /r/ShitLiberalsSay
A place to shit on conservatives, Nazis, and leftist that go against the circle-jerk.

The real underdogs of the leftist community. The only thing leftist can agree on is the fact AnCaps are retarded.

>Actual communist reading if that interests you


No. 419671

Used to watch him but he became unbearable. Once you see how he uses strawmen irw gender stuff, you quickly understand he does it for the rest too.
Also how the fuck did he get a philosophy degree when his knoweledge of it is so superficial? Everytime he talks about Foucault I wanna gauge my eyes out because he gets everything wrong.

>Peter Coffin

Idk who this is but… Laurelai Bailey… oh my god. Remember when that troon joined a big leftbook group and everyone was all in love with him (uwu brave trans woman!) but then people found out he has revenge porn of the time he raped a chick and that he hosts pedo discords or something. It was wild watching it all unravel before my eyes.

Waiting for more milk and am excited for this thread.

Are any of you guys on leftbook? So much milk there.

No. 419673

File: 1560003850755.png (41.97 KB, 700x421, oh no no no.PNG)

Lets play MRA or stupidpol?

No. 419682

You can also call these guys the Male FeministsTM
Putrid males who get into leftie circles to build trust from women and exploit them
half the clows involved in gamergate from both sides were revealed to be some kind of sex predator

No. 419686

>Laurelai Bailey
It was actually an 8chan board called /hebe/. He would upload CP to it as some sort of pedophile honeypot to "own the gamers" and actually got interviewed by law enforcement.
Is Dan Olson part of breadtube? Because he was working alongside Laurelai during that 8chan thing.

No. 419703

File: 1560012037209.jpg (147.52 KB, 1080x662, IMG_20190608_183940.jpg)

He's in their twitter circle.

Also that guy that parodies that alt-righter Peter Sweden. He once posted a screencap of incels discussing how a woman from instagram must be fucking her dog, and didn't even think about censoring her face. Gee thanks for spreading humiliation about her so you can take down incels.

No. 419710

I remember Peter Coffin got his email or something hacked and there were all these odd videos of his wife posing very stiffly and robotically in her underwear/nude as if just to document for posterity not even for eroticism various parts of her body, voice messages she left him in tears over him talking to other girls, a video of him like literally squeezing his penis and angrily growling about how hot she is and a video of him having an absolute mental breakdown begging her not to do something to him over something he didn't tell her, probably cheating on her or maybe backing up all these weird videos of her. Seemed like quite the nutcases.

No. 419712

So you come here with barely any milk, by your own admission, don't even have the decency to run your post through fucking Grammarly first, and still think it's good enough to even go in /ot? Anon you should be ashamed of yourself

No. 419713

File: 1560015185357.png (511.01 KB, 640x640, anCap.png)

AnCaps are on a whole new level.

No. 419715

Dan Olson has a youtube channel called Folding Ideas that does very breadtubish movie analysis. He was involved with the JewWario drama too and was aware of him being a creeper but didn't say shit until it was all exposed.

No. 419718

File: 1560017735924.png (49.67 KB, 753x432, Chapocels seething.PNG)

ChapoChuds can't understand why they're 'kill TERFS/the rich/Nazis', spaming of '40% of cops beat their wives', and 'post hog' rhetoric is getting attention from the moderators of reddit. Like these guys are all for banning Nazi hate speech and threats, but when its them they can't cope.

No. 419719

File: 1560017837517.png (80.72 KB, 699x508, ChapoChud.PNG)

No. 419720

Would love to see milk on hbomber. I enjoy his videos (mostly the essays about media though since I'm not that interested in politics at all) and I thought him to be a pretty nice guy. Pandering, sure, but not bad.
I don't go purposefully looking for drama on the creators I watch and I usually don't follow them on social media at all (I've been subscribed to ProJared for 8 years and I nearly missed the drama lmao), so I don't really know what's the deal with him.

No. 419723

Not OP but stfu, lefty cunt. the thread is fine.

No. 419753

i used to be pretty active on stupidpol. at its inception it was a good space for anti-idpol leftism but it’s been brigaded and taken over by incels/MRAs and to a lesser extent white supremacists. the mods are so ineffectual and up their own asses re: freeze peach that they refuse to ban any of the right-wing identitarians that are shitting up the sub and using it to air their petty anti-feminist talking points (ironically just idpol from a male perspective). radfems are quickly chased off though, of course (and flaired as right wing).

there are a few good posters holding out there, but it’s going to be TiA 2.0 in a few months unless the mods decide to clean it up.

No. 419754

No. 419759

>but then people found out he has revenge porn of the time he raped a chick and that he hosts pedo discords or something. It was wild watching it all unravel before my eyes.
Woah, when did this happen? His initial infamy came from his activity on reddit ~6-7 years ago, when he was a big player in /r/shitredditsays and eventually got banished from the progressive community after scamming, leeching off of, abusing, and/or sexually assaulting numerous people he met online. He also bragged about forcing his wife to prostitute herself back when he first jumped on the tranny train.

No. 419775

It was 2 or 3 years ago? I wanna say 2 years ago but I can't exactly remember. It was in (one of the) Thunderdome leftbook groups. He came in posting stuff like "Oh I'm so glad you're all so accepting of me, I've been shunned from everywhere… People keep spreading false info about me" which several people found shady but then he gave an explanation saying that he was a hacker and that the FBI caught him alongside several other hacktivists and then spread false rumors saying he was a snitch but he tottally wasnt and the FBI just wanted him out of the hacktivist world (lmao). Any attacks against him were dismissed as "transphobia" as the admin (some black chick in the Navy or military) really liked him and took pitty on him.

But then, someone gathered a bunch of screenshots and posted them as proof. I will try to log on to my old fb and look for that stuff tomorrow.

No. 419828


Imagine thinking you're a leftist and not understanding the objectification of women as a central pillar of capitalism. You literally have to know fucking nothing about Marxist thought to think you can just not give a shit about the female perspective. I only trust female leftists at this point, they're the only ones who really get how central this shit is to human history and don't get distracted into becoming either MRAs or AGPers

No. 419837

That reminds me how leftists believe consent to crappy jobs just doesn't exist (Ex: People don't choose to work overtime until they faint, they have to or they'll get fired and starve to death)

But sex work is totally a choice bro.

No. 419908

Or, not even that, but that they believe that just because someone enjoys sex work it means it isn't terrible, exploitative, and straight up the worst example of what capitalism leads to. They'll cry about liberals but try to rebrand sex work as being OK because someone likes it. No regard for the collective harm it does. It's literally the most individualist garbage possible other than tranny shit and it's so cringe to see them defend it. How ignorant do you have to be about Marxist theory to try to redeem SW because "some people really love it"?

No. 419928

They also don't get that when a sex worker "enjoys" sex work, she enjoys the fact that she makes her own scheudeule and that it is quick cash. She doesn't enjoy getting fucked by greasy old men.

No. 420057

He put his AO3 account in the video description. His AO3 account. His fanfiction.

Zeria is one of the cringier leftists because he's a straight up AGP troon who makes videos on yuri (lesbian anime/manga/visual novels). He straight up says 'asking why I liked yuri anime helped me figure out I was trans' (https://youtu.be/QpVMjfciLX0). He also has this weird idea leftism should embrace anime?

No. 420195

Both commies and alt-righters adoring anime is hilarious since it's simultaneously super capitilistic and le problematic but also extremely degenerate and clearly marketed at beta males. Kind of gives the game away that they're both the exact same sort of spergy NEET LARPers.

No. 420387

This sounds exactly like some random 4chan fag not the leader of a radical leftist movement.

No. 420392

Who the fuck thinks this a good idea

No. 420859

"Trans people need to find ways of making sure they pass their genes on, because if they all transition before trying to start a family then they may go extinct. Then there will only be cis people."
https://youtu.be/zu-JWB-RWCA(emoji use)

No. 420943

>The real underdogs of the leftist community. The only thing leftist can agree on is the fact AnCaps are retarded.
Because ancaps are conservatives, and not leftist at all?

No. 424789

File: 1561191369686.png (4.3 KB, 494x88, gfhgfhfg.PNG)

No. 424790

File: 1561191396218.png (17.87 KB, 951x237, A1.PNG)

some Highlights

No. 424798

Yeah, it's not like young white girls are ever victimized or anything. Fuck chapo is retarded and that subreddit is especially shit

No. 424839

I thought only conservatives made the 'I don't care about racism/sexism' argument. This is scraping the bottle of the barrel argument

No. 424840

Besides when it comes to trans athlethes its usually poor minorities who suffer. Many of them are banking on getting a sports scholarship, but TIMs take away that chance

No. 425639

File: 1561382155754.png (68.41 KB, 988x562, wecg.PNG)

No. 425642

File: 1561382425746.png (46.33 KB, 801x561, 1.PNG)

some "Highlights" from this thread

chapocel advocates for literary throwing bombs at the police

No. 425644

File: 1561382849906.png (43.01 KB, 962x528, 2.PNG)

No. 425672

I don't have the post, but a study appeared on CTH saying alt-righters are more likely to be gym bros and CTH response was 'nationalize gyms'

No. 425675

File: 1561387001820.png (10.63 KB, 896x114, 3.PNG)

found it

also >I'm thinking because gyms are one part of the "self-improvement" scam

No. 425721

He's right tho.

No. 426034

File: 1561449435849.jpg (627.78 KB, 3732x2213, qjcRRbXwh9TLy6hRjURxf4DzMFYEja…)

No. 426035

File: 1561449461092.png (190.02 KB, 984x2684, xm8rdwfebb631.png)

They keep on talking about how they will start a revolution and kill all the fascists,terfs,rightwingers e.t.c but at the same time can't bothered to learn how to fight is goddam stupid

No. 426107

she usually bothers me but she's right

No. 426414

stupidpol discusses TERFS/radical feminism:


gist of the thread: anything that interferes with my boner is TOO FAR and PROOF that radical feminism is pure ressentiment-driven idpol meant to demonize innocent men that simply want to consume porn and choke out their girlfriends :((

No. 426421

File: 1561514881281.jpg (28.56 KB, 360x323, D41nhdYWw.jpg)

>getting your political views from YouTube and Reddit

No. 429550

Surprising to Peter Coffin still has any relevance. Xiaxue basically ripped him a new one, not to mention him being a blatant racist when larping as his gf.

No. 429968

Why is it called breadtube?

No. 430507

File: 1562333331020.png (23.1 KB, 944x256, cg.PNG)

>a lot of us would rather be stabbed in the front by the MAGA chuds than in the back by people who you may agree with on 95% of other issues besides gender issues.

>Governments have often consulted TERFs for the formulation of transphobic policy under the guise of protecting “real” women; Meghan Murphy being in front of Canadian Parliament and Sheila Jeffries being in front of British Parliament


No. 430509

The funniest thing being that these idiots literally are not leftists and they'd actually stab Marx and Engels in the backs for being TERFs and SWERFs.

No. 430573

I think bc the conquest of bread by kropotkin?

as if any of them have read it

No. 430579

Reference to The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin.

Which goes to show how terrible they are at this whole politics thing since I'm sure almost none of the people in the community have actually read it, few of them actually believe in his ancom ideas, most of the community don't even seem to know what it's referencing either and the average normie would probably think it was a reference to the breadlines in the USSR and that for some reason these lefties are smearing their own ideology lmao.

No. 430825

So what exactly is the deal with the Red Scare Podcast? They're supposedly on the left but a noticeable portion of it seems to dislike them for having stupid arguments and going too far with their irony and contrarianism.

No. 430987

File: 1562426902922.png (800.39 KB, 1063x986, 8b76f0a5652f370a0d6f9b940c3851…)

Pretty much

No. 430992


As far as I can tell it's that thing that happens every 5-10 years or so where a young woman with cool enough cred gets everyone talking about how "SHE doesn't like feminism!!! and she's a cool lefty urban hipster chick!!!" and everyone acts like this is a devastating blow to feminism when really it's just some honestly kind of pity-inducing chick who doesn't really know much about feminism but knows the right jargon to disguise "ummmmm i like to have FUN and I don't see what the big DEAL is like, get over it lol ur a bunch of boring bitches" as something vaguely lefty. I get it, I was really into Camille Paglia for a while who's sort of an older, academic variant, but then I grew up. It's women who are terrified of being boring ugly hairy dykey bitches lol ew catering to men who could sort of bring themselves to be all "metoo is important, sure" for a year or two but were always desperately looking for a reason to stop caring.

No. 431005

So, like Shoe0nHead?

No. 431007

File: 1562430358408.png (671.61 KB, 960x825, amber at it again.png)

One of their hosts and amber frost from CTH are currently receiving a bit of the ol leftist infighting for doing a "too cool for feminism" interview with Spiked and the latters hot take on Louis CK not being bad because she used to work with a convicted rapist (???).

No. 431016

Hontra seriously makes that much fucking money? What a massive waste

No. 431025

The Chapo boys similarity earn 1.2 Million Dollars a year from patreon online all the while one my favorite leftists Podcasts (The Popular Front Podcast) who put in actual research and effort into their content can barely stay afloat

No. 431040

okay, i’m probably in the minority here since i enjoy red scare but i’ll try to give an unbiased description.

they’re essentially a “cultural commentary” podcast with vague political overtures, though over the course of the past year they’ve shifted their focus away from fashion, film, literature, etc. and more towards politics, notably russiagate, MeToo, and the current democratic primary. the hosts Dasha and Anna are sort of contrarian edgelords (liberal usage of fag and retard, defending controversial media men like Louis CK and Woody Allen, openly - ironically? - lusting after underage boys, that sort of stuff). they also touch on philosophy, art criticism, and psychoanalysis. think paglia, baudrillard, cixous, lacan, zizek, fisher, lasch. that sort of stuff.

Dasha is basically a dyed-in-the-wool Bernie bro and is a sincere leftist, i think. Anna is a bit harder to pin down. i think she’s a social democrat with some socially conservative opinions, sort of along the lines of Christopher Lasch (much like frequent quest Angela Nagle).

the podcast itself is extremely hit or miss, but in my personal opinion the girls are funny and it’s refreshing to see people on the left speak their mind freely and without fear of being cancelled. it occasionally produces scorching hot nuclear takes like “climate change is bourgeois eschatology” (in fairness said by their guest, not by them) but also stuff like skepticism towards the russian collusion narrative & critiques of liberal feminism and technocracy.

people afford them way too much importance, as they do with every part of the brooklyn leftist podcasting extended universe.

No. 431050

Both are disgusting, but something about that dude on the bottom is worse

No. 431053

And yet the right (esp white males) wanna complain about how the world panders to the left. if only.. this sucks

No. 431065

The Difference in level of research,professionalism and subject matter between the two is staggering

just compare the first episode of ChapoTrapHouse

with Popular Fronts

No. 431118

File: 1562449064006.jpg (200.55 KB, 540x630, ahhaha.jpg)

The '1st world communist' meme is real.

No. 431176


I can see how that appeals, anon. Here's what I snag on though–when they criticize liberal feminism, is it just frustration that ends up in a "actually none of this matters get over it lol/feminism is bougeois actually" place or do they know like, anything about radical feminism? I feel like the Red Scare girls are where I was a few years ago, but like……..the version I'm really thankful I didn't become, where understandable irritation just flipped off the handle into ~not like other girlville~ lefty edition instead of actually delving into feminism beyond like, Jezebel headlines.

No. 431178


Thanks for linking anon, I'd never heard of them and I'd love a version of Chapo without the stupidity plus actual research.

No. 431201

>calling yourself a commie
>owning a yacht
lord. i like how these people are literally surrounded by rich people and it's only because they're rich themselves, it's spiderman pointing at himself meme

No. 431610

File: 1562592485976.jpeg (111.19 KB, 750x643, B9E4676E-6D10-4640-9C74-F16C36…)

male “leftists” in a nutshell

No. 436086

lmfao how is leftism in general not ressentiment driven then

No. 436088

not to praise /pol/ but at least the ethot those bath water chugging neckbeards are orbiting is objectively pretty

you gotta admit that it takes a special kind of absolute beta cuck to be a paypig to an ugly shim

all of my sides

No. 436634


No. 436733

it literally does, though

No. 438114

does /pol/ even like belle though? i've always felt that 4chan in general hates women even though they obsess over them. it's why they're so broken lol

No. 438224

i mean… they don't orbit Contra because he's "pretty" or anything, but because he keeps reassuring their views

No. 438370

i think you can use fag and retard and laugh at the whole "russian collision" bs while also not defending men who marry their daughter. Why be a leftist woman unafraid of 'cancelling' if in your heart you're affraid of being cancelled by leftist mysoginistic men?

No. 438373

>They're infighting again

No. 439066

Is it just me or do these creators have an issue with the length of their videos? So many of them are 20-30 minutes long sometimes pushing 40 or even 50. I get that you need time to elaborate on your points but it's just overkill and a bunch of filler sometimes, I doubt many people have so much free time to see all of them.

No. 440478

Someone from the Shoe thread said Vaush blocked his own girlfriend from his Discord. What are the details? I know he sperged out about some troons, this sounds milky as hell.

No. 440497

Because showing off their theatrics is pretty much as important to them as the actual political content. They want to make sure their magician school pays off, I guess.

No. 440504

Youtube ads reward long watchtimes so they make sure to stretch their basic thoughts that could be summed up in 3 minutes into half an hour. I gotta 2x all their videos even when I have nothing better to do.

No. 440523

nobody knows the “details” of why he temp banned her. but it was undone in like 45 minutes anyway

No. 440541

File: 1564290191101.jpg (168.42 KB, 873x632, leftist infighting.jpg)


he was tweeting edgy shit like "I've murdered millions of trans and nb people for this platform and im not stopping now" in response to people calling him a TERF for saying he doesn't believe in gender despite still being a tranny defender

here's the milk spilt on his subreddit

TS = Thought Slime, a male breadtuber who identifies as "non-binary" so thinks he can speak on trans issues from a personal perspective and gets extremely emotionally invested in it to the extent of ruining his mental health, despite it not actually effecting his real life in any way

Destiny arc = Steven Bonnell recently had a falling out with Hasan Piker over mildly critizing his anti-Kamala Harris vid causing Hasan to rant about him turning reactionary for hours on end on his stream, so Destiny started making edgy jew jokes and shit talking "the squad" to try and scare away his leftist fans, had a similar fit two months ago where he was PMing GoT spoilers to critics on reddit

as for Vaush's girlfriend he regularly insults her to her face on his stream "as a joke" and she seems to be a super TRA who gets mad at him for sharing the most tepid tranny takes such as "maybe Yaniv isn't really trans just because she says" so seems this topic is a point of friction for their already combative relationship, the two mods mentioned are trans I think

No. 441177

here’s some minor intersubreddit drama

r/stupidpol clashes with r/gendercritical
>studidpol user makes post decrying unchecked racism, homophobia, and transphobia on the sub
>female user points out glaring omission of misogyny/sexism, questions how stupidpol aims to achieve a proletarian revolution while alienating 51% of the working class
>stupidpol flairs female user as TERF
>female user makes r/gendercritical post decrying unchecked misogyny and sexism on r/stupidpol
>stupidpol reacts:

responses include:
>hoes mad
>Am I alone in thinking that most of the people who paraphrase the “mean and sexist” pms they get on reddit are lying?
>Femcels BTFO.
>I read gendercritical pretty frequently to get a grasp of what a jaded-beyond-repair woman looks like, and what insecurities they have. But, I don’t go there for politics. Ever.

the “anti-idpol” left, everyone

No. 441192

The "ironic" racism/sexism/etc of these types of places seems to stop being ironic past a certain point and just attracts people who aren't in on the "joke" or aren't even leftists. The subreddit for Cum Town (another "dirtbag left" podcast) is another example, their misogyny really came to the surface when one of the hosts broke up with his fiancée (Dasha from the Red Scare podcast).

No. 441803

Why are they like this ? In this thread they

>Accuse ex-muslims of being Islamophobes

>Proudly declare themselves to be sissys
>Literally Share Interracial sissy Porn
>Share the same unfunny tired Jokes
>Anti SWERF Rants


No. 445022

File: 1565130353307.png (65.24 KB, 653x618, chapo.png)

Chapo's subreddit has just been quarantined, IIRC it's the second leftist subreddit to be quarantined after fullcommunism. Most likely for threats of violence against specific groups they don't like.

No. 447606

File: 1565680875261.jpg (99.63 KB, 736x736, 71b.jpg)

>Chapo's subreddit has just been quarantined

This is amazing, i can just imagine the butthurt longposts.

No. 447641

>relying on the military industrial complex siding with commies who want to abolish all their jobs, take all their money and hang them
good plan

No. 447653

What were you responding to ?

No. 451040

File: 1566324730344.jpg (76.3 KB, 1096x392, ejlkfefrkefner.jpg)

No. 451044

"Anti-idpol" unless it's white male/incel idpol

No. 451046

Count on them to defend their own.

No. 455134

File: 1567036537998.png (286.2 KB, 750x1334, 24EE2237-EAEB-431A-83CE-E42D84…)

incel thread becomes the most popular thread on stupidpol, but a thread posting a particularly heinous example of trans idpol gets removed for being “low quality.”


No. 455136

>aS a MaN
As if men are the only ones who can feel this way.

No. 455139

they unironically think that, the entire thread was about how young men are alienated by capitalism with nary a mention of how it impacts women.

stupidpol has just been colonized by incels and rightwingers at this point

No. 455154


I laugh because commie girls somehow are able to realize how dumb and immature their own mindset is but only when they see it projected by a demographic they don't like.

No. 455168

the problem with stupidpol is their misapplication of marxist theory and their subsceptibility to certain forms of right wing identity politics. they think being a materialist marxist means patriarchy don’t real and feminism is nothing but bourgeois idpol, which only shows how few of them have ever bothered to read marx & engels.

No. 455248

>Also how the fuck did he get a philosophy degree when his knoweledge of it is so superficial?
I thought he was a college drop-out? He used to be one of the guys who would wear dreadlocks, smoke weed, and post anti-feminist stuff on the internet.

No. 455251

amazingly, he dropped out of a phd program.

No. 455272

File: 1567060733842.jpg (149.04 KB, 560x865, 20190828_233454.jpg)

I just found the time to read this thread more closely. Look at this response to a guy who said incels sent his gf death and rape threats because she made a dumb joke about height. Lol so fuck identity politics but women making jokes about dating preferences is like so dehumanizing guyzzz!!1!
That sub is a comolete joke. What a coincidence that a thread defending bitter misogynists seems to be populated by that exact demographic.

No. 455319

Don't they think female oppression isn't materialist because women actually don't exist and trans women suffer more.

No. 455329

stupidpol is a complete joke at this point. the sub has been going downhill for awhile now but the incel thread cemented it. most of the posters there have this non-marxist workerist fantasy that the working class is mostly comprised of blue-collar white dudes working in coal mines or manufacturing jobs. jokes/rhetoric about white privilege, male privilege, toxic masculinity, etc. are therefore verboten because they could turn the working class away from the socialist cause. of course this doesn’t reflect reality, and they seemingly don’t know or don’t care that incorporating incel rhetoric actually will turn women (half of the working class) away from their cause.
i’m peeved by it bcs i was inititally excited about an anti-idpol sub from a marxist perspective, but it quickly degenerated into right wing idpol.

that’s more chapo. stupidpol has a small radfem contingent & several right wing posters, so they’re more amenable to gender critical rhetoric than most other leftist subs. of course, like every other subreddit, they have trans women on their moderation team to swoop in and shut down any discourse that strays too far in that direction. most of stupidpol just thinks female oppression isn’t real because something something women are less alienated by capitalism since they don’t turn into NEET shooters.

No. 455348

Interesting how Breadtube is filled white men and the only women they will defend and can empathize with are trans "women".

No. 455435

These types of people on the left make misogynistic and racist jokes all the time and find a way to justify it but a joke about male height is completely unacceptable. They are so transparent.

No. 455657

Anyone have any dirt on any member of the chapo podcast or the chapo subreddit? Someone i know is extremly obsessed with them and he's starting to act like a cult member

No. 455660

I found this
Chapo talk about Sissy Porn and Instead of addressing the misogyny and racism of sissy porn they they just make fun of conservatives and "Joke" about Sissy Bimbo 12 year olds

No. 455662

File: 1567138916219.png (5.38 KB, 925x67, Capture.PNG)

Chosen_Of_Tchar seems like a good guy with guanine leftist belief

No. 455693

File: 1567151967211.png (403.48 KB, 643x779, 1_wE8Jtnq8Tz0kPKvscO5wng.png)

Here's an article detailing Virgil's (and the Chapo hosts' good friend Nick Mullen) loose connections to Sam Hyde and similar people, although this was a few years back


No. 455699

File: 1567152853060.jpg (53.49 KB, 501x757, 08f37959b301f61442ed6696a47152…)

Felix and Nick made fun of a rape victim (Melissa) on twitter, for which Felix later apologized on reddit


Apology: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChapoTrapHouse/comments/6oc45o/im_a_chapo_fan_but_this_is_not_great_right/

No. 455717

the chapo guys are so gross. same with the cumtown dudes. you don't need to be gross and disrespectful to be funny. that's why Virgil and will are maybe the only ones I think are sliiightly OK

No. 455732

this article is dumb. nick mullen is extremely ~edgy~ and revels in politically incorrect humor but cumtown is not a political podcast like chapo is. it’s just ironic brooklynite shock jocks for the late 2010s. the chapo guys themselves are clearly not misogynists. and there was a time when it was not at all clear that sam hyde was a legit neo-nazi.

No. 455755

I had hope that Stupidpol might be an actual decent left-wing subreddit but reading the comments, it was full of right-wing sympathisers and "woe is me" latestagecels. This shit was the final straw.

No. 456060

>Can’t find any drama on him

May not be much but I found this thread on kiwi, but it seems like he does have some potential milk:

There's more info as you go on, but it's kinda funny that the reason why he broke up with his ex because Contra has a history of homewrecking and he complains about his ex being an alc when Contra constantly gets drunk on streams.

I was actually surprised to stumble upon this lore because he just seems clean over all? I think Philosophy Tube is a pompous and annoying wanker, but he's kinda cute to look at idek why. Still want to punch that smug grin off his face though.

No. 456316

Breadtube drama seemed like a good idea because they have slap fights every week, but the downside is they considers 30 minute videos short

No. 456410

I really don't know any kids that seriously watch any major or minor Left tube channels,however plenty of my younger cousins and nephews and nieces watch conservative channels like Steven Crowder,Reble Media.PJW e.t.c many of these kids have liberal parents and come minority backgrounds

No. 456412

I think trends usually swing back from gen to gen. So from our generation having such strong leftists. I guarentee gen z will be conservative

No. 456420

1st thing is that those people had more time to grow and fester. The anti-sjw/altright stuff has been around for 4-5 years while breadtube only been an official thing for 1 year. The 2nd is that while 'pewdiepie to nazi' is an over exaggeration it is easy to go from video analysis to 'why x is a mary sue' to 'reeee the feminist are taking over'. Breadtube is a lot more cliche-ish. How would you randomly stumble upon a philosophytube or contra video? You'd already have to be in leftist culture to find them. The only leftist I know with mass crossover with non leftist is Hbomber and renagadecut.

No. 456423

also to be entertained by breadtube content you need at least a modicum of interest in college-level topics, ie. psychoanalysis, post-structuralism, political economy,etc. Most popular conservative entertainers don't get even close to these topics and kid's aren't even interested in that type of stuff secondly there's no real "machismo" in lefttube. The vast majority of the world still gets off on performative machismo. Hell that's why Antifa is a thing with legs.

lefttube creators are "catty" in a feminine way, all statement rise at the end like they're questions. Turns everybody off. Mostly it's dry as shit. Not enough performance, ironically.

No. 456429


They don't get close because these are not "college-level" topics. Its like saying atheist don't get into catechism and theurgy. You are not going to get into post structuralism sperging unless you are already a marxist zealot.

Sad part its that colleges do pass marxist shit as education when its only indoctrination.

No. 456456

Studies have shown that Gen Z is more conservative than its predecessors because teens always rebel and go against older generations.

No. 457779

File: 1567599226074.jpeg (219.66 KB, 750x780, 1A418CD2-6F42-4C81-9503-65985A…)

stupidpol doing materialist analysis

No. 457786

I think it was an alright video.

No. 458595

File: 1567760326626.jpg (28.92 KB, 639x583, afamw6o0ysk31.jpg)

ContraPoints got cancelled by his own fanbase.

No. 458609

What happened? Why are they cancelling him?

No. 458614

He a said how when he was in normal spaces no one asked for pronouns and assumed he was a women.In queer places he said they asked for pronouns and he felt that somehwhat invalidated him.

No. 458651

i've always thought this was weird and contradictory. the "1000" genders shit means that you can have pronouns like cake/cakeself and everyone whines when you don't ask, but trans people want to be seen innately as male or female for their gender affirmation so you can't ask without setting them off. of course those concepts don't work together.

No. 458743

i've literally seen people using "it" pronouns in "online queer spaces" or whatever the fuck you'd call them and i have to question why because why would you dehumanize yourself like that, are these people fucking braindead?

i already think singular "they" is kind of dehumanizing as is, but someone asking for "it" or retarded alien sounding crap like zie/zer is ridiculous

No. 458850

It never made sense that gender binary enforcing trans people and the enbies dwell in the same space. Same for feminists that back trans people up, given trans people uphold gender roles that harm women. It doesn't work. Trans people are not compatible with the direction the left is trying to take the gender conversation. This is all without even considering hormone therapy was used to punish gay people in the past… Sometimes trans people seem to have more in common with right wingers than the left.

No. 458881

>Trans people are not compatible with the direction the left is trying to take the gender conversation.

The current state of trans people is entirely because of the left's push and because of the control the left had on the conversation.This are all contradictions and arguments within leftists.

Your comment just reads like a major copt-out and blame shifting to be honest.

No. 458883

>It never made sense that gender binary enforcing trans people and the enbies dwell in the same space.
why? enbies essentially are also gender binary enforcers, by saying that if you fall outside of stereotypical interests then you're neither and something else entirely. enbies fuel troons by saying that if you like pink and barbies you're a girl, and mud and trucks you're a boy, but if you like both/neither then you're a new gender. so troons can say they like pink and mlp toys which means they MUST be girls, look at all these afabs who don't like those things who don't identify as girls!

No. 459071

Tey get dysphoric from being asked pronouns, asking pronouns is in service of not assuming someone's identity based on what they present. Trans people want you to read what they're presenting as whereas the left has been trying to demolish that very idea.

No. 459103

I do that to some FtM troon I work with, they claim to be a guy, state their male pronouns and make people call them a boy name, but put no effort into being boylike outside of maybe a haircut and unisex clothes, they're pregnant, wear feminine makeup, in a relationship with a man who identifies as straight, just why?

I don't understand the point of going out your way to identify as male but put no effort into being masculine, what are tumblrs justification for stuff like this ?

No. 459107


It still pretty much an issue of leftists arguing leftists. Its all on the spectrum of made up issues they created and now everyone is stuck dealing with the consequences.

No. 459323

I can't agree with you that enforcing gender roles is a leftist thing to do.

No. 459326

they don't realize they're doing that though. all the genderspecials just want to be super unique and replace their pronouns with a quirky forced nickname but they don't realize that by creating more gender identities it just pushes the idea that gender roles are the most important part of having genitals. they think that denying the binary (despite also supporting that people can transition across it) that it means gender roles don't mean anything anymore, but they just mean more than ever. they're pushing gender roles accidentally by trying to not push them. it's crazy shit how like being feminine, but also being dominant in a relationship means you're genderfluid because it doesn't fit into the strict box.

No. 459346

Currently listening to Vaush talk about how it's ok for children to have sex with each other and that he had lots of sex as a child and doesn't regret it and wasn't bad for him. Now his girlfriend is coming in the room to yell at his stream about how kids fucking each other is normal and she did too. Making sure to clarify he includes 12 year olds in this and if you disagree you're an uptight American. Wew lad.

No. 459390

is there any evidence for their point of view at all? Is this a common breadtube opinion or is he just a special kind of retard? I'm basically convinced that my bf and other people he knew were fucked up by early sexual encounters, porn exposure, and hypersexuality at about that age and thought the consensus was that it's not actually that great for children to be having sex that young, especially with no parental guidance to keep them from doing stupid shit or getting more fucked up. They're Euro too so no lol stupid Americans excuse either.
saged for OT

No. 459392

I dropped him and stopped watching his videos when he first said that it's okay to portray child rape in media.
Some people refused to see it (and still do), but I have a pretty good idea of how "those" people operate through raw exposure, and that was too much of a red flag IMO. I'm definitely not surprised more shit is coming out. The guy's a covert pedophile, through and through, and his wife is either one too, or a submissive enabler. Maybe both. He's talking about children having sex with each other now, because that skirts the line of acceptability, but when he has the chance to slip it in quietly, expect him to make the connection to sex with adults. When he defended incels and claimed women have "privilege" because access to sex may be easier, it indicated to me that he lets his sexual impulses guide him too much, to the point where he has lower empathy for people he wants to fuck, at least as soon as sex seems difficult to attain (no matter how many times he may appear to take up for feminists, this is what he's saying when he asserts that sex is a "privilege" that women have - that argument relies on the concept that sex is a human right of some sort, which is inherently entitled and misogynistic). It's a side effect of his perversion. He's so driven by it that some part of him would most likely be happy if women were to become public property, and the same may or may not extend to his thoughts on children in his preferred age group (which seems to be at around 12, judging by what you said). Don't expect this guy to ever sincerely come down on rapists, because he probably understands them on some level, but thinks they should chill out, be more careful about getting caught, and do more to "ease" their victims into things. Honestly, if he was reading this aloud, I bet he'd make a joke like "You're leaving out twinks I want to manhandle and other sexy men. Don't erase my bisexuality. I want a free market of women and men! I'm an equal-opportunity pervert, guys" and his idiot fans would clap while he tip-toed around children being mentioned.

Low-key, I feel like he's hoping the left's conversations as a whole will shift to topics like "child sexuality"/"too young to consent to…?" so he has a chance to "come out", banking on the idea that he'll be so popular by then that it won't actually get him cancelled.
Seriously, if he has ever argued that children can consent to having body-altering hormones to affirm their gender identity, it will not be hard to make the "reasonable" jump to "Children can also consent to sexual activity, sometimes with adults - This may be an unpopular opinion, but it's the truth. Don't you even try to say I'm justifying child rape, either. Life is not all black and white, not all sexual contact is rape. Some of you will oppose this just because of your instinctive "disgust" response (which is the same response used to justify demonizing homosexuality), and that's okay, but I'm speaking from a purely logical standpoint".
Sorry for OT rant, but I've been waiting for a chance to speak on Vaush, and I feel vindicated now that he's showing his true colors even more

No. 459395

I feel like I should clarify that he was discussing what he termed as "graphic child rape" IIRC, not something like CSA being mentioned as an important point of the story. He says he doesn't believe in any "lines", and thinks it's all defensible.

No. 460076

Wasnt he accused of creeping on an autistic minor?

No. 460084

Peters reacting to the contra drama

No. 468032

File: 1569898806840.png (297.82 KB, 750x1334, 1ACBCF2B-0C0D-472B-B56C-4BA6E5…)

stupidpol delivers a touching eulogy for the banned braincels subreddit

No. 468048

File: 1569903914342.jpg (49.18 KB, 432x767, akqqonyy4kn31.jpg)

Yeah I'm really gonna miss their cutting-edge humour like pic related and also repeating variations of phrases like "it's over for [x]cels", "high IQ" and "based and redpilled" on every single post for three years straight. Don't forget "my wife's boyfriend Tyrone bought me Nintendo Switch" which definitely didn't stop being funny after three weeks. These are just a bunch of lonely and misunderstood guys who are obviously demonized only because they don't conform to neoliberalism. Their community directly inspired a few shooters, so what, it's not like they were egging them on and praising their actions.

I don't understand the goals of some of these new online leftist spaces. You shouldn't have to pass purity tests to be a part of the left, but why do they take it so extreme it goes right back to some of the misogyny and racism like you'd encounter on the right? They'll literally let anything slide as long as you claim it's totally just irony or something. In the US a large portion of the working class is women and racial minorities, they think they're gonna attract these people to their movement when they're doing this?

No. 468235

Well said, anon.

I’d like to add that this recent notion that’s sprouted up in certain “anti-idpol” spaces online that incels somehow exhibit class consciousness is hilarious to me. It’s akin to saying the KKK and neo-nazis exhibit class consciousness because they occasionally capture the grievances of segments of the working class. It’s pure reactionary tripe. Saying “ah yeah neoliberal capitalism is super alienating for men and modern relationships are extremely commodified blahblah whatever and the REAL cause of all these problems is foids/roasties/holes being hypergamous cunts allowed to ride the cock carousel with no consequences before they hit the wall and settle for betabux” is not exactly a profound Marxist insight.

Leftists need to read their fucking Engels.

No. 468242

File: 1569961570118.jpg (6.42 KB, 250x167, 1569855072156s.jpg)


>a marxist realizing how dumb her mentality is but only when other people do it.

No. 468269

My entire point is that it isn’t Marxist. Can you read?

No. 468297

File: 1569967536397.png (72.77 KB, 436x412, Z8fDVC.png)

>Please with the the fucking "muh misogyny." As if it's the the worst thing on the planet.
People have a right to complain about festering hate groups that are targeting them. And their movement caused multiple deadly attacks against the public especially targeting their own demographic, so it might not be the worst thing in the world but it's something that needs to be dealt with.

>I guarantee you that their "hatred of women" instantly vanishes when they get their dicks wet.

No way people who spend months or even years reading and writing long screeds on forums about how women are all stupid useless vapid hypergamous whores and animals will do a 180 and change their mind once they get laid. And even if that's true, their "respect" for us as people is contingent only on them getting their dicks wet. Fuck that.

>That's not hatred, its scorn. "Misogyny" is a completely diluted term.

They constantly had posts on their forums calling for all of our rights and freedoms to be revoked. How is it not misogyny?

>Incels are a direct result of girlboss capitalism


>Now add in a society telling you that you're worthless

Yeah, society NEVER tells women that they're bad at everything and completely useless (except for one thing of course).

>I pity the incels

Yep, that "Angry Retard" flair is correct.

What is wrong with the people in this place, why are they upvoting this? They choose incels over 45-50% of the working class who they claim to actually be helping. Why? Because of their epic maymays? Smug contrarianism? Or do they actually identify with them?

No. 468322

I just visited their website and it's 100x worse than the subreddit.

No. 468325


I never expected you to be self aware

No. 468374

God, this. And yeah, it's insane that they present this as fealty to workers. Women aren't all fucking princessy plantation mistresses, we're home health aides, nurses, nannies, maids. They suck down this idea of, idk, tragic embattled factory guys because it props up their egos and is a hell of a lot easier than engaging with the actual working class, which is hugely nonwhite and HUGELY female.

No. 468376

If men are so fragile as to devolve into hyperviolent inceldom when women fight to be anything but cookie-baking sexbots, the problem lies with them.

Also it's cute how he reduces feminism to "girlboss capitalism" like there aren't enormous schools of labor-focused feminism. Fucking Origin of the Family argues that maternal labor is the origin of the worker's plight. These dudes are always the shittiest fucking leftists who are drooling for any excuse to make every woman who doesn't lie down and spread her legs into some Stacy Bitch Karen Princess Whore.

No. 468383

>a bizarre trend I have noticed,minority men(mostly Indian and East Asian) are over represented in incel spaces
It’s not that strange considering there is massive male to female ratio difference in those countries

No. 468413


>Low-key, I feel like he's hoping the left's conversations as a whole will shift to topics like "child sexuality"/"too young to consent to…?" so he has a chance to "come out"

That already happened several times. Vilhelm Reich comes to mind. Not having sex at 9 is fascist, doncha' know?

No. 468487


Engels: The first class antagonism appearing in history coincides with the development of the antagonism of man and wife in monogamy, and the first class oppression with that of the female by the male sex.

Stupidpol: Fucking girlboss capitalists.

No. 470183

No. 470488

File: 1570521373016.jpg (459.76 KB, 1920x941, 1920.jpg)

the reason he's popular is because he talks like your average working class italian/irish guy and he has a giant media platform that he pretty much owns, so hes beholden to nobody. that is gonna inevitably bring up a lot of resentment and disdain in certain people.


No. 474126

one thing I've noticed in the lefty "memesphere" posted on Reddit,leftbook and twitter is their posting more or less the same memes every week, with each meme being a wall of text pasted onto a poster or sign being held by a smug character

No. 474132

File: 1571370851519.jpg (44.57 KB, 750x424, DclwSMS.jpg)

Literally this image right here.

No. 474135


That's because their attempts at comedy are somehow even worse than the alt-right (hate using this term due to how leftists constantly misuse it and ruin it like they ruin almost anything). I think it's largely because of their perceived moral superiority.

If anyone is interested in bite-sized pieces of dumb leftist comments r/ShitPoliticsSays is a good subreddit.

No. 474141

I don't like using "leftist" either but the smug liberal/leftists stereotype is accurate and it can get infuriate a lot of people

No. 474150


That's fair. I just think it's the best general word to use atm to differentiate from the moderates on the left (they do still exist after all) that aren't even viewed as being on the left anymore by these types. The last few years I feel like I've been watching this political tugging war between extreme opposing sides non stop and I'm still wondering when it's going to calm down.

No. 474152

File: 1571374672818.jpg (82.87 KB, 960x831, du2klxwicxs31.jpg)

I feat that only the Right is gonna win foreseeable future

No. 474155


>you can only vote for people your own race and gender

So this woman is a fascist? imagine shilling ethnocentrism.

If this is the best they can come up with of course they'll keep on loosing.


leftists hate liberals but the liberals in the US have been brigaded by leftists so it gets confusing.

Its pretty sad what has happened to that side though, years ago i thought people like Sarah Silverman and Patton Oswaly were funny and edgy now they are just fucking anoying and smug and can't help to want to punch them when they start moralfagging. Whatever pull they had expired long ago.

No. 474158

This motherfucker deleted her tweet. Dear god. I fucking hate leftists so much and their condescending guilt "questions" towards marginalized groups. Yes, I'm SO much more than my race and gender. I didn't choose to be those things, dumbass.

No. 474160

shes not a leftist, clearly. this is a liberal.

No. 474174

I don't doubt it much honestly. Uncle Joe was the favourite among democrat voters last I checked. The guy is a conservative by many european standards and no different from the general politicians the US seem to pick for POTUS so it's safe to say the times we live in are very confusing. You'd think the issues surrounding Trump would bring forth a likely winner and fresh face amongst democrat candidates but there's none in sight that I can see. They all seem to be more or less cogs in the machine. US politics are a mess lately and Europe atm in general isn't much better.

At least identity politics aren't rampant in Europe to the point of seriously guilting people for not voting based on race/gender, I guess.

No. 474195

Since you're European, you should probably be made aware of how the polls are fundamentally flawed in the US. They (probably purposefully) exclude certain areas which contain certain demographics, and they also employ methods like only calling on the phone and only calling registered democrat voters, etc.

Polls aren't a great way to truly know what people think about candidates, unfortunately.

No. 474197


Yes, I've understood that polling is very flawed in the US since the last election. Biden seems to be favored still due to being a safe option to democrats who may not be fans of some more left-leaning or unknown candidates. Politics often boil down to candidates more than policies but this has always seemed particularly true for the US in later history. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

No. 474318

they're pushing poll results to pressure people into thinking they have to vote strategically, and that the only choice is somehow the two establishment fuckwads.

No. 474446

File: 1571449548702.jpg (187.92 KB, 960x958, 1571264235319.jpg)


the other candidates look like even bigger fuckwads, Yang? are you serious? and Bernie will be lucky if he even makes it to the primaries alive.

Every candidate, even the under dog odd balls are part of the establishment on one way or another if they even make it to an election poll, but at least people can choose among the more sensible ones within the bunch. The liberals are pretty scarce on plans, good proposals and moderate people.

No. 475103

File: 1571639050211.png (148.52 KB, 1200x648, enbies at it again.png)

Lindsay Ellis and Philosophy Tube are currently getting doxxed and threatened for still being friends with ContraPoints after "she" had Buck Angel do a brief voice over because "he's" a "transmedicalist". They're turning on Hbomberguy too. The absolute state of leftist infighting.

No. 475109

Gey ready for another 4 years of Trump in Office cuase this is exactly why Trump will again,I know for a fact their are many leftists who won't vote for Biden or Sadners because thier "White Men" even Hillary might not get voted for

No. 475111

Hillary is a full-on warmonger who destroyed Libya (and will happily destroy many more countries), so I can only hope she doesn't get any votes.

No. 475119

I'm sick of Trump but I'm even more sick of both Extreme anti-Trump Leftsits and Pro-Trump retards

No. 475125

My own critiques on breadtube

First thing to note: the left right now is really fractured, The right values unity while the left performs call outs - even when two right wingers nominally disagree on everything like, say, libertarians and christian republicans or something, they still find common ground in bashing liberals and just ignore all internal trouble,Meanwhile my country is going to the European elections with SEVEN different leftist parties, each of which needs to get at least 4% of the votes, and if our last elections are any indication there's just about 4% to go around for all of them. Now there are some valid reasons for demsoc and anarcho communists to dislike each other and not want to be on the same side but SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS IS NOT THE TIME.

Second thing to note: breadtubers are reluctant to make a jump to thought leaders, because of different personal ambitions and ideological opposition to the idea. I don't disagree with this in general, but it does make it harder to move on to actual real world impacts, as several potential routes lead to them leveraging their own personal brand for personal gain.

Third thing to note:none of them actually have a brilliant solution that satisfies every body. As much as people like to throw around words like "organize", "revolution" and "meet people face to face", they really don't mean anything coming from Internet randos. Organize what? Do you have a plan? And that's kind of the thing, right, because an Internet based movement works because we connect across the globe - there is no way that you and me can meet up irl and do stuff, But what can they achieve beyond but posting the same memes to trigger rigt wingers

No. 475167

I'm not a leftist, but in regards to meetups, I don't see why more people can't do physical meets up in general instead of sticking to online shit. Especially if you guys live in a decently sized metropolitan area (not just Brooklyn). Personally I way prefer talking with people offline. Also it's good to get involved in the community with people who don't share your political views but might be sympathetic to some of your points. If leftism is so great for everybody then there shouldn't be any problems doing that

However, lot of leftists to me seem like they have massive anxiety or some problem that prevents them from getting along with people My two cents.

No. 475212

From road to Wigan Pier published in 1937 Geroege Orwell says

>The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years’ time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism,…or still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Non-conformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting. This last type is surprisingly common in Socialist parties of every shade; it has perhaps been taken over en bloc from the old Liberal Party. In addition to this there is the horrible–the really disquieting–prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered together. One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ’Socialism’ and ’Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ’Nature Cure’ quack and pacifists in England.

in a letter to Jack Common from the same time (1936) as the writing of Road to Wigan Pier Orwell wrote

>The trouble is that the socialist bourgeoisie, most of whom give me the creeps, will not be realistic and admit that there are a lot of working-class habits which they don't like and don't want to adopt. E.g. the typical middle-class socialist not only doesn't eat with his knife but is still slightly horrified by seeing a working man do so. And then so many of them are the sort of eunuch type with a vegetarian smell who go about spreading sweetness and light and have at the back of their minds a vision of the working class all TT, well washed behind the ears, readers of Edward Carpenter or some other pious sodomite and talking with artfical accents.

No. 475267

File: 1571669703353.jpg (223.79 KB, 1024x948, 1571563724473.jpg)

>One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ’Socialism’ and ’Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ’Nature Cure’ quack and pacifists in England.

No. 475274

>that fat tranny in the red bra

One has to wonder what the parents of these people must think of their failed children

No. 475275

Sounds like George had a personal problem with healthy eating and not drinking alcohol. It almost comes off as childish.
He does make a few good points, though, especially here:
>The trouble is that the socialist bourgeoisie, most of whom give me the creeps, will not be realistic and admit that there are a lot of working-class habits which they don't like and don't want to adopt.

No. 475276

Some Context,Orwell wrote this when he was Injudred during the Spanish Civil war,he was wounded in the throat by a sniper's bullet and nearly died and in this state he sorta vented about how disappointed he was that all the so called young able bodied socialists and communists he knew in england who said they would fight for the revoloution didn't come to Spain with him to fight fascism

No. 475278

That's pretty heavy. I wonder if the antifa of this day and age would have accompanied him, or if things are still the same.

No. 475287

The only resource moids care about is sex, and the only motivation they can have for anything is sex. They don't care that most modern day slaves are female and that not having to engage in wage labor (as though domestic labor is any less important - how come men chimp out when they have no access to it?) is something only a minority of middle to upper class women can experience. Most women in the world engage in backbreaking work. Most of the world's poor are women. The moid chooses to ignore that, because this isn't actually about worker's exploitation at all. Like everything in a moid's mind, this is about getting ahead with the least investment possible.

Much of the male thought, no matter how profound, is typically rooted in some variety of sexual inadequacy or preoccupation (see Freud, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, literally all of them). Any seemingly valid ideology can and will be appropriated by moids to do what they are biologically programmed to do - monopolize resources for sexual access and spread their worthless sperm indiscriminately. Much like when gay rights were immediately hijacked by NAMBLA, leftist movements were always traditionally full of sex pests who object not to exploitation of women but to the idea that women aren't socialized and redistributed among the worst and weakest of men. This results in penile doublethink in which women are simultaneously a means of production and also some kind of sexual bourgeoisie consciously withholding a 'vital' 'resource' from moids.

Women's view of socialism as a means to provide fairly for everyone is a reflection of our evolutionary niche - females are programmed to care about the 'other' and see everyone as family/offspring/tribe. Men's optimal strategy is to breed as much as possible while investing as little as possible. Being glorified extensions of their gametes, men see socialism as a way to 'game' their evolutionary niche and gain sexual access without having to wrangle the male hierarchy. Leftism is absolutely a conscious beta male's cry for a chance at genetic perpetuation, whereas right wingers are mostly of the temporarily embarrassed millionaire variety. The left cuck knows he's a cuck so he wants a sexual handout, the right wing cuck is still in denial and thinks he's gonna be Chad with a harem one day.

In the end, they're both sentient sperm sacks with an inherently opportunistic mentality. Everything else is just PR.

No. 475289

I occasionally lurk Incel forums and white privilege is becoming a frequent talking among non-white Inches,I'm seeing more non-white call out white Inches on their hypocrisy in rejecting non-white women

No. 475296


>Most women in the world engage in backbreaking work. Most of the world's poor are women.

And those women tend to be located in countries that either are or were until recently under socialist governments and revolutionary regimes, like the independent African nations and India.

No. 475300


You must be some variety of wheatfield shitsperg who thinks that before socialism women of all classes lived either like Marie Antoinette or like housewives from nazi agitprops. There is no other way to arrive to your retarded conclusion, other than maybe pretending that serfdom and peasantry never existed.

In any case, you can take solace in the fact that you're exactly as intelligent as the average Chapo leftycel.

No. 475301


You must be some variety of wheatfield shitsperg who thinks that before socialism women of all classes lived either like Marie Antoinette or like housewives from nazi agitprops. There is no other way to arrive to your retarded conclusion, other than maybe pretending that serfdom and peasantry never existed.

In any case, you can take solace in the fact that you're exactly as intelligent as the average Chapo leftycel.

No. 475303

India was never socialist,It was an artifical nation with people that had radically diffrent cultures's,people's,religions e.t.c It should have been divided into 3-4 smaller nations that way India might not be suck a shithole itis today

No. 475306

There is a collage of modern antifa a few posts above yours. Do they look like they would?

No. 475307

Speaking of racism, incels tend to be incredibly racially woke. Many are Indian and Asian (currycels and ricecels) men using intersectionality/cultural relativism to legitimize their plight. Asian male 'demasculinization' talking points (a staple in intersectional feminism) are particularly common. Roosh V tried to use intersectionality to explain why it's okay for him as a Muslim to hate women, and why objecting to this is racist. This is yet another example of why feminism is ineffective, as it includes contradictory peripheral issues that inevitably benefit males to the detriment of women. While racism is abhorrent, wasting your resources to fight racism faced by males simply means upgrading men within their hierarchy.

The 'Asian demasculinization' feminists in particular are a great example. So your 'feminist' goal is to make Zhang Wei as subjectively masculine as Brad? To what end? So your lineup of college republican sexual predators can look more diverse?(racebait)

No. 475308

If I remember correctly majorty of YPG voulntters were American ex-Soldiers

No. 475316

>right wing moid: male fee-fees are facts
>left wing moid: male idpol is class consciousness

Anti-idpol leftoids are a special kind of retarded. Your entire ideology revolves around building an identity around a manufactured sense of deprivation. No wonder you sympathize with a flagrantly identitarian movement like incels.

How do these cockmongs even define identity politics anyway?

No. 475323

>India was never socialist
>no true scotsman

Its never truly real socialism, duh lmfao

No. 475408

File: 1571693989361.jpg (132.61 KB, 364x435, IMG_20191021_233748.jpg)

No. 475436


>"the truth does not matter, only optics matter"

of course this is their mantra.

No. 475444

It wasn't socialist at all

No. 475475

File: 1571707619837.jpg (365.41 KB, 1160x1055, 12394.jpg)

No. 475500


Lindsay is like a wine aunt that is obssesed with DisneyWorld , Broadway and mainstream Hollywood, another true hero of the revolution.

No. 475635


If you watch her knockoff TED talk this makes complete sense. She talks about “bad optics” a lot in this video. I don’t even hate Lindsay (her Disney vids are great) but this was a hot mess, she was nervous and shaky the whole time and the entire speech was a self-serving, anecdotal dumpster fire with the banal conclusion of “hide your mistakes and ask your popular friends to make positivity threads when you’re feeling like shit about it”.

The most painful part is when she laments how her therapist told her to “just log off” and makes a stank face like “lol idiot boomer doesn’t understand cyberbullying” but absolutely no one in the crowd reacts because they’re befuddled why a woman in her 30s doesn’t know how to handle having a dumb tweet go viral on the bad side of Twitter.

No. 475639

I really feel we should have a cow thread on /snow/ for the ex/current Channel Awesome cast members,they're all huge cows

No. 475669

I'd be into that thread.
todd and lindsay are the only ones i still watch. I like todd's podcast. is he annoying on twitter? I kind of remember him being sjw-y but tolerable. I had to scorched earth unfollow everyone from CA I was still following after Nella went on some hysterical twitter outburst about terfs that most of them backed her up on.

No. 475680

A former Channel Awesome reviewer Elisa Hansen(Maven of the Eventide)who used to review specially vampire related media appeared on Queer Kid Stuff(that creepy Trans kids channel with the teddy bear) where she Identified herself as "Asexual Queer Cisgendered " and explained her asexuality even though she's married to a man and has 6 year old child

She explains further on her blog that just because she's asexual doesn't mean she can't enjoy sex


No. 475704

She probably says that to legitimize why she isn’t sexually attracted to her husband.

No. 475707

she's said that she likes sex but she doesn't like doing it,She the pleasure of sex but doesn't like seeing her own body naked

No. 475708

She also constantly posts pics of her Infant son on twitter and Facebook

No. 475723

i Thought it was impossible for her to get cringier but she went from sjw to wannabe goth obsessed with vampires who looks like a camgirl.
Like her videos would have been okay if she was some goth phase teen but this is a grown woman in her 30's who is still obssesed with fanfic culture and all that crap.

No. 475819

Idk how long back her youtube goes but she was uploading when blip was still a thing and has always been….like this.

I followed the "Chez Apocalypse" crowd forever but now it's….just breadtube

No. 475829

her conntent has always been like this though Infact she's gotten more SJW-ish in recent years

No. 475835

File: 1571796376167.jpg (109.93 KB, 960x720, eoqse3on1s811.jpg)

This is 100% acurate

No. 475847

I know a traphouse listener IRL and he sprinkles the word praxis into every conversation and I want to throttle him.

A lot of their content is pretty enjoyable when they're not sperging about politics. Lindsay Ellis' videos on Disney corporate culture are pretty neat and I enjoy ToddInTheShadows' videos on one hit wonders, but more and more they've been unable to keep themselves from adding in irrelevant shit to the mix. Twitter was a mistake.

No. 475850

>A lot of their content is pretty enjoyable when they're not sperging about politics. Lindsay Ellis' videos on Disney corporate culture are pretty neat and I enjoy ToddInTheShadows' videos on one hit wonders, but more and more they've been unable to keep themselves from adding in irrelevant shit to the mix. Twitter was a mistake.

Absolutely this,they all have to stop inserting politics into everything

No. 475853

God I hate "chud". Actually I hate a lot of the terms these people use like chud, succdem, radlib, shitlib, and "post your hog".

No. 475855

File: 1571809138051.jpg (63.44 KB, 700x992, Indira-Gandhi-ili-50-img-2.jpg)

The closest India ever got to Communism was the emergency period in which the Prime Minister Indra Ghandi basically took absoulote power and had her polticial opponents killed or thrown prison ,created new laws by what she deemed right and destroyed various religous temples,enforced a campaign of mass sterilization to deal with overpopulation and committed what are considered Human rights abuse

she wanted to turn India into a athiest socalist state and may have also wanted to Invade Pakistan but she was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards as retaliation for tearing down their tempels


No. 475860

I thank the Lord there's other people out there who hate the word chud as much as I do. It sounds like a fucking made up word from Battletoads lore.
One thing I noticed, Shoe0nhead uses these terms quite often as well. She's tweeted the word chud twice before, one instance replying to a Vaush tweet.

No. 475861

the vast majority of normal people think that its dumb as well

No. 475866

Inserting politics into everything is clearly one of their main ways to fill their black void within or something though so seems unlikely.

All these people sound the exact same most of the time but they must think their tweets have some intrinsic value.

No. 475867

One thing I have notcied is their all Humanities/Social Scinces major

No. 475868

>India ruled by socialist parties since their independe
>Socialist economic policies well into the 90s when the first few market reforms on their markets came and they actually started growing after decades of meltdown and stagnation
>Socialism is still in the indian constitution

No. 475872

Alrigt Fuck it, effortpost time.
You must understand the condition at the time .India was a country of poor people. Millions who lived on daily wages, millions oppressed by the caste system or male patriarchy. Millions of farmers who didn't own the land they tilled. These were the issues which dominated Indian Politics.

The 1951 election, held 4 years after India's Independence, was as described by Ramchandra Guha in his book, India after India, an Act of Faith. These were the conditions at the time-

Complete Adult Franchise (women + men, above the age of 21)

Only 176 Million eligible voters
a literacy rate of about 15%. Thus 85% of the eligible voters could not read or write.

Each voter had to be identified, named and registered to vote. Moreover, unlike Western Democracies, where the voter could identify the party of his choice by name, the Indian electorate relied on pictorial symbols to identify their party. A second innovation was the use of multiple ballot boxes. On a single ballot, the (mostly illiterate) Indian elector might make a mistake; so each party had a ballot box with its symbol marked in each polling station, so that voters could simply drop their paper in it. To prevent double voting, Indian Scientists developed an indelible ink which, applied on the voter’s Pinky finger, stayed there for a week, a practice still followed today.

Nearly All Parties focused on the issues mentioned at the beginning. The Election Commission used the media of film and radio to educate the public democracy and voting. A documentary on the franchise and its functions, and the duties of the electorate, was shown in more than 3,000 cinemas. The All India Radio, the main means of mass communication, broadcast numerous programs on the constitution, the purpose of adult franchise, the preparation of electoral rolls and the process of voting.

Another aspect of this, is the political parties which contested the election. You had the Indian National Congress of course, but beside this you had the Communist Party of India (which still exists today), Dr. B. R. Ambedkar revived the Scheduled Castes Federation representing the Scheduled Castes and other low castes, the Jayprakash Narayan led Socialists Party, the Shyama Prasad Mookerjee led Jana Sangh, and other regional parties such as the Dravida Kazhagam in Madras, which stood for Tamil pride against north Indian domination; the Akalis in Punjab, who were the main party of the Sikhs; and the Jharkhand Party in Bihar, which wanted a separate state for tribal people.

The political spectrum covered by these parties included both the Right and the Left. Most parties tilted left, espousing the cause of the poor workers and farmers. The Jan Sangh was more religious, pledging to bring back the glory of India before the Muslim invasions. The Congress was the dominant party. Thus it was the primary focus of all other parties. The left parties attacked it for betraying the cause of the workers while the right attacked it for betraying Hindus. In this midst you also had Muslim Parties, but most of them were local in nature.

The election campaign of 1951–2 was conducted through large public meetings, door-to-door canvassing, and the use of visual media. Posters and emblems were prominently displayed. The All India Radio was a Government Enterprise and hence could not be used for campaigning, thus no party had access to radio waves for mass propagation of propaganda.

The bulk of voting was done on the basis of the stature of the leaders. Most of the leaders leading these parties had political experience and had been jailed during the Independence movement. They all had immense stature and commanded huge respect and following in the population. But few could compare to Jawaharlal Nehru. In a speech he gave in Bombay, his audience numbered 2,00,000. He addressed 300 mass meetings and myriad way side ones. He spoke to millions of people directly, while an equal number merely had his darshan (meeting/blessing), eagerly flanking the roads to see him as his car whizzed past. To give an example of how much the stature of whom they were voting for mattered, Dr BR Ambedkar, the Architect of the Indian Constitution, fighter of the Rights for the lower Castes lost to the Congress candidate Kajrolkar after the many speeches Nehru gave in Bombay.

In the end, the voter turnout was 60%. Tribals voted in forest districts, coming out with their bows and arrows. The press highlighted the especially aged: a 110-year-old man in Madurai who came propped up on either side by a great grandson, a 95-year-old woman in Ambala, deaf and hunchbacked, who still turned up to vote. Even the Nizam of Hyderabad, whose state had been annexed via police action, voted. However, much like India, things were varied. In places like Bombay, the voter turnout was 70% with 9,00,000 people voting. In Mizoram, 92,000 Mizos, who ‘have through the centuries decided an issue with their arrows and spears, came forward to give their decision for the first time through the medium of the ballot’. The highest turnout, 80.5 %, was recorded in Kottayam, in present-day Kerala; the lowest, 18%, was in Shahdol in what is now Madhya Pradesh.

The American Ambassador to India Chester Bowles was ‘appalled at the prospect of a poll of200 million eligible voters, most ofwhom were illiterate villagers’. and feared a fiasco. However, a trip through the country during polling changed his mind and he wrote: ‘In Asia, as in America, I know no grander vision than this, government by the consent of the governed.’

Thus despite the illiteracy, it can be said that Indians were fairly invested in the election and voted freely for thier leaders, though this varied throughout the country. but it should be said that nearly all the parties espoused the same ideals of an equal country where the farmers had lands to till and the workers had protection. The main difference between parties were their leaders and it was on this basis that the electorate voted, handing the Indian National Congress 364 out of 489 seats in Parliament and 2,247 out of 3,280 seats in the state assemblies. (There had been dual elections for State and Center)

Source- India After Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha.

No. 475881


>Tl:dr, it was socialism all along

No. 475905

I watched one of this chick's videos once. I kind of enjoyed it but the overacting made it hard to watch. Is she part of breadtube?

No. 475906

Tolerant of what? And this guy doesn't even seem like a "leftist", he's just someone with a hateboner toward India and a personal investment in Pakistan and Turkey being friends (which explains why he listed them first as "tolerant"). Where did you even find this?

No. 475907

Her content subject matter isn't actually outright about leftism but she needlessly brings up a lot of SJW-ish stuff in her vampire reviews when it shouldn't be needed such as her review of Near Dark where she brings up Trump,Reagan and "demeans" poor rural white people

No. 475910

I love you for this analysis Anon.

No. 475919

I wonder if the political analysis she did on that movie was even accurate. Like if that was the director's intention.

No. 475938


Movies are very blatant about their message, unless you are very media illiterate to catch even a hint of nuance. They also tend to focus on issues that are recognizable and broad enough to be relatable instead of being criptic on purpose, but that broadness is what makes it so easy to self insert anything you want into it.

Political zealots love shoehoring their own ideology into a review in the hopes of maybe get brand recognition as well but is all speculative fiction most of the times, i find it extremely pedantic specially when they choose kids media that is nowhere near that deep in its conception, imagine your parents wasting money for you to go to film school and the only thing you learned are marxist dialectics so you can review the emoji movie, its sad.

No. 476020

It's a big part of why I hate breadtube and Twitter. It's given a bunch of egotistic dickweeds some talking points to repeat without understanding any implications or actual reasoning for them, and now suddenly everyone is babby's first philosopher / political pundit.

I feel like it's just an effective smokescreen for being a shitty person. Everyone I know who's into the "scream your politics on social media at all times" sphere has done some really bad shit lol

It's like a different flavor of the religious right's nonsense but hip and cool for the kids!

No. 476049

So were all in agreement that someone should make a ex/current Channel Awesome cow thread on /snow/

No. 476060

I'd be up for it, but I thought there already was one considering the huge fuckfest they had a year(?) ago.

No. 476312

File: 1571911652562.jpg (44.18 KB, 680x572, 1518879323379.jpg)

No. 476956

This is such a weird phenomenon to me, what is it that makes western communists so batshit?

No. 476969


because the propaganda is most effective in complete losers with weak character and a need for a sense of identity and purpose, even if its something harmful or retarded. Is not like junkies, the lazy and the mentally ill will amount to much in any current system anyways so they dream about about some revolution where they are the heroes and can steal their neighbors property and squat for free in his home.

No. 476970


They are batshit everywhere.

No. 476988

Even then Russian and ex-eastern block communists tend to be a lot "physically fit" and have actual Military experience

No. 476991

So i finished reading the Peter Coffin thread and i still have no idea wherever this dude's wife is real or fake.

No. 476994

>believes soviet propaganda films
>thinks soviets look like their statues of buff workers with aks

try alcoholic and malnourished.

No. 477005

File: 1572034573253.png (496.42 KB, 675x458, Malnourished-Russian-children-…)

This is how they actually looked liked.

No. 477007

File: 1572034689427.jpg (241.47 KB, 1066x1045, IMG_20190723_235846_970.jpg)

No. 477008

Imagine conflating Marxist Leninists with breadtubers who worship Contrapoints

Or edgy pro pedophile "anarcho capitalists" for that matter.

No. 477011

well since you are sooo smart. Why dont you tell us the difference?

No. 477017

>Man who lost his entire friend group gives advice on how to make friends

No. 477034


marxist leninist starved and represed entire nations for decades with military force and breadtubers cannot even pick up the mail from the mailbox because they suffer from anxiety enhanced by weed.

No. 477129

File: 1572052374478.png (347.55 KB, 499x735, 452894a.png)

No. 477130

>ree china is starving t. Vovozueelaa

No. 477592

No. 477593

No. 477596

>The first sign was a seemingly innocuous word, used lightheartedly: “triggered.”
>As my 11- and 14-year-old sons and their friends talked and bantered — phones in hand, as always — in the back seat of the car, one of them shouted it in response to a meme, and they all laughed uproariously.
>I almost lost control of the car. That’s because I know that word — often used to mock people who are hurt or offended by racism as overly sensitive — is a calling card of the alt-right, which the Anti-Defamation League defines as “a segment of the white supremacist movement consisting of a loose network of racists and anti-Semites who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of politics that embrace implicit or explicit racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy.” People associated with this group are known for trolling those who disagree with them, and calling critics “triggered” is a favorite tactic.

Imagine losing your mind over the word "triggered",I'm from a POC background and I have seen plenty of kids from different nationalities and cultures use the word triggered

No. 477603

They look pretty empowered to me

No. 477649

It's been quite a while since I saw something so pretentious for something so basic. While I don't fundamentally disagree with her in the slightest; the tone of the whole thing makes it sound like a nazi conspiracy where everything is planned, nothing is real and schroeder is wielding a megaphone for La Resistance.

Kids hang out with cool kids that spout edgy phrases. Kids dive into macho, anti-social "Society hates us" subculture. Kids either grow out of it or irrevocably screw up their lives.This has been a thing for decades; although I wouldn't be surprised if even ancient egyptians had to deal with it.

All of her tips boil down to interact with your kid & don't be a douchebag, or as it is commonly known, half-decent parenting. Which is absolutely solid.
But she couldn't possibly have made it more agonizing to read if she tried. And when you start digging into the details of how she suggests one achieves that, the tips are quite frankly a bit mind boggling.
Snowflakes aren't real, Stop saying triggered cause PTSD is terrible and Politically correct comedy is actually edgy.
Like I don't even..And something about this just makes my skin crawl, especially when she admitted she stalks her son's social media (Jesus Christ lady get a life). All this reads as is the lamentations of a failing parent desperate for control.

No. 477669

Holy shit this is embarrassing. Has this extra woke mommy ever heard of Mel Brooks and the way he made fun of Hitler to strip him of his power? The demonizing of people who share memes is ridiculous and trivializing to begin with, as if some shitty pepe hitler macro is the sole reason why people are radicalizing. What this dumbass mother is doing is exactly why so many people find leftist politics unattractive, the constant indoctrination and monitoring of your own and outright flogging them for the slightest misstep no matter how innocuous it was. The outright classism of expecting all people to have access to and the knowledge of multiple different social science theory studies and wide understanding of terms and nuances. It's really no wonder why the right is becoming so popular within people who feel alienated by the woke crowd.

No. 477674

I love how she's witnessing this supposed horror happening to her sons, and the first thing she thinks to do is just … keep letting it happen so she can explain to everyone on Twitter how it works in excruciatingly fine detail

No. 477675

I wonder what her sons think about being featured in an article about how they're on the way to becoming Nazis?

No. 477699


>100 years+ of ongoing failures and tragedies don't matter, it works in my mind.

No. 477739

I think China's model is actually the way to go. One people, One country, One leader. They started with the wrong foot with Mao, but who can deny that they're moving forward? Americans feel this big threat that liberal democracy isn't the only thing that can bring about social progress, when the fact is that liberal democracy is a big failure and tragedy itself. Only the people who are better at lying and manipulating get to rule in a liberal democracy.(tankie derail)

No. 477773

>thinking China has social progress and doesn't lie and manipulate
tankies at it again

No. 477991

File: 1572236394536.jpg (102.83 KB, 1079x847, b8df5e1.jpg)

>100 plus years
Are you blaiming the Qing on Mao now?

No. 477992

>mods calling someone who supports the CPC but opposes Mao a tankie(no1curr)

No. 478534

They keep getting more pretentous with each video

No. 478554

Here's this tard defending buying CP because "no ethical consumption under capitalism"

No. 478561

Yup, Vaush is a pedophile. Anyone who insists he's not is willfully blind at this point.
He's laid it all out bare. If we can accept that cryptofascists are a thing, what exactly does that make a guy who doesn't outright say he's a nonce, but defends lolicon, thinks graphic child rape belongs in media, and believes it's okay to buy CP for any reason?

No. 479641

Innuendo studios just released a new 40 Minute long video basically just saying pewdiepie is a Nazi over and over

No. 479649

>basically just saying pewdiepie is a Nazi
Who cares about pewdieshit?
He may not be a Nazi but he's certainly dogwhistled so much edgy race shit to pander to that kind of audience. Looks like the shit he flung for money and views is starting to stick and he don't like it.

No. 479655

omg did he really ? I used to like him a lot back in the day and then stopped watching youtube

No. 479656

He for Ben Shapiro to do some Dumb meme review and apparently that's proof that he's a Nazi for some people

No. 479658

File: 1572703905917.jpg (37.8 KB, 1280x720, hmmm.jpg)

Somewhat. It's always in the awkward space between 'denial of plausibility' and 'he had to have known'.
Like you can always say 'well he didn't know', but he literally advertised E;R. a youtuber who made multiple 'the jews made Steven Universe' jokes and got a video literally taken down for hate speech. He couldn't have truly known though. You have to keep in mind it wasn't 'one big thing', but a bunch of tiny nudges that kind of imply it or can be denied.
Some people call him a nazi for multiple incidents not just the Ben sharpiro thing. Only ultra sjw mock him the sharpiro thing only

No. 479660

Yeah we get it,Pewdiepie is literally worse then Hitler because he said the N-Word on his stream

No. 479661

I never said he was a nazi. I just said he had multiple indents that can be interpreted as support or denied as simple mistakes. I even denied the 'he's a nazi because he said the n-word' argument because I said 'it's something only ulta SJW do'.

No. 479667

He went full edge during 2017.

Disney severed business ties with Felix after he published several videos referencing anti-semitism and Nazi images. One where he notoriously paid two Indian guys to hold up signs that said "Death to all Jews" through Fiverr. Another video published sometime that January featured a man dressed as Jesus saying "Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong."
Felix saw nothing wrong with these things because it got him teh viewz.

He didn't apologize at first when people saw how fucked it was, and doubled down saying he didn't find anything antisemitic about it because they were ironic jokes, even if his viewer base didn't always take it as such. He was more pissed off that Disney pulled a revenue opportunity from him and YT gave him a slap on the wrist. He only reneged like a month later after making multiple whiny ass videos about it, and apologized when the heat from criticism got to be enough where it was affecting his money.

And of course that same year he calls someone a nigger on livestream because this dumb sack can't keep his foul mouth in line, ever.

There was some drama in 2018 about him shouting out Youtubers with racist videos, but admittedly I don't care to look too hard into this. Seems like an ambiguous mistake that anyone could do in theory, I'm just interested in the shit this guy is directly responsible for.

This past September, Felix said he'd donate $50k to the Anti-Defamation League (Jewish group) after the Christchurch shooting (shooter famously said "remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie", his manifesto was full of 'ironic' memes). A couple days later, he said he was no longer giving money to the ADL while wearing a hoodie that looked like it had an iron cross symbol. Blatant ignorance given the context, or ~le ironic~ dogwhistle.

A few weeks later after the Christchurch shooting, a second copycat shooter gunned down a Jewish woman at a synagogue in Poway, California.
His manifesto references Felix too:
>"To the glow-niggers and Jewed-media reading this. I think it is important for you to know that I did not do this alone. I had the help of a man named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was kind enough to plan and fund this whole operation—the sly bastard. Apparently, Pewdiepie hates Jews as much as Pajeets. Who would’ve known? Make sure to call me a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘anti-semite’ or whatever bullshit you spew to spook the normalfags. It doesn’t even matter. You’ve been calling every White person alive those names for decades—they’ve lost all their meaning. You’ve socially ostracized every White person. You’ve made it harder and harder for White people to live a normal life. To this I say well done. You are stupid enough to make a White person’s only viable option for survival to kill all of you. Keep doing what you’re doing Jew-media. You’re putting the noose around your own neck. The irony is glorious."
Even if one argues that that was just a troll, the fact of the matter is this: Felix has set the playing field up among his impressionable audience. His outright not condemning the accusations of anti-semitism and not cutting out his edgelordness have become a breeding ground for obviously hostile individuals. Felix is both a "joke" and a call to action. It's still his fault.
He has NEVER commented on this shooting because then he'd have to admit his accountability, which might damage his viewership again.

In addition to following Ben Shitpiro, he also follows the likes of Lauren Southern (another white supremacist figure found here on lc) and Stefan Molyneux who is also a white supremacist.

You sound underage and new to the internet, I hope this is just your retarded crush and you're not seriously shilling this man. He sure wouldn't give a fuck about your ass. There's even YT threads on /snow/ that date a few years back that document this very drama.

This anon doesn't want to be reasoned with or want to hear anything against their precious Pewds. Don't bother.

No. 479671

Pewdiepie literally has a more diverse audience then all of breadtube combined,young boys and girls from all around the world be it Pakistan,Armenia,Mexico,Portugal,Tanzania all watch Pewdiepie because he's entertaining

No. 479673

You're using the "I have a minority friend!" argument. All that proves is that his fanbase is big, impressionable, demonstrably young, and may not understand the impact of media they watch and support.
The guy who's being given an unwarranted amount of money and self-importance ought to be held accountable for the shit he says if not because of the demographics. Or at least stick to his screamer shtick for the kiddos.

If there were 90 million people in a stadium, and the person at the podium shouts "FIRE!" as a joke, it's still their culpability if a few people take it in seriousness and wind up injuring or killing others in the chaos. Ironic jokes are still used by white supremacists as evidence to add credence to their views because someone 'famous' is talking about it. Ironic indoctrination is still indoctrination.

No. 479690


he is a retard but not a nazi, its just middleschool humor and most of his audience are middle schoolers-

I am kind of sick of the whole nazi meme whenever people want to attack someone, techincally he could be a nazi if he wanted to, who gives a fuck?, go after people after what they have done, not because you think they believe something that its bad as if people were not allowed free speech and freedom of thought.

No. 479711

>Ben Shitpiro
What the fuck is with his popularity. He's openly hostile to so much shit and people just eat it up.

No. 479715


thanks for the info, I'll look into it to know what I think, sorry for starting a shitstorm.

No. 479807

Will they lose one of their biggest figures, Hontra, over truscum debates?


TL;DR: Contra includes a 12 second clip of Buck Angel reading a John Waters clip in a video. Non-binary people and other trans people get mad because Buck is a transmedicalist. Contra considers Buck a cherished figure who did a lot for the trans community so Contra refuses to denounce and excommunicate Buck. People start calling Contra and associated people truscum and TERF which Contra is upset about. Contra also talks about out how "certain leftist cis boys on Twitter" are loved and praised for virtue signalling by writing lazy tweets like "trans rights" but doesn't forgive actual trans people like Buck or Contra for making mistakes and learning.

No. 479890

God this whole scenario is hilarious,their tearing each other apart because of their dumb identity politics

No. 479918


The bolshevik takeover was over 100 years ago, but sure anon, communist failure in every country it was tried was all because the previous regimes or capitalists (even thought they killed everyone who owned anything), even after decades of absolute control on every aspect of life.

Its a perfect system, its proven to work, on minecraft, we should try again and again

No. 479922

kek, all of this outrage over a literal 12 second clip. incredible. kind of amped for it to take down this horsefaced perv tho. you just know he thought he was untouchable, getting so much smoke blown up his orifices despite being so mediocre. it's nice to see this bewigged linebacker get bit in the ass. amazing how quick it is to fall out of the online left's good graces over something totally inconsequential.

No. 480032

everyone in this situation is so retarded lmfao. hontra dies mad because he thought he was the queen of breadtube (should've known better because of the 3 previous times he was cancelled) and nonbinary people die mad because it's the only other emotional they have capacity to experience aside from #hornyonmain.

No. 480062

The issue with communism isn't the system in a vacuum, the issue is that system does not work well when capitalism exists. Capitalism will always outcompete a communist society and it will manipulate markets to isolate the commie country and the country will fall into a deep hole of corruption and poverty.

No. 480199

The Issue is that currently nationalism is definitely without a doubt making a comeback, and I don't see it going away any time soon unless the left gets their act together and actually does what it promises to do economically.I think Andrew Yang (regardless of your opinion on him) and Maslow have a point: people want financial stability and hoing along this line of thought, I think that the importance of social issues might have the chance of being tossed out the window if you emphasize economic impact as your platform and actually fulfill your promises. That's exactly how Trump got elected (minus the actually fulfilling his economic promises part).

I see an increasing amount of both socialist and fascist rhetoric in the West. Really depends on how things turn out in the future (IMO if there is no continuing refugee crisis or external terrorist attack the socialists or the European moderate left will win out eventually) but if events continue like they are going on right now and left doesn't get its act together we could be seeing the second rise of fascism

No. 480813

File: 1573019303741.jpg (51.17 KB, 680x765, 5db.jpg)

No. 480837

God what the fuck lol "Imagine wanting to be a landlord" sounds fun, honestly. Just collecting rent from tenants and keeping the house stable if there's any structural issues that arise? Sign me up.

No. 480850

|the issue is that system does not work well when capitalism exists
>it does work but you have to stop looking at me funny capitalism reeee

it only looks like a failure because people have standards of comparison to something much better, like capitalism . they have to forget how a functional economy exists, then they´d think living in a communism shithole is great.

No. 481037

File: 1573086163581.jpg (83.91 KB, 636x562, contra cancelled.jpg)

another big win for the marketplace of leftist infighting

No. 481076

They want a societal revolution but break apart over something as stupid as the feelings of genderspecials.

No. 481208

File: 1573128962323.png (332.81 KB, 491x597, 8qccho2657x31.png)

No. 481214

I love this I hope nbs take down other prominent agps too

No. 482968

File: 1573651791421.png (73.62 KB, 936x593, 348DB70C-E81D-4D65-97DE-011A28…)

stupidpol encounters a feminist and spergs out about white vagina privilege or something

No. 482970

File: 1573651899956.png (62.71 KB, 875x629, 9FCA3EFB-D65E-4B7B-8DD9-DF10A5…)

the seething vitriol towards women is glaringly obvious. i don’t see how any of these jokers think they’re going to amass a broad working-class coalition when they’re all so disdainful of women.

No. 482977

So what are we supposed to do? Allow ourselves to be degraded by men because they’re “black construction workers” ? Are black men incapable of controlling their behaviour or something? He probably, definitely thinks so. He’s the kind of asshole who would argue that a white woman is privileged over a Saudi Muslim prince kek. What a projecting piece of shit, accusing everyone of racism and sociopathy when he is clearly racist and slightly narcissistic at the very least.

No. 482978

Right? I guess you should selectively permit sexual harassment to avoid being perceived as racist. They just want women to shut up and stop talking about issues that affect us specifically.

It’s interesting and telling that he immediately leapt to the conclusion that this poster is a privileged rich white woman living off daddy’s money. These people think women are all privileged little princesses that don’t work, pay bills, struggle, or suffer. Ironically he’s doing the very thing he accuses her of doing: conflating all women with rich PMC women. Also immediately screeching about vaginas… the level of hatred towards women is so clear. As if women DON’T suffer precisely because of our reproductive systems.

They recently did a subscriber survey and many users expressed surprise that stupidpol is 90% male, even higher than the reddit average. Wonder why, kek. Why would any woman want to be part of a left-wing community that treats women like this.

No. 482979

well said. They rub shoulders with the far right on the opposite end of the political horseshoe. I saw someone on here say
“The right thinks women are private property, the left thinks they are public property” (I think it was the PP thread but my memory sucks) and that couldn’t be any more obvious in those comments of his. If a man wants to harass you in public, then you are his to harass, and if you complain you’re a bitch/cunt and should shut up

No. 482984

Yep, and the worst (well, most personally irritating) part is that they hide behind Marxism to propagate their dumb meninist strain of socialism. I wonder what they’d think of this Marx quote?:

>“The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women. He has not even a suspicion that the real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women as mere instruments of production.”

Or this Engels quote?:

>“The first class antagonism appearing in history coincides with the development of the antagonism of man and wife in monogamy, and the first class oppression with that of the female by the male sex.”

Oh no, were Marx & Engels narcissistic bourgeois liberal feminists too??
Anyway. Apologies for all the stupidpol autism but I’m obsessed with lurking the sub. They have a large number of incel posters and permit posts calling women dog brains, but any radfem that posts in the sub immediately gets branded with a TERF flair and is usually subject to a battering ram of male posters informing her that radical feminism is idpol and all feminism is just bourgeois narcissism blah blah blah. But rarely do they point out that male identity politics are idpol too, and a much more invidious and irrational strain of idpol at that. The asymmetry is really astonishing.

No. 482986

They would probably Marx a whitenight liberal cuck or something

No. 482999

File: 1573660428436.png (161.1 KB, 660x1209, stupidpolsurvey.png)

I was confused the first time I saw the OP. Is this /r/stupidpol or /r/MensRights? White and male idpol is still idpol.

After seeing some of the shit leftist men online say, in the past year especially, I am definitely more hesitant to participate in political causes if these are the types of attitudes I can expect.

No. 483027

So Hontra has officially left the internet because of his dumb woke feud with non-binaries

No. 483072

this whole thing has been so fucking funny. the the sheer melodrama of two groups who need to be constantly accommodated ripping into each other because it's literally impossible apparently to introduce yourself without being traumatized. incredible.

No. 483205

File: 1573738367579.png (65.81 KB, 934x729, 9361430E-DCC4-4B5E-B82C-25A78E…)

More r/stupidpol autism because I can’t resist: OP makes a post decrying the proliferation of BDSM and kinks, stupidpol unhappy about having their right to beat women infringed upon.

No. 483311

>women were never slaves!!!
how do these people make these leaps in logic, what do you call not giving 50% of the population the right to vote, to own property or goods, to hold a job to support themselves, to hold any kind of position of power, who's only means of survival is attaching themselves to a man, forced to do only one line of work(breeding)their entire lives with 0 compensation, anything but slavery? did they forget this was the reality of all women until the last century or so?

women were the original slaves, before men realized they could subjugate other men too.

No. 483533

File: 1573805328468.gif (753.21 KB, 300x300, 4EC0B749-2AF7-4BAC-B542-4721FF…)

They really are fucking idiots. Just go to Bristol, the old slave trading capital of England, and visit WHITE LADIES ROAD you stupid ignorant cunt! Women where slaves for millennia's paying debts for their husband, father or brothers mistakes considering they had NO MONEY OR POWER OF THEIR OWN

No. 483864

Orwell wanred about these types as well, Young privileged men who are into far-leftwing poltics for the thrill of it and are as misogynistic as the church

No. 483895

stupidpol is just another "cringe" sub now and teeming with incels and rightists.

No. 483930

I've spoken to people like that before. They always act like they know EVERYTHING bout you and your life and way you think just because you said one minor thing like having a very slightly d ifferent opinion.

No. 483937

>They are not liberals

Like most chapocels, they're liberals who have just undergone a rebranding exercise. Nothing significant about their belief system has changed. If you think that believing in open borders is an a priori part of your belief system, then your belief system is liberalism, not socialism.

No. 483938

I don't see social democrats being able to do much in Europe in the long run. They won in Denmark recently but that's one of the few cases where a socdem party ran on a platform of opposing mass immigration.

No. 483954

Communism doesn't work because of a human's natural need to be selfish and to better him/herself. Every instance of communism being put to practice ends up with having the worst parts of capitalism, but the lower class will never have the slightest chance of improving their quality of life. Communism isn't about offering equality to the people, it's about having absolute control over them.

If you've ever met people from communist countries they are often used to the state doing and deciding everything for them and them being extremely selfish, as private property is a luxury you have to hang on to with your life. Nobody has any ambition to improve their careers or take care of the state properties because it doesn't matter in the end, nobody wants to do shit just "for the nation" without getting so much as a food coupon in return. Communism isn't an idyllic smurf village, it's a sad dystopian nightmare where nobody has a future.

>inb4 reeee it just hasn't been done right yet!!!!

And it won't be because communism can't be done "right". The human greed isn't a parameter you can predict and suppress. Imagine being a normal workers in a communist society. You open up a business (if you even can, seeing as business is state owned), it becomes popular and you want to expand because your business idea is working out. Not gonna happen, the market isn't free and it's state controlled monopoly. And to add to it, maybe the people controlling them are corrupted and living an ultra-rich life style. How do you stay motivated in a society like this? Even the marxist theory has been proven wrong because the middle class he predicted to stay in their places wanted to have more power and overtook big businesses, rising up in the class system.

Most of the Nordic countries are controlled by social democrat parties though and have been for decades.

No. 483967


nah, chapocels are what irl communist youths are everywhere. Bottom of the barrel nihilistic slobs.

No. 483987

File: 1573913198687.png (1.02 MB, 2000x951, E31B302E-66BC-4948-B473-A7EED0…)

No. 484022

Why are left wing parties in the west so adamant about defending mass migration

No. 484188

Because majority of them don't actually care about the working and lower class.

No. 485587

Stupidpol (left-wing sub btw) discusses abortion after OP posts that abortion is non-negotiable and should be free and easy to access for all:


“ok womber” [+76]

“I agree that it should be legal, but this sort of rhetoric is a major factor holdig the left back — abortion is very unpopular amongst large sections of the working class; also, even a lot of non-conservative people would recoil at paying for other people’s abortions, which is something you are saying should be mandatory.” [+22]

“Republican voters are mostly part of the working class and have economic trauma that our policies can help them with. Stop antagonizing them and trying to create working class division, you are distracting from the main objective with side quests.”

“I would argue pro choice rallies literally only focus on abortion because they want to shout down pro-birthers… you and I both know the rallying call at these protests is being able to scramble fetus brains and scoop out embryos” [+14]

“Abortion is a difficult topic for me. On the one hand, I support killing babies. On the other hand, you have to give women a choice.”

“Is abortion still the woke way to support eugenics?” [+12]

“I prefer my babies alive, thank you very much” [+16]

“Disagree, all wedge issues are negotiable.”

“Breeding pens are non-negotiable.”

“Especially for men, you should be able to buy abortive blow darts to launch into psycho-ex’s from any corner store! /s” [+6]

“Abortion is retarded”

“Alternative take: Abortion ends the life of a human being, and the modern holocaust needs to be abolished worldwide without exception” [+4]

“Why should I subsidize a woman’s slutty behavior?”

“Mandatory public executions for abortionists is non-negotiable.”

Ladies, these are your comrades. Remember, you are a dumb womber and your rights are a negotiable wedge issue that can simply be pushed aside to accommodate Republicans who will somehow suddenly back socialism if women just get punished more.

No. 485589

>Not being heavyhanded hasn't gotten abortion advocates anywhere, though. The rights have been slowly but surely eroded even as liberals have played "reasonable" by accepting X-week bans with exceptions for rape and incest, etc. Pro-lifers never accept these concessions and say "good enough." They are always trying to reduce the number of weeks at which abortion is allowed. They are always trying to take another inch. So I'm not sure what, if anything, there is to be gained from playing nice on this shit. If people really believe in defending access to abortion, they need to be fanatical about it.

At least someone gets it. What has playing nice and passive actually done for women in the last 20 years? Fence-sitting by pretending someone else's moral compass is equally weighted against science and rights have gotten women nowhere. A pro-lifer rarely changes their mind up until they or someone they love needs the abortion.

No. 485606


>muh innocent baybees that i only care about until they are born

men shouldn't even be allowed to have an opinion on abortion. they will never go through pregnancy with all its dangers so they can't empathize with women on this. all they care about is using kids as some kind of Real Man trophies and god forbid a woman doesn't sacrifice her body to give the manbaby that sweet Real Man Who Fucked A Woman validation and internet points

No. 485857

There's lots of good reasons not to support the ADL. anti-Semitism isn't even in the top 5.

No. 485888

lol. no man is ok with abortion deep down. left wing, right wing, black, white, purple, what have you. men identify with fetuses.

this is a good example of why left wing men are the worst, at least Donald Trump would be able to afford an abortion lol

No. 485967

Until their girlfriend gets pregnant and they suddenly realize they don’t want to be a daddy.

No. 485972

>men identify with fetuses
I don't think it's this. It's because a pregnancy is a confirmation that a man had sex and his genes will be passed on. When a woman wants an abortion but the man doesn't, it's a rejection of his genetic matter and ergo a rejection of him. The man would no longer have a slice of dominance over the woman, the fetus, anything.

That's why they also get extra pissy when a woman wants a pregnancy but they don't. They know they're inherently tied to the fetus not only genetically, but financially too. When they don't want a fetus, the woman assumes a form of reproductive dominance over them and they don't like that.

No. 485975

This. Men are the biggest hypocrites in the world, them claiming abortion is male oppression is extremely ridiculous. Imagine claiming oppression because you aren't able to force women through pregnancy or abortions. The victim complexes of men never fail to amaze me

No. 485976

This too. It's all about passing down that Y chromosome, that's their only purpose.
But they also see every fetus as a potential new male, and they realize subconsciously that when women are in charge of reproduction (selecting a mate or choosing to abort), men die.
Arguments from theology, science or philosophy are a red herring.

Also check out all the breeder fetishists in the stupidleftycel thread if you want a laff.

No. 486578

>Wokebro communist who defends child pornagraphy shockingly also defends Islam

at around 30:00 he defends muslim men committing domestic abuse against their wives by saying that that its caused by Racism

No. 486581

when will they cancel this greasy ass meatball? he's so fucking gross. this dude is a legit predator. he's allegedly only 25 (again i will repeat that that is the hardest 25 i've ever seen), but i really get the feel he's on the path to being an even worse onision?

No. 486583

He's 25? No fucking way, he has to be lying. He seems easily in his 30s to me, maybe even early 40s.

No. 486586

Here's a vid of him getting kicked out Destiny's community for his creeper behavoir, he jumps in to try and fail to defend himself at 41 mins.

No. 486591

kek, super hypocritical considering destiny is a creeper too. i think he was talking about fucking young teens or wanting to and a bunch of fucked up shit iirc a while back, on top of being a misogynistic psychotic edgelord to/about adult women to his own community, who were trusting enough of him to be vulnerable with him/intimate with him. he's as gross as this lardy fuck. anyways i hope they all shit on each other in trying to seem more respectable.

No. 486687

are there any good lefty youtubers who aren't creepy ass greasy-looking men? lindsey ellis seems ok but I'm looking for more in-depth political commentary.

No. 486952

Kraut is preety good, he's anticapitalist, calls our altright figures but is also critical of Islam

No. 486953

Kraut is preety good, he's anticapitalist, calls out altright figures but is also critical of Islam

No. 487072

Does anyone know of the youtuber Cuck Philosophy? Is he considered part of Breadtube? I think I've seen certain posts somewhere else associate him with the "movement" but I'm not too sure.

No. 487075

I really enjoyed his video about postmodernism and showing how jbp had misrepresented/misunderstood it, and he had other videos about same harris that were really good. but then he had to go and defend communism against jbp with weak arguments that jbp has already addressed, so I lost interest.

I would say he is/was breadtube, or at the very least breadtube adjacent. haven't watched him in a long ass time though.

No. 487082

Less Breadtube and more breadtube adjent. He does post modern analysis, which just happens to be left. He's pretty fun to watch because he takes random topics and angles them in a post modern way , his emoji movie video. renegadecut is the same way too

No. 487085

You mean the Kraut who two years ago had this gay ass autistic false flag discord operation for taking down and doxxing&copyright striking well-known youtube figures, got caught doing it, people found out he's a sexual degenerate who scammed his relatives to buy sex toys and he ragequit the Internet for a year or so? lmfao

No. 487101


Thanks for the clarification. Yeah I enjoy most of his videos and he's got a sophisticated, unique spin on the subjects he talks about. I would've been disappointed if he turned out to be fully part of breadtube tbh lol

No. 487536

Does anyone have evidence towards the hbomberguy rapist thing?

No. 487797

File: 1574863593764.jpeg (221.14 KB, 750x897, BAAC83CE-3DD4-4BC3-9D93-4F42F2…)

Finally, some common fucking sense.

No. 491451

May or may not be true. Regardless, capitalism has been stagnating all over the world since the 2008 financial crash except for countries like China. Liberals and Convservatives have no alternative so they gut more and more of public services. Schools, hospitals, social security and so on being defunded.

No. 492787

File: 1575960237358.jpg (36.36 KB, 640x360, MV5BZDQxMjE2MDItYjczMy00OTlkLT…)

not breadtube, but what do you guys think of sam seder and michael brooks? i feel like seder could be a genuinely okay guy like, even in a relationship, and brooks gives hardcore vibes about not giving a shit about troons. he gets really annoyed easily when people distract from actual, meaningful social and economic policy and shuts it down while being diplomatic. brooks has also been like "i don't need to use porn"/publicly associates porn use with being a loser/talks shit about porn, when 'woke' lefty males try to joke to him about it and praise it, which i like. i genuinely can't really complain about either of them. i can't believe 'breadtube' gets anywhere near as much attention as it does when these guys put out solid content and are far more ideologically consistent.

No. 492802

Those two and David Pakman seem to be the only left leaning content creators who actually want to effect real political change and are not just there for sjw commie circlejerk. Probably because they're professionals and functioning adults with some life experience and not just spergy students and NEETs trying to live off of youtube revenue by appealing only to extremely online autists.

No. 492807

yep, i really like them. pakman is eh imo, but at least he's affecting some change. i don't care so much for him personality wise, but i have to hand it to kyle kulinski that he has done a lot of good and he has really captured the edgelord left audience well. like, prevented some former 'skeptic' atheists from heading down the rightwing pipeline as many did, and obviously the justice democrats thing. seder and brooks know their shit. they're by far the most likable and professional (without being bland like pakman) on the youtube left. they're funny, and they're genuinely pragmatic and interested in furthering change. idk why people act like 'breadtube' is so influential when these newstubers have the moxie and drive to do 10x more without 90 vids that center primarily around them in cheap chinese outfits and glitter eyeshadow, with some mention of left concepts.

sorry for yt lefty sperging but people are always bitching that michael and sam are being sexist by not really giving jamie all that much airtime but like… she needs to shut up. they need a different woman on the show. almost everything she says is annoying extremely online twitter bullshit and she has no idea how to read a fucking room. she can't go five seconds without mentioning some anarcho-syndicalist signalling bullshit in a discussion that merits no mention of it. honestly i wish they'd just fire her. she's the weakest link by far but the woke twitterfags probably give the show more credence bc of her presence.

No. 492813

Kyle Kulinski is alright but he can fall into canditate stanning if that's what his audience wants. When I first heard her I got Jamie confused with Amber Frost from Chapo since all these middle class larpy anarchist Broklyn stoner women with identikit deadpan smug irony humor, put-on droning vocal fry and black bangs blur together for me.

No. 493473

Vaush unironically going off about "toxic femininity" about how most femoids are "catty bitches" and women are being brainwashed about romance by Disney movies and chickflicks. I honestly thought this was satire at first.

No. 494257

Sam is the granddaddy of us all. I really appreciate him for what he's done and he really helped me realize a lot of things. One issue I do find with him is that he can be quick to anger, which is understandable. But the bickering between him and Michael sometimes gets on my nerves. I mean I don't mind it much because I have been watching them forever but I can see how it would turn off new viewers. Also how Sam freaked out on Jaime the other day was really uncalled for.

I think Michael is one of the best younger lefty speakers right now. He truly seems to "get" it and doesn't receive enough credit. Doesn't fall into the traps of other lefty speakers and is actually enjoyable to watch. I enjoy his dumb voices and jokes.

I totally agree about Jaime. I do not like how sometimes they cut her off and how Sam yelled at her, but I don't think she's good for the show. Some of the things she says are good but she sounds like a commie twitter bot. Her performative identity bullshit is a really weird contrast to Sam and Michael. Especially Michael, he's on a whole other planet when it comes to sociopolitical and cultural issues. Michael or Sam will say something very eloquently and then she interjects with her crackling drone voice about some random shit that sounds like she's reading a political Tumblr post written by a 18 year old aloud. There has to be another woman they could find that is on par with the others on the show.

LOL sounds like being up Shuwu's ass is rubbing off on Vaush. Wonder if he's subconsciously pandering to her trying to impress her?

No. 494388

i couldn't make it through the video properly, but i really loathe this phenomenon of 'progressive' men who try to use their ideology as a 'fuck you, i don't have to put any effort into a relationship and you're actually very problematic for thinking i should.' literally complaining about the idea of doing romantic gestures for your ROMANTIC partner. imagine.

No. 494895

The first Vaush video I saw was on the topic of incels. I watched it after hearing some good things about him from other people and thought it might be an attempt to analyze incels from a leftist perspective, but lol no. It was just him bitching about women the whole time and referring to himself as a chad and saying he was dispensing chad wisdom to his followers. I had to laugh.

No. 495114

Why would anyone pander to shoe lmao

No. 495604

File: 1576658959507.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 7e7.jpg)

So philosophy tube likely fucked hontra. If you watch his Queer video he mentions 'mouthfeel'. He admits to having sex with a trans girl and says it was just like his experiences with other women. Breadtubers are a cesspit.

No. 495607

That is so gross. I hate PhilosophyTube anyway because he's like every other self important, narcissistic philosophy obsessed male. He's the kind of leftist male who probably calls women debased cunts when they're not doing what he wants. Also he's ugly.

No. 495619

File: 1576661536596.png (1.12 MB, 876x2640, suckingdickequalsstr8.png)


For ease of reference.

No. 495628

he's so fake. i dont understand how anybody can buy the bullshit he says. he's a badly curated personality that seeps with narc tendencies.
in this video you can see him looking like a high school theater kid trying to muster tears to show sympathy to his viewers' sad stories.
it's also funny seeing how uncomfortable hbomb is when he's trying to have a conversation with him and philosophy tube is trying badly to pretend to cry.

No. 495633

The levels of degeneracy. Far too high. This just supports the theory that both leftists and rightwing men are willing to turn either subtly or blatantly gay if it means they have to interact less with women. Also who the fucked asked this scrote for a detailed breakdown of his gross sexual history. So he fucked contrapoints. Congrats. Contra will literally fuck anything with a dick.

No. 496100


Scrotes are so obsessed with their fetishes, I am not surprised.

No. 496103

Why did I read this? I need to rinse my brain off with bleach now. It's also funny how he admits to being bisexual but says he "sucks girls dicks in a straight way"

These were my thoughts. He is one of those gaslighting guys who acts like he's pro-women until they disagree with him and then he turns on them. I also hate his shit-eating grin.

No. 496128

THANK YOU anons he's so insufferably smug I don't know how people can stand him. He reminds me of people from school who would veil their inability to succeed socially with feigned intellectualism.

Those two always resort to the worst tactics of the left, tragic.

No. 496142

Top fucking kek at him trying to convince his straight male viewers to suck cock though. The second you try and tell straight men they should totally try tranny cock, they will revolt.

No. 496151

File: 1576762199856.png (759.83 KB, 590x530, p.PNG)

wow, fucking listen to him laugh like a literal villain when one of his loser fans talks about him "BTFOing TERFS". he seriously hates women. i can guarantee that this is a seriously psychologically abusive male, if not worse.

there's a VERY palpable and immediately obvious strain of narcissism that's pretty unique to contra and philosophytube, compared to the rest of the guys in their lefty sphere, and it makes them so much worse. no other male in their circle has it quite like them. literally nothing authentic or relatable about either of them, and both of them have definitely jerked off to the thought of fucking themselves. no joke. they're also both ugly but think they're irresistible, like, philosophytube doesn't have bad features and isn't 'ugly' but he looks like a generic asshole, like, his features are so generic and lifeless so it's ugly? i don't know how to explain but it makes him ugly somehow. contra looks straight up like a horse, but you can tell both of them think they're impossibly attractive.

No. 496156

I feel like a faggot for even saying this but I absolutely hate how Contra will always been seen as attractive even by his detractors. He will always been seen as a more beautiful and feminine "woman" than us because as a male he has a naturally slender body and face which helped him tremendously in his transition. I hate that other males would rather suck his limp cock than give any of us the time of day. Saying he's ugly is a cope because he's clearly not seen as ugly by the general public.

No. 496158

>Saying he's ugly is a cope because he's clearly not seen as ugly by the general public.
first of all, no, it's not a cope. he gets a pass from women because he's a troon. and males think blaire white is like, the hottest tranny ever when he looks straight up simian. contra is legitimately fug to me. theryn is objectively better looking than him. i'd have no problem admitting that contra is a goodlooking guy if he was, but he never was, and he looks even rougher now post surgery. and nick never had a naturally slender body, he was/is like, bulimic and obsessed with being the perfect weight. the guy is narcissistic as all get out despite being ugly. he's getting distorted feedback from tranny worshippers on the left. he knows /tttt/ thinks he looks like a hon, that's why he took a bonesaw to his face. he admits he'd get plastered and read all of the shit other trannies would talk about him looking like an ugly man etc etc. people are just generous to him about his looks because he isn't fat, has hair, and is a troon.

>I hate that other males would rather suck his limp cock than give any of us the time of day.

no offense, anon, and i don't know what your situation is, but i'm not even cute and i'm nowhere near starved of unsolicited male attention. i'm not clamoring for the very specific attention of futa-obsessed LARPing leftists. not THAT many men are tranny chasers anyways? i mean, people are lying about how attractive troons are bc misogyny and just to be charitable, but come on, they'd still rather fuck us the majority of the time. actual fags like philosophytube or whatever might turn women away but literally who cares?

No. 496159

you are a faggot. But I guess this is what happens when you have low self esteem and give a shit sbout what men think. Especially mentally ill men. Men will literally fuck fruit and animals. Stop being envious, they are just telling you who they really are.

No. 496160

I've literally never seen anyone call him attractive outside Kiwi Farms, Lolcow and his IG comments.
I've never understood even those people. He's always looked like a weird man, and I doubt the "general public" would put him over actual women (even though they might pretend for woke points). Back when I liked his videos, even I just thought "Well, he's not that ugly. He's trying, at least", and that's that.
The kinds of men who would drool over him are not the ones you want drooling over you, anon, lmao. They are tranny chasers, aka gay or bisexual men in denial.
Even anons here say "Oh, he was hot before he trooned out", but…where? Maybe by trans standards? Everything about him just screams "hon". He's no Andrej Pejic (someone who was hot before transitioning and just manages to pass as a gawky, but not hideous woman after doing so), or even Nikita Dragun.

No. 496162

I'll never understand how he and lefty men consider chick flicks and romcoms to be brainwashing women into unrealistic expectations. Like those guys in the movies are just goofy and comical who typically has just good intentions of wanting a genuine relationship. To them though, it's bad and unrealistic for women to expect a healthy sweet relationship. Versus something like violent porn that they defend vehemently is totally OK and women should just shut up about it being a problem.

Why is the left and men in it like this?

No. 496164

I will always be salty as all fuck that such a gorgeous male like Andrej Pejic trooned out. Like what was the point of that? Dude looked absolutely perfect in every way and everyone knew it.

No. 496181

File: 1576769611777.gif (1.66 MB, 340x198, 1575918532023.gif)

>He will always been seen as a more beautiful and feminine "woman" than us because as a male he has a naturally slender body and face which helped him tremendously in his transition. I hate that other males would rather suck his limp cock than give any of us the time of day. Saying he's ugly is a cope because he's clearly not seen as ugly by the general public.

No. 496202

File: 1576772453570.jpg (14.18 KB, 215x300, s-l300.jpg)

>but i guess we have hoes thirsting after social repose like his dick is the last drop of water on the goddamned earth despite looking literally like Seabiscuit in a Choctaw indian chief costume
Holy shit, anon

No. 496204

kek I do not understand it, but he has been one of the people (along with Peter Coffin iirc) who've been standing up for Shoe and trying to get leftists to take her seriously and accept her. It's pathetic. Nobody wants her around and nobody takes her seriously. They are just riding her for the clout and also she's """a pretty""" woman.

No. 496207

File: 1576772680588.png (737.65 KB, 1270x1143, 1546581462383.png)

thank you omg, i want to rip my hair out when i see women on here saying "contra was so hot before he trooned out". exactly, literally fucking where? he was not hot ever, as a man, or as a "woman". he was an average and unremarkable asshole at best. but i guess we have hoes thirsting after social repose like his dick is the last drop of water on the goddamned earth despite looking literally like Seabiscuit in a Choctaw indian chief costume, so i'm not too surprised.

admittedly though, he does get some positive attention re: his appearance, especially in his bubble. plus he has been on mainstream online news outlets and they gas him up, plus tranny chasers, etc. so anon is right that he gets a lot of positive attention, but it's virtue signalling or chaser bs. personally though, i couldn't give a fuck what men think about his appearance, much less tranny chasers. in general, men are so aesthetically illiterate, it'd be dumb to even indulge the idea that their opinion matters in any way. they're mostly tasteless assholes.

No. 496224

I hate this stupid """"mouthfeel"""" meme. If there's a dick in your mouth, even if it is rendered permanently flaccid by hormones, then there is still a dick in your mouth. It's like faux woke version of "if you didn't get a boner, it's not gay". Are all flaccid penises "girl dick" now?

No. 496239

I want to gag every time I read some mainstream media puffpiece about Contra. One of them was particulary bad. Going on and on about how totally hot and stylish he is and that hes totally seducing his viewerbase. Then they asked him what he ate and he tried extremely hard to hide his clearly disordered eating.

No. 496328

Hontra has completely ruined that word. It used to be used in cooking. Now anytime I watch a cooking show and someone says it I cringe. The way troons use "mouthfeel" makes me throw up in my mouth. Now there's a mouthfeel for you.

No. 496587

At first glance I thought Theryn was Nikki Sixx here.

No. 496602

most troons just end up looking like glam rock members that can't move on, honestly

No. 496856

File: 1576902428095.jpeg (129.15 KB, 1176x1098, EMLKbrzX0AAUCXX.jpeg)

Leftist scrotes on twitter (who are usually fans of Chapo/Cumtown/Red Scare) are some of the worst misogynists I've encountered online. Their entire feeds are just seething about women and everybody lets it slide because it's "irony" and just part of "the dirtbag left". Even worse is that they also have handmaidens who defend every sexist thing they say.

No. 496868

What is a leftist cuck? A miserable little pile of cope.

No. 497129

The left thinks women are public property and the right thinks women are private property. Leftist men are literally just as misogynistic as rightwing men. Just in the a different way. Chapofags are the worst.

No. 497175

It's okay because he "cares" about racism! AKA exploits the suffering of minority races to cover up the fact he's a raging misogynist.
That's basically the only thing they have going for them.

No. 497194

Agreed anon. I hate to admit this but I used to spend a fair bit of my internet time on the Chapo subreddit. They will jump to call out racism and transphobia (which is a positive thing about the sub) but god forbid you ask them to maybe consider that they may be saying some hardcore misogynistic shit and they lose their minds. They have more empathy for incels than they have for women.

It's honestly depressing. The right hates women. The left hates women. We're truly on our own. I've always thought that if men of all religions and political persuasions set aside their differences and bonded over their shared hatred of women, we would be fucked.

No. 497228

You can be a leftist and not associate with any of these fools, I'm all about Bernie but that doesn't mean every other Bernie supporter is my friend or whatever. I feel like there's been such an anti-feminist shift these past few years that even the not alt-right men are still sexist and it sucks. I really thought that we'd just be making more progress but now every popular mainstream figure rants about women or "terfs".

No. 498097

File: 1577262867252.png (617.56 KB, 500x591, absbarbar.png)


the issue here isn't men's political views but the fact that they are men

No. 498160

These guys are great and actually have on real academics and seem pretty well-read themselves. Michael had on one of my former philosophy professors (Ben Burgis) who is actually a really nice and respectful teacher.

I do think their age has something to do with it as they seem to be a lot more mature than the annoying video game and meme-obsessed nerds like Destiny or Vaush.

No. 498222

Alright, someone give me the rundown on Hasan.

Seems like he gets away with a lot for looking like an uwu e-boi, but reminds me of a lot of the men who support sexwork just because he gets a lot of sew workers in his DMs.

No. 498336

He's so pro-sexwork because he used to date porn actress Janice Griffith, even streamed himself going to some cringy award ceremony called the "PornHub awards" with her. He grew up an ugly fat kid so it seems like a point of pride to him that he ended up hot enough to get a le hot pornstar gf. You can tell he's emotionally stunted from being an ugly duckling since he keeps doing autismal stuff like publically saying america deserved 9/11 and ending up on FOX news, cant find a new relationship because he can't stop talking about obscure political memes in front of normies, not understanding when he has to pay editors, not understanding why his socialist fanbase doesnt support him paywalling his TYT content and taking political debates super personally.

No. 499198

I don't if this is the appropriate place to ask but anyway whats the "modern" communist/marxist view of a standing army?? cause For the revolution to be successful it seems that the support of at least part of the army would be necessary, whether it would be an armed insurrection (which would basically be a civil war I guess), or a general strike (which the bourgeoisie would likely suppress using force).

No. 499419

File: 1577694500871.jpg (480.4 KB, 1000x923, 1577399557799.jpg)


No. 499494

This joke doesn't even work since worker ants are all female. Male ants only exist to reproduce. An MRA should be on the femants' side since that's what manosphere guys complain about ("we do all the dirty work and women have life on easy mode"). This is a self-own.

You can't make a direct comparison to western society since it just doesn't work. What is the diversity quota even about? Lesbian ants? That already exists (female only ant species) and they're doing fine with their fungus gardens. Or is it asking male ants to work, too? In this hypothetical world where ants can make conscious decisions, I'm sure human feminists would be on the side of the male ants since they've been delegated to baby-machines as we have and they also deserve the freedom of choice to pursue their own future.

/ant sperg

No. 500399

This appeared in my feed. Guess Contra is back.

No. 500420

on his way to dying of cirrhosis

No. 500447

it's all cancel culture isn't real boomer till you get cancelled your self

No. 500453

I fucking hate it when people with brown eyes wear light color contacts, as a naturally blue eyed person can you just let me have this one fucking thing?

No. 500460

Do people wearing contacts somehow take away your eye colour? You aren’t oppressed for having blue eyes and you aren’t special either.

No. 500462

>abloobloo I'm not special anymore
grow up.

No. 500467

this is bait. and I think it's the same anon who wrote at least two posts larping as a brown-eyed person that longed for blue eyes, and compared their own eyes to shit and dirt. or maybe they actually have brown eyes and larp here as a blue-eyed person.
what a weird thing to be obsessed with, if the most interesting thing about you is your eye colour boy do I have some bad news.

No. 500527

he looks so fucked up. and how does anyone interact with him irl with that terrible voice? how can anyone listen to this and take him seriously? id kms. men are lucky they possess 0 self awareness because his existence at this point is super seppuku worthy tbh

No. 500572

I listened to it (at 1.5x) in the background while doing some stuff. Overall I agree that what happened to him was completely overblown but he could have made all of his points in a lot less than 100 minutes. He talked about the James Charles/Tati situation and he also spent a long time reading and responding to mean tweets about him, both of which I didn't really get the point of having in there. He also repeated a lot of stuff that could have been heavily condensed. Some other things
>at one point he shouts out Kiwi Farms so he's probably read his thread on there
>he says he could #MeToo a prominent leftist figure but might not
>he claims TERFs compare everything trans women do to "rape"

His voice is horrible. He also tries to be funny by inserting little throwaway "jokes" about being trans in his speech that just don't land and it gets old quickly.

No. 500605

He also
> refers to cancel culture as "psychological rape"
>Talks about August Ames's suicide and how it correlates to cancel culture but also implies she was homophobic for not wanting to fuck a gay porn star

No. 500613

the psychological rape thing is a reference to jo freeman's essay from the 70s. https://www.jofreeman.com/joreen/trashing.htm
I think it's pretty manipulative to hold up "metoo-ing" a prominent left tuber as something to hold up as collateral

No. 500624

Modern Leftists are so fucking retarded, they care more about Hontra making a 2 second cameo of someone they don't like rather than how he spends a shit ton of money on his shitty videos buying wigs and dresses made by chinese children. Americans live in their special bubble.

No. 500630

i was just about to ant sperg but you did it for me so thank you anon. bitches need to learn some basic ant facts

No. 500671

its tough being a modern leftist, sage for off topic but I used to be part of a antifa group and it was almost comical how bad we were, we had no idea how to do anything, because any attempt at training of any kind was met with either derision or complacency. We had a couple of ex-army guys come by a couple of times, but they dropped out after 1-2 meetings when they realized how lame we were.

No. 500877

Contras new video is tragic lmao. Spending 1h40m sipping hard booze while talking about how he totally doesn't care anymore was hilarious. I also just realized that his co-director Theryn is considered a "leading figure" in the anti feminist movement so theres that. I don't care how bad he feels. Its what he deserves for making a complete mockery of womanhood. Those tranny twitters retards are absolutely brutal though. Hilarious.

No. 500880

casual reminder that horseface hontra used to send abusive porn to radfems for "lulz". he's such an admirable intellectual.

also, sorry, idk about this shit but he calls himself a philosopher. does studying philosophy make you a philosopher? don't you have to, you know, come up with some kind of proprietary thought to be a philosopher? it seems to me like calling yourself an inventor because you studied inventors.

No. 500902

File: 1578093575203.jpg (260.81 KB, 1080x854, 20200103_181909.jpg)

Found this tweet that pretty much sums up how retarted his video is

No. 501402

>100 fucking minutes long
>admits to being suicidal and having no one to depend on
>constant """jokes""" about being an alcoholic even though it's blatantly not a meme and completely a very real serious problem
>had to run text across the bottom explaining why he's dribbling alcohol constantly because his face is still paralyzed from surgeries, makes jokes out of stumbling over words repeatedly
>constant self-deprecating jokes about being bad at being a tranny while giving up on the drag outfits and make-up all together for a section
the absolute state, although the last factor makes me wonder if he's begining to drift away from his obvious social contaigen troonism now he's been ejected from his echochamber

No. 501609

File: 1578273260648.jpg (81.17 KB, 1242x222, LGBTRespondsWithARundown.jpg)

Yeah I watched a few of PT videos and I just think its creepy he always has to mention somehow his kinks, bdsm and him especially being a dom-some of the ways he segways it into the video topics are just beyond cringy.

Saging because I dont know if this is true or if old news but found pic on another forum.
This wouldnt shock me not just for contra but for many breadtubers.

No. 501612

Vaush fights an anti-sexwork/anti-porn feminist. Can't wait to see this

No. 501613

comments are full of cope
>being anti porn is the same as homophobia!
>She's projecting!
>It's society not porn!

No. 501615

it's completely true. you can find old videos of him wearing dresses and being creepy/exhibitionistic in public, w his gf, they're on yt still. he was clearly trying to play it off as ironic or whatever, but he obviously got off to it.

i feel too sick already tonight to listen. someone please recap if you feel like taking one for the team and listening to this huffy childlike lardman

No. 502210

anyone else absolutely hate the unoriginal constant "sarcastic" and "Ironic" comments in every breadtube video, It's a bunch of 30 year old neckbeards role-playing as a 13 year old's idea of edgy. like, I saw a comment on one video from someone who said their DSA chapter or whatever couldn't accomplish anything and everyone strayed off topic and started joking around. The guys were all so irony-poised that they couldn't talk unironically about anything so they treated real life organizing the same way they did posting on Reddit and Twitter.

No. 502239

I have way more respect for DSA members and antifa than I do for the average chapo poster or cumtown cumbrain, they're just horny idiots.

No. 502244

An an ex-Antifa member I can assure you that we are a joke, In the 80's-2000's we were somethiing Nazis and fascists used to fear but now we have become a laughing stock

No. 502281

I hate philosophytube so much, I don't believe his sob stories about his gf because he's a narcissist. She probably yelled at him a couple times because she found his weird ass porn in his history or something like that. He seems like an MRA and probably makes threats to women about how the trannies are taking women's place because they're hotter and sexier but really he's just a closeted fag.

No. 502283

antifa needs more normie men and women and less incels and nerds

No. 502314


I think his story is real but he really needs to get his life together. He talks about his BDSM fetish and how it's totally unrelated to his abusive ex gf but it does not sound that way. If he could just stop being an insufferable twat and make videos where he really discusses and explores philosophy then… what am I saying. That will never happen.

I felt the same way about hbomberguy, was hoping he would stop being so annoying! The guy is so annoying! His humor is trash.

No. 502350

same, i don't buy it. i 100% think he's emotionally abusive. he reads so hard as an emotionally abusive porn addict that emotionally blackmails and abuses when women try to hold him accountable.

No. 502418

I'm not sure, but I always wanted to bring this up. In this video he says how he hates hismelf so much he dislikes even being on camera, but in a video 8 months later you see him basically nude one camera (It was some peterson vid). Don't know what happened to cause such a sudden shift
>anyone else absolutely hate the unoriginal constant "sarcastic" and "Ironic" comments in every breadtube video
Might have something to do with how long their are. You can't really respond to a 30 minute video in a well thought out way in time to get to the top so they're always beat by "contrapoints more like cummie points!"

No. 502420

He cute though and I have a thing for brit boys, too bad he's an ass

No. 502552

pray for straight girls

No. 502646

I really hope you visit the uk one day, your thing for brit boys will disappear in an instant.

No. 502856

There's just something really sketchy about Philosophy Tube, he talks about how his ex was an alc etc, but he's completely fine with being with Hontra who's a drug addict.

No. 502909

Every time Hontra does his fake moaning in his videos or says shit like "daddy fill me up" while guzzling booze on screen, I can't stop thinking about him and PhilosophyTube going at it and they honestly both deserve jailtime just for that.

No. 502955

Eww. I wouldn't want Hontra in prison because I'd be worried about him sexually assaulting/harassing the women in the prison, but yeah, something needs to be done about them. I kinda wonder if PhilosophyTube will troon out tbh because of how much he sucks trannies off.

No. 502964

He's just the kind of guy who genuinely prefers troons over real women because of severe misogyny. Just like those hardcore altrighters who love accepting trannys into their ranks but do nothing but talk about how disgusting and debased females are.

No. 502965

>contra is a drug addict
since the fuck when?? we need receipts

No. 502966

File: 1578693782309.png (1.03 MB, 842x673, Untitled.png)

i don't think he'll troon out, i think he'll go more along the line of peter coffin and just suddenly declare himself "non-binary", but change absolutely nothing.

i also kek'd a lil when i saw he said he's straight, but he's had sex with men. like, oh so this is the kind of "heterosexual" guys hontra's been blowing

No. 502975

The kiwi thread on hontra is pretty good. Hontra was prescribed several medications for things like ADD, etc and then as he got older he started self medicating with alcohol and maybe something else as well. But yeah, he's constantly getting drunk on his streams etc

No. 502976

Since always. He loves his xanny.

No. 502977

*Hontra was prescribed several medications as a child

No. 502983

he still does streams? the last stream i saw was when he was flirting with theryn (i missed the make-out, apparently)

No. 502988

He came out as bi in a whole video about it recently, I remember him saying it still doesn't make sucking tranny cock a gay act.

No. 503080

all these people seem like massive narcissists to me. who's got time to watch to hour+ long videos? just write a blog

No. 507157

libs: we need to be able to convince moderate republicans to vote for us
bernie: thank you most popular podcaster for the endorsement
libs: no not like that

No. 509002

File: 1580457806978.png (1.27 MB, 1158x1514, 930.png)

The Greater Chicago IWW Union posted this shit on their offical facebook page, the far-left is being taken over by goddamn furries and degenerates

No. 509007

They posted that intentionally, and honestly, good for them. I dig it.

No. 509028

I hate these far left politics pages posting this shit "ironically" because they bring in the most autistic people who actually enjoy this degeneracy.

No. 509047

Do not they understand that appeling to a small minority of perverts will only further alienate the majority working class and minority people's who are disgusted by this shit

No. 509059

They don't care because the people running the page aren't working class

No. 509064

Far left Swedish parties post shit like this all the time, maybe not as degenerate but still preety bad and it only attracts SJW weirdos who browse tumblr and twitter all day, while new centre right parties post about both actually improving the lives of the working class mixed with a dose of ethnic nationalism, these parties are gaining ground fast and its honestly horrifying

No. 509143

Hes really unfortunate looking

No. 509151

yeah he came out as bisexual but he said "sometimes I suck dick in a straight way"

No. 509524

Place your bets one whether the artist has a job

No. 509767

File: 1580654009519.jpeg (77.38 KB, 750x640, CB230524-0A3B-4715-80EB-F9FCCC…)

from stupidpol

do they want white women on their side or not?

No. 509801


No. 509894

File: 1580686170068.jpeg (68.54 KB, 750x592, A30CBF35-7E01-462F-9757-42048B…)

and again

No. 509895

You'd think the "tolerant" left would be accepting of anybody who wanted to join them but I guess not.

I also feel like leftist scrotes hate on white women as a way to channel their misogyny because it's more socially acceptable.

No. 509898

yeah, it’s funny. they want to create a populist socialist anti-idpol movement with a diverse coalition that also somehow shits on and excludes a huge portion of the population at every turn. good luck with that.

and yes it’s just a way to launder their misogyny. openly shitting on all women is a little too obvious. gotta disguise it by making it seem just a bit more woke.

No. 509904

What a convenient way to be a misogynist while staying PC.

No. 509921

That's exactly what it is, really. If they turn "I hate women" into "I hate white women" they're suddenly praised and hailed as progressive leftists.

No. 509925

While I don't think white women should be let off the hook for racism, where is this energy when it comes to men of color being misogynistic? Or anyone being misogynistic really?

I agree with Bernie on a lot of things, but I find it hard to forgive him for being willing to ally with pro-life Democrats for the sake of gaining seats in the House and Senate. It's absolute bullshit that women and minorities are expected to put our issues on the back burner and compromise on fundamental issues. And if we say anything about it, then we're being "divisive" and engaging in "identity politics". Funny how these guys forget that working class white man is an identity too. Most of these guys aren't even working class though so…

No. 509963

Lindsay Ellis new vidoe about Whitewashing through the, Phantom of the Opera

I agreed with this video for the most part honestly but she presumes a lot of shit about culture and history like most video essayists/breadtubers and has hardly any citations

No. 509982

File: 1580708437533.jpg (53.97 KB, 750x643, tvu1jaiqv8b31.jpg)

No. 510101

thats with any video essayist though really.

No. 510487

I'm a dumb ass. I thought the tweet at 1:01 was supposed to be the good guy. it unironically looks like something a breadtuber would make

No. 510490

File: 1580839370992.png (75.49 KB, 459x432, ok.PNG)

This tweet sums it up. He then goes on how there were 50 men and 9 women and not one dude stood up. The dude goes on a feminist 'what if men saw women as people not objects rant' then a 'we need to form a community to keep each others safe'. Also he's gay so you can't say he's a white knight doing it for pussy

No. 510505

why was this video made? he's annoying and obviously in love with himself as all internet boys are, but usually his videos are okay. like, even if true that given the limited information the men had in the room (apparently some of the men thought they were going to be the ones killed?), why does this video have to be made? is this really a problem?this is a problem so small that it doesn't warrant a video. is this really an issue with "empathy"? this isn't an empathy problem. honestly seems like he's on some mra shit by even making this. lame. this is so not even a problem.

No. 510532

File: 1580847911334.jpg (147.76 KB, 1080x532, IMG_20200204_151538.jpg)


If you want to get cancer, check out the discourse surrounding rapist Kobe Bryant (he ate shit recently). All the woken BLM types promptly morph into a Kavanaugh defending boomer aunt. Basically,

>whines all day about some black kid getting shot by a cop and everyone saying he deserved it because he had pictures of himself doing gang signs

>Kobe's victim deserved whatever happened to her because she "looked promiscuous" and also he was obviously falsely accused because she was white

Lmao @ anyone who thinks that incelsectional feminism will ever accomplish anything for women.


I remember when /pol/ had this little psyop in which they were using sockpuppets to paint racial progressives as advocates of raping white women. Mfw they're actually unironically like this.

No. 510538

>defending Kobe Bryant, a male, and taking part in a larger male-aligned cultural aspect of excusing rape in the black community (on top of silencing black women who notice patterns of abuse and rape coming from black men)
How is that intersectional feminism, anon? That's just men defending their own kind, and handmaidens following suit.

No. 510549

It's not, but incelsectional feminists think this is feminism. In this case it's because the victim is (allegedly) white, so every person who refused to shut up about Kobe being a rapist is clearly not being sensitive enough to the plight of mass incarceration and false accusations by racist white women during Jim Crow.

Obviously the idea that black community's idols need to be uplifted and defended from white smear campaigns at the expense of women has hurt primarily black women (as seen in R Kelly's case), but in this case the very same woke feminists are completely fine with perpetuating the same mentality that shielded a pedophile for decades. Black male predators absolutely capitalize on this, there's not a single one who didn't exploit intersectionality to deflect accusations of sexual abuse by asserting that it's just a white psyop to take down a community figurehead.

No. 511610

God, male leftists have the weakest politics. They cannot function without having a Designated Women To Abuse group to beat up when their egos need patching.

No. 512345

absolutely dying lmao

No. 512371

I don't know why Kobe defenders keep bringing up Harvey Weinstein, as if he's their go to response to someone they like gets reminded of their rape allegations. Everyone knows Weinstein is a piece of shit. Doesn't change the fact that Kobe was still a rapist. I really hate whataboutusm.

Also I feel like "This is too soon to bring it up because his family is still grieving!" point is just an excuse not to deal with the fact that he was a rapist. I mean, feel what you want in regards to him but at least admit that he had some skeletons in his closet and stop using a family's tragedy for the fact that you want to ignore the truth.

No. 512391

They often forget people also brought up rape and abuse cases when David Bowie died.

No. 512556

Exactly. When David Bowie died, people brought up that he had sex with Lori Maddox when she was 13. Nowadays, if you're a celebrity and you pass away, people are going to bring up the blemishes of both your career and personal life. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, or a different race. You don't have to like it but it is what it is.

No. 512560

it's a good thing.

No. 512657

What a depressing tweet to be reminded of

Pol does that alot and it is near impossible to tell which is a real account anymore. I think it was /b/ that pushed for the free bleed movement too and mainstream liberal feminists took it and ran with it.

No. 512931

There's an anti-empathy trend going on among male leftists lately. If they frame empathy of being a tool of the state, they don't have to be woke because caring about other people is a tool of capitalism, apparently!

Just more scrote propaganda.

No. 513074

I was reading he Unabomber manifesto a couple dys ago and while I have no sympathies for his terror attacks, his leftist analysis is spot on and I think it applies very well applies to modern breadtube, ctp and stupidpol


>But what is leftism? During the first half of the 20th century leftism could have been practically identified with socialism. Today the movement is fragmented and it is not clear who can properly be called a leftist. When we speak of leftists in this article we have in mind mainly socialists, collectivists, "politically correct" types, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists and the like. But not everyone who is associated with one of these movements is a leftist. What we are trying to get at in discussing leftism is not so much a movement or an ideology as a psychological type, or rather a collection of related types. Thus, what we mean by "leftism" will emerge more clearly in the course of our discussion of leftist psychology (Also, see paragraphs 227-230.)

>Even so, our conception of leftism will remain a good deal less clear than we would wish, but there doesn't seem to be any remedy for this. All we are trying to do is indicate in a rough and approximate way the two psychological tendencies that we believe are the main driving force of modern leftism. We by no means claim to be telling the WHOLE truth about leftist psychology. Also, our discussion is meant to apply to modern leftism only. We leave open the question of the extent to which our discussion could be applied to the leftists of the 19th and early 20th century.

>The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call "feelings of inferiority" and "oversocialization." Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this segment is highly influential.


>By "feelings of inferiority" we mean not only inferiority feelings in the strictest sense but a whole spectrum of related traits: low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self-hatred, etc. We argue that modern leftists tend to have such feelings (possibly more or less repressed) and that these feelings are decisive in determining the direction of modern leftism.

>Those who are most sensitive about "politically incorrect" terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any "oppressed" group but come from privileged strata of society. Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the majority of whom are heterosexual, white males from middle-class families.

>Many leftists have an intense identification with the problems of groups that have an image of being weak (women), defeated (American Indians), repellent (homosexuals), or otherwise inferior. The leftists themselves feel that these groups are inferior. They would never admit it to themselves that they have such feelings, but it is precisely because they do see these groups as inferior that they identify with their problems. (We do not suggest that women, Indians, etc., ARE inferior; we are only making a point about leftist psychology).

>Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They hate America, they hate Western civilization, The reasons that leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not correspond with their real motives. They SAY they hate the West because it is warlike, imperialistic, sexist, ethnocentric and so forth, but where these same faults appear in socialist countries or in primitive cultures, the leftist finds excuses for them, or at best he GRUDGINGLY admits that they exist; whereas he ENTHUSIASTICALLY points out (and often greatly exaggerates) these faults where they appear in Western civilization.

>Words like "self-confidence," "self-reliance," "initiative", "enterprise," "optimism," etc. play little role in the liberal and leftist vocabulary. The leftist is anti-individualistic, pro-collectivist. He wants society to solve everyone's needs for them, take care of them. He is not the sort of person who has an inner sense of confidence in his own ability to solve his own problems and satisfy his own needs. The leftist is antagonistic to the concept of competition because, deep inside, he feels like a loser.

No. 513076

Yep, although with Bowie for some reason most people refuse to acknowledge that he did that, or they deny that it was bad and always go on about how it was a different time, it was totally normal so it's excusable, she actually wanted to have sex so it was okay (ugh gross), and so on. He's one of those certain people you can't say anything bad about and have to ignore the shitty stuff he did, so I'd say he's definitely treated differently in that regard

No. 513082

agreed with it until it started getting into "they defend what they believe to be weak". i disagree. and everything past that paragraph is dogshit. the first paragraphs are true though.

No. 513084

It kills me how all these dudes are pornsick self hating assholes always preaching at people (in groups they aren't even apart of) but they can't even figure their own shit out.

Contra's whole thing is to get men comfortable fucking him, but thats it. Men who want to fuck contra are porn sick chasers or brainwashed Woke dudes who fall for the "it's not gay he's a tranny" but guess what? THEY NEVER DATE TRANNIES.
PT is bisexual JUST because he's porn sick and is chasing his next high, which is transwomen. In a few years he'll settle down with a man or a woman. These troons fight so hard to try to normalize sex with them they DO NOT normalize nothing else. Contra's whole thing is being sexy and nothing else.

I'm reading this thread for the first time and it's crazy how people would rather listen to men talk about women, fake women talk about women, white dudes talk about shit they don't know about then actual women and minorities.

These dudes work so hard to make fucking men not "gay" but they still can't catch nothing but dick that will end up with a woman or man, not some tranny who they only wanted to fuck because they have a fetish.

In fact, they probably push porn SO dudes can go down the tranny loop hole, thinking it'd make them want to bang them, when yeah thats all they want. Happy these dudes are fucking eachother instead of us.

when I used to read gaming circlejerk reddit they hailed contra and this PT dude as these amazing people, oh and HHbomber, when they all seem like assholes.

No. 513085

In a book called "The CIA Doctors" by Colin Ross, based on documents from MKUltra, there's a whole chapter on trying to change people's sexual orientation, behaviour and gender identity using brain electrodes and suggestions, for instance this:

>In the same patient electrical stimulation of the superior temporal convolution induced the appearance of feminine striving and confusion about his own sexual identity. These effects were specific, reliable, and statistically significant. For example, the patient, who was an 11-year old boy, said, “I was thinking whether I was a boy or a girl, which one I’d like to be,” and “I’d like to be a girl.” After one of the stimulations the patient suddenly began to discuss his desire to get married, expressing then a wish to marry the male interviewer.

So if psychologists and doctors have known since the 1970s that damage or stress to a particular part of the brain can be relied on to produce ROGD, how is it possible that they are now claiming that people are "born in the wrong"

No. 513087

Im not talking about you guys when I say "People" I mean, everytime I've heard these names come up it was in leftist reddit or tumblr circles by women, I'm black and I even had some black friends tell me to watch Contra.

I'm just not getting why these men are seen as these wise gods by some people on the left, when all I see is a bunch of broke, insecure, mentally unstable, alchol addicted, attention hungry, self hating, porn sick, women hating assholes.

They all hate women.

I'm still very liberal but I'm happy I never took these guys as more then what i thought they were. Fucked up men. The fact Contra makes that much is sick, especially since he's still ugly.

No. 513095

Not really true, this just reads like something some edgelord on /pol/ would post and think he's smart about.

No. 513096

File: 1581238218290.jpg (95.43 KB, 500x392, 1537136246346.jpg)

he was a Harvard graduate and mathematical genius who was tortured by MK Ultra, then decided to remove himself from humanity, gave up everything to live in a small cabin becoming a hermit survivalist, There's a reason he's an odd blend of intellectualism and insanity.


No. 513099

I don't think he was fully retarded, but this same guy tried to argue something like slurs aren't really that bad, just descriptors, and that women and non-white people wouldn't be offended by them if they themselves weren't inherently inferior, lmao.
A lot of leftists are obvious narcissists, like Contra and Philosophy Tube. The difference is that they like to cloak themselves with fake goodness and heroism. It's all part of a very American disease.
Take Peter Coffin's airs of leftism, even though he catfished as his own Asian girlfriend, made lots of vile, misogynistic posts in her guise, and was very aggressive, even hateful, to an actual Asian woman (Xiaxue). This is not someone who "identifies with the weak", just a snake trying to get their own.

No. 513102

he hated leftists because in his mind they didn't do anything, he considered them all hypocrites, and they had all been corrupted by science and technically and believed that shitting in the woods and eating skinned squirrels like he did was the only true path to happiness

No. 513103

Are there any non-radical semi-luddites out there?

No. 513143

Yeah any how why does al leftist critique devolve into hardcore projection? The entire underlining of modern day alt righters is a depressed mediocre white dude who thinks they're a victim of the 'leftists'.
>a whole spectrum of related traits [to leftist]: low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self-hatred, etc.
>The leftist is anti-individualistic, pro-collectivist. He wants society to solve everyone's needs for them, take care of them.
Is the definition of socialism is it not? How can you have an individualist communist society?

No. 513155

he hated the right far more then the left, but he wasn't a leftist either, his ideal society was everyone living in the woods with no running water, electricity, science or religion, he had devolved from a mathematical genius to someone who believed all evils in the world were caused by science

No. 513171

Eh, it starts okay, but then it gets into the "inferiority" shit and that's just edgelord posting.

Don't take too seriously the ramblings of a madman, anon, or you'll become mad yourself.

No. 513242

File: 1581279799104.jpg (8.09 KB, 247x250, 1538422293366s.jpg)

Men think everything is rape except actual rape, more at 11.

Daily reminder that this is the average bordigan anarchoautist with titoist characteristics:


No. 513244

this could not be less surprising

No. 513291

>he hated the right far more than the left
This seems like a load to me though I've not read the entire manifesto, incidentally he happened to be good friends with the OKC bomber in prison.

No. 513376

>incidentally he happened to be good friends with the OKC bomber in prison.
he wasn't exactly friends with him but rather they were cell mates and it wasn't just the OKC guy

>McVeigh's death sentence was delayed pending an appeal. One of his appeals for certiorari, taken to the Supreme Court of the United States, was denied on March 8, 1999. McVeigh's request for a nationally televised execution was also denied. At ADX Florence, McVeigh and Nichols were housed in "Bomber's Row", the same cell block as Ted Kaczynski, Luis Felipe and Ramzi Yousef. Yousef made frequent, unsuccessful attempts to convert McVeigh to Islam.

Imagine a white nationalist, a palestinian islamist, an practicing anarcho primitivist and a cuban gang leader all sharing a single cell block together

No. 513418

Sounds like a Jreg video.

No. 514026

File: 1581456911617.jpg (143.67 KB, 750x1108, oy6ebzi7hbg41(2).jpg)

I'm howling at this autismal shit, how are these people real?

No. 514044

I know for a fact breadtubers protect predators. there's a whole bunch of pedophiles in leftist circles, they're just really good at playing oppression cards to silence victims because the predator is PoC/gay/troon/etc.

No. 514049

as expected of avid prison abolitionists

No. 514108

care to show any examplea

No. 514131

I know there's one guy who leaked his ex's nudes when she came forward about being abused by him and his wife when they were in a polycule and also the two of them grooming underage girls. He used to go by Phoenix at one point but changes his name every so often to sneak into other communities.

I know this sounds a lot like Greg and Lainey and I promise you these are different people; they just share a grooming strategy

No. 514132

Phoenix and his wife, I mean. Not the ex. Ex reported it as soon as she left the relationship but the only thing that came of it was fuel to Phoenix's delusion that he was being targeted because of his race and not because he's, you know, a nonce.

No. 514143

File: 1581481694708.jpg (88.38 KB, 600x458, 1517244801240.jpg)

So not directly related to breadtube but related to mentality I have seen on breadtube and other leftist spaces, this comic was intended to be anti-trump/anti-republican, The idea was he was trying to embarrass Trump voters by calling them meatheads and muscular freaks. It didn't work at all, similarly breadtube/leftist attempts at demonizing the right makes the rightwing groups seem more badass and threatening then they actually are

No. 514204

This is outing myself as someone who spends time in leftist adjacent spaces but I've seen this comic specifically being mocked for how it makes trump voters look like the embodiment of Steve Austin, and backfired hilariously. They can have a good eye for boomer liberal fuck ups, just not their own.

No. 514209

we already discussed this a couple months back, but in modern leftwing spaces there's no real rhetoric that encourages self reliance or even phsycial fitness. hell I have been accused of perpetuating toxic masculinity despite being socalist feminist, because I believed some of our members should actually engage in some cardio and basic combat traning, the hard Right is exploiting this to recruit more members from gyms or crossfit centers, not just white middle class meatheads but I'm also seeing a lot of women who engage in MMM/Heavy-lifting falling victim, take ronda rousey for example (she's a Sandy Hook denier)

No. 514233

Online leftists are completely out of touch with normies.

No. 514264

I have been downright shamed by some leftie for having an interest in getting fitter and I am in no way fit whatsoever
I bet that these people are just ashamed at anything reminding them of what loosers they are
Imagine how I lol'd at the suggestion that yeah we should totally punch nazis revolution nao fucking lol

No. 515477

I think it's wanting to be victims to make themselves look more vulnerable and/or to just drag people down and make people feel weak and have a victim mentality.

No. 515482

Lol if you're categorizing any kind of political affiliation with being more/less fit or health conscious you're a stupid piece of shit who hasn't seen a hell of a lot of different people. Just be quiet so you don't betray your idiocy irl.

No. 517553

for anyone interested, vaush and destiny are having a slap fight about optics or some shit.
breadtubers eating themselves yet again wew

No. 517564

Why doesn't the right ever do this? like arguably two of the biggest rightwing youtubes steven crowder and SargonofAkkad have radically different views on gun control, the role of church and state, abortion and media censorship but you don't ever see them doing catty callouts or getting their fans to fight each other

No. 517593

because their whole thing is being against the idea of wrongthink and that thinking for yourself is good and they want to seem measured and open to discussion. they probably want to at least attempt to practice what they preach.

No. 517622

you seem like one of those people who mindlessly regurgitate that all generalisations are inaccurate and morally wrong.
there has to be some porosity between lifestyle and political ideas of one same person and I'm willing to bet that most decerebrate gymbros are rightwing while losers who think labeling themselves a feminist will get them poon are less fit, maybe one day a study can prove it.
by the way, I once read an article about a study showing pedophiles were more likely to be small and have non detached earlobes.
even if it's taboo to say it and even if you shouldn't base your opinion of a person on a quick glance at them, not only presentation but also innate features can give information on who you're dealing with.

No. 517629

nta and I actually used to be actually part of anti-fascist group, we used to have a couple of ex-Bundeswehr(army) guys in our ranks who were all fit and had close-quarters combat and survivalist training but around the late 2000's/early 2010's we started getting infested with more and more unfit sjw-types and it got a point to a point where they became the majority, it was around 2015 where most of our members with actual combat experince started getting pushed out or voluntary leaving, and all the combat and survivalist traning courses we used to have just disappeared and all we were left with was handful of degenerates leading us

No. 517631

Bernie will win. Mad?

No. 517637

I feel like you guys don't pay enough attention to the right.
Ethan Ralph/TheRalphRetort alone has singlehandedly gotten into so many shitslinging fests with people who are on the same "side" as him, talk less of that time Lauren Southern was exposed for conspiring with two gay MAGA guys with media connections to fuck over other people who were on her side (some British guy exposed her), that French guy who burned basically all his bridges, literally everyone on the right dunking on Laura Loomer, etc.
The very nature of being an internet politician means you will cannibalize and engage in drama. Even IRL politicians are like that, but it's harder to hide when you're an "e-celeb".

No. 517643

Destiny isn’t part of breadtube, he’s a centrist/libertarian as far as I know. Also this anon >>517637 is correct, the right engages in stupid petty shitflinging all the time. Just recently there was a war between alt-right groypers and Charlie Kirk.

No. 517652

ayrt. that's quite interesting, I didn't know the shift to sjw blobs was that recent.
it's crazy to me that the majority is like good ol' ADF, that is, an uwu overweight retard who idolises figures like Che and speaks all day about beating up fascists.

No. 519258

I thought politics was banned.

No. 520176

>I'm a socalist feminist


No. 520919

Is Rationality Rules part of breadtube/lefttube. he consideres himself as being on the left and has made videos criticizing Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, SargonofAkkad and Stefan Molyneux but he also criticizes Islam(though he mainly attacks western christianity) and transgender athletes

even some radfems I know like him for some reason

No. 524628

my sides

No. 525625

I lost all my respect of him when he made this, trying to explain actual humanist philosophy through cuck holding fetish, its just way too degenerate for my taste

No. 530776

File: 1584968378275.jpeg (175.37 KB, 750x917, 8676C66E-4D08-4448-ABBB-CE1F7E…)

uh oh. a woman does a hornypost and stupidpol is none too happy about it


No. 530783

men keep staying mad lmao

No. 530787

my favorite detail is the poster being scandalized that women in their 30s would have sexual feelings. in their 30s!!! the haggard crones.

No. 530790

File: 1584969755767.png (267.02 KB, 741x798, trump marxism.png)

Leftpol was actually debating if Trump leftism is good or bad. Top comment is
>I've noticed that when Trump is speaking off the cuff he's more likely to throw out these left-wing ideas. He has no balls though, so he can't be trusted. Establishment Reps always make him their bitch on policy.
The delusion.

No. 530795

>I've noticed that when Trump is speaking off the cuff he's more likely to throw out these left-wing ideas. He has no balls though, so he can't be trusted. Establishment Reps always make him their bitch on policy.
these people are idiots but it's true? he said testing and treatment would be free during his address (then insurance companies corrected him), he said before he was elected that all americans would have coverage (which was better than what establishment dems promised, they were willing to leave many underinsured and 3% uninsured). kamala pushing for $500 per family is outdone easily by $1000-1200 per person. the right is outflanking the left, but they don't follow through. they don't need to though. if they keep floating popular left ideas the dems will be outdone because the american people don't actually stick around for results, they're easily fooled by lipservice. trump just putting out an address assuring citizens that their testing and treatment would be covered that won't be backed by shit, promising a stimulus, and floating the check ideas has already risen his approval rating by like 13 pts despite obvious incompetence, denialism, and him essentially guaranteeing this outcome by slashing necessary resources.

No. 530812

File: 1584973575262.png (112.26 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20200323-100848.png)

No. 531764

when did leftwing men decide exercise and fitness was literal fascism of a sudden

No. 531769

I had always heard that women reach peak sexual enjoyment in their 30s or older.

I spent all of my twenties forcing myself to be more sexual for bfs (and really not feeling it) Now I'm in my 30's I've suddenly been hit by an actual internal drive and a decent grasp on what I like.

No. 531797

Because none of them could ever look attractive, be moderately healthy and stay fit. So they demonize fit men and call it fascism to even like them lol

No. 532014

>Because none of them could ever look attractive, be moderately healthy and stay fit

but they literally can, but yeah you're right they do demonize fit men, I remember one comment(I think from r/cth) about how women who like Chris Hemsworth have semi-Nazi beliefs

No. 532021

After years of seeing gross fat men somehow bagging average to cute women ten times above their league, I don't really give a fuck if a fat woman wants a fit attractive jock. Why can't they follow their dreams like what these entitled greasebeards have been doing all along with society's blessing? Fuck them, they're just seething that the tables are turning. God forbid these women hold out for their standards and would rather die alone than be with these assclowns telling them they're not good enough like their porn actresses.


No. 532025

File: 1585184763351.png (234.68 KB, 324x559, ca1b979039884f9452c92a480050ef…)

I disagree with this page that they use Merida's parents as an example of this trope, Merida's parents do looksmatch imo and both also look their age

No. 532032

>her parents looksmatch
kek bait

No. 532058

her mom looks younger and more attractive than him, in this pic anyway

No. 532075

File: 1585193842631.png (38.64 KB, 1065x319, Screenshot.png)

Even a Broken Clock is Right Sometimes

No. 532129


So like, doing what the average fugly married coomer does 24/7 with reddit's full approval? Wow, it really is over for moids.

Instead of whining about muh skuleenity as though him being a hamplanet is a problem of his attitude and women's perception of it, has he tried actually hitting the gym and sucking the clit?

No. 532136

Likewise, chapocels who seethe about white women almost always do so because they desperately want to fuck them.

No. 535374


Read through this thread if you want to see a bunch of incels embarrassingly attempt to discuss which ethnicity/nationality of women is most attractive, including such gems as:

>Black girls can be really hot when they are not fat, unfortunately in America, black girls are concentrated in the South, where there is a ton of fat folx.

>Many asian women have ugly faces but their slender and child-like bodies can be very appreciated by certain men such as myself

>European women get progressively hotter the more east you go. Spanish women are all ibsanely ugly(it's probably why they have the highest rate of homos), french ladies are the exception, they're usually alright, but germans are ugly, swiss are ugly, italians are ugly, austrians are ok, then starting with poles and hungarians is when you get to the really hot women.

> All I want in life is to fuck a hot Arab woman who is devoutly Muslim. Seriously, what can a latina offer that an Arab woman can't? Latinas are lucky that they only have to compete with wh*te women

No. 535376

>child-like bodies can be very appreciated by certain men such as myself
Have a seat right here.

No. 535383

>almost always
That's a pretty shameless exaggeration

No. 535384

How much you wanna bet he hasnt been to a single one of those countries?

No. 535385

>Many asian women have ugly faces but their slender and child-like bodies can be very appreciated by certain men such as myself

Shit like this is why attraction to Asians is one of my top red flags for men.

No. 535397

100%, they’re basing this all on porn. Feels like they’re fulfilling some compulsive need for “variety” by fetishizing different races of women.

No. 535406

This made me lol
>french ladies are alright, germans are ugly, swiss are ugly, italians are ugly, austrians are ok
Why is it always murican scrotes who possess the magic power of being able to distinguish the inhabitants of extremely small, close countries? And why did the ugly gene skip Austria? lol

No. 535411

>If you were born on the left side of this arbitrary border then you’re hot. If you’re born on the right side you’re fugly.

No. 535414

>Merida's parents do looksmatch
I hope this was sarcasm, anon

No. 535415

You didn't know that's how humans work? Arbitrary lines drawn by men are the most important thing. After how fuckable you are.

No. 535419

File: 1585836777605.jpg (347.86 KB, 1300x995, europe-map.jpg)

tbf many of these countries are divided by mountains, rivers and plains

I hate this scrote fetishization of foreign women but I also dislike same2same rhetoric as well, it denies the different cultures and histories of people

No. 535423

I understand what you mean. Today we're so interconnected though that all people are almost everywhere, especially in western countries.

No. 535424

So you really believe that germans are ugly, then austrians look good and even more south in italy people suddenly are ugly again? Because rivers? Good lord. And what happened in switzerland which lays in the middle of pretty french and pretty austria? Care to explain?

No. 535436

where did I say that I believed that bullshit

No. 535443

>scrotes say retarded shit
>we say wtf
>you say tbf, followed by an "explanation" of why they could be right
How else should I interpret that other than you defending them?
Nobody said anything alike of cultures of different countries being the same but you still choose to mainly take offense to that and therefore also side with their point rather than with ours.
I hope for you that you were born in one of the choosen pretty countries lol (you probably are and that's why you want that take to be true…)

No. 535450

I'm actually a Gurjar

No. 535662

incredible. stupidpol needs to be nuked.

No. 538917

more stupidpol autism


the responses to this thread are proof the sub has been completely compromised by the right-wing and braindead underage 4chan contingent. “socialists” and “leftists” theorizing that the left needs to exchange abortion rights for medicare for all because women betrayed the left or something. ridiculous for a number of reasons, namely
1. it treats women”and the working class as discrete entities, as if there are no working class women
2. it relies on a bourgeois liberal conception of politics wherein progressive change is achieved through compromise and negotiation between political parties
3. this hypothetical situation where republicans propose medicare for all in exchange for banning abortion is completely divorced from reality and speculating about it is just pointless wankery
4. it’s pure resentment-driven politics where the goal is to punish an identity group for their perceived misdoings

are there any leftist spaces online that don’t degenerate into chapocel trans cutie nonsense or succumb to rightoid infiltration?

No. 538925

thankfully most of the top voted comments are disagreeing with the OP

No. 538986

>are there any leftist spaces online that don’t degenerate into chapocel trans cutie nonsense or succumb to rightoid infiltration?

Sadly no. The internet seems to be majorly polluted by right wing ideology. There are probably some spaces where one can discuss leftist ideology, politics, etc. But there aren't many of them and possibly don't experience too much activity.

No. 538999

lefty pol isnt as rancid as pol and isn't chapocel nonsense, they need more voices anyways

No. 539014

Its layout kind of reminds me of Asherahs's Garden, but more chaotic/clashing. I don't understand why more sites don't just use dark or Yotsuba B as default.

No. 540371

I love Lindsay Ellis's movie commentary. I wish she wasn't such a leftist

No. 540396

LE is in no way a leftist, she has very surface level view on Marxist theory. I do love her movie reviews as well.

I suspect she's actually more against idpol than she lets on. She told ultrawokes happy about Gunn's firing because he was a white man to basically fuck off and her early videos had a lot of references to George Carlin and South Park, and again, most of her concerns and actions have run contrary to how most internet leftists are, don't worry either, her and lot of other people's "public" views are based on whatever the fashionable stance on twitter is with these people, troon nonsense, imwithher, GAMERGATE!!! The list goes on, being a twitter communist is hot right now.

No. 540398

Honestly this. She's obviously intelligent and knows her shit and makes entertaining and insightful commentary but then ruins some of her videos with the sudden white guilt shilling/whatever idpol topic that seems to be out of place. It's like she has a quota to fill to avoid being cancelled or to stay relevant.

No. 540402

don't forget pandering to financially irresponsible woke Internet Idiots=lots of patreon money. See: Contrapoints making 500,000 dollars a month

No. 540409

LE is just an overly online liberal. I agree with >>540396 that she plays a certain role for her online fans because she knows it's a way to secure an audience interested in paying a woman to talk about movies on the internet. She was apparently massively against Gamergate though.

No. 540433

yeah their are like a quarter million movie review channels on youtube already, even someone with as much credentials as Lindsay would probably never make it, pandering to the woke crowd is one of the few ways youtubers can make money. its kinda sad really

No. 540502

Nowadays people tend to assume that leftist = liberal.

No. 540506

I have never seen such an anti-woman movement as these idiots. Oliver is just a gay man thinking he's not gay for such "female penises."

No. 540612

I'm a leftist (not a lib, which is more what I'd peg her as) but I also find that aspect of her content obnoxious and to a degree, performative.
When her audience was smaller a decade-ish ago it was a lot more varied in the types of viewpoints people held. When she initally joined tgwtg she was one of two women on the site. It was inevitable that misogynist dudes were going to give her shit. The proto-sjws in her audience would defend her and she started pandering to them to a degree. Over time they multiplied and she kept doubling down on the pandering. It sucks because I do enjoy her stuff. She's also not the only person writing for her videos anymore so that probably comes into it as well. Maggie May Fish is waaayyy worse. She talks about a lot of things I find interesting but her political posturing is so grating that I can't finish a lot of her videos.

No. 540937

LE’s politics don’t bother me so much as her “le feels xD” millenial humor. Sometimes I disagree with her analysis and yeah she comes off as insincere/pandering but that’s easy to ignore. What I can’t get past is the 2010-era Turn Down For What jokes and unironic bottom text memes. She’s not that old and she spends so much of her time online, I don’t get why she’s still stuck in that nyan cat era.

No. 541082

not to mention during her channel awesome days she was actually second most popular female reviewer, lower then jessootaku

No. 541195

how exactly is Maggie May Fish worse ?

No. 562150

So I always thought that Xanderhal, a.k.a. Pigpuncher was just a boring, pathetic Vaush skinwalker, but it turns out he's a total piece of shit, as well.

No. 562173

This poor girl is obviously unwell. She says she has autism and she starts the video in tears.

What kind of piece of shit would see a chick like this and think it's OK to solicit nudes?

Xanderhal is the JF Greipy of Breadtube.

No. 563321

K-Log is doing an interview with the girl in question.

No. 563336

File: 1591057462280.jpg (124.7 KB, 635x720, 20200602_012352.jpg)

So weird to think this dork has a harem of pickmes after his dick.

No. 563552

It's a Nick Mullen effect, compared to the vast majority of breadtube males he's an absolute chad

No. 563636

This Xanderhal prick is the classic male feminist groomer. Gaslighting and cloaking his exploitation of this poor, impressionable girl behind sex posi language.

No. 565106

Good thing nothing like that came to pass.

No. 574119

Why does it feel like that majority of breadtube content is just over anylizing random movies for no point of all, hell I feel could be a successful breadtuber, just pick a random highly viewed movie and make a 40 minute+ about it

No. 574146

The only good video essays from Breatubers are the ones without social justice in. (hbomberguy's Sherlock and most of Lindsay's vids, basically).This is unsufferable.

No. 574155

My guess would be that stuff gets clicks. Movie related content just seems to do well on yt.

No. 574254

These videos are so repetitive. The guy makes the same point several times in just the first 10 minutes, clearly to make the video longer. It's so boring.

No. 574328

as anon said here >>574254 its the same point being made over and over again and these mindless sheep just eat it up, ironically their content is just as shallow as capitalistic mass media they claim to hate

No. 576242

Lindsays vidoes can actually fall into that category, see >>509963 she clearly has no idea about the subject matter and how race was viewed in that period (also subtlety defending Islam)

No. 576422

to be fair, the right has also been ranting about movies for a long time now

No. 585196

This chick is all messed up. Why is she going to random discord servers and posting her nudes in the first place?

Attention whore.

No. 585225

Plenty of white girls (some poor ones) use track and field as a factor in their admissions to colleges.
T. Track athlete

No. 585228

how is self improvement a scan?

No. 585239

She's controversial, some more moderate ones like her because she takes advantage of weak men and unapologetically makes them look like fools, others are incels and hate her, and others hate her because they think she is degenerate. There were a couple threads celebrating her return.

No. 585242

It varies. Gen Z has many leftists and righters, the polls are not necessarily that descriptive of the whole generation, and they show that Gen Z tends to lean libertarian. They want to be financially independent, and don't mind what other people do socially.

No. 585475

Vaush simps for trannies one more time, he continuously calls the guy he's debating a TERF even though he doesn't identify as a feminist and even though the dude is being civil vaush and his fans start mocking the guys appearance for being GNC

The comments are Trash

No. 585508

lol who is this guy he's debating? do people even understand what terf means anymore smh

No. 585511

We'll see how their politics actually turn out when they are old enough to have real expenses and concerns, it's too soon to say.

No. 585521

gen z is 5-25 years old rn roughly. so plenty of people have their own responsibilities. some of them may even exceed others in older age groups. it’s almost like people aren’t a monolith on any factor including age.

No. 585956

It's King Critical who's a GC male youtuber. And yes all the comments are shit.

No. 586234

he literally just talks over him the entire time and the chat thinks he won lol.

hilarious that this same argument style gets roasted by the left when rightoids do it, but here vaush is doing the exact same thing. why not just directly challenge the ideas vaush, what are you scared of?

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