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No. 419669

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are white or TIM.

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is leftism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other tubers exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

- HBomberGuy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClt01z1wHHT7c5lKcU8pxRQ)
Defended his rapist script writer because they were trans and made an entire google plug in the block anti-SJW videos from appearing in ones feed.

-Philosophy Tube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PA-AKmVpU6NKCGtZq_rKQ)
Can’t find any drama on him.

-Contrapoints (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA)
Anti-SJW college dropout turned communist troon. Hates capitalist exploitation, but blows hundreds of patreon dollars on buying fancy clothes made from exploitative labor.

-Peter Coffin (https://www.youtube.com/user/petercoffin)
Faked a girlfriend once. He also didn't do anything about Laurelai Bailey, a serial rapist, who ran his discord server. Peter Coffin also went so far as in to say he didn't believe one of the victims.

Wants to reclaim the skull form the anti-SJW’s. Is dry as bread.

>Leftist sphere: places where leftist congregate. Only ones big enough to stir drama are listed.

They only believe the original Marxist definition of class, poor vs. rich, effects oppression so they usually scare off the crazy SJW types. They focus on class so much, it’s just poor vs. rich to them, that they can’t see a POC having a different form of oppression or a rich women being oppressed.

Most milky because the sub gets all it’s communist ideas from memes, it’s become so bad the mods are making a book club for reading Marxist works (you can still join). They are just radical liberals RP as communists.

It’s just Chapolight.

The incels of the communist movement. They spend all there time browsing and posting about how capitalism has ruined everything, but refuse to fix their situation because it’s to late or they’re vote doesn't matter. Latestagecel

It’s just latestagecel light.

- /r/ShitLiberalsSay
A place to shit on conservatives, Nazis, and leftist that go against the circle-jerk.

The real underdogs of the leftist community. The only thing leftist can agree on is the fact AnCaps are retarded.

>Actual communist reading if that interests you


No. 419671

Used to watch him but he became unbearable. Once you see how he uses strawmen irw gender stuff, you quickly understand he does it for the rest too.
Also how the fuck did he get a philosophy degree when his knoweledge of it is so superficial? Everytime he talks about Foucault I wanna gauge my eyes out because he gets everything wrong.

>Peter Coffin

Idk who this is but… Laurelai Bailey… oh my god. Remember when that troon joined a big leftbook group and everyone was all in love with him (uwu brave trans woman!) but then people found out he has revenge porn of the time he raped a chick and that he hosts pedo discords or something. It was wild watching it all unravel before my eyes.

Waiting for more milk and am excited for this thread.

Are any of you guys on leftbook? So much milk there.

No. 419673

File: 1560003850755.png (41.97 KB, 700x421, oh no no no.PNG)

Lets play MRA or stupidpol?

No. 419682

You can also call these guys the Male FeministsTM
Putrid males who get into leftie circles to build trust from women and exploit them
half the clows involved in gamergate from both sides were revealed to be some kind of sex predator

No. 419686

>Laurelai Bailey
It was actually an 8chan board called /hebe/. He would upload CP to it as some sort of pedophile honeypot to "own the gamers" and actually got interviewed by law enforcement.
Is Dan Olson part of breadtube? Because he was working alongside Laurelai during that 8chan thing.

No. 419703

File: 1560012037209.jpg (147.52 KB, 1080x662, IMG_20190608_183940.jpg)

He's in their twitter circle.

Also that guy that parodies that alt-righter Peter Sweden. He once posted a screencap of incels discussing how a woman from instagram must be fucking her dog, and didn't even think about censoring her face. Gee thanks for spreading humiliation about her so you can take down incels.

No. 419710

I remember Peter Coffin got his email or something hacked and there were all these odd videos of his wife posing very stiffly and robotically in her underwear/nude as if just to document for posterity not even for eroticism various parts of her body, voice messages she left him in tears over him talking to other girls, a video of him like literally squeezing his penis and angrily growling about how hot she is and a video of him having an absolute mental breakdown begging her not to do something to him over something he didn't tell her, probably cheating on her or maybe backing up all these weird videos of her. Seemed like quite the nutcases.

No. 419712

So you come here with barely any milk, by your own admission, don't even have the decency to run your post through fucking Grammarly first, and still think it's good enough to even go in /ot? Anon you should be ashamed of yourself

No. 419713

File: 1560015185357.png (511.01 KB, 640x640, anCap.png)

AnCaps are on a whole new level.

No. 419715

Dan Olson has a youtube channel called Folding Ideas that does very breadtubish movie analysis. He was involved with the JewWario drama too and was aware of him being a creeper but didn't say shit until it was all exposed.

No. 419718

File: 1560017735924.png (49.67 KB, 753x432, Chapocels seething.PNG)

ChapoChuds can't understand why they're 'kill TERFS/the rich/Nazis', spaming of '40% of cops beat their wives', and 'post hog' rhetoric is getting attention from the moderators of reddit. Like these guys are all for banning Nazi hate speech and threats, but when its them they can't cope.

No. 419719

File: 1560017837517.png (80.72 KB, 699x508, ChapoChud.PNG)

No. 419720

Would love to see milk on hbomber. I enjoy his videos (mostly the essays about media though since I'm not that interested in politics at all) and I thought him to be a pretty nice guy. Pandering, sure, but not bad.
I don't go purposefully looking for drama on the creators I watch and I usually don't follow them on social media at all (I've been subscribed to ProJared for 8 years and I nearly missed the drama lmao), so I don't really know what's the deal with him.

No. 419723

Not OP but stfu, lefty cunt. the thread is fine.

No. 419753

i used to be pretty active on stupidpol. at its inception it was a good space for anti-idpol leftism but it’s been brigaded and taken over by incels/MRAs and to a lesser extent white supremacists. the mods are so ineffectual and up their own asses re: freeze peach that they refuse to ban any of the right-wing identitarians that are shitting up the sub and using it to air their petty anti-feminist talking points (ironically just idpol from a male perspective). radfems are quickly chased off though, of course (and flaired as right wing).

there are a few good posters holding out there, but it’s going to be TiA 2.0 in a few months unless the mods decide to clean it up.

No. 419754

No. 419759

>but then people found out he has revenge porn of the time he raped a chick and that he hosts pedo discords or something. It was wild watching it all unravel before my eyes.
Woah, when did this happen? His initial infamy came from his activity on reddit ~6-7 years ago, when he was a big player in /r/shitredditsays and eventually got banished from the progressive community after scamming, leeching off of, abusing, and/or sexually assaulting numerous people he met online. He also bragged about forcing his wife to prostitute herself back when he first jumped on the tranny train.

No. 419775

It was 2 or 3 years ago? I wanna say 2 years ago but I can't exactly remember. It was in (one of the) Thunderdome leftbook groups. He came in posting stuff like "Oh I'm so glad you're all so accepting of me, I've been shunned from everywhere… People keep spreading false info about me" which several people found shady but then he gave an explanation saying that he was a hacker and that the FBI caught him alongside several other hacktivists and then spread false rumors saying he was a snitch but he tottally wasnt and the FBI just wanted him out of the hacktivist world (lmao). Any attacks against him were dismissed as "transphobia" as the admin (some black chick in the Navy or military) really liked him and took pitty on him.

But then, someone gathered a bunch of screenshots and posted them as proof. I will try to log on to my old fb and look for that stuff tomorrow.

No. 419828


Imagine thinking you're a leftist and not understanding the objectification of women as a central pillar of capitalism. You literally have to know fucking nothing about Marxist thought to think you can just not give a shit about the female perspective. I only trust female leftists at this point, they're the only ones who really get how central this shit is to human history and don't get distracted into becoming either MRAs or AGPers

No. 419837

That reminds me how leftists believe consent to crappy jobs just doesn't exist (Ex: People don't choose to work overtime until they faint, they have to or they'll get fired and starve to death)

But sex work is totally a choice bro.

No. 419908

Or, not even that, but that they believe that just because someone enjoys sex work it means it isn't terrible, exploitative, and straight up the worst example of what capitalism leads to. They'll cry about liberals but try to rebrand sex work as being OK because someone likes it. No regard for the collective harm it does. It's literally the most individualist garbage possible other than tranny shit and it's so cringe to see them defend it. How ignorant do you have to be about Marxist theory to try to redeem SW because "some people really love it"?

No. 419928

They also don't get that when a sex worker "enjoys" sex work, she enjoys the fact that she makes her own scheudeule and that it is quick cash. She doesn't enjoy getting fucked by greasy old men.

No. 420057

He put his AO3 account in the video description. His AO3 account. His fanfiction.

Zeria is one of the cringier leftists because he's a straight up AGP troon who makes videos on yuri (lesbian anime/manga/visual novels). He straight up says 'asking why I liked yuri anime helped me figure out I was trans' (https://youtu.be/QpVMjfciLX0). He also has this weird idea leftism should embrace anime?

No. 420195

Both commies and alt-righters adoring anime is hilarious since it's simultaneously super capitilistic and le problematic but also extremely degenerate and clearly marketed at beta males. Kind of gives the game away that they're both the exact same sort of spergy NEET LARPers.

No. 420387

This sounds exactly like some random 4chan fag not the leader of a radical leftist movement.

No. 420392

Who the fuck thinks this a good idea

No. 420859

"Trans people need to find ways of making sure they pass their genes on, because if they all transition before trying to start a family then they may go extinct. Then there will only be cis people."
https://youtu.be/zu-JWB-RWCA(emoji use)

No. 420943

>The real underdogs of the leftist community. The only thing leftist can agree on is the fact AnCaps are retarded.
Because ancaps are conservatives, and not leftist at all?

No. 424789

File: 1561191369686.png (4.3 KB, 494x88, gfhgfhfg.PNG)

No. 424790

File: 1561191396218.png (17.87 KB, 951x237, A1.PNG)

some Highlights

No. 424798

Yeah, it's not like young white girls are ever victimized or anything. Fuck chapo is retarded and that subreddit is especially shit

No. 424839

I thought only conservatives made the 'I don't care about racism/sexism' argument. This is scraping the bottle of the barrel argument

No. 424840

Besides when it comes to trans athlethes its usually poor minorities who suffer. Many of them are banking on getting a sports scholarship, but TIMs take away that chance

No. 425639

File: 1561382155754.png (68.41 KB, 988x562, wecg.PNG)

No. 425642

File: 1561382425746.png (46.33 KB, 801x561, 1.PNG)

some "Highlights" from this thread

chapocel advocates for literary throwing bombs at the police

No. 425644

File: 1561382849906.png (43.01 KB, 962x528, 2.PNG)

No. 425672

I don't have the post, but a study appeared on CTH saying alt-righters are more likely to be gym bros and CTH response was 'nationalize gyms'

No. 425675

File: 1561387001820.png (10.63 KB, 896x114, 3.PNG)

found it

also >I'm thinking because gyms are one part of the "self-improvement" scam

No. 425721

He's right tho.

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