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File: 1717593557265.jpg (110.64 KB, 744x379, cow-using-computer-3.3.jpg)

No. 78429

No. 78430

File: 1717593591903.jpg (72.43 KB, 500x342, 1717580310681.jpg)

sorry cowball!(do not post cowballs)

No. 78431

Thank you very much mods, less than three

No. 78433

Now that’s what I call a thread pic. Thank you mods. Good call

No. 78434

File: 1717596055685.jpeg (58.77 KB, 260x312, IMG_1120.jpeg)

>takes long deep breath
Mods suck so

No. 78435

Need some salt and pepper for that boot you’re licking? Jannies deserve to be thrown into town square and hung for their crimes against humanity (being the worse kinds of moderators on the web)(alogging)

No. 78436

they hate on poor cowball the same way they hate on us

No. 78437

Luv cowball, free my baby nonna

No. 78438

Cowball photos are creepy so farmhands are actually right for once

No. 78439

Thanks farmhands. I do not wish to gaze upon any more cowballs

No. 78440

No. 78441

unpop opnions is out of conrol again, some retard is baiting and others retards take the bait >>>/ot/2036878

No. 78443

Cry harder

No. 78444

How did the cultural impact of COVID thread become a duplicate tinfoil thread?

No. 78445

How is stating your unpopular opinion “bait”? You’re just mad because your cock sucking hobby was criticized. Have fun being used as a reproduction mill for your nigel, retard

No. 78446

I’m 95% sure the same polish canadafag who writes walls of text in the tinfoil thread does the same in the covid thread. She has a distinctive typing style and will regularly samefag. Borderline personalityfag imo, surprised no one else has pointed it out

No. 78447

Why do anons keep lying about stuff being a rule for years? The self censor bans only started recently because anons who only started seeing it as a tiktokism recently

No. 78448

Can someone do somehting about the constant nitpicking of her food and ana tinfoil in the Taylor thread? It's getting out of hand. >>>/w/327827 Anons are nitpicking a meal with veggies and chicken and fighting with anons about it if you don't agree.

No. 78449

posting cowballs is as bad as posting aborted fetuses imo at least spoiler them. mods still suck major shit though

No. 78450

Being on a restrictive diet with Taylor's weight is ana, deal with it. It's not a nitpick to point out that a person of her build should not be avoiding carbs like the plague and substituting it with fiber and protein. I suppose your the fellow ana who keeps fighting with every farmer that brings it up in the thread, trying to convince everyone that her restrictions are normal and carbs are not necessary.

No. 78451

The latest post is about chicken, rice, and veggies lol what are you talking about

No. 78452

File: 1717605546018.png (78.05 KB, 666x230, unpopularopinions.png)

the influx of summerfags is so apparent in the unpopular opinions thread and I wish farmhands would moderate it more. anons venting about how they want to nuke the middle east has been going on for fucking days now. it’s repetitive, dumb, and annoying. they’re just circumventing the racebait ban on the technicality that muslims aren’t a race. I’m not saying this because I love the the ~religion of peace~ but it’s clear what’s happening, and moderation has been inconsistent.

I think the reason why this is such popular rhetoric among our young zoomie friends here is because of how overwhelming pro-palestine protests are at high schools and colleges currently, such that you’ll be called a genocidal zionist if you don’t join in, so they’re lashing out against the herd here, but it’s obnoxious and reeks of underaged behavior. if farmhands continue to not moderate the inflammatory posts like this, lolcow will become no better than /pol/ where anons are constantly jerking each other off in edgelord competitions.

No. 78454

Yeah that's obvious bait. I'm sorry, but these types of posts were so few and far between 5 years ago, so they were less obvious about it being shitposting and for shock value. The only reason it's in that thread is because they think they can get away with it.

No. 78455

That’s not a summerfag that’s just the Zionist troon regular who’s been here for years and talking about how Israel dindu nuffin and all Muslims deserve to die.

No. 78456

So you admit she's eating. Also a big bowl of rice, chickpea, and chicken with veggies isn't ana-representative lol I think anons and you are just trying way too hard to try to make this the new milk which is why it's nitpicking according to the mods. It's not provable and it's all based on anons not seeing her post breakfast/lunch/dinner every day which is insane to base it off of. Everything she's posted is a healthy meal, it's not Mcdonalds or fried. It's heartier than even vegetarians. At least she's eating real protein.

No. 78457

sorry nonna, but if you think the multiple anons posting /pol/tier bait about muslims and jews are all blaine, you’re a bit retarded. it’s clear it’s more than a couple anons

No. 78458

"if I wuz…"
into the trash

No. 78459

First of all, the post you linked is already in a thread of redtexts.
Second of all, mods should stop banning posts showcasing her ana. They used to ban them as "tinfoil", now that it's obvious she is 'dieting', they ban them for "nitpicking". Where in the rules does it state that mentioning a cow's ana is against the rules or a nitpicks? Discussing cows and their bullshit is literally the purpose of the forum lol
Third of all, the post is pointing out that she's substituting regular rice with chickpea rice because it has less carbs. Downthread there's a post about her latest story stating just that. And guess what, mods already banned it too, thanks to your reports.

No. 78460

It's not the boogie tran that's for sure.

No. 78461

stop cowball shaming

No. 78462

When will you dumb fangirls realise that an unnecessary, restrictive diet is also ana, not just not eating at all. Taylor fears carbs like the plague, it's not normal. Pointing that out is not nitpicking.

> a big bowl of rice, chickpea, and chicken with veggies

She herself said it's chickpea rice and that's what was the topic of discussion. Learn to read.

No. 78463

Did you really not read that as specifying the rice as chickpea sarcastically?? kek

No. 78464

Do you mean yourself or Taylor lol because, no, none of those can be read as "sarcastically".
What I 'read' though is that you're pressed that Taylor's "healthier than vegetarian diet with real protein" (lmao) does not fool others into overseeing her obsession with dieting.

No. 78465

All this for chickpea rice and the idea she doesn't eat all day until an dinner reel is posting is crazy, anon. Look at the thread, even the mods are agreeing.

No. 78466

>>>/w/327826 For clarification, does this mean it's not milky to tinfoil she's being an ana-chan?

No. 78469

File: 1717608063271.jpg (87.2 KB, 600x549, edgelord spotted.JPG)

You are so embarrassing lmao

No. 78470

If you think I’m bad then hop into the ex-muslim thread in /ot/, many share my anti-MENA sentiment

No. 78471

Nta, then it should stay in there and be contained. There's no reason to branch out and post what's allowed in that thread into the unpopular opinions thread. I agree with all the other anons, it's bait.

No. 78472

How do you know she's polish??

No. 78473

Please permaban this retard. It’s clear they’re ban-evading again and again to post more bait and infight. They’re using an iPhone and still haven’t figured out how to rename files.

No. 78474

It's crazy how anons think only one person has a certain opinion.

No. 78475

The pic is not not about the food it's about the upcoming vlog. Taylor's mod is as retarded as her wks/fangirls.

A tinfoil?? lmao if anything it's a derail. Does the mod need spoonfeeding from previous threads?

Lmao mods are not known for overmoderating the thread for nothing (see above).

No. 78476

Samefag, thank you farmhands

No. 78477

All those posts are tinfoiling about her being ana. Maybe when she posts about only eating lettuce. This is seems like she's trying to reach health influencer type status and gain that Gweneth Paltrow reach.

No. 78478

Because she said so kek. I’m not even trying to be mean, and I have nothing against her beyond finding her spergy, but if I screenshotted her posts from both threads you would see exactly what I mean
That’s not why

No. 78479

the unpopular opinions thread is always like that and not due to summerfags. i agree the thread needs to be more heavily moderated though.

No. 78480

also a pet peeve of mine, nona.

No. 78481

did the spoiler picture get removed or is my shit glitching? spoilered images just show a grey box now until you click them

No. 78482

You must've hid them by accident.

No. 78483

should pribabbly lock this shit thread made by a cowtipping retard

No. 78484

huh i didn't know you could do that. i like it better than pixyteri's ass tbh

No. 78485

File: 1717616196902.gif (Spoiler Image,394.85 KB, 500x500, 1717612149226.gif)

Cow balls should not be banned, they're cute

No. 78486

Like can we at least agree on them being posted but with a spoiler on? I understand the other anons but when sensitive stuff is posted, a spoiler is enough. Like please just for the rest of us who think they're cute

No. 78487

It's just a way to shitpost.

No. 78488

Everything is "tinfoiling" in Taylor's thread even if you spoonfeed the whiteknights sources and proof, just like the article with Tom's graduation date earlier. The farmhand is indisputably a Taylor fangirl, it's not even debatable at this point.

No. 78489

It's a deformed dead fetus. It's not cute and should be considered gore just like a deformed human fetus would be.

No. 78490

I'm kind of annoyed the janny banned the anon who was translating for us. Regardless of the age information, there are some other things I wanted to ask her opinion on.

But there's no real tinfoil either. Taylor admitted having an ED in the past at some point, she just denied it for a long time up to a point and then admitted she wasn't healthy. Now she's obsessed with going carbless. If I post a screenshot from today (not yet posted) where she talks about carbs, will I be banned? It's literally her actual words about cutting carbs.

No. 78493

maybe black out your ip address you retard

No. 78495

File: 1717620216723.png (209.55 KB, 816x869, ban.png)

Can farmhands clarify wtf is 'on topic' for the quarantine cultural impact thread? There have been a bunch of redtexts over the last few days responding to clearly on-topic posts to the point it seems like one of the mods just doesn't want the thread to be active.
>2 days ago someone brings up the lack of trust in medicine and doctors
>talking about that isn't directly about COVID, take it to the tinfoil thread
>someone starts talking about how people became aggressive and angry online since 2020
>respond to that post, get a ban because 'this isn't the thread to talk about COVID'
>even though it's literally a discussion about a 'cultural impact' of COVID i.e. people's aggressive antisocial behavior that started during quarantine + changes to social media censorship during that time
The thread description is "Regardless of the actual number of deaths or illnesses, the pandemic had a lasting impact on cultures and the political landscape of the world. The pre-pandemic times feels like a distant era now, This includes changes in the economy and the radicalization of many individuals, and I believe we will soon start witnessing the consequences of these impacts." so the post that got banned about people acting radicalized seems exactly on-topic. Or should we just not post there because no matter what we're talking about in that thread we'll get banned?

Lol sorry I use a vpn so I didn't think about that but I changed it

No. 78496

basically it means dont sperg about the vaccine for 2+ days over hundreds of posts. which is what you were doing and why you got banned for it kek. your post even has the "post too long" thing b/c you were sperging out that hard over the vax.
>Lol sorry I use a vpn
so tired of this because it seems like the spergiest anons are the ones that use VPNs so they can ban evade whenever they want and keep on being retarded instead of actually learning from their ban. if you actually read the thread you'd see that most posts before your's were also banned for derailing b/c the infight was going on too long then, but instead of learning from that redtext and dropping the topic you kept at it. you walked right into the ban and now you're upset. just hop over onto a different vpn and continue sperging if that's all you're gonna do why even be angry about a ban if you can just evade it so easily?

No. 78497

You're boring

No. 78498

>Cute round fluffy object is gore
Uh okay. Go back to twitter

No. 78499

The post that got banned wasn't about the vax in any way shape or form. If the problem is vax posts why don't farmhands ban vax posts instead of posts that aren't about the vax? I also didn't make hundreds of posts in the thread wtf. I didn't use a vpn to ban evade and I haven't posted in the thread since I just want to know what is 'on topic' in the thread since apparently 'random shit about how people don't trust doctors' is off topic, COVID itself is off topic, people getting aggressive since 2020 is off topic. There's only like 5 posts redtexted in the thread and only one is about the vaccine.

Two of my posts were banned one was about SSRI diagnoses and one was this one, what was I supposed to 'learn from'?

No. 78500

You need to take a break from the site and learn to read.

No. 78501

That doesn't answer my question at all and AIRT is the one that seems to have reading comprehension issues, and is also assuming that I got some prior ban for vax sperging which I never did.

No. 78502

should pictures of raw steaks also be considered gore? a cow is not a human, you're such a whiner.

No. 78503

If you see other people in a thread getting a derail redtext for a topic in a thread, you should infer that you shouldn't post about the topic lest you be banned as well. It's really not that deep. You were engaging in a days-long infight about something retarded, so you got banned for 6 hours. Boo hoo.
You're the most autistic type of dumbass shit poster.

No. 78504

Yeah, but I didn't see anyone getting a derail redtext in the thread for what I was talking about. I got a ban like 4 hours after I posted my one singular redtexted post, the person who posted after me got redtexted. No one before me got redtexted. What's hard to grasp here?

Where should we post about the topic of 'cultural impacts of quarantine' if not the 'cultural impacts of quarantine' thread is what I'm asking?

No. 78505

How lax are farmhands on shota shit? (Genuinely asking so I know what to report) I see it enforced on lolicon but not so much on shota? I'm not a antifujo but there's too "shota" loving going on in the fujo thread I thought it was outright banned like lolisho? And anything related with it.

No. 78506

I'm pro-fujo and I'm sick of shotafags because the ones that can't shut up about it sound like twitter edgelords. One of the loudest ones is a zoomer from the discord Rancefag came from, big shocker.

No. 78507

>where should we post about how COVID is a man-made bio-weapon and that it's good to follow schizo blogs and learn from them.
try facebook for these kinds of posts. also there were a lot of red texts in the thread if you had just scrolled up because you were in that thread infighting for more than 2 hours that day before you got banned.

No. 78508

Shota is casually posted and gushed about in the fujo thread so farmhands obviously dont care

No. 78510

The translation chinese anon refused to admit the website doesn't say his age or year he was born. It became tinfoil to guess his age based on average graduation ages. Come on

No. 78511

That's literally not what my redtexted post was about though, read the screencap. I just scrolled through the whole thread and there are only 7 redtexts in the entire thread, 2 are for an infight about whether someone's area is still locked down, 1 is me recommending a book about depression diagnoses (banned for not being on the topic of COVID), 1 is about ozempic, 1 is some troll asking if someone has bad shits from ivermectin, and the last 2 are my post about people getting violent and the post directly responding to it. Maybe you should go scroll the thread if you're going to call me a retard who can't read?

Also the previous COOF thread has literally hundreds of posts arguing about vaccines and not being redtexted, I wasn't part of any of those conversations but even reading the previous thread doesn't suggest that talking about vax shit is a bannable offense.

No. 78512

Which server are you talking about? I didn't even know Rancefag came from Discord

No. 78513

i dont know how you aren't getting it, it's really simple, you were derailing the thread so you got banned. that's all it is.

No. 78514

fuck off snitch goddamn. stop browsing the fujo thread. go back to ugly male psyop or some other normie male lust hovel

No. 78515

Can you explain how talking about COVID cultural impacts on the COVID cultural impacts thread is derailing (derailing from what?) It is starting to sound like you're the mod that banned me for derailing and you just have something against people talking about coof-related shit in the coof-related-shit thread after trying to lie that I should have 'learned' from a previous ban about vax sperging that I never got.

I'm not trying to appeal the ban I just want to know what is considered on topic for the thread before I consider posting in it again since I'm such a conscientious lolcow citizen and don't want to do evil lawless shit on this anti-censorship imgboard.

No. 78516

I don't know what they're trying to insinuate. There wasn't anything posted in that thread that was bannable. At worst, the hashihime cg was sus, but it was also used as an example of being bait.

No. 78517

you keep sperging about it can you shut up

No. 78518

>ur the mod
Retards and this tinfoil

No. 78519

I was mostly joking since a mod would know I wasn't banned for vax sperging in the thread but this anon seems very invested and could just not answer if they don't know.

No. 78520

The fujoshi discord they used to link here until mods made them quit it. They came from /cm/, /a/, and /jp/. When you see baity shitposts with subahibi, rance, persona, N, eva, shota, traps, or nitro chiral pics, it's one of them.

No. 78521

I don't think that's tinfoil at all if it says when he graduated from business school, anon. We agree to disagree. There's no birth certificate or newspaper announcement to point to either. But regardless of that, she could have helped with the Chinese forum posts that mention Tom.

No. 78524

This is Polish Canadafag tinfoiler btw. If anyone has a better personalityfag name please let us know kek. Nonna, sorry but your sperging is hard to mistake.

No. 78525

File: 1717625583277.gif (35.17 KB, 112x112, b8f3f945-06aa-4735-b755-b87a51…)

maybe we could have a cowball love containment thread in /m/?

No. 78526

i don't get it

No. 78527

That's why I always switch to phone data before posting anything in Taylor's thread. There's such a high chance of a ban no matter what you post because of the fangirl mod. Ridiculous.

Drop the links to the forum posts and I'll post translations in her thread if there's anything interesting.(admitting to ban evasion)

No. 78528

kekkk the shotafags always make me laugh, what is so damn appealing about cartoon depictions of little boys? do you flick your bean to it or some shit what the fuck

No. 78529

the covid thread is weird to me because it's somehow full of covid deniers? how do they deny the death statistics and hard facts(wrong thread)

No. 78530

Why are you so obsessed with her, schizochan? Let it go.

No. 78531

All evidence points to the dragon birthday anyway. Also, anon doesn't have a concrete year. So what's the point? That does involve tinfoil if they don't have definitive proof unlike the birth years Taylor has mentioned. It all adds up. Denying it makes no sense.

No. 78532

NTA but mentally ill pedophiles calling other anons schizo really is ironic

No. 78533

>believing Taylor's word = evidence of anything
Kek. And she's totally not with Tom for his money either, am I right anon? I mean, she said she isn't, so it must be true!

No. 78534

Its getting really annoying. They've been running rampant for the past few months since they know farmhands don't care anymore. The fujo thread is becoming unusable thanks to edgelord shotacons who thinks shoving their child fetish into other people's faces is so ~transgressive~. They need to fuck off already.

No. 78536

i see more of you whining over rancefag than i do rancefag. anyway if you hate it that bad then stop browsing the thread…maybe mods don't care because they know the "no shota!" rule is literally unenforceable. sorry that cartoons piss you off so bad

No. 78537

No one is obsessed with you, attention whore. Go sperg about anime kids getting diddled with your discord buddies.

No. 78538

>unironically calling other anons pedos for calling out a schizo
You two really are schizos

No. 78539

Have you been following the discussion about shotafags taking over the fujo thread or

No. 78541

And the pedo ship art spammer in the Pokemon thread just 2 days ago
>AHEM, I also daydream about men grooming underaged boys thank you!

No. 78542

is there a no shota rule?

No. 78543

>Do not post or discuss sexualised and/or sexual art featuring minors unless it is related to milk. Any NSFW images posted for this reason must be heavily censored, and all images featuring this subject must be spoilered.

No. 78544

thanks im illiterate

No. 78546

You're reaching. No one said that itt

No. 78547

You're saying Taylor wouldn't lie, which she clearly does kek. She lies about not being with Tom for money, about his level of involvement with his company's pedoshit, about him having so much in common with her, and literally everything else regarding Tom. Now we know she lied about his age too, get over it already fangirl.

No. 78548

What is with anons shoehorning in non-cows when it doesn't even involve the cow? Ozy isn't even posting about Moo. >>>/pt/935040 There's no reason to update about him alone if Moo isn't involved. It's just another scrote.

No. 78549

Proof of his age, anon. Post it.

No. 78550

Taylor's word is not evidence or proof of his age.

No. 78551

Please post proof. No one has. A birth year, maybe? It would make make sense that she was lying if she messed up at one point but she's always kept with the 12 years apart, dragon year bs. So, again, someone being proof of Tom's age or we have to stick with what Taylor is saying and not assume it's a lie because no one had brought evidence otherwise. Unfortunately there is proof in thread about his age from what she had openly said and it matches up with the 12 year difference she said prior to getting their fortunes. Assuming she's lying isn't proof, it's just something anons really want to not be true.

No. 78552

Taylor's word is not proof. Idk why you don't understand that. If you don't want to believe that the article is proof either, that's fine, but her word is still not proof in the other direction. She doesn't have to "mess up" in order for the things she says to be lies, she never "messed up" when claiming that she's not with him for money or that they have so much in common, and yet those things are still lies. Now stop derailing the complaint thread.

No. 78554

Then post something to counter the proof. It's not that hard to do if she's lying. Where in the article does it say his birthday kek

No. 78555

What are you even talking about? Shota hasn't been posted in the fujo thread in like two months. Do you even browse it?

No. 78557

Not those anons but in that post ‘If I was’ is incorrect, that anon should have used ‘If I were’ instead. ‘If I was’ is used for scenarios that could have happened, for example: ‘If I was late for class I’d be in trouble.’ ‘If I were’ is used for hypothetical or imaginary scenarios, for example: ‘If I were a millionaire, I’d buy a horse.’

No. 78564

Why lie like this?

No. 78566

So we can discuss/post SFW shota like shota oni? Some of you kneejerk and sperg over the mere idea of an anime boy being posted when the rule is only for sexualized depictions like anons posting laughter land CGs

No. 78568

The cowball haters are probably one of the most sensitive snowflakes I’ve ever seen. If you are a normal person you would think it’s just some ball of fluff or some shit and not a cowbell, ridiculous as hell

No. 78569

>SFW shota
As if, all of the posts I've seen that could be considered "sfw" were still vile. Lusting over how "cute" the shota is, I don't understand what's with the double standard here with shota? Loli shit is posted only with censors and even sfw has to be posted in only critical threads and only to provide as proof. while shota spergs are going on how badly they want to see a child being raped ans how cute it is and its totally fine beacause its just a fantasy! don't be fucking dense just go see the condition of the fujo thread even if they don't post nsfw of it it's clear what they're implying posting sfw from a porn genre doesn't make it not porn anymore.

No. 78570

99% of anime characters are underage. Shinji and kaworu are 14 and i dont see anyone reeeing about them. Also yaoi is infested with ''problematic'' stuff like rape and abuse. Just learn to differentiate reality from fiction. I dont know how such sensitive people end up becoming weebs, go watch the office like a normalfag.

No. 78571

They were literally whining about boycotting a game because it didn't have sex scenes of a 13 year old in it just the other day. Lusting after young boys is NSFW whether you attach an image or not. And the sexual nature is implied by the very fact it gets posted in the yaoi thread.

No. 78572

Post some proof of this supposed shotacon deluge taking place in the fujo thread in the "last couple of months". Outside of yesterday there's been none.

No. 78573

they arent real though. Seriously, why do normalfags like anime? not everyone is like you and thinks about 3DPD scrotes all the time.

No. 78574

ofc you won't see rancefag since she's permabanned from lc and if she announces herself she'll get her posts deleted.
Admin made a poll last year about it. I can't remember it perfectly but it was something like, all lolisho must be spoilered, nsfw heavily censored and it has to be related to the milk.

No. 78575

the poll was for nsfw, not sfw

No. 78576

>Lusting after young boys
Seriously take your meds anon and learn to differentiate real boys from 2D pixels. If admin wants to have a rule banning NSFW anime art of shotas so be it but no matter your opinion on the subject in no way it is "lusting after young boys". You're blowing this out of proportion and acting like a turbosperg.

No. 78577

>all lolisho must be spoilered
Applies to images
>nsfw heavily censored
Applies to images
>and it has to be related to the milk.
/m/ is an offtopic board. Inapplicable.

No. 78578

I'm pretty sure it was about all lolisho, here I found the post.
The new rule regarding shota and loli is "Discussion and images should only be permitted if it is related to milk, and NSFW images must be heavily censored. All images must be spoilered." This will be added to the rules once exact wording has being agreed on between staff.

No. 78579

And where is the new rule with the precise wording?

No. 78580

weird because they never enforce it then. Welp, now they gotta purge all the kawoshin spam.

No. 78582

shota and loli literally just mean anime children. by that logic we are not allowed to discuss anime like shugo chara

No. 78583

nta but this does apply to /m/, anons have been in trouble before for posting shota and lolishit in the bad art thread.

No. 78584

I don't know, I just remembered the poll and linked it.
You both should read the entire post.

No. 78585

Don't be fucking dense, you know the thing that people take issue with is the thirstposting, not the actual existence of young characters.

No. 78586

Then it's perfectly on topic in the yaoi thread as long as the other two rules are followed.

No. 78587

Then could it mean that the proposed rule in that post was never actually integrated in LC's rules?

No. 78588

I think the rule is retarded because anons think any anime boy that isnt 2 meters tall and super roided is a shota. Anons genuinely believe kirito and shinji are shotas.

No. 78589

So how old does an anime character have to be to not be considered a shota? Is posting nsfw content of a 14 year old ok but if you post a 13 year old it will get you banned?

No. 78590

If mods are insistent on not enforcing the shota rule can you at least make a containment for them? It's getting obnoxious at this point.
The age is irrelevant, it's how the character is drawn (proportions and specific shota tropes/tells mostly)

No. 78591

File: 1717687367074.jpg (130.13 KB, 850x850, sample_05bf372f7960120ea1122a2…)

age doesnt matter, if it has short shorts ITS A SHOTA. I will never stop laughing at the schizo trying to claim this fucking roidpig is a shota kek.

No. 78592

>proportions and specific shota tropes/tells mostly)
jotaro is underage and is wearing a gakuran(japanese school uniform associated with shotas like hanako kun) does that make him a shota? is shinji a shota for being faggy too?

No. 78593

I think the no lolisho rule should really only apply for nsfw because of the gray area. Like >>78588 said, there are anons here that consider Kirito a shota. But also /m/ already has a no nsfw rule.
A containment thread might work, but I don't think mods will go for it. Even if it's just a thread about posting cute anime boys.

No. 78594

a containment thread is a retarded idea, because again what is and isnt a shota differs from anon to anon. Anons just need to learn to ignore what they dont like. I fucking despise the ugly bald man yaoi, but i just ignore it when anons are discussing it.

No. 78595

as a shipping oldfag I can tell you shinji can absolutely be a shota based on how he's drawn. it's all in the drawing style. back in my day we understood this and tagged things accordingly but now everyone is retarded so it's pointless to argue it.

No. 78596

Read the entire post by Admin >>57339
She explained what a shota would be and would not be in general terms.

No. 78597

so basically even they admitted they dont know kek

No. 78598

What I got from that is that if it's sexual or suggestive even without being nsfw, then the image should be banned. But the rule specifies discussion is banned unless it's related to milk. Which they didn't clarify on what discussion of it means. Like someone asked if just saying "I like shota" is bannable, but admin didn't give a clear answer despite quoting them. So I guess all shota discussion is bannable unless it's to talk about a cow. But it seems like a weird thing to enforce in the fujo thread considering there's a decent amount of blvn that contain shota.

No. 78599

Crazy how much women love policing each other, you cant even be free from it on imageboards

No. 78600

On a site made to laugh at lesser people, you're upset that there's policing?

No. 78601

File: 1717690010349.png (13.39 KB, 1168x167, Banned!.png)

this is the ban message I got for posting that Hashihime cg so I'm guessing me discussing it was okay but posting that image was not.

No. 78602

pixy is the average farmer to be honest

No. 78603

Kek if the boot fits

No. 78604

its ''if the shoe fits'' anon…

No. 78605

Why are you and other anons trying to be dense about this? NSFW art, of characters 18 and under, doesn't matter if you see their design to be 18 and older or under, if it is canon 18 and younger you need to spoiler NSFW images. If they are clothes, it's fine, but must stay in containment.

It's not a fucking hard rule and literally makes perfect sense. If anyone is spamming images of shots right now, I guarantee it is shitposting. Normal users know these rules, not nitpick and fight everyone explaining them including the link to the admin post. The trolling needs to be moderated heavier, this is stupid.

No. 78606

Too much toy story on the brain

No. 78607

>If they are clothes
go to sleep ESL chan

No. 78608

The d and s are right next to each other, grammarfag.

No. 78609

Yeah I guess next time either don't post it although I think that image was warranted considering it was an example of a cg used in hashihime to showcase the shotabait or heavily censor it and spoiler it just in case.
I mean the image was just a nipslip and something I wouldn't consider nsfw, but I suppose just censoring all under 18 characters works. But also nsfw art at all isn't allowed in /m/ so any nsfw images posted should be censored and spoilered on /m/

No. 78610

Nitslips are going to be heavily moderated like they said it would. Just follow the rules, a nipslip sounds like someone is trying to get away with posting the bare minimum and hoping they don't get caught.

No. 78611

They attract the same flavor of retard

No. 78612

Or just follow the rules and if you're going to discuss shota shit maybe keep it in the realm of SFW on a SFW board. It's not that hard. The Yaoi thread has a habit of pushing things when it comes to the SFW rules on /m/ even before the whole shotafag discussion.

No. 78613

Summerfags are also destroying the yaoi thread.


No. 78614

No. 78615

If people aren't reporting it, they won't see it. They aren't watching threads like this when there are dozens per board.

No. 78616

Nta but even the sfw anons get banned sometimes and its retarded

No. 78617

Past subjunctive

No. 78618

Please post the examples. I want to see if it outside of containment and if it is actually SFW.

No. 78619

>tfw i can finally get all the kawoshin fags banned
finally, i hate them and their faggy retard ship

No. 78620

Can we call this type of post attentionfagging?

No. 78621

cry about it. Kawoshin shippers are always avatarfagging autists with shit taste.

No. 78622

does that mean i can finally ship kaworei in peace?

No. 78623

I don't even use those threads.

No. 78624

Kawoshin doesn't even get posted outside the yaoi thread. Literally nothing is stopping you from crackshipping Kaworu and Rei.

No. 78625

i remember when the kawoshin avatarfag went to cry to the antifujo thread about someone she hates kek. They are always so annoying.

No. 78626

how is kaworei a "crackship" when its literally canon in rebuild?

No. 78627

NTYfag keeps personalityfagging in the fujo thread and pushes her shit roidpig male-created VN on all of us and is allowed to sperg about it
And since when is Kawoshin considered shota?

No. 78628

File: 1717695025219.jpeg (109.56 KB, 1000x1080, 956E0FE5-F6BF-44A0-B257-3F0114…)

No. 78629

Why not make a dedicated thread then if it's accepted here but also annoying to readers of the fujo thread?

No. 78630

Because women aren’t retarded enough to act on their fantasies and don’t have the inherent pedophilia of the Y chromosome, stop comparing two completely different things

No. 78631

why dont you learn to ignore what you dont like? if we have to make containments for every single thing anons dislike we would have 3 billion dead threads.

No. 78632

I'm litearlly a shotafag trying to find a solution.

No. 78633

>They came from /cm/, /a/, and /jp/.
And your reason for believing this is? Last time I checked Rancefag didn't come from any of these.

No. 78634

i fucking love how she slapped every single piece of media she dislikes onto her boogeyman. Not like eva and persona are some of the most popular anime franchises ever. Must be one single schizos who likes them.

No. 78635

the retards already get enough coddling. The tranny jannies banned a fucking goofy cow ball to baby the autists. Why do you want this site more bubble wrapped than it already is.

No. 78636

Because it's really fucking annoying when I wanna talk about cute shotas and every other reply is people seething about it.

No. 78637

No. 78638

Nona its literally the same 2 or 3 spergs seething and derailing, just ignore them and post with the rest of us as long as its not nsfw. I love how they screech about us apparently spamming and acting edgy but they can never actually provide evidence of this so-called edgy spam

No. 78639

She's literally complaining about people posting nitro chiral (the biggest BLge company) on a fujo thread, she's pretty clearly just mad that people aren't posting exactly what she wants them to.

No. 78640

Posting shota is the only edgy thing ever, but the OP image of a guy slicing open another guy's arm is fine.
I don't even think there's an issue with the OP image and found it extremely retarded when the mods tried removing it a few weeks ago, but it's pretty clear every fujo is a bit edgy.

No. 78641

It's crazy that the complaints and suggestions thread on /meta/ is being used to argue about the logistics of fujoshis. This is the reason we need more redtexts on /meta/.

No. 78642

This. I thought the last thread got some moderation. Anons coming here to make complaints or suggestions and then anons reeing about it need to stop. I think mods need to ban replying.

No. 78643

just report them for infighting

No. 78644

Quick question, how is the sperging about Pixielocks’s eating habits nitpicking/derailing and doing a breakdown of her finances ban-worthy autism? Meanwhile in the Shay thread anons do quite literally the exact same thing, almost every single time she posts food, and there’s not a single ban? An anon posted a made-up breakdown of her earnings on video/percentages/etc too and that was fine.

No. 78645

I’m no ntyfag lore expert but she based that list from a friendfinder post on fc by a user with whom she had frequent infights with because they don’t like each other’s favourite VN. She accuses everyone who criticises her or her favourite VN of being that user and calls them an edgy pedo despite being a furry and drawing anime boys pissing themselves not to mention the fetishes in said VN. This is like the third time she made a call out post at this point she needs to be permabanned.

No. 78646

How do you know that she’s a furry?

No. 78647

I'm tired of NTYfag shitting up the thread. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the retard who ousted Nucarnival into its own thread.

No. 78648

File: 1717698929657.png (622.93 KB, 828x691, 01.png)

She’s also the person who made that hamas x jew art. Not edgy at all

No. 78649

ew shes that autist that posted that drawing of anime guys pissing. She's disgusting, and she dares to call people edgy. Is she the same autist who spams that moid in suit pissing himself?

No. 78650

They were literally just standing next to each other in the background. How is that canon

No. 78651

Because they post the same shit there, they reuse the same pictures all the time and talk in unintegrated 4chanspeak that makes them stick out like a sore thumb here. People have been complaining about discord tards and lolcow getting namedropped there for months, claiming a bunch of obnoxious shotafags came from 4chan not an outlandish schizo tinfoil.

No. 78652

I don't see why not. Might as well try making a thread. Worst case scenario, it dies and people migrate back to the fujo thread.

No. 78653

No. 78654

Leave her alone she's my favorite fujo thread user slash cow. Nonnies complain the cow boards are dead and then don't know when to step back and enjoy some freshly served milk from actual schizos. Report her for the rules she actually breaks and let her draw weird and edgy hamas/israel anime boy fanart for our entertainment

No. 78655

She's gross and obnoxious. she posts pissing fetish art everywhere like a retarded unsocialized autist. At least the shotafags post sfw cutesy art, which is miles better than the gross shit she posts. She posted her pissing fetish art unspoilered on the art thread recently >>>/m/387251 if you are going to draw degenerate shit at least be good at drawing

No. 78656

Why do furries always get mad at shotafags anyway?

No. 78657

I left her alone for all this time even though she’s been shitting the fujo thread up for months but at this point it’s no longer entertaining. I don’t care about her degeneracy but if she's going to be a hypocrite who calls other users pedos I'd rather not see her post at all.

No. 78658

Probably bc there's aspects we can't factor in, it is nitpicking or tinfoiling thus leading to derailing. I've noticed this a lot more on w lately. Also food nitpicking across the board needs to stop. It's so bad now for no reason and not even milky

No. 78659

They constantly advertise the fujo thread to scrotes on /a/ I wouldn't be surprised if there really were some gay scrotes frequenting it by now

No. 78660

care to provide caps?

No. 78661

Please post an example of a post mentioning shota that looks like it was made by a 4chan scrote

No. 78662

bitch i have been here since 2016. i survived the kiki chimpouts. i used to make ops for onion and shoe threads. i browsed mystery.jpg's post history in horror as i saw her agree in response to my posts. i've left lc and relapsed at least 6 times. i spent half of my teens on lolcow and i have nothing to lose or gain anymore. i'm not going anywhere, i will stay on this shitty dingey til it sinks.

also, i'm not a furry.

No. 78663

File: 1717700881412.png (50.09 KB, 720x344, Screenshot_20240606-140304~2.p…)

>In response to someone saying they don't know where is a good site to post about BL
just Ctrl+F lolcow
Its happened several times before this but I can't be assed to go dumpster diving, it's been brought up in a previous meta complaint a few months ago here where someone was advertising it on /jp/ as well.

No. 78664

Personalityfags get the electric chair

No. 78665

Punished NTYfurry

No. 78666

Doesn't really seem like this is at all connected to the discord

No. 78667

you should have used that time reading loomis

No. 78668

The discord is a bunch of 4chan edgelords, is it that far-fetched that 4chan edgelords would talk about LC on 4chan? They shill fujochan to those scrotes as well and do the exact same kawoshin fanart spamming.

No. 78669

File: 1717702157262.png (285.83 KB, 871x843, 1000012102.png)

they're attacking >ntyfag now because it's all true btw. they're faggots who kept posting about lolcow on /a/ and /cm/ bringing in some of the biggest autists on this side of the spectrum who plague /m/ and /ot/ now, and they shilled their shitty discord in the fujo thread until they got banned for it.

dumbass shit and funposting are dead, they couldn't stop baiting and fighting with the antifujos instead of just ignoring them, now they're still spamming unfunny shitposts everywhere and shotasperging after that troon-rigged election disaster hellbanned it, animecore/webcore 4chan newfags are up there for the most insufferable type of newfags to exist.

you can go through the fujo threads and see links to the discord in question. mods started deleting them when the shilling got out of hand, but some (dead ones) are still up >>>/m/316192
it's picrel discord owned by someone claiming to like all of the things the /a/ newfags keep spamming, here and 4chan. someone said rancefag was in there but i don't know whether that was true or not, i didn't pay much attention to the drama with her.

No. 78670

newfags truly cant comprehend how ANONYMOUS imageboards work. And they dare to call anons summerfags.

No. 78671

Glad I switched to phone data before posting this too kek. Retarded mods. If you didn't ridiculously overmoderate Taylor's thread unlike what you do for any other cow, it wouldn't be necessary. Kek @ the mod posting unsaged in Tay's thread and bumping it to the very top, thanks for that.(ban evasion)

No. 78672

Lesson of the day for /ot/, /g/, and /m/ newfriends: never get caught with your pants down around a sperg because you never know who might turn out to be a schizo /snow/ oldfag kek

No. 78673

No one cares about your discord drama, this is about scatfags feeling morally superior to shotafags

No. 78674

are all oldfags huge cows? you would expect someone who has been here from the start to have some form of shame and not post her pissing fetish art all over the site

No. 78675

Of course nonna. Kiki one of the biggest cows was a prolific farmer herself, and for years much of the milk in Moo's thread came from her own costhot entourage. Anyone using this website for more than 5 years is deeply stunted and mentally retarded, saying this an oldfag myself.

No. 78676

File: 1717703148932.jpeg (547.03 KB, 828x1415, IMG_4114.jpeg)

we should have a rule against furfaggotry

No. 78677

the things i missed on for being a filthy PULLfag

No. 78678

>you asked how it relates to discord and I provided
lrn2read. it isn't discord drama, i wouldn't be posting if it was. it's to outline how the discord is connected to this.

yes, newfag. you wouldn't know because to you this is just the silly girlboard to thirstpost about anime boys and own da moids.

No. 78679

>it's to outline how the discord is connected to this.
But the person from 4chan you posted was posting about Gintama?

No. 78680

There's a reason why pull always called us toxic. They weren't wrong, but look who's the last one standing haw haw.

No. 78681

>you wouldn't know because to you this is just the silly girlboard to thirstpost about anime boys and own da moids.
why do oldfags want this site to be about bullying women so badly? you know you would be the first in line with your weird piss fetish and schizo posts

No. 78682

PULLfags had their name attached to the post so they were more careful about what they posted. I am glad all my cringy nitpicking thinly veiled jealous posts are dead now.

No. 78683

i didn't post that person from 4chan, go namesearch lc in 4chan archives yourself if you don't believe us that it's been mentioned there.

No. 78684

Nta but that's the admin's wishes

No. 78685

I don't see how any of the shotafags that were posting yesterday are connected to that discord. The only one mentioning Hashihime and shotas was me and I'd never join a server of someone who likes traps

No. 78686

>why do oldfags want this site to be about bullying women so badly?
because to put it bluntly the site was created for bullying women and gurg and nothing will top the days before it lost the plot and became female reddit.
>you would be the first in line with your weird piss fetish and schizo posts
i'm not screaming about my love for piss from the rooftops to make sure everyone knows how edgy and cool i am. i dropped a spoiler one time, oopsy, maybe we need to enact a sitewide piss ban now like what happened to shota.

No. 78687

>sitewide piss ban
You'd just be pissing off a bunch of /g/ nonas.

No. 78688

Nta but check the posts >>78541 linked
>baity 4chanspeak
>NxKaworu posting in between
This type of thing has happened in past fujo threads. There's also the picture of the crossdressing boy from Subahibi that someone keeps reposting and the discordfag has him as her profile picture.

No. 78689

>pissing off
5.1/10, corner of my mouth twitched

No. 78690

because this site was built about cyberbullying.
faggots who come here exclusively to blog about their lives are insufferable

No. 78691

This is why I hate oldfags, not everyone is interested in cyberbullying some people just want to only post on a site that doesn't allow men and trannies.

No. 78692

if you aren't interested in cyberbullying don't use a site made for cyberbullying, simple as

No. 78693

>i'm not screaming about my love for piss from the rooftops to make sure everyone knows how edgy and cool i am
Because nty isn't edgy at all and you never mention it?

Okay. I was still the only one posting anything that might have been inappropriate yesterday and even so multiple anons chimped out after someone else simply said shotas are cute. The issue isn't "baity 4chanspeak" it's moralfags like you not knowing to ignore posts you don't like while being into things that are just as degenerate.I hate the subahibi sissy posts but it doesn't matter if she's posting or not the thread will just turn to shit anyway

No. 78694

Honestly it is frustrating when I’m browsing /a/ and someone casually namedrops lc, I get stunned for a minute because no potential decent farmer stuck on 4chan is worth potentially bringing moids here too

No. 78695

clown on clown violence

No. 78696

Why the fuck are you guys talking about shit and piss? Like where did this even come from?

No. 78697

It's because NTYfag has a piss fetish and likes a game by the same company with scat in it (RN9).

No. 78698

>why do oldfags want this site to be about bullying women so badly?
That's… literally what it was made for…

No. 78699

Because cows are more interesting than your blogs

No. 78700

how does someone blogging on /ot/ interrupt cow threads

No. 78702

there's a gazilion sites where you can blog about life, mental health, anime and nigels. there aren't many sites built around making fun of cows.
/ot/ is way active and attracts shit users who then complain that lc is built around cyberbullying uwu

No. 78703

third and last time i'm trying to warn you guys: Anonymous Gene is modding the Onision thread. I managed to prove that several times now just look in the logs.
Look in to it.(no1currs stop personalityfagging and ban evading )

No. 78704

Why the fuck are the retards on /fujo/ encouraging that personalityfag?

No. 78705

>the furfag is winning
It's over anon

No. 78706

Confirmed vendettafag keeps posting in taylor thread kek

No. 78707

She's our thread cow.

No. 78708

You can't even access the fucking logs on the posters side. Stfu.

No. 78709

Because she participates in the thread like a normal anon most of the time and doesn't take her Nty sperging out of /fujo/. Every game they talk about in /fujo/ contains rape, piss, beastiality, scat, shota, incest, guro, or a mix of the above. Shotafags who derail every thread to shriek about their love for boycunny and grooming don't have any room to talk about one piss fetish drawing.

No. 78710

she spams piss shit everywhere and never spoilers >>>/m/341722

No. 78711

She doesn’t participate normally since she’s personalityfagging

No. 78712

two pictures isn't spamming kek. i agree that nsfw should be spoilered but you do understand you're worsening the situation by sperging out about her

No. 78713

she posted that shitty faggot pissing himself in that thread several times

No. 78714

>post made during a 5 month old infight with a Hypnosis mic character is your only example of this
Lel. She's a personalityfag because she has autistic passion for a bl game no one else cares about, as long as it stays in the dedicated thread for bl it's harmless.

No. 78715

she also posted her pissing fetish, uncensored again, in the art thread >>>/m/387251 its funny she seethes about shotafags when she has a more disgusting fetish she tries to shove down everyone's throat.

No. 78716

you can stop defending yourself in third person now

No. 78717

>I can accept pedophilia but I draw the line at pee

No. 78718

she's a personalityfag because people who hate what she posts won't stop going "AAIIIIEEE LOOK LOOK SHE'S POSTING AGAIN SHE'S POOOOOSTING!!!"

No. 78719

>Shotafags who derail every thread to shriek about their love for boycunny and grooming
who has done this? i see anons whining about shotaposters mass derailing but they never link proof that isn't blatant bait such as >>78541

No. 78720

File: 1717718810216.png (Spoiler Image,423.72 KB, 828x725, HMsjnzb_ndnm.png)

This is fine I assume

No. 78721

Can farmhands start banning these anons that insist on infighting on this thread about shit that's not relevant

No. 78722

>bringing up a straight hentai game not one soul has mentioned like it's relevant
okay now you're really starting to look obsessed. let it go, other anons vouched for the discordfag cow story and shota is against the rules.

No. 78723

We don't even have a discord. Why the fuck are anons bringing it up??

No. 78725

It's not an LC discord, it's a fujo discord that was created by LC users and shilled here for a while before mods cracked down on it being posted.

No. 78726

/ot/ could be deleted tomorrow and still the cow boards would be dead

No. 78727

schizo vain bitch scotefoiling over an obvious female poster AGAIN in gioyc

No. 78728

t. a retard who doesn't know where they are

No. 78729

I think "y'all" should be redtexted.

No. 78730

this person continuing to do to but now trying to gaslight people into thinking the post you can see hours ago they ranted at is about them and now i can’t post about the same thing i was posting about before without being accused of responding to them back?

No. 78731

This is racist against true American southerners!!

No. 78734

That was a funny fuck-up

No. 78735

i hate it when im reading a thread and i keep seeing posts and then they disappear and i dont know if i imagined them or if they just got deleted stop gaslighting me!

No. 78736

This would actually be funny, but instead, I think mods should have two separate attention colors. Redtext is good, but what about green or blue for slang that is specific to newfags? Delulu, IMO I think ya'll should be there too, i can't think of others right now. I know I've seen other anons mention some, but that would be fun.

No. 78739

This is the truth admins don't want to hear.

Just look at this simple issue turned massive infight: the fujo thread had a good resident cow and instead of politely gawking (and reporting unspoiled pics when needed) anons can't stop sperging and trying to drive her away. It's over for cow culture. Almost the same thing happened to homunculus100.

No. 78740

File: 1717743073243.jpeg (736.12 KB, 1170x1142, IMG_5057.jpeg)

Why am I the only one who was redtexted for saying that mood was decent smh

No. 78741

File: 1717743115073.jpeg (501.27 KB, 1162x1258, IMG_5056.jpeg)

No. 78742

Mods are retarded if they think I was calling the creature in the picture cute kek

No. 78745

>I think mods should have two separate attention colors.
no ty.

No. 78746

NTYfag's personalityfagging irritated me, but I would've been content with gawking and occasionally reporting like you said. But the problem started when she started going out of hand and sperging at anyone admitting to not liking the game she shills and tinfoiling about that discord drama no one cares about. The other fujos participating in that thread need to respond less to both her and the baity random trolls that occasionally invade the thread.

No. 78749

Ah sorry nonna this is my fault. I made a report saying all of the replies UNDER this post is infighting as you capped here >>78741 I guess they didnt read what I put so sorry about that

No. 78750

The anons sperging were the 4chan newfags in question, I don't think anyone else really cared. I just hope this information leads to less people engaging with them and their shota shit because that isn't a problem exclusive to /fujo/.

No. 78751

the scrote that was in the oldweb thread earlier made a website basically calling for men and troons to raid lolcow with a link here, just wanted to give farmhands a heads up since there might be gore/cp spam incoming

No. 78752

I'm asking them to check it, you idiot. but i guess the mods are fine with Gene pretending to be a chick modding for this site.
I mean what harm can it do for you people to actually check my claims? Why does this board /meta/ even exists when we keep begging you to do your job and you just keep banning the people trying to get you to get off your lazy ass and mod?
Oh well, I tried.

No. 78753

This. Personalityfag is lolcow's new favorite buzzword.

No. 78754

real. they don’t know what constitutes cowish behavior either. trolling and shitposting and making fetish art doesn’t alone make a cow

No. 78755

Taylorfag ban evading, double check samefagging

No. 78756

Accusing people of ban evading should be a bannable offense itself at this point. You can't see IPs and have no proof

No. 78757

File: 1717768412245.jpg (591.35 KB, 1080x1804, Why is anon retarded.jpg)

Is this the new way for anons to try to bypass nitpicking from mods, by adding in their dumbass comments to the photos and then posting them instead?

No. 78759

Yet anon admitted it several times lol

No. 78760

why can't you just hide the thread? you're really obsessed with what other people post about this person

No. 78763

if you think shota=pedophilia then do you think 99% of yaoi is real rape? do you only read coffe AU shit?(wrong thread)

No. 78764

Some users actually enjoy threads about cows when it's not all reaches

No. 78765

I find it neat though, it's easier to understand which comment op is replying to, instead of posting multiple times with separate photos and replies, or citing each comment individually.

Doesn't mean it's the same anon lol The anon you linked sperged about Tom's age and Chinese forums and kept freeing even after the discussion was over. This one seems different, at least to me.
And how do mods detect ban evading or samefagging in the first place if I constantly get ban messages of other farmers when using a vpn? If they can't tell who's posting, how can they know if it's a ban evasion or not?

And others just scroll by if they don't like the discussion. At this point jannies bans everything - ana discussions, filler discussions, plagiarism discussions, infertility discussions etc. What are we allowed to discuss? Taylor's beauty and incredible talents?

Also what happened to the rule about abusing the report button, because Taylor's fangirl are surely busy checking the thread regularly and reporting every single post.

No. 78766


Why did this get no milked? She got a custom harness for her fake service dog. It's from her own account.

No. 78767

90% of the people who say "y'all" online aren't actually from the American South. They're retards from elsewhere copying how they think the cool kids on Twitter talk.

No. 78768

That's me and I'm not the food/ED anon. I'm pretty much only in the thread for Tom related shit. See this why you don't accuse people, you have no idea kek.

No. 78769

Has nothing to do with cosplay, lolita, or weebery. That's what /w/ is about in case you forgot

No. 78770

Also it's a harness, who cares? The milk on w is so bad in all that's but pixie.

No. 78773

Not exactly a complaint because it was a short already-expired ban and all, but why the hell did this saged post >>>/snow/2001622 get an "already posted" ban when the point was not to post the same pictures again but to show other anons their context, which they were wrong about? They were saying the cow hid the pictures when in reality she posted some herself and actually replied to the others, is it because I said she wasn't ugly? Kek the egirl thread has some weird jannies, you should consider getting people who aren't cows themselves to look over it

No. 78774

They are the same photos >>>/snow/2000340
Just a different format.

No. 78776

File: 1717789958647.png (18.13 KB, 648x346, nyaposts.png)

Yes, and they being the same photos with her replies is the entire point. This is what was being said in the posts I replied to. Is lolcow so low on data space that including the pics with her replies counts as ban-worthy?

No. 78777

The issue is that anons discovered where they were before you needed to post that. It wasn't necessary.

No. 78778

They clearly didn't, they're saying she hid the pictures and replies, which I'm showing was not the case, there was no need to "search her username in the search bar", and it was actually on her replies, when they're saying they found it "not though her actual replies". It's just a small correction, hence the sage.

No. 78779

Might be better to delete the trapfags posts from the art critique thread on /m/ since she will ban evade anyway to interact with anyone replying to her

No. 78780

That femboy poster is annoying and they make themselves very obvious, even with trying to switch up their typing styles.

No. 78781

In what universe is a furfag commissioning a FAKE service dog vest for her ILLEGAL wolfdogs with the logo of her fursuit company on it not milk?

No. 78782

How do we know the service animal is fake though?

No. 78783

being fat isn't a disability

No. 78784

Anon, so it's assuming it's fake. stfu no wonder the post got banned

No. 78785

assuming it's fake is fat? What does even mean you wk fat furfag retard

No. 78788

What do farmers think of /w/ and /snow/ being merged since /w/ is barely even active outside of the Pixielocks thread and like two others? A lot of the /w/ threads end up just getting locked and being told to take the subject to some /snow/ thread anyways

No. 78792

She has never completed any training with Nymeria as a service dog and has a history of lying about her animals being service animals. No one needs to spoonfeed you.

Service dogs are not treated the way Stef treats the dogs she has brought to conventions. Why are you defending this retard?

No. 78793

i never though separating the weeb cows from /snow/ was a good idea in the first place

No. 78794

In the world where /w/ is for milk regarding cosplay, lolita, and weebs. The animal shit in her thread has always been off topic and annoying. Anons just get desperate to talk about something when she isn't doing her skinwalks.

We've discussed it many times and most people agree it should be merged back into /snow/. But the admins refuse to put up a poll or anything about it, and really haven't communicated with the user base about anything in quite a while, so it's not happening.

No. 78795

Stef used to be a cosplay cow and now she's a furfag therian cow. Venus isn't a cosplay cow anymore either, should her thread be shut down for being off topic?

No. 78797

I’m personally for just merging /w/ and /snow/ but that leaves more OT boards than cow boards. IMO /g/ /m/ and /ot/ should just be merged because there’s so much overlap. Like Husbando thread could be in /g/ or /m/ and stuff like bad art and awful character designs could be part of normal /ot/

No. 78798

nooooo don't merge us with the de/g/ens

No. 78800

I'm very much "hide the thread if you don't like it" but this is fucking retarded kek.

No. 78801

I feel like this person is self- or stealth-promoting this literallywho twitter account. sorry if I'm wrong.


No. 78803

I was under the impression that /w/ and /snow/ were split up because /w/ users (especially Venus anons) were shitting up threads in /snow/. I wouldn't mind a merge back because /w/ is pointless now that Venus was moved to /pt/
I don't think I'd personally like it if we reverted back to /b/ like 7 or so years ago, I think /m/ has a chill vibe, and /g/ is unhinged anons thirsting over moids. I think /ot/ tends to get very repetitive with similar threads popping up (specifically off my chest/confessions/vent). Imo having it the way we have it now there's less of a risk of cross-contamination of retarded anons shitting up the /m/ threads

No. 78804

Venus got moved to /pt/ a while ago so yeah. Stef will take up a new cosplay skinwalk as she always does, sometimes there's longer lulls than other times but she always goes back to it. Just let her thread be until then. If a significant amount of time passes without cosplay milk, then she should be moved to /snow/ or a furry milk general if there is one.

No. 78806

>>>/ot/2040567 can this be moved to m?

No. 78807

>The animal shit in her thread has always been off topic and annoying
why do you get to decide this? Her animal shit has been there since day 1, her animals are part of her larps. Her entire life is a series of cosplays. No one needs you reporting everything in every /w/ thread, just don't read them. But maybe as a personal favor you can leave my favorite cow's thread alone and stop minimodding it. ffs no one deserves a thread more than her.

No. 78809

Okay and there are the boards made for cows (pt, w and snow + celebricows thread on ot) and boards made for other interests and off topic content (ot, g, m, 2x). You know we can have both, cow boards and other boards. I don't understand the fuss

No. 78810

Double post
Yeah exactly, the anons complaining about this are probably PULLfags. Like for example KF doesn't ONLY have the cow subforums, they also have the offtopic one(s).

No. 78812

>You're the one reporting all over /w/!!
Nta, but you sound like an idiot. What proof do you have? I've reported stuff on /w/ too. Theres more than 5 people on the board lol

No. 78814

I'm pretty sure PULL also had off-topic boards.

No. 78815

File: 1717862262669.jpg (402.28 KB, 1058x1212, Vendettafag.jpg)

The googledoc anon is using this thread as their personal army and cannot stop stalking the cow and posting the doc everywhere she posts and manipulating any milk currently and future wise. This is ridiculous. When there's a thread that's clearly a vendetta to keep it going, shouldn't it be closed? This user keeps coming back and repeating their same schtick. They are personalityfagging now at this point, letting everyone know that they are the maker of the googledoc every chance they get. I know the post has already been banned, but this is such a blatant case of a vendetta.

If anything it should be autosaged, not locked, so that they can't keep bumping the thread for their vendetta.

No. 78816

Go outside anon. A lot of cows deserve an active thread more than her, look at Taylor who literally defended pedophilia and racistly called it a cultural thing, yet her thread gets overmoderated by fangirl farmhand.

No. 78817

I have a feeling it's the same person replying to themself in the art post thread again, it's the same argument of their work getting a lot of feedback, and then becoming an argument about pyw-ing. And normally that thread is so dead .

No. 78818

File: 1717873098084.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.31 KB, 828x303, IMG_4150.jpeg)

ban all tradthots

No. 78819

it appears the same scrote is back to his attentionwhoring and ban evading in the oldweb thread

No. 78820

Should Pixielocks and Shayna just move to /pt/? Like I get they’re supposed to be the /w/ and /snow/ mascots or whatever but their threads just end up clogging each board’s catalog. They both (especially Shayna) have their face all over banners too and Shayna literally has >>>/shay/ dedicated to her when iirc now other cow has a hidden board dedicated to them (/pt/ stopped being about just Pixyteri so I don’t count it)

No. 78821

Shayna isn't anywhere near as milky, she only has that stuff because shaynafags are super autistic (and /shay/ was supposed to be a one-off April fools joke but anons begged admin to keep it)

No. 78822

Not sure if troll or anons really need to stop mentioning lc on other websites

No. 78823

Pretty sure it's just a low quality bait post. Ofc the retards are taking the bait and replying though. There was a similar post in the ftm thread on /snow/ the other day, I think it's just this person's shtick at baiting.

No. 78824

AYRT and regardless of how milky she is, Shayna does have more threads than any cow does. At this rate she’s probably the main reason lots of people are even on lolcow

No. 78825

but having tons of threads isn't how a cow gets /pt/ status, and with shayna it's because of shaynafags constantly fighting/sperging with each other over dumb shit for hours resulting in the thread getting filled up quickly, rather than due to anything shayna herself does.

No. 78826

Why on earth would either of them go to /pt/? Neither of them deserve that status. Having lots of threads doesn't mean they go to /pt/. Iirc didn't Lillee Jean get moved there only on her 3rd thread or so?

No. 78828

Tbh profilic cows need only need to be on PT. Like ones who have had news coverage and not just one or two videos about them. I can't think of anyone who covered Shay that went viral. Belle could've but anons fucked that up majorly.

No. 78830

This sounds like a scrote tbh. Women don't talk like this, it's the kind of thing men say to child free women

No. 78831

the fact that misogynistic insults are double-edged swords when coming from a woman (old hag jealous of hot young girls, empty egg carton, cocksucker, dickbreath) has rarely stopped pickmes from using them.

No. 78832

We've got a crybaby scrote in the vent thread with hurt feefees about circumcision

No. 78833

This is dumb because there are women who absolutely talk like this kek

No. 78834

farmhznds pls wake ip and do something about the moid in vent thread already

No. 78835

You’re the retard bitching and moaning and begging Jannies to ban me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78836

Unhinged Taylor nitpicker won't take the food nitpicking hint lol >>>/w/328029 how many ips is this now

No. 78837

Shayna has peaked as a cow. Her milkiest era was in Tulsa. There's really no point in moving her threads to /pt/.

No. 78839

Male in Moo's thread >>>/pt/935267 a whole crybaby post about men discarding women after 30

No. 78840

Honestly, dickbreath/cockbreath should automatically warrant a ban if it's being used in reference to a woman and it isn't a quote. I'm not even straight and it creeps me out to hear women described that way, usually by tradanons LARPing as polilez.

No. 78841

Unsaging wk in the proana thread on snow

No. 78842

I have never seen any woman shame another woman in that way for not wanting a kid. Like they still do it but not with that kind of language, it's usually shit like "but you would make such a great mom!" If it's someone trying to imply that a woman's life is totally empty without having a child, there's a 99.9% chance it's a scrote, because other women know that women are full beings with hobbies and interests and stuff

No. 78843

The amount of times I've scrolled past and read a sw trying to nlog, someone nitpicking her vagina, or the shit eyes sperg. Ngl though I've grown accustomed to it and wouldn't want it any other way kek.

No. 78845

nta who posted it but that's not about food or Taylor, it's about tom.

No. 78846

I know a lot of jannies now are transplants and clearly not paying much attention, and I get it. moderating a dying board full of retarded newfags making painfully shitty jokes while also dodging tons of cp and gore sucks a lot. There is no incentive for you to do anything but the bare minimum, but for the love of God can you at least try to stick to succinct, dry red rexts and bans. You're supposed to seperate yourselves from the same tone that idiots and invalids use, your redtexts shouldn't be as clumsy as the average sperg. Its funnier to be as simplistic about it regardless, the moderation had that going for it years ago. A lot of you just aren't funny and that's okay, dont try to be at the very least.

No. 78847

It's about Tom's minute of fame, not about food, retard. Learn to read before hittimg the report button.
And when it comes to nitpicking, at this point it's miss janny nitpicking and banning every post that has food in it. The food pics are not about the food itself, they are proof that she is ana and actively dieting despite being skin and bones. I'm glad that anons post those because then if someone dares to mention her ana they won't be banned for tinfoiling. (Who am I kidding. they will be banned anyway)

No. 78848


No. 78849

Wow did the mod just delete the post about Tom's baking? Wooow, that's a new level of petty. Just wow.

No. 78850

That anon is definitely lying about making that document. Not sure how they keep ban evading either, but they really need to be completely blocked from the site because they're trying to shit up the thread. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was Micky herself, considering she's done that before.

No. 78851

found the janny

No. 78854

How do you know it's thd mod? Anon could've deleted it herself.

No. 78855

Just came here to ask.
>How do you know it's thd mod? Anon could've deleted it herself
it had been there for hours

No. 78857

It's not micky and why would she follow herself around and post the doc to every social media she has? This is a user obsessed with her getting any online attention. We have unhinged anons, it's okay to admit it. The tinfoil that it is the cow doesn't even make logical sense.

No. 78858

Honestly the thread was never about Tom. It's about Taylor. Girl is ban evading so much that it's a show in of itself.

No. 78859

He's in the fucking title of the thread, retard. Just like Lori/Kev thread, they're both cows and it's about both of them

No. 78860

Because Micky has raided her own thread before. Also that doc was only seen posted on jojo's vid about micky and the twitter thread she made. Not hard to look at Micky's pages and see that anon is lying. Wouldn't be surprised if Micky's gearing up to start shit in her local community again.

No. 78861

Since when are mods deleting posts in cow threads (I'm not talking about cp etc.)? Is redtexting not enough? Although there was nothing to redtext in the first place. If there's any more proof needed that the mod is a braindead fangirl, this is it. Couldn't have been more obvious.

Seconding this.

No. 78862

Does it feel like there are more summerfags than usual to anyone else? I've seen lots of bait, namefaggotry, and other rule-breaking lately.

No. 78863

Considering social media is at its peak and nearly everyone can be online as long as they have a device and wifi, it's not surprising.

No. 78864

I am making the new camgirl thread. I was curious if I could make a note to post Belle Delphine in the Instathot thread. She doesn't really belong in the camgirl thread and I am tired of seeing posts about her.

No. 78865

File: 1717959198851.jpeg (77.57 KB, 587x202, IMG_1203.jpeg)

Let’s see if the mods will find this and ban it for racebaiting. If they don’t then they have no business banning people for talking about other races, these asian mods are so self-hating and inconsistent

No. 78866

When someone ban evades and keeps posting. This has always been a thing.

No. 78867

It's not though.

No. 78869

I'd love for an actual admin to speak on that. Whether anon ban evaded or not, the post was on topic and anons replied to it. there was no reason to delete it. Nor is that listed anywhere in the rules or info as something that gets posts deleted.

No. 78870

Janny overacted and abused her power. She will stay low and ignore the issue until we move on lol Good luck getting explanations. At this point they bend and twist the rules however they find fit. No other thread in w/ is as overly moderated as the Taylor thread. It's ridiculous.

No. 78872

Almost all w has a bunch of redtexts right now and have for months though. Self posters, derailing topics, scott and Terry have larpers pretending to know them, Jill is like the only milky person.

No. 78873

No, don't bother. This was tried already. Her posts have been getting banned anyway because they haven't been milky and just nitpicking. Otherwise its been sympathy posts like the paypal situation. She does videos and cosplay, so it's whatever.

No. 78875

I'm still wondering how ban evasion is even provable. Unless the person admits to it or is reposting the exact same thing, isn't just the mods guessing?

No. 78876

Pretty sure the mods can tell. Admin has mentioned people being detectable before which would follow some tinfoil I read last year about device-specific stuff. Might not be the IP that gives it away in that case.

Also some users do have a habit of coming back and posting the same thing they got banned for like the micky w thread

No. 78877

The thing is the post they removed wasn't like the ones banned upthread. It was a post about Tom's insta post, not even about Taylor and her meals or tinfoil about Tom's age. That's what's strange.

No. 78878

If it was from someone constantly getting bans then that's most likely why. Just saying this as an oldfag. This has happened before in Belle's threads and before in a few of the /snow/ cow threads. Also on /m/ and recently with a femboy self-poster who can't take criticism. If this is happening on a lot of boards, I think it's safe to say that this might be a last resort thing for mods. We don't really have confirmation, but it's been implimented here and there for years.

No. 78879

Ignoring all the retards who wanna infight about whether or not off-topic boards should stay

Still proposing nu!boards be
>/comm/ for community/fandom drama
>/snow/ merged /w/, /snow/, /pt/ board
>/pt/ is reworked into either a pixy or legacy board that catalogues the site's history or pt's
Instead of a sitewide board merge any old threads or boards would be locked but still viewable to users serving as more of an archive and to ease the transition.

No. 78880

People who have been so annoying and distinct that they regularly ban evade are generally easy to spot. And besides that, yes it is possible to track if you truly want to based on cookies. Thats how they got Kiki.

No. 78881

then an admin should confirm. There's no reason to remove an on-topic post that generated responses.

No. 78882

Cry about a single letter typo, annoying autist

No. 78883

The grammarfags are so irritating. It's like a different kind of infighting to correct someone.

No. 78884

I don't think jannies can see cookies though.

No. 78885

Pretty sure only admins could see cookies and not mods. Mods are just guessing, there's no other way they can know, unless someone is continually looping through the same few VPN ips or something.

No. 78886

Men eugenicsposting in unpop opinions again. Surprise surprise

No. 78887

They dont need to do all of that, but if a cowposter is in fact suspect and egregious enough then they can appeal for their cookies to be tracked.

No. 78888

Moid in the tif thread

No. 78889

Wtf mods, why are there so many moids posting today?

No. 78890

I'll throw this out here to anyone passing if you weren't here when that thing would spam porn, cp, and excessive schizo takes meant to annoy women, he always referred to "the tranny janny", and I mean like 100s of posts. So if you're online and you see even one post that says those 3 words in order or any odd, slightly word salad-y variation of it, it's him. He may find a way to drag one or two of his only schizo internet 'friends' here to do some pathetic attempt at a raid, but its also very likely most if not all posts are actually his. He's severely mentally ill and abuses drugs while sitting at his pc all night and day, he has all the time in the world. He takes thousands of screencaps and shares them in dumb discord servers claiming he's owning Le Ebil Terf Dykes when most of us are neither of those things. If you were here for his prior spamming (where thousands of posts were deleted) you'd be able to identify the weird fake-trad way he talks.

No. 78891

Tranny Jannies tranny Jannies tranny Jannies

No. 78892

What is this schizobabble

No. 78893

What age are you

No. 78894

You aren't being a le epic troll. You aren't offending anyone, riling them up, or hurting their feelings.

No. 78895

Lolcow screenshots have been posted on /r9k/ and kiwifarms recently

No. 78898

Speak for yourself, I am extremely offended kek

No. 78899

We have yesterday’s circumcision obsessed cp posting scrote in the unpopular opinion thread

No. 78900

He’s also in the TIF thread, for some reason

No. 78901

File: 1717987644035.jpeg (391.61 KB, 799x1073, IMG_4021.jpeg)

fuck it I guess circumcision is the word of the day

No. 78902

Was about to complain about the same thing, fucker was in snow and now ot, who fucking cares about penis being cut

No. 78903

But who will think of the men and the sensitivity they lose that they could be using to COOM, RIGHT NOW

No. 78907

>Most female rape victims orgasm during their rape,

No. 78909

Don't respond to him nona, he posted cp on Saturday when nonnies weren't buying his shit. Best just to ignore and report when you see him posting. I don't know why he thinks lolcow is the place to post his drivel, but I digress.

No. 78911

Triggered scrote on unpopular opinions seething over women preferring circumcised cocks

No. 78915

>I don't know why he thinks lolcow is the place to post his drivel, but I digress
Because he keeps getting a reaction. Don't feed the troll is one of the oldest and most basic rules on the internet and newfags still don't get it.

No. 78916

I swear to god there is some triggered (indian?) scrote who always brings up inter-racial porn or other weird shit anytime something bad is some indian or black men

No. 78917

Weeks ago some Indian scrote wanted to post a selfie in the ugly men psyop thread

No. 78918


No. 78919

Yea cause I posted some ugly Indian shaman looking men in response

No. 78920

Shaman probably the wrong term not native American, like some bollywood travesty I'm not well versed on the nomenclature

No. 78921

I'm willing to bet a substantial amount of the racebait on lc likely comes from him

No. 78923

anon shaman isn't a native american term or concept…

No. 78924

Too many aro/ace anons recently, kinda cringe

No. 78925


No. 78927

Probably zoomie summerfags. Please link me to their posts so I can bully them kek

No. 78928

File: 1718043929410.jpeg (90.87 KB, 735x740, IMG_1321.jpeg)

a lot of the red texting recently is pure autism. No social awareness of what’s a joke or not, or taking things seriously that are clearly not meant to be taken seriously. There is an epidemic of genuinely autistic Jannie’s and I will not be silenced

No. 78929

porn on /ot/

No. 78930

Debated putting this in general questions but it would lead to suggestions anyways, sage since it’s a question. Since it was talked about if OT boards were harming the cow boards’ traction and it led to people talking about how KiwiFarms and PULL have OT boards and their cow boards are fine I was wondering, what do other farmers think sites like KF, PULL, and even GuruGossipper are doing right that makes them more active than lolcow that could be added here? (Sans maybe PULL being more active since it’s been a dying forum for a while now and all the good threads are locked or dead anyways plus it’s almost unnavigatable)

No. 78931

can the obese mod that thinks pointing out badly fitted outfits means someone is an anachan in the mikan thread fucking chill already

No. 78932

Anon, eithouts mods this site would be overrun with shit threads, cp, threats, underage posting, newfags doing whatever they what, troons, maleposters, grooming, god knows what else. Sorry to rant but the mods are extremely helpful. Take a xanax.

No. 78933

KF has "better" or more entertaining cows, real trainwrecks. LC has mostly Shayna and photoshop threads lol.

No. 78934

What the fuck is up with the /w/ farmhand(s)? They're banning for the most utterly retarded shit ever, god forbid somebody post a synopsis of a cow because then you get banned for autism. Post breakdown of a Pixielocks' finances? Banned for autism. In the mikan thread how the fuck is referring to her fat- which she has- ana-chan material? They're not calling her fat at all. Do you think that underweight people literally have no fat on their body? Jesus christ. I appreciate the increase in bans for weird newfag whiteknights/samefagging 3 posts in a row, but you need to lighten up because some of these bans are fucking stupid.

No. 78935

I'm no fan of how /w/ is moderated but that cal/$ breakdown of pixie's dumb pasta dish was autistic, and I don't think calling a woman's skin fat makes any sense. You could put Eugenia Cooney in that outfit and pull the strings to get "rolls" - it's skin, anon.

No. 78936

All this sounds fucking dumb to be posted

No. 78937

This is true: the moderation on here is much more swift than other boards like 4chan. I’ve seen a lot of CP and gore posted here but thankfully it always gets deleted within a minute usually

No. 78939

We need a new crop of mods, though, at least the last ones had a sense of humor that DIDN'T result in people being banned because they didn't understand the joke.

No. 78941

Hi farmhands. There's a you-know-what in the unpopular opinions thread. And this one from the looks of it. Thanks in advance for clearing it up.

No. 78942

I like the snow and pt ideas, but I'm not sold on /comm/. I feel some of that merges with /m/ and it can be confusing.

No. 78943

Did you miss the Shaymin saga, or are you intentionally pretending it never happened for the sake of us all kek?

No. 78944

I didn't say pasta dish, I said her finances. I'm talking about the tax situation post. Completely unwarranted ban.

Also Mikan is nowhere near Eugenia level, either way fat or skin it's unflattering and the anons were all dogging on the designer, not calling Mikan fat yet they were banned for being an ana nitpicker. Would the mod be less triggered if they referred to it as skin popping out?

No. 78945

File: 1718070231096.png (100.42 KB, 976x938, comparison.png)

Am I wrong to think this is the same thing? Aside from the doxxing redaction. Are they just unhappy with how it was typed? Both posts have estimated earnings, fee breakdowns, rent, etc. Why is it ok in Shay's thread but not Pixie's?

No. 78947

racebaiters in unpopular opinions

No. 78948

/ot/ jannies wake up there's a schizo making shit threads and unabashed racist and homphobic bait un unpopular opinions. again.

No. 78950

Bc most of it is tinfoil, you guys don't actually know what she's spending and what on like Shay. Shay actually posts prices of shit and rent bc she begs for it online. Jill however, we have an anon saying where she lives and trying to get that be the truth of rent and other bullshit.

Can you guys just be normal in the threads???

No. 78951

Personally, a cow's finances doesn't really interest me nor do I find it funny when people go to extreme lengths to state the obvious; "X is bad with money or is fucking poor" like in the case of people getting DSP's bank information to learn what he'd been spending his money on but, the redtext was mainly for the doxxing info than the cost breakdown. Janny's right tho, anons in pixie's thread have been their own breed of autistic for years now.

No. 78952

It wasn’t because of the dox, that was only updated when I just checked it to post the screencaps. Initially nothing was redacted and it was just “autism” (and it was that for a while) which again isn’t warranted if the Shay stuff is ok. I honestly wouldn’t care as much if it didn’t seem like certain behavior gets ok’d in certain threads and banned in others. Wht is that? In general Shay threads are way worse than Pixie’s too

The doxxing was redacted, I won’t say what it was but it was related to her bf, not where Pixie lives. She also posts pictures of bs she buys all the time, I don’t see how it’s different. You don’t know how many subs Shay has, or what her rent plan cost is, it’s also “tinfoiling”

No. 78953

Why do nonas argue so much about /w/ cows? The most boring cows on the entire site. It's a ghost town over on /w/, and yet I'd say the vast majority of cow related complaints in meta is about /w/ cows?

No. 78954

Because their boring non milk gets moderated

No. 78956

I mean in my case my complaint is about the mods, not the cows. If they regularly banned the retards in the Shay threads for nitpicking Shay’s fried sushi and Onlyfans sub tinfoils I wouldn’t have posted anything.

No. 78957

Yes, but there's almost no moderation, so at least 40% of every thread is shitposting, blogging, and derailing. Their cow summaries are also often horrifically outdated, and even jumping between highlights doesn't work because most of the highlights are unfunny jokes. that's the problem with having one gigantic thread. I went back and re-read the Jillian threads where she went to Tokyo for the first time, and it was pretty easy to navigate because the threads summarize milk and index previous threads.

I'm getting really tired of the blatant homophobia. It's clearly a bunch of trads using """man hate""" as an incredibly thin pretext to say shit that would get them banned anywhere else (and used to get them banned here!). Idk about you guys, but the pride threads in /ot/ used to be for complaining about spicy straights and corporate nonsense, not dancing on the graves of people who died of AIDS. I've been here for seven years and I distinctly remember a time when that sort of stuff would warrant redtext. It's not "defending moids" to be creeped out by anons who sound like Anita Bryant.

No. 78958

You really can't compare Shay to other cows. Her threads are filled with nitpicking and stupid shit for a reason. It's moderated, unlike other cows. /w/ however is different because it has cows that are held to milk standards.

No. 78959

/w/ isn't /pt/. it's being moderated wrong. it was just meant to be weeb adjacent /snow/ because non-weebs on /snow/ hated not understanding weeb threads. it's not meant to have a higher standard. half the stuff that gets redtexted on /w/ is undeserved.

No. 78960

Because the moderation there is noticeably bad and extremely overdone compared to /snow/ and /pt/. It's extra weird because of how slow the board is and this just kills it even more, as if the mod wants it to die. /w/ is the only board where we're not allowed to have saged non-milk conversations about the cow and it's just like… why.

I like this idea. The current board metrics don't make sense. Why is Momokun is /pt/ even though her drama is mainly cosplay related, which is what /w/ is for? Why is Venus in /pt/ when her drama is mainly weeb related? Why is Pixielocks in /w/ when she doesn't cosplay or wear lolita, and isn't much of a weeb? Etc

No. 78961

How is Venus milk weeb stuff when it’s mostly about her alcoholism, personal behavior, downgrade of lifestyle and failed human relationships?

No. 78962

/pt/ is supposed to be for exceptional milk and legacy cows. moo had a time were she had a huge milk overflow so she's considered exceptional, venus is there as legacy now. exceptional milk is going to become legacy over time. you can't be demoted from /pt/ either, cows earn those spots. also jill is 100% a weeb, up until the did larp she was trying to start a "jfash" brand for her self-proclaimed jfash. she also cosplays, is getting back into jfash and based some of her did personas off of anime.

No. 78963

Way to out how new you are. If you don't understand what /pt/ is why are you criticizing it?

It wouldn't even matter if it was, anon doesn't know what /pt/ is for.

No. 78964

Tbh it’s funny to see newfags call for /w/ and /snow/ to merge considering /w/ only split off a few (? I no longer remember how long) years ago. I still think they should be split. It’s only less active because most older /w/ cows have wisened up and cleaned up their act enough for people to stop airing their dirty laundry, and people don’t care enough to make threads for potentially milky weebs/cosplayers. That and a few threads on snow could go on either, like the egirl thread.

It doesn’t make them wrong to think that /w/ is overmoderated, that’s only been within the past few months.

No. 78965

strongly agree with all of this. the faggot spergs are also often unsaged and inserting their comments in completely random discussions in a very unintegrated manner, which rings the newfag bells to me.

No. 78966

In both shay and pixie's thread cost breakdown like that is giga autism but, the redtext feels warranted because of the information posted - but later given more context. Mods are still people and its obvious each, depending on the thread, inteprets things differently. Shayna anons still fall under the umbrella of "a different breed of autism" too but, in both cases imo it should've been a redtext. A breakdown of a cow's finances isn't really funny and unless it's related to a cow's milk feels unnecessary to know which is probably the initial thoughts janny had before reports came in mentioning the other info and the changed the redtext.

No. 78967

I agree, I think the retarded bans just incentivizes even more sperging about those topics as well because anons get annoyed and question it instead of just moving the thread along

No. 78968

>unless it's related to a cow's milk
Shayna's financial status is milk. She's spent years bragging that she's a thriving sex worker living a luxury sugar baby lifestyle, when in reality she can't even sell asshole pics to coomers for $3 and is struggling to make rent. Also there is nothing in the Shayna post that comes close to doxing because it's all publicly available information. Her sales are viewable on MV, she herself has posted her own OF sub numbers and she openly posts about where she lives on twitter.

No. 78969

I've been here for 4 years lol. /w/ moderation has only been terrible for the last year or two. If you go back and look at threads from 4-5 years ago, fun was still allowed. Seems like there was a change in mod between those times.

No. 78970

This and needing to know where they live needs to stop. Anons hinting at cities, complexes, roads.. like why the fuck are anons trying so hard to do? Of course w is being held to stricter standards regarding this anons have tried pinpointing:

Chris Abroad
Belle Delphine
Taylor R

Why are we doing this??

No. 78971

honestly something needs to be done about unpopular opinions. not even dumbass shit was this bad. it's just 24/7 racebait and infighting

No. 78972

Damn I can't believe someone who found lolcow in 2020 has now been here for 4 years. Time goes too fast kek

No. 78973

people who respond to bait need to be banned. I'm still in favor of a no-responding rule ala Get-it-off-your-chest because it would allow unpopular opinions to still be posted but it would cut down on the baiters who we all know just want the dopamine-hit of getting replies.

No. 78974

Terry too, also finding his exact workplace and job title (things he doesn't mention publicly and requires a bunch of deep research to find out). It's creepy.

No. 78975

Yeah and yet anons have a habit of calling anyone who hasn't been here since the very beginning a newfag. Just because someone isn't an OGfag doesn't mean they're new.

No. 78976

Being called a newfag isn't always an insult, and many anons have been here since far longer. Moderation has been wishy washy the past few years and has only gotten particularly terrible very recently anyways.

No. 78977

Newfag is more like a state of mind rather than how new one is. For example, if you've done your lurking and blend in well enough (integrate), you could have been here for only two months and we'd be none the wiser at your newfaggotry. On the inverse, a lot of anons who joined around the time that you did have brought in some unsavory habits from around the web, and as a consequence the site's culture has shifted greatly from the way it was pre-2019 (some might argue even earlier than that). They would get called newfags in spite of their being here for 4 years, although the further we get from 2019, the fewer anons actually remember what retro LC was like.

No. 78979

if you don't know what pt is meant for you're a newfag at heart.

No. 78980

Why isn't the Favorite Lyrics thread on /m/? It sticks out like a sore thumb on /ot/ imo.

No. 78981

Personally I think mods should just let it stay on /ot/. It’s been on /ot/ for such a long time, it’s mostly free from infighting (which is a breath of fresh air on /ot/), and would just clog up /m/ even more. Despite being one of the slowest boards, /m/ actually suffers the most from being poorly organized

No. 78982

Political bait in the MtF thread.

No. 78984

Genuinely what are you referring to

No. 78985

>it’s mostly free from infighting
i wish. someone got snappy in there towards me a few months ago and I still don't know why, I guess the lyrics were too long or something

No. 78986

I just checked unpopular opinions for the first time in forever and wow, it really is just the new dumbass shit, just more negative and infight-y. Autosaging dumbass shit/retarded shitposting continues to be retarded decision

No. 78988

not autosageing unpopular opinions is the real retarded descision

No. 78989

Posting a boring non-milk Tweet from Brianna Wu because the anon thinks that Joe Biden is a pedophile.

No. 78990

I wish you could hide/filter threads in the catalog too. There's so much trash on /m/ I have to always scroll past

No. 78991

Use the "find in page" tool on your phone or ctrl+f if you use a pc. It'll jump right to the word so you don't have to scroll

No. 78992

Same. I’m begging you, cerbmin. Please add a search function to the catalog. And add the catalog link to the top of the screen finally.
>Use the "find in page" tool on your phone
This doesn’t work for me.

No. 78993

Yeah same. I used to be able too but it's like it's broken now and the catalog just freezes up on mobile. Maybe it's a bug. I'm usually on a dektop so it's not a big deal but it is annoying.

No. 78996

I need help changing the color. I remember there used to be a button to change your screen's color theme on lc, iirc there was pink, black, girltalk, etc but I never used it, I just left it on default and I went to change it today and it was gone. It might have been gone for a long time, but I've never checked. Am I doing something wrong?

No. 78997

There’s a dropdown menu for “style” at the bottom right of the screen. That’s it

No. 78998

Ayrt that's what I meant, the menu is gone

No. 79000

Weird, it’s there for me. Must be a bug? Unless, are you in lite mode? You have to exit lite mode to change styles

No. 79003

Not in lite mode, but on /shay/ the menu appears, but the only option is pink

No. 79005


Personally don't think it should be allowed for anons to tell other anons where in the vicinity of towns or areas a cow lives. It's on the edge of doxxing. "but it's public information" but not publicly distributed openly on a massive board visited by 1000s of users. That's the difference. It just seems unsafe and the amount of anons bragging about knowing where cows live recently is really not okay. That's a level of obsession that needs to be handled.

No. 79006

Really personal details like finding out a cow's job title, posting zillow posting's of their homes, etc. etc. things that take some effort in finding that isn't related to milk and just there for the sake of it should really be cracked down on… Doxxing is more kiwifarm's thing than ours and I get it's a case by case issue since some info is posted just to disprove lies a cow makes make or other situations from tax fraud to cheating scandals but, it should at least be frowned upon to post that info for the sake of it. In pixielock's case there have been anon's in the past that've posted things like her parent's house just to tinfoil about where she'd be able to smoke while on a trip. Or back in the day in Kelly Eden's thread where some anon took pictures of her at some final fantasy event, some orchestra if I remember, where she was just hanging out with her friends and not even doing anything remotely milky.

No. 79007

Sometimes it comes off as trying to flex that they know where a cow lives.

No. 79008

File: 1718259456724.png (348.99 KB, 750x744, m3005.png)

I'm going to say this again: the homophobia is getting really out of control, particularly in /ot/. It's clearly gone beyond just normal moid hate and into straight-up bigotry. It's only a matter of time before anons stop qualifying it with "moids" and just start trashing gay people of both sexes. There's also just been a lot of blatant partisan political bullshit lately (unrelated to troons or gender). This shit ruined Kiwifarms, and it'll ruin LCF if it isn't nipped in the bud.

If it absolutely has to be allowed, it should be contained to 2X. /ot/ has the highest density of retardation on the site, and I think that the gender critical thread there may have emboldened the political refugee trad types who lurk there.

No. 79010

we've been getting swarmed by newfags and moids in small waves constantly lately, I wouldn't put too much stock in the increase you've seen if it's recent. just report obvious bait or infighting about it and move on. the mods here do not seem homophobic to me but they don't really police stuff like that either unless they see the userbase reporting it consistently. there's not really a rule against homophobia but the lost /pol/tard and tradfags etc that post in that obnoxious way about it are annoying and generally get banned if reported in my experience

No. 79012

CP spam on the front page

No. 79013

CP on ot

No. 79014

I wish we had a separate weeb board

No. 79015

Thank you for being so fast, mods.

No. 79016

Can we have a new hellweek? This place is teeming with baiting moids

No. 79017

The last month or so has had some of the worst summerfaggotry I've seen in years. Idk what happened, the last hell week wasn't even that long ago.

No. 79018

it won't work, ban evasion is way too easy. the only solution is to ignore them but some anons are allergic to ignoring the most obvious bait

No. 79019

People really need to stop conflating nsfw and porn or nudity. >>78591 is nsfw as is most of the shit on /m/ but that pic wouldn’t be breaking /m/ no porn rules.

No. 79020

Agreed, these past weeks have been particularly bad.

No. 79021

Can we auto-sage unpopular opinions for a while? It's getting just full infighting and just terrible shit

No. 79022

Just report bait and don't respond

No. 79023

why not just auto-sage every thread on /ot/ except celebrity gossip

No. 79024

Report bait and infighting. What makes you think the people on that thread won't just carry their bait to a different thread?

No. 79025

Why was this not the logic that was applied to dumbass shit? Why is it that we couldn’t report bait and move on? Did the janitors not realize back then that the bait would be carried to a different thread?

No. 79026

clearly not and they're not willing to admit to their mistake

No. 79033

There’s a vegan having a meltdown in the vent thread. >>>/ot/2048563

No. 79034

I so badly wish we had a tech board. There are certain ideas and topics that I would like to discuss that simply wouldn't fly in most tech forums which are male dominated and I hate that.

No. 79039

it's a vent thread

No. 79040

nta but the way OP was responding to everyone makes it feel more like the unpopular opinions thread kek. like arguing for the sake of arguing.

No. 79045

The vegan diet lacks many of the essential nutrients necessary for psychological functioning so I'd give her a pass. She also didn't make any of the bogus claims that veganism is better for the environment, she just lamented that more people don't eat a vegan diet.

No. 79047

Would a tech general be an ok substitute?

No. 79048


Second time asking and probably the tenth person to suggest this, but can empath's thread get locked? it's just self-posting & vendetta posting or just pointless nitpicking that keeps bumping the thread. she's not milky for doing outrageous things for attention (on LC too) and shopping her pictures badly, she loves the attention she gets here and im sick of seeing her bumped for what is likely a self post and her just looking haggard or screaming drunk… she has requested to follow and message me and my friends really stupid crap because we like the same posts on one page, no doubt for people to post her online and make her more 'notorious'.

No. 79050

That's kind of what the thread is for

No. 79052

Dog and cat haters shouldn't be allowed to post their psychotic opinions and confessions in other threads, keep them in their designated threads. The fact that they don't get banned for posting their absolute lunacy and evil acts outside of their designated thread is some bizarre double standard. I swear the /ot/ mods just want the place to fall apart leaving only the worst of the worst. Can't have fun at all, but we can talk about poisoning dogs for hours!

No. 79053

100% agreed

No. 79055

This. Tbh why have them at all? The threads are never valid complaints or just simple discussions about annoying aspects of pet culture, it’s weirdos talking and fantasising about people’s beloved animals dying.

Literally no better than the scrotes on r/childfree and the fuck uh things they say about kids

No. 79056

It's not for infighting with anons about their eating habits for several posts, no.

No. 79057

Dumbass wasn't full of bait it was full of unfunny unintegrated users using the website like a chatroom

No. 79059

I think it would die rather quickly but better than nothing ig

No. 79060

No. 79063

For real. Seeing that shit in the confession thread… fucking foul. It's so weird we have people on this site who act like that, deranged.

No. 79064

Can we take dumbass shit autosage now

No. 79065

This is a site for documenting lolcows. This is not female 4chan where we'd have all the 4chan boards but girl versions. Why don't anons understand this? Why not make some separate image board to be the girl 4chan you guys want?

No. 79066

seconded. Look at the absolute state of this website and tell me dumbas shit was the problem

No. 79067

racebait in the burgerland thread

No. 79068

Hide the thread

No. 79069

try not being so obese

No. 79070

so not siding with an oppressive religion makes you obese? that doesnt make a ton of sense

No. 79071

This sounds like a twitter comeback a faggot male would use. Leave.

No. 79072

this isnt /pol/ go be retarded somewhere else

No. 79073

…what is retarded about not wanting to be a fucking burqa maid? oh my fucking christ go back to washing your husbands feet or something.

No. 79076


>No!We CANT have one more unrelated board, just make a new website!

It's weird that you are so opposed to the idea. We already have separate non related boards so where's the harm in having one more? This is one of the few female dominated imageboards that we have and creating/sustaining/moderating a new one is not as easy peasy as you think it is. You can have your lolcows and separate boards in one place, kiwifarm does it so why can't we?

No. 79077

Triggered male in unpopular opinions thread >>>/ot/2049757

No. 79078

Hi farmhands, there's a lost something in unpopular opinions. Thanks in advance for cleaning it up.

No. 79079

Hey mods you deleted my comment in the crossfire of this triggered male and I'm not a "triggered male". Please don't make dissenting opinions from other women a banable offense. It is a genuine question why women don't pursue STEM more often and I am curious how many here do. Please stop deleting comments there's no problem with or at least give a reason for why you deleted them.

No. 79081

were you replying to the male / adding to whatever he started?

No. 79082

I hate that nonnas keep using the /snow/ western animation cow thread for general cartoon discussion.
Would the mods redtext me if I started (very) passively aggressively reposting their random webcartoons to the /m/ thread that they apparently aren't aware of?

I don't think there would be enough nonnas interested in that for a whole new board. That probably would be fine for an /m/ thread.

No. 79083

Every night I pray to cow heaven that I will wake up the next day and see admin announce /img/ has been created

No. 79084

racebait is bannable whether you want it to be or not. you should leave the board entirely if you can't adhere to rules.

No. 79085

Bring back dumbass shit, autosage unpopular opinions instead.

No. 79086

You're not the first or last person to request a new non-cow board. Anons have requested a travel board, a craft one, an anime one, etc etc. You guys all want female 4chan which this site is not and was never meant to be. Admin has said themselves they want to keep this site focused on cows.

Kiwifarms is a shithole, why would we want to be like them in any way?

No. 79088

idg why they can't just use the already existing threads for those topics, there's already a tech thread too (plus since most of those threads are already kinda slow an entire board for those topics will probably have 2 posters per month max kek)

No. 79089

Bring back dumbass shit, I'll burn this place to the ground bish

No. 79090

Are Americans no longer allowed to discuss our own country in the corresponding thread, you asshole?

No. 79091

this. the offtopic boards were mainly put in to redirect all the offtopic shit in cow threads. plus a girlchan already exists… crystalcafe… take it or leave it.or that one all the kpopfags migrated to if that's still around

No. 79092

So sick of bootlickers. No one asked you. No one gives two fucks what you think. Anons are allowed to ask for whatever the fuck they want and they either get it or they don't, take yourselves out of the admins ass for just a solid five minutes and ask yourself why you're even here.

No. 79093

File: 1718481244329.png (10.94 KB, 896x155, Screenshot 2024-06-15 154944.p…)

This seems so insanely nitpicky. I don't even remember what post this is referring to so I'm assuming it was a while back

No. 79094

Please learn what that means.

No. 79095

That’s what I don’t understand, the existing threads are barely used, but there’s somehow enough of a demand for an entire new board?

No. 79096

They were so nice to you and spoonfed you the explanation of the terminology and still you complain. The gall. Should’ve just banned you for newfaggotry/being unintegrated. Lurk more. I know exactly what thread this is from and so do you because there’s probably a picture of it you cropped out of that screenshot.

No. 79097

There was no screenshot you fucking faggot. Newfags make themselves so identifiable by screeching 'NEWFAG!!! LURK MOAR!!!' at the most random shit kek

No. 79098

You’re right, nonna. I saw the post I think this was, kek. It’s pretty obvious why the post got redtexted and farmhands were even nice about it

No. 79099

ban messages usually show the post you were banned for. post the whole ban message and redact your IP if you want to prove me wrong. the screenshot here >>79093 clearly doesn't show the whole message

No. 79100

I doubt that ban lasted a few minutes, let alone any time at all. You're lucky farmhand let you know before you made yourself look like a bigger retard.

No. 79101

I guess I was? I'm not sure how it was discovered to be a male, probably from post history but I zoned out by the time it started claiming there's no women philosophers and its lame duck argument of why women didn't fight to have rights. /ot/ is a shit place to have any serious discussion on this shit but /2x/ is mostly dead aside from tranny sperging.

No. 79103

Fuck cerbmin, this place is a fucking dump

No. 79104

File: 1718559536785.png (64.61 KB, 950x370, 1000014984.png)

i miss this admin the most

No. 79105

It's the one everyone hated and who allowed doxxing of users. No.

No. 79106

File: 1718590136810.jpg (113.59 KB, 800x800, woman-has-headache-woman-stres…)

It's almost amusing how every admin starts out strong and then quickly gets tired of us and abandons us. Same pattern every time.

No. 79107

Can we please ban the anon that keeps spamming about how "girlies can only prostitute" in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 79108

Burritomin? She was really paranoid by the end of her run, thinking every anon was out to get her with some kind of psyop. I don't remember that. Did she actually dox people or are you just talking about post reveals?

No. 79109

do people get banned here just for supporting trans people? genuine question because I don't see it in the rules

No. 79110

Yes. Go back to Twitter, handmaiden

No. 79111

probably should've saged that.
also I don't support them I was just wondering if it was an official rule. It probably should be so theres no confusion for people who don't know. less of a headache in the long run.

No. 79112

We don't have to sage in /meta/, newbie. It's not a rule, it's just part of the culture. Newfags need to lurk and integrate, something we all had to do for a while when we first got here

No. 79113

I think it shouldn't be banned as a rule but it should/will be enforced bottom-up rather than top down.

No. 79114

Ban the scrote with victim complex in the unpopular opinions already.

No. 79115

There is a difference between having an board that is on the home page and easily seen and accessible versus a thread thats lost on /ot that would naturally not bring as many nonnas interested on the topic.

No. 79116

admin is not gonna make a new board just so the thread you're interested in gets more attention lol

No. 79117

Instead of adding boards for every neglected interest thread, I think we need to discourage spam threads and help slower, higher quality threads stay afloat.

No. 79118

The schizo is back on the blackpill thread in the woman board, it's just sad reading her rageposts. I've been polite but she clearly craves attention and confrontation.

No. 79119

She claims to hate everyone in that thread, but keeps posting in it. Clearly an attention whore wanting to derail the thread. Just ignore her

No. 79121

Nta but that doesn't even make sense as an insult.

No. 79122

Someone made a thread in /snow/ that they're shitting up with namefagging

No. 79123

/2X/ is a quarantine board for selfhating women who think feminism is blaming everything bad in your life on your gender. No amount of moderation is gonna fix those retards with obvious degradation fetishes, they're just gonna keep calling women cumdumps and say sexual pleasure is humiliating for women.

No. 79124

it was good to have a terf board but it was ruined by rightoids and blackpill spergs. rip
also the newfag is still bumping up his shit thread >>>/snow/2005540

No. 79126

namefag (plural namefags)
(Internet slang, sometimes derogatory) A person who uses a name online (either their real name or a username) as opposed to posting anonymously, especially on the 4chan community. quotations ▼
namefag (third-person singular simple present namefags, present participle namefagging, simple past and past participle namefagged)

all my posts are anon and all my cows names are linked to their public social media. go find something to do with your life

No. 79127

Nothing good lasts for long. I was on the side of anons who wanted it to be open to public but once that happened it flooded with men, far rightists, self hating ftm women, misogynists etc.

No. 79128

The retard has ban evaded again, the black pill thread has potential but its being ruined by him

No. 79129

Lurk moar, this isn't 4chan and namefagging here is anything that's not "anonymous" kek

No. 79130

you clearly have no idea how this site works. lurk moar or gtfo

No. 79131

There's a racebaiter on the unpopular opinions thread sperging about inbreeding

No. 79132

>doesn't know what the term handmaiden means

No. 79133

half of binkieprincess’s thread is just her whiteknighting herself. post reveal when? >>>/pt/935886

No. 79138

i honestly don't find it fair how the tradthots thread got locked due to all the baiting and infighting, while the unpopular opinions thread's whole purpose seems to have become just that and yet it's still not locked or at least put on autosage like the dumbass shit thread.

No. 79140

Because the tradthots thread was on /snow/ and the users were warned several times to stay on topic. Unpopular Opinions is on /ot/ and the dumbass shit posters are still having a mental health crisis over their thread being autosaged.

No. 79141

No, it was always cancer. Even keeping it hidden was not enough. We don't need it. We never needed it. This is a cow board for dramu and sperg, not whining about troons and men. Take it to ot or fuck off.


No. 79142

File: 1718726273103.jpg (141.32 KB, 1787x107, Untitled-4.jpg)

How is this not racebait? Once again the black girls thread gets a free pass to be racist and mods allow it

No. 79143

cerbmin didn't start out strong because she was lying about everything.
>there aren't 3 admins, just one
>there are still multiple unofficial discord servers where she communicates and all the mods hang out
>she did not get rid of mods on the shaymin team
that and she's not being transparent about anything, including the current mod team beef that is ruining the site.

No. 79144

>all white people are innately racist
Come on, anon. That's clear racebait.

No. 79146

>Take it to ot or fuck off.
NTA but the whole reason why /2X/ exists is precisely because manhate threads (and tranny hate threads, until recently) were banned on /ot/.

No. 79147

That's what the ayrt said?

No. 79148

lol missed the 'not'. I think I'm too used to anons coming here and complaining about obvious bait as if the big bad mods are the ones to blame.

No. 79149

Can we ban picrews from the next husbandofag thread? They add nothing of value and promote personalityfagging. Nonnies can use the picrew thread on /m/ instead

No. 79150

oh boohoo the mean anons don't like your nigels.
retards seething about muh terves shit up threads just as much >>>/m/393454

No. 79151

we should have a “worst parents of lolcow.farm” award this year. the top contenders would be laur trueman from the lillee jean thread for ruining a whole person >>>/pt/935962 and freyja/itsblackfriday from the altcows thread for abandoning her special needs child during surgery so she can gallivant around the world going to goth festivals with money she scammed from her followers >>>/snow/1942859 with an honorable mention to binkieprincess/tangerinemommy for selling abdl porn and keeping pedos in her follower list even after she had an actual baby, who she won’t stop posting uncensored pics of even though the only reason she has a following is her diaper porn >>>/pt/864707

No. 79152

I wish. Im almost expecting them to reuse the picrew thread pic for a third time.

No. 79153

Ayrt, I will literally make a new thread with a non-picrew threadpic in photoshop (I can upgrade the elsie merch boxes edit with more husbandos since that seemed like a popular idea) but I don’t want to get flamed if I add “use the picrew thread for picrews”

No. 79154

Can we please ban nigeltalk from that thread too?

No. 79155

Yes please

No. 79157

Idea for a cow board but maybe celebrity cows can have its own board where the Celebricows thread, the Grimes and Elon Musk thread, the Doja Cat thread, the Dan Schneider thread, etc. could all be moved? They all admittedly don’t really feel right in /snow/ or /ot/. Or would it be DOA with how much is covered in main celebricows and how inactive all the individual celebrity threads are outside of the Grimes/Elon one?

No. 79159

Can a mod please force the skirby-anon in the photoshop thread to go make the girl her own thread? They keep posting the boyfriend and unshopped images and random long worded posts that aren't even photoshopped images, but just photoshop complaints. She needs her own thread, please. The user is already treating the photoshop thread as a personal skirby one anyway. Even moving them to the e-thot girls you hate thread would be a better fit.

No. 79160

can you make an international board for cows? i want to discuss spanish cows but kiwifarms sucks. Please our literal president is collabing with a minecraft youtuber and i need to talk about it with someone.

No. 79161

There's already one. Nobody uses it.

No. 79162

where? or you mean the spanish thread?

No. 79163

Omg glad I'm not the only one noticing that. However I don't think this skirby girl has enough milk for their own thread, if the posts in the photoshop thread are anything to go by kek. I'm just sick of the clearly newfags shitting up the thread and then arguing with the mod over getting banned. Like ffs fucking integrate

No. 79164

You can make a Spanish cow thread on the relevant board. For example /w/ has a German jfashion cow thread where anons talk in German. You don't need your own board to make a thread

No. 79167

No, it's a hidden board called /int/ however I don't believe you can make new threads on it though. Basically they made an international board and it didn't gain much traction so it was closed and locked. I think the same thing would happen again (lack of interaction) if they tried to remake it. A president collabing with a Minecraft YouTuber does sound funny though, you could try to bring it up in the Spanish /ot/ thread?

No. 79168

It's so fucking annoying. I dont want to see random life updates from a cow in the photoshop thread. This user(s) have taken over the thread. None of the other PS threads were like this and required photoshopped images only. This update crap about her life, her clapping back, the constant uploads of her ugly boyfriend and their hijinks isn't milky to a photoshop thread. She needs her own or to be moved.

Not to mention the vendetta around her.

No. 79169

i mean can you blame them? people always get mad at the admins but never look at why they often give up. this is the pattern i've seen every time over the years:

>new admin(s) comes in, honeymoon period commences

>everyone is excited, gushes over the new admin
>"i just know you're going to be better than the last admin!" goo goo gah gah
>new mod team goes heavy on the banning/moderating (justified or not)
>"why the fuck did i get banned for this shit? fuck you admins! rot in hell!"
>admins and mods try to explain their reasoning for the bans, it's always the same thing…
>stop infighting, stop unsaged sperging, stop policing other anon's opinions, stop reporting posts in bad faith, so on and so forth
>reeeeeeeeeeeee it's not fair reeeeeeeeeee this place is no fun reeeeeeeeee
>mods expose the loudest anons for being very recent posters, underage twitter refugees, or literal mentally ill schizos
>said anons start spamming /meta/ and the admin emails with abuse
>the worst ones start posting cp and gore in retaliation to try to get the boards taken down by the feds
>"wow, this place has really gone downhill!"
>admin has a breakdown, goes silent, stops responding to emails and thread posts
>eventually goes awol
>suddenly announces his or her resignation
>anons start infighting in even more
>"the state of lolcow rn"; "this place is dead as fuck, i wish they would close the boards"; "can we just have (whatever board or thread everyone is bunched up in)? i don't really care about anything else. i just want what I want."
>rinse and repeat

No. 79170

Tbh if the site ends with the admin we have now I'd be fine with it.

No. 79171

can you delete the dylann roof spam instead if just redtexting ffs

No. 79172

Total retard meltdown in the photoshop thread in snow

No. 79173

I’m still dying to know which cities/countries have the most lolcow users, I wish there was some way for us to figure that out

No. 79174

britbong and canada threads are just full fo rightoids seething 24/7 about muh migrants now huh

No. 79175

Yes how dare they correctly identify the main demographic of rape gangs in their countries

No. 79176

have you even looked at the bong thread? they're whining about cancel culture and duscussing wanting to vote for farage now. it's like looking at boomers on fb

No. 79178

Even some random burgerfag jumped in after I pointed out that the "cancel culture" policy seemed nonspecific and abusable kek. I had a brainfart moment and forgot Reform was Farage's party though. It's a shame since it's otherwise not a bad list, but he would undoubtedly fuck it up.

No. 79179

Actually the racebaiters are being banned because they're stupid kek. Talking about immigration and how its effects doesn't mean rightoid. Unfortunately that conversation usually brings in the prolific racebaiting shitspergs that get bored when nobody is taking their bait in unpopular opinions. Just keep reporting racebait and ignoring it.

No. 79180

Sanic lied to me.

No. 79182

No, it wasn't "Burritomin" but the admin before that. The admin you're referring to is better known as Shaymin.

No. 79184

File: 1718843585027.png (32.29 KB, 1063x105, Screen Shot 2024-06-19 at 8.29…)

Farmhands or admin can you guys actually start talking about how to solve the ban evasion problem? It's so much extra work for the moderation team to continuously ban the same few bad eggs that shit up the site like in picrel. If you actually came together and made a plan to fix this problem it'd make moderation way easier for all of you + a better experience for normal anons. It's so tiresome seeing the same dozen people post their bullshit over and over and over again because the current ban system isn't effective like it was before.

No. 79185

i’ve made so many posts about how the red texts are basically just decorative and meaningless now, i don’t think they care at all kek

No. 79186

File: 1718850983316.png (105.71 KB, 1024x468, Website Traffic Ranking Analyt…)

No. 79187

File: 1718851796601.png (218.65 KB, 637x1646, posthellweek.png)

admin posted the stats they tracked in the post-hellweek thread, but they’re pretty different from what the other anon found online. I assume either the site isn’t accurate or it’s tracking bot views

No. 79188

In either case, it's clear US & UK are the two biggest ones, with US having significantly more users than any other countries. Anyone could tell this just from using the site for a while tbh. I think admins not including VPN users might be removing a significant chunk from their stats too… fucktons of anons admit to using VPNs.

No. 79190

13% of posts were from vpn users according to their stats. This is the thread >>>/meta/71238

No. 79191

I'd say the mods tools are more accurate than a random tracking site. Maybe posts vs views? Lebanon feels weird to be the 5 biggest group. You'd think it would be Germany or something.
In the top 5 word searches that led her all of them are variations of lolcow farms except "emiru handbra". I don't think I've see her here enough for that to be right.

No. 79192

File: 1718864986243.jpg (202.42 KB, 1440x1963, 49888347904232710.jpg)

It varies based on which traffic website you look at, which is interesting. US consistently has way more users than anyone else though.

No. 79194

Makes sense. The US is 5-6 times the population of the next primarily English speaking country, the UK

No. 79195

kek how you wanna do that, genius?
users pretty much have to since the jannies here ban at the drop of a dime.

No. 79197

Oh please as if the sperging is only about poor gang rape victims. They're just used as a shield for racebait

No. 79198

There is no way to solve it. If a huge site that has advertising/money coming in like 4chan can't even stop ban evasion, what makes you think this dinky little site can?

No. 79199

I really hate when retards bump old threads and sneak delete their posts.

No. 79200

This might a dumb questions but have shadow bans been tried? Not for everything but if there's a spammer going on a rampage, if they see they are getting no replies they might up and leave. Giving explicit bans or deletes shows that they are getting a reaction.

No. 79201

you can just go to /pol/ if you want to seethe about brown people and no one will disagree or challenge your spergouts. when you shit up threads on here with your racebait it causes infighting, attracts moids and other retards to the board and ruins it for everyone.

No. 79202

Burritomin was also paranoid but not without reason. Josh wanted to take over LC and Elaine kept trying to dox her.

Women should be allowed to talk about what is happening in their own countries in their respective threads. This includes difficult topics as long as it doesn't descend into racist insults. The issue of mass immigration has having a major impact on European politics, anons should be permitted to discuss this in appropriate threads.

I find it interesting that no one cares about what gets said about trannies on this site but there's always someone whining about immigrant moids being discussed.

No. 79203

>I find it interesting that no one cares about what gets said about trannies on this site but there's always someone whining about immigrant moids being discussed
naturally, because immigrants aren't the problem but moids are. you retards always give away the game when you seethe and asslick white moids whenever someone points out how men are the problem regardless of race or religion. your whole post is dishonest bullshit. and if you have so many issues with farmers disagreeing with you and racebait being banned, again just go to /pol/ or any other racist online space where you won't find anyone "whining" about your opinions

No. 79204

File: 1718910506337.png (469.7 KB, 512x521, german_stats.png)

>because immigrants aren't the problem but moids are
Immigrant moids are still moids so why are they immune from criticism?

>asslick white moids

Where is anyone asslicking white moids on this site? Pointing out that in Europe immigrant men commit more crime against women is not "asslicking" white moids, it's what is happening.

No. 79207

NTA but some anons don’t know how to discuss the issue of migrants without alogging and parroting language that came straight from /pol/. I think it’s pretty clear to everyone else what’s happening.

No. 79208

the disparity between israel users then and now and it's 100 percent desktop traffic. lebanon was never even on the board and it's 1% is also 100% desktop. posting shills are out in force or a popular vpn routing choice?

No. 79209

File: 1718916826097.jpg (28.13 KB, 310x363, GNVDAVPWoAEwxCV.jpg)

>reddit spacing
>fake statistics from twitter
>not my nigel rhetoric
you don't belong here. go back to chasing doughy, balding, WN ~save europe~ flaking smegma covered dick on telegram or whatever.

No. 79210

>disproportionate Israel and Lebanon views
While it could just be inaccurate/unreliable data, the discrepancy might also be from bot views by Mossad (Israel) and Hezbollah (Lebanon) that flag whenever certain subjects are mentioned for intelligence gathering. If it was actual posters, it would be reflected in admin’s stats. Just my guess

No. 79211

she's trying to say she hates n-words in alt right-speak.

No. 79213

While I may or may not disagree with your stances this isn't this site for it. You wouldn't ask a plumber to bake a cake, don't try to make lolcow into some immigration discussion site. This is a farm and talk like this does not produce milk.

No. 79214

Which is why I specified that using racist insults should not be allowed and remain bannable. We are permitted to insult and criticize trannies and men in general so why should discussion of immigrant moids be an exception?

>reddit spacing
Learn what a paragraph is and how quoting on image boards works before accusing others of being a redditor, newfag.

>fake statistics from twitter

It's the German government's own statistics and a female politician was fined for posting that exact image.

>not my nigel rhetoric

Take your meds. Posting factual information from the German government is not defending white men. Criticizing immigrant men is not defending anyone, just the same as criticizing trannies is not defending men that aren't troons.

>you don't belong here

Anti-immigrant retoric has always been present here because mass immigration of men has always posed a threat to women.
Anti-immigrant post from nine years ago.


>anyone speaking out against violence and sexual crimes towards women on a women's website is in fact a moid

>You wouldn't ask a plumber to bake a cake
But LC allows political discussion. There is an entire board dedicated to feminism and female politics.

No. 79215

I’ve only seen explicit racebait get banned, not any and all criticism of immigrant moids. No one is silencing you. What’s the problem?

No. 79216

>But LC allows political discussion. There is an entire board dedicated to feminism and female politics.
Not in the context of racial/immigration stuff. Also Global rule 7 is not to discuss race arguments. Don't argue semantics about race vs immigration. It's all the same nonsense that doesn't belong here.

No. 79217

Can you at least link which sources those statistics are based on and not an article citing Elon musk that doesn’t prove anything?

No. 79218

It was suggested here >>79201 that any criticism of immigrant men should be banned.

>Rule 7
>Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting)
The rule specifically states "arguments and racebaiting" not discussion. If all discussion of race based topics were to be banned, several threads would need to be deleted. Discussion of immigration has been a permissible topic in dedicated country threads and /2X/ for years.
Admin even made a statement on this
>The term “rapefugee” sounds like its straight from /pol/ which is why those posts have resulted in temp bans. However, we understand that rape by refugees is suffered by women, so women here may feel that “rapefugee” is an accurate term that rapist refugees deserve to be called >>59479. Global Rule 7 states: Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting). Clearly, we’ve allowed race related discussion, but please keep it civil between users.

The PDF you want is the crime and statistics report. I haven't posted a direct link because it leads to a direct download.

No. 79219

>Whats the problem
It's just a shitsperg baiting in this thread like they always do looking to pick random fights for no reason because they have no lives outside of trying to annoy people on the internet. I have no idea how or why anons still respond to obvious bait itt. It's cringey on both ends at this point.

No. 79220

there should be a rule against furfaggotry

agreed. feels like half the active threads in the first pahes of /ot/ rn are people sperging about immigration. it's just boring

No. 79226

kek you didn't even try, the report you linked isn't even the one that was used to make the disinformative graph from alt right twitter you posted. you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. you're also embarrassing yourself hard trying to larp as a farmer.
>Discussion of immigration has been a permissible topic in dedicated country threads and /2X/ for years.
why don't you just stay in your tradtard nazi containment thread on /2X/ then? oh right, becahse no one fucking cares about or wants to hear your racist scrote-parroting bullshit, which is why you annoying freaks always invade /ot/ and shit up the threads on there with it instead, to invite the moids in and ruin the board. please realize literally no one wants you here.

No. 79229

My hang up with all of this is that there are a million places these anons could go online if they wanted to bitch about "rapefugees." Why here, especially when this site has a bunch of rules around political and race posting? Why not go somewhere that doesn't have those kinds of restrictions?

Frankly, I'm sick of "moids" being used as a blanket defense for rhetoric that would be ban-worthy otherwise. Apparently the rules went from being "no race sperging and no politisperging" to "no race sperging and no politisperging UNLESS you tack 'male' or 'moid' on the end." Like if you feel the need to specify that the moids you're talking about are gay or brown, clearly your issue isn't just with them being moids, it's also with those other identities. And complaining about those other identity groups is not the purpose of this site. The only exception to that is trannies, and that's because trangenderism isn't actually an identity group, it's a new-age religion full of cows.

No. 79230

excellently put nonna. they aren't even interested in milk, they just want lolcow to be another outlet for their racist sperging. equating their mental illness with hating on trannies is blatantly disingenuous and a pathetic attempt to convince nonnas they should be allowed to ruin the board with their bullshit.

No. 79231

theres a moid soamming a video if a woman getting punched across threads >>>/snow/2006555

No. 79232

Can we redtext gooner/gooning?

No. 79233

>the report you linked isn't even the one that was used to make the disinformative graph from alt right twitter you posted
The statistics in that document were used to make the graph. Are you the seething retard that doesn't understand statistics presented as fractions and percentages?

>you're also embarrassing yourself hard trying to larp as a farmer

You are outing yourself as the newfag by calling for censorship on an image board. LC is a "free speech friendly" image board. This was reiterated by the admin in the post I already linked
>LC is free speech friendly and is in direct opposition to self-censoring speech.
The screenshot is the /ot/ sticky from when Burritomin was admin and it states
>LC doesn't pander to your ideology

>Apparently the rules went from being "no race sperging and no politisperging"
Then why not ban politics from LC? LC is a lolcow website.

>The only exception to that is trannies, and that's because trangenderism isn't actually an identity group, it's a new-age religion full of cows.

Trannies are an identity group because they are a group of people that identify as trans and transgenderism is very much part of identity politics. On most of the internet, what gets posted on LC regarding trannies would be considered hate speech. Trannies being cows is an entirely different issue to anything political. Political discussion is banned on /snow/ because cows aren't political, yet the MtF and FtM threads exist as well as threads for individual troon cows. Discussion of the politics of transgenderism is permitted on /2X/ and /ot/. No form of moid should be exempt from criticism.

>they aren't even interested in milk
You aren't a farmhand, so you have no idea what threads or boards other anons are posting in. This is an inane statement because you have no way of knowing that your assumption is correct.

>equating their mental illness

>European women wanting to discuss the dangers of mass immigration are mentally ill
Just admit that you hate women already.

No. 79234

File: 1718943179395.png (108.3 KB, 1361x370, LC-2019.png)

Forgot image

No. 79235

>Then why not ban politics from LC? LC is a lolcow website.
It literally is, it just hasn't been enforced in the last year or two. Tell me you're a newfag without telling me you're a newfag.

>Trannies are an identity group because they are a group of people that identify as trans and transgenderism is very much part of identity politics.

For our purposes, it's something they choose to be. Functionally, it's a fandom that churns out cows. People have been redtexted in the TiM/TiFs threads for writing walls of text about gender politics.

>No form of moid should be exempt from criticism.

No one is saying moids should be exempt from criticism. They're telling you to follow their rules as they exist on /ot/, which are very clearly "no race, no politics." If you want to get around that, feel free to bitch about moids without bringing up their race.

No. 79236

File: 1718945609913.png (47.19 KB, 1636x186, LC-admin-2015.png)

>It literally is, it just hasn't been enforced in the last year or two.
Once again you are the newfag. Politics has never been banned on LC, if it was there would be no /2X/ board or feminist discussion on the site. There have been many attempts to limit race based discussion, the screenshot is from 2015.

>Functionally, it's a fandom that churns out cows.

Transgenderism is a political ideology. The threads on /ot/ are called "gender ideology hate thread".

>They're telling you to follow their rules as they exist on /ot/, which are very clearly "no race, no politics."

No such rule exists on /ot/. If politics was banned from /ot/ there would be no country threads, no pride threads and no gender ideology hate threads. The issue of race discussion with regards to immigrants was already clarified in this post
>Clearly, we’ve allowed race related discussion, but please keep it civil between users.
There is no rule that bans discussion of immigration.

No. 79237

It's crazy how anons will have 20+ post arguments about stupid bullshit itt. Farmhands need to start redtexting a lot more in /meta/ because it gets ridiculous.

No. 79238

One of the mods is a retarded nigger who cares more about the opinions and feelings of third world moids than maintaining a woman-centered site. if youre so worried about keeping /pol/ fags away just ban them instead of limiting our freedom of speech. KYS seriously.

No. 79239

>uses the word nigger whilst making a good point
Frankly I couldn't care less about no-no words, but If you're intentionally trying to perpetuate the idea that necessary criticism of 3rd world moids as inherently /pol/ rhetoric, you're a disingenuous fag.

No. 79240

I disagree, because I like to come here and read the infights kek

No. 79241

Retard baiting and defending herself

No. 79242

Excuse me, how is calling on another anon's bait, bait? Why whenever I report shit on this thread, you end up banning the person who reported shit too? Why can't you see that the other fucking anon was purposely baiting for HOURS and then you red text me with this shit? Where in the fuck did I bait with this comment? Your system doesn't work, this is why. This is not the first time.

No. 79243

>The statistics in that document were used to make the graph.
you're actually retarded, you can literally read in the twitter thread the graph you posted originates from that it's "based on" (cherry-picked and misrepresented) data from completely other reports from 2016-2017 and not the one you linked. you also posted complete lies about why that AfD politican got fined, a case in which the court ruled she'd incited hatred with her own comments and had nothing to do with posting that graph. once again that's information easily available one google search away but you just took whatever some bullshit alternative media propaganda outlet posted at face value and ran with it like some boomer falling for pop up ads. you can't even bother to learn the facts you think you should be ~allowed to discuss~ on here. cry some more about how misogynistic it is for you to get bullied over your blatant stupidity and unintegrated cow behaviour on a literal gossip board. dumb bitch.

No. 79244

The funny part is that after a few replies when they get comfortable, they drop the “moid” part and start racesperging about the women too trying to justify it as
>w-well they’re the ones marrying and procreating with these shitskin scrotes
Its never actually about moids only or crimes done by immigrants

No. 79245

Doesn't change my original question:
>Why not go somewhere that doesn't have those kinds of restrictions?
You can list exceptions all you like, but that doesn't change the fact that the site broadly limits that type of discussion.

No. 79246

sharty raid

No. 79247

At what point does it stop being “fetishes you’re ashamed of” and start being “shamelessly fangirling together about Nazi officials for 3 days straight”? Because I think we’ve hit that point.

No. 79248

I'm so glad I don't use /g/

No. 79249

same kek

No. 79251

between that, the tradthots on 2x and the /ot/ tards ranting 24/7 about migrants, we're fast turning into /pol/ for girls. sad

No. 79252

There's an anon who has been infighting and derailling in the Consoomerism thread for days now >>>/ot/2058970
we can't even discuss the videos posted there anymore

No. 79253

femcels. call them femcels. and theyre seriously ruining this site because they always sperg out because they cant fathom other women on this site cant stand them and the basement dwelling neet tendencies. any semblance of rationality with them istg

No. 79254

>we're fast turning into /pol/ for girls
>implying those posters are women
i agree though

No. 79255

Farmhands have been way too permissive with raceshit and edgy bait lately. All of it should be redtexted and the people doing it should be permabanned. It's ruining the culture of the site. Like you said, we aren't ladypol.

No. 79257

Personalityfag derail again in the art request thread. Can a farmhand please add a warning not to post anything else besides art request related stuff in it

No. 79258

Im pretty sure it’s just men/trannies writing that stuff. The poltard to tranny pipeline is real.

No. 79259

the ad posted in /m/ is CP

No. 79260

couldn't agree more, mods really need to crack down on them harder.

No. 79261

Can that shit be bannable?

No. 79262

shit threads made in /g/ with wojak threadpics: >>>/g/408142

No. 79264

Can we ban rape and scat fetish posts too while we're at it?

No. 79265

I second this

No. 79266

Needs to be banned in /m/ threads as well. There is an active thread praising a bestality rape simulation game made by a pedophile not to mention the fujo thread that gets derailed every time someone mentions rape

No. 79267

I don't think it needs to be banned completely but they definitely need to cool it rn, it's getting way too off topic.

No. 79268

And furries

No. 79269

that should equal an automatic perma ban tbh

No. 79270

File: 1719072821249.gif (50.32 KB, 261x124, autism_text.gif)

>umm actually my source is correct and yours is wrong
>easily available one google search
And yet you're not posting the source

>you're actually retarded

>like some boomer falling for pop up ads
>you can't even bother to learn the facts
>unintegrated cow behaviour
>dumb bitch
Hypocritical for someone that is unable to visualize data from written statistics.

Let's do some basic high school math and see what the PDF actually says
Section 2.2 of the PDF
>rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death
>german suspects 2019: 5,175
>non-german suspects 2019: 3,014
>total suspects in 2019: 8,189
The total estimated population Germany in 2019 is 84,000,000. Different sources state different numbers between 83,000,000 and 85,000,000 for the total population of Germany, so I'll take the middle amount. It's not going to make a significant difference to the overall calculations on this scale.

Germans make up between 74% and 77.5% of the population of Germany depending on if repatriated Germans and their children are counted. Non-Germans are 22.5% of the population.
77.5% of 84,000,000 is 65,100,000
22.5% of 84,000,000 is 18,900,000
Out of 65,100,000 Germans, 5,175 were suspects in cases of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death
Out of 18,060,000 non-Germans, 3,014 were suspects in cases of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death
Let's calculate this as percentages.
5,175 is 0.008% of 65,100,000
3,014 is 0.017% of 18,060,000
In conclusion the graph posted here >>79204 is correct in it's assertion that non-Germans commit more crimes involving rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault at a higher rate than Germans.

Section 3.2.2 of the PDF further elaborates on this.
>total reported cases of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death: 9,426
>total suspects in cases of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death: 8,189
>98.9% of suspects were male (to the surprise of absolutely no one)

Section 6.1 provides statistics on the victims of crime
>30,723 people were victims of offences against sexual self-determination
>92.4% of victims were female

Section 6.2
>77.7% of crime victims were Germans
>22.3% of crime victims were non-Germans

Section 7.2
This section deals with the nationality of suspects
>total suspects 2,019,211
>total non-German suspects 699,261
The non-German population is 22.5% and is 34.6% of suspects. The German population is 77.5% of the population and is 65.4% of suspects. This once again confirms that non-Germans in Germany commit crime, including violent sexual crime, at a higher rate than the German population.

While there are no stated statistics regarding the exact rate of sexual crime of non-Germans by nationality in the document, the numbers provided allow for this calculation to be made. The graph specifically mentions Afghans as being particularly prolific at committing sexual crimes.
Section 7.2 features a table that breaks down the total number of suspects by nationality.
>Afghans were suspects in 29,981 crimes
Afghans are 0.5% of the population which means that Afghans are 4.28% of suspects in all crimes committed by non-Germans
Afghans are suspects of crime at higher rates than Germans
Of 2,019,211 total suspects, 8,189 were suspects of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death
The percentage of suspects of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death is 0.41% of total suspects
0.41% of 29,981 is 122.92, 0.5% of 84,000,000 is 420000. This means that the percent of Afghans that are suspects of cases involving rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death is 0.029%
0.41% of 1,319,950 is 5411.80 77.5% of 84,000,000 is 65,100,000. This means that the percent of Germans that are suspects of cases involving rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death is 0.008%
The graph is correct in asserting that Afghans commit a significantly higher number of sex related crime than Germans.
Per 100,000 Afghans living in Germany 29 are suspects of crimes involving rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death
Per 100,000 Germans living in Germany 8 are suspects of crimes involving rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death
Afghans living in Germany are almost four times more likely to be a suspect in crimes involving rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault in especially serious cases including resulting in death than native Germans.

In conclusion the graph is incorrect because it actually under estimates the amount of sexual crimes committed by Afghan migrants. The official statistics in the PDF released by the German government are more dire than the supposed "alt-right" propaganda from twitter.

No. 79271

The chatgpt response.

No. 79272

Literally crying right now, how could this happen to Germany.
I'll say a prayer for it tomorrow.

No. 79273

Kek reiß dich zusammen und geh blaue Herzen spammen du Opfer.

No. 79274

who gives a shit
this is why politisperging shiuld be banned tbh, all it does is attract baiters and autists
femcels aren't real. it's just baitposters, rightoids and prob some scrotes.
you're so right. i've also seen plenty of anons us the same tactic to spout homophobia. they pretend it's just manhating about gay scrotes but they never mention straight ones and it quickly become clear theyhave an issue with homosexuality in general. the pride thread is a mess.
in general im just tiredof the influx of poltards shitting up /ot/ and /2x/.
the country threads and unopopular opinions are just 24/7 racebait and political infighting now, they're worse than dumbass shit ever was.

No. 79275

Someone in /pt/ posted porn

No. 79276

>it quickly become clear theyhave an issue with homosexuality in general
So? There is no rule against homophobia. If we can dislike anorexic women, ugly women, tifs, etc. why should we not be allowed to dislike gay women?

No. 79277

File: 1719080643658.jpeg (444.98 KB, 1125x2085, IMG_5416.jpeg)

picrel is the twitter thread the graph you posted originates from. as you can read, the reports used in ALL of the graphs posted in that thread, icluding the one you reposted here, are from 2016-2017, as in not the one you are refering to. you doubling down on this when you're blatantly wrong just cements what a fucking retard you are to everyone itt. the gif you attached to this post is extremely accurate kek.
also, just to quickly comment on this sperg, it only mentions suspects, which means it's fucking useless in determining who or how many are actually getting convicted of these crimes, which means you cannot draw a conclusion about who's committing them, and yet that's what you assert several times, showing you have no clue about what you're talking about or the implications of the report. and alongside all that, there's a billion other things that factor in as to which crimes even get reported or for example which groups are more likely to be implicated as suspects. please acquire critical thinking skills and some general reading comprehension.

No. 79278

Fuck off back to Twitter and post about your moid, handmaiden.

No. 79279

I'm feeling so much second-hand embarrassment for her oh my god

No. 79281

Can you both shut up. This isn't the place for your argument

No. 79282

Shitspergs are raiding the Funny Caps thread on /ot/ again with bullshit bait

No. 79284

case in point

No. 79285

Yeah, bait in OT, please ban the retard.

No. 79286

How fucking asleep at the wheel must farmhands be if infighting over race isn't getting redtexted in fucking meta of all places?

No. 79287

It's because of the "no redtext in /meta/" rule of thumb. I agree with you though, I think redtexting needs to become more common place on /meta/ because the random arguments and stuff here are so out of place. Why did someone feel the need to sperg about German immigration for 10+ posts itt?
I hate that so many retarded anons take the bait every single time. The Funny Caps thread is 100+ posts deep in a derail now because someone baited with a husbando picture. I don't get how some people can still take bait at this point.

No. 79288

lmao, yes this. I actually dont agree with banning any of those topics except furries

No. 79289

The retards shitting up the Funny Caps thread on /ot/ keep ban evading to continue their derail infight.

No. 79290

File: 1719097241980.jpg (26.91 KB, 1512x185, heart.JPG)

not the anon who made this post but I thought the ♥ heart was allowed?

No. 79291


No. 79292

The current farmhands are retarded and don't know what they're doing

No. 79293

This happens a lot actually, it’s a tradition kek there used to be a collage of all the heart bans it was funny

No. 79294

why is it allowed to continue?

No. 79295

Skirbyfag poster is ban evading in photoshop again as usual, can we ban the girl from being posted? This is fucking annoying.

No. 79297

You need to recruit farmhàds for /ot/ because they always come in too late. also make a blanket ban on politispergs vmbefore it turns into ladypol.
unless you want baitposters, tradthots and complete mongs like >>79276 to become your main demographic.

No. 79298

Can the post limit on certain threads be increased? Particularly the Pixielocks threads since they take up so much of /w/ and the MTF, FTM, and Shayna threads are clogging up like half of /snow/ and there’s 100+ of them all and other threads get buried because of how quickly new ones of them have to be made

No. 79299

maybe they’re entertained by it?

No. 79300

Pixie just needs to be moved back to /snow/. She hasn't even fit the /w/ board theme in forever. And I don't understand why Shayna was never moved to /pt/ to be with the other cows who have had 100+ threads

No. 79301

>And I don't understand why Shayna was never moved to /pt/ to be with the other cows who have had 100+ threads
we explained this a million times already


No. 79302

She cosplays and is a weeb. Wtf are you talking about her?

No. 79303

Ban the fucking unpopular opinions thread already if you insist on keeping dumbass on autosage. Nothing good comes out of that thread.

No. 79306

Why are jannies so selectively autistic over post spacings (re: redtext InTeGrAtE) where you could literally scroll up and find a different post with the same spacing that did not get redtexted?

Quit being retarded.

No. 79307

They are at it again

No. 79309

Show an example. Line breaks between quotes or multi-sentences paragraphs are fine. Putting a like break between single sentences is Reddit spacing. Hope that makes sense.

No. 79310

What about anons picking a fight with you and when you defend yourself Jannie's ban you and not the retard who started it? Lolcows was so different 6 years ago, what sewer did these new mods come from?

No. 79311


No. 79312

Would a board dedicated to all the artcows be a good idea as a replacement for /w/ or would it just be the same thing of it being a dead board that kills some of the interesting cows?

No. 79313

Truthfully I have always had that happen to me kek, I just don't respond now even if I'd like to. I come to lolcow a lot less these days.

Unless it's a major distraction and is taking anons away from other posts/causing infight, it's still retarded.

No. 79314

CP thread on /snow/

No. 79315

I mean on /pt/ sorry I'm doubleposting

No. 79317

There’s one on /PT/ too with links to it in the post, it’s disgusting

No. 79320

That has happened twice in the past week to me

No. 79321

How many fucking images of her does that retard think we need? We get it, she shoops her waist to be small and she has an ugly bf. Don’t need 100+ posts about it though, it’s reaching vendetta level. Especially since that poster can’t integrate to save their life

No. 79322

Is there anything that can be done about the CP bot raids? Like an “admin/farmhands has to approve of the pics for a thread before they show up” feature or is that too unreasonable for the staff size?

No. 79324

Yes namemotican-Chan it has been. Anyways this question was asked in general discussion >>79319 but if the IPs and Links CP bots are putting on here aren’t sent the FBI they really should be.

No. 79327

and I hope they ban you for your idiotic thread too

No. 79328

Admin has said multiple times, newfag, that they report the full posting ID and info.

No. 79331

the schizo pedophile tranny is raiding the site again with cp, anime loli, and seething tardbabble. farmhands please wake up and nuke his scrotery. it looks like the cp he posted earlier was taken down thankfully but all his other spam was left up

No. 79332

We should have a nsfw board. The threads of men getting raped and tortured in war zones and having their cocks mutilated will scare off tourists. We can have a news stories that fuck with you thread about cockmonkeys raping and abusing women, but we can't indulge in their righteous suffering? I'm completely serious. We should have a nsfw board. Even if it's hidden.

No. 79333

I once again plead my case. It has been like a week of Nazi fangirling at this point. Not only should it be bannable for that alone, but it’s also derailing to be posting tons of random trivia about nazi officials in the “fetishes you’re ashamed of” thread. They’ve completely shifted topic from the fetish aspect to just documenting their favorite fun facts and squeeing.

No. 79334

so this gets redtexted but not the homophobic bait? guess we know where jannies stand
it's fucking bleak but the farmhands are pretty tolerant of rightoid shit these days

No. 79335

There's a fucking tranny shitting lolcow, please kill it already, mods.

No. 79336


No. 79337

Yeah this shit is getting out of hand.

No. 79338

All boards are nsfw, that's why spoiler exists.

No. 79340

why the fuck would mods redtext this but not even one post out of all the insane rightoid sperging itt including >>79238

No. 79341

I guess telling homophobes to kill themselves is worse than race-baiting

No. 79343

I am concerned with the amount of race discussion plaguing this site lately too but homophobia is literally a non-issue. This isn’t a leftist feminist site, the cow boards alone prove this.

No. 79344

File: 1719225319354.jpeg (198.92 KB, 800x402, IMG_4365.jpeg)

there's plenty of homophobic anons shitting up the boards what are you talking about

No. 79345

I see no big issue with her post. Imagine caping for gay moids.

No. 79346

retards like you are shitring up threads as much as racebaiters because every time gays get mentioned they can't help but seethe. back to /pol/

No. 79347

I have no idea what’s happening in your screenshot because you provided zero context. Regardless, you could say the same about 'transphobic' anons.

No. 79348

This isn't homophobia, it's fagphobia. My best friend is a lesbian and we make fun of cocksuckers together

No. 79350

it's from the tif thread about a tif calling her gay uncle a faggot. there were plenty of posts calling her based for it i just used the most recent one bc it's unhinged
idc what you and your totally real lesbian friend get up to irl i care about retards shitting up this place bc any mentions of gays make them chimp out

No. 79351

You’re offended by tifs calling gay men faggots, who are often misogynistic pedophiles and are fine with most of the thread being dedicated to mocking severely mentally ill women’s looks, many of whom are lesbian or bisexual themselves and have been takes advantage of the pharmaceutical industry kek. Hate other women as much as you want, we’re on lolcow after all, but you’re literally no better than that tif

No. 79352

i was just taking that recent post as an example, it could have been from any other thread. the tifs calling men faggots is whatever, it's the anons reactions. just posting "based" is one thing but mongs coming in at the mere mention of gays to screech about how all em dang dirty homosexuals are pedos are shitting up the boards. like youre doing right now.

No. 79353

But all the posts calling troons groomers and misogynists is fine?

No. 79354

but that anon was literally also telling people to kill themselves kek, i guess mods are okay with alogging as long as you also use racial slurs
my guess is that the racebaiters and faggot/gay pedophile spergs are the same people - either moids, newfags or pickme retards from twitter who went down the "tradfem" pipeline and discovered edgelordism, and who now want to make LC into a moid board where their edginess will be awarded and praised as based and redpilled which will feed their BPD need for rightoid scrote approval.

No. 79355

>retards like you are shitring up threads as much as racebaiters because every time gays get mentioned they can't help but seethe. back to /pol/
I don't go on /pol/ nor "shitring up" threads about gay scrotes. I only commented on your screencap not being an issue because I do not care if some woman on lolcow is venting about hating a moid. Calm down, nonabuns.

No. 79356

The vast, vast majority of CSA victims are female. Most pedophiles are aroused by children in general, not by a specific sex. Many of the priests and such who have sexually abused male children are also attracted to female adults and are married to women. The myth that there's a correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia causes there to be more attention on male victims even though little girls are typically the ones being targeted.

You may think that you're "owning the moids," by saying that gay men are all pedos, but you're actually just harming women by overshadowing the CSA that happens predominantly to girls.

No. 79357

This. It's not just that it's annoying bait, it's also that it's offtopic 80% of the time. I hate whichever current staffer decided to let it slide. It didn’t used to be this way.

No. 79358

Ah, so you're the kind of schizo who constantly calls women "dickbreath," too, aren't you? For someone who supposedly hates cock, you sure think about it a lot.

No. 79359

The shit moderation is going to ruin this site. I bet admin and several farmhands are right-wingers trying to use a retarded cow board to push their ideology.

No. 79360

File: 1719246046659.png (71.26 KB, 1170x404, what .png)

are we not allowed to discuss topics like gay marriage? is it always going to be treated like bait? because i am being serious and providing not only examples but also statistics reflecting my country. i dont know if farmhands are so autistic that they think everything they see is meant to be rude/a joke but i’m trying to have a discussion and reach a conclusion which is why i asked it in the questions thread

No. 79361

I saw your post. It's because your basis for asking was retarded. 1) You don't get invited to gay weddings because you're homophobic, not because gay people aren't marrying and 2) Rights aren't a "use it or lose it," thing, you fucking retard. Having a right to do something means that the decision to do it is on the individual rather than the government. Legally, I have the right to get an abortion, but I probably wouldn't personally get one. However, I still would want it to be legal for other women so they can make that decision for themselves. Rights are about giving citizens agency.

No. 79362

trying to pretend its not bait doesn't change that it's obviously bait. You know what you are doing. I'm tired of you posters who come to meta to complain about your bans when the bans are always warranted for the most part. especially when you expose your posts. Crying over a 6hr post is such a newfag thing to do too. Just proves you're here to incite shit rather than for genuine posting.

No. 79363

when the hell did i ever say use it or lose it? i didn’t say that their rights should be taken away i simply asked what’s the point of it existing if no one feels like actually getting married, also it’s not homophobic at all for me to state the fact that they’re not exercising their right to marriage or to ask why you wouldnt want to utilize it? homophobia is hating gay people. it’s not hating gay people to ask why they begged for marriage rights if they weren’t going to use it. also getting a surgical procedure that is avoidable isn’t really the same thing as getting married
i asked a question in the corresponding thread. you not liking the conversation topic, or not appreciating the facts that are being pulled up, does not suddenly make it bait or shitposting. also; i’m not complaining about the ban length kek, especially because bans aren’t effective after you refresh the page. what i’m asking is why would the conversation be pushed to the side and immediately labeled as bait instead of actually moving through the discussion like capable adults and coming to a conclusion.

No. 79364

Link the post

No. 79365

File: 1719259918017.png (87.09 KB, 1170x364, OP.png)

No. 79366

for god's sake just leave the site permanently you annoying freak

No. 79368

You completely missed the point. A person is entitled to certain rights regardless of whether they personally decide to use them or not. Abortion is just an example I arbitrarily chose of one of those rights. Substitute it for freedom of the press if you like:
>Why do we have freedom of the press if most people aren't journalists?
Do you see now how fucking retarded your logic is? Setting aside that plenty of gay people are actually getting married (not "none") it is a fundamental right regardless of how many people actually take advantage of it. Adults have a right to form legal unions as a basis for sharing assets and/or starting a family. Some insurers require that you and your partner be married for them to be covered by your plan, for instance.


Literally where. All you did was bitch about how you never get invited to gay weddings. Why the fuck would they want to invite someone who berates them for wanting the right to get married? This is an issue of you having a shitty personality, not of gay people failing to get married as much as you think they should.

No. 79369

Noooo you don't get it!!! Anon was being IRONIC and SARCASTIC and was JOKING! That makes the bait OKAY!!! Duhh. Rules are okay to break if you're doing it as a joke!!
Seriously though these anons are the worst.

No. 79371

File: 1719264075041.jpeg (217.7 KB, 798x597, IMG_4375.jpeg)

>ask loaded question on a contentious topic
>respond to normal replies in an inflammatory manner
>i-it's not bait i swear!
bitch we have eyes

No. 79372

are you autistic? how is that inflammatory? that’s a fact. more straight people get married than don’t get married.

No. 79373

File: 1719264718178.png (384.84 KB, 1170x791, not just me!.png)

joking about what? my question was serious, and my followup questions were also legitimate.
i already included this in my previous posts. freedom of the press/freedom of speech is not the same thing as relational choices.

No. 79374

NTA but
>loaded question on contentious topic
What? lmao

No. 79375

Most relationships don't end in marriage. By the time someone "settles down" and gets engaged, they've probably had a couple of failed relationships prior. That's just life. Also, the divorce rate is like 60% for straight married couples kek

No. 79376

Gay people only make up like 3% of the population, so it makes sense that they'd only be 3% of all marriages. Also idk if you're a burger, but marriages between consenting adults probably counts as a right under "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It doesn't really matter whether it's a "relational choice."

No. 79377

File: 1719265490661.png (203.77 KB, 1170x905, forbes article .png)

oh i understand that, i’m not saying that every single relationship ends in marriage. what i said is that the majority of straight relationships end in marriage, or at least straight people find a spouse eventually. also, divorce is decreasing it seems like. and really divorce is just more frequent in couples who are impoverished/very poor which we all know is a pretty notable amount of burgers and bongs alike.

No. 79378

the inflamatory part was immediately jumping to "get out of the house and meet ppl sometime you neet". if you needed that spelled out.
ayrt, contentious topic as in theres been a shitload of infighting about homophobia recently and asking
>what's the point of gay marriage if gays din't use it
is very different from wording it like "why don't gay couples get married as often as straight ones"
considering the amount of homophobic anons on here recently, of course someone going "whats the point of giving gays the right to marry" is going to get reactions.

No. 79379

What's crazy is that someone can post bait and get banned for it on /ot/, then come onto /meta/ and post the same bait and anons will actually respond to it. Anons like this are the reason we need more redtexts in /meta/.

No. 79380

Look at the title of the thread
>Complaints and Suggestions #28
Does arguing about the validity of gay marriage fit either of those options? No. So do us all a favor and throw your phone in a river so you can rid us of your dumb-ass posts.

No. 79381

Do society a favor and jump in after it

No. 79382

NTA but she's right, I just wanted to see site updates and see what threads to avoid because of infighting, and not read through retarded ass unrelated discussion to get to that. I hope your air conditioning gets filled with dead rats.

No. 79383

Sorry I should've said samefag. I'm both of those posts

No. 79385

No. 79387

Cp again

No. 79388

This retard keeps derailing the thread with her autism about chapstick, it's probably butthole chan.

No. 79390


No. 79392

It’s probably just the same autist from months ago, it’s the consoomer defender anon’s fault for summoning her by bringing her up.

No. 79395

Is a wholesome lolcow caps thread a good idea or would it be redundant with the funny caps thread?

No. 79396

Can mods please just ban the obviously-baiting shitstirrers in the "unpopular opinions" thread?

No. 79397

Yeah there was this sperg the other day in the Bechdel thread that kept saying how when she wiped her ass her fingers would get caked in shit and that's why she hates nail polish but she kept acting like that problem happened to everyone else too and she got mad when we tried to tell her the proper way to wipe her ass. So anons started calling her "butthole chan"

No. 79398

There's infighting ongoing in the skirby thread in /snow/

No. 79401

How is this retarded vendettafag allowed to keep posting here anyway? They've been banned so many times and they samefag and infight about their cow constantly

No. 79402

can you delete the pic of the disfigured moid in the bechdel thread. a redtext is not enough this shit is nsfl

No. 79403

so can you take it off autosage now

No. 79404

Why can't you just get a life?

No. 79405

Aw someone's angy

No. 79406

Oh okay then

No. 79407

File: 1719392902218.jpeg (147.21 KB, 828x317, IMG_4408.jpeg)

can /ot/ mods get a grip already, the /pol/shittery just keeps getting worse.
country threads, unpop and news stories straight up look like the daily mail comment section

No. 79408

Why are you coping for scrotes

No. 79409

This isn’t /pol/ shittery. I agree with anon and I’m brown myself. Lolcow shouldn’t censor her, she’s allowed to speak something that’s at least mostly true.

No. 79411

you people know there's a rule against racebait right

No. 79412

It’s not racebait, if it’s true.

No. 79413

All brown women know this is true, retard. Only fellow men would be upset when they get called out for their pedophilic tendencies

No. 79415

The anon in the screencap is the one backhandedly caping for white moids.

No. 79417

no one is caping for scrotes by asking blatant racebait to be banned.
>I'm brown myself
uh huh sure. stop scrotefoiling about anyone who isn't a /pol/ retard like you. brown men in specific don't have pedophilic tendencies, men do. and like the other anon said you are indirectly defending white men for committing the same actions as brown men when you blame a certain ethnicity for the acts of all men everywhere. like another anon said upthread, racebait is still racebait even when you throw the word "moid" into the mix.

No. 79418

There are vtfags running wild in the vtuber thread

No. 79425

day 140 of asking for dumbass shit to come back

No. 79426

There's a baiting sperg in the ugly man psyop thread calling everyone pedos

No. 79427

Can you re-open the anti consoomer thread? the anons from the consoomerism thread get offended if you even hint at them buying stuff they dont need because of marketting or social expectations. Those threads clearly filled two different niches.

No. 79428

The new farmhand in OT is an overzealous dumbass.

No. 79429

Seconding this. Most people in the consoomerism thread are consoomers themselves and allergic to critical thought. We need an anti-consoomerism thread

No. 79430

This, please keep it open. Maybe rename it to anti-consumerism/anti marketing? The other thread seems more for people to gawk at insane tiktoks, if you talk about anything else they start infighting

No. 79431

100% agree, let us have a real anti consumerist thread please. i'd also like to propose a rule/disclaimer for the new thread that defending purchases shouldn't be allowed in it. because that's exactly what ruined the consoomerism thread.

No. 79432

maybe it's time to get a hint then
hopefully unpopular opinions is next

No. 79433

We can only pray.

No. 79434

I miss her so much I can't take it

No. 79435

Here, click this link! It'll bring you to the thread you miss so much!
Hope this helps!

No. 79436

File: 1719437232701.png (357.43 KB, 639x1423, IMG_20240626_152338.png)

Can this thread please come back with the appropriate name and description changes so it's different to the consoom thread? If nonnas agree please reply to this post

No. 79437

>post in thread
>anon shits their pants and starts to infight me about what I posted instead of just moving on
>I'm the one who gets banned for infight for defending my post instead of the crybaby who made a bootyblasted report and started the damn argument
This is why I stopped browsing lolcow and this is why ban evaders are encouraged and why your traffic numbers aren't consistent.
Too bad the site cannot be great because moderation chooses to be delulu about how they moderate.

No. 79438

Yes! Please bring this back. Consoomerism is a big topic and I feel like the thread we have right now focuses too much on just posting people with huge hordes rather than discussing things like how consoomerism affects our daily lives

No. 79442

Unhinged googledoc anon is samwfagging and infighting in the micky moon thread again, derailing because anons are calling out the doc being flawed and now they are spiraling. Bitch is insane and using lolcow as a personal army. They are personalityfagging, wanting asspats for 'exposing micky' when their doc has fake shit in it and calls her a pedo. Please permaban them. They announce who they are constantly.

No. 79443

I wasn’t baiting and I wasn’t calling everyone pedos I was talking about a very specific thing (pop stars) and I don’t think the majority of nonas in the thread were advocating for more boys being fed into the pop industry machine, just a few misguided idiots or gross perverts which is who I take issue with. I did get banned for derailing lol so whatever. I can’t stop hating the pop industry it’s disgusting. It’s not fighting the ugly man psyop to want more weird gay-for-pay style slutty boy pop stars. that gross as fuck and anyone who wants that is a pervert or an idiot who can not think about the reality behind their entertainment for two seconds. It’s not me enforcing an impossible purity standard on women’s attraction either like some nonas claimed it’s literally impossible to be attracted to a man who has based his whole persona on what gay male molesters want, it’s so obvious you can clock it immediately their whole persona is oozing with it. The gay boy pop stars are not made for us they are products of the child molestation factory that is Hollywood I’m not even kidding. I don’t think they’re hot, they are gross as fuck and anyone who wants that is gross as fuck. Girl pop stars aren’t sexy either they’re offputting for the same reason and I would stop the industry altogether if I could. Not even mad I got banned because it is sort of a whole other topic but that thread is infested with edgy thoughtless fetish shit that gets kinda gross which is whatever but if nonas are gonna start to post pedo-apologist SK idol industry 2.0 bullshit just because it’s about boys they can fuck off and I’ll take the ban for arguing. Have some standards. full schizo mode today, clutching 4ever, I don’t care what you think, I’m right.

No. 79444

can someone tl:dr me this schizobabble please. I want to know what excuses anon pulled out of her ass to blame women for men abusing children.

No. 79445

Once again asking the farmhands or the admin to update us on the possible solutions for the ban evasion problem.

No. 79446

>there aren't 3 admins, just one
please spoon-feed, I was away for weeks

No. 79447

This is painfully accurate.

No. 79448

It's been one. For over a year. The new one communicates with 1 of the old ones, and that's all the info we have. Go lurk. It's been longer than a few weeks.

No. 79449

>and she's not being transparent about anything, including the current mod team beef that is ruining the site.
Ok I want to know more about this part.

No. 79450

What "mod team beef"? Sounds like anon is talking out their ass as if their fiction is reality

No. 79451


No. 79452

Sunscreen-chan has jumped from unpopular opinions to consoom thread lol, god help you anons

No. 79453

Please make complaining about people whiteknighting as being bannable because half the accusations are from people who don't understand what whiteknighting is. They are throwing punches at ghosts. They can't understand the difference between not liking someone's take and someone actually being a whiteknight.

No. 79454

cry harder tranny

No. 79455

Not really, it's not farmers spamming cp and gore and claiming so is in bad faith.

No. 79456

It feels like all the baiters esp racebaiters in /ot/ all show up at the same time, usually very late at night/very early in the morning

No. 79457

Not shocked if it's one person on multiple devices all with different VPNs

No. 79458

racebait is posted all day long it's just more active at night because all the racist eurofags wake up and decide they have a confession to make kek

No. 79459

Our biggest demographic is the US. People in the US also stay awake all night, this is lolcow. You expect otherwise?

No. 79461

Moid announced himself in the Pixie thread and asked for reviews on his video that an anon posted. Now I see why it's been banned before when anons post YouTubers critiques on cows.

No. 79462

i was just inferring based off of time zones? burgers are awake during the day and post racebait during their waking hours and then when it’s night time for us it’s day time for bangers and mash so i felt like that was what made the most sense, them being awake and posting racebait too

No. 79464

You're tinfoiling really hard about who is posting what and when.

No. 79465

i mean it’s not really tinfoil it’s just an inference. sorry?

No. 79466

tbh in any sort of internet moderator circle there is always going to be drama just because of the personality types it attracts so it's plausible.

No. 79467

Not that random anons know anything about it

No. 79468

it's a pretty easy inference to make plus basically every admin we've ever had had mod drama

No. 79470

There's an anon bumping too many threads in /ot/

No. 79471

Users have been bumping threads with more specific topics, theres a little post in this thread >>>/ot/1454853 explaining it with a wide variety of threads we can use instead of leaning on chatroom threads like Unpopular Opinions and Stupid Questions

No. 79472

it's because those are the hours right before they take their meds and right after they start to wear off

No. 79474

This might be petty but I want the drain gang fan thread on /m to be locked. This site shouldn’t become a platform for underage troon positive twitter users because that’s what their fanbase is. If you allow that one might as well allow K-pop

No. 79475

?? How is stupid questions a chatroom thread in any way? I actually learned some interesting things and saw good advice in there.

No. 79476


No. 79477

The main point was that the popstar industry should be abolished which is why it was derailing. Anons were crying they want more sexy pop boys and I basically said no you don’t because the way they’re made is disgusting if you think about it but this was taken as a personal attack on female sexuality or something even though I’m right. But I was day drinking so my argument was pretty erratic. I got a nice little drunk-tank ban which was fine. I’m still right.

No. 79478

It turned into one because anons don't want to use specific threads anymore that would actually fit their question. For example putting cow questions there rather than using any of the /ot/ cow related threads or straight up ignoring /g/ to dump vagina questions in stupid questions

No. 79479

Yes, it becomes free marketing if it’s not critical.

No. 79480


Micky’s thread is currently getting derailed and the mod is making it worse. Someone in there is pretending to be me and the mod keeps red texting me for trying to clear it up(ban-evading retard)

No. 79481

I suggest autosaging the micky moon thread since the Google fag has a very clear personal relationship vendetta against the cow and not just an online one

No. 79483

What is with the 1-2 anon specific vendetta threads lately? This poster just repeats the same boring shit and even with their own thread is still personalityfagging >>>/snow/2008767 They refuse to integrate and even with a personal skirby thread now, they don't want to post properly. What's the point?

No. 79484


This is the exact goal the person who is derailing wants. The thread has been quiet until they started posting bs

No. 79486

File: 1719510973941.png (232.85 KB, 610x320, Screenshots_2024-06-27-10-54-3…)

There should be a rule to not post infights on the Lolcow caps thread (picrel). It encourages more infighting and gives attention to the infighters.

No. 79487

Those posters are still ban evading right this second. They are crazy. Why are some anons like this.

Docfag, please. No one wants to be you and you've also been caught samefagging before. I honestly hope Micky finds out who you are at this point since you know her irl. You are personally invested this and trying to rally users against the cow when you've gone out of your way to ruin potential milk by orchestrating a lot of it. You have no idea how to be a farmer.

No. 79488

Stupid questions is just one of the threads that’s easiest to infight/bait in, we’re not trying to kill it all together

No. 79489

I'm with you nonna. But we do indeed have a thread on this (as another nonna mentioned >>>/ot/1060419 and a programming thread >>>/ot/230337). Maybe the catalog should really have a search feature and the locked threads should be moved to a special place (for example a button on the top right of the catalog)

No. 79490

Sorry to double post
These were only the posts when hellweek was active, right?

No. 79491

Nta, but I've seen it happen in her older threads. It would be kinda quiet, then suddenly someone hops in rambling about knowing info and not giving it or acting like the thread is pure evil. Pretty sure the "I wanna be doxxed" anon was banned before because they kept whining and saying they "just want her to be better.

No. 79492

File: 1719515647812.png (21.43 KB, 1841x157, who are you cowtard.png)

Googledoc anon is still ban evading and they keep announcing themselves, who they are, and how close they are to Micky. The thread might need to be locked because this poster is directly trying to influence all the current milk.


No. 79493

I really wish there was a way to not just ban that anon and the other annoying "she's not that bad" anon but to block them from the site.

No. 79495

No. 79496

cerbmin really needs to figure out how to implement device bans to get rid of cancerous tumors like the obsessive personalityfag in the micky moon thread and the ban evading tiktoktard in the skirby thread. these abysmal posters figured out they can just cycle ips on a free vpn or use mobile ips and continue shitting up the site because of how easy it is to ban evade.

No. 79497

> Anons were crying they want more sexy pop boys and I basically said no you don’t because the way they’re made is disgusting
i still ant sexy pop boys its not my fault you feel guilty over moid's actions, its not my problem.

No. 79498

Do they even realize that it makes other users not gaf about these cows due to their massive obsessive autism regarding them? Fuck skirby and fuck micky. These aren't even milky because it's all interaction based cowtipping milk.

No. 79499

File: 1719526905827.jpg (74.42 KB, 736x722, 690d288b651b78ecf09e776c05d977…)

I actually thought things were looking up for lolcow when we got new administration, but it's just the same ol' things we had to deal with with the last two admins. And funnily enough, we were promised less absences and more listening to the userbase during the start of this admins' term. What a huge disappointment.

No. 79500

Device bans only work with phones or tablets. PC doesn't have that. The equivalent is UserAgent and that only tells you the browser and OS versions a poster is using. They can correlate that with IP and Cookies (that contains a record of your posts) but it takes like 5 seconds to delete that. There's some clever stuff out there that can beat that but I think it's out of the budget for a site this small.

No. 79501

VPNs or Tor exit nodes are pretty easy to block too but I wouldn't want nonnies in threads like the Ex-Muslim thread to lose their safe space to talk.

No. 79502

Thanks for the information, I wasn't even aware of this. I think device bans would be a great addition, the most egregious baiters use their phones to ban evade because it's so easy. Having to be on a laptop to ban evade would make it less appealing to a lot of people.

No. 79503

Even if things aren't great, you can not be seriously comparing the administration we have now to the end of Burritomin's reign and Shaymin. There was daily CP, gore and black cock spam being left up for hours and the performance of the site made it unusable at times. Cerbmin has at least fixed those two major issues. CP spam is now a rare occurrence and for that I'm grateful.

I fully agree with Tor exit nodes being blocked because it makes it so easy to spam CP. Nearly all image boards block Tor exit nodes, even those that claim to be privacy focused for this reason.

However with VPNs there needs to be compromise, I say this as a VPN user myself. VPN ranges that are repeatedly used for spam or ban evasion should be blocked. VPN users should try and use one VPN range when posting on LC because it makes it easier for the farmhands to see what is a VPN range that's being used by a legitimate farmer and what VPN ranges are being used for spam and ban evasion.

No. 79505

Re the first reply: I'm not saying they've made no improvements to the actual site itself, I've praised admin in the past for the site/tech improvements they've made in the short amount of time they've been here. That's not the point of my post

No. 79506

Im half and half on Tor. Tor is near zero effort to set up so spam is likely but like I said those Ex-Muslim nonnies might not have an ability to buy a VPN. I wouldn't want to ruin a safe space on the behalf of trolls.
Maybe to reduce spam if the site detects a VPN or Tor node give them a wait time? If I'm using a VPN 4chan makes me wait 300 seconds between posts. That's more than enough time for trolls to get bored and leave.

No. 79507

Lc has and always will have anons acting on bad faith trying to shit things up, baiters, moids, robots, schizos, trannies and so on. Farmers aren't all saints either, we got a few genuine schizos, I think overall most are fine though. A lot of austist spergs throw genuine fits and tantrums when something doesn't go their way. Look at how people have been complaining about bans or every minor inconvenience. We see on ot they infight and cause problems in other threads when something isn't going their way. Admins had to deal with a bunch autist on top of the usual gore/cp spammer moid.
>inb4 they don't need to do this if they don't want to!
Yeah, thats why they all eventually resign.

No. 79509

Can you hire farmhands that arent illiterate?

No. 79510

Skirbyfag samefagging again kek

No. 79511

Nayrt but I think they just mean the level of communication is the same as always. At this point Cerbmin has disappeared completely much like Shaymin did, and will most likely only resurface to make a resignation post just like Shaymin

No. 79512

Can there be a “revive thread requests” thread where you can ask for some people to talk in a cow’s thread after you post milk or ask them to post new milk in a cow’s thread? I ask because /pt/‘s thread request thread is only for threads on specific cows, also I’m not sure if it’s more appropriate for this board or /OT/ and I’m not sure if other farmers like the idea or if it’s in line with the rules

No. 79513

Sorry for being fighty farmhands. I cleared my cookies and the dog hate thread wasn’t hidden anymore and I didn’t notice I was in that thread talking to human trash until the second reply. Wish you would put those shit animal hate threads in /sty/ so this stops happening

No. 79514

When you're browsing a board, at the bottom of the page there's a search link next to the catalog link. But when you click on a thread, the search link at the bottom of the page is gone. There's only catalog and return. Can the search button be in threads too?

No. 79515

This would be nice

No. 79516

there is way too much racebait/trolling in the black girl general and people responding to it. can it be addressed please?

No. 79518

are you incapable of ip banning the black girl thread schizo? or is she so crazy that she just keeps ban evading?

No. 79521

File: 1719601968068.png (98.06 KB, 1358x139, Screenshot 2024-06-28 121140.p…)

explaining to someone why pixyteri can't "easily get in disability" by giving an example is not a blog.

No. 79522

it isn't written in the rules, but we clearly are not ever supposed to reference ourselves/lives/anecdotes/anything that can't be confirmed online

No. 79523

Infighting in „things you hate“ thread /ot

No. 79524

can you guys do something about derailing in things you hate

No. 79525

Update the infighting has now turned into pedobait

No. 79526

Can you recruit more farmhands for /ot/ already? the infighting is out of hand

No. 79527

…anon. your browser has a search function

No. 79528

i don't know how else i was supposed to get it through a dumb anon's head that disability isn't easy to get on without referencing a real example. should i have said i read it in the news?

No. 79529

You can control + F in threads, that’s basically a search function

No. 79530

Not on mobile, which most anons use in the year 2024

No. 79532

File: 1719611692454.png (174.01 KB, 800x847, 7654_97433.png)

>not on mobile

No. 79533

>which most anons use in the year 2024
Speak for yourself phonefaggot

No. 79534

There have been stats posted in this thread that speak for themselves. Seethe more

No. 79535

I thought nonna was just asking for the regular search function to appear at the bottom all the time.
For the record, safari's find in page on mobile is very picky on when it wants to work and when it doesn't.

No. 79536

>too retarded to use built-in search
>p-p-p-p-phoneposters are valid!!!

No. 79537

If you mean these >>79186 you are truly retarded.

No. 79539

Yeah the percent of phoneposters is probably even higher because those stats are tracking bot views as desktop kek
I’m not claiming to be valid, just pointing out the search function (yes, even as described here >>79532) does not fucking work on mobile. I’m worry for dreaming of a functional mobile lolcow

No. 79540

you know you can use browsers other than Safari, right?

No. 79541

this level of helplessness is pathetic.

No. 79542

>reeeee how dare anons request one button that appears on some pages be added to the rest!!!1

No. 79544

niggas are acting like its hellweek banning anyone with a mean tone in their posts. good god fuck these turbo autistic jannies(ban evading)

No. 79545

imagine reeing because you're too much of a mong to use ctrl+f

No. 79546

british. opinion discarded!

No. 79548

not a bong i just find that insult useful. either way do you really want to encourage people whi can't do a simple ctrl+f to post in this site? that's how you get kids and newfags

No. 79549

You got banned because you clearly aren't integrated, not because you were being "mean."

No. 79550

Nta but Safari mobile has a “find on page” feature too and it used to work everywhere on the site but now it doesn’t work in the catalog for some reason (it makes the catalog stop loading so you can only search a few thread titles). Still works in threads though.

No. 79551

File: 1719666363959.png (182.84 KB, 878x584, computer.png)


[ kuhm-pyoo-ter ]
Phonetic (Standard)

a programmable electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations.
Hope this helps!

No. 79552

File: 1719666426806.jpg (72.94 KB, 848x1000, 51X9Z1NYWKL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

You could also buy this book if you encounter any problems

No. 79553

Why are you even using the find option in browser in the catalog? You're going to highlight dozens of threads at once depending on the keyword.

No. 79554

The catalog loads slow on mobile in general (for example I'm using Firefox on Android) so I recommend just using the sites's search function.
On PC though the catalog loads fast and ctrl+f works fine.

No. 79555

The site loads much more slowly on desktop browsers that are Firefox based, so I would imagine that the same is true for mobile. I rarely visit the site on mobile but I when I do I use Brave for Android and I don't have issues with the site loading. It seems to be an issue with Firefox based browsers regardless of platform.

No. 79556

To find a specific thread obviously. The thread titles are unique enough that they’re easy to jump to that way

No. 79557

/poltards in unpopular opinions

No. 79558

What's new. They should just close down the entire thread ATP.

No. 79560

File: 1719677111189.jpeg (351.1 KB, 1290x658, IMG_4427.jpeg)

Update /poltards have no moved on to the vent thread

No. 79561

Fucking tired of these. /ot/ is unreadable now.

No. 79562

they get banned from unpopular opinions and their discussions leak to other threads. either remove unpopular opinions and start hellweek or remove VPNs.

No. 79563

This is a completely rational thing to say.

No. 79564

You clearly havent been following the conversation in unpopular opinions that leaked into the other threads because in this specific context it’s nothing but bait.

No. 79565

File: 1719678422781.jpeg (245.82 KB, 828x546, IMG_4440.jpeg)

news that fuck with you is now 24/7 sperging about immigrants and barely disguised racebait
the number of /ot/ threads that read just like ladypol is growing. mods wake up

No. 79566

File: 1719678767316.png (4.33 KB, 990x79, mods.png)

Mods are cleaning it up

No. 79567

No they’re not. They need to ban VPNs or at least delete the posts because racebaiters will just ban evade

No. 79568

If vpns are banned this place will be a ghost town kek

No. 79569

they could introduce IP confirming. I used to browse an ib that banned any form of VPNs and if you wanted to post you could request your IP to be whitelisted. the process was automatic through IRC. mods should notice when someone is abusing it and permanently ban that range.

No. 79570

Mods please clamp down on the stupid raspberry tea abortion and plastic surgery derailing in the amerifag thread. I guess /ot/ in general is having a problem right now? Ban the people taking the bait too.

No. 79571

ban that range and then many other people wouldn’t be able to use the site. ip banning is retarded and you can say goodbye this is already dying website, this is why everybody is leaving and just rather have the freedom on a moid imageboard like 4chan or kiwifarms instead of this shit where they’ll turn it into 1984

No. 79572

>ban VPNs

No. 79573

Fantastic contribution. Do you do TED talks?

No. 79574

The issue with having less moderation is that moids can't help themselves and constantly invade female spaces and have no respect for the culture of the site. Even in Kiwifarms for example there's a manhate thread that Null has to personally moderate because men cannot help themselves but invade female spaces and harass them. It's the most moderated thread on the entire site because women cannot have anything for themselves without men trying to barge their way in and push their retarded /pol/ agendas.

No. 79575

Kek that dude is a huge manipulator. He doesn’t give two shits about what women are struggling with it’s about keeping your enemies close by keeping them placated under a false sense of security while weaponizing surveillance and censorship on them. It makes no logistic sense to have a manhate thread on a majority straight male/tranny haven like that website, why won’t those anons just come here and make /2X/ more active ffs, jesus

No. 79576

There's a self-admitted troll (the "genderless" anon) and probably a r9k incel here.

No. 79578

Racewar in new stories thread >>>/ot/2028583
I feel like some anons don’t get the reason why “racebait” is banned here isn’t because of “muh censorship,” but because there are women from all walks of life here, so people are bound to get heated when the subject of race comes up. To the anons engaging in petty infights about race: you’re probably not going to change the opinion of the person you’re arguing with. You’re just going to piss them off more. People are bound to see things differently. Such is life

No. 79579

File: 1719688867162.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, f.png)

wtf is even going on in that thread it's pure schizo babble

No. 79580

I doubt it's all /pol/tards. It's election season, there's been EU elections, the British election is in a few days and the French and American elections are also going to happen this year. Immigration is one of the top issues which is why it's being discussed across multiple threads. I wouldn't be surprised if there's the odd /leftypol/tard (there's numerous posts minimizing the harm to women caused by trannies and anime reaction images)or /pol/tards (circumcision and MRA rhetoric sperging) in the mix but the reason it's in so many threads is not because we are being raided, it's because it's a major political topic in several countries.

The discussion over VPNs has happened so many times and the conclusion is always the same, so there's really no point in responding with anything else.

No. 79581

Theyre trying to racebait in the unpopular opinions thread again im so tired

No. 79582

File: 1719694549715.jpg (67.22 KB, 675x900, 1000047264.jpg)

So, how long has it been now since any statement from the Admin team? Where did she go?

No. 79583

I really don't get this idea. Even if we just use the two week period from last Hellweek, only 13% of posts were made through VPNs. So if 1/10 anons use a VPN, and 9/10 don't, how would this become a ghost town? It seems like whenever an anon brings up banning VPNs to fight ban evasion, a "bunch" of other "anons" always try to downplay it and make it seem like banning VPNs would destroy the whole website. It's that kind of catastrophic thinking that's familiar to me from bait in previous Complaints & Suggestions thread.

No. 79584

I really don't believe the 13% thing to be honest.

No. 79585

2 months

No. 79586

>I feel like some anons don’t get the reason why “racebait” is banned here
On the contrary I think they know racebait is banned but they keep doing it to use as infight fuel. That's why whenever they're done baiting in Unpopular Opinions or anons aren't taking their bait there, they switch to another highly inflammatory topic in a different thread. They cycle through the same retarded bait topics (there's like 6) in the same 5 threads. I really do believe it's the same maybe 5 or 6 people that keep doing it, their typing styles and their insistence on the exact same topics leads me to think that anyway.

No. 79587

Can farmhands please do something about the literal shota hentai vid posted in the hetalia thread please

No. 79588

I went to check it out because of your post and that video is literally hosted on YT. It doesn't have any nudity either but the finger banging is kind of implied. I don't think it counts as hentai.

No. 79589

It depicts a prepubescent child getting fingered but ok anon. Don’t want to see that shit regardless

No. 79590

Then report it to the FBI instead of watching it lmao

No. 79591

Kek I know the FBI doesn’t give a shit about lolishit/shotashit or else 4chan wouldn’t still be up. However, posting shota is against the rules here. Fuck off to 4chan if that bothers you so much

No. 79592

Complete device bans are next to impossible to implement. A website's owner can't detect an unique device, they can only gather information such as the browser and device data (which browser you're using, what screen resolution you have, operating system etc) but there isn't a web technology available for detecting something like your MAC address which is the unique identifier for your device, and doing so would be illegal in many parts of the world anyway. So for example, if someone is spamming gore through a VPN the admin might be able to see that they're using a Windows operating system and Firefox for their browser, but they can't ban everyone using a Windows OS and Firefox.

As for VPN bans, I don't think it would be a wise idea. Seeing how Lolcow at some point was a honeypot for shoeonhead to collect the IP addresses of people talking shit about her (No, I'm not kidding), the website could end up in the hands of some unsavory characters that could start doing just about whatever with them. Doxxing, DDoSing, Port exploiting, etc. There are other ways to prevent spam, and as for actual legitimate schizos posting, there's really no other silver bullets for them than just stricter moderation.

No. 79593

>Its never actually about moids only or crimes done by immigrants
It really isn't. Fascists always push the envelope to normalize hate speech under alarmist thought. They will first start with legitimate fears about threats to your safety, normalize demonizing a certain demographic, and after that they move on to the next topic to retcon it to be either a direct consequence or the cause of said problem. I.e. "rapefugees will come here to rape our children, look at the statistics" -> "it's actually women's fault this is happening because it's always women who vote for the liberals who allow them in!" -> "women are stupid and worthless, they shouldn't be allowed to hold positions of power" -> abolishing of things that allow women equal rights such as abortion, contraception and watchdog organizations and seats that ensure a certain amount of female representatives making sure our rights are preserved. This has happened so many times in the history of mankind yet we never learn or even notice until it's too late.

No. 79594

Based nonna. History always repeats itself. It’s fascinating to watch this happen in real time even on this site with supposed “free thinkers” who really just eat up whatever their scrote overlords tell them

No. 79595

File: 1719701772838.png (13.43 KB, 987x204, unpopular opinions.png)

And what's worse, it's constantly happening on Lolcow as well. There are numerous anons, scrotes or not, who are testing the waters with something that reads basically as "You know, I think us women deserve to be beaten into submission because based on my experience it's always women who cape for these rapists!" either directly or between the lines. Picrel, all I had to do was open the "unpopular opinions" thread to see the shitshow from today and this stared me right in my face. It's easy to brush them off as "just trolls" but if this is allowed to keep going, people will grow numb to it and become completely blindsided when the racism and misogyny is pushed even more aggressively.

No. 79596

The unpopular opinions thread is a breeding ground for retards and seething moidfugees.

No. 79598

some of you wouldnt have survived the 00s internet holy shit

No. 79600

I know I’m just dragging on this retarded infight, but fwiw, I was literally in the hetalia fandom in the early 2000s as a middle schooler. I do remember when shotashit was more acceptable. And I survived it, kek. But guess what? I actually almost feel sorry for the anons who, like me, were exposed to the same pedo shit as children, but their brains were permanently rotted such that they think it’s anything other than disgusting and deprived to be shotacoomers. Yeah, I’m the one that didn’t survive the 00s. Lmao

No. 79601

NTA but what are you talking about? Hetalia wasn't a thing until 2009 earliest, even the original webcomic didn't come out until 2006.

No. 79602

>Hetalia wasn't a thing until 2009 earliest
>the original webcomic didn't come out until 2006
Some people read the webcomic first, lol. But ok, if 2007 isn’t technically “early 2000s,” that can be your cope

No. 79603

No, 2007 wasn't "early 2000's". As someone who's significantly older than you and actually was terminally online in 2000-2005 AND also a part of the very early pre-anime Hetalia fandom, Hetalia most definitely wasn't a part of the early edgy 00's old internet culture that anon was talking about and more reminiscent of the early 2010's. Nor was shota or loli porn for that matter.

No. 79604

glad you managed to stop liking anime nonny. You did stop liking anime, right? or do you still consoom it while acting holier-than-thou?

No. 79606

>No, 2007 wasn't "early 2000's"
Disagree, but ok. Regardless, the anon I was replying to said the “00s.” Which it literally was, by definition
>Nor was shota or loli porn for that matter.
I’m glad you didn’t see all the shotashit I did I guess?
I see I triggered the shotafags kek

No. 79607

i hate weebs and i think all anime is degeneracy so i dont understand how you can be aware of how pedophilic japan and anime is but still consoom it. You could be besties with that sped addyharajuku who's also aware of how disgusting japan is but keeps supporting a medium thats known for its misogyny and pedophilia.

No. 79608

Schizophrenic levels of projection

No. 79609

there is so much western animation that doesnt have pedophilia and misogyny(i will give you a hint, look into cartoon saloon) in it but you still choose to support degeneracy and misogyny while pretending you arent a degenerate misogynist. Hetalia has shotabait in it so i dont understand how you can like it without being a pedo yourself.

No. 79610

Topkek at your bait attempts

No. 79611

they fact you cannot give me a real reason as to why you keep supporting pedo japan instead of real animation proves my point

No. 79612

File: 1719704915916.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 1392553320199.gif)

>western animation isn't full of pedos

>cal arts is real animation

Not sure if bait or actual retard

No. 79613

It’s definitely bait

No. 79614

i didnt say calarts, i said cartoon saloon which is an irish animation studio that makes beautiful animated movies that dont have sexualized children or women. But weebs would rather watch cocomelon battleshonen with lolis and sexualized women than real art.

No. 79615

I'm not dunking on you, I agree that we should be allowed to reference our own experiences/etc if it isn't blogging, and I don't believe that simply acknowledging that you exist offline is blogging
but that said, yeah, you should have lied and said you saw it on the news

No. 79616

Can you all just close the tab instead of having retarded infights about cartoons itt.

No. 79617

>detecting something like your MAC address which is the unique identifier for your device
It's not even that hard to update that. Browser fingerprinting works way better
>Lolcow at some point was a honeypot for shoeonhead
Is this real? Wtf

No. 79618

seems like CP spam incoming in pt

No. 79619

There's a fucking pedophile in /pt/ sharing his files (again). His links has been up for over an hour. Jannies wtf? Unsaged CP and nothing happens. Someone makes a joke about moids and you give autistic redtext how she is trying to bait (I'm talking about the fucked up news thread).

No. 79622

Micky poster ban evading

No. 79623

Can somebody do something about the infighting in the anti weeb thread?

No. 79624

>stonetoss threadpic
>5 hours old with 200+ posts
yeah should probably just nuke the whole thread
then again it's pretty representative of the absolute state of /ot/

No. 79625

I least I got to bully a couple of weebs before they closed it, still what a hot mess.

No. 79626

you're part of the problem, retard

No. 79627

File: 1719727171994.jpg (71.6 KB, 625x614, Thomas-de-Kent-Le-roman-d’Alex…)

>I least I got to bully a couple of weebs
Verbally hitting retards from behind your screen is not the Stacy move you think it is. And now I am guilty of it too by just replying to you, tardo-chan, kek.

No. 79629

Who's Kevin

No. 79631

Begone phallus owner, maybe your threads were fuckass shit

No. 79632

Browser fingerprinting can only help profiling a visitor, and it's extremely easy to go around it or block the tracker scripts that spy on your information.

>Is this real? Wtf

Yes. almost 10 years ago Ian (one of the previous admins and so far the only confirmed male one) was simping hard for shoe and made the site track everyone who posted in her thread and handed her the information. It's well known Lolcow.farm lore within oldfags.

No. 79633

>History always repeats itself. It’s fascinating to watch this happen in real time even on this site with supposed “free thinkers” who really just eat up whatever their scrote overlords tell them
oof nonna you really hit the nail on the head with this
it's not only evident in threads on /ot/, if you've followed the mtf threads on /snow/ for example you can see the dare i say radicalization happening in real time with these sheeple getting into far right tradtard politics following shit like matt walsh's tranny documentary. just no awareness or critical thinking in regard to the source of whatever anti troon content they're being exposed to even when it comes with a blatantly misogynistic agenda.

No. 79634

Conservatives genuinely have no opinions of their own. Their critical thinking begins and ends with "take that, libs." That's why rightwingers can never get anything done except sperging over the left. On a related note, some posters are so casually lesbophobic (inb4 "hurr durr seething" - I'm not even a lesbian myself, I just have eyes) and so eager to pearlclutch over EVERYTHING that women do, all while defending rightwing misogynists because "at least they know what a woman is." They make it so obvious that they're covert tradtards or at least tradtard adjacent.
> Inb4 "you don't know it's all the same kinds of people making those posts"
Once you've seen enough rightoid spergery it's easy enough to clock when someone holds those opinions kek. I can't really explain it but it is.

No. 79635

These genuinely read like glowie/psyop posts.

No. 79636

Someone posted an Oli London tweet in the MTF thread the other day without even commenting on his own individual grift. I feel like it's coordinated.

No. 79637

it def feels coordinated. racebait, homophobia and backlash against feminists especially radfems are all getting way more frequent

No. 79638

>Conservatives genuinely have no opinions of their own
The mental illness and narcissism dripping off this post is something else. LC is an international site with women from all over the world. Women have different life experiences that shape their opinions. "Conservative" doesn't even mean anything on an international scale because conservative political parties differ in their polices depending the national politics of the country. It's like comparing the UK conservative party to PIS in Poland and Hezbollah, or comparing the democrat party in the US to the CCP and the MPLA in Angola.

No. 79639

Nope they aren’t scrotes, mod banned me just for talking shit about that poster and they admitted they were a woman because they looked through their post history. Some of you need to get rid of the rose-colored goggles pertaining to women being sweet angels kekkk

No. 79640

No one cares, go back to pol if you want to racebait and cape for moids just because they're white.

No. 79641

/poltier bait in the „news stories that fuck with you thread“ about Indians needing to die bc overpopulation or smth. I feel like this has become my job at this point kek

No. 79642

any self identified "conservative" woman is a pickme doormat enabler subjugating herself for scrotes to the detriment of her own and other women's rights, no matter what country she's from. cope and seethe retard

No. 79643

She’s halfway correct, there’s too many Indian males and they need to die, they can leave the Indian women alone though.

No. 79644

File: 1719761837138.png (13.12 KB, 1246x102, Screenshot 2024-06-30 163608.p…)

>OP frequents weeb threads herself
KEK the absolute state

No. 79645

See >>79642 . Also handwringing about terminology is a very well known right-wing tactic called semantic infiltration. They question the meaning of terms and muddy the topic of conversation by making words lose their meaning to the point the discussion can't carry on. I.e. saying "c-conservative doesn't even mean anything on an international scale!!!!" in bad faith when literally everyone can safely be assumed to be on the same page about the definition of the term used in the site's context.

No. 79646

Self-hating weebs on this site are something else, I swear.

No. 79647

Which thread is this

No. 79648

File: 1719762528333.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1290x1399, IMG_4497.jpeg)

>farmhands are always watching
and then everybody clapped

No. 79649

what’s wrong with picrel, it’s just an indian moid getting bullied by other moids

No. 79650

don’t activate my autism and go read no.7 of the Lc rules instead

No. 79651

the weaboo hate thread on /ot/, its got closed

No. 79652

news that fuck with you still full of racebait . it's nothing but outrage bait about migrants/indians/muslims 24/7.
then again guven the state of /ot/ seems no one really cares to moderate certain threads anymore

No. 79653

Just like some of us don't get why you won't shut the fuck up about it.
You're talking about reducing privacy on an anon imageboard in a clumsy attempt to stop bad actors. VPNs never got banned before because it's obviously a retarded idea that only hurts the userbase.

It would probably affect things less now since most of you fags have rolled in from tiktok or reddit and wouldn't know the difference anyway.

No. 79654

So what is your plan for the rampant /pol/tards in the news thread? We told you so many times to nip it in the fucking bud because no, they don't hate just moids, they're just run of the mill rightoid racists who couch their hatred in a veneer of misandry in order to blend in with us. And now they've gone mask off calling for women to be killed too and don't even bother with the "I just hate the moids!!!" disclaimer because they've gotten comfortable here. We warned you so many times. Same deal with the homophobia where they just pretend like they don't hate lesbians when they actually do.

No. 79655

Yep. A guy who was trying to impress her is why we have this site today. I wish we had a lore thread somewhere.

No. 79656

News that fuck with you should either be autosaged or moved to 2X at this point because they're attracting the wrong people who then spread their racebaiting bullshit on other threads

No. 79657

That’s a pretty terrible argument because that’s true for pretty much any political or moral issue.

No. 79658

There's so much sperging and infighting in the conventional attractions thread and I'm certain it's just one person samefagging and trolling often for like 10 posts in a row. That thread is supposed to be image based, can mods ban whoever keeps constantly flaming the thread and calling everyone ugly? Literally everyone in the thread is sick of this same tard.

No. 79659

>calling everyone ugly
No, just tom hiddleston lol. We've told you so many times why he's not conventional, I think the actual trolls are the ones posting unconventional men in there over and over.

No. 79660

I already complained in this thread about nonny getting banned for "baiting" when she was just making fun of moids. As if we would start to whiteknight men. It was obviously a joke. She just said what men say when a woman gets attacked. I noticed the racebait way before that, though. It was so thinly veiled in "POC moids" when they clearly just hate women. Lesbophobia is an issue in multiple threads, too.
If it has gotten to the point you mentioned then maybe it's better I just don't visit that thread again. Thank you nonny and other nonnies who said about it.

No. 79662

so much non-milk gets posted without saging in the varg thread

No. 79663

File: 1719800092795.jpeg (549.79 KB, 828x782, IMG_4449.jpeg)

/pol/tard cancer is spreading to /m/
mods i am once again begging you to do something about the racists and tradtards before this site becomes ladypol.

No. 79665

you overplayed your hand troon. quit racebaiting over the entire site and then telling on yourself in meta

No. 79666

What does non-contribution even means? I get that no one should spam cow threads with blogs and unrelated pictures, or edited memes even I guess, but we can't even make comments now? It's so weird, I've gotten banned like twice already because of "non-contribution" over comments that anyone makes in threads, like saying that a moid is sexually dysfunctional or that a cow is retarded.
And yeah, I sage, whenever I don't have any milk to share I sage, that's kind of the point of sage, that you can comment on stuff or post funny reaction images/memes, but now that's not allowed?
Mods should just say that they want the cow threads to be archives only so no one says anything, or make the cow boards image only so you can only explicitly post milk. Because otherwise I don't get the point of banning anons for posting comments or edits of cows.
Plus, I get that threads like Shayna's thread tend to have lots of unhinged autists, but do we really need to then make hidden boards for every cow from now on? So the milk isn't disorganized? And I get that mods and anons alike don't want lolcow to turn into another kiwifarms where everyone just posts the most retarded and boring blogs ever, but that's kind of why the "hide saged posts" option exists and why it can't be that difficult to differentiate between: retarded meme, overly used meme that's not funny anymore, weird comment (alogs, autistic rants, hornyposting unironically) blogs and unsaged nothingburgers like a dumbass and unfunny interaction between two fans of a cow.
So yeah, I say mods should just write in the guidelines phrases and shit that no one can post on cow boards or some giide on how to post comments at this point because it's confusing, or they should just write a rule saying that cow boards are only archives and that anons should only talk about the cows on /ot/.

No. 79667

It basically can vary based on what the non-contribution is. Some example are:
>responding with greentext and adding nothing new
>reaction image or gif with no text
>one word replies like in a chatroom or as if you're leaving a comment on Instagram or someone's facebook story

Link a specific post and anons will tell you why.

No. 79668

>but do we really need to then make hidden boards for every cow from now on?
/shay/ was just an april fool's joke

No. 79669

It's already happened. The reopening of /2X/ was the final nail in the coffin. Oldmin was spot on with her point that allowing politisperging, even in containment threads, will attract the wrong kind of posters and ruin the site forever because once the /pol/tards settle in you won't get rid of them. Ever. It's like herpes. It'll flare up worse every now and then and even after acute treatment it'll remain as an undercurrent. The staff were warned multiple times for their laxness on the issue before but they didn't take it seriously so now we have the entire site sinking into sperging about muh wokies ruining muh west and unironic bigotry. Most threads in /ot/ are literally unreadable by this point and it's not just a few trolls targetting them en masse but a genuine shift in the people who use this site.

No. 79670

take your meds

No. 79671

the /pol/tards have been in meta for a while already, i started noticing it in the funny twitter/tumblr images threads and other similar threads a long time ago that someone just started posting straight up unfunny rightoid scrote "humor" in those threads

No. 79672

Honestly baffled at your level of mental gymnastics to pin absolutely everything on muh radfems.

No. 79673

>Thinking anyone on /2X/ is a radfem and not a tradthot in their "nigel pissed me off" era

No. 79674

That makes no sense. Besides, the board was fine before seething moids and the cocksucker sperg shat it up endlessly.

No. 79676

The one who writes novels about how "cocksuckers" are subhuman? If so I accidentally click on her(?) posts from the front page sometimes and every time it takes a year off my life span.

No. 79677

I think replies like >>>/w/330067 should be bannable. It sets up the other anon to look like a whiteknight when they aren't wking. Saying one thing is worse than the other isn't defending something else.

No. 79679

I want the mods to lock any threads that the necrofags keeps bumping, it’s getting on my last nerves now

No. 79681

File: 1719878665171.jpg (1.45 MB, 2880x2880, 20240702_025913.jpg)

I think there's a baiter on the attractive males thread who keeps posting ugly men mentioned in the ugly male psyop on purpose to stir infighting.

No. 79682

Kek someone is upset that nobody is taking their bait in Unpopular Opinions

No. 79683

there are /pol/tards on the staff team, so give up

No. 79684

he's been there since the at least weeks now

No. 79685

They all look attractive to me. I can't imagine gatekeeping who is allowed to be attractive.

No. 79686

Oh hell naw only one of them is at least okay looking. I will let you decide for yourself which one it is.

No. 79687

This, they always pin everything on radfems it's so funny. Just moderate the site better and ban the /pol/tards, that's all they have to do.

No. 79688

Anon interacts with the cow so they have something to post but then destroys the whole post lol >>>/w/330135 why are there so many users cowtipping lately

No. 79689

Newfags that don't understand this website is for observing cows not cancelling them.

No. 79692

I have a hunch it's just pakichan larping as an european again, but instead of the UK her new hyerfixation is germany.

No. 79693

They ruined their milk anyway by scribbling over the whole interaction. Anon should be banned for that alone even if it isn't cowtipping.

No. 79694

You guys locked the Effina Hyatt thread because of racebait but the news stories one is still up although people on there constantly use rightoid /pol/ lingo. Some schizo posted her passport and a note with the date and time on it in common /pol/ manner. This is clearly attracting the most embarrassing types of people. They don’t allow conversations about anything other than immigrants to happen either. They only talk about racebait in this thread and anything else just gets ignored. At least the ones in the Effina thread would eventually move on to another topic. But these people just keep going on. It’s so annoying it clogs the entire thread and makes it impossible for those genuinely interested in the thread to discuss any other news.

No. 79695

that thread and unpop opinions need to be locked at this point.
the country threads are full of pol/shit too, even the usually slow french thread got miraculously revived by people who coincidentally think le pen is amazing. they should def hire more jannies for /ot/