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File: 1715129118206.png (551.94 KB, 702x445, IMG_5414.png)

No. 932701

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>921722
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@peachygirlmomo
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>moomoo went to japan w/ ozy (aboosive ex) and mimsy and others to cosplay in shibuya on Halloween (despite the city trying to cancel Halloween that year and not allowing people to wear costumes (moo and others make it through regardless))

>some locals railed moo for this on Twitter and she clapped back only to get called out by the native speakers for using google translate
>the worst makima shibari ever seen happened
>5k patrons on patreon, 5k slobbering moids w/ no taste
>fabricated a “am hero” story about herself and her cronies when they heard a scream at an onsen and claimed they went full investigator mode to “save the girl”
>more Gaza virtue signaling
>Mona cosplay with tits sagging lower than her navel
>Hu Tao next (No one is safe)
>claimed to feed the homeless in Vegas n thanksgiving, then said “fuck thanksgiving” for more Gaza horror posting
>moomoo fleshlight saga begins 11/28/2023
>claims to start school January 2024 (associate in health science)
>Pomni cosplay (actual nightmare)
>sick cat? Buy a new car
>went to Japan AGAIN
>flesh light delay 02/07/2024
>declares she wants to invest her sw money, make cosplay a hobby again, and become a cosmetic surgeon
>still no flesh light 03/02/2024
>announces photog studio location change
>tattoo removal and Botox

No. 932702

File: 1715130076543.jpeg (613.86 KB, 1290x2293, IMG_5364.jpeg)

Last thread she posted about SOAD having a show and saying "but what about Lebanon" @ Gaza supporters and Moomoo got pissed despite doing the same thing for BLM in 2020

No. 932703

File: 1715130125517.jpeg (160.9 KB, 1055x1910, IMG_5187.jpeg)

From an old thread, 2020

No. 932719

File: 1715136377559.jpg (681.73 KB, 1290x2293, 1000014352.jpg)

No. 932721

File: 1715136796323.png (834.29 KB, 1837x1132, mootwit.png)

Finally. Shes been busy over on twitter.
Apparently she aced her finals. Claims to be doing a "bachelors of nursing science"

An update on the totally real fleshlight.

Sperging about godzilla, presumably because it was trending but watch her read the wiki and act like the no.1 fan. For those unfamiliar, the Reiwa era are the most recent Japanese releases (Shin godzilla and Godzilla minus one)

Apparently she was a great sister. The video in question had a child in it and frankly, i didn't want to include her in this shitshow.

I look forward to seeing how she designs her next studio. Hopefully she re-purposes the electrical cabinet again

No. 932724

File: 1715138119767.jpg (417.16 KB, 1080x1933, 1000013463.jpg)

Reposting but she's sinking more money into magpie items for the studio

No. 932725

File: 1715138181219.jpg (840.16 KB, 1080x2316, 1000013465.jpg)

No. 932727

ah yes the vibe of cheap bootleg chinese crane game stores that have been popping up everywhere. people will certainly pay money for that.

No. 932728

File: 1715138910662.jpg (609.48 KB, 1063x1612, 1000013464.jpg)


Complained in her story but had to make sure to suck up to sniper for the tickets

Not sure why but the lipgloss phone case gives me a chuckle

No. 932731

File: 1715140292703.jpg (309.58 KB, 1152x2048, 1000014311.jpg)

This was from the other day.

No. 932732

File: 1715140452555.jpg (599.84 KB, 1080x1846, 1000014373.jpg)

She's right. It doesn't fit her. Those tits are sagging so low. Also, you can definitely see she's gaining weight back.

No. 932733

so this is going to be an even bigger money pit than the first one. How does she never manage to learn from her past
skinwalking mimsy lol
those straps are hanging on for dear life. I get the look shes going for, but it just looks like she brought a swimsuit 3 sizes too small. Isn't this also an old picture, I swear she's posted this years ago?

No. 932735

File: 1715141744775.jpg (872.73 KB, 1080x2316, 1000013554.jpg)

Also trying to bring back her totally lesbian larp.

Which of her "friends" is she trying to impress now?

No. 932736

File: 1715141910133.jpeg (609.3 KB, 828x1456, 24EBAC34-CC4C-4DEF-94DD-AF9B92…)

It’s new, I’m going by how busted her tattoos are looking lol

The fact she’s still sinking money into another studio, buying new crap and transferring those shoddy sets is just so fucking stupid. No one but her friends went the first time, how is her moving to another location going to be any different? (Wondering if this one is also inconveniently located as well)

No. 932737

File: 1715142059270.jpeg (880.1 KB, 881x1547, IMG_3345.jpeg)

No. 932751

jfc she doesn't look like herself at all in this, so much for cutting back on the filters after that nose job

No. 932755

did she say why she's moving? it seems weird.

No. 932757

File: 1715147158316.png (453.62 KB, 746x679, seamblow.png)

Popped a seam in one session gg
Also a beautiful close up at the shoddy editing.

Aside from that I doubt this is a legit 'japanese swimsuit'. Its probably some taobao 'BBW' fetish trash sold in stores that sell those obscenely big breast plates because why else would the straps be that long?

No. 932763

not entirely true. There were a handful of randos that somehow were allowed to use it. Never saw them with moo before or afterwards

my guess would be that her lease was up. I'd go back and check when she first moved into the studio, but i can't be bothered.

No. 932771

Serj literally has 4 Armenian grandparents, like no fucking shit he was born in Lebanon since that's where his family FLED from the genocide. Unfuckingbelievable she would police someone's identity like that when she uses her own vague Lebeanse heritaji as a legit reason to call herself Asian etc.

No. 932772

Wow I couldnt imagine having this out in plain sight when my family comes over. Shes awful.

No. 932778

if the lease was up she probably moved somewhere even cheaper and out of the way.

No. 932779

File: 1715190228697.jpg (561.59 KB, 1290x2293, 1000014274.jpg)

Meant to share, but this is the new space. No windows at all so she can't get flagged for making her porn.

No. 932787

Rip anyone trying to shoot here, her sets at the old place had notoriously awful lighting, no windows just means less chance for natural lighting

No. 932788

Or the owner of the space found out what she was doing in there, and just refused to renew her lease out of disgust.

No. 932789

This is more of a shit hole than her last "studio"
She can maybe fit two, maybe three low quality sets here. Appropriate for cheap porn though

No. 932790

I'm sure there is more damage she did to this place that didn't need to be done. Along with the fire hazard of turning the electrical room into a set that no one even used. Can't the guy sue for damages to the property?

No. 932794

i doubt that, especially given how >>932779 looks. unless she got into legal trouble most landlords wouldn't know what she's doing.

No. 932800

File: 1715204451501.png (213.33 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_8995.png)

this review was posted several months ago but i don’t recall ever seeing it pop up on here. Sorry if its old news

No. 932806

Gotta be a fruitfarmer.

No. 932814

Daylight is not needed or even wanted in a studio because it's unreliable. Clouds moving in and out, sunrise or sunset would all mess with the lighting. Studio photography is all about artificial lighting, reflectors etc.

No. 932815

File: 1715228134018.jpg (7.83 KB, 447x98, obese.jpg)

No. 932827

So she went from “finishing my associates in health science!” this spring semester to working on her “bachelors of nursing science”?

I know she’s dumb as shit and can never keep her story straight, but that’s not how it works. Nursing schools are generally competitive and have requirements that she almost certainly didn’t fulfill, including either the TEAS or HESI.

No. 932833

She’s really dumb as rocks because any medical program in the US, makes you start off with the gen ed classes like English 101, History 100, etc. even if you don’t need them for your degree. I’m sure she’s taking those classes and acing them because they’re easy as shit. You have to be real fucking retarded or foreign to not pass those kek. She’s probably feeling good because she’s passing since in the last thread she wrote on the “philosophy of love” and used Wikipedia as a resource and most professors will tell you that’s not a legit source.
She’s feeling smart rn, but we all know med school is no joke. Even if it’s nursing.

No. 932842

Oh you know she's not actually doing any of this, she's basing the larp on her sister. She's going to get tired of it soon enough and start mixing up her lies, just like every other time she's pretended to be in school. She's absolutely too retarded for nursing.

No. 932854

ya she doesn't know what any of this stuff is. she probably just asked basic questions and put 2 and 2 together.

No. 932858

File: 1715284448091.jpg (500.05 KB, 1079x1538, 1000014391.jpg)

No. 932860

Eww, I know there are some medical practitioners that get into the field to be creeps and there are plastic surgeons that use weird wording to compliment your body during consultations but of course moo would turn it into a horny on main experience. I’m surprised she went to (if she actually did) that didn’t push her to get surgery ala nose job. Or she’s clearly bullshitting cause I doubt she’s going to get a breast lift

No. 932863

She’s known to exaggerate. He probably told her something she didn’t want to hear possibly that she needs to lose weight, it’s difficult to fix this problem because of her breast reduction that she botched by gaining said weight. It’s very likely the doctor rejected her as a patient for her own well being because she is not a good candidate for a procedure like that just yet, so naturally the dipshit made up a story of him being horny for her. She rarely ever tells the truth.

No. 932864


. . . She watches entirely too much porn if she thinks anyone is stupid enough to actually believe a word of this. This sounds straight out of a plot of some random hentai

No. 932868

at this point, why not just run an actual arcade? a bunch of gacha/crane machine places are popping up in vegas right now and it's gonna be a trend for a while. do photoshoots in it after closing or something. can't make a single good business decision

No. 932873

Lol. Oh yeah, this totally happened.

No. 932885

This is her first year in the health care field. And you can't just become a nurse like that either. She isn't getting her associates or bachelors in anything.
Moo is as legit as those "veneer techs" who get their "degrees" in two weeks. Except there is a greater chance Moo is just pretending to go to school because she doesn't want to be seen as another "dumb hoe"

No. 932890

>picks them up
Idk why, but her choice of words made me kek.
Also, this didn’t happen for many reasons. But the biggest reason, no surgeon is going to be like “Your tits are perfect. Bye!”
They want money. I think this is just her way of saying she doesn’t want to do the surgery and is fishing for compliments. “You’re perfect the way you are uwu”

No. 932893

It's especially ridiculous because we've all seen her tits, and they are disgusting. No surgeon is going to tell her she doesn't need anything. If anything, they would be upselling other procedures as well.

No. 932897

would you want to a visit an arcade after moos shot her porn in it? because we all know she ain't cleaning anything afterwards

No. 932936

File: 1715368336693.jpeg (370.59 KB, 828x943, C3E46D56-38AC-40E0-AE42-A57DDD…)

No. 932937

"Summer accelerated program" I think she's trying to make it sound more important than it is, but she's probably doing condensed summer classes for gen eds but she has to be so special and advanced right kek

No. 932941

she's not doing anything though, she's pretending to go to classes, just like last time. she's too stupid to do anything she can't pay for and get immediately.

No. 932942

If your tits can be "picked up" you definitely need a fucking lift

No. 932945

Her plastic surgeon is also a crane operator

No. 932999

I'm not defneding her but most breasts sag. Especially if they're bgger than a B-cup.(unsaged)

No. 933008

that's not reallt the point. i am getting really sick of this black and white posting. we are not talking about breasts in general, we're talking about them in the context of "needing a breast lift", which no one does, but it's a male gaze procedure so that's the standard. your post isn't the same knee-jerks that some posts are, but i am tired of generalizations just to defend women against male standards when moo's entire career is based around that and she doesn't need us to defend her. we don't need this "all boobs are beautiful" insecurity posting for moo. it's not necessary.

No. 933011

File: 1715456568272.jpeg (417.93 KB, 828x991, 7D96976F-1DEE-45C5-A57B-C2F7AF…)

Jfc she’s pathetic

No. 933019

You're blinded by your hatred for moo. "All breasts sag"-nona was defending her own saggy tits because she's insecure. It's so funny to me when people itt defend certain features of the cow because it's true for them as well.

No. 933020

>she still hasn't learned how apostrophes work

No. 933022

File: 1715466220456.jpg (429.93 KB, 1080x1987, 1000013631.jpg)

Sage for me not remembering, but she tagged this photographer in her latest photo.

Tripod-chan making a comeback or is this a new character in Momoland?

No. 933024

that is ashu cos formerly known as aly brazil

No. 933039

And she never will; I keep seeing more and more retarded Zoomers and Gen A kids using apostrophes for plural. I blame autocorrect not parsing grammar properly and/or giving up on correcting shit.

Pulling triple duty as Moo's costume slave, stunt fluffer for Moo's sad porn, AND photographer? Seeing as she's one of Moo's last calves, the pay must be great and the esteem must be lower than low.

No. 933040

File: 1715494168904.jpg (678.5 KB, 1290x2293, 1000014417.jpg)

No. 933041

She's more than welcome to leave, there's literally nothing stopping her.
It's all very performative and reminds of 2016, when people said they were going to leave the US and then never did.

No. 933043

Does this stupid bitch not realize that hamas would stone her to death for being a degenerate whore? But go ahead Moo, put your money where your mouth is, and move over there, to bask in the "superior culture" of the middle east.

No. 933048

She doesn't realize that Trump didn't do shit for her level of tax bracket… right?
Watching this bitch spiral is such a comfy feeling.

No. 933063

Moo being a braindead Republican as usual. Refusing to vote for trump thank god, but also being absolutely dead weight for everyone else by refusing to vote entirely.

She has countless stories about Gaza being bombed and she thinks not voting for anyone is going to make it better? Her fans are right, she needs to shut up.

No. 933074

Suddenly reminded of the lunch box debacle. Makes a lot more sense.

No. 933081

The bitch has never voted in her life anyway so that’s nothing new.

No. 933085

Shes just like every whore who is a "communist" refusing to understand that liberal capitalism is the only political structure that allows them to exist as they do.

No. 933089

Kek thanks for the reminder of the thread discovering she wasn't registered to vote back in 2020, I wonder if she still isn't

No. 933090

File: 1715551399419.jpg (96.73 KB, 1080x1875, 1000006122.jpg)

Doesn't want to vote but pushes this shit?

No. 933124

Can't wait to hear what bullshit school work she will be cramming this time. Honestly Mariah, if you actually got into a program, which you didn't, you'd be braging about it. Thus this another school lie, like usual. Good luck with your imaginary course work.

No. 933132

File: 1715635307767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,478.08 KB, 784x1179, 50EE43DC-93E9-47ED-97EF-5C7932…)

Pure cringe

No. 933136

hentai coomer brain rot

No. 933138

this is so gross and cringe, lmao.

No. 933161

File: 1715706411204.jpg (330.93 KB, 1080x1940, 1000013652.jpg)

No. 933162


No. 933165

couple this with the whole nurse larp…she really wants to be special somehow.

No. 933167

File: 1715711021103.png (188.55 KB, 662x693, Untitled.png)

She's opened subscriptions on twitter now. Wasn't she against twitter/Elon at one point?
Ignore the NZ currency, its about $6/5 USD

Classic moo, never letting death(s) go to waste>>933161

No. 933174

>happy nurses week
>after nurses week already ended
I guess she can't even keep up with her LARP, I didn't see a peep about nurses week from her until this post. After the week of recognition ended. And of course she's got to base the whole thing off of her newest BPD obsession. Classic moo.

No. 933249

>may God allow them to be beautiful martyrs
Some people simply should not speak on anything ever

No. 933293

technically you can say both interchangeably if you’re planning to continue onto a 4 year college after getting your associates. it’s common to say your end goal degree if you’re working towards transferring but who knows with her lol

No. 933314

I know this all a lie, but really? She is now larping she's going to be an FNP? Let's see how long this lasts.

No. 933326

Until she gets caught in a lie again and gets called out. She can’t handle the heat.

No. 933370

File: 1715876088084.mp4 (15.71 MB, 1080x1784, 1000013684.mp4)

Is she talking to herself then? Posting dead babies then her giggling at the spa right after.

No. 933377

File: 1715878072372.jpg (344.08 KB, 1080x1740, 1000013680.jpg)

She really is trying to be her sister now

No. 933390

She easily gets insecure about what other women are doing in her life. She doesn't have any close gal pals anymore so now she's pretending to do what her sister is doing. It's exactly like when Vamps said she was going to school to be a pharmacist and Moo said she was doing the exact same thing.
It's just now with her sister it's easier to fake because she can visit her sister and say her books and course work is hers. She wants to be seen as a smart woman and not just a porn thot. She still thinks women who do porn are nothing. A lot of self loathing.

No. 933391

one could almost feel sorry for her, but her self-loathing is absolutely well-deserved

No. 933419

I remember after her "abusive" parents kicked them out that they would take Peaches out to dinner a lot. I mean a lot. I would never go out to dinner with abusive family members. But anything to get more food eh?(wrong thread)

No. 933499

wrong thread lol

No. 933509

File: 1715908836183.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.04 KB, 639x572, IMG_0778.jpeg)

The swimsuit mommy vid is online and she is a whale spoiled for your well being. Beware!

No. 933510

File: 1715908867680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.65 KB, 654x664, IMG_0779.jpeg)

No. 933511

File: 1715908904045.jpeg (Spoiler Image,65.39 KB, 654x650, IMG_0780.jpeg)

Hank hill butt. But hey she works out right?

No. 933514

File: 1715909400834.jpeg (Spoiler Image,260.14 KB, 2142x1170, IMG_0781.jpeg)

WARNING! Gross vag. Nasty looking thing. She got her fupa back. Good to see all that surgery really helped out.

No. 933517

jesus christ wtf happened to her? I don't wannt compliment this bitch but she was significantly slimmer a year ago

No. 933518

I know it's hard to form a coherent sentence.

No. 933520

What confuses me is why she's proud to look like a "milf" despite never having kids. Why is that a flex? That's not good, Moo.

The fact she put this up thinking it looks sexy…

No. 933521

Oh god, when she's not standing 3/4 or sideways, she's massive. She so wide. Men will always lap up photoshop as long as they can get off.

No. 933523


A surgeon told her she doesnt need a breast lift, but my god does she have saggy grandma tits.

No. 933524

File: 1715920752056.jpg (688.2 KB, 1080x2316, 1000006146.jpg)

She posted this to her mmallad account too

No. 933525

Jfc if it weren’t for the tattoo I would’ve thought this was just some fat porn star. That has to be one of the worst things I’ve seen

No. 933526

I was going to point out her fupa coming back to nona! Damn is she stress eating more than usual?? Hopefully other anons can stop saying she’s skinny cause she never has been skinny. She just knew how to use fat girl angles. >>933524
Jfc you can see her stomach protruding a bit now and her tiny ass head. Oh I can’t wait to run into her at AX again and look like a deer in the headlights. Any bets on another round of lipo to clog her arteries even more before AX?

No. 933529

JFC that cooch is like looking at some Lovecraftian horror. It almost looks like a trannys rot pocket.

No. 933533

I am putting down money on her hiding the entire con like she did at Katsu, I doubt she's going to have another multi-shapeware disaster like last year's 2B shit ready this time around.

No. 933534

I know she hates herself so bad because if I had her body and money I would’ve at least gotten the mimsy special (x2 bbls and implants) at least KEK

No. 933535

no surgeon on earth told her she didn’t need those sagbags lifted, unless they could just see that she was a disaster client by looking at her
she is covered in bacne and boils as well, just complete Shrek

No. 933536

Didnt she have a personal trainer? Damn, thats so much money to waste to look like that

No. 933539

PTs are going to drop you when you keep missing appointments and not stucking yo regimen. Also she made a home gym that no one sees her use either, maybe her own is to get someone to come to the house

No. 933545

Did she even go to Katsu? All she posted was the view from hotel no line up or anything

No. 933566

File: 1716005440110.jpg (771.21 KB, 1564x1564, 1000014509.jpg)

Someone got stood up next thinks.

No. 933567

File: 1716008442882.webp (157.8 KB, 1024x576, deargod.jpg)

why does it look like the brain bug from starship troopers

No. 933580

File: 1716041020144.jpg (580.54 KB, 1080x1878, 1000006154.jpg)

What is she complaining about when she still went?

No. 933581

File: 1716041059932.jpg (821.09 KB, 1080x1672, 1000006156.jpg)

Moo, you're one to talk about a big back.

No. 933584

right, I saw this and I thought to myself I know miss big back tiny head Hank hill ass should not be talking like this about other big women. What happened to body positivity

No. 933591

All her money and she got those shit seats? Why even go?

No. 933593

File: 1716048498478.jpg (147.3 KB, 1080x1791, 1000013725.jpg)

And now it'll be the thing she complains about for days. Or, suddenly she's going to spin the story as she "saved" these kids from the evil lady.

No. 933594

Can someone tell me who this performer is? I know thats a mask, but the uncanny face reminds me of moo

No. 933595

File: 1716049109180.jpg (400.41 KB, 1068x1195, 1000013726.jpg)


No. 933596

Melanie Martinez.

No. 933597

She always finds a character and clings onto it for dear life. She spends alot of time on twitter pretending like she's irl yor. Reminds me of her mei days tbh

No. 933598

Thanks nonna!

No. 933609

she just used a shitty "ai" animated picture with meitu here too. atleast use an actual pic of yor or something. it's so lazy.

No. 933636

Kek I love how her face looks more uncanny and her tits look more flat and 2D than the AI generated crap.

No. 933667

File: 1716132698713.jpg (729.04 KB, 1079x2103, 1000006172.jpg)

Moo really comparing the a 14 year old to Rika, a fictional deity who dies repeatedly.

No. 933669

File: 1716132818371.jpg (659.08 KB, 1080x1762, 1000006174.jpg)

The first post is trivializing the girl's actions by comparing her to anime, imo it reads like Moo is saying anime outshines the 14 year old and she shouldnt feel special for getting irl revenge.

No. 933670

Comparing a real victim to anime or actually vile. wtf

No. 933672

File: 1716133417291.jpg (697.15 KB, 1080x1958, 1000006179.jpg)

Moo was saying that this photo was intentionally set up by the photographer to make the black girl look as terrible as possible for "ragebait". Pushing some racist tinfoil. Then has the audacity to insult people calling out the racism "goofy". Tbh I had to reread that because at first I thought she called the Asian guy a slur.

She really never, ever changes.

No. 933674

File: 1716133585183.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2112, 1000006177.jpg)

No. 933676

Samefag, but one more thing to add. Moo had this whole made up story about going to theater classes, but she can't even tell what type of shots these are? Lol Moo, these portraitures in black and white are purposeful. These are usually used for promotion and look more dynamic than in color which can distract from emotion. She's the biggest idiot and instead of using her vast zoom class knowledge or even try googling, she's body shaming the black girl and you know she is because she brings up race just to say it's not about race.

No. 933677


I mean juliette is supposed to be pretty, and there are pretty women, those medias keep forcing in atrociously ugly POC women as if there arent pretty POC women…(learn to sage at lolcow.farm/info)

No. 933678

>People of Colour women

No. 933687

File: 1716144841608.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1270x1733, IMG_3438.jpeg)

They really are meant for each other…

No. 933692

Indeed. They both have the ugly inside out, no one likes them irl, he’s a loser dating a z-tier porn thot and moo is the z-tier porn thot after her cosplay career attempt flopped.

No. 933693

>>933677 juliette was played by hulking, hairy moids until they allowed women up on stages. theatre is about suspending your disbelief and getting lost in the performance. retard.(derailing)

No. 933695

Who's to say she WASN'T black? Othello was.
It must suck to say dumb shit like that and be such a nobody that you don't get called out on it. Kek!(derailing)

No. 933700

I am dying to know if they are still together or not. I honestly hate Ozy more than Moo. He is just such a slimeball and he is so intentionally confusing. "Professional content creator" yet only 5 posts on Instagram and less than 100 followers on Twitter? WTF is that about?

No. 933705

do you think mariah fills ozy’s lips with filler and then he does it to her in their spare time? couple goals right there

No. 933715

This is some Cronenbergian body horror

No. 933716

I thought Moo was muslim. Doesn't she know that there's no such thing as rape in Islamic law?

If a man forces himself on an unmarried woman she is guilty of the crime of adultery. Then she's tied up and buried up to her waist and stoned to death in the public square.

Doesn't moomoo know anything about her own religion?

No. 933717

Course not. She was all about Christianity before she started claiming she was Muslim. She thinks she’s an advocate but she would be stoned to death for what she does for a living.

No. 933720

Moo is just a bad liar and dumb. She wonders why no one takes her word seriously. She looks white/Italian. She wants a POC card so she can openly be racist based on her ancestors. I remember her claiming years back little kids would rip off her hijab. But none of her family wears them because she's too dumb to realize her ancestors were mediterranean Christains. That and some people from her school claimed she was the one ripping hijabs off of girls heads. I don't know if that's true, but it checks out because of Moo's behavior.

No. 933721

I'm really surprised she hasn't started taking something like Ozempic yet.

No. 933731

it’s kinda like that one white girl in college who wears black lives matter shit because her boyfriend or her friends are black and she’s claiming to “advocate for them” kek

No. 933733


Yeah she’s a total chameleon. She only blends in, especially when it’s trendy or develops liking towards things whoever she’s interested or dating is into. Out of her last hookups; ozy is low tier and even she knows it.
Can confirm in high school EVERYONE hated her she was loud and annoying and never understood that she wasn’t funny and if anyone did laugh it was because how stupid she was acting. In school she would latch onto a group of cool kids, they hated her and no matter what they did they couldn’t get her to leave them alone. She was in her guidette form at the time, so you can imagine how fucking irritating she was. She has and always will follow trends and bs because she has zero personality of her own. She’s just an annoying aging thought that only made money for leaking nudes on cosplay threads.

No. 933736

"look at me i know everything about theater"

Juliette was played by a boy, not by a hairy greasy man nonna, grimmed boy who most likely passed much better as a girl than whoever they casted this time. There's only so much disbelief you can suspend when an homonculus is called a beautiful princess kek. And wouldnt that be nice now, that women are free to play in theater, to actually give them the space they deserve by actually respecting their roles instead of making it a token statement? ps: Romeo and juliette was written in 1595 and few decenis after (1660) women were allowed to play theater.

No. 933737

Probably can’t afford it with her funneling money into her new studio, commissioning all her “cosplay”, and Lipo and now all these shots because of her sisters new job

No. 933738

Because she's a descendant of a famous italian family? Being a moor was the exception not the rule.
I honestly don't mind diverse casting i just think it's hypocritical to pick someone who's the total opposite of Juliette in the piece. Might aswell make it an old man now, at least i'll be thought provoking.(derailing)

No. 933766

File: 1716238559706.png (51.54 KB, 280x280, purepng.com-mario-balloonmario…)

I see the family resemblance

No. 933788

File: 1716264068028.jpg (797.45 KB, 1080x2316, 1000006194.jpg)

Aly cannot edit. The stomach is so botched to try and make her look skinnier without a stomach or pouch.

No. 933797

File: 1716292334362.jpg (311.2 KB, 1080x1010, 1000014568.jpg)

No. 933802

I see Moo has a lipo appointment lined up for AX. I am looking forward to how even more botched she's going to be for it.

No. 933803

I'm more distracted by the upper lip.

No. 933807

Oh.. its like shit stained

No. 933808

shitlip kek

No. 933818

The only thing I can think of is that she tried to do the two-colored lip thing and most of the upper lip was wiped off and now it's blotchy compared to her real lip color underneath.

No. 933823

even so, you'd think they'd touch that up in editing. But I guess hiding the fupa was the bigger demand from Moo

No. 933829

Guess she saw everyone calling her fat in her recent shoot and candids. But come on
She edited this so much her head is the size of a pea when in reality she's just obese. I think she's just as big as she was when she went to Hawaii a few years back. And I see whatever clinic she's going to is sucking out the fat from under her chin too. Am I crazy or is it just easier and less painful to just not eat enough food for three grown men?

No. 933839

File: 1716327552783.jpg (448.48 KB, 1079x1474, 1000014573.jpg)

No. 933840

How is she so fucking fat though

No. 933842

That ass shoop is killing me, it doesn’t even look part of the real photo. Just some blurry AI bullshit instructed to paint a milf figure or Aly’s shit photoshop skills are showing here. I wonder how much Moo is paying her.
We all know deep down Mooriah has a Hank Hill ass.
She’ll never know what it’s like to have ass hanging from the bone unless she gets a bbl and she won’t do it

No. 933843

File: 1716335854686.jpg (496.04 KB, 1045x1164, Screenshot_20240521_165641_Sam…)

Why does she look like katy from horton hears a who? Uncanny…

No. 933845

This doesn't even look human. Uncanny.

No. 933850

we literally just saw this. She really just said "Shave 150 pounds off me but make my ass bigger"

No. 933878

File: 1716390306418.jpg (280.67 KB, 1074x1760, 1000013778.jpg)

Back to shinobu again to find that "but irl" fame once more.

No. 933879

File: 1716390385117.jpg (167.25 KB, 1069x1617, 1000013770.jpg)

No. 933888

File: 1716393098701.jpeg (769.64 KB, 1234x1309, IMG_3457.jpeg)

No. 933902

Lmfao one arms fucking wider than the other are you shitting me rn

No. 933903

This picture makes her look like she has three udders.

No. 933904

File: 1716398276351.webp (Spoiler Image,8.67 KB, 254x397, IMG_5913.webp)

Best cosplay she's ever done, imo, total recall is a classic

No. 933908

Anon thats what boobs do when they aren't made of plastic and you're wearing something tight, especially stringy.

No. 933910

I’m still so surprised she hasn’t gone down the ozempic route yet

No. 933911

Because that comes with a multitude of other health problems. The same reasons she probably has for not getting a BBL, the risks.

No. 933926

File: 1716413798596.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.69 KB, 1537x2048, 1000014583.jpg)

It's so flat.

No. 933927

Look at the bitch, does she look aware of what health problems are?
Get fat and then suck a shape out of it is not a healthy plan.

No. 933935

She won’t get a bbl because she knows she’s
not gonna follow aftercare instructions and it’s gonna look botched (just like her nose).

No. 933937

I can see her getting a BBL if Vamps, Aly or someone else in her circle or used to be in her circle gets one. She needs to one up everyone. Besides, seeing her get a BBL, brag about how she'll have little to no bruising and botching the aftercare would be in character for her, not to mention, a wild ride for us.

No. 933943

>another day, another post about Ozempic on lolcow.farm
…is this experimental marketing?

No. 933945

People probably just keep mentioning it because Moo is famous for taking any shortcut possible to avoid actually working to lose weight (lipo, etc). It really is surprising that she didn't jump on the Ozempic train a long time ago. That….or she did, and she just consumes such a volume of food that it doesn't make a difference.

No. 933957

Vamps actually works out her ass and Aly is as fat as Moo now. Her and Aly are just blonde and brunette counterparts.

No. 933964

So? That doesn't mean they won't get BBLs. My point is that if someone in her current or old circle gets a BBL, she will do it too just to one up them. Just like her nose job.

No. 933965

Bishoujomom got 2 BBLs and implants, Moo didn't. Sabrina got implants, Moo didn't. Mimzy has 2 Bbls and 2 boob jobs, not moo. Your point is terrible. She's openly said she won't do a BBL due to risks, not aftercare. It's a very dangerous surgery. Go lurk in old threads.

No. 933974

it's not the aftercare or even the risk, she probably literally can't get anesthesia because of her weight and health. her weight alone has been so bad lately we can see it in photos. i'm sure it's the reason. i doubt she's afraid of risk and her version of aftercare is do nothing and deal with the repercussions later. also probably why she posted that massive cope about the breast lift surgeon, she was denied surgery. in her mind a story about getting uncomfortable sexual comments from a dr is less embarrassing than being too fat to get anesthesia.

No. 933986

This right here. Moo loves surgery lets be real. And she just went to a doctors office for a boob job but the doctor turned her away. And they didn't turn her away because her floppy sand bags are "So perfect we wont dare to touch". It's because Moo has too many risks.
Moo gets every procedure done that doesn't allow her to be put under. This anon is right. Plastic surgeons can't opperate because she's a 500 pound person who got 200 pounds of fat sucked out of her.

No. 933988

File: 1716469582073.jpg (300.32 KB, 1080x1090, 1000014592.jpg)

It's been what a year since she announced this fleshlight now and it STILL hasn't been finalized?

No. 933990

I thought it was a collaboration? Huh…

No. 933996

this is actually true. it makes sense. she might be sucking out her stomach, but she’s not sucking out the rest of the fat in her body that’s making her fat (arms, thighs, etc.) its like that donkey kong meme. she’s thinks she’s literally “a thin and fit skinny muscle mama weeaboo kweeen” in the belly area but when you look at her tits, arms, ass and legs, you’re sorely mistaken. how can you have all these rounds of lipo and still have cottage cheese limbs and ass. make it make sense

No. 933998

Lurk more. Moo has commented about BBLs and her personal why is the procedure.

No. 934027

lol it isn’t as bad as her old patreon saying she was going to release a calendar- that was what ten years ago and she still hasn’t? I doubt the moids will EVER see her fleshlight happen.

No. 934033

File: 1716502506795.png (3.84 MB, 1856x1639, 654984984651.png)

No. 934034

File: 1716502571417.png (75.43 KB, 467x827, 8941321-56131.png)

No. 934037

a retarded muscle bound guido who treated your younger sister better than you and threw away your anime shit then made your fat ass exercise because you were big as a house in your younger years

No. 934039

sounds like you need to lurkmoar. moo's word needs to be taken with an entire shaker of salt. her excuses for not wanting a bbl is just sour grapes like everything else.

No. 934045

I see the new animu husbando has arrived. Which dick for hire is getting that wig slapped on him?

No. 934118

File: 1716602450955.jpeg (704.35 KB, 3264x1898, IMG_3481.jpeg)

No. 934126

Love how she forgot to add the school stuff keeping her busy in the first post so she had to quickly make another post adding it.

Also '65%' translates to 'I had Maddy make wigs and I have literally nothing else'
and '100's of cosplays ' translates to 'i planned to throw on a bunch of random thotwear with the same wig and call it separate cosplays' (see also: Makima, Yor)

Even if it was 100s of legitimate cosplays, That's not a flex it would just be proof of how much she wastes money. I can barely imagine having 10+ in progress cosplays that I care about.

Have any of us kept track of all the costumes she's bragged about/claimed were totally gonna happen that have never seen the light of day? The expensive Albedo for example but I know there have been plenty.

No. 934149

right nonna. buying the entire miccostumes collection isn’t professional cosplayer status. it just shows you’re a lazy thot who has completely given up on their career

No. 934194

File: 1716702724179.jpg (254.49 KB, 1080x1892, 1000014624.jpg)

No. 934195

What an out of touch bitch. Most people split bills because most people need two incomes just to get by and don't have onlyfans pussy money to throw around.

No. 934199

rich coming from the person who dated ozzy

No. 934207

File: 1716734521752.jpeg (176.94 KB, 1152x2048, 445459853_18439887127023042_79…)

No. 934208

File: 1716734905569.jpeg (279.01 KB, 1152x2048, 444833918_18439892869023042_81…)

No. 934210

Lol she liked her own post

No. 934218

File: 1716744748623.jpg (30.29 KB, 352x597, 7b55a0ab-cd03-4c14-b1bf-c424d3…)

lol and what kind of man is Ozy? What's it like being a sugar mama for a drug addict?

No. 934219

File: 1716744844867.jpg (97.71 KB, 687x745, 500c2d1e-c678-4b6c-b1fd-265bfa…)

a little old but I found these posts that I think prove Ozy was still with Moo at least back in April. I am certain he's still with her now.

No. 934223

How does that prove anything?

No. 934224

The bit about selling both their bikes because Moo's too fucking massive to ride?

No. 934227

Imagine the cost/look of custom road leathers to fit Moo. That would have been hilarious to see. That or the dumb bitch would try to ride in sweatpants.

No. 934236

Nta, but can someone prove one of the bikes is even moo's?

No. 934250


a cbr 500 keeping up with an mt-07 especially with 300+lb on it? ok

No. 934306

File: 1716850095781.jpg (810.51 KB, 1080x1903, 1000014660.jpg)

She always has to claim she's a contributor.

No. 934307

File: 1716850104893.jpeg (333.56 KB, 1270x877, IMG_3493.jpeg)

What happened to that crack team of lawyers Moo?

No. 934324

Wait is this all her accounts besides peachy collective? Mmallad, mariahmallad won't show up in search now.

No. 934325

File: 1716860380525.jpeg (757.54 KB, 896x1586, IMG_3495.jpeg)

Her alt is still up.

No. 934328

Lol they took her off of search. I had to go to trashed photos in the search to find her mmallad account. They really are cracking down on thots. Here's hoping she loses her main.

No. 934336

File: 1716866555259.jpeg (715.91 KB, 3264x2818, IMG_3499.jpeg)


No. 934390

File: 1716940488475.jpg (252.61 KB, 1074x1907, 1000014675.jpg)

No. 934391

File: 1716940665372.jpg (627.5 KB, 1080x1480, 1000014677.jpg)

No. 934400

No. 934402

Like a literal nightmare.

No. 934403

Tragic she isn't getting rid of the Swiss cheese rose

No. 934406

so wide and sagging we can’t even see her belly button
unless she shooped it off

No. 934409

honestly she doesn’t even look human here
she looks like a movie fat suit

No. 934421

File: 1716996689650.webp (54.92 KB, 680x453, IMG_6872.webp)

She looks like Focaccia dough

No. 934483

File: 1717092894155.jpeg (557.89 KB, 887x1270, IMG_3513.jpeg)

And it’s back again.

No. 934488

Everyone gets their account back for free, you stupid bitch. Lol, thinks she's some elite negotiator because she filled out a form and clicked send.

No. 934492

I wonder if she fell for those bot scams that say if you pay this person they’ll get your account back kek. Cause yeah I never heard anyone paying to get their account back unless they’re trying to buy a handle

No. 934496

File: 1717100017579.jpeg (Spoiler Image,440.73 KB, 3264x1460, IMG_3517.jpeg)


No. 934498

not a single muscle in sight (since she’s larping gym again)

No. 934502

Whatever filters she used clearly did not know what to do with her body since now there are weird blotches that are just missing, colors bleeding from her skin in to the backgroung, her upper arm has rolls on the first pic and her hip is just disappearing etc. etc. No way a human edited these. Skinny queen looks like she might actually be fatter than during her famous Hawaii trip.
All that wasted money just to look like an eldritch abomination instead of, I don't know, not eating every waking hour and exercising even just half an hour a few times a week. It marvels me how much she is willing to spend to be the embodyment of gluttony and sloth. She should be studied.

No. 934503

Who told her that having W shaped tits is attractive she looks mutated

No. 934504

File: 1717106536428.jpg (440.09 KB, 1080x1705, 1000014700.jpg)

So her statement she made on pit bulls gotten taken down by her because it got flagged.

No. 934505

to be honest I agree
But since her accounts keep getting taken down maybe she should cut the shit.

No. 934506

>stopped being bread
kek you wouldn't even pass a community college English class, peabrain, but keep up the nursing school larp by all means

No. 934507

remember anon she has a degree in linguistics

No. 934511

Says the woman (with 2 brain cells) who neglects all her animals. Like seriously whatever happened to those reptiles that she got? We only saw them twice. Like 2-3 years ago. My bet is that they’re probably dead by now.

(and I don’t even find dogs appealing)

No. 934512

Megakek from miss law school

No. 934513

File: 1717112050846.jpg (719.5 KB, 1068x2031, 1000006274.jpg)

Can still at least look up all the replies, here's some

No. 934515

lol I finally agree with her on something

No. 934521

File: 1717123835206.jpg (241.64 KB, 1080x938, 1000014704.jpg)

Masters in bsing sure.

No. 934522

yes. she was shilling some guy on twitter recently lol

No. 934523

Larping a la Sydney

No. 934524

wtf how can she just lie like that. She hasn't even got a bachelor's…

No. 934528

This bitch is really saying she’s doing her associates degree in health science, bachelors in “nursing science”, to totally being in school for her masters in a time span of less than 6 months. She’s just given up on larping school. At least before she posted random first year books. The most she’s done this year was post a bibliography for an essay on the topic of love?????

No. 934530

Who in their right mind thinks ‘yes let’s post this. It is attractive’

No. 934538

Really happy to get confirmation of yet another lie, the thought of her actually working in health care in any capacity is genuinely terrifying.

No. 934544

Jesus Titty-sagging Christ, how can she post these? You’d have to waterboard me to get me to show anyone these images.

No. 934546

I don't think she's smart enough to even know what a masters degree is.

No. 934549

She doesnt want a dog with two brain cells because she doesnt want to own Somthing thats smarter than her.
(Ba-Dum pish)

No. 934581

like rain on your wedding day

No. 934585

Nice nitpick . Completely missing the point entirely. Good show. (Dumbass)(infighting)

No. 934593

File: 1717203266569.jpeg (770.92 KB, 3264x2822, IMG_3534.jpeg)

How do you explain Ozy then, Moo?

No. 934595

genuinely thought she had 4 boobs at first glance wtf.

No. 934596

File: 1717204667293.jpg (487.97 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014714.jpg)

No. 934600

Unless she buys a fucking 20 year old gun, her desert eagle will be from Maine, what a retard

No. 934612

KEK like clockwork, here come the excuses to get out of her current school bullshit lies

No. 934655

File: 1717287245405.jpg (343.64 KB, 1080x1751, 1000014745.jpg)

No. 934658

Lol, an ER nurse. Imagine someone's life in this dumb bitches hands…jfc…

No. 934659

File: 1717293047094.gif (499.75 KB, 500x204, tumblr_ml99sbARO61rc5ckxo1_500…)

Whenever Moo tries to convince anyone she is anything more than a dumb porn thot.

No. 934666

File: 1717301517042.jpeg (741.85 KB, 3264x2810, IMG_3559.jpeg)

No. 934667

This is also coming from the bitch who said depression isn't real. Definitely totally not a bad thing at all that she's going into caring for others.

She's just adding up all the times she's gone to a class? Does she skip so often that she has to make sure she meets the minimum 40? Kek

No. 934668

KEK she thinks she can work at a jail or prison facility as a nurse with a porn background? Yea ok. I know this is all a larp but make it believable.

No. 934669

She's so fucking funny. I love how she doesn't just say "I'm going to school for nursing" like a normal fucking person, and lies and says "masters" when she doesn't even have a bachelors. So, you're really planning to be in school for 6 years then, Moo? Because that's what getting your masters is, retard.

No. 934670

File: 1717304295056.jpeg (326.65 KB, 1261x834, IMG_3560.jpeg)


No. 934671

Oh how I wish we had a calendar-anon like Lori does just to see how often and how many times moo has gone to school and say she’s almost completed her degrees and what degrees and majors.
Why does it have to be 40 classes? I don’t understand, also like a nona mentioned before she claimed she would be done with school by AX even though that’s when summer classes start right? Is she still “studying” LVN iirc or whatever the school is called, I’m surprised she hasn’t dropped the school she’s going to as she can flex that too kek. Also, who the hell is she supposed to be shading against in the arm flex post? Pilates my ass
I thought her family didn’t want to know what she was doing but now they look at her shoots?

No. 934673

I'm not familiar with the app interface in the cap but could this be like those online courses you just watch videos for and then answer a test to pass? She could take as many as she wants in one sitting, which would explain the weird schedule?

No. 934674

File: 1717312740677.png (628.32 KB, 864x1538, 1000004782.png)

>XXXL swimsuits

No. 934676

And she’ll still be bursting out of them like rotting, rising dough. That Pilates is making such a huge difference!

No. 934678

Online classes for nursing, just like her online classes for acting, I see.

No. 934682

gymrat anon here. Moo, just because your arm looks like this doesn’t mean you workout regularly. I’ve seen women specifically, have big arms because genetics but were actually weak and the arms got smaller after fat loss. Once again don’t just a book by its cover. Also what a laughable way of throwing shade kek

No. 934684

That's her pilates app. But she's 100% skipping those too.
Right? She's flexing so hard and the rest of her hammy arm is hanging so low. How delusional is she to think this looks healthy?

No. 934687

File: 1717344500632.gif (Spoiler Image,423.22 KB, 317x240, tumblr_ltnoyaatx81r4gei2o1_400…)

She makes all these claims and obvious lies. If she can do all these fantastic things then how come she has to do weird fetish porn? She copes so hard

Love her rippling fat

No. 934694

Nice fatceps, Moo. She really is a female neckbeard…

No. 934708

File: 1717366473125.jpeg (860.19 KB, 1855x3264, IMG_3567.jpeg)

No. 934715

Are you in a nursing program or are you getting or masters? If Moo is in school it's one of those scam programs. Like the tiktok Veneer techs or people who claim to be certified for injectables

No. 934722

I wish she was in a scam school instead of you know, nothing.

No. 934726

Excuse you she’s going for her MASTERS for her BACHELORS IN NURSING SCIENCE

No. 934727

Is she trying to imply she’s in an accelerated program too by sharing that post? Does she really expect people to believe her school lies?

No. 934730

I think she's mentioned being in some accelerated course already once or twice. I'm more surprised she's still trying to keep up the charade

No. 934738

Remedial courses, maybe, she is borderline retarded. Accelerated anything? Lol no.

No. 934740

She's probably just asking her sister what she's doing and then parroting like it's her. Her sister probably doesn't know she's larping this and is spitballing her plans and stuff thinking she's just making conversation. I wonder if she even knows moo is larping as her.

No. 934753

File: 1717449846271.jpg (753.63 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014777.jpg)

Like she knows anything about relationships other than being harmful in them.

No. 934754

WTF is prompting her to say stuff like this? WTF does she know about love, or even dating a man with money?

No. 934756

Moo is just saying this shit cus she doesn’t know what love is and never will. She’s a shit person who attracts shit people. Boasting that true love doesn’t exist just shows that you’re a shitty person that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Men with money almost ALWAYS want a prenup.

No. 934758

How embarrassing she wants to come misogynistic trad thoughts of being taken care of unromantically. She sounds like Trump again.

No. 934764

>sign an infidelity clause.
>don't sign a prenup.
I see moo is firing on all brain pistons as usual…(sage)

No. 934765

lol Moo, not like you'll ever have to worry about getting married either way - love, money, whatever.

No. 934767

File: 1717455968319.png (1.38 MB, 1059x789, Screenshot 2024-06-03 160510.p…)

lmfao, yea, this is nonsensical
why would she say to NOT sign a prenup with how much money she supposedly makes? Wouldn't she want to protect her assets and not be liable to pay off her ex-partner's debt when they end the marriage?
Or is she banking on someone actually getting her out of debt post-divorce? We've seen her spending habits.

No. 934768

File: 1717456195515.jpg (947.1 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014780.jpg)

No. 934779

She’s manic asf

No. 934788

Wondering if she included these thoughts in her bogus "love" essay for class lol. Holy shit she’s fucking psychotic.

No. 934789

File: 1717464174700.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3264x1932, IMG_3577.jpeg)

No. 934790

Seriously. She says the term ‘money up’ in every single tweet. Obnoxious.

No. 934791

How many marches have you been to, you fat, lazy hypocrite? Better yet, why aren't you on the ground in Palestine making use of your riches to help? And all you've ever done is date broke losers. All fucking mouth, in every aspect of your life. Pathetic.

No. 934796

>how dare you celebrate pride when a country/culture that would legally stone you for your sexuality is in peril
She's kidding right? I'm not condoning anything, but the LGBT being vocally in support of the ME countries is so brain dead to begin with

No. 934800

talk NORMAL, fatass

No. 934801

Then she lazily spams pride stuff. As if mutiple things aren't happening in the world. What about Congo, moo??

No. 934802

Am I crazy or was she supporting Israel originally and then suddenly backpedaled to support Palestine once she saw how negatively it was affecting her already garbage image?

No. 934803

No. 934805


No wonder this bitch is always so miserable and lonely all the damn time.

Also lol at her trying to lecture other people about relationships and “not hitching your wagon to some broke boy who can’t take care of you financially” when what is this, her third time around with the supposed “abusive” broke bitch that she she had to go to court against?

It’s obviously massive projection on her part, she’s pissy because at this point the only ones who will go near her rancid pussy are those same broke bitches who are just looking to leach off her porn dollars. Any man with any common sense and decency will take one look at her and run in the opposite direction. So now to fix her wounded pride she wants to act like some activist speaking out on behalf of women and “protecting” them when everyone knows the only thing she hates more than men is other women who are a threat to her.

No. 934806

Yea because in Gaza pride is so important and you’ll absolutely not get stoned to death if you’re LGBTQwhatever moo

No. 934813

File: 1717501573287.jpg (527.3 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014788.jpg)

No. 934815

File: 1717501655811.jpg (511.53 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014789.jpg)

No. 934817

She must really be having a manic episode.
"married men in my dms" sure moo, sure they were.

It's telling that she thinks money is the most important thing in a relationship. It's also pretty ironic that she'll then turn around and immediately bitch about being a "golden goose" for some "dusty", despite the fact she dated (is still dating?) ozzy of all pepole

No. 934820

She is literally saying that you should put up with being treated like shit as long as it is financially beneficial?

No. 934822

File: 1717506389642.jpg (593.99 KB, 1080x1688, 1000006333.jpg)

Is she drunk when posting these? She's manic as fuck. Someone please cap it all. I can't.

No. 934823

girl, we know you’re a fat hag in a shitty wig wolfing food, no need to illustrate

No. 934824

Sudan? never heard of her
Myanmar? not me

No. 934825

There it is…the guys she wants won't "date outside their type". In other words, no one wants her fat, smelly ass, money or not. Here's a new flash for you, Moo, guys have standards too (some do anyway). The ones you deem worthy are dating waaaaay hotter chicks. They're not going to stoop to your level. All you get is ugly broke boys, and you can't even hold on to that…

No. 934826

Isn't Moo really homophobic but deflects that by pretending to be bi, lesbian whatever bs sexuality she claims? I remember her homophobic Devil man rant about people pushing their agenda. But then never touched Devilman again when people provided proof that the characters are indeed bi and there is a lot of gay sex scenes.
Didn't she also do a rant on evangelion? Like how people shouldn't be shipping Shenji with that angel guy, even though it's confirmed he was gay for him?

No. 934827

Also she makes being poor or getting by a pick-me problem. How is it a pick-me thing to want to have a stable life. Does she really think people can't do meaningful, thoughtful things without spending hundreds of dollars at a time? She's so fucking pathetic is what she's saying. Imagine having a boyfriend, Moo, who actually loved you regardless of wealth and did have a job, but actually doted on you and cared? Rich men usually don't care because the mentality her and these guys DMing her have is that you can have money and be terrible to someone.. as long as you buy them things. She's promoting issues being solved with cash. She must be so lonely.

No. 934830

this bitch has never been loved in her life and it shows

No. 934834


That’s exactly what it is, the guys she desperately wants don’t “date outside their type”, meaning regardless of how much of her bank account she tries to flex, guys aren’t lowering their standards for her. No one wants her fat, smelly ass and the only ones who will put up with her shit are those same “broke boys” in her DMs like Ozy. They’ll gladly put up with a few months of shit if it means getting a free trip to Japan out of her.

But yeah, this is just another in a long line of pathetic 5am drunken rants about how miserable and lonely she is.

She can try to cope by telling people how “unbothered” she is by their comments, by saying all these rich and successful men completely agree with her, and her favorite which is flexing her bank account on people calling her out by saying “if you don’t have X amount of dollars in your account then don’t talk to me”. But the truth is, she more than likely got rejected again and this is just her attempt to salvage her ego. By saying marrying for love doesn’t exist, that all these rich successful men totally agree with her and that they don’t want to marry some broke “pick me”.

She has to contend with the fact that until she sheds all that fat and shitty attitude, the only type of guys she will keep attracting are the Ozy’s of the world.

No. 934837

File: 1717513830449.jpeg (728.94 KB, 1852x3264, IMG_3588.jpeg)

Caught the rest of her unhinged rant

No. 934838

File: 1717513910795.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1886x3264, IMG_3589.jpeg)


No. 934839


“No man has ever hurt me in my life”

Except for the countless claims of sexual assault and rape she had made against practically every partner she has been with.

Also, wasn’t she the one who claimed her dad was “abusive”? That he would rip her drawings up right in front of her. That he would “fat shame” her into working out because she was a hamplanet even back then?

Bitch, the daddy issues are visible from space. You can tell that struck a nerve with her. Also hypocritical of her to say her dad has to do all this shit for her mom while she can just sit there and exist and be worthy of praise. Sounds like a pick me if I ever heard one. What happened to “broke bitches need to get their money up too” Moo.

Also still trying to validate her opinion by saying “All these rich successful men totally agree with me it’s it’s you broke losers still trying to argue with me”.

First off “Press X to Doubt” on any actual wealthy men in her DMs. Likely it’s her stalking them hoping to bag one for herself. Also, there is a ton of rich celebrities who didn’t marry other rich celebrities and are happily married. They don’t even have to be famous in their field, just regular civilians whom they had a deep connection with and decided to get married have been together for years with a happy family.

Because regardless of this retarded nonsense she is trying to propagate to massage her wounded ego, relationships aren’t all about money. People actually do love each other a get together regardless of how much money is involved.

No. 934841

lol you don't have to worry about any of this - you're fat and no man wants you. Might as well enjoy having your "money up" because you're never gonna know love, you stupid dumb bitch.

No. 934842


is she experiencing psychosis or something? no rational person would spew this kind of bullshit with such confidence lol

No. 934843

I'm guessing she was after one of those broke boys and he shot her down with prejudice.

No. 934844

New meds kicking in ?

No. 934845


Apparently in news to her, men can have at least some standards as well. Despite her assumptions, not every guy just wants to put their dick in any warm hole that will offer it.

Even if you could get past the horrible smell, the lumpy skin that looks like it’s melting off of her and the gross acne that seems to show up in the worst places, you’d still have to contend with her shitty, obnoxious attitude. The constant screaming and arguments she would be trying to instigate. The fact that she will get physically violent with dudes and the nightmare scenario that would entail. No dude is looking to catch a DV case for some whale like her.

And at that point, no amount of money she flashes in their face would be worth the quite obvious sub-standard to say the least, pussy they would be getting in return.

So she needs to cope by telling herself “Marrying for love is a sham anyways. These broke bois just can’t handle a woman that’s more successful than them. The only guys I should be looking at are ones in my tax bracket anyways”.

No. 934846

File: 1717518178147.png (41.43 KB, 859x245, SheraBook.PNG)

Shera Seven is a scammer "dating coach" so it's only natural retarded narcissists fall for it this heavily kek

No. 934848

The way she uses apostrophes to pluralize words makes my brain hurt.

No. 934852

TBH my theory here is she's back with Ozy, and he is pretty obviously into public humiliation, hence all this degrading talk. I also think when she's with him, she's on drugs.

No. 934853

She doesn't have anything else to offer but money, which she may not have much of anyway. I wonder if this has to do with ozzy or someone rejecting her. She always does this manic posting shit when something happens in her life that she can't control. Just a matter of time before we find out what it is.

No. 934854

It's the only way to do it on Instagram tbf

No. 934856

No. 934858

Moo isn't going to create a new text box to decorate her manic posts. When using one font, this is how people online used to do it for emphasis.

No. 934864

The DO PILATES shit is cracking me up, it is obviously her newest excuse for her newest round of lipo. Moo, you silly ass cow, we'll see how wiiiiiiiide you are at AX in a month, new procedures or not.

No. 934869

File: 1717531317392.jpg (499.86 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014792.jpg)

No. 934871

File: 1717531359030.jpg (399.61 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014793.jpg)

No. 934872

File: 1717531388006.jpg (513.01 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014794.jpg)

No. 934873

File: 1717531414329.jpg (734.08 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014795.jpg)

No. 934874

Meanwhile Mooriah is too fat to procreate anyway

No. 934877

terf mariah arc when

No. 934879

And all they get for their investment is a drug addict.

No. 934881

Fucking Christ she is still going on about this? This is more than some pathetic drunken 5am rant. Someone really must have wounded her ego for her to still get this worked up about it. Probably someone she thought would be easy pickings and all she had to do was flash a little cash. And she was promptly told to fuck off and they weren’t and will never be interested in her.

So now she is on this “We woman are goddess’s who are meant to worshiped and taken care of and you shouldn’t settle for some broke bitch who can’t pay your bills” kick. She found out that most people marry for reasons outside money and because they developed a genuine connection with them. She wants to parrot some dark ages horsehit about how “Men back in the day used to marry for status and bridging families” to cope and tell herself that she is in the right.

Only a delusional cow with no concept of money would say some stupid shit like “If you’re okay with being a broke bitch who has to split bills then you do you honey.” As if every person in the world is just capable of earning in the top .01% and support a household all by themselves on a whim.

It baffles me that someone who fell ass backwards into the luckiest of financial circumstances has the nerve to try to lecture people about making money. She may try to delude herself as some “successful businesswoman” but everyone knows she is some Z-tier porn thot who is a bad month away from going back to working at Starbucks.(please post caps)

No. 934882

>split the bills
Something that is totally normal to do. I really want to know her logic breakdown for this. Like why? Why is it bad, Moo? What's the actual reasoning besides "alpha male sound provide hurr durr"?

No. 934884

i don't think you understand. she's using apostrophes instead of letters she wrote goddess' instead of goddesses. sit down and shut up.

No. 934885


It’s because a dumb cow like her has no real concept of money.

It’s like those street interviews where some guy will ask a group of obvious influencer/onlyfans girls “How much would a guy have to make a year for you to consider marrying him?” and they usually give some asinine figure somewhere in the 6 to 7 figure range. To which they are informed that it applies to all but less than .01% of the general population, considering their age ranges that they likely are already married and aren’t looking for a relationship with someone like them and it’s ultimately revealed that they have no concept of how much the average person makes in a year. Their concept of money and income is completely bullshit formed solely on them hitting on what is a statistically impossible jackpot.

Dumb cows like Moo unironically think that if you aren’t making upwards of $250,000 a year like she is then you simply aren’t trying hard enough and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Despite how much she tries to flaunt how much she has in her bank account and how “It you don’t have this much then don’t talk to me”/“If you don’t know what this financial term is then bye, I don’t want to talk to you”, she knows all of jack shit about money.

No. 934886

What's crazy to me is that she makes so much and refuses to help out in the relationship. Someone making the onlyfans money she does really feels so entitled to what, him paying for her car too? For everything she consumes in whole? That's some greedy shit. She's a terrible person.

No. 934889


For her, not only is the guy expected to come in with his own money, at the very least equal to or more than her (Although let’s be real, she means more) he’s also expected to have to pay for everything for her as well, worship the ground she walks on praise god every day that she graces his presence because women are meant to be cherished and taken care of meanwhile she is free to spend her own money however she pleases. And if you can’t afford to do that then just go fuck off and “get your money up”.

It’s a good thing she already got started on the cats. Cause that’s all that I see in her future.

No. 934890

File: 1717537466628.jpg (660.77 KB, 1080x1610, 1000013830.jpg)

How many hours has it been now?

No. 934891

This has already been posted.

No. 934894

kek so i guess in the end her dad was also a "broke dusty" who couldn't get his money up since her mom had to work a humble job >>934873. my vote is new adhd meds and/or a broke-dicked pornsick dude named Dusty shot her down, and this is her stroke victim level brain trying to communicate it to us (why she's fixated on "broke dusty"). lol either way it's been a minute since she's sperged like this, i'm here for it.

No. 934895

This feels like she's about to go H Pearl Davis(sage your shit)

No. 934905


“Dusty” reminds of the the way Sssniperwolf talks with that whole “crusty musty” retarded way she has of speaking like an infant. Not surprising since Moo wants to skinwalk her so desperately

No. 934907

"Dusty" is a slang word frequently used by Shera Seven to indicate broke men. Moo has been watching her for a minute and already made it her entire personality.

No. 934908

It's also all the same exact shit that Ozy says / retweets. Bitch is tweaking, I have no doubt in my mind.

No. 934909

So what does Ozy do for a living then? Also this is ridiculous - what does she even have to offer if not money? She’s obese, her attitude is wretched, she’s absolutely dumb as fuck, you can’t take her anywhere in polite society, and she shows her FUPA for money. Her success comes from porn. What does she have to offer any man of value, and what does she have to offer her hypothetical son to guarantee he can “get his money up?” It isn’t career or financial advice, isn’t good genes, won’t be help on his homework. All this bitch knows is eat, talk shit, lie, and show hole.

No. 934912

lmao infidelity clauses aren’t enforceable in most states. what a dumb bitch, probably picked it up from the real authority on legal process: law and order.

No. 934931

File: 1717548392516.jpg (240.8 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014796.jpg)

No. 934933

Lol, no. This is how pathetic simps act.

No. 934934

Literally no one will ever treat you like this, Moo. Cry harder.

No. 934935

whats the bet she's just sending these to herself from an alt

No. 934936


She doesn’t want a partner. She wants a spineless simp who will dump his whole paycheck on her.

No. 934942

Not surprised that Momokun still acts like a cunt, also she has sexually harassed men and woman before. So its not surprising that Momokun calls low or average income men “brokies” and degrades them on Men’s mental health awareness this month. Plus why are married men following and agreeing with her? Liking pics and lusting for Momo should be considered cheating if you are in a relationship. Bunch of married simps giving her attention and money is so embarrassing man.(namefagging)

No. 934943

And what if he is married, Moo? I 100% guarantee he isn't being honest about giving thot money. So high value.

No. 934944

aww she’s trying to be like shayna KEK(sage your shit)

No. 934945

Has she acknowledged she’s dating a broke ugly dude at all during her cope rant? lol she’s so lame

No. 934951

File: 1717558528023.jpeg (679.92 KB, 903x1575, IMG_3614.jpeg)

She has to be sending herself this shit but at the same time men really are that pathetic.

No. 934952

Nah. This just screams self-fellation.

No. 934955


So this is supposedly one of these “wealthy and successful men in her DMs” that she was talking about? She’s a whole new level of stupid if she thinks anyone is buying this?

No. 934957

Funny how it types like her with the emojis at the end of a rant

No. 934958

>Don't think you even see this but all your stories are really getting to me to become a better man
The paragraph of a run-on sentence, the shite grammar…
>that you are WAY more deeply in tune with your thoughts and beliefs than many lead to believe
Kek. This is so embarrassing. This is absolutely coming from her other account.

No. 934959

I really don't think she is sending these to herself. These are millions of men willingly to send her money and who have this alpha dumbass mentality. She's built up this fanbase.

No. 934960

Idk seems way too specific about things discussed itt and I've never known a moid to assume a woman won't see their message, they're so entitled they think she would fall over herself to read a wall of text like this

No. 934963

I'm trying not to blogpost, but this is how men act when you do sex work. I promise you.

No. 934972

File: 1717588438944.jpg (346.01 KB, 1080x1608, 1000014821.jpg)

No. 934978

so typical of mariah to view every relationship (platonic, romantic, or otherwise) as transactional, and be so loud about it too

No. 934980

Actual high value men are not paying for OF girls, Moo (especially not morbidly obese, ugly ones). They have actual shit to do. And no on with any financial sense would waste money on shit like this.

No. 934982

this is too convenient, anon. and it's not as if moo is above this behavior. that post is like a copypasta of her ranting.

No. 934986


Actual high value men aren’t wasting money on Onlyfans content. Especially not on a morbidly obese land whale like her. The have far too much financial sense and are far too busy to be wasting time on that.

Just because they give you money, doesn’t make them high value Moo. The people who spend money on content like hers are degenerate simps who blow their entire paycheck in hopes of getting a scrap of attention from her and others like her.

Also this is now what, two days of her still going on about this? What a fucking loser.

No. 934987

i do. who sends a millionaire $200? that’s chump change. it’s probably ozy helping her own the HAYDURS. does this stupid guido do anything in life besides bitch and moan about being childless and bitter on the internet?

YOU chose this life. YOU CHOSE to make disgusting porn to men and now you’re facing the consequences. if you’re so goddamn conflicted about it, get tf off the internet, improve yourself, and find a meaningful relationship. complaining to the 200 simps who look at your social media about being lonely isn’t going to make them fly over to you, and marry you.

No. 934991

Be for real, anon. This pick-me rant of her is stroking the right wing male podcast idiots who follow her. Yes, they will literally just send you money. I get you want no to be the one sending these, but these are men.

No. 934992

i'm not talking about the money one, i'm talking about the rant that has her shitty typing style. getting simp money isn't hard and $150 isn't a lot. but her writing a long rant to pretend guys are "blowing up her dms" is just the kind of shit she'd do.

No. 934993

>>get yourself a high value man
>>bankrolls a ugly moid/pays men to fuck her.

Jmo, but.. who the fuck wants ANY man.

No. 934994

Her main has 1mil followers, one even mentioned they didn't know about her side account ranting until someone told them. The side account as almost 300k. There are people with 200 followers who men will send them DMs like this if you rant. Move on.

No. 934995


Exactly. She does this anytime she spouts off some retarded opinion. She pretends like she has this secret ground swell of support in her DMs where they all agree with what she is saying and that the people coming at her are the uneducated/uninformed ones. And when asked for proof she provides these long diatribes that always suspiciously read exactly how she writes.

No. 934997

Then who are all these people she makes money from then, anon? We've seen these men defend her in comments on Twitter and Instagram. She has support. I don't see how feigning it makes sense. She and all these people type and talk the same, all high and mighty and knowing how people work internally. They all sound like pompous retards and have the worse take possible. If that isn't the same, I don't know what is.

No. 934999


She has support, but not from rich, successful businessmen like she claims. It’s not CEOs or captains of industry in her DMs defending her. It’s basement dwelling loser simps who spend their entire paycheck on her in hopes of getting her attention. If she was so well connected financially, we’d see it elsewhere.

It’s not millionaires subsidizing her content, it’s guys living paycheck to paycheck.

No. 935000

The discussion isn't if it's from CEOs, it's about if it's her sending these DMs which is isn't. It's men who she is gassing up and they follow other thots and listen to these alpha podcasts about worth. She is repeating the same thing they listen to. The point is they are sending her these, it's not her sending herself a bunch of DMs. Lol No one is questioning if they are wealthy or not, broke ass guys will absolutely spend $3 on the onyfans whore while their GF is in the room across the hall. Men are trash, anons need to realize this. Moo doesn't have to lift a finger.

No. 935009

>Meanwhile they think treating a girl is buying her a strawberry refresher

This tells me all I need to hear. What an ungrateful materialistic cunt, for real. Men are not going to be throwing themselves down at your elephantiasis feet and showering you with roses and gold necklaces. Literally all she's saying in this rant is how she wants a man to just hand her money and luscious gifts every moment of the day. "Money up" how about you "personality up" and actually figure out how to have genuine connection with people outside of cash.

No. 935016

anon there are multiple conversations going on. moo is obviously sending these messages to herself. she's said many times she doesn't read DMs like this anyway.(tinfoiling)

No. 935017

A lot of you seem super new to moo's thread. No one is suggesting that men wouldn't do this shit, but that moo has a track record of faking shit to gas herself up, especially when she's raging and especially when we're making fun of her. It's certainly not a stretch that men do this shit, but in the same vein, moo does this kind of thing also. It's reasonable to think she's faking male attention after getting rejected or fighting with ozzy or whatever brought on this manic rambling. Also, the anons calling her a millionaire are laughable as well, a millionaire doesn't live in a prefab community in the desert.

No. 935019

She isn't.

No. 935020

File: 1717625810030.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x2287, IMG_6427.jpeg)

Of course she would idolize Lola Lmaoooo

No. 935021


What a weird hill for her to choose to die on. Does she really think she is going to attract some wealthy guy when all her sales pitch is “Spend all your hard earned money on me”. There are women ten times more attractive than her that would find that difficult to pull off. Yet her lard ass thinks she’s in any position to be be making demands. At least give the illusion that you see them as a person and not just a bank account to bleed dry.

No. 935026

>"i'm rich, i'm a boss, i'm only with rich men, i boss them around"
>caught at the airport 6 months ago looking ragged on her way out of economy on a budget airline, whimpering sadly at her low-value man whose ticket she bought to get through customs faster because she's too afraid to be alone
never change lmao

No. 935033

File: 1717640166580.jpeg (1000.71 KB, 886x1571, IMG_3643.jpeg)

No. 935037

Most ladders have a weight limit of like 200lbs, so she really is fucked.

No. 935040

File: 1717643169781.jpg (25.55 KB, 346x628, 6f963446-a094-467a-a934-54b80d…)

I am certain this has all been about good ol' Ozy.


No. 935041

File: 1717643193296.jpg (33.39 KB, 409x528, f0499044-288f-4531-a9a5-6f9d7a…)


2/2(off topic)

No. 935062

Jesus Christ, I’d rather be dead than be as painfully embarrassing (and predictable) as this pair.

No. 935073

File: 1717707428477.jpg (3.44 MB, 4096x2535, 1000019382.jpg)

Clearly a normal, stable, well adjusted adult. She's on one lately.

No. 935075

Good thing she's as wide as a bus, she can handle all that projection.

No. 935080

Where’s the best place to get her leaked content?(moid)

No. 935082


Nope. Nothing unhinged and completely fucking psycho going on here. I’m sure all those wealthy and successful men are absolutely kicking down her doors to get with her seeing this.

No. 935085

She always wonders why her accounts get nerfed when she is literally speaking about fantasizing massacring people (I wonder who comes into her mind). Joke or not still really unhinged to publicly share that thought.
How long has she been on this broke dusty twink rant now…..

No. 935091

File: 1717720257687.jpg (827.16 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014837.jpg)

No. 935092

This place is going to be so hot. A nightmare for photos. No ax in any rooms and there's no way to add it side is not actually a part of the walls. Moo knows nothing..

No. 935096

Does this dumb bitch not know what a fucking chainsaw is?

No. 935097

>I be spitting
Oh god

No. 935101

File: 1717731134635.jpg (670.95 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014845.jpg)

No. 935104

Moo and her failed aave

No. 935113


This bitch acting like she isn’t one bad month away from being a “broke dusty”.

Someone must have really put her in her place with how much she keeps going on about this. It’s been days now and she’s still screeching about “Broke bitches keep it moving. Marry for status not love”.

No. 935118

She's spiraling towards 30. This is all a cope.
>marry for money not for love

Can she not do both? Is she lacking so that this isn't an option? There ARE mods that can provide their heart and a bank account.. seems a failing on her part that she cannot access this with her huge social platform.

>I'm a bad bitch with my IRA accounts.

That's a real notion there! Considering you can't touch them for YEARS, what's that a brag of? A retirement fund? That COULD work.. except they are the first thing offered up when you file for bankruptcy.

No. 935126

Maybe shes trying desperately to signal to a man with “high value” so she doesn’t have to work. Sadly though the men she wants wont be attracted to her because they want a more traditional wife. Not someone who spread their asshole online so she could eat pho for another month.

No. 935130


While this bitch is laughing at people less fortunate than her, where’s her “high value man” she is speaking of? Last I check she was still with her own “broke dusty” with whom she tried to hide from everyone like a total bitch that she dragged to Japan with her in a trip that most definitely was paid entirely by her. Despite the fact that months earlier she I was in court with him after accusing him of assault.

Truth is, most “high value men” won’t even be looking at a land whale like her. They are either already in relationships with women ten times as attractive as her and starting families or they see all the immediate red flags with her and know not to get anywhere near her.

Aside from the fact that she only sees you as her personal bank account to bleed dry, she’ll also likely accuse you of rape/sexual assault the second the relationship starts to sour like she has done with every other past relationship she was in. Not to mention the full in fist fights she will get into with you whenever she gets upset.

Any man with common sense knows to stay the fuck away from someone like her.

No. 935147

She is 28 so…

No. 935149

These threads go so fast like Moo, damn. I thought she was still 26/27.

No. 935153

This is the crux of it. She's realizing that no man that she considers good enough for her would ever go anywhere near her. "Broke dustys (that such a stupid fucking phrase, no wonder she attached to it) are all she's getting for the rest of her life. Approaching 30 has also got to be fucking with her (though she hit the wall years ago).

No. 935166

File: 1717791742493.jpg (246.38 KB, 1080x941, 1000014855.jpg)

Sure Moo.

No. 935168


What is it with her and thinking that the people in her life providing basic public services to her all want to fuck her? This is the same as her thinking her plastic surgeon she was seeing practically wanted to whip her tits out and start sucking on them when she was there for a mere consultation.

She sounds so gross and entitled. She really is a female incel. If a man talked about people the way she does she’d instantly label them a creep and an incel and lecture them on how “people don’t exist solely for your own sexual pleasure”.

No. 935169

She always has this weird fantasy that she's so sexy gay men want her. She did this weird fantasy with a popular gay male cosplayer before he cut contact with her. I'm convinced most of her day is in fantasy land

No. 935170

But if she matched doesn't that mean he swiped her too?

No. 935171


She thinks any dude with a functional dick secretly wants to put it in her. Single men, men in relationships, married men, gay men; in her eyes, the second you laid eyes on her and started speaking to her she thinks you’re imagining rolling around naked in bed with her. The levels of delusion with her is astronomical. She thinks she’s so entitled to men that if you aren’t interested in her then it means you have some kind of problem with women everywhere. Because how could you possibly reject her, the pinnacle of women everywhere?


It’s match. It doesn’t mean he wants to fuck her brains out. A normal person would just have a laugh about it and simply move the fuck on and continue with business as usual. She isn’t the first person to recognize someone she already knows on a dating app. It happens all the time, doubly so if you happen to live in a small city.

No. 935172

why the fuck did you swipe right on him then?

No. 935173

She probably swiped because she does want to fuck him. He probably saw her ultra filtered app photos and didn't recognize her as the land whale he massages. When he realized it was her, he no-contacted, and she's pretending it was her idea.

No. 935181


And to salvage her bruised ego she concocted some bullshit about how “I thought he was gay anyways lol.” As if that’s why he wouldn’t be interested in her. Not her shitty personality and hygiene.

No. 935196

1, I thought she was in a happy relationship with Oz
2, this never happened, this is just one of her stories to feed the delusion that any man other than Ozzy wants her

No. 935199

Matched. So… why did you give him a like etc. if it's the end of the world? Stop hitting yourself. Like if this happened (it didn't) it would be your fault.

No. 935217

>thought he was gay
ie she hit on him and he lied about being gay

No. 935225

File: 1717872896222.jpg (258.91 KB, 1440x2530, 1000019438.jpg)

What mental disorder does one have to act like this for days on end over breaking up with by a "dusty"… for the 10th time

No. 935226


It’s being told that no matter how much money her fat ass throws in someone’s face, she isn’t entitled to a relationship with them. She likely thought she had a relationship in the bag and was rightly told to fuck off.

No. 935227

You name it, Moo's got it. BPD, ADHD, autism….. at a minimum. And she's one of those fucktards that brags online about collecting mental illnesses.(armchair)

No. 935267


I don't think she realizes this type of advice is detrimental. I know men who have wives who married for lifestyle. These men are not stupid. These women are typically completely financially dependent, have massive gaps in their work history, or a noticeable skills gap, are treated like animals to be bred, and are expected to do ALL of the domestic work all the while staying in perfect physical shape. All that, and he still routinely cheats. Prenups are absolutely commonplace now, because men are wary of losing everything. And most women, because she knows that her personal earning potential is limited, will just sign it. Add that to the fact that an increasing number of couples are opting out of parenthood, many times, she can't even expect to get child support if they split. So what you're left with is a woman is completely reliant on a man that she doesn't love, who most likely cheats on her, and if they split…she'll get nothing, by design.

And let's not even begin the conversation about how men will potentially lose interest in women after they turn 30.

It's all well and good that Momo has found a way to be financially successful, but she's an outlier. She's the 1%. And acting as if her reality is easily replicable is disingenuous and misleading.

I say this as a man who has been on way too many business trips with these guys. Instructing women who look up to her to marry these type of men is foolish.

Also, on top of that, who wants to spend their life with a man they don't love. That's pathetic. You get one life…and you waste it in the company of someone you don't even like? Who believes that sort of garbage.(moid)

No. 935269

Thanks, Ozy.(hi cow)

No. 935272

Here's the deal. Momokun is from a Lebanese family, and Libanon and Israel has this long history of war and shit going between them. I don't think momokun has any iota of class consciousness in her body, and i would bet my left nut that she's just a closet anti-semit… She's not doing this because it's right, but for the wront reasons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 935279

This is the biggest red flag about all of the rich married men allegedly in her DMs assuming they all aren't figments of her imagination. Imagine being financially dependent on a moid and his income and he wastes it on OF thots, including an obese braindead catfish who does nothing with that money but buying cosmetic procedures, uber eats, and giant monster dildos. That's not a high value husband, that sounds like a nightmare.

No. 935289


Exactly. Someone gets it.(sage your shit)

No. 935301

File: 1717962390429.jpeg (615.6 KB, 3264x1941, IMG_3667.jpeg)

No. 935306

Isn’t the feminine form “habibti” not habibi? Just going off something a friend who speaks Arabic once told me.

No. 935307

File: 1717965809390.png (379.16 KB, 1225x778, moo.png)

Its called Smalltalk moo, it's a thing normal people do. She's not trying to be a bitch, though I wouldn't blame her in the slightest

Its funny that she'll sperg about only wanting men on instagram, yet on twitter she pretends to be a lesbian, and as usual, mimsy chimes in.

No. 935310

Would Arab guys really go for a literal whore though lmao? I thought Arabs are all about "muh virtuous virgin"?

No. 935311

File: 1717969755739.png (156.07 KB, 591x1797, Untitled.png)

why is she such a compulsive liar?

No. 935313

Jesus, Moo. Someone can have concern about a friend without having to worry about everyone in the whole world. She really just wanted public brownie points, what a cunt. She's saying 'white bitches' as if she didn't just randomly interject herself to try to grandstand and make herself look good. I would love if they told the instructor and Moo gets kicked out for being an unbearable cunt.

Moo doesn't even know if this person is pro or anti and would rather go after them for having a friend and literally being jewish in general, no other context. She's is the epitome of racist.

No. 935314

Moo has such a disgusting attitude my god. No wonder her only friends are mimsy and people that leach from one another. fucking insufferable. All the projection is funny though, especially with her supposedly “calling out” that girl in her class about being “big and bad and talking shit ” just for her to hide “from her” like moo isn’t doing that same behavior at cons where no one rational wants her except for the same 3 coomers. So she’s literally fearful people will spot her and call her out KEK. Also Moo if you’re such a “girls girl” then why are you getting competitive when random girls want to talk in all women spaces? The point of only-women classes is safety and socialization and you would’ve gotten kicked out for behavior like that so I call bs regardless. Also has Mimsy/Ozy/Akemi said shit about Palestine? How about calling out your own first? Oh wait, if you cut them off you’re alone and no one rational tolerates you even if you shill money at them. Pathetic ass cow

No. 935315

Her getting twitter back was probably a good thing, she's going to lead her own march to losing it again. Always a fun thing to see her do. I'm surprised she hasn't been perma'd from Instagram yet.

No. 935317

She just said she would be the kind of mother to raise the perfect moid so is she saying she'll abort or something if it's a girl or…?

Kek her life must be so boring having to make up these power fantasies that totally happened.

No. 935318

File: 1717973478470.jpg (421.99 KB, 1080x1926, 1000014878.jpg)

No. 935322

Lol. Literally never happened.(sage your shit)

No. 935324

What’s the point of specifying Levant if she already said Lebanese? If not to make herself look stupider because like that commenter said if she’s not white Israelis (also Levantine) aren’t either.

No. 935326

File: 1717979156912.jpg (22.22 KB, 564x513, confused cat.jpg)

Why is she even engaging in this argument? I feel like debating race politics on your sex work Twitter would drive coomers away?

No. 935328

She's so fucking annoying. She tries to be ghetto and hardcore, but we all remember when she tried to get her dog Vamps to go after a group of cosplayers who may or may not have laughed in her direction during Katsucon.

No. 935329

This story is such BS because the average white woman in the US doesn't at all associate Lebanon with the culturally known ME countries kek she's such a liar

No. 935334

It is allegedly a Korean feminist protest line that boring white women have decided to co-opt without credit. She's posting it because it sounds radical and cool but she would never actually commit to 4B because it is anti sexwork and anti-pornography. Because Korean Feminists are based.

No. 935354

I’d hide from her too. She’s like 300lbs screeching (if it happened) about about politics. She probably came off totally unhinged. Idk why she has to act like she was a big baddie when she was giving off crackhead energy kek

She wants to be a poc victim so bad.

No. 935367

i guarantee the only thing that happened is she overheard this and concocted a story of what she would have done if she wasn't a weak bitch. moo doesn't have the capacity to talk shit offline.

No. 935369

She looked like she was about to piss herself when a fan approached her. She waddles away when someone even gives her a nasty look or hides behind her paid friend of the month. If I was Moo I'd be scared too if I get out of breath by just balling a fist. Hell we saw Moo on live during her camvirsity days getting out of breath just walking to a different room. Bitch can't do nothin

No. 935386

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't moo just a white/ Italian woman from a Christian family? Or was the Italian larp because of Jersey shore kek

No. 935387

Both her parents look pretty dang lebanese to me. Her mom is no question. Her dad could be half.

No. 935388

File: 1718057055235.jpg (772.35 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014891.jpg)

No. 935389

Ultimate Karen unlocked. I thought big bad Moo just knocked bitches out when they stepped to her? Lol

No. 935390

I genuinely do not believe one word of any of this.

No. 935391

I'll take Things That Never Happened for $500, Alex.

No. 935392

Lmao I hope they decide to ban them both because tbh both sound insufferable. Plus Mariah in the past I think openly said she hates Arab dudes because they don't know how to act around women or women who do sex work to now she's fawning over them. Such a dick rider for clout.

No. 935394

File: 1718060094069.jpeg (772.85 KB, 3264x1912, IMG_3674.jpeg)

What a miserable cunt. It’s been how many days now where she’s been nonstop bitching about something.

No. 935395

Moo is cancer. From her story the hotel didn't say anything bad besides say she had a friend who was a hostage and Moo flipped out. What a cunt.

No. 935396

why does this loser think anyone gives a FUCK. no one follows her to listen to her lie and be self-righteous. they follow her to look at her dumpy ass and oblong tits. why do whores constantly assume anyone cares about anything else to do with them besides their bodies. i genuinely can't wrap my head around it.

No. 935398

Kek management says things like this all the time to defuse the situation. They’re all rolling their eyes and talking shit about it. There’s no meeting. One manager is texting another and they’ll comp something to make her happy. (If this even happened. She’s just clearly manic and needs to put that energy somewhere)

No. 935405

File: 1718072002995.jpeg (1.12 MB, 895x1610, IMG_3675.jpeg)

No. 935406

I'm guessing this whole
>ugüu I'm a helpless Lebanese tard who hates Israel ogüo
Is giving her a lot of interactions because she hasn't shut up about it yet.

No. 935407

Since when are political beliefs grounds to be banned/in trouble with a gym. Regardless of anyone's position on Israel/Palestine, based on Moo's story, this girl was having a conversation about a friend's story and politics then a random (Moo) who disagreed with them came over and blew up about their opinion. Then the girl in question waited to exit because she didn't want further conflict. Where does Mariah think she is in the right here/the other girl would be in trouble? Moo should be the one getting a warning in that meeting.

No. 935410

Moo, this is getting to be really unnecessary. I wonder if any of her friends who might be Jewish feel about her ranting? She's crazy.

No. 935413

I was wondering that too, how many fucking bridges can moo burn still?
Also I can’t believe she’s still going with this, isn’t it going to be a week now?

No. 935414

you guys are so new

No. 935417

File: 1718096742238.png (1.74 MB, 1881x2354, twitter1.png)

She is currently in the middle of a twitter sperg out. She's having a real manic episode this week, I wonder if the reality of her life is starting to sink in, and this is her way of lashing out

>this will be lost to the void

no, it'll be saved here in perpetuity

No. 935418

File: 1718097658049.png (746.65 KB, 1866x1914, twitter2.png)

Immediately after posting all this, she then proceeds to re-post her quad boob photos, I guess its her way of trying to bury this

No. 935419

File: 1718098670179.png (16.3 KB, 587x198, twitter3.png)

Bully your target market, Bold move. Good thing she's not going to school for marketing.
Not sure how monetization on twitter works, but i'm not surprised she's trying to find anyway to make money other than actually working a real job. I hope this new studio ends up being an even bigger money pit and ruins her financially.

No. 935420

It’s so wild for her to say this bc she’ll literally cater to her incel simps, like there’s some things moo will say and I’m like ok so you know or understand but she’s such a pick me when it comes to attention whoring and throw any potential close girl friends under the bus or take advantage of them. Given her insane ranting on Instagram of high value men that’s what a lot of the manosphere rhetoric that’s being spread. She chooses so many different hills to die on

No. 935426

>You're a porn addicted loser
Moo. You make the porn. Wtf?

No. 935429

Talking like she’s not addicted to hentai

No. 935432

Shouldn't she be working on her "accelerated classes?"

No. 935433

File: 1718118418668.jpg (654.31 KB, 1080x1946, Cow goes moo.jpg)

33 minutes ago..ask and you shall receive.

No. 935434

And yet all this time to sperg the fuck out on Twitter and Instagram and catch righteous fights with pilates attendees. Right.

No. 935435

and then everyone clapped.

No. 935437

File: 1718120184296.jpg (748.02 KB, 1079x1888, You're not in an anime retard.…)

So sane.

No. 935438

File: 1718120802180.jpeg (146.21 KB, 600x549, edge.jpeg)

Lol, never change Moo

No. 935441

This is like when she said she wanted to kill her mom back in her prime on Twitter, except people cared because she was relevant

No. 935442

wtf was the context of that

No. 935443

There is no other context besides "I want to buy guns". There's just two slides and I capped the bigger spergy one. She's just doing her whole routine and thinks talking about guns is powerful and strong and makes her scary. She's crazy. I hope the pilates girls looks at this and brings this to the gym.

No. 935445

Interesting considering all she's been doing solidly the last few days to going on a week now is manic posting online 24/7. You'd think she would be internet silent for periods of time to be "doing assignments" yet here we are still posting at all hours of the day and night

No. 935446

Her mom refused to buy her a mustang but bought her sister a car. Her parents were divorcing and she was pissed how her sister was the clear favorite for her mom at the time. So moo was saying she wanted to kill her mom and bragged about why she loved her dad more-though personally I think moo just has an electra complex.

But that’s the gist of it. Though the parents are back together now despite the dad having a second wife from Lebanon.

No. 935447

File: 1718125206805.jpeg (425.03 KB, 1239x1145, IMG_3679.jpeg)

No. 935448

Well this is all some interesting lore. Her parent's social media makes them seem like the most glam and loving couple ever. Nice to know there's some skeletons in that closet. These fucking freak posers.

No. 935449

Anyone who were possibly doubting that Moo is chasing after her sister with this new round of school LARPing now has their definitive proof that she is.

Which 'friends' is she speaking of though? Who is even local to her anymore and willing to put up with her, her former costume and wig slaves? I know there is Sssniper, but I doubt Lia actually does anything with Moo except for give her pity invites to parties and the like.

No. 935450

Wonder if any of these friends saw the legendary Karen moment, standing up for her Lebanon heritage
Didn't she say staff says she's quiet and talks to no one? She's quiet and talks to no one but always goes to the gym with friends? Hm.

No. 935451

It's literally so obvious that there are no "new friends," that she didn't have any confrontation at all, that she doesn't go to pilates half as much as she claims, and she isn't "studying for her masters." This bitch is literally non stop lying at this point. This most recent break up with Ozy has sent her into a massive BPD-fuelled freak out. Can't wait to see what the crash is like.

No. 935452

Alyssa (aly brazil) still defends her left and right, so there is a good chance that thats who she is going with. Its gotta be her or mimsy, those are the only people i still see interacting with her regularly.

No. 935453

she’s also her photog (for her and mimsy) but after that she’s alone

No. 935454

>Masters in BSN RN
Moo is so smart she can do a masters in a bachelors program, accelerated too!

No. 935456

Not the masters in BSN RN lmaoooo also I thought she was doing online classes so how is she going to school WITH her sister? Sis doesn't even know what she's talking about when she yaps about school and being eDuCaTeD

No. 935457

Yeah I believe her sister is going for her masters. That's at least within the realm of possibility. But I believe Retard here is just going for her "Associate of Applied Science in Nursing" which is a 2 year (I guess you could say "accelerated") program and not even a bachelors (she'd need to go for another 2 years for total of 4 years for that).

No. 935458

she's not doing any school. this is the 3rd school lie.

No. 935460

This antisemite saga is boring, when does she pick her next special interest?

No. 935463

I can see him coming back because Moo is out of the house kek

No. 935465

File: 1718154876240.jpeg (508.69 KB, 2048x2048, 885A61C9-C58A-4C83-B807-F46C27…)

Early this morning on her personal account she posted these really alarming comments involving gun violence. Tbh she def seems like that type of person to snap so hard she would murder someone in the blink of an eye given the chance. Highly recommend reporting her to AX to try and get her banned. I’ve also submitted a report online via Nevada crime stoppers.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 935466

That would mean she's been sharing her sister's grades and such which doesn't make much sense. I think she's in something, but there's no way to get a masters so quickly in the medial field. I don't think botox type stuff have a 'masters' unless it's some bs label and a 'masters' under their person definition. Definitely not enough to work in the ER as an RNT.

No. 935467

Hopefully if they contact her she’ll calm down, cause seriously even if she’s bluffing I think it’s a bit alarming how open she’s being about committing such a thing, it just reminds me of how she was like muh city when the Vegas shooting happened and now she’s giving a pseudo manifesto of how much a goddess she is and how she wants to picture blowing people’s brains out. The tone deafness is immense

No. 935469

Not the first time she’s expressed these thoughts within a week’s time >>935073
If she had any real friends, they’d be staging an intervention by now with how manic she’s been behaving lately online and off (supposedly). We all know she’s a chickenshit coward and most likely won’t do anything besides continuing to post dead babies and vague threats on her IG.

No. 935487

>>935465 a cowtipping ban for encouraging legit public safety concerns? The bitch is deadass threatening murder and yall are like hurrr durrrrr cOwTiPPiNg. Actual retardation. Mongoloid mods.

On one hand I agree with the consensus that she's too big of a pussy to actually do anything, but on the other hand her 5'2 300 lb ass is always pretending she's a badass, so her shooting up an event would not surprise me at all. She obviously feels like she has something to prove, and she's a narcissist who only cares about fame. If she pulls a spree, she'd become infamous, and for her unhinged narc peanut brain, that thought is probably really tempting. People less unhinged than Mariah have went on sprees, people who have made more vague threats have went on sprees. Nobody likes the bitch, she's botched herself up with terrible plastic surgery, is morbidly obese no matter what she does, she probably feels like she has nothing to lose and the trade off of freedom for fame is probably worth it for her. She's fucking predictable despite being bonkers. She's a pussy with a chip on her shoulder who so badly wants to prove she's a badass, just like every other mass shooter. She should not be in con spaces, period. It doesn't matter how entertaining it is for the drama boards to see her fatass candids at cons when she could legit end up killing people cause lolcow wants to discourage "cOwTiPpInG"(at least sage your retarded tinfoil)

No. 935489

She's most likely doing pre-requisite classes for a program she hopes to get accepted into. Because accelerated classes begin you in clinicals immediately, which would have her way too busy to even work on her studio let alone post online. Clinicals plus weekly quizzes and homework and not to mention endless care plans and other misc work. Wait til she finds out. If she manages to get accepted to a program that is, she truly won't have time for her studio, internet thoting, or manic posting. Accelerated programs for nursing are HARD and busy. Though we already been knew it was bullshit from the start. Pre-req's at best.

No. 935494

Sage for semi blog but my sister did accelerated nursing and she actually went multiple days without sleeping during nursing school, and would literally study and be doing assignments from the second she woke up to the minute she fell asleep (and would sleep 3 or so hours if she’s lucky)

It is hell and moo has an IQ of 60, she will flake out obviously, go manic on Instagram and then find a new larp to make her new personality because she has none of her own

No. 935499

From experience, nursing school is hell on wheels. I really can't wait to find out what she'll larp next, she always has had to desperately try to convince herself she's more than an internet whore. Although that's genuinely all she is and will be. Must be crushing to know this is the reality.

No. 935503

If she keeps going like this she'll chase off all her "normal" paypigs and the majority left is going to be moids into degradation and scat. And then she'll have no choice but to cater to them to keep the cash flowing.

No. 935511

File: 1718203801972.jpg (553.61 KB, 1079x1916, 1000006414.jpg)

She got sent cops to do a wellness check

No. 935512

God it’s been years and her eyes are still bulging out

No. 935513

moo’s insanity era
I guess being a lonely z-tier thot after a fall from grace catches up

No. 935514

File: 1718206524347.jpg (456.09 KB, 1920x1492, PhotoCollage_20240612_11280026…)

She REALLY is on one lately. You know they didn't say this shit to this fat sow kek. Just take your blue lives matter lunchbox and go, Mariah. She's so goddamn embarrassing, it's reminding me a bit of Gabbie Hanna's very public mental breakdown.

No. 935515

She’s got scrote logic to think a cop doing his job is him flirting with her.

No. 935516

She thinks everyone is hitting on her, she thought the plastic surgeon was also hitting on her. Her brain is so beyond fucking broken lol.

No. 935517

that happened years ago tho.

No. 935523


Seriously, what the fuck is it with her thinking every guy simply doing his job secretly wants to get into her panties? She is so goddamn gross and entitled. She watches entirely too much porn to to think that any guy is hitting on her at any given.

Like the creeps who think that just because a waitress is being nice and polite to them that it means she definitely wants to fuck them. Imagine if a guy talked about women the way she does about men. She immediately label him an incel and lecture him about how he isn’t entitled to women just because they happen to be nice him.

Her brain is like the porn parody version of a brain.

Her ego must be seriously damaged if she is trying to turn a wellness check of all things on her into another bullshit story about guys finding her completely irresistible. It actually makes her look more desperate and crazy. Because instead of worrying about her mental health, she’s more interested in whether or not the cop wants to fuck her.

No. 935524

cops are always creeping on women though, even if true it’s hardly a flex

No. 935532

It's partially just her being a narc and attempting a leg up on her hate watchers. She was obviously crying her eyes out before she posted that bullshit cop story. "HOW can I make it seem like I wasn't inconvenienced or bothered at all, even though I clearly deeply was? AH yes, they wanted to fuck me, the 3/10. Very believable, if i tell everyone enough times I'm desirable, everyone will believe it…." she's so out of her mind she doesn't understand she's self owning everytime she posts pretending to he unbothered.

While true, they generally aren't stupid enough to give someone their number on a wellness check, in front of witnesses. They do it in harder to report/track ways. No cop in their right mind would give a crusty porn girl with a huge audience (wouldn't be surprised If they were aware of who she is) their number upon first meet, esp during a wellness check unless they were TRYING to get fired. Whole thing just isn't believable.

No. 935535

This is why sex work isn't harmless or empowering. Look what happens. You judge EVERY interaction as sexual in nature or overture.

No. 935538

Narcissism is a hell of a drug…

No. 935550

/sage I think this might be the craziest she's ever been, before she was annoying and shitty but ngl this is kinda scary and uncomfortable to witness.(learn2sage)

No. 935551


This story likely ends with either being found dead in her home of a drug overdose, or shooting herself in her bathroom.

You’re right, she’s never been this manic before. It used to be just stupid silly internet bullshit. Now she’s talking about buying guns and going on what is essentially a shooting rampage. It’s been a week and she is still arguing with no names on Twitter on practically a hourly basis. She’s now getting wellness checks done on her at 3am in the morning.

Whatever is going on with her, she clearly isn’t well. And no amount of trying to flex on the haters and going on about how unbothered she is, is going to make it go away. She obviously burnt every possible bridge she could have and doesn’t have anyone to talk to that isn’t a sycophantic leech that is just using her for money. It has become a downward spiral that is going to end with her crashing hard.

This will definitely end with her being reported dead on the nightly news

No. 935552

One thing i know for sure. She will do anything for attention. Say anything . Or shove anything up her ass and post it online. And this school stuff is totally bullshit. She’s probably trying to force her sister to do the online tests or whatever.

No. 935553

She's still ultimately a coward on her deepest levels. She doesn't have the guts to do anything to anyone or herself. Nothing will come of this. Her manic episodes are amusing as hell though. Lol

No. 935554


We can say that now, but all it takes is one bad week or one bad month for her and who’s to say that won’t put her over the edge. A few years ago people wouldn’t think she would be this far gone and look at her now. And it’s only going to get worse since she refuses to listen to anyone who isn’t in the same tax bracket as her.

I’m telling you, this is all too familiar territory, especially when it comes to porn actresses/adult entertainers/sex workers. The manic late night rants turn into getting arrested at 3am with drugs to being found dead in the bathroom of an overdose. It’s only a matter of time until she becomes another one of those.

No. 935557

File: 1718236760470.jpg (533.04 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014945.jpg)

No. 935558

File: 1718237000831.jpg (635.07 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014946.jpg)

No. 935577

Can't even spell Israel right, such an activist!

No. 935578

praying she doest go pumped up kicks on AX… Im just trying to take my annual moo candid pics for lolcow and keep it pushing

No. 935579

stop with your delusional killer moo fanfic. She's not going to shoot up a con, she's too much of a coward to do anything other than larp on instagram

No. 935580

that and con/hotel security is pretty high
Moo is def not smart or brave enough to bring a gun
Moo is manic and lives in fantasy land. She might go as far to go full fake ghetto and say she killed someone even though it's clearly not true.

Admittedly she did seem to snap recently. The school lies, manic episodes and pretending all men are in love with her are just grabs for attention and pitiful cries for help.

No. 935581

Room temp IQ take. Are you implying spree shooters are all Billy badass alpha Chads with huge nuts? They are all mentally ill weak pussies who can't handle the pressure of existence and crash and burn in a spectacular shitshow while unfortunately taking others with them. Spree shooters are literally all pussies, and if you think otherwise you've got some serious issues. So yes. She's a pussy but she fits the spree shooter profile to a tee minus the fact she's not a man. She's desperate to prove she's one though. If she had the balls you are implying someone needs to commit violent crimes (laughable), she'd take accountability for her own behavior, seek psychological help, or any other number of things that ACTUALLY require a backbone.(derailing)

No. 935582

It's just her usual big bad bitch routine. She was doing the whole shooting thing when sensei turned her down too, remember? And she went out with Kevin to shoot shit with Sniperwolf.

No. 935583

wonder which tinder date called her fat kek
Or if Oz had enough and pulled a korean BBQ and said she's too gross and obese to handle.

No. 935585

So you are implying you need to be "brave and smart" to bring a gun to an event to shoot up people? Wild. You have a disturbing view of spree shooters. Are you moo?(>hi cow)

No. 935586

Don't be dense on purpose

No. 935612

referring to the holocaust as the jewish empire falling. OW, THE EDGE!

No. 935616

can she not support Palestine without putting down Jews who has nothing to do with this genocide? I swear bitches like her makes the whole activism movement look like a joke in peoples eyes. and yes moo, you are a fucking racist bitch

No. 935619

This…did not happen kek. I believe someone she knows called in a wellness check because she’s been totally unhinged. And since she knows that person (probably ozy) is lurking, she has to lay on the “I’m so attractive and an attractive man want to fuck me” shtick that BPD-chans lay on when they get dumped.
This is embarrassing and painful to watch.

No. 935620

Anon I think you forgot about >>935465 saying they contacted people in Las Vegas and there's only one Mariah Mallad in LV. Anon didn't even need to know her address. Basically could have happened considering it's been manufactured.

No. 935637

File: 1718314836289.jpeg (691.25 KB, 828x1322, IMG_0036.jpeg)

she really does think she’s smart enough to work in the (Japanese) medical field…moo you’re a failed cosplayer and porn thot who is larping their sisters success. also you don’t even know the language well enough to even work a respectful job in Japan kek

No. 935643


But Moo, what happened to “Japan is a sexist hell hole that’s only interested in married women with families”? She already got to told to fuck off when she tried to relocate there as a single, childless Z-tier porn thot with no business skills whatsoever. It’s not going to suddenly change now that you’re pretending to be in nursing school. They still wouldn’t want you.

No. 935647

>working for a heart surgeon
Could've sworn she was boasting about working in cosmetics like her sister

No. 935659

She also said nursing was just a stepping stone to her becoming a doctor, soooo

No. 935665

the only thing moo is going to be nursing is her ego once she realizes that cop gave her the precinct phone number.

No. 935668

It's kind of sad really. If she really is going to nursing school: she isn't going to be able to be a nurse if she's this mentally ill. She will never be able to outrun her personality disorder, mental illness, and explicit past. It's never going to work out.

No. 935669

Yeah, she needs treatment for her issues. It takes a certain type of person to handle working in the medical field and Moo is certainly not one of them.

No. 935671

File: 1718342106902.jpg (41.78 KB, 339x603, 4d90a9e3-28e7-4072-922a-29952d…)

Back with dusty-ass Ozy. Watch for a Hermes bag.

No. 935672

File: 1718342172324.jpg (9.61 KB, 434x111, 696b68ee-83f1-401e-a426-d2e135…)

No. 935673

How's it feel, Moo? Dating a broke dusty and having to buy your own presents?

No. 935674

I guess she's the type to marry a broke twink non-arab dusty.. you know, not for love though. One couldn't be that fucking stupid.

No. 935675

Her "job" is literally the easiest thing to do in the world. She doesn't need any structure, discipline, etc. The exact opposite is true in medicine. Unless she's doing some bullshit like her sister, she's not going to succeed.

No. 935676

File: 1718342615269.jpg (21.02 KB, 435x359, 5bdd52c4-e9bd-4ed4-a528-46b008…)

Ozy just straight up admitting to being a drug dealer.

No. 935678

Nonna are you autistic this means make money

No. 935679


Get used to it Moo, cause these are the kind of broke dustys you’ll be getting with. Maybe he’ll get to slap you around again for good measure.

No. 935700

File: 1718363664202.jpg (866.24 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014971.jpg)

No. 935701

Wow Moo you are So Not Like Other Girls

No. 935710

Can she fit into anything that isn't spandex athleisure these days?

No. 935711

File: 1718372146063.jpg (171.83 KB, 720x1280, 20240614_083420.jpg)

God she is WIDE.

No. 935712

File: 1718372172924.jpg (173.67 KB, 720x1280, 20240614_083434.jpg)

No. 935713

Holy shit her skin is so saggy because she keeps getting the fat sucked out

No. 935714

christ this looks like her belly is overhanging so much

No. 935715

The body of a 220-250 pound woman

No. 935721

That's not her stomach, it's the shirt

No. 935723

File: 1718384935928.jpeg (1.13 MB, 886x1573, IMG_3741.jpeg)

That just makes this image even funnier. She literally has to squash each photo of her to the extreme to fake being thin.

No. 935725

File: 1718387929445.mp4 (2.41 MB, 888x1574, RPReplay_Final1718387641.mp4)

nta that posted the original screenshot but if you wanna see her in motion

No. 935726

File: 1718387983023.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1268x2271, IMG_0666.jpeg)

Also why would she think this is possibly a good idea???

No. 935727

I can't wait to see the other dumpster fire sets
As if she's going to let other people use this place. It's entirely a vanity project for her and her lackeys to use

No. 935730

Houston we have a HEEHEE moment

No. 935731

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA she's so goddammed fat!, and.. side note, no vent mask while you're spray painting? Dahell?(learn2integrate)

No. 935732

"Just let the retard play with the spray gun, she's paying. We'll fix it when she leaves"

No. 935740

Hearing her call anything tacky when she wears cheap stripper fan lashes that make her eyes look dopey, overfilled lips that elongate her philtrum as she struts around exclusively in black workout leggings and sweaters is the funniest thing to read. Her entire existence is tacky down to how she acts online and offline, but Vivienne Westwood she has decided is tacky most likely because she sees her other weeb ewhore peers trying to emulate escorts in japan. This is just her subtweeting girls she hates and has nothing to do with the brand, moomoo you’re too transparent and we get it you’re spiraling kekw

No. 935749

File: 1718404338335.jpeg (Spoiler Image,693.39 KB, 828x1315, IMG_0038.jpeg)

No. 935750

Big kek! Not her trying to make it seem she’s been invited as a guest by AX, she burnt that fucking bridge long long ago. I’m not sure why she keeps going to AX when she looks fucking terrified when she runs into cosplayers she’s scorned.
Is senpai squad funding her weak ass m&g again? Or is she leeching from a friends booth

No. 935751

Money is on her not even present the entire time she’s slotted to be there or dressed as a slob in street wear.

No. 935754

nursing school is going to go super well for her

No. 935755

File: 1718407938688.jpg (199.91 KB, 1080x696, 1000014977.jpg)

No. 935758

I'm thinking she's been properly dumped by the company at this point, which is quite the feat given they'll shit out a 'Pro' model for any e-thot that approaches them. Way to botch your contractual obligations, Mooriah!

No. 935759

This fleshlight has been on order for a year at this point.
My thoughts exactly. She got let go by the company before her poor fleshlight could be made.

No. 935762

Whatever happened to the "I'm the first and only cosplayer to do this?" lol

No. 935771

If Moo is going to Dubai she'll be human toilet. Yeah, you get big money but also men will literally shit on you and laugh how easy it is to humiliate white women. GG, Moo.

No. 935774

Waddle waddle waddle. She has not lost any weight since Hawaii. I am kinda amazed how huge she manages to be, that takes some serious dedication.

No. 935778


It’s been what, a year since she made this this announcement and still no product. She looks so god damn pathetic every time she keeps bringing this up. It so obvious the company dropped her ass.

No. 935782

File: 1718424748439.jpg (496.92 KB, 1080x2400, 1000014980.jpg)

No. 935783

So i decided to do a little digging into this.
There is surprisingly little information about this program.
Apparently you simply sent in some age verification photos along with photos of your pussy and/or ass, then 10 days later your "model" was available.
The program was announced in 2022, then went in hiatus after its initial launch so they could upgrade their systems, with an expected return of fall 2023. It still appears to be unavailable.
One of the articles gave a price breakdown too, for what its worth; Buyer pays $300, model takes 15% + up to 30% commission on other Fleshlight product sales.

Sources (archived):
https://www.womens-health.com/fleshlight-pro#what-happened-to-fleshlight-pro [https://archive.ph/31ijO]
https://avn.com/business/articles/novelty/fleshlight-launches-program-to-make-sell-your-own-fleshlight-907752.html [https://archive.is/rJxYv]
https://fleshassist.com/en/category/fleshlight-pro [https://archive.ph/OeTlM]

No. 935785

>wear the pants
what’s >>935749 then?

No. 935789

I think she means people being lazy and doing just bikini stuff, but then again, this whole shoot she did with Mimsy with the bikinis wasn't canon, so she's done what she said girls shouldn't do with her. The photo you're referring to has Makima in her suit then taking it off. Moo sounds just like she did years ago when she said putting on a wig and a bikini isn't cosplay and here she is, gatekeeping costhots outfits again as if she isn't doing that exact thing with other cosplays.

No. 935790

File: 1718428724149.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2149x3264, IMG_3761.jpeg)

>wEar tHE PaNTs!!1!

No. 935792


Someone ought to show her this lol. Bitch couldn’t be more hypocritical

No. 935796

The type of men that do that want hot, thin MODELS, not dirty smelling hambeasts like Moo.

You need to pass the nursing exam to be a nurse in Japan and that's extremely difficult. Do you think this dumb skank will learn any kanji besides 0-9 ?
Also Birkins are so common in Tokyo, esp between the hostess/prostitutes so it's nothing out of the ordinary. You want a Birkin? go to one of the hundreds of second hand shops that have them

No. 935801

File: 1718437901126.mp4 (5.95 MB, 576x1024, 6f4cdeb55fc32028f778dc6c92afcc…)

She's just copying what a tiktoker posted, she can't have a single thought of her own

No. 935802

Wow..this is just so sad for her…

No. 935811


Practically copied it word for word. Fucking pathetic. Bitch doesn’t have a single original thought in her head.

No. 935825

I'm confused
Didn't Moo defend bikini cosplay and just wearing a wig? That's most of her content.
Nice to know Moo agrees, but it's wild how she can't word it that she's wrong.

Main point, Moo loves bikini/ nude cosplays because it's lazy low effort porn. Moo is insecure when hotter women do it. she already admitted she hates collabing with other girls because she gets insecure AF. She even edits herself thinner and her friends fatter so they look like they're similar in weight. I don't know how people put up with it, even with Moo paying for their friendship

No. 935826

Majority of e girls wearing Westwood are usually in their teens or early 20’s, Moo why are you picking fights with women younger than you?

No. 935828

Probably insecure because Ozy is around their same age range and moo after all is just a hag nearing 30

No. 935847

File: 1718500045479.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.47 KB, 1080x1350, 1000039090.jpg)

It's weird how she acts like the gatekeeper of Makima when she clearly doesn't understand the character at all. Shibari Makima makes literally zero sense for a clearly domme character and yet… moo just keeps protecting her own warped and inaccurate perception of herself onto makima.

No. 935849

makima isn't even a domme, she's just manipulative. moo doesn't understand any of the characters she gets obsessed over. this kind of thing is why it's obvious she's not a cosplayer anymore, just doing fetish content that doesn't fit the character or anything. i don't know why she even tries to cosplay anymore.

No. 935851

File: 1718509912383.png (43.4 KB, 593x462, Untitled.png)

No. 935852

lol the discord server she promised her fans since her Patreon debuted? Never going to happen. She always gasses her fans up with things she’s never going to do just to keep the grift going.

No. 935854

Smoking nicotine, Moo? Yikes. No wonder her skin looks like garbage. Also wisteria is highly unethical to plant. Moo has no idea how destructive that plant is for someone apparently obsessed with plants. She needs a permit to even think about planting them. Rachel and Jun just had this issue in a recent vlog about their garden. Next Moo will say bamboo is a good idea too.

No. 935856

she just wants the wisteria because of demonslayer so no, she doesn’t know a thing about it.

No. 935859

It's a nice dream (apart from the wisteria), but it's not compatible with her lifestyle at all. She has no idea what she wants in life. This sudden "dream" has to stem from a comfy anime she watched. It is absolutely not rooted in her personal goals and aspirations or even skills. If she thought beyond the mental image of the cute homestead with ducks that she saw somewhere she would quickly realize she has none of the skills, no experience and absolutely no way to know if it's something she could do. It's like someone watching a soccer game and deciding they want to become a professional soccer player vs someone having played soccer since childhood having that same dream. At this rate she's still going to chase after other people's dreams by the time she's 30 without a single clue what she wants.

No. 935875

there's ads all over instagram etc for "free" or extremely cheap houses in japan, especially in the countryside, and a few accounts have gotten popular for remodeling those old abandoned houses and vlogging the process. let's all hope she decides to become an international real estate mogul next and upgrades from a studio to trying to run an airbnb scheme in japan. she's impulsive enough to bite for the low price+flex yet nearsighted enough to forget about things like property taxes.

No. 935876

10/10 would love to see that shitstorm, it’s all a shitstorm really because the people who fall for that forget that the house can topple over at any tiny wind kek
airbnb/lawsuit era when

No. 935893

File: 1718594722667.jpeg (356.69 KB, 883x1570, IMG_3766.jpeg)

Take you own advice, Moo, and stfu.

No. 935896

but moo, I thought the owners were going to kick her out for you?

No. 935897

So she didn't get kicked out and most likely because she wasn't being racist like Moo insisted she was.

No. 935898


But Moo, I thought you went all “bozz bitch yaz qween” on her and had her permanently kicked out? Or were you full of shit as usual and were simply talking about what you wished you would have done instead of what you actually did?

Wouldn’t be surprised at all if this even happened at all, that she was told to fuck off for trying to cause all this drama and that she is likely the one that will be kicked out if she brings this shit again.

No. 935899

File: 1718600659063.png (252.17 KB, 469x833, 4543645635656423.png)

More Masters for BSN RN

No. 935900

Obviously it never happened. Have you ever, even once, seen Moo back up her shit talking? She used to have friends to do it for her, now she just lies on the internet.

No. 935901

File: 1718600769037.png (1.75 MB, 1403x834, bday.png)

No. 935902

these are pilates classes, anon.

No. 935909

File: 1718622550300.jpg (466.33 KB, 1564x1564, 1000015008.jpg)

No. 935916

moo, you were given the parameters of the assignment and opted to be sloppy (a reoccuring theme!) - sit down.

No. 935920

She really just told on herself that she’s never been involved in college level courses. Did she really think she’d get a redo KEK

No. 935922


She is someone who thinks a sloppy wig and a trashy bikini constitutes as a “cosplay”. Sloppy and half-assed is her way of life. Even if she is pretending to be in school, she could at least act like she takes it more seriously than her garbage tier cosplay porn.

No. 935924

Did she not check her word counter before submitting? This has been implemented on word processing apps for decades. She deserves the C lol

No. 935931

Every year she just picks a race of people to be extremely racist towards and she keeps using her fake POC card as an excuse. First it was black people, Chinese (Never forget her Mei BS) hispanics, and now this. Bullying a random Jewish girl in the USA who's just trying to work out just comes off as anti semetic. I hope they ban her from that place. Like how many gyms/trainers have banned her at this point for her shit behavior?

No. 935936

She makes like a $250,000/year, right? That's enough money to live anywhere, really. One thing she probably couldn't overcome in rural Japan would be the language barrier. She's not PewDiePie rich to have enough for a live-in translating team.(learn to sage)

No. 935937

If this is even in her yearly pay.. hm. To go from that to a nurse. Not saying nurses can't make good money.. but no where near that mark. She must be aware of her shelf life hitting it's mark.

No. 935938

BULLSHIT YES IT HAS its been out for a while lmfao. citation, i work in a department store and have seen these on the fragrance counter lol

No. 935939

Maybe your mom is trying to tell you something about the way you smell because that's a fuckton of perfume.

No. 935940

I've seen it too, it's everywhere.
Why the fuck does she lie about shit that's so easy to fact check? She is truly, objectively stupid.

No. 935943

She has to romanticize her life to the point she gaslights herself into thinkings shes this super special person when really shes a worthless drop in a sea of idiocy.

No. 935945

Why is she hiding her classes? She wants to show off her grades but not the classes?
Also, your ability to follow direction to a T is very important in nursing, right? You should respect the teachers decision. They’re teaching you a very valuable lesson in why cutting corners, even tiny ones, can cost you.
She will get no where in life with this attitude.

No. 935946

Not insane at all, college is pretty straightforward with directions and if you don’t follow, then you’re probably not going to last long kek.
So glad she’s doing online classes because if this was irl she would probably try some degenerate coomer attempt at raising her grades since her brain is cooked.

No. 935948


She’d definitely try to make up some horseshit about her “totally hot professor practically wanted to fuck her since day one of class”. Because according to her, any man simply doing his job secretly wants to fuck her the moment they lay eyes on her.


It’s because deep down she knows she’s an irrelevant who gives a fuck. She’s not even a has been, more like a never was. But she still tries to act like she warrants special treatment or has some secret connections that other people wish they had to protect her ego. It only makes her look more stupid and pathetic when it’s revealed how full of shit she is.

No. 935949

Exactly, Moo has always been a racist. She's had a cozy life without challenges and now she shields herself behind the Palestinian cause, using it as an excuse to be openly antisemitic. It's so disingenuous.

No. 935956

This. The other woman is probably beautiful and fit, and this just gives moo reason to be spiteful and racist out in the open.

No. 935960

lmao there are literally niche perfumers and perfume stores on the strip with $500+ bottles and this bitch is fawning over gucci being “so rare! so exclusiff! uwu”.

No. 935965

Kek right she has absolutely zero class or taste and doesn’t know true rarity or specialness. She’s like those tacky Cartier rings she likes to squeeze onto her sausages—expensive with a lot less resell value, and basic as hell because everyone with a little money has some.

No. 935967

Remember her Gucci flex of the past? Sandals and a fanny pack. Because that's her class level. We'll, that and she is too big for any of their actual clothing.

No. 935969

The fanny pack and slides are also the only things that match her lululemoncore aesthetic. Bitch eats, sleeps and shits in spandex and probably has recurring yeast infections because of it in the vegas heat.

No. 935970

Because she’s lying about being in nursing school or at least she’s still doing prerequisites. Generally nursing schools have an altered grading scale i.e A is 93-100, B is 85-92 and so on. It’s not the same for everyone but it you search it you can find dozens of examples of nursing students talking about their curved grading scales. If moo was doing her BSN she’d be freaking out more that the 79% is putting her on the edge of failing

No. 935975

At BEST right now she's oinking around in some community college online courses to get her associates degree. Hell, she might even be fucking around in a degree mill like University of Phoenix, which would be even funnier. But Moo being Moo, she's totes pursing her Masters in Nursing, y'all! She's going to be a rich bitch in Japan with wisteria trees and not a washed-up whore in a pre-fab in Vegas!!!

No. 935977

we've never had proof of her income she doesn't live like she makes that much, especially not anymore. people who don't know the cost of living in vegas probably think she's spent much more than she actually has.

No. 935983

She’s hiding the classes because she isn’t actually doing nursing classes I assume. As the other anon said, she’s probably still taking prereq classes. If she truly wanted to flex being in school she’d show what classes she’s in. Showing your grades doesn’t matter if you’re taking piss easy classes

No. 935987

But you don't just "take nursing classes", nursing is a program you have to apply to get into. So maybe she's in prereqs?

No. 935991

It's Moo, it's all bullshit. She probably took a few easy art classes at some BS online uni, and that's why she had to block out the class names (which contain no sensitive information). Can you imagine Moo getting 90s in actual, hard nursing classes?

No. 935992

No, but I can see her handling that problem the same way she does her entire cosplay career: paying someone more qualified to do it for her.

No. 935995

Moo's RN sister's Linkedin says she attended Herzing University. I did some research and it seems to be a shady online school that does not even have a physical campus in Nevada. They are apparently "non profit" but have a 99% acceptance rate, you can jump into the program anytime. You need to have a Bachelor's degree first apparently but it does not matter which field. You do not need to submit an essay or GRE scores to get in. They also have Associates and Bachelor's of Nursing, and an accelerated BSN program. I still have no idea what she means when she says she's getting her "Masters in BSN RN" kek. Also their BSN program is 120 credit hours at $755 per hour = $90,000 to graduate from some bullshit online school. Absolutely whack.(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 936007

File: 1718792607546.jpg (606.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-06-19-11-21-47…)

Moo doesn't live in a state they take and none of their curriculum has XX04 as it's number so its not here

No. 936016

Maybe that's not the school.

No. 936048

File: 1718836942277.jpg (870.7 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015034.jpg)

No. 936053


Because a convention where people are trying to escape the real world and hang out with people similar hobbies is the perfect time for her insufferable political moral grandstanding. I hope someone punches her in her fat mouth whenever she tries handing those out

No. 936059

Lol. No way this cowardly bitch has the guts to hand out terrorist pins on the con floor.

No. 936061

Why is she going so ham fisted with this? Like people who are more involved aren’t even this annoying, but this virtue signaling is insane. If anything wouldn’t it be more helpful if she donated the money she used to make the buttons to help the families trying to escape or have food to survive? Does she think this is going to put in her in the good graces of con goers?

No. 936067

She just wants yo flame people who refuse the buttons.

No. 936070

She'll probably wear one, buried in her costume, so no one can see it and then claim "I wore this pin all day, and no one dared confront me about it!"

No. 936074

them nails badly need a fill

No. 936077

She’ll probably concoct some bullshit story about how some racist Karen confronted her about wearing it and how she totally owned her in front of everyone to uproarious applause. Hell, if she’s feeling extra confident, she’ll claim to have totally kicked her ass in a fight.

She has a habit of fabricating these bullshit stories about how she is practically superhero in real life, performing these grand feats of heroism that no one else could hope to do and how everyone just stands and claps whenever she does anything. The delusion from her is off the charts.

No. 936093

Was her personal account taken down?

No. 936095

File: 1718890518243.jpeg (104.95 KB, 828x426, IMG_0063.jpeg)

Seems like it, not shocked since she posts a lot of graphic content and dead children for brownie points as to why she’s a “good person”. Also in her main she wiped her bio and even got rid of the “Lebeanese” flag. Probably trying to avoid getting her account taken down kek

No. 936096

Because it gives her an outlet to be her true hateful self and suffer no consequences. I doubt she actually cares about Palestine at all, otherwise she'd put her money where her mouth is and provide some meaningful help to the victims through aaaall the money she supposedly makes.

No. 936100

Probably. She was threatening people in her stories and saying she's going to shoot people, even if it's a "joke".

No. 936127

her mains down too. They'll probably be back in a day or two though, they always are…

No. 936133

File: 1718971503381.jpg (547.94 KB, 1080x1824, 1000015061.jpg)

I don't even know where to begin with this.

No. 936136

I wonder if she realises advertising your accounts you plan to use to circumvent bans, is a terrible idea. Going to be funny when they get banned though and she trots out her "lawyers"

No. 936137

File: 1718979284598.gif (731.24 KB, 400x300, 1000034600.gif)

You know you've been banned a bit too many times when your accounts look like they were made by a bot.

No. 936138

Absolutely bleak that her tits are long enough to have three lengths of rope across them and still leave plenty more room, girl needed that lift a decade ago

No. 936144


What happened to her crack team of lawyers that could get her account back in no time flat? Maybe her dumbass shouldn’t have been posting pictures of dead kids and talking about wanting to go shoot at people on her main page. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving cunt.

No. 936145

time for Moo to spend thousands on fake followers and likes on her new profiles

No. 936151

File: 1719001232284.jpg (980.02 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015066.jpg)

No. 936152

File: 1719001727834.jpg (576.68 KB, 1050x1889, 1000015068.jpg)

No. 936153


Even people on her timeline are starting to get sick of her shit and calling her out.

No. 936155

Ive been waiting patiently since 2016 for this downfall.

No. 936162

This is already deleted lol

No. 936177

File: 1719024479464.png (4.46 KB, 542x85, partner.png)

Apparently she's partnered with gamersupps now. Not terribly surprised, I wonder how long it'll last

No. 936178

I wonder if they know she supports terrorists?

No. 936180


Probably as long as the one she had right when she was outed as a sexual abuser. Lost the sponsor in the matter of a weekend. Who knows, maybe the same will happen again if enough people make a stink about them being associated with her. The ensuing meltdown she would have would be hilarious.

No. 936197

gamersupps hands these out like candy though, they don't even have follower requirements. she's scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.

No. 936199

File: 1719065513875.jpg (174.09 KB, 1252x1268, 20240622_090511.jpg)

From her Twitter. I know we say this all the time but her face is actually melting. Really pushing that 40s look.

No. 936200


She is definitely going to act completely insufferable about it though and act like she just scored the biggest deal with one of the largest companies ever.

Whenever she experiences the slightest modicum of success she immediately looks to go rub it in other people’s faces, as if all the whoring she did was worth it to get to that point.

Remember when she thought she was an official cosplayer for Funimation? Oh she was absolutely intolerable.

No. 936213

girl needs a lip lift so bad, her face is so strange…

No. 936232

Her puffy eyes look puffier than usual, this girl has clearly been losing it and crying her head off she looks so fucking swollen but is overcompensating by being an insufferable twat.
God I can’t wait for AX and see if she shows herself and doesn’t ghost her m&g

No. 936234


Reminds me of how she looked at the con when she was first outed as a sexual abuser. She was tying to act like she was so unbothered by it all, but it was clear as day she spent the whole night crying in her hotel room and looked like a fucking mess the next day.

Maybe she was called out again this time, but now she doesn’t have an army of sycophants to run defense for her this time. So she spent the whole night alone and crying in her room.

No. 936238

My first thought! That isn't irritation from colored lenses. That's a face that cried and is trying to hide it under makeup.

No. 936239


Maybe it’s finally settling in for her how much she is disliked and despised.

But I’m sure come Monday we’ll hear all about how “Omg I had such a great time and got to meet so many fans. I was practically swamped for photos and autographs the whole time” like she always does to try and save face.

No. 936241

Absolutely demonic. She doesn't look old, she doesn't even look human. Being a mean and hateful lying sack of shit doesn't help her haggard face one bit either.

No. 936248

of course she will, i just thought it was important to note that it's not as big of a deal as anons think.

No. 936250

knowing the kind of narcissist she is, if she was born a jew she would be a zionist kek

No. 936256

File: 1719109892975.jpg (249.42 KB, 1366x2048, 1000015102.jpg)

No. 936259

I love how she tells on herself. The ivy around her face is so warped and blurred some parts just start melting out of reality. Even with a corset she's still huge
What kills me more than the shit waist edit is the fact Moo refuses to edit her weird stroke eye. I swear her eyes are getting worse.

No. 936260

It's just fucking weird. Bitch, this is not what you look like. Those legs aren't even a photo anymore, just a straight up drawing. And she looks even more stroked-out and her nose even more busted from the warping. I can't imagine actually posting this.

No. 936262

Bleak how inhuman her face looks. I never will understand why handmaidens defend plastic surgery till they’re blue in the face- this is mental illness… just accept your face and keep it pushing

No. 936268

The absolute jarring difference between these two fucking photos is hilarious, I don’t know how she can post both of these and think she looks like her edited self. Is she wearing fake nipples in the nun outfit?? They look so oddly pointed and I doubt it would be it like that knowing how tight that outfit must fit her. Nitpick but could she not have ran a garment steamer on the collar than literally show she just took it out of the bag

No. 936290

All this editing and putting on the latex when she couldn't even iron the coif

No. 936304

Did Ozy delete / deactivate all his accounts (Twitter, Instagram) or am I just blocked

No. 936334

I swear that lazy eye is ready to close completely. Does she really think that's a seductive bedroom look?

No. 936338

Seems like he deactivated(sage your shit)

No. 936349

File: 1719188640278.jpeg (386.44 KB, 1504x2016, IMG_7892.jpeg)

She’s looking more and more like this drawing

No. 936356

Obese people have a surprisingly high risk of stroke, just saying.

No. 936357

To add Moo is a 400+ pound woman who had a lil over 100 pounds of fat sucked out of her during her life. The fact her eye and face are getting more droopy is funny. I hope this bitch always has enough money to eat enough for three people. It's deserved

No. 936399

Remember nonnies, when she and her sister were kids, Mariah had to get her own cake on her sister's birthday. She's been a weird little freak since childhood. Once the ability goes away to pay for a boyfriend and friends, she gonna be a lonely ass bitch.

No. 936462

She's a lonely ass bitch now and has been for years. No one likes her or wants to be around her.

No. 936478

that's why she's dating a literally who druggie even though we know she wants to date some hot cosplayer. she burnt all her bridges with everyone and has no other options. it's really almost alarming how she had everything she wanted and is so insufferable that she ruined it all, multiple times at that.

No. 936490

File: 1719335557804.gif (465.96 KB, 631x553, edit.gif)

Screw porn, she should make telling on herself her full time career 'cause she seems to love doing it.

No. 936499

The nasolabial folds and bulging eyes are killing me anon
moon really is haggard

No. 936507

File: 1719347368964.jpeg (468.5 KB, 2048x1233, C84F011E-535F-484B-8C40-DE449E…)

saged because it mostly involves a calf, but i spotted this in the wild on megan thee stallion's latest post. apparently umbra made her cosplay wig, there's posts like this on pretty much any comment asking who made the wig(take it to the momokun calves thread)

No. 936515

Moo isn't even chiming in. Use the /w/ thread.

No. 936542


Omg that warning wasn’t enough, that needs to be delete! I almost threw up my dinner

No. 936619

Do you think moo will jump / has jumped on the ozempic trend since it’s easier than her faking the gym? Her face will get even more haggard kek

No. 936630

She should because the multitudes of side effects may still be better for her then keeping all that fat on her organs, but she likes lipo because she can "sculpt" the fat to fit her muscle mommy goals. Ozempic just makes you skinny, it would be too big of a tell. Also she really can't risk deflating her boobs anymore then she already has. Her body is a wasteland.

No. 936641

File: 1719461660475.jpg (438.64 KB, 1080x1640, 1000006520.jpg)

Didn't she go on a whole fucking tirade about shotas and loli yet follows all these lolisho artists for clout? She pussied out and deleted something.

No. 936643

File: 1719462597532.jpeg (403.67 KB, 1294x1244, IMG_3849.jpeg)

I swear she’s only doing this for clout on Pride month lol otherwise she’d be screeching about it like she did for Devilman Crybaby.

No. 936646

She has to be kidding about not knowing shadman, did she conveniently forget about her whole kanna debacle “those thighs aren’t innocent”. Also when she was trying to play catch up with swimsuitsuccubus and bunny she was trying to suck up to him right?

No. 936647

File: 1719470432682.jpg (800.02 KB, 1080x2316, 1000006521.jpg)

Yikes, what's gross is some 60 year old man telling her to stuff socks in her bra

No. 936649

File: 1719470869371.jpg (543.26 KB, 1080x1888, 1000006523.jpg)

No. 936669

File: 1719488587022.jpg (Spoiler Image,708.99 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015178.jpg)

No. 936674

I know she’s trying to avoid chafing but why on earth would you think to add layers when it’s fucking warm out. This is also coming from the same girl that wears all black, long sleeves included, during hot weather.

It’s not likes she’s gonna be out hiking all day either, it’s just a shoot. Most of her shoots are indoor anyway??

No. 936678

Literally wanting to avoid chafing with thighs like hers is normal, tights can be perfectly breathable, what an insane nitpick

No. 936680

So I guess she's had an absolute fuck ton of lipo then? Because those are NOT her thighs.

No. 936685

this is edited to shit with meitu. you can see where she thinned her legs and tried to use the ai bg fix feature around them. it's even worse in >>936647 she tried to edit the shadow and stretched herself out. (if anyone needs to see these in action i can post an edit of a pic from the thread)

No. 936689

Please do. And I love it. She edits herself and she STILL has a Hank Hill ass.

No. 936695

Dance rights are a bare legged cosplay must, even for skinny girls. The fuck is she talking about, she had built-in ones for 2B.

No. 936701

Her face is so uncanny valley and her tits are so flat and droopy it looks like she’s wearing a binder

No. 936702

I'm just wondering if the pushup bra is in the room with us because she looks like she's just wearing a sports bra. I don't think Moo has actual bras that aren't made just for cosplay coming off lingerie porn shots.

No. 936704


Because she wants to hide her fat cottage cheese thighs

No. 936715

Picture frames in both pics also think they're in a Salvador Dalí painting.

No. 936729

File: 1719539720107.jpg (923.64 KB, 1366x2141, MTXX_MR20240627_214754731.jpg)

i edited >>936256 in just a few seconds with the "height increase" feature and the "leg slimming" feature. to an unsuspecting person(moid) it looks real. but it's obviously stretched to shit. this is just to show that it's super easy for her to do it so easily.

No. 936732

It's just weird because we saw her short chubby ass in a video she posted and we saw her over hanging gut. She's so mad at men who refuse to date her or run but she's cat fishing. No wonder she keeps have mental breakdowns

No. 936758

i bet she thinks no one will notice. every pic she posts has a different body at this point. i'm sure most of her fans could care less since they mostly want to see her degrade herself now.

No. 936760

In both of these pictures she has a weird rolled up carpet behind her, what's that for?

No. 936775

Looks like a carpet that hasn't been used yet is all. There's nothing extra. Moo just orders shit.

No. 936799

File: 1719625418394.jpg (253.47 KB, 1080x1864, 1000015201.jpg)

No. 936801

Bottom pic literally looks nothing like her chin and neck

No. 936807

Ah, the return of the sex doll lips. It was only a matter of time…

No. 936808

wtf is she doing with her brows? The sharpie power brows were a shitty look when they were "in", and they haven't been in for years. She looks ridiculous. Does she actually go out in public looking like that?

No. 936837

File: 1719669961049.mp4 (392.16 KB, 720x1280, 434E688925335501F610112E6EA59E…)

No. 936841

Oof the bottom pic makes it look like she has an underbite real bad.

No. 936853

I hope for her sake that in the before picture she’s pushing out her lower lip to fake a more dramatic result because otherwise bulldog alert.

No. 936873

Oh shit I just realized the username, no wonder she’s doing fillers again, she’s getting them from her sister. She’s gonna look even more melty at AX. Weird that she’s jutting out her jaw like that in the bottom pic/video like for why?

No. 936881

She's flexing her neck so hard to seem thin, it does not work, everyone just sees you are awkward. >>936873 she does it to hide her double chin. That is not a flattering angle of view after all.

No. 936891

File: 1719742163709.jpg (143.27 KB, 720x1314, 20240630_050802.jpg)

Idk what to say anymore lol. Feel like a broken record going after her melting face.

No. 936897

She's not even in cosplay, she's a random porn thot and there's areola in that pic. I'll never understand that choice

No. 936902

>do what you love. do it for your waifu. always misunderstood.
>8 different logos for the same brand
tacky and cringe

No. 936904

I know nona I feel you but it’s just so karmic of her face becoming the way it is, truly morphing into the person she is inside. Wow so I guess senpai squad finally dropped her ass unless they’re also owned by them, all these car type brands blend together at some point. I wonder if she’ll be able to stand the measly 3 hours of her pathetic m&g, im surprised she’s not having anyone be with her this time

No. 936906

Not only her whole self looks like a wax sculpture left under the sun of the Sahara desert, her tattoos look like shit, the cheese rose and the criminal bands just don't go with the outfit, same as the weird face she has on the other side. Is it really that expensive or difficult to just cover those up with makeup?

No. 936911

Is this her botched nose’s final form? O cant tell if its just the contour or the way her face is posed but its so off putting.

No. 936934

>8 different logos for the same brand
Fucking hell you are right. I just took a short glance and thought those logos were different companies like affiliates or something, but it's just the same brand in different logos. How embarrassing.
>Is it really that expensive or difficult to just cover those up with makeup?
No, it is not. There are whole makeup brands/products just for covering up tattoos and they are not that expensive. Especially since Mariah usually overpays for brand skincare and does not buy quality products.

No. 936950

Getting filler 3 days before a con is a horrible idea(sage your shit)

No. 936954

File: 1719833357700.jpg (730.07 KB, 1076x1753, 1000015242.jpg)

No. 936965

That's not the way that anyone should announce going to a con wearing casual clothes kek. If anything that would make the average weeb want to avoid her and question wether she can actually look decent on her cosplays or not.

No. 936983

there is just..something about her sunday pic that just makes me laugh. I don't know if its the poor cropping, the poor choice of photo, the outfit, or the fact she used a black background with a black outfit so its borderline indistinguishable

No. 936999

Also reusing a pic from almost 2 years ago because she’s definitely gonna hide in her cosplay
Or that’s just her way of saying she’s definitely getting lipo for AX bc she wants to impress her 5 coomers

No. 937002

I think it's because it's a mirror selfie. What an odd fucking choice.

No. 937007

File: 1719855512849.jpg (186.05 KB, 1152x2048, 20240701_123648.jpg)

This was the picture

No. 937017

She's getting so lazy and brazen with these shoops, we all know her head is a tiny pinhead compared to her lumpy, bloated and misshapen body.

No. 937020

Testimate is a… choice
Friday is just the laziest cosplay ever to hide her fat
Saturday she is def not going to show up in that or hide to avoid candids.
Sunday she def wont show up and will be stuffing her face in the hotel room.

Honestly these are all so random. I'm wondering which cos thot she's copying

No. 937025

KEK look how she forgot to shoop her shadow! Hilarious!

No. 937026

File: 1719869250090.png (248.27 KB, 543x412, 1000004493.png)


No. 937030

Lmao. Cant believe none of us noticed the shadow back when she first posted this

No. 937033

Steff (who is a big GG fan) is also doing Testament so take that as you will lol. Moo is just being petty again.

No. 937042

Wait STILL?!
Didn't that happen 8 years ago or something? All because Steff didn't like her weird Mewtwo outfit? Talk about living in someones mind rent free. Makes you wonder what other weird grudges Moo has

No. 937048

File: 1719883441175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,221.56 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3902.jpeg)

Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet. Fucking massive.

No. 937050

File: 1719886564108.jpg (Spoiler Image,226.82 KB, 1536x2048, 1000015256.jpg)

Back view. She clearly can never take photos without her mouth being open. Also, that Fate tat is never coming off.

No. 937054

i know it’s because she was big for coomers with the moomoo milk thing, but the hex maniac hasn’t been relevant in over ten years and picking her is certainly a choice. the next season of demon slayer just got announced, why not do someone from that?

No. 937055

Her doing hex maniac for the hottest day of the con is certainly a choice.
I guess she’s trying to get in with the pokemon crowd again or trying to relive her real life wicke/melony days again kek.
I read fate tat as fat tat kek. Also idk how her coomers think her wide body is what gives her ass when she lacks any definition of buttcheeks

No. 937057

Unfortuantely without the hangingni stomach, it does gives the illusion to moids that she isn't fat.

No. 937065

Why blur and filter the cellulite so much? It’s literally impossible to be this big without having cellulite. Surely everyone who views the photos knows this.

No. 937074

I absolutely love how those black bands on her arms are all sorts of misshapen. Either from her fat or from the over excessive shop. Also love how the string straight up looks like a png over her ass lol. Whoever she's paying to do these are terrible

No. 937081

Her wrist is so fucking huge, she has pig trotters for hands.

No. 937084

>tit melting
>warped af arm being given away by her tattoo
>fat af wrist giving her away
>warped shoulder
>no ass
>piggy snout
>unbrushed hair
>wobbly background even through the blurring
She's retarded to post this. Coomers are too retarded to see the shoop but it's blatantly obvious.

No. 937085

Men don't give a fuck if that's what she looks like irl. The pictures of her are basically like drawn porn at this point. You could argue it's setting unrealistic expectations for other women, but if a man thinks her body is realistic then he should be avoided at all costs anyway because he's a porn sick degenerate who spends more time looking at porn than with real women.

No. 937086

Exactly. Same reason they don't care about fake tits or those chestplates girls are wearing now. All they care about is what they can get off to in their room. Obviously these irl candidates of thots aren't on their radar. They don't gaf.

No. 937089

Never noticed this before, but wtf did she get the bottom black band going through the rose, instead of below it (further down arm). That looks so half-assed.. (not surprised)

No. 937094

It was always covering it. She went in and got the lines in the same day.

No. 937103

I recall the cheese rose remaining unmolested for a bit until she decided to do her POWERFUL, MEANINGFUL thief/fisting black bands. She did get the same artist to do the bands though, if I am remembering correctly.

No. 937104

She got them at different times anon and the black bands made the ugliest tattoo even uglier it was a hell of a kek

No. 937105

Meaning the lines were done the same day. Not the rose + lines.

No. 937110

I think she realized a yellow rose doesn't stand out very much. It could be mistaken as a bruise or something from afar. The black band definitely added contrast, made it stand out more and made it look more intentional than the floating random cheese rose.

No. 937132

She's going to look like a big retarded baby as Elegg. I can already see the helmet wig umbran is cooking up floating in her head and moo's jowls and Micheal Jackson nose poking through the bangs Kek.

No. 937135

File: 1720029709143.jpg (365.43 KB, 1079x1525, 1000015287.jpg)

No. 937136

When i first saw the commercial, i thought Meg's wig looked like shit.

No. 937140

this definitely feels like Mariah trying to capitalize off of the unfortunate success of one of her (ex?) friends, stay classy moo!

No. 937147

Umbrawigs has the chance to do the funniest thing

No. 937198

Come on now Nonna, umbran is one of her minions, and despite publicly distancing herself, has not actually distanced herself otherwise. So it's safe to assume it will be a bad wig…just not on purpose lol
Sage for tinfoil and no contrib

No. 937212

File: 1720115907030.jpeg (187.15 KB, 828x1345, IMG_0285.jpeg)

new (??) ax crew

No. 937213

File: 1720115975143.jpeg (196.38 KB, 825x1353, IMG_0286.jpeg)

No. 937214

File: 1720116040557.jpeg (190.95 KB, 828x1345, IMG_0287.jpeg)

her pig snout

No. 937215

File: 1720116070872.jpeg (217.08 KB, 820x1362, IMG_0283.jpeg)

No. 937216

File: 1720116142457.jpeg (339.99 KB, 828x1349, IMG_0284.jpeg)

dreaming of the day her simp bucks dry up, she’s such an insufferable bitch

No. 937218

bets on how long this will last or Moo just invading a random group of friends and them being nice.

Already planning on bailing. Also annoying she def doesn't like the character, she's only doing it because she's obsessed with Steff

From what I'm seeing Moo is back to just being a horrid attendee and bothering people and blatantly being rude. The moment she's welcomed back in cons she's back to just harassing people. I don't know why she would do this when she's been black listed from so many for years.

No. 937223


Guess she found a new bunch of leeches willing to stick around her for cash. How long until they get sick of her and her constant purity tests to test their loyalty.

No. 937224


The only way she knows how to garner attention is to be a public nuisance. No one is paying to go to cons to see her and she isn’t well known for her builds and for damn sure she isn’t known for her looks. Her reputation is dog shit since she was outed as a sexual abuser so now everyone generally avoids her. Now the only way she can get them to look her way is to get up in their faces and be as insufferable and obnoxious as possible.

No. 937226

File: 1720123266708.jpg (465.55 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015315.jpg)

No. 937227

File: 1720123351015.jpg (449.14 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015316.jpg)

No. 937228

Who tf is she talking about

No. 937229

File: 1720124928523.jpg (898.9 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015318.jpg)

Creater of Higurashi and Umineko's visual novels

No. 937230

What moronic, obvious question (that he's probably been asked a thousand times already, so a complete waste) did she ask him?

No. 937231

One can only hope it was as dumb as the one she asked as "Gohoe" back in the day.

No. 937232

File: 1720126266432.mp4 (3.5 MB, 1080x1920, 1000015319.mp4)

Also, love how she knows she's not supposed to be filming, but she thinks she's above everyone else.

No. 937234

Yup, as stupid/obvious as expected.

No. 937235

she is too stupid to understand ryushiki's stuff and i don't get why she is still larping as a fan.

No. 937236

I wonder how she feels knowing she’s gonna be a guest for a porn thot booth while Akemi was there as an official cosplayer for Atlus kek

No. 937237

Without community recognition she's nothing but a z-list sex worker. That's why she's so desperate for nerd cred even though the community hates her and wants her gone.

No. 937238

Wow, those Japanese classes really paid off!

No. 937239

Yuriko tiger is an Italian cow who moved to Japan to live the weaboo dream life
I think she did some gravure and tried the idol route, too
Absolutely hilarious when cows collide

No. 937241

Don't know Yukikotiger, but Non is a gyaru cosplayer from Japan. Probably just saw them in passing and tagged them to make it seem like she's close with them

No. 937243

Didn’t she try working with AkiraSkyHigh when she tried the idol thing

No. 937245

File: 1720137274771.mp4 (1.42 MB, 720x1280, 0E488A7941876AC4DFC818D64A96B2…)

>Probably just saw them in passing and tagged them to make it seem like she's close with them

No. 937252

File: 1720140581718.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2400, 1000015320.jpg)

No. 937255

File: 1720144813277.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.6 KB, 386x386, IMG_4193.jpeg)

She looks like fucking Oli London…how much filler is in her face?! Spoiler for ugly gay moid

No. 937256

Love how this cosplay makes her lose her “irl mommy” shape kek. She looks like a damn rectangle (which is a far more accurate representation of her if she didn’t suck the fat out her gut)

No. 937257

Jesus, those fucking calves/cankles…

No. 937258

I feel like this is the closest to her actual shape even though she’s most likely wearing shaping wear underneath but I’m surprised she posted this. Also I thought she wasn’t going to do dance tights kek.

No. 937262

surgery, lipo suction, filters/face tune and shape wear. Still obese and her stomach is still poking out. And she thinks her tree trunk elephant legs are sexy
Compare her legs to this photo
Like who is she fooling? She looks like a regular con guest. I don't know how she can agree to public apperances when she's trying to trick the internet she's not obese.

No. 937265

Imagine spending several thousands to lipo yourself a waist only to loose it to your own hedonistic slovenly tendencies time and time again. Is it so hard to spend some of those dollars on a mealprep service so you don’t nullify the abundance of cosmetic surgery you get? Every single aspect of her life is a moneysink with no ROI.

No. 937266

File: 1720168408343.jpg (52.59 KB, 399x599, Slash_1.jpg)

She looks like fucking Slash

No. 937273

Her leg is absolutely shopped to hell. Literally looks like it's pasted from a different photo.

No. 937276

Those are dance tights. Cosplayera wear them for a reason.

No. 937281


That yuffie cosplayer says it all. lol, moo is not a cosplayer just a loser. The only talent she has ever had is being loud and annoying, back when she was sort of cute it was enough to shield her. Now she’s a washed up thot.(sage goes in the email field only)

No. 937284

File: 1720200826001.png (294.06 KB, 481x560, legss.png)

that's still some shop.

No. 937298

No knee to be seen. Just acanthosis nigricans.(medfagging)

No. 937303

File: 1720208597781.mp4 (5.31 MB, 1080x1920, 1000015330.mp4)

Ahh gotta love when toxic people work with each other. That's wholwheatpete.

No. 937305

Oh, the straight pieces at the bottom are so distracted under the porcupine part of the wig. Also why is it styled like that anyway? Her hair is wavy, not Sonic.

No. 937306

Corset so tight she can barely move kek

No. 937307

Lmao that moids wig flying off

No. 937317

Her dress looks so cheaply made, my god. Looks worse than a Wish cosplay. Wonder how much she paid for this cheap piece of fabric.

No. 937320

File: 1720223116089.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3264x2611, IMG_3908.jpeg)

Some unfiltered pics found on Twitter.

No. 937323

What is going on with her top lip makeup….. and her Michael Jackson snout

No. 937324

I had the misfortune of hanging out in the area they recorded this, she was schreeching so fucking loud while they recorded other videos with her pulling the chain, everyone in the alley was kind of staring like. This bitch has no social awareness… people were in that area to chill out and sit and then you having an obese banshee screaming

No. 937326

Why even crimp Testament's hair? it's literally straight. I hate the crimping wig trend so much.

No. 937327

Is that dude cosplaying from chainsaw man or something? It's so unsexy and cringe when moids do things like this.

No. 937335

It's filler migration and/or poor placement.

No. 937336

Not the donut concealer around her lips, what’s the point of getting filler if she’s gonna try to carve her lips out. Also nice to see Nicolette hanging around her after publicly talking shit on her and sharing how terrible of a friend she was

No. 937337

nice babadook cosplay

No. 937342

File: 1720236353223.png (59.12 KB, 362x230, XY_Hex_Maniac.png)

Leave it to moo to completely miss the mark. It's not even close to the right color.(sage your shit)

No. 937343

Umbran really does her dirty with her wigs, huh. She didn't even try to hide the crimping.

No. 937359

File: 1720265419794.png (5.1 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3813.png)

No. 937377

What if it was Maddie, Moo was seething about her wearing VWW jewelry? She's covered in it.

No. 937382

Morphing into baby Moo wow

No. 937384

“Lord help me not snatch the next [VWW]necklace I see in person”

No. 937386


She has to be autistic or something. She lacks any sort of social grace whatsoever and constantly acts like a fat toddler in public. In her head she probably thinks she is being so fun and quirky when it’s as you said, everyone is daring uncomfortably at her in disbelief that some could be so unknowingly annoying and cringe.

No. 937389

She's just deluded and stupid enough to think that she's the main character.

No. 937392


Most normal people would notice how annoying and obnoxious they come across and change accordingly. Meanwhile, she just barrels ahead like a bull in a China shop and just continues to get on everyone’s nerves until they all just decide to ditch her. And then her fat ass will go on about “everyone is just so intimidated and jealous of me”.

Total “I am the main character” syndrome.

No. 937398

She did blame the sexual assault on ADHD, remember?

No. 937400

Can't believe she actually put it on

No. 937401

File: 1720296683690.jpeg (425.85 KB, 740x656, IMG_7412.jpeg)

The difference kek

No. 937404

File: 1720299755409.mp4 (4.57 MB, 720x1280, 1000015354.mp4)

No. 937410

At this point Moo probably can't fit a VW choker round her neck, they only come in 1 size - 40cm. Doubt her neck is smaller than that now.

No. 937412

File: 1720308374144.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2400, 1000015356.jpg)

Didn't she say this was a free ticketed event?

No. 937414

File: 1720309764140.jpeg (189.65 KB, 1143x508, IMG_3919.jpeg)

Yup, it was free. She’s always trying to make it more than it was.

No. 937416

File: 1720310958910.jpg (989.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20240706_190809.jpg)

More full body picture to show comparison

No. 937419

Confirmed she stretches her pics
She looks like a fat baby
Also her saying thanks to all the people who didn't visit her. I remember the last con she was a guest at, every other cosplayer had long lines for their meet and greet and Moo had no one except for one porn sick fan.

No. 937420

Lol "400 people" and yet not one post from an attendee tagging her in a photo anywhere today.

No. 937421


400+ people? Bull fucking shit. Who does she think she is fooling? I bet no more than 10 people saw her and about half of them confused her with someone else. She’ll maybe get one porn addicted stalker and that’s about it.

No. 937422

Also remembering that con, that was the con she went fully racist on her hispanic fans and said she would never visit a hispanic speaking country again because they're all criminals. Also when she made up that story her moms phone was stolen and she chased down the theif and everyone clapped.

No. 937423


She also ended bailing on the second to last day and didn’t even bother showing up to her booth and had her mom running it. Likely because she was embarrassed that no one bothered to show up.

No. 937425

This looks nothing like the character lol

No. 937426


When has she ever actually resembled a character she cosplayed as? Except for maybe that time she was a Warcraft orc.

No. 937427

File: 1720314406156.jpg (414.53 KB, 1079x934, 1000006588.jpg)

Her sister botched her lips. They are so filled far back from the lip line and Moo isn't even overdrawning to compensate for the fill. She's back to having duck bill lips.

No. 937428

The filler line and the lip itself is bumpy and uneven as well. But Moo doesn't live in reality, she lives in filter land

No. 937429

File: 1720314937354.jpeg (722.16 KB, 3264x1756, IMG_3929.jpeg)

No. 937430


Yep. This totally looks like the face of someone who was met with hundreds of adoring fans who regaled her with countless stories of how important and amazing she is to them. Looks more like she was met with an empty table except for one creep who kept asking her if she would suck his dick in the bathroom. If she was so swarmed for pictures, why hasn’t literally anyone posted any online with her? Oh right, because no one wants to be caught dead being seen with one of the cosplay communities’ biggest known sexual abuser.

No. 937431

if she was swarmed she would have one of her paid lackies of the week take a picture. If 400 people visited her there would have been word about it on the con floor or more candids of her. No one gave a shit. The people who care about her most are her haters and porn sick moids. Even then I feel like her moids don't wanna see her irl

No. 937432


Exactly. 400+ people showing up for one line doesn’t just get ignored. Either fans or the con itself would be posting about it to signal boost it. It was stupid of her to pick such a ridiculous number. Her “fans” likely don’t want to see her because I’m sure they know she looks nothing like the photos she posts and probably smells ten times worse.

No. 937434

With 400 people they would actually have to move her to another place that can handle those numbers. It rarely happens but when they do it's easier for the con to just move the person to avoid crowding in a small area.

No. 937435


Which then comes with people who weren’t even in line suddenly knowing about it. People would naturally ask “Who is such a big shot that they need their line moved to a larger space to accommodate them?” and then word would spread around the con floor. She is completely retarded if she thinks anyone believes a word of this.

No. 937440

If it’s the booth I think it is in exhibitors hall, I passed by it multiple times and there was a guy holding a cardboard sign in front saying meet and greet here! And there was not much people in line tbh. There was more of a line for akemi at the Atlus booth. Sorry I didn’t take a pic of the guy with the sign I wasn’t sure what it was for since it didn’t have the persons name on there (aka her)

No. 937441

Holy shit, and her sister is supposed to be doing this professionally? wtf…

No. 937443

File: 1720324954767.jpg (203.58 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20240706-221839_Ins…)

No. 937444

File: 1720324989339.jpg (586.86 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20240706-221908_Ins…)

No. 937445


Gross. Also, her legs are so fat

No. 937447

A wide, dumpy toddler of a woman. And that looks about right for the type of moids that would be caught dead with her.

No. 937448

X to doubt, I hung out near the booth while eating for like, an hour and it was completely desolate compared to the rest of the bustling hall. me thinks grandiose narcissism.

No. 937451

File: 1720332135065.mp4 (1.91 MB, 720x1280, 1000015361.mp4)

No. 937452

I can't imagine posting a photo where my calf is twice the width of my hand while also casually posting catfish photos like
…..??? I know it's not new for her but the delusion??

No. 937453


Exact kind of loser I would expect to flock to her. Viewing her content alone is a form of sado-masochism.

No. 937455

Jesus, have some fucking dignity, man…

No. 937462

File: 1720341021618.mp4 (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, An87aR6Rqc7U8zoaf3aJR5r-bxrUU_…)

No. 937463

File: 1720341118348.mp4 (774.85 KB, 720x1280, 2B47BCDD4E7080DEC403FB1F8D3FD7…)

No. 937464

File: 1720341279121.jpg (269.5 KB, 1152x2048, 450293142_18447883273023042_68…)

No. 937465

File: 1720341580887.jpg (440.82 KB, 1152x2048, 450218543_18446027752013602_30…)

ashuu.cos made the Elegg wig too

No. 937467


Still not seeing this supposed line of 400+ people she claimed to have met with.

No. 937484

Aly has no self respect at all. She's gained a bunch of weight and now solely relies on Moo, so she makes everything including the wigs when everyone else can't bow down to Moo. She used to be respectable doing what Vamps did with Moo, but as usual, the mo ey Moo throws around is too good I gueas.

No. 937492

Her fanbase is exactly how we imagined it. Gross

No. 937510

Now where's the 397 of the rest of them? Ran out of tickets my ass.

No. 937546

I would be so offended if my sweaty meat beat bucks went to someone with allegedly IRL anime titties uwu mommy etc. and was exposed to and paid to be assaulted by this.

No. 937548

honestly that guy looks like he would appreciate any form of physical contact with any woman.
Moo has charm. And that charm is she's so ugly and fat that most moids feel like they have a chance with her. Like how guys fuck the ugly girl, because she's easy. And Moo's easy

No. 937575

File: 1720468850808.jpg (177.72 KB, 1080x521, 1000015385.jpg)

She can't keep her story straight with this meet and greet.

No. 937577

It can't be hard to "sell out" of tickets if they're free? Literally thousands of people attend AX, if you announce free tickets, people are going to take a free thing. She wants to make it sound like she's drowning in IRL fans dying to see her so badly.

No. 937580

I thought she said she met him in Japan and he praised her fucking youtube cosplay crap?

No. 937583


Still no proof of that 400+ line of people she claimed to have. Not a word from either the convention or from any of these supposed fans. I feel like more than a couple of people would be talking about how “her line was so long that a lot of people didn’t get to meet her”. People would be surprised to see that this cosplayer with such a garbage reputation in the community and hasn’t had a paid gig in years now suddenly has this huge draw.

Hell, even some of her more unhinged fans would use it to point out how she is now “back” after her cancellation and try to use it to dunk on the haters.

Still, just nothing but nebulous claims of being “sold out” of tickets of what was supposed to be a free event.

She’s just doing what she always does after skulking around a convention for a weekend, pretending that anyone gave a damn that she was there.(learn2integrate)

No. 937624

The anon who said they were there for like 30 minutes could've done us a solid, but maybe go lurk her Instagram, anon. She's been posting people who have posted the photos from the meet-and-greet. Obviously not everyone is going to post their photos with Moo, but it's enough where she clearly has a fanbase. I'm not going to bother posting more of the same moids as upthread either. It's just ugly scrotes.

No. 937672

File: 1720555639628.jpg (624.52 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015415.jpg)

No. 937675

More pointless procedures to make her even more botched and lumpy, great.

No. 937676

Idk. Judging from the unfiltered photos on Thursday, her skin was screaming. Hydrafacial isn’t a bad move.

No. 937683

It's mostly the fact her zero tolerance for any sort of delayed gratification is fucking her over in the long run. She's so obsessed with these quick fix procedures she ends up looking worse and worse than if she'd actually just stick to a routine. It's been said before but it's still true.

No. 937691

All fun and games, until you get her fired with your fuckery.

No. 937700

File: 1720583041390.png (407.74 KB, 598x585, Untitled.png)

Two new sets in her "studio". God only knows what she's going to shoot in a tavern and cyclorama?
Can't wait to see what else she has crammed in there.

No. 937714

Lmao damn prediction was spot on
She looks rough and she should stay away from cute characters with whatever that face is.

No. 937726

No pics but I was at Anime Expo and walked by the "Lowkey Geeks" booth during her meet and greet. There was a line around the small booth but nothing close to the hundreds of people like she claimed. Maybe 15 or less obese moids. I always forget how short and stumpy she is but she definitely looks worse irl.

Also didn't see her with her Free Palestine pins (>>936048) nor did I see her ever give them out. Too chicken shit to give them out I guess

No. 937727

File: 1720627020065.jpg (217.45 KB, 1077x1344, 1000015422.jpg)

No. 937728

because that is what she is, all bark but no bite, a fucking loser

No. 937740


Completely had forgotten about those stupid pins of hers now that you mention it. Guess she was too chickenshit it get in everyone’s faces to force them to wear them.

And yeah, I figured it had to have been closer to maybe 15-20 obese losers skulking around her booth hoping maybe to get a handjob from her rather than the hundreds she had claimed.(learn2integrate)

No. 937767

I wonder if moo was hoping for one of the moids who showed up to the meet & greet would end up being someone slightly attractive so she could rope him into being faceless unimpressive cock for her content, but instead all she got was fat incels in greasy wigs. She has to know that she has no attractive fans for her to poach, other than washed up crafters looking for easy money and will bail when she gets too draining. Genuinely surprised she hasn’t tried tapping into ugly bastard fetish because that’s all her fan base has ever been. Every post she makes about this meet and greet reeks of insecurity and desperation to be seen as successful and only porn sick men fall for this shit.

No. 937768

I doubt it. She just like being oggled and these low effort men give that to her. She isn't using these meet-and-greets that she has barely twice a year as a blind date attempt to tie some scrote down.

No. 937795

A normal woman would be disgusted to be oggled by 90% of moids. I can't fathom why Moo enjoys the attention of these waste of cells. Then again, she's just as foul. Any attention is good attention I guess?

But Moo is delulu if she thinks she's going to snag another rich, tall muscular cosplayer. I think her last attempts to date someone in the scene was an atractive gay man

No. 937808

Thots don't gaf, Moo included because of how much money they get by flashing their bodies. Moids built this system and they will keep paying in to it.

No. 937813

File: 1720771576120.mp4 (4.63 MB, 888x1570, RPReplay_Final1720771255.mp4)

She looks so terrifying and unable to breathe in her hex maniac jfc.

No. 937814

File: 1720771607474.mp4 (3.63 MB, 888x1568, RPReplay_Final1720771255 2.mp4)

No. 937816

You can see her crosseyed nipples pointing through because she just squeezed herself into the costume and doesn’t even give a thought to maybe adjust her sandbags (or wear an appropriate bra for that matter) in a dress made of what looks like heavy duty lycra kekw

No. 937817

I just can't imagine irreversibly altering your figure so much, just to appease a bunch of coomers. It's not even attractive or sustainable.

No. 937824

This is some cringe shit, yikes.

No. 937825

File: 1720798934913.jpeg (55.67 KB, 828x393, IMG_8026.jpeg)

Those fat paws holy shit

No. 937832

Her nails effortlessly emphasize how wide her fingers are, it's hilarious how she tells on herself

No. 937834


Saw her in this cosplay and she barely had anyone around her on the lobby floor, over heard a conversation from some other low effort costhot kissing her ass calling her an "inspiration" and asking to collab with her, a nobody far as I can tell wanting to feed off what little clout she has left.(sage your shit)

No. 937837

The corset is straining too. Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on weight loss procedures and still being so overweight.

No. 937838

Maybe this is naive but like, why is she so fat? It seems like she eats relatively healthy and works out at least a little bit. She doesn't seem like a complete fat ass. WTF is she doing to be so fat?

No. 937839

I'd recommend reading more of her threads. She pretends to work out, and she eats out every fucking day, and it's always ridiculous amounts of food. She's great at faking being healthy when all she really does is suck the fat out every time it gets too much to hide. There's no healthiness in her diet and life at all.

No. 937840

I've been following these threads for years and I still don't get it. What she must be doing behind the scenes.

No. 937843

did you not witness the video of her downing an entite chipotle burrito in one sitting? of course she eats more behind the scenes. she only really shows off when she's trying to restrict and get her diet under control or brag about what she considers an exotic cusine. she's a typical fad/yo-yo dieter. she's fat for the same exact reason many people are fat, she overeats, doesn't move enough and consumes an abundance of empty calories. c'mon.

No. 937847

>in one sitting
So most Chipotle consumers. Anon, it's a burrito.

No. 937853

Most Americans are also overweight, doesn't mean it's healthy. The fact of the matter is that she puts out an image that doesn't reflect what she really does. She only "eats" healthy for social media.

No. 937860

most customers eat their 2lb burrito in multiple sittings, anon.

No. 937863

File: 1720852792799.jpg (193.72 KB, 612x584, Untitled.jpg)

1) looks like she's found a new character to milk, cause she totally hex maniac irl guys.

2)sure moo, sure. I'm sure this situation totally happened and isn't her just making something up to sound 'quirky'

No. 937864

This confuses me a lot too, it looks so fake. Even pornsick moids know what ass and thighs actually look like

No. 937866

While I doubt she's petty enough to do this no moid would ever emojis when dming a pornstar.

This was 100 percent written by a woman

No. 937872

File: 1720880668715.jpg (489.68 KB, 1080x1773, 1000006635.jpg)

Moids will send just fire emojis and if you look at her replies, men use emojis not just for her but for a lot of thots. That's a main function for replying on Instagram, it gives you arm emoji window to reply instantly instead of typing. At least make your logic make sense.

Sex toy room? Is this at the fucking studio??

No. 937879

why does she need one of those doorknobs if no one visits her?

No. 937900

No. 937907

Ah I remeber when she tried to flex her food. She stopped because too many of her followers were catching on that she was fat. Moo tried to gaslight them into saying she eats a normal amount of food and she has to eat a lot because she's a recovering anorexic. No one bought it.

If I remember correctly, Moo's first meal is usually a 3 am, wakes up at 11 and eats breakfast at home. But then leaves the house to eat a massive lunch, then order out for dinner and finally a snack before bed. She also admitted to grazing on the sofa. It's actually gross.

No. 937915

File: 1720973053925.jpg (338.1 KB, 1080x1143, 1000015463.jpg)

No. 937916

Too bad you filmed like 5 porns with him.

No. 937920

Doesn't she invite Oz to stay over and have a room for him at her place? Oz is literally the only dick she can get because the last guys she hired were limp or could only get half hard while staring at another woman.

No. 937925

Doesn’t she constantly thirst over anime characters that treat women like shit like Douma? She absolutely gets wet for the abusive types that treat her like garbage. She even invited the supposed abusive asshole on a secret trip to Japan that she tried to hide from everyone. Now she’s trying to act like she has a backbone and that “she won’t stand for guys that treat her like shit and could never be with someone like that” when she’s got multiple videos of her slurping and bouncing on his cock.

No. 937929

Not a wk but comparing anime to reality is absolutely retarded

No. 937931

People who read abusive smut aren't looking for it irl.

No. 937936

Just because a character is fictional doesn’t mean they don’t embody certain personality traits one would be attracted to in real life. No shit she obviously isn’t looking to hook up with an anime character, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t attracted to certain traits that character may have that she may desire in real life. The whole reason people get drawn to fictional characters is because they may exhibit traits one might fight in their everyday life. There are tons of women with abuse/rape kinks that don’t simply stop at reading smut. The proof is with Ozy. The same kind of abusive, misogynistic behavior she finds attractive in fictional characters brought to life and there she is hopping on his dick.

No. 937937

Insane to see her trying to insinuate that she has contact with more than one “ex” when Ozy is the only one who continually comes back because they’re both equally retarded. Why is she suddenly speaking about contacting her exes or them contacting her lately? Was AX that much of a wake up call of how lonely her life is

No. 937938

this is such a scrote take lol

No. 937943

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on this site today. You’re just…wrong. Kek.

No. 937944


I find it so odd that she's mentioned (I'm assuming Ozy) three times this week? As another anon said, did AX make her realize just how lonely and disliked she is? Sounds to me like she's missing the attention, even if she hates him. She saw that no one except dirty scrotes were at her "meet up" and had another crisis. Guarantee Ozy and her are gonna have another fling. They deserve each other.

No. 937945

Either that or she's mooing forlornly for that other 'abusive' dude that Ozy mentioned; the one that came on here and posted that dumb TikTok of him humiliating Ozy.

No. 937948

hes a funny guy

No. 937950

Guess that door is never getting unlocked

No. 937958

it's probably all ozy and she's probably lying about all the interactions.

No. 938016

File: 1721104131330.jpg (644.75 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015486.jpg)

No. 938017

File: 1721104185481.jpg (558.35 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015487.jpg)

No. 938018

File: 1721104215208.jpg (499.42 KB, 1080x1953, 1000015485.jpg)

No. 938024

misandrist even to her own progeny
never change moo

No. 938026

File: 1721118577471.png (31.33 KB, 614x368, Untitled.png)

and yet, she's willing to degrade herself for their amusement.
Also, how is he discriminating? He's just asking fairly reasonable questions

No. 938027

ngl reply guy is coming off weird as fuck for asking shit like this (not that i expect much from moo's simps)

regardless, the thought of moo raising anything, let alone children, is genuinely fucking horrifying

No. 938028

surprised no one has called her out for being transphobic yet, imagine if she had a FTM child kek

No. 938030

Well I'm sure her kids gonna turn out just like how her parents raised her. Because that's how it works. Kids behave the way you want them to and they become what you want them to be. Kek you can tell she only exists in her hugbox.

No. 938037

Or that she's transphobic against MTFs since they're also true and honest women duh

No. 938043

These “I won’t raise a specific gender” types are so fucking stupid and insufferable. And it’s always these alone and miserable people with no positive or prospective relationships whatsoever that makes these stupid declarations about how they will raise their hypothetical children. And yeah, I’m sure that her kids will grow up to be completely well adjusted when they have a single parent in their ear constantly telling them how one gender is completely evil and discriminatory. Also her dumbass thinking her kids will turn out exactly how she wants them to because she is feeding them the “correct” opinions to have. Her girls could grow up to be the most misogynistic women ever who are completely ashamed of her and chose to mock and ridicule her instead of celebrate her choice to be a whore and there would be precisely dick she could do about it.

Children are their own individual people and don’t simply parrot everything their parents tell them to believe. I’m sure there are some opinions her parents have that she doesn’t agree with.

It reminds me of that Malcolm in the Middle episode where Lois thinks it would be so much easier if she had all girls instead of boys and it turns out they would be just as bad with how manipulative and cruel she believes they would turn out. Just shattering there preconceived notions that “I’m a woman, so that means having girls would be easier to raise because they would be just like me”. She’d totally be one of those completely useless parents that treats her daughter like a little sister and refuse to be a parent to her.(derailing)

No. 938044

He commented this on random Makina Moo porn too (which has been posted before so Im not going to repost it), not even just a random post about Moo mentioning kids. That's so weird of them.

No. 938045

File: 1721145188682.jpg (624.52 KB, 1080x1701, 1000006717.jpg)

The only time she bothers asking approval

No. 938046

File: 1721145223929.jpg (962 KB, 1079x2094, 1000006715.jpg)

No. 938051

>doesn't want boy children because she hates men
>wants to bring girls into a world that is full of said terrible men
>moo thinking she can even raise children in the first place
there are so many layers

No. 938054

>My team
She is so goddamn high on her own farts. The worst people have money.

No. 938062

Lawdy, she WISHES she had that body. Can't wait to see how horrific that thing will be even after all of the photo editing they'll have to do.

No. 938063

No momokun. You’d be a terrible mother. You would be the absolute cunt of a mother who is jealous of their daughters for being prettier, younger , T H I N N E R. She would sabotage them. She would be the mom to call her daughters fat while shes as big as a whale. She would be the mom who would scare away boyfriends because she tries to come onto them and fuck them. We all know how Moo loves to try and “steal” taken men.

I have no doubt in my mind of she had girls she would either abuse then or exploit them, she would “leak” photos trying to get that success that Kim Kardashians mom had.(tinfoiling)

No. 938064

It's always the people that should never reproduce.

No. 938067

hilarious considering the fact no moid, not even the disgusting shitty moids wants to reproduce with this fat hag of a whore and even if she happens to have kids I pray for their safety cuz having Moo as your mom is definitely 7 levels of hell

No. 938069

And hopefully she runs out of money before she decides she wants to IVF with a sperm donor, and have them that way. Then she'll end up alone with cats, as is her destiny.

No. 938070

Anon, Moo is a lot of things but I don't see her going full shotafag and coming into her kids bfs.

No. 938074

No. 938075

Moo cant keep her hands to herself or her mouth empty. This bitch is unlaid and desperate. She’d do anything for any sort of male attention.

No. 938092

File: 1721183157908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,6.9 MB, 2224x22638, Anus Bleaching Before And Afte…)

Using a spoiler as it’s a rather lengthy article.

No. 938094

File: 1721183344193.jpg (178.59 KB, 750x744, Anus Bleaching Before And Afte…)

Full-sized photo within the article.

No. 938095

Is this legit Moo though? How was this found?

No. 938096

Anal bleach is old news. Four years old. That pic was even a promo on her IG.

No. 938097

might be wrong but i could have sworn that a few years ago she wanted to be a boy mom and talked about having her hypothetical boys learn to treat women right or whatever.

No. 938099

Yes nona you’re right, it was when she was on her manic high in the last thread of high value men want high value women and how she’ll raise men who will treat women right kek. This bitch can’t keep her goals or stories straight

No. 938102

File: 1721196401748.jpg (281.54 KB, 1080x1079, 1000006730.jpg)

Moo deleted all her man hating posts again

No. 938116

nta but it's not uncommon for moms to do that kind of stuff while their children are in high school. a lot of moms vy for attention trying to be the "hot mom" and even though it's not socially acceptable neither is anything moo does.(tinfoiling)

No. 938123

This fanfic is terrible.

No. 938135

Did you miss her shotacon era?(Continuing the pedo tinfoil)

No. 938178

Prove she's a pedophile, please.

No. 938184

She's not a pedo. She was trying to seem more lik her disgusting moid fans when she pretended to be into shota/loli. Everything she does is for male approval
The only sus thing she did was flirt with teenagers on tiktok when she was promoting her porn. But she's banned from the app and I haven't seen much sus behavior since.

No. 938189

File: 1721274444298.png (518.58 KB, 953x610, melting.png)

Mineralblu uploaded his cosplay music video and it has Moo in it looking droopy. I can't figure out what that line down her cheek is, it makes no sense

No. 938205

File: 1721306358198.jpg (118.26 KB, 1080x698, 1000015518.jpg)

No. 938211

I wonder what she's getting done this time, but more importantly, how botched is she going to end up looking

No. 938212

She keeps talking about getting her tits done

No. 938214

File: 1721313456886.jpeg (535.43 KB, 1179x2375, IMG_8922.jpeg)

>banned from tiktok
No she's not? What? She just posted for the convention, she's active there.
And she did post old shota memes when she was into lady Dimitrescu and "big mommy" content like that was going to save her career. She also had an obsession with Douma that even went to when the character was a child. But we've never seen pedo, just shota brain rot to cope with being the size of a truck.

No. 938216

File: 1721316762187.jpeg (277.89 KB, 1290x1100, IMG_5557.jpeg)

BBL incoming

No. 938217

And more fake abs, it seems

No. 938218

Damn, the only thing Moo is going to do is teach her kids that the way you were born is not good enough and is not pretty enough. I hope her BBL get botched. Her arms and shoulders are going to make her so blocky looking if she gets lipo and suddenly has an actual ass shaped ass.

No. 938221

File: 1721318935036.png (738.86 KB, 1646x790, 1000015524.png)

No. 938224

>The only sus thing she did was flirt with teenagers on tiktok when she was promoting her porn.
that's literally the only think people are alluding she'd do. no one even accused her of being a pedo.

No. 938225

the fact that she thinks all that is natural speaks volumes as to how disconnected from reality she is

No. 938227

If she is going to have kids then I can guarantee that one of them will be the scapegoat because they don't fit in with her standards. She's a narc and she only sees kids as a reflection of herself and not human beings. God pray for these children as they didn't ask to be in this mess.

No. 938228

Her fake ass veneers were $33k? Hahahahaha, not to mention her precious $30k pig snout, $300 sharpie brows, rats nest for who knows how much, and at least $1k and counting from her sister in shitty fillers and treatments. Amazing.

No. 938229

No she's aware she isn't natural. She just wants to gaslight people. Remember when she tried to change the defenition of porn to cope but people told her she can't change definitions like that.

Back on topic. Nothing on Moo is natural. She's fake from her hair all the way down to her toe nails.

No. 938231

Imagine spending the equivalent of a luxury sedan on yourself and still looking like that….yikes.

No. 938232

Lets not forget her milf larping. She wants younger mens attention so bad.

No. 938237

Her trying to claim she’s natural because less than 3.5 lbs of fat gets sucked out yet even lolcow lost track of how many times she’s gotten lipo.

No. 938239

Girls like her dance around the term “natural” because they’re not filling their bodies with silicone or implants. “My butt is natural” = I sucked fat from my body and got it injected into my ass. You could even argue that lip filler is natural because hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body.

The only thing natural about moo is she’s fat and average looking.

No. 938286

File: 1721354542278.jpg (281.73 KB, 1080x1005, 1000015538.jpg)

She's unhinged on twitter.

No. 938291

coming from a woman who pisses on her floor on cam for money.