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File: 1717370053259.png (91.43 KB, 512x526, shut up idiot.png)

No. 2032638

thread rules:
>no racebait
>no infighting
>don't reply to bait
>rest of /ot/ board rules apply
>farmhands are always watching
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No. 2032642

File: 1717370148726.jpeg (156.22 KB, 1000x1401, IMG_1074.jpeg)

These knock-off movies are better than the original movies

No. 2032645

Hate the thread picture. It really just sums up what this thread is so blatantly.

No. 2032646

kekk i saw it in the last thread and felt like it was too perfect not to use

No. 2032648

File: 1717370394444.jpeg (155.24 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0004.jpeg)

I don’t believe in asexuality. At least not in people who are not literal schizoid turbo-autists. Every “asexual” person I’ve met or seen online was a young woman who religiously conformed to beauty standards set by a hypersexual society, which leads me to believe it’s a trauma response. It reminds me of how someone on here said that enbies/FTMs still wear makeup and women’s clothes after mutilating themselves to resemble a man or a sexless mannequin because even though they’re trying to escape sexualization the instinct to conform to beauty standards set by males is still engrained in them like a phantom limb.

No. 2032652

I don't believe 'real' asexuality happens either (like a natural sexual orientation where you aren't attracted to anyone ever) but I do think functionally asexuality exists and is a trauma response. If someone is never interested in sex or romantic relationships/is repulsed by the idea of sexual contact I think functionally speaking they are 'asexual.'

No. 2032654

Asexuality is real and it’s mostly autists with broken brains who claim they are asexual because they are too awkward/unaware of social cues to be good partners

No. 2032658

I believe I am asexual but I also have hormonal issues and was almost assaulted.

No. 2032675

Asexuality is just synonymous with 'autosexual person who's too inept or uninterested in actual intercourse' or 'woman who doesn't want to be treated like a sack of meat'. Sometimes they're turbo attention seekers

No. 2032683

Bollywood films are of high aesthetic value.

No. 2032688

This is exactly how I feel. And I have zero beef with people who can just cop to the fact they have no libido without treating it like a sexual orientation in itself.

If I met a person who genuinely perceived both sexes as equally non-sexual I would buy it as legit asexuality, but they ALWAYS manage to 'pick a side'. Even if it's just having male husbandos or OTPs, they always somehow instinctively know which sex they prefer. It may not manifest in overt desires to fuck anyone but it's still rooted in basic sexual attraction.

No. 2032691

File: 1717372842713.jpg (18.67 KB, 480x360, aamirkhansmile.jpg)

Old ones, yes. Newer ones, no.

No. 2032693

Yeah in my experience that's true as well. Most 'asexuals' I knew were either young autistic lesbians going through a transitional phase where they hadn't yet realized they were attracted to women and just knew they were 'supposed' to be attracted to men and weren't, or women who still acted like they were somehow more romantically interested in men by default but would say things like 'well I don't wanna fuck someone when I see them walking down the street sooo.' Many of these women would still even admit to having sexual fantasies and masturbating. The third type of 'asexual' (which I have experienced) were people repulsed by sex after trauma but most of this type don't treat it as a sexual identity they just say they're celibate or not interested in sex.

No. 2032694

Newer ones yes

No. 2032696

I hate it and love it

No. 2032697

>they are too awkward/unaware of social cues to be good partners
Nona, I assume you aren't actually autistic or you would know this isn't the case. Sex is sensory nightmare for an autist. It's smelly, it's sweaty and largely unpleasant. Also it's a misconception that all autists are completely unaware of social norms/cues and are just doing whatever they want all the time, when in fact it is more often that they adhere to some rules absolutely, so in the case of sex seeing someone naked feels like a crime to an autist. Obviously autistic moids behave less like what I've described, but in my experience that's what it is.

No. 2032703

Ughghghghg fuck Baahubali 2, I really could've done without the stupid Disney-esque shit and love story in it. Now KARZ on the other hand…

No. 2032705

infinite rizz at 0:36
you really don't like this?

No. 2032717

Naaah ain't my cup of tea. I did like the part in the first Baahubali where he wrestles the bull. That was cool (even if it was CGI lol). Have you ever seen Drishyam? That was a good movie.

No. 2032747

Bait is actually fun and I love when I come into a thread and see a post with like 15 responses kek

No. 2032804

Some of you really are the stupidest bitches alive and you're trying to turn this place into a stupid bitch circlejerk while everyone else jumps ship

No. 2032805

Yeah attentionwhores love low effort shitshow shock value

No. 2032823

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the stupid bitch or if it’s the other posters I don’t like but I have to believe in myself sometimes.

No. 2032824

Kaigai idols in the context of the western side are so cringe, they're so niche yet are calling themselves idols (weird with the western definition of idol), talking down to "fans" and acting as if they're a big deal. It's kinda like if a random person was just like "yep I'm a celebrity now! I love my fans". I don't know if that makes sense but they irk me so much. They also almost always have only 1 or 2 shitty songs and only do dance covers. Maybe if they were more up front with just being nerds with a hobby I'd like them more, the forced persona is so annoying.

No. 2032865

The economy is so bad that I'm voting for Trump

No. 2032874

Remains to be seen whether that is unpopular or not.

No. 2032892

jumps ship to where?

No. 2032911

I honestly dont think a 15-17 yo dating someone who's 18-19 is a predatory age gap, but i condone it because i love watching moids get cancelled for being 'groomers'. Seeing cosmodore get cancelled and dogpiled in real time was hilarious.

No. 2032913

aren't there usually romeo/juliet laws for this though?

No. 2032914

i've gotten the impression that most people are voting for Trump

No. 2032916

nta but i never underestood how these laws are beneficial or necessary kek

No. 2032919

Most farmers seem leftist to me, but maybe due to the high numbers of radfems/focus on TRA issues some of the leftists might vote for Trump?

No. 2032920

Because they don't want to create a situation where two people in the same school grade are dating for like 3 years, and then one of them due to having an earlier birthday suddenly (temporarily) becomes a pedophile a couple years into their relationship… it's a waste of police and judicial resources.

No. 2032928

You are retarded

No. 2032930

It will change absolutely nothing. God I just want one of these people who are for UBI/neetbux to become president

No. 2032934

I think you could live off pickled foods and raw fish and never die

No. 2032936

You would probably need to eat a few other things too like (non-fish) liver/organs and whatever occasionally but I think it's possible to have a diet that's mainly fish and pickled veg and be okay. The biggest problem would be the mercury in most fish but 100+ years ago it would probably be safe. You also need to flash-freeze salmon and so on though to eat it raw.

No. 2032953

I'm not American but what did Biden do that was so great and better that people should vote for him again, especially since he has rapidly accelerating dementia? Or are you just saying people shouldn't vote

No. 2032957

I didn’t vote for him before but the people I know who did were mad he did not deliver on his financial promises for small business and they said they felt betrayed. Not sure what you’re hoping for. It’s about to be a big recession so I don’t think that’s a good reason to pick him, we’re fucked aren’t we?

No. 2032959

Biden also sucks and has dementia

No. 2032964

It's already a recession. My impression was that Trump was economically disappointing but most people (even Democrats) when polled now say the Trump presidency was much better economically than the Biden presidency. This is how politics usually goes, it's a lesser of two evils scenario but it seems like the Biden presidency did more harm and damage to the economy than the Trump presidency did.

No. 2032965

Yes, that's literally what I said nonna…

No. 2032970

Where did I say people shouldn’t vote? She can vote for Trump if she wants—that’s how democracy works. Trumpers are still retarded. Maybe someone else with more patience and energy can explain to you American politics, since you’re a foreigner and obviously aren’t that familiar with it, but in simple terms re-electing a corrupt felon is retarded and things could get a whole lot worse than Dementia Joe imo

No. 2032975

I didn't say you said that, I asked why you think Biden is a better option or, if you don't, are you suggesting not voting at all? I guess there are also 'third party' candidates in the US but they stand no chance of election so it's also kind of like 'not voting.'

I understand US politics pretty well actually and I'm asking what you think Biden has done or is offering that is so far superior to what Trump did or has to offer, since in my opinion both are shitty candidates and people are just choosing a lesser of two evils. If you feel strongly that Biden is a much better candidate I'm asking you why. Are you suggesting Biden is not corrupt lmao?

No. 2032977

Sorry, I’m tired it’s after midnight in (my part of) America. butted in to agree he’s trash but I wasn't very clear. Not even the anon you replied to.

No. 2032981

Are you ESL too?

No. 2032982

No. Why?

No. 2032987

Yeah I think they're both trash and if I was American I would not want to vote for either of them (I don't want to vote for any of my country's major candidates either but I at least have clear preferences between all the bad options). I just don't get why the typical American response to someone who thinks Trump is better is not to ask them 'why' but to call them a retard as if the Biden presidency has been super successful and as if Biden isn't literally so demented he's incapable of speaking or thinking.

No. 2032988

So America, which supposedly values Democracy, has no presidents to provide its citizens other than the options of bad and worse?

America really is a third world shithole.

No. 2032989

It’s because they immediately assume you want them to vote for Trump and they get mad

No. 2032990

are you that infight baiting anon from the america thread again

No. 2032995

I mean to be fair this is true of a lot of countries, but the US 2-party system just makes it even more obvious.

No. 2032996

Fuck them both, I’m voting for RFK
Yeah, they just don’t give up do they

No. 2032998

Yes thats why we need Trump to fix everything

No. 2032999

>I’m voting for RFK
Based, I also voted for someone with no chance of winning in the last election because why not

No. 2033002

It doesn't require too much context anon I know more about US politics than the average American probably does. Americans assume everyone else is like them and doesn't pay attention to any other country's politics but we kind of have to since the US largely controls the rest of the Western world. But okay if you're too tired to contribute anything to the conversation other than calling another anon 'retarded'

No. 2033003

Ayrt, I’ll reply tomorrow if I have time, but I’m literally about to go to bed (it’s late here), and I highly doubt you’re as familiar with American politics as you think you are, so it would require me to explain a lot of context. Sorry if I seem hostile, but it’s a pet peeve of mine to see foreigners try to weigh in on American politics like they know exactly what they’re talking about, or when they demand to be informed. Take my delayed response how you’d like, goodnight

No. 2033007

I'm not demanding to 'be informed' I'm asking from your perspective what did Biden do and what do you think Biden is going to do that is so clearly superior. I'm asking for your opinion not a lesson on US politics. If I hadn't specified I'm not American I'm sure you would not have been able to tell. I know how the US political system works and a lot of my closest friends live in the United States.

No. 2033009

I’m sure that anon can handle being called retarded after posting itt thread kek. This isn’t the political debate thread—she shared her opinion, and I shared mine. You may watch the news, but you don’t live here (I assume). I’ll leave it at that for now

No. 2033011

Yeah it's not the political debate thread but if someone posts an opinion they know is considered unpopular and your response is 'you're retarded' you're not contributing beyond confirming that the opinion is unpopular. At least if you're going to engage it would be more productive and fun for everyone to explain why the 'popular' opinion is superior.

No. 2033014

>voting for RFK
That sultry voice of his catch you off-guard, too?

No. 2033015

Samefag but being non-American can actually be an advantage when it comes to understanding/predicting US politics because you can get a bit more of a bird's eye view of the dynamics at times. I was staying with a friend in the US right before Trump won the primary in 2015 or whatever and me and my other non-American friend explained that we were pretty sure Trump would win the primary and probably also the national election, our US host told us he made a bet that if Trump won the primary he would go streaking down the main street of their town. We were like you should probably rescind that bet now unless you wanna go streaking and the whole family told us we're just dumbasses who don't understand American politics and the REAL sentiment of Americans that we would understand if we lived there. He did end up streaking.

No. 2033034

My unpopular opinion is that pretty much all hair dye jobs (or relaxing/perm treatments usually) look bad no matter how well done they are because most people's features actually look most harmonious with their natural hair color and texture. Actually I feel similarly about plastic surgery, most of the time people trying to mess with their natural features just mess them up more. I think exceptions are just very natural looking highlights or balayage, I don't even mind 'alt' haircolors styles and whatever because obviously they aren't mainly done for beauty but in terms of looking attractive embracing your natural hair color and texture usually just looks way better.

No. 2033035

he sounds like a fag who wanted an excuse to go naked in public

No. 2033039

I don't think so he was my friend's middle aged dad but the whole family especially the mom encouraged him to do this because they were super duper 100% sure that Trump couldn't win even the primary. They kept telling us we were outsiders who couldn't 'read the room' of US politics but they were from an upper-middle-class community in a blue state and I thought they were kind of delusional about public sentiment and turned out to be correct. Sometimes people who are personally affected by something are more likely to be emotional about it and stay in a 'bubble' of like-minded people while outsiders are less likely to be affected by those sentiments and biases.

No. 2033054

Who's gonna pay for the neetbux? California has neetbux for troons and other uwu oppressed groups. I don't mean welfare I mean literal UBI. Free money for existing. And it's economically the worst state to live in

No. 2033065

When it comes to UBI I think it could work in certain limited economic conditions (booming economy with automation removing the need for many jobs) assuming that all other types of welfare (except disability maybe) were done away with and all the bureaucracy surrounding that welfare was also done away with. Then it might be economically viable to give people UBI and it could be garnished via taxes for people earning enough to make it entirely unnecessary. This could promote entrepreneurship and other forms of socially useful but typically underpaid economic activity. Unfortunately I think it could only work in very limited and specific economic conditions and even then that's assuming that the right balance could be struck between reductions in other welfare, profits of automation and inflationary pressures. I know it was kind of successful when trialled a few times in smaller communities but it's hard to imagine it working well on a larger scale, but I don't think it's 100% a bad idea if the total cost is kept similar to current welfare costs. I just suspect that what would immediately happen is infation (especially on rents/housing) once landlords and business owners knew everyone has at least X amount of money in their bank accounts at all times.

No. 2033077

Samefag but potentially another non-UBI alternative that could help with the un/underemployment and income crisis would be dramatically reducing workweek hours without pay reductions, this has some reasonable precedent in countries like France that legislate against various forms of unpaid overtime and studies show that most people are not productive for about half of their work day anyway in most higher-paid jobs. This could reduce unemployment while also giving people more free time to get extra education, freelance, participate in entrepreneurship etc. but it would be a massive societal shift. I think it would help a lot of people who are suffering from burnout and illnesses from overly long workweeks though.

No. 2033206

File: 1717394482165.jpg (23.92 KB, 528x384, MV5BNjY5OTJhMjktZTUzMi00M2JiLW…)

Hell yeah. Comedic value you just don't get from the real thing. Ratatouille wants to be sincere but since I'm not a 10 year old my heartstrings are not tugged. Ratatoing is for the modern era.

No. 2033395

>so in the case of sex seeing someone naked feels like a crime to an autist
Huh, I feel like someday just peered into my brain, I really should go get screened for autism.

No. 2033456

i always found it funny how men believe statistics when they are trying to fuel their hatred towards minorities, but when the same statistics are applied to men then its just ''irrational fear'' i used to troll moids so bad using crime statistics by sex i got ISP blocked from 4chin.

No. 2033460

I'd love to watch some Video Brinquedo slop with nonnies of these days. The panda movie gave me legit brainrot.

No. 2033470

women cant rape, so its 100% actually

No. 2033473

rape by definition means penetration.

No. 2033474

You never put a finger up a moid's butt?

No. 2033476

no but i bet you finger yourself at night, fag

No. 2033477

Ew wtf why would anyone do that unironically?

No. 2033479

i am sorry you were drunk and had sex with a fatty because thats all the pussy you could get, be a man and own it instead of crying rape like a faggot. I hope you get deployed and raped in war.

No. 2033481

No. 2033482

power of what? shit?

No. 2033483

over man

No. 2033488

if you stick your finger in shit it feels more like they have power over you

No. 2033489

UK legal definition of rape specifies penile penetration. Women are physically incapable of rape.

No. 2033490

have you tried?

No. 2033491

men used to die in war back when they were men. Now they are all sissies who are porn addicted, fat and bald. Men havent really existed for at least 40 years.

No. 2033495

ntayrt but rape is nonconsensual sex, and yes men do commit 100% of rapes. not sure why you'd feel the need to defend something like this

No. 2033498

no it means all sex is rape in saudi arabia. keep up dumbass.

No. 2033499

i dont believe male victims, all men can do is lie and commit crimes

No. 2033501

Truly, just look at the average "femdom" content, in the end, even when they get items in their asses, they seem to be the ones with power in the situation because sticking anything in the ass of a moid is just a guaranteed orgasm.
They're simple as that, this is why moids can't be raped.

No. 2033502

File: 1717412040400.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, Crime Kitty.png)

just remember picrel

No. 2033503

what about sticking metal objects into penis holes

No. 2033505

nta but actually no it doesnt, it still means that all rape is committed by men

No. 2033507

Moids also find that highly pleasurable, so no, it's not rape either. If anything, this discussion only shows how disgusting are moids in general, they can get aroused by anything.

No. 2033509

Moids are strong enough to shove any woman away, yet they choose not to and enjoy the sex, that's it.

No. 2033511

theres no such thing as a male victim, also having a fetish or a desire to simulate a scenario isn't the same as desiring legitimate rape. the crucial difference is consent, which is present with a fetish but not with actual rape.

No. 2033512

thats not a man though, that was a tiny little boy who was entrusted into her care by his parents. male child ≠ man. we're talking about men kek.

No. 2033516

all rape is committed by men, though

No. 2033517

what if the man were physically constricted and his penis used without his consent

No. 2033519

cause men are sexual opportunists, bottomline

No. 2033521

I'm reading what you're saying and understanding it, but a woman can't rape a man lol. A woman can be a pedophile and rape/assault children, but a woman isn't capable of abusing a man

No. 2033523

You just want to defend men, that's it. Plus no, women aren't strong enough to gouge the eyes out of a moid that's raping them.
Plus it's retarded to talk about "rape fetishes" because first off, they're fantasies that most of the time are played out by someone who the woman trusts and is supposedly trustworthy, second they usually have a bunch of plot to justify the attraction even.

No. 2033524

male fetish and doesn't happen irl

No. 2033525

Are you just telling us your fantasies at this point?

No. 2033527

men and women are different whodathunkit

No. 2033528

because women and men are different species. why do dogs eat their own shit but cats dont?

No. 2033531

well women dont really have anything to penetrate the man with, so…not sure what you'd like to hear kek

No. 2033533

At this point this "Muh moids are victims too uwu" bullshit is just a random moid or tranny malding at women knowing that moids can't be raped.

No. 2033534

Have you read threads on this website like "fetishes you're ashamed of"
If you have is it so difficult to believe that this sort of thing happens somewhere

No. 2033535

The fact that you're asking that shows that you fundamentally do not understand women

No. 2033536

ntayrt but, what makes you think women have rape fetishes? also, no, a woman cant really gouge out the eyes of her attacker when shes being physically restricted by him

No. 2033538

Anon wants asspats because he's a moid or a tranny.

No. 2033540

>ashamed of
Key words kek. Also, none of the anons in that thread are acting on those fantasies, and even if they were, it still wouldn't be 'rape against men'

No. 2033542

File: 1717412951393.gif (1.77 MB, 1475x1776, baitelsie.gif)


No. 2033544

if they were acting on those fantasies some of them would definitely be rape and/or torture and/or murder

No. 2033545

File: 1717412967967.png (51.43 KB, 864x414, are you don wnow.png)

No it actually only mentions penetration but, good try!

No. 2033546

Women deserve more rights than men, actually kek.

No. 2033548

Reminder: do not reply to scrotes or bait in general. We will be banning people who respond, as it encourages them to keep coming back/ban evading. Report and ignore.

No. 2033556

Lamaze is so stupid and has 0 benefits. and The stupid ass HEHEHE breathing they teach only makes it more difficult and you aren't even getting full breaths in doing that

No. 2033560

There is something respectable about Indian culture's willingness to accept filth as an integral part of the world and trying to coexist with it.

No. 2033573

Ultra violence sounds fun as hell, really. I wish I had a gang of stacies to go around terrorizing homeless men with.

No. 2033577

File: 1717414597850.jpg (105.59 KB, 600x600, 1000029629.jpg)

Coffee should be considered an 18+ drink, I unironically think kids are more annoying because they're allowed to drink sugary coffee at school.
I say this as someone who was allowed to take a sip of coffee from time to time, but never a full cup of coffee until I was at least 18 years old.

No. 2033578

Absolutely agree but this should count gor all caffeinated drinks. I’ve got a 6 year old in my family that gets to drink coke and bubble tea. It’s so fucking wrong in my eyes.

No. 2033581

You're right, I get that the cutesy packages are tempting but we as adults needs to tell them that they can't drink that shit because their bodies literally can't handle the sugar and caffeine together.
Plus Boba pearls are kind of a choking risk.

No. 2033671

being ugly comes with many advantages actually
>you don't get hit on by moids, moids are disgusting by default why would you seek their validation? a relationship with a moid will only make your life worse
>people don't notice you, they ignore you so you have free reign to do whatever you want and leave whenever you want cause no one is paying attention
>no one is gonna bother to become your enemy or gossip about you or get too personal cause no one cares about you. you have an unique freedom to not be burdened by social status
>you don't need to keep up appearances, you're ugly so everyone is gonna assume the worst or nothing anyway so why care?
>if someone wants to be friends you know that they're genuine and not a bootlicker or two faced

No. 2033688

Agreed, I saw a story recently about a young moid who had to go to the hospital with early signs of a heart attack because he had multiple energy drinks, coffee, and soda within too short a time period.

No. 2033690

moids hit on women who aren't considered attractive all the time. in fact those women tend to get hit on by some of the worst type of entitled depraved moids because they think she'll be so grateful for their attention that having sex with her is all but guaranteed and she'll be willing to do things that pretty women would decline. look at shayna's thread and her moids telling her that she looks like she does anal.

No. 2033692

what about when you're greying in your 20's?

No. 2033694

Just because you can make yourself beautiful through aftificial means doesn't mean you deserve to be beautiful. Not to go full schizo but people have different blessings and I don't think we were meant to steal the spotlight from naturally blessed people. It feels like taking something from them.

No. 2033696

i'm in

No. 2033698

..Lana? Is that you babe?

No. 2033705

Sounds good

No. 2033706

no one "deserves" beauty, it's just a gamble if someone wants the cheat all the power to them

No. 2033709

File: 1717423765576.webp (22.93 KB, 640x486, IMG_1088.webp)

There is nothing wrong with eating hot chips, twerking, being bisexual, charging your phone, and lying. I haven’t eaten McDonalds in years but there’s nothing wrong with a small fry or a mcflurry

No. 2033710

All fine except for not being able to cook, an essential life skill. If you rely on takeaways all the time, you're fucking your future health.

No. 2033713

Women born after 1993 are practically saints compared to their male counterparts

No. 2033719

I wish all women would stop learning how to cook and just become incompetent at cooking, all moids who parasitically rely on their gfs, wives, moms and sisters would finally die of starvation because they’re too retarded to use doordash or go to the grocery store to cook for themselves. Watch all of them drop like flies because they rather be stubborn overgrown manchildren than be a giver to their communities. Male holocaust right here right now, please
I rather choose the thot daughter over gay son a million times over

No. 2033721

I’m ugly and I still get hit on by moids, not ones anyone wants though. At least if I were pretty I could just go up to the scrotes I actually like and ask them out. And when you’re ugly people do not ignore you, they make it their mission to make your day shit because your existence disturbed them.

No. 2033724

Nothing wrong with a
large fry either

No. 2033728

Oh sorry I fucked up I don’t know why there’s a random line break there, I’m watching Godzilla I guess I clicked enter when I looked away

No. 2033729

he should have played in little mermaid

No. 2033745

this is me but i can't twerk

No. 2033747

Palestinians should be bombed to oblivion, matter of fact the entirety of the Middle East should be bombed to oblivion, can’t stand any of the people who come from there they’re like little cockroaches spreading to all corners of the world bringing their drama and incivility with them(alogging the entire middle east)

No. 2033754

I feel bad agreeing but, yeah, agreed. Only because Islam is like a cancer infecting the entire world now, no city is safe and Islamic men are so inhuman. People get so up in arms over this and I understand why but Muslims think the same way about westerners, they literally think anyone who isn't Muslim is trash and less than human. Why should I respect a culture and religion that would think I was a worthless dumb whore just for existing in the sex I exist in?

No. 2033756

Yup, everywhere they go they turn it into the same festering shithole they came from. They don’t have a vibrant culture, all they have is just plain violence and backwards traditions that’s not compatible with any other culture kek. We’re living in the present consequence on not finally slamming the nail on these people

No. 2033760

File: 1717426286906.jpg (103.75 KB, 699x720, 1000016729.jpg)

>Palestinians should be bombed to oblivion
GodDAMN you came out the gate swinging. I don't think you're even a bad person for having this opinion, though. I do admire that you're unapologetic about your 'cruel' take.

No. 2033762

I can't twerk my flattish ass for shit, but I could go for a McFlurry.

No. 2033763

Some women become boy moms because it’s the first time in their life they recieved the kind of love from a man they always wanted. Their son’s gonna love momma when she’s sick, fat and ugly. It’s the first time they have received unconditional love from a man and if a woman is a pick me shit like this can make her fall in love with her own child.

No. 2033764

Disagree but I admire your boldness, also inb4 that one nonna that shat up the tinfoil thread for weeks on end starts calling you and anyone who agrees with you a zionist kek

No. 2033769

this isn't an unpopular opinion, almost every single nonna in the boymom cringe thread would agree with you. you're wrong about their sons loving them though. the male offspring of boymoms are often incapable of truly loving anyone but themselves and will dispose of their mother once she is no longer of use to them, leaving daughters to pick up the pieces.

No. 2033791

Agreed about the entire Middle East. Just wish we could evacuate all the women before it happened, though.

No. 2033804

>muslim women are scum

I remember when I was in nursing school I had a Muslim woman as an instructor. She would talk about how her daughters need to get good jobs etc and she’s hard on them but let her boys do whatever they want because they needed more protection. She also would make fun of black women who converted to Islam and would make fun of them for being ugly. This was the early 2000s so it was a different time. So yeah most Muslim women ain’t shit just like their men.(racebait)

No. 2033809

I fucking love how honest you both are. I'm sick of liberals coddling these people just because they're brown and religious.(replying to racebait)

No. 2033810

>mods don’t know that Muslim isn’t a race

I think this is why Islam gets protected so much because people think Muslim means Arab. Not all Arabs are Muslim.

No. 2033811

The cognitive dissonance of a Muslim feminist is truly a sight to behold, how they believe that Islam is a “feminist” religion while at the same time revering a pedophile false prophet warlord who raped a 9 year old girl and kept a woman as a sex-slave.

No. 2033816

>her boys do whatever they want because they needed more protection
Wow not only is she shit as a person, she also is shit at her faith. Islam deludes itself into thinking that it's good for women because it claims that girls and women need protection and that's why there's so many limitations for them. Treating her boys as if they're supposed to have extra protection (which she's a boymom so you know it means coddling them into oblivion) but not protecting her daughters is against how Islam claims to work.

No. 2033819

I still don't get how liberals can defend one of the most anti-liberal religions.

No. 2033820

I live in Dearborn Michigan so we have a huge muslim population. The women are stuck up materialistic cunts but still manage to get lip filler despite that being a no no for their religion and wear 2016 makeup and the men are perverts. I’ve been sexually harassed numerous times by them at the 100 billion liquor stores around here. Seems strange to make money off selling people liquor but claiming it’s against your religion

No. 2033824

Liberals think they can sway "minorities" to their side by claiming that racism is oh-so-terrible but fail to realize that religious extremists don't care if someone calls them a desert whatever, they only care about their ability to oppress women with impunity.

No. 2033839

AYRT and all the more reason to keep your natural hair since grey is especially hard to cover up with dye and no one who's greying that young looks old because of it. I knew a couple people who went grey that early and they actually looked cool and attractive.

No. 2033841

All unnatural blondes look like shit

No. 2033844

Nta but oh my god the Muslim "feminists" are such a sad fucking joke, I'm not sure if anyone remembers this or knew about it but there was a Muslim couple who gained some popularity around the time Youtube shorts became a thing. The woman was always completely covered, she even wore gloves but her moid could wear t-shirts and board shorts. All their videos were about how ~progressive~ and ~feminist~ Islam was while explaining their retarded rules. The majority of the rules were for her of course, she would literally explain the niqab as "empowering" because to her it means Allah thinks women are so precious they should be protected from the eyes of men. She is either completely braindead from her shit religion or just coping, imagine thinking women are so obscene that even their hands need to be covered in order to ~protect~ her honor and then thinking that's feminism. Fucking retard. Like women are somehow worthless if a man sees her thigh or shoulder, she couldn't even lift the veil to eat food or drink water in public she had to carefully place it under her face covering and try not to get food and water spilt everywhere.

>I’ve been sexually harassed numerous times by them
Same, they really do behave like animals

No. 2033845

Same deal with any unnatural "natural" color, like black or red hair. It just looks fake in combination with their features, I don't know how else to describe it. I can guess whether someone's black hair is dyed.

No. 2033846

PREACH. I will never forget where they paraded the half naked body of a young Israeli girl and the civilians following the truck - including CHILDREN - were spitting on the corpse and slapping it. It is in their culture to disrespect and devalue women, even when they are already dead

No. 2033853

File: 1717431530672.webm (3.53 MB, 1080x1920, 1717353170268190.webm)

Wait till you find out the real reason for the Islamic veil.

No. 2033854

KEKKKKK stop no this cannot be real

No. 2033855

I think alogging entire countries worth of people is dumb, people in other countries have no business intervening and bombing the shit out of people just because they don't like their religion but I truly don't understand why Islam gets a pass from the religion hate that most other religions get in 'liberal' societies and why it's treated like a race thing to dislike the tenets and behaviours of this particular religion. No one gets called an anti-white racist for hating Christianity for example and it's totally socially sanctioned and acceptable even though modern Christianity has way less problematic beliefs and views than Islam does.

It's considered a super conservative idea but I wish immigrants were screened for having compatible values with the country they're immigrating to because I think some cultures just don't mix well at all and it is of no benefit to let people immigrate who hate everything your culture stands for and who won't respect your laws and cultural norms. I'm an immigrant and it's wild to me that 'cultural assimilation' is seen as such a bad thing, you can retain aspects of your original/home culture while still trying to fit in with your new/host culture but only if you have vaguely compatible beliefs.

No. 2033857

File: 1717431798575.jpg (224.33 KB, 1134x502, 1717275988889645.jpg)

The entire religion of Islam is a grifter false prophet named Muhammad tricking people around him into thinking that God ordered them to give him power and do things for them. The false prophet Muhammad is literally a conman.

No. 2033858

*do things for him

No. 2033860

NTA but I'm the original haircolor anon and that's exactly why I said what I did, having a jarring fake hair color (even if it's a fairly 'normal' color like a different shade of brown or whatever) just never looks harmonious with people's coloring and features. You don't get the same dimension and undertones with dyed hair that you do with natural colors.

No. 2033866

Samefag but I've noticed that people with dyed hair always overdo makeup to compensate for how their hair dye clashes with their natural coloring too, I think it encourages women to spend more money on and engage more with beauty/cosmetics culture to make up for the disharmony with their features.

No. 2033869

>people in other countries have no business intervening and bombing the shit out of people just because they don't like their religion
The problem with Islam though is there not just doing their thing in their own country, they're immigrating all over the world and bringing their religion with them, complaining about the area they've moved too and attempt to change it and change how the people who live there act. I've been shoved and spat on and followed and glared at just for being a Canadian woman in my own city and not adhering to their fucked up rules. The idea of "spreading Islam" is just a part of their religion, if they stayed in their lane or at least assimilated to the countries they move too it wouldn't even be an issue. But yeah I agree with everything else you said.

No. 2033873

Muslims will pretend to believe in freedom of religion when they are few in numbers where they are, but as soon their numbers increase they start imposing their religion more onto non-Muslims. Islam is exactly the intolerant ideology that is spoken of in the tolerance paradox, tolerating Islam is as harmful to a society as tolerating Naziism.

No. 2033877

File: 1717432564696.jpg (47.96 KB, 736x736, d2cce879fb31334d2c517dd9596986…)

My Little Pony is good. I don't care. I'm not trying to bang the horses, the show was cute and I loved how sweet it was. I will never forgive the world for making it cringe via vessels of the devil (fat nonce moids)

No. 2033901

Muslims were nazi allies irl

No. 2033902

at least jesus tried to instill some good values and didn't have sex or marry anyone, their prophet on the other hand is absolutely disgusting and a degenerate on a power trip

No. 2033924

But the bible still made women out to be inferior, there really is no religion that isn’t misogynistic because they were all created by men.

No. 2033925

> didn't have sex or marry anyone
some people believe mary magdalene was his wife though, and/or that she was his most precious apostle.

No. 2033926

The false prophet Muhammad is the 7th century Charles Manson.

No. 2033938

This type of thing is why I would never get married to a male regardless of how nice it may act, none of them like women or are trustworthy.

And side note, this stripper is so very clearly bitter and jealous that she was never picked by any of the rape apes who bought her, but her point still stands

No. 2033994

those people are basically just fanfic writers who also made up the idea that mary magdalene was prostitute (she wasn't she was just a lady possessed by demons), there is no suggestion in the bible at all lmfao nona…. his beloved apostle/the disciple whom jesus loved was john

No. 2033998

I truly believe eating a dairy heavy diet will clear your skin and soften it up. I eat like a pound of cheese everyday and I have for the last 2 years and I haven’t experienced acne, dryness, anything like that in a long time.

No. 2034001

File: 1717438227278.jpg (107.17 KB, 1200x1800, 1000017105.jpg)

I knew it was a good idea to have spicy buldak noodles with melted cheese as a hangover meal

No. 2034008

That's why all the real Californians left. I hate it. I just want to go back home where the weather is always nice and I can eat In n' Out in peace.

No. 2034013

That's just the nature of your skin. And because cheese (the fresh type at least) is low in lactose, which could be the cause of issues for some people but idk if it actually is. My hormones get fucked easily so I try to be cautious with my diet.

No. 2034051

you must have a next level digestive system to be able to handle that much cheese daily. i would want to die if i ate even half that amount

No. 2034092

People who keep killing plants and buying new ones are mentally deficient. It's not teehee quirky to repeatedly neglect something that's easier to take care of than most pets, it's completely idiotic.

No. 2034096

I am sick of every resource for abuse victims aimed at a millennial/gen z audience being centered entirely around "your abuse is valid even if you were never hit!!" I agree with the message entirely but all anyone ever talks about is emotional abuse and nobody seems to care about victims of physical abuse anymore, they just imply that we're somehow privileged and magically believed and cared for unlike the poor victims who only metaphorically felt like they were being killed instead of actually nearly being killed, or the poor male victims, or whatever other camp that's more subversive and cool over us boring old victims of male-on-female violence. I'm just so tired of it all.

No. 2034125

i hope that this becomes commonplace because i don’t see any umbrage anyone would be able to take with this

No. 2034127

It's 100% fine to use rapists, serial killers, animal abusers, etc as test subjects for experiments instead of animals. Yes, I would rather a child rapist get shit injected into their eyes for the sake of shampoo than a helpless bunny.

No. 2034128

I've seen people get upset at the idea many times and say "Would you rather we use humans?!" when the animal testing debate comes up. My answer is always yes, certain humans would be put to good use in that field. I don't understand how it isn't everyone's either (except people who fall into those groups, I guess).

No. 2034130

what are those sausages and what cheese do you use

No. 2034134

Gonna piggyback off this and add that I hate how all these therapy things HAVE to include lgbt shit in it now. And most of the campaigns became about struggling to come out or accepting one's sexuality/gender etc. Kinda adds fuel to "therpay is a scam" fire.

No. 2034147

i agree kek like yes id actually prefer for a man who beats on his wife to be a test subject instead of a sweet little bunny or puppy

No. 2034170

AYRT and yeah I agree with you and that's what I'm trying to say. I don't think interventionist war is the correct answer but I think limiting migration from countries with completely incompatible values is reasonable. Bombing the shit out of countries also leads to people feeling forced to accept more 'refugees' from those same areas, and is part of why people justify that western countries 'need' to take (especially male) Muslim refugees/immigrants from war-torn areas. I know that there's more nuance to certain situations but just in general I'm all for avoiding interventionist wars.

No. 2034178

I think dairy is unfairly vilified but some people really are more sensitive to it than others, it also depends on the quality of the dairy. If you can get high quality dairy made from raw milk that's the ideal but it's now illegal in most places.

No. 2034181

Plants are so not easier to take care of than pets if you live in a temperate climate with non-ideal lighting lmao. Pets are sooo much easier, plants are so finnicky. I haven't had a lot of plants outright die on me but a lot of them will go through phases of being half-dead for no apparent reason, then start sprouting again randomly, even if you research heavily hwo to take care of every different type of plant some still won't take in certain conditions (like my grandma has 40year old indoor ferns that never die and I do what she says to do with them but I cannot keep a fern alive possibly due to light or humidity conditions).

No. 2034186

I wouldn't be upset about this in theory except for the fact that false imprisonment and false convictions happen at way higher rates than people think and get overturned with new evidence all the time. Also new laws can be created at any time to criminalize more people (political prisoners, women who get abortions, or whatever) in order to create more 'test subjects' just like what happened with organ donation.

No. 2034219

Based af, and this is coming from a middle eastern. Also, unpopular opinion but the women shouldn't be saved either, they'll just perpetuate the same shit they're programmed to do, it's too late to save them. They have the internet and so many resources to wake up to it all but they don't want to.
>inb4 you know this would mean you'll be killed, too, right??!!
That's the best part.

No. 2034221

That's true, but non-muzzie arabs are just as retarded.

No. 2034227

Yeah to be honest I feel like maybe the dairy I consume reacts so well to my skin and gut because a lot of it is raw/very low pasteurized and super fresh, low quality dairy is always going to produce lactose-intolerance esque symptoms

No. 2034231

Yeah I agree. Every time I see a woman in europe wearing a hijab I get frustrated, even more when they're teenagers. You just know their disgusting parents left their shithole country because it was shit, but they continue to perpetuate the religion that made their country a shithole in the first place.

No. 2034235

I don't feel sorry for women who get pregnant by moids, especially when the flags were there and they obviously ignored them. I think women need to have greater responsibility when they have sex. Men do not give a shit about our reproductive health or bodies nor their own. Therefore I think women should be more informed, assertive, etc. when it comes to our bodies.

No. 2034236

File: 1717449294887.jpeg (697.64 KB, 821x1579, IMG_8668.jpeg)

Muslims should have never been let into Western countries.

No. 2034237

I don't like Islam and I don't like ethnic cleansing. I also don't like when countries drive people who practice Islam into the west by meddling with them. For whatever reason this is an unpopular combination of opinions.

No. 2034249

I have pretty severe lactose intolerance but I can eat most cheese and if I eat high-quality cream or milk in recipes I can handle just a little. But I used to cut out dairy entirely and I don't actually think I was any better off for it, cheese and yogurt, ice cream are actually some of the better things for me to eat now in low quantities as long as they're high quality.

No. 2034250

Well I fully agree nona and I think it's the most reasonable opinion. I also understand why some anons say 'muslim women are just as bad' but there are still a significant number of women in those cultures who would kill to get out, actually a few of my closest friends all fled Turkey when it went kinda islamist and they were all from secular backgrounds (which was tolerated before but is significantly less tolerated now), they're some of the coolest smartest and radfemmiest women I know so I do think it benefits us to let women who genuinely hate those oppressive cultures escape into Western societies, just not all the people who agree with islamic/sharia cultural norms.

No. 2034252

Yeah my unpopular opinion is I kind of get/somewhat agree with the anti-niqab laws, anti-religious symbol laws etc. that were implemented in some Western countries over the last decade and screeched at for being racist. I also support freedom of speech and bodily autonomy so I'm kind of conflicted on this because on the one hand if it's truly a personal decision to wear something who am I to stop people, but I also think in the case of hijab/niqab it is almost never the woman's 'genuine' choice. Also when it comes to government offices, public workers etc. I think it's fucked to normalize hiding your face.

No. 2034254

disappointing to see so many anons agreeing with you. you guys are disgusting lol

No. 2034258

Who is the 'so many'? I think only one other anon agreed with that post.

No. 2034264

just check all of the replies to it being like "omg you're le based for this!!" like idc if you hate islam or whatever but it's funny how they think not wanting children blown to bits somehow means you support islamic fundamentalism

No. 2034267

I agree those anons are retarded, but I think it’s mostly young zoomie edgelords sperging out because they just got out of school, arrived here, and think imageboards are the place where they can be as uncensored and inflammatory as they want. I wouldn’t take it too seriously

No. 2034272

Sorry but I looked thruogh the thread and I only saw one skimming through, and one that was redtexted.

No. 2034273

Nta, I hate Israel and Jews and Muslims and Muslim countries.

No. 2034275

There's also been a bunch of baiting moids on this thread over the past 2-3 days starting multiple infights so it's possible some inflammatory posts are literal 4channers, not scrotefoiling about anyone specific.

No. 2034277

Anon had to delete and repost just to tell us again, kek. Least cringey summerfag

No. 2034279

honestly i've noticed a lot of older women doing it too. it bothers me since i come from a country with a lot of turmoil and death. you're right tho they're probably summerfags
i thought i saw multiple replies though
you're a hateful and disgusting person

No. 2034284

Yeah, after witnessing the moid raid the other day in the Amerifag thread, you’re probably right. I think farmhands even deleted a few posts that sounded the same as the bait being posted in the Amerifag thread, presumably because it was the same anon (I saw a post that said something like “I hate Jews, Muslims, and Americans” get deleted)
>inb4 anyone assumes that I think all rabid racists are moids
Unfortunately, I’m sure we also have some embarrassing honest & true females also posting such takes. Such is the way of the internet

No. 2034288

I didn't read the amerifag thread but last night and the day before some obvious baiter was coming in here with takes like 'why would men hang out with 30year old women when women's only value is their youthfulness' and 'women rape just as much as men' and so on, I know women can have extreme opinions too but some of the most obviously /pol/-tier opinions in this thread are probably just bait literally.

No. 2034291

I don't want people to die, but islam just needs to go away from this earth. I know there's no way of getting rid of it at this point, but I'm afraid its gonna spread more and the more it spreads the less women will have rights. I don't want to live in a world where most of my future descendants will be forced to wear hijabi and killed by their husbands if they don't act submissive

No. 2034296

Go live amongst them if you think they don't deserve the bombing and love them so much. You wouldn't survive a day and you'd want them eradicated immediately.(infighting)

No. 2034298

Yeah I remember even my high school social studies teacher devoting a whole class to mocking the 'replacement theory' shit and saying that the math doesn't add up and whatever but increasingly I am concerned that Western cities and regions are being overtaken by intolerant sharia enclaves. It doesn't even have to be a majority of the population, as another nonna above pointed out the 'tolerance paradox' results in a dictatorship of the intolerant even if they're a minority. It's like how if one vegan goes to a potluck probably most people will try to bring vegan food. When Western societies import a bunch of people who literally are still trying to live by Sharia law and say 'our norms don't apply to them' you eventually get a situation where their norms start applying to you and bleeding into society as a whole. This isn't even some super recent thing, the Cologne NYE mass rapes happened years and years ago at this point and similar events keep happening. Women don't feel safe in many cities anymore when they're treated like disgusting whores for being out with their hair and arms uncovered or wearing jeans.

No. 2034302

>it bothers me since i come from a country with a lot of turmoil and death. you're right tho they're probably summerfags
Just remember, at least you’re not a mentally deranged autist who has had their brain rotted by /pol/ and now thinks they’re based by calling for a genocide. Most people would be disgusted by them if they knew their inner thoughts. You will never be that pathetic or embarrassing ♥

No. 2034305

Idk if this is bait or genuine but I just don't think it's an issue of whether people 'deserve' to be bombed. There's usually no good reason to bomb people in foreign countries who are staying there and running their own societies as they see fit because all it accomplishes is that you spend your own country's money on shit other than your own citizens and then people feel mass guilt for disrupting and destroying other countries with violence and are willing to accept tons of fleeing refugees. I'm not sure why anti-interventionism is so unpopular recently but why would the solution to other societies you don't like existing be to piss them off and cause more conflicts rather than minding your own business and running your own society as you see fit?

No. 2034307

Islam and Judaism are both false and evil religions.

No. 2034311

Europeans are complete cucks who still feel guilty over past mistakes so they think being assimilated by these extremists and ruining their kids future is the price they must pay lol

No. 2034312

where do you people get that idea from? you think literal terrorist and radicals represent all muslims and it's so funny to me. no europe won't be turned into an islamic ethnostate. just get better immigration policies by not importing violent men
i appreciate you so much nona ♥

No. 2034314

Did you forget one religion?

No. 2034315

That’s even more embarrassing. I can’t believe you would admit this kek

No. 2034318

>Christianity is so based though!!1!

No. 2034319

Nta they shouldn't be bombed but keep in mind that islamists were trying to conquer europe for hundreds of years. Islam is a religion of war and has always been.

No. 2034321

>wants to be able to write off/insult swathes of people freely
>loses their mind when they get written off as a child or newfag when they act like they belong in those two categories
>calls for mods to ban people for hurting their feelings
This is why you people can't be taken seriously. "Free speech for me, not thee" bullshit, kek. And before you start, I don't like Islam either (or Judaism, or Christianity).

No. 2034323

You come here to sperg out because you know if you voiced your opinions in public people would know that there’s something very wrong with you

No. 2034324

>you think literal terrorist and radicals represent all muslims and it's so funny to me.
They represent most Muslims. You only have to look at who Muslims revere the most, Muslims revere the false prophet Muhammad who is a rapist pedophile who murdered thousands of innocent people, ISIS are acting just like the false prophet Muhammad.

No. 2034325

Some Euro countries refuse to do this but are then forced and blackmailed into doing it anyway like Poland and Hungary (which are also vilified as 'nazi' countries all over the Western World for saying they don't want islamic refugees)

No. 2034326

the funny thing is that you and people like you probably be a nazis during the third reich and find ways to justify everything they've done to jews and other groups. the lack of empathy is crazy

No. 2034327

look i'm not going to get into this with you. all i'm saying that you're fucking retarded if you think the average muslim supports terrorism and radicalism. most of them just want to live in peace like everyone else

No. 2034329

File: 1717452597992.jpg (44.41 KB, 615x615, d49549484b087238015b85c45023a2…)

I'm not a summerfag, I work and I'm gonna keep it very, very, very real. I don't give a flying fuck about Palestine, Israel, or the average Arabian country. From how dysfunctional they are, I'm not at all surprised that people just want the whole sandlot gone. I don't give a flying fuck if some over sensitive moralfag wants to cry about it being "disgusting" that people want the entire Arabian roster to fuck off and away from the rest of the world. If they're willing to ignore how irredeemably misogynistic and inhuman these countries always act, they're the retard and their opinions automatically don't matter. Actual ex-muslims and exceptional Arabian women will even tell you that they wish these shitholes didnt exist at any point in history. Sorry not sorry.

No. 2034331

This 100%

No. 2034332

>minors or underaged people
Makes me think it really must be a child lmao

No. 2034333

File: 1717452666051.jpg (103.45 KB, 626x628, 1716552496008335.jpg)

No. 2034334

>anon posts an embarrassing take
>anon deletes and REPOSTS the embarrassing take

No. 2034339

Some of you should go back to twitter

No. 2034340

>pports terrorism and radicalism. most of them just want to live in peace like everyone else
Until the numbers of times those Muslims get large enough that they feel confident enforcing their religion, then those Muslims start demanding sharia law.

No. 2034342

nobody is trying to enforce anything dude. people want to live in peace and unfortunately a lot of muslim countries are in turmoil so they immigrate to the west to be able to provide for their children and be in safety. why the fuck do you think muslims are going on crusades and enforcing sharia law schizo

No. 2034343

Report and ignore the /pol/tards. Engaging with them just gives them the attention they crave

No. 2034346

Again islam and peace can't coexist because it's literally a religion of war. The fact that the average muslim is innocent doesn't negate that their religion is extremely harmful and should be outlawed

No. 2034348

idk what you're blabbering about but turning this into a race thing is weird. there's problems in every group of people but doesn't somehow justifying genocide. nice job outing yourself as a /pol/fag tho

No. 2034349

Because in fact, they don't mind their own business. They still want to rule the world and ruin it for the normal people, and they get pissy when normal people like me want to leave their land, but they also don't want me to exist among them and want me dead for not being as retarded as them. I'm in a situation too extreme for you to comprehend and sympathize with I guess, but I reached a point where I want to see them all drop dead in front of me for what they've done to me, even if it means my own death. But I guess that's too much to ask even though there's no other way out or real hope at all.
Lived amongst them my whole life and studied their religion for over 20 years now and I speak their filthy language fluently, I know what I'm talking about when I say they're violent terrorists. I hope one day you'll be put in my predicament where you can't even go to a grocery store or a hospital when you're sick so you'd understand where my hatred comes from. They're all the same and they've quite literally raped the life out of me and many others, I don't understand why you're so hellbent on defending them and ignoring what I and many other women have to suffer because of them.

No. 2034351

File: 1717453200799.jpeg (33.16 KB, 297x170, IMG_8730.jpeg)

Just last month Islamists in Germany went out demanding a caliphate.

No. 2034352

huh? wtf do you mean a religion of war? muslims pray 5 times a day and go about their lives. i don't see that muslim family declaring jihad on their neighbors and the west. people should be able to practice their beliefs in peace

No. 2034356

Nonna please don’t bother arguing with the /pol/tard. They are mentally ill and want attention

No. 2034357

File: 1717453371674.png (40.79 KB, 436x709, 1717354113091674.png)

Islam is a cult established by a rapist, pedophile false prophet.(racebait)

No. 2034358

Based af. Notice how their only reply to you is ridicule and mockery because they don't have any actual arguments against you kek. They want to talk over the people from the cursed reigon itself to prove how they're so good non-racist people or whatever.

No. 2034359

>I don't understand why you're so hellbent on defending them and ignoring what I and many other women have to suffer because of them.
because i grew up muslim kek
some group in a particular country demanding a caliphate doesn't mean the rest of the 2 billion muslims from around the world do. not even the rest of german muslims
you're right i'm leaving this thread now lol

No. 2034360

File: 1717453453264.png (364.46 KB, 500x570, 1654639815913.png)

Sure, but you guys always complain when we want to talk about the Jewish child rape problem, Ashkenazi violence on others (including other Jewish people), etc. It's very suspicious.
Islam isn't the only evil in the world we're not allowed to talk about. In fact, the evil I'm talking about arguably has far more power on a mass scale. We should take a stand against all pedophilic moid-run cultures and religions, but when you anti-Palestine "Islam is evil because of its misogyny and killing" camp start talking, you either omit it, say no or call nazi whenever this gets brought up. Why?

No. 2034369

Explain this then.

No. 2034372

so what are you a "liberal" muslim?

No. 2034373

I hate both Islam and Judaism. Islam and Judaism are both false and evil religions. A

No. 2034374

>I grew up muslim
Oh so you're retarded. Should've saved me the trouble of trying to get your sympathy, didn't know you had none to begin with.(infighting)

No. 2034377

I don't like Islam or its racism and misogyny, but I don't think innocent Palestinian women, children and other living beings in that part of the world deserve to die over some stupid war or religion.

No. 2034383

File: 1717454308311.jpeg (274.22 KB, 1164x1424, IMG_8768.jpeg)

Western media defend Islam so much. Pic related is an Islamic terrorist attack where a Muslim stabbed a police officer in the neck at a right-wing political event protesting Islamic fundamentalism in Germany, yet most Western media still desperately try to hide how barbaric and cruel Muslims are.

No. 2034395

>all women and children born in a bad part of the world under moid control are inherently evil/bad
You're no different from a racist, hypocritical moid who wants to be given the benefit of the doubt while bashing everyone else.

No. 2034396

If you really feel like throwing up ask a Muslim woman what she thinks of the Islamic false prophet Muhammad raping 9 year old Aisha.

No. 2034397

The real unpopular opinion that no one loves to acknowledge ever is that christianity is just judaism with a different label and no bath robes and yarmulkes

No. 2034400

Muslim women who live in the West still commit evil and barbaric acts. See >>2034236

No. 2034401

And ex-Muslim women, or children and women who still have to call themselves "Muslim" to avoid getting crucified by the people around them?

No. 2034403

They should leave their Muslim family members and take full advantage of the multiple resources provided by domestic violence organisations in the West.

No. 2034405

>multiple resources

No. 2034407

File: 1717455336793.jpeg (80.89 KB, 381x512, IMG_9985.jpeg)

Kind of niche and autistic but it pisses me off how Ethel Cain gets away with blatantly skinwalking Nicole Dollanganger and Bruce Springsteen because troons are above criticism apparently

No. 2034409

File: 1717455374141.png (352.77 KB, 828x1553, Male circumcision needs to be …)

Both Islam and Judaism are false and evil religions which endorse evil genital mutilation. 10 years ago while there was talk of banning male genital mutilation Germany just as female genital mutilation was banned, thousands of Muslims and Jews in Germany protested such a ban on genital mutilation.(retard who won't stop baiting and sperging)

No. 2034410

easy as 123 as we all know all abusive situations to be

No. 2034412

But by your logic, aren't the daughters to blame for allowing themselves to be groomed to end up as victimized housemaids? How can the daughters be innocent victims if the mothers are evil perpetrators? How did the mothers become evil in the first place?

No. 2034413

Dicks are ugly and balls are disgusting

No. 2034416

This opinion isn't unpopular?

No. 2034418

I would love being pretty so I can cheat and use scrotes I actually find attractive for money and gifts

No. 2034421

Agreed, but Nicole okayed him doing all that, met up with him a couple of times and seems to like him.
What I don't like is the way she got cancelled for having questionable/fucked up lyrics and concepts in her music and Tumblr blog, but no one got on his ass for doing the same thing(s). Men can basically write or sing anything, and people will say "People can make complicated art about heavy subjects" (even if he's obviously getting off to it, not saying anything particularly of value), but if a woman wants to get into the nasty topics, they'll scream about "romanticization". The same goes for art and fandom stuff. I fully understand why any creative woman would want to use a male pseudonym or persona, even though I don't agree with it.

No. 2034433

He literally has a song called “Inbred” but she got cancelled for reblogging a couple edgy Tumblr posts as a teenager. Sigh

No. 2034435

he’s so fucking gross. i don’t understand how he hasn’t gotten murdered by a pack of straight white guys. i’d be their defense attorney if any of them ever take the initiative to kekk

No. 2034450

Late but you don't have to think all Muslims are radical jihadists to realize that the religion itself is incompatible with most Western 'liberalism' values and that Islam considers itself a religion of conquest. That doesn't even have to take the form of terrorism, it can just take the form of trying to change social norms in other countries 'peacefully.' People are unabashed about criticizing Christianity for its missions and crusades even though unlike Islam Christianity does not support lying to non-Christians about your beliefs or the tenets of your religion in order to infiltrate or subvert their beliefs. Why can't we criticize a religion that has these beliefs and tenets baked in when we can shit all over other religions like Christianity? Precisely because Islam is so intolerant. It's pretty rare to see even the most devout Christians putting bounties on the heads of someone who made fun of Jesus in a cartoon once.

No. 2034452

AYRT and I know, nonna, Muslim armies/pirates were taking (among others) my ethnic group as slaves for hundreds of years. And yet I'd be considered the 'hegemonic oppressor' from being from a 'white' ethnicity even though my ethnicity never had a slave trade and were actively enslaved for centuries.

No. 2034456

Yeah one thing that stops me from getting help is how everything has this super progressive slant by default. Asking me my pronouns doesn't establish a safe space it actively tells me that you don't understand and stand in opposition to my values

No. 2034461

It's called inbred because it's copying Nicole dollanganger and her namesake from flowers in the attic. Everything ethel has done has been a near identical copy of a handful of 2014 tumblr girls so I can't really defend any of it. Sometimes I want to share the images that have been copied down to the exact pose of a girl that's lesser known that Ethel skinwalked but I dont want to drag her into it and give her any negative attention

No. 2034467

Nona if you are stuck in a sharia country I'm not saying you shouldn't want to leave, I'm saying that bombing your country to smithereens won't help you escape. After bombing these countries the US never helps women and children escape they just leave them to live amongst their oppressors now with a bunch of people bombed and killed, like what happened in Afghanistan. I support western countries taking fleeing female and child refugees who actually want to get away from their cultures, not bombing the shit out of countries then taking in millions of 20-30 year old moids who still support sharia law. I understand you're saying you would prefer death to your current situation but I think there are potentially still chances for a better way out for people like you if you don't get bombed to oblivion just for living there.

No. 2034470

People who casually use concepts from psychology are profoundly ignorant, acting as modern proselytes of a new religion. Psychology, wrongly considered as a science, suffers from significant issues, including the fact that a majority of its studies can't be replicated. It offers overly simplistic "scientific" explanations for complex human relationships. The founders of psychology, such as Freud, Pavlov, and Watson, were all men who relied on their own subjective opinions and questionable methods, seeking power rather than objective truth. These men engaged in unethical practices, like the mistreatment of women, children, and animals, and misrepresented their discoveries.

The fundamental pursuit of psychology—the control of the mind—is inherently flawed, as the mind itself is an abstract concept rather than a tangible reality. Humans are neither a combination of body and soul nor body and mind. There is no internal duality; there is only the fullness of being. This fullness can only be attained through relationships based on love. This is the reason why therapy is only effective when it fosters a genuine "therapeutic" relationship between the therapist and the patient.

People who suffer from what is called mental illness are either dealing with physical illnesses that mainstream science cannot or will not understand due to financial interests, or they are individuals disconnected from others and lacking friendship. Psychology, in labeling them as unfit for a patriarchal and capitalist society, further marginalizes these individuals and keeping them miserable.

The world would be better off without psychology.

No. 2034476

Yeah I'm the anon who said some of my closest friends fled a recently islamised country (that is still not as repressive as most Islamic regimes) and they are all secular from secular families, although their ID in their home country 'has' to say they are Muslim to avoid discrimination. That's why I suggested trying to screen immigrants on the basis of their beliefs, I know it's not easy to do that when people can just lie but even a longer immigration/integration process of residency can partially accomplish this. I think women from awful regimes should be given the chance to escape even if they had to claim to be Muslim on their ID in their home country to survive.

No. 2034479

I know this is an extremely unserious response to a very serious post (which I appreciate and agree with nonna) but I actually think americanons who say 'ew men don't wash their foreskins so circumcision should be mandated' are shooting themselves in the foot. Men are less likely to develop ED and coomer limp dick habits when their genitals are intact and are more likely to enjoy normal "vanilla" sex with women. I know moids and even moid children don't deserve our empathy as much as women and girls and male genital mutilation is nowhere near as severe and damaging as FGM but I don't understand why Americans are so down with genitally mutilating male babies and giving them sexual performance problems for the rest of their lives.

No. 2034483

If it makes you feel any better anon therapy is rarely real 'help.' There might be like 5% of therapists who are helpful but you're probably better off reading books and talking to friends and family than seeing a therapist.

No. 2034490

You should post them here or in the Ethel Cain thread, they're all from the past so I doubt people will hunt down the girl(s) he copied for being terrible or evil.

No. 2034492

I honestly dont think I will myself, I just couldn't do it. Some of you may remember her though, she was a Scandinavian woman with long brown middle parted hair that did a lot of nude outdoor occult-themed photoshoots.

No. 2034494

I mostly agree with you anon and unfortunately more and more people think they are basically psyc 'experts' with the advent of internet psyc websites and resources. A lot of it is just repackaging of typical 'self help book' fare with a sciencey-medical veneer or, worse, is just straight up validating shit that's been basically disproven for decades already like most Freudian and Kinsey bs.

I would argue though that on the actual 'research' level a lot of psychology is a science, since a lot of it is just repackaged neurobiology, endocrinology, neuroscience, etc. There is a lot of fraud in those research fields and in other 'hard science' fields as well but it's not a psyc-specific problem. Most of what people consider 'psychology' in the common parlance though is undergrad 101-level theoretical bullshit or psychiatry/clinical psyc shit which is such a racket and is hardly evidence based or scientific at all.

I also agree that most 'mental illness' is actually physical illness or it's an environmental problem, and ironically most 'legit' and well-done 'psychology' research confirms this. I think there needs to be a decoupling of psyc 101 undergrad concepts from the research that is currently being done in psyc 'grad departments' which is often important and legitimate, and I think psychiatry as a medical field needs to be shamed and dismantled.

No. 2034518

The fundamental pursuit of psychology is not control of the mind, it’s understanding of it. I think you’re conflating psychology as a theory with psychology as an industry.

No. 2034519

File: 1717462115972.jpg (60.4 KB, 640x480, 1000004811.jpg)

I don't see the point in keeping hundreds of books at home when it's unlikely that you'll read all of them more than twice. The only books that you actually need to have around are the ones used for studying. Kindle is much more practical.

No. 2034526

A lot of early psychology and psychiatry actually was concerned with control of the mind although more legit fields under modern psychology research are indeed concerned with understanding. I agree with anon that the history is tied up in wanting to achieve mind and behaviour control (the examples she gave: freud, pavlov) and that this continues to this day in the form of psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as 'behaviourist' approaches to all kinds of things.

No. 2034528

Sometimes it's good to have illustrated books, reference books, and basically any old/limited edition/out of print book around because they can be nuked from the internet at any time.

No. 2034532

>These men engaged in unethical practices, like the mistreatment of women, children, and animals, and misrepresented their discoveries.
Literally all of science does this. Not excusing it, I think it's bad actually and not worth the "discoveries" in the slightest.

No. 2034533

Samefag but also if you want to gift something/pass it around/keep it for your children an e-reader is probably not a good way of preserving it. Obviously physical items can be destroyed in fires or floods or whatever but it's less likely that you'll lose it than a digital item.

No. 2034535

File: 1717463013031.jpg (80.53 KB, 850x400, tom cruise.JPG)

No. 2034537

Broken clock etc., he's unironically correct.

No. 2034549

>The world would be better off without psychology

you did make some good points but I disagree with this conclusion, before psychology people still implemented barbaric practices like bloodletting, leeches, dunking you in ice water to balance out your humors etc. if they didn't practice psychology they'd just go back to that (and blaming demon possession for mental issues, which is probably worse).

No. 2034582

All of science did some of these things to an extent but especially (early) psychology was one of the worst offenders. Psyc was the first STEM research field where they discovered like 50% fraud and statistical manipulation levels because it was so obvious (it's common in other STEM fields but less apparent). Some psyc research in the last century was probably among the cruelest and most unethical in that entire time frame.

No. 2034584

Bloodletting, leeches (which are still used in modern science and are extremely medically useful), and dunking you in ice water (also useful with proven beneficial effects although not everyone should do this if they aren't healthy enough) were not practices that were ended by psychology. Bloodletting was ended by modern medical science. The whole 'humors' thing was mostly ended by modern medical bioscience prior to psychology even becoming a burgeoning field.

blog but my mom's finger got severed at her job and they used a leech to reattach it, leeches are great

No. 2034585

umm actually doctors still use leeches

No. 2034589

The problem is how psychology has fundamentally poisoned our understanding of human relationships and needs. Psychological concepts, long discredited, continue to be used to explain human "nature". Gustave Le Bon, one of the fathers of social psychology, exemplifies this distortion. His theories pathologized normal human needs and actions, such as those of workers advocating for their rights, portraying collective action as a symptom of mental pathology rather than a legitimate expression of societal concerns. And his work still influences moids' beliefs that people should be governed by an elite.

While it is important to support individuals suffering from mental illnesses, relying solely on psychology to address these issues is futile. Psychology's primary objective has never been true comprehension but rather control. It acts as a superficial veil, obscuring the reality of male violence and its profound impact on human relationships. Much of the field is tainted, with the majority of people unaware of the few redeeming aspects. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is a glaring example of deception, it's a total scam. Denying psychology's historical pursuit of controlling people's minds is extremely naive and reflects a reluctance to question supposedly unquestionable beliefs. Psychology masquerades as a science but is a religion. So yes, you are as dumb as a religious zealot.

No. 2034590

>People who suffer from what is called mental illness are either dealing with physical illnesses that mainstream science cannot or will not understand
This is already a huge issue with established physical illnesses. If someone presents with psychiatric disturbances, they're going to get put in the psych ward and practically barred from any other medical attention until they "rule out" mental illness. (Unlikely, since psych wards have nebulous metrics for "function" and a patient can often be confined for days before they see a real doctor beyond the nurses and techs on the floor.) Someone can have a very real and verifiable physical malady causing their mental distress, but those illnesses are often overlooked when they are a psychiatric patient because psychiatric medicine for some unfathomable reasons gets to operate on its own rules.

No. 2034592

tbf i can't take a field seriously when they once had a literal "disorder" for slaves who didn't want to be slaves.

No. 2034602

I don't think psychology is legit field. Not that every aspect of it is wrong as we've come a long way when it comes to understanding the mind. However it's very obvious that it has replaced religion and spirituality. As Nietzsche predicted with the death of God, humans will start to lack meaning. Nobody wants to address that inherent meaningless so they grasp on to things such as psychology. Modern therapy also doesn't encourage that reflection despite what it leds on. We live in a time where any negative or uncomfortable emotion is rejected for constant positivity, affirmation, and stimulation despite how empty it is. So people are comfortable with being stuck chasing empty accomplishments and avoid any reflection of the soul. It makes sense though as this is a very neoliberal way of life which is how our society runs. But I digress

No. 2034603

Why do people love Christopher Nolan so much he makes such boring mediocre moid movies

No. 2034608

I agree with you anon. I think current 'research' fields that are under the umbrella of psychology are legit, like many forms of neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioural endocrinology, etc. but the pure 'psychology' fields themselves are a morass.

Even the fact that when people think 'psychology' they actually think of mental illness, abnormal psyc, or psychiatry just shows how bad this disconnect is. The vast majority of modern 'psychology' research has nothing to do with psychiatric disorders or abnormal mental states, it's about whether taking synthetic estrogen at menopause makes you worse at navigating maps or whether rats are more likely to get addicted to cocaine if they have other rats in their cage or how neurotransmitters are modulated by drugs or whatever, yet people still think the height of 'psychology' is making up some fake illnesses and some fake drugs to give to people with the fake illnesses. All illnesses are at root physical, everything else is what is now perjoratively called 'psychosomatic,' which is still physical, but just describes the physical effects of mental or emotional problems or trauma. The whole 'brain chemical imbalance' thing has never been proven to exist except possibly in schizophrenia, the OG type of 'crazy' and everything else was just tacked on.

No. 2034610

Yup and let's not forget than many doctors take what is obviously and verifiably a physical illness and try to make it a 'mental' problem because they don't know how to treat it. I was diagnosed with 'endometriosis,' a disorder where apparently my endometrial lining attaches to tissues outside my uterus, cramps and bleeds leading to severe unbearable pain and hemorrhagic bleeding on my periods, and my doctor's recommended 'treatment' for this malady was… 'why don't you see a psychiatrist and go on antidepressants or anxiolytics to work through your feelings about being in extreme debilitating pain and passing golf ball sized clots during your period?' It's basically just the dumping ground where all legitimate medicine goes to die.

No. 2034613

Gonna sperg about this again but psychology, meaning the many researchers who research many legitimate things under the umbrella of psychology, is a legitimate field.

The problem is mostly abnormal psyc/psychiatry/clinical psyc which is concerned with 'abnormal' or so-called 'diseased' mental states, which is what most lay people think psychology is/represents. Therapy is part of this field, so is psychiatry. Researching behavioural endocrinology in rats or whatever is no less legitimate as science than researching cancer in rats, the problem occurs when people conflate 'psychology' (the research umbrella term) with Jungian/Freudian/etc. psychodynamics and psychiatry.

No. 2034616

You're right I was mistaken. There is an important distinction to be made and what I meant was psychiatry which therapy would fall into. I was also thinking of psychoanalysis and the teachings of Freud and Jung which I still wouldn't fully debunk. Psychology would actually be scientific

No. 2034625

No I totally understand what you're saying and why you classified it that way. In my experience in 'academic' circles there are basically 4 different things that are called 'psychology.'

The first is psychiatry, aka a field that you study in medical school. These are the people who diagnose 'mental illness' and prescribe drugs for them. They often work in tandem with the second group, 'clinical psychologists' who in my country are people with a PhD in clinical psyc who are licensed to be psychotherapists but not prescribe drugs. Most of these people's classes and clinical rotations revolve around some form of abnormal psyc, psychiatric illness, talk therapy approaches, pharmacology(drugs), etc. You will occasionally get clinical psychologists though who do something more worthwhile like 'forensic psyc' (talk to and catalogue violent criminals' mental states, assess them for parole, etc) and 'neuropsychologists' who often work on shit like diagnosing concussions, aphasias, and other forms of mental damage and sometimes work with neurologists (another type of doctor) to treat disorders caused by brain damage.

Then you have the third subtype which is basically what I call 'undergrad' or 'self-help' psychology. These are the topics you learn in most undergraduate arts-psyc classes, i.e., the theories of Freud, Jung, Pavlov, 'abnormal psyc,' 'social psyc' and so on. There might be some legitimate gems of actual knowledge in here but most of it is just a reframing of the theories of group 1 (psychiatrists) from the mid-20th century.

The final group is anyone who does 'psychology research' in a non-clinical field. These are the people who are publishing papers on actually, frequently, interesting topics of bioscience like behavioural endocrinology, the gut-brain connection, cognitive neuroscience, developing actual treatments for traumatic brain injuries, etc. These are by far the most ignored and underpaid group in 'psychology' even though they are by far the least corrupt and least retarded.

No. 2034633

That's very interesting and I just realized that there would be 4 categories of them. I also find the pharmaceutical industry's push to prescribe medication to the average person to be very insidious. There doesn't seem to be actual solutions to treat the human mind from their end. I think neurology and studying the human brain and cognitive function are actual legitimate fields and are essentially medical in their nature. The first three you've mentioned have been parroted by so many people that it started to lack meaning even if originally they proposed actually interesting ideas and theories.

No. 2034635

I think it becomes more obvious why there are no pharma solutions to 'treat the human mind' when you realize that the human mind is not something that, in most situations, can be 'treated' with drugs. There is no legitimate basis for the claim that most DSM 'mental illnesses' are a 'chemical imbalance' or neurological in nature. Even if some of these things are caused exclusively by our brain and not other body systems, the most obvious treatment for disorders of the 'mind' is to actually either change the environment that is poisoning your mind, or the attitudes you have toward life that are poisoning your perception of the environment. None of this can be accomplished by pharmaceuticals, and most of it can't be accomplished by a paid 'sympathetic' listener who can't relate to or empathize with your situation either. I do believe there is one known mental disorder that is caused (partially) by a known chemical imbalance, which is schizophrenia, the 'original' mental disorder that was considered 'madness' for centuries. Schizophrenia is also treated quite effectively by smoking cigarettes, although no one in the medical establishment will tell you that outright. Cigarettes are considered harmful, dopaminergic drugs that help schizophrenic people are also harmful, causing inconvenient symptoms like 'parkinsonian' movement disorders/tremors and speech disorders. To my knowledge no other 'mental illness' has any confirmed 'neurological' cause, and yet there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of commonly prescribed drugs that apparently 'treat' mental disorders. I wonder how that works.

No. 2034639

Samefag but there is one other type of illness/disorder I can think of that is reliably treated by psychopharmacology, and that is pain (in any part of your body). We have a hundreds-of-years-old, almost 100% effective treatment for physical pain that works by targeting neuronal function in a well-understood way. This is also the one psychoactive pharma drug that it is almost impossible to get a prescription for, anywhere in the western world. I just think it's interesting.

No. 2034643

Yeah you can't just pinpoint an exact cause of these illnesses. The human mind is a very complex thing and there still isn't much known about it and I was trying to say that. We don't even understand consciousness and why it happens. I've heard about theories that schizophrenia might not be a mental "illness" but people just experiencing different realities that don't exactly align with ours but society sees it as an illness and bad thing. I'm not sure about that but it was interesting to read about. I've also heard of weed and shrooms helping people with mental illness but there isn't any actual treatment that can cure a mental illness. I think your environment and relationships with those around you are more important. If they don't even know why these things happen then how come they're so willing to shill for drugs that usually don't help? I'm not even sure if antipsychotics help

No. 2034645

I'm pretty sure a commonality in a majority of schizophrenia cases is csa

No. 2034648

File: 1717471552990.jpg (72.5 KB, 640x358, 428.jpg)

What annoys me the most is the destruction of the old, beautiful art, and archaeological sites. It's the exact same mentality of transgender ideology and most governments nowadays. They don't want you looking into the past, or remembering history. They'd rather destroy anything beautiful and make sure NO ONE gets it. Fuck these backwards scrotes. They'll be remembered as a retarded genetic deficiency.

No. 2034649

Porn addicts can't be straight. Any man who defends pornography or has a strong interest in it isn't heterosexual, no matter what he tells you.

No. 2034693

I think it depends on the person, I have moderate acne and I eat so much dairy every day but for some reason when I have either yogurt or ice cream I get huge cystic pimples for the next couple days. So I’m not sure if it’s the dairy with sugar or maybe the dairy itself or something else in the yogurt or ice cream. I love dairy so much but I really should go without it for a month or so and see what my skin does without it

No. 2034695

smiling friends is shit. nothing about it is funny. i'm so sick of everyone shilling it.

No. 2034699

finally someone said it. The charlie husbandofags are pathetic too.

No. 2034769

I disagree. maybe a full head of gray looks cool, but naturally graying roots doesn't look good on anybody.

No. 2034791

Age gap relationships are always gross if the gap is 20+ years. I don't care if the younger person is "an old soul" and wants an older partner or whatever. If you want to date someone who is as old as your parents or older there's something wrong with you, and for someone to date someone young enough to be their child is always predatory.

The only exception imo is when both people meet each other when they're past middle age, like if a 50 year old dates a 70 year old. But let's be honest that's in the extreme minority of age gap couples.

No. 2034793

Exactly. Just because you feel some sort of malaise in your brain doesn't mean the illness originates in your brain. You can't pinpoint the origin of a systemic illness. I think the psychiatric industry knows that you can modulate perception via the brain using drugs, and thinks they can therefore convince everyone that they've solved 'brain illnesses' when they modulate perception using psychoactive drugs. The fact a psychoactive drug changed your perception says absolutely nothing about why or where your illness 'originated' and is a sad pathetic cop out.

No. 2034795

lack of smell > smell

No. 2034796

Not even, it's not uncommon but I don't think it's the vast majority of schizophrenia cases either. We do know that schizoid symptoms can be treated with dopaminergic drugs, which is more than we know about any other 'mental illness.' We also know they can be treated by smoking cigarettes, which is awkward, but it is what it is.

No. 2034799

Lol nonna this is exactly why the 'who needs books, get an ereader!' opinions make me kind of sad. If you buy actual books that were printed 30, 40, 50 years ago you might learn something that isn't easy to learn now. If you think the only books worth reading are the ones currently available to buy as ebooks you're missing out (I still think people should buy recent novels as ebooks tho most of the time).

No. 2034802

I get where you're coming from nonna but if that were true then a majority of moids would be homosexuals, which doesn't make evolutionary sense. I just think men can be memed into counterproductive fetishes and sexualities for the coom.

No. 2034803

Brigitte Macron is a stacy

No. 2034806

Could be the sugar, could be the fat/sugar combination, could be the dairy. Try going no dairy for a month and see, at least it will give you a data point.

No. 2034809

Naturally greying roots will become full grey soon enough and the roots will still be there a couple weeks later if you dye your hair. If you want to hide your roots I think it would be more effective to wear some sort of hat or headwear.

No. 2034813

Of course an age gap where one partner could be the mother/father of the other partner is gross, how is this unpopular

No. 2034816

Hunter Cain could've probably been really fucking hot if he stayed a man, ate healthy, worked out, and was a normal person. Maybe if he like joined the police academy or the marines? I really think he would've turned out so much better and much more attractive. Troons always think they'll magically look better if they get up in womanface when they're already perfectly acceptable as men who just need some cleaning up.

No. 2034824

???????????????????? You're just saying shit

No. 2034828

I'm saying if he was a normal man who hadn't trooned out and maybe found God, yeah he could've been attractive

No. 2034834

Retarded post and it isnt an "unpopular opinion". Did you not see the creepy gun collection incel pics? I think you're obsessed and you just want to talk about it tbh

No. 2034838

All men are more attractive when they're not LARPing as women, but I'm glad they deform themselves to let the rest of us know that they're toxic and poisonous.

No. 2034840

he's so ugly. They posted pics of that school shooter fag on his thread and the white trash school shooter looks miles better than him. Hunter looks unevolved.

No. 2034841

I'm sorry I actually didn't see any gun pics because I only saw the one photo of him thats just his face, this is the only time I've posted about him but I know there are other users who've posted about him as well

No. 2034843

You'd think it would be, but in my experience most people have the "love is love" and "as long as everyone is a consenting adult it's fine" mentality. Maybe it's not the majority opinion but it feels like it to me.

No. 2034844

Thats why I feel like maybe if he was actually healthy and kind of beefed up and maybe had a tan he would've been better looking? I cannot possibly be wrong all of those things would only help him

No. 2034849

I have met like near-zero people in real life who have a 'love is love' mentality about people dating someone who could be their parent. At best they'll try to be polite and not start drama but in my experience almost 100% of people judge these relationships and think they're weird. The only people who actively think they're awesome are usually incels and pedos lmao. 'Love is love' is also a pedo catchphrase now that it isn't associated so closely with homosexuality.

Obviously you can't physically prevent your friend from dating some 25 years older moid or whatever because it's legal, but you'll notice how people in these relationships tend to hemorrhage friends rapidly.

No. 2034851

But this is such a stupid and autistic thing to say because you can say this about literally ANYONE. You're just saying shit. Chatting.

No. 2034860

its well known that this isn't really true about any man though, most men are so ugly that even lifting some weights and spending more time in the sun can't help them. also i feel like 'autistic' is a massive stretch kek goodness, these zoomies will really say that critiquing someone is autistic?

No. 2034864

NTAYRT but this response is a little more autistic sounding. Lurk moar.

No. 2034869

If people with schizophrenia are just "experiencing alternate realities" then how do you explain things like schizophrenia having neurological similarities with Parkinson's. Yes the field of psychology is flawed, I get having problems with it, but this theory is so retarded.

No. 2034883

My unpopular opinion: I gotta pee so bad right now(dumbass shit posting)

No. 2034888

respectfully, I think you're underestimating the time it takes to go fully gray. i have had graying hair since the age of 16 and it still doesn't cover my entire head, just enough to be annoying, and i'm 32. the idea of wearing a hat or head covering at all times for months or years is just absurd.

No. 2034890

Oh look, you're still being a wannabe neckbeard

No. 2034891

You don't "need" to pee
You don't "need" to eat
You don't "need" to breathe(this isn't dumbass shit)

No. 2034892

Schizophrenia is the bodies trauma response to childhood physical and or sexual abuse.

No. 2034893

File: 1717479218835.jpg (88.43 KB, 735x725, 1000003581.jpg)

"This person would be attractive if they looked completely different from what they actually look like or are capable of looking like" is not an unpopular opinion, it's an autist playing dolls with random people.(integrate)

No. 2034896

I did too but then I peed and felt a lot better after, go pee

No. 2034899

Why are you so angry

No. 2034900

You're projecting emotion that isn't there because it isnt kissing your ass I guess?(infighting)

No. 2034901

not everything is autism nona, try not to project

No. 2034902

This is the unpopular opinions threads, anons just be like that

No. 2034904

If you want a chat thread, join a discord server.

No. 2034907

What? We aren't talking about me though we were talking about my unpopular opinion that Hunter could've been hot which i kind of would consider to be unpopular on this website because when he gets mentioned its often met with a resounding 'he looks like worn leather'

No. 2034908

I don’t want to chat, I was just telling the nonna why everyone seems angry here

No. 2034909

Maybe they should bring dumbass shit back as a trial run

No. 2034912

NTAYRT but nobody was chatting. I posted an unpopular opinion that someone disliked and instead of reporting and ignoring (as you're encouraged to do when you consider something to be bait or going off topic) she became angry and then started making response posts that, themselves, are also not unpopular opinions; but chat posts.

No. 2034918

Neither anon but aren't you kind of chatting right now? Just in a saltier way

No. 2034919

More people are bisexual than you think.

No. 2034922

I mean yeah but there's also things like predisposition, since some people can go through the same things and not end up schizophrenic. I just think the theory that they're actually experiencing alternate realities is dumb. the people who believe that are probably the same people who believe in astral projection and shit like that.

No. 2034923

Nah. Sometimes you just do drugs and end up fucked forever, or you get to a certain age and your brain starts deteriorating.

No. 2034930

I guess the real question now is… did that nonna go pee?(wrong thread, this isn't dumbass shit)

No. 2034931

nta but that doesn't even contradict what she said

No. 2034936

she must be conveying messages to us telepathically

No. 2034939

She called it a childhood trauma response when there are tons of other causes. Many times, it has nothing to do with childhood sexual or physical abuse.

No. 2034953

Are you suggesting a majority of moids have always been bisexual, a majority of moids just happen to be bisexual now that porn is widely available, or that porn makes moids bisexual?

No. 2034955

Yeah I don't think it's always childhood trauma response. I've personally known multiple people who weren't CSA'd but developed schizophrenia from drug overuse.

No. 2034956

Look what happens anywhere men are left alone for long enough, in prisons, in the military, in war, what moids will admit if you make yourself known as "cool"/"open" or they think they're anonymous, the proliferation of the trap debate. In every population/historical civilization, moids with power taking wives and boy-slaves to rape. The answer is pretty clear.

No. 2034961

I believe this 100%

No. 2034965

I see what you're saying nonna but I'm not sure if this is true bisexuality. I think actual attraction is different from being entirely coombrained/trying to exert power over other weaker individuals (including of the same sex) to the extent that you are willing to rape or molest them to exert that power.

I'm not even saying you're wrong but I see a difference between 'true' bisexuality (meaning you're both sexually and romantically attracted to both sexes) and a power fantasy.

No. 2034989

I basically have an impaired sense of smell, and this is true. I already suffer with bad smells like BO at concerts, I legit don't know how people with normal or better than average senses of smell get by. that is, if that's even what you're talking about lol

No. 2034997

I don't believe that a sexual power fantasy can extend to beings that you don't feel any sort of attraction to (and I also don't think you need to have a romantic interest in someone to have an attraction, eg tons of misogynists are still attracted to women).
For example, if a man rapes a child and insists he's not a pedophile, he's a liar. By definition, a non-pedophile cannot become aroused by sexual activity involving a child, and there are other ways one could exert "power" over them or anyone/anything else besides sex. There are just exclusive and non-exclusive pedophiles.

No. 2035006

I think men who are not romantically attracted to women are gay lol so maybe we're converging on something. I think most (all, actually) pedophiles are nonexclusive pedophiles, I don't think pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

On the other hand being straight or gay is imo and it seems pretty out there to suggest that every man who watches porn is 'really' bisexual, unless all men naturally are (which is possible I guess).

No. 2035016

>I think most (all, actually) pedophiles are nonexclusive pedophiles, I don't think pedophilia is a sexual orientation.
You're likely correct here.
>On the other hand being straight or gay is imo and it seems pretty out there to suggest that every man who watches porn is 'really' bisexual, unless all men naturally are (which is possible I guess).
Porn addicts are, and you can tell by the trajectory of their interests. They all end up on tranny and gay shit, without exception. The cases I mentioned before (prison, history, war) point to many men not being as straight as they claim, but outside of those situations, most will suppress/ignore it, besides the porn addict. Even porn addicts can still live out their fantasies with no social cost to themselves via porn and internet chats, and many of them do that. Some others will seek out "jerkbuds" to masturbate with IRL, some will take it a bit farther, etc. AGP is in part so potent a social contagion because of this, too.

No. 2035022

I've talked to some porn addict males that exclusively watched lesbian porn or just single-woman-masturbating porn, which is also disgusting but I think not all coomer moids go down the 'same path' with porn. I think troon and gay shit is being pushed by algos now and I can't really imagine it appealing to straight moids but I also think men are kind of mentally fucked by their coom impulse and can basically be, so to speak, memed into developing kinks that have almost nothing to do with their 'natural' sexuality. Like I see what you're saying but I remember watching some dumb Jubilee video or something where they asked male teenagers about shit like porn and one admitted to getting into tranny porn, and then he said he quit because he tried to 'be attracted to' male troons IRL and couldn't, and said he had stopped using porn because it was making him crazy. So I'm not sure if I think porn-induced kinks are always the same as irl sexuality. With really intense coomers it becomes their 'real' sexuality but I think a lot of people can't actually transfer their kinks to real life.

No. 2035028

If they knew you were a woman and you didn't seem like a "cool girl" or whatever, they were likely lying to save face. I'm not saying addicts like that don't exist, but it seems very rare. For sure not all will act on the impulses or take them to real life, but IMO the attraction itself constitutes the sexuality, much like a porn addict moid deciding real women are "dirty"/"ugly"/"gross" but still jerking off to porn stars would still count as attracted to women IMO (just mentally ill).

No. 2035033

No it was mostly on anonymous internet forums lol, I don't think they knew I was a woman. The only person I knew who admitted to this irl was an exbf who was in therapy for porn addiction and he said he always used to watch lesbian porn, yeah yeah I know I shouldn't have dated a pornsick scrote it was over a decade ago and I was young. But I also saw a lot of men admitting this on forums where I think they had no idea they were also talking to women, so I think it's A Thing.

I'm not even saying you're wrong because male pornsexuality is just a mystery to me entirely but I am not completely sure that men who watch 'straight' porn are necessarily attracted to the men in it either (although I think some are). I think many are attracted to the self-insert or power fantasy quality of straight porn, where they imagine themselves as a bigger hotter guy having sex with some 'barely legal teen' girl. I also think the types of men who watch trap/femboy/troon porn (which I know is an increasingly common porn category) might just be attracted to the 'taboo' of it or self-insert into it (although the self-insertion itself might be an AGP thing).

My unpopular opinion on this topic I guess (I'm not saying you're wrong and this is an interesting discussion even though I'm not 100% convinced by what you're saying) is that a man who is only 'sexually' attracted to women but not romantically attracted isn't 'really' straight. This goes against what I was saying earlier because it suggests most men might not be 'really' straight so I'll take the L on that but I think if moids have attraction that doesn't extend into some kind of affection then they don't have a 'real' sexuality the way women do.

No. 2035041

In patriarchal societies, the distinction between love and rape is profoundly misunderstood, perpetuating male dominance and deepening misogyny. Love, a fundamental human need, involves selfless care for another's needs and acceptance of another as part of oneself. In contrast, the act of rape is selfish and often serves only the gratification of the one performing it.

Patriarchy’s most insidious deception is the conflation of love and rape, sustaining men’s hatred for women. Men rarely allow themselves genuine love; even when they do, it can quickly devolve into domination. This misunderstanding leads men to fail in forming genuine loving relationships, engage in rape, and consume pornography. Rape is about exerting dominance rather than mutual desire.

This distortion allows men to rationalize abhorrent behaviors like the rape of their female relatives and children by equating perverse sex with love. Most pedophiles will justify raping by calling it love. Their misogyny is so ingrained that they reserve authentic love for other men, often blurring into homosexuality because again, they conflate love and rape. Rape signals dominance, reinforcing hierarchical structures, between humans but also other living creatures and objects.

The patriarchal conflation of loving and raping perpetuates male supremacy and dehumanizes women. This ideology reveals that men are unlikely to change, as patriarchy satisfies their desires for dominance, despite being subpar. And the system meets their needs, so men won't change, even if it makes them miserable.

No. 2035045

I actually agree with this. I also know some men who I think genuinely act like human beings and seem to genuinely love people around them, although I know most farmers would call me delusional for saying this. But I think sometimes you can tell that a man is not completely destroyed and perverted by power fantasies because those men will be the rare ones who actually accomplish useful things in the world, seem to have genuinely good and mutualistic relationships with their families, and genuinely seem to view and treat women like equals. People will say I'm hopelessly naive but in general I am not and am pretty cynical about human nature, I've just met/known a handful of men who seemed like 'real people' to me and I think it is possible for males even though this is something usually only women actually accomplish.

No. 2035051

unions are good for trades but for retail type jobs they are useless/do more harm than good. I had a job at a store owned by albertson's that was union and was treated like literal dogshit. it was a gas station kiosk in the parking lot of a grocery store. we didn't get breaks, we got paid worse than the cashiers who worked in the store despite doing way more work (and our job being more dangerous), got in trouble/written up for the stupidest shit ever (one of my coworkers got written up for sitting in the chair while on his shift), didn't get any kind of benefits like insurance even after working there for over 2 years, our pay was capped at $11 per hour (I didn't even make that, and I live in a state where the cost of living is quite high) and on top of all that the union just sucks even more money out of your already tiny paycheck. I was treated way better when I started working at walmart, and that should tell you something. I hate how much praise I've seen for unions regarding these types of jobs, and people just randomly writing "unionize your place of work" random places. just shut the fuck up, you don't even know what you're talking about. I wish people would stop just assuming that union automatically means better treatment of employees, it doesn't.

No. 2035053

>I also think men are kind of mentally fucked by their coom impulse and can basically be, so to speak, memed into developing kinks that have almost nothing to do with their 'natural' sexuality.
Absolutely true, men can be memed into finding anything sexual, they're that enslaved to their sex drive and it's pathetic.

No. 2035054

Lol nonna a major chain store in a mall near my house unionized and the store franchise owners decided to shut down rather than tolerating the union, which simultaneously makes me think unions for min wage workers must be highly effective and that they are counterproductive lol. I do think the union discussion is extremely complicated though, I knew someone who worked at a unionized job and sustained a very serious workplace injury and the union threw her under the bus when she tried to apply for workers comp, claiming it was her fault (it very clearly wasn't and fit the exact definition of a compensated workplace injury). She later found out the union owner was married to the guy that ran the company.

No. 2035056

>we didn't get breaks
That can't be legal

No. 2035058

Yeah but this is exactly why I'm not sure that men who are into weird porn are actually not straight. So much of male sexuality is just being memed into finding things sexual, also a lot of men who find things sexual in porn are not attracted to the same things irl so I just wonder if it really speaks to their 'sexuality' or if it's just a typical moid thing.

No. 2035059

>I think most (all, actually) pedophiles are nonexclusive pedophiles, I don't think pedophilia is a sexual orientation.
I think you're correct because the vast majority of people (99% men ofc) who commit pedophilic crimes aren't "true" pedophiles, they're not really sexually into kids but did it anyway because they had the opportunity to. It's a well known fact when working with sexually abused kids. Perhaps it's the abuse of power itself that turns them on.
Similarly in prisons the males who rape other males and their victims can't be separated because they're the same group. They end up raping each other, they're not usually gay but want to commit violent sexual crimes and the victim then get some sort of power revenge by doing it to other men and the cycle continues within the same group.

No. 2035060

I agree, most men with some weird fetish will still want women at the core and take their fetish out on women

No. 2035061

So if this is true what actually makes a male 'straight' vs 'gay' vs 'bisexual'? It's an interesting discussion but if men do 'gay things' for 'power reasons' or opportunistically regardless of sexuality then how do you determine a moid's sexuality

No. 2035067

Now your post is making me wonder about gay moids and if they only want to take their sexual fantasies out on men. I knew a lot of girls who were sexually assaulted or harassed by gay moids when they were younger so are gay men doing the same things to men or is asserting sexual dominance over women/girls just a universal male drive?

No. 2035070

No, you don't understand. Even if I get to leave normally, they'll never let me get away with it and will chase me to the ends of the earth to grab me back by force. I want them bombed so they'd leave me tf alone. Also, just bomb them harder until not a single one is left alive, nuke them even for continuous effects that mutilates them and destroys theit already fucked up from incest genes. I want them all extinct even if it means my own death, not that I'd get to live either so why not?

No. 2035073

Whatever situation you are in I am very sorry about it. I hope a situation arises where you are able to leave and whoever would chase you to the ends of the earth isn't able to follow you though, if that is at all possible.

No. 2035074

Samefag, don't want anyone to get out of there either, they'll just drag their baggage with them and ruin it for everyone who doesn't want to associate with them anymore. Don't wanna go to a normal country thinking I'd see normal people and end up seeing them and being reminded of it all. I don't even want to see my own reflection.

No. 2035075

It's the government, I'm pretty sure they can find and catch me easily, they already did it to bigger richer people who thought they were immune to it. They don't even spare men, they murdered one brutally in public in a another country as a display of power. They're untouchable because the world's economy relies on them, so no one can ever stop them, they're allowed to do whatever tf they want.

No. 2035076

What country is this??

No. 2035080

My opinion which I'm guessing is unpopular here (not sure though) is that modern postsecondary/university education is near-worthless now and the weird conservative youtubers who shill going into the trades or whatever are actually right. I don't think this was true even 5-10 years ago but now I unironically think there is almost no benefit to a university education except in highly specific circumstances (like if you want to become a lawyer or a doctor and have an actually good chance of succeeding). I don't think going to college is actually a good stepping stone to social mobility anymore and I don't think it's even worth it from a purely 'educational' standpoint, almost ever.

No. 2035092

I did uni for 10 weeks at 18 dropped out to work to make money then got an opptunity to go back at 25 and got a masters. My country has shit all opportunities and nepotism is rampant. My degrees have landed me a lab job in a factory in which the other technicians sometimes don't speak the language fluently or have qualifications. I'm not the greatest at networking and my professors at university were just shit. Head of one department never in turned up for our classes she was our lecture and a PhD student just gave us the teacher copy to the assignment that semester and we just copied it did one day of experiments and all got full marks. Complete joke. The student services were shit too, you made an appointment for an advisor to read a Google result out loud to you. I would have been more financially secure if I stayed working in the industry I got into with no qualifications after my first stint. Yes I have a masters but I don't get to apply my knowledge I'm not competent and as confident as others with my experience. I don't want to leave my boyfriend and friends to move around for jobs. I don't want my lifestyle to be dictated by work. I shouldn't have to chase money around, money should be something we should all be able to earn to live. It's people that aren't objects and replaceable. Like hold up friends and family you are all located in a shitty opportunistic economic zone I must go now to find wealth.

No. 2035094

I think all options available for the working person are really unattractive nowadays

No. 2035097

>invites guests for dinner
>guests stay a bit too long because they're having fun
>turbo autismo host doesn't dare tell them to leave and maybe come back another time
>waits a few more hours
>still too much of a pussy to politely and firmly tell his guests to leave his house for the night because he wants to sleep or whatever
>"g-god said you should leave my house b-because you annoy me, and if you don't? god will smite you!!"
And people worship that loser…

No. 2035098

I agree most options are unattractive no matter what but considering how expensive college is (even if you don't pay at all/have full scholarships, the 4+ years you don't work are expensive inherently) it's just not worth it anymore for most people. I think this has been a long time coming as more and more people started to attend college but it's really past the point of no return now imo, between the fact that you're basically unhireable even with a Bachelor's or Master's in most cases and the fact that you actually get anti-educated in most college degree programs. I swear most of them make people stupider.

No. 2035104

yeah I think I'd be okay with continuing education if I felt like I actually learned valuable things but in my experience and from observing others you're paying out the ass to get heavily propagandized and often traumatized
I'm also okay with working to produce something of tangible value, but not when it demands so much from you for so little

No. 2035114

What I don't understand is why he couldn't stop cumming on his clothing(do not try to revive old infights)

No. 2035168

None of the men posted in the attractive men thread are attractive
Actually I haven't seen a single attractive man on this website ever

No. 2035171

this is why we need the dumbass shit thread then, stupid janny

No. 2035185

In terms of underrated hilarious threads, the Dog Hate one has to be up there. There's something about the unbridled unhinged autistic hatred you see in some of the posts that's really funny.

No. 2035271

I feel like this is a common opinion of old ladies, but not common among zoomers but I think snakes are nasty and ugly.

No. 2035335

File: 1717510192107.png (359.23 KB, 382x376, rumer.PNG)

I never thought Rumer Willis was hideously ugly and it's fucked how much flack she got for her looks, despite plenty of women with masculine jaws being considered "hot" in the past. See: Sirgouney Weaver, Jennifer aniston

No. 2035477

British women look good
10/10 in bongland memes usually depict good looking women

No. 2035504

i don't know if i can agree, but i don't think we're as ugly as people act like we are, probably normal. i know im being sensitive, but i do feel a little happy in my heart to be complimented like this, after my group (british women) being the butt of jokes so often, primarily by our own men (british men), so thank you lovely ♥

No. 2035513

File: 1717520588667.jpeg (549.47 KB, 828x866, IMG_0065.jpeg)

Couples with the big height difference aren’t that cute they make it their whole personality teehee I’m so smol look at my big man or the man is like IM SO BIG LOOK AT MY TINY GF I already know these fools are ugly in the face, and I’ve frankly seen too much pedo panderers in this sort of relationship

No. 2035520

File: 1717520660422.jpeg (93.17 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3314.jpeg)

Black media has really regressed since the early 2000s. Now it just seems like trauma porn for white people and something to remind black people of their place. Back in the days there were plenty of shows that had black characters and the show had nothing to do about race. How many slavery movies do we really need at this point?

No. 2035522

I think British women are mocked mostly for questionable fashion choices than their actual features

No. 2035524


No. 2035526

I heard that's why the remake of 'The Color Purple' actually flopped. Nobody wants black trauma porn anymore.

No. 2035528

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drinking in front of people who don’t drink alcohol when you’re at a restaurant together but I still don’t do it

No. 2035532

fellow bong you are so sweet

No. 2035533

me and my husband are at eye level and i think its so perfect. i love being able to like rest my head on his shoulder when we hug. i would hate it SO goddamn much if he was big and massive and i was at dick sucking height if we hugged.

No. 2035536

Only if they're literally a recent alcoholic is it a big deal.

No. 2035540

I hate the divide/infighting that comes up every so often between burgers and bongs on here

No. 2035541

I thought it was unnecessarily rude when our elders warned us against males who “had their chestnut busted” (sodomised as a child) but now I agree with them. There’s a reason they’re shamed and can’t get married in traditional towns. They ALL become pedophiles or get fat later in life. They are ruined beyond repair, as pedophiles reproduce through raping other males. I don’t care about being “woke” if I had a boyfriend and found out his prostate wasn’t intact I’d just leave him. I don’t want that sort of toxic mental illness in my life. Never bother with those types, it’s not worth it.

No. 2035551

nona is this bait or are you actually retarded? lmao do you think when a man gets sodomized it breaks his prostate?

No. 2035558

I’ve hooked up with a guy who was 6’5 and a guy who was 6’8” and they both had small ass dicks, most big dick men are like 5’7” and I’m around 5’6” I like men that are around my height

No. 2035563

mentally retarded people can be assholes and it’s not an excuse for their behavior. I have a retarded person I care give for and she’s a huge bitch. Selfish, demanding, jealous and rude. She doesn’t like her staff to eat in her presence because she’s a fat ass and wants to eat your food and gets triggered when seeing other people eat, so when dealing with her we have to go 8 hours with no food. Most retarded people use their disability to be a dick to people because they have parents who coddle them and expect everyone else to kiss their ass. Then what you have is retards who are adults with the strength of body builders thinking they can hit and verbally abuse their care givers and teachers because their parents let them.

No. 2035603

I dislike the grimes thread on /snow/, it's a mixture of pointless cattiness about her looks and sadistic sentiment about how a retarded dumb talentless little bitch she is, very similar to /mu/ retardation. I feel like a lot of anons on there can't forgive her for being pretty yet somewhat socially inept or gauche. The whole thread is infused with this darkness, but when you examine the actual ''''milk'''' it's banal musician shit. More generally appearance-based nitpicking is never milky, unless we're talking about literal professional designers and models. Every time i read a nona get really angry over looks without trying to be funny or educational, i feel like i'm transported back to the days of early adolescence, hearing the dull, boring, petty remarks teen girls have for each other. Tiresome

No. 2035619

Samefag sorry, but this is very true. I think the conflation of rape with love or intense interest is why so many women have rape fantasies. I never really bought the 'it's a way to deal with fear' explanation, at least it doesn't tell the whole story. 'Rape fantasies' are absurd because you can't wish for that, by definition. It's against your will. But in such fantasies and to a certain extent, in many cultures, men are understood to be 'romantic rapists'. Rape is something passionate, showing just how much he wants the woman he's raped. He raped her because she was too hot. He killed her because he loved her so much, so on and so forth

No. 2035645

ntayrt but what point are you even trying to make here, obviously female pedophiles exist but the majority of pedos are still male

No. 2035648

>sadistic sentiment about how a retarded dumb talentless little bitch she is
what do you want them to say, that she’s a beautiful bombshell who’s also genius musician? your description of her is right on the money. sorry that the thread isn’t “girl power” enough for you kek

No. 2035649

nvm you're a moid baiting bye(scrotefoiling)

No. 2035651

0.001% of female pedos out of the mass culture of male pedophilia, righttt

No. 2035652

File: 1717526569764.jpg (120.37 KB, 1500x1125, 5432.jpg)

Baked beans are great. Excellent poverty food, the cans are cheap and it's easy to make from scratch as well if you have time. Add an egg or two on the side and some fried tomato/mushrooms and you have a decent meal. People just performatively hate on baked beans because British food is one of the few politically correct things to mock online. Extra pathetic when Americans hate on beans while eating nothing but sugar cereal and pop tarts for breakfast. At least beans have some nutritional value.

No. 2035663

well where are your statistics about female pedos

No. 2035666


No. 2035680

I'm not part of the grimes defense squad, just remarking how the limit between 'funny/astute reaction to milk' and 'clearly dysgenic woman taking her frustration out on a prettier woman' is blurry on some threads

No. 2035681

need I say more?

No. 2035682

>using a random reddit screenshot with no context whatsoever to back up your claims

No. 2035684

Well of course the pedo results are going to be high in tranny moid central

No. 2035697

britbong opinion discarded

No. 2035699

Idk why men try to compare emotionally immature women fucking their 18 year old students with men raping their 9 year old step daughter. I know people want this to be the same thing but it’s just not.

No. 2035700

it’s clearly a retarded male who’s confused on what website he stumbled upon. MUH MALE VICTUMSSSSS WAHHHH WOMEN AND MEN CAN BE VICTIMS TOO YOU GUYS STOP WITH THAT TERF MAN HATE!!! yeah out of the swarms of female sex abuse and rape victims that could fill all of the planets in space to make a whole ecosystem, yeahh(scrotefoiling)

No. 2035702

>An estimated 80-90% of offenders are male, while 10-20% of offenders are female. About 40% of offenders of children under 12 are children or adolescents themselves.
source: https://www.raace.org/get-educated/statistics-information/

No. 2035706

I would even go as far as saying a grown man fucking an 18 year girl is still pedophilia but the opposite isn’t because most women know better than a man. The man is seeking out young women fresh out of their teens who are old enough just to evade the law hence the word ‘jailbait’ used by scrotes when they realize they probably should be interested in women around their age and not “shopping”for women right after their high school graduation

No. 2035712

i like how you casually ignored my reply kek

No. 2035713

File: 1717528397655.jpeg (78.06 KB, 487x487, IMG_1102.jpeg)

Cool, now show the statistics of males raping little boys! Oh I guess you won’t… kek

No. 2035719

File: 1717528813985.jpg (51.01 KB, 750x377, Split_Diopter_example.jpg)

I'll post it here because I never met anyone with the same opinion and I am very much aware it's a huge nitpick on my part, but I absolutely hate Split Diopter shots. If it's subtle then I'll ignore it, but most of the time I think they look terrible and dumb. Seeing the background shift from blurry to crisp midway feels so wrong to me.

No. 2035727

i've always wondered myself how do you even get the idea to rape an literal toddler?

No. 2035729

beans on toast is such a cosy and comfy meal

No. 2035736

I do not give a shit either kek. I skip right over those segments when I'm listening to my stupid news podcasts. I just don't fucking care who is more righteous. We have so many retarded problems in the US but palestine the issue that local governments are focusing on by passing these ceasefire pieces of policy kek. Maybe its because I live in liberal-topia, USA so I'm exhausted of the moral policing about this issue but I kek everytime another city council passes one of those ceasefire things.

No. 2035758

never knew it had a name but I also don't like it

No. 2035760


No. 2035763

yeah. A-rabs.

No. 2035766

Terribly based. Oneyplays can be funny but whatever zach is writing for this show sucks major amounts of dick. One of the first episodes is long form complaining about twitter. Like come on

No. 2035800

in the US breaks are actually not legally required, they are in some states but not federal law (unless you're under 18). almost everyone assumes they are, I'm not sure why. I wish people would talk about other rights concerning workers and not just talk about raising minimum wage all the time.

No. 2035809

Americans (I'm american and have only worked in america, not baiting for a fight) are so retarded you get to a job where breaks are actually mandated due to a contract and people will actually complain they don't want to be at work an extra 30 minutes and skip their break and lose pay / work for free. You're seriously correct there needs to be more discussion because knowledge is lacking.

No. 2035815

what nigga keeps coming into this thread and reposting this same singular case of a woman abusing little boys? get a fucking hobby

No. 2035820

File: 1717532882457.jpeg (823.48 KB, 828x1556, IMG_9607.jpeg)

> this same singular case of a woman abusing little boys?

No. 2035822

are you confused? i didn’t say “singular case” as in that’s the only case ever. i said singular case as in that’s the only case they keep reposting. context clues exist, so does lurking moar which if you’d done you’d know exactly what i meant kek.

No. 2035824

Your goalpost shifting is admirable.

No. 2035826

I kind of agree with you, I read basically the whole thread because I used to be a grimes fan like 10 years ago and there were some interesting facts about her and her career sprinkled in but I think that's the most appearance-nitpicking thread on all of /snow/ at this point. On the other hand I still appreciate some of what I read on the thread because it really opened my eyes about how these so-called 'indie' musicians are all some form of nepo baby/well connected and don't make their own music. Grimes was one of the artists that made me think actual 'indie' musicians getting famous was possible, after reading the thread I don't believe that anymore.

No. 2035827

You are wrong, I have never been sicker in my life than the two week period where I was so low on money I ate baked beans. I thought my stomach was going to fall out of my body entirely I was in so much pain.

No. 2035828

NTAYRT but you truly sound autistic now. Just hang your hat up.

No. 2035847

Feminism will never truly bloom until straight women use science somehow to get rid of any sexual desire. Aromantic Asexual straight women are essential for a good future, penis clouds the mind.

No. 2035849

asexualism isn’t really possible for there to be a future because if none of us are fucking then there will be no babies nonny

No. 2035851


go back

No. 2035854

> Feminism will never truly bloom
That’s why women still can’t vote or open their own bank accounts right?

No. 2035855

Oh lord here come the “aros” to preach at us kek

No. 2035858

Unless you have a hormonal imbalance, you literally ovulate because we have an innate urge to have intercourse. Not as strong and degenerate as males but it's still there. what youre saying isn't realistic and you need to step in to reality, or just go full blackpill.

No. 2035875

>Aromantic Asexual
lol. lmfao even. yes nonna please tell us more about how totally not made up tumblr sexualities will lead us to a fully bloomed feminism.

No. 2036008

I don't feel bad for a lot of people facing the severe effects of inflation/unaffordable living now that it's actively affecting them. For over a decade now the "lazy poor people" have constantly pointed out how places aren't answering job applications, employers aren't paying enough to keep up with price of living, etc. all the answers we got were "pick yourself up by the bootstraps" now homeowners are being affected by places price gouging other bills, employers are abusing right to work laws, everyone's getting fucked over etc suddenly it's big ol evil Biden even though they could've happily joined in with all of us evil lazy poor people who were about to protest against all this and instead call us stupid/lazy. Oh well they should get 3rd and 4th jobs like us lazy poors did too

No. 2036020

not in a racebait way, because religion is not race. But I think i genuinely support the mass deportation of muslims across the entire west now. I used to think maybe the women could be saved but they are too far gone.

No. 2036024

No. 2036026

I find western Muslims a lot more tolerant weirdly enough. Catholics will go out of their way to tell women everything they do is wrong, shame single moms, etc.

No. 2036027

i hope there’s a muslimism ban

No. 2036030

But the inflation and unaffordable living affect poor people the most, so it's still a lose/lose situation for poor people. I am poor but was managing with very strict budgeting and now I am so screwed, meanwhile the wealthier people who are complaining are still managing so being poor still puts you in the worst position possible just now worse than ever. Just because things were already bad doesn't mean Biden's tenure didn't make them a lot worse and I think everyone, especially the poors, should be reasonably upset about that.

No. 2036032

That's weird because most of the western muslims in my neighbourhood have all the women and female children above a certain age wearing burqa, meanwhile all Catholics do is sperg about how abortion is evil every once in a while (and that's a minority because most Catholics here are just 'cultural' catholics anyway)

No. 2036034

a lot of practicing/loud catholics are moids who use the religion to get a wife that can't leave them because it's considered a sin, while women were are raised by catholics usually bail from the religion asap because they see how misogynistic it is

No. 2036036

This was my mum. Raised Catholic taught by nuns. Converted to marry my dad who was Presbyterian. When i was a child she sat me down and told me to never trust a nun, yet she'd also threaten me with confession if I was bad and bring me to a priest which was enough to make me wise up kek

No. 2036038

I dont want to get too into it but I had to deal with a very misogynistic muslim woman on the bus after work. She kept saying that the only thing that'll save America is Islam and the usual propaganda they use. But what irked me the most is Christian women in my state are very nice/respectable about not preaching religious stuff in public. And it made me realize that the more women/men we import with the mindset of replacing atheism/Christianity with their oppresive religion and culture. The worse things will get in my daily life. I really don't want to live in a country like that, and the only way to prevent it is by being as aggressive as they are.

No. 2036039

My practicing/trad catholic uncle got divorced by his wife who was cheating on him and stealing his money for 18 years, most of the time even 'traditional' Catholics do divorce now. He basically just accepted her leaving him and blamed himself because he 'must have been a bad husband' even though it was one of the only cases ever where the wife was obviously abusive (to her children too) and he was the less problematic one. I think actual 'devout' Catholics in traditional Catholic countries usually just feel really guilty about anything and everything including the men but they don't really upkeep a lot of the norms around divorce, abortion, birth control and what-have-you unless they're really hardcore. This might be different with US Catholics though (US catholicism is closer to evangelical protestantism in nature imo) but it's a pretty defanged and 'modernized' religion now and most people don't really hard-bail from the religion in my experience, they just soft-bail by becoming a 'cultural catholic' who doesn't practice but celebrates like christmas and easter. I think I'm lucky I was the only kid in my family who wasn't raised Catholic but mainly because everyone else has insane guilt complexes, it's not usually more misogynistic than mainstream society at this point. Every religion was built on patriarchy/misogyny basically and even people (men) who don't practice religion anymore still have the same ingrained biases.

No. 2036046

My related unpopular opinion is that moms are often just as (or more likely to be) abusive to their female children than dads, with the exception of sexual abuse. I think mothers are usually the primary caregiver parent which might actually explain why they are more likely to become abusive because they tend to have more contact with the child but sometimes especially in feminist communities if you talk about how often mothers abuse their daughters people say you're making excuses for moids and it's rare. I think this fits in with the muslim/catholic women discussion because often there seems to be a whole line of generational abuse in these religious communities where women primarily take out their own abuse (by moids) on their female children.

No. 2036047

That's because they don't practice the religion properly and have a watered down lite version of it that conveniently fit in with their western culture. It's their attempt at finding a spiritual belief that is "unique" and ~speshul~ while also not being too extreme and unliberal. So they came up with this version for themselves where they ignore majority of the religion and take the only good 3 things about it like being generous and nice to poor and homeless people, being nice to your neighbors, not wasting food, hygiene etc. which are all common sense things and don't need a religion to explain it and command it but some people are retarded enough to need that I guess.

No. 2036051

I'm >>2036036 and my mum was pretty heavy handed with her punishments. Her and my dad divorced eventually and he helped me get my own place to "get away from her" so you might be on to something.

No. 2036052

Is this actually common where you live though? Moderate muslims are very rare where I live, I live in a very Muslim-heavy neighbourhood (because it's fairly cheap I think so a lot of immigrants live here) and most are the niqab/burqa wearing type, or at the very least hijab, the young guys will LARP as 'normal' men with liberal opinions until they eventually reveal their 'real' views and it turns out they're very devout. So many of my female friends made the mistake of dating these Muslim men thinking they were just 'moderate liberals' and it turned out they were just hiding their opinions and from super traditional families who they completely agreed with. Even all the little girls wear hijab it's sad.

No. 2036062

I guess this is my own experience but I knew women who had the typical "getting pregnant by a thug and got ditched" stories and it was muslims who stood up and shut down haters and supported the mom for bettering herself. Not the first time I've seen this, christians and catholics typically fixate on mistakes of the past and try to make people believe there's no point of improving their situation because they will always be x, y and z

No. 2036063

This but both Muslims and Jews should be deported from the West. I don’t even know why there are still Jews in Western countries, Jews got their own country in Israel, don’t they?(go back to /pol/)

No. 2036065

I'm against SW but the fear mongering against OnlyFans/stripping is unrealistic, I've seen people go as far as claiming literal nobody OF girls will have relatives be unable to get jobs and get into college because of their onlyfans which happens, when? or claim their kids will hate the mom for stripping or something and everything else. I'm sure these situations happen but they're pretty rare and not the usual destiny for women in SW

No. 2036066

File: 1717545213682.jpg (82.21 KB, 777x660, 1716530038877490.jpg)

Ask Muslims what they think of the false prophet Muhammad raping 9 year old Aisha.(repetitive bait)

No. 2036067

Hmm never seen that, also all the Catholics I know are supportive of single moms because they think it's the father's fault for abandoning her. The single mom hate always seemed like a pretty Protestant thing to me because they don't take responsibility very seriously as a concept. But this could be a cultural difference.

They've been places for hundreds of years and the country they 'got' wasn't 'theirs' and it has created problems that a bunch of Western European countries and the US just got together and decided to grab some land and make it an ethnostate, so maybe this wasn't the best solution?

No. 2036071

Is this a troon or am I retarded? It looks male.

No. 2036073

just an ugly woman. Notice how her shoulders arent as wide as a football field?

No. 2036079

I’ve seen some moids and troons with small shoulders, the neck and jaw area looks very male. But it could just be a very unfortunate looking woman, I’m bad at guessing. This sounds fucked but tbh it would be better if she is a woman because a grown man raping a toddler could do serious physical damage to the baby, not that it’s “better” to be assaulted by a woman as a baby but at least that way maybe there’s no long term physical damage, only emotional trauma. Either way that is so fucked up and sad, stuff like that should be immediate electric chair jfc

No. 2036083

Ayrt, I say this because I was born and raised and still unfortunately live in a Muslim country, and studied the religion against my will in detail for ages. I'm an "ex-muslim" now, but when I see muslim westerns, it feels like they understand nothing of the religion and aren't practicing it at all. I'm talking about convert types and several generations immigrants types, not recent immigrants who are already Muslim and come from muslim countries. Though the islam of muslim countries does differ, some have the watered down lite version, some have the extreme version, some are in between. But the western ones are definitely the most watered down ones. They do all the things the religion says are haram and rarely do the things they're supposed to do, or do them wrong all together. For example they listen to music, watch animation and TV shows with acting, use cameras and take photots of real people, draw people, make music (my favorite example of this is a spanish moid troon who is "muslim" but has an English female name and wears hijab), are LGBT in some way or another, believe in some science (which is haram in islam since 100% of science contradicts islam), the women leave their houses which is also haram, the ones who wear hijab don't even wear it correctly, some don't wear it all together, some don't wear abayah (the long big clothing), they wear jeans and shorts and shirts with prints that have text or human/animal/cartoon characters drawings which are haram according to Islamic shiekhs, they hang pictures of people in their houses which is haram, they have dogs which is haram, they cut their hair too short/have buzz cuts/shave their faces which are all haram, they copy non-muslim westerns' trends which is also haram, and so many other things they conveniently ignore because it's too outrageous to follow anyways, but why convert to a suffocating religion if you don't wamt to follow its retarded rules? But tbf these rules are hard to grasp if you don't speak arabic. I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

No. 2036090

something i’ve noticed is that these malnourished young zoomer gentlemen have much smaller shoulders, chins, brow ridges, jaws, so they look effeminate as hell to begin with and then troon out

No. 2036094

In my case it's both parents being abusive, just in different ways. But the abuse I got from my mom was saying and forcing me to do things that made me hate womanhood. Such as shaving, learning how to cook and clean "to please my future husband", saying that if I don't study and get a job she'll marry me off to get rid of me, telling me to never talk about my period so my dad won't marry me off at 12, not letting me cut my hair, forcing me to wear makeup, not letting me wear pants and tell me it will melt into my skin while I'm sleeping and she will skin me alive to take it off -I was like 9 when she told me this-, locking me up in a room to force me to brush my hair, not letting me eat or giving me too little portions to keep me thin, not letting me get medicated for chronic illness, and both of my parents don't let me leave the house at all without my mom coming with me unless I'm going to school or university later on, and she's still coming with me while I'm applying for internship. Got lectured by an interviewer about how it's inappropriate and a bad look to go to an HR office with my mom, and I understand and know that I look retarded when I'm 22 and my mom still comes everywhere I go, but its out of my hand. She thinks I'll go rouge and come back pregnant or something if she doesn't accompany me. But credit where credit is due, she saved me from my brother who #was sexually assaulting me and it was the only time she was on my side for once. Other than that, she tells me I owe her shit and should spend my hard earned money on her and fulfill her dreams, and I know damn well I won't get anything in return from this so I'll never do it. My dad was also horrible but that's a topic for another day. He's old and dying and probably developing Alzheimer's so I'll be ok with him out of the way. Sage for blogpost.

No. 2036097

Yeah anon I understand exactly what you're trying to say, although I think it's common with pretty much all religions that modern practitioners (especially in the West) do all sorts of things that are considered forbidden either by religious leaders or religious texts. I was under the impression though that hijab is a newish invention in Islam, I admittedly don't know that much about it but aren't you supposed to follow your own religious leader in Islam (like the biggest authority is a person not a book like it is in Protestant christianity) so that's why there's so many different 'versions'? Like arguably it's the same with Catholicism, you're 'supposed' to follow the Pope but the Pope has been saying a bunch of stuff that goes directly against the bible, but since the catechism says you 'have to' believe everything the Pope says (officially in his capacity as pope) then some people just listen to him and think it's fine to be troons, get abortions, have gay sex etc. while others think he's a false pope and would rather follow the bible and catholic traditions. I thought that's similar to Islam.

Anyway yeah I don't know a lot of 'multi generational' or convert Muslims here, most I know and see around me are either first or second gen immigrants/refugees and most are quite traditional by 'western' standards I guess even if some of the shit they do is still haram according to your post. I see a lot of 'chill western' Catholics here because I live in a traditionally/historically Catholic area so like every local's family is nominally Catholic but very few of them are actually practicing, whereas I see much less of that with other religions.

No. 2036101

Holy shit nonna that's horrible, and also exactly what I'm talking about, some women are unspeakably evil to their daughters especially women from hardcore religious/conservative backgrounds. Is there any way you can escape this situation, move out etc?

No. 2036104

A mad scientist lesbian inventing a bio weapon that kills all human y-chromosome carriers is more realistic than that

No. 2036109

I don’t think Alec Baldwin deserves all the hate he got for the Rust incident

No. 2036114

Good for you

No. 2036118

Good question, yes that's what Shiekhs are for. Each country has one appointed by the government which is basically there to abuse and control the people, since that's the whole point of religion anyways and it works unfortunately. "My country" (hate it too much to call it that kek) has a bit of a unique situation though where they used to be more open minded and moderate, until a very extremist sect, the most extreme one ever, think ISIS levels of extreme, somehow infiltrated the government and the government liked the idea of that absolute control, and it got turned into a dictatorship theocracy that I'm not even exaggerating when I say is basically a cult on a country scale. This happened in the 90s-2000s then got eradicated gradually. Very recently a few years ago there were shiekhs in cars roaming the streets with staffs they use to beat anyone they disapprove of in public, break into public celebrations and destroy the music instruments and beat the people up and yell at them for having fun, arresting randoms all the time, putting bans on shorts for males, arresting "disobedient" women and putting them in concentration camps where they torture them to death, sexually assault them, and drive them to suicide, force people to destroy their own TVs, computers, radios, and burn their wedding pictures and any pictures of their kids and so much more. Then a shift happened in the government and a new ruler decided to tone these things down a bit, some still exist, some went away. But the people were programmed to act this way in schools and their own households for nearly 30 years now, so it's too late to get all open-minded and lenient now. All efforts to become more moderate are going to waste because the people are too brainwashed thanks to the literal cult tactics to accept the change. In other words, the cult won. And I'm not exaggerating when I say a cult. They used to beat the teachings into us in school and at home, they still do this, they force us to stand up in the morning and read Quran verses and Dua'a and anyone who doesn't gets punished, they give us extensive Quran and sharia lessons and most of the grades and emphasis is on them and you can fail all the other courses no problem. They teach the stories of Noah's arc and the such as actual real history, the science books are all fabricated and changed to suit the stories from Quran, art and sports/gym classes aren't allowed until very recently and same for music education, the history of Arabic itself is fabricated and taugh according to islam (first language in history, the mother of all languages, the language of Adam and Allah etc.), even eating habits and which hand or foot to use in your daily life is monitored and enforced according to islam and so on. This constant surveillance dirves people insane and make them super paranoid even in private, and they lash out on each other and try to prevent each other from getting out of line. There's this one "influencer" who fleed the country and lives in America now, she still upholds the religion and culture to an extent, but doesn't wear hijab or Abaya and shows her face and body, so people send her death threats 24/7 and want the government to arrest her and kill her, because they think "she's ruining our image". What I'm trying to say is islam is very akin to cults and controls ALL your behaviors and sayings, and not following it 100% in detail is considered not being Muslim enough. Mulsims in Muslim counties don't approve of the western and immigrant ones and don't take them seriously mostly, but there's a minority with an inferiority complex and a fetish for white people who cream their pants when a white person converts, especially a woman because it's their dream to conquer a western white woman kek. There was actually a story about one Russian woman who married a guy from here and when she moved with him to here she regretted it immediately and took the kids and went back to Russia. Don't want to victim blame but what was she thinking would happen lol.

No. 2036119

I don’t think women’s sexual desire is the issue. Most women do not want to fuck their partners and just fuck them out of obligation. Men like sex more than women but act like relationships and children is the worse thing that could ever happen to them.

No. 2036121

Nope. The law is on my 'parents' side, and they can issue some sort of "missing/disobedient/runaway" report and the police will follow me all the way to where I go. I'm also not allowed to issue a passport legally without my parents' permission, or live alone in a house etc. My only hope is a job requiring me to get a passport so they'd have to say yes since they're very greedy for my money. But here's the kicker, I'm not allowed to drive, go with a taxi alone, get a private driver etc. I don't own a car either so I can't go anywhere I need to go in secret. The sad and funny part about this is there are people out there who have it worse than me, my situation is only the tip of the iceberg.

No. 2036123

Thanks for your response anon, that makes sense. I agree it basically sounds like a cult which is why I'm concerned about Islam being basically accepted in Western countries as 'just another normal belief system.' Admittedly of course a lot of the Muslim population here are not acting as devout as you say people in your country act or at least they are not necessarily as 'traditional' but many of them admit that they would like to eventually make Western countries also follow Sharia law and follow beliefs which are completely incompatible with Western values. Even the few more 'moderate' Muslims I knew actually identified with the 'less moderate' people more than they identified with non-Muslims and basically would back them up and agree with them in arguments with non-religious people. As you said I think most major religions (or minor ones for that matter) operate somewhat like cults but I think what you are describing goes way beyond what happens in most non-Muslim religious communities, there are only a few religious groups outside of Islam I can think of that are on that level and most of them are small isolated groups (like FLDS) or 'recognized' as cults.

No. 2036124

What country do you live in where it is illegal for you to go out by yourself at 22yo, and why did HR tell you it's weird for your mom to go with you then? If parents can legally restrict their children from leaving the house alone how do other people go to job interviews without bringing their parents?

No. 2036125

Shinji is cuter than Kaworu.

No. 2036126

>Most women don't want to have sex with their partners and only do it out of obligation
The world of heterosexuality is a sick and twisted life.

No. 2036127

I don't think what she said is actually true though, most women do want to have sex unless they are with a partner they don't like out of desperation

No. 2036129

No problem! I think jehovah's witness and the Èlan school cult are kinda close to the stuff I experienced. Except the part where JW cut off contact with those who leave the religion, in Islam it's punishable by 3 days of torture so the person can atone for their sins and go back to islam, and if they don't then public execution.

No. 2036132

I am begging other women to stop dating men they are not attracted to. Women have high sex drives and can enjoy sex, this weird "women don't enjoy it and do it from obligation" is some really weird cope I see spouted all the time

No. 2036133

Yep the solution to this problem is simply to date only people you both like and are attracted to. If you can't find someone that fits those criteria (and any other criteria you have) it's better not to date at all rather than force youself to have sex 'out of obligation.'

No. 2036134

I'll never ever understand anyone that has sex "out of obligation." What does that even mean. It's just a nonsense phrase. Nobody is obligated to have sex with anybody, why do you feel the need to have sex with someone you don't like, etc etc, like you said it always feel like some kind of deep subconscious cope from a subtly brainwashed person.

No. 2036135

You're replying to the wrong anon, but it's a bit complicated. Parents can choose to restrict their kids and the laws exist so they can do it if they want to, it's not an obligatory thing. But it differs depending on economic class and ethnicity, specifically tribes, richer people from tribes that abandoned their tribal cultures are more open minded about that stuff and don't plague their kids, but I was cursed by being born in a tribe that are too traditional and strict and use these laws to the maximum, and especially my family and other people related to them who are sometimes worse. The office I applied to is in a richer more "westernized" area so that's why I looked weird, but if I went to apply in a poorer more traditional area it probably won't matter as much. Can't say which country it is though because it's too embarrassing. But the HR officer said that because she was used to people like me coming to apply and she rejected them all the time because the moms would cause too much drama and ruin the whole thing for their daughters, so she wanted to gave me a warning after I told her I don't want my mom to accompany me. She asked my mom to leave the office before this conversation started. I told my mom about it after and told her I agree with the officer and she got upset the whole ride home kek. I went applying to more internships with a friend from university in secret, pretending I had classes.

No. 2036138

Getting no romantic attention in your youth can affect your self esteem in a negative way. Especially when you see your peers going on dates with cute guys and being chased but you’re the girl who guys get grossed out by. Getting romantic attention from your peers in your youth build self esteem.

No. 2036139

I actually agree with this, I think girls who get romantic attention as teens in safe environments are less likely to grow up desperate for romantic attention when they're adults, and less likely to do things they don't want to do for it (date men they don't like for attention, have sex when they're not ready, do kink stuff). I actually think a lot of self esteem is formed during that era of your life (highschool-ish) not just in the romantic sense but in social, academic, and other senses.

No. 2036140

I think it's more like if you still can't handle stuff that happened to you when you were 12 or 13 you need to start seeing a therapist and working through these issues because there's obviously something wrong if you still blame all your self-esteem issues on stuff that happened more than a decade ago.

No. 2036142

NTAYRT but what's a therapist going to do to help lol? I don't think there's 'something wrong' with people who developed self esteem issues in their teens because it's an important developmental phase and it is actually natural and normal to develop a lot of your personality during that time. This can be a good thing for adults who had 'good' teen years and a very bad thing for adults who had 'bad' teen years (this is why so many people who suffered child abuse end up with lasting problems, but you don't have to be abused by parents to develop certain problems or hangups or a specific self-image). It's not about 'blaming' something either, low self esteem isn't an illness or pathology.

No. 2036143

It's not even that most heterosexual women don't want to have sex with moids either. Most moids have awful hygiene, even the "better hygiene" ones have awful breath at least, they touch so grossly and suck at anatomy

No. 2036145

File: 1717550190174.jpeg (99.93 KB, 736x684, IMG_1092.jpeg)

True, but you will learn that men have never been the prize all along and you’ll stop chasing them. I get most women are naturally attracted to them (another example of nature’s cruelty) but you were missing out on nothing, young scrotes are even worse with their innate XY brutality and bullying and the only thing they value is which girls mirror the porn and social media archetypes they’ve been exposed to at a young age. Men are not really able to love women wholly, they have to compartmentalize us into brands like they’re at a shopping malls, rendered to objects with defining characteristics that scale your fuckability and worth as a human being. A man’s love is pure objectification and going through your youth dating a scrote who is learning how to grow into his natural parasitic nature will grow even more heartbreak for you. Sounds corny but you can really get the same feeling of euphoria and happiness from good female friendships

No. 2036147

I think when women say “men aren’t the prize they’re really not that great” they’re helping but in reality women who men aren’t attracted to just think “damn, these people are really that bad and even THEY think I’m too repulsive to even talk to. Even these people think they’re better than me.”

No. 2036149

Yeah but most normal healthy people don't really care that much about what happened to them when they were 12 or 13. It's kind of weird and mentally unwell to be past the age of 20 and still waxing poetic about how all the other girls in eighth grade were prettier than you and that's why you're a loser now. Like okay. Maybe it's time to go out into creation and find some new, more adult, problems instead of being obsessed with everything that went wrong for you in junior high. It's just so weird when people blame THEIR poor self-esteem on other people and make it seem like they're a helpless victim to their own mentality.

No. 2036152

Nta but there are girls in their 20s who deal with not getting any male attention too. Like going to a bar with your friends and a guy will buy everyone at the table a drink but you. It’s awkward going out and men have to make a big show about how they want to talk to your friends and want you to go away, it’s even worse because usually the pretty girls don’t pick up on it and thinks he’s just a nice guy buying them drinks. Getting romantic attention in your teens/young adult years builds and breaks yourself esteem as well.

No. 2036153

Idk blog but I had a really great boyfriend throughout high school who was also my best and most reliable friend and never seemed to objectify me, didn't pressure me into ever doing anything sexual even though we dated for years, he wasn't like perfect in every way but he was more kind to me than any friend I'd had before and helped me develop a lot as a person. That actually helped me develop a sense of my worth and how I should be treated so once I went to university I was never really interested in dating or chasing men and had really high standards, even if I had crushes I would instantly stop having a crush if the moids I liked turned out to be gross or objectifying me or otherwise not worth my time. I think there are some men who are able to 'fully' love women I think they're just rare, but getting positive attention from 'nice' and 'loving' moids when you're young has the same effect as getting positive attention from shitty, objectifying moids when you're young - either way you know by the time you reach adulthood that most/other men are not worth wasting your time on. Mostly girls who didn't get any attention at all are the ones who think they will get something really great out of dating men, my most desperate and embarrassing pickme friend in college never dated until she was 22 and when a man showed her any interest she completely lost all self respect, it was sad. She told me once when I was struggling with an unrelated self esteem problem (about struggling in a class) 'the most powerful thing to fix your self esteem is to find a man who looks at you adoringly.' Pickmeism is often quite literally a result of lacking attention from/experience with men.

No. 2036155

Christopher Cross was not that good

No. 2036157

No one said anything about 'caring much' about that time period though, people often have low self esteem as a result of something that happened in adolescence without even consciously realizing it. It seems like this triggered some personal memory in you though since you're talking about people 'waxing poetic' about something and it's certainly not anyone in this thread that's doing it. Therapy also won't help you with that and having low self esteem from a developmentally critical time is quite literally an adult problem.

No. 2036158

I guess I'm just at the point where I don't base my self-image and self-esteem on whether other people are attracted to me. Maybe when I was 16 that's how I thought, but I'm grown up now and I realize the innate immaturity of thinking that way. I think basing self-image and self-esteem on your romantic or sexual escapades is juvenile and not a healthy way to view yourself. It's like you're centring men and casting yourself into the periphery.

No. 2036161

That's nice for you, most women who got romantic attention and had loving parents when they were younger or excelled at things don't base their self-esteem on whether other people are attracted to them in adulthood. That's the whole point. It's a complex people develop specifically because of lacking something other people had in their youth, usually.

No. 2036162

Probably because you had normal learning experiences with men in regards to dating(being asked out to prom, being out in a college night out and a cute guy asks for your number, men not doing weird shit like asking you out as a joke etc). It’s easy to decenter men and preach self love when you’ve already got to experience these things. A lot of women who men are not attracted to were never allowed to engage in these activities and feel like they’re missing out.

No. 2036164

Nta but I think you are missing the point. It’s not about being the object of someone’s sexual or romantic attraction, but about being treated like you’re worth less than your peers because you’re not pretty enough. It’s not about the male attention, it’s about being treated as an obstacle or annoyance just for daring to be in the same space.

No. 2036170

Yeah so if it's a complex it's weird and unhealthy and should be discussed with a therapist kek that's my whole point.
Anon I didn't go to prom and I didn't date anyone until I was 18 and living on my own as an adult. I had a normal adolescence but that's all it was: adolescence. Now that I'm an adult I don't stay up at night thinking about xyz from when I was 16 or blaming my problems on things that happened to me in high school. I have actual real life problems now in the adult world so I don't really have time to spend thinking about high school drama. What I'm saying is it's kind of juvenile and stunted to act like what a 14 year old boy says to you has the power to forever and irreversibly alter your self-image.
If you're above 20 years old you should know that the opinions of retarded scrotes really don't matter and you don't have to care about what they think or let it impact how you live your life to any extent. It's like that classic proverb "haters gonna hate," if someone wants to hate you that's their prerogative and doesn't really have anything to do with you.

No. 2036171

I think it can be both, it can both be feeling like you're worth less/treated like you are worth less and I think it can be just the fact that you have missed out on experiences your peers were having. They might not even be positive experiences but I think a lot of the time even a negative experience that is 'developmentally normal' for your peer group/most people are having has a positive outcome while people who feel 'left out' often struggle.

No. 2036172

So in high school and college no guys asked you out at all?

No. 2036173

i used to get constantly sex pested when i was at teen and it fucked me up. Ballooned up and became as ugly as possible because i did not want attention from boys. nowadays i only feel insecure about my face or body if i am meeting a guy i actually like, otherwise i dont give a shit in my day to day life.

No. 2036175

Why? What's a therapist going to do to help? If there is an obvious 'treatment' for low self esteem you can just post it in the thread, no need to ask a therapist.
Low self esteem and complexes (that you're aware of or not) literally are actual real life problems for adults, believe it or not. People don't need to 'think about' their past in order for their past to have already affected them, and you can't just go back and make the past un-affect you. This is an incredibly simplistic way of thinking and it seems like you don't spend a lot of time observing human behavior at all.

No. 2036177

i feel like women who say this grew up around other women who were competitive for male attention and were vapid. like personally i never cared much for that and maybe it was because my friends also didn't get attention or were attractive so we just focused on other things. don't define your worth around men because that will lead to destruction

No. 2036178

I think you guys are spot on. I was bullied heavily as a kid/teen until I dropped out of high school. Called ugly all the time and asked out as jokes and stuff. In my 20s I have gotten a lot of positive attention, I did some modeling for a hair salon, but I just assume all of this positive attention is a trick like it was back when I was young.

No. 2036179

Most people who try to claim people who were traumatized in their school days need to get over it were most likely bullies and or did fuck up shit themselves when they were young. They cope by saying “omg I was 17 years old when I did that! It was so long ago! Get over it!”. You’d never tell a kid to get over being abused by their parents or adults but they want you to pretend like they didn’t do anything because they were young. It’s a way to gaslight you into thinking you’re immature by being traumatized by bad experiences that happen in middle school and high school so they can wash their hands clean from guilt.

No. 2036180

I don't feel bad for tradthots who get turned against socially. I've seen a lot of picturesque perfect women who do everything perfectly, stay beautiful, pop out tons of kids before 25, be top tier homemakers, etc . As soon as they express a different opinion even if it's harmless regardless of what you are and what you did, in their eyes, you're an evil blue haired lib fem who whored yourself your entire life and a bunch of other nasty stuff, but they'll happily praise childfree single career women who are old if they repeat their own opinions. What men want and what men say they want are two different things - tradthot women shouldn't have wasted their time homemaking or whatever else when all those moids wanted in the first place was female robots who mindlessly agree with everything they say

No. 2036183

Yes, almost every woman I know grew up around other women who were competitive for male attention and were vapid, I think it's pretty unsurprising. A majority of people in the world are vapid.

No. 2036184

No, I had like 3 boyfriends in college but they weren't serious relationships kek, most ended after a year, just normal collegiate experimentation. I don't get what that has to do with anything I'm saying, I feel like your reaching because you feel called out but I didn't mean to be mean-spirited or anything. I'm just saying if you have low self-esteem as an adult and still blame the people you were around when you were a teenager, maybe it would be beneficial to work through those feelings in therapy.

My whole point is, if I let a man, any man, have such control over my mind and my life that his response or attitude towards me can dictate how I feel and think about myself: that would be retarded and I could not accept living a life like that. That's just unthinkable to me. I think that would constitute a mental issue that I'd have to sort with a therapist. I could not exist if my mind was so centred around men that their opinions of me could make or break me.
Kek believe it or not therapy can help improve self-esteem and self-image. I know it sounds crazy but you can ask a therapist yourself and they'll be very informative about it.

No. 2036185

My experience with it is that I am not longer even able to have any sexual or romantic feelings towards scrotes. I don’t bother having crushes because I’m like “what’s the point he’s not going to like me anyway?”. So yeah being told I’m ugly and manly everyday did fuck my brain up.

No. 2036186

I LITERALLY wrote that it had nothing to do with the actual attention, but being treated like shit because you are not considered attractive enough, something of course a lot female peers can do as well in similar fashion but since moids are the biggest offenders (and topic of discussion at this point) I focused on that. Being treated like dirt for no reason would mess up anyone, especially when you are young and are the women around you get treated much differently because they reach some set standard you struggle to meet.

No. 2036188

I actually do feel bad for the 'trad' women who do all that shit before 25 and then get dumped, because most of them come from really cult-like religiously brainwashing families and are still too young and inexperienced when they get married to find a way out of the cult. I feel way less bad for women who go 'trad' when they're late-20s or older, but girls who started popping out babies at 18 I legitimately feel sorry for.

No. 2036189

Why don’t you think that a place that you spent 99% of your time during your developmental years would have no impact on how your brain is formed or how you think? Kids spend more time at school than with their parents and people want to say “omg it’s so immature to let what happened to you at a place you spent 99% of your time”.

No. 2036190

i just think it's so sad though. women are taught from a young age that this is important and should be a priority. it's so liberating once you realize how pointless it all is

No. 2036191

Yeah so if it messed you up then work through it as an adult and come to terms with it, don't keep complaining about it while doing nothing to change it. If you're 25 still feeling bad about stuff that happened to you when you were 13 that's abnormal and you should try to move on with help from support systems and therapists.

No. 2036193

Nta but you wouldn’t tell a woman she should get over her parents calling her fat and unflattering everyday so why do you think she could get over it just because it happened at school?

No. 2036194

No one in the thread even 'blamed the people they were around' they just mentioned that girls who get no romantic attention tend to develop low self esteem. No one 'blamed' anyone specific and honestly I'm starting to think >>2036179 is right and you're reacting so defensively because you feel bad about something you did to a classmate around that age. All your highly specific verbiage about 'waxing poetic' and 'blaming people who did things to you when you were kids' sounds like it's from a completely different conversation and like it's referring to something personal.

Women who develop complexes or low self esteem over a matter of years because they lack certain common developmental experiences are not letting 'a man' dictate their life or control their mind. An entire several years' worth of experiences is not 'a man.'

I don't believe therapy usually improves self-esteem - if it did and there was a reliable way to do that there would be no need to 'ask a therapist' as the information would be widely available and possible for people to use themselves without visiting any therapists.

No. 2036197

You are aware that developmental years span longer than when you’re only 12-13, right? I guess you tell people that suffered mental illness or bullying to fucking get over it too?

No. 2036198

religious families party - they're also constantly spammed and bombared with people swearing up and down they'll regret. not having kids young, they'll be the happiest person in the world, etc

No. 2036199

It is sad, but unironically most of the women I know including myself who had 'normal' high school experiences (got male attention, had hobbies and friend groups, etc) are the ones who realize male attention and attention whoring is pointless by the time they're in their 20s, whereas the girls who never had those 'normal' experiences in high school seemed stuck and seemed to crave those experiences more and for longer, at older ages. So I actually think having the 'normal' childhood is more likely to be liberating because you're more likely to get over it and move on faster.

No. 2036200

Actually I would tell that woman that.
>Hey, I know your parents were really cruel to you growing up, I can see it still affects you now. I think it would be a good idea to work through these complex feelings with a dedicated professional, instead of letting what happened to you in your youth rule over you into your adulthood. Change is possible, I believe in you and I know you can make strides on improving your self-image.
Why would I want that woman to stew in her negative feelings? Life is about moving on from things and growing.
>I don't believe therapy usually improves self-esteem - if it did and there was a reliable way to do that there would be no need to 'ask a therapist' as the information would be widely available and possible for people to use themselves without visiting any therapists.
Not to be mean but this sounds really really dumb.

No. 2036202

Her specific focus on ages 12-13, 'don't blame other people for your problems' and other things she said makes me think she feels guilty about something she did when she was 12-13 and is couching it in this 'general' language because the idea many girls don't fully recover from childhood bullying struck a nerve with her for some reason.

No. 2036204

No they shouldn’t stew in them but you’re painting it like people who are bothered by things that happened to them in school are immature and need to just get over because it happened then they were kids

No. 2036206

Do you have anything more useful or specific to say than 'this sounds really really dumb' or do you just not have any adequate response to my opinion?

No. 2036209

Well, yeah. They do need to get over it. That's the point of growing up. People who are THAT affected by their youths are stunted and emotionally stuck and need to work through their thoughts and issues to grow up and mature. It's like, if someone goes through a rough childhood they aren't a lost cause. They can always turn their lives around and move on.
If you think therapy doesn't work because "if it did then I could do it if I read about it online!" that's just dumb I can't help dumb I'm sorry.

No. 2036211

A lot of bullies cope by telling themselves the fucked up shit they said and did to people doesn’t count anymore because they were kids then feel attacked when they see “oh wow the shit I did to those people as a kid actually did have an impact and they didn’t just forget about it like I did”. I noticed any time a bully is called out for their past actions the first thing they do is give a half assed apology and then try to make you feel dumb because it happened 5 years ago kek

No. 2036214

If you think me saying people need to move on with their lives and work through the difficult things that happened in childhood is because I was a bully in high school, I really don't know what to tell you. I guess take some aspirin from reaching so hard? No but seriously my high school experience was just boring and normal, wasn't bullied too harshly nor was I bullying others. I just think if someone is stuck on their past they shouldn't let it consume them and they should work through it, which I did not expect to be an unpopular opinion but alas this is the troll thread after all.

No. 2036217

Idk, growing up I went to multiple different therapists for low self esteem and they all basically said "just get over it" which, is some pretty shit advice that I paid couple hundred dollars for kek. One even told me I'm spoiled and ungrateful so, yeah. There really isn't a magic cure for this stuff. It's just a reason why some women have low self esteem, dwelling on that doesn't help of course but I really do believe being treated like I was disgusting growing up set me up for permanent low self esteem.

No. 2036218

I have very good reasons for thinking therapy doesn't work, the main reason being that it's been shown not to work. But I'm saying that if there was an easy and simple treatment for 'self esteem issues' that worked for everyone and could be accomplished just by talking to a stranger (therapist) for a few hours, this highly effective cure for self esteem issues should have been described somewhere. Or are you saying therapists just use 'random' methods to effectively improve self esteem?

No. 2036221

You keep acting like you're in denial about the fact that a phrase of brain development isn't just something that can be 'gotten over,' your brain is permanently altered. You can continue to change and develop your personality and cognitive habits but the key developmental period for your brain and the structural and cognitive changes you develop then are a key, and basically permanent, part of your personality and life history. It is weird and unrealistic to act like the 5-7 most important years of your life for brain development are just something you can quickly 'get over,' like you're a transformer and shed your previous form magically at the age of eighteen.

Also you're talking about how people should 'act like adults' but apparently the way they should do this is to go to a random stranger to be told how to think and feel.

No. 2036223

Again not to be mean but likewise I've gone to shitty therapists and good ones alike and the difference of care is palpable. I was also told I was spoiled and ungrateful by a therapist as a teen too, but I actually thought about what the therapist said and I realized I was acting spoiled and I wasn't acting grateful for my life and it spurred me to change and to grow. Not every therapist is gonna hold your hand, and they shouldn't do that to begin with. I think the best therapists are the ones that aren't gonna bullshit you and will engage in provocative conversations and tell you things that maybe you aren't ready to hear. If you're still struggling with your self-esteem into your adulthood, I'd seriously suggest joining a support group or trying to find a better therapist or counsellor to help you work through your issues.
Again I can't help with dumb, I'm sorry. You're just stuck in some echo chamber and no matter what I say you're not gonna hear me anyway over your own echos. All the best.

No. 2036229

I went to a therapist to discuss self esteem issues. Long story short was fighting with a boyfriend about a past girlfriend he would not stop name dropping so when he was drunk I got on his phone went to his fb messages and found his ex disparaging me with embellished information I had told my therapist who coincidentally is that cunt's friend. I didn't screenshot the messages I got immediately angry and the scrote took his phone back. I did not report the therapist I stopped going to her and bad mouthed her around my hometown. Therapy can be a load of shit. Therapists can be jaded in their jobs and gossip about clients. I now wouldn't seek out a local therapist due to privacy fears. Also I found most of what was told to be blatantly obvious. My self esteem issues came from family abandonment and an abusive upbringing so I need to be confident to stand on my own two feet. It's hard, I get burnt out easily, I'm sensitive, I self reflect and if anything the therapist set me back on my trust issues lol

No. 2036231

You’re wasting thousands of dollars on therapy for something that happened to you as a child? Just get over it. That’s very immature.

No. 2036232

File: 1717554213922.png (207.74 KB, 786x724, therapy1.png)

Yes I was stuck in the 'echo chamber' of Clinical Psyc graduate classes with a bunch of people who are now 'therapists' who I unfortunately knew and talked to daily for many years, I know they don't have any 'solutions' for self esteem because they openly admit they don't. You'll only get that admission out of a therapist if they regard you as a peer, and not a 'client' aka lower being, in which case they will pretend to know some magical methods to help you that don't actually exist.

Maybe the published data can convince you (imgrel)

No. 2036233

so you are in an echo chamber? kek

No. 2036234

It was my dad's money and fuck knows how much it cost but it always finished with her relieving my tension with a massage. Until I realised she was a shit stirring cunt I use to look forward to my weekly chat

No. 2036235

nayrt but can you translate what you highlighted for those of us who are retarded

No. 2036239

I don't think you understood my post anon, lmao.

Yes. No therapy in the meta-analysis (of 71 randomized controlled trials) worked better than placebo. The only thing that worked better than placebo was fluoxetine alone, or fluoxetine plus CBT (which worked the same amount, suggesting the CBT doesn't add anything). None of other the drug interventions worked better than placebo either although that's somewhat irrelevant. 7 different types of psychotherapy were investigated. This is from the Lancet btw, widely regarded as the world's best medical journal: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32563306/

No. 2036240

File: 1717554545945.jpg (220.87 KB, 1438x728, Screenshot_20240604_211518_Fir…)

Women have to be psyop'd into wanting to have children. There is nothing intrinsically appealing about it, all the rewards are lizardbrained chemical or societal copes. All mom groups converge to engage in joint coping. Postpartum depression = postpartum clarity. There's a reason wealthy women pay someone else to birth and raise if possible, and we would pass on those too if we could. We are shackled to the cycle of life and it's not even fun.

No. 2036244

Nonny, for the last time, reproduction is an innate desire and not every single woman in the world is going to die giving birth, we talk about this like every thread. Also, this specific lady didn't "lose her arms and legs during child birth" she had a Cesarian birth surgery and she experienced severe medical neglect which resulted in her becoming infected with sepsis, then losing her arms and legs. She did not lose her arms and legs from giving birth kek. She lost her arms and legs from a severe illness that could've been easily prevented.

No. 2036245

I'm sorry that you went through that, that's really fucked up and I get why you aren't comfortable with therapists anymore. I said therapy a lot in my posts, but I think self-work and introspection is also very beneficial. It sounds like you targeted your areas of issue and worked through them, which is what I wish everyone would do. I think even you admitting that it's hard and burns you out easily is really brave, because it shows that you're still working at it and striving to get better. I really do think that moving through something is much better than being stuck in something.
I don't read your posts so I can't respond, but I just wanted to say stop trying to engage with me because I'm not engaged. If you wanna cry about how therapy isn't real or whatever you can do that, but I'm not gonna be reading it. All the best.

No. 2036253

Tired of people telling others to go to therapy as if it’s some magical cure and it isn’t a field full of misconduct, lies, greediness and corruption kek. My therapist turned into an absolute cunt when I opened up to her about my intense fear of my autistic brother becoming a mass shooter because of his violent tweets. I got so frustrated I stopped going to her, they are nothing but overpaid narcissistic careerists trying to collect info on you, reinforce the status quo through government and corporate incentive and to feel better than the downtrodden. Hate them so much

No. 2036255

I never believed in therapy it was pushed on me by my narc dad who only shows up periodically in my life to dangle his wealth and maybe throw me a few bones if I'm performing to standard. He is not satisfied with my career or disposition he hates my sensitive nature. He gave off to me last week about being overly worried about everyone else's opinion and then ended the conversation by saying how successful his friends kids are and he just wishes he could tell his friends I'm a doctor or something. I very much have not worked through my issues. The ex girlfriend called me a poor little rich girl. I have all the status of having a rich father yet can go years without seeing him. I'll get stopped by people that work or have worked for him asking after him and I have to keep up a pretense we are close. Like how's a therapist suppose to help I'm related to a narc

No. 2036257

Yeah I truly wish we could stop cycling through this discussion at least 1-2x per unpopular opinions thread, it's beating a dead horse. We get it already some women think pregnancy is gross and horrifying and can't understand why most women follow their innate biological desire to reproduce. Other women follow their innate biological desire to reproduce and therefore feel like the horrible side effects of pregnancy are not in and of themselves good enough reason to discourage them. This is getting to the point of sounding like an argument between lesbians and straight women where the lesbian women say 'how could straight women be straight' and the straight women say 'how can lesbians be lesbian' and then it comes up again every other day.

No. 2036259

Lol so you were happy to call me dumb and claim I'm in an echo chamber until I provided you with hard evidence that what you're saying is total bullshit, and now you suddenly don't have time for the conversation anymore. Don't think I'm the one crying rn. Also zoomers learn to read more than one sentence at a time challenge

No. 2036261

Jesus, what was her justification for being rude to you about being concerned by your brother's tweets? Lol I'd think any mental health professional would be happy that crazy autists have someone worrying about them and keeping an eye on their behavior.

No. 2036262

In catholic countries like Ireland it used to be the common practice to have unmarried pregnant women and girls sent away to ‘laundries’ where they would be forced to work up until they gave birth. Then their children would be taken away from them and either put up for adoption or neglected until they died.

No. 2036263

Thank you nona

No. 2036269

Yeah but Ireland had a very specific situation of the Magdalene Laundries which was a pseudo-slave camp type situation, I don't think that attitude is considered normal in most other Catholic countries in Europe, anyway. Abandoning single unmarried mothers or using them as worker-slaves was also common practice for hundreds of years all over the protestant parts of the UK as well and seems to be deeply engrained in British culture.

No. 2036271

Nta but if you ever get a boymom therapist they will never understand.

No. 2036273

Again, I'm not really reading what you're saying after the first few words and I realize it's you. There's no point in trying to infight or whatever I'm not gonna engage with you more than this.

No. 2036274

>she had a Cesarian birth surgery and she experienced severe medical neglect which resulted in her becoming infected with sepsis
I’ve read the article and she already had an infection and that brought on early labour. The reason why her limbs were amputated was because the medication she was put on was affecting the blood flow to her limbs, not because of the infection.

No. 2036277

File: 1717556590370.png (248.96 KB, 816x869, depression2.png)

Even when therapies are conducted 'properly' they can still cause harm because a lot of the ideas behind it are just not good ideas and the people that came up with them don't fully know or understand what they're doing. Here's another example in this case a paper discussing how child mental health interventions can actually cause more mental health issues: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/bjpsych-bulletin/article/do-no-harm-can-school-mental-health-interventions-cause-iatrogenic-harm/9F00E6568F642ECFA559815915F77B8C

No. 2036295

I'm going to hell for this but some of my personal cows are this group of special needs people that live in my area who air their dirty laundry on Facebook. The particularly heinous one is a downie girl who attacks everyone and makes multiple accounts to harass others. The assumption all disabled people are sweet little angels needs to die. It's no wonder the parents of some of them want to secretly late abort

No. 2036296

Therapy is fake and gay because people treat it like seeing a village mystic seer but instead of frog leg potions it's fucking ssris lmao. Also they have no incentive to help you, fixing you means losing a customer so all they do is just rehash your problems so you never stop thinking about them.

No. 2036301

Don't wanna um akshully you but you're thinking of psychiatry. Therapists can't prescribe meds. Either way though I agree. Most psychs are pill pushers who don't listen. The therapy industry is at its absolute worst now that milennials are in the field

No. 2036306

When I was going through therapy friends and family were saying i was worse and kept ruminating over things I had already made progress on and was keeping me stuck, anx honestly I agree. If therapy is a science, why do they need to probe into private details you can easily say I suffered this abuse or maybe question things that aren't so blatant but like, how do you treat the anxiety specifically and the depression can anything rewire my brain chemistry or is it better to live and let live in which case why the fuck do I need therapy and not focus elsewhere

No. 2036308

A bisexual person, if they settle down, is literally picking a side. You're either going to be in a straight relationship or a gay one, even if you yourself are not straight. And so, if you're a bisexual person married to the opposite sex, there's not really much point in putting that information out there and having corny pride merch, this information is only really relevant in the context of dating.

No. 2036312

TBH a lot of developmentally disabled people have really severely impaired social understanding and moral compass which is unsurprising considering they are.. not cognitively normal. Some of the sped kids at our school would constantly break out of class to molest girls in the girls bathrooms, they got a free pass and the girls were told to 'accept their apology' and then shake hands and 'be friends' because they're such poor innocent little monsters that don't understand they're not supposed to pull their dick out and break into the toilet stalls in the girls bathroom.

No. 2036314

it only "works" if you have zero support system and need to overpay some jackass to do the job that your partner or close friends should've been doing. Therapy capitalizes on women who have emotionally neglectful partners

No. 2036315

Lmao exactly nonna, although therapists don't prescribe SSRIs, psychiatrists do. But I agree in general that both fields amount to 'seeing the village mystic' most of the time. At best you're going to get a particularly wise and insightful village mystic and at worst you get some narcissistic quack who steals your money wastes your time and makes your life even worse. There is no standard for the profession either which is what 'I'm covering my ears and not reading your messages nona neener neener you're the one crying' anon didn't seem to understand was my point, if there was some standardized correct or scientifically validated methodology for therapy then it would be widely known and available but it's just whatever your particular village mystic thinks will work at the time so there's basically no best practices or professional standards beyond 'don't leak patient info' (they all do it anyway) and 'report crimes.'

No. 2036318

If it helps nonna there's absolutely no evidence that depression and anxiety have anything to do with 'badly wired brain chemistry,' they are usually just your body and brain telling you there is something wrong in your life whether that be a physical issue, your environment, etc. Just like physical pain which is a symptom of something mental pain is usually a symptom of something too and despite decades of research we can't find any evidence for that 'something' having to do specifically with 'wrong brain chemistry. '

No. 2036321

That triggered a memory when I was in my first year of school I went to the bathroom and an unknown older boy pupil honestly no idea what age that kicked the stall door open and kicked me there. He ran out. I was in shock and sore and went back and told the teacher a boy kicked me and my pee had blood. He had cut me I honestly can't remember my memory goes bad but I have no idea if the boy was caught I wouldn't have been able to pick him out and I vaguely remember my dad going mental in the school office before i went home or to the doctor no idea. Maybe that boy was a retard we had a special Ed class

No. 2036322

I generally agree but people don't necessarily settle down 'permanently' even if they want to or are hoping to, so I can see how some women might want to stay connected to a community of other same sex attracted women if their relationship with their moid breaks down eventually or whatever. No need for pride merch or whatever but I kind of get why bisexuals hang out more with other SSA people even if they're straight-partnered.

No. 2036327

YES omg. They make you dwell on upsetting shit that has happened to you so you stay depressed and can't move on

No. 2036335

oh wow, there must be multiple different articles about this but once again, another case of medical negligence resulting in mothers being harmed beyond repair. sorry for responding so late kek

No. 2036347

the world has a weird obsession with subconciously "punishing" women for having sex and therefore ending up pregnant, whether it be intentional or not - it's like men get non-stop free passes because he's just a man of course he wanted to have sex! women? nope should've kept your legs closed

No. 2036380

File: 1717562822033.jpg (87.38 KB, 870x450, How-Fenty-Beauty-changed-the-g…)

Companies who offer inclusive shade ranges do not care about non-pale clientele. They just want to make more money. It is the same as "vegan" items. Not that being inclusive is a terrible thing, but acting as if those companies truly gaf is comical.

No. 2036383

Jeez, I guess us child sex abuse survivors should just continue hiding our trauma, then, huh?

No. 2036384

NTAYRT but what does that have to do with what she said? Of course you shouldn't have to 'hide' your trauma.

No. 2036386

Nta but actually yes. Sometimes not thinking about it and forgetting about it and just moving on is the best practical solution ever. And ofcourse getting away from the environment and people who remind you of it. Usually the reason you'd dwell on that stuff is being around places and people and in situations that remind you of it. Once you leave it all you may start feeling better. And if it caused you to develop some behavior/pattern/specific thoughts/feelings you don't like, you can figure out a way to change that and fix it as long as you're conscious about it. Distractions in a healthy dose are good for this. I haven't experienced what you've gone through though, so sorry if this sounds insensitive, but I did go through child abuse and still go through some abuse from my family as an adult since I can't leave the house yet, and found these techniques the most helpful in my situation because I can't afford or access therapy and all those medications, and I do think it won't change anything anyways so it's not like I'm missing out on it. I especially find engaging and indulging in hobbies and interests and going out with friends for a meal and a walk very helpful in making things feel better, and I guess this is a bit of an unpopular opinion but some consoomerism here and there doesn't hurt sometimes.

No. 2036390

> if it caused you to develop some behavior/pattern/specific thoughts/feelings you don't like, you can figure out a way to change that and fix it as long as you're conscious about it
>as long as you're conscious about it
You have no clue how sexual trauma works, do you.

No. 2036393

I know some CSA victims who openly talk about it with friends and other close family, and some even successfully reported to police and got their abusers punished, but don't go to therapy. I don't know why therapy is the only option other than hiding trauma.

I was just browsing the bad therapy experiences thread someone bumped and a bunch of women were talking about male therapists obviously getting off on their trauma or literally suggesting they become sex workers, I would not trust a male stranger at least with that kind of info (and possibly not a female stranger either as the type of women likely to go into therapy often want power over others).

No. 2036396

Sorry, I don't, I was just going off my own situation where I caught myself doing or saying things that remind me of my own trauma and I try to change that about myself. I already said that I have no similar experience and I apologized for that. You can explain it to me if you want to but you don't have to.
That's really unfortunate. I also think female therapists are usually libfem types who support trooning women out to "fix them" and stuff like that. Therapy in general seems to be easily influenced by opinions and personal biases which is why I doubt it. Your best bet is going to a senior, old fashioned more serious therapist if one really needs that.
On a slightly related tangent, I remembered this video of some rock band guy going to therapy and the therapist was an African man, like actually from an African country, and he talked to him about African rituals and fatherhood, the rock band man was abandoned by his father and stuff, and the therapist's idea to help him out with it was making him scream and cry in front of a camera? Weird ass therapy session. Why even film that? It was kinda uncomfortable to watch as well, I thought they were gonna have a serious conversation or something but nah. All the things they discussed were super surface level and common sense/obvious.

No. 2036398

>Sometimes not thinking about it and forgetting about it and just moving on is the best practical solution ever.
Gee, who knew the way to stop having nightmares about being raped or having intimacy issues with your partners because you still feel his disgusting hands on your body or feeling undressed whenever men look at you are easy to overcome by just deciding to not think about it? Why didn't I think of doing that before! Thanks nonna for that nugget of wisdom!

No. 2036400

Nonna therapy doesn't fix PTSD flashbacks though, no one even pretends it does. There is one promising treatment I know of for PTSD which is MDMA guided therapy where you go on a lot of hallucinogenic drug and then a team of people talks you through the traumatic memories, other than this no other kind of therapy has shown any efficacy for PTSD and trust me I have looked. Unironically trying not to think about it too much helped me more than anything else although I would be willing to try the MDMA treatment if it was ever legally available.

No. 2036405

>therapy doesn't fix PTSD flashbacks though
It did for me.

No. 2036406

There is good and there is bad therapy, and no you don't have to take meds if you don't want to. Painting all therapy in the same brush and discarding it without trying it is the same as old fuck boomers who say they "don't believe in psychology" and just tell you to get over it.

No. 2036419

What kind of therapy was that? That's interesting because studies never have better than placebo/normal course-of-treatment results for any PTSD therapies. It's considered one of the most impossible mental illnesses to treat.

No actually people who don't like therapy sound like someone of their own age who doesn't believe it works, and no one ever demands that I try smudging or crystal healing or hanging myself upside down over a waterfall first to 'see' whether it works.

No. 2036431

Yeah, just like you don't need to try physiotherapy after you've had an injury to "see" if it works either right? You're lucky you don't know what having PTSD is like.

No. 2036439

Iirc not thinking about it is an actual therapy technique, where whenever you catch yourself thinking the unwanted thought, you distract yourself until it never occurs to you again. Sorry it didn't work for you, but that's not my problem.

No. 2036440

I have PTSD lol.

Physiotherapy has tons of evidence suggesting it is effective, unlike therapy.

No. 2036452

>source: I made it the fuck up

No. 2036467

if you have ptsd you should give the person who gave you it ptsd right back.

No. 2036471

No I didn't make it up, are you asking me to spoonfeed you? You're the one repeatedly claiming it's super effective and comparing it to physiotherapy.

I don't know if it's a common therapy technique since most common therapeutic approaches for PTSD actually involve specifically focusing on and trying to 'reprocess' the trauma but personally trying not to think about it and distracting myself from flashbacks was effective for my flashbacks and most other symptoms, unfortunately I still have sleep issues.

No. 2036678

I do not give 2 shits about eugenia cooney

No. 2036682

>makeup companies don’t care about black women
Duh. None of these companies care about women or anyone. If they did they wouldn’t be selling makeup and running sweat shops.

No. 2036791

They only care about money. It might be different now but when I still used foundation in my teens I could never get a light and cool enough foundation at the drugstore because that was the other end of the "extreme" that didn't sell well.

Makeup companies inherently don't give a shit about their clientele because they need you to be insecure and hate yourself to sell their products.

No. 2036808

Gambling is the most retarded "addiction." Burning money with ZERO chance of making profits just because it triggers adrenaline is such a masculine trait. You're literally letting your hormones dictate your life and thinking with your saggy little balls. I feel no pity for gamblers

No. 2036815

Would you be okay with men letting hormones dictate their lives if they thought with taut big balls?

No. 2036818

If they did, there would be no more gambling only giving their wallets to random women.

No. 2036839

I've been thinking this too recently, it look weird and I feel like they're almost never used in scenes that give them a lot of meaning, it's just distracting and obnoxious

No. 2036846

I think women’s rights should be reserved to a few select women and nobody else. The rest should be left to fester alone with the men they “love” so much, women’s right is just incompatible with the heterosexual woman’s mind that dominates most of human female consciousness. No woman who willingly beds with their oppressor while claiming they are oppressed by the same sex of the person they bed every night should be able to enjoy the rights that were fought by women who were able to sacrifice themselves and break free from their conditioning. This type of cognitive dissonance mirrors an MK ultra victim, not a duly actualized human being in control of their own destiny. If you are willing to hand your own destiny to oppressors until the end of all time, then you shouldn’t get rights honestly(bait)

No. 2036847

File: 1717596667361.png (107.67 KB, 275x210, 424C370E-A351-4E40-9D52-2B9571…)

Looks are important in relationships. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. Yeah no shit you can’t base a relationship entirely on looks but not being actually attracted to your partner leads to being miserable. They always tell on themselves whenever they give a little speech about how their Nigel is soooo much better than some hot moid because even though he’s ugly he’s nice and sticks around. Majority of people are aware they’re not 10/10 models, and most of us don’t end up with them either. They tell on themselves because when you’re truly in love with someone, even if they’re not the best looking objectively, they become the best looking to you. People truly in love don’t need to make a whole spiel about how all the things that make up for their partner’s ugliness because they don’t even register their partners as ugly. If you have to look past your partner’s ugliness why are you even wasting their time. It’s embarrassing how much people settle in order not to be alone.

No. 2036862

I'm curious how you expect to square that away with the fact that most first wave feminists were married. To moids.

No. 2036869

File: 1717597375898.jpeg (39.83 KB, 664x350, IMG_1778.jpeg)

No. 2036870

I don’t know what that has to do with the later generations of feminists who had time to learn, those women clearly were at the starting point so of course they were chained to scrotes. What is our proper excuse? There is none, we can’t hide our failures anymore, we’ve squandered the very little those women have fought for.
Twitterfag meme. Opinion discarded

No. 2036873

So how do you decide when a women gains and loses her rights? Does a woman lose the right to own property when she gets married? Does she forego her credit card if she dates a male? Does she starts with no rights and gain them the longer she's moid-free, or does she start with full rights and lose them the more time she spends around males? Why is this only for women who fraternize with moids but not women who birth moids after receiving IVF? Surely you recognize that there's no way to implement this without setting all women back.

No. 2036878

They’re included plus IVF is expensive and most women don’t go through that route. And yup to all of that, don’t care what happens they just have to learn the hard way. Maybe if they will be able to experience what women experienced back then it will maybe finally open their fucking eyes to get to the root of the problem. It has nothing to do with equality to begin with, we are not equal to men in any capacity. First-wave feminism was near-sighted and mirrors the problems that fourth-wave feminism has, trying to obtain privileges in a system (capitalism) where your oppression is inherently built into, feminists for some reason don’t want themselves to understand this basic fact

No. 2036886

>They’re included plus IVF is expensive and most women don’t go through that route.
kek that's the only way they're going to be able to have children if they want to maintain their rights nonners. otherwise they gotta get with a moid the old fashioned way and most mothers are not going to forego her rights just to ensure she can have children. doing so is detrimental to her children's future.
>we are not equal to men in any capacity
correct. we're better than men in every capacity that isn't raw brute strength.
girl our problems go way deeper than capitalism. males currently have more capital than women (an inequality that would get worse if you rolled back women's rights) and they have rape ape tard strength. you want actual equality? cripple all moids so they can't lord their strength over women and children.

No. 2036891

Males should be legally mandated to have their paws hidden away. They're literally mini penises, put on a glove you whore

No. 2036894

are you the person who can't stop making horny posts everywhere? do you have psychological problems? in the words of sanic: just jerk off.

No. 2036909

Yes exactly. I actually checked the old threads after that and remembered how much of a pro-ana she is, so there is a kind of justice in the constant nitpicking. I'm pretty sure that if she was more open about her edgy/blunt side (her alt accounts) she would have been way more likeable. She could have even been a farmer kek

No. 2036922

There can be multiple horny people in one website, anon.

No. 2036942

If I was being offered millions of dollars to press a button that would wipe out the entire Middle East I would do it in a heartbeat. Don’t care about Palestine, hope it plunges(bait)

No. 2036956

Nuke some of shittiest cultures on earth AND get millions of dollars? Literally win-win situation.

No. 2036959

I don’t care if girls over the age of 18 decide to date older men or do porn. I would only care if I had my own kids but I’m not having kids so I don’t care about anyone else’s adult children. If I see a young coworker flirting with an older coworker I’m not going to say anything or try to warn her. She’s a grown woman at 18 so her mistakes are her own problem. I’m sure her scrote will be abusive and predatory but i literally do not care because it’s not my life or drama to deal with. Women who try to interfere with these situations with girls who aren’t even related to them don’t make sense to me. Mind your business and let them do them, it’s not your job to play momma bear for random girls.

No. 2036973

Thats the position the president is in yet he somehow refuses to do such thing. Proof that he truly is dying of dementia.

No. 2036976

Looking good will make you feel good. It’s rarely possible to be fat and dress like shit and be happy everyday

No. 2036980

Being fat results from the same problems (bad diet, medical issues) that make someone feel bad. But as for dressing badly, that only makes you feel bad if you live in third person.

No. 2037002

It's "if I WERE" WERE WERE not WUZ holy shit you sound dumb

No. 2037008

I feel like a lot of people don't consider that for some of us, our only chance to leave an worse situation at home was to get with an older guy who could provide transportation & money. I stayed with a guy like this when I was 18 and as soon as I was able to drive at 21 I dumped him. My parents forced me to attend college with my SAer and did not want me to drive because they were lazy and were also afraid of me gaining independence from them. I don't regret my experience because it ultimately gave me the ability to pursue freedom. I'm low contact/no contact with my family now. It was so difficult wrenching myself away when my family wanted to keep me at home. My other two sisters are still stuck at home with no end in sight. Unfortunately, one has been abused by a man, but they don't know how to utilize men to escape. We live in a HCOL area so it is not possible to move out on a minimum wage alone (especially if you don't have a car).

No. 2037010

No offense but After what you described you had options than running off with a scrote

No. 2037015

File: 1717606641583.webp (69.27 KB, 446x270, IMG_1124.webp)

I literally don’t care who dies there, man or woman. Fuck them
He needs to give the right call immediately
>t. crying little sperg getting upset at a mistake they could simply ignore (bait)

No. 2037016

What options? I could not drive, the man who sexually abused me as a child was driving me to school per my parents' orders, a job would not have supported me to be able to live anywhere else in the area, and it is very difficult to make friends at college if you can't drive and live over an hour away from it. As soon as I got my license (and I learned to drive from my older bf) I dumped him and was able to make friends and all that because I could drive.

No. 2037017

you shouldn't post pictures of yourself on anonymous imageboards

No. 2037023

If you live in the USA a you can….
>get a job and save up around 20k within one year(since you lived with your parents worrying about spending money on bills wouldn’t be an issue, therefore everything you make can go into a savings account)
>buy a car and teach yourself how to drive. You don’t need to have a license to buy a car. Just don’t drive retarded enough for cops to stop you.
>get roommates from Craigslist(this is what I did back in 2008 and idk if it’s the same anymore)or bumble bff

As an uggo with disabilities who no guys wanna date I can never take women seriously when they claim they went with shitty scrotes for money/shelter because as an uggo finding a man to mooch on was never an option so I had to think of creative ways to survive. This is why I know it’s a lazy persons excuse. Depending on scrotes for money should only be used in extreme situations like you live in a 3rd world country or you have a terminal illness that prevents you from working.

No. 2037055

AYRT, therapy for C-PTSD and trauma. Talking about my experiences helped me process what had happened. I used to have nightmares of men hurting me, or nightmares with just… very unsettling atmospheres, like I was in danger. But ever since I completed my therapy sessions, every time my SAer shows up in a dream, regardless of the situation, I become angry and call them a pedophile, hurt them, fight back, etc. It's fucking great.

No. 2037057

What would you suggest for someone who can't get a job because of a lack of public transportation or job opportunity in the area? That's the reality of a lot of people trapped in the suburbs. I'm pretty much locked to a few locations near me and I'd love to get a better paying job but everything is so spread out. Rideshare services are so expensive too, it doesn't feel worth it to work when half of your day's pay went to Uber or whatever.

No. 2037071

Get any shitty job in fast food and save up for a car. Take anything you can get and don’t be picky. Only take jobs that are day shift so you can ride your bike to work if you don’t feel comfortable riding your bike at night and dress warm because that bike will be your transportation in blizzards and rain.

No. 2037138

>Burning money with ZERO chance of making profits just because it triggers adrenaline is such a masculine trait.
It’s funny you say that, since the stereotypical gambling addicts are old ladies wasting their pensions and savings.

No. 2037170

File: 1717614327589.png (859.18 KB, 2130x1466, 6r6mll9c5s8c1.png)

I guess? The recent changes in how people gamble have been interesting though. I remember betting on football games being a niche thing years ago but now every low iq man I know wants to "invest" in draft kings and get rich kek. In my mind the stereotypical gambler is a moid addicted to sports betting or other dumb online casino games, there seems to be a lot of them.

No. 2037282

File: 1717619860158.jpeg (40.16 KB, 501x501, IMG_1133.jpeg)

I never realized until now how scrotey this character was. Cutting off her face and only showing her cleavage, yeah this was definitely objectification at work

No. 2037288

nta but did you read anything the anon said? in burbs most fast food places are multi-hour long walks, and thats IF they hire you - fast food and local retail has job acceptance rates of like 2-8%, these places are notorious for ghosting up majority of applicants

No. 2037289

>Get any shitty job in fast food
>Only take jobs that are day shift
These are mutually exclusive you don’t know what you’re talking about

No. 2037300

If you can only buy things from a store when they’re having a sale, or you ONLY use the clearance rack, then you shouldn’t shop at that store. Save your money and go to Goodwill.

No. 2037302

>Pretending like goodwill isn't selling dollar tree crap for 10 dollars and half used things of toiletries for 20

No. 2037304

Anons should be banned from giving any sort of financial advice on here. I've seen actual elementary school children give better financial advice than most anons

No. 2037306

I mean the cartoon had a whole episode about an evil feminist that the Powerpuffs had to defeat so

No. 2037309

>but anon you don't get it, she's such a strong character and she's super smart, she's a good role model for the girls and she's the true mayor, stop being such a feminist killjoy!1
Some pickme out there probably.

No. 2037316

you just hate feminine women

No. 2037318

File: 1717621999976.webp (29.08 KB, 450x450, Madame_Carp_%28Barbie_as_the_P…)

it's exhausting, men are allowed to be ugly/old and successful in media and still portrayed as good, the only time they portray old or ugly women as successful is if she's a villan

No. 2037323

I mean the cutting off the frame at the head thing was a thing in cartoons back then. Cow and Chicken's parents are shown the exact same way as Ms. Bellum.

No. 2037324

No. 2037326

File: 1717622376248.jpg (119.79 KB, 1200x833, 1200.jpg)


No. 2037330

you have demonized the feminine so a femme queen is “invalid” to you just bc she is femme. like i said you just hate feminine women

No. 2037333

File: 1717622638326.jpeg (72.87 KB, 729x576, BB3AC267-32E7-44C7-8006-7BE9BC…)

Nta but she’s the only adult who never gets to show her face in the show?

No. 2037334

im not >>2037282 but you're right i do hate feminine women

No. 2037338

you never get to see her face because she's an eleven foot tall inhuman monster and her true face would be too scary for the children

No. 2037340

if you’re cool with riding your bike at night then work nights. Most women wouldn’t want to ride their bike at night which is why I said that.

No. 2037344

First she would have to get a job at a fast food place, which is already rare since they ghost most applicants, then hope she doesn't get fired within the first few months (things these employers are known for doing), then hope she gets scheduled enough hours. Most of these places wouldn't date scheduling for more than 10-25 hours a week even if you beg for full time

Oh and you can thank the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" crowd for all of this too

No. 2037345

Yeah I read what she said. She didn’t say she couldn’t get a job but she said she doesn’t have jobs in her area that pay a lot. She didn’t say it would be impossible for her to get some shitty fast food job near her. The goal is to save up for a car or a down payment. I’m assuming she doesn’t have bills since she lives at home with parents, therefore all her money from a fast food job can be saved for a car.

No. 2037346

No anon, they don't want a reasonable solution, they just want to be pessimistic and choleric and complain. Don't bother trying to be helpful itt.

No. 2037347

Ok then don’t do anything. Wait for a scrote to save you or win the lottery.

No. 2037348

Dumbass no one said "not to do anything", just that your advice isn't going to turn out how you paint

No. 2037349

It shouldn’t be considered a ”gottem!” to suggest out someone doesn’t work or that they make less money than them. People who criticise capitalism but then use “get a job” as an insult are hypocritical. Making being a wage slave a flex has to be the biggest psy op ever.

No. 2037353

If you can’t even get a shitty fast food job or janitor job then that means you can’t do anything. You’re doomed to be broke with no car forever unless a scrote decides to be benevolent and let you live under his wing.

No. 2037354

kek based

No. 2037355

You clearly haven't struggled and thanks for not holding employers accountable for staffing properly

Anyway here's actual advice for the anon and not from someone who doesn't know shit about the current job market

Make a service and advertise it - whether it be cleaning, babysitting, lawn mowing, etc. You can choose what locations you can go to, make your own schedule and it makes way more money than fast food

No. 2037356

Anon, that's the joke. The joke is she's so tall you'll never see her face because it's off frame.

No. 2037358

Then what was stopping them from making it a man? They could have made some cool mysterious butler type male assistant character but the male production team with their hands on their dick while drawing decided to make it some sex doll. It’s hilarious and ironic that female fans think she had more character and depth, she was straight up a filler character and eye candy for the scrotes who were making the show behind the scenes. To wrap it up in a nice bow she was drawn with the pixar body type before that meme became popular. Some of you cartoon dorks love making excuses for these shows when there really is no excuse, it’s been more than a decade since it was released and this is just an observation into something that may have started or influenced a disgusting trend in media regarding women’s bodies and the sexualization of older women. Call me a twitterfag or whatever I don’t go on there at all, it’s just something I observed out of the blue

No. 2037361

So a fast food or a janitorial position is ridiculous and impossible but gigs like morning lawns and baby sitting kids is a better option? Most people mow their own lawns and if they do pay people they usually don’t pay more than 35 dollars to do it. You want her to start a lawn company with no money?

No. 2037363

File: 1717623659473.jpeg (38 KB, 428x368, IMG_1134.jpeg)

>she’s sOOOO tall an amazonian woman hardy harrr harrrrr harrrr clap your hands ok now zoom up on the tits a little bit and draw the cleavage just slightly bigger next time

No. 2037367

nah it’s definitely misogynistic, men love the sexy secretary trope. they also love the fantasy of women being so hot that they muddle male minds because it aids in their ongoing propaganda to remove all accountability from their sex (see all the idiotic “wtf!!! why do men lack empathy!!!” memes)

No. 2037368

speaking of male empathy i really hate the idea that they’re mindless apes who lack the capability for human decency. they aren’t, that’s what makes them so evil and tiresome. when a man ignores a woman (or another man) in an hour of need he’s doing it on purpose kek he knows she’s hurting, he just doesn’t care

No. 2037369

Although I felt this was evident, a lot of people continue to feel strongly that "inclusive" brands like Fenty or Lady Gaga's makeup line must be supported and deserved to be consoomed, even though they are just financial gimmicks.

No. 2037376

>Most women wouldn’t want to ride their bike at night
I'm so tired of reading things like this. Women don't ride their bikes at night in your mind? Where do you live?
I mean yeah it is a lot more dangerous to ride a bike at night but not for any sex specific reason, you're just more likely to get hit by a car in the dark.

No. 2037378

I never said no women ride their bikes at night though, I said I know a lot of women don’t feel comfortable doing it. That’s why I said if she doesn’t feel comfortable riding her bike at night, then only accept day shift positions. Does that make it easier for you to comprehend what I’m saying?

No. 2037392

he pointed a loaded gun at someone and pulled the trigger

No. 2037394

Boomers think you can walk into a place shake hands and get a job.(Not an unpopular opinion)

No. 2037395

And zoomers think you can start a successful cleaning service and lawn care service with no license or transportation

No. 2037396

File: 1717625679684.jpg (307.5 KB, 946x855, 1000017127.jpg)

And little children unironically think they can start a lemonade stand without a permit

No. 2037398

I'm neither of those people but they're right. Gen Xers and Boomers love to use fb marketplace to get services. There's tonnes of apps directly catered to shit like that. You think American anon without a car who asked for jobs without needing a car should work in fast food outlets stereotypically placed outside neighbourhoods and need access by cars

No. 2037399

So if you don’t have a car where are you going to put your lawn equipment and cleaning supplies? In your purse?

No. 2037401

She can literally apply to jobs she has access too cause I'm sure she's aware enough to figure out her circumstances whist also brainstorming if there's any cash in hand jobs. If she's really stuck she could thrift and upsell it online there's a lot of options

No. 2037402

Nta but you can just pack up all your cleaning supplies in a big bag or luggage and there are retractable brooms and mops

No. 2037404

That has nothing to do with what I said. If she has no transportation how is she going to transport the equipment she needs to do lawn or cleaning service if she’s walking or riding a bike?

No. 2037405

There's also those sites like fivver people want proofreaders and shit. Look for wfh jobs.

No. 2037406

I use to wash cars and cut grass as a kid and didn't have a car. I could push a lawnmower or most houses have a lawnmower and strimmer they'll let you use. To wash cars you literally need a bucket which you can put your cleaning supplies in. There's also bags on wheels

No. 2037407

Yeah the 'males incapable of empathy' trope even though it's usually just a radfem/blackpill cope actually functions as an excuse for men to continue dehumanizing women. They have no problem showing empathy for their bros, dad, writing long unhinged screeds about their fav male movie character.

No. 2037408

Key word you were a kid. Of course if anon is just washing her neighbors car or mowing their lawn for a quick 20 bucks she could do that. She’s not going to be able to afford to purchase a car to go out into the city for better job opportunities doing that.

No. 2037409

NTA but I stopped riding my bike at night because men would either follow me in their cars or cut me off force me to crash and surround me to harass me. Maybe if you live in a suburb where no one goes out at night that's true but not if you live in an urban area.

No. 2037410

Im so confused by this "how will you transport cleaning supplies with no car" thing. Wtf are you guys in here arguing about

No. 2037412

Grass cutters can be carried around

No. 2037413

Most people on fiverr work in India or the middle east or places where the USD is a lot of money to them, you can literally pay someone like $50 USD to do a service that would cost $1000 in America. It's not really a viable job for most Americans unless they have an extremely specialized skill.

No. 2037414

she could also become an onlyfans chatter/manager

No. 2037415

If anon wanted to start a successful cleaning business she’s going to have to go to several houses a day. Sometimes houses that are further than 30 minutes out of her way. She’s gonna walk all day with brooms and cleaning supplies? That sounds retarded lol

No. 2037417

Yeah if you only plan one mowing your neighbors lawn for 19 dollars. For an actual successful lawn service you would need to know how to do more than just mow a lawn.

No. 2037418

are you spiders georg for lawn care? how much are you buying to care for your lawn?

No. 2037419

You build up a rapport with a few locals and schedule the next appointment. It's cash in hand. You still look for other better opportunities. There's online services you can offer, proof reading etc. You can use fb marketplace or other online msrket places to find deals to turn a profit on. You can apply to wfh jobs. You can apply to jobs with good transportation links. Submit a CV to an employment agency

No. 2037421

This whole conversation is funny to me because I literally know high skilled workers with highly desirable educational/career backgrounds who have spent like 1-2 years looking for their next job once they got laid off and offered nothing, I'm not really part of the crowds that apply for fast food employment anymore but I believe it's not that easy with how employers act these days. Some friends I have would literally be offered positions one day, ask for contracts to sign and a week later be told 'actually this job position doesn't exist anymore' after 5 rounds of interviews, shit's bad right now and it seems audacious to blame people for having a hard time getting a job in this economy.

No. 2037422

Like where did anon say she wanted to start a business lol

No. 2037423

I never said you couldn’t get cash in hand. I’m aware that you can make a few hundred a month mowing the lawn and washing cars for family friends and neighbors. You’re not going to make much doing that unless you’re really good at it and have professional tools.

No. 2037425

All im saying is you’d make more working at McDonald’s than trying to make money mowing lawns and baby sitting.

No. 2037426

i love when i come home from a fun day of doing outings that i enjoy and then opening up my laptop to check on my nonnies just to see that they’re talking about the most confusing shit possible kekk

No. 2037428

NTA but what if the baby pays you a lot? mcdonald’s workers make like $100 a day but you can make like $300 caring for a baby for like 4 hours

No. 2037429

And people will appreciate that she's hussling and could maybe open up other opportunities for her. It's just some suggestions for easy money. Dog walking is another or pet sitting. Child minding if you're good with kids.

No. 2037431

Most people are not going to hire a nanny who can’t drive though. The original anon I replied to said she doesn’t have a car.

No. 2037432

Which type of lawn mowing services are there in your area? The lawn mower I know only carries his rake and grass cutter. The plastic bags and any additional instruments are expected to be supplied by the client.

No. 2037435

NTA and this isn't important, but I heard of waitresses making more than that in just one week. If they serve enough customers, they can walk away with half a thousand dollars even if everybody tipped with a few bucks.

No. 2037436

I used to work for a lawn mowing/yard care service and we were expected to bring all our own supplies, weed whacker lawnmower gas for lawnmower pesticides gloves and the whole 9 yards. Maybe it's different with the kind of people who hire a random kid from 2 blocks away to take over their lawn care duty but I feel like most people these days hire an actual company or service specifically because then they don't need to buy their own supplies.

No. 2037437

Is he supporting himself full time on that? I have a lawn service that comes out to my house and they fertilize my lawn, water it, they do grass treatments, remove weeds, power wash my drive way etc. I wouldn’t pay someone more than a few bucks if all they were doing is mowing the lawn.

No. 2037438

This is true but it's always been a mystery to me how people get those waitressing jobs, at my absolute hottest and youngest I applied for like 100 different hostess and waitstaff jobs and was always told I 'lack experience' even just to be the host that welcomes people at the door.

No. 2037440

Anons probably have no idea because they don’t own houses or their parents sort out the lawn care shit so they never noticed what goes into it

No. 2037441

Yes he does. He also works for the city sometimes cutting grass in larger areas like parks.

No. 2037444

You expect me to believe he walks around the city with a lawn mower meant for homes and just a rack to do lawn work and he has no car and the city hired him?

No. 2037445

Unless he lives in a third world shithole, his stint with the city cutting grass for parks comes with a municipally-issued truck, multiple high-power lawnmowers, safety equipment and you all meet together and drive out together in the municipal truck. I know this because I had people who worked for municipal parks as grass cutters.

No. 2037451

Most grass cutters where I live are solo workers. Same as cleaning people. Most people also don't really want anything other than their grass trimmed or leaves raked.

No. 2037452

Become a cna or a nurse. They’d hire anyone.

No. 2037453

All jobs are extremely competitive. My dad thinks I lie about companies not even sending a rejection letter or straight up ghosting you during rounds of interviews. He thinks you need a good story and getting a job is walking in off the street eager to shake the bosses hand and simply inquire if there's a position I can fill and boom I'm employed. It's honestly so frustrating. You get so jaded you feel successful being underemployed cause you were memed into believing your degrees guarantees job security and a wage that allows you the opportunities of the previous generation that were allowed easy access to housing and forming solid foundations for family life.

No. 2037454

I do live in a third world country.

No. 2037455

File: 1717627731713.jpg (48.96 KB, 728x720, 1000015852.jpg)

I have a similar experience. It was easier for me to get a "comfy, office job" that pays more and even provides benefits than it was for me to get the job in retail. That should tell you the absolute state of retail employers: they expect so much, even "real" jobs will pick up the people they reject.

No. 2037456

Go on indeed and fill out applications non stop for a month and take whatever you can get

No. 2037457

I decided to do grad school because my supposedly 'in-demand' STEM bachelor's degree wasn't worth shit on the job market and I was barely surviving doing 4 different fiverr-tier freelance/PT jobs with my degree from an elite university until I gave up and realized a graduate stipend was more money. After getting multiple graduate degrees I'm back on the job market (postdoc shit didn't keep up with inflation) and people I know with multiple postdocs are telling me 'yeah I've applied for hundreds of jobs and not gotten a single interview, but don't worry I heard that adding random people on LinkedIn and asking them to get coffee together over Zoom will boost your chances of them recommending you if a position opens up at their company!' Like great I learned2code, got more education than 99% of other people and now I'm supposed to find a job by cold-calling people on linkedin to 'zoom chat' with them so if a job opens up at their company they MIGHT recommend me. I am not saying it's hard for me to get a job because I haven't spent much time looking yet but holy shit it's demoralizing and I wanna a-log when boomers say 'just walk into the company and have a firm handshake!'

No. 2037458

Gone girl was not that good

No. 2037459

You're not understanding, it's not about it being hard/impossible it's just that those employers have a tendencies to ghost most applicants. If you are one of the millions of people being ghosted by every single place in walkable distance of you yes operating your own services is more feasible

No. 2037462

What did you study in school?

No. 2037463

Well you said it yourself you aren’t trying hard. Kind of childish not to try to look for a job just because you’re scared of rejection.

No. 2037465

It takes time to become one but it's a very good career option with security.

No. 2037467

Who cares if they ghost you? Keep getting ghosted until someone says yes. Why are you getting emotionally invested?

No. 2037469

You literally can you idiot kek. I've known multiple "stupid zoomers" who've done exactly that. You never heard of the old trope of the neighborhood boomers looking for young people to pay to baby sit, clean or mow grass? Like step outside

No. 2037470

I'm not trying hard because I just finished my degree one literal week ago anon calm down. I'm just saying other people I know who have been looking for longer than me are having a really hard time finding jobs.

No. 2037471

You can't be this stupid. If all the local areas ghost her where is she supposed to go? Wait for businesses to fall out the sky and hire her? Why are you so insistent on shit advice while claiming actual good advice like doing side gigs isnt reasonable?

No. 2037473

Oh so how do these zoomers with successful lawn services and cleaning services go multiple houses a day with no transportation? I mean personally I’ve never heard any successful businesses that make the customer supply their own tools and pay a lot.

No. 2037474

I already have a shitty job at least in my industry. My department has two people with masters myself included, 3 recent graduates, 4 foreign nationals without further qualifications and there's honestly been a language barrier at times which is frustrating due to the sensitive nature of samples and then another guy that's the cousin of some other department head. When I first joined here I felt like I had achieved something I have been searching for a better job and it's demoralising as fuck I see that I'd have better hours working as an administrator in an office for better money and the fucked up thing is pride stops me from applying even though I feel like I'm running myself into the ground. It's fucking bleak

No. 2037475

How do you acquire this anon, don’t gatekeep your secrets please

No. 2037476

>just keep getting ghosted! It's okay! No big deal
>Don't mow your neighbors lawn or watch your other neighbors kids for 20 an hour though that's not reasonable!!!
Some of you literally want anons to remain broke

No. 2037478

You’re not getting 20 an hour mowing lawns or babysitting your neighbors kids with no car. Sorry to break it to you.

No. 2037480

I’m tired of the “take what you can get” people when it comes to employment and jobs. Never talking about how these companies should provide quality positions and pay, all about helpless citizens taking shit jobs that cuts their life expectancy down and doesn’t guarantee any retirement whatsoever. It’s such shit useless advice, what do you advise them to do afterwards asshole? Not everyone is like you where they’ll pick anything up out of desperation, these are often people who have gone through college gaining degrees that is required in these fields. Taking what you can get gets you overworked, underpaid, stressed out, feeling unhealthy and leaves you right back to where you were in the beginning which is hopping from shit job to shit job with zero energy and hope. I would suggest the faggot who keeps giving this redundant advice in the thread to maybe say “hey, why don’t you try a recruitment agency? maybe a hiring event going in town” and learn to shut the hell up

No. 2037482

I don't wanna be too specific because I'm scared people could find out who I am but my first degree was biotech/genetics/immunology focused, which at the time I graduated (early 2000s) was supposed to be the 'hot popping employment field,' I got tons of part time and freelance work but all the full time jobs rejected me for lack of experience or lack of a graduate degree. Went back and got 2 different graduate degrees a few years later in something semi-related, more compsci math and AI related with some overlap with health fields. Like I'm pretty sure I can get a job now but I know so many people with supposedly 'in demand' jobs getting fired randomly, people who used to work for google/microsoft in 200-300k salary positions, people with postdocts in mathematical modeling, people with postdocs in gene editing tech. One friend was unemployed for 4 years after working with an ivy league gene editing/CRISPR lab and just got a job last year finally, that pays under the median salary.

No. 2037484

The original anon said that she can’t get out to the city with better job opportunities due the the fact she cannot drive. I suggested she get a shitty job at McDonald’s or something to save up for a used car. I think that’s reasonable advice.

No. 2037485

I did it perfectly fine in college when I didnt have a car. You're more likely to make money that way than spend months on end being ghosted and your only advice is to "keep getting ghosted then"

No. 2037486

It's reasonable if it worked. My first few jobs growing up were all over an hour away simply because every single place in had ghosted me, not the first time I've heard of this either. Commutes are getting longer for this reason as well

No. 2037487

In the suburbia I grew up in the nearest McDonalds was a 1.5 hour walk away across multiple highways, I guess this works if you live somewhere central in a big city maybe?

No. 2037489

On damn girl! You made 20 dollars an hour full time, went to college and the people you nannied didn’t even expect you to be able to drive their kids places and they still paid you 20 dollars an hour? That sounds more unbelievable than just getting a job at chillis kek

No. 2037490

It worked for me. I saved up for a car and taught myself how to drive it. Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean no one can.

No. 2037491

But what if you are getting paid $20 an hour though? Like that’s not unheard of. There are some baby sitters/part time nanny’s who get paid over 20 and hour.

No. 2037492

Samefag lmao I meant early 2010s I'm not a literal Gen Xer

I agree and I also think it depends where you live. People never seem aware that different countries or even states/cities/communities have really different employment conditions, there are people here from all over the world but the advice given is always really general when that might not apply somewhere else. I know people who work in nursing who got paid less than minimum wage because of employment exceptions from immigrants, one of my freelance jobs I used to work was with refugee integration and people with actual medical, dentistry and engineering degrees were being told that once they moved here they needed to do 5-10 years of retraining to qualify for the jobs they had in their wartorn shitholes.

No. 2037494

Yeah they do but those women are under nanny services and you need proof of a drivers license and insurance to be accepted into those jobs. I’m not saying that anon wouldn’t be able to do it but her situation is not the norm.

No. 2037495

File: 1717629084807.gif (17.71 MB, 296x400, 1713370942359.gif)

>get a skill and proof of that skill that's core in the "field" you're looking for. Just one certification was all I needed to get my current job. If you half-achieved some knowledge or skill, put that on the resume anyway. They'll train you to do everything "their way" if you make the job anyway. Be honest if they ask you about how experienced you are in your "sub skill", but talk about it with some passion.
>your resume, you gotta make it look neat and professional. Easy to read, generic Times New Roman size 12. You should also put some design on the resume, but nothing "flashy"
>be "needy" and persistent when you're applying. Look for literally any and every single job in the field you're interested in that's located in your area or nearby. Even apply to multiple positions at the same company. You have to completely throw yourself out there
>of course, dress your best, relax, and mostly just be yourself in the interview. IME, employers are more likely to like you if they can tell you're not "forcing it".
so far, that's it on my behalf.

No. 2037498

Ngl from what I’ve seen there are plenty of rich parents at least in the United States who just want a nice lady to stay home and watch the babies, so there are absolutely possible job opportunities where you don’t need a license and can get paid a fair wage. I don’t think anything’s totally impossible i believe nonny can get her ideal job and work environment

No. 2037501

I agree I know people who made tons of money as nannies or au pairs but they had to provide proof of knowing multiple languages fluently, having a (safe new insured) car and no past driving infractions aside from parking tickets, sometimes were asked to get certifications in random pedagological methods. Nannying can be really high-paying especially if it's full time/live-in but they usually hire like ivy league college grads with cars who speak 2 foreign languages for these jobs, it's not the same as basic babysitting temp work.

No. 2037502

It’s possible but not common. I worked for a nanny company and we had to have a drivers license to be hired into the company. It didn’t matter what specific families want to even be hired in you had to drive.

No. 2037506

Kind of off topic but I'm interested in the resume thing, what kinds of design elements do you want to add that look good but don't look weird/graphic design is my passion-esque? I'm kind of autistic about liking extremely simple layouts and everyone disagrees with me and thinks they look basic so I'm looking for suggestions

No. 2037508

Yeah they’re not gonna hire some retard who can’t even drive their kid somewhere if there’s an emergency. Anons not to be realistic kek

No. 2037510

Maybe she could be like a freelance nanny? Independent nannying

No. 2037512

You do understand that there are parents who don’t care about that shit because they just think
>oh you can just call the paramedics that’s what they’re for

No. 2037513

Nta but Microsoft word has templates or you can find some online.

No. 2037514

Nannies are often expected to drive the kids to school and extracurriculars, it's not just about medical emergencies

No. 2037515

I know that but most of the templates look cheesy af to me, is that what people mean by 'design elements'?

No. 2037516

Not gonna get paid 20 an hour doing that with no car when they can pick someone who can drive. Why would someone pay a full time worker 20 an hour and they can’t even pick their kids up from school or take them to school events? Some white trash parent could just find a local teen and pay them in beer or give them 17 dollars to go get McDonald’s if that’s all they wanted.

No. 2037517

Cash in hand baby sitters are mostly those watching friends or families kids. Again anon wasn't asking for career suggestions she asked for easy cash to help towards buying a car

No. 2037518

>people with actual medical, dentistry and engineering degrees were being told that once they moved here they needed to do 5-10 years of retraining to qualify for the jobs they had in their wartorn shitholes
I have immigrant family members who had to deal with that shit, it’s meant to keep them back. They have no problem importing piss poor criminals from other countries here to work for low wages and get freebies that citizens don’t even get or have to wait years to even qualify but the ones who are actually experienced and skilled are treated like dog shit. I hate my country and wish it would finally get blown the fuck out of China and I hope the president chokes on Kamala’s pussy lips and finally keels over, tired of it all

No. 2037520

How the fuck you supposed to afford a car baby sitting your friends and neighbors kids here and there? It’s not like they’re going to pay you daily

No. 2037523

I'm pretty sure my cv is a Microsoft template and it basically has like a title border at the top that has my name and contact details.
A column with my key skills and specialisations and a wider column with my employment history and any transferable skills relevant to the position I'm applying for. It's 2 sided

No. 2037524

I worked as a private tutor for some upper-middle class kids and I made a bunch of money doing that (very low hours though but the per-hour fee is good) so actually I would recommend that over babysitting if you're good at any high-school level topic, play an instrument or know a foreign language well. Anyway to get to my point the kids had a nanny even though they were both in their teens and the basically sole point of the nanny was that she was a good cook and drove the kids to all their back-to-back curriculars, the rest of the time she literally just sat in the living room on her laptop watching thai dramas or some shit. The main reason a lot of people hire nannies is just to get their little prince(sse)s to their 20 different sports, instrument lessons and appointments.

No. 2037525

Cause she's free to do as many cash in hand jobs she has access too while applying elsewhere?

No. 2037529

what if they are paying her daily though

No. 2037530

Yeah we have a severe doctor shortage here that is one of the worst in the world and at least like 10 of the refugees I worked with had medical degrees and 10+ years of experience working as doctors but in like Syria or Afghanistan or something, and apparently instead of letting them study a year for a medical exam to prove they know doctor things they told them to go right back to medical school from the beginning and 'work their way up' meanwhile these were like 40yos with 15year old children. Like I could use that doctor god damn when people are put on 3-year waitlists to see a family doctor. I guess that's why I don't really believe in the bootstraps mentality the government will literally punish immigrants for being educated.

No. 2037531

The other anon was saying that working at McDonald’s is impossible and unrealistic to get a car and she should use lawn service and baby sitting as a main source of income. I’m disagreeing with that.

No. 2037532

Kek that is so not true, nannies are basically second parents to the children they’re taking care of, they have to do a lot more than just sitting on their ass watching tv or hauling kids to drama club. Nannies do the laborious childcare that these parents are unable to do (which concerns me because why are you having kids if you can’t even take care of them but I digress) and all for crumbs. Nannies remind me a lot of surrogates, they do all of the hard work while the people basically ‘renting’ them out as replacement parents/baby incubator claim all of the glory

No. 2037534

I think you missed the part where I already had a car. Also this was likely well before the ghost jobs/jobs ghosting thing got THIS bad. It was a thing before, but in 2024 even employment experts have pointed out how extremely bad it's gotten

No. 2037536

Well if she’s got friends willing to pay her 20 an hour everyday for sitting in the house watching her kids then good for her

No. 2037538

You're taking everything completely out of context/painting it in a wrong way, everyone's just been saying it's more likely she will be ghosted by most local places than be hired, which is statistically 100% true. No one said don't bother applying, but "just keep getting ghosted and don't do gigs" is possibly the worst advice I've ever heard

No. 2037539

You live in 09 or something? 20 an hour is a pretty normal rate for babysitting now

No. 2037541

I wasn’t talking about you. You responded to my comment talking about the anon with no car. Why do zoomers have such a hard time following a long with a thread?

No. 2037542

AYRT and I agree with you in a lot of cases, my mom also worked as a nanny for like a decade and she was the 'parent' type of nanny (although she was required to have a drivers license and that was like 20y ago). But especially for the higher-income households with older kids a lot of nannying jobs are basically transportation/home chef while they get 20 different experts back to back to tutor their kids in every random ass school subject and send them to a bunch of different sports and hobby classes. My main point is that not knowing how to drive would severely limit your access to nanny/babysitting jobs unless you're just like the babysitter who watches the kids for 4 hours on saturday so the parents can go out for date night. Most of the higher-income parents who hire nannies do it so they don't need to transport their kids places or feed them.

No. 2037543

No anon said fast food jobs are competitive as fuck and they're not usually within walking distance of suburbs and other anons suggested other means to get easy cash and then some other anons thought that meant she was going to start a grass cutting emporium. Pretty sure the op hasn't even been in the discussion since she posted lol

No. 2037544

She’s more likely to get a job at McDonald’s than as a nanny if you she can’t drive though.

No. 2037545

Stop being lazy and wake up, I knew people that got paid 200 daily for babysitting for 5 hours for a stripper single mom… But still insanely good money telling her "just keep getting ghosted by McDonald's other than doing work for neighbors" is the most ridiculous advice I've ever heard

No. 2037547

What suburb doesn’t have fast food restaurants? McDonald’s, chilis and apple bees are within a 40 minute walk where I’m at.

No. 2037549

You said, and I quote "just because you can't do it"

No. 2037551

Did the stripper not drive?

No. 2037552

Good for you but that's not reality for a lot of burbs

No. 2037553

Yes it is a reality lol I’ve never heard of suburbs not having fast food chains etc

No. 2037554

>Friend babysit for a stripper while she was at work
>Does the stripper not drive?
AI generated tier response. I lost braincells on how you thought this was a relevant question

No. 2037556

That's fabulous but there's been several anons saying that's not their experience. Working fast food is fine if you can get the job, it was the weird boomer mentality that McDonald's poster originally came in with that got backlash and then getting offended no one patted them on the back for they sage advice so they've decried all others. Boring

No. 2037557

Suburbs are ground zero of car culture so a lot of suburbs have fast food places a really long physical distance away because people usually drive to them, what's hard to understand about this

No. 2037558

No one said they don't but 40 minute or less walk isn't realistic for a lot of people in the suburbs

No. 2037560

You live in a typical suburban American neighborhood and it takes you more than 10 minutes to find a local McDonald’s or subway? You’re saying for anons it’s hard to find fast food restaurants in their local area and that’s not true.

No. 2037563

A 40 minute walk is only a lot for someone obese or disabled

No. 2037564

Because it shouldn't be the only plan the anon has for making money during a time when jobs are ghosting galore. Ofc she should apply and try, but blowing off other plans to make money because "well you PROBABLY won't get it!!" Is insane and the same logic is used to apply to job applying, you probably won't get a job at McDonald's but you should still try, just like anon should also try to advertise for services to neighbors too

No. 2037565

Did you hear fast food jobs are competitive and offer shitty hours?

No. 2037566

I've lived in like 5 different suburbs and the only time I was a 10 minute walk away from fast food restaurants was the one time I lived right across the street from a strip mall. The last suburb I lived in it was an over 90 minute walk to the nearest fast food restaurant and required cutting across two major highways.

No. 2037568

Are you a bot or something? It's not about how hard the walk is, simply that most homes are places way more than a 40 minute walk away

No. 2037571

Someone posted they were 18 the other day and it honestly made me feel like an old woman I miss when lolcow wasn't known to children

No. 2037572

>walk 40min in dead darkness as a young woman at 4am after your evening shift at the local 24h burger king, if you aren't willing to do that much you're just lazy!
Some people actually are obese or disabled also

No. 2037574

When my little brother was a teen and just walked into McDonald’s and asked if they were hiring. Little Ceasars gave my sister an interview the same day. It’s not hard to get these jobs because people hate working there and they have a high quitting rate. Most people who complain about not even being able to get a job in fast food applied once and then let it go or they won’t apply to those jobs because they think they’re too good for them.

No. 2037575

Me when I walk 40 minutes to a job in the unpredictable outside weather and then after getting shrieked at by a deathfat wanting their fried MSG I get to walk 40 minutes home exhausted and feet in pain. Yes anon, so smart!

No. 2037577

They're not "competitive" or else most McDonald's would be filled with master degree students over ghetto trash, the hiring process just selects the shittiest applicants possible. A lot of the time it's friends and family of other workers, but personality tests, ai resume selectors, etc and on top of that they often get financial benefits if they hire felons, EBT benefitees, etc so they essentially fill up hiring spots with felons and friends over hiring some hard working young person

No. 2037578

Mcdonalds only has a 2% acceptance rates anon maybe you are old and thinking of different times

No. 2037579

Statistically that is a rare experience then, most of these corporations have job acceptance rates of less than 5%

No. 2037581

They are competitive (lower job acceptance rates than Harvard) but they're not selecting for the most responsible or highly educated people. It's still competitive even if the competition is to be the most ghetto trash with the least chance of ever wanting to quit to change jobs.

No. 2037582

McDonald’s literally hires felons

No. 2037583

I used to ride my bike to and from work an hour each way. I take hour bike rides even on off days so that doesn’t sound like a lot to me.

No. 2037584

Literally this. I don’t know what planet some anons are living on, I guess their insular call center job shelters them from the reality of the world kek

No. 2037586

Yeah and they preferentially hire felons over people with Master's degrees, that doesn't mean your chance as an applicant is any better unless you think the original jobless anon who dated an old scrote to free herself from her parents did a stint in jail

No. 2037587

Yeah and that’s you, the most basic fundamentals of empathy is realizing other people have different wants and needs. They should have taught you that when you were in your SPED class

No. 2037589

If an hour bike ride is a lot for you then you’re just straight up out of shape and lazy

No. 2037590

Yeah and my dad was a bin man in the 80s and was able to work his way up after starting out as a clerical assistant and now is a director of a company. Shit like that won't happen these days, because people like my dad then get narcisstic and big headed that you just need to bluff skills and employment even tho his gay company has such an overly obnoxious interview process for essentially call centre work. It's all ego and backslapping by the older gens knowing fine rightly their jobs were piss easy back in the day and the ones that don't retire hang around contributing to bad KPI department scores while getting none of the flak. I reckon so many graduates are currently underemployed because less qualified people won't retire or nepotism.

No. 2037592

Fun personal story but I once applied (in high school) to work warehouse/stocking in a grocery store after 2 years of working in another grocery store. I got the interview and during the interview I was told I'm hired. Then I got a phone call from the lady who interviewed me apologetically telling me that 'her manager overrode her decision because they don't think a girl can lift boxes so they hired a male applicant instead.'

No. 2037593

This is why I don’t want to birth daughters, this world is too cruel and everything is inherently political fuck this

No. 2037596

If McDonald’s and other fast food establishments only hire experienced adults why is it when I go in there it’s always full of teenagers who can barely microwave?

No. 2037599

Yeah my mom shamed me for having a hard time finding a high paying job because 'when she graduated college she got every job she applied for instantly.' Okay but that's not the reality anymore. Even like 10 years ago I once went to a job interview for a summer festival job where my interviewer no-showed but some random man was wandering around and said 'are you here for a job' and I said 'yes' and I was hired on the spot for a completely different position than I was there to interview for, I have a hard time believing that's likely to happen today.

No. 2037600

No. 2037603

You’re responding to the comment I made about my siblings getting jobs in fast food. This wasn’t that long ago, it was only about a year ago. From what I’ve seen they’d take anyone. No wonder zoomers can’t find jobs even at McDonald’s because you can’t even follow the thread.

No. 2037604

This type of posts is also needlessly rude to women with health issues or who live in dangerous neighbourhoods, like congrats you're super fit and feel super safe biking or walking 1h+ to your part time job but people with health issues who want to work should also be able to work, people living in dangerous areas should also be able to work without endangering themselves, utopic I know.

No. 2037606

You don’t need to be super fit for a 40 minute bike ride lmao

No. 2037611

Yeah my dad shames me for my current job too and that I'm a quitter when it's literally been an endeavour to get this seemingly shitty job when he was waxing lyrical all I need is my foot in the door. Well I'm definitely in my industry and I'm getting paid above minimum wage but it's not great. Industries basically know people will stick it out for experience in the hopes we can move on to better jobs. Some places I worked in intentionally kept you off certain projects if they knew that was an area you wanted specific experience. Literally anything to keep you stuck and less likely to leave.

No. 2037616

Well good for them I got offered a job with shitty staff turnover immediately after an interview before and that job had me in the hospital by being so understaffed you were lucky to get a toilet break in a 12 hour shift and overtime was expected and never asked. Fair play if your siblings got to work in a shithole

No. 2037618

Yeah but you replied to me saying it’s not the 80s when I said my siblings walked into fast food places and got hired asap. And yes you are correct it is easy to get those jobs because they have a high turn over rate(which I said in the post you replied to). It’s definitely not hard or competitive at all to get hired there.

No. 2037619

I guess depends where you live, if you live somewhere extremely hilly/steep it can be pretty strenuous, if you have a shot knee or hip it can be pretty strenuous, if you live somewhere without well-paved roads it can be pretty strenuous

No. 2037621

I don't think you understand what competitive means in that context. It's competitive as in that 100 people apply and they only hire 2 people. No one is saying it's rocket science.

No. 2037622

You ignore everything everyone says or?

No. 2037623

Something similar happened to me by my dad (who was grandfathered into his position for years). He got laid off, had to restart the employment process and suddenly claiming "I'm too lazy and stupid to even work at Walmart" jabs stopped kek

No. 2037626

Exactly it, these places rather understaff and then overwork the working employees for profit. With people who are as defensive as shitty business practices like some anons here they can do it too

No. 2037627

Depends on where you apply to. At places with a high turn over rate most people aren’t going to last longer than a month and then they hire in 20 more people and half of those drop off like flies during orientation. That’s how it was at a few shitty places I’ve worked. Which confuses me when people say they can’t even get shitty entry level office jobs or McDonald’s jobs.

No. 2037628

Nta but I have tachycardia despite being fit. I need breaks every few minutes and 40 minutes of working out turns into almost 2 hours

No. 2037629

Lol unfortunately my mom is disabled and was a SAHM for over a decade and the few jobs she got since then she quit because she 'didn't like them' (they were government jobs anyway which she got hired into right out of one of her stints in college). She will say 'I'm disabled so I can't work' but still give me job hunting experience based on 35 years ago when she'd recently graduated from college like it's supposed to help me somehow.

No. 2037631

And employers abuse right to work. I know multiple people who got fired for - and not even joking - "they didn't like their vibe"

No. 2037634

No I’m not saying they were fired but they quit because they saw the work environment was shit and dipped and the company would just have new people every 4 months. I’ve worked for plenty of call centers like that.

No. 2037635

My dad was unhappy when I quit that job after my hospital stint and no accommodation was made after I had to have surgery. My manager hassled me while recovering I was back at work I think within a week scheduled for 12 hour shifts back to back. My final straw was coming off night shift and my manager asked me to cover someone's shift my manager should have for a bereavement. I thought she meant the nightshift since you know I just worked 4 12 hour nights back to back. No she wanted me to do the day shift with less than 24 hour turnaround. I went on the sick and quit and the absolute headache I got about no one will hire you you can't handle pressure and it's like? When the fuck would that have ever been asked of you

No. 2037636

It's not unusual for employers to fire people and claim they quit, even pressure the person to sign paper work into saying they quit

No. 2037639

What would be the point of a company hiring new people every few months? I’ve been to plenty of call centers where it’s new faces every 5 months so I’m always confused when people say they can’t get those jobs. The place I’m at seems to be hiring new ppl all the damn time.

No. 2037642

Toxic places bully people out too and then withhold on references.

No. 2037643

I’m realizing most friendships are purely transactional and feel cold and isolating it almost feels like adult doctor appointments rather than hanging out where you get warm feelings and confide in one another. If you confide with a true friend you’re called a trauma dumper, why even bother kek

No. 2037644

I worked in a lab at a factory with high turnover and those places basically have an agreement either a local employment agency and fill the roles with agency workers. There's a trend of outsourcing your fucking workers now and companies don't get held to the same liabilities they usually would. It's literally a lose lose for the worker.

No. 2037645

A lot of people are still immature af and will fire people just cause they don't like them other some superficial reason. It's also easier since after a certain time they have to give out benefits and raises. Constantly firing and hiring prevents that

No. 2037648

I was fired and pressured to say I quit from my last 'salaried' job lmao, luckily workplace protections allowed me to refuse to quit and my boss got a slap on the wrist but this is common in all levels of employment.

No. 2037649

Yep. I worked in a place that was mostly agency workers, wondered why until I found out they just fired people before they qualified for the sign on bonuses they were advertising for

No. 2037650

therapy speech becoming common vocabulary was a mistake

No. 2037652

I have non-transactional friendships but I agree with you this is becoming increasingly common and I also agree with >>2037650 that it's the rise in therapyspeak being taken up by normies. True friends won't shit on you for 'traumadumping' if you occasionally tell them personal shit but more and more people do most of their social interaction online and internalize twitterspeak bullshit and get a kick out of talking down to their real life 'friends' with twitter lingo.

Counterpoint I think transactional friendships can be healthy if you go into them knowing they're transactional, most people want something from one another when they form relationships and their love for you won't be unconditional but you should realize what type of relationship it is up front.

No. 2037653

Those agency workers are technically employed by the agency so they don't even usually get the same breaks or holidays and they get paid by the agency so they don't get entitled to bonus or profit share or overtime pay they'll just get paid a flat rate for the hours. The company basically gets a worker they pay the agency a fee for and take on less liability and overall less cost for hiring that person. They couldn't give a fuck if they quit. There's usually a couple of posters about mental health thrown around as well just to remind you you are losing the will to live

No. 2037659

Sort of unrelated but there was a series of ice storms in my city one winter and post office workers kept posting photos to instagram/twitter of posters the government put up in their breakrooms, that were basically just like 'watch out! You will slip! Walk super slow or you will die and get fired! Good luck!' instead of providing them with any kind of safety equipment

No. 2037660

Damn, sorry y’all don’t have real friends. Not me though

No. 2037663

Agree with this so muchhhhh
I’m scared they act like genuine friendships are a rarity and that friendships have some mechanical approach that you must apply like some drone working in a factory. I do agree on the transactional friendships being necessary but I’m personally someone who likes deeper relationships and convos

No. 2037672

I have both types of friends, I have some sworn blood brother (sister) type friendships that have lasted basically half my life where we're still close 2 decades later and I also have friendships that I feel are more transactional and were always transactional but are still pretty fun. The factor in common I've observed with the non-transactional long-lasting friendships is they're usually with people I didn't click with immediately but took a longer time to get to know, honest unpretentious people who weren't so quick to open up but once they did we got along despite having practically nothing in common on the surface. These friends are great for deep talks and emotional support but a lot of them don't have any interests or hobbies in common with me so they're not that practically useful when I need support with something job-related or a hobby/activity partner. The more transactional friends are people who I get along with fine, usually avoid overly deep/personal conversations with, but there is at least one thing we have in common that we like to talk about or do together. I keep in mind they would probably betray me in a heartbeat over some minor drama so I just don't start drama with them.

I don't know if that helps at all and I'm a younger millennial, I think zoomers might have more problems forming deeper friendships because of social media addiction and 2-3 years of zoom schooling making them emotionally disconnect from their peers, but usually what works for me is 'cast a wide net and see what catches' basically. I don't assume that just because someone seems just my type on paper we will get along, and I don't write off people who don't seem my type at first. That's how I got most of my closest and most loyal friends.

No. 2037675

useless post

No. 2037690

The fact the agency middle man even needs to exist for fair pay and workers right it's insane kek

No. 2037704

but bootstrapping and networking guys get on it right now there is no problem with our employment system

No. 2037737

Skirts are actually comfier than pants and women got tricked into thinking pants are comfier just because men got tricked into it first. Pants make sense if you work a job in a factory or on a farm or something where it would be dangerous for loose fabric to be caught on something but otherwise they are unironically better and less restrictive in every way.

No. 2037741

File: 1717638040559.jpeg (151.49 KB, 1284x440, IMG_3319.jpeg)

Being young does not make you immature. Women just use this is an excuse to be gold diggers. No you don’t think that old scrote is more mature he just has more money. They don’t wanna admit they’re too lazy to work or pay their own way so they want to claim they date older for maturity.

No. 2037743

Imagine thinking a moid at any age reaches the average maturity of a 30yo woman

No. 2037755

Why are fat and ugly women so un-self-aware? Seriously. I'm underweight and 25 and got called fat and old by a woman that was at least twice my age and 100 lbs heavier than me. She went ape shit after I pointed out she was almost twice my weight and had wrinkle covered skin and greys

No. 2037757

Kek, exactly.

No. 2037758

dont forget the part when bella hadid handed you a fresh asparagus and then we all clapped.

No. 2037760

Lol just look at the comments on FB of super models. It's always fat disgusting women coming out the woodwork to rip apart fit models

No. 2037771

those ugly and fat women are doing it just to piss YOU off. They're waiting for you to see their comments and then stalk you everywhere you post online to see if it affected you.

No. 2037777

It can be so hard not to let rude people get to you but you can outlive them. I decided last night to outlive everyone i know our of spite. I think I would be at peace if most people i knew were dead.

No. 2037778

You might have to wait a very long time for that to be relevant but I don't get women who get really mad about uglier women calling them ugly, it's obviously low self esteem/jealousy and would make most people feel smug if anything.

No. 2037786

Not that long for some. And then I'm going to badmouth them when they can't deny it.

Anyway it's hard not to retaliate back at a fat person cause they're such low hanging fruit insult wise like you obviously hate yourself if it physically pains you to carry your own weight.

No. 2037790

Idk I've been very fat and very thin and I don't think I ever hated myself, but I can only assume that fat women who lash out at thin women calling them fat have very low self esteem so I wouldn't take it personally. You'd have to be completely schizo not to know that you're fat as you're insulting someone else for being fat or ugly and I try not to take what schizos say seriously.

No. 2037797

I mean if someone makes a directed insult at you it's hard to not get a little annoyed. Especially if you've been bullied by women who had self esteem issues. It's annoying and you're suppose to actually pity the person that just insulted you rather than hit them.back with an equally personal insult you'd be painted in a worse light. It's the opposite of the jolly fat person. Some uglies seem to get away with being nasty and don't even have to hide anonymously kek

No. 2037800

This or they'll keep pushing you til you say something rude back and then try use selective screenshots to make you look like the evil boolie and not them. Tess Holliday was notorious for this

No. 2037801

I mean sure get annoyed, the behavior is annoying I just wouldn't feel that personally insulted if someone obviously uglier than me called me ugly or someone obviously stupider than me called me stupid. Just seems like a waste of energy when they're already stewing in jealousy and unhappy.

No. 2037802

Good advice, thank you nonna

No. 2037806

I suppose but sometimes you can feel outnumbered and frustrated you have to even entertain it.

No. 2037812

Glad you think so and I hope it helps. I spent a lot of time when I was younger getting caught up in drama of friend groups who weren't offering me much and after seeing who lasted as real friends it was usually the exact last people I thought would turn out to be my best friends when I first met them. Microidentity shit now makes people think they need friends who tick off a list of preferences or required traits for a perfect friend but in my experience it's chill people who don't care about that who will have your back when you really need someone. I think a lot of young women are actually not initially attracted to other young women who are legitimately low-drama because we're encouraged to rapidly 'trauma bond' or in general bond over similar experiences but even when it comes to useful advice from friends the most useful advice usually came from people who didn't have the same attitudes and experiences as me because they could look at my experiences from the outside. Also actually being there for people in a concrete way helps a lot, like if your friend needs help moving or desperately needs someone to dogsit or needs a black blazer for a job interview if you go out of your way to help them, do it even if you don't feel like it and those people will usually get you back the next time you desperately need something. The main factor in lasting friendships is being reliable and trustworthy, not having a lot in common.

I realize this makes me seem like I was born in 1750 but lol unironically we could all benefit from reading some Jane Austen or something, friendship shouldn't be about one-upping each other.

No. 2037827

I hate islam so fucking much. It’s the worst religion out of the five dominant world religions. Idk why progressives support it.

No. 2037834

REAL!!! I asked a lefty why he supported Islam when the Quran literally advocates for beating women for disobedience. He called me racist keeeeeek

No. 2037849

Of course he is a man. I bet he secretly wish he could treat women like how Islamic countries treat them.

No. 2037865

I have a story about this, spoilering for slight blogpost.
Disclaimer: am Muslim woman from a non extremist country where extremist groups are still trying to brainwash people.
I grew up in a chill family that taught me that religion asked us to be kind and principled, being good to your mother got you a shortcut to heaven, pursue knowledge regardless of what gender you are yadayada. I was confused and irritated when I got older and saw moids pulling weird misogynistic claims out of their ass, often fanfiction written by centuries dead mollahs. But the translation of one verse that says stuff about what to do if you are having disagreements with your wife (which I assume above nona mentioned) seemed legit so I looked into it.
"[first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them."
I did some research and found that the "strike" word is a convenient translation, apparently the word used there has various meanings, including "distance/break off ". I'm like, that sounds like a logical progression? First talk, then stop sharing the same bed, then break off the relationship if you can't fix thing. It makes much more sense than BEAT THEM out of nowhere after so many milktoast pacifist attempts to reconcile. But ofc men will translate this in a way that benefits them. Men truly ruin everything they touch, I feel pretty paranoid now and refuse to read any translated religious texts, gonna sign up to an online language course or something if I ever feel like reading them.

No. 2037867

How can anyone read the Quran and take it seriously, lol? The book is nothing but a collection of ramblings by a mentally deranged pedo and his equally retarded followers. When not discussing how to beat women or rapes their slaves, they talk nonstop about sex and have oddly specific rules about pubic hair

>The Prophet said, "If you enter (your town) at night (after coming from a journey), do not enter upon your family till the woman whose husband was absent (from the house) shaves her pubic hair and the woman with unkempt hair, combs her hair" Allah's Messenger further said, "(O Jabir!) Seek to have offspring, seek to have offspring!"

>The Prophet said: "Whoever leaves an area the size of a hair on his body and does not cleanse it from sexual impurity, such and such will be done to him in the Fire."

No. 2037868

Men didn't 'ruin' religious texts from patriarchal religions anon, hate to break it to you but men wrote all of them.

No. 2037878

Are you telling me that Islam started the pube-shaving trend?

No. 2037911

Who knows, but muhammad really hated pubes and was very concerned about his followers not washing their genitals:
>The Messenger of Allah said: Ten are the acts according to fitra: clipping the moustache, letting the beard grow, using the tooth-stick, snuffing water in the nose, cutting the nails, washing the finger joints, plucking the hair under the armpits, shaving the pubes and cleaning one's private parts with water.
>"A time limit was set for us, by the Messenger of Allah, regarding trimming the mustache, clipping the nails and plucking the pubes; we were not to leave that for more than forty days," on one occasion he said: "Forty nights".

No. 2037963

File: 1717655558903.png (1.21 MB, 755x1007, 1000017135.png)

>60% of Jordanian women approve of a wife being beaten over just burnt food
I am so happy that I'm not arab or muslim.

No. 2037964

Muhammad was too dumb to invent a bidet, proof that muslimity is inferior

No. 2037980

lmfao but imagine a male who doesn't clip his nails for forty days

No. 2037989

>date older to escape immature men

KEK embarrassing that she fell for that meme. I know plenty of older moids that are immature as fuck.

No. 2037990

Men invented all modern religions to brainwash people into accepting a supposed "male superiority". Catholic scrotes think it's okay to rape children and women and force them to abort. Men can't be trusted with anything or anyone. All they do is lie. Patriarchy is the religion of the planet.

No. 2037992

Pretty much, I don't get how people can be surprised that religions invented by men from patriarchal societies and then perpetuated by men from patriarchal societies support subjugation of women. A lot of modern religious leaders have tried to shape up after women's lib happened due to women's own efforts but it's not like we can't read the religious texts and see what they actually say.

No. 2038001

If a moid doesn't act mature by the time he's 20ish he's never going to become mature. In fact younger moids are typically more ideal since they're more careful and involved romantically where as older moids don't see the point in trying and see women as disposable

No. 2038006

I think (like women) moids can mature throughout their twenties but almost all of them have maxed out maturity by about age 30; I guess it's not literally impossible that they mature past that point due to some significant life event or whatever but most of them like you say mostly stop maturing around the time they hit adulthood in their early 20s. Women who think they're getting a more 'mature' moid when they date 10-20 years up in age are just delusional in most cases, all they're getting is ED and balding.

No. 2038011

It's because you're more likely to find a young moid who wants to settle down young and therefore will take the relationship more serious, most moids who are older had the mindset of "play around in your 20s and settle in your 30s" but once they claim to want to settle down, they never truly outgrew their whoring stage and will treat you like an inconvenience or will just project it onto whoever was desperate enough to settle down with him when he's no longer in his prime

I also assume this is why so many gen x moids were thriving on "wife bad" jokes, they never pursued something serious with who they actually wanted to be with, it was whoever was desperate enough to deal with them

No. 2038024

File: 1717660268926.jpg (97.79 KB, 498x700, 323ff48286da25073bb9997bd6391d…)

men viewed femininity a bit better before they killed off the goddesses. With female divinity dead and semitic monotheism's influence, the bottom feeder genetic garbage males set themselves up for a narcissistic circlejerk of a society in which Eve is the cause of all corruption and they get to act wise in their incel temples.

We were in peak form as a society when we thought the many gods were literally entering our heads and influencing our thoughts. There is a theory that some ancient peoples didn't even consider themselves conscious but rather a being whose thoughts are just whims of the many gods and deities.

No. 2038032

Lol this may be true, most of the women I know in happy relationships are dating guys they met in their teens or early 20s, I think moids who want to settle down for real will take the opportunity early if they meet a girl they like, and spend years trying to prove to her that they really like her (not saying none of them turn out to be awful scrotes in the end, but I think these relationships often are more functional). The worst scrotes I've encountered through my friends are the type you are describing - moids who are mid-30s and then suddenly realize they want to 'settle down,' often with a much younger woman. One of my unfortunate pickme friends dated a 12y older moid starting at age 21, for 4 years, got an apartment with him, earned more than him already in her early 20s and paid the rent, and then after 4 years of dating he told her he 'wants to marry her therefore wants to take a break from their relationship just to make sure there isn't something better out there.' Even when they first started dating he was bald and insufferable; by the time he took a break from their relationship he was not only bald and insufferable but also a beer bellied alcoholic with no income and 36yo.

My poor dumbass friend actually went along with this farce for a year while he lied to her about sleeping with models and the daughter of the mayor (lol), then eventually realized she was just paying his rent for free and got some age-appropriate bodybuilder boyfriend.

No. 2038071

I agree with you nonna but you gotta crop out those moidy 4chan drawings from your pics cause your just gonna feed the tinfoil that any Islam hating nonnas are scrotes from pol kek

No. 2038072

Kekkk never shaving my bush so no one can visit me, I’ll just tell them I can’t have guests anymore cause I refuse to shave my pussy kek

No. 2038074

Damn I didn't realize this was a viable excuse to stop having guests over, I've been doing it wrong all along

No. 2038100

Except catholics are anti abortion and birth control

No. 2038119

Yes but the wojacks are so scrotey, usually when I see a wojack posted here it’s either a pissed off moid or a soyjack faggot. But that’s just my take, you do you. I appreciate your anti Islam enthusiasm and you sharing the things you’ve saved about it here

No. 2038198

Having a fat mother is peak selfishness on her part. Having to accommodate her laziness and physical pain because she can’t walk or do things for very long without even being exhausted gets tiring when you’ve been dealing with it for almost 20+ years. I was reminded of a yt short I watched about this fat mom who gained self-awareness about her obesity and that she was unable to attend to her kids or even play with them because she had sacks of fat sitting on a dainty skeleton and so it empowered her to exercise and lose a lot of weight. I feel like mothers make the wrong kind of sacrifices for their children

No. 2038204

That's not true at all. Name an example besides basic terms like moid and kek.

No. 2038212

File: 1717681001780.jpg (14.66 KB, 343x344, 1665682812021914.jpg)

NTA, but I disagree. Soyjaks are so awful to look at that I think they make great reaction images. Besides, down your path of logic lies the path of the troon. Where being a woman is not enough, you must act like a woman or else you are assumed male.

No. 2038222

Soyjak users don't post wojaks though

No. 2038240

Not everyone who dates younger people is doing it to be predatory. Sometimes people just like the way young people look more and aren’t ready to give up people they find physically attractive for personality. Unfortunately, a 24 year old guy/woman is gonna look better than a 50year old. Most people(even women even if they won’t admit it) are gonna take a young attractive person who likes them over someone old.

No. 2038249

most men dating younger women do it for the looks but also because women of their own age don't want to put up with their dumb antics and immaturity, they know they can manipulate someone younger more easily.

No. 2038255

fuck these are so soulless, they remind me of those retarded ape NFTs. I miss rage faces so much, they had so much personality.

No. 2038256

File: 1717683091698.jpeg (53.87 KB, 500x386, IMG_1143.jpeg)

Witch noses are honestly ugly I had to say it. There’s no way you can beautify it because the size and curvature throws your entire facial balance off. I do not blame women with these noses getting plastic surgery to fix them and I thank god every day I was born with a normal one. I’ve only seen one woman who was able to rock her witch nose and she was already beautiful to begin with (of course she was insecure asf) but most just look wretched like she’s about to crush my bones into powder and make soup out of it

No. 2038260

File: 1717683285255.png (101.37 KB, 790x757, giga stacy.png)

> but most just look wretched like she’s about to crush my bones into powder and make soup out of it
this is the motivation i needed to love my nose

No. 2038265

I think they’re hot on both men and women

No. 2038269

I ignore most people who go on about hating all plastic surgery, makeup, hair dye/straightening or any other artificial beauty ritual. All too often, those same people are happy to bash naturally unattractive women, thereby causing the problem. You don't have to find everyone attractive, but if you go out of your way to publicly call certain features or faces ugly, what do you think will happen? You can't complain.
I don't even think they're all being hypocritical. Some of them are just too cowardly to admit that they say they hate all plastic surgery because they want a group of people to look down on. If all the unfortunate-looking people were to start going under the knife to look normal or attractive, they'd be lost.

No. 2038270

I think a lot of you are addicted to suffering because it's all you know, so you romanticize it. Just get out of your own way, are you retarded?

No. 2038271

Based af. Anyone who defends this look has shit taste. And the shape itself is caused by health and genetic issues most of the time, hence the other features around it also looking like shit. It's literally a sign of genetic inferiority, and especially in moids imo, they look straight up retarded with noses like this. I'm not saying everyone ever should have a ski slope button nose, but any proper straight or curved shape with medium or small size that isn't too overwhelming and overshadowing the other features is ideal for both men and women. This specific witch nose shape in your picrel is objectively the worst ever.

No. 2038277

File: 1717684441119.jpg (92.96 KB, 1242x1101, 6hlo2v0qsra71.jpg)

You reminded me of when people were arguing about angel vs witch skull

No. 2038279

I though they did? When we got raided half a year ago they were posting wojacks, unless I got it confused with another group of moids posting wojacks

No. 2038282

Maybe it was different a year ago, but from what I've seen they don't particularly like them

No. 2038286

You’re right, there is no biological advantage that witch noses give, it’s not like how wide nostrils was a climate adaptation or how certain skin tones are able to absorb vitamin D more efficiently, it’s a clear sign of dysgenics and an unhealthy offspring. People have a habit of making things that are objectively ugly/unhealthy as beautiful because even normies through all their virtue signaling admit that beauty equates to worth so they’ll try to wrap shit with gold.
The angel face is inherently more prettier than the one on the left

No. 2038287

soyjacks and wojakcs are two different things

No. 2038289

I hate to say it but most women never stop being easily manipulated and putting up with bullshit from scrotes. I think the main reason men like younger women is simply just looks. It wouldn’t be hard to find a stupid woman over the age of 35.

No. 2038291

What's known as "witch skull" is just one of many European genetic adaptations considered appealing in men, but "wrong" in women. If you guys stopped procreating with witch skull moids, it'd probably disappear pretty fast.

No. 2038294

let's see what your nose looks like

No. 2038301

Soyjaks are like the pitbulls of wojaks

No. 2038303

File: 1717685676886.jpg (48.91 KB, 736x736, 6052dddc39a9e02b725c38dd1fa46d…)

No. 2038305

That's a massive honker. Needs plastic surgery asap

No. 2038306

I don’t understand moms who won’t let their daughters shave or style their hair and don’t care that they’re being bullied for it. Your 13 year old daughter has a unibrow just let her remove it.

No. 2038317

You guys are arguing about caucasian noses? If this sexual selection truly worked, why is there still so many ugly people in Europe?

No. 2038322

No. 2038324

Women keep reproducing with ugly men for resources, or due to poor taste/mental illnesses. Tbh, all races of women do this and it's a problem. If you want to have kids, please don't go for men with features you'd shame on a girl. Stop having fetishes for "omg muh big daddy heckin hands and brick-shaped dadbod and big honkin noses" like some kind of HSTS tranny who believes traits both sexes commonly have to be "masculine" due to porn and anime addiction. You are just cursing your kids.

No. 2038327

Right angle noses > angel noses

No. 2038332

if we only had kids with attractive men the birth rate would plummet. where do you find these men? I have never in my life met a beautiful man.

No. 2038333

No. 2038336

I think this about white people all the time, especially here in the UK where people start ageing in their 20s (which, by the way, is way faster for the moids so why isn’t this a problem for them?) I almost feel like that’s why the age of consent here is 16. But I wonder why East Asian moids are so ebephophilic when their women age well and put so much effort to take care of themselves. I’ve seen plenty of Korean and Chinese 50-something ladies who look objectively much more beautiful than plenty of 20-somethings or at least unaged. At this point it’s clearly the fetishisation of youth because they are clearly plenty attractive.

No. 2038338

Love yourself. Sex is for only women and the most attractive of men. Why would you have sex with an ugly scrote?

No. 2038342

kekkkk these are so retarded.

No. 2038344

bc even in china and korea most 50 yr old women actually look their age unless they have plenty of plastic surgery or botox?

No. 2038347

eh, an early 50s Asian woman is more equivalent to a late 30s anglo woman so I still can’t see how Asian moids are somehow MORE youth-obsessed.

No. 2038350

File: 1717688554064.jpg (28.4 KB, 480x354, 1000017140.jpg)

>an early 50s Asian woman is more equivalent to a late 30