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File: 1716006523264.jpg (57.61 KB, 640x620, amorphous_globosa.jpg)

No. 77002

No. 77003

File: 1716006743805.gif (1.3 MB, 498x309, 1715998568125.gif)

I am once again asking why this needed to be spoiled in:

No. 77004

>Thread pic
I forgot what they're called but aren't they like, cow fetuses that didn't develop well?

No. 77005

Are the farmhands who patrol /w/ incapable of using their brain cells to read more than 3 sentences?

No. 77006

Yes, the amorphous globosus cow ball. They look like hairy pomegranates when you cut them in half.

No. 77007

tbh I don't know why this pic was spoilered when i previously reported some other yaoi drawing a month (or a few months? ago) some anon posted where the guy literally had a gorey bloody eyeball torn out of his head for gore and it never got spoilered. like this is nothing in comparison, it's a fucking red line. farmhands just pick and choose

No. 77008

Yeah basically. And if it's in one of her pet cow's threads like Taylor, she just immediately redtexts everyone for everything without even reading first.

No. 77009

What's the plan for the boards? I know there was some vague talk about the future but is there really any plan?
We're not about the cows or the milk anymore. Now it's whining about troons because first world problems or defending even legacy cows because there's a man within a mile of them at the time and not much milk. Most of the old cows are gone and the only new ones that are gonna get traction need to be trannies or moids.
This is the site you apparently wanted, admin. What now.

No. 77010

there are some turbo autists in the fujo thread right now coming from a certain discord and 4chan /cm/, probably what happened was one of them got mad the op pic they wanted didn't get chosen and started mass reporting the new thread in hopes of getting it locked or something. the redtext also says "early made thread" when the old thread was at 1993 posts, why would that be banworthy? and then the picture hasn't been spoilerered on any of it's new reposts nor the numerous other times it's been posted on lolcow? just a strange ban all around.

No. 77011

predicting a name change to appease the embarrassing number of newfags who only have a vague idea of what a lolcow even is or know of any besides cwc, and a catch-all drama board soon that will be dominated by celebricows threads. the decline of lolcow happened so rapidly after this place became the talk of the town on radfem twitter, tumblr, and tiktok and /ot/ became the face of the site. why did they have to choose a board to ruin that was made for a purpose instead of a female aimed variety board like cc?

No. 77012

Seconding this complaint. This isn't nsfw by any means or even any type of gore, it's just an anime boy cut. With all the glitter he might as well be drawing a red line on his arm with crayon, you really can't tell. It also was not spoiled at any point before the other times it's been posted ITT, and farmhands have indeed spoilered nsfw images in the fujo thread before.

No. 77013

cry harder tranny

No. 77014

>edgy discord & /a/ fujos attempting to pivot their spergout over a cringe pic being spoilered to someone from /cm/ not having their image used for a thread OP
Don't fall for it

No. 77016

Why lie? there were 20 posts left, the retarded newfaggot that made the thread admitted to it. Adhere to board culture, newfaggot. I dont see the need of making a thread early, its pure retarded newfaggotry, probably from someone that didnt want their retarded op pic to lose.

No. 77017

>Cut them in half
NOOOOO I would never, I think they're oddly cute because they're so round, idk why I feel this way??? Pls don't cut them…

No. 77018

Yeah they feel like they're alive and cute, cutting them is insane.

No. 77019

Give us back our dumbass shit thread you silly fuckers

No. 77020

Idk why but this makes me nauseous

No. 77021

seconding this

No. 77022

File: 1716050580192.jpg (Spoiler Image,636.67 KB, 640x853, 20240316_205113.jpg)

a little cow ball never hurt nobody

No. 77023

How is discussion in the conspiracy thread where actual points are being made on both sides derailing? That’s what the damn thread is for.

No. 77024

The thread was very active at the time, so i think she expected it to fill up pretty quickly, i don't see a lot of harm. She mentioned 1993 because they tried to ban it for being too early when it had 1993 already.
Somebody was annoyed with veganism discussion happening all the time, they probably treat this topic as derailment now.

No. 77026

File: 1716067102874.jpg (41.04 KB, 837x293, 1000054466.jpg)

I know this is old, I was catching up on a thread but why would you get banned for calling someone a retard? Moderator has been weird lately.

No. 77028

Who bets on banned anon calling a mod retard, and then they banned anon for it just because they can? Kek.

No. 77029

Don't google the term or you will see way worse things… I have many regrets

No. 77030

people are posting less and less archives of things and half the videos don't work. I know I'm not the only one with this problem

No. 77031

Bitter retard baiting in here

No. 77032

File: 1716101468486.png (6.78 KB, 776x134, waaaah dont call scrotes uglie…)

So, in lolcow dot farms, the site built around calling women ugly/fat, we cant call men ugly anymore? if there is something that confirms the jannies are moids its pic rel.

I will give the jannies the benefit of the doubt and believe they are going to ban calling women ugly outside cow boards and women shilled as attractive you find ugly as well, so here are some posts calling women ugly outside those containments


I reported them, so i hope you do your job jannies ♥ because need i remind you this whole board had a funny little april fool pranks calling women fat too, and outside cow boards too. So i dont understand why we can make of women but not men. Care to explain your double standards?

No. 77033

I love how the moment I started providing good exampled of actresses who are still ugly as shit in their most done up state, you slammed the brakes on the thread KEKKK. Weak little faggot you're mad that I don't think your precious renee rapp is attractive as brigitte? come on

No. 77034

File: 1716103567927.jpeg (82.34 KB, 918x303, IMG_3829.jpeg)

No matter what you think of the idea of >>>ot/2009067, it’s extremely low quality, the threadpic is bait and how is it different than Women being shilled as attractive in /g/ or discussions about female beauty in Celebricows? It’s not the same as ugly male one because it was dedicated to discussing actual media and social phenomenon and not 'I saw an ugly woman today ree'. Also the op, who has been baiting in unpopular opinions for a while, gives serious male/tranny vibes.

No. 77035

We have gone over multiple times how ugly women psyop thread is about how actresses/models/women in media have gotten uglier over the last generations, and how it has become more 'acceptable'/more encouraged to be fat, gross, unattractive, etc. Also, if thats how you feel, then why would you not discuss the ugly scrotes in their /g/ thread or in celebricows? and i think you're thinking a little bit too highly of men if you really believe that they can concentrate on a singular conversation for this long.

No. 77036

I agree with the the spergs now, unsage dumbass shit. The site has only gotten worse since hellweek so clearly something else is the problem

No. 77038

I've just been lurking but if you think sperging about ugly women is moid behavior then you'd find /snow/ to be a frathouse.

No. 77039

Compare the OPs for both of these threads and notice the difference, besides the obvious baiting with 'famous sex symbol of the 60s vs young climate activist insulted for her looks since her teenage years'. Anons said this before, but again, we don’t have 60 year old actresses pushed as peaks of sexiness or paired up with 20 something males.

Too nitpicky or psychotic anons on /snow/ have been criticized multiple times. Calling woman ugly or hideous is one thing, describing her as 'garbage bag full of beans' is moid behavior.

No. 77040

Thank you for locking the retarded ugly women psyop thread, and thank you for tard wrangling the ban-evading retard posted up in the unpopular opinion thread

No. 77043

That isn't a creative insult, you stole it from Paris Hilton but changed "cottage cheese" into "beans"

No. 77057

I was one of the anons that was banned. Debate relating to diet, environmentalism, veganism and nutrition in general has always been in the tinfoil threads because it is tinfoil. There are large corporations that have interests in pushing humans to eat in a certain way because it drives profits and changing the human diet is part of the WEF's great reset and agenda 2030.

Anons do go into the tinfoil thread and then complain when the particular tinfoil theories they like aren't being discussed. If that happens, anons need to change the subject by posting information relating to what they want to talk about.

The ban wasn't long, and it was more of nudge to say "stop it" than being a serious ban, so it's not a big deal but I do wish farmhands would check what they are giving out bans for more thouroughly. She did put in the effort to ban and redtext both sides of the debate though, which I will give her credit for.

No. 77058


No. 77060

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think lolcow is indeed getting more femcel-y. As the old anons graduate and tiktok faggots take their place, it's quite obvious we are getting some regulars with a certain type of typing style, usually lowercase, that are always bitter, cause infights, and are being cynical, controversial and aggravating on purpose. Not in the fun or smart way, they literally sound retarded and terminally online. Basically what tiktok and 4chan tourists think of as "female imageboard culture", the type of people who would unironically use duolicious. They literally can't shut the fuck up. I can't help to think that there's one anon or two that are super active and do this on purpose. They insert themselves in places where they aren't welcomed and when other anons reply to them they're basically like "LOL UR MAD" when they're the ones literally seething. These infights get so tiring and annoying and I really think they're bringing the site down. And there's plenty of underage people too, some anons just confessed to lurking here since they were 12 and 15, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't the only ones.

No. 77061

And also, they can't keep their shit to their containment threads. They need to keep posting and then tell anyone they're wrong for not letting them post shit that is tried and tired and no one gives a shit about.

No. 77062

it's weird and disturbing to hold that and make a tiktok about it. i hate modernity

No. 77063

It's the equivalent of flipping around and petting a miscarried human fetus… really gross.

No. 77064

I'm an oldfag and I think zoomers like you hollering faggot this and faggot that are incredibly cringe.

No. 77065

Who don't exist. you saying this proves that you're a newfag yourself although I agree we are getting "tardcel" larpers but they get filtered out real quick or get outed as moids.besides who didn't check out imageboards when they were young? It isn't like they are getting bombarded by weird shit and child porn like they would on 4troonschan.

No. 77066

If anons can't stop responding to bait I think ot should be hidden, at least temporarily. Everyone complains that getting rid of certain threads is killing free speech and 4trannies win and whatever but if you are replying to bait you are part of the problem shitting up the site.

No. 77067

I’ve noticed this too, nonna
>B-but I’m an oldgfag!
Ok? Thanks for contributing nothing
>besides who didn't check out imageboards when they were young? It isn't like they are getting bombarded by weird shit and child porn like they would on 4troonschan.
Why the hell are you defending children using this site? Also I think some of the edgy newfags are coming here from 4chan, based on anons admitted so in certain threads with known spergs (fujo thread, for example). It’s not like they’re being saved by 4chan retardation by posting here, they’re just spreading it. 4chan was obliterated by /r9k/, /pol/, and degenerate porn posted everywhere. I really do not want newfags to bring that culture here too

No. 77068

Ugly woman psy-op thread is just going to signal to 4chan moids that they don’t even have to larp and further encourage the celibrocow gay scrotes to shit things up

No. 77069

>inb4 scrotefoiling
Mods need to investigate that user's post history because it seriously reads as male

No. 77070

Retard tried to remake the ugly woman psyop thread >>>/ot/2009598
Moids are getting bold

No. 77071

i think it's just going to encourage more shitty regina george wannabes. if you really want to call a woman ugly that badly go to literally any thread for a female cow/female-dominated community where you can be gross and nitpicky all you like

No. 77073

What I love the most about /meta/ is that we always have to ask the same questions multiple times over and over to get a chance at it being addressed by an admin or farmhand. It's great, you can tell everything is just running super smoothly and efficiently.

No. 77075

TBF lurking isn't really the same as using. As long as they hadn't posted anything here while underaged, who cares?
After reading the OP it seems like a reverse ugly male psyop. Like instead of the thread being about ugly moids being shilled as attractive it's about attractive women being shilled as ugly? Probably should not have referenced the original thread though if that was what they're going for, and definitely should've laid it out more clearly

No. 77076

>you sound male because you think women are ugly
nope i just have eyes and can see very clearly n

No. 77077

Cerbmin, please permaban this embarrassing troll ♥

No. 77078

No wonder it happened, it was really expected, molding moids are getting their revenge.

No. 77079

>you are trolling b-b-b-because….
i've been contributing to the conversation coherently and continued to provide responses that prove my point. If you truly believe that actresses getting uglier is a troll, maybe go see a movie? watch a netflix original series kek? open up a copy of vogue?

No. 77080

>4chan was obliterated by /r9k/, /pol/, and degenerate porn posted everywhere.
You must be real new to imageboards to think that nonas here don't use kiwifarms or 4chan or any other altchans many of the raids were known because some anons used those very sites besides 4chan was always degenerate but not this much because there used to be moderation. a site culture only dies when you become too lenient on certain degeneracies as 4chan did plus they accepted troons so it was going to shit anyways

No. 77082

>You must be real new
>anon assumes I haven’t used 4chan, KF, or altchans
Oh shut the hell up, I’m not a newfag and using those sites is how I know what I’m talking about, unfortunately
>4chan was always degenerate but not this much because there used to be moderation. a site culture only dies when you become too lenient on certain degeneracies as 4chan did
Yes, that’s why it’s concerning our current wave of newfags is coming from the current 4chan, not the 4chan from 10 years ago. What do you think my point even was?

No. 77083

did you mean *malding

No. 77084

Yes ♥ Bolding molding malding, whatever

No. 77085

NTA but I think this is a retarded critique because newfags have been coming in from every corner of the internet. Complaining about them not adhering to site culture now came too little, too late.

No. 77086

kek, this has been fun while it lasted. thank you nonnies

No. 77087

Oh the joys of laughing at ugly moids with nonnas ♥

No. 77088

File: 1716148417378.png (642 KB, 1080x1807, ot.png)

People like this? I agree

No. 77089

I can't believe both CC and KF have man-hate threads but not us. Bring back Pink Pill. I beg.

No. 77090

isn't it because lolcow is overall manhating and you can shit on males in every thread, which is not the case on kf?

No. 77091

We already have /2X/, moid takes, talk like a moid, ugly male psyop, etc. etc. How about we stop talking about males all together?
This too

No. 77092

So like, are you guys gonna do anything about the derail in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 77093

what derail? its for posting unpopular opinions and people are continuing to do that

No. 77094

They already handled what I was referring to.

No. 77095

That retard has been going for almost a whole fucking day because they keep ban evading. Last night I thought it finally ended but I guess they went to bed just to wake up and start all over again.

No. 77096

So why is there a new dumbass ugly woman psyop thread? One can go through the male one just to see why there is no such thing.

No. 77097

Because the ban evader made another thread when they woke up, which also thankfully got locked.

No. 77098

i didn't make that thread a different anon did

No. 77099

Women who call themselves femcel with no irony do exist though, and they do mention LC on shit websites like duolicious. I think you're right though, the word that we all should use instead is "tardcel".

No. 77100

I've seen unironic ones a lot on here, too. One time some went feral because I dared to make an unserious comment about becoming a femcel after breaking up with my ex. One said if a woman has sex once, she's a stupid whore even if she abstains for a decade afterwards kek. They're dumb as shit and take actual pride in being better than "sluts" who aren't virgins

No. 77101

There is no ugly woman psyop. Women are expected and still present as pretty as possible/impossible. Real life or fictional. Stop making shit up and if you want to rant about simply women shilled as attractive or plastic surgery go in the appropriate threads. No one in media has pushed for women to look ugly under the guise that they're attractive and won, except underage genderspecial kids on their social circles.

No. 77102

>women are still expected to present as pretty
>stop making shit up
this conversation has been going on for almost a full day because none of you can admit that actresses and models are getting uglier…they're not here kek. don't worry, no ones gonna snitch on you to them lmao. I have no idea what all of you are so afraid of when this website masters the art of critique.

No. 77103

I read that and you still make no sense. Men used to have an ounce of presentableness in the past, famous moids tend to look uglier than the average cashier even if the standards for men are getting lower and any one of them and other women push to keep it lower for free moral points. Male characters in videogames keep getting more covered, uglier and older. Ugly moids try to bully attractive ones by saying they look like faggots while they make sure to prep themselves for the gay bear look.
If women in media now look ugly to you it's probably because beauty standards in certain areas got so high that they promote dumbass surgeries and if you want to rant about few nobodies that have an average face and are famous just because of their parents or somewhat else you have your space. Tell me about the ugly woman psyop when all of them look like old haggard hairy inbred burqa wearing obese creatures with 4 teeth in their mouth that don't even care to change their favorite sneakers for formal occasions and still have people saying that they are the peak of female beauty and try to normalize it.

No. 77104

>men male moids
once again, for the 50th time, men and women aren't comparable.
>if women look ugly its because beauty standards got high
No, they actually dropped in the wake of 'fat positivity' and this whole ugliness is the new attractive wave that we're going through.

No. 77105

ntayrt but fat positivity is on the decline in recent years, it's going in the opposite direction now if anything. it's not the mid/late 2010s anymore.

No. 77106

I'm not a burgerfag and where i live the ideal attractive woman is supposed to look as beautiful, feminine and healthy as it always was, same in other continents outside America. Some areas want them a bit too thin and that's something else but the popular idea it's always a specific one.
You made a sister thread because of a male focused one, would you have done the same if it didn't exist in the first place? Some anons who whine about the amount of male topics really sound stupid by acting in the same way baiting moids do, why even make a thread after it was already locked for baiting? You're so eager to discuss this so visible psyop that you have so little points, not everything revolves around whatever you see trending on social media, take a look at Tekken 8 characters and tell me if the female characters look ugly? Maybe just mediocre? Is everyone casting old fat actresses in big roles, while also not trying to fetishize them or put some kind of shame into them, or maybe they're directed by women with other intentions? Technology is also more common than it was once, you can see any person from any part of the world and any one of them has a chance to become famous, while in the past there were much more restrictions on who would be fit for something like that. Any woman i know shares the same vague idea of female beauty that is not a result of any psyop other than maybe sexualization in some cases, what else do you have to complain about? There is no ugly woman psyop that any grown men or women are trying to push en masse for decades and that the whole world is trying to follow for their own benefit. Go interact with real threads instead.

No. 77108

That's just enough from me, any person who's complaining about moid topics is sounding so retarded if not just outing themselves out on their own, i believe some anons do think that way regardless but that goes beyond any help.

No. 77109

Current BL thread has more posts about self harm and anon spamming pics of guys cutting themselves instead of actual discussion about BL

No. 77110

…didn't most of us come from 4chan? Besides the recent Tiktok/Twitterfags. All the oldfags came from 4chan, how else would we have found out about this site.

No. 77111

Nta but I'm pretty sure she means current day 4chan posters

No. 77112

Anons accidentally outing themselves for coming here from tunglr and reddit kek. Imagine being mad people are treating lolcow like an imageboard again and not like reddit 4gurlz.

No. 77113

This is a completely new batch of underage newfags, who the fuck posted LC on 4chan again?

No. 77114

I’ve been here for like 7 years but I got here through Google trying to find other people criticizing some artist. I’ve never been on 4chan, I was never dumb enough to do that to myself.

No. 77115

I am so sorry but I came here from PULL about 7 or 8 years ago… I've never been to 4chan because their reputation repulses me

No. 77116

i came from twitter/youtube back in 2017 kek, julia, nika and jaelle, and onision were my gateway drug

No. 77117

can the genshinfag get a time out for shitting up the bl thread they’re completely off topic

No. 77118

>I’ve never been on 4chan, I was never dumb enough to do that to myself.
Oh wow, you are very cool

No. 77119

I think farmhands should increase moderation in there for a while because clearly some unintegrated retards have migrated there from God knows where in the last few days and are using it like a discord chatroom.

No. 77120

I'm not a fujo, i used to have that thread open just to check in sometimes but i think that i've hidden it from some months because it all seemed a bit too spergy to me at some point, i think i've done it some time before seeing that Fujo VS Anti-Fujo thread on /ot/.

No. 77121

Yeah, I don’t mind when the thread is more active so long as it’s on topic. Current thread’s content has been especially bad and all over the place. There’s way more shitposting than actual discussions.

No. 77122

Is reddit spacing a reportable offense? I don't remember.
I was getting a very innocent childish vibe from that poster, I think they might be a child

No. 77123

>I was getting a very innocent childish vibe from that poster, I think they might be a child
Especially with the weird ass cutting conversation earlier. Screams of lost teenager.

No. 77124

True. Their posts were very reminiscent of young tiktok/twitter zoomers. I highly doubt they’re over 18 and don’t even seem to know what bl is per the furry post.

No. 77125

You're absolutely right. Lolcow was always known as a mean place but in a way that was gatekeep-y (good) mean to newfags and blunt. Nowadays it's more like the barely 18-20 yr old newfags with too much time on their hands have to expose everyone to their autistic special interests whether it be fujo hating, fujo loving, ugly man psyop, getting angry that there's no ugly woman psyop, being a dumbass shit poster and then make all of us witness the extent of their smug never ending autism until they get what they want.
They're throwing tantrums all over lc, like this one retard in unpopular opinions yesterday and today, the retard in the anime thread, the retard in the fujo thread, it never fucking ends. They have to shit up everything they see with their retarded arguments, I don't even care that I agree with them or if they're right, they just can't shut up and it kills every thread they do that in. They have no self control, they seem to be camping 24/7 when they find a victim to infight with, it's legitimately insane and lowers the quality of posting instantly. Whenever I notice it's one of them that's leading the conversation I just nope out of a thread.

No. 77126

New hellweek when. Maybe autosage unpopular opinions and whatever other thread is problematic at the moment as well

No. 77128

I've started to seriously care about reporting people other than obvious moids only after i noticed how many anons left a while ago, but i'm still too delicate with it. i really hope that we will be able to have less situations like that in the future

No. 77129

pass, last one was a fucking disaster and helped nothing.

No. 77130

That thread is filled with tourists and I have no idea where they all came from

No. 77131

File: 1716194690767.png (48.57 KB, 678x516, msedge_05_20_24_14_38.png)

I have no hope for things improving, mods seem to have given up as well, they seem to do the bare minimum. picrel is from fujo thread earlier today, the only thing the mod did was gently chide one idiot for posting an unspoilered wrist cutting comic, the rest of the messages are still fine despite being gross and off-topic (while some random joke pic got flagged for that). Do other nonas do not use the report function anymore or do the mods just ignore??

No. 77132

There was some retard getting mad about how someone wanted to see uglier women in film. The autist couldn't handle the idea of women not being sexualized and pretty. Between bitches like that and insane amount of anti-fujo retards shitting up the board, who needs enemies?

No. 77133

Have you seen the state of some other threads recently? Idk what’s in the water but the spergs have come out in droves these past couple of days. I think our tard wranglers just have their hands full kek.

No. 77134

This is bleak

No. 77135

we need more reminders about lurking more like banners or something because there are so many newfags who keep typing their retarded opinions based very little info

No. 77136

What I don’t get is how banning works right now? Like, how was this retard yesterday allowed to post constantly despite multiple bans and still does in unpopular opinions? I get it was ban evading but it just kept going despite being clear it’s the same creature, it was ridiculous. And it seemed that redtexts =/= ban.

No. 77137

there was a post in the anime thread from an anon thinking they'll be doxxed on myanimelist if they filled out a graphic of their favorite anime, before the thread turned into a giant clusterfuck of arguing. >>>/m/383065 It really feels like the site must have been posted or mentioned somewhere else for so many idiots to suddenly pop up in /m/

No. 77138

if you’re not actively participating in this thread then why do you care about what happens in it? hide and move on, retard

No. 77139

I do participate in thread, I just don't reply to this type of bait. I silently report and reply to regular posts about guys kissing.

No. 77141

Ayrt, not criticizing anons coming from 4chan, as I already explained >>77082 here. I still
lurk on a couple boards, but 4chan today is a cespool and I don’t want this place to become /r9k/ 2.0
There are definitely noticeable waves of newfags that follow certain trends, even if they aren’t all coming from the same place
That thread was posted in /y/ iirc

No. 77142

NTA but I have also seen that thread shared on /a/ and /jp/ too, so retarded

No. 77143

you're fine participating in a thread with a threadpic from a game with graphic scat but some anons talking about cutting is "gross" and too much. go back to moderating your discord server.

No. 77144

>you're fine participating in a thread with a threadpic from a game with graphic scat
Nta but acting like room no. 9 is some super edgy scat game that’s too problematic for lolcow is just retarded and disingenuous. I can only assume you’re one of the newfag edgelords shitting up the thread

No. 77145

when did i ever imply rn9 being too problematic for lolcow? if you didn't think the rather long scat scene was gross that's fine i don't care but the game is edgier than pregnant uke cutters or whatever and if that anon is okay with one thing why can't she just scroll past the other.

No. 77146

Rn9 threadpic =/= scat, jesus

No. 77147

i never implied that either and now see there's no point in arguing further. concerning lack of reading comprehension, you should get that checked out.

No. 77149

dumb comparison. the op pic itself has nothing to do with scat, the thread covers a wide enough topic that most people in it have never played the game. no one has the time or inclination to check whether the threadpic source is ~problematic~ before participating in a thread.
otoh the "pregnant ukes cutting uwu" are directly being discussed.

No. 77150

>how else would we have found out about this site.

No. 77151

Have you ever seen the discussion thread on /y/? It's pretty damn tame compared to the waves of sperging here.

No. 77152

Kek you are genuinely retarded

No. 77155

derailing and infighting

No. 77156

>who keep typing their retarded opinions based very little info
literally the average farmer everywhere from the mtf thread to the anime thread to fandom salt. what is this place good for if not rambling on about bullshit as if you’re expert

No. 77157

how do these posts not get banned but me saying "fathead" does

No. 77158

A fatty farmhand felt personally attacked

No. 77160

is this why there barely any threads making fun of fat cows? if theres one, it doesnt seem as popular as the anachan thread

No. 77161

We do have an Amberlynn thread but it's dead. I don't think anyone is stopping anyone else from making a thread on well known fatchans e.g. FoodieBeauty, Tess Holliday, Hungry Fat Chick, etc. etc.

No. 77162

Please report posts you see like these. Farmhands don't always sit in threads watching them, so whenever you see comments like that and want action on it, report them.
Basically this, anyone is allowed to make a thread about them. To be honest, it's a bit surprising there isn't a FoodieBeauty one, but we do have a tess holliday one (it's very old), some are also posted in the old HAES movement thread and death fats (also very old and dead). If you feel confident enough to make a good thread on them, feel free to do so in /snow/.

No. 77163

I think we should make a hambeast thread à la the ana-chan thread on /snow/. I think having separate threads for all of them will make them all move super slow, but if we have one condensed thread for all fatchans it would be a lot faster moving. The main difficulty would be creating the op with a history of their retardation, but I'm sure some dedicated farmers would provide good material. Plus it would be really funny to laugh at them, even though it might devolve into "fatty fat" tier comments.

No. 77164

Another picrew husbando thread… with a reused threadpic… I suppose if this is what anons want, who am I to complain? But I personally don’t see the appeal in scrolling through discord-tier picrew spam in a thread that used to just be full of horny posts and hot guys

No. 77165

Was so confused when I saw it in catalog with 2 replies. Shit threadpic. A husbando picrew thread would be nice.

No. 77166

There’s already a very active picrew thread on /m/ >>>/m/343999 I don’t understand why husbandofags don’t just use it too?

No. 77167

idk maybe it doesn't feel speshul enough? kek it really should be contained there, sometimes it really clogs up the thread and while it's nice nonnies get to have portraits with their husbandos, it takes away from the actual husbando posting.

No. 77168

Because the picrew thread isn't a part of their special club where they avatarfag

No. 77169

Honestly i don't like it either but i think this has happened because no one can really decide on an actual threadpic anymore, i'm not that active there at this point so i can't help much

No. 77170

russian spammer is back >>>/ot/2011349

No. 77171

Scrote >>>/ot/2011349

No. 77172

When did photoshop thread become a cow milk thread and stop being s photoshop thread? The skirby retards need to go post their non-milk useless non-photoshop shit about this ugly fat cow to another thread. It's taking up the entire photoshop thread.

No. 77173

>even though it might devolve into "fatty fat" tier comments.
the pro-ana cows thread is already like this kek, so it probably won't be a big deal in a fat cows thread

No. 77174

can you ban this nlog retard already? it doesnt matter how much you explain things to her she just wants to infight and will defend moids to death while shitting on women who do the same things

No. 77175

I've been reporting these clowns and it has resulted in no mod action so far. Reported again for good measure.

No. 77176

mod is a retard for thinking i'm going to take caps of deviantart journal entries and put them together in a compressed collage for this post

No. 77177

There is one low iq sperg that camps that thread to seethe about women not being real gamers and constantly infights. Maybe it's an ftm or mtf?

No. 77178

I think someone posted a cp link in lolcow general

No. 77179

where? report it.

No. 77180

There's spam from those soyjak site moids here, since yesterday >>>/ot/1484820

No. 77181

I posted a couple soyjaks too, days ago, but only cute ones. Is there really a ‘spam?’ I thought it was I and another nonnie sharing silly ones we found on Pinterest. Like soyed animals etc.

No. 77183

nta but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a regular anon posting them and the raiders. tbh i've never even seen an actual farmer posting them until the latest confessions thread, but the one linked above looks like the ones who come here to raid

No. 77184

Sorry then. But yeah >>77183 is right, sometimes you can't tell if it's a real spammer or a nonna shitposting.

No. 77185

You really think everyone who calls you a schizo is one person kek I'd say enjoy your ban but all you do is evade them

No. 77186

No. 77188

Can you ban the retard that’s victim-blaming abused women in the unpopular opinions thread? Not the first time s/he has done this. >>>/ot/2011008

No. 77189

this idiot has been derailing the thread for an entire day

No. 77191

Mods, why do you keep banning people for necroing in /ot/? The weight loss thread and the "what is wrong with you" thread. Necroing is allowed in the non-milk boards.

No. 77192

I think Mikan Mandarin should be moved to >>>/w/16207 The fashion vlogger/blogger thread on /w/. She's not milky enough to have her own thread again and all her recent milk involves fashion without any actual drama. Her personal thread will be filled with nitpicking outfits and anon is already talking about comments, but won't post caps of anything to prove she's deleting things. She's one of the many cows on /w/ that has no more life to her. All the milk in recap is old or about fashion only without actual drama in years >>>/w/326805 All milk linked in the racap is a year+ old.

No. 77193

No. 77194

Agreed but also there’s already a fitness/weight loss thread on /g/, so the one on /ot/ is redundant

No. 77196

they’re newfags is why

No. 77197

There's a jealous tranny seething about grace jones and using the catchphrase 'stay woke ladies' in the ugly man thread. He's also racebaiting about asian women I think

No. 77198

That isn't supposed to happen, the ban has been lifted and the farmhand was spoken to. Please let us know here if anyone ever sees these kind of bans, thanks.

No. 77199


No. 77200

File: 1716321176439.jpeg (138.37 KB, 1798x847, ffxZbmh.jpeg)

This isn't my post, but what does this even mean? Are we not allowed to post wojaks anymore? What differentiates between a wojak and a soyjak? I say this mostly because this one in particular could have come from anywhere, not just the Sharty. There's no rule anywhere that states wojaks or soyjaks cannot be posted, so I'm not sure why jannies are handing out bans for it. It's a bit of an overstep that needs to be clarified, IMO. And if we're gonna make rule changes, make it very explicit to the userbase that/when the changes happened.

No. 77202

File: 1716322429818.png (111.58 KB, 863x398, 1000026838.png)

not my post, but anon is looking for the video her sponsored clinic took. She asked if other anons know where to find it. She didn't deserve to be banned for asking if another anon has a link to the video. >>>/w/326818

No. 77205

Can I make a vent thread in /ot/ specifically for vents not related to romantic relationships or would it be redundant?

No. 77206

This is old AF anyway. Link it to the old thread.

No. 77207

I honestly think anons should stop making so many hyper specific threads tbh. And also I don't really see the point of that, just my two cents though

No. 77208

she got the 2nd nose job after the old thread autolocked. idk what your issue is. I've never seen that reel anon mentioned either.

No. 77209

Can mods ban to kpop newfag in Ugly Man psyop, please?

No. 77210

Very redundant.

No. 77211

Wtf. The /ot/ mods are seriously on some shit lately.

No. 77212

Deserved. Soyjaks are ugly.

No. 77213

You must be real new here not to know soyjacks are banned here and with good reason

No. 77214

hmmm if only we had some kind of… anything goes thread…

No. 77215

You're posting a meme that features a "soyjack" of an incel mass-murderer that targeted women during his murder-spree. It's not funny and it's not cute and I know on other websites it's fine to use these types of memes, and a lot of people don't know what they're really representing but here we don't use soyjacks or "wojacks" or whatever jacks.

No. 77216

yes, and we could call it the "stupid stuff" thread, or the "idiotic things" thread or maybe even the "dumbass shi
>wait a second

No. 77217

Then anon is begging to be spoonfed. They contributed nothing.

No. 77218

I'm not new, just literate in the English language. Show me where in the rules that it states wojaks can't be posted, "oldfag". Kek
>here we don't use soyjacks or "wojacks" or whatever jacks.
"Here" we are directly derived from 4chan, as are many of the users. The soyjak is literally making fun of the moid that you're referring to. What are you going on about? Anyway, wojaks are a part of imageboard culture, and I can tell that you are new and not a regular imageboard user by your boomer-tier misspelling of wojak as "wojack" and then calling them "jacks" on top of that. The absolute moralfaggotry that's transcended upon this website is crazy. This is literally a gossip board.

No. 77219

We should necro a 9-year-old thread instead of making new ones? How about no. Just hide the threads that bother you, it's not hard

No. 77220

They're not banne. What the actual fuck are you on about? It's just highly discouraged by the userbase to use them, because of their association with predominantly male boards and /pol/fags but, in the few instances I've seen them posted, it's mainly in the troon threads where anons'll post soyjak edits of troons. Or on /ot/, some anons have posted them before as thread pics or reaction images only for another anon to deride them for using them.

No. 77221

File: 1716357477307.png (172.81 KB, 668x572, sad.png)

Why was i banned for just cheering up before going away? I only interacted with that thread to talk about my unpopular opinion and i just hide those threads because they have retarded infights all the time, didn't even sperg about fighting games there

Anyway sorry for ban evading for the first time but there is a corpse posted on >>>/g/399782 and they sound like a moid too, you can ban me forever now but just get rid of that

No. 77222

Your ban appeal has been accepted almost immediately, I missed out on the sarcasm and you got caught up in the crossfire, sorry.

No. 77223

Thank you, no worries, i was mostly worried about that post i reported because i remembered reading about another anon seeing it but i couldn't find what she was referring to.

No. 77224


No. 77225

If you're the /ot/ janny who's always up at ungodly hours fighting the good fight and corralling the retards then thank you for everything that you do, ilu.

No. 77226

>We are derived from 4chan!!!
That was a decade ago. Stuff changes idk what to tell you. If you use those pictures you're weird.

No. 77227

Asking whether anyone has a piece of media from the time between threads, a reel that was never posted or linked on lolcow, isn't begging to be spoonfed. She looked for it herself and couldn't find it. Can you read?

No. 77228

unpopular opinion fills up in a day now? truly the worst newfag magnet huh

No. 77229

It's called harm reduction. Wtf is so wrong with a newfag magnet? Would you rather them have nowhere else to sperge and it just go everywhere?

No. 77230

Hi! This is an "imageboard". In the event you are incapable of liking, understanding, or appreciating internet culture you are welcome to use normie fgt social media and never come back. XOXO, ntayrt.

No. 77231

File: 1716364478562.jpg (34.1 KB, 436x298, 11071157_351430485057530_27835…)

Can someone please tell /g/ to stop sending their retards to /m/? I'm so fucking sick of the catalog (which you can't hide threads on) being shat up with flavor-of-the-month containment threads for moids whose sperg fans got kicked out of /g/. At this point, I'm beginning to think it's the same handful of anons who become infatuated with some ugly faggot, then get bored of him and move on to someone else who looks equally mediocre. It has to be the same three obnoxious zoomers hopping from Paul Dano, Brad Dourif, Adam Driver, Jerma, and a bunch of other uggos I'm probably forgetting. All of those threads are either dead or extremely slow, because these anons get bored and move on to a different guy every three months. Make it stop.

No. 77232

Anons were posting her in that thread 9 months ago and it is active, it just doesn't get bumped.

No. 77233

this happened last year too with a topic i shall not name
this is why i suggested (many threads ago) a hidden thirst board to contain all that shit and other 3D attractions threads. that or move the flavor-of-the-month threads to /g/

No. 77234

Absolutely this. Those hideous moid threads belong on /g/ and not the media board

No. 77235

>If you use those pictures you're weird
Go back

No. 77236

yup. these should be in /g/ along with whatever other hornyposting threads they got in there. i din't see what thirsting after some random irl dude has to do wth the rest of /m/

No. 77237

Kek we'd rather not have integrated fags that still think 4chan rules and culture are relevant here post at all

No. 77238

Stfu I’m tired of newfags who think being here sub 2 years means they get to declare everything too unladylike for lolcow

No. 77239

Reviving dumbass shit would easily solve this, it’s actually hilarious seeing contrarianfags being so willfully in denial

No. 77240

I miss dumbass shit too but wouldnt it just move those infighters into that thread instead?

No. 77241

And that's why /w/ is dead af. More people should make new threads instead of posting in buried, stalled ancient ones. New threads bring in more anons and breathe new life into the milk.

No. 77242

Ayrt, I think there are going to be newfags regardless, but I’d rather have newfags that “integrate” in a general/shitposting thread rather than a thread that basically is just the designated infight thread now. It gives them the idea that the point of this site is to be as edgy, aggro, and contrarian as possible

No. 77243

baiting and derailing

No. 77247

I wonder if it's either someone underage, a moid, or someone that is simply retarded

No. 77249

Please please ban the newfag polilez

No. 77250

soyjacks are commonly seen as a newfag normalshit thing on 4chan anyway kek. failed /pol/lack normies started pushing it not the weeb natives of 4chan

No. 77251

Mods please ban that retard, they are even replying to themselves now and using the thread like a chatroom. Wish i had the screenshot of the arthurfag admitting that she was just making up shit to infight because she wants that thread closed kek.

No. 77254

I think it’s just a seething moid. Sorry for da scrotefoiling, but look at how hurt he is by women preferring their husbandos to 3DPD

No. 77255

Yeah i don't blame you, he sounds so tryhard by trying to sound like a girl while making no sense either, it's just weird that he can't even reply to posts sometimes, where did he even come from? kek

No. 77256

i also believe its the arthurfag. It started with her crying about how she wants husbandos to be taken off the OP.

No. 77257

Why the fuck have a thread specifically to contain anons that don't follow cows or engage in the actual culture amongst farmers here. Its literally been months since the thread was autosaged I'm of the opinion of the admins never backing down on their decision or we'll constantly have unitegrated faggots trying to dictate culture and threads. All the dumbass trolls have done is encourage actual integrated anons to post less which I don't mind spending time away and coming back and seeing some quality posts. Too much shit these days and the constant infighters all seem underage. So many insults go over their heads too lol

No. 77258

>dumbass trolls
I never used the dumbass shit thread much, but I honestly find it obnoxious how a few anons keep trying to discredit everyone who wants the thread back as a “troll”

No. 77260

Maybe if those same trolls haven't spammed and left a literally trail in meta the past few months talking about their plans to derail unpopular opinions etc until the thread is unlocked. That's the thing about lolcow our threads don't disappear and integrated users lurk and read the past threads

No. 77261

Yeah because you fucking LSAfags keep turning it into Reddit every single day. It’s not sanitized and we can’t use meanie words that would have barely been redtexted for like calling someone a fatty. I dislike you so much

No. 77262

This is why more of these cows belong in generals. Like the fashion one for Mikan. Glad you agree

No. 77263

bait in the ugly-man psyop thread(again), some troll wants to cause in-fight about which child actor was abused more

No. 77265

>I'm sick of the catalog being shat up with containment threads
>All of those threads are either dead or extremely slow
how are they shitting up the catalog if they're all dead you tard. I would love a horny general but cerbmin is like a deadbeat dad, good luck getting a hold of them.

No. 77266

Too many wojaks in /ot/

No. 77267

Nta but what? They use "mean words" like faggot on LSA. It's like you just saw anons mentioning LSA here and so you're spouting it out without actually knowing anything about the site.
And no I'm not an LSAfag. I've was using lc first, for way longer and more often. I agree with the sentiment of the post but it's annoying how anons see terms here and start using them randomly.

No. 77268

Samefag, I misread fatty as faggot but still.

No. 77269

File: 1716393549309.jpg (7.39 KB, 274x78, Screenshot 2024-05-22 085138.j…)

nta and please correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this what the thread requests thread is for, requesting threads?

No. 77270

scroll up in the thread

No. 77271

some faggot is spamming /pt/ with empty threads

No. 77272

File: 1716393884034.png (89.01 KB, 1104x560, Opera Snapshot_2024-05-22_1104…)

thread spam in /pt/

No. 77273

*horny general board.

No. 77274

I'm noticing a of posts advertising the soyjak site, I think this is a semi-raid/trolling operation going on.

No. 77275

Slapping a “baiting across threads” ban is a personal vendetta from the mods. Overdoing it with the bans it’s like we’re still in Hellweek that happened months ago

No. 77277

Disagree. Don’t try to drag infights across multiple threads, it’s aggravating for everyone else

No. 77278

No. 77279

I was doing it in the infighting containment threads so what are you talking about

No. 77280

You getting banned for dragging it across threads

No. 77281

>infighting containment thread
No such thing, newfag. Go back to wherever you came from

No. 77282

There are people infighting as we speak in one of those threads and they aren’t getting banned for it because ofc it’s perfectly acceptable to argue about lesbians but anything else is a fuck no apparently. I really wish you mini mods would stop acting like you run this fucking place and like you’ve never engaged in an argument that hasn’t had you banned, they’re banning everyone nowadays.

No. 77283

Learn what minimodding means, newfag

No. 77284

File: 1716399305018.jpg (411.73 KB, 904x2116, 1715602862755.jpg)

This you?

No. 77285

File: 1716399342488.jpeg (149.43 KB, 672x450, IMG_0810.jpeg)

I suggest you take the advice of the last sentence in picrel

No. 77286

Stop spreading that shit around no one is as obsessed with that moid as you are. I’m not that ugly ass man

No. 77288

I’m not moderating anything, you illiterate retarded newfag. Again, learn what minimodding means. Stop shitting up threads with your pointless infighting and then expecting us to care when you refuse to follow the rules or integrate

No. 77289

Feel like this thread needs a rule on what a complaint or suggestion means. Anons seem to use it as a tattletale book for whatever petty disagreement they get into instead. Just scrolling through this thread makes my head spin, can't image what it's like for the jannies. Report the offending posts and move on.

No. 77290

He just ticks all the boxes.

No. 77291

Thought this was an acrostic poem, kek

No. 77292

We can pretend hufaa means something.

No. 77293

File: 1716400138630.gif (170.07 KB, 360x346, IMG_0811.gif)

>I’m not moderating anything, you illiterate retarded newfag
Did you not read the definition? Aww, are you incapable of connecting the dots and reading inbetween the lines? You are enforcing website rules on to another user like a moderator when you have no reason or power to do so that’s the very point but I find it rich and ironic you’re calling me illiterate and a newfag. You’re a lost cause with all of that boot taste in your mouth

No. 77294

Does anyone know what this says?

No. 77296

Cancerous newfaggotry, kek.

No. 77297

You just have a severe lack of reading comprehension, don’t worry about it

No. 77298

Thought so kek

No. 77300

>trolls overusing the term newfag and nobody noticing it
they’re clearly instigators who are concern trolling about people breaking teh rools but no i’m just crazy, just ignore it! what the fuck has happened to this website

No. 77301

Gen z

No. 77302

>anon posts about how she got banned by le evil farmhands for trying to drag an infight across multiple threads
>reveals herself to be a newfag because she genuinely thinks we have “infight containment threads” where board rules don’t apply
>doesn’t know what minimodding means and refuses to learn
Yeah, definitely trolls

No. 77303

You must be an autistic if you thought I was literal and didn’t understand I was referring to the threads in /ot/ with the most infighting. You’re also ignorant if you genuinely think you’re not being a minimod yet you keep incessantly pretending like you know the “real” meaning of it kek. You are being a bootlicker, a bitch, a cunt, more annoying than me, and a mini mod

No. 77304

>You are being a bootlicker, a bitch, a cunt, more annoying than me, and a mini mod
Kek, my fee fees. Done having a melty yet, sped-chan? Sorry you didn’t get the asspats you were expecting

No. 77305

No. 77306

If you can't adhere to board culture and follow the site rules, then why are you even here? You're getting pressed by anons pointing out your retardation and instead, you keep throwing the same non-compliance crap around as if the site is at fault or it's the mods or other users. You're doing this to yourself. Pointing out what is happening is not the same as minimodding or being a bootlicker. You need to go outside.

No. 77308

You're vocabulary outs you as a newfag.

No. 77309

This. We really need to coddle unintegrated summerfags less. They’re getting way too bold and annoying

No. 77310

What makes this obvious is that a newfag wouldn't know to go directly to /meta/, but all these users do. They are clearly shitposting and probably a good chunk are the same users constantly being banned and just IP hopping around, playing dumb and ruining the site. Mods seriously need to focus on moderating not just the pages, but also /meta/. They are complicit in allowing them to keep coming back for the sake of allowing 'users to give feedback' in /meta/ and that has barely been what's happened in these threads the past few years. These threads might as well be Shayna threads with how fast they are ran through and made. If it isn't helpful to the site, it needs to be moderated like >>77303 's infighting

No. 77311

FWIW, I do think newfags that have been here for more than a day or two know about /meta/

No. 77312

Not if what they see first is the ban page telling them to email.

No. 77322

get her fucking ass

No. 77323

Smells like trannycord gayops in here again.

No. 77324

Reeks of it some would say.
So glad someone's bringing attention to this like I tried to a long while back.

No. 77325

I agree with everything you said. I get that the no redtext thing worked a few years ago, but now it's obvious that we need a farmhand in /meta/ to redtext the retarded posts that fill these threads so quickly. I started to notice the problem after the last Hellweek when it seemed like these threads were being filled up within a few days with pointless infights and obvious bait. IMO these threads should really just be for discussing possible site changes related to user suggestions. The IP hopping is getting ridiculous at this point; a lot of farmers will say that it's newfags that are shitting up the site but it seems obvious to me that we really just have a dozen or so dedicated trolls with VPNs that like to disrupt the natural flow of the site with their dumb bait posts.

No. 77326

tbf the nature of this site just means that it's going to attract bad, annoying people. i feel many only come here to let out negativity they can't really/don't want to let out anywhere else; it's like an emotional trashbin, as many imageboards tend to be, but lolcow's even worse in that aspect as it's essentially for making fun of strangers. i don't think they're trolls i think they're just regular farmers. also judging from a lot of the posts in vent and scattered across the site you legitimately are posting with NEETs, wannabe mean girls, ex-cows and would be cows if they were obsessed with uploading their lives, and other assorted losers and weirdos

No. 77327

can you move the joost thread to /g/ please? they arent talking about his mediocre music they are just thristposting about a sex offender dude.

No. 77331

Nta but this is why a lot of anons are happy with the over moderation. They should be cracking down.

No. 77332

Kek. What site is this and why does it look like it's straight outta 2002?

No. 77334

[Redacted] still frittering out in GIOYC to every single post there. I have repeatedly watched him respond to my and other anons posts referring to us as his fictional boogeyman and ive had it. I've reported them but instead of him getting the usual treatment (deleted) he's left up and occasionally given a lazy samefagging ban. You can't even make an extremely specific post without him pretending it's this fictional "Pinocchio slash toothless slash snowflake" bitch and I've had it. Posting cp wasn't enough for him, he has to bookmark that thread and masturbate to the thought of every post being a love letter to him. Please control your dog, this is his new hobby since cp and BBC spamming wasn't working.

No. 77335

File: 1716449330796.jpg (43.39 KB, 631x188, R (3).jpg)

not my post but am i forgetting something or is it not global rules not to post underage cows troons or not? if the anon points it out how the fuck is this minimoding?

No. 77337

File: 1716449675804.png (3.26 KB, 388x89, banned anon.PNG)

This anon got banned for "posting porn" but people have posted much more explicit things without getting banned. Just admit it was because of Israel-chan and Hamas-kun, you pussies.

No. 77339

Because the report function exists. Why make a useless comment when you could just report. Duh.

No. 77340


No. 77341

if hes over the age of 16 you can

No. 77342

I don't know if it's a good idea or bad to say something here, but someone new to the site is posting milk with proof in stef's thread. Can mods please be kind if they doublepost or anything because this is all very interesting.

No. 77343

Hi farmhands, there's some weird racebait and infighting going on in the news stories that fuck with you thread. Thanks in advance for clearing that up.

No. 77344

t. Retarded newfag

No. 77347

Hello Cerbmin,
Please unsage dumbass shit.
Sincerely, anon

No. 77348

let it go you retards

No. 77349

If /ot/ keeps descending into a flaming dumpster during euro hours please consider locking it. The autistic mental breakdown that would happen on /meta/ would be milky enough that most farmers wouldn't care that /ot/ was unavailable and it would significantly decrease the amount of racebait and other infight bait being posted.

No. 77350

You're forgetting that most "europeans" are muslims and niggers now.(racebait)

No. 77351

i mean they can crack down all they like, red text everything, everyone is just going to continue to evade. short of a range ban — which will punish more than the intended target — or deleting posts there’s nothing the farmhands can really do. i guess post histories could be exposed but
>people share ips
>people lie for the sake of maintaining privacy/anonymity

No. 77352

Are you even trying to side step the race baiting rules? Stop being so lazy.

No. 77353

/ot/ being unavailable for a while would be interesting

No. 77354

I wonder if farmhands have just given up kek. Not that I blame them
Yeah I mean an example is just above your post. The racebaiting anon(s) are still going so I assume they’re ban-evading. I hope cerbmin actually does something to address this. This is just a start, but maybe flag pol/kiwi terms like “shitskin” since these baiters are obviously learning their racebaiting ways from the same source, if they’re not the same relentless anon

No. 77355

>not that i blame them
well they reap what they sow…or failed to kek

No. 77356

It would just create another bunker in /g/ like before.

No. 77357

File: 1716480535912.png (194.15 KB, 720x1325, retard.png)

There's definitely something going on with soyjacks and they're making threads and posting wojaks all over the place. I wouldn't trust anyone who posts wojaks at all, it seems to attract these retards.

No. 77358

Tbh comments like these feel less like a minimod situation and more like a reminder towards other anons that might not understand the site rules etc.

No. 77359

It's happened a few years ago under a previous admin. It was a real "the cows have taken over the farm and all the farmers can do it watch" moment.

>I wonder if farmhands have just given up kek. Not that I blame them
I don't think they've given up, I think it's that there's no euro hours farmhand. If you report a post during this time it won't be acted upon until later when /ot/ starts lighting up with redtext because a farmhand has started going through the reports.

They should lock every board but /shay/.

No. 77360

Yeah this really broke my heart. I think it was seen as too retarded to be kept up. Much more explicit things have been posted before, as you said.

No. 77361


No. 77362

It's because they're trying to raid the site

No. 77364

Keep deleting their posts

No. 77365

you could try just not posting retard

No. 77367

Who the hell can't blend in on this site just stop being angry.

No. 77370

What's the email to appeal a ban. I've been caught in shitposts earlier and had bans removed because I didn't realise there was a racist troll earlier. I've got the backwards lolcow and honestly I don't deserve it lol, sorry for saying I tweaked to walking contradiction and kept referring an anon to lurk over the thread to get context. I'll take a 24 hour ban for responding to bait but fuck backwards lolcow I'm not a self posting faggot

No. 77372

By being so upset about it and being so specific you stand out like a sore thumb.

No. 77376

So much race sperging in the unpopular opinion thread

No. 77377

please start banning the all retards in the unpopular opinions thread its getting out of hand

No. 77379

Please ban everyone participating in unpopular opinions and lock the thread. Thank you.

No. 77380

There's a racist moid shitting up the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 77382

Is it just the admin email also I just want to make a point for the mods and admins to see I haven't posted since and that troll is not me even tho they keep repeating formatting I did yesterday to point out their retardedness. Actually pissing me off being skin walked anonymously can't cope with summerfags lol

No. 77383

File: 1716502059252.png (2.45 MB, 898x11941, 112461.png)

the last time it happened (in 2020 under oldmin) everyone flooded /meta/ and spammed pitbull lyrics. it was pretty fun tbh

No. 77384

As some who enjoys observing cow behaviour it was definitely entertaining.

No. 77386

getting tired of how i'll get redtexted for some shit people in the same thread are doing but worse. there'll be people straight up lusting after ugly moids in the ugly psyop thread and calling them cute yet i'm the one that gets redtexted if i just say an old man looks less bad than other ugly old men because i'm "defending him too much" when i wasn't even saying he's attractive kek

No. 77387

Honestly I don't believe users who come here and say they did nothing without posting their ban pages.

No. 77388

requesting stonetoss racebait comic be removed from the short comics thread, it really ruins the vibe of the actual good comics posted there

No. 77389

>>>/snow/1997166 Skirby anons again posting random shit that has nothing to do with photoshop. Really, they need to make her own thread or something.

No. 77393

How is this racebait? It's obv anti gay/trans but I don't see anything about race

No. 77395

Can the passport bros thread be cleaned up? There's a bunch of unsaged post and race-baiting

No. 77398

cry about it

No. 77399

so you’ve been a sad virgin for 7 years

No. 77400


No. 77401

mostly trying to find some dirt on people i didn't like online

No. 77402

>> 77110
no the admin is too dumb to keep their site out of google results

No. 77404

>>77060 As if being on lolcow was ever "not being terminally online"

No. 77405

nta but the brown cylinder and white square is supposed to be a black man + white woman couple

No. 77406

Seconding this. All of the threads dedicated to individual 3DPD moids belong in /g/ tbh. /m/ is for anime, movies, and vidya, shit like that. Ugly moid thirstposting needs to stay in /g/.

No. 77409

kek thankfully I foresaw the ban and saved the pic

No. 77411

Wish I could had seen it kek

No. 77414

so many racebaiting(usually Indian) posts, like it's so fucking obvious what their doing, can something be done about it?

No. 77415

>>>/m/385854 Anons hiding emojis being spoilers now

No. 77416

what is stopping farmhands from just perma banning the faggots who keep shitting up /ot ?
its obviously the same few people who keep ban evading

No. 77418

Probably because, as you said, they ban evade?

No. 77419

Thirding this. Can all moid thirst containment threads be made in /g/ from now on? It makes zero sense for them to be in /m/

No. 77420

I think it's just ban evaders and the current moderation tools just aren't good enough to make permabans effective. Not to be one of those anons who claim to know who everyone is but I've noticed a particular, very annoying anon who types in lowercase that constantly infights across /ot/ and I'm certain they've made posts about ban evading. I first noticed them when the whole dumbass shit/fun posting shit was happening, and farmhands literally said it was a few anons ban evading and doing their best to keep the infighting alive. Anyway, sorry to tinfoil but the point is this site is too rinky dink and it's easy for people to evade bans.

No. 77421

I know exactly what anon you’re talking about, nona. Not to sound schizo, but the typing style and their retarded baits are very identifiable

No. 77422

It's definitely the dumbass shit posters with a weird hate complex for the rest of the website. In the next Hellweek I think they should ban the use of VPNs and instate range bans for the duration of the week just to see how it would work out. That or banning mobile posting, but that one might be more unpopular with the userbase. It's just gotten to the point where it's really obvious that how bans are right, it doesn't work. It brings down the experience for normal farmers but it also makes the farmhands' jobs a lot more intense and gives them more work re: ban evasion.

No. 77424

As far as I'm aware the majority of free VPNs have already been banned and the special ed class of infighters are ban evading by taking advantage of dynamic IP addresses. Blanket banning all paid VPNs would harm farmers that use VPNs for legitimate reasons, such as avoiding hate speech laws. In several countries criticism of trannies is considered hate speech and people have been fined and jailed. Obviously if a particular service or IP range is consistently used by someone to shit up the site, then it should be banned.

I also wonder if enabling poster IDs on /ot/ would deter some of the more obvious infighters because it would prevent them from samefagging and starting arguments with each other to derail threads.

No. 77425

Can farmhands start issuing longer bans for people caught responding to bait? It's getting ridiculous the amount of newfags that will respond to obvious bait and I think longer bans will teach them how to properly identify bait and what to do when they encounter it.

No. 77426

File: 1716587796211.jpeg (450.81 KB, 2030x694, 0191FE50-EA6A-4264-A671-1613C0…)

There’s (what I suspect to be) a scrote on the loose in the ugly men thread who just casually called everyone a “he”

No. 77427

Are you the autist crying about how only blonde men are hot? Both of you should be banned for shitting up the thread.

No. 77428

they've been there for the past few threads, always bringing up blond/ginger hair colour and overall race-baiting

No. 77430

I love black guys with bleached blonde hair too I just have a fetish, there’s no racism in my heart

No. 77431

Try reporting it. Maybe if several anons report it to be moved to /g/ they'll get it done, since we clearly aren't getting a response in here

No. 77432

>In several countries criticism of trannies is considered hate speech and people have been fined and jailed.
I get why some anons feel the need to use VPNs out of fear of these types of ridiculous laws, it sucks. According to the stats the admin released, less than 14% of posts were made by users through VPNs. It's tough because I wouldn't want them to feel unsafe using this site, but I also think that VPNs are a troll's BFF. Same with phone posting, a lot of anons have already mentioned that if you have an incognito mode on your phone browser and cellular data it's very easy to circumvent bans. I think we should just try a Hellweek where mobile posting and VPN use isn't allowed on /ot/, I'm not sure if it's possible to ban that on just one board but it'd be interesting to see the results.
>I also wonder if enabling poster IDs on /ot/ would deter some of the more obvious infighters because it would prevent them from samefagging and starting arguments with each other to derail threads.
I think this could be a good idea, but I also don't think that there's a lot of samefagging going on in those obnoxious infights. It seems like the main problem is anons not knowing how to identify bait and not being familiar with the report function.

No. 77435

>I also wonder if enabling poster IDs on /ot/ would deter some of the more obvious infighters because it would prevent them from samefagging and starting arguments with each other to derail threads
I would like this on /ot/, also because it would make anons stop typing ayrt/nayrt/samefag, just more quietness.
I don't know about these things but if it was implemented would it only be visible in newer threads and not older ones?

No. 77441

Would be great if this thread could get locked when a farmhand wake up

No. 77442

Not sure why you're gunning for homeless scrotes nonna

No. 77443

The no scrotefoiling rule is the most retarded shit ever, seriously at worst "ur a man" is just banter adhom, why the fuck are jannies so adamant about banning for it? How do they expect us to react to some obvious baity/salty posts then? With serious counteraruments or empathy?Seriously, fuck off, it's not a big deal at all.

No. 77445

>how do they expect us to react to some obvious baity/salty posts then?
By not interacting with obvious bait, nonny lol

No. 77446

File: 1716637086379.jpg (88.25 KB, 720x448, Screenshot_20240525_133715_Chr…)

Cant you guys autosage the photoshopper thread? Its just filled with cowtipping selfposting vendettafagging retards.

No. 77447

It's pathetic that so many anons are posting itt. It's just more proof that too many retarded newfags can't identify scrote behaviour and can't help but to engage with it. Sad.

No. 77448

>hating predatory men and wishing harm upon them is scrotish! women could never ever possibly have violent feelings towards men who deserve it
This is arguably more scrotish to claim. I thought we as a society had grown out of this whole women are UwU gentle creatures who could never hurt a fly and I guess I was wrong about that kek!

No. 77449

>Blah blah blah bait bait bait blah blah blah
Kek nobody is taking your bait in this thread.

No. 77450

how is any of that bait? just because you don't like to accept the truth about human emotion doesn't mean i'm not being serious with the words i am using kek.

No. 77451

>Blah blah blah
Kek you're so pathetic and predictable. I can recognize it's you from 2 sentences.

No. 77452

take ur meds please you're annoying everyone so bad

No. 77453

shut up

No. 77454

Lol if you want attention so bad why don't you just call your grandma or something

No. 77455

no you

No. 77456

what does attention have to do with this? i made a singular response and this one anon is accusing me of being some omnipotent singular "you" which is schizo asf

No. 77457

Damnn you made the retard mad with this post nona. Hopefully he 41%s soon.

No. 77458

>Wah wah wah how do they know it's me
You're too obvious. Pathetic.

No. 77459

>the retard
aren't there like 10,000 retards on this website?

No. 77460

File: 1716639233900.png (2.26 KB, 272x42, shitthread.PNG)

Faith in mods restored.

No. 77461

>reeee i think im a detective and can sniff out everyone and everything everywhere all the time
go to bed

No. 77462

This redtext still makes no sense to me? How is it scrotish to hate men?

No. 77463

Yeah but we are talking specifically about you. You like to pretend that we don't recognize your annoying patterns. You like to pretend that anonymity hides your habits, but really it doesn't. We can recognize you as soon as you type more than 10 words because you're that predictable and easy to read. This is why nobody in your waking life will ever actually respect you, not even the people close to you. You're the same old pathetic person you've always been. We can see it so plainly. Why can't you?

No. 77464

Who is you though? Like who are you thinking of? Because at this point it really just sounds like you're sperging at the wall..

No. 77465

File: 1716639677392.gif (6.18 MB, 500x616, IMG_3926.gif)

End of discussion.

No. 77466

>twitter reaction image
Oh ok so you're a crazy autistic tiktok zoomer, thats what your problem is

No. 77467

"zoomer" here you go just told on yourself again

No. 77468

He says the same shit over and over again. No wonder why his parents don't like him. He should just kill himself.

No. 77469

Not only that but he actually does have a pattern for posting where in one post he'll type grammatically correct, then in the next all lowercase with no punctuation, then in the next a mix, and then he starts over. So see through.

No. 77470

>you just told on yourself by me posting a reaction image from twitter
>says the same shit over and over again
told what on what though? and what did i say that was repetitive? can any of you even explain what you're referring to, or are you not capable of that and can only use vague internet speak because you missed so much school during the pandemic?

No. 77472

>Blah blah blah

No. 77473

there are two nonnas here, sorry

No. 77474

Actually there's 3 right now all ganging up on his retarded ass. He should just kill himself. His family would be happier if he was dead.

No. 77475

NTA but have you ever considered that there’s more than 2 people who post here? Just a thought

No. 77476

>Blah blah blah blah blah

No. 77477

when does it end…

No. 77478

Everyone referring to a "you" or a "he"… can you please specify? What else has You done?

No. 77479

>More blah blah blah

No. 77480

Is this how you’re just gonna respond to everyone or something?

No. 77481

Yes please, tell me, what has this omnipotent "you" done? Should we start her own thread? Should we invite bella hadid

No. 77482

you can check the "homeless" tread on /ot/

No. 77483

Soo…you think she just filled that whole thread up talking to herself kek? Or what?(ban evading retard)

No. 77484

Like the other anon said why don't you just call your grandma is you're this starved for attention.
He's trying to pretend like it's not him by accusing us of "schizochanning" (made me laugh that he's so autistic that he thought this was a phrase)

No. 77485

Like 70% of the messages there are from a potential man who's nicknamed Botox nona
i'm schizochanneling

No. 77486

He even does it at the same times kek he is too obvious it'd be funny if he wasn't so pathetic

No. 77487

Now I'm on your side, because that was truly a shit thread.

No. 77488

>Blah blah blah(retarded spam replies)

No. 77489

Are you just trying to continue the infight now? Shut the hell up already, retard

No. 77490

I don't think that person was ban evading… they didnt even know about the situation

No. 77491

We can see their post history, it's the same botox anon talking about themself in the third person

No. 77492

>me when i lie (ban evading)

No. 77493

Me when I don't know how to clear the cache

No. 77497

Please keep up the modding in /meta/. It is actually very appreciated.

No. 77500

Can you please step in and leave a message for all the baiters and infighters?

No. 77501

Please keep up the good work of deleting shit threads. Like now for instance.

No. 77502

There is a noticeable pattern of someone being mentioned, OT being spammed to bury those posts that are intentionally misinterpreted (misspelling names, ignoring why that person was brought up) and then that someone who supposedly isn’t here being brought up in meta instantly. I’m not going to say more because I’m going to get called a schizo. I just thought it was interesting.

No. 77503

File: 1716651629242.png (3.59 KB, 457x62, 05_25_24_12_39_chrome.png)

I would like clarification about whether /m/ allows 2d NSFW art or not. Rules of the board state "Do not post pornography or NSFW imagery here", which I had assumed meant real life pornography considering the amount of horny posts everywhere. I have been chatting in the fujo thread for a while and saw NSFW stuff with full dicks and butts was never banned there as long as it was spoilered properly. One game got its containment thread due to being gacha and I went to post there, but there mods are banning for posting a spoilered pic (it was just a super vanilla makeout with dicks visible, so can't be violence or something else) so I'm confused. Is 2D spoilered NSFW in /m/ bannable offense or not, admin/mods?

No. 77505

Please elaborate. You already look like a schizo unless you provide more context

No. 77506

This sentence makes 0 sense no matter how many times I reread it kek. Do you mean like cows being brought up?

No. 77507

Is this all to do with the latest homeless people infight and its various personalityfags?

No. 77508

Even if its spoilered its not allowed, the deletion/ban just depends on if someone reports it

No. 77509

There's an infight currently ongoing in the post infight thread in /out/

No. 77510

I know this is a typo but I do wish there was a board for discussion of outdoor fitness like hiking and trail running, fishing, gardening and other outdoor activities.

No. 77511

I know it's not a bannable offense but can farmhands please do something about all the anons who take a screenshot of a video and then post the link to it in the text body? What level of archiving is this it can't be hard to download a video. Off-site content gets deleted or becomes inaccessible all the time it's ridiculous how screenshot stills are considered acceptable archiving.

No. 77513

Newfag made the next consoomerism thread 100 posts early, failed to include the thread number in the title, and fucked up the links. Please lock this >>>/ot/2020355

No. 77514

Go to the one on 4chan or the many subreddits for those things. Why would we have that on a site like this.

No. 77515

who's the retard bumping slow threads from months ago in /ot/

No. 77516

Because reddit is concentrated cancer and 4chan is full of moids.

>Why would we have that on a site like this.

There's already threads about those topics on /g/ and /ot/.

No. 77517

There's a retard who has been posting in old threads then deleting lately, even on /m/

No. 77518

>There's already threads about those topics on /g/ and /ot/.
Then that should be good enough for the four people on this site who actually go outside.

No. 77519

Can we ban the topic of. Venus’ grasp on language in her thread, it’s been dragging on and full of whiteknights and infighting. It doesn’t matter if she was ever an advanced polyglot if she’s just a bum alcoholic now anyways

No. 77520

Honestly the users saying she can't speak anything are annoying. I don't see any whiteknighting, however, I agree anons need to move and and move on from her schooling and where they think she should live. All the tinfoil in her thread makes getting any actual info discussion done incredibly difficult.

No. 77521

Thread spam in ot

No. 77522

i really think empath's thread should get locked, she thrives off of any attention it gets. not to mention she most definitely self posts. her behaviour is not even milk, it's just her doing (very boring and repetitive) random shit she can until something gets her the most attention.

No. 77523

Just because you just stare at a screen all day and do nothing productive or exciting doesn't mean everyone else does, anon.

No. 77524

Why is there someone who keeps bumping a bunch of old threads on /ot/ it’s so annoying

No. 77525

>why would we have a board about going outside and not being a fat piece of shit with dry lips and no future like you

No. 77526

I think it's fine, there are a lot of old threads that are interesting but don't get a lot of traction. I'd rather see old threads than the same threads over and over (a most of the time anons are infighting in them anyway). Necroing isn't against the /ot/ rules anyway.

No. 77527

>Necroing isn't against the /ot/ rules anyway.
then why are they getting banned for it? >>>/ot/2010576

No. 77528

Farmhand said it was a mistake

No. 77529

This is a site primarily about documenting lolcows, as admin had repeated many times. We don't need MORE off topic boards. Use the ones we already have and stfu or go elsewhere

No. 77530

Fair, I thought anon was just asking for a thread.

No. 77531

>This is a site primarily about documenting lolcows
Not anymore it’s not, grandma. The cow boards are the slowest most galacial parts of this site. Trying to limit the only active parts of the site in favor of the dead parts (that are not coming back no matter how much the off topic is tamped down my the administration) is signing the death certificate of the site

No. 77532

And a whole board dedicated to outdoor activities is going to save the site? Just make a thread in ot dumb dumb

No. 77533

There’s racebait in the unpopular opinions thread. >>>/ot/2021628 >>>/ot/2021920

No. 77534

Russian isn’t a race

No. 77535

Farmhands made it clear several times they don’t really care about traffic but about keeping the original purpose of the site and quality farmers.

No. 77536

Posting about how much you hate people of x nationality can also get you banned for race-baiting.

No. 77537

I have never seen someone get banned for dunking on bongs or leafs for instance. It's usually a non-white nationality because sometimes it's thinly veild racism (or just perceived that way).

No. 77538

Who cares stop being such a karen about it, you wouldn’t have the same energy if it was a black woman getting made fun of it like the TV do constantly on this website

No. 77539

Nta, but you're assuming a lot with that post. Knock it off.

No. 77542

Some anons really just want this site to be female 4chan with all the same boards and shit. That's not what the site was ever supposed to be.

Russian isn't a race and she's just saying their looks are too fetishized/overrated. Not racist and not a big deal.

No. 77543

I appreciate this, but I really don't think it's sustainable. Can you (or anyanon) name a cow discovered in the last 2 years with an active thread? (I don't know how to phrase that without sounding like I'm trying to start a fight kek but I'm genuinely asking)
I used to come here strictly for the cows but all the S tier threads are extremely stagnant right now due to legacy cows growing up/passing away/off social media. I haven't stumbled upon any newcomers with threads that actually moved at a decent rate, but I still missed reading things from my nonas so recently I started reading /m/ and /ot/ in addition to the milkboards. This is one of the only places I know of these days besides moidchan where you can freely post thoughts unfortunately. Should we all move to CC for non-cowposting? Is there another board with a similar userbase we can use?

tldr; the ot boards and threads are taking off because there's no more cows in the field

No. 77544

Hello mods I want to make a suggestion: how about a general thread in ot where you can post inane bullshit, it could be called something like stupid butt crap or maybe dingus arse guano, what do you say eh

No. 77545

I feel this, I don't think any of my favourite cows are active any more and I couldn't even name one discovered in the past two years. I hope I'm just sleeping on some good niche ones, but I doubt it.

No. 77546

I second your thoughts nona. The internet has changed a lot from the heyday of cows and what used to get you considered a cow is just normal everyday behaviour online now so nothing special. Somehow this site has managed to survive this cultural shift and even thrive with its offtopic boards, so I really hope the current admins are mindful of that and don't try to force this site into being something it simply can't be anymore.

No. 77547

I'm once again requesting that race and hair colour discussion be banned from the ugly man psy-op thread, considering how many rk9 incels it attracts

No. 77548

like there's one weird gay Incel obsessed with blond men and then there's some other Incel(or maybe it's himself) about how blond men are all ugly, and it's a very gay moid discussion, the fact they bring up "pegging" and kink-shit so often should make it obvious

No. 77549

While I agree that LC is a primarily lolcow site, the current organisation of the non-cow boards is currently a clusterfuck, /ot/ is especially bad. Splitting /ot/ down into more boards could be solution. /m/ was created because there was a lot of media related threads on /ot/ for example.

No. 77550

>Splitting /ot/ down into more boards could be solution
Nta but that's gonna make the boards even slower than it already is, this is part of the reason why /m/ is barely active.

No. 77551

Not being able to find threads in the catalog will also contribute to how fast or slow a particular thread is. I would prefer a a greater amount of smaller and slower boards because it makes finding the threads I want to browse quicker and easier.

No. 77552

I think the better solution would just be to improve the catalog/search function. We have plenty of boards for the amount of traffic this site gets

No. 77555

The problem is how fast the internet is now and how everything is forgotten after a month of being in the spotlight. There's actually tons of potential cows on tiktok especially, but a) most farmers don't use tiktok and b) because of how tiktok is, most of those potential cows are forgotten the second a new drama comes out and they stop posting after a while.

No. 77556

File: 1716817564599.jpeg (165.53 KB, 600x940, IMG_4855.jpeg)

The fact that this got banned as autism is ironic as hell. The mod that keeps doing this shit needs to be fired. There were a bunch of tumblr tiktok newfags in the thread posting unintegrated retardation “umm maybe because im autistic??? Umm thanks???” but the anon who rightfully trolls them gets banned

No. 77557

Nick Contino and Dylan Mulvaney come to mind. But forcing everything into general threads has been a problem too, as has overmoderation on cow boards.

No. 77559

Your whole post sounds like an autistic man during a MAGIC match.

No. 77560

Number one that was MY post so don't you ever come to /meta/ to try and harass the farmhands with MY redtext because its not even your post so why be bothered its freaky as fuck to even do that this thread if for complaints and SUGGESTIONS not coming to complain about random posts that you seen that got redtexted Number Two they aren't "MODS" they are called the FARMHANDS because they give us a helping HAND they are like the right HAND of the Lord so the fact you actually typed your post and said mod actually is dumb is sinister as fuck Number 3 dont wish any of my beloved farmhands get "fired" because I wouldn't ever wish that on them because I consider them my friends so saying " FIRE THEM" is insulting to me and makes me want to alog you The Farmhands are cool sometimes they redtext me for autism because thats the relationship that we have you wouldn't get it because you don't have friends from now on DONT use my posts to talk shit about the farmhands or to complain about me because it makes other anons think you are me and you're not me and you'll never be me so stop focusing on my posts and complaining about them thanks

No. 77561

>harass the farmhands
Kek poor babies, gotta give them a little star for handing retarded bans uwu good work mods.. oops I mean Farmhands.. you're beautiful and competent uwu remember to stay hydrated
>thread is for complaints and suggestions, not for complaints
>whole ass post being autistic
You deserve the ban, you're truly retarded

No. 77562

Are you really this incapable of detecting sarcasm

No. 77563

Like >>77555 said a lot of interesting cows are on TikTok. Tophiachu is a big one. I think another think that's affecting cow quality is that so many of these new cows are very young—like 23 or younger. These people are cow-ish primarily because they are young and not because of who they are, so they end up having a high turnover rate. If we can find older cows—like 25+, I think that might be worthwhile. Also get rid of boards like /ot/ that attract spergs to the site

No. 77564

>Can you name a cow discovered in the last 2 years with an active thread?
It's dead now but fatvegfemme was a pretty recent cow and we got 4 threads out of her before she got offline. If you skim the Personal Cow board on /snow/, or even the e-Beggar thread there, you can find a lot of calfs there that have potential but lack a dedicated farmer "fan"base (for lack of better term). I think that /snow/ and /w/ could become a lot milkier if there were more dedicated anons that didn't mind digging through social media and such to find good milk and post succinct and informative write-ups. I feel like the assumed standard for a cow is a lot higher now than it was a few years ago, so it can be daunting to create a new thread on a subject that may not be the most "interesting." I think farmhands could promote a special week (à la Hellweek) with a dedicated thread for anons to post high-quality write-ups of new potential cows, and we can see which ones take off.
>Should we all move to CC for non-cow posting?
It sucks that CC has bad moderation and a glacial post rate. I browse and post on CC but it's nowhere near as engaging as /ot/ threads and the quality of post on CC is subpar compared to LC. Our anons are the premier type.
Like other anons have said, this is a site for documenting lolcows. I think we have a good amount of boards as it is. It's great that we have off-topic boards because I do like socializing with other anons and I think there's a lot of great resources on this site. When I use LC, I usually browse the cow boards first and contribute to my favourite cow threads if I have anything to add, and after that I'll check /ot/ and talk to other nonas there for a while. I don't think getting rid of /ot/ would be a good idea for the site as a whole.
>Problem is most new cows are young.
A lot of the legacy cows that I can think of, like Venus, or Pixielocks, were young when they came to public attention here. I think a bigger problem is that most anons are older now, I'd guess that there's more anons over the age of 25 than younger. A lot of anons aged with this site, so even if they're still dedicated to LC they may not have the free time to post and investigate cows like they did in their youth.

No. 77571

>imageboard dedicated to lolcows
>half the banners are the same random uwu bullshit you see on cc
do you really have to accept every banner suggestion regardless of if it suits the site or not? some of these deserve to be pulled from rotation, stop treating the side boards like main boards

No. 77572

It's no use. /ot/fags and non-cow board users have taken over this website. The only way to get rid of them is to purge those boards completely.

No. 77573

Just hide the non-cow boards.

No. 77574

>the quality of post on CC is subpar compared to LC. Our anons are the premier type.
KEK, WHAT A JOKE. You all sound like redditors and are guilty of every single thing people hate so much about them, you'd feel more at home there than any imageboard, that's where the culture shock is coming from. Nothing stopping you from making your own website instead of pushing the mods to pander to you and your newfag kin pouring directly into /ot/, /g/, and /m/ from twitter and shittok. Virtually all the real oldfags are long gone, you lot who came during the pandemic think you're oldfags now when what really happened was so many newfags came at that specific point in time that the culture of the 3 problem boards was rewritten overnight and has been an autistic shell of its former self ever since. The plot is lost, mods are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Seconding both of these, I don't see what else could help at this stage.

No. 77575

I don't get why you're responding so aggressively? All I said was that I think anons here are a lot more fun and more original than anons I've seen on CC? It's okay if you think differently I was just sharing my thoughts you can share your's too but why do it so aggressively?

No. 77576

You should ban people who say "chud" since it comes from that one wojak website.

No. 77577

Make your own banners kek

No. 77578

i couldn't care less if we never get another new banner. just stop adding unfunny doodoo made by /ot/fags.

No. 77579

when can we have dumbass shit back

No. 77580

never, cerbmin hates /ot/ and fun and is willing to kill the site stone cold dead in pursuit of making this place a formal cow documentary zone only, even if there are no cows to document.

No. 77581

>get rid of boards like /ot/
excellent idea. Let's also remove the ability to use the letter "A" in posts.

No. 77582

This is a gossip website, first and foremost. Cry about it.

No. 77583

Porn being posted in this thread
They’re probably one of the people bumping/necroing old threads and then deleting their posts

No. 77584

ok well then ill turn every other thread into dumbass shit

No. 77585

Go be a retard somewhere that isn't a gossip board is it that much to ask

No. 77587

Yes let’s just get rid of one of the most integral boards of the website. You need to learn how to close your computer/phone and take a chill pill if you’re that pissy about the responses you get from /ot/ posters kek

No. 77588

File: 1716866347650.png (37.06 KB, 952x579, the cherry on top is the norma…)

>provide opinion based on facts

they need to stop hiring spergy tranny jannies from twitter.

No. 77589

Kek what's with the spongebob typing style, isn't that bannable? More bannable than an opinion on pedos. Farmhands can't even follow their own rules.

No. 77590

jfc what sort of retarded "both sides bad uwu" libfem janny did they pick?
there's definitely some anons currently derailing a bunch of threads (fandom drama, ftm general, multiple /m/ threads) with sperging about shota/loli and calling other women paedos. they're the ones that should get banned.

No. 77591

Your opinion is factually wrong

No. 77592

i legit caught an "infighting" ban for telling someone they were in the wrong thread. clown ass website.

No. 77593

show the ban on the thread

No. 77594

Is that a real ban text? What the actual fuck? @admin what kind of newfag farmhand was this? What rule is being broken in that post?

>"FeMaLe PeDoPhIlEs DoN't ExIsT" I dare you to say that in front of an MDSA survivor

Where is the rule being enforced in question?

No. 77595

Men commit 99% of crimes against children. The other 1% is just pickmes that did it for their moids, not because they are into children themselves.

No. 77596

Nta but what about shotafags?

No. 77597

they are cartoons

No. 77598

The ban message is ridiculous because the post is ridiculous. There are female pedophiles and women that enable male pedophiles. Just because men are 99.99% of pedos, it doesn't erase the 0.01% of women that are.

The exact same argument can be made for lolicons.

No. 77599

>The exact same argument can be made for lolicons.
except men rape children, women dont

No. 77600

So lolicon is ok as long as the moid getting off to it doesn't rape children?

No. 77601

No. Men lost their fiction privileges because they rape children. Women dont commit crimes, so its unfair to held them to the same standards. The average boomer stay at home mom is getting off to shit like 50 shades of gray, it's not like women can't enjoy weird fiction. It's all fantasy to women because we are intelligent individuals, meanwhile moids watch danny panthom and go shoot up a super market because they think they can be reincarnated as a tranny ghost.

No. 77602

Both lolicon and shotacon involve taking sexual gratification from children being in sexual situations. Shotacon and lolicon are functionally the same.

No. 77603

To men perhaps, but women are intelligent and can differentiate fiction from reality. Also, its insulting you think women are incapable of enjoying fiction without thinking of disgusting real men. Anime boys are so removed from reality they might as well count as aliens. But its fine, i know its hard for the vast majority of straight women to break off from the real pig curse. Hope you find the way and stop being attracted to those disgusting flesh creatures that dont wash their asses and turn into the superior 2D side.

No. 77604

100% cope. If you're going to derive sexual pleasure from drawings of children at least own it.

No. 77605

I am not a shotafag, i am just tired of normalfags thinking women are incapable of deriving pleasure from stuff that doesnt relate to disgusting real men. Not my fault real men live rent free in your mind. Couldnt be me.

No. 77606

>The ban message is ridiculous because the post is ridiculous.
That's completely retarded. Just because a farmer makes a ridiculous post doesn't mean they deserve to get banned when they haven't broken any rules for what, having a bad take? I thought we were all seasoned imageboard users who knew how to ignore flaming and baity posts. Either way the ban was uncalled for and unjustified by any actual rule.

No. 77607

File: 1716880478353.png (94.23 KB, 808x461, 1344575094798.png)

This is an image board, sarcastic ban messages have always existed.

No. 77608

>m-moidchan does it so it's okay that we do too!

No. 77610

Can I get a permaban? I don't want to spend time here anymore but I'm weak.

No. 77611

LC exists because moot, the admin of 4chan, banned pt threads from /cgl/. The userbase of early LC would have been almost entirely of 4chan posters. Due to the timing of the split, LC keeps some of the image board culture that has been lost on 4chan, such as the use of sage and manual bans.

No. 77612

Okay. Can you please direct me to which of LC's rules that post broke to deserve that ban?

No. 77614

nta but you can see the banned post was made in a thread about fucking FANDOM lmao it was 100% deserved for being a derailing retard

No. 77615

>Not my fault real men live rent free in your mind. Couldnt be me.
>derails multiple threads to sperg about them
>gets banned for it
>complains about ban
>derails the ban complaint thread to sperg about them

No. 77616

I'm still waiting on a ban appeal for such a minor scrotefoiling. Tranny janny myth lives on

No. 77617

>Yes let’s just get rid of one of the most integral boards of the website.
/ot/ is not an integral board to this website KEK. It did not even EXIST when lolcow first came online. You've already been told more than once that this is a gossip website, not a chatroom. If you don't like it, crystal.cafe is that way.

No. 77618

Also these posters sound underaged, sheltered, or unironically autistic.
>wOMeN dOn't COmMiT crIMes!!!!!
>wimmin are intellugint n can dfferntate fickshun from realihteeee!!!!1!1!
Extreme retardation. Come back when you're 18, or whenever you decide to leave your house and enter the real world, because your belief that all women are hand-holding kumbayah-singing sisters is factually wrong. And lolcow is probably like 50-60% female max.

No. 77619

/ot/ is here to stay. you can cry, whine and try to get it taken down (thereby killing the entire website considering most milk has dried up and people have moved on from them) but it’s never being removed and was added to the site for a reason. i don’t know why you’re hellbent on getting rid of an important board probably because you’re terminally online, retarded, and a hopeless cunt trying to ruin the fun for everyone because you’re powerless irl but just full on stop, you look embarrassing camping out in this thread when you know it would cause a riot if they ever thought to remove that board

No. 77620

Go back, butthurt-chan

No. 77621

/ot/ shutdown 2024

No. 77622

Truth. Stop with the gay "shut down things I don't like" psyop. And no, /ot/ isn't just for newfags it's been around almost as long as the site has. Killing /ot/ won't magically make the cow boards thrive again either.

No. 77623

it’s the same mongoloid swarms that have been going around trying to ruin threads by being overtly aggressive towards the op and posting their obnoxious over-the-top opinions that no one cares about. they did that a few days ago with an innocent feminine energy thread in /g/, they love to shit up well-meaning threads as a way of trolling/derailing and for some reason the mods can’t seem to figure it out that they do it on purpose to sabotage other people’s threads so they end up locking them. it was such a good thread idea but ofc the retards with political brainrot can’t allow it to excuse because MUHH TRADWIVES COOPT

No. 77624

here to stay just like dumbass shit, right?

No. 77625

/ot/ shutdown NOW, make lolcor great again

No. 77626

File: 1716906471958.jpg (272.49 KB, 720x1316, #feminineenergy.jpg)

>feminine energy
and it wasn't very innocent when anons in that thread starting insulting butch and celibate women and calling others "failwomen"

No. 77627

>everything that makes me upset is a psyop by the same group of people!!! i'm being gangstalked!!! there is no other explanation!!!
Pretty sure none of us know what stupid infight your talking about since there's a new one every 5 seconds over there and only no lifers who start or participate in all of them care, but thanks for confirming that you're one of those, you're acting as a shining example of why /ot/ needs to go.

No. 77628

I hope you were the one in the photoshop thread that was reported.

No. 77629

I say we close all the boards down

No. 77630

if an anon wrote like that spergy spongebob meme they would be banned for not integrating. Why do we have an unintegrated tranny janny?

No. 77631

The Mamiya Takuji fag needs to calm down

No. 77632

You know that happened only after they started trolling right?

No. 77633

Jfc what the fuck is happening in this thread. Camping metafags are something else

No. 77634

I don't think I've ever caught a ban for writing with the SpongeBob text. The real issue is that >>77588 made a retarded statement that was not even on topic and now the retards who were rightfully called retarded are sperging out that the janny IS, IN FACT A TRANNY!!!1! for telling it how it is.
/meta/ is like this on most days.

No. 77635

I'm the anon that suggested locking /ot/. It happened before. Once /ot/ was reopened and the discord speds finished circle jerking about how they defeated the evil admin, even though she specified that the board would be unlocked again, /ot/ did improve for a few months.

No. 77636

>retarded statement
>meanwhile statistics show women dont rape
i have yet to see proof that contradicts that.Other mental illnesses like schizophrenia are fairly even in men/women, so why does this one heavily leans on men only? because its a male-only mental illness.

No. 77638

also here is someone who got banned for spongebob posting >>76439 why are jannies allowed to break their own rules?

No. 77639

If saying muslime is racebait, is saying christcuck racebait too? Most christians are poc after all

No. 77640

>muh innocent feminine energy thread
woowoo retards like you beling on tiktok. go cry to your guardian angel about it

No. 77641

I don't disagree that women commit fewer crimes than men, but show me a statistic from a legitimate source that supports your claim that "women don't rape". Legalese is not a valid excuse.

No. 77642

You dont even need statistics, you can tell just by going outside. No man is afraid of being raped, men literally get off to fantasies of them getting raped by their babysitters and make jokes about it because, unlike women, they dont experience sexual violence and thus dont take it seriously. Women are trusted with children and its why they are the prime caretakers, men are so desperate to paint women as equally bad that they try to use outlier examples to prove women are ''as bad as men''. Also, the fact raping means being penetrated, which women cant do. They literally had to broaden the definition because pissy men who slept with fat women while drunk and regretted it think they got raped. Stop playing into moid's victim fantasies.

No. 77643

We're definitely NOT obsessed with moids but let's derail a /meta/ thread to obsess over moids real quick

No. 77644

>the fact raping means being penetrated
See >>77641
>Legalese is not a valid excuse
Try again. Also, there are other people who exist besides men (i.e. other women, children). This is why you sound underaged kek

No. 77645

its not my fault some pickme is going ''men get raped too!!!!'' on lolcow of all places. She can cope and seethe, women arent and will never be as perverted as men.

No. 77646

women who rape female children do it to please their scrotes because they are pickmes, not because they are actual pedos who get off to it. How do you explain there isnt a single female serial rapist/killer who kills just for sexual pleasure like men? if there was she would be all over the news since moids love to use those examples tod defend themselves. C'mon hit me up with female jeffrey dahmer real quick, where is she?

No. 77648

Nta but the fact that some of you take "But women rape too" and turn it into some men defending statement is crazy. Take some medication or something. There are cases where women have gone after kids who are pre-pubescent as well. It's not just high school kids which is weird for anons to specify to begin with. No one is saying men don't rape or that they rape less and if that is what you have gotten out of that conversation, you're the literal problem here.

No. 77649

and a single case doesnt make women pedophiles, what you dont get? those women were most than likely raped themselves or have other mental problems. Women can't be pedos, otherwise there would be as many as men.

No. 77650

Anon, just like not all men are pedophiles, obviously not all women are. I don't know what kind of argument you're trying to manufacture, but knock it off. You don't sound old enough to be using lolcow.

No. 77651

Your thread was awful, seethe more trad-chan.

No. 77652

underage retards are the ones that think ''uwu women can rape too, NOT ALL MEN!!1!''. Its not my fault you believe moid lies and sensationalism. Women dont even have a culture of pedophilia like men do, hell most women think its pedophilia to date a moid who's younger than them.

No. 77653

You're trying way too hard to try to incite infighting over this. Take a break.

No. 77654

No. 77655

can the "femboy poster" please be banned, cause we all fucking know it's a gay moid at this point, he talks

No. 77656

Is it the sperg from the art self post thread again?

No. 77657

it's the same "person" from the ugly-man psy-op thread, who constantly posts about pegging and neotenus femboys

No. 77658

you are the one getting pissed off at facts, its not my fault.

No. 77659

racebaiting in the unpopular opinion thread(again)

No. 77660

No, it was days ago. I came into a thread late and didn't realise a persistent troll was present.

No. 77661

They don't even say the same thing, dumbass.

No. 77662

you're demented

No. 77663

they're still at it in the new thread

No. 77665

Please put this unhinged user to pasture >>>/w/327350

No. 77668

File: 1716928121731.jpeg (133.24 KB, 828x306, IMG_4010.jpeg)

how the fuck is that blackpill?

No. 77669

Why? Because she called out wks mass reporting every single post again? Or because she's pointing out holes in the other anons justifications about Taylor's newest obsession with cutting out carbs?

No. 77670

It derails by assuming anons are wking because you don't agree with a post. Anon sounds like a conspiracy theorist. If they have issues with bans, maybe they should take the complaints to meta.

No. 77671

does spamming and requests to get rid of OT happen often? because i could understand it if it was like the other parts of this website where people are always getting posted. the only thing i saw that would make this happen in OT of all places was the post insinuating some nobody was a rapist unless it was someone posted as an ugly moid maybe. i really haven’t seen anything posted that anyone would want to bury badly enough to act as insane as a couple people here have been but the way people have been acting lately… i’m sure it’s not like that man doing this to hide that post but this all seems really weird. i haven’t seen gross images unless they’ve been deleted like a normal raid? had anyone else seen a post on OT that someone would want to bury? i know someone else said something about a connection between someone being mentioned and spamming but it was probably about snow. something just feels very off about this spamming lately.

No. 77672

It's just the dumbass shit spergs at it again trying to shit up the whole of /ot/ as "revenge" for putting their thread on autosage. "If we can't have dumbass shit, you can't have /ot/!" mixed in with larping as oldfags still angry that /cgl/ banned Pixy threads.

No. 77673

/ot/ is not being shit up more than usual though, there's always been terrible infighting.

No. 77674

is that really it oh my god that’s so stupid. thank you though for the clear answer i was wondering what the hell is going on.

No. 77675

Kek there are no oldfags who are still upset about what happened on /cgl/. That was over 10 years ago and we've gone through two websites now.

No. 77676

Yeah and 'taking bans to meta' has changed anything in the damn thread. It's still as heavily moderated as it was. Bringing things to meta only invites trolls who shit up the thread.
Anon was literally putting words into Taylor's mouth, assuming she and the glocose-phobic nutritionist meant this and that just to paint Taylor as misunderstood and unfairly judged for her ana inclinations.

It's a fact that there's a bunch of wks who frequent the thread, try to counter every bit of criticism Taylor gets in the thread, report every post and come here to whine and request the thread to be closed.

No. 77677

I just hate how obvious the bait is and you can spot them so easily it's not funny anymore

No. 77679

Is femcel a new redtext? Very neat kek

No. 77682

Yeah, that's my point. It's the dumbass shit sperg newfags that are trying their hardest to LARP as oldfags. Nobody cares about /cgl/ drama but you can see that they're still bringing it up because in their minds that what oldfags are like.
Yeah, at least it's what I'm pretty sure is happening. Ever since that thread got put on autosage, the complaints & suggestions threads on /meta/ have been filling up really quickly because of their antics. When the autosage first happened, they tried baiting and then uploading their bans here to try and dunk on the farmhands, then they started complaining that the website is dying, then they started racebaiting for a while on /g/, then they went back to baiting on /ot/ and posting their bans here to "prove" that farmhands were unfair and evil or whatever, when that didn't work they created the "retarded ban" thread on /ot/ to try and dunk more on the farmhands and get other farmers to dunk on them too, now they're trying to get /ot/ banned because they hate it so much (they give examples of posts on /ot/ that they've typed to "own" the farmhands and prove how /ot/ is horrible) to bait. Like >>77677 says, their bait is always easily identifiable so all they're doing is wasting their time and being annoying but I guess that's what they miss so much about dumbass shit thread.
I think so kek I still wish they made "yapping" and "delulu" redtext too.

No. 77683

File: 1716933060051.jpeg (246.45 KB, 1029x483, IMG_3976.jpeg)

Farmhands have also confirmed a few times in the last two months in multiple threads that the dumbass shit spergs purposefully & routinely shitstir in threads across /ot/ and other boards. The most recent example is from today when a farmhand identified prolific racebaiting anons in the unpopular opinions thread as being dumbass shit spergs.

No. 77684

I suggested they redtext "yapping" and got dogpiled lmao. You’re right though

No. 77685

I feel like "yapping" and "delulu" will only exist on the short-term. Maybe if it's been like a year or two and the TikTok teens are still at it, then yeah kek

No. 77686

No one is allowed to criticize this thread apparently lol You /w/ users are so mad any time any anon receives a redtext or comes to /meta/ about /w/. If the ban isn't even about you or the report isn't about you, it shouldn't matter this much and farmhands are the ones who redtext about taking complaints to meta. Anons mimicking what they have been saying for years isn't somehow ruining anything. Sounds more like yelling about wks is more of a hobby and less to do with people about being wks. Even in the opinions thread there are several posters calling out how nitpicky /w/ is. Considering all the nitpicking redtexts, I don't think it's wks causing it.

No. 77687

People are starting to racebait again in unpopular opinions

No. 77688

The way /ot/fags keep desperately trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they're being sabotaged by–get this–other /ot/fags and using that as their ebin trump card for why /ot/ is ackshually fine is insane.
>"Yes, the call is coming from inside the house, but we're being sabotaged!"
Consider that non-/ot/ users are watching your retardation insue in horror and thinking you should all be nuked off the site. /ot/ doesn't seem any worse than normal from our POV, because /meta/ is filled with these complaints at any given time of the year.

No. 77689

Okay dumbass shit sperg we get it. Oooo oldfags so scary oooo all the oldfags hate /ot/: ooooo so we should nuke /ot/ oooooo so spooky. Your impression of an oldfag needs a lot of work.

No. 77690


No. 77691

You phrased it hyperbolically, but you're absolutely right that it's extremely rare for women to commit sex crimes against kids without a male accomplice. Like 97% of sex crimes against kids are committed by men, and paraphilias like that are more common in males. I've never even seen someone get red texted for an observation like that before. I usually don't rail against redtexts, but that was a retarded reason to ban you and an even dumber clapback. At the very most, your post qualified as infighting and that was it.

No. 77692

Nah I'm glad dumbass shit was locked, always hated the thread and never used it, it was a symbol of everything wrong with /ot/ and it never should've been allowed to exist in the first place. Here's a deep cut to prove my oldfaggotry: everyone despised tempcow way back when because it damaged the board culture in a very similar but much less intense and lasting way than dumbass shit, it too was used like a chatroom, it's a shame it took this long to get rid of that thread but better late than never. While we're finally taking out the trash, current /ot/ as a whole is a landfill that does nothing but hurt the site and deserves to go along with its users. But keep on pretending everyone you don't like is whoever your infighting buddy of the day is or the same person psyopping you or whatever the fuck, you're only making /ot/ look worse and yourself look mental because you're the only one who knows what you're talking about.

No. 77693

Can a mod ban the twerk gif moid in unpopular opinions

No. 77694

Is the unpopular opinion thread just the new dumbass shit

No. 77695

Kek I gauruntee you're one of the obnoxious retards spamming the thread with bullshit as well tho fucking crybaby

No. 77696

You try too hard to insult others it's kind of embarrassing. Anyways my point is proven.

No. 77697

Thanks mods, might want to keep an eye on confessions next. This site is a honeypot for the unemployed autismos I swear.

No. 77698

It is currently brigaded by a few dumbass shit anons for the past day or so. Please report them and do not respond to them at all.
Thank you, please report anything you see on those threads.

No. 77699

will we ever get dumbass shit back? its obvious that it being autosaged is effecting the health of your website negatively

No. 77700

Any chance I could get the email to appeal my permaban since I'm not a moid or a dumbass troll I had pms during a raid days ago

No. 77701

This was me. I closed the page with the ban message before reading it

No. 77702

Please email the admins at admin@lolcow.farm for any appeals of that nature.

No. 77703

lol not it's not

No. 77704

Not even those anons but I applaud our warriors in their noble cause against your brutal oppression of fun and joy. Godspeed. May they be blessed with the power and glory of a thousand VPNs

No. 77705

I refuse to believe there isn’t samefagging going on with all of the “shut down /ot/“ nonsense the last couple of days. It’s just too retarded and ridiculous for there to be more than one troll behind it.

No. 77707

File: 1716950024494.jpeg (455.99 KB, 818x1217, IMG_4011.jpeg)

this retard keeps shitting up /m/ with incoherent posts about this character supposedly being a lolcow. it's personalityfagging at this point

No. 77708

Your point of what? You were posting in there like its a chat thread.

No. 77709

Oh my god, Blaine is still posting. Report and ignore, it's him. He's so gross.

No. 77710

I don't really understand these theories. Racebait has been a problem in unpopular opinions for years, way way before the dumbass shit autosage happened.

No. 77711

Tbh the ban was deserved, but what a weird fucking message. Farmhands shouldn't be fighting with anons through ban messages, if you're getting frustrated just step away from the screen ffs.

No. 77712

File: 1716950781963.jpeg (49.1 KB, 828x407, IMG_4017.jpeg)

yeah but unpopular opinions is out of control now. just look at how quicky the threads fill up, the current one was created a few hours ago and it's almost halfway full already . it's like discord in there

No. 77713

There was an anon(s) who was wreaking havoc in the dumbass shit thread before it was autosaged and is now doing the same but in other threads, but I agree that its weird that everyone is pretending like /ot/ was peaceful before the auto sage. The board has been a trashfire for a minute, since before the autosage. I don't think anons are causing rampant infighting because they're mad dumbass shit is gone and they want to retaliate, I think they're causing infighting because they find it entertaining. It's just that once dumbass shit was gone they found a new target.

No. 77715

theres also the fact that the dumbass shit anons are /ot/ users just like everyone else there. the dumbass shit anons are the unpopular opinions thread anons and vice versa, always have been, and both threads have always been shit. they aren't setting anything up, this is business as usual.

No. 77716

Samefag but I know I'm not the only one who remembers the stuff like the dumbass shit vs. funposting thread infights. Again, those anons just found a different target, it's not that they want the thread back.
I personally think that both anons who were for the dumbass shit autosage and staff are using this as an "I told you so!" thing when really this is a problem of moderation tools not being effective enough to rid the board of persistent infighters.

No. 77717

I remember this coming up years ago >>8894

No. 77718

theyre yellow fever posting in unpopular opinions that thread is worthless

No. 77719

True, though something like this happened last year during summer as well with an infight about prostitutes/sex workers, so it's not entirely new.

No. 77720

File: 1716951682876.jpeg (381.96 KB, 615x743, IMG_0972.jpeg)

Someone on the farmhand team please check this janny who keeps banning people for appropriately posting in the correct thread. They’re even banning people for soyjaks when nothing in the website rules states that soyjaks are unallowed.

No. 77721

This. I'm pro dumbass shit closure but unpopular opinions is older and has literally always been worse, so why use dumbass shit users as a scapegoat now? Not to mention other dumpster fires like the fandom thread that predate the closure. The same people were infighting in both at the same time; unpopular opinions is bad because of /ot/ regulars, not angry intruders, but instead of accepting that and addressing it accordingly they choose to pin it on raids by a made up enemy entity.

No. 77722

The problem is /ot/ is dumbass shit: the board, the /b/ of lolcow (and it used to be called /b/ too). Banning people for being retards there of all places is a waste of time that could've been put towards the boards that aren't past the point of no return.

No. 77723

>pro dumbass shit thread closure
The cancer killing /ot/ is you faggots who traded circular fandom discourse over fun shitposting. I hope you’re happy wooooo congrats you are able to ruin some people’s day on a basket weaving forum you deserve so many cookies!

No. 77724

How are you going to treat a popular thread as some icky untouchable thing after all of these years? Who are the retards that decided to make these decisions?

No. 77725

>removes designated goof off thread
>”why are anons goofing off in other threads now?”
>makes their own job 500x harder by having to ban homeless dumbass shitters from squatting on other threads 2,000 times a day
Smart move

No. 77726

Watching dumbass shit spergs having autistic meltdowns in /meta/ for 2 months about their thread going on autosage is definitely the best part about browsing the board.

No. 77727

File: 1716954112585.jpeg (93.2 KB, 735x688, IMG_0975.jpeg)

>t. grinch
You’re the type to eat baby parts for breakfast and call the cops because the children playing in the streets of your neighborhood just want to get their ball back off your yard. Kys(dumbass shit anon alogging/using ai outside of containment)

No. 77728

Get a life loser

No. 77729

They have banned one of the most iconic things to do on an imageboard which is shitposting on an imageboard. What is lc supposed to be then? They like to act so arrogant thinking this place isn’t just a rip-off of an old 4chan board which is pretty much is kek

No. 77730

based and same kek

No. 77731

>what is LOLCOW.FARM supposed to be then?
the jokes write themselves, dumbass shitfags going mask off about their absolute unabashed lack of integration and still can't comprehend why no one wants them around

No. 77732

You just need something to hate in your life, don’t you. You literally have no idea why you hate/dislike something, total grug brain

No. 77733

It's just so funny I imagine them crying and screaming at their computer while they type with their huge fat sweaty fingers about dumbass shit thread. It's been 2 months c'mon lets wrap it up.

No. 77734

I don't know why posters like you come to meta to complain about the moderation when this is literally shitposting. No one is saying one thing isn't allowed over the other, it's about when and where anons are posting these.

No. 77735

How is it shitposting if it fits the theme of the thread? Please explain. You couldn’t even properly explain it in the other thread becaus you’re a mindless bootlicker

No. 77736

>huge fat sweaty fingers about dumbass shit thread
Freudian slip

No. 77737

Nobody knows what that is and nobody cares to find out

No. 77738

>confession in the confession thread is shitposting

No. 77740

you're never getting your thread back btw AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

No. 77741

>You people don't even understand why you hate us!!
Then why do you think your thread got autosaged? I think you mean to say you don't understand why people hate you because you're retarded, and we hate you because you're retarded. I like how you're using the exact language cows use with zero self awareness too.

No. 77743

You’re right. This site is supposed to be one board, all about cows, the cows that don’t exist anymore. This site would be so much better if there were only 2 posts a day, both about nitpicking if a camwhore’s elbow was shooped or not, and then radio silence sitewide for 72 hours. Your vision for lolcow is beautiful

No. 77744


No. 77745

I think you have me confused with users who want the thread back. I honestly think all the problem threads on /ot/ should be sent into autosage.

It's not a sincere post and I know you can tell it isn't. That's why it was banned. Capping for shitposters is crazy.

No. 77746

File: 1716956531693.png (266.53 KB, 1210x702, annoying.png)

Anon has also been in other threads complaining about the same post and she's been seething that her shitpost got red texted for hours now.

No. 77747

These repeat users doing this juvenile shit should be embarrassed.

No. 77749

Yup it's been two months now and they're still at it. All the same talking points. It's so transparent that it's pathetic at this point.

No. 77750

Unironically sounds like heaven compared to /ot/ racewar no. 9999

No. 77751

second anon, and i genuinely can't tell. there's lots of weird horny posts in that thread so idk how that's different.

No. 77752

Because it’s off-topic and you should be allowed to talk about off-topic things that don’t belong in any of the other boards which is why /ot/ exists. I don’t know why you think it’s crazy that people would miss that thread. The mods got rid of it for a reason they will never reveal to any of us and it wasn’t just the “over reporting” that killed it, the admin could’ve used her one working brain cell to give the mods a heads up that the thread would have false mass reports. They got rid of the dumbass shit thread because they are too lazy to do their own job they willingly signed up for and unable to get anybody else to give that thread the specific attention it deserved in the first place.

No. 77753

NTA but
>I honestly think all the problem threads on /ot/ should be sent into autosage.
Because that worked so well for the dumbass shit that is now plastered on every /ot/ thread instead of staying contained. Surely we just keep annihilating containment threads, the inhabitants will neatly disappear and not wind up shitting up everything else. Makes sense.

No. 77754

what the fuck did it contain exactly because unpopular opinions was like this long before dumbass shit was even a thing and while it was a thing?

with that in mind the logical solution to the problem you bring up is to annihilate /ot/ itself

No. 77755

Kek you keep trying to do this where you fake agree with a post to further your retarded point but it doesn't work. Basically:
>shitspergs get mad their thread is on autosage
>shitspergs try many different things to change this, most fail so now -
>shitspergs start posting bullshit non-stop on unpopular opinions because its the obvious target for their bait and max each thread within 36 hours
>then shitspergs come to /meta/ to talk bullshit about how because of unpopular opinions /ot/ itself should be nuked
>all because they turned shitspergs' favourite thread on autosage
Let's not forget that the shitspergs' whole thing is baiting: the reason they aren't content with their thread on autosage is because the main appeal of it before was other /ot/fags being drawn in by their obnoxious bait posts and constant image spam on the homepage. Since it's on autosage now, they can't draw in other /ot/fags to react to their shitposts and give them attention. That's the whole reason you want your thread "back." It's not even gone now, all you shitspergs can just keep that tab open or search the catalog for it and talk to yourselves in your chatroom thread or whatever, but that's not what you want. You just want attention from other /ot/fags. It's so tiresome.

No. 77756

I never cared one way or the other about the dumbass shit threads. I guess they did fill a niche that didn't exist elsewhere on the site, which is why shitposting is suddenly everywhere now. That said, I'm not sure whether dumbass shit attracted newfaggotry (causing a problem) or helped quarantine shitposting (solving a problem). Seems like kind of a wash. It doesn't matter much to me, but I'm leaning slightly in the direction of taking it off autosage, even though it sends the negative message that farmhands will give anons what they want as long as they pitch a big enough tantrum.

No. 77757

>this faggot schizoposting about everyone being an undercover dumbass shittard again
no choice but to disregard your entire wall of cope, report, and move on because you're too either stubborn, too unhinged, or both to accept reality. this isn't an inside job, dumbass shittards are the same anons who've always been shitting up the rest of /ot/, it contained nothing, its removal aided nothing but it was a step in the right direction and a ray of hope that the farmhands are getting ready to start taking drastic action. the core problem is the board itself and the natural next step is to deal with it.

No. 77758

File: 1716969639448.jpeg (738.85 KB, 1170x1883, IMG_3797.jpeg)

Just wanted to say thanks for the ban and also the anons who educated our newfagfriend on how to use the site. I finally get to know if fucking bratgrrrl is alive…all this 7 years its been…

No. 77759

If there's still a handful of idiots out there trying by all means to get their "revenge", I have no doubt that the methtroon is taking advantage of the situation to troll too and sow chaos (he can't post his CP stash any more, so he's spamming his crusty anime memes and ~bootlicker~ clapbacks)

In my opinion, their posts should be further moderated and deleted in /meta and even /ot if necessary (and Blaine should rot in jail/ 41% in his cell)

Also shitspergs, instead of leading your stupid little gayops, why don't you spend your energy learning to code and create your own ideal imageboard dedicated to ~le epic shitposting~?
We don't want you here, don't you have any pride ?

No. 77761

No. 77762

Tard thot baiting in unpopular opinions

No. 77764

Can we keep /ot/ open I love how much sperging it causes, sorry to double post.

No. 77765

there were reasons given. the majority of the posts revolved around men, sperging about men, weird paranoid posts about moids hiding in bushes trying to eat anons going to the mailbox lol, anons ranting because their barista was male and he was breathing. any truly off topic posts were either ignored or drowned out by the endless hyperfocus on male existence which was exhausting even for a female centered imageboard. there was just no variety anymore. most of the posts were clearly written by young girls as well just barely out of middle school. i miss the threads too but they weren’t as fun or as crazy as they used to be. i remember the mods explaining this around the hellweek period, but i think it got buried in all the drama.

No. 77766

two hours later and not a single redtext, have they given up on moderating unopop opinions or what?
god i wish they were tougher on tradthots

No. 77767

posts like that were not exclusive to dumbass shit though. might as well autosage every single /ot/ thread then because that's everywhere. or mods could've simply ban those posters and make a thread rule saying only true off-topic posts should be allowed.

No. 77768


No. 77769

except now instead of manhate the board still revolves around men but it's "my nigel won't wipe his butt" "feminists are oppressing me for liking men" "i want to suck the anime man's dong"
i'd rather have the babyterfs than whatever wwe got now

No. 77770

I read this too fast and I thought it said
>moids hiding in bushes trying to eat anons mailbox

No. 77771

Wait, isn't that what anon said or am i retarded

No. 77772

You need to ban anyone who says chud no exceptions.

No. 77773

The hatred people in here have for /ot/ is hilarious. It also has drama threads but in the more general sense and they're very active. Closing the board entirely would be stupid, just get rid of certain threads and that's it.

No. 77780

Agreed. I was not a dumbass shit poster, but the spergs camping ITT claiming that it was the bane of all evil seem like they’re scapegoating it for problems here that extend well beyond that thread. Farmhands may be right that there are a few speds who were dumbass shit regulars, but it also feels like an excuse to enact vendettas against certain anons. Like this post >>77720, for instance. I truly do not think, on its own, should have been banned (stay with me, kek). Acting like the confessions thread is for super serious confessions only is just retarded. However, seeing how that anon overreacted here and on /ot/ after getting banned, farmhands are probably familiar with them as a chronic retard because of repeated infractions, which is why their posts are more heavily scrutinized. I understand why dumbass shit was banned, but it obviously hasn’t actually eliminated that type of anon. I know cerbmin/certain oldfags wish we could simply be rid of certain types of anons, but that’s almost impossible to carry out on an ib where it’s so easy to ban evade. We all know that unpopular opinions is just the new dumbass shit thread. What was accomplished?

No. 77784

File: 1716997818404.png (124.09 KB, 720x635, IMG_20240529_094539.png)

I was keeping a close eye on this post number, I'm 100% sure soyjaks lurk and camp on /meta/ to shit up the site on purpose and that's why the /meta/ infighting shouldn't be taken seriously. You need a better way to take suggestions and critique where these retards acting as a majority won't join in. Thanks for the confirmation retard op
case in point

No. 77785

And it won't happen. They've made their point and the farmhands have rightfully ignored it.

No. 77786

Stop being such a chud nonna

No. 77787

Just like they rightfully ignored the anons asking for dumbass shit and manhate/pinkpill to be closed for years… until they didn't kek. Huge descisions like this don't happen overnight.

No. 77788

If shitmin closes /ot/ she may as well hand in her sherif badge at the same time because there’ll be nothing but pink tumbleweeds populating the site as sad cowboy music plays

No. 77789

I wish they would make /fj/ or /fujo/ so those retards can finally stop shitting up the non gossip boards

No. 77790

>Dumbass shit and pp posting is causing problems in /ot/
>"They need to quarantine them in a /fujo/ board!"

No. 77791

I'd say a beter otaku board would be better for
>general shipping
and other fandom spergging for the nerdy women of this site.

No. 77792

>B-but without the obnoxious retards flinging shit at eachother and acting like the rules don't exist all fucking day lc will flop! Think of the traffic, on this website that has no ads and makes no money off of it!
>Plus, flinging shit on /ot/ is all I come here to do! Since when does lc have any other purpose?
>And stop calling me a newfag!!

No. 77793

>surprised about yaoi on a female weeb board
Go back to antifujo containment. What they need to do is quarantine the antifujo sperging to /2x/.

No. 77794

>male breathing
nothing wrong with being mad at that.

No. 77795

This is an otaku board. It came from fucking /cgl/. If you want a normie website instagram, twatter, and lipstick alley are that way.

No. 77796

This is also an imageboard that originated to mock autistic turboweebs. You are not exempt from mockery if you act like a retarded weeb cow.

No. 77797

why are you sperging so hard… it’s cringe. Stop

No. 77798

No, I mean a board specific to that on this site.
>If you want a normie website instagram, twatter, and lipstick alley are that way.
I never said this.

No. 77799

this one antifujosperg who always finds a way to tinfoil that everything wrong with lolcow is the work work of fujos even when it comes to shit that has nothing whatsoever to do with them and the anon who does the same thing but with dumbass shitters both unironically need to take their meds. that's actual schizophrenic or at the very least cluster A behavior.

No. 77800

to be fair the biggest dumbass shit fights were often about yaoi

No. 77801

I know what you meant, and it was a retarded idea that made you sound lost.

No. 77802

>and it was a retarded idea that made you sound lost.
Okay, retard.

No. 77803

>the anon who does the same thing but with dumbass shitters
The farmhands keep doing this too. Makes me wonder…

No. 77804

They don't. Banning these users isn't killing lolcow. the cowboards do still get traffic. They were the whole point of the site to begin with.

No. 77805

they do?
also where did I say anything about lolcow being killed? Did you even see the post I responded to

No. 77806

It gets to a point where farmhands have to treat users like children or talk to them in terms only they would understand which means insulting the idiots right back. That's an escalation, not the norm.

No. 77807

It's not about insults, idc if the farmhands want to be mean, it's that they act schizo and need to take their meds.

No. 77808

I don't see giving the same energy back as being schizo lol They've always been like this.

No. 77809

Imo people can be fujos and radfems at the same time

No. 77810

No, radfems don't consume porn (yes yaoi is porn).

No. 77811

No. 77812

strange how i'm not allowed to tell people that Gene mods the Onision thread….
and not even a ban, no just clear removal of my comment.(personalityfagging retard ban evading)

No. 77813

and this while might i add the Onision thread barely gets any moderation, and his same fagging is breaking the rules at every post.(personalityfagging retard ban evading)

No. 77814

and take it to /meta/ right? well here i am, at it again, for the 9000th time asking you to please fix the Onision thread.

and again, no doubt, will fuck all be done. hence i truly believe the Onision thread is modded by Anonymous Gene, considering he can post whatever the fuck he likes.(personalityfagging retard ban evading)

No. 77815

Your tinfoil being deleted or redtext isn't an admittance to someone being a mod. Maybe stop sperging out about some dumbass tinfoil and learn to be a normal poster.

No. 77816

A 24 hour ban for an obvious joke? Man.

No. 77817

Your shitpost isn't an unpopular opinion. Every time you anons bring the bans from that thread, it just proves the mods are justified.

No. 77818

Nta but anon was replying to a post.

No. 77819

>you anons
I assume you think I’m a newfag unfamiliar with lolcow culture, but responding to a post with a joke does not deserve a 24 hour ban. Get over yourself

No. 77820

To this day I have no idea how they decide how long a ban should be, sometimes they go 7 days for jokes, then 30 minutes on snow for infighting and then 2 hours for not saging and then 24 hours in ot for infighting. Fucking retarded.

No. 77821

And these days half of the bans come with a 2013-tumblr-tier quip like >>77588

No. 77822

Yup. Same thing with the retarded bans thread on /ot/. It's just a bunch of twitards & shitspergs seething about how they got redtexted for acting retarded.

No. 77823

stop trying to make “shitspergs” happen. Because it’s not going to happen. You are cringe and highly identifiable.

No. 77824

I’m sure that farmhand is thankful to have such a loyal defender, but you should both get checked for turboautism

No. 77825

What is shitspergs supposed to mean anyway?

No. 77827

NTA but certain bootlicking campers ITT have been claiming that any and all criticisms against moderation decisions (in the literal meta complaints thread, kek) are really just a gayops being run by former dumbass shit spergs to destroy lolcor as revenge for autosaging dumbass shit

No. 77828

I had the feeling mods are young but now I refuse to believe any of them are older than 23.

No. 77829

stop trying to make “bootlicking” happen. Because it’s not going to happen. You are cringe and highly identifiable.

No. 77830

nta but no one is as identifiable as you, schizochan, who still won't let go of the delusional idea that everyone is the same person. meds.

No. 77831

Also NTA but how about stop trying to make your own post a copypasta while calling other anons cringe

No. 77832

File: 1717014704357.jpeg (852.4 KB, 1242x1606, you will never be farmhand.jpe…)

Bootlicking is here to stay, I see

No. 77833

I get that you're trying to do the whole "reee jannies are autists reee" sperg thing but at least cover up your IP address because now we all have a rough idea of where you live.
Again with this meme. You've been posting this all over the site for 2 months now. Maybe it was funny the first time but now it's just like fuck get some new material. Go spam it somewhere else it's already been done here.

No. 77834

First time I’ve posted it, and it’s still funny to me

No. 77835

File: 1717014953534.gif (1.57 MB, 498x278, sure jan.gif)

No. 77837

No one is bootlicking when its clear these posters are trying to start shit to begin with. Keep being triggered.

No. 77838

Don't bother replying to the shitspergs. They're just starved for attention and want to infight for their gay little thread on autosage.

No. 77839

What are you talking about. I don’t think you realize how ironic your accusation is kek

No. 77840

I was the one who first posted that and anon isn’t me, I even think we’re on opposite sides so it wouldn’t make sense? Are you being retarded on purpose just to be chaotic or what.

No. 77841

I have a sense that is tingling due to someone prominently displaying a new favorite word.

No. 77846

Why did this anon get an integrate ban? >>>/ot/2026715
yeah yeah I know, I don't feel like screenshotting

No. 77847

I truly hope they get banned, I'm tired of anons shitting up /meta/ to infight with complaints and requests. They're no different from the anons shitting up /ot/.

No. 77848

Anon posted 2 messages in the span of 30 seconds when they could have just deleted the OP and re-post both messages together.

No. 77849

Well that's retarded. Anons have been doing that for years and it's never been an issue

No. 77850

It's still a doublepost.

No. 77851

Would the posts on Bella Hadid and Anya Taylor Joy being ugly in the unpopular opinions thread be reportable for not being in the right thread or is it okay to do that there too? I get annoyed when there's thread in /g/ for specific shit like that but anons don't use it. Now we have female looks infighting there.

No. 77852

I associate "bootlicking" with discord trannies because it's usually used by troons when complaining about being told to stop talking about trans shit in inappropriate places.

No. 77853

Exactly. These users are just mad they can't uncontrollably shitpost anywhere they want in the site.

No. 77854

That's always been heavily moderated.

No. 77855

I've never seen it used in that context, I usually see it used in reference to anticapitalism or anticolonialism. Like most words, multiple groups of people use it.
Quiet, tardino. You don't have to chirp in every time an adult makes a post like one of those little anthropomorphized animal sidekicks in a children's cartoon with one repetitive catchphrase made to sell merchandise

No. 77856

nta but what annoys me about this is that it takes so long to repost due to the "flood detected" message, i got a timer right next to me and that message makes you wait way longer than what it says.

No. 77857

It's 2 minutes, it's not that long of a time to wait. Plus, if the second message is different enough from the first (like when new info is added) it doesn't activate the flood detection.

No. 77858

Maybe you should step outside a little.

No. 77859

Nta but it's absolutely not 2 minutes. It's more like 5

No. 77860

No it hasn't but I feel like this is going to be one of those things where anons try to convince everyone something used to happen when it absolutely didn't just to argue so whatever. It was a question for farmhands anyway, not regular posters.

No. 77861


No. 77862

No. You guys can't behave.

No. 77863

yeah the shitpost threads could be fun but that ship has sailed. get over it. go join some discord

No. 77864

File: 1717042098472.png (354.52 KB, 844x740, autistic janny strikes again.P…)

>no humor allowed in stupid questions thread
Please fire this fucking farmhand Jesus Christ

No. 77865

This sounds like a great solution. Can you suggest a discord that isn't full of trannies or teenagers? I look forward to your guidance, thank you & kind regards!

No. 77866

This is scrote-tier humour and you should be ashamed to even post this.
There was a LC one but it imploded because it was just dumbass shit thread Discord version.

No. 77867

nta but its just a joke post about Hitler having a stiffy. calm down

No. 77868

Shut the fuck up. Scrotefoiling is banned but a harmless joke is “scrote-tier”?

No. 77869

It is pretty ridiculous that they're cracking down on shitposting while unpopular opinions still hasn't been put on death row

No. 77870

The only people I could see finding this post, or other shitposts like it, funny would be if they were moids. Mein gott.

No. 77871

Your post did not make me laugh. Banned.
Ok it did make me kek, mein gott

No. 77872

only men can like crass humor/dick jokes now? seesh now i kind of want someone to reopen the 'things that get you called a scrote' thread

No. 77873

Why do you and other anons always try to make this into this type of argument? No, no one said it's humor only for moids, but it's very male-centric.

No. 77874

File: 1717046607359.png (49.47 KB, 1198x262, are you just in a bad mood or …)

what does this have to do with dumbass shit? i said "off topic" because i knew it was off the topic off asking questions.

No. 77875

You admitted to it. Off topic. Your post is something that would go in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 77876

so every single time something mildly off topic is mentioned in an exchange, it should be banned for dumbass shittery? this bootlicking is just nonsensical kek

No. 77877

wouldn't be surprised if some of the "bootlicking" we're seeing is the janny in question whiteknighting themself on anon as they tend to do. why camp in /meta/ just to kiss ass all day.

No. 77878

Yeah I’ve thought for a while that jannies keep meta tabs open to wk themselves and the stuff that went down with the janny that was infighting with nonnies in the male appreciation thread and then came here to defend herself and delete posts calling out her sc of some random anons IP or VPN or whatever pretty much confirmed that for me. I don’t think anyone would get so upset over obvious jokes being made in relation to on topic posts unless they themselves are the janny who banned the user. And in the years I’ve been here I’ve learned that the jannies can be just as retarded and spergy as the some farmers.

No. 77879

Yeah. Considering the state of that board, absolutely. These posters brought this upon themselves and they love it because they keep doing it and thus, any actual real posts from farmers, are then flagged too. The trolls really ruined a lot of lolcow. Oh well. I welcome the moderation. I'm personally tired of shitposters and vendettafags.

No. 77880

Can a farmhand please ban this user and their constant obsession with this skirby girl? They keep reposting old photos now, unsaged, they aren't even photo spamming properly. >>>/snow/1998920 They need to go make this bitch a thread because the entirety of the photoshop thread is basically this girl and an anon or two trying to post about her boyfriend and other random milk that has nothing to do with photoshop.

No. 77882

No way this user is over 18, they keep spamming emojies too >>>/snow/1998924

No. 77884

Same, it’s truly ridiculous

No. 77886

Those retards have an entire imageboard they can fuck off to like the worthless kpop posters, dont enable them here

No. 77887

Unironically yes. Every other site online can be used to post this crap. You would get way more (yous) on 4scrote.

No. 77889

It’s either that or a certain character just trying to stir shit up. On every other board “anons” don’t bootlick this insanely hard, somehow it’s only on /meta/ where any mild complaint or criticism of the moderation gets 5 insta-replies calling you a stupid idiot retard newfag shitposter in a variety of condescending ways and blindly praising farmhands.

I would have been less likely to assume this in the past, but seeing the immature snarky ban messages the current farmhands seem to be attention-seeking with, I get the sense that our current crew is immature and naive enough to try it. Especially since the most intense bootlicking behavior didn’t start until the new batch were hired and cerbmin came on.

No. 77890

Maybe if you stopped focusing on their lives and focused on your own things wouldn't look so glum, there are no bootlickers.

No. 77891

kek, right on queue. What can I say.

No. 77892

Nta but agreed

No. 77893

Thankfully my comment was drenched in sarcasm, it's(the bootlicking) highly noticeable to the point where I can't blame you for not taking it as intended.

No. 77894

I see, sarcasm can fail when the intended target of parody is… just that retarded

No. 77895

I’m not sure you realize how retarded you sound

No. 77896

Is it “scrote-tier” to make a joke about Hitler? Everything where you aren’t acting like a stereotypical teenage valley girl (despite most of you almost being in your 30s kek) is seen through a male lense. Makes no sense to me

No. 77897

>join discord with the gendies and sped democracy system
no thanks anon

No. 77898

You're still at this? If you love Hitler so much, go post about him somewhere else.

No. 77899

>If you love Hitler so much
Nta and not involved but this level of purposeful misrepresentation is so juvenile and cringe.

No. 77900

They are defending their right to post about Hitler and how it's not male-focused 'humor' to reply to anons about fake boners in photos. Specifically in threads where they are using Hitler as a shitpost and not even in the shitposting thread. Stop defending retards.

No. 77901

Still don’t see how that means the nonna “loves hitler.” Also it was clearly a joke, and one post, your just dramatic and autistic.

No. 77902

Agreed. Anon is kind of unhinged about this and it’s very weird.
Dying on the anti-boner-hitler hill is a choice

No. 77903

Never imagined anons would be defending users posting Hitler and telling other anons to stop being mean to the Hitler posters.

No. 77904

nta but why are you acting like posting something=liking it? is anyone who posts bad fetish art or shayna's nudes an inflation lover kek

No. 77905

Kek it's just the same 2 or 3 shitspergs samefagging to get attention, don't bother replying to them.

No. 77906

oh boy here come the schizophrenics

No. 77907

You have to be trolling. I don’t believe you’re this stupid.
I think someone left a broken record on in the background.

No. 77908

It’s just the loser back with a new favorite word and time to kill.

No. 77909

Your taking this way too seriously and getting worked up about nothing

No. 77910

those aren't even the same posters.

No. 77911

This Gonk/Skirby poster is unhinged >>>/snow/1999029 It reeks of newfaggotry and trying to use lolcow like a personal army with how much they are abusing this thread to post this girl. She might as well be in the instagirls you hate thread or have her own thread. The user keeps posting unshopped photos too.

No. 77912

As someone who hated dumbass shit, do not understand why anons from unpopular opinions of all places, the worst thread on lolcow several years running, are smugly pretending their thread is only shit because of the refugees like it hasn't been just as shit as it is now forever. Unpopular Opinions doesn't just need autosage, it needs to be permanently banned from the public boards.

No. 77913

Didn’t say they were

No. 77914

Seconded. I'll repeat what I said in another thread, unpopular opinions should be moved to /sty/ or /manure/

No. 77915

I agree unpopular opinions can be a cesspool but it cerbmin nukes another popular thread it’s fucking over

No. 77916

I think farmhands need to just start banning all the dumbass shit anons itt. It's obvious to everyone that they're the worst category of /ot/fags and I don't think anybody would miss their posts itt. It would make the thread go a lot smoother and we could stop witnessing their idiocy en masse.

No. 77917

Yes please. They have been moderating /meta/ more which has been helpful I think.

No. 77918

I get the old "no redtext on /meta/!" line of thought but it's obviously not working when most posts are bait or just ree'ing about dumbass shit thread. I'm happy that they've started redtexting more posts itt, I think it's helpful too. Farmhands must be aware of which anons are dumbass shit anons because they get banned for posting dumbass shit in other thread on /ot/ and farmhands have mentioned there's 1 or 2 of them in these threads trying to troll. I think they should just be immediately redtexted when detected.

No. 77919

you realize that if they implemented this legitimately then literally no conversation would happen ever right

No. 77920

That's not true. There's plenty of threads on multiple boards that are active and that stay on topic.

No. 77921

I would like to request that farmhands also ban anons like this who keep coming to this thread to infight. This board and thread is being shit up by retards who only want to infight 24/7.

No. 77922

That's not infighting. That's a suggestion and even farmhands have noted, like anon said, that those users come to /meta/ to pretend they don't know any better and try to get users to be against moderation all because they can't control themselves like babies.

No. 77923

Yeah, that's who I think deserve the immediate redtext upon identification.

No. 77924

It's pretty obvious that anon is trying to cause more problems in this thread though. This whole dumbass shit anons vs anti dumbass shit anons thing has been going on for fucking months.

No. 77925

Samefag but I'm quite frankly tired of how this thread has gone from a place to voice actual complaints and suggestions to a fighting ring for the anons who like to camp here. And now even when you make an actual complaint or have a question, it either gets drowned out by the infighting and ignored, or you get a response from an anon who thinks they're a mod and ends up turning your complaint/question/suggestion into an argument.

No. 77927

File: 1717098160306.jpeg (343.35 KB, 660x835, IMG_1015.jpeg)

Raise the age that’s allowed to be here up to 21, preferably 25+. I’m tired of sharing this website with inconsiderate tinyboppers, I already have to use it with other stupid “matured” women

No. 77928

I agree, but now when you post an actual complaint the campers itt will accuse you of being a “shitsperg” samefag like above, which drowns out the actual purpose of this thread. >>77922
>those users come to /meta/ to pretend they don't know any better and try to get users to be against moderation all because they can't control themselves like babies.
Get off your high horse. This is literally the thread for complaints and suggestions. You are just as spergy and cowlike as any anon here. I genuinely cannot stand anons like you. No, I don’t care about dumbass shit, and no, I don’t want to be a part of your gay ass infight. Please get a life.

No. 77929

Being oblivious isn't cute, anon. Stop defending users who make it very obvious as to who they are and what they actually provide to the site.

No. 77930

Take your meds.

No. 77931

You can't even use /meta/ right yourself. Someone made a suggestion and instead of letting it go, you have anons replying back complaining that they don't want the thread moderated and how anons saying it should be are the issue. Come on now.

No. 77932

Kek. Ok. Keep trying to infight with any anons that disagree with you, I guess.

No. 77933

someone please get rid of the tranny janny with their hate boner for dumbass shit thread. it’s really not that serious

No. 77934

File: 1717100639892.jpeg (133.2 KB, 489x1171, F40E03CE-2A4F-4AC0-8F4C-366334…)

I have not complained about a ban before, but Farmhands’ autism is getting out of hand.
>someone posts a vent about how they keep seeing anons shaming and mocking tall women
>I reply with a play on the “did someone say (thing the person loves)?” with a picture of a waterfall that is sort of vagina shaped. Spoiler the image just in case. Clearly a positive joke about how I love tall women.
>banned for 24 hours by autistic farmhand for “baiting”
Honestly speechless. This is such a harmless, light-hearted, and positive joke. Are we just not allowed to joke around anymore?

No. 77935

There must be a newfag farmhand who can’t take a joke going on a powertrip in /ot/ because these bans are getting ridiculous

No. 77936

You put it behind a spoiler to get away with shitposting. It's not about not getting jokes, it's that this is shitting up so many threads.

No. 77937

That is not a “shitpost”. I was seriously engaging with the post I replied to, trying to offer a compliment to someone who felt hurt, and couching it in humor to hopefully make them smile. You are retarded.

No. 77938

Here we go again lmao

No. 77939

File: 1717102467257.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, just pretend.jpg)

Kek they just keep baiting then coming here to post their "retarded tranny janny is evil" screencap. It's like they don't understand the purpose of threads. The vent thread is for sharing vents and for others to sympathize with you or give advice. It's not for shitposting and making "random" jokes. They don't get it though because they think the purpose of this website is to try and be the most funniest most original sperg. If they don't get to make the "funniest" "jokes" and they get redtexted they get mad as hell. It's like picrel. It's all part of the ploy for attention.

No. 77940

>t. /meta/ camper with unmitigated autism
Maybe try Reddit?

No. 77942

Already said I’d never posted a ban before. It was not a “random joke.” It was exactly what you mention is allowed: an attempt at comforting— using humor as a vehicle. If you are a farmhand sockpuppeting to whitenight yourself, I’m seriously concerned because your intelligence level seems scarily low.
Also, your picrel doesn’t even apply to the situation at hand (even from your deranged perspective) Are you a bot or something? None of what you say makes sense.

No. 77944

Ayrt, you’re forgiven kek, it’s farmhands’ job to weed out autistic reports. But unfortunately that doesn’t work when the farmhands are autistic themselves.

No. 77945

Kek that post has been deleted for a good 30 minutes, how do you know what it said? Unless you keep /meta/ open 24/7?

No. 77946

She probably had it open in another tab and went to do something else can we drop the subject?
>t. post deleter

No. 77947

Nta, I do this a lot to spy on what the jannies sweep.

No. 77948

Oh god you’ve probably see me delete and repost to fix typos a million times kek

No. 77949

ntayrt but sometimes i leave the same tab open and can still see deleted posts for a while kek

No. 77950

I never posted in that thread schizofag this might be shocking to you but some of us only lurk that thread

No. 77951

Maybe try emailing cerbmin directly because these bans are just getting nonsensical.

No. 77952

autosage unpopular opinions
free dumbass shit from its shackles

No. 77953

I’d rather they address it where everyone can see tbh

No. 77954

Email the admin for a 6 hour ban… You people are braindead….

No. 77955

yes, yes, we get it. Farmhands are always right and never retarded, and anyone with criticism is braindead, stupid, retarded, a "shitsperg", a newfag, a troll, a moron, or underage.
Admin/farmhands, if this isn't one of you, (and if it's not, I'm pretty sure I know who it is,) you should consider redtexting, because whoever this is is making you look like hypersensitive tards.

No. 77956

they'll never redtext this anon or the other one who plays sidekick. Let's face it: the mods and admin probably still have a discord, they invited their old discord kittens, and that's where it's coming from, if not from a farmhand posting without trip. They hate the dumbass shit thread, unpopular opinions, celebricows, /w/, and every single anon who posts here. You can tell by how they write "you anons" "you spergs" "you people" and make wild sweeping assumptions after someone asks a question. I wish I knew what threads this hostile anon even enjoys on this site. maybe just this one…

No. 77957

Yes, I could see that. But if it was one of their kittens, wouldn't they tell her to knock it off and stop making them look stupid and malicious? I don't think cerbmin is dumb enough to not see how bad this makes them look.
That's why my other theory is that it's you know who– he's known for samefagging and even arguing with his own posts just to sow confusion, and typically has a word he keeps overusing depending what phase he's in. Perhaps this is just a cope theory though, and our current administration really is this juvenile.

No. 77959

You might be onto something, nonna. It’s ironic to see the /meta/fags lash out at all /ot/fags (“shitspergs,” according to them) when the cow threads move so damn slow. I try to contribute to cow threads, post milk, and even create thread OPs when able, but you’d think if the /meta/ campers and farmhands hated /ot/ so much, they’d, idk, worry about posting quality milk in /snow/? /ot/ is just a side board for farmers. Why the autistic micromodding of it? I genuinely don’t understand why jokes on /ot/ bother them so much. It’s fucking /ot/.

No. 77960

Yeah these crazy rants are definitely what these complaints and suggestions threads are for

No. 77961

oh yeah so crazy. real psycho shitsperg stuff, eh?

No. 77962

Please do not post complaints in the complaints thread, thanks.

No. 77963


No. 77964

What's over? The infinite infighting, racebaiting, sperging, and unintegrated newfaggotry those threads gave us? What a loss that would be

No. 77966

File: 1717127682479.jpg (58.89 KB, 735x576, 70a2d7dff35d82ab6f263bed422ac1…)

>"lock /ot/!!!!111!!"
>"take the dumbass shit thread off of autosage!!11!11"""
>"lock the unpopular opinions thread!1!11"
>"ban the dumbass shit anons!!1!"
I have a better idea, autosage the complaints and suggestions thread. Please.

No. 77967

Sounds like you can't handle posting properly.

No. 77968

you're honestly cracking me up at this point lmfao

No. 77970

I'm not even any of the anons following the replies up thread. Take your meds. There's a bunch of us who hate the anons and like the moderation towards them.

No. 77971

No. 77973

what an odd (and yet predictable) word for you to use about posting on an imageboard. fwiw I have posted a few isolated times in those /ot/ threads ever, I just see the rabid hate here and the paranoid moderation in other /ot/ threads (this is not dumbass shit! this is bait! this is a waterfall!!!)
>take your meds
>a bunch of us who hate the anons
kek sure, this is also predictable. "We're not all the same" "We're all laughing at you" - where, then, if not your discord with the farmhands? and why do you all sound similar and post to back each other up, often within minutes? Why is your infighting and shitting up cow threads rarely if ever redtexted? At least tell me, why do you sit on this imageboard, where you openly hate the anons? is there a single part of this board you don't hate and try to shit up? What's the point of starting infights literally everywhere and spamming reports, when you can just not visit the threads you hate?

No. 77974

Your tinfoil is so retarded

No. 77975

nta but it's not that crazy, something fishy is going on

No. 77976

Nah, she's onto something, you gotta be blind to not see something weird is going on, or be a janny yourself, in that case try being more subtle or just drop that bullshit already.

No. 77977

why would you come on lolcow if you hate the anons? that sounds like 0 fun

No. 77978

>There's a bunch of us who hate the anons and like the moderation towards them.
Mega kek. You're not going to be winning any oscars for this performance. Like, I'm mind-boggled you typed this and hit post thinking it was a convincing way to speak… whoever you are.

No. 77979

It's pretty fair given the state of some users tbh

No. 77980

we hate newfags that cant integrate and pitch a fit over every retarded temp ban. oldfags used to take their ban and then just post "lol my ban was retarded" after it expired because they can go without shitting up an imageboard every hour of their life, while these new fucks are entitled and whiny as fuck. there has always been tarded bans, this is a gossip imageboard and your rights arent being impeded because you got stamped with the retard stamp for a few hours

No. 77981

this is the complaints thread. When an anon mentions "lol my ban was retarded" (as you suggest!) in the original thread they get slapped with a "take it to meta", but then when they take it to meta, bootlickers like you pitch a fit on behalf of the poor slighted farmhands. Sounds like what you really want is for people to shut up about shitty bans. Hm. Wonder who that serves. Also
>"newfags not integrating! Newfags not integrating!"
Anons have been posting like this for years. That's why people are pissed off about being suddenly banhammered for things that used to be the norm (jokes, banter).

No. 77982

Sperging out about your ban isn't a complaint. Just take the ban. What is so bad about being banned, it expires in 1-24 hours. You make it seem like this big deal and the farmhands are trampling on muh rights or whatever but it's just a ban. It will expire in 1-24 hours. Who gives a fuck.

No. 77983

Ntayrt but to me it's more about the bizarre reasoning of the bans rather than the bans themselves. Also what's the point of the "take it to /meta/" redtext then if it shouldn't be taken here?

No. 77984

>"It's more about the bizarre reasoning of the bans than the bans themselves"
It's pretty clear that you're angry about the bans. Why pretend otherwise? Why post the same bans in multiple threads to complain if you don't care? Just step outside and do something else while you're waiting for a ban to expire it's not that big of a deal.

No. 77986

They are going to ban evade anyway, so why not even pretend that you're not that user and go about your posting? It's hilarious.

No. 77987

Gee, yeah why would anyone care about being banned for a reason that doesn't even make sense on a basic level. Just take the ban!
You are pathetic. That poster is not me. You must be projecting your samefagging onto others.
>Also what's the point of the "take it to /meta/" redtext then if it shouldn't be taken here?
the point is to get anons to take their complaints to the designated thread where farmhands and company camp out to dogpile you using the same handful of retarded phrases (no matter what the context). It's egregious and the more anons get mad about it, the harder and more desperately they try to dogpile.

No. 77988

Who are you? Generalizations aren't specifying you anon.

No. 77989

So that they can ban you twice and then ridicule you as fake anons. I have yet to see anything resolved here in meta, I have never ever gotten a satisfactory reply, let alone an actual solution. "take it to meta" serves as an oral lid and this entire meta board is for decoration purposes and powertripping only.

No. 77990

It's not that deep. LC is small privately owned website that's moderated by a small number of volunteers.

No. 77991

Cope, /ot/turd

No. 77992

All right, this particular type of retarded wordsmithing really reminds me of someone.

No. 77993

100%. Sure there are some dumb anons who bring deserved bans, but the fact that legitimate grievances get the exact same treatment as those makes it pretty clear it’s not about the content of the complaint— it’s the fact you’re complaining at all.

No. 77994

Do you realize how fucked in the head you come across when you constantly try to convince us that every single anon who has an opinion you don't approve of is the same person based entirely on these monumental reaches and how much they trigger you? We can all see what you're doing and no one ever takes the bait, even the anons on your "side". Is it that hard to believe the world doesn't revolve around you and your wants?

This, we know farmhands lurk but they only make actual farmhand posts like once a month at most, so what are they saying on anon where they have plausible deniability to shield them from the self-wk allegations? Kek

No. 77995

/meta/ campfag is scaring me. no loved ones, not married, no children, and probably no job trying desperately to get /ot/ taken down KEK

No. 77996

Well, I wish I was loved by someone as much as farmhands are by their discord kitten sperg KEK (if it isn’t a farmhand wk-ing herself. Also plausible). But yes, definitely a NEET regardless. She/they show(s) up within minutes of any complaint being posted. They must think we’re blind

No. 77998

the farmhands and farmhand dickriders aren't the ones who want the /ot/ nuke. the farmhand fanclub would be the anons who unironically think dumbass shit was the only thing wrong with /ot/ and blame all of the boards current issues on hobos from that thread raiding other threads, their reason for whightknighting is to reaffirm that closing the thread was a good and effective move despite everything pointing to that not being the case. it didn't change anything in practice because it wasn't the only problem thread nor was it the worst. throw the whole board away. I'm sure a lot of if not most of our current janny lineup was brought on specifically to mod /ot/, it's a resource sink, its removal will benefit the entire rest of the board.

No. 77999

It's the farmhands pet it has no time for anything but disrupting actual talk about anything on this site.

No. 78000

CP on /ot/

No. 78001

File: 1717164747949.gif (141.56 KB, 900x787, 1526426979712.gif)

Cp in ot

No. 78002

cp in /ot/ catalog bros

No. 78004

I guarantee there's dozens of users who keep multiple tabs open. This is 2024 kek

No. 78005

Especially the complaints thread, it has the best damn milk on the site kek

No. 78006


No. 78007

Tbh yeah, it moves so fast and it's funny watching anons have ban meltdowns. I don't know what other users expected. The idea that "This anon has got to be the one from this thread specifically because there is always someone complaining about that thread" is funny too. /meta/ moves as fast as some /ot/ threads even.

No. 78008

You're literally just helping my point, I hope you realize.

No. 78009

>meta/ moves as fast as some /ot/ threads even
At first I was checking for boards to avoid (in case of cp), but I stay for the sperging.

No. 78010

do you think the farmhand wks are the same people who hate ot?

No. 78011

It seems like it.

No. 78012

>users respond too quickly to each other, they must be discord admin kittens/pets
>two of those users reply to each other within 6 minutes

Your house doesn't seem to be well constructed.

No. 78013

Considering they're whiteknighting bans that happened on /ot/ and praising the farmhands for taking care of the stray "dumbass shitters", I think they['re farmhands who] only come here for /ot/ in the first place experiencing cognitive dissonance. Anyone who wants /ot/ closed can clock these bans as a petty waste of time, but anons who want it to stay open pretend they're fixing /ot/.

No. 78014

they're coping extra hard now because the wks are literally on their side kek unless they really are the anons who want dumbass shit revived, in which case they need to give it up

No. 78015

>they need to give up dumbass shit thread being revived
never say never. admin could decide to resign and we get another one who’s on board to bring it back or they decide to bring it back after awhile. the rules are subject to change at any time but right now they’re clearly more interested in promoting fandom/fujo/non-2X manhate shit than allowing threads that make /ot/ worth it which was the shitposting threads

No. 78016

I never said any of that. But nice effort.

No. 78017

Can you read that no one is specifying you yet making fun of you?

No. 78019

I literally have no idea what you’re trying to communicate.

No. 78020

I think anons confused defending moderation with applauding them for moderating the spam we get. You can dislike how things are ran, but agree that putting certain users out to pasture is a good thing. I don't know why this has become such a black and white issue.

No. 78021

Is there someone purposely infighting in the general art thread? I feel like there's some users purposely derailing the threads, I'm seeing it in other ones as well, they're nitpicking arguments just to argue. I know I'm a part of it by telling them to fuck off, but this happened twice in the same thread. Do summerfags really?

No. 78022

is the complaint that you don't like that some people don't hate the same art?

No. 78023

No, my complaint is that there's constant infights and that there seems to be the same people starting infights. I genuinely believe it's the same tranny who bragged about infighting/derailing threads in leftypol. We don't have this much infighting until summer usually. Not a lot of regular posters go out their way to constantly nitpick arguments and WK.

No. 78024

Can you link the examples? I don't see infighting, but I do see posters not liking an unbothered take and then replying with "how can you like it??" as if they aren't allowed to give their opinion on an OP post.

No. 78025

well I'm hoping never, fuck dumbass shit and unpopular opinions both and double fuck the mods for acting like only closing one helped. imagine having two stab wounds and your solution to that problem is to give your roommate 20$ to stitch one up and just leave the deeper one to stay open and fester, then afterwards you tell yourself all the pain and fever is caused by the 'healing process' of the stitched one and the person who stabbed you agrees.

No. 78026

omg why do you hate it so much? give us the real reason anon

No. 78027

Yeah, some of the posts are deleted, but one of them was saying "maybe the op posts are shit" when I mentioned that there was infighting. The other was saying something along the lines of "my reply wasnt angry but okay", its just a general gist like that. I'm not saying it's wrong to disagree, but I mean there's obviously someone purposely infighting.

No. 78028

Are they if some anons don't agree with the OP post?

No. 78029

Anon bragging that they know where a cow lives and acts like that's milk >>>/snow/1999375

No. 78030

My thread was removed despite being a known series of threads and there used to be similar threads on here

No. 78031

Mods could you please delete this post? This IP address is a big lawfirm in the US rather than an random ISP address. I really don't want retard nonna here taking down the whole fucking site. I've emailed but no reply. Delete this post as well. Good luck in law nonna, you're going to need it you fucking retard.

No. 78032

>I really don't want retard nonna here taking down the whole fucking site
Be serious. It's some clerk shitposting at work. Or maybe it was take your child to work day.

No. 78033

Add a ban list for everything after the .255 so this doesn't happen again

No. 78034

Isn't Charms' mom a lawyer? How many lolcow adjacent are in law kek

No. 78035

This was me… I had a retard moment ngl……. Please cerbmin/farmhands have mercy and delete this and my post please thanks.

No. 78036

If they find out they'll scrub the site just incase nonna leaked any confential data. Then posts like "kill all moids" may have to reported. Then bad stuff
Sorry about calling you retarded nona. Please learn not to shitpost on company wifi. Good luck in DC or New York.

No. 78037

If there 'used' to be similar threads, then maybe the issue is that you need to necro and old one that isn't maxed out with whatever new milk you have.

No. 78038

Nope. Most of them were created at minimum 7 years ago and do not fit up to modern thread standards and or were on the wrong boards. Why would you even reply if you didn't know what thread was deleted

No. 78039

what thread

No. 78040

Chink shit general

No. 78041

There is no reason to not call it Asian general. No wonder it was deleted. It sounds like bait.

No. 78042

Did you even read your ban reason? Your thread was removed due to the title of your thread clearly being racebating. You are fully welcome to make a thread on that topic but don't use obvious baiting titles.

No. 78043

File: 1717196701943.gif (862.29 KB, 244x230, lucile.gif)

Thanks for the delete Farmhand! Hopefully we have many more years under the radar

No. 78044


No. 78046

File: 1717200581121.jpg (24.7 KB, 225x225, sorry.JPG)

Samefag, thank you for deleting it, farmhand. The ban was still autistic, but I fear I was even more retarded in my moment of rage. I apologize to farmhands and other anons.

No. 78047

"That one anon"-ing should get a (short, like an hour) ban. It's not egregious but it's annoying and self-contradictory.

No. 78048

Honestly agreed. It's a way to bait anons in threads about other anons they don't like, trying to decipher typing styles and wording. It's usually posted about other anons in a chatroom-style reply in cow threads and outside of cow threads it's off-topic.

No. 78049

All forms of identityfagging needs to be banned and this includes assigning an identity to random posters because they share a opinion, posting style or whatever else. This is an anonymous image board and there is no way to tell who you are actually talking to. It's complete cancer.

No. 78050

>we have many more years under the radar
And what exactly is that supposed to mean? Is this some kind of raider from a different site or something?

No. 78051

Don’t worry about it, nonna

No. 78052

AYRT and to be fair there are definitely some anons who are severely distinctive to the point of a -chan moniker. At that point it's probably okay to that-one-anon about it. Here's an idea: mods only ban you if you guess wrong.

No. 78054

So that's a yes. Hope farmhands permaban.

No. 78055

Can we get some red text infighting bans on the tranny wks and overzealous nonnies in the Lillee Jean thread to warn the newfags

No. 78057

File: 1717207540305.jpeg (228.86 KB, 750x653, IMG_1029.jpeg)

Can they get rid of this fucking janny already? They probably know it’s a tranny but because he’s (the mod) keeps banning people left and right they probably lowkey enjoy it because the whole mod squad are a bunch of instigating queerios. Get rid of it you fucking babies of crack addicts, this was posted on the get it out with your chest jesus fucking christ not everything warrants a redtext

No. 78058

Why are those posts even in the get it off your chest thread in the first place? They sound like retarded shitposting instead of actual things that'd go in that thread.

No. 78059

Anon that wasn’t me, I’m defending the nonny who was likely being innocent. This is what they get for getting rid of the main ot thread where’s NO rules for the way you post

No. 78060

A bunch of users ruined it for everyone else, but now it's clear a bunch of people are reporting them because they are tired of these posts too. They are valid and they are bannable post tbf.

It's not even in the right thread. Random thoughts are not the same as GIOYC.

No. 78061

Anons can't just post whatever they want in whatever thread they feel like though. As innocent as these are, it's annoying and stupid to people who want to use threads correctly. If stupid twitter type posts have to be posted, at least put it in the bechdel thread or whatever it's called.

No. 78062

this, one of my biggest pet peeves is when anons assign an identity to other anons over nothing. it's a terrible newfagism.

No. 78063

muh bootlicking. bitch you can do whatever the hell you want

No. 78064

nta but why should these anons be exempt from posting rules?

No. 78065

I miss the chat threads too nonna but its not bootlicking to stay on topic

No. 78066

once again asking for the pink pill thread to come back

No. 78067

That one voracious janny defender is so funny, she thinks "janny" is a slur. I wonder what made her this way or if she's an elaborate troll.

No. 78068

someone posted troon/sissy shit on the the hot/cute couples thread

No. 78069

Porn in /ot/

No. 78070

Some retard is spamming porn in the oldweb thread

No. 78071

It was about this. Mods deleted both the images, that's why I said thanks

No. 78072

Male in the old web thread

No. 78073

You're right.

No. 78074

it's pretty funny and telling that the ayrt's response was to assume you were "raiding" and to permaban you. Sometimes people need to chill.

No. 78075


No. 78076

can't believe we have anons in there who unironically care about that proshipper v anti shit. that should be an automatic twitterfaggotry ban

No. 78077

Had to stop using that garbage fandom thread when I realized it was filled with the same cows they mock

No. 78078

File: 1717249441436.jpeg (872.51 KB, 1242x1897, IMG_4031.jpeg)

Kek you're deranged and mentally challenged

No. 78080

Apparently you can be a misogynistic piece of shit in lolcow as long as you add "white" to your sexist slur of choice or just drop it somewhere in your post

No. 78081

Twitterfags have to walk on eggshells around each other all the time on xitter so they come here to let it out like the underaged retards they are. They always take bait too.

No. 78082

And this is why anons say these user's deserve bans.

No. 78083

Calling someone a white bitch or whatever is allowed, but so is calling someone a bitch without any race modifier.

No. 78084

>get it off your chest thread
why does that even exist when they already have vent AND confession threads. another problem with /ot/ is the amount of stupid shit like that, they'll have 5 separate threads active that all amount to the same ducking thing.

No. 78086

My bad anon, sorry.
In my defense, the farmhand post she replied to was about the "chink" thread, not about that. And anon made it sound so sneaky…

No. 78087

Wondered this too, it's like vent but you can reply?

No. 78088

Why doesn't anyone know how to read the OP of the thread

No. 78089

Vent = For talking about problems and receiving replies offering sympathy or advice.
Confessions = For posting confessions about things you did or things you think.
GIOYC = For getting things off your chest and ranting, without fear of reply.
They're all different. It's not our fault you don't (can't?) read thread descriptions or lurk to understand what a thread is about.
They're just mad because they can't bait anons in dumbass shit thread anymore because it's on autosage so now they're trying to take down all of /ot/ in a fit of tard rage.

No. 78090

Confessions isn't the same imo, but vent/GIOYC is extremely similar.

No. 78091

It really isn't, if you look in the threads you can immediately see the stark difference in posting style.

No. 78092

kek so basically all the same then? I don't care that "ermmmmmmmmmm ackshually read the op and you'll find that they're all 1% different from eachother and there's a STARK difference in the posting styles fucking newfag retard" these things are way too similar to warrant having three separate threads, all it does is bloat your catalog. gay and dumb.

needing a vent thread where no one is allowed to reply to you is some severe womanchild hugbox shit

No. 78093

literally this so ridiculous. it’s for the anons who feel some type of way if you dare to respond to their online pity fest I mean how could you give a shit about them wahhhh!! get a personal diary if you don’t want people to respond, can’t control shit on this god awful website

No. 78094

I dont understand why every single thread needing a specific topics is necessary on /ot/ , I don’t see why it would be discouraged to create a fully off topic thread on an off topic board

No. 78095

please just let us have the dumbass shit thread back
literally even the people who hated it want it back now
we can all see now why it should exist whether we personally like it or not

No. 78096

Not my post but this was a stupid ban. Tiff is Scott's fiance, she is on topic for his thread. Since when can we not talk about cow's partners? Why don't you ban anons in Lori's thread for talking about Kevin, or in Mikan's thread for talking about Yasu, etc? Literally all /w/ threads have discussion of partners.

No. 78097

Having multiple threads that are all basically the same thing has always ended in locking the newest ones. There's no reason to spread out discussion and clutter up the catalog like that and yes it should be discouraged. It's obnoxious.

>literally even the people who hated it want it back now
>source(s): dumbass shitfag x

No. 78098

>not about main cow topic which is scott
>it's about his gf/fiance
>but not about her, its about her ex

Stop involving people in the threads that aren't milky or even involved in anything that would be new. Dude is off topic. This was what anons said when they said scott doesn't have milk. Anons have to stretch as far as someone who is a secondary topic's ex.

No. 78100

>They're just mad because they can't bait anons in dumbass shit thread anymore because it's on autosage so now they're trying to take down all of /ot/ in a fit of tard rage.
You and that anon are both retarded, jeez. Ayrt.

No. 78101

Can icfagging be banned in the general art salt thread in ot? It's always either one of the ictards who've been banned bringing over their vendettas or schizoid like trapfag and enstarfag or promoting their coomer filled threads and discord? It always results in ic tourists sitting up the thread

No. 78102

>dumbassshit thread
you are supposed to post dumbass shit in the thread, not post in the thread if you are a dumbass

No. 78103

>get a personal diary
this, what IS the point of posting it online if you're going to have a meltdown if anyone dares reply to you even just to give you advice? kek you just want to know someone out there pities you? everyone likes to complain about the cow drought but those with a keen eye would know the cows have been amogus this whole time

No. 78104

File: 1717259490723.png (190.9 KB, 848x342, Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at 12.2…)

Shitspergs are at it again trying to make dumbass shit thread clones.
They're ramping up on the bait today in /meta/ and /ot/ because it's the weekend. You'll notice a very similar pattern of thought and posting style from the shitspergs.

No. 78106

>They're just mad because they can't bait anons in dumbass shit thread anymore because it's on autosage so now they're trying to take down all of /ot/ in a fit of tard rage.
why do you think everyone who has something negative to say about /ot/ is from dumbass shit? you're crazy, makes sense why someone like you would be fighting tooth and nail to keep the uwu hugbox vent thread clone kek

No. 78107


No. 78109

damage prevention is a good thing, to quarantine the dumbass shit is more helpful than to just expect the populace to all stop posting it and staying mad for a year when they won't

No. 78111

There was always plenty of discussion about Kevin and his family and friends in Lori's thread, all stuff that was unrelated to Lori herself, and there were never any bans for that. Some fangirl just really wants the Scott thread to die as they keep complaining about it on here too.

No. 78112

nta but what's a catalog supposed to be exactly? some kind of streamlined archive organised by topic?

No. 78113

You've made this joke twice already and it makes it more obvious that you're just baiting kek
>expect the populace to all stop posting it
Yeah LC isn't the government if they don't like that a thread is on autosage they can go to a different website or make a Discord server for themselves. The whole appeal of dumbass shit for them was spamming it constantly so it was on the homepage at all times and to draw other anons into the thread to engage with them. That's why they're so upset, not because the dumbass shit thread is closed because it isn't, it's just they can't constantly spam it to the top of the catalog anymore to get attention. The thread still exists there were people posting in it as recently as yesterday, it's not a big deal at all if it's on autosage because if they wanted to use their thread they could just go use it right now.

No. 78114

I was not going to post again, but you sound wildly unhinged and someone needs to tell you that

No. 78115

Yeah yeah same old insults get some new material.

No. 78116

File: 1717260054467.jpg (20.63 KB, 474x439, soyjak-cry.jpg)

>please just let us have the dumbass shit thread back
>literally even the people who hated it want it back now
>we can all see now why it should exist whether we personally like it or not

I apologize for posting a soyjak but it fits perfectly

No. 78117

You have committed hours to this.

No. 78118

New dumbass shit thread on cc:

No. 78119

I remember when an anon had a tard rage in the vent thread because people were responding to her in gioyt thread kek it was hilarious. just write it in the notes app like the rest of us and call it a day

No. 78120

I would like it too. Sometimes I want to post something that doesn’t fit in the other threads but would fit perfectly in there

No. 78121

File: 1717260262646.png (413.12 KB, 598x525, 1695080767315151.png)

>least new /ot/ user

No. 78122

Her ex is so far removed from Scott's life. Focus on him and Tiff, don't bring mothers and other family and exes into it. If you're doing that, you really have no milk on Scott and you're proving him having a thread was useless. And Lori's thread was modded about Scott, that's why anon's made a thread. They kept derailing about things not involving Lori and Kevin and bringing up old milk because of it because they also lack anything decent.

No. 78123

That was my first post in this thread for days.

No. 78124

File: 1717260618018.gif (214.88 KB, 498x371, IMG_5472.gif)

jesus christ let it go. there's a gazillion theeads in ot you can post in and you autists are in here crying about dumbass shit every single day. get a hint already

No. 78125

Do you enjoy the retards spilling out into every single other thread? I don't, it's annoying.

No. 78127

What if someone's post doesn't fit in literally any other thread at all?

No. 78128

That’s my issue. Sometimes what I want to say isn’t a vent, a confession, a question or isn’t mundane enough

No. 78129

Then don't just randomly dump it in some random thread. That person could not be a newfag and lurk or just not post. Find a thread that you have something to talk about in. This site isn't going to cater to everyone and everything.

No. 78130

No. 78131

Okay cool, we can just look forward to more dumpster posting in every fucking ot thread from now on, it's been going great thus far

No. 78133

That’s easy enough for you to say because you just like talking about the same retarded fandom shit all damn day.

No. 78134

It is literally just one thread, that makes more sense to have instead of two different question-related threads andthere are about 6 different scrote related threads on /g/

No. 78135

it's not like they'll nucely go back to being contained even if dumbass comes back, they're too belligerent for that
usa the catalog. there are other threads besides confessions, unpopular opinions and vent.
if your post is so super special that it doesn't fit anywhere try tumblr or some shit. you don't HAVE to post here.

No. 78136

8 billion years ago last thursday, 4chan instated a brony quarantine board to stop the spread of ponyshit to the rest of the site
it worked
we are not as shitty as 4chan; it would work here too, and it used to

No. 78137

> try tumblr or some shit. you don't HAVE to post here.
Why even bother replying if you are just going to reply something dumb like this.

No. 78138

File: 1717261897816.jpeg (318.69 KB, 750x757, IMG_1044.jpeg)

dumbass shit nonnies I tried!!! give it a few months, they’re just being so retarded this year idk why

No. 78139

>conflating dumbass shit fags with ponyfags
A strangely accurate comparison.

No. 78140

It isn't conflating if I think they're both retarded.

No. 78141

File: 1717262169784.jpeg (57.73 KB, 581x197, IMG_1046.jpeg)

Nta in picrel but where are we supposed to put this shitttttt not every thread is like GIOYT where no replies are allowed we want to be retarded with other people vibing and grooving with each other. What the hell are they doing to this place????? no wonder most of the dumbass shit anons went to /g/ and just stay there cause this is just not it

No. 78142

there was nothing “retarded” or alike because you’re comparing a bunch of creepy men obsessed with little girl-coded ponies versus random anons who just wanted a good offtopic thread for /ot/ board. you people are being completely unfair and i’m starting to think the spergs who hate the people who used that thread have never even been in that thread in general and are newfags. you’ve never been there through the glory bunker/dumbass shit days so how the hell would you even know what it was truly like?? i don’t blame your ignorant ass inputs

No. 78143

I'd like to point out that the dumbass shitposters aren't just infecting the rest of /ot/, they've spread to /g/ and /snow/ noticeably

you are acting like a special needs person

No. 78144

it cuts me deep

No. 78145

>they've spread to /g/ and /snow/ noticeably
give us examples or you’re just trying to start trouble by making shit up as per usual

No. 78146

>they're both retarded
But that's why it's so accurate. Both groups were retards that thought they could spam off topic shit in unrelated threads and boards without irritating other posters or the mods noticing.

No. 78147

BECAUSE WE DONT HAVE DUMBASS SHIT ANYMORE. Dumbass shit anons aren’t the same as bronies, they should really make an IQ cap for internet usage I bet your stupid ass wouldn’t make it.

No. 78149

sorry, lame joke, meant to imply that I think that they're literally the same people kek
but then some dipshit has already gone "omg you think we are horse-perverts?!?!?!11" so I just dropped it

No. 78150

I'm a /g/ regular and haven't noticed anything different.

No. 78151

If the response from those posters is to then shitpost because they can't get their way or because they can't find somewhere to post properly, then they don't need to be here. It's not that hard. We don't need a thread to cater to even niche feeling. That's such a childish reation.

No. 78152

again, that's been working out real well for us so far

No. 78153

Nta but the proshipping thread in snow was clearly made by a zoomer /ot/ refugee. I didn't realize that discourse was even still going on, I figured all the fifteen year olds who cared just moved on to talking about the middle east or whatever.

No. 78154

Catering to newfags isn't something lolcow should start doing. They can learn to integrate.

No. 78155

Why is that thread still up? I wouldn't be surprised if it was made by someone underaged considering most people involved in that discourse are children. It's a potential breeding ground for posting underage cows.

No. 78156

why the fuck hasn't this been deleted or spoilered yet?

No. 78157

dumbass shit thread dates back to at least 2018, current newfags are actually the ones least familiar with it at this point

No. 78158

Should just have a "spam" thread. It encompasses everything these shitposters want.

No. 78159

call it literally anything, just give us the quarantine thread back

No. 78160

The issue is that it didn't remain a quarantine thread. New users abused /ot/ and bled their DSP into other threads and now have been throwing tantrums for months and purposely derailing threads and testing the jannies like children, making their newfaggotry everyone else's problem.

A spam thread can have all they want. Images, DSP, vents that you don't think can go in the vent, hitler, male takes, troon hate.. Just get the fuck out of other threads if you can't follow posting rules.

No. 78161

that sounds pretty much like the dumbass shit thread, yeah
I agree that if there's a quarantine thread, then they damn well better stay in it, and no complaint about being banned for shitposting elsewhere should be taken seriously, since that thread would exist
literally what 4chan did with bronies to massive success; surely even our shittiet lava-rock retard isn't as bad as a bronie

No. 78162

Yeah, if the posters want that specific of niche posting, for things that boarder on anything else, they need to just keep it in that thread.

No. 78163

Completely agree, absolutely

No. 78164

The dumbass shit threads changed over time. At first it was just an irreverent thread to post things that weren't that serious and didn't fit anywhere else on /ot/. It was never intended as a trannycord chat alternative which is what it became.

No. 78165

trannies are a separate issue, all males should be banned on sight; but, playing devil's advocate, if you wanna sort of count them as dumbass shit thread posters, then they're definitely some of the ones sharting up /ot/ and /g/ now

No. 78166

/ot/fags dont even know what that is

No. 78167

they do, they crop up in the community and trans threads consistently

No. 78168

then use /sty/ like all the retarded moids used to

No. 78169

one quarantine thread would be easier for a short-staffed site to manage than a full board

No. 78170

>they crop up in the [radfem sperg threads that all started on /ot/ and were moved to /snow/ to filter the some of the /ot/fags shitting them up the hardest] constantly
kek of course, how could I forget? oh, probably because I keep them hidden due to all the autism

No. 78171

These people are too dumb to use a hidden board.

No. 78172

the point of /sty/ was that it wasn't managed, it was a dz. only gore and cp got banned.

No. 78173

my bad, you you didn't tell me the minimum number of examples required, let me rattle you off the full list
>#1: no

true but they would still have to hire a new janny to monitor for exactly that

No. 78174

no they wouldn't, idiot. it's so fucking annoying the way you people have no clue how this site works, what it was made for, or anything besides making the same unfunny joke everyday and flinging shit at eachother on /ot/ and then you still have the audacity to act like you always know what's best. your thread's not coming back and fingers crossed it's only the first of many to go, dilate about it.

No. 78175

they literally need at least one janny per board

No. 78176

you're so fucking stupid. jannies can be given privs to mod multiple boards and mods and admin(s) can mod every board, fellate one of them for a confirmation of that because I will not be spoonfeeding any more basic info to /ot/only speds.

No. 78177

let me rephrase; if you want your site to not drown, you need to have at least as many staff members as boards

No. 78178

>We want to be retarded!!
Like do you read the shit you type before you hit post? No wonder that thread is gone if it was just retarded posts 24/7.

No. 78179

>women try to run an imageboard
>shitposting is banned
Nice job ladies, really beating the “women can’t take a joke” allegations

No. 78180

you would know, right? you would know how many staff members there are and what lolcow looks like when it's not drowning like it's ever been in that state let alone in the past 5 years. sounds like you know everything about this site you had no idea how moderation worked on until a few minutes ago and still don't fully grasp. your backseat adminning is so on point!

No. 78181

I was a janny for two years, you furious sperg lol

No. 78183

I was a mod for 4 and we all used to make fun of you in our private chat btw everyone treated interacting with jannies like having to do volunteer work with special needs kids

No. 78184

yes, I remember how good you all were at communicating

No. 78185

Yeah, that's my main issue with it. I don't really know much about the whole pro/anti-ship thing beyond the fact that everyone involved is either in high school or a creepy "fandom mom" type. The topic is a minefield of underage proto-cows and I worry it can only end badly.

No. 78186

Shitposting is banned on most image boards newfag.

No. 78187

No the fuck it isn’t newfag, you clearly haven’t been on any imageboards

No. 78188

And you’re still here and not a janny so nobody gives a fuck about your wack ass “credentials” kek.

No. 78189

No one cares tranny

No. 78190

>on the homepage
who looks at the homepage

No. 78191

File: 1717276408256.png (306.65 KB, 1586x1134, rules.png)

Here's a random selection of image board rules pages. All of them ban shitposting.

No. 78192

4chan's specifically says outside of /b/, so within that one board it's allowed

No. 78193

and our /ot/ used to be called /b/ years and years ago and we changed the name specifically because admin didn't want it to emulate the culture of /b/

No. 78194

If you want to use a board like /b/ just go on /b/ and see how you like it.
No sense in replying to the shit spergs they're just baiting for the sake of baiting.

No. 78195

this website is not 4chan, same reason why this idiot >>78040 got banned

No. 78196

File: 1717277506206.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 1392553320199.gif)

>comparing dumbass shit posters with /b/tards

No. 78197

At least /b/tards don't whine about getting banned every hour of every day

No. 78199

Is this some kind of weird rp

No. 78200

I'm having a hard time not reading this as DarksydePhil

No. 78201

Why can I call another anon a fag but I can't call some inanimate aliexpress garbage chinkshit.(same retarded bait)

No. 78202

fujos are seething about the Proship Cows thread and frequently posting-off topic posts on it

No. 78203

Unironically that thread should be moved to /2X/ or deleted just for the fact that pro/anti ship retardism is a breeding ground for underage cow posting and will attract underage newfags.

No. 78204

see what I mean, that thread has nothing to do with a /2X/ topic

No. 78205

You're right, it should be in /sty/ instead. I said /2X/ because a lot of the comments make it seem less like a cow thread and more like an anti-porn thread specifically for fandom.

No. 78206

why are you so personally upset by people being disgusted with retards who draw child rape erotica?

No. 78207

No worries. Without the context I understand this would seem pretty weird

No. 78208

I'm not upset? I just think the thread is a bad idea. It will end up with cowtipping and vendetta posting, mark my words.

No. 78209

I agree with you, /sty/ really should be soft-revived to contain shit threads like fandom, dumbass shit, unpopular opinions, etc. Most of the twitterfags in fandom thread will get filtered by having to navigate to a hidden board the same way "BRING BACK THE PINKPILL THREAD" sperg is filtered by having to go to /2x/.

No. 78210

Testing to see if MOC is a redtext like WOC. If it isn't, then it should be.

No. 78211

Maybe this could be a compromise? I'm pro-dumbass shit and I'd be okay with this.

No. 78212

File: 1717288885785.png (40.95 KB, 863x213, 1000027954.png)

Posts like >>>/w/327570 are just pointless WKing or shitty derail and add nothing to the thread. No one was attacking gluten-free people, no one cares about your opinion on carbs.

No. 78214

>dumbas shit in /sty/
This isn't a great idea though because it would just be shit posting. I think anons forget dumbass shit isn't for shitposting and that the actual shit posting thread also got automated (or locked? Can't remember). It doesn't fix the problem that there's still no thread for anons who want to post things that don't fit in any other thread
In fact, the dumbass shit thread before it was locked basically was filled with shit posting and infights. Idk about anyone else but it honestly made it unpleasant to use for me. But those anons just kept getting banned and then coming back.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but this whole fiasco is just the staff showing that they cannot properly moderate (likely due to not having effective tools because of how old our site is), so they just autosage the thread and blame it on a few overzealous and annoying users who kept evading bans.

No. 78215

Samefag bit sorry for how discombobulated and poorly grammared this post is anons. I'm not ESL, just passionate and also just woke up from a nap.

No. 78216

the scrote in the oldweb thread is back, I assume it's the same one from earlier ban evading >>>/ot/2030965

No. 78217

Came here to report the same thing lmao

No. 78218

I have a feeling he is going to camp out in that thread and keep attentionwhoring/shitting it up, farmhands should just delete his posts after banning him instead of leaving them up with redtext

No. 78219

kek now that he’s banned from nc of course he resorts to attentionwhoring on lolcow

No. 78220

Kek but nitpicking her food and tinfoiling she doesn't even eat what she posts isn't? Either food discussion is okay or not at all. Also no, you don't need bread and pasta lol You can get carbs elsewhere and not be an anachan. The infighting calling an anon an anachan for that take isn't helping either.

No. 78221

File: 1717304477223.jpg (87.33 KB, 801x928, 5623853849677.jpg)

Literally where??? None of the negative posts in the thread are defending the cows, they're just giving reasons for why they dislike the concept of the thread, and they were overruled by a farmhand anyway. Why the hell do some anons have to steer literally every disagreement into sperging about fujos?

No. 78223

How does this happen once a week for years

No. 78225

Beastiality tinfoiler has resurfaced in Steph's thread. Sigh

The most recent pics of Tay show that she's underweight (her arms are literally just bones at this point) and yet she's obsessed with weight loss/diet podcasts… that's ana-chan behavior and it's not nitpicking to discuss it

No. 78226

I wish I knew. I'm exhausted by it. I was really hoping the fujo debate quarantine thread would help people get this infight out of their systems, but it didn't.

No. 78227

that's multiple anons, not everyone who disagrees with you is one "sperg".

No. 78228

are you ban evading? Whatever, I don't see any infighting. I think reacting to a complaint by saying "but all these other things are fine with you?!" is a glaring logical fallacy, I can have an issue with shitty non-con attempts to infight or derail or shut down discussion, that doesn't mean I condone other topics that sometimes veer into shittiness. Get some sleep.

No. 78229

this fujos thing will be the death of lolcow. whether its lonely women with too much time on their hands, faggots with an identity crisis or tims, its annoying as fuck to constantly hear about them

No. 78230

Probably all 3, fujos make the radfems and tradthots here seethe just as much as moids if not way more because by merely existing they shit all over their shared belief that pure and innocent women uwu are unable to enjoy sexual or degenerate content unless it's to impress a man and in that case they're just pretending. This is yet another issue caused by letting the political discussion get completely out of control here.

Husbandofags hate them too because they're autists who can't stand seeing their fake boyfriends with anyone who isn't them, but I doubt they make up more than a fraction of the fujosperging. The ones who hate them for political reasons are obsessive about it, they hate them more than moids and fight 24/7 to convince them to drop it so they'll stop 'making women look bad.'

No. 78231

>fujos make the radfems and tradthots here seethe
You're retarded as fuck and I'm saying this as a half-assed fujo. You're probably just seething about anons dunking on shota garbage.

No. 78232

NTA but she's kind of right. Early lolcow radfems that were here around 2018-2020 were extra based and knew that consuming "bad" drawn content (fyi not talking about drawn pedophilia here) wasn't immoral and unpure, but ever since they left we got hit with a wave of very young radfems from radtwt and similar spaces that have been affected by online purity culture way more than these previous radfems that were more imageboard frequenters than they were twitter users, and therefore had more of a dead dove approach to fiction. It's not weird that these fujo vs anti-fujo discussions became so commonplace as these women slowly stopped using lc as much. Also I'm completely generalizing and talking about the zeitgeist more than how each and every farmer acted, of course both types are still present today but something in the culture shifted.

No. 78234

Lol did you honestly think the anti fujo spergs were all random moids and troons coming out of the woodwork? See >>77810 it's other women, always has been. The rise in fujohate directly correlates with the rise in political autism. All those radfems and tradthots you see going to war over prostitutes, abortion, boobs, race, and moids all day? They have a lot to say about fujos too and none of it's good, one of the few things the two groups agree on. Sorry you didn't get the memo.

I don't like shota and I most definitely won't waste my time fighting over it let alone watching others do so. Haven't even seen the thread where it's taking place this time yet.

No. 78235

This micky moon vendetta user is linking their Google doc that they keep spamming in thread, to other sites, then taking a photo of their account to share it. This cow doesn't have any traction outside of lolcow and we know there's a vendettasperg who had been trying super hard to make this 5 month milk stay relevant. >>>/w/327593

If they can't stop self posting, we might need to autosage. They post unsaged a lot.

No. 78236

For what it's worth, the people posting that discord screenshot aren't that specific vendettafag because it's the oldweb /ot/ thread anons. She actually had a website running on neocities.

No. 78237

>fujos make the radfems and tradthots here seethe just as much as moids if not way more because by merely existing they shit all over their shared belief that pure and innocent women uwu are unable to enjoy sexual or degenerate content

you’re right and you should say it even louder. this is why de/g/ens are targeted the most, unabashed gross female sexuality is seen as grody and icky by the normie women who use this website. it’s amusing seeing two of these groups clash but they call anything that goes against “my pads, period and Nigel!” as scroteposting

No. 78238

Discord has nothing to do with my post.

No. 78240

I don't think there's any demonstrable difference between the "early" radfems and the ones we have now. Both groups are equally annoying about trannies and moids, although maybe the newfags are slightly more annoying because they have a tendency to scrotefoil.
Solidly agreed with this post. I don't even know why they bother using an imageboard if all they're going to do is moralfag over ~degeneracy~. That's one thing I miss about the old farms—these sorts of users would have been told to STFU or ignored.

No. 78241

This. I've been here for almost a decade now. The users weren't as hellbent on the trannfoiling we have right now and the scrotefoiling only happened because we've gained since COVID a bunch of users who have fun on the site messing with the mods, fucking with threads, and who are actual women. We've gained a lot of radfems who think we are predominantly a radfem website, which we aren't. We are moreso a cow and men hating website first and foremost. When PULL closed, we got a lot of unhinged users who never had to be moderated for their unruly posting etiquette because there wasn't much moderation on PULL. I'm pretty sure the farmhands and admin can see all this.

No. 78242

TBH I'm not sure how much PULL users contributed to the garbage posting. Most of them didn't really like how aggressive the farms were by comparison to their own website. They would've been grade A moralfags for sure, though. Everything else is pretty spot on, and I am going to say that the situation isn't remedied by the fact that a lot of the jannies are newfags themselves, and if you point it out they'll ban you even though it is obvious to anyone whose been here before 2018.

No. 78244

nta - I think the difference is entirely in the numbers. the old ones are also at fault because they were the ones who kept shilling lc as this freeze peach sanctuary for gc women. it's thanks to them that we have anons who will not hesitate derail the most innocent thread with sperging about moids, troons, fujos, you name it because that's the website they were sold. the new ones don't know that it didn't used to be this way and when you tell them they say it's probably because only moids and icky 4chin pickmes used the site at first and only a troon would think this change wasn't for the best.

No. 78245

>I-it's totally not moids, trannys and pakichan, it has always been other women
Ok schizo kek. Before the bunker days literally no one gave a shit about fujo nonnas and that isn't because of the shift of zoomies invading us but because the infighters (like the moid in the bunkerdays) who didn't get banned enough in the initial derailments, so they started to feel at home.

No. 78246

I didn't say a lot of users, but there are PULL users from the old threads that I visited before settling for lolcow because we have more structure here and actual moderation. PULL, not so much. That's why there's been so much vendetta posting, why we've had to close threads on cow boards, why admin has mentioned several times that these aren't male users, but women with trad thoughts. Also explains a lot of misogyny posts the past 4 years.

No. 78247

>radfems are annoying about trannies and moids
Way to show your ass

No. 78248

I'm schizo but you think every single antifujo post on a board full of radfems and tradthots is either an imaginary moid or pakichan, despite evidence proving otherwise? Kek the other oldfags seem to agree with me so I'm not going bother to arguing with an aggressive newfag. If by "bunker days" you mean that christmas when shaymin fucked up the site, that was recent and these problems we're discussing had already started getting bad in 2018 - 2019.

No. 78249

Nta but they spill and bring this into other threads, here is a very quick example that's recent >>>/pt/934649 Venus thread, anons claim poster is a tranny when the take doesn't even suggest that. It's unhinged. These users calling others moids and trannies are doing this everywhere and when it's not even applicable because they want to infight and think it's fun. They think aligning with we hate trannies is a way to skirt around the moderation, but when they are held accountable for derailing, suddenly the farmhands love trannies and one of them is a tranny.

No. 78250

Lmao at the retards in the bechdel test thread who literally cannot discuss anything that does not have a penis. It's no secret that they want it to be a covert dumbass shit thread, and I don't really care either way (I never used dumbass shit) but really how hard is it not to sabotage the thread you are trying to use as a substitute?

No. 78251

I've seen some of them come to meta and use the excuse that they need dumbass shit back because they can't control themselves and it's the farmhands fault for doing this. Honestly, I don't want it back for this reason now. I suggested a spam thread yesterday which got a lot of anons agreeing with it. I was hoping a mod would see it and consider it when it wasn't thrown around aggressively and with demand, but when they act like this and do it knowingly, it's so annoying.

No. 78252

>>78246 (NTA)
>admin has mentioned several times that these aren't male users, but women with trad thoughts
And that's not what anons like the angry newfriend here today want to hear so the scrotefoiling and pickme accusations continue on in the face of all the evidence that it really is other (t)radfems doing this kek. The irony of treating women like a hivemind never dawns on them.

No. 78254

I've been here since 2017 and I think you're absolutely right. The old fags who originally came here from cgl were not this puritanical. And more to the point, people should be hiding threads for shit they dislike instead of browbeating people who do enjoy it as a means of eradicating the thing entirely. It's very childish to think, "Well I disapprove of yaoi, therefore no one should be allowed to enjoy it." Ffs they're just drawings, this is the least important thing on Earth and anons treat it like it's the source of all human misery.

No. 78255

some attention whore scrote is lose in /ot/

No. 78256

"Tinfoiling"?? The linked article literally has proof of everything I said?

No. 78257

Sorry if this is a retarded question farmhands or other anons that know, but what really constitutes doxxing? If you can find some business information on a public website made up of public records and it lists an address, is it doxxing if you post it even though it's on a website that just compiles data that's meant for the public anyway? I always thought doxxing was posting an address that hasn't been made public, i.e., it's private information that wasn't shared with the public or government. Sorry for the retarded question, but I posted something that was redacted because it showed information but I thought it was public, I just want to make sure so I can avoid doing it in the future because I know it's a faux pas.

No. 78258

or he graduated when he was 22 years old not 24 and he's the age they've always said he is (born in 1977). it's only 2 years different from what you said. I googled casually and HKUST business school has a 4 year degree. are we missing something here?

No. 78259

I mean most people's doxs are freely available online, hence why doxxing on its own isn't technically illegal (in the United States). It doesn't mecessarily have to be private info for it to count as a dox. Any personal information like phone numbers, home addresses, e-mails, etc. are prohibited from being posted here, however.

No. 78260

that wouldn't constitute doxxing but farmhands and admin are braindead zoomers who aren't capable of critical thinking or fact checking.

No. 78261

>Any personal information like phone numbers, home addresses, e-mails, etc. are prohibited from being posted here, however.
this is entirely untrue.

No. 78262

File: 1717372378742.jpeg (72.1 KB, 1061x184, h6RteYK.jpeg)

Huh? It's right here in the rules, friend. An exception is made for when the cow posts the information on their own, but that doesn't count as doxxing in that case.

No. 78263