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File: 1676243318676.png (599.6 KB, 582x608, Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 3.51…)

No. 281505

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer aka Jillian E. Valentine) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays until she was kicked out for photoshopping her pics and lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey), causing her to get kicked out/leave the community.

Moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. During this period she claimed to have a mystery degenerative illness characterized by periods of blindness, and tried to legitimize this by falsely claiming multiple family pets as "service dogs." She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer, and added archery and horse riding to her laundry list of talents.

After Frozen 2 came out, she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer (Elsa Frozen) on social media and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She was determined to be seen as a cutesy Disney princess, and as a result once again changed her personality to match. She became a complete scandiboo, claiming that she was a practicing Norse pagan (despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon) and hinting that her Guatemalan father may not be her real dad. She made frequent reference to being unable to feel cold, and to experiencing illness due to the heat in the summer. During this period she acquired a prop gecko as a pet (it was only briefly showcased on her socials) and a white horse with blue eyes which she named Nanok.

Next came a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon) and claimed she was related— never proven.

This skinwalk gained little traction, and she briefly shifted her focus instead to full-time 'equestrian,' giving us such gems as: the time she bought a stallion straight off the racetrack >>>/w/122283, the time she burned the shit out of her scalp with horse shampoo >>>/w/148779, the time she roleplayed as her gelding on facebook >>>/w/147967, the time she decided to become a breeder >>>/w/146287, the time she started larping as a horse trainer (too many examples to include). A kind anon created a timeline of horses for us: >>>/w/185948. These horses are universally neglected. On more than one occasion she has used a horse's illness or injury to e-beg, creating Amazon wishlists for their care which include items like potato chips and makeup.

Most recently, Stef has become fixated on Resident Evil. This began with an obsession over Daniela Dimitrescu (RE Village), but quickly pivoted to a focus on Jill Valentine, where she lied about getting into a YALE S.T.A.R.S. program with a research paper about prion disease in wolves.

She also claimed to be in school for criminology, but quickly forgot this lie in favour of bragging about her job in "public safety," stating first that she was working 16hr shifts, then 12hr shifts in swift succession. Anons speculated about what this job might actually be, with theories ranging from school crossing guard to mall security to the entire job being a fabrication. The plot thickened when she posted instagram stories wearing an actual security uniform, and anons quickly figured out that she was, in fact, a conceirge at a questionable Toronto condo.

Stef has now gone from being known as Ellie to claiming that her actual name is Jillian E. Valentine, but then allowed people in her circle to call her Ellie and dropped the lie. She has a new girlfriend, an obvious downgrade from the last, but this new girlfriend “countess” is just as much of a cow as Stef, so they’re perfect for each other.

New Milk:

>often talked about her concierge job like she was an office, including "on patrol with her partner" >>213037

>officially moved out, signing a lease >>213672 anons predicted she'd be back in two months, in reality took 6 (May to November) months, still close
>anons also realize she brought two of her large dogs into a tiny apartment >>215744 >>221564 then three >>242824
>cracks show in her new VA career >>216947
>the endless amazon wishlist grift >>217137
>injured animal number 1 billion >>218964
>NSFW voice memos were offered by Stef, sadly no anon was brave enough >>219155
>the day we were introduced to the concept of countess, whale GF, the day of reckoning >>223330
>"why are you so cringe mother pls feed me" >>227538
>still unsure if Stef is really a lesbian when she looks ready to vomit as she kisses whale gf >>228968
>beached whale call the authorities >>229223
>kitten was introduced that anons feared for the safety of in a house with two untrained dogs >>232575
>Jill has a fat identity crisis like clockwork >>239166
>nightwear photoshoot with whale gf >>239413
>new dog that eventually disappeared >>241736
>already can't afford to live in her place >>243152
>insists she dreams as a wolf ft. gross "romantic" details from whale gf >>245064 also confirmation they live together
>so close to full furry >>249558
>new face gingersnaps >>251686
>she literally lost an entire horse >>251937
>countess moves out cause Jill doesn't have a real job and the whale refuses to work >>254307
>I hAvE nAtUrAl FaNgS >>256285
>toxic Jill can't keep friends >>257756
>anon comes in and outs the server mods not doing anything about farmers being the bulk of discord server members kek >>258177
>says her family is homophobic and abusive and doesn't wanna move back >>261038
>elsa larp lizard dies again >>269861
>all of Stef's VA work gets shut down by capcom and she doesn't say a word >>273575
>abandons her own server cause no one gives a shit about her >>275100
>full kek >>275726
>another future skin walk >>275986
>another fucking dog just stop Jill >>279661
>what little funds she had were "stolen" anons don't buy it >>281176

Miscellaneous Stef trivia:

> Faked a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Scammed cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Has continually insisted on calling herself an actress/voice actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claimed her parents put her into a study under an abusive doctor where she was forced to pop balloons with her mind
> Adopted a massive dog (Nymeria, another "service dog") who requires constant supervision when not crated– claims to work 12 hours a day and is preparing to move into a small apartment
> Pretended to be adopting a failed cadaver dog, a doberman named Zombie– turned out to actually be a future dam (with no cadaver training) for a sketchy breeder
> Loves to claim her various horses are on the edge of death, bravely announcing that she will euthanize them if she must
> In this vein, she told the internet that her horse Finn had been attacked by a person with a 2x4, when his injury was clearly caused by a kick from one of his pasturemates– she allowed this injury to develop necrosis before it was even noticed
> still isn't blind from her progressive illness

Previous threads (newest to oldest):
7. >>>/w/210936
6. >>>/w/145212
5. >>>/w/118444
4. >>>/w/88419
3. >>>/w/3085
2. >>>/snow/610007
1. >>>/snow/559585

Stefany's links:
https://www.facebook.com/Scavenger.Scum.Rey (old)
https://www.instagram.com/preferablyellie/ (old)
https://www.instagram.com/somethingvalentine/ (current Insta)
https://www.instagram.com/wulver.photography/ (photography insta)
https://twitter.com/LesbianLycan (current twitter)

No. 281507

File: 1676243419888.jpeg (684.19 KB, 1179x1666, 39E607A5-9E41-47B4-9525-8FA676…)

Imo this'll be her last thread she's really slowed down but here's hoping
Made this cause it's my off day enjoy Stef finally realizing she needs other people to ride her horses

No. 281529

Leasing is a pretty good passive grift for her. Someone pays her ~$800 a month to keep her horse in shape, train him, ride him in a local show circuit and get a few wins under his belt so that she can charge even more. She’s a horse landlord.

No. 281532

Kek except we know she isn't doing any of this and her parents are
Stef can't be trusted to board right remember when she lost track of her horse that way? It's link in past milk

No. 281534

File: 1676251646706.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, E007EEFC-357A-46EE-AA48-39EAAE…)

He’s being ridden in the central zone OCEA collegiate show circuit and Stef was there snapping pics at RCRA Ontario. Wonder if she feels insecure being around real college students and real equestrians.

No. 281539

Love to think of Stef feeling insecure considering how many fake studies she claimed
Love to see Nanok thriving even more

No. 281540

File: 1676253492064.jpeg (211.36 KB, 828x1423, 62129C9A-B561-4264-BE02-9FC3E3…)

KEK she really told this college her name is Jill Valentine

No. 281542

What the actual fuck surely she meant it as some sort of pseudonym I know she didn't but still the college actually took it seriously

No. 281544

File: 1676254933057.jpeg (75.72 KB, 594x828, E03F2329-B5DC-48FD-9E44-9BB5F0…)

Spotted in the wild on @brockequestrian stories wearing her rent-a-cop jacket? At least it’s not the shadbelly

No. 281546

That doesn't look like her old uniform at least not the logo
Definitely not RPD
Could she serious have another concierge job?

No. 281599


I just know she's wearing some kind of half-assed Jill cosplay. I feel like she must have some kind of job since she keeps acquiring animals, but who the fuck knows.
I know she's slowed down a lot and seems cautious about posting much, but she's forever my comfort cow and what she does share is always milky and bizarre. Like, the detail of giving her name as Jill Valentine in an official setting is just chef's kiss dumb.

No. 281621

File: 1676303939585.jpeg (363.98 KB, 828x1431, 5ED5A0E0-8E6C-4B62-94EB-D47E36…)

More Nanok with a Ryerson rider in the Novice division. Horsefag context things: in collegiate circuit everyone rides the horses of the school that’s hosting that week’s show. He’s classed Open (3’3” fences - highest class) and Novice (2’6”). All collegiate shows are equitation, so it’s judging how the rider did - not how the horse did. He was a donor for Ontario Tech who hosted yesterday’s show, but the season’s over for now. Next show is finals on March 25th and it’s at the same venue but it’s hosted by OCEA, so unless she volunteers him as a donor horse to OCEA his season is done for the year. It’s not a paid gig for Stef either way - their donor form says they can only afford to pay gas money.

It seems like everyone loved him though. He showed up a lot on people’s stories, probably because he’s enormous, flashy white, and has blue eyes and you don’t see or get to ride jumper horses that look like him often. Hope she keeps doing this tbh. He deserves to be seen and shown.

No. 281651

He is a beautiful horse but, is he deaf?

No. 281662

What about him makes you ask this?

No. 281663

Blue eyes like that + white fur tends to produce deaf animals.

No. 281664

That's for cats nonnie don't derail and have a nice day

No. 281775

I am eternally grateful for the horse anons ITT. Thank you for all the info! It's really nice to see Nanok looking good and getting a chance to show what he's capable of.

No. 281797

File: 1676386564822.jpeg (239.06 KB, 1179x628, 30D2984A-929B-4E2C-820D-380856…)

She posts about being insecure with her wait, trigging some ED and then says shit like this

No. 281798

Sprinkles? In fucking oatmeal?

No. 281801

File: 1676390955956.jpeg (183.66 KB, 828x369, AA95B52C-57D2-4255-8A9B-2D8089…)

Sprinkles are disgusting, they’re made out of wax and shellac and cornstarch and other nasty/inedible shit. The arrested development of it all, like a five year old who says “when I grow up I’ll have ice cream for breakfast every day!” Eat some fruit, dingus

No. 281815

File: 1676393433324.jpeg (274.13 KB, 1178x2083, 45F20BC0-9FF4-47CF-8618-00BD1B…)

Nonnies she actually did a DNA test and not a smidgen of wolf to be seen

No. 281816

File: 1676393506575.jpeg (307.05 KB, 1178x1742, C6206BD7-8467-49BD-AF0B-8C9FED…)

Bonus kek peek only 5 participants for her entire giveaway I remember when she used to have news articles written about her

No. 281822

not to defend her gross behavior but all of those things are edible.

No. 281849

File: 1676419017931.jpeg (342.95 KB, 828x971, 45F792AA-736E-4750-8207-937747…)

Kek she said she was there “coaching”

No. 281856

Kek what was she shouting like a Karen from the concrete bleacher? The students know more than she ever could

No. 281877

File: 1676434599957.jpeg (453.88 KB, 1178x2060, F9F49582-3EAB-4D8A-9FA0-0F555D…)

Did she legit get into a Jill cosplay for Valentine's Day? I thought her and whale were long distance what's the point?
Also whose eyes are these cause they don't look like hers

No. 281897

I love how she pretends that normally she's the one riding Nanok. "so nice to sit back and actually watch him" lmao

No. 281898

is anything on that face hers?

No. 281905

Such a smart move to go for the outfit that has bulky shoulderpads as an already big woman, even the shirt looks like a pyjama and the neckline just eats her up

No. 281923

Kek I don't think we've seen this nose before

No. 282008

The fat.(sage your shit)

No. 282033

It‘s an Instagram filter, makes the nose look a bit smaller with shadow contouring and gives clearer skin, reducing appearance of scars & acne(sage your shit)

No. 282381

File: 1676747063026.jpeg (349.99 KB, 1179x1078, 25BB9A9F-1EE5-417E-944D-3D1FD7…)

Since when did this bitch smoke?

No. 282382

>Terrified of failure.
kek, you'd think she'd get over her fear after failing at everything she tries

No. 282385

It's such a pity larp to say it out loud like everyone is scared of failure but she probably thinks she's kinning Elsa or Arya to say it like it's main character syndrome

No. 282389

A cursory Google search tells me Jill Valentine smokes in the RE movies, although apparently she is never shown to in-game. Could be that. Either way, Stef is probably LARPing by saying that.

No. 282395

Infuriating she's going off the shit tier movies when chris is the one that smokes in game yet she always simps for game jill this bitch really thinks being a cop and smoking is cool kek

No. 282476

Maybe she means weed. She does live in Canada.

No. 282489

Idk about you nonnie but every person I've ever known to smoke weed doesn't shut up about smoking weed especially with how much Stef cries about her self worth you think she'd mention "self medicating"

No. 282625

I'm just happy Nanok is getting regular hoof care now. and regular care and attention in general.

No. 282666

No milk it's just always funny to see how far she's fallen in her relevance
Almost two whole days since this was posted and just 1 like kek

No. 282689

File: 1676872763601.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.45 KB, 1284x730, A8522BAB-11C9-4A92-957C-208BDD…)

Bringing back an old topic from a few threads ago with some (possibly?) new milk. Is this the first time she mentioned PCOS? Do we think that’s the mystery illness she’s referred to in the past?

No. 282690

Unless PCOS is progressive and causes blindness, then I'd say not kek but she did call herself a "spoonie" a thread back so I'm surprised she hasn't tried to get pity points for this sooner if it is real

No. 282699

There are studies linking PCOS with vision problems but to say it causes blindness would be an exaggeration. It isn’t progressive but can cause other issues - PCOS has an effect on brain function.

No. 282745

Maybe it's part of the werewolf LARP. Excess hair growth and all that.

No. 282746

Kek anon dry eye does not equal legit vision problems and she never once toted brain function problems
I'm with this I think it's a new lie for the board a sympathy grifter would've used this years ago since PCOS is so relatively common and everyone just bends over backwards with pity for it

No. 282755

I think she has mentioned it in the past but only on FB and only as an excuse for being chubby. I vaguely remember a post about being a plus-size cosplayer. I'm certain it has nothing to do with her "mysterious illness"

No. 282766

Fake PCOS or not I agree with this, it is not the mysterious illness. Thats a different lie entirely

No. 282935

File: 1676994609692.jpeg (478.05 KB, 1178x1947, E8AF7C69-28C0-4FDE-B1FE-8F043A…)


No. 283178

File: 1677086043050.jpeg (411.54 KB, 1178x2071, 04BC7C34-9985-4E6F-807B-FAA095…)

How tf is this a suitable name tag for an untrained dog that's gonna run wild on a large property

No. 283258

how the hell is that a name tag? it just looks like she bought a weirdly shaped bead or pendant.

No. 283264

Kek it's a bird's skull probably fake since she said she painted it let's hope that dog gets chipped at the very least if this is the best Stef can do

No. 283277

A pointy nametag! what could go wrong stephy?

No. 283292

Small and narrow enough to swallow too

No. 283387

The dog has a real tag, she doxxed herself with it on her Twitter.

No. 283419

Lmao where i didn't see anything
Maybe she got smart real fast and deleted it

No. 283492

File: 1677292111559.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1444, F7FEC0C6-6E9B-4CCF-AFF3-AFEA13…)

It’s still up, it was the first pic she posted of the puppy and the tag on her collar very clearly has her phone number and home address. I censored it here.

No. 283498

Can confirm
Also weird that she still has stuff up with her ex on twit. It's 2023 and people can be secure I guess but it's not like Stef to fail to erase her past for a new skinwalk

No. 283778

File: 1677487763479.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 945.45 KB, 1164x1614, 71DCA2FC-6CA6-4D8A-A349-B66692…)

She reposted her gf having a dildo in her mouth. Wonder if they are thinking of getting into the OF scene?

No. 283795

God above I sincerely hope they are not
whale gf doesn't seem like the type neither of them ever indicated OF or any sort of SW that I've seen and why would they need to when their parents continue to pay for everything for them

No. 283796

File: 1677509128194.jpeg (758.7 KB, 1178x2076, F5E65972-5977-4E14-B475-9BCE1B…)

Stef seems like an out and proud furry finally good for her kek

No. 283880

File: 1677554868506.jpeg (137.39 KB, 640x808, EF7F9689-B11F-47FE-A6D0-20043E…)

>bark bark bark bark bark awooga bark bark woof
this is so fucking cringe stef what the hell.

>whale gf doesn't seem like the type
speaking of sexual content and furry shit (yuck, can't believe i even have to say that) i was actually lurking the other day and found countess' nsfw art account which is linked from countess' main twitter. this is a tweet from october last year and mentions her gf - so clearly stef is a furry. saged for expired milk

No. 283882

File: 1677555975580.jpeg (164.38 KB, 1179x373, C88D4215-A663-46A3-A51E-DA60D5…)

I wish you hadn't told us that cause I had to check and see if you were right and while I'm all for open sexuality for women I really didn't want to read 10+ tweets about whale gf's addiction to bad dragon

No. 283884

File: 1677557397454.jpeg (240.47 KB, 640x553, 21B3A80C-9B7D-4D90-A4AB-3FC763…)

also countess' cover pic reads "why are we not having sex right now?" at the very least countess hasn't been afraid to show off her sexual interests for a while. not to mention their weird ass discord puppy play larp from >>245064 i think. i don't believe that automatically means they want to go into the of scene but who knows. i don't even think stef will, she's too insecure about her body. but i could be proven wrong

i'm so sorry nonnie. yeah, that account is… a lot

No. 283913

With how countess takes all her photos to hide her true size, I doubt she'd go OF either. This girl is just horny kek

No. 283926

File: 1677611232302.jpeg (627.19 KB, 1178x2090, 28F88292-A4C0-44F7-8661-B0485A…)

Stef expects us to believe she has 2 jobs when it's damn well known she barely has 1

No. 283947

File: 1677627167509.jpeg (26.97 KB, 500x375, 15A2BA43-45FB-4119-A7C1-A4CE61…)

>suddenly has a 2nd job
>allowed to bring dog?
>her and countess posting more explicit stuff lately
>showing off BD animal-dildos
>more out and proud furry-posting
>anons speculate OF saga
>2nd job
>allowed to bring a dog
>a male dog

nonnas… you don’t think…?

No. 283950

Funny white women fuck dogs joke haha you're so funny anon!

No. 283952

i'm somehow just still stunned that all this ridiculous milk and dumb larps from her over the years led her to become a furry.

No. 283954

Kek nonna you may be onto something
Literally did not see it coming either mostly because I thought she'd be those horse furries or whatever they're called her wolf shit is a callback to the good old Arya days I guess

No. 283993

The puppy is female, anon. Also, you're disgusting.

No. 284109

She has commissioned, owned, and sold entire fursuits and accessories without ever posting pics wearing them or seemingly being involved in the furry community at all. She has posted her digital furry art, the same few pieces over and over, trying to sell commissions. This all on furry buy, trade, sell Facebook groups.

The furry arc has been ongoing behind the scenes. She has had a fullsuit of an ugly green musk deer, a Norwegian Elkhound dog fursona during the Elsa larp, looking to commission a coyote partial set while money begging for Finn's vet bills. Guess Countess is into it, so now Stef is opening up about it? I always found it so weird how she bought furry crap but never got involved in that fandom on any of her social media except buy and sell Facebook groups.

No. 284116

See >>283796 she's been a little more open about the furry shit lately maybe she's trying to make it her next brand

No. 284154

nayrt but also >>283880. since countess and stef were together around that time it's safe to say we know who made that gross request.

No. 284156

i'm starting to wonder that if her parents genuinely aren't being supportive of her like she liked to claim a while back (saying they were "homophobic" that fellow nonnas didn't believe), that this is what they didn't like her doing. i feel any parent with any scrap of common sense would be ashamed of their child being a furry, especially so openly now

No. 284170

I kinda see your train of thought, but there's no way it could be to the extent she's claiming. She's had fur suits on and off over the years so there's no way her parents haven't been well aware in the past
Plus, she has siblings. She's not the only kid in existence in that family. It could very well be her siblings that are "hateful" towards her rather than her parents

No. 284173

it's also really easy to say it's just another costume or prop or puppet. Her dad is ESL and her mom has zero internet presence. I looked… nothing. Maybe a FB but locked down and barely used if that even is hers. Her dad's social media is all about work, his family in the DR, animals, and quotes about Jesus.

Neither of them know what a furry is or what it implies. They probably just think it's another theater thing - my mom would.

No. 284183

Oh crap, I didn't see all those posts. Stef's thread glitches out on mobile for me, idk why. That suit head is her Norwegian Elkhound fursona. So yeah, Countess is a furry and Stef is letting it all hang out now, geez, jumping striaght into the porn part. Also, lol is she resurrecting her figure skating ice queen larp for her fursona?

>>284156 I could see this a 'sex work' type issue maybe, what with Countess posting NSFW art and dildo pics publically. Maybe Stef knows they won't accept that shit or accept Countess because of it.

No. 284202

what you all said does make more sense, i feel like. there's also the possibility she was just straight up lying for sympathy as well, but i was curious to see if anyone else thought about the furry theory. maybe it is the lewd stuff like >>284183 said, if in the case they do know about what countess is posting online. i don't remember sydney openly posting about any sexual deviancy and i don't remember any mention of stef's family having problems with her.

and wow, i don't think i ever realized she had siblings. probably since she doesn't ever seem to talk about or interact with them.

No. 284207

I thought she just has one younger brother - are there more? She and her brother look alike in body shape.

No. 284223

File: 1677796116656.jpeg (397.31 KB, 1179x2053, 8F2BA5D2-5B43-4294-8648-4F7175…)

She broke her damn nose for this filter

No. 284226

if you reply to the poll, please pick more interesting characters, so bored of RE

do not cowtip obv. but it's clear some anons follow her

No. 284228

imagine nominating the past skinwalks she refuses to do anymore kek. would she block someone for that?

No. 284231

I'm sorry did she get on all fucking fours to take this photo? All for minimal cleavage?

No. 284236

File: 1677808414851.png (1.04 MB, 823x841, 9F0A73C2-E035-4132-945B-0EC64E…)

She should skinwalk Aloy/Beta next. “Naturally auburn hair,” “buck teeth,” “archery,” check check check.

No. 284245

File: 1677812648753.jpeg (398.67 KB, 1178x2343, 4E871DE7-383D-4CB0-B2ED-27C9A6…)

She got suggestions most people apparently said Jill and Daniella I was surprised to see her acknowledge Arya and kek peep the retard bottom right talking about not Stef

No. 284246

File: 1677812671111.jpeg (392.26 KB, 1179x2408, F43E3099-05CE-46BB-A456-155765…)

No. 284248

i find it interesting how two of the answers, one being from gagamina herself, say jill, daniela, and jade in that exact order. any fellow nonnies thinking she asked or persuaded her closest friends to say that as an answer? that jade west skinwalk was so brief too (thank god.)

No. 284253

Good catch nonna I don't think she outright told them to do that but it's def weird considering how jade west had the second easiest lie to call out with her being related to jade (first easiest lie being progressive blindness)

No. 284295

File: 1677858721812.jpeg (305.92 KB, 1178x2109, 50E66EB4-9FDB-4089-AF2B-235E6B…)

>how could no one mention the super niche failure of a skinwalk I attempted for like two weeks b4 realizing no one gives a shot

No. 284341

kek stef why? ginger isn't even as popular of a character compared to anyone else listed

No. 284348

this is so incredibly pathetic. begging her followers to validate her lack of personal identity and coerce her delusion.

No. 284388

She begs for attention like this like clockwork she's always asking about who she is to them even regarding furry shit
Honestly she wouldn't be such a cow if she weren't so unreliable/shitty as well she shouldn't have ran that damn contest cause I've heard people haven't gotten their special prizes yet

No. 284423

File: 1677975103915.jpeg (541.91 KB, 1177x2326, C57E31C1-E532-4DF6-AA46-79B441…)

Wtf this isn't even trying to be cute like most furry shit this is straight up taxidermy watch her skinwalk chief irons next

No. 284523

File: 1678068761035.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20230306-101144.png)

She's killing another horse…

No. 284527

File: 1678070884606.jpeg (105.2 KB, 1179x273, CAE881C5-755F-441C-AC5F-44D1AF…)

Literally posted right after she doesn't give a damn about these poor animals

No. 284536

It's so alarming and creepy how they all end up "mysteriously" injured and neglected to the point of infection. She should not be allowed to own animals of any kind, especially with the sexual furry shit in the mix now too.

No. 284537

Honestly I'd like to say i don't think she'd hurt the animals, but it's weird that we're hearing about injuries only once she's back home. I wish there was someone equally active on social media in her family so we could see if it's only happening when she's around

No. 284539

In some causes she could just be lying for attention/sympathy/money. Finn's facial injury was obviously real, but there's not much proof with regards to this incident.
Honestly I'm hoping they're just lies and not active Munchausen by proxy.

No. 284547

>Ginger decided it was time to get a nasty leg infection
>Ginger decided
i know she's joking, but it really irks me how she doesn't see that her neglect is causes these animals harm.

i completely agree.

>Honestly I'd like to say i don't think she'd hurt the animals
i'm guessing you mean she wouldn't actively abuse them and in that case i can see what you mean, but her neglectfulness (and her priority being her attempts to gain online relevance instead of staying lowkey and focusing on properly taking the animals in her care) does still impact the quality of the life of her animals and it really pisses me off that she uses them in her stories or only gushes over them but doesn't appear to actually care about the inevitable aspect that they do need actual care and attention when deciding to keep them as pets instead of only using them for when she sees fit

No. 284553

Thing is, this thread actively eats her lies without meaning to because we know she's not the only person working with these horses. She was living in the city for months and the horses were fine. These animals aren't being completely neglected cause she's not the only person working the ranch or whatever her parents have. So since she literally cannot be the only person looking after the animals, why is it they're getting hurt when she's around? It's why, again, I wish we could see how common it was for the horses to be injured when she wasn't living there

No. 284576

File: 1678126404022.jpeg (395.52 KB, 1179x2556, BAB63575-FCBC-4FC3-B8CE-672A76…)

Hopefully Nanok ends up somewhere better

No. 284585

Poor Nanok, he's just been dumped at a leasing stable this whole time. She only cared about him for a few months.

No. 284589

i haven't been following this thread too closely but wtf, wheres her usually teary post talking about how she's being forced to give up the love of her life horse of w/e tf? where are her usual theatrics, i thought she loved nanok

No. 284591

Ngl I've gotten the feeling she's keeping those theatrics within her friend group she's toned herself down but I think she's probably still acting all dramatic to certain people

No. 284594

would kill to be in whatever fb groups she's in now. people like her don't stop, they find new ways to get the ego boosts and asspats

No. 284613

Seems like he was well looked after and shaped up accordingly while "dumped" so frankly it was obviously a better option for him. I'm extremely shocked she expressed no warmth for him or sadness to let him go, though.

No. 284636

She could be lying about the severity hoping to beg for money. Or her parents are 'throw them out in the field' absentee horse owners as well. After all, they were OK with Sted treating them that way. Though it does seem she hasnt been begging lately. Maybe Countess is bankrolling her, or Nanoks lease money.

>>284576 I saw this coming. Nanok is the only horse she is confirmed to own that is actually worth any money. Whatever happened to Sven? Personally I think he was a horse at the barn she's been boarding Nanok at and was never hers or her parents.

No. 284642

Countess doesn't ebeg like Stef but she does post her wishlists and shit and I'm pretty sure she didn't help with rent. I think countess is just as poor.

Also, not gonna say how I know this, but Stef is looking more towards dog training/"wolf" sanctuary shit rn. She's done with the horses from what it looks like

No. 284646

>dog training/"wolf" sanctuary
Does she… is she pretending she can train dogs? Does she have any aside from this new unnecessary puppy?

No. 284647

Who knows but I doubt she can train a dog to do shit. All she has is the new puppy that she imported and then her other dogs that she forgets about every time she gets a new one

No. 284667

This just proves animals are just accessories to her. She get them to match her current aesthetic. Nanok and her lizard for her Elsa phase, her rottweiler for the Jill phase and so on…

Bet she doesn't and bet she's convinced she's a dog whisperer and natural born wolf trainer. She's so delusional it's almost scary.

No. 284698


Good I hope she gets mauled.

No. 284719


No. 284720

sorry to a-log but FUCK this bitch for only giving a fuck about this horse for her ugly ass disney cosplay. i hope her next "heart horse uwuu" tramples the fuck out of her.

No. 284722

It was on her insta stories for a few days she had to fly out of country to get that puppy of hers

No. 284805

File: 1678280395578.jpg (4.47 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-03-08_20-59-42-920.…)

How convenient

No. 284826

No way she still lurks right?

No. 284863

Did she say where she had to go to get it? I wonder if she went all-out to source an actual wolf hybrid dog. It seems like after Nymeria's and Lobo's DNA tests came back with no wolf heritage, she lost interest in them quickly.
For someone obsessed with "saving" animals, she sure is unethical with how she obtains her dogs.

No. 284880

Kek you'd be right about her unethical nature for animals, she kept trying to get a Doberman from a shitty immoral breeder for her Jill bs
Pretty sure she just went down into the United States for the puppy she probably would've said if she'd had to leave the continent

No. 284916

File: 1678332221712.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2268x3072, 3FA35E30-2F7E-4668-BB5F-2DD8A4…)

Stef has to have a real job because there’s no way her parents are paying for self-serving larp commissions and a god damn fur suit (I will say I’m not sure about the fur suit pricing as the Etsy shop is temporarily closed but their website has the paws as the CHEAPEST option so I listed it as what she may have purchased)

No. 284917

File: 1678332483261.jpeg (180.51 KB, 1179x1181, 6E89F92C-9515-43CD-BFBD-11FBF2…)

Also peak Stef being a shitty girlfriend she didn't respond to or like this as far as I can tell kek

No. 284961

holy shit, I never considered this possibility (specifically sourcing a wolf hybrid). I think you might be right.

No. 285022

File: 1678387975714.png (27.58 KB, 542x256, Clipboard01.png)

went full autism mode for this one but I think this is what she ordered, the profile links to an account named Jillian Valentine. she posted the twitter reply the same day as the etsy order so it makes sense to me.

No. 285023

File: 1678388120508.png (175.37 KB, 922x2048, FT3YzD6XsAEHcqf.png)

samefag but this was posted to the artist's twitter around may last year, price of the base is in the upper left. sage for no real contribution but the convention she mentioned is next week, will be interesting to see if she finishes it. I have no knowledge of fursuit making but I can only imagine it's expensive and time consuming

No. 285066

File: 1678404775048.png (889.73 KB, 828x1792, A1F14BA8-7D63-4A47-86E5-E4D6EE…)

Tinfoil but she def did, she acted coy that both her GSD and bat-eared pink-nosed huskamute were wolf hybrids saying “there’s DEFINITELY wolf in them!” but when she got the puppy she started using more definitive/official words like wolfdog and mid content which she would’ve picked off a breeder listing. I might be autistic but this looks like the same puppy with the white chin, toes, chest spot, grayish eye spots and the DOB matches up, but I’m not so autistic I would ask if she’s still up for sale.

No. 285067

File: 1678404898723.jpeg (592.86 KB, 828x1348, C049ABBD-D501-4DE7-B971-3CA043…)

Samefag, I’m like 90% sure this is her puppy. She’s following this account. So she paid $2000 and flew to Kentucky for this dog.

No. 285068

File: 1678405212649.png (93.09 KB, 559x323, midnightrunwolves.PNG)

No. 285079

File: 1678408112280.png (1.95 MB, 1080x2074, Screenshot_20230310-082608.png)

Please tell me this is a friend's dog

No. 285088

If this is a new dog then anon's claim here is plausible
Also kek at her buying this furry shit but then dropping her wishlists

No. 285093

Wild shes selling this horse when someone in her fb group gave it to her after her constant posts about missing her "heart horse".

No. 285096

The audacity of this cow
How she can still be in those same groups I'll never know surely she's been kicked out by now

No. 285106

i thought she lost her facebook account as in >>275606 (whether to hacking or just a suspension who knows). she probably isn't part of those groups anymore and if she is it's likely under a new account.

No. 285133

She got her FB back. i don't think she ever posted about getting it back, but she did

No. 285134

Incredible detective work, nonny. This makes me want to a-log so much though, I almost can't help myself. I hate her so much for this shit, for treating animals like shit, for always playing the fucking victim when the animals are the actual victims… wtf I can't even deal with this.

No. 285217

File: 1678471775332.png (219.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230310-123626.png)

A page about the problems with keeping a wolfdog.

No. 285247

The wildest thing to me about her buying all these dogs is it’s a 15-year commitment to continue living with her “abusive” parents or at least be tied to them indefinitely. There’s no apartment or rental that’s going to allow her to bring 4 large dogs, one of which is literally 55% wolf. Maybe don’t spend $2000 on another dog when you already have three? Maybe save that money to move out?

No. 285290

She only ever claims abuse when it fits her larp or she can get sympathy points she doesn't try very hard to keep up the act

No. 285304

File: 1678509157526.jpeg (495.62 KB, 1178x1936, C0235D3C-9344-4599-AC34-760B6F…)

As someone who grew up around guns, it's so fucking funny to me how extra she is about trigger safety bullshit when she's a glorified concierge desk jockey everyone knows your gun isn't even remotely close to real or capable of doing damage at a con get over yourself stef

No. 285307

Why the fuck is she acting like she's going to be bringing a real gun to the con? There is not a chance in hell that's allowed.

No. 285322

Ah yes her last of us skinwalk starts now. Lmao. Jill will be ellie and drop one act for the next.

This fat bitch really thinks she can play skinny and fit characters. Can not wait to see photos.

No. 285325

She's going by Ellie again and will bring a guitar and a gun. Someone's been watching The Last Of Us. Can't wait for her to attempt and skinwalk yet another skinny girl. I wonder what her next lies are to make it seem like she IS Ellie. Immunity to all illnesses she's previously claimed?

No. 285346

File: 1678548680105.jpeg (657.81 KB, 1179x1960, 1F0D2959-D86C-4EE9-BE5D-BFB36D…)

She's had the Ellie wishlist up for a while with the most expensive garbage on it
I thought Stef was an archer already. Why does she need an archer kit?

No. 285356

I hope she claims to be immune to covid and therefor got experimented on for the vaccine.

No. 285359

KEK thank you nonnie I love being reminded of her claiming she'd been selected for balloon popping psychics experiments

No. 285381

For the record, owning a wolf-dog hybrid is illegal in her township specifically, and her province in general.

No. 285386

really? how is she getting around that? doesn't she have to register the dog?

No. 285389

I imagine she just doesn't register the dog, or lies about its breed. I'm not sure what type of info/verification is required to register a dog, but I'm guessing the township is just happy to collect the fee. I'm more confused about how she might have flown it into the country, if she really did get it from the US.
To be clear, I find the research done above to ID the breeder very credible, so I do think she would have had to either lie or use some loophole to get the puppy into the province.

No. 285407

Not sure how she did it but I know for a fact she flew it in personally. The papers alone were a gamble.

No. 285470

File: 1678585264688.jpeg (369.66 KB, 1178x1839, 1A287CF0-96BD-47E6-940E-150917…)

I think it's time to officially declare she came out as a furry

No. 285471

Omg, the one fursuit is wearing police gear and a k9 unit patch. She is going all in on the cop larp. I wonder if she's ever even shot a gun.

At least these aren't real animals.

No. 285488

You’re right. She really is scum. She’s breaking a law and risking this puppy being taken away and euthanized, for what? Unless she’s planning on moving in with Countess, she lives in BC right?

No. 285490

File: 1678589280927.jpeg (80.04 KB, 1178x912, A5DC322E-963F-4B88-8FFA-8D6051…)

She posted her range paper target and bragged about the shots but they were pretty standard for the distance she shot at regardless of skill
This is in her Jill wishlist for extra cringe she "wants" to be a cop more than anything and it's sad

No. 285495

Why doesn't she just… Become a cop? Idk if it's difficult in CA but in the USA it's shockingly easy. Some of the dumbest people I went to HS with became cops

No. 285496

She is physically incapable of passing the physical tests that are required in the beginning of the academy. They include rigorous heights and agility. Of course, cops let themselves go, but you gotta be relatively fit to get in and THEN you can eat her sprinkles oatmeal

No. 285498

I really don't think Stef actually wants to put in the work to be legit, she just wants people to treat her like she is. This goes for the equestrian stuff too or any other larp. It's easier to buy a bunch of crap, stage pics, and lie online. To get respect? Attention? Idk.

She's weird af though, she takes it a step further when 'cosplaying'. She can't just be a normal cosplayer, she has to lie that she is an official stunt double, related to the actor, or literally be that character irl personality, job and all. I don't understand what she gets out of that.

No. 285499

Yeah she wants to be a cop as much as she was a figure skater in the Elsa larp. Just like her pets, it all depends on the skinwalk of the month on what career path she chooses. Oh wasn't there a forensic something or other in there at one point? Whatever happened to "college" for that? She's a literal fucking loser.

No. 285500

She claimed "forensics" for the izombie larp but never said if it was pathology or anthropology etc so that was already a huge hole in the narrative
She still claims to have a certificate in forensics to this day she probably took some online class about how to handle cleaning up blood like every grocery store employee that cleans a bathroom has to kek
I don't think she ever went on with her Yale paper lie which is disappointing I would've loved to read an attempt at professional research writing by her

No. 285532

File: 1678606968253.png (126.75 KB, 864x1490, Screenshot_20230312-084233.png)

She was full-on ACAB back in 2020

No. 285549

Hilarious that she went from this mentality to literally doing everything she can to pretend she's some kind of cop all because of a video game. She also continuously lists Sheva as her fav RE character but literally never posts about Sheva. I get it if she doesn't want to cosplay outside of her race but we don't even see those stupid BARK BARK posts for her supposed fav girl? Sure Stef.

No. 285558

It‘s not even a good one an advanced archer would use. She either broke the old one because she‘s a dumb bitch and didn't know how to properly use and take care of it or we'll get a son story about her not having touched a bow in so long because it caused too much trauma/her parents threw it out/it broke in battle

No. 285787

File: 1678735304077.jpeg (152.34 KB, 1179x1657, 829A6B16-2D10-4ACF-95B7-2C946E…)

Anyone want their future told by someone who has no future?

No. 285815


Vet bills? You mean that $2000+ furfucker cosplay you just bought? Sell it, you insipid cow.

No. 285820

Don't forget the $2,000 illegal puppy which she also just bought!

No. 285839


When she posted this on Instagram she said she was going to a con.
Maybe save that money and take care of your damn horse?

No. 285885

File: 1678808389571.jpeg (226.54 KB, 1179x2130, 639259D7-D1A5-4658-8466-8504E7…)

NTA here's the cap

No. 285887

File: 1678808459131.jpeg (247.99 KB, 1178x2068, EA0D430C-28D2-446C-8AB7-37B891…)

This is the first time she's actually talked like she knows what she's doing with the tarot bs ngl I'm curious

No. 285888

If this is for that poor horse that got injured, we know her parents pay for all the vet shit. It's not like the horses suddenly stopped needing care when she lived in the city. Also what happened to her heart horse getting sold? Surely that would pay for it

No. 286309

File: 1678993130515.jpeg (201.08 KB, 1179x1724, 583B8B19-086B-4FF3-9EFE-DD6A64…)

Any lucky anons attending? I'd give anything to see this cow in the wild in full fur suit kek

No. 286323

holy hell that is very clearly not her face. she must love using those instagram filters that tweak facial features.

No. 286356

I love seeing her bald spot on full display now. So Jill/Ellie/Elisa of her.

No. 286358

It's no wonder she went furry, she can hide both her overly edited face and body when in a big bulky fursuit.

No. 286391

File: 1679017974223.webm (5.35 MB, 1080x1920, 331606385_3128306390800220_530…)

I'm so sad for this puppy.

No. 286395

a bare crate!? wtaf. At least if it will be with Stef's parents, they will treat the animal well. Unlike Stefany.

No. 286413

Huh, so she can attend a con but can't pay for her horse's surgery. Brave thing to post with your expensive fursuit right after e-begging.

No. 286415

Huh, so she can attend a con but can't pay for her horse's surgery. Brave thing to post with your expensive fursuit right after e-begging.

No. 286420

My thoughts exactly I wonder if anyone that was dumb enough to donate even got their asks granted before she went on her trip
She probably just wanted merch money
If the horse really was sick and she's the only person that cares enough to take care of it, then why leave? She's just so lazy with her lies

No. 286421

Is that a bald spot or is she going grey? I still tinfoil that she’s older than she says.

No. 286448


Her references do read mid Millenial (Ginger Snaps, classic Disney Channel, old school RE) but there was a bad hair chemical burn toward the end of her Elsa saga. And then she fucked it up even more putting some horse shampoo (?) in it. I really wish I could find that last thing but I'm lazy af kek. I'm shocked that it still hasn't grown back tho, I know people who have bleach burned themselves etc. and they had little baby hair regrowth a few months later - so she got truly fucked I guess.

No. 286540

Old school RE not at all considering she got in for the remake and nothing else. Same with Disney, she only ever gave a shit about Elsa, which is new. Gingersnaps seems the most millennial, but she only got into it after dating countess.
I'd put her at late 20s (edge of millennial sure) meaning she still has time to make something of her life but I doubt she ever will

No. 286573

She’s at least 30, there is evidence of that in past threads. I’m guessing the other poster meant older than 30. She still lied about her age in her bio for years.

No. 286603

File: 1679154299618.jpeg (71.78 KB, 1179x475, ABE8BCA8-D9B9-4475-A87E-53C0DA…)

This does suck but isn't she at the furry thing, not TCC? And how does she lose something like that when her furry suits are half fake PPG?

No. 286608

It’s a 5 minute drive between the venues. Maybe whoever stole her passport can tell us how old she actually is kek

No. 286609

File: 1679156960270.jpeg (576.23 KB, 2048x1152, A5044095-7E1F-4D5B-9CC7-99011E…)

No. 286610

She's dressed as Ellie right now too how tf do you lose your wallet at a con when you should be at your most responsible of your belongings

No. 286613

Kek her real name is all over her IDs and cards, she's probably terrified someone will find out who she "really" is. Imagine being the person to find it and verify the name inside after she's been telling everyone her name is Ellie all day.

No. 286623

i thought she's a badass cop with a gun, how could she be a victim???

No. 286650

KEK good point what "cop" is retarded enough to lose their wallet

No. 286659

Getting pickpocketed at a con is very common idk why anons are acting like she's stupid for letting this happen. You're in bulky clothes, it's crowded, new location… very easy.

Anyway she still has her phone based on her spamming IG, so all she has to do is go to the consulate (assuming she's in the US?) to get a way home. It sucks but she's not stuck, she's from Canada for crying out loud. It's not like she's stranded. Same for the hotel room, she probably has proof of herself on her phone so they can give her a new room key.

It's a shitty situation but every situation to her is worst case scenario when it really isn't. Getting your wallet picked is common as hell.

No. 286661

she's at the toronto comic con and is canadian, anon.

No. 286662

Wait, she's not even out of the country? Why is she freaking out about her passport? That's even easier to deal with then, wtf is wrong with her?

No. 286666

No it isn't anon because most people aren't idiots and either slim down their wallet when they go to cons or just carry a card around in a very close place. Don't cope for an idiot who is nearly 30 (or IS 30) and can't even keep her most important belongings safely on her person. She's been going to conventions FOR YEARS. She should've learned by now.

No. 286667

No it isn't anon because most people aren't idiots and either slim down their wallet when they go to cons or just carry a card around in a very close place. Don't cope for an idiot who is nearly 30 (or IS 30) and can't even keep her most important belongings safely on her person. She's been going to conventions FOR YEARS. She should've learned by now.

No. 286678


Last month she had her credit card info stolen with conveniently enough her pin as well. Today it's her passport and overpriced wallet. So we have a new grift incoming?

No. 286733

File: 1679198042947.jpeg (61.27 KB, 1179x1156, 838B5D69-9964-4A9D-A783-A96EC1…)

She's only managed $30 bucks and some change with her latest begging attempt so maybe she's trying to get a friend sending money to help her "get home"? But then why would they do that if she doesn't have any of her cards?

No. 286763

File: 1679212608241.png (1 MB, 1242x2208, 54E94647-1116-4C2A-9C7F-21CFE1…)

Fuck the wallet, what the hell did she do to her poor nails?(not milk, pls sage)

No. 286767

>wallet has "registered shape shifter" on it
kek. considering all her skinwalking and editing, that wallet couldn't be more accurate.

clearly those are her spooky wolf claws anon

No. 286836

Why does her fake blood always look like ketchup

No. 286878

Our first look at her new skinwalk of Ellie isn't milk? Ok.

No. 286961

File: 1679281928762.jpeg (315.25 KB, 1178x2060, CCB9C777-F649-482E-B8C1-9721DC…)

Sage for non milk
Whale gf's dog died (which is honestly devastating as hell no matter the cow rip pup) and her and Stef are acting like the dog was on a police force. Can anyone confirm? Otherwise they're just fucking weird for calling the poor dog officer and sergeant

No. 286974


Everything she says is some sort of fabrication. I wouldn't trust a thing she says. This cow is the worst.

No. 286988

kek she makes this poor dog sound like Manatee's personal bodyguard. They are safe, run free! Agreed about this being a sad update regardless though.

No. 286998

I think it’s just supposed to be a cute name, like Mr Socks? But TIL U.S police and military K-9 units do have ranks, so maybe. She posted a collage of puppy pics to her Twitter that I didn’t SS because it’s not milk, but it’s deleted now for some reason.

No. 287009

File: 1679324354032.jpeg (171.03 KB, 1179x1272, F902F114-51FE-40B2-B611-44056D…)

It was Countess that posted the puppy pics picrel and she's calling the dog officer
I don't think RCMP gives the dogs real ranks and the fact that they go between officer and sgt. so it's likely fake and just playing into their weird police kink

No. 287011

File: 1679324572413.jpeg (51.3 KB, 828x524, 1919DB4B-BCF2-4A09-ABFB-9747D0…)

Did she even go to FE? There was an “incident” and I’m surprised she isn’t involving herself since hotel security and Toronto police were involved. The incident seems like it was a naked dude at the rave grinding on a security guard, sry for no embed but unrelated milk + man’s bare ass. Makes the shelter in place announcement kind of funny though. https://twitter.com/note_skye/status/1637328866791309312

No. 287017

She was at Toronto Comic-Con when this happened not at FE so she probably had no idea especially with her "lost" wallet

No. 287018

Same anon forgot to say she only went the first day of FE and then the rest of the weekend was TCC

No. 287090

Such a sweet face on this ol' boy. RIP pup. It's so hard to lose them.

No. 287092

File: 1679355813720.png (661.3 KB, 864x1528, Screenshot_20230320-184644~2.p…)

kek it is a furry wallet. sorry if everyone knew that already, it was news to me

No. 287094

File: 1679355851327.png (509.15 KB, 864x1533, Screenshot_20230320-184657~2.p…)

registered shapeshifter indeed

No. 287096

>Mad somebody thought it was a good idea to steal someone's wallet
What kind of fake cop is this bitch Lmao stealing would be nothing to her compared to the crimes she should be used to, bragging about being tactical

No. 287098

File: 1679356939793.jpeg (99.6 KB, 1178x1941, 5F4A76F4-5571-4894-8A3F-E8070E…)

For anyone curious, Nymeria is still a "service dog"

No. 287118

Doesn't Nymeria live with her parents? I know she's called other random dogs that she saddled her parents with service dogs in the past, but now she isn't even under the same roof as this one.

No. 287123

Nonnie she moved back in with her parents month ago

No. 287294

File: 1679440739792.jpeg (218.67 KB, 1179x2081, 4F42FD11-581C-4F64-9498-87CD11…)

Someone tell my why the hell she's still wearing those disgusting nails? And peek that spelling of mom, takes me back to the fake British accent days

No. 287423

Isn't just how they say it in Canada too? The Canadians I've met use British English basically, just w/o the accent (spelling everything with extra u's and such)

No. 287449

File: 1679479108190.jpeg (71.27 KB, 828x730, 3B9EB43D-1C92-405B-9C92-1C94CD…)

>owner of night shift studios

No. 287451

File: 1679480387961.jpeg (33.56 KB, 828x296, 521ACE3F-5089-4C15-9928-7AA682…)

Same anon, Idk why she would update her Twitter bio without securing the social media for her new “company” because there is zero web presence of whatever this is but I’m guessing it’s fursuit-making, because “night shift” muh cop but also werewolf pun. She made her first ever fursuit head in a week using someone else’s base and now she’s a “business owner” kek

No. 287498

Kek literally any sign of her making something of her life is good enough for me
How the hell is she gonna afford the supplies tho her credit card got stolen

No. 287505


It's been a minute since I looked at her linktree and wishlist. She has 4 wishlists filled with at least $2k items in addition to her neverending kofi for vet bills she has no intention of using the funds as advertised. It blows my mind how entitled she feels to receive money and gifts, but does absolute fuck all in return for her "friends" /followers. She lives in a 6 figure home under her parents roof at almost 30 years old. There's no excuse to be this old and this useless.

No. 287507

Even funnier that she doesn't make good on promises. Has anyone ever been confirmed to receive their ask for all the donors she begs for?

No. 287542

Someone mentioned about two weeks ago here that those who entered haven't received their gifts yet. We know those prizes never existed. It was a ploy to get new followers to her dead socials.

No. 287608

Did like two people get simple drawings from this raffle? She really can't get some drawings done?

No. 287712

File: 1679582920598.png (603.5 KB, 1179x2556, 063A415E-4F86-45B1-BE6B-5681B3…)

Kek can't wait

No. 287935

File: 1679620014548.jpeg (73.39 KB, 828x738, 63036117-F760-4BE6-BB71-32E226…)

Now it’s silver bullet studios KEK girl maybe think it through first…

No. 287947

Genuinely think nothing will come of this kek she can't even get a fucking stream to work how would she manage this

No. 288353

File: 1679701781331.jpeg (118.29 KB, 1178x1124, 0091E882-5A86-4267-BF4B-DCCF11…)

Does anyone else feel something slightly sinister from this? I know that most people are like this with babies of all species, missing the puppy or infant days, but with her and the way she treats animals, it feels like she buys these poor dogs for a split experience and then drops them like a toy when they're no longer able to play the role she wants them to

No. 288501

For sure. She bought Nym, Lobo, and Bridget all as puppies within a year and she stops posting about or caring about them once they get older. She left Nym behind with her parents when she moved out just so she could buy Lobo. Tinfoil but I bet these dogs are really poorly trained and are fucked up from being crated 14 hours a day. She probably can only handle them when they’re puppies and now they’re all 70lbs with behavioral issues.

No. 288546

File: 1679772652962.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4096x3072, 0B3D927A-F1B2-4ECA-8356-85C67D…)

Is this one of the older horses or di this dumb bitch buy a new one because it vaguely looks like the one Ellie has in The Last Of Us? (Second picture of the TV horse)

No. 288557

It’s Ginger, she bought her like 3 months ago. She’s one of her heart horse’s foals or whatever. Kind of a nitpick because every chestnut in NA is going to look vaguely like TLOU horse. It’s literally the most common horse color.

No. 288562

sorry I'm not a horse expert. But didn't she claim she never wanted to have another one that looked like the dead horse?

No. 288606

File: 1679789547862.jpeg (191.36 KB, 1178x2105, 2C50BCDF-03FF-479F-AA08-8975F9…)

Kff Stef if you won't cosplay Sheva (your supposed favorite) for racial reasons then why would it be okay to be Ada?

No. 288670

cuz asians are white, duh

No. 288678

She's asked something like this before, it's her scrambling for relevancy. Jill isn't "big" anymore so she needs someone in RE that can bring in clicks

No. 288685

Kek yes because we all know Ada's ethnicity is vital to the storyline and is impossible to divorce from the character!! If she slaps on a black bob wig and a red dress it's all over, she's officially a racist. Kekkkk.

No. 288713

Kinda telling she likes Ada considering Ada Wong isn't even the character's real name and she continuously lies about her identity and gets up to all sorts of legally detrimental and morally ambiguous bullshit maybe it would be the perfect cosplay for Stef

No. 288867

File: 1679889378563.jpeg (41.82 KB, 1179x422, EFCD5688-0B7F-4541-AB4D-280589…)

Honestly it's a miracle she got 19 views in this, Stef is a shit tier streamer
>doesn't talk to/read chat and instead only talks to her discord call
>doesn't have an appealing set up for her viewers IE sun or bits or boosted comments as an incentive
>this is a second attempt at streaming after her first one crashed on Friday and then she promised a Saturday one that never happened
>doesn't know how to make a set up so her cap is obscuring her face half the stream
>doesn't actually do much with the game just screams and makes tired jokes
For someone who had once claimed she was relying on Twitch for her income, she has no streaming ability. She can't play off the game with any sort of creativity and doesn't interact with her viewers. She can't even set up a UI for subs so no one feels a need to give her money. She needs to either fix her terrible streaming habits or just give up. And the Capcom creator banner? Doesn't do anything but make the game look tacky

No. 288872

File: 1679889619668.jpeg (16.52 KB, 317x357, E7B800B1-B0D8-4E7B-8468-FC8081…)

Added nitpick this is the worst Jill she's ever tried to do and I'm sorry honey but the cleavage isn't gonna help your viewership when you're just a blue blob in the corner that screams nonsensically while your girlfriend laughs at you

No. 288971

File: 1679932401768.png (309.99 KB, 864x1515, Screenshot_20230327-111934~2.p…)

hm no, I'm just being mean to you, stefany

No. 289042

She had one (1) autist who gives her money consistently and she ignores him. She'll also have Countess and her other enby friends on the stream prattling about what name and pronouns they're going by today for no reason, and Stef won't say a word because she cannot contribute to a conversation if it's not about her. OT WKing I enjoy listening to Countess talk. She has a nice voice and once you get through the layer of crap that no one but people on Tumblr care about, she's pretty articulate and she's able to politely navigate the social blunders of the retards she's talking to. She also corrects Stef like she's five when Stef bungles RE lore, which is funny. I would listen to a podcast of hers.

No. 289065

it's funny, countess seems like (a little) less of a lolcow than stef and somewhat more grounded in comparison to her but yet countess is slightly more interesting as a person. stef is just a boring cow who shittily attempts to grift, but a cow nonetheless

No. 289078

Honestly I could listen to countess too she actually has her own personality even if it is tacky sex toys in a cosplay at least she's an individual
Stef is just so fucking boring. Even in that server she lost, she never talked unless it was about herself or her precious dogs. How does she even have a girlfriend?

No. 289477

File: 1680140523613.jpeg (85.11 KB, 828x558, A1E0C2FA-43C7-45D7-B007-A3F84F…)

Sage cos not milk but Nanok was at the OCEA finals, pics are at https://madelineballphotography.pixieset.com/oceafinals

No. 289552

Rip the horse phase she didn't say shit about it guess Stef is no longer the equestrian

No. 289571

good, she can leave those poor horses alone. though it's sad that she's moved onto other animals to treat them the same way…

No. 289582

She has to get out of those Facebook groups then no fake equestrians allowed

No. 289623

File: 1680270687320.png (810.01 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20230331-180304.png)

Anyone know what this job is?

No. 289627

She works at a doggy daycare, claims it's a dog training job but all she does is sit at a desk. She also does not post anything about her tactics security job so that one's probably a lie

No. 289924

File: 1680402362068.jpeg (396.92 KB, 1178x2083, E6D939AF-9BCB-466A-B8E6-55849B…)

Rip ginger I guess

No. 289952

Hopefully it's just that she's getting rehomed?

No. 290091

That’s the heart horse, this is the week she died three years ago and she’s still milking it.

No. 290145

For someone who's expecting to be distant, she streamed her usual boring shit to an audience of 3 and is posting her normal garbage
Not very "heart horse mourning vibes" of you Stef

No. 290169

File: 1680529710883.jpeg (57.14 KB, 828x545, F5C5B1E3-6DEF-4082-992A-6762D7…)

At 30 years old after a lifetime of owning horses, she’s old enough to be able to cope with the death of one. If you’re not a child you understand that animals don’t live forever and you can still miss them when they’re gone but pretending to be so distraught you can’t even function after three years is ridiculous. Imagine calling off work and when they ask why you say “oh my horse died three years ago.” The horse was born in 1997 btw. It was literally just old.

No. 290188

File: 1680535069429.jpeg (164.37 KB, 1179x1204, 0CFD82A6-5CA1-4086-8257-D29738…)

No. 290232

I'm not even a furry and I can see the shit quality, the nose is all uneven and not properly sanded, the eyes look into two different directions and you can see the glue. I would love to know how much she charges

No. 290234

Wait, she's saying she made this head and didn't just get it commissioned? Where were the progress pics and endless posts about her making it, hmm?

No. 290237

She posted mold pics but I'm p sure she mentioned commissioning the head she's holding

No. 290260

File: 1680551796432.png (432.98 KB, 1210x1650, furry.png)

On her Twitter mostly

No. 290262

File: 1680552109216.png (90.42 KB, 649x2088, sbs.png)

There is so much to unpack here

No. 290263

File: 1680552295079.png (15.78 KB, 646x290, wtaf.PNG)

$12,500!!!! For >>290188!!

No. 290266

File: 1680553888269.png (31.31 KB, 1270x1214, howlmetalhorrors.png)

So she's selling fursuit heads made with someone else's base mold… for nearly 10x what that shop charges for similar

No. 290268

No fucking way that has to be a typo

No. 290283

It's most likely a typo since this one >>290266 says 1500. She accidentally threw in a 2.

No. 290286


So let me get this straight. She held a contest for a drawing and other various shit no one cares about, that she has failed to deliver on. But she wants to take $1000-12,0000 of someone's money to create a taxidermy nightmare. Yes Stef, this is a fantastic idea. Cannot wait for the lawsuit that arises when you don't deliver.

No. 290289

NTAYRT that's not her, anon. That's Howlmetal Horrors - the person she bought her base from for the one (1) mask she has made.

No. 290290

That black on isn't her pricing, that's the pricing by the people that made the shape of the one she's toting as an example for sale. But I agree, no way is she asking 12k

No. 290296

Let's recap:
>owns TWO wolfdogs now - this is important to mention specifically in the pet allergy notice
>this is my full time job
>non-refundable 30% down payment on $12,500
>I have the right to refuse to REFUND clients I disagree with
>accurate measurements are a must from miss "I'm a size small/medium"
>I prefer to do things well vs doing them fast - her ONLY mask she has ever made she brags about making in a week

No. 290299

I like how she hasn’t even taken “professional” pictures of her “work” but is using pics from the con.

No. 290308

who would buy anything from someone with virtually zero examples of the work? This single example looks bad as it is. Is she just delusional?

No. 290311

>Is she just delusional?
at this point i'm thinking yes

No. 290312

Kek which dog is wolf dog #2
Normally I'd roll my eyes at the specificity but in the furry community who knows
How many times does she tote shit as her full time job? First streaming now "cop" now this?

No. 290314

File: 1680564810083.jpeg (70.51 KB, 1179x884, 55F50554-05DD-440B-9F50-3919CF…)

She fixed it -> $1250

No. 290331

i guess it could have been a mistake but i'm wondering if it's in any way possible that she put the extra 0 in on purpose and then either realized no way is someone going to pay that much or got a complaint that it's way too expensive. we know how shameless she is with her grifting and begging to buy pointless shit from her amazon wishlist.

speculating aside, that website looks very amateurish and like other anons said >>290299 and >>290308 no professional examples of her work. based on past behavior i doubt she'll keep this afloat because like many of her phases, she'll likely drop this one or abandon it eventually when she notices she has little to no takers.

No. 290334

Did she quit her job for this? Shit's manic.

No. 290349

Forgive me if this is a dumb question but does she have any IRL friends outside of countess? Unless the work can fully carry itself, no one but close friends or family would dare commission someone with no history, no past clients, no experience, and almost no examples. Not even the most desperate discord coomer is gonna pay over a grand for a wonky-eyed furry head.
How long til she stops posting about it completely, you think?

No. 290351

Not a WK, if she can actually get traction with this, she will make bank. Furries are insane and will shelve out hundreds to thousands of dollars for a fur suit. Not saying her work is worth it, but if she actually reaches into the furry community, she could actually do something with this (if she also actually stuck with it but she never sticks with anything)

She has other IRL friends that she only really sees at cons, and I doubt any of them have money.

No. 290382

File: 1680616927218.jpeg (59.2 KB, 828x746, 3B0E0EAA-2B03-408C-B0EA-BE5763…)

She got 60 followers on her new account pretty quickly. She’s been reply-guying other costume creators and I think that’s actually gotten her a fair bit of exposure.

No. 290384

The furry community is already full of actually good and experienced suit makers. Why would she make bank when there's reputable makers to buy from that charge less?

No. 290406

exactly what >>290384 said, yeah a lot of furries are rolling in money but that also means they're not going to spend that money on this shit when they can get much better quality from an actually reputable maker.

she says she doesn't accept partials or full suits - so is she only making the masks?

No. 290424

She’s only doing masks “for now” she says. The only reason I can think that someone would buy from her is that more established creators only open a few commission slots at a time and those slots fill up fast and when commissions open/close seem to be really random? So they wanted something now and their first seven choices weren’t taking comms.

No. 290469

Doesn't matter if we can see how shit her work is, all it takes is a few fucking idiots to commission her. I've seen garbage work get paid for in every community. If she can get traction/followers, she can likely make something out of this IF she does it right. That's all I was saying. She's in a good community to get away with her bullshit if she sticks with it and stays mediocre at best

No. 290695

>customization for toony eyes
>doesn't do toony suits.
this bitch is a mess.

No. 290725

File: 1680791793013.jpeg (141.87 KB, 1178x1215, 8F123A9F-0C36-45DC-A1EB-AB30E5…)

I wish we knew how many slots she'd had originally

No. 290741

Two slots left? Does it mean she managed to sell some slots??

No. 290839

File: 1680828799280.jpeg (93.53 KB, 828x834, 1EFC2855-2BB2-4659-B182-24EFE5…)

No. 290857

And she claims she's already filled three? The furry community is more abysmal than I'd thought

No. 291018

Stef still has three friends - that's more than I thought.

No. 291085

probably but it might be until she loses them by either fucking them over, they get sick of her shit, or she stops finding use in them

also i might be wrong but clients might not mean friends, they're probably just gullible people who unfortunately bought into her crap

No. 291105

File: 1680965529509.jpeg (236.13 KB, 1821x1150, 500AEDBF-6DB6-41EF-AE31-F27809…)

Proof she bought her dog from that breeder in Kentucky

No. 291106

File: 1680965794091.jpeg (221.83 KB, 2048x1365, 0ECD9B0B-D081-4FE7-B43B-CA18AC…)

Larping as a werewolf kek

No. 291108

Love to see her using Native American culture for her larp takes me back to when she was furious with that one cosplayer for cosplaying Pocahontas

No. 291110

How does pretending to be a werewolf relate to American Indians?

No. 291113

Do not care if the dog is from a breeder.

No. 291121

nta but then ignore it? other anons have found it interesting that she went out of her way to buy a dog from across the border and this is just showing that

No. 291128

YESSSSSS NEW LARP ACTIVATED!! I was anxiously awaiting a new one, the Resident Evil LARP was boring as hell. I know if she sees people laughing at the full moon werewolf bones hurting thing she'll say some shit like "ummmm obviously I meant I was out running with my wolfdogs DUH I'm not a WEREWOLF!!!" Never change Stef, never change.

No. 291148

Wolfdogs are illegal to own in her township, anon, and proving that this is the same dog from that breeder proves that it is indeed an illegal animal. also breeders are scum, go cry about it.

No. 291149

Pink moon is directly taken from native cultures labeled the moon cycles, with other names being sap moon or full snow moon. It's been snatched by baby witches and furries for their bullshit
It's funny that she was so mad at lc for appropriating native culture by calling her a slinwalker but then her white ass turns around and does this

No. 291153

File: 1680984468222.jpeg (748.73 KB, 1159x5105, 587AFAA3-D6CD-4B1F-99C7-E97DCA…)

No. 291154

File: 1680984516619.jpeg (727.88 KB, 777x6303, B560709F-00E3-4775-B1FB-06004E…)

Same spiel really just wanted from insta and twitter

No. 291159

>I won't lie and say it's easy to look at them
>it hurts in a bitter way to see them and not her outside
She talks like she resents Gracie and Ginger so much. Like wouldn't it be sweet and comforting to care for the offspring of a horse that meant so much to you?

No. 291166

i thought the same. at least she admits to being selfish about it i guess.

No. 291192

File: 1681006315059.jpeg (129.53 KB, 828x1034, C5BB8ADF-7BE5-4B7A-A6DF-67D084…)

>Ginger smells just like Love
Bitch every horse on planet earth smells the exact same, what the hell are you smoking. She’s such a creep when she writes these “this horse saved my life” posts, why is it always like it’s a letter to some long lost lover.

Also tinfoil but Countess had two family pets die in a month, a dog she had for 15 years >>286961 and a cat she had for 7, and since Stef is “I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?” she needs to ham up her “suffering.”

No. 291194

Honestly I accept your tinfoil. Stef is a bitch to the people in her life. I know we rag on countess and she has some cow attributes, but I hope she dumps Stef's ass and find someone that isn't a narcissist who makes everything about herself

No. 291208

File: 1681010967029.jpeg (385.88 KB, 1135x4142, 85771F9F-FDE7-4963-A009-81D8AC…)


No. 291214

Eh, I don't fault her for this. It's hard to lose a pet, let alone anything very personal like a horse. Especially since she went out of her way to get the offspring, which she wouldn't have had any interest in if they weren't offspring, I can see how she looks at them and just sees the horse she lost.

Not a wk, this is just one thing I don't really fault her for. She takes shit care of her horses but she always has and these ones aren't being mistreated any worse just because of who they are.

No. 291229

If it were anyone else, I'd agree with you. But Stef's serial mistreatment of animals and her constant purchasing of new animals to replace the current ones when they're not cute or special enough makes her attachment to the dead one and possible neglect of the others far more damning

No. 291251

i agree tbh. countess may be weird and cringe herself but seemingly nowhere near the delusions of stef. unfortunately though, something had to bring them together to become girlfriends so who knows. but as other anons have pointed out before at least countess has some sort of personality. stef is just a shit grifter who uses animals as props in her life.

No. 291271

File: 1681050160288.jpeg (81.17 KB, 1179x694, 08C9C36B-B1AA-4294-BA04-4CA837…)

Stef has five whole friends with 1250 to throw away on the worst heads ever

As to what could have brought them together, countess is huge. For all we know, Stef threw her a bone and countess is desperate

No. 291272

File: 1681050239336.jpeg (114.24 KB, 1178x1969, A4F9EA3D-1DD2-4312-98C9-FC604A…)

Like this silhouette is just depressing

No. 291297

I have a feeling she accepted really low deposits like $100 so she can fulfil her fursuit larp and half, if not all of these will fall through when either she takes too long or the buyer refuses to pay/is late on paying the rest
>with new pricing
literally planning on raising prices before completing a single commission. Her customers will get all manner of recycled sob stories too, pets that died years ago dying again (like the gecko that died two or three times) or imaginary 'homophobia' from her parents which she's used a couple of times. Or maybe yet another heart horse or soul dog or some shit has emergency surgery, she seems like a terrible person to commission based on her past of lies, excuses and ebegging

No. 291309

I love the
>muh parents are abusive and homophobic
Shit from her when she's literally had her mom spam tacos in her texts to get her to come eat dinner
I know abusive families can look all sorts of ways but she is way too comfortable being back home, not having to pay rent, and wasting her money on bullshit again
Also? She is shirt to commission. I had a retard friend give Stef money once for a tarot reading that literally never happened. People still haven't been given second and third place prizes for her giveaway. She's a scammer and a liar.

No. 291451

File: 1681142392173.jpeg (144.05 KB, 1178x1579, 4005C3E9-8AE3-4F70-9341-00F9BF…)

Thirst posting her cleavage in response to the latest Jill design for the DI teaser. Her cosplays are so uninspired and lazy she has to throw her tits around like it's impressive they're larger when it's really because she's overweight

No. 291496

idk i don't really remember that teaser having jill valentine with floppy flat pancakes on a pig's body but maybe it's just me lol

No. 291549

File: 1681169850935.jpeg (305.12 KB, 1178x2080, ABA706FB-BF2E-43B9-878F-0611AD…)

No. 291571

Why did she make herself so tan…

No. 291624

Is she trying to bait moids? That's… new

No. 291625

this is an entirely new face

No. 291626

This dumb fatty really out here role playing big boobs when she hardly has tits at all. I really think she is so delusional reality no longer reaches her.

No. 291627

File: 1681202510202.jpg (146.5 KB, 919x1569, Screenshot_20230411-043923_Ins…)

S u c h b i g b o o b s

No. 291628

that's probably just because of the filter she's using. my question is what's going on with the dots on her chest. bad acne breakout?

the fact that she's trying to post cleavage pics now is weirdly surreal

No. 291631

>this one doesn't fit over my chest anymore.
does she mean her gut?

No. 291632

File: 1681204174716.png (715.11 KB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20230411-170912.png)

Nah, it's something she did on purpose because it's the only thing she wanted from them on the new design? I don't know anything about this game so I didn't care enough to pay attention.

No. 291637

KEK it honestly just looks like acne

No. 291689

It's supposed to be the scars left behind from where Wesker implanted a mind-controlling gem on Jill's chest. Stef's trying to draw more attention to her tits like she has anything to show for
Stef's "scars" look terrible. It looks like an irritation, not scarring. How has she been doing cosplay this long and can't even manage fake scars?

No. 291763

God she's fucking retarded. She can't just cosplay someone leisurely. Nope she makes these imaginary people her entire personality. She's now using her chicken breast man tits to get views and simps to buy her useless shit from her multiple griftlists.

No. 291773

so um did she scratch this into her skin? We know she scratched her face for that Weiss cosplay.

No. 291781

Looks more like make up to me, and it doesn't look like she picked at the skin to make it red judging by the shape of the marks. She probably just mixed bronzer and eye shadow or something stupid

No. 291889

File: 1681347324942.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2091, Screenshot_20230413-085452.png)

Jesus fuck

No. 291892

File: 1681347598497.png (387.21 KB, 1179x2556, 3A0D8B26-B4D5-4058-863F-9D057A…)

She's paying $140 for each of these

No. 291893

Imagine opening instagram first thing in the morning and seeing this, nightmare fuel
Is this for her commissions? Nice profit margin for glueing some fur onto a premade head

No. 291896

File: 1681348235110.jpeg (68.65 KB, 1179x589, E28F0F47-645B-4416-8DBF-B6C79B…)

They're both for her personal suit apparently even tho she already has 2 kek the furry saga has her by the pancake tits

No. 291905

Spoiler that shit nonny. I'm gonna have nightmares now

No. 291995

Dogfags are fucking disgusting, especially pitmoms, and this is the proof. Unhinged as it gets.(derailing / bait)

No. 292041

no one cares retard

No. 292051

so she gave it the same name as her horse and (by extension) possibly her brief ginger snaps obsession huh.

No. 292072

Def ginger snaps she has literally no personality behind her skinwalks
Can any horse anon help me remember if she mentioned the horse ginger before ginger snaps? I feel like she named the horse after the movie but I'm not sure

No. 292185

this looks like shit lol. the eyes are off-center

No. 292190

Yes she got her like two months after her Ginger cosplay >>269921 and it’s not crazy to think a red horse would come with the name Ginger but given that she’s renamed every horse she’s ever gotten, I’m going to guess not.

No. 292341

File: 1681603869487.jpg (948.24 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-04-16_08-11-24-583.…)

Sounds like her friend is also an idiot with horses

No. 292349

Begging these retards to learn what an emergency commission is meant to be
Being too poor to buy your own tack is not an emergency, it's an incentive to get a job
Also weird how Stef is calling a friend her sister but that might be a nitpick

No. 292525

File: 1681665333758.jpeg (248.48 KB, 1210x1784, 3315FC8F-86B2-4CD7-9C6F-59F7E6…)

She called her concierge shit
>tactical security
Also this moid asks if it’s what Stef is doing now. We’ve only ever seen her shit as a dog sitter. Does she have a second job or is she just lying again?

No. 292530

>>"They're like my family!!"
>>thanks for reminding me that my partner exists, I should email them.

Yeaahhhh so close..

No. 292537

LMAO a condo front desk consierge does not have a "partner." These dummies who uncritically believe the shit that Stef says are beyond help.

No. 292540

File: 1681670503129.jpeg (603.46 KB, 1498x2768, D55B17F7-614C-44E2-965E-4E5DA8…)

In between loads of laundry and bored
This is the tactical security description for the company she worked for
Their vests aren’t even plated they’re literally for,show

No. 292594

She calls her sister because that’s one of those girls she cosplayed the Dimitrescu daughters with. Back when they first started cosplaying together that girl was 17 and Stef was going on 30.

No. 292636

Has anyone confirmed Stef's age?

No. 292710

22 in late 2018 via the news articles about her Arya cosplays, so would be around 26 now. Anon's just making shit up

No. 292900

File: 1681776423794.png (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20230418-074513.png)

Apologies for not spoilering the previous wolf head picture. Here is an update.

No. 292921

File: 1681781422710.png (479.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230418-093030.png)

Samefag sorry but wtf is this

No. 292928

Kek out of everything to get on Stef for, her age ain't it

>mug abusive home
>shower snack
What the fuck is a shower snack can she never stop eating?

No. 293001

File: 1681820832193.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1170x1555, 5214B505-7E6C-4D1F-94D3-F729B4…)

The obligatory tactical vest crack me up

No. 293002

I'm so disturbed and grossed out by the prospect of eating in the shower.

No. 293011

She uses this photo of her party city vest all the damn time

No. 293026

File: 1681833591659.jpeg (196.11 KB, 1178x1597, 9E1A4158-C2DE-400C-9592-4E3DC2…)

Fur suit maker transformation complete
She's already saying "we" and acting as if she's part of the community even tho she hasn't completed a single commission and claims she's undercharging even if she brags about finishing beads fast

No. 293129

Currently scrolling through lolcow while eating in the shower, didn't expect to see this lmao its definitely weird behavior and I didn't think others did it
I'm cold and hungry and hadn't eaten all day tho, so I'm multitasking

No. 293136

Wtf nonnie
Respect I guess kek I'm more judgmental of the food choice. Cookies get soggy

No. 293168

File: 1681916792433.jpeg (146.38 KB, 1179x1220, B3B04FB9-F68C-46ED-95D5-D42BE4…)

Why is Stef still trying to say she's a streamer when she doesn't fucking stream and ONLY cares about the money? She got that dumbass Jill skin for Fortnite and wasn't even smart enough to stream her retarded gaming with her friends

No. 293171


Is this from her tactical job? An anon said she worked at a doggy daycare? I doubt you could bring your dog as a security guard.

No. 293208

Thats her doggy daycare job
She doesn't work "tactical" anymore she lies about having two jobs

No. 293436

She’s on stream now saying she just heard from her partner “Barry” who she hasn’t talked to in a year (she moved home in November?) has literally saved her life more times than she can count because she’s had knives at her throat. Sage cos phone-posting no screen rec.

No. 293445

Knives are her throat? At a fucking apartment desk? I know the apartments she worked at were notorious for being shady but I find that hard to believe. Hell, most of her posts looked like she worked the day shift. She has no idea what cops actually see on a beat and is just making shit up kek
Also hasn't she said she spoke with her partner Barry recently? Bullshit

No. 293482

It's completely fabricated. Barry is another RE character

No. 293484

I know that kek of course she would chose the character Jill works with in one but I'm always baffled by how poorly she prepares for these skinwalks

No. 293500

Barry isn't even Jill's partner, Chris is. Doesn't make sense

No. 293520

It’s to throw people off the scent. She knows she can’t say Chris cause it’s too obvious so it’s Barry.

God I love her. She’s one of my favourites. Absolutely crazy.

No. 293541

Re1 has Jill and Barry interacting the most. If you wanna hash lore, chris and Jill don't technically have real partners in BSAA. And they're only actual "partners" on revelations, so it's like what I said. She can't even fake her shit right.
Chris is so much less obvious than Barry, like are you joking? NO ONE is named Barry anymore, chris would be so much more believable. I meet a chris every fucking day. She probably just doesn't like the hetero ship since Jill is obviously a lesbian no matter what anyone says

No. 293549

AYRT and beyond answering the phone and signing in packages her job was literally just to call the police and write reports. She was trained not to engage, and also “knives to her throat” isn’t something that happens in real life - and wouldn’t even hypothetically happen unless she’s got zero situational awareness which isn’t very highly trained tactical operative Jill of her.

Countess was on the stream as usual and I genuinely can’t tell if she’s just indulging Stef’s shit or if she actually believes her. She would say things like “it’s a shame I never got to meet Barry” that sounded like they may have been tongue in cheek. She was living with Stef for three months while Stef had that job; she would have known what the job actually entailed and that she’s lying through her teeth.

No. 293570

This shit about countess– I genuinely wonder if she actually believes the lies or if she's playing along. Because Stef goes around saying she's tactical when she was a concierge. Surely countess would have noticed? Stef kept talking about patrols and shit, she painted it like PD. I really wonder if countess believes it all as that job and if stef tried to keep up the lie but never let her "super supportive gf" visit her during work for a reason

No. 293806

File: 1682209422299.png (Spoiler Image, 721.97 KB, 1080x2091, Screenshot_20230423-082209.png)

God these things are ugly

No. 293825

Happy to say I don't know the shit she's doing but there's no way this can be worth money to someone commissioning her right?

No. 293827

File: 1682219976459.jpeg (251.67 KB, 1179x2110, 597EC262-8C8F-4DFE-A36B-C71501…)

She's trying to make a rig a trail horse

No. 293828

File: 1682220011432.jpeg (329.54 KB, 1179x2556, D2F41AA3-6A67-44DD-9A26-EB8B71…)

No. 293852

File: 1682231071310.png (101.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230423-022354.png)

I had to do some googling about this term, so here's some info for other non-equestrian nonas

No. 293890

>done competing
Her last “show” was a walk trot equitation at a Halloween barn event two or three years ago. Before that was a pony club show when she was ~10. This bat is delusional.

No. 293903

To add on for anyone who might not know, the additional info of this horse being bad with gates should set off some warning bells for Stef who can't even train her own dogs
An experienced and patient owner could handle a rig easily , but Stef is neither of those things and this horse will absolutely throw her

No. 293909

Don't worry, she will literally never ride him. He'll just be thrown in a pasture with everyone else until he starts acting up and Finn suffers another "2x4" attack.

No. 293997

She doesn't ride or work with the horses anyway.

No. 293999

yeah, remember when Nanok was bucking because she fucked him up so badly? He wouldn't go into the transporter.

No. 294041

Wonder if her parents will work with this horse at all or if they really are hands off on Stef's "horses" when she's home
Still curious if Stef's neglected horses were better off when she was larping as an officer in Toronto

No. 294042

It's more so the way Stef just acts like she will actually do anything with the horse when everyone knows better like who is enabling this shit

No. 294058

I think she is legit too heavy to ride any of her horses safely.

No. 294112

File: 1682354779770.jpeg (215.36 KB, 1179x2024, 2A38BDE7-5A03-4FC4-B154-834FF4…)

Thank fuck Stef and countess don't live together anymore otherwise I'd be genuinely afraid they're fucking in a suit

No. 294163

These people's brains are so melted they genuinely type shit out about getting consent from people before they touch your cumstained fursuit, rather than simply clean it and never need to mention it. Like what kind of hellworld conversation would it be where someone is like "just letting you know there are bodily fluids on my suit before we hug! I was fucking in it last night!"

No. 294188

the same kind of people that not only own but have sex in fursuits. not a single one could ever be sane and normal, much less not broadcast it.

No. 294529

God I wish she'd stay away from off the track horses. Bitch is literally only interested in them because they are cheap.

For an experienced horseperson, it can be a good investment, a fancy athletic horse for a few thousand. IF they are willing and capable of retraining them. Obviously, that is not Stef. If she wants a safe horse to ride trails, she needs to buy a damn trained trail horse. Not a horse that is going to be a lot of work, and she has no business handling at all. Some Pony Club as a kid does not magically make you horse trainer. Stef always gets baby and unhandled, 'rescue' or track horses. Why? Because they are cheap. Fuck her. Then she ignores them as she writes online fanfiction about them until they disappear and are never mentioned again.

No. 294608

File: 1682703686065.jpeg (126.44 KB, 1179x1227, 54C92F6D-42F9-4508-B8A0-BC7395…)

She keeps using the same stupid photo. Is it just me or did she push her forehead up and stretch her hairline?

No. 295184

File: 1682991504412.jpg (411.57 KB, 1170x2080, 344204271_242667634960021_7906…)

She's Ellie again.

No. 295194

I wonder how she explains to people she met thru RE why she said her real name was Jill for a hot second

No. 295288

File: 1683065936435.jpeg (355.47 KB, 1178x2030, 922136A0-2354-4CF4-A2B6-561A6F…)

She needs therapy at this point if she's having these breakdowns when her life is this easy

No. 295302

Is this just an extremely autistic attempt to foster engagement? It’s like every influencer “what do you think? Leave it in the comments below!” but she’s such a weird narc that she needs to open with this uncomfortable, way-too-personal expositional vulnerability. It’s impressive how she’s so bad at everything, even something as low-effort as being a “content creator.”

No. 295312

File: 1683087016666.jpeg (251.64 KB, 1179x1724, 1107F39D-6197-4A2D-B6A1-BA16BE…)

>literally only talks about the wolf dog and the dog being a wolf dog and getting a DNA test to find out how much wolf dog
>"her being a wolf dog and the % doesn't matter"

No. 295313

She would've put this to her close friends if it was genuine. She has 0 engagement beyond one moid and her gf Stef's dead in the water at this point
Must be pretty upsetting to look back at all that Reddit fame she had from skinwalking compared to now

No. 295326


why is this fucking furry so obsessed with wolf dogs? They are awful pets and she doesn't have the proper skills and knowledge to train them. She's putting herself, her family and all of the other dogs in danger, if she still has them.

No. 295366

People obsessed with percentage are so transparent. You should be going for lower percentage, not higher. More wolfiness just meant you have a harder time training them because they are more of a WILD ANIMAl, Stef. If you really didn't care you wouldn't send off this stupid test, it's just so you can flex online about owning a damn wolf.
Minor powerlevel but even low content wolfdogs are independent and stubborn as hell and have more strict dietary requirements than normal dogs. Stef will get bored of this poor dog, neglect it, and the dog will get in trouble because of lack of stimulation and poor diet. Watch her rehome or flat out have her dog put down in a year.

No. 295399

File: 1683157367784.jpeg (64.03 KB, 828x1252, IMG_0629.jpeg)

There’s no point anyway because she knows both the parents’ exact percentages because she bought the puppy from a breeder. Dad’s 54% mom is 52%. The only reason she’s getting a DNA test is so she can lie and say it came back higher than it actually is.

No. 295401

File: 1683163241831.jpg (457.49 KB, 1536x2048, FO4QBu9XwA8a23X.jpg)

Same anon, apparently Embark profiles have a rudimentary incremental profile system.
Lobo's is the only profile that's "live," though. I'm guessing there's a reason Nymeria's results are still hidden.

She has picrel on her Twitter and I hadn't seen it posted before. It's apparently Nym's litter, so I can kind of see why/how she's claiming she's a wolfdog still.

No. 295410

Her obsession with collecting a high percentage animal for the sake of what? Being a furry? This wolf shit goes back to her Arya days, so I guess she's always been this much of a degenerate. Sad to see she didn't learn and grow from her obsession with a perfect Fjord to be Elsa and realize it's cruel to animals. Fucking sick.

No. 295419

So what happened to the Doberman she used as a cosplay prop? And the lizard? I hate this cow so much it's unreal.

No. 295450

Haven't seen that dog in ages. Arklay, right? Poor thing.

No. 295457

the lizard died twice for brownie points in her discord server

No. 295469

His channel disappeared off of her discord server 6 months ago. Either he was one of those temporary adoptions shitty breeders do with the dogs they want to eventually exploit, or he was rehomed when she moved because her parents didn't want him on their property.

No. 295644

File: 1683338900970.jpeg (155.92 KB, 1178x1187, FCB597DB-72FB-42A0-8DBB-492E50…)

With how many dogs this bitch claims "saved her life" she should be dead considering she ditches them all

No. 295680

Wtf is this near suicide baiting? "I don't think I'd be here" she says as if she's a constant suicide risk.

No. 295714

She claims she was whatever Canadia 72-hour holded is because of the Arya larp backlash, and when she came back is when she rebranded from sparrowsongcosplay and changed her name. She is mentally ill, obviously, no point in armchairing but constant suicide-baiting wouldn’t be off-brand for her other cluster B antics.

No. 295830

File: 1683500441297.jpeg (764.25 KB, 1838x3072, 16987DAC-432B-46AC-8806-175B86…)

Collage of older pets that “saved her” as a refresher

No. 295865

LMAO great collage.

No. 295907

this is so good. We need to add more - Love, Nanok…

No. 295954

File: 1683601332929.jpeg (237.03 KB, 1178x2161, 6BD699E7-CA24-482F-8A75-518F12…)

Hopefully this links to the right post
Remember this natural fangs? Apparently not, and she got party city caps for them

No. 295955

File: 1683601367627.png (3.17 MB, 1179x2556, A88479A5-8629-4C84-918E-4EBB00…)

Bonus photo dump incoming for her attempted thirst trap

No. 295956

File: 1683601419949.jpeg (341.25 KB, 1169x1950, BEF6FFAF-1A6E-460E-B662-A0C979…)

No. 295957

File: 1683601442419.jpeg (190.97 KB, 1152x2048, D75E196A-3905-4563-A178-88EBB4…)

No. 295958

File: 1683601470620.jpeg (270.54 KB, 1152x2048, 9EB7F173-E358-4C27-8CF3-0681BE…)

I'll be honest some of these faces don't look the same but what else is new

No. 295981

File: 1683616812463.png (29.62 KB, 863x335, Screenshot_20230509-060124.png)

none of these look like her, wtf. Somehow they all look like bad AI.

picrel is follow-up to her "shower snack" >>292921 I can't understand taking food into the shower. The thought of it makes me shudder.

No. 296012

Idk if countess's weird porn and Stef's kinks have given me brain rot, but there's something vaguely sexual in the way she talks about needing a treat in the shower and frankly I hate it

No. 296024

uh, whose face is she pasting on hers now? She sliced off 1/3 of the nose here. I say "the nose," because I don't think that's her nose. Can one of our Photoshop experts unpack these freakish photos? These look like an entirely different person. The hair is blurry near the scalp, too.

No. 296082

Imagine watching your gf shower while she eats steak and cookies.

No. 296113

File: 1683668381476.jpg (200.22 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230509-174032_Ins…)

Let's not forget this is her real body. Her catfishing is Embarrassing. She has no tits and her fupa can hardly contain itself.

No. 296124

She has to bend herself in half to make it look like she has tits and shows her stomach in the effort kek

No. 296477

File: 1683858922742.jpeg (164.62 KB, 1179x1452, 9A2FB43C-BBD0-4701-9BD1-582318…)

Here's another nonnie

All she does is take pics of her dog and do her fur suit shit I'm guessing she quit her job at the doggy daycare

No. 296695

File: 1683974049996.jpg (65 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_2023-05-13-12-32-45…)


No. 296707

Severe heat intolerance? But she's always posting pics of that wolf dog outside

No. 296716

File: 1683994614649.png (171.99 KB, 864x1457, Screenshot_20230513-181021.png)

now the dog is a fragment of her soul

No. 296717

File: 1683994711061.png (59.05 KB, 863x721, Screenshot_20230513-181521.png)

she wants to make a smelly horse suit so bad guys. Lord knows she wrote enough borderline erotica about loving her horses and sleeping next to them.

No. 296721

>she's a fragment of my soul
More proof she doesn't view her animals as individuals, but instead as extensions of herself.

No. 296740

This is honestly upsetting after seeing the collage how many fucking dogs is she gonna tear thru for this?

No. 296789

She's like Voldemort but she put her horcruxes in dogs

No. 296807

We need a spreadsheet for all the animals she's gotten, gotten rid of or had die in her care like the one in TND's thread

No. 296808

Its so upsetting to me, leopard geckos are very hardy animals so she had to really have neglected the poor thing for it to die. It probably starved to death.

No. 296903

File: 1684118397568.jpeg (195.52 KB, 1179x1867, 1DFE8B86-D09C-4F23-ADD9-F0C409…)

Stefakey "ACAB" Lauren chastised by furries (who normalize pedophilia and bestiality) for wear tactical gear at a furry convention full kek

No. 296911

"severe heat intolerance" just say "being fat"

No. 296912

Other than being stupid why is it bad

No. 296929

Who knows. There’s no explanation in OPs thread, just “you’re bad and you should feel bad because I said so.” What I can gather from the replies is that it makes people anxious about mass shooters. Which kind of makes sense because the person’s face is 100% obscured by the fursuit. “Suspect is a blue and purple husky.”

No. 296930

It's a little two faced of the community but it's really just another great example of Stef having no actual morals and just going with her latest skinwalk
She used to post ACAB (all cops are bastards) during BLM and went on a short "white people need to shut up" stint but now she'd give anything to pretend to be a cop

No. 296931

Samefag it's mass shooters but also general violence against furries because they see themselves as oppressed and under threat of death
There's probably also racial undertones as well but who fucking knows with these people as anon said furries allow abhorrent shit in their community (see pups and diapers and shit) so they have no ground to stand on
For the sake of not making this a derailment, I'll finish off with saying Stef should've known better, honestly. No one likes cops right now unless it's a video game character everyone agrees to be ok with cause they're hot

No. 296949

She isnt a cop nor does she have any sort of combat training. Her gay little Jill larp just makes her think she is in her insane little head. She bought shit off amazon and moonlights as someone who's seem war and I just can not lol. This fat bitch and her lies know no bounds. I love when she pretended to have been at some shootout in Canada and has pstd from it. Or that she has been partners with Berry-Chan irl. So Jill. So true.

No. 296992

File: 1684176215823.jpeg (161.46 KB, 1179x2084, E8F827AC-27A7-46D2-9BAE-18696F…)

How many furry OCs does this degenerate have? There was the nipple one before and then her vtuber that she hasn't used since.

No. 296994

File: 1684176409653.jpeg (86.42 KB, 1179x721, B45338CB-E7D9-4A69-A9F7-911F3A…)

She's getting it as a puppet too what the kek

No. 297256

File: 1684468097681.jpg (146.41 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_2023-05-19-05-47-59…)

There's something incredibly ironic about her writing an entire thread
on getting a wolf dog because she thinks someone vagueposted about her

No. 297271

>around them for a long time.
As if.

No. 297276

File: 1684504796963.jpeg (89.85 KB, 1178x536, 37EB08C6-169C-41C7-8E31-AD9642…)

You forgot some of the best parts
She's claiming she didn't even know it was a WD when she got it if I'm reading this right

No. 297277

File: 1684504843103.jpeg (85.96 KB, 1178x612, B4FD0013-C00B-474F-8820-488E39…)

Her brushing over laws

No. 297278

File: 1684504893093.jpeg (167.17 KB, 1178x1074, 8BB4EC29-8423-4327-84D5-D63334…)

And then she brings up the good counter argument without actually responding to it

No. 297280

Wow so now she's directly going back on all her lies about having rescued the dog instead of gotten it from a breeder. Does she really just expect everyone to forget everything?

No. 297285

It looks like she's trying to claim another one of her dogs is WD (probably Nymeria) but I'm pretty sure we saw a test for that dog, didn't we? It was that for the dog she did the getaway for that no one got theirs "prizes" from (confirmed by one)

No. 297301

She tried, but we never heard back from Nymerias DNA test, so its safe to assume there was no super exiting and special wolf content there.

https://www.patriciamcconnell.com/theotherendoftheleash/the-tragedy-of-wolf-dogs some light reading about wolf dogs if anyone is interested(would've been good for Steffy to go through it as well…) Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB)

No. 297304

That was Lobo, I think

No. 297312

This phrase jumped out at me.
>[…] where the owner can use them for a show & tell ego boost.
This is a perfect description of how Stefany uses her animals. It's so depressing. Part of me impulsively wants that wolfdog to teach her a severe lesson about wild animals, or for her to get caught by the township, but both of those scenarios could only result in the poor thing being euthanized.

No. 297321

Lobo results here so she sent say wolf dog for him
I'll bet Nymeria is getting the next test that she
>totally believes the breeder lied about her not being WD Stef would know since she is a wolf and dreams with wolves

No. 297325

File: 1684541944588.png (29.46 KB, 864x377, Screenshot_20230520-003115~2.p…)

nailed it. Stefany has nothing to teach about dogs or wolves. Brigitte hasn't reached puberty yet. Soon things may get interesting. I'm sad to see the anti-wolfdog person retweeting Stef's lies and bullshit.

No. 297329

afaik stefany has been around wolves exactly twice
1. when some cosplayer took her to a wolf sanctuary and paid so that Stef could touch a wolf (this probably costs a lot, based on what it costs where I live - 1-on-1 interaction is an expensive option).
2. She photographed wolves at the zoo.

She used to talk about killing wolves for her fake application for S.T.A R.S., though. Anyway, she has no experience actually rescuing or rehabilitating wildlife; volunteering at a shelter is not the same thing. Her vast experience with dogs… is that her parents own a lot of dogs. She does have experience lying about service dogs and neglecting dogs during her "12 hour shifts." And packing 3 large dogs into a Toronto apartment. That she has experience doing.

No. 297335

Don't forget she worked at a doggy daycare for a couple weeks and then quit to be a fursuit maker

No. 297336

File: 1684545208424.jpeg (400.34 KB, 1178x2085, 9832AB01-B57B-444A-8BC1-B8DC04…)

Wow, what a sad photo of Stef and her abusive mother.
And I know that abuse doesn't always show on the surface, especially on families, but who the hell would be so excited to announce taking their abuser to the zoo with them?

No. 297385

wtf has she done to her face? This isn't her face.

No. 297393


What the absolute fuck has she done to her eyebrows ? She used to claim being a master at make up and yet walks around with two tragedies plastered onto her forehead.

No. 297394

File: 1684590479118.jpeg (556.33 KB, 1152x2048, Fwgm9frXgAMxAL2.jpeg)

Also why is she getting all these things to send out with her orders when afawk she hasn't even finished one single commission yet

No. 297396

>be aware of hunting
Fucking batshit kek and you're right anon who tf is "we" she's by herself making shitty glue traps with fucked up eyes all of that glue is going to fall off with first use

No. 297397

File: 1684592149494.jpeg (221.71 KB, 1178x1888, 41B993EF-4584-4190-9EAC-A6F4BD…)

The gifts, for anyone wondering. They're cheap looking, but that's not unexpected. Sorry to ask any anons to out themselves, but do fursuits normally come with all this extra useless bullshit?

No. 297401

The repeated misspelling of alcohol is sending me. Alcholol indeed.

No. 297425

I wish her parents would boot her fat ass out of the nest already. At this point they're not raising their child, they're assisting their animal neglecting idiot daughter.

No. 297474

File: 1684625780632.jpeg (75.68 KB, 834x633, IMG_4364.jpeg)

yeah, it’s pretty common for fursuit makers to add little stickers and shit into every commission. Some of them even go so far as to add free brushes, bandannas, lanyards, and art of the commissioner’s fursona along with the fursuit itself. It’s all to try make your business stand out and get your name out there with the stickers so your business becomes recognisable in the fandom and you get more followers.

Stef however, doesn’t do any of that. she doesn’t even take custom commissions according to her twitter? she has the most generic, boring fursuit making business I’ve ever seen. She’s buying her bases pre-made then slapping some fur on them (already a controversial and frowned upon practice) and selling them for a raised price, why the fuck would anyone buy that from her when teenagers are pumping out similar-quality work all over tiktok? It’s embarrassing. There is nothing unique or special about her style or brand that would even have it recognisable in a crowd, which is what furries flock to. I don’t know if she has ever seen a picture of a ‘fursuit parade’ at conventions but there are thousands of fursuits and everyone wants their suit to stand out and be recognisable. No one is going to buy her generic copy/paste garbage outside of her 1-2 autistic followers

sorry for furry sperging, i know the furry fandom is trash but i wanted to leave an insider perspective on her recent furry shenanigans. She isn’t going to get far in the fursuit making biz, we don’t want her

pic is her suit next to a well-known realistic maker in the fandom just to give the non-furries an visual guide of what a good and bad suit looks like next to each other

No. 297485



>Don't pretend to be a cryptid cause they have it so hard already???
>Those nails

No. 297490

Holy fuck that is night and day of a difference
I don't know much about fursuit shit so thanks for the insight nonnie
I see her work and I know it's bad but I didn't realize it's THIS bad kek
I'm just amazed she had people actually buy her suits is the community that desperate with that much money to waste?

No. 297520

File: 1684651404295.png (101.63 KB, 864x1539, Screenshot_20230513-181657~2.p…)

She also tried to pivot away from a question about how old her resin is. I have a feeling this resin is ancient somehow, especially based on how badly it is functioning for her. Well and she probably has no idea how to use it. She has no experience making this shit, and now it's her new "career." Nooo can't be my inexperience or how old the resin is! Must be that I'm Elsa in my ice castle!

No. 297527

Kek at the person reiterating "and age" they know but Stef isn't about to pretend she isn't an expert at everything she does
She bought new eyes out of this btw not new resin

No. 297528

Kek at the person reiterating "and age" they know but Stef isn't about to pretend she isn't an expert at everything she does
She bought new eyes out of this btw not new resin

No. 297533

File: 1684673168164.jpg (109.74 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_2023-05-21-14-45-19…)

>full time
So this is her only way of making money to pay rent, feed herself and her 89 dogs and horses. Now i really doubt that is possible when we got to see how horrid her work is compared to others.

No. 297539

full-time fursuit maker. Her parents must be livid. I feel so bad for them. And she still refuses to work to any kind of deadline - is it really surprising to her that she has unhappy potential customers?

No. 297540

She doesn't pay rent lol she lives with her parents

No. 297643

Is this actually true? Everything I’m reading says wolf-dogs are 100% outright illegal in Ontario.

No. 297663

I saw the same thing (illegal to own wolf hybrids) when I was researching it, but I'm not Canadian or up on all the laws, so I didn't want to say anything. It's so fucked up that she travelled to the US to get this dog from a breeder! How can she defend this?

No. 297664

>how can she defend this
She can't, so she will lie that she had *no clue~* that the dog she shopped from sketchy breeder across the country line is intentional wolf mix.

No. 297687

There is a registered Ontario wolfdog breeder that says they're legal so I dunno about that. In most provinces it isn't illegal, but some provinces require you to know the generation the wolf DNA was introduced in. I think it's illegal fo own a wolfdog in Toronto, but Toronto is just one city.

No. 297696

She doesn't live in Toronto anymore, but if she's ever gonna "big girl move out" again she probably will have issues bringing this dog anywhere. Iirc there's also Ontario legislation about having more than three dogs unless property is zoned for it or smthn

No. 297717

That breeder had to have been absolutely sketchy to allow someone to adopt a wolf dog where they aren't allowed. Not surprised with what I've heard about how breeders work anyway. I bet steff just lied about where she's from if she was asked.

No. 297718

File: 1684788082855.jpeg (175.14 KB, 1178x1981, 7917B8B3-F364-4B6D-AE10-2A201A…)

Begging her to drop her boring Jill larp and bring back Arya she's teasing us now nonnies

No. 297734

If you’re talking about Volga Wolfhound kennels there’s a lot of forums that say he’s a scammer and that the dogs are actually just Tamaskan mixes, which is why they’re “Ontario’s only legal wolfdog” because they aren’t actually wolfdogs. Those forums also have Canadians calling out that it is 100% illegal for this man to own and breed wolfdogs as an Ontario resident. The only possible loophole I could imagine is if it was a non-native wolf hybrid, like arctic or red wolves, but hers is grey wolf and 100% illegal.

No. 297856

File: 1684900666586.jpeg (117.9 KB, 1179x2021, BDFD1D6D-0FA9-4D4F-8EC3-03B80C…)

Stef's insta is "on hiatus" but her twitters are still up. Iirc she only pulled shit like this when she was threatening to kill herself. Any inside info as to what could have happened?

No. 297857

oooh, new face/skinwalk about to drop!

let’s place bets… i reckon either Ellie from TLOU, or, full furry account with no face + vtuber mascot

No. 297862

KEK Ellie got her NO attention I doubt she's going back to that one no one gave a shit about her with that face on

No. 297930

do you think Stef is posting on wolfdog forums under a new name? I suspect so but haven't found where yet. She's home all day again. There's no way she's not doing what she loves best (seeking attention) somewhere.

No. 297942

Possibly, but with this new "hiatus," who knows. it's weird that something is obviously going on with her gf not showing public support
I have a feeling she would get ran out of WD FB groups pretty fast considering her cope on twitter a few days ago

No. 297948

well she presented herself as having all this experience, so the anti-wd people believed her. idk. i wish someone would publicly get on her ass. she has zero experience. If Brigitte is mid/high wolfdog, she could hurt someone, or her other dogs. Is she going to spay her? will a vet even treat her? Rabies vaccines are not suitable for wolfdogs, I read (true? idk)

No. 297957

Tbf the WD shit in ontario is weird. Iirc i read that if she bought a WD breed that isnt native to the area she lives in, its apparently fine. But the rabies thing i cant find any solid information on since it tends to contradict itself.

No. 297961

at the very least, why was she allowed to import a wolfdog? especially an unspayed female?

No. 297971

Kek can you imagine if Stef tried to shoop her face into the downs/FAS combo the TV version has

No. 297973

If its not a local breed of wolf and she has the right papers and proof its going to the right land, i think its fine? I got bored and dug a little, actual legislation has stipulations that allow it. Also, if the dog is under a certain amount of months, a rabies vaccine isnt always required so long as the animal isnt from a rabies-ridden place

No. 298010

>will a vet even treat her
Most likely yes. I have a wolfdog (though not in a province where it's illegal to have them) and vets treat them like any other dog.

No. 298021

Sad day to realize we missed Stef's DS larp by a narrow mile smh she only ever "cosplays" the pretty ones

No. 298078

File: 1685070927301.jpeg (81.95 KB, 1179x490, 98383C21-9014-4655-A6A4-DA469A…)

Im taking bets, is it another horse or is she losing a dog this time (I hope neither, animals deserve better than this overdramatic face stealer)

No. 298091


Tinfoil this bitch is way in over her head trying to make these furfucker commissions and is stalling because she doesn't know wtf she's doing, as per usual.

No. 298098

kek that's just facts, not tinfoil at all. Pre-mourning? If an animal is dying, you're actually mourning. It's probably another one of her family's dogs; they have a lot. If it were Finn she'd be threatening suicide.

No. 298127

Could she be losing brigitte? Her insta is back but its a profile pic of nymeria maybe someone reported her and now she has to get rid of her WD

No. 298135

File: 1685113618307.jpg (496.11 KB, 720x3783, diarrhea .jpg)

No. 298140

Place your bets. Now long before she posts a gofundme for the horses medical costs?

No. 298143

File: 1685118575673.png (317.29 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230526-151645.png)

This somehow didn't stop her from commissioning a $900 fursuit head. I doubt this whole story. Maybe they rent the barn area but I highly doubt her parents rent that house.

No. 298144

File: 1685118608626.png (75.02 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230526-151701.png)

No. 298145

samefag, my bad, $1800 total. This is just the up front payment.

No. 298148

This bitch just cannot stop lying. It's insane. All she does is lie. She's never goddamn mentioned Finn before, but suddenly he's her very best friend, and she might die if he dies? Que the "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Finn" post. God this bitch. She is something else.

Also does she not live on her own anymore? Why does she need to find a place to live WITH her family?

No. 298152

Abusive family anon. Remember her parents are homophobic even though she takes trips with her mom to the zoo. She quit her job to be a full-time scammer. She's has no car, can't drive, no longstanding employment history and she thinks she can find someone willing to rent to her and her hoard of animals including a WD. Kek these are the consequences of being a NEET. If they don't own the house and are infact renting I wonder if the owner was tipped off that they had a WD on the property. That's a liability issue I don't know many landlord would be ok with.

No. 298163

I live near Stef and emailed bylaw for her township to specifically ask about wolf-dog hybrids (no cowtipping, just the direct question with no other detail). I was told straightforwardly by animal control for her township that they are not legal to own. I'm not sure if I should post a screencap of their reply or not since I don't want to give myself away in any capacity, but it was a clear no.

No. 298176

You could crop out any identifying information anon. Ty for inquiring I wanted to ask well, not to cowtip but just double check the laws since Stef has no problem lying.

No. 298180

Kek drive by her place and see if there's a for sale sign (dont pls dont)

No. 298188

Deleted my post AGAIN because I’m a retard and posted the realtor who sold the house in 2019 (possibly to Stef’s family.) The realtor confirmed it was sold for $1 mil. So back to my original point that there’s no way they’re renting.

No. 298199

Then it has to be the barn right? You cant post the actual listing, but can you tell us if it included a large plot of land? Suitable for her countless dogs

No. 298209

She has always lied about her family "losing" their house a few years back. Simply put, they didn't. They moved.

No. 298211

Doesnt mean something isnt happening this time. Maybe her WD got reported by someone (not anon above) and now shes being told to get rid of it? Or maybe the ontario dog limit per property? Or maybe her parents are just done with horses

No. 298233

Yes, the property includes the 7-stall barn, and the lot is 15 acres with 6 acres of paddock.

No. 298234

So she’s back to having a commute? I thought fursuit-making was her full time job? All this bitch does is lie.

>lOsT oUr HoUsE
>to buy a different house for literally one million dollars

No. 298248

Shes the kind of braggart to post pictures at work to brag about being whoever the fuck's face she stole. We haven't seen any pics from the daycare and none with her "in tactical gear" she 100% quit all her jobs and is a
>fulltime suit maker

No. 298381

File: 1685301253251.jpeg (376.12 KB, 1178x2042, 2EE53ECB-EE1A-4DDB-92A4-C7E959…)

Stef has already exhausted her brain dead customers. She can't expect to continue to get customers without proof of her ability to delivery. 2K for cartoon shit? She's gonna crash and burn any day now.

No. 298460

>do you think Stef is posting on wolfdog forums under a new name?
So… I'm pretty sure I found it. But not sure whether to wait a little bit before reposting anything here. Nothing that milky aside from one comment about her own wolf content. She also claims Brigitte is her second wolfdog, really doubling down on Nymeria being part wolf, I guess.

Thoughts on what is best for the milk flow? I don't want to dry up the source

No. 298475

I honestly doubt she lurks anymore if its nothing milky then just sage

No. 298476

why would she use another name if she doesn't read here though?

No. 298478

You're acting like i can see this magical account to know what you're talking about kek if you cant confirm its her then dont post

No. 298485

File: 1685378223692.png (27.73 KB, 888x444, Screenshot 2023-05-29 183659.p…)

well here goes

No. 298488

>second wolf dog
Show Nymeria's DNA results, coward

No. 298489

File: 1685378598597.png (45.29 KB, 915x654, Screenshot 2023-05-29 183017.p…)

Still pretending (via fake "idk u guyz") Nymeria is a wolfdog. Is this supposed to be her "first" wolfdog? All her "idk u guyz" are fake because she used to trot this dog out as a verified hybrid back in the day. Vids still up on tiktok.

No. 298490

File: 1685378759952.png (28.64 KB, 894x547, Screenshot 2023-05-29 182843.p…)

Brigitte is supposed to be an "Ambassador wolfdog" - wtf is that and how is Brigitte known to be suited for that?

No. 298491

File: 1685378908087.png (26.31 KB, 894x487, Screenshot 2023-05-29 182906.p…)

No. 298492

File: 1685379057969.png (876.12 KB, 907x746, Screenshot 2023-05-29 183331.p…)

furry(sage your shit)

No. 298498

>jillian eliza
Girl pick one
I get so annoyed when she does her bullshit "wow didnt expect this to blow up now ill dump all this useless info on you that no one cares about!" and internet culture just politely nods along so fucking annoying

No. 298593

How is she going to teach anyone shit when she has no clue herself. ms. Misinformation. I hate the internet animal influencers so fucking much, at this point don't listen anyone about dogs on internet if they don't have a fucking PHD or something.

No. 298599

File: 1685439096027.png (186.73 KB, 863x820, Screenshot_20230530-112958.png)

She literally got this animal as a pet. What does she delude herself into thinking it is? A fucking professor of wolf ways? Meanwhile she is all over the internet shilling the breeder, who shouldn't be breeding these in the first place. (Midnight Run Wolves) Some people did embark on their "wolfdogs" and got pitbull, allegedly. I'm still looking into that. Apparently the breeder claimed neighbor's pitbull got under the fence and must have created pitbull mixes. Whatever. Fucking crazy to breed these mixes in the first place.

No. 298613

File: 1685449645817.png (60.14 KB, 861x1453, Screenshot_20230530-142713.png)

copped a ban for this despite it being the first side-by-side of Stef and her furry alt. Anyway 15m passed, came back with second thoughts to sage it, but had already been banned. oh well.

Anyway, here's her furcon questionnaire.

No. 298614

File: 1685449683324.png (76.31 KB, 864x1387, Screenshot_20230530-142719.png)

No. 298615

File: 1685449782109.png (399.51 KB, 864x1508, Screenshot_20230530-142548.png)

can't remember if this got posted, please don't get banhappy. I'm going through the rest of her stuff. I don't know shit about furry crap but this head looks bad.

No. 298625

I really doubt her house is somber. I don't want to involve her family in this thread but her brother's sports career seems to be taking off, he just announced that he'll be playing and training for Dunlop Sports, a pretty sweet opportunity. His relatives are over the moon for him, of course sis can't be bothered tho.

No. 298632

Kek you got banned because Stef being a furry isn't new and a side by side isn't milk. Just sage and you'll be fine.
Funny that she's alright with hugs at a furry con. Props to her for understanding how touch happy that culture is
This is the same brother she's trying to pressure into cosplaying chris
Honestly, this house lie is hilarious. She expects us to believe she's the only person looking for a home, like everyone in her house is useless and pits all the responsibility on her? As fucking if stef

No. 298644

do you think that maybe landlord = Stef's parents, and they are kicking her out? "Family" could mean her dogs, lol. Would be funny.

No. 298653

I pray her parents are kicking her out shes not working anymore maybe theyre giving her an ultimatum about getting a job because fursuits aint it

No. 298713

Is She really 26? For the longest time I thought she was older because of anons yelling left and right that she's in her early 30s.

No. 298714

She's 26, which puts a lit of her failure to fly shit into perspective. Yeah, she's a fuck up with no forward momentum in life, but there might be some hope

No. 298728

Sage for no milk but TIL that Stef has a sibling. Even crazier that he’s actually kind of accomplished- really blows away my previous tinfoil that she was the ‘cherished do no wrong only child’ and that’s why her parents put up with her bullshit.

How the fuck can you be satisfied humouring a self hating, furry, NEET of a daughter if your other kid turned out fine?

No. 298741

he's the exact opposite of Stef in every way but body shape (not kidding, that's an obvious indicator that her dad is her dad, and she wasn't the product of some affair with a Viking). He seems like a decent human being who's worked hard to overcome adversity.

One interesting thing is that he suffered an awful injury in 2015; it almost ended his ability to train & could have left him disabled, even. I wonder if that spurred Stef's need to get attention because she started skinwalking and making up fake illnesses soon after that.

I don't want to drag him through the mud here, not sure whether to post caps or not. lmk

No. 298743

Im pretty sure she has a sister too. And not just another cosplayer she calls her sister

No. 298745

Dont post he isnt a cow and this isnt his thread

No. 298778

she doesn't have a sister as far as I know, and I dug pretty deep. She mentioned her brother as the "favorite" (paraphrase) a long time ago but never mentioned a sister.

imho her whole downward trajectory and fake illnesses and skinwalking started from being crazy jealous of her brother and the attention he got by working hard and excelling. The guy actually lost a ton of weight too, some was likely from male puberty but the rest had to be diet & exercise. you just know that Stef was seething the whole time over that. Her brother is basic proof to me that her family couldn't have been fat-shaming her from childhood since her brother was hefty up until the pandemic hit, more or less. Girls are held to higher standards yes but it just seems unlikely to me.

No. 298793

Wow, her attention seeking coming after her brother's injury makes a lot of sense but it also just goes to show how immature she is. Acting out for attention after a sibling undergoes traumatic experience is something you would expect from a preteen, but in 2015 she was what, 19 or 20?

No. 298804

Do not post caps here. Rule 3.2: Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 298810

thx, don't worry, I won't. Only brought him up to discuss Stef's dramatic lies & a theory about her. Anons who need proof for what I said can look on their own though

No. 298832

File: 1685579751267.jpeg (143.94 KB, 1178x1761, 036EC12D-C9BD-4E2E-9357-FC8121…)

She streamed today and dropped some milk

>She is no longer working a real job and now works from home making wolf suits for a living and says it pays more than any job she's had before

>She uses a rifle to sift through her clutter to find a spider she failed to kill (such incredible tactical training stef you're such an amazing marksman with beautiful safety practices)

>She is part of ANOTHER re1 remake that includes herself as Jill with her having to do mocap work (she called the last re1 remake she was part of an outright scam kek)

Pic is her screaming like a fucking psycho to show off her new plastic teeth caps

No. 298886

File: 1685642701863.jpeg (14.71 KB, 361x361, IMG_4480.jpeg)

jesus christ… that face.
she looks like that fat stalker girl from the Trolls movie

new skinwalk??

No. 298895

Kek what likeness
I wish she'd get a new face already the gingersnaps thing she's doing now is so boring and idk why she thinks she suddenly has a VA career ahead of her

No. 299021

File: 1685711308837.png (134.3 KB, 828x1792, IMG_0716.png)

So how much money does she actually make streaming? This is a great night for her compared to her usual max of 3 viewers but probably doesn’t amount to much $$$

No. 299038

Retards were gifting subs she might've made like 20 bucks

No. 299174

File: 1685752492658.jpeg (186.44 KB, 1179x1595, D745FE8D-016A-4BB0-9358-47F5B7…)

What the fuck did she do to her jaw

No. 299196


Nice goiter Stef.

No. 299250

You def missed some milk

She has a new british simp that she was really thirsty for during stream even with her GF in the call

She's allegedly visiting countess for most of June which should be very milky

She went a rant about how cosplayers arent famous and are narcissitic , how you missed that is beyond me(sage your shit)

No. 299255

You posted that four times and are wrong

Cross (the british simp) isn't new, he's been streaming with her for a year now, if not more. If anything, he's starting to sound bored of her now.
Stef has visited countess for a month before, that's not milk until milk actually is produced.
Her rant about cosplayers is not new and she's said it plenty of times AND posted it, therefore not milk.
Lurk more.

No. 299265

>british simp that she was really thirsty for
A male one? What happened to being a lesbian?

No. 299271

stef clearly will do anything for attention and/or money. She pandered to a lot of gross Star Wars and GoT moidfans. Ate that shit up. When other women noticed her insane lies and called her out, she vilified them, hiding behind a shield of moronic men who licked her asshole.

For a lesbian, she enjoys being a pick-me NLOG and manipulating men into fighting her battles for her. I also suspect most of her donations in the past were from moids. I mean, remember when she had her laptop at the ice rink(??) and during her skating lesson(?) some hockey player hit a puck into it and shattered it (??lmfao). Yeah, she raised enough money for a new laptop in one or two days. Women aren't that stupid. Men are.

No. 299273

She wasn't thirsty for shit, Cross is always there. They were talking about Cross working out or whatever, Stef still drools gross for her whale gf
Honestly, i'd be pissed anons don't actually know what happens in the streams if stef wasn't such a boring as shit streamer

No. 299514

File: 1685998970487.jpeg (212.05 KB, 1178x2014, 769854D0-C903-41F3-A6FD-751D01…)

Used a gun to find a spider but then posts this? Sure Stef

No. 299602

File: 1686090020053.jpeg (96.2 KB, 828x1385, IMG_0735.jpeg)

No shit. Almost gave her props for being truthful about the results but of course the dog being a service dog is a lie, so I guess it cancels out.

No. 299603

File: 1686090249205.jpeg (60.3 KB, 828x1223, IMG_0736.jpeg)

Brigitte’s results

No. 299605

File: 1686092020058.jpeg (135.52 KB, 1179x989, IMG_7343.jpeg)

Additionally, she now says Nymeria is a "PTSD service dog" that she didn't know the breed of despite it being so legit she worries it can't legally work

No. 299606

Samefag sorry anon I didn't see you posted a different one from Twitter that said Nymeria was a PTSD service dog

No. 299618

so…what was her first wolfdog? Since she got Brigitte on the basis of having wolfdog experience??

No. 299620

At this point we need a spread sheet on all her lies

No. 299623

File: 1686105247526.jpeg (35.4 KB, 828x289, IMG_0737.jpeg)

It was Nym. Don’t worry she’s pretending she’s an arctic wolf. You know, the one native to the North Pole.

No. 299627

She saw Eskimo in a breed in there and went full liar recovery mode
>grateful she's not a WD because then she can't legally be a service animal
You can't legally own a WD where you are so jot that down
And if you're happy Nymeria isn't WD then why immediately add she might be polar wolf? Fuck off Stef

No. 299630

what PTSD? from WHAT? honestly, Stefany. Even among your lies, what event or trauma caused your PTSD?

No. 299632

Service dogs perform a task, and are never these (aloof, less handler focused, like there is a reason why 99% of legit service dogs are either lab or golden) breed mixes. What task does "PTSD dog" provide to her? Is having the same "emotional support animal" grift not special enough for her to call Nymeria emotional support dog?
I can't believe she has any followers who are not just following her for insane shit she says. She lies like a kid on a playground, always so over the top.

No. 299649

File: 1686147611976.jpeg (232.49 KB, 1178x1861, IMG_7335.jpeg)

She posted this yesterday too didn't say which dog just dogs in general
None of these dogs are service animals kek

No. 299650


I am absolutely convinced she said the same about a raccoon (or wolf?) plush before. Why is she recycling the same bullshit stories over and over?

No. 299651

File: 1686150065133.jpg (1.37 MB, 3464x3464, what a dumb bitch.jpg)


fount it. Why is this almost 30 year old so attached to stuffed animals? You'd think she would be smarter about this considering it happened before.

No. 299653

They're dogs, you retard. They see a stuffed toy, they take it. It's your job to keep your stuffed animals away from where they can get at them.

No. 299658

she probably leaves everything on the ground like a true NEET

No. 299680

We've seen her room before in cosplay pics she is absolutely tossing shit to the floor

No. 299702

Samefagging because it’s weird that she hasn’t posted this one. I got it from >>295401
That’s a higher percentage than both the parents so you would think she’d be thrilled?

No. 299708

Maybe she's worried she'll get flagged for her illegal deeds

No. 299714

Get used to it, Steffie. We already knew Nymeria was destructive, now imagine what an adolescent mid/high percent wolfdog is going to do to your stuff. This is just the beginning.

No. 299785

She has claimed it many times before, stating it's from the stuff that happened during the Rey and Arya sagas.

No. 299789

She switched her story recently from SA to that "shooting" she "survived"

No. 299799

how incredible, that you can get PTSD from your own lies

No. 300307

File: 1686419204629.jpeg (128.81 KB, 828x1121, IMG_0754.jpeg)

So she doesn’t make the base and the teeth and nose come already painted. Literally all she does is attach and paint the fur? Maybe she makes the eyes herself. And she thinks that’s worth $2000? It also seems like any money she’s made from this she immediately spent on art and fursuit commissions or bases for fursuits for her and Countess.

No. 300308

File: 1686419324008.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.66 KB, 828x888, IMG_0755.jpeg)

These people are all degens

No. 300313

>nipples on tummy
>no nipples on (human)boobs
I'm so confused

No. 300338

she doesn't make the eyes, when her glue was gross, I'm pretty sure she talked about buying new eyes
Never in my life have I see tits fall that wide apart these people fetishize like trannies
Isn't Stef friends with an ftm? They talked about hormones last stream it was so forced when Stef congratulated them kek

No. 300832

File: 1686889640336.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.24 KB, 1178x1978, IMG_7600.jpeg)

When the fuck has this girl ever drawn vent art

No. 300848

File: 1686925177318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.44 KB, 680x680, 467A20A1-A705-4A0A-A0F2-5BC6AD…)

How original, using as heavy inspiration the artist that lately has been quite popular, susitse.art.
With how fat she got, I guess you could say she will be fine for a few months. How many horses does she have again? I just really hate when these privileged idiots talk about “survival” like they’re living in a tiny town in Ethiopia trying to avoid getting killed by the government because they’re not from the same tribe.

No. 300850

Surprised we haven't seen anything else about her "losing her home" like is that happening or not kek normally you only get a month of you're getting kicked out

No. 300853

Maybe her parents asked her to start paying rent, or get a job.

No. 300858

This makes the most sense
We know her parents enjoy horses too and we haven't see any evidence that her family is experiencing hardship. Stef confirmed she quit her jobs to make fursuits. I agree with anon, they're asking her to work and she threw a fit and claimed she's getting kicked out

No. 300920

susitse.art is what I immediately thought of when I saw it too. what a sad and blatant ripoff.

No. 301015

File: 1687187802586.jpeg (200.21 KB, 1178x1910, IMG_7794.jpeg)

These look terrible lmao
Why does she use her "work" Twitter for the fursuits as a personal half the time? Is she that desperate for engagement?(sage your shit)

No. 301028


what's up with the shoop, her nose looks deformed.

No. 301088

her hands… is she larping having vitiligo now?

No. 301089

her hands… is she larping having vitiligo now?

No. 301155

back to her ginger skinwalking i see

No. 301182

File: 1687371874663.jpeg (103.87 KB, 1179x1221, IMG_7824.jpeg)

Not sure about other abusive homes, but I would not feel comfortable asking for shit like this, let alone saying what is available isn't good enough with my parents abusing me

No. 302043

File: 1687985621781.png (206.72 KB, 723x759, Screenshot 2023-06-28 225249.p…)

How much you want to bet that the proceeds go straight into her pocket?

No. 302044

File: 1687985655502.png (231.8 KB, 709x764, Screenshot 2023-06-28 225306.p…)

No. 302050

File: 1687986196625.png (163.05 KB, 708x755, Screenshot 2023-06-28 225327.p…)

I forgot to write on the first one: wolves eating CWD-infected deer isn't a good thing. She doesn't know the first thing about biology. How's that app for STARS at Yale coming along, Stef?

The pins and stickers are ugly furry sketches of the dog she's leaving with her abooooosive parents for two months while she watches kids' shows with Countess all the way across the country. Brigitte isn't an ambassador wolfdog (wtf I am stunned people are buying from breeders for this kind of program - what absolute dickheads), she's not being trained. She's a prop. I hope Stef's parents can handle Brigitte during this puberty phase. They were given no choice in the purchase of this animal, I am willing to bet. Nor Nymeria or Lobo. And they already have other dogs who could be seriously injured if Brigitte doesn't grow up properly socialized and trained.

Like how the fuck is it responsible for her to jet off for two months if she's all about "respecting Brigitte as fully both wolf and dog"? She's at a critical age, but Stef just abandons her. I'm sure she'll blame her parents when she gets back for god knows what.

No. 302096

File: 1687995365172.jpg (5.07 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg.jpg)

Mmm, yeah, no, that's some misinformation right there. You don't WANT wolves (or anything else) to eat animals with CWD, Steff, because it could spread through their waste.

You're welcome to sell your stupid ass stickers and donate the proceeds, but don't do it under the guise of "I have a wolf, and speak for the wolves"

No. 302102

God I sincerely hope we see this "prion Yale STARS" paper one day like I just wanna see it

No. 302339

File: 1688195804904.jpeg (242.73 KB, 1170x2074, IMG_6864.jpeg)

Is she officially back on her Ginger Snaps bullshit?

No. 302350

File: 1688223224685.jpeg (360.68 KB, 1178x2017, IMG_8101.jpeg)

Imo she has like two leaps going on side by side Jill and ginger snaps she seems to have mellowed out with the skin walking but it's stupid they're parading her teeth as real

No. 302375

File: 1688236103225.png (558.58 KB, 863x787, Screenshot_20230630-150548.png)

can anyone explain how Brigitte is NOT a pet? She's not a working dog, or for breeding.

No. 302376

File: 1688236166550.png (579.03 KB, 863x811, Screenshot_20230630-150743.png)

do as I say, not as I do

No. 302381

Stef claims she got it as an ambassador breed tho really with how hard she shopped for it there's no possible way she can deny she got the poor thing as a prop
She flew brigitte in front the US after obsessively "suspecting" her current dogs had wolf in them

No. 302385

Does this mean she will use the dog to make money? I'm a little skeptical as to whether ambassador dogs are even a real thing, or an ethical thing. Is there a legitimate program for them? I looked around but it's all so vague.

No. 302394

File: 1688247344368.jpeg (312.8 KB, 1179x674, IMG_8201.jpeg)

There's no such thing as an ambassador program for an animal or whatever. It's just a fancy term used by people like her who want to dodge valid criticism concerning owning wild animals as pets. She's not gonna make money or participating in education panels because she's too stupid and lazy to do that. She's just saying this so furries stop coming for her on Twitter (which she only claimed I don't think I saw anyone criticizing her owning a WD on social media)

No. 302407

Wait really? Is she claiming to be at a rodeo?

No. 302408

It's a 10 day long rodeo convention both Stef and her whale gf have horses so it makes sense they'd go at least following whale's parents or whoever actually takes care of the animals

No. 302469

Stampede isn’t until the 7th, is this just some small time rodeo she’s going to?

Also no clue what rodeo would happen ON canada day of all days.

No. 302478

Canada day is normally the day to start lots of festivals and events, just Google "rodeo Canada day" and see how many different cities had a rodeo on that day, I'm just wondering why stef's is indoors

No. 302526

>”remember, please don’t get these guys as pets”

Stef?? You better be fucking joking??
You’re not a zoologist rehabilitation specialist , why are you speaking like you’re some kind of above-the-law expert on this? you’re a lying upper-middle class rich kid who got this animal as a pet for fandom clout.

like be fucking for real right now.
you have no professional experience or knowledge with these types of animals, you have literally done 2 things with your life up until this point, play videogames and dress up in costumes. and I feel so sorry for your newest pet who is going to get the same treatment as all your horses once it stops being a puppy and requires actual work, it’ll be left outside in a cage/paddock to go wild until it hurts someone and gets “rehomed” put down or, if god has a heart, you’re exaggerating the wolf-content in him and he’ll just be a normal dog that sits in your house while your parents look after him and you move on to your next fandom micro-obsession and forget all about him like every other animal that came before him.

i’m sorry for the huge vent but she makes me so mad nonnies. she is really out here getting away with this shit just banking on her followers having a less-functioning memory than a goldfish when it comes to her past and her shenanigans

do you think she actually believes her own lies at this point? or do you think there’s some conscience thought that knows she is full of shit but says and does these things anyway? idk what would be worse at this point

No. 302531

>does she believe her own lies?
I honestly don't think she has control over her lies. In one live stream, she asked countess if she remembered a phone call Stef had had with her while Stef was "patrolling a hospital" and saw a figure down the hall
I think she literally just spouts bullshit and goes with it
What I can't believe is her gf believing her

No. 302534

It's a fucking German shepherd. End of the goddamn story.

No. 302535

I dunno nonny, someone found this puppy >>285066 >>285067 which seems very likely to be Brigitte. Unfortunately I believe that she's a wolfdog.

No. 302536

Isn't it interesting how this certain breed up upperclass caucasian woman HAS to be the authority of something or else she will crumble and die?

No. 302549

Agree, nonnie just got mad and forgot that we actually saw a DNA test too >>299603

She claims authority everywhere she goes. When she was Elsa, she claimed she knew Norwegian well enough to translate a song despite only studying it for two weeks and had to mention that apparently EVERYONE was asking her to translate
She's just a spoiled nobody who could've been somebody if she'd just stopped lying and stuck to what she was actually good at (which might be nothing but oh well)
I'm just glad she doesn't claim to know shit about RE she can't even finish the 4 remake

No. 302563

Lmao yeah, you'd think someone who is fluent in norwegian and has aaaaalways had a dream to move there to yell in the forest would stop hoarding "hard-to-move-accross-the-sea" animals.
I know that would never happen but I think its fun to look back her little phases and wonder where all that knowledge went (it never existed). She just needs to pick one of her monthly obsessions and actually dedicate herself to it. Even her furry arts and crafts is so halfassed.

No. 302603

Kek it's not very Disney Princess of her to hoard and neglect animals
Maybe Thats why she switched to a horror franchise and larped the most subpar characters so she could get away with being a piece of garbage

No. 302608

>don't get them as pets
>not a pet
But she is your pet. She's a pet you're neglecting too. Walk and play with her enough and she wouldn't be destructive. Both dogs and wolves get destructive when they're bored.

No. 302611

File: 1688402902768.png (166.66 KB, 864x815, Screenshot_20230625-153419~2.p…)

here's what she's destroying
I personally await the destruction of her fur suit or some commission she is working on

No. 302613

Rodeos are completely inhumane, it's shocking that someone who continually pretends to love animals would attend an event like that. What a blatant hypocrite.

No. 302625

What group is this? I can't believe she still uses Facebook wtf
This dog needs to be an outside dog there's no way the poor thing is comfortable always being cooped up
I fucking pray she doesn't crate Brigitte like she did with her other large dogs it's sick

No. 302626

File: 1688416068259.jpg (145.34 KB, 1024x683, IMG_20230703_222816_504.jpg)

I wanted to say this but didn't want to derail. It looks horrific, what they do to animals there. picrel is just one rodeo from the canada day holiday. Look at that poor calf. (I thought of lolcow immediately but we don't treat calves like that)
found her in some wolfdog / wolf hybrid groups (most not even private). I knew she wouldn't stop posting online. You can search her name on FB and click on 'posts' to find some.

No. 302628

Speaking from experience there's no crate that will hold a high-energy wolfdog for long. They will resort to chewing their way out and can bend steel with enough time and determination. Stef's in for a rude awakening if she thinks crating Brigitte is the answer.
>a pair of shoes on top of the fridge
How, Stef? How did your dog get at your shoes on top of a fridge without slamming into the fridge or jumping? Much attentive, such wow.

No. 302629

there's also the point that she just up and left this adolescent wolfdog with her parents while she does fuck-all with Countess for two months on the other side of the country

No. 302647

I think she means her mini fridge.

Apologies for dog sperg, I have a border collie and while Im sure there are lots of differences I have heard they are pretty similar with the amount of training and mental exercise that a wolfdog requires. Some people who train border collies claim you can train them to be created all day but when I read journal articles, spoke to vets and trainers the consensus was that dogs don't enjoy being crated no matter how positive you make it. you also aren't supposed to have them in there for hours at a time. If her dog is destroying things it's because it's bored or anxious. My money is that it's super anxious if it's destroying things when she leaves for a short time. How miserable for that dog.

No. 302724

I sincerely hope that if (or when, rather) Brigitte acts out be it due to too much energy, mishandling, or whatever, that it's only Steff who gets the consequence, and none of her other animals or family members. It makes me so mad that she acts like she's some sort of dog Guru, and in reality this fat fucking retard simply just crates her dogs and only uses them as some sort of prop; just like her lizard, horses, kittens, and whatever poor animal happens across this stupid bitch.

No. 302774

Would you mind sharing some posts/comments if there's anything at all interesting? We don't all have FB to go look ourselves.

No. 302791

sure, I think I've posted most of the stuff already (she cross-posts a lot and some also gets put on Twitter) but I will check again tonight. If anything is remotely milky I screenshot it anyway (I love Stef as a cow even though I loathe her bc she is an animal abuser.) I just wasn't sure how much to spam the thread with

No. 302812

Honestly if you sage and it's not repeated content you'd be fine. I'd appreciate seeing this too, I'm not touching Facebook ever again. I know Stef has to do more than just dick around on insta and she was always most active on FB

No. 302962

File: 1688822949881.png (271.92 KB, 864x1407, Screenshot_20230611-151509~2.p…)

hey, I'll go through my screenshots to see if there's anything I didn't post yet. I tend to screenshot too much and I put some here awhile ago so just don't want to duplicate anything. Stef is my fav cow though so it never gets old for me.

Anyway here she basically soft claiming Nymeria is a mid-content wolf despite having an Embark with zero wolf content.

No. 302968

>has a mid face
Who is going to tell these people that dogs came from wolves like of course certain breeds are gonna look more similar wtf

No. 302978

In my (admittedly non-expert) opinion, Nymeria looks most like a wooly-coated Malamute.
Arctic wolves (which Stef claims is the secret ingredient in her DNA) are smaller wolves, with females maxing out around 85lbs. I doubt the truth of her claim that Nym weighs 150lbs, but Arctic wolf DNA would not be the cause of that regardless.

No. 302980

ALSO (sorry for double post) purebred CEDs are rare, yes, but that doesn't mean their genetics are rare. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of dogs from up north contain some percentage of CED, which they would continue to pass on regardless of not being considered technical CEDs themselves.

No. 302982

Stef making up shit and outing her own lies in the process is nothing new. She can't even be arsed to look into the species she's claiming for her own damn pet

No. 303024

File: 1688916097263.jpeg (241.31 KB, 1179x652, IMG_8348.jpeg)

Sage because no milk, just an update.
Stef got made a thread despite saying she wouldn't
That's the link for future reference, nothing on it
She's with her gf and said gf got some kind of surgery, but you wouldn't know it by Stef's lack of posting or support. Anon way above called it, this visit is zero milk kek

No. 303057

File: 1688963800268.webm (3.15 MB, 1080x1920, 328396845_988412602312229_6087…)

Any dog anons wanna check this out and tell us what they think? To me this just looks like Brigitte bullied him out of the chair.

No. 303087

File: 1689033411589.jpeg (786.07 KB, 1179x1292, IMG_8451.jpeg)

She's selling her v tuber fursuit for way more than it's actually worth

No. 303088

File: 1689033927992.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1179x1603, IMG_8455.jpeg)

She's had it for just under six months and I'm pretty sure she didn't even design this suit herself considering the creator has a fursuit design mock up that Stef didn't like with either of her accounts

No. 303098

It might be different if they're WDs but generally when dogs are baring their teeth like that it is in play. She should possibly discourage them from being on the furniture in general and discouraging that biting that happened towards the end.
But she's a shit pet parent in general who has no idea how to train any animal.

No. 303109

File: 1689075288499.png (802.37 KB, 864x1473, Screenshot_20230429-122139.png)

It does look like play to me, both are relaxed and none of those "bites" are real. But Stef seems somehow to know nothing about dog behavior. For instance, in picrel, that's not some kind of "care," and it's probably not a grooming behavior either. If Fitz came back from being outside, he probably wanted to sniff/lick Brigitte's face to see if she ate while he was out. Allogrooming in dogs just doesn't look like this, I won't derail about it but it's absurd how she anthropomorphizes and makes up fiction about animal behavior. Like I'm sure none of those horses "fell asleep to her singing" or whatever the hell she claimed. It's delusional and it all makes sense now that she's fully come out as a furry. I just really hope she isn't a secret zoophile - and I say that because of all the posts she makes about animals being her "soulmates" and the "love of her life" (yes).

No. 303110

File: 1689075471842.png (99.99 KB, 864x1411, Screenshot_20220830-225143~2.p…)

bonus "love of my life" (screenshot from January - I archive Stefany's stuff because I fear we're gonna find out something even worse about her with all these animals she collects)

No. 303115

KEK where's "x pet saved my life" collage anon this could be a whole series for how heavily she pushes a connection with these animals

No. 303183

File: 1689185844360.jpeg (899.42 KB, 1179x1561, IMG_8504.jpeg)

>my life is traumatizing, I've been traumatized again, my family is abusive, I can't move out on my own, I am trapped in an abusive house
>bought myself a 3d printer! (Cheapest models for prime are still over $100USD)

No. 303192

kek I am sure that she got an expensive one for her fursuit "business"

No. 303318

Good luck with that lmao. Can't wait to see a pile of plastic spaghetti sitting on a gouged-to-shit printbed, passed off as an example of her "wares". Assuming we ever even see that.

No. 303325

File: 1689379832746.jpeg (926.59 KB, 1179x1639, IMG_8558.jpeg)

Any insiders got a clue why she's suddenly so upset over her own damn fursona?
>just need her to
The dump is free

No. 303329

she needs money. idk how she lives like this. she was urgently selling some other fursuit before just like this. will drop the pic later

No. 303357

File: 1689428620325.png (62.63 KB, 899x361, bodyeuphoria.png)

she really is delusional

No. 303364

Full kek to see these retards being upset over Jill actually looking athletically capable rather than a blow up doll
This is Stef's "ELSA HAS BUCK TEETH" bs all over again

No. 303366

She made a vtuber model when she doesn't even stream?

No. 303373

File: 1689445249814.png (633.21 KB, 916x769, Screenshot 2023-07-15 202206.p…)

>sadly it's too hot for me

No. 303382

At least she's consistent about the fact that she's useless in mildly warm weather

No. 303754

what do you guys think she’s up to on these days where she’s not super active? we know she’s not tending to any horses or doing anything else genuinely important. does she just rot away in her parents’ house all day currently? i bet she would claim she’s soooo busy with commissions she simply doesn’t have time to do anything else

No. 303804

File: 1689981676763.jpeg (210.73 KB, 828x1423, IMG_0856.jpeg)

Another new horse

No. 303807

Disgusting animal hoarding aside, this all but confirms that she isn't losing her home but is instead getting kicked out. No one about to lose their home guys another fucking horse, and this one was def bought by her parents, otherwise Stef would've been lovebombing posts about this poor thing for a month

No. 303809

She cares the most about these horses when she's buying them or when they "need a name" (usually also a "show name" because she has some lie about competing them). It's like they are fake horses in a game and not real, living creatures.

No. 303818

Think you’re right about it being her parents’ horse or a boarder, I’m pretty sure she’s still in BC with countess?

No. 303819

Where thee fuck is this bitch getting all them aminals

No. 303821

Seems like she is. Can't imagine how Countess's parents put up with their daughter's freeloading dead end gf

No. 303823

i fully understand that these are most likely her parent’s horses but I’m confused as to WHY she keeps posting them as if they’re her own on her social media? I get it, for clout, but at the same time she’s trying to act like some kind of wolf sanctuary, whilst again trying to act like she’s homeless and getting evicted… all while acting like she’s getting new horses? all at the same time?
do you see my confusion? why does she keep trying to push all these different scenarios to her followers? why wouldn’t you pick 1 scam/grift and pimp that all over your socmed’s instead of 3 different conflicting ones? it just makes her look so retarded.

No. 303830

Has she ever had a Scotland phase before? All I remember is her Scandiboo phase, I don’t remember her ever skinwalking Merida or Outlander or anything, correct me if I’m wrong nonnas

No. 303835

File: 1690026656840.png (366.15 KB, 863x1077, Screenshot_20230722-122544.png)


No. 303836

File: 1690026698074.png (814.97 KB, 864x1230, Screenshot_20230722-122141.png)

this is what she spends money on

No. 303844

She wants to use moids for their money not date them retard

No. 303845

Findom saga when

No. 303853

Not to be a petty bitch, but I'm pretty sure you need to be attractive and/or charismatic to be successful as a findom or sugar baby. Areas in which our Stefany is somewhat lacking…

No. 303922

File: 1690101941566.png (13.88 KB, 366x200, rawmeat.png)

werewolf larp still ongoing

No. 303935

This particular detail is hilarious
There's no way she actually eats any meat raw or "ten seconds" especially chicken so if anyone comes in just freaked out and asks if she eats chicken raw she either says she does cook it and ruins the lie or doesn't and just has salmonella

No. 303947

At least if she had salmonella she wouldn't be the size of a semi-truck lol. She wants so bad to be special in some way, but always ends up just coming off as special Ed.

No. 303966

it's especially hilarious because she used to pretend to be vegan, then said "for her health" she was taking a break. I'm pretty sure she hasn't had a single day of vegan eating, but switching from that larp to the carnivore one is pretty funny. I'll add links or screenshots of the vegan stuff in a bit. I assume one of the actresses she skinwalks is or was vegan?

No. 304006

File: 1690172880005.jpeg (444.09 KB, 1179x872, IMG_8836.jpeg)

No. 304021

>why does she keep trying to push all these different scenarios to her followers? why wouldn’t you pick 1 scam/grift and pimp that all over your socmed’s instead of 3 different conflicting ones? it just makes her look so retarded.

she can't even keep up with her own bullshit that she weaves. remember when her gecko died a second time? either she somehow thinks she's slick enough that people aren't up to scratch on everything she exaggerates, or she's not even smart enough to realize that anyone who can would take even a few minutes to look into her history will find out how much of a liar she is. it's looking like the latter considering she has multiple threads documenting almost everything she's done.

No. 304037

File: 1690205478057.png (878.56 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20190824-142458~2.p…)

ah yes
there were a bunch of them. I think I never posted them bc there was incessant milk flow back then. But comparing this "raw meat" phase to her vegan moments is funny as hell. I wonder if she will embrace getting fatter now

No. 304038

File: 1690205649112.png (2.15 MB, 1066x1736, Screenshot_20190824-165546.png)

just for reference

No. 304043

Anon, I wish you had posted this back then, because it is DAMNING
She makes it about a moral thing but the second her stupidity is caught and someone goes at her, she instantly drops all morality reasoning and just says eggs make her sick so it makes sense to be vegan
She has no fucking spine whatsoever

No. 304051

my bad, kek. I used to travel a lot for research then and would just screenshot anything that looked funny. I'll see if I have anything else. Also maybe it was in the old thread, I did a nostalgia read on the train yesterday but only got through two threads so far

No. 304056

File: 1690213119007.png (445.18 KB, 1079x1654, Screenshot_20191219-233638.png)

found this one too
hard to believe tbh

No. 304089

File: 1690237244185.jpeg (471.05 KB, 1179x2087, IMG_8844.jpeg)

Horse anons, help me out- why the hell is she talking about English saddles but looking to buy a western saddle for a rodeo? And is $500 actually legit?

I have no memory of this story OR the bullshit vegan one kek she really was a fat fucking liar

No. 304090

File: 1690237557916.jpeg (183.94 KB, 1178x1460, IMG_8845.jpeg)

$20 min tarot reading when I know for a fact one person never got their reading from the last "donate what you can" grift

No. 304097

If she's always so shot on cash why did she give away the old saddles? She's such a liar.

No. 304106

File: 1690261371233.jpeg (200.68 KB, 828x560, IMG_0863.jpeg)

It’s a grift. She says she brought her saddle with her to Countess’. No clue why she wants a western saddle unless the rodeo made her rebrand. My tinfoil is she’s gained a LOT of weight in the past year, which is why she’s been coping with cleavage posts. She outgrew her saddles and it’s hard to find English saddles in a size 19+ and they cost ~$1200, western saddle size equivalent would be a 17, it goes up to size 21 and you can buy them for $500. Also no offense to western anons but it’s definitely the easier discipline if you take away barrels and cutting/reining - which obviously she couldn’t do.

No. 304118

As a western anon, no offense is taken. I used to work at a high end dressage and boarding barn and I can’t even begin to fathom the intricacies of it all. Plus is is SO ungodly expensive, not really a hobby she needs to be getting into. Not to mention, when the fuck does Steph ever even ride? Were the kiddie costume contest with Finn the last known pictures of her on a horse? She needs to lose a little weight if she is serious about any equestrian activities. Unless she plans on getting a draft horse next.

No. 304134

she has made posts in the past claiming her parents forced her to ride only English-style and saying she wanted to ride Western now. I'll link the posts or upload screens later. But it's hardly the first time she's pretended to be interested in Western. She's so retarded, she didn't give away any saddles, she just wants people to pay for a new one. There aren't any posts in those horse groups about her giving saddles away for free.

No. 304152

Well the fur comms didn't last long at all lmao. If she was truly getting commissions (probably just pretending all her slots were being taken) she wouldn't have to throw out two wholly different comm types to barely make a goal of $500.

No. 304154

If she wanted to compete, couldn't she get away with her English saddle anyways? I don't compete and haven't ridden in years, but it's not like it's absolutely necessary. For anyone who knows anything, sure, but she's a liar and she will never actually compete, so she could theoretically get away with the English saddle, couldn't she? Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just wondering if it's even NECESSARY to get a western saddle. I wanna know how much of a scam she's pulling.

No. 304155

Samefag just wanna say $20 for a two card solution spread is way overpriced for someone like her. She has never ever shown any ability with tarot. Her ego is insane.

No. 304313

AYRT Competing is very expensive, more so in the English genre. She could easily get a used western saddle from any of her horse groups very cheap or possible free. Maybe even an English one though maybe not free. I think the one anon was right that she has gained to much weight for her old saddle. It’s pretty obvious in an English saddle if your fat ass doesn’t fit. Plus we would never hear the end of it if she really had given it away. Sounds like a last minute lie.

No. 304325

I found the "I wanted to ride Western but my evil parents wouldn't let me" lie. Link: >>>/w/135401
If I find any additional material, I'll post it here. There's no way her parents said any of this. Her dad allegedly rode horses in the Dominican Republic and there's no way he would have ridden English style. I bet her parents would have done anything if Stef actually got off her ass for an hour a day, no matter what sport it was.

No. 304326

File: 1690465698924.jpg (323.59 KB, 1079x2116, 1611569163359~2.jpg)

Things I dislike:
Riding Western
Ball caps

No. 304329

I really hate how she paints her parents. They’re upper middle class but they’re not some WASPy summering-in-the-Hamptons old money couple who would say their dumpy eight year old must be a “prestigious dressage rider,” especially because they clearly never paid for a dressage lesson for her in her life. If any hard decision about disciplines was made it was probably a matter of convenience. They already owned sport horses and English tack. Simple as.

No. 304598

What does the new flag in her pfp mean?

No. 304609

File: 1690923439617.jpeg (197.17 KB, 1179x1319, IMG_9212.jpeg)

This maybe?

No. 304616

Either that or "moon lesbian" because wolf lmfaooo. Thanks anon.

No. 304623

File: 1690935057703.jpeg (29.31 KB, 168x300, IMG_9217.jpeg)

moon flag is for closeted lesbians full kek what's the point of a fucking flag if you're in the closet

No. 304680

I'd have to go log in to find the tweet but it's definitely the moon flag, she had some BS discussion about whether it was a terf flag. She just wants some wolf connection, you're 100% correct nonny

No. 304704

I'm English rider and from Europe but I have some context to offer, I have several friends who ride Western. The saddle situation is probably a bit different in North America, in Europe it can be really hard to get your hands on a proper Western saddle since it's not so common here, but no matter where you are a decent saddle for English riding goes from 500 € and upwards even if you buy secondhand. 1000 € is not unusual and premium saddles start at 2000 €. My Western friends tell me that a proper saddle that fits both the horse and the rider is easily around 1000 € and upwards BUT it can be partly because it is harder to find a Western saddle here, so the smaller market might create higher prices. However $500 is not an outlandish claim. I do wonder why she would have GIVEN her English saddles away as proper ones are actually worth some good money. I'm currently trying to sell a saddle I bought for 600 euros and the lowest I'm willing to go is 400 €, and I'm definitely not going to just give it away for free kek.

The competition rules might dictate that she must have a Western saddle. I don't care enough to go check any Canadian Western association rulebooks but at least here if you compete in Western disciplines in an official competition you must have a Western saddle in addition to several other tack rules. The tack rules in any discipline, not just Western ones, are sometimes a bit ridiculous but it's entirely possible she's not bullshitting about needing a Western saddle.

No. 304706

Thanks Nona! I had no idea there were regulations with the tack. Kinda weird that she doesn't know any local horse people to just try and borrow a saddle from, or is that also a faux pas?

No. 304863

File: 1691347883254.jpeg (76.01 KB, 1178x408, IMG_9361.jpeg)

Wish we had a furry anon to match the horse anons that could hopefully explain why any furry would buy a suit from a person with no portfolio

No. 305563

File: 1691806921643.jpeg (819.46 KB, 1179x1081, IMG_9712.jpeg)

Not only is it embarrassing seeing her talk about her tits this much she has also airbrushed her face into an uncanny valley oblivion (especially on the right)

No. 305564

furry anon here, sorry i’m late, i have a few theories
first theory is that she is full of shit,
second is she only had like 2-3 slots (and lying about having heaps more) and was marketing them to absolute suckers with money to burn or younger furries who don’t know any better,
third is she is selling them really cheap (or free to friends) on the DL while publicly saying they’re thousands of dollars,
fourth is she is making a bunch of pre-mades and hoping she can sell them after she makes them
fifth is that she actually had heaps of slots and has miraculously filled them all and earned thousands of dollars but there is no way they’re all going to get finished and there will be what the fandom calls “beware posts” going up about her once her buyers realise they’re getting shit-tier fursuits or nothing at all

can’t see any positive outcome from her ventures in the furry scene tbh

No. 305567

Number 5 would be the milkiest option with a repeat of her Maisie meltdown, but realistically she’s not really “in” the furry community so if they run her out there’s no real loss for her. She’d be what, $10,000 richer? Not bad for a short term grift.

No. 305589

Bless you for your bravery furry anon
What I'm curious about is how much work actually goes into these heads these are the 2023 heads and we're four months away from 2023 ending while she's been fucking around with her gf for ages and done no work at all

No. 305634

it’s actually kind of a lot. most newer fursuit makers say it takes them weeks, even experienced makers say it takes them days and that’s with dedicated, no-breaks work.
I suppose though, because Stef buys her heads pre-made (as in, the base underneath the actual fur isn’t made by her from scratch by foam/resin/3D print, she buys pre-made resin ones online from a mass-producing company and just glues fur to it when she gets it and calls it her fursuit making business) it might only take her a day or two.

if she’s buying her bases from where I think she is, it costs about $150 per base not including shipping and she is charging her own clients thousands of dollars just for her to glue fur on to a pre-made head. when you think about it that way, you can see why it’s such a controversial practice in the fandom and basically a huge scam

the reason fursuits are usually thousands in the first place is because each one is supposed to be a unique wearable art piece that’s made entirely by hand from scratch. she is basically the furry-equivalent of a drop shipping company right now

No. 305651

If she really has like 3 people in that list then she can probably make 3 heads in the last couple months of the year
Scummy but plausible I look forward to people reviewing her shitty work

No. 305992

File: 1692551408635.jpeg (497.07 KB, 1178x2019, IMG_0038.jpeg)

Anyone else find is super distasteful that she posts constant pity shit for this dead dog after her actual friend just died? Also that we only see pity posts for Prince and not the terrier she named after Daisy Ridley's dog and that black and white dog, both of which were called her therapy dog.

No. 306022

wait who died??

No. 306029

The one that helped mod her sever, went by lemonbigbaldbead or smthn like that

No. 306030

File: 1692593075843.jpeg (666.53 KB, 1178x2040, IMG_9861.jpeg)

No. 306040

what do you mean nonna? she made a single instagram story that vanished after 24 hours about her dearest friend, Lemon, light of her life, who no one here has ever heard of or seen her mention ever until now
that’s super tasteful and respectful, and not at all an incredibly selfish and horrible way to farm some clout and attention

No. 306202

File: 1692937015581.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2044, IMG_8634.jpeg)

She is NOT going to the convention with her musty ass bra and her fat girl tits out.

No. 306214

KEK she didn't even credit her gf who made the entire prop for her than only serves to showcase this sad excuse for cleavage

No. 306385

that caption is so unfunny it's painful. stef has become so boring

No. 306406

Doesnt even make sense in the spanish language, since Js are pronounced like H. She's so dumb…

No. 306475

File: 1693299852892.png (2.85 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20230829-165936~2.p…)

Imagine having a nice day at the zoo with your family and seeing this.

Also I think this is that stupid wallet she threw a tantrum about losing at a con a whole back.

No. 306495

Tinfoil she lied about losing it for asspats

No. 306580

File: 1693377912048.jpg (12.64 KB, 700x566, doberman-natural-ears.jpg)

She claims to be an animal expert (changes every month which animal) but was willing and more than eager to try and buy dog with clipped ears and tail. "Dobes" have flopped ears naturally Stef.

No. 306645

didn't they do this before too? why do they keep showing off their furry interests in public where kids and adults who don't want to see people in their fursonas or whatever go? jfc…

No. 306684

It's the same as those kids in high school who would wear a fucking tail and then get all weepy about being bullied
Like it's not outright degeneracy in my opinion but it's definitely a target that they willing wear

No. 307082

File: 1694003923129.png (1.51 MB, 864x1549, Screenshot_20230906-143634~2.p…)

This doesn't even look like a dog chewed it. Looks like a perfect rip or cut she did herself. No teeth marks. Regardless can't she just sew it back together? honestly, stefany.

No. 307083

File: 1694004222128.png (740.7 KB, 864x1472, Screenshot_20230906-143643~2.p…)

Imagine begging for a $75 stuffed animal that looks like this. It's almost hard to believe she's actually a furry. I know she's been dabbling in it forever but the public part feels so forced somehow. Doesn't she know you can like animals without wanting everyone to know you roleplay as an animal when(/if) you fuck? I wish she'd go back to being an aspiring actress or photoshopped cosplay queen. This is just sad. I would blame Countess but she's been breadcrumbing furry shit since 2018 or so.

No. 307110


I know this top is supposed to be weathered but who in their right mind gives their cosplay pit stains?

No. 307155

There is a solution to this: don't be nasty pig leaving your clothes on the floor.

No. 307320

Alternate solution: stop getting smart, high-energy dogs that turn destructive when you ignore them for most of the day.

No. 307338

Awful nice of her dog to make a suspiciously clean tear with no teeth marks or actual shredding to the shirt. I'm going to tinfoil that she tore the sleeve to make it more sexy since shes into showing her sad pancakes lately.

No. 308427

File: 1695483270481.png (1.91 MB, 864x1504, Screenshot_20230922-220152~2.p…)

This is horrifying. Why does it look like she has moobs instead of boobs? What are those eyebrows? She has dog hair all over her glove, she couldn't lint-roll it before her selfie?

No. 308793

File: 1695950670817.jpeg (710.28 KB, 828x1342, IMG_1024.jpeg)

Sage for same old lies. “Diplomas” likely means $15 courses on Udemy.

No. 308803

>can eat in a morgue
She brags about the strangest things. Is this what gets you clout on her side of the internet? The funniest thing about this post is the bland bedroom cosplay selfie. If she was half as cool as she thinks this "lore" makes her, she'd have pics from the firing range or on horseback or doing literally anything but glowering all by herself.
I wonder what life is like when you lie pathologically like Stef does. Do you think she believes her own bullshit? Clearly she thinks everybody else does, but what about when she's all alone and there's nobody around to perform for? Does it hit her then that she spent another day exaggerating, photoshopping, scamming, telling tall tales, all that at her big age? Maybe this is why she hoards animals kek. She needs props around to validate her current larp.

No. 308813

How tf is she getting in a morgue anyways her fake cop larp does not put her in a morgue kek

No. 308814

Samefagging to further my point now that I'm at work
Yesterday she tweeted something about Jill Valentine headering her diary like a police report with time, date, location, and… weather? Who tf uses weather unless its vehicle collision?
Stef bases her cop larp off of television, movies, and a video game series made by a company that is notorious for getting US infrastructure wrong
If she is going to keep up this lie about the cop shit, she needs to actually do some proper research because it's getting frustrating rather than funny at this point seeing her put herself at a level of authority and knowledge only to get it wrong

No. 308840

I think she means it as an expression to say she can eat even in a gross environment/isn't easily disgusted. I guess like saying she could sleep through a bombing or something- not literal.

No. 308844

File: 1696028436631.jpeg (379.59 KB, 1179x956, IMG_2158.jpeg)

It's not an expression anon

No. 308898

Why not mention her telepathy or the fact she's got a rare disorder slowly making her blind?

No. 308907

Well obviously because becoming Jill Valentine miraculously healed Stef of her once fatal ailments

No. 308963

File: 1696253507049.jpg (973.91 KB, 1624x2436, F6VZ1EgXgAEgXuQ.jpg)

the ears…

No. 309016

>best naps were in a morgue because COLD
>will throw up and refuse to eat for an entire day just from the sight/smell of a banana peel
Autistic retardation.

No. 309019

File: 1696318310352.png (1.4 MB, 1421x1775, Screenshot_20231002-125925.png)

Kek as if this cow has ever missed a meal.

This mortuary larp is based this game she's playing. The obsession with skin walking everything she touches should be studied. Her entire personality is based on fictional characters. What a sad fuck.

No. 309020

What a loser. Morgues are sterile environments so no eating. I am more willing to think she had a banana at a wake.

No. 309023

>my best naps were in the morgue
WHEN? name a single time you ever stepped foot into a morgue you lying, sheltered, animal hoarding, larper

No. 309024

I've been online since the 00s and I'm glad to see retarded lists of fake facts about yourself is still a thing among bpd cows. Nothing this girl says about herself is real, it's bizarre.

No. 309057

if you think coroners aren't eating lunch on the job you are severely retarded

No. 309064

If she's pretending it's her fake cop job, then she's likely talking about a coroner, and in that case autopsies would be held in said morgue, which equals NO eating. You shouldn't eat around dead bodies anyways, retard, with all those chemicals and cross contamination. She's flexing her idiocy.

No. 309081

anyone who is eating around disease-ridden decomposing corpses is severely retarded.

No. 309104

>you shouldn't eat around corpses with all those chemicals
At least two guards keeled over on camera when the Queen died and had her coffin on display (they were a couple metres away on hourly shifts iirc but I assume some embalming fumes leaked out), and one of her guards died a few weeks later, but sure eat your lunch next to dead bodies, what can go wrong

No. 309130

Just agreeing with all of you. I was the one who found pictures of her fake cop job and her fake resumés.

She has never had access to a morgue in her life. They don't just let anyone go in there, even if you work in the same building (and she never worked around any morgues either). She probably doesn't even know where to find a morgue. No eating is allowed in there for a hundred reasons and no fucknut would want to eat or sleep in a room that smells like formaldehyde, rubbing alcohol, cleaning solutions, and death.

No. 309133

doubleposting to say that claiming she has a four-octave range is ridiculous. That puts her in the company of Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Julie Andrews, among other stars and classically trained professionals. Does she know that digitally altering your voice higher or lower doesn't magically give you that range? What a liar.

No. 309139

She’s claimed to have worked security for a hospital before on stream. If that were true it could theoretically put her in the proximity of a morgue. I seriously doubt it is true though because with the timeline of it it seems like her first and only “assignment” was the apartment.

No. 309146

She wouldn't be allowed near a morgue as just any "security officer" for obvious reasons
Is this the same hospital as where she claims she saw a ghost with her gf on FaceTime? When the fuck would a hospital be deserted enough for that to even happen
And agreed, we also would've seen selfies taken with obvious hospital backgrounds

No. 309153

are you aware that they do not embalm corpses in morgues. that's a mortuary. a morgue is generally just cold storage and maybe autopsies (though many smaller hospitals only have storage, and ship bodies elsewhere for autopsies. some hospitals lack even that, and ship the body directly to the mortuary after tag + bag for cold storage), which obviously happen BEFORE embalming, save for exhumations. the vast majority of morgue bodies are fairly fresh (usually in hospital and doas), and generally not kept longer than a few days, unless it's a found-body that was transported in. you definitely shouldn't be eating while in someone's insides or examining a messy body, but if you're just down there doing filing? whatever. i agree she's larping but not because she's claiming to snack on the job. it's really obvious none of you actually know what you're talking about.

No. 309180

It's really obvious you aren't reading things through. Even if they aren't embalming, there are still chemicals and diseases. Even worse, when it's just holding with no autopsy done for a hospital, you have no idea what contaminants could be on and in the corpse, which is why it's sterile. You've been watching too much shitty tv that has autopsy workers eating on the job for comedic affect. A dead body is a fucking dead body. Don't eat around them retard. Or do, and happily let natural selection do its thing.

No. 309186

File: 1696521715516.png (473.78 KB, 864x1431, Screenshot_20231005-122513.png)

she "lost" another horse. Are these kinds of contracts typical? There's no way she sold Zephyr for more than $4000, right? I mean, come on. Sorry for dumb questions, I'm ignorant about this stuff.

No. 309194

Yes installment sales are a thing and yes they are incredibly risky. She may have gotten someone to agree to $3000 but clearly they had no intention of paying it. The fact that she even conceded to a payment plan goes to show that that’s the only way she was going to “sell” this unbroken grade what, three year old? For what she was asking. Also she’s a retard lol the police can’t do shit about that. This sort of thing is handled almost completely through the courts. In the US at least she legally cannot collect her horse. She would need a court order decreeing she could, and if she trespassed on someone’s property to collect her horse without one she would be the only one to face charges.

Also “Elspeth Esford” sounds like it could be an alter ego of hers.

No. 309202

File: 1696538873349.png (570.64 KB, 864x1482, Screenshot_20231005-224501.png)

holy fuck, she sold "her" horse to a methhead. It's literally the third result when you google the name. Why on earth would anyone who cared about animals sell an animal to someone involved with meth? I assume this is a troon bc of the name but I haven't checked yet

No. 309210

Nothing she says is real so please stop the tinfoil about if she's lying or not. She is. End of story.

No. 309212

It bothers me how she says she wants the horse OR the money like if it was me I'd want the horse back no matter what
When was the article made? Could've been after she sold the horse if it was
>many months ago

No. 309213

Spring 2020, way before the sale

No. 309214

This bitch sold her horse to a charged meth head what the actual fuck

No. 309224

Maybe she should stop trading her horses like pokemon cards and this issue wouldn't exist.
How can she disregard her animals as something to trade, something new to chase, something old to pawn over to a methhead.

No. 309249

File: 1696609976623.jpeg (553.93 KB, 1149x2048, IMG_1589.jpeg)

bonus basil photoshoot

No. 309251

Already posted upthread and everyone's arguing about it kek
Imagine the person buying your beloved horse has a REALLY unique name and this comes up when you google and you still sell it to them. Just proves she doesn't give a shit about her animals since she either didn't google the name, or did and disregarded this

No. 309289

Is this final? Would it kill them to make the hands grabbing her actually look like a zombie?

No. 309405

Zeph was one of the baby horses she wanted to turn into a "show jumper" shes such a shitty person.

No. 309452

File: 1696840518833.png (640.04 KB, 864x1589, Screenshot_20231006-191946.png)

a reminder of what the ad for this horse looked like. how she talked about him. and she sold him to someone caught with meth in a house raid. Not even on the street. A whole-ass house raid.

No. 309468

>I will be picky where he goes
>Sells them to these guys >>309202
She's so utterly full of shit.

No. 309469

>one and a million

No. 309525

>>He is the sole reason why I'm still alive
Verbatim the same line she uses for every prop pet she's owned, neglected and eventually rehomed.

No. 310342

File: 1697810134777.jpg (421.28 KB, 1080x1285, Screenshot_2023-10-20-15-54-19…)

Is she trying to turn into a wolf with ~magic~ using a fursuit

No. 310344

KEK I hope
What texts? If it's anything old and worth its snuff, it's probably a translation error. Who tf would think some random fucking blanket could be a pelt? Who tf sees those neon green vomit suit designs and thinks "it's wolfy time awooo"

No. 310414

dying to know what texts these are. One of the "rituals" (it's not a ritual, just a crazy part of an old story) involves pissing in a circle, I wonder if she'll do that too.

No. 310420

Her witch/shapeshifting larp is so full of lies, it's sad considering she could just read about this shit and cover her ass a lot better

No. 310430

Synthetic plastic based faux fur is as much a pelt as you are a witch/werewolf/whatever the fuck you're pretending to be.

No. 310527

File: 1698006717112.png (789.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3346.png)

Was rereading old threads and stilllfound it funny that she's trying to go from Arya no chest to Jill big titties
Picrel is a convo she had with another GOT cosplayer and Stef is saying she had to make her own push up bra for a cosplay

No. 310719

File: 1698272145102.jpeg (370.6 KB, 828x1301, IMG_1116.jpeg)

Sage because only loosely related to Stef but holy shit furries are unhinged

No. 310723

File: 1698272428877.jpeg (450.68 KB, 828x919, IMG_1117.jpeg)

In actual Stef milk, this hood sold for at least $2,200

No. 310727

So what happened to the comission slots?

No. 310737

$2,200 god damn dollars and the eyes aren't even fucking level.

No. 310746

File: 1698286060700.jpeg (2.35 MB, 1179x1658, IMG_3474.jpeg)

This actually looks fucking terrible

No. 310748

File: 1698287390028.jpg (246.29 KB, 1078x1116, TXwc4tJorZs.jpg)

How did she manage to make a 3D figure look like picrel

No. 310759

jfc. Who has money to burn on garbage like this?

anon, my sides

No. 310773

it looks like something you'd find in a pervert uncle's wood-paneled basement, gathering dust. wtf stef

No. 310777

File: 1698311050261.jpg (465.26 KB, 1200x1623, 1200px-Stoned_Fox.jpg)

No. 310797

Apparently the sucker who bought it is the voice actress for that horror game that went viral called mortuary's assistant that'd what her bio says at least cba to verify

No. 310806

That's extremely disappointing. Why are all indie devs or voice actors troons or furries now? it's wild

No. 310815

Everyone's gotta have their hugbox I guess

No. 310839

I'd like to pretend she's one of those people that collect random oddities and is buying it for the lulz, like people do with bad taxidermy. Surely nobody is deluded enough to think this looks close to good.

No. 310990


Ugh give a fuck. I don’t care about her furry outfits, she can do whatever. I care about her obscene lies, give me more of those

No. 310998

Agree… I hate that Stef threads always devolve into discussion about animals and other off topic shit. This is /w/, we are here for the cosplay/skinwalking related stuff

No. 311021

Then go find it and post it yourself instead of samefagging and expecting others to do it for you

No. 311096

Wrong, schizo.

Just let the thread die if there's no milk instead of constantly discussing horse riding techniques, cropped dog ears, and other off topic shit. That's not what this thread or board is for.

No. 311103

Then take it to meta and complain there

No. 311235

Hide the thread if you hate it so much. I love all the horse anons and the dog anons, and find their contributions to be valuable context.

No. 311240

Nah I'm just going to start reporting all the off topic shit from now on and see what happens. It's gone too far.

>/w/ - vloggers, lolita, cosplay
>animal sperging is none of that(infighting)

No. 311245

Chiming in to agree that I love the horse and dog anons. Also people were talking about her shit furry heads which is on topic anyway. Maybe it's an offended furry.

No. 311255

Stef's threads are pretty much perfect lolcow threads. They are my absolute favorite to reread and the nonnies who contribute specialized knowledge in here are the best.

No. 311270

File: 1698762425756.jpg (1010.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-10-31-15-25-14…)

mf went from skinwalking people to skinwalking dogs

No. 311273

KEK so instead of following the rules and taking concerns to meta, you're just gonna waste your meager life on reporting. She still cosplays, retard, and furries arguably fall under the same blanket with their bizarre dress up. You're some sleeper agent white knight.
Actually gross to flex this why would she be proud? Even if it's natural ingredients, this is just nasty to eat animal grade as a whole human being(contributing to infight)

No. 311275

File: 1698763328071.png (146.56 KB, 863x508, Screenshot_20231031-154201.png)

oh my god, she's straight-up buying dog treats for herself.

No. 311314

Thank god whale gf isn't there so she doesn't have to kiss that disgusting mouth

No. 311316

File: 1698798907124.png (390.26 KB, 518x1812, right.png)

It's just a bland cookie. I love her commitment to her skin walking bits, though.

No. 311323

File: 1698806761206.jpeg (591.14 KB, 1179x713, IMG_4035.jpeg)

Apparently I was wrong
Do these codependent women literally do anything aside from vacation at each other's homes? How does Stef keep affording plane tickets if she's so damn poor paying vet bills and finding a new home (still waiting on her family getting kicked out kek)

No. 311357

Her parents are still supplementing her the same as they always have because she’s never paid rent or a vet bill in her life. She gets to use 100% of what she makes from fursuits as “fun money” - and $2000 is a pretty big windfall for someone with literally zero other financial responsibilities. Countess also lives with her parents and her situation is more or less the same but with her art commissions. Countess at least does not pretend that she’s destitute or paying vet bills, though. She just quietly enjoys her privilege unlike Stef, who is pretending her million dollar home is a rental she’s going to be kicked out of and who begs for money for “vet bills” while actively purchasing new horses, attending concerts, commissioning fursuits for herself, etc.

No. 311385

ot but animal grade vs human grade is not a thing.

No. 311388

NTA but that's incorrect.
>https://www.aafco.org/consumers/understanding-pet-food/human-grade/(imageboard, post caps of places you are linking to)

No. 311718

Aren't dog treats unsafe for human consumption? Like they don't follow the same safety laws or something? I'm sure if you eat one or two its fine, but if you keep eating them thats like gambling with some fucked up bacteria.

No. 314522

File: 1701921312252.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 353.68 KB, 1170x1552, IMG_8648.jpeg)

i decided to check in on our beloved and she’s still neck deep in the fursuit grift of course, but her girlfriend just posted this the other day. how is steph going to make owning horses her entire personality and then date somebody who “can’t wait to get more” horse dildos? this is so fucking gross and weird

No. 314525

That’s not a horse dildo? That’s literally a human penis dildo.

No. 314527

File: 1701922769326.png (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8649.png)

either you’re severely retarded or you’ve never seen a human penis before. what ballsack is covered in long, furry hair? and do all penises come with a built in cock ring?

but yeah, my bad, it’s not a horse penis. it’s whatever the fuck this thing is on the seller’s website.

No. 314530

File: 1701923390775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.31 KB, 1170x2113, IMG_8654.jpeg)

samefag but her wishlist on her nsfw art account is literally just various sex toys/mostly dildos, at least three of which are modeled after dog penises. at best it’s disgusting and tacky(unsaged derail)

No. 314536

Sage your shit. That's not a horse dildo. The hell are you going on about?

No. 314537

this is unfortunately definitely modeled after a horse dick and other anons have probably never seen one (how lucky), but this doesn't have anything to do with stef herself. stop bumping the thread with dildo pics.

No. 314540

Nta but her girlfriend being into bestiality kinda has a little to do with Stef…Just another reason to be worried about her animals.

No. 314550

Anon that could be some minotaur or some other creature. Jesus, you need to be 18 to post here.

No. 314567

Anon….a minotaur is literally a fictional creature based on the fusion of a real life animal and a human, the penis is still modeled after a horse dick you utter retard. Stop trying to cape for stefs girlfriends disgusting kinks cause you’re a coping monsterfucker.

No. 314570

It’s not a horse dick. There are literally horse dildos on that site. This isn’t Countess’ thread either; make a thread for her if you really believe this is worthy of milk.

No. 314571

Not a horse dick sure, just inspired by a canine animal instead, which makes it so much better. You seem very vehement on defending degen dildos kekw and stefs gf is relevant to the thread no matter how much you fight wk chan.

No. 314574

Nta but you seem very vehement on doubling down after nobody wants to agree with you. Did Stef like the post? If not then you're both speculating and off topic. Take the L, learn to sage OT posts like this and move on.

No. 314579

it's very relevant indeed, given that they post degen shit they do together (biting, acting like dogs, fursuit play no doubt). idk why there's suddenly a stef wk now, that's not something I expected to happen this year.

No. 314585

They aren't fucking real animals, isnt that what you'd prefer? Dildos have more to do with sensitivity ridges, girth, length, than whatever it is actually modeled after. There's a reason why tenga eggs have crazy insides, its about sensation and fantasy and if you're going to post humanoids, it doesn't even matter because that's no longer even an animal. This doesn't even mean she's in to beastiality. Considering multiple anons told them they are wrong, I feel like this is bait.

No. 314587

File: 1701963953910.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 766.17 KB, 3222x2417, IMG_8659.jpeg)

i’m the OP of the dildo, not the person you’ve been replying to. as someone else said - yes it is concerning that her girlfriend spends money on animal-shaped dildos, especially canine ones, considering steph’s affinity for collecting animals and using them for internet asspats. not to mention shit like picrel.

i’m not sure why you’re hell-bent on defending these two NEETs. unfortunately we can’t all be experts like you on what horse penises look like. drawing from my vague memory of seeing one like two years ago, i incorrectly assumed the first dildo was a horse penis. my apologies. as we all now know, i was wrong. it’s actually a deer penis (according to what the website claims a “famaria” is). i guess that makes it totally normal kek

thank you nonnas jesus christ i’m glad you understand what i was getting at here. very weird that after this thread being dead for a month we’ve got someone checking it every hour to WK. maybe i didn’t need to bump the thread but i thought it was interesting enough

No. 314588

Using a dildo as tinfoil that she is legit into beastiality is not the milk you think it is.

No. 314590

bait for what you retard? stef is one of my favorite cows and this thread has been dead for a month so i decided to check in on her and countess. that’s all there is to it. there’s absolutely no way that somebody is into a tiny little dog penis dildo for any reason other than wanting it to look and feel like a dog penis. if her wishlist only had fantasy shit like dragons or tentacles, i wouldn’t even think twice, but you can’t convince me that there’s nothing weird about wanting a dog penis dildo when you own/are often around dogs.(tinfoiling)

No. 314616

this is the stupidest shit ever. stef and her gf are not having sex with animals because they use fantasy dildos. I beg of you to think about why these dildos are in high demand when the vast majority of the world are not into bestiality.

dressing as a furry or using horse dildos to get off does not mean you want to fuck actual dogs. that's like thinking someone who likes rough sex wants to be raped. get your head out of your ass.

No. 314639

thanks for checking up on her gf, because I didn't know about this other account at all. I'm incredibly disturbed and agree with you that something is fishy in this thread. I really think everyone can agree that buying a dog dildo is something a zoophile would do and no one else. There's never going to be hard proof of zoophilia with these two bc they are not going to post videos of it, but how any woman can consider this "tinfoil" or defend it as "not being into bestiality" is beyond me. It is, in fact, role-playing bestiality. That is what it is.

No. 314644

Now you’re actually comparing apples to oranges. The inhuman dildo gang are a red flag the same way DD/LG and diaperfag communities are. They’re just practicing the socially acceptable version of what they want to do the same way moids into cnc are, yes you guessed it, rapists who use consent as a get out of jail free card. Even if they never touch an animal a day in their life fetishizing canines and other animals + their traits doesn’t become less weird same way diaperfags don’t feel less pedophilic for roleplaying as toddlers sexually even if they never involve an actual child. The fact you can’t consider why it might be morally or ethically reprehensible on a board thats fairly anti-degen shit is why you’re triggering everyones wk flags, learn to integrate kek.(derailing with retarded tinfoiling)

No. 314647

and don't forget all the weird over-the-top things Stef wrote about her horses and dogs. Her previous threads have all the screenshots of borderline romantic/erotic attachments to her pets. Many anons noticed her gross way of talking about animals as if they were romantic partners.(retarded tinfoiling)

No. 314661

Someone (this anon) definitely has a large and varied dragon/furry/definitely not bestiality dildo collection, that we know for sure. Imagine defending this

No. 314663

This 100%, like why are you sexualizing diapers (for ddlg) or dog penises? They can try and compartmentalize all they want but we all know what they are. You don't put symbols of certain things into your sexual activity unless you are exploring those concepts sexually, the same way chains and collars can (and usually do) represent an interest in bdsm. No normal people want to be thinking about dog penises or deer penises during sex and if you do want to be thinking about that, bestiality applies. Stef is a furry and I know there are plenty of nonsexual furries, but as soon as you get the animal dildos out you remove all doubt. Maybe Stef isn't into bestiality herself but she still has her girlfriend around her/her animals so it's a bit concerning.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314667

Gotta be 18 to post here.

No. 314671

Zoomers cannot handle anything at all. Weird dildos, three years age gaps, criticism, etc.

No. 315283


No. 315284

KEK it’s so fucking funny that they only counted it as derailing if the poster thought it was weird. they were feeling personally attacked(take it to /meta/)

No. 315903

File: 1703181540164.png (19.26 KB, 671x182, h.png)


No. 315904

Why would you want to be an animal anyway? The planet treats them terribly and you'd probably die in like 2 years. I don't understand animalkin people.

No. 315912

>muscles tight and skin shiver
>a yearning I can't quite sate
Not disproving the allegations in this thread with that phrasing

No. 315941

Humans are literally animals.

No. 315959

Stef, her fat girlfriend and at least one farmhand are dog fuckers confirmed(retard)

No. 315998

File: 1703258371989.jpeg (260.02 KB, 1179x505, IMG_8680.jpeg)

Only posting this so you'll shut up and stop replying to yourself

No. 316013

tbh I think the lady doth protest too much lol

its a joke ok

No. 316168

I wish she'd stop saying various pets are "fragments of her soul." They are individuals, not just extensions of her. No wonder she treats them all as disposable the second they aren't fulfilling her narcissistic LARP.

No. 316224

File: 1703442995707.png (50.35 KB, 942x386, df.png)

why does she have an actual animal skin on her amazon wishlist (probably for her
werewolf transformation magic)(sage your shit)

No. 316226

You would hate going into a hunters home.

No. 316233

She's been talking about pelts on and off so it's probably just some skinwalking bullshit

No. 316263

File: 1703482640123.jpeg (836.99 KB, 1170x4847, IMG_9113.jpeg)

kek nonnie looks like she might be hoping to become a real werewolf?

No. 316264

This bitch pretends to love animals and yet she's willing to buy a fur from Amazon??? Unethical, inhumane and gross beyond belief.

No. 316266

"Ancestral practice to your lineage"? Is she pretending to be Native American now?

No. 316306

Haven't popped into this thread in forever because she got a little boring and kek. She went from "I'm totally Scandinavian" throat singing Elsa skinwalking to whatever the fuck this is? Werewolf heritage animal skin wearing "I miss being an animal" larp. Can't tell if she's genuinely unhinged or if she's just a retarded furry taking the role-playing a little too far.

Furries wear a ton of those Chinese fur farm fox tails and other awful things because they are usually more concerned with pretending to be an animal than caring for or about the animals they supposedly "kin" with.

No. 316315

KEK can't wait for her to be .1% Navajo or wtf ever
Weird that her moid is "working on something" that's not creepy at all

No. 316349

“her moid”? how long have you been gone for anon? stef has had a girlfriend for quite a long time

No. 316353

that Twitter account feeding Stef's bullshit delusions is some moid from when she used to stream he bought subs for the other flakes in the chat
you're the one not paying attention

No. 316355

okay not to grammarfag as i know not everyone’s native language is english, but the only time i’ve seen anyone use the phrasing “her moid” is when they’re talking about somebody’s male significant other. i know who he is tho. in fact i have a question for you nonnies - is this an actual male? like biologically? the type of fanart he shares is like the stuff countess draws. by women, for women type shit. usually means one of two things in my experience. a) actually a TiF or b) the MOST degenerate type of male coomer

No. 316359

i so badly want her to start larping as an indigenous person. the only other thing i can think of is maybe she's french/claiming to be french? there's lots of werewolf folklore in french culture too

No. 316361

Probably some poor woman thats been brained washed to chop off her chest, Stef only makes friends with trannies
Isn't her dad Dominican? She'd be better off going the French route

No. 316490

File: 1703731684549.jpeg (472.59 KB, 828x971, IMG_1326.jpeg)

Why do we think this girl is a moid? She calls herself a hedge-witch and says her name is Philomene, posts stuff on lesbian visibility day and says she’s queer because she’s attracted to women. Unless it’s a MTF but her hands and face sure don’t look like it.

No. 316510

Anon probably assumed that anyone giving Stef money must be male. Stef's never had any male simps though… it's always other girls that orbit her and are impressed with her skinwalks. Idk why but she just doesn't seem to appeal to moids for whatever reason.

No. 316549

File: 1703797993035.jpeg (883.54 KB, 1170x5513, IMG_9144.jpeg)

so apparently stef has totes legit turned into a werewolf before, and the only thing that’s ever physically hurt her more than that is taking six laxative tablets at once. bonus content: her fat fuck girlfriend is desperately searching for a perfume that smells like blood. fucking topkek, these bitches are both so retarded. they’re truly perfect for each other

i also noticed that stef added the word “latranthrope” to her bio so i googled it and there were like three results, the top two being her twitter. guess it’s like being a werewolf except a coyote instead. why would you want to turn into a coyote instead of a werewolf god she’s so lame

No. 316550

this is so fucking edgy it's unreal

No. 316559

Completely deadpan dropping the info that she "turned into a werewolf" (and implying it was painful, naturally) into a twitter reply

No. 316561

File: 1703802707033.jpeg (477.17 KB, 828x1208, IMG_1327.jpeg)

I don’t think Stef is autistic but these insular adult communities where poorly socialized NEETs are ONLY talking to other poorly socialized NEETs normalize to something like autism. They’re so weird and off-putting and don’t realize that people don’t say these things. People don’t say that they saw God because they took six laxatives, and then they definitely don’t compare it to turning into a werewolf. OT I saw this unsolicited Countess take the other day on a woman hitting a dab rig and I’m like “oh this is the zoomeriest take ever, unironically bringing back ‘gateway drug’ okay Nancy Reagan” but she’s 28? It’s so bizarre to me how staggeringly out of touch these freaks are. It should be studied in a lab. Maybe some sort of telekinetic balloon-popping lab…

No. 316566

the best Christmas present update from these two psychos. I love and hate everything about these posts, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I need to hear more about Stef turning into a werewolf. Countess is apparently too stupid to just learn how to draw her own blood and smear it on herself, I guess. Do you think she paints with her moon blood lmao

No. 316567

File: 1703806474297.jpeg (760.31 KB, 1170x3809, IMG_9151.jpeg)

kek nonna i saw that too and i had to just close the app because that was too much to deal with. you regularly draw porn of american-horror-story-era-lady-gaga x resident evil, you have a lengthy wishlist of fantasy dildos, and your girlfriend pretends she’s an actual werewolf on twitter, but you draw the morality line at weed?

this was another exchange i saw between those two and rolled my eyes so hard. she completely misconstrues the meaning of the original tweet in order to act upset about it. it’s just such a retarded hill for an almost-30-year-old woman to be dying on.
> nooo female video game characters wearing skimpy outfits is actually so empowering because i think it’s hot and i want to masturbate to them while my parents are downstairs wondering where they went wrong!!1!

No. 316610

They sound like total pickmes, but they're lesbos so they have no reason to be pandering to fetishy male bullshit. Makes no sense

No. 316614

I admit that I felt guilty for ages after assuming Countess was a troon based on a couple pics and her general behavior online. The way she sounds like a troon did not help. But here she and this other NEET both display their masked rage at other women having different opinions.

No. 316629

Lesbos is a stretch, they’re pandering bisexuals who settled for each other. Countess is literally sucking off dildos on main, they’re just coping.

No. 316697

It's always the fattest, ugliest women talking about how sexualized female character are soooo inspiring, as if she could even relate kek.

No. 316708

We've only ever seen Stef date women, why is her being a lesbian so hard to believe?

No. 316716

Anons just want a reason to compain about non milk. Her being a lesbian has nothing to do with her.

No. 316719

Stef did claim to be bisexual in her Maisie Williams phase, because Maisie is bisexual. But she's always called herself a lesbian outside of that skinwalk and never shown any interest in men.

No. 316760

She really has dried up. Shame, as Stef's milk used to be unlike any other cow's, but at least she's learning

No. 316769

she compares the pain of taking 6 laxatives to the pain of turning into a werewolf openly, publicly, on Twitter, and you call that "dried up"?

No. 316779

Yes I do, because it's all just Twitter posts when this cow used to make photo shoots and videos
Compared to her old milk, all of this is slow and relatively boring (especially considering the wolf bullshit is as old as the Arya ps when she dream walked)
Like I'm sorry, but none of this bullshit beats
>popped balloons with my mind and the doctors beat me if I failed

No. 316801

Nta; I kind of agree, but I think this new werewolf LARP is entertaining. As soon as you think maybe she learned better she'll just casually drop that she's turned into a werewolf before in a one-off tweet. It's a sick cycle and it keeps me coming back kek.
Dr. Balloon Popper will never be topped though, it's almost an unfair comparison.

No. 316817

File: 1704140245117.jpeg (194.86 KB, 828x539, IMG_1333.jpeg)

I agree. If you can describe the milk in a sentence and the sentence is just quoting a tweet, it’s not really that milky comparatively to the vids + con stories + news coverage. It’s just a lulzy tweet. Anyway low key suspect her pretending to be a werewolf is some in-the-know furry bullshit that she doesn’t actually believe nor expect anyone else to believe. Picrel she retweeted some dude who talks about “turning into a werewolf” but I’m not convinced he’s not just putting on a fursuit to jack off or some other deranged par for the course furry shit.

No. 316820

File: 1704141843952.jpeg (128.68 KB, 828x321, IMG_1334.jpeg)

Samefag but yeah it’s a whole furry subculture. They don’t believe it and if someone earnestly does believe it, they label it as a mental illness. So it’s not really Stef milk so much as Stef is a furry and this is just the weird shit that furries do.
sorry if this is obvious or known or whatever, I truly have never cared to know anything about furries

No. 316822

Agreed, the furry space is FULL of losers pretending to actually shapeshift or whatever, if all she's gonna do is tweet about being a werewolf just like 1000+ other furries, then imo it's not really thread worthy
Maybe Stef will surprise us and pull her usual "no but I'm SPECIAL special" and try to say that one coyote she's feeding is actually herself

No. 316890

balloon popping was a facebook comment without pictures or elaboration.

>not really thread worthy
wtf is this insanity. we have yet to see one single commissioned furhead from Stef despite this being her "job." She sold her best fwiend horse to a methhead earlier in 2023 and was pikachu shocked when methhead didn't pay. She lies about her dogs, lies about being scandi, lied about her jobs, lies about her family being aboooosive and poor. Now her girlfriend's gross depravity has been revealed and she is discussing actual rituals for "turning into a werewolf" on twitter with a pelt and god knows what else and this is somehow not enough of a threadworthy lolcow for you? She has slow periods, so what? She always comes back with crazy shit after awhile.

No. 316892

>1000 furries have said this [citation needed]
>that means it's normal
It's really not though. We just can't pretend this is normal. Come on.(infighting, lack of sage)

No. 316894

It is definitely boring compared to the skinwalking sagas, but still better than when the thread devolves into sperging about horseback riding/dog breeding/other off topic shit. That's when you know the milk is truly dried up.

No. 316895

she is partially an animal cow and none of that is off-topic, especially the topic of hybrid wolf dogs. If you don't enjoy the thread, there are others to read. Stef is psycho and her MO is to repeatedly change her entire identity and flavor of psychosis. She was once a munchie cow with an incurable terminal illness who cosplayed a character she allegedly knew nothing about. But she magically looked so much like Maisie that it just worked omg. Then she had the Disney Elsa larp and leaned heavily into collecting horses until her parents probably told her to get a gd job, after which she started larping as a cop.
Her lowest milk production time was that godawful daughters cosplay time, which I hope will never return.

If Stef's milk is low, wait, she will get fatter and produce more. She only eats bloody raw meat now donchaknow

No. 316917

I feel like there's some hit dogs (furfags) hollerin' in this thread lately, apparently being an irl werewolf furfag with an animal dildo collection is not milk but everything else is

No. 316923

Her gf has the toy collection, Stef just talks about shit and never posts. That's why it isn't milk, she just doesn't fucking post anymore
If she really was so milky, then why does the thread go dead for days on end? You should be posting her shit if you think it's so great

No. 316934

Stop infighting/derailing about whether or not Stef has milk, there's no point in this discussion. Hide the thread if you don't find her latest antics amusing. Any further derailing after this warning will get double the normal ban length.

No. 318349

File: 1705990750758.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x8011, IMG_9681.jpeg)

stef got a fur suit - i think just a head - and it looks so insane. here’s a photo of her wearing it as tweeted by the creator. absolute top fucking kek

also in picrel is stef responding to a video of a person wearing a quad suit saying she wants one and that “she just wants to be an animal.” owning a quad suit for the purpose of involving unwitting people in your weird kink shit is one of the most offensively degenerate things a human being can do.

No. 318355

terrifying, thanks for updating! I'm afraid to google any of these terms - why did the people taking "quad suit" photos get kicked off the con floor? Is a quad suit a sex thing? What is a buppy…

No. 318356

The only use of buppy suiting is this tweet, so here is the video you can see how weird this is in action.

(I can't download the video here, sorry)(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 318395

File: 1706028037619.jpeg (702.53 KB, 1170x4333, IMG_9689.jpeg)

so i just did a little digging and it looks like in this specific instance, the furry convention they were attending banned all quadsuits after the event started. i guess the organizers didn’t realize they hadn’t updated their online rules to mention that these types of suits wouldn’t be allowed. the two furries in that video are adamant that their suits aren’t made for sexual purposes but they are, of course, trannies, so i’m taking that with a grain of salt

here’s a visual someone drew of “bitch suits”vs. “quad suits,” along with a reply to it containing some justification of why bitch suits are appealing to people. i’m too retarded to post a video on mobile but last image in picrel is of a person in a bitch suit being aggressively dragged around on the floor by a leash. furries will die on the hill that these types of suits aren’t NSFW because there’s nothing visibly NSFW but regardless of opinion on that, this shit is so cringe when you think about how these are just men crawling around on the floor wanting people to pet them and treat them like puppies kek. stef neglecting her animals while literally wanting to skinwalk one is potentially the most stefany thing she’s ever done

No. 318430

thanks to the anon(s) who made these posts, I was really afraid to search that stuff while logged in at work. So this is creepy as hell. It's funny to me that furry cons have strict rules bc of all the degen activities these people want to do.

I wonder where stef is getting all this money for obscenely expensive fursuits. Has she even confirmed that one of her custom furheads is finished? last time I checked, she had only resold a couple heads she bought from other creators. All her progress pics were of her own fursuit head or stuff for her gf's fursuit (allegedly). I wish she would go back to Disney, this is really the worst fixation she's had for a long time.

No. 318455

None of this matters if she not going to use it to be disgusting at a con. Lots of tinfoil about use when nothing has even happened. She doesn't seem to want to fuck animals, anon. She just has massive otherkin/spirit animal retardation.

No. 318458

>She doesn't want to fuck animals
>is a furry
pick one, are you really playing the "all furries are innocent" card in 2024 when even furries readily admit there is often an undercurrent of sexuality in their community.(derailing)

No. 318506

Her entire career as a lolcow is based on her constant identity crises and need to skinwalk as characters besides herself. If there is one "furry" that I believe genuinely just wants to be an animal for non-sexual otherkin reasons, it's her.

No. 318511

File: 1706201410085.jpeg (399.33 KB, 2048x1699, IMG_9765.jpeg)

anon, it can be both. you think her skinwalking just stops at the bedroom door? whether or not her intentions are sexual in nature almost doesn’t matter at this point. it’s objectively retarded to be stefany’s age and still live at home with your parents, putting no effort into improving your life, instead concerning yourself with purchasing an expensive and uncomfortable costume that allows you to walk on all fours just like the wolf dogs you neglect. it’s degenerate behavior, period

i have to believe that it’s just mommy and daddy’s money still. maybe she convinced them this venture is what she’s meant to do and that she can totally make good money off of it!!! her heads look so fucking stupid, and i don’t know shit about fur suit making but i don’t understand why anybody would pay somebody else $2000+ to staple fur to a foam head that they didn’t even make. picrel is her most recent WIP. her work seems soulless lol(tinfoiling)

No. 318512

File: 1706201602261.jpeg (300.34 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_9763.jpeg)

also i’m obsessed with the photos she’s posted in this head. is she supposed to look scary? cool? it literally just looks like she’s wearing a mask you could buy at spirit halloween for $60

No. 318513

Thats a lot of tech for $60..

No. 318540

I'm not a furfag, but I know enough to know that you should at least attempt to hide the fur seams.

No. 318541

Didn't her girlfriend have a bunch of animal dildos too? Obviously it's only tinfoil until we have confirmation she's that kind of degenerate furfag too, but it seems like hardly a reach. This whole bdsm quadsuit thing is also pretty obviously fetishy.(tinfoiling)

No. 319098

File: 1707254132021.jpeg (418.21 KB, 1179x1784, IMG_1756.jpeg)

Not milk, just astounded by how shit this furry mask is. The nose looks like it's been glue on in some botched cosmetic surgery. I've never seen a coyote that looks like this.

No. 319120

File: 1707288410202.jpeg (1001.42 KB, 1170x4181, IMG_0044.jpeg)

kek she posted this a little bit later on. she’s claimed to have been spending all her time on commissions, but if this is the difference between her first mask and her most recent, i can’t even imagine what the in between ones look like. she also says she’s making 12 heads (12-14, can’t remember exact number) for furnal equinox which starts march 15th. i’m so eager to see how that plays out

No. 319132

She can't honestly think she's improved with these side by sides the one on the right looks genuinely better

No. 319180

File: 1707369275703.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x3800, IMG_0054.jpeg)

i’m dying she posted more photos of it and it looks so fucking retarded

No. 319189

This looks like a taxidermy nightmare
How could she have regressed in skill over a year? It's honestly incredible

No. 319241

File: 1707443205410.jpg (1.04 MB, 1794x2426, Stoned_Fox.jpg)

No. 319258

File: 1707467011337.png (648.66 KB, 863x986, 1000020325.png)

It's worse than I imagined it could be. Is this just the head? Why does it look like one of those cheap toys with fake "velvet fur" from the dollar store.

picrel: I loled. "so much time." She went to the zoo two or three times over three years. Yeah, I'm sure you were a part of the pack, stef.

No. 319458

File: 1707755296021.jpeg (216.11 KB, 809x2253, IMG_2069.jpeg)

No. 319460

I genuinely hope this is the new larp and the furry/nasty shit ends. It's not fair to Scully but desperate times call for desperate measures. On another note, she has certainly irreparably harmed her eyebrows for life by plucking them into Pixarbrows.

No. 319473

Whose fucking face is this? It isn't hers.

No. 319477

At least taxidermists know anatomy (usually lol). As other anons said somehow her werewolf looks better, and that's saying a lot bc it doesn't even look GOOD, just better when compared to her newest shit pile.

No. 319484

It's also not Gillian Anderson's face kek. Stef lacks the skill to shoop her nose into any other shape than Disney ski slope button

No. 319486

Her scalp is a disaster

No. 319521

Am I dumb or does the haircolor look shooped as fuck?

No. 319665

All of the hair is very blurry and happens to be the exact shade of scully's X Files wig, (it's pretty difficult to get such exact shades of red with dyed hair) plus her clothing choice, definitely seems like a shooped cosplay

No. 319668

Scully had her real hair in the OG that color.. it's not that hard to adjust colors.

No. 321011

It's because the werewolf was sculpted by someone else

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