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File: 1676243318676.png (599.6 KB, 582x608, Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 3.51…)

No. 281505

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer aka Jillian E. Valentine) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays until she was kicked out for photoshopping her pics and lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey), causing her to get kicked out/leave the community.

Moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. During this period she claimed to have a mystery degenerative illness characterized by periods of blindness, and tried to legitimize this by falsely claiming multiple family pets as "service dogs." She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer, and added archery and horse riding to her laundry list of talents.

After Frozen 2 came out, she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer (Elsa Frozen) on social media and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She was determined to be seen as a cutesy Disney princess, and as a result once again changed her personality to match. She became a complete scandiboo, claiming that she was a practicing Norse pagan (despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon) and hinting that her Guatemalan father may not be her real dad. She made frequent reference to being unable to feel cold, and to experiencing illness due to the heat in the summer. During this period she acquired a prop gecko as a pet (it was only briefly showcased on her socials) and a white horse with blue eyes which she named Nanok.

Next came a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon) and claimed she was related— never proven.

This skinwalk gained little traction, and she briefly shifted her focus instead to full-time 'equestrian,' giving us such gems as: the time she bought a stallion straight off the racetrack >>>/w/122283, the time she burned the shit out of her scalp with horse shampoo >>>/w/148779, the time she roleplayed as her gelding on facebook >>>/w/147967, the time she decided to become a breeder >>>/w/146287, the time she started larping as a horse trainer (too many examples to include). A kind anon created a timeline of horses for us: >>>/w/185948. These horses are universally neglected. On more than one occasion she has used a horse's illness or injury to e-beg, creating Amazon wishlists for their care which include items like potato chips and makeup.

Most recently, Stef has become fixated on Resident Evil. This began with an obsession over Daniela Dimitrescu (RE Village), but quickly pivoted to a focus on Jill Valentine, where she lied about getting into a YALE S.T.A.R.S. program with a research paper about prion disease in wolves.

She also claimed to be in school for criminology, but quickly forgot this lie in favour of bragging about her job in "public safety," stating first that she was working 16hr shifts, then 12hr shifts in swift succession. Anons speculated about what this job might actually be, with theories ranging from school crossing guard to mall security to the entire job being a fabrication. The plot thickened when she posted instagram stories wearing an actual security uniform, and anons quickly figured out that she was, in fact, a conceirge at a questionable Toronto condo.

Stef has now gone from being known as Ellie to claiming that her actual name is Jillian E. Valentine, but then allowed people in her circle to call her Ellie and dropped the lie. She has a new girlfriend, an obvious downgrade from the last, but this new girlfriend “countess” is just as much of a cow as Stef, so they’re perfect for each other.

New Milk:

>often talked about her concierge job like she was an office, including "on patrol with her partner" >>213037

>officially moved out, signing a lease >>213672 anons predicted she'd be back in two months, in reality took 6 (May to November) months, still close
>anons also realize she brought two of her large dogs into a tiny apartment >>215744 >>221564 then three >>242824
>cracks show in her new VA career >>216947
>the endless amazon wishlist grift >>217137
>injured animal number 1 billion >>218964
>NSFW voice memos were offered by Stef, sadly no anon was brave enough >>219155
>the day we were introduced to the concept of countess, whale GF, the day of reckoning >>223330
>"why are you so cringe mother pls feed me" >>227538
>still unsure if Stef is really a lesbian when she looks ready to vomit as she kisses whale gf >>228968
>beached whale call the authorities >>229223
>kitten was introduced that anons feared for the safety of in a house with two untrained dogs >>232575
>Jill has a fat identity crisis like clockwork >>239166
>nightwear photoshoot with whale gf >>239413
>new dog that eventually disappeared >>241736
>already can't afford to live in her place >>243152
>insists she dreams as a wolf ft. gross "romantic" details from whale gf >>245064 also confirmation they live together
>so close to full furry >>249558
>new face gingersnaps >>251686
>she literally lost an entire horse >>251937
>countess moves out cause Jill doesn't have a real job and the whale refuses to work >>254307
>I hAvE nAtUrAl FaNgS >>256285
>toxic Jill can't keep friends >>257756
>anon comes in and outs the server mods not doing anything about farmers being the bulk of discord server members kek >>258177
>says her family is homophobic and abusive and doesn't wanna move back >>261038
>elsa larp lizard dies again >>269861
>all of Stef's VA work gets shut down by capcom and she doesn't say a word >>273575
>abandons her own server cause no one gives a shit about her >>275100
>full kek >>275726
>another future skin walk >>275986
>another fucking dog just stop Jill >>279661
>what little funds she had were "stolen" anons don't buy it >>281176

Miscellaneous Stef trivia:

> Faked a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Scammed cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Has continually insisted on calling herself an actress/voice actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claimed her parents put her into a study under an abusive doctor where she was forced to pop balloons with her mind
> Adopted a massive dog (Nymeria, another "service dog") who requires constant supervision when not crated– claims to work 12 hours a day and is preparing to move into a small apartment
> Pretended to be adopting a failed cadaver dog, a doberman named Zombie– turned out to actually be a future dam (with no cadaver training) for a sketchy breeder
> Loves to claim her various horses are on the edge of death, bravely announcing that she will euthanize them if she must
> In this vein, she told the internet that her horse Finn had been attacked by a person with a 2x4, when his injury was clearly caused by a kick from one of his pasturemates– she allowed this injury to develop necrosis before it was even noticed
> still isn't blind from her progressive illness

Previous threads (newest to oldest):
7. >>>/w/210936
6. >>>/w/145212
5. >>>/w/118444
4. >>>/w/88419
3. >>>/w/3085
2. >>>/snow/610007
1. >>>/snow/559585

Stefany's links:
https://www.facebook.com/Scavenger.Scum.Rey (old)
https://www.instagram.com/preferablyellie/ (old)
https://www.instagram.com/somethingvalentine/ (current Insta)
https://www.instagram.com/wulver.photography/ (photography insta)
https://twitter.com/LesbianLycan (current twitter)

No. 281507

File: 1676243419888.jpeg (684.19 KB, 1179x1666, 39E607A5-9E41-47B4-9525-8FA676…)

Imo this'll be her last thread she's really slowed down but here's hoping
Made this cause it's my off day enjoy Stef finally realizing she needs other people to ride her horses

No. 281529

Leasing is a pretty good passive grift for her. Someone pays her ~$800 a month to keep her horse in shape, train him, ride him in a local show circuit and get a few wins under his belt so that she can charge even more. She’s a horse landlord.

No. 281532

Kek except we know she isn't doing any of this and her parents are
Stef can't be trusted to board right remember when she lost track of her horse that way? It's link in past milk

No. 281534

File: 1676251646706.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, E007EEFC-357A-46EE-AA48-39EAAE…)

He’s being ridden in the central zone OCEA collegiate show circuit and Stef was there snapping pics at RCRA Ontario. Wonder if she feels insecure being around real college students and real equestrians.

No. 281539

Love to think of Stef feeling insecure considering how many fake studies she claimed
Love to see Nanok thriving even more

No. 281540

File: 1676253492064.jpeg (211.36 KB, 828x1423, 62129C9A-B561-4264-BE02-9FC3E3…)

KEK she really told this college her name is Jill Valentine

No. 281542

What the actual fuck surely she meant it as some sort of pseudonym I know she didn't but still the college actually took it seriously

No. 281544

File: 1676254933057.jpeg (75.72 KB, 594x828, E03F2329-B5DC-48FD-9E44-9BB5F0…)

Spotted in the wild on @brockequestrian stories wearing her rent-a-cop jacket? At least it’s not the shadbelly

No. 281546

That doesn't look like her old uniform at least not the logo
Definitely not RPD
Could she serious have another concierge job?

No. 281599


I just know she's wearing some kind of half-assed Jill cosplay. I feel like she must have some kind of job since she keeps acquiring animals, but who the fuck knows.
I know she's slowed down a lot and seems cautious about posting much, but she's forever my comfort cow and what she does share is always milky and bizarre. Like, the detail of giving her name as Jill Valentine in an official setting is just chef's kiss dumb.

No. 281621

File: 1676303939585.jpeg (363.98 KB, 828x1431, 5ED5A0E0-8E6C-4B62-94EB-D47E36…)

More Nanok with a Ryerson rider in the Novice division. Horsefag context things: in collegiate circuit everyone rides the horses of the school that’s hosting that week’s show. He’s classed Open (3’3” fences - highest class) and Novice (2’6”). All collegiate shows are equitation, so it’s judging how the rider did - not how the horse did. He was a donor for Ontario Tech who hosted yesterday’s show, but the season’s over for now. Next show is finals on March 25th and it’s at the same venue but it’s hosted by OCEA, so unless she volunteers him as a donor horse to OCEA his season is done for the year. It’s not a paid gig for Stef either way - their donor form says they can only afford to pay gas money.

It seems like everyone loved him though. He showed up a lot on people’s stories, probably because he’s enormous, flashy white, and has blue eyes and you don’t see or get to ride jumper horses that look like him often. Hope she keeps doing this tbh. He deserves to be seen and shown.

No. 281651

He is a beautiful horse but, is he deaf?

No. 281662

What about him makes you ask this?

No. 281663

Blue eyes like that + white fur tends to produce deaf animals.

No. 281664

That's for cats nonnie don't derail and have a nice day

No. 281775

I am eternally grateful for the horse anons ITT. Thank you for all the info! It's really nice to see Nanok looking good and getting a chance to show what he's capable of.

No. 281797

File: 1676386564822.jpeg (239.06 KB, 1179x628, 30D2984A-929B-4E2C-820D-380856…)

She posts about being insecure with her wait, trigging some ED and then says shit like this

No. 281798

Sprinkles? In fucking oatmeal?

No. 281801

File: 1676390955956.jpeg (183.66 KB, 828x369, AA95B52C-57D2-4255-8A9B-2D8089…)

Sprinkles are disgusting, they’re made out of wax and shellac and cornstarch and other nasty/inedible shit. The arrested development of it all, like a five year old who says “when I grow up I’ll have ice cream for breakfast every day!” Eat some fruit, dingus

No. 281815

File: 1676393433324.jpeg (274.13 KB, 1178x2083, 45F20BC0-9FF4-47CF-8618-00BD1B…)

Nonnies she actually did a DNA test and not a smidgen of wolf to be seen

No. 281816

File: 1676393506575.jpeg (307.05 KB, 1178x1742, C6206BD7-8467-49BD-AF0B-8C9FED…)

Bonus kek peek only 5 participants for her entire giveaway I remember when she used to have news articles written about her

No. 281822

not to defend her gross behavior but all of those things are edible.

No. 281849

File: 1676419017931.jpeg (342.95 KB, 828x971, 45F792AA-736E-4750-8207-937747…)

Kek she said she was there “coaching”

No. 281856

Kek what was she shouting like a Karen from the concrete bleacher? The students know more than she ever could

No. 281877

File: 1676434599957.jpeg (453.88 KB, 1178x2060, F9F49582-3EAB-4D8A-9FA0-0F555D…)

Did she legit get into a Jill cosplay for Valentine's Day? I thought her and whale were long distance what's the point?
Also whose eyes are these cause they don't look like hers

No. 281897

I love how she pretends that normally she's the one riding Nanok. "so nice to sit back and actually watch him" lmao

No. 281898

is anything on that face hers?

No. 281905

Such a smart move to go for the outfit that has bulky shoulderpads as an already big woman, even the shirt looks like a pyjama and the neckline just eats her up

No. 281923

Kek I don't think we've seen this nose before

No. 282008

The fat.(sage your shit)

No. 282033

It‘s an Instagram filter, makes the nose look a bit smaller with shadow contouring and gives clearer skin, reducing appearance of scars & acne(sage your shit)

No. 282381

File: 1676747063026.jpeg (349.99 KB, 1179x1078, 25BB9A9F-1EE5-417E-944D-3D1FD7…)

Since when did this bitch smoke?

No. 282382

>Terrified of failure.
kek, you'd think she'd get over her fear after failing at everything she tries

No. 282385

It's such a pity larp to say it out loud like everyone is scared of failure but she probably thinks she's kinning Elsa or Arya to say it like it's main character syndrome

No. 282389

A cursory Google search tells me Jill Valentine smokes in the RE movies, although apparently she is never shown to in-game. Could be that. Either way, Stef is probably LARPing by saying that.

No. 282395

Infuriating she's going off the shit tier movies when chris is the one that smokes in game yet she always simps for game jill this bitch really thinks being a cop and smoking is cool kek

No. 282476

Maybe she means weed. She does live in Canada.

No. 282489

Idk about you nonnie but every person I've ever known to smoke weed doesn't shut up about smoking weed especially with how much Stef cries about her self worth you think she'd mention "self medicating"

No. 282625

I'm just happy Nanok is getting regular hoof care now. and regular care and attention in general.

No. 282666

No milk it's just always funny to see how far she's fallen in her relevance
Almost two whole days since this was posted and just 1 like kek

No. 282689

File: 1676872763601.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.45 KB, 1284x730, A8522BAB-11C9-4A92-957C-208BDD…)

Bringing back an old topic from a few threads ago with some (possibly?) new milk. Is this the first time she mentioned PCOS? Do we think that’s the mystery illness she’s referred to in the past?

No. 282690

Unless PCOS is progressive and causes blindness, then I'd say not kek but she did call herself a "spoonie" a thread back so I'm surprised she hasn't tried to get pity points for this sooner if it is real

No. 282699

There are studies linking PCOS with vision problems but to say it causes blindness would be an exaggeration. It isn’t progressive but can cause other issues - PCOS has an effect on brain function.

No. 282745

Maybe it's part of the werewolf LARP. Excess hair growth and all that.

No. 282746

Kek anon dry eye does not equal legit vision problems and she never once toted brain function problems
I'm with this I think it's a new lie for the board a sympathy grifter would've used this years ago since PCOS is so relatively common and everyone just bends over backwards with pity for it

No. 282755

I think she has mentioned it in the past but only on FB and only as an excuse for being chubby. I vaguely remember a post about being a plus-size cosplayer. I'm certain it has nothing to do with her "mysterious illness"

No. 282766

Fake PCOS or not I agree with this, it is not the mysterious illness. Thats a different lie entirely

No. 282935

File: 1676994609692.jpeg (478.05 KB, 1178x1947, E8AF7C69-28C0-4FDE-B1FE-8F043A…)


No. 283178

File: 1677086043050.jpeg (411.54 KB, 1178x2071, 04BC7C34-9985-4E6F-807B-FAA095…)

How tf is this a suitable name tag for an untrained dog that's gonna run wild on a large property

No. 283258

how the hell is that a name tag? it just looks like she bought a weirdly shaped bead or pendant.

No. 283264

Kek it's a bird's skull probably fake since she said she painted it let's hope that dog gets chipped at the very least if this is the best Stef can do

No. 283277

A pointy nametag! what could go wrong stephy?

No. 283292

Small and narrow enough to swallow too

No. 283387

The dog has a real tag, she doxxed herself with it on her Twitter.

No. 283419

Lmao where i didn't see anything
Maybe she got smart real fast and deleted it

No. 283492

File: 1677292111559.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1444, F7FEC0C6-6E9B-4CCF-AFF3-AFEA13…)

It’s still up, it was the first pic she posted of the puppy and the tag on her collar very clearly has her phone number and home address. I censored it here.

No. 283498

Can confirm
Also weird that she still has stuff up with her ex on twit. It's 2023 and people can be secure I guess but it's not like Stef to fail to erase her past for a new skinwalk

No. 283778

File: 1677487763479.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 945.45 KB, 1164x1614, 71DCA2FC-6CA6-4D8A-A349-B66692…)

She reposted her gf having a dildo in her mouth. Wonder if they are thinking of getting into the OF scene?

No. 283795

God above I sincerely hope they are not
whale gf doesn't seem like the type neither of them ever indicated OF or any sort of SW that I've seen and why would they need to when their parents continue to pay for everything for them

No. 283796

File: 1677509128194.jpeg (758.7 KB, 1178x2076, F5E65972-5977-4E14-B475-9BCE1B…)

Stef seems like an out and proud furry finally good for her kek

No. 283880

File: 1677554868506.jpeg (137.39 KB, 640x808, EF7F9689-B11F-47FE-A6D0-20043E…)

>bark bark bark bark bark awooga bark bark woof
this is so fucking cringe stef what the hell.

>whale gf doesn't seem like the type
speaking of sexual content and furry shit (yuck, can't believe i even have to say that) i was actually lurking the other day and found countess' nsfw art account which is linked from countess' main twitter. this is a tweet from october last year and mentions her gf - so clearly stef is a furry. saged for expired milk

No. 283882

File: 1677555975580.jpeg (164.38 KB, 1179x373, C88D4215-A663-46A3-A51E-DA60D5…)

I wish you hadn't told us that cause I had to check and see if you were right and while I'm all for open sexuality for women I really didn't want to read 10+ tweets about whale gf's addiction to bad dragon

No. 283884

File: 1677557397454.jpeg (240.47 KB, 640x553, 21B3A80C-9B7D-4D90-A4AB-3FC763…)

also countess' cover pic reads "why are we not having sex right now?" at the very least countess hasn't been afraid to show off her sexual interests for a while. not to mention their weird ass discord puppy play larp from >>245064 i think. i don't believe that automatically means they want to go into the of scene but who knows. i don't even think stef will, she's too insecure about her body. but i could be proven wrong

i'm so sorry nonnie. yeah, that account is… a lot

No. 283913

With how countess takes all her photos to hide her true size, I doubt she'd go OF either. This girl is just horny kek

No. 283926

File: 1677611232302.jpeg (627.19 KB, 1178x2090, 28F88292-A4C0-44F7-8661-B0485A…)

Stef expects us to believe she has 2 jobs when it's damn well known she barely has 1

No. 283947

File: 1677627167509.jpeg (26.97 KB, 500x375, 15A2BA43-45FB-4119-A7C1-A4CE61…)

>suddenly has a 2nd job
>allowed to bring dog?
>her and countess posting more explicit stuff lately
>showing off BD animal-dildos
>more out and proud furry-posting
>anons speculate OF saga
>2nd job
>allowed to bring a dog
>a male dog

nonnas… you don’t think…?

No. 283950

Funny white women fuck dogs joke haha you're so funny anon!

No. 283952

i'm somehow just still stunned that all this ridiculous milk and dumb larps from her over the years led her to become a furry.

No. 283954

Kek nonna you may be onto something
Literally did not see it coming either mostly because I thought she'd be those horse furries or whatever they're called her wolf shit is a callback to the good old Arya days I guess

No. 283993

The puppy is female, anon. Also, you're disgusting.

No. 284109

She has commissioned, owned, and sold entire fursuits and accessories without ever posting pics wearing them or seemingly being involved in the furry community at all. She has posted her digital furry art, the same few pieces over and over, trying to sell commissions. This all on furry buy, trade, sell Facebook groups.

The furry arc has been ongoing behind the scenes. She has had a fullsuit of an ugly green musk deer, a Norwegian Elkhound dog fursona during the Elsa larp, looking to commission a coyote partial set while money begging for Finn's vet bills. Guess Countess is into it, so now Stef is opening up about it? I always found it so weird how she bought furry crap but never got involved in that fandom on any of her social media except buy and sell Facebook groups.

No. 284116

See >>283796 she's been a little more open about the furry shit lately maybe she's trying to make it her next brand

No. 284154

nayrt but also >>283880. since countess and stef were together around that time it's safe to say we know who made that gross request.

No. 284156

i'm starting to wonder that if her parents genuinely aren't being supportive of her like she liked to claim a while back (saying they were "homophobic" that fellow nonnas didn't believe), that this is what they didn't like her doing. i feel any parent with any scrap of common sense would be ashamed of their child being a furry, especially so openly now

No. 284170

I kinda see your train of thought, but there's no way it could be to the extent she's claiming. She's had fur suits on and off over the years so there's no way her parents haven't been well aware in the past
Plus, she has siblings. She's not the only kid in existence in that family. It could very well be her siblings that are "hateful" towards her rather than her parents

No. 284173

it's also really easy to say it's just another costume or prop or puppet. Her dad is ESL and her mom has zero internet presence. I looked… nothing. Maybe a FB but locked down and barely used if that even is hers. Her dad's social media is all about work, his family in the DR, animals, and quotes about Jesus.

Neither of them know what a furry is or what it implies. They probably just think it's another theater thing - my mom would.

No. 284183

Oh crap, I didn't see all those posts. Stef's thread glitches out on mobile for me, idk why. That suit head is her Norwegian Elkhound fursona. So yeah, Countess is a furry and Stef is letting it all hang out now, geez, jumping striaght into the porn part. Also, lol is she resurrecting her figure skating ice queen larp for her fursona?

>>284156 I could see this a 'sex work' type issue maybe, what with Countess posting NSFW art and dildo pics publically. Maybe Stef knows they won't accept that shit or accept Countess because of it.

No. 284202

what you all said does make more sense, i feel like. there's also the possibility she was just straight up lying for sympathy as well, but i was curious to see if anyone else thought about the furry theory. maybe it is the lewd stuff like >>284183 said, if in the case they do know about what countess is posting online. i don't remember sydney openly posting about any sexual deviancy and i don't remember any mention of stef's family having problems with her.

and wow, i don't think i ever realized she had siblings. probably since she doesn't ever seem to talk about or interact with them.

No. 284207

I thought she just has one younger brother - are there more? She and her brother look alike in body shape.

No. 284223

File: 1677796116656.jpeg (397.31 KB, 1179x2053, 8F2BA5D2-5B43-4294-8648-4F7175…)

She broke her damn nose for this filter

No. 284226

if you reply to the poll, please pick more interesting characters, so bored of RE

do not cowtip obv. but it's clear some anons follow her

No. 284228

imagine nominating the past skinwalks she refuses to do anymore kek. would she block someone for that?

No. 284231

I'm sorry did she get on all fucking fours to take this photo? All for minimal cleavage?

No. 284236

File: 1677808414851.png (1.04 MB, 823x841, 9F0A73C2-E035-4132-945B-0EC64E…)

She should skinwalk Aloy/Beta next. “Naturally auburn hair,” “buck teeth,” “archery,” check check check.

No. 284245

File: 1677812648753.jpeg (398.67 KB, 1178x2343, 4E871DE7-383D-4CB0-B2ED-27C9A6…)

She got suggestions most people apparently said Jill and Daniella I was surprised to see her acknowledge Arya and kek peep the retard bottom right talking about not Stef

No. 284246

File: 1677812671111.jpeg (392.26 KB, 1179x2408, F43E3099-05CE-46BB-A456-155765…)

No. 284248

i find it interesting how two of the answers, one being from gagamina herself, say jill, daniela, and jade in that exact order. any fellow nonnies thinking she asked or persuaded her closest friends to say that as an answer? that jade west skinwalk was so brief too (thank god.)

No. 284253

Good catch nonna I don't think she outright told them to do that but it's def weird considering how jade west had the second easiest lie to call out with her being related to jade (first easiest lie being progressive blindness)

No. 284295

File: 1677858721812.jpeg (305.92 KB, 1178x2109, 50E66EB4-9FDB-4089-AF2B-235E6B…)

>how could no one mention the super niche failure of a skinwalk I attempted for like two weeks b4 realizing no one gives a shot

No. 284341

kek stef why? ginger isn't even as popular of a character compared to anyone else listed

No. 284348

this is so incredibly pathetic. begging her followers to validate her lack of personal identity and coerce her delusion.

No. 284388

She begs for attention like this like clockwork she's always asking about who she is to them even regarding furry shit
Honestly she wouldn't be such a cow if she weren't so unreliable/shitty as well she shouldn't have ran that damn contest cause I've heard people haven't gotten their special prizes yet

No. 284423

File: 1677975103915.jpeg (541.91 KB, 1177x2326, C57E31C1-E532-4DF6-AA46-79B441…)

Wtf this isn't even trying to be cute like most furry shit this is straight up taxidermy watch her skinwalk chief irons next

No. 284523

File: 1678068761035.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20230306-101144.png)

She's killing another horse…

No. 284527

File: 1678070884606.jpeg (105.2 KB, 1179x273, CAE881C5-755F-441C-AC5F-44D1AF…)

Literally posted right after she doesn't give a damn about these poor animals

No. 284536

It's so alarming and creepy how they all end up "mysteriously" injured and neglected to the point of infection. She should not be allowed to own animals of any kind, especially with the sexual furry shit in the mix now too.

No. 284537

Honestly I'd like to say i don't think she'd hurt the animals, but it's weird that we're hearing about injuries only once she's back home. I wish there was someone equally active on social media in her family so we could see if it's only happening when she's around

No. 284539

In some causes she could just be lying for attention/sympathy/money. Finn's facial injury was obviously real, but there's not much proof with regards to this incident.
Honestly I'm hoping they're just lies and not active Munchausen by proxy.

No. 284547

>Ginger decided it was time to get a nasty leg infection
>Ginger decided
i know she's joking, but it really irks me how she doesn't see that her neglect is causes these animals harm.

i completely agree.

>Honestly I'd like to say i don't think she'd hurt the animals
i'm guessing you mean she wouldn't actively abuse them and in that case i can see what you mean, but her neglectfulness (and her priority being her attempts to gain online relevance instead of staying lowkey and focusing on properly taking the animals in her care) does still impact the quality of the life of her animals and it really pisses me off that she uses them in her stories or only gushes over them but doesn't appear to actually care about the inevitable aspect that they do need actual care and attention when deciding to keep them as pets instead of only using them for when she sees fit

No. 284553

Thing is, this thread actively eats her lies without meaning to because we know she's not the only person working with these horses. She was living in the city for months and the horses were fine. These animals aren't being completely neglected cause she's not the only person working the ranch or whatever her parents have. So since she literally cannot be the only person looking after the animals, why is it they're getting hurt when she's around? It's why, again, I wish we could see how common it was for the horses to be injured when she wasn't living there

No. 284576

File: 1678126404022.jpeg (395.52 KB, 1179x2556, BAB63575-FCBC-4FC3-B8CE-672A76…)

Hopefully Nanok ends up somewhere better

No. 284585

Poor Nanok, he's just been dumped at a leasing stable this whole time. She only cared about him for a few months.

No. 284589

i haven't been following this thread too closely but wtf, wheres her usually teary post talking about how she's being forced to give up the love of her life horse of w/e tf? where are her usual theatrics, i thought she loved nanok

No. 284591

Ngl I've gotten the feeling she's keeping those theatrics within her friend group she's toned herself down but I think she's probably still acting all dramatic to certain people

No. 284594

would kill to be in whatever fb groups she's in now. people like her don't stop, they find new ways to get the ego boosts and asspats

No. 284613

Seems like he was well looked after and shaped up accordingly while "dumped" so frankly it was obviously a better option for him. I'm extremely shocked she expressed no warmth for him or sadness to let him go, though.

No. 284636

She could be lying about the severity hoping to beg for money. Or her parents are 'throw them out in the field' absentee horse owners as well. After all, they were OK with Sted treating them that way. Though it does seem she hasnt been begging lately. Maybe Countess is bankrolling her, or Nanoks lease money.

>>284576 I saw this coming. Nanok is the only horse she is confirmed to own that is actually worth any money. Whatever happened to Sven? Personally I think he was a horse at the barn she's been boarding Nanok at and was never hers or her parents.

No. 284642

Countess doesn't ebeg like Stef but she does post her wishlists and shit and I'm pretty sure she didn't help with rent. I think countess is just as poor.

Also, not gonna say how I know this, but Stef is looking more towards dog training/"wolf" sanctuary shit rn. She's done with the horses from what it looks like

No. 284646

>dog training/"wolf" sanctuary
Does she… is she pretending she can train dogs? Does she have any aside from this new unnecessary puppy?

No. 284647

Who knows but I doubt she can train a dog to do shit. All she has is the new puppy that she imported and then her other dogs that she forgets about every time she gets a new one

No. 284667

This just proves animals are just accessories to her. She get them to match her current aesthetic. Nanok and her lizard for her Elsa phase, her rottweiler for the Jill phase and so on…

Bet she doesn't and bet she's convinced she's a dog whisperer and natural born wolf trainer. She's so delusional it's almost scary.

No. 284698


Good I hope she gets mauled.

No. 284719


No. 284720

sorry to a-log but FUCK this bitch for only giving a fuck about this horse for her ugly ass disney cosplay. i hope her next "heart horse uwuu" tramples the fuck out of her.

No. 284722

It was on her insta stories for a few days she had to fly out of country to get that puppy of hers

No. 284805

File: 1678280395578.jpg (4.47 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-03-08_20-59-42-920.…)

How convenient

No. 284826

No way she still lurks right?

No. 284863

Did she say where she had to go to get it? I wonder if she went all-out to source an actual wolf hybrid dog. It seems like after Nymeria's and Lobo's DNA tests came back with no wolf heritage, she lost interest in them quickly.
For someone obsessed with "saving" animals, she sure is unethical with how she obtains her dogs.

No. 284880

Kek you'd be right about her unethical nature for animals, she kept trying to get a Doberman from a shitty immoral breeder for her Jill bs
Pretty sure she just went down into the United States for the puppy she probably would've said if she'd had to leave the continent

No. 284916

File: 1678332221712.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2268x3072, 3FA35E30-2F7E-4668-BB5F-2DD8A4…)

Stef has to have a real job because there’s no way her parents are paying for self-serving larp commissions and a god damn fur suit (I will say I’m not sure about the fur suit pricing as the Etsy shop is temporarily closed but their website has the paws as the CHEAPEST option so I listed it as what she may have purchased)

No. 284917

File: 1678332483261.jpeg (180.51 KB, 1179x1181, 6E89F92C-9515-43CD-BFBD-11FBF2…)

Also peak Stef being a shitty girlfriend she didn't respond to or like this as far as I can tell kek

No. 284961

holy shit, I never considered this possibility (specifically sourcing a wolf hybrid). I think you might be right.

No. 285022

File: 1678387975714.png (27.58 KB, 542x256, Clipboard01.png)

went full autism mode for this one but I think this is what she ordered, the profile links to an account named Jillian Valentine. she posted the twitter reply the same day as the etsy order so it makes sense to me.

No. 285023

File: 1678388120508.png (175.37 KB, 922x2048, FT3YzD6XsAEHcqf.png)

samefag but this was posted to the artist's twitter around may last year, price of the base is in the upper left. sage for no real contribution but the convention she mentioned is next week, will be interesting to see if she finishes it. I have no knowledge of fursuit making but I can only imagine it's expensive and time consuming

No. 285066

File: 1678404775048.png (889.73 KB, 828x1792, A1F14BA8-7D63-4A47-86E5-E4D6EE…)

Tinfoil but she def did, she acted coy that both her GSD and bat-eared pink-nosed huskamute were wolf hybrids saying “there’s DEFINITELY wolf in them!” but when she got the puppy she started using more definitive/official words like wolfdog and mid content which she would’ve picked off a breeder listing. I might be autistic but this looks like the same puppy with the white chin, toes, chest spot, grayish eye spots and the DOB matches up, but I’m not so autistic I would ask if she’s still up for sale.

No. 285067

File: 1678404898723.jpeg (592.86 KB, 828x1348, C049ABBD-D501-4DE7-B971-3CA043…)

Samefag, I’m like 90% sure this is her puppy. She’s following this account. So she paid $2000 and flew to Kentucky for this dog.

No. 285068

File: 1678405212649.png (93.09 KB, 559x323, midnightrunwolves.PNG)

No. 285079

File: 1678408112280.png (1.95 MB, 1080x2074, Screenshot_20230310-082608.png)

Please tell me this is a friend's dog

No. 285088

If this is a new dog then anon's claim here is plausible
Also kek at her buying this furry shit but then dropping her wishlists

No. 285093

Wild shes selling this horse when someone in her fb group gave it to her after her constant posts about missing her "heart horse".

No. 285096

The audacity of this cow
How she can still be in those same groups I'll never know surely she's been kicked out by now

No. 285106

i thought she lost her facebook account as in >>275606 (whether to hacking or just a suspension who knows). she probably isn't part of those groups anymore and if she is it's likely under a new account.

No. 285133

She got her FB back. i don't think she ever posted about getting it back, but she did

No. 285134

Incredible detective work, nonny. This makes me want to a-log so much though, I almost can't help myself. I hate her so much for this shit, for treating animals like shit, for always playing the fucking victim when the animals are the actual victims… wtf I can't even deal with this.

No. 285217

File: 1678471775332.png (219.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230310-123626.png)

A page about the problems with keeping a wolfdog.

No. 285247

The wildest thing to me about her buying all these dogs is it’s a 15-year commitment to continue living with her “abusive” parents or at least be tied to them indefinitely. There’s no apartment or rental that’s going to allow her to bring 4 large dogs, one of which is literally 55% wolf. Maybe don’t spend $2000 on another dog when you already have three? Maybe save that money to move out?

No. 285290

She only ever claims abuse when it fits her larp or she can get sympathy points she doesn't try very hard to keep up the act

No. 285304

File: 1678509157526.jpeg (495.62 KB, 1178x1936, C0235D3C-9344-4599-AC34-760B6F…)

As someone who grew up around guns, it's so fucking funny to me how extra she is about trigger safety bullshit when she's a glorified concierge desk jockey everyone knows your gun isn't even remotely close to real or capable of doing damage at a con get over yourself stef

No. 285307

Why the fuck is she acting like she's going to be bringing a real gun to the con? There is not a chance in hell that's allowed.

No. 285322

Ah yes her last of us skinwalk starts now. Lmao. Jill will be ellie and drop one act for the next.

This fat bitch really thinks she can play skinny and fit characters. Can not wait to see photos.

No. 285325

She's going by Ellie again and will bring a guitar and a gun. Someone's been watching The Last Of Us. Can't wait for her to attempt and skinwalk yet another skinny girl. I wonder what her next lies are to make it seem like she IS Ellie. Immunity to all illnesses she's previously claimed?

No. 285346

File: 1678548680105.jpeg (657.81 KB, 1179x1960, 1F0D2959-D86C-4EE9-BE5D-BFB36D…)

She's had the Ellie wishlist up for a while with the most expensive garbage on it
I thought Stef was an archer already. Why does she need an archer kit?

No. 285356

I hope she claims to be immune to covid and therefor got experimented on for the vaccine.

No. 285359

KEK thank you nonnie I love being reminded of her claiming she'd been selected for balloon popping psychics experiments

No. 285381

For the record, owning a wolf-dog hybrid is illegal in her township specifically, and her province in general.

No. 285386

really? how is she getting around that? doesn't she have to register the dog?

No. 285389

I imagine she just doesn't register the dog, or lies about its breed. I'm not sure what type of info/verification is required to register a dog, but I'm guessing the township is just happy to collect the fee. I'm more confused about how she might have flown it into the country, if she really did get it from the US.
To be clear, I find the research done above to ID the breeder very credible, so I do think she would have had to either lie or use some loophole to get the puppy into the province.

No. 285407

Not sure how she did it but I know for a fact she flew it in personally. The papers alone were a gamble.

No. 285470

File: 1678585264688.jpeg (369.66 KB, 1178x1839, 1A287CF0-96BD-47E6-940E-150917…)

I think it's time to officially declare she came out as a furry

No. 285471

Omg, the one fursuit is wearing police gear and a k9 unit patch. She is going all in on the cop larp. I wonder if she's ever even shot a gun.

At least these aren't real animals.

No. 285488

You’re right. She really is scum. She’s breaking a law and risking this puppy being taken away and euthanized, for what? Unless she’s planning on moving in with Countess, she lives in BC right?

No. 285490

File: 1678589280927.jpeg (80.04 KB, 1178x912, A5DC322E-963F-4B88-8FFA-8D6051…)

She posted her range paper target and bragged about the shots but they were pretty standard for the distance she shot at regardless of skill
This is in her Jill wishlist for extra cringe she "wants" to be a cop more than anything and it's sad

No. 285495

Why doesn't she just… Become a cop? Idk if it's difficult in CA but in the USA it's shockingly easy. Some of the dumbest people I went to HS with became cops

No. 285496

She is physically incapable of passing the physical tests that are required in the beginning of the academy. They include rigorous heights and agility. Of course, cops let themselves go, but you gotta be relatively fit to get in and THEN you can eat her sprinkles oatmeal

No. 285498

I really don't think Stef actually wants to put in the work to be legit, she just wants people to treat her like she is. This goes for the equestrian stuff too or any other larp. It's easier to buy a bunch of crap, stage pics, and lie online. To get respect? Attention? Idk.

She's weird af though, she takes it a step further when 'cosplaying'. She can't just be a normal cosplayer, she has to lie that she is an official stunt double, related to the actor, or literally be that character irl personality, job and all. I don't understand what she gets out of that.

No. 285499

Yeah she wants to be a cop as much as she was a figure skater in the Elsa larp. Just like her pets, it all depends on the skinwalk of the month on what career path she chooses. Oh wasn't there a forensic something or other in there at one point? Whatever happened to "college" for that? She's a literal fucking loser.

No. 285500

She claimed "forensics" for the izombie larp but never said if it was pathology or anthropology etc so that was already a huge hole in the narrative
She still claims to have a certificate in forensics to this day she probably took some online class about how to handle cleaning up blood like every grocery store employee that cleans a bathroom has to kek
I don't think she ever went on with her Yale paper lie which is disappointing I would've loved to read an attempt at professional research writing by her

No. 285532

File: 1678606968253.png (126.75 KB, 864x1490, Screenshot_20230312-084233.png)

She was full-on ACAB back in 2020

No. 285549

Hilarious that she went from this mentality to literally doing everything she can to pretend she's some kind of cop all because of a video game. She also continuously lists Sheva as her fav RE character but literally never posts about Sheva. I get it if she doesn't want to cosplay outside of her race but we don't even see those stupid BARK BARK posts for her supposed fav girl? Sure Stef.

No. 285558

It‘s not even a good one an advanced archer would use. She either broke the old one because she‘s a dumb bitch and didn't know how to properly use and take care of it or we'll get a son story about her not having touched a bow in so long because it caused too much trauma/her parents threw it out/it broke in battle

No. 285787

File: 1678735304077.jpeg (152.34 KB, 1179x1657, 829A6B16-2D10-4ACF-95B7-2C946E…)

Anyone want their future told by someone who has no future?

No. 285815


Vet bills? You mean that $2000+ furfucker cosplay you just bought? Sell it, you insipid cow.

No. 285820

Don't forget the $2,000 illegal puppy which she also just bought!

No. 285839


When she posted this on Instagram she said she was going to a con.
Maybe save that money and take care of your damn horse?

No. 285885

File: 1678808389571.jpeg (226.54 KB, 1179x2130, 639259D7-D1A5-4658-8466-8504E7…)

NTA here's the cap

No. 285887

File: 1678808459131.jpeg (247.99 KB, 1178x2068, EA0D430C-28D2-446C-8AB7-37B891…)

This is the first time she's actually talked like she knows what she's doing with the tarot bs ngl I'm curious

No. 285888

If this is for that poor horse that got injured, we know her parents pay for all the vet shit. It's not like the horses suddenly stopped needing care when she lived in the city. Also what happened to her heart horse getting sold? Surely that would pay for it

No. 286309

File: 1678993130515.jpeg (201.08 KB, 1179x1724, 583B8B19-086B-4FF3-9EFE-DD6A64…)

Any lucky anons attending? I'd give anything to see this cow in the wild in full fur suit kek

No. 286323

holy hell that is very clearly not her face. she must love using those instagram filters that tweak facial features.

No. 286356

I love seeing her bald spot on full display now. So Jill/Ellie/Elisa of her.

No. 286358

It's no wonder she went furry, she can hide both her overly edited face and body when in a big bulky fursuit.

No. 286391

File: 1679017974223.webm (5.35 MB, 1080x1920, 331606385_3128306390800220_530…)

I'm so sad for this puppy.

No. 286395

a bare crate!? wtaf. At least if it will be with Stef's parents, they will treat the animal well. Unlike Stefany.

No. 286413

Huh, so she can attend a con but can't pay for her horse's surgery. Brave thing to post with your expensive fursuit right after e-begging.

No. 286415

Huh, so she can attend a con but can't pay for her horse's surgery. Brave thing to post with your expensive fursuit right after e-begging.

No. 286420

My thoughts exactly I wonder if anyone that was dumb enough to donate even got their asks granted before she went on her trip
She probably just wanted merch money
If the horse really was sick and she's the only person that cares enough to take care of it, then why leave? She's just so lazy with her lies

No. 286421

Is that a bald spot or is she going grey? I still tinfoil that she’s older than she says.

No. 286448


Her references do read mid Millenial (Ginger Snaps, classic Disney Channel, old school RE) but there was a bad hair chemical burn toward the end of her Elsa saga. And then she fucked it up even more putting some horse shampoo (?) in it. I really wish I could find that last thing but I'm lazy af kek. I'm shocked that it still hasn't grown back tho, I know people who have bleach burned themselves etc. and they had little baby hair regrowth a few months later - so she got truly fucked I guess.

No. 286540

Old school RE not at all considering she got in for the remake and nothing else. Same with Disney, she only ever gave a shit about Elsa, which is new. Gingersnaps seems the most millennial, but she only got into it after dating countess.
I'd put her at late 20s (edge of millennial sure) meaning she still has time to make something of her life but I doubt she ever will

No. 286573

She’s at least 30, there is evidence of that in past threads. I’m guessing the other poster meant older than 30. She still lied about her age in her bio for years.

No. 286603

File: 1679154299618.jpeg (71.78 KB, 1179x475, ABE8BCA8-D9B9-4475-A87E-53C0DA…)

This does suck but isn't she at the furry thing, not TCC? And how does she lose something like that when her furry suits are half fake PPG?

No. 286608

It’s a 5 minute drive between the venues. Maybe whoever stole her passport can tell us how old she actually is kek

No. 286609

File: 1679156960270.jpeg (576.23 KB, 2048x1152, A5044095-7E1F-4D5B-9CC7-99011E…)

No. 286610

She's dressed as Ellie right now too how tf do you lose your wallet at a con when you should be at your most responsible of your belongings

No. 286613

Kek her real name is all over her IDs and cards, she's probably terrified someone will find out who she "really" is. Imagine being the person to find it and verify the name inside after she's been telling everyone her name is Ellie all day.

No. 286623

i thought she's a badass cop with a gun, how could she be a victim???

No. 286650

KEK good point what "cop" is retarded enough to lose their wallet

No. 286659

Getting pickpocketed at a con is very common idk why anons are acting like she's stupid for letting this happen. You're in bulky clothes, it's crowded, new location… very easy.

Anyway she still has her phone based on her spamming IG, so all she has to do is go to the consulate (assuming she's in the US?) to get a way home. It sucks but she's not stuck, she's from Canada for crying out loud. It's not like she's stranded. Same for the hotel room, she probably has proof of herself on her phone so they can give her a new room key.

It's a shitty situation but every situation to her is worst case scenario when it really isn't. Getting your wallet picked is common as hell.

No. 286661

she's at the toronto comic con and is canadian, anon.

No. 286662

Wait, she's not even out of the country? Why is she freaking out about her passport? That's even easier to deal with then, wtf is wrong with her?

No. 286666

No it isn't anon because most people aren't idiots and either slim down their wallet when they go to cons or just carry a card around in a very close place. Don't cope for an idiot who is nearly 30 (or IS 30) and can't even keep her most important belongings safely on her person. She's been going to conventions FOR YEARS. She should've learned by now.

No. 286667

No it isn't anon because most people aren't idiots and either slim down their wallet when they go to cons or just carry a card around in a very close place. Don't cope for an idiot who is nearly 30 (or IS 30) and can't even keep her most important belongings safely on her person. She's been going to conventions FOR YEARS. She should've learned by now.

No. 286678


Last month she had her credit card info stolen with conveniently enough her pin as well. Today it's her passport and overpriced wallet. So we have a new grift incoming?

No. 286733

File: 1679198042947.jpeg (61.27 KB, 1179x1156, 838B5D69-9964-4A9D-A783-A96EC1…)

She's only managed $30 bucks and some change with her latest begging attempt so maybe she's trying to get a friend sending money to help her "get home"? But then why would they do that if she doesn't have any of her cards?

No. 286763

File: 1679212608241.png (1 MB, 1242x2208, 54E94647-1116-4C2A-9C7F-21CFE1…)

Fuck the wallet, what the hell did she do to her poor nails?(not milk, pls sage)

No. 286767

>wallet has "registered shape shifter" on it
kek. considering all her skinwalking and editing, that wallet couldn't be more accurate.

clearly those are her spooky wolf claws anon

No. 286836

Why does her fake blood always look like ketchup

No. 286878

Our first look at her new skinwalk of Ellie isn't milk? Ok.

No. 286961

File: 1679281928762.jpeg (315.25 KB, 1178x2060, CCB9C777-F649-482E-B8C1-9721DC…)

Sage for non milk
Whale gf's dog died (which is honestly devastating as hell no matter the cow rip pup) and her and Stef are acting like the dog was on a police force. Can anyone confirm? Otherwise they're just fucking weird for calling the poor dog officer and sergeant

No. 286974


Everything she says is some sort of fabrication. I wouldn't trust a thing she says. This cow is the worst.

No. 286988

kek she makes this poor dog sound like Manatee's personal bodyguard. They are safe, run free! Agreed about this being a sad update regardless though.

No. 286998

I think it’s just supposed to be a cute name, like Mr Socks? But TIL U.S police and military K-9 units do have ranks, so maybe. She posted a collage of puppy pics to her Twitter that I didn’t SS because it’s not milk, but it’s deleted now for some reason.

No. 287009

File: 1679324354032.jpeg (171.03 KB, 1179x1272, F902F114-51FE-40B2-B611-44056D…)

It was Countess that posted the puppy pics picrel and she's calling the dog officer
I don't think RCMP gives the dogs real ranks and the fact that they go between officer and sgt. so it's likely fake and just playing into their weird police kink

No. 287011

File: 1679324572413.jpeg (51.3 KB, 828x524, 1919DB4B-BCF2-4A09-ABFB-9747D0…)

Did she even go to FE? There was an “incident” and I’m surprised she isn’t involving herself since hotel security and Toronto police were involved. The incident seems like it was a naked dude at the rave grinding on a security guard, sry for no embed but unrelated milk + man’s bare ass. Makes the shelter in place announcement kind of funny though. https://twitter.com/note_skye/status/1637328866791309312

No. 287017

She was at Toronto Comic-Con when this happened not at FE so she probably had no idea especially with her "lost" wallet

No. 287018

Same anon forgot to say she only went the first day of FE and then the rest of the weekend was TCC

No. 287090

Such a sweet face on this ol' boy. RIP pup. It's so hard to lose them.

No. 287092

File: 1679355813720.png (661.3 KB, 864x1528, Screenshot_20230320-184644~2.p…)

kek it is a furry wallet. sorry if everyone knew that already, it was news to me

No. 287094

File: 1679355851327.png (509.15 KB, 864x1533, Screenshot_20230320-184657~2.p…)

registered shapeshifter indeed

No. 287096

>Mad somebody thought it was a good idea to steal someone's wallet
What kind of fake cop is this bitch Lmao stealing would be nothing to her compared to the crimes she should be used to, bragging about being tactical

No. 287098

File: 1679356939793.jpeg (99.6 KB, 1178x1941, 5F4A76F4-5571-4894-8A3F-E8070E…)

For anyone curious, Nymeria is still a "service dog"

No. 287118

Doesn't Nymeria live with her parents? I know she's called other random dogs that she saddled her parents with service dogs in the past, but now she isn't even under the same roof as this one.

No. 287123

Nonnie she moved back in with her parents month ago

No. 287294

File: 1679440739792.jpeg (218.67 KB, 1179x2081, 4F42FD11-581C-4F64-9498-87CD11…)

Someone tell my why the hell she's still wearing those disgusting nails? And peek that spelling of mom, takes me back to the fake British accent days

No. 287423

Isn't just how they say it in Canada too? The Canadians I've met use British English basically, just w/o the accent (spelling everything with extra u's and such)

No. 287449

File: 1679479108190.jpeg (71.27 KB, 828x730, 3B9EB43D-1C92-405B-9C92-1C94CD…)

>owner of night shift studios

No. 287451

File: 1679480387961.jpeg (33.56 KB, 828x296, 521ACE3F-5089-4C15-9928-7AA682…)

Same anon, Idk why she would update her Twitter bio without securing the social media for her new “company” because there is zero web presence of whatever this is but I’m guessing it’s fursuit-making, because “night shift” muh cop but also werewolf pun. She made her first ever fursuit head in a week using someone else’s base and now she’s a “business owner” kek

No. 287498

Kek literally any sign of her making something of her life is good enough for me
How the hell is she gonna afford the supplies tho her credit card got stolen

No. 287505


It's been a minute since I looked at her linktree and wishlist. She has 4 wishlists filled with at least $2k items in addition to her neverending kofi for vet bills she has no intention of using the funds as advertised. It blows my mind how entitled she feels to receive money and gifts, but does absolute fuck all in return for her "friends" /followers. She lives in a 6 figure home under her parents roof at almost 30 years old. There's no excuse to be this old and this useless.

No. 287507

Even funnier that she doesn't make good on promises. Has anyone ever been confirmed to receive their ask for all the donors she begs for?

No. 287542

Someone mentioned about two weeks ago here that those who entered haven't received their gifts yet. We know those prizes never existed. It was a ploy to get new followers to her dead socials.

No. 287608

Did like two people get simple drawings from this raffle? She really can't get some drawings done?

No. 287712

File: 1679582920598.png (603.5 KB, 1179x2556, 063A415E-4F86-45B1-BE6B-5681B3…)

Kek can't wait

No. 287935

File: 1679620014548.jpeg (73.39 KB, 828x738, 63036117-F760-4BE6-BB71-32E226…)

Now it’s silver bullet studios KEK girl maybe think it through first…

No. 287947

Genuinely think nothing will come of this kek she can't even get a fucking stream to work how would she manage this

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