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File: 1718796004962.jpg (86.69 KB, 800x545, american women from 1900.jpg)

No. 2055834

Off-topic random shit thread but the only rule is DO NOT TALK ABOUT MOIDS. Doesn't matter if it's men you hate, men you love, men you are attracted to, men you aren't attracted to, men you personally know, men you don't personally know, men that literally just exist, husbandos, yaoi, bara, het ships, nonexistent men, hypothetical men (including god or Jesus), men's opinions, none of these things are allowed ITT. No pictures of moids (including animated moids) allowed either. This also includes trannies since they are men. If an anon mentions males ITT, report immediately.
>But why?
It's exhausting and annoying to see anons talking about nothing but moids over and over.
>Isn't this thread redundant?
If only.
>But what about-
Real life animals are fine but otherwise just follow the Rule of thumb: if you have to ask then it most likely belongs elsewhere so don't even bother.

previous thread: >>>/ot/1964385

No. 2055841

File: 1718796632739.jpg (127.36 KB, 1500x1000, white-and-red-sauce-lasagna-re…)

I'm eating homemade lasagna today, do you like lasagna? I've never experimented with ingredients, I want to eat a green lasagna someday

No. 2055842

I feel like it's hard to make a perfect cheese and meat lasagna with red sauce that has perfect picturesque layers, but it's very easy to make a lasagna that tastes good and looks like a hot mess. you can basically put whatever you want in it and it will be good because it's pasta.

No. 2055892

File: 1718801786992.png (31.88 KB, 723x411, unknown.png)

my voice recognition testing adventures on msword kek

No. 2055905

File: 1718803086331.gif (1.39 MB, 220x279, IMG_2918.gif)

No. 2055922

File: 1718804948836.gif (3.97 MB, 220x267, IMG_1306.gif)

I love this cow so much they always look like big fat puppies

No. 2056095

I love lasagna, it's just so resource intensive to make that I rarely make the effort. Red is my favorite, but I want to try the chicken and white sauce kind.

No. 2056166

i love thread pic, but i miss calico kitties…

No. 2056169

I feel like I'm being gaslit when someone says I need to drink more water to fix some of my health problems because I drink so much that I developed incontinence issues, I have to piss every 10 minutes

No. 2056233

File: 1718822068310.png (425.53 KB, 600x932, IMG_3607.png)

gr8 threadpic, i hope belle epoque girls having fun becomes the new threadpic motif

No. 2056246

i hate when infights get dragged across multiple threads like pls shut up can’t you guys pretend you arent fighting in a different thread and just have fun?

No. 2056666

just dug a bug out of my belly button

No. 2056689

Assembling homemade lasagna makes me burn more calories than it gives, I swear

No. 2056832

All that "just luv urself ♥" shit people say when anyone talks about being insecure is bullshit! The real key to getting over insecurities of just realizing you would be uglier if you looks different. I used to be insecure about my wide nose then I photoshopped myself with a slim nose and realized I would be fucking ugly. That was a few years ago, now I have no qualms about my nose and I know it fits my face well.

No. 2056870

File: 1718843642197.jpg (240.44 KB, 1600x1200, image0000001.jpg)

>Get swole for summer
>Buy crop tops and shorts to show off my gains
>Coldest, rainiest summer in years
>So cold that even being at a heavier weight doesn't keep me warm
I'm finally happy with myself being a little bigger and I can't even show it off!!!!

No. 2056871

Cold weather should never stop a baddie, anon.

No. 2056881

>Insane off hand comment
>Devil quads of truth
I'm going to lose a piece of my soul when this website disappears. You simply can't find this density of opossum women anywhere else.

No. 2056882

That's some big brain shit.
I used my body dysmorphia to briefly delude myself that pictures of other women were me then zoom out and realize it's not me and they look good. Then I switch to photos of me and do the reverse. Instant cure, makes me realize I don't know what I'm looking at.

No. 2056942

File: 1718848792278.png (1.89 MB, 1170x1610, mama lanna.png)

No. 2057926

File: 1718923097189.jpg (330.96 KB, 1440x1527, 534b103441c769b999e999647dcfbc…)

What's your go-to nail polish color and finish? Short nails or long nails? I like simple short nails, milky pink translucid color, and then a confetti top coat.

No. 2057928

File: 1718923794234.jpg (107.92 KB, 720x888, 1000034407.jpg)

I love glitter, I would eat it if I could.

No. 2057935

File: 1718924150125.jpg (45.69 KB, 736x736, 012335f8f57a7a79f59fe7e8b84772…)

I do my own nails and I like doing nail art and/or lots of bling and charms. My current fav shape is medium (well, medium to me but long to people that only do short nails) almond, and something similar to picrel but with more glitter and rhinestones is my go to design when I wanna do something quick or easy.

No. 2057944

File: 1718924448218.jpg (86.63 KB, 736x1088, ec6f2b43eafdbfbb2e02e8e2c9b970…)

Samefag, but actually this pic is closer to what I do. I believe this is a Chinese nail trend so it's actually a little hard to find good pics of it.

No. 2057958

File: 1718925361186.jpg (177.05 KB, 800x1179, CG Fade Into Hue 3.JPG)

Medium length or shortish oval, the colors I currently prefer are these

No. 2057960

I keep my nails natural because I'm no longer brainwashed by society

No. 2057972

It's just paint in your nails who cares

No. 2057983

Colors make me happy it doesn’t have to be that deep

No. 2057986

Nails are not comparable to makeup and surgery. Colourful paint is fuuuuun and looking at my multicoloured nails while typing this out right now is even funner.

No. 2057987

Me too. One time a nail tech tried to glitter shame me

No. 2057990

I support you nona. Personally I think nail polish is a scam on the level of hair dye but it’s a lot more fun than hair dye. Colors are pretty though.
She is simply thinking deeply about it and that’s the conclusion she came to, that’s all. It doesn’t have to be a condemnation or anything, she said what she said about herself

No. 2057995

Do you have a color rec or the color used in the source? Milky pink translucid sounds soooo good and I wanna waste some money right now

No. 2058009

File: 1718928704263.gif (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 220x391, IMG_1336.gif)

Just ate a whole bag of white chocolate covered pretzels. About to go completely balls off the wall into the janny’s drawls right now(do not post moids itt)

No. 2058016

I don't know what that means but I like the sound of it

No. 2058017

Cows have gradually become my favourite animal through the years. They contribute so much to society and are absolutely beautiful (especially Indian ones.) They have besties and moo. What’s there not to love? I didn’t just decide they were my favourite on a sudden whim, they deserved that spot.

No. 2058019

i dont know how generalizing all women who enjoy cosmetics as brainwashed is "thinking deeply" tho its cute you try to defuse her NLOGisms as self referential when we can clearly see her desperately trying to fluff up her own self esteem by putting down other women kek

No. 2058035

Color being equal to being brainwashed by society days a lot tbh.

No. 2058042

Wtf does this say nonna

No. 2058055

I think you feel attacked and that’s why you don’t like what she said but okay you can make it a whole thing where she’s a bad person/NLOG. Thinking your own deep thoughts I see kek

No. 2058158

For the gel nail polish I unironically got it from shein so it's a Chinese brand, the top coat I use that is similar to the picture is by the brand gelish, it might be literally be called confetti though I'm not sure because I bought it a while ago already

No. 2058167

I was going to post something cool but then I forgot. Does anyone else suffer from this

No. 2058168

Thinking that something as simple as putting color on your nails is society brainwashing you says more about you than it does about society.
"Days" is a pretty obvious typo.

No. 2058170

i dont understand why some women pay thousands to have pretty nails. It seems so wasteful and autistic. Especially when those nails are going to be close to their buttholes most of the time.

No. 2058173

File: 1718943323488.jpg (24.59 KB, 554x554, images-3.jpg)

Is wearing perfume or body sprays also part of being brainwashed

No. 2058174

You can just buy a bottle of paint for like 5 bucks and paint them yourself, it's not that deep

No. 2058179

Probably the same reason why anybody pays for anything to be pretty, they like it that way. Being pretty is actually not really necessary, not many people care that much if something like your room or your outfits are plain and all grey.

No. 2058193

i'm not sure, i really enjoy buying weird colognes and wearing them. xyrena is one of my favorite websites to browse, i think their scents are really fun. dark ride is my favorite one.

No. 2058194

>Especially when those nails are going to be close to their buttholes most of the time.
I'm sorry I'm actually really struggling to understand what you meant by this sentence. Do you usually keep your fingers tucked inside your ass cheeks or is your fingers always touching your asshole? Most people don't spend all day holding their fingers in between their ass. Is that something you do that you just think is normal??? I'm really confused.

No. 2058196

maybe its because i have never been attracted to 3dpd but i dont understand why people want to be pretty. To me it just looks unnatural. Nail polish looks so retarded and i will never understand why its a thing in the first place.

No. 2058197

you dont wipe your ass?

No. 2058203

I wipe my ass and I even use a bidet but I don't spent "most of the time" wiping my ass… Maybe I spend 10 minutes of each day in the process of wiping, combining all the times I use the bathroom. How much time in an average day do you spend wiping your ass to think that that's where your fingers are gonna be "most of the time" ????

No. 2058204

Do you like to see anything be pretty?
It's that sort of feeling, but towards yourself.

No. 2058209

i think natural women are pretty. I dont like any kind of fakeness.

No. 2058210

No. 2058211

Why does adding color to something make them fake and do you dislike hair dye as well?

No. 2058212

No, can you please address what you said and explain what you meant? What do you mean that your fingers are touching your asshole most of the time. Don't back down now, speak truth and shame the Devil.

No. 2058214

You are altering your body to chase fake ideals of whats pretty, and yes hair dye is ugly too. I keep telling my mom to just own showing her age but she's too insecure.

No. 2058217

What do you think about wart removal? Like if you have a wart on your face. Is it wrong to remove it to chase the ideals of beauty (being wartless)?

No. 2058219

Now you got me wondering about acne and skin cream.

No. 2058223

Having a wart is natural and it's a part of your body, so if we follow the logic then removing warts is also altering your body to chase fake ideals. You should be proud of your warts and if you deign to remove them, you should be sent away to live on an island by yourself with all the other vain people that worship the beauty standard! Wanting to get rid of warts is actually a psyop by Big Derma to brainwash people, and wanting to get rid of warts is actually wasteful and autistic.

No. 2058224

yeah, unless it actually hurts you. I was a pizza face through high school and it didnt kill me.

No. 2058226

>chasing fake ideals about what is pretty
It's not about society's ideals of what is pretty or not.
It can be something as simple as "I like the color of those flowers, I wish I could stare at them all day. Oh wait… I can paint my nails that color."

No. 2058227

why are you so mad. No one is saying you cant paint your nails, but you cant expect everyone to applaud your shallow acts. I am a minority anyways so i dont know how my opinion affects you or the big corpos selling glittery nail polish.

No. 2058229

You just want to be pretty. At least own it. If you wanted to look at flowers then you would just look at flowers instead. There is nothing i hate more than vain people making excuses.

No. 2058231

No. Personally, I want everyone to applaud for me and throw roses at my feet when I commit the shallow act of removing a wart. Maybe throw me a parade too if the weather is nice.

No. 2058235

Not everyone can just hold flowers all day to look at, lol.
Honestly, I don't actually do my nails. I just find it bizarre and kind of sad that a woman would be considered lesser and brainwashed for doing so.

No. 2058239

I painted my nails tealish blue and now every time I look at my hands I think about hatsune miku

No. 2058240

i never said they were lesser. All humans are brainwashed to look for acceptance and looking a certain way is just part of that. Ofcourse the expectations are even higher on women. Its just part of sad human nature. It just feels good to not care about that stuff in the slightest.

No. 2058242

>It just feels good to not care about that stuff in the slightest
I feel like if you really didn't care you wouldn't be posting on LC talking about how nail polish is brainwashing and that if you use nail polish you're a vain autist. It kind of seems like you care about nail polish a lot.

No. 2058246

Colors on nails or hair is chasing beauty standards? What beauty standard holds colorful nails and hair as higher instead of tacky, trashy, or childish?

No. 2058247

Many would consider the words "shallow", "brainwashed", "wasteful and autistic", and "fake" to be disrespectful words to describe those who they consider "lesser".

No. 2058249

I think that anon just personally finds nail polish pretty but she has some sort of neurotic complex surrounding it so she can't admit it. It's like okay if YOU find nail polish pretty that's you. Why are come around and say we're all autistic and shallow for painting our nails? It is the most mundane thing imaginable I can't see how nail polish is a form of brainwashing.

No. 2058250

>getting this pissed off a woman doesnt like unnatural hair dyes and toxic paints
kek truly showing how totally not pissed you are. centuries ago all of you would be breaking your ribs using corsets.

No. 2058254

why are you projecting, i find nail polish ugly as fuck and i have never used it nor want to. Nails already have a natural cute pinky color why would you want to change that.

No. 2058257

Nonnie don't worry not all spooky colors are toxic just because you don't see them normally.

No. 2058260

No, centuries ago I'd be cold in the ground after catching cholera because I lived a normal life in the real world and interacted with society on a regular basis so I unfortunately got exposed to the disease while you spent your life hiding away in a cellar ranting to the walls about how corsets are a tool of the Devil. You'd be alone, but at least you wouldn't catch cholera. I'd invite you to my funeral (my corpse is dressed in a corset) but I don't think you'd come.

No. 2058263

This discussion is so fucking gay, can't believe I made it happen by asking a simple "what's your go-to nail polish" question

No. 2058264

Jesus Christ you're embarrassing with this virtue signaling. It's just fucking nail paint, it doesn't make women "fake" you fucking nlog

No. 2058265

Yes this. Anon sounds autistic and it's clear she thinks anyone wearing nail polish is fake and lesser than her totally not brainwashed self she sounds like a blackpill tbh.

No. 2058267

File: 1718948650943.jpeg (312.26 KB, 2000x2000, 409c2192-debb-49c2-97e7-b4b773…)

The anon that hates nail polish and hair dye is probably the same anon that thinks all chapstick is unnecessary in the consoom thread. Vaseline-chan

No. 2058272

Kek what thread? I tried checking the current one but couldn't find the posts you're referencing.

No. 2058279

Same, always found nail polish so off putting. Plus this shit should have been discussed in their containment threads in /g/

No. 2058280

It's just a fucking question dude(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2058281

One or two threads ago I think

No. 2058282

>dumbass shit thread, but relaxed and comfy and for women only
>but can't you talk make a simple small talk question about nail polish you brainwashed twat!!!

No. 2058283

That anon is right, most painted nails are ugly. Long and fake nails are disgusting because they are difficult to clean. It isn't an opinion, it's a reality.

No. 2058284

File: 1718949747284.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)

No. 2058285

This isn't bait. Not everyone has the same opinion. I felt bad for that anon being jumped at for saying the most boring opinion ever. Not everyone is into painting their nails. I used to but the overconsumption of 2010's made me stop and knowing how easily they get dirty sealed the deal.

No. 2058287

I call other women that.
Makes me wonder about the time necessary for a word like that to be considered nongendered.

No. 2058288

Why do anons think every thread is a "containment thread" now? Are you guys new or something

No. 2058289

Probably in 50 years or so, I can live without calling other women such things though, I don't get why there's so many anons saying that ugly word around here, like at all, it makes me think of unwashed ass and ratty hair.

No. 2058292

File: 1718950578831.jpg (631.13 KB, 1834x2560, CCC-Cuisinart-IG-BEST-1-scaled…)

Idk why anons let this post disrupt the thread tbh. Give anon the cookie she wants and move on.

No. 2058294

reminds me of when some anon reported a movie grid post in dumbass shit and the farmhands went along with it but didn't bat an eye at the hundreds of interior room posts kek

No. 2058307

Why is it such a bad thing to be a bit shallow? Pretending that society doesn't have any influence on the way you look, behave or perceive things while not living like a modern Diogenes is so naive and funny. Like, I'm pretty sure you have a nice haircut and not a bald head and you don't mortify your flesh by wearing a sackcloth instead of flowery dress or cool t-shirt. And it's ok!

No. 2058308

Women being called brainwashed because they like a human thing, colors, will never be an opinion I'd give a cookie for.

No. 2058309

Please forgive me, I grew up in Surfer land.

No. 2058320

It’s just a bit of fun. I don’t even see how it makes you shallow.

No. 2058327

the super long ones are so fucking gross and tacky. I have no idea why they are even popular when they are so nasty. In general 2010s+ beauty trends have been so shitty and uninspired. I laugh whenever i see one of those ''baddies'' with 10 cm long eyelashes and huge ass claws. They look like clowns.

No. 2058332

I'm the anon who got banned, you don't need to defend me lmao
Summerfags probably

No. 2058333

You can have short nails in non tacky colors too anon. Relax

No. 2058334

Breaking your ribcage with a corset and having your nails painted is two different things lmao. Nails grow, paint falls out. There's no nuance here.
Also, (redacted) don't even care about painted nails unless they have a fetish. It's always been a thing that women do for fun. When was the last time when a (redacted) looked at nails and was like "oh yeah baby add more glitter and polka dots to it, so sexy" like wtf?(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2058336

I will give no cookies to retards that shit on a perfectly fine thread, they should had posted their shit in unpopular opinions and moved on. But I guess she wouldn't have had the same levels of attention over there.

No. 2058346

I do genuinely use the word (other words in that group too) so tbf, it's half for my future self in case I forget and let slip.

No. 2058347

the consoomer becky fears the autistic woman who doesnt fall for propaganda

No. 2058348

I call my two cats my daughters. It makes me so happy. They are so adorable and small.

No. 2058349

>close to their buttholes most of the time
>most of the time
Nona…? Kek this is killing me

No. 2058350

That's what's getting me too like I actually don't know what that anon meant by that. It's like I know too much about her now.

No. 2058352

it was a typo, i am sleepy. Its just weird to me that anyone would spend that much time and money in their nails when they are going to wipe their ass through the day. Seems like a waste of money.

No. 2058357

Yeah but you're supposed to use toilet paper for that so your fingers don't actually touch your ass and then after you're supposed to wash your hands anyway just to be cleanly.

No. 2058362

She just wipes with her bare hands "most times"

No. 2058364

I wear long nails: your nails don't touch your butt, your fingers do + toilet paper. Your nails shouldn't really be pressing into your asshole when you wipe.

No. 2058365

Painting your nails by yourself only takes like 20 min max, nails in butthole-chan

No. 2058366

Do you know what a bidet is? I powerwash my butthole which is more effective than dry ass toilet paper. Even then why is everyone acting like their regular nails don't also accumulate dirt and germs?

No. 2058369

still weird to me, just seems so wasteful to waste time and money painting your nails just so they end up near your asshole through the day. I still have no idea why my opinion on nail polish is so controversial though.

No. 2058370

Samefag, I've worn long nails too long to remember what it's like to do anything with shorties, but I think people must curl their fingers a little when wiping and that's what is causing the confusion. With long nails, your hands are flat both when you wipe and when you do things like typing on a keyboard.

No. 2058372

>20 min
thats a shit load of time

No. 2058378

you've probably spent that amount of time arguing about this

No. 2058380

>just so they end up near your asshole through the day
I'm not ashamed of my asshole, it's a part of me. So what if sometimes my nails get close to my asshole? It's just two parts of my body. It's not like people are rubbing their fingers through their feces-filled crack. It's just a simple wipe with toilet paper or even a spurt of water from a bidet.

No. 2058382

You really have an obsession with buttholes

No. 2058384

I am trying to understand. Its like peope who collect funko pops. I dont get it.

No. 2058387

It's been hours, please stop arguing.

No. 2058388

Does that anon even wash her hands? Like, nail polish or not, if you get a little bit of doodoo you will fucking clean it, it's not a big deal. Starting to think she doesnt know how to wipe at all kek

No. 2058393

Wouldn't it be so cute if there were tiny little cows? Like cat sized. Cute little pets, I'd want a highland version

No. 2058394

you are the one that keeps responding because you are deeply offended i find nail polish ugly

No. 2058395

>Paints my short nails occasionally for fun
>My nails look pretty and feel stronger (I have a deficiency that makes them bend easy)
>I draw, cook, clean, my nails are resistent and look pretty
>Wipe my ass normally, wash my hands thoroughly, scrub my nails like always, I'm a clean human being, nail polish or not
>Obsessed with nails in butthole
>Ability to was hands and wipe is contested
>Keeps posting about this shit for hours
>Somehow still feels superior to other anons

No. 2058396

Toilet paper and bidets would go against natural beauty.

No. 2058397

plus you can talk to other girls about your nails. it's a good jumping off point.

No. 2058398

No one would care if you didn't like nail polish, it's your obsession with saying women are fake for wearing it and your nails in asshole comment what tips people off

No. 2058399

Long nails are unhygienic. The extra surface area and crevices provide a perfect environment for bacteria like Staphylococcus and fungi to thrive.

No. 2058400

True, that anon probably thinks women who use toilet paper are fake and she's better and totally not brainwashed because she always uses her whole hand. That's why she can't wear nail polish, her nails are always dirty with shit.

No. 2058401

Stop reposting this

No. 2058404

Does shit count as nail polish?

No. 2058418

It's so funny that you think painting your nails could potentially be the worst thing a patriarchal society could make you do. The fact that you simply chose not to wear it anymore with no repercution speaks volumes, your life must be very easy considering patriarchal societies force women to do heinous shit, worse than wearing nail polish, and they aren't so lucky to say "no more".

No. 2058422

No. 2058424

Something tells me butthole chan doesn't do a lot of talking to other people…

No. 2058441

i bet you shave

No. 2058443

I actually don't, but nice try. My legs are hairy. And my nails are polished. Die mad.

No. 2058444


No. 2058445

I don't need to prove shit to you

No. 2058446

>keeps seething and responding to justify consooming crappy toxic paint
i am sure you dont

No. 2058447

>Autistic nails in butt chan is so snowflakey that she can't imagine regular women not confirming to certain beauty stand while also doing shit for fun
You are legit retarded

No. 2058450

Damn all one nonny said is that she doesnt paint her nails and some of you have been seething and screeching for 10 hours. She must have hit a nerve somehow

No. 2058452

anons literally admitted they do it to feel pretty. I dont know why its so hard to admit you are vain. Like it wont kill you and it makes you sound less like a weird libfem that thinks wearing mini skirts is empowering.

No. 2058453

She's the one malding about women being fake for wearing nail polish what are you talking about. She self inserted herself in this

No. 2058454

I almost never use nail polish (cuz I suck at putting it on) and I'm about to buy the first bottle in years just to not be like that toxic sperg retard lmao. Thanks nonnie!

No. 2058455

the highly sought after societal ideal of having cool ( as in "cold" in case you're that autistic ) colored nails… what's the evopsych on this anon, enlighten me please ?

No. 2058457

>look look at me i am consoooming to own someone on the internet arent i so cool and special!

No. 2058458

why does it bother you so much i called you fake? you are literally fake for not being natural. Dont you think women with plastic surgery are fake?

No. 2058459

Learn to wipe your ass first and stop baiting

No. 2058460

How can you not see that your comment is retarded? Plastic surgery is permanent, nail polish literally falls off

No. 2058463

did the nail polish companies send you a free sample at least for your hard work of seething at anonymouse commentaries? imagine defending the multi billion beauty empire for free ont the internet

No. 2058464

You inspired someone to dare something new and have fun while you're crying and seething lol

No. 2058465

both are done to feel ''pretty'' and to fit beauty standards pushed big corpos i see no difference. Both are ugly and cringe too.

No. 2058467

No. 2058468

kek why would i be crying over some anon buying crap? she's the one wasting her money

No. 2058471

No1currs, you're dragging this conversation for hours and baiting and defending yourself when you should had been banned hours ago.(baiting)

No. 2058472

Nta but you cared enough to seethe about her posts for hours tbh

No. 2058473

then why do you keep responding? lmfao you are showing you are super butthurt because some women dont buy into the ''uguu consooming toxic paint for myself tehehe i am such a baddie slay'' crap.(infighting)

No. 2058475

you shouldn't be baiting to begin with and you know that

No. 2058476

File: 1718963521109.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.97 KB, 723x484, woman-applying-nail-polish.jpg)

careful, scary triggering picture ahead

No. 2058481

My heart literally jumped

No. 2058489

Actually she said that we all keep our fingers buried in our assholes for most of the day and a lot of us got offended by that statement.

No. 2058508

A thread like this and it still ends up with women getting called vain and shallow kek.
The phone call was from inside the house the whole time.

No. 2058512

This website gets absolutely wild with the misogyny sometimes.

No. 2058513

I don't really care or think about nails but fake nails are one of the major factors in the spread of MRSA in hospitals. Long nails can kill!

No. 2058520

File: 1718969771263.jpg (131.87 KB, 1500x1500, Allover-Daisy-Nails-InStyle-Sh…)

How about something like this? Would this be dangerous enough to kill somebody?

No. 2058583

It definitely is because the good shit costs like $500 per ounce. The markup is crazy. Liking good smells is normal though.

No. 2058586

I find it strange fake nails or long nails are allowed in the hospital in the first place

No. 2058591

When I worked in a food lab we weren't allowed fake nails even though we had gloves provided it's just so unhygienic. And I'm surprised there's less focus on reducing transmission when I had to walk about the factory different areas required different ppe and no cross contamination you'd think hospitals dealing with infections would implement stricter standards

No. 2058610

Thinking about how nonas wouldn't get this triggered over hairdye because they recognise it's useless toxic shit (bleaching) to make you look pretty to others, and it's not your natural hair (fake).
But somehow women defend makeup and nails like it's a core value of the woman herself, restricting it it's like cutting off two fingers. Totally ignoring the harmful things.

No. 2058613

I have long nails myself but back when I worked at a hospital we weren’t allowed to have them painted even if they were short because the polish might chip

No. 2058623

because its just a bit of fun m8, you sound like some scrote asshurt about "fake women"(This does not pass the bechdel test)

No. 2058627

I went to a book store and found a book called Eve, about the history of women's bodies in science. Has anyone here read it? Was it good?

No. 2058628

>to others
It's something you do for yourself. It is shockingly, possible for a woman do something for herself using things like nail paint or make up without it being a vain attempt at chasing society's beauty standards.

No. 2058632

>choice feminism

No. 2058636

It's painting nails, come off it.

No. 2058647

I love how they keep repeating its not that deep but wont stop talking about it. Its like they're trying to convince themselves of it

No. 2058648

i am starting to believe the nail polish spergs are shills kek who gets this offended over women thinking nail polish is lame and gay to drag it out for almost 12 hours

No. 2058653

you can think its lame and gay but its weird to act this superior over not doing something. I hate makeup but I dont care if someone wears it.

No. 2058654

not falling for marketing targeted at women is based. I laugh at those retards who buy pussy perfumes kek

No. 2058657

Nail polish is neutral in the same way having a little crystal on a ring is neutral. Fake big ass acrylics are more in line with being anti-feminist, but painting nails your favourite colour is no different than wearing an bracelet with charms on it. Not bad or good just neutral

No. 2058658

The lack of self awareness here is almost scary, tbh.
Well, it's not like trad isn't in fashion so it makes sense.

No. 2058664

you just want to throw every single buzzword hoping it sticks, dont you?

No. 2058668

Someone's feelings got hurt. LOL

No. 2058669

I wish visitors like you would just leave instead of stinking up the place and using a few annoying posts to shit on the entire userbase they simultaneously choose to talk to.

No. 2058672

Just got to repeat, the lack of self awareness is almost scary.

No. 2058673

I call my two as my girls or girlies, they've pretty much learnt the latter as a second name by now. I love them so much

No. 2058675

File: 1718981685597.jpg (131.07 KB, 1280x720, cringe just cringe.jpg)

I miss when lindsay ellis was the nostalgia chick, her new breadtube fart huffing videos suck ass. I need a female critic who just takes the piss out of bad movies. I dont want to watch a 2 hour long womanchild manifesto talking about how the barbie straight to dvd movies are empowering and marxist ackshually.

No. 2058676

I don't get why I've been craving sugar so badly, I tried some cookies a few days ago and now I'm obsessed, I kind of want to order some today. One was very THICK and had delicious dark chocolate and walnuts, the other was a "s'mores" cookie and it was amazing with the marshmallow.

No. 2058678

I like pretty things because I like looking at them and obtaining them. almost like I buy makeup for the cute packaging sometimes but don't wear it that often.

No. 2058688

Ughh, those sound amazing anon, you're making me crave cookies now. Thinking about it, it's been months since I ate anything like that

No. 2058691

Some makeup does have really cute packaging but I would never buy it, I don't wear makeup so I'd feel really dumb if I did that

No. 2058692

I wear it sometimes for special events or when I wear jfashion but couldn't be me doing stuff like contouring, foundation, etc. I just put blush, eyeshadow and some lip thing on my bare moisturized face.

No. 2058694

File: 1718982817523.jpg (177.7 KB, 1360x680, 1000034603.jpg)

I know this feel, I like cute shit too, but in my case I just tell myself a bunch of times that I can't justify buying it. I still want to buy at least one flower knows product so I can feel like a magical girl with a super special item that will make me transform into my ultimate form, or at least the powered up form.

No. 2058697

>almost like I buy makeup for the cute packaging
there are so many make up hoarders on tiktok who buy cheap shit from aliexpress just because the chinese know how to do good graphic design. Its honestly kinda sad grown women fall for these tactics.

No. 2058698

you don't need to wear all the makeup thingamajig to wear something. people who wear layers and layers of makeup everyday kinda missed the point of it.
I'm not a hoarder from tiktok I'm a real person who has two different lipsticks kek calm down

No. 2058699

I guess you could buy it for someone as a trade and they can give you the empty bottle back to use for other things.

No. 2058702

i am pretty sure you can buy the bottles alone in aliexpress or temu. They seem cheap and mass produced.

No. 2058705

I agree but also everything in this picture looks like it's made of cheap plastic, the kind that still has frayed edges from the molding process…

No. 2058710

It isn't nonnie. Not a shill and I can't vouch for that collection but I bought two small pieces from them a few years ago and the packaging is very high quality.

No. 2058711

is it glass or is it plastic? because if its plastic then its cheap trash.

No. 2058720

Its made from authentic sea shells

No. 2058722

I'd rather buy something made of plastic knowing I can put in the recycle bin once I'm done with it than buying something made out of glass I will 100% drop and break or something made of metal and pay a lot more.

No. 2058724

File: 1718984648689.png (2.07 MB, 1170x1594, Godddddd.png)

the isabelle adjani memes are so, so tired. they’ve been a thing since 2016. like we get it! you’re mentally ill and love movies directed by some diseased rapist! find a new personality trait!

No. 2058728

you can recycle glass too. There is no point for retarded overdesigned make up anyways, its like cereal box mascots for womanchildren. I think if make up came in plain boxes and packets less people would buy and hoard it.

No. 2058741

the point is I find it cute and I like having it. good for you if you're not buying useless shit, congratulations.

No. 2058763

um what the fuck happen to my balls off the wall into the janny’s drawls post?? why the fuck do posts just keep disappearing on here

No. 2058764

ok nvm this was almost a day ago kekk

No. 2058765

No. 2058767

Did you not see your ban redirect or something

No. 2058770

File: 1718986993346.webp (137.2 KB, 1080x2144, IMG_1340.webp)

have sex with meeeee
no it was only a 6 hour ban i was busy fucking around(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2058806

The jannys deletes the posts if they don't like them, but have no reason to ban you.

No. 2058813

I loved that character when I was 15 kek

No. 2058815

You keep replying with the same shit over and over, loser
Was thinking the same thing, it's like she's terminally online.

No. 2058816

Sewing egl clothes for years has ruined me. Apparently most of my impromptu decorating decisions are informed by the style.
>"Oh, there's no harm in pleating some eyelet lace on the edge of this kerchief. Or this one." "Sure, we can do another row of matching lace tucked into the tie-band. Why not?
>"I know that we're already pleating this skirt, but you know what it needs? Pintucks. Maybe some of that eyelet lace on the hem." I have over ten yards of the eyelet lace, it's gone into almost everything. fml
>"We need shirts, you fool! But maybe one more JSK couldn't hurt. Maybe I could make some matching head pieces."
>"I don't need a pastel pink capelet. I don't need a pastel pink capelet. I don't- well… where else is that cute butterfly fabric going to go?"
>"These kerchiefs are lovely, but you know what we need? A maxi pad headdress. Those were the days. I wonder if Livejournal still has the old handbook tutorials."
I'm trying to make some clothes that are a little more old-fashioned, and all of my gosurori sensibilities are making the results look like Little House on the Prairie got a Rococo reboot. It's cute, but a bit much.

No. 2058821

The janny made the same mistake I did at first. But that picture has boobs and hips.
Kek. Powerful and talented enough to make all your fabric initiative thoughts come true.

No. 2058825

We are not all the same anon.

No. 2058827

Janny has made it clear that they don’t like butches, wtf? NO WOMAN SHALL BE HAVING SEX WITH ANOTHER WOMAN AMENN

No. 2058833

could you imagine it being winter right now for you? like do the people in the southern hemisphere celebrate christmas in July?

No. 2058834

i always celebrate christmas in the pool. I wish i could have a white christmas, looks cozy. Christmas in summer feels like nothing.

No. 2058835

No. 2058841

That's a little untruthful now nonnie. You can post all the lesbian pictures you want in this thread. That photo in particular just doesn't look very much like a woman, and I thought the boob was actually just shading until I looked at it longer.

No. 2058844

File: 1718991302431.png (325.25 KB, 1170x1077, george floyd’s mom.png)

(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2058847

i love my mom

No. 2058851

File: 1718991688432.gif (715.22 KB, 320x180, NlFsnW.gif)

>playing league of legends
>playing lux
>enemy team is getting dragon
>3 members of my team are around dragon pit, but I'm at base
>i repeatedly ping for someone to ward behind pit so I can teleport there
>No one does, and enemy team gets dragon
>my team complains about not being able to steal it
HMMM, IF ONLY ONE IF US HAD A LONG RANGE ULT THAT COULD'VE BEEN USED TO STEAL DRAGON. I got so mad that I teleported into the dragon pit and instantly got killed kek

No. 2058857

That is clearly a woman anon, just because she doesn’t have a barbie waist and wide hips doesn’t mean she’s not a woman.

No. 2058858

The pic literally just looks like the original character, it was a reasonable mistake. Stop being weird with the misogyny insinuations.

No. 2058860

this gives me flashbacks to before I quit MOBAs and overwatch. Single player games for me, I cant devote 40 minute sessions of my life to being mad.

No. 2058868

thats just a twink

No. 2058870

No it doesn’t kek, their original character has a different body type. You don’t know any women in your life that are built like a McDonald’s manager running the place like the navy?

No. 2058884

File: 1718993345401.jpeg (192.55 KB, 736x981, 1715522738973.jpeg)

Elvira, my heart's on fire, for Elvira
Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
Giddy Up, Oom Poppa Oom Poppa Mow Mow
High-o Silver, away.(wrong thread)

No. 2059074

File: 1719008131110.webp (45.69 KB, 540x400, GPLCHdTakAE6kge.jpg)


No. 2059133

I would kill for those. SO cuuuuute

No. 2059137

here me out; "pocket cows"
it's a game about pocket-sized cows, and it has all the cow-varieties, and you gotta catch 'em all

No. 2059139

That has to exist. It's too cute of an idea not to.

No. 2059148

Samefag. I just checked it out and it doesn't exist.

No. 2059155

we gotta get a lolcow gamedev team together

No. 2059182

File: 1719013911377.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1992x1600, F385CE28-A599-41CA-94C9-3F4F67…)

As a weird autistic woman who often struggled making friends and never really had a group of (rl) friends I can really connect with, but a couple months ago I found just that I found just that. Best feeling in the world to have a group of spergy nerdy women just like you. The extent in which we all care for each other makes me so happy I could cry. I don’t know, it just feels so good that I finally found my people

No. 2059201

Wtf I wanna join

No. 2059251

i hope women named darcy are having a good day

No. 2059256

I'm really happy for you nona. I'm also a sperg and even though I have normie friends and I don't mind talking to them, I feel a much deeper connection and appreciation for my fellow sperg friends. I made a lot through a support group for adults with autism I go to semi-frequently. When I'm with normies it's like I feel like I can't ever be myself, but with my sperg friends it's nice because I don't have to worry about stuff like that because we can communicate way easier and we're on the same wavelength. It's a really great feeling to be friends with people that are like you!

No. 2059263

im excited to call gen C coomers

No. 2059396

it would be worse than depression quest if this website's technical quality is anything to go by

No. 2059416

File: 1719035955932.jpg (128.58 KB, 1000x1500, ebf2f0dc73744b006b79aa30026dd7…)

Dog sized cows do exist but they don't get to live very long

No. 2059439

And probably authored on an early version of Macromedia Director from the 90s, running on a PC from the same era found in an old Sears storeroom when the mall it was in closed down.

No. 2059445

that's how they made dementium 1 and 2 for nintendo ds

No. 2059455

>wrong thread
uh i don't see a rule saying we can't post lyrics maybe you should clarify next time in the OP farmhands? there's also a thread for nails why not (wrong thread) the nail posters too hmmm?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2059456

please don't point things out to them

No. 2059462

I've noticed an anon randomly posted lyrics (sometimes an entire lyrics page) in unrelated threads for a few months. If it's one smon doing it repeatedly, that's probably why they got redirected. Also, don't try to dredge up the fight.

No. 2059468

they must've confused me with her cause i only did this once in this thread kek

No. 2059480

I was the one that reported that stupid post and I was proud to do it. Some anons need to learn how to use the correct threads. We have a lyrics thread. Why do I wanna see a random off-topic lyric post itt when there's another thread that's all about lyrics?

No. 2059484

Some anons need to learn how to use the correct threads. We have a nails thread. We have a food thread. Why do I wanna see a random off-topic nails and food posts itt when there's another thread that's all about nails and food?

No. 2059488

File: 1719042158794.jpeg (127.94 KB, 1200x900, 0976.jpeg)

lemme see something

No. 2059489

File: 1719042189137.png (497.41 KB, 603x706, amy.png)

Yeah, yeah, you're mad, boo hoo. All I have to say is yallah, yallah, it's Christmas, let's go home.

No. 2059490

I'm serious. Why won't the nail and food anons use the correct threads?

No. 2059491

File: 1719042687822.png (149.77 KB, 302x346, amy again.png)

Unfortunately, the majority of farmers think that, if they come here, that we're gonna yell at you and scream at you, and report you, and that is NOT who we are.

No. 2059492

This thread is dumbass shit redux, and that thread was a catch-all, small talk, random topics thread. To talk about nails in /ot/ is not as insane as you might think. We get similar shit everywhere on this board. Stop minimoding, stop being autistic. It was just a stupid question that some nlogs took to the extreme.

No. 2059496

File: 1719043248141.gif (206.83 KB, 941x173, 1076475357.gif)

>This thread is dumbass shit redux
Let's get retarded in here

And the bass keeps runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and runnin', runnin' and

In this context, there's no disrespect
So when I bust my rhyme, you break ya necks
We got five minutes for us to disconnect
From all intellect collect the rhythm effect
Obstacles are inefficient, follow your intuition
Free your inner soul and break away from tradition
'Cause when we be out, girlies pull they weave out
You wouldn't believe how we wow shit out
Burn it 'til it's burned out, turn it 'til it's turned out
Act up from north, west, east, south

[The Black Eyed Peas:]
Everybody, everybody, just get into it, get stupid
Get retarded, get retarded, get retarded

Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here), yeah

Lose control, of body and soul
Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow
Don't get ahead, just jump into it
Y'all hear about it, the Peas will do it
Get started, get stupid
Don't worry about it, people will walk you through it
Step by step like an infant new kid
Inch by inch with the new solution
Transmit hits with no delusion
The feeling's irresistible and that's how we movin'

[The Black Eyed Peas:]
Everybody, everybody, just get into it, get stupid
Get retarded, get retarded, get retarded

Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here), yeah

Runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin'
C'mon y'all, let's get (Coo-koo), c'mon, let's get (Coo-koo) in here
C'mon y'all, let's get (Coo-koo), c'mon, let's get (Coo-koo) in here
C'mon y'all, let's get (Coo-koo), c'mon, let's get (Coo-koo) in here
Ohh ohh ohh, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya

Let's get ill, that's the deal
Ap the gate, and Will bring the thugged out drill (Just)
Lose your mind, this is the time
Y'all can't stand still, trust and bang your spine (Just)
Bob your head like epilepsy
Up inside the club or in your Bentley
Get messy, loud and sick
You mind pass normal on another head trip
So, come them now, do not correct it
Let's get ignorant, let's get hectic

[The Black Eyed Peas:]
Everybody, everybody, just get into it, get stupid
Get retarded, get retarded, get retarded

Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here)
Let's get retarded (Ha), let's get retarded (In here), yeah
(Whoa, coo-koo, coo-koo, r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d)

Ohh ohh ohh, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
And runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and(wrong thread)

No. 2059502

File: 1719044082185.png (1.59 MB, 1044x1044, notminebtw.png)

No. 2059509

File: 1719044518626.png (126.77 KB, 736x800, huhhuh.png)

help help me mods! there's something off topic in the off topic thread!(ban evasion)

No. 2059510

No. 2059517

The more you restrict the access the more you attract them

No. 2059562

No. 2059579

File: 1719049589893.jpeg (1.75 MB, 5625x3742, 5rAe-34C5.jpeg)

rules for me but not for thee

No. 2059604

Underrated post

No. 2059708

>”why won’t these people just do what I asked despite me not even being a mod or admin for the website!?”
It’s because you’re autistic and need a lobotomy for it. Fuck off(infighting)

No. 2059721

File: 1719062945261.jpg (159.24 KB, 1024x1024, 1801532475.jpg)

Fuck the police and nonny said it with authority
because the nonnas on the farm is a majority
A gang is with whoever I'm stepping
and the motherfucking weapon is kept in
a stash box for the so-called law
Wishing nonny was a nonna that they never saw
Lights start flashing behind me
But they're scared of a nonna
so they mace me to blind me
But that shit don't work, I just laugh
because it gives em a hint, not to step in my path
For police, I'm saying, "Fuck you punk!"
Reading my rights and shit, it's all junk
Pulling out a silly club, so you stand
with a fake-ass badge and a gun in your hand
But take off the gun so you can see what's up
And we'll go at it punk, and I'mma fuck you up!
Make you think I'mma kick your ass
but drop your gat, and nonny's gonna blast
I'm sneaky as fuck when it comes to crime
But I'mma smoke 'em now and not next time
Smoke any motherfucker that sweats me
or any asshole that threatens me
I'm a sniper with a hell of a scope
Taking out a mod or two, they can't cope with me
The motherfucking villain that's mad
With potential to get bad as fuck
So I'mma turn it around
Put in my clip yo and this is the sound
Yeah, something like that
but it all depends on the size of the gat
Taking out a police, would make my day
But a nonna like noni don't give a fuck to say

Fuck the police [4x](ai shit outside of containment )

No. 2059734

File: 1719063666112.jpeg (81.86 KB, 600x600, IMG_1259.jpeg)

what is with the anal attitude towards dumbass shit thread?? it’s so unwarranted, it’s like these losers will listen to anything the mods say and parrot it as if it’s the truth. that thread was the most popular and active on /ot/

No. 2059735

some people just respect authority by default rather than because their decisions make sense.

No. 2059736

jus bc a thread has a lot of traffic doesn't mean it isn't shit, look at unpopular opinions. i'll admit dumbass shit wasn't half as bad as unpop though.

No. 2059835

>to report a post on lolcow
Whoa, I've never gotten to say this to anyone before; Go outside and touch grass lol

No. 2059946

File: 1719075370073.jpeg (596.07 KB, 2076x1537, A754D478.jpeg)

would you rather have a face that's too long or too wide? killing yourself is not an option

No. 2059949

Both are prettier than me so I'd be fine with either.

No. 2059956

Wide without hesitation

No. 2059957

File: 1719075785331.gif (1002.47 KB, 376x372, youwish.gif)

I'd like a long face please

No. 2059958

eugh neither. i’m glad i got a normal forgettable face

No. 2059960

Too long, because I can do a bunch of hairstyles to hide it. Whereas with too wide, you're such with using make up.

No. 2059965

File: 1719075995785.webp (425.54 KB, 1143x1600, IMG_1368.webp)

The woman on the left is so effing ugly it’s almost comical like someone was sketching one of the founding fathers but their reference picture got changed mid-way through the sketch with a picture of a stork(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2059966

The one that makes me look scarier.

No. 2059968

i’ve never been able to handle SJP’s appearance, she’s just so troony looking i fail to believe she’s a woman. and she has no kids so…(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2059970

File: 1719076219953.jpg (57.25 KB, 648x432, PID-8459_648_long_celebs-1.jpg)

kek why did you pick such a scary photo for the long face example

No. 2059973

ugh i’ve never appreciated liz tyler’s face

No. 2059977

Wide. I have a long face and it's fucking ugly.

No. 2059989

It’s just the unfortunate curse of sharing genetic ancestry with new york shoebox slumlords, loan sharks and underground tunnel crawlers(racebait)

No. 2059995

Actually she has three kids of her own

No. 2060007

I already have too wide heart shape like right side and I prefer it to too long kek the lesser of two evils (but not by much)

No. 2060041

Everyone on lolcow needs to open their hearts and embrace love. Love is free. Yet, so few people are willing to offer even the smallest emotional effort to give it. Sharing love costs nothing, and receiving it is a beautiful gift. A simple act of kindness can brighten someone's day and create a ripple effect of positivity. Let's make the world a better place by spreading love and blessing to the world.(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2060042

What part of ''this thread passes the bedchel test'' do you not understand

No. 2060069

Does anyone else find that meal prepping doesn't really work for them? Prepping everything on Sunday just feels overwhelming. The food doesn't taste as good or fresh after a few days. Sometimes I'd get invited to dinner by family/friends, or there would be a surprise lunch provided by my work, so I'd end up having a couple of meals leftover by the end of the week that I don't know what to do with. Some recipes I've made like salad and wraps also doesn't freeze well either.

No. 2060075

You can love women wtf why the redtext?

No. 2060081

because of the type of person in the video (it starts with an m)

No. 2060096

Do you not freeze your meals?

No. 2060097

Read the OP tard

No. 2060110

I'm still a meal prep noob and I only consistently meal prep lunches, but I try to bulk cook food that freezes well (instant japanese curry, mapo tofu, breakfast burritos, etc) for ~2-3 weeks' worth. I'm not a fast cook so I end up spending about a similar length of time cooking and waiting for things to cool.
I also get instant meals like Costco's microwaveable pasta or Auntie Singh's curry for busy days/thoughtless meals. Add some frozen peas and I've upped the nutrition of it by a lot in 10 seconds.
I keep chopped green onions in the freezer, sliced onions and pickled red onions in the fridge to make it easier for future me to level up my more spontaneous lazy meals. Frozen dumplings with pan-fried veg is pretty good, especially with kimchi. Sometimes I get Chipotle to-go without any lettuce/beans/cheese to get more of the other ingredients, then add in my own at home. I like to think it stretches the portions more.

No. 2060135

i'm so pissed because i bought this indie perfume and it smells like straight dirt. not patchouli, or incense, but straight up soil. like a fresh bag of mulch from home depot, or that funky smell of clay that you get underneath your fingers when you've spent time gardening. it's gross, bitter, and strong and i can't believe i blew $50 to smell like fucking dirt. they packed it beautifully in this pretty fantasy stars and moon bag so i guess that's the only good thing about this bullshit lmao.

No. 2060166

File: 1719089721029.png (2.15 MB, 1079x1033, she me.png)

Thinking about her(man in the background - does not pass the test)

No. 2060170

Rest in peace, angel

No. 2060184

File: 1719090370120.jpeg (143.44 KB, 640x960, IMG_1256.jpeg)

I am literally manifesting that nonny who doesn’t respond on weekends to randomly respond. It would make my shitty day slightly better(This does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2060185

>Prepping everything on Sunday
This makes it sound like you prep for a week at a time, which is obscene IMO. It seems like overkill. At most, try to prep meals for 2-3 days, e.g., meal prep on Sunday for Monday through Wednesday, then on Wednesday meal prep for Thursday through Saturday. The meals you make will have a better quality if they're only gonna be stored for less than 3 days, and you'll be left with more "leftover" meals at the end of the week too.

What you can do too, instead of prepping whole meals, is just do certain bits of the cooking process. For example, baked tofu with vegetables and egg-fried rice is a really popular meal for me, so what I'll do to meal prep is bake the tofu, cut up the vegetables, and cook the rice, then when I want to cook my meal all I have to do is take the cut vegetables out to fry with an egg, add sauce to the rice in a wok, and toss the tofu in some sauce. So suddenly my cooking time goes from like an hour of work to only 10 or 15 minutes.

No. 2060186

I'm reading a "romance" book right now but everyone is so whiny and selfish I'm not enjoying it much. It's very blatantly copying the French style at the time and it's no wonder everyone is so autistic in it.

No. 2060236

Ntayart. I don’t know about you but not everybody wants to become a cripple by only eating soy. Humans want real things to eat not a block of estrogen, salty ass soy sauce and refined carbs

No. 2060241

File: 1719091901963.jpeg (80.87 KB, 1752x1211, IMG_1371.jpeg)

>(this does not pass the bechdel test)(ban evasion)

No. 2060253

Oh okay then. Thanks for your input.

No. 2060265

kek. anyway, that sounds delicious and I'm gonna steal that idea and buy some tofu tomorrow

No. 2060350

File: 1719094538955.png (756.83 KB, 551x683, average meal prep by me.png)

Tofu is super easy to use for meal prep IMO too. I just press it for 2 hours to get all the water out, then I dice it and put it on a baking tray in the oven at 400 degrees for 30-35 minutes (or until it's golden brown and a bit crunchy). After it cools I'll put it in a container and it's good in the fridge for 2-3 days. Whenever I want some, I'll pour some of the sauce I make into the wok with water and let it reduce, then I toss the tofu in there for a few minutes. It makes the tofu nice and hot again. If you want more protein, you could also buy a ring of already-cooked shrimp and throw that in the sauce too. My main sources of protein are shellfish, tofu, and eggs. They're all really quick foods to prepare and have good amounts of protein too!

Also, on the topic of meal prep: picrel is my go-to lunch meal, you can't see the green beans but they're underneath the zucchini. spring rolls are really easy to prepare and you can freeze them for a while before they go bad, and they're really nutritious and tasty! If you don't have time to prep them, you can sometimes find handmade uncooked spring rolls at Asian grocers. I love spring rolls.

No. 2060390

Feel like shit, just want her back.

No. 2060419

File: 1719097407094.png (2.76 MB, 1117x1372, amy j.png)

here’s another glowing pic of her that passes the test

No. 2060428

you nonnies are gonna make me cry

No. 2060454

She deserved better.

No. 2060488

I don't meal prep stuff I can't freeze. I make the whole week's all on one day and put 2 of them in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. When I run out of fridge ones I take a frozen one out and let it thaw in the fridge overnight. If anybody gives me food or we go out for lunch it's not a big deal to roll one meal prep till the next day because I either just made it a couple days ago or just took it out of the freezer a couple days ago.

No. 2060497

Too long. It looks gothic. I don't wanna look like a roblox.
KEK, nonnie, try it out on other people, maybe on them it might smell better and they'd like it. It's not that bad of a smell imo though.

No. 2060500

Wasn’t gonna drink tonight but I missing Amy wine house like a mf…

No. 2060520

File: 1719104480382.jpeg (41.56 KB, 500x700, literally me.jpeg)

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow, sunday is my beauty regimen day. Pluck my mustache, shape my eyebrows, oil my hair, whatever whatever. I love taking care of myself, makes me feel so refreshed and nice.
Miss her forever.

No. 2060588

Baby opossums look like embryos

No. 2060596

This is the cutest thing in the world

No. 2060597

I need to know which nonny

No. 2060600

Meal prepping is kinda… dumb, imo. I work from home but, hell, if I had to go work in an office and bring my meal, I'd sooner bring fresh bread, meat, and cheese, and just have a little peasant meal. Also why on earth would you ever try to freeze SALAD, anon?

No. 2060601

Theyre so cute!! omg

No. 2060605

File: 1719107340913.jpg (288.14 KB, 1024x768, mama.JPG)

Nta but some people have really busy lives and they don't have time to cook nice meals for themselves, or sometimes people just hate to cook and want to get it out of the way. Everyone is different.
I think opossums are like kangaroos in that they carry their babies in pouches until they're grown enough to emerge. I like seeing them when they have babies they look like picrel kek. The mum always looks so determined but also a sense of frustration at having them all over her.

No. 2060659

normally i like the smell of dirt too but this was just wrong somehow lmao. i thought when they said ozonic/earthy/aquatic they meant something closer to that sweet delicate scent of the earth that comes up after a storm, not like i just rolled around in a freshly turned paddock on some backwater farm in louisiana. it's so oddly bitter and metallic, it almost smells a bit like iron or copper pennies mixed with cheap clay soil. just wrong lol.

No. 2060672

File: 1719111369278.jpeg (450.82 KB, 665x763, IMG_1379.jpeg)

what is going on in this picture kek

No. 2060677

being rich AND ugly is insane

No. 2060678

she’s lying down in an uncomfortable position scrolling lolcow it looks like

No. 2060679

Meal preppers have this weird superiority complex too. I dont care that you made 5 servings of chicken and rice, laura.

No. 2060680

Her legs looking photoshopped??

No. 2060691

Omg. Same

No. 2060721

her legs look so weird, the size difference between her thighs and lower legs is bizarre

No. 2060722

It's a dream and I am halfway there, all I need now is to be rich to live this dream.

No. 2060788

Isn't the whole point of meal prepping that once you get home and you're tired or there isn't a lot of time left, you use your pre-prepped meals to put a (hot) meal on the table quickly?

No. 2060809

File: 1719126967522.png (123.07 KB, 1196x510, this is a joke right.png)

i love doing castor oil packs and i know very well this is not how they work but seeing this just made me kek the logic is so disgusting. would you wipe your shitty ass with the same toilet paper 10 times because its collecting the bacteria? fuck no

No. 2060926

Onions are so fucking epic you can and should put them in literally anything that is not a dessert

No. 2060929

A moment of silence for the nonas allergic to onions

No. 2060930

Onion allergy is an actual curse

No. 2061007

File: 1719150949944.jpg (96.59 KB, 700x729, 1600550677491.jpg)

Five days ago, my coworker kept walking around the firm and going "Someone's pregnant." And she was literally walking around and sniffing all us (it's cool, we're all friendly with each other), and being like, "Anna, is it you? Are you pregnant?" And we kept telling her no and that she was just smelling one of the other pregnant women (there's currently three others). But she was adamant that one of us was newly pregnant because she could smell it and it didn't smell like a more advanced pregnancy. She just found out today that she's pregnant. I keep laughing because she was smelling herself but didn't realize it.

No. 2061028

Shit like this makes me hate being a woman.

No. 2061030

People can smell being pregnant?

No. 2061049

Why? You don't like our intuition?

No. 2061078

That's a weird response, why?
I don't know if there is research on it, but I have observed that pregnant women have a much keener sense of smell than anyone else. But also, some women have a really developed sense of smell, so you occasionally get women like Joy Milne who can smell if someone has Parkinson's.

No. 2061082

Shes legit schizo God bless her

No. 2061084

This makes it sound like we're just like some kind of animal and that you can smell our fertility, very creepy and invasive… Also hate women who bother other women about pregnancy.

No. 2061088

Nonna, we are animals and hormone changes smell. Doesn't excuse the nosiness though.

No. 2061101

I wonder what else she can sniff out

No. 2061102

I agree, tehee who’s pregnant with the scrote’s jit??? Get the fuck away from me before I report you to HR kek(do not mention men itt)

No. 2061161

File: 1719160929292.png (914.4 KB, 784x1044, pierce.png)

Meet Olivia Pierce, the brilliant scientist who made a mistake by making a deal with demonic entities and went from hero to (unwilling?) villain

No. 2061162

is she single?

No. 2061163

We are animals though? What did you think we are?

No. 2061165

one more episode of the nanny and i will become productive, i swear

No. 2061177

People can smell molecules and have different nose sensitivity towards them, which is why people are able to sense things like Cacodyl and Cacodyl Oxide and get away from it immediately before toxic effects accumulate too much, or other substances such as hydrogen sulfide, skatole, and limonene
Or it could be a thing called phantosmia where people are smelling things which aren't there

No. 2061182

File: 1719162597885.png (Spoiler Image,2.62 MB, 1392x1016, bechdel.png)

You need to post pictures and videos wich pass the Bechdel test.

No. 2061204

aw this is actually cute kek, congrats to your preggo coworker

No. 2061216

then troon out and stop bothering us with your NLOG feelings ♥

No. 2061219

whats with all the regina george larpers itt

No. 2061226

i have mo idea, i can’t stand seeing flippant or mean responses under cute and sweet posts it’s so unnecessary

No. 2061233

i don’t think that’s a real thing ngl

No. 2061242

Sadly…it’s real

No. 2061251

My method is making 2 servings of a meal I really like for dinner, eat one and put the other in the fridge. That way next day I have something for lunch that I can either take with me if I'm going to university, or eat it as lunch at home or even as dinner later on. I always make breakfast though and rarely eat leftovers for breakfast. For lunch I make canned stuff mostly if I'm at home and too lazy to cook, so I open a can of something and heat it up and season it, and eat it with bread on the side usually. My favorite canned food is the rio mary salatuna, a prepackaged tuna salad. There are different types and different flavors and it's very filling and delicious. I also get beans in tomato sauce then add some herbs, salt, and pepper to them and eat the with bread, or boil a small amount of tiny pasta shapes and mix it with the tuna salad or with beans or left over boiled eggs to made a salad, and add the appropriate condiments and spices and some vegetables. In other words, I always make a quick breakfast (eggs, bread, and tea) and make a quick lunch consisting of leftover dinners or canned food, and get all fancy on dinner. But I live with my parents so sometimes I eat what my mom cooks and call it a day, but if there are leftovers from my family's dinner, I also preserve these for later because I'll always need something quick to prepare and won't always have time to cook. Hope this helps.

No. 2061269

File: 1719167366842.png (83.46 KB, 218x686, differing feet.png)

I was confused by the image so I reverse image searched to find out there's a mud and a grass version kek

No. 2061279

i was talking about your cringe passive agressive response

No. 2061332

i’d argue that making the statement “shit like this makes me hate being a woman” in response to a cute story about female coworkers discovering that one of them is expecting is far more cringe than suggesting that they just troon out and stop making miserable im seww unlike other women because im antinatalist on here.

No. 2061342

both of you are cringe and annoying

No. 2061343

NTA but humans are animals. We have the ability to recognize changes in pheromones and intuit what these changes could possibly be indicative of, including pregnancy. Why would this make you hate our species? Women are the most intelligent and capable life form.

No. 2061351

If that lady was so smart and could recognize pregnancy why didn't she realize it was coming from herself kek

No. 2061367

Its obvious she was hoping for a baby and started acting crazy because of it. She honestly sounds terrifying.

No. 2061377

You're disgusting for calling her like that. It's a chill workplace and I like all my coworkers and I'm happy that they're ecstatic about their pregnancies.

No. 2061380

pretending you can smell pregnancies is crazy behaviour.

No. 2061382

Nta but you can't typically smell yourself that good, at least not as well as you can smell other people. Idk about all this "we can smell pregnancies" though.

No. 2061389

File: 1719171665220.png (226.88 KB, 797x733, 4579536526865.png)

>She stinks so badly she can no longer smell basic biological changes in her own species.

No. 2061397

getting shittok "girl's girl" vibes from these posts
>inb4 let people enjoy things!!1!

No. 2061400

It's funny how when you're losing an argument, you only have one response. It's either "You're a redditor!" or "you're a tiktoker!" I was here before those sites, and jannys willing, I will be here after they are gone.

No. 2061401

this is why I go to /2X: for eye cleansers, I can’t take the crap I see here daily anymore kek

No. 2061403

its obvious by the use of the soyjacks that they are underage

No. 2061407

Nonnie, that meme is 15 years old. That's not a young person's meme, you're just old as fuck now.

No. 2061412

why are you making shit up as if anyone is going to believe it?

No. 2061414

Doesn’t matter if the meme is old newfag, if you actually lurked you would know why soyjaks were almost banned because of raiding retards using them before spamming cp on here

No. 2061417

>only underaged people use soyjaks
you internet purists are so fucking annoying, just turn it into reddit

No. 2061420

>only underaged people use soyjaks
the mentally stunted adults who use zoomerjaks are honestly more pathetic. I miss ragefaces.

No. 2061424

>suggests an even more juvenile and unfunny version of wojaks and soyjaks
kek, what a genius

No. 2061425

Nice try retard, but I'm not going to link the wikipedia page and get banned in this thread. Just look it up yourself.
>If you touch anything the ickies have touched, even if it's been years, that means you're icky too!
I absolutely believe your claim that you use only lc and no other website. This is completely factual.

No. 2061429

how is just not being an asshole about happy news being a zoomie shittok user..

No. 2061430

>We have the ability to recognize changes in pheromones
That's highly debated and likely wrong. Let alone being able to smell pregnancies, I can't believe this is a serious discussion kek.

No. 2061431

NTAYRT but…wojaks first came on the scene in like 2012? maybe 2010? They were not invented by zoomers KEK

No. 2061432

at least ragefaces are universal and not based on zoomer stereotypes like egirls

No. 2061437

File: 1719173863198.png (335.9 KB, 1170x1085, can you smell.changes in phero…)

Ok nonny. Emphasis on the underdevelop and underrate

No. 2061438

Yeah that sounds stupid as fuck. Like people who believe humans can detect pheromones

No. 2061439

The zoomer egirl variations from >>2061389 are from 2020

No. 2061441

nta but if you don’t want to accept an evolutionary truth then no one can force you to kek, willful ignorance is rampant on this website amongst the newfags these days…

No. 2061442

If any of you are wondering why there’s so many retarded newfags its because lolcow has been mentioned on recent redscare episodes

No. 2061443

that and tiktok underage egirls namedropping it to larp as le regina george femcels

No. 2061444

Maybe it should be redtexted like victim kek

No. 2061445

I think humans are influenced by each other's pheromones. There's a pheromone forum dedicated to this.

No. 2061446

I love it so much when men try to talk to me and I ignore them(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2061447

i can smell your pheromones and they tell me you are retarded

No. 2061448

You mean the evolutionary truth that we have a poor sense of smell compared to other animals bc we traded that in for more evolved brains?

No. 2061449

Oh my God are you being serious?? That explains so much. Wow this is blowing my mind. It's all connecting.

No. 2061451

Now read the 20 articles criticising that study kek.

No. 2061452

This is just the normal arguments that happen here constantly. At least that one woman who does nothing but start fights has wandered away for now. Seriously, you can tell when she's back because she creates 90% of the posts when she's going through her manic phases, and 100% of her posts are asshole behavior that contributes nothing.

No. 2061453

Our sense of smell may not be the same but we do still have the ability to recognize hormonal changes, and we also can recognize pheromones that we don’t agree with. Usually if you don’t like how someone smells, it means you’re not supposed to be around them.

No. 2061454

i don’t know who this anon is but whoever the fuck keeps responding to vent posts with mean comments needs to be device banned

No. 2061455

I honestly don't even notice a difference anymore.

No. 2061456

I can't believe that there are actual women arguing that humans have no sense of smell. It must be delusion because they're jealous so they pretend that no one can smell anything. You only have to check out the perfume forums to discover that people can have quite complex sense of smell that can pick up on minuscule changes.

No. 2061457

nta but it makes me laugh you are desperate to die on this hill. It makes more sense that the crazy woman was desperate to have a baby and had pregnancy already in her mind and thats why she deluded herself into thinking she can smell pregnancy than her actually smelling pregnancy. Why are we defending grown women that act like crazy that larp as warrior cats now.

No. 2061458

I’m kind of at a loss for words I’ve seen like 12 gay couples today and 2 straight couples, only one of which had a bebe . What the hel is happening to the world…(bait)

No. 2061462

Mommy you’re contradicting yourself so hard with that sentence KEK we have more evolved brains but a worse sense of smell, somehow..sure..

No. 2061463

I knew you were one of them pheromone perfume tards kek.

No. 2061468

I hate the way my mom smells but I still love her, explain it to me

No. 2061469

nta but why respond so mean to a statement that’s literally true. are you just in a bad mood?

No. 2061471


No. 2061472

This logic makes no sense. So dogs that have the mental capacity of a 5 year old have poor sense of smell then?

No. 2061473

KEKKK I meant to say nonny but it got corrected. I’m not deleting that though

No. 2061476

is it pheromones or just stinky bacteria

No. 2061477

Your sense of intuition must suck more than your sense of smell because you've misjudged me. I don't wear any scents beside deodorant. I still know they exist though.
She's talking about something else, but we'd have to go to another thread to discuss it.

No. 2061478

This response also makes 0 sense. I’m not the anon who alleged that dogs have a better sense of smell because they have less evolved brains, I just said that we have more evolved brains and a more evolved sense of smell. Side by Side

No. 2061480

Ok does she herself smell bad or is she just dirty, her perfume smells like shit, are her environment/choices influencing her scent?

No. 2061481

Humans objectively have a worse sense of smell than animals, why do you think we need animals to assist us in that area like sniffer dogs but nothing like seer dogs (only used by visually impaired people).

No. 2061484

Yeah but then I wouldn't be able to smell my favourite perfume so it doesn't make sense sorry

No. 2061485

Are you so dumb that you think "worse sense of smell" means the same thing as "no sense of smell"? Of course you can smell your perfume, but your dog can smell it even better

No. 2061487


There was no poster who claimed that dogs have a better sense of smell other than me. I said that because being smarter does not mean that we have better and more advanced sensory organs as a default. Dogs have much simpler brains than humans but have a much better sense of smell.

No. 2061489

But I don't get it because if I had a worst sense of smell then why does my perfume smell good??? Wouldn't it be like I couldn't smell it or are you saying it only works for real stuff not perfume I don't get it?

No. 2061492

Are you ESL or something?

No. 2061493

Are you ESL

No. 2061494

this feels like bait

No. 2061495

Why yes of course I can smell all my friend's cycles plus pregnancies. It's a common mark of alpha stacies. My eyecolor also changes with the mood.(baiting)

No. 2061497

God I love skeptics.

No. 2061502

I'm skeptical of that

No. 2061523

The only delusional person in this whole discussion is the woman at OP's job who incorrectly assumed random women were pregnant, when those women weren't

No. 2061529

File: 1719177594894.png (213.64 KB, 1170x762, kekk festival .png)

Yes there was

No. 2061530

Mods how the hell is this bait

No. 2061531

NTA and yeah she incorrectly assumed but she did intuit that pregnancy was nearby she just didn’t realize it would be her I guess

No. 2061535

Anon trying to say something is wrong with the world because she say a bunch of gay couples and only one couple with a baby

No. 2061538

File: 1719178077462.png (1.22 MB, 1918x1393, paris-1920.png)

I've been watching some old-timey AI color corrected videos about people getting filmed in public for the first time. I love how people in casual settings used to get dressed up really fancy for going to the local cafe or whatever. I wish I could rock up with a big hat or fascinator going to get coffee.

No. 2061544

you should nonna, maybe if you start doing it everyone else will

No. 2061546

That was me. My internet is shit and caused the site to post my comment twice.

No. 2061547

File: 1719178557030.jpg (108.22 KB, 800x820, fancy-green.jpg)

I'd love to but I think I would look like some sort of cosplayer crazy person

No. 2061551

Take heart, whenever I go out in public with my hats I get nothing but compliments from women. Never had a single person say anything mean or bad.

No. 2061579

More power to you nonna but I live in a place where being judgemental at people who stick out is only second to breathing.

No. 2061580

File: 1719180513811.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3024x4032, d65.jpeg)

would you wear a toe ring?

No. 2061581

No. 2061583

No because my feet are fugly but i find them really alluring. I like 'atypical' jewelry

No. 2061594

File: 1719181193443.jpg (98.3 KB, 736x1103, 4839eb98200b14faa263405571fa0d…)

Im not super into them. Especially because they're so small that they don't add a lot to your outfit, and I assume easy to lose or scuff if you walk with them. I prefer anklets.

No. 2061598

Some places in England you would be fine wearing that, more so at a wedding, or a garden party, or the races.

No. 2061600

do any of us listen to the radio?

No. 2061602

I would, but outside of an indoor pool, there are no circumstances in which strangers would see your feet here.

No. 2061603

Don't get me wrong I am wearing that stuff for Cheltenham or whatever, I just mean casual things

No. 2061604

Maybe if I found cute ones? But my feet also get dirty and sweaty very fast when I wear sandals and go on walks outside so I wouldn’t want them to get damaged or anything

No. 2061742

Yes, local and international

No. 2061901

I miss the sanctioned-suicide website so bad

No. 2062036

Is it gone???? Glad I saved a tutorial from it so I can kms

No. 2062610

i have a naturally really skinny face and it makes me look like a decade older than i actually am and it’s so annoying. how mentally ill do you have to be to get a buccal fat removal?? you know id KILL to have some more buccal fat?

No. 2062680

Ayrt, kek, that sucks, nonnie. You shall write a bad review on fragrantica.
I love those colored vintage videos too! After adding some colour, they become immediately so alive to me, i could imagine being in those places. Black-and-white adds so much distance, unfortunately.
Look, nonnas. What fit do you choose?
Many people just like the sculpted face aesthetics, nonners. Angelina Jolie just wouldn't be this level of a star with her natural softer face, for example. She gained from it.

No. 2062715

im kind of heartbroken. i just tried to bump a super old dumbass shit thread that had a lot of replies left, and even that one was autosaged too. they really went through and autosaged every single dumbass shit ever just so we couldn’t have it anymore. tyranny(take it to /meta/)

No. 2062719

You can still post in that thread. Why is it a big deal if it's autosaged? Like I really do not understand the shitspergs' perspective. Okay your funny meme thread was autosaged. Why is the world supposed to stop for you? Why do you bring it up every day on a dozen different threads? If you wanna post on dumbass shit then go post on dumbass shit. There is literally nothing stopping you from doing that.

No. 2062720

File: 1719272714945.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.55 KB, 1024x657, IMG_1395.jpeg)

Yeah it’s finally been deleted by fake ass moralfags who don’t want you to die but will put absolutely no effort into improving people’s lives where they won’t consider suicide. ED posted their tutorial though kek

No. 2062724

shut the fuck up. autosaged = people forget about it. don’t bring up celebricows as an autosaged thread that’s still active because low iq tards obsessed with nitpicking female celebs will always exist, dumbass shit thread was special and irreplaceable(infighting)

No. 2062725

I think it's more like low iq tards are obsessed with baiting in dumbass shit and they're mad that their thread is autosaged because they're low iq tards, but whatever you wanna say that helps you justify why you're still upset over something that happened 4 months ago.

No. 2062741

ayrt, i do still post in dumbass shit and i love to use it but it’s not fun to just be talking to yourself in a thread. it’s not the same as it used to be and it makes me sad. it’s been said before and i’ll repeat it, LC’s morale was murdered when dumbass shit was autosaged

No. 2062743

NTA but dumbass shit wasn’t always bait and angry infighting, at least I can recall joyous times I had and I know there are many anons who agree with me

No. 2062745

You are literally posting in the dumbass shit thread right now, it's just the "b-but don't talk about yaois" version.

No. 2062748

>It's not fun to just be talking yourself!
Yeah, so if it was the most popular thread with lots of anons like you all say, you'd think everyone would just keep posting in the thread. But turns out it's actually not as popular as all the shitspergs say it was, because now barely anyone uses it. So why should anyone care that it's autosaged?

No. 2062749

>t. one of the infighters who got the thread to autosage in the first place

No. 2062750

Not true anon

No. 2062752

but a lot of anons are attracted to whichever thread is receiving the most attention/has the quickest response time on an off topic board. so obviously if dumbass shit is autosaged and isn’t at the top of the board, people will gravitate to whichever thread takes its place. in this situation that is unpopular opinions, as of late. dumbass shit was the most popular thread and now it’s not because of its censorship.

No. 2062753

I've never used that shite thread and to say I did amounts to criminal libel. If it weren't for the anonymous style of this board I'd sue you.

No. 2062756

>i'd sue you!
t. rich american

No. 2062759

It's so funny seeing shitspergs call the "jannies" autistic, meanwhile they can't recognize jokes at all kek.

No. 2062760

Shut the fuck up all of you

No. 2062761

Nta but I'm pretty sure she's joking too kek

No. 2062764

No. 2062765

Celebricows is not autosaged though, new friend.

No. 2062773

File: 1719275365957.png (1.07 MB, 876x813, apple.png)

apple martins face and head annoys me

No. 2062774

Didn't they change up the tanks so this doesn't work anymore since it got 'popular'.

No. 2062776

go outside

No. 2062777

i do go outside and when i see normal women i feel better

No. 2062783

NTA But go take a look at /snow/ if you really want to fling some twitard comebacks at people for thinking someone’s ugly kek

No. 2062788

oh, there are dumbass shit thread posters in here. that explains it

No. 2062791

Anon that’s like the majority of this website. If all of the dumbass shitheads left we’d be crystal cafe 2

No. 2062797

i guess being retarded can also pass the bechdel test kek

No. 2062817

Noooooo, really? Do they want us to kill ourselves painfully?? Reee

No. 2062818

ashley graham makes me want to alog

No. 2062819

It's a liability thing too.

Hopefully I can get my shit together before my mom dies and I'm fucked, but even then I wonder if the shock would either fix my anxiety or make me more likely to kill myself. Wondering if I could jump off a bridge without anybody noticing or if that would be the one time I'm not invisible.

No. 2062825

yes it is, it’s practically autosaged if you’re forced to sage to evade getting banned kek

No. 2062826

Yeah. All threads on the cow boards are autosaged. You're making total sense right now.

No. 2062830

File: 1719278474294.gif (564.03 KB, 220x220, IMG_1396.gif)

what if I dropped a steaming simmering hot pot of a hobos piss with the nice flavor additions of jack daniels and heroin right on top of your head for you to lick and taste like nickelodeon slime. how would you feel about that?(retarded infighting)

No. 2062831

you just want to argue because when you tried to argue with your parents that one random summer morning in your childhood they told you to shut up for once and now you’re trying to score points with a stranger online. suck my labia flaps(infighting)

No. 2062832

I hate that Dasha girl for bringing all these freaks here.

No. 2062833

She looks like an alien

No. 2062834

File: 1719278700054.gif (1.69 MB, 498x498, present them.gif)

>Suck my labia flaps
So gifrel. Unless you're some kind of baiting chicken.

No. 2062836

nonna there’s a difference between a thread being autosaged and not being bumped period vs being requested to sage for non-milk posts. the thread is still able to be bumped.

No. 2062837

Similar situation, nonka. Honestly, i always think in extreme situations people are just kind of more likely to overcome, but maybe i'm wrong and cope, kek. I heard water becomes like a hard surface from high heights, so i don't really recommend it. Not a nice way to die while people whip out their iphones to capture it either also. Gotta give yourself peaceful last moments if it comes to this.

No. 2062847

no it’s manually autosaged and you couldn’t tell me otherwise

No. 2062848

>baiting chicken
some pls make lolcow mascot as an anime girl chicken gajinka

No. 2062849

File: 1719279045383.jpg (137.07 KB, 600x809, 1000017241.jpg)

>suck my labia flaps
you're making me think about things that I probably shouldn't.

No. 2062857

yes dumbass shit is manually autosaged but celebricows is not autosaged, you’re just requested to sage. of course you can make the decision to not sage, and the thread will be bumped, because it’s not autosaged.

No. 2062858

ouuu i like that one

No. 2062860

requested is a nice way to say the word “forced” but ok anon

No. 2062862

You're still going?

No. 2062887

i mean it can’t really be forced if they’re depending on you to type ‘sage’ in the email field on your own accord. the most they can do to enforce it is ban users who disobey

No. 2062953

if you went outside more you'd probably know how retarded this is

No. 2063504

File: 1719333742357.png (2.19 MB, 1336x1296, squirrel.png)

Look at this fine flying squirrel with his membrane spread out and gliding. Magnificent, isn't it?

No. 2063537

Lolcor is dead

No. 2063539

Yeah it's nucow now get with the times nona

No. 2063572

Is that a real thing pls tell me so I can finally stop using this website

No. 2063664

when you go from feeling bad or guilty for saying no to people, to loving it, its a damn good feeling. I used to bend over backwards over fear that someone would be upset with me, now don’t give a shit and I love saying no with no explanations or excuses. Any other recovered people pleasers experience this feeling? If so I’m happy for you. Let’s celebrate

No. 2063666

No. 2063680


Spoiler that nona

No. 2063683

fuck you not only did you decide to break the threads rule but also for an ugly as fuck one too, bring back the lazy amy winehouse poster

No. 2063687

what’s wrong with you

No. 2063692

They think it's dumbass shit so they wanna get attention by posting that kind of stuff to get reactions. It's pathetic but predictable. Just ignore and report instead of giving it attention.

No. 2063706

Nta but what even was the point of mentioning the dumbass shit thread? Stop trying to cause infighting over it, it happens enough in /meta/

No. 2063719

File: 1719343074753.mp4 (1.28 MB, 448x252, this thread.mp4)

No. 2064045

I put a stick of butter in a mixing bowl then placed it in my toaster oven to soften it. But I started reading Wikipedia articles and forgot about it, so when I remembered it had completely melted and then burnt black.

No. 2064051

at least dumbass shit had funny posts that was just scary as hell

No. 2064107

What was it?

No. 2064114

can someone who speaks gibberish translate this

No. 2064141

Burn victim

No. 2064143

Nta but someone posted two unspoilered pics of a really deformed person. Iirc it was from some tiktok account.

No. 2064401

File: 1719365131314.jpeg (Spoiler Image,363.77 KB, 713x614, IMG_1405.jpeg)

I saved it before it was deleted. I think this is a person with a disability or a burn victim like anon said, they aren’t dead it’s a real life person(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2064417

I find this person fascinating but I hate the situation.
Horror fact: He is able to form words to speak clearly thanks to a speech therapist who taught him to use his tongue as a lip to annunciate…those teeth are where the inside of his mouth was supposed to begin after all.(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2064491

This is grim because it’s reminding me how it is to kill yourself without it being painless or ending up like that guy where you’re disfigured or disabled your entire life because of one failed attempt. Sigh.(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2064499

It's crazy that some anons are so brain dead that they can't follow the ONE rule of this thread. Damn.

No. 2064502

Stop fucking talking about them (◕‿◕✿) STOOPP(◕‿◕✿)

No. 2064506

>why won’t they just follow the rulesssssssssss
you were the person who reminded the teacher to assign homework on a friday. fuck you

No. 2064509

nta but this is literally the only no * allowed thread. and also no one wants to see that

No. 2064514

then hide the thread and quit bitching like a pussy honestly. it’s always the most depraved people who keep looking at shit like that and then have the nerve to tell others to take down a lived experience for another person kek, makes no sense(infighting)

No. 2064516

the emoji looks so menacing in red

No. 2064519

I love when I’m walking around my room and I step in a warm spot where my cats were sleeping.

No. 2064520

what the fuck is wrong with you? this is the only no scrote talk thread and for some reason you’re choosing to defend a disfigured scrote being posted. just fucking leave

No. 2064522

> Hide the no men allowed thread if you don’t want to see men
Some of you need to actually read what the comments say before you try to infight

No. 2064526

File: 1719369639525.png (212.04 KB, 300x450, 1000009014.png)

I thought she was cute in this movie had to watch for a class, but she's not even middle eastern the way she was portrayed in the movie. Oh well. A win is a win.

No. 2064528

i wish i could eat 5 pound cakes but i don’t want to develop diabetes.

No. 2064536

File: 1719370039476.jpeg (22.62 KB, 548x548, IMG_3287.jpeg)

I added a ponytail to picrel

No. 2064543

Fuck the mods I can’t wait until they realize the retarded decision they made banning the dumbass shit thread. Has to be the dumbest decisions ever, I vote to take every misogynistic trauma and place it on the mods. Anyways I love ghetto smosh(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2064547

We’re never getting dumbass shit back because of speds like you. Thanks, retard

No. 2064548

the girls when they ban evade :DDDDDDD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2064553

We were never getting it back. If you clearly and evidently enjoy something on a website especially this one the bitter and resentful moderation will take any opportunity to slight you. No, you can’t get to shitpost because the obese lolcow mod dependent on crack to keep her away during the early hours to catch someone accidentally saging in the celebricows thread is suffering (for volunteering their time for free to moderate an imageboard) and you have to suffer too.(take it to /meta/)

No. 2064554

Fuck off retard no one wants to see moids here

No. 2064559

how many of us were influenced by these boops as children though

No. 2064567

Seconding. Before the dumbass shit thread was autosaged there were a few very noticeable anons in there baiting and constantly causing infights and now they're doing it in multiple threads across /ot/. Its also admins fault for not having better moderation tools and banning those anons, but those anons are also annoying as fuck and made the site so unenjoyable.

No. 2064570

gross spick(racebait)

No. 2064619

they influenced modern humor

No. 2064620

okey dokey

No. 2064623

File: 1719372415908.png (466.21 KB, 1015x811, 4lep5nkwytxa1.png)

I hate you bitches sometimes

No. 2064643

always the celibate-chans who are quick to screech that the word femcel isn’t real but their existence continues to challenge that notion every day

No. 2064655

difference between femcels and volcels

No. 2064695

We wouldn't get it back even without spergs like this because for some reason it's a requirement for lolcow staff to be unable to admit and reverse bigger mistakes.

No. 2064714

Yeah you’re probably right unfortunately

No. 2064715

Rei should've been the protagonist of Evangelion.

No. 2064736

i feel like all of our lives would be substantially better if the internet never existed

No. 2064738

Maybe for normies like you. The less you fit in society the better the internet is for you. I learnt how to accept myself and consolidate individual ways of thinking instead of giving into conformation. I can’t imagine how much more I would feel this if I was living in a third world country.

No. 2064742

how did you get third world country from no internet KEK

No. 2064744

What? I’m saying if I lived in a third world country all the problems I’d get from not fitting in / having a sane solace would be much worse.

No. 2064745

File: 1719379753825.png (309.16 KB, 528x550, dummie.png)

>Maybe for normies like you..(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2064746

anon did you tag the wrong post? because my post says our lives would be better if the internet never existed, i don't know how you got third world country out of that

No. 2064747

kek… You’re not understanding. The internet. Helps.
picrel is me

No. 2064748

I think the more time you spend offline the easier it gets to adjust to reality and the less you need to use the internet as a crutch for attention or comfort

No. 2064758

“Reality” isn’t great when the people around you are society-made drones that shill you to conform to stupidity. It’s not comfort, it’s reality. I can’t imagine living in a homophonic country where I wasn’t able to find access spaces that allow me to come to terms with my sexuality and express it, connect with others who are also the same. I don’t even live in a homophobic country and I was still alienated. I’m so glad that in my early teens I had a space away from everything where I could discover this about myself, indulge in interests I’d be bullied for, find subcultures, et cetera. Even my best friendships have come out of that. I feel like to really have this opinion (we’d be better off if no one had internet!) you have to be a specific kind of person. It works if you’re part of the majority or content with not connecting to others who may relate to you more and help you “be yourself” with them. Globalisations helps like find like, and I thimk that’s the greatest thing that’s come out of it.
Now spending time outdoors? Would be better. The internet not being as dystopian as it today would be better too.

No. 2064763

>society-made drones that shill you to conform to stupidity
I'm a little curious what do you consider to be this stupidity? I understand homophobia is something that you've experienced but thats also not really shilled anymore, do you have an example of what you've experienced be shilled to you so I can better understand what you mean?

No. 2064769

Yes and no. I genuinely don't want to go back to having to spend a week in the library to find an answer to one simple question.

No. 2064773

Don't you agree that having to do all that research and exercising your brain is better for your development though? Being able to google something and immediately have an answer has actually made everyone stupider

No. 2064774

samefag but wow 4 'to's in a sentence please don't be mean, I'm esl kek

No. 2064776

File: 1719381228841.jpg (50.93 KB, 736x509, 4ad08ce0f8d7de1aaa530f966a13d7…)

Nonnas these days are too stingy what is going on

No. 2064783

Peak was when you had to wait 'til you were home to search for the answer. Searching for answers to a question in a library is just hilariously impractical.

No. 2064786

>not really shilled anymore
Well it does depend on the country you live in, it’s definitely still bad for the majority of the world. But for where I live, yeah.
>do you have an example
Conformity for the sake of conformity. Conformity to the uncritical or unbothered attitude towards capitalism; to femininity and expectations as a woman who rejects female socialisation; conformity to expectations of the one true way of living life - education, office job, children, retirement; to expressing or presenting yourself in a way that’s considered normal. There’s so much I don’t feel as though I conform to, enough that I never feel truly resonate with most of the people I know IRL. If I didn’t connect with people online I would only know one radical feminist for goodness’ sake. Without all this my mind wouldn’t feel sane. To put forth a more relatable point - honestly, do you really think you could be critical like we are on this website without having accessed other women to be rational with? There are plenty who would still find a way to put their foot down, but it’d be less - it’d much easier to just sugarcoat the reality of being a woman, at least to a degree.
Nta but no, I’m a poorfag but unironically am much more educated than I would have been due to the easy accessibility to learn about my interests. I know so many things now.

No. 2064788

Yeah that's true, but it's not like you can't do that with the internet too kek. I think what made people stupider is the absolute excess of information and search websites becoming so useless that people just go with whatever they read in the first result (even if it's just a sponsored article trying to sell you a product). Sometimes I watch old crime shows and am reminded that people had to call specialist for every slightly in-depth topic, which is absolutely great for networking but shit for autists and people who generally don't have the means or are not in this kind of academic social class.

No. 2064795

I mean a lot of people have an unbothered attitude about capitalism or the governance of money because they're unaffected by it, most adults have jobs and are capable of supporting ourselves, but i can understand why this might be a sensitive subject for someone whos either impoverished or NEET. And what do you mean by rejects female socialisation? And most people choose to receive education, work a job to support themselves, have children they love, and then retire and spend the rest of their days in leisure until they depart. I don't really see why anyone envision these things as if they're negative ways for people to spend their lives. And I'm not sure if this is just applicable to where I live but the majority of normal women might not verbosely identify as radfems, but they essentially hold similar beliefs that are closer to the radfem end of the spectrum, simply because they're clearminded. And I feel like if the internet never existed, I wouldn't feel the need to be critical or judgemental of my surroundings because your mind wouldn't constantly be overrun with negative and upsetting media. I think being a woman would actually probably be easier and better if we werent so oversaturated with media like television and movies and also social media and everything else that it breeds.

No. 2064801

I agree with you nona. A lot of people forget how the internet was before 2010: a lot of things online have changed in the past 15 years. For people that weren't online pre-2010, it can be hard for them to visualize what you and I are talking about. There was a time before social media, and that's the time that I miss the most. I recall very fondly my memories of certain forums and websites and even MMORPGs from that bygone era. I was a lonely weird kid too, and without the friends I made back then (some of whom I still talk to to this day, more than a decade later) I think my childhood and adolescence would have been even more difficult. It's crazy because I think being a young person on the internet today is very harmful, but it wasn't always that way.

No. 2064843

>nap for a couple of hours
>suddenly 300+ new posts in unpopular opinions
what is it this time, i'm scared to look

No. 2064848

It was more cigarette versus anti-cigarette spergs competing to see who could be the most retarded. Honestly this infight wasn't that great, you could skip it.

No. 2064932

File: 1719393697960.png (54.61 KB, 256x256, donkey.png)

infighting, you say? a sprinkling of bickering, perchance? sounds entertaining(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2064999

File: 1719402643495.png (1.07 MB, 956x552, bourbon.png)

Would you prefer left or right?

No. 2065020

File: 1719405271558.png (221.79 KB, 436x346, 1.png)

Some girls just want to be LOUD and heard

No. 2065264

god I thought this was about me, thank god i would have cried if someone said this to me

No. 2065265

You have seen nothing then

No. 2065298

Who is she?
No way. I'm wondering if you didn't grow up without the internet or else you're just not very curious, because there were so many times before when I would think, I wonder what native Americans lived in Pennsylvania/what year pop was invented/which extinct plants are native to New Jersey beaches and there would just be no way to get the answer. Yeah, you could take an hour bus into the city to check out the library, but if your question was too estortic, there wouldn't even be books you could borrow to find out the answer. I live the ability to answer all my curiosity almost instantly.

No. 2065306

No. 2065321

does anyone else have a really hard time listening to music and finding something you like

No. 2065359

no because i listen to my waifu karen carpenter all day every day

No. 2065368

No, I listen to almost everything so it's easy for me to find stuff I enjoy. What kind of music do you like? Maybe I can recommend some stuff.
On a side note, sometimes, when I do feel that way, I revisit music that I haven't listened to in ages and regain a passion for it, other times I look up music I used to love as a kid then forgot about and stopped listening to, and see if I still like it, then end up rediscovering some gems.

No. 2065379

File: 1719422675815.png (271.43 KB, 556x324, burbon.png)

What's the matter? Princess doesn't like long and wide faces?

No. 2065385

I hate you intuition woowoo bitches. Women aren’t the ‘noble savage’ sex. You’re not a magical “feeling, not thinking” animal. Everyone around you is made uncomfortable with your schizophrenia and misogyny. Ntayrt(infighting a 3 day old post)

No. 2065387

I love Karen Carptener!!!! Shes my best idol ever and I love her music she's so talented and great I wish I was born when she was born that way we could have been real life best friends instead of just pretend best friends in my dreams because unfortunately she is dead and I'll never forgive the world for what they did to my beloved Karen Carpenter and I always cry and laugh and love when I listen to her songs!!

No. 2065449

File: 1719424446944.gif (1.18 MB, 220x162, karen-carpenter-lead-sister.gi…)

this post could have been written by me because i also love her very very very much and am very very sad her anachan ways took her talent away from from us and i also refuse to take my flintstone gummies.

No. 2065497

>Yeah, you could take an hour bus into the city to check out the library
you don't have a local library in the town? it takes only about 15 minutes to get to mine

No. 2065506

NAYRT but the town I live in (American) doesn't have a library

No. 2065510

My period is a bit unpredictable with cycles between 26 and 38 days, but if I'm lucky I'll get AND finish the next one before my three-week long holiday. I'm 20 days in right now and the last three were <30 days.

No. 2065676

there’s no benefit to trying to be masculine or pretend that women aren’t exactly what we are kek(continuing 3 day old infight)

No. 2065679

what does this mean?

No. 2065686

File: 1719430445233.jpeg (19.42 KB, 288x360, IMG_5490.jpeg)

Nonnie, I need a favor. I’m gonna do some laundry, but I need someone to watch my chocolate milk. Please be careful, I’ll be back in 20 minutes!

No. 2065687

>thinking over feeling is "trying to be masculine"

No. 2065692

File: 1719430530195.jpeg (35.73 KB, 736x697, 1696199420534.jpeg)

No. 2065698

Intuition requires you to think though. You’re being ignorant for no reason you absolute skepticfag kekkk

No. 2065704

File: 1719430672949.gif (8.11 MB, 498x498, IMG_1429.gif)


No. 2065709

being a loser edgelord who’s trying to sound like you’re better than other women is trying to be masculine kek(infighting)

No. 2065710

I hate this stupid gif so much fuck off

No. 2065713

if you need to open a dictionary to understand the definition of each of these words then go right ahead

No. 2065715

No one cares how much you have a melty over a gif. Calm down.(continuing 3 day old infight)

No. 2065716

whats with anons itt calling every anon they disagree with an nlog lmao

No. 2065719

ntayrt but i don't think the woman in the OP's story who went around sniffing random women was thinking all that much kek

No. 2065721

do you do this every time someone asks you a genuine question? just deflect in an obnoxious snarky passive aggressive way? anyways
>pretend that women aren’t exactly what we are kek
i am going to ask you one more time: what did you mean by this?(continuing 3 day old infight)

No. 2065722

according to nonny that women are retarded airheaded shedevils. she’s right about this though

No. 2065728

File: 1719431363144.jpg (19.73 KB, 512x512, images-3.jpg)

Hate how this thread went from comfy posting to constant infighting

No. 2065730

i smell food but there is no food, i am going crazy. I might have to eat one of you.

No. 2065733

eat all of us please, I can't take this anymore

No. 2065737

Me too. Thank you to all the dumbass shit spergs that ruin every thread they touch. At this point I genuinely feel bad for the farmhands in charge of /ot/.

No. 2065738

you have bad vibes and i fear eating you will make my stomach upset i will have to pass for now

No. 2065740


No. 2065742

File: 1719431807346.png (1.19 MB, 720x831, 1719428978255.png)

is anyone else extremely grossed out at this fucking chair? been thinking about it since i saw it on jill's thread

No. 2065743

It looks like it stinks. I wonder what it'd look like after being cleaned with one of those things you use to wash carpets.

No. 2065744

I avoid anything with that kind of fabric, it gets so gross and matted looking

No. 2065746

I just know her house stinks like shit.

No. 2065802

File: 1719435226638.png (3.11 MB, 1170x1270, you.png)

hey(dumbass shitposting)

No. 2065811

I've treated lots of carpets and the thing about the fluffy synthetic fiber rugs/furniture is that the matting that happens is like an entire structural change to the plastic fiber, you cant brush, wash or fluff it back to its original state.

It just looks like shit over time. I always recommend just getting a pillow if you want this texture in your home

No. 2065819

She needs to throw that shit away

No. 2065831

I, too, would dissociate 24/7 if I had to sit my obese ass on this disgusting disheveled chair. No wonder she never sews, by her own logic this chair is a sensory pile of garbage

No. 2065833

I'm concerned that the cat looks the same color and just as matted as the chair does

No. 2065935

I minced some garlic and ate chocolate after but my hands still smelled and tasted kind of like garlic but it was actually not bad, is garlic chocolate a thing?

No. 2065943

It is if you make it a thing sweet nonners
Looked it up and someone made chocolate covered raw and fermented garlic. Equal parts etf and intriguing. Would post the resippy but the blog mentions verboten subject material.

No. 2065947

I’m an autist-lite type of retard and I hate schizos. Their pattern seeking behavior drives me nuts. I think we’re on the opposite ends of the spectrum

No. 2065950

Schizos identify patterns that don't exist and don't matter, autists identify patterns that exist and don't matter. Both obsessed with patterns to a detrimental end.

No. 2065960

am i gay if i find furry aircraft women kinda hot?

No. 2065968

Maybe, but planesonas are also just cute.

No. 2065979

Schizos are so full of themselves. Even in psychosis the most I suspected was light gangstalking from neighbors that were already rude to me didn't help their kids actually did prank me (ding dong ditching). Schizos that think they have ties to celebrities or have those over 9000 video yt channels where they document perps are so pathetic they want to be important so badly

No. 2065982

File: 1719440567072.jpg (114.76 KB, 850x601, eaf65f7f4a23cc9fb2b86e49e9bb49…)

living machines are pretty rad

No. 2066019

How can I make sure I die at 40? Serious answers only

No. 2066021

Just do drugs or work 12 or 18 hour shifts back to back

No. 2066023

do crack

No. 2066024

Work yourself to death, smoke 5 packs of cigarettes daily, sunbath without sunblock daily, have sex with bi moids.

No. 2066030

How can i make sure to outlive this nonny >>2066019 ?

No. 2066035

smoke a pack a day, eat a fuck ton of mcdonald’s, drink lots of vodka, put yourself in stressful scary situations so you’re never at ease and your body is constantly in fight or flight mode, bake cookies and eat the whole pan or whatever sweet you like, take shots of sunflower seed oil everyday

No. 2066042

drink lots of homemade bone broth, make sure you’re always getting equal sugars/salts, never do fad diets or avoid food groups like protein and dairy (that’s detrimental to the health of your brain and gut/bodily bacteria), try to walk about 25-30 miles a week, remember to relax. Avoid tensing your muscles or clenching your jaw unnecessarily, take time during your day or in the evening to lay down and breathe deeply, remember to always fully inhale and fully exhale. People often constrict their own lungs by breathing too fast or in a disturbed rhythm. Eat primarily locally grown/harvested foods. Spend a lot of time out in nature, exposing yourself to the outdoors boosts your immune system. Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and produce positive endorphins in your body. DRINK! WATER! Eat a lot of cheese. Don’t hesitate to drink wine sometimes

No. 2066048

Workout at least twice a week, drink plenty of water, eat lots of vegetables, only eat fruit right after having your breakfast and lunch, don't consume too much alcohol (I say that 2 glasses of wine and a shot of rum every 4 months is okay) sleep at least 8 hours daily, or take a nap from time to time, use sunblock, don't pour your perfume directly on your neck, don't have sex with moids, get a pet that you love and care for.

No. 2066049

And most importantly don’t forget to walk barefoot in the kitchen making pancakes for 12 crying toddlers while your coochie is smelling like cottage cheese because you don’t wash yourself with a wash cloth and “tan” your genitals

No. 2066050

Nonners it’s good health advice kek, there’s nothing traddy about just eating healthy, being in nature, and being around people who love you whether it’s friends or family.

No. 2066051

>I say that 2 glasses of wine and a shot of rum every 4 months is okay
So specific

No. 2066052

Easier said than done.

No. 2066053

nta but how did you get any of that from what she said kek am i missing something

No. 2066055

The only people who are interested in drinking bone broth are tradfags.

No. 2066056

I can't stop listening to this

No. 2066057

Anon is bitter and cranky because nona gave health advice she can't or won't follow, so she lashed out.

No. 2066059

It's what I like to drink tbh, I don't like whisky, beer makes your blood sugar levels go crazy (and I don't like it) I don't like vodka, nor gin or many other liquors.
But only one shot of rum because it's very sweet, so you probably shouldn't drink too much of it because it would mess with the blood sugar levels.

No. 2066060

It's just stock with extra gelatin, what's the big deal?

No. 2066061

So tired of anons like her.

No. 2066062

you’re so right bone broth so totally wasn’t a frequently consumed food and immensely popular ingredient in millions of dishes in hundreds of countries on the planet until twitrads made it popular

No. 2066063

I don't live near any towns or cities. It's a thirty minute drive to the nearest town, or you can drive twenty minutes then take a forty minute bus to the library.

No. 2066064

>my muslim friend tell my she doesn't celebrate her birthfay because it's haram
>i don't send her a happy birthday text but i gift her a drawing i made (not going to spend money for some haram stuff lmao)
>she gets angry

fuck religion

No. 2066067

Bone broth is something like all people drink when they’re sick at least in Burgerland for the 22 years I’ve been alive

No. 2066073

It's the only insult they know. Well, that and tradwife.
I'm convinced it's only like two women in this thread. Because everything will be fine and nice, and then they show up and the bug up their ass doesn't allow them to be normal, so they start fights for no other reason than because they need attention. However, in the past they eventually get bored and wander away, so I'll continue to keep posting and eventually the thread will go back to normal.

No. 2066076

One time I cut garlic with a knife and then used the same knife to cut up the watermelon without thinking. It certainly wasn't good, but it wasn't throw it away bad.

No. 2066078

nta but when things are said in an attempt to put yourself in a bubble separate from other women or make yourself sound somehow ‘different’ or opposed to something that other women are connecting over, that is kind of NLOG behavior. but i can only say that in regards to the most recent context that it was used in this thread.

No. 2066084

I imagine a spice mix with chili powders and the like with garlic and chocolate would be really good in something tbh. I wish I could give an example of what but I'm no cook

No. 2066085

Twitter brain mindset
Why did this get redtexted. This is literally an off topic random shit thread?

No. 2066086

thats not what nlog means. If a woman dresses in tshirts and jeans because she loathes female sexualization she isnt an nlog. To be an nlog you need to put down women for the approval of someone else.

No. 2066088

A piece of dark chocolate in Japanese curry is good. Apple slices too.

No. 2066090

File: 1719444752749.jpg (71.69 KB, 1200x1200, cakewithganache.jpg)

I wanna make that as a ganache

No. 2066094

but that’s not what happened kek. the conversation wasn’t about women wearing different clothes. the conversation was about how she doesn’t agree with women’s natural intuition and that she’s ’tired of woo-woo femininity shit’ kek. imo she sounds like a pressed twitter moid who hates when women discuss sweet topics and feels the need to shit on it.

No. 2066096

anon literally any sane person will tell you no, you cannot smell pregnancies. KEK wtf i cant believe this is what you are still angry about.

No. 2066097

Have you ever had mole enchiladas? They're so amazing.
>Why did this get redtexted
Mods are tired of the tards sperging atm so they're banning anyone who posts like them.

No. 2066104

NTAYRT but can you please shut the fuck up and lurk the thread because it’s been explained like 4 times why she probably felt this way nobody is going to spoonfeed you stop dragging this shit out

No. 2066106

File: 1719445173190.png (561.31 KB, 1170x1090, acceptable shit posting?.png)

But how is that retarded sperging it’s just a cute monkey saying hey. That gets redtexted but this in the exact same thread doesn’t?

No. 2066110

i am not even the one that brought it up i thought she was talking about something else, she's the one that keep dragging it

No. 2066121

>im not the one that brought it up i just kept responding to it
Come on nonnie use that brain to think

No. 2066125

why dont yout tell the other sperg to just let it go. its clearly living rent free in her mind.

No. 2066128

I can’t tell whether it was someone who was present for the initial conversation or was just lurking the thread and decided to respond to a comment that was a few days old, which I don’t see anything wrong with that

No. 2066135

How can anyone even clean a chair like this?

No. 2066139

The chevron blanket is cute. If I didn't hate making blankets so much, I would attempt to make something like that.

No. 2066149

>you cannot smell pregnancies
Correction: You personally can't smell pregnancies. There are women who have been scientifically verified to be able to smell Parkinson's and cancer, I'm sure there are women who can smell pregnancies.

No. 2066164

i am very interested in those studies, care to post them?

No. 2066172

not to but in but try not to forget you’re sitting in front of a computer nonna you can google “woman who smells parkinson’s”

No. 2066178

i did and it tells me its all anecdotal and there is no real science behind

No. 2066179

I wonder how old all of us will live to be. Do any of us know who the oldest anon here is like what if there’s an 80 year old nonna among us…

No. 2066181

There’s hundreds of years of science behind how humans can smell changes in hormones nonny I don’t know why you think there isn’t

No. 2066186

at this point i am convinced you are baiting i dont know what to tell you

No. 2066189

The library and google are both your friend in this case

No. 2066192

Same one that's been baiting all day using the same red-texted word over and over. Don't bother replying.

No. 2066198

Hard agree, I’m glad you’re feeling better now anon. One must appreciate your humble stance against delusions of self grandeur
It doesn’t matter if it’s “real” or not if you talk about smelling hormones I’m going to pepperspray you with deodorant

No. 2066204

ntayrt but you think we’re not supposed to say nonnie or nonny kek? newfag central oye..

No. 2066207

Not what I said.

No. 2066212

i know bait is a constant problem on this website but i dont think calling someone nonnie is indicative of anything because its a word basically all anons use kek

No. 2066215

Nonny and it's variations are actually relatively new to this site

No. 2066220

imo using "nonnie" is the sign of a perma-newfag. true oldfags would never. hence why it's red in the first place

No. 2066221

Again "kek" not what I said "kek" what I said "kek" was that there is one obvious baiter that's been at it all day "kek" and it's very identifiable "kek" from the fact they keep saying that word "kek."

No. 2066225

"anon" is perfectly fine and friendly already though. nonnie came from tumblrfags

No. 2066228

Tbf I've been here like 7 years and I use it sometimes. I feel like anons can be unnecessarily aggressive that sometimes I feel a need to signal that I'm not being rude kek

No. 2066233

KEK it is okay if you both newfags but I'm an oldfag I've seen this word used on this website for the last 8 years..

No. 2066237

but the pregnancy sniffer in the story sniffed women who WEREN'T pregnant. if it's true then why did she get it wrong?

No. 2066239

Omg I'm sick of you lying newfag bitches constantly trying to rewrite site history. What is the point of lying? The only people you're fooling are other newfags

No. 2066240

I'm more than happy to do some digging and provide some screenshots just give me a moment

No. 2066244

Instead of doing that why don't you just ignore comments you don't like and do something productive?

No. 2066246

she had the flu that day please understand

No. 2066247

tumblrfags were here 8 years ago too. you not being able to tell them from farmers is more proof that being a newfag is a state of mind rather than something you graduate from by being here for a certain timespan

No. 2066251

File: 1719448701953.png (53.91 KB, 2260x192, nonny.png)

Cause I don't have anything else to do and this is productive for me, I love proving the real newfags wrong kek, here's one

No. 2066253

Do you not get that we don't care? I can go cherry pick too but I don't have neurotic complexes.
Summed it up well.

No. 2066257

Anon one post doesn't prove anything. No one is saying that nonny was NEVER EVER used on lolcow before a certain time. It was used on Tumblr already so obviously there were a few anons who, naturally, also used it here. We're talking about when it act became a common nickname on here. Everyone who was here before nonny took over remembers that anon was the common nickname.

No. 2066260

>making fun of an anon by calling them nonny mockingly
proving my point again

No. 2066261

NTA, but don’t let the other anons kill your stride. I like to say nonny for emphasis specifically because it’s redtexted now kek

No. 2066263

Nooo you aren't supposed to read it and understand the context!!! You're just supposed to see nonny was used before and say I was right and give me ass pats and throw me a parade!!! Noooooo

No. 2066264

But if you really didn't care then not only would we not be having this conversation, but you also wouldn't have lied in the first place in a poor attempt at trying to sound like you knew something everyone else didn't.

No. 2066267

Take your meds

No. 2066271

Nobody gaf

No. 2066274

No, it originated from the anonymous ask feature on Tumblr. Nonny/nonnie was the original name and then when it got popular on lolcow variations like nonna came about.

No. 2066277

But if you don't care then why do you feel the need to act like you do honey

No. 2066282

Fascinating, I recall coming here from PULL back in 2016-17 and seeing it be used here

No. 2066285

You're a great example of why this board is trash now

No. 2066294

Putting effort into a conversation isn't really something I'd call trash, the endless baiting and annoying faggotry is what ruined this website

No. 2066301

File: 1719449380709.jpeg (64.64 KB, 494x375, IMG_2461.jpeg)

Why are you getting so heated over this? She just posted receipts
another quick bechdel edit so I don’t get banned kek(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2066312

like perma-newfaggotry, exactly

No. 2066319

a good example of this is joining the conversation, being wrong about something, and instead of brushing it off just sperging out even more kek

No. 2066334

You sound like you need a nap

No. 2066335

I mean it was used occasionally but when it became a widespread thing was pretty relatively new. I wanna say maybe 2019? 2018? Idk.

No. 2066339

The reason /ot/ isn't fun anymore is because instead of talking with other farmers now I'm just talking to perma-newfags, baiters, shitspergs, and the worst type of sperg. It was nice while it lasted.

No. 2066341

Certain anons itt are desperate for an infight

No. 2066342

Is having a conversation just considered infighting nowo

No. 2066346

Kisses for you, nonny

No. 2066348

No. 2066352

Certainly. I'm not sure if we're allowed to post links, but look up Joy Milne for the woman directly and then you can find the paper that researchers working with her publish called "Paper Spray Ionization Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry of Sebum Classifies Biomarker Classes for the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease."

No. 2066360

Doesn't matter and I don't care about that particular woman. But I guarantee you that at least some women can smell pregnancies because it has unique biomarkers.

No. 2066362

Please shut the fuck up

No. 2066364

nta but i wonder why this concept upsets you

No. 2066368

This. /ot/ and even /b/ used to have good quality threads and the infighting was at least entertaining most of the time. Now most threads are filled either with users who would probably quality for a cow thread. One of them was outed a few months ago, I have no doubt a lot of the heavy sperging is coming from similar users who are addicted to lolcow yet hate it.

No. 2066376

Why are we still talking about pregnancy sensing

No. 2066378

cause i can smell you pregnant right now nony

No. 2066381

That's just my food baby anon, I'm literally so stuffed I'm bursting at the seams right now.

No. 2066384

Oh she can smell my body odour all she wants, the problem is unscientific baiting that goes on for hours

No. 2066385

We've gone over like 8 times how if you really thought that this was bait you'd simply report and ignore but it is obvious that you want to just infight

No. 2066387

Ooh are you?

No. 2066393

Anynonny have favorite laundry folding content? Sorry I read an anon refer to Tiffany Ferg's videos like that and it's the best descriptor I've ever heard. Like videos you can just put on in the background and half-listen to while you do chores?

No. 2066399

i personally call it drawing content. I like to watch yesterworld entertainment and defunctland.(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2066433

bloating throughout the day is so fucking insane, in the morning my boobs looked like empty bags of milk and now theyre melons

No. 2066437

Jenny Nicholson and dreamjelly

No. 2066501

Right? I swear my thighs are way bigger sometimes too, but that doesn’t seem biologically possible

No. 2066573

I've never heard of breast changing size throughout the day before, only during stages of the menstrual cycle.

No. 2066588

lindsay nikole if you're into zoology and evolution, her videos are very accessible even if you don't know a lot about those topics
tasting history if you like cooking or history
izzyzz does good deep dives on fandom/internet topics, her gendieness is pretty easy to ignore
jordan theresa, mina le, and tara mooknee have kinda libfemmy takes but they're entertaining and as basic commentary youtubers they're the epitome of "laundry-folding content". mostly cover whatever social topic is trending on tiktok
these are all excellent too. you nonas have good taste

No. 2066669

Love this edit nonna

No. 2066671

Wasn't Mina Le prominently involved in a BDSM sex cult?

No. 2066679

File: 1719459348134.png (352.51 KB, 604x600, 19677568.png)

>mina le

No. 2066680

I’m sorry, what? I mean she seems like the type for some reason but wow

No. 2066684

anon you can't just say this I need context please

No. 2066685

I swear it's not a schizo rant, I remember so clearly that she and another fashion Youtuber were ring leaders of a BDSM sex cult that targeted young Asian women. Mina and the other one would find young impressionable women and bring them to be "shared" with the two of them and one of their (both of their?) partner at the time in exchange for money and fashion items. It was a really big deal on a certain section of radblr at the time. She ended up scrubbing a lot of the video evidence that she had uploaded and I believe her co-conspirator took the brunt of the criticism and outrage. I can remember the call-outs and the ensuing drama as clear as day because I immediately remember unsubbing to both of their channels. I remember this so well.

No. 2066690

Samefag just to add I'm trying to find links for you all but interestingly enough she's uploaded a LOT of videos that use the word "cult." I think it's to throw off the search results, because now if I search "Mina Le cult" it just brings up results for her videos.

No. 2066701

Are you thinking of Michelle Pham nonna?

No. 2066703

I'd never heard of this before and ran into the same issues trying to find other info. could you possibly thinking of michelle phan? she apparently has also been in some culty stuff

No. 2066706

Michelle Phan like the youtuber???

No. 2066714

I think Anon is thinking of Mei Yan. >>>/snow/1478914

No. 2066717

Yes!!! I knew it was someone with an M as a name. Thank you I must have misremembered. Either way I still hate Mina Le for her association with Mei Yan in my mind.

No. 2066825

When I’m bored and spending hours refreshing lolcow I see every single one of your posts that you delete. I see you change that sentence slightly, redraft it to phrase it ever so different (why? it’s basically the same thing) even if you think you deleted immediately I caught it! I read it. And I cringe for you, especially the ones I see do it repeatedly. Or if it’s a “haha OWNED” kind of reply and they’re editing their ‘gottem’ to sound more badass. Earlier someone redrafted something like that 8 times. This is extremely entertaining to me.

No. 2066830

i do that because im esl and everything i write sounds retarded

No. 2066831

You're a losa girl

No. 2066856

This, imagine seeing editing replies as some secret gotcha.

No. 2066859

What I just think it’s funny

No. 2066863

It's okay anon they're just gonna bully and hate on you because they're jealous you get to spend all your time on LC. I'm not afraid of being genuine: I envy you and I wish I was on here 24/7 instead of 20/7. Alas.

No. 2066894

i'm on here every day 24 days a week 7 months a year

No. 2066921

Tbh I'm pretty sure it's only newfags that care about this stuff. Literally like before 2023 no one cared if you deleted a post and reposted

No. 2067109

I've been wanting this dress for so so long but it's way too expensive so I posted a request for it on facebook of all places and someone messaged me I could have it for a 3rd of the price. I asked for a picture so I really hope it's not a scam because I'm absolutely ecstatic! It's name brand but not designer or anything so I don't know if someone would go to trouble to scam me out of 20 dollars, god willing I can parade around in my glittery maxi dress soon!

No. 2067114

This gotta be some no life type of shit kek

No. 2067129

I'm viscerally disgusted by infants. There's nowhere online I can admit to this without getting lynched by moms and moralfags but this thread feels cozy so why not let it all out. I'm not talking about "ew, they scream and poop their diapers!" Their fat, stocky bodies remind me of maggots. Squirming, nonhuman parasites waiting to attach themselves to a host. Viral "cute" baby videos on social media make me angry. I seriously hate the way these little humans look, breathe and move. I had very severe childhood OCD but I don't think these are intrusive thoughts at all. I do want to yeet them out of the window. I'm not a violent person at all and I try to be kind to everyone. But babies just trigger this almost pirimitive desire to destroy in me. Especially the huge fat ones with chipmunk cheeks, they're the fucking worst. I want to punch them so bad. I know if I had a baby in the future I'd love it because I'm female, so I'm not a threat to anyone. Though I still wish other women would stop assuming I'm a safe space and try to have a wholesome chungus moment with me because I really am not despite being a girlie goo. I will be normal and interact with the baby normally, give compliments and entertain it! I'm a nice person! But I still want to punch it. It's just a bad thought I have. It has no power over me. I don't think about this regularly and I'm not mentally ill. In fact I'm pretty good at ignoring babies.

No. 2067143

I saw a nona on the sanic thread keep deleting and reasking her question and got Ask Again like 4 times in a row. It was pretty funny.

No. 2067160

how to solve lack of shitposting:
make a new board specifically for shitposting

No. 2067166

No. 2067185

tf, nobody told me about this??

No. 2067189

There's loads of extra boards. Newfag

No. 2067194

anon shut up kek they barely advertise it and nobody is gonna remember any of those except for you

No. 2067312

>nona says she spends 100% of her time on an obscure gossip website
>Other nona: you have no life
Well no duh Marie Curie, she just said that.
You were a hamster in a past life and now can't shake your instinctual urge to eat young.

No. 2067323

What are we drinking today, anons?

No. 2067333

Water for hydration, diet store brand cola for taste and beer for beer

No. 2067336

Which coffee place should I go to? I usually get a refresher, tea or energy drink, not a coffee

No. 2067337

The problem with /sty/ is that it doesn’t show up on the front page

No. 2067338

I'm off tomorrow so Gunpowder Gin and Tonic

No. 2067341

Just water. Endlessly water.

No. 2067343

File: 1719509054209.jpg (230.72 KB, 828x1152, sigh!.jpg)

water but i’m craving a moscow mule

No. 2067344

Best cocktail

No. 2067356

Had milk tea with my breakfast, and some plain black tea for my evening snack, and water throughout the day. Really craving a sprite right now though. I love pouring it into a cup with lemon slices and mint leaves and let it cool in the fridge a bit to give it a stronger flavor.

No. 2067359

I love them too but having to using baking soda to clean the cup is such a pain. Who thought making a cup out of something that rusts was a good idea?

No. 2067409

Latte, lots of water like usual, zero coke and water.

No. 2067411

I wish there were copper cups that had some kind of like stanley cup insulation inside? So it’s cute and brown on the outside but isn’t all rusty on the inside

No. 2067477

that's a good thing

No. 2067543

One of my favorite ice creams got recalled and apparently I ate the pints that were from the bad batches but I wanna keep eating that garbage. I’m so sad they took it off the shelf

No. 2067547

I think having the copper just on the outside defeats the purpose. Like there's probably a taste or coldness reason it's copper on the inside. Maybe it was just to sell more cheap copper kek?
Insulation transfers heat slower than copper so I don't think that would be a good substitute either way.

No. 2067582

Warm milk with honey, cinnamon, turmeric, and nutmeg.

No. 2067611

Coke zero vanilla, my favourite.

No. 2067728

File: 1719526842724.jpg (282.31 KB, 1080x1080, il_1080xN.1472925630_npgk-1503…)

I don't have social media and I only use lolcow and it's been like that for 10 years so emojis being banned made me completely oblivious as to how women on the internet talk so whenever I interact I probably sound super autistic because I don't know how to end my sentences with sparkles, crying faces and hearts and it probably also makes me sound cold and boomer like. So I have to mask my autism with emoji usage but it feels so unnatural, like pulling teeth, I feel retarded using pleading faces and flowers.

Anyone else?

No. 2067736

File: 1719527289354.webp (74.62 KB, 1248x701, hero-image.webp)

new emojis are so soulless

No. 2067781

Imagine if your name was Yass Queen

No. 2067786

File: 1719529607379.gif (1.77 MB, 165x294, IMG_1474.gif)

Idk if nonny is ever gonna see this but please check your email. I know you’re busy but please pretty please if you see this

No. 2067795

I refuse to use emojis, they're ugly and I'd feel extra retarded. 2000s emoticons rule, also the custom emoticons in msn, the very first reaction images of instant messengers. I had a ton of ugly celebs faces as emoticons. Good times.

No. 2067796

File: 1719529931391.gif (1.7 MB, 500x281, bitch! .GIF)

I just went shopping and bought so many cute tops and skirts for the summerrr

No. 2067841

File: 1719531358174.jpg (226.24 KB, 1444x948, jacket.jpg)

Got bored and decided to binge Raven's Home love how she still has the craziest fits. Would cop this jacket

No. 2067844

>I had a ton of ugly celebs faces as emoticons
You have to show an example nonna

No. 2067846

File: 1719531529031.jpg (390.76 KB, 627x662, 1619213580-1706.jpg)

that's nothing compared to fran's outfits in the nanny

No. 2067853

The nanny is so legendary

No. 2067856

i love it but i hate how slow paced the romance is, it feels like i am watching a shitty shoujo anime

No. 2067910

No. 2068009

Watched a movie from Guinea-Bissau, read this thread, and now I'm on the toilet.

No. 2068014

Gnrnrrhghhghrg I wanna make a Nyan Neko Sugar Girls ref so fucking bad now but I can't

No. 2068051

I wish I could look as fashionable and pretty as her.

No. 2068135

Why would you want the most active thread, fluffy pony abuse, on the front page?

No. 2068359

I wish I had the pic, my fav emoticon was one a friend of my sister made and it had an ugly japanese musician I think, with fried orange hair smiling like poot lovato. Never knew the name of that guy kek. That was a long time ago like around 2007 or before. It was just an image resized to ant size you could use like emoticons.

No. 2068378

I feel this a lot tbh. The internet has done an ungodly amount of horrific damage but I'm actually not sure we would be better off collectively without it

No. 2068399

Not when you want your posts to receive the most attention and attract the most infights.
>here's probably a taste or coldness reason it's copper on the inside
I think it's just the coldness one, it keeps the drink inside a lot colder than just glass would so you can take more time to sip on it

No. 2068504

Kek amazing

No. 2068673

File: 1719577179276.webp (75.21 KB, 1080x759, IMG_1478.webp)

this is the shit that’s about to make me not want to pirate video games anymore. we need more actual bio women pirating games not these mfs ruining everything kek(this post does not pass the bechdel test)

No. 2068677

Based talented nonnie

No. 2068680

>turbo-transphobe woman
where is she? we need HER

No. 2068682

File: 1719578102288.png (72.06 KB, 640x2400, q9m5zbglsxja1.png)

It's Empress. She's such a based schizo

No. 2068697

I see nothing wrong with what she said kek, I bet she’s probably one of those manifesto-chan anons

No. 2068699

I hope so, she sounds extremely based.

No. 2068700

File: 1719579042061.jpg (378.56 KB, 720x1378, ruvvq9ggnvfa1.jpg)

She absolutely is. She leaves notes like that and this on her cracks

No. 2068710

She seems very based but is there any proof she’s an actual woman and not just a larper

No. 2068721

You are right in your assumption it could be a tranny larping as a “based misandrist” but no internet pirate is going to reveal their identity to compromise themselves kek. I rather just take it with the benefit of the doubt, there’s plenty of crazy bio women who are into vidya and tech as much as there are greasy basement dwelling trannies like fitgirl

No. 2068727

Tinfoil hat time. She's both people so she can play both sides to get more donos. I have nothing to base this on except they make common Slav grammar mistakes

No. 2068734

Slavs are pretty conservative including the bio women. I’m sure there are slav troons (they’re trying to escape their male baldness and fugliness by attempts to beautify themselves to make them look like the average slavic woman who in comparison looks like an actual human) but they seem rare in comparison to western and asian trannies(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2068737

FitGirl is Latvian, Empress is Russian. Not the same thing.

No. 2068738

Doesn’t fitgirl only make repacks? Iirc he doesn’t crack denuvo games. But I believe that empress is a tranny(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2068744

Careful with those words nonnies. Remember the thread

No. 2068771

>empress is russian
>fitgirl is a latviagay
god I’m in love with empress(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2068775

Provide proof pls, there’s plenty of anti-tranny women from Eastern Europe kek

No. 2069325

File: 1719601639164.jpg (177.62 KB, 800x598, the_one_to_start_it_all.jpg)

Okay guys, please settle a debate between me and a friend. I'll not say which one's which to keep you unbiased. One of us argues it's no big deal to eat fruit from the grocery store unwashed because it comes from controlled fields and likely no-one has pissed on it or anything, while this is a risk with fruit you just forage from random bushes in the wild. The other one argues eating stuff you randomly foraged is how we have survived the past millenia, so eating those unwashed is better than fruit from the grocery store that has passed dozens of hands in a single noon. Which one is nastier? Inb4 ur both nasty, I kindly implore you to focus on the issue at hand.

No. 2069333

eating unwashed fruit from the wild can give you liver parasites iirc

No. 2069336

A bit of liver parasite never hurt anybody. It adds excitement to an otherwise dull life.

No. 2069342

File: 1719601933558.png (7.38 KB, 488x43, 1000015215.png)

No. 2069380

My dad (former chef) says it's fine to eat fruit bought from grocery stores, however you really should rinse them off anyway, just as a word of advice. However, if you buy fruit from, say, a farmer's market, you'll want to brine them for a few hours (I've done this with blackberries and you should've SEEN the number of tiny worm fuckers coming out of them).(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2069415

all I'm gonna say is that after having worked at a grocery store and seeing men dig their asses and balls right before touching a bunch of produce, it did not help with my ocd(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2069437

sometimes i have to itch my crotch in public but i don’t touch all of the produce i just touch what i’m gonna buy and eat

No. 2069455

I would do anything for a Space Channel 5 remake/sequel. The crappy VR thing doesn't count.

No. 2069483

why would you pit two bad bitches against each other?

No. 2069488

I will NEVER eat berries again after seeing that TikTok video where tiny worms come out of them. I don't care if they come out with salt I would literally be traumatized for the rest of my life if I brined berries and tiny worms came out of them. I might be the only person who would love to eat vegetables and fruits because I love the taste but I am genuinely too freaked out by bugs so I vet the produce that I eat meticulously. Yes I know meat and fish have parasites and worms too and it makes me suicidal. I wish I could be fed synthetic food only

No. 2069494

It really took me a while to figure out this wasn't about actual pirate "arrr matey!" games

No. 2069496

>listening to flute music while on hold
>eating watermelon

No. 2069501

Once I munched a fruit worm because it somehow got in my coffee cup and I didn't notice before getting some coffee and feeling this weird shit in my mouth and spitting it out. At this point in my life I had fruit worms and roaches with coffee, wonder whats next.

No. 2069504

Samefag but let me continue talking about this topic. Most processed food has literal BUGS in it. As in there's a certain percentage of bugs that is okay and as long as your product stays under that percentage you can sell it. You can easily imagine that every processed grain product you eat was probably contaminated with bugs, especially ones where black specks might not be that visible. Instead of throwing out the contaminated flour they will just make cereal with it.
All processed fruit products have 100% bugs in them such as jams, fruit juices etc.
As far as I can tell the only foods that might be free from contamination are beans (as long as you soak them properly beforehand) and possibly dairy products including eggs. These can be infected with bacteria like salmonella but not big parasites like bug and worms. I am fine eating normally 90% of time but sometimes I get these schizo phases where every food is so disgusting because I know it was contaminated with bugs.

No. 2069513

You just reminded me of another product that is contaminated with bugs which is coffe. Btw if that happened to me I would literally kill myself. I don't mean that in a meme way I would immediately throw myself out of the window just to forget the experience. I fucking hate synthetic food haters I can't wait until 100% of my food is made in a lab and uncontaminated please I don't belong in the present

No. 2069521

This is so neurotic. Your fruit has bugs because they grow in the dirt ground (can’t believe I’m explaining basic common sense here) and through processing they can’t wash off every single little bug. Ya’ll want fresh and organic until you finally get the fresh and organic kek

No. 2069528

Reading old posts of mine as an ESL and they make no sense. Word vomits

No. 2069541

I do NOT want fresh and organic. I wish my fruit could be grown in a lab as I've already explained and then it wouldn't be contaminated by flies laying their larva on it, worms trying to dig into it and bugs eating it. One day my utopia is going to come true. I wish fruit producers bragged about using as much bug spray as possible so I could buy their products

No. 2069549

For me it is the opposite, I feel like my texts are worse now, I think covid really made me more retarded.

No. 2069554

Welcome to nature, we aren’t the only animals and creatures who find fruits and vegetables yummy lol

No. 2069555

Legit mental illness. Does the knowledge that processed food is even more "contaminated" than regular food help you? Or are you just afraid of bugs and not other things that can be in your food? Also I don't want to trigger you into not eating but you're incorrect about multiple things you posted.

No. 2069562

What do you all think is gonna happen with agriculture in the future? I know that scientists can grow meat from cells now, but could they do the same with fruits and vegetables? Also, tell me if this is stupid but I never understood why countries with poor soil or poor climate don't just use greenhouses to grow more produce? If there was a law that every new residence construction had to include a functional greenhouse and citizens were encouraged to use them through tax rebates to grow some small amount of produce themselves?

No. 2069564

>with poor soil or poor climate don't just use greenhouses to grow more produce?
Some do? But that takes a lot of knowledge and money to heat the greenhouses that not every country has.

No. 2069619

Fruit from the store is definitely covered in pesticides and picker piss. You're paid by the amount you pick, and why would you walk all the way back to the van (which likely won't even take you back to the processing center), in order to ride all the way to the processing center, just to piss and then go back. You're losing money every second you're not picking, so they piss directly in the fields.
And the companies will claim they wash the fruits, but the tubs are filled with filthy water. It's literally black with dirt. Washing means dunking your fruit into a pot of fetid mop water.
So always wash your store fruits. You should also wash your foraged fruits, but if I had to eat one unwashed, I'm going for the foraged fruits because at least it definitely hasn't been bathed in cancer causing pesticides, and only might have some on it.

No. 2069632

This unironically sounds like contamination OCD or some other sort of severe anxiety disorder. You should see a psychologist; you don't have to live like this

No. 2069794

tomatoes are seriously the best food, i ate a bowl of grape tomatoes and my headache disappeared

No. 2069861

I don't know, tomato has the beauty and grace, but does she have the sheer versatility of garlic?

No. 2069863

Oh my goodness I can never get enough garlic, I could live off of garlic stuffed olives and fermented garlic cloves

No. 2069876

I was gonna say… I don’t want to set her off but the bugs and worms that find their way to the fruit will also find their way to the processed foods. Humankind can not escape nature, we exist in nature.

No. 2069877

Its been a while since i actually viscerally disliked a cow. I am glad other anons disliked her too and made a whole thread about her. I also havent used /w/ in literal years, its such a ghost town now.

No. 2069894

Sorry for spoonfeeding request but who is it? I've been yearning for an actually decent /w/ cow since both Jill's got stale

No. 2069900

>>>/w/329103 her. This type of holier than thou ironic weeb that always finds stuff for women problematic but makes excuses for shit she likes annoys me so much.

No. 2070325

File: 1719641614251.jpg (141.9 KB, 736x736, e872740892218f19ee2d64e5196b56…)

The reactions to the "hamsterchan" posts about two years ago was when I knew three things for certain: the magic of this site is gone, there are only infighters left, and we are in the lolcow end times. And I was right. No I will not elaborate.

No. 2070330

you are extremely correct

No. 2070418

File: 1719646315213.gif (4.57 MB, 430x393, h0jlzlh6x3h81.gif)

No. 2070421

I cried listening to this song.

No. 2070428

File: 1719646791176.gif (1.16 MB, 600x600, deohc1y-5437d2c3-9898-4159-93d…)

No. 2070430

I remember her but I don't remember what was that about. I don't know how I forgot this if it happened not that long ago. Please refresh my memory.

No. 2070435

File: 1719647429303.gif (610.58 KB, 220x305, vibing.gif)

No. 2070441

Go in the recent purchases thread, it was bumped recently, and look at the first like 100 posts. I remember when it happened it literally caused infighting in multiple threads across /ot/, if you have the time go back to the lolcow funny screencaps and absolute shitposting threads that were active at the time and you'll see some of the fighting.
I actually remember that the OP of the recent purchases thread was one of the infighters. They didn't like that hamsterchan wasn't making serious posts, but tbh the infighting probably derailed that thread more than anything. And then shortly after all the infighting, the thread died.

No. 2070507

File: 1719653669276.png (658.22 KB, 384x768, asdf.png)

Because all the forced personalityfagging at the time was at an all-time high and annoying as shit, right?

No. 2070918

what are you guys eating right now? i’m eating beef broth shin ramyun i made in the stove and added fish, so good

No. 2070925

Not much this week. Got food poisoning from the bratwursts I had for dinner on Tuesday. I really want chipotle burrito bowl and chips with guac but I don’t wanna aggravate my stomach again

No. 2070926

Do you mean the hamster shake?

No. 2070928

I just ate three dates, but wished I had eaten what you have anon mmmm

No. 2070931

Had an oatmeal with some apple slices and orange zest and some spices, didn't have milk so I used water, and added some peanut butter. Ate it to force myself to shit since I haven't shat in a few days now and it's giving me weapons grade stinky farts kek. Gonna have cabbage rolls for dinner and my leftover salmon and bell pepper sauce pasta from yesterday.

No. 2070934

No, it was an anon who made like 3 shitposts of stuff a hamster would buy in the "recent purchases" thread

No. 2070939

i love shin ramyun. i always fry up a bit of frozen stir fry veg in a little oil and soy sauce then fry a piece of spam in the juices the veg left behind then set them aside while i boil the noodles

No. 2070954

File: 1719684167705.jpeg (1.91 MB, 2583x3024, 756C0ADA-5024-4008-BB1B-41689E…)

No. 2070967

Okay nonas, who wants to join a meth circle?

No. 2071027

I saw four horses, one was laying -sitting on the ground and the rest three were walking in a small circle around that horse continuously

No. 2071035

i’d love to smoke weed with my nonnas

No. 2071052

you just witnessed a horse ritual

No. 2071162

bbq popchips

No. 2071189

somen and meatballs with a soupy teriyaki sauce

No. 2071367

Idk how pregnant women aren't constantly huffing and puffing. I just chugged water and then walked around my house, and the pressure of the water in my stomach was making me mouth breathe. Now imagine a 10lb baby in there

No. 2071549

i really want a glass of champagne. i don't even drink that much, but for some reason champagne sounds hella good right now.

No. 2071869

pigeons or quails?

No. 2071872

We don’t have many of either where I live. I like robins and cardinals though

No. 2071919

File: 1719743824322.png (331.91 KB, 3200x3200, pigeonhole.png)

Pigeons. I want to save all of our unloved abandoned children.

No. 2072077

File: 1719753748115.jpg (390.95 KB, 1920x1080, shelly.jpg)

It's time to kick bubble gum

No. 2072274

File: 1719763166139.gif (551.3 KB, 220x138, IMG_1489.gif)

hi(this post does not pass the bechdel test)

No. 2072292

File: 1719764078726.png (393.3 KB, 490x366, a.png)

No. 2072349

File: 1719766858955.png (2.18 MB, 1504x960, michelle.png)

Guns, lots of guns

No. 2072815

Debating whether I should walk to the store or not to grab these heath bar cookies I’ve fallen in love with and keep eating even though I know it’s not supposed to because eating too much of it makes me feel nauseous and it’s pretty humid outside and I hate sweating buckets. Should I???

No. 2073350

I wish more artists would release videos of them recording songs and the full process. I think it's so interesting to listen to and see. Ariana Grande is the only artist I know if that posts and has videos of her studio sessions.

No. 2073398

I'm voting for you to go grab your cookies, but take a cold shower when you come back.

No. 2073524

File: 1719836739271.png (308.04 KB, 603x399, 1.png)


No. 2073544

I never wear skirts (they make me feel naked) unless I'm going somewhere I'm obligated to, but I purchased one that has the length and thickness of a kilt and I really like this one. It doesn't impede my movement, it covers me down to my knees even when I'm sprawled out, and the thickness of the cloth makes me feel like I'm actually wearing clothing.

No. 2073555

she doesnt post them they just get leaked

No. 2073559

Anyone else love red meat? I sometimes think women pretend not to like it because they think veggie-based diets are more feminine. Logically we need it more because periods deprive you of nutrients found in red meat. I especially adore balkan meatballs and Turkish kebabs. None of the germanised burrito stuff with ketchup, yuck. The real deal

No. 2073565

>insulting 10+ cultures
what the fuck are even balkan meatballs retard

No. 2073567

gonna do that today, thanks anon

No. 2073568

are you on that gross carnivore diet

No. 2073571

File: 1719840820699.jpeg (691.94 KB, 750x1103, IMG_1538.jpeg)

this shit almost killed me kekkkk why did i laugh so hard? i think nonny meant this

No. 2073575

>women pretend not to like it
This is so depressing. I hate when people do this. Just like what you like damn.

No. 2073579

Yeah or it goes the other way and there are those girls on TikTok who only eat raw meat and make coffee from animal fat

No. 2073586

I want to live in a world where a nonna can wear Lady Gaga's meat dress without feeling judged

No. 2073588

>because they think veggie-based diets are more feminine.
No one thinks that wtf

No. 2073603

File: 1719842480264.png (Spoiler Image,360.78 KB, 652x464, 3.png)

>get up
>get to the bathroom
>do everything bathroomy
>get dressed
>go to work
>more work
>go back home
>do something non-work related for a while
>bed time
Many such days

No. 2073614

nta but honestly I'm glad you've never had to deal with the 'teehee im a girl so I only eat leaves, maybe chicken if I'm being naughty' type. I do wonder if it's just a catty performative thing that they only engage with when in public though, but I've had coworkers view me ordering steak as 'tomboyish' kek so who knows

(being vegetarian/vegan isn't the issue btw, you do you, it's the weird 'women don't eat x, only y' nonsense that's weird)

No. 2073615

Did you know that in ancient times, what we now call meat was referred to as "flesh meat" and vegetables were instead called "green meat", and the butcher was therefore a "flesh monger"?

No. 2073623

The used to call a fur trader a fellmonger. Both sound like fantasy villains

No. 2073698

File: 1719849483200.jpeg (87.28 KB, 735x709, IMG_1527.jpeg)

me waiting patiently for nonna to email me back

No. 2073708

i like the taste but can't digest it so that's why i don't eat it that much

No. 2073743

She does have videos on her YouTube channel of her studio sessions. I'm aware some are leaked though, that's why I said "posts and has"

No. 2073779

That's neat.

No. 2073879

File: 1719858424374.png (1.13 MB, 824x600, 2.png)

Did you know that up to a few centuries ago in England, a female worker who prepared flour based products was called a bakster, and that Baxter is a surname related to that profession?

No. 2073885

File: 1719858903981.png (64.56 KB, 215x200, dough-walker.png)

I knew dough walkers were real

No. 2073943

File: 1719863169671.png (88.2 KB, 938x370, FemininityMotivatedAthlete.png)

>I sometimes think women pretend not to like it because they think veggie-based diets are more feminine
A lot of this post is retarded but this piece is especially funny thank you

No. 2074024

brb changing my surname

No. 2074082

Men do the opposite from what I observed, they think liking red meat=being gigachad masculine, liking white meat/chicken and vegetables=being weak pussy sissy feminine etc. And it's always the ugly fat balding types kek
I understand your pain. I'm especially "allergic" to mutton. It's what I grew up with but my stomach sort of got tired of it with time, kinda like how it got tired of dairy products. We rarely have beef, but when we do, I make a bolognese sauce, Japanese curry with beef, or beef chow mein. Mom makes her beef stew which is very delicious. Or makes pizza or meat stuffed pastry with it. I don't like burgers and steak though, they taste like how my rotten period blood smells like, I don't get how can people eat that stuff while it's still red and bloody, disgusting.(this does not pass the bechdel test)

No. 2074125

File: 1719871801144.png (2.05 MB, 600x2600, fishpallette0101010010.png)

Which fish eye shadow pallette would you choose?

No. 2074129

File: 1719871911382.jpg (202.04 KB, 720x554, 20240701_163125.jpg)

And here's 7

No. 2074130

Wow it's crazy that some animals can be so colourful. My favourite fish is the third one. I like her purple and orange theming, you can tell she has a lot going in her personal life.

No. 2074133

Number one, I like her the most.

No. 2074137

File: 1719872115838.webp (42.75 KB, 600x685, RealDougWalker.jpg)

You're right, here's one(this does not pass the bechdel test)

No. 2074139

the parrotfish in 2, but the lisa frank facepaint on 1 is to die for tbh

No. 2074142

Wrong thread
I'd choose 3 also, it wouldn't suit me, but I don't care I want to be fluorescent

No. 2074143

Why did we have to evolve from apes. Also I'm picking 4.

No. 2074223

I still keked, nonnie, kek
Number 5, so pretty.

No. 2074238

Thanks for noticing, it was intentional racism against your kind on my part.

No. 2074401

Who else feels stuck in 2018-2021? Time is weird

No. 2074429

i could eat tomatoes everyday only for the rest of my life

No. 2074435

Me but cherry tomatoes

No. 2074445

I have another but I don't want to autistically spam, does anyone want to see?

No. 2074449

Now that you mentioned it, yes. I never feel like this is the year 2024, in my mind we were currently in 2021-2022 max

No. 2074477

File: 1719895672545.jpg (278.78 KB, 736x1104, c632d4fe744de2b2b6ad8fa96cdf96…)

To me what cements the fact that Americans are better at pizza than Italians is the fact that some of us put pickles on pizza. No one could've done it but the USA.

No. 2074479

eww wtf

No. 2074480

i wanna see

No. 2074495

These videos are always so tranquil, I love the way they portray hardworking women
Let me know what you think if you watch it

No. 2074518

File: 1719899243584.png (2.25 MB, 600x3000, mothpallette0101010.png)

No. 2074761

Why is that retarded smores dip thing all over the place it doesn't even look tasty? I only want a smore when camping it's childish as hell to try and just lay hershey bars and marshmallows in a pan and call it a dip. Grow up

No. 2074950

People truly bitch about anything

No. 2075182

File: 1719948262504.jpg (1.51 MB, 1067x1506, Jordana_Brewster.jpg)

Did you know, that in ancient times, some woman who was into brewing beer was called a brewster?
Basically, for many kinds of activities and jobs, the -ster suffix was to be used in place of the original suffix to indicate that a woman was in charge of that specific craft

No. 2075184

Number 6 is striking! Also once again lamenting that we evolved from boring apes.

No. 2075498

I was looking for a nice hairclip that would hold it up because of my job, a week after I decided to embrace neetdom again the random one I bought at a Chinese shitstore has been holding it up all day. Nonnies…

No. 2075507

File: 1719966330015.gif (1.64 MB, 640x360, 1000003994.gif)

>>2075498(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2075510

is this AI?

No. 2075526

link to the hair clip

No. 2075553

Nta but I think one finger is hidden behind the other, hence the weird looking hand.

No. 2075557

I weep for the lack of joy in your life. I bet you don't even like taco dip either.

No. 2075563

File: 1719968231925.jpeg (185.96 KB, 962x1150, IMG_1577.jpeg)

so bored i might draw her as elsie (whatever tf the lc mascot is) saying “get in loser” or some shit. she’s so real

No. 2075614

File: 1719970063900.jpg (168.54 KB, 1140x1140, il_1140xN.3087558471_auul-2881…)

I got it at a store in my town but it's this one, it's big enough to hold long hair up and strong enough to not fall out. Mine is not this ugly color though.

No. 2075640

I came across this woman on YouTube who tries a bunch of different, strange foods, but most notably insects, and her content has intrigued me so much. What the hell made her start eating bugs? How is she so comfortable doing it? I don't understand

No. 2075643

Samefag but she also has a pet mouse, which is very cute, but multiple points in this video plus the fact that she turned her pet beetle into a tea and drank it makes me believe something with her is a little off. Maybe not autism but idk what.
I desperately what to know what this woman's daily life is like. I just cannot believe she eats bugs on a daily basis off camera. Does she have a significant other? What does her family think of this?

No. 2075645

ohh, can you link her youtube channel please? eating crickets is fairly common in my culture

No. 2075647

It's called Kimberly Garland

No. 2075648

i feel like shes just trolling for views

No. 2075650

Trolling by eating bugs?

No. 2075654

by acting like a weird retard, but idk im just making assumptions i only watched >>2075643

No. 2075659

Eating bugs is not a weird retard thing though

No. 2075661

did the illuminati find this thread? we are not eating bugs, its weird

No. 2075665

File: 1719972289687.jpg (131.96 KB, 1440x810, IIOK4I4D3KC5WMVP3HRMWLIXOQ.jpg)

I like them they're crunchy, like I said they can be considered snacks in my culture, though I get it that it wouldn't be for everyone

No. 2075671

Nta, some cultures just do that. Where I come from, people from my tribe and neighboring tribes catch locust during locust season when it's trying to eat their corps, and they boiled it or fry it alive and eat it. They claim it tastes like shrimp but I never tried it, too scared to do so.

No. 2075680

some cultures also stone women who show a cm of ankle, that doesnt make it right

No. 2075682

Wait how is eating bugs comparable to stoning women for showing skin? How is eating bugs wrong in anyway? Sea food is bugs of the sea, what makes that different?

No. 2075697

eating bugs is gross

No. 2075699

NTA yes but that doesnt mean eating them is wrong or somehow comparable to stoning women. idk why you said that

No. 2075703

It's kind of offensive to think eating bugs is the same as stoning women, just saying

No. 2075720

I felt really bad today because one of my closest friends asked to hang out, just the two of us for the first time in a good while bc adult schedules lol, but when she came over all she did was message her other friend. They've been really into roleplaying their OCs lately, which is great for them, I don't like text roleplay so I'm happy my friend has an outlet for it, but it really hurt my feelings that the whole time she was just completely unengaged with anything we did, and even when I suggested stuff to do she was like "hmm idk.. i just wanna hang out.. [goes back to phone]" I messaged her about it afterwards but even though I think I'm completely in the right, I still feel like an asshole raining on their parade. I don't like confrontation and my friend doesnt like it even more, but I don't want to feel like I'm trying to get a teenager's attention when I'm with one of my oldest friends.

No. 2075759

unfriend her ass, that shit is annoying

No. 2075771

This is why I prefer to be friends with normies instead of other autists.

No. 2075861

File: 1719984092520.jpg (14.14 KB, 260x251, 0935e73758f6da032ba2a5f476dd39…)

I keep dying in You Are Hope, my moms takes care of me then I fucking die of starvation as soon as I'm let alone to fend myself. One of them told me before I died that she killed 5 boars and that she hopes that keep me safe… then I am dead kek. The other told me good look and I forgot how to feed myself, I died in a fucking kitchen trying to figure out how to get cake wtf I am the most retarded child ever they must be so disappointed they wasted resources on a stupid child, can fuckin get past age 5

No. 2075862

Lol the fuck is that shitty app. Just play One Hour One Life which is the original game by the actual creator. Many YT videos out there teach you how to survive and craft basic shit too.

No. 2075866

I don't have a computer right now unfortunately. There are tutorial levels but I just either forget how to do stuff because there are too many steps or I end up being born in a very advanced place and can't find stuff like plates kek

No. 2075868

Kekk thanks nonna for the game rec I'm gonna play it, do you play it on your phone?

No. 2075870

Yep but if you have a computer get One Hour One Life like the other nonna said as it is the original and much better.

No. 2075929

I wish polyamory were real. It seems cool in theory but humans are too messy and assholes for it to be something that actually works out IRL.

No. 2076341

I get the appeal (esp. the idea of multi-income households, kek) but it just never works out in real life.

No. 2076346

i don’t like what i am

No. 2076350

Makes me wonder why most poly people don't just live with their friends. It would probably be way more convenient and less stressful without the added "requirements" of a relationship.

No. 2076360

Eh the odds of having a group of friends that you’d be compatible roommates with who you also would like to have sex with are pretty slim. Unless you just have no standards. (Which granted, most poly people don’t.)

No. 2076364

What are you?

No. 2076400

my mental health was destroyed by being sexually assaulted multiple times in my life, and now because of that whenever i get stressed or feel afraid i’ll have a seizure. it’s humiliating. this isn’t the way people live. and it’s even worse when doctors can see that your physical brain doesn’t have epileptic similarities, but they still call you epileptic and prescribe medication that makes my condition worse. its making me want to kill myself.

No. 2076417

File: 1720022922154.jpg (146.11 KB, 1478x1478, 4e5fa997315c6dcf0956e402020303…)

why is plush food so adorable

No. 2076589

I love being vegan kek

No. 2076769

I’m trying so hard to become healthier but every time I make progress, I get shot back.

No. 2076908

File: 1720049365843.png (247.78 KB, 506x379, 54-e219-120.png)

>get hit with a "ban evasion" ban
>when i never evaded anything
>when i only made one (1) post in an entire thread
>wasn't even part of whatever conversation the other anons had, was just scrolling by and left a drive-by comment
well then. I won't even show the ban message because I'll probably get another ban for "evading" somehow…when there's nothing to evade?

No. 2076920

> Drive-by comment

No. 2076973

File: 1720054052330.jpg (394.04 KB, 1500x1500, calico-critters-calico-critter…)

I used to love calico critters as a teen, they weren't very available where I live (except for a blockbuster that somehow still was alive and running) and I only got to have one, it's somewhere stored inside a box with other toys and things. Back then I was more into kawaii cutesy stuff, but those things weren't on vogue or ready to consume everywhere like they are now. I grew out of that phase, not saying I don't enjoy cuteness anymore, but for some reason I just moved on from calico critters, you know?

Now that I see calico critters getting very popular again, I think I'm missing something, I feel intense FOMO with them. I still think they're cute and adorable… just not like before. I have no idea why. I want to collect them again, but the appeal is so gone for me. Again I recognize they're cute. Is this what growing up feels like? If the trend of making them into jewelry and carrying them in your purse was a thing back then, I would had 100% done it, I just don't feel like doing it today despite finding it fun and sweet. What is wrong with me? serious question(male calico in the bg)

No. 2076986

is the blue shirt bunny a bannable topic, or just a masculine dressed female bunny? Schrödinger's bechdel rabbit

No. 2076992

She's a butch

No. 2076994

she is a beautiful butch bunny

No. 2077024

she's a butch woman and she's married to the mama rabbit

No. 2077071

It's hard to unfriend someone you have like 10+ years of history with, but there have been other issues on top of that lately so who knows… She reacted alright when I messaged her about it, we'll see how the next time we hang out goes.

All my friends are other autismos but we've been able to make things work for a long time, things with this one friend have just been going downhill lately. I do kinda want a normie friend to workout with though, I've been trying to get fit lately and none of my friends like working out lol.

No. 2077486

Sorry nonna, sounds super frustrating. I've had friends like this too and you just feel like you happen to be there with them, maybe go do something together next time like taking a walk or window shopping, if you're just sitting on the couch it can be easy to reach for your phone. Hope it works out!

No. 2077510

Shopping for shower gel is my biggest joy in life. I love getting new scents, it sounds so stupid but when I need a new one I go in the evening so I can spend as long as I want alone in the store sniffing different ones. Going again tonight, I'm way too excited kek.

No. 2077640

Why did no one answer the question

No. 2077720

File: 1720111296164.gif (254 KB, 373x500, auaua.GIF)

Trying new toiletries is a guilty pleasure, specially body wash products so I completely understand, Nonita. I hope you find a great one tonight! And if you don’t mind please share some of your favourites.

No. 2077847

Because I have no idea how to answer it. Perhaps it's brain chemistry. Your brain has already made the pathways to desire and place a high value on the calicos, but as you've gotten older, you no longer actually care about them, but since the pathways already exist, your brain is defaulting to prioritizing them.
Maybe it's maturity. I wanted to build a farm diorama with schleich animals my entire childhood. I collected them one by one and drew pictures of exactly how I would lay it out. I waited for the day that I could set them up and finally have a space of my own. But now I've got the space and it's just not appealing to me, in fact, it makes me kind of sad because I dedicated my whole life to owning a farm, and now real estate prices have risen so high that it's unlikely that I'll ever be able to afford it.
So I don't know. Meditate and self examine and discover what they mean to you.

No. 2078021

>What's wrong with me?
Interests fade over time. It's nothing unusual. Maybe back then you were more interested in them and thought about them more often, but now other things fill up your time. Nobody stays the same forever, we're always changing and growing and moving towards some other goal. You can still get a set to put as decor on a shelf if you want to indulge your younger self, but if you didn't that'd be just as well too.

No. 2078555

>America thread on July 4
>American nonnies having a good time, being grateful for living in their country, and praising America as the greatest country in the world
>Canada thread on July 1
>posts of miserable nonnies calling their country a shit hole and making plans to leave
kek Cucknadians are so whiny. Grow a spine.

No. 2078750

File: 1720178445646.jpg (247.07 KB, 1288x980, KAM LOOPS.jpg)


No. 2078751

Thank you nonnie! All Treaclemoon products were two for one so I got the ginger one for me and the lavender one for my mom, the other ones smell a bit too sickly sweet for my liking but the ginger one is so nice, smells like ginger ale lol. I was looking for the Happy Earth ones but they didn't have them at the store I guess, one day lol. My favorite smell in the world is l'occitanes repairing conditioner, I wish they sold it as a perfume or something it's amazing. It's really pricey but the big pump container has lasted me for a year and it still has plenty left, makes your hair insanely soft too.

No. 2078943

I love that froot loops are chamomile flavored

No. 2078963

Canadians do have good reason to be upset though. The country is in neoliberal meltdown mode with no end in sight.

No. 2078974

i understand why the thread is like that but at the same time it sucks that we cant just have fun. the only posts that get responses are political. lighten up canuckleheads

No. 2079066

File: 1720198179165.jpg (19.38 KB, 350x350, 755.jpg)

>posts of miserable nonnies calling their country a shit hole and making plans to leave
they better stay the fuck out of my country, can't stand whiny first worlders. they probably won't do shit though like when americans threatened to move during the 2015 elections kek

No. 2079128

That was soothing to watch. It's always fun seeing the making process of things, whether it's cooking, woodworking, etc.

No. 2079147

File: 1720204780973.png (948.11 KB, 936x572, georgia.png)


No. 2079392

Sometimes I use a very specific phrase or word and then I see another anon use it not too soon after and I know it must be because they read my post. It always makes me feel like "haha, I'm in your head".

No. 2079399

I think kissing is very hot and cute, but it's so strange when you think about it. Putting your mouth on another person's as a show of intimacy. Especially if you're one of those people who like to suck your partners tongue or lips.

No. 2079640

File: 1720266119353.jpg (86.17 KB, 736x913, 755d907c8200af56dd41ec6e575ee7…)

I can't believe there was seriously a time where I would put pills (boric acid) from AMAZON up my pussy. To be fair, I was desperate and I don't think I was able to find them in stores but that was still so dumb of me to do that as if people can't sell fake products on Amazon. I'm lucky my vag didn't shrivel up and fall off.

No. 2079642

Based Meloniposter

No. 2079647

why did you do that for wtf

No. 2079650

I was having vag problems but I eventually fixed it. I also took d mannose pills from Amazon..

No. 2079653

File: 1720267947078.png (25.81 KB, 275x259, 1671959969479.png)

Reading meta and certain other threads the past few days really set it in for me that a lot of anons in recent times are just really mean and uptight about things that don't fucking matter.
inb4 "erm newfag we were meaner in ye olde ages" I read old ass threads (<7 years) more than I do new ones and no you fucking weren't and it wasn't about fictional those who can't be named that literally only two groups of people care about

No. 2079655

Lindsay ellis uploaded vid. Yay finally. I wish she wasnt a filthy smug handmaiden, because her vids are some of the best on the site.

No. 2079676

File: 1720272229001.jpg (22.34 KB, 255x231, 619665.jpg)

I used to think they were super cute but now they look kind of bland. Forest families, a knockoff from the 80s has cuter versions to me. (Very unpopular opinion)

No. 2079679

I feel there has been a bit more outright baiting than usual. It seems to always happen during summer, though, so I kind of assume more nonnas are cranky because of the heat, kek.

No. 2079680

i need to go to pilates and its cold+i dont want to+i have the farts. its going to be horrible.

No. 2079689

nayrt, these are cute, I see them being sold as Calico Critters on ebay sometimes and didn't know they were knock offs. cuter than the current knock off brands. my little sister texted me a picture of "Woodzeez" from work one day asking if they were the little toys I sew clothes for. I was touched that she thought of me and my silly hobbies, but I had to tell her no, what I have are calico critters, the difference is that they're cuter. the furniture is probably compatible though…hmmm

No. 2079690

don't go, you'll fart and be cold

No. 2079696

I like some of the Lil woodzeez, the hippos and cows look cute fat. I think they stopped flocking them though so now they look like garbage. I have some of the flocked ones and the flocking is really nice, soft and velvety. But the furniture is 100% obese proportioned. The chairs and beds are wide as hell so if you use them for calico critters they will look out of place. There's the Walmart knock off honeybee acres but the furniture isn't as cute and it has more of a retro 50 60s theme then a country theme.

No. 2079724

I must’ve smushed the two brands together in my head. It all makes sense now.

No. 2079761

I need to go. I hope i dont die. Coming back to snuggle with my cat in bed and watch brainrot on youtube is going to feel so good after.

No. 2079806

>acknowledges there's more bait and summerfaggotry than usual
>thinks it's just the heat making anons angry
you were so close nonna

No. 2079811

Maybe stop bringing up that specific topic and stop posting rule breaking things related to that topic in random threads if you want anons to be nicer about it

No. 2079813

NTA but what are you, some kind of bitchy vigilante? If you see a rule broken report and move on like an adult. You're just as bad if you respond to it. Two sides of the same coin shitting up threads like it's goin' out of style.

No. 2079815

File: 1720286422759.jpeg (61.5 KB, 740x740, 1665373875726.jpeg)

>Missing her point while proving it.
You love to see it.

No. 2079818

File: 1720286653388.jpg (135.76 KB, 825x1075, 1000015358.jpg)

>NTA but what are you, some kind of bitchy vigilante?
I understood her point, I just don't agree with it.

No. 2079822

Gals, I am so close. Ten years of working hard at my job, forgoing any vacations, never eating out, and always saving my money means that I am only a year away from buying the flower shop with attached farm that I've always dreamed of. What flowers do you want me to plant?

No. 2079824

Orchids, hydrangeas, poppies and sunflowers!

No. 2079826

i love reporting posts and unironically believe the moderation is better now than in the past. most bans are warranted.

No. 2079835

Do you mean that you will be running a flower shop, or just living on a farm that happens to be connected to a flower shop? Either way, how lovely! Sounds like something out of a farming game. Plant some lilies or sunflowers for me, if possible!

No. 2079845

Congrats nonna! Please keep us posted about your floral adventures! What's your hardiness zone?

No. 2079848

File: 1720289938423.png (995.64 KB, 783x785, toolies.png)


No. 2079869

Sometimes I make a reply to an anon and decide that I'll drop it afterwards for the sake of not derailing or infighting, but then they tell me to stfu so I HAVE to make one more reply. Its childish but it's like when you try to be the bigger person and walk away from an argument but the other person says "that's what I thought" kek

No. 2079909

lavender - multiple varieties

No. 2079935

Bulbs like crocus and glory of the snow are quite nice. Dog roses too, if you have space for a hedge.
Context clues nona, when I said two groups I meant those who really hate them and those who like them, which could apply to a lot of infighting in the cases where people are mad over literal figments of imagination. So much negativity over nothing, maybe those people need to realign their chakras or something, vishuddha and anahata in particular.(this post does not pass the bechdel test)

No. 2079964

i support the first group tbh. luv being a hater even over drawings.

No. 2080095

never been into tarot stuff so i checked out the thread and damn i didn't know it was that serious kek

No. 2080643

Sunflowers are a great one, they're long lasting and they sell very well. The market mostly buys the small ones for bouquets, but there are a couple of people who want the large ones for autumn decorations.
The shop is an established business that has a small flower farm attached to it. It only grows a small number of the flowers it sells, most are sourced from Florida or California, but I'm looking to expand in the coming years.
Tulips are great sellers. They fit into almost every bouquet, and they come in so many colors that it's easy to match the occasion. And people love getting them for Easter.
This is a great idea and I'm really hoping to get this one up and running. Lavender not only works great as small potted plants to sell, but people love it in micro bouquets, and craftswomen love it for creating. Candle makers, soap makers, essential oils saleswomen, there's no one who doesn't love it and purchase it.
Crocus and glory of the snow are great for selling individual potted plants as house warming gifts and for mother's day gifts. I've never seen dog rose sell, it seems like it would be too short stemmed to sell as bouquets, and the plant too large to sell as individual potted plants. Unless you meant just to plant around my house because it perfumes the air?

No. 2080651

whenever something upsetting happens in my life a voice in my head tells me it’s because i said something mean on lolcow

No. 2080697

Do carnations sell well? They have such a lovely range of natural colors.

No. 2080700

Why is this place always so dead on sundays

No. 2080719

>wanted to post about all the hot policewomen I've been seeing lately
>maybe posting about wanting to learn how to handle a gun
>google policewomen to learn about the what they had to do to enter
>today's news about an officer proposing to her gf colleague

No. 2080724

awww, happy for them!

No. 2080742

They sell super well because they're so cheap (only $1 a piece for the customer, 0.40 for me), so you'll have someone buy an expensive center flower, like a a peony, and then flesh out the bouquet with carnations. Or else teenagers will buy them for their dates.

No. 2080754

I am waiting for the charcoal in my grill to light so I can have a hot dog and hamburger.

No. 2080887

File: 1720380689562.jpg (67.85 KB, 1252x1252, durra.jpg)

I'm in shock lc is starting to attract people using "demisexual" unironically. It's in the relationship thread if you want to check, she's also dating someone older than her parents? Whole post reeks of ragebait but I'd probably get in trouble pointing it out there so I'm being passive aggressive here.

No. 2080922

let's pray it's just summer shit. "demisexuality" does not exist

No. 2080923

It’s probably ragebait, “demisexuals” are too scared to post anywhere outside of mainstream social media.

No. 2080940

this board is full of retards baiting 24/7 and mods won't ban vpns or do anything about it. they keep telling people to not engage in baits but this is a dead board without baits because most people from +5 years ago left this cesspool.

No. 2080954

File: 1720384218241.jpeg (46.12 KB, 640x596, IMG_1612.jpeg)

I remember when an anon unironically used the word “neurospicy” in /g/ LOL

No. 2080956

then why are you still here

No. 2080962

File: 1720384512996.png (44.97 KB, 148x128, 1610861900259.png)

no social media no friends discord is full of bastards nowhere else to go

No. 2080986

Fucking same

No. 2081019

i mean can you blame them for leaving?

>Most of the old cows here became boring and their milk dried up and no new ineteresting cows are posted here and instead anons who want to gossip about cows are going to reddit and kiwifarms.

>mods purposefully trying to sabotage the threads of certain cows because they dont want to moderate so they move them to less active board.
>Moderators ban multiple active user threads such as the dumbass shit one and the kpop one. They also dont reinstall the pinkpill thread even though they allowed the gc one.
>During Shaymins time its considered the dark ages of lolcow due to the experiments she tried on this site, plus the site always going down all the time, in some cases lasting for weeks.
>moderation becoming less active and more biased, modetarators will not ban a anon for infighting or alogging anymore if they agree with that anon and instead only ban the anons they disagree with.
>huge moid raid in 2022 due to the ukraine vs russia threads.
>multiple troons such as blaine who used to spam 24/7 and im not even joking it was all day and ban evaded and made multiple threads unusable, (This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2081020

Imagine how this place is going to be during the election and if we actually enter some kind of war in the next few months to two years. This site is going to be seized by moids(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2081026

don't fool yourself this board was already seized.

No. 2081062

Nonny there are a few wars happening right now and those who shall not be named already do troll the board, unfortunately.(This post does not pass the Bechdel test)

No. 2081092

Im realizing that a lot of scents are more of a concept than something we actually can smell. Like, if I tell you something smells like vanilla ice cream, you'll probably immediately imagine some that smells lactonic, vanilla-y and sweet. But in actuality, vanilla ice cream doesn't have much of a smell because it's frozen.

No. 2081145

File: 1720398525980.jpg (124.35 KB, 1078x800, tumblr_a05e102ce070d967de306bd…)

i hope cool pictures of old timey women remain the threadpic theme. love these so much

No. 2081157

Ac decided to stop working so now we have four window units and I'm suffering. I don't even have energy to water my plants because I come from the hot outside to the same inside. I have no motivation to do anything as well because the hallways are so hot. I might be overreacting but July in the south with just fans won't cut it

No. 2081162

Oh shit you're right

No. 2081219

I love caring for my hair, just taking those extra 10-15 minutes at night to put in oil, massage my scalp, brush it, braid it and do an oil treatment once a week makes me feel like a princess. The results are great too, I barely have split ends now and it really feels nice to take care of myself like this. It's so relaxing too and you don't even have to get memed into buying expensive products, just using olive oil and a hippie bullshit shampoo and conditioner has made my hair so glossy and nice.

No. 2081295

File: 1720406409008.jpg